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If you like to have superstrength or be the recipient of it's raw power, then this club is for you. Superstrength and muscle combined and used to dominate, crush and destroy others...taking it as far as you like to take it.
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  2. https://www.amazon.com/SCISSOR-KILLER-Death-Matt-Squeezer-ebook/dp/B0B281ZWYY/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= Does anyone have it and would you recommend it?
  3. Haha I created that page when I was 20 years old and I’m 42 now. Omg so long ago. I didnt even know at the time others would be into it. I thought I was a loner at the time. But no, all I have saved are the stories from the original site
  4. Its amazing to find the original moderator of the snufflover page ! I love them so much! Could you please send me what you have besides the snufflover page? Thanks! My email is [email protected]
  5. If it’s the stuff that was on Snufflovers, I’ve already got all that. I’m looking for the missing pieces. I’ve got the submarine, the bull, the Superman, Puts on Some Mass, and the aircraft carrier (the last of which was definitely by a different author)
  6. I can send you what I have. What’s your email?
  7. On that note, you wouldn’t happen to know where the rest of the “Tony vs” series can be found, would you? Those stories are hot af, but there’s definitely chapters missing
  8. Wow so happy to have found this club. I am actually the original moderator of the snufflover page as well as the yahoo group when they existed. I was bummed when geocities went away, so my page went away. I’m so happy to see so many others still into it
  9. doesnt work for me either is the message i get
  10. I can open that link, but when I try to open a link to a story it's an 404 error but luckily I've already read some stories a loved them all
  11. Thanks! Now it works. I know all of those stories and like more than half of them, but if I'd have to chose the one that made the biggest impact on me, it was the Masters Tribe.
  12. Glade to see that the old stories saved.
  13. Gotta love the Teen Destroyers and Alpha Boys series. Some of the best skull crushing scenes ever. Ive also always really loved the Andy’s Birthday Gift one too. At the end where he pops the guys head with his calf and hamstring…. Ummmfff so hot.
  14. hmm...when i click on it, it opens right up.
  15. A recent addition of mine. Hope you guys enjoy, and let me know if you want me to keep this going.
  16. Anyone has the lead guitarist stories? They sound soo good but can't find them
  17. That story was in the Unfiltered Section, which is no longer part of the site.

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