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If you like to have superstrength or be the recipient of it's raw power, then this club is for you. Superstrength and muscle combined and used to dominate, crush and destroy others...taking it as far as you like to take it.
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  2. Among Us was always one of my favorites, along with Alpha Boys.
  3. And did I know I was chatting with a celebrity?! (I might have and then forgotten, it wouldn’t surprise me…) Let’s do it again, if you liked the first time. Ciao stud!
  4. We actually have RPd once in Discord. I go by the same name there
  5. add in here if you like! i started this club, and anything regarding strength and crushing is welcome.
  6. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen your message before. I feel you and I have had so much in common for so long. Thank you for creating that sort of demented but fun place! It was a pleasure. I’m represented in there with the Ben stories (which I don’t even have myself anymore…) I’d gladly RP with you about those scenarios if you feel like it! Bye bye
  7. It's really a pleasure to meet you. Would you consider adding to the page further snuff stories that have been written later? Id be honored if my snuff stories end up on your page.
  8. fuck this is hot. wish i could find a scissor dom like this.
  9. A list of super hot stories! Thanks very much!
  10. Can you send me that story please: Oleg the Prison Warden? My email is [email protected].
  11. Are there any other links to stories like these? They're fucking hot!
  12. Sorry to necro this but could I request this too? I've read the few ones widely available multiple times and would really appreciate the missing ones.
  13. We had met before but for whatever reason the boy seemed more nervous this time around than he had the first time. In our correspondence leading up to this play date he had been nothing but enthusiastic without a hint of reservation. Now that I was there the enthusiasm seemed to have vanished. He wasn't backing out but the list of things to do before we played seemed to be ever growing. I found the anxiety endearing , there was an intoxicating cuteness in the way he was trying to delay the inevitable torture. "Excuse me, I need to put away my laptop," he said. He made somewhat quick work of it however the laptop wasn't really in the way of where we were going to play. "Would you mind if I brush my teeth?" came next and off he went. A moment later he returned and got back to the unnecessary tidying. As he ran around like a chipmunk trying to get every last nut as the first snows hit the ground I casually changed into my singlet, making a bit of a show of dropping a lifting belt on top of my bag. I sat down on the hotel bed and quietly patted the spot next to me. He sat down sheepishly and we began our negotiations confirming that he actually did want to be made to beg. "You do know that would require me to ignore a few taps?" I said as more of a statement of what he was getting himself into than a question. I could see the gears working in his head, almost jamming like his rational brain wanted to say no but his dick was shouting over it, "oh GOD YES!" He moved up on the bed timidly in nothing but briefs and I observed his small form, he couldn't have been more than 5'5 at 130lbs. I'm currently in the 190lb range just under 6 feet and found myself a little concerned for the guys safety. Of course I knew from our previous meeting that he was less fragile than he looks. Still, his apprehension was well justified. I lifted him into a seated position so I could lay my left leg behind his back and he reclined back onto it. He was still visibly scared so I gave him a little warm up squeeze to remind him that I had no intention of.... damaging him. He let out a little moan and increased the pressure. I don't know the exact moment but sometime within that first long but gentle squeeze I realized that I had become hard. I looked down to the boy's shorts and realized that he was getting hard as well. Perhaps that's what came over me or perhaps I was simply not content to be gentle, I wanted to see him not just hard but really scared. I increased up to about 50% of my squeezing capacity and his eyes widened in surprise. I could feel my face muscles tighten into an involuntary grin which I'm sure was read as malicious. His hands flew down to my top leg and started to push in protest and every time he did I gave him a threatening pulse of power. When his pressure backed off so did mine but only back to that 50%. After a little torment I decided that I needed to pace myself so I released my legs and came on top, wrapping my arms around him and then drove my weight into him as I squeezed. This wasn't as satisfying on the hotel bed as it had been on my mats but he complained none the less. Feeling that the ground bearhug wasn't quite doing what I wanted it to I went for my signature body triangle from the back and grabbed his legs and hugging them toward me pulling my calf deeper and deeper into his diaphragm. The loudest moan of the night so far escaped and faded into a choked exhalation. This was the first moment of real panic. His arms flailed a bit and I held out for a moment longer so that he would know that I was indeed in charge. I switched to another cross body scissor and threw my arms around my legs in a cross body variant of a scorpion crunch. His eyes went as wide as they could go and his head rolled over to face me. His eyes had watered and looked doe-eyed and desperate. It took great effort but he managed to let out a pitiful, "please". My heart melted but my grip didn't let up even for a second, the boy wanted to be made to beg afterall, didn't he? I let off a touch to acknowledge his request but then I gave him 15% more power than before inspiring him to once again push against my legs in panic. There were more please of sweet release but they only inspired a deeper sadism. After the third or fifth plea I moved my legs onto his chest causing him to moan, to beg to be released but I was lost in love with that look of pitiful terror, getting harder with each request for mercy. That was exactly what he asked for next, mercy. The kind version of me returned a bit but the dark hulk was still smashing in my mind. I hesitated a bit longer before granting him a break. In that pause he said that he was really enjoying that pulsing I was doing earlier. I made a note of that and committed to incorporating it once we started again. I too needed a moments break so I lay across him sideways, wrapping my arms around him and pressing my ribs into his side. I locked my grip and squeezed. I changed my footing so that most of my weight was bearing into him as my arms pulled him deeper into my body. When I felt good and recovered I went to my bag and grabbed the lifting belt. I wrapped it around his chest as tight as I could, brushing off the complaints of pulled chest hair (should have worn a singlet damn it) and secured it down. I returned to squeezing his guts, not having to work so hard as the pressure could no longer diffuse into his chest cavity. I pulsed as requested but every time I did I increased my pressure by 10 lbs but only released back 5, constantly making him take more and more. My knees popped and I could feel my peroneals cramping and tearing a bit from trying to maintain my ankle grip. The sadistic beast in my head didn't care. Suffer suffer SUFFER was all I could think of. His cock had become noticeably hard and mine was creating an undeniable wet spot on the front of my singlet. He looked at me again with those watery eyes and asked, "Please" this time barely a whisper. I pulsed in reply. "Please" again and I responded with pure evil. "Please" now almost too faint to hear and I gave him a very long, hard squeeze in reply. I don't know if he was even aware at how much his hands were pointlessly pressing against my legs, slipping over my quads, unable to move the solid steel from his gut. He wriggled and squirmed aimlessly. "Please...." Squeeze... "Please..." Squeeze... "Please..." this time almost a sigh. His hands grew slower and weaker, now more just lightly brushing my quads. My legs very slowly straightened till all my tendons popped in protest. I heard the slow rush of air from the boy but there were no more words to say. What little breath he could catch was shallow and probably didn't offer him any relief. He was giving up on getting any air, he knew he wasn't going to. The little gaspy breaths were more of a habit than anything. He was trapped and sinking off into darkness.
  14. What have I gotten myself into? To be fair, I have been posting on meetfighters, globalfight, craigslist, recon, even fetlife for at least a decade now asking for just this, but fuck, am I nervous now. There he is, undressing casually like he's with his husband after a long day at work, ready to hop into bed, no big deal. I can't read him at all. Has he noticed me struggling to navigate my shirt? I am such a fucked up mess right now, what the hell is wrong with me? We did the thing, we met for dinner, we talked, he's sweet and gentle toned, he smiles a lot and took an interest in my side stories which were meant to avoid talking about just this. Oh fuck, oh Fuck, oh FUCK! There he is, unwrapping those muscle. Natural, huge, and beautiful just as promised and here I am with butterflies in my stomach. Butterflies or an overactive bladder, I can't tell which. Is it too late to back out of this? And there goes the pants. He's wearing his singlet like underwear and as he pulls the shoulder straps up I wiggles those legs. I've seen legs like those cracking open honeydew melons. No, not like those, the legs I've seen do that are usually more like smooth flesh columns, some definition but also some fat... these had no fat. They had to have been as big as my waist and they had long lumps running up and down, each individual muscle looked like it was fighting for space on the bone, every sinewy fiber visible through the skin. ... I am going to die. I dropped my pants but unlike my new friend my singlet was already up and despite my nerves so was my penis. He noticed and flashed me a smile and I looked away awkwardly. He must have known that my nerves were on fire and that I could chicken out at any moment because he didn't give me the chance to change my mind. He was on me like a bear trap. His hands slipped under my arm pits and before I knew it I was off the ground and my back popped at least thirty times in rapid succession. In a flash that kind, beefy, handsome gentleman was gone and what replaced him was a cruel sadistic beast of pure power. Though my eyes were clamped shut as I tensed against his pressure I could hear the full toothed grin spread across his face. He flexed hard and drew his arms tighter into my back. My mouth creaked open and a gasp of air left in a whisper. "Any guesses into how much effort I'm putting into this little squeeze, boy?" He asked and added what felt like another 50lbs of pressure and another gasp left my mouth. I was sure my lungs were empty now. "No? Not a single guess?" Another 50 lbs and even more air I didn't know I had went from my lungs. "That's about a quarter of what I can do. This is just a light warm up for me, boy, now, what do you think about that?" He didn't tighten again, at least not just yet. It was becoming painfully clear that he meant it when he told me that if we were doing this there would be no tapping, no submissions. He had me for at least an hour one way or another. I opened my eyes and looked back into his face and I was right, he was wearing a full toothed grin and it scared me. His eyes didn't show an ounce of kindness anymore. I was looking back into the face of the real beast that I had handed a blank check. A check he had fully intended on cashing all over my body. It suddenly occurred to me that I hadn't breathed in a single time since he picked me up an eternity ago so I made my best effort to take in a breath. His grin widened as he forced even more air out of my body but I was determined to get some oxygen in. I forced my diaphragm down but probably only got a teaspoon of air and I started to panic. I tried to get my arms between us to build a frame and create some space and he pumped arms suddenly which felt like getting hit by a school bus. "No" he said with amusement. In my head this was going to be an hour or two of a slow burn squeeze. He was going to give me a warm up, a minor taste of what he could do. We were going to laugh a bit, chat a bit, and we'd work our way up to an intense squeeze when I was ready. I might even playfully fight him off a bit, maybe escape but in the end he would win and we'd both get what we came for. He would torture me a bit but not too much, I would suffer well. Maybe I should have communicated that a bit better because it was definitely not what was happening now. His eyes looked more empty than I had remembered them. They were like a snake's eyes looking back into mine. That maniacal grin never left his face. If there was one thing he didn't want it was me fighting back, not that it would do me much good. What he was looking for was a rag doll to play with. This opening bearhug was not intended to prepare me or give me a taste, it was intended to wear me down. There was no mercy to be found here, no slow burn, nothing. He tightened a little more but at this point I couldn't register whether or not I was any more miserable or in any more pain. This time no more air left my lungs but my mouth hung open just the same. A sharp panic came over me and I started to thrash in his arms. He shifted his hips in anticipation of what was to come and he did it just in time. My leg swung at where the space between his legs was and missed it's mark. My leg passed in front of both of this legs. My arms desperately went for his face and his pressure suddenly doubled. My arms flew up and came down uselessly at my sides. I may have blacked out, I can't be completely sure on that. He set me down and let go. My legs failed me and I fell to the ground. I panted hard and my head spun a million miles an hour. The room seemed warped and I barely noticed him picking me up a bit to slide his leg under my body. I think he said something but I couldn't make out what it was. They say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned but if you ask me, that bitch has nothing on this guys legs. In one big rush it felt like my guts were trying to escape out my throat. My lungs collapsed. My ribs felt like they might snap out and my ears rang loudly. The daze got worse and I felt like I was going to float out of my body. We agreed, no submissions, but I submitted. I didn't tap but I gave in to the pressure. He owned me. All the fight was gone, all the will to fight was gone. There was a peace like nothing I had ever known. He must have felt or seen the change in me because he let up a bit. He had found what he was looking for. The intensity would sometimes go back up till I didn't think I could take it but it wasn't his intention to break my spirit anymore. Now he was just trying to keep me on edge. I think I lost my hard on, at least it felt like it was only semi hard every time he groped me. It was no longer living a sexual fantasy, this was better than sex. This was like an orgasm which would never end. As I lay on the ground he moved on top of me and wrapped his arms around. He piked up and bore his weight down onto my chest as he squeezed with his arms. My mouth opened once more to let all the air escape and I felt nothingness. The next thing I knew I felt electricity moving up and down my arms which were flopping about uncontrollably. He smiled down at me and kissed me. For a moment I was confused as to how I got there and what was going on and then I realized that I had passed out. I realized that my shorts were wet and so were his. At some point we had both blown our loads. The guy I met for dinner returned as we got dressed. It was as if the evil sadist had never existed and I watched in a haze as he covered those amazing muscles back up. It had been two hours but they had felt both like an eternity and the blink of an eye. He kissed me one more time as he left to go home.
  15. I love Lattimer and Oleg the Prison Warden! Oleg is super hot cos of the racial dimension.. haha... not everyone's cup of tea, but i love scenes of tiny asians getting destroyed by massive Aryan gods!

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