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  2. Complete Body on 19th street is awesome and has drop in rates. The other CBs are meh but the 19th St location is great for bodybuilding (machines, weights, and members that provide inspiration).
  3. muscleworshipBK

    NYC this weekend

    Sup all… in Brooklyn Would love to meet up with a bodybuilder or muscle guy who’s into being worshipped. also down for a local worship buddy who’d love to jack off to some contest vids. I’m 5’11 150lbs… slim/fit-ish build and chill. Check out my profile for contact info.
  4. Hey all! I’m visiting the city looking for a decent gym. Staying in queens (woodside) but happy to travel out of the way. considering moving here as well if there any recommendations for a full time spot
  5. NYSC was successfully sued by NY Attorney General Letitia James and you may be entitled to compensation: https://newyorksportsclubrestitution.com/
  6. Quick update: NYSC filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy today. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/09/14/covid-19-new-york-sports-club-owner-town-sports-files-for-bankruptcy.html If you're anticipating certain locations reopening in the near future, I'd rethink that. Also, if they owe you money, call your credit card company. I believe a chargeback is your only recourse after filing for bankruptcy (but feel free to check my math on that).
  7. Yes: Your NYSC contract (haha) tells you to send a certified letter to the location where you initially signed up. The NY Attorney General requires them to take electronic and phone cancellations: They recommend emailing [email protected] and/or using the Contact Us page on their website. They recommend contacting them electronically even if you sent a letter. I contacted them on all fronts and got an email confirmation of my cancellation yesterday. I also walked by my closed location and noticed the lobby floor was covered in letters assumedly from people cancelling their memberships.
  8. I used to go there, but once they started charging without reopening, i’m definitely going to another gym now. Do you know how to cancel without physically being there?
  9. I'm usually just a lurker, but wanted to encourage anyone with a New York Sports Club membership to check their billing and also check the reopening hours here: https://www.newyorksportsclubs.com/page/nysc-reopening-hours NYSC is scheduled to reopen Sept. 2, but only a handful of gyms in NYC. That hasn't stopped them from charging your account today or, in my case, also trying to charge for March when they were closed. If you considered freezing or canceling your membership, I'd recommend doing it immediately, as they're already charging accounts without any notification that they're reopening -- or that they've shut down the majority of their locations. You do you, but I strongly recommend you check the list of clubs (and operating hours) to determine if you want to continue with NYSC -- and if you want to freeze or cancel your membership, act ASAP.
  10. Hey I can't do this at home stuff any more--the kettlebell isn't cutting it--I need access to some real weight. Does anyone know of anything going on? Anyone have a home gym I can come use or know of someone doing something on the side? Happy to play it safe and wear a mask and all that, but we all know that it's outrageous that people can go to Target and Old Navy and get drunk on sidewalks but we can't work out.
  11. Hey guys. Big muscle fan here. Looking to befriend any big dudes who like flexing and showing off. Located in Brooklyn. Let me know if interested and I can share pics and contact info.
  12. AlMacArthur

    Meal prep with pickup (not delivery)

    I think there are several thousand of these in Midtown...
  13. Hi all, Anyone know of a good meal prep service where you can pick up the meals somewhere in midtown instead of having them delivered? Most of the sites are only delivery and packages routinely can't get into my building and go back to the sender. Thank you!
  14. AlMacArthur

    Midtown East Gyms

    You might also find a good independent that'll take you to MidCity, if crosstown at 42 is easier for you than that southwest diagonal.
  15. AlMacArthur

    Midtown East Gyms

    Trainers that work for gyms... it's usually a really shit job, so many don't last at the same place for long. I worked briefly for an upscale gym that had a great reputation (until recently), and it was a little slice of hell. Lots of restrictions, and the trainer cut of the session price is often really terrible. Most trainers who are actually any good will work for a gym to get the hang of it, or maybe bounce between two or three, then strike out on their own. Some make it work as gym staff, but they tend to be the exception, not the rule. The gym situation in Manhattan sucks. If anything, closest to you I'd go to is complete body on 19th. They allow independent trainers, so find one you get along with and train with them there. Quite a few really high caliber personalities in there.
  16. Hi Guys, Anyone know of any good gyms to get huge at in midtown east with a good training staff? My place is OK but I've had 4 trainers in 1 year as the place has a hard time trying to hold on to people and if they change trainers on me again I want to look into other options. (also I think part of the problem is I go to the gym from 6 - 7 AM and some of the trainers hate getting to the gym at 5:45). I was looking on Google and found a few places but looking for something closer to the Kips Bay / Murray Hill area if anything exists. Thanks all!
  17. Guest

    Member Intro

    Brooklyn guy working on going from skinny to big. It would be cool to connect with fellow new yorkers (mid twenties) doing the same!
  18. Guest

    Member Intro

    Contest prepping for my 1st show in October. I live in Connecticut but work in NYC. My bodybuilding coach just moved to Texas so I'm looking for a lifting buddy if anyone's interested.
  19. fitfan99

    Member Intro

    Westchester here. Bicurious guy into muscle worship, chatting with narcissistic ripped guys, and also interested to get into fitness myself.
  20. Good point. Haven't been to one of those in a while.
  21. AlMacArthur

    All You Can Eat?

    Lots of Indian lunch buffets. Clove at Amsterdam/140 is rather good. Some on the UWS as well.
  22. bigbbny


    What’s up guys? What’s going on?
  23. NeverEnough

    All You Can Eat?

    I don't but please share if you do!
  24. Random question, but does anyone know of any decently healthy, affordable all-you-can-eat places in the city? It's bulking season!
  25. nycwrestlerguy

    Member Intro

    NYSC member in Westchester here

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