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  1. tester26

    Brad and the Size Queen

    This was lost in the site crash, but since edited a bit. It is a remix/rehashing of several stories, the framework is based strongly on a story by BigTimmy. Brad and the Size Queen Brad was alone at home, doing some curls with 200lbs dumbbells in the back garden. He admired his body as he worked out, his V-shaped torso mounted with two large steel plaques of pectorals, narrowing down to a deep 8-pack slab of rock-hard abs. On either side, one could also admire the creases of his well-defined oblique abdominals, a testament to his many hours of bodybuilding training. Below this colossal upper body structure lay the seat of his incredible virility, barely hidden by his custom-made oversized posing pouch. His giant soft manhood filled the casing to bursting point, 12 inches of soft man meat ready to fill up with pints of blood and grow to gargantuan proportions. Suddenly, he heard a gasp and saw his busty blond neighbor Jessica peek over the edge of the fence. "Wow, you're so muscular Brad, why don't you come over and show me those huge muscles of yours!" she exclaimed. She stared up and down his near-naked form, biting her lips enticingly as she admired his physique. Brad knew what she really wanted; ever since he moved in she had made a point to drop by every day in increasingly tight and skimpy clothes. Brad smiled and walked over to join her in her back garden. She was wearing a cropped baby T-shirt that tightly hugged her enormous breasts. Despite the absence of a cleavage, her hardened nipples were clearly visible, poking at the stretched fabric, and the tight material showed every curve of her massive firm tits. Her sumptuous body was further put in evidence by the Lycra body shorts that barely covered her hips or ass. As Brad approached, she quickly pulled off her shirt, revealing a two-piece bikini, the small triangles of material of her top barely concealing her arealoas. Her hard nipples were pointing straight out. As she pulled off her shorts, she revealed a G-string thong, so minuscule her cuntlips were almost visible as she swayed her hips. Brad licked his lips in anticipation, his soft cock beginning to stretch his posers. The two hypersexual individuals didn't need to say a thing as they passionately embraced and kissed. Jessica started running her hands all over Brad's body, feeling his huge 24" biceps and 8-pack abs and pressing her big tits against his massive pecs. Then, she started to run her hands down his abs to his soft shaft. Her hand plunged into Brad's posers. "Holy shit! This thing is for real. Please let me take it out, I wanna see it." Without waiting for my answer, she pulled his posers down in a swift tug, revealing the wide root of his immense dick, her mouth forming an O as more and more inches of giant soft manflesh was uncovered. She ducked under his legs and let his cock rest on her face. Looking up with googly eyes and a hungry smile, she laughed, "Oh my god! It's bigger than my face! You have the biggest cock I have ever seen by far! My boyfriend is only 5 inches!" she gasped. Her mouth darted for Brad's glistening knobhead. She polished it roughly at first, her tongue fluttering near the cumslit while her left hand mauled his oversensitive glans. Her other hand was busy kneading his sperm orbs in turn. She was moaning, groaning and incoherently muttering how enormous his genitalia was and how Brad made all the other men she ever had look like little boys. Precum leaked from his massive, throbbing cock ran down the top of her head and onto her ass below. Brad was nearly 4 times longer and 4 times thicker than her boyfriend at 18" long and 11" around. She next opened her mouth so wide that he could hear her jawbone crack. She turned her head sideways and fastened her wide-open mouth to her lover's shaft at a point just below its crown. For a while, she sucked and sucked on his rock hard love muscle at that point. Brad moaned in appreciation, running his hands through her hair. The giant-breasted stunner then slowly, ever so slowly, ran her wet, dripping, wide-open mouth down the length of the thick shaft to its very base. After applying gentle kisses near the root, she very slowly retraced the exciting journey back to the tip of his massive dick. By that time, his shaft was slippery and shiny with her saliva. "Yeah, that's good, go on!" Brad urged as a wave of excitement was overtaking his whole body. She stuck her tongue out as far as it would go and resumed her thrilling open-mouth trips up and down the length of his monster shaft. This time, the extended flat end of her tongue along with her open mouth encompassed over half the staggering circumference of his prong. After tonguing, sucking, and generally slobbering all over the underneath portion of Brad's cock, Jessica pulled down on the shaft and administered this electrifying tongue-lip-and-mouth treatment to the upper side of the giant dick. Finally, she returned to the cockhead and drooled thick trails of saliva to lubricate his helmet further. She had problems fitting the whole head in as it was so hard that it must have been the size of an apple. After some three-dozen bobs of her luscious mouth, she managed to get the entire knob of his penis into her mouth. The coating of her saliva helped it ease in her mouth and into her throat. Jess whimpered as it went deeper. Pulsing veins passed between her lips like depth markers. Brad gripped the back of her head with a fist full of hair. His muscles flexed with the effort of forcing it through her tight neck. Wet gurgle sounds came from Jessica as she was throat stretched by his meat log. It was about 15 inches inside her face when he started pumping in and out. “You love my cock, don’t you?” He asked as she bobbed energetically up and down a good 10 inches. A wet sound came from the back of her throat each time it popped down there. She grabbed the soda can thick shaft and jerked it with both her hands. “Hmmm ummm.” The girl answered affirmatively with her mouth full. More licking and sucking. “Blow your big load in my mouth baby.” Rivers of pre-sperm were oozing from his wide-opened slit and she began slowly jacking him off. "I'm ccccuummiinnngg!" Brad growled. His first voluminous jet filled her mouth entirely, viscous cum coating her tonsils and teeth. He came like a fountain directly in her stomach, cum was running out of her mouth and nose, there was so much of it. Her eyes expressed both shock and discomfort at the unending rope of spunk she had to swallow. Brad slightly pulled back for the second streamer, which landed all over her long blond hair, coating strands together with great sticky globs of goo. Cum landed with audible ‘splats’ across her forehead. Across her lips, her cheeks. "Ooh, yeah, sssoo much, Brad!" she moaned, as he continued to douse her face and body with long ropes of cum. Milking the final dregs from his cum-cannon, he let a giant dollop fall directly into her hungry, upturned mouth. Jessica's face was so pasted with pools and rivulets and clumps of cum that no one in the world would recognize her. It looked like a sperm balloon had exploded in her face. "Now pull your g-string off, I'm going to ram my giant dick up your slutty pussy!" Brad panted, wielding his still hard monster. The massive musclebound teen leaned down to help Jessica to her feet, his cum still dripping off her. "Oooh, yes!" gleamed Jessica. She took a step away and turned her back to Brad and wiggled her cute heart shaped backside. She crossed her legs and bent forward. Steadily she worked her thong downwards. It caught momentarily in her tight ass cheeks, but then the elastic snapped down. The tiny slingshot passed her fit thighs and fell to her ankles. She positioned herself on all fours on the deckchair, her cunt glistening with wetness. "You are ten times the man my boyfriend is. Your teenage dick is four times his size!" "Beg me!" "Please fuck me with that huge teenage muscle cock!" Brad placed his tubesteak at her pussy's entrance, feeling the folds of her puckered lips with his apple-sized knobhead, collecting some of her vaginal fluids to lubricate his mammoth ramrod. Both holding different parts of his cock, Jessica grunted and pressed back, the cum-lubed tip of Brad's cock fighting against her still-too-tight pussy. With one more push, her sex finally stretched around the head, pushing the folds of her shaved camel-toe inwards as several inches of forearm-thick megacock brutally invaded her innards. "Shit, Brad, you're so fucking HHUUGE!" screamed a delirious Jessica as his cockhead tore through her the entrance to her pussy. The precum that soaked his length was definitely helping this penetration. Brad moaned in response, his glans finally hugged by her tight depths. The now-speared woman's body shook in orgasm, her cunt instantly spraying girlcum down the length of Brad's pole. Brad wrapped both hands around her waist and began to slowly piston his hips. Making sure to have a tight grip, he began to rock her body back and forth in time with his thrusts. Despite the fact that he was already inside of her, the thickness of his weapon made penetration a slow act, even with all the sexual fluids wetting his cock. Jessica couldn't believe what she was feeling. With every new inch he fucked into her, she whimpered and screamed, the nerve-endings in her cunt being stretched and pushed to their limit. At the twelve inch mark, Brad withdrew his rock hard tool until only the massively-flared head stayed inside, then rammed his humongous pussy-pleaser back into her cunt until its head bumped against the back of her cervix. Despite the pain of such a violent onslaught, Jessica garnered enough strength to scream. "You're hurting me so good Brad! Keep going, fuck my brains out!" Brad complied and then some, hammering away at lightning speed, burning her pussywalls as his invading red-hot monster scraped against them. Over and over, he plowed Jessica's body with his tireless 18-inch dick, his heavy seedmakers loudly slapping against her thighs. "OH FUCK ME! UGHHH YES! OHHHHH FUCK! UHHHHHHHNNNGHH!" The hot size queen screamed loudly as she threw her head back, leaning back on the chair on her hands, arching her back and pushing her glorious tits out as she gave in to the ecstasy rushing through her. "OH FUCK GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE ME THAT BIG DICK! YES! OH FUCK YESS! OHHHHMMMMM! YEAH! OHH FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG FUCKING COCK BRAD!" Loud manly grunts echoed throughout the backyard as the mating continued unabated, until Jessica felt the tinges of her orgasm. "You gonna cum babe? You gonna cum for me?" He growled harshly, his balls beginning to tingle as he watched Jessica's eyes widen, wild and lost in the pure pleasure surging through every vein as he jackhammered his hard dick into her relentlessly. "YES! YES! OH FUUCK YES! OH KEEP FUCKING ME! OHHH KEEP FUCKING ME! I'M GONNA CUM...OHHHHFUUUCKKKKU... I'M CUMMING BABY...OH FUCK I'M CUMMING...UNGHHHHHHH!" Jessica screamed, her whole body shaking with orgasmic convulsions around his unyielding bullcock. "Ughhhh fuckk...I'm cumming...ugnnnn...gonna fill your pussy with cum baby! FUCKUGHHHH!" Brad growled through gritted teeth before he rammed his monster shaft deep into her pussy before his balls tightened. Unable to hold off his incoming discharge, Brad firmly held her hips as the first pellets of scalding cum bolted out of his cumslit, filling her uterus to the brim instantly. He filled her up so much that cum was running down his cock and her legs. Brad pulled his cock out and blasted her face, her arms and all over her body. After minutes of nonstop cumming, Jessica now fully drenched once more, his orgasm finally started to peter out. Jessica slid off the chair and knelt between his thighs, a river of white pouring from her stretched pussy and pooling on the ground. Holding his still-turgid ramrod in both hands, she slowly licked up and down its incredible 18-inch length. She suckled on the inch-wide cumslit and furiously jacked the immense crank with her fists, her toned arm muscles clearly straining from the efforts. Brad watched intently, his enormously-pumped up muscular body seemingly relaxing as the busty cock-hound assaulted his mega-cock with her hands and mouth. Soon, his pre-splooge started running continuously out of his helmet. His pre-cum coated Jessica's tonsils and dripped down her chin onto the vast surface of her milkbags, mixing with the thick layer of teen cum already frosting them. Every now and then, she would leave his angry cockhead to lick his overly muscular abs and chest clean of his own cum, her eyes never leaving his as she winked and purred in pleasure while continuously stroking his giant tool. Brad would then scoop fingerfuls of warm spunk from her face and feed them to her hungry mouth. Suddenly, a male voice was heard screaming from across the fence and a man bolted into the backyard. Ken, Jessica's boyfriend, yelled profanities as he ran at Brad while the young stud had his 18-inch rod buried halfway down Jessica's throat. "What the fuck is going on? Are you raping my girlfriend? I'll fucking call the cops on you!" spouted Ken, before he stopped dead in his tracks. He was now seeing ten inches of Brad's colossal cock sticking out of his girlfriend's mouth, and he could not comprehend the sight before him. Averagely endowed at five inches himself, he did not imagine anyone could be as hung. "I ain't raping her, she's begging for it!" answered Brad sneeringly. To prove his point, he withdrew his giant rod from Jessica's mouth. Immediately, she moaned and tried to pull the mighty organ back into her mouth, muttering "gimme, gimme" incomprehensibly. "See, now she's hooked and she'll never be satisfied by your puny cock!" snarled Brad at his hapless neighbor. The studly teenager grabbed the wrists that were attempting to encircle his mammoth dong and raised Jessica from her kneeling position, positioned his still monstruously-hard beast between her thighs. Ken watched in awe as the 18-inch rod stuck way past her asscheeks on the other side. She laughed as she jumped up, hooking her arms around his neck before sliding her feet against him, one on his thigh and the other on the bottom side of his powerful cock. He pulled her closer, getting a low moan from her as her pussy is pressed against the root of his dripping cock. He rubs her up and down there for a minute, just pushing her up and down a couple inches of his cock, drawing out more moans of pleasure from her. His other hand comes up, rubbing her generous tits before lifting her up to press her whole body against his. Jessica kissed him softly while she sat on his tumescence, grinding her pussy along the base of his mammoth appendage. "Fuck me, lover!" she moaned lustfully into his ears. Brad easily lifted her up with his strong arms and groaned mightily as he slowly impaled her with his giant cock. Jess screamed as the mighty meatrod penetrated her, her limbs wrapping around Brad's body, latching onto it. In just seconds he had forced her onto more than half of his tremendous titan, an outline of his cock showing through her pale stomach; Jessica shook and moaned as an orgasm immediately wracked her body. Brad turned her head towards the stunned Ken. "Ever fuck her like this? Actually, you don't need to answer, - with a body like that I'd doubt you'd be able to!" The power in his corded muscles was displayed in its full glory in this standing position as he used Jessica as a jacking device for his demanding organ. Grunting and roaring, he powerfucked Jess, her body rapidly bouncing up and down on his mighty rod, her firm breasts swaying in front of his face. Like he was lifting nothing more than a sack of potatoes, he moved the busty blonde up and down rapidly. She had totally relinquished control of her body over to her virile lover, letting him use her body as he wished. Jessica screamed as another climax shot through her, her cunt leaking like a fountain, dripping onto the concrete beneath her. Brad started to actively thrust into Jessica in time with her bounces, shoving more of her meaty member into the slut. Jess orgasmed again, and fuck, it looked like she was pissing herself there was so much of her feminine nectar gushing from around the stud's prodigious pole. It ran down Brad's balls and legs, soaking them in her essence. And it just kept coming. Her climaxes seemed never ending, each one bleeding into each other so closely together, it looked like she was squirting in one long, continual stream. Ken was petrified by the sight, but he couldn't look away. "Oh my GOD, OH MY GOD!" she kept repeating while Brad continued fucking her unabated. "You are filling me ssssoo much!" Ken covered his eyes as his girlfriend enjoyed the most powerful orgasm of her life from the super-virile teenage boy who lived next door. What would his future hold, he wondered? As the massively-endowed eighteen year old ravished his girlfriend over and over again, bringing her to countless climaxes, Ken felt utterly defeated and humiliated. Jessica caressed the boy's chiseled musculature, cooing with delight at the feeling of his strong arms and chest, encouraging him to display even more raw power to the watchful cuckold. "MMMM, YEAH, OH YEAH...OHHH FUCK THAT'S GOOD...OHHH KEN, BRAD'S FUCKING ME SO GOOD...OHHH HE'S FUCKING ME SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU DO...OHHH HIS DICK IS SO MUCH BIGGER THAN YOURS...UMMM, SO MUCH BETTER BABY!! OHHHH...I LOVE HIS COCK IN ME SO MUCH!! I WANT BRAD TO FUCK ME FOREVER!! HE'S GOING TO FUCK ME...OHHH...HE'S GOING TO FUCK ME WHENEVER HE WANTS...UMMMM, YEAH!! YES BRAD FUCK ME!" Jessica was fucked mercilessly for over half an hour, in various positions, while Ken was forced to watch his girlfriend's re-deflowering. Brad lifted Jessica in his strong arms, effortlessly bouncing her curvaceous body up and down unfathomable inches of his super-rigid mega-thick dick. OHHHH DON'T STOP! OH FUCK DON'T EVER STOP FUCKING ME! OHHHH FUUUCKK YEEEESSSSS!!" Jessica screamed as she clamped her eyes shut, relishing in the feverish surges of ravishing pleasure that tore through every inch of her body, fucking her ever closer to the greatest orgasm of her life. "FUCK! FUCK! OHHHH FUCK! NAIL ME BABY! FUCK! FUCK MY PUSSY AND FUCK ME HARD BABY! OHHH FUCK I LOVE YOUR COCK...OHHH FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG COCK FOREVER!! OHHHH FUCK YOU'RE FUCKING ME BETTER THAN ANYONE EVER HAS! OHHH FUCK! OH YES! YES! YES!" Jessica panted erratically as she bit down hard on Brad's shoulder. Her world quickly began to spin and her pussy was so alive with pleasure that the hot girlfriend thought that at any moment she was just going to explode with how many charged bolts were shooting through her. While Jessica was still recovering from a state of perpetual ecstasy, Brad took her missionary-style, mashing her giant tits against his V-shaped torso, licking her breasts and neck, even French-kissing her, right in front of her boyfriend. By the time Brad was ready to erupt once more, he had managed to distend Jessica's pussy so much that nearly all of his monster cock sawed in and out of her easily. "Fuck, that's some tight pussy!" exclaimed the massive stud. "I'm fucking gonna CUUM!" he bellowed, his thick cock expanding deep inside her before it shot blast after huge, thick blast of potent cum deep inside her pussy. Load after heavy, hot loud pumped deep into Jessica's spasming, well-fucked body, sending the hot girlfriend over the edge. Fuck, she had never felt so much cum inside her in her life. Brad whitewashed Jessica's deepest recesses with many scalding wads of his creamy spunk before pulling his disgorging python from her overfilled pussy with a loud plop. His gunk cascaded between her crack while the mighty organ convulsed once more and sent a giant plume of white sperm past Jessica's head that landed on the lawn several yards beyond. Ken watched in awe as the young stud covered his delirious girlfriend from head to toe in ounces of boycream. Brad steered his wildly bucking anaconda from Jessica's writhing body and aimed the next salvoes towards a speechless Ken. The enormity of his discharges meant that the paralyzed neighbor's clothes soon ended up covered in his virile seed, long strands crisscrossing his until-now impeccably clean shirt, monumental stains coating his trousers, splashes of thick goo covering his black shoes until their color was almost undistinguishable under the creamy layer. "Fuck yeah! There's more coming! Ummpph!" roared the teenager. Jessica immediately knelt in front of her over-endowed lover, letting him blast her countenance with pellet after pellet of his red-hot spunk. Overpowered by the ferocity of his own orgasm, Brad lost control of his discharging rod and Jessica quickly grasped the cannon with both hands, pushing down on the steel-hard rod while it spewed giant volleys of gunk high up in the open air. "Shit, look at all that spunk! I can't believe I'm holding the biggest, fattest cock in the world and it's just cumming and cumming and cumming!" She was getting delirious as ten, twelve then fifteen enormous streamers rocketed out of Brad's rockhard manhood. Finally, she managed to tame the bucking beast, aiming the final jets at her heaving tits, coating her entire upper chest in Brad's voluminous offerings. After a minute or so of almost continuous ejaculations, his dong rested on her right shoulder, still drooling thick dollops of semen on her back, the threatening helmet aimed at her cuckolded hubby. She held Brad's slightly softened tool up with her hands as if lifting a weight bar and licked the drying spunk from its vast surface. "Fuck, it feels so heavy, it's like holding a fucking baseball bat!" "Honey, how could you do this to me?", moaned her boyfriend as he attempted to clean some of Brad's spunk from his shriveled penis. "Because THIS is the biggest cock in the world and it's attached to the hottest, most muscular stud I could ever find in my life! He's a dream come true and he's gonna fuck me until I can't walk!" she said with a wicked smile. Brad lifted her off the ground and sat her on his rock-hard cock then crossed his arms, to show her and her wimp of a boyfriend what his monster was capable of. She looked bewildered, suspended in mid-air, her whole body resting on his cock, not bending it in the slightest. "Fuck, this is unbelievable! Look honey, he's carrying me on his cock!" she moaned as she reached between her legs and furiously wanked his engorged cock which had already started leaking pre-cum once more. "Come on," said Jessica. "Take me inside and fuck me senseless, I want us to cuckold him in his own bed." Brad walked inside their house and signaled to her boyfriend to follow them. He looked utterly defeated, his small stub of a dick barely visible under my coating of potent semen. "Jessica, please no! Will you really let this monster fuck you on our bed?" he pleaded. "Try and stop me!" she answered. Brad stood at the foot of the bed as she dismounted from his horse cock onto the bed, sliding her cum-coated body along the sheets. She took hold of Brad's almost four-inch wide flared head and rubbed it against her labia, while moaning breathlessly and looking Brad straight in the eyes. "Fuck me now you stud, while my pathetic, useless boyfriend is watching. Show him how a real man fucks a woman!" she grunted. Brad took her hand away and made her lick her fingers, then held his giant cock by its firm base and pushed forward in one mighty lunge. Her whole body was pushed by the sheer strength of his cock and she almost hit the headboard. "Oh, ooh, I'm cumming already! Oh fuck! Fuck me harder you fucking stud!" Brad admired her body while he continued pounding her, her beautiful hair was in a heap over the pillow, her huge firm tits pointing skyward and wobbling slightly every time he bottomed out of her long vagina at the end of lengthy foot-long strokes. Her flat stomach was deformed by the size of his apple-sized knobhead hitting deep inside her cervix, her muscular legs were spread wide in total submission. Brad groped her big, heavy tits roughly, squeezing the pliant flesh in his hands hard so that his fingers moulded into the soft-but-firm globes as he pulled Jessica back onto his spearing dick while he harshly massaged her naked breasts. "Ohhh yeah, squeeze my tits Brad...mmmm...fuck, oh I love it when you squeeze my tits when you fuck me...mmm...fuck, give me your big dick bad boy!" Jessica moaned loudly, panting heavily as the two fucked as enthusiastically as they could on the loudly groaning, shaking bed. "OHHHH YEAH! Ohhhh yeah Brad, ohhhh, fuck, make me scream...ohhhh fuck me and make me scream like my boyfriend can't!! Show him how to fuck his girlfriend!! OH YES! YES! OHHHH!!" She groaned hotly back, thrusting her ass back onto his dick ever more erratically as her orgasm built again quickly. "Ohh, please don't stop fucking me! I don't want this to ever end! Oh God, I'm coming AGAIN!! AHHH!," his girlfriend exclaimed. And as Jessica's own mind and body ripping orgasm slowly began to finally give way, her weak arms suddenly giving way so that she slumped down, her tight ass high as she was still impaled rigidly on his cock, gripping the edge of the bed, moaning and purring contentedly into the covers as her large tits pressed softly into the bed..she heard Brad's growl...and then suddenly he slammed nearly his entire 18 inch cock deep into her pussy, pressing her firmly into the mattress, and with a loud gasp, Jessica suddenly felt the thick head expand deep inside her. "Ooh fuck, oh fuck...OHhhh fuck! OHHHFUUUCCKKK! Here it comes you hot slut!! Ohhh fuck, take my cum baby!! UGHHH!" Brad roared gutturally. "OOOOOOOHHHHMMMPPHH!!" Ken's sexy girlfriend moaned erotically as suddenly a huge, thick load of potent cum blasted deep into her unprotected womb once again, followed swiftly by a second, a third, a fourth, a fifth... Brad's huge cock pumped large, thick globs of his potent cum deep into her pussy and Jessica shuddered as an orgasm passed through her body again ... fuck, he was cumming as much as his last few loads! Fuck! He was incredible! His cum was going to be filling her mouth if he carried on shooting so much into her! She felt Brad finally slow down, her taut belly bulging slightly from all the cum inside her. Brad laid down next to her, keeping his still-hard erection buried in her pussy. He teased her left nipple with the tip of his tongue as he continued to slowly fuck her. "Ohh, keep doing that," she told Brad as Ken looked on in amazement. "Shit, look honey, he's still hard! Are you going to fuck me some more stud?" asked Jessica while pursing her lips seductively. Jessica instinctively knew what to do. she turned her whole body towards Ken so that he could get a good view as Brad started to quicken his pace. "OH god, his cock is amazing!!" she exclaimed, fingering her clit as Brad fucked her from behind. "Fuck me Brad. I'm yours. Fuck me any way you want, rip me open, but FUCK ME NOW!" squealed Jessica. Brad was now gaining some serious rhythm as he thrust his hips forward driving his huge cock into Jessica who in turn ground her hips back towards Brad. His blunt monster pounded into her womb, drawing a scream of pain and lust. He growled with desire as his cockhead pressed up against her cervix. He rotated Jessica around his cock, kneeling on the bed with her legs on his shoulders. Again he drew back, and again he drove forward. Again and again, faster and faster. Soon his massive monster jack-hammered at her barrier, his hips a blur as he used long, swift strokes. Each time he felt her depths open a little wider, and each stroke made her titanic mounds wobble wildly with the force of the impact. Jessica was rapidly losing what remained of her composure, screaming and moaning wildly with each unstoppable thrust. She felt something deep inside her give, and felt the fat cockhead plow through her barrier to her womb, felt the heat and hardness of his superior cock invade her deepest parts. Brad roared in triumph as he finally bottomed out in her. She screamed out, voice ragged with pleasure, bursts of light flashing behind her eyes as a sudden orgasm crashed over her like a tidal wave. Cunt squeezing Brad's cock even tighter, a high pressure stream of girlcum sprayed from her cunt onto Brad's washboard abs. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her whole body shook in pleasure and pain. Brad let out a pleasured groan as the size queen's womb gripped on his enormous cockhead, her deepest parts spasming around his invading shaft. When he ground his hips forward, stuffing her to the hilt once again, he ground the tip of his shaft into the back wall of her fertile womb and prompted the sweetest moans. "You like that, slut? Like it when I stuff your fucking womb?" he groaned, once more grinding his hips forward. Jessica's mouth opened immediately, the words pouring forth with hardly a thought. "YEEESSS! Oh, god, yes! It feels so fucking good! I'm so full of your cock! Ohhh, fuck me, fuck every inch of me, fuck me like nobody else ever can! I'm a slut for your cock, your personal slut! You made me your slut, made me a slave to your cock! I'll never fuck anyone else! I'd never be able to fucking feel them! Your perfect cock spoiled me! Ohh, nothing can compare! Nothing goes so deep, stretches me so wide, feels so hot! FUCK ME WITH YOUR PERFECT COCK!" she screamed out, her voice rising to fill the entire house. Brad wasted no time fulfilling her wish. Soon he was rolling his hips against her, his shaft driving in and out like a piston, and she was matching him. The rhythmic slapping sounds of their bodies meeting filled the room. She heard his bed creaking as his relentless pounding made it shake and rock and she heard the thudding of the headboard against the wall. Jessica was seeing stars, her eyes shut from her seemingly endless orgasms. Every now and then, she opened her eyes and admired Brad's body, wandering from his mountainous biceps to his wide shoulders, his sculpted pecs and his washboard 8-pack, glistening with a tiny sheet of sweat. When she could, she lifted her head up from the pillow to admire the sight of Brad's massive 18-inch slab of meat ripping her cunt apart, before cumming powerfully again. Jess couldn't even scream anymore; her eyes rolled back in her head as she convulsed underneath Brad. Her back arched, and she went rigid, everything in her mind blasted away by Brad's unrelenting fuck. Brad was really pounding away now, his cockhead pulling at her cervix with each pull and pounding into the back wall on each thrust. His heavy, cum-filled balls churned as they slapped her juicy ass. Her entire body rewarded him for each stroke, from her clenching hole to the view of her epic, wildly wobbling tit-flesh, to her lips as they poured fourth her gratitude and begged for more with each breath, only interrupted my moans and screams of pleasure. Sweat was glistening on his body, and hers as well. There was a new instrument playing its part in the symphony of their sexual congress—a cracking, splintering sound, like wood giving way under repeated, powerful hammer blows. But if either Brad or Jess recognized what that sound meant, they gave no sign; they were both too lost in each other to think about such things. Soon his hips were a blur, his mighty cock an unyielding piston, a battering ram that pounded at her depths, ravaging her womb. He growled and gritted his teeth. These short strokes wouldn't be enough. He shifted, planting his feet, and dragged his hips back forcefully, pulling the head from her gripping womb, pulling back, further and further, until just the head was left inside her. Jessica's eyes widened as she felt him tear that fat helmeted head from her womb and drag it back, lighting her nerves afire as it passed. She felt almost painfully empty with it gone, but the sparks of pleasure from it dragging on her walls almost made her forget about the emptiness. She looked into his eyes for a moment, emerald eyes sparkling with desire, anticipation, and fear. Then she felt him thrust again, and she couldn't help but howl with pleasure as he plowed into her, stretching every inch of her channel once more, spearing through her cervix, and once more seating himself to the hilt in her needy pussy. "YESSSSSSS! Oh, oh god, oh my fucking gooooood~! That was incredible! Oh, more, please, fuck all of me, every inch! I need you in me forever! Come on, fuck me harder! Fuck that pussy! Your personal pussy! It's all yours, I can't live without this GIANT FUCKING COCK! You broke me! Ruined me with your cock! I'm just your slut now!" She screamed out, waves of pleasure crashing over her mind, washing away the last vestiges of restraint. With a splintering crunch, the bed collapsed, its frame shattered by Jess and Brad's vigorous fucking. The side-rails fell away, and the mattress slammed into the ground. Brad fell forward, his cock still buried inside Jess's pussy, and ended up slamming into her with all his weight, burying himself deeper in her than either of them would have thought possible. "Fuck yeah! Your pussy is ssso good!" yelled Brad. His geyser started unloading inside Jessica again, huge wads of teenage spunk splashing deep inside her womb. After a minute of non-stop cumming, Jessica's womb was filled to the brim with his ball-batter, the white slosh obscenely dripping out of her distended pussy. They both stayed in place, locked together, for some time. Jess's arms and legs were wrapped around Brad. His face nestled in the crook of her neck. Both of them were breathing hard as their mixed juices dripped from Jess's overstuffed cunt and pooled on the bed. Brad removed his cum-cannon and a huge river of goo plopped out with it. He moved to the side of the bed and offered his spurting monster to the cock-hungry slut, who gladly swallowed it whole, while holding the thick shaft at midpoint, caressing the tumescent monster with her fingernails. "Oh fuck baby that was amazing!" Jessica purred as she stroked her lover's meat. Suddenly she got a wicked glint in her eye and turned to Ken, who had pulled off his semen-drenched clothes and was quietly sitting in the corner, whimpering as he came watching the hottest sex he'd ever seen. "Ken! Get over here!" Jessica commanded her cowering boyfriend. Ken crawled on to the bed. "See what a real load looks like?" she asked as she grabbed Ken's head and pushed it between her legs. As she rubbed her slimy cunt against his mouth, the sperm in her began to flow right out and into his mouth. "Aw yeah, eat that fucking cum! Taste that musclecum!" Jessica moaned. It took a while for him to finish, her hole was so bloated from the huge amounts of jizz and it was running out of her pussy like a river. Ken was so busy swallowing that he didn't notice Jessica whispering to Brad, making him smirk and walk around the bed behind him. And then… he felt it. Something big. Heavy. Warm. It flopped down into the space between his ass cheeks, lodging there. He could feel it throbbing. He felt a throbbing against his anus and knew it was Brad's big, fat, monster, bulging against his opening. Next, a drizzle of hot liquid on his lower back. Whap! Something big and heavy slammed into Ken's right ass-globe. “Ah!” he yelled. The impact was repeated again and again. Whap! Whap! Whap! Then, it began to alternate sides. Brad spanked him over and over with his hardening cock. Brad pulled Ken's head out from between Jessica's legs and said "Your turn, bitch." Ken panicked. He shook his head and pleaded for mercy as Brad shoved his big cum-coated cock into Ken's mouth. Ken sucked as best as he could, but Brad was being a little too rough with him, and Ken began to gag. He held Ken's head and fucked his mouth like he wanted to break Ken's jaw. Brad viciously thrust his hips, his immense cock ramming in and out of the Ken's face. "Fuck his face! I want to see him take it all!" Jessica was lost in her own passion, she shoved 4 fingers in her pussy as she watched Brad force his meat down Ken's throat. Brad fucked Ken's throat like a man possessed, in and out again and again. Ken felt the cheeks of Brad's ass tighten, then with a loud "Arghhhh!" he started to cum and cum and cum, it seemed like slow motion, ever detail seemed to be amplified, only slowed down, stream after stream of cum shot into Ken's mouth. Ken couldn't swallow it fast enough and cum began spraying out of the corners of his mouth and down his chin. When Brad pulled his penis out of Ken's mouth he cock-slapped him in the face again, and then he dragged Ken to the middle of the room, dropping him face-down onto the carpet. Brad kicked Ken's legs open and wasted no time in lining his massive pelvis-pulverizer to Ken's virgin anus. “Oh my god, you're going to completely destroy Ken’s ass!” Jessica gasped, looking at the intimidating size difference for the first time. A blood-curdling scream immediately reverberated through the room as Ken felt a new immensity start to enter his ass. Ken was weeping and clawing at the floor as Brad's cock slowly but surely sunk into his bowels. "Yeah," Jessica grunted, so horny that she could barely sit straight. "Fuck him. Fuck that little bitch." Ken's eyes went wider than they’d ever been and even rolled up and crossed slightly as the intruding tool began to burrow into his guts, inch by inch, making a bulging shape in his belly from sheer size alone. There was a meaty, churning sound from deep in his guts as Brad's brutal penetration reshaped his intestines into nothing more than another sleeve for cock. From that moment forward, excretion and any other functions would be secondary to the main purpose of the warm, wet, gripping confines of his asshole. Ken’s guts were rearranged by the 18 inch, arm-thick monster. His prostate made a crunching sound. His eyelids fluttered and his tongue fell from his mouth. He made a high-pitched moaning sound as Brad mounted him and squashed him flat and began to pound him into the ground. Ken’s penis had hardened to be straight as an arrow, seemingly fit to burst, a transformation that Jessica watched with approval. “Oh shit! Ken, your cock is harder than I've ever seen it! You like being a little bottom for this god?” She dropped down to crawl next to her boyfriend and watch his penis strain and throb as it bobbed in the open air. Jessica reached a hand out to press against Ken’s smooth midsection, rubbing Brad’s cock through the membrane of her boyfriend's skin, jacking that dick while it plowed away inside his asshole. She could even see the fat divot of Brad’s huge dickhole beneath Ken’s skin, like a second belly-button! "Nnngh, I’m going to cum, watching you become Brad’s bitch!" she moaned, sliding beneath Ken and letting his throbbing cocktip spear into her pussy. “Aw fuck, Brad's stretched me out so much I can't even feel you any more!” She had to scoot her butt up and let Ken fuck down into her via a piledriver sort of position, otherwise the cock-bulge from Brad’s assfucking would have intruded between them. “Fuck him harder, Brad!” she begged. “Fucking destroy my boyfriend’s ass and force his cock into my pussy!” She reached up and spread her thighs lewdly, balancing on her shoulders, pulling back on her knees, presenting her pussy for Ken to drill down into, spurred on by Brad’s thrusts from behind. His eyes were squinted shut with tears. “It feels like I'm barely touching the sides!” The sounds certainly gave that impression - meaty slurps and schloorps and slllrrches of sopping, lubed up pussy trying to cling but really just serving as a loose, wet meat hole. “Oh fuck!" Jess moaned in Ken's face. "Brad’s pulverized my pussy so much it’s taken on the shape of his dick!” Every second, Brad would thrust his huge, hammering fuck pillar into Ken’s asshole, bulging him out lewdly. This would in turn force Ken forward and jam his downward-pointing fuckmeat into Jessica’s pussy. But Ken might as well have been fucking nothing or damn near close to it, only her outer lips gripping his base in the loosest sense of the word. It was like he rutted straight into the air -- warm air, at least -- but that was about all the sensation he got. Tears filled Ken's eyes as Jessica smiled at him evilly. “Oh, fuck!” Jessica moaned, cumming all and squirting all over Ken’s cock. “Pump your stud cum up my boyfriend’s little ass, Brad! Make him your bottom bitch! It makes me so wet to watch you make him into your cocksleeve!” The tight sensation of Ken’s ass, in combination with the nastiness of Jessica, was quickly pushing him to the edge. "Here it comes!" Brad warned, snarling into Ken's ear, "Take my fucking cum!" His thrusts were getting more erratic and haggard as he reached the edge, and Jess saw his big, swollen balls draw up a little in his scrotum as they prepared to erupt and power a tidal-wave-sized load into Ken’s ass. Pistoning his hips one last time, Brad sheathed the entirety of his behemoth into the helpless boyfriend. Letting out a strained moan, his cock flexed within him, his balls rumbling against his ass. When it happened, Brad buried his cock as far as he could in Ken’s ass and roared loudly. A long, low, burbling spraying noise came from within Ken’s body as his stomach expanded to make him look pregnant. “Brad is filling up your ass with a huge fucking load,” Jessica moaned, sliding out from under the two of them and climbing onto the bed for a better view. She vigorously fingered and fisted herself to multiple thunderous climaxes as she watched Brad fill her barely conscious boyfriend. "Oh that feels so goddamn good!" she screamed as she came again. Ken shuddered to orgasm himself and slumped over, barely conscious. Brad pulled out and kicked Ken onto his back, standing over him as he used both hands to stroke his pulsating pole, his fists rapidly flying up and down its length. Cock pointed downward, he used it like a fleshy hose to completely and utterly cover the man. Cum rained over Ken's body in thick streams, painting him in lashes of off-white cream. When Brad's orgasm ended he bent over to run his cock all over Ken's face and chest, smearing the semen around, and then he stuck his cock into Ken's mouth and forced a foot of his monster rod down his throat until he felt Ken pass out. Brad pulled out and he slapped Ken across the face, but got no response. Ken was out cold, his body spread wide in a pool of cum, a stream of white tinged with red flowing from his wrecked ass. Brad stood up and turned to Jessica, his glistening muscles framing his monster cock as he made his way back to the bed. Jessica fondled herself in anticipation, rubbing her cum and sweat covered tits as she spread her legs for her approaching master. Brad didn't say a word as he grabbed his thick log of cock around its base and smacked it against her tits several times, causing her to let out an embarrassingly whorish moan. "Shit, you're so huge!", she exclaimed. Jessica wrapped her huge mounds around Brad's shaft and began to make out with his cockhead. "OOOH! SLLLURP! Mmmh, your massive cock tastes so good Brad, you're such a fucking beast!" enthused Jessica as she licked the bulbous head of the stud's angry weapon. "Yeah, suck it!" encouraged Brad, one hand tugging on Jessica to give him leverage during this sumptuous fellatio. Once again, the enormously-endowed young man let loose a volley of pre-cum that spewed as high as Jessica's hair, covering her nose and forehead with a heavy dose of salty seminal juices. Finally, her head began to bob up and down real fast, but Brad pulled her mouth off of his twitching cock and said, "Now it's time for you to feel my cock up your ass baby!" "P-please! Fuck me!" Jessica howled with obvious need. Brad picked up the giant-titted goddess, lowering his behemoth with one hand and angling Jessica towards him with the other until her tight buns reached the edge of the bed. Kneeling down, he placed his titanic boycock at her anal entrance, letting loose with an ounce or so of lubricating pre-splooge. He swiveled his giant glans back and forth, smearing her asshole with his potent goo. Jessica sucked in a deep breath at the feeling, hips jerking, trying to match Brad's movements while also forcing his cock into her. Then, he carefully inserted the apple-sized head of his colossus, letting Jessica catch her breath with each invading inch. Eventually, his helmet was fully lodged inside her cavity and he continued his upwards journey up her distended bowels. "God, it's so fucking huge, you're ripping me apart but it feels so good! AAAH, I'm coming already!" moaned the size-queen, juices squirting out of her pussy and splashing over the deep crevasses of Brad's rock-hard abs. Brad had only penetrated her with a third of his shaft before he felt some resistance, her hole becoming narrower. His titanium pole dug its way nevertheless, impaling Jessica with several more inches before the stud stopped and sawed back out. He slammed back in, his heavy spermbags noisily bouncing against the sheets on the side of the bed. Brad increased the pace and brought Jessica over the edge time and time again, her loud cries of ecstasy resonating through the whole house. Keeping a good rhythm, Brad pistoned his hips at the buxom beauty below her. His hard thighs pressed into Jessica's much softer pair, using them like a trampoline to bounce off of on each thrust. Her giant tits were bouncing atop her chest and Brad took hold of them, massaging them while he continued his assaults on her backside. Her entire body convulsed in another squirting orgasm and her tongue lolled out of her mouth. By this point, Jessica’s shaking didn’t stop and neither did her squirting; Brad literally had her in a cycle of never ending orgasms. The bed creaked and rocked, the headboard slamming into the wall as Brad fucked her into the bed harder and harder. Sawing his log of fuckmeat into her ruined hole faster and faster, Brad's body tensed as his climax began to build once again. He could feel his cock harden even further, the veins pulsing across it intensely. Hilting himself at last, the thick base of his massive meat hugged completely by Jessica's pulled-taut asshole, he held the woman still as the beginning of his load raced up his cock. His shaft bulged, stretching out the slut's depths even more. "Fuck yeah!" he bellowed, the first blast firing from his throbbing crown. Audible sounds were heard as hot lances of thick cum hosed down Jessica's spasming, dick-gripping asspipe and pooled deep in her guts. She brought a hand to her belly and rubbed the spot where Brad's cocktip was bulging beneath her skin. "Shit, I can feel it, it's so fucking strong! AAAH!", she screamed as Brad unloaded more powerful jets of cum in her overflowing hole. Then, as Brad thrust his ultra-stiff monster again, her head hit the headboard with a loud thud as her eyes closed as she fainted. Brad pulled his disgorging rod out of her ass, a torrential downpour of her frothy progeny following it and pouring onto the now-ruined bedspread. Grappling with his bucking beast, which fired a long stream of white across the ceiling, Brad pointed it down towards the prone slut. Jessica's hair was hit first, her head instantaneously plastered against the bed's coverings. He blasted her fat mounds next, completely drenching them in her goo. Half a dozen thick strands erupted from his peach-sized helmet and each was bigger and stronger than the previous one. Cum covered her entire body again in thick layers. As his orgasm began to peter out, Brad lazily stroked his giant bitch breaker, letting the remaining dregs liberally coat the wall behind the bed, claiming her bedroom with his slimy gunk. Rubbing his cock slower and massaging it below the ridge of the fat glans, he looked down at the near-comatose woman. Bubbles popped across the swamp of semen plastered over her visage in time with her breathing, her chest rising and deflating with every labored breath. Brad smiled as he wiped his cock across Jessica's cum-enveloped face. Wielding her cock like a club, he slapped Jessica’s face gently with a laugh, waking the girl from her orgasm induced slumber. "Time to wake up babe." Opening her eyes, Jessica looked up at Brad through cum-frosted lashes. Jessica did her best to sit up, having trouble due to the weight of the cum filling and covering her. She raised both hands to her face and did her best to shovel off the white goop that covered her visage. "Oh fuck, how long was I out? Oh fuck, I'm totally coated in your spunk!" She moaned as she took in the sight of her cum-drenched body and ruined room in front of her. Letting out a satisfied sigh, Brad stepped off the bed and slowly wanked his monster to milk the last dollops of cum from its 18 inch sperm canal. He was sweating profusely from this monumental fuck session and held his arms up behind his head to show off his mighty teenage muscles. His biceps ballooned out and his chest heaved with power as the ripped muscles strained from the exertion. His muscles moved and pulsed like a well orchestrated machine, her eyes fixated on the sheer massiveness of his form. Jessica stared up at him as she scooped up handfuls of cum from her body and sucked it down. She squeezed her big tits, licking her own nipples clean before sitting up to lick Brad's pumped muscles. Jessica smiled at him and crawled up to him to clean up his cum and sweat covered pecs. She slid down, licking his abs clean of their combined juices before lifting his softening cock, slurping up the warm sap from the unending length of his pillar of flesh and sucking the goo dangling from his heavy seedmakers. “Thank you for fucking me, God,” she moaned, breathily, before pulling his glans up against her face and making out with his cockhead. "Please come back soon." Brad bent down and kissed her, "See you tomorrow, slut." He left her to clean up the mess and went back home. THE END
  2. tester26

    Sean & Billy Cool Off

    No plot, just lots of sex. Based on HSMuscleBoy's characters. Sean was horny. He always was when he got home after a workout. His hands roamed over the ripped, hard contours of his body, covered only by a white t-shirt and posers. He flexed his sweaty arms and took in a deep breath of his musk. Fuck he smelled good. His muscles strained against the shirt, sweat making the skintight cloth partially transparent. His pecs bulged out, like hills of muscle, his hard nipples pointing down. His cut eight pack was visible beneath the cloth, cobblestone muscles crunching with every breath he took. The shirt rode up his waist a little, revealing his lower abs. He extended both arms straight to the sides. The sleeves were straining against his arms, covering his bowling ball-like shoulders and only a few inches of his arms, expanding nearly beyond their capacity. His muscular legs, oversized bulge, and massive, rippling torso filled him with desire and lust, but he kept his arousal at bay. Sean knew just how he wanted to cool off. He moaned softly again as he rubbed his body, eyes closed, feeling his wonderful hard muscles. His hands drifted down to his massive meat, soft but already 14 inches long, stretching his posers to their limit. “Ohhh yeah..." he slowly moved his palm down his shaft, ending at the fat head. “Mmmf…Save it, save it," he told himself. Sean wandered over to the large mirror next to the bed. He began flexing his chest and abs, grinning as the muscles contracted into fibrous, erotic, bulges and creases. Sean’s shirt was stretched so tight it looked like it was painted onto his powerful body. He put his hand to his narrow waist and slowly caressed the flat abdominal wall. His fingers moved up and slid over the chiseled mounds of muscle. He continued to flex his midsection as the abs molded exactly as he told them to do, obeying his will. He growled softly next as he flexed harder, his midsection pulling tighter as he crunched slightly forward, bringing his flank muscles into play. They instantly tightened, forming rigid fingers of finely etched muscle, angling downward to make his waist seem even narrower. Sean chuckled as he admired himself in the mirror. His upper body was one of extreme muscularity. Everything was extraordinarily over-sized. And etched. God he looked amazing. He looked at himself in the mirror, clad in nothing but the shirt and posers. He was too tall for the mirror, his body cutting off at the neck and not revealing any of his face. All he could see was his hot, muscled torso and huge, bulging crotch. He looked further down his body, past his bulging soft cock and sizable balls, to his thighs. They were thickly muscled tree trunks without him even flexing, and already showed the four separate muscle groups that made up the quadriceps. He knew that once they were flexed, they would show another dimension of definition. He put a foot forward lightly, and set it firmly to the ground. Then he wiggled the thigh muscle from side to side a couple of times. Then instantly, the muscle formed and stopped any and all movement once Sean flexed it hard. The deepest cuts ever seen through a quad muscle, shredding the four muscles deeply, appeared immediately. Not only that, but Sean watched as the thinnest cross-striations rippled across the inner and outer teardrop of the muscle group. Staring down at the thickly-developed muscle in the mirror, Sean let out another soft grunt. He released the pose, and wiggled the quad muscle yet again, then with total control over the huge mass, he flexed, and instantly it ceased all motion, ripping to shreds before his eyes. The muscle was so clearly defined and fully developed, the outer sweep now revealed still only a glimpse of the sheer power in the stud’s quadriceps. Further down his leg rested his calf muscles. With just the slightest change to the angle of his foot, he tightened those chiseled muscles slowly, making them first bulge, then ripple. He turned next to the side, and continued to look at his legs in the mirror. He slightly bent his closer leg, and then as he positioned himself, the sinews in his massive quads rippled. He looked at his growing bulge. It was still soft, but visibly pulsing, hoping to find relief in the near future. His bulge bounced with every flex of his legs, a wet spot forming at the tip of his posers as his dick signaled his arousal. Sean resisted the urge, the need to caress the massive appendage, for now at least. He looked further up at his upper body. He touched the rock hard, and flat wall of muscle, as his fingers lightly brushed over the mounded bricks. He breathed in deeply, his chest puffing out, a large tear forming near his left armpit. He bent his arms at the elbows slowly, watching excitedly as his biceps took form and got bigger, and bigger, and bigger... Riiiiip! His sleeves tore clean off, unable to handle the monsters that were Sean's biceps. "Yeah..." he groaned softly, exhaling, arms bent as much as they could go, blocked by his biceps, huge as bowling balls, capped with a thick, throbbing vein. He breathed in again, another tear forming on the other side of his shirt. Then, with a loud “grrr!" he brought his arms down in front of him, bending over and flexing his back. Boom! His entire shirt burst into shreds. Muscles throbbed with power all over his body, veins pulsating, neck thickening, skin looking as tight as his shirt was when he first put it on. Fuck yeah, he was a stud all right. He looked at the thick slabs of muscle that made up his chest, unflexed but already ripped. The overall display formed huge, hemi-globed slabs of rock. Sean slapped his fist against his left chest muscle. Even with his astonishing strength, and the unflexed muscle, nothing moved at all. A thick thud sound reverberated throughout the whole room, and Sean grunted softly. Then, he bounced his massive pecs. With that slightest movement, the entire muscle shredded impossibly deep. To think, that wasn't even half-flexed. He shrugged next as his huge, thick deltoids lifted, and rippled, showing the cleanest, and hardest mass of muscle capping those tremendous arms. The three heads of his deltoids were clearly visible, even when he was standing still. A few small veins riddled over the muscled caps. He stopped his flexing, standing up straight again. He cocked an eyebrow when the saw the tent forming in his posers. Sean grinned, stroking his huge length through the fabric, enticing it to grow bigger, harder, thicker... Sean looked down at his whole body, and groaned at the feel of his arousal. He lifted both his arm out to his sides, and looked over at them one at a time. He tightened his fists slowly. Even without curling his arm, his biceps had both split along the top of the muscle showing the deepest separation between the twin heads ever seen. His massive, horseshoe triceps hung heavily, but fully in control under that huge teen’s arm. Sean started to curl his arms again, making the biceps muscles rise, grow thicker, harder, the deep split between the two heads of the muscle filling in with mass. The huge, hard muscle pushed the thick vein up against the tight skin and hair, making the vein clearly visible, almost like it was going to come through the skin. It continued to rise higher, harder, thicker, each sinew clearly visible, but molding together to form the hardest biceps muscle ever seen. "Mmph, yes..." he groaned, staring at his massive torso in the mirror. He brought his arms to his face and kissed his biceps, groping the top of each impossibly huge peak with his hands. He closed his eyes as he squeezed his pecs, flexing them over and over. He cracked his eyes open, smiling wryly as he witnessed his bulge growing and growing, tenting his posers greatly, causing them to grow super tight around his round, firm ass. A bead of precum seeped through the cloth, his fist-sized cockhead leaking as it hardened. The base of his thick cock shaft came into view as it pulled his posers away from his body. He planted both large hands on his rear, squeezing them tightly and massaging them, lightly thrusting against the air. Riip. A small tear formed near the middle of his shaft. He was getting too big for his posers. His cock was bent, trying desperately to free itself. The thick-girthed cylinder throbbed and swelled larger and larger as it tried to straighten out, already well over a foot in length. Sean moaned, picturing all the cum he made people shoot at the sight of him, with his big muscles and gigantic monster of a cock. Yeah, he knew they would be thinking about him every night they jacked off, every time they had fun with each other. He was their sex idol. Snap! His posers burst apart, falling in pieces around his feet. "Ugh!" he grunted as his fat cock sprang out, slapping against his hard muscles, where it continued to swell and grow, only about half hard. Two colossal testicles the size of fucking grapefruits descended in their sagging sack of flesh, landing with a thud against his thighs. Sean flexed and his huge, thick manhood lifted and slapped hard against his chest, just between his pecs, teasing him with a thick dollop of precum at the head. He flexed his massive chest just enough to hold that thick pole steady there. He watched the muscle sinews in the mirror as they worked up and down that huge stud shaft, stroking the length. He grabbed it with both hands, licking his lips slowly as he kept his arms still and thrust forward slowly, but powerfully, ass clenching hotly as he fucked his grip. He let go and leaned forward, his cockhead kissed the cold glass of the mirror, and when he reared his hips back, a thick string of precum bridged his cockhead to the glass. Sean raised an arm and brought his bicep next to his head, running his tongue all over it, worshipping his own muscled body, thrusting his cock into the mirror as his hands roamed his torso, squeezing his pecs and abs, his eight pack crunching and flexing as he thrust. Sean repeated this process, going a little faster now, humping into his hands. Precum squelched in his grip, his entire shaft soon lubing up completely. He had to slowly expand his grip as his cock became thicker and thicker. He loved feeling it swell against his palms - feeling those thick veins throbbing against his skin as it became hard as a rock. "Fuck yeah," he turned sideways as he looked at his reflection, his cock too big for the mirror, going past the edge of it, oozing pre onto the carpet. He faced the glass again, cockhead swiping against the glass. He shuddered as he slowly bent his hips forward, his dick sliding up, his two softball-sized nuts swinging between his muscled legs. The base of his shaft touched the glass, and his cock lurched, spurting pre all over the mirror. Sean squeezed the base of his meat, feeling it throb in his hands. Now fully erect, hard as rock and covered with snaking, pulsating veins, it was at least 22 inches in length and 4 inches in diameter. By itself, the purple head was the size of Sean’s fist, with a gaping, finger-sized opening at its tip, leaking its syrupy load of pre-cum. He dug one hand beneath his massive testes; they were HEAVY, wet and sticky, covered with thick furrowed skin and snaking blue veins. He stepped back from the mirror, his cock nestled between his pecs. He sat down on the edge of his bed, still able to see his reflection through the precum-smeared glass. He put one hand on the edge of the bed, smiling as he flexed his tricep, and used his other hand to press his cock against his body. He squeezed his legs, making his dick harder than before, keeping it pointed straight up. He put his hand down and bent his head, watching himself as he let his huge member slid past his open lips. His whole form shivered visibly as he sucked, bobbing his head slowly up and down his cock, feeling the veins pulsating against his lips and cheeks, the wet head pressing against the back of his throat, soft but hard at the same time, like a balloon that was well inflated. He swallowed his precum as it oozed out like a stream. He grasped his shaft with both hands, pumping it slowly up and down, squeezing it hard as the base and pushing the collected precum upwards, getting a large mouthful of it by the time he reached near the top of his shaft that wasn't covered by his lips. He let his balls hang off the edge of the bed, hanging low and heavy. He grasped one and lifted it, moaning as he felt just how heavy it was. Fuck, he was a stud. Who wouldn't want him? He watched his arms bulge in the mirror as he pumped his cock, breathing loudly and heavily through his nose as he got closer and closer to orgasm. His head worked his dick more quickly, slurping and sucking loudly, jerking his cock with the movement of his head: pumping up as his mouth went up, down as it went down. He could take almost a foot of his dick when he really tried, feeling it slide down his esophagus, choking him. God, he loved that - being able to stuff his own massive fuckstick into his own throat. How much did that say about his size? His legs tensed up, squeezing together. His toes curled, and his lips lingered around his glans, hands slowly - painfully slowly working their way up his shaft. He could feel it quivering in his light grasp, swelling before his eyes as he looked at his reflection, forcing his mouth open even more. Sean slid his lips off his cock quickly, falling back onto the bed, eyes shut tight, teeth grit. His hands grasped the base of his cock tightly, feeling his urethra bulging outwards, cum struggling to force its way past his grip. His cock was huge. He saw it turn a purple color, harder than usual, blood trapped in it. Veins stood out greatly along the sleek, taught flesh, like small branches in a tree. Cum sputtered weakly from the tip, waiting for Sean to remove his grip. His face twitched, his body tensed and flexed. His abs crunched as he sat up slightly to look at his titanic monster of a cock - truly enormous, truly godly. He was sent to this earth to fuck, and the sight before him was proof of that. It was like he was willing his muscles to grow. He completely worshipped his own massive reflection, watching his reflection as he kissed his massive muscles. Kissed himself. His power. His superior strength. And so he let go, releasing his nearly two-foot monster as his hips slammed towards the ceiling, releasing the biggest, thickest rope of cum which splattered against the ceiling. He came with the power of a fire hose, spewing out ten times what a healthy male porn star might produce in a week. Sean’s cumblasts came in waves, shooting streams of stringy, thick cum into the air. "YEAH!" he couldn't help but scream, the pleasure too great, like a fire was burning inside him. Rope after thick, heavy rope splashed out with every massive throb of his behemoth. He humped the air, over and over. He groaned and moaned, falling back and writhing on the bed - a huge form of muscle. He slid his hands down from his pecs to his lower abs, cum covering his whole body and puddling on the bed around him. He came and came and came again, infatuated by his own freakishly powerful frame. Multiple blasts hit the ceiling at least 10 feet up, raining back down onto him. His cock swayed to and fro as it throbbed and pulsated, covering the mirror in front of him, cum waterfalling down it and obscuring his image. His legs were stretched out in front of him, bulging quads flexing, as if sculpted and made of marble. "FUCK! Ohhh GOD!" he howled, that stream of cum going and going. Sean fell back onto his bed and flexed his biceps again with his palms behind his head, letting them brush against his cheeks, his tongue roaming all over them, licking the cum off, tracing the veins with his tongue. With one final thrust into the air, Sean’s last shot of cum shot right into his open mouth, which he gulped down greedily. The air was permeated with the smell of his cum. Sean had a hand on his chest, panting. He wiped his cum off his face and looked around his room. White spunk dripped down the mirror and wall behind it, falling in warm droplets from the ceiling. His cock lay between his pecs, a continuous ooze of the thick fluid still flowing from it, spreading across his entire chest and running off onto the bed. Despite his orgasm, it hasn’t lost any of its immense size or hardness. His bed squelched as he pushed himself off of it, striped white with cum. “Aw yeah, fucking muscle stud…” Sean growled as he stood up, cum splattering around him as he shook his limbs and stretched. In the brief silence there, he heard a slow rip come from the doorway. He turned and saw his brother Billy. He was standing there, his own chest heaving lustily, breathing deep, his briefs ripped at his feet. His own massive 18-inch pole pulsed, fully erect, and gloriously impressive. It throbbed between his pecs, smearing pre down his chest. Billy had a tight grip on the base, fighting to keep from cumming. “Holy fuck dude” Billy gasped. Sean smirked at his brother and ambled over to meet him. “Caught some of the gun show big bro? Can’t stop fucking cumming at all this muscle man! Seems like you liked it too huh?” Sean grinned as he flexed his cum covered arms in Billy’s face. “Well if you like that, I have one more pose for you.” With that, Sean unflexed his biceps, and brought those powerful arms downward, forcefully out in front of his body. Every single sinew on his body writhed and threatened to shred his tight skin to pieces as the most unbelievable most-muscular pose emerged. This view drove Billy’s lust through the roof and he lunged at Sean, hungrily kissing his neck, his chest, his stomach. The two teen studs kissed in a frenzy, rubbing their huge cocks together. They grabbed and groped at each other's muscles, kissing them, licking them. Sean’s cock kept slipping out from between their bodies, sliding awkwardly to the side. It looked even bigger the way it jut out that way, but Billy was quick to correct it, putting it back between their bodies, the two sliding against each other in a waterfall of precum. Their pulses pounding faster, two monster cocks fucking two massive sets of cum-slick pecs, their hands flew up down and around their over muscled frames, mouths locked together, until suddenly everything went white as Billy exploded, cum gushing straight up out of his cock, splashing on their chins and necks. Billy’s knees buckled from the force of his orgasm, and before he knew it, Billy was on his knees in front of his brother, slurping on his cock like a vacuum, his hands squeezing Sean’s hard legs and firm butt. "Yeah, work that big cock..." Sean moaned, leaning back, touching his body sensually, thrusting his hips. Billy’s hand clasped onto his tight ass, squeezing tightly. His other hand touched Sean’s cum-covered abs, rubbing his load into the deep grooves. All the while, Sean’s cock was being serviced, being worshipped. Veins pulsated up and down his huge length, his goliath cock visibly throbbing, a squirt of precum flinging out with every throb. Sean groaned and flexed at the massive pleasure he got from his brother’s actions, the groans echoing through the open house. Billy pulled off of Sean’s cock with a resounding pop, leaving his 22.5 inch manhood covered in his saliva. Billy stood up again to embrace the hulk of a teen, wrapping his arms around him, touching and squeezing his muscles. Sean moaned softly, flexing an arm for his brother, who quickly placed his mouth on it. The two teens eyed each other greedily, lustfully. They flexed and caressed each other, their cocks were bouncing and pulsating, pressed tight against their ripped torsos. The two studs fell back on the cum soaked bed. Billy and Sean felt each other up as they wrestled to get on top of each other. Of course Sean was stronger than Billy and Billy was soon worshipping Sean's massive body once again. He rubbed up and down on Sean's massive pecs which flexed over and over leaving striated muscle and hot, deep crevices. Billy ran his hands down the Sean's chest as they entered a passionate kiss, their tongues dancing in a seductive waltz in Sean's mouth. With a resounding groan from Sean, Billy kneeled between the legs of his huge brother. Billy kissed and licked the head of Sean’s massive cock. After this slow work, Billy immediately wrapped his arms around that big cock, rubbing his body against it, kissing and licking the leaking cockhead, shoving his tongue into the slit. He was literally making out with Sean’s member. He licked, sucked and kissed his way from the base of the huge balls to the tip of the cock, coaxing screams of pleasure from the owner. Sean bucked and whined as his brother deep throated half of his manhood, the cock was already slick with the generous amounts of pre being spilled from the slit and running onto the bed below, Sean felt his balls huddle close to the base of his huge cock, suddenly Sean screamed and arched his back, clapping a hand onto the back of the Billy’s head. The flow was immense and continued for minutes, the teen god unleashing jets of cum deep into his brother. Jets of white shot out of Billy’s nostrils and the sides of his mouth as Sean bucked and flexed. Billy moaned and unleashed his own huge load, joining the copious amounts of cum already pooled on the bed, covering their legs with his hot seed. Feeling Billy struggling, Sean let go of his head and Billy came up for air. He eased Sean’s cock out of his mouth and just enjoyed being bathed by the geyser of cum. The two of them panted from their respective orgasms, but their still throbbing cocks showed they were still ready for more. Billy sat up and straddled Sean’s legs. He placed his hands behind his head and crunched his stomach, showing off his beautiful torso. Billy’s throbbing cock was obscuring much his lower abs. Sean reached forward and grasped his penis with his left hand. Precum ran over the channels of Billy’s abs as he flexed, wetting Sean’s hand as he stroked the large cock. Slowly, Sean bent forward and licked the other stud’s torso, tracing the defined creases of Billy’s stomach muscles. He looked up and grinned. Billy leaned forward, pressing himself down on top of Sean. Their big cocks touched, causing both studs to swoon. Carefully, Billy sandwiched their two steel-hard cocks together, the shafts throbbed against one another, the heads kissed, mixing copious amounts of precum from one cock to the other. Billy laid all the way down, pressing his chest against Sean’s chest. He wrapped his arms around the bare back of his brother, who was already softly stroking up the bulging muscles of Billy’s shoulders and down to his ripped sides. The two stared into each other’s eyes. Identical lusts reflected their inner desires. Billy could feel Sean begin to lightly thrust his pelvis, almost imperceptibly rubbing their slick cocks together between their hard stomachs. Billy smiled and reciprocated. Their mouths locked, setting off fireworks inside their heads. They embraced tighter, Sean violently pushing Billy over. Now Billy’s back was against the bed, his hands roaming over Sean’s bare back, enjoying the silky smooth skin, gripping his firm ass. Their cocks slid over one another as their hands attacked each other’s body. The two huge muscle studs sixty-nined, Billy’s throbbing eighteen incher going into Sean’s mouth while Billy tried to tame Sean’s huge 20+ inches for a third time. Their bodies grew sweatier as they groaned and fucked each other's faces. Several minutes later both boys groaned loudly as each ejaculated into each other's mouths, flooding stomachs with thick teenage cum. They started bathing each other in cum when they could not swallow anymore. As their orgasms subsided, Sean gripped Billy and rolled him onto his back, then began kissing the stud’s body with abandon. Squeezing biceps and triceps, cupping pecs, licking erected nipples. This really made Billy moan. Suddenly, Sean looked up with a sly smile and said, “I want to fuck you.” Sean gestured for Billy to spread his legs, his hand on the top of the headboard, bracing for impact. The teen grabbed his own rock-hard erection and started to rub it, pre spilling generously from the pole and slapping onto the sheets below. Sean rubbed the pre that was flowing from his cum-slit and spread it over his huge rod, making it slick. He pulled his length back slightly to tease his brother’s tight, muscular hole. Billy groaned and whined, as he felt his brother poke his tight ring with the fat head of his cock, the stud flexed and flinched as the huge cock stretched his ring to the limit and spread a shockwave of pain through his body. Sean slowly slid five inches into his brother’s tight ass and felt Billy's insides move to accommodate the wide load. “Ohhhhhh...give it to me bro” Billy screamed as Sean slid in another three inches. Sean pushed his length further inside his brother’s tight tunnel, murrring deeply and nipping at Billy’s powerful neck muscles. Billy guided Sean’s hands around to his rippling abs, then Sean couldn't help himself any longer, he moved his mouth to Billy’s throbbing shaft and sucked on the fully-flared head, leaning further forward to take in more of the huge thickness. Precum erupted from both of their shafts, already more than enough to fill both spaces, as the creamy liquid slipped from Sean's tight lips, and Billy’s tight, filled rump. Sean smiled and thrust the remaining 14 inches into his brother. At long last, he felt his entire length deep inside his brother’s tunnel, his huge orbs pressed against Billy’s muscular rump. Sean moaned softly from around Billy’s shaft, and then he grunted as he felt Billy’s incredibly strong tail hole muscles tighten, begging Sean to go deeper. He started to thrust in and out of Billy’s tight ass and he could feel him moving around the cock, his large intestine moving to accommodate with each thrust. Billy's moans echoed through the rooms as Sean screamed and rapidly pounded his ass, he stopped and thrust right the way in, then pulled slowly out and rammed in again, the feeling was astronomically good for both of them. Sean noisily sucked on Billy’s spurting member, and then suddenly Billy moaned. His entire length bulged thicker, Sean’s eyes widened as he braced for the eruption. Brought on by his brother’s stimulation, Billy exploded his seed into Sean’s throat, the latter taking the massive load hungrily. At the same time as his orgasm, Billy’s rump muscles clenched tightly and milked Sean’s erection. Sean groaned loudly at the feeling of this clench, and his own huge gusher began flooding Billy’s tunnel easily. Sean grunted and pushed past Billy’s clenched muscles slightly. This drove Billy’s orgasm into a massive overdrive. He came again, this time so hard that his erection blew completely out of Sean’s clenched lips, and splattered all over the ceiling in the room. A thick coating of cream hung from the ceiling. Sean grunted, bucking his hips hard and cumming with just as much power, forcing Billy’s tightly-clenched rump a foot off the thick length. The thick spooge flowing out of the stud’s rump, forming pools of cream on the floor. The two teens remained together until the orgasms finally subsided. The room was literally coated in their seed. Sean and Billy relaxed against each other, breathing hard. Sean eased himself out of his brother, a river of cum flowing out of Billy and pooling between them. Eventually they started kissing again, enjoying the sheer pleasure of the moment, fondling each other’s bulging muscles. The light from outside was nearly gone. “Fuck we've made a mess, you wanna wash this off in the shower?” Sean said lustfully. "Sound's good to me." Billy replied as they exchanged a hot french kiss. They groaned as they pulled apart to go shower, the drying cum sticking the two of them to the bed and each other like velcro. They got into the large shower stall and turned on the water. The two horny studs took their time soaping each other up, washing, caressing, jacking half-hard cocks. Water traveled through the gap between their sets of pecs and then through the lines of their eight pack abs, falling like twin waterfalls from their thick members. Soon they were were groping each other once more, the steamy shower doing nothing to calm their libidos. Sean stepped behind Billy, and grabbed each of his brother’s arms. Sean stuck his cock in between Billy's firm butt cheeks, sliding it up and down, precum leaking onto the stud’s back. Billy groaned as he let himself be dominated and leaned his head back and kissed Sean passionately. Holding Billy’s wrists back with one arm, Sean reached around with the other and grabbed Billy's cock and slapped against Billy’s body, the huge cockhead throbbed between his pecs. Billy knew what Sean wanted and obeyed happily, breaking the kiss with Sean and wrapping his lips instead around his own cock. Down and down his mouth traveled, bobbing up and down his dick, spit leaking out. "Oh, fuck yeah..." Sean moaned as he watched, grinding himself against Billy’s back. Sean released Billy’s arms and began kissing his neck, looking like a vampire feeding on its prey. Billy moaned loudly, raising an arm above his head and rubbing Sean's head, other hand on his own body as he involuntarily thrust lightly against the air. His massive cock was harder than ever, barely moving due to its hardness despite the movement of his body. His veins, though, kept throbbing, making his cock look like it had a life of its own. Sean pushed Billy forward, slamming him against the shower wall. Billy simply moaned louder, thrusting against the tiles, slathering them with precum. Sean retracted his hips so that he had enough room to maneuver his cockhead against Billy's asshole. He was lubed up well enough from his own pre, and even more seeped out as he poked Billy's hole. With a small push, it popped inside. Billy cried out in pleasure, putting an arm against the shower, leaning on it. "Fuck me with that big horse cock," he moaned. "Take me." Sean grinned. With a loud, short roar, Sean violently thrust more of his meat into Billy. Billy cried out even louder, his cock inflating again and spurting a huge wad of precum. Sean did the same thing again and again until he was finally nearly all the way inside. “God, you’re huge” moaned Billy. “You’re not looking too bad yourself” grinned Sean. Billy’s large cock was smacking against his hard belly as Sean thrust in and out. Their free hands trailed down over the bumpy contours of their own abs and round, smooth pecs. Sean was thrusting into Billy hard and rough, precum squelching out and falling like raindrops onto the floor. Sean's muscles were hard and tense as he thrust, his abs standing out, the sight all the more arousing due to the hot water raining down on them and the steam filling the room. His butt clenched sexily as he humped Billy, and his muscular legs were bulging with strength. Sean wrapped his arms around Billy and slammed him against the shower wall, crushing his brother between the tile and his rock hard chest. Billy's cock stuck out of his side, sliding against the wet tile. Billy leaned his head over and kissed his throbbing cockhead, his tongue dancing over it like it was a popsicle. Sean grunted and growled as he fucked Billy, his huge balls slamming against the teen’s rear. He started fucking Billy with a brutal and intense rhythm. Billy groaned and screamed, his hips bucking as much as possible. Sean and Billy didn't maintain their position for long. Sean wrapped Billy in a full nelson, and stepped back so that Billy was suspended in the air. Using incredible strength, Sean managed to hold Billy above him as he continued to fuck him. Billy's cock thumped and slapped against his body as he was mercilessly handled. "You like being fucked like this?" Sean growled into his ear. "You like this big cock in you?" "Yes!" Billy cried. "Oh...fuck me!" His body rocked and moved as Sean held him up. Sean leaned back against the back of the shower, moving his brother up and down his monster cock like a fucking flesh light, his powerful arms flexed from the effort. Soon, though, Billy’s cock became completely rigid, pointing straight up. "Oh, God...oh..." Precum spit out like it was being restricted. His urethra bulged, and his 18 inches of cock grew longer and thicker as it prepared to blow. His body tightened, chest thrust out, stomach flexing in. One long, thick, creamy rope of pure white cum shot out of Billy with the tremendous force. It easily reached the ceiling, splashing against it and falling back down like rain onto their two writhing bodies. "Fuck yeah! Shoot that huge load," Sean said. Billy continued to cry out and moan and he came and came. His first rope ended, but gave way to yet another. Cum splashed everywhere, covering the walls, the lockers, the ceiling. Sean continued thrusting as Billy convulsed on his massive cock. A third rope, a fourth, a fifth, a sixth. By the time the orgasm was dying down, Billy had fired twenty ropes of hot muscle cum. He hung limply in Sean’s arms, their massive torsos capped in white. Sean lifted Billy up and pulled out. He flipped Billy around so that he was facing him, Billy sliding down the wall, still catching his breath. Sean towered over his big brother, his big cock in hand. It was just a rigid as Billy's was before he came, precum sputtering out like a broken faucet. "Want this big load all over you, stud?" "Yes..." Billy moaned, lost in pleasure, hands roaming his body and cock. "Pleeeease..." "Tell me how much you want it.” “Oh fuck Sean...no one else could fuck me like that. No one else could make me cum like that and want more. No one else..." "Yeah, that's right..." Sean moaned, hands on his butt as he thrust the air, his 22 inches of cock throbbing in front of him. "Oh yeah...oh fuck...YES!" His dick finally exploded just by sheer willpower. With a mighty, enormous throb, Sean's cock gave way to a tidal wave of cum that had completely covered Billy in a matter of seconds. Billy couldn't stop writhing on the ground, bathed in spunk, rubbing it into his body, licking his muscles, sucking on his own cock. As he was being rained upon, he came again. He shot into his mouth, but quickly choked on it, popping his cock out and pointing the remainder of his smaller load onto Sean, who also slid his hands over his body, squeezing his muscles. After a minute, though, it was all over. Sean fell to his knees, his cock growing soft after his tremendous orgasm. He and Billy panted hard. Both studs leaned against the wall, letting the showers wash them off and relax their throbbing muscles. "That...was the most incredible I've ever felt," Billy said, heaving. "You bet...you bet your ass it was," Sean said as he stood up and stretched. Billy then stood up and did the same, then they embraced and kissed each other gently. Finally shampooing and rinsing, they got out of the showers and dried off. The two teen gods walked back into Sean’s room and burst out laughing. The walls were splashed with white, crusts of their loads staining all around. Sean’s bed was still wet - completely soaked, and his formerly brown headboard was caked white as well. “Your bed tonight?” Sean said, slapping Billy’s ass. Billy laughed, “Yeah, we can clean this tomorrow.” Sean closed the door to his room, the stench of cum pungent in the air. They made their way to Billy’s room and collapsed on the bed. Billy laid on top of Sean and ran his hands all over his brother, feeling his hard chest and abs. His cock was rubbing along the creases of Sean’s abs. He leaned down and kissed little brother. Sean’s cock was pointing straight up against his brother’s bare ass, pushing against the tight entrance. His hands were at his sides, allowing Billy full access to his perfect body. The two began making out wildly. Sean’s whole body twitched involuntarily as Billy clenched his glutes, trapping Sean’s cock head between his legs. The boys groaned. Billy leaned forward and they continued sucking on each other’s faces. Billy flopped down on the bed next to Sean. “God, you felt so huge inside of me tonight.” Billy said lustfully as he and Sean exchanged a hot passionate kiss. “Aw fuck yeah bro, you make me so fucking horny… awwww… feels tooo gooood.” Sean moaned as Billy rubbed himself against Sean’s huge body. “Look at all this hard muscle…. Damn, we are amazing.” They made out for a few minutes more before falling asleep, sleeping in each other's arms. The two giant muscle studs sleeping peacefully like angels, Billy’s head resting on his big little brother’s huge chest.
  3. londonboy

    More Than Just a Big Body

    “Keegan . . . Keegan! I can’t breathe, man. Hey, Keegan!” I could tell he was falling asleep – the rhythm of his breathing was turning even and deep. I knew I needed to have him roll off of me or I’d be trapped for the entire night. Using a good amount of strength, I pulled my hand up between our bodies and found a big hairy nipple to twist, with as much power as my fingers could muster while smashed between us. This snapped the big guy out of his almost-sleep state, causing him to make a sound that was somewhere between a moan and a whine. “Mmmm-hmmmm, my baby’s ready for round two . . . wait, no, round three.” “As wonderful as that sounds, no – it’s just that you’re starting to fall asleep and I can’t breathe . . . or feel my legs.” “Oh . . . sorry, hon, I’m just too big.” The understatement of the year. The cold, winter’s night air briefly sent a shock to my body as he rolled off of me and exposed me to the elements. I immediately wanted to be smothered by his warmth and weight, again, even if it restricted my breathing and prevented me from being able to get up until he did. “I gotta pee, anyway,” Keegan said, sliding out of the much too small bed and waddling out the door and down the hall. I knew his wide shoulders made the narrow passageway leading to the rest of my tiny apartment look even smaller and very claustrophobic. I had watched him make that walk thousands of times – amazed that he wouldn’t have been able to fully extend his arms out sideways unless he accidently punched through drywall, which was always a fear of mine . . . or was it a fantasy. My small place was suddenly filled with what could only be called the sound of a waterfall. Not the trickling sounds of a small stream – more like the deafening pounding of Niagara Falls. Even the guy urinating sounded butch and powerful. And it seemed to last forever. Just when you thought it was ending – at that moment when most guys would be wagging off a few more drops, there’d come another loud steady stream that somehow told you it was a virile hugely muscled man crammed in the tiny bathroom. After what seemed like the same amount of time for a semi-long movie, I’d hear the floorboards complaining about having to support so much weight and then I’d be surrounded, again, with the kind of body warmth that helped me save on my energy bills because I never had to turn on the heat. This time, only a huge arm would be draped over me, but it would still feel like a giant, heavy, folded quilt on my body. “I really could go again,” came the deep sexy familiar voice, that caused the back of my neck to be caressed by his breath as we spooned. “I’m not you, remember? Not all of us can rebound quicker than all of the NBA put together. I also have the early shift tomorrow.” “You work too much.” “Tell that to my creditors,” I replied, pulling his beefy forearm around me tighter, which caused him to squeeze my body hard. “I had fun tonight. Thanks for coming out with me.” “Yeah, it was fun . . . but I’m not sure your friends like me.” “Not this again. Of course, they like you . . . it’s just that they’re still getting to know you. It’s only been a few months. “It’s just that you guys always talk about stuff I know nothing about.” “Well, we have a long history together, so there’s a lot of shared information.” “Yeah, like that friend all of you talked about – the one I don’t know – her name was Marianne something.” “You mean Marianne Williamson?” “Yeah.” “Um . . . she’s not a friend . . . so to speak. She’s running for president.” “You have a friend running for president?” “No, not a friend. She’s just famous and Kyle is like her personal cheerleader or something.” “See, that’s something I should know . . . to be able to join in the conversation. I think your friends find me boring and stupid.” I tried to turn my body to face him, but the weight of his big arm prevented it. I tapped it twice – our little signal for him to release whatever part of his body was making movement impossible. He raised his arms so I could spin around and then it came back down, holding me closer. I looked into his innocent, but serious face. I slid my hand up between us and tapped on a gorgeous bulging mound beside his neck. “What’s the full name of this muscle right here?” “The trapezius muscle and it’s divided into three areas - the upper, middle, and lower fibers – called the upper, middle, and lower traps.” “And what specific exercise, pray tell, makes these things get so huge?” “Well, there’s a lot of debate about that…” “What’s your favorite, honey, cause it’s obviously working?” I said, smiling. “I like power shrugs and deadlifts.” “None of my friends would know any of that. Your expertise is not Marianne Williamson, it’s muscle.” “You just want me for my body,” he said, sticking out his bottom lip in a forced fake pout. “That’s a huge part of my attraction . . . and by huge, I mean…” “I get the point. Name something else besides my body that you find attractive.” I faked a pained look on my face – as if I couldn’t come up with anything else and the big man squeezed my body hard, making me squeal a little. I suddenly realized that there was some true vulnerability being shown here. My big sweetheart was feeling ‘less than’ and needed some support. I snuggled closer and turned my face up to his. “Tonight, there was a moment when the beer pitchers were almost empty and I could sense everyone looking at their phones, going to the bathroom, or cruising the joint – anything to keep from being the person that noticed we needed more beer. You, however, poured what remained evenly in everyone’s glass without any hesitation and then took the four pitchers to the bar to get refills. You didn’t think twice. You didn’t have this scorecard in your head that was keeping track of who had already done what and who hadn’t. You just saw that more beer was needed and knew how to improve the situation. Your kindness often overwhelms me with a knowledge of how lucky I am to be with you.” I had just answered his question honestly – truly believing he was one of the nicest guys on the planet. But my answer moved him in a way I had not expected. A tear slid from the corner of his eye and dropped to the pillow below. My heart opened even wider for this wonderful man. “Keegan, honey, you are definitely not stupid or boring. Who cares if you know who Marianne Williamson is or not. I love your body, yes, but that is not even close to all the things I love about you. What’s bringing this on?” I double tapped his arm to be released and sat up, crossing my legs to look down at him. I had my hand on his big biceps, stroking him softly. He turned his head to look up at me and another tear slid down the top part of his cheek. “This is usually the beginning of the end. I’ve reached this point in too many relationships to even count – room being made for my toothbrush, being introduced to friends, and even being sent out with the guy’s ATM card and code to get money for him before going to a club. It’s just that nothing’s ever lasted more than a few weeks after this point. The guy’s all end up telling me that the conversations are too limited, I spend too much time at the gym, or – as one guy put it – they don’t want to look like they’re out with a hustler every time we went to dinner. I worry that I don’t know how to make it beyond this point. I worry every day that you’ll get tired of me.” “Hey, Mister Muscles,” I lovingly said the nickname I had given him the first night we met, which, at least, made him briefly smile, “I’m not going anywhere. I’m right here. You never bore me and as for stupidity – remember the first time you took me to a gym. What did I do? Come on, tell me.” “You thought you could bench what I bench.” “And what else?” “You went to pick up the dumbbells I was curling and threw your back out because you couldn’t even lift them a little.” “You had to carry me to the walk-in clinic down the street. If anyone’s making a fool of themselves in this relationship – it’s definitely me. Who’s to say that you won’t get bored with me soon, eh?” “That’ll never happen?” “And why not?” “Cause you give the best head I’ve ever had,” he said, turning slightly red and smiling. “Oh, so you like me only because of my mouth.” “Yes.” I took a pillow and swung it quickly into his face, leaving it there, so all I could see of him was his humongous arm, massive chest, and cobblestone abs. The view still bowled me over – even after all of these months. I heard him saying something under the pillow. I removed it. “And sex with you is better than chocolate cake,” he said, mentioning the only food that would ever tempt him from leaving his strict eating regime. “Now, you’re making ME sound like the hustler.” “You’d be a good one. I remember.” “Thank you . . . I think. What’s brought all of this on, Mister Muscles? Why the sudden fear of this fabulous thing between us not lasting? You’re not one for losing confidence.” “I was in the bathroom tonight, around the corner out of sight at the urinals, and I overheard Kyle and Demetrius talking.” “What did they say?” I asked, knowing already it was going to be something bitchy and unkind. “Kyle wondered how long you were going to continue to slum it with a Neanderthal and then he said he could see in my eyes that I had no idea who Marianne Williamson was.” “Fucking Marianne Williamson! When did she become the barometer for all things concerning relationships. First of all, Mister Muscles, Kyle has wanted me since junior high and doesn’t take quickly to any guy I date. Secondly, you intimidate the hell out of him because of your size and big muscles, and, thirdly, I’m going to kick his ass the next time I see him for saying all of this.” “God, you’re sexy when you defend my honor and talk that way.” “I’m serious, Keegan. He can’t treat you that way and I will tell him.” “Um, no you won’t. I don’t want there to be even more of a strain than there already is between your friends and me. I’ll just have to win them over with my princely charm.” As usual, the big man found a way to help me instantly release anger and tension. I looked down into his eyes and smiled. I lowered my face to give him a long, passionate kiss. I pulled back after a while and we looked at each other – silently. “So, we good. All this is good, now?” I asked, showing him how important it was to me. “Better than good,” he said and then lifted the quilt and sheet to reveal a fully hard ‘Tennessee’ – the nickname I had given his dick because I said it was as long and big as that entire southern state. “Show me again why I like you so much.” My mouth watered a little as ‘Tennessee’ was uncovered even more and two extremely muscled thighs begged to be the support for my small hands as I did what I was truly good at – servicing my big man. ********** “Five hundred dollars.” “Nope.” “Okay. A thousand, but that’s my final offer.” “It’s still no. I have a boyfriend…” “So?” “…and we’re in a monogamous relationship.” “But there’s enough of you to keep four guys happy!” “And I’m only interested in keeping one man happy.” “Then why be a personal trainer? These days, isn’t that just a code word for ‘hustler’?” “Um . . . no, I truly enjoy helping other people get into shape. By the way, are you going to come on to me every time we work out. I might need to start charging you more if I’m going to have to continue fighting off all your advances.” I grabbed the man’s hand, which was suddenly placed on my thigh, and squeezed a little too tightly before pushing it away. He let out a slight yelp and shook out his arm wildly. This was my fifth session with Mr. Groping Hands (names withdrawn to protect the guilty) and he was, again, in rare form. Saying the word ‘boyfriend’ had taken me back to earlier that morning when Chef Marco (okay, chef in training) had literally blown me away – no pun intended – with his unbelievable oral skills. I had never met such a talented mouth. The sensation of what his tongue, throat, lips, and teeth could do was still making my groin area buzz with excitement. Mr. Groping Hands clearly thought my bulging crotch was in response to his non-inspiring advances. This guy was definitely a ‘catch’ – rich, well-built, nicely endowed, and smooth in the way expensive liquor went down, but he wasn’t my Marco. He wasn’t the beautiful man that was able to suck my balls in some miraculous way that could make me not able to prevent myself from exploding in less than a minute. I swear, Marco’s mouth should be listed as one of the . . . what was it . . . five wonders of the world? Six wonders of the world? Neither of those sounded right. “How many wonders of the world are there?” I asked, as I carefully led the man through some sit-ups. “You mean besides you, Keegan.” “Yes, not including me,” I answered, signaling him to take a short rest. “Most scholars say there were seven wonders of the ancient world.” “Seven. I was close,” I said, tapping his stomach to begin again. “How about just letting me blow you in my car, Keegan? I can tell your cock is interested – it keeps bobbing up and down when you touch me.” We were out in the open area of Palisades Park – a hot spot for trainers who didn’t want to see clients in their homes or at the gym. Mr. Groping Hands was a pretty famous director and preferred the anonymity that came with green grass, lots of trees, and a gaze-stealing view of the Pacific Ocean to prevent gawkers. I appreciated his boldness – it was kind of refreshing after all the guys (and gals) that did head games to try and get me into bed. I looked over at his Bentley Flying Spur and then back at his red-from-training-hard face. “What’s the difference between your car and, let’s say, a Honda Civic.” “You’re kidding, right? First of all, kid, it’s the comfort. The Flying Spur is like first class on the world’s biggest airplane while the Civic is like where the dog crates are stored. Secondly, it’s the power and pleasure that comes from sitting behind the wheel of that beauty. And, among many other things, it’s knowing that what you’ve got is a classic – something everybody else wants.” “Well, let’s just say you’re the Civic and my man, Marco, is the Bentley. And you, my friend, are done.” “Ouch, you sure are a buzz kill. What a way to put me in my place.” “You worked hard, today. You know, you really don’t need me. You’ve got a clear understanding of exercise, great form, and a great body. I know it’s not good business, but you are paying for something you don’t really need.” “Are you kidding? You think I’m paying you for your expertise about working out? Buddy, I choose to have you as my trainer so for an hour and a half two days a week I get to look at the kind of perfection that probably inspired Michelangelo. I get to cop a feel or two of the hottest body in the city. I get more fodder from you for private spank time than anything on the great big web could ever offer. I’ll be yanking my chain in my office before you even make it home, Keegan. I hope this Marco fellow knows how lucky he is.” “I’m the lucky one,” I said, winking at the man. “Hey, the two of you wouldn’t be interested in a shared bed, sometime, would you?” “How often do you lend out your Bentley?” “Never.” “I’m the same about my man.” “When the hell did monogamy become so popular again?” he said, collecting his wallet, phone, and other personal items. “Ever since I met Marco.” “I’d like to meet your man, sometime, Keegan. Just for dinner, don’t give me that look. I really mean just a meal and conversation. I’d like to meet the guy that has slayed such a huge and handsome dragon. My offer on helping him get a chef position somewhere still stands.” “Dinner sounds good, I’ll check with Marco and get back to you. Marco always says thank you for the offer of a job, but he wants to make it or break it on his own.” “You two inspire me,” Mr. Groping Hands said as he reached up to latch a hand on my massive pec and squeeze, before walking off. “One more handful to fuel my afternoon release. See you Tuesday, Mr. Universe.” I watched the handsome guy walk to his car. He really was a good catch. He was successful. He was a fully ‘out’ director and producer in Hollywood and that was almost unheard of. His movies had won numerous awards and his sole Oscar was for directing an incredible heart-wrenching independent film about two older gay lovers. He was even liked by other people in the business. All of that, however, didn’t come close to Marco. I pulled out my phone and hit the only ‘favorite’ I had. “Hello, Mister Muscles,” answered the silky voice of my lover. “Bad time?” “Never a bad time for you. I’m just ironing some shirts. How was Mr. Grabby Fingers?” “Mr. Groping Hands was fine. He offered a thousand dollars today and wanted give me a blow job in his Bentley.” “You have such the glamorous life. You know, of course, I have figured out who this man is, even though you are the consummate professional and have never revealed his name.” “I’ll always be able to say I did not tell you. He’d like the three of us to go to dinner sometime. He’d like to behold the stud who has stolen my heart.” “I think he’d be sadly disappointed and baffled as to why you weren’t already fully ensconced in his Malibu mansion.” “Or he’d fall in love with you and steal you away,” I said, only half-joking. “Would his flexed arm surpass the size of yours,” Marco asked, sexily. “Not even close,” I replied. “Then you, my friend, have nothing to worry about.” “Oh, so the first guy you meet that is larger than me is who you’ll dump me for?” “Well, since I’m never going to meet anyone larger than you – and even if that crazy idea could come true – you have nothing to be worried about. Besides, there’s another huge muscle of yours that I’m pretty sure will never be topped by any other mere mortal.” “Speaking of ‘Tennessee,’ he’s definitely screaming for some attention from little Marco.” “Well, since you now have a session with the nameless Mrs. Famous Actress who stars in one of my favorite shows and is married to a world-famous divorce lawyer (no way I could figure that one out), you better calm down before she offers to blow you in whatever fancy car she drives.” “She always rides her bike to sessions. She’s very concerned about the environment.” “Of course, she is. Well, tell ‘Tennessee’ that I will see him in the shower this afternoon before I leave for work. One more thing, Mr. Muscles.” “What’s that, Boo?” “Don’t be mad when you get a call later on.” “What does that mean?” “Just don’t be mad. I’ll see you later. Love you.” And the phone went dead. I stared at it for a few seconds, wondering what Marco meant. I did not have to wait long to find out, however. The phone rang with a number I did not recognize and had not keyed in. “Hello,” I said, cautiously. “Hey, Keegan, it’s Kyle.” My knight in shining armor had not done what I requested. Kyle had been reprimanded and forced to give me a call. I would have to act angry with Marco for a little while this afternoon, but I knew ‘Tennessee’ would be begging for the beautiful man’s mouth - or even more - and would prevent me from sulking for too long. I returned to the upcoming awkward conversation. “Hey Kyle, what’s up?” “Listen, I’ve been thinking that I haven’t started off our relationship on the right foot. I’m pretty protective of Marco and always want what’s best for him. I just wanted to say I’m sorry if I haven’t always been cordial and I was hoping we could, you know, kind of start over and let me make it up to you. If that’s okay . . . with you.” I knew I wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer or the brightest bulb on the tree, but I did know a thing or two about men and how to act around them. This was a huge deal for Kyle – to be making this call – and it showed what a good friend he was to Marco. Dating a guy is not a private affair – if you wanted it to last, which I definitely did, you had to accept that you were dating his family and friends, too. You also needed to make sure your boyfriend’s best friend never felt too excluded or shamed. I understood Kyle. I also felt for him, since I had figured out, way before Marco told me, that Kyle had a longtime crush on his best friend. I was an unwanted interruption in their unrequited love affair. I knew how to make things right – or as right as they ever would be, because Kyle would continue to be jealous of me. I would just have to accept that. “Man, Kyle, I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’ve always been cool. I know it’s hard to add a new person to a set group of friends, but you always seemed to go out of your way to include me. There’s no need for you to apologize, but consider it a clean slate if you need to.” I could feel the guy’s smile across the phone waves. He knew I was playing along with the game that he was playing. We both knew each other knew it. We both knew Marco knew we were playing it. But that didn’t take away from the fact that we were doing it. I was giving Kyle the gift of being able to call Marco and tell him everything was good. I empowered Kyle with a secure best friend status and the ability to embrace me just a tad more into the group. He was freeing me to completely be Marco’s boyfriend – holding hands when we were out, talking about intimate stuff around everyone, and even kissing, on occasion. We both were freeing Marco of worry and tension our unnamed battle might have caused. The universe shifted to welcome this new reality. “Okay, then,” Kyle said. “I’m glad. That’s great. I’m really happy you found Marco (we weren’t quite ready to be happy that Marco found me). I’ll see you for drinks tomorrow night, right.” “Yes, you will. And Kyle, thank you,” I replied and it was the most honest thing in the entire conversation – we both knew that, too. “Of course, man. Thank you. See you tomorrow.” “See you.” The phone went quiet and dark. I immediately texted my sole ‘favorite’ saved in the phone as I watched Mrs. Famous Actress biking up the path. The text was short and sweet. “Thanks for defending my honor. ‘Tennessee’ will be expecting extra attention to make up for it.” ************ The text made me long to have ‘Tennessee’ in my mouth right at that moment – or some other orifice of pleasure. My entire being missed the hugeness of Keegan – all of his hugeness – every second he wasn’t touching me. I knew that this feeling was part of the honeymoon period of a relationship, but I also knew it was mostly and specifically to do with how much the big man turned me on. My face only came up to his nipples – a convenient spot for my mouth – and I had a feeling the most accurate ratio would have been three and a half of my bodies equaled his one. I loved muscles – all of my friends knew this – but no one, especially me, would have anticipated the giant mountain of sinew that now shared a bed with me three, four, or – sometimes – seven days a week. We made sure we split our time between both of our places – just to be fair. I was also still amazed he didn’t go crazy in my small place – his enormous frame almost completely filling up any room he was in. His place was bigger, more expensive, and nicer – but Keegan always seemed happy to be at my place, too. He said he just wanted to be wherever I was. “This moment calls for Ms. Ross, the boss,” I said – to no one - as I found the song ‘I Want Muscles’ and blared it in my apartment. I had one more shirt to iron, but dancing around my living room took precedence. I thought about calling Kyle to tell him thank you, but that wasn’t how this worked. He needed to think I was still a little unhappy with how he had been treating my new gorgeous, wonderful, mammoth boyfriend. Kyle had heard in my voice the unspoken ultimatum that if I was forced to choose, I’d go with Keegan. It had been the first time ever I had insinuated this, we both felt that big elephant in the room. It scared each of us – a lot – and for the first time in our lives the conversation on the phone had faltered, even stopped for a few seconds. Kyle had been my best friend ever since he had scared the crap out of a bully on the playground in seventh grade by screaming louder than a police siren to alert teachers of a potential incident. The bully never bothered me again and Kyle and I became lifelong friends. We came out to each other in high school and he confessed his love for me in college. Our friendship was cemented even more when we worked through that, me finally letting him know I was drawn to big men. He first thought I meant I was a chub chaser, but then I had told him I liked muscles. We watched each other botch up a few serious relationships and more than a few one-night stands. Then we became locked into the scene in Los Angeles – he, as a new financial planner at his dad’s firm, and me, as one of only twenty-five people chosen to attend a posh three-year culinary school. He was presently working his way up the corporate ladder and I had graduated top of my class and was working hard as a sous chef at a prestigious restaurant. To help make ends meet I had taken a second job delivering nutritious homemade meals to the great people of Los Angeles who had extra money to burn. “Get that last shirt done,” I said to myself when Ms. Ross had finished singing about men’s bodies. A big mistake – one that cost me the delivery job – had changed my life forever, just a little over eleven months ago. I had been sent to one of those nice downtown high rises with a meal which could have been a late lunch or an early dinner depending on whomever had ordered it. I wasn’t paying attention – what was new – and got off on the wrong floor because someone had pushed the call button for the elevator but went back into their place to probably retrieve a forgotten item. I assumed it was the floor I needed when the doors opened and no one was there. I went down the hall and mistook 4-K for apartment 5-K. Meanwhile – only to find out later – a broken-hearted bodybuilder/personal trainer named Keegan Robinson was going through a fully acceptable slutty stage after a very hard break up and had made an afternoon booty call to help him relieve some sexual tension before he went to the gym to workout. Keegan lived in apartment 4-K. When he opened the door to find this cute guy standing there with earphones on jamming to some tunes, he was pleasantly surprised by how lucky he was to get such a wholesome looking hookup. He had pulled me into the apartment so quickly that I didn’t really have time to say anything. “Hey bud, sorry to be so direct, but I just really need to get off before I go and do this intense two-hour workout. You don’t mind if I pay you full price to just suck me off right here, do you? I’d really appreciate it.” I was still reeling from the fact that this smooth-faced Hercules had answered the door. I had never been this close to someone that size. I had a muscle fetish, for sure, but all of my big body encounters didn’t come close to matching the mountain range of bulges standing there in a tank-top and basketball shorts. My music was blaring, so I hadn’t heard what the giant had said, but when he pulled down his shorts to reveal the longest and thickest and most juicy-looking sausage of my entire life – making it clear he wanted a blowjob – I didn’t miss a beat. I dropped the bag of gourmet food, dropped to my knees, and then dropped that mammoth thing down my throat so quickly you would have thought I was a professional. Every guy I had ever slept with – and it was quite a few – had always said I was the best cocksucker he had ever met. Even if the guy ended up dumping me he always ended with, “I’m going to so miss that mouth of yours.” I have no idea why I was so good. Maybe it was because I just imagined what I would like when I did it. Or maybe it was just because I loved sucking so much. Either way, the stars were aligned that afternoon because my skills and the desire to be really good because of the hulking body I was getting to blow enabled me to give the bodybuilder the kind of pleasure he had never known before. I made him cum so hard he threw his body into a terrifying, but astounding most muscular pose as he spewed – causing me to swallow even harder, which – in turn – made him shoot a quick second round. The big man fell to his knees, his cock pulling from my mouth and his big arms engulfing me. “Fuuuuuuckkkk, what in the hell was that?” he said loudly between heavy breaths and trying to steady his still-swaying huge body. I pulled out my earphones and was about to ask what he said, when there was a knock on the door. The giant rose to his feet, still a little unsteady, and pulled up his shorts as he opened the door. A definite slutty player stood there, kind of fake-smiling – which turned into a real smile when he saw the behemoth that had called. I’m sure the hustler was super thankful it was some huge Adonis instead of a balding middle-aged married man. “Sup, Thor,” the hustler said, “I’m here to rock your world.” The bodybuilder turned to look at me, catching sight of the food bag at the same time. There was a stack of bills on a table by the door. The big man grabbed these and the bag at the same time. He looked at the address on the slip stapled to the carrier. He turned to slutty hustler and handed him the bag and money. “Changed my mind, dude. Something better unexpectedly came along. Here’s your money, though, and do you mind delivering this one floor up to 5-K. Thanks a lot,” said the muscled perfection and then he quickly closed the door. Turning to me he added, “Can you do that again?” Needless to say, Keegan never made it to the gym that evening. The hustler didn’t deliver the food, so I was fired by text when I wouldn’t answer my phone. I had been too busy, however, swallowing four big loads of the bodybuilder’s swimmers within a three-hour period. I had never known a guy that could produce so much semen so quickly. He was some kind of sexual superman. He kept saying each orgasm was more powerful than the last and claimed that I had some kind of oral magical powers. He screamed louder with each ejaculation and I was sure his neighbors thought he was being murdered. After blowing him in the kitchen, living room and bedroom his body was so jacked he said it equaled the two-hour workout he had missed. He ordered Chinese food and we ate it totally nude on his living room floor. After exploding the fourth time, he pulled me onto his humongous body and we kissed for the first time. Basically, my mouth had been filled with his cock for three hours straight and the guy was finally slightly spent, and ready to get to know me. “Fucking tell me your single . . . um, oh fuck, what’s your name?” “I’m Marco,” I said, holding out my hand to him as I rested my chin on his massive chest. “I’m Keegan.” “Nice to meet you, Keegan. You have the hottest body I’ve ever seen.” “And you, my friend, have the hottest mouth I’ve ever known. Please fucking tell me you are single, Marco . . . cause I’m in love.” “If only it were that simple,” I laughed, and pulled away, but his strong hands grabbed the sides of my head and turned my gaze back to his. “It is that simple, Marco.” I could tell he was serious. My instincts told me this was one of the purest moments of my adult life – so far. I knew I could let the cynical side of me take control and ruin the moment, but feeling the man’s hard body beneath mine and his stronger than strong grip on my head made me join him in his joyous world for a little while – even if it was just a fantasy. “I’m very single, Keegan. I’m also into muscle,” I added, internally saying ‘what the hell’ and choosing to be brutally honest. “That’s very cool, because I have a lot of that,” he said, smiling. “I noticed,” I replied. “Want me to pose for you?” “That would be awesome. I’ll repay you by sucking you off, again.” The big man easily tossed me off his body and was standing beside the bed before I even finished my sentence. He then threw his body into the kind of routine that usually made me spew uncontrollably when I watched bodybuilding competitions online. This time, however, I could reach out and touch the real thing as I watched – which seemed to make him happy, too. Soon, Keegan was covered in sweat and insanely pumped. “Keep posing,” I ordered, as I took his big cock in my mouth. When I started to have strong feelings for a guy – authentic feelings – my blowjobs actually increased in their power to turn the guy on. I guess it had to do with the fact that I knew this was something real and not just a quickie. I had already started to fall for this big man. I could feel it. Yes, we didn’t know each other and, yes, our meeting had been a big mistake, but something magical was happening between us. His love of my mouth and my love of his muscles were leading to something much more important – something much deeper. He hit a double biceps power pose and I swallowed his tool hard, causing him to buck back and forth with the strongest blast of the evening. He held the flex through the entire orgasm and then collapsed on me when his cock was completely empty. I laughed a little when the huge man was sound asleep in seconds. I guess even superman had a limit when it came to ejaculations. I somehow freed my body from his and started exploring the apartment as Keegan got some much-needed post-sex sleep. The trip around his apartment told me a lot about him – he wasn’t a reader (there were no books, only bodybuilding magazines), he was clearly out to his family (pictures of him kissing past boyfriends while with parents), he had one sister and one brother, he won lots of bodybuilding contests (a lot of first place trophies and medals), he must have been a pretty well-known personal trainer (pictures of him training lots of famous people), and he was well-liked (lots of cards and notes from people telling him how great he was). I also learned about Greg – some guy that had clearly broken up with him recently (note apologizing and saying goodbye and torn pictures of a trip together in the trash can). When I returned to the bedroom I took advantage of his passed-out state and ran my hands over every part of his hard, muscled body. I figured I might never get the chance again, so I should take the opportunity now. As my hands rubbed his perfect pecs, his hands came up and grabbed my head again. He led my face to his nipple and I used my expert sucking skills there, too. Soon I had him moaning like a wild beast. He pulled my head away, so we could, again, gaze at each other. “Stay the night,” he said. “On one condition, Mr. Muscles,” I said, using the future nickname for the first time. “Name it and it’s yours.” “Fuck me. My ass is getting jealous of all the attention you’ve given my mouth.” He flexed his right arm hard as his response. I climbed on top of him *********** Working out in the park – the sun, the breeze, the sound of the ocean – only seemed to make me hornier than a squadron of frat boys. The park and the thought of Marco’s mouth, ass, face, lips, earlobes, balls, kneecaps, toenails – just all of him, really, just did something to me. We’d been together for more than eleven months and I never stopped thinking about him. I kept expecting to stop craving him so much – eventually – but my desire only seemed to increase. I still couldn’t believe he didn’t hate me for thinking he was my rent boy showing up for a little afternoon delight. He had dropped to his knees so quickly that day and given me the kind of mind-altering orgasm you only heard about in fairy tales or sex stories. My legs, which are insanely big and quite powerful had become like liquid as I fell to the floor – a wiped out mess of a man. When I asked if he could do that again, I had truly expected we’d have another round and then I’d be off to the gym and he’d go try to get his delivery job back. I didn’t anticipate my mind would be altered over and over again every time he blew me that night. I finally had just fallen asleep, even my big body had its limits. I felt a little bad when I woke up, but then I found him caressing my entire body and my tool had become fully erect, again. He then asked me to fuck him and I quickly learned his ass gave his mouth some serious competition. Almost a year later I am still trying to decide which part of him gave me more pleasure. “See you next week,” I called out to the waving Mrs. Famous Actress as she rode away on her bike. I started gathering all the equipment I used for working out into the big bag that Marco could never budge when I left it in the path we had to travel from one room to another in my apartment. He had figured out that I did it on purpose so I could watch him unsuccessfully try and move it and then finally have to call me to do it. I’d pound on my chest and say ‘you weak, me strong’ before moving it with one hand. Sometimes, I then throw him over my shoulder and take him to the bedroom to show him just how strong a certain part of me was. That first night, before I plowed him, it suddenly dawned on me that he had blown me four times, but I had never gotten him off. I was such a self-absorbed asshole, but it was his fault for being so awesome at blowjobs. I quickly apologized for overlooking his sexual needs. He looked confused, then laughed, and explained he had gotten off every time I had cum. My baffled look amused him and he said making a big guy like me explode gave him much pleasure and he rocked out a load in unison with my orgasms. I had just been too wrecked each time to notice. I found this one of the most erotic things I had ever heard, which only fueled the plowing I gave to his ass even more. When I saw that gorgeous man throw his head back, moaning in ecstasy that first time I fucked him you would have thought I had been given the biggest and best gift in the world, for that’s how I felt. I suddenly understood how blowing me thrilled him so much. Making him scream with pleasure made me explode, as well. We were joined by some kind of inexplicable force that I knew – even that first night together – would never be broken. My phone buzzed and I saw a text which read, ‘I need my Tennessee.’ When Marco greeted me at the door totally nude, which happened a lot, I would so quickly shoot hard that I’d actually feel dizzy and like I might pass out. Today, to be greeted that way, and to immediately smell the wonderful aroma of his famous chicken parmigiana was almost too much to handle – even for a big man like me. Before the click of the door shutting echoed through his small apartment, the guy was on his knees, had ‘Tennessee’ fully unclothed, and was making my love for him blossom even more deeply than it already was. I was worn out from a day of clients, but that man’s lips, that man’s warm mouth, that guy’s deep throat could revive me like one of those electric shock thingies they sometimes put on your chest and yell ‘clear.’ He was some kind of magical Hoover made specifically for my penis. His oral skills made me turn into some kind of wild superman. He made me feel powerful, manly, and able to do anything in the world. My entire body would shoot tense and hard, as if I was showing off on stage or in the bedroom for hundreds of admirers. Sucking me off when I came in was equal to a kiss on the lips to Marco and that was more than okay with me. I knew it was pleasing him as much as it was me, so that made it even better. A couple of minutes later, I’d be leaning against the wall, my chest heaving up and down – unable to move for a few minutes – while he retrieved paper towels to clean up the mess he made on the hardwood floor. “God . . . I . . . wish . . . I . . . knew . . . how . . . you . . . do . . . that,” I stammered between breaths. “It’s all because of the magnificent temple I’m kneeling before. It’s all because of ‘Tennessee’,” he said, smiling and finally kissing me hello. “What’s that I smell?” I asked, as my heartrate returned to normal. “Chicken parmigiana.” “But I thought you had to work?” “Susan called yesterday to see if we could change shifts. I thought I’d surprise you.” “You little gorgeous sneak! Does this mean I get to have numerous orgasms tonight?” “It does indeed, Mr. Muscles.” “Hey, wait a minute. I just remembered I’m mad at you. Give me my cum back. I wasn’t going to give into my urges so quickly. I wanted to punish you for calling Kyle.” “It’s fine for you to be mad, but no one makes my big man feel small,” he said and my heart suddenly thumped harder. “Go sit down in the living room, Mr. Angry Pants, and I’ll bring you a glass of wine.” I gave him a mean face and walked down the hall. The fragrance hit me before I even got to the back room. When I stepped around the corner I beheld a sight that instantly brought tears to my eyes and made my shoulder convulse as I started to blubber. Every possible empty spot in the room was covered in red roses. The floor, the sofa, the chairs, the tables – everywhere. There were vases with roses, boxes with roses, and rose petals strewn everywhere. Through the water filling my eyes I saw a card sitting on a small table in the center of the room. In bold letters it said ‘open me’ on the front. I knelt down and tore open the envelope. It was a handmade card in the shape of a heart. I opened it and written inside it said ‘turn around.’ In my overwhelmed, confused state I simply did what the card told me to do. There, kneeling behind me, was a now clothed boyfriend holding open a small box with a beautiful man-sized band inside of it. I convulsed and blubbered more – like a baby. “As I said last night, Mr. Muscles. I’m not going anywhere. There won’t be a point where I say you bore me or that I want something else. I only want you. Forever. And ever. Amen. Keegan Andrew Robinson, will you please do me the great honor of becoming my husband so I can blow you every day for the rest of my life.” I had to fall back and sit on the floor I was sobbing so hard. I was a mighty oak of a man, someone who won bodybuilding contests and powerlifting competitions. I could make women and men cream in their pants with just a smile or a flex. I lifted more weight than ninety-nine percent of the men in my gym. I intimidated the hell out of powerful businessmen and bullies, alike. But at that moment, at that exact specific second, I became a baby – crying with the kind of joy that can burst a heart. I started nodding my head up and down even as the tears fell on the rose petals around me. “Yes. Yes. A lifetime of yesses,” I forced my mouth to say as I welcomed Marco into my open arms and squeezed him with way too much strength. “Whoa, Mr. Muscles, careful, there, don’t break me before you own me!” “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. You’ve just made me the happiest man in the world. I love you, Marco. I love you so much.” “I love you, Keegan. Let’s put this ring on that big finger.” I sat there, with my other hand up to my mouth like some Victorian heroine beholding the love of her life naked for the first time. I watched as the man I loved – the man I would always love – slid a perfect ring on my finger. I held up my hand and started to cry again. Marco, put his palm against my cheek and just smiled at me. “I’m the luckiest guy I know,” he said, softly, and I cried more. “Sorry to ruin the moment, but you have to call your parents. I promised we would right after I – hopefully – got a yes. Your father actually said he’d give me all of his money if you said no – he was that sure of your answer. Maybe we should tell him you said no, just to get the money.” “You talked to my parents about this?” I said, shocked. “I flew up to see them a month ago – remember when you were in Vegas for that photo shoot. Well, I went up there to ask them if I could ask you for your hand in marriage. Your mother cried and your father opened a bottle of champagne that I think probably cost more than I’ve ever made in a year. I had to get their blessing, first. Your sister asked when we would have children – she said she hoped us having kids would get your parents off her back. Your brother started rambling on that it was time for me to start thinking about my portfolio, but then he simply said he’d be honored to have me as a brother-in-law. It actually made me weepy. Not like you, of course, but I still got a little emotional.” “You are such a hopeless romantic,” I said, hugging him tightly again, but not too tightly. “By the way, we also have another reason to celebrate – although it pales in comparison to this.” “What’s that,” I asked. “Well, it’s not definite yet, because you have to weigh in on the decision. But, if you say yes and I say yes, you’re looking at the new head chef at Grigio.” “What? Are you fucking with me right now?” “Nope, it’s true. I could be a real chef by the time we’re husband and husband.” “That is the best news ever . . . well, second to this,” I said pointing at the ring. “Of course, you should say yes. It’s what you’ve always wanted. You’ll be amazing.” “It’ll be a lot of hours as I learn the ropes, though. I just want us to be sure.” “Stop it, we’re sure. We're more than sure. We’ll make it work. We’ll figure out how to sneak in enough blowjobs to keep us both happy. Now, this is definitely the happiest day of my life. I am going to be married to a chef. Chef Marco. Wow, that sounds hot.” “Call your parents and I’ll finish getting dinner ready,” Marco said, turning his head up so we could kiss deeply. “Um . . . ‘Tennessee’ is ready to go again if both of those things can wait.”
  4. The Prelude is found HERE The preceding chapter is found HERE My Hulk-daddy is paying : Chapter Sixteen Jim and Max were watching the big screen on the wall in Jim's flat. "Do you watch Doctor Who?" "Can't say I do." "Probably better start from the episode The frightening dread, otherwise you wouldn't understand the plotline of Anxiety of a Time Lord and Knickers of the Daleks. My favourite is the twenty-first Doctor." "The twenty-first?" "I'll explain later." Jim pressed a button. * * * Nate stirred in his sleep. Rob lovingly glanced in the direction of his powerfully built husband, and exquisite sensations circulated in his rejuvenated body. Tenderly, Rob placed his huge palm on Nate's shoulder, and returned his attention to the morning news. "... escalating conflict between the Third French Empire and the Nigerian Realm, but the EU and the AU have formed a committee of diplomats in purpose of alleviation of this tension." "Yesterday, the European Court of Human Rights announced, that government officials of the Republic of the Two Sicilies will be tried for acts committed against migrants in the Mediterranean Sea, following the Libyan Famine a few years ago." "Spring has arrived unusually early in southern Spain, and wildfires are destroying the countryside, speeding up desertification." "Tomorrow, Poland and Hungary will celebrate the twentieth anniversary of The Plush Revolution, and officials from each country will visit the other." "Tension between the Third French Empire and Germany is now dissipating, after a diplomatic solution to the conflict. Saarland will become part of France, and Alsace-Lorraine will become part of Germany, all of them under the status of autonomous regions." "The Dutch government in exile, now residing in Vaduz, released a communiqué, stating that no efforts will be spared to re-build the collapsed barriers and dams. European Union bodies have promised EU project means for rebuilding. Similar means will be granted to Flanders." "Asked if the United Kingdom of Wessex, East Anglia and Midlands will join the EU, as the Kingdom of Scotland and the Grand Duchy of Kent have done, or perhaps follow the Kingdom of North England into the customs union and common market, the Prime Minister in Winchester answered, that the United Kingdom has no intention to join the unelected EU, concluding his speech: Thank God for the House of Lords, and God bless the King!" "Meanwhile, in the Independent Republic of California, the guest tenure of acclaimed Siberian anthropological scholar Kostoku Aksyonov, famous for his post-post-colonial theory, has been cancelled after student protests against Aksyonov's use of the word 'shaman'. In a written communiqué student representatives complained about Aksyonov's use of gendered language. Professor Aksyonov explained, that the word 'shaman' is of Evenki origin, and is linguistically unrelated to the English word 'man'. Voices have been raised, that the Californian government ought to put pressure on Siberian authorities to replace the word 'shaman' with a less cis-patriarchal-specieist-colonial-imperialistic word, but no consensus has been reached about which particular word will be the most suitable replacement. This happens against the backdrop of other sensitive issues of international and domestic language-politics, such as threatening French-speakers and Spanish-speakers into changing their grammar into something less oppressive. Just a few hours ago, two opposing student protests clashed violently in San Diego: One in favour of the word 'shaperson' and the other one in favour of the word 'shaperx'. A pacifist sit-in in favour of the choice 'shabeing' didn't attract much of attention, except from a small group of protesters, who claimed, that the use of the word 'shabeing' is assuming somex's ontological status, and thus an act of oppressive anti-Pyrrhonistic micro-aggression." "The mayor of Tallahassee and the governor of Florida both attended the opening ceremony of Tallahssee's new harbour. The harbour will create growth and opportunity for the people of Tallahassee, not least refugee families from Miami and Tampa." "In the United Federated States of America, the Congress voted for the Improved Godliness Act, which will allow prosecution of schools teaching evolution and will open up for capital punishment of persons proved to be witches. The amendment proscribing clothes mixing two different fibres didn't achieve enough votes, after lobbying from the apparel industry." "Swiss and Irish diplomats have been asked for, in order to negotiate between the two claimants to be the United States of America. After the event, that turned Washington DC and its surroundings into The Forbidden Zone, the Boston government and the Chicago government have refused to talk to each other for a decade, and minor skirmishes have been a recurring phenomenon in the Appalachians, but international observers express some hope for a breakthrough." "The Texan Congress voted for continued state-subsidies of heavier-than-air travel and the oil industry. The President of Texas comment: 'Nothing will be allowed to change our way of life.'" "And now, a documentary about the booming wine industry in British Columbia." Rob switched off the screen. A murmur came from Nate's pillow: "Do you really have to watch news this early? We're on vacation, eh?" Rob reclined, lay on his side and facing Nate's face and still closed eyes. Nate was lying his body prone, his right arm under his pillow, but his face turned in Rob's direction. His facial expression was entirely relaxed and without worry, and yesterday's experiment had removed all signs of aging from his face. In some ways, he now looked younger, than when Rob first met him, but there were also differences: The robust brow, the protruding upper jaw that gave him an arrogant expression in those promotion pics hadn't been there before the disastrous experiment that changed their lives so many years ago, and his dimpled chin, though comparatively powerful already before their first 'hancing, had become more so. The restored youth and his relaxed expression gave Nate an air of innocence. The feeling of warmth in Rob's heart region returned. His hand returned to Nate's shoulder. The other man smiled and let out an approving yelp. "Amazing night." "Mmmmm. You're such a stud. Smart stud." Rob chuckled. "You are such a gorilla. My big love-gorilla." Without moving his torso or legs, Nate reached out his left arm, fumbled blindly, and placed his paw on Rob's pec. His smile grew wider. "You look sexy in Badboy style." "I reckon. You look sexy in NuJock style." "We're quit." Nate was silent a few seconds and continued: "Why NuJock?" "I could ask the same. Why Bad Boy? You know what I think about 'Party like there's no tomorrow', but I admit, that it was fun to act the part yesterday." "You take everything so seriously. Look what it did to you. You need time for recreation. More of it. More often." Rob let out a non-committal: "Hum." "No, I mean it!" Nate opened his eyes, and the full impact of the golden brown gemstones, that were Nate's eyes, hit Rob's mind and heart. "The fancy words you use, when some of your clients seek 'hancing to overcome medical problems: Recuperate. Replenish. You need to listen to your own advice. You sound like a posh twat, sometimes, do you know that, Doctor Nelson?" Rob blushed. "You know, that I'm not posh." "I've heard all your 'I'm lower middle-class' before, but let's face it, not everyone get a degree in the Deluge Economy. Not after the Crisis. Not since farming became the default. I know, that it hurt your bleeding Centrist New Deal heart to admit it, but the life we share isn't average." "I'm not in the mood for politics, Nate." The serious expression on Nate's face faded, and a cheeky grin flashed against Rob: "Do you want to know, what I'm in the mood for, Robbie? You get three guesses. I'll give you a clue." Nate grabbed Rob's free hand, and moved it under the blanket. Something was like a throbbing hot steel-pipe under the blanket. Without saying anything, Rob let his lower arm slide under Nate's waist, and his upper paw firmly grabbed Nate's rock-hard glute. Heaving himself backwards, he forced Nate's heavy and powerful body to rest upon him, chest to chest, cheek by cheek, their rejuvenated manhoods throbbing excitedly against each other. They stared into each other's eyes, gazing tenderly, gazing in testosterone-fueled lust – brown gemstones and blue ice losing each other into the other. "Fuck, Robbie. I was horny in my teens, but nothing like this. I'm ... Uh ... I can't believe ... Yeah, I love your eager mitt grabbing ... Uh!" Two minutes later, the man known to the public as "The Machine" rode his husbands dick, flexing his gargantuan arms, while his husband admiringly caressed and groped his Apollo's belt, abs and pecs. "Tell me, that I'm your big little Hulk!" "You are my big little Hulk. Grow for me. You are the strongest there is." "That's right, my big little He-Man. You have the power, and I'm the strongest there is. Oh, fuck, yes ... Fill me, you big brutal Bad Boy!" * * * To be continued.
  5. This is my first story. I like to think that my writing gets better as the story unfolds. Of course there are always misses and hits, but please continue to read, and give me your feedback. Authors live for your feedback. The Wall I’m a successful Wall Street executive. My life is good. In fact, sometimes I think it is too good. I don't complain. My office is in the city, and I have a nice home on Long Island from which I commute to work every day. My work days are long and sometimes stressful, but I enjoy the challenges, and I decompress by obsessively working out in the gym and working in my garden. The garden is beautiful, but I always thought that it was lacking a few defining structures; so, when the idea hit me that a beautiful stone wall would create the backdrop it deserved, I hired a reputable landscape contractor who could make my ideas into reality. I was so excited. Monday was to be the start of the new wall project, and I had been thinking of little else for weeks. Unfortunately, the garden, where usually I love to entertain, was about to become a construction zone. So, the weekend before, I decided to invite my friends John and Ernie over for lunch by the pool and an afternoon swim. They accepted and had asked if they could bring couple of their friends along that they thought I would enjoy. You see, John and Ernie are toned and attractive enough, but they know I what really like is muscle -- lots of it. I get off on big, beefy, masculine men - physical men who enjoy rough housing and showing off. Nothing turns me on like a big man who’s willing to rip off his shirt, wrestle me into a bear hug and show me that he’s at least a strong as me. I work out a lot myself, and at 6’2” and 245 lbs, I make a worthy competitor. I like feeling the strength of other men, and I love being tested and felt up and appreciated by big men even more. I had left a note on the front door for Ernie and John and their friends to let themselves in and meet me on the terrace by the pool. They arrived single file down the garden path - first John with a big hug and a whistle, and then Ernie with pat on my rump and a tousle of my hair. Then, Ernie made his hands into fists and started pounding on my pecs. “Someone’s been working out!” Another whistle. Then with a squeeze, “You’re gonna need a binder for these things if they get any bigger, Max.” Then Ernie doubled back for grope of my arm and said, “Oh wow! I can’t get my hands around it. You may be getting too big, or is there such a thing?” Now Ernie and John know I love a little admiration and that I don’t really have a limit for too big; so, I knew they were up to something when they started fawning over me and teasing. I also know that Ernie and John are aware that throwing a little admiration my way goes straight to my dick, and I was just starting to chub up a bit when their two friend showed up next, sending me straight to full mast steel in seconds flat. John said, “Maxie, if you’re not careful, you may get as big as our friends Eric and Lars here.” Gulp... “Max, meet Eric and Lars. Boys, this is our host Max.” Oh my God. Two men of my dreams, Eric and Lars were big and tall and looked like superheroes in shorts and polo shirts. Eric was fair skinned and dark haired, and Lars was golden all over – hair, skin and eyes - like a lion. I was slack jawed and salivating, and they looked pretty hungry for me as well. With a firm squeeze of my rump Ernie said, “Well, isn’t anybody going to say anything? Hellowwww? Gentlemen…?” Knocking on the top of my head, “Hellowwww... Is anybody in home? ... Earth to Max!” Startled back into civility, I offered my greeting to both Eric and Lars, and we said our polite hellos while continuing to survey each other’s physiques like hungry wolves eyeing fatted lambs (or in our case, like other hungry wolves. I couldn’t stop staring, and I couldn’t seem to maneuver my hardon into a less obvious position. It was straight up, hard as a rock and going nowhere. The attraction was so strong, that I think it was actually uncomfortable for Ernie and John, although, Ernie could always come up with a quip or a bitchy remark to lighten the tone. “OMG, you three! get a room! Or should I just jerk you off right here so we can get that lunch we were invited for today. AND DRINKS! I'm sure we were promised DRINKS!” Then nodding to the iced pitcher by the grill, “Maxie, my dear, get it in gear. Those margaritas are not going to serve themselves!” Long story short, the afternoon was fantastic. Besides being absolutely gorgeous hunks of prime muscle beef, Eric and Lars were also interesting and witty and delightful. They were just so damn sexy that I couldn’t stop staring and fantasizing. Every hearty laugh expanded a massive chest. Every lift of a fork flexed bulging biceps. A twist and stretch near the end of the meal made Eric’s shirt rise up above his navel, exposing the base of a rippling 6 pack. I stayed hard for 2 hours. When lunch was through, I offered the pool to my guests and indicated a changing room just off the deck. Eric and Lars acknowledged acceptance with a nod and set off to get changed, but John and Ernie declined, saying that they had eaten and drunk too much and needed a nap instead and would just head home early if I didn’t mind entertaining Eric and Lars for the afternoon. John gave me a wink and a peck on the cheek, while Ernie just groped me in the crotch and said, “I’m sure you three can find something fun to do without us,” and then, “I hear Lars is quite flexible.” A few minutes later, Eric and Lars emerged from the pool house, and I didn’t know if I would pass out right there or just cum in my shorts. My God, those boys could fill out their speedos. And talk about perfection, each in his own way the definition of what manliness should be. Eric was fair with a swirling pattern of dark hair on his chest, a defined trail down the middle of his abdomen, with more abundant hair over his thickly muscled legs. Lars was golden all over, with honey colored skin and a light dusting of golden hair all over his chest, forearms and legs that shimmered in the sunlight, making him look like a salted caramel ready to be sampled. Both of them were hugely built. Eric had absolutely enormous legs, butt, back and arms. Lars had the biggest pecs hanging over the tightest abs and most defined atlas belt I had ever seen. I was slack jawed, and they were all grins. I think Ernie and John must have alerted them ahead of the game that they could have some fun with me, and when they dropped their towels on the chaises and started rubbing suntan oil onto each other, then I had to get in on the action. I walked over, and Lars started flexing his pecs, bouncing the huge slabs up and down and saying, “Hey, Eric, have you noticed how Max can’t stop staring at my pecs. I think he might be a chest man. What do you say, Max? Do you want to help Eric put some sunscreen on my chest?” Before I could reply, Eric said, “No, Lars, I think he’s an arm man. Look how his dick twitches in his pants when I flex like this.” Eric flexed a huge arm in front of my face, and true to form, my dick twitched and pumped out some precum that made a wet spot on the front of my shorts. Lars then said, “You know, I think John and Ernie said that more than anything else, Max would like to flex for us. I could definitely go for that. Why don’t we get him out of those clothes and see what he’s got. From the tent in the front of his shorts, I don’t think we’ll be disappointed.” Eric then grabbed my shirt by the hem and pulled it up over my head while Lars unbuttoned/unzipped my shorts and pulled them to my feet. It happened so fast I could hardly react, but my dick responded, all nine inches of it, throbbing straight up toward my pecs and leaking copious precum as my guests made their inspections. Eric let out a low whistle and moved close behind me, pushing his own hardon up against my butt while reaching around me to rub sunscreen onto my chest and shoulders. “Hey, Lars, his chest is almost as big as yours, but I think you should get closer so that we can more easily compare.” Lars nuzzled up front, grinding his still speedo-covered erection into my hardon while flexing his pecs and his abs. “Hey Eric, he does have an amazing rack, but I think I’ve still got him beat. What about his arms? They look pretty big. Why don’t you each flex a biceps for me so I can decide who’s is bigger?” Eric’s right arm appeared in my peripheral vision and flexed into an enormous peak just beside my right cheek. I couldn’t help but turn my head and begin licking it, and I thought I might cum right then. Lars interrupted, “No! No! No! Do not cum yet. You may not cum until the comparison is through. Okay, Max, flex that big arm for me and let me see how yours feels compared to Eric’s.” I flexed with all my might, turned on like I had never been before and somehow willing myself not to come until permitted. “Oh, man, Max, your arm is as big as Eric’s, but I think his peak is still higher." My dick was shuddering like crazy, and the precum was leaking in a continuous stream. "Yeh, big man, you and Eric are close in the arm department, but his back and ass are like nothing you’ve ever seen and can't be beat by anyone. Turn around, and Eric can drop his trunks and you’ll see what I mean.” With that, still sandwiched between the two musclemen, I turned around and then watched as Eric took a step back, turned around and raised his arms into a double biceps. My hands were instinctively all over his arms and shoulders, and my cock was shuddering but somehow still under control. “Rear lat spread,” commanded Lars, and Eric complied, lowering his fists to his waist and forcing the wings of his back to spread as wide as any back I had ever seen. Then, while Eric was still flexing, Lars reached around and pulled Eric’s speedo to the ground. That ass was magnificent. High, tight and covered with a light dusting of hair. As Eric shifted weight from one foot to the other, the landscape of his gluteus muscles flexed and rolled. I could see some glistening sweat and a tuft of slightly thicker hair at the base of his spine, disappearing into the top of his ass crack, and I nearly blew my load again. I had never seen and ass that beefy and beautiful before. I needed to be inside that ass, and I needed it right then. Seeming to sense my need, or maybe revealing his own, Eric leaned over and grabbed his ankles. Then Lars grabbled a glob of precum from my dick and lubed Eric’s hole. Then Lars commanded me to flex my own double biceps pose while he positioned my dick at Eric’s hole. He then shoved his own 8-inches into me, which in turn forced me to enter Eric with a single thrust. Mphggh! It was pleasure beyond anything I had ever dreamed. With Lars fucking me and squeezing my biceps while I was fucking Eric and feeling his big muscle ass, I finally came, buckling over Eric at the same time that Lars came and buckled into me, and Eric came and nearly buckled to the ground. I must have pumped a gallon of cum into Eric. Lars was still feeling my arms and my pecs and ramming my ass, and I just kept cumming and cumming, worshipping Eric’s huge muscled body from behind while myself being worshipped the same. Finally, we were done and exhausted and laughing and lightly wrestling and flexing and feeling and then doing it all over again in the opposite direction and several different combinations. Eric and Lars stayed for the night and most of the following day. Then we said our farewells, and they were gone. Like I said, the weekend was relaxing. Now it was Sunday evening, and I needed to get ready for the week. Let me know if you enjoy the story so far. I can continue it if you like.
  6. BrutalPowerDemon


    WARNING! This story contains violence, snuff, and religious content that will be disturbing if such is not your "cup of tea". Please do not read if you find such content distasteful or offensive. Following is the entire Brye series as I originally published on CoiledFist, but without chapter breaks. Should there be a continuation in the future, it will be posted as "Brye 2". Comments and criticisms are welcomed and encouraged. If the warning above is ignored, however, and you are offended by snuff and other content, then please keep your comments to yourself. Thanks . . . and enjoy! “Damn, Brye!” David shouted as he came down the basement steps into my favorite space: the weight-room I had created for myself. “You’re a BEAST, Dude!” he continued as he jumped from the last step to the floor. I racked the barbell and sat up, flexing my taught, hard pecs and bringing my arms together in front of me, the rounded bulk of my flexed biceps further crushing my powerful chest together and up to my chin. I stood, shirtless in my extra-large gym shorts stretched taught over my ample cock and ballsack as my thick, rounded glutes flexed. I just turned eighteen, but at six feet, nine inches tall, I towered over Dave (and everyone else I’d met in this small, Midwestern town). I crunched out a most muscular pose, my entire body exploding with full, mature muscle. Dave reached out and ran his comparatively small hand over the thick crevices of my abs. My friend as long as I could remember, he always encouraged me to get bigger from the moment he noticed me growing faster than he was. “You like what you see, little man?” I boomed, teasing Dave. He blushed slightly as he pulled his hand back quickly. “Shit, Dave, I’m just messing with you, you little pussy.” I teased as I placed my large hands around his thick lats and beneath his armpits, effortlessly lifted him and tossed him onto the couch halfway across the basement. “Damn! You’re lighter to me every day, man!” I thundered as I pumped out an inhuman double biceps pose, the thick mountains of vein-encased muscle peaking just below my clenched fists. Dave grabbed a cushion and placed it in his lap as I walked over to him, lowered my fists to my thin waist and spread my wide, thick lats as I loomed over him. “Holy, FUCK, you’re huge, Brye . . . and you’re bigger every day, dude!” he whimpered. “If I was as big and strong as you . . . I would fuck some shit up, man!” He looked up at me and seemed to be gauging my reaction. “Have you ever heard of a website called Coiled Fist?” “No, man . . . why?” I asked as I relaxed and began to rub my freshly pumped muscles. “I came across it last year and, well . . . it’s got stories and pictures and shit. I can’t help but think of you when I’ve read some of the stories. You should check it out!” “What kind of stories and pictures?” I asked, my interest piqued as to why he’d be telling me this, but knowing we had the same interest in a lot of things. He looked at me as if he wasn’t sure what to say and then, haltingly, eyes down, he asked if I’d ever heard of Macrophilia. “No, but I like the sound of Macro, man!” I grinned as I, once again, flexed over him. He looked up and blurted out . . . “CHRIST, Brye! It’s about size, power and shit . . . and it’s sexual, too! I’m SO sorry, man . . . there’s this one story called ‘Justin’ and another called ‘Wong’ and images of you fill my mind as I read . . . and it fucking turns me on!” He slowly moved the couch cushion from his lap and I saw his shorts tented and a small, wet spot forming at where the tip of his rigid cock held his shorts off his waist. “I think I’m gay.” He whimpered. As I mentioned, I’ve known Dave all my life. We’d double dated, done chicks . . . the whole nine yards. I was stunned and my face darkened. I don’t know what came over me, but I reached down and wrapped one massive hand around his throat and lifted him, kicking and sputtering, from the couch. As I did, something unleashed within me and I growled in a deep, menacing voice, “You fucking little shit! You’re queer for THIS?” I boomed as I flexed my other arm hard, forearm thickening and solidifying as my biceps rounded to rock-hard peaks of powerful muscle. Dave stopped struggling as he grabbed hold of my wrist to relieve the pressure from hanging at arm’s length from my fist was placing on his puny little neck. I felt adrenaline pumping through my body, my cock twitched and began to inflate, fighting for space in the constraining shorts plastered on me. “Don’t you know I could crush your neck to paste in my fist and snap you in two without even trying?” I felt my cock pulse and pre-cum shoot through the fabric just before the sound of ripping fabric echoed in the basement and my shorts were ripped from my body by my flexing, bobbing fuck pole, pre-cum roping to the floor. “What the HELL?!?!” I boomed as I released my grip and dropped Dave to the couch. “Holy FUCK!” Dave almost whispered as he rubbed his sore neck. “Look at you! You’re GROWING!” At that moment, my step-dad opened the door to the basement. “What the hell is going on down there?” he yelled as he came down the steps. When he got to the floor he looked up . . . and up . . . and up ! He fell back on his ass as he beheld . . . ME! Twelve feet of nude, powerful, rippling teen bodybuilder beef. As I turned to face him, my thick, thirty-inch cock came in to view, erect and issuing torrents of pre-cum onto the floor. “Oh my GOD, Brye! What’s happened to you?” I had always suspected he wanted more of me than he let on . . . now it was obvious. I could read his body language and face. He was shocked, yes, but he was drawn to me. . . the epitome of masculinity. I saw his little cock raise in his slacks, saluting all that I was becoming. How far would he go, I wondered. “Come here, ‘Dad’,” I beckoned, pushing my hot, throbbing and leaking cock down towards him. “You’ve always wanted a piece of me, haven’t you?” He looked terrified, conflicted. He scooted back towards the steps, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of me. “Brye!” I heard Dave call to me. “What are you feeling, man? Did I cause this? Are you angry with me?” I turned back to Dave and as he beheld me, he blurted out, “Oh, GOD, Brye! Unnngh . . . oohhhh . . . SHIIITT!” he screamed as he fell to the floor in orgasm, jerking uncontrollably. I grinned. “Davey, I feel GREAT! So fucking POWERFUL! I should be worshipped by smaller creatures, man!” I turned back to my “Dad”, now with his puny little dick out of his pants and stroking at the sight of his powerfully muscular and godly ‘son’. I pointed to my leaking, mushroom cockhead almost the size of my dad’s head, and grinned and evil grin. “Eat me, man! But first, treat me as I should be treated by one as pathetically weak as you!” “Brye!” he stuttered, “You are my son, I can’t . . . “ In one swift movement, I grabbed the groveling little thing from the floor, my hand encircling his waist, and shook him like a ragdoll. “You will do what I say, you worthless piece of shit. I’ve heard you smack Mom around, and now it’s your turn to get fucked up!” My anger began to boil. At the same time, Dave crawled up to my feet and looked up at me as he spoke: “Brye, you are more powerful than any human. Look at you! Look how you hold a full-grown man in your hand as if he was nothing but a worthless little bug . . . worth nothing but for your pleasure . . . and if it pleases you, to be crushed out of existence!” “FUCK, Dave! What are you doing to me?!?!” I felt power course through my herculean body, every cell bursting with lustful desire. My cock twitched, bobbed and shot pre-cum with such force, it cracked the block wall across the room. “Mmmm! More, Davey, more!” I boomed as I tightened my grip around my struggling little ‘Dad’. . . I felt a CRACK as two of his ribs broke and he screamed. My cock jumped with desire. “JESUS, Brye . . . you are a GOD among mere mortals now! The world is a mere plaything to you, to do with as you please. Nothing can stand in your way!” Dave was stroking his once again rock-hard cock as he looked up at me. He crawled over to beneath my cock and coated himself in my steaming pre-cum, lapping some of the slimy nectar from the roping stream issuing from my hungry tool. He pleased me . . . my anger with him was gone. Of course he went gay for me! How could he not? Everything was falling into place. I lowered my whimpering ‘Dad’ to my pre-cum issuing cock and pressed his face into the slit. “This is what you always wanted, bitch, so drink up!” I flexed my cock, forcing more and more pre-cum to flow, more than his protesting little body could handle. His beating on my cock-head stimulated me more until, after a short time, it stopped. He had drowned in my pre! What a weak, worthless little waste of skin! I looked Davey in the eye and grinned as I flexed my arm, closed my fist and squeezed, crushing ‘Dad’s’ useless little corpse to paste. As I tossed his pulped body aside, Dave shot his load high into the air. “Time to introduce the world to their new God, Davey.” I boomed as I reached down and lifted my friend from the floor. I crouched and jumped up, crashing through the first floor and exploding through the roof coming to land in my driveway. Mom was just getting home and gawked up at her godly son holding his friend close to his heaving chest. I awoke with a start, fist hard against my chest as my eyes shot open and I felt the hot, fresh cum flowing over my thick, solid abdominals and soaking the sheets. “FUCK!” I muttered as I pulled the cum-drenched sheet covering me off of my body, admiring the deep ridges of my solid bricks of abdominal muscles, my spunk squishing from the deep crevices that slammed shut as I flexed them to sit up in my bed. My mind took me back to that dream and my still rigid, cum drooling cock lurched, spurting another wad of cum onto my pectoral shelf. “That was one HOT wet dream!” I thought as I stood and stretched my heavily muscled, six feet, nine inches tall frame, my large hands easily palming the almost ten feet tall ceiling as my calves, quads, abs, lats and biceps bulged obscenely from my immense teen frame. I heard my step-dad walking towards my room while saying, “Damn it, Brye! You’re going to be late for school again!” As he reached my door he, without knocking, threw my bedroom door open and started to continue, but stopped dead in his tracks, one hand on the door-frame and one on the door knob. His jaw dropped as he beheld my hyper-muscled body flexing before him, thick, dripping twelve-inch cock pointing to the ceiling in front of my cobblestone abs, large testicles laying like grapefruit on my rippling quads. “Shit!” I rumbled, “I thought I took care of you for good!” I seethed as I flexed hard to intimidate, turned, ripped the sheets from the bed and wiped myself down seductively. “Like what you see, Pops!” I taunted him as I gyrated my hips, cock swaying from side to side like a skyscraper in a hurricane in front of my flexing abs. I knew he lusted after me – I figured a few years ago that he only married my mom to get close to me – horny, fucking little size-queen. “If only dreams could come true.” I fumed as, without uttering another word, Pops turned, grabbed his crotch and, visibly trembling, closed the door and quickly headed down the hall. I heard the bathroom door slam shut and grinned as I heard the muffled “God – so HUGE! UNNNGGH! Oh, NOOOOO! Not – a – GAIN! NUH! FFF-UUUUU-KKKK!!!” emanating from the bathroom down the hall. “Fucking pussy!” I bristled as I stripped the sheets from the bed, finished wiping myself down, as well as the water-proof mattress pad, grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist and deflating fuck rod. I remembered, in the dream, holding “Dad’s” puny little face against my cock-head as he fought and the memory caused my cock to twitch and I realized how much strength, power and control really turned my on! Just then my Mom knocked lightly and pushed the door open, “Brye, what’s wrong - with – your ---- father?” Her eyes looked towards me as she stuttered through her sentence, taking in not only the sight of all that I am, but the masculine, viral scents of sex and cum that filled the room. Her eyes lodged on the towel being pushed forward and out by my beginning to, once again, awaken cock, the full, round head and flange clearly visible beneath the fabric. She remembered how, one night, after “Dad” and she had been drinking and he passed out, she came into my room, pulled the sheet from my hulking, nude body and begged me to fill her with my manhood. Being a young, horny teen, I had no inhibition about giving my mom whatever she wanted. I impaled her on my steely sword and ravished her until morning, cumming into her at least a half-dozen times before she begged me to stop, her orgasmic screams muffled by a pillow she held to her face. Still remembering that night, I’m sure, she walked towards me as if in a trance and rubbed her little hands over my abs, up and over my heaving chest and out to my full, rounded and hard biceps before lowering her hands and removing the towel. My always hungry teenaged cock immediately flooded with blood, inflated and rose to full attention. “Mmmmm! Son!” Mom hissed as her mouth latched onto one of my silver-dollar sized nipples as she began to stroke my now throbbing member. “Can you help me, Mom?” I purred as I guided he mouth down, over my abs and out to the throbbing head of my freshly leaking cock-head. As her mouth covered the slit, a jolt shot through me and I remembered the unbridled power I felt in my dream. “Fuck YEAH!” I boomed as I grabbed her head and pulled hard, my cock roughly sliding down her throat, the sheer girth of my beast splitting the corners of her lips as she tried to protest, beating on my hot, hard flesh, further fueling my new, dream-inspired lust for power and control – over anyone and anything. As I looked down at her and saw blood dripping from each side of her mouth, my cock immediately spasmed in ejaculation, rapidly shooting wad after wad of semen directly into my mom’s rapidly distending gut. As I began to stop cumming, I slowly withdrew my whale from my mom’s throat, the ridge of its head getting stuck on her teeth as I tried to pull out. Grabbing her head firmly between my palms, I pulled back hard, an audible “POP” bouncing off my bedroom walls as my cock broke free from Mom’s hungry, bleeding pie-hole. She fell back on the floor looking up at me fearfully as she wiped the cum and blood from the sides of her mouth. “Oh, FUCK yeah - Thanks, Ma!” I sneered down at her as I threw on sweatpants and sweatshirt, and walked to the bathroom. Pushing the door open with one hand (splintering the door frame as I effortlessly exerted pressure), I saw Pops, cleaning up, his flacced, little dick springing to attention as her turned and saw me filling his field of vision. Grabbing him by the throat with one hand, I lifted him from the floor and carried him, at arm’s length, to my room, flailing and kicking the whole way – my cock twitched and spurt some pre into my sweats. I tossed him onto my mom, stood over them and raised my arms in a double-biceps crunch, stretching the fabric tight over my rippling muscle. I looked my mom in the eye and she quickly shoved her fist between her legs and pumped. I grinned, looked my “Dad” in the eye and flexed harder. His eyes glazed over and his hard little cock began spewing cum in every direction without him even touching the worthless little organ. “Weak, uncontrolled little fucks.” I thundered and left the house. I headed over to my best friend’s (David’s) house to start the walk to school together. As I walked up to his door, my thoughts went back to the dream. It had seemed so real! Was it possible that David secretly lusted after me? And, more importantly, why had I grown larger in the dream. I had tasted true power and I wanted it – BAD! My cock twitched as I thought of manhandling David’s muscular little body. SHIT! I’d never thought of him in that way – but, HELL, why not? I've always been bigger, stronger, smarter - why shouldn't I have my way with ANYONE! “I’ll have to tell him my dream and see how he reacts.” I mused as I walked up to his front door and rang the bell. As David opened the door, his face went pale and he fell backwards. "Damn, Brye! You're a BEAST, Dude!" Remembering that line from my dream, I grinned and evil grin and stepped into the house. "Let's go down to your basement gym, Davey!" I thundered as I walked past him and to the basement door, my cock already twitching in anticipation of what was to come. I ran down into David’s basement with him not far behind. I went over to the workout bench and saw five candles arranged around a picture of me pumping out a most muscular pose that Dave had taken of me at the beach several months earlier. In the picture, in one clenched fist, I was holding my step-dad and in my other fist was Dave’s dad. There was a piece of paper beneath my picture with writing on it. I heard David shut the basement door, start down the steps and stop about half-way down as I picked up the paper and began to read: As my best friend, Brye, Is built like a bull, Fill his body with strength And size to the full David bounded down the steps and ripped the paper from my hand. “Davey, what the FUCK?” I boomed, but, looking at the photograph and candles, along with the beginning of that incantation, I couldn’t help but wonder if this had something to do with my dream the night before and the feelings of power I was having. David looked up at me and tears began to fill his eyes. “Brye, man . . . I’m sorry. I came across this website called ‘Coiled Fist’ a while back, and ever since, I can’t help thinking of you as . . . more.” “Like the guys in the stories ‘Justin’ and ‘Wong’?” I asked. His eyes widened and, as he wiped his eyes, he asked excitedly, “You know the site, too?” “Well,” I said, “No . . . and yes. I dreamed you told me about it last night and then things happened in the dream. Strange things, wonderful things and it awakened something in me . . . and I want more. Did you do this incantation last night, Davey?” “Yes, Brye.” David stated flatly. “I’m sorry . . . I didn’t think anything would really happen.” Looking David in the eyes, I kicked my shoes off, slipped my hands beneath my sweatshirt and lifted it over my head before tossing it on the couch and flexing hard. “Well, something DID happen, Dave. You like this, don’t you, Dave?” I reached down and cupped my ample cock and balls and shook them, “and this, too, right?” “Brye, I – I – I” he stuttered. “It’s okay, David. But I want you to light the candles and do the incantation NOW, okay?” I said. David shook his head no. “Please, Brye . . . don’t make me do this in front of you.” Tears welling up in his eyes again. I went over to him, placed a finger under his chin and lifted his head as I leaned down and kissed him hard on the lips, my tongue probing his mouth. He hungrily reciprocated until I pulled away. “See . . . it’s okay. I’m not mad.” “We both have to be nude before the incantation is spoken.” He said fearfully, but I had shed my sweats before he finished speaking. “Strip, Davey boy.” I commanded. He didn’t take his eyes off of my rippling body as he stripped, his tight, muscular frame was also bulging with thick, powerful muscle, just nowhere near what I have. We walked over to the bench, he lit the candles and he chanted: As my best friend, Brye, Is built like a bull, Fill his body with strength And size to the full As his muscles inflate And his stature will surge To the size of my thoughts Bug-like men he will purge As his body ignites With the strength of an ox, Endow on his frame The largest of cocks As a God among men As his attitude grows May he crush those beneath And all who oppose May he feed off the small ones The awe and fear he instills And use all that power As those worthless bugs he kills Before the last syllable was spoken, I felt every muscle fiber tense and begin to burn with heat. I could actually hear the muscle fibers and skeletal structure expanding, hardening, thickening. David stood staring at me, his mouth agape. His cock quickly rose to full mast as he blurted, “Oh, my GOD, Brye! You’re growing! Oh, SHIT, Brye! It WORKED!” As I reached a herculean twelve feet of bone crushing muscular power, I thundered, “David! Stop thinking of me growing!” He shook his head as if coming out of a trance. “Brye! You are a muscle beast . . . you’ve gotta be the most powerful being on the planet!” as he walked up to me and placed a trembling hand on my flaccid, impossibly thick, yard long cock covered with ropes of veins pulsing blood to the monstrous sex organ. “You want me to take care of our step-dads, don’t you?” I asked, drawing from the picture he had made. “Call my dad and have him meet your dad in your barn.” He called my dad with some lame excuse about his dad wanting to talk to him about us skipping school and my dad said he’d be right over. “Okay, Dave. We’ll give them time to get together out in the barn and then WE’LL show up to ‘chat’ with them.” I promised with a light flex of my cock that sent him sprawling. “DAMN! I’m strong EVERYWHERE!” I grinned. My massive cock twitched with anticipation of what was to come. “So, Dave, you want to make me even bigger?” I grin as I lift my oaken arms and flex, huge cannonball biceps hardening into peaked masses beneath my massive fists as the thick, striated triceps solidify to even larger blocks of muscle clinging beneath. From my relatively thin wrist, forearms flare to broad, vein encased columns and battle my biceps for space. I roll my head from side to side, showcasing wide traps descending from behind my ears over to my rippling, rounded shoulders, my massive, protruding pectorals casting a large shadow over my rib-cage thick with bulging intercostals. The lats spread inconceivably wide, beginning beyond my armpits and tapering down to my waist where brick sized abdominals stack and grind almost audibly. David scoots back against the wall fearfully as I display the all-powerful being whose emergence he has triggered. “I - I - I’m SORRY, Brye! I really didn’t think this would work! I just kept dreaming of you as a - as a - I - you’re a - oh, Brye! PLEASE don’t hurt me!” he begs, knowing what he’s dreamed of, and the spell to make me an absolutely BRUTAL and RUTHLESS, LUST-FILLED MUSCLE GOD. I sneer down at him and growl, “Davey! You’re a smart little fuck! I listened to the incantation you spoke. You linked my size and power to YOUR thoughts, as well as the fear and idolization I can beckon and captivate from others. For me to continue being what you’ve dreamed of, and what I am destined to be, I need you. You WILL help me grow into what I am meant to be, Dave - a brutal, sadistic and depraved MUSCLE BEAST - a merciless, cold-blooded GOD to you and the rest of you powerless and inconsequential little humans!” “Ha, ha, ha!” I thunder, “Thanks for awakening this in me . . . I guess, deep down, I always knew this would come.” I notice David’s eyes are glued to my pulsing, heavy cock. “Come on over and see what a REAL man feels like, Davey.” I purr as he crawls over and places a hand on my cock-head. With an involuntary flex of my fuck-pole at his touch, he is sent flying back across the basement. Drool runs from the side of his mouth as he picks himself up, rubbing his own now throbbing, dripping tool. I smile at the realization of how powerful I really am! “Think of me at my more ‘normal’ size, Davey. Our ‘dads’ should be together in the barn by now.” I see - almost feel - the conflict within David as he fights within himself to obey me and bring my size back to its previous state or, instead, to continue to think of my as a massive, giant muscle-god and causing me to just explode from the basement, destroying his house in the process. “NOW!” I boom, rattling the confined basement with the power of my voice. David backs up and pushes himself against the wall as he closes his eyes so as not to see what I’ve already become; to be able to visualize me as I was before he cast his spell. I immediately feel the change and see the wall appear to rise around me as I reduce in height. “Good boy!” I purr in a deep, guttural voice, “Now get us some sweatpants to throw on before we go to the barn.” ---------------- Sam, Brye’s adoptive dad, had just recovered from Brye’s domineering outburst before Brye hastened out of the house when he received the call from David. Fearful of what might have happened at David’s house and sensing from David’s voice that something wasn’t quite right, he quickly threw on jeans and a t-shirt, checked in on Brye’s mom (who remained curled up in the corner of Brye’s room, seemingly in a trance, moaning and slowly fisting her hungry pussy). Seeing nothing had changed with her, he left and ran over to the David’s family’s large barn where he found David’s dad, inside, working on a tractor. Looking up, Joe (David’s dad, also having adopted David after marrying his mother), greeted him, “Hey, Sam! What brings you over this morning?” Sam walked over to Joe, “I thought you wanted to talk to me about the boys, David called me a bit ago and -” ---------------- Sam stops talking and both men turn as they hear the large barn doors close and the space darkens slightly with the morning sun being shut out by the closing of the doors. As they look towards the barn entrance, they see both of their unusually large and incredibly muscular sons clad only in tight-fitting sweatpants, slide the board on the inside of the doors into place to keep the doors from opening (or from being opened). “What the hell are you boys up to? I thought you went to school!” I hear Joe blurt out, his eyes adjusting to the reduced light As David and I walk up to our adoptive dads, they are completely dwarfed by our size, but, even with that comparison, I tower over David and I see the realization register in Joe’s face that I have grown larger than when he had last seen me. “DAMN, Brye, you’ve grown, son!” he states flatly as his eyes roam our young, virile frames, our full, rounded muscles rippling on our torsos, bouncing, flexing and bunching with every step. Sam stands by Joe, trembling as both men’s eyes are drawn down to the straining fabric stretching over the bulging crotches of our sweatpants which leave absolutely nothing to the imagination as to the prodigious size of our manhoods, further emasculating our puny and useless little dads. I grin as I hear my dad blurt out, “Brye, you’re not in trouble. Your mom and I talked and -” his eyes continue to roam my magnificently powerful form. “How is it possible that you are even larger and more defined than when you left the house?” he whispers. His voice, trembling, questions, “Brye?” as I glare down at both dads. Sam reaches up and places his small hand on the cliff of pectoral beef that looms over him. I sneer down at the reverential, becoming frightened little men, grab each around the throat and lift them from the ground as if they weigh nothing at all. They sputter, choking, as they claw at the solid wrist and forearm of astonishing circumference easily suspending them kicking in the air. I walk over to the wall, lift each man and slipp their belts onto large hooks on the barn wall, suspending them there, unable to do anything but kick and curse. “Brye! What the FUCK are you doing?” I hear David’s dad scream. “David, get me down from here this instant or I’ll -” “Our you’ll WHAT, Dad?” David booms as he peels the tight sweatpants over his huge quads and calf muscles and kicks them aside, his long, thick cock already pulsing to life from seeing me so effortlessly toy with the two men. “I shoulda known!” my dad blurts, “Our boys are a couple of FAG’S!” immediately regretting his outburst and futile attempt to cover his own desire for what David and I are. His jeans are already tented and showing a dark spot spreading at the tip of where his rigid cock is throbbing. “Oh, FUCK, yeah, Davey! This IS going to be fun!” I boom as I grinn down at David, my initiator. “Let’s show both of these fucking little assholes how well they’ve raised us.” Dave grins, looks at me and begins to envision the beast that he always knew that I AM. He lowers one hand and begins to slowly stroke his expanding cock as he sees me close my eyes and hiss, “YEESSSSS!” as every muscle on my frame bulges and swells to new dimensions. My sweats fill, strain and finally explode from my body as I grow, hundreds of pounds of rippling, granite-hard muscle covering my mountainous body. My already thick cock inflates and lengthens down to my knees. My balls churn, resting atop these inhuman quads with muscle fiber rippling beneath the thin, vein-covered skin. David’s dad screams to him as he watches him seemingly worship the expanding creature I am becoming, not realizing it is David, and his desire, growing me. “You fucking, muscle-bound FAIRY!” he blurts to his son. Without taking his eyes off of me and still slowly stroking his pre-cum leaking cock with one hand, David backhands his dad with enough force to knock out 3 teeth and causing blood to gush from the man’s busted lips and mouth, immediately swelling and changing color. As I reach 15 feet in height and open my eyes, I look down and focus on David’s dad and grin a wide, toothy grin. “My turn to rule the roost, little man!” I reach down and wrap my massive hand around a small tractor, encircling it with my long, powerful fingers, and lift it in front of his trembling little dad’s pale face. My arm explodes with muscle and the screeching of tortured metal fills the barn as I effortlessly crush the tractor into a worthless ball of scrap. “Hmmmm - I wonder what I could do to you, little man.” I muse as I reach down and tug at my inflating sex trunk. Hefting it up, I slam my bulbous cock head into my dad’s head (much smaller than my huge, pre-pouring, mushroom head!). The blow momentarily knocks my dad unconscious, his face swelling and turning black and blue. “Well, David - let’s start our fun with these two.” I thunder as I grab and lift my dad from the hook and shake him like a rag-doll to try to awaken him. David grabs his own dad and lifts him from his hook and rips the clothes from his body before impaling him on his steel-hard shaft. His dad awakens with a start, face swollen and lips bleeding, and begins screaming from the pain and from beholding me, now a giant, muscle-bound beast, trying to awaken his neighbor by shaking the puny little body like a broken toy. Tossing my still unconscious dad to the ground, I grab David’s dad and pop him from David’s cock, lift him to my face an growl, “Shutup, you little cunt - I’m gonna give you something to REALLY scream about!” Holding his struggling, bleeding little body in one fist, I insert my middle finger, larger than his puny little forearm, into his worthless, already stretched little ass. His pleasure-filled moans of agony spur me on as I rearrange his organs by moving my finger around inside his weak little body. I use my massive middle digit to rape him mercilessly. As the tip of my finger reaches his racing heart, he renews his screaming at feverish pitches. I lower him down to David, my furiously stroking little pet, and order him to use his pulsing pole to face-fuck the screeching little thing on my finger to shut him the fuck up. Grinning up to me he thanks me, grabs his dad’s head and rams his thick cock down the pathetic little bug’s throat, pulling the blubbering fool’s face all the way into his crotch, moaning, “Oh, YEAH, you fucking piece of shit! Take this muscle cock down your throat like you always wanted! Choke on it, man! This is for everything you’ve done to me and my mom, fucking little bastard!” David bellows as he rams his own massive member down that cock-stretching throat over and over again, his dad unable to breathe, trying to grab onto his David’s massive thighs as that huge, churning nut sack rhythmically pounds against his throat with each thrust David’s making. I pluck my finger from Joe’s bleeding ass and turn my attention back to my own little toy, now conscious and trying to crawl away, unseen. “Where you going, Dad?” I taunt as I reach down and pluck him from the ground by his ankle with two fingers. I lift him up so that he is before my face. “SO fucking fragile.” I state as I smirk and slowly squeeze my fingers together, his flesh, muscle, tendons and bones having no chance against such power. The tissues are simply liquified and squish from between my fingers as he wails in pain and he drops from my now bloodied fingers. I catch him by his other leg in my other hand as I lick my bloody fingers clean. He looks up at me in horror, in too much pain to continue screaming, as my eyes darken and an evil smirk forms on my face. I lift my arm and flex my massive bicep, turn and lick the pulsing, cable-sized veins mapping its surface before looking back at my dad, “All this fucking muscle needs a lot of protein, Dad.” I whisper as I lick my full lips with my long tongue, then run that thick taste-tool over my large, sharp, pearly-white teeth. My dad’s body convulses in orgasm, mixed with piss, soaking his jeans and shirt. Satisfied with the fear instilled into my “dad”, I grin as I hang his trembling little body from the hook on the barn wall, blood dripping from his one completely smashed-flat ankle, his little dick still spasming, squirting out its last drops of jism. I reach down and grab David’s “dad” and pluck him from David’s thrusting, throbbing cock. David just looks at me and begins to stroke his slick dick at the sight of my giant, muscular being holding his whimpering “dad” in one massive fist. I lower David’s dad down to my hungry cock, issuing pre-cum by the gallon. He inadvertently further stimulates me by beating his little fists against my sensitive mushroom crown. “Oh, YEAH, you little fuck!” I boom as I look over at Dave and begin to force my massive cock-head into the feeble little man’s way-too-small mouth, his teeth snapping off and his jaw dislocating with just my piss-slit barely passing through his stretched-to-the-limit lips. “Awww, FUUUCK!” I thunder as I push further, my fuck-toy’s entire head and skull fracturing into small pieces attempting to contain the mass of just the bulbous crown of my throbbing cock invading the pathetically small space. “DAMN, Davey - so much power!” I grin as with one flex of my oaken arms, his dad’s head simply reduces to a red concoction of flesh, brain and bone dripping from my cock and palms, the body spasming from the tip of my cock-head as I attempt to shove my trunk through the neck-hole and into the warm, quivering torso. Drooling, and cock pumping out ropes of pre-cum, David chant’s: As my dad was a dick, Nothing more than a worm, May Rye’s cock just ingest him As food for his sperm More power does hold, Rye’s bloodthirsty cock, Than the bodies of mortals Whose souls it will dock Upon David’s uttering of those words, I feel my cock jump and its pulsing begins to pry my fist open. I can feel the blissful pleasure of the large slit beginning to suck! The orgasmic feeling flows through my colossal frame as David’s dad’s body begins to implode, my hungry cock sucking the internal organs, sinew and bone into my thick, throbbing shaft. “Mmmmmm, CHRIST! Oh, SHIT!” I whisper as the body is completed consumed by my ravenous fuck-beast. I feel the decimated body in my shaft and squeeze my fist hard, further crushing the valueless thing, once a human, to liquid within my monstrous manhood. I feel so POWERFUL, UNSTOPPABLE, VICIOUS and SADISTIC. David runs over, pulls my cock down and laps at the bloody cockhead, relishing the taste of his dad’s blood mixed with my deific, hot and salty pre-cum. “Oh, yeah, Davey, you sick little fuck! Enjoy what you’ve created - and what I was ALWAYS meant to be!” David looks at me and chants: Rye’s bloodlust ignited, His stomach does growl, His hunger unsated, He must eat something - NOW! I look over at my own dad, visibly shaking in fear after witnessing the gruesome demise of his neighbor in an impossible way by - ME - his hyper-swole, giant and brutal step son. My cock spontaneously flexes at the attention David is giving it, sending him sprawling as I turn and step towards my dad. He is attempting to release himself from the hook from which he helplessly hangs. Standing before him, I flex slowly, allowing the mass of muscle fighting for space on my frame to slowly ripple, expand and solidify before his eyes. Having witnessed the savage power the creature filling his vision holds, and hearing David’s last chant, he renews his futile efforts at release. “DAD!” I state, the sound causing him to cease struggling and look into my eyes. “Remember last night at dinner when I called you a worthless limp-dick and you blurted back, “You can just EAT ME, Rye!”? I grin and, once again, lick my huge, pearly-white teeth with my tongue. “Rye! No! Please!” he erupts in wild movements trying to escape hanging from the hook. Even with that fear coursing through his veins, his cock inflates, slaps his stomach and salutes as he takes in all that I am. “Well,” I state coldly, “I’m hungry,” I flex my cock and it slams into my rippling abs, blood and pre-cum splashing from it’s head and seeping into the deep ridges between each flexing muscle paving my midsection, “and my cock’s still hungry!” I raise my huge hand to his crotch and place his throbbing cock and balls between my thumb and forefinger. His little dick immediately spasms, shooting cum onto my thumb. “Oh - unnn - fuuck! RYE! I - I - NOOOOO!!!” he squeals as he feels pressure building on his pleasure center. “Sick little bastard!” I growl, “Hope you enjoyed that! You won’t be needing these where you’re going, you damned, puny worm!” I then increase the pressure between my thumb and index finger, quickly pulping and mashing his penis and testicles into nothingness between his legs as “Dad” wails. I lick my thumb and finger clean of Dad’s cock and ball mash before lifting him from his hook. Grabbing the leg with no foot left, I tell him, “Well, this is of no use anymore.” before ripping the leg from his body, the sounds of bone snapping and flesh ripping fueling my sadistic lusts for more power over EVERYONE. I toss the leg in my mouth, chew and swallow as he begins to pass out. I shake him, flapping about like a stuffed toy, to try to keep him awake. “As you wish, Dad - eat you I will!” I lower his foot to my now sucking cock head and his foot is sucked in, quickly followed by his waist. “MMMMMMM! Good!” I purr as I begin to pull on his torso and my cock continues to suck in his lower portion. With a jerk of my cock, his body is torn in two. I lift his torso to my salivating mouth, bite off an arm, chew and swallow - bite off another arm, chew and swallow - and then, position his head between my molars and grind his skull into more nourishment for my solid muscle-encased body before chowing down on what’s left in my hand. At the same time, my other hand is wrapped around my cock-head and I squeeze, further crushing the lower portion of Dad’s body as it’s sucked down into my thick, pulsing shaft - and beyond. I look over at David, who is worshipfully staring up at me, slowly stroking his steely-hard shaft, pre-cum bubbling from his piss-slit and roping to the ground. “FUCK, yeah, my friend! I knew we were alike, and yet - different, somehow. I didn’t know how much you desired me to be what I desired to be, man! Can you get me back down to closer to your size?” Again, I noticed the internal struggle he has making me less than what he knows I am. He closes his eyes and concentrates - I see my surroundings seemingly rise as my form diminishes in height. David opens his eyes and runs up to me, throws his arms around my shoulders, looks up to me as he leans up and thrusts his tongue into my mouth and kisses hard, sucking at what was left of my dad’s remains still coating my tongue. As he does, he lifts his body up against me, repeatedly grinding his cock against my abs, humping me as we share a deep, hungry kiss, our tongues probing the depths of our inhumane, merciless desires. As we break our lip-lock, I feel David thrust against my abs hard as volley after volley of steaming cum coats the underside of the overhang of my boulderous pectorals and drips and runs down over my abs, cock and balls. David and I look each other in the eye and, in unison, speak: “MORE” Now I hear my mom at the barn door asking if I’m alright. “Alright, David, grab a couple of sheets from the stall and we’ll wrap them around us and open the door.” “Sounds good, Brye.” David responds as he goes over and grabs a couple of sheets. As we wipe the blood and shit from our bodies, we hear sirens in the distance. We tie the sheets around our waists and unlock the barn door. My mom runs in. “You’re dad was on his way over here and I just wanted to make sure everything is okay, Brye.” she blubbers, not noticing David by the door, then she notices the sheet wrapped around my waist. It didn’t matter, at that point, what she was thinking before - my bare, muscle-bound torso entrances her immediately and she walks up to me, reaches up and places her hand on my massive chest, then slowly runs it down and over my rippling abs to the top of the sheet. “Brye, son, baby . . . I need that massive cock of yours in me, again! Fuck me one more time, PLEASE? I won’t do this to you again, I promise!” At just hearing the word “fuck”, I feel my cock twitch and it floods with blood, rising and lifting the sheet. I snatch the sheet from my waist. “You just can’t get enough of this, can you, you fucking dick dock.” “I’m sorry, Brye! I know it’s wrong, but you’re built just like your biological father - I was addicted from his first fuck - the rape that produced you. I must have you again.” She disrobes immediately, cooing as she strokes my quickly rock-hard, vein encased monster cock. Standing there, I place a hand under each of her arms and lift her. She feels like she weighs nothing at all as I position her wet, hot pussy over my slick, steaming cock head and lower her. She moans as the tip of my flared cock head touches her dripping slit and begins to spread her open wide and enter. As the cock head pops in, her hole clamping around my ridge, she shudders and I pull her further down, my cock pushing - rearranging her insides as I creep up up inside her. “Awwww, FUCK, yeah, David, grow me slow, man!” I growl, my mom not even noticing as I slowly stroke her like a fleshlight up and down my vibrating cock. I begin to notice her feeling tighter and tighter around my throbbing manhood. She opens her eyes and sees that I am larger; she feels herself stretching to accommodate my girth and begins to scream and thrash about on my hungry cock. “Mmmmmm, BABY!” The feeling is incredible. I look down into her fear-filled eyes as I state flatly, “Yes, you son fucking mother, this IS the LAST time I fuck you, you worthless fucking CUNT! I’ll fuck you to PIECES, bitch.” “BRYE! NOOOO! Get out of me! Please! Take me off your cock you - unngh - MMMMM - Oh, GOD! MORE! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUUUCCKKK MEEEEE!” she breathes raggedly as she orgasms over and over again. My johnson juices, mix with her blood, flowing from her pussy and down my shaft. I grin down at her as I see the distinct outline of my mushroom shaped cock head, followed by the pumping shaft, stretching her abdomen. “Mmmmmm!” I purr as I grab one of her ankles in each hand and pull her further down on my cock, her screaming and thrashing about, arousing me even more. I feel bones dislocating and snapping on my sensitive glans, then the beat of her heart against my pre cum spurting slit. Her mouth is open in a silent scream as pre cum begins to jettison from her mouth. Her skin begins to simply shred from my expanding cock as her pleading, green eyes pop from their sockets from the building pre cum pressure. “More, David - MORE!” I boom. As he views me as more, her body simply explodes and disintegrates from around my expanding, throbbing cock and falls to the dirt at my feet, my pre-cum quickly coating the shredded remains. David and I are so engrossed in my little fuck-fest that we don’t notice the cop car pull in and two cops approach the open barn door. They stand there, mouths agape, seemingly frozen in place, as they gaze upon me: A hyper muscled giant standing in the middle of the barn with a broken, bloodied corpse at my feet and my rigid, man sized cock pouring pre-cum onto the pile of worthless, discarded flesh. “Problem, officers?” I rumble as I lower my hand to the base of my gore dripping cock. I slide my huge hand up the thick, throbbing shaft, pooling the bloody mess into my palm before raising it to my lips and grin. Looking them in the eyes, I extend my long, thick tongue and seductively, lap the iron and protein rich remains into my waiting mouth and swallow. Out of the corner of my eye, I see David walk up to me. He reaches up and places a hand on my rippling quad and speaks another chant: Those who wear uniforms Are nothing but toys, To the Muscle God Brye, Such bugs He destroys. With their bodies so puny, Such fun Brye can make, Before dispatching their souls, And nourishment take. Immediately, a fresh flood of contempt for all that would seek to constrain what I am, and a unquenchable hunger, flows from my core and pulses throughout my swelling, mountainous muscles. “KNEEL!” I thunder to the two bewildered cops as I place my fists on my hips and flex hard. I spread my barn wide lats and overshadow them as my pectorals grow and puff out and up like two solid, massive blimps overshadowing my enormous, thick and undulating boulders of abdominal muscle. To further emasculate the beefy little law men, I flex my titanic cock, mapped with firehose thick veins pulsing blood around my pre cum pumping death dick swaying, pec high, in front of me. I see one puny cop’s little cock visibly salute me through his slacks as a dark spot spreads from his crotch and he falls to his knees mouthing, “Oh, my GOD!” The other pisses on himself, draws his weapon and, fires up at me, emptying his clip. All rounds are deflected by my diamond hard cock head and I rumble, “Oh, yes, you stupid little fuck!” at the pleasant stimulation. My cock takes a shot of its own and soaks both little cops in my salty pre cum. They stare up at me, mouths agape. Their vision is enveloped by my muscle encased and indestructible supreme being. The cop that fired drops his weapon and turns to run, but slips from the slimy pre cum in which he is covered. David runs over, shuts and locks the barn door as I order the trembling cop that fired, “Stand up and strip, you irrelevant, powerless excuse for a man.” “N-n-n-oooo! Please!” he squeals like a pig as he scoots away and back into David’s nude, powerful form. He looks up in horror as David reaches down and grabs him by the collar, easily lifting him to his feet. Stroking my cock, I reach down and lift the remains of my mom from by my feet. I make sure the quaking cop that stimulated me with his ammo is watching. I sneer as I exhibiti my huge, pearly white teeth before I take a bite into the ragged corpse, I tear flesh from the remnant of mom in my fist, chew loudly and swallow. ‘Hmph! I need fresh meat.” I grin as I toss what’s left of mom against the wall with a loud SPLAT.” “I said STRIP!” I boom as I eye the little man. “GOD! NO! I’M SORRY!” he blubbers as David tosses him to the ground and rips all the clothes from his body, exposing a well muscled specimen. The cop on his knees, observing all this, stands and disrobes before falling back to his knees, now stroking his own rigid cock in unison with me. The cop now at David’s feet begs his partner, “What the FUCK, Jeff?! No! Help me!” I look down at the worshipful little cop named Jeff as I squeeze a shot of pre cum from my edging cock, roping down onto him and coating his muscular little body. “So, Jeff - do you want to TRY to help your partner? The partner whose back you’re always supposed to have?” He watches me raise my other arm and wipe mom’s blood from my mouth as I grin. Looking me in the eye, he opens his mouth and drinks in my pre cum as I see his rigid little cock rapid firing cum into the torrents of pre cum I am raining down on him. “I’ll take that as a ‘NO!’, Jeffy.” I purr as I turn my attention back to the other cop. “Looks like it’s just you and me, fuck wad.” I grin as I run my tongue over my teeth, once again, for emphasis. At that moment, David and I hear sirens and cars skidding to a halt outside “FUCK YOU, you muscle bound freaking FAGGOT!’ he screams up to me, his voice trembling, “I called for backup!” He looks over at Jeff. “You are THROUGH, Jeff - DONE!” He smirks up to me as if he is now winning. “You stupid, ignorant little parasite. The only thing you’ve done is provide more insignificant little worms, like yourself, for my wanton, sadistic entertainment and gratification!” I bellow as I snatch him from the floor. As I lift the cursing, struggling cop to my face, he seems to realize that he’s made a fatal mistake, but my focus on the miserable, feeble little creature in my fist is interrupted as I hear David begin another chant: With Brye as a God, It’s stoked my desire His cock to invade me, Partake of His fire. May my form not be split By the size of his mast, As I take Him within me, Desiring His blast. A fleshlight I’ll be To His brawn and His might So that mortals may foresee Their imminent plight I look down at David and grin. “Oh, FUCK, yeah, little bro! I guess I’ve always known you were into me, man! We are gonna be linked in more ways than your thoughts, I’m thinking!” My cock throbs and pulses out a few more ropes of pre cum onto the already soaked little cop at my feet. The thought of David’s tight, muscular little body always being available to me and being able to take all that I am - and him being TOTALLY into what I am - and what I want - floods me with even more sadistic arousal. “Davey, MORE!” I growl, “Let’s blow the roof off this fucking little barn!” I see David back up to a wall, glance out a window at cop cars coming to a halt in the yard and grin as he begins to, once again, stroke his throbbing cock. As I feel the growth begin, I reach down and pick up the precum covered cop. My broad, muscular back cracks through the roof with the force of an explosion, scattering wood and debris onto the three cop cars in the yard - a half dozen cops gape up through their windshields to observe a massive beast - a veritable mountain of rippling, rolling teen muscle grinning down at them. I lift my hands so that they can see two of their comrades, stripped nude and dangling from my fingers, one in each hand. Without a word, I lower the bad cop to my cock head while, at the same time, I lift the precum dripping (and still worshipping) little cop to my grinning lips. “Jeff, my pathetic little pet, what should I do with your insolent partner?:’ I whisper to the cop dangling before my face. His little body goes rigid and cum, mixed with blood, shoots from his overworked, hard little cock. He appears to pass out at the sound of my deep, rumbling voice addressing him. I see David come out of what’s left of the barn and look up at my magnificent form, cock protruding through the side of the barn at the roofline in front of the thick blocks of my defined, flexing abs. “Well, I’m hungry, guys.” I state as I place the insolent cop on my cock head, and it immediately begins sucking him in, kicking, punching and screaming. I close my eyes as waves of pleasure emanate from my towering cock. I lower the unconscious cop to my lips and slurp him in as the last of the bad cop disappears into my cock. I reach down and squeeze my cock hard, assuring that I crush the brazen cop in my cock to paste for his journey down my shaft. At the same time, I grin a toothy grin, slowly clench my jaw and crush the worshipper between my teeth, blood spurting from my lips and shooting out onto the windshields of the cars below. I wipe the blood from my chin on my thick, massive bowling pin forearm, lift my other hand and lick some bloody precum from my fingers. I raise a foot and step through the barn, the structure crumbling and falling to the ground as I stomp my massive foot down over the driveway blocking the three cars now trying to quickly exit the scene unfolding before them. David screams up to me, “Oh my GOD, Brye! I always wanted to be like YOU, but to be like you now, FUCK! The FUN we could have in this world of living playthings!” The cops jump out of their cars and draw their useless weapons as I hear David chant: As I expand Brye Just by my own thought, As he wishes me so I will grow on the spot. I will never exceed The God that He is. I am here just to please Him, I am totally His. I grin and envision David as a huge, muscled teen beast. Immediately David’s muscular form expands into a massive muscle monster. As his head reaches just below my throbbing, vertical cock head, he bellows, “Oh, FUCK, Brye! I feel so - so -” He notices the cops scurrying about his feet and snatches one from the ground. “ - so fucking POWERFUL!” With his eye on my pulsing, dripping cock, he takes the struggling man in his hand and inserts him up his ass as he moans, “I want you, Brye -” he coos and shoves the doomed creature further into his dark, muscular chute. “Unngh - SHIT! THANK you, Brye! Ahhh - Brye - FUCK ME!” he booms as he flexes his ass and the muffled crunching of bones resounds. David’s human dildo succumbs to tons of pressure from his flexion, reducing it to a gelatinous goop. Horrified, the remaining five cops empty their guns, bullets bouncing harmlessly off of our smooth, tanned and impenetrable skin. They turn and run to their cruisers. I grab the cruiser with the cop whose partner was just liquified in David’s ass and lift it to my face. The flimsy metal begins to crumple in my grasp as my cold, dark eyes peer in. I hear the cop inside frantically screaming into the radio’s mic, “GIANtS! We need backup! Send the military!” He sees me grin and lick my lips. “Oh, my GOD - NOOO!” he bellows. I peel the roof of the car back and expose his trembling little body. I lower the car slowly so the little thing can take in the expanse of my muscled torso. I want to see not just fear, but terror from this worthless little bug. I alternately flex my pecs over him as he sees my thick abs before him and, in his peripheral vision, my towering cock appear to rise behind him as I lower the car and set the it at the base of my twitching cock. “STRIP!” I thunder over my pecs and down to the terrified being. I see him stand in the car seat and, as the car teeters on my crotch, he quickly strips. Without any prodding he quickly jumps from the car, onto the base of my massive, precum slick cock and begins kissing, rubbing and grinding. I lift the car, crumple it into a ball in my fist and drop it in front of the other two cop cars. Those four cops just stare up and out of their windshields blankly. I reach down and lift the naked little cop from the base of my dick and deposit him on my cock head. I reach down, wrap my hands around David’s waist and lift him. As he faces me, grinning, I position his hungry ass over my cock and slowly lower him onto my godly cock head, The screaming little cop disappearis up David’s ass as I impale the friend who created me to be all I ever wanted to be.. “Is this what you want, little man?” I taunt David. In silent response, his ass alternately flexes and relaxes, sucking my cock in and messaging my rigid, vein covered cock, instatly obliterating the doomed cop against my sex trunk. David reaches up and places his hands on my mountainous pecs and looks into my eyes, “”Yes, Brye! Fuck me - please! Oh, God! FUCK ME HARD!” he thunders and pleads as he wraps his legs around my waist and slowly jacks his cock while milking my head with his ass. As I impale the grateful David further, I look over at the remaining cops. All of them have exited their vehicles as if in a trance, dropped to their knees and whipped out their own drooling cocks and started stroking feverishly at the sight of two massively muscled teens - boy gods - effortlessly snuffing the life out of their comrades and then beginning to give in to sexual lust for each other.The little creatures inhibitions, their very wills, seemed to evaporate and they were caught up in the palpable, sexual frenzy accosting their senses. “Who said you could join, you pathetic little bugs?” I sneer as I take one step, my massive foot covering and instantly crushing all four worthless insects under my sole, I grind them into paste in the dirt as I begin to piston fuck David, jerking his tight little body up and down my long, thick shaft. “Brye, you are a GOD!” David breathes raggedly as I pummel his ass with my throbbing, hungry cock. “Mmmmff! How - Uh! - are you - FUCK! - going to introduce - YES, Brye! - yourself to the world? - OH, MORE, BRYE - FILL ME WITH WHAT YOU ARE!” I thrust hard and David thunders in ecstasy as he is lifted from my cock with the first hydraulic blast of the volcanic cum jettisoning from my cock. He lands at my feet, cum pouring from his ass, and is covered with my godly jizz rocketing from my beast as he jerks himself to climax. He never takes his eyes off of the godly form towering over him. I flex hard and grin down at him as I remember the one cop calling for backup - and the military - before he was snuffed. The sounds of sirens and choppers could be heard in the distance as a news helicopter came into view. “Our introduction in at hand, Davey.” I grinned as he stood to his feet and smiled broadly. “FUCK, yeah!” he thundered. “Dave, bring me down to 6’5” before that news copter is close enough to make us out - I’m taking you to 6’4.” I bellow down to David. In seconds, we are standing in the yard within indentations the size of our feet just moments before. We grab a couple of sheets off of the clothesline, wrap ourselves and run back to my house, leaving David’s house and yard (the house of our initial meting out of death and destruction) empty for the authorities to ponder over. Once we got to my house, David closes the front door behind us, turns and looks up at me, disappointed, “Brye, what are you doing? I thought you were going to introduce the world to, well - YOU!” As I let the sheet slip from my hyper-swole and rippling, flexing body to the floor, Dave falls to his knees as he beholds the 6’5” teen muscle god standing over him, packed with thick, hard masses of brawn. Without a word, he reaches up and grabbs my cock, which is hanging down by my knees, and slurps the head into his mouth, tonguing and sucking in earnest. My cock responds to the stimulation immediately, engorging with blood, thickening and lengthening as I reach down and roughly pull Davey’s head in to my crotch, forcing my mammoth cock to grow directly down his tight, slick throat. The feeling is incredible. He doesn’t even gag or choke as I begin to piston fuck his stunningly handsome face (why hadn’t I noticed that before?). His bulging eyes begin to tear up as they roam the vast expanse of my godly form. He claws at my thighs and abs as I relentlessly ram my cock down his throat, my large, full balls crashing into his chest and throat with each savage thrust. Noticing him beginning to have trouble breathing, I finally flex my ass hard and tense as my balls raise into my sac. My cock begins to buck uncontrollably as it unleashes torrent shots of cum directly into his stomach as he chokes and purrs in thanksgiving. I slowly withdraw my sex log, relishing the feel of his teeth catching on the corona as I slide out, the head popping from his mouth, still spurting cum. “Thanks, bud!” I smile down to him. “No, thank YOU, Brye!” he smiles up to me with his stretched lips as he wipes his cute little mouth clean with his thick, corded forearm. He stands and lets his sheet drop to the floor. I stand there, stunned. My friend is now a massive, godly teen in his own right. “FUCK, Davey! You’re a fucking muscle BEAST, dude!” I exclaim, somehow having forgotten that he had created a spell for me to grow him, as well as he growing me - and I had grown him, hugely! All the years of pent up sexual energy between the two of us is finally being unleashed with the advent of our imposing, deified bodies. I throw him to the floor as my cock reinflates and throbs at the sight of his mammoth, nude and rippling form. He lifts his hefty, muscle-bound legs and locks them around my comparatively thin waist. Looking down at his tremendous, powerful and chiseled features, I touch my, once again, pre cum flowing cock head to his waiting and hungry ass hole. Taking my rigid cock in my hand, I slap the head against his ass several times, spreading pre and lubricating his cave for the coming assault. After positioning the pulsing crown upon his hole, I shov just hard enough for the corona to pop past his sphincter. He shudders in ecstatic pleasure as the invasion begins. I push further, the crown crowding his prostate and causing his cock to shoot pre cum onto his abs as he begis to thrash about, pounding the floor. “Holy FUCK, Brye! UNGH! FUCK ME - PUH-LEEEZE! Oh, FUCK! My GOD, Brye! More, MORE!” David thunders. Inch by inch, I feed his ass more of me, watching my bulbous mushroom cock head push his thick abdominals out as he struggles to flex them tight on my dick within him. I pull back, my corona stimulating his quivering body as it drags back through him. He growls, “NOOO! Brye! FUCK ME - HARD!” I sneer down and cram my cock into his guts until his ass is flush against my hips. I began to fuck him like a jackhammer. He moans - beats and claws at my hard, muscled body until I shov into him one last time, hard, clenching my ass and roaring like a beast. My cock explodes within him and bathes his insides with gallons of hot, steaming cum from his god. Large puddles of cum shoot from around my shaft and out of his pummeled ass and onto the floor. As I pull my still bucking cock from his tight ass with a loud POP, he grabs his own ample sex trunk and begins to pump. “Guess you’re getting what you always wanted, Davey, and I’m just a fucking perpetual cum factory looking for someplace to unload!” I laugh. Dave gets up, still stroking his rigid, hungry rod, and looks at me, “Brye, PLEASE! I need release. I need to fuck your perfect, god like body. Let me fuck YOU, Brye! Let me rape that round, hard, muscular ass of a god!” “Shit! Why not, Dave? What the fuck! Have at it!” I chuckle as I lay on my back and lift my massive legs, exposing my asshole as a target for Dave’s long, thick spear. He wastes no time driving his hungry cock into the object of his desire. I clinch, giving him exquisite pleasure and pulling his cock in further as he moans and thrusts into me in rapturous sexual intoxication. “Oh, FUCK, Brye! UNGH! SHIT!” he moans as I flex and release ass and abdominal muscles I didn’t even know I had, pleasuring both him and myself in ways never imagined. My ass sucks, massages and milks his cock until he is screaming for release. With a final rippling of those muscles in my ass, his cock explods in an orgasm that goes on for minutes as I continue milking with just the controlled movement of my wonderfully enhanced ass muscles. “GOD, Brye! How? Fuck - THANK YOU!” he moans in totally ravished delerium, collapsing on the floor. There is a loud knocking at the door. “Police! Is anybody home? We’re doing a neighborhood check.” My cock twitches in anticipation at the sound and I look down at Dave who, noticing my dick dance upon hearing a cop’s voice, grins back at me before answering, “Hold on a sec. I’ll be right there.” He jumps from the floor and grabs his sheet and wraps it around his waist as he walks to the door and peers through the peephole to see two uniformed officers waiting. Dave motions “2” to me as I step behind the foyer wall and, while stroking my rising shaft, wait to follow Dave’s lead in having fun with the cops at the door. As Dave opens the door, the cops are immediately staring into two balloons of granite hard pectorals rippling in front of them. They both stumble back before regaining composure, looking up into the stunningly handsome teen’s face and asking if he’d heard anything from outside over the past couple of hours. “No, officers, but come in and let me throw some clothes on and you can ask whatever questions you’d like.” Dave booms in his new, deep, bass voice. Dave lets them walk past him towards the base of the stairs, closes and locks the door behind him. As soon as both cops are in the house, their nostrils are filled with the scent of musk, sex and cum - they notice the huge puddle of whitish liquid on the floor and turn in time to see Dave’s sheet drop to the floor and an even larger, more muscular teen step beside him stroking his fully erect, long, thick cock. I notice both of the cops' eyes roam our herculean bodies and dilate. Stunned, they both mouth, “Holy, FUCK!” as their jaws drop. “Double bi, Davey!” I command and we both raise our arms and flex hard. At the same time, Davey’s cock inflates like a CO2 cartridge has detonated in his shaft as the monstrous organ slaps up into his thick, grinding abdominal wall. “On your knees!” I thunder to the cops as I lower my bulging arms, place one fist around my thick cock and begin to stroke the massive, pre cum slick apendage. I step towards the two astonished men and they fall to their knees, drawing their weapons and pointing them towards me and Davey. “Bad move, you stupid little fucks!” I bellow as I snatch both guns from their grasp in one swift movement of my free hand, still stroking my hungry cock with the other. I open my palm before the trembling cops so they can see their weapons before I slowly close my powerful fingers around the pathetically weak metal and form a fist, the guns simply being merged and molded into a single, useless ball of steel by my limitless power. As I drop the metal ball to the floor, both cops stare up at my heaving mass, drooling, and begin to fumble at their belts and zippers, their own cocks now painfully solidified, throbbing and saluting Davey and me - Gods of power whose mere presence elicits an irresistible worshipful and sexual response from both men, their supposed masculinity and illusion of control and power immediately stripped away by merely being in the presence of such godly creatures. “Go ahead, little slaves, strip before your Gods!” I rumble as I push my cock down towards them and motion Davey to join me in front of our newest toys. “But first, radio for back-up.” I grin as I flex my cock, causing pre cum to flow and coat both trembling, but apparently grateful, little men. Turning to Davey, I smirk: "Time to grow, Bro!" We both close our eyes and I feel the orgasmic bliss of muscle and sinew stretching, growing, and expanding all over my powerful body. I hear Davey thunder, “Oh, YES, Brye . . . become a GOD!” and I open my eyes to see his huge hyper-muscled body seemingly drop away from me as I grow. He remains at a swole size larger than any other human, but I explode with muscular size and sinew as I rise. He turns and runs out the front door to see my thick, muscle-bound torso explode through the roof of the house. As I continue to grow, I lean forward and look over my jutting pectorals and down to my feet. Our two worshipful little cops simply popped and smeared to an unrecognizable paste as my feet expanded in the wreckage of the house. The two bugs did not have a chance to escape. I lift one bloodied foot, place it on top of their pulped remains and grind them to a liquified paste unrecognizable as anything that had once been human. I grin, halt my expansion at about one hundred feet of thick, swole, bone crushing muscle as sunlight glistens off of my inhumanly thick, powerful frame. My flaccid cock, twice the size of a man, hangs, twitching, at twelve feet of thick, pulsing vein covered meat. I crash through the remains of the house and plant my feet on either side of Davey who gazes up at me in awe and lust. He falls to his knees and screams, “You ARE a GOD, Brye! THANK YOU for leaving me this size so that I can behold you in reality as I always have envisioned you to be in my head. Oh, FUCK!” He grabs his saluting cock and squeezes. “I just KNEW it!” he gushes. I grin at his recognition and adulation, reach down and lift my cock and wag it over his head as it begins to inflate and lengthen at his worshipful stance and words. “HA! HA! HA!” I thunder as I taunt my tiny friend, “Now I KNOW you’ve always worshipped me, bug! Thanks for believing enough in those spells to awaken the titanic fucking BEAST that I truly am.” I instinctively know what he longs to hear and I continue in my deep, booming voice, “You will now SERVE me the way you have always wanted to, Davey . . . as my pathetic little BITCH, boy! Do you understand me, you worthless little muscle-faggot?” (He doesn’t realize, yet, that I want a companion and that I will, again, make him a massive muscle giant to be with me as I did earlier.) Davey’s shocked and frightened look at hearing my pronouncement surprises me, so I soften my face and smile, the yards of gleaming white enamel sparkling in the sunlight. The ten feet tall muscle beast, which I allowed him to remain, relaxes realizing that I am just rewarding him for the gift of Godhood which he bestowed upon me . . . I am treating him as he longed to be treated by me. He crawls up to my feet and begins licking the cops’ blood from my toes. “Oh, YES, my God!” he responds as he looks up, his eyes slowly roaming the vast expanse of my terrifyingly large and bulging, rock-solid musculature. His eyes hesitate as he sees my hardening, now two-story long cock, thicker than a bus, with pendulous balls churching beneath its base in the man-sized nut-sack resting on my expansive, rippling quads. “I have ALWAYS been, and will always be, your fucking little bitch-boy. I exist only for you, Brye . . . you ARE my GOD!” Neighbors have poured out of their houses and into the street witnessing what is unfolding. Most are frozen in fear seeing and hearing what has transpired. Some have run to their cars and are backing from driveways to try to get away from such a titan. Others, like three college jock bodybuilders that live two doors down, have cautiously approached me, THE Alpha Male, the embodiment of the muscle and power they long for and spend countless hours in the gym trying to attain. I focus on the three respectfully sized and muscled men and slowly lower down on one knee. I notice a car with four occupants driving on the street between me and the little bodybuilders as I lower. My cock slaps into the street as my knee obliterates the road just a little further down the street. The car collides with a large, immovable object: my cock head. The car is stopped dead in it tracks. My cock pusles larger with the light stimulation of the crash. “Davey, come out and meet our three little admirers.” I boom to Dave who walks around my nutsack, setting on the ground, and around my cock and wrecked car in the street. He continues across the street to tower over the more than six feet tall bodybuilders. “How the fuck?!?!” one of the muscled little creatures blurted out as he saw super stacked and hung Dave approach, towering over them. “We know both of you kids! How can this be happening?” At the same time, I boomed from above, “You can see all of our lust inspiring bodies, little muscle-sluts, but we can only see your arms and legs. Only fair if we can compare, don’t you think?” I can hear people screaming for help from within the car that clocked my cock, apparently unable to open their doors. My cock twitches, lifting from the pavement and coming down on the hood of the vehicle, compressing the engine and causing the rear tires to lift from the pavement. The high pitched screams of the occupants increases. The three bodybuilders just stand there, drooling and dripping, unable to comprehend what is happening, but their internalized and lustful desire for what I am is obvious. I thunder, “Strip, NOW, worthless little fucks!” To emphasize their fate if they don’t obey, I form a fist and, with one swift movement, flatten another car full of bugs trying to turn around in the street and escape. The force of my blow instantly splatters the puny humans in the car as it entombs their remains in the pancaked vehicle. All three immediately strip as quickly as they can and just stand there. I examine them. All in great shape, endowed with above average cocks, now semi-hard after my little demonstration of superiority. “Any of you lust after guys?” I ask as I flex, all of my elephantine muscle bulging obscenely. Almost in unison I hear them sputter, “No, Sir! Oh . . . H-H-Holy. FUUUUUCK!” as their little cocks spring up, slapping their abs and saluting their object of desire. David, of course was already drooling, rock-hard, and pre-cum flowing. “Davey, flex for them.” I command and David hits a mind blowing double bi, his cock proudly pointing up to his thick chest overhang, and dripping pre-cum. They all fall to their knees before us. “Any of you lust for real power?” I sneer as I flex my two story long, cock, hold it over the car of screaming people. “Having REAL Power, little bugs,” I continue, “is being able to mindlessly flex your cock and snuff out four full-grown men without lifting a finger!” I relax my cock and it smashes down directly on top of the wrecked vehicle full of screaming bugs. The screaming stops abruptly as the car flattens beneath the bulk of my hardening cock. Glass, metal shards, and blood spray from beneath my tool as it twitches and vibrates with the stimulation, pre-cum flowing onto the sidewalk on the other side of the street. Cum rockets from the three throbbing little cocks with the sound of the snuff-by-cock and car demolition. ”I see you ALL totally lust for what I am, as it should be, my little toys. It can be no other way. You three little worms lust after something you can never have nor attain. How incredibly pathetic you are!” I spoke to them. “It would be cruel to allow you to live in such turmoil and agony!” The smaller of the three stands and turns to run as he is overshadowed by my massive hand reaching to lift him from the ground, screaming and kicking. The other two grab their cum slick dicks and stroke at the sight of their friend being handled like nothing but a worthless little toy at the hands of a muscle-bound giant! With that, David prostrates himself and chants so that I and all others present can hear. I close my eyes as he begins to speak. With the world as His playground, All mankind will know Brye’s unlimited power, His carnage to show Of these weak little humans, Worshipful service he craves, Or this beast will destroy them, His insolent slaves. As his powerful muscles, Unrivaled in size, Cause all life to tremble, His lusts will arise. No power can stop The desires he fulfills, As with bloody rampages, He destroys and he kills. I open my eyes when he finishes and growl as I clench my fist containing the struggling little insect. He is reduced to a crimson goo dripping from my fist as I state matter-of-factly, “Willingly or unwillingly, all human infestation on this planet will serve me as their God and are only useful for my purposes and pleasure.” Everyone gathered and gawking begins scream and stampede towards a church at the end of the street, except the two remaining bodybuilders staring, slack jawed, at the remains of their friend dripping from my fist. I grin, lift my fist to my lips and lap the iron-rich snack from my hand. I know the remaining two are mine. To the larger of the two, I speak, “I want you to understand what happens to you, weak little man. Grab a lizard from the grass.” He obeys immediately with a quick snatch and holds the wriggling, squirming little lizard in his hand. “Now, close your eyes and hold the weak squirming little thing against your cock.” I order. He does and I hear him moan as he begins to slowly stroke. “Now imagine he is your friend that is kneeling next to you. He is now small, weak, and INSIGNIFICANT! The power you have over this struggling little form is intoxicating, isn’t it? You long to CRUSH him against your hard cock, don’t you, little man? To be powerful, in control? You hold his PATHETIC and WORTHLESS life in your hand!” I taunt as I see him squeeze hard. He feels the snapping of the little creature’s bones and the warm blood on his cock as he strokes and crushes his little sex toy against his cock and begins to cum. His eyes shoot open in horror. He looks over at his friend who stares at him with a look of betrayed disgust. They both see my hand approaching to scoop them up. They scream, raising their feeble arms in an attempt to fend me off. I snatch the larger one from the ground and he recognizes the sickening feeling of a quick ascent before being pressed against a musky, hard and hot, fleshy surface, slick with some hot, salty slick substance. It throbs painfully against him as he begins to slide up, then down, slowly, at first. The speed picks up, as does the pressure on his puny body from the fist in which he is trapped. “Oh, FUCK!” the doomed little powerhouse thinks to himself, “He is going to crush and smear me on his giant cock to get off! Oh, GOD, no!!!” But there is no one to hear his thoughts or respond to his futile plea. “NNNPH! NO!” the doomed little bodybuilder tries to yell, but his face is being crushed and rubbed against my massive penis, pleasuring me as the lizard had stimulated him. He knows what is coming and knows there is nothing he can do to stop it, but struggles anyway, just as his lizard had done in a pathetically futile attempt to survive. As I squeeze harder, he can’t help but cum again as he succumbs to pure power. I stand as I snatch the worthless little muscle-slut from the ground and begin brutally stroking him on my solid, godly cock. The one smaller bodybuilder left watches my muscles flex and balloon as I stroke his friend up and down my gigantic cock and screams up to me, “You ARE a GOD! Thank you for sparing me . . . I will do ANYTHING! I am YOURS, Master!” Still stroking, I reach down and lift this sniveling worm from the ground and lift him to my face. “You want to help my godly muscles grow even larger and more powerful, worthless worm?” I grin evilly. He begins to struggle to no avail. “How can I help a God grow?” he whimpers despondently knowing the answer will spell his demise. “Protein snack, bug!” I state flatly as I tilt my head back and lift him over my open, cavernous mouth. I let him dangle there, briefly, letting his fear and terror crescendo along with his shrieks before dropping him in. I move him around my mouth with my tongue, kicking, screaming and punching in the hot, moist darkness, before positioning him between my molars. I relish the slow snapping of bones and pops of organs as I slowly clench my jaws shut. I am rewarded with the delicious spurt of his exploding body flooding my taste buds. “Mmmmmm.” I purr. Davey runs up to my feet and screams up, “Please, Brye, let me feel you crush him against your powerful cock meat!” I grin at Davey’s lust to feel power and lift him to my stroking death fist and place him on the outside while carefully wrapping my other palm around him to hold him in place. He is now sandwiched between the stroking fist and my other palm holding him against the death fist so he can feel the vibrations of the cock-kill. I slowly stroke with both hands while increasing pressure with the death-fist wrapped around my throbbing cock and toy. Davey can hear the screams and cries of the compressing little bug, then the snapping of bones and, finally, the explosion of the puny sack of flesh against my more powerful cock as the weak little thing succumbs to becoming my cock lube. I feel Davey’s cock jettison his load on the back of my death-fist as his body reacts to the feel of the little toy’s explosion against my shaft and the pressures of being contained within a virtual cocoon of my massive and powerful fists. He knows my dark desires and that I could just as easily decided to obliterate his puny body at the same time. What he doesn’t know is the tremendous self-control it took for me not to squish him against the back of my hand and ingest his remains. I remove my palm containing Davey and lift him to my face. “Oh, GOD! THANK YOU, Brye!” he pants. He doesn’t know why I am drooling and licking my lips as I set him on my shoulder and turn to walk to the church at the end of the street. That’s okay. Let him assume I am thinking of the church as an all-you-can-eat buffet. As booming, quaking footsteps arrive at the church, I imagine the fear of the little people huddled in side and reach down to stroke my gory cock in anticipation. I set Davey down in the cemetery before turning around and knocking the steeple off of the building. With that done, I reach on either side of the building, pierce it below the roofline with my trunklike fingers, and lift the entire roof from the building. I toss that to the side and peer in to the sanctuary. I only see the priest cowering at the front and praying feverishly. I know the whole neighborhood came in this building. Where could they be? I can hear the priest babbling, “Oh, God, help me in my hour of need and protect those in your care.” “Are you talking to ME?” I bellow as his eyes remain closed and he keeps repeating the same thing. I slowly stroke my cock, throbbing in anticipation, over the now open building. “LOOK AT ME!” I roar to the trembling priest. The priest, clinging to his book, opens his eyes and looks up. His eyes behold bulging, rippling muscle as the new ceiling to his church. All that swole man-beef blocking the sky rippling and bulging in use to stroke a massive phallus leaking into his sanctuary, pre-cum pooling and running in different directions. The hyper-masculine scent accosts his nostrils as he looks further up to see the massive, angry face of a teen that used to attend. “B-B-B-Brye?” he squeaks to the muscled deity looking down at him. “I prefer how you were addressing me before.” I spit in revulsion. I lower my hand towards him and press him back against the wall. “Tell me I am your GOD or I will splatter your worthless little body against this wall.” I order. I can feel his cock lurch and throb. “I know you always worshipped my godly body when I came here. I could always tell, ‘Father’. You wanted me. You want me now, but I’m WAY too much for a mere human to handle, I always have been.” I jeer. I release him from the wall and grab the organ by him in my fist and lift it like it weighs nothing. I raise my fist containing the massive instrument and squeeze, flexing my planetary biceps and forearm as I crush that organ to little pieces. It crumbles and little pieces bounce off of my hardened muscle, falling back into the sanctuary. “Oh, my GOD!” Father screams unable to hide his arousal and desire. Pre-cum continues to bubble from my slit and rope to the pews below. “Much better, ‘Father’!” I continue. “Now, where is everyone hiding?” I ask. “No! Brye! I can’t.” he responds fearfully. I take my finger and swirl pre-cum around the massive, almost glowing, mushroom head of my cock before flicking the pulped, unrecognizable remains of my previous cock-toy off of my shaft and into the sanctuary, landing by the priest. “Oh, God! What have you done, Brye?” the priest asks in a shaky voice as he looks upon the puddle of what is still obviously human remains. As he looks back up, I flex my arm over the sanctuary again, turn my head, extend my long tongue and lick the cable sized veins pulsing just under the surface of my skin, almost worshipping the powerful biceps muscles. I then lower my fist and extend the pre-cum coated finger to my lips and suck it in before removing it from my mouth and licking my lips slowly, sensually. “‘Father’, I can grant you your desires. Just tell me where everyone is.” I coax. “I know what you long for, what you lust after. Would your former god give you this if you do what he asks of you?” I taunt as I reach over to the cemetery, grab David and bring him to the sanctuary, setting the nude, massively swole Adonis before the priest. “Tell me where they are, ‘Father’, and he will let you do whatever you want to him, or he to you. Just tell me where they are, and he’s yours!” I grin to the conflicted little man. “David, flex hard for your little admirer.” David flexes his teen bulk to obscenely striated and thick, granite hard orbs of muscle, his cock, once again, rising to salute Brye’s voice and herculean presence. The priest looks up at Brye, then back to the massively muscled boy flexing just for him. “You ARE a God! But, what are you going to do to them?” he whispers longingly as he reaches out his hand and runs it over Davey’s thick, hard body. “Look at me, ‘Father’.” I order and he looks into my dark eyes. I shake my godly cock over his head. “I think you’d like to watch what I’m going to do them, insect. I’m going to use this train sized god-cock to give them all what they desire, as well. I will rape and fuck them all until they are just bloody smears upon this godly alter.” I shake my throbbing cock over him. “MMMMMM! FUCK, yeah, BUG! There will be NOTHING left of them” “Oh, God, YES! They are all hiding in the basement, my God! Use them to bring you pleasure, my Master! Take them all as a living sacrifice and use them as you will, my terrifying King and God!” he bleated, salvia spraying from his mouth. “Good, boy, ‘Father’.” I commend. Turning to Davey, “David, fuck this self-serving little bug.” David grabs the priest and rips off his robes like they were tissue. He pushes him face down onto the alter and roughly impales him with his long, thick fuck pole. The priest screams out, “OH, GOD, YES! FUCK ME!” as David begins to brutally rape his ass as he continually whimpers, “More, please, God, more!” After David finishes piston-fucking the little bastard and fills him with his spunk, I reach in and pluck the priest from David’s tool. “Now, ‘Father’, I know what you have really always wanted . . . ME! Why settle for a substitute.” I hold him up to one flexed arm. “WORSHIP ME, YOU PATHETIC FLEA!” I boom, loud enough for the basement dwellers to hear. He is now so far lost in lust that, even with his torn and bleeding ass, he begins licking, kissing, and sucking at the sweaty flesh of my biceps, his little cock bobbing hard before him. “Who is your God, little man?” I ask loudly. He now screams, almost in ecstasy, “YOU ARE, BRYE! YOU are my GOD and I will serve and worship you all the days of my life!” I take his little body and place it on one hard, boulderous pectoral, I drag him over the vast surface and down to my head-sized nipple and under the overhang of my pec, then down over the massive bricks and ridges of my abdominals, battering him against my hard body the whole way. I lift him and hold his bruised and bleeding body in front of my pulsing, leaking cock head. “I baptize you into ME!” I growl as I thrust him against my cock and let my steaming pre-cum cover his body. “You WILL worship me all the days of your life, you minuscule little fuck wad!” I simmer as I position his rigid little cock over my slit and lower him until he is laying across my crown, licking, kissing, humping and crying uncontrollably. I envelope my cock head with my fist, with the worthless bug splayed beneath it, and squeeze slowly. I hear his faint cries as I begin to twist and squeeze, but his words are not what I expect. “I have always been yours, my perfectly muscled and powerful boy. You have always been my God of muscle and power. Use me as you will. Crush me with your power and make me yours forever!” “Oh, FUCK, YEAH!” I bellow at his self-sacrificial worship. I clench my fist on my cock head and relish the feel of such a puny little body crushing and pulping under my power. I twist his flattened corpse across the sensitive glans and moan. I lift my hand and look in my palm. Mixed with my pre-cum are the bloody, flattened remains of the little prick. I grin, lap the mess from my hand and swallow. “Your prayer is answered, fucking freak.” “Now, for the neighbors.” I rumble to Davey as I reach in, extricate him from the sanctuary, and set him back in the cemetery. I reach down and around to wrap my bulging arms around the roofless church. With a light flex of my chest and arms, I cause the puny structure to implode upon itself, sealing the basement exit for good. Assuming a push-up position, my upper body exploding with muscular power, I position my massive famished cock as a ramrod into the basement of the church. With a slow flexion of my incredibly rounded ass, I slowly drive my cock into the earth until I feel the solid block wall of the basement. I grin as I flex a bit more, feeling the block give way to the impossible pressure of my cock’s slow grind forward. I stop when I feel my cock head punch into the basement, the rough, broken block on the flared ridge of my crown a pleasant, lust building stimulation. I can feel the pre-cum pumping from my piss slit and a brief pounding sensation that quickly ceases. -------- Inside the basement, the people who thought they had fled to a safe refuge hear the events that take place above them. Fear strikes terror in their hearts as they hear their spiritual leader succumb to desire and confess the titanic muscle beast as his GOD. They hear their former priest offer them as an offering to the behemoth and then openly worship the titanic beast. A period of silence and then they hear the terrible crash of the building coming down as it was smashed by Brye, then . . . more silence. Someone tries the basement exits, but they are all jammed tight. They murmur amongst themselves in the room lit with flashlights. How could this be happening? Wasn’t this there neighbor’s boy? Hadn’t they watched him grow into a strapping young man? Suddenly, they seem to feel the ground trembling. People against one wall hear cracking sounds and see fractures appear on the wall. Then the wall explodes inwards and part of the basement is filled with a massive, pulsing flesh with steaming, slimy liquid pulsing from a large, gaping slit in its center. They immediately all know what this is as the pre-cum begins to cover the floor mixing with the blood. An intoxicatingly strong, masculine aroma fills the space . . . they can actually smell sex, lust, and power and know that they are doomed. Two men lay trapped beneath the massive cock-head, screaming and beating upon it. This proves to be a fatal mistake as the stimulation causes it to swell, crushing the two bodies until they POP, spraying the remaining puny humans with blood and gore as they scream and beg for mercy. -------- I slowly begin a rhythmic fucking, pushing my cock further and further into the basement until it touches the back wall. Every time I connect with the back wall, I feel some POPS and bask in the thought that my mild fuck is exploding bodies with each thrust.. As I slide my fuck pole back and forth in the basement, I can feel tiny hands, feet, arms, legs, and bodies stimulating my crown and shaft. SO intoxicating, this new feeling of fucking a crowd! Even with that, it is such a loose fuck space! I dig my hands into the earth and begin to compress the basement space in around my lust filled log. As I do, I begin to feel a warm, gritty lube upon my shaft as the pressure of my crushing the basement in towards my bucking cock progresses. My muscles bulge with powerful, crushing forces as I close my eyes and imagine all those fucking bugs clamoring to escape the inevidable. Mmmm . . . those puny little bodies cracking, snapping, popping, and squishing against my blood thirsty cock just to pleasure their God. I squeeze both my hands together around my cock-containing basement and flex my ass hard in a final thrust as the volcanic eruption of the release of my godly seed floods any remaining spaces beneath the church and fountains from any exit from the earth above.. I have kept my promise to that fucking priest of what I would do with his offering! -------- Inside the basement, the people are screaming at the grisly death of two of their own beneath just the dickhead of this massive teen creature. Then the monstrous appendage begins to move in and out, deeper and deeper into the basement, leaving streams of pre-cum coating everything it slides by. The flashlights are smashed and all is dark. Every time the massive crown hits the back wall, there are muffled screams and SPLATS as blood rains throughout the dark tomb. There is more rumbling and cracking, the side walls begin to crack and cave in, forcing everyone closer to the appendage rhythmically raping the space in which these doomed little insects try to hide. Both men and women come to the realization, to late, that this titanic, virile, teen is, indeed, a God and their minds snap. They rub, kiss, and hump the deity’s monstrous cock in an effort to appease the beast. They die in painful ecstasy as they are pulped and crushed against God’s cock before it stops moving, swells, and explodes with white-hot jiz. The pressure of the ejaculation of such volume and pressure in such a confined space thoroughly mixes the bloodied remains with Gods seed before shooting from the ground above at any fissure and outlet. -------- I pull my still-hard cock from the hole in the ground and stand, dripping, onto the wreckage of the church. Davey runs up to the hole left by my cock, not a pond of crimson cum, dips his hand in and drinks hungrily of my gory seed. I look up as I hear sirens in the distance. I can see not just several police cars heading our way, but several military vehicles, as well. “Well, Davey, time for more fun!” I smile down to David as I stroke my satisfied cock and squeeze out the last voluminous squirt of cum. “Wanna grow?” “FUCK, yeah, Brye!” David gushes as he lifts his thick, muscle-corded arm and wipes the bloody cum dripping from his lips. I grin down to him and whisper, “Not yet, my insatiable and blood-thirsty little friend. Let’s have more fun at a more ‘normal’ size. How about being a couple of seven feet tall, thick, striated and unstoppable muscle-bound teens . . . the only survivors of the beast that obliterated this pathetic little town and then vanished before our eyes. At least that’s our story!” Davey grins and closes his eyes as he quietly chants: We must now diminish In position and size, Our true power and stature To others disguised. In brawn and in might As gods still we appear, Though more human in form Our supremacy clear. As we toy with these insects Instill them with dread, They will cum in pure worship, As their blood we will shed. I feel a slight vertigo as I witness the ground appear to rise and my height comes down to seven feet of thick and bulging muscles. I look David in the eyes and grin. Now the same height, I pull his rock-hard and powerful body into mine and invade his mouth with my long tongue, a deep, passionate kiss for my “creator” as reward. I can taste the bloody pre cum still in Davey’s mouth and swirl the smooth, warm liquid within our mouths. Both of our cocks surge and we grind them into our thickly bricked abdominals as our massive hands cup each others rippling globes of ass muscles and pull in close. Our thick pectorals fight for space between our behemothic bodies. I break our lip-lock and Davey runs his hands over my jutting pectorals, down my abdominals, and wraps his fist around the base of my cock. I grab his wrist and pull his hand away. “We need to find a couple of sheets to wrap around our waists before the cops and military arrive.” I boom as I slap his ass, lingering on the hard inundating ball of muscle and begin walking to a house across the street from the demolished church. Davey follows, no doubt admiring my wide, rippling back and my tight, muscled ass rising and falling with each step I take. When we reach the house, I effortlessly rip the door out of the frame, duck, and walk into the house. I find a couple of sheets in a bedroom and we wrap them over our shoulders and cover our bodies, hiding, for the time being, our Herculean musculature from the soon to be arriving squads of officers. “Come on, Dave.” I say, “Let’s go sit on the curb . . . no reason to alert them to our true size before they arrive. About that time, two State Trooper cars and two military vehicles come around the corner and stop in front of us. Two cops get out of each car and about a dozen soldiers leap from their vehicles, rifles at the ready as they start to run over to what’s left of the church, but stop and sniff the air. I hadn’t noticed until then the intensely musky and masculine scent of sex and cum that permeates the air. I notice the officers faces begin to flush as they reach down and adjust their crotches. The military sergeant comes back to the policeman and states flatly, “I’ve never seen anything like this. The church is completely destroyed and the basement is a crater full of hot and thick white, blood laced liquid containing bits and pieces of mashed bodies. There are MASSIVE foot and hand prints in the area. I know the priest called, but there’s no sign of him or anyone else around . . . just these two boys.” The remaining soldiers come up behind their sargent as all the men gather around Davey and me. The police sergeant comes over to us and asks, “What happened here, boys? Where is everyone?” David looks up and responds, “We hid, sir, when we saw a giant muscle-man come into town. He brutally snuffed some people and the rest of the town ran to the church for protection. My friend Brye here and I hid in this house until everything became quiet. We came out just before you arrived” “A giant, huh?” the cop mutters in disbelief. Eyeing both of us, he asks, “Where are your clothes, boys? Why are you wrapped in sheets? Here . . . let me help you up.” With that, he steps over and places his hand on Brye’s upper arm to assist help him from the curb. His hand doesn’t even reach partially across the expanse of Brye’s inhumanly bulging and solid triceps rippling beneath the sheet. The cop pulls his hand back, “DAMN, son! You boys are fucking HUGE . . . and solid!” “We do work out, Sir.” I respond as I look at Davey and we both stand and walk over to the closest police car. Almost in unison we hear the crowd of about sixteen stocky men exclaim, “Holy FUCK!” in a whisper as their necks crane to look up at our hulking, thick, and wide seven feet tall forms. I can almost feel their eyes roaming our bodies and trying to figure out what the sheets draping over us are covering. I see all of their eyes bulge from their sockets as they scan down and see massive diamond shaped calves the size of their heads, mapped with pumping veins, flexing over feet that must be at least a size twenty. I see most men adjusting their awakening manhoods at the sight of two massive teens . . . seeing us, the musky aroma of cum and sex permiates the air from the fucked-to-pieces church. I look the cop closest to me in the eyes and grin. As I lift my arms and throw my shoulders back, the sheet falls to the ground behind me. My thick, foot long cock drapes over my grapefruit sized, churning nuts nestled atop my mounds of obscenely massive quads. Pre-cum ropes to the pavement and pools. The cop’s mouth drops open in disbelief. “Oh my GOD!” he exclaims as he gasps at the enormous muscle-teen flexing before him. Still covered by his sheet, Davey falls to his knees looking at me. I see all crotches begin to bulge as little dicks began to salute the true alpha prime. The police sergeant who had felt my arm earlier shuffles up to me and places his hand on my biceps which are larger than his head and tries to dent the granite hard sinew. I flex and he pisses himself, even though his little dick is hard and throbbing at the sight of such titanic masculine perfection. I feel myself growing and expanding as Davey begins his worshipful thoughts of me as a brutal and beastly deity. All eyes are on me as I flex and my sex-thirsty cock inflates. “I am the giant, you pathetic little fucks.” I raise my arms and flex as I reach a height of thirty feet of dancing, diamond hard muscle. The military sergeant draws his pistol and empties his clip, all bullets bounce harmlessly off of my impenetrable flesh. I scowl and snatch him from the ground, easily encircling his torso in my fist as he sputters and struggles uselessly in my grasp. The four cops back away cautiously as the troops raise their rifles and aim at me, trembling. “Drop your useless weapons.” I thunder. They all hesitate and look at each other, their commander squeezed in my fist and unable to bark any commands to his men. The cops run and jump in their cars, locking their doors. I see them frantically fumbling with their radios. With my free hand, I reach down and slowly stroke my man thick cock, cable like veins pulsing the steely hard shaft. I lift a massive foot and place it on top of one of the cop cars as I sneer, “Fucking insects!” My quads explode with size and power as I slowly lower my foot, the two cops raising their arms to the roof inside as the tortured metal squeals. The car begins to compress as the cops in the other car and the soldiers watch, stunned by my incredible size, power, and brutality. “This is you bugs alive,” I thunder, “This is bugs dead!” I drive my foot to the ground, flattening the car beneath my sole instantly and cratering the pavement. Blood and gore shoots from beneath my foot as the car and living beings it contains are pancaked flat. “Do you really want to piss off a god that can snuff you without a second thought, worms?” I continue,“Drop your weapons and strip . . . NOW!” The eleven soldiers immediately comply and I grin to the sergeant in my fist. I speak to the trembling sergeant with disgust, “They obviously take orders from me, now, so what use are you?” I lower him to my cock-head pulsing pre-cum continuously. “You’re not a man! You’re nothing but a pathetically weak little toy to the titanic and godly alpha beast that I AM.” I coat his little head with my steamy pre-cum as he spits, sputters, and coughs. The little thing is only about the size of my overpowering god-cock. I chuckle. He whimpers and begins to lap at my slit, kissing it and drinking of my nectar. “Good little bug!” I grin.
  7. compactmuscle

    Biker Muscle

    Also known as "Big Dan". This story dates from the 1990s, I believe. The first five original parts were written by Michael Yoder (myoder). TCCowboy wrote the sixth part. This version was preserved by fred2001, with slight corrections by me. Big Dan Part I Dan was a biker. He liked being on the open road and only took jobs when he needed the bucks for food or a good workout. His favorite jobs were construction and logging - anything that worked his huge muscles hard and helped him grow. He was a huge man and wanted to be even bigger! He was 35 years old stood 6'8" and weighed 480lbs. His neck was a thick 25" around and his shoulders spanned 38" across his back! His chest, thick with dark brown hair was an incredible 75". His biceps stretched the tape at 26" but he wanted them bigger. His hairy forearms measured 22" and his wrists were nearly 10" around. His waist was 36" and his abs jutted out like bricks. His thighs were an amazing 40" and his calves were blown to almost 29". He was a giant, totally powerful and totally in control. His hair shoulder length, thinning a little on top and he kept it brushed back, and he wore a mustache that framed his sneering lips. After one his construction jobs, Dan went down to a gym near the Italian district. The place was small, but he noticed the men coming out were big. He figured this would be a good place for him to pump up. He wandered into the small, dark gym and paid for a workout. He stripped into some shorts and immediately grabbed the heaviest weights he could find and started pumping. The other guys were astounded at Dan's incredible strength - warming up his arms with 200lbs! He pumped out 20 reps and put them down looking for bigger weights. He settled on 250lbs for another 20 reps. His arms were ripped and huge, but he wished they could be bigger. Then a guy came over and started talking with Dan. "Hey, big guy! You wanna get bigger?!" Dan put the weights down and looked over. This guy wasn't as tall as Dan - only 6'2", but he was big! He rivaled Dan in muscle size, and probably strength. He said his name was John. "Bigger than this?!" Dan said. "Yeah, Fuck man, I wanna be the fucking biggest freak around!" He flexed his pumped 26" biceps and grunted. "Fuckin' huge, man. You can make me bigger?" "Yeah," the guy said handing Dan 4 small blue pills. "Take one of these, workout for a while and you'll pump so huge you won't believe it. Forty bucks." Dan grabbed his wallet and paid the guy. "If this doesn't work, I'll pound your fucking ass man!" He swallowed one of the pills and started to bench press with 500lbs. He completed a few reps and suddenly felt dizzy. He put the weight back on the rack before it crashed onto his chest. The dizziness persisted for a moment, and then Dan felt a rush - like fire in his veins. The rush ran through his whole body as the steroid took effect. Then he felt a rush of power and grabbed the 500lb barbell. Now it felt like a toothpick! He hefted it up and down, pumping out 20 reps, 30 reps, 40 reps! "Not enough weight!" he shouted, jumping up from the bench. He grabbed another 500lb barbell and started doing curls with it! "Yeah! Fuck man, this is wild!" He watched in the mirror as his arms expanded before his eyes. The 500lbs was like nothing to him as his power increased with every passing second. He wanted more weight. He grabbed the leg press machine - loaded down with plates and lifted the whole thing over his head with a shout of power! He sneered at the puny men gathered round to watch this incredible feat. He pressed the 1500lbs of machine over his head like a toy! "BIGGER! FUCKIN' BIGGER!" He looked in the mirror and saw how his T-shirt was stretched tight over his massive and expanding muscle. The veins in his neck and arms were like thick ropes, Striations were bursting through his skin. His dick was getting bigger, too, he could feel it growing in his shorts which were stretched over his massive quads! He was mesmerized by his reflection and tossed the machine down with a tremendous crash! "Somebody measure me, man!" He held his gargantuan biceps up and flexed. His shirt sleeves tore away. He rolled his big pecs and the shirt ripped open falling to the floor in shreds. He flexed every muscle as the guys measured him. "Biceps - 30"; chest - 80"; waist - 40"; thighs - 40"; calves - 34"... Everyone gasped as Dan posed and flexed his superhuman body. He hit a most muscular pose and gritted his teeth looking like a wild man. His muscle was huge and cut. His dick started growing in his shorts, getting longer and thicker and the admiration he was getting was making it hard, too. He knew before long the shorts would give out. Then he pulled out the other pills and downed them all. "Don't!" John said. "You'll get too big!" With one massive hairy hand, Dan pushed John away as the pills took effect. The dizziness lasted a little longer than before, then the rush pressed through Dan's veins like a train. He looked in the mirror and watched as his body started to grow. The shorts fell away quickly as his thigh expanded and his dick sprang out - huge and hard as a rock! "MEASURE MY FUCKING COCK, MAN!" He bellowed. His voice was deeper and he felt like he was soon going to be the strongest and biggest man on the planet. "15 inches! and 11" around!" they gasped. Dan grinned knowing his dick was bigger than any of their puny ones. Even the largest guy couldn't have a cock harder and bigger than this horsedick - fuck even a horse couldn't! Dan walked over to a weight bench and grabbed four fifty pound plates. He flexed his rock hard cock a few times and then placed the plates one by one over the head of his massive dong. The weights stayed in place as his huge cock flexed. Two-hundred pounds lifted by this monster's prick! "FUCK, THAT'S HOT!' Dan bellowed, showing off the power of his mammoth dick. "JOHN, GET OVER HERE!" John came closer and Dan picked him up in one hand. The giant man, muscles bulging and still growing placed the 250lb man on his dick straddling the massive prick. Then Dan lifted John and the weights with his cock! 450lbs lifted by the muscle dick! "RIDE MY MUSCLE COCK!" Dan bellowed as he flexed John up and down. John grabbed onto Dan's mountainous hairy pecs and Dan threw his head back and laughed as he flexed them for John. John got so hot reveling in the power of Dan that his cock stiffened and he shot in his gym shorts. "FUCKIN' MUSCLE STUD!" Dan shouted. "I'M GETTIN' BIGGER BOYS. LOOK AT THIS!" He flexed his biceps and the peak rose up almost to his fist! His forearms were thick and hard. The triceps extended down in a mass of veins and his muscle was twisted and pumped. He lowered his arms although they sat out at a angle pushed out by his incredible lats. He had to be 3 feet thick! All muscle, all man! His chin rested on top of his pecs and when he flexed his huge hairy pecs, the striations looked about 2 inches deep, hair furrowed through the thick cords of muscle. His abdominals were like slabs of beef stretching over his gut and jutting out in a deep six-pack. His thighs were ripped and every muscle in his quads and calves were striated and thick. He turned around and spread his back. Even relaxed it was cut with mountains of muscle. His traps raised over his shoulders like twisted mountains of brutal flesh! His cock flexed and pulsed with his excitement as he grew bigger. "TIME TO MEASURE ME AGAIN!" he shouted. "EVERY FUCKIN' INCH!" They wrapped the tape around his obscenely huge muscles and called out the measurements. "Neck - 28"; chest - 90"; biceps - 37"; forearms - 30"; waist - 46"; thighs - 48"; calves - 38" Dan laughed as each measurement was read off. "Measure my dick, too" They taped it at 19" long and 14" around! "YEAH! YOU LITTLE GUYS EVER SEEN A REAL FUCKING MAN BEFORE!" Dan's muscle and power had peaked now and he was so hot he knew he was going to shoot off soon. In a burst of strength he gathered up the guys and sat them on top of a long bench. He lay under the bench and pressed it. It had to weigh 2000 lbs. He pumped out 30 reps without stopping and then stood up with the bench in his huge hands. He held it high overhead and started pumping more. His cock flexed with his inhuman strength and the guys were so turned on by his power they started jerking off too. Sweaty hard bodies all swarmed over Dan - like ants on a huge beast. Dan laughed insanely as these huge bodybuilders climbed on him! "WORSHIP THIS MUSCLE, YOU PUNY MEN! WORSHIP MY MASS AND POWER!" He stood still as they used his body like monkey bars, chin raises off his massive arms, pushing at his thighs trying to move them, straddling his 19" rock hard cock as he flexed it for them! Finally, they all started shooting hot loads all over Dan's body. Their total worship of his muscle got him hot. He flexed his cock, throbbing it more and more and shot a load that sprayed over all of them. He was the biggest man in the world, and this was going to be just the beginning of his adventures...
  8. Part One: The Mysterious Signs Begin I couldn’t help it, but every time I looked at my five year old, Robby, I thought of his other dad. Dennis had lasted pretty long after Robby was born, well almost a year is sort of good. I just think he never really wanted to be a father, or, at least, he didn’t want to give up being involved in the Los Angeles gay party scene. Unfortunately, heavy partying and fatherhood do not go hand in hand. I had not even attempted to date in the last four years, because raising Robby had been so much fun and, let’s face it, a lot of work, as well. I was not complaining, though. I loved being a father and I adored everything about my son. One evening, before bedtime, we were busy building castles in the living room with all the cushions from the sofa, every pillow in the house, and a pile of blankets. Robby was having a blast and laughing up a storm. As I noticed him starting to get tired, I also watched his face turn somewhat serious. I could tell he had a question he wanted to ask, so I simply waited, wanting to allow my son to work through whatever was on his mind. “Daddy?” He asked as we started putting cushions back on the sofa. “Yes, Captain, my captain.” I replied using what was his favorite nickname that I had given him. “Will I ever have another dad?” came his question and it caught me off guard. I stammered a little as I tried to think of something to say. “I don’t know, Robby. Why? Do you want another dad?” I finally answered. “I just don’t want you to be alone,” he said staring at me with his big brown eyes. Out of the mouths of babes come some of the most profound statements, right? I fought back tears that threatened because of his honesty and his concern for me. “I’m, I’m not alone Robby. I have you.” I said turning to the task of folding the blankets so my face would not acknowledge how his statement impacted me. “It’s not the same, daddy, and you know it,” Robby said almost as if he were reprimanding me. “You need someone like the daddies in your newspapers.” “What newspapers?” I asked turning to him and my heart started to beat quickly. “The ones under your bed,” he replied innocently. I felt my face turn a deep shade of red. I had recently picked up a copy of Muscle and Fitness, Flex, and a couple other bodybuilding magazines for some quick “clean” beat off material. I had also slid it under my bed when I was finished, forgetting all about them. I wanted to kick myself for not hiding them somewhere else or, better yet, throwing them away. I had intended to actually read the articles, though. Yeah, right. “What were you doing under my bed, young man?” I asked jokingly, tickling his stomach in an attempt to keep the conversation as light as possible. I was desperate not to take my embarrassment out on my son. It wasn’t his fault that I found it easy to escape from reality for a few minutes by releasing a load to some picture of a muscle bound guy. I wanted to make sure he did not pick up that there might be something wrong about the magazines – which there wasn’t – at least that’s what I told myself. “Hide and seek! It took you forever to find me,” he exclaimed triumphantly. He had no concept that forever had really been about seven minutes. That thought calmed my nerves a little, that wasn’t enough time for him to explore the magazines too thoroughly. “You need to give one back, cause the pages are glued together,” he said matter-of-factly and I actually could feel my skin turning even redder. “Yeah, I’ll do that Robby. I guess there was a problem when they made that one. By the way, those aren’t newspapers. They’re magazines. You know, like your Disney magazine.” I was trying desperately to get him on some other subject. “Oh yeah. Magazine,” he replied. I could tell he was saying the word out loud so he could memorize what it was. My little captain hated getting things wrong. This was a trait he inherited from me. “I picked one out for you.” “What’s that?” I asked trying to act nonchalant. “I have my other dad for you,” came the explanation and I found myself somewhat interested and totally surprised. “Come here, little mister,” I said grabbing Robby and pulling him into my lap as I sat on the sofa. “You have another dad, remember? Dennis is your dad and I’m your daddy. You don’t need anyone else, right? You know that Dennis loves you very much, don’t you?” I looked at his happy little face and watched as he started to smile. “Yes. But I want someone to love you!” Robby was obviously very pleased with himself. “Well, you love me, don’t you?” I asked. “That’s not the same. You need a big man to love you,” he said quickly. “You are the only big man I need,” I said, again tickling him and becoming very happy as I listened to his high-pitched laughter. I finally stopped poking his stomach and he, again, looked at me very seriously. “No daddy, a real big man. Really, really big. I asked Charlie if he likes you and he said yes. I got him for you.” Robby truly wanted me to be happy and he thought this is what I needed. I decided it would be best to humor him. I was also a little curious about this Charlie. “Oh yeah? Charlie, you say? And where did you get this big man named Charlie?” I asked smiling at my son. “Cereal box!” he yelled, laughing. “The cereal box? I hope it was, at least, from the Fruit Loops box. Well, where is he, this Charlie? I’d like to meet him. I don’t see him anywhere. Is he hiding?” I carefully teased, not wanting to take the chance I might make Robby think I didn’t believe him. “You can’t see him yet, daddy. You don’t believe.” Robby said strongly. “Oh, I understand. So, it’s going to take some time. Well, I can wait. You let me know when he’s ready to meet me. By the way, what does Charlie look like?” I asked, glancing at my watch and noticing it was time to get ready for bed. “He’s bigger than you. He has black hair. He has lots of muscles. He eats a lot. He goes to the gym all the time. He doesn’t wear a shirt. He’s like Superman.” Robby ticked off all of Charlie’s attributes and I must admit that the guy did sound kind of yummy. “Well, you tell Charlie that it’s time for the Captain to go to bed. Time to brush our teeth,” I said scooping Robby into my arms and heading upstairs to his bathroom. “Charlie, we’re going to bed now. Come brush your teeth!” Robby yelled as I carried him from the den. Once inside the bathroom, we began our pre-bedtime ritual. We first washed our faces and then began to brush our teeth. I reached for our matching SpongeBob electric toothbrushes and was shocked a little when I saw that there was a third toothbrush in the cup holder. All three were similar. I clearly remembered only buying two. For a split second I was confused, but then I realized that maybe Dennis had brought one over when he visited . . . what was it, two months ago. I started to get angry at the thought of Dennis not taking any interest in Robby’s life unless I forced him to, but all those thoughts were interrupted. “Charlie likes SpongeBob, too!” Robby said, pointing to the extra toothbrush. “Well that is very convenient!” I said, still slightly confused. “What’s con –vee –neeiant?” asked Robby. I paused, this was not the time to try and fully explain. “It means that it’s very cool.” I answered and we began to brush our teeth. Once we had both peed - something that could take forever - we went into his room and I read him three of his favorite books. Robby usually wanted to continue reading more books and even complained when I said it was time for lights out, but tonight he simply said “okay” when I said it was time to sleep. I got the distinct feeling he wanted me out of the room. We quickly said what we were thankful for on that day and asked God to take care of everyone we knew. Again, Robby usually took the opportunity to list everyone he had ever met and then some, but tonight he used the generic “everyone,” then kissed me, and pulled the cover up to his chin. “Nighty-night, Captain,” I said as I turned out the light, made sure the night light was on, and then pulled the door almost fully closed – I always left enough space so I could easily look in and he could be protected by the extra light from the hall. “Night, daddy. Charlie says nighty-night, too. He says he likes you.” Robby replied, not looking at me, but staring directly at the rocking chair in the corner of his room. I glanced over and could have sworn that the chair was moving. I blinked a few times and then backed out of the room. “That’s wonderful, Robby. See you in the morning.” I answered. So Robby had his first imaginary friend. I definitely needed to talk to someone about what to do. Was it odd that his imaginary friend was someone for me? I think it was. I found myself getting really angry with Dennis, for some reason. I felt that if he were more present in Robby’s life (and mine) this would not have happened. I made a mental note to give Robby’s doctor a call tomorrow – and my therapist. Hopefully, one of them would be able to give me some advice. I had gone back downstairs and collected the blankets and extra pillows. I came back upstairs to replace them in the hallway closet when I heard talking coming from Robby’s room. I felt a deep fear as I suddenly realized there were two voices and one was obviously an adult. I put the blankets and pillows down on the hallway table quickly and pushed open Robby’s door. My heart was beating hard as I prepared to fight off the intruder. Robby turned to look at me as soon as the door opened. I glanced around the room and saw, immediately, that there was no one else there. “Who were you talking to Robby?” I asked and could hear the fear in my own voice. I hoped I was able to hide it from my son, though. “Charlie,” he replied. “But who’s voice did I hear?” I asked, trying hard not to freak out. Robby glanced over at the rocking chair. “Charlie’s” he replied again, staring at me blankly. “But were you making his voice? It sounded different from yours.” I said, stepping a little into the room and glancing around a second time. I was beginning to feel a little crazy. “No, daddy.” Robby was looking at me as if I had two heads. “Well, it’s time for bed. Tell Charlie that you have to go to sleep.” I said, grabbing the door again. “Yes, daddy. Time for bed, Charlie,” he said as I backed into the hallway. “Daddy?” “Yes, Robby,” I replied, sounding a little too frustrated. “Charlie says you have a nice butt.” Robby answered. I was dumbfounded and also wanted to laugh out loud. I could not believe this was coming out of my son’s mouth. Where had he learned this kind of talk? I was sure he got it from daycare. I was going to have to speak to Miss Emma about this. She was a great teacher and would know exactly what to do. “Well, that’s really nice. You thank Charlie for me. But, remember, we don’t use that word unless we’re in the bathroom. That’s bathroom talk, remember?” I said trying not to laugh. “Yes sir,” he said. “G’night.” “Nighty-night.” I replied and returned to the task of taking the blankets and pillows to the closet. I decided at that moment it was a “glass of wine” night. If I was hearing voices, I definitely needed something to help me sleep. Still, as I uncorked a pinot noir in the kitchen, I could not shake the fact that I had really thought I heard two voices. I grabbed the latest New Yorker and sat down on the sofa in the den. I started thinking about vacation spots. I obviously needed a break. It was then I remembered the magazines beneath my bed. I ran upstairs and hid them on a high shelf in my closet, not wanting to discard them just yet. I think there were a few more jerk-off sessions to be produced by those pictures. Who knows, maybe one of the guys was named Charlie. Part II: I See Big People The room was very cold. I could see my own breath every time I exhaled. I knew I was being watched even though I knew no one else was in the room. Someone sat there staring at me. I could feel that it wasn’t a person that wished me harm, but I was still unable to get a good look at their face or their body. It was also obvious that there was something special about the being that observed me. I felt like a human that’s been abducted by aliens and watched closely – as if under a microscope. The only difference was that the person staring at me didn’t cause me to worry or be frightened, no; they caused me to be shy and withdrawn. I could not put my hand on what the feeling was and then it struck me like a bolt of lightning. I felt unworthy. I felt inadequate in some way. But, in spite of these feelings and in spite of the coldness that filled the room, I was extremely turned on. I felt more alive that I had felt in a long time. Suddenly I was awake and conscious that I was lying on the sofa in the den downstairs with the New Yorker open across my chest. I had fallen asleep. The wine had obviously caused me to have some kind of bizarre dream. I lay there for a few minutes and let reality seep into my brain. I was suddenly overcome with the same feeling as in my dream – someone was sitting in the room staring at me. I sat up quickly and looked around. No one was there. What the hell was happening to me? If this was what it meant to lose your sanity, then I was determined to beat whatever was taking over. For Robby’s sake I would not allow my mind to disappear. “Don’t worry. I’m here.” The voice was clear as a bell. I immediately stood up and looked around the room again. My heart was racing and my adrenaline was kicking in wildly. I was not imagining anything. “Show yourself,” I said out loud. Silence surrounded me. I grabbed my head and squeezed tightly. Did I drink that much wine? I looked at my half full glass – knowing it was still my first one. I certainly could hold my liquor better than that. It must be something else, but what? I was still young. I was still fit. I could not be losing my mind. I was just too stressed out. I had been working too hard – on top of being a single dad. I made a decision at that exact moment. “I deserve a day off,” I said to no one, as if resolved to force myself to relax. “Yes, you do.” Again, the voice was very distinct and loud. This time it caused me to jump. I gasped out loud. My body was trembling by this point and I had begun to sweat. I quickly turned out lights and left the den. I moved to upstairs, glancing in on Robby as I passed his room. Seeing my son instantly calmed my uneasiness. He was sound asleep with his thumb in his mouth – a habit I had tried desperately to break, but even I couldn’t control him while he slept. I moved to the rocking chair, my favorite place to sit and watch my son. As soon as I sat down a feeling of deep warmth and some kind of mysterious power overcame my body. The sensation was so intense that it didn’t scare me, as a matter of fact; it caused me to get turned on immediately. My dick was suddenly hard and throbbing. In spite of the incredible feeling, I jumped up and turned to look at the chair. It moved slowly – obviously fueled by my sudden departure – but it also looked inviting and so unbelievably comfortable. I sat back down and let the warm, secure feeling surround me again. I swear the chair rocked without me pushing it. Slowly, I let my body succumb to the rhythm of the chair and I fell asleep. This time there were no dreams; there was only a feeling of deep peace. I slept more soundly than I had in years. I could feel that Robby was asleep in my lap before I even open my eyes. I let the heartbeat of my son reverberate in my body as we sat there, still rocking slowly where I rested in the chair. I could hear his heavy breathing caused by his deep sleep. I could only imagine Robby waking in the middle of the night and seeing me in the chair in his room – what had he thought? Usually, he came into my room in the middle of the night and joined me in my bed – a habit I knew I should not allow, but I secretly loved it. My son loved the security of his dad – a feeling I somehow connected with on some deep level. It was the exact feeling that presently surrounded us, somehow, in the chair. At first, knowledge of this feeling made me nervous, but in my half-asleep daze I allowed myself to simply rest in that awareness of total peace. Robby’s breathing caused me to fall in and out of sleep for another thirty minutes. Finally, my son began to stir and I knew we would both be up and about very soon. “Morning, Captain,” I said when he looked up at me. “Why did you sleep in my room?” he asked, not even taking time to say good morning. “I fell asleep watching you,” I replied. “You both did,” he said smiling. “Both? Who? Charlie?” I asked. “Yep. He sat right here with you.” Robby answered as he climbed out of my lap. “I’m hungry.” “You’re always hungry,” I said teasingly. I stood up and he grabbed my hand, starting to pull me towards the door. Once he was interested in food there was no changing his mind at all. I let the comment about Charlie go at the present moment. I knew it was time to get some food in my child. While Robby ate some cereal and watched cartoons, I called my office and left a message for my secretary saying that I would be taking the day off. I knew I had an empty schedule and nothing too pressing to deal with. I could envision Margaret smiling as she listened to my voicemail. She had been begging me to take a day off for a while. She was extremely efficient and very protective of both Robby and me. She would certainly cover for me if anyone needed anything. I made a mental note to bring her favorite lemon pastry the next morning as a little thank you. Robby shouted for joy and threw his hands in the air when I told him that I had a surprise for him. He said he hoped it was a pony, but he seemed genuinely happier when I said I was taking the day off and he wouldn’t have to go to Miss Emma’s place. I asked him what he wanted to do, but I knew the answer before he spoke. “I want to go to the park!” he exclaimed. Robby always wanted to go to this big park in the middle of our city. There were multiple playgrounds, a few open fields for kite flying, a pond that had powered boats he could steer, and much more. I glanced outside and saw that it was going to be a beautiful day. I knew time at the park would be fantastic for both of us. “The park it is, then. How about a picnic, some kite-flying, and, of course, much time at the playground.” I replied. “Two playgrounds,” Robby insisted as he laughed. “We’ll see you greedy little mister,” I said reaching over to mess up his hair. “Charlie’s happy, too,” Robby said looking across the table at the empty chair in front of him. I smiled and nodded my head. “He also says don’t shave.” “What?” I asked glancing back to my son after having turned to look at the headlines of the paper on the table. “Charlie likes your scruffy look,” he answered, looking back at the cartoons on the television. I knew the reason Robby was telling me this was because he thought shaving would delay our departure, but it still sounded nice – having a boyfriend that liked me even with my morning hair and morning stubble. Dennis had always been concerned with how I looked – at all times and he didn’t hesitate to critique. “Well, I’m beginning to like this Charlie more and more,” I said taking our bowls to the sink. “Why don’t you go brush your teeth and change clothes. I’ll put a few things in the picnic basket and then take a quick shower.” “Yippee!” My enthusiastic son screamed as he jumped down from the chair and ran from the room, adding, “Charlie says to make sure to bring some vegeetubles cause they make him stronger!” This comment caught me off guard. Robby did not like any vegetables. I could not believe he wanted me to include them for our picnic. I guessed it was something he had noticed in the magazines that had been under my bed. Maybe there had been an ad where some big guy was eating something green. I made a mental note to use Charlie’s words the next time I was trying to get my son to eat carrots or broccoli. I still loved the fact that Robby could not clearly say some words – like vegetables – it seemed to keep him the little boy I wanted him to remain. I grabbed a pack of carrots and some raw celery with the hope that Robby might choose this over crackers. I knew, deep down, there was a fat chance of that, though. I finished packing our picnic basket, pulled a blanket and the kite from a closet, and then went to take a quick shower. As I passed by Robby’s room I heard him talking, so I stood out of sight to listen for a while. “He’s gonna like you. Cause you’re big and really strong. I promise. You can help…” Robby stepped into his closet and I missed a little of what he said next. I moved closer to the edge of the door and heard him struggling to put on a shirt. “Yeah, you should do that.” I could hear that he had moved back into the room, so I stepped a few feet back down the hall. “I’ll come in to tie your shoes in a sec, buddy,” I cried out, acting as if I was just coming upstairs. “I’m just going to take a quick shower.” “Charlie tied ‘em,” he yelled back. I laughed at that thought and knew that my son had tried to tie his tennis shoes by himself again. Last time they had ended up a big jumble of knots. I knew it would take me a few minutes to straighten them out. I stepped into his room and saw him standing in the center. He was dressed smartly in a pullover yellow polo shirt and a pair of blue-red plaid shorts. I glanced down at his feet – not only were his shoes on the right feet, but they were also tied in perfect bows. My mouth dropped open and I simply stared at this Stepford child in front of me. I looked at his smiling face and noticed that even his hair was combed. “Who are you? And how did you tie those shoes?” I asked amazed. “I didn’t tie them. Charlie did. And I’m Robby,” he said walking past me into the hallway, headed downstairs. I knew he wanted to watch more cartoons – at least until the moment it was time to leave. “Please hurry and take your shower. Charlie’s ready to go.” I quickly stepped into the hall. I was so surprised by everything that had just happened that my good parenting skills had gone away. I called out to him before he started down the stairs. “Robby. I didn’t know you knew how to tie your shoes. That’s great. And you look really good.” I was still shocked by my little man. “I told you - Charlie tied my shoes,” he said looking at me like I was deaf. “Hey, Robby, you know that I can’t see Charlie, right?” I said this before I could filter my thoughts. I can’t explain the feelings that were twirling around my head – jealousy of his imaginary friend, bewilderment at my son’s new skills, and surprise that he hadn’t told me what he could do. “Not yet, dad, not yet,” he said simply and turned, jumping down the stairs two at a time. My quick shower gave me time to sort through the confusion caused by my son’s imaginary friend. I knew, instinctively, that it was totally acceptable and healthy for kids to have someone that they could share intimate secrets with – even if that person wasn’t real. I also realized it was difficult on my son to only have one parent. Again, I felt unresolved anger at Dennis rear its ugly head in my heart. I needed to allow Robby to develop his friendship with “Charlie” without any feelings of guilt or shame. I was happy that I retained a little knowledge from my adolescent pysch class in college. I struggled; however, to understand Robby’s need to make Charlie some big guy that might make me happy. Was it possible that I projected my lust for bodybuilders to my son without even knowing it? Sure, some of my friends – who were also his friends – were well built, but they were not love interests. I began to worry that Robby had noticed I tended to stare at big guys when we were out in public. There were a few other dads at his daycare that were huge and maybe he could sense how I changed when I was around them. I made a mental note that from now on I would not let some guy’s big muscles capture my attention so easily. Oh, who was I kidding? That was not possible. I also felt like it wasn’t unhealthy for my son to know the type of man I was attracted to – mainly because I was sure he didn’t fully get what it meant when adults were in relationships. By the time I joined Robby downstairs I had decided that I would treat Charlie as a member of the family – mainly because the idea of some big muscular guy looking out for my son somehow made me very happy. I was sure I also hoped Charlie was looking out for me, as well. The park was only slightly empty for such a beautiful work day. Robby wanted to go to his favorite playground first and we both knew we’d be there for a while. I knew my son’s routine as well as he did. We would begin with a quick trip down the slide, a quick bounce on the see-saw balanced on a giant spring in the ground, and then head toward the imitation tire-swing in the center of many other different swing sets - off to one side of the playground. My son followed the pattern perfectly, but we were both disappointed to find that the metal structure that held up the tire-swing had been partially pulled from the cement blocks that held it. Two of the four poles were slightly in the air and bent. I imagined a group of older kids piling as many people as possible on the tire and their weight causing the poles of the structure to be ripped from where it rested. I anticipated my son to be very sad that he couldn’t play on his favorite piece of equipment. “Sorry, Captain. It looks like the swing is out of order. I think someone broke it,” I said glancing down at my boy. “That’s okay.” Robby replied, as he looked up at me, “Charlie will fix it. Let’s go to the jungle gym.” With that, he tore out across the big sand pit to the climbing structure across the play area. I’m sure my mouth was wide open from the shock of his response. I laughed a little at how easily he had recovered from this setback and started out after him. I glanced around and saw other adults helping their kids swing, climb, and explore parts of the play area. I, of course, scouted out the eight to ten dads that were there, checking to see if they met my definition of “yummy.” As usual, almost all of them appeared to be not only devastatingly handsome, but undeniably straight, as well. I immediately reminded myself of my decision to not be caught by my son staring at other men. I turned back to Robby and saw that he was already halfway up the dome-like metal structure that seemed like a perfect place for some young kid to have an accident. I seemed to remember a movie where Dustin Hoffman watches his son fall from a similar formation and he has to carry him to the nearby hospital. This thought made me sprint quickly to where Robby was climbing. “Not too high, Robby. You’re going to make me nervous,” I said, trying not to actually let on how scared I really was. “To the top, dad!” He exclaimed as he looked back towards me. “Only if I can come, too,” I replied. I then climbed next to him and we traveled together to the top. Robby sat at the apex of the structure and looked out over the playground, as if he was surveying his kingdom. I sort of leaned on the structure, bending my body to the curve of the metal bars. “Charlie fixed the swing,” Robby said after a couple of minutes and he began to climb down. My need to have my hand at his back, as he turned around to make his descent, made me ignore his comment. Why was it that the trip down from the structure seemed so much more dangerous than the trip up? When he was about a foot from the ground Robby turned to me, saying, “I can do it dad.” My son was emphasizing a point that would probably take me a lifetime to learn. There would always come moments when Robby would need me to let go and let him do something by himself. I moved my hand from his back and watched as he jumped from his spot to the soft sand below. He then began to run in the direction of the swing sets. I jumped down, as well, and hurried after him. I was sure he was going to be sad that he couldn’t go on the tire swing, but I knew we’d find other stuff to do. “Robby, wait for me,” I called after him. I did not want him to get on the swing with it not being secure. My son listened to me and stopped – standing next to the metal bars that held up the swing. He turned to look at me, as I got closer. As I reached his side my mouth fell open for the second time since we had arrived at the park. I glanced down and saw that the poles of the swing were now secure in the cement blocks below. I bent down to look closer. It didn’t seem to be a great job, but the poles were buried deep in the blocks. As a matter of fact it looked as if the poles had somehow been thrust into the concrete so hard that the force of the blow had actually created the holes – and not some drill or other machine. There were a few cracks around the new holes and I saw a few chips of concrete scattered on the ground. I took a quick look around the place to see if I could see park rangers or workmen – anyone that might have done the job. I wanted to make sure it was safe. There were only parents and their children scattered around the area. I looked back at the poles in the ground, reaching out to grab one and shake it. The thing didn’t budge. It was certainly buried in the concrete tightly and could have easily held up a group of adults swinging on the tire. My eyes turned to look where my hand gripped the pole because I felt something strange – as if the pole had been dented somehow. I moved my hand and could have sworn I saw indentions that resembled fingers. I looked across to the other pole and saw the same kind of markings – just slightly lower than this side. I blinked a few times and tried to picture the tool that had been used to grab these things hard enough to slam them into the concrete. It didn’t really matter, though, because Robby had already climbed on the tire and was begging me to push him. I turned to my son and obliged. For the next fifteen minutes his favorite word became “again.” I would send the tire spinning around and then push it back and forth, like it was a ride at an amusement park. Robby didn’t care how fast it spun or how hard I pushed him – he just wanted me to do it over and over. I was beginning to get a little dizzy just watching him. Finally, he announced it was time for some kite flying. I stopped the swing, he jumped down, and we both turned to head towards the car. I suddenly remembered the indentions on the poles and glanced at them one last time before we walked away. I still could not believe I had failed to notice the workmen as they fixed the swing set – or the machine they used. We got in the car and drove to the open field where people either flew kites or had a picnic. We planned on doing both, along with taking our required afternoon nap. Before we flew the kite I insisted that we both put on a little sunscreen. Robby hated this and only allowed me to apply it to his face, neck, and arms after I promised to reward him with an Oreo cookie. I rewarded myself with one, as well. I was impressed that Robby stayed interested in flying the kite for almost forty-five minutes. Usually he was done with it after it fell to the ground the first time. Once we had spread out the blanket, I pulled out the food for lunch. To my utter amazement, Robby grabbed a couple of carrots first and started chomping on them. I could tell he loved the noise they made. As if to shock me even more, he then took a celery stalk and did the same with it. He noticed I was looking at him strangely. “What?” he asked with a mouth full of celery. “Who are you and what have you done with my Captain Robby? Since when did you eat vegetables?” I asked, forcing myself to not mispronounce the word like Robby did – even though I loved how it sounded. I needed to reinforce the correct pronunciation. “Charlie says they’ll make me big like him,” Robby replied after grabbing another carrot. “Charlie sounds really smart,” I said. “And strong.” Robby added. “Yeah?” I asked and then said, “Even stronger than your old man here?” I lifted my arms in what I knew was a double biceps pose, but Robby probably thought it was just plain stupid looking. “His arms are way bigger,” my son said, deflating my bravado. “He fixed the tire swing, didn’t he? Can I have my ‘nut and jelly sandwich?” Ever since he was two years old, this was what he called his favorite sandwich. I handed him half of one with the crust cut off, just as he liked it. His comment about my arms being small hurt my ego a little and I didn’t think about what I was saying before it came out. “It sounds like you like Charlie more than me,” I muttered, sounding sad. “Naw, I just have to make sure he’s good ‘nuff for you,” Robby replied as I reached over to wipe grape jelly from his cheek. His answer filled my heart with joy. “Don’t talk with your mouth full, young man,” I said, reminding him of something we were working on, but also to cover up how his remark made me happy. He quickly swallowed. “Yes sir,” he said smiling. I could tell he was trying hard to remember all the new rules that came with getting older. My little man wanted to make his dad proud. He also seemed intent on finding me a mate – and one that I approved of. A little later we were lying on the blanket with our heads together looking up at the sky. We were pointing to clouds and naming what they looked like. I was amazed at how Robby saw creative things in the different formations. I wondered if he would be some kind of artist when he grew older. “Hey dad?” he said, making sure I knew it was a question. “Yes, Captain,” I replied. “Ya know how I can see big Charlie and you can’t,” he added tentatively. “Uh huh,” I said, wondering where this was headed. I knew I needed to tread lightly so he would feel no judgment in my comments. “It’s ‘cause I want him. You gotta want him too. You gotta want him a lot. Okay?” came the quick reply from my son. “Okay, Captain,” I said after a short pause. His words had cut into my deepest self. I knew exactly what he meant. My young son’s intuition told him that I didn’t really trust other men anymore. My five year old was worried that his dad’s heart could not bear any more pain caused by people who disappointed him. A tear formed at the corner of my eye and made its way down the side of my face. Something opened inside of me at that moment – and I made a promise that, for my son’s sake, I would begin the long journey back to the living. I would not hide behind my work and my duties as a father anymore. I would try to open myself to love again. As these thoughts passed through my mind two things happened, my son’s breathing became hard, signifying he had fallen asleep, and a cloud passed overhead that resembled a man’s big flexed arm perfectly. Part Three: Touching Is Believing Later that night, there was no argument from Robby when I said it was time for bed. I could tell he was worn out from our day at the park. He asked me to read only one story before lights out and then, when it came time to ask God to look after people we loved, Robby only mentioned Charlie and me. I gave him a kiss, went to the door, and turned out the light. “Dad,” Robby called out before I left the room. “Yes, Captain,” I answered. “Charlie’s going to sleep with you tonight,” he said. I couldn’t see his face, but I could tell, by his voice, that he was smiling. He almost sounded like he had some kind of secret he was keeping from me. I forced that thought out of my head – I was projecting again. “Okay. You sure you don’t need him in here with you?” I asked, concerned about taking his imaginary friend away from him, which sounded so silly when I thought about it. “Naw, he wants to be with you,” Robby said with a slight giggle. “He also says to bring the newspapers, I mean magazines.” Robby corrected himself. My face flushed red and I reached up to turn the light on. I saw that he was looking right at me and was smiling. I found his stare slightly surprising. I knew he did not mean it the way it sounded, but part of me wondered if my five year old didn’t understand, on some level, what the pictures in the magazines did for me. “Night, dad,” he said, turning on his side and shutting his eyes. “Nighty-night, Captain,” I replied, switching off the light again. I went back downstairs and was a little dumbfounded by my son’s comment about the magazines. I found myself a little tired, so I grabbed a glass of wine, turned out lights, and went back upstairs to go to bed. I changed into my favorite Yankees t-shirt and some boxers, preparing myself for a few chapters of the new David Sedaris book that sat on my bedside table. After a few pages and many sips of wine, my mind started drifting from the book I was reading to the magazines hidden under a box on the top shelf in my walk-in closet. I forced my thoughts to return to the book, but only finished two sentences before I took a big sip of wine, returned the book to the table, and got out of bed - headed for the closet. I returned to bed with a bundle of magazines in my hand. I sipped more wine as I lifted each magazine to glance at the cover, deciding that I would use the one with the biggest guy on the cover as my jerk-off material for the night. I settled on FLEX magazine, because on the cover it had a picture of a huge guy curling a barbell loaded with so many weights that his arms bulged out to insane proportions. The words that were printed across the bottom of the picture also made me choose this particular magazine. It read “Create Guns Full of Power!” There was something about a guy’s arms, and the idea of calling them guns, that really got my juices churning. My heart also leapt for joy when I found that the magazine’s center spread was completely about this guy’s arms. There were pictures of him in tight shirts, one of him in a business suit, and many of his naked upper body. The guy really did have huge “guns.” I stared at the pictures as I finished my wine. I was careful not to look at the text underneath the pictures, because I did not want to learn the guy’s name. Tonight, the man with the giant arms was going to be called “Charlie”. By the time I dropped the magazine on the floor, with the others, and turned out the lamp on the bedside table, my hand was already pumping my hardened cock. The slight buzz from the wine only increased my desire for a prolonged build up to ejaculation. I wanted to focus on Charlie’s arms for a while. I closed my eyes and pictured those monstrous arms connected to a big guy kneeling on the bed above me. “Come and get it, Charlie,” I moaned out loud as I stroked by hard shaft. I distinctly felt the sudden sensation of a heavy, muscled body lying on top of mine. I found it hard to breathe, but the feeling was so incredible that I didn’t care. My hand left my rod and fell onto the bed at my side. I thrust my chin into the air as my head pushed back into the pillow and my neck received what felt like two lips kissing and sucking. I was amazed at how real my fantasy sex session felt. “Aw yeah, Charlie, your huge body feels nice,” I whispered, getting into the foreplay fully. “Squeeze me with those big guns.” My arms suddenly seemed forced tightly into my sides, or it could have just been in my mind. I didn’t care. My imagination helped me to be held by hard, muscled arms and my body felt like it was on fire. The weight at my crotch got heavier and I began to focus on what seemed to be happening down there. My hard-as-a-board dick was being smashed by a larger piece of meat and “Charlie” was obviously rocking his own crotch back and forth. I could not ever remember having such a vivid masturbation session. I kept my eyes tightly shut because I did not want this dream to end. Just when I thought my cock could not stand any more of the rocking motion from the large prick rubbing against it, I felt the weight lessen on my upper body and crotch, but not my legs. It was obvious that my “Charlie” had hoisted his huge self onto those two pillar-like arms. I imagined reaching up and grabbing hold of the two meaty pecs that were bulging above me. It seemed so real to me. The feeling of hard layers of muscle, too huge to fully grab, made my body shake with pleasure. “Charlie” flexed his chest and my fingers were pushed out flat, preventing me from grabbing any of his flesh. I simply rubbed my open hands all over his broad upper body, finding his two hard nubs of steel and pinching them roughly. The room, or was it just in my mind, was filled with a deep moan that sounded like the rumble of thunder. My hands then moved up and across stone-like wide shoulders, caressing every striation and bulge. I then let them drop to what I had focused on in the first place – Charlie’s gargantuan arms. The sensation was so powerful that I thought I would lose my load immediately, but I was able to calm my cock and not discharge just from touching vein-covered, marble-like guns that felt bigger than my thighs. I let my fingers trace the hard-corded veins that snaked around his arms. I was immediately reminded of wide trees covered with thick vines and filled with centuries worth of power. How I wished that these kinds of arms would some day scoop me up and carry me into a bedroom and fill me with the same kind of pleasure I was now creating on my own. “Let me feel your meat inside me, Charlie. Please,” I begged to my imaginary lover. Immediately, I sensed my legs being pushed apart. There was now no weight on top of me anywhere. I felt the strong arms pull away from my hands. I let out a light whimper, but then brought my hands to my own chest. I found my own hardened nipples and began to squeeze them mercilessly. Huge hands gripped around my calves and seemed to lift my legs in the air. The sound of ripping cloth caught me off guard and I couldn’t believe my imagination would let nice boxers be torn from my body. I immediately returned to the manhandling that was happening to my body, restoring it to the intense pleasure that had just been interrupted. The big hands moved down to my thighs, grabbed me tightly, and then lifted higher. My ass was in the air and the strong arms holding my legs spread them apart. My erect cock was pressing against my folded mid section and the tip was poking me underneath my chest. I continued to pinch my hard nipples. In the midst of all that was happening I became conscious of a firm wet tongue running up and down the inside of my ass crack. “Charlie” pressed the fat tip into my tight hole, intending to use his own saliva as lube for his stiff pole. I cried out in joy each time I imagined his tongue slipping further into my loosening ass opening. “Yes. Yes. That’s so nice, big guy.” I was getting into this fantasy so much that, for a split second, I thought I might never need a partner again. I forced my mind to return to the preparation that my ass was receiving. The sensation of a strong wet tongue disappeared, but was suddenly replaced by something larger and much harder. “Charlie” let the tip of his hard cock slide up and down across my open asshole. This caused my sphincter to contract and release each time. I could also feel loads of pre-cum slathering my ass while I began to moan in anticipation. I held my breath as I felt the wide head of his cock push slowly into my now clamped-shut cavity. His steel-like dickhead pressed the sides of my hole apart and I inhaled sharply three times while his thick pole traveled further into me. Suddenly, the mushroom top made it beyond the tight outer-walls of my asshole and the big man paused so I could relish the feeling of something so large inside of me. The muscle man also wanted to give me a chance to breathe and, hopefully, relax before he began to shove his full manhood down my chute. When the slow plowing resumed, my body was ready for it. Each time I thought he was certainly all the way in, I was amazed to find out that there was still more of his cock to slide into me. I began to worry that some of my internal organs were going to have to shift to allow him in fully, but the feeling was so incredible I didn’t care. Finally, I felt my lower back, right above my ass crack, meet his bulging quads and he pressed in a little harder just to give us both more pleasure. I was able to start breathing a little easier and relaxed some, since I knew he had fit his entire hard cock inside me. “Charlie” began to masterfully slide his giant rod in and out of my ass. He was slow and powerful. The room was again filled with heavy grunting that sounded like a bull was preparing to charge. I was again surprised by the creativity of my own jerk-off fantasy. The motion of the huge rod in my ass became faster as I felt my legs now supported on the two wide shoulders I pictured in my mind. The strong hands I had felt earlier moved to my chest, brushing my hands to the side, and they began to squeeze my pecs together roughly. Drops of sweat started to hit my face, neck, and arms – and I congratulated myself on that nice touch. The feeling of strong hands squeezing my pecs and pinching my nipples, the rocking of the bed and my body each time the huge piece of meat was thrust into my ass, and the intense moans filling the room were too much for my slightly buzzed, intensely turned-on body. “Oh, fuck, Charlie. I’m going to cum!” I said a little to loudly. As my cock erupted and my body convulsed – sending streaks of my hot semen all over my chest – I actually worried about waking Robby. I was able to slightly muffle the cries that followed as I pumped more jism out of my throbbing dick. At the same time I felt warm fluids seemingly being released into my ass – and it felt like a bucket full. The thick rod crammed inside me twitched uncontrollably, pounding into the sides and back of my chute – making me spew even more. My body finally stopped jerking and my heart rate started to subside. I could feel the massive, still-hard piece of meat being pulled from my ass. I gasped a little when the tip popped from my hole. My legs were lowered back to the bed and I felt the heavy muscled body of my dream-lover come gently back down on me. The weight of “Charlie” helped to quiet my breathing and continue the slowing of my heart. I was fully aware that my exhausted mind and body were falling asleep, and that there was nothing I could do to stop it from happening. Right before I slipped into dreamland, however, I knew there was something I wanted to do. I gathered all of my remaining strength to accomplish the task. “I really want to know you, Charlie . . . I really want to know you,” I whispered to the emptiness of the room. Darkness and rest came as soon as the words evaporated into the air. I heard him whispering before anything else registered in my body. I knew Robby was in bed with me, probably with his face very near mine - and he was either repeating dialogue from a cartoon or quoting something he had learned at Miss Emma’s daycare center. After I became aware that he was in the bed with me, I suddenly noticed a few other things – mainly that my ass ached. It ached a lot. The thrill of last night’s beat-off session came flashing back into my head. I could not believe that my ass hurt this much. I was sure it was because it had remained so tense during my excursion into fantasy sex-land. I moved a little and was shocked because I sensed pain in my ass that was not related to being too tense. It had been many years since I had been plowed by a man’s cock, but not so many that I didn’t remember the “morning after” soreness. I chalked it up to the fantastic job I did at imagining “Charlie” inside of me. That’s when I also registered that my body was sore in many other places – my sides, my chest, and my legs. All of this soreness was definitely something I remembered joyously as the post-awesome-sex screaming of my limbs, but I was just amazed that I could cause it all by myself. Well, it wasn’t exactly all by myself – it was with “Charlie,” well the picture of my fantasy Charlie. Just thinking about that magazine picture made my body shiver again. Oh shit, I thought, the magazines are beside the bed. I forced myself to not jump up and grab them. That would certainly make Robby think they were something bad. I started to think of a way to get him out of the room quickly, but I realized it was useless - he usually loved to lie in bed for a few minutes to have a morning chat. He would see through any attempt to move us along too quickly. His whispering caused me to refocus on what was happening in the room. “Yeah, I’ll tell him, Charlie . . . Yeah, me, too,” said Robby softly. “What numbers are on the clock, Robby?” I asked, interrupting his one-person conversation. I felt his little body lift off of the bed and lean across my chest and stomach to look at the digital alarm clock on the table beside me. He obviously stared for a while and I could tell he was making sure he read them correctly and in the right order. We had been working on what it means to start on the left side when reading. “Six, two, four,” he said proudly. I was very happy because that meant we had lots of time before we had to start getting ready to leave. “Good job, Captain,” I replied. “What’s this stuff all over your shirt?” he asked poking at my chest. My eyes flew open. He didn’t notice because he was looking down. I raised my head off the pillow and saw dried cum streaks up and down the front of my shirt. My mind started racing, attempting to think of something to say. How to explain this to a five year old, that was the problem. I always wanted to be as honest with my son as possible, but I knew this was not the right time to explain ejaculation. “I think it’s paint,” I said and closed my eyes again, feeling guilty about the lie already. I dropped my head back on the pillow and attempted to push my embarrassment away. “It’s ugly. What were you painting?” Robby asked innocently. I felt my stomach tighten as I began to formulate my next lie. “Nothing, I think it’s been on there for a while. You know – old paint,” I said, squeezing my eyes tighter, as if that would make the conversation go away. “Why is there paint on your neck?” Robby persisted. My hand flew up to my neck and I felt globs of dried semen there. I rubbed it off with my palm and it actually hurt a little when it peeled away from my skin. I needed to end this conversation quickly and I knew just the way. “I guess it came off my shirt, but that’s not what worries me right now. You know what worries me, Captain?” I said looking at my son and smiling. I knew Robby completely understood where I was taking the conversation, but he acted like he didn’t. This had been part of our morning routine for years. “What, daddy?” he asked in a high-pitched voice because he was already dreading my answer. “I’m worried about the ticklers!” I yelled as I raised my hands and held them up like claws. Robby screamed loudly and then scrambled off of my body. He quickly covered his little frame under the blanket and yelled “no.” I sat up and grabbed him through the blanked at his waist and tickled him lightly. My son erupted into screams of laughter mixed with “no, daddy” and “stop it,” but I knew he didn’t mean it. He loved it when the ticklers attacked in the morning. There had been a few mornings where I actually got out of bed without tickling him and he sulked until I came back and pulled out the ticklers. I continued to tickle him, even sliding my hands under the covers until I found his shirt, lifted it up, and tickled his bare skin. This caused him to scream and squirm more. I finished by pulling the blanket off of his body and bringing my mouth to his bare stomach, giving him a loud, wet raspberry. This was definitely his favorite part and his arms and legs flailed around uncontrollably. I stopped with a big kiss and then sat up. He quickly sat up at the same time. It was then, and only then, that I realized I wasn’t wearing any underwear. We both looked at my crotch, my flaccid cock nestled between my legs. I was flabbergasted. It’s not that Robby had never seen me nude, I made sure we talked logically about our bodies and with no shame, but I always had boxers or shorts on when he came to my bed. I, again, searched for a way to make this not awkward or seem in any way shameful. “Where are my boxers?” I said raising my hands in a humorous ‘what’s going on’ pose. “There on the floor,” Robby said, laughing, and then added, “all ripped up!” His words made me spin around quickly and look to the side of the bed. There, in the middle of the magazines, were my plaid boxers – torn into three pieces. I stared at the floor in disbelief. I couldn’t think of what to do or what to say. I reached down, absent-mindedly, and pulled the covers over the lower part of my body. I continued to look at the underwear. There was no possible way. The only logical explanation was that I had torn them off of my body during my little sex-capade last night. I turned back toward my son, but didn’t say a word. He was just staring at me, silently. Suddenly, a big smile crept across his face. “Charlie said he had a good time sleeping with you,” Robby blurted out, as if he had been keeping a secret. He finished the sentence with a big laugh. I’m sure the laugh was innocent, but I didn’t know what he meant by it. His comment made me forget everything and become his dad again. I was a tad confused by his remark and I wanted to make sure he was clear about what he meant. “What do you mean, Robby?” I asked, a little too seriously, because my son immediately stopped laughing and looked at me with a sullen face. “He just said he had a good time and he told me to say you were very good,” he explained. My mouth fell open and my eyes must have gone very wide. I was so incredibly confused by everything at that moment – what my son was saying, how my underwear got shredded, and how this imaginary friend was causing so much trouble. I made myself smile, even in the midst of the confusion, to help my son not feel like he was in trouble. “Did Charlie mean you were a good boy, daddy? Like when Miss Emma tells you I was good?” Robby asked, looking at me as if he was hoping he got an answer right. “Yes! Yes, that’s it Robby. That’s exactly what Charlie meant. I was a good boy. I behaved very well. I said yes sir and no sir and did what I was asked,” I said laying my hand on my son’s head. All of the sudden his comments made sense. His imaginary friend had given him a good report about his dad. My mind was suddenly at ease. There was nothing naughty behind what my son was saying. He was affirming me. I messed up his hair and then pushed him back on the bed. He laughed again and everything between us was back in perfect balance. “I’m hungry!” he exclaimed from his prone position on the mattress. Yes! This was the out that I needed – to clean up the mess I had obviously made last night. I grabbed his legs and pulled him to me. “You’re always hungry! I have an idea, Captain. How about you go downstairs and pull out the cereal box. I’ll be right there. How’s that?” I asked. “Okay,” he replied squirming out of my grasp and quickly sliding off the bed. “Did you already pee, Robby?” I asked, knowing he probably was still holding liquids in his body – even through all the tickling, which completely astounded me. “Yes, sir,” he yelled as he ran from the room. “You better be telling me the truth, mister,” I yelled back as I quickly got out of bed, grabbed all of the magazines – making sure to steal a quick glance at my fantasy “Charlie” – and then headed to hide them in the closet. After stashing the magazines, I grabbed the three pieces of my torn boxers and took them to the trash. I noticed they were three clean rips – and I knew I must have pulled very hard to make it tear that way. I was kind of proud of my work. I grabbed a pair of shorts from the dresser, slipped them on, and headed downstairs – stopping to pee myself and noticing that Robby had told the truth about going this morning. He, of course, had forgotten to flush, though. We ate breakfast like we always did, Robby watching thirty minutes of his hour-a-day worth of cartoons and me reading most of the paper. The rule was that when we got home I could not return to the paper – I had to spend quality time with my son. He could only watch thirty more minutes of cartoons. He didn’t know I usually read more of the paper after he went to sleep, but the main thing was that I didn’t do it when we could spend time playing. I was amazed at how easily he got ready to go to Miss Emma’s this morning – usually it was an uphill battle to get him dressed and out the door. I decided it was because he had missed her and his friends, because of our free day at the park. He loved Miss Emma, even calling her one of his favorite angels. I always thought that was such a neat idea – that I dropped my son off with an angel each day. No matter what, I was just very happy that he enjoyed going to day care. It made my life so much easier. We were finally in the car and pulling out of the garage even a little earlier than usual, which wasn’t hard to do since we always ran late. It seemed that Robby was always looking for the one thing he couldn’t live without that day, and usually only that item had be misplaced. Today, however, his things were placed neatly on the table beside the door to the garage and I was very impressed. When I asked what had gotten into him and why he had organized everything before leaving, he told me Charlie had put the stuff there. In my head I thanked Charlie greatly for what he had been able to accomplish in my son in just a few days. I had not succeeded as much in five years! Pulling out of the garage was always a difficult task. There was a stupid tree right at the edge of the turn-around space that had been created at the edge of the middle of the driveway. You could back out straight into the street, but curves in the road made it very dangerous. I always liked to be the first one in the car to move out into the road, hoping my son would be safe if, heaven forbid, there was an accident. I wasn’t paying close attention this morning, probably because I was so surprised we were leaving early, and my bumper lightly scraped the trunk of the tree and then wedged into it. “Crap,” I said, having given up on swearing once Robby was at an age where he thought it was fun to repeat things. My son laughed at me from the back seat. This made me a little frustrated, but I wouldn’t let it cause me to take it out on him. I looked in the rearview mirror and made a crazy face, asking, “What’s so funny, Captain?” “Charlie says you’re a crazy driver,” Robby said laughing again. “Oh yeah? Well, you tell your friend Charlie that I’d like to see if he could do better job. That stupid tree is always in the way. As a matter of fact, why don’t you tell your big friend, Charlie, to get rid of that tree for me.” I said all of this as light as possible, as I tried to figure out how to pull forward without the side of the bumper scraping the same way it had as I backed up. “Wait, dad. Charlie’s gonna help,” Robby said as he played with some action figure in his hands. He wasn’t even looking at me. Suddenly the back of the car went up and then bounced back down on the ground. It wasn’t very dramatic, but it was noticeable. I immediately put the car in park. I had not taken my foot off the brake. What had made the car move? I could not believe there might be a problem with my brand new hybrid SUV. I pulled on the parking break, undid my seatbelt, and opened my door. “I don’t know what just happened, Robby, but I’m going to go take a look. I’ll be right back. Sit tight, okay Captain?” I said looking back at him. “Sure, dad. It was just Charlie helping,” he said, not even looking up at me. I chuckled at my son and got out of the car. I walked around the front of the car and then moved toward the back, waving to Robby as I passed his window – but he still wasn’t looking. He was intently playing with some crazy looking superhero or something. When I got to the back of the car I noticed that the bumper was now about a foot away from the tree. I couldn’t believe it. I could clearly see the scrapes on both the tree trunk and the bumper of the car, showing that I had gotten too close, but I would now be able to pull away easily. I stood there trying to figure out what had happened. I then realized the tire was now a little off the back edge of the asphalt driveway. I figured the car had shifted because it went off the edge – making it move away from the tree. That seemed logical, but something else caught my eye that didn’t make sense. On the top of the metal part of the bumper, near the edge, there was small dent the size of a big thumb or something. How in the heck did that get there, I thought. I looked at the tree to see if there had been a branch or something else that caused the indention, but there was nothing. The car wasn’t even a month old. I had not noticed that dent before. It must have happened at work, because it was the only other place I parked beside my garage. I made a mental note to get both the dent and the scrape fixed in the near future. I was definitely a guy that was car obsessed. I wanted it always spotless and blemish-less. I walked back around and got in the car. “Charlie fixed it, right?” Robby asked. I smiled at my son’s face in the rearview mirror. It was so nice of my son to always have his imaginary friend fix things for me. I had a feeling, though; it was going to get old pretty soon. For now, however, it was great to think there was someone looking out for us. “Yeah, he did a fine job,” I said a little sarcastically, but that was lost on Robby – thank goodness. “He’s gonna take care of the tree for ya,” Robby said turning back to his toy. “That will be great,” I said, smiling to myself, as we pulled onto the street, heading for Miss Emma’s. After dropping Robby off at day care I remembered to get Margaret that pastry she loved. I needed to say thank you for the fact that she might have covered for me in some way since I took the day off. It turned out that the day had been extremely quiet and she was very happy I wasn’t there; because it gave her time to catch up on a lot of work I had been keeping her from. She told me that the pastry had not been necessary, but I saw the happiness hidden in her face. I ended up having a meeting near home that afternoon, so I told Margaret that I’d just call it a day after the meeting. I didn’t want to face traffic back to the office and then turn around an hour later to go get Robby. I thought it would be a great chance to do a little cleaning, since the housekeeper was coming on Monday. Margaret always laughed when I told her I straightened things before it was cleaned professionally. I told her I didn’t want people to think I was untidy. She would always tell me that since I had a five year old, I had the right to have an untidy house. That afternoon, when I pulled into my driveway, I noticed the difference right away. The stupid tree was gone. Well, it wasn’t really gone; it was stacked in pieces near the end of the driveway - some were large and some were small. I didn’t pull into the garage. I stopped the car in the middle of the driveway and got out to look at the hole that now existed where the tree used to be. It was amazing. It looked like something had yanked the tree straight out of the ground and not the usual way - by cutting the thing down and then pulling the stump out with a chain. It was a pretty clean hole and a lot of the lose dirt had fallen back into it, sort of filling the empty space. I knew immediately that Mr. Johnson, next door, had done it. He hated the tree as much as I did since it was so close to wires that ran to his house and he had always worried a big storm might someday bring everything down. We had talked a lot about getting rid of it, but I couldn’t believe he had taken the initiative to make it happen. I wasn’t mad - I was just surprised. I would have to pay him for it. I knew he was having some work done to his place, so there must have been a crane there that pulled the tree out of the ground. I walked down to take a look at the pieces of the tree stacked by the road. I was amazed to see that they weren’t cleanly cut, like by a chain saw. It looked like something had snapped the trunk into pieces, since the breaks were like splinters – as if they had been simply ripped apart. No matter what it looked like or who had done it, I was just happy the tree was gone. I would fill the hole this weekend and put a sign on the wood that it was free to be taken. I knew it would disappear before Monday came. I went inside, a little more excited about cleaning, since the main job in my yard had already been taken care of. That evening, when I pulled into the driveway, I didn’t say anything to Robby about the tree, because I wanted to see if he noticed. When he didn’t say a word, I stopped the car, again in the middle of the driveway, and turned in the seat to look at him. “Notice anything, Captain?” I asked. “Yeah, tree’s gone,” he said matter-of-factly, as if he had expected it to be gone. “I know, isn’t that fantastic?” I said excitedly. “Mr. Johnson must have had it pulled out.” “No, Charlie did it,” Robby said with a sigh and it sounded like he was amazed that I didn’t remember that from this morning. I looked at him and I could tell he saw my amazement at his lack of surprise. “He said he was gonna fix it for ya.” “Well, that was very nice of whoever it was that did it,” I said, not wanting to ruin the great feeling that came from having the tree gone. I was beginning to really worry about Robby’s fixation with Charlie. I decided that I would call his doctor tomorrow. For a second I wondered if a change in diet might help get rid of the imaginary friend, but I knew that was stupid. It then hit me that we didn’t have anything to fix for dinner. “Oh, Robby, I forgot to pick something up at the store for dinner. Can we run to the market really fast?” “Yippee!” Robby yelled and, as usual, threw his hands in the air. This was not the response that I expected. Robby usually hated going to the store. I quickly turned the car around in the newly improved driveway, hoping his enthusiasm would last for the entire trip. I started making a short grocery list in my head as I waited for traffic to let me pull out. “What do you want for dinner?” I asked. “Vegeetubles,” he said and this caused me to glance at him in the mirror. He was looking to the empty space in the seat beside him and was nodding, as if he was agreeing with someone. I still did not believe he was starting to eat vegetables. No matter what I thought of his imaginary friend, I was very excited that this change had happened. Upon entering the store I noticed that it wasn’t very crowded, so I allowed Robby to push one of the children’s carts that were provided. I prayed to God that he wouldn’t hit some display, sending cans all over the floor, or worse, some elderly woman. He did very well and followed me closely, only putting items in his cart that were approved. When we got to the fruits and vegetables section I immediately noticed a huge guy wearing a tight black t-shirt and jeans. I swear I was a huge magnet when it came to big guys seemingly made of steel The guy was obviously a professional bodybuilder or something, because he had muscles on top of muscles. He was dreamy and yummy all rolled into one. I kept glancing from the huge guy back to Robby – making sure my son didn’t see me going ga-ga over the big man. At one point I noticed that Mr. Muscles looked directly at me and smiled, in a way that made my toes curl. Oh damn, he caught me looking at him, I thought. I’m sure my face flushed red. I glanced away, down at my son, who was trying to choose the perfect box of raisins from a row of about fifteen. When I glanced back up the bodybuilder was now standing across the wide stand between us that held a bunch of different fruits. He was looking directly at me and had a big smile across his face. God, the man was huge. I’m sure he was about six foot four and it seemed like he was the same length from shoulder to shoulder. He had dark semi-long black hair and olive skin. The guy looked like some Italian muscled statue and he stared at me as if he knew me. “Hello,” the perfect man said in a perfect bass voice. Everything about him exuded manliness. “Hi,” I said sheepishly, but I also felt very bold, somehow. “I’m Marshall.” Before he could say anything a crazy thought came into my mind and I blurted out, “Your name isn’t Charlie, is it?” “No, I’m afraid not,” said the giant man in front of me and my heart sank a little. His smile seemed to grow when he added, “It’s Charles.” “Some people call you Charlie,” Robby said, having stood up and stepped back from the fruit stand a little – far enough to see the big guy on the other side. Of course a person would have had to be incredibly small to miss the huge Charles. “Hey Robby! How are you?” Charles said to my son, obviously in a way that meant they knew each other. “Yes, that’s true; some people do call me Charlie. So, this is your super-dad that I’ve heard so much about.” My mouth dropped open and I was speechless for a few seconds – for so many reasons, the size of the guy, the fact that his bulging muscles seemed to ripple even when he was just speaking, and the fact that he knew my son. My lips went up and down a few times, but no sound came out. Finally, I regained some composure. “You two know each other?” I said looking at Charles and then down at Robby. “He’s Miss Emma’s brother,” Robby said smiling. I turned back to the big guy. “It’s true,” he said and then he extended one of his long, thick arms across the piles of fruit. I reached up and shook his hand. My knees actually knocked together when his big, strong hand engulfed my palm. Charles kept holding on even after we stopped shaking and I tried to pull away. It seemed like he was enjoying the fact that we were touching as much as I was. It was like he was touching another human being for the first time. “I really have heard a lot about you, Marshall,” Charles added, finally letting go of my hand and breaking the silence that had surrounded us. “Umm, I think I’ve heard some things about you,” I replied awkwardly and then quickly added, “I mean, I guess some things I’ve heard are beginning to make sense.” Charles had an understandably confused look on his face. I had no idea how to explain that my son had created an imaginary friend completely based on him – in every detail: hair, muscles, smile, huge frame, and so much more. For a split second I allowed myself to acknowledge that the Charles standing in front of me was a hundred times better than the Charlie of my sexual fantasy last night. I opened my mouth to try and explain, but I was conveniently interrupted. “Charlie! Come to our house for food,” Robby said cheerfully. I was instantly embarrassed. I looked at the big man and held up a finger, signifying I needed just a quick second with my son. I bent down so my face was even with Robby’s. “Robby, that’s not polite. I’m sure Charles has plans and we don’t want to put him on the spot that way. It’s usually polite to ask a person to dinner a few nights later, so they can plan for it,” I said all of this patiently and in a way that did not make Robby feel reprimanded. I wanted to make sure my son learned lessons, but in a positive way. “Actually, Marshall, I’d love to,” Charles said and both Robby and I turned to face him. I looked back to my son and he smiled at me triumphantly. “Well, that’s great. Yep, that’s really great,” I said, standing back up to face the man that came closer than any other human in the world to matching my fantasies. I suddenly felt very weird and nervous, knowing he would be at our house – this man whose smile made my dick twitch uncontrollably. I said the first thing that came into my head to avoid another moment of drooling silence. “We’re having vegetables.” “I hear they make you big and strong,” Charles said and I saw him wink at Robby. “So I’ve heard, as well,” I added and Robby laughed. “I think I’ll make some spaghetti, as well.” “Yippee!” cheered Robby, throwing his hands in the air. “Yippee!” echoed Charles and he, also, put his big beefy arms in the air. This caused me to become slightly dizzy – gazing at his muscled limbs stretched in the air. The biceps and triceps were perfectly formed and bulging magnificently. I did the only thing I could think of to prevent myself from falling to the floor from faint. I, too, threw my hands in the air. “Yippee,” I said weakly and it was quite obvious I was having trouble getting air into my lungs. I guess it is true, what they say, that there are people in the world that can actually take your breath away. Part IV: Wings of Muscle Desire Robby, Charles, and I finished shopping as one inseparable unit – gathering stuff to make spaghetti and then gathering some fresh vegetables picked out by my son. He, to my great surprise, chose broccoli and a mixture of ingredients to make a salad. The entire time he surveyed the choices for veggies, Charles explained the benefits that could come from eating each one. I was impressed with his vast knowledge of food, but then, looking at his body, I guess he would have to know a lot about what was best for getting bigger and stronger. It obviously worked for him! Within about ten minutes I had completely fallen for the big man, but not half as much as Robby had. If Charles the muscleman had swiped the vegetables off of the stand with one of his huge arms and offered to take me right there in the middle of the store, I’m sure I would have said yes. And on top of everything – his size, his looks, his smile, and his gentle personality – he was incredible with Robby. He had my boy eating out of his hand. Literally. The guy got my son to eat some grapes and a few strawberries as we shopped. Robby had constantly turned his nose up at both items any time I suggested he try them, but not for the beautiful man that led us around the store. No, for him, my son seemed to only have the word “yes” in his vocabulary. It was not that I was jealous, trust me, I loved that my son trusted this guy. I was just surprised. I also thought my son had incredible taste – shown by his choice of imaginary friends, turned real. If I could have had an imaginary friend like Charles when I was a kid, I promise I would not have spent so many years and so many dollars coming to terms with the fact that I was gay. Every now and then Charles would reach over and place his big hand on my shoulder or grab my neck and squeeze lightly. Each time his large, strong fingers touched me, my body would shiver with glee – something that did not go unnoticed by the big guy. I realized, as well, that he seemed to want to touch me a lot. He did not at all hide the fact that he enjoyed being around me – as a matter of fact, as we walked down aisles in the store I noticed, a couple of times, that people stared when the heavily muscled man was affectionate with me. I could tell people assumed we were a couple and that Robby was our son. This thought thrilled me very much. I imagined that the three of us looked very handsome together, or maybe I just hoped we did. Like I said, by the time we finished buying all of the groceries for our dinner, I had fallen for Charles like a lead balloon. It wasn’t until we stepped outside, into the parking lot, that it dawned on me Charles had not bought anything in the store. “Didn’t you need to buy something?” I asked as we walked toward my car. “I’m sorry,” he said, turning towards me because he didn’t get what I meant. Robby was riding on one of his monstrous shoulders – a fact that made me wish I was riding on the other one – so Charles had to turn slightly to speak to me. “Were you shopping for something? You didn’t buy anything,” I said holding up the two bags in my hands. “Oh no, I didn’t need anything. I was just in there looking,” he answered. I found the comment odd, but didn’t think about it any more. I guess he was just one of those people that went into grocery stores to see if they wanted anything and sometimes left empty handed. But something else, in the way he answered, made me think he was actually in the store looking for something specific. I couldn’t explain this feeling and I didn’t know if the store had not had want he wanted or if he had just decided against getting it. I allowed myself to dream, for just a minute or two; he had come into the store to find Robby and me. I could not believe my brain had the ability to go to such wild places of fantasy. I forced my overactive imagination to stop and I just focused on the fact that the huge man was with us right now. I told myself to live in the moment and not let my dreams of rings, china patterns, and even more children, cloud reality. “I’m the hybrid right over there,” I said, pointing in the direction of where we were parked. “Where’s your car?” “I don’t have one,” Charles said. This statement made me think, for the first time, that maybe my dream man was not as perfect as I thought. He didn’t have a car? How did he get around? Please, dear God, don’t let him say he doesn’t have a job. “Wow. I don’t think I could live in this city without a car,” I said, trying to cover up my surprised look by taking the conversation a different way. I ventured next, however, where, deep down, I really didn’t want to go. “What do you do for a living?” “Oh, you know, I guess you’d say I help people,” he answered, as he lifted his shoulder a few times to make Robby bounce up and down. At first I didn’t know what his answer meant, but then I figured it out – mainly because of his incredible body and the fact that I wanted my dream muscle man to have a steady job. “You mean like a personal trainer?” I asked. “Yeah, you could say that. I personally train people.” He answered and a broad smile appeared across his face. “Well, I’d definitely like you to personally train me,” I said, only half joking. “I’d like that a lot,” he replied with a very serious look. “It’s one of the reasons I hoped I would meet you.” I didn’t understand his last comment, but it was so sweet that I refused to analyze it. We were at the car, so we loaded the groceries, put Robby in the car seat, and then began to climb in. To my surprise, Charles got in the back seat and sat beside Robby. I was in the car and putting on my seatbelt before I noticed what he had done. “Oh, you can ride up here, Charles. Robby will be fine back there by himself.” I explained. “This is where I always ride,” he said simply. There was an awkward pause before I forced myself to speak. “Okay then,” I said, trying not to show I was shocked. I started the car and made my way out of the parking lot. I was so confused about this guy. He was definitely a super stud, but he also seemed very innocent, or maybe it was something else, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then it hit me, he acted like he was new to everything – like he was experiencing the place for the first time. That must be it. Charles had probably just moved here. “Are you new to town, Charles?” I asked, looking at him in the rearview mirror. “Yes, very new,” he replied. “Charlie just got here.” Robby added. “Yes, that’s right. I just got to town,” Charles said, acknowledging Robby’s comment. “Everything here is very new to me.” I looked in the mirror and saw Robby and Charles nodding their heads up and down to each other. It reminded me of Robby’s similar action from this morning - when he had been alone in the back seat looking at an empty space that was not filled by a very large man – but he nodded in the same fashion. The drive home was mostly filled with Robby chattering away about stuff that was very important to him – a spot where he had seen two cars hit each other, his favorite place to get ice cream, and other such stuff. I kept glancing in the rearview mirror, which I had adjusted slightly, to take a look at the perfectly formed upper body of Charles. His shoulders looked unbelievable – and I couldn’t imagine how the fabric of his shirt could contain such muscled mountains. His neck was thick and strong looking, especially when he turned and cords of muscle stretched down behind the collar. The two huge pectoral muscles below seemed like they would also rip through the shirt, if Charles merely inhaled deeply. The two gigantic mounds looked as solid as thick steel – and as powerful. I stopped looking at the beautiful body behind me, because I almost hit the rear end of a car stopped in front of me – I was that distracted. I glanced at Charles’ face and it was obvious he knew what had happened. It caused him to smile in a way that made my cock stir between my legs. I smiled back, knowing my face was red, and then turned to watch the road the entire rest of the way home. “Good job,” Robby said out loud, as we turned into our driveway. Both Charles and I said “thank you” at the same time. I was sure Robby was commenting on my driving, but when I glanced to the back seat I noticed my son was looking at the big man beside him. I could not fathom what he was complimenting Charles about and found it a little surprising. “Good job, too, dad,” Robby said turning to me. “Yes, Marshall, thanks for driving,” Charles said and I became more confused about this little interplay between the three of us. I decided to let it all go and not let my nervousness about being around this big stud cause problems for the evening. I took a few deep breaths and then opened my door. “Who’s hungry?” I asked. “I am!” yelled Robby. “You’re always hungry,” came out of Charles’ and my mouth at the same time. This caused all three of us to laugh, but it also caught me off guard. Why in the world did Charles say that and why did he think he knew my son so well. I moved to the back to get the groceries, while Charles helped Robby out of the car seat. As soon as they were out of the car they walked over to where the tree used to stand. I glanced over as I grabbed bags and watched as they obviously talked about the hole and the tree that used to be there. Robby must have been telling Charles about me hitting the tree this morning and then about how it was taken away while we were gone. To my surprise, though, Robby was talking at all. Charles was chatting away and moving his hands in a very animated way. At one point he bent his knees and held his big arms out in a circle in front of his chest, as if he were doing a ballet move. Charles then stood up slowly, like he was explaining the proper way to lift something. The big man then lowered his right hand, palm up, to beside his knee and acted like he was curling an object. My mouth watered when I saw his bicep bulge when his arm bent upward. My son then clapped his hands together a few times and shouted “yippee.” Both of them then turned to walk back and join me. I had already shut the doors to the car and was headed inside. For the life of me I could not imagine what they had been talking about. Both of them were laughing when they reached me. “What’s so funny?” I asked, not wanting to be left out. Both of them looked at each other and started laughing more. “We were just talking about your little accident this morning,” Charles said. I glanced at Robby with an accusatory face - not understanding why he had to tell Charles that story. My look did not impact Robby at all. He was having too much fun swinging on one of the gigantic arms at the big man’s side. Charles had turned his hand backwards so Robby could sit on it like a horse on a carousel. The big guy was easily supporting Robby’s small body as he moved his arm back and forth like a carnival ride. At that point I wanted to be my son so my hands could be holding on to the thick, muscled forearm of our huge guest. I turned to head into the house so my mind could get a rest from the desires that were ravishing me as I gazed at Charles. I spoke to both of them over my shoulder as we moved into the kitchen. “Robby, why don’t you give Charles a tour of the place as I start dinner,” I suggested. “Oh, I know it pretty well already,” the big guy said as he continued to swing his arm with my son attached to it. I glanced at him with a puzzled look. “I mean it’s a pretty standard layout, I’m sure. I could tell by the outside. I bet there are three bedrooms off of the hallway upstairs, a bathroom connected to the master bedroom and one between the other bedrooms, and downstairs consists of a living room, den, study, dining room, laundry workroom and kitchen.” I was surprised because Charles had nailed the description of the place perfectly. He must have been familiar with this type of house. He seemed to know each room. In the back of my head I felt that there was more, like he actually knew what was in each room and how it was decorated, but that must have been my overactive imagination again. There was no way that he had been in our house before. Still, there was something that made me feel a familiarity with Charles that was much more than my sheer lust for the man’s body. I couldn’t put a name to the feeling, but I knew it was there. “Well, you sound as if you’ve been here before,” I said sort of laughing. “That’s crazy, dad!” Robby said quickly, as if he were covering something up. I looked at him with a quizzical face. “I have a friend that’s an architect. That’s all,” explained Charles. I saw that he glanced at Robby quickly. The two of them had already created some kind of bond that excluded me in a small way. It kind of bothered me, but it was also great, because I wanted my son to like this man. I had high hopes for a potential relationship with the big guy. My son’s opinion was very important to me. Since he had chosen his imaginary friend Charlie for me, I thought he might like this close-to-the-same real thing. “Well, how about you two find something to do while your dad prepares dinner,” I said cheerfully to Robby and then glanced up at Charles. “C’mon Charlie, let’s go to my room,” Robby said and I clearly heard a foreshadowing of what he would be like in his teenage years when he had friends over. My son grabbed the man’s large hand beside him and they began to leave. “Are you sure I can’t help with dinner?” Charles asked. “No, you are our guest tonight. It won’t be the fanciest meal you’ve ever had, but you will not have to fix it. Run along with Robby and let him entertain you. He’s good at that.” I answered, flicking my hands in the air as if to shoo them out of the room. “My dad’s a great cook, Charlie,” Robby said boastfully and my heart swelled with pride. The two of them left the kitchen and it seemed like I breathed for the first time since meeting Charles in the grocery store. It was then I realized my cock had been hard since the store, as well. With the man’s gorgeous body, covered in unbelievable muscles, out of the room, I was able to calm down somewhat. I began to get the food organized for cooking. I couldn’t focus very well on what I was doing because I continued to think about Charles. I could not believe that he was so built. I could tell his legs were huge, and obviously powerful, even through his jeans. I kept thinking about how tight his black shirt was and how its color only highlighted his dark hair and tan skin. I tried hard to come up with some blemish or a part of him that wasn’t perfect, but I could name nothing. He had a perfect bubble ass and an upper back that seemed wider than my SUV. His tapered torso reminded me of statues I had once seen in Greece – images of gods, like Poseidon, that reflected masculinity and perfection. I loved the idea that Charles was some type of Greek god that had decided to come to earth just to be with Robby and me. Suddenly, my cock was rigid again, and I forgot where I was in my dinner preparations. I forced myself to focus on the task of getting food ready. I stopped fantasizing about the big man upstairs.When I had everything finally under control and the meal was almost ready, I decided to go upstairs and check on the boys. As I neared the half-shut door of Robby’s room, I stopped to listen in on what they were saying. I knew it was wrong, but I wanted to see if I could hear Charles say anything about me. I knew I was acting like a kid in junior high school, but that’s exactly what the big muscleman caused me to feel like. At first I was a little confused by what I heard, but all was clearly revealed later on. “Ninety-eight,” Robby said, and I could tell he was smiling by the sound of his voice. “He likes you, Charlie. I know. Ninety-nine.” “I’m glad, Robby. I like him . . . and you,” answered the strong voice of Charles. “One hundred,” Robby continued. “Are you gonna tell him? One hundred and one.” “Yes. I’ll tell him soon. You’re a good counter, Robby,” Charles said. “Thanks. One hundred and two. My dad helps me,” Robby answered. I was sure they were talking about me. My son the matchmaker! I couldn’t believe it. Not that I was complaining, or anything, since I definitely liked Charles and wanted to get to know him more. My curiosity about what they were doing got the best of me, though, and I stepped up to peer through the open door. I was amused and excited by what I saw. There was Charles doing push-ups on the floor in the middle of Robby’s room and my son was sitting cross-legged in the middle of his wide back. He looked so small compared to the huge body of the man lowering himself to the floor and then pushing back up in perfect form. My son was counting off each time the big man straightened his arms completely. Seeing Charles doing push-ups with someone on his back made my cock spring to life again. I knew that Robby didn’t weigh much, but just the thought of the huge muscled god doing any kind of exercise was enough to get me excited. I pushed open the door and stepped into the room as Robby called out “one hundred and eight.” “Well, are you helping Charles do some exercises?” I asked, making my presence known. “Yeah,” answered Robby. I would usually ask him to say “yes sir,” but I was still too mesmerized by the beautiful arms of Charles as he lowered his body and pushed it back up to correct my son. “You sit on his back, too, dad!” “No, that’s okay Robby. I don’t want to take away from your fun,” I said nervously. I really did want to experience the thrill of feeling the power in the guy’s arms as he pushed me into the air, but I knew that it would probably also bring me close to spewing cum in my underwear. I did not need to have that added to the growing list of things that I had done in front of Charles that were embarrassing. I did make a mental note to ask him if I could someday ride on his back as he did push-ups – that is, IF we started dating. “Please feel free to join him, Marshall. It would be great to have the extra weight. I like seeing how strong I am,” Charles said turning his head to look at me. There was not an ounce of boasting in his comment. It almost sounded as if Charles were doing push-ups for the first time and wanted to see what his arms could do. That wasn’t possible, however, by the looks of his bulging, muscular arms and his massive chest, which looked like it was pressing on the shirt even more than before. It was quite obvious that the man had probably been doing push-ups from the day he popped out of his mother’s womb. I’m not sure what came over me – my need to personally feel Charles’ strong body beneath me, my desire to test his strength, or my son’s pleading eyes – but I gave in. “Well, if it’s going to help you get a better pump, Charles, then I guess I can,” I replied and immediately noticed it sounded lame and like I was using that as an excuse instead of saying why I truly wanted to experience the ride. Come to think of it, that’s what I was doing. “Yippee,” yelled Robby and, yes, his hands went up in the air. I could feel beads of sweat gathering on my forehead and back. I had not felt this kind of excitement in a very long time. I was about to sit on the back of the man of my dreams as he pushed my son and me into the air – doing push-ups. This had been a fantasy of mine for a very long time. I have no idea why. Was it because of the strength it showed off in a man’s arms or was it because there was a certain intimacy shared from touching a man’s body as he worked out, feeling muscles constrict and relax – bunching up into hard mounds of rock-like tendons, pumping blood, and all covered by hot, sweaty skin. Or was it a combination of both. I picked up Robby and he stood on the floor beside Charles. The big man had his arms locked and was pressing his body into the air. When I climbed on his wide back it felt like I was sitting on a huge marble table. I moved my body so I was sitting cross-legged at the wide part of his back. I’m sure even I looked small, like Robby did, sitting on such a wide muscled torso. My son climbed into my lap and sat facing the same way as me. I moved my hard cock to a place where it would not be felt by the small body in my lap. I’m not sure I succeeded, but I also knew Robby did not know what a hard-on was – not yet anyway. This made me hope he wouldn’t notice. “Are you guys comfortable?” asked Charles. “Yes,” answered both Robby and me. “Well, make sure you stay balanced. I’ll start out slow and then pick up the speed once you get used to the motion,” Charles said. And with that he bent his arms and we all moved slowly towards the floor. I can’t begin to explain the incredible feeling that shot through my body as I felt the big man bend his arms at a very slow pace, clearly showing that it was nothing for his arms to control the added weight. I was a little disappointed that I could not watch his arms and chest closely from my seat on top. It would have been incredible to see how his chest and biceps bulged as he lowered all of us so easily. I did get an awesome view of his triceps, which popped out like balloons being filled with helium. They both split into multiple layers of heavy muscle. I made another mental note, if the two of us did end up dating, to ask Charles if I could lie on the floor beneath him as he lowered his body doing push-ups, that way I’d be able to get an in-your-face 3D view of his chest. That thought made my body shiver greatly. I was sure both Robby and Charles noticed my reaction, but neither said anything. By this time, Charles had lowered and pushed his body back up about four times. I was in a muscle dreamland and could not fathom any greater feeling. I could see that his pumped-up muscles were stretching the shirt to a point where I’m sure it was about to rip. I secretly hoped the fabric would begin to tear at the seams and I’d be able to see his perfect olive skin bulge through the tears. I knew, however, that the first sight of muscle busting through part of his shirt would send my body into some kind of frenzy that could only end with gallons of cum shooting out of my cock, which presently felt so hard that I’m sure it was petrified. “Now for a little faster pace, gentleman,” said Charles as he stared pumping his arms up and down quickly. Robby and I bounced around a little, but the muscled back we sat on was so wide that we didn’t fear falling off. I could tell it would be nothing for Charles to continue this for a few hours, but I knew our meal was certainly ready by now. The only thing in the world I wanted to do was continue riding this muscled bull for the entire evening. I longed to stretch out completely on his giant body, allowing my hard cock to press into his perfectly bubbled butt so he would know how much he turned me on. I also knew that, when I spread myself completely over his body, I would be able to feel more of his hardened muscles as they worked effortlessly lifting our bodies up and down. I let my mind wonder briefly what al of this would feel like if both Charles and I were naked. I knew any kind of interplay that involved only skin would have to take place without Robby, but I did fantasize about Charles without his shirt on just for a minute. I could not wait to see what was causing the shirt to bulge out with insane massiveness everywhere. The motion caused by Charles’ strong arms and the fact that my body had not been this close to another man in a long time, especially a man as big as this one, I was very close to shooting my load. I knew I had to ask the muscled stud to stop even though it would be one of the hardest things I’d ever do. “I’m afraid our dinner might be spoiled if we don’t stop soon,” I said and my voice sounded a little strained as my body went up and down quickly, like I was riding a trotting horse. I practically was riding a man as big as a horse. “And Charles, there might be some other things spoiled if you don’t stop, as well.” This caused Charles to cease moving as he lowered our bodies to the ground. He let his pumped chest rest on the floor. His body was shaking a little and it took me a second to realize he was laughing at my innuendo about my potential release of semen. I became embarrassed and regretted being so honest. “What’s so funny,” Robby asked. He now felt left out the same way that I had earlier. Again, I was not ready to explain ejaculation to my five-year-old son. “I was getting a little dizzy from the motion, Robby, that’s all,” I replied and this made Charles laugh out loud. His entire body shook so hard that Robby and me were bounced off and fell on the floor. By this time we were both laughing, as well. It took us a few seconds to settle down, but when we all stood up, I immediately looked to the chest and arms of the giant in front of me. To say that Charles looked like a Greek god earlier had been an understatement. His body was now inflated more than it was when we met him at the store. He had a very light glow about him – caused either by a light sheen of sweat or, more likely, by the fact that blood was pumping into the parts of his body that most turned me on. His pecs were rising and falling as he breathed and that only highlighted their massiveness. His nipples poked up against the fabric like they were about to slice through his shirt easily and be mouth-watering ready for a good sucking. I’m sure they could have easily been declared a lethal weapon. But it was Charles’ arms that made both Robby and I excited beyond belief. Robby just liked the fact that the huge arms made Charles look like a super hero, one of his action figures he played with. They excited me for that reason, too, but for many other reasons, as well. Those pumped arms bulged with power – a strength that I had just experienced, although I was sure I had witnessed only a fraction of what they could do. They made the muscle god look indestructible and more masculine than an army of lesser men. If my son had not been in the room I would have begged Charles to let me lick every bulge, every vein, and every striation that stood out like the Swiss Alps at his sides. And all of this described his arms when they weren’t flexed, I was not sure my body could have stood it if he had decided to flex his arms in any way at that moment. I was speechless, but my son was not. “You’re huge, Charlie!” he exclaimed. The comment made Charles smile uncontrollably. He looked like some kid at Christmas – surrounded by presents. The big man stared at me, not breaking his gaze even to blink. It was as if my son was not in the room. I was suddenly aware that this entire display had been done to impress, or please, me. It was great that Robby liked it, but it was all done to make me hard – I could see that now. I saw in Charles’ eyes something that I had not experienced from another man for a long time. I saw that he desired me greatly. I saw that he wanted me as much as I wanted him. I saw a need in him that mirrored my own need of his body and his presence. I needed to acknowledge all of this somehow. I wanted Charles to realize that I understood what he was feeling. I wanted him to know that I felt the same way. I looked at my son and smiled. Then I turned back to the handsome man in the middle of the room. “Yes, Robby, you are definitely right,” I affirmed. “You are, indeed, very huge, Charles. And you are as beautiful as you are big.” I smiled when I saw his face turn red – like mine had done so many times that evening. Part V: There’s Something About Charlie I was still trying to fully grasp the fact that I had just made the biggest man I had ever met turn bright red with embarrassment. All I did was agree with my five-year-old son that Charles was indeed very huge and equally as handsome. It had been a truthful statement, but I’m sure the monstrous muscleman understood all that was underneath my simple statement. I was basically telling him that he rocked my world tremendously, and not just because he pumped out a bunch of push-ups with my son and me sitting on his back, no, it was much more than just the reaction of the hardened cock in my pants. Charles had seeped through the cracks of a wall within me that had been put up years ago, when my partner - the one that decided to have a child with me and then abruptly left – ripped my heart from my body. It was pretty symbolic that the muscled giant in the room had brought down my protective wall like Samson toppling some huge structure. Yes, Charles was some kind of superhero that had flown into my world and within three hours had made me open myself to the point where I said things that were profoundly honest and very revealing. Charles knew everything that had caused me to take this incredible risk – the fact that my son liked him very much, the fact that his body turned me on beyond my wildest fantasies, the fact that I needed someone very strong to offer support secure enough for me to trust it, and the fact that I desired to please him as much as he did me. This is what made the pumped up, gorgeous, muscled stud turn red. He had no idea how much his reaction pleased me. I knew better, however, than to draw attention to his feelings. “Who is ready for dinner?” I asked, attempting to move focus off of the heaving chest and bulging arms of the huge man that had swept up my feelings so quickly. “I am, I am,” shouted Robby and he ran out of the room, headed down to the kitchen. Charles and I stared at each other. He turned a deeper red as we simply looked at each other with an intensity that filled every inch of the room. The big man started to breathe harder than before – as if his body had just caught up with the fact that he pushed the weight of all three of us into the air for a multitude of push-ups that were perfectly performed. I knew better, though, and smiled at the fact that my mere presence – just a few steps away – was causing so much excitement that his body was having trouble keeping up. Suddenly, I felt even more powerful than the muscle god before me. I knew that I was in control at that moment and I also knew that this feeling might never come again. I walked over to the big man and he took a deep breath as I moved within touching range. I raised my right hand and placed it on his massive chest – which was protruding out so much that I knew he couldn’t begin to see his own feet if he glanced down without bending over. My hand immediately felt heat coming from his body. His t-shirt also felt like I was touching fabric that had been thinly stretched over an enormous thick boulder. I didn’t move my hand at all; I simply let it rest against his powerful chest. I concentrated on letting my energy slowly flow from my body through my hand into his pecs. I could visibly tell that my touch excited him, but the longer I pressed my palm into the shirt over his hard skin and let my calmness flow into him, the more he started to breathe normally and his heartbeat stopped racing. Charles shut his eyes and I knew he was being surrounded by a peacefulness that was created by our bodies beginning to syncopate their rhythms. I longed to do so much more than rest my hand on his chest, but now was not the time. I knew Robby was waiting for us at the dinner table. The big man began to smile, before he even opened his eyes. We had made a connection that no words could describe. I removed my hand and we looked at each other again. We were both still on fire with desire for the other, but we were also ready to join my son for dinner. There was the unspoken promise of something happening between us later, but for now it was all about the three of us sharing a meal. “Shall we head to dinner?” I asked. All Charles could do was nod his head in affirmation. I turned and led him to the dining room downstairs. He took the seat on the other side of Robby and I went into the kitchen to bring out food. Robby, of course, talked non-stop during dinner. He raved about the fun he had riding up and down on Charles’ back as he did push-ups and then he moved on to even more important stuff like the latest SpongeBob episode. I would catch Charles’ eyes every now and then and we’d smile at each other – both about Robby’s enthusiasm and the growing lust between the two of us. By the time we started to clear dishes from the table, I was nervous that one of us was going to jump the other in a fit of uncontrollable passion. I opened a few windows in the dining room and kitchen to help cool down the fire between the big man and myself, but it didn’t help. After dishes were done and everything was put away, Robby begged us to play a few rounds of Crazy Eight. Both Charles and I got lost in the game, forgetting about our desires for a few moments as we watched Robby get excited and then frustrated as he would begin to win, but end up losing. My son was very competitive and would cheat if you didn’t watch him closely. I could tell that Charles threw a few games just to make my son happy. This pleased me a lot, mainly because I, too, was very competitive and found it hard to let my son win. I always felt Robby needed to learn to win and lose, but I wondered if I really just wanted to justify my need to win! During the last round of our card game I noticed that Robby’s eyes were beginning to close as he became more tired. It had been a very exciting day for him. Both Charles and I maneuvered it so that my son would win the last game, which seemed to renew his energy. He did not argue at all, though, when I said it was time for bed. “I’ll just be a few minutes,” I said turning to Charles. “I can come too, if it’s okay. I know the routine,” Charles replied, “brush our teeth with Spongebob and then we read three books.” “That’s right!” I said, before it even registered that he had nailed our evening routine. I could not believe he would know this. “Did Robby tell you that?” I looked at my son. “Naw, dad, Charlie’s been here, remember?” Robby answered. But before I could say anything in response Robby added, “Charlie, you come too. And you sleep with my dad again tonight.” I stood there shocked at what my son had just said. I was sure my face turned bright red. I suddenly forgot everything else that had happened and became confused as to what to say or do. I could not believe Robby would say something, but I forced myself to remember how young and innocent he was. He did not mean anything more than what he was saying. “Robby, that’s not a nice thing to say.” I said, a little too quickly. I should have thought for a second before I responded. “Why?” my son asked. “Well, it’s just that we don’t . . . I mean we have to ask people if . . . you can’t . . .” I was trying hard to figure out how to explain what I meant. “It’s fine, Robby. I’d love to sleep with your dad,” interrupted Charles. I turned to him quickly and he was smiling at me. He winked, as if to say, “Just humor the boy,” but I wasn’t sure that’s all he meant. “Well . . . okay, then,” I answered, immediately getting hard again as my mind drifted to the idea of lying in bed beside this huge man. I then added, “It will be like a sleep over.” “Gee, dad, old people don’t have sleep overs,” responded Robby laughing, “Charlie’s going to sleep with you because he’s gonna be my new dad.” This was too much for me to handle. I was completely lost in my lust for Charles, my bewilderment at my son’s remarks, and the pressure I felt at my crotch. I quickly realized that I was staring at my son with my mouth wide open. I gathered my strength quickly so I wouldn’t freak out too much. I remembered some of the things that I had been reading in all the parenting books piled up beside my bed and I moved in the direction I thought best. I simply ignored what Robby had said. I knew that if I didn’t make a big deal out of what he was suggesting, it would simply fade away from our memories. Well, at least, that’s what I hoped. “I think it’s time for us to brush our teeth,” I said quickly, trying to cover up my confusion and embarrassment. “Yippee!” Robby yelled, throwing his hands in the air, and turning to run out of the room. I heard his steps as he ran up the stairs. I followed immediately, not even looking at Charles. I could not even imagine looking him in the face at that moment. “I think I have an extra toothbrush in my bathroom,” I said as I left the room. “Don’t worry Marshall, there’s a SpongeBob toothbrush for me in Robby’s bathroom,” replied Charles. I stopped in my tracks for a quick second, confused by this statement since I had forgotten about the extra toothbrush until that moment. I regained my momentum and continued up the stairs to join Robby. The three of us brushing our teeth together proved to be much harder than I anticipated, and I mean that in many different ways. First of all, there was little room in the small bathroom once the hulking frame of the gorgeous muscleman visiting us filled it. Our arms kept brushing up against each other and something akin to electricity would shoot through my body and come to full force in my cock each time. It was difficult also because there is a huge mirror in Robby’s bathroom and I found myself wanting to stare at Charles’ bent arm as he brushed his perfectly white teeth. The bicep bulged and stretched the fabric of his shirt so much that numerous times I just stood there staring as toothpaste foamed out of my mouth and down my shirt like I was a rabid dog. I realized midway through our teeth cleaning that Charles was completely aware of what I was staring at and that he was flexing his arm even more just to torture me. At one point I caught his eyes in the mirror and he smiled as he stopped moving his toothbrush up and down just so he could pump up his bicep extra hard – so hard, in fact, that the fabric made a noise as it screamed from being stretched too far. I almost shot a load as I began to imagine what it would be like to watch the sleeve of his black t-shirt rip across the beautiful thick peak of his upper arm. The only thing that prevented me from cumming in my pants was my son picking up on the chemistry between Charles and me. “You guys like each other, don’t you?” Robby asked. I looked down at him quickly and saw that he had a huge smile across his face. He had obviously been done brushing his teeth for a while. “Well, of course I like Charles,” I said and sprayed toothpaste all over the mirror in front of us. I had forgotten to rinse before speaking and this caused Robby, as well as Charles, to start laughing uncontrollably. I managed to regain some order in the room, rinsed my mouth, and said, “Okay, you two, into the bedroom for some reading.” Robby squirmed passed me and then I pressed my body up against the sink as Charles walked by. There was plenty of room for the big man, but he purposely pressed his body against mine as he walked behind me. I gasped out loud and this caused him to chuckle a little. I was pretty sure that I felt his very hard cock as he passed by and this caused my body to shake with excitement. We caught each other’s glance as he exited the room and I saw him mouth the words “You’re beautiful.” I had to stand at the sink for a few seconds after he left the room to calm myself down. I pressed my hardened rod up against the tiled top of the sink cabinet to intensify the feeling that Charles had caused. I knew if I didn’t stop daydreaming about seeing the big man naked I was going to blow my wad. I pushed away from the sink and moved toward Robby’s bedroom. “Okay Captain, time for a book or two,” I said moving towards the reading chair. “Charles can sit on your bed and listen.” “No, daddy,” Robby said, pulling at my hand, “Charles will sit first and we both can sit in his lap. That way we all get to see the pictures.” I felt my face flush red for the umpteenth time that evening. “Robby, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” I said looking at my son. “Please, daddy!” Robby pleaded. “I know Charlie wants to.” I looked at my son’s happy face and then turned to Charles. The big guy shrugged his shoulders and lifted his palms upward as if to say, “What are you going to do? - We should please the boy.” I knew I would get no help from him. I looked back down at Robby as he tugged on my hand with excitement. I knew instantly that I would not disappoint my son, but I wondered if I was going through with his new request just for him or if it was really for me. It didn’t matter; Charles moved to the chair and sat down. He then spread his big, thick legs and patted his massive right thigh inviting me to sit down. I suddenly became immobile as I anticipated touching his bulging body. Robby brought me out of my lustful coma as he pulled on my arm, leading me over to Charles. “Umm, what book should we . . . I mean what story do you want to . . . uh, you need to choose something to . . .” I tried to force words out of my mouth as I moved towards the beautiful man before me. If Robby had not been leading me I would not have been able to make it the few steps across the room. “Robby . . . what do you think . . . um, would be . . .?” “Don’t worry dad, I’ve got some books,” interrupted my son as I turned my body so I could scoot between Charles’ big legs. I was being careful not to touch him while I moved and I kept my eyes locked on his, mainly so I wouldn’t stare at his gigantic body as I got closer. I inhaled loudly right before I bent my knees and let my ass connect with his solid-as-steel leg. When my body touched his it was like some kind of explosion went off in my stomach that sent shock waves throughout every part of me. I could not believe how sturdy his leg felt. Suddenly, Robby climbed into my lap and let his body lean partly against me and partly against the protruding chest of Charles. I felt a giant arm reach around my body and then a strong hand grabbed my outside shoulder and pulled my frame into the same wall of firm muscle my son leaned against. A small whimper escaped from my body. Immediately, Charles lessened his grip on my shoulder. “Did I hurt you Marshall,” the big man asked and I could tell he was truly concerned. “Umm, uh, no . . . no, I’m fine. I just wasn’t ready to feel all of your . . . I mean, I wasn’t expecting for you to feel so solid . . . no, what I meant to say is that you just caught me off guard, that’s all.” As I spoke I sounded like a complete idiot. I looked at Charles’ face and saw that he was smiling at my response. I could tell he completely understood how his body affected me. And by the feeling of his large, hard tube of man-meat pressing up against the back of my legs, I could tell that Charles was impacted by me in the same way. Touching his stiff dick caused my heart and crotch to start pounding harder. I was sitting as straight as a board because I was nervous that even the slightest movement would send me beyond a point of no return and I would fill my underwear with cum. My breathing became slightly labored and I was suddenly nervous that I would not be able to read any of the stories that Robby had chosen. I glanced down at my son and saw that his tiny head was resting up against Charles’ massive right pec. I noticed the outline of an erect nipple, which seemed the size of a wine cork, pressing against the fabric at Robby’s eye level. I suddenly had an urge to switch places with my son and let my dry mouth wrap itself around that hard nub of muscle and suck like my life depended on it. Robby’s laughter snapped me out of my dream-like state. I looked down at his face and saw that he was chuckling at me. “You sure are small beside Charlie, dad!” he said innocently, but it still stung a little. I looked down at my own chest and then back to the slabs of marble-meat behind Robby. What I saw caused me to laugh too. My body seemed so small compared to the huge man supporting us. I even noticed that my toes barely touched the ground sitting on Charles’ bent leg. “Read us this story, daddy.” I looked down at the book that Robby placed in my hand and almost choked on my laughter. It was called “Simon Becomes a Big Boy.” All I could think of was how big the boy sitting in the chair beneath me was. It was a short book about a small boy named Simon whose parents marked his height growth on a doorframe in his house and how Simon never seemed to grow. The story ends with Simon being very pleased when he finally gains a few inches. It was a short book and didn’t take long to finish. It was strange that as I read the story I completely forgot about sitting in the lap of a big man and I simply enjoyed the feeling of Robby, Charles, and me being so close. I shut the book after reading the last page and looked at my son. Robby was still awake, but I could tell he was fighting sleep. “Well I get as big as Charlie, daddy?” he asked me, without looking up. “Not many people get as big as Charles,” I said quickly without thinking and then added, “but maybe you will, captain, maybe you will.” I suddenly felt a hand on the side of my head. Charles pulled me gently so the side of my face rested against his beefy shoulder. It was so comfortable and secure that I simply let my body mold into the contours of his muscle. Charles let his meaty arm slide down my body and left it wrapped around me as I opened the next book chosen by my son. It was a book we had read a thousand times about a dog that gets separated from his family, but finally reunites with them and all ends well. It was one of Robby’s favorite and he usually chose it to fall asleep to. I glanced down as I started and saw that my young boy had already shut his eyes. I knew he would be asleep before the second page of this story. I did not anticipate, however, that I would also fall asleep as quickly. My voice trailed away as I finished the second page. I woke up a little later and was confused as to where I was – but it suddenly came rushing back when I looked over at the massive chest beside me. I glanced up at Charles’ face and saw him smiling down at me. I then looked at my boy in my lap and saw that he was fast asleep. He was nestled between Charles and myself – something that pleased me greatly for some reason. The big man that I was resting on let his arm drop from my body. It was as if he read my mind, I slid from his leg and held my son in my arms as I stood up. I moved to Robby’s bed and Charles stepped over to turn down the covers as I approached. I placed my son down so his head rested on the pillow. I then pulled his sheet and blanket over him. I kissed him gently on he head and then stood up. I was a little surprised as the big man beside me bent down to kiss him, as well. I wasn’t jealous, but it did catch me off guard – even if I was secretly pleased. I stood there looking at Robby as I felt Charles leave the room. I knew he was giving me a few minutes alone with my son. When I exited Robby’s room, leaving the door slightly ajar, I knew instinctively that Charles was waiting for me downstairs. As I entered the family room connected to the kitchen the big man was standing in the middle of the room with a glass of wine for me. I quickly noticed that the glass contained a red wine, and I could tell by its look that it was my favorite Malbec. How did this man know me so well was a question that filled my mind, but I pushed these thoughts aside as I quietly accepted the glass from the bodybuilder in front of me. I also noticed that he had poured a glass for himself. We silently brought our glasses together and the sound of them touching each rang through the room. I stared at his emerald eyes as we quietly toasted each other and was mesmerized by his beauty. It was the first time that I realized his face was one that I could have easily dreamed up in a fantasy – Charles looked similar to the men that I longed for at night. We both took a sip of wine as we stared at each other. I knew nothing about the man standing in front of me, but I was sure that my feelings for him were more than a mere friend. “Here’s to Robby,” Charles said raising his glass again. “He likes you a lot,” I said raising my glass to his. “And what about his dad?” Charles asked after taking a sip of wine, “Does he like me too?” His question caught me off guard. I froze with my glass in the air. I needed a moment to process his question. I watched as Charles calmly took another big gulp of his wine – obviously waiting for my response. I gathered my thoughts and processed the events of the evening that had passed by this point, before I answered. “I think you already know the answer to your question. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I felt something that firmly confirmed your answer to the question as to whether you like Robby’s dad.” I said in response, sounding a lot cockier than I truly felt. “You are very correct,” Charles answered, smiling at me. “I was wondering if you noticed. I have never wanted something as much as I want you – how does that answer your question?” My cock ached even more than it did before his comment. I could not fathom that this muscleman wanted me as much as I wanted him. I began to doubt even the hard-on that pressed against my pants, wondering if all of this might be some kind of strange erotic dream. I took another sip of wine to prove to myself that what was happening was, indeed, very real. “I wasn’t just trying to appease Robby earlier when I said that I’d like to sleep with you, Marshall. I’m hoping that you really will ask me for a sleep-over,” Charles said, pulling me out of my stupor of doubt. It took me a few seconds to register what he had just said, but it took me no time at all to ask my next question. “Would you stay the night here, Charles? It would please me very much.” I said staring at the big man and speaking firmly, but softly. “Yes,” he replied simply. We stood there staring at each other. You could have cut the sexual tension in the room with a butter knife. It felt like neither of us blinked for a full ten minutes. I had no idea what was racing through Charles’ mind, but mine was full of visions of him undressed. I desperately wanted him to take the lead because it had been so long since I had made it to this point with any man. I was beginning to lose my nerve when he slowly, but deliberately, moved into action. He put his wine glass down on the counter, walked over to me, took my glass from my hand, placed it on the table beside me, and then bent his knees slightly placing one hand on my back and one behind my knees. He lifted me into the air effortlessly and never took his eyes from mine. I let my body fall into his strong arms, giving him control completely. Charles then began to walk around the room and took me to every light that was on so I could turn them off. Mid way through the task I realized he was taking me to each lamp or switch in the exact pattern that I did every night. It was as if he had watched me many times and had memorized my late night ritual. I smiled at this thought and closed my eyes in delight as the man of my dreams easily carried me up the stairs toward my bedroom. I only opened my eyes, taking me out of my thoughts of coming pleasure, when he stopped walking. I knew immediately that we had stopped at Robby’s door. Charles was maneuvering my body through his bedroom doorway so we could check on my son. This small action did not go unnoticed by me. I was overcome with even more desire for this incredible man because he seemed to care for my son almost as much as I did. Once we saw that Robby was sleeping soundly and was covered by his blanket, we continued down the hall to my bedroom. Charles walked directly to the bed and gently placed me down. He stood back up, remained at the side of the bed, and looked down at me smiling. “Will you indulge me in one little fantasy, Marshall?” he asked in a whisper. “Of course,” I replied quickly, without even thinking about it. I wanted to please this man that much. No matter what he wanted, I was ready to live out many fantasies with him. Part VI: Someone to Watch Over Me “Will you indulge me in one little fantasy, Marshall?” he asked in a whisper. “Of course,” I replied quickly, without even thinking about it. I wanted to please this man that much. No matter what he wanted, I was ready to live out many fantasies with him. Charles turned from the bed and walked to my closet. He disappeared for a minute and then reappeared. He carried something behind his back. When he returned to the side of the bed he again smiled down at me – it seemed like he had something a little devilish on his mind. For a second I wondered what I had gotten myself into. “Can we agree that there will be no questions? We’ll just live out my little fantasy and, if we need to, we can discuss it later?” Charles asked with slight pleading in his voice. “I promise, no questions,” I answered as my cock began to harden even more in anticipation of what was coming. Charles brought his hands from behind his back and I became very embarrassed when I saw that he held the bodybuilding magazines that I had hidden earlier on a high shelf in the closet. We both stared at the glossy covers of the multiple editions in his hands. I forced myself, in spite of my embarrassment to look at the face of the man standing beside my bed. “How did you . . .” I began, but Charles raised his right forefinger to his lips. “Shhhhh, no questions, remember?” He said quietly. “For me, right Marshall?” I nodded my head in agreement. “I’d like you to do me a favor. Please look through these and find pictures of guys that turn you on. And make sure you know why they turn you on – I mean specifically. Okay, Marshall? Can you do that for me?” Charles held out the small stack of magazines for me. I sat up, propping myself with a couple of pillows as I nodded yes. I took the magazines and, even though I was full of questions and still reeling from the fact that he knew about my secret jerk-off materials, I quickly rifled through the pages. I had stared at these things so much that I practically had them memorized. In just a few silent moments I had chosen four pictures that had helped me to ejaculate many times over the last few weeks. I held the first one up so Charles could see it. It was a picture of some new young Romanian bodybuilder – he didn’t have a beautiful face, but his body was unbelievable. “Ah, a nice choice Marshall. Do you mind telling me what you like about him?” Charles said encouragingly and this caused me to answer him swiftly and honestly. “He has beautiful abs,” I said looking back at the picture. “He does, indeed,” Charles said, taking the magazine, looking at it closely, and then handing it back to me. “Take a good look at his abs, Marshall. Get a good idea of what they look like.” He didn’t know that I had already memorized every part of the man, but I looked at the picture again. While I stared at the picture I could see that Charles was pulling his black t-shirt from his jeans. Without even looking up I knew he was lifting his shirt for me to see his stomach. “And now look at these abs, Marshall. Can you tell me which are better?” I glanced up quickly, wanting to see any part of this man without clothes – even if it was just his abs. Nothing could have prepared me, however, for the sight that was waiting. Charles had one arm behind his head and held the bottom of his shirt just below chest level as he crunched his torso. Eight flesh-covered speed-bump-looking abdominals popped out at me from his mid-section. The definition, the depth of the valleys in between each, and the power that exuded from each bulging mass of stomach muscle was mind-boggling. My mouth dropped open and I gasped out loud. I did not need to look back at the picture in my hand. I knew immediately that the abs in front of me made the guy in the picture look like a beginning weight lifter that hasn’t begun to lose his pudgy gut. My initial reaction to Charles’ abs was two-fold. First, I wanted to immediately run my tongue up and down his chiseled ridges just so I could feel them as close as possible, and then, secondly, I began to calculate in my head that his body fat count might be in negative numbers. I glanced at the face of the muscled man standing in front of me and was amazed to see that he was not straining at all to create the beautiful sight above his waist. As a matter of fact, when I looked back down he released his crunch and straightened up, and his stomach seemed as defined as it did when he was tensing it for me. I could not fathom the years of work needed to create muscles that looked like this. My head began to spin a little, and I dropped the magazine onto the floor. “One down,” Charles said laughing and then added, “who’s next?” I looked up at his face and instantly knew that he wasn’t being conceited or cocky as he led me through this muscle exercise – no, he wanted to excite me beyond my wildest dreams. He also wanted to show me that my most intense fantasies couldn’t hold a candle to the reality of his body. This was a fact that I was just beginning to grasp. I held up the next magazine without even looking at it. I continued to stare at the face of my real-life muscleman. “Nice chest,” was all I could get out in reference to the picture in my hand. Charles smiled at the fact that I could barely speak and then looked at the picture. “That is a nice chest,” Charles replied and then looked back at me. “And how does mine compare to his, Marshall?” At that moment Charles began to pull his t-shirt higher. I also noticed he had to stretch the hem of the shirt out from his body to get it beyond the massive mounds of flesh I had been admiring since we met at the grocery store. The second I saw the layers of muscle at the base of both of Charles’ mountainous pecs, I completely forgot the picture in the magazine that fell from my hand to the floor, landing beside the other one. Without even seeing his entire chest I knew there was no hope for the guy in the picture. My mouth began to water as I saw the cavernous beginning of the valley between those two huge slabs of male beef. I watched, mesmerized, as Charles struggled to pull the tight shirt over his right pec. When I finally saw the hardened nipple pop out of the rising shirt, I lost all ability to focus on anything except my need to see his entire giant chest. The big guy sensed my need and he paused, as if to tease me, letting the sight of his hard, meaty man-tit completely overwhelm me. Charles tensed the pec and I stopped breathing when I saw the different layers of muscle ripple and several indentions, which looked deep enough to hold Mont Blanc pens, formed at the side. My mind could not fathom the control it took to be able to move different parts of pectoral muscles. Then, as if he knew what I really wanted, Charles pulled the front of his shirt over his head and revealed both massive mountains of muscle. I inhaled deeply at the sight, having realized I had not been breathing. The big tease left the shirt draped from behind his head, down his neck, and under his arms – which only highlighted his awesome pecs even more. He looked me in the face as he inhaled deeply and made his chest rise into the air like it was the huge Hindenburg taking off. His intake of air made his nipples protrude out even more and I began to open and closed my lips like some baby signaling he wants to suck on his bottle. This made a giant smile creep across Charles’ face. He reached up and pulled his black t-shirt completely off of his body and let it fall to the floor. He then exhaled and held his arms at his side, simply letting his magnificent chest move up and down as he breathed. “You haven’t answered my question Marshall,” Charles said in a sexy whisper. “How does my chest compare to the one in the picture?” “That’s not a chest,” I said quickly, “that’s a whole fucking state! I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. I could put all the chests in that magazine together and it wouldn’t come close to yours.” My compliments obviously pleased the muscleman in front of me. He bent down and grabbed one of the magazines that still rested in my lap. He looked at the picture and then turned it towards me. “I’m guessing you like his arms. Am I right Marshall?” he asked as I looked at some blonde guy in a picture that showed his body from the waist up as he did a double biceps pose. All I could do was nod, because I knew what was coming and the rest of my body froze in anticipation. Charles looked at the picture again. “He has some pretty big arms. I hope I can come close to matching his. I hope I don’t let you down.” As Charles spoke and continued to look at the picture, he raised his other arm so it stuck straight out at his side. He curled his fingers slowly and made a fist. As he tightened his fingers even more and bent his wrist, veins began to appear – first they snaked up his forearm and then streaked across his upper arm. My gaze rested on his biceps that already bulged immensely - before he even flexed. As he started to bend his arm I noticed immediately that his thick forearm doubled in size, but that was nothing compared to the split-peaked boulder of a biceps that exploded bigger than my upper body. The guy’s arm looked more powerful than anything I’d ever seen. His one arm was bigger than both arms of the blonde in the picture put together. Charles began to twist his hand so different parts of his forearm and biceps popped out even more. I could feel pre-cum leaking out of my stiff dick, but it wasn’t even a slight indication of the amount of juice that had been building in my body since Charles had started his muscle comparisons. I took one last look at the monstrous muscle-packed arm in front of me and then I closed my eyes. I was very nervous that gazing at this beautiful man for even one more second was going to cause the dam in my crotch to burst and I’d spew copious amounts of jism. “Do you think my arms beat…?” Charles began. “Fuck yes!” I interrupted quickly and loudly. “There isn’t anyone in any of these magazines that comes close to you Charles. I’m pretty sure no one in the world comes close.” Without opening my eyes I tossed the magazines to the floor and I heard the one in his hand fall, as well. “So will you get on this bed so we can have sex already?” “I will,” Charles answered, but I could hear some hesitation in his voice. I opened my eyes and saw that he had lowered his arm – thank God – and was standing there looking at me. “I just think I should tell you . . . I mean, I think you ought to know . . . well, you see . . . I haven’t ever had sex before.” “Fucking hell, you’re joking,” I blurted out, without thinking. I was just too surprised by what he had said. This muscled stud, perfect in every way, was a freaking virgin. That was just not possible. “No, I’m not. This is all new to me,” Charles replied with a serious face. “Do you mean sex with a man or sex in general?” I asked, still in shock. “Sex in general,” came Charles’ shy answer. I’m sure my face did not hide my amazement. I could tell that my reaction was making Charles nervous, but it didn’t matter to me at that moment. There was no way I could not react to the news that the man of my dreams, the biggest fucking muscle monster I’d ever even imagined, and the beautiful half-naked man standing in front of me right at that moment was about to have sex for the first time in his life. I started to speak a few times, but no words came out of my mouth. I was too stunned. It was one of the most confusing moments I had ever encountered. “Listen, Marshall, if this news makes a difference, I’m sorry,” Charles said, noticing that I was having trouble finding words to say how I felt. “I know my lack of experience may cause this to not be perfect, but I do still really want to be with you.” “Wait, Charles, no,” I said half-laughing. “Stop. Stop. I don’t care a bit if you’re not experienced; as a matter of fact it’s kind of a turn on. You’ve already got me so hard and ready to explode that one kiss may make me cum harder than ever before. You are everything a man could want – you’re beautiful, you’re huge, you’re kind, and, most especially, my son likes you. He likes you a lot. And so do I. I’m just surprised, that’s all. I would expect a guy that looks like you to have had everyone he ever wanted.” “I’ve only ever wanted you, Marshall,” replied Charles before I could say anything else. “Yeah, but you’ve only known me for a few hours. What about all the years leading up to today?” I asked quickly. “It’s hard to explain, Marshall. I didn’t ever really exist before I met Robby and you – not in the real sense, anyway,” he answered. “Okay, that’s either the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard or the most romantic thing ever. I’m going for the most romantic. Come here big guy.” I scooted over on the bed, propped up some pillows, and motioned for him to lie down next to me. Charles moved his huge body onto the bed. I couldn’t help but stare at his huge arms and chest once he was close to me. I forced myself to leave my desires for a few minutes and focus on what he needed. “Don’t be nervous, okay? I’ll lead you through this. I think tonight might just be the first night of the rest of your incredible sex life.” With that I leaned toward the big man, rested my right palm on his massive chest, and brought my face to his. I smiled as he closed his eyes, obviously excited and nervous about the upcoming kiss. When our lips locked I am sure he felt the same fireworks go off in his body that I did. This moment seemed like it had been coming for a lifetime. There were no words to explain how comfortable and familiar it felt kissing Charles. And by the way the muscled behemoth kissed back I was sure it wasn’t his first time doing that. As soon as he opened his mouth to welcome my exploring tongue I moved my body over on top of his. It felt like I was mounting some huge bull. Even through our clothes I could feel how hard every inch of his body was – especially the lead pipe I felt at his crotch. Charles moaned with pleasure as I started rubbing my body against his. My hands immediately explored the wide expanse of his pecs and zoomed in on his rock-hard erect nipples. As soon as I clamped down hard on those nubs of steel he opened his mouth wide in a pleasure-filled gasp. I took advantage of the moment and let my mouth move to his neck. I pressed my open lips against his skin and then sucked in hard. His entire body went rigid from the thrill of my actions. Who knows what takes over gay men when they are at the beginning of intense sex. I’ve always imagined that some kind of internal sex demon starts to control a guy’s mind and body, making him focus only on getting and giving pleasure. Even the shyest man can become an aggressive beast when he is throwing it down with another man. That’s what seemed to be happening in my bed at that moment. Suddenly the “inexperienced” Charles became a fucking sex machine and took the lead in our foreplay. In a flash I was tossed off of his big body and onto my back on the bed. Immediately his heavy, muscled body came crashing down on top of me. My breath was knocked out of me a little, but the sensation of being covered by hard beefy skin turned me on so much that I didn’t care. In what I thought was an attempt to copy what I had just done to him, Charles placed his mouth on my neck and began to kiss and suck. The force of his oral action forced my chin into the air and my head pressed further into the pillow behind me. I was so focused on the sensation at my neck that I barely realized my shirt was being unbuttoned and expertly pulled from my body. Charles used one of his strong hands to actually raise my torso off the mattress to remove the shirt completely. But the big man never stopped his masterful work with his lips and tongue. Once my shirt was discarded to the floor, I suddenly felt strong, beefy arms squeeze my body tightly. My own arms were pinned to my sides, making it impossible for me to move any part of my body – my head was held in place by Charles’ mouth, my upper body was sandwiched by two massively muscled arms, and the rest of me was being crushed by the heavy body on top of me. Usually, being unable to move at all would have driven me crazy, but right now my body was simply on fire everywhere with pleasure. An incredible feeling at my crotch abruptly made all of my attention focus there. The muscleman on top of me was rocking his hard tool up and down my own rigid cock. It didn’t take long for the motion to make the juices in my body reach a close-to-breaking point. I was so turned on by this man that I was going to shoot my load simply from some heavy foreplay. The motion at my lower body stopped right at the magical moment when your cock teeters at the brink of release or recovery – as if the man on top of me knew exactly how much action my body could take. My eyes were closed, but I could tell that Charles had pushed his upper body off of me with his huge arms. I could breathe more easily and my cock pulsed a few times before it backed away from the boiling point that had brought me so close to eruption. I did not want to miss any opportunity to gaze at or grope this man’s perfect body, so I quickly opened my eyes and raised my hands to his beefy pecs. The way Charles was pressing his body off of the mattress cause the two mounds of muscle to be pushed together, which made them harder and bulge out even more. A jolt of pleasure shot through my body as soon as my hands landed on his hot, hard flesh. I squeezed the layers of muscle above me, but Charlie quickly tensed his chest pressing my fingers out. It was like he wanted to show off the power of his muscles. I merely let my hands slide down his magnificent wall of flexed flesh and gave him pleasure when I again grabbed his protruding nipples with my fingers. I smiled at the man as I pinched hard, causing him to first gasp and then moan loudly as I twisted the solid lumps of flesh. I was amazed at how much enjoyment ran through my mind and body from the sound and sight of pleasing the giant man. I leg go of his nips and moved my hands up over his mega broad shoulders, making sure my fingers slid through the deep indentions and over the thick veins that covered them. I purposely did not let my hands drop down to Charles’ massive arms – I only stared at them as my hands rested on his shoulders. I somehow knew that if I touched the two skin-covered marble pillars at either side of my body I would spew the wad that continued to scream for release within my body. I then moved my gaze to his face because I was worried that even staring at his colossal arms might cause me to explode. Charles was looking at me with such intensity that it made me want to somehow force our bodies to become one – that’s how much I was sure we desired each other. “May I fuck you, Marshall?” he asked in a voice that was both forceful and generous at the same time. “I thought you’d never ask,” I replied smiling. A wave of immense craving filled every part of my being. My hot, tense body immediately was covered in goose bumps as I anticipated the huge man plowing me with his cock. It seemed as if I had yearned for this moment for all of my life. My ass actually began to pulse with delight, knowing that its long period of getting no action was coming to an end. I began to let my mind move quickly to different visions of how this strong man might accomplish the upcoming task. I had always dreamed of a big man standing up and fucking me, as I wrapped my legs around his waist and he supported me with his enormous arms. Another dream involved the dining room table downstairs – a big man throwing me onto its surface and ravaging my ass as his legs banged up against the heavy wood. But the dream that seemed to come back the most involved some big man not taking off my clothes and easily shoving his hard, strong dick through my blue jeans right into my waiting hole. That one always seemed to excite me the most. Somehow, in the midst of my voyage into dreams of how I wished to be fucked, I missed the fact that Charles had been able to unbutton my pants and push them down off my body. His jeans had also somehow mysteriously disappeared. He had spread my legs apart and now knelt between them. He was running his strong hands up and down my thighs – like he was inspecting the meat before he bought it. My hands had found my own hardened nipples and I was squeezing them mercilessly. Without any kind of warning, Charles slid his hands down further, grabbed my calves and lifted my legs into the air. I then felt his strong, big paws move back to the bottom of my thighs and grab them tightly. I was aware that his fingers wrapped more than halfway around my upper legs. Charles pulled my body higher and I found my body in the air as I rested on my shoulders with my neck bent so I could see upward. It didn’t hurt at all because the colossal man above me seemed to be supporting my body easily. I bent my knees and my lower legs fell on either side of the man’s body so I had a better view of what he was doing. I could see my hard cock sticking straight down like a two-by-four stretched out across my stomach. It dawned on me that if Charles pushed down on my legs hard enough he could have steered my own stiff dick into my mouth. I was not sure my back would have been able to handle it, though. I wasn’t as limber as I used to be. Charles brought his face down to my balls, opened his mouth slightly, and actually sucked them both into his mouth with one quick inhale. The warmth of his mouth and the sudden pull on my balls made my body to jerk a few times. The big man let his tongue massage his mouthful for a while and it was a sensation I had never felt before. After a few seconds he let my ball sack fall from his mouth and then he brought his mouth down to my ass crack. His warm, wet tongue slid across my asshole a few times teasingly. I moaned out loud in immense pleasure and this seemed to make the man go into overdrive in hopes of making the sound happen more. I felt the thick tip of his tongue easily break through the clenched opening of my hole, like Hercules effortlessly busting through locked doors. He slid his tongue back and forth through the opening, allowing it to escape completely a few times just so he could show off his strength by thrusting it in again. Every time it penetrated my clamped outer sphincter I would cry out in sexual bliss. I was getting more aroused than ever in my life as I thought about how his tongue was just getting me lubed for the real prize. “Fuck me, Charles, fuck me,” I cried out between my joyous roars. The sensation of his tongue in my ass continued even after I knew he had pulled out completely. He lowered my body slightly, pulled my body into him a little more, and then pressed something much larger and harder than his tongue between my ass cheeks. The tip of his steel-like dick pressed up against my warmed up anus cavity and I could feel pre-cum dripping from its slit. Even with the masterful work done by his tongue, I knew my chute was not completely ready for all of Charles’ manhood. That, however, was what gives a man the most pleasure – knowing that the big cock about to enter him is going to hurt at first, but then feel oh-so-good soon after. It felt like there was enough juice flowing from Charles’ dickhead that I would have been able to slide a fireplug into my ass, but, of course, I had underestimated the huge package being delivered by the equally huge man. I emitted an animalistic scream when Charles forced the mushroom head of his monster cock beyond the tight walls of my hole. The man showed no mercy and let the massive tip of meat just rest in the opening, stretching my rectum beyond what I ever imagined possible. My scream ended way before the pain did. I stopped when I realized that the fat dickhead inside of me was actually pulsing as it plugged my crack. I could not fathom the muscle control that must exist in man’s body to enable him to command his rod to swell and contract like what was happening within me. My astonishment caused me to forget about the intense pain and only focus on how Charles was able to thrill me in new ways. Suddenly the head was pushed past the protective sides of my hole and the pain completely went away. I was stunned. Somehow the magic work of Charles’ meaty tip helped to allow my body to move to pleasure more rapidly than ever before. “That was fucking incredible,” I whispered and I suddenly realized that our two bodies were covered in beads of sweat. Our sex, just to that point, had already thrilled both of us more than either dreamed possible. Charles only grunted in response to my comment and this sound excited me in some primal way that I didn’t understand. I could only liken it to the way a bullfighter must get thrilled when the bull cries out before charging. Adrenaline was pounding through my body as I prepared for the same kind of pounding in my ass. I knew that Charles’ immense piece of meat was going to fill me in a way that would make me curl my toes, ball my hands into painful fists, and grit my teeth so hard that my jaw would ache, but I didn’t care. I wanted to feel this man completely and that meant taking his entire shaft no matter how terrifying it seemed. I knew that opening my body so the muscleman could propel his entire organ into me would give him satisfaction beyond his wildest dreams. I might have been the guy on the bottom in this lovemaking moment, but I knew that I controlled the intensity our sexual gratification. I wanted to please this gigantic man in a way that would make him desire me for every second of the rest of his life. I wanted to seal our obvious lust for each other with something more – something supernatural and outside mortal comprehension. I froze – my mind and my body – as I unexpectedly grasped that what I wanted was for him to fall in love with me forever. I wanted him to be enough to make me never resort to magazines or dreams of other men again. I suddenly returned to everything present, Charles grunting, the slow movement of his cock being pressed into my ass, and everything else, as I understood that he was already these things for me. We were bonded in some unreal way – I knew it, even after only half a day together. It was as if I had really known him for many years and we were simply fulfilling our destiny. The awareness of his cock sliding into my body way beyond what I thought should be normal snapped me to full attention. I suddenly worried that my smaller body would not be able to accommodate his pole without doing internal damage. It was then that his bulging quads and hairy crotch meet my ass cheeks. Charles grunted louder as he pressed into my ass harder, shoving into me even more. He took a deep breath and rammed his rod as much as he could. He then froze, not breathing and having plugged me completely with his mammoth cock. He spoke in a low guttural voice that sounded inhuman and I could tell he was clenching his teeth tightly. “You are the one that is fucking unbelievable, Marshall. I want to stay right here, inside of you, forever.” His words caused me to shake a little with emotion. He realized how he had affected me and chose to not let either of us dwell on the exchange too much. He breathed out and slid his crotch backwards slowly, allowing his dick to slide through my chute. Before I could even register the enjoyment this motion caused in my body, Charles began to thrust his cock in and out of my chute quickly. At the same time he moved my legs onto his wide shoulders and pressed into me harder, causing my body to fold up like a closed lawn chair. His big hands came down to my chest and he brushed my hands away. He grabbed my pecs roughly and began to squeeze them with his strong fingers. Throughout all of this his cock was moving back and forth in my expanded anal cavity. He was letting the head of his cock hit the inside wall of my opening and then forcing it back into me deeply. Sweat was falling from the big man’s body onto my stomach and chest, mixing with my own. We were both breathing heavily and, in between, Charles was making a rumbling sound that resembled the engine of a jumbo jet. I completely forgot about Robby being asleep down the hall and began to shout like a wild man. “Fuck . . . fuck . . . oh shit, Charles . . . I’m going to shoot . . . I’m going to fucking cum,” I cried and my voice only made Charles move his cock faster and harder. “Ahhhhhhhfuckkkkkkk!!!” My body seemed to turn to stone – that’s how tense it shot. My senses quit working. My eyes were open but I saw nothing, there was just ringing in my ears, and any feeling in my body was focused in the tiny slit of what I knew was a completely purple, hard cock. Cum shot out with such force that it actually hurt my forehead when it splattered there. Hot semen streamed across my face and chest as my body convulsed like I was the victim of an exorcism. The first sensation to return to my body was an aching in my balls and my dickhead as it continued to jerk but nothing came out. That’s also when I realized that warm fluids were shooting into my ass chute and filling my insides completely. It registered that much of Charles’ cum was seeping out of my hole even as his cock plugged it – there just wasn’t enough room inside of me for the amount of juice he was shooting. My hearing came back suddenly and I became conscious of the booming, beast-like voice coming from the mouth above me. Charles’ face popped with intense veins and turned a deep red. He looked like some warrior in battle. Even as he shot his powerful load he continued to thrust his cock back and forth within me – prolonging pleasure for both of us. After what seemed like an eternity, the huge man stopped spewing and let my legs slide from his shoulders. As Charles let his body fall onto mine his cock popped from my hole, causing me to gasp one last time. Then his massive body covered me again and only the sound of our heavy breathing filled the room. We both just laid there while our bodies attempted to return to normal. I could feel the pounding of Charles’ heart even through his thickly muscled chest. It took about fifteen minutes for both of us to calm down to a place where we could move. Charles lifted his body from mine, and our skin made funny sounds where semen had made us stick together. He rolled onto his back beside me and I immediately missed the feeling of his huge body on top of me. We lay there for a few more minutes of silence. “Well, if that was your first time, I fucking look forward to you improving with practice. If that’s possible.” I laughed as I said this and I heard Charles chuckle too. “I got to tell you something, though, man. You nailed a bunch of sexual fantasies – it’s as if you were in my head or something. That was just fucking awesome.” There was only silence in the room and I was nervous Charles was asleep and had missed my compliments. I turned my head and found him looking at me. He had a strange look on his face. “I love you, Marshall,” he said bluntly. I was stunned. “Well, let’s just take it one day at a time there, mister. Most gay men fall in deep something with the first guy they have sex with.” I smiled at him in hopes that I would not offend him. His honesty and newness was invigorating, but I had been there before. I wanted to help Charles through this process and not take advantage of him. “No, Marshall,” he said with a serious tone. “I’ve loved you for a long time. I know this will be hard to understand, so please don’t say anything for a few minutes. Promise me.” I didn’t respond at first because I didn’t know where this conversation was going. “Promise me, Marshall.” “Okay, okay. I promise not to say anything for a few minutes,” I replied smiling. I watched as Charles searched for the words to tell me something. “I’ve known you for more than six years,” he said and I opened my mouth to speak. The hurt look that immediately streaked across his face made me close my lips quickly. “Oh this is so hard. You got to make sure you don’t freak out. I was sent here six years ago . . . to be Robby’s . . .well, to be Robby’s guardian angel. You see, I’m an . . . no, I used to be an angel. Three days ago I chose to become human so I could be with you, Marshall. Over these last six years I’ve fallen in love with you. I know this is hard to take in, but you got to believe me. I love you very much.” Part VII: Just Believe Charles’ serious tone, and equally serious face, scared me. I wasn’t afraid for myself exactly, but I did become aware that this man could hurt my son. Memories of the cock hardening, mind-blowing sex that had just happened instantly disappeared. So many things fell into place for me at that moment. This man had obviously been stalking my son and me for a while. He knew too much about our lives for the convenience of our chance meeting at the market to be believable. I moved into a defensive mode, but refrained from making it obvious. I did not want to make this big man angry or for him to realize I had become scared. I forced myself to speak calmly and naturally. “And how long have you been a guardian angel, Charles?” I asked. I carefully slid over to the side of the bed and sat up, turning my body to look at him – I did not want to take my eyes off of him for even a second. “Don’t Marshall . . . please don’t treat me like I’m some kind of mad man. I can take anything . . . you asking me to leave forever or you screaming at me, but I don’t want you to treat me like I’m crazy.” Charles sat up and I was amazed to see tears start sliding down his cheeks. “What did you expect, Charles,” I said, a little too loudly. “You expect me to believe that a few days ago you were an angel flying around my house with wings . . . or, I’m sorry, were you like Clarence in that film – still working on getting your wings?” We stared at each other and the room became very cold and very silent. Charles shut his eyes tightly and tried to control some emotion that was taking over his body. For a second I thought he was going to go off his rocker and attack me, even though somewhere in the back of my head I knew this man would never hurt me. I forced myself to not let that feeling overtake my mind. I stayed on the defensive, because I did not know what might come next. Charles opened his eyes and looked at me. “I’ll leave Marshall, but give me five minutes. Please. That’s all I ask for – five minutes to explain. I don’t want that time to convince you of anything, I have a feeling that’s not possible. I just want to give you some information to think about. That’s all I ask. Just five minutes, please.” Charles spoke calmly and seemed rational. I don’t know what made me trust him, but I did. I knew I would give him the five minutes, but I would not ignore how my body felt so defensive. I had to protect my son no matter what. “You have five minutes,” I said standing up and pulling on my pants quickly. I tossed his jeans and underwear to him. Charles quickly pulled them on and then grabbed his shirt, putting it on, as well. “Did you ever have an imaginary friend growing up, Marshall?” the big man asked as he stood on the other side of the bed. “What kind of question is that? I thought you were explaining.” I snapped back. “I am. I am. Just give me a second. I have a point. Anyway, I know the answer. You had an imaginary older friend called Collin. You don’t remember him, but you’ve heard your family talk about him for years. Am I right?” He looked at me as the question hung in the air. “How could you possibly know that? Have you been stalking other members of my family, too?” I asked, tensing my body. I could not believe what this guy seemed capable of. How sick a man was he? “No, I promise, Marshall. I know because I know Collin,” he answered. “Collin is . . . I mean was, imaginary!” I shouted. “Calm down Marshall, please,” Charles said quietly and it did cause some of my anger to dissipate. “Just let me explain. Every child is granted a guardian angel when they are born. They actually stay with you for your whole life – if you need them, but people don’t realize that. When you are really young you are the most innocent that you’ll ever be – except maybe on your deathbed. You are able to see your guardian angel because you are able to still believe in things beyond this world. That’s why you saw Collin until you were eight and a half. This life started taking over and you stopped needing your supposed ‘imaginary friend.’ You see children are scared of dark closets, scary trees outside of their windows, the empty space beneath their bed, and so much more. This helps them to connect with their guardian angel. Once those things don’t frighten a child, they no longer need a friend to sit in their room with them – or to play with them when they are alone. That’s why Robby’s been able to see me and talk to me. He’s still innocent – he still believes.” “Leave my son out of this,” I said through clenched teeth. “I will, I will, but let me just add that he’s the one that suggested I make the choice I did.” Charles had obviously picked up that he made me nervous because of my fear he might do something to my son. He spoke clearly and calmly to prevent me from getting angrier. “Robby knows how lost you have felt these past few years.” My face tensed and I began to speak, but Charles held up his hand. “As much as a son can know something like that, but I’ve watched you suffer, as well. Robby and I talked about it a lot. One day I told him about how I felt and he said I should become human so I could be with you. I know this is all too much to handle, but just give me a few more minutes.” Charles didn’t give me a chance to respond, he quickly continued to speak. “Think back over the last few days. Robby has told you a lot about me. One day I tied his shoes, I’m the one that fixed the tire swing at the park by shoving it into the concrete, when you got your car stuck against the tree I’m the one that lifted it away, and I’m the one that ripped the tree out of the ground and broke it into the pieces at the end of your driveway.” I took at few steps toward the doorway; I was becoming very nervous that this guy was even crazier than I thought. How insane he was to have followed me so much that he knew all of these things. It was obvious that Charles caught on to what I was doing as I inched toward the door, but he didn’t make any sudden moves. I began to doubt that I could move faster than this man, even though he was much bigger than me. I knew how powerful he was. It struck me that he might just be toying with me? “So now you are telling me that you have super strength, right?” I said, allowing a disbelieving chuckle to come at the end of the statement. “I used too. When I became human, I became normal,” he replied. “If you call that body normal,” I said, forgetting for a minute how scared and angry I was. This comment made Charles smile a little. “I’m going to just reach down and grab my shoes, Marshall. I’m going to leave now. I just want to add one last thing. I have lied to you about one thing tonight.” Charles looked at me as he slipped his shoes on. “I did have sex before this evening. It was with you the other night – remember? You thought you were fantasizing everything, but couldn’t believe how vivid it was. I was allowed one night with you while I was still an angel and that enabled me to easily sense what turned you on. How do you think I knew so much about your desires tonight? Just think back and see how similar the experiences were. I’m ready to go now, Marshall. I won’t ever bother you again, I promise. I hope you’ll come to realize how much I’ve sacrificed for you and how much I love you.” Tears were now streaming down Charles’ face and he was wiping them away as fast as they came. I stepped back a little and let him exit the room. I followed him quickly, making sure to stand in front of Robby’s door as he passed. Charles could not help but notice my actions, and this caused his body to shake a little as he fought back more tears. “Make sure you tell Robby I said goodbye. Will you do that for me, Marshall? Please,” he asked as he stepped through the front door onto the porch. His face was blotchy from crying. I actually felt sorry for the man. He had obviously hoped we could be his family, but I knew I could not have someone so delusional around my son. I was, however, not heartless. I looked at him and sighed deeply. “I will Charles. I promise,” I answered as I began to push the door closed. “Make sure you ask him about Collin,” Charles said loudly, right before I shut and locked the door. I quickly moved to one of the windows in the front room and watched as Charles walked away. His shoulders heaved greatly and I could hear his sobs through the window. I watched until he disappeared into the night and then went around to make sure all of the doors and windows to the house were locked. I kept glancing out the front window to see if the crazy man had returned. I went upstairs to Robby’s room, lifted him from his bed, and then took him to my room. I covered him with the blankets on my bed and then shut and locked my bedroom door. I contemplated calling the police, but something deep inside told me that I didn’t need to. I did, however, pick up the phone and call someone else. The phone rang a few times and finally a very groggy female voice answered, “hello.” “Hello, Miss Emma,” I said, speaking very fast. “I’m sorry to be calling so late, but it’s very important. This is Marshall, Robby’s dad. I need to ask you something and I know it will sound very crazy, but it’s so very important . . .” “He told you, didn’t he? I told him to wait, but he didn’t, did he?” she said, interrupting me. My mind started spinning as I let her words soak in. How on earth could she know what I was talking about? Then it hit me that she might somehow be involved in the entire mess, too. “Do you mean your brother, Charles? Is that who you are talking about,” I asked slowly. “He’s not technically my brother,” the voice on the line answered. “You see, Marshall, I used to be a guardian angel, too.” She paused, knowing how these words would impact me. I had to sit down on the edge of the bed. What in the fuck was going on? Did these two people have some kind of plan to do something to my son? I almost hung up, intending to call the police, but her voice stopped me. “Listen, Marshall. I know this is way too much for someone to grasp in such a short time. That’s why I told Charlie to not tell you. I became human years ago because I fell in love with a teacher that worked at the preschool for the kid I guarded. I then opened my own school, knowing that all of my kids had angels watching them, as well. I realized a few months ago that Robby had a very strong bond with his angel. He told me that Charlie was going to be his new dad. Once you’re human you no longer can see other angels, but two days ago when this guy was standing outside of the school, as I was leaving, I knew who he was before he even spoke. I tried to tell him to take it slow, even offering him a job at the school, but good old Charlie is too much in love. I was in his same shoes a few years ago, so I know how it is. Listen, Marshall, promise me two things. Promise me that you won’t call the police. I can guarantee that Charlie won’t ever contact you again unless you make the first move. I know he won’t. And secondly, promise me that you’ll tell Robby the truth. This is going to be really hard on him. Promise me, please Marshall.” Her concern for my son actually touched me, but I was too confused to allow it to end my fears about Charles and, now, her. I went into the same calm mode I had taken with the crazy man earlier. “I promise, Emma. I’m sorry to have bothered you so late. Umm, I’d like to tell you, though, that I don’t think Robby will be at your school ever again.” I hung up the phone quickly. I contemplated, again, calling the police, but decided against it. There was something deep inside of me still saying that Charles would never hurt Robby or me. I lay down beside my son on the bed and listened carefully for the sound of a window breaking or the lock on a door being picked. I fell asleep after a few minutes of listening, mostly from pure exhaustion and my deep disappointment. It seemed like only a few minutes had passed when I felt small hands shaking me and my son’s voice filled the room. “Daddy, where’s Charlie?” Robby asked. “What?” I said groggily. “Where’s Charlie?” he repeated. I was instantly awake, having remembered what had happened the night before. My body immediately went tense as I thought about how Charles had shown his true colors. I looked over and saw that the bedroom door was still shut and locked. I turned to my son. “Um, Charles had to . . . he had to leave,” I said and immediately Miss Emma’s plea that I be honest with my son popped into my head. I pushed it away, putting her in the same crazy category as Charles. “Go where?” my son persisted. I was suddenly aware of Robby’s fearful tone and I turned to face him. “Listen, Robby. The truth is that I asked Charles to leave. I don’t think he’s someone we should be friends with.” I was desperately trying to find the right way to share what had happened with my young son. “Why not?” Robby asked with a very puzzled face. “It’s hard to explain, captain. I just think Charles doesn’t always tell the truth and you know how we think that is very important.” I couldn’t believe what I was saying because here I was not telling the complete truth, as well. “Charlie always tells the truth, daddy,” he said quickly and firmly. “I don’t think so, captain.” I said in response. My son sat there and stared at me for a few seconds. “You didn’t believe him, did you dad,” Robby said quietly. “What? What do you mean, Robby?” I asked. “He told you the truth and you didn’t believe him. That’s why you made him leave.” Robby answered. “No, it’s just that I think Charles might be . . . I don’t know . . . he might be a little scary. We didn’t know him at all. It might not be good for him to be around you.” I was now trying to be as honest as possible. “Charlie’s not scary, dad. And he’s not crazy.” Robby said and his last comment caught me by surprise. “I didn’t say he was crazy,” I replied. “But I bet you thought it. I’ve known Charlie for a long time, dad, and he’s really, really good. You didn’t need to send him away,” Robby said with a very serious face. I could not believe this was my young son talking to me this way. “Well, I’m the adult, captain, and I made the decision that he had to leave,” I said, expecting that my comment would end the conversation. I turned to climb out of bed. “I’m really mad at you, dad!” my son suddenly shouted at me. I was flabbergasted – my son had never said such a thing to me. I turned to look at him and I’m sure my face was red with anger. I tried to speak calmly. “I’m sorry you feel that way, Robby, but I am your father and my decision is final.” After I spoke we sat there staring at each other. I was amazed because I had no idea what was going on inside my son’s head. I usually could easily sense all of his thought processes. His face showed nothing, but I could tell he was concentrating very hard on something. “I know you don’t believe it, dad, but Charlie’s been my friend for a really long time. Soon, I’m not going to need someone like Charlie. That’s why I gave him to you. I wanted you to be happy.” Tears began to slide down my son’s face as he spoke and I was reminded of Charles’ tears the night before. “I have Collin now, but soon he’ll go away. I just wanted you…” “What did you say, Robby?” I asked, interrupting him – something I tried to never do, but I was shocked at what he had just said. “I wanted you to be happy,” he answered innocently. “No, before that,” I said moving closer to him. “I’m not going to need Collin soon.” Robby repeated. “Who’s Collin,” I asked quickly. “My new friend, dad. He took Charlie’s place.” Robby said and I could tell he was frustrated with my questions. He still couldn’t believe that I didn’t understand him. “Where’s Collin right now, Robby,” I asked looking around the room – as if I would suddenly see a third person vaporize. “He’s in my room, dad. For gosh sakes!” Robby said. As I jumped out of my bed it registered that there was something opening in my heart and in my mind. Memories of my childhood came rushing back and my body was suddenly soothed with a warm, familiar feeling. I unlocked and opened the bedroom door quickly. I knew Robby was following me as I moved toward his room. The door was only slightly ajar and when I pushed it open my mouth fell open. There, sitting in the chair beside Robby’s bed, was my old childhood friend Collin. I instantly recognized him. He was about twenty-five years old and had golden hair. He looked at me and his face broke into a huge smile. “Hello, Marshall,” he said softly, “Long time no see.” “Holy shit,” I said out loud and Collin instantly disappeared. “Oh, you owe me a quarter, dad. You said a bad word,” Robby said poking me in the side. I turned to my son. “Did you see him?” I asked – still in complete shock. “Of course. It sure did take you a long time. You believe now, don’t you?” Robby said, but I barely heard him. I turned to leave the room. “Get your shoes Robby. Don’t worry about getting dressed. We’ve got to go find someone,” I yelled over my shoulder as I ran to my room to put on a shirt and some shoes. One thing, and one thing alone, occupied my mind. I came running back towards Robby’s room as I was pulling on a sweatshirt. “Come on, captain, we’ve got to get your shoes on and . . .” My voice stopped as soon as I came into my son’s room and found him totally dressed and his shoes tied. His hair was even combed. I stood there dumbfounded. “What? How did you . . . I mean . . . hey, your shoes are tied. Did you do that?” I said, having noticed his feet. “No, dad, Collin did.” Robby answered in a voice full of frustration at my disbelief. “Of course he did, of course he did,” I said and then bent down to grab my son in my arms. I knew I took the stairs a little too quickly, but I was a man on a mission. “Thanks, Collin,” I yelled over my shoulder. I was sure I heard a voice say, “you’re welcome” and this made me laugh as I carried my son to the car in the garage. I raised the door and backed the car out, turning around in the seat to see where I was going. When I saw the empty space where a big tree used to stand I abruptly stopped the car, put it in park, opened my door and jumped out. “Hang tight, captain, I’ll be right back,” I said over my shoulder as I walked to the back of the car. “Okay, daddy!” Robby yelled and I could hear in his voice that he was loving the fact that I was either having a nervous breakdown or the biggest eye-opening experience of my life – well, the second biggest after last night’s sex. I moved to the back bumper of the car and bent down. I ran my hand along the top of the long piece of metal. As I got near the opposite end from where I started I noticed the big, thick indention. I placed my thumb into the space. I couldn’t believe it. There, in the metal, was the perfect mark of a very large thumb. I could even see small grooves that were the bending joints of the thumb. I began to stand up, but then had another idea. I ran my fingers underneath the wide bumper, just below the thumbprint and I clearly felt the grooves of four fingers. My mind went crazy with lust and excitement. “Fuck,” I said loudly, in awe of the strength that obviously crushed and lifted my car so easily. “I heard that!” yelled Robby from the car. “That’s another quarter you owe me!” “Captain, you can have ten dollars today. I have a feeling I might be using bad language a lot!” I said as I got back in the car and put on my seatbelt. “Are you mad then, daddy?” Robby asked concerned. “No, my little man, I am in awe. I am in awe of something big and beautiful,” I said as I started down the driveway. I chose to let out a loud whistle, instead of cussing, when I noticed the chunks of tree piled up beside the road. My cock went instantly hard, as well. It thrilled me tremendously to think that a man could do that with just his hands – well, an angel. I stopped the car suddenly right before I pulled out onto the street. “What’s the matter,” Robby asked, his voice jolting me from my moment of sudden concern. “I have no idea where he would be,” I answered my son - as I looked at him in the rearview mirror. He could see the sadness in my face and, yet, he smiled broadly. “Come on dad, you know,” he said bluntly and continued to smile. I started to protest but then I realized the only place he could be. It was like a deep connection to the man was instantly revealed or, better; it was like my gay GPS system was working on overload. I looked both ways and then hit the gas pedal hard. The tires on my car squealed and Robby yelled ‘yippee’ as we flew onto the road. I tried to stay under the speed limit but it was very hard to do. I was full of excitement and incredible desire. My mind was open and clear for the first time in many years and I knew I would do anything necessary to get the man of my dreams back. As we pulled up to Robby’s favorite playground in the park I could see the figure of a huge man sitting on the very familiar tire swing. Charles’ size actually made the swing look like one of those toddler’s toys you can buy for a two year old. I honked the horn loudly, jumped out of the car, and unbuckled Robby from his car seat – then both of us started running towards the playground. “Charlie! We’re here!” Robby yelled as we ran. I could see that Charles had stood up quickly and a big smile was beaming on his face. When we reached him Robby threw his arms around the big man’s legs and, before I even realized what I was doing, I threw my arms around his upper body – but they barely made it around his broad shoulders. The three of us stayed this way for a few minutes and then Robby and I released at the same time – stepping back to look at the big man. “I was hoping you’d come,” Charles said softly to me. “I’m so sorry,” I blurted out as I began to cry, “Can you ever forgive me?” “Of course, Marshall,” the huge man said as he wiped tears from my face, “I hoped you just needed time.” “Will you guys just kiss already,” yelled Robby as he climbed onto the swing. I was no longer shocked by the boldness of my son. I realized, happily, that my boy was extremely perceptive and comfortable with himself – what more could a father ask for. I smiled at my son and then turned back to Charles. “The boss has spoken,” I said, laughing. “So there’s only one thing to do.” Charles bent down a little and I brought my lips to his. This kiss was even more powerful than those from last night. I’m sure it had something to do with the fact that I now believed in so many things that I didn’t before – like the fact that the perfect man can exist or that my son could teach me profound lessons about life. Our kiss was brief, but intense. I think we both realized we had many years of more kisses. “Somebody push me!” Robby yelled. “And how do we ask, captain?” I responded from habit. “Please, somebody push me!” Robby said laughing. “Maybe your dad, Charlie, would like to push you,” I said softly and was surprised at how the words caught in my throat. Both Charles and my son looked at me quickly. They both had the same shocked look on their face that slowly turned into a big smile. I stepped over to one of the metal poles that held the swing. I could see that Charles’ eyes were wet with tears. He started to gently push my son on the swing. “Please push me harder, Charlie-dad,” Robby said, smiling up at the big man. I was happy that my son said it so politely and I liked the sound of him calling Charlie, dad. I became a little nervous at his request, though. “Um, not too hard, Charles, please. Your new dad is a little bigger and stronger than me, remember,” I said – only slightly joking. I rested my hand high on the pole as Robby was pushed in the swing – just gazing at the two beautiful men in my life. I felt something weird about the pole and I glanced up. Sure enough, here were four fingerprints and one thumbprint perfectly smashed into the thick piece of metal. I ran my fingers over the indentions and my cock grew hard again. I stood there imagining Charles gripping the pole and slamming it into the concrete. I loved the idea that his hand could crush metal so easily. I glanced over at the big man and saw that he had noticed what I was doing. “Are you sure you can’t still be that strong?” I asked and he could tell how much the thought turned me on. “It sure would come in handy, not to mention be kind of fun. I’m just imagining all the things you could do to please me.” “I’m sorry, I’m afraid I gave all of that up for something better,” Charles said happily and he walked over to me. He bent down and put his arms around my waist. “But I’m still pretty strong, Marshall.” He easily lifted me into the air. I caught my breath as my feet left the ground. “I’m sure we could still find some things I can do to excite you!” “You’re the strongest, Charlie!” Robby said as he continued to sway back and forth on the swing. “He certainly is, Robby, he certainly is,” I said as I kissed the big man again. As our kiss ended, Charles put me down on the ground and returned to pushing Robby on the swing. I reached below my waist to rearrange my hard cock so there’d be less pressure. It was then that a disturbing thought came into my head. “Hey, Charles. You said each child gets a guardian angel for life, right. So how come Robby now has Collin. Shouldn’t he still be with me?” I thought my question was very important, but both Charles and Robby looked at me and chuckled. “You tell him, Robby,” Charles said. “You don’t need one anymore, dad. You have Charlie. He’ll keep you safe.” Robby said smiling at me. This thought sent a warm wave through my entire body. I looked at Charles and he flexed his right arm slightly as he smiled back. I knew immediately that my son was right, I had everything I needed right here at this playground. “Hey, you two. How about our little family goes out for pancakes.” I said, moving towards them. Robby threw his little arms up into the air and screamed yippee. I laughed and then looked up in time to see Charles throw his big muscular arms into the air and yell yippee, as well. There was only one thing left for me to do. I stuck my hands in the air. “Yippee!” I yelled back.
  9. Following is the full Chapter FOUR (4): of the 3-part novel, Tales of Xzarda. The sub-heading for this chapter is "Week Two" . The world of Xzarda is elaborated further in this chapter and we learn more about the people there. Reminder: This is gay erotica. If you missed Chapter 3 it follows below as a reply to this post. Chapters 1 and 2 are available in separate posts. The full novel is available at the following link (Chapter 1 and 2 can be read gratis if you use the “Look Inside” feature at the following link): Tales of Xzarda: An erotic science fiction fantasy dedicated to the Cult of Hercules - Kindle edition by McBooty, Zooty. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com. Tales of Xzarda by Zooty McBooty Part One: Fuckpuppy to the Musclegods CHAPTER FOUR: WEEK TWO... CHAPTER FOUR: WEEK TWO We had a few false starts on our outing. It was a lot of fun to hang out with the guys at the villa. So much so, it was easy to put off our trip. Stanj and I were having a mini affair as I became accustomed to his cock. I would still be affectionate with Dzaan and Ruud, but the focus of the week was training to enjoy an ever-larger tool, beginning with Stanj. Besides my lingering anxiety about being MIA (missing-in-action) from Earth, I also had to deal with becoming a bottom. I would always be the smaller partner here, and the desire to top me was off the charts. I wanted to be topped by these guys too. Their size and power were exciting, and the thought of sex with men more magnificently built than even Ruud had me eager with anticipation. I was learning to appreciate being penetrated, and there was an art to it when done well. I had been there almost 10 days, maybe a few days longer, but I was unconscious at first. There was a lot that I learned since I arrived, but still much to adjust to. Not least a sore rump, as Stanj was eager to train me. I relished being squished against his soft hair and bulging, bulbous muscle while he gradually got my ass used to his fat 9-inch prick. His stunning face was irresistible, and he loved to kiss like the others. Toward the end of the week we accomplished our day trip. It was my first outing since arriving at the villa, or on the planet, actually. The plan was to use the shuttle to tour the main island from above and fly over the outlying islands to get an overview of the city-state’s territory. The shuttle reminded me of a giant cock; it had seating for 4 or 6, depending on the configuration, in a tubular design that pierced the air in front of it with a cone-shaped hood. The rear maintained its shape but tapered inward slightly as narrow wings emerged from the lower halves of its sides. The roof of the seating area was transparent and slid under the body to allow easy entry and exit. They painted its metallic parts in an angular, abstract design that had some symbolism I wasn’t yet aware of. It was steel-blue with silver and brown trim and a brown tan interior. A handsome machine, well suited to a trio of Xzardan musclegods. I slid on the front bench with Ruud, and the vehicle secured us in place without either of us taking any action. It did the same for Dzaan and Stanj, in the back. Ruud flicked his hand and fingers and the shuttle pulled out of the port, hovered, turned direction, and took us into the sky about 30 feet high. We hooked around the city along the coast and quickly reached the start of the sprawling Erindan metropolis of Eyra. It had a few central areas and an extensive seafront port. The buildings looked organic and sturdy. Every inch of area shaded by the hills was built upon or into. They used neutral tones in their architecture but decorated extensively in bold colors and patterns. The closer into central business areas, the more colorful it became. The central areas were in a sea of suburban housing that was based on a concept of a shared yard for 6-9 families. They built their houses in the ground, so they appeared like mounds. Their yards were like parks with shaded gazebos. A few apartment-blocks popped up in the central areas and overlooking the sea along the coast. It appeared to be a middle-class society with a narrow range of income groups. Ruud explained the Erindans followed a biological reproductive model and were extremely social and family oriented. I noticed the roads were full of small, open-air cars, with everyday things lying on their seats. The road network was extensive and well-kept. The city had a modern infrastructure that would be familiar to anyone from a Canadian or Australian town. It was an alien city, nonetheless. Its appearance was colorful and organic, somewhat dark as they took advantage of shadows when building in the ground, but gave an inviting impression, nonetheless. In fact, there were a lot of open spaces with sun protection that appeared designed for gathering and interaction, following the concept of the shared yards. “The Erindans appear to have a prosperous life. Are there poor areas we haven’t passed yet?” I asked. “Poor areas? What do you mean?” Ruud asked. “Areas where some Erindans may not have enough to eat or live in houses that leak in the rain or have no running water. Areas with Erindans who do not have many resources.” “No, the Erindans are not poor. Some get involved with powerful intoxicants and may sleep on the beach and not work. But even they will live with a relative or a communal apartment that is clean and respectable. The Erindans are prosperous and take care of themselves as a community.” From what Ruud and the others said, the Erindans overcame being a slave society. They were enslaved for a couple of thousand years before landing here. The group that crashed on this planet over 300 years ago was on a transport ship intended to bring slaves to a new colony being opened by their overlords, the Griets. The Griet transport must have gone off course in an area of space outside their control. They probably assumed the transport was lost and the Erindan slaves would perish in the hostile environment of this planet. The Erindans were now self-governing and independent. They viewed the Xzardans as a fundamental part of their world and their well-being but may have come to take them for granted. They governed their settlements within city-state frontiers as provinces within a loose Erindan nation. Their federal government was based in Chreondzoi city-state, in their mother city of Eyrim. The combination of Xzardan technology and Erindan resourcefulness in a spirit of compassion and mutual interest created a virtuous circle of prosperity. The Xzardans were doubtless aware of the Spartan legacy of having enslaved fellow Greeks over centuries. Their enslavement of fellow Greeks was among various Theban concerns at the Battle of Leuctra. That must have factored into their treatment of the Erindans. On this planet, the Erindans considered it an honor to work with Xzardans. But only about 10% interacted with them. In a sense, they cultivated the Xzardans as their warrior caste and desired to keep them well-fed and happy. Their society was wealthy enough to support Xzardan needs without negative consequences for their own growth and prosperity. Helping Xzardans was a fundamental component of their success. After a while flying over Eyra along the coast, the city gave way to rolling hills interspersed with thousands of small farms and villages. They generally built into the hills to maximize shade. Despite the architecture blending seamlessly into the terrain, the farms and towns were full of color and the evidence of activity. Otherwise, the countryside seemed quiet and empty of life. The guys said the Erindans preferred to work in open areas after sunset. There was not much to shade their sensitive eyes in the open fields. There were small fishing boats in the waters by the shorelines, and occasionally we would pass vast stretches of forest as we went into the interior. A great deal of the island’s land was unsettled or designated as wildlife reserve areas. We decided to stop at an outlying island off the southern shore. The shuttle could reach a speed of 750 MPH, but we had been cruising at 150 MPH for over an hour. From north to south the main island was 165 miles long, and 275 miles at its widest. The current settled area could support over two million family farms, with the potential of twice that number. The output of Anaxandri alone could feed half of all Xzarda. The Xzardans liked to plan for almost every eventuality. If you think about it, building one’s physique to outstanding perfection required a lot of planning. The more I witnessed, the more I realized these people were masters of organization. Under their guidance, the Erindans married Xzardan organizational know-how with high productivity. The Xzardans also supplied raw materials which entailed further exchange between the societies. The Xzardans translated the exchange of raw materials to a monetary transaction that required strict adherence to fiscally responsible practices. Hence, to receive needed but otherwise inaccessible resources to feed their rapid technological development, the Erindans had to ensure their leadership was not corrupt. Money that would be paid to the Xzardans for the raw materials paid comfortable salaries for those Erindans working to support Xzardan needs. This guidance, along with their own cultural traits, encouraged the Erindans to develop a more democratic and egalitarian society. This was clear by the thousands of prosperous, small farms that stretched over the horizons. There was also no visible decay or poverty in their cities. The Xzardans were otherwise self-sufficient and could have used robots to do much of the work Erindans offered. This was their strategy for the planet they originally planned to reach. But there was something intangible the Xzardans received from the exchange which caused them to stay and was fundamental to their spirituality. Their belief system was also flexible enough to allow themselves to be influenced by the Erindans. It seemed like the guys enjoyed their presence or took it for granted as a good thing. I noticed no negative reaction on their parts toward anything Erindan related. It just seemed like the Erindans were there and everyone was fine. In retrospect, it was me who was not focused on the Erindans. There was a lot to absorb, and they were on the back burner in my mind. And yet, they pointed to the reality that this world could not have existed without the motivation of altruism. It could only have been a positive impulse that led to a seemingly endless, well-organized prosperity. I was kind of welling up from the experience, it was emotional and visceral. I now understood how they had to show me rather than speak of their motivations and the nature of their world. They came from a good place. I was the one from a more brutal one. We landed on an outlying island off the southern shore. We were at the edge of the Xzardan archipelago, the area of the current 7 city-states which were all on larger islands in the group. The islet was sub-tropical and ringed with inviting beaches. The sand was white and the water was mint green and crystal clear. Beyond the southern frontier was a small continent composed of 2 islands. The Xzardans were preparing it for settlement and had already secured the airspace from the archipelago over the great islands and the surrounding sea. This ensured the southern part of Anaxandri, although on the frontier, was exceptionally secure from any mega-faunae incursions by sea or air. We emerged from the shuttle after having flown from north to south for over an hour and a half. We parked at a designated port and walked down to an idyllic picnic area on an elevated patio cut into a few enormous boulders. The section was empty of any other sign of intelligent life. It was pristine and looked like a tropical paradise, but with some very odd plant life. There were the sounds of various birds, or similar flying creatures, calling out as the waves splashed. They used the island for recreation like a park which was conveniently accessible by shuttle. We could have arrived there from our villa in 15 minutes had we gone directly at speed. The guys took out containers with a delicious looking lunch and got it ready. Stanj brought us swimming briefs from the villa and handed me mine and then stripped along with the others. I was feeling particularly affectionate and went up to Ruud, who had finished changing, to feel his pec so he would bend over and kiss me. He reached down to grab me in his arms and laid his mouth on mine as I rubbed his great round shoulders and traps. He surrounded me in pure muscle while he probed my mouth with his tongue. I looked forward to being fucked by him. “I can’t wait to fuck you, puppy,” he said breathlessly as he briefly released my lips. “I know, I’ve been thinking about it, too. You are so wonderfully muscular. I love feeling you.” I said. He enjoyed hearing that and held me with one arm while he flexed his humongous double-peaked bicep with the other, which made me that much harder. He then used both arms to lift me and my crotch to his mouth, and he kissed my junk over my briefs. As the guys approached, he lowered me. “Lunch is ready!” Dzaan announced. He was distracting with his alien good looks. The length and shape of his cock and balls were also tantalizingly clear as they pressed against his orange briefs. He may as well have been naked. I slid my hand over his package, and he stroked my shoulder as we made our way to the table. I slipped behind him to appreciate his glorious ass, which I wanted to bury my face in. The guys looked outstanding in the deserted, tropical paradise setting. “Do you want to go for a swim after we eat? The waters are warm and safe around here. The great islands to the south prevent the waves from getting too high.” Dzaan said. “Sure, sounds like fun.” I went along with anything since they hadn’t steered me wrong yet. We continued to eat and watched each other. The guys were not only attracted to me, …and everyone was horny. The light reflecting off my agreeable hulks, mixed with the natural setting, was seductive and intoxicating. I decided I’d swim in the nude since my persistent boner was uncomfortable in my briefs. I quickly shed them, as did the others. Ruud was rock hard and looked god-like against the sea as he stood in the surf. He had a superhero’s silhouette against the sun, and he struck a few poses that appeared like the ideal male bodybuilder, perfectly proportioned and larger than any Olympian. I came over and knelt in front of him so I could put his cock in my mouth. Its capped head filled my cheek while I sucked from his crown upward and used my tongue to play with his piss slit. I simultaneously fondled his heavy balls and stroked his long shaft. I looked up and watched him flex his enormous and powerful muscle from his abs to his shoulders. After a while, he bent down and lay in the surf beside me. He turned on top of me and kissed deeply as I watched his incredible arms twitch and flicker as he held himself above me. He lay his big, heavy cock between my legs and over my junk while he gently rubbed himself against me. Carefully and sensually focused, …back and forth. Again, and again. While we were intertwined, Dzaan and Stanj were making out in the water. Their giant arms squished against themselves as their heads and shoulders bobbed like a clutch of flesh-colored beach balls. Ruud picked me up and carried me into the water to join the others. We easily merged into a four-way kissing session and soon I was in the middle, consumed by the three great musclegods while their pricks pressed against me. Stanj slid his dick inside me as I hung onto Ruud and kissed him deeply. My rod found the wonderful deep groove between his rows of abs. Dzaan moved around Ruud and plugged his massive cock into him with a determined thrust. My tongue pushed into Ruud’s mouth while Dzaan drilled the superman’s manhole and worked his jewels in his hands. The four of us found a rhythm as we fucked each other harmoniously. I wished it would never end. I eased into the sounds of our bodies squish mixed with the gentle slosh of the water. The smell of sea water, muscleman sweat, and Xzardan breath blended as I inhaled. We continued for a marathon session of 40 minutes until Stanj and Dzaan pulled out and Ruud and I released. We were spent. We rested for a while in each other’s arms as our loins relaxed. We cleaned in the water and went back to our picnic and had a bit more to eat and drink. Dzaan brought out a few towel-like cloths to dry ourselves. They were light like half pillowcases, but they pulled the water off me and left me dry and feeling clean. Stanj took his and flicked it over the beach like snapping a towel, and all the remaining liquid flew off it. I did the same, and it was dry again. We put our togas and tunics on sans briefs and returned with our things to the shuttle. Ruud and I both wore short togas with no shirts. When we were all on board, he put his hugely muscled arm around me and we rose, hovered a few seconds, and took off. “The weather always seems so nice,” I said. “It’s not always like this. We’re in the dry season. All our freshwater comes from rain. You arrived at the start of the calm, dry season. It should be like this for a few more months. After that, the rains will start, and the heat will rise. Some areas of the archipelago encounter fierce storms, but Anaxandri is more sheltered because of ‘The Lovers’, the great islands to the south.” Said Stanj. “Does it rain continuously?” I asked. “Sometimes, yes. But usually, it’s for a few hours and some days it may not rain. However, it gets very humid. Many people like to go to mountain resorts that we’ll soon pass, or other city-states to avoid the humidity. Chreondzoi is popular in the hottest month because it is high on a plateau. There are also a few other islands that are pleasant at that time. …There are many interesting and varied recreation areas to visit. Xzardans are always shuttling around.” Stanj added. The guys explained that there were 7 city-states in the protected Xzardan archipelago: Anaxandri - central and to the south; Chreondzoi - center-east, the first city-state; Leuctrapolis - center-west, acting capital; Laconadzom - to the northeast; Demaradzom - to the southeast; Leonidzoi - to the northwest; and Archidzoi - to the southwest. Each city-state was unique, and every Xzardan prime city was in a special setting unlike any other. An 8th city-state was slated to open in a year and would be built in a mountain range and would therefore be cool. Eight years later another would open and then the frequency of opening new city-states would accelerate. They planned to expand by replicating the city-state model where each one would contain 275,000-315,000 Xzardans. Each new city-state would be accompanied by 4-5 million Erindans. They would settle newly ‘tamed’ land with farms, villages, and cities, and form new provinces. Within 40-50 years they expected to settle the rest of the archipelago, the great islands to the south, and a great prairie land on a supercontinent to the north of Chreondzoi. That would comprise roughly 7-8% of the planet and more than double the population. “Are there any other people on this planet?” I asked. “No. They could not survive. And no indigenous species is close to evolving into intelligent life. The planet has extraordinarily hostile creatures. We could not survive in this shuttle if we got lost in Phobos, the ‘untamed’ wilderness. You need a lot of specialized equipment out there.” Ruud said. I still had a few questions. Which were two sides of the same coin. Why continue forward and expand if you could easily have a comfortable society using less than 10% of the planet. And/or why not undertake mass annihilation of the pesky predatory mega-faunae and anything else that is dangerous and go whole-hog in settling the place? What are the boundaries between respect for intelligent life and respect for all life? Raising these questions was far less clever than answering them. We planned to zig-zag across the island a bit faster to see some of its natural features, such as inland lakes and three tall mountains that rose from the plains like Mt. Fuji or Kilimanjaro. A large section of rocky terrain and koppies in the south was designated wildlife reserve and offered some fascinating sights. I could have easily spent a few days there. Otherwise, there were farms and small Erindan towns neatly woven into the gentle countryside with odd splashes of color among the brown and green. The interior was at higher elevations and supported a variety of sub-tropical crops. The mountains were terraced and able to support temperate zone produce. My initial impression of Erindan society was reinforced the more I saw of Anaxandri. I also found the variety of environments remarkable. There was much more to explore and discover than I thought possible on one island and its satellites. We headed northeast toward the coast and flew out over Anaxandri’s small, northern archipelago of at least 20 mid-sized islands and scores of smaller ones. Each was its own little world. As we came in toward the city itself, we crossed some islets included in the Governor’s zone. Then curved around the seafront from the Herc zone to the Central zone and finally landed at our villa in the hills above. “Wow, that was a great trip. Thanks!” I said. It really was a lot to process, though. I was exhausted and needed a nap. “I really enjoyed it too. You’re a lot of fun to show around.” Stanj bent toward me and winked. “In a few days, we’ll take a tour of Anaxandri city and the Herc zone,” Ruud confirmed. “I also had a wonderful day with you, thank-you.” ◆◆◆ The following day we decided to stay in the villa to work out, hang out, and continue learning the language. That night we had a new type of sundowner that was derived from a different intoxicating plant made into baked treats. The effect was a bit like MDMA as it released gentle rushes of dopamine over a few hours. I asked the guys, who were also scientists, if there were any negative effects to the ‘sundowners’. “No, the effects are transitory and leave no lingering effects. A behavioral problem would occur if it interfered with your day-to-day life. That’s why we have a designated time during the day to do it …so that it doesn’t interfere with life but complements it… if we want to do it. You don’t have to partake in ‘sundowners’ all the time. We borrowed the practice from the Erindans who have uh… a more… complicated relationship with it.” Rudd added as I watched the effects of our treats take hold of him. The guys became like pups themselves, even giggled, and became more tactile than usual. We spent the rest of the night together on the large bed, feeling and kissing each other, and playing with toys. I was treated to the spectacle of the beefy herculeans slowly fuck and make love to each other while emitting brutal and slippery sounds with groans of pleasure. The best was watching Dzaan deliver his huge cock into Ruud again and seeing his expressions of ecstasy like it was the best fuck he ever had. He was so massive, rugged, and perfect, and yet brought to a whimper by Dzaan’s skill. Stanj held me against him and massaged my cock as we watched. Over a few hours my mouth, my balls, and my butt became sore from so much activity. ◆◆◆ The next day was the last of the current phase of my anal training regimen. It would be the last fuck with Stanj before graduating to Ruud’s larger size. Stanj wanted to make it memorable, and I had become comfortable and more skilled at controlling the experience. I increasingly enjoyed being topped by the larger man and considered how I could make it more enjoyable for my partners. Dzaan asked me to start the day by showering with him, we had spent little alone time that week. We didn’t cum, but we spent a good hour touching and kissing in the marvelous shower room. I could see in the mirrors that I had become leaner and more muscular while I maintained the same weight at 180 lbs. I found my body very attractive, whereas I used to be critical of it. Dzaan next to me was intimidating since I was far less developed. I was a comparative twink next to a stunning nude musclegod. We looked at each other in the reflection as both our dicks hardened. He lifted me and kissed deeply as the water rained on us. I loved feeling his hard muscle and powerful tongue in my mouth. His face was also breath-taking. After a long while of giving our facial muscles a workout, Dzaan lowered me and lathered his enormous cock with soap. Pointing at me to kneel in front of him so he could rub my head with his soapy sausage. He used it to soap my skull and face, moving down my shoulders around my upper torso. He motioned for me to stand up as he lathered himself some more and rubbed me deliberately with his meat, ensuring every inch was sparkling clean. When he finished my legs and feet, I knelt and brought his delicious, round balls to my mouth and licked. His legs were hairless, and veins twisted and protruded all over as he flexed them into multi-dimensional pinnacles of hard and squishy rock. The more he flexed, the more inspired I was to lick his shaft and put it in my mouth as far as it could go. Battling to draw his cum, I sucked until he lifted me off him in ecstasy lest he shoot in my mouth and I involuntarily swallowed. I swallowed his pre-cum, nonetheless. I lathered up his feet and thickly carved calves, which were works of art themselves. He treated me to the continuous show of his flexing quads as I washed him. I lingered on his fleshy ass as he flexed. When I got to his masterful member, I examined it and committed it to memory. Playing with his foreskin by gliding it up and down, I watched how it moved as he softly groaned. I eagerly awaited Ruud but realized something even better was ahead. I wanted to kiss him again and puckered my lips at him so he would bend down and give me his mouth. He sat cross-legged in the shower to be more accessible, and I bent over to kiss him. I also lathered soap in my hands and worked it into his head and face. Once rinsed, I readied to clean his thick traps and massive shoulders. I massaged the soap on him as we kissed. After a while, I knelt in front of him as he flexed his huge biceps and got ready to lather them. He squeezed his guns into peaked cantaloupes as hard as rock. I massaged and worshipped them as I buried my face into his armpit and licked. I did the same on his other side and eventually got his arms and shoulders clean. His back and torso were left, and I saved the best for last. I moved behind him as he remained cross-legged in the shower and knelt higher to reach his traps. I enjoyed gliding my hands across his smooth skin and his thick back. The valleys of muscle on it were deep and easily kept my grinding dick in place. Even from behind, he was beautiful. I finished and turned in front of him and almost gasped as I saw his pecs and abs anew. Like a Roman noble’s chest plate, but bigger and real, his pecs popped like square cushions from his front delts. He made his abs dance in waves and then flexed and kissed his biceps. He teased me with the poses he had been practicing. I made like a puppy and lay on my back in front of him as my dick swelled to its fullest. He climbed on top of me but held himself up by his elbows and we kissed again. He glided his massive cock over my jewels as he licked and explored my mouth. I loved the smell of his breath and the strength of his lips and tongue. He stopped for a bit and looked down on me as he panted. We could have stayed like that for hours. Just looking at him was a pleasure. He moved beside me and pulled me against his pec as he leaned against the shower wall. As he held me in place, he bent to kiss me while we jerked ourselves off. We almost came in unison, almost, and then lay spent on the shower floor. Exhausted, I lay my head on his pec for a couple of minutes. I got some more soap and made some lather to spread on his pecs and abs. We kissed as I rubbed the soap into his spectacular torso. I was still exhausted, but it was a pleasure to finish the job. After a little over an hour, we emerged from the shower, sparkling clean. When we got to the patio, Ruud and Stanj were already working out. They got into a heavy legs session and would be at it for another hour and a half. My workout wouldn’t be as grueling, but Dzaan was also on a competitive track and eager to join Stanj and Ruud’s level. He spent the rest of the morning working out and swimming. I would rather watch them than do anything else, but I still had language homework. I thought about the day before and smiled at the young Erindan male who acted as a server. It was hard to see his expression with his square sombrero-like hat with a veil attached. They were definitely not sunworshippers. But it was nice to know they were happy to be there and well paid, and their gracious attitude was most likely genuine. I had thought little about them before, but realized they were multi-dimensional people. They also came and went like a service, so the same ones didn’t come all the time, which made it hard to get to know any individuals. At first, they all looked very similar, and only over time did I learn how to distinguish the variances in their features, even male from female. They often wore those wide-brimmed hats and/or dark glasses with colorful frames during the day to guard against too much light. But the look also depersonalized them. I kept thinking they reminded me of Beatrix Potter characters, but I hardly remembered those stories and only brought to mind anthropomorphized, or humanized, gentle rodents such as mice or rabbits. Maybe I kept pushing them from my mind because they were the most alien element of this world and recognizing them meant I wasn’t on Earth anymore. And I wasn’t. They were not wearing costumes. Which led to thoughts about home. I was alone by the pool and thought how I would not see Earth again. I let everyone down and was alone wherever I was. Maybe I was dead, I was on a fast-track to being legally dead. I wondered at what point you considered a missing person dead. I couldn’t Google it. I was truly incommunicado, whether or not I wanted to be. A wave of sadness hit as I acknowledged the reality. I decided to have some alone time that afternoon to process everything and used the excuse of studying the language homework. I pretended to look at work while I descended into a gloomy reverie. The time for sundowners crept up and a new Erindan server brought out a sweet wine, which had a milder effect than the day before. We had it with a few pastries filled with meat and a sweet bean paste. The guys gave me space as they realized I would need to mourn the loss of my old life and everyone I cared about and knew. The guys were available to touch and hold but made no demands. They were remarkably comforting, which I wouldn’t have expected from magnificent musclegods. We went to bed together that evening without having sex. As I lay between Ruud and Stanj, I noticed Stanj had shaved and was smooth. His muscles swelled and bulged, and I noted how sexy he looked when he got up to take a piss. I followed him to the bathroom and asked if he would pose and then fuck me in the posing room. He went to get a pouch, but I told him to forget it, I would rather watch him pose nude. When we set up the lights and he got on the dais, I was amazed at how he looked. Like a super-handsome Bluto with an incredible contest-ready physique of quality muscle. He bulged in all the right places. Having shaved his body hair, his thick, cut muscle appeared to swell to an even more erotic degree. His contrasting dark beard made him look hyper-masculine while his muscle was irresistible when he flexed. I went over to him and grabbed his prick to put in my mouth and started to suck it like a calf on a teat. He looked down and continued to flex, knowing I wanted him to take me and wrest my mind from gloomy thoughts. But he enjoyed my cock worship, and I was getting into a zone as I kneaded his thick, round muscle-ass. I sucked for a while as he held an abs and thigh pose. Then he gently backed away. He flexed some more with a side triceps and side chest and motioned for me to get on the bed. I eagerly complied, and he waddled over and stood at the far edge with a jar of lube and his cock pointed at me. “Come closer, Gray’shn.” He said. He used the Xzardanized form of my name, Greg. I scooted in front of him, and he pulled my legs on his shoulders and filled my ass liberally with lube. He slid in and maneuvered my legs to an ideal position and plowed skillfully as he flexed his pecs, abs, and arms. I focused on how he felt and squeezed at my own pace as he plowed. Eventually, he lifted me while still inside and moved us, so I was sitting facing him while he continued his rhythm. I smashed my face against his beard, then his mouth. He gripped me in his solid arms and pressed me against his bulging pecs while my cock slid against his abs. “Harder!” I demanded. I absolutely felt muscle fucked as his body squeezed hard and soft against me, keeping me pinned while being pummeled. It was a good thing I liked it because he could easily have taken whatever he wanted and left me whimpering. I lost myself in his thrusts and his body as I needed him to destroy me. He went even harder, and I acceded to his power and wanted to be made sore by a hulk. He didn’t disappoint but pulled out before cumming, only to explode a few seconds later as he moved to lie beside me. I shot a few moments afterward, and we lay spent. Glimpsing into nothingness for an instant. I felt raw, but glad to think of something else. ◆◆◆ Want More??? There is a lot more to come. Chapters 5 through 25 are at the following link: Tales of Xzarda: An erotic science fiction fantasy dedicated to the Cult of Hercules - Kindle edition by McBooty, Zooty. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com. Chapters 5 and 6 will be posted after New Year's Day. In the meantime, Happy New Year!
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    His Now

    Hey guys, I've been a long time lurker on this site, but this is my first time posting something. Hope you all enjoy! His Now "Broooo... are you sure you have to go?" Kyle Harding whined at his older brother in front of the Departures gate. Thankfully, his classes had ended early today and he'd been able to make it just in time to see his brother off at the airport. Brad just chuckled amusedly. "Dude, I've been working super hard this year just so I could place at competition, you know that." The younger Harding pouted up the brown-haired man and sighed. "Yeah, yeah, I know... It's just... I'm gonna miss ya, bro." The older man's eyes softened. He patted Kyle's head, gently running his fingers through the younger's golden locks. "It'll just be a few weeks. I'll be back before you know it!" Brad reassured him. Kyle nodded and gave his brother more cheerful grin. "Yeah! I'm sure you'll kick ass too!" he crowed. Brad grinned widely and flexed with a front double bicep pose. His favorite grey muscle tee barely held itself together as it stretched tight around Brad's impressive arms. "Fuck yeah, man! You know it!" he responded cockily. The 24-year-old bodybuilder had put on 20 pounds of muscle in the last year, bringing him from a solid 226 to a whopping 246 pounds of muscle since last year's competition. Brad swooped in and pulled his younger brother into a tight hug. "But I am gonna miss ya..." he whispered in the smaller boy's ear. Kyle hugged him back as tight as he could, allowing himself a moment to just bask in his older brother's comforting scent. Ever since their mom had passed away a few years ago, the men of the Harding family had bonded more closely than ever. Maybe a bit too close if you believed some the rumors of the Harding brothers, but few would ever say so in earshot of either. The younger Harding groaned inwardly, feeling a twitch in his groin, and quickly pulled back with a red face. "Brad, you should go! You still have to get through carry on inspections!" he reminded the bigger man. The older brother just laughed as he turned toward the gate to get in line. "Yeah, yeah, I'm going." he said with a grin, "Take care of dad for me, okay?" Kyle just nodded, though he wondered why their dad hadn't come along to say goodbye himself. He had just dropped out at the last minute, saying something had come up and he wouldn't be able to make it. The blond Harding wiped the frown off his face and enthusiastically waved to his brother as the line started moving. "See ya, Brad! Good luck at the competition! Take care!" he shouted. Brad waved back just before turning a corner and heading around a wall, quickly moving out of sight. Kyle's waving hand slowed to a stop, and he watched for a moment as more and more people arrived at the Departures gate: a young lovely-dovey couple excited for their honeymoon trip, an older couple reminding their increasingly irritated son about all the things that needed caring for in the house, a pair of twin girls saying goodbye to their father... Kyle shook his head in aggravation. What exactly was so important that his dad couldn't come and say goodbye to Brad before he left for his competition? He sighed to himself as he turned and made his way back to the parking lot. Kyle narrowed his eyes as he spotted his dad's car parked in the driveway. His father was clearly home right now, so why hadn't he come to the airport to send off his oldest child? The young man parked his car on an open sidewalk and walked to the house. He went to use his key, only to find the front door unlocked. He stared as the door slowly swung open. "What the..." he murmured, a spike of dread shooting down his spine. Kyle stepped inside and locked the door behind himself. "Dad! You in here?" he called out in a loud voice. Not hearing a response, Kyle moved deeper into the house until he heard a loud thump from upstairs. His lips drew into a thin line as he quietly reached out to grab a poker from the fireplace. "D-dad? Was that you?" he called out again from the bottom of the stairs. Once again, there was no response. Steeling himself, the youngest Harding slowly crept up the stairs and into the empty hallway. Looking around, he didn't see anything out of place. There hadn't been any signs of a struggle or robbery downstairs either. Suddenly, he heard a soft, pained moan from down the hallway. It seemed to be coming from his father's room. Thinking the worst, Kyle dashed down the hallway and through the door wide open. "Dad! Are you alrig-" he stopped as his jaw hit the floor. There, on the bed, was his 40-year-old father on all fours being railed from behind by a guy clearly half his age. Kyle face bloomed scarlet as he took in the scene, his father moaning not in pain, but clearly in pleasure. "Ohh... fuck... harder...!" the Harding patriarch moaned as the other man obliged him. "Fuck you're hot, Mr. Harding! Unf... and you're so fucking tight!" the younger man moaned from behind. Kyle gasped, his eyes lighting up with recognition at the voice. It was Mike Hayes from his English Lit class! He and Mike shared some classes at Gold State University, but they weren't really friends. Mike wasn't a big guy, he and Kyle were pretty much the same size, but with his bright green eyes and handsome, pretty-boy face, he was quite popular. Kyle didn't like him very much, especially his rather arrogant my-way-or-the-highway attitude. But that still didn't explain what Mike was doing here or why he was having sex with Kyle's father. "D-dad! What the fuck?!" the blond screeched. Jake Harding's eyes shot to the doorway, as if noticing his son for the first time. "Kyle! W-what are you-ugh... d-doing here?" he grunted through his own moans. Mike just gave Kyle his usual smirk, undeterred by an audience. "Give us a moment, kid." he said as he pounded the older man, "You can have him back once I'm done." Kyle stumbled backwards before turning and fleeing out the door. He ran to his room, shutting it behind him as he slumped to the floor. "What the fuck..." he groaned. Did his dad really skip out on saying goodbye to Brad just so he could fuck with a younger man? In his haste to escape, Kyle had forgotten to close the door to his dad's room. The sounds of sex echoed down the hallway. Kyle grabbed his headphones from his desk and jammed them on his head. Scrolling through one of his playlists, he clicked a random song and let the music drown out the sounds of moaning and slapping flesh. Hopefully, they would finish up soon. An hour later, Kyle stepped out into a silent hallway. He turned toward his father's room with a frown and strode over to find it empty. He headed down the stairs into the kitchen where he found Mike finishing up a meal at the table. He gave his dad an odd look while the older man hovered strangely nearby, like some sort of servant. "Dad?" Kyle questioned in confusion, "What are you doing?" Jake jolted at his son's question. "Err... serving Mike his dinner...?" he replied uncertainly. Kyle boggled at his dad. "What...? Why?" Mike rolled his eyes and interrupted before Mr. Harding has a chance to respond. "So... you've got a pretty awesome place here, Kyle." he began, "It's close to campus... your dad's a fucking DILF with a really tight ass..." He gave the blushing man a filthy look before continuing, "I think I'm gonna move in." The disgust Kyle was feeling was instantly replaced with shock and disbelief. "But... you can't just..." he started in protest. Mike just turned to Mr. Harding and said, "It's fine, right? It's fine that I move in." It sounded more like a statement than a question. Jake Harding's eyes glazed over for a moment, before clearing as he replied, "Y-yes. That should be fine." Kyle's jaw dropped for the second time today. "What?! Dad! You can't be serious!" Mike pushed his chair back and stood with his classic smirk. "Great! I'm gonna go and choose a room, then!" He left the kitchen and headed upstairs followed by a quiet Mr. Harding and a protesting Kyle. Kyle paled when Mike stopped in front of Brad's room. Ignoring the other man's sputtering, Mike opened the door, and stepped inside. Brad's room was the second biggest room in the house, next to the main bedroom. The walls were covered in pictures of bodybuilders and motivational posters. Trophies from old competitions lined the walls and workout equipment was scattered throughout the room. A huge king-sized bed, Brad's most recent purchase, sat in the middle against one of the walls. Mike gave the room a cursory glance before nodding. "Hmm... this room looks pretty good! I'll take it!" He chuckled as Kyle glared at him. "You can't! This is Brad's room!" Kyle turned to his dad expectantly. "Dad! What are you doing? You have to stop this!" However, to his horror, his father simply nodded along with Mike. "Sure. You can have Brad's room. Make yourself at home." Jake Harding ignored his son's horrified shrieks and continued, "If you need, I can give you a ride to your old place and help move stuff too." Mike stepped up to Mr. Harding and gave him sly grin. "I'm sure you could. You've obviously kept yourself in pretty good shape for your age." he said as he cupped the older man's firm chest. "Mmm... very nice indeed." Kyle couldn't take it anymore. He fled back to his room. Grabbing his phone off the desk, the blond was halfway through composing a text to his brother before realizing there was probably nothing Brad could do in his current situation. He was probably mid-flight already and texting the older Harding now would only worry him and probably screw with his performance at competition. Kyle was so deep in his thoughts he didn't hear the door to his room swing open. "Hey, roomie. Whatcha up to?" a voice inquired from behind. The young man spun around to find Mike leaning against his door frame, a smirk on his face, green eyes alight with amusement. Kyle glared at him. "I'm not gonna let you do this, Mike... I'll..." he started as the other boy's smirk only grew wider. "You'll... what?" he asked with a laugh, cruel and uncaring. "Geez, Kyle. You haven't realized it yet?" He shrugged as he continued. "It doesn't matter what you want, because everyone will just do as I say." Kyle squawked as the other man swept into his room and sat on the bed uninvited. "Everyone except you, of course." Mike said with a raised eyebrow, "But I suppose it doesn't matter in the long run, because as long as everyone obeys me, nothing you say or do will matter." Mike stood and made to leave the room. "But you can keep trying, I suppose. It won't make any difference." And with that, the other man was gone. Kyle quickly locked the door and fell to his knees, frustrated tears sliding down his face. In his heart, he knew that what Mike had said was true. The other boy always got his way, no matter who he talked to. His voice had a strange power that Kyle could never hope to oppose, no matter how he tried to resist. Kyle's only hope was that Brad would be able to fix things once he returned. He had to. The next few weeks were filled with nothing but disgust, anger, and frustration for Kyle as Mike proceeded to fuck Kyle's dad on practically every surface of the house. Eventually, the youngest Harding resorted to hiding out at his friends' places to avoid constantly seeing his father in compromising positions. A few weeks after, Brad finally returned from competition. Surprisingly, Mike had allowed Mr. Harding to join Kyle in picking up his eldest son. The two waited together at the arrivals gate in the airport. Kyle was practically vibrating out of his skin in anticipation. Surely, Brad would be able to fix things, and everything would go back to normal, right? The young Harding held on to his hopes, his spirits rising when he spotted a familiar face in the crowd leaving the gate. "Brad!" he shouted in glee as he rushed towards his older brother, wrapping the bigger man in a desperate embrace. "I'm so glad you're back!" The older man leaned back in surprise as he held his brother close. "Whoa! Geez, kiddo. Where's the fire?" His eyes widened when his younger brother started to sob uncontrollably. The pro bodybuilder looked to his dad who just shrugged in greeting. Between sobs, Kyle managed to get out, "Bro... you gotta do something! Mike! He just, moved in and... he took your room, and dad just let him..." Brad's eyes grew wider and wider with each work spilling forth from Kyle's mouth. He turned to his father. "Dad... what the hell is going on...?" he demanded. Jake Harding just gave his son a plain look. "Well, Mike said he wanted to move in, so he moved in. Your room was the only unused room in the house, so he took it." Brad gave his father an incredulous look. "What the fuck, dad? Really? You just let this guy move in and do whatever he wants?" He gaped as his dad gave him a helpless look. Turning back to the brother crying against his chest, he ran a soothing hand through the younger man's hair. "Shh... don't worry, Kyle. Big bro will take care of everything." he murmured as he gave his dad a disapproving frown. Eventually, the three of them made their way to their dad's car and headed home. The closer they got to their house, the more Kyle's dread grew. Something bad was gonna happen, he just knew it. The frown hadn't left Brad's face during the entire ride. "So..." Brad began, "tell me about this Mike person." In a shuddering voice, Kyle told him about Mike, about the way everyone just does as he says and how Mike always gets his way. Kyle watched his older brother's face as his eyebrows rose higher and higher. He knew from Brad's expression that the older Harding didn't truly believe him, and that would probably be his downfall. The blond slumped back into his seat for the rest of the ride. A part of him held onto his hopes, but the more practical side of him argued that he was leading his beloved older brother to a slaughter. The rest of the car ride continued in awkward silence. When they finally arrived home, Kyle steeled himself and followed his dad and older brother into the house. He followed Brad as the older man marched right into the house with his bags and headed straight to his room where they found Mike lounging in his bed. "What the fuck?!" Brad roared upon seeing the younger man making himself at home in his room. Mike grinned widely upon seeing them, and it was then that Kyle realized he had made a mistake. He had effectively delivered Brad to the gallows, and his brother was going to pay the price. "Wow!" Mike said as he got up from the bed to greet them. "Damn, you're hot. You look even better up close!" Brad jerked an arm back when the younger man tried to grope his bicep. "What the fuck, man? Who the hell do you think you are?" Mike just ignored the bigger man's question and looked him straight in the eye. "Strip." he commanded. Kyle watched as his big brother's eyes suddenly glazed over and he started to strip the clothes off his impressive body. He pretended to be shocked, but a darker part of him whispered that he knew this would happen... and he let it happen. Mike's face brightened as the older Harding stripped off his white V-neck shirt, revealing his thick pecs and incredible eight-pack abs, soon followed by his jeans and black boxer-briefs. "Holy shit..." the younger man murmured as he took in the buffet of muscle before him, "You're fucking ripped, dude!" Brad just nodded. "I've been working on this body since I was 13 years old." he admitted. "Fuck..." Mike moaned as he stepped closer to inspect Brad's hard worked body. He gripped the bigger man by the sides, stroking his thumbs across the bodybuilder's rippling abs. "Do you shave?" he asked the older man with a raised eyebrow. "I always shave before a competition." Brad replied. "I'm pretty hairy, otherwise." Mike's grin only grew wider. "Excellent." he murmured as he moved his hands up to the bigger man's pecs. He pinched Brad's nipples, smiling when the older man moaned in response. "Ooh, sensitive!" Kyle could only watch as Mike continued to explore his beloved brother's body. A part of him wanted to intervene, but another part couldn't help but think how hot it was to watch his big bro get felt up right in front of his eyes. Eventually, Mike ended his inspection and instead went to open a drawer next to the bed, pulling out a large bottle of lube. He commanded the bigger man to bend over the bed as he stripped off his shorts and carefully spread lube over his 7-inch cock. "Mmm... I'm gonna really, really enjoy this." Mike groaned, all the while looking Kyle straight in the eyes as he lubed himself up. Once he was ready, the young man moved behind Brad and pressed his cock against the bodybuilder's tight hole. "Relax." Mike commanded as he pressed in. Kyle couldn't believe himself. He stood in the doorway, shocked and turned on as Mike thrust inch after inch of dick into Brad's ass, forcing the bigger man to take his cock. He proceeded to watch for the next hour as the other boy used Brad in a variety of positions, enjoying his size, strength, and submission. "Unf... big body... and big cock to boot..." Mike moaned as he kept pounding the bodybuilder's tight hole. He gripped the other man's impressive cock in one hand. "What is this, 10 inches? Maybe 11? Hella thick too... you're the whole package, ain'tcha?" After one particularly vigorous fuck, Brad found himself splayed out face down on the bed. Mike turned to Kyle with a smirk. "Mmm... your brother's got a great body AND great ass, Kyle." he sighed in satisfaction. "But, let me guess... you thought your big bro would save you from... all this." Mike gestured lazily around himself before continuing. "Sorry to disappoint, but the truth is... Brad was always my real target from the start." The other man placed his hands on Brad's wide back, rubbing circles into the thick muscles. "I remember the first time I saw him..." Mike began, his green eyes taking on a nostalgic look. "He came to pick you up one time while I was withdrawing money from the ATM near the parking lot." He turned his gaze down to the thoroughly fucked bodybuilder. "I knew from the moment I saw him, I just had to have that body for myself..." Kyle face shifted to a confused expression. What the hell was he talking about? He soon discovered just what Mike meant when the other man's arms suddenly sank into Brad's back up to his elbows. Mike looked over his shoulder with a pleased grin and said, "I always get what I want, Kyle. And now, I'm gonna claim what's mine!" Kyle watched with growing horror as more and more of Mike slid into his older brother's bigger form, merging with him. Eventually, it was just Mike's head sticking out awkwardly behind Brad's. Slowly, Brad's huge body pushed itself off the bed into a standing position. His head hung limply in front of Mike's, eyes blank and empty. The youngest Harding watched as one of his older brother's big hands came up and pressed down on his own head. Slowly, Brad's face sank beneath the surface of his skin until it disappeared completely, leaving behind nothing but smooth, empty space. Kyle fell to his knees in despair. "Brad! Noooo!" he cried mournfully as his big brother seemed to disappear forever. Mike's head slid forward to fill the void, slotting itself onto its rightful place on the pro bodybuilder's muscular body. "Oh, fuck...!" Mike moaned as he completely assimilated the older man, Brad's memories, knowledge, and skills flooding into his mind, "Fuck... fuck... fuck!" "Noooo! This can't be happening!!" Kyle sobbed. "Yessss!" Mike cried out in pleasure. Brad's body shook as it orgasmed. "Fuck!" Mike grunted as his new body convulsed, spilling rope after rope of thick, bodybuilder cum all over the bed in front of him. After a few moments, he turned to Kyle, his huge cock still standing tall and proud. "Damn! Look at this body!" Mike roared as he examined the massive form he had stolen and claimed as his own. His eyes drifted downwards, to where the Brad's cock- no, his cock was sticking straight up against his belly. It was so much bigger than his old one. "Holy fuck, it's huge!" he declared, stroking his big, hard erection. "It's perfect. So damn thick!" He grabbed a ruler from the nearby desk and measured it. "Mmm... fuck! 10 and a half inches! I knew it!" he crowed in delight. "And these balls..." Mike groaned as he cupped the low hanging orbs, "So fucking big..." He tossed the ruler back onto the desk and went to stand in front of the full-length mirror. He had to take a few steps back to get his reflection to fit in the frame. "Goddamn, these muscles! Look at these biceps!" he grunted, flexing them in a double bicep pose. "They're massive!" Mike ran his big hands over the rest of the body, enjoying the feel of the ripped muscles under his fingers. "And fuck! These pecs!" he growled as he groped the thick mounds of muscle. The brunet pinched one of his nipples roughly with a soft moan. "Mmf... feels so fucking good..." The brunet brought a hand down to his eight-pack abs and stroked the hard, toned muscle, slipping his fingers between the deep grooves and valleys. "These abs are incredible..." he murmured, flexing and unflexing his cobbled torso. "Unf... and his scent... my scent..." Mike lifted an arm and pressed his nose into his own armpit, taking a deep whiff of his new musk. "So fucking manly!" Mike turned his gaze back to Kyle, still kneeling on the floor. "Poor, poor Kyle..." he teased, "Big brother's gone! I'm all that's left of him..." He smirked as he continued to flex. "But… don’t worry. I'll take care of this body he so generously gifted me. His big, strong body... belongs to me now." His gaze dropped to Kyle's pants where an obvious tent was forming. "Oh? What's this?" Mike's smirk turned predatory. "Don't tell me... you're actually turned on by all this?" He brought a hand down to his hard, 10.5-inch cock. "Is this what you want, Kyle? Big bro's fucking huge cock?" he asked in mock innocence. The younger man paused, but couldn't help himself and Kyle shamefully hung his head. Mike smiled wickedly at his answer and grabbed the boy's chin, forcing him to look up. "Well then..." Mike whispered, "Brad's gone... and this is my body now, so why don't you go ahead and suck on this fat cock?" He sat himself on the bed and spread his muscular legs, his huge member hard and leaking. Kyle hesitated for a moment before he slowly took a step... and then another... Moments later, he sat kneeling on the floor between Mike's legs, staring straight up at him with a fierce blush on his face. Mike raised an eyebrow at him. "Well...?" he said as he gestured expectantly at his shaft. Kyle's gaze kept switching between Mike's face and the big dick in front of him. A part of him wanted it... but he had to resist! He couldn't do this! The other man just rolled his eyes and sighed. "Okay, fine... I know what you really want." Mike tensed his body and started to grunt while Kyle just watched in confusion. The youngest Harding's eyes widened in shock when a tuft of brown hair began pushing its way out of Mike's chest. Slowly, Brad's head resurfaced until it hung limply just below Mike's. He locked eyes with Kyle and gave him a mirthful grin. Mike gripped Brad's head between his hands and lifted it up, pressing his face into the back of the other man's head. Kyle watched in horrified fascination as Mike drew the older Harding's face up around his, wearing him like a mask. Moments later, Brad's head was back on his shoulders, his eyes closed with a peaceful expression on his face. Kyle stared. "B-Brad?" he whispered, afraid to break the illusion. The older man jolted awake before turning to the youngest Harding. He smiled gently. It was Brad's smile. But Kyle's faint spark of hope was quickly snuffed out when Brad's kind smile quickly morphed into Mike's cruel smirk. "Is this what you wanted?" he taunted, using Brad’s voice. He stroked his stubbled chin appreciatively. "I'm back, little bro." Kyle gasped as a surge of heat made its way through his body. It was Brad's face, his voice, his body, his expressions... but Mike was completely in control. Kyle felt his resolve start to crumble. 'Brad' spread his arms wide. "C'mere, bro. Give your big brother a hug!" he invited. Almost robotically, Kyle stood and fell into his older brother's welcoming arms. 'Brad' wrapped his muscular arms around Kyle, pulling him into a familiar embrace. Kyle took a moment to relish it, returning the hug and allowing the imposter to fool him for just a bit. The moment was soon shattered by familiar hands roving his body in distinctly unfamiliar and un-familial ways. "Mmm..." Kyle shuddered as a deep voice whispered into his ear. "You know what big bro needs?" Strong hands forced Kyle back to his knees and gripped the back of his head, bringing his face to 'Brad' hard cock. He stared at colossal member, its thick, heady musk filling his senses. "Big bro needs a blowjob from his favorite little brother..." 'Brad' cooed, "C'mon, taste it. You know you want it..." Slowly, Kyle felt his mouth open wide and engulfed 'Brad's' throbbing shaft. "Mmm... fuck!" the bigger man moaned as Kyle swallowed inch after inch of his dick. Inwardly, Mike marveled at how much more sensitive Brad's cock was compared to his original one. 'Brad' leaned back on the bed as he watched Kyle bob up and down on his cock, taking it surprisingly deeper and deeper into his throat. "Hmm..." he moaned, gently rubbing the back of Kyle's head, "Someone's been keeping secrets from big bro, huh?" 'Brad' laughed when Kyle stared up at him with wide eyes and a mouthful of hard dick. "Oh yeah!" he grunted, "Suck the cock of the big brother you love so much!" He pressed Kyle's head down, forcing more of his cock into that tight throat. "Yeah! Deep throat this huge cock!" 'Brad' growled. "Take it all in!" "Nnngh..." Kyle groaned as he sucked harder, his lips stretched around his brother's big cock. 'Brad' felt his balls start to churn, the sensation of his new body edging closer and closer was incredible. "Fuck! This body feels so good!" 'Brad' exclaimed, "I'm gonna come!" With a deep growl, he erupted in Kyle's mouth. 'Brad' shot his load deep in the smaller man's throat, bucking his hips up as he forced Kyle down his shaft to the root. The other boy choked as he found his face buried in thick pubes. The intoxicating smell made him quickly cum in his pants as shot after shot of 'Brad's' creamy seed made its way down his throat. "Ahhh! Fuuuck!" 'Brad' grunted as Kyle swallowed the last few drops of cum. Eventually, the cock in his throat softened and Kyle was able to slide off, the huge member leaving his mouth with a loud pop. 'Brad' sighed and relaxed back onto the bed before pinning Kyle with a glare. "Now get out! I want some time to myself, so I can explore this awesome body your big brother so generously donated to me." Mike commanded with a smirk, dropping all pretenses of role play. Kyle's eyes widened as he scrambled backwards, red-faced. "Uh... okay..." he said, wiping a smear of cum from the side of his mouth. Mike watched with amusement as the smaller boy left, closing the door behind him. That 'big brother' role play thing was actually pretty hot, he'd have to try that again sometime in the future. He stood and stretched lazily, before striding over to the mirror to take a closer look at his new body. Peering closely into the mirror, Mike rubbed a hand over the stubble on his strong, square jaw and poked at his large nose. "Hmm... pretty good, I guess." he said after a moment of consideration. Brad's face was really masculine, and his dark blue eyes weren't bad to look at. Bringing his hands to the side of his face, Mike pulled forward until tufts of black hair sprouted from the back of his head. Slowly, Mike pulled his head free until once again Brad's face hung beneath him like an empty shell. Quickly tucking Brad's head back into his chest, Mike re-examined himself in the mirror and grinned. "Much better!" he chuckled as he took in his familiar bright green eyes, high cheekbones, and five o' clock shadow. Mike had always been quite proud of his looks, but now that his pretty-boy face was atop Brad's incredible body... "Fuck..." he moaned, "I'm perfect..." Taking a step back, Mike ran a hand over his massive chest, feeling up towards his wide shoulders and around his thick traps. His other hand traced down his lats to his thin waist, before moving inward to rest at his core. "Unf! Look how ripped this body is!" he marveled. He slammed a fist into his abdomen, testing the solid rack of muscle. Drawing upon Brad's memories, he tried a few poses, admiring the view of his muscles from all angles. Mike turned to the side to check out his assets. He gave the impressive mounds of muscle a smack, chuckling in satisfaction. "Damn... bro got booty!" Mike mused, "Nice." He smirked cockily into the mirror. "Thanks for the great body, Brad. I'll make sure to put it to good use." The next morning, Kyle and his dad were having breakfast at the dining table when Mike finally made an appearance downstairs. Both father and son froze as they took in the young man's new appearance. Kyle swallowed hard. Mike was dressed in a familiar grey muscle tee, the same one Brad had worn the day he left for competition. It looked great on Mike's new body, stretching tight around his arms and chest, accentuating his muscular torso. The young blond cursed the traitorous dick hardening in his pants. "Hey, boys" Mike greeted casually as he walked into the kitchen and took a seat at the table. He grabbed a plate and piled on some bacon and eggs. "Good morning." Mr. Harding gaped at Mike. "W-what the...? What happened to you?" he asked bewilderedly. Mike just shrugged. "I just took Brad's body for myself, that's all." Jake's eyes narrowed as he studied the younger man. "What do you mean, 'took his body'? What are you saying?" "I mean that your son sacrificed himself so I could have this amazing body of his. You don't mind, right?" Mike responded with a smirk. The older Harding wavered as Mike's voice washed over him. "O-of course not." he mumbled. "You deserve that body more than Brad did..." Mike nodded and smiled smugly. "Well, good, because it's mine now." he declared. "And... I'm gonna fuck you with this huge cock tonight, so be prepared." Mike purred, his voice dark with promise. He spread his muscled legs and patted the straining bulge in his shorts. Jake gulped nervously, but couldn't deny the other man's words. "Uh... sure..." he said weakly. Mike turned to Kyle, who gulped at the sudden scrutiny. "And, as for you, Kyle..." he began while pouring himself some orange juice, "If you're good, I might be willing to let 'big bro' take care of you, every now and then." Mike flexed an arm for effect. Kyle shuddered, but couldn't help but nod as a blush spread across his face. "Ugh... f-fine..." he stammered, looking away. Mike grinned as he dug into his breakfast with new vigor. It was gonna take a lot to fuel this new body of his. As everyone settled down to eat their breakfast, Mike couldn’t help the self-satisfied smirk the found its way onto his face. He could hardly believe it. He managed to get Brad's hot bod AND a sexy DILF to fuck. Even better, he finally found a way to control the one guy who was seemingly immune to the power of his voice! Life was great for Mike Hayes, and it was only going to get better from here on out.
  11. PowerFibres

    The New 2022 Agenda

    I remember the new laws as if they were yesterday, even now it still feels like some strange dream. The time was 23:59, 31st December 2021; me and my friends gathered around the television to watch the fireworks and celebrations while we had some celebrations of our own. All of us were gorging on whatever readymade stuff we could find at the store, and most of us had got drunk as lords off the wine. I'd been trying to eat and drink away my troubles and loneliness as I shoveled food into my already huge gut and my head swirled from the alcohol. Eventually, someone yelled that it was almost midnight, and our attention was gripped by the screen. We did the countdown. "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Happy New Year." Someone popped a cork, a couple of people got a drunken chorus of Auld Lang Syne going, and it was pretty much a regular old New Years party. This went on until the fireworks stopped, and the screen faded to black. I noticed the change first, as I was hardly in the mood for celebrating, and I pointed it out to the room when "BREAKING NEWS" came on the screen. The room almost instantly fell to silence, until a voice spoke. "This is a breaking news bulletin concerning a government announcement, please stand by for more information" I'd heard about this supposed government announcement, but thought nothing of it as nobody seemed to have any idea what it could be about. There were rumours it concerned those big buildings that the government were buying up, and working on away from the public eye. We didn't have to wait long to find out, as the screen changed to an empty podium with a flag behind it. After a moment, a man walked onto screen and behind the podium. Even in the suit he wore, you could tell from the way his body filled it out that he was no stranger to the gym; his shaved head and no-nonsense expression told us all that he was the sort of guy who didn't tolerate much bullshit. "Good evening, or rather good morning everyone, we hope that your new year's has been pleasant, and wish you luck in the coming year. This message concerns new policy that has come into effect, as of midnight, 1st January 2022." Everyone began to share nervous glances, racking our brains to think of what this could possibly be about. "A new report from the department of health has revealed damning information about the obesity crisis and a lack of physical education. Our health system has been strained to breaking point by these issues, and it is in the interests of the country to use drastic measures in order to prevent catastrophe. As of today, state-sanctioned gyms will be opening across the country, half for men and half for women. Information obtained from the department of health has allowed us to form a list of those at serious risk of health impacts from unhealthy lifestyles, 70% of the population is on this list. Those on this list will be sent more information about the gyms they have been assigned to, the exercises they are supposed to follow, the times in which they are supposed to attend, and other details. Thank you listening to this broadcast." And with that, the bulletin ended, and we were all left sitting in shock. We could barely form our suprise into words as we talking (or rather shouted) amongst ourselves about this decision. There were some who supported this decision, and others who were outraged at the news, but it was undeniable that most of us would be heading for a world of change. While the next few days offered reprieve as the information was handed out to every person, I soon found myself with a government booklet in my hand. It had two options, either cardio, weightlifting, or a combination of the two. While I was unfamiliar with a lot of the terminology of the weightlifting section, the cardio section made me tired just looking at it. I also received information concerning the gym I was supposed to attend, and the regulations on the gym clothes that were to be worn at this gym. And if I thought I could just use my burnt calories to eat more, the booklet detailed mandatory health inspections that would be happening to ensure that progress was being made. The next day, my programme began. I turned up at the gym at the allocated window of time. The building was huge, and had a sign above that read "Department of Health State Gym, No. 368, Male", men of different shapes and sizes, but none of this skinny, were walking in. There was a constant stream of guys coming in and out, with the ones coming in looking nervous, and ones coming out looking sweaty and exhausted. The entire place was overseen by guys who were clearly ex-army, who now worked for a different branch, with their maroon uniforms and either ripped or athletic physiques. I walked up to the next free desk, with one of the assistants behind it. "Hello sir, name please." "Julian Overton" "I see you here on the list, Mr Overton. Are you here for the cardio programme, the weightlifting programme, or the mixed programme." "Mixed please." I'd chosen mixed as I knew running and other cardio, but hoped the weightlifting could give me some time to breath between. "Very well, that is in the system now. Do you have the recommended clothes for your session today." "Yes." "Excellent, here is your programme" he handed me a table of the activities "and if you'd like to proceed into the changing room over there, put on your exercising clothes, and begin." I did as the man said, and went into the changing room, only to be met by quite a sight. The men who were changing with me were all of considerable size; giant guts, flabby arms, clearly very little physical exercise, and when I looked down at my own body, I saw the exact same thing. As I watched some of the older men with my physique struggle to change their clothes before even beginning to exercise, I realised the reasons behind this new law. As I made my way to the main area, I noticed a man walking in the same direction who had clearly not changed clothes, and was stopped by the guard who was watching people as they came in. "Stop!" I nearly fainted when I thought he was talking to me, but he was addressing the other man. "Those clothes are not appropriate for the gym, and are in violation of the rules." "Oh, I'm sorry. I promise I'll remember some tomorrow, I was just in a rush-" the guard cut him off. "Violations of the clothing rules will not make anyone exempt from their sessions. Please remove the offending items." The man, clearly surprised but with no other option, took off his clothes until he was just stood in his underwear. He was expecting to receive something else to wear, but the guard simply stood to allow him to pass, expecting him to begin his programme. I tried to put the exchange out of my mind as I got started for the first time, and trying not to stare at the other guys in their underwear who had clearly tried to fiendishly break the system. The cardio was brutal, and the weightlifting was hell, but when I left a feeling that I'd never felt before. That one workout hadn't changed much, but the feeling of physical accomplishment was making me feel inches taller and miles more confident. When the next day came, and I was expected at the gym again, I didn't come in with half of the nervousness that I had before. I blasted through my programme a second time, far easier than I had the first. This continued again and again and again, until strolling into the gym was just another part of the day. My eating habits also changed. The junk food felt like poison to me now, as I started to learn the horrors of what I'd been putting into my body. It was one thing when I was a fat tub, but now I had goals to work towards. Now the only things I could eat was vegetables, fruits, and whatever protein sources wouldn't pack on the pounds. As expected, my body began to rapidly change. My giant gut and man tits melted like ice in heat, and soon I was seeing the outlines of muscle poke through the flab. I was waking up with more energy, simple tasks like climbing stairs were now a breeze, and mentally I felt like someone had come in with a cloth and wiped my issues away. Pretty soon, I was itching to go back to the gym, and I was striking up conversations with the assistants there. Eventually, I got talking with an assistant named Eric. He was a beautiful, 6'4 ex-navy guy who had got into bodybuilding to fill the hole in his life left by the navy, and boy did it show. The first thing I noticed about him were his arms, which were mostly uncovered by the uniforms, revealing two colossal mountains of bicep standing high about a thick river of tricep that ran underneath. I also loved his forearms which he left hairy and were covered with striations. We really hit it off, his interests being just as nerdy as mine, and we quickly became friends. I noticed from day one how he was making a peak form in my gym shorts, and how much I loved seeing him running his fingers through his hair as his biceps raised, but I shelved those feelings in fear of jeopardising the friendship. As we both clearly were gym bros, I asked if Eric if he wanted to work out with me. He seemed enthused, but revealed he worked out at another gym that wasn't government sanctioned, and far more centred around weightlifting. I was nervous to go into unfamiliar territory, but as I'd done it before, I agreed agreed. We met up at Eric's gym, his face seeming to light up when he saw me arrive. We went into the changing area, and began talking. As I opened my gym bag, Eric whipped off his shirt, and I saw what was really underneath. His body looked like it was carved out of marble, his shoulders wide enough to carry two other men on them, his pecs like two metal trophies of his physical accomplishment, his back like a winding map of muscle. When he slid off his trousers, I marveled at his trunk legs with lines that marked out each meticulously cared for muscle. I watched as he slid on his gym shorts and shoes, but just as I expected him to pull out a gym shirt, he began loading his stuff into one of the lockers. When I pulled out a gym shirt of my own and put it over my head, he whispered. "Hey, if you want to wear a shirt, that's cool, but most people just choose to let it hang out. It really helps with getting in touch with your body." Against all other expectations, I decided to leave my shirt in the locker. As Eric had described, the gym was wall-to-wall weight lifting equipment, and the cardio machines I used at the other place were gone. I had no choice but to really get stuck into the weight, but I found myself enjoying it. Eric could clearly see the enjoyment on my face, and when we're walking towards the exit, he said "I can see you enjoyed it dude, and I'm glad. I think you'd look hot with some muscle on your bones." "Thanks. It's cool that you can say that about other guys." "Well, maybe it's weird for straight guys, but for guys like me usually don't have a problem." "Wait a minute, are you gay?" "Yeah dude, couldn't you tell." "Fuck no. Clearly us gay guys don't have the gaydars we think we do." "Hold on, you're gay too?" "Ha, if that doesn't just prove my point." Well, as much as we didn't want to jinxe it too early, we knew that this would be the beginning of something else in our relationship. I saw him in a new light, and even more irresistible than I did before. One day, as we were on the bench press station, Eric went for his PR. Just before he did, I learnt over and whispered in his ear. "If you do this, I'll make out with you in the gym restroom. Do you want it?" Eric didn't say a word, just grabbed the bar with his powerful arms, brought it to his chest, and thrust it into the air. In minutes we were rubbing our shirtless bodies against each other, locking lips as we felt each other's abs. Later that month, when I was on the squat station, about to attempt my PR, he leant over and whispered in my ear. "If you do this, I'll fuck your brains out in my bed. Do you want it?" I didn't say a word, just grabbed the bar, slowly dropped down, and back up again. An hour later, we had burst into his apartment, barely able to keep our hands off each other, before he had his dick deep inside me. It was so hot looking in the mirror and seeing two muscled masculine bodies engaged in this erotic act. Eric got me more and more obsessed with bodybuilding, until eventually I was starting to catch up to him, which only made our bedroom activities better. We went on dates where we ordered piles and piles of protein, we would drink our shakes while watching a film and cuddled, all the while he stayed my favourite gym spotter in the world. It was no time at all before we were just two muscle guys, madly in love. One day, my beautiful boy rushed home to tell me that there was a vacancy at the state gym for an assistant. I thought they would never pick me, and there'd just be someone else better, but as I looked at myself in the mirror. However, when I looked in the mirror, a fully formed bodybuilder looked back at me, so I applied. It was tough, there were other candidates of around size there, but the physical exam showed that I was the right man for the job. Soon, me and Eric were working together in our maroon uniforms, helping others achieve their potentials, and I couldn't be happier. Months, even years passed, and we moved in together. Then, when our three year anniversary came around, I took my man on a long hike up to the top of a hill. When we got to the end, our chests uncovered and gleaming with sweat, I got on one knee, buried my face in his six pack, and asked him to marry me. He of course said yes. The night after our wedding day, I got to make a protein-rich breakfast for me and my sleeping groom. When I picked up a letter that had just arrived, I chuckled to myself. It was a questionnaire asking for my opinion on the physical fitness laws. Well because of them I was in the best shape of my life, my mind was clean as a whistle, and most importantly, I'd met the man on my dreams. So I said I was very happy with these government policies, very happy indeed.
  12. Here's part 1 of a 3-part story. If you enjoy it, please consider subscribing to my GrowManGrow Patreon page for more like it: https://www.patreon.com/growmangrow It was 2:00pm on Christmas Day. The decorations were all out, the tree was up, and Alexa was playing a steady stream of holiday songs. Hale Hardy sighed, knowing what was about to happen. Any minute now, his relatives would be arriving at his parent’s house, where he was currently living since he couldn’t yet afford a place of his own. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and even some family friends would be showing up for the annual Christmas dinner. The sigh wasn’t for most of them…Hale did enjoy being around his extended family, as they were generally kind and loving and supportive. The sigh was just for one: his cousin Kirk. Hale actually had quite a few cousins, but most were still children ranging from ages 1 to 7 (thanks to his dad being much older than all of his siblings). But he did have one on his mother’s side who was the same age as him, 25, and that was the aforementioned Kirk. They had been close as kids, both had gone to the same high school, and they both came out when they were 18. But during college Kirk had gotten heavy into rugby and lifting weights, and Hale preferred more sedentary activities like reading and video games. They spent less time together, and more importantly, stopped looking so similar. Hale and Kirk still both had brown hair and brown eyes and were 6 feet tall, but Kirk turned into a 220-pound jock and Hale grew into into a 240-pound pear-shaped blob. His job as a McDonald’s Assistant Manager didn’t help…all those burgers ended up right on his belly and ass. Even worse, egged on by his always-trying-to-be-macho teammates, Kirk had turned into a real jerk. He liked to make fun on anyone who didn’t conform to his version of masculinity, and Hale became an easy target. Anytime they were together at family functions, the fat cousin could count on some form of verbal torture from the fit cousin. And today was going to be one of those days, which is why Hale sighed. Soon, the relatives began arriving, and there were lots of friendly hellos, kisses, and hugs all around. Kirk showed up at 2:15 in his typical outfit – tank top and midthigh shorts that showed off his muscular physique – which was possible at Christmastime in always-warm Los Angeles, and eventually made his way over to his favorite target. “Hey, if it isn’t Fail Farty. How they hangin’, bud?” Kirk asked as he nut-tapped Hale. Hale had been standing by the snack table and was about to stuff a handful of cookies into his mouth when Kirk showed up. He attempted to back up to avoid the blow, but ended up tripping on the table leg, dropping the cookies, and falling to the floor. This got a huge laugh from Kirk, of course, who pretended that he was not the cause of the misfortune. “You gotta be more careful, Fail. You might cause an earthquake when that giant butt of yours hits the ground.” He wanted to respond with an insult, but Hale couldn’t think of one as he stared up at his very fit and very tan cousin, so he just played along as usual. “You’re right, Kirk.” “I always am,” Kirk responded with a smile, not bothering to help Hale up. He then pointed to the broken cookies on the floor with his left hand and pulled up the bottom of his tank top with his right hand to reveal his shredded abs. “You know, if you keep eatin’ all the shit, you’re just gonna keep getting fatter. You’ll never have abs like these.” Hale wished it had been colder and he could have worn a sweater to cover up, but the 90-degree weather had forced him to wear a t-shirt to keep from sweating all day. Unfortunately, the shirt he had picked was a little too small (it had fit until he gained so much weight recently), and the outline of his pudgy belly and saggy pecs were quite evident, especially once they started quivering as he stood up. “Maybe that’s not important to me, Kirk. Maybe I don’t want a perfect body.” “Bullshit, man,” said Kirk, now flexing his softball-sized biceps right in front of his cousin’s chubby face. “Every guy wants a body like mine. Men crave big muscles. Especially gay men. We want them more than anything. It’s in our DNA. I know you secretly envy me, Fail, just like every other fatty and wimp around. Can you honestly say you would rather look like you instead of me?” “Um, I guess not.” It was true; Hale would have given anything at that moment to look as good as his cousin. Even though he was rotten on the inside, Kirk’s outside positively glowed with its perfectly sculpted muscles. “Exactly. This body has gotten me everything I need…a great job, great friends, and sex with 5 different studs this week. How many times has your fat ass scored lately?” asked Kirk. Hale hung his head. “Well…not at all.” Kirk laughed and pulled up the bottom of Hale’s shirt, just as he did his own a few moments earlier, and grabbed a handful of the jiggly flab resting there. “It’s probably because the guys can’t find your cock under all this lard.” Thankfully, Kirk didn’t wait around any longer, as he got pulled into a conversation with another set of relatives. Hale, frustrated at not knowing how to stand up to his cousin (or not having the guts to just do so), decided he was going to head outside away from everyone for some alone time. He grabbed two more cookies from the table, waddled to the front door, and opened it, only to find his neighbor, Don, standing on the porch. “Um, hi. Merry Christmas, Don. Is our party bothering you?” “Merry Christmas, Hale, and no, you’re not bothering us. The reason I came over here is because I found this strange object out on the sidewalk, and I thought it might be yours. Or one of your relatives.” Don showed Hale the item he had found. It looked like a small thin vase, was jade in color, and although it appeared like it might be delicate, it was rather rigid and sturdy when held. The top (or perhaps the bottom) was bejeweled and button-shaped, and although it looked like a lid or a stopper, Don said had been unable to remove it to open the item. "Curious little thing, ain't it?" asked Don. "Do you know what it is?" Hale looked over the vase-like object and shook his head. "No, I have seen it before. But I’ll ask around to see if it belongs to one of my family members.” Don thanked Hale, and then headed back home. Hale went back inside and was going to start asking everyone, but he saw Kirk again and went to his room for a while instead. He set the object down on his bed and soon forgot about it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thankfully, the family get-together ended a few hours later and Hale managed to avoid Kirk the rest of the time. He helped his parents to clean up the house, and then retreated back to his bedroom. He didn’t see the vase he had put on the bed earlier, and when he flopped down from exhaustion, it was crushed under the weight of his belly. “Fuck,” Hale said as he remembered the vase. He rolled over to see it was broken in several pieces and emitting a wisp of smoke. The smoke swirled up into the air, hovered over the bed for a few seconds, and then formed an image of a powerful-looking man…not solid, more like a reflection. Hale heard a voice say, "Thank you for releasing me. What is your command?" He wasn't sure how to respond, so he just stared at the man in the image for about 10 seconds before saying anything. "Um, are you asking if I want to make a wish?" "No, I do not have exactly that kind of power. My command must take the form of a curse, not a wish. Tell me who you would like to curse, and to which type of curse you would like to subject them." Hale was very confused, thinking it might be some sort of weird prank he had stumbled into. "Um, that's OK, I don't need to curse anybody today, mister." Suddenly, Hale began to feel pain throbbing across his chest and radiating into his flabby arms. "Silly mortal," said the image. "You either must curse someone right now, or you will suffer the consequences." "Consequences?" asked Hale, as his whole body started to shake. "Like this pain?" The man shook his head. "Much worse." Hale was trying to think of what to say when he heard recalled what Kirk had said to him earlier in the day: “Men crave big muscles. Especially gay men. We want them more than anything.” The pain began to grow inside of Hale and the shaking became much worse, as if he was being torn apart from the inside. He then spoke to the mysterious image, "OK, I curse Kirk...and I want to always be more muscular and stronger than him, no matter how big he gets." The apparition nodded. "So you have spoken, so it shall be done!" And then, just as quickly as he appeared, the mysterious man dissolved back into a few wisps of smoke, and then floated away Hale sat on his bed stunned, wondering what would happen next.
  13. It had been a very hectic day, but it was soon coming to a close. Moving from the university town where my lab was located to a big city, doing the paperwork, getting everything in the building, more paperwork, directing the movers, more paperwork, worrying about the opening day, and finalising the paperwork. But, the last piece of equipment (a rack of dumbbells, in cast you were wondering) had been hauled up the stairs, and the last document had been signed. The people who worked on this collaborative effort all left, leaving me alone with my brand new gym. I’d been laughing to myself all day when the movers stopped to comment on my business model. “This place seems a bit remote, I wouldn’t know where to find it.” “Are you advertising this place?” “Maybe I’ll get a membership, my misses thinks I’m packing in the pounds” Oh how innocent they were, none of them new the extent of my true intentions with this place, but that was kind of the idea. They were correct that there was no sign outside of advertising that told a soul that this place was a gym, or any way that the average Joe off the street could discover it, but that was the general idea. I walked through the gym area, marvelling at the amount of weightlifting stations I’d managed to pack into such a small space, and the array of weights that accompanied them. I peeped inside the men’s changing room, and fantasised about the men who would soon fill it. I also peeped into the women’s changing room, but only for a quick chuckle to myself. The only other place was the reception area and my cramped office in the back, where I had already set up my device. It stood proud in the middle of the room and looked like something right out of the future, which in a way it was. I checked the message I’d already coded, and sure enough it was ready. “If you want to be big, to be powerful, want muscle, and love muscle, come closer, come to the fourth floor.” I turned the device to its most powerful setting, and waited for my first client. In fact, my first client would walk down the street that day. I’d conveniently placed my gym near the local gay bars and the general gay scene, so it was only a matter of time before someone to my liking would stroll past. Samuel was on his way to drink away his sorrow at his local place, and maybe shack up with someone. His job was a miserable slog through hours of bullshit that he only had the slightest grasp on, and the rest of his life was suffering. His mid section looked as if it has been inflated by a bicycle pump, and he began to get out of breath just walking to the nearest fast food restaurant, which was a trip he often made. While there were guys willing to get with someone of his disappointing build, few were the guys he dreamt of, the muscle guys. They were all interested in others like them, the ones who looked like they lived in the gym; but Samuel wanted to be like them, and to have them. As he walked from his work, still dressed in the suit that barely contained his swinging belly, he started to feel strange, but in a good way. His cluttered mind cleared of all the bad things rattling around, and he felt both a sense of calm, as well as a magnetic pull towards the building to his right. He wasn’t sure why, but he’d never seen what was up there, and needed to find out. He heaved himself up the stairs, stopping at the forth floor, and pushed against the unmarked door into whatever was behind it. When he came barrelling through the door, I was stood there waiting for him. Seconds before he entered, I’d switched to the second message on the device, knowing the first had done its job. “You want to be big, you want muscle. This gym is doing it. Don’t question, just lift, eat right, and lift.” He looked around, a little confused, and finding no other source of information, approached my desk. “He-hello, um, I know this is a strange question, but what is this place, I’ve never noticed it before?” “It’s a gym, Mr...” “Sam. Well that’s my first name.” “Nice to meet you Sam. We’ve just opened this morning, and you’re the first to come through our door. If you’d like to look over our membership options, I’d be happy to make you our first client.” “Oh I see, well it sounds great.” Brilliant, the second message was taking hold. This guy looked like he’d barely walked into a gym in his life, yet he was already signing on. He looked over the memberships, but I could tell he’d already made up his mind. He bought a month’s membership, and left, promising to come tomorrow morning. I didn’t need a promise, I knew he would. When I opened up the place the next day, it was scarcely twenty minutes before Sam came through the door. He was clearly nervous, but had a gym bag over his shoulder. He said hello to me, and went into the changing room. The walls were covered with pictures of muscled bodybuilders, and even a couple of morphed ones beyond human potential. They all turned Sam on, but he thought better than trying to jerk off there. He began to pull a shirt out of his gym bag, but saw a sign displayed prominently on the wall. “For hygiene purposes, we ask all our male clients to exercise without upper-body clothing.” Sam slid the shirt back, and left the room with the air on his bare chest. When he walked into the gym area, I’d already switched to the third message that provided instructions on how to perform the main lifts. I watched him like a hawk as he flawlessly performed a bench press set, then another, and another, and another. He moved on to another exercise, and another, and another, and another. Soon multiple hours had passed; sweat was running down Sam’s uncovered upper body, but he was still desperate to keep going. As the months passed, Sam became morphed into the very definition of a “gym bro”. He was eating like a train, but if was all beans, lentils, of whatever protein he could get his hands on. The idea of eating fast food seemed like swallowing a live rat, and his belly soon vanished until he had a slight gut protruding. Despite his rapid weight loss, the muscle mass kept on coming. I was shocked at his increasing size that didn’t seem to have an end; the weights he put on the bar climbed higher and higher. Also, he always had a story of the latest guy he’d taken to bed, often with pictures of guys with bulging muscles to accompany them. One day, I saw the true change in him. His shoulders looked like they’d almost doubled in width thanks to the many exercises and the lack of fat below them, and the seemed to crown the pecs that had began to form a gorgeous shelf above the last whimpers of a gut (which I knew had chiseled and beneath). I don’t know what about that day had told me that the experiment was a success, but my pilot trial had gone without a hitch, and it was time to expand the operation. “Sam, can I ask you something?” “Go ahead dude.” Sam replied, his voice seeming much deeper than when we met, possibly from some bodily change, or his new confidence. “You involve yourself with a lot of guys who are into fitness. I don’t want to put you on the spot, but it would be great if we could drum up some business around here.” “Sure thing bro. I’ve got guys that would put my progress to shame, and they’re constantly looking for a place with a lot of lifters.” He was nice to consider my request so thoughtfully, but the machine was giving him another message. “Get ones like you used to be. Convert the hopeless. Make them into gay adonises like you.” And he did. Soon, a guy called Blake was walking sheepishly up my steps. His thin physique was a product of years of neglect, and it was thanks to his dislike of food that he wasn’t as fat as a planet. But the messages guided him along, and he soon found himself shirtless and heaving weights in my place. Then another called Peter, who was too nervous to step foot in a gym, but laughed along with his bros and flexed for them after some conditioning. Then Bertrand, and Viraj, and Michael, and Paul, and Rohaan, and Julien, and another Michael, and so on. Soon, my gym was stocked full of beautiful adonises. They were all as shirtless as swimmers, showing their chiseled bodies on display, and I suspect I didn’t need the rule to get them to do it. Their shoulders were so broad they could barely walk around the place without bumping into the others, their pecs were striking and big enough to bounce with considerable force (which they loved to do), their arms showed mountains of muscle that rose into beautiful peaks when they checked their progress in front of the mirror, their legs forced them to waddle and their asses strained the largest jeans. In total, they were perfect. But the best part was the lust for each other that they soon discovered. I’d morphed their interests had always been towards the muscular, but I’d changed them to accept the biggest guys, and accept little less. This, combined with their rising testosterone, meant they could barely perform a session without slinking off to the back. They hammered away at each other which such ferocity, and I loved it when it became a battle of strength for who could take the most. They wouldn’t give two shits when I’d sit in on their sessions, and watched their muscles collide and stick together from the beads of sweat that rolled down the many crevices of their new bodies. My experiment had worked better than I could have ever expected, but I wanted more. The device could be scaled up, and so could the results of my clients. Of course, their progress was less than natural, a fact they would of learnt if they’d only stopped to consider why the liquid in the water cooler seemed to have such an odd taste, not that they would question it. This was only the beginning.
  14. Part 1 – The High School Hero Chapter 1 I’ve never embraced the spotlight. I’ve had many chances at having the center of attention all to myself, but that’s not who I am as a person. I like to be just on the outskirts of the spotlight—close enough that I can feel its warmth and people can see me, but not so close that it blinds me. If I wanted to be magnificently famous, it would have happened. I had many opportunities. Instead, though, I stayed on those outskirts. My life has changed drastically depending on whose outskirts I was staying on. The high school hero, the college con-artist, the West California wild card, the Hollywood hunk—they each changed me in very different ways. But I don’t want to tell my whole life story—every grocery trip, every load of laundry, every DMV line. I do want to give the highlights, though. Because, oh, have I had some highlights. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. I guess I should really start by explaining my nickname. My name is Gerald P. Vaughn, but it’s my most intimate nickname that really matters. I’ve had many casual nicknames throughout my life, but only a select few have ever called me The Repository. My high school boyfriend gave that particular nickname to me. I didn’t know then why Gregg picked me. He was the hunky hero of the football team. I was the editor of yearbook who spent my weekends writing fan-fic of Spider-man and The Hunger Games. He had firm, taut muscles and dazzlingly blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. I had a somewhat slight frame, and mud-brown hair and eyes. He was well over six feet tall. I was a slightly more than average 6’, my only really distinguishing feature being my height. He came from money and was super popular. I worked at a deli part time to help the family expenses and had a small but tight-knit circle of friends. Gregg and I only met because we had the same AP English class. I’d noticed him freshman year, but I don’t think he even knew my name until we had that English class together. At our little high school in Illinois, any student taking an AP class senior year had to take a special one-day seminar at the end of their junior years to give us our summer assignments so we could hit the ground running come September. That’s where Gregg and I officially met. He asked me out, and we dated in secret all summer. He was still closeted, so we couldn’t date openly, but I was still a teenager—so I didn’t really care. I liked having him as my secret. We would spend muggy summer afternoons in my attic bedroom in each other’s embrace. We didn’t do a lot of talking, but we spent a lot of time together. I couldn’t get enough of his athletic torso and pert pecs. He couldn’t get enough of my kisses. Gregg told me I was an amazing kisser. He wouldn’t be the last. A few months into our relationship, a week after my 18th birthday, we finally decided it was time to go beyond the heavy petting and hand jobs and try some serious sex. After the dance of condoms and lube, Gregg prepared to top me. He pounded me dutifully with his girthy 5 inches, but lasted all of two minutes. Apparently, Mr. Football Hotshot was a virgin before he started dating me. He’d had girlfriends, he'd told me, but I guess none of those girls had gotten as far with him as I had. I wasn’t going to hold it against him; I was a virgin before I started dating him too. When he finished, he told me it was my turn. My head was so filled with stereotypes about gay sex and who tops who that I actually didn’t expect he’d give me a turn topping, and I was so excited to try. I put the condom on my eager (and perfectly average) 6 inch dick, and I began working myself into him. I wanted to fuck him hard and good, but given the disparity in our bodies, I didn’t think I could. Then, instinctively, it occurred to me. “Lend me ten pounds,” I said. “What?” he asked in a fog of sex and confusion. “Lend me ten pounds of muscle,” I repeated, adding, “Please.” Perhaps thinking it was some kind of role play, he meekly said, “Okay. You can borrow ten pounds of muscle.” As soon as he said it, his muscles diminished a little. He was still firm and big, but nowhere near as big as he had just been. At the same time, I felt my body become more solid, stronger, taking up more space. My flat chest blossomed a little, my arms thickened, my abs tightened, my ass firmed. His ten pounds were in my body, and I used them to start fucking him harder and more thoroughly. Gregg looked at our bodies, and a look of joy spread over his face as I picked up the pace of my fucking. “You can borrow another ten, as long as you fuck me senseless,” he said, giving into the passion. Ten more pounds melted off his physique. He still looked fit and healthy with a trim midsection, but he looked more like an up-and-coming football player rather than a football star. I, meanwhile, now looked like I’d been working out for years, building my body up to teenaged muscular perfection. My chest was thick and proud, my arms were strong and solid, and my ass flexed into round relief as I plowed Gregg thoroughly. He came for the second time before I came once. But when I did climax, the might I had in my borrowed muscles flexed and tensed, drawing up close to the surface. Looking down at my reduced boyfriend, my body was thicker and meatier than his, a realization that spurred my orgasm to greater heights. I pulled out and rolled over so we could spoon, and as soon as he had his arms around me, I said, “Okay. You can have them back now.” When I said it, my form returned to its normal state, and the arms around me grew strong and burly, Gregg’s arms as I had come to know them.
  15. Amul

    Making a Muscle Cow 1 and 2

    This story was previously posted on a different site. I consider the first two parts to contain a complete story, albeit a story which is open for future chapters. This story is both gay and kinky, if the tags didn't already indicate. So no unpleasant surprises, I hope. Just good ones. I would love to hear feedback about what worked, didn't work, and what can be improved for future chapters. I have received many wonderful suggestions for things to include in future chapters, but these types of suggestions are also appreciated. Part 1: Muscle Cop at the Doctor’s Office Officer Cody O’Connor inhaled sharply as he entered the station through the staff entrance; the rich musky smell coming out of the locker room as he passed by it always gave him a little jolt to start the day. He didn’t think anything was off about that, of course he’d heard the phrase “stinks like a locker room” all his life but to him, locker rooms stank in a good way and many of his best memories revolved around activities that started and ended in them. Before he’d joined the police force that had always been sports and later the gym, and these days it was the gym and work. O’Connor was certainly no stranger to the gym; he prided himself on being the biggest man in the station house. It seemed like he was gaining some competition now though. He appraised officers Thompson and Kowalski as he passed by the break room on his way to the patrol room. Both men seemed to have blown up in recent weeks, with large chests straining their patrol uniforms. He gave them a friendly nod as he passed. Thompson nodded back curtly, his eyes expressionless. Kowalski didn’t react to him at all. The interaction felt odd, sending a little chill down O’Connor’s spine. He quickly shook the sensation off and gave himself a last minute once over before heading into the patrol room. His dark blue uniform shirt stretched across his meaty chest “need to work on my pecs though” O’Connor said to himself, an image of Thompson and Kowalski’s prominent pectorals immediately intruding into his self-reflection. Massive arms dusted with blonde hair completely filled out the short sleeves, he lifted an arm to check his flexed bicep “thank God for stretch fabric” he joked quietly before continuing downwards. His trousers clung to his huge quads and prominent ass, any bigger and he’d need to start getting his pants custom made “which would totally be worth it” he continued to comment to himself as he gave his bulge a little check. Everything is in order; I’m still the biggest and everyone knows it; he concluded his vain daily ritual with an unspoken affirmation. As he entered the patrol room, O’Connor smiled at the shift supervisor Serenda, a salty officer of inscrutable age who had long since passed the point of going out on patrols himself. “Officer O’Connor, reporting for duty.” “Done admiring yourself in the mirror so soon?” Serenda grinned, but before O’Connor could retort he continued. “You’re not going out today, the chief wants to see you, said something about medical. I wouldn’t keep him waiting.” Serenda gestured back out the door the way O’Connor had come in. The tone of the second statement didn’t leave room for argument. Turning to leave, O’Connor bumped chest first into Chief Gutierrez. Although the chief wasn’t as bulky as O’Connor, the man was still a wall of muscle and didn’t budge an inch when slammed into. He brought his hand down on O’Connor’s shoulder and held him back several inches while steadying him from the collision. His hand tightened almost possessively for a moment, and O’Connor was flustered – a surge of unfamiliar feelings flooded him, catching him off guard. The chief’s musk was palpable in his nose and he kept blinking trying to regain his composure. “Entirely my fault, you alright there, O’Connor?” the taller man said. “I’m fine. I mean, sorry, chief. Uh.” O’Connor wasn’t quite sure what to say, or what he was feeling, and the chief still had his hand on his shoulder, which must account for the odd feeling he had in his chest though he couldn’t quite explain what the feeling was and he’d have denied it if asked. The pungent odor that had come off the chief seemed to cling to the inside of his nostrils. It was acrid, like dried sweat, but had a woody undertone that almost smelled like cologne. He wanted to smell more of it and suddenly had to suppress an urge to force his head back onto the chief’s chest. Where did that thought come from? He wondered, but was interrupted. “I was on my way to get you, O’Connor. As you know, everyone has to have a medical screening done for the new healthcare provider and it’s your turn today, I’m taking you.” Chief Gutierrez gave a friendly smile as he maneuvered to O’Connor’s side and gently began moving him forward without relaxing his grip. As he marched O’Connor back out to the staff entrance, the blonde-haired officer caught another glimpse of Thompson and Kowalski who seemed to be watching him intently. Kowalski had an ugly smirk on his face that sent another chill down his spine. “You alright there, O’Connor?” Gutierrez must have sensed the sudden discomfort in his muscular charge. He shifted the position of his hand, pulling O’Connor’s body into his. The shorter, more muscled O’Connor accidentally found his head pulled into the chief’s chest and as he began to pull back he settled into Gutierrez’s armpit, inhaling deeply. “Yeah, get a good whiff.” Gutierrez murmured softly as he gently massaged the back of O’Connor’s neck before pulling him away and renewing their march to the parking lot. “Uh, s-sorry, chief. Sorry.” O’Connor slurred, his head felt foggy and it took all his concentration to keep walking in a straight line. The chief said nothing, physically guiding O’Connor out to a police vehicle and helping him into the passenger seat. As he reached across his young officer’s body to buckle him in, he allowed his armpit to press against his face, and when he saw that O’Connor was too out of it to react or even register what was happening to him, he firmly held it there for a full minute before fastening the safety buckle and pulling himself back out of the car. Rounding the car, he entered through the driver’s side and settled cautiously into his seat, wincing slightly as he felt the intruding presence in his anus making itself known when it pressed against the seat. He glanced over at the muscled stud of a cop that was officer O’Connor and made no effort to hide his smile. The hunky blonde officer was fast asleep in his seat, a thin trickle of drool leaking from his mouth. Chief Gutierrez leaned over and gently wiped the spittle off O’Connor’s mouth with his thumb and then playfully ruffled his blonde hair. “Just sit tight, big guy. We’ll be with the Doctor in no time and he’ll get you all set up.” Chief Gutierrez continued to smile as he pulled out of the parking lot and began the short drive to the clinic. He absent-mindedly rubbed at his sore pectoral muscles and let his mind wander just a bit. Sore muscles and the thick buttplug he was being forced to wear were mere physical annoyances. As he glanced again at the sleeping face of Cody O’Connor though, he began to at least feel confident that the Doctor had been honest. Everything he had promised so far had been true. Gutierrez felt younger and stronger than he had in years. His musk had enraptured Officer O’Connor, easily overpowering him and getting him out of the station with no questions. He was sure that everything he’d been told would be coming true, and that was why he felt a growing feeling of dread that seemed to drum at the base of his skull, pounding silently in time with the throbbing in his tender pecs. A few minutes before pulling into the parking lot of the non-descript building that housed the clinic, Gutierrez sent a text message announcing his arrival “with package”. An orderly moved out of the clinic and headed towards his vehicle, pushing a wheelchair, obviously expecting the need to move the unconscious O’Connor. The stocky orderly looked every bit the part. Clad in a short sleeved shirt, trousers that stretched across bulky thighs, belt, shoes – all white – the grim-faced man was silent as he helped Gutierrez lift the heavy body of Officer O’Connor into the wheelchair. The orderly pushed the wheelchair while Gutierrez walked up to the clinic and held the door for him. As the chair bumped across the entrance, O’Connor moaned softly. “Should I get him with this again?” Gutierrez raised his arm slightly indicating his armpit, trying to be helpful. “No. The Doctor wants him awake. The patient is going to agree to the procedure voluntarily.” The orderly replied. Gutierrez was taken aback by this and looked about to argue, but suddenly he sucked in a deep breath, straightened to his full height, and nodded at the man in white. The two men accompanied the slowly rousing O’Connor into the procedure room and parked him next to the medical bed. O’Connor slowly came to his senses. He was sitting in a chair, in what looked like a large exam room. Trying to shake the fogginess from his head he saw that Chief Gutierrez was standing there staring intently at him. His nostrils twitched when he noticed the Chief, and he moved to get up. “Don’t try to stand just now, O’Connor, at least let the Doctor have a look at you first. You look a bit out of it.” Gutierrez spoke soothingly as he nodded for his officer to remain seated. He gestured to the man standing to his right. O’Connor had been so focused on the Chief that he hadn’t even noticed there were other people in the room. The man that Gutierrez had introduced as the Doctor was a tall, broad-shouldered man of middle years, with intelligent looking eyes, a clean lab coat, and a smiling face. O’Connor also took note of a third man, who looked to be some sort of beefy nurse or medical assistant, also wearing white but without a lab coat. “I think Officer O’Connor is fully awake and aware, aren’t you now?” the Doctor inquired. Seeing the nod in return he carried on; “Let’s not waste any time then, you can disrobe here and put on this medical gown. The sooner you get undressed the sooner you can get checked out.” The Doctor motioned to his assistant who offered O’Connor a short exam garment that was meant to tie in the back, but O’Connor could tell instantly that it was much too small for his massive frame and would leave his entire backside exposed. Even worse, all three men were now staring at him, making it clear that they expected him to strip in full view of them. “Go ahead, officer.” Gutierrez met his eyes squarely and nodded at him to proceed. O’Connor felt himself flush with embarrassment and wanted to protest, but everyone was treating this like it was so completely normal and he felt a part of him not wanting to appear to be the odd man out. Another part of him strongly just wanted to do it because Chief Gutierrez told him to. He felt his nose twitch at this and inhaled sharply. Finally he stood and began to remove his patrol uniform. When he took off his shirt he found the assistant in white taking it from him, so he proceeded to his shoes, and then his pants, passing each article to the medical assistant in turn. He stopped when he was down to his boxer briefs and socks, hesitating. Gutierrez coughed, getting his attention. One look from the Chief and his underclothes came off, the assistant quickly spiriting his clothing away. O’Connor struggled to get the absurd exam gown over his bulky arms while the three men continued to stare at him. When he finally managed to get it on, he began to struggle in an attempt to tie it closed. Humiliatingly, the assistant stepped in and took the two laces from his hands, tying it for him. The exam gown barely reached down below his genitals and left his back and buttocks totally exposed. “Well now that you’re ready, I will proceed with the physical exam.” The Doctor lightly spoke as he stepped towards O’Connor wielding a stethoscope. O’Connor tried to allow himself to zone out a little as the Doctor began what seemed to be a normal physical exam. The only thing making it weird was the extra observers, but the hunky blonde cop tried to just put that out his mind and avoid meeting the Chief’s gaze, who was still staring intently. “Please face the foot of the bed and lay your chest on it.” The Doctor was snapping on a fresh pair of gloves and O’Connor gulped. He knew what was about to happen, but wasn’t he too young for this? He’d never had his prostate examined. He’d never had anything inserted into his rectum for that matter. Having it done in front of the Chief of all people was too much. He started to protest but again, his complaints died in his throat when the Chief met his gaze and nodded for him to comply with the Doctor. Some part of him simply demanded that he do what Chief Gutierrez wanted, and what really confused him was how good it felt when he gave in and obeyed the man. A palpable feeling of relief washed over him as he turned and laid the upper half of his body on the medical bed, even knowing that he was exposing his backside to three other men. Even knowing that he was about to be penetrated in full view of them. He was completely relaxed as the Doctor inserted a lubricated finger into his anus and began to press against the wall of his rectum. “The prostate gland is located on the front of the rectum, below the bladder and surrounds the urethra.” The Doctor explained as he probed, giving an impromptu anatomy lecture. “It produces the liquid component of male ejaculate. Manual palpation should produce a clear discharge from the penis.” O’Connor didn’t think this much palpation was necessary but the Doctor wasn’t letting up. Having located the spot inside him, he began to apply firm pressure to it, stroking back and forth. It took all of O’Connor’s concentration not to verbalize the feelings of pleasure that were surging inside him now. Still it didn’t stop; the pressure and friction continued and O’Connor felt a heat building inside him. He finally couldn’t contain himself and began to moan softly, helpless before the intense sensation. “Yes, very good; the physical response is exactly as anticipated.” The Doctor had finally stopped rubbing him and pulled back his finger. He seemed pleased, but O’Connor didn’t understand why and what was worse is that he knew he was sporting an erection. He could feel his penis, wet and stiff, poking into the foot of the bed. He was mortified and afraid to move. But what came next made the humiliation so much worse. “Please lay fully on the bed now, on your back. I need to check your abdominals.” The Doctor ordered O’Connor, as if he didn’t understand why this was totally impossible at this moment. The blonde cop worked his jaw; he knew he needed to say something, to make some excuse, to buy some time. “Your erection is normal and expected, it’s nothing to be ashamed of and I am a doctor after all. Just lay down on the bed, Officer O’Connor.” O’Connor felt the gazes of all three men on him from behind. Although he was red-faced and humiliated, he had little choice but to comply. He tried to cover his groin with his hands at first, but finally gave up. He had to move his hands to get up onto the bed, and once he was lying down the Doctor repositioned his hands to his sides, spoiling the attempt at modesty. O’Connor’s penis stood at full attention, all four inches of it pushing up the bottom of the too-small exam gown, with his massive thighs straining the skirt of the gown, he knew he was on full display to the room. “All of the candidate’s physical parameters indicate a perfect fit for the ancillary enhancement procedure, you’ve chosen well, Chief.” The Doctor said to Gutierrez. O’Connor looked at the Chief, his mouth open. He didn’t understand what these two men were talking about; an “enhancement procedure”? This was supposed to be a physical. His eyes continued to move between the Doctor and the Chief, questioning them even as words failed to come to him to express his misgivings. The Doctor was the one to finally break the silence, while Chief Gutierrez refused to meet O’Connor’s gaze. “The physical exam was only to establish that you are a good candidate for the procedure that’s been planned for you to undergo. You probably already noticed that your colleagues who have been to see me have been looking more fit and muscular, yes?” O’Connor instantly thought back to Thompson and Kowalski from this morning, and how he’d started to feel threatened by their gains. Now that he was looking straight at the Chief – still refusing to look him in the eye – he felt stupid for not noticing the changes in Gutierrez until now. “So, steroids? I’m not exactly a stranger to gear.” O’Connor offered. “It’s more extensive than that, officer; and the Doctor wants your consent before he proceeds.” Chief Gutierrez finally spoke but wouldn’t quite look O’Connor in the eye, and why was he being so vague? He wasn’t afraid of a little muscle enhancement, he’d welcome it in fact. And that wouldn’t surprise anyone who had known him for any length of time. Cody O’Connor was a “juicy” bodybuilder, and while he didn’t brag about it, it was immediately obvious to anyone familiar with weightlifting that he hadn’t come by all his muscles naturally. The Doctor took back over the conversation. “Yes, I will need you to fully consent to the procedure. We’ll be handling the first set of injections today – and it is an extensive series, but nothing you can’t handle. Once we begin though, you’re committed to the entire procedure. We won’t be able to abort the process mid-way.” The Doctor put a clear emphasis on that last part, but O’Connor barely listened and didn’t care. This was all beginning to sound like some sort of super soldier program and his imagination was threatening to run away with him. His hunger for growth was insatiable, and any drugs that promised to make him a true muscle freak were too appealing to pass up. He was ready to sign up for anything the Doctor was pushing, and the strange reticence of Chief Gutierrez was barely a shadow on his mind. Hadn’t the Chief already started the Doctor’s procedure anyway? Yes, O’Connor had made up his mind and he eagerly interrupted to signal his enthusiastic consent before the Doctor could start droning on again. “So eager? Well let me assure you, you are going to be happy with the results even if the procedure itself is a bit uncomfortable. The Doctor smiled at O’Connor as he quietly signaled his assistant. The orderly and Chief Gutierrez immediately moved to either side of the bed and took one of O’Connor’s arms firmly. The two muscular men worked from both sides, each secured one wrist into a heavy restraint. Solid brown leather, white padding, and shiny steel hardware locked his hands down and to the bed on his sides. They moved immediately to his ankles and began conducting the same set of operations on his ankles. “Wait a minute, is this necessary?” O’Connor started to test against his wrist restraints, which held firm. “Relax, O’Connor, just lay back. This is part of the procedure. You’ll get used to the restraints in no time.” Chief Gutierrez was looking directly into O’Connor’s eyes now, though he’d been avoiding it before. He was flushed with excitement but somehow his voice and the instructions he was giving were impossible for O’Connor to disobey. He found himself laying back, his head resting on the small flat pillow. His body relaxed, no longer pulling at his wrist restraints. He made no movement to resist as the orderly wielded a pair of blunt-nosed medical scissors and with a few small snips his sad little exam gown was pulled away leaving the full glory of O’Connor’s powerfully muscled body on display. All three observers took in the sight of the blonde-haired muscleman reclined on the bed in front of them. Chief Gutierrez was still flushed, his breathing heavy. He pawed at his crotch and turned to the Doctor. In a surprisingly submissive but urgent tone he said; “Doctor, I can’t wait any longer. I need to be milked… please.” This statement brought O’Connor’s head off the bed, staring at Gutierrez in disbelief. The Doctor smiled at Chief Gutierrez, not in the least bit surprised or offended by his request. He turned to O’Connor giving him a small wink. “That sounds like an excellent idea. We’ll do it right here. No reason that Officer O’Connor shouldn’t get the full picture of what he’s signed up for.” The Doctor signaled to his orderly with a nod of his head. Part 2: Muscle Cop to Muscle Cow Hearing the Doctor’s words, O’Connor felt the first cold stirring of fear in his gut. Realization crept into his mind that everything he’d seen and felt up to this point had been sexually charged – not just for him, but for Gutierrez and the Doctor, hell, probably for the medical assistant too. O’Connor had always been a little averse to sex, he mostly got off on his own body and how people reacted to it – and yes, that included men. He didn’t really consider himself gay or even bisexual, but he liked the attention that his muscular physique garnered from men. Now, in his helpless position cuffed to the bed, completely naked and with his little cock standing straight at attention, Cody O’Connor was forced to confront the fact that all eyes were on another man, Chief Gutierrez. All eyes including his – and he realized that he was aroused by the sight of Gutierrez, powerful but needy, invisible waves of that impossibly masculine musk rolling off him and tickling O’Connor’s nose. “Chief, what’s going on?” O’Connor managed – but was not answered. Chief Gutierrez met the eyes of his bound officer for a moment, his dark eyes glinted with want but his expression was inscrutable. The stern-faced orderly wheeled a piece of equipment into O’Connor’s line of sight. He saw it was a rigid steel frame shaped like an arch; wrist restrains much like the ones holding him to the bed dangled from the top of the arch, swaying gently. “Go ahead and disrobe now, Chief.” The Doctor said to Gutierrez. Responding to the Doctor’s requests eagerly, Gutierrez did exactly that; removing each article of clothing and handing them to the assistant. When he pulled off his undershirt, O’Connor was shocked by the sight of his superior officer’s chest. Of course, he had known that the Chief had been filling out – and he’d recently learned about the special enhancements that he was on. He was unprepared for the swollen muscle tits that hung from Gutierrez. His pectoral muscles jutted out of his chest and hung like a shelf – two fat slabs of beef with swollen nipples pointing downward. Gutierrez reached up to massage his swollen pecs, but the medical assistant gently pulled his hand away while shaking his head no. With a hand on his lower back, the assistant encouraged the Chief to step up onto the rack, which he did and lifted his arms up to grab the arch. In this way, O’Connor saw that the Chief was spread-eagled – his arms overhead and his feet shoulder width apart, ready to be secured to the steel frame. Cody watched from the bed, his neck straining to give him a clear view as the men in white strapped Gutierrez into the frame by his wrists. The Doctor shifted his attention downward and began sliding Gutierrez's jockstrap down. It hung up for a moment and then it was free and off his legs. The assistant started locking his patient's ankles into the frame. The Doctor turned now, his body obscuring Cody's view of the Chief. "Prime bull pheromones here, we wouldn't want this to go to waste." He approached the bed and Cody couldn't read his intent, didn't understand what the Doctor was talking about- but his horniness was now cut with apprehension. He started to shake his head and offer up a protest. The Doctor ignored him and placed the pouch of the ripe jock over the Officer's nose and mouth, looping the waistband behind his head like a soft, rank gag. The jockstrap wasn't much of a real gag, but as Cody opened his mouth to shout at the Doctor over this mistreatment, his head exploded. The force of the Chief's stink in that jock - a combination of sweat, pheromones, and the copious pre that Chief had been leaking overloaded Cody's poor brain causing him to blank out completely for a moment. When he started to recover, he could only inhale deeply which just made him blank out again. Caught in a vicious cycle, Officer O'Connor could only huff on the stinking jock in dumb, drooling desperation while deep moans escaped his lips and his little cock jerked and twitched frantically. Wrists pulled futilely against restraints in a mindless effort to touch an aching cock while a small river of prostate fluid was making its way down said cock and over the grooves of his Adonis belt. The Doctor chuckled wickedly. "You and Gutierrez are made for each other, boy. His scent only has that effect on you. Best you get used to it." Cody could barely hear the Doctor's words his mind was so foggy. He managed to pick his head up and now that his line of sight was clear he could at last see Chief Gutierrez in his full glory. The Chief was also painfully erect but his cock defied belief. Cody's eyes widened in shock at seeing it. He at once felt a pulse of lust and desire that shot straight to his tortuously unattended little erection and at once, a sense of deep inadequacy. To say he didn't measure up in that department to Gutierrez was a phenomenal understatement. Even still he felt a deep yearning, and as he looked up and made eye contact with the Chief, he could swear he saw that same desire reflected back at him. Did Chief Gutierrez... want him? Cody tried to shake that thought from his head but only succeeded in blasting himself with another wave of the Chief's potent musk. He realized in shame that his mouth had opened, and he was tonguing the inside of Chief's very well-used athletic supporter. Struggling was only making this worse, and Officer O'Connor finally resigned to lay back and let this happen - whatever this was, he knew there was no getting off this ride, and he wasn't sure he even wanted to. The medical assistant was rubbing the hairy flanks of the Chief in admiration when the Doctor returned his attention to the spread-eagled senior cop. "Let's get you some relief, my big, beautiful bull." He said. "But first, open wide." The Doctor lifted an intimidating rubber penis gag towards Gutierrez, who tried to shift his head away, balking. "Now now, Chief Gutierrez you know my policy on this. Plugged at both ends for all treatments. It's... medically necessary. Now open!" The Doctor inserted the rubber cock in the Chief's mouth as he relented and opened wide, strapping it in place behind his head. "That's a good bull!" The Doctor patted Gutierrez's cheek then moved behind the standing rack. "And how are we doing back here today, hmm?" The Doctor inquired, grabbing the base of the buttplug lodged in his patient's rectum and gently twisting it. Chief Gutierrez bucked in his restraints at the unexpected stimulation. "Oh, I do think we're overdue for an upgrade, please fetch me a #9." He said to his assistant. The Doctor continued to twist the plug while slowly withdrawing it from the Chief's hole. He braced one hand on Gutierrez's hip while easing the plug out with an audible pop. Sweat poured from Gutierrez's naked body while his club-like bull cock flexed and leaked onto the floor. With the arrival of the requested "upgrade" the Doctor began to steadily insert the larger plug into his patient which caused the Chief to moan into his gag and struggle against his restraints. The Doctor delivered a stinging slap to the Chief's backside which quieted him. Before long the plug was firmly seated in Gutierrez's hole, for his part, the Chief was now wild-eyed, sweaty, with his nostrils flaring as he struggled with the intense sensations of his stretched holes and hopeless restraints. As the Doctor finished plugging Chief Gutierrez's ass, the medical assistant wheeled a large pump apparatus with an impressive array of tubes adorning it up to the rack. Each man took one of the tube-affixed plastic cylinders and held them up to one of Gutierrez's engorged muscletits. The Doctor flipped a switch on the pump which quietly hummed to life. As the machine softly pumped, each of the clear plastic tubes pulsed rhythmically. Chief Gutierrez began grunting softly into his gag with each pulsation, his eyes shut tightly against the sensation while his muscled torso tightened and expanded in time with his labored breaths. Officer O'Connor had overcome his jockstrap-induced stupor enough to pick his head up again and watched the cylinders jerk hypnotically. After a few minutes the grunting that Chief Gutierrez was making increased in intensity and volume. He was afraid his superior was about to have a stroke, his reaction to the treatment was that intense. Finally, Gutierrez roared into the thick penis gag and his eyes shot open. O'Connor could see a white liquid filling the cylinders hooked up to the Chief's nipples. Each time the pump made the cylinders flex against those meaty tits, Gutierrez's nipples were firing milk into them! This milking was captivating to the two men clad in white as they looked on, clearly enjoying the sight and occasionally rubbing their cocks through their trousers. After another minute the sensation must have pushed Chief over the edge because he released a muffled cry from his mouth as an immensely powerful orgasm wracked his body and his already jerking cock sprayed an impressive load of cum across the room. "What the fuck?" O'Connor shouted in alarm, as the sight he was witnessing finally became real to him. Suddenly all the attention was back on him, and Officer O'Connor felt a surge of fear at his vulnerable state. He thought he was getting a steroid treatment, but this doctor was clearly demented- some sort of sex freak, and why in God's name was his cock still so hard? It was almost too much for the young cop to take. "That was terribly rude of me, Officer O'Connor." The Doctor apologized, stepping towards Cody. "I should have gotten you properly plugged and gagged before we proceeded with this, it helps patients with the stress, you see." He added, unhelpfully. "Grab a #6 plug, would you please?" The Doctor said quietly to his assistant. "And use plenty of that fresh semen to lube it up, we don't want to traumatize his hole but he's going to need a good stretch in order to accommodate Chief Gutierrez." The orderly nodded in ascent to the Doctor and moved out of Cody's view. "Like hell you're putting anything in my ass!" Cody shouted at the Doctor. "I mean, anything else." He added, realizing that almost every part of his body had already been intimately probed. The Doctor did not reply, instead producing another penis gag, he allowed Cody to watch as he coated the business end of it in the Chief's cum using his fingertips. As he approached the Officer, Cody of course clamped his mouth shut and tried to turn his head away. To Cody's surprise, the Doctor didn't try to manhandle the stronger man's head he simply shifted the jockstrap up onto Cody's head and smeared a glob of the cum over his lips, getting a good bit of it under the nose. "Dude! Gross!" Cody shouted in spite of himself. But the damage was done. As soon as he inhaled the fresh semen his jaw slackened and his eyes grew distant. His mouth opened and his tongue reached out to lick the precious substance. The Doctor easily inserted the cum-covered gag into O'Connor's mouth and quickly had it locked in place behind his head. Officer O'Connor was now calmly suckling on the rubber cock in his mouth his resistance gone. Smiling, the Doctor went ahead and pulled the dirty jockstrap off his head, its purpose served. With the patient made compliant, the medical assistant got between O'Connor's legs and aimed the slickened tip of the buttplug at his hole. He began to work it in steadily, having to use some amount of force to overcome O'Connor's muscular, tight ass even in the patient's dazed state where he could offer no active resistance. Eventually he managed to push the bulbous plug through Cody's tight little cop hole and both men observed his body shudder as it settled into place. The medical assistant then moved over to the pump apparatus and began decanting the milk that was still being pumped out of Chief Gutierrez's swollen pecs into what looked like an IV bag. The Doctor disappeared for a moment but returned with a sealed plastic bag. Ripping it open revealed a length of clear tubing with a connector at one end. He started to feed the tube into Cody's nostril which brought him out of his stupor. He quickly started to struggle again and the Doctor was forced to restrain his head while trying to calm him down. "Settle down, Officer. This tube is going to allow us to feed you. You want to grow big and strong for the Chief and me, don't you?" He coaxed, patting Cody's blonde hair down with one hand while he continued to hold his head in place with his other arm. After a moment O'Connor did settle, allowing the Doctor to finish pushing the tube down, taping the trailing end on O'Connor's face and inflating the tip with a syringe to hold it in his stomach. "Good beef!" The Doctor praised Cody, patting him on the hair again. The Doctor accepted the bag of Chief Gutierrez's pec output with a nod to his assistant and attached it to Cody's NG tube. The restrained officer began to groan softly into his gag as the warm fluid hit his stomach, suckling harder on the rubber cock lodged in his mouth. But the ethically suspect medical duo was far from done, retrieving multiple similar bags from a nearby refrigerator, each one labeled "Gutierrez, P." in black sharpie. As each bag was emptied the next one was hooked up, a relentless flow of the substance forced into Cody O'Connor's now straining gut. For his part, Officer O'Connor was quite out of if from the first moments of the feeding. He'd shut his eyes against the onslaught of powerful feelings that surged throughout his body. It felt to him like every part of him was being squeezed and compressed but at the same time he felt himself grow heavier, sinking further into the bed. His nerves seemed to be playing tricks, lighting up random parts of his anatomy with streaks of electric pain and hot pleasure with no predictable pattern. He felt hot, sweaty, helpless, and out of control. Alternately pulling hard against his restraints in a mad effort to break free and passively laying back in helpless ecstasy. With his feeding of bull milk complete, the Doctor proceeded to deliver a series of injections to Officer O'Connor's struggling form. The potent chemicals were delivered to each muscle group, with an extra large dose going into each of his pecs. Compared to the sensations the young cop was already being inundated with, the thin needle pricks themselves went unnoticed. The Doctor carefully wiped each site before and after, delivering the injections quickly but with practiced professional grace. As each muscle group was injected Cody was feeling pain in that area, followed by a sense of tightness and strain as the muscles involuntarily flexed. The drugs activated receptors throughout O'Connor's body allowing the hormone-rich milk to achieve its desired effects. Though he wasn't aware of it himself, the Doctor and orderly watched as O'Connor's body underwent its transformation from man to muscle cow. His pecs inflated to immense proportions, once a problem area for the young body builder, his pecs pushed out into a thick meaty shelf protruding so far from his chest that his nipples were forced downwards. His traps, delts, and neck muscles bulked out to give O'Connor the classic look of an over muscled beast of a man who struggles to turn his head. His arms and legs also swelled impressively, although Cody O'Connor had never been one to skip leg day, he would truly be walking on tree trunks now. The Doctor had of course injected his glutes, and these swelled too, pushing O'Connor's pelvis upwards as his butt grew to look almost as if he were smuggling a pair of basketballs behind him. His lats had been injected last, and finally these began to grow too, pushing his arms away from his body, Cody would never again be able to comfortably lay his arms at his sides with his massive back muscles forcing his arms out. O'Connor's swollen gut was finally near deflating to normal as the bull milk did its work, but it was not quite finished. O'Connor's body seemed to ripple as his metabolism processed the last of its fuel, distributing a healthy layer of fat evenly across his body. His ripped abdominals became noticeably obscured, and the veiny, tissue-paper look prized by competitive bodybuilders faded. Cody O'Connor now looked more like an out of season lifter, or a muscle bear, but this was all to plan as a healthy body composition would be needed for his milk production. Seemingly the only untouched part of his body was his little cock, finally relaxed and deflated to a flaccid state, and ridiculously dwarfed by his new proportions. "You're not going to leave that little thing there, it looks absurd." The orderly remarked to the Doctor casually, gesturing to Cody's penis. "Of course you're quite correct, I have to do something about this, if only for aesthetic reasons." The Doctor mused. He procured the smallest chastity device available from a drawer and gently pulled Cody's genitals through its ring, making sure the piss slit lined up with the opening to the tiny protective nub that fully enclosed the head of his penis before locking it into place. "That will do." The Doctor remarked with a satisfied grin before adding to his assistant "He'll be cumming buckets once he's able to take Gutierrez's cock, and he'll always have the weekly milking. I'm not a monster, you know?" "You're a regular humanitarian, Doctor." was the amused reply. With that they turned their attention back to Chief Gutierrez whose angry, engorged nipples had given up their last squirts of precious bull milk. By the time they got the pump turned off, the cylinders pulled off his tits, and the gag out of his mouth he had settled down a bit too. He declined assistance getting down from the milking rack once they had unlocked him, feeling strong enough to stand on his own. His only concern was Officer O'Connor. "How is he? Did it go OK? God, he looks amazing." Chief Gutierrez's breath caught in his throat. He absentmindedly brushed his hand across his chest as he gazed down at O'Connor's body, wincing when he accidentally grazed one of his very sensitive nipples. "Fine, he's fine, everything went as expected." The Doctor assured him. "He's sleeping right now. In fact, I think we'll give the two of you some privacy. Explanations will be taken better coming from you, and you definitely should be here when he wakes up." The Doctor and his assistant quietly withdrew from the room leaving Chief Gutierrez standing over his officer. Gutierrez allowed himself a sigh as he traced a hand over the incredible chest of the young cop, his fingers combing through curly light hair. * * * * * Cody O'Connor awoke, opening his eyes to the dim light that was annoying him. He was lying on his side, his body felt heavy, but pumped. Like he'd just had the best workout of his life without being tired- just sore. He was still in the Doctor's office, and then it all started to come back to him at once. He meant to leap up from the bed but a powerful, thickly muscled brown-haired arm at once came across his body keeping him down, then pulled him into a backwards embrace. "Hey, Cody" "Chief..." Even if he'd not recognized the Chief's voice, his scent was unmistakable and it was all around him. The Chief's lips brushed the back of Cody's neck. His mind raced and his pulse quickened. More aware now, he could feel the Chief's naked body pressed against his own equally naked backside. He thought he should be upset yet he was anything but. He wanted this physical connection so much it actually hurt. He snuggled his backside against Chief harder and reached his hand back, boldly putting it right on Chief's asscheek. "Do you wanna see how you look?" Gutierrez asked, kissing Cody one more time on the back of the neck, firmly. Without waiting for an answer he rolled off the bed onto his feet and stood up, extending a hand to O'Connor. "Yeah, I guess I do. I sure feel different, heavier. Fuck me, look at my arms." Cody sat up and started to appraise himself, looking down at his arms. But as he started to scootch off the bed he let out a yelp, his body jumped. "Careful, you've still got a plug in your ass just like me. Sitting down is... interesting." The Chief grinned and turned his backside to O'Connor, displaying the base of his buttplug which was firmly embedded between his muscular cheeks but large enough to be visible nevertheless. "We should really talk about all this. I know you must be kind of freaked. But before you lose it on me, I want you to see yourself in this mirror." Gutierrez gestured at the far wall, before again offering a hand to O'Connor. This time Cody took the offered hand, letting Chief help him stand and lead him to the mirror. Taking in the full sight of himself, Cody was at a total loss for words. All he could do for a minute was flex, observing his newly muscled reflection. Cody admired his arms and shoulders, he couldn't resist popping a double bi, and after that he had to do a lat spread. His arms didn't want to touch his sides anymore without effort and that realization made him so hot that his cock tried to flex, which is when he noticed his chastity cage. "What the hell, Chief? You get a horse dick but I'm stuck with a nub, and you locked it up too?" Cody demanded. Wordlessly, Gutierrez came up behind Cody, using his height to his advantage. Gently taking both hands in his, he brought their hands together on Cody's stomach and pulled him into him, leaning his head down to Cody's ear. He felt Cody's body shiver at the connection. "It's a bull dick, son." He whispered jokingly, and playfully nipped Cody's earlobe. His tactic worked, he felt Cody melt into his embrace laughing in spite of his previous gravity. Holding him close, Gutierrez began laying everything out as he understood it. * * * * * "So we're man cows? I mean, You're a man bull and I'm a man cow? Your man cow, in particular?" Was Cody's first question, after listening to Gutierrez explain. "You are mine, Cody. I'm sorry if you didn't want this before, but I know you do now. The procedure you underwent bonded us. What you're feeling, well, I want you to know that I feel it too. It's a little different. More possessive, dominant, really. But just as strong. I want you close to me all the time and... I want to be inside you, bad." Gutierrez squeezed Cody tight for emphasis. "I'm surprised I'm OK with that." Cody sighed. "I'm more than OK with that. I guess... I'm gay then?" Gutierrez chuckled. "Cody, you were always pretty gay. I think you were just too into yourself to realize it. I don't blame you, I was really into you too." "Past tense?" Cody teased back. "And present tense, Officer O'Connor." Gutierrez tweaked Cody's nipple playfully, eliciting a moan and causing the younger man to grind back into him. "So when do I, you know..." Cody started. "Start making milk? Soon. Right away. You'll need to get milked next week. It's brutal if you try to skip it. We don't make as much as a pregnant lady though, so don't worry about that." Gutierrez finished Cody's thought. "And this Doctor, he's not gonna blackmail us or imprison us or." Cody started to ask with agitation. Gutierrez interrupted. "Keep us chained up in his basement while he milks us into mindless beasts?" "Well Jesus, when you put it like that now I am a little worried." Gutierrez laughed. "No, it's not like that. And he's not like that. He really is brilliant, perverted, but brilliant. He stole this formula from people who do exactly the kind of thing you're worried about. They do keep slaves. They kidnap young men. They're the bad guys." "So we're the good man cows?" Cody's amused question was begging for elaboration. "That's why he came to us. Made me an offer. Wants to turn the whole precinct. He's going to produce his own man cow derived steroids and we're going to undercut the slavers and use it to draw them out. He altered their formula. It doesn't make mindless slaves anymore. But it requires the subjects to be paired, partnered, really." "And this formula says each pair only gets one cock between them? Come on." Cody was skeptical. "Not exactly, but the bonding does produce a dominant and submissive man cow. The rest is, well, the Doctor has his kinks. He believes in sharply delineated roles. And Cody, you weren't exactly gifted in that department." Gutierrez leaned in and kissed Cody on the cheek. "I'm older, taller, and I have a bigger cock- even before it was enlarged. I was always gonna be your bull." "So is that why Kowalski is being a dick?" Cody laughed. "Cause he doesn't have one!" Gutierrez roared with laughter. "Kowalski was always a dick, I think he's actually happier now that he gets to ride Thompson's every night." Gutierrez let go of Cody. "Come on, Cody. Lets get you a uniform that fits you out of the locker and get out of here. We've been ordering them big and keeping them here, because we're gonna need em." * * * * * The Doctor watched the two cops pull out of his intentionally non-descript clinic parking lot and paused for a moment before turning to his assistant. "That's the third successful treatment pair. It's working." "Did you think it wasn't going to? That's a hell of a risk." The younger man responded. "No, no... I knew the man cow serum worked. But I wasn't sure if the subjects would bond successfully, if they would be..." He trailed off. "Happy. With each other." "It's critical. That's the control element. The other people who have made use of this formula have had to resort to the utmost brutality to keep their drug schemes from unraveling. Any man cow could theoretically break off and make his own steroids. So they've resorted to lobotomizing their cows, or worse." The Doctor shuddered from the weight of memory. "So now that we're totally sure it works, all of it..." The assistant prompted. "Yeah. I mean, yes. I still want this. Do you, Ron?" The Doctor turned, looking straight into the eyes of his young partner. "Yes. This whole thing is crazy but, it's hot. I've never been this sure of anything. And after watching six men do this, it's our turn, babe." He leaned in and kissed the Doctor on his lips. "I guess the only thing left is to decide which one of us gets to be the dom, for good." "Flip you for it?" "Actually I think we should have a dick measuring contest." "Hey, that's not fair!" Cried Ron. "Life isn't fair, boy. Now whip it out for me."
  16. Ultram0th

    Eric's New Sponsorship

    [This is a new series that I’m starting, in which Eric Janicki is turned into a slutty himbo! Also, I’m moving my work to my new Tumblr at https://ultram0th2.tumblr.com/ ] Eric Janicki relaxed into the leather chair inside the small office. As he mindlessly scrolled through his phone, he couldn’t help the bright smile that formed on his handsome face as the notifications kept popping up on his feed, letting the bodybuilder/fitness trainer know that his latest gym selfie was popular. It’d been a nonchalant pic of himself in the mirror, with his blue tank riding up the smallest bit to offer the viewers a sneak peek of his chiseled abs which had a light dusting of hair covering them. The 6’1’’ bodybuilder knew that he was attractive, to both females and males, the latter of which made up a majority of his fanbase. Although he was straight, Eric knew that he could keep his follower count up on his online profiles and the lucrative sponsorships coming if he offered enough content that showcased his flawless musculature. The 28 year old man had spent years developing his flawless physique and it was obvious. Even as he was now: donning a dark blue button down and black slacks, his muscles were clearly evident. The buttons on his shirt seemed to strain to keep his powerful pecs covered and his biceps looked as if they could split the sleeves apart at the seams. His slacks showed off every contour of his large thighs and helped to showcase his muscle butt that was the star of many of his posts online. Eric knew that he was hot and he wasn’t shy about using his body, but he was always careful to only offer a sneak peek and not the whole thing. It was tactic employed to keep his gay fanbase drooling over him while asserting that fact that he wasn’t attracted to other men. It didn’t hurt to allow them to pretend, he figured. Eric knew that it was because of his perfect musculature and loyal fanbase that he was in contact with H-Boost, which was some unknown workout supplement company. It’d all been a stroke of luck, honestly. Eric had been at the gym, working on his triceps when an older bodybuilder, Larkin, had walked up to him and had asked if he’d be interested in posting some content about the supplements since the company was looking for an image that apparently he fit. Eric had jumped at the chance to get more sponsorship deals for his social media, which would hopefully cause a domino effect where he’d gain more followers and thus more offers, both of which equals more money. Eric knew close to nothing about the company; but after a quick Google search, he found that it was pretty underground and run by a man named Hank Williams. The picture and bio on the small company website had showed that Hank was an avid weightlifter and that he tended to be more into men— thus the tight-fitting clothes that Eric was dressed in, hoping to score this sponsorship deal. The door to the tiny office opened up and Eric put his phone away, getting up onto his feet to shake Hank’s hand as he entered. “Good afternoon, Mr. Williams,” he said in a polite voice. “Thank you for meeting with me today.” The older man was a solid wall of muscle. It was clear that he’d been a bodybuilder back in his prime. Now the fifty-something year old man hadn’t been following a strict diet as was evident by the large muscle gut that his bulging pecs rested on. His beefy arms struggled to be contained within the fabric of his dress shirt, and his thighs were so thick that the man’s walk resembled more of a waddle. His shaved head gleamed underneath the florescence in the room and his goatee was black, tinged with flecks of gray. Still the strength behind his handshake told Eric that the older man could easily hold his own. “Please, call me ‘Hank’,” he smiled warmly. “And thank you for meeting with us.” He walked around the large, wooden desk that was in the room, setting himself down into his own chair which creaked under his weight. Eric sat back down and straightened his posture, making sure to pull his shoulders back the smallest bit to push his powerful pecs forward. He fought to hide the smirk that was framed by his trimmed beard when he noticed Hank’s brown eyes hone in on the straining buttons. Eric knew that the older man found him sexy, so he figured that obtaining this sponsorship would be no problem. Hank looked at the computer screen that was in front of him, typing away as he read over something. The whole time he typed, his eyes would occasionally flick over towards the chiseled pecs on the straight bodybuilder’s chest. “Well,” he hummed, “Larkin gave you raving reviews and it looks like you do have a pretty impressive social media presence. But, I’m just not sure right now…” Trying to maintain his cool, Eric fought the frown that almost formed on his face. “What do you mean?” he asked. He flexed his arms this time, his large biceps moving like large bowling balls underneath his shirt sleeves. He was always used to just flexing here and there, or maybe flashing a coy smile for the camera. That’d always worked. However, the muscle hunk was floored when he heard that he might not have been what the company was looking for. Hank continued to type away before he opened up one of the drawers on his desk. He pulled out a small plastic pouch, about the size of a condom wrapper, and tossed it onto the desk. One side of the plastic was see-through, showcasing a small pink capsule pill. “This is one of our products that we’re looking for someone to advertise for us,” Hank explained. “It’s supposed to give men a certain kind of boost that a specific audience is interested in. Looking at your posts, you seem to be very dedicated to your fitness. While it is impressive, I’m just unsure if you’d be the right fit for our product.” Eric shook his head slowly back and forth, a little confused by what the older bodybuilder was saying. Sure, Eric was very into fitness, it was obvious by his social media accounts. However, the driving factor behind his desire to land this deal was the way his friend Larkin had boasted about the massive amount of attention and followers people tended to gain once they’d been sponsored by H-Boost. Although he’d never seen any himself, Larkin had never lied to him before. The cocky stud crossed his buff arms in front of his massive chest, simultaneously flexing his biceps and pecs to look much bigger for the gay man. “I’m sure I can handle it,” he smirked, putting on his crooked smile that made the ladies’ hearts melt. Hank’s eyes conspicuously ran up and down Eric’s muscled form. He clenched his stubble-covered jaw before nodding, pushing the pill forward across the desk. “You already posted a selfie today,” Hank explained, “so we can use that as a before. After you take the supplement, we ask that you take a picture every day to show your progress.” As Hank went over the terms, Eric fought to maintain his composure over the fact that he’d landed such a sponsorship. All he had to do was take a pill and then post pictures, and then the money would come rolling in. It was no-lose situation in his mind. “…all it takes is just one dosage,” Hank continued. “So if you’re sure, you can take the pill now.” He pulled out a water bottle from his desk and slid it towards the stud. “Just one?” Eric repeated, thinking that it was too easy. Still, he shrugged his broad shoulders and ripped open the package. He tossed the pill to the back of his throat and chugged down the entire water bottle to make sure it went all the way down. “Great!” Hank cheered as he stood up to shake Eric’s hand once more. “I have a feeling that this going to be a great sponsorship for you. We can email you the contract later. In the meantime, don’t forget to take pictures of your progress and to tag us in them.” Eric gratefully shook the older bodybuilder’s beefy hand. “Absolutely,” he agreed, standing up from his seat and walking out of the small office. There was a light swish to his walk, and Hank couldn’t help but admire the way the stud’s muscled globes seemed to dance back and forth as he walked away. He made a mental note to thank Larkin for sending them Eric, who would without a doubt be a perfect spokesman for Himbo Boost, or H-Boost for short.
  17. Musclepete

    Muscle growth army pt1

    Hello everyone, This is my first time writing a muscle growth story, feel free to give any feedback in the comments, expect hot sex, transformations and lots of pics of hot morphed guys. I walked into the large army warehouse with the rest of my squad. We were new recruits, none of us really knew what we had signed up for but we were told something about "muscle growth, becoming the most alpha men we could possibly imagine, and living in ecstasy during the process." Furthermore, this counted as joining the American army, so we would be well taken care of during and after our service. me and the rest of the group of boys were lead to a smaller room with medical equipment, the doctor there took our measurements. I weighed 175 pounds and was about 5 foot 6 inches. My erect cock was about 6 inches as well. Overall I was quite average when compared to everyone else in my group. What I looked liked at the end of the checkup After the checkup my group and i were escorted to another room, This one was in the actual army facility. 3 large muscular men walked out of door near the back of the room. Each holding a box of syringes in their large muscular arms. My cock began to get erect at the site of them. Their huge pecs could barely be contained in their shirts and their plump, protruding nipples just made my hard on even harder. Not to mention the large bulges that they each sported. The largest of the 3 men began speaking. "hello everyone I am sergeant Taylor and this is Jack" he gestured to one of the other men "This is Kuba" he gestured to the other. "we are here to guide you through your muscle growth journey. here you will grow your body past your wildest dreams. However there are a few things you should know before starting, first is that the process will make you homosexual, you will crave having sex with other men like nothing else. Thoughts of men will consume your head, and you will be horny for men effectively all the time" I smiled, I was already gay so I did not mind. "second, is that beginning this process will turn you into a muscle sex god. You will not be able to go back to the way you were before. If either of these two things bother you, please leave now" a few seconds passed, nobody from the group left. "perfect" boomed sergeant Taylor "now that everyone is on board, please everyone, undress. Jack, Kuba, administer the shots" I took my clothes completely off to reveal my erect cock. I noticed that I was not the only one in this situation however. Seems like most of the other boys had been extremely turned on by Taylor, Jack and Kuba. Jack grabbed my ass and injected me with whatever was in the syringe he was holding. It felt amazing, like warmth rushing throughout my body making me harder and hornier than I was already. My cock flexed and precum began pouring out, it felt so good and I could not help but moan and begin jerking off. the injection had the same effect on the other boys and they all began to jerk off. Taylor boomed "Jack, kuba, give these boys a show" the two muscle men ripped out of their clothes and began flexing their giant muscles. Jack^ Kuba^ Their godly physiques turned everyone on so much. drool began forming in your mouth and all you could do was jerk off at the sight of the two posing muscle gods. Kuba approached you and pressed his godly body onto you. you kissed and licked every inch of his body, taking in his musk made you harder that you thought you could have ever been. I was so close to cumming but I kept edging because I wanted to keep worshipping his body. Kuba lifted his armpit, allowing me to take a large wiff of his heavenly manly musk. That was the tipping point. I came, the orgasam was so intense that I dropped to my knees and cum shot out of my cock and onto Kuba's large muscular legs. he stepped away and smiled, see you around he whispered. Taylor spoke again " soon you will feel very sleepy but before you all pass out, I should explain how this is going to work. The muscle growth syrum we just injected you boys with only works if you feed your body with the cum of other men who have taken the shot. larger men produce more cum that is also more potent and the most effective way to consume loads is through your ass. Getting boys to cum inside of you will make you grow like youve never dreamed of. As you grow you will produce more of your own cum and at a certain size, just having sex will cause your growth hormones to kick in, causing you to grow. Some of the very big guys spend all day having sex and lifting weights, these very same men will sometimes leak cum from their nipples, This is the most potent form of cum and swallowing it will lead to some massive gains. That is all I have to say, now go enjoy your time, have sex and become a muscle god." With the last few words I drifted off, excited to begin my journey.
  18. Following is Chapter 3 of Tales of Xzarda. It is about a 30 minute read. If you are offended by lots of gay sex this probably will not be to your liking. If not, grab a 'sundowner', relax and have fun. Let me know what you think. Remember: you can always read more at the following link: Tales of Xzarda - Kindle edition by McBooty, Zooty. Chapters 1 and 2 are already posted on this forum and are also at the link above. Presenting... Chapter 3 of 25 (I will post chapter 4 next week. Then chapters 5 and 6 to the end of Part One) Chapter Three: Through Week One Day 3 I woke up in Dzaan’s smooth and muscular arm. He kept me snuggled next to him and hogged me from Stanj. Or he’d cup my butt in his hand when Stanj pulled me toward him. Ruud stretched and flexed his beefy frame on the satellite bed. Dzaan loved to touch my behind, more than the others. He had me attached to him for a good 14 hours since sundowners the day before. I loved being pressed against his hairless, bulging body and wrapped in his arm. I pawed him all night. Occasionally I would bury my face in his incredible, muscled ass and lick his taint. As we awoke, Stanj and Ruud went to the bathroom and I climbed on Dzaan. I squished myself against his three-dimensional abs and deeply carved chest and kissed him everywhere my lips reached. With his massive hands, he grabbed me by the sides of my ribs and lifted me above him as if I was a toy. Then positioned me so my dick was on top of his face and laughed at how light I was for him. He brought me toward him and licked my cock, easily receiving my full 7 inches and both my balls into his warm and wet mouth. After a few minutes of making me crazy while he sucked, he moved me so our lips could meet and kissed me hard. “Fuck, Dzaan.” “Yes, Pup…” He continued to kiss and squeeze me against him. “I’d like to see your posing routine later.” He grinned and kissed me again strongly as a reply. Then turned me over on my back so he could look at me while he stroked his monster prick. He caressed me with his heavy sausage, and I flexed my arms and body as he rubbed his cock over my skin. Soon after, he knelt on top of me and poked my hard dick with his as he stared into my eyes. My heart jumped, I was kind of infatuated with him, and it looked as if the feeling was mutual. The next thing I knew, Ruud came into the room with a tray of food and drinks. Stanj was behind him. Both were naked, and both were magnificent, and god-like. The plan was to stay at the villa all day, train, relax, eat, and teach me some more. Dzaan was going to show me his routine later in the afternoon. We would have sex alone until sunset, but I would sleep between Stanj and Ruud that night. I was in a constant state of awe by their beautifully muscled hulking bodies and good looks. Even as I was falling for Dzaan, I was falling for Ruud and Stanj as well, and it was only our third day together. The Xzardan strategy to make me forget my world and adapt to theirs was ingenious. We made our way down to the pool and gym. The day was sunny and warm again. I wore a short gray toga Shen brought the day before. It was nice, thin with a silver belt, and cut low at the thigh. The swim briefs I wore had a nice mock laced-up design in front. The clothes were light and comfortable. All the pants and trunks and posers I had seen so far emphasized the crotch area with designs geared to enhance a man’s package. Apart from that, I was shirtless, it was hot enough not to want to wear a shirt. Or any clothes, frankly. I also noticed my body fat diminished a tad and my 6-pack abs were becoming clearer. I then realized I no longer had any need for glasses, my eyesight had become perfect. Ruud came up beside me and looked incredibly powerful and sexy wearing a pair of exquisite gold and black briefs with an imperial design based on a coat of arms that incorporated mythical creatures like griffons and phoenixes, or maybe they were representations of local mega faunae. The briefs were like Speedos but tailor-made, thin, stretchy, and cut to accentuate his butt and basket. They reached deep into his butt crack and outlined the lines of his junk. The material was also stretchy enough to handle a 10–11-inch boner growing from a soft 7-9 inches and was made to enhance both a hard and flaccid state of his prick. The gold caught the light the way his head and body hair did. The black contrasted well with his dark gold tan. From his narrow waist his shredded, erotically shaped legs flared out to dominate the ground. Ruud turned to face me, and he took my breath away like the first time I laid my eyes on him. His cobbled, 10-pack abs led up to an even bigger set of muscular pecs that were like flat, square watermelons. Those led to round, multi-muscled and striated cannon ball shoulders that flickered with every movement. His superb physique revealed additional dimensions to the muscles of his neck, traps, and shoulders as they led to his remarkably large and powerful upper arms. And then he turned. From behind, his thick back and wondrous butt were as magnificent as ever. His trunks looked like something I wanted to steal and wrap around my head and mouth while I yanked myself dry. I smiled at the prospect of sleeping with him later that night. Stanj, the stunning mega muscletank, wore steel-blue with a clean, modern design in deep brown. His pubic hair fell over the top of his briefs, which exposed the first inch of the shaft of his cock. He seemed stuffed into the tight and stretchy material, and he bulged all over. The outcrop of his crotch was in harmony with the mountains of his heavily muscled chest, arms, shoulders, and glutes. The steel blue worked with the royal blue of his eyes. With his dark, hairy chest against his reddish-brown tanned skin and thick solid frame sculpted with so much unworldly muscle, he looked incredibly strong. To Stanj’s look of pure power, Ruud’s look was magnificent and elegant. Dzaan, however, responded with an achingly erotic and superbly sculpted ultra-heavyweight Mr. Universe physique. Dzaan wore banana yellow trunks with a stylized pattern of leaves embroidered in metallic green silk. It contrasted beautifully with his shiny gold skin. The fabric Dzaan wore was rich, and the trunks clung to his body like a glove. They covered and revealed the outline of his cock and the intricate design moved with, and complemented, every state of his penis from soft to hard. I loved to watch him walk both toward and away from me. His ass was a wonder of hyper-muscled perfection. Each massive cheek bounced and squeezed up and together tantalizingly as he walked. His abs were chunky and crystal clear under his pecs. His torso was a superbly sculpted masterpiece that exploded from his humongous shoulders. The smooth shininess of his paper-thin skin made this beautiful muscleman an incredible sight to behold. He carried himself with the quiet confidence of a god. I felt like praying to him as I watched him work his enormous arms in the gym. After I finished my routine, I sat in rapt fascination for an hour as I watched the three musclegods train with heroically heavy weights. Their sweat made them glisten in the light, which also highlighted their beautiful trunks. I was hard yet again as I admired every movement they made. After Dzaan finished his workout, he came to see if I was ready to go off with him. Imagine… if I was ready. We had already cum 15 times in my mind as I watched them work out. All pumped he looked spectacular. I muttered an incoherent ‘sure’ and he peeled off his trunks as I did my shorts. Once stripped, he threw me into the pool and dove in behind me so we could rinse off. Then he grabbed and kissed me before carrying me back onto the patio and drying me off. We hurried naked to the posing room. As I got comfortable on the bed, he brought over a few pouches to select from. I picked one in a gold sparkling material that felt soft and erotic and stared as he struggled to get his huge semi-hard dick and fat, full balls into it. I laughed as he toiled. “You sure you wore those before? Do they still fit?” He looked at me and grinned as he got it all together and made sure he looked great and was comfortable. His cock looked amazing pressed against the light material that acted like a glove. He didn’t really need to wear anything. I reached over to lick the pouch and pinch the skin on his abs to see that it was paper-thin over each hard, bulging cobbled ab. He insisted I rub him down with oil to make his skin gleam more. He knew what made him look awesome. As he walked onto the dais, it shook under his thundering thighs. The sound and vibration of his concentrated weight on the floor added to my arousal. I hopped off the bed and followed. He was a spectacular giant, and I oiled him as an act of worship. I wanted to express how much I admired him without saying a word as his presence left me speechless. Starting with his wide, veiny feet, I proceeded to suck each of his toes. He moaned in his deep, manly voice. “Oh that’s wonderful! Puppy… mmm ahhh.” I caressed his calves as he tensed them into hard geometric shapes. I rubbed each individual muscle. He was smooth with no hair or even stubble. I could feel every aspect of his legs as I massaged the oil into him. His dick had now grown to its fullest and stretched his pouch to its limits. He hit me several times with his bound club and snickered as I made my way up his thighs. I spent quite a while at his ass. First tracing the string of his posers deep in his crack, and then ever so slowly to work the oil into his hard butt cheeks. From behind, I moved over the short plain of his lower back to the wide sweep of the set of his lats that emerged like huge, fleshy wings a foot from each of his sides. And folded again into a canyon that ran along the center of his back up to the top of his spine. I brought over a stool to gain some height and give him a minor massage while oiling his body. From his thick, protruding traps I rubbed the oil deep into the skin of his shoulders. Each were at least a foot in diameter. They added to his back to create a wall of beef over 3 feet wide, wider still than the trio’s top competitor, Ruud. His upper width must have aided somehow in his swimming career. As Dzaan settled on the dais under the glow of the lights, his back muscles twitched and moved under his tight, thin skin. From his right shoulder, I worked along its back and outer heads to its front and faced him to look into his incredible, alien, golden eyes. His lips pouted as he coaxed me to kiss him while I held onto his basketball-sized shoulders for balance. I moved my hands up over his head and felt around his almost pointed ears. As we continued to kiss, I felt and marveled at his huge, thick, smooth pecs, like pillows filled with some amazing gel-like material. The feel of his flesh was seductive in its hardness and squishiness that he alternated by flexing. Those beautiful, perfect pecs seemed like some fantastic armor that was punctuated by protruding nipples. They inspired me to step off the stool and suck. My mouth reached them as they were level to me when I stood on the dais in front of him. “Oh Graaaayshhhnn.” He moaned as I licked and sucked on him. “Mmm …Come, finish oiling me and let me pose for you before we get crazy.” I massaged the oil into his pecs and chunky, hard abs as he flexed under my hands, playing games of catch-up. When I finished, he bent onto his knees and reached for my dick to place it in his warm mouth and sucked. This lasted for a few minutes as I marveled at his traps and sculpted back. With a firm suck, he pulled off me to start the music and begin his routine. The music he chose was unique to me, but pleasant and dramatic. At first, he stood relaxed, his body gleaming with cords of thick veins running over his shoulders and arms, through his pecs and abs, and all along his legs. Like a monstrous and fantastic penis. As he flexed his arms, I felt like exploding at how handsome he was. He continued through his routine that displayed his awesome, god-like beauty. His side triceps and kneeling poses were particularly breathtaking. There is nothing more beautiful than the male body and Dzaan was gorgeous. His routine was super erotic as sex permeated his being. He felt no inhibition against touching himself. I could no longer stand just sitting there and watching. I came over to him as he finished and tried to pull his pouch off with my teeth. I tried to get the pouch over his hard dick and the string from around his muscled round ass. He smiled and laughed heartily as I struggled. I licked every place the string and the fabric escaped my mouth. All the while my mind was full of Dzaan. His smell was blissful. I could think of nothing apart from how I worshipped this man and wanted to be full of him, fused to him, and filled with his cum. His exposed dick was magical, and I took its head into my mouth and began to suck, lick and kiss it as if there was nothing else in the entire universe. Just me and this fantastic, near 13-inch prize. I licked up and down his shaft and then met his balls while I enjoyed his salty taste. I kept thinking of how I could take it up my ass. If it was still too big for me to enjoy without too much pain. And if he would soon train me to take all of it. I must have spent at least half an hour worshipping his dick, balls, and taint as he moaned in ecstasy and murmured, “good puppy” in his deep, accented voice. Geez, was I into Dzaan! I had never been so into anyone, ever. Ruud came close and was a constant source of awe as well. Stanj was third, even though the sight of him always made my heart jump. His face was spectacularly handsome. The difference with Dzaan was the sexiness that oozed through every pore of his hairless skin and his naughty irreverence and humor. Next thing I knew, Dzaan lifted me from his jewels and laid me flat on my back on the bed. He crawled next to me and kissed and licked my face, then hovered over my smaller pecs and lingered on my nipples. “Fuck!” I said as I was so close to cumming. I found it hard to believe he could be attracted to me. As he licked from my pecs down to my dick, over my balls, and along my legs, he also used his huge pecs to stroke me. He came up again to taste and suck on my stuff. It was hard to keep from cumming, but I wanted to continue and forced myself not to. I moved my hand to my prick to squeeze it into obedience and as I did that, he moved up to kiss me some more. He put some oil on his fingers and played around my butt as he moved his tongue around my mouth. Soon his smallest digit poked inside my hole as he continued to massage around it. He popped it in and out repeatedly and moved slowly and expertly. He progressively used ever-larger fingers as we locked our lips. He removed his hand and brought his imposing arm over to hug me. We continued to kiss as he pulled on his great big, delicious prick. I did the same while he squeezed me in his arm and propped me up with his bicep. As he was about to cum, he got up and knelt on top of me like a giant statue. Staring into my eyes, he stroked himself violently. I then sped up and shot onto his abs and chest as I yanked out my load. At that he shook and groaned loudly and then sprayed and pumped at least a cup of cum over me. We slowly squeezed every drop from our balls. I got up and motioned to him to lie flat so I could climb on him and squish our cum together and into each other. So I could feel his hard muscle against mine. We ground and squished the mess against our bare skin, untrammeled by stubble. I worshipped his outstanding body with mine. When we stopped grinding, I lay on top of him, still mildly pumping on his abs, and soon fell asleep. I enjoyed being with him, and even sleeping on him was an incredible pleasure. We awoke pressed and stuck together, but the Erindans had brought warm, wet towels. They also left drinks and cake made from the euphoric fruit on a table by our bed. Exhausted, but happy, we cleaned, had snacks, and continued to wrap ourselves around each other. As I lay in his arms, he reached to caress my ass and said, “Pup, I can’t wait to fuck you”. “Yeah, I’m really into the idea of you doing it to me, but I am more of a top where I come from and never really liked to be fucked. And yet, you Xzardans, you make me want you to dominate me just by the look of your pure power.” “Most of us would love your reaction. As for submitting to my sensitive rod, I can tell you’ll like it a lot, I’ll do it so you can’t help but like it.… And don’t forget we love to fuck, and we went to great effort to bring you over…” He snickered. “We plan to wait awhile and ease you into being able to accept and enjoy our much larger bodies. I can see you are tight, which for me is incredibly erotic. I could explode thinking of my dick up your ass. But we, meaning Ruud, Stanj, and me, want to loosen you up with some toys over the next couple of weeks. I know you‘ll really enjoy being fucked by me and I constantly think about how I want to be inside you, which is why I keep caressing your cute little behind every chance I get. I often jerk off thinking about just that. I even did that at the lab while you slept. I’ve committed your tight little ass to memory.” He winked and snickered. I laughed. He was cute, direct, and sexy as hell. My dick couldn’t help but perk up again as he talked. “One reason they selected me for this job was that I am also known as an excellent fuck in the Herc zone. I love doing it and I approach it like an art. Many of the elite men ask me to come over to screw them, even as some protest they don’t like to be fucked and put in a submissive position.” He chuckled. Then he looked straight into my eyes with his golden irises and said, “I promise you, Puppy, I will please you and you will love it.” I told him I would not only like that, but I would love to see him in action. He asked if I would like to watch him fuck Stanj or Ruud. I said yes, both. He smiled and laughed and said he would do anything I asked. Dzaan said there was a separate room they would use to train and prepare my butthole. The elite men were twice my size or bigger, extremely strong, and generally had large meat. They will all want to top me, but they like to play in a lot of ways and will try to get me to like them. I should also know they come from a warrior culture and may have moods where they like to play aggressively. This could be a great deal of fun and would always be in the context of pleasure. He said I should take Ruud as an example. He was affectionate and safe while being immensely powerful. Being playfully rough could be a lot of fun, but I needed to feel confident I was solid enough. The elite men I chose would take my lead, but controlled aggression and roughness with someone my size, combined with penetration, was an unbelievable sexual fantasy for them. The first step was to learn to handle their larger bodies. There were human men with 12-13-inch dicks, but that was very rare. The Xzardan range was 8-14 inches, with some even larger and impossibly thick. I could physically handle about 80% of them but needed to learn how to enjoy it. Up to then, I had known only a rare few who could screw me in a way that I liked it. Dzaan measured 12 and 3/4 inches long and as thick as the inner core of a roll of paper towels, with a beautiful shape. However, it seemed like it would take a bit of effort to get from point A to point B in terms of becoming a successful bottom. “I am eager to teach you, and I want to protect you. I am also sad you will leave us as soon as we make you ready, and I am becoming very fond of you.… I would love to put you in my pocket and keep you as my lover. That can’t happen, but we can take our time getting you ready.” He whispered. I thought of how my life changed in just a few short days. How quickly I developed emotional bonds, and how Dzaan was so fucking amazing. And yet my mind pulled me toward home, whatever that was. I had gone missing from my web of connections. I was still interconnected on Earth despite being on my own in a small city. I felt guilty for a moment. Just then, Dzaan bent over to kiss me. I loved spending time in his mouth against his boyish soft skin and being the sex object of a fantastically muscled, exotic, and erotic superman. I shifted my focus back to what was in front of me. ◆◆◆ Dinner was on the patio by the pool. The four of us had our treat as the sun set spectacularly over the city and sea beyond. The moon was much closer to the planet than on Earth and dominated the horizon. The colors of the sunset shifted from shades of purple to red to a golden amber and then darkness illuminated by clouds of stars. The Erindans prepared savory pastries with a fruity wine-like drink that left a pleasant buzz. Partaking of a snack at sundown to get high, whether by drinking, eating, or inhaling, was a standard part of the day. They also referred to it as ‘having sundowners’, or just ‘sundowners’. It was an Erindan contribution to the culture that had a parallel on Earth but was previously unknown to the Xzardans. That evening, ‘sundowners’ merged into a tapas-style dinner with various plates of different sweet and savory dishes brought out by Erindan staff. The ‘sundowner’ fruit available this day was called ‘nreesj’. It was tear shaped with a deep purple peel, the size of a golf ball or large fig. It opened to three fleshy sections that surrounded two green seeds. The flesh took on the color of the seeds and the skin, and I could hardly discern a smell except perhaps mild plastic. When popped in your mouth, the fruit tingled on your tongue like a fizzy drink, then collapsed into a citrusy-tart, and syrupy sweet jelly that was surprising but pleasant. As soon as I felt the tingling, a wave of euphoria engulfed me, then lingered as the fruit rested in my belly. The guys munched on it freely. There was always a lot to eat. My Xzardan bodybuilder buds were in a constant state of growth and regularly needed fuel. But evening dinner was still an occasion. Many plates were available with sweet and savory foods. Some were sublimely delicious; others were odd and pungent. There was an art to balancing the various flavors as one ate, an art I had no clue about. This was a source of ongoing amusement to the others. Stanj talked about the Xzardan way of life as another lesson commenced. He worked it into dinner conversation well. Xzardan children began in the women’s zone where they were raised until the age of 10. At 10 years old, they raised the boys into adulthood in the military zone. The girls remained in the women’s zone to be raised in their ways. The military zone had several roles. It managed and coordinated land, sea, and air defense; it controlled land defense and expansion; and a large part of it was geared to raising boys. It had a significant educational component. I pictured a boy’s boarding school, but his description made it seem like there were far more resources and options available to the youths than I could imagine. There was a serious commitment by the entire society to increase their numbers and raise new generations. As the boys aged, they were educated and trained to assist in the effort to expand Xzardan territory. The planet was hostile to intelligent life. As some mega-faunae preyed indiscriminately on humanoid species, they had to be removed from areas designated for expansion. Even though only 4% of the planet was settled, they planned to 'tame’ 30% of it over the next century. They continuously created buffer areas as they expanded, so they controlled over twice as much raw territory as was settled. Monitoring outposts were arranged across the planet's surface. Some areas outside ‘tame’ sectors were used for mining and needed to be maintained actively. Land defense was responsible for these activities, with some input from air and sea. Their adversary was the untamed planet. A planet of terror… and peace. They were also required to operate per Xzardan values, which emphasized respect for life. “I loved my time in the military,” Ruud said. “We are a big family, and my memories are fond ones.” “Did you have to kill many beasts, was it dangerous?” I asked. “Only boys 18 and over would go on expeditions, and then only as junior observers. It is the professional land defense that handles those functions. When I was there, I had to kill, unfortunately. The expeditions are dangerous and there are casualties. Some creatures out there are terrifying and cunning. They are driven by their survival instinct, and we appear, smell, and taste like food to many of them. Even with all the precautions that can be conceived, it is always risky. There are many men who stay in the military for most of their lives. And many guys do not want to leave. Exploration and expansion is an appealing life despite the danger and misgivings.” said Ruud. “For large endeavors, or projects, we create massive fortress-like structures. Some men become fantastic hunters and can take down monstrous beasts single handedly. Teams of 3-5 soldiers are needed to stop individuals from some species. But we do our best to evade direct confrontation. We also try to avoid mass slaughter, which requires a large warrior force to implement creative measures. In a sense, we’re warrior/scientists.” Stanj said. This seemed vague and he did not want to go into detail. When they said mega-fauna, I only thought of elephants and hippopotamuses, or maybe a dinosaur. I couldn’t wrap my head around the concept fully. Anyone can tell you about a pterodactyl, but you have to see one to appreciate its implications. There were millions upon millions of unfriendly creatures like that. “Were any of you hunters?” I asked. They didn’t seem to follow where I was going with this. Which was to project a definition of being ‘macho’ on them. They weren’t biting. “I definitely encountered and had to slay a few creatures. I know Stanj has as well since we’ve been on expeditions together. It is not a thing I like to think about, it does something to you. I didn’t like it and I wouldn’t seek it out. These beasts can be shrewd and can come out of nowhere. In fact, they watch to ensure they catch you off guard. It’s a battle to keep your wits about you, let alone protect yourself. They operate without morality; they do what they do. But we are the ones who came to them. We put them in conflict with us. ” Ruud said. “I Had some run-ins while in the military, and with sea predators in Poseidon. Most guys do. I wouldn’t say I am a ‘hunter’, however. Some guys are specialists and they come in very handy in some circumstances. Nevertheless, we must all learn how to defend ourselves from an early age. There are challenges in this world, pup. But we’re prepared. There is no danger for us here, the archipelago containing the city-states is safe.” Dzaan said. “I picked up a love of bodybuilding in the military. It’s a major pastime and encouraged from a young age.… The guys with the biggest muscles are always the most popular.” Ruud said and chuckled. He flexed his arm to show and laughed. It was reassuring to know muscle obsessed them as it did me. That evening I got into bed first so Stanj and Ruud could surround me. Each of my shoulders pushed against each of their pecs. They pressed their swollen cocks against the sides of my body as they became comfortable. Each one licked my ears and kissed my head while they lightly pumped my sides. Ruud held Stanj over me in his massive arm and trapped me between them. I faced each in turn as they alternated sticking their tongues into my mouth and sucking on my lips and nose. Stanj used his free hand to massage my jewels with his wide palm and fingers. It felt amazing to be between their strong, soft, and hairy muscles. I could hear the lube slosh on Dzaan’s dick above us. We ground and pumped to the wet sounds of sloshing lube. After a few blissful minutes, we all climaxed. Ruud wiped us clean and Dzaan went back to his bed. ◆◆◆ Days 4–7: End of 1st week My ass had a lot of action toward the end of the week. As I would play with one guy, another would insert progressively larger toys. I wasn’t used to getting pleasure from my anus, but these men were experts at it. And it was incredible to watch and spend time with them. They were from an ancient homosexual culture that attached no shame to that very complex body part. They understood how to maximize the art of taking enjoyment from it and devoted themselves to teaching me. We played with various dildoes with distinctive qualities over the days and evenings. Some were inflatable, some were textured, and some were smooth. The rest of my first week followed the same pattern. We stayed in the villa, had sex, and worked out. In between, they taught me more about their world and language. They kept me occupied with fantastic musclesex and fascinated with their stories. My thoughts about home became gentler and less imperative. The hosts were amazing, and I felt our bonds deepen with each passing day The following week we continued with the toys, and I started to fuck with Stanj, with his relatively smaller, but thick, 9-inch weapon. It was massive from my perspective and well above the Earth norm. The way they approached my training was a great deal of fun, and full of pleasure. They also showed me all the ways they give each other enjoyment as I watched some of the most incredible live Xzardan muscle porn that had previously been unimaginable to me. It was paradise. They told me I would have a full understanding of Xzardan sexual culture by the time they were done. One of the more intriguing sexual practices regarded cum. Xzardan men did not eat cum during sex, or accept it inside them, unless it was from a lover as it was part of an intimate bonding rite. They also found that their cum had an even greater effect on Earth guys. It was like a superfood, or even a steroid, especially from the most advanced elite bodybuilders. This may have had to do with their genetic makeup and enhanced nutrition. An Earth guy could live on it alone for weeks. Consuming it strengthened the bond of Earth-Xzardan couples. It also helped the Earth dude become more buff and solid. For that reason, my hosts wouldn’t cum inside me or let me eat theirs. It would be something I shared with a partner I chose. This invariably led to the key question. What exactly was going on? It was a blast, but I needed to know more. Information seemed to trickle slowly, and yet there was a lot to take in. They said we would go on a tour of the city-state of Anaxandri, beginning with an overview of the settlements that comprised its vast area. The tour of the island would give me a better understanding of their world. We planned to go in a few days. Meanwhile, we continued with our regimen of sex, working out, relaxing, and learning. The Erindans kept us fed and maintained the villa while we played. My phenomenally hunky new friends had me endlessly entertained and time flew by. I even noticed continuous improvements to my body. My muscles were more defined, and I had less body fat. I also felt my love handles were melting, and my six-pack was getting clearer. I focused more on developing my glutes, I saw how attracted the Xzardans were to my ass, and I wanted to please them. My hosts were a constant inspiration in many ways. Besides being wildly attractive and superbly muscled, all three of the guys showed an earnestness that was reassuring and charming. They did not betray ulterior motives. Their behavior was consistent with their words. It was disconcerting to notice they had no guile but were incredibly intelligent and accomplished. I surmised this was a consequence of their culture and the make-up of their society. It seemed inconsistent that negative intentions would motivate a society that produced men like these. I became increasingly comfortable as each day passed and I started to love them. Still, I wondered, where was the fly in the ointment? I actively searched for it. I supposed it would be a negative experience if I were an unwilling straight man. But even then, they mentioned Xzardan society accommodates diverse lifestyles. Being torn from your home and life with nothing to attract you could be traumatic for anyone. Not to mention being surrounded by physically superior, larger homosexual men who wanted you and could break you like a twig if you didn’t comply to their demands. And/or brutalize and rape you at will. They were sexually attracted to Earthmen, regardless of orientation. Being abducted in that circumstance, and for genetic material, would seem like a hostile act. No matter how well they treated you, you would always be on edge. That would be a major fly in a lousy ointment. But for me, I found paradise. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to read more? There's a lot more to come. Another 22 chapters and a whole lot of characters and action. It's a really fun read. Click the link, its both easy and easily accessible. Tales of Xzarda: An erotic science fiction fantasy dedicated to the Cult of Hercules - Kindle edition
  19. If you enjoy this story, please consider subscribing to my GrowManGrow Patreon page for more like it: https://www.patreon.com/growmangrow Almost everyone in Morningstar, Colorado, knew Nick and Sophia Jones. For starters, it was not a very big town – only about 2,000 people lived there. But mostly they were known for running a popular restaurant: the Olympia Café. Both Nick and Sophia were 100% Greek, so don’t let the last name fool you: it used to be Ioneus, but Nick’s grandfather changed it to Jones to better fit in after he emigrated to the US back in the 1920s. The food served at the café was also 100% Greek – authentic recipes handed down from Sophia’s grandmother to her mother and then to her. The meals were tasty, the portions were generous, and the prices were affordable – and to top it all off, Nick and Sophia were incredibly hospitable and did everything possible to ensure their guests had a memorable dining experience. Both restaurateurs were also known for their support of the community, and they were always ready to host a benefit or cater an event for any local cause. Nick and Sophia’s eldest child, their daughter Athena, inherited their incredible kindness and always did her best to help others. Now 30 years old, Athena ran a successful public relations firm in nearby Denver and was constantly doing pro bono work to assist those in need. She also served on the board of several charitable organizations, and of course, made frequent trips back to Morningstar to visit her family. The other child, Hercules, was two years younger than Athena and was given all the same love and attention she received from her parents, but instead of possessing a giver’s heart and wanting to bring kindness to the world, Hercules instead was cursed with something that no other member of the Jones family had: a massive ego. He only truly loved himself, and he only spent time on activities which benefitted him. Hercules did receive two things from his parents, however – the first was a strong Greek profile, with his dark wavy hair, thick beard and mustache, and olive skin. If you saw him walking down the street, you would be 100% confident in his ethnicity and heritage. And second, both his mother and father were above-average in size, and they passed those genetics onto him. Hercules stood 6’4” tall and weighed 180 pounds when he graduated from high school a decade earlier, but thanks to rigorous weight training at the local gym, he had buffed up to 280 well-sculpted pounds and now resembled the demigod he was named after. He loved pumping up his muscles and growing his physique, and he was hoping to get up to 300 pounds before he turned 30 in two years. One look at him, even covered up in a coat or bulky sweater, and you knew you were looking at a stud. What did he want to do with his amazing body? Teach others how to get in shape? Nope. Become a famous powerlifter or bodybuilder? Nope. Get work as an actor or model? Nope. All Hercules wanted to do was use his muscles to demonstrate his superiority over other men AND get women to sleep with him. Both of those activities thrilled him as much as weightlifting, and with the generous allowance he received from his parents, he didn’t need to waste time on a job or do anything he considered to be frivolous. As a result, Hercules ended up spending most of his time at the town fitness facility, Morningstar Muscle, where he could lift weights, make fun of weaklings, and flirt with hot women whom he could take home and fuck. The gym was, at least for him, the perfect second home. The owner of the gym, a big-bellied ex-jock who was a good friend of the Jones family and received free food at the café, looked the other way at what he considered Herc’s relatively harmless frat-boy activities. The other members of Morningstar Muscle also didn’t do anything to stop him. The women who hadn’t been with him yet of course assumed they could eventually change his bad boy ways once they slept with him (they couldn’t), and the women who had been seduced and tossed aside were hopelessly devoted to the idea that the big man (and yes, he was big all over) might pick them again in the future (he would not), so they continued to flirt and do anything he wanted (“Baby, go get me another protein shake. Daddy needs a boost.”). The men did their best to give Hercules a wide berth so they didn’t become targets of harassment, and so the bad behavior of the Greedy Greek went unabated for a long time. But things finally began to change one August afternoon. It was 92 degrees outside, and the gym’s air-conditioning was struggling to keep the weight room cool. Hercules was there, as usual, and decided to work out shirtless due to the sweltering conditions, plus he figured it would also help him better attract some new lady friends for the evening. He was right about that – Herc possessed an amazing upper body, and everyone around stared as the sweat cascaded down from his massive pecs into the crevices between his well-defined ab muscles. He peacocked around the equipment to make sure that nobody missed out on the glory that was his physique. The big man had just finished up a set of bench presses – he was getting close to pushing his personal best to 500 pounds – when a voice spoke to him from behind. “Excuse me, can you please clean up the bench?” Herc turned to see who had spoken. It was a smaller man – well, everyone was small compared to him – but this guy was particularly tiny. He was no taller than 5’2” or 5’3” and couldn’t have weighed more than 100 pounds. “What are you talking about, shrimp?” he asked. The man repeated his request: “Can you please clean up the bench?” He then pointed to where Hercules had just been laying, and indeed a layer of sweat from his back had pooled there. Hercules laughed. “What are you, the fuckin’ sweat police?” The smaller man then pointed to a sign on the nearby wall that read: All Members Must Clean Equipment After Use. “It’s just common courtesy,” he added. “Well, nothing about me is common, dipshit. If you’re such a baby that you can’t deal with a little sweat, maybe you should work out at home?” “Really, name-calling?” said the man. He was a new member named Tanner Cross, who had just moved to town a few weeks earlier and didn’t know Herc’s nasty reputation. “Wouldn’t your time be better spent following the rules?” Hercules had had enough by this point; not only was the little man interrupting his pump, but he was also way too confident for his size. “Listen up, fuckstain, I don’t know who you think you are, but let me tell you who I am. The name’s Hercules Jones, and I do whatever the fuck I want to do, or don’t want to do, in this town. I don’t give a shit that the bench has some sweat on it, and there’s no fuckin’ way I’ll be cleaning it up. That is fucking woman’s work, and I ain’t no fucking girl, got it?” Tanner was shocked at the outburst. He was about to apologize, but Hercules didn’t give him a chance to respond. The bodybuilder placed his big hands under Tanner’s armpits, picked him up, and shoved him hard against the wall where the “Clean Equipment” sign was posted. “Anyway, why the fuck are you so interested in my sweat, pervert? Let me guess, you think I’m hot and you’d you want a taste, right? You want to lick my body all over, huh?” “Please…put me down!” said Tanner as he tried to wriggle free of Herc’s grip, but he was unable to do so. “Look at the little man now. Too weak to get away. Maybe you *should* lick up some of my sweat – I bet it’s full of protein and could help you grow some much-needed muscle. Would you like that, wimp? To have big muscles like mine? To have 20-inch arms and be able to lift anything in your way? To be able to do anything you fuckin’ want because everyone is either too turned on or too scared to stop you? Look, I got a bunch of sweat right here on my chest…right there on my big ol’ pec, just dipping down. You can just slurp it right up. Go ahead, lick my nipple, boy.” Tanner continued to struggle but was making no headway. Hercules laughed again and took his right hand off his target. He then swirled his index finger across his pecs until it was wet with his perspiration. “Jesus, you can’t even get free when I hold you with one hand. But that’s OK, baby, ‘cause I got some muscle sweat for you to gobble down. Hercules pressed his sweaty finger against Tanner’s lips, and the smaller man did his best to look disgusted. But deep down, he was turned on, and thankfully his somewhat loose pair of sweatpants hid his erection (granted, it was only 4 inches long when hard, so it’s not like there was much to see). Tanner had moved to town a few months for a new job, and he figured his new life in a new place would be the perfect opportunity to pursue his secret desire: to finally put on some real muscle. He had always been the smallest and weakest guy wherever he went, and his masturbatory fantasies involved himself growing huge muscles like Hercules. Sure the man was a bully, but it was difficult to ignore his super sexy brawn and the swagger that accompanied it. Tanner tried not to stare, but Herc’s massive left arm was only inches from his face, and it was bigger than any he had ever seen before. He would give anything – his money, his brains, his eventual firstborn – to have that kind of raw power. He realized at that moment just how badly he craved muscle for himself, and he was more determined than ever to get it. After a few seconds of trying to get the little man to suck his finger, Hercules gave up, released his grip, and let his victim slump to the floor. “Fuckin’ pussy! Stay out of my way from now on, or you’ll really regret it.” Tanner looked up and watched Hercules walk away, all the while licking the sweat the big man had rubbed on his lips. As he stared at the Herc’s juicy ass bouncing up and down in the tight gym shorts, his cock couldn’t take it anymore and spewed forth a stream of cum inside his own shorts.
  20. BetweenTheLines

    Late Night Workout

    --- This is my first story, so comments are appreciated, but please be kind --- --- I'm also planning on posting some captions over on my Tumblr ---- It was after midnight and the gym was dead, but that was the way Marcus liked it. Marcus was a beast of a man, handsome, tall, and incredibly muscular. After finishing college, he had honed his naturally athletic physique into one that of an amateur bodybuilder. But that wasn’t enough for Marcus, he wanted to be truly huge, so he turned to a cocktail of chemicals to push his physique beyond his natural genetic limit. Marcus roared as he threw around huge amounts of weight, relishing in the pump that filled his muscles with blood. He couldn’t get away with such a raw display of power when the gym was full during the day, so he worked out at night when he could truly unleash. After several hours of pumping iron, Marcus faced one of the gym mirrors and admired his incredible physique. His meaty pecs heaved with each breath and his huge shoulders glistened with sweat under the gym lights. Marcus brought his swollen biceps up into a double bicep pose and watched as his peaks swelled with strength. There was another reason why Marcus liked working out alone. As he posed, his pants began to tent as he admired his own godly physique. He reached into his sweatpants and rearranged his huge cock and hefty balls. Unlike most users, he had found the perfect mix of chemicals that managed to not only boost his already naturally high testosterone production but also keep his sizable package intact. Marcus squeezed his lemon-sized nuts, sending a mixture of pleasure and pain throughout his body as clenched his powerful core. “I’m a fucking beast” he panted to the empty gym. But little did Marcus know, he wasn’t alone. Watching from the shadows was Seth, a freshman from the local college. Several weeks ago, Seth was making his way home after staying late in the computer lab. While walking past the local gym, Seth caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned to see a colossus of a man pumping iron with perfect form and animalistic power, his grey track pants doing little to hide the obscene bulge in his pants. Instantly, Seth was filled with a mixture of lust and loathing as he watched the raw display of power in front of him. He could practically smell the sweat that poured out of the man’s pores through the glass. Marcus was everything Seth wanted to be. Tall, muscular, handsome, the walking epitome of male masculinity. From that moment, Seth knew that he needed to take it for himself. And now, after weeks of work, tonight would be the night. As Marcus flexed, he began to feel the room get warmer. “The manager must have turned off the AC again,” said Marcus rubbing the sweat from his brow. He detected a slight smell of mint in the air but thought nothing of it. He threw a most muscular pose and watched as his huge muscles swelled in his black singlet. His singlet was drenched in so much sweat that it stuck to his body like a second skin. “Fuck, it really is hot,” Marcus cursed as he began to feel light-headed, the smell of mint growing stronger. Suddenly a wave of weakness washed over him. He found himself stumbling forwards toward the mirror before he managed to use his huge calloused hands to stop himself. He shook his head in an attempt to regain his senses as he tried to push his hulking form away from the mirror. The smell of mint flooded his senses, choking his lungs and causing his eyes to water, further clouding his mind. Suddenly he felt something slide into his pants, before feeling a small hand grip his cock. He heard a gasp as the cool hand explored the sheer size of his cock, a realisation that even in his current semi-hard state, the hand couldn’t even make it halfway around his girth. After a few moments, the hand began to run its way up and down his cocks already considerable length. Despite plenty of luck with the ladies, this had to be the most sensual thing that Marcus had ever felt. More blood pulsed through the thick veins of his cock until he was at full mast and rock hard. The hand gently pulled back his foreskin, exposing his huge mushroom head to the sweat-soaked fabric of his workout shorts and releasing a pungent smell of musk and hormones. The hand then massaged Marcus' sensitive tip, sending jolts of pleasure shooting throughout his body. “Ohhh fuck,” Marcus moaned. His muscles tensed and his back arched as he approached a toe-curling orgasm. His massive balls pulled upwards towards his body as they prepared for climax. But suddenly the feeling stopped. “Please. I’m. So. Fucking. Close,” Marcus panted as he was denied release. “What’s in it for me?” a voice Marcus didn’t recognise whispered softly. The smell of mint got stronger. “Anything. You. Want. Just. Let. Me. Cum!” Marcus moaned between waves of pleasure and pain, the veins of his cock bulging as pressure continued to build in his nuts. Seth smiled. Marcus’ consent was the final thing he needed. As he lifted the back of Marcus’ sweat-soaked singlet, the smell of salty sweat and musk filled the air. The smell of raw masculinity. He began to trace a series of runes on Marcus’ bare skin, marveling at the width of the muscle man’s back. Due to the massive difference between their heights, Seth had to get in his tiptoes to reach the giant's vast upper back to draw final runes. Marcus shuddered to Seth's touch, his back muscles twitching and flexing under the smaller man's fingers. “Soon,” Seth said to himself. Seth grabbed the waistband of Marcus’ gym shorts and with some difficulty pulled them down past his bubble butt and raging hardon. Marcus moaned as the fabric touched his sensitive cock and his mushroom head began oozing precum. Seth shucked his own pants revealing a thin, but average-length dick. With both hands, he parted Marcus’ granite-like ass cheeks. Seth pressed his dick against Marcus’ hole but was met with some resistance. He calmly reached up and pulled Marcus’ mammoth arms down to his side, before placing his palms on the back of Marcus’ significantly bigger hands. Then, as if they were his own, he guided them down to Marcus’ raging cock and began to stroke back and forth, faster and faster, Marcus’ precum and sweat lubing the length of his shaft. Even with Marcus’ saucer-like hands gripping his shaft, his swollen cock still had plenty of length to spare. The smell of mint was stronger than ever. Euphoria coursed through Marcus’ body and his cock shot out a volley of cum over the mirror in front of him. Seth felt Marcus’ defences relax. “This is it,” he whispered in Marcus’ ear, “now I ascend!”. Seth forced his cock inside Marcus’ waiting hole. Marcus fired another volley of cum as Seth pushed inch after inch into his asshole. Seth reached the point where he would have been balls deep in Marcus, but he pushed further, his groin sinking into Marcus’ muscular butt. Oblivious to what was happening, Marcus continued to ride his wave of climax, moaning as he released another spray of cum. Seth pushed further into Marcus, pushing his slender legs into Marcus’ tree trunks. His smaller size 8 feet were engulfed by Marcus’ size 14s. His torso made contact with the ridges of Marcus’ muscular back before sinking into his warm flesh. Seth pushed his small sticks into Marcus' colossal arms and his slender hands into Marcus’ larger calloused ones. He felt as if his consciousness was expanding to fill the stud's body, a rush of strength and testosterone flooding through his being. He began to feel what Marcus felt, flashes of sensation of his powerful hands on his massive cock, and the cooler breeze of the gym air on his hot, sweaty skin. Finally, as Marcus sprayed another impressive volley of cum on the gym mirror, Seth pushed his head into the middle of Marcus’ back. Everything went dark as both men closed their eyes. Seth let his consciousness envelope Marcus’, stripping it of its confidence, dominance, and animalistic drive, before pushing the pathetic remains out into the darkness. The strong smell of mint was joined by the heavy smell of musk, a cocktail of hormones hanging thick in the air alongside the smell of sweat and cum. Seth’s eyes shot open and he sprayed the last of Marcus’ essence over the gym mirror. He looked down at his pumped chest and watched it rise and fall as his heart pumped oxygen throughout his colossal form. He brought his huge hands up and flexed them into fists, marveling at the way his huge pencil-thick veins pulsed as they fed blood to his muscles. Seth felt heavy, he felt strong, he felt powerful. The sound of a door closing snapped him back to reality and he spun around and saw the janitor getting ready to clean the gym. Seth pulled up his gym shorts, turned his cap backward, and began to swagger across the gym, his cock still dripping cum into the deep grooves of his quads. As he approached the janitor with his new longer stride, he smirked, realising how much he now towered over normal men. “I left a bit of a mess, but I doubt you mind,” Seth said, noticing the raging hard-on in the janitor’s pants. “When you have as much testosterone as I do, you need to release the beast once and awhile,” Seth bragged, flexing one of his huge veiny biceps for the janitor to admire. The janitor moaned softly as a wet spot appeared on the front of his trousers. Seth snickered and turned away from the lesser man. The janitor stammered a response to the giant, but Seth didn’t care. Seth easily pushed open the heavy gym door, feeling the cool breeze on his hot sweaty skin. He took a deep breath, inhaling his new manly scent before he disappeared into the night to begin his new life as a true alpha male.
  21. Here is the latest update on the current Patreon Story that I've been working on for the last month and a half To be Continued...
  22. Tales of Xzarda: An Erotic Science Fiction Fantasy Dedicated to the Cult of Hercules Written for men who are into muscle. Big, cut, defined, fantastic, Herculean muscle. Following is part of Chapter One of the novel. The 1st 3 chapters are available in separate posts close to this one. Tales of Xzarda. 25 chapters total. Available in full for instant download at; https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09LLDPTQT Note: The text below is best viewed in dark mode but I will repost the first chapter in full again. You can also go to Amazon for the 1st 2 chapters by using the “Look Inside” feature. The 2 chapters are about 40 odd pages. The whole book is over 550 pages and it keeps your attention through to the end. There is a lot of amazing descriptions of incredible, amazing musclemen and a lot of sex. But also a fun story with some interesting ideas to consider. Part One: Fuckpuppy to the MuscleGods Chapter One: The Arrival. It’s not always easy to get what you want. It’s also not easy to figure out what you , and so much information trying to convince you what you need. It’s hard to have the strength to sift through it all. I ended up with a series of sub-optimal choices. Some friends and relatives were still jealous of my choices compared to theirs. The grass is always greener on the other side, as they say. At least my choices were leading to a safe life. A comfortable life provided the planet didn’t burn up in another twenty years. But maybe a bit boring and lonely in all honesty. Of course, some drama would invariably crop up at work. I may have said the wrong thing, or someone decided to interpret something I said negatively. Or I simply put my foot in my mouth, drawn to stupidity like a moth to a flame. There certainly were plenty of nights that I replayed the minor conflicts at work endlessly, ...so much time spent on nonsense that basically went nowhere. And yet, time after time, I would get hooked. Pointless drama is addicting. Maybe it is a cure for boredom. Or just a useless trick of our monkey minds. I was in my house a little after 9 PM, stoned on the sofa and surfing the net while I watched TV. Nothing unusual. I had to work the next day yet again, so my aim was to unwind. I lived on my own. But I was used to that. I moved to a small city to pursue my career, even if that meant having to sacrifice my social life. There weren’t many gay men to connect with in my town. But I was open to the possibility of meeting someone and went to the gym regularly. I accepted solitude and, frankly, enjoyed it. I came from a family with a lot of drama, so I found peace comforting. Maybe I distanced myself from others more than I needed to. Maybe the peace I experienced was good for me. Suddenly, I felt jerked around as if I were having a seizure. I was breathing and conscious and then noticed I was floating in the air. I swallowed deeply and spun, then stopped, and felt a massive rush in my head like when you stand up too fast. Then I passed out. After what felt like only minutes, I woke up and found myself lying on top of a large, soft table/bed in a sterile lab. I felt disoriented and small on the massive and comfortable cushion. It seemed like they made it for someone twice my size, maybe 8 ft tall. The pair of gray 2xist briefs I was lounging in at home were neatly folded beside me, cleaned and very much real. Still feeling cloudy, I could discern a few people moving toward me. As they approached, I noticed they wore dark glasses, had fine fur-like hair, and were grayish with rabbit-like features. They were slender, and shorter than me at slightly over 5 feet tall. Their ears looked like giant mice and they had a non-threatening, almost comical, presence despite being engaged in a professional purpose. They raced around making excited, high-pitched sounds. Despite feeling anxious, I found them amusing. But I also knew something strange had just happened. The technicians were working on equipment I had never seen before. But I found nothing odd with that, I wasn’t interested enough in the health field to be up to date on its technology. The workers may have also just been in costume. However, after having watched a lot of science fiction in my day, I got a sneaking suspicion I was quite far from home. A while later I noticed a few larger, more menacing figures come closer toward the bed. The grayish folk scattered and disappeared. I began to get my bearings and saw things a bit more clearly as a wave of fear engulfed me. Three men came toward me and they were large and imposing but seemed human. As they moved closer, I thought “shit!” and my heart started beating faster while the fear subsided, but my adrenaline continued to surge in overdrive. These men were enormous, super-fit, and damned handsome. They had incredibly muscular bodies under their lab coats. They were tall. Taller than any men I was used to seeing. They must have been close to 7 feet each, with massive, bulging round shoulders as wide as a wall and comparatively narrow waists. Their chests were huge, with biceps that stretched the sleeves of the thin, silk-like cloth of their lab coats. They looked like superheroes. A little further down from their jackets I noticed their baskets and watched as their groins swole and pressed against tight, spandex-like pants. Cords laced their crotch areas and secured their waists like football pants. Their clothing, although serious and professional-looking, was fashionable and designed to complement their well-developed physiques. One had royal blue tights with an embossed jacquard design and a black cord. He also wore a yellow mesh shirt that hugged and defined his thick and hairy chest. The second wore black tights and a gray shirt with a deep V-neck that revealed his huge and perfectly sculpted pecs. A field of short, light brown hair had grown on them. The third was smooth and wore similar black pants and a dark gray, almost transparent shirt under his coat. He turned and I could see the black fabric entered between and defined the beautifully round muscle of his large, dimpled butt cheeks. Like those of a well-muscled, giant male ballet dancer. I was naked on the bed and grew a boner as I watched them come closer. I looked along my much smaller body and saw my smooth chest was still full and squared, my 6-pack was marginally visible, and my legs were nicely shaped and defined. I was well-worked out; I had not shrunk. There was at least a foot of space above my head and below the heels of my bare feet, and a couple of feet of space on either side of me, but the table/bed was massive. As much as I fought against it, the blood continued to flow into my exposed, 7-inch cock and I mindlessly stroked it as I attempted to hide it. They noticed how I was looking at them and I felt embarrassed. They glanced at each other, then peered down at me and grinned at my pathetic attempt to hide my boner. The one with the exposed chest reached into his pants and adjusted his big dick for greater comfort. I watched mesmerized. The thought flashed in my mind of how I wanted to go down on it, or at least have him rub it against me. I pretty much forgot I had just been abducted. The one in royal blue reached over with his massive hand and gently stroked me from my pec down my right leg. He wanted to feel the hardness of my body and softness of my skin. I gave in to the fact my exposed dick was full, hard, and pointed upward. They seemed thrilled and I smiled back at them, excited despite my uncertainty and anxiety. I enjoyed being touched and wanted the superman to do it more. To them, they hit the jackpot. Those three giant musclemen craved nothing more than to kiss, cuddle and fuck me there on the spot. Despite their overwhelming interest, they were restrained, and I remained unsure, still a patient on a hospital bed, or a prisoner at their mercy. Little did I know they were a small part of a larger plan, and there was much more in store. Ruud says the rest of this Chapter and Chapter 2 are available to read in separate posts close to this one. They are also available for free at the following link along with some maps and other information: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09LLDPTQT
  23. Please click below for the full book and all 25 chapters. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09LLDPTQT Following is the full Chapter 2. There is a lot of world building in this chapter and a number of hot sex scenes. Chapter One is in a post below, or you can click on the link above for access to both Ch.1 and 2 in the eBook. I will post the next few chapters through chapter 6 every week. Please comment and if you would like to read more please click on the link above. Chapter 2: The First Two Days It was already evening by the time we prepared to go to the designated transition villa. I walked between my hosts to their shuttle, which was a flying vehicle. I enjoyed watching Rudd’s awkward muscle waddle as he led the way through the building. We walked down a hall along a glass wall with a forest on the other side. The colors were like a rainforest on Earth but with a light blue hue, as if seen through tinted glass. We stepped onto a circular pad and arrived at an open space with 6 shuttles parked at the edge of the platform. Ruud brought us to a sleek and elegant brown and steel blue machine with masculine lines. I sat in the back with him. We flew out from the port and emerged into Anaxandri. Ruud wrapped his massive arm around me as we flew over the city for a few minutes. I could tell from the architecture that this world celebrated masculinity and artistic design. Our destination was a beautiful beige and white villa on a cliff overlooking the city’s skyline and the sea beyond. The air had a salty smell and felt humid, but pleasant. A contrast from the cold autumn air I experienced going home after work a few days ago, the last time I was outside. On a level lower than the main house was an Olympic-sized swimming pool surrounded by two outlying buildings. They occupied an expansive terrace carved into the hill. One building housed a gym that was suitable for both me and the guys with our different levels of strength. The other was a beach house with what looked like a few separate rooms with beds to nap on, an open kitchen, toilets, and a large shower room. A gleaming tiled patio was covered in an abstract pattern that blended curves and angles. There was an area with daybeds and lounges, and a dining table under a pergola surrounded the pool and outbuildings. The pergola overlooked the city and sea. Tall trees circled the villa and gave it privacy. However, the surrounding hills were peppered with similar homes. The architecture was Greek classical mixed with whimsical curved elements on various parts of the buildings and in the balcony's layout. It looked as if they fused the work of Antonio Gaudi with ancient Greece while on LSD. And yet it all worked stunningly. On Earth it would be a home for a plutocrat. Everything I saw along the way appeared rich and clean. The climate was tropical, warm, and pleasant during the evening. It was sunny and warm to hot during the day. We were greeted by two Erindans who spoke to Stanj when we entered the main house. The Erindans were alien; they were humanoid but seemed as if they evolved directly from rodents, rather than via primates. They had soft, fine fur on their skin that was shiny and reflected the light. They were not hairy, as their fur was very short and thicker than human body hair. It was almost skin-like, but you could make out different colored areas the way a cat or dog could have varied spots of color on their coats, but muted. Their mouth area was a hybrid of a mammal and human mouth that appeared like a cleft top lip, but that was an illusion caused by their facial muscles. It was possible to discern their various expressions with practice. They had a nervous energy and hurried. From what I could tell, having seen them at the lab and now here, it was normal for them to be in constant motion. Dzaan seemed to know where to go and I followed him into a large bedroom decorated in dark woods and surrounded on three sides by windows. Rudd and Stanj were close behind. The bed was gigantic, about 9 x 8 feet, with two satellite beds 6 x 8 feet each angled to the sides at the foot of the main one. I realized substantial beds without covers were a major piece of furniture in this world, used in different ways and contexts. They variously were used as beds, sofas, daybeds, lounges, or settees. The Erindan crew already prepared our bedroom for sleep as thin blankets lay folded by the edge of each one. The guys agreed among themselves that I would sleep on the main bed between Dzaan and Rudd. Stanj would be on another. They planned to alternate who slept beside me each night in succession. Once settled, they stripped and peeled their tight clothes from their huge muscles while I removed my lab coat. At the lab, I dreamed of going to bed with them and could not believe we were doing it. Despite my occasional anxiety, I was thrilled and horny as hell. The first night with the guys was perhaps the best in my entire life to date. I slept between Rudd and Dzaan with a hard-on throughout. I occasionally awakened to touch, kiss, and lick them; and snuggle into the crevices of their awesome bodies. The three scientists were spectacular in the buff, they seemed to drip testosterone from every pore. Dzaan’s body was more amazing than I imagined once his shirt came off; soft skin, bulbous muscle-bellies, cut, and erotic as hell. When he removed his tights, I asked him if he shaved his legs and he said no; he was naturally hairless. His hard dick was a massive club of almost 13 fat inches with a beautiful mushroom head, even larger than what I saw of his VPL in the lab. He flexed to get me going and tease me; he knew I liked muscle and could tell his physique impressed me, which pleased him. Rudd in the nude was spectacular to see. All his muscle was well worked, dense, round, and shredded. His hard, fat cock was also a beautiful 10 and 1/2 inches of uncut meat and matched his veiny, super-muscular body. They wanted to fuck me stupid but held back as they knew they were there to train me to accept and enjoy their comparatively large and thick penises. A part of me craved to be brutalized and torn apart by their powerful, manly meat, but I was elated just to be around them. The first phase of the process was very gentle and erotic. They liked to stroke and pet me, often using their heavy dicks for this purpose, and reach over and press their tongues in my mouth and kiss. I enjoyed the attention and responded as they hoped I would. For them, I was amazing and responsive right out of the box, remarkable as a solid, muscular guy of only 5"10", 180 lbs. With a shaved head, dark goatee, and smooth skin, I also seemed like a giant penis that they wanted to screw, kiss, and worship. That first night, I must have quietly cummed about three times sleeping between Rudd and Dzaan, finding crevices on their bodies to fuck and rub my dick against as I fell in and out of sleep. I occasionally woke up to see one of them, or Stanj, standing over me and masturbating. When we got up many hours later, Erindans had brought some food to the bed for the four of us to eat, and the guys taught me some words as I admired their otherworldly muscle. ------- Day 2: After eating our fill, Stanj stood up naked in front of me and asked if I wanted to get washed. I agreed with a smile and he took me to the magnificent adjacent bathroom. The shower area was almost 10 feet square with several jets pointed at different angles. Along the walls were soft benches with wide seats on the floor, covered in a waterproof material. I stood in the center of the shower area as he adjusted the jets and temperature. He came up behind me and hugged me in his enormous and strong arms, and squeezed me against his thickly muscled and hairy chest while we got wet. Held tight in his grip, he pressed his hard dick against my back and rubbed himself on me. He soaped my front, paying careful attention to my crotch, and caressed it with one hand as he felt and cleaned my pecs and torso with his other. When he finished, I turned and reached up to feel and soap him, while I explored his massive pecs, shoulders and armpits. I rubbed and admired his arms as he flexed. I pressed my face between his hairy pecs and snuggled in his body hair as my nose and lips drifted down over his rocky, defined 8-pack; licked and kissed his throbbing cock on the way down, and settled onto my knees in front of him. I lifted his heavy, engorged penis to get to his balls and sucked on one of them. His dick was now a stiff 9 inches and fat. His balls were big and full. Just one was difficult to get my mouth around. I sucked on it and kneaded my junk as he pulled on his dick just above my face, careful not to hit me. This went on for almost 10 minutes until he stroked faster and ultimately came. He lifting me off his balls and into his arms and kissed me hard and deep. Then he sat down against the wall on the leather cushions and pulled me into his lap. His solid dick was against my lower back and he slid it under my bottom. He held me in his enormous guns, and my head rested in the cleavage of his pecs. His massive thighs trapped my butt and lower body. He jerked me off as he brushed his biceps against me and kissed my bald skull. I reached around to peck the peak of his bicep. The water continued to rush over us, and I was in ecstasy as his gigantic hand stroked my 7-inch cock. I came after a few minutes and moved to lie on top of him as he lay back on the cushions. I kissed him hard. The man was a phenomenal, hot, and massively muscled funhouse. We stood up and finished washing each other’s legs and feet, and any remaining cum from our bodies and the shower walls. He got out first, dried himself, brought me a towel, and dried me off. He then gave me a device to clean my teeth and showed me how to shave with it. After about an hour we emerged from the bathroom, very satisfied and a little tired. Stanj figured that because the other two slept with me, he would be the first to cum with me. I felt that I wanted to make sure the three of them were happy and satisfied as I began to enjoy my new circumstance. Dzaan and Rudd were standing on the terrace waiting for us, still naked. While I was with Stanj, I got lost in how stunning he was. But when I saw Dzaan and Rudd casually standing with their magnificent muscle and good looks, my heart skipped a beat. I had to stop and catch my breath. But I just smiled as though nothing much was going on. Dzaan filled me in on the day’s schedule in his muddled English through a strong, accented voice. He sounded as hot as he looked. I went over and leaned against him as he put his big hand on my shoulder. It did not take long to feel comfortable with these men, they were extremely affectionate, even with each other. Dzaan announced a tailor was coming from the city center to meet me. He wanted to get to know a bit of my personality, and for me to select the fabric, patterns, and colors I liked. He planned to create a wardrobe for me geared to Xzardan tastes. Getting dressed in a manner to enhance one’s physique and sexual appeal was a standard requirement in this world. The rest of the day we would eat, relax, work-out and they would continue to teach me. They said they were easing me into their world and knew such a transition could be a shock for anyone. They aimed to take things slowly and make my transition enjoyable. It was only my first day outside of the lab, but the thought of not being able to return home was a little let less stressful. I processed the experience more like an incredible vacation than anything else. When the tailor arrived at the villa we were dressed in briefs for the pool, with me in my 2Xist ones that were my only possession from Earth. The Xzardans spoke in their language for a moment. When they spoke, it was very sexy. It was soft in strong, throaty male tones and incorporated many sh, b, t, p, k, and oo sounds, similar to a very erotic and masculine Brazilian Portuguese. It made them seem like they liked to kiss, which they did. After a brief while, they came over to translate for me. The tailor was hot, but he was not a competitive Xzardan bodybuilder. He looked like a bodybuilder, however. Although not as heavily muscled as the guys. He was 7 feet plus an inch or so, a few inches taller than Stanj and an inch higher than Dzaan and Rudd. He was a swimmer, and at 285 lbs. he was very lean and streamlined. In our world, he could be a competitive bodybuilder with so much lean muscle, and he had perfect proportions. Here, however, he was slender, and incredibly attractive to the biggest men who could reach up to 7 and ½ feet and well over 400 lbs. of fat-free beef. His lover was in fact one of the largest bodybuilders ever, a very tall hulk of over 450 lbs. of lean muscle with an unbelievable 18-inch, beer-can thick cock. And he was not yet part of the top elite competitors. The tailor was blond with long hair that covered his neck and wore black slacks and an intricately laced shirt. They called him Shen. He could see I was getting along well with the guys and that I was, in fact, one of their most willing ‘travelers’ yet, especially so early. Shen seemed to think I was attractive. We sat together and selected fabric and patterns and examined colors. He acted like it was an honor to do this for me. He said he would have things brought over as he had them made and would start with some basic everyday wear in a few days. In the meantime, he learned of my measurements from the Erindans at the lab and already made a few items to lounge around the villa and pool. I thanked him for his thoughtfulness and Stanj translated. It blew me away how nice everyone was in addition to how beautiful they were. There was a great deal of planning and resources spent to make me comfortable and integrate me into their world. It made sense if they devoted so many resources to importing me through a wormhole, then why not add a little more to ensure I was happy? At least compared to throwing me in a dungeon. I remained confused, but it was fun, so I didn’t question too much. When they were talking with Shen, I kept hearing this word repeated and about me, “rooshk”, and asked Dzaan what it was. He said it meant ‘pup’. He said he hoped I didn’t mind, but I was referred to in their society as a human ‘pup’, which they liked very much and, apparently, I was an ideal one. I must admit in that context I liked it and let Dzaan know I would not object. I also wanted to kiss his dick, which was visible in his skin-tight white swim trunks. Or at least lick the protruding curve of its head, but decided not to in front of Shen. ---- After the tailor left, we went outside to the terrace, and it was the first time I saw their city in the daylight. It was an exceptional view as we were on a hill separate and above the core city. From the vantage of the balcony, the whole place was at our feet and it was stunning. The natural beauty was amazing with tall hills and small mountain ranges that led to beautiful beaches, the sea and a few outlying islands. There were incredible public buildings in polished stone, sculpted metal, and glass. Housing appeared to be a mix of villas and complexes that were inviting and impressive. It was a wealthy place with shuttles flying around and all sorts of watercraft in the harbor and beyond. It was artistic in layout and design. Otherworldly, while also relatable. Xzardans used space like humans. There were about 300,000 Xzardans in the city-state of Anaxandri. Of those, 50,000 were female and lived in a separate zone. They cared for all children 0- to 9-years-old, a cohort of 45,000. The remaining Xzardans were male, a ratio of 5 men to 1 woman. 90,000 of the population were children under the age of 20. Male Xzardan children in the 10-19-year-old cohort comprised 37,500 individuals. The military raised them with the support of the 50,000 adult men who were lifelong members. Of the city’s 160,000 active adult men, 110,000 others went through the military and practiced various professions. Professional activity focused on science, administration, air, and sea management, resource extraction and building, trade and communication, exploration, design, health, and sport. The 7 city-states that comprised the settled area of the planet had similar demographics. Anaxandri was the typical model of a city-state that they replicated as they expanded. Their rate of expansion accelerated by the time I arrived. An 8th city-state was due to become operational in a year and a 9th would follow 8 years later. Each city-state developed in harmony with an Erindan provincial settlement of 6 million. Dzaan, Rudd, and Stanj said they needed to work out after lunch for a couple of hours and that they would show me around the gym. I was eager to watch them train. Afterward, we could have a snack and hang out by the pool (and maybe have sex). There was something in the food that made me recover from an orgasm and be ready for another, and so I was ready again. I wanted to worship Dzaan’s massive sausage, or at least lick it for a while. And yet there was Rudd, so magnificent in his black briefs and erotic muscle waddle. We went over to the gym and they began their routines in their briefs, thinking nothing of changing into gym clothes. I enjoyed watching them train and get pumped, but figured I should get into my routine and get pumped as well. It felt like a few days had passed since my last workout. I looked in the mirror and thought my body was nice but needed work. I was lean, but I thought I appeared puffy. My legs and calves were well-defined, and I had a small waist and a petite but hard ass. They considered me a hot guy in most gay communities, at least when I visited them. To a Xzardan, my look and size made for a very desirable ‘pup’ and I loved the idea of being one, but I wanted to be even better. Two or three days ago I would never have imagined myself thinking like this, in a situation beyond imagination, and now I didn’t want to leave. Next thing I knew, Rudd came up behind me and kissed the top of my head. Looking at him through the mirror, I couldn’t get over how handsome, built and affectionate he was. Rudd alone was a dream come true. Those hot black briefs pushed his dick and balls out front and, in the back, they cleaved into his big, perfect, round, and hard muscled ass more than his pants did the day before. I could put my entire hand in there before the fabric reached his asshole. He had the power to crush my hand as I did it. I asked him if he had a posing routine and he said yes, of course, many even, and if I would like to see the one from his last contest after they finished training. He said he came in second during an event held about a week before. He also said he would only do it with me in private because he would want to have sex after. Asking to see a Xzardan’s routine in private had sexual connotations. Muscle posing was erotic for Xzardans, and one-on-one it was for sexual display. It presupposed a desire to have sex by both parties. An offer to perform was an invitation to play. I had no problem with this and wanted to see each of their routines often. We made a plan for the late afternoon after training. He kissed my head again and said thank-you as if I was doing him a great favor; yet my heart beat so hard I thought it would explode through my chest. I turned around and went to feel his big hard muscled butt while I licked the nipple on his massive, thick pec, which was about as high as I could reach on him. He didn’t move a millimeter until I finished, enjoying my touch as much as I enjoyed touching him. His dick swelled huge in his black trunks, the full head of it now visible through the stretchy material that covered it. With my hand still feeling the inside of his butt cheeks, I moved down his body to put my face against his cock’s head and kissed it. He wanted to pull his throbbing, full cock out right there in front of me. I stood up and motioned that we should get back to training with the guys so we could hurry and go off together. About 20 minutes later I wrapped up my routine as all I wanted to do was go over to watch my new Xzardan buds. I was transfixed as they exercised almost nude, stretching and pumping their massive muscles until they swelled even bigger than I had seen them yet. It was great fun to observe, as I unwittingly rubbed my hard dick on the metal of a barbell while I looked on in rapt fascination. They concluded after another 40 minutes, after which we moved to the pergola for some food. I had a few bites and jumped in the pool to wash off and Rudd followed. He was pumped and contest ready and stood in front of me to display himself. I reached out to touch each of the ten slabs of his protruding ab muscle. I slid my hand into his trunks and held his fantastic, swollen meat. I told him I was ready to check out his routine. We surfaced from the water and he dried both of us with a soft towel-like cloth, then heaved me over his shoulder. He took me to a large room about 20 by 30 feet. It had high ceilings, and many windows interrupted with a 12-foot wide mirrored wall. A 6 x 9 foot daybed and a sofa were neatly arranged, along with an 8 x 8 foot platform positioned against the wall in front of both the bed and sofa, elevated at knee height. Music was controlled through some weird-looking device on a table by the platform, or dais. Between the bed and the sofa was another table with lubes, oils, creams, and sex toys. He laid me down on the bed, kissed me, and slipped my shorts off and pecked my dick. He brought about 6 pairs of posers in various colors and patterns from the table and asked me to choose one. I selected the solid black ones; I always loved black on bodybuilders as the color suits most men well. Rudd was no different. In fact, black looked amazing on him. He slipped off his briefs as I stared, and he attempted to fit his swollen package into the minimalist posers. His boner grew as he saw me stare. So he had further trouble putting them on. He succeeded in getting the material to cover his throbbing prick, but part of his testicles were visible. From behind, the fabric clung to his cheeks and entered far into the cleavage between them the way his briefs did. The deep cleft of his ass also complemented the canyons of the well-worked muscles on his massive back. Unlike the briefs, however, there was no fabric on the sides of the posers to mask the dimples in his butt cheeks. The cloth covered the round curves of the outside of his cheeks and enhanced their separation. Connecting the back to the front of the posers were thin strips of material that led to a V-shaped pouch that exposed his light brown pubic hair. The pouch contained most of his junk and highlighted the lines on his body that led from his waist to his dick. The cloth was like silk, but stretchy enough to accommodate a swelling cock, if not all of his balls, and exposed every contour and line of his jewels as if he were naked. He asked me if I wanted to cover him in oil and I said ‘yes’. Oiling him was great. I was already familiar with his body from sleeping with him the night before, but oiling gave me the chance to touch and see every inch of him up close in the light. Both of our dicks were rock hard as I rubbed the glistening balm into him and got to know him that much better through my fingers. As I was more than a foot shorter, I used a stool to reach his face and focus on his upper body first while I looked straight into his eyes. This encouraged him to grab onto and kiss me. I caressed his growing chest hair and memorized each inch of his herculean pecs and abs. His skin reflected the light as I worked the terrain of his superhero back and massaged his thickly muscled traps and shoulders. I made sure the oil didn’t look wet, but became a part of him, soaked into his skin. From each enormously round shoulder, I followed his thick triceps around to big double-peaked biceps. Working on his mountainous arms, I lingered and admired them and told him that each time he flexed it bumped my excitement a notch. He achieved a level of muscular development and perfection unheard of on Earth. I silently worshipped his monstrous arms as I polished them, then moved onto his forearms, hands and fingers. My hands reached into and around the open sides of his trunks to massage the exposed part of his powerful behind. I slipped my hand through one opening to reach his dick and balls and caressed his meaty package. As I held his dick, I stooped over to peck it but realized I wanted to see him pose before ripping off his posers. I turned my attention to his massive, cut, and rock-solid legs. Moving over his thighs, I pressed my face into the crack of his butt to sniff him. My dick was pounding and so was his. When I finished oiling his feet, I got up, and he crouched over to kiss me. He reached over to start the music and hopped onto the dais with a thud. He started with a front double bicep pose. His arms were like small mountains with double peaks. They measured 29 inches to my 16.5. This guy was as strong as he was incredible, and if I wasn’t so solid myself, he could easily hurt me. If he had me in a headlock, he could crush my head like a cantaloupe with one flex of his arm. I didn’t know at the time he was an accomplished warrior, besides being a physician and scientist. The thought of how powerful he was and yet so gentle and loving got me going. The beauty of his huge and perfect body was unbelievable. In terms of muscle mass, symmetry, and perfection, the man was beyond any Mr. Olympia, let alone a Mr. Universe. He was beyond anyone from Earth, even though he was human. After 5 minutes, he finished. His thick cock throbbed and dripped pre-cum as it threatened to burst from its covering. I rose to peel the posers off his ass and prick as I buried my face in his balls, licking them and his exposed club, as my meat was about to explode. I moved up between his legs to chew his taint. This made him crazy and ready to shoot. He crouched to lift me and press his tongue deep into my mouth as I sucked on it. He brought me to the bed while we continued to kiss. I climbed on top of him and reached to feel his super meaty pecs and play with his protruding, wet nipple. At the same time, I squeezed his slippery dick between my thighs as he pumped, and rubbed my cock against his hard and cut washboard abs. We kissed for a while until I moved down to worship his penis. I kissed and licked every inch of him along the way and took a detour to bury myself into his armpits and lick them and taste his odor. My senses filled with his smell. When I got back to his musty dick, I focused on its head and licked and nibbled it as he responded in ecstasy. I then spent time with his balls and sucked each one as I could just fit each one in turn in my mouth. I asked him to flip over so I could explore his ass with my tongue and bury my face in his fantastic muscle while licking his hole. It drove him nuts as I dug deep into him. Eventually, he turned over and placed me on my back in the middle of the bed against the headboard, and sucked on my jewels. I stroked his big, handsome head, played with his bald spot, and amazed at his awesome shoulders and muscular back as his head bobbed. It was too much for me and I struggled not to cum. After a while, he got up and moved to sit up on the bed. He pulled me next to him with one arm, trapped me, and kissed me as he jerked himself off. I reached for some lube and did the same as his tongue pushed toward my throat. Suddenly, he gushed a streak of cum that continued to bubble from his piss hole. The sight of his Xzardan load made me shoot over our chests and into his face. I went on to pump out more cum and became exhausted. He tenderly placed my head on his chest. I rested in his arms and told him how awesome I thought he and his routine was before I fell asleep. When we got up, he asked if I would go shower with him, which I considered odd since I’d follow him anywhere like a happy pup. We went into the nearest bathroom and he set up the jets. He wielded a semi hard-on and employed it to soap me up. I bent over and let him rub it against my head and face as he got the soap to lather and cover me using only his penis. He did it against the rest of the front and back of my body, teasing me at the butt by playfully trying to push his dick into it. He bent onto his knees and used his hands to finish soaping my legs and feet. I then used my hands to soap him and admired him yet again. He lifted me into his arms and he kissed me as the water fell over us and rinsed the soap away. When we emerged from the shower, a couple of hours had passed and the sun began to set. Dzaan and Stanj were naked and lounged around the pool as they had been fucking each other while Rudd and I were busy. They were so turned on by what we were up to that they fucked each other nonstop for well over an hour. Thinking of the two of them together excited me and was something I wanted to see, which I told them. Still naked, we moved to the balcony overlooking the city and Dzaan asked if I wanted a special fruit that gets you high like pot, with a euphoric and relaxing feeling and a sense of giddiness. He was now calling me ‘pup’. Dzaan seemed to like this fruit, but the others were also eager to have some and said they often had it at sunset. A couple of different Erindans brought out the fruit with other things to eat and drink as we spread out on a group of three daybeds. Each of the beds was large enough for me and one Xzardan to lie on as they were about 5 feet wide by 8 and 1/2 feet long. They had a thin but comfortable cushion and a covering like a pillowcase. The plan was to relax, eat, hang-out, and teach me a few new things. Dzaan pulled me onto his bed and curled himself around me. “Thank you all for being so hospitable, you are amazing guys, and I enjoy being with you.” I meant what I said. It was strange being in this alien world and I would be freaked out but for being so turned on. Maybe they were playing with my mind, but so much of what was going on was beyond my imagining. I could not see some alien species mining my head to make me dream this ‘dream’. Everyone and everything was consistent, and there were no gaps to suggest unreality, which I searched for. The guys really were wonderful. “I enjoy being with each of you,” I said. “You honor us, I am glad you like us, I think you are amazing,” said Ruud. “We’re lucky you got here, and that we were selected to help you,” added Stanj. “We all went through a long process to get into this position to help you transition to Xzarda. There were hundreds of men who competed to have this job. Few of us will ever know an Earthman.” Dzaan said. He stroked me from my shoulder to my foot. Ruud took the opening to start a lesson, the first of many. “We Xzardans are from Earth, which is why we look to it with our technology. We started as a group of 250 warriors from Thebes and Sparta that fought each other at the Battle of Leuctra in Earth’s ancient Greece 2500 years ago. The Muraan took our forebears from the battlefield, an alien species from a world system far from Earth, so that they could relearn aggression and martial skills from cultures that mastered them. They were far more advanced than us by eons and developed a pacifist nature. However, they were under threat at the time and believed the Spartan and Theban warriors suitable for their purpose. They abducted the group much as we did you. The stolen Greeks gave the Muraan what they needed, and they returned the favor by fostering a new colony among them. The 250 original men were overwhelmingly homosexual on both the Theban and Spartan sides and reproduced through Muraan technology. Over two thousand years we developed and prospered with the Muraan until we reached their level of technological understanding and numbered over 10,000 people.” “Some ancient traditions we continued while we evolved as a new people. Some we adapted to new circumstances. The name ‘Xzarda’ is a play on ‘Sparta’, but it means the ‘bringers of peace’ in our language. If we now number two and a quarter million from only 250 souls two and a half thousand years ago. You can imagine there have been many twists and turns in our evolution.” said Stanj. “When we Xzardans reached 10,000 and had the same knowledge as the Muraan,” said Ruud, “we wanted to find a home of our own. About 220 years ago, we set off in a group of ships to a new planet we identified for settlement, but we flew off course. You cannot plan for every eventuality with space travel. Once lost, our ancestors responded to a distress call from a planet in their immediate vicinity, which was this one. The distress call came from the Erindans. They were originally a Bronze Age, agrarian society that was enslaved by a culture capable of space flight. The Erindan slave ship veered off course and landed on this planet. The broken and abandoned ship sent a distress call that went unanswered for a few generations.” Stanj interrupted again, “The planet is hostile to humanoid life. Our forebears formerly called it the Planet Deimos, a land of fear and dread. It is full of huge and terrifying beasts that are known as ‘megafauna’. They knew nothing of beasts like these in ancient Greece, or the Muraan home world. The Erindans lived cowed in caves on the island of the city-state we call Chreondzoi, where the slave craft landed. They developed a cave-dwelling gatherer existence over generations, darting in and out of hiding to forage, and experienced a high mortality rate. They eked out a squalid existence while being prey for many endemic beasts. Both you and we would also be easy prey if we left the protected zone without a military team and a lot of equipment.” “To shorten the story a bit,” Ruud continued, “our ancestors came and helped the Erindans, and over time we cleared a few large islands for comfortable settlement. This was in keeping with the values we absorbed from the Muraan, to respect and value all life, but especially intelligent life. The Erindans are an extremely productive people when not living in terror and so they thrived under our protection and grew to almost 50 million today. They renamed the planet Xzarda in our honor. Our cooperation has led to enormous abundance on this land. There is a great surplus produced by both groups. We trade domestic help and food for security and fresh territory to expand on, and processed resources such as metals. We have a ‘tamed’ zone for our civilization that comprises a substantial archipelago, but only makes up 3-4% of the planet’s territory.” Dzaan added, “The Erindans want us to reproduce faster to help them expand as their population is exploding. Our growth is aligned with theirs. We have tried to encourage them to slow their birth rate by educating them to the development level of Earth’s 20th-century consumer society. We also need them to learn to take more of a role in ecological management and monitoring the boundaries. They are nervous and passive by nature, but highly social. With prosperity they became focused on the arts and intoxicants to slow themselves down. But they focus little on security where they defer to us, who they see as their protectors.” “Their settlements can be awfully noisy with all their festivals!” said Stanj. “But they have also changed us; where the Muraan made us wise and compassionate, the Erindans taught us to enjoy life’s pleasures.” “On average, there are 20-25 Erindans per Xzardan who rely on our protection to prosper. We also help supply them with raw materials such as metals for their industry. Every Xzardan relies on 3 Erindans to support us through producing our food and acting as domestic help. The Erindan state pays the ones who help us from the value of the goods we supply. They have a money economy, we do not. That is the arrangement in a nutshell.” said Ruud. “There seem to be more student interns helping us as more of the adults pursue intellectual work,” said Stanj. “Luckily, they consider food and cooking a high art.” “That sounds incredible, but why is everyone so much bigger than a regular human? And why so few women, on Earth there is a relative balance between male and female that holds true for the whole of the animal kingdom?” Dzaan, who had his thickly muscled arm over me and held me firmly against him, said that they became focused on perfecting the human body over a thousand years ago. Genetic manipulation was now an ancient art. They increased the human body’s average size 15-18% over Earth’s 21st century standards. They also allowed for a greater level of muscle mass on the male body by suppressing myostatin, the gene that inhibits muscle growth. This led to their ability to develop beautiful physiques across the board. Most teenage Xzardans would appear like world-class athletes on Earth, and that would be before becoming adept at bodybuilding. All this tied into the classic Spartan and Theban founding myths that they were born from Hercules. For Xzardans, Hercules became a central figure in their consciousness and was considered the original bodybuilder in both our worlds. Hence, the pursuit of male beauty through bodybuilding. This mindset, combined with starting from 250 gay male warriors who adopted the superior technology of the Muraan, led their society to develop on a largely homosexual path. As reproduction was removed from a biological imperative as in the animal kingdom, and could be accomplished outside a female, they evolved by design to produce more men. However, women were always seen as important to men and their well-rounded development, so they found an ideal ratio of 5 to 1 to promote Xzardan growth. Xzardan society had male and female sub-societies. The female society was lesbian and had its own culture and norms that evolved over millennia. Women took part with men in government and worked alongside them in various professions, but were mostly focused on child-rearing. They also had help from male adults and Erindans, who were motivated to encourage Xzardan reproduction. Alternative lifestyles were accommodated in areas next to the women’s zone, and the community supported women who chose to reproduce biologically. It was a lot to take in. They were human, they seemed human, I was attracted to them as if they were human. Their stuff was very human. The villa compound and surroundings had alien, or futuristic architecture, but it served human purposes. Things seemed to make sense within the context of these new parameters. The mega-faunae thing was wild, and I still could not quite grasp that we were in a small, protected zone of a very hostile planet. I thought about dinosaurs but remembered there were also saber-tooth tigers and mammoths or giant cave bears not so long ago on Earth that were mega-faunae. “But why exactly am I here? It must take tremendous resources to bring Earthmen.” “The Muraan taught us the technology centuries ago, we have only recently been able to bring Earthmen with the motivation to integrate with us to this location, which is far from the Muraan homeworld. It is difficult to identify ideal candidates remotely, but we are getting better at it,” said Stanj. “Each city-state can only bring 1-2 of you a year, which is a recent development. We need you for new genetic material to add to our genetic strength and diversity. That is already recognized as a tremendous gift to us. We are also a homosexual culture, and you are seen exceptionally attractive as a native from our ancestral homeland. Since you are likely attracted to our elite champions judging by your reaction to us, you offer the possibility of an ideal experience. That is to bond with another man from Earth, who is pure of all the genetic manipulation that has altered us over 2 and ½ thousand years. In a prosperous society, there need to be goals and incentives to strive ever harder. If we could bring 100 of you a year, it would still not be enough. Just 1 or 2, however, at least offers a possibility.” “You might be the best one yet.” Dzaan was very affectionate and hugged me to him. “Some Earth men we brought earlier were not suited to our life, and they were absorbed into the alternative areas where heterosexuality thrives. There are also outlying islands for different lifestyles, and options will increase as Xzarda grows. Anyone we bring is treated well and with gratitude for the service of allowing us access to their genes. We know we have caused trauma to some, and act to gain their forgiveness.” This all sounded strange, and yet erotic and exciting as well, and showed that I had a great deal of power in this world. I was being treated like a celebrity, given anything I wanted, lived in luxury, and was catered to by some of the hottest men in this world with Stanj, Dzaan, and Rudd. I would be able to choose a lover among over 250 men who were even hotter than my guys, if that was possible. My elite musclegod lover would be devoted to me and would strive to make me happy, or I could choose another. Some gay Earthmen had to be trained to appreciate very large musclemen, but I was among a group that was sexually compatible with them, which made Stanj, Dzaan, and Ruud’s job a pleasure. The guys repeated how much they liked me and were sorry they could not compete for me. As I sat and listened, all I wanted to do was spend my days sucking the cum out of each of them. I could barely get my head around the concept of an elite musclegod who would be a couple of notches above them in symmetry, muscle mass, and sex appeal. They let me know I would get a peek at the elite zone in a few weeks and then attend one of their premiere annual events. My head was swimming. I told them I was always gay and had a fetish for musclemen since I was a kid. In my world, there were competitive bodybuilders and bodybuilding was an activity some people took part in, especially gay men, but not like here. The biggest bodybuilders and the ones who competed tended to be heterosexual, as was the base of the society. And then they worked toward an unsustainable ideal. The human body could not achieve the potential for muscle mass and symmetry the way a Xzardan body did. Men who were seriously into bodybuilding comprised only one one-thousandth of the male population, if that. I found competitive human bodybuilders attractive, and the developed muscle of a man very erotic. This was a minority taste on Earth, but I was fully compatible with Xzarda. I made for an ideal ‘pup’ in their terms and was delighted to be one. As I lay with Dzaan, I studied Stanj and thought about how handsome and symmetrical his face was. His eyes were wildly unique as well, being so bright and royal blue. Earth did not have many men close to being that handsome. Looking at him, it amazed me that someone so appealing could have a body like a stunning, hairy hulk. He looked as if he could push tall, wide trees over with his bare hands, or would do that for fun just to show off. He exuded strength, even his flaccid penis proclaimed his power. I could see that he and men like him would intimidate anything they came across as Xzardan warriors, ready and able to tame a hostile world. I wanted them to take the whole planet over and dominate it. The raw strength these men exuded was intoxicating. I felt content in warrior Dzaan’s magnificent arms, wrapped in his power and caressed by his soft skin. His semi-hard dick pressed against my back. He felt fantastic to lean against and caress while being cuddled in his massive guns. I was looking forward to sleeping between him and Stanj that night, safe between one hairy and one hairless musclegod. Thoughts of home easily passed as I enjoyed my new friends. We spent the rest of the evening lounging on the patio, being brought food by Erindans, and eating more of that delicious, relaxing fruit. Dzaan wanted to keep me snuggled on the lounge with him and I watched Stanj and Rudd intently as they moved their glorious naked bodies around the balcony. I admired them as they pointed out and described parts of the city from our high vantage point. Stanj motioned that over and behind the villa, past the forest nestled in nearby hills, was the leading Erindan metropolis of the Anaxandri state, called Eyra. There were over 3 million living there and those that helped in the Xzardan city commuted daily by road and ferry. Within Eyra there was a growing consumer economy that produced goods such as clothes and furniture for both Erindans and Xzardans. Smaller Erindan cities were devoted to fishing, agriculture, and administration. These were scattered on the plains of the main Anaxandri Island, or on different harbors and lagoons. It appeared like the Erindans and Xzardans lived harmoniously rather than in subjugation, as the Erindans had a lot more going on besides helping Xzardans. Beyond the Erindan cities were other islands of the Anaxandri sub-archipelago and then the southern sea frontier. Rudd moved his astoundingly built body around the railing of the balcony to describe the city-state from our vantage point. As we could view the city like the rim of a partial circle, he pointed out clockwise from Eyra, which was at the position of 7-8 O’clock. The military and youth zone was at 9-10 O’clock. From 10 to 11 O’clock there was a small buffer forest, then a small village between the road to the Erindan city and the women’s zone bordering the sea to the northwest. It was a village of about 6,000 that was for the small minority of Xzardan men and women who were heterosexual. They worked with the women’s society, and their men would also take part in the economy and various sports. The Women’s zone was partially visible from the villa’s railing. This was where they raised Xzardan children under 10. From the Women’s zone, a small mountain range emerged, which was where the villa was situated. Next to the Women’s zone and the zone we were located was the professional and scientific zone at 12:30. At 1-2 O’clock was the Central zone and city seafront which we could see below us. Next to us and moving down the mountains beside the Central zone was the Dionysian zone, devoted to entertainment and design. Beside it was a sliver of beachfront and a triangular district that was the young men’s city for 20- to 27-year-olds. That cohort moved from the care of the military as adolescents to explore independent life and choose a profession. They were neighbors to the guardians of the sea, the Poseidon zone which reached from 2:30 O’clock. Bordering the Poseidon zone to the east was another mountain range, or low-lying sierra, that was the end of our view from the villa. That sierra marked the start of a satellite township with a massive beachfront. It was hidden from everything and very exclusive, offering a view that was said to be the most spectacular of the city-state. The mountains of this area housed villas and apartment complexes for the men which descended to the beaches and recreation facilities. These included a few monster gyms, pools, sports fields and training areas. There were also dining areas for communal meals, clubs for parties, bars or gathering nooks and booths to meet. They placed magnificent public buildings and temples for optimum impact. Anything you could want or dream of was available. If they did not have it and you could think it up, they would try to make it. A thick spit of land that stretched into the sea defined the zone. It formed the core of a massive recreation area devoted to 5,000 Xzardan bodybuilder gods from whom the elite emerged. These men came from the top of the military and other professions and had become accomplished competitive bodybuilders, an activity practiced to varying extents by most Xzardan men. Once invited to live in this district they devoted their time to muscular perfection to an almost religious degree. The guys here were spectacular. Stanj and Rudd were typical and lived in this zone, they moved to the villa temporarily to take care of me. While the Hercs, the men of this zone, were free to go anywhere at will, others needed permission to enter their area. Dzaan was from the Poseidon zone, but he was on a competitive bodybuilding path and looked like a well-morphed classic bodybuilder. He was also an expert swimmer. Beyond this zone was a small buffer forest and then the Hermes zone, geared to those Xzardans who protected the skies. Beyond that section was a spectacular and exclusive neighborhood. This was the Governor’s zone, which was actually the zone for Xzardans over 80 who were either retired or devoted to spiritual activities. This area was at the start of several outlying islands, many of which were used for private villas and retreats. Xzardan men continued to grow and their musculature matured well into their 70s, then plateaued and declined to a 110-130-year lifespan. This was a slower rate of aging than Earthlings experience, another result of their mastery of genetics. The administrative governors who ruled the society and the entire planet came from this group. Deeper inland at 5 and 6 O’clock to our villa, before the mountains that cut the bodybuilder zone off, were further military areas and buffer forests. These gave way to Erindan farms that spread out from Eyra. Rudd brought his hulking body over to kneel by the daybed and kiss me while Dzaan held me tight between his hard body and golden bicep. Stanj was leaning against the balcony facing us as his muscles twitched and flexed. The guys were in a constant state of growth, of breaking down and building up each fiber of their physiques. If you liked muscle it was fascinating to watch. Stanj had his hand on his crotch and was thinking about bedtime and sleeping next to me. I kept forgetting that as attracted as I was to them the feeling was very mutual and I was in fact the rare one in the group. I asked Stanj and Ruud to flex against the flickering light of the skyline because I thoroughly enjoyed watching them. They liked that I found it attractive and thought they were super-hot. It did wonders for their egos and made them want to please me even more. Stanj asked a while later if we could go to bed, not to sleep but just to pet me for a while. I smiled and said sure. I got up from the daybed and let him take me to our bedroom, and the others weren’t too far behind. The three buff musclegods came onto the massive bed to lie with me and chill. I told them again how fantastic they were, and we spent a while expressing our mutual admiration as we touched and kissed. I watched them touch and kiss each other as well but was blissfully lost in the middle of the action. They were also forming a relationship with me as the catalyst. They let me know they looked forward to their work with me. That we would get to know each other very well and become close friends. But, they repeated, none could become my lover as they were not yet elite bodybuilders, and their roles were to be my guides to transition to their world. When the time came, I would have my choice of the most beautiful and accomplished Xzardan men. However, they would always be my first Xzardan friends and the ones I could go to for any reason in the future. We would always be connected. I could also invite them over with any new partner, they had a very social culture, and we would not have to end contact. Any partner would also accept that I may have sex with other men, or even in a group with him. Although, I would probably want to form a bond with him for a period before sharing with others. Or I may feel comfortable being solely monogamous. Their open attitude toward sex was a function of their value of sharing in an all-male society. And yet they also promoted and nurtured relationships. It seemed contradictory, yet a weird sense of freedom welled in me as they spoke. Whatever I might decide to do, they assured me they would understand and be there to support me. Which, of course, started to make me fall in love with them. End of Chapter 2. Chapter 3 will be posted in 1 week. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09LLDPTQT There are 23 more chapters in addition to these first 2. I guarantee many hours of reading pleasure. Thank you very much if you already bought the book. If you haven't, please buy it and leave a review at the link above. There is a lot more to come.
  24. Heya y'all! It's my first time actually posting anything on this site (that i can remember, at least) and the first time I try my hand at writing this kind of story. but since I read a lot of content from lots of authors both from here and from the previous website, I figured it was time to give a small fraction of it back. Fair warning; English isn't my mothertongue, so any mistakes are entirely mine! Without further ado, here's part one! I hope you'll enjoy it. Male Hunger Part one The humid air of his room had gotten warmer. Bran huffed and licked his lips, tasting the salty sweat racing down his head, hips rocking, his wide hands wildly jerking off his thick cock. He groaned lowly, racking a cum-covered palm through his short hair and started slapping his dick on his 6-pack, splashing precum everywhere. After a few beats, his heavy balls surged higher.. And Bran stopped, out of breath, hands off his penis, his body tensing, muscles flexing hard to keep himself from cumming. After a few long seconds, he brought a veiny hand to his mouth and licked the pre off his thick fingers, one after the other. The taste of pre and the weight of each rough fingers in his mouth had him shuddering so much his eyes closed. Bran roughly pinched his nips and grunted quite loudly as saliva filled his mouth. His other hand skimmed down his thick pecs, along the valleys of his abs, to finally grasp at his thick shaft. He fisted his dick and – the immediate, overwhelming pleasure had him gasping out and snorting air back in, nostrils wide, hips pumping- he distantly recognized the potent scent of his own musky sweat and semen, different, stronger than ever before – He needed more. “Fuuck…,” he growled out, kicking his muscled legs further apart. He needed just a bit more. His other hand left his fluid-covered pecs to tug at and massage his bloated balls, the sensations shooting up sparks up his body. They felt so good, so full, he threw his head back on his pillow; his pre-covered hair coating them. He rocked his hips harder, the sound of his bed hitting the wall getting louder. He distantly heard some of his dorm neighbors hit the wall back but he couldn’t find it in himself to give a single fuck; his attention solely focused on pleasuring his thick, weeping cock. “Fuck!,” he snarled, teeth bared, as release started sweeping through his body. He tensed ever more, both hands tight on his shaft now, tense, striated pecs protruding more and hiding the root of his dick. Not that it mattered; his eyes were focused on the way his cock thickened even more, despite the two fists holding it. Long moments passed, during which his heavy balls, usually hanging low, pulled up and sent its fiery magma up. Bran panted wildly, wide eyes almost rolling backwards, as the first load of semen burst out and arched up the wall behind him, almost splashing on the wall. Some of the thick magma dropped back down and landed on his face, in his mouth, in his hair and on his pecs. After a few tense seconds, as the thicker and warmer liquid and its unusually strong taste coated his taste-buds, a second explosion of semen went out. It did much the same as the first. The third was much the same. “Mmhhh… So good...,” Bran moaned lewdly, in a pleasure-filled haze, as his body alternated between tensing and releasing loads of thick cum over and over. He groaned some more at the ninth; the final shot, the rest of his release dribbling out thickly and utterly flooding his abs. Still in a daze, heart beating loudly in his ears, Bran stroked his heaving belly, sliding the thick white goo over his wide torso, up his neck, down to his pubes. He thoroughly coated his still-rock-hard penis and huge, heavy balls in the stuff. Then he scooped as much as he could and licked it up with one hand, the other dedicating itself to playing with his hard cock. After a while, Bran’s stomach cramped. He was quite hungry but couldn’t be bothered to move. But the sleepiness he expected after such a release didn’t come: he started feeling antsy, as though he had had too much caffeine. His cramping stomach decided him; he would eat something, maybe watch something mindless on the TV, and then he’d go back to bed. But as he got up, something felt off; but Bran shrugged the idea away. He did the same with the vague idea of putting on clothes; it was too much trouble, besides no one was there to care besides himself. And he felt quite warm; he was still sweating. The fact he used to care a lot more about not being buck-naked in the dorm, even in his room, a few weeks ago amused him distantly. His feet thudded and left perspiration on the floor as he left the cum-covered bed and wall behind him. He felt something warm hit his legs and snorted in amusement; his hard-on was still leaking. Feeling even hungrier, Bran headed straight to the small fridge and opened the door. The sudden light had him squinting -the sudden cold surprised him – as he bent his head to search for something good to eat. The cold felt good against his warm flesh and he shuddered in delight. He reached for a can of coke, rose back up, and drank it in a few big gulps. He drank another, and another after that. Then, stomach feeling less empty, but still needing fuel, he went back down and was about to take another can when he noticed something and huffed out a short laugh. “Fuckin’ hell,” he whispered. So focused he had been on filling his belly, he hadn’t really noticed that his still leaking hard-on had coated some stuff in pre. He smirked, shook his head and took out some leftover – spaghetti bolognese – to heat up while he turned on the light, searched for a fork and a big plate. After serving himself, he set himself in front of the TV and, before turning it on, he couldn’t help but checking himself out. His reflection showed him as he was; sitting on a slightly-too-small sofa, large arms bursting out off thickly muscled shoulders and traps rising high of his bull neck. Big legs spread wide, cock high and thick, still dripping, heavy balls low and resting on the sofa. His tight musclebound gut and the V-shape low on his hips partially hidden by his wide and 10 inches long cock, his tits hanging low on a decent pair of round pecs, biceps close to 17 inches and veins and striations both easy to see on his 6’3 frame… All of those were pretty good reasons for the deep satisfaction he felt at looking at himself, a smirk reflecting such masculine pride tugging at his lips. His cock pulsed heavily as pre made his abs glisten and- his stomach cramped: he took a big bite of his meal, burped loudly – the coke – huffed out a laugh, and, feeling a bit more satisfied but still quite ravenous, he demolished his meal. But before he knew it, he was back at the fridge, pulling out enough to make another, albeit bigger meal – he was that hungry. But a man his size needed to eat quite a lot to stay so big. He smiled. “’m damn glad Ian’s not back yet,” he snickered, “he’d freak if he saw me right now”. He slapped his belching cock absently, a meaner smirk on his lips. “Though I know how I’d shut him up, mmffhhh…”, Bran closed his eyes and inhaled sharply, imagination running wild, his cock pulsing harder. Bran then smiled and stole an under-cooked chicken breast from the frying pan, too hungry to wait any longer. He munched on it, muscled jaw breaking it down fast, and his strong neck moving as he swallowed, eyes glazing over in pleasure, drool dropping from his lips. Too busy eating, he didn’t notice the bigger veins appearing all over his studly body. He was too taken up by the need to fill his void-like belly. Meanwhile, the scent of his body, of male pleasure and exertion slowly but silently got stronger in the warm and humid air of his room.
  25. GrowManGrow

    Taking on the Big Dog

    If you enjoy this story, please consider subscribing to my GrowManGrow Patreon page for more like it: https://www.patreon.com/growmangrow Aaron could not believe what he stumbled onto at the gym: an actual strength challenge between two of the biggest bulls there. He had finished his time on the treadmill and had taken a seat on a bench near the free weight area to rest when two muscleheads walked by: a dark-haired man named Max, and a blond named Hoyt. The studs had been friends since they met in high school ten years earlier. They both were around 6’3 and between 280 and 300 pounds – Max was a little taller and leaner, and Hoyt was a little shorter and heftier. And sometimes, when jacked up on pre-workout and supplements (plus all their natural testosterone), they would compete to see which of them was the strongest. This time it was Max who started the taunting with a crack about Hoyt’s smaller quads, and Hoyt responded with some good-natured ribbing about how his arms were bigger. A few minutes later the joking escalated into a friendly argument, and then soon they decided to settle the fight with an intense full-body workout involving 15 different lifts. “And what does the winner get?” asked Max. Hoyt looked around and spotted Aaron on the nearby bench. The cute little man in the too-big tank top was around 5’6 and maybe 100 pounds, with short brown hair and soft brown eyes. He had been keenly listening to everything the bigger man were saying, and his dick was tenting up through his shorts. “How about the winner gets to have some fun with our audience over there?” asked Hoyt. “I think he would happy to spend some time with either one of us.” Max agreed and shot a quick smile over to Aaron, who smiled back at the thought of being the prize in this competition. The big men went over the rules – they would lift the exact same amount of weight on each exercise, and who ever could do the most amount of total reps without cheating would be the winner. They shook hands, and then started loading up their bars and pumping an incredible amount of iron, which caused their muscles to fill with blood and surge in size. "I would love to be that big!" thought Aaron to himself. He flexed his left bicep and looked at the tiny muscle, and then started flexing it harder and harder to see if it would grow. But try as he might, his arm remained small and puny-looking. Hoyt caught sight of the display, laughed, and pointed it out to Max. Before Aaron could feel too sorry for himself, however, Hoyt came over and ordered him to serve as his spotter while he was bench pressing. Aaron leaned over and watched the stud pump out rep after rep of the insane poundage, and then made sure the bar was properly re-racked when he was done. Hoyt stood up and was dripping with sweat, and Aaron couldn't help but get aroused by the manly odor. The bigger man then took off his shirt to reveal his bloated torso, and then tossed it over to Aaron. "I know a puny guy like you couldn't possibly handle that kind of weight by yourself, but at least you can hold my shirt, right?" Aaron nodded, took his seat back on the bench, and played with his erection as he took in another whiff from the shirt. Finally after almost two hours of intense lifting, Hoyt ended up beating Max by a total of three reps. The defeated man took the loss in stride, thanked his friend for pushing him so hard, and vowed to make a comeback: "I'm going to have my lover fix me nothing but red meat for the next week, Hoyt, and next time you're going down." Hoyt laughed and replied, "Keep dreaming, little Max. You'll never top the Big Dog." Max then headed for the shower, and Hoyt turned to look at Aaron, who had stood up from the bench after the competition. The Big Dog walked up to him and put his huge, sweaty muscle gut right up against Aaron's shirt. "I'm feelin' so virile and manly today, Puny. That workout made me feel like a fuckin' stud!" Aaron stared at Hoyt's outrageously huge upper body and took a deep whiff of Hoyt's musky odor. "Ever seen an arm that big, little guy?" Aaron just shook his head to answer. Hoyt then flexed his left arm and put his bicep right in Aaron's face. "Look at the size of this motherfucker, Puny! That is a fuckin' man's bicep – 24 inches cold...and growing every day." Aaron put his hand on the Big Dog's hard bicep. He tried to squeeze the muscle, but Hoyt's arm was just too strong and it wouldn't budge. "That's it, little guy, feel the results of my hard work. Bet you never had a workout like mine, right? You probably do your Jazzercise or jogging and tell everyone it's because you just want to 'tone up,' but secretly you want to pump the big weights like me, right? You would kill to be a real muscleman, right? But instead of giving you tons of muscle and strength like I got, God decided to give you weakness and frailty and delicateness, right?" Aaron nodded meekly. "Yeah, he gave me these great big pythons and he gave you toothpicks. It's just not a fair world for someone like you, is it? I mean, you can take all the pills and protein powders and supplements and vitamins, and work out every day for a year and gain maybe two or three pounds of muscle, while I gain that from just a couple of lifting sessions here with Max. Hoyt unflexed his arm and reached down to grab his crotch. "But I tell you what, Puny. I'm gonna try to help you out a bit, OK? Would you like me to help you?" Aaron nodded again meekly. Hoyt smiled. "Good! I'm going to help you by letting you suck some of the protein out of me...special protein that will help you grow.” Hoyt knew his cum was different than other guys. It somehow not only made it easier for him to get big and strong, but when ingested by others, they would get a temporary muscle increase as well. Usually it was only 5 or 10 pounds of muscle, but sometimes it was as much as 25 or 30, but it was enough to toughen up his lovers so they could keep up with him in bed. Hoyt loved to be dominating and aggressive in the bedroom, but he didn't want to permanently damage his conquests during their lovemaking, so would have them suck him off first so they could improve their strength and stamina. And no matter what was taken from him, the change was always temporary – the guys would revert to their former slightness within an hour or two. And more importantly, Big Dog was never affected – the receiver of the cum would grow, but he always stayed the same size. The two men decided to skip the shower and instead hopped into Hoyt’s truck for a short drive back to his house. Within a minute after arriving, they were on the bed completely undressed. The big man laid his head on the pillows and the smaller man took his position closer to the foot of the bed. Hoyt closed his eyes and enjoyed how Aaron was working on him down there. “That little man can suck. He’s so much better than the others. He’s so much more intense.” He tried to form other thoughts, but became lost in the euphoria. Aaron was definitely going to town on Hoyt’s cock. He loved to give blowjobs, and he loved big musclemen, so he was in heaven. But as he licked and suck the 10-inch cock in front of his face and gazed upon Hoyt’s mighty physique, Aaron also repeated his wish from when he was on the bench at the gym: “I would love to be that big!” Everything Hoyt had said to him had been true: it wasn’t a fair world, and God gave some men pythons but had given him toothpicks. Aaron desperately wanted to be a muscle stud, but he could never put on the weight. But that all changed with Hoyt’s cock erupted and the magic cum rushed past Aaron’s lips and down his throat. As it entered his body, Aaron continued to suck and suck and suck. He didn’t want to miss a drop. As he did so, he could feel his body changing. It started in his chest. It was getting bigger, wider, and fuller, and his nipples grew hard as the beef piled on. Then he felt more muscle streaming into his arms, growing his biceps and triceps into those worthy of the Big Dog…worthy of someone who could flex and make other hard with his power. Somehow Aaron knew the gains were meant to be minor and temporary, but he was determined to change that narrative. “I want it all…I want all the muscle…and I want it forever,” he told himself. He could feel abs forming where his skinny-fat belly had been, tightening into the core of a bodybuilder. And then he felt his ass harden, growing massive glutes that would look so delicious in the tight short-shorts he was going to wear from now on. “It’s not enough!” thought Aaron. "Give me more!" His body responded by pumping up his shoulders and back, as if he had done hundreds of pull-ups every day for a decade. After that the growth started to slow, but Aaron refused to let that happen. He sucked harder and harder to Hoyt’s cock, drawing out more of the magic cum. “I’M NOT FUCKING DONE!” roared inside his brain. “I WANT MORE! I NEED MORE!” And just like that, the growth restarted. He could feel his legs growing longer and stronger. Thankfully he had completely disrobed or his pants would be choking the muscle, but they were free to reshape into those of a powerhouse. DeMayo in his prime would have wept at the sight of Aaron’s freaky new stems. He could feel his feet enlarging as well, going from a measly size 7 up to size 17 – perfect for a man who was no longer 5’6” but 6’6”. His weight was shooting up as well – from 100 to 150 to 200 to 250. He eventually topped out at 350 pounds of beef, bigger than both Hoyt and Max ever dreamed they could be. Aaron wanted to be a god among men, and he wasn’t willing to settle for ordinary. “I’m fucking in control,” he thought. “And I want more! I want everything he can give!” Aaron sucked and slurped on Hoyt’s shrinking cock and took every last ounce of cum he could get, and sure enough, he got his wish. Not only did he take size and strength, but he sucked out confidence and swagger. He sucked out the desire to be seen, noticed, and pleasured. He sucked out the good looks, the cleft chin, and the blond hair. He sucked out the porn star dick. He sucked out everything Hoyt knew about pleasuring other men. He took everything he wanted! Finally, Hoyt was left drained and he opened his eyes. He gasped as Aaron stood up from the bed – gone was the puny man who had been sucking him off, and instead he completely transformed into a hulking bruiser. He looked like a morphed version of a bodybuilder, with gigantic arms, chest, shoulder, and legs, and a huge erect cock sticking out from under his shredded abs. Additionally, the man he had gone to bed with had a cute face with brown hair, but this man had wavy blond hair and a face so handsome and sharp that any movie producer would beg him to star in their picture. “What happened?” asked Hoyt. “My cum only changes guys a little.” Aaron bounced his beefy pecs. “Most guys don’t know what they want, but I did. I wanted to become a fuckin’ real man. A fuckin’ perfect man. And thanks to your cum, little guy, it happened.” Hoyt wasn’t sure what Aaron meant at first, but then he raised his head to see the changes to his own body. Gone was the big, beefy physique he had built up over the past few years, and it was replaced with a lanky torso, thin arms, and spindly legs. All the muscle he had used to intimidate people was completely gone. He flexed his left arm and only a tiny little ball of weak muscle appeared. Even worse, his cock had shrunk down from its previous heft to a small one-inch nub. “No!” the former bodybuilder cried. “I can’t be this tiny. Please don’t leave me this way!” Aaron laughed, and then picked up his old shirt from the floor and tossed it onto Hoyt’s newly frail body. "I know a puny guy like you couldn't possibly handle me in bed, but at least you can hold my shirt, right?" Hoyt remembered saying something similar to Aaron earlier in the day. “C’mon, you know I was just kidding, right? You need to give me a chance to get my muscle back from you.” “Look, I’m sorry, but it's just not a fair world, is it?” said Aaron, hitting a double bicep pose. “God decided to give me these mighty pythons and left you with toothpicks. I got tons of muscle and strength, and you’re left with weakness and frailty and delicateness. That’s just how it’s fuckin’ gonna be.” The huge naked man then picked up the set of keys from the bedside table. “I’m taking the truck, too. It’s too big for you now, so I’ll send over my crappy Celica for you to drive later. And I’m taking all the cash and credit cards in your wallet – the Big & Tall and supplement stores should still be open, and I need a few things.” Hoyt stood up, wobbled from the weakness, and sat back down on the bed. “Please. Please leave me with something. It will take me time to grow my muscles back, and I’m defenseless right now.” “How ‘bout I leave you with a kiss?” Aaron knelt down so his face was in front of Hoyt’s, and then he jammed his tongue inside his mouth. The big man immediately began to suck as hard as he could with his giant lungs and managed to inhale quite a bit of Hoyt’s saliva. In doing so, he also sucked out Hoyt’s ability to grow muscle mass quickly and easily…something he had forgotten before. He then thought about himself working out in the gym and easily growing bigger and bigger, and how everyone was going to be jealous of his superman body. After fantasizing about it for another 15 seconds, Aaron wordlessly stood back up and headed out the door to his new and improved future.
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