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  1. Hey guys, I'm a few hours early, but figured why not.. It's a long one. Enjoy! I was working as a financial analyst in this topsy-turvy, Covid crazy market and it had taken its toll on my mind and body. I was told I needed to get away. Life had become too complicated and stressful. A few weeks in the mountains, away from everyone, including my phone and computer is what it eventually came down to, and not by choice. I was barely sleeping and ended up being cranky during the day, which would put my co-workers on edge. I would eat poorly, when I ate. No breakfast, fast food for lunch, and maybe take-out for dinner, if they delivered to my office. The pouch had returned and others had noticed. My 6’1”, 175-pound swimmers build had fallen off as I had not been to the gym in what seemed like forever. My once toned muscles were sagging or replaced with a layer of fat. My dark blue eyes had dark circles under them and my normally well-kept blonde hair was unkept, long, and showed signs of gray. After the incident on the office floor, my boss, Chuck, pulled me into his office and laid it out for me. Chuck hired me 9 years ago fresh out of college. He saw I had knack and a spark for understanding and predicting stocks. He said I could go far if I put the right attitude and aptitude toward my work. And I did. For 9 long years, I devoted my life to the job. Working late, overtime, weekends, not taking vacations, whatever it took to get the job done and to keep the clients happy, and rich. But, at the same time, I also led an active personal life, dating men who shared the same passion for life as me, working out religiously, eating sensibly. I had been on track for promotions, and got them. Then Covid hit. My life went sideways. Dating came to a screeching halt. Everyone was afraid to go out and meet, even for a quick cup of coffee in the park. This is to say nothing of the market for the first few months, and the lay-offs most companies were doing. Everyone in the office was petrified of screwing up, knowing the company was looking for a reason to trim the fat to keep a healthy bottom line. Then the gyms closed. That hit me hard. I have some weights and equipment at home, but like most people, I relied on the gym. I tried to buy stuff online, but the backlog was weeks, if not months. I gained a few pounds, but figured I could adjust my meals to compensate. Yeah, that didn’t work. Skipping breakfast was bad, but compensating later in the day made it worse. 15 pounds later and my mood darkened. I was irritable at work and home. Staying up too late, worrying about my job, my weight, my sex life, my everything… Chuck watched the slow spiral. He would casually mention to me to take a few days off to recharge and clear my head, but I shrugged it off. I had work to do. Who would get it done, if not me? Then I snapped. It just happened one Thursday. The computer would not work, the paper in the copier jammed, someone made a quiet comment I thought was about me, and the flood gates opened. Next thing I know, Chuck and I are sitting in his office, door shut, blinds closed, him looking at me with the concern on his face only a friend would show, and me…deflated. My energy gone, my breathing shallow and restless. I sat slumped in the comfortable leather wingback chair staring at nothing in particular, but Chuck was right in front of me, in a similar chair, not behind his desk. My sleeves rolled half way up my arms, shirt partially untucked, sweat stains on my chest and under my arms. My eyes red and puffy. My throat dry. He softly says, “Cole, you better?” He hands me another cup of water. I take a sip; the cold water feels harsh as it goes down my parched throat. “That was quite a show out there.” He’s calm and not passing judgement. I’m still hazy as to what I did, but I can imagine it was pretty bad. I glance up, and he cracks half a smile to let me know he gets it. I shrug my shoulders, not sure how to answer his question, but knowing I want to just cry. It’s still inside of me, this pain, thought of failure, how my life will never get back to what it was a few months ago. I feel his strong hand on my shoulder, giving it a squeeze to let me know he’s here for me. He leans back into his chair, his piercing brown eyes, looking at me. “Cole.” He says it in a manner that he wants me to look at him. I look up. “I need you to take some time off.” I shut my eyes, knowing this was coming, but am still stunned to hear it. Right now, my job is all I have left of my life, to take that away, even for a day, I’d be lost. “I know you hate to take a day off, unless it’s absolutely necessary, but…” I look at him again, “It’s necessary.” He says resolutely. I sigh. I gather myself and say with as much of a positive attitude as I can, “Ok, I can take a long weekend, say next Monday and Tuesday?” Chuck shakes his head from side to side. I open my mouth, but nothing comes out. He puts his hand on my knee and quietly says, “I’m not talking a few days, Cole. I need you take a few weeks off.” My head snaps up and when I open my mouth to protest, he squeezes my knee, letting me know to be calm. I take a few breaths and another sip of water. “Buddy, whatever is inside of you has been building for a while. A few days won’t cure it. You need to get away from this.” He spreads his arms around the room. “A few weeks at minimum.” I stare at him and think ‘My job is my life. What will I do?’ He senses my thoughts. He says, “You will still have a job when you return, but as of the end of work today, you’re on vacation.” “But, my clients, my files, my…” I stammer. “Will be taken care of.” He says without hesitation, his eyes looking directly at me. “But…” I say with a slow, unsure voice. “We will handle it.” I fidget in the chair, looking around his office. “Cole, the company existed before you got here, it will survive a few weeks without you, trust me.” I sniffle. His hand tightens. “You will work through your pain and come back a stronger man.” There’s no getting around this. I know I need to take the time. He’s half offering, half ordering me to do it. I need to accept that he’s trying to help. “Ok.” I whisper. I think for a few moments, “Can I take my...” “Nope.” He says decisively. “Work phone, laptop, anything else work-related stays here.” I frown, but know he’s right. He checks his watch. “Listen. Here’s what I’m going to do for you.” I glance up at him. He’s got a devilish smile on his face. “The company owns a cabin in the mountains. About 4 hours away.” I’ve heard about this place. The highest people in the company whisper about it in the hallways as some kind of Eden in the woods. “This time of year, nobody is there.” He says this spreading his arms wide. “Let me check with the big-wigs and if it’s open, I’m going to block off a month for you there.” I sigh thinking of the cost. God; food, travel there, packing, what do I take… My mind has wandered and Chuck’s voice brings me back, “…are the nicest caretakers around.” He’s smiling at me. “They will take care of your every need. You just ask, and they will get it for you. Now, I don’t mean go overboard and have steak and lobster every night with a nice Pinot, but don’t live on stale bread and water either.” He winks at me and I crack a smile. “Ok.” Chuck claps his hands in victory. He stands up, puts a hand out to me and I stand to shake it. He pulls me in for a hug. “Remember, this time away is for you to recharge. A month in the mountains, away from this rat race.” He rolls his eyes. “Maybe I should go out there,” He points to the office floor outside his office, “and let it all out.” I smile, thinking what I sight that would be, and now realize what I sight I must have been. My smile fades. “I guess I need to apologize to a bunch of people before I go.” He just looks at me and nods, knowing it won’t be easy. “That will be the toughest thing you have to do for the next month.” His hand is on my shoulder. He squeezes and continues, “Go out there, do your thing, apologize, and get your stuff ready. The moment I get the ‘ok’, you’re out of here.” I glance at my watch. He sarcastically says, “Leave that at home too. Up there, live your day by the sun, not your watch.” I crook an eye at him and ask quietly, “How’d you get so good at this?” He wraps an arm around my shoulder as he leads me to the door. He says with all seriousness, “You’re not the first person to stumble. I’ve been where you are.” He pats me on the back as I open the door. He points his finger at me. “Give me half an hour, and be ready.” I nod and walk across the floor to stares and not-too-subtle glances as his door shuts behind me. ** The four-hour drive on a late Friday afternoon was pretty easy. The directions were straightforward. Me in my burgundy 2019 Volvo S60 4 dr. sedan, driving west into the dusk, toward an apparent palatial estate of a mountain house. I was thinking ‘cabin in the woods with an outhouse for a bathroom and your bath is the creek half mile away’, but Chuck made it out to be a bit more than that. Not sure if he was buttering me up, or if I was exaggerating it in my head. He made me promise not to take any electronics, including my cell phone, Ipad, headphones, even my Movado watch had to sit this one out. He said there is a phone in the house, but it only calls to the caretaker’s home. ** As I pull off the main road, I realize how remote the place is. The driveway is a narrow gravel path. I click on my high-beams and take it nice and slow. On either side of the road is a dense tree and shrubbery line, well-manicured and in pristine condition. I guess it’s to keep the spectators from getting a view of the estate or house or log cabin, or whatever is at the other end of the driveway. About ¼ mile later, I come to the iron gate he mentioned. I roll the window down, punch the code into the keypad and silently pray the gate opens. Once I hit enter, I wait a second or two and then a spotlight comes on and the gate slowly rolls to the right. I notice a well-placed camera under the light. They know I’m here, that’s for sure. As the gate finishes opening, I think, ‘Well, that’s one hurdle down’. On the other side of the gate, the path widens and becomes a wide cement paved road. I breathe a sigh of relief. The road winds thru another wooded area for about a mile, then the tree line ends and the road heads up an incline. I see meadows on both sides of the driveway. I can see house lights in the distance and some off to the side, about half mile away. I figure one set is the cabin, the other, the caretaker’s home. I follow the road up and it winds back into a tree line. After about 3 minutes, I pass the turnoff to the caretaker’s house, which I catch a quick glimpse at and think, ‘it’s a pretty nice place in-and-of-itself.’ I roll on for another 3 minutes. The trees end and the road pours onto a circular brick paved driveway leading to an actual log cabin. The lights are on, in anticipation of my arrival. ‘Shit’ I think to myself. ‘Pretty fucking nice.’ It’s a log cabin, but not the one from Little House on the Prairie. More like a large two story ‘A frame’ house with decks and patios around it. I park my car, get out, and grab one of my bags. I walk to the front door and put the key in the lock, thinking ‘last hurdle’. If the key works, I’m golden, if not, I’m sure the cops will be here rather quickly. The key works. The door opens to a wide two-story foyer with recessed lights and hardwood floors all around. I do the quick check of the house, nobody here. I grab the rest of my bags from the car, lock it, then head back inside. I relock the front door and carry my bags to the living room. As I set them down, I see the fireplace is on, real logs, not a gas one. I head to the kitchen area on the other side of the open space and find a note. The handwriting is immaculate and is definitely feminine. Dear Mr. Cole, Welcome to the cabin. Mr. Fisher and myself are here to help you with anything you need. Please feel free to call us using the phone on the kitchen wall. It is a direct line to us, no need to dial. It will ring automatically on our side. The refrigerator is fully stocked. If there is anything you need, food wise, please let us know. If you would like me to make your meals, just let me know and we can create a menu based on your preferences. Linens are changed every 3 days, unless you request them to be changed more often. Laundry can be done when requested. There is a pamphlet on the counter with instructions on how to work the hot tub, whirlpool, and sauna. You will notice there are no TVs or radios in the house, nor is there an internet connection. The cabin was designed for the occupants to rest and relax. There is a library off the living room with a full selection of classic novels and some more modern tomes. If you would like a massage or help with exercising, please let us know. Mr. Fisher is very adept at helping people work out their kinks. The workout room is in the pool house, next to the pool. We took the liberty of turning the heater on in the pool as it is still chilly here at night. Graciously, Mrs. Fisher. I re-read the letter and put it down. I look around again and get my bearings. I go the fridge, open it, and find Mrs. Fisher was correct in that it is fully stocked. I see a selection of white wines from Pinot Grigio to Riesling. There are a couple different bottles of beer as well. I pull out a Stella and see the bottle opener on the side of the fridge. I check the freezer and find a frosted Stella glass on the middle shelf. I think, ‘Yeah, I could get used to this’. I pour the beer and start to wander around. The living room is sunken, and is also 2 stories with a balcony overlooking it. The furniture is rustic, over-sized, leather, and very comfortable. The walls have artwork from local artists. I do not recognize the names, but their work is outstanding. The fieldstone fireplace and hearth sit along the outside wall and there are French doors on each side. The curtains on the doors are closed, but I wander over and take a look out. Right outside is a brick paver patio leading to the rectangular pool. The light in the pool is on and casts a green blue light into the clear night sky. I turn back toward the house and see the door to the library off to a side. I click the light on and peek inside. I see floor to ceiling oak bookcases crammed with hardback books. There are windows on the far side of the room and two leather Duncan overstuffed sofas with rolled arms sitting opposite each other in the middle of the room on top of an Oriental rug. There is Cross Island lift top coffee table between them with a vase of fresh white Peony’s and purple and pink Irises. I click the light off and turn to see the dining room. There is a Florentina dining table and chairs in the middle of the room. I see a James Moder Wide Palace Ice Light chandelier hanging over the table and a Mahogany buffet table at the far end of the room. The hardwood floor is covered by a Channing Persian-style Hand tufted wool rug. There are more French doors leading to a private patio with a glass table and set of 6 chairs. The view opens to a wooded area and a small fountain. I come back thru the foyer and I’m back in the kitchen. I refill my beer, and take a look around. The fridge is a Viking 36-inch-wide French door in brushed stainless steel. Next to it is a matching granite counter top which extends around the whole kitchen. The stove, also Viking, is a 48-inch, 6 burners in stainless steel. The island has the same granite top with a deep sink. The pantry door is shut. No need to check it out, as I’m sure it’s full of food. The cabinets are glass with mullion inserts. I see plenty of fine Blue Willow China and then regular daily use plates and glasses. I grab my bags and head back to the foyer and up the steps to the 2nd floor. Again, hardwood floors throughout, with a carpet runner. I see three bedrooms; all seem to be master suites. I find one with a made bed and assume this is my room. It has a vaulted ceiling with exposed wood beams and a Hunter Ceiling fan hanging down. The king-sized bed has plenty of pillows for me and the dark blue spread compliments the lighter blue area rug under the bed. I see a walk-in closet on one side of the room and a bureau against the wall opposite the bed. There are French doors on the opposite side of the room. I walk to the doors, open them and step out onto a 10-foot wide by 20-foot-long balcony, overlooking the front yard and nearby woods. I can hear the crickets chirping. I take a deep breath and can feel some of the tension leave my body. I step back inside and pull the doors shut. I step into the master bath and see it’s just as impressive as the rest of the house. Double vanity, walk-in shower, heated towel rack, and a large soaking tub, with enough room to fit two adults. I put my empty beer glass on the night stand and flop onto the bed. I close my eyes and think, ‘No wonder this place has been kept a secret.’ I run my hands over my face and suddenly feel tired. I decide to call it an evening. I notice there are no clocks in the room. I remember what Chuck said, ‘Live your day by the sun’. I pick up one of my bags, pull out my bathroom items and put them on the bathroom counter. I pull out my PJ bottoms and change into them. I head back to the bathroom and finish up in there. I take a look at myself in the mirror and am suddenly ashamed of what I see. Tired from a simple four-hour drive, bags under my eyes, a flabby stomach where a six-pack used to sit. I glance away embarrassed, but then look back, and stare at my reflection. I say out loud, “Cole, you have a month to get your shit together. You better fucking do it.” I suck in my gut and can see glimpses of my six-pack. I think, ‘There’s still hope.’ And smile to myself. I turn the lights off and head to the bed. As I lay down and pull the covers up, I realize how quiet it is. No city noises. No cars, subway, planes, people, or TVs from the neighbor’s apartment. No one on the street yelling obscenities at their boyfriend or girlfriend. No kids shrieking or parents fighting. Just peace and quiet. I drift off. I wake the next morning, Saturday morning. No clue what time it is, but I know it’s well past the time I would normally get up as the sunlight is streaming into the room thru the curtains. I stare at the ceiling fan and the wood beams beyond it. My mind drifts to work. Did I set my out of office response? I did I update the message on my phone? Then I remember what Chuck said as he was ushering me out, “Cole, we’ll handle this, you handle this.” And he lightly tapped the side of my head. I take a deep breath and let my body relax as much as I can. After a few minutes, I get out of bed and pad into the bathroom and do my thing. After I wash my hands and run some cold water on my face, I get changed into a pair of dark blue nylon gym shorts and a yellow dry mesh t-shirt. I pull out my size 11 Brooks Cascadia trail running shoes and head downstairs. The fire is out. Oops, I probably should have put it out last night before I went up. Have to tuck that away for next time. The house is flooded with sunlight. I head to the French doors and pull them open. The sun is half way up the morning sky. Guessing it’s either 10 or 1030. The morning chill has worn off and the day is heating up. I walk out onto the patio and see the pool and deck furniture. There is also a Weber Genesis II Stainless steel gas grill off to a side. I wander around the pool to the pool house and take a peek inside. It’s fully loaded with equipment. I’ll have plenty of time to get re-acquainted with everything. I start to stretch. I sit on the warming brick pavers and can feel the tightness in my muscles. This run won’t be fun, but I have to do it. I’ve got to start somewhere and right here, right now is the best place and time. After 10 minutes, I feel loose, or loose enough not to do any permanent damage. I head to the edge of the patio and look out over the woods and fields below. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I take another deep breath and jog off the edge. I head down an obvious path and it winds into the woods. I take it nice and slow to start, remembering I’ll have to climb this hill to get home. I get a mile or so into my jog and find the path has leveled out. The trees are thinning as well. I come to the edge of a meadow and I see a pond in the middle of it. I continue my jog thru the warm fresh air and the path takes me right to the pond. I see an area has been cleared and there are a couple of benches there, creating a sitting area which faces the pond. I can hear frogs croaking. They fall silent as I pass them. As I circle the pond, I decide this makes a logical turning point and I head back. I get back into the wooded area and am half way up the hill when I see a green John Deere 3032E tractor and trailer in the middle of the path. I slow my jog and come to a walk as I near it. I call out, “Hello?” I hear a deep manly voice respond from in the trees, “Hello there.” I glance around, but do not see the man who called back. I try again, “Hello? My name is Cole. I’m staying at the cabin.” The voice comes back, a bit closer this time, “Oh. Hello Mr. Cole. My name is Mr. Fisher. I’m the care-taker for the property.” I can now see him emerging through the oaks and pines. My breath catches. When I think care-takers, I think an elderly married couple who live on the property as a way to make some extra money for their retirement. She dresses in flowery printed dresses and has gray hair bundled up on her head, held there by bobby pins and maybe a scarf. She’ll have an apron on all the time and probably has gardening gloves stashed away in a pocket. She’ll smell of apple pie and has a warm, grandmotherly smile, which puts everyone at ease. She’ll pinch your cheeks and want to hug you every time you see her. He’ll be dressed in overalls, a flannel shirt, and Workhog XT VentTEK work boots, even in hottest August. He’ll be wearing a straw hat and have a sprig of grass in his mouth. There’ll be a red and black bandana in his back pocket to wipe the sweat off his brow; and his hands will be calloused and worn, but strong and nimble. There will be a pair of old work gloves hanging out of his other back pocket. He’ll look at you, squinting thru one eye, pointing his pinky at you as he dispenses valuable life lessons. The man who stepped towards me, was not that. I had to shut my mouth for fear of gaping at him too long. Mr. Fisher was probably my age, but he was 6’3”, easily 230-pounds, and not wearing overalls or a flannel shirt. Wavy dark brown hair, matted down by the first signs of sweat, cover his head. He has 5-day stubble on his face. High cheek bones and a strong jaw line help define his face. He’s wearing a sweaty dry-fit mesh t-shirt, that is snug around his chest and free flowing around his tight waist. His arms are like ham hocks hanging off his shoulders. His biceps are engorged with blood due to the work he was doing before I interrupted him. I see veins crawling over them. He’s wearing tan work pants and I can see he does have on work boots. I laugh to myself, ‘I got one thing right.’ As he steps thru the trees and closer to the path, I see his bright green eyes size me up in about a second. He pulls off a work glove and sticks his hand out. In his deep voice he says, “Good morning Mr. Cole. How are you today? Did you sleep well?” I break my stare, glancing from left to right, then cautiously back at him. I look into eyes, smile, and say, “Good morning Mr. Fisher. I’m doing well today, thank you. Yes, I did sleep well last night. Probably one of the best nights of sleep in a very long time.” We glance at each other again, and I say, “Great morning for a run.” He nods, wiping sweat from his face with the back of his wrist, his bicep bulging, I stare at it a bit too long and he notices. I quickly add, “I haven’t been able to do this,” I nod toward the trail “in a very long time. I’m glad I did.” I look back at him and he’s grinning, chest puffed out, sweat stain running down the deep crevice between his pecs. My tongue quickly flicks out to wet my lips. I try not to stare, but the sight of his body makes it hard not to. I feel a twitch down below. I shuffle my feet and lean against a tree to stretch my calf muscle, trying to casually hide my excitement. I embarrassingly say, “Need to stay loose. Don’t want cramp up on my first run.” I nervously smile to him. He just watches me with a grin that I think means he knows what’s up. I say, “Yeah, the house is bigger than I thought, and I have it all to myself.” I cringe and think to myself, ‘Fuck, I hope that doesn’t sound like I’m asking him to come over’. He smiles back, “Yeah, the cabin is on the large side when there’s just one person there.” Now the awkward silence. It lasts for just 10 seconds, but seems like eternity. My breathing which had been heavy due to the jog has slowed. His sweating has eased, but he is still breathing deeply. His chest rising and falling. I notice his pert nipples thru the fabric. I break the silence, “I’m sorry to have bothered you, Mr. Fisher. I’ll let you get back to work.” I smile to him. He looks me over once more and says in a confident tone, “Since this is your first jog in a while, you will want to take some extra care in your warm down. Remember to stretch everything or you may cramp up later today.” I nod in appreciation. “I’ll be up to the cabin later today, if you need help with anything.” ‘Oh fuck, did he just come on to me?’. I look at the path, thinking, ‘Not sure Chuck would appreciate me getting it on with the help on the first day.’ I look back at him and graciously say, “Thank you. You know where I’ll be.” He winks at me. I turn from him and start my jog back up the hill, trying to keep my inflating unit from banging my leg. I get back to the house, run up to the bedroom, grab a towel, lay on the bed, and proceed to jerk off, remembering what the gorgeously muscular Mr. Fisher looks like. Afterwards, I shower, shave, and get ready for the rest of the day, I head to the kitchen and look for the microwave. I find it and spot a clock on it. ‘Ha!’ It’s around noon. I open the fridge and find more than enough ingredients for a salad. I fill a plate, grab a glass of ice water and head to the pool area. I wander back in and go into the library. I don’t find a classic I’d like to read, but spot a book on yoga and relaxation. ‘What are the odds’ I think to myself, rolling my eyes. I pull it down and head back out. I take my time enjoying the salad and realize I’m eating fresh vegetables, like picked off the plant within a few days, not something I hurriedly grabbed at the local mini-mart that was God knows how many days old. I savor every bite. I start to read thru the book. Much of the first few pages are common sense tips, which I need to re-incorporate into my life. Get decent sleep, drink plenty of water, stretch your neck, etc. I move from the patio table to a deck lounge chair and continue to read. The warm sun is overhead. A gentle breeze runs between the house and the pool house. Next thing I know, I’m re-awakened by the sound of Mr. Fisher’s voice. “Mr. Cole?” I hear distantly. “Mr. Cole, are you awake?” My eyes slowly open, the book has fallen to the ground and my hands are laying at my sides. I squint thru the bright sunlight to see him standing near me, but off to the side. “Good afternoon Mr. Fisher.” I groggily say smiling to him. I quickly collect myself and continue, “Sorry, guess I dozed off.” He smiles back to me. I turn, get up, and my leg cramps. I stumble a bit and fall toward the patio table. He is by my side in a flash, gripping my elbow with a strong hand. I reach my other hand to the table and steady myself. With concern in his voice, he asks, “Are you alright?” His hand still holding me, his fingers tight on my skin. I can feel the warmth of his body and can smell the sweat on him. He easily guides me to a chair and I sit. “I am, thank you.” He slowly releases my arm and takes a seat next to me, his eyes scanning my body. “I guess the jog and sun wore me out more than I thought.” He nods. My leg cramps again and I wince in pain. I reach for it. “You didn’t stretch after your jog, did you?” He asks in a knowing tone. I sheepishly nod no. I can’t really tell him I was busy taking care of a raging hard-on, rather than stretching out. “Ok.” He stands, pushes his chair back and turns to me. “Turn your chair.” I do. “Stick your leg out as much as you can.” I attempt to straighten it, but it sits at a 30-degree angle. I hear him chuckle lowly. He reaches both hands out and takes ahold of my calf. I can see the muscles on the lower part twitching. He sees it as well and starts to gently massage the area. His strong fingers rub, then dig into the muscle, loosening the fibers. The cramp eases after a few minutes of his ministrations. I sigh in relief. He hears it, smiles, while still looking down, and says, “I guess ‘lesson learned’, Mr. Cole?” I hear a bit of sarcasm in his voice, but can tell he’s not being malicious. I give it right back to him, “Yes sir, Sargent Fisher.” He glances up and winks. “Also, you can just call me ‘Cole’. The ‘Mr.’ part makes me feel like old.” “Ok, but only if you call me Jake. ‘Mr. Fisher’ are my dad and my Pappy.” He stands up and gets back into his seat. He crosses his legs and his huge work boots clunk into the table. We both laugh. Now the conversation starts to flow. “Ah, so you and your wife are the caretakers?” I ask digging for info. “No.” I raise an eyebrow. “The ‘Mrs. Fisher’ is my Nona.” I nod in understanding. “Nona is still able to get around and do things, but Pappy passed away a few years ago. I was brought on to help and do the heavy lifting. Kind of say, I like the gig. The work isn’t too bad. Just maintain the estate and help the people who stay here with any issues, you know like cramps in their legs.” Now it’s his turn to raise an eyebrow and smile at me. “Sorry to hear about your grandfather.” He nods in appreciation. “Is there a lot of heavy lifting?” He shrugs his boulder shoulders. “How big is the estate?” “It’s a couple hundred acres.” My eyes get large. He sees it, smiles, and says, “Yeah, we don’t get too many ‘regular people’ here.,” He uses air quotes. He looks at the house and pool. “Usually, it’s one of the execs looking to bring side-fling up for a good time weekend. Or maybe one of their families over a holiday.” He’s very nonchalant about it. He puts his hands behind his head and intertwines his fingers. His biceps flex and I try not to stare. “There are quite a few paths to maintain. And I have to mow the meadow area every few weeks, but besides that, and taking down a few dead trees every now and then, not much really happens.” “Sounds like a pretty sweet gig, like you said.” “Yeah, I get to look after Nona as well. She’s not as young as she thinks she is anymore.” We both chuckle. “I mean, she still can put me in my place with a glance, but she makes a mean lasagna, so I am happy to help out.” “Must be hard on your social life, being so far from town…and people?” “Eh, I sneak off once the chores are done.” He says with a knowing wink. “Town is not that far, comparatively speaking.” I give him a sly smile and ask, “You ever bring a date up to ‘the big house’, just for some fun?” I spread my arms around and say, “What girl wouldn’t like this view.” I think to myself ‘and a view of your body in a speedo or less.’ He lets out a raucous laugh, “If I brought a date here, I think Nona would have my hide.” I notice he didn’t say ‘girl’, but ‘date’. Maybe… “I think my leg is feeling better and I’m sure you have better things to do” I am cut off by the French doors opening. I turn to see a spry elderly woman walk out. Must be Mrs. Fisher. Jake immediately stands, he looks down at the ground. She speaks with authority in her voice, “Jake, I believe you have some trees to trim in the lower meadow. I think you’ve taken up enough of Mr. Cole’s time.” He quietly says, “Yes, Nona.” He turns and starts to walk to the path. When he gets to the edge, he turns and says to me, “Please remember to fully stretch before and after each jog. It would not do you any good to be laid up while you were here.” I take his meaning as something other than what he says out loud for his Nona. He turns and I see his broad back descend the hill. I hear tractor start and drive away. “Mr. Cole.” I turn to Mrs. Fisher and see she is half of what I expected. She’s about 5’3”, maybe 100 pounds. She’s got the gray hair and gardening gloves, but past that, she’s her own person. “I’m sorry if my grandson was bothering you. Sometimes he gets chatty with the guests.” I see steel in her eyes and realize not much gets past her. Now I can see why Jake hasn’t brought any dates up here. “I hope you got settled in last night.” I nod. “Very nice. Would you like me to prepare any meals for you? I see you found something for lunch.” She glances at the dirty plate. “I did, thank you. I made a salad. The vegetables were very fresh. Much better than I am used to in the city.” She smiles. “As to making meals for me…” She looks at me like she really wants to cook for me to show off her skills. “Maybe a dinner or two a week?” She nods ok, but I can tell she’s disappointed. “Maybe more as time goes on.” I wave my arms around and says, “This is new to me and a bit overwhelming right now.” She nods, “Maybe in a few days, after I get comfortable. Right now, I need to spend time thinking some things through and I’m not sure what my appetite will be like. I would hate for you to cook a full meal and I only eat a small portion of it.” “I understand.” She responds flatly. “If you change your mind, just let me know.” I nod. “I’m going to make a quick check of the house and I’ll leave you be. May I take the plate in?” I get up to hand it to her. She turns to go but I ask a question, “May I ask what the weather is going to be like for the next few days? I’d hate to be out on the property and get stuck in a rain shower. Not having a radio or TV, makes it rather hard to find out.” She smiles and with a slightly condescending tone in her voice says, “You’re on one of the highest points of land around. You’ll be able to see and hear any storms while they are far enough away.” I try to let it go and say, “Thank you Mrs. Fisher.” I return to the lounge chair and lay back down. I pick up the book and flip to the page I was on prior to falling asleep. I hear the French doors shut. The rest of the afternoon is uneventful. I read a few chapters of the book. I grab a yoga mat from the exercise room and try a few of the easier poses. After that I go for a swim. The water is warm, but not too warm to make it uncomfortable. I wander into the exercise room and do a light chest and arm workout. I’ve got a month to get back into shape. No need to pull something on the first day. I make my dinner, some salmon, vegetables, and rice. I find a bottle of Pinot Noir and remember what Chuck said, but then think, ‘he’s not here’. I open the bottle and let it breathe while the salmon is resting. I find a loaf of sour dough bread and cut off a few slices. I take everything back to the patio and sit to enjoy the meal in the fading light. After I clean up, I grab a pen and paper and map out my plan for the upcoming week, while sitting in one of the one leather chairs in the living room. Not having my cell phone calendar makes it a bit tougher, but I manage to put a rough schedule together. It includes jogging daily, working out, reading, and yoga. I also write up a quick meal plan based on what I saw in the pantry, fridge, and freezer. I realize I will need to contact Mrs. Fisher for a few more items. I write up a quick grocery list and leave it on the counter with her name on it. Maybe she’ll pick it up next time she comes up. I grab a Granny Smith apple and head back to the patio. Night has set in and I can hear owls in the surrounding trees. I also hear crickets singing their song in the grass outside the pool area. I begin to take stock of my life and realize that while I may not be able to afford an estate like this one, I can afford to get away for a week every now and then. I take a few deep breaths of the clean, fresh mountain air and stare up into the night sky. The stars are so clear. I try to make out some constellations, but am woefully bad at it. I’ll have to check the library for book on them. I move to a lounge chair and lay for a while, just watching the sky and listening to nature. I nod off once or twice and decide to call it a night. I get another restful sleep. I wake to the sun streaming in again. I decide to move quicker today. I get a quick shower, don’t bother shaving, and brush my teeth. I get into my jogging gear and head down. I notice the grocery list is still on the counter. I head out to the exercise room. I stretch for a full ten minutes, as I found a stop watch in the room. I head down the same path as yesterday, but at a slightly faster pace. It feels nice. I get to the pond and head past it this time. I go to the far edge of the meadow, and re-enter the wooded area. The path leads up an incline and then opens to another meadow, this one overlooking the next valley. The path splits and I take the left branch. I have a feeling this one will lead toward the gate house and driveway. I continue on for another half mile and come thru the woods to the driveway. I’m a few yards away from the gate. I start to jog up the hill on the grass beside the drive. I get to the caretaker’s house and slow my pace. I glance in and see it is a 2-story cottage with a work garage off to the side. I see a beat up 1999 Ford F150 pickup and a later model Jeep Cherokee in the driveway. I don’t see Jake’s tractor. He must be on the property somewhere. I turn and continue up the hill. I get to the main house and slow my pace. I enter the circle in front of the house and see his tractor. The attached trailer is loaded down with tree limbs. I see the limbs were broken off, not sawed. Some are pretty thick and I think, ‘Jake must be one strong man to break limbs that size.’ I glance around, but do not see him. I walk to the side of the house and go thru a grape-vine covered arbor to the side yard. I pass thru beds of annual and perennial flowers. I stop to smell the ones in bloom. Such a soothing effect. I see a bench near a birdbath and sit for a bit. The shade of an old elm tree protects me from the sun. I feel a slight warm breeze. It feels nice. I hear Finches, Thrushes, and Bluebirds in the trees around me. I guess I’m interrupting their time at the bath. I spread my arms over the back of the bench, slouch down a bit, close my eyes for a minute, and let the calm and peacefulness of the moment sink in. His deep voice hits me from behind, “They smell nice, don’t they, Cole?” I open my and turn to face him. His green eyes penetrate me. “How was your run?” I saw you take off a while ago.” “It felt nice Jake, thanks for asking. I’m glad I pushed myself to go further this time.” I ignore the fact that he saw me leave. He’s going to be around the house and property and will see me, even if I don’t see him. I take a look at him and see he’s in another sweaty t-shirt and tan work pants. His arms are pumped again. I guess there was some heavy lifting to do, or breaking branches. He sees me looking at him and smiles. He glances at my leg and asks, “How does calf feel? Any signs you’re going to cramp up again?” “I don’t think so. I was just about the go into the exercise room and warm down.” He nods. I take a chance and ask, “The welcome note your grandmother left said you give massages?” His face brightens. “How do I get on the list for one?” I ask with a sly smile. “I mean, given your size,” I wave my arm toward his body. “I’m sure your schedule is booked solid.” He laughs and says, “I think I can squeeze you in. Are you looking for a therapeutic massage or deep tissue?” He crosses his arms over his huge chest and waits for my answer. “I think a deep tissue would do the trick.” “Figured as much.” He looks me over again and says, “What are your plans in about an hour or so?” “Besides a whole lot of ‘not much’, nothing really, just reading and looking at the scenery.” I try hard not to stare at his muscles. “I guess I can be free.” He booms, “Perfect.” He inflates his chest and stands up a bit straighter. “Be in the exercise room. I need to head back to the house, get cleaned up, and get my gear.” I turn to walk to the back of the house and as I pass him, he puts his hand on my shoulder, squeezes, and quietly says, “You’ll feel like a new man when I’m done with you.” He winks at me again and turns toward the front of the house. I think, ‘yeah, I’m sure I will.’ The thought of his hands rubbing my body gets me hard rather quickly. I head around the house and quickly go upstairs. I take a hot shower to ease my erection and to wash the sweat off me. I decide to shave. It only takes a few minutes due to my poor beard growing genes. I get dressed and head to the kitchen. I grab a fresh mango from the counter, squeeze it to make sure it’s ripe, then cut it. I get the fruit out and put it in a dish. I check the microwave and have 15 minutes. I sit at the counter and enjoy the sweetness of the fruit. I put the dish in the sink to clean later and notice the grocery list is gone. I head to the patio and wait for Jake. A few minutes later I hear him coming thru the flower garden on the side of the house. I want to immediately turn and look at him, to see what he’s wearing, to see if his muscles are on display or are covered up. Has he shaved his sexy beard off, or left it on for my pleasure? He calls out to me, “Hey Cole, right on time.” With some jocularity in his voice he says, “It’s always nice when the client is on time, or even early.” Now I turn to see him. My heart starts to race and blood is diverted to my groin. His still wet hair is pushed back over his head and covered by a dark blue baseball hat. The hat is on backwards and there a few hairs sticking out the front and falling on his forehead. He didn’t shave. I smile inwardly as I take in his face. Those green eyes and winning smile. That scruffy beard. I would love to run my fingers over it, just to feel the coarseness of it and the underlying jawline. He’s wearing a bright green tank-top which fits him like a second skin. His chest is pumped and his pert nipples are clearly visible, and more prominent than I thought. I wonder how sensitive they are and if I can make him fidget with delight as I twist or nibble them. I see a few dark hairs at the top of his pecs. His arms. My oh my. They must be 18-inches, unpumped, with veins crawling over them. His shirt is tucked into a pair of dark gray mesh gym shorts. His waist must be 31 or 32-inchs. I can see his abs thru the shirt. My mouth waters. Those mesh shorts, they seem to be a size too small for his tree trunk legs. God, what those tan workpants were hiding. His quads are rippling with muscle and his hairy calves are enormous. I see his has flip-flops on, but even his feet look manly. I see him smiling at me as I finish taking him in. “You get a nice look?” He asks. I blush. “Dude, don’t worry, I get it all the time.” ‘I bet you do’ I think to myself. He’s carrying a backpack which must hold the massage oils. I stand up as he nears me, and remember we’re about the same height. He’s just wider and sexier. He glances up and down my body, and now it’s his turn to blush, as I catch him looking. I wink at him. I say, “So, let’s do this.” We head in. He quickly clears off an exercise table and pulls a sheet out of one of the cabinets along the wall. He spreads it over the table and pats his hand on it, motioning for me to sit. I do. He gets in front of me, squats down, his legs exploding with muscle, and starts to poke and squeeze and expertly assess my body. He starts with my feet and moves upward. He asks if anything hurts and about previous injuries. I answer, staring at his hat and his muscled forearms. As he gets to my midsection and chest, my semi-erect cock is partially straining my shorts. He completely ignores it. I’m guessing he’s seen it happen before. He stands and works on my shoulders for a second. “Please take off your shirt.” I do. His eyes wander down my body, taking in what used to be a toned torso. He asks me to sit up straight and I do. He puts his fingers on my clavicle and presses in. He raises my right arm and uses his other hand to apply pressure to my side chest and upper rib cage. He releases my arm and takes a step back. He looks me in the eyes and asks, “Swimmer, runner, or gymnast?” “Swam in high school and college. Did some cross country in high school too.” He nods. “It shows. You’ve got that nice lean build. Your muscles are there, but just need to be toned up.” I nod but with embarrassment. “Cole, it happens. Life gets in the way. You skip a day at the gym, then it’s every other day. I get it.” I look him in the eyes and see not an ounce of judgement. “May I ask what brought you here? You aren’t the typically guest. And, for a month?” I sigh and give him the abbreviated version, including the part of me being gay. He just listens, nodding every so often. He gently puts his hand on my thigh and says with sincerity, “I’m sorry.” I look at him with appreciation. “I must say, you have one nice boss to give you a month off so you can get yourself back on course.” I think to myself, he’s absolutely right. “Well, now that’s it’s out in the open, you can develop a course of action.” I smile to him and proudly say, “I sketched out a plan last night after dinner. Trust me, it involves a lot of exercise and working thru some stuff up here.” I tap the side of my head. “Well, I can’t help you with that, but I’d be more than happy to help you with the exercise part.” I look at him with a bit of skepticism. I tentatively ask, “Won’t your grandmother be upset that you’re shirking your work responsibilities?” He shrugs his boulder shoulders and says back, “Well, part of my job description is to make the guests feel at home and help them with whatever they need.” His green eyes dance with anticipation. A slight smile comes over both our faces. He claps his hands together and excitedly says, “Drop your shorts and get on the table, face down.” I’m partially taken aback, but I see he is taking off his t-shirt. He turns back to me and his chest is enormous. The dark hairs I saw earlier were just a taste. His pecs have a nice dark mat of curly hair which trails down between his pecs to his abs. From there it disappears into his shorts. I turn away, face the other direction and slip my shorts down over my growing erection, leaving me in just my boxer briefs. I kick them off and slide back onto the table, making sure I don’t ‘free willy’ by accident. I lift my midsection and make sure everything is pointed in the right direction. I hear him laugh softly again. He pats me on the shoulder and says, “Cole, don’t be embarrassed about getting an erection around me. You wouldn’t be the first guy to admire and appreciate my body, and God willing, you won’t be the last.” He pats me again and bends down to open his bag. I hear him open a bottle oil and put some on his hands. He puts the bottle on the table, leaning against my leg. As he starts to work my calf muscles, I decide to take the bull by the horns. “So, what’s the social scene around here? I mean you can’t spend all your free time with your Nona in the caretaker’s house. Where do you go to cut loose?” He hums a bit and says, “I get into town every so often.” He’s being vague on purpose. I desperately want to ask him if he’s gay, or at least bi, but he has my right foot in his hands and I think he could break it if he wanted to. “There are a few bars and restaurants to hang out at.” I wonder if any of them are gay bars. There’s a lull in the conversation as he continues his work. He asks every so often if the pressure is enough, not enough, or too much. I let him know he could go a bit harder. He does and I immediately feel it. I moan as his fingers dig thru the tense fibers in my Adductor Brevis and Adductor Longus, releasing the pressure. He then moves to my Gracilis muscle and gives it a workover. He is quickly moving from one side of the table to the other, adding oil to his hands as he goes. He hits each side with equal pressure and attention. After he finishes there, he moves over my boxers and right to my lower back. I hear him open the bottle and say, “Be ready, this may not be as warm as my hands.” I feel a few drops of oil hit my spine. It’s not chilly, but it’s not nearly as warm as his hands. I tense, then quickly release. He puts his hand on the oil and starts to move it around, coating my entire lower back. He hesitantly says, “Um…Cole…It would be easier for me it you took your boxers off.” I knew that request was coming. “Just so I don’t soak them with oil.” “Ok.” I buck my hips up and carefully slide them down. Once they are around my thighs, I feel his strong fingers take ahold of them and slips them all the way off. There is a pregnant pause and I wonder if he’s staring as my ass. Next thing I know, he tosses his shorts into a pile in front of me. Then a few seconds later, a pair of dark blue posers. I guess this is his way of answering my unasked question. He immediately gets back to work. His strong fingers nimbly move around my lower back and side rib cages. He applies pressure, stretches the muscle out, then relaxes the hold. He does this over and over again, moving up my right side. When he gets to my shoulder blade, he stops, walks around the table so he passes in front of me and starts to work on my left side. He moved too quickly. I didn’t get to see anything except his muscular legs. More oil, then he starts to work on my glutes. His fingers grab ahold of the muscle, and he kneads it, like it’s bread dough. Because of the pressure he applies, as well as his strong fingers, I can feel him practically rubbing my hip bone. He keeps at it, his fingers grabbing, pulling, releasing. I notice his fingers are moving closer to my crack. I feel three fingers dip into my crack, but they just grab the muscle and he pulls it toward him. He holds it, then I feel his index finger slide up and down my crack. Now that was not my imagination. He releases as quickly as he started. He goes to the other side and does the same thing, except, no finger on my crack. He gently slaps my ass and says, “Done down below. Shoulder, arms, and neck time.” He puts just a bit of oil on my upper back and uses both hands to spread it around. He still standing off to a side. “Cole, you’ve got nice wide shoulders. It shows that you were a swimmer. They taper down to a nice waistline too.” “Thanks.” I say back. “But that waistline is hidden under a layer of beer and fried food.” He laughs and says, “We’ll work on getting it back. It shouldn’t be too hard, or take too long.” He starts to apply deep pressure to around the area and I moan again. It feels so good. When he’s done with the shoulder, his picks up my arm and starts to work the Triceps. He grips my arm with his fingers and uses the pads of his thumbs to press into the muscle. He works the whole area, then does the sides of my biceps. He works his way down to my hand and gives it a work stretch as well. He grabs each finger individually and pulls on them. I feel the muscles lengthen, then contract when he releases. I’m in heaven. He walks around the back of the table and basically reverses what he just did. He starts with my hand and works up to my Triceps and shoulder blade. As he finishes there, he walks to the head of the table, so he is right in front of me and starts to work on my neck and upper shoulders. My head is forced down over the edge of the table, so I can only see is lower legs and feet. Again, he applies deep pressure and I feel bones crack and tendons loosen. His fingers quickly find any knots or bulbs and expertly break them up. I squirm a few times, because it actually hurt. He says, “Sorry, but I need to break them up or you’ll still have pain.” “I get it and am glad you’re doing it, but I’ll be a lot happier when you’re done.” He lets loose his deep laugh. He continues his torture and I squirm some more, but slowly movements begin to feel normal, still deep and strong, but it’s like he’s hit his grove and is just working on autopilot. Then I feel it. His unit bumps the side of my head, near my right ear. He is leaning over my body to reach my middle back and I can feel his warm sweat drip off him and onto me. His hairy chest is touching my upper back as he reaches further down, to my lower back. I feel the bump again. Due to his body practically laying on top of me, I am not able to turn my head. He starts to lean back up and is drawing his fingers up my spine. He is using both hands and is pushing the muscles from both sides. I can feel my spine crack. I moan again. He says, “You think your spine is cracking now, just wait until I crack it for real. You’ll be in heaven.” I think, ‘Already there Jake.” He’s at the nape of my neck. He’s standing up and the pressure is off my head. I lift it to readjust the position and catch a glimpse of him. 6-inches flaccid, shaved groin, cut. I cautiously inhale his scent. Sweat and Old Spice. Nice mix. I feel blood rush south again. His fingers work their magic, digging into the side of my neck, getting between the fibers, and spreading everything out. He finishes my neck, then says, “Just to let you know, I’m going to massage your head. Not sure if you’ve ever had it done, but it feels great.” I feel the fingers of both his hands encompass my skull. He applies gently pressure and starts to move his fingers around. My skin feels like it is being pulled off my head, then put back on. He takes his time and makes sure he gets every part of my scalp. When he finally finishes, I’m breathing heavily. He hears me and says, “See told you.” “Not that I doubted you, but sounded more painful than it actually was.” “Ok, turn over. Time to work over your topside.” Gratefully my erection has faded. I turn over and see him scan my body from head to toe. I’m looking up at his body, from his belly button to his shelf pecs and pert nipples. I see he cobblestone abs, with ridges of muscles just waiting for a tongue to coat them with saliva. ‘Fuck, blood rushing south.’ My erection starts to rise, but I close my eyes and block the image of his body from it. I start to fade. I hear him walk to the end of the table and I feel his oily fingers grab my left ankle, lift it up, and put it on his shoulder. I keep my eyes shut to avoid looking his face and spectacular chest. He starts to work on my leg, squeezing and relaxing the muscles in my quads and groin area. When he has loosened it enough, he climbs up on the table and moves forward compressing my leg against my chest. I feel his flaccid unit bump my balls. Not a word from him. He pushes down three or four times, each time he hits me. I can feel his warm breath just inches away from my face. I smell peppermint gum each time he exhales on the downward push. He very slowly eases off. He does the same with my right ankle and leg, but when he is massaging my groin area, his fingers dance under my hairless balls. Just for a second, they gently stroke my taint. I am unable to hold back my erection any longer. It grows pretty rapidly to its full seven inches. Jake just continues to work my leg over. He does the same compression and now I feel his unit is no longer flaccid. There some heft to it. It bangs into me and I can feel his head hitting my balls. I take a chance and open my eyes. He is right above me, maybe 6 inches away from my face, his bright green eyes looking directly into my dark blue ones. He smiles to me and quietly says, “Hey”, but keeps on going. As he eases off, his fingers run down my torso and trace down groin area, rubbing my super sensitive inner leg. My unit goes full mast. I hear a low chuckle. He climbs off the table and walks up the left side. He puts his hands on my chest and starts to massage my pecs. He’s not as aggressive here. Just rubbing the muscles back and forth, loosening them up. I can feel his unit poke me in the side. He’s erect as well. I take a chance and turn my hand over and allow my fingers to caress the inside of his muscled quad. He doesn’t seem to mind and keeps on working. I feel him adjust his stance and my hand is now right under his balls. I put my hand into a cup shape and he moves his body again so they are resting in my hand. I slowly close my hand and let my fingers softly touch him. I hear him hum as his fingers pause. His fingers work their way to my abs. He uses the palms of his hands, as well as his fingers, to rub the muscles. I release his balls. He pauses and looks down at me. I look up and he just nods. I cup him again. He smiles and goes back to work. I get a bit more playful and use my fingers to softly pull down on his ball sac. He moans again, a bit louder. My unit is at full mast and sticking up at a 45-degree angle. He maneuvers his fingers under it and caresses my lower abs, bumping my unit more often than not. He’s looking down at it over his heaving chest. His breathing is deep and paced. I can see sweat trickling down the sides of his face, into his beard. His biceps are engorged with blood, pumped up, and sweaty as well. He glances to me, sees me looking at them and flexes them slightly. My unit gets that much harder. I release his balls again, but immediately rub my middle finger along his length. He flinches and pauses again. He puts his right hand flat on my lower abs and lets it rest there. I look at the ceiling, feeling we have crossed a line, and there is no going back. His left hand comes to rest on my balls. His fingers begin a slow dance, caressing the area, and stroking my taint. He flips his right hand over and I feel him softly take hold of me. I let out an audible sigh while looking at the ceiling. He does as well, in response. I move my fingers to grasp his girth. I take hold and slowly move my hand right and left. He does the same. My chest is now rising and falling in unison with his. Our hands are moving at the same pace, we have the same grip on each other. I feel the warm skin around his unit slide easily as I jerk him. His body moves closer to the table. His legs are against the side of it. His unit is poking into me. My movements become quicker. He matches me. I glance toward him and lick my lips, just at the beauty of his body and face. He turns and sees my tongue slip back in my mouth. He grins and moves his left hand further under my body. I feel him poke around my hole, but not enter it. He just caresses the hairs there. That in combination with his jerking me, and me having a hold of his unit, sends a lightning bolt down my spine. I mumble, “Cumming.” He slows his motion for a second, then gives me three quick yanks, each one more aggressive than the last. On the third one, the finger on my ass dips inside me. I cum, shooting my load like a rocket out of me. The first load coats my face and upper chest. The next two, my chest and abs. The last one coats his hand. He slows his jerking motion and comes to a stop. I realize I have a death grip on his unit. I croak, “Sorry.” as I ease my grip, but don’t release him. “Now worries.” Is all he says, smiling down at me. I continue to jerk him and see his body tense up. He grips the edge of the table with both hands and I see his biceps flex as his abs compress into his body. His chest inflates. He growls as he lets loose. His cum blasts into the side of my body. Four distinct shots hit me and stick to my sweaty body. When he’s done, I slowly release him. He takes his hands off the table and turns to put his ass on the edge. He takes a few deep breaths to cleanse himself. He pats me on the chest and asks, “Feel better?” I wink at him in response. “Good to hear.” He leans back down to his bag and pulls out a couple towels. I see his very shapely muscular ass for the first time. I whistle lowly. He flexes his glutes and stands up. He turns and winks as he hands one to and uses the other to clean himself. I get my face, chest, and abs. I move to clean my leg and he puts his hand on top of mine, stopping me. He winks and says, “I’ve got this.” He easily slides my body to the edge of the table, squats down, and proceeds to lick his cum off my body. His warm rough tongue runs along my body, scooping and pulling the warm glop into his mouth. I lean up and watch. I reach my hand down and grab his nipple and squeeze. He shuts his eyes tightly and moans. As he finishes, he stands, reaches a hand down to me and as I take it, he pulls me to a seated position. “Do you want me to crack your back now or later?” “Might as do it now, since we’re both soft.” He chuckles. “I mean, if we waited, I know I’d sprout another boner just from your touch.” I pat his plate like pecs, which he flexes for me. “Ok. Lay back down on the table.” I do. He explains what he is going to do. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m going to climb on the table with you, but next to you.” I grin and wiggle my eyebrows. He just shakes his head. “You will lean up and take a deep breath and hold it. I will wrap my arms around your back. When I say so, you exhale completely and lean back. I will squeeze as you go down and your back should crack.” “Gotcha.” He climbs on the table with me, but on my right side. His flaccid unit trapped between our bodies. I lean up, take the breath and hold it. He wraps his pythons around me and grips his wrists behind my back. He says, “Now.” I exhale and lean back. I feel his biceps squeeze and grow larger. I keep exhaling and falling back. Suddenly I feel my vertebra crack, just like he said. I am flat on the table looking into his eyes, which are just inches away. I move my left hand to his face and stroke his jawline. It feels as masculine and strong as I knew it would. He leans down and kisses me. Not a quick peck on the lips, but a full lip to lip, tongues moving around, feeling each out, kiss. His warm breath enters my mouth and mine goes into his. We stay lip-locked for a minute or two. My left hand moves to the back of his head, pushes off his baseball hat, and pulls him closer. He does not object. I feel his biceps constrict and pull our bodies closer. We stay at it and he carefully rolls his body on top of mine. We break the kiss and I whisper, “You know, this might be a little easier on a king-sized bed.” He smiles. “You don’t happen to know where one is, do you?” He lets out a laugh and quickly rolls off me. He extends his hand to mine. I take it as he easily pulls me up. I get off the table and quickly pull my shorts back on. He does the same. I exit the room first and head to the house. I come to an abrupt halt halfway across the patio. Jake bumps into me, his bigger body pushing me forward another step. He says, “Why’d you stop?” “I saw movement in the house, in the kitchen. I think your grandmother may be in there.” Any hope of more romance is flying out the window as we stand on the warm brick pavers. I start to panic. “What if she sees us together?” “Cole, we’re both adults.” I nod hesitantly. “What’s she going to do, ground us, send us to bed without dinner?” I turn to him and see his smile. “This isn’t the first time this has happened to you, is it?” He sheepishly shakes his head no. I decide to be the adult for the next few minutes. I tell him, “Ok, I’ll go in and see what she’s up to and how long she’ll be. You get your ass back into the exercise room until I come back.” Now he wiggles his eyebrows at me. “Calm down big guy.” I pat him on the chest and push him back toward the smaller building. Once he’s in it and shuts the door, I go thru the French doors into the living room and kitchen area. Mrs. Fisher is there, as I thought. She is putting groceries away. I am as polite as I can be. “Good afternoon Mrs. Fisher. How are you today?” She looks over to me, sees me sweating and says, “Good afternoon Mr. Cole. I’m well, thank you. How are you? You look flushed and worn out. Is everything ok.” I think, ‘Couldn’t be better. Your grandson gives fucking awesome massages.’. I instead say, “I’ve been in the workout room for quite a while. I lost track of time.” “Well don’t overdo it.” Her voice shows some concern. “Thank you. I was just about to change my clothes and go for a swim, then get in the whirlpool for a bit.” “Very well. I’m done here. I was able to find all the items on your list.” She smiles to me and adds, “I’m glad to find someone else who also likes Brussels Sprouts.” I nod with a smile. “Unfortunately, Mr. Fisher does not like them.” ‘But he likes to lick his cum off my body.’ I say to myself. “That’s too bad. If you cook them just right, they’re very flavorful.” I head to the foyer. “I must head upstairs and get changed. I feel kind of sticky in these clothes.” “Have you seen Mr. Fisher today? I see his tractor is outside, but I don’t see him?” I hold my composure and say, “I did see him earlier when I finished my run, but have not seen him since.” “Ok. Have a nice swim. Call me if you need anything.” “Thank you, I will.” I hurry up the steps and to my bedroom. I stand in the open doorway and listen for a door to open and shut, any door, which would indicate she’s left. After a minute I hear one of the French doors open and close. I say to myself, ‘Fuck’. What if she goes to the exercise room to clean up? I quickly move to a bedroom which has a view of the pool area. I get there just in time to see her open the door to the small building. My heart sinks. She’s going to find Jake in there and then it’ll all be over. I keep watching intensely. Nothing yet. Maybe she’s giving him the riot act. I murmur softly, “I’m so sorry Jake. I didn’t want you to get in trouble.” From behind me I hear him calmly say, “Please, this isn’t my first time doing this.” I nearly jump out skin and thru the window. I turn to see Jake standing there in just the dark blue posers. He smiles at me and wiggles his eyebrows. I point my finger at him and quietly say, “You!” He laughs. “Why are you whispering? It’s not like Nona can hear you.” I shrug my shoulders. I walk to him and put my hand on his chest as I lean in for another kiss. I ask, “How did you get in the house? I’m pretty sure Nona would have seen you come in the living room or foyer.” “Yes, but the French doors in the dining room are not visible from the kitchen area.” I grin like I’m 15 and trying to sneak past a hall monitor in school. “Once you and Nona got into your discussion, I slipped past and came up here. I went into your bedroom and waited. Apparently, you were too distracted and didn’t see me.” I gawk at his body and blush. “Thought so.” I turn to the window when I hear the exercise room door shut. She has the sheet in her hands and leaves by the walk on the side of the house. I say to Jake, “She took the sheet. Hope the washer is down at your house and not here.” “It is. It’s also a different sheet.” I turn to look at him. He winks. “Like I said, not my first time.” He extends his hand and I take it. We walk back to my bedroom and climb on the bed. I lay on my back and let him crawl on top of me. We proceed to make out for the next half hour. Just kissing and touching. Hands wandering over each other’s bodies. I feel up his muscles. He tenses each one as my hands pass over them. He does the same to me, letting his hands wander and caress my body. We roll over and I’m on top and he’s under me, with his hands on my hips, gently caressing them. Remarkably, we both remain flaccid. We’re just getting to know each other. I push up off him and lean up. I splay my legs on either side of his torso and look down at his muscular chest and midsection. I’m amazed and wonder how he got in the shape he’s in. It cannot be from yard work at a mountain cabin. My warm fingers wander over the sweaty muscles, just softly touching them. He sees me studying him. “You’ve got questions, don’t you?” I bite my tongue and nod, embarrassed. I want to know everything about him, but think I need to slow down. God, I’ve been here two days and have already had sex with the help. Chuck would be on the floor laughing at me. “What are you doing later tonight, say 11?” “Probably trying not to fall asleep, or better yet, trying to get some sleep.” We both laugh. “Want to meet me down by the pond? We can just sit and talk.” He reaches a hand to my arm and caresses my forearm and elbow. He is trying to help. I smile. “Ok, great.” He moves his hands to my waist and he helps me off him. I sit on the bed and he gets up. He’s facing me and stretches his body upward. God, what a specimen. His wavy dark hair is disarrayed. His sexy scruffy beard and green eyes compliment his hair. He puts his arms over his head and reaches them upward. I see he shaves his pits, but I’d still like to lick them and nuzzle my nose in them for a while. His forearms and biceps are just big enough that he cannot bring his hands together while they are overhead. His sweaty hairy pecs have visible muscle striations crisscrossing them. His torso tapers to such a small waist it seems weirdly comically. His flaccid unit and balls are pushed forward and sitting on top of his quads. I see veins crawling over his legs like a city road map. I look away to keep my brain from sending blood to my groin. I hear him grunt, then he relaxes his body and I catch his arms fall down. He sees that I’m trying not to look at him. He moves to a side, just out of my sightline, and sits on the bed to pull on his clothes. “You know Cole. It’s ok to want to look at me. I think we’re past the ‘is he gay or not’ question, and you obviously like guys with muscles.” I let out a soft grunt. “I don’t mind you looking at me.” I sigh, unsure if he’s being nice or something else. “You can ask me anything tonight.” I glance over to him and see his head is turned toward me. He’s smiling. “You were very honest with me about what happened in your life. It would only be fair of me to be just as open with you.” He finishes pulling on his shorts. He stands, grabs his tank-top and squeezes into it. He leans down to me, softly takes ahold of my chin and brings his face to mine. He softly kisses me on the lips. He whispers, “Cole, don’t let your anxieties hold you back from having some fun.” He kisses me again, leans back and says, “I need to take a few trees down along the upper tree line.” He points to me and firmly says, “11, or I will have Nona give you your next massage.” I cough out a laugh. “Needless to say, she’s all business, unlike me.” He winks and is gone. I hear the front door open and shut. His tractor comes to life and the sound of the engine fades as he drives away. I sit on the bed for a bit, reflecting back on what has happened in two short days. Could life really be this simple? Is the life I have back in the city worth the stress? So many questions about Jake run thru my mind. I want to write them down, but that would look kind of silly if I show up and pull out a list. “Yes, Jake, my first question for you tonight is in 3 parts, and each part has 2 sub-questions.” I get off the bed, pull on a pair of board shorts, drench my body in sunscreen, head down to the kitchen, make a quick salad, and head out to the pool. It’s 2:30. I eat the salad slowly, enjoying the freshness of the food, and the views over the valley spread out below. Not a cloud in the sky. Temps in the mid-80’s according the thermostat on the side of the pool house. My mind wanders back to the cluster-fuck my life had been a few short months ago. Working 10-to-12-hour days, running co-workers ragged, and pissing them off at the same time. Trying to hook-up using an on-line site, but being disappointed most of the time. Using those disappointments as an excuse to fuck other people over. I can see the spiral now. God, what an asshole I was. I feel a tear run down my cheek. I continue to look at the valley. The green trees and grass swaying in a gentle breeze. I spy some deer at the far end, just doing their thing. Not a care in the world. I go back in and grab the yoga book. I get a mat and sit on the patio. I check the index and find the chapter on meditation. I read thru it and get the main points. I put the book aside and get into a cross-legged position, with my back straight. I put my hands on my knees, close my eyes, and lightly touch my thumb and index finger. I breathe in thru my nose to a count of 4, hold it for a count of 4, then exhale thru my mouth to a count of 6. I repeat this several times, then lengthen the counts to 6,6,8, then 8,8,8. My minds wanders. I picture a shallow slow-moving stream with some rocks in it. As a thought enters my mind, I let is pass down the stream and out of my mind. I think of the stress of work, and let it float away. The bad experiences dating, float on by. My poor personal choices; they are larger and take more time to pass, but they do. I keep the breathing pattern intact and gently bounce my fingers to help ease any stress the creeps in. After a while, the stream looks like one in the valley below me. My head is clear and my breathing is calm and paced. I feel my chest rising and lowering at the same pace as my heart. I slowly open my eyes, but continue the pattern. I twist my head left and right and feel little to no pain. I uncross my legs, bring my knees to my chest and wrap my hands around them, hugging them. I feel another tear run down my cheek, but this one is of happiness, serenity. I sit for another 5 minutes, then slowly get up and walk to the pool. I wade into the warm water and let it encompass me. I lower my body until just my neck and head are above the water line. I put my back against the wall and squat down. I slowly wave my hands and create a rippling effect in the water. I let the waves move around me and soothe my body. I sit there, with the sun beating down on me. I close my eyes again. My arms slow, the waves dissipate. I nod off and when my lips hit the water, my eyes open. I climb out the pool and go to a lounge chair. I move it into the shade of an umbrella, lie down, and am asleep in seconds. I wake to find it is dusk. The last sliver of the sun is setting over mountains at the far end of the valley. The yellow, red, and orange tendrils of light are bathing the valley and trees. I watch as it fades. Night encroaches from behind me. I sit and watch the stars make their appearance, getting brighter with each passing minute. Crickets soon start their songs. I see fireflies (lightening bugs) start to emerge from the grass. Frogs join the chorus. Then the owls. My eyes become accustomed to the darkness. I can smell the flowers from the garden, and almost taste the honeysuckle along the backside of the garden. I hear other noises in the dark, nocturnal animals waking to live their lives. I get up and slowly move into the house. I click on a minimal number of lights. I check the time and see there is still plenty until I meet with Jake. I head upstairs, get a quick shower, brush my teeth, and change into tan cargo shorts and a light t-shirt. I put on some socks and pair of walking sneakers. I head to the kitchen and cook up another piece of salmon and some veggies. I eat on the patio. I sit and let the stillness and calmness of the evening envelop me. After a while I go back in, check the clock, and see it’s about time for me to head to the pond. I don’t need a flashlight as the moon and stars provide enough light for me to navigate the path easily. As I approach the pond, I see Jake’s darkened figure sitting on one of the benches, waiting for me. I near and put my left hand on his right shoulder. He turns, smiles, and pats the spot next to him. I sit. He puts his right arm around my shoulder and hugs our bodies together. I lean my head to his and put my left hand on his right thigh. We sit. No words pass between us for a while. All I feel are the muscles in his arm slowly moving as he caresses my right bicep. Our breathing is in sync. He quietly asks, “Better?” I murmur back, “Yes.” “Good.” I feel him turn his head and kiss the top of mine. He gently squeezes my body to his again and releases. More time passes. I softly ask, “How did you know?” His answer is a squeeze on my shoulder. All my other questions float away, like the leaves on the stream from my meditation. We sit and watch the night progress. The moon makes its slow arcing trek across the sky. Frogs and crickets and other unseen animals sing their songs and scurry thru the meadow, avoiding us. I drift again. I wake to find Jake is carrying me back up the hill to the house. My head is against his shoulder. His breathing is still slow and steady. I can feel his biceps supporting me, but they don’t seem to be flexed or impacted by my added weight. I touch him on the chest and he looks down. He grins. I say, “I can walk.” He winks at me and keeps walking. We get to the house, I open the door, and he carries me up the steps to my room. He sets me down on the edge of the bed, strips off his clothes, and pulls me up and helps me out of mine. He softly grabs my face in both hands, pulls me toward him, and kisses me. Long, slow, and passionate. I feel my unit spring to life. His rises as well. He turns us around, so his back is to the bed. He releases me and falls to the bed and moves to the middle. He extends and arm to me. I take it, and he pulls me down, on top of him. Our warm bodies sink into the comforter. Now it’s my turn to put my hands on his face and pull him in for an extended kiss. I reach my left hand to his right nipple and grab it thru the silky dark hair covering it. I tweak it tentatively. He sighs into my mouth. He splays his legs around my body and locks his ankles together, drawing our bodies that much closer together. Our units bump and grind each other. We’re both at full mast and I feel moisture leaking from him, or me, or both of us. He wraps his arms around my back, hugs my body to his, and just holds me. We continue to kiss. Neither of us battling for alpha dog position. Just letting the moment take us where it wants us to go. He shows off more of his strength by rolling us over. He’s on top. He untangles his arms from my back and undoes his legs. He leans up, puts his meaty hands on my chest, and plays with my nipples. Now, it’s my turn to relish the feeling. I close my eyes and let him play. He’s gentle, but masterful. He’s hitting all the right button. I feel my unit spasm under the weight of his body. He feels it too and moves his hips from left to right to spread out the fluid. He stops massaging my chest, leans down, and whispers, “Ready?” I slowly open my eyes and see him smiling at me with a twinkle in his eyes. I nod yes. He gets off the bed, picks up his shorts, and I see a yellow tinfoil wrapper shimmer in the faint light. I hear him rip it open and then he surprises me by coming back to the bed, leans down, and put it on me. My unit had faded a bit, but his strong fingers remedy that. He encases me, lets some drool fall from his mouth onto the tip of it, then he coats me. I put my hands behind my head and let him do his thing. He straddles my body, grabs my unit, and positions me at his hole. He winks and slowly lowers himself onto me. I feel my unit break his sphincter and enter his muscled body. He slides down in one movement, not a moment’s hesitation. I moan as his muscles constrict around my pole. He massages me as I move in him. He settles his ass onto my groin. His full weight is on me, but it feels like nothing. I tentatively thrust upward. In the darkness of the room, I can see he smiles and wink again, letting me know it’s ok to do what I want to do. I push up some more. He takes it, his body accepting my presence. My body feels free. I move to put my hands on his thighs and rub the muscles there. It feels like rubbing warm granite. I thrust upward some more, with urgency. He bounces on me. When we come down, he grinds his ass into me, coaxing a bit more of me into him. I feel him release another round of pre-cum. It lands on my lower chest. His hand moves to spread it around. I see him move his index finger toward my mouth. I open and he slowly inserts it. I lick at it, pull the sweet fluid off, and swallow. My body warms as his pre-cum slides down my throat. I feel a tingle. I continue to thrust upward for several minutes, but Jake shows no signs of pain or of growing tired. I, on the other hand, am getting tired from all the work. Not that I haven’t had someone sit on my unit and ride it, but Jake is different. He’s got the stamina to allow him to just ride for a long time. As I tire, my motions slow and finally I lay on the bed. Once he realizes I’ve stopped, he leans down, rubs his beard along my cheek, and asks, “You ok Cole?” I hear the concern in his voice. I respond, “Yeah, just tired from today. I’m sorry.” He softly runs his strong fingers thru my hair and whispers, “Shh. It’s fine.” He kisses my cheek. He pulls off me, turns and pulls the condom off, and proceeds to put his lips on my rock-hard unit. He licks it and uses his right hand to keep it pointed up. Then I feel him swallow me. Again, no hesitation. He swallows me to the hilt. My groin in his face. I feel his tongue massage and caress my pole. He applies more saliva and starts to bob up and down. I look at the ceiling and grab the sheets. He’s an expert. His strong fingers move from holding me erect to gently massaging my balls. I feel his pinkie poke at my hole. My load builds quickly due to the fore-play and I know I won’t last too much longer. When I’m close, I pat his muscular shoulder to let him know. He continues to face-fuck me and then I feel his pinkie dip into my hole and piston in and out. I unleash my load. He swallows every drop. I hear him gulp, then slurp. After a minute he carefully pulls off and my softened unit drops to my abs. I’m breathing heavily, but feel very relaxed. He leans up on the bed, grabs his unit and starts to stroke himself. While he does it, he moves to straddle my chest, putting his unit right at my face. I lean up and lick his bulbous head, being rewarded with a glop of pre-cum. I move my elbows to support my position and take just his head into my mouth. He continues to jerk. I see his body tense and hear him groan, “Cumming” in his deep sexy voice. I immediately swallow him as far as I can. He grunts as all the muscles in his body flex, and he unleashes his torrent. I swallow every drop, just like he did. I stay on him, maneuvering my tongue around, until he softens. I slide off him and his unit swings down to my chest. He sighs, looks into my eyes and says, “Dude, you’ve got talent.” He winks at me in the dark, and I wink back with a grin. He carefully gets off me and walks to the bathroom. I hear him flush the condom down the toilet. I hear water running and a minute later he is back. He puts a hand on my abs and quietly says, “The towel is warm.” He puts the washcloth on my abs, then gently rubs down toward my crotch. He cleans the area, then takes it back to the bathroom. He’s back in a minute and slips onto the bed with me. He lies next to me, but props himself up on his left elbow so he is looking at me. I turn my head and can make his face out in the dim light. He’s still got a smile and his eyes are bright. I reach my left hand over to his face and stroke his beard. The hair is soft and luxurious. He leans down to kiss me again. He puts his right arm over my body and grabs my left shoulder. He rolls onto his back and pulls my body closer to his. He lets his left arm drop onto the bed and my head falls onto the bicep. His unflexed muscle feels like a soft pillow. I drape my left arm over his broad chest and close my eyes. My face is next to his armpit. I lightly inhale and smell his relaxing aroma. I feel his hand on my back, lightly tracing and caressing circles. I fade out. I slowly wake the next morning and sense Jake is gone. I am under the covers, but still naked. I look around the room and he straightened up before leaving. My clothes from last night are neatly folded on the dresser and when I walk into the bathroom, the towel from last night is hanging over the shower, drying. I do my morning routine and when I’m done, I get ready to go for a run. I head down to the kitchen to grab a bowl of cereal and see the note he’s left for me. Cole, I hope you enjoyed last night, I did. Being with you makes me very happy. For someone who had a lot of stress in his life four days ago, you have done a tremendous job in letting it go. I hope you will be able to get back to the ‘real you’ very quickly. I cannot wait to see who that person is. I glanced over your workout plan and made a few notations which I think would benefit you. Unfortunately, we will not be able to see each other for a few days. Nona has asked me to go into town and help a family friend pack and move. I should be back by Friday. The extra money I make with these side jobs help me financially, so I take them when I can, I hope you understand. Nona will be able to give you a massage, if you need another. If you can wait, I’d be more than happy to give you another when I return. Jake. I smile. He has a great sense of humor and am glad he is able to make money doing side jobs. I’m a bit upset I will not see him for a while, but meeting him was a bonus. I can use this time to work on getting my head straightened out. I grab my workout plan and see his notes. They make sense so I add them where he indicates. *** The week flies by. I make notes on my plan everyday as to what I did, so I can show Jake when he gets back and we can make adjustments. It’s now Thursday night. I am finishing up my second workout for the day, legs. Ugh. Now I know why I tended to skip them at the gym. My body doesn’t like me right now, but in a day or so, it will be very grateful. I walk into the kitchen and pull a steak out of the fridge to come to room temperature. I grab my plan and a pencil and I review what I did: Monday: 45 min jog, breakfast, back and shoulders, 2 hours yoga and meditation, lunch, pool/sauna, second workout – row for an hour, pool & reading – The Dubliners by Joyce. Dinner, 30 min yoga Tuesday: elliptical for 30 mins, breakfast, chest/arms, whirlpool, lunch, 2 hrs. yoga & meditation, 45 min jog, pool, more Joyce, dinner, 1 hr. walk, pool Wednesday: breakfast, yoga, sauna, Joyce, lunch, jog for 45 mins, pool, nap, back and full body stretch. Sauna again. Dinner, pool, finish Joyce. Thursday: 2 hr walk, breakfast, pool, start Tolkein, lunch, chest/arms, meditate for an hour, list out things to improve my work life, whirlpool, legs, dinner, pool. I smile to myself. I made a plan and kept to it, for the most part. I did tweak an item here or there based on how my body was feeling, or how my brain was feeling. Tonight, I am going to reward myself. On Monday I had found a carton of chocolate peanut butter ice cream in the freezer, but made sure to bury it behind some other stuff so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat it. I get the gas grill fired up and go upstairs to get cleaned up. I just wash my face and brush my teeth. When I get back to the kitchen, I check the steak and take it to the grill. I turn the heat down and put it on. I close the lid and head back inside to get the vegetables ready. I skewer some mushrooms, broccoli, and pineapple chunks and take them out to the grill. I check the steak and put the kabobs off to a side where the heat is lower. Back in the kitchen, I make a salad and get the Brussel sprouts peeled and trimmed then into a pan to sauté with some sea salt, cracked white pepper, and garlic. While they start to cook on medium heat, I go flip the steak and turn the kabobs. The meat only needs another few minutes to finish. I pull the veggies off and take them inside and set them on a platter. I take my salad out to the patio and set my place. I pull the steak off, turn the grill off, and put the steak on the table to rest. I finish the sprouts, lightly glazing them with some chicken stock. I put them in one bowl and the pull the veggies and pineapple off the skewers and put them into a second bowl. I bring them outside and sit to eat. Dusk has settled. I eat and watch the sunset. It never gets old watching the light fade and the stars come out. I notice something new every night, be it a constellation I did not know, or the sound of dove cooing in the dark as it settles down to sleep. Half an hour later, I’ve moved to a lounge chair, gotten a small bowl of ice cream, and am settling in to read another few chapters of The Silmarillion. I hear the phone ring. I am startled as I thought I could only call the caretakers on it. Apparently, they can call me. I get up to answer it. “Hello?” It’s Mrs. Fisher, “Good evening Mr. Cole. I am sorry to bother you in the evening.” “It’s ok, I was just outside reading. Is everything ok?” “Yes, it is. I wanted to let you know I will be away for the weekend. I am leaving tomorrow mid-morning and will return Sunday evening. Mr. Fisher is expected back tomorrow at some point. If you need anything, he will be happy to help you.” I think to myself, ‘You got that right.’ “Thank you very much for letting me know. Have a nice weekend.” “You as well.” The line disconnects. I look at the receiver for a moment, shake my head, then put it back. I go back out the patio and finish my ice cream. I get the feeling Mrs. Fisher knows more about her grandson’s activities than he knows. I watch the moon rise and makes its trek over the sky again. As I look to the sky, I’m still in awe of how many more stars I can see. In the city, due to the light pollution, only the brightest stars are visible. Out here, with less pollution, many of the lesser stars are visible. What a difference a couple hours ride makes. I head to the kitchen with my bowl and book. I check the time and see it’s pretty late, so I head up to bed. I leave a window cracked open, as usual, to let the fresh air into the room. I know this is one reason I’m getting restful nights of sleep. I change into my PJs, do my bathroom routine, then crawl under the covers. I stare at the ceiling and think maybe the city life is not for me. It’s only been a week, but whatever magical spell the country, and this house have over me, I don’t think I want it to end. Slowly I fade out. When I wake, something feels different. I slowly open my eyes and hear it is raining. Not a hard, pounding thunderstorm, but a nice soaking rain. I walk to the patio doors, open them, pull up a chair, and sit in the doorway. The rain pitter-patters on the patio and in the trees beyond. It’s very peaceful. I continue to sit and listen. I close my eyes and meditate. After a time, I open my eyes, see the rain has slowed, and decide to go for a walk. The clouds are breaking up and I should be ok as long as I stay on the path. The air feels a bit chillier than normal, so I pull on a pair of sweatpants and a long sleeve t-shirt. I head to the kitchen, grab an everything bagel and head out. I head out the back path which leads into a heavily wooded area and up a slope. It feels great to be in the fresh air. There are droplets of rain still falling from tree branches and leaves. The oaks, pines, and cherry trees are tall and full of foliage. The path winds around while steady going up. One or two areas are slick with leaves and mud, but I take it slow and make out well. At one point there is a break in the trees and I can see the whole valley and the house down below. The clouds have broken and sun is starting to stream through. I crouch down and stare. My breathing slows and becomes even. After a bit, I get up, stretch and continue along the path. It eventually makes its way back down the slope. A half hour later and I’m now below the house, looking up from a meadow, but not the one with the pond. I cannot see the house from this spot. I see the clouds have gathered again and look like they’re going to open up at any moment. I follow the path and it leads to the far side of the meadow and back into the woods. I don’t run or jog, but am not looking around as much. I am 10 yards short of the woods when the skies open up again and it starts to downpour. I am soaked by the time I get into the trees and relative safety. I squat down again and listen to the rain fall. About 30 minutes, later the rain is still falling at a steady pace. I decide to head back the house, hoping the path I’m on leads to it. I figure it must wind its way there at some point as it seems all the paths I’ve followed, start and end at the cabin. As I start, I notice little stream-lets along the sides of the path. Water is running down to an unseen stream. I’m ten minutes into the walk back, all of it up hill, when I hear a strange loud crashing sound. I cannot quite make out what it is, but whatever it is, it is quickly getting close to me. I look around for a safe spot, but do not see anything. I leave the path and look for a tree with a sturdy low branch. I see a clump of maples and oaks nearby and head to them. Through the rain I grab the lowest branch I can find and climb up. I move up another two or three when the noise becomes deafening. Then I see it. It’s a mudslide coming down the hill and it’s carrying quite a bit of debris with it. I try to climb up a few more branches to be safe, but there are none. I pray the ten feet I’m up is sufficient. The mudslide hits the trees I’m in. The trees sway due to the pressure to the trunks from the water and debris being moved along. One or two smaller maples give way and slide downhill. I see a couple good sized rocks or boulders (is there really a difference?) and they bang into the trees as well. I few hit my tree and jar it, but the tree holds firm. I slip a bit on the wet tree limb, but continue to grasp the trunk. Then I see it as well as hear it. A large conglomeration of tree limbs, rocks, water, and weeds are heading down the path. It extends 20 feet off each side, meaning my tree is in the path. I decide to sit on the branch to minimize my chance of falling out. I grab the trunk with both hands and hold on tight. When it hits, the tree shudders and I feel the vibration throughout my whole body. It’s as if someone is continuously shaking my body with their hands. I feel water and branches brush my feet, ankles, and lower legs. The noise is deafening. I could yell for help, but: there is nobody around and: they’d never hear me. It goes on for a few minutes. I get a whiff of a foul odor and realize there is something dead in the debris. The water has a brackish look to it and it’s not as I expected, not that I have much to compare it to, except the odd Youtube video. Then it happens. The tree leans over due to the pressure from the debris below. The roots start to pull up from the rain loosened ground. The tree creaks and whines. I hold on as tightly as I can. I hear the trunk start to splinter. It’s a loud cracking sound, then the tree falls backward into the mudslide, and I with it. It makes a ‘whooshing’ sound as the treetop comes down thru the surrounding trees. We fall 80% of the way and come to a jarring stop. I quickly realize I’d been holding my breath and had squeezed my eyes shut. The jarring rattles my teeth and by body slams into the trunk with enough force to push the air out of my lungs. My grip loosens. I look around for a nearby branch to grab, but am too slow to grab it. I slide off the branch and fall into the mudslide. I feel rocks and sticks hit and poke at me. The water is cold, colder that it would seem and it is very viscous. My wet long sleeve t-shirt and sweatpants become water temperature very quickly. My mind starts to wander. Can I get hyperthermia or can I drown? Who will find me? What will Chuck say about me dying in a mudslide? I feel a stick jab me in the stomach. I’m immediately brought out of my thoughts. I look around for something to grab onto as I travel down the hill. I try to maneuver my body so I can see where I am being taken. Then I see it. There is a large rock in our path and I am heading straight for it. I try to get my legs in front of me, with the hopes that I can brace my body for the impact. It works to a degree. My body still slams into the rock and my teeth clatter together, but I am able to get a grip on the rock as I slide over top of it. I cling to the rock as my hands slip. I get another grip and can feel my fingers scraping along the rock to keep ahold of it. I feel a ledge in the rock and dig my fingers into it and grab. I stop sliding, but mud and debris still moves around me, hitting me in the face and body. I close my eyes and hold on as best I can. Slowly the onslaught abates. I realize I am shivering and taking shallow quick breaths. I glance around and see I’m about five feet off the ground. There is still some water moving below me, but I decide to take a chance. I slowly release my grip and slide to the ground. My legs are cold and wobbly. I stumble back into the boulder I was just laying on. I put my back to it and squat down. I let my body relax and try to get my breathing back to normal. It takes several minutes, but I eventually calm down. I brace against the boulder and slowly stand. I hear a new noise on the path, but it’s not the same as the mudslide. It’s muffled and distant, but gets louder over a few minutes. It’s Jake’s tractor. I move to the side of the boulder facing the path and wait. I see him coming down cautiously, looking from side to side. He wearing just a t-shirt, shorts, and his work boots. There is concern on his face. When he looks in my direction, I put my arms up and wave as best I can. They feel like hundred-pound weights and I only get a few waves in before my arms tire and fall. But it’s enough. He sees me and turns the tractor in my direction. He sees my condition and comes off the path and right down to me. He stops within 5 feet, jumps off, and comes to me. He easily scoops me up, and without a word, carries me to the tractor and gently eases me onto the bench seat. As he restarts the tractor, he wraps his right arm around me and hugs me to his body, not worrying that my cold wet clothes are soaking him. He quickly maneuvers us back onto the now rutted path and heads back to the house. It takes longer due to the damage, but we make it back in one piece. I notice tree limbs are down in quite a few spots and one or two smaller trees are down too. He drives right to the front door of the house. As he pulls to a stop, he is quickly out and to my side. I slide to him and he scoops me up again and we head into the house and up the steps to my room. Still not a word from him, but still the concerned look on his face. I croak out, “I’m ok.” He glances down, smiles a bit and says with all seriousness, “Need to get you into a warm bath quickly.” He doesn’t say another word. He carries me into my bedroom, gently puts me down on the edge of the bed, and looks into my eyes, one at a time. He’s checking for a concussion. He puts his warm hands on the sides of my face gauging my temperature, then points a finger at me to stay here. He turns and goes into the bathroom and I hear him turn on the soaking tub. A minute later he reappears, comes to the bed, kneels down, and starts to take my sneakers off. I try to help, but stop as he is doing a more efficient job. Once my shoes and socks are off, he stands, but then leans back down, hooks his right arm under my left armpit and lifts me up. He half orders me, “Put your hands on my head when I squat down.” I nod and do what he says as he gets down. He unties my sweatpants, pulls them down, along with my shorts and underwear. He then lifts my legs, one at a time and pulls everything off. He eases me back to sitting on the bed. He grabs the long sleeve t and pulls it off, then takes off my t-shirt. He scans my body and his look of concern does not ease. I glance at myself and see mud everywhere. There are cuts and scrap marks on my torso and legs. My fingers are cold, white, shriveled, and raw. I can feel clumps of dirt in my hair and on other parts of my body. I realize I’m still shivering. He stands me up and half carries me into the bathroom. I see steam coming from the soaking tub as it is still filling. He steers me to the shower. I sit on the edge of the tub while he turns the shower on and get it to a warm temp. He turns the water off from filling the tub. Then he strips. He’s done in seconds and is lifting me up again. He opens the shower door and helps me in, as he comes in with me. He pulls his warm body to my cold one and holds me for a minute, letting his warmth penetrate me. The mud and dirt wash off my body. Some splashes onto Jake, but he continues to hold me. After most of the mud has washed off, he grabs a bar of soap and quickly washes my entire body. Not a crevice is missed. He helps me rinse off then opens the door and walks us to the tub. I start to feel warmer, but Jake still looks worried. He helps me in, making sure I don’t slip. The water is hot and I very slowly lower my foot into it. He has a vice grip hold on my elbow and arm. Eventually I’m in and I slowly sit. As the hot water hits my ass, I stop and clench my glutes. He still has a hold of my arm. I ease in and start to relax. He looks me over and climbs in slowly. I move over as much as I can to give him room. The water sloshes around due to him getting in, but I am used to it now. He sits right next to me and slides his right arm behind my back and grabs my right side. He pulls me to him. His body is still warm, almost warmer than the tub water. I whisper again, “I’m fine.” He replies with concern still in his voice, “You had the beginning stages of hyperthermia. I had to get you warm as quickly as I could.” He turns his head to mine and I feel his warm breath on my ear. He tenderly kisses it. We stay in the tub until the water cools. Every so often he reaches over with his left hand and feels different parts of my body. First my legs, then my arms and hands, then my chest. I feel like a chicken his is poking to see if it’s cooked or not. He quietly asks, “How do you feel now?” I close my eyes and do a quick check of my body, squeezing my fingers and toes, bending joints that bend, and when I’m done, I say, “Besides a few tender spots or cuts, I feel better.” He nods and slowly gets up. He steps out of the tub and grabs some towels. I start to stand and he is back at the edge of the tub, extending his arm to me. I take it and step out. He has a towel waiting for me in his other hand. He wraps it around me and gently blots the water off me. When he’s done, he quickly dries himself with a second towel. He then gets a third one and wraps both of us in it. He pulls our bodies together so his body heat is shared with me. I hold onto him as tightly as he is holding me. We stand for a good five minutes, then my legs start to tire. I pat him on the chest and he releases the towel. We walk to the bed and he pulls the covers back and helps me in. He slides in next to me and pulls me close again to share body heat. His breathing is calm and paced and my heart rate slows to match. I eventually drift off. I’m back in the tree. This time I’m yelling for Jake to help me. I scream his name, but he’s nowhere to be seen. The tree starts to fall again, but this time it falls completely into the mud. I’m covered in it, trapped under a branch, and starting to drown. I flail my arms in an attempt to get the limb off me, but cannot. It is too heavy. I call out Jake’s name again and muddy water flows into my mouth, cutting off my voice. I gurgle and more water comes in. I start to lose consciousness. I wake with a start, sitting bolt upright, and am hyperventilating. Jake’s arm comes around my back and caresses my left arm. “Must have been a really bad dream.” I look into his eyes and see pain. “You mumbled my name several times, then called out, and then stopped.” My breathing slowly calms. “I was back in the tree, but it was different this time. I was drowning.” He leans over and kisses me on the side of my head. I lay back down. I’m fully awake now and do a quick scan of my body. I have a headache and feel some aches and pains where sticks or rocks hit me. I’ll be bruised up in a day or so. Jake must sense my pain as he climbs out of bed, goes into the bathroom, opens a cabinet, and returns with a bottle of Advil. He opens it and hands me three. I sit up and move so I am against the headboard. Jake sits next to me. I down them dry. I ask, “How dd you know where I was? This property is huge.” I wave my arms wide. “I could have been on any of the paths.” I turn to look at him. He smiles, leans over, softly kisses me on the lips, and says, “When I got back, I came up to the house to surprise you, thinking you’d stayed inside due to the rain, but didn’t see you. It had let up at that point, so I checked the house and pool house, but didn’t see you. I checked all the paths leading away from the house and found your footprints leading up the slope. I figured you’d be gone for a while so I went back to my place. I checked the weather,” I give him an odd look and he says, “Yes, we have a TV and internet in our place, come-on.” He winks at me and continues, “and saw another large storm approaching. I drove back up to the house to see if you’d come back. Then it hit. I couldn’t drive the tractor out for fear of getting into an accident, so I waited it out.” He takes a breath, caresses the side of my face with his hand tenderly and continues. “When the storm finally let up, knowing the path you had taken out, and where it goes, I decided to go the other way in hopes of meeting up with you. Then I heard the mudslide.” His face grows dark. “I had to wait it out, I’m sorry.” Now it’s my turn to caresses his bearded face. “I knew you were down there somewhere, but had to wait for it to pass.” I nod. “I’m glad I did. It’s pretty bad out there Cole. We’ve had mudslides before, given the layout of the property, but this one was pretty bad.” I pat his hairy chest and say, “It’s over and I’m going to be fine. Just some bruising, but otherwise I feel better.” I watch his eyes scan my body again. I see a slight smile come over his face. “Now if there were a way for me to reward my rescuer?” I arch an eyebrow and look down his body toward his flaccid unit. It stirs and we both smile. He jokingly says, “Only if you’re up for it.” I check my hardening unit and smile. He does as well. He scoots back down the bed so he is flat on his back. He puts his arms behind his head, opening his body to me. He flexes them and softballs appear. I lick my lips. I climb on top of his midsection, reach my hands to them and grope them. He flexes and they become nice and hard. My mouth starts to water. I lean down and we kiss. I nuzzle his beard inhaling the scent of the soap we used. I nibble at his left ear lobe then move to his flexed arm. I kiss it softly, then more fervently. He moans. I start to lick it, slobbering my saliva all over it. My rock-hard dick is pressed into one of his granite hard pecs. I go back to kissing, then move south to his hairless armpit. I kiss and lick it. I feel him put his right hand on the back of my head and gently hold my face in place. I use my tongue to ravage the area. He moans again and releases his grip. I nibble and kiss my way to his left nipple. I soak the hair around it with warm spit, then slather my face in the wet hair, coating my face. Now it’s my turn to moan. I feel my unit rubbing against his muscled body. He puts his right hand on my back and traces his fingers up and down my spine. I shudder at the sensation. He hardens his pecs and I playfully tweak his right nipple with my left hand, while I continue to bite at his left one. He squirms and I increase my ministrations. I kiss my way down this cobblestone abs to his bellybutton, with my hands feeling his muscled ribcage along the way. His navel is surrounded by a mat of curly dark hair. I purse my lips and coat the area with fluid. I push some into the hole, then use my tongue to spread it around. He is groaning with content. I move a bit farther south and my chin bumps into his erect dick. I pull off his body a bit and grab him, near his base. He’s thick and veiny. I softly pull him to a 90-degree angle and enjoy the view I have. I re-wet my lips and lower my head to his. I open wide and take his head into my mouth. I slosh my tongue all around it, coating it with copious amounts of saliva. I run my tongue along the underside and my tastebuds scrap the nerves. He squirms again. I move to his slit and wiggle my tongue in it. I feel a warm glob of pre-cum bubble out. I suck it down quickly. It slides down my throat as my body instantly tingles and warms. I change the position of my body so I am now between his muscular legs, and start to bob my head up and down. With each down motion, I push further down his unit. He spreads his legs, giving me easier access. He’s about 8 and half inches and has a nice girth. I eventually get my nose to his shaved groin and hold it there. I tickle his hairless balls with my right hand and stroke his taint. His unit is pushing against the back of my throat. I seal my lips around him and suck as hard as I can. I run my tongue along the length and hear him groan again. I feel his hands on the sides of my head. They hold me in place for a few seconds, then lift me up a bit. He starts to move my head up and down at a nice slow pace. I continue to slather fluid on his unit and keep the vacuum seal I have on him. He bucks his hips a bit and I feel him push past my uvula. He quickens the pace and I go with it. His strong fingers keep a firm, but not painful grip on me. He’s now bucking his hips up every time he pushes me down. I put my hands on the bed to steady my body. I start to move faster on my own and he releases me. He moans and puts his left hand on the right side of my face and caresses it. Saliva is leaking out of my mouth, down his length, and onto his groin. I pull off for a second and catch my breath. He smiles at me and says, “You’re good.” I wink and go back down on him, all the way to the hilt. I push my nose into his groin and gently shake my head from left to right. He groans loudly and puts his hand on my head and pins me down. I relax my throat as he slips down a bit. As I breath thru my nose and with every inhale, I smell his now sweaty musk emanating from him. I move my hands from the bed to his ass. I reach under them and grab a hold of his glutes. He bucks his hips up to give me easier access. I cup each glute in a hand and squeeze as hard as I can. Mr. Muscles flexes his glutes and they become rocks. I pull up on them and my face is buried in his groin. I hear him croak out, “Oh…oh…oh…fuck…” and feel his load travel from his balls, up his shaft, and into my throat. I relax as much as I can and let the cum make its way down. I continue to suck him, but also use my tongue to clean up any leftover cum still in my mouth. I slowly pull off, careful to not let me teeth touch him. When I’m finally off, I sit back on my hunches, look up to him, and see a gratifying smile along with a very sweaty body. Perspiration is running down his cheeks and arms. His chest is still heaving and there are sweat droplets there too, damping his chest hair. I crawl up his body, my raging erection dragging along his rock-hard abs, and lie on his chest. I feel him constrict his abs, trapping my unit in the deep crevice between the left and right sets of muscle. I kiss him while I move my body back and forth. Pre-cum leaks from me like water from a 50-year-old faucet. His strong abs flex and he milks my unit. We continue to kiss, but now it’s my turn to moan. I feel him put his hands on my back and wrap his arms together. He pulls me closer to him and pins my unit down. His tongue invades my mouth as he squeezes me harder. I feel him flex his whole body and my brain spasms. My balls tighten and my load quickly travels my length and shots out, onto him. I moan into his mouth and he just kisses me, pulling my breath in. After I finish one of my longest releases, he slowly unflexes his body and takes his hands off my back. I put my hands on his chest, push myself up, and stare down at him. His green eyes twinkling at me with a bit of mischief in them. He winks at me and rubs his right hand on my abs and chest. He says, “You look good. The workouts are definitely paying off.” I tighten my re-emerging abs and he rubs them again and gives me a low whistle. “Thanks.” I reply. I roll off him and cuddle up close to his warm sweaty body. Our musky odors join together and delight my senses. I feel him put his arm around my back and pull me a bit closer. I drape my left hand over his chest and let my breathing slow. I feel his chest slow as well. We both fade out. I wake to find he is still next to me, but sleeping soundly. His chest is rising and falling steadily. I watch him for a while and admire his body. I slip out of bed, careful to not wake him. I grab a pair of PJ bottoms, put them on and tip-toe to the bathroom, shut the door, and take care of business. I quietly walk out of the bedroom and head downstairs. I go into the living room and see sunlight streaming into the room. The air is nice and warm. I go to the French doors and open them, letting in a warm breeze. I move to the kitchen area and start to make breakfast for two. I realize I don’t know what Jake likes to eat or doesn’t like, except that he doesn’t like Brussel sprouts. Eh, oh well. I pull out the carton of eggs, some bacon, and potatoes. I get everything going when I hear him come down the stairs. He’s still naked, but looks Godly. His brown hair is a product of bed head and he’s scratching his balls. He walks to me and pulls me into an embrace. “Morning sexy.” He coos to me. I kiss him and use all my strength to keep my dick from pointing north. He has no inhibitions and his unit perks up. I break the embrace, point the spatula at him and jokingly say, “Breakfast first, then I have stuff to do.” He feigns sadness. I point at his now erect unit and say, “As much as I want to do embarrassing things to you, it will need to wait.” He smiles again, pulls me back into an embrace and says, “I hear you. I have things to do as well. Let’s check your plan for the day and see where we can schedule in some ‘Jake’ time. You know, maybe 5 or 6 hours of it.” We both laugh. He goes back upstairs, gets into his clothes and is back down. He helps me finish making breakfast and we eat it on the patio. I figure now is as good a time as ever to ask him some questions. I start tentatively, “So…” I glance at his body. “I did some competitive bodybuilding when I was younger.” I nod. “I had the genes for it and the knack. I won a few, then lost one or two to guys who were on stuff.” He looks out over the valley and continues, “I just didn’t want to deal with side-effects or drama that comes with being on a cycle, so I never got into it. Because of that, other guys just got bigger than me. I knew I could compete, but realized they were outpacing me, if that makes sense?” “It does. Do you regret stopping? I mean, you still look like you could win any competition if you walked onto a stage right now?” I wave my hand over his body with admiration. “Nope.” He says firmly. He puffs his chest out. “I’ve seen what steroids and growth hormones can do and it wasn’t for me.” He smiles. “I did get into some fitness competitions and did well in them, well enough to make some money for school.” He’s got an ear-to-ear grin. “That’s great. What did you study?” “I’m still doing it. I’m taking Business classes. I want to open my own property management business. I figure running this place has taught me enough to have a firm base.” He still smiling and I smile with him. “Wow, that’s awesome. How much longer ‘til you’re done?” “I have two more classes, so by the end of the summer.” I nod. I decide to broach another question, “So I was checking out your tractor and trailer the other day and saw all the branches.” He smiles, knowing where this is going. He flexes his right bicep. “Ok, I guess that answers that question?” He laughs. “Just because I gave up bodybuilding doesn’t mean I gave up training. Not to sound conceited, but just because I’m not as big as those guys are, doesn’t mean I’m not as strong, or stronger than they are.” This explains why he was able to carry me back from the pond without a problem. “Also, it’s fun to test my strength trying to pull a dead tree out of the ground, or to move a large rock from a path, or to carry a sexy blonde hunk back from the pond.” My unit springs up and tents my PJs. He sees it and grins, wiggling his eyebrows at me. I look at him and point my finger, “No, I have to get stuff done.” He mischievously runs his tongue along his lips. “Stop it.” I say as forcefully as I can, while my unit bobs back and forth. He slowly flexes his right bicep. The softball appears. I groan. Suddenly he unflexes his arm, stands up, grabs the plates, and mockingly says, “Too bad, I really wanted to lift you up and make love to you standing up. But, you’re right, we both have things to do.” As he turns to walk into the house, I see him flex each glute. “You’re just mean, Jake.” I hear him laugh. We clean up and decide to meet up for dinner. We kiss and he takes off. I hear the tractor head down a path, most likely to clean up from the storm. ** I spend the next two weeks increasing my workouts and really getting my head screwed on properly. Jake spends time with me, when he can. He would spend a couple days a week in town doing odd jobs or helping out, to make money. Once or twice, he took me with him while he was doing some work on the property. He actually liked to show off his strength to me and would tear trees from the ground, roots and all, or lift large rocks over his head and tell me how much they weighed, before tossing them to the side with ease. Snapping branches off trees was his favorite thing to do. He’d pump up his arms by curling me, then walk over to a dead tree, and grab the limb. He’d flex for me, then rip the limb off with ease. I’d get hard, he’d get hard, then no more work would get done. Weekends were always just for us. Our time together became more meaningful. We talked more about our lives, our hopes and dreams, and what we really wanted. With the exercising and balanced diet, the weight I had gained, fell off. My body was back to a toned swimmer’s body. My abs re-appeared and my biceps started to grow and take shape again. On my third Saturday here, Jake surprised me in the afternoon. Nona had called on Friday to let me know she’d be away for the weekend, visiting some friends in town and wouldn’t be around, but that Mr. Fisher would be here, if I needed anything. I was relaxing by the pool, reading more about relaxation techniques when he came down the slope from behind the house. I didn’t hear his tractor. He called out to me, “Hey sexy.” I turned and saw he was in tan work pants, a black dry-mesh t-shirt, and his work boots. He was covered in sweat. His brown hair matted down under his baseball cap, and sweat stains around the crotch area of the pants. I stared at him for a moment and licked my lips. His arms were swollen from the work he’d done and there was sweat dripping from his brow to his cheeks. He walked right to me, leaned down and kissed me on the lips. I got a salty taste of his sweat. His meaty arm was on my shoulder. The weight felt good. We broke the kiss and I looked at him again and said, “Working hard, or hardly working?” I wink at him and he lets out a low chuckle. “Eh, a few saplings on the upper ridge needed to be thinned out. Figured I’d get it done before the heat kicks in.” He stands back up and starts to stretch. He raises his hands over his head and his shirt pulls out from his pants. His hairy abs come into view and I can see they are covered with sweat and matted to his rock-hard body. His pants drop a bit in the front and I get a view of his goodie trail. I lick my lips. His biceps swell over his head and he grunts as I hear some bones crack. He lets out a satisfied, “Ah….” And looks back down to me admiring his body. He smiles and reaches his meaty left hand to me. I take it as he easily pulls me up from the lounge chair and into an embrace. I take a deep breath and inhale his sexy, sweaty musk. He wraps his arms around me and softly asks, “Are you done your morning workout?” I nod yes. He kisses me and smiles. “Have you eaten lunch?” I nod again. Another kiss, this one deeper and longer. “So, I guess you’re free for a little bit, before your afternoon workout?” My cock starts to swell and now it’s his turn to smile as he feels it rise up in my shorts, against his solid thigh. I look him in the eye and ask, “How about you? You done your morning workout?” He nods yes with a wicked smile. I move closer and we kiss. I lower my voice and ask, “Have you eaten lunch?’ Another nod. I wrap my left hand around his neck and pull him close so we are cheek to cheek. I whisper, “So, I guess you’re fr…” His face turns and we start to kiss again. My right hand wanders up his left arm to his sweaty bicep. I let my fingers wander over the muscle, feeling the fibers of muscle as they twitch and coil. He raises the arm, flexes, and the muscle becomes hard. I suck in air and continue to grope him. He tenses it even more. My hand cannot cover the whole head of the muscle. My unit throbs in my bathing suit. He breaks our kiss, much to my dismay. He quickly sheds his t-shirt and starts to undo his belt. I squat down and untie his work boot laces. He puts his meaty hand on my head to steady himself. His hand encompasses my whole head. I feel him gently squeeze. When the boots are untied, I stand up, and put my arm for him to use to control his balance. He takes it and quickly kicks off the boots, his socks, then his pants. He’s standing in front of me in a purple posing bikini thong. I almost lose my load. I suck in a breath of air. His unit is rising as well and filling out the thong. We come back together and start to kiss. He ravages my mouth. My hands ravage his body, groping his wide back, his muscles lats, and then back to his chest. He puts his hands on my ass, squeezes my cheeks roughly, then pulls my body against his. Both our rock-hard units grind against each other. I dip down a bit, then rise up, causing more friction. He moans, tenses his body, then easily lifts me up. I wrap my legs around his tight waist and lock my ankles together. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and pull my body as close to his as I can. Sweat is pouring off both of us due to the mid-day sun and the feverish activity. He turns and slowly walks us to the pool. He takes us in, one step at a time. The warm water surrounds us and envelopes us. He walks us to the deep and pushes my back against the wall. I am still clinging to his body as he supports me. We continue to kiss. I run my fingers thru his hair and feel how soft and silky it is. He shakes his head and sweat comes off. He steps back from the wall, breaks our kiss, looks me in the eyes. His are twinkling. He smiles and softly asks, “Ready?” He takes a breath of air, inflating his muscular hairy chest, and holds it. He starts to descend into the water. I take a breath of air as well. He easily takes us both to the bottom and squats down. We both have our eyes open and are looking at each other. I close the distance and our faces touch. I purse my lips and start to kiss him again. I put my hands on his chest and tweak his nipples. He smiles at me thru the water, a few air bubbles slip from his lips, and I feel him tighten his grip on my ass. He squeezes with one hand, then the other. He alternates for a few beats, the squeezes both at the same time. He starts to stand up, pulling me up with him. His unit is straining the posers. We break the surface and our kiss. We both inhale and immediately go back to kissing. My hand goes to the nape of his neck and gently caresses the area. He walks us to the shallow and moves to sit on the stairs. I untangle me legs and arms. I stand and he moves to turn me around so my back is against his chest. He wraps his hands around my waist and feels up my abs. He growls into my right ear, “Sexy swimmer. I told you that you’d get back into shape.” I put my right hand on his forearm and feel the coiled muscles under the skin moving and twitching. The warm sun is beating down on us. I feel completely relaxed and at ease. I softly say back, “Well, you did help me quite a bit. Not sure how I can repay you for your help.” “I have one or two ideas…” I feel his rough tongue laps at the back of my right earlobe. He warm breath stirs my unit even more. I squirm a bit. He tightens his grip and says, “Consider this part of your repayment.” His hard unit pokes me under my left thigh. I can feel it wants to escape. I reach between my legs and take ahold of it softly. Jake sighs. I start to gently stroke it. Nice long movements. I feel his body become tense. His muscles constrict, his grip around my waist a bit firmer as his biceps expand. His teeth nibble my ear a bit rougher. His breath is coarser and not as paced as it usually is. I slow my movements so he does not release yet. I feel him slowly calm and his body returns to normal. He whispers, “That felt nice.” I massage his poser again. “Hmmm. I need to make you feel just as great.” I pat his forearm and say, “Just my way of saying ‘Thanks’. No reciprocation is needed.” He starts to stand, taking me up with him again, “But I want to.” Who am I to argue with a muscular brown-haired God? I turn to face him and see a mischievous grin on his face. He reaches out, puts his arms under my armpits and easily lifts me up, his biceps expanding. He carries me out of the pool and back to the lounge chair. He sets me down and I lean over to him for a kiss. He puts a finger up, indicating for me to hold on. He leans over to his work pants, rummages around in a pocket, and pulls out a condom. I raise an eyebrow to him and, with a smile ask, “You always walk around with condoms in your work pants?” He winks, kisses me, and replies, “Only since you arrived, sexy.” I blush. “Never know when the mood will strike.” He ogles my tanning body. My unit is pointing down my leg, but is bulging out, creating a funny ‘three-legged’ look. He steps closer, grabs my girth, and gives it a few squeezes with expertise. His fingers move up to the knot holding the suit up and he deftly undoes it. I put my hands on the sides and quickly push it to the ground. My unit springs northward, brushing his leg, then bouncing off my abs. His fingers rake my trimmed pubic hair, then move to my freed unit. His calloused hand has an erotic feel as he pumps me. He steps back, looks down at his bulge, then looks back up into my eyes. I reach out and grab the sides of the posers and skillfully slide them down his tree-trunk legs. His unit also bounces up and off his furry rock-hard abs. He hands me the tin-foil wrapper. I rip it open and hold the condom. He glances down at his unit, then winks at me. I kneel, swallow him to the hilt, and coat him with a layer of saliva. I slide off and slip the rubber on him. I jerk him a few times to make sure it’s not too tight. He puts his hands under my pits and lifts me to a standing position. I start to turn to the patio table to present my ass to him, but he grabs my arm, keeps me facing him, and winks again. He pulls me close, leans to my ear, and whispers, “Paid in full.” He grabs me by my waist, hoists me up with ease, and lowers me to his tip, his biceps flexed but not showing any sign of strain due to my added weight. I reach around and position him at my hole. I relax and let him slide into me. Down…down…and down some more. I hit his crotch and my feet brush the ground. I let out a heavy sigh, as does he. He moves his hands back to my ass. I grab his softball-sized biceps and grope him. He flexes and effortlessly starts to lift me up and down. Pre-cum starts to immediately dribble out of my steel pole and slide down into the valley between our bodies. It gets caught up in the hair on his mid-section. Blood rushes thru the veins in his arms. I can see them pulsing as he lifts and lowers me. I wrap my hands around the mounds and feel the power coursing thru them. I close my eyes and imagine him holding back the mudslide with a few tree trunks. His legs dug into the wet ground, his thighs and calves exploding as they fight to stay still and hold back the onslaught. His chest heaves as he sucks in air and steadily blows it out. Sweat pours off his head, down his shirtless hairy chest, to his soaked skin tight mesh shorts. I stand on the ground behind him, hand on his back to steady him, as if he needed it. He turns, smiles, and says ‘climb on my back.’ I do as he asks. He tells me to ‘wrap your arms around my neck and legs around my waist, and hold on tight.’ I do. He casually asks, ‘Ready?’ and before I have a chance to respond, he drops the tree trunks and jumps ten feet in the air to a nearby tree. He lands on a sturdy branch, turns his head and says, ‘Don’t let go.” I think to myself, why would I want to. He squats down and the muscles in his legs coil with energy, and when he pushes off, we explode off the branch to the next one. He leaps to another tree, then another. Soon we are above the mudslide and away from any danger. He takes one final jump and softly lands on the muddy ground. My body is snug to his broad chest, my hands draped over his neck. He starts to walk us back to the house. I let go of his neck and slide off him. He turns, scoops me up and kisses me full on the lips. ‘Why walk, when I can, and want, to carry you, sexy man?’ I wrap my arm around his neck and let him do his thing. Who am I to argue with him? I place my hand on his chest and feel the muscles twitching and pulsing with every step he takes. My unit starts to rise in my shorts. He sees the bulge and laughs. ‘Hold on for two more minutes, Cole, we’re almost there.’ I come out of my dream and croak, “Close…” He pulls me off him, tosses me up a few feet, catches me in his arms, lays my on the lounge chair, leans over, and swallows me completely. He expertly moves his tongue around, massaging all the sensitive nerves under the mushroom cap of my unit. I grip the sides of the chair, tense my body and let my load fly. As it leaves me, Jake opens his throat and swallows every drop. After I’m done, he uses his tongue again and carefully cleans me off. I soften. He lets me slide out of his mouth. He moves up my body, nibbling and kissing along the way, until he’s at my chest. He sucks on a nipple. I put my left hand on top of his head and push him down. His teeth latch on and his tongue gently runs across the tip of the nipple. My unit stirs. I reach my hand to his unit, which is still sheathed. I pull the condom off and jerk him. He moans and warm air splashes onto my chest, along with some saliva. I get a firmer grip, knowing he likes rough play, and try to pull his dick off his body. He lets out a deep, animalistic growl. He climbs on top of me, his sweaty body covering me completely. We are chest to chest and head-to-head. I wrap my legs around his thin tight waist and squeeze. He grinds his body to mine for a few minutes, heating up his muscles. We kiss and nibble at each other. I’m now at full mast. He tenses his body, rears back, pulling me with him. He climbs off the chair with ease, walks to the side of the pool and says, “Big finish little man.” He turns so his back is to the pool and falls in, my body coming down on top of his as he hits the warm water. I am clinging to him, so our bodies don’t bang together. I feel him release as we hit. He holds me tight and sinks to the bottom, still shooting his load. The water around our midsection becomes cloudy with cum. I soon realize, I came as well. After we both finish, we untangle from each other and float to the surface. Our heads break the water and we take a deep breath of warm air. I take a few steps toward the shallow end and regain my balance. He’s right beside me. I feel him take my hand in his. He gently squeezes. I turn and we kiss. He breaks the kiss, smiles, and says, “Two loads within a few minutes of each other. I’m impressed.” I blush and say, “Well, I had some incentive.” I let my other hand roam over his chest. He flexes it and it becomes hard. I glance down and see his unit is starting to match his chest. Mine is not far behind. We climb out of the pool and go to the lounge chairs. We spend the rest of afternoon, relaxing under an umbrella, just enjoying each other’s company, and several more rounds of aquatic activities. ** Nona and I warmed up to each other. She made her lasagna one day and brought some of it over. The three of us had dinner together. It was excellent. I made her some of my sprouts and she really enjoyed them. ** I could feel my body righting itself, getting back to where I should be, before Covid hit and before I became obsessed with my career. I started to reassess whether my job was right for me. I have other skills that would help me get a job someplace else. ** I am nearing the end of the last week. We’re sitting by the pool, legs dangling in the warm water as the sun sets. Jake knows this and has spent the last three days with me. I told him to go do the other jobs, make the money he needs for school. He brushes it off and says, “Plenty of time for that later.” I sigh. He looks at me and with all seriousness says, “Cole, hasn’t this past month showed you that money isn’t everything?” He spreads his muscular arms wide and waves to the view around us. I look out, over the valley and meadow below, to the mountains in the distance. The red, orange, and gold streaks of sunlight painting the valley. I know what he means, but the thought of having to be back at work Monday morning has stirred my old life awake inside of me. “I would never think to tell someone what is best for them, but in this case, I think I’m, going to make an exception.” I turn to him. He’s smiling at me, those twinkling green eyes, his sexy wavy brown hair, the dimples in his cheeks, I think he’s going to change the direction of my life. “Over this past month, I think we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well,” I cock an eyebrow at him with a sarcastic smile, and he smiles back saying, “besides the sex, which is outstanding, but, I mean, you’ve shared your whole life with me, which I doubt you’ve done to anyone where you work?” “Jake…” I pause, not sure what to say, but knowing what I want to say. He reaches his right hand over puts it on my cheek. He quietly asks, “Will you stay here…with me?” My heartbeat quickens. I grin. I nibble on my lip. I close my eyes and think for a minute. But then I hear him say, “Stop overthinking it.” I open my eyes and look at him. He says, “Yes, our sex is great, but I think…no, I know we’ve got something here.” He moves his hand between us, touching my leg gently. “I know it…and you know it as well.” I sigh, knowing he is right. I’m still tentative. “Cole, were you nervous when you got your job 9 years ago?” I nod yes, “Did the nervousness go away right away, or did it take time?” I shrug knowing what he’s talking about. He rubs my leg in a caring way, letting me know he’s here for me. I look back into his eyes, and see them dancing with excitement. I look away and think to myself, ‘I know what he says is true, and yes, I want to stay here with him,’ A tear falls from my eye, ‘but…my life in the city’. Then I remember what it had been like, and not just the past year, but the last few years. I straighten my back, brush the tear away. I turn to him, grin, and say, “Yes.” He leans over and we kiss, deeply, lips locked together and tongues playing with each other. I close my eyes, as he holds our heads together with his strong hands, and see the last of my worries and anxieties flow down the stream and out of my life. I open my eyes and Jake is still right there, my new life.
  2. londonboy

    Total Control

    The first sounds of wood cracking make the mouths of each man drop open in shock. They had known it was coming, but there was something in the deep recesses of their brains that made them want to doubt it – to build up the excitement. They liked to think I might not be able to do it. This increases the thrill of it all. A few small slivers of wood sprinkle down to the floor as the sound of splintering continues. The sturdy piece of sports equipment being totally defenseless in this battle. It’s just a wooden bat and two hands. But it’s what those two hands are doing to the bat that makes the small group gasp. It’s not held over a knee or an extra padded head – no, the bat is held straight out by two hands keeping it even with the six pairs of watching eyes. Watching without blinking. Who would want to miss a thing. Wood can be so loud as it is slowly destroyed. I smile – making the men moan, for they realize how easy this is for me. Suddenly, the side of the bat snaps open and jagged shards of wood fan out in protest at being so brutally broken. The six do not breathe . . . time stands still for all of them. It’s a mixture of pure adoration of the strength feat displayed before them and a desire to not let their body give in to the need for release that has been building. My strong hands twist the bat at the same time that I pull – wood struggling loudly to still hold on. It’s no use, though. The bat has lost. Chunks of wood fall to the ground as the once strong piece of gear, and sometimes weapon, is completely ripped in two. The ease with which this has all been done astounds the onlookers. I am happy we still have six dry crotches. I like it when the fun lasts a long time. I like the idea of grown men’s balls turning blue from willing their bodies to not ejaculate. I love that they, too, want to wait. Shocked looks of disbelief and soft, incoherent mumblings of doubt as I put the two shattered pieces of wood together pleases me even more. Each man is now completely oblivious to the fact that there are six of them watching. They feel as if they are alone with me. They are the only one beholding this special show of power. Everyone knows the most important rule of this unusual treat – there is to be no touching of private parts unless the okay is given. A side thrill for myself – controlling them in this way. I can tell it is actually painful to abstain from groping, stroking, or yanking – yet, every man obeys as if his life depended on it. Even in the midst of agony, they want to delay gratification. My record is five spewing at the same time. It always seems that there is one man with almost superhuman resolve to hold out longer than anyone else. However, there has never been anyone to last our entire time together without shooting. The record of actual number of orgasms during a session was set by a husky college football player – he offered four loads in the span of our three hours together. No one has come close to beating – forgive the pun – that display of manly virility and endurance. He had to be carried from the room – even hours later, however, his body was just to wrecked to move on its own. When the two halves of the bat begin to splinter in my powerful grasp, the men begin to comprehend the full extent of my power. I watch as I become much more to them than a showman . . . they begin to view me as almost god-like. My chest has swollen to an unfathomable size as the doubled wood begins to crack apart. They want desperately to touch me . . . but that is also something that is forbidden. Imagining what my hard muscles feel like, I know, doesn’t come close to the real thing – but someone might get hurt if their arm was near the splintering wood. I also believe no one would be able to prevent themselves from spewing if they felt my marbleized body. Since I am already pumped with adrenaline and warmed up from breaking the bat in two, destroying the two combined pieces comes even easier. Moans of lustful pleasure erupt from the group as two pieces become four – the bat now a pile of kindling at my feet. The explosion of sound as wood succumbed to my power was deafening, but the grunts of approval echo even louder in the room when I am done. My expanded pecs are now heaving – lightly covered in sweat that sparkles within the heavy fur that cascades over the bulging mounds. My nipples jut out invitingly, causing all six men to wet their lips with their tongues over and over. Each man had been able to hold the bat prior to the show. Watching their minds verify the thing’s density, weight, and supposed strength was part of what I liked most about these events. It made the reality of what I was going to do for them that much more exciting – and they remembered how indestructible the bat had felt in their hands as they looked at the scraps now on the floor. It takes them a while to catch up, to fully understand what my bulging arms – now jacked from the display of power – had done. I always give the men a few minutes to let the severity of my strength sink in – and to give their crotches a much-needed rest. I am the consummate showman – having learned exactly how to edge a guy to the brink of explosion and then giving him the chance to let the excitement recede like a wave going back out into the ocean. Prolonged release was my middle name. I controlled cocks as easily as I destroyed wood. Everyone’s eyes bounced in time with my chest – heaving up and down. It took a lot of strength to demolish the bat, but I also made it much more dramatic than it actually was – as a way of increasing the inner build-up within each man. I promised the kind of earth-shattering splatter that made grown men become dizzy and need to lie down – and never had I not delivered. No man looked me in the eye, they were too mesmerized by my mammoth pecs. I grabbed the metal bar – the length of a pool cue and as thick as a rolling pin – that was leaning against the wall. The surprise, doubt, and lustful excitement doubled on each face. A baseball bat was child’s play compared to this chunk of steel and every man knew it. My grin got bigger and slightly more devilish than before. I watched as each guy seriously questioned what my actions insinuated I was going to do. Surely there was no way, they all thought, which was exactly what I wanted. Wood was one thing, but hard thick metal was made specifically not to be easily manhandled. I was viewed as way too cocky if I thought I was going to do damage to the substantial bar in my hands. Again, the thing was held out for the men to hold – the six of them taking it in their hands and me watching the bar dip downward as they took on the weight. What I held easily, would have been almost impossible for one of them, alone, and was still a strain for all six. I grabbed the bar back – my hands about the same distance apart on the thing as if I were breaking a baguette in two. The ends of the long thing stuck out as wide as the combined shoulders of the men. Sometimes, I wore an old, tighter-than-hell t-shirt as I did my next feat – just to let the thing be ripped to shreds as my body ballooned from the effort of what I was doing. Today, however, I had decided this particular audience was more interested in thick veins popping up all over my body and seeing my wet matted fur darken as I displayed my strength. I had made the right choice – I saw that I had a little group of fur-lovers. Wood, being ripped in two, screams loudly as it’s broken, but the high-pitched screeching of metal being manipulated in ways that it was never intended to move is definitely much more of a thrill. To many men, the destruction of wood by a man’s big arms is feasible, but the destruction of really thick steel – something that is used to keep skyscraper’s standing – in the same manner is the stuff of superhero movies. This time, there is much more doubt in the eyes staring at me. This makes me extremely happy as my arm muscles explode and my face starts to darken from exertion. The first loud sound the steel emits sends the room into chaos. Hands desperately want to tweak nipples, clamp down on balls, or start moving up and down on hard cocks. There’s also a sudden fear that envelopes the group – grown men realizing they are in the midst of someone much more powerful than them, even put together. It’s that slight nervous panic that gets my juices flowing the hardest – and even makes my strength increase. These men are starting to wonder if they have bitten off more than they can chew. They sense that I could do some serious damage to them if I wanted to – and even in the midst of that dread, they get even more excited. There’s the possibility of much more destruction and that turns them on. All of this intense contemplation, however, stops as soon as the metal bar starts to bend. The men have no idea where to stare – the growing arms, biceps becoming insanely big from tension, the bulging pecs growing massive right in front of them, or the middle of the metal bar as it starts to bump upward because it can no longer withstand the power in my grip. The room is filled with the shrieking of metal having to do what it does not want to do. Six uncovered cocks quiver back and forth from the shrill sound and the sight of steel being weaker than my monstrous biceps. It’s clear, suddenly, that one poor guy will not last. The volcano that is the tip of his cock erupts, his eyes roll up into his head, and his body – stiffened like a board – falls over like a tall tree falling in the forest. His body convulses on the floor as his orgasm continues, even though he is now unconscious. Not one of the other men stops to check on or even look at the downed soldier. They don’t want to miss a thing and they know that each of them will go the path of their overwhelmed comrade at some point. The man just couldn’t take it anymore, that was clear from his deep short moan – ending in a loud gasp – and intense vacuum stomach as his balls blasted juice out his cannon like a Las Vegas fountain. Another rule is that every man must be totally nude. I like to see what my show is doing to their body and it’s a lot more pleasurable if they’re totally uncovered. At first, every guy that partakes of my show is embarrassed and self-conscious of his nudity and that of the other guests. That, however, dissipates as soon as I remove my shirt and reveal my bulging, cut-from-marble body. You can’t be self-conscious when you are so turned on by another guy’s body that you forget your own. Each man certainly feels inadequate and small, but that goes away, too, as soon as I start showing off my strength. I look down to affirm that my first victim is still breathing – can’t have a reputation of causing heart failure or cardiac arrest. He’s certainly still alive, still ejaculating, and has the biggest grin on his face – all, even while unconscious. I am constantly amazed how weak most men are when it comes to holding back an orgasm. The dick definitely controls a man’s body, however. It’s not the brain and it’s certainly not the heart. It’s the thing that can make a man’s eyes disappear in his head and his body shake uncontrollably. It’s the one thing – the cock - that can’t be controlled no matter how hard one tries. I love a guy that thinks he won’t get hard during one of my shows. That man is usually the one that shoots rigid the fastest. But even if, by some miracle, a guy doesn’t get a boner just from seeing my huge muscled torso, I can always count on that snapping of wood, as I destroy the bat, to make his cock stand at attention. It’s just the way of the world – strength displays electrify men. That’s why we love the Hulk and Thor. It’s why movies and television shows about Hercules are always so popular. It’s even why we loved Lurch on The Addams Family and Herman Munster – they were super strong and they didn’t even know it. Power demands attention . . . applause – and that’s what a hard-on basically is, your body saying thank you. It’s a man’s way of saying he really, really likes something. My buddy on the floor is now lying in a fetal position and is clearly dreaming of me, by the look on his face. I’m glad I could make his day. When the two sides of the metal bar come together I feel the kind of exuberant satisfaction a normal guy might feel doing something as simple as hitting a homerun. I’ve bent metal like it was nothing more than string cheese. I can tell that two more admirers are about to explode. I know just what will send them over the edge, too. Two massive arms making steel do their bidding is hot as hell, but then when those two arms twist the steel together – making the two ends into one, well that is a whole other level of excitement. I made it look like I was simply twisting a tie that holds the container of a loaf of bread in place. Metal being squeezed together and turned so it looked like only yarn being twirled together. No one in the room was breathing. The metal bar was still screaming from the abuse I was handing out. And, as planned, it became too much for the two guys who had been teetering on the edge of detonation for a while. I love it when I can cause an onlooker to shoot so hard that his cum hits my body – across the room. Sticky white man-milk splattered against my hard abs as one man screamed with the power of his orgasm. He sent semen missiles so hard across the empty space between us that it sounded like fists hitting a punching bag when they landed. I was duly impressed by his pecker power. The man’s face turned a deep purple as three huge volleys of cum blasted at me. The other man’s cock was sticking straight up, so his man-honey sprayed across his own chest, hitting his chin because of his thrusting power. It was easy to see that both men were going to collapse as soon as they were done squirting. The one guy shooting the length of the room made a thick noticeable path of fresh cum on the floor between his body and mine – like an arrow pointing to what had caused his explosion. It was almost sweet to see both men crumple happily to the floor at the same time – smiles of pure bliss on each of their faces and their arms around each other. They were sound asleep in seconds. Three sets of eyes still watched every big muscle on me move. The remaining men had pleading looks on their faces and I couldn’t tell if they wanted me to put them out of their misery and do something to make them explode, or if they wanted me to prolong their agony even more. I knew some men loved to be edged to the point where they could no longer feel their balls or cock – everything down there was just some numb raw exposed nerve too overwhelmed to respond. I was still twisting metal into a spiral, but I knew if I took a step forward with my big body one, two, or all three of them would erupt like matching volcanoes. I was twice the size of each of them. My flexed gun made their heads look like something as small as bottle caps. They were each glued to watching my thick, strong fingers messing up metal as if it were just warm clay. Every now and then their eyes would move to the bulging mass of either biceps fueling the destruction. The screeching of the metal was only equaled by the heavier breathing coming from the now smaller group of admirers. If they had been dogs, their tongues would have been hanging out, saliva would have been dripping to the floor, and their tails would have been wagging hard. As it was, each man’s dick was leaking pre-cum in big white, milky globs. I had simply built up too much pressure in their balls for their cocks to not let off some steam. I looked at the cocks displayed in front of me as I continued to easily twist metal. I realized it was a good thing that I kept my jeans on, for if I had unveiled the giant log between my legs the feeling of inadequacy it would have caused in each of the men might have completely deflated their hard-ons. Men will often deny that they compare the size of their penis to others, but they’d be lying. It is something all men do. It’s like guys that make discouraging remarks about the freakishly big arms of some bodybuilder just to hide the fact that they immediately feel their own arms as fragile and tiny. I’ve found it’s true with every muscle – not just arms. I especially find men staring at my giant hands and seeing in their eyes a mixture of jealousy and a feeling of being less than. Most guys, when I’m around, put their hands behind their backs so no one near will compare the sizes. What they say about big hands is true – just look at the bulge in my jeans, which the small group of men keep doing. It’s like they’re trying to see if the thing is for real. I can’t help but feeling a little more powerful – even more than I already do – when I see that my fat log of a cock is three times, maybe four, bigger than the largest one in front of me – and that’s before I’m even hard. My jeans really don’t hide a thing, but it helps to prevent the guys from feeling too small. I’m done twisting the metal bar. It looks like one huge scary corkscrew. I think how nice it would be to have a bottle of wine large enough for this newly, man-made, specific tool. A big bottle for a big man – yeah, as it should be. I look at the three men in front of me and smile. They seem to get nervous and I realize it’s because I possibly look like I might do them harm. That is not my intent. I merely want to let them know that I am having as much fun as they are, but my smile might come across as a little devious. Showing my strength off for guys is like the most orgasmic experience I can have without actually cumming. I thump the twisted metal in my palm loudly – like a teacher might swat a ruler. It’s time to make the steel bar into nothing but a big metal blob. I grab both ends and, with great ease, quickly bring them together – the thing screaming because it has no power to say no. I keep grabbing ends and bending them together – even when the bar is now four and five layers thick. Soon, there is simply a mass of twisted metal compressed together into something the size of a milk carton. I keep squeezing and pressing until two things happen. First, my body has ballooned into a freakish morph of the hugeness I was to begin with. The strength it has taken to destroy the bar has tensed every muscle on my upper body. I am a bulging mass of perfection. Secondly, the metal is now compressed into a round mass the size of a softball. Grunts of determination let me know one of my remaining admirers is ready to give in to his impending orgasm. I look up – having previously been entranced by what my own hands had done to the metal, since I could tell it was getting easier, and find the largest of the six men with a forehead popping with veins and a body almost as tensed as mine. He is huffing and puffing loudly as he fights to keep from shooting. His arms are still behind him – not daring to grab himself since those were the rules. His cock is throbbing up and down, uncontrollably, as it openly fights the man’s desire to not explode. The poor guy – his body desperately wanted release, but he also wanted to prolong the inevitable ecstasy for many more minutes. He was struggling something awful to not let his cock win – but we all knew the ending of this story. As usual, a man’s tool controlled everything. The bellow that came from his mouth as he dumped his substantial load into a pool on the floor was deafening. He looked like some Italian fountain spewing forth. I kind of thought it would be fun to have some coins to throw into the puddle of juice and make a wish. The dude came for quite a long time. Even the remaining two guys turned to admire how much spunk the guy shot from his body. He was the true definition of a ‘gusher.’ Soon, however, his crotch continued to buck forward, but nothing came out of his cannon. He was just jerking blanks by this point. This continued for a while, however – his body still too excited to quit. The guy was just staring at my arms and convulsing, completely upright. And then he just suddenly stopped and crumpled to the floor. A pile of spent, happy manhood – dreaming of my muscle and what it could do. I dropped the destroyed metal blob on the floor and it didn’t bounce or roll away. It just hit with a heavy thud and sat there. I wished one of the remaining two guys would have tried to pick it up, so they’d see just how heavy it was, but they were too busy watching my heaving chest. Their heads bouncing up and down along with my monstrous pecs – as if in time with some unheard tune. I flexed the huge things in a roll that started from the bottom and went up. Their eyes followed suit. So, six little men came to see the muscle show and now there were just two. The remaining guys seemed in pretty good shape, like they could have a few extra bits thrown into my routine and still last until the finale. I raised my arms slowly – both men gasping as they realized what was happening. I made my biceps swell enormously as I flexed them hard. Eyes widened, tongues hung out, drool dropped to the floor, and two hard cocks leaked more pre-cum. Muscled peaks reaching for the ceiling were just such a big turn on for most men. It was mainly because these two had seen what my arms could do, but it was also because the sight of huge, hard, bulging arms was so synonymous with manliness. I had the kind of guns that made shirtsleeves panic and even heavy material look really scared. I had been doing an unscientific study on what the connection between massive guns and hard dicks must be. The two little ones in front of me had followed the pattern of my observations with perfection. My flexed arms made them whimper like dogs waiting for a treat. Seeing huge biceps caused a need to touch themselves even more than when I was destroying metal. There was just something about giant flexed peaks that made normal, rational men become completely submissive and desperately want to grope, kiss, lick, and feel the hardness. My entire colossal body enthralled them, but it was my arms that made them go mad the most. I, of course, got off on it even more than them. I could see how their small, stick-like limbs were but a fraction of the size of mine. That more-than-obvious size difference – that show of tremendous power even when just standing in front of them and not flexing – was enough to make my balls ache with a need to dominate them. And I could dominate without touching them or saying a word – that was the cool thing. My size put them in their rightful place – it was that simple. They had to turn their heads upward to look at me and their gaze could not take in all of my wide expanse unless they turned their heads side to side. Being this immense demanded submission without a need for rough talk or physical intimidation. They metaphorically handed over their lunch money simply because they couldn’t see my face over the thickness of my pecs if they had been standing close to me. I showed off purely by being, just by standing there – and that gave me much pleasure. My big guns were still flexed and the guys were still whimpering. I dropped my arms and shook them out a little, just to let the un-tensed hard thickness bounce a little. Eyes never left my giant mounds. These two fellas were doing quite well, I was impressed. Their cocks were loaded and ready for firing, but both men were ready for the next part of my show. I knew we were about to enter the failsafe part of the evening. No man had ever made it through the next phase without losing total control of his body. I knew the limitations of my admirers. I knew how to make a cock spew even if its owner didn’t. I was the master of making balls offer me their thick adoring juice even if a guy fully intended to hold it all in. This body was built for milking dudes completely – emptying them until their eyes screamed ‘thank you’ in response to the pleasure I bestowed. I took a few steps forward. As I did, I reached up with both hands and pinched my already hard nubs, poking deliciously out like thick sausages. Daddy needed some loving. It was time for them to physically become part of the act. I knew, more than likely, the thrill for me would be short-lived. Most men couldn’t last very long once they actually came in contact with what they’d been worshipping from a distance for so long. To look at enormous muscle was one thing, but to feel it – to know how hard and thick it was on an extremely personal level – became too much for even most veteran muscle worshippers. I continued to twist my nipples hard as I towered over the two men – having to lean my head forward a little to look at them. Neither guy had grabbed his cock so far – usually me bringing my body this close made a guy finally give up and start pounding his meat for release. There was just something about the heat, the aroma, the beast-like presence my body gave off when a guy was close to it. I could sneak up behind a guy, quietly, and within seconds – if not instantly – he was aware that something gigantic and over-the-top masculine had suddenly moved close. It’s like your body knowing when a dark cloud takes away the sun for a few seconds or when you stand near a skyscraper and sense how tall it really is. My size permeated a room like an elephant had just entered. Both men seemed to realize what I was about to offer. Their faces were full of gratitude, lust, and sheer awe-struck fear from my immense bulk being this close to them. I pinched harder and pulled my nips outward – stretching them, painfully, just to offer a little more warmth to the nubs as I let go. I wrapped my big hands around the back of their smaller-than-my-palms heads and pulled them forward. Lips parted, breathing ceased, tongues came out, and faces lit up like Christmas trees as my areolas inched toward them. I was a king bestowing a huge reward to two peasants. I was the candy maker offering the entire warehouse full of treats to two children. I was the muscle god offering a taste of his immensity to his adoring worshippers. The entire reason I didn’t offer bodily contact early on in the show was reinforced as soon as mouths latched onto my humongous pecs. It proved to be instantly too much for one of my remaining fans. His face had not expected my muscle to feel like concrete. He had also not expected to immediately feel so small and weak. I was simply too enormous to take when a guy got this close. The dude’s hands pressed against my cobblestoned abs – his first mistake. His eyes looked upward over the massive ballooning of my pec and beheld the furry stubble across the bottom of my face. And his lips, the doors of breath, sucked in air as the tight marble-like skin re-emphasized what he already knew – I was powerful beyond his wildest imagination. I was Superman and he was the adoring Jimmy Olsen – small, weak, unable to fully grasp the strength of the being in front of him. The realization that I had worked out for many years to build the kind of body that could destroy baseball bats and metal bars so easily became complete, fully understood, and much more of a known fact as soon as his lips and hands met my body. My obvious power made him instantly feel weak and small, but, at the same time, it released a raging storm of emotion and jubilation within him. He pushed his hard cock against my bulging, rock-like thigh and rubbed ever-so-slightly against my tight jeans. That was all she wrote for him. Hot, gooey, dense cum jetted from his dickhead and covered my giant thigh – making it look like someone had poured a gallon of cream down my leg. Since he was basically pressed up against my immovable body, the guy didn’t flop around that much as he ejaculated. His body just pushed into mine harder and harder as he came – making him shoot even more as he realized I didn’t move and my muscles didn’t even indent a little where he pounded me. It was like light paper meeting concrete – it was easy to see which would bounce away. I felt his body banging against me, but it was the same annoying feeling a fly might cause. I smiled down at him over my enormous pec. I wanted his last thoughts before sleep to be my handsome face and my hard body. Suddenly, he stopped. His eyes stayed open, his mouth was still latched on to my nip, and he remained upright. I could tell, however, that he was out like a light. He had gone to muscle heaven with the four other guys on the floor. Meanwhile, my last admirer was still sucking away on my other nipple, like a baby that’s just woken up from a long night and is hungry like a wolf. I reached up and put my hand on the back of the head of the guy that was passed out. I squeezed a little and pulled back, loving the popping sound as his mouth left my pec. I moved my arm out, so the dude was positioned over two of the other guys and then I let go. He fell slowly down onto the pile of men, immediately curling up, happily. And now we were down to just one muscle worshipper. I could tell he was a little firecracker – built like a fireplug, short and stocky. He was actually standing on his tip-toes so his mouth could reach my nipple. I put an arm around his body and lifted him up, so he didn’t have to stretch so much. He moaned in appreciation without taking his mouth away. The guy’s hands caressed and punched my abs as he sucked away. He knew that touching me was fair game – now that I had latched his mouth onto my pec. He had his eyes tightly closed and I could tell he was willing himself to not spew any time soon. It was amazing that he could feel so much of my hard-muscled body and not lose control. I was duly impressed. I’m sure he realized I could make him squirt any time I wanted to, but we both wanted this to last. I’m sure he was very grateful that I was allowing things to go on his body’s timeline. How could I not, I was loving the fact that he could hold out this long. It was amazing that I knew so much about this guy and, yet, we never exchanged a word. I could just easily sense all that he was thinking and feeling. He was loving the fact that I was holding his body against mine – with his feet off the ground. He was over the moon excited about getting to suck on my hairy, thick nipple. And finally, even though he still didn’t touch himself, he could rub his hard cock against my giant muscled thigh to edge himself on even more. Now that it was just one guy, my immense body seemed to dwarf him even much more than it really did. The dude looked tiny and so breakable surrounded by my big arm. I squeezed him tightly, just to make sure he was real and not some kind of large doll. He moaned in response and my cock thickened as I marveled at how small he looked compared to just my biceps. He was still sucking away, as if that was the only way he could get his sustenance. I compressed my big gun again – loving how the action automatically caused the same response in the guy, a big moan every single time. I felt his little hard-on rubbing up and down against my tensed thigh, with its striations, veins, and hardness. His fists kept smacking into my abs every now and then, a loud noise echoing through the room. I felt the punches, but they seemed more like child’s play than a grown man hitting me. I could tell this last dude was a strength pig. He got off on my body’s ability to withstand him belting me. I knew he loved the muscles, but he loved what they could do a lot more. That made me like him the most. I was a strength pig, too. Only, I was the one with the power. I was the one getting off on the fact that my strength made this guy crazy – crazy enough to throw punches until his knuckles were bruised. And through it all, he just kept on sucking on my teat like it was the fountain of youth and he was nearing one-hundred years of age. It was crazy. The dude was clearly a lot older than me. That should have made him the boss, the dominant one, the leader – but I was simply three times his size and made him forfeit any claim of being in charge. He yielded his power to the muscle boy who was easily holding him in the air. He would have sensed the alpha-ness in me even if I had been in the next room. My size and bulk seemed to fill any void long before I arrived. It’s as if the ground and walls shook as I moved. I was very much aware of how my massiveness caused rooms to feel claustrophobic and how people gave me a wider berth when I approached. It was as if they were all little row-boats and I was an ocean liner in the same harbor. It was important to stay out of my path . . . or my wake. I looked at his tiny hand pressed against the pec he wasn’t sucking on – taking a break from punches. My own hand could cover his two or three times. That realization thrilled me very much and I squeezed his body tighter and longer than before. His moan lasted until I lessened the hug. And, still, the guy slurped loudly at my pec. My nipple registered pleasure, which pulsed down to my dick, as well. The crotch of my jeans was getting tight as I started hardening huge. I contemplated freaking the guy out by undoing my pants and letting my monster cock free, but I quickly realized he wouldn’t have left my pec long enough to notice my enormous dong. He was too busy trying to somehow suck some of my DNA into his body – so he might grow a little. I already radiated so much testosterone that I knew it emboldened him and made him much braver in his actions – hence the earlier pounding of his fist into my abs. It’s like some of my masculinity could be breathed in by him just from being so near. I got off on being so much bigger than the man, there was no secret to that. But I also loved how my size made him lose control. I bet he was some kind of corporate boss, used to ordering men around and expecting everyone to jump any time he told them to. But in this room, he was a little puppy submitting to the alpha who toyed with him easily. I could make him cower if I wanted to – with nothing more than a growl and an intense flex of my huge body. Knowing that fact was good enough, though. I didn’t need to do it. I would let the man have as much fun as he wanted – he deserved it. All of the men did. I looked over at the five still happily in slumber-mode on the floor. Everyone in this room was happy, especially me. Soon I would have caused six explosive orgasms – making a group of men happy beyond their wildest dreams. That’s what I was made to do. That’s why I had pumped enough iron over the years to probably have moved a small mountain. I made muscle fantasies come true. I also got off by showing off. I’d certainly be the seventh orgasm of the night – that was for sure. And I’d make sure to cover them with my hot, thick, fire-hose-like spray so when they woke up they would realize the big man had exploded, too. That would make them hard again, instantly. They would also be upset that they had missed it. All of this was yet to come, however, for I still had a guy presently latched onto my nipple – still sucking like there wouldn’t be a tomorrow. I was pretty sure his jaw must have been pretty sore by this point, but it was clear he had no intention of stopping. I appreciated a guy that could make my man-tits feel good. I also got the pleasurable feeling that this dude’s sucking skills would be amazing somewhere else, too. As great as that sounded, however, we were not here for my benefit – although that was always a by-product of all that I did. I was here to do one thing and do it well – get this guy to have an explosive, mind-blowing orgasm. I knew exactly what my little strength pig needed to get him off. He was definitely into my power, but he had held out through the bat and the metal bar. I instinctively knew what that meant. He needed my next display to include him. He needed to be on the receiving end of whatever it was I did to show off what my huge body could do. He wanted to be fully dominated and feel powerless. He needed me to remind him that someone as enormous as I could easily take care of someone like him – in any way I wanted. He really dreamed of being twisted like the bar of metal or cracked apart like the bat, but we both knew I wouldn’t do that. Besides not being into that kind of rough stuff, I was already hoping this little guy would be a repeat fan. I had a feeling the more we got to know each other the longer he’d be able to hold out and that was always fun. The longer the edging, the bigger the explosion was my motto. Some of my greatest online reviews mentioned how I caused the most intense ejaculations guys had ever experienced. That was the best compliment. I moved my arm away from the guy and he started to slide down my hard body – his mouth staying connected to my pec as long as it could. I was beginning to think he was suctioned on there for good, but he finally dropped to the floor and he looked up at me with the most disappointed face I had ever seen. I simply smiled at him with a look that said everything I wanted to and more. I was smiling, but it wasn’t a friendly smile – it was more of a grin that told the guy he was now my plaything. If it made him nervous at all, his joyous anticipation of what was about to come hid it completely. He realized the time for his orgasm had arrived. The muscled monster in front of him had deemed it so and there was nothing he could do to stop it. I moved toward him, inhaling deeply to expand my chest out even further – pressing my pecs into him. I continued to move, forcing him to step backwards as I turned us both and finally pinned him between my chest and the wall. I pressed in – causing him to moan louder than he ever had before. He couldn’t have escaped even if he wanted to. I tensed my body – just to show him how weak and fragile the wall behind him truly was. He got the message and, again, moaned appropriately. After a few seconds of flattening him like a pancake I stepped back from the wall. I knew exactly what he wanted – what would make him explode. He had given me permission – in his eyes, in his moans, and in his fist pounding appreciation of my strength. He actually begged me to cause his enormous release with dominating power that emphasized my strength as it reminded him of his own weakness. I was only a dominator when I was begged for it. I placed my huge hand around his small neck, so delicate. My v-shaped grip made him moan with so much pleasure that I actually leaked some pre-cum, myself. That was a first. My hand almost reached completely around him. I pressed forward and lifted at the same time – carefully, slowly, and deliberately. His face was full of gratitude, pleasure, and anticipation of what I was about to cause in his body. This man craved release, but not just release through orgasm. He wanted me to take away his need to control everything. He wanted to give up being the boss completely. He wanted me to be so totally in charge of the moment that he’d become insignificant . . . no one begging him for answers, directions, or needing him to make decisions. He wanted the only thing in the world that existed to be my strength . . . my power. His eyes pleaded with me to make him weak. I had never felt so powerful. I had never felt so huge. I had never known such joy – his and mine. He knew how easy this was going to be for me. I lifted his body off the ground, pressing him against the wall as he moved upward. He reached with his small hands to hold onto my wrist, struggling uselessly to try and pry my fingers from his neck. We both knew he was faking and we both knew he was in no real danger, I could drop him any time I wanted. But the thrill of the power in my one arm was still there – still rendering him defenseless. His addiction to being in control and powerful was suddenly thrown out the window as the muscleman in front of him reduced him nothing more than a useless sack in his huge hand. The threat of true damage was always there. I had his body as high as my chest when his cock started to gush his appreciation. I had never wanted a man to ejaculate so much to my strength as I did at this moment. He stared at me with so much joy and incredible gratitude as he shot hot, milky juice all over my body - I almost felt like crying. I had never known such pleasure . . . such dominance. I stopped lifting him when he was even with my face. His body emptied all the pent-up pressure of the last few hours . . . or was it years. Finally, his body was finished . . . completely spent. I squeezed his neck a little tighter, to wring out a few more drops from his dick. And yet, his eyes stared at me. And yet, he smiled. He did not pass out – another first for me. I lowered his shaky body to the floor and kept my hand at his chest, so he wouldn’t fall to the floor. He looked everywhere – at my huge biceps, my bewildered face, my heaving chest, and deep into my eyes. I realized he had never had an experience like this . . . but, if I were being completely honest, neither had I. He wasn’t unconscious. He wasn’t so depleted that he was asleep. And he was still fully hard. It was then that I noticed his gorgeous dark hair with flecks of silver strewn throughout. I also noticed his cobalt blue eyes – like some lagoon that beckoned me to swim nude. It’s also when I saw that he was, indeed, a short, muscled fireplug – much more fit than I had been aware of, at first. He was different from my other admirers – still sound asleep on the floor. This guy was the real deal – a true muscle worshipper who could go the distance with me. There was no telling what he’d encourage me to do in a private session – bend bars tightly around his body, toss him across the room, smash him breathless against the wall with my huge muscles, squeeze him so hard that he was forced to shoot his load just from my hug . . . these were all things that popped into my head as I stared at the grateful man. I was so turned on by all that had just happened I was not fully aware of the fact that the man had unzipped my pants and tugged them down, slightly – the things needing a lot stronger pulling to get over my huge thighs. That was not his goal, however. He just wanted to release my huge throbbing cock, which he did and immediately started pumping it with his small, but very strong, hand. My head tilted back a little, my eyelids closed slightly, and I moaned loudly from his groping. So many of my rules were being broken in this moment, but I didn’t care. This muscled plug of a man – who had let me dominate him in such a thrilling way – wanted to give me something in return. I could tell he also wanted to be bathed in my hot juice. He wanted to have muscle man-jizz rain down all over him. I could tell he had been pleasantly surprised and a little taken aback by the size of my cock. There had been only a slight hesitation, though, as his hand realized it wouldn’t be able to fit completely around the thing. He’d simply have to squeeze harder, which he did. In return, I braced my hands against the wall above his head. I was so incredibly jacked by this time – in so many ways – I decided to please him even more, but at the same time I would be satisfied, too. I pressed my crotch into him – hard. It shoved his body against the wall. His hand pulled away from my cock – both to brace himself against the wall, but also because he knew what was coming. I started thrusting my huge cock against his body – his stomach, his own crotch, his chest – pushing against him hard. I was going to use him the same way a horny teenager might use a pillow to get off. Dry humping his tight body immediately made my juices boil even more within my huge frame. I shoved forward with my dick and he banged against the wall. His moans of pleasure were even louder than mine. I bent my knees slightly and pressed into him at the same time. When I straightened my legs, his feet came off the floor – carried into the air briefly by the power of my hard dick’s thrusting. I looked down at the man and smiled at him being cock-handled so easily. It was magnificent and he was loving every second of it. For the first time in my life, I realized I was completely out of control. I wanted to see his body flop against the wall more, so I humped my cock into him with great abandon. I also knew I couldn’t have stopped my impending orgasm even if my life had depended on it. Suddenly, I smashed my crotch against the dude, pinning him tightly against the wall. I pressed in hard, knowing it made my bubbled ass bulge with tightened muscle. The dude reached around to grab my cheeks and he gasped at their hardness. I then growled deeply and released a river of semen, which actually flowed upward over the small guy’s torso. I pushed into him harder with each gush of my milky man-honey. I knew the dude was going to have some bruises tomorrow, but I also knew he would get hard every time he looked at them. Soon, it was like someone had squirted a gallon of masculine super glue between our bodies. There was a sticky mess sealing us and I continued to smash his body against the wall. As I finally pulled away, he came with me – the drying semen almost cementing us together. He was thankful to be able to finally take deep breaths again – having been compacted and flattened by my huge body. It took us both a few minutes to calm ourselves down and even longer for us to pull our skin apart. He had his hands on my chest, running his thumbs across my large jutting nipples and staring up into my face. I looked back at him, smiling – satisfied beyond what I had ever known before and sensing, deep in my being, that he felt the same. Silently, I brought my face down to his and we kissed. The biggest rule being broken. It was a long, passionate, hard, knowing kiss – that kept us both excited and already wanting much more. I finally pulled my face away from his and stared at him. He slowly nodded – aware of all I conveyed without even saying a word. I reached down, wrapped a hand around his body, and lifted him into the air. We both glanced at his fellow worshippers – still sound asleep on the floor – and then I carried my new little special muscle worshipper from the room.
  3. GiganticBeast


    Another INCREDIBLE story by the man who brought you Caffeine another AMAZING growth story, and this one is the most incredible ego stroke I've had in a very long time!! A take on how my recent Camping Trip should have turned out God I have read this over and over and over again! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Again, I didn't write this, but it's..it's almost like it's MY words, he wrote it so goddamned well it's like I'm listening to things I've said but have no memory of saying it! I'm ranting, but only because I'm bordering on SPEECHLESS from this! Are you in the mood for INCREDIBLE M/M action? What about M/M/F Cuck/worship sessions as a growing egotistical muscle god gets his big beastly self worshiped! Every single thing you read here is a kink or particular fetish that I am in LOVE with. This represents the look into my deep psyche that I'm sure you're all going to enjoy! ALSO if you want to follow this BEAST MAKER of an author, he's Armagedon2dm on Twitter! GO, GIVE him a FOLLOW! Tell him how much you LOVED THIS STORY! Seriously. DO IT. He managed to create a snapshot of my best fantasies, written in the glorious stream of consciousness! Oh my GOD. This ALMOST RUINED 3 months of edging!!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- DAY 1 Finally a vacation, if you could call it that. Stuck in the backseat of a Prius with packs and camping supplies shoved in spilling over in my lap. Friends told me about the wonders of camping in the wild Canadian wilderness. Not the cramped confines of a small ass car. Oh, and did I mention that we are driving 3 hours to the campsite? 3.5 hours later: Bald head scrapes the roof of the car as I clamber out. Oddities of camping gear that fell in my lap while driving spill on the ground. *Stretching noises as I flex and finally able to take full breaths* I spin around looking at the scenery and find no cabins, or outhouses or porta potties. “Guys where are the bathrooms?” Carl and Wendy looked at me quizzically. Him dressed all in green camo, and her all in pink camo. Carl reached in a duffel bag and pulled out a collapsible spade. Handing it to me he said, “Anywhere you want it to be.” My eyes widened at the realization that my first camping trip ment no modern conveniences. Especially going on twitter to read my *AHEM* interest in growth ideas. My grip around my phone in my hand tightens, as the battery is already almost dead and there will be no way to charge it for three days. “Uh, oh. Ok. Well where should I go...dig?” They just point to the distance saying someplace not too close. No explanations of how big of a hole to dig or how far out. So, I put one foot in front of the other and start walking to explore. 15 minutes of wandering around: So I just wander off in 34C weather trying to stick to the shades of the trees. Tennis shoes getting grass stains. And beads of streaming down off my head. Even the muscle shirt isn't faring too well. Pro tip, do not bring white clothes to nature. Swatting away some black flies buzzing around my head. “This isn't what I expected when they said come camping with us. This beast doesn't do well in the hot damn weather.” “Well, there are plenty of beasts out here in the wild you might want to steer clear of.” The voice startled me not expecting anyone else to be crazy enough to be out in this heat camping in the middle of nowhere Canada. There leaning against a pine tree was ranger Joe! Talking about beasts, this guy was jacked for lack of a better word. More than two meters tall, still more than a head above my own height. Not like saying 6 feet tall is big, but certainly more than average. Been lifting for a few years and this guys' arms were bigger around than my legs were thick! A few days of growth coating his face in a rugged beard. What was rugged on his face left nothing to the imagination of a thick carpet of fur poking out from his collar. His very light green, almost a tan uniform, was pulled tight to his muscles. Very form fitting if not skin tight, probably on purpose. You should see veins snaking all over his arms and up into his sleeves as he carried his hands crossed below on his muscle gut as he wouldn't even be able to cross his arms around his own chest. Between his biceps and pecs, the only way they meet is with force. “There are bears and cougars in the lower part of the ridge. So that's off limits.” He states as he points past a tree line leading down to a valley with his thumb. To call that digit a thumb is far from the truth. Even calling it a sausage was a great understatement. I think he caught me gawking or my eyes were bugging out from my head. Pushing off from the tree he actually causes it to sway. “Now keep to your site up here, you and your friends. I'm stationed in the area if there's trouble. But let's face it, when I'm around there won't be.” He over stated that last bit with a flex. Fuck, this guy was so jacked his clothes protested. He walked away with a swagger waving those hairy thick “fingers.” Mind you while he was moving away I was checking out that thick muscled ass. Goal I thought. I wanted that ass before leaving this crap hole. If I was going to have one good thing here, I was going to be getting a piece of that! Waddling back to camp with my cock almost poking out the waist band. Glad my cargo shorts were sweat stained to cover up the globs of pre running down my thigh. Carl and Wendy glanced in my direction knowing something was up but didn’t say anything. Which I appreciated, as we got to work to finish up setting up camp. 4 hours later After changing, cleaning up, I plopped down ready to eat while the campfire was burning hot. Wendy pulls out a few bags from the cooler. My tummy rumbles ready for some meat to be cooked to satisfy the beast inside. Mushrooms, broccoli, onions going into a skillet for frying. Spices from another bag. Oh man, my mouth is watering from the smell. Holding the last bag over the aroma of cooking veggies as two big fish plop into the pan. My eyes widen in horror, fish! My nose reels from the acrid smell as my stomach lurches in anger. The wonderful delectable meal ruined. Not wanting to show face, I excuse myself for not feeling well and retreat to my own tent. I pulled out a pepsi from my backpack and downed the whole thing, grumbling. Staring over at my dead phone, I couldn't even browse twitter. I unzipped the flap on the other side of the tent to get the cooler nights air flowing though. It opened up towards the lower ridge of the forest. The moon was bright that night throwing shadows everywhere. I was hungry, tired, and irritated. So I decided to strip down and get into the sleeping bag. I stopped momentarily as I thought I'd heard rustling a bit way in the bush. Granted looking from the outside watching a big dude's bald head push out the tent fabric on top, while trying to get my clothes off would have been whimsical. I couldn’t even hear my friends comment. So they must have gone to sleep too. Crouching down to peer through the screen, I thought I'd heard an animal growling that was decently large. The breeze rustled the trees, as they swayed back and forth in the moonlight. Then eyes, glowing blue eyes. They bore directly into my soul, into my fantasies, into my wants, my needs. This large figure, this large beast. I felt energized inside but my eyes drooped overcome with exhaustion. I caught one last look in the area I saw the eyes, only to see moving shadows and branches glinting in the pale blue rays of moon shine. I dropped to my knees and had enough movement to faceplant into the pillow. My last conscious thought was how rock hard my cock was straining my boxer briefs. DAY 2 My dreams last night were wild glimpses of crashing through the forest. More like over the forest. Flocks of birds flying away, animals scampering away on the forest floor in swaths. I could almost hear and feel the forest floor shake as I slept. A bestial roar in the distance… Woke up at the crack of dawn with my erection just about bursting out of the tent. I need to take care of the issue now before the others work up. If I stayed in camp, then I'd definitely wake them up, so I threw on just a shirt and shoes I had on yesterday, climbed out of the tent as quietly as I could, and trudged down the closest path to my tent. Which so happened to be the path to the lower ridge. My brain addled with that dream, not fully awake, and my beast cock pointing skywards. This beast only had one thing on his immediate mind, and it was just getting far enough away to take care of it! Tumbling down the trail, I didn't even bother to keep to myself. Out in the middle of fuck no where, who was going to come around. My hand groped the bulge through the underwear as it throbbed. Was it my imagination or did it feel like it had a bit more heft to it, a bit more thickness. “Ugh, fuck! I needed to… I NEED A HOT… ” and then I fell, down the ravene I tumbled. Ass over teakettle, through the brush. Scraping my legs on thorns and underbrush, the blood trickled down the hairy on my legs. After a bit I tumbled over the river embankment, my head slammed hard against the river rocks before blacking out. Sometime late morning The sun was so bright, so hot shining overhead attacking me with its irritated heat. Blazing hot heat, flies buzzing around. Cold wet water brushing my hand, washing over it. Using the water to wash the blood, sweat, and dirt off my face. I sit up and crawl over to the water for drink. Thirsty, taking gulping mouthfuls of water till I start to hiccup. I notice the dried blood on my bald head from the gash I got while falling. Reaching up, I expected pain to the touch but there wasn’t. Scooped up more water to wash away the dried blood and there was no longer a gash. In fact, all my cuts and scrapes were healed as well too. The shirt had so many rips and holes, it just disintegrated with a tug. And the underwear was lost, must be, somewhere on the tumble down here. Only thing I was left wearing were my socks and shoes and they felt about ready to burst. Welp, while next to the river, might as well bathe and clean all this dirt off myself. So off come the shoes and socks putting them on a big rock. Walked out into the river and washed up. “Now you were warned about coming down here, and now I have to also cite you for indecent exposure! What are you doing down here?” Came a familiar stern deep gruff voice from the banks. Turning around there stood the forest ranger, with his hands balled into fists pressed on his thighs. He looked like he was carved out of pure stone and placed precariously and posed like a Greecian statue. Although since yesterday it looked like he shrunk his uniform in the wash. The top two buttons were open showing the undershirt below. Even from 20 meters away that chest looked like it’d crush a small car. His full beard touching the top of those pecs. That neck looked like it was contending an arena battle with the traps beside them. The sleeves were folded so far up his arms, it might as well have been considered sleeveless. The forearms bulged with hairy veins, a finger thick vein leading up to melon sized biceps pushing against the side of his striated pecs. Forget the statue of a human, this was a demigod in the flesh! The muscle gut straing the buttons on top of it, showed the undershirt riding up that hairy grooved flesh. His calf high brown leather boots straining to contain those feet. You could almost see each individual toe stretching the leather, pushing out. Not to toot this beast's own horn but I've got a good sized beast cock. But the shadow I saw from that far away of the ragers package is so much more sizable. It was like a litre pop bottle and two grapefruits shoved inside. And no, the waistband wasn't holding but bulging out. The jock fabric spilling over and showing dark fur sprouting out. Those muscle thighs pushing those testosterone laden fruit forwards, like they would burst forwards any second with a vengeance. Still wading in the river he yells a bit more sternly, “I asked you a question boy!” A bit shocked from embarrassment but also from irritation. Boy?! My Six-foot muscled frame, bald head, and beard that’d choke a lumberjack and I'm being called boy? I puffed out my chest and marched towards shore, fists clenched, vein throbbing from my forehead ready to rip off the ranger's arm and beat him with it. Rushing the shore, trudging through the water growling right up to the ranger. Pusing my chest right against his, ready to brawl. I can feel our cocks twitch between us, throbbing against our torsos. Glaring back up at his face and flexing my arms. Snapping back, “What fucking crap is this boy?” A silence fell over the forest. It seemed even the breeze was waiting with bated breath. Awaiting the clash of beasts. With a bellowing laugh, the forester relaxed and belted out a boisterous stutter of jubilation. “You're one hell of a man there!” As he slaps the back of Will shoulders with the hand the size of a half sheet pan. Almost sending Will toppling to the ground. Extending out that same hand the ranger finally introduces himself, “Gord.” He states flatly. Stunned from disillusion, Will shakes the gruff calloused hand and stutters out, “Will…” “Well, Will. Let's get you back to your camp. This place isn't safe. I'd hate to have to give you a ticket for self endangerment. As well as (ranger clears his throat), public nudity.” Quotes Ranger Gord. “Grab what's left of your clothes there. Hmm, I guess just your shoes and socks. Then i’ll guide you back to your camp to rejoin your friends.” I blush a bit. Well, not so much as blush as my entire head turns the shade of scarlett. I rushed over to grab my shoes and socks from the rock. I glanced past the tree line to see a darkened cavern or grotto. Faintly glowing with that eerily pale blue light I saw last night, I shifted to put on my socks and shoes to get a better look at the surrounding area to get back down here tonight to check it out. Trying to not show Gord my intentions just as I’m about to put on the last shoe, down on the ground next to the boulder is a little glowing blue stone. I picked it up and threw it in the sole of my shoe before putting it on\. Gord hadn't noticed, and asks if I’m ready to go back to camp and I nod. The ranger drops me back at camp with Carl and Wendy not there. Their backpacks are missing so they must have gone for a hike. I sigh in relief, that means I don’t have to explain my lack of clothing. After putting on clothes and thanking Gord for the escort back, the ranger sets off. I relax back in my tent bored, hungry, but atleast clean. Wondering where that light was coming from and why the ranger was warning me against that lower ridge. There didn't seem to be any bears or cougars in the area or signs of them. I’ll have to check it out later tonight. I could look up a map of the area if I had my damned cell phone. I yawned, man what a fucked up day, my cock giving a reminding lurch. I forgot to take care of this beastly need this morning. And now I’m too tired all of a sudden, and hungry too. My mind racing, man what about that cave. What about that blue rock in my shoe. Ah well, time for a nap. I’ll deal with it later. Closed my eyes, wrapping my hand around my bulge. What I wouldn't give to grow big like that ranger. No, BIGGER! A fucking giant of a man! I drift off to sleep. Supper Time I awoke to a sizzling meat smell dancing in the air. Puffs of smoke surrounding the tents, dancing in the setting sun. Wafting sensual aromas that made me jump right up, ready for food. I pulled a Kool-Aid man, bursting out of the tent with a “OH YEAH!” Bellowed hungrily, grabbing a plate and and in a few mouthfuls two burgers are inhaled. With a loud belch, and a long hunger finally satiated batting my belly. RIIPPP A rip of clothing renders the air, as the sides of the shirt tore down from the armpits. My lats spread out like wings of a bird. Pecs swollen from a good chest day exercise, heaving, straining the neck of the Shirt. The v-neck shirt, stretching thin riding up my roid gut as it filled with rock hard granite muscles. The waistline and neckline grow closer beginning to fray. My eyes glance up to my friends expecting awe and confusion. Except that's what peppers my face instead. There they are next to the fire, sprawled out on a blanket passionately making out against a fallen log. My beast log throbbed, and spilled over the waistband of my boxer briefs in lurches. Growing, thickening, throbbing bigger and bigger. Legs spreading, lengthening as testosterone inflated my balls into large apples. There were sharp cracking sounds as the threads of the shoes tore themselves apart from the leather. Sending leather flying as my toes and heel burst from forth from the confines. The little blue glowing rock fades, as it's crushed into dust below my foot covered by scraps of the sock tugged apart as my feet lurch larger. Rising up and bursting the scraps of clothes left over, my frame lauding over the campfire. The hot flames dance, as I heft my muscles in self exploration. Pumping the muscles up with blood and testosterone. Making each beastly muscle group pop with veins and hair. So big, so primal, bigger! “HHGGG, come on more. MORE! Grow!” As I roar as nothing happens. Well, other than the friends finally breaking away from each other as they each take a leg to start worshiping the musclebeast before them! Wendy gropes my beast cock in her little lithe hands, unable to wrap both hands around its girth. Trying to pull it into her chest. Which all she succeeds in doing is making it rigid and rock hard, with a flex it tugs her closer. Her husband's hands work his way up my calf muscles, already bigger than his thighs. Covered in spindles of thick beast hair, the thick diamond calf muscles could set new marathon records. Wendy pushes her supple breasts against my beast cock while moaning how big I am. Her husband pawed at my ass cheeks trying to make a dent in them as I laugh like a super villain. I glare over my chest at them with a primal need, as they see the wildfire reflected in my eyes as they backpedal back onto the blanket. Their back pursed against the log, as each stomp towards them heightened my arousal. I bend down, towards Wendy, ripping off her clothes as I tower over the both of them. Flipping her over as she hikes her ass in the air, pulling her underneath my kneeling frame. My ‘smaller’ sized friend shaking, cowering next to me. “You,” I state flatley. My voice thunderous on an over two meter frame. “You want a man to show you how to pleasure a woman?” It was Rhetorical question not meant to be answered, albeit verbally. My girthy length throbbing over her backside, spurting copious cup fulls of pre over her torso. Her body moaning hotly in anticipation. While her husband looks on in horror and bated breath. To watch this monster, this beastly man show his wife pleasure that he’s never brought her. “Now little man, you’re going to worship this beast. While you watch me pleasure your wife in every position till you both pass out from exhaustion!” I laugh deeply. My smaller friend stands up shakily, approaching the brute I’ve become for worship. While my beastly brute’s cock enters the woman to screams of pleasure. Day 3 It was hours that this beast pleasured her. In many ways, and so many positions that it caused her to pass out in exhaustion. Not only did I fulfil the deepest pleasures of this woman, but after she drifted off to slumber, I dominated her smaller hubby. Muscle worship from toes to head. Before I was finally sated, coating both of my friends in my testosterone filled beast seed. Chuckling to myself, I swear I could have drowned them in it. The whole night had passed us by! With the start of the twilight hour, I set out for the cave in the lower ridge to see what more I could find, what else there was in this woods for me, this growing monstrous beast. my eyes accustomed to the pitch dark of the countryside, could just make out that faint blue glow from down below. Leaving my two companions tucked away in their tents, I made my way down the trail below. Just Before Sunrise Heading down the path below this time, was made so much easier with longer limbs and larger hands, able to palm forest trees trunks to prevent myself from tumbling down the steep ridge. It took just a few minutes this time to reach the edge of the river. My strides were so much longer now with my own tree trunks, these thickly muscled legs. The skin seemed thicker or more resilient to the underbrush or thorns. There were no scratches, nor weeping stabbings of blood. Was it that the beastly hair that dusted my larger frame that protected me from the scratchings. Thick heavy trees and cover the entrance of this cave/grotto. Steep, high calcified walls adorn the cave. It must have taken eyons to carve this out from the river. The small blue glowing rocks produce their own faint light, thinly adorn the entrance. Many covered in grime, mineral deposits or look worn out.Millenia old stalactites and stalagmites pepper the area as it reaches far back into the rocky mountains. The farther back the cave reaches the larger and more common the rocks appear. Deciding to explore the cave just as the pastel morning colors start to appear in the sky outside, I turn deeper into the cave. The warm breeze outside turns into a wet cold haze the deeper in I explore. It seems that the rocks react to my presence by glowing brighter, leading me, directing me inwards. I felt energized at the mouth of the cave, and spelunking deeper, I can feel a deeper welling of energy building inside. My pace quickened, faster. Blood pumping faster through my veins. My virility renewed and the beast throbs, pointing forwards leaving a trail of pre deeper into the depths. Until the crag of the cave opened up on a small waterfall pouring out from the center of the ceiling high above. Dropping into the center of this crystal blue cavern. It reminded me of superman's fortress of solitude. But with faintly blue glowing crystal pillars surrounding the entire area. The water in the center of the pool, looked so welcoming and inviting. The bottom of it is littered with sand, made out of the surrounding crystals. “Well against my warnings, looks like you still found your way down here.” Bellowed a pissed off looking Gord. Whose body seems to be blocking the only way back out. And when i say blocking, i mean filling up the tunnel. How he followed me down here without making a sound seemed improbable. The ranger didn't look any taller from across the room, but thick would have been an understatement. Bull in a China shop never seemed more an appropriate analogy. If the bull was on steroids and HGH combined with some testosterone enhancement that would make the powerlifters look like anorexic twinks. He looked like those morphed pictures on those porn sites, but even more rugged. I was wading in the shallows of the pool on the opposite end of the cave room. The ranger started moving, circling around the edge keeping his distance and eyeing me. Like he was studying me. While he moved it seemed that the gems dimed just around him, matching his movements. I put my hand on one of the growing crystals in the pool, moving around it. Keep it between Gord and myself. Once I touched it, I noticed that it brightened upon touch. The water around my ankles ripple just a bit, only enough to feel it vibrate against the leg hair. “You aren't welcome here and need leave, NOW!” His voice went from one of stern lecture to a threatening command. His brow furrowed and eyes narrowed with a scowl. Without a chance to respond, he charged towards me just like a bull. Breaking right though the crystal formation, his forearms up for added strength. He hit hard enough to wedge me into the wall behind. Limbs splayed in the craigs and cracks of the broken crystals, like a marionette with its strings cut. I was stunned out of surprise but not hurt, and no pain either. I just held still, unsure of what to do. “This is MY cave! I found it, and it gave me… this!” As he motions to his body. “Its taken me months to get this far, and you won't share in its gifts! He spat towards me. His cock rising, thickening between his hairy pecs, as he stepped closer. “And I will be taking back what's mine!” My eyes widened in horror at what his words ment. Just as he was about to reach back with a fist and punch me farther into the wall, I was able to scream out a “NO!” My fists clenched as the blue crystal around me glowed brightly. It felt so warm, and the blue light was glowing brighter. Cracks suddenly started growing from around me in the crystals as I was being pushed out from the wall with a stumble to the ground. Landing in front of the ranger on my hands and knees, his feet right below my face. For a second, I thought I had a concussion the way his feet were suddenly falling away. Gord had stumbled back, tripping over the broken pillar crystal and landed in the water. His face losing color from horror. It took me longer to realize I was growing again, until my feet hit the wall behind. My body was lurched forwards over the top of Gord… well that wasn't the only thing that was lurching forwards over the ranger. His eyes glazed over, reaching out to touch my beast cock thicker than a telephone pole and about 5 feet high. Just as his mits are around to touch my cockflesh, he pulls away and tries to scamper from out underneath. Backpedaling through the water as he tries to crawl away. A rumble from my chest shook the cavern, as I easily reached out and drug the ranger back though the water underneath my god cock. “No, no, no. You're not getting away that easily you little fucker!” The cavern shook with my powerful voice. You wanted the power and NOW you're going to get it. Unfortunately, not from where you expect it.” The ranger is screaming below me, “Please, no you can't. You're too much. You're too BIG!” “Again. Say that again.” I demand His body trembles under me, clawing at the ground. Almost whispering, “too big..” My body still is lurching larger, muscles thickening, frame widening to make way for more muscles to pile on my frame. So much thicker than the ranger was before as my torso takes up half the space in the cavern. The water is running over my shoulders at this point. My beast cock as thick as his waist now. My balls push my thighs apart. That ass i had admired earlier that i swore i was going to make mine, was now here underneath me. I had to force the head down with my hand, as my cock had started growing faster than my body. It felt so hot to the touch, so aroused, so fucking hard! Just as I forced the head inside his ass, we both screamed out in pleasure. The crystals glowing so brightly, almost enveloping us in pure blue light. 07:13 AM Carl and Wendy wake up next to a smoking fire pit. Wrapped up in the plaid blanket from the previous night. Both beyond exhausted, physically and mentally. They look at each other with wide eyes, questioning whether the events of the previous night even happened. They stood up with no signs of the night's activities. Both in perfect health, albeit naked and in the ruins of a destroyed campsite. Without a word to each other, they get dressed and start packing up the car. Worried about Wills whereabouts since he wasn't there this morning. They talk after the car is packed and decide to go look for him. Just as they are about to leave the car, cracks in the earth open up as an earthquake hits the area. Fissures open up as all the animals run from the area. The earth rumbled for miles around. Trees toppled all around them, sinkholes appeared as destruction rained. Thunder sounded without a cloud in the sky, which was strange. There was a rumble from the ridge as a landslide opened from an upper ridge. Rushing water bubbled like a hot spring from underground, rushing out like a slurry as it emptied into the river below. They ran to their car and drove off to escape the destruction. As they got a good distance away, there was an eruption from beneath the mountain. There in the rear view mirror, a bald head emerged from the dust. It rose higher and higher into the air, soaring above the surrounding trees, hills and mountains. Fists larger than cities pushed into the sky, attached to godly sized muscles. My head was nestled between traps so muscled, they pushed into my ears. A neck so thick, that the deep voice that emanated from within caused knees to buckle to all in range. “YES, BIGGER. MORE… MMOOORRRREEE!” Growing bigger, taller, thicker rising higher. I rubbed my pecs and muscle gut as I grew. Biceps and pecs fighting for ranges of movement as they swelled with power. A forest grew on the giant of hair, as he expanded. My beard cascading down over my chest, a thickening pelt of hair creeping over my skin. Watching it ripple and flex as highways of veins snaked all over. It was then that a foot emerged, swinging out and over the mountains. Crushing an entire mountain range flat, like a toddler stomping on a sand castle. But that wasn't the reason to be worried. They were deafened by my moaning, so lewdly, a pillar of cock that emerged from between the chasm, could only be described as godly. The ground crumples beneath my balls that contained a sea of sperm, and that could span multiple counties. And my cock, that pointed skywards well over my own big beastly head, was fighting a thickness battle with my waist, over which would be the victor. As soon as I locked eyes with my own beastly god hood, I switched to rubbing and groping the growing monolith, grunting from the self pleasure. My cock and balls lurch larger with every stroke, pushing me up higher into the sky. My legs and feet stretching over the horizon in the distance as my rumbles became inaudible growlings of pleasure. The entire tectonic place of the country buckled under the weight of my growing godly beastly body. Unending miles of muscles surged and flexed as my balls churned larger than my body, damn I was close. What had to be Russia was being flooded with my pre. Just as my bald head and traps pushed through the clouds, an eruption of lighting and my thunderous voice rattled the globe. “BEEEAAAASSSTTTT” Bellowed a boom resonating inside my enormous chest, towering above as the earth was flooded with my seed.
  4. Dedicated to all the big fat musclepiggys out there and their musclebros! Hunter's Moon by bjort Beef was excited. He could feel the anticipation growing in his mind and his muscles and in his cock as he sat in a First-Class seat west bound. It was hunting season! And that meant he would soon rendezvous with his hunting partner and brother-in-muscle, Brick. He could not wait! Brick was on a similar jet at this minute. He had been away on business for several weeks and they had arranged to meet this way when they had planned their annual hunting trip. They would meet up at the airline's hub and fly on to their destination together, also in First Class as befitted a pair of massive muscle studs. Beef wasn't sure either of them could ever squeeze into what passed for a seat in Coach again! Beef had missed Brick for the weeks his muscle partner had been away. He smiled to imagine how much they had both grown since Brick had made him one of the Brotherhood almost exactly one year ago. He absently stroked his bulging pec and hardening nipple as he thought of the muscleman he had become and thanked providence for the 10,000th time that Brick had found him. It had been an ordinary August weeknight in the gym, rainy and kinda slow. Beef wasn't even called Beef then. He had always loved muscle--been obsessed with it since he could remember really. He had finally decided to do something about it, at least as far as his own body was concerned. He had always exercised from college on, but never gained much real muscle. As muscle lust grew in him over the years, he read up on weight training and joined a convenient gym with good equipment and a minimum of annoying attitude. He had been at it for a couple of years and made some decent gains. He had not, however, gone nearly as far as his burning desire for muscle demanded. He was consumed by thoughts of becoming huge. He wanted others to admire his bulging muscles and strength. He also slowly came to understand that he desired men with muscle--to worship them and to share their masculine power. Thoughts of muscle had occupied his waking hours, almost to the exclusion of everything else. Something held him back around the few true musclemen that frequented his gym though--a fear of rejection or worse, and also a feeling of not being worthy of the attention of men whom he had idolized since first discovering bodybuilding on TV as a child. On this rainy night all that changed. The gym was nearly empty. Beef had just started his workout when he heard a deep voice behind him say "mind spotting me on the bench bro?" He turned and there was Brick--280 pounds of bald hot bear muscle in a stringer and a tight pair of shorts that left very little to the imagination. Beef's brain froze as he stood and ogled in fairly awkward silence. "Yo! Dude? A spot?" The muscle god repeated with just a hint of amusement in his voice, as if he knew the effect his presence was having on Beef's muscle addled brain. "Uhhh sure thing!" said Beef suddenly like an overeager puppy, holding out is hand. "Lead the way big guy!" "You can call me Brick." He said taking Beef's hand and clasping him hard on the shoulder with the other. "And I think I will call you Beef cuz you got some nice meat going on their buddy". As they walked toward the bench Beef new muscle buddy put his arm across Beef's shoulders in a bro hug, all the while keeping his other hand firmly clasped in Beef's. Beef blushed and felt a strange giddiness in his gut and brain. He had never been praised for his muscle before, let alone by a stud like this, ever! Brick smiled and muttered to himself "Oh yeah, prime alpha material…" Beef wondered at that but was too excited to be with this super stud to think much. "Ok Brick" Beef said in an excited voice "Let's lift!" It was an epic workout. They worked chest and shoulders alternately. Brick pushed Beef to new personal records on every exercise and Beef did the same for his new lifting buddy. Beef marveled at Bricks thick solid muscles and had to force himself not to stare, and not to get hard, watching this gorgeous stud pump up. Each time he spotted Brick on bench press he was mesmerized by the rise and fall of his magnificent pecs. Even more difficult, when he was being spotted Brick positioned himself so Beef had an amazing view of his thick quads and his ample package, which if Beef was not mistaken was also sporting half a stiffy! After a workout like no other in his life, Brick finally patted Beef on the shoulder and said, "Ok tiger that's a damn good workout, let's see how we pumped up." He pointed to the locker room and gave Beef a nudge. In they strode and took up side by side positions in front to full length mirrors. Beef made as if to strike a pose, but Brick stopped him. "No way buddy, we are gonna get a proper look at the Beef. Off with that baggy ass shirt." Beef gaped. He had never taken his shirt off in the gym before, let alone in front of a muscleman like Brick. He blushed a deep crimson. "Ah c'mon Beef, show Brick what you got muscleman." He whispered as he leaned over and gave Beef's pec and slight squeeze and his hardening nipple a light teasing brush. Sparks ran up and down Beef's spine and straight to his cock which started to stand straight up! Off came the shirt, followed by Bricks own stringer. Poses followed--side chest, double bi, back double bi and face to face most musculars which bought low growls from both men. They didn't care if anyone else was watching (which they weren't as gym was nearly empty) or for anything else in the world at that point. They were muscle brothers reveling in the afterglow of an awesome workout and a great pump. As they faced front again Brick slid around behind Beef and put his hands on the smaller man's shoulders. "You see this muscle you have Beef?" He asked squeezing it gently. "Yeeesss" Beef whispered, enthralled by Brick's electric touch. Brick moved closer pressing his hard bulging muscles against Beef's back. "Do you feel the power and potential in these muscles?" he asked moving his hands around to stroke Beef's pumped pecs and fully erect nips. "Ohhhh fuuuuck yeeeesss Brick." He whispered in growing ecstasy. He could feel Bricks warm breath on his neck, and he nuzzled Beef traps and shoulders and pressed his hardening cock into Beef's tight muscular ass. Brick turned Beef around to face him, looking deep into his eyes. "I can feel your desire Beef. I felt it from a great long way off." He raised one of his bulging arms and flexed. "You have wanted this for a long time, haven’t you?" Beef buried his face in the proffered arm and said, "Yes Brick, for oh so long." Brick raised Beef's face up and gave him the most passionate kiss he had ever had. "You got it muscleman. I am going to make you a muscle brother." Beef was dizzy with it all- swept off his feet. "But?" he stammered. "No time for butts except this one." Brick said squeezing Beef's ass playfully. "C'mon, let's get cleaned up and get a late supper. I will answer all your questions. We have two months before the Hunter's Moon. Make sure your calendar is clear for the second week in October. We are going to Minnesota." ************** Beef awoke to the announcement that they were on final approach to the airline's hub. He had been dreaming of that magical Hunter's moon the previous October when he had been hunted by his massive muscle lover in the north woods on Minnesota. He raised his seat back and buckled his seat belt around his tight waist. As he caressed his hard and deep cut abs, he felt a judder of excitement travel through him and he knew that could only mean one thing. His muscle brother and partner was near and they were going hunting together for the first time! 20 minutes later Beef entered the airline's club for high end passengers. He and Brick always flew First as there was really no choice. They were just too damn big to fly coach anymore, especially given the way the airlines had shrunk the space allotted to a coach passenger to the equivalent of a postage stamp. What with Brick traveling a ton for work, they had plenty of miles racked up for perks like the ultra deluxe lounge at the airline hub. The attendant took Beef's carry on and jacket as Beef immediately spotted his massive super stud partner in an oversized armchair by the bar. Honestly, it was the only place that would hold his giant frame and humongous muscles. Beef broke into a huge smile as Brick put down his drink and rose to his fill height to greet him. Brick was massive, at 6'5" and 360 pounds with a shaved head and granite jaw he cast a very imposing appearance indeed! They bear hugged and Brick gave a low growl. "Fuck it's good to see your Beefy stud. I think you have muscled up some in the last six weeks." Beef flexed his 6'4" 310-pound frame and growled back "Goddamn right Brickhouse." His nipples immediately hardened, brushing against his shirt material as his mighty slabs of bulging pec meat rose, straining material and buttons alike. "Mmmmmm, with you on the road Behemoth I didn't have much to do but lift like a mad man and jerk off thinking about you and hunting season." Beef whispered. Brick broke the hug and brought his massive bear paws around to squeeze his partner's rising and falling chest. They both thrust their hips slightly forward and felt their cocks greet each other through bulging pants. Brick gave his muscle lover a quick kiss and then asked "We got time. Wanna go for some quick fun in the can?" Beef gave a grunt and grinned. "Do muscle bears fuck in the woods? Let's go." A minute and a half later the two muscle gods were locked in a nicely appointed private men's room in another strong bear hug sharing a much more passionate kiss. "Damn I missed you babe!" said Beef as he gingerly unbuttoned his larger lover's shirt being careful not to muss it too much. They needed to look presentable for their next flight, after all. "Oh god me too!" said Brick struggling to peel his tight wife beater off his 360-pound frame. Brick chuckled, which made Beef's still imprisoned manhood twitch. "Help me off with this damn thing will ya Alpha stud?" That name also made Beef's cock push against his pants. It meant that Brick was in worshiping mode, and there was nothing in the entire sweet masculine universe that Beef liked more that to be worshiped as the muscle god he had become by the giant beast that had made him into one! Beef freed his partner of his undershirt, asking "Why the hell do you still wear these things babe?" Brick answered, "Force of habit." and grinned as they both tried together to free Brick from the ridiculously tight undergarment. "Looks like someone else blew up a bit in the last six weeks! Yum!!!" Beef exclaimed. “Fuck Brickhouse! Dunno if these things even come bigger than 8xl. It’s a mess! Let me toss it?" Brick blushed. "You just wanna see my nips get all perky under my shirt, ya big perv." He was surprisingly modest for such a massive muscle stud--as opposed to Beef who had become the quintessential cocky dom. Brick was right in that Beef loved to show off and never wore undershirts so that his nipples would stiffen when the fabric of his regular dress shirts rubbed against them. Beef liked to give the passers by a show, which is also why he almost always carried rather than wore his jacket. "Ok Alpha stud, go ahead." Brick said as he turned and appraised himself in the full-length mirror like a stock judge looking over a prime bull. Beef yipped with glee and tossed the shirt into the waste basket, turning quickly to survey the mountain of muscle in front of him. Damn, if Brick wanted, he could easily shred and kick everyone's ass on any bodybuilding stage, including the Olympia. But it was just not in him to put on skimpy posers and fake tan and work it in front of a crowded auditorium under hot lights. Not to mention that display of that sort was strictly outlawed by the Brotherhood. "I think I have gained a bit of muscle, as much as hotel gyms and bad food would allow babe." he said raising his arms into one of the most spectacular double biceps poses Beef had ever ogled. Beef ran his hands over bulging mountains that put Everest to shame and whistled with appreciation. Brick turned and reached for Beef's blue Oxford cloth shirt, already showing a pair of very perky nips. "C ‘mere Alpha, I need to see what you have done in the last six weeks." Brick careful unbuttoned and removed the shirt, being sure to tease Beef's already semi-hard nipples until they looked like two missiles emerging from their silos. "Ohhhhh baby!" Beef moaned. "Careful with those nips or you will have me jizzing in my pants… and what would the first-class crew think of that!?" Brick grinned and pressed his crotch into Beef's rapidly hardening and lengthening rod. "Well, they would likely want some and you are all mine Alpha stud! GRRRRR!!!" Shirt and two pairs of trouser were quickly set aside revealing massive bulges, Beef's about to burst out of dazzling hunter green camo posers and Brick's filling out a very hot looking wet look poser in a more traditional camo pattern. Brick wolf whistled "Damn! lookee that huge package all done up for your first-time hunting babe!!!" Brick reached down and stroked his lover's shimmering green clad monster, already straining to escape. Beef moaned and looked down at Bricks sizable and expanding bulge. "Awwwww, that's the same type of camo you wore last year for turning me in Minnesota! You are such a huge sentimental muscle beast!" Brick blushed in completely cute way that should have been impossible for such a huge and imposing looking stud. "These are new, the old ones…" Beef kissed him, interrupting the thought and then said, "I remember lover, now come worship your Alpha before I cream in my new camos!" More passionate kisses ensued which quickly evolved into Brick making his way down Beef's incredible muscle packed torso, nuzzling traps then spending time tongue teasing and squeezing his tremendous pecs and iron hard bullet nipples. "DAAAAAAMN, I have missed you big Brickhouse!!!" Beef moaned as his cock, completely hardwired to his chest and nips, rose to its full thick magnificence. Brick took to his knees, making sure to give proper service to each of Beef's eight pack abs, before landing at the base of his cock. "I have missed you too Alpha stud! Been thinking about nothing but worshiping you and sucking your giant cock and hunting with you for weeks!" As Brick began to stroke and suck Beef with the gusto of a condemned man given his last meal and a reprieve, Beef bent over and kissed the top of his super lover's head and ran his eager hands over his incredible traps, shoulders and arms, which Brick raised into another double biceps pose. Brick began to moan in ecstasy! Nothing made him harder and more excited than the look and feel of his muscle lover's bulging biceps flexing--and Brick new it. "YEEEAAAHHH MUSCLEMAN, YOUR ALPHASTUD IS GONNA CUM FOR YOUUUUUUU!!!" Buckets of pent up jizz spurted from Beef's big cock. Brick swallowed savoring the taste and power of his super stud lover, then eagerly released Beef's dick and rubbed it, still erupting like Mauna Kea, over his biceps and chest--which spurred Beef to produce even more cum. "Oh, fuck you taste like water in the desert baby." said Brick as he raised his head in time to receive another passionate kiss. Beef agreed. He loved the taste of his own manhood on his lover's lips and felt the electric thrill of their brotherly union every time they shared it. Brick rose and they lingered in each other's arms, running hand over each other and savoring slow luscious kisses and the intoxicating scent of their combined ultra-manhood. Finally, Brick looked at his watch. "C'mon babe. no time for more, we have just enough time to get cleaned up before our flight." ****************** They settled into their seats for the last leg of their journey just as the door was being closed for departure. Brick had been correct in that any additional fun in the First-Class lounge would have made them miss their flight. As it was, they arrived looking quite respectable with only the slight aroma of fresh man sex and testosterone laden sweat lingering about them. Both men were smiling to beat the band about being with each other again and could already feel the rising thrill of the pending hunt sparking between them. They were also both still semi- hard, an effect which Beef was sure was not lost on the crew and a few of their fellow passengers who gave looks mostly ranging from appreciative to downright lustful. Damn Beef loved being the object of this attention, and it always amused him that Brick was not nearly as fond of public display of muscle and male power as he was. "Different strokes" he thought as he squeezed his lover's giant hand as they took off. When the seat belt sign was turned off drinks and snacks were forthcoming, brought by a very cute and eager steward. As the couple settled in for the relatively short flight to their final destination Brick asked, "So what can you tell me about the prey?" Beef looked at Brick and saw a flash in his deep chocolate eyes that Beef was sure was fired right back from his own hazel gaze. They could both feel the hunt and the Hunter's moon calling them and the excitement level was already palpable for both. "Ahhhh Piggy…" said Beef to himself thinking of their target for the pending hunt. "Piggy? Really?" asked Brick. "That seems kind of mean Beefy…" Brick was such a kindhearted soul under that intimidating man mountain exterior, and Beef smiled broadly at his lover. "He named himself babe, and he is not wrong. He is physically huge, 450 pounds of fluff on a big solid frame! And he is a self-proclaimed Muscle pig. He lives eats and breaths men with muscle. He wants to be with us and one of us so badly babe you can feel it through the screen when we chat." Brick looked intrigued. "We have never hunted someone that big before. I didn't realize it just from the posts online." Beef smiled again, "He is very self conscious and hides it in what he posts, mostly. He says his people wear their fat well! I got him to open up." It was Brick's turn to smile. No one could turn on and reassure a would be worshiper like his Alpha stud, and Beef had been working on Piggy for a good long while. "I can taste him from long distance Brickhouse and this is going to be epic! You felt it when you just skyped to say hello, and you were a few hundred miles away." It was true. Brick had recently been on a quick layover in a major city a few hundred miles from their present destination, when Beef had asked him to join a three way skype. It was all very polite and friendly with Beef doing much of the talking, but Brick had gotten the sense that this guy they were talking too was ideal for the hunt. He said it felt like the vibes were coming right through his laptop and it had made him even less talkative than usual. It had also made him horny as hell! "So what do you think the results will be?" Beef asked Brick. "Dunno muscle stud, no one has ever hunted anyone that big, or, according to the Brotherhood, anyone who gave that much muscle vibe before." Said Beef. "I checked." Brick smiled at this. "Not even you ya big Alpha stud?" "Nope, my record is shattered." Said Beef with a mock frown and leaned his head against Brick's enormous shoulder and pec. Just then the steward came with a second round of drinks and let them know that they would be landing at their destination in about 20 minutes. "Well, Fuckin' A Beefy!" said Brick raising his glass to his muscle lover, "Here's to Piggy hunting!" ********************* A while later the gigantic couple collected their bags from the luggage carousel and headed out into a clear crisp fall afternoon. They could smell mountain pine and a hint of wood smoke as Beef checked his phone. "Piggy will be here in a minute." "How will we recognize him?" asked Brick. "Well, I doubt there will be too many other 450 lb dudes pulling up in the next while." Said Beef with a smile drawing in a deep breath. "But I can sense him from here!" Brick followed suit and shut his eyes. A jolt of energy hit him, shooting through his muscles. Brick stretched and said "Mmmmmm delicious!" Beef savored the feeling too and felt his big pants bulge twitch in anticipation of the night to come. "Easy big guy." He said to himself as Brick looked down in admiration. "All things in their proper time…" Brick grinned. "Damn right Beefy, no shows for the passersby." Just then a massive extended cab 4x4 pick up hove into view and stopped right in front of them. "Oh yeah, Piggy also drives a massive truck." Said Beef giggling. Sure enough their intended prey emerged from the driver's side of the truck and maneuvered around toward the two musclemen. Piggy was indeed huge. About 6' 2" and very big all over. Brick could see what he meant that he carried his fat well, but even with loose cloths and a plaid flannel over shirt there was no escaping the size of Piggy's gut, legs and ass. He was wicked fat. His face was not unhandsome, with close cropped blonde going salt and pepper hair and blue eyes. As he approached the pair, he suddenly came up short, blue eyes flashing and nearly bugging out of their sockets. He reached out as if the steady himself and managed to choke out only a hoarse "Wow!" Brick, being nearest, lunged forward and grabbed the swooning Piggy by the shoulder, feeling the solid foundation lurking under the fat and receiving another stronger charge of that mystical muscle energy he had been catching whiffs of for a while. "Wow yourself big guy." Brick said in a kindly low voice. "You ok?" Piggy steadied himself, giving Brick's massive arm a definite and appreciative squeeze, righted himself, and stared bashfully at the ground. "Dammit! I had all kinds of clever introduction lines thought up for this moment, an all I can do is get dizzy and say "Wow"…. Sheesh!" He blushed red and then looking back up at Brick said, "Thanks super stud." Brick smiled, squeezed back and whispered "My pleasure Piggy. I felt it too." Piggy beamed and Beef put his arm around Piggy's other shoulder, immediately savoring the energy that both Brick and Piggy were enjoying. "And how about a little musclebro hug for the Beefster?" "Of course, Beef!" chirped Piggy and they were suddenly engulfed in a three way bro hug on the side walk, each feeling the energy growing between them and grinning like idiots. Piggy murmured "Damn I can't believe my muscle gods are here, and hugging me, and it feels sooooo goooooood, and oh shit you guys smell awesome too…" A few of the other travelers were starting to stare at this massive man huddle, so Beef exerted significant self discipline and broke it off saying "C'mon dudes or we will make a serious spectacle of our selves!" All three adjusted themselves and proceeded to put the baggage in the back of the truck. Piggy took the wheel while Brick took shotgun and Beef stretched out in the very ample back seat. "Nice ride Piggy." Beef said as they left the airport access and moved onto a freeway. "Big rigs for big dudes." laughed Piggy as he jiggled his big gut with his free hand. Brick smiled at this "Works for all of us big dudes!" he said and flexed the arm nearest Piggy for emphasis. Once again that jolt of energy surged through all three of them! Beef reached over the seat back and gave his partner an appreciative squeeze while stroking his pec with is other hand “Mmmmm!" he murmured. "Shit fellas!" exclaimed Piggy as he jerked his gaze back to the road. "Ease off before I hit something from distraction, and we don't get there at all!" They all laughed at this, and Beef withdrew to the back seat. "So, what's the plan Piggy?" Brick asked trying to divert the conversation from the obvious. "Are we headed back to your place?" Piggy grinned. "Kinda Brick. We are gonna drive up into the mountains a bit and stop at my favorite old school roadhouse. I hope you studs like steaks!" Brick smiled back "Actually I'm Vegan buddy." He said in a serious sounding tone. Piggy goggled and looked crestfallen. "Oh…uh…" Both of the muscle hunks laughed together. "Don't buy any of the Brickhouse's bullshit Pigster, he could eat the whole damn cow in one sitting, and you would need another for me!" It was Piggy's turn to laugh! "Fuckers!" he said with a gigantic look of relief and happiness on his face. "Oh, you have no idea buddy, and we both could definitely do with a good meal under our belts." said Beef giving Brick a knowing look. "That is perfect because they have the best Prime Rib anywhere and tonight is Prime Rib night. We should get there right at suppertime." It was a lovely fall afternoon, mild with just a hint of briskness in the air. "Will we be coming back to town after?" asked Beef, thinking about moon rise. "Oh no." said Piggy "the family cabin in on a lake very near there. Indian Summer is the best time of year to be there, no one around and the aspens turning color, so I thought we would stay up there. I have been there getting it ready." He smiled again. "Sound good?" Piggy asked hopefully. "Do big muscle bears play in the woods Piggy?" exclaimed Brick “Damn well sounds perfect!" "Hell yeah!" said Beef and they all laughed again. They drove along winding a mountain highway as the afternoon mellowed into evening, chatting like old friends who had not seen each other in a long time. As it got toward evening, they pulled off the highway in front of an log building with an old school neon sign in front complete with martini glass. The place was done up in mountain rustic with heavy log furniture and a large stone fireplace with a cheery fire going in it. They were seated at once by a waitress that seemed to know Piggy and before long, they were having at glorious rare Prime Rib with all the fixings and a very complimentary red wine. "The family that has owned this place for ever… started out with vineyards in the Sonoma Valley, so the wine has always been as good as the beef” Beef and Brick smiled and Beef said "Mmmmm…. Beeeeef…" in his best Homer Simpson voice while bouncing his pecs in appreciation. Brick asked, "They seem to know you here Piggy, have you been coming here long?" "All my life." Said Piggy. "My great granddad logged up here when he was young and later on built one of the first summer cabins on the lake just up the road a piece. We always came here during our time at the cabin." They eventually emerged from the roadhouse very happy and full, but unusually for Piggy anyway, not sleepy. This was a surprise as they had not even had coffee. They piled into the truck as the light was getting softer and the smell of wood smoke added to the feeling of autumn mellowness surrounding them. They drove further along the highway for a few miles and then turned onto a well-maintained gravel road. Some way along they came to an automatic gate with Piggy activated from his phone. They drove on and eventually began to curve along the shore of a beautiful alpine lake, passing occasional cabins which all appeared to be closed up. At the end of the road, they came to a short driveway which curved toward a small cove with a beach. Nestled in the trees near a rocky point on the far side of the cove they came to a large and sturdy looking log structure--much more a house than a "cabin". "Well, here we are." said Piggy as they parked and began to unload. They went up a short flight of steps onto a wide shone porch overlooking the lake. Beef and Brick both stopped and starred at the stunning alpine view. Beef gave a whistle "Damn this is prime Piggy!" Brick just stared. The early evening sun was shimmering off the lake and the enticing small of pine trees and wood smoke tinged the air. "Benefits of being the first ones to stake out a building site." Said Piggy. "Great grandpa's company acquired the land way back and put in the road when the all-weather highway was built during the Depression. He and Grandpa built the cabin during the summers with some of the other loggers when times were slack, and the men needed work. “ Brick stomped his massive leg on the porch floor. "Looks damn solid. Perfect for big guys." Piggy blushed. "Yeah, big runs in the family." He said quietly with a tinge of embarrassment. He quickly moved to the big front door and opened it. "C'mon in." They entered a large main room with a beam ceiling. It was finished in knotty pine and had a log staircase to one side going up to a second floor. Opposite was a large stone fireplace with a banked fire already going. The room was furnished in old rustic casual with large substantial furniture. There were several bookshelves and a bar flanking large windows that overlooked the lake and French doors next to the fireplace that lead out onto a side deck. To the rear of the big room was a dining area with a very large table. Doors lead off from beyond the stairs to what was presumably the kitchen and other spaces. Piggy motioned toward the nearer of these doors. "Bring your stuff this way fellas." They followed him into a large bedroom with a gigantic log bed, matching dresser, nightstands, wardrobe and huge full-length mirror. On the wall was an old-fashioned wedding photo of a very burly looking man with a handlebar mustache in a derby hat and a pretty woman with a long flowing veil. "This was Great grandpa and Great grandma's room. He and Grandpa made all the furniture." Piggy gestured to a door on the interior wall. "The bathroom is through there. Plenty of room for you to stow your stuff in here." He said indicating the dresser and wardrobe. " I’m gonna go unbank the fire. The heater is on the wall if you need it. C'mon out to the big room when you are ready for another drink, and we can catch the sunset from the porch. Always good!" He winked and then trundled out the way they had come in. The minute he had gone Beef was in Brick's arms kissing his lover deeply. After a long interlude he asked "Fuuuck Brickhouse! This is feeling is insane!!! Was it like this when you hunted me?" Brick grinned "It was intense Beefy stud, but the vibe this Piggy is giving off is off the charts mad! I have been fighting the urge to drop pants and start fucking since that first brohug at the airport!" Indeed, both muscle studs were tenting hard as they rubbed up against each other. "Easy baby" Said Brick "We gotta maintain for a bit. Let's change and chill out until it's time and then we can give Piggy the full-on Brotherhood hunting treatment, and you are taking point stud. I wanna see you fucking explode!" Beef flexed his arms as Brick rubbed his lovers bulging pecs. "Fuck yeah!!! All for you Brickhouse!" The kissed again and then stripped down to their camo posers, taking time to flex in the big mirror before putting on tight t-shirts, shorts and flip flops. "And for Piggy too big stud!" said Brick giving his muscle lover a final squeeze. "Oh, hell yeah Bricky!" said Beef flexing for his lover "Our big sweet Piggy is gonna be something else when we get through hunting his big tasty ass!" They joined Piggy in the big room seeing that he had also changed into a voluminous pair of board shorts and a very baggy Superman logo shirt. Beef could not help but smile to himself at that. He was a cute muscle pig for all his flab and quite eagerly sweet to please his guests. "What's your pleasure gents?" asked Piggy as he sidled around behind the bar. "I think we should stick with wine." Said Brick. "Never mix, never worry." He smiled. "Ok by you?" The others agreed and Piggy produced a bottle of very nice Pinot Noir from behind the bar. While he was opening it and letting it breathe, Beef and Brick looked around the big room. One of the bookcases was filled with trophies and photos and what not. Some were of the same man in the photo in the bedroom. These appeared to be lumberjack competition medals from long ago and photos from lumbering days. The next shelf down were photos devoted to a very burly man of the next generation who seemed to be an all-round field athlete and rugby player and had attended a prestigious university. The final shelf was filled with photos and trophies of a very handsome heavyweight bodybuilder of still a younger generation. Significantly there were no photos of Piggy or any other relatives to be seen. "Ah the big guy line up." Said Piggy coming up and handing each of them a glass of red. "The lumberjack is your Great-grandpa, right" Asked Brick. The top shelf was crowded with photos of lumberjack competitions featuring the very burly man from the bedroom. "Yep, this was his favorite place. He came up here with the family every summer. He started as a lumberjack and got into lumber mills and retail. Did quite well." Beef and Brick gave approving noises, especially for the few when Great grandpa was shirtless. Beef's gaze moved down to the next shelf down. It was full of old sports medals and team and individual photos. "That’s Grandpa's shelf. He was a track star and rugby jock. Even played against the All-Blacks once, but they got their asses kicked" Piggy chuckled. Their eyes were then naturally drawn to the last shelf. It was crowded with pictures of a very handsome and well-built bodybuilder. The trophies, mostly from regional amateur competitions, dated from the 1960s and 70s. "Who is the muscle stud on the third shelf Piggy?" Asked Beef "Very old school and woofy!" Piggy gulped and said quietly "That's my Uncle Bob." To their surprise a tear came to Piggy's eye. "He…died." There was an awkward silence. Then Beef reached for Piggy and drew him into a huge Beef Special hug with Piggy's face planted right on Beef's massive pecs "S'ok dude, sorry if I stepped on a sore spot." Brick put his huge arms around them both and the glorious energy enveloped the three of them again. Piggy sighed a happy sigh and said "No it's ok, come out onto the porch and I'll tell you all about Uncle Bob. I think I would like that as we watch the sunset." They took their glasses of wine and moved onto the porch, settling into large Adirondack chairs that were obviously build for large customers. The sun was still above the mountains on the far side of the lake, the temperature was warm enough to not need a jacket, and they had a spectacular view of what promised to be a beautiful cloud laced sunset. They sipped their wine for a few moments in silence, waiting for Piggy to start. Finally, he drew a deep breath and began. "Uncle Bob was my mother's brother, the only two kids in the family. They were very close and loved each other very much. Bob was the younger and was the baby of the family and the golden boy, literally. He went away to Los Angeles for college and got involved in the bodybuilding scene down there. That was in the 60s." "Wow" Said Beef “I bet he knew all the greats from the old days!" "I am sure he did." Said Piggy. But I think a lot of it was also on the QT because Uncle Bob was also gay and very much out of the closet from early on. That is one reason he never went pro or pursued a career in bodybuilding. That was strictly out of the question back then." "I'll bet." Said Brick quietly." "Yeah" said Piggy “It caused a good bit of tension in the family too. Uncle Bob used to come up here every summer and spend time with the family. He was my idol when I was young, and I loved the time we had together” Piggy sighed and another tear formed in his eye. "Bob got a good deal more open about things as time went on. He used to bring friends up here with him when we were here. It never was unseemly, just friendly. He even put in a big redwood hot tub which was all the rage back in the day. It is still here and works great!" Piggy chuckled. "My Mom's family all knew he was gay and really never made a thing of it, but my dad…" Piggy sobbed a bit at this. "I think my old man was afraid his only son was gonna be just like his uncle and didn't want me around him. He was right of course." Piggy sniffed. "It really killed Mom when the old man told her that she could not have Uncle Bob at our house any more or that we would not be coming here if he was here. The son of a bitch even intercepted birthday and Christmas gifts and cards and letters! I was heartbroken. " "Damn." whispered Beef. "Yeah" echoed Brick. "I found out from my mom when Uncle Bob got sick with AIDS and when he died she and I went to LA for the funeral. It was so sad and scary for a young, closeted guy. I think that is when I just shut down and turned it all off. “ Brick looked at Piggy inquiringly. "Turned what off Piggy?" Piggy was really fighting back the tears now. "Awwwww shit guys, all of it, being gay, wanting muscle, wanting to be with big buff muscle men, wanting to be part of a family of muscle brothers, all of it. I just turned off and hid in the closet… eating pizza and jerking off to muscle magazines…for a very long time..." He looked down dejectedly at his wine glass and mumbled "Sorry to spew all this out on you guys… bit of a downer… “ But Beef and Brick were grinning like idiots and on their feet. They each took Piggy by an armpit and pulled him up to his feel and wrapped him into a big bro hug facing the now setting sun. They were once again enveloped in warm muscular energy and masculine scent mixing with pine and woodsmoke. They just stood and let Piggy breath deep. "Brother Piggy" Beef said after a bit "Brick and I are here just for you! But now I think we need to take Uncle Bob's hot tub for a spin!" Piggy smiled and said "Awesome!" Like a kid with a new skateboard. "It is all prepped and ready to go. Just gotta switch it on. You wanna go change and I'll get her fired up?" Brick winked at Beef. "No need. Lead on host with the most!" "Ohhhh kay, grab your glasses." said Piggy picking up his glass and an extra bottle he had uncorked. "This way gents." They followed his billowing board shorts and baggy t-shirt around the corner of the cabin to a side porch. The hot tub was built into the far end of a deck covered by an open pergola and surrounded by low benches. Piggy flipped a switch and the tub roared to life. He flipped another and various lights came on. "There are towels and such in the seats" he said indicating the benches, which were fitted with flip tops. "It will take a few minutes for it to heat up." Said Piggy plopping his bulk down on a bench. Brick looked at Beef. "Let's give our host a little preview of coming attractions big guy!" "Oh, fuck yeah!" shouted Beef as brick reached out and began to peel his lover's tight t shirt off. "Damn this is tight. Hey Piggy, get over here and help me with this,” Piggy did not need to be asked twice. He was at Beef's side like a shot rolling the t-shirt up his tight waist and over his massive bulging pecs. Beef was in muscle spark heaven every time Piggy touched bare skin and Piggy moaned as he slid the shirt up over Beefs up raised arms and bull neck, tousling Beef's dark hair as he drew it down to get it completely off. Piggy just stood there for a second looking at Beef's bulging bare torso grinning like he had just won the sixth-grade spelling bee. He drew the shirt up to his face and inhaled a huge breath. "Fuuuuuuck that sexy man smell… God, I love it!" Brick put a giant hand on Piggy's shoulder. "Could use some help here to buddy." He said quietly, enjoying the sparking energy again. Piggy set Beef's shirt on the bench and turned to Brick. "Yessir!" he smiled and proceeded to raise Brick’s shirt up taking extra care to run his hands over as much of Brick's massive furry pecs. "Ohhh that's real nice Piggy." Brick said as he placed his shirt next to Beef's. "See how you like them flexed” Brick flexed and his pecs immediate jumped up and out causing Piggy to catch his breath. "Ohhhhh my Gaaaaawd…" muttered Piggy as he stroked each mountainous muscle. "Very good choice Piggy." Purred Brick enjoying the sensation of power whizzing through his chest as Piggy fondled and teased his pecs and nipples. Beef was loving the sight of this and notice a rapidly growing tightness in his shorts. He struck a hands-on-hips pose and said "Hey Piggy, Gonna need some help with these shorts too. I think I am just a bit too buzzed." Piggy reluctantly turned away from Brick's mammoth chest, with a wink and a nudge from Brick, and turned to goggle at the sight of beautiful bulging Beef with a major bulge straining his shorts for all they were worth. "Give a brother a hand will ya?" Beef said with a mock plea in his voice. Beef had already kicked off his beach shoes and was standing in anticipation as Piggy approached him a bit cautiously. "Uhhh…" Piggy hesitated. "C'mon Piggy" whispered Beef. Watching you work Brickhouse's huge pecs got me all worked up." He flexed his own giant chest for Piggy and brought his arm down right to Piggy's face and flexed an enormous gun. "Ya see Piggy there is nothing we get off on more than flexing our big sexy muscles and having muscle piggys like you worship them, so let loose and help a bro out, eh?" "OH, FUCK YEAH!" shouted Piggy as he squeezed Beef's flexed bicep with his left hand and ran his right down Beefs carved abs to begin undoing his shorts. "Oh, hell yes Piggy. That's it!" Beef threw his head back and reveled in growing energy and feelings of masculine power. Damn Piggy had muscle worship juice to spare, and it was absolutely what the two muscle studs craved. Piggy succeeded in getting Beefs shorts unzipped and gasped as he slid them toward the ground. There for his lusting Piggy eyes to behold was Beef's semi hard musclecock tenting the shiny pare of custom green camo posers. "Fuck me those are hot!" muttered Piggy as he tossed the unneeded shorts aside. "You like those eh?" asked Brick who was now also short less and sporting an equally large camo clad semi. "Damn…" was all Piggy could say presented with two gargantuan muscle gods thrusting gigantic camo clad baskets in his direction. He staggered back and sat with a thunk on the bench. Beef bounced his pecs at Brick. ""Why I do declare Brickhouse" he said in his best Miss Scarlet voice "I believe we have overwhelmed the gentleman!" Brick drew himself up and said in a corresponding Foghorn Leghorn voice "I say boy, let's give the poor chicken something to really get his feathers in a mess about!" And with that Brick struck and terrifyingly magnificent double biceps pose! "AWOOOOOOOO" Howled Beef as he immediately raised his own mighty arms and flexed, grinning like a man possessed. Beef's green cam posers tented as his bulging cock flexed at the sight of his mountainous muscle lover and Brick immediately moved a step closer so he could rub his own camo clad monster against Beef's growing erection. They met cock to cock, bulging chest to bulging chest with glowing lust and love in their eyes, flexing their gargantuan arms one against the other. Piggy sat in awe, his own meager pig junk rock hard in his board shorts and his brain reeling from the display off muscle and manly passion in front of him. It was all he had ever wanted and dreamt of! Beef and Brick intertwined their massive bodies and began a slow sensuous kiss. It was the kind of kiss that Piggy had only ever fantasized about. He just stared, open mouth, brain frozen, unable to move or speak. After what seemed like an eon, the lovers broke apart. Piggy took a breath. Beef looked at him and spoke. "Is this what you desire Piggy?" Piggy just sat for a second and then he looked hang dog and said very quietly, "Oh, more than anything in the whole world… but.." "But us no buts little pig,” said Brick. "Get that baggy ass shirt off and come join your musclebros in the hot tub." With that Brick eased his bulk into the waiting tub with a tremendous sigh of satisfaction. Beef stood on the deck waiting for Piggy to get up, which he did tentatively. "Shirt…off?" Piggy quavered. "Yep." Said Beef giving Piggy a friendly squeeze on the shoulder. "Were all brothers here, Piggy!" he said, winking at Brick remembering a night not long ago when taking a shirt off lead to a whole new world. Piggy received another jolt of musclebro energy from Beef's touch and in one motion, like ripping off a band-aid, flung off his baggy t-shirt and stood silhouetted by the setting sun. He was indeed a super chub. He had a large frame and there was plenty of muscle underneath the fat, but brother was there fat! It hung everywhere, two big saggy moobs, a massive overhanging gut that completely obscured his junk, big fat saddle bags and ass cheeks a mile wide. He carried fat on his thighs and calves and had it sagged off his upper arms. For all this he was a handsome man, and the hunters saw he was a prime candidate for being hunted! Piggy quickly got into the tub and Beef followed him bringing their wine glasses and the spare bottle. They all chatted and watched the sun set as the last of the wine slowly disappeared. Piggy found himself much more relaxed for having the hot tub do its thing and having consumed most of the rest of the bottle. He was now very closely seated between his two mammoth guests and not feeling nearly as self conscious about it as he had been earlier. It was Beef that made first contact with a now buzzed Piggy, inching closer to him and flexing a huge bulging bicep in Piggy's slightly flushed face. "So, you like big gunz Piggy?" Piggy blushed "You know I do Beef." He whispered, eyes wide at Beefs giant bicep. "Well go-ahead bro, give it a good feel." Piggy needed no further encouragement and was soon caressing Beef's arm and shoulder, sighing with contentment. More muscle juice flowed from Piggy to Beef as skin-to-skin contact was made. "Oh, Piggy that’s lovely." murmured Beef. "It's fucking awesome." sighed Piggy in a breathless voice. "Well, there is a lot more Beef to play with greedy Pig, slide over on to Beefy's lap and get the full treatment." Piggy moved his considerable bulk around so they were belly to belly and crotch to crotch--Piggy's huge gut spilling out on either side of Beef's narrow waist and his face now almost buried in Beef's massive dancing pecs. Each of Piggy's hands were now squeezing a bicep as Beef flexed his arms for his overwhelmed worshiper. Piggy moved his eager tongue back and forth between each of Beef now rock-hard nipples, slurping and teasing like a dying mans at his last meal. "Ohhhhh fuuuuck Piggy!" Beef shouted, "You feel incredible!!!" as more muscle energy began to dance between them, filling Beef with a growing sense of power and strength. His body was alive with erotic sensation and his huge muscle cock was straining against his posers and Piggy's massive gut, hard as steel and yearning for release. God, he loved being a muscle brother! Piggy was in heaven too! He had never felt anything as wonderful as worshiping his Beefy bro. He was so focused on the task that he could not see the tiny sparks of energy zipping back and forth between Beef and himself as they touched and felt each other. All he knew was that this was where he was meant to be, and he never wanted it to end. He was in muscle pig heaven and could not believe that two awesome specimens like this would give a fat lump like him a passing glance, let alone the chance to fulfill his wildest muscle fantasy! Piggy paused in his pec worship to gaze into Beef's ecstatic eyes and say just that. Beef just smiled a 10,000-watt smile and looked beyond Piggy's head. Piggy suddenly felt an even bigger jolt of energy as hands stroked his shoulders. "Do you really love this Piggy? More than anything?" Asked Brick who was now standing like a wall of muscle behind Piggy. "Oh God yes Brick" said Piggy almost desperately "I have never wanted anything more than to be with you both!" He nipped at Beefs left nipple and Beef gave a yip of pleasure. "I love being able to worship you muscle gods!" Piggy declared with gusto! Brick smiled at this as Piggy inched lower focusing his attention of Beef's deeply cut abs. Brick ran his hands down Piggy’s back feeling the hidden muscle lurking under layers of flab, calling to him, begging to be wakened and grown. "And how, little Piggy, would you like to be a muscle god like your big brothers?" Piggy stopped dead. He stood up and did a wobbly half turn to look up at the taller Brick. Beef stood up behind Piggy and said "Awww shit Brickhouse, that was some damn fine worship I was getting!" He reached out and squeezed Piggy on the shoulder sending off a few sparks. Piggy blushed "Geee thanks Beefybro!" Brick looked serious as Mount Rushmore and said quietly "All well and good, but we need to see where this evening is going to go and fairly quickly. ‘ Beef looked around. It was full dark now, the sun having set behind the mountain across the lake some time ago. "Correct Brick" Said Beef with a nudge to Piggy "He is the sensible one." OK then Piggy" Said Brick "We know you love muscle and show every sign of being a Class A worshiper." "Check" said Beef. "We know you come from buff stock as evidenced by the family photos in the cabin." "Check" Said Beef “We know that you are gay and attracted to big muscle." "Double check" said Piggy with a wink. "So here is the big question, would you be willing to become a muscle brother like Beef and me?" Piggy stood silent for a minute. He looked at Brick, serious as a judge. He looked over his shoulder a Beef, who was smiling and winking and popping his pecs eagerly. "You guys are serious?" he said, holding back incredulity and the urge to burst into tears. "Serious as a Deacon." Said Brick still stone faced. Piggy paused and decided they were serious and not having him on. "Believe me Brick I would love nothing more in the entire universe. But how in the hell could this" he grabbed two hands full of his gigantic belly "become anything remotely like that?" he indicated Brick's mammoth physique. "It would take years and years of training. Do you guys have some secret muscle stud haven where you take stray muscle piggys and board them all expenses paid while they slowly reinvent themselves? If so, I am all in!" Brick’s granite face cracked a grin at that. "Not exactly Piggy." He chuckled. "We have a bit more unorthodox method in mind. But there are consequences muscle pig." "Like what?" asked Piggy. "Well, you would be pretty much ruined for any ordinary man. You would be solely and exclusively a member of the brotherhood. You would have to abide by our very minimal rules, which mostly involve keeping the order a secret and not creating too much of a public splash about who and what you become." "Yeah Piggy,” said Beef. "No bodybuilding contests, powerlifting meets, porn star contracts or high-profile social media crap." Piggy thought for a minute. "But that’s how you and I…" "Ahhh there are exceptions sweet Muscle Pig." Said Beef flexing his bicep at Piggy mischievously. "That's why we are here now. You are a fucking huge exception, and we want you for our bro! Haven't you been feeling the energy dancing around us all night? You were made for this Piggy, and we want you bad!" Beef flexed both arms at this last statement and his biceps bulged seemingly even larger than before. "Ohhhhh fuuuuck yeah!!!" Beef moaned. Piggy's little cock twitched in his baggy board shorts, and he quickly turned back to Brick forcing himself to focus. "So, what other restrictions?" Brick gazed off at the far horizon for a minute and then back at Piggy. "That is pretty much it. We meet up regularly in discreet locales for fun and frolic and keep in touch one on one. Occasionally some of us pair up long term. And when conditions are right, we find new recruits. So, what do you say Piggy?" Piggy stood in the bubbling hot tub. He was confused as hell with no real idea what was happening, but in his gut, he knew he wanted what Brick and Beef offered him in the worst way and always had. His entire miserable life he had craved true brothers and muscle, and now here it was offered up in what appeared to be all sincerity. And even if it turned out to be some sort of huge joke, he was still gonna get some serious muscle action! FUCK YES, I WANT IT BRICK! I HAVE NEVER WANTED ANYTHING ELSE!!! BRING IT ON!!!! Piggy yelled at the top of his voice. Brick grinned and gave Piggy and huge bro hug! "Ok Muscle Pig, prepare yourself for the most amazing night of your life." Brick whispered in Piggy's ear and then kissed him gently on the cheek as he turned Piggy to face Beef. Beef let out a giant whoop and leapt out of the hot tub, muscles glistening and gigantic boner straining at his shiny green camo posers. Just as Beef landed on the deck the moon emerged from behind the mountains across the lake. It was a full moon, the Hunter's moon, golden and huge. It bathed the entire deck in a warm light including the still dripping Beef. The moonglow seemed to caress and spread across beefs muscles like lather and he began to massage himself like a man soaping himself in the shower "OHHHH DAAAAMN THIS IS INCREDIBLE…" Beef moaned loudly as he caressed his blossoming pecs and his deepening abs. Piggy could see every muscle fiber in Beef huge body pulse with moon derived energy and his eyes began to glow with golden sparks. Little rivers of energy began to zip up and down Beef, teasing his nipples erect, zinging through his hair and especially concentration of his not ridiculously bulging manhood. ""FUUUUUUCK…" Yowled Beef as he reached down toward his exploding crotch. Before he could release his muscle dick, however there was a sharp crack like a whip as his posers gave way and his massive rod burst out and slapped against his upper abdominals. "URRRGH!!!" Beef grunted with satisfaction and raised in an incredible double biceps pose showing his now much larger torso and arms! Brick grunted with satisfaction and gave Piggy a nudge. "Best get in their sport. You need a good dose of what Beefy is putting out right now brother and no mistake." Piggy did not need to be asked twice and hauled his fat carcass out of the tub. "One thing Piggy." Said Brick and he grabbed Piggy's baggy board shorts and ripped them easily from his lard ass. "You won't be needing these again!" Piggy looked back at Brick and blushed, but he was so taken with the golden image of the growing muscle god in front of him that he barely hesitated. Piggy stepped away from the tub and into the pool of golden moonlight that was engulfing the enraptured Beef. Piggy placed a tentative hand on each of Beef's super huge biceps and felt the ecstatic muscle power that had only been hinted at before flow into his body. "OH SHIIIIIIIIIT BEEFYBRO!!!" Piggy exclaimed as he drew closer, pressing his belly up against Beef's hard abs and his soft moobs against the muscle stud’s ballooning chest. More sparks leapt between the two men and Beef looked down at Piggy with blazing golden eyes. Piggy could feel Beef's steel hard enormous cock pressing against his belly, sending bolts of muscle energy straight into his guts and spine and into Piggy's balls and tiny cock. It was the most amazing thing he had ever experienced! Beef made eye contact with Piggy sending bolts of golden energy straight into Piggy's soul. There Beef spoke in a deep resonant voice without words but heard in Piggy's innermost being. <WELCOME BROTHER. I AM SO VERY HAPPY YOU HAVE COME TO JOIN US> Piggy found he could answer <THANK YOU FOR THIS GIFT BROTHER! I AM TRULY HAPPY TO BE CHOSEN> Piggy felt a new presence behind him and realized that Brick had moved up against him, solid, massive and hard as a rock. He too had become engulfed in the golden energy and now spoke without words. <SHARE IN OUR POWER BROTHER AND WE BROTHERS WILL SHARE IN YOURS> Piggy pondered this. <HAVE I POWER TO SHARE BROTHER?> Piggy felt joy and a surge of the golden energy from a new source from within his own flabby body as he realized that he had started to glow all over like Beef and Brick. <POWER TO SPARE BROTHER! TAKE FROM US AND IN TURN THE HUNTERS MOON SHALL RELEASE YOUR POWER TO US ALL!> Beef then reached out and directed Piggy to first one hard nipple then the other, each time teasing wonderful jolts of muscle energy out of them and into Piggy. Then Beef gently pushed Piggy down over his gorgeous cobblestone abs toward the glowing steel tower that his muscle cock had become. Piggy eagerly ran his tongue over the giant mushroom head already slick with glowing precum and then down along the long thick veiny shaft. He nuzzled the sparks nestling in Beef's bush and sucked each iridescent ball in turn, making Beef groan with pleasure. <PARTAKE OF THE POWER OF THE BROTHERHOOD> Piggy heard in his head as Beef's cock and muscles began to swell even larger. The light now surrounding all three of them intensified and was almost blinding and Piggy knelt down on all fours. Behind him he could hear Brick begin to growl as he stroked Piggy's back and ass cheeks. It was a sublime feeling and he could feel the internal power he had felt earlier begin to expand to include his ass. Brick rubbed against his ass with his own huge muscle cock and for a moment Piggy was worried that his virgin hole would not be able to manage such a large tool. <FEAR NOT BROTHER. THE POWER IS WITHIN YOU> And with that Piggy could feel that it was true and that not only could he handle Brick's big super cock, but that he wanted it in the worst way, that he needed it to be a true brother to this amazing muscle god <I AM NOT AFRAID BROTHER. I FEEL THE POWER WITHIN ME AND GIVE IT TO YOU BOTH WITH UNBRIDLED JOY}. With that he began to suck Beef's hot massive cock in earnest while Brick gently eased his own giant unit into Piggy's now willing and eager ass. The light and energy surrounded all three of them with bolts of golden fire shooting off in all directions. Each man was in complete muscle bliss, enveloped in a haze of masculine power and brotherly love as they reveled in each other and in the power bestowed on them by the Hunter's moon. Harder and faster, they made love, Beef flexing and pumping, Piggy sucking and moving in rhythm, Brick hammering Piggy and stroking his back, all the while the moonlight getting brighter and brighter with more jets of golden energy sparking off the three men as they built toward a simultaneous climax. As sexual release built each man began to groan with animal pleasure. Each convulsing body also began to change. Beef began to grow visibly taller, his frame stretching by several inches up and out. There was the sound of bones creaking as his body expanded and stretched, but instead of pain he yowled in pleasure! Piggy on the other hand began to feel things shifting away, fat disappearing, skin shrinking, muscles growing, and incredible energy coursing through his body! He too felt intense pleasure as the light grew brighter. Brick did not grow taller. He just began to grow denser, adding even more muscle to his already massive frame, howling and feeling intense joy as his cock also expanded as he pounded is new muscle brother's eager and very fuckable ass! Brick leaned over Piggy toward Beef, Drawing him into a passionate kiss. Massive sparks flew between them! <WE ARE COMPLETE! FEEL THE POWER OF THE HUNTERS MOON MY BROTHERS!!!> There was an intensification of both the golden moon energy and the level of pleasure when the circuit was made. Each man was enveloped in a pulsing aura of gold light as the moved and pulsed as one organism, sucking, pumping, growing and shrinking together. Brighter and brighter the light grew as Beef and Brick expanded and Piggy shrank. Each man's cock was now hammering hard and building to an astounding climax, an orgasm more intense than any they had ever experienced before. Light zoomed between and around all three of them, binding them together, transforming them into true muscle brothers. Beef had never felt such energy as was rushing through his manhood and muscles, making them swell with new size and power. Piggy had never felt such energy flowing through his body remaking his flabby self, taking his stored fat as energy for the creation of muscle for himself and his brothers. Brick had never experienced such a rush of masculine fulfillment as his cock expanded inside Piggy's now gloriously muscular bubble butt and his muscles blew up to behemoth proportions. With a blinding flash of moonlight all three muscle studs came, a roar of deep satisfaction issuing from Beef and Brick and satisfied slurping from Piggy as he greedily guzzled Beef load and took all of Bricks. They came for what seemed like ages, each lit from within by the lingering golden light, radiating power and masculine energy from their newly transformed bodies. As the golden light faded, Beef and Brick broke contact and stepped away from Piggy who was now lying face down on the deck. Despite having just come both standing muscle gods were hard as iron pipes and completely taken with their new muscle. They immediately began to flex for each other. "Goddam Beefy stud!" said Brick in awe, reaching out to feel his partner's massive new pecs. "You gotta be packing at lease fifty more pounds here!" he exclaimed giving each big juicy nipple a tweak. "Oh, fuck me Brick that feels sooooo good!" whispered Beef flexing his expanded chest for his gigantic partner to fondle. "And look at you! At least thirty, maybe forty pounds of new Brickhouse!!!" Brick raised his arms in a double bicep pose and Beef gave the mountainous new muscle an appreciative squeeze. "Wow!" said Brick "Piggy zapped my arms good!" His cock gave a nice flex at the thought and Beef reached down to caress it. "And your cock too big stud, Longer and thicker!" "Ooooo that feels awesome!" said Brick. "Say Beefy, are you looking me in the eye babe?" Beef stopped and thought for a moment, then grinned. "I sure as hell am lover!" Beef took Brick's face in his huge hands and kissed him hard. "That’s three inches height that Piggy gave me as well. I think that means I got closer to seventy bounds of new meat here!!! Wahoo!!!!" They kissed each other and hugged feeling all their new muscle for several minutes. Then Beef glanced down and asked, "How's our Piggy?" Brick looked at the prone figure on the now shadowy deck. "Out like a light. We best get him inside." They hoisted Piggy up between them and helped the half conscious musclebro to his feet. Propping him up on both sides they helped him into the living room. "Well, he certainly weighs a lot less than he did." Chirped Beef as they stopped near the bar. "Let's see if a shot of some stimulant will bring our new Muscle pig around, eh?" Brick left Beef to hold Piggy and found a bottle of whiskey and a glass. He poured a measure of brown liquid and offered to Piggy. "C'mon Piggy slurp it up." Said Brick. Piggy took the glass from the massive muscleman, took a gulp, eyed brick with lust in his eye, dipped his fingers in the whiskey, rubbed them across Brick's chest and proceeded to lick it off going "Oink! Oink!" Brick said, "Our Piggy is muscle happy, but he has a very talented tongue!" Both musclemen proceeded to laugh. "Jeez!" said Beef. "Piggy really is out of it." Piggy took another swig and ogled Beef in turn. "You are too!" he said and poured the rest of the booze on Beef's now gargantuan pecs and proceeded to nuzzle them like mad. "Yummy!" proclaimed Piggy. Beef groaned. "Talented does not even begin to cover it! Fuuuuuuck…" "C'mon." said Brick "Let's get him in the bedroom before he has us all on the floor in here. "The each took a side of the now much steadier Piggy and walked him back to the downstairs bedroom. They steadied him facing the big mirrored wardrobe with his back to the massive bed and inched away to see if he could stand on his own. Piggy swayed a bit but managed to remain upright. He straightened himself and suddenly squinted in the direction of the big mirror. "Heeeey… who put up the big poster of Uncle Bob?" he asked staring at the reflected muscle stud in the looking glass. Beef and Brick both laughed. "That's not Uncle Bob bro!" said Beef "That's the new and much improved muscled up Y-O-U!" Piggy gaped and stared at the reflected glory of his new muscle-bound self. Indeed, he did look every bit like his Uncle the heavyweight bodybuilding champion. He tentatively raised a hand to his newly bulging right pec and tenderly felt its smooth curve, yipping slightly as he brushed his now prominent and quite sensitive nipple. He moved his hand lower marveling at his deeply chiseled square cut abs and brought is other hand to stroke his intercostals and rest on his tight Adonis belt. He inhaled, placing both hands on his narrow waist expanding his chest and raising his firm chin. A look if incredible joy emerged on his handsome face as he gazed on his transformed self and his formerly puny cock began to rise out and up with pride and power--reaching a full and thick full staff with a thwack against his newly hard gut. Piggy smiled a radiant smile, blinking back tears of joy, and said (in a canny imitation of Charlie Brown) "I got a cock." "That's not all you got musclebro." Said Beef squeezing Piggy on his now huge delt. "Not by half" echoed Brick rubbing his gigantic thigh against Piggy's now taught bubble butt. Piggy turned to Beef and threw his muscular arms around the bigger man's back and buried his face in his huge pecs. "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you…" he murmured, tears now pouring down Beef's chest. Brick moved in behind Piggy and made him the meat in a Beef and Brick muscle sandwich. "We are the ones to thank you brother." whispered brick in Piggy ear. 'Look at what you have done for us!" Piggy turned and faced his mammoth muscle brother. "I am so happy I could give this to you both and become a muscle brother." He said kissing the larger muscle stud's pecs. "Thank you, Brother Brick!" Brick smiled and bent down, kissing Piggy with great passion. "Thank you, Brother Piggy” Piggy, kissed back, smiled, turned, kissed Beef hard and then said "Not Piggy anymore." He broke their three ways embrace and struck and formidable double bicep pose. "This new muscle brother is now 100 percent Wild Boar!!!" Beef let out a wild "Yeehaw" and Brick growled like a grizzly bear. The Boar flung himself backward onto the gigantic bed with his new cock saluting his muscle bros straight up in the air. "Well, c'mon brothers, who wants some freshly smoked Grade A PORK???!!!"
  5. My Big Black Bodybuilder Boyfriend "Ugh, where is he? He's always late." I say, looking at my phone every minute or so. Me and Tayce always take a break every Saturday to stop and have coffee downtown. I regret being so caught up in my studies that we didn't spend as much time together this month but I was in the last few weeks of my studies and I could spend all the time as I wanted with him. I don't know why I was expecting him to just call me when he was down the street or something, his hands had already grown too large to use one without it breaking to pieces. I just saw him when I did and enjoyed our time together. It wasn't nothing to spot that big hunk of a man a mile away. Like a scene in Jurassic Park where the water ripples in the cup as my drink did the same. I could hear the loud steps of his feet slam into the sidewalk. I looked up to see my boyfriend walking towards me. Well, walking is not really what he's doing at this point. His thighs had grown so large that the rolled and collided with each other as he continued making his way. Each step with his size 18 feet could have left an impression on the concrete if he stepped down hard enough. I looked at him and he looked at me back with his eyes glowing like honey as he flashed his pearly whites at me. A man could have dropped dead looking at such a freak of nature. He was barely 6feet tall but wide enough to take up the sidewalk AND much more. I could tell he had grown since last week. Hell, he's been growing bit and bit week after week. I should know, I'm the one ordering his clothes for him. Such a genetic freak as his chin and beard rested of his gigantic pecs. So large in fact that a man could stand under them for shade at this point. His nipples pushing the fabric of his shirt outwards as I could tell he had stopped getting them milked to releave some of the pressure building up in those babies. His shirt looking like a crop top at this point as his roid gut bounced with each step he took as well. He could see me watching and he stopped briefly to pump a bicep. It wasn't just for me as some other men sitting nearby and ever across the street all watching him radiate pleasure. Tayce just had that effect on people as these other folks were clearly in lust with him. It was a fact that a man of his stature and girth would have men either bulging in their pants, some so bold as to even whip out their cocks to worship him. He radiated testosterone, so much that it wasn't a normal day if some stranger wasn't on their knees, begging to worship my boyfriend. I didn't mind one bit. Even with all his power, it was like I wasn't affected by it. Sure I would go head over heels for this man, but I was able to connect with him on a level no man could. I remember him when he was just shy over 200lbs. It was 2 years ago at a local gym. I was the new shy-guy sterotype getting used to the gym and he was working there as a personal trainer. Maybe it was then he was already working something over me but he was just as handsome as he was then as he was right now. Strangely enough, it felt like love at first sight as he came to help me when I was struggling just to get the treadmill working right. He came and asked me if I needed help and not even 30 minutes later was he railing me in the supply closet. A week went by, I kept going up there. Not so much to work out but to spend time with Tayce. A month later of seeing him did I overhear him telling another worker that he still aimed to get bigger, to be the biggest freak. And I would do anything to help him. I snuck onto the university I was going to and managed to sneak out with a growth hormone they were testing on to help build muscles in lab rats. When the time was right, I mixed the hormone off in his water bottle and crossed my fingers at the thought of him being who he always dreamed of. By the next week, my dream (and his) had came true. I came in to the gym to find him easily twice his weight. He was already fit but now he was looking like an off season bodybuilder at this point. It was something to see him wearing clothes that did nothing to hide his new physique and something in him just clicked when he saw me. Next thing you know, he's railing me in the closet again. It feels much more cramped now, but in a good way as I can feel his muscles resting on my back as my ass is stretched even wider than before. He grew in a lot more places as I quickly found out. By then we had been seeing each other more and as evil as what I did to him sound I still had to come clean to how he had grown so huge. The confession had took him by shock. I wouldn't have been mad if he wanted no more out of me. He stood slack jawed as he stood on the rooftop of the gym and he suddenly grabbed me and gave me a kiss that just blew me away. He told me that if he knew I was the one who helped him grow to his size that he would have invited me over when he practically grew that night. A lot had happened since then. We continued seeing each other and getting to know each other better. Time went by and even after the one dosage I gave him he still continued growing. The growth spurts were less frequent, but who knows how long before the effects finally stopped. I couldn't tell, no way to take samples from him. In addition to growing huge, he also seemed to be more resistant to any type of damage. Needles couldn't penetrate the skin at that point. I even witnessed a car crash right into him. We were walking down the street together and next thing you know he has me curled up into him as car parts flew all around us. It's hard to stay focused on the road when a 700lb bodybuilder is walking down the street. We were both unscathed and poor guy fell out of his car; in shock and in lust. Eventually the equipment at the gym wasn't heavy enough to give him a real workout. That and the constant eyeballing and worship by the people coming in there and the people who actually worked there distracted Tayce from getting a real pump so for now he gets paid to haul cars at the junkyard on the edge of town. While Tayce loved the attention he was getting from everyone, he also did enjoy peace and quiet now and then. If I wasn't stuck studying, I would spend most my nights with him. No one bothered us and I would have full view of his glory for my eyes only. He would lift cars like it was nothing. Sometimes with two hands, sometimes one. His biceps would look like beach balls when they were fully swole. As he showed off for me, I would always rub my hands along his body. It was no surprise when he told me that men would empty wallets and bank accounts just to have personal time with him. Tayce probably thought I would be the jealous type but I loved the thought of him taking advantage of something 3, 4 times smaller than him. "Whatever you do on your own time is all you. I love you Tayce and that's all that matters. That and as I long as I get to have my time with you is fine with me." It was words like that that sent him over the edge. I wasn't that short compared to him, but it was like climbing Mount Everest sometimes when I wanted to get close to him. He was already naked, but a loud crash from the car he dropped and I was right there with him as my clothes fell to the ground behind me. We kissed passionately as I felt something large and massive prop up behind me. When I said he grew, he grew everywhere. Tayce had already the stereotypical monster cock when I first saw him, but now it was even bigger. His cock was so massive and freakishly large it was like something you'd see on a morph site. It was easily 4 feet long and thick as my waist as I could feel the heat practically radiating off my back. "Fuck baby, I need it in me so bad." Now way a normal human could take something like that without irreparable damage, but I found out one night when we got so caught up love making that I was able to take it with no damage what-so-ever. A happy side effect from when he still growing every time he made love to me it seems. It felt amazing watching his cock push into me and any excuse to have it rammed inside me was all I wanted as I was already bent over some scrap as he was pointing his black missle straight at my aching hole. I heard his heavy footsteps as his monster pushed into my ass as I could feel it expand to take his cock. Immediately did it enter did my stomach stretch as the head of his cock pushed into me. I rolled my eyes, moaning loudly for him to hear as a free hand felt the head of his cock bulging my stomach out. My knees nearly gave out as I slowly being fucked senseless by my hulk sized boyfriend. He managed to grab my hips as best as he could as he fucked my brains out. The thunderous slaps of his tree trunk thighs echoed in the night as his muscle gut rested on my back. I rolled my eyes as I could feel his cock rumble inside me. Tayce suddenly pumped a double bicep as he roared as he came inside me. I was already comically stretched but it was even more apparent as his cum flooded my insides. By the time Tayce was done, he pulled out and I looked 9 months pregnant as my stomach sloshed with his hot cum inside me. Exhausted, I fell on my ass as he slumped right next to me. I laid by his side as his form easily dwarfed mine as he sat next to me. We were both drenched in sweat as I grabbed his arm to curl up by me as my fingers traced the thick veins going up and down it. Eventually we passed out without saying much after and suddenly I heard a loud snap that brought me back to reality. "What are you thinking about love?" Said Tayce as he was standing next to me outside the shop. I shook my head and rubbed my eyes. "Sorry, sometimes I get so lost in thought whenever I look at you." He grinned and pulled in close to flex a bicep and who was I to say no to such an offer as I rubbed the peak. "Looks bigger, have you been growing again?" I say smirking, taking in a whiff of his strong masculine scent. Tayce grinned. "You know it and I need someone to worship this muscle. Think you can do it?" The grin I gave off easily could have said yes, we would need to leave sooner than expected. I could tell he was going to have a growth spurt sooner than later.
  6. Hi all! My first story here on the site! It’s a big fantasy of mine that I was hoping I could share with everyone here. I’d love to know what y’all think about this! Making Roelly My Massive Muscle Lover --- I couldn't believe myself when I walked in the bathroom and found Roelly Winklaar casually finishing himself up in the urinal. He didn't know who I was that day as he gave himself an almost utmost detested look. Not at me though. He was upset because just half an hour ago he made one of the if not the biggest blunder in the contest tonight. While he did amazing in my eyes as I watched him pose with the other bodybuilders, everyone who paid attention to him that day could tell he wasn't even close to 100%. His form was off, he didn't pose right. Instead of the classic 6 or 8 pack, Roelly had that more roid-gut phsyique. He even stumbled and fell on his ass as he bumped into other bodybuilders; coincidentally knocking some of them over as well. Everyone was shocked when he simply threw in the towel as he walked off stage. I casually walked over to the urinal next to him as he walked past me as he ran the sink, washing his face over and over to get the embarrasment out of his eyes. "If it makes you feel better. I thought you didn't do half bad out there." I say as I finish up, casually walking over as I begin washing my hands. I try not to stare as he easily dwarfs me by a 100lbs. The longer I stare the harder it gets not to get hard as he still smells like a man who just got done working out. Even though I was a foot taller than him, I still felt outclassed by him. He wore a simple tank top that did very little to cover the sheer amount of muscles he possessed. His biceps bulged as he gripped the sink, pec meat just casually hanging out from his shirt as water splashed downwards, only to fall off them. Instead of using the hand towels, he turned to me and used his shirt to dry off. I drank in his form; what with me actually prefering the muscle-gut look. I was having all kinds of lewd thoughts, I wanted him to be mine and now was probably my only chance to do so as I noticed the backpack he had strung out behind him. "Look if you're from the press I aint doing any interviews." as Roelly slammed his large hand across the marble sink. He walked right by me and it was then I made my move. In a quick turn I slid the vial right into an open pocket in his backpack. It was so fast I thought I didn't even slip it in. At the same time I could only marvel at him as he was still huge in my book. I wanted him huger however; and I wanted him all for myself. "Oh no. Not the press, I'm just a big fan of yours. Been following you for quite a while. I hope you don't mind me asking, but can I get an autograph. I promise I'll be out of your hair!" I asked. He turned to face me and grinned. "Fine, who am I making this out to?" he asked as I reached into my pocket and handed him a photograph. He paused as I said my name as he looked at the photo in question. It was a picture of him, but bigger... much bigger. "Who is this?" Roelly asked in confusion. "It's you... well... how big you should be!" I say, imitating a flex that anyone who works out would laugh at. Roelly looked back at the photo as he saw muscles bulging in places they wouldn't normally stretch to, biceps bigger than inflated bowling balls. Roelly smiled weakly at the sight of his photo with what looked like an overenhanced bulge and equally large rear; but he knew sometimes his fans tended to fantasize so he shrugged and wrote out his name as he handed it back. "Big as I should be huh? Yeah you and me both. If I was that big, I'd have everything I wanted." He turned away from me and walked out the restroom. A sparkle in my eye formed as now all I would have to do is wait. --- Hours later Roelly parked it as pulled up to his hotel room. It was a tiny bit away from the convention center where he perfomed such a blunder that he decided he would be out in the morning and taking a trip far away from here until people forget how bad he screwed up. As he walked in and locked behind himself, he tossed his backpack onto the bed when he noticed something shimmer in the light as it rolled out from within one of the pockets. "Huh?" Is all he could say as he wandered closer to the object. He got close grabbed it as he brought it close to the light. It simply a vial of light blue liquid. Roelly had no idea when he picked up something like this, then he noticed the small note attached to it. "You deserve to be bigger. You deserve to be the biggest Roelly. With Love, your biggest fan." He scratched his head in confusion as he wandered with it into the bathroom. It immediately dawned on him on the person in question who gave this to him. "Must of slipped it on me when he passed by me in the restroom, the crazy fuck." he muttered to himself. Not one to be that gullible, he popped off the cap and began to hold it over the sink when a sudden smell entered his nose. It wasn't a bad smell, but a sweet smell. So inviting. Roelly tried to pour it down the drain, but something in him told him otherwise as his wrist twitched and throbbed. He scratched his chin as he brought the vial closer to him. He smelled it once more as he quietly moaned to himself as he felt himself bulge in his nether-regions. "Fuck man, what's the worst that could happen?" He grumbles as he takes a deep breath before downing the vial in his hand. The taste is as good as it smells as he wipes a drip from his lips, then he pauses. "Not bad, guy knows how to make a drink." He waits in the bathroom as he runs the shower as he begins to undress. As steam rises, he steps into the shower to clean himself up. All the stink and musk, the heat and failure of competing goes down the draink as he soaps himself up. As he's halfway into lathering himself down, he suddenly groans as he has a warm sensation all over his body. He drops the soap onto the floor as he groans, bracing himself by placing his hands against the shower wall. Roelly groans as he watches his muscles bulge and twitch. Just then he notices something more as his muscles seem to slowly swell in bulk and size. He can't help but moan in content as he biceps swell by the inch, his lats push out, traps push up. Roelly stares in a mirror conveniently places across the wall as he watches the mass adds on. Everywhere he looks he notices it getting bigger. Even in another place as his ass seems to get fatter and his cock even grows a couple inches in length and girth. The growth however cuts short as everything just stops. Hell, Roelly barely has time to process anything as he suddenly shudders and moans as a thick load erupts from his cock, hosing the shower wall with thick ropes of hot seed as it washes down the drain. Even with the shower running, it's as if time stands still. Roelly cuts the shower off as he takes a breath before stepping out the shower. He stumbles for a second as he takes in the extra mass he put on as he does a double take in the mirror. The man he's looking at is him, but bigger. The growth was rather minor, but it felt like a lifetime of growing as he took another look at himself. It didn't seem like he got any taller, but he was much wider and thicker. Everything on him looked like it grew a couple inches. Inches indeed as his normally small cock looked bigger as well. He turned to his side to marvel in his growth as his ass seemed bigger as well. As he bumped a bicep that swelled bigger than normally, something said 'slap your ass stud' and Roelly stopped to slap his rear end. His ass jiggled and he couldn't help but moan in bliss. Just looking at himself made his member thicken and grow until it was at least 8 inches long and even thicker than before. In a flash he was suddenly laying on his bed, a hand pulling one of his ass cheeks apart as he traced a finger across his tender hole. It was like all his wires was reconnected to his asshole as he stroked himself to the thought of being bigger than where he was at now. As he jerked his fat cock, Roelly moaned, imaging himself getting bigger and bigger. Showing the competition who was boss. He flexed his muscles and flexed a bicep as he suddenly moaned and let go of his cock as he erupted cum all over himself. His balls emptied its oversized load all over himself until he laid on the bed, exhausted. His hand brushed up against the backpack as another piece of paper rolled out. He noticed and managed to pick it up before it was stained with cum as he read it. "If you want more, meet me at the Holds Gym on XXX Avenue. I can't wait to meet you stud. From. Your Biggest Fan." Roelly grinned to himself. "To my biggest fan." As he passed out, exhausted.
  7. JakeLandry

    Coach's New Recruit

    Sorry it's a bit late. It got a lot bigger than I thought it would. I cut a lot out so I hope it still makes sense... --------------------- Travis took a breath before he knocked on the door. “Coach Selnars?” he peered his head in the coach’s office. Travis would have preferred to just call him Cody, but the other teacher seemed to have a bit of a complex about it. It didn’t matter how old or young they were, Coach Slenars expected to be called coach. “Ahhh, Mr. Harris,” Coach Selnars said. He was a big man. Truly a coach worth aspiring to be. His large muscular frame was always packed tightly in the school’s bright red XXL polo, and his legs filled his khaki pants. Yet being so tall he was still able to walk with a confidence reserved only for a man of his size. “What can I do for you today?” Travis took another breath. “I came here to talk about Brandon. His grade has been slipping a bit, so I tried to pair him up with Ken to do better. But, instead, he seems to just be copying everything on Ken’s homework.” His heart was racing. The flare of the other man’s nostrils made it obvious just how mad the coach was. Travis pulled out the proof. “This is what he turned in, and then what Ken turned in.” “Hmmm…” the coach’s frown didn’t leave his face. He was clearly trying to calm himself down as he ran one of his hands through his thick beard. “Is that so?” he muttered. “I tried--” “DATOLI! Get your ass in here!” Coach Selnars shouted. Travis flinched. It felt loud enough to shake the walls of his office. Yet, the coach wasn’t fazed in the slightest. If anything, he looked even angrier. It calmed down to a seething one as Brandon rushed inside. “C-coach?” Brandon peered inside. “Inside,” the coach ordered. Brandon followed without question, closing the door behind him. “Sit.” His attention turned back to Travis. “You too.” Travis almost felt his body compelled to do so. The confidence in the coach’s voice seemed to have some kind of control over him and his body just listened. “Now,” Coach’s hands clasped together, hiding his obvious frown. The glare in his eyes told enough. “Tell me the truth. You’ve been cheating?” It was the first time Travis had ever seen the jock nervous. He seemed to be trying to say something but the words just wouldn’t come out. Normally there’d be some kind of quick remark or defense, but nothing. “Y-yes,” Brandon’s hands gripped the chair tightly. “And you’ve been cheating off… Ken?” “Y-yes.” “And was he okay with that?” “N-n-no.” “Then why did he do it?” Coach Selnars’ glare intensified. It was like he was looking all the way down deep inside the students soul. Most college athletes understood how bad it was to be caught cheating. That was a loss of scholarship almost instantly. Travis figured that must be why Brandon was so nervous. “Because…” the word came out slowly. As though he didn’t want to say it. “Because I told him he could see me naked if I could.” Travis looked over completely confused. The big tough jock didn’t look like a guy who’d do something like that. He’d never made snide remarks directly to someone, but it was pretty obvious what his feelings were on the situation. “And did you keep your end of the bargain?” It looked like it was taking everything Brandon had not to answer the question. His face grimaced and fought it off. But slowly the word, “no,” forced their way through his lips. “But--” “Enough,” Coach Slenars said. His voice made it final. “I don’t want to hear any excuses. We’ll talk about your punishment later. Now, I have to discuss a few things with Mr. Harris. You’re dismissed.” Brandon stood up and took his leave. “Woah…” Travis couldn’t contain just how impressed he was by the coach. Brandon would never listen to him like that. Especially without at least a hint of sass. But the handsome jock acted like he couldn’t disagree. Coach Selnars smiled at the shock on the other teacher’s face. “You like football?” “Foot-ball?” Travis repeated back. A bit of a snicker followed. “Can’t say that I do. Never really built for it.” In high school he’d always had a thin wiry frame. And then going to college he started to bulk up. Not in a way that was helpful for sports though. His thin stomach was the first to go, pushing at the bottom of his shirts and then all his pants and shorts. By the time he’d graduated, he’d bought an entirely new wardrobe. Twice. “What if you were?” Travis tried to hide his laugh, but it only made his fat bounce up and down. “I guess I would be then. But… What are you getting at?” “I can make you a football player.” Now Travis couldn’t even give the other teacher the courtesy. He belt out in laughter, his body leaning forward as it overtook him. “Train me?” Travis tried to calm himself down. Coach Selnars looked serious. “I know you’ve been really good with the team, but I think that’s a bit too far gone.” “What if I could?” “Are… Are you serious?” Travis asked. This was well past the point of any joke. And then with Coach Selnars nodding, it no longer seemed like a joke. “I mean… It’d be nice and all. But I don’t know if I could.” “Listen,” the coach leaned forward, interlocking his fingers. His strong stern face looked directly into Travis’ eyes. “All you have to do is agree to do what I tell you for… Let’s say... The next week. If you don’t like the results. Or think it’s not what you want? We stop. No questions asked. Okay?” “I mean--” Travis cut himself off. Unsure why the coach was suddenly so serious about something like this. But the strong look in the other man’s eyes seemed to tell Travis that he wasn’t joking. “Just a week?” “We’ll start with a week. And like I said, if you like the results we can continue from there,” a smile cocked onto the coach’s face. “I mean… Sure? Why not,” Travis agreed. “Glad to hear it,” Coach Selnars put one of his massive hands forward to shake. Travis reached for it. Yet something happened. The coach’s eyes flashed a golden color. Then a surge of pain rocketed through his head. Only for it to instantly disappear. He looked around, slightly confused. The headache was gone as quickly as it had come. If anything he almost felt better. As though some kind of responsibility had been lifted from him and he didn’t have to worry about as much anymore. “It’s alright, Harris. You don’t need to worry about what just happened. Just go home and get a little work out done. It’ll feel great. Like you’ve been doing it for years. But you’ll look a couple younger,” Coach Selnars said. He gave Travis a strong pat on the back. “Don’t worry about any of it.” Confusion seemed to wash over the teacher again. His mind started circling around, but all it could think about was going home and working out. “Yes sir.” “Good man,” Coach brought him in for a hug. “Meet back here tomorrow and we’ll really get started.” Travis nodded in agreement and headed home. He still just kept thinking about working out. Never in his life had this been a thing for him, yet he couldn’t stop. Even as he tried to read, or watch TV, he just kept going back to thinking about working out. He finally gave in. Not sure what to do, he just started with some simple push ups. But once he got down onto the ground, his mind went completely blank. It was like everything went black and there wasn’t anything to focus on other than completing the movements. His body followed through. More than it ever should have. With Travis’ overweight and long out of shape body, he should have only been able to do a couple of push ups. Yet, his body just wouldn’t stop. Pushing through any sort of limit that would have been placed on him. And once he was done with the push ups, his body went to the next exercise. Performing it exactly the same way. Sweat dripped down his back and body, soaking his clothes. But Travis didn’t stop. He had to do what coach said. ------------- “Oh man…” Travis complained as he heard his alarm going off. “Is it that time already?” His body rolled out of bed and tried to concentrate. It was hard as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. The sun was always so bright, but he had to get out of bed. “School…” he reminded himself. Just because he was a teacher didn’t mean it was any easier for him than any of the students. And with that work out last night, he sure as hell was beat. There was a dull soreness running through his body. Every muscle ached. Yet, it didn’t feel bad. If anything he almost enjoyed it. As he walked into the bathroom and stripped down to nothing, he couldn’t help but give himself a bit of a flex. He watched as his arm rose up ever so slightly, showing off the beginning of a muscle. “Coach says you’re going to built like a football player,” Travis laughed at the notion. It was an amusing thought to think about during his shower, but nothing that could really happen. He was too old. Too weak. No way could he go back. But still, something about Coach Selnars’ eyes made him want to try. “Still gotta go to gym after class…” Travis stepped out of the shower and then pulled his shirt over his head. Then his pants up to his waist. He buckled the belt, but paused. There was a clear indication where his belt had been used for the last two years or so. The metal had caused the area around the hole to warp ever so slightly. However, when he looped it into his belt, it was one hole past that. “Wait a second… What!?” Travis looked down, double checking his eyes. There was still the clear indentation from where his belt had been and where it was now. He turned to the side, making sure his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him. But when he did so, the good sized belly that seemed to spill out over his belt didn’t look so full. He ran his hands up and down it. It was smaller. ----------------- All the way to the college, Travis tried to get himself to figure out why he would have already changed so much. He’d been on plenty of diets, plenty of work out plans, plenty of supplements for a day or two. None of them had an effect like this. It was impossible. He weighed about 15 pounds less than he normally did, yet nothing in his mind was telling him it was wrong. If anything, a voice kept telling him not to worry about it. And once he stepped into his classroom, he didn’t anymore. His mind shifted back to work. Mostly because he saw Ken come into the classroom. “Ken,” he said. The student seemed to shake at the sound of his name. Though, Travis didn’t realize how much power he’d put into it, until he heard his voice bouncing off the walls. “Yes?” Ken asked. His head was down and shoulders slouched. “It’s come to my attention that you’ve been allowing Brandon to cheat off you.” “Y-yes,” Ken muttered. “And you know it’s wrong?” “Y-yes.” Travis let out a sigh. The guy wasn’t bad. Just horny. “Okay. Well, we can’t have that anymore. Got it?” Ken nodded in agreement. “This is going to just stay between us, but at the same time I’m going to have to monitor you two instead. Okay?” “O-okay,” he finally confirmed. Ken’s eyes seemed to not be able to stay on one part of Travis’ body. They darted around, all over the place as though they were taking in an unbelievable amount of information. “Something wrong?” Ken’s face flushed red and his entire body stiffened. “No sir,” he chanted. “I’m just going to go sit down.” As he walked back to a desk, there was a clear change in his gait. He sat down but then turned his attention to the door, as a bit of noise was happening outside. “Are you still mad,” Brandon and his girlfriend walked into the classroom. “I said I was sorry.” Courtney’s arms were crossed as she sat down. Her blond hair flipped over her shoulder. “Mm-hmmm,” she nodded. An unimpressed look on her face. “I’m not cheating on you. Promise!” Brandon exclaimed. “So mister big shot always horny, just suddenly can’t get it up? Okay. Yeah. Sure,” Courtney shoots back. “Never once has this happened. So who is she?” “I’m not--” “Eh-hm,” Travis cleared his throat and Brandon instantly went silent. For a second his eyes stopped on the athlete. Somehow, he was looking bigger than he had been. Even since yesterday, it almost looked like he’d put on a bit more muscle. His shirt seemed to cling to his chest and shoulder. Arms filled the sleeves completely. And it almost looked like it was rising up a little bit, showing off a bit of his midriff. “Now, let’s begin class.” Travis went through his lesson plan, but the entire time he couldn’t help but feel a bit uncomfortable. It was like the shirt he was wearing just didn’t fit him the way he thought it was supposed to. And then it felt like his khaki pants kept threatening to fall down his waist. He shifted around and tried to relieve the discomfort, but the longer he taught, the worse it felt. Luckily it was a short class. However, once the class was over, there was a different nagging feeling running through him. He kept thinking about going to the gym. After the work out from last night, he was raring to go again. His body just seemed to be a bit stiff. The soreness had worn off. Instead, there was an almost joy to working out. “Might as well…” Travis eventually said to himself. He got up from his desk and then headed down to the gym. After all, he did promise to listen to Coach Selnars. ------------------- Travis thought he’d feel more awkward as he stepped into the locker room. He could see all the jocks undressing and changing into more comfortable clothing. Coach Selnars had done an excellent job getting them into shape. Nearly every one of them fit their positions perfectly. By the end of his first year, he’d been sending several of them off to play with the professionals. Almost all of them could have made it there, yet they chose to do something else. However, that didn’t mean that the guys here weren’t any worse. They were all brimming with muscle, and proud to show it off in the locker room. They walked around with their shirts and shorts off with as much confidence as though they were fully clothed. Their hard muscles glistened with sweat from a good workout or looked like they were getting ready for one. More interesting were the heavy bulges that some of them had. They didn’t seem to brag, yet manly of the other guys seemed to naturally stay out of their way. Travis took off his shirt. “Yo Harris!” one of the guys called. “Lookin good man. You going for a work out?” “Uhh, yeah,” Travis said. Though the word seemed to hang awkwardly as he said it. Almost like there was something else he was supposed to add onto it. “Good man,” the guy gave him a pat on the back. “Coach has been pretty pissed about Datoli. Don’t know what we’re going to do with him. If he’s really showing himself off all over the internet, don’t know how we’d save face.” “Datoli’s showing himself off?” Travis asked. “Bro! You didn’t know? Yeah man! He’s got one of them OnlyforFans accounts where guys and gals get all naked and do like porn and shit.” “Yo… Really?” Travis leaned in. “He’s really doing it?” “Yeah man! He’s really fucking doing it!” “No way…” Travis said. But the jock pulled out his phone and went to the website. He pulled it up and then there was Brandon. The jock was sitting in front of his computer waiting a bit awkwardly as people started to shuffle in. Chats started to be sent in asking him to do different things and he’d do them. It started with him taking off his shirt. Then flexing his big muscles for the camera. The well-built man clearly had an audience. They seemed to love his pecs, asking him to feel them up again and again. Though, Brandon didn’t seem to mind. He’d backed away a few paces and the clear semi-chubbed dick between his legs made it obvious that was a very sensitive part of his body. His rough hands ran over his abs and down to his underwear. They pulled the strap hard before stripping them down his legs. That’s when a whole new list of chats were coming in. Asking him to start stroking it. He complied, almost joyously as his fingers playfully teased his hardening dick. It was almost surprising just how small it looked in his hands. Just a little less than average, yet he could barely use more than his finger and thumb without completely obscuring it. But what seemed to excite him even more was the other hand going around to his back door. People had sent in the request, yet he’d started doing it before he’d even been asked. His mouth dropped open into an excited ‘O’ shape and eyes squeezed tight. Brandon’s body flexed and thrust several times as his dick unloaded on the camera. “Shit man… Didn’t realize he was doing that,” Travis said. “Yeah! Coach is fucking pissed! Just don’t bring it up. Okay?” Travis nodded. “You think I’m a fucking idiot?” “Dude, just saying.” He gave Travis a high five then left the locker room. Travis went the opposite way into the gym. Looking around, he didn’t know why he hadn’t been there before. If anything, it almost felt a bit like home. The distinct smell of metal and sweat swirling together as the guys lifted the weights seemed to draw him in. “Ahh… Harris,” Coach Selnars came by. His strong arm wrapped around the other man. “How you feeling today?” “Good. Surprisingly good coach,” Travis said. The coach’s meaty chest bounced as he laughed. “You should. Have you looked in a mirror lately?” “Huh?” Travis muttered. His eyes slowly trailed from the gym, to the mirrors that lined the walls. “Woah…” Is all he could utter as he slowly walked closer to them. There was no way that was him. But as he pulled his hand up against his cut jaw, it had to be. The strong masculine face with just a bit of facial hair from not shaving that morning lined his squarer jaw. His eyes looked piercing, strong but stoic. However, his eyes lowered. Just like his face, there wasn’t nearly any fat on it. Strong muscles lined his arms and chest. But what was strange is that he hadn’t even realized that he’d changed into athletic gear. The bright blue sleeveless shirt clung to a chest that pushed far out in front of him, yet there wasn’t a belly underneath it anymore. His hand slowly raised the fabric. To his greater surprise, six blocks lined what had been one solid lump. “No way…” his surprised face turned into a smile as he could feel his hand running across his abs. “Bro! Are you serious?” Travis continued to be astounded what he looked like. He didn’t even look like he was approaching 40 anymore. It was just like he was just a few years past graduating college. But now he was hot. He looked like one of the athletes. One of the guys who would get all the girls. “Uh-huh,” Coach Selnars nodded. “This is now you. You like?” “Hell yeah Coach! This is sweet!” Travis exclaimed. He started flexing, watching the muscle in his arm bulge with power. Confidence swelled inside him as he watched the hard body shift. “How’d you do it Coach?” “Just my little secret,” Coach Selnars smiled. “But like I said, if you want to keep it, you have to agree to do whatever I say.” “Hell yeah Coach! If this is what I get; absolutely!” Coach’s big hand reached around the other man. “I’m glad to hear it. Don’t worry about your teaching job. Though you will still have to help out Brandon. Ok?” “Of course. Whatever he needs,” Travis said. “Good man. I knew you’d come through.” The Coach started back for his office at the other end of the gym. “Just make sure you finish your work out properly. I think Brandon is meeting Ken in the library.” Travis nodded and started lifting the weights. His body naturally went over to the 50 pound ones. The surprise seemed to have worn off, though in the back of his mind he knew there was no way these should feel as light as they did. With each rep, he’d watched his muscle flex and strain, yet he didn’t feel as though that was anywhere near his maximum. And with that on his mind, he almost wanted to challenge himself even more. Never in Travis’ life had he felt the need for such competition. Yet, right now, he was solely competing with himself. Being mad that he wouldn’t lift more, despite knowing full well he could. That only drove him to keep going. Going through each different exercise and watching the different parts of his body do the work. Feeling those tiny fibers rip and tear, but then knowing that it would grow back stronger, pushed him to his limits. And it felt good. ------------ After his workout Travis felt oddly refreshed. Looking in the mirror, he couldn’t help but feel like he looked just like any of the other guys in the college. He loved this feeling. Even more confidence surged through him as he stood tall. Taller than most of the people there. As he walked across campus, he could see people doing double takes. The khaki pants and button up shirt fit snuggly across his chest. He may have looked a bit like he was going to church or something, but that didn’t seem to bother him in the slightest. People could joke about him looking too nice for something as stupid as school, but he didn’t care. It just meant people still were talking about him. Thinking about him. “He-hey!” Travis heard someone call out to him. He recognized the female voice, but wasn’t sure from where. When he turned around he saw Courtney running towards. “Hey,” she said again. One of her hands went to fix her long curly hair. She took a deep breath then forced a cute smile. “How’s it going?” “Good?” Travis said. He wasn’t sure what was going on. “That’s good. You going to Cole’s party on Saturday?” “I was thinking about it,” Travis answered. He didn’t know Cole, yet a picture of a tall handsome blond guy from the football team entered his mind. He could remember hearing about it but this question seemed to have sparked his memory, despite him not actually being there. “Well,” Courtney’s smile started to show some teeth, “I’m going to be there, so I was hoping you would.” “Well,” Travis smiled back, feeling the true reason why she was asking. “When you put it like that I don’t see why I shouldn’t. But what about Brandon?” “What about Brandon?” a bit of a sneer came over her face. “It’s just that I don’t want to make him jealous,” Travis tried to fix his mistake. Courtney played along. “I’d prefer it if you did.” One of her thin fingers traced down Travis’ firm chest as she walked past him. She looked over her shoulder with a bit of a wave. “See you Friday.” “See you Friday,” he repeated back. Joy filled his system as he walked towards the library. He couldn’t believe a hot girl actually approached him. Even when he’d approach them, they’d usually turn him down. Now he didn’t even have to worry about that. Hell, he could almost remember having sex with dozens of women. All who approached him, joyously asking him to join them in another room. “This is crazy…” he muttered to himself as he walked up to the study rooms in the library. It took him a bit to find the right room, as they were spread over two floors and across the building. However, he paused before opening the door. Looking in he could see both Ken and Brandon in there. But Brandon didn’t have his shirt on. Travis took his hand off the door handle. Neither man in there seemed to be thinking about someone walking in. Because Brandon was full on taking his shorts off. Ken watched in awe as he received the strip tease. His hands gripped the chair underneath him with as much strength as his thin arms could muster. However, that didn’t mean he wasn’t squirming. Every bit of his tiny body was rubbing against itself. Ken was having so much trouble just sitting there. Then Brandon smiled, getting up close to his ear for a whisper. “You can touch,” he said coolly. His arm flexed in front of Ken’s face. The thick bicep bulged with power. Somehow it looked like it was almost growing. Forming to whatever the smaller man had always fantasized about. Brandon was a pretty athletic guy, yet this was well past what any football player would have. Thick corded muscles grew larger and larger, rounding out and pushing to what looked like 20 inches round. Ken’s little hands hesitantly moved towards the muscle. His eyes went wide, still unsure if this was reality. But his body craved the experience. It was something he’d been wanting forever. Ken squeezed with all his might. The muscle didn’t budge. Not even a little bit. He let out a giggle. “Keep going,” Brandon encouraged. “This is what I promised.” Ken’s smile broadened as his attention turned away from the thick arm and to his chest. As those tiny hands moved from the arm to the chest, those lean athletic pecs, bulged outwards. Heavy and bloated with immense amounts of muscle. Ken’s hands gripped them. Squeezing them. Then moving in his face to give the nipple a lick. Brandon’s body let out a moan, only encouraging Ken even more. “So big…” Ken uttered. “Uh-huh,” Brandon said. “And right now, it’s all for you.” “Are—Are you sure?” Ken was getting cold feet. It was obviously his first time. But then to make it a man of his dreams at the same time, was more than he could handle. His mind already seemed to have trouble fully comprehending the situation. Then there was Brandon ding more than he could have even thought. “Uh-huh,” Brandon nodded. He was up against the nape of Ken’s neck, gently kissing it. Though his giant hands were working down Ken’s shorts. The little guy started squirming again. His body unsure what to do as so many positive sensations were going off at the same time. Yet, when Brandon got down to his underwear, a thick meaty cock sprang to life. “You’re bigger than I expected.” “You’re just saying that…” “Doesn’t make it any less true,” Brandon whispered. He was running his body up and down Ken’s. Grinding up and down him. With each movement, his body seemed to grow just a bit more. His legs bulking up into perfectly shaped quads. Each of the four muscles perfectly shaped and bulging. His calved did the same as they turned into perfectly shaped diamonds pointing down towards his massive feet. The only thing that didn’t seem to grow was what was stuck in his jock strap. Though, that didn’t seem to bother Ken any as Brandon had spun around. The thick booty ran jiggled a bit before Brandon finally took his seat onto Ken’s rod. “Holy!” Ken bucked. His arms wrapped around Brandon as though he was a life saver. “Don’t finish too soon,” Brandon taunted. His hips started thrusting up and down, using Ken as his own personal dildo. The warm rod fit him perfectly. Each thrust, he too had to try to contain his moans and groans of pleasure. Ken’s nails dug into the other man’s flesh. He had to do everything in his power to keep himself sane. Yet, he was losing that battle. Nature was taking over and any logic he would have supplied to the situation would be gone. It was a losing battle. No matter how hard he tried, he knew eventually he’d finish. But all he wanted was to be able to hold on just a little bit longer. “Oh gawd!” he cried out. His body bucking as finished inside of Brandon. “Oh gawd. Oh gawd Oh Gawd,” he repeated over and over again. He squeezed Brandon tightly. Making sure to feel his strong presence. “Sorry…” “Sorry?” Brandon waited a moment before Ken had softened a bit before he turned around. “Nothing to be sorry about. I had plenty of fun. Hell, maybe we can do it again sometime.” “Re-really!?” Ken’s face lit up. “Really,” Brandon answered. “Aw-Awesome!” Ken said. “But… Uhh… I need to go to the bathroom. And then we can start studying. Okay?” “Sounds like a play,” Brandon said. Ken pulled up his shorts and then rushed out of the study room. Travis had ducked to the side, hiding to make sure the little guy hadn’t seen. He watched Ken rush past him, then walked in behind. “Studying hard?” Travis ribbed. Brandon rolled his eyes. “You’re a fucking idiot if you just watched all that and think Coach is only going to do you good.” “Wait… What?” Travis paused. “You can tell a difference?” “Course I can moron. Everyone technically can. You just have to look for it. Don’t know how Coach is able to change reality, but if you think he’s only going to change it for good, you’re dumber than you look,” Brandon said. A stain had formed around his baby blue jock strap. “He can make you young, hot and super sexually active. But he can also change in other ways too. You think I wanna be this big?” Travis looked up and down Brandon. He had been a pretty fit jock, but now he was looking closer to a bodybuilder. Massive bloated muscles filled every part of his body. His veins were bulging out of his skin even as he stood there trying to relax. “Right…” Travis nodded. “I guess not…” Brandon shook his head. He started to pull up his shorts. “You already agreed, didn’t you?” “Yeah…” Travis muttered. “Oh well,” Brandon shook his head. He grabbed his shirt and then tried to pull it over his head. His muscles were so big that they were making it rather hard for him without a bit of shimmying or shaking, but eventually he got it down. “Just don’t piss him off.” “Uhh… Right,” Travis nodded. Ken walked back in with a bit of a glow to him. But when he saw Travis, he jumped back. “Oh hey!” he stammered. “When did you get here.” “Just a moment ago. I saw you going to the bathroom and figured Brandon was in here,” Travis lied. “Oh good,” Ken breathed. ---------- Travis watched Ken and Brandon study together. The two took it incredibly seriously as they went over notes. Ken made sure not to tell Brandon the answers too directly. He was good at teaching him, rather than just telling him. And the way Brandon actually sat and listened, trying his best to get all the answers he could. However, whenever the two would get close, Brandon would end up getting a bit too close, or leaning in a bit more sensually than would have been a normal study partnership. Ken would breathe out, trying his best not to let on how much he liked the added attention. However, his hands would gently caress Brandon’s strong arms. It was at least something to keep Travis’ mind occupied as the two went over the basics. They eventually finished and started to head out. Ken was the first to leave. Travis was about to say his farewell as well, yet Brandon started laughing. “Where do you think you’re going?” “Home?” Travis said. It only made Brandon laugh even harder. “Nice one. You’re part of the team now. You’ve got to go see coach. Just like everyone else.” “Wait… Really?” “Uh-huh,” Brandon nodded. He chuckled again. “C’mon.” Travis followed Brandon to the gym. The commons area was usually closed by 9. People would still use it occasionally to get ice or as a way to get around campus a little bit faster. But the doors were supposed to be locked. Students weren’t supposed to do that as the maintenance workers were supposed to do it. However, the emergency lights remained on. Even though no one was supposed to be there, the school didn’t want to be held liable for someone sneaking in and then getting hurt. “This way,” Brandon said. His massive body walked with a bit of a waddle as his thick legs rubbed up against each other. The two were headed for the gym. It was well lit, spilling light through the glass on the doors. Travis blinked a few times before stepping inside. “Woah…” Travis muttered as he looked around. All the jocks under Coach Slenars’ authority were there. They were waiting patiently as Travis and Brandon were the last two to enter. “Oh, you made it,” Coach Selnars said. He leaned against the weights. His thick hairy body looked so relaxed as the two entered. “Sorry we’re late coach,” Brandon said. “We had to finish the study lesson with Ken.” “And did you keep you’re end of the bargain?” “I did,” Brandon said. “Good man!” Coach Selnars started laughing. “I’m so glad you enjoyed it.” He pulled out a phone and started typing away. “Just look how excited you still are.” Brandon’s dick hardened again. His hand started rubbing against it. “Yes sir,” he said. “Wait a second,” Travis said. He could feel the memories of Brandon really really enjoying it and talking about how much he liked Ken as the two walked to see coach. But at the same time, he felt like it was wrong. “What’s going on?” Coach Selnars rolled his eyes. “It’s always so annoying to have to explain. I’ve been doing this for 60 something years and not a single person gets it. Even though I always tell them. You gave me control over your life.” “Six-sixty years?!” Ken sputtered. “You barely look 30.” “Just think… Just think for one second. Don’t you think that I would allow myself to control my own life?” Coach Selnars grunted. A flash of arrogance flashed through his face. “You really think I wanna look like some old man? And after I can make all these handsome jocks do whatever I want?” He went to his device and typed something in. All the guys in the area let out a loud moan. Travis watched as the jocks seemed to lose their balance as their hands touched their cocks. Each one turned to the closest guy next to them and then started kissing him. Their hands explored every inch of their partner’s body. All the while making all sorts of noise. However, only Brandon didn’t have a partner. His face seemed to twist in pain as he wasn’t able to find a partner. His hand desperately tried to help his erection, yet it didn’t do anything to help. Despite his massive body, he didn’t have the strength help himself. “What’s going on?” Travis asked as he watched the scene unfold. “I’m just having some fun. And I think it’s your turn to join them,” Coach Selnars said. He typed something into his device. “Now come show your coach some appreciation.” He dropped his pants around his ankles. Travis’ eyes went wide as he saw the bulge between the other man’s legs. The imprint looked like it was thick as a beer can and ran halfway down his leg. “But… But I’m straight? I’m going to be dating Courtney soon,” Travis tried to swat away the feelings he was having. But the intrusive thoughts just coming. He couldn’t think about anything other than that thick cock being inside him. Coach Selnars’ laugh came from his belly. “You think I give a shit about what you do on your own time. But when you’re on my time you do what I say.” “Y-yes sir!” “Good boi. Now get down on your knees,” Coach Selnars commanded. Travis instantly fell down onto all fours. “Crawl over to me.” Travis put on hand in front of the other as he slowly crawled over to the other man. He crawled passed the guys still making out with each other. His attention was focused squarely on the coach’s cock. “Good boi.” One of Coach’s strong hands gripped him under the chin. “Now suck it.” Travis’ mouth opened wide. Wider than it had ever been. And he instantly started suckling on that massive piece of meat. It barely fit in his mouth, yet he seemed to know exactly how to please the other man. “Good boi,” Coach’s hand ran through Travis’ short brown hair. He squeezed tightly whenever Travis was doing an extra good job. Each moan and grunt only seemed to encourage Travis even more. Even though he’d never done it before, Travis knew all the ins and outs. He could push it all the way to the back of his throat but use his tongue in such a way that made the Coach’s knees go weak. Coach’s cock throbbed with joy each time he went a little deeper. Travis could tell he was getting close. He knew the way coach would grip the back of his head, tightly but fingers still slipped over his skull. Then there was the loud staggered grunt as he tried to hold off. But then he’d end up finishing. Torrents of cum shot down Travis’ throat and he greedily swallowed them all. “I knew you’d be a good addition to the team.”
  8. Rory34

    El Taquero

    Hola, ha pasado mucho desde mi historia anterior, jajá. El día de hoy les traigo esta nueva y extensa historia ya completa de una sola vez, espero y les guste Él es Ricardo (Ricky), tiene 20 años, ha trabajado como Taquero desde los 18 años, justo al salir de preparatoria. El negocio le fue heredado gracias a su difunto padre, el cual Ricardo motivado por sus últimas palabras de "Debes trabajar y convertirte en todo un hombre" aceptó. Ricardo era un chico bonachón, media 1.67, tenía un abdomen flácido y unos brazos no tan trabajados, a él no le importaba mucho ser así, aunque a veces le gustaría ser más fuerte, como su padre hubiera querido, lo único que le importaba a él es ser una persona gentil y amable; aunque la amabilidad que el tenía llegaba a perjudicarle, solía dar tacos gratis a personas que decían no tener dinero para pagarselos diciendo que otro día lo harían, obviamente mintiendo y aprovechandose de su confianza. Esto le había pasado factura a Ricardo ya que no le alcanzaba el dinero para pagarle al dueño del local en el que estaba su puesto de tacos. -. Tres mil cuatrocientos noventa y nueve, y tres mil quinientos! A la verga, no me llega la lana para pagarle al dueño. Me hace falta más dinero, aghh. Debería a ver cobrado a esos culeros que no me pagan. -. Hey que tranza Ricky. *Decía un muchacho de apariencia delgada y con muchas ojeras* -. Hola, Pepe... Nada solo estoy viendo que me falta un chingo para pagarle al dueño del local. Pepe era el mejor amigo de Ricardo desde la prepa, tomó un camino diferente a él vendiendo droga, suele irle bien aunque también suele consumirla lo cual se puede deducir por su apariencia delgada aunque con un poquito de musculo y su mirada perdida. -. Chale carnal, yo te prestaría pero no tengo nada ya lo gasté todo y no me ha pagado el patrón aún... -. No te preocupes... Ya me di por vencido... -. Ya te dije que te vengas a trabajar conmigo, pagan muy bien, jejé. -. No, no voy a vender droga, mi papá no hubiera querido eso... -. Tú piénsalo ya verás como te irá de bien jajá. Eh, ponme unos al pastor, ya me ruje todo. -. Marchando... *Decía tristemente mientras se ponía manos a la obra con sus tacos al pastor* Ten, aquí están. -. Uhmmm, está si es mierda de la buena, no sé cómo no tienes el dinero suficiente si estás cosas están bien buenas. *Decía Pepe mientras masticaba con la boca abierta* -. Gracias, tu si aprecias mi comida carnal. -. Es que es muy buena... Bueno, ya me tengo que ir *Decía mientras limpiaba su boca* llámame si queres algo carnalito. -. 'ta bien bro, adiós. -. Ahh... Ya nadie viene a comer tacos, cuando era niño este sitio estaba lleno de restaurantes de comida típica mexicana, ahora la mayoría de estos son veganos o lugares para hacer ejercicio, es un mal lugar para mi puesto... Aún así es el que menos me cobra, y está difícil encontrar otro lugar. Estoy acabado. *Se decía asimismo* De repente un carro lujoso se acercó hacia el puesto de Ricardo, parqueandose en frente de él, de el auto salió un hombre bien vestido con cara algo pretenciosa. Él era Santiago, el hijo del dueño de los locales y dueño de una empresa de moda, heredó todo eso de su padre que había fallecido hace dos años. Era un hombre de 1.73, atlético y vegano, cuidaba mucho su dieta y le gustaba vestir bien. -. H-Hola, Don Santi. -. Hola, señor Ricardo, ya le dije que no me llame "Santi" mi nombre es Santiago. -. S-sí, disculpe... -. Bueno, como ya debes saber, estamos en ese día del mes en el que vengo a cobrar el pago por el local, así que necesito que me des el dinero ahora, por favor. -. E-eh... No quiere comerse unos tacos..? Jejé. -. No me ofrezca tan grotesco "manjar" yo solo vengo por el dinero, así que demelo ¡ahora! *Decía friamente* -. Este... Re-resulta que no lo tengo completo, jejé... Le ha ido mal al negocio y me preguntaba si me podría dar por lo menos una semanita más para juntar el dinero, jé... -Pfft, no me haga reír; usted sabe muy bien que no le cobro demasiado y aún así no me va a pagar? Ni crea que le voy a dar otro día más, así que mañana en la tarde más le vale que se lleve todo a otro lugar. Vamos a convertir este lugar de comida grotesca en un negocio de batidos saludables. Adiós. Santiago se dirigió rápidamente hacia su auto y se fue del lugar. -. Mierda... Papá lo siento mucho... No pude mantener el negocio... *Decía Ricardo tristemente* Mientras tanto Pepe se encontraba en la bodega donde trabajaba junto a su patrón. -. Oye Pepe, ven acá cabroncito *Decía su Jefe* -. Que tranza patroncito? -. Necesito que pruebes esta madre, es una nueva droga que ha venido por parte de los chinos de Japón, dicen que es una bien fuerte y aún están experimentando con ella. Como sé que le entras a todo te la dejo a ti pa' que la pruebes, he escuchado que quizá no la vuelvan a hacer porque es muy poderosa y no quieren que caiga en malas manos, pero si me la dieron es porque soy de confianza y he sido cliente de esos taka-taka, así que aprovéchala mijo. -. A huevos que sí jefecito, puede confiar en mi. (No le entendí casi ni madres pero la cosa es que está buena esta mierda) *Decía mientras tomaba la bolsita de droga y la guardaba en su bolsillo derecho* -. Ah, y vende estas bolsas de mariguana en el parque, ya sabes, lo de siempre. -. Claro que sí, capitancito. Pepe salió de la bodega, justo en la entrada de esta recibió una llamada de su amigo Ricardo. -. Qué tranza Ricky? Qué paso? -. Ah... Ya me mandaron a la verga, necesito que me ayudes a subir unas cosas a la troca para llevármelas a mi casa. -. Chale, vale verga el dueño de esos locales, ni una semanita más te dio para que vendiera? -. No, ni verga... Pero ya ni modo, tengo que buscar trabajo con lo jodida que está la situación. -. 'uta amiguito, ya voy pa' allá. Ricardo comenzó a guardar sus cosas en cajas, mientras que Pepe se encontraba en camino hacia su negocio. -. Ay... Papá, discúlpame siento decepcionarte papito, no pude hacerte honor... *Decía Ricky con lagrimas en sus ojos* Pepe llegó al negocio, encontrándose a su amigo llorando. -. Ya llegó tu hombre Ricky, jajá... Ay... No carnal... 'tas mal... Ya no llores. -. Disculpa cabrón, no podía soportar... Creo que ya se me fue... -. Así me gusta carnal, que seas fuerte, quizá no de cuerpo pero si de mente, jajá. -. Jejé... Gracias, ahora ayúdame a levantar estas cajas bien pesadas. -. Ok, allá voy. *Decía Pepe mientras levantaba las cajas con facilidad* Pfft, jajaja, no pesan nada, si estas bien débilucho wey. -. Ya wey, ya sé que no soy bien fuerte, pero así me gusta. -. Ya wey, jajá, no te enojes... Ah, y la oferta sigue en pie, ya sabes lo de ir a vender ya sabes qué conmigo. *Decía Pepe mientras guiñaba su ojo* -. No, nunca le haría eso a mi papá que en paz descanse... Prefiero ser pobre y sano... -. Tú dices eso porque nunca la probaste, deberías hacerlo. -.No... Mejor cambia de tema y terminemos guardando. -. Sale, tú te lo pierdes... ¿Oye y esta carne? *Decía mientras observaba un tupper* -. Ah, me la llevaré a comer hoy, sino lo hago se me echa a perder. -Ah... *Decía Pepe mientras una idea surgía en la cabeza de este* (Debería ponerle un poco de mariguana a su carne pa' que la pruebe y así va a ver como le gusta jiji) Pepe se acercó más al tupper, sin pensarlo, sacó una bolsita de su bolsillo derecho y lo vertió todo en su carne, cerró el tupper y comenzó a sacudirlo para que se mezclara bien. -. ¿Qué haces? *Preguntaba consternado Ricardo* si quieres un poco de carne te doy... -. No, yo en casa tengo mucha comida, jajá... Vamos a seguir subiendo tus cosas a la troca. *Decía Pepe nervioso* -. Sale, está bien ... Rarito. Ricardo y Pepe subieron casi todo al auto, excepto la estufa, unas sillas y el refri. -. ¿Y esto lo vas a dejar? *Preguntaba Pepe* -. Sí, me dijo que tengo hasta mañana en la tarde para irme, así que veré si puedo vender algo más... -. Ah... Bueno, creo que ya es hora de que cierres por hoy Ricky. -. Sí... Ayúdame a meter la estufa al local. -. Sale. *Decía Pepe mientras sostenía un lado de la estufa* Ricardo hacía lo máximo que podía, pero al final el mayor trabajo lo hizo Pepe; terminaron de cerrar y se despidieron, Ricardo se fue a su casa mientras Pepe se fue al parque a vender droga. -. No puedo esperar a que me diga que le pareció *Decía Pepe mientras frotaba sus manos pícaramente*pero pa' mientras a hacer dinerito con más droguita, jajá. Ricardo llegó a su casa, bajó su tupper con comida y lo dejó sobre la mesa y se sentó un rato a pensar. -.Ay... Vale verga, tengo que empezar a buscar trabajo... Maldito Santiago, debería haberme dado una semanita más, ya le había hecho esto mismo a varios otros negocios como los helados de Doña Chonita o el puesto de carnita asada de Don Luis... Pero qué se le va a poder hacer, no se le puede decir nada... Lo siento papá, te fallé... *Decía tristemente* por lo menos aún te tengo a ti, carne, esta tristeza me está dando mucha hambre... Ricardo comenzó a devorar toda la carne gracias a su despecho, se sentía vacío, esperando a que está acción lo ayudara. -. Uh... Esto no me va a hacer bien... *Decía mientras tocaba su estómago* será mejor que vaya a dormirme ya... Mañana tengo que levantarme temprano para vender lo más que pueda. Ricardo se puso su pijama y se dirijió a su cama a rezar un poco. -. Por favor, Dios, dame fuerzas para sobrellevar esta situación, ojalá y estés cuidando a mi papito hasta allá arriba y dile que lo siento... No pude convertirme en el hombre que él quería.... Ricardo terminó y se acostó a dormir, todo iba bien hasta que el reloj dió las 3:55 am; algo le pasaba a Ricardo, su estómago comenzó a hacer ruido y su cuerpo comenzó a temblar... -. Ugh... Mi estómago... Me está temblando el cuerpo... Agh... No debí comerme toda la carne antes de dormir... Ricardo se abrazaba asimismo mientras el dolor invadía su cuerpo, de pronto su temblor comenzó a hacerse más fuerte, gracias a esto Ricardo dió un grito desgarrador... -. AAAAAGGHH!! Du-duelegh... Tan pronto Ricardo soltó el grito su cuerpo empezó a cambiar. Sus piernas comenzaban a crecer, se salían demasiado de su pijama; su torso comenzó a estirarse dejándo ver su ombligo y estirando su camisa, sus brazos se estiraba más y más; -. Agh... Estoy-creciendo... Uff. Justo cuando Ricardo pensaba que el estiramiento había terminado una nueva ola de cambios se hizo presente. Primero con su espalda volviéndola mucho más ancha y más musculosa, destruyendo por completo su camisa; sus hombros aumentaron de tamaño, se volvieron enormes, sus flácidos brazos comenzaron a inflarse al punto de verse como grandes toronjas; sus piernas comenzaron a llenarse de músculos, que al mismo tiempo hacían que su pantalón se rompiera convirtiéndolo en unos shorts; su pecho palpitaba, desatando unos pectorales enormes que parecían melones; su panza comenzó a convertirse en un six pack y su trasero había crecido y se había levantado, ahora contaba con unos enormes gluteos; Ricardo se había convertido en una montaña de músculos, que ni el mismo podía creer. -. Q-qué!!? ¿Qué le pasó a mi cuerpo? *Decía mientras miraba hacia abajo con dificultad gracias a sus enormes pechos* Por último su miembro comenzó a vibrar y se desató un enorme bulto que yacía en sus nuevos par de shorts. Ricardo aún seguía fascinado por su nuevo cuerpo y no sé percató mucho de este detalle; aunque por su cara se notaba que le encantaba en lo que se había convertido. -. ¿Cómo? ¡Soy todo un chacal! ¡Estoy bien grandote! Jajá... Tengo que verme en un espejo rápido... Ricardo corrió al espejo de su armario y comenzó a verse fascinado, tocando suavemente sus nuevos abdominales. -. Dios... Soy todo un hombre ahora... ¡Me veo bien rico! *Decía mientras flexionada sus brazos* ¿Pero cómo mierda me convertí en esto?.. ¿Será por el rezo que hice anoche?.. Sí... Diosito me convirtió en esto, Diosito me volvió más fuerte, como quería, jajá ¡Me encanta!, no puedo esperar para mañana y que todos me digan lo vergón que me veo... Es verdad, mañana es mi último día... El pinche Santiago no me quiso dar otra semana para juntar el dinero... Es un pendejo... *De repente en la cabeza de Ricardo había surgido una idea* Sí... Ayer le pedí a Dios fuerza para sobrellevar la situación y él me dió este cuerpo para que le de una lección al pinche mamón de Santiago, jajá. Gracias Diosito *Decía mientras flexionada su brazo derecho* Ese Santiago se las verá conmigo, así haré justicia a los otros negocios que el pendejo quitó también, como el puesto de tostadas de Doña Rosa o el de Carnitas de Don Paco... Ahora si alguien va a poner a ese cabrón en su lugar... *Decía mientras iba a ver la hora en su celular* Son las 4:02 de la mañana, tengo que pensar el algo ya. Ricardo comenzó a hacer su plan, tenía demasiada energía que decidió planear eso y entrenar toda la mañana, mientras casi llegaba la hora para prepararse y abrir su negocio. -. Doscientos noventa y nueve, y Trescientos... Uff... Ni loco hubiera podido hacer trescientas lagartijas con mi anterior cuerpo, me encanta mi nuevo cuerpo de chacal, jajá. Ah, ya casi es la hora, le voy a llamar a Pepe para hacer el plan. Ricardo llamó a Pepe, mientras este último se encontraba aún dormido y que gracias a la llamada de Ricardo despertó. -. ¿Qué pedo Ricky? ... ¿Son las 5:40 cabrón que quieres? -. ¿Qué tranza Pepe?, quiero que me vendas de aquella droga que te hace dormir al instante, cabrón. -. ¿Pa' qué quieres eso? *Decía intrigado* y wey como que te escuchas más duro, ¿no? ¿Te resfiaste? -. Tú solo trae esa mierda, te explico cuando me vengas a ver. -. Sale, luego te llevo. *Pepe colgó el teléfono y comenzó a pensar un poco* ¿Para qué querrá esa droga Ricardo? ¿Será que ya quiere entrarle a esto? Jajá, al parecer mi plan funcionó, ¡ahora venderá droguita conmigo! *Decía alegre Pepe* Mientras tanto Ricardo decidió ir a prepararse para empezar su día con su nuevo cuerpo. Ricardo se dirijió a la ducha, se quito la ropa y se metió a duchar, percatandose de un gran detalle, que apenas había notado... -. QUE VERGOTA!! jajá, Dios que grande la tengo, jajajá, me encanta... Adoro cada vez más este cuerpo. -. Listo, ahora ponerme más guapo de lo que soy, jajá... Ay, es verdad, no tengo ropa, ¿de donde voy a sacar? *Ricardo pensó un poco la situación y se acordó que aún tenía la ropa que era de su padre y decidió ir a buscarla* Mi papá era gordo y alto, de seguro tiene ropa para mi... Ajá, esta será buena *Decía mientras tomaba una playera blanca, unos calzoncillos y unos jeans algo viejos* Ay papito... Ahora si soy un hombre grande y fuerte como te hubiera gustado... *Decía mientras miraba la ropa* Muy bien, ahora que tengo ropa me faltan zapatos... Ah! Usaré los que me mandó mi tío de los USA que me quedaban enormes... Listo! Termino de cambiarse y ya listo se fue en su carro hacia su negocio; llegó a este y se bajo del auto, mientras atraía las miradas de todos. Abrió su negocio mientras los dueños de los demás negocios y gimnasios lo veían a él y a su asombroso cuerpo, no lo podían creer; sacó su estufa y se puso su gabacha que apenas le quedaba y comenzó a vender sus deliciosos tacos. La estufa parecía de juguete a la par de él, ahora era un gigante lleno de músculos. Los clientes llegaban rápidamente para comprarle tacos, aunque en realidad era más para poder verlo de cerca. Ricardo trabajaba como loco, hasta que llegó al punto de terminarse todo los ingredientes que tenía. Ya había llegado la tarde y Ricardo finalmente pudo parar de hacer tacos. -.Uff, creo que logré juntar el dinero que me faltaba, jajá; pero igual quiero vengarme del pendejo de Santiago. Mientras Ricardo descansaba en su silla afuera de su negocio, Pepe se acercaba no pudiendo creer lo que veía. -. Ri-ricky!!? Eres t-tú!? -. Hola Pepito, ¿Qué tal carnalito? -.¿!Qué mierda te pasó!? Estás enorme! -. Me veo bien vergas, ¿verdad? Me encanta este cuerpazo, soy todo un chacal ahora. -. ¿Cómo? ¿Cuando? -. Justo anoche, recuerdo haber terminado de comer, luego me fui a dormir y en la madrugada me convertí en esta bestia, jajá. -. Espera, esto pasó después de comer la carne? -. Sí, jajá, luego de comer, me dormí como ya dije. -. Oh... Interesante... *Decía mientras notaba que en su bolsillo derecho no se encontraba el sobre de droga que le había dado su jefe ayer* (Mierda, creo que ese era el efecto de la droga, convertí a Ricardo en un chacal sin querer... Tengo que conseguir más de esa droga) B-bueno, Ricky... A-quí tienes la droga que me pediste... Por cierto... ¿Para qué la quieres? -. Me voy a vengar del pendejo de Santiago, ese cabrón no sabe lo que le espera *Decía mientras hacía saltar sus pectorales* -. Pero no llevará guarda espaldas? -. Pff, no este lugar es prácticamente suyo, siempre viene solo. -. Vaya, si que le va a doler *Decía mientras veía sus musculosos brazos* Bueno, yo ya me tengo que ir, así que adiós *Decía nervioso* -. Hey, ¿a donde vas tan rápido sin haber tocado mis músculos? -. Qué!? Pero yo no quiero, no me gusta eso... Jejé. -. Vamos tocalos, tocalos si quieres irte... -. (parece que no tengo opción, mierda...) Ok, solo un poquito. *Comenzó a tocar los bíceps de su amigo* wow, son bien grandes... Parecen toronjas... -. VERDAD!? me encantan *Decía mientras flexionaba* ahora bésalos. -. QUE!? -. Bésalos, ahora. *Presionaba la cabeza de Pepe frente a su bicep izquierdo* solo uno, y te vas. -. Yo... (no tengo opción, otra vez, se ve muy intimidante) Ok... *Comenzó a besar mientras Ricky sostenía su cabeza, duró 20 segundos así, hasta que de alguna forma gracias a su sudor pudo deslizarse y se soltó* -. Aww... Eso fue poco... Por qué no vamos mejor a ese callejón y nos tardamos más? *Decía Ricardo de manera atrevida* -. Yo, no quiero, me tengo que ir... A-adiós... *Pepe corrió lo más rápido que pudo escapando de Ricardo* -. Que cabrón, no quiso hacer nada conmigo... Fua, a pesar de estar bien delgaducho tiene buen culo... Me la para de solo verlo... Agh, aunque ahora tengo que esperar al pinche Santi y darle su merecido... Mientras Pepe corría de Ricardo recibió una llamada de su jefe, preguntando el resultado de la droga... -. ¿¡LA PERDISTE!? Ahora que vamos a hacer grandisimo pendejo, ¡hijo de puta! *Decía el jefe de Pepe* -. Jefesito, nada más fue un descuido, se lo voy a recompensar, le trabajo gratis un mes... -. Ni creas que te voy a volver a ver en la vida cabrón, ¡esa prueba nos iba a costar una dotación importada de droga, y tú mandaste todo a la mierda! Así que ni loco vuelvas, y como te vea por aquí, te mando a quebrar, entendiste cabrón? Y cuidadito con andar llamando a la policía... *Decía el Jefe de Pepe mientras colgaba* -. Chale, ahora si la re cagué bien... Ahora me dejaron sin chamba, vale verga... Mientras tanto, Ricardo esperó hasta la tarde, cuando el señor Santiago iba a llegar a cerrar su tienda. -. Uff... El pendejo de Pepe me dejó caliente... No se me baja la verga... En mi anterior cuerpo apenas se me notaba lo duro... Mientras Ricardo trataba de bajar su miembro, un auto lujoso se parqueaba frente a él, de este salió Santiago, que quedó impactado al ver al nuevo Ricardo. -E-eh... Disculpe... Q-quién es usted, y qué hace aquí? *Decía Santiago intrigado* Ricardo se percató de este y sonrió. -. Qué? No te cuerdas de mi? Soy yo, el Ricky. -. S-señor Ricardo!? ¿!Qué fue lo que le sucedió!? -. Te refieres a estos brazotes? Pues... Se podría decir que recibí lo que siempre tuve que tener... -. A qué se refiere...? -. Mmm... No es nada tan importante usted no lo entendería... -. Sea lo que sea, v-vengo a desalojarlo del local señor Ricardo... Por favor... *Decía con un poco de temor en su voz* -. En serio? Apenas vienes a mi negocio y ya me estas sacando? Por qué no charlamos un rato y comes algo? -. Usted sabe que su comida no es de mi agrado señor Ricardo. -. Eso es porque nunca ha probado mis tacos, sabe? hoy le vendí a todos los de la cuadra y creo que les parecieron exquisitos... De seguro usted no se quiere quedar atrás... *Decía mientras saca una orden y la ponía en el plato* vamos pruebe los... -. N-no... No va con mis ideales... Usted sabe que soy vegano... -. Agh, ya deje de estar chingando tanto y coma un poco... A lo mejor no le gustan porque les falta algo especial, ahora se lo pongo... *Decía mientras vertía el sobresito que Pepe le había dado* Listo, ahora comalos, están exquisitos... -. N-no... No gracias jeje, yo no debo, creo que se me va a hacer tarde para otra reunión jajá, quizá me tenga que ir, hablamos mañana *Decía nervioso mientras se levantaba, pero fue detenido por el gran brazo de Ricardo* -. Vamos... Coma, sabe? He estado pensando en practicar boxeo, creo que con estos brazotes nadie me ganará, podría llevar al hospital a cualquiera, jajá. *Santiago sin otra opción comió los tacos que Ricardo le había preparado, este último solo lo veía con una sonrisa* -. Mmm... He de admitir que sí saben muy bien, se nota que es un cocinero experto, señor Ricardo. -. Gracias, mi padre que en paz descanse me enseñó a hacerlo. -. Pues si le enseñó muy bien, mis respetos... *De repente una cara de cansancio aparecía en Santiago* Uff, jajá, de repente... Me siento... Con sueño... *Santiago cayó sobre la mesa y rápidamente fue recogido por Ricardo* -. Hey, hey... *Gritaba Ricardo* Já, mi plan esta funcionando, es hora de desquitarme con este cabrón. Ricardo llevó a Santiago a su camioneta y lo metió cubriendolo con una manta, guardó todo en su negoció y lo cerró; rápidamente lo condució hacia su casa donde esté lo bajó y lo ató de manos a una esquina de un armario y por último tomó un valde con agua y se lo echó completamente a Santiago para despertarlo. -. AAAAAHHH!! Q-qué? Qué pasó? Dónde estoy? Señor Ricardo? Por qué estoy atado? -. Shhh, cállate ya puto, solo llámame Ricky. -. Exijo que me desate de acá inmediatamente, qué pretende hacer conmigo!? -. Pues... Solo quiero darte tu merecido, para que no vuelvas a estar molestandome con eso de quitarme el local mucho más. -. ¡Pero es dinero que usted debía! ¡No puede hacerme esto! Me las pagará. *Decía agitado Santiago* -. Jajá, tú piensas que me vas a hacer algo? Acaso no vez al gran chacal que tenes en frente? Esto lo arreglamos aquí y ahora... *Decía Ricardo con tono molesto* -. Espere... D-deténgase... ¿!Qué me va a hacer!? -. Al principio pensaba en darle una putiza, pero ahora *Se quitaba su pantalón dejando completamente descubierto su enorme y vigoroso miembro* voy a darte otra cosa que no vas a olvidar en tu vida putito. -. Espere, n-no, no puede hacerme esto, no- Santiago fue callado con el poderoso miembro de Ricardo, este último lo tomaba de la cabeza y lo avalanzaba en frente suya. -. Shhh, callate puto, no te estoy dando permiso para hablar. Vamos así, tragala toda maricón... Ricardo se complacía con la boca de Santiago mientras este último solo se quejaba y lloraba por el dolor que la verga de Ricardo proporcionaba en su garganta. -. No estés llorando pendejo, que todavía no terminamos, lamela todo lo que podas pa' que no te duela cuando la tengas bien adentro, Agh, uff, sí sigue así cabrón. Ricardo siguió por un rato hasta que terminó corriendose en toda la boca de Santi. -. Aghh...traga todos mis mecos marica, te estoy llenando todo de leche. -. Mnngg~ agh... Por F-favor... Ya, Agh.. Ahh ahh. *Decía Santiago con algo de lágrimas en los ojos* -. Esto no va a acabar hasta que yo diga cabrón, apriende quién es tu papi pendejo; prepárate puto, te voy a meter toda la riata en el culo. Ricardo procedió a romper la camisa de Santi junto a sus pantalones y calzoncillos, dejando expuesto su pálido y algo rosado trasero. -. Uff, que rico culo tienes pendejo, se nota que sos de esos que haces ejercicio; mira que rosadito, bien listo para unas buenas nalgadas *Ricardo comenzó a azotar fuertemente las nalgas de Santi mientras este solo gemia* Uff que rico lo que me voy a comer... -. Ayy, Agh.. Por favor... No más... *Decía Santiago casi llorando* -. Cálmate ya cabrón, no actúes como sino te gusta pendejo, todos los dueños de los negocios sabemos que sos un maricón, así que aguantate putito. Ricardo comenzó a comerle le culo a Santiago, lamiendo justo su entrada y metiendo los dedos para que su tremendo miembro entrara sin fallas. -. Que rico, puto, te gusta que una bestia musculosa como yo te esté cogiendo verdad cabrón? Verdad que te gusta? Di que te gusta pendejo! -. S-sí me gusta... -. Con ganas, dime sí papi Ricky *Decía mientras lo tomaba fuertemente del cuello* -. Sí papi Ricky, Agh, me encanta tu verga, ahh... -. Así me gusta, ahora prepárate, vas a sentir como es tener a un verdadero hombre fuerte y viril dentro de ti. *Tomaba su enorme verga e introducía la cabeza de esta por el culo de Santiago, oyendolo y excitandose por los gemidos que este último daba* Ricardo movía sus caderas de forma brusca para hacerle sentir toda su potencia a Santiago, tomándolo del cuello como buen activo de una escena porno gay, haciéndolo gemir de placer y de dolor por tener ese pedazo de tranca entre sus nalgas. -. UFF, ESTÁS BIEN RICO SANTI, AGHH, te voy a dejar bien roto cabrón, no vas a caminar en semanas, jajá, ahh, bien apretado tenes el culo. *Decía Ricardo mientras sobraba sus pezones que yacían en ese enorme pecho* -. Aghh, aayyy, aghh...duele...Ricky... -. Prepárate cabrón, ya me estoy comenzando a venir, y estoy bien cargado pendejo. *Ricardo comenzaba a moverse mucho más rápido llegando a casi venirse* -. AGHH, no, R-ricky p-para, me estas rompiendo... Me voy a venir yo también... Aghh. -. AAAAAGGHH, UFFF... *Suspiraba Ricardo, luego de haberse corrido dentro del culo de Santiago. Lo había llenado tanto que la leche aún escurría de sus nalgas, estaban completamente rojas, y lo dejó con las piernas temblando* -. Ayyy, me duele mucho... Pero si me gustó *Decía Santiago que se había venido también aunque para nada igual que Ricardo* -. Uff, jajá, ya sabía yo que si sos una buena perra *Decía Ricardo mientras le daba una bofetada a Santi para posteriormente tomarlo de la cara y darle un enorme beso* nunca en tu vida vas a encontrar un macho como yo, con buena tranca y con un cuerpazo de chacal, bien macizo y duro, así que dime, ¿me vas a dejar ya de molestar con eso de quitarme el negocio? -. Y-yo... *Santi se desplomó en los brazos de Ricardo, estaba muy exhausto* -. Chale, que bueno que sigue respirando, creo que sí me pasé esta vez. Ricardo llevó a Santi a su cuarto y lo acostó en su cama, Ricardo se decidió acostar con él y aunque apenas cabían durmieron juntos esa noche. A la mañana siguiente Ricardo se había levantado temprano para hacerle desayuno a Santiago y buscarle algo de la ropa que usaba él antes de convertirse en esa vestia ya que la ropa de Santi había sido destruida. -. Hmm... Agh... Qué sucedió ayer? Uff, me duele mucho el trasero... Ayy, así que la violada, no fue un sueño... *Decía Santiago mientras se levantaba* Uff, me duele un chingo... Agh, eh? Hay un poco de ropa, supongo que es para mi, no puedo salir desnudo... Ya vestido, salió como pudo del cuarto, sosteniéndose de todo para no caerse y se encontró con Ricardo, su abusador. -. Buenos días, Santi. Ya te hice tus huevitos con chorizo, espero que te gusten. *Decía felizmente Ricardo* -. G-gracias... Se ven ricos *Decía mientras se sentaba* Uff, Agh... Me escuece el culo... -. Jajá, es lo que pasa cuando un machote como yo te da de su buena tranca, jajajá. -. Jejé... He de admitir que sí lo disfruté. -. Ya sabía yo, y ya que estamos menos alterados, quisiera saber si al final vas a dejarme con mi negocio, es lo único que tengo... *Decía Ricardo con tono desesperado* -. Ricardo, yo lo siento, pero no puedo dejarte. -. ¿¡QUÉ!? ACASO NO VES CON QUIÉN TE ESTÁS METIENDO!? QUIERES QUE TE VUELVA A VIOLAR!? *Decía Ricardo furioso mientras tomaba a Santi de su camiseta* -. Ricky, espera... Agh, sueltame... Yo quiero que vengas a vivir conmigo, ugh... Ricardo soltó a Santiago mientras lo miraba consternado. -. Eh? Qué me vaya a vivir contigo? -. Sí, te daré un mejor trabajo y una buena casa... -. Ah, jajajá, lo que pasa es que te encanto, te gusta lo mamado y chacal que soy, te gusta como te cojo, jajá. -. Jajá, no lo voy a negar, así que, ¿qué dices? -. Pues obvio que sí cabrón, a darle! Ricardo comenzó a hacer sus maletas para irse a vivir con Santiago, donde comenzó a trabajar como modelo de su marca de ropa, aprovechando su extraordinario físico, mientras al mismo tiempo comenzaban una relación. Ricardo seguía haciéndole comida y dándole unas buenas cojidas a Santiago. Lograron encontrarle un buen trabajo a Pepe en una tienda de la empresa, en donde siempre era molestado por Ricardo por lo pequeño que era a comparación de él. Ricardo había encontrado un buen trabajo, una buena casa y una buena pareja, se había convertido en el hombre que su papá siempre quiso que fuera, un hombre fuerte en todo sentido. Fin. Y está fue la historia, espero y les haya gustado, también pienso traer más historias, aunque no sea el mejor haciéndolas
  9. Hello guys, it's been a long time since I posted a story, I was very busy latest months and hard to hold on to writing (imagining a story is easy, writing it is more difficult) but the desire to post a new hot story was stronger. So this story was a commission that someone asked me few months ago. But the story will probably more longer than I previewed so for to avoid to make you wait again for several months or me to loose motivation, I decided to split it in several parts. I hope you will still enjoy this first chapter. As usual, all reviews are welcome, even negatives. This story is based on the character of Harvey Kinkle of the old cartoon "Sabrina The Animated Series". In one of episodes (called Harvzilla because at the end, he tranforms himself in a dragon like Godzilla), he uses a magical spray and becomes more and more muscular. Fun fact, I saw this series when I was younger and weirdly, I remembered perfectly of this episode in particular, I wonder me why..... mmmmmh maybe because of that ). Oh yes and of course, this story takes times several years after the official series (so yes, Harvey is over 18y old !) I also warn than when it's a commission, so I try to respect the desire of the one who asked me this commission (so here, he wanted a gay relationship even if in the serie Harvey was in love of Sabrina, so don't be surprised if it diverges from the serie) Again, don't hesitate to give me your opinions, it will allow me to make the following parts even better. Enjoy ! ========================= Part 1: The promise ========================= I was preparing myself for my wrestling match. I practice this sport for a few years now. However, I don't have the body of a wrestler. I was skinny, average tall, 5'10", and weak. Fun fact: my nickname was Harvzilla but I didn't have anything of "Godzilla", on the contrary, I should have been called "Weakzilla". But I don't know, I love this sport. Even if I lose often. And for not to change... I will probably lose again today: I heard my opponent was new in this college, but he was already famous. I really ask me why. Ok, this is time. I put my white shirt and my green tank top and I went to the field. When I arrived on the field, the hall was crowded. What the fuck ? Usually, there weren't as many people... and I don't think there were here for me. I was starting to warm up when I heard the public shouting. What the fuck ? I looked the entrance. I don't know describe what I felt at this moment... I was immediately hypnotized by those blue eyes, this perfect nose, this amazing jawline, with a perfect mouth, his blond hair seemed divine. And his skin... Gooosh, he had a natural tan. Never I had seen a so beautiful face like this. And it was just the beginning... because there was not only his face which was incredibly beautiful. His body... HO-LY FUCK...HOLY MOTHER FUCKING FUCK ! We were almost same tall mmmmh although not, he was taller but what was sure, that was we didn't have the same weight and for cause: below this angelic face, there is a fucking muscular neck, which was almost wider than his head and this neck was surrounded by two mountains that came out of his back, his shoulders were canonballs, his sleeves were very tight cause his two big ripped guns, probably 18 inches, nice veins were browsing them, his forearms were so fucking muscular and venous, and fuuuuuuuuuuuck: bigger than my arms, his pecs were two enormous balloons, which pushed clearly against his shirt and tank top, his nipples were clearly visible and were obviously pointing down. Despite his singlet, I could see clearly six bumps (and they were not flexed !), perfectly symmetricals. Gooosh ! I'm going to avoid kicking this brick wall muscle. I could also see his adonis betl, cut to the axe. Below, his bulges suggested the size of his "package" and obviously, it was an XXL package. Next then came his legs, hem sorry, his tree trunks. I could see the bumps of his quads trought his short. And his calves were like two boulders implanted under his skin. Goooooooosh ! It was not possible, I must have been in the wrong sports hall. Was I to a wrestling match or a bodybuilding contest ? Because this god could clearly participate and win the first place very easily. The referee started the match. I caught his hands and I tried to push him but fuuuuuck he didn't move, even not only one inch. Personally, I used my whole strength but him, he seemed to not provide the slightest effort. Goooosh, I was totally surpassed by his strength. Then, very easily he started to push me backward. I tried to resist but nothing to do. He seemed amused by the situation because he fixed me, in smiling abut not badly, rather interested. He stopped, did one or two steps back; waited few seconds, then he smiled and restarted to push me. But now, he forced really. I couldn't do nothing, I was absolutely overwhelmed... and the next second I was out of circle. Shit, one point for him... The second round started, I tried to put him on the ground, so I surrounded him. And shiiiit, his muscles were so fucking hard, so warm. I couldn't help to feel his amazing abs. I'm sure he noticed because he has had a little laugh. Of course, he didn't move, not even a bit. And suddenly... I was on the ground. I didn't understand what happened. He lifted me as I weighted absolutely nothing and the second after, I was on the ground. Then he belted me. I tried to escape me but nothing do. I could feel his enormous weight on me, I was a fucking stick compared to him. And my shoulders touched the ground. The match was over... Of course, I already lost but never like this. I was absolutely powerless against him. He could have crush me if he wanted. I had lost but weirdly, I had loved this match. Really loved. I had loved to feel his body, this amazing and powerful body and I don't know but I think he noticed it and... I think he loved too. He walked towards me and shooked my hand, welll, more exactly, he broke my hand. Shit, his strength was so incredible. "Nice match !" he said in smiling. Oh fucking god, even his voice was amazing. Strong and deep, like his godlike body. "Eeehh... thanks..." Nice match ? I have been pulverized. He has literally played with me like a cat with a mouse. "Don't worry hahaha. You will win maybe one day" he said in laughing. "What ?" "You reaction. I know what you think: I have been pulverized isn't ?" "Wha...But how do you..." "I'm used to it. And don't worry, it will not be our last match. You can still enjoy hahaha !" Oh shit, he has noticed. I turned all red. Then he added. "And sooner than you think..." with a strange look. "What ?" "Don't worry, you will see... very soon" And he went with his coach. "Well Harvey... you are sorely lacking in training, as usual" said my coach, disappointed. "Yeah......" "Well, go shower, we talk about this ... carnage... later" Ten minutes later, I was in the showers. Weirdly, I should be disappointed by this match, one more defeat, however I don't know why but I was only able to think about one thing: Pedro. I remembered the moment where I saw him, his godlike body, his godlike muscles, his angelic face. Goooosh. My heart was beating quickly, I felt hot. But why ? Why did I feel this for this guy ? The only time I felt the same thing, it was when I saw Sabrina for the first time. And then I understood: was I just... in love ? In love of Pedro ? But... I mean, Pedro is a boy and... No, it's not possible, I can't... but I couldn't finish my phase when I heard: "Hello !" Th...this voice ?! I was so in my thoughts that I didn't hear him coming. Pedro ? Pedro was here, next to me ? I turned my head and...... HOLY MOTHER FUCKING SHIT OF FUCKING GOD OF FUCKING SHIT OF FUCKING GOD. Yes, Pedro was next to me, under the shower and obviously... naked. And yes, I was not wrong, really not: this guy was a FUCKING GOD ! Blue eyes His head was surrounding by huge traps, his shoulders were canonballs, his arms were so huge, 18 inches at least, with a big vein, and in talking of veins, his forearms were covered with it. His pecs were two balloons and below, there was six fucking boulders which exploded out of his stomach, perfectly symetrical. His adonis belt seemed to be cut with an ax, with an incredible set of veins. My eyes widened when I saw his "monster". Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck ! Look this dick ! Look this FUCKING DICK ! It...it wasn't humanly possible... Holy crap ! His legs looked like trees, ripped, venous, covered of muscular bumps and his calves were two fucking boulders. Even his feet was inhuman. "This too, I'm used to it hahaha" he said in laughing. "What ?" "You've been looking at me from head to toe for 2 minutes" he said in smiling. Oh crap ! I turned all red again. "But yeah, I understand you, it's amazing isn't ?" "What ?" "This one, it's amazing isn't ?" he said in flexing his 18" gun. Holy shit, I could feel my heart beat very quickly and above all, I was totally horny... but how can you not be horny by this perfection ? And what he says didn't help me. "Do you want to feel ?" Oh crap, oh fucking crap. I was hard instantly ! Shit Harvey, calm down, calm down, he must not notice it. "Y...Y...Yeah". I swallow and approached to him. My hand landed on his amazing mountain. Oh crap, I was right: hard as steel. "So, do you like ?" he said in smiling. Shit ! Shit shit shit ! I was going to cum ! But no Harvey, out of the question, you must no cum, you must no cum you MUST NO c... Unfortunately, I saw three milky jets come to smash against his brick wall abs. At this moment, I think i turned redder than a tomato. Oh crap, oh fucking crap, oh fucking shit of fucking crap ! "........................." he looked me in saying nothing. Crap, I'm dead. I'm fucking dead. Then he approached to me. You are dead Harvey, you are fucking dead. From red I went to blue. But what happened next, I would never have imagined it. He placed hi hands behind my head, he looked me, right in the eyes and... he kissed me. I remained stoic during few seconds. He was kissing me ? HE was kissing ME ? Pedro WAS KISSING ME ??? My whole body was shaking, but not of fear, no it was joy and hapiness. Fuuuuuuck, the most improbable scene I had imagined was happening !!!! He broke the kiss. "I told you that you would see soon haha" Oh crap, never I would imagine this. "Well, do you want to continue ?" he said me. I looked him for few seconds... and I threw myself on him. Honestly, I wasn't myself at this moment. My hand was everywhere, I felt his traps, I went down to his incredible shoulders, feeling each striations, I followed the pipe which roamed his humongous guns then his incredible forearms. I put my hands on his two muscular balloons and he made them bounce ! Oh crap ! I devoured his nipples then my tongue went down, going through every crevice of his amazing sixpack. I followed the incredible markdown of his adonis belt. And finally, I arrived to the boss. I had never sucked a boy. I didn't think I would ever do it. But here, I was in automatic mode. I swallowed mythe head in my mouth and I began to suck. Pedro started to moan. "Oh shit it's so GOOD !" he yelled. I sucked, and sucked, and sucked. Pedro moaned then roared, louder and louder. "OH SHIT OH FUCK AAAAAAH AAAAAH AAAAAH OOOOOOH NNNNNNNGGGGGGHHH OOOOOOOH OOOOOH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK !!!!!" And Pedro came, and came, dand came. I felt a sticky warm liquid flow down in my throat. Gosh, even his cum was so delicious. He shot about 15 charges before stopping. "Oh fuuuuck.. ha...ha...ha...ha..ha...shit....it...it...was.... absolutely...ha ...ha...ha...ha....amazing" said Pedro in panting. I was going to answer him when suddenly he lifted me, stuck me against the wall and kissed me again. I had still cum in my mouth but he didn't care. Our tongue intertwined. Gosh, evenThen, he turned me to face the wall. "What the fnnnnnnnnnnnnnGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA". I didn't have time to understand when his huge python entered into me. OH FUCK, OH FUCKING FUCK! OH FUCK FUCK FUCK ! It was the first time that I was getting fucked. And gosh, it felt so FUCKING GOOD ! My eyes rolled back, my mouth was open and I was moaning and drooling. The feeling was just unbelievable. Oh fuck, oh shit, oh fucking fuck ! Quickly Pedro accelerated the pace and started to groan, slowy at the beginning then more louder and quickly. I don't know how long it lasted, or how many times I felt his monster enter and leave my ass but each penetration sent me a wave of pure pleasure. It was the most intense feeling I felt of my life and it could continue like that for the eternity. But the pleasure was very too much, fortunately when I was about to pass out, Pedro came. "nnnngggaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!" I felt again a warm liquid fill my rectum. I was just able to do glutural moans, lost in an extreme pleasure, my eyes were rolling back. It was so INCREDIBLE ! Yes, I would never have imagined that I would live this today. for a moment I thought I was even in a dream but no, it was the reality. Pedro, the most amazing muscle god I have seen of my life, had just fucked me. And then it was over. Pedro was panting. "ha....ha....ha...ha...you see ? I told you you will see soon ! And gosh, you know very well suck dude hahaha !" "Honestly... I didn't know it myself..." Pedro laughed. "But I don't understand, you love me ? Really ? But why ?" "Honestly, I don't know how to explain it either. But when I saw you, instantly, I knew it; I knew it that I wanted to fuck you, but I didn't think it would happen so quickly... and I have to admit that I did not expect the blowjob. It was a true surprise and shit Harvey but you are really fucking good for that" "Haha maybe. So next time could swap places no ?" "Ah ? You want to fuck me ? Interesting" said Pedro with a little smile. "Ok ! But at one condition... "One condition ?" "You will have to earn your place ! You want my ass ? Okay, no problem: we will determine that by a wrestling match, the winner will have the right to claim his trophy ? Ok for these rules ?" "A wrestling match ? But... Pedro, I could never win against you. I mean, you have literally pulverized me today, never I could win against you..." "To be honest, without training, no, you will not to be able to win. Never" he said in flexing his huge 18". Fuck, if I wasn't empty, I'm sure I would have ejaculated again. "But... if you train hard, maybe you will have a chance. So now Harvey, you know what you have to do. Beat me and this ass will be yours... but if you lose I will claim my trophy. Okay ?" "............ Pedro ?" "Yes Harvey ?" "I will fuck you... I will fuck you like you've never been" "Hahaha, I don't want to scare you but nobody ever succeeded. I am always the one who fuck" "Not for longer. I will succeed, I promise you !" "Well, I can't wait to see this hahaha" said Pedro in smiling maliciously. From this moment, I had only one desire: fuck him. Pedro, I promise you that I will claim my trophy, by any way !
  10. FREaky

    Pleasure Growth Part 9

    Enjoying getting super freaky with this story, which is what I always wanted to do with it. Hope you all are enjoying it. Cheers. - Frank Pleasure Growth 9 by F_R_Eaky Part 1: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1116-pleasure-growth/ Part 2: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1117-pleasure-growth-part-2/ Part 3: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1118-pleasure-growth-part-3/ Part 4: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1256-pleasure-growth-part-4/ Part 5: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1257-pleasure-growth-part-5/ Part 6: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1389-pleasure-growth-6/ Part 7: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1489-pleasure-growth-part-7/ Part 8: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1551-pleasure-growth-part-8/ KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! Zeke rolled his 6' 4" frame over in his bed. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! Grabbing a pillow lightly in his sleep he mummbled, "Damn, honey, you're makin' the head board knock the wall. We're gonna wake the neighbors, Aaron." POUND POUND POUND POUND! Zeke awoke with a start. The room he was in didn't look familiar at all. Where the hell was he. Then it came flashing back to him in his mind. Him and Sanjay had left the college to head out and find Aaron. They had to pull over to get some sleep in a town just inside the Arizona boarder. POUND POUND POUND POUND! "Zeke! GET UP MAN! WE NEED TO TALK!" Shaking his head, Zeke go up and pulled on some sweatpants and fumbled his way to the door. He undid the chains and locks and opened it up. "Zeke... we need to talk, I got two reports we need to look a..... GOOD LORD! Zeke! Did you take the same thing as Aaron? Has Aaron's...uhm well, cum infected you with the same testosterone treatment he's on?" "What?! What do you mean? What are you talking about? Why are you looking at me like...I'm some kind of freak?" "You mean that is normal for you?" "What?" "That!" and Sanjay pointed down to a large bulge bouncing in Zeke's left sweat pants leg. "Oh!.... Sorry... you just woke me up and I was.... well...having a dream. I sleep nude and had to throw something on." "Ok...but again... is this from a..." "No! I'm naturally hung. 11 inches fully erect. Let me go take a piss. That'll deflate it, and then I can put on some underpants too, to stuff it in, ok?" "Sure.. sorry... just kind of surprised me there. Huge rod...nearly poking through your pants... No wonder Aaron likes you." "About Aaron..." Zeke called through the bathroom as he drained his python. "You said you had two things to tell me about him?" "Yeah. The first is, the concoction is worse than we feared. It seams, Wylie had even given it timing properties." "Meaning?" "Meaning, that when he gets approximately half way through his growth spurt, it'll kick in harder. In his case it means, he can suddenly become arosed again, almost immediately, and have another growth spurt right on top of one. He could keep having the spurt until he finishes." "Oh my God... we might not be able to get to him in time before..." "Before he's actually the size of a mountain." Zeke came out of the bathroom, cock making a large bulge in his underwear and sweatpants as he sat down on the bed. There was a bit of a pause before he looked up to Sanjay and asked, "Do we know how big he is currently?" "I'm not sure.... the reports from the circus had said around twenty-five feet tall when he left, but there are some reports around town located, here..." and Sanjay pulled out a map. "they reported rumors of a man...a god...around seventy-five feet tall, but that was at a cavern, and now.... my friends at the geological society have forwarded me pictures of one set of rock formations... they're all collapsed, crumbled, but the pattern the show is almost as if they came up and out of the earth, not breaking apart and rolling down. The worst part though is there was some data recorded on the richter scale, but that didn't happen until after the cavern had collapsed. The tremers were recorded here and down into Mexio." "If that's Aaron that's making those tremers..." "He'd have to be over one hundred feet tall now." "Do we know where the area is?" "Yes, not that far from here. An hour or two." "Alright, let's get packed up an moving...." ***************************************************************************** Meanwhile at that location an hour or so away, Aaron was waking up from his nap beside the river bed. The river bed didn't really hold him, and he had caused the river to rise up several feet from its normal bank perameters, but it was enough to help him get cleaned up from the cavern yesterday. Having been able to move and wash, feel his new olympian sized muscles in action, felt really good and comforting, Aaron felt sleepy. But now it was morning, and he was starting to stir, particularly because he began to here very strange whooshing noises. ZZZZZZZZZZZOOOOSH OOOOSH! Ooooosh ooooosh ZZZZZZZZZZZOOOOSH OOOOSH! Ooooosh ooooosh CRRRRRRCK "Angel One to base, we have reached target and flying over head. Over." CRRRRRRCK "Roger, Angel One. You and Angel Two scan area and see if you can locate the cause for what is being called, Lumberjack, for now." "Roger that base, we'll do a fly by and..." "HOLY SHIT! Mercury! On your fly back, three o'clock. We have him!" "Uhm... one moment base, Angel two apparently has a confirmational visual of Lumberjack. Have turned around for a fly back and will veriffffffffffSON OF BITCH THAT MOTHER FUCKER IS HUGE!" "Uhm. Can not copy Angel One. Are you referring to the Lumberjack as being huge?" "Major, I am verifying. Lumberjack is a man, the size of the Lumberjack we're referencing and he's jacked up worse than Hercules heading for a Mr. Olympia competition with all the precursor steroids to bulk him up!" "Angel One, how big exactly is big? Are we talking like Marvel's 'Angry Man' big?" "Bigger, Major. I mean to tell you he's so tall, his weapon of mass destruction is not only bigger than the weapon Angel Two and I carry, it might be bigger than our plane. Over." "Does the subject seem to be moving?" "He's apparently just waking up at the sound of our planes. Over." "Alright you and Angel Two proceed with caution. We want you to fight the special equipped concusive missles right at Lumberjacks head. Do you copy?" "Roger that, Base." "Once he is out, fly by until ground forces can get in and secure him." "Roger. Angel Two and I commencing firing pass on target. Stand by." ZZZZZZZZZZZOOOOSH OOOOSH! Ooooosh ooooosh ZZZZZZZZZZZOOOOSH OOOOSH! Ooooosh ooooosh Flying from the east the two airplane came fast and furious upon Aaron. Aaron still seated, was having to look up directly into the sun to try and see what they were doing. It was to late to move his hand to block the first round of missles from Angel One by the time he saw them. Direct hit to his forhead, right above the nose bridge, on the brow between the eyes. Aaron made some kind of soft moan and winced his eyes as the missles exploded. Thinking he could simply shake it off, he let his guard down, and the missles from Angel Two flew in and made their mark exactly as well. "OOooh!" Aaron's voice rumbled as his eyes rolled into the back of his head, his supporting arm gave way, and his torso collapsed to the ground with an ominous, resounding, THUD Thud thud thud... "Angel One to base. The Lumberjack is down and out. Repeat: Lumberjack is down and out. Over." "Copy that Angel One. You and Angel Two stay on fly by in location until ground forces can come in and secure Lumberjack. Copy." "Affirmative, Base. Stay on fly by at location until ground forces secure Lumberjack. Angel One out." The plays continued to fly by for several minutes overhead, appearing at the motionless body of Aaron. But Aaron was a young man, in his late teens, going, or growing, through a tremoundous horomonal change and one that had been jacked up quite a bit. It was the morning time. He was just waking up, and now he was put back to sleep. Most everyone knows what happens to a young man early in the morning just before he wakes up, and they all know what he's thinking of to make him that way. Aaron was no different, but the blows from the concussion missles had jostled his memory. Zeke was flooding back into his dreams, his longings, his desires. He began to dream of his boyfriend once again. Of the man being taller than him once again, like he used to be, caressing his body, kissing him deeply, carrying him to a bed or a couch, hoisting his ass into the air..... and plunging his nearly foot long cock deep within Aaron's hole..... "Mercury, I think we have a problem. There's movement down below." "Whadddya mean, there's movement down below, Wingnut?" "His body is moving..." "Hold on let me do another pass..." ZZZZZZZZZZZOOOOSH OOOOSH! Ooooosh ooooosh ZZZZZZZZZZZOOOOSH OOOOSH! Ooooosh ooooosh "It's nothing, Wignut. I just saw his eyes. He's so far gone in deep stages of R.E.M. He might move a little titch or twich here, but he's out cold." "No, man. I tell you some how he's moving. There's something....DID YOU SEE THAT! His foot just pushed in part of the river bank wall!" "Copy that, Wingnut. But I didn't see his leg nor his foot move." "Oh...shit.... Mercury, his feet are closer to the river bank, almost in the river now, but his head is getting further away. I think Lumberjack is growing." "I think you're right man. He already looked like a Mr. Olympia contender, but he's looking more like the fuckin' Hulk now. Good gawd, how swole he's getting. I don't there's a part of his body lying actually fully flat on the ground, his muscles are so thick. "Angel One to Base. Base we may have a slight problem. Lumberjack is out, but he might be growing." "What do you mean, 'he might be growing?'" "His muscles are getting even fuller, broader, and thicker, since we knocked him out. Angel Two thinks he's getting taller. And sweet gawd almighty, he missle is certain getting an upgrade." "Angel One, this is Angel Two, doing a fly by over Lumberjack to confirm increase in size..." "Roger that, Angel Two. Make sure you get the computer scan on...what the? Oh my gawd! His missle head just serious got larger and redder. He's going to.... ANGEL TWO VERE HARD THREE O'CLOCK NOW! YOU'RE FLYING INTO TRAJECTED FIRING PATH OF HIS CUM CANNON! WINGNUT! WINGNUT MOVE!" But Angel Two couldn't change his flight path as quickly as Aaron climaxed. Aaron's cock become a gyser that spooed forth a torent of cum which hit Wingnut's plane from behind, splattering it with copius gallons and gallons of cum. "I'M HIT! LUMBERJACK'S CUM HAS GUMMED UP THE JETS! THEY'RE BURNING OUT!" "EJECT OUTTA THERE NOW, WINGNUT! DO YOU HEAR ME? ANGELTWO, EJECT NOW!" Angel Two just barely managed to eject from the cock pit in time. Meanwhile Aaron was waking up and seeing the crash of Angel Two and the sound of Angel One flying overhead.... "Oh...yeah! I feel so much better....bigger....stronger....hornier! I need Zeke.... Oh...Zzzzzeke...." Aaron began to try and stroke his cock, but it wasn't doing much for him. He stood up, staggering a couple of steps getting used to his new weight and the new girth of his thighs, not to mention the side of his arms, delts, pecs, calves..... Kneeling down for a moment, Aaron looked around the landscape. Finally something caught his eye as he mindlessly fondled and stroked his burgeoning manhood. It was an entrance to an old abondoned mine shaft. "Ooooh yeah...." Getting up again, Aaron made his way to the river and scooping up hundreds of gallons of water with his hand, began to splash his cock and balls making sure they were soaked and coated with water. Then strutting over to the entrance, because his frame no longer allowed him to walk, Aaron hefted his huge schlong up and placed the tip into the mine shaft. He then began to grip a hold of the mesa any which way he could as he began to pound his member into and out of the shaft at a glorious pace. "Ooooh....Z...zz....zeeeeke..... my love..... oooh where are....OOOH YEAH! THAT'S GOOOOOOD! Where are you!" Aaron's body began to pulse and swell, stretch and broader, thicken and harder, further....further...more and more and more as his cock lengthen and gathered girth inside the mine shaft and he fucked the ancient mine hard pretending it was his lover, Zeke. But he was already so full of muscle. His body had to compensate. He could hear and feel some bones cracking, snapping, reshaping, to accomodate the extra weight, heft, and girth of his mounding muscles. First his feet lengthened and widened, then his shoulders broke and widened, spreading out farther and farther apart. His bones were lengthening and thicking in density and girth to become like iron, steal, titanium in order to hold the increasing mass of muscle being placed up on him. Traps pushing into neck, delts pushing into traps, biceps & tricpes pushing into delts, forearms pushing into biceps & triceps, while the back and lats were pushing into the traps, delts, biceps & triceps. The abs bunched more and more thickening, hardening, becoming more defined as Aaron grew up and up and up, becomign an eight back of solid stone, more the size of castle bricks than cobblestone ones. His ankles thicken a bit and so to did the areas around his shins, pushing into the mounding, pulsating, throbbing globes of muscle that were his calves, which in turn were fighting and pressing into hamstrings, which pushed into the biceps femoris and the semitendinosis, which then grew and pushed into the adductir longus, the rectus femoris, and the vastus lateralis, the three gigantic and ever increasing tear drop shapes on Aaron's thighs. That whole mess, pushed up and hard in the back on the gluteus maximus causing it round firmer and bubble harder, while it front it pushed up and out on the scrotum and cock both of which were increasing in size as Aaron plugged away at the mine entrance. Finally Aaron halted a bit in his ramming, then continued the motion jerkily and slowly... "UUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUGH!" Cum shot down the corridors of the ancient mine traveling for miles a super speed, finally spurts of cum were shooting out other minor entraces and air passages connected to the mine itself. Aaron pulled his cock out with a most difficult and ominous pop, and the mine shaft then began to collapse in on itself, ancient timbers and roofs caving in everywhere. ZZZZZZZZZZZOOOO-SMACK! Aaron turned around, by accident, his hand smacking the side of Angel One and swatting it like it was a fly. Mercury managed to somehow gain control, but just barely. A wing and engine damaged, he had to bring the plane down on the mesa top. "OOOOOOHHHH YEAH! You sought to knock me out. To keep me down. To subdue me, and now I'm even bigger than before! FUCK! Everything is too small for me now. Including.....Zeke.... I need to find Zeke. But I'm not sure where I am.... Shit! Pick a direction. Won't take me long to walk to a city now! I'll find out which way to go once I get there. Find Zeke... my love.... he'll know what to do." "Angel One to Base. Lumberjack is awake and on the move. He accidentally took out Angel Two. Pilot successfully ejected. Will need emergency pick up. Accidentally took out Angel One too, but I managed to bring her down safely. Sending my coordinates." "Roger, Angel One. Emergency crews on the way." "Also, data from last pass still intact. Computer estimates...Major...we have a bigger problem now. It estimates Lumberjack to be around five hundred twenty feet tall."
  11. mmbottomenergy

    A Little Goes a Long Way

    Took a break from writing the Ben and Will series, but I’ll be getting back to it! In the meantime, here’s a short story. - A Little Goes a Long Way - Kole and I had been rivals for quite some time. It was nothing malicious, but it was certainly competitive and mean-spirited at times. Both of us were the biggest guys at our gym. It had been that way for over a year now. But wait, how could there possible be TWO biggest guys at the same gym? Isn’t that kind of self-contradictory? Normally, it would be. But every pound of muscle I gained, Kole gained somewhere else. I would spend a week building my pecs, and the same week his quads would put on just as much mass. We were both 6’4, and currently around 260 pounds. We clearly dwarfed everyone else in our gym, and we made it clear we were in charge. Anything we wanted, we got, no questions asked. Especially when it came to satiating our constantly heightened libido. I had never seen what Kole was packing down there, but I had a hard time imagining it was any bigger than my 10 inch snake. I never went a day in the gym without my fill. Neither did Kole. Sometimes we pounded the same guy in one day, other days there would be at least two decently built guys for us to fuck, and we’d be lucky enough that neither of us would have to deal with sloppy seconds. The only thing that prevented us from having sex with each other was the undeniable fact that we were both strict tops, and had a burning need to dominate whoever we were thrusting our cocks into. Can’t really dominate someone the same height and weight as you, who withholds just as much power as you. I had grown extremely frustrated with our rivalry recently. It was nice having someone with the same drive as me to keep me motivated, but it pissed me off not being bigger than him. I wanted to be huge, the fucking BIGGEST. Bigger than him, stronger than him, more godlike than him. Our tie for first place was getting on my nerves. I got home from the gym at least an hour after dark, and threw my purposely undersized, tight-fitting gym outfit onto my bed. I looked over at my mirror and groped my 10 inch cock, getting hard at how hot I was. Then it hit me. How I was going to get bigger than Kole. I had a friend from high school I occaisonally slept around with when I was bored. he was a super smart guy, even had his own pharmaceutical company he was starting. Maybe he had something up his sleeve. I grabbed my phone and rushed to my contact list. ”Hey Dan, it’s Rhett. Been a while since I destroyed that tight ass of yours. Anyway, you got something that could help me grow? Relatively fast, I mean?” I was almost certain I was going to have to leave a message but he picked up immediately. “Yeah, actually. I’ll swing by tonight and show you what I’ve been working on.” An hour later, Dan was in my bed, groping at my 8-pack, ready for me to rail him. “Wait,” I said. “What was it you were working on?” He sat up, half-disappointed I hadn’t rearranged his guts yet, still bare naked. “This.” he handed me a slightly larger-than-normal off-white pill. “What does it do?” I asked. He stared into my hungry eyes with a shit-eating grin. “If you take this, your body will be able to metabolize semen and turn it into muscle mass, no fucking joke. Took me months to perfect, but it’s finally ready. It’s the only one there is, and the only one there’ll ever be. I’m never making another one, but I want you to have this. You’ve always been there for me since high school, aside from the mind-blowing sex.” I didn’t know what to say. I must’ve stared blankly at it for ten minutes before even a word escaped my mouth. “Th- thank you,” I stuttered. “This means a lot, I really fucking appreciate it.” Dan looked up at me with the horniest look I had ever seen. I knew what he wanted. He wanted me to take it. Right now. He wanted to see the results first hand. I couldn’t wait any longer, the temptation finally gave into me. I swallowed the oversized pill whole, and almost instantly felt it. A powerful warmth spread out through my body, and I knew I had to put it to the test. I slid Dan’s 6.5-incher between my defined abs and let him fuck the grooves between them. Not two minutes had passed before he blew his load on my massive chest. I scooped the pool of cum off my pecs with one hand, and started sucking it off my fingers. It wasn’t long before I felt a surge of power jolt through my body. My skin felt tighter, and I could feel myself getting a little taller. My already bulging biceps started gaining mass out of nowhere, my delts matching the pace as they pushed up against my neck. My massive shelf of a chest jutted out further, my 8-pack turning into a 10-pack, my V-line growing more and more defined, my thighs bursting with thick muscle, ready to squash what dare lay between them. And my cock, FUUUUCK my cock, holy shit! I thought 10 inches was big but DAMN. I was now 14 fucking inches hard. I had to be at least 7 feet tall now, 7’2 if I were to guess. Fuck, there was no way I was going to fit into Dan’s tight asshole anymore, not with this monster swinging between my tree trunk thighs. I woke up the next day, still astonished by how much mass I had gained. I got off my bed, and noticed that the frame has cracked overnight. Fuck, I was huge. I carefully stepped onto my scale and weighed myself. 336 pounds. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had gained 80 pounds just from one dose of cum alone. Some of which was to compensate for added height, but at least 50 pounds of that was additional solid fucking muscle. None of my clothes would fit anymore, so I had to go the gym naked, not that anyone would dare tell me I couldn’t. Fuck, I couldn’t wait for Kole to see what I had in store for him. When I got to the gym, I went straight for the locker room and waited until he was unlucky enough to wander in. “Hey, stud,” I mockingly let out from behind him. “Check this.” Kole turned around and his jaw dropped at the fucking god I had become. “I- holy FUCK man, you’re HUUUGE!” he gasped. I caught him looking down at my gigantic rod. “Like what you see, bitch?” I taunted. I reached down to my cock with my meaty hands and started jerking it, prepared to grow again, right in front of my rival, someone who, up until today, had been my equal in every sense of the word. “Fuuuck dude,” I moaned. “You see this cock? You’ll get a turn soon enough.” As I blew my load, I aimed my dick toward my mouth and my cum was launched into my own mouth. I swallowed it. All of it. I could feel my body humming with power again, ready to gain even more mass. My 10-pack abs turned into cobblestones of pure muscle, my muscled ass extending into the most powerful, juiciest fucking bubble butt ever. My pecs swelled so huge they almost made it so I couldn’t see my feet. My biceps bulged past the size of my head. and my beastly cock extended to a full length of 19 solid inches, ready for power-fucking. I had to be almost 8 feet tall, and at least 400 pounds. Kole stared up at me, motionless. I looked back down at him, towering over my once-equal by almost two whole feet. “You’re my bitch now. Get on your knees.” I ordered. My glorious meat slapped him hard in the face as he knelt down. Before Kole could even ready himself, I slammed all 19 inches of my monster cock down his throat. Pulling his head along the length of it. I could hear him choking in the sheer fucking girth of it, god it sounded so good. The way he looked up at me, his mouth fully engulfed, completely powerless, turned me on even more than. I already was. I withdrew my cock from his mouth and turned him around, still gasping for air from the near 20 inches of raw sex meat that had just invaded his windpipe. “Get ready for the most violent fucking ass pounding you’ve ever had.” I pushed the head of my massive cock against his toned asscheeks, waiting a few seconds before I plunged the entire length of it into him. Kole let out a whorish moan of both extreme pain and pleasure as I pounded his hole. His legs were already in the air, and the only thing he was able to use to keep himself steady was his arms as I thrusted deeper and harder into his muscled ass, but not for long. I increased my speed and force, and eventually, Kole’s arms gave out and I was holding him by the waist like my own personal fucktoy, pulling him up and down my cock as I reached closer and closer to orgasming. Kole already came at least three times by now, but I hadn’t pounded him enough to blow my load yet. I thrusted deeper and harder into him, going even faster, about to reach my climax. Just as I thought his cries had deafened, Kole let out an orgasmic moan as I filled his ass with my cum, leaking out his hole and down his legs, Forming a pool on the locker room floor. I yanked Kole off my still-hard cock, and let him fall to the floor. “I’m your god now,” I roared. “Get used to being my fucktoy, because your ass is the only one I’m gonna be pounding now.”
  12. Muscle fog ogre’s gift Chapter 1, part 7 By Big-Zargo House Trap The blue sky was clear, and the sun light was shining upon the land of Holmes top borough dispelling the curse of fog that had ensnared it. In a neighborhood full of empty houses three men are making their way towards an empty looking house, hoping to hide from the ogres. With The fog gone the ogre are in high alert their patrols to be increased to discourage from trying to run out of Holmes top borough. Most of humans seek to leave the town heading towards the woods believing it to be their salvation, but Owen knows where the people are running to, and he has a surprise for them. The door opened slowly and quietly as three men enter the seemingly vacant house. sunlight was passing through the windows bringing light to the dim house revealing a living room and kitchen attached to it, in a twilight of light and shadows. It both smell stale and sweet and had a layer of dust everywhere. Martin was the first one to enter the house checking to see if it was clear; not being complacent like the groups last leader who led most of the men in his charge into becoming ogres. Martin was the skinniest of the group, his live pale skin and short blonde hair giving people the impression he had Nordic ancestry. Cluster was the second coming his bulky fat, short black curly hair and dark brown skin was a sharp contrast to martin, and finally there was Darian whose heavily build olive skin body pass through the door. Sweat had spilled all over his own skin body creating wet spots on his T shirt. Cluster quickly sat placing his fat ass onto the dust covered couch and remove his backpack placing it on the ground next to his leg for quick reach in case of an emergency, before yawning in exhaustion. “You shouldn’t get too comfortable Cluster; we rest here for an hour or two. The sun has cleared most of the fog from the town. We cannot let this opportunity go to waste. Most of the people who have been transformed into ogres are dumb and horny; they’ll soon move on, when they get bored or they begin to start fucking each other giving us the opportunity to pass through them,” Darian said. “I know Darian, it will just take us four more hours to reach the forest and another day in theory to reach the gate,” Cluster said with exhaustion tinting his voice. “Hey guys I found a glass of brandy and it hasn’t been opened,” Martin said with excitement. Both men turned around to see Martin holding the glass of brandy it’s golden amber colored content clear to see through its glass container. All three men had gathered into the kitchen next to the counter. Each man mouth had begun to moisten at the sight of the brandy. Darian quickly finds 3 empty cups in the kitchen cabinets. He places the surprisingly clean cups on the kitchen counter, while Martin opens the bottle of brandy. With a clicking sound coming from the glass bottle the smell of apple brandy permeates the air. The three men all close their eyes letting nostalgic memories pass through their heads as the sweet smell of the apple flavored alcohol permeates the air. Cluster eyebrows narrow for a moment before saying. “Our luck can’t be this good. Maybe we should not drink it,” he says with concern. “Don’t worry about it, Cluster. You’re just being paranoid. How would the dumb horny brutes be able to open the bottle with their big burly hands, let along be able to close without one of us noticing it.” Martin says with belief in his words. “Look Cluster, we do not have all day for you to decide if you’re going to have some brandy with us or not. This is a delicacy that should not go to waste,” Darian says. Martin begins filling the cups with Apple flavored brandy. Before anyone could drink Cluster says. “Martin if you believe that brandy is safe to drink then you should go first.” “I think I will,” Martin says with a smile. With that statement all three men say their cheers as they clink their cups together. Martin took the first sip when nothing happened the others begin drinking their glass. “Thank god,” Darian says with pleasure. Days of drinking water had made the taste of the apple brandy like nectar, like a gift from God. “Poor me another one,” Darian says. All 3 cups were refilled and emptied again as time passed eventually finishing off the apple brandy. Each of the three men had faces of contentment as they finished drinking the apple brandy. “It’s been so long since I have some brandy. I wish we had some ice to cool it down,” Darian said with longing for a cool drink. With their thirst satisfied they began checking and clearing out the rooms of the house for anything useful to them; They had suddenly found themselves back on the first floor, drinking apple brandy again. “Didn’t we already have some apple brandy,” Darian says, while looking confused. “I…I think we did not,” Martin says well looking confused. “Something is not right here, this seems disturbingly familiar,” Cluster says before eating an apple. “Where did you get the apple, Cluster,” Darian asked? With a nonchalant shrug, he points at a basket on one of the counters tops. This basket is filled with different types of fruits and berries like bananas, apples, blueberries, cherries, strawberries and pineapples. The Three men begin devouring the fruits in the basket like starving animals. As they did so their bellies start swelling out specially for Darian and Martin whose bellies became more pronounced. “I…I think something’s wrong. I’m still hungry and…and I want more,” Darian says while rubbing his belly. Suddenly they hear the back door opening and see a huge ogre making his way in. “Come young cubs your dinner is ready,” the mysterious ogre says. This huge ogre was wearing a white apron, had woodish brown skin covered in a peppering green hair, with long hair on his head and a short goats beard, green eyes and the usual Ogreish features like big round nose, strong square jaw, a pronounced eyebrow ridge on a cave man like face, big round nipples, a 9 feet to a 11 feet tall body, complemented with a wide body barrel chest, huge muscular limbs, with big feet and huge hands big enough to grab a whole man’s face and cover it. At first all three men had scared looks on their faces; there in front of them was an ogre. “What the Fu….” All three men said before their eyes came blank. There, Perception of the world changed for the three men. A clever illusion was placed on all three men. Gone was the living nightmare they were in, instead a nostalgic dream. It was if they are all kids again and their big strong daddy was going to protect them from the world. “Aren’t you guys hungry? we have grilled food in the back your,” the green haired ogre says. In a daze all three of them nods their heads in response and speaks “Yes, sir daddy” Each man walks into the backyard of the house and quickly sits down on the grass. The green haired ogre hands out plates full of fruits and vegetables to the three men. Unnoticed by the three men but known by the green haired ogre were two big-bellied ogres’ butt naked sleeping on the ground. With a yawn the two ogres began to wake up and get up. One was dark skinned with black curly hair while the other one was pale orange with red hair. Their big bellies jiggled as they got up. When they got up on their two big feet that is when their big bellies began to rumble, like deflating balloon their bellies began to recede, both ogres belching out air through their mouths as their bellies began to recede. When the black-haired ogre belly receded, it revealed that he had abs under his once big belly. While the red-haired ogre on the other hand had a muscle gut when his big belly receded. The ogres had the glazed look of those who were recently turned, as they stood there waiting for commands from the variance ogre with the green hair. “Good, you guys are awake. go into the basement and get Oz. We have three more people to turn,” the green haired ogre says. The two ogres quickly obey, heading into the house to finish their task. Green haired ogre smiles as is the three men have already started eating the food he gave them. Before the ogres very eyes the men belly begins spending and two out of the three were now rocking jelly bellies while the other one already big belly became more pronounced. “What’s going on here? Why do I feel so full and yeah I feel so hungry?” Cluster moans out. Looking at the clean plate the green haired ogre says. “That was fast. You really must be the pig of your group.” Cluster turns his head around and spots the green haired ogre. He tries to scream but what comes out is a moan of pleasure. “Don’t bother, it’s too late you’ve already had some of our food and now that you done with your first plate it’s now time for second,” the green haired ogre says with a grin. He quickly pulls out another plate full of exotic fruits and vegetables of the Ogreish variety from a ridiculously big box. It didn’t take long for the other two men to break out of their trans. All three trying to get up and run away only to find out that they cannot because their bodies will not get up from the ground. They can move their arms and they can move their legs, but they can’t let off the ground and neither can they crawl away. “They must be really hungry to eat your food so fast. Bacopa,” Oz says with smile. Oz was standing next to the sliding door with the two other ogres behind him. Oz had a white pale skin for an ogre, baby blue eyes that would make the men and women swoon, long curly pink hair with pink body hair peppering his body, a sweet-smelling body odor and the usual Ogreish features. “I wonder if they’ll be thirsty after they are done eating,” Oz asked with a smile. “I believe if there anything like last the two men they’ll be insatiable. I hope you’re up to the task milk maker,” Bacopa says with a smile. Oz’s face turns into a grimace as he says. “I’m tired of making milk.” He says while rubbing his huge pecs. “But don’t worry I found the way to make some more without milking myself dry. Bacopa hand me the two Hydro pills. There is a cool trick I want to show you.” With the confuse face Bacopa switched out plate he was holding for a big pill bottle. Oz made a full jester before saying. “Okay let me show you, my trick. As you know one of my powers are that I can make supernatural milk from my pecs, and I recently discovered that I could make other ogres do the same. I love humans and ogres sucking on my nipples, but I can’t do this all day, I eventually get tired, and my nipples become sore.” Oz turns around placing his hands on the pecs the two ogres behind him. He starts rubbing his hands over the two ogre’s pecs, both ogres starting moan as pink light makes contact. When the two ogres start becoming aroused, he stops and remove his hands from their pecs. “Now hand me the two pills,” Oz says. Bacopa quickly gave Oz the pills so that he can feed the two ogres then. Both mindless ogres swallowing the pills that Oz had gave them. “Now watch,” Oz said with a grin. Before their very eyes two erect ogre’s pecs begin expanding and swelling, both ogres moaning as the process was happening. The two ogre’s pecs had triple in size. “Damn that’s awesome did you give them a flavor,” Bacopa asked? “For this demonstration no, but we can try on the new three recruits for tomorrows entertainment,” Oz said with a grin. Each of the two variants ogres grabs a bunch of oversize cups and with the flick of each swollen nipples from the two mindless ogres, milk begin to lactate out of their nipples like soda coming out of a dispenser; placing each filled up cup back onto the bench. Now happy with the number of beverages they had the two ogres began grabbing a bunch of magical plates and placing food on it. “Are you guys preparing food without me how rude of you,” a voice says coming from the door of the backyard. “Nick,” both variants’ ogres yell out in excitement.” “What is Fucking adapt doing out here,” Bacopa asked? “Well, my job here is done. By midnight, all humans left in the town will transform into ogres, Like a silent nuclear explosion. By the time that wizard find out we’ve done it be too late he will have no more allies to turn to and if were even lucky still be caught by the spell’s radius, crippling him at worst and totally transforming at best. Who do we have here three more humans?” Nick says. Jack walked into the backyard. He had the usual Ogreish features in skin color. He had black hair shaved into a mohawk and a mutton chops that were connected to his mustache, Gorgeous Amber eyes, and had tattoos circling around his wrists and feet like shackles and he moved his body with swagger like he was owning the place. Jack looks at the two variants’ ogres and asks. “What are you guys planning?” “Well, we were going to place the food in front of them and just watch them eat and fat up before the change,” Bacopa says. “Magically infused food and drink are more energy-efficient for Lord Owen at this time,” Oz says. “Is that so,” Jack replied. “Interesting I know right. Now come closer and let me explain my plan. It’s going to make your mouth water. The three ogres quickly huddled up, has Oz explains the plan to them. The three conscious ogres begin huddling around the three humans, bringing plates of food and drinks. “Look at these pesky human clothes, let’s us remove these,” Oz says with a smile. Is ogres strips their human partners before laying there by his next to them, making humans look like small children to them while they were sitting lap, ass next to hard ogre cocks. The humans moan at the contact with the ogres. “You guys can make a show of fucking for us.” Bacopa says. With those words that to the standing ogres begin fucking. As the three men watch the two ogres start fucking, their cocks became hard as steel. Resisting the temptation to eat the curse Ogreish food was the hardest thing the humans have ever done. “We neeeedd to resiiists the ogres. Wwwee need to escape.” Darrian says. “I eat, I grow big and strong. I eat, I grow big and strong. I eat, I grow big and strong,” Martin says in between bites of food. In front of the two men’s eyes, Martin’s skinny body minus his new jelly belly that is now starting to grow. Each bite and each sip of his drink causing him to grow with fat starting with his belly. Within three minute the ones skinny twig became a round fat plump. When his plate became empty, still wanting more the magic plate refills itself, to fulfill its owner’s gluttonous desires. Three more times the two men watch this cycle, each time Martin became more faster each time hair grew on his fat body. Hair became more wilder and longer as his fat body grew body hair allover starting out as stubble than before long becoming carpet like. His fat clean-shaven chin slowly grew a bushy beard. The two men watching this scene have been slowly eating the Ogreish food and have been becoming fat as well. “This one is eager,” Jack says while playfully smacking Martin’s ass. Martin was now so fat he could not walk, was now ready for Jack’s big cock. “Are you ready to become an ogre, are you ready for my cock,” Jack asked Martin. “Me become ogre. Me want cock,” Martin says in a slow and dumb voice. first Jack starts rubbing Martin’s whole with his cock before plunging it in; causing moans to come from both human and ogre as their rough sex begin, backwards and forwards with each thrust causing Martin’s skin to start turning orange. Starting from his fat ass, the orange quickly spread across his body, turning semi smooth pinkish human skin into rough leathery orange colored ogre skin. Jack can feel the human taking his cock, so close to transcending into an ogre, that he can smell the Ogreish musk on him. With every thrust the human’s ass felt more firmer and tighter. Martin’s cock and balls having been grown twice its size and now beginning to finally seep the last of his human seed. A building pressure and his huge balls made him moan as he begins shaking. The fat all over Martin’s body begins deflating and is quickly replaces with muscle as he starts growing taller. His Shoulders grow out words as much he grew taller. His chest grew into the size of a barrel. His abs grew even with a layer of fat on his hairy stomach. Pecs growing so big that the fat nipples were pointing downwards. Arms and legs grew into the size of huge tree trunks huge hands and feet to go with it. Martin’s facial features quickly succumb to the Ogreish transformation, gaining their facial features in the process. With a final roar from Martin, he came shooting the last of his humanity onto the grass, but he still wants more. “Harder pounded harder,” the ogre Martin yelled out enjoy. Jack grabs Martin’s muscular back for a better grip, as he is obliging him by starting to pound the new ogre’s ass even harder. Darian’s eyes having begun watering at the sight of his friend’s transformation. looking towards his friend Cluster for strength to help resist his corruption; Only to discover his is being spit roasted by the one called Oz and the dark skin ogre with a black curly hair. His blank eyes over his ridiculously obese body that shock and shakes with an energy as the first and final sign, the point of no return as he become an ogre. Then shadow covers his sight the redhaired ogre with a large container filled with unknown liquid and a tube connected to the container. Darian’s mouth opens against his will as the redhead ogre places a tubelike straw next to his mouth. He begins slurping down the contents of the container as he rediscovers the taste of the cursed apple brandy. Each chug of the alcohol makes Darian’s resistance shrink and whether as his mind slowly succumbs to intoxication and pleasure. Eventually the container and plate of food becomes empty and yet he still wants more. Darian’s drooling mouth blank eyes and red blushing face shows off how helpless he is, especially with his now morbidly obese body lays on the grass ready for any ogre to come and stuff his cock into his hungry ass. Cluster roars as he orgasms shooting the last of his humanity. With his newly Ogreish body he gets up from the two ogres spit roasting him. He starts rubbing his newly sensitive nipples as milk leaks from them, as he watches Bacopa making his way towards the back of Darian, causing Cluster’s cock to re-hardening in anticipation to what is to come. With a lick to the back of his neck Bacopa spoke to him. “I hope you’re ready for it, big boy.” Darian spits out the tube and says drunkenly. “Fuck. Fuck you all. Fuck you monsters for taking my town. Fuck for stealing my friends and family humanity. Fuuuucckk,” Darian yells out as Bacopa’s plunges dick into his ass. A single thrust from Bacopa causing orange and hair to start spreading across Darian’s entire fat body. Bacopa takes his tantalizing time as he pounds Darian’s ass. The Ogreish food and drink making Darian belly turn and jiggle as it begins to react to the ogre’s seed. Some of the ogres like Cluster, Oz and the redhead ogre starts or had begun masturbating as they watch Darian start his transformation into an ogre while the rest continue fucking each other. The fat on Darian’s body starts melting away as fuel for his changing body. First his hard cock grows and doubles in size in length and circumference then his balls swell to the huge size of grapefruit. Then his fat on his belly is quickly eaten up by his growing abs, as his flab pecs firm up and swell with hard muscle over his big hairy stomach. His Biceps swell in sizes reaching the girth of huge bowling balls as thighs reach the size of tree trunks. Fingers growing as large as sausages, hands becoming the size of baseball mitts. Back muscles grew until they can be felt by Bacopa’s hands. Facial features shifting and turning as they became more Ogreish and parent giving him a caveman especially with his beard. With another thrust from Bacopa on to Darian’s Ogreish fat ass, he came and shot the last of his humanity. Darian felt so much pleasure as Bacopa kept pounding his Ogreish ass and tell Bacopa eventually came. When they were both done with their sex they got up, Darian wobbles a little bit as he does so, not used to his new body. Then he notices Cluster masturbating next to him. Darian makes his way towards Cluster and begins licking and sucking on Cluster’s nipples, tasting the milk that comes out. Cluster moans in pleasure liking the way that Darian is teasing his nipples. Then Martin grabs Cluster’s shoulder and give him a big sloppy kiss before they all three restarts having sex with each other. In a house across the street, an ogre in a room of his house, watches and masturbate at the sight of the orgy, with his torn-up clothes strewn across the floor while a changing man sits on his lap masturbating as well, clothes starting ripping and tearing at the scene of his growing body. “Once you’re done changing, I think we should join the party,” the ogre says with a smile at the changing man. Underneath the house of partying of ogres. In the basement strange symbols of magic glow, a femoral blue. On a mat on the floor of the basement laid two ogres in the act of sex from which they have been doing it for hours. These actions feeling the corrupting powers of the house trawling humans and spitting out ogres. As the ogre’s orgy of sex and destruction spread around the city the foggy guy starts turning into clouds as they to stir.
  13. This story consists of 10 parts, the original story was inspired by @foker's "Carol and Her Weighted Workout". Adapted to the m/m version and the addition of several longer parts. For that I thank Foker for the original idea. There may be some grammar/word errors, please understand as English is my third language. Part 1: To the limit He told me to follow him. The door to the basement opened and we entered a room, filled with various gym equipment, iron plates, dumbbells, and other exercise equipment. A ray of light flashed through the small, partially closed window. Without enough air circulation, the room felt hot and stuffy. Ethan looked at me and asked. "Today I want to test my strength and push my muscles to the limit, you want to help right?" His voice sounded full of concentration and he looked very serious. Looking around, I nodded my head. All the training equipment and weights of all sizes impressed me. There were weights, iron plates, chains, and dumbbells of various sizes in the room. "During this training, I'll show you how I can train my muscles and become as big and strong now," he continued. Hmmm, muscle? Which muscles? I looked back at Ethan, he was wearing an oversize jacket and baggy pants. His figure itself seemed to me quite wide and I thought he was a little overweight and looked like a normal fat man. But the explanation but quite plausible, maybe he wants to show weight loss exercises. "Obviously, exercise is about physical strength, but not only that, mental strength is also important, mind strength is even more important than body strength," Ethan said with great emphasis as he looked at me as if he was watching me closely. Then a rather surprising question arose. "You don't mind if I take off my jacket and pants? This hot room will burn me." Still a little surprised, I nodded my head again and muttered "Okay, just do it". I don't say many words. Ethan unzipped his jacket and pushed it aside. My mouth fell open. He didn't see the slightest bit of fat on his body, instead it was covered by thick layers of muscle that looked dry and swollen all over his body, decorated with veins that would make people shudder, muscles I had only seen in some professional bodybuilding professionals on YouTube. Even his biceps are very big, not less than 18 inches. His triceps jabbed dramatically to the side, his deltoid (shoulder) muscles were almost the size of a ball. With amazement I looked at his chest. Two very large pectoral muscles, covered by protruding veins decorated with small veins and shredded all over the places. So big and hanging in size, not inferior to Mr. Olympia bodybuilder that I often watch on social media. My gaze turned to his stomach, making my eyes widen. I had never seen stomach boxes carved in such a way. 6 incredible packs, each with its own separate square, the lines between the squares are very sharp. It seems, I can stick my fingers into the gaps in his abdominal muscles which are chiseled so sharply. The stomach was also covered with chaotic veins, even when he was relaxed. Ethan turned around and my focus shifted to his impressive back muscles. Then bending down, he took off his trousers in a fast motion. Now he only wears his underwear. His butt muscles, which looked shredded, were deliberately trained to achieve such a state, so that I could clearly see the lines in every muscle area and the lines on his buttocks. His thigh muscles were so large they bulged on both sides, it was obvious even though he was turning his back on me. Plus his calves are as big as my thighs, or maybe bigger. I admired the movement of his muscular legs as Ethan made his way to the dumbbell set. He ignored his gaze through several dumbbells, passing 20, 25, and 30 kg before finally choosing a pair of dumbbells weighing 35 kg. He lifted the dumbbell and moved to the center of the room and faced me saying "Let's warm up." I couldn't believe my ears, warming up with 35 kg in each hand. The mighty man in front of me started doing bicep curls perfectly. Movement after movement he repeated alternately with each weight on the left and right. After a set of 12 reps, his biceps enlarged and a vein started to drain over them. The rhythm of his breathing seemed to increase. After a few seconds, Ethan started his second set. I admired his physique, his body was beyond perfection, beyond any muscle possibility I could imagine in a teenager his age. How could a 19 year old teenager have such strength. How can he have such a fuse body? I looked back at his stomach, I noticed again, he actually does not have 6 packs, the underwear he is wearing is high enough to cover a few more bulges underneath. Is it possible that he has 8 packs? While the manly teen did his repetition without breaking a sweat. When Ethan finished his 12th rep of the 4th set, he called out to me, "Get your phone out and turn on the stop watch." I moved closer to him and stood 2 meters in front of him. "Can you set the time in the stopwatch?" The orders. And I did immediately. Ethan raised his hands to the sides parallel to the floor with a 35 kg dumpling in each hand and held them horizontally. The muscles in his arms tensed to relieve tension. His biceps were stretched and his triceps were swollen with tendons. "Start" he ordered. Immediately I pressed the stopwatch button on my cellphone screen then looked at the manly figure in front of me again. Ethan was quite handsome, maybe not his good looks, but his manly face that looked very masculine and super fantastic body was too hard for me to understand. Time passed, he held the huge dumbbell with outstretched arms for almost a minute. A light tremor began to appear on his shoulder. In the second minute, the sweat started pouring out. He said something between the rhythm of his fast breathing. "Bring me the two weight chains." he ordered, I headed for the heavy pile of chains. "Uff ... really heavy ... how heavy is this chain?" I asked, trying to pull it away. It's hard for me to move both of them at once so I brought them one by one. "Each 15 kg" he said briefly. "Now, hang them to the dumbbell". I hang according to his orders one by one. I took a step back and stared at the stopwatch, it's been 4 minutes. His biceps and shoulders have to bear extra weight and look tighter than before, you can imagine 50 kg on each arm. A few seconds passed, his breathing was getting faster and sweat was pouring down his muscular body, what an extraordinary sight. I stared at his stomach that seemed more and more defined, and began to tremble with tension. Thicker blood vessels appeared on his stomach, as well as on his biceps and triceps. How could he endure that much weight all this time? I was struggling to carry the 15 kg chain earlier, while he was holding 50 kg of weight in each arm. "Get ready with another 15 kg chain in the 5th minute" he gasped. It didn't look like he could last until the fifth minute. Extraordinary! He had not only held that position all this time, but he still wanted to add more weight. My admiration intensified as he approached the fifth minute. I added the weights to his arms, 15 kg each. Ethan groaned as his arms started to drop and with all his might he lifted them up again, looking in pain. His body was getting wobbly and shaking more and more, and I thought he would give up as soon as possible, but his arms, biceps and triceps were big plus the round shoulders somehow managed to hold his position. By now his body was drenched in sweat. His face flushed red again and he groaned even more with a grin with unanimous determination. Ethan looked me in the eye and in concentration, his huge arms were covered in sweat and shook violently. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Part 2: It's Only Been 30 Minutes In the sixth minute, Ethan grunts and groans while doing a double biceps pose, holding a 65 kg weight in each hand. His arms were enormous, perhaps the biggest I had ever seen in my life, because now they were swollen from previous crazy training. Veins running down the top of his biceps, I watched in amazement as his biceps swelled erratically, perhaps now 20 inches or even more. I stared at the mighty teenager and still couldn't believe my gaze to witness the training just now, watching him push himself up like that. "Impossible ..." were the only words that came out of my mouth. Holding the pose for 10 seconds, Ethan let go of the dumbbell and the chain fell to the concrete floor and immediately switched push-up positions. Still panting, he did 60 push-ups in less than 60 seconds and came to a stop. His head lifted and he asked "Bring the two 25 kg iron plates and put them on my back", still dumbfounded, I took the heavy iron plates one by one and put them on his wide and muscular back. Oh my God, that iron isn't light, but that heavy weight didn't make a difference to Ethan's horizontal position which remained stable. Ethan took a deep breath and continued his push-ups, now with an additional 50 kg of weight on his back. I admired his very wide back, maybe twice the width of mine, every part of his body was very swollen and full of muscles glistening with sweat. Meanwhile he was doing repetition after repetition, 40, 50 and 60 reps. With the reps approaching 70, he starts to slow down, but he still does his push-up position with perfect motion. While I was thinking, maybe without that heavy weight, I can only do 30 or 40 push-ups, my body is not thin because I go to the gym diligently and have several layers of muscle, but what teenagers do, not teenagers, but this virile man is already double what I can do, plus the extra weight on his back. On the 80th rep, he straightened his arms again and held his position, his head lifted again and muttered between the rhythm of his gasping breath "Put ... two more plates" .... he begged "make it 100 kg" he continued briefly. Shaking my head, I said uncertainly "Okay? Isn't that too much?" His eyes flickered, sweat poured over his eyelids and fell, his body was completely drenched in sweat. "Quick, just add the load, I want to show you, how strong this body can be?" I placed two more iron plates, each 25 kg, carefully on top of the iron plate that was already on his back. Incredibly, Ethan's position was unfazed, still firmly holding the weight down on his back. Ethan continued his push-ups, looking straight at me. My mouth is wide open, how could someone do push ups with that much weight? The arms, pumped up from the previous dumbbell workout, rise and fall rhythmically like a piston. I stared at his chest, already red and swollen incomparably, all the muscles on his chest bulging. Ethan slowed down even further, at 100 reps, he grinned and started snorting every time he straightened his arms. At the 110th rep, sweat was already pouring from the forehead to the floor. With every second his face filled with determination, at the count of 120, Ethan paused again. His big arms started to tremble. He had been in that push up position for a few minutes, not only did he hold it, he was also doing the push-up with a very heavy load on his back. He is very strong indeed. From my sitting position, I could see that the bulge of his stomach was now getting sharper and more prominent. Each of the boxes was probably the size of my fist. And now his chest is getting swollen asking for room to grow. Whenever Ethan was at the lowest point during a push-up, his chest touched the floor leaving a drop of sweat. With his eyes fixed on me, he said something between grunts. I approached his body, to prepare to take the burden on it. When I was in a position to be ready to take the load on it, he said "Add more load" he commanded. I was confused and silent for a moment, digesting his command just now, "you mean?" my response was confused. "Put .... arghhh" he groaned in pain. "Put 4 more plates, make it 200 kg nggrhhhh" he groaned louder like a beast. How could he ask for more? His body was already shaking from the weight and pain of the training. Obeying his request, I ran towards the pile of weights. I had to go back and forth four times because the plates were too heavy for me to carry at once. Stabilizing all those iron plates on his broad back, his incredible muscles stiffen me again, his crazy V-shape, his shredded lower back muscles connected to his swollen glutes, which are now getting bigger and bigger. Ethan stared at the floor in concentration, the floor already soaked with sweat, he somehow managed to control the shaking and to my amazement he continued his push-ups steady in a perfect position with 200 kg of weight! I thought what Ethan had done was inhuman. Such muscular strength could not be accepted by my mind. I sat there, watching and counting "130, 131, 132 ..." on the 150th rep, the shaking got worse and it took 10 seconds for the him to come down with a very heavy weight on his back this time. He was in more and more pain, with unanimous determination, his body tormented by the training, his muscles being forced into such hard training. I thought he was going to stop and fall, but he kept moving, grunting, growling with every move. At 158th rep, Ethan raised his head and looked at me, as if protesting to give up. "Grhhhhhh arghhh come on ..." he muttered encouragingly to himself, he snorted loudly. A torrent of sweat spread from his breath, his body was shaking violently, he slowly managed to complete 2 more push-ups and even 160. From my glance it was clear that his chest had now become swollen. And it swelled even more when he exhaled, Oh my God, I've never seen a chest that big before. It was as if his skin was being forced to accept a muscular push from within to its limit. On the 160th rep, I thought he was going to pass out. It took Ethan more than 15 seconds to do one rep in pain. He was clearly in pain, as if he was enduring excruciating pain. His chest was covered in chaotic veins as thick as my fingers, struggling to find space to pump his arms up and down. His head rose again. A young face, filled with passion and determination, Ethan tried to say something through his barely breathing breath. To be honest, I was expecting him to ask me to take the iron plate, but instead he whispered "Up ... get on the ugggghhh, get on my back". _____________________________________________________________________ Part 3: PUSHHHH ... To be honest I thought and hoped he would ask me to take the plates, but he whispered "Up ... up ... ugggghh on my back" I was dumbfounded. "What do you mean?" I exclaimed. I can't believe what he said. His big arms were already shaking violently, holding his body in this position for nearly 15 minutes, under a very heavy load, doing push-ups. But Ethan wanted more, he wanted to make this exercise harder and harder, to get past the upper limit of fatigue and pain and keep doing push ups. Ethan's face showed pain but also a lot of determination. I stood still and motionless, startled by the sight of the mighty man in front of me, the extraordinarily muscular man repeated his sentence "Do it for me, ride ... and sit on my back" his voice trembled. but full of confidence. Still a little daydreaming, I obeyed his request and carefully positioned his body on top of his. "Arrrghhhhh ..." he exhaled and took a deep breath, and was amazingly successful in holding the push-up position while remaining straight and steady. I grabbed his lats while sitting on them, his muscles already covered in sweats, flowing from almost all sides of his body which was forced to exercise this hard. I tightened his lats, a little slippery with sweat, they were wide and hard. He started doing push-ups again. From the large mirror on the wall in front of us. I imagined how Ethan, alone in this basement, did this kind of tough exercise every day. I marvel at his vicious physical training, his physical strength is just amazing. Now in this mirror, it reflects a huge muscle monster that does push-ups perfectly with a weight of not less than 260 kg. "Argghhhh yaaa" he groaned under me and did slow push-ups. Halfway through, Ethan suddenly stopped, stared into the mirror and locked onto my sight. Oh my God, he opened his mouth and licked the sweat that was running down the corners of his lips, so sexy. Ethan continued his push-ups and hauled the iron with me on his back again and again with painful moans that made me feel sorry for him, but scared at the same time. On the 180th rep, Ethan's movements slowed down even more, he did 2 more push-ups panting heavily, roaring like an animal. He stopped again and looked at me through the glass. "Get off" he ordered. I was relieved, because I was too sorry for him, I slowly got down from his back. He is still in a push up position and is holding the remaining 200 kg on his back. I tried to grab the load but he said "Add another 4, make him 300 kg" ... he ordered "Are you crazy?" I exclaimed in disbelief. "Arghhh" he groaned in pain, "I promise this is the last time" he asked me. I also walked towards the pile of weights, it seemed that the 25 kg iron plate had run out. "it's finished" I said. "Use 20 kg, hurry" he ordered again. I also went back and forth 5 times to put the weight on his back. I gasped for breath just taking this load, while this Ethan was holding the 300 kg weight on top of his back in a perfect push up position, as mighty as he was. He started to lower his body, and did the push-ups again. This time it was clear that the weight on his back had crossed the limit, moving very slowly only to complete 1 rep. I bit my lip for fear of an accident or something untoward to Ethan. But he's still trying. "Arggghhh" he moaned like an animal, "fuck..." full of determination and anger he pushed the burden up again. He's only done two additional reps, but his breathing is already peaking. He paused for a moment, and looked at me who was sitting not far from his position. "Come here" he ordered ... I will go to his direction and kneel in front of his push up position. "What can I do for you?" I asked him worriedly. Ethan looked at me deeply, "sit down" he ordered quickly, I sat right in front of him. "Arghhh" he was still bearing the weight in pain. "Feel my chest while I push up" he ordered. I don't know what that means. "You mean?" I exclaimed, confused. "WORSHIP, feel my chest muscles!" He scolded, I was shaking with fear and immediately obeyed his request. I stretched my hand under Ethan, right up to his chest. His chest was swollen now, I felt the muscles in the palms of my hands, the slippery sweat made his chest even stronger. What a sensation completely different from what I imagined, something hard and soft at the same time. It's hard to describe. I felt his chest, stroked the chest muscles, occasionally touched his arm beside the two swollen chest muscles. Ethan closed his eyes as if he was enjoying my treatment of him. He enlarged and opened his eyes, looked at me sharply and gave out "Arghhhhhhh" for a moment I felt his chest muscles tighten and throb. Ethan continued his push-ups smoothly, as if the weight had gone. Sweat dripping down his chest, towards the palms of my hands that slowly feel his chest that is pumping the weight. It was undeniable that the burden was very heavy, Ethan's body was still shaking even though his movements were faster than before. It's been almost 25 minutes Ethan in this push up position, he has more than 200 reps in it. The movement is getting slower. I don't know where the initiative came from, I played with Ethan's nipples, he also moaned violently "arghhhhhh" as if the ground was shaking. Ethan looked at me and immediately continued his push-ups again. Repetition 230 he seemed unable to anymore. The slower he moved, at nearly 240, Ethan stopped and looked at me, his face hypnotizing mine. I brought my face closer to him, and kissed his lips slowly. I don't know what I thought, I was out of my mind watching this mighty teenager pounding his muscles like this in front of me. Crushed my lips Ethan dropped the metal plate aside, he heard the sound of weights meeting the concrete floor. "Enough ..." he said loudly. Breathless. His body rose with a kneeling position, while I sat limply in front of him, staring at his now swollen body, the most muscular body I've ever seen. Sweat poured from top to bottom, through the valleys created by his enlarged muscles. Ethan's chest was even more sinister, reddish in color, veins scrambling for position, his muscles thickening asking for room to grow. Sparkling with sweat and a manly scent. "I'm not done yet, my chest need to be burned again, more than this, I want to show you how hard my muscles are," he said breathlessly taking oxygen. To be continued Part 4, 5, and 6
  14. Absman420


    PHOLUS REBORN by absman420 When I got the call that my Grandfather had passed, I had an odd mixture of disappointment and relief. I’d just seen him a few weeks ago, when he’d turned 92, still as spry and troublesome as ever. He’d been a landscaper and gardener since coming to America in his youth -- he claimed it a tie to the old country, the old ways. He knew plants and he knew how to love them -- his garden lush and inviting, alive and ready-to-burst, even up to the end, when HIS heart had burst. (I’d inherited that from him -- not the bad heart, the green thumb -- though I only grew marijuana in the basement of my house.) They’d found him in the garden, dead. It was the Executive Manager of the Home who felt the need to inform me -- but still with his disapproving attitude -- that my Grandfather had been masturbating when he’d died. “And in the garden, of all places!” he’d said with mock indignity. I shrugged -- what should my reaction have been? It was the Home’s Resident Mortician who’d pulled me aside and informed me quietly that my Grandfather had been “remarkably blessed” with “prodigious equipment” and that the erection he’d had when he’d died hadn’t gone down. (Sadly, I’d not inherited that from him -- mine was more pint-sized than prodigious.) It was no secret that my Grandfather was the bane of the old folk’s home -- the sexually-forward, inappropriate old man who wouldn’t leave the ladies alone. Or the nurses. Or the staff. Although they had a soft spot in their hearts for him -- everything else was about his hard spot, the one he was constantly playing with. All in all, they were not sorry to see him go. While in his room, gathering his few personal effects -- the things worth anything -- another old man came in, one of his fellow gardeners, and presented me with a towel-wrapped object, saying, “Big Red wanted you to have this.” I’d never felt like I’d connected with my Grandfather -- “Big Red” -- we both shared the red hair, but that was all. I’d always assumed it was because I was gay -- his generation had their old-school outlooks -- and he believed in big, hearty masculine expressions. Potency with him, above all -- fertility. His garden had been a reflection of that. But he wanted me to have something! See? He’d thought of me! Even in death, there’s hope! Rolling back the towel, I was surprised to discover a clay garden gnome, about ten/ twelve inches long -- but at least not the cheap, Disney-fied version with the goofy red hat and cheeky smile. (That would’ve probably made me leave it behind.) This was significantly older, a hand-painted terracotta statuette of a disheveled old man dressed in rags with a lusty half-smile on his face -- the only other noticeable detail about the sculpt was that the gnome had an obvious bulge. (Like the kind you don’t see that on the modern-day Wal-Mart gnomes!) “He wanted me to have this?” I ask the other old guy, trying not to sound ungrateful, like I wasn’t suspicious of a joke. “A garden gnome?” “Gnomes are powerful symbols of fertility,” the old guy said -- just my luck, my Grandfather was pals with a professor — then he added, “Look it up. You’ve got The Google” and I felt a lot better about my Grandfather’s associates. “It’s been in the garden long as I can remember. Your Grandpappy said he’d had it his whole life!” I took the Gnome -- “Thank you,” I said. “I have the perfect place for it.” -- (Ironically, I did!) -- and after I’d gotten all the business and paperwork and payments at the Home complete -- my Grandfather safely in a box being shipped to the family site -- I headed back to my house, a few hours away, the Gnome resting in a box in the back seat. I DID have the perfect place for it -- my little basement grow. I put it down at the head of a row of a hybrid I was developing -- I aimed its little bulge at the marijuana plants. “Let ‘er rip,” I laughed. “Show me the fertility!” And for the next year, it did just that -- my yield increasing by over 65% -- until I carelessly knocked the little Gnome off the shelf and broke it. And that’s where the story really starts. **************************************** According to “The Google”: Act surprised, the Ancient Greeks had a God for it -- a God of Fertility: Priapus. Apparently his power was manifested in his oversized genitals -- but with the Christian invasion (and forbidden sexuality that accompanied that religion), Priapus and his cock became a demon, or represented as a withered old man with an uncontrollable erection, often pushing his giant cock before himself on a cart. Religion made genitals and their symbology a punishment, a curse -- act surprised. So… Gnomes. Little old men with massive genitals -- a European ode to the Ancients. Little clay gods of fertility for your garden -- Priapus through the ages. (They didn’t become “cutesy” until the release of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” at the beginning of the 20th century -- Priapus becomes Dopey.) I find stuff like that fascinating. ******************************************** Ultimately, it didn’t matter because the Gnome was just a delivery device. I mean, literally. Just as I was about to buy into the idea that a fertility icon in your garden increases yield, I go and knock the fucking thing off the shelf while tranferring a tray of younglings. Fucking stoner thing to do, honestly. I mean, I tried to “catch” it with my foot -- or at least soften the impact. All I managed to do was scratch myself as it bounced off my sandal -- don’t laugh! It drew blood -- and then shattered on the cement, missing the floor mat because of my interference. Fucking idiot. And I was hoping, you know, maybe some glue? But doesn’t destroying it wreck the mojo? Doesn’t breaking it stop the voodoo that it do so well? Isn’t that the folklore? Immediately I thought of my Grandfather -- now a year in his grave -- he managed to get through his whole life without breaking it! Maybe some glue….? Idiot. So I knelt down next to it and gingerly lifted it up -- the front wasn’t cracked, but collapsed from age, barely more than dust -- glue wasn’t going to help. Fuck. And then the discovery. Something inside the hollowed-out middle, wrapped in what seemed to be very old cheesecloth -- very, very old, like great-grandma’s linen that never came out of the box, faded and brittle and delicate beyond possibility -- someone had planted something INSIDE the Ancient Gnome. Eagerly -- nervously -- I carried the whole mess to my work-table and clicked on the bright, overhead light. I was more afraid of ruining whatever was inside -- especially if it was some sort of message or something. (This was why I wasn’t an archeologist -- it couldn’t possibly be this romantic in real life!) Should I be wearing gloves? I had to break the Gnome a little further to get the package to come out freely. I was a nervous wreck, suppositioning all over the place -- had my Grandfather known about this? Was it my Grandfather who’d planted it? Was this why he wanted me to have the Gnome in the first place? What could it possibly be? The rag or cheesecloth or whatever the hell it was that wrapped it nearly dissolved away, turning to dirty dust even as I tugged on it. Pieces of it came off intact, but it was nothing more than wrapping, no message or clues. Just old -- insanely old -- hundreds of years old. If my Grandfather had known about this, he hadn’t changed anything -- he hadn’t wrapped it in anything new. It was two objects wrapped together. One was an icon, about four inches long, a crude stone carving of an overly muscular man with an enormous phallus -- his dick went practically to his chest -- his eyes dark jewels. The other was a tiny, dark bottle, like a perfume bottle, dark glass, deep blue, a small stopper with a wax seal. Holding it to the light, I couldn’t see through the thick glass, but I could feel it’s age. I spent a few seconds cleaning the bottle, dusting it off and wiping it down gently. Even if there was nothing inside it, the bottle itself was spectacular -- I’d never seen anything like it. I picked up the statue and did the same, wiped it down, cleaned it up, blew off the dust. I was looking in his jeweled eyes when -- I swear -- they lit up, bright red. Not just “caught the light”, not just “sparkled”, they LIT UP and -- I’m not kidding. I’m not making this up -- I had a vision. I heard it speak to me. It said, “PHOLUS” I dropped the little muscular stone like a scorpion -- like a venomous fang. I looked at it in horror as it balanced on its side by its big penis, staring helplessly at the table. What in the name of God? “Name of God!” That’s IT! I pulled out my phone. ********************************************** From The Google: In Greek mythology, Pholus (Greek: Φόλος) was a wise centaur who lived in a cave on or near Mount Pelion. Are you kidding? Pholus is really a thing? A centaur? Weren’t they half-horse? Well, I guess that little statue there is partially-horse, at least. But there was something else. In astronomical terms, Pholus (from Φόλος) is an eccentric centaur (an object classified somewhere between an asteroid and a minor planet) in the outer Solar System, approximately 180 kilometers (110 miles) in diameter, that crosses the orbit of both Saturn and Neptune. It was discovered on 9 January 1992… Wait. What? -- I was born on 9 January, 1992. Pholus and I were twins… which wasn’t funny. It was getting weird. Nicknamed “Big Red,” it’s orbit around the sun takes 92 years and one month… 92 years and one month… my Grandfather -- Big Red’s exact age when he died! Okay, I was fucking freaking out by this time! Too many coincidences. A centaur -- an eccentric centaur -- my birthday -- my grandfather’s orbit -- but that still wasn’t everything. There was one more. When Pholus (from Φόλος) appears in an astrological reading, it represents a spark, a start, grand events set in motion from something small, like shooting oneself in one’s foot, the butterfly effect. When Pholus appears, an unexpected adventure follows. Fuck you, the Google. ****************************************** I leaned against the wall and stared at the work-table for a while, at the askew little icon and the blue-glass bottle. I sat on a stool, smoked a joint, and stared at the stone man, released from his prison, forever erect. How did he talk to me? How had that happened? I’d never heard of “Pholus” before -- I couldn’t have made that up. And even if I had -- there were too many coincidences… there were three different versions of “Pholus” and all of them applied to me! I couldn’t have known about that and “forgotten” -- I didn’t smoke that much weed. No. I’d had a vision -- the icon had spoken to me. Assuming that to be true, I thought, I shouldn’t fear it. If this icon was meant for me -- and it seemed like that was the only conclusion -- then I had no reason for fear. One shouldn’t fear destiny, especially when one knows what it is. Sadly, by the time I worked up enough brave-energy to touch the icon again, nothing happened -- it was just a piece of cold stone. No more flare -- no more sparkle -- no more insight. The little stone dude had a pretty amazing cock… and he seemed so proud… but he’d stopped talking. So, the bottle then. What could it possibly be? Perfume? Wine? Magic Potion? Poison? I mean, it’s ridiculous. I should have it analyzed -- I should find out what it is -- I should know before I unleash some disease, some demon, some genie in a bottle. Maybe ingesting whatever was inside would transform me into a centaur -- well, being gay, maybe a unicorn? I couldn’t see through the deep blue glass, so I didn’t even know if anything was inside at all. I was so busy playing mind-games with myself that I hadn’t realized how much time had passed, even. Sigh. Another joint. Anyway, when I finally got around to opening the stupid thing, it was nearly midnight. The stopper, which was also glass, was sealed with what appeared to be a thick wax. I used a tiny screwdriver to flake it off. It took a little back-and-forth to completely break the seal, but once I did, the little stopper eased out quickly. The Scent. The Scent alone. My cock was rock hard immediately, just on the scent alone -- sex and leather and sweat and metal, the smells of masculinity, from the playful snips and snails and puppy-dog tails of youth to the moment of adult dominance, to the rut of the thrust, the spreading of the seed, it was fertility, the deep, moist earth. It was the Essence of Man. I was compelled to taste it -- I didn’t think twice about it -- it wasn’t until long after the moment that I thought there may have been danger. In the moment, there wasn’t any thought at all, just need -- driving masculine need. Whatever was in that bottle I needed in me. A drop was all -- and barely enough to qualify for the word “drop” -- it rolled lazily out of the bottle like a thick, congealed syrup -- but when it hit my tongue… Orgasm! Immediately, my cock shot -- overwhelming! Like this huge, savage, I’ve-never-felt-it-like-this-before orgasm! Like, so incredibly all-encompassing that every cell of my body was my cock and they were all shooting at once. And then I was able to taste this syrup as it spread across my tongue -- battle and strength and muscle and sweaty maleness mixed with earth and flavored with fire, the taste of heroes and prowess and sweet, hard-won victory. Horse flanks, battle songs and flasks of wine, wrestling for sport and the tight, sweet holes of olive-skinned apprentices -- it was everything dark and earthy, meat and marrow, savagery and strength. It was gloriously masculine. And the aftertaste was dirty, and sexual, and rutted, the nasty, shit-flecked maw of the satisfied fornicator -- the flavor of lust. I was oh, so horny -- I needed to fuck, cock-driven, unapologetic, just lay-in and pound kind of fuck. Not love-making, no gentleness -- playfulness, yes; powerful, definitely -- fucking male on MALE sex! Then came the mental run-down of my fuck-buddy list, too few and too far between, the usual Grindr stall, the seedy bar -- any option. All options. Need to fuck. It was a stranger whose name I sort of remember -- I didn’t care -- all that mattered was the hole. By that time, crazy, stupid needy lust. My little cock was flared and strong, flexing beyond its norm -- serve it, suck it, take it, fuck it. Pholus started the adventure! ************************************************** I woke the next morning in a stranger’s bed, crusty and sweaty, the smell of sex on my breath -- glorious! My cock immediately hardened. He slept on his side, my unknown partner, his back to me, a little blond thing -- his hole was red, swollen, smeared with my dried cum and his ass juices. It smelled glorious -- earthy, sexy -- raw. It was impossible to resist, so I didn’t, licking his hole, loving the taste, digging in and eating. Gripping around his balls, I felt his cock harden with his morning’s piss. Fuck, I wanted that, too. All of it. He woke moaning. “Ohhh, man… stop. I can’t… I’m sore and I gotta pee…” “You taste so fuckin’ good,” I mumbled, slurping his hole. “Lemme just eat it awhile…” “That’s gross,” he said, pulling himself away. “I’m gonna pee -- you should be gone when I get done.” I was laying there with this big hard-on -- I showed it to him. “Aw, c’mon, baby, you can’t leave me like this…” “You got a nice dick,” he said, pulling himself out of bed, “and you sure know how to use it. You fucked me every which way sideways last night and I’m sore as hell right now. But you should be gone when I get done.” “Aw, fuck,” I said, with this impossible hard-on, and these blue-ass balls. Cold little bitch. Where the fuck were my shoes? ******************************************** The Uber driver could smell me -- I could tell. And I know it made him uncomfortable -- he shifted himself in his seat several times. After a while, I realized it was because he had a hard-on, too. That was fucking hot. Cocks were fucking hot. With my fingers, I squeezed mine through the material of my pants while we drove. I knew he saw me -- I didn’t care. It felt too good. Everything felt good. In the shower, I noticed it more in my balls than in my cock -- the growth, I mean -- but also from the undeniable rush of testosterone. The way it felt. I was a man -- all man. I felt like a man -- and I fucking loved it! I gave very little thought to the idea that whatever was in that bottle had adversely affected me -- just the opposite. Whatever was in that bottle had changed me for the better! Somehow, it had awakened something in me -- it had connected me to something greater than myself -- MY masculine essence. I shot off a load in the shower, praising Priapus and Pholus (and Phallus, too!) -- I could phuck them all! Who could deny the power of the cock? Who wouldn’t want this? ********************************************** From “The Google”: Priapism is a condition in which a penis remains erect for hours in the absence of stimulation or after stimulation has ended. Most cases are ischemic. Ischemic priapism is generally painful while nonischemic priapism is not. In ischemic priapism, most of the penis is hard. In nonischemic priapism, the entire penis is only somewhat hard. Aw, fuck man -- that was me in one bold sentence -- nonischemic priapism. My dick hadn’t been flaccid in over two weeks. The only reason it didn’t concern me was because it didn’t hurt -- so why shouldn’t it show itself off? It was a damn nice cock -- it was just putting itself out there. As a matter of fact, it was kind of hot Fucking EVERYTHING was kind of hot! That my sex drive was stuck in high gear was kind of hot -- finding out I have nonischemic priapism was kind of hot. But hottest of all? My dick was getting bigger. My dick, my balls -- bigger. It didn’t help that my cock was semi-hard all the time, it just kept me from noticing it right away. But in the last two weeks, my hard cock had shot up to eight inches! And not in Grindr inches, either -- ACTUAL measurement! And my testosterone production was up, too, like a thousand percent, thanks to my growing balls, over-producing to make up for their past. My workouts had been fucking crazy -- they would just go on and on and I’d never lose energy -- two, three hours. The harder I trained, the hornier I felt, my big cock jutting out before me, struggling against the compression-anything I wore. I swear, I was shooing the guys off like flies -- I think my smell attracted them. I think my sweat was becoming some kind of pheromone or something. I was fucking them in the steam room, the shower, one guy in the janitor’s closet -- I was a fucking beast! A beast with big, low-hanging balls. I thought about going to the doctor, but then I thought, why? What’s WRONG with me? For the first time in my life, it felt like everything was right! I was getting muscular -- not huge, not like one of those muscle-heads -- but BIG, you know? Commanding. Six months after I’d been blessed by the gods, I weighed a solid 235, carrying almost no body-fat. I learned (from The Google) that testosterone was a natural leaning agent, one of the reasons teenage boys (at the peak of testosterone production) looked the way they did -- the more I produced, the leaner I got. So, at 235, I looked fucking awesome, even bigger than I really was! I started getting hairier, too. At first, a thicker pelt on the chest, a scruffier beard -- sexy -- but then my shoulders, my back -- I began having to trim back my bush or it would’ve taken over. I became the King of Manscaping. I ended up with a rough beard -- I gave in on that, otherwise I was shaving two or three times a day. But apparently, the boys liked the way it felt on their holes, so I didn’t sweat it. The hair grew thicker in the grooves of my abs, emphasizing them even more. I was so… fucking… manly! By then my cock was nearly 11 inches long in its constant semi-erect state, displaying itself proudly before me. People REACTED to it -- no matter how I tried to hide it at first, once someone saw it, they couldn’t stop looking. (I do believe it’s hypnotic -- but that’s a point for later.) And to be honest, I loved the attention. I thought I would’ve been freaked or embarrassed by having such an obvious member, but it was the opposite -- the bigger it got, the greater my pride and eagerness to show it off. ********************************************* From “The Google”: Erect penises have appeared in erotic (sexually exciting) art for a very long time. Pictures of men with erections appear on ancient objects and in paintings. In the past, the erect penis was also a symbol or sign of health and fertility (the ability to give life). Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans believed in gods that had erect penises. Men with larger penises are often thought to be more handsome, manly and powerful. I became a Brand. There was little else I could do, actually. I mean, why WASN’T I in porn? Why wasn’t I sharing my blessing with everyone? I created the “Pholus” Brand -- and I adopted my Grandfather’s nickname, “Big Red” -- Big Red Pholus, that was who I became. My OnlyFans page… I swear, I put up a video of me commando beneath a pair of loose gym shorts, jumping rope in slow motion, and within two days… money was no longer an issue in my life. I set a record for followers within a week and became an “Influencer” on IG so fast I had to look it up on The Google to find out what an Influencer was. Clothing designers -- I had a guy specifically for underwear and jockstraps -- assistants, an entourage, the works! And this was the weird thing: the worship… empowered me. I mean, it… it made me… more than I was. As I did cam shows and live shows and as my audience grew, I grew, too. Not just muscularly (where I was steadily improving), or scrotally (where I was pushing boundaries), I mean spiritually. Can you imagine what it does to your psyche to have guys pay you obscene amounts of money just to touch your cock? To have them beg you to suck it? To love it the way you do? I accepted it -- I welcomed it. I had been blessed by the gods -- I was something more-than-man. A demi-god -- a demi with a semi. A demi-semi-god! I had a destiny. Sex was easy, constant -- I was either seducing or fucking. Wherever I was, whatever I was doing, it was a prelude to sex. I couldn’t have enough -- there was never a moment when I was satisfied, when I wasn’t eager for more. And men fell under my spell -- whether it was my smell, or my aura, or the obvious swell of my cock -- they all gave it up for me, they all became my bottom. There was nothing I enjoyed more than finding the Big Alpha straight-guy at a strange gym and watching him turn into a weak-willed bitch when he’d ultimately yield to my superior cock. The look on his face when he’d first see it beneath my gym clothes, or more regularly, my compression pants -- shock and awe -- the way he’d try to befriend me, like we could be the cocks-of-the-walk together, buddies -- and finally him on his knees in the locker room, in the posing room, wherever, pounding his own cock while he gave in and worshipped mine. It was the way of men to worship gods. And all men worshipped the god of the phallus -- and now Pholus, who seemed the god made flesh. **************************************** More from “The Google”: In Greek mythology, a satyr (Greek: σάτυρος sátyros, pronounced [sátyros]), also known as a silenos (Greek: σειληνός seilēnós), is a male nature spirit with ears and a tail resembling those of a horse, as well as a permanent, exaggerated erection. Early artistic representations sometimes include horse-like legs, but, by the sixth century BC, they were more often represented with human legs. Like satyrs, centaurs were notorious for being wild, lusty, overly indulgent drinkers and carousers, violent when intoxicated, and generally uncultured delinquents. I gained the ability to make others like myself. It began to happen late in the second or third year since my blessing from the gods, my rebirth. My cock was over a foot long by that point, meaty and thick, my pendulous nads nearly the size of oranges -- even at 6’4” 245, they were out of proportion (I didn’t look anywhere near as freakish as I would’ve if I’d remained 5’9”, but I’d grown steadily since my blessing, so I looked like a really big guy with a REALLY big cock. Who knew where, or if it would end.) I was hairy and gruff, balding from too much testosterone, bearded and beautiful. And naked, I was spectacular. I would watch videos of myself having sex because it was so hot, my big, hairy muscle destroying some boy’s sweet pink hole. My favorites were the little tops who thought they were gonna top me. I mean, imagine having a cock like mine and the guy still wants to fuck me? Like, I’d made some of the biggest Alpha males submit to me, reveled in turning them into big muscle bottoms, but there were particular guys -- usually wrestler/ MMA-grappler types -- who wouldn’t fall under the spell of my cock, whose sweat smelled manly, too, and just went forward with the foreplay as if I were some meaty bottom. The first time it happened, it was this hot little Jersey boy, muscular and sexy with some sweet abs, probably 5’8” or 5’9”, tattoos, steroid scars on his back, skinny legs but a dick to die for. It tasted as pretty as it looked. “You gotta let me fuck you,” he growled. “With that cock, you probably never get fucked as good as you should. Lemme show you, baby…” Eating my hole, he won me over -- fuck, I had to reward an enthusiast -- especially the way he buried his face in my hairy, sweaty crack, like he couldn’t get enough. I’d forgotten how good a dick up inside me felt -- I hadn’t bottomed since my blessing -- and I gotta say, Jersey-boy wasn’t as selfish with it as I thought he’d be. He knew how to fuck. On my back, my huge legs spread wide, he stood next to the bed and pounded my hole, my own hard cock resting between the halves of my chest, inches from my chin, fairly leaking my pheromone-laden pre-cum -- even I was under my own spell. “God damn, you tight,” Jersey-boy muttered. “Not damned,” I panted. “Blessed.” “Gonna cum in your blessed hole…” “Yes,” I moaned, placing my hands on either side of his head. “Yes. Give your offering…” When he shot, driving his dick deep into me, his eyes rolled back in his head. In that moment, I felt -- not only my own orgasm -- I felt this energy leave me through my hands and enter him. I wish I could describe it better. It wasn’t like he took something from me -- it wasn’t like I gave him power -- it was more like I awakened something in him. Yet I felt that change in energy -- I was the cause of it. The catalyst. When he opened his eyes, there was something there that hadn’t been before -- a glint, a lust. The corner of his mouth curled into a devilish smile and I felt his cock re-harden inside me, even harder than it had been, and he just started lust-fucking me. What an incredible fuck that was -- the sudden power, the masculinity, the determination -- we were sweaty and breathless and oh, so hungry. I couldn’t even tell you how many times we came, how many moments of utter bliss we experienced -- how much energy we expelled and exchanged. The cock he pulled out of me was nearly twelve inches long, with heavy, obvious balls to match. Twice as big as it had been before -- nowhere near as big as it would get -- it looked magnificently out-of-proportion with the rest of him. He loved it! The next few weeks were a blurry fuck-fest. He matched me for sexual energy and desire -- his sweat was as irresistible, his personality as seductive -- everything we did, everywhere we went ended up an orgy. At the gym, working out together, watching the big straight bodybuilders fall under our spell, envying our big, gorgeous cocks. At the bars, dancing on the bars, they worshipped us, watching us strut and flex. At the bath-houses, where parties could extend into days, they gave us a never-ending supply of holes to fuck. But after a few months, Jersey-boy began to bore me. He was nothing but fucking. No thought, no drive, no interest, no appreciation -- all he cared about was how to put his cock in some guy’s hole. He didn’t need me -- he had his own circle of worshippers, of devotees -- his entourage. I still loved him -- I was bonded to him, my brother and my son; I could feel him wherever he was -- I just needed my freedom. But it wasn’t long before I created others. The same basic type: the cocky, unrelenting top -- the guy who would insist on trying to fuck me, even after seeing my hypnotic cock. Through the years, I’d created about twenty of them -- same way, they’d fuck me and at the moment of their orgasm, I would give them the energy to open themselves to the Primal Force, their Masculine Power. Like me, they grew -- muscularly, scrotally -- all their lusty appetites, but unlike me, they lost their reason, their love for anything but sex. They became this hyper-masculine, hyper-endowed, sexually-driven fraternity -- a herd of hairy, horse-hung men. Modern Day Centaurs. They fucked with me -- around me -- the world became one never-ending sex party. I loved it, every moment of it, my constant libido, my unsatisfied hunger for sex -- to express sex -- to BE sex! With every fuck, with every orgasm, with every of my centaur’s orgasms, I became stronger. Worshipping the act of sex meant worshipping me. For years it grew -- for years I reigned, continuing to grow. I weighed around 270 by my 40th birthday (52 left, I’d joke) and my cock was a magnificent thirty-inches long, half-hard and hanging like a heavy branch from a sturdy tree. My balls dangled like melons, their weight stimulating me more, producing so much testosterone that I just reeked of it. Huge rings hung from my nipples -- another of the same size pierced my septum. (Many of the centaurs had pierced theirs -- cheap horse-symbolism, but still sexy.) I was magnificent. There was not a man who could resist me, not an enemy I couldn’t dominate -- I had the most powerful men in the world begging to serve me, willing to do anything to kneel before me -- the richest men in the world as my benefactors. And all they wanted was sex. Me. I was sex. ********************************* Again, The Google: Apotheosis (from Greek ἀποθέωσις from ἀποθεόω/ἀποθεῶ, apotheoo/apotheo "to deify"; in Latin deificatio "making divine"; also called divinization and deification) is the glorification of a subject to divine level and, most commonly, the treatment of a human like a god. In theology, apotheosis refers to the idea that an individual has been raised to godlike stature. It is the way of the gods to be apart from humanity, but desire to be a part of it. As I got older -- and bigger -- it became more and more difficult to move about in public. The year I turned 54 -- which coincidentally was the year I’d been elevated for as long as I’d been human, 27 years -- I was 6’5”, 290 muscular pounds, still as lean as a teen, with a cock that was nearly forty inches long and balls that hung nearly to my knee. I was graying, sure, but didn’t look my age in the face -- I looked like my Grandfather at the same age. The Daddy-thing worked in my favor. I separated myself from the others. They never stopped -- they never expressed interest in anything other than carousing and fucking around. It was exhausting. There was no appreciation of arts or literature or the expression of creative thought -- everything was directed at sex. Everything. After a while, I found myself bored, seeking more -- though what more could there be? I desired to travel, but travel was nearly impossible. Wherever I went, sex happened. My smell, my aura, whatever it was about me that men couldn’t resist, it didn’t stop -- I couldn’t turn it off. Obviously, I couldn’t fly -- ultimately, the pilot would be unable to resist the inevitable orgy that would happen and the plane would crash. Maybe if the pilot flew with an air mask? Who knows? To me, it wasn’t worth the try. Fortunately, several of my benefactors had yachts -- massive, sprawling things that they were more than happy to offer me. In that way, I saw much of the world, spreading my seed all around the globe. We were anchored off the shore of Mykonos and I was busy fucking my way through the height of the high season -- oh, the gorgeous gay men who summered in Mykonos -- when I heard rumor of another like me. One of the local boys, whose English was far better than my Greek -- together, we spoke the language of Lust -- told me that I reminded him of the stories he’d heard about a reclusive sex god who was said to live up the coast, on Mt. Pelion. An old man with a giant cock -- the stories said he pushed his cock around before himself on a cart -- his smell, like mine, was said to drive men wild with lust, enough to make them impale themselves on his huge penis until they were dead. It was a story locals told for generations, perhaps in an effort to keep the young men from playing in the many caves along the coast. The boy told me this while impaling himself on my huge penis, so I wasn’t sure how much of it was porn-fantasy on his part. But I heard several corroborating stories over the next few weeks, so with little better to do, I had the captain sail us up the East Coast of Greece toward the Pelion Peninsula. And there was someone -- I could feel him. The closer we got, passing the spectacular cliffs and inlets of this ancient coast, the more I became aware of him. This feeling reminded me of the bond between myself and the ones I’d created, the Modern Day Centaurs -- it had the same longingful pull. The call of sex. I followed this call. Going ashore, dressed in linen pants and loafers, shirtless, my hairy beauty exposed to the world, I unerringly led myself up the mountain to the hidden door of a house nearly invisible in the mountainside of Mt. Pelion, as if someone had taken a cave and had Andrew Lloyd Wright develop it into a residence -- the old and the new melded seamlessly together. An olive-skinned beauty opened the door, dressed only in a short linen skirt and sandals. He was spectacular, young and hairless, his pink, puffy nipples sitting atop his tight, muscular chest -- his pink, pouty lips ready to pleasure my cock. But he wasn’t the scent I sought. “Geiá sou,” I said in my sorry Greek. “Eínai o kýrios sas?” The boy smiled -- probably because of the way I butchered his language. “He is expecting you,” he said in perfect English, opening the door to bid me enter. Again, walking through the house was like walking through a cave that had been made into a house, all the stone and slate, with the sleek, LCD lighting and hidden speakers piping in some old folk music -- it was the kind of place one saw on the Rich & Famous Real Estate shows, a little too over-the-top to be believed. NOTHING could’ve been this nice. How much money had this taken? How many years? The boy walked before me, allowing me to view his spectacular ass -- it was hard to decide exactly what to look at, the house or the boy. We descended a short stairs and emerged into a grotto. It reminded me of the Ancient Public Baths, a large pool dominating the space, with several types of hot tubs adorning the circumference and a magnificent, raised dais on one end, almost like a pulpit, where a massive bed sat ready for use. This was the biggest-budget porn-set I’d ever seen -- as if Spielberg were shooting a Greek fuck-flick. As we entered, the boy’s Master stood from the hot tub, his back to us, as two other olive-skinned beauties dressed him in a white, terry-cloth robe. He was nearly eight feet tall, massively muscular, though in proportion with his height, as if someone had taken a super-heavyweight bodybuilder and blew him up to 150%. An older man -- I would put him somewhere in his early sixties -- with salt-and-pepper hair that favored the salt, but long on top and shaved short on the sides -- his grooming was as meticulous as his house. He sported a beard that was a bit longer than mine, but oiled and maintained with an attention mine had never known. The robe didn’t hide the fact that he was hairy, but why wouldn’t he be? He was the perfect man. The robe made no secret of his cock, either. Like mine, it jutted before him like an extra limb, continuously hard and heavy, ready for more. It had to be over three feet long, but the way the boys had placed it in the material, it was hard to be sure. I’d hoped to find out. Hardly the image of a withered old man with his cock on a cart. When we made eye-contact, he smiled -- and in that moment, I recognized him. I didn’t know how -- not then -- but I knew who he was. I’d known him for thousands of years. “Oh my god,” I said. “Chiron!” “Hello, Pholus,” he said in English, with a glorious accent, opening his muscular arms for a hug. “Welcome home!” **************************************** You know the gag by now: In Greek mythology, Chiron (/ˈkaɪrən/ KY-rən; also Cheiron or Kheiron; Greek: Χείρων "hand") was held to be the superlative centaur amongst his brethren, as he was called as the "wisest and justest of all the centaurs". Chiron was notable throughout Greek mythology for his youth-nurturing nature. His personal skills tend to match those of his foster father Apollo, who taught the young centaur the art of medicine, herbs, music, archery, hunting, gymnastics and prophecy, and made him rise above his beastly nature. Centaurs were notorious for being wild, lusty, overly indulgent drinkers and carousers, violent when intoxicated, and generally uncultured delinquents. Chiron, by contrast, was intelligent, civilized and kind, because he was not related directly to the other centaurs due to his parentage. I couldn’t even tell you how long we fucked before we had a chance to talk. It felt like that sexual communication was almost as valuable as the verbal would be. His age was buffered by his confidence and his ability, his skillful love-making knew no bounds. Our cocks were big enough to be inside each other as we faced one another, each fucking the other while we deeply kissed. “I’ve missed you,” he moaned as he shot yet another load into me. “It’s been too long…” “I don’t understand,” I said while he thrusted himself on my hard pole. “This all feels so familiar.” “There will be plenty of time for talk,” he said, bringing me to orgasm. “But first, we must be what we are.” That first sexual coupling lasted nearly a full week. We fucked in the grotto, we fucked in the pool, we fucked in his bed, we fucked in a sling that was hung deep in the cavernous depths of the mountain. He showed me more ways to stimulate someone than I’d ever known -- or experienced! He was a master at pleasure. “Well, I should be,” he said later, sitting upright against a massive pile of cushions. I sat with my back against him, in the crook of his arm -- we were smoking some of my best bud. “After all, I’ve been having sex for thousands of years. I’ve picked up a thing or two.” “Thousands of years,” I mumbled, taking my hit. Then, upon exhalation I said, “So are you immortal?” “Gods exist as long as people worship them,” he replied, taking the joint from me. “And fortunately, we’re gods of rutty, physical sex -- men will ALWAYS believe in that.” He kissed me deeply, sharing the hit he’d taken. Of course, he was a good kisser, too. He had a staff of the most beautiful men, stunning examples all -- they bathed us and catered to us and fed us. I could feel their adoration and pride and… worship. I let it empower me. The myths held some truths: Chiron was a teacher at heart. He told me everything. “Surely you’ve done some research,” he said, indicating the computer screen before us -- (when I made a joke about the Batcave, he didn’t get my reference, so he didn’t know EVERYTHING). “From the myth of Pholus, we get the phrase ‘shooting yourself in the foot’ -- did you know that?” I shook my head and smiled. “After Heracles finished his fourth labor, he was tasked with wiping out the centaurs. Their drunken, sexual carousing was proving too much for the local populace, so he came to Pholus’ cave here in Mt. Pelion — this very cave — to seek a special Dionysian wine to lure the centaurs out into the open. Ultimately, Heracles slew them all with arrows poisoned by the blood of the hydra. After the battle, Pholus, marvelling at the idea that so small a thing as an arrow could kill something as magnificent as a centaur, dropped the poison arrow on his foot, where it pierced his skin and killed him.” “That’s what happened?” I asked. “That’s the MYTH,” he said, taking another hit. “I love this stuff, marijuana. It’s rare that I have any -- I’ve lost my taste for what passes for wine nowadays.” He exhaled and passed back to me. After taking a moment to adjust his huge balls, he continued. “In fact, it wasn’t Heracles, it was a small armada fighting in Heracles’ name that wiped us out — again, time and telling change the story. And it was understandable -- we’d created too many. We got a little… trigger happy in our play -- there needs to be a balance.” “Centaurs…?” “Right! Well, obviously not men with the bodies of horses -- but you’ve seen what they become, what their COCKS become when we change them. Is it any surprise that they became known as ‘horse-men’ or ‘half-man/ half-horse’ to the people who are left to describe them? Mythology has a wonderful way of literalizing the traits of the gods. We are spirits of nature, sexual spirits, not animals -- organized religion has used that metaphor to death. They took our form and made it into their Satan! Yet still, our ways persist -- men still worship us -- religion or not, they put gnomes in their gardens, wards in their crops, they know that fertility IS sex, Nature’s sex -- when the gods are fertile, the land prospers -- we are linked. “No, Heracles’ Armada wiped them out -- nearly all. I’d been hit in the battle and spent the next few months curing myself with herbs and medicines.” He showed me a scar on his thigh, barely evident after all this time. “Rumor had it I’d died -- that’s what the myth said, too -- but that wasn’t the case. I’d just gone into hiding. I WAS too late to help you, though,” he continued, rubbing my pec with the arm he had draped over my shoulder. “You were nearly gone by the time I got to you, so I… did what I could and preserved your essence.” “Excuse me?” He shrugged. “I don’t know how to explain it without getting all technical and metaphysical -- I don’t know if you’ll understand it, even then. Suffice it to say that through physics and arcane sorcery, I captured your essence in a form not unlike your favorite thing: Dionysian wine!” He chuckled then, kissing my head. “I was the one who bottled it and guarded it for several thousand years, waiting for the right man, until it was spirited away from me during one of the many wars of the former century. I didn’t know anything more about it until I heard about you on the internet -- my Pholus, come back to me!” Kissing, kissing, always kissing. “Someone sealed it inside a garden gnome,” I said. “It was in my grandfather’s garden. I honestly think it was meant for him -- his build, his attitude (maybe he was a centaur?) -- he had to have known about it. After his death, it was passed to me, where it Lorded over a bunch of marijuana plants until I broke it… and discovered…’ “Your destiny,” he said, grabbing my cock. I stayed with him after that -- he claimed the cave was mine to begin with -- and allowed myself to be his apprentice, his pupil, his son, and his lover. He was trained in all the fine arts -- music, literature, theatre (he adored musicals!), the sciences, herbs, art. “This is what sets us apart from the beasts we make,” he said. “They cannot appreciate the finer things.” He taught me the art of sex, techniques from people long-forgotten. We played daily with each other, the staff, the local boys, visitors who came just to worship -- it was a scene from the great erotic writers, sexual energy providing the energy for everything, from the ideas to the art to the power for life. On my 92nd birthday, the same age as my grandfather when he’d passed, I was just-over seven feet tall -- still a foot shorter than Chiron -- but with a spectacular body and an unbelievable cock. I was vital, vigorous, and very horny. Chiron had re-grown the hair on my head -- he’d concocted some kind of (very) smelly salve, but it worked! After having been bald for most of my adult life, it was fun to have hair again as an “old” man. I certainly wasn’t was some kind of dried-up prune of a thing pushing my oversized cock before me on a cart, no matter what the stories said. I found Chiron in the hot-tub, soaking in the bubbling water with his arms along the edge of the tub -- even from here, I could smell his scent. “There’s the birthday boy!” he said when he saw me. I laughed. “Your favorite eccentric centaur has made his first complete lap around the sun,” I said, standing in the waist-deep water so my giant cock floated just below the surface, like a small shark. “Then you’re really just a one year old, right?” he asked. “That sounds like a good average -- one year for you equals ninety-two for everyone else. So you’ll be around 8,400 when you’re REALLY 92.” I laughed. “And they say I’M the eccentric one,” I said, leaning forward to kiss him. “I’m saying immortality requires a different mindset.” He began to rub the tip of my cock, right beneath the glans -- of course it started to harden. Horny old fuck. I bent forward and kissed him. “So, what’s next?” I asked. “Travel, I think. I should like to see the world! I’ve never been to the Americas, your former home -- and we should see how your centaurs are getting along. I’m curious.” “You’re just horny,” I said, toying with his cock as he teased mine. He chuckled in our kiss. “Eternally,” he said. We began our normal day -- we fucked -- and we made our plans. *********************************************** We leave tomorrow and have been fucking our goodbyes through the local populace. Our personal staff will travel with us and we have people to watch the cave (not that we expect any trouble -- even the worshippers are dedicated and respectful) and of course everything is connected to everything now, so communication is hardly in the Age of Homer, trying desperately to reach Ithaca. I plan to visit my grandfather’s grave and bury the little stone icon of the muscular man with the giant penis there to honor him. He watched over it for so many years in life, I’d like it to watch over him in death. I will thank him too, properly, for the gift he gave me. That’s the purpose of this story, I suppose -- to honor my grandfather. I’ve taken much of the last week writing it -- to help organize my thoughts -- and I’ve struggled with its theme. Chiron has read it and thinks it’s just fine as it is. “Let it speak for itself,” he said. “You Americans and your obsession with plot. It’s a symbolic piece -- it requires more thought than what’s happening in the plot. Let it be.” And so I do. This is my story -- this is what happened when Pholus was reborn. Thank you, Big Red.
  15. J'ai un peu des problèmes avec mon copain. Je l'aime plus que tout au monde, hein, ce n'est pas la question. Mais des fois ça peut être difficile avec lui, parce que, et bien il n'est pas très intelligent. Et ce n'est pas une critique, le fait est qu'intellectuellement il est très limité. Pour moi ça fait partie de ses qualités, je suis amoureux fou de mon copain, donc je ne suis pas objectif, avec les yeux de l'amour je ne lui trouve aucun défaut. Son intelligence est différente, mais réelle. Le jour où je l'ai rencontré, dès que je lui ai parlé j'ai senti cette connexion très forte entre nous, et j'ai adoré discuter avec lui. A vrai dire, il ne disait que des mots très simples, et ce n'était pas très cohérent, mais je le comprenais, et j'étais fasciné par tout ce qu'il disait. Je buvais ses paroles, comme on dit. Et il avait l'air content de trouver quelqu'un qui le comprenait, et je l'écoutais avec passion. Il m faisait rire, quelquefois je voyais qu'il avait dit quelque chose pour être drôle, alors je me mettais à rire à gorge déployée, et il reprenait son récit fascinant. Je ne comprenais pas bien ses mots, mais j'adorais parler avec lui, et j'étais tellement content d'avoir la chance d'échanger avec lui, et qu'il apprécie ma compagnie. Je vivais un rêve, j'étais sur un nuage. C'était véritablement formidable d'échanger avec lui, et ses quatre ving douze centimètres de biceps. il s'était rapidement retrouvé isolé dans cette soirée, parce que les gens ne comprenaient pas son génie, du coup j'ai eu la chance de pouvoir me retrouver avec lui et sans cesse il disait des mots, ce qui était absolument fascinant avec mon visage face à ses énormes pecs. Je suis instantanément tombé amoureux de ce mastodonte d'un mètre quatre-vingt dix-huit et deux cent soixante-dix neuf kilos de muscle, et mes efforts pour qu'il m'apprécie ont payé, car nous sommes devenus inséparables. Clairement, ce n'est pas toujours aisé d'être auprès de lui, car il peut avoir ses humeurs, et il ne saisit pas bien le monde qui l'entoure. Il m'a fallu développer des trésors de patience pour pouvoir le gérer au mieux, et ce n'est pas toujours évident avec un colosse qui peut exploser un crâne en claquant des doigts (il chausse su 54, il a des gros doigts) mais mon amour a fini par payer et il s'est vraiment attaché à moi et il me respecte. Évidemment je suis la risée de mon groupe d'amis, l'un d'entre eux l'avait ramené à la soirée où nous nous étions rencontrés dans le seul but de se moquer de lui et le ridiculiser, et ils ont eu tôt fait de voir que j'étais fou amoureux de lui, très vite ils ont estimé que mon attraction envers lui n'était due qu'au fait que ce soit un gigantesque bodybuilder aux muscles surpuissants. Cela fait quatre ans que nous sommes ensemble à présent, et je ne parle plus trop à ce groupe d'amis. Notre liaison est très forte, et c'est pour moi le plus important, je me pas mal suis isolé de ma famille aussi qui ne le tolère pas. Et la société est bizarre, dès que l'on débarque à un endroit, que j'arrive quelque part avec ce monstre de muscles, les gens réagissent bizarrement. Bon, je reconnais que c'est un véritable phénomène, sur le plan physique et musculaire, et j'aime bien l'effet qu'il fait n'importe où où je vais avec lui, et j'adore ça. Donc voilà, c'est l'homme de ma vie, j'aime faire des efforts de chaque instant pour essayer de maintenir son humeur, j'aime être là pour l'écouter ânonner des sylabbes pendant des heures, j'aime financer ses stéroïdes, et tout en général parce que c'est impossible pour lui d'avoir un travail, j'aime tout en lui, je l'aime mon colossal tas de muscles même si on ne fait pas l'amour. Le problème que j'ai dernièrement c'est qu'il est un peu trop protecteur avec moi. Il tient beaucoup à moi, et de plus en plus, et rien ne pourrait me rendre plus heureux, mais ça devient un peu problématique des fois. Il pense que tout est une menace.Il veut être toujours près de moi et me protéger de tout. Un jour, on traversait au feu, et une voiture a freiné un peu tard et débordé quelques centimètres sur le passage piéton. Il a eu peur pour moi, donc il s'est jeté devant la voiture et a frappé du poing sur le capot, il a traversé le moteur et cloué la voiture dans le bitume. Il a peur pour moi quand je suis au travail. Dès qu'il n'est pas à la salle, il vient à mon taf et s'assoit à l'entrée de mon cubicle et lance des regards agressifs à tout le monde. Mais je l'aime plus que tout. L'autre soir on était posés devant la télé, puis il a regardé, et il a dit une vraie phrase, "Tu aimes mes biceps"? C'était émouvant. On s'est regardés avec les yeux plein d'amour et il a levé son bras près de moi, puis il l'a plié pour faire jaillir son biceps en bandaison. Je me suis mis à lécher tout ce que je pouvais de son biceps. " Donne main. Touche gros biceps. Gros gros gros biceps. Oui mouiller biceps.Gros biceps pour toi. Gros muscles. Je t'aime. Moi vouloir plus gros muscles pour plaisir toi. - Oui j'aime tes gros biceps mon amour. J'aime tes énormes gros biceps. - Toi aimer gros biceps - Oui mon amour. - Moi gros biceps pour toi. - Tu es le plus beau mon amour - Touche gros biceps! S'il te plaît, - Mais ils sont trop gros tes biceps mon amour - Gros biceps content - J'adore caresser tes énormes biceps mon cœur - Biceps des fois, gros et mal - Oui, ça doit être compliqué - Mais lever haltères, lever haltères. - Vraiment ? - Oui, oui, gros biceps - Haha tu es merveilleux - Haltères biceps, gentil - C'est vrai? - Gros gros biceps. - C'est génial. Je suis tellement heureux de t'avoir comme ami. - Toi ami le plus. - Oh bravo, bravo. Bravo mon ami - Toi amour moi. - Mais tu as raison. Tu es tellement intelligent, tu as tout compris - Moi intelligent - Tu es parfait. J'ai tellement de chance de t'avoir rencontré. Je t'aime si fort." Il avait relâché la tension de son bras, mais il se mit à rebander son biceps de plus belle. " Toi aime gros biceps ? - Haha tu es le meilleur mon copain, tu es génial. - Toucher gros biceps. - Ce gros biceps, là ? Cet énorme biceps ? - Oui, maintenant. Maintenant. - Tout ce que tu voudras mon pote, tu sais bien que je suis à tes woof... - Oui toucher biceps, toucher biceps... - Bordel de merde, j'ai pourtant l'habitude de toucher ton corps à longueur de journée mais tes gros biceps bandés je ne m'y ferai jamais... - Gros biceps, gros biceps - C'est si dur, si énorme... regarde comme ma main est minuscule sur le sommet de ce biceps - Je t'aime. - Moi aussi je t'aime mon amour, on est pas pédés mais toi et moi c'est merveilleux..." Oui parenthèse, nous ne sommes pas un couple homosexuel. On s'aime très très fort, on habite ensemble, depuis bientôt quatre ans, mais non, pas de ça entre nous. Eric a un peu de mal avec la notion d'homosexualité, de pédalitude plus exactement, c'est pas bien il faut pas. Il peut se fâcher tout rouge si on nous traite de pédés, mais ça n'arrive quasiment jamais. Pourquoi ? on s'en fout un peu mais si vous y tenez : on n'a pas l'attitude, ni lui ni moi, et aussi, il paraît impossible qu'un avion de chasse de compétition comme Eric puisse sortir avec un pauvre gars comme moi. Voilà. C'est dit. "Moi gros muscles, toi gros tête. - Ne te diminue pas mon copain, toute ta vie on a voulu te faire croire que tues un imbécile mais moi je vois en toi, tu es mon soleil, tu m'apprends tellement de choses, chaque moment avec toi me rend plus intelligent et lus sage c'est à toi que je le dois c'est pour ça que je veux toujours être auprès de toi. - Ah ? - Chaque seconde loin de toi est une seconde de perdue.Chaque seconde près de toi me rend meilleur. - Hervé, moi toujours avec toi. Toujours avec toi. - C'est vrai, Eric ? Tu vas rester avec moi tout le temps ? - Oui, Hervé, toi et moi, toujours, tout le temps. Viens. - Oh Eric prends-moi dans tes bras s'il te plaît. Mon grand Eric (oui Eric est bien grand, 1m98 de beau gosse, des porte-avions à la place des pieds, des gants de baseball en guise de mains blindées de cals par le travail de la fonte) mon grand Eric me prend dans ses bras, et me serre très fort contre son torse, et il me dit qu'il m'aime, et une milliseconde comme celle-ci vaut bien une année de conversations approximatives.et de moments d'ennui. Oui, je me suis éloigné de mon entourage et même de ma famille parce qu'ils ne comprenaient pas mon attrait pour Eric, ou alors peut-être qu'ils le comprenaient trop bien au contraire, à l'évidence j'étais sous le charme de ce golgoth au visage ciselé à la perfection et aux yeux d'un bleu intense, lumineux, profond et vide. Mais j'avais réussi à gagner son amour, un amour sincère et entier, comme celui des chiens et des enfants en bas-âge, et c'était pour moi le trésor le plus précieux au monde. - Hervé moi pas amis, pas famille, toi Hervé ami. - Eric je suis heureux et fier d'être ton ami. Eric je t'aime plus que tout au monde. - Hervé, je aime, plus que monde." Et c'est à ce moment là qu'il m'a soulevé, je l'ai vu avoir un moment d’hésitation quand mes yeux étaient à la hauteur des siens, puis il a jeté sa bouche contre la mienne avant de l'envahir avec sa langue pendant plusieurs minutes. Quand il a cessé, il a plongé mes yeux dans les siens à nouveau, et il était en larmes. " Désolé, désolé, désolé... - Désolé de quoi Eric ? Moi je te dis merci Eric. Merci pour ton courage, merci pour ta confiance, merci pour l'amour que tu as pour moi. Alors que je suis un petit rien. - Désolé... Désolé... - Comme ça on sera quittes." Et j'ai plaqué ma main derrière ses trapèzes, et cette fois c'est moi qui ai amené ma bouche contre la sienne pour les faire communier. Au bout d'un temps presque aussi long il me laissa plonger dans se yeux à nouveau, mais cette fois ils étaient souriants. Intérieurement, je n'ai pas pu m'empêcher de penser qu'il était tout de même malheureux que des yeux aussi magnifiques couleur bleu infini soient si... qu'il y manque une petite lueur à l'intérieur. Et à l'évidence, le fait qu'ils soient si grands, profonds et fascinants, rendait son absence d’autant plus remarquable. Une lueur non moins belle vibrait dans ses yeux toutefois, celle de l'amour, celle de l'amour de ce superbe Dieu pour moi. Combien de centaines, de milliers de personnes, avaient été subjuguées par la splendeur de cet homme mais ont été déboutées par sa simplicité ? Ces gens ne peuvent donc pas voir la beauté intérieure ? Ne lui ont pas laissé une chance ? Il est vrai qu'il n'est pas d'un abord facile, rien que moi je l'encourageais à prendre un peu la parole en société, en visite à ma famille, au resto avec des amis, mais chaque fois qu'il ouvrait la bouche, les gloussements et pouffements de rire allaient grandissant. C'est terrible de pénaliser des gens pour leur manque d'intelligence. De ne pas avoir de respect pour leur handicap et ne pas cherche à voir au delà. A l'évidence, je venais de découvrir le seul véritable talent qu'il pouvait démontrer en ouvrant la bouche, et quel talent. C'est la première fois que l'on s'embrassait, pour de vrai, on était très émus, et moi j'étais bouleversé.J'en avais roulé des pelles dans ma vie, certainement plus que lui, mais jamais je n'avais ressenti autant de plaisir. Et de passion. Je n'avais jamais fait ça avec quelqu'un de son gabarit, non plus, une telle caverne buccale, et surtout sa puissante et énorme langue. Nous restâmes un long moment à nous sourire, puis Eric me reposa à terre. Mais un peu plus loin devant lui. Parce que, je parlais de ses proportions, et bien évidemment, mon géant possède également un pénis d'une taille conséquente. J'avais déjà pu l'apercevoir, à quelques reprises, mais de toutes façons, il n'y a pas de pantalon, ni de short, sans parler de maillot de bain, qui puisse ne serait-ce que tenter de dissimuler la taille de la bête, donc, oui, voilà, le très grand monsieur avec plein de testostérone il a une grosse bite. J'avais déjà, aussi, de temps en temps, été témoin de la montée en puissance de l'engin. Quand on se fait un petit câlin dans le canapé devant la télé, quand il me laisse jouer avec ses muscles, quand je lui applique ses crèmes, des fois quand la couverture de son lit est relevée le matin, ce genre de choses. C'était rapidement impressionnant. Enfin c'était déjà impressionnant au départ, mais manifestement, la prise d'ampleur de la chose laissait supposer un potentiel assez remarquable. Donc une fois sur le sol je fus confronté au spectacle de son chibre en pleine lutte, fermement décidé à faire exploser le short de mon homme, et c'est à ce moment que je pris pleinement conscience des dimensions que sa verge pouvait atteindre en érection, elle ne devait pas être bien loin de son expansion optimale, bien que le short en jean l'empêchait de s'ériger pleinement et la maintenait à une distance raisonnable de son bassin. Putain quel homme. J'avais l'impression de voir une veine battre à travers la toile. Je n'étais pas sûr qu'il ait réellement conscience de ce qui était en train de se produire en deçà de la prodigieuse opulence de son poitrail. " Ca va ?" je lui dis. " J'ai mal au zizi." Ce qui répond à mes deux questions. " Pense à une femme, ça ira mieux. - Femme ? - N'importe laquelle." Et, effectivement, ça allait mieux quelque temps après. Eric avait l'air soucieux. " Eric, tu penses quoi. - ... - Dis-moi Eric. - Toi, moi, pédales. - Non. -... homosessuels. - Arrête, quel besoin de dire ça. Je t'aime plus que tout au monde, tu m'aimes plus que tout au monde, on partage tout, il n'y a pas de mal à se faire du bien. -... - Et ça ne regarde que nous. Personne n'a besoin de savoir." Dix minutes après, on était sur la route de la plage, il semblait avoir tout oublié.Il faisait éclater son sourire au soleil impatient de se mettre torse nu, en slip, de sentir les rayons du soleil sur son corps majestueux, et les regards de la foule alentour. Moi, j'étais surtout impatient de pouvoir enduire son corps d'huile, en me délectant à mon tour de ces regards derrière mes lunettes de soleil, cherchant ceux qui enragent d'envie le plus, se bavent dessus, se désagrègent en voyant la chance incroyable qui est la mienne. Deux fois un gars, et une fois une meuf sont venus demander s'il y avait moyen de prendre le relais et finir d'étaler l'huile. Eric réagit assez agressivement dans ces cas là.Il est un peu parano avec ce qui vient de l'extérieur et il ne fait pas dans la dentelle pour envoyer chier les gens. Par rapport à ce que je disais tout à l'heure, clairement sur la plage on avait tout d'un couple gay. Le badigeonner, batifoler dans l'eau avec lui, le sécher, ce n'était pas rare même qu'il me tienne par la main ou qu'il ait un bras sur mes épaules alors que nous repartions. Bizarrement, personne ne nous a jamais fait de réflexion homophobe à la plage. Ma théorie est que, il peut y en avoir des grandes gueules dans les stations essence et les files de caisse au supermarché, mais bizarrement, personne n'avait envie de venir nous insulter quand Eric quasiment nu exhibe sa surpuissante musculature dans toute sa gloire, personne n'ose approcher le colosse bardé de gigantesques muscles hypertrophiés à l’extrême qui débordent de partout. Une fois un trou du cul a voulu nous emmerder, je ne sais plus pourquoi, ils avait reçu de l'eau je crois. Oui c'est ça, le gars faisait un pique nique à côté avec sa femme et ses gosses, il regardait Eric de travers depuis qu'on était arrivés - si le gars voulait se prendre pour un alpha, c'est clair qu'avec deux cent kilos de testostérone à côté c'était pas gagné - et quand Eric est revenu de sa baignade il s'est ébroué, il avait ses cheveux blonds mi-long à cette époque, donc le gars se plaignait d'avoir été mouillé. Eric s'est avancé vers lui. Il s'est penché pour ramasser une pastèque qu'ils avaient posé pour leur pique-nique, d'une seule main, parce que comme je disais Eric il a des putain de paluches, et il a refermé sa main, et la pastèque a explosé en mille morceaux, il est allé s'allonger sur notre serviette, et le gars a remballé ses affaires et sa marmaille et ils se sont barrés. Il était arrivé un autre truc aussi, ça je ne l'ai jamais raconté à Eric, c'était en partant, sur le parking, un type bien sapé m'a accosté discrètement, et m'a demandé combien mon bodybuilder coûtait à la location, ce qu'il faisait ou pas, etc. Le bonheur de lui dire "Non, non, c'est mon copain. On est en couple tous les deux." Cette tête qu'il a fait. Il était sur le cul. Il n'y croyait pas. Et Eric à la voiture m'a appelé. "Hervé! J'ai faim!" et j'ai laisse l'autre sur deux ronds de flan an allant retrouver mon homme. On est rentré, on s'est posé, je lui ai fait à manger, je l'ai servi, il était content, il est passé à la cave soulever de la fonte une petite heure, je l'ai aidé à faire ses injections du soir, et on s'est posé dans le canapé mater une connerie. Eric était tout contre moi, comme d'habitude, mais je le trouvais un peu plus câlin qu'à l'accoutumée. Et plus la soirée avançait, plus il l'était. Je nous ai servi un petit fond d'armagnac, puis deux, puis trois. Eric ne boit jamais normalement, mais là il s'est laissé faire. Forcément, il était très vite bourré. Et il a commencé à me faire des petits bisous dans le cou. Je n'ai pas poussé au vice, mais je l'ai laissé faire, et quand il a commencé à piquer du nez, j'ai coupé la télé pour qu'on aille se coucher. Il était bien sonné le Eric. Et au moment de se coucher, il me " Hervé. - Oui Eric. - Je t'aime. - Moi aussi je t'aime Eric, je t'aime de tout mon cœur. - Oui, très très fort. - Tu as passé une bonne journée mon Eric? - Oui Hervé, merci Hervé. - Merci à toi Eric, j'ai passé une journée formidable, parce que c'était une journée avec toi mon amour. - Hervé, viens s'il te plaît. - Mais je suis là. - Hervé, debout, viens s'il te plaît." Je me lève, et j'admire la débauche de muscle étalée sur ce lit, ses grands pieds qui dépassent, et je vois dans son regard, briller une teinte de bleu inhabituelle. "Viens Hervé. - Quoi Eric, tu veux que je vienne dans ton lit ? - S'il te plaît Hervé. - Mais je ne sais pas s'il y a assez de place pour nous deux. - Viens, dessus." Je mis un genou sur son matelas, essayai de m'allonger sur le bord, et il me prit dans ses bras pour me serrer contre lui. C'était bon. C'était chaud. C'était tendre. J'adore son odeur. Il me serre plus fort. Je sens son cœur battre. Je me sens bête de l'avoir fait boire. " Mon Eric que j'aime, on va dormir maintenant? - Non. - Et pourquoi ? - J'ai mal au zizi."
  16. mmbottomenergy

    Ben and Will - Chapter 5

    Chapter 5: After my first day working out with Fred, I was beat. Hours on end, we pumped every muscle in our bodies until we lost track of time altogether. I think I strained my body so much I became numb to the pain, because once I got home I wasn’t able to feel much of anything. Until I hit the shower, that was. The pain came surging back once the hot water hit me, so I took my shower cold. Most of the time, I would cringe at the thought using coke water to wash myself, but it helped numb the pain back down a bit. After heading out of the shower, I didn’t even have the energy to get dressed into something. I pretty much dragged myself over to my bedroom and collapsed onto the mattress. - THE NEXT DAY - When I got to the gym this morning, Fred was already there warming up. “Hey, there he is! Sleep well?” he asked. “Yeah, actually,” I replied, trying not to pay attention to his noticeably half-hard dick through his gym shorts. “I didn’t even have the energy to change last night so I slept naked.” Fred gave me a glance I knew all too well - the “wish I could’ve been there” look, complete with a cocky smirk on his face he quickly corrected, hoping I hadn’t noticed. ”I know we kinda did full body yesterday, wanna just hit legs today?” My upper body needed a break after what I put it through the day before. “Yeah, totally,” Fred replied, trying to nonchalantly ignore the look he had given me. “Cool, sounds like a plan.” We headed over to the leg press, ready for a long day of leg workouts. That wasn’t the only thing on my mind, though. It was only my second day at the gym with Fred, and he had already taken control of my libido. God, he was so hot. I stood there while I was “spotting” him, just watching his cock move around in his shorts as his quads strained to contain themselves in the fabric. His shorts were a size too small, probably on purpose to make himself seem bigger. It worked, I was practically drooling thinking about all the things I wanted him to do to me. Halfway through the day, after both of us had finished on the leg press, we started doing squats. As we were squatting, Fred looked over at me. He stared me in the eyes for a few seconds, looked down at my crotch where I was sporting an obvious boner, went back up to my face and said, “Wanna hit the locker rooms after we’re done?” I couldn’t believe it. He stole the word right out of my mouth. “We’re on the same page then?” I asked. “Totally.”
  17. Since not everyone ventures to the artwork section, I figured ( and asked an admin first) that since my MuscleGrowth Graphic Novels are also steeped in story - that it would be cool to share with everyone in the story section. So far I have had 3 full comics published for my patrons on patreon, with the 3rd's epilogue being published this month. Anyway - I'm rambling... So without further adieu. Here ya go! Covers of comics with corresponding PDF links to read the stories. My other works and muscle art can be found here: http://www.patreon.com/gymjunkiemuscle A L I E N: Antares: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bftmbban7xiq5t2/ALIEN_ANTARES.pdf?dl=0 (Original Story 20+pgs) A Night in the Museum: The Crown of Hercules: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8tfbexaw6v43ccw/Night in the Museum.pdf?dl=0 (Original Story 20+pgs) King of Thieves: The Stone of Power: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i6o40u35q3jfa2x/KingOfThievesComic_0618.pdf?dl=0 (Based a short story I saw on Tumblr somewhere)
  18. Philosopher

    Envy and Lust (Ch. 17 added)

    This story is intended to be more of a slow burn, but it'll have regular updates. The first chapters are more of a set-up, until the interesting stuff come along! Chapter 1 The only thing that kept me from screaming out loud was the constant, artificial reassurance of my internal monologue. Calm down, Jason. It's a wonderful job, you know. Working with these people will teach you to come out of your shell and obliterate any remnants of your social anxiety! I try to prevent my mind from responding to, well, my mind, but this cheerful voice inside be has been part of my life since I was a toddler, and so I indulge in my own insanity. How exactly is working as a laboratory intern a way of fixing my anxiety? The only thing they make me do is clean up the apparatus after they're done with their experiments! And I just stand there like a scarecrow, with a fake smile on my face, saying 'Thanks!' as if they gave me the most important mission of my entire life! The voice doesn't seem to have an answer for my accusation, and so it finally shuts up, letting me to resume the monotony of the past few hours. In hindsight, working for 'Astral Arc' seemed like a great prospect of adding work experience to my CV as an undergraduate student, at least when some official representatives had visited my university to present their new and upcoming company. From Pharmaceutics to Research & Development, and even Bioengineering of infectious agents, the company appeared as the perfect place to work and learn, with 'friendly' staff and many opportunities to grow. In the first month of working here, I realized that the only good thing about Astral Arc was their marketing department, because they had done a damn good job at hiding the fact that all students would be treated like house elves that their only objective in life was cleaning and filing up stacks of paperwork. But I'm not mad or anything. Besides, my inability to handle confrontation prevents me from speaking up about the horrible working hours or measly pay. So, all I do is keep my head down and follow the orders of the Senior Researchers, who're essentially in charge in the Bioengineering Sector of the building. The only silver lining in this scam job is that I have my own desk and computer that I use when I'm not cleaning lab equipment, although the laboratory has restricted access to the internet in order to prevent any leaking of 'redacted information'. The funniest part of this whole farce is that my section, Lab 1, is only working on a potential bio-agent that can detect epithelial cell damage, which has to be the most boring assignment yet. It's rather unfair, because the other labs are working on far more exciting projects, or so I've heard. As each minute passes, the clock on the wall somehow gets slower, the passing hours feeling like eons of boredom and apathy. Another intern sitting next to me taps the plastic wall that separates our desks. He's rather cute, with clear blue eyes, red hair and a gentle smile, but I never made a move, because not knowing is better than rejection in my opinion. It's not that I look unappealing, but courage isn't one of my strengths, to say at least. With straight black hair and black eyes, I'm no stunner, but I think I'm seen as generally attractive. Combined with an average 5'10 frame, I fit well into the median. "Hey Jason, do you need anything from the vending machine? I ought to have a break now, my fingers are killing me from all this typing," he smiles at me as he flexes his hand muscles. He's taller than me, and slightly toned, and I briefly take a peek at the veins of his forearms. I look up at him from my desk, and my stomach suddenly reminds me that I haven't eaten anything after breakfast, and more than ten hours have passed since then. "I-err. Could you get me a bar or something? Just make sure it has like, a gazillion calories," I reply back and with a nod, I watch him leave our cramped room and disappear into the nearby hallway. His butt perks as he walks away, and I tear my gaze away in case he looks back. Like I said, no courage. Now with my eyes back on the computer screen, I notice a flashing icon in the taskbar, just underneath the opened documents where I'm working on today's lab report. It's a red mail, meaning a message from Headquarters itself. My stomach suddenly feels as if its falling from Mt. Everest. From the rumors I've heard, receiving messages like this generally means one thing: reduced performance and subsequent termination. My hand trembles as I move the mouse towards the blinking message, and then I click. >CODE SS-A: IMMEDIATE EVACUATION< It has come to our attention that an accident occurred in Laboratory 5 of the Bioengineering Section. We have a verified report of a potential Bio-Agent human contamination. As such, we are requesting Labs 1, 2, 3 and 4 and their subsequent intern centers to be evacuated until the situation has been resolved. We have contacted emergency services and a team of first responders have been stationed outside the building. Do not be afraid. The situation is currently under control, and so we urge you to evacuate as calmly as possible. Thank you for your mandatory cooperation. The moment my eyes read the last sentence of the message, the white lights in the room suddenly go out and are immediately replaced by a bright, ominous crimson that bathes the walls in red. I look at my hands, and I see them shaking, a bad omen from my experiences. It's just an evacuation, calm down! The computer screen is displaying the message again, now flooded with warning signs and a map showing the nearest escape. Then, as if the lights weren't enough, a blaring wail begins echoing through the intern center, a screeching sound so loud that it floods out all other noises and senses. I can hear the faint screams of the nearby interns, three girls and two guys my age that I never introduced myself to. A primal fear has tainted their eyes, and if I had a mirror, I'd probably have the same kind of horror carved on my face. Oh crap. OH CRAP. The combination of the red lights with the roaring sounds of the alarm made me feel as if someone had opened a portal to Hell and let something truly infernal come out of it. Some interns scramble to run towards the door, while others are left behind to try and take their personal objects with them. All of them are shouting and screaming, and it makes me want to cry in fear, even though I know that there's no immediate danger. I try to drown my own scream from escaping my throat, but it only results in a pathetic sound that reminds me of a dying cat. Thankfully, the human body is a work of art in terms of survival, and so my animal instincts kick in and I find myself running for the exit corridor. The only perk of working in Lab 1 is that its nearest to the escape doors, which should lead to the safety of the outside parking lot. And so, I join in the rampant run towards the exit, only taking my phone with me and leaving everything else behind. The security guards that are usually stationed out of each center have disappeared to somewhere unknown, and that makes me feel a tinge of anger. They're supposed to be here to protect us, aren't they? Did they actually just abandon their posts and left us all to fend for ourselves?! I push the thoughts away and focus on my current task: escape this hellhole as fast as possible. I didn't want to wait and find out just what exactly had escaped from Lab 5, but in my frenzied panic, a zombie apocalypse was the only thing that came up my mind, even though I knew that the chances of that happening was more science fiction that real-life. Maybe it was a bio-engineered bacterium that caused a number of diseases; maybe it was just modified corn that was somehow sneaked out of the lab. The exit doors are now just in front of me, and so I push them with glee and panic, letting the evening wind hit me straight in the face. I quickly join the rest of my intern group, our faces drained of colour and still shaking from this possibly traumatic experience. But everything was over. We had successfully evacuated from the facility, and so we could go home now, right? We would wait for the other groups to come join us, and then everything would be fine. As soon as that happy thought crossed my mind, a ten-person squad of people in hazmat suits surrounded us. We couldn't see their faces, as the sun had set an hour ago and only the cloudy sky was reflected back from the glass. They screamed at us to make a line, so they could spray us with a primary disinfectant vapor, and then the tsunami of questions started pouring out of their mouths, the constant stream being muffled by the hazmat suits. Before we could even begin to answer them, something absorbed all of our collective collection away. The doors of the building suddenly bulged outwards, and more than twenty people start running screaming outside. I recognize the cute intern in the horde, any trace of smile having been wiped clean out of his face, and subsequently replaced with an all-known terror. But something was different. I couldn't pinpoint what exactly, but his eyes betrayed a whole different level of fear, not the mindless panic and chaos that my group and I exhibited. And then we all heard it. A hissing sound emanating from the doors. It sounded like a giant snake, really. My imagination was quick to fill up the gaps with the horrors of animals mutated beyond recognition. The horde of interns was quick to take many steps back from the escape doors, and I saw many familiar faces, even a friend of mine. I had never seen Luke so scared in his life. I couldn't move from my spot to go and join him. Somehow, my body was completely frozen, with the exception of my hands, which were still shaking. The hissing increased in pitch, and everything stayed still. As I saw later in the news, the explosion obliterated the entire laboratory, along with many of its occupants.
  19. mmbottomenergy

    Ben and Will - Chapter 4

    Chapter 4: I left the gym in so much pain I was surprised I could even bear to sit down in my car seat. The ride home felt way longer than the usual 15 minutes to get to my apartment. Every second felt like it lasted an hour, the pain in my ass only worsening the longer I sat. I tried turning on the radio to distract myself from it, but the clashing noises of my hyperpop playlist were starting to overstimulate me in combination with the pain, so I drove in silence. When I got to my apartment building, I had never been so glad to get out of a vehicle in my entire life. The second I got up, though, I realized my cum-soaked gym shorts left a huge stain on the seat. As if today hadn’t been bad enough already. Fuck. Whatever, it was an issue for tomorrow. I didn’t have the energy to deal with that tonight. I made my way up the stairway to the sixth floor, thankful that I didn’t run into anyone. I probably reeked of sweat and semen. When I finally got to my door, I used what dwindling energy I had left to fumble for my keys and shove them into the knob. I dragged myself inside, shut the door behind me, stripped naked, and immediately went to bed. Fuck a shower, I was exhausted. Right before I drifted off, I started thinking about how I was going to make Ben pay for what he’d done to me. I didn’t care what it took, I was going to one-up him. I needed to get bigger than him, stronger than him. That was a lot coming from a short, scrawny twink like me, but I was going to make it happen. — THE NEXT DAY — I got up early the next morning. My ass was still a little sore when I woke up, but my mind was in a whole different state to the point where that didn’t matter to me. I had better things on my mind. I had plans. By 7:30, I was showered and ready to go in a clean pair of gym clothes. I wasn’t going to let Ben get the best of me today. When I got to the gym, there were only a few other people working out, and no sign of Ben. I figured he only did nights, which worked out perfectly for me. I started by switching things up with some curls. Unsure of where I should start, I optimistically grabbed the 10s. They felt heavier than I originally anticipated, but I refused to start with anything lighter. I had one thing and one thing only on my mind: gains - so I powered through it. After I spent about 45 minutes doing curls, my arms were immensely sore and my body was begging me to focus on something else. I made my way over to an unused space on the floor and started doing sit-ups. I quickly realized it was harder to do them the way you’re supposed to than it looked. I asked one of the guys working out if he could spot me and make sure I wasn’t cheating. He gladly obliged. “Hey, I’m Fred, by the way,” he calmly explained as he walked over. “You new here?” He was hot. And big. Not Ben big, but at least 5’11, and with some decent sized pecs and biceps. I didn’t dare stare further down, but DAMN, what I would give to ride that... My mind was starting to wander. “Yeah, I’m Will. This is only my third day.” I must’ve looked so dumb just zoning out there for a second. “Wanna be training buddies?” he asked. “I just moved here from across town, so I don’t really know anyone, either.” I couldn’t believe the offer I just received. How could I say no to that? “Fuck yeah, sounds great!”
  20. 228lbs

    Big Dicked Truck Driver Pt 1, 2

    This is my first story so any positve feedback would be really appreciated Big Dicked Truck Driver PT1 My name is Tony, I had only been at my new company at major distrubution hub for a few weeks, I had previously worked in sales so this was the first manual job I had ever done. I took to my new role as a warehouse operator suprisingly well even though I am a regular at the gym and have built up a decent physique at 5ft7 and 210lbs, I am the proud owner of 17.5 biceps, 48 chest, a 32 waist and 27 inch quads, gym muscles don't really prepare you for the constant manual labour my new job demanded, the work consisted of picking a lot of 45lb boxes onto pallets, it was 8.5 hours of constant lifting, walking and pulling the orders around the warehouse, the work was really hard physically, however foreman was cool, and let us take regular breaks, there were 2 places on site where you could eat and drink the restaurant and the smoking cabin, I didn't smoke but most of the people I had a good rapour with did, so I chose to spend my breaktimes there. It was in this smoke room my life changed forever, so I should tell you I am gay and have been privately comfortable with my sexuality for a longtime, however I chose not broadcast my orientation at work especially in such a blue collar environment where some of guys had made some negative comments. I am 25 years old and carry myself in a masculine manor, and I considered an alpha amongst my friends, family and co-workers, I also have a healthy and varied sex life, I have been blessed with fairly good looks, worked at getting a body that many people admire, and prided myself on being well endowed, measuring 8 inches long with a 6.25 circumference when hard, I have had no shortage of willing bottom guys give up the goods, I tried bottoming a few times but it never really did it for me, and in my many encounters with men none came close to my size or girth, my confidence would sometimes spill into arrogance knowing I am not the tallest guy but most likely the biggest, Until that day a 50 something Musclebear truckdriver walked in. The first thing I noticed was his statue, over 6 feet in height and easily had my 210 beat by 50lbs, he was wearing a standard issue polo shirt all of our drivers wear, he had big vainy forearms his big upper arms filled the sleeves to the limit, his bi's and tri's we very apparent I would guess 20 inches, his chest was huge, besting mine by 10 inches, and there was an abundance of hair peaking around the opening of his collar, he was packing two tremendous thighs fighting for space in his utility trousers, everything about him astounded me, but it was the huge bulge in his pants that got my mind racing, I was truely humbled by this guy, and for the first time in my life I was speechless. Turns out he is based at site and takes the lorries on and off the bays, I didn't have the balls to even speak to him, I just sat there and stole glances at him whilst he spoke to my manager, whilst steeling glances, I started getting aroused. So I made my excuses and left the smokers cabin, went back to work, but was preoccupied with this mature musclebear god in the smoke cabin, time ticked on so it was time to finish work, 5 minutes before we are allowed to use the bathroom to wash ourselves. I proceeded to go to the bathroom, went to the end stall took out my dick which is still a respectable 5.5 inches not aroused, I was midstram pissing and I heard the door go and the truck driver came in stood next to me and proceeded whip out the biggest soft dick I have ever seen, it was soft and matched my size half, he started to let loose powerful stream, he turned me and said "I needed this been waiting for this you ran back inside the warehouse 4 hours ago, gotta let the beast out the cage now and again" I nodded but for some reason couldn't mouth response, He then asked why I am so quiet, and I responded that I was suprsingly humbled and a bit jealous of there being a bigger working here than me, a massive grin spread across face and did a bicep flex with his free arm whilst shaking the piss off his cock with thr other and said "I am bigger than you in all ways Son, I am the big dog alphamale balls of steel master around here" with that he cupped his balls that looked massive and shook his dick at me, I tried not to respond, but he said he clocked me undressing him with my eyes from breaktime, and knows a wannabe top cock sucker when he sees one. With that he zipped up gave my arm a squeeze asked me wear I worked out, I told him Planet fitness, he shook his head and said not anymore, and told me him and a few of his powerlifter friends rent a unit half mile from work and I should train with him from now on in a real mans gym, with that pulled out a card with the gyms phone and placed it in my top pocket, his big hand lingering on my chest, "not bad but I will turn you into a musclegod. "
  21. mmbottomenergy

    Ben and Will - Chapter 2

    Chapter 2: I woke up the next day with a sore throat. I could hardly believe what had happened just a few hours ago. Part of me was traumatized, I had literally been sexually assaulted. God, it was so fucking hot, though. His girthy cock sliding up and down my throat, his muscled body towering over me while he used my mouth as his sex toy. I was scared to go back there but I... wanted more? I guess I did. I wanted more. I wanted him to make my body his own personal cum sock. So back to the gym I went, assigning myself to the same spot as yesterday, the treadmill. I was maybe five minutes into jogging when I caught a glimpse of Ben forcing someone off the bench press. I suppose he wasn’t kidding, Ben really DOES run shit around here. He gets what he wants, when he wants. Nobody in the gym is as big as him. A few other hardcore jocks are probably as tall, but nowhere near as massive. I was barely focusing on my workout anymore. I kept picturing Ben and his sweaty, hot, naked body. I wanted him inside me so fucking badly. I was starting to get hard just thinking about what he was going to do to me once everyone else left for the day.
  22. mmbottomenergy

    Ben and Will - Chapter 3

    Chapter 3: It was almost 6pm. The usual loudness of the gym had died down, and the last person aside from me and Ben had just gone out the door. I finished up on the treadmill and headed for the locker room. I placed my water bottle in my locker and changed into something clean. It was strangely silent throughout the entire room. Maybe Ben had left? I didn’t see him leave... “Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” I hear from behind me. “Headed home for the night?” Ben taunted as he looked down at me hungrily, his half-hard cock making a noticeable imprint on his shorts. I didn’t really know how to answer, so I stayed silent until he spoke again. “You’re not going anywhere yet, I haven’t had my fill, and since you seem to be the only one here this late recently, you’re my bitch now. Got it?” I slowly nodded as he pulled down his waistband. I got down on my knees and assumed my position again. “And just what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Ben angrily boomed so loud it echoed through the locker room. “Get back up, you little slut. This 9-incher needs to be satisfied, and that’s just not gonna cut it today.” I gulped. Maybe I had bit off more than I could chew with Ben. I mean, I had bottomed before, plenty of times. I kind of went through a whore phase in high school. But, none of those guys were nearly as big as Ben - and 9 inches! With my 5’5 body I’d be lucky if I was able to walk the next day. I knew there was no going back. There was no way I was getting out that door until my ass was pounded. ”Turn around,” Ben demanded. I halted for a second, involuntarily. “NOW!” Fuck, he really wasn’t taking no for an answer. I reluctantly turned so my back was to him. It was a matter of seconds before I felt a sharp stabbing pain in my prostate. Most guys ease it in during sex, but Ben had zero fucks to give about anyone’s pleasure aside from his own. He rammed his cock in and out of me angrily, each time adding more force than the last. He kept pounding me for what felt like forever, my moans eventually going silent because of how much pain I was experiencing. Just when I thought it would never stop, Ben’s girthy flesh rod pulsed and my ass was flooded with his cum. He yanked his cock out of me shortly after and started cleaning himself up. As I struggled to get up, he looked down and spat on me before walking away. I hated Ben. I fucking hated him. I didn’t know how, but I was going to make him pay.
  23. mmbottomenergy

    Ben and Will - Chapter 1

    Chapter 1: I hated Ben. More than I hated myself for going back to that gym day after day knowing what I was in for. I was always kind of small. At 19, I was only 5’5, and barely 130 pounds. That’s why I started going to the gym. Some half-assed attempt at bulking up, I guess. It didn’t make much of a difference - my body was never really fond of gaining any weight. At the end of my first day, I was getting ready to leave when someone came up to me while I was changing. “Looks like we’re the only two left in here.” I hear from behind. I whip my head around to see an orgasmic figure. He had to be at least 6’3, towering over me with broad, muscled shoulders and pecs that looked like they would break my nose if I tried to motorboat them. I looked down to see a package so big his shorts were struggling to contain it. ”Name’s Ben,” I looked back up. “You new here?” He stood there for almost a whole minute before I was able to respond. “Yeah, hi, I guess. I’m Will.” I said sheepishly. “Well Will,” he started again. “I pretty much run shit around here. ESPECIALLY in the locker rooms. And since we’re all alone, how about you help me out and get this beast to calm down a bit?” Before I could say no, Ben’s shorts were at his ankles and I was on my knees. I tried to struggle away, but Ben made it clear there was no way in hell he was letting that happen. He rammed his 9-inch cock into my mouth, not even letting me help suck it. With one hand, he started forcefully bobbing my head up and down his meat as he got closer to climaxing. A few moments later, I felt a warm sensation build in my throat as he blew his load in me. There was so much that some of it started gushing out of my mouth before he was even done. I don’t know why I kept going back after that. I had just been assaulted. But the truth is, it kind of turned me on.
  24. pasidious

    Jolias Finally Lets Go - Part 5

    To avoid potential confusion, and in case it isn't obvious, the first part of this chapter is from Jolias's point of view. It's a new thing for me, to write from a separate character's perspective. Hopefully it isn't terrible. Thanks again to @MadMutter for allowing me to use his OC Jolias. Part 4 He's so cute. The light hair he keeps in an undercut style, his light brown eyes which might even seem more golden than brown, the fact he's taller than me... He hits all the right buttons for me. And, the fact he's constantly nervous is just even cuter. Not alone, but the fact that I seem to be the cause of it is so enthralling. I love having that affect on him. I picked up the 20s and started doing alternating curls with them. I really did want Mike to join me for a workout, which I really thought would be fun, but it's whatever. I can drag him here when we're both free. Just gotta get some better synergy going with our schedules. I wonder if he ever does workout, though. This colder weather thing makes it so difficult to determine what a dude looks like under his clothes. I mean, sure, it's far easier to tell the overweight guys from the skinnier guys, but the thinner dudes are always a mystery. Are they fit? Just skinny? No way to know until some layers come off. And I wanna know what Mike looks like. The gym would have been the perfect way to get a reading on his body. But, if I'm being honest, it didn't matter. I was already enraptured by him. I really just wanted to see his reaction to my body. I scoffed at myself for being so... shallow. But, there was more to it than just physical attractiveness, as much as I tried to hide that fact. I looked in the mirror across from where I was standing as I curled the weights. I loved watching my hard biceps balling up with each contraction, my vascularity showing through with a nice protruding vein across each peak. Fuck yeah, I thought to myself, knowing I was building my muscles up naturally. I definitely craved size, that's for sure. I wanted the power. That feeling. It's so intoxicating to be so strong. But I wanted it naturally, and I wanted it to be permanent. Not just some sexually charged reaction to being immensely turned on. I sighed, knowing my reality was a shitty one. I guess I was hoping Mike would've joined me in here, and he would've reacted to seeing my muscles the way he's been reacting so far. I wanted to watch him pitch a tent as he saw me flexing and lifting. I wanted to know if muscles turned him on. I need a reading on him. I need to know if we could ever work as a romantically involved couple, or if we're forever doomed to just be friends. And, sadly, probably less than even that, because I know damn well he's into me. And if I can't reciprocate, he'll probably eventually get alienated to the point of total avoidance. Not a good basis for a lasting friendship. What if muscles aren't his thing? What if he's like... totally disgusted by it? I felt myself getting irrationally disappointed by a total hypothetical. Even if he's not into muscle, maybe we could still work? I shook my head at the conversation I was having with myself in my own mind. The idea we would still work is laughable. He'd see me grow and probably run and never look back. Literally no one can do what I can do. There's a reason it's a secret from everybody. Well, almost everybody. The last and only person who ever saw me grow did exactly what I'm afraid Mike would do. He ran. Scared out of his mind. He even told the authorities that I was some kind of monster, and I had to answer a bunch of questions from the police. It was... embarrassing, to say the least. The word "alien" even came up a couple of times. Thankfully I only grow when I'm extremely aroused, and return to normal once I "calm" down. So, investigations were brief and short-lived as they weren't able to investigate or validate science-fiction. Science-fiction that was, admittedly, truth, but again, only one person having knowledge of it allows it to go on as simply science-fiction. I hated harboring ill feelings towards a guy I once wanted to date, but really, it's hard not to be upset that he tried to ruin my life. I was so attracted to him. And I thought he was to me. But I couldn't help but smile at the fact he was seen as a lunatic for bringing such ridiculous accusations against me. The only way I'd be concerned at this point is if Fox Mulder and Dana Scully showed up at my door. I smirked at that idea, inwardly laughing but lamenting the fact that one of the greatest TV shows of all-time is no longer on television. God, what would I really do if Fox Mulder decided to investigate the truth behind whether or not I was some sort of monster? Would even he be able to get to the bottom of it? Building my own body up through normal means was my way of trying to measure my compatibility with a potential boyfriend. It's taken a year, but I'm finally looking pretty buff, in my own opinion. Now all I gotta do is find a way to... show it off, I guess... and watch how Mike reacts. Then, we can move on from there. I finished my workout, which was a light one today. I went back to the locker room and, before bothering to cover my body again with the necessary layers to protect against the cooler fall air, I decided to look into the mirror. The black wife-beater I usually wore for working out was form-fitting. Sexy. I liked it. It showed my tight abs through the thin fabric, and I could see the small but nevertheless present valley between my taut pecs. And of course, my arms were on full display. My shoulders have broadened a bit since I started working out, and my arms are getting thick with muscle. I'm not huge, by any standard. But I was taking on the appearance of a gym-rat. And I need so badly to finally let Mike get a glimpse of what's hiding under my clothes. I need his reaction, and I need it to be positive. Because I can't stop imagining shoving my dick into his ass and hearing him moan in pleasure. I started putting on my clothes, changing out of my shorts and putting on my pants, and donning the hoodie I usually wear before it starts getting truly cold outside. BZZZ My phone went off. It was nestled next to a bunch of spare change I had in my gym bag for whatever reason, amplifying the noise of its vibration. I always put it on vibrate when I'm in the gym just in case someone decides to blow it up with phone calls. After I shoved my arm into the second sleeve of my hoodie, I reached down for my phone before zipping the bag shut. My heart skipped a beat in my chest and I smiled as I read the sender's name of the text. It was Mike. Class done wanna get lunch? I felt myself sigh, almost like I was relieved. Like I was scared he wouldn't text me. I smiled, thinking of how he seems to be thinking the same way I am. He's a nervous dude, too; he only hides it far less as well as I can. Fuck yes where, I sent back. Immediately the bubbles popped up. The den since its open and closer than dennys lol he responded. Good idea im so hungry meet ya there And I didn't hesitate to pick up my shit and walk out of there. *** Once again I sat in a class I really ought to have been paying attention to thinking only of Jolias. His face was all I could see in my head when I sat in that hard, unrelenting classroom chair. I glanced down at my notes and it was once again riddled with nothing but Jolias's name. Over and over again. I was totally enraptured by him. He was so fucking hot! How could anyone not think of him constantly? How was he not a famous model making millions of dollars a month just posing for pictures? Wait, scratch that idea. If he were doing that, I'd have no shot of being with him. I'd have no shot of even being friends with him, much less lovers. He can do that after we get married, and then we can be rich. I laughed inwardly at myself, thinking of the future in those terms. Like he'd ever want to marry me. I'm boring. Dull. He surely would rather marry a guy who's much more attractive. I looked up at the professor who was droning on and on, and I saw a ton of crap written on the chalkboard that I probably should have been paying attention to. I subconsciously shook my head, cursing at myself for allowing my mind to wander so freely. I am so going to regret not paying attention. But in a mere second, I was back to thinking about Jolias and only Jolias. He was going to the gym. Which meant he was probably hiding some sexy muscles under those clothes. I'd love to see them! My cock was growing again within the confines of my pants, and I didn't even care. I liked imagining Jolias with a tight, sexy, muscular body. I imagined actually having joined him in the gym, and I imagined him doing the bench press, pushing up weight I could never dream of lifting, watching from his side as his pecs bunched up into hard mounds every time he pushed the heavy weight up. Maybe one day we can have a private workout, except he'd work out his sexy muscles, and then we'd have a separate workout of our own right after. Like, maybe he'd finish pressing a ton of weight, and then I'd walk over, straddle him as he lay on the bench, and sit down right on his crotch. I'd bend down, kissing him hard on the lips, our tongues wrestling with each other, my hands prodding his hot pumped up chest. I'd lift my ass up just enough to get my pants down, as he lowers his own in a frenzy of sexual tension, and then I'd lower myself back down as his dick slowly enters my hot hole. He'd flex his big sexy biceps as I slowly and lightly bounce on his dick, our moans echoing through the empty weight room. FUCK. I came back to reality in time to hear the screech of metal chair legs scraping across cheap linoleum. Class had apparently ended, and I was once again sitting with a raging hardon that would become overly apparent if I stand up. Time to wrap that hoodie around my waist again. GOD I want Jolias so bad. But my heart fluttered as I realized I was done class. Well, "done" isn't exactly accurate in this context. I think I was done before class even began. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and texted Jolias. Hopefully he'd still want to get lunch. Or maybe he was still in the gym working out and I could go watch. Fuck yes where he sent back. I guess he was done too. I suggested the Den since I don't really want to have to travel far for lunch, and since we'd likely be meeting at the location of our choosing, it'd only prolong the amount of time before I got to see him again. Once I knew the hoodie was secure around my waist, I stood up, prepared to walk to the Den. Hopefully it was warm enough that I wouldn't feel too chilly without my hoodie on. I was suddenly very aware also that I'd apparently leaked a ton of pre into my pants as well. That's just great. Just thinking of this dude sent my cock into a frenzy. I mean, I leaked pre all the time when I was jerking off, but to leak so much just from thinking about a dude was new to me. It was exciting but embarrassing. And I still couldn't shake this feeling that, in the end, I'd wind up being disappointed. He hasn't shown me he wants our relationship to become sexual or romantic. Was I even in the slightest way prepared for the potentiality he only ever wanted to be just friends? I had to know. I had to make a plan to find out sooner rather than later. Maybe I can goad him into getting super close to me like he did last night, but instead of being a nervous wreck, I actually close the gap and put my lips on his. It's mostly harmless. He'll either recoil, or embrace it. We're both gay, that much we've established. So, he won't hate me if he dislikes a kiss. I could play it off as my thinking he wanted to. I mean, why else get that close to my face? Oh fuck, I was overthinking things. I need to just let things play out. But my throbbing cock was telling me to hurry things up. Exiting the building, I already regretted having only a short-sleeve shirt on. I'm going to need to start dressing for the inevitability that I'll always need to hide my raging boners. But I hurried my way to the Den, eager to see Jolias again. It'd only been about an hour since I last saw him, but it felt like forever.
  25. Introndunction: Muscle man is interrupted during workout The cell door buzzed and slid open just as the hunk inside finished another set of deadlifts. The impact of his barbell slamming onto the mat was heard throughout the compound, joining the ever-present medley of burly men lifting heavy shit. The guard paused for the reverberations to subside before stepping in. The hunk turned to face him, mouth open, chest heaving, waiting for the guard to say something. "You've been called for inspection." The guard pulled a set of handcuffs from his belt. "I hope that was your last set because I'm meant to get you right away." "Man, I thought we agreed you wouldn't interrupt any of my workouts, " The hunk tossed his wrist wraps and began wiping the sweat off of his bar. "so what's this? You know there's only a few weeks left for us. Ain't got time for all-" "This isn't from us, man." The guard cut him off and opened the handcuffs. "It's from the big house. Some pompous twink came down from the estate to check on things, fuck knows why. Got a real stick up his ass. Wardens' refusing to do shit about him." The hunk finished putting on his tank top and turned around to be cuffed. "Why didn't ya'll just tell him what you tell every other pompous twink from the estate?" The door closed as they exited the cell, the guard leading the cuffed hunk toward the inspection. "All I know is this cunt is too important for any of the wardens to tell him to fuck off. So we're stuck. Prick's making shit harder for all of us." The guard spoke quietly to his prisoner. "Keeps trying to tell us what to do. Like he'd know a fucking thing about building muscles." The sound of weights and grunting grew quiet as the two men walked further from the cell block. "We'll see what he has to say. Speaking of, " The guard stops in front of his prisoner and pulls him close. "This guy is... You know how these guys are." The hunk smiled. "Don't sweat it. Let's get this over with." He turned towards the administrator office. The guard patted him on the shoulder. "Alright... Slave. Follow me." Part bullshit: The Twink Talks Too Much The pompous twink looked up from the desk and smiled as the men entered the administrator office. "Here is the prisoner you requested, Mister Master." The guard shut the door behind them. "Thank you very much. As I am sure the guard has informed you, slave, I am here to conduct an inspection of the company's property-... " The twink spoke many words and neither the hunk or the guard cared to hear most of them as evidenced by the knowing glances they kept shooting eachother. They were not accustomed to the volume of corporate garbage that spewed out from the skinny twigs on the hill. "... and although I have absolute faith in the professionalism and work ehtic of our highly trained staff in this compound-... " His words and gestures brought him up from the desk chair all the way to the examination table and ended beside the scale. He held a measuring tape in one hand and extended the other towards the guard. He was quiet long enough for the guard to realise his speech was over. "Pardon me, Mister Master?" the guard wore a puzzled look on his face same as the restrained hunk. "The keys, please. In order to accomplish what I must I need this slave to be unrestrained." The twink waited for the guard to hand over his keys. "Of course." The guard quickly unlocked the prisoner and handed the keys along with the cuffs to the twink in charge. "Thank you. Now if you will excuse me for a moment I shall begin immediately." He placed the cuffs and keys on the table. "Uh... Mister Master... " The guard stepped ahead of the prisoner as if to speak on his behalf. "Our protocol says not to leave unrestrained prisoners without the supervision of at least one guard or warden. Are you sure about carrying out this inspection alone?" "Yes, I am sure. Your protocol pertains to prisoners, not slaves. And besides, " he picked up the cuffs and twirled them around his finger "I am sure it won't be a problem now that I have these. You're excused." "Well alright, Mister Master... " The guard turned to leave. He saw the hunk with a look on his face that said What the fuck, man? and replied with an expression that said I don't fucking know, man. "I'll be outside." Part The Muscle Worship The hunk rubbed his wrists as the guard left the room. He cleared his throat and took off his tank top. He put the garment on a shelf and lowered his gaze, waiting for the twink to begin his inspection. He cleared his throat and held his hands behind his back. He cleared his throat a third time and dared to look up at the twink. Thinking he had something on his body, he looked down to see what the twink was staring at. He couldn't see what it was. "Mister Master?" The hunk waited for a response. "You wanna get started?" He stood motionless as if transfixed, leaning against the front of the desk, breathing deeply with his mouth open. His eyes blinked from the sight in front of him, at once too much but not enough to look away. They wandered over the hunk's body, from his shoulders down to his waist, up to his neck and down to his arms. The longer the twink stared the bigger the prisoner got. The more veins he could make out through his skin, the more definition manifested in his abs, the more bulges appeared on his arms, until he realized the hunk had gotten closer. The twink's breathing slowed as he felt the bodyheat radiating from the prisoner's chest on his face. "Hey. What do you want to measure, Mister Master?" The hunk spoke softly and held up his right arm to flex. "Wanna measure my biceps?" He looked over the bulging mound on his arm and smiled to himself. "Or do you wanna measure the other one? Huh?" He put his right hand up on his hip and repeated the pose with his left arm. Just as big a protrusion, just as prominent a vein. Finally the twink snapped out of his trance and turned to face away from the hunk. "No, that isn't what-..." The twink cleared his throat before taking the measuring tape in both his hands. He turned to face the hunk who had his arms crossed in front of him. "That is not what I came here for." "Well then. What do you wanna measure, little man?" The hunk looked down at the twink and teased him. "I got something if you're out of ideas." "It's your ch-... Your chest. I am here to measure you. Your chest." The twink mustered his quickly fading pompousness, put one hand on his hip and looked up at the hunk. "Would you kindly put your arms down at your sides, please?" He brought the tape around his waist as the hunk complied, unfolding his arms. "Thank you." "So it's please and thank you now, huh?" The hunk let out a hearty chuckle. "Be quiet. And put your arms behind your head, please." The twink carried the tape up and around the hunk's chest and held it to read. "What does it say?" The hunk put his arms down and leaned into the desk. He put his arms on either side of the tiny man, trapping him against the desk. "Huh? What number do you have there, little man?" "Fifty-... " The twink stuttered as the hunk closed in on him and he realized his predicament. "Fifty what? I know what it says. I coulda told you what it said. Give it here." The hunk grabbed the tape out of the twink's hands and wrapped it around his scrawny body. "Hey, what on earth do you think you-" The twink began to protest but stopped. He gave in to the thick, veiny arms putting the measuring tape around his chest and let his eyes wander over them. Over the round deltoids and defined veins that framed the behemoth in front of him. The hunk held his gaze after taking his width. "Yours didn't say fifty. Didn't say forty either." He let go of the tape and put his arms around the small man. "Put your hands up on my shoulders." The twink complied as the man who towered above him commanded. "Come here." He buried the twink's face in between his massive pecs. "Oh... Your muscles... So big... " The twink moaned into the muscular chest. He huffed and puffed as if wanting to inhale the bulging pecs into his lungs. He squeezed, rubbed, groped and massaged the beast everywhere his dainty hands could reach. "You didn't need to interrupt my motherfucking workout if you wanted all this." The hunk spoke gently. "Hm? You think that it's okay to fuck with my workout like that?" "No... Not ever... " He whispered his reply with his cheek pressed into the hunk's firm body. "You're gonna make up for my missed workout, aren't you?" He took the twink's hand in his own and guided it down his sculpted abdomen. "Yes... Oh your muscles are so-... " The twink trailed off in a sharp gasp as he felt the ripples in the hunk's developed abs. "You know a body like mine doesn't come easy." He lead the twink's soft hand down to his confined member and squeezed it. "Show me how grateful you are." The twink tried to pull his hand off the firm metal to no avail. "No, I don't-" He averted his eyes from the stud in front of him. "I could not unlock your cage. We would both be in trouble!" "Only you and I will know." He began taking off his workout pants. "I know you want to make me happy." "I do!" The twink looked up into his eyes with a pleading expression, hoping for understanding and forgivness for this supposed wrongdoing. "I would do anything for you... Anything but that." The hunk backed up, slowly releasing the twink from his muscular confinement. "That's alright, Mister Master..." He took the twink's face in his hands and kissed him deeply. "That's alright... You just let me know when you're ready..." The hunk placed one final kiss on his neck. "... And don't forget about me." "No, stop- Wait!" He nearly fell over trying to get away from the bodybuilder's final caress. "What are you doing? You absolute-..." The twink rubbed the angry red blotch on his neck where the hunk had planted his lips. Before he could realize it the hunk had taken his tank and headed out the door. He was left standing in the administrator office, face flushed, neck swollen, hard as steel and wondering when he would get to see his new obsession again. Part: The Almost Whipping Congregations of swole convicts stood chattering among themselves in the sunshine. They were smoking, playing cards or throwing a hand ball. Their voices grew silent as a guard strode across the yard. The hunk tucked the ball under his arm and waited. "Need you to come with me, man." The guard made a motion for him to follow as he turned back the way he came. The hunk passed the ball to a fellow convict before hurrying to catch up with the guard. "You going to tell me what the fuck is going on?" They turned a corner past the security checkpoint, leaving the cellblock behind. "And whatever it is better be worth dragging me out during yard time. You know it's only three more weeks until-" "Look, I didn't ask what you did to him because you said that you handled it. So why he asked for you by name-" The hunk grabbed the guard by his shoulder and pushed him up against the wall. "Are you talking about that baby fetus motherfucker who had his hands all over me last week? The same one?" "Yeah. Who you said that you took care of." The guard pushed the hunk away from him and straightened his uniform. "I let you get away with a lot of shit, man. But you better tell me something. Why does he want to see you again?" "No, you listen to me because I'm about to tell you something. You tell that dickless, spineless fucking warden that if he doesn't deal with this shrimp and send him back up the hill with the rest of those motherfucking-" "It's estate business." The guard emphasised each word. "What do you want him to do about it? Huh?" The hunk sighed and put his hands on his hips. "This better be the last time. Or I'll make him regret it." Part: The Definitely Whipping The twink stood panting, face flushed and sweaty, his brow was furrowed. He held a short leather whip in one hand and wiped the sweat off of his forehead with the other. He wore a high collar dress shirt with frilled cuffs. He looked ridiculous. "Taking a break?" The shirtless hunk stood against a wall, his wrists chained at shoulder height on either side of him. He spoke in a condescending tone, in spite of the many red marks on his body. "Be quiet!" The twink raised his whip and struck the prisoner on his shoulder. "You absolute jerk. You have no right to speak to me that way after what you did to me." "You liked it." The hunk rolled his shoulders, his chains clattered against the wall. "Or was all that moaning and feeling me up just acting? Like you acting angry about it." The twink got up in the prisoner's face and spoke angrily. "You could not begin to understand the stress that I was forced to go through to cover up the mark you left on me, you animal." He turned away and put the whip on the desk. He rubbed the hand it was in. "We are not meant to have intimate relations with our slaves. It goes against everything that grand daddy taught us, everything that this company has been trying to acheive for-" The hunk was focused on the restraint chaining his left arm to the wall. It wiggled back and forth as he tugged. The hunk tested it by wrenching his arm towards himself. The anchor came loose and slid out of the wall. "... I needed to get closer to you. And then when we met in the office I-... Something just came over me and... I got carried away. It cannot happen again, understand?" "Why can't we just be together?" The hunk sounded earnest. He turned around and began testing the second wall restraint. "Have you not heard anything that I have been saying?" He sounded hurt. "I want to be with you, it is just that-... " the twink sighed deeply. "This acquisition is really important and- Hey, what are you doing?" The twink turned around in time to see the hunk with one foot planted on the wall, straining to rip the restraint out. The anchor flew out of the wall with a loud crash. Chunks of brick shattered on the floor. "Whew! God damn!" The hunk congratulated himself and turned around. "What were you saying?" The twink ran for the door but was grabbed by the hunk and fell on his ass. "Where the fuck do you think you're going?" The hunk stood over the twink with his restraints dangling from his wrists. His body was covered in angry red welts. His chest moved up and down as he breathed from the exertion. Looking up at the brute made his V-shaped body look bigger than it already was. Bulging muscles beneath every square inch of him revealed the inhuman strength that dwelled inside of him. "Please do not hurt me." The twink pleaded for mercy from the unchained beast. "Why would I do that?" The hunk fished the keys out of the twink's pockets. "Why would I hurt you, huh? Because you chained me up to a fucking wall?" "I am sorry, please just-" "Oh, because you fucking whipped me when I couldn't defend myself? Is that why I would hurt you? Or because you called me an animal?" He lifted him up by his shirt collar and slammed him against the wall, his feet dangling inches off the floor. "Look at me, " he forced the twink to meet his gaze and spoke quietly, "I don't give a fuck about an inspection, discipline or whatever other bullshit you come up with. I best not never, ever, see you in this cellblock again. I won't beat your ass this time." He dangled the keys next to his face. "But I will hold on to these." He let go and exited the office, keys firmly in his pocket. Part: The P-valley fan fiction The convicts who shared their pod with the hunk experienced a growth spurt immediately after his encounter with the twink. They unearthed a kinship that had been buried deep inside of them for years. Collectively the burly men managed to pack on more muscle mass in that one week than they had in any week previous. Word spread throughout the penitentiary of Cellblock D and its inhabitants, of the musclebound hunks that walked its halls and where everybody seemed like they were happy to be locked up. News eventually reached a grand daddy. He sat in the backseat with his grand son while their chauffeur drove them to the estate. "How in the hell did those slaves get a universal chastity cage key? Hm?" The twink looked at the key that was stolen from him, now in the hands of his grand daddy. He did not say a word. "... Are you fuckin our slaves?" The grand daddy was staring intently at the twink. "No!" The twink shot a quick glance at his grand daddy. He sounded nervous. "Well somebody must have grovelled at more than just your feet to get this. Somebody must have grovelled at your dick." "I have not made any intimate contact with our slaves, grand daddy, that is absolutely-" "Whoever you are fuckin is you and your daddy's business." The twink gulped at the thought of his daddy finding out what he had been doing. "I just want to know how you lost something like this, boy." He held the key up to emphasize his point. "I guess I must have had it on me and-... Lost it somewhere in the cellblock." The twink looked back at his grand daddy who had put the key away and turned his head to the side. "The only reason I was in that compound-... I wanted to make sure everything was right before the acquisition-" The grand daddy put his hand up. "Look, just spare me the motherfuckin bullshit. No, those slaves have fucked you. And probably fucked this whole acquisition." The grand daddy took a deep breath. "I've gotta go in this fuckin estate, talk to your daddy about un-fuckin this situation, and gettin this fuckin acquisition done. You just keep your dick out of that cellblock, boy." He exited the car and went up the estate stairs, key in hand. The twink stayed in the car, head buried in his hands. "Mister Master? We have arrived." The chauffeur looked at the sad twink in the rear-view mirror. The twink sat back, told the driver where he wanted to go and buckled his seat belt. The driver pulled off and began the journey to the growth labs. Part: Mega Muscle Mania AKA The Fight The cell door buzzed and slid open. The hunk sat up on his bunk and folded his book. A colossus made out of meat, muscles and rough skin stretched over veins stood in the doorway. The giant was squeezed into a guard's uniform. He ducked his head under the door frame and aangled his broad shoulders to enter the cell. "You need to accompany me." The hunk laughed upon arriving at the administrators office. The debris was removed. Two holes remained in the brick wall where he had wrenched himself free. "Here." He fished the chastity cage key out of his pocket, tossed it into the air and caught it. "This what you want, right?" "Take off your clothes, slave." The hunk stood motionless. He saw something in the eyes of the beast. "Right now!" The beast bellowed in a deep voice. "... Mister Master?" The hunk looked up and down the behemoth, looking for a sign of the pompous twink. "What the fuck happened to you?" The beast chuckled and took off the prison guard shirt. "Got big. Even bigger than you. Bigger than any of you slaves could ever be." He tensed his abs, showing deep grooves in his muscular body. "Are you still going to beat my ass, huh? You cannot do anything to me now, slave." He approached the hunk. The hunk backed up into the desk. "Look, whatever you think you came here to do-" "I came here to see you. They know what I have done. Daddy knows." He laughed. "The acquisition is tomorrow. Luckily for you, slave, I want to be with you one last time before it is all over. Now will you kindly take off your clothes." "Look, I get it. That was a little outta line. But this ain't-" "Stop talking, slave. I have waited long enough for this moment, and now I have the strength to make you do as I say. Take off your clothes or I will have to hurt you." The hunk turned his body and clenched his fists. "Listen, you little twink... You don't want a run with me." "Have it your way, you insolent cretin." The beast pounced at the hunk. The hunk rolled over the table and kicked it at the beast. The beast caught it, picked it up and yelled. "I will teach you respect!" He threw the good oak desk at the hunk who narrowly dodged out of the way. Shards of wood splintered off the fractured desk and landed on the floor. The beast tried to grab the hunk but staggered backwards from a fast uppercut. The hunk did not relent, battering the beast with practiced precision. The beast struck out with one arm, shoving his attacker away. "You ain't a fighter, twink." The hunk put his hands up to fight. The beast roared and swung his fists, throwing haphazard punches in the hunk's direction. One blow connected and with enough force to send the hunk reeling backwards. The beast stood triumphant, his heavy chest was moving up and down in time with his quickened breathing. "You're not that fucking strong either." The hunk charged at the beast and pummeled his midsection. As the giant keeled over, the hunk forced his elbow down onto his back, knocking him onto the floor. The beast was gasping for air, clutching its meaty body and wheezing. "... Savage... I will kill you..." The beast gasped and heaved for every breath. The hunk kicked the heaving beast onto the floor, eliciting an earthy roar. "You can't fight." He kicked his pained adversary in the back. "You can't move." He kicked the beast in his stomach, evoking further anguished struggling for breath. "You can't even hardly breathe." The hunk backed away to catch his own breath. He picked up the prison guard's shirt. "... No. You really can't do anything." The hunk walked over to the panting mass of muscle and grabbed him by the belt. With a roar he lifted the beast over his head and threw him into the desk. The legs crumbled from the force of the impact. The countertop shattered under the weight of his muscles. The hunk looked over the defeated giant, at the bruises he had left for him, the places where splinters had embedded themselves in his flesh. The beast stopped moving. The hunk began to undress. Part: The motherfucking epilogue, bitch. Motherfucking closure, bitch. Happily ever fucking after, bitch. The twink woke to a dull pain growing in his back. He heard pattering on the window. It was day time. Amidst the trees was a van parked beside the building he found himself in. As he shifted on the mattress he roused several sharp tingles. On his ribs, his arms, his jaw. Suddenly everywhere was shooting pain. He shouted from the agony. Only a rasp was able to make it out of his parched throat. The bunk creaked as he tossed and turned in misery. A muscled arm stretched itself toward him. It offered a drink of water. "It hurts." Even after drinking he still sounded like death. "Got some salve that might help but..." The hunk looked at the tub of cream in his hand. "Lie still. You gotta rest." "Where am I?" The twink looked out onto the van again. Secure Transport - Lannahechee State Penitentiary He shut his eyes tight and braced himself against the pains that stabbed at his body. "It's a safehouse. Carlton city's not far. Should be able to get outta here in a few days, maybe a week." The hunk looked over the familiar shape of the pompous twink. He looked as when he was bulked up and gasping for his life. His skinny body was curled up under the cover with oversized bruises. They looked more painful on his small frame than they had on the giant that threw the office desk. "It hurts..." He groaned in pain. The hunk sat on the edge of the bunk. "You'll be alright, little man." He took the twink's hand in his own. He looked at the rain pouring outside of the window. "You'll be alright." *** THE END ***
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