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Found 3 results

  1. Caliban11

    dominance Johnny's Bully (part 4 added)

    Johnny’s Bully Part 1 During his time at uni, Johnny had got huge. Since taking up the gym at 16 he’d made incredible gains – his arms had grown from 13 inches to pushing 20; his former pigeon chest transformed into meaty pecs that hung over a ripped and blocky six-pack. His capped shoulders were massive, his quads like tree trunks. He liked to work out twice a day when he could. He ate big. He slept eight hours a night. He definitely juiced. He did everything right to get the perfect physique. In his time at uni he’d dedicated himself to getting big. Early mornings, late nights, gym sessions which got longer as his body got bigger. He hardly went out to bars, hardly socialised at all outside the gym. Even his studies weren’t as important to Johnny as growing was. Strength was everything to him. He’d graduated with a decent-enough degree, and landed himself a decent-enough job in London. At first he found it tough to fit the job around his bodybuilding, but he quickly got his routine down. Six months in, and he was the biggest he’d ever been. And he’d escaped his home town! That shithole where hope went to die. Where the losers from school still lived, in dead-end jobs or no jobs at all, nothing to look forward to except getting pissed or getting high. Not Johnny: He knew he was better than that. Better than those people. Better than Adam Fucking Gunner. Adam had gone to Johnny’s school. Whereas Johnny had been skinny and academic, Adam was a natural athlete. Tall and broad, Adam would have excelled at any physical team sport, except he was too selfish. He liked to lift weights. By the age of 16 Adam already had impressive 16 inch arms, some serious pec size and huge quads. He was also the hardest fucker in school. His muscular frame made him intimidating even to the older kids. On one legendary occasion when he was 15, he’d got into a fight with an 18 year old and knocked him out with his first punch. Fractured eye socket. If anyone doubted before that Adam had the muscle and the balls to back up his big-man image, they didn’t after that. Adam was a bully almost incidentally. He was the most respected lad in school, surrounded by his crowd of buddies – his gym mates, the hot girls, the beta boys hoping to look cool by association. Picking fights with lads was just a bit of fun. It was fun for him to make an older and bigger boy back down just by intimidating the fuck out of him, making him feel weak, and pathetic. It was also fun to pick on the smaller guys, taking the piss out of their skinny little arms and pale, spotty bodies. His mates loved it too. To be honest Adam hardly knew even the names of most of the people he’d picked on. They were nothing to him. Weak, skinny little Johnny wasn’t even on Adam’s radar. One off-hand, casually cruel comment was all the attention Adam had ever paid to Johnny. They were in the school locker room after gym, when Adam and his mates were comparing their pump. As hard as he tried to ignore the bro-banter and the noise of the laughter and the grunts and the flexing, Johnny couldn’t stop himself from glancing over as he fumbled with his shirt. There was Adam, flexing a single biceps in the mirror. The lad he was competing with stood no chance. “Yeah, keep tryin’, gaylord,” he grunted, keeping the flex. “Fuck you Ad,” said the smaller lad with an abashed smile, relaxing his own flex and ceding the mirror to the bigger man. Just then Adam saw Johnny looking at him in the mirror. Slowly he smirked, then, continuing the banter with his mate and tightening the flex on his bi so it swelled bigger, said: “Yeah, you gotta go heavier to grow, bro, or you’ll get beat by fuckin’ toothpick arms over there.” He smirked, and nodded to Johnny in the mirror. That was it. From then on Johnny was known to everyone in the school as Toothpick Arms. In class, at break, that was what everyone called him. Even some of the teachers started using the name. And the girls. At school Johnny’s crush was Stacey Wright. She seemed different to the other girls. A bit shy, to Johnny she was the most beautiful girl in the world. One day soon after the locker room incident, he’d screwed up all his courage to ask her out. At breaktime he saw her on her own and, sick with nerves, made his approach. “Uh, hey Stace…” was as far as he got before they were interrupted by Stacey’s girl gang. “STACEY!! Omigod I swear, Gavin just fingered Chantelle in the girls’ loo, I can’t even….” Then seeing Johnny there: “What the fuck does Toothpick want?” “Uh, toothpick?” said Stacey, confused. Her mates squealed and proceeded to tell Stacey all about Johnny’s wimpy arms and the locker room incident. All the while Johnny just stood there, hot with humiliation and rooted to the spot, as the girl gang shrieked with laughter while carrying away Stacey with them. That was the start of Johnny’s muscle fixation. He needed to get big. He needed to show that cunt Adam Gunner who was the real fucking alpha. And now, five years later, Johnny stood in the mirror in his London flat, flexing his massive pecs and feeling their mass shift under his t-shirt (size large, but still too small). He reached down to grab his shirt and began to pull it off over his head – only it got stuck at his lats. After some grunts and a tearing sound as some of the seams gave way, Johnny got the shirt off and inspected his upper body. Those pecs. So much fucking beef. His nipples looked small by comparison: A boy’s nipples on a freaking man’s chest, it was fucking hot. That six pack. Abs that Ryan Terry would be jealous of. All the girls that Johnny fucked went crazy over his abs. Typical, thought Johnny, when it’s his delts they should really be wet for: Like two massive but proportional bowling balls at the top of each arm. Arms which exploded into nearly 20-inch cannons. Who gives a fuck about abs when you’ve got guns like these, thought Johnny, breaking into an epic double bi which revealed the deep hairy canyons that were his pits. Tomorrow morning he was training back. It didn’t matter if he was late for work. After all, priorities. * * * Next evening, about 10pm, Johnny got home after his second gym session of the day. He’d only meant to go heavy on back in the morning and maybe some cardio later, but he’d got talking about bodybuilding with his mate Will at work who’d asked if he could train with him. “Wanna hang with the big dogs mate?” asked Johnny with a smirk. After the leg workout he later put him through, he doubted Will would be back for more. He’d left him in the carpark struggling to get his legs to work his car. 10pm. Shit, Johnny needed to get to sleep soon – he needed at least eight hours to maximise his gains, or he got cranky. Enough time to microwave some chicken. While the microwave was on he checked Facebook on his phone. There was a post from Stacey. Johnny didn’t have many Facebook friends – at uni he’d spent all his time at the gym and so hadn’t met many people besides a few gym bros – but a few of his old school mates had added him. And Stacey. He didn’t know why: Did she think about him ever? Wonder what he was doing? If she hoped to find out she would have been disappointed. Johnny never posted anything. Stacey didn’t post often either, but whenever Johnny saw one of her posts he always felt a stabbing sensation as his mind recalled that past humiliation. But this post. Jesus Fucking Christ. Ad’s gon! The fuckin bastards left us! Not even a fuckin text! Apsalute shitin cunt! She must have been off her face when she wrote that. Johnny didn’t know what any of it meant, so he trawled through the dozens of “U OK hun?” messages and pieced the story together. Stacey had been “seeing” (more like fucking) this lad for a couple of weeks before he’d moved in to the house where Stacey lived with her stoner dad. A while later, after missing her period, Stacey had taken a pregnancy test. It was positive. She’d messaged the news to the lad, and hadn’t seen him since. And the lad? Adam Fucking Gunner. As if it wasn’t enough that his bully had been fucking his crush, he had now totally destroyed her. Johnny felt hot, and realised he’d been tensing his muscles so his pits were sweating through his tee. Did he even care? Did people like Adam Gunner ever care about the damage they caused to people’s lives? Did he even know about the damage he’d done? A vein throbbed in Johnny’s thick neck. Someone had to tell him. And by tell him, Johnny meant beat the crap out of him. And who would do it? Stacey’s stoner dad was a loser, so were her friends. There was only Johnny. He had transformed himself into a real man, a fucking bodybuilder with a physique that made Adam Gunner with his 16-inch arms look like a pissing wuss. Only Johnny, with his bigshot London life and a body that would make Stacey wet. Oh yeah. Wait till Adam saw him. Wait till Stacey saw them together. Who would have the fucking toothpick arms then?! And Johnny growled as he flexed a most muscular, ripping the size large tee under the arms.
  2. So here we go, my first ever posted story. Always been into growth stories and roleplays and I’ve been writing this lately. Enjoy and let me me know what you think ——————————————————————— Twink vs Bully: The One True Alpha “Oh fuck I’m actually bigger!” Said Owen as he felt his small but hard bicep. He was standing in the locker room flexing in the floor length mirror. Owen stared at himself, flexing and hitting poses, his lean muscular body a little vascular from his workout. Although Owen enjoyed what he saw. He knew it wasn’t enough. He wanted more. Way more. He wanted huge rippling muscles. Thick veins. And to be taller wouldn’t hurt either. His small bulge stirred as he fantasied about being bigger. The perfect male specimen. Then he opened his eyes to see his reflection and sighed. Standing there in nothing but his white boxer briefs, his 5’10 frame was lean and pale. His thin pecs had little definition, as did his barely visible abs. His arms were thin but muscular, his legs were the same. Owen angled his face looking at his soft jawline, he didn’t mind his wavy brown hair or green eyes though. “At least I won’t be like this for long....” Owen grinned at himself. “I can’t wait to be huge!” Owen flexed a most muscular pose, his thin muscles tensed and a few veins stirred as he let out a pathetic grunt. The locker room door slammed open “what the fuck do we have here?!” Sneered a deep masculine voice. Owen jumped and turned around to see his tormenter, Callum. The source of all his pain, the alpha of the jocks, the school bully. Callum stood there with a cocky stance. Although he was only 18 Callum was an absolute beast. His 6’4 frame was thick with rippling vascular powerful muscle. His big feet inside a pair of huge black leather wrestling boots. His jeans so tight around his long thick legs that they showed every crevice. His bulge constantly tight. His white sweat soaked T-shirt skin tight. His black leather jacket hanging open from his broad shoulders. His tight pecs jutting out over what Owen knew must have been a ripped 8 pack. Callum’s neck was thick with muscle, a few veins ran up and over his sharp Adam’s apple. His light brown hair perfectly swept over and back. Framing his chizzled model-like face, cheekbones and a ridiculously square hard jawline. His bright blue eyes shone with hunger as he stared at Owen..... his prey. Owen stared right back at the huge jock. As much as he hated himself for it, Owen was so turned on by Callum. Even if he did hate him with a deep passion. A wide arrogant grin spread across Callum’s face. “You trying flex bro? Trying to pose like a real man? Hate to break it to you Owen but you can’t flex what you don’t have.” Callum put his hands on his hips to add to his cocky stance, spreading his lats. “Me on the other hand...” he said as he raised his left arm, flexing his bicep, his leather jacket straining skin tight over the teens huge arm, veins pulsing over his clenched fist. “Oh fuck off Callum...” hissed Owen. He turned back to the mirror and continued imagining what he would be like as a muscular alpha male. Although he was thrown aside into the lockers by a huge force. “The fuck you say to me bro?!” Growled Callum as he pushed Owen against the lockers with his huge chest. “You know what happens when you don’t respect your alpha brother!” Owen thought back to the time Callum had humiliated him in front of all the other jocks in the showers. Forcing Owen to worship his pumped naked body. “I’m not your ‘brother!” Snapped Owen. “Sure you are bro” grinned Callum as he pressed his chest harder against the twink. “I’m just... bigger... better... stronger...” he snarled. Owen gulped as he felt Callum’s pecs flex into hard stone. Pushing him harder against the lockers. “Don’t tell me you don’t like it?” Grinned Callum flexing a double bicep. His leather jacket once again strained to the max over his bulging arms. Owen quickly slipped down and out of the jocks hold and dived for his bag. “Where you going little bro?” Owen rummaged in his bag until he found it. The small clear bag containing a large black pill. “Oh fuck bro?!” Laughed Callum. “You taking roids now?!” “Oh you got no idea!” Spat Owen before swallowing the large black pill. He stared Callum straight in the eye. “What do you say Callum? How about we switch things up a bit?” “What the fuck you mean man? What? You wanna feel what it’s like to have this body? Be a born and bred alpha?” Callum mocked groping his left pectoral. “Nah man” said Owen. “I mean you be the one who gets dominated. You be the beta bitch.....bro” mocked Owen. “Oh fuck this is gonna be good! I can already feel it!” “Bro what the fuck..” “Shut the fuck up!” Barked Owen. “Oh fuck yeah.... it’s coming.... I feel it.... I fucking feel it! And it feels so... fucking.... GOOOOD!” Owens voice dropped a few octaves to a deep husky rumble as he growled the last word. Owens hands clenched into fists as veins pulses thick up his arms. Over his shoulders, spreading over his bare chest, up his neck. Callum stared at Owen, still taken aback at his voice dropping to that growl. What the fuck was going on? His question was answered. Owen let out a series of deep grunts and growls as he began flexing his body. “Grrraaah!” He roared as his neck bulged with muscle. A sharp Adam’s apple poking out. Owen flexed again, this time his traps ballooned out, his shoulders bulging with corded muscles as they grew broader. His lats flaring out giving him a huge v-taper down to his tight waist. “Oh fuck brah.... this is fucking amazing! Come on! Bigger! I want fucking.......BIGGER!” Owen roared as his voice dropped lower again, he surged taller, then taller again. His limbs growing longer to make room for all that growing muscle. “FUCK YEAGH!” He bellowed as his chest burst forward into two huge ripped pectorals. Owens arms bulged and flexed with huge biceps, triceps, meaty forearms as his hands curled into huge veiny fists. He used his new muscle paws to caress his stomach as a deep cut 6pack bulged forward. “Come on! MORE!” Growled Owen fingering his abs. The growth obeyed his will as his 6 pack became an 8 pack... then a chizzled 10 pack. With a hard v-line growing down to his bulge... which was growing thicker every second. Owens white boxer briefs now skin tight. Barley able to wrap around his huge solid quads. Veins pulsing down over his tree trunk legs to his rippling calves. His feet growing in length, in width, to support his new powerful frame. “OH FUCK YEAAAGH!” Roared Owen flexing a double bicep pose, veins throbbing over his python like arms, over his chest and abs. Callum stood fixed to the spot. Staring in amazement at the 6’7 shredded giant alpha muscle jock in front of him. Owen slowly looked down over his chest. His eyes bright with hunger and new found power. His jawline sharper and squared as an evil grin spread across his face. “Like what you see?” He growled as Callum’s bulge hardened. Owen took two huge strides towards Callum, flexed his huge legs, his 10 pack abs and chest, his arms and shoulders and snarled deeply. “I’m the alpha now...” “Oh fuck...” said Callum in a slight whimper as he couldn’t help but reach up and caress Owens huge chest. His other hand feeling the grooves of Owens 10 pack. “What the fuck man.... you’re.... a total beast!” He said in awe. “Fuck yeah I am!” Said Owen with an arrogant grin as he reflexed his biceps. “Fuck, can’t contain it any longer...” Owen snarled as he grabbed his boxers and easily tore them right off. His new solid 10 inch veiny muscle rod lurching up and hitting Callum in the chin. “Fucking worship me brah!” Owen commanded. Callum had no choice. He ran his hands up Owens hard obliques and lats. Caressed and squeezed his biceps. Owen moaned in pleasure as Callum then reached up and licked his pecs. Then worked his way down Owens solid 10 pack, feeling each brick with his tongue as his hands felt up the beasts huge rippling hairy quads. “Fuck yes!” Roared Owen flexing again. “Now taste my true muscle you fucking beta!” Owen bucked his hips in pleasure as Callum was forced to take his huge thick cock in his mouth. He would have gagged but it felt so good to Callum. The rod was warm in his mouth, so solid, he could feel the veins. Owen snarled deeply in pleasure as he moved back and forth with Callum, working his shaft. “Fuck yes! Fuck yes!” Owen flexed his tryumphant double bicep pose again, harder than ever. His veins throbbing. “I’m the alpha!” He roared. “I’m the bigger bro! I’m the stronger bro!” He thrust harder holding his pose. “I AM. A FUCKING. BEAAAST!” Owens tight muscular hips bucked hard, his whole body flexing harder than ever as he blew his huge load into Callum. Callum swallowed again and again, his mouth and thick neck working furiously to take down all that thick alpha cum. Owen withdrew, still solid. His eyes shut tight. “Ohhh!” He moaned groping his pecs. Feeling up his new massive powerful body. A few moments passed as Owen caressed his jacked up frame. Then he opened his eyes and slowly looked down. His eyes fell upon Callum who was leaning against the lockers, staring at Owen. Hunger and thirst in Callum’s eyes as he wiped the last of Owens cum off his mouth and licked it off his thumb. Callum let out a deep sigh. “I was hoping you’d do that....brah” he said quietly. Not breaking eye contact. Callum walked forwards a few steps, “you see Owen, that was super impressive! Fuck I bet you’re the biggest jock around! Actually you’re probably the biggest muscle beast in the city! You could rival all champion bodybuilders!” Owen was enjoying the worship, but he was growing suspicious. Where was Callum going with this? “But you know bro... you’re just not cut out for this shit. Unlike you... I was born to be an alpha” Callum teased as he once again groped his own chest. “And you should know brah.... once an alpha.... always the FUCKING alpha!” Spat Callum as he flexed his own double bicep, this time, the leather of his jacked bursting right open exposing two huge solid veiny bicep peaks. Biceps peaks that were starting to swell. Even with his new powerful body, Owen stared at Callum. Fearing what was about to happen. A dark menacing grin spread across Callum’s chizzled face. He stared hard into Owens eyes as he squeezed and squeezed his double bi. His biceps throbbing bigger and covered in veins. As if raw power was pumping around inside him, waiting to be unleashed. Owens body acted for him. He balled his veiny fist and threw a punch with all the might he could summon. His fist hit something solid. The palm of Callum’s hand. Callum caught the punch in his hand easily and closed his fingers around Owens. Callum’s grin widened as his hand grew bigger and thicker, more muscular and veiny as it engulfed Owens fist. With this Callum let out a thunderous laugh. Although it wasn’t his usual laugh. It was far far deeper, ground rumbling... demonic. Callum’s neck muscles quivered as it sounded. Owen knew. This was it. What had he done?! As Callum’s baritone devilish laugh filled the locker room, he started to swell. His fist still wrapped around Owens. His clothes tightening further and further into the creases of his muscles. He grew taller and taller and taller. Bones cracking and reforming much longer. Preparing him for what was to come. With a deep animal like snarl Callum raised his huge left foot. The leather of his wrestling boot almost skin tight around the muscle and flesh it held. Callum kicked at Owens solid 10 pack abs and sent him crashing backwards into the lockers. Callum widened his stance and balled his veiny fists at his chest, like he was trying to keep a bomb from exploding inside, building up the power. Still with his chizzled devilish grin spread wide, Callum’s neck thickened with corded vascular muscle. His writs writhing with veins. His pecs forced his shirt a little further open as they rippled and flexed with the power that was filling up inside Callum. Ready to explode. His growth in height made his v line and the bottom of his 8 pack visible as his shirt rode higher. “This power.....” Callum grunted through gritted teeth as his jawline flexed, his voice inhumanly deep. “... you have wasted it... squandered it! You couldn’t see it’s full potential! But I can! I was born an alpha! I was born to be a GOD! OHH!” He roared as his biceps surged bigger, his shoulders bulging in his skin tight jacket. “FUCK! Can’t... hold on...any longer! So... much..... POWERRRRGGH!” He roared as his voice dropped lower again and his body erupted in muscle. He bent over forwards as his clothes ripped open down the centre of his hulking back. His shoulders bulging bigger and bigger causing the fabric to tear and rip at the seams. Callum arched backwards as another spurt of growth hit him. His pecs fighting for space under his shirt and open jacket. More and more abs showing as his shirt rose upwards. His hands bulged longer with more veiny muscle as he grabbed the painfully tight clothes over his torso. “YEEAASS!” He roared like a savage. “GRROOAAARGH!” Callum boomed as he tore his shirt and leather jacket completely apart. His mountainous torso erupting out. He clawed at his pecs with his fingers like a hungry animal as his chest filled with raw godlike power. Each slab of muscle throbbing, rippling and flexing into a huge set of vein webbed striated pectorals. A deep crevice gorging down in between. “BIGGER!” He roared in command. His abs contorted and flexed into a cut 12 pack. But upon feeling them with his long thick fingers, Callum snarled his disapproval. “I WANT EVERYTHING ITS GOT!” He growled. The growth obliged as his abs flexed and bulged further and deeper until 18 cobblestone abs separated by sweaty gorges had been dug into his stomach. A hard, long veiny V-line arrowing down to his huge bulge. He raised his arms, allowing rippling obliques to line his 18 pack abs. The muscles shredding up into his armpits as his lats flared out like massive veiny thick wings. Forming the most incredible v-taper. “FUCKING ALPHA GOD MUSCLE PITS!” Callum roared in ecstasy as dark hair thick with musky hot sweat grew under his arms, a thin dark stubble like layer growing over his pec shelf and down the middle of his abs. Highlighting every grove and crevice. Callum’s arms were next. He stretched and flexed them as huge watermelon sized biceps writhed with snaking veins. “FUCK YEAARGH! BIGGERR!” He roared, pumping them larger. Triceps curved sharp and thick underneath. Forearms thick with veiny muscle meat corded down to his huge hands. Callum flexed a hulking, monstrous most muscular pose as his shoulders grew out to over 3 meters broad. Each delt separating into huge rounded shredded boulders. His traps bulged and sloped upwards and in behind Callum’s head as his face became even more chizzled and muscular. His jawline freakishly sharp and bold. “FUCK! I’M HUUUGE! SO MUCH FUCKING MUSCLE!!” He growled. “MORE! I WANT MORRRRE!” Bellowed Callum as he soared past 8 feet tall. With a thunderous “YEEAASS!”, Callum raised his left leg and stomped down hard. His foot surged bigger and shredded apart his leather wrestling boot. His foot grew longer and wider, more muscular and corded with veins. The pulsing veins grew up over his calf which bulged into a huge cut diamond. His left thigh exploded with muscle as it ripped apart the last of his jeans, forming a massive tree-trunk-thick tear drop shaped quad. With a snarl of pleasure Callum stomped his other leg. Growing it to the same proportion. More stubble-like dark hair grew over his huge legs, highlighting each grove of the vascular muscle. As Callum reached just over 11 feet tall, his body hulking with godly power, his white Calvin boxers stretched paper thin and began to tear. With a monstrous “GROOAAARRH!” Callum flexed his entire body. Every muscle fighting for space, throbbing with snake like veins, shining with musky sweat. His boxers ripped off as a 2 foot long - forearm thick, vein webbed muscle rod flexed free. Swinging up to hit Callum’s abs. Power radiating from the monstrous teen jock as his growth seamed complete. Callum slowly raised his head, his eyes shining an ever brighter blue as he looked down over his chest to see Owen. The now defeated alpha laying in the wreckage of lockers he’d flown back into. Owens eyes locked onto the gargantuan beast that was Callum. His mouth wide open. His now pathetic muscle rod completely solid. Callum grinned and let out a deep growl. Raising his arms to see how massive they’d become. He continued to inspect his body. Hitting flexes and professional poses to show off his titanic frame. “You see Owen?!” He snarled. “This! This is true power! This is my true form!” Callum spun around and grabbed a whole locker from behind him. Lifting it with no effort at all. He turned back to face Owen. “THIS IS MY PURPOSE! TO GIVE THIS WEAK WORLD THE GOD IT DESERVES!” And like it was made of paper, Callum ripped the locker in two, throwing each piece so hard they took chunks out of the walls. Owen stared in half horror, half amazement at the powerhouse god infront of him. Callum’s body hulking with each breath, veins throbbing with raw testosterone. As Callum flexed his behemoth legs, his thick muscle cock throbbed harder than steel. “Fuck!” He moaned. “If your seed did this to me.... imagine what mine could do to others!” Callum’s eyes shon with hunger, with greed. His jaw curled into an arrogant devilish grin. “I think it’s time I payed a visit to my fellow jocks. If they kneel before their alpha then I might just reward them by letting them suck my godrod! Imagine that Owen! An army of beasts... loyal to their one true god!” He flexed his entire body once more, showing the raw muscular power he held. Showing the ultimate unstoppable predator he had become.
  3. Hey guys, it was my second try to write something, because I absolutely love this site and I want to be part of it. I wrote this story very fast so maybe I made some mistakes here and there so excuse me for them. I hope its not too short. My idea is to make it into a series, but its just a plan for now. Enjoy, and let me know, If I should continue. I hope nobody is here-thought Billy as he walked in the team’s locker room Monday Billy was a scrawny little nerd and most of the time he got picked on by the rugby team. He couldn’t do anything at all because the members of the rugby teams were huge guys. Huge is not even the best word, humongous throbbing muscle guys. They were close to pro bodybuilders; the gym was their territory. Other schools always tried to keep up with them but it was impossible. So Billy just tried to live through high school, but the rugby dudes always bullied him. He was bullied because of his nerd Star Wars t-shirts, glasses and shyness. In the afternoon, he was walking down the hallway when one of the big guys, Zero, pushed him and as he lost his balance, the new Hulk comic just fell out his bag. -Oh look, scrawny little Billy is into big green guys, such a little pussy. -Said Zero as he took a quick look at the comic -Give me back. -Shout Billy and tried to take it back -Oh no no little guy, I'm keeping this. You don’t need some magazine about big jacked guys. U can always worship me. - Zero flexed his big chest and put on a double bicep pose. Unfortunately, his t-shirt couldn’t bear the pressure and it ripped, revealing his chiseled abs.-OOPPSS, looks like u got a free show pussyboy.- -Zero, please give me back the comic, I didn’t do anything. - Billy was close to tearing up. -Maybe I will tomorrow, -he grinned- after I cleaned up my jizz with it. - and walked away laughing. Billy was extremely sad, he just bought that fresh comic and Hulk was his favorite superhero. Hulk was big, powerful, an alpha, everything what Billy isn’t. Billy sometimes dreamed about waking up one day and being able to transform into a big powerful muscle God and show his bullies the way. But it's impossible. Billy walked to his locker and changed books, put on his jacket and started to walk out from the building, when suddenly his only friend Mark stopped him. -I heard what happened Billy, I'm so sorry. You can borrow mine if u want? -Smiled at him Mark with his crooked teeth. -Thanks Mark but I just buy another one. -Billy looked at him with a sad smile. -Well...you don’t know from me, but Zero put your issue in his locker. -He did what!? Oh my God it will smell awful. -But today the team will go and practice on the big court so you could go and took it back. Zero is pretty dumb, he won't even notice that it disappeared and the big court is 20 minutes from here so you have plenty of time. - explained the plan Mark. -Mark, thank you. See u tomorrow. -Smiled at him Billy and started running. The plan was easy, he goes home, puts down his stuff and comes back later tonight. It was the easiest plan ever. So Billy slowly walked home, put down his stuff and went up in his room. Billy’s room was the nerdiest room ever. Marvel posters on the wall, card and little figures everywhere. Even his computer was full of with comic content. But in one secret folder he hid videos about bodybuilders and big guys jerk off. He took a quick look if somebody tried to find them, but nothing. Later that day -I hope nobody is here.-thought Billy as he walked in the team’s locker room. The room was filled with the smell of sweat and jizz. Billy immediately got a little hard on. -OH COME ON, NOT RIGHT NOW. - screamed in his head. The lockers were all the same, old white iron lockers but each and every one had a name on it. Billy was scrolling down the hallway with his eyes trying to find the name. Dan, Derek,…....Harry,…..Liam,.....Peter,......ZERO. Billy stepped closer to the locker. -Geeee......should I open it? But what if Zero finds me and beats me up? Ohhh...let's do it! - The lock slowly opened and the door just opened itself. -Oh wow.-Billy’s mouth just dropped. The locker was full of dirty jockstraps, hoodies, rugby gear and next to a little bottle, there was his book. -Okay, it was easy, I take it and just leave. Billy slowly pulled out the book, but the little bottle almost fell down with it so he dropped the book and jumped for the bottle. Fortunately, he got it. -Uhhh I almost fucked it up, what is it anyways? - He read the paper on it, “ONE DROP IN EVERY YEAR”. -Drugs? Steroids? Maybe the whole team is on some kind of illegal supplement? Billy was on the way to put the bottle back, but a little feeling came over him. So he held the bottle and asked himself. -Do I want to try it or just leave it there? Maybe this could help...hmmmm....well, we live once soo.- with that power Billy opened the bottle and drink 2 big drop. -Hmm...it has a nice taste...but I feel nothing. - Billy put the bottle on the bench and looked at his phone, okay still 10 minutes to leave. But suddenly Billy felt dizzy. -Okay, now I feel something, aghhhhhhhh.-Billy felt pain in his chest and he saw it slowly growing and pulsing in his S sized t-shirt. *RIIIIIPPPPPP* the t-shirt teared apart and his chest just kept growing but with veins on it. Now he felt the pain in his back, his back slowly started to expand to a huge perfect V shape, -OHHH GOOOD WHATS HAPPENING????- Billy screamed and he grew taller, now he was 7 feet.-OHHH ohhhh this is niceeeeee- as the feeling became pleasure and realized that he is becoming a real life Hulk. His calves and thighs grew and became huge almost the size of 2 tree trunk. -OHHHH NOW MY SHOULDERSSSSSS- Billy shoulders blew up with muscles.-MOOREE MORRREEEEEE-screamed and his abs became visible then 2,6, an 8-pack appeared. His clothes completely ripped apart. Now he stood at 7 feet, with muscles of Hulk, in a tiny boxer. -Oh my God, ohmygod my voice. - his voice was now deep and pleasuring to hear. -IM A MUSCLE GODDDDDD, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT.- Billy ran to the mirror and put on a hell of a flex show.-I look hot but I think my dick didn’t grew. - when Billy said it, he felt a deep pain on his bulge that became pleasure as his dick started become longer and longer and longer. His balls grew to be golf balls then tennis balls then huge oranges. The boxer now was unusable, the penis of his stood now 15 inch long. -Zero found his competition. - grinned Billy and jerked his cock slowly and watched himself flexing in the mirror, he did a double biceps pose and some other pro poses. But he got scared when he heard a noise from the hallway. -Guys we crushed it today, we were unstoppable- said the team not so far away. -I need to disappear-. Billy quickly put on a used jockstrap from Zero’s locker and another used dirty t-shirt and started running to the door in the back, but before leaving he took the bottle and the book. Billy was walking home now as a real alpha thinking about the future and the potential use of the bottle.....
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