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Found 7 results

  1. Chapter 1 – The Assistant I slowly replied, “come in,” to the loud knocking on my hospital room door. How am I ever supposed to recover when these people never let you get any rest? The door swung open, and a massive beast of a man entered my room completely filling the door frame. He was about 6’3 and well over 300 pounds of massive muscle that his scrubs strained to cover. He closed the door quickly (wait, did he lock the door too?) and turned towards me and started speaking from the entry area. His voice was one of those low bass, deep masculine sounds that hit that spot in my ear that goes from my brain to my dick in a microsecond. My brain was too focused on processing the visuals and couldn’t compute the audio. He was HUGE and handsome with a light bronze-colored skin tone, bald head, high cheekbones, full lips, a thick black beard, and deep brown eyes. His bull neck was anchored by high traps set like sloping mountain ranges that peaked up and dropped to each side of his incredibly broad shoulders. Wow, I have never seen shoulders that wide before in real life! The armholes in his scrubs had been slit to make room for the guns that shot out on each side, their thickness had to be in the 22+ inch range. And each bicep had a rope-thick vein that surrounded the gigantic muscle like it was fighting to constrain the mass but was losing the battle. As he spoke his hands moved to emphasize his words which caused his tremendous pecs to flex and pop under the tight confines of his scrubs. His pecs were so thick that the upper shelf could hold a 2-liter bottle of water upright without even flexing hard. He started walking into my room and stopped at the edge of the foot of my bed blocking the TV’s nightly baseball game. His quads were so huge that he had that bodybuilder waddle from having to rotate his hips to accommodate the mass movement from one leg to the other. But there was an even larger than normal obstacle in the dead center of his movement, a bulge that obscenely pushed outward and down his left leg, rotating with the movement and bouncing in its containment. Was that real? Did my eyes play tricks on me? The lower half of his freaky body was now below my view, blocked by the edge of my bed so I could no longer see that tantalizing bulge of man meat. The deep voice sound was no longer resonating in my ears, and I realized he was standing there waiting for me to respond to whatever he had just said. He had stopped speaking and was looking at me like I’m an idiot for not responding. “I’m sorry, Sir, but the meds they have me on, well, they make me very groggy. It takes me a few minutes to become fully aware and functional. Do you mind repeating all that?” “I understand” his voice once again hitting that sweet connection spot deep in my core. “My name is John and I work for Dr. Malik. Did you comprehend that statement?” he said with just a hint of irritation. “Yes, Sir, nice to meet you John, I’m Jason.” “Dr. Malik asked that I stop by in advance to do a pre-assessment on your condition to see if you may be a qualified candidate for his incredible program before he visits you later this evening,” John said as his right hand lifted my medical chart and began flipping through the pages. Every action of his huge muscles caused me to lose focus again and become entranced by the visual movement of his actions. Focus, Jason, focus! This man is here to do his job not to be your ultimate muscle worship fantasy! You’re a 50-year-old grown man, stop acting like a horned-up teenager! “Patient is a white male, 50 years of age, 5 foot 10 inches tall, 220 pounds, car wreck accident”, Big John recited into his mobile phone / recording device. “It says that you had some spinal damage with partial paralysis in both legs. But it appears you’re slowly gaining feeling in both legs, is that correct?” Oh My Thor! What is that aroma of pure sex, musk, and testosterone coming from this man? I took another breath, and the aromatic sensation went straight to my throbbing cock. Wait, what! I looked down and for the first time in months I had an erection tenting the sheet between my legs. That had not happened since the accident. I quickly covered it with my hands and tried to hide my hard dick from John’s eyes. “Uh, yea, um yes Sir, I’m slowly getting some feeling and movement in both feet, but I am not able to walk or move my legs on my own.” “Well, it looks like your little penis is working,” John said with a grin as he eyed me trying to cover my raging hard-on under the sheet. Little penis, what the hell, I don’t have a porn star dick but I’m a little above average at 7 inches. His cockiness and dominance were pushing all my buttons though! Nothing sexier than a true Alpha male! “Sorry, I’m embarrassed, Sir, and honestly this is the first erection I’ve had in a very long time. Not sure why it chose now to make an appearance?” Even though I clearly knew exactly why I had a steel pole throbbing between my legs, I didn’t want Big John to know it was all because of him, but part of me knew he realized his power. He knew. He was now standing to the side of my bed reviewing my chart. My eyes traveled down from those impossibly wide shoulders down the deep valley between his massive pecs and quickly to the monster meat strangely bulging from his groin and down his immense left quad. “Clearly, you’re excited by big muscles, is that correct little man?” and with that my eyes traveled quickly from that gigantic sleeping cock to the rising right arm that was curling upward into the classic muscle pose of a single bicep flex. John’s wrist tightened towards his shoulder and the bicep bunched into a circular ball of concrete before exploding upwards with the two peaks fighting for height. The triceps hung like slabs of hard beef under the elbow stretching the tight armband of the scrubs to the breaking point. “Oh, fuck yes! Wow you are so huge!” I grunted in amazement. Big John quickly dropped my chart on my bedside table and threw up his left gun to a matching double bicep pose that literally made me gasp for breath. His lats flared out so wide and thick I just knew his scrub top was going to rip at the seams. He rotated both wrists back and forth like he was priming the pump and then slammed hard into the flex, causing both peaks to rise again on both biceps! He held that flex hard and long, I could see sweat beads gathering on his skin and his deep muscle pits were already soaking the thin lining of the scrubs. He repeated this pose again and again, his arms becoming more pumped with each hard flex. Skin glistening from his sweat. I laid there completely immobilized and transfixed by the power and monstrous size of this beast of a muscle man. I took a deep breath, and again, the scent of his testosterone-fueled aromatic pits filled my nostrils, sending me into a sudden orgasmic state. My body convulsed as my orgasm hit me, I wasn’t even touching my throbbing cock, yet the intoxicating smell of this muscle god was forcing my seed out of my flared cock head and soaking the cover sheet with load after load. Once I regained myself, I looked down at the sticky wet mess and said, “Damn, how did you do that? Wow, I came from just looking at you flex and smelling your muscle pits!” “Yeah, gay guys love my sweaty scent, sends them into orbit, and makes them nut so fast. Glad you liked it, little man. Now, I need to scoop up that semen for a sample for Dr. Malik.” he said, as he pulled back the cover sheet and filled the large sample cup. “Definitely got more than I needed here, let me get you a washcloth to clean up, Big Shooter.” I looked down and was amazed at the volume I had shot. I’ve never been a big load shooter, but this was impressive by any standard! After the cleanup, Big John and I chatted a little bit more about my current condition, my muscle fetish and lifelong desire to grow massive, his bodybuilding history, and his wife and kids. He told me he had done some flexing and muscle worship for some gay men in the past when he needed extra money but that he was not sexually attracted to men. However, he said with that overconfident grin, the gays do pay extra big bucks to service this foot-long dick! OMG, I was rock hard again. “Can I see it? I’m obsessed with huge dicks almost as much as I am with huge muscles!” He reached to untie his scrub bottoms and said, “I have to have custom underwear made because it is so big, even soft, and I’ve got these balls the size of oranges.” With one quick motion, he shoved the scrubs down over his huge glutes and quads to the floor. Big John stood there in his custom-sized poser-style underwear with the bulge now bouncing free between his legs. He then turned around facing the other way and started to peel down his underwear over his muscular, basketball-size glutes. I would have given anything to be able to shove my face in that huge, hard ass! The thick hamstrings and quads flexed out as he bent over completely, slowly pulling the posers down seductively drawing my eyes with them. Over the diamond-shaped calves, and then stepping out, pushing the poser out of each of his gigantic feet. Jesus, everything about this man was just freaky huge! Just as his posers hit the floor there was a loud knock at my hospital room door. “It’s Dr. Malik, may I come in?”
  2. tester26

    Sean & Tanner

    Another HSMuscleboy inspired story featuring Sean on summer vacation Tanner and Sean were in Tanner’s backyard during a long summer day, working out on his well-worn home weight bench. Tanner stood 5’ 9” and weighed about 175 pounds. He had wide shoulders, an impressively muscled back, broad sculpted pecs that were clearly defined, and a rock-hard set of abs. As impressive as he was, nothing could hold a candle to his workout buddy Sean. Sean towered over Tanner at 6’6” and over 300 pounds of solid muscle; his chest was close to 60 inches, with biceps at least 26 inches, plate-like pecs and flaring lats that tapered down to a 30 inch waist with eight clearly separated ab muscles that maintained their definition even when relaxed. Each of his muscles bulged under his glowing golden skin, glistening with his sweat, and containing not an ounce of fat. Tanner couldn’t believe how much bigger Sean had gotten in the year since the two last seen each other. They had met at the beach last summer, when Tanner had stumbled upon one of Sean’s legendary orgies that left a trail of overfucked, unconscious admirers. Unlike most of Sean’s partners that day (or any day for that matter), Tanner had somehow managed to fit all of Sean’s 20-inch monster cock in him, and after surviving 3 rounds of power fucking on the beach, the two muscle studs found their way to Tanner’s house, where they spent the night and the following day lifting and fucking. The two studs were finishing their workout, their bulging muscles shining with sweat. In Tanner’s backyard, the two worked out completely nude, having learned that they get so turned on watching each other workout, they spent most of it with raging hard-ons. Today was no exception. Tanner sat up from the bench press and began rubbing his throbbing, dripping, and fully erect foot long cock. “You make me fuckin’ hard just looking at you,” he said. “You like what you see?” Sean said, a smirk crossing his face as he put down the 150lb dumbells he was curling. The compliment make him hard as well, his massive 20-plus inches throbbed out in front of him, as thick as a normal man’s forearm, crisscrossed with pulsing veins, topped by a reddish head as big as a fist, spurting pre-cum like most guys cum. Sean flexed his abs and pecs as he ran his hand over his sweaty muscles. His muscles looked like corded steel as they flexed and relaxed at his command under his paper-thin skin. He started moving his hips up and down as he stroked his big cock. His flexing muscles looked absolutely beautiful as he moved his body. He flexed his massive right bicep for Tanner. "Check these guns, man!" said Sean. As he was flexing his arms, Sean started to lovingly lick his huge biceps. The saliva, combined with his sweat created an incredible sheen over his arms. Next he slowly opened his clenched fists and extended his fingers over the pointed peaks of his biceps. Thick slab-pecs, rolling with muscle control, then flexed hard into gigantic, striated mounds. His pecs defied gravity as they billowed out insanely over his abs and created a huge overhang. His nipples were half-dollar sized and actually were pointing towards the floor because his chest was so huge and thick. Deep cut abs. A naked show of eye-boggling male bodybuilder muscle and cock size. Sean rubbed his hands over his muscles, teasing Tanner, flexing his monster cock, bouncing a few times and finally springing back to straight out, pointing its dripping head right at Tanner. “Look at all this fucking muscle, man. Fucking beautiful, man. Go on, feel it. Oh, fuck man, I feel so goddamn hot. Go on, man. Feel this muscle.” He rubbed his huge thick pecs. Sean massaged his cock by gently flexing his pecs, making his cock leak more precum. “Come on. Oh, fuck, it feels so fucking hot man. Come on.” Tanner stood up and walked over to Sean, his cock dripping pre-cum onto the ground. He rubbed Sean’s hard bicep, veins covering the surface in a thick, corded display. Tanner ran his huge cock across Sean’s arm, tracing the veins with his dripping and sputtering tip. He tweaked the hard nipples that caused Sean to moan as Tanner moved closer to him and began to smell his manly scent and muscular sent coming off his body. Tanner licked his neck as explored his entire muscular body. Sean turned his head, and their lips brushed each other. The two muscle studs kissed for several minutes, their pecs swelling as their nips dueled with each other. Their cocks waved in their own dance, often clashing, often sliding up and down each other. Their abs joined in the dance as each stud in turn bent his knees to slide up against his partner. Their lips never parted but their hands were everywhere, molding, caressing, squeezing. When they hugged, their enormous biceps fought to drag the other guy even closer. Passion grew hotter and hotter and the rhythm of the dance became frenzied as their dicks, already dripping copious cups of pre-cum all over the place, threatened to erupt. As they kissed hard and passionately, grabbing each other’s asses, stroking each other’s broad, tapering backs, floating, lost in time, Sean pulled back and slid his enormous cock between Tanner’s legs —it stuck out a ways past his ass—and pressed the two of them back together. Their tongues attacked each other’s mouths with an aggressive force as they explored each other’s muscular bodies. Sean grabbed Tanner’s hard dick and started stroking it expertly while fucking his legs, rocking his hips gently in and out so that his heavy, massive cock, slid in and out of the tight, hot space between Tanner’s legs. Tanner flexed his thighs, squeezing Sean’s cock as he thrust his own between Sean’s hands. Tanner felt as though Sean’s cock was pushing upward so hard that he might be lifted off the ground. They were immersed in the moment; their pulses pounding, Sean’s monster cock fucked Tanner’s legs faster and faster, his hands on Tanner’s cock jerked up down and around; and Sean’s over muscled frame engulfed Tanner’s perfectly carved body, their mouths locked together, Tanner’s hands stroking his whole body, until suddenly everything went white, and Tanner cried out as he exploded, cum gushing straight up, splashing on their faces and necks. Sean’s beast swelled and flexed in response, and Sean roared as a jet of white blasted out of his cock, hitting the fence 10 feet away. They held on to each other tightly as they rode our their orgasms before they collapsed against each other, panting hard yet still cumming. They slid apart as they caught their breath, Sean’s still hard rod slapping his pecs with a dull thud as it slid out from between Tanner’s legs. “Fuck, Sean, you look so fucking hot. Those muscles are bigger than human, dude.” Tanner reached out to feel the massive slabs of cum-covered, heavy, hard, overhanging beef that hung on Sean's chest, the huge shaft of Sean's cock stood between them, the flared head as big as Tanner's fist, hovering right between their faces. Sean grinned as he felt waves of erotic pleasure sweep through his body at Tanner's touch on his pecs, grinned at expression of desire on Tanner's face, grinned at the sensation of such intense sensitivity that his huge muscles had developed along with their immense size, as sensitive and erotic as his cock had ever been, and he grinned at the ecstatic feeling of masculine power when his eyes met Tanner's. "Fuck, Sean, how big is this fucking thing now? Jeez..." Sean’s grinning ear to ear. "I measured yesterday -- I’m now twenty two point five inches long." "Twenty two? Fuck me..." Tanner stared wide-eyed at Sean, astonished. "Yep, that's the plan!" Sean laughed, gripping his cock and rubbing it along the side of Tanner’s head. "Scared?" Tanner looked at him and nodded mutely. It had been a few months since he last saw Sean, and the last time he ‘only’ had 20 inches. “Awww dude, don't worry. It'll be just like last time, remember? It’ll hurt at first, but then it's 'the most amazing thing ever', you 'can never get enough of this monster cock' “Mmmph!” Tanner pushed up against Sean and kissed him passionately, he was so turned on. "God, dude, you've gotten so much bigger... I can't believe it," his voice is a sultry murmur. The two made their way inside to Tanner’s bedroom. Sean pushed Tanner onto the bed, their cocks throbbing with lust. Sean rubbed his tip up and down Tanner's mouth, teasing him as he stretched his jaw open and licked at it. The slit was so large, his tongue actually reached inside the tip. Tanner went to town slurping on Sean’s massive cock head, making sure to stick his tongue deep down the meaty piss hole to suck out every drop of sticky precum. Eventually Tanner changed tactics, gripping it below the head with both hands to pull as he tried to take the head into his mouth. He gagged a bit, but continued sucking and moving his hand rapidly over his dripping shaft. Eventually he stopped, looked up at Sean and pouted. “Dude, it's too big. I can't even get your head in!" Sean laughed and rubbed his tip across the lower lip being presented. Precum oozed continuously from him now, pooling in Tanner's mouth. "You want me to help?" Tanner wrapped his lips as best he could around Sean's cock, nodding. "Okay!" Unceremoniously, he gripped Tanner's head with both hands. Then he simply pulled, stretching Tanner's mouth around his enormous cock. In just a moment, Tanner's lips were wrapped over the rim of the glans, bulging out his cheeks. Tanner gagged as Sean's head pushed against his throat. Tears fell from his eyes and traced through the precum covering his face. Sean pulled him further forward, the top of his throat starting to distend before he stopped. The angle didn’t allow him to pull Tanner over any more of his veiny monster. Sean flexed his cock and leaned back slightly, lifting Tanner's entire body off the bed. Sean smiled, lowering Tanner to kneel on the bed again before gripping him by the shoulders and starting to work him back and forth. Just an inch at a time, a little of his immense manhood revealed with each motion, but gradually longer strokes. Before long he was sliding Tanner over half his cock at a time, thrusting his own hips back and forth a little to assist the motion. Each outstroke forced a gush of precum out from Tanner’s lips, slopping out onto the bed or running down his chin. Sean’s ballsack was already completely soaked. He started drawing his huge cock out of Tanner’s throat. He got 5 inches out, then slammed home, causing another loud gag. Then, again. And again. Soon enough, Sean was fucking Tanner’s throat, his balls slapping loudly against his partner’s face. All Tanner could do was watch as those balls retracted and then slapped him over and over again, the long inches of that shaft moving away and then back, away and back, and let out an occasional "glurk!" or "gluh" as the thick meat pounded his throat. Tanner could feel every ridge and every vein as it moved up his poor bruised and battered throat. Sean stepped backwards, pulling Tanner with him as his balls fell off the bed. Almost all of his length was being pulled out each time now, fluids splattering into the rapidly growing puddle beneath them. Finally, he pulled Tanner all the way to his root and moaned deeply, holding him there as his balls pulsed. Tanner was almost entirely off the bed now, carried by the nearly two foot weapon impaling him. The feeling of being solely supported by Sean’s cock was too much for Tanner, who’s throbbing cock had not stopped spraying precum as Sean forced more of his monster inside him. Tanner erupted, blasting his load all over Sean’s legs and onto the wall behind him. After half an hour of relentless pounding, punctuated by Sean occasionally pulling out almost all the way and slamming back all the way, Tanner could feel Sean tense up. He started fucking Tanner’s mouth even faster now, and even more precum was leaking out of the teen’s huge cock, finally, he slammed home, hard, and then again, and again. Jets of cum started firing out of the thick head of Sean’s cock, and to steady himself, Sean grabbed onto Tanner’s head and held tight, leaning over him. The contractions of Sean's cock lifted Tanner each time, his body bounced up and down as Sean unloaded. Head back and eyes closed, Sean was breathing heavily while his hands reached down to grope Tanner’s muscles. There was a growing bulge in Tanner's belly, at the end of the distention already running down his torso. He was literally swelling with Sean's cum. Sean looked back down at him, admiring Tanner’s chiseled backside, before gripping his shoulders and starting to slide him off his monstrous schlong. Sean drew himself almost all the way out, leaving Tanner kneeling up with his mouth stretched around the immense glans. Each contraction of Sean's cock pulled the stud up by his head, knees lifting off the ground each time as Sean kept cumming. Finally, Sean pulled himself all the way out, releasing a flood of thick white cum as Tanner collapsed to the floor. His monster cock contracted again, shooting a tremendous rope of cum clean over Tanner and the bed to splash against the wall. Sean grabbed his cock with both hands, aiming down to ejaculate on Tanner. Tanner lifted his head up with open mouth to receive the stud’s seed. Sean's next bolt of cum was even bigger and more forceful, perfectly aimed at Tanner's open mouth. Tanner immediately gagged, mouth filled, slumping back to a seated pose as Sean's cum splashed over his face. Tanner's face was rendered almost indistinct under its deep coating of cum. Sean aimed lower, another immense ejaculation dousing Tanner's shoulders and ripped chest in seed. While he sat on the floor, receiving this unbelievable bounty, one of Tanner's hands slipped down to play with his cock. The very moment he touched his cock, he moaned and convulsed, so pent-up with arousal that a slight touch was enough to push him into orgasm. Sean moaned, continuing to pump out more and more jizz onto Tanner as he lay twitching on the floor. After another couple minutes, a thick puddle of cum spread around Tanner, and Sean stepped forward, gripping Tanner under his shoulders to hoist him up. Sean lifted Tanner until his massive cockhead was between his pecs at his eye level, stroking up and down for a moment. Although his orgasm had passed, cum was continuously leaking from his manhood, a thick stream flowing down Tanner's body and his own shaft. They wrapped their arms around each other, kissing, trying to eat each other’s faces. Tanner rubbed Sean’s ass and back, his hand moving to his pulsing traps, feeling the bumps of hard, powerful muscle. Where Tanner was lying on the floor, there was an outline of his body where was utterly doused in semen. Sean casually tossed Tanner back onto the bed. Tanner landed on his back amidst puddles of cum, Sean clambering up onto the bed and straddling his hips. With his knees either side of Tanner's hips and both hands on his elephantine cock, the head of it reached over Tanner's face, cum spilling down on to his. Tanner grinned, scooting back slightly so the ceaseless flow is splashing into his mouth. he kept eagerly swallowing more, his thirst for Sean's cum seemingly endless despite already being bloated from the volume that was pumped directly down his throat. Sean flexed his cock once, spraying up the wall, before kneeling down. His balls lay across Tanner’s groin, blocking Sean's cock from being lowered further. Tanner laughed at the sight, reaching up with both hands to toy with the head. He took hold of it, fingers gripping the rim of Sean's rock-hard glans and wrapping around with his hands, toying at the slit with both thumbs as cum spilled out over his arms. At the same time, Sean adjusted Tanner's legs, pulling them to the sides, knees bent, to make room for him to drag his gigantic balls down onto the bed. Satisfied with his alignment, Sean shuffled back, pulling away from Tanner's longing hands and back, back, back until that oversized cock is hovering just above Tanner’s asshole. Tanner had a pillow under his head, staring wide-eyed at the stud. Sean's feet were hanging off the end of the bed, he had to move so far back to align his cock with Tanner. Holding himself with both hands, Sean pressed against Tanner's hole, teasing up and down for a moment before flexing his cock again. A jet of semen shot out, splashing over and into his ass. He did it again, then again, Tanner moaned at the feeling of the immense glans pressing against his hole. Sean suddenly pushed his hips forwards, sliding his cock over Tanner's big dick, grinding his manhood against Tanner as he pushed on and on, hips pressed up against Tanner and the tip of his cock just in front of Tanner's nose. Sean grinned down at the teen, rubbing back and forth slightly. "You know, bro, you're right. This thing is way too big." he walked his knees back down, slowly dragging his massive meat until the head was back at Tanner's hole, one of his hands resting on the end. "Are you ready?" Tanner panted with lust. "Yes, please." "Are you sure? This is a big thing to try and take-" "Fuck, Sean, stop teasing me and fuck me alread-yyy!" Tanner cut him off with a scream as Sean pushed the tip of his cock inside. Tanner arched his back and clenched the soaking bedcovers in his hands. Sean leaned his hips forward, slowly thrusting deeper. Just the head of his cock is inside, Sean paused for a minute, rocking back and forth slightly, just watching his partner. With a predatory smirk, he began to thrust. Slowly at first, he steadily started to make ground in Tanner’s vice-like ass. Centimeters of progress turned into half inches, and the bulge in Tanner’s stomach moved higher and higher. Hands hooked under knees, trying to stretch his legs out as far as he could, Tanner peered down and watched with morbid interest as the bulge slowly moved up his stomach and past his belly button. He screamed once more as he simultaneously had the biggest orgasm of his life. A high pressure stream of cum sprayed from his cock onto Sean’s washboard abs. His eyes rolled back into his head and his whole body shook in pleasure and pain. Sean grunted, feeling those hot ropes splatter against his stomach, trickling down the cut lines of his cobblestone abdominals. Sean started to pick up a rhythm. The rhythmic slapping sounds of their bodies meeting filled the room. Tanner heard his bed creaking as Sean’s relentless pounding made it shake and rock and he heard the thudding of his headboard against the wall. The bed creaked and groaned as Sean pulled out, leaving just his head inside Tanner, then thrust forward with a grunt, shoving in some more inches. Sean received a cry of pleasure (and maybe some pain) in return, making him throb and spurt inside. Precum was oozing out of his hole and sliding down his shaft. "Fuck you're so big..." Tanner groaned, his eyes rolling back. Sean was really fucking him stupid. "Give me more of that cock. Show me how a god fucks!" Tanner gradually calmed down, slowing his panting to a normal level and relaxing his hands. When he eventually opened his eyes and looks down at Sean, Sean thrust forward hard. Sean's cock only slid in another inch or so before the resistance was too great, instead shoving Tanner up the bed until he bumped into the headboard. "Oops," Sean laughed, sliding his hands under Tanner's legs and pulling instead. A tremendous distention extended up Tanner’s body, past his belly button now with half of Sean's gigantic cock still outside. Once Sean had driven half of himself in he flexed again, lifting Tanner bodily from the bed and dropping his back into the puddles of cum with a wet schlopping sound. Sean laughed, bouncing him up and down a couple of times, before rising to an upright kneel and leaning back slightly. his cock throbbing with each pulse of his heartbeat, Tanner wobbled and slipped slowly further onto Sean's vast manhood. Sean gripped Tanner's waist, twisting him back and forth as he's worked further and further onto Sean. It reached all the way up into Tanner’s chest, the bulge pushing his abs out. A cracking, splintering sound, like wood giving way under repeated, powerful hammer blows echoed in the room. His entire body convulsed in another orgasm and his tongue lolled out of his mouth. Sean was fucking him stupid, and he still had more cock to find room for. He started speeding up, gradually increasing the pace of this amazing fuck. Tanner’s eyes were at the back of his head, drool leaked from his slack mouth as his body was shoved back and forth. Sean moaned in pleasure, pounding in and out mechanically. By this point, Tanner's shaking didn't stop and neither did his cumming; Sean literally had him in a cycle of never ending orgasms. Tanner’s cock turned deep red as jets of cum blasted endlessly out of him. The bed creaked and rocked, the headboard slamming into the wall as Sean fucked him into the bed harder and harder. More mindless babble flowed from Tanner's lips, mostly variations of "you're killing me" and "I can't stop cumming" - something Sean was used to hearing. Over and over again he pounded, pulling out as far as he could, before slamming back into Tanner's warm depths. "Aww, shit, Sean! Yeah, fuck me, dude! Gimme all you got! Fuck the jizz outa me!" "Shit! Fuck! Aww, shit, fuck, yeah! Gonna cum!" Sean rapidly pounded the teen, balls slapping against Tanner's thighs as his chest bulged out. Tanner whined in pleasure with the first few strokes before falling silent, eyes rolled back in his head as his mouth aimlessly opens and closes. Tanner screamed and moaned as Sean pumped every enormous inch in and out of his abused hole. The entire time his eyes were locked on his bulging midsection; bulging both because of the inhumanly thick pole currently rearranging his insides, and because of the ludicrous amount of seed it had already poured into him. With a splintering crunch, the bed finally collapsed, its frame shattered by Tanner and Sean’s vigorous fucking. The side-rails fell away, and the mattress slammed into the ground. Sean fell forward, his cock still buried inside Tanner’s ass, and ended up slamming into him with all his weight, burying himself deeper in him than either of them would have thought possible. Sean pressed his muscled body over Tanner’s hard torso and blew his load into Tanner, the impact so powerful that Sean had to hold tight to Tanner’s legs. Each flex of his length lifted Tanner's body, splashing his up and down in the pools of cum already covering the bed. After a couple minutes of this Sean slipped out, Tanner's body falling heavily onto the bed as Sean thrust into empty space. A huge flood of cum was released as Sean's cock popped out. From the gaping hole of his ass, thick sperm gushed out of him for more than a minute, and continued to run and drip out in gooey streams after. Sean pressed his still-hard length against Tanner's ass, rubbing back and forth. His monstrous manhood flexed again and a thick stream fired from the tip, passing over Tanner to drench the headboard and pillows. Sean aimed directly at Tanner’s face. The force from his thick ribbon of cum pushed his head back on to the bed, his entire face and neck instantly painted white as his seed splashed off and soaked the bed around him. Sean’s orgasm finally died down. He panted heavily, finally opening his eyes and taking in the room around him. It was predictably, completely white. The bed, ceiling and walls around him were now white, regardless of the color they had been before. A lamp and a bedside table to the right of him were also dripping with gooey semen. A dresser, a mirror, the parts of the floor he could see - they were all drenched. Cum still flowed from his cock as he laid on his back next to Tanner, casually leaning into the thick puddles of his own seed. Tanner sat up, licking cum from his face and wiping his eyes. “You’re incredible,” he groaned. Sean smiled, cock twitching as it leaked cum onto his massive chest. Tanner leaned over, resting his head against Sean’s pecs as he slowly licked the cum directly from his cock. He shifted down, pressing his tongue flat against the head of Sean’s beast before crawling forward. He slowly licked his way down his entire length, down and down and down to where his balls lay on the bed between splayed legs. Cum drooled from Tanner’s ass and dick, mixing with it fresh from the source as it oozed onto Sean’s chest. They remained like this for a while, Tanner slowly cleaning and massaging Sean’s enormous testicles while Sean massaged Tanner’s muscles. Sean rolled Tanner onto all fours. The mattress was definitely ruined. Sean got on his knees and slapped his cock against Tanner's ass, the weight of it causing it to jiggle. He placed the head at the teen’s gaped asshole again, which looks like it could easily take a man's fist, but still appeared inadequately stretched to take the giant wrecker that was moments away from entering him. Tanner looked back over his shoulder, biting his lower lip. He whimpered in preparation of the assault. The white spear was at its 22.5 inch glory. He braced for impact, spreading his knees slightly to give more stability. He shuddered as he felt Sean begin to enter him, the sensation only slightly less painful than the first time. He let out a loud moan as the head fully entered him, his cum filled stomach shaking as the first of what he knew was gonna be innumerable orgasms started to hit. “AAAHHHHHHHHHHH! IT FEELS BIGGER LIKE THIS!” Tanner was having serious trouble handling the doggie style position. The muscle god tightened his grip on the smaller stud’s hips as he prepared to ram his cock home. He thrust his hips and a whole foot of cock sank in, causing Tanner to let out a small scream and spray of cum as his orgasm hit. Sean pulled back out until only his cockhead was in and gave another brutal thrust. Sean pistoned nearly two feet of thick cock in and out of Tanner's spent ass, his fist-sized head bulged out below Tanner’s ribs with each thrust. Every thrust pushed a huge gush of cum back out of Tanner, spurting across both their legs, the bed, floor, and Sean's oversized testicles. Tanner was in total ecstasy with his tongue hanging out of his mouth, prostate completely battered, and belly bulging mildly. His whole body hurt. It hurt so good; he had never dreamed of feeling pleasure like this before in his life. "Like that, ya cockslut? You like this huge cock fucking you like you've never been fucked before?" Sean said, his powerful arms flexing from the effort of using Tanner as a cocksleeve. "Fuck yes! God, you're AMAZING! Don't stop, stud! Fuck me until you're milked dry!" Feeling it was time for a position change, Sean reached over and grabbed Tanner by his arms, which only caused more of his cock to force itself into him. Pulling his arms towards himself until he got a firm grasp on his wrists, he yanked Tanner up suddenly, causing his body to lift off the bed. Head limply lolling to the side, his brain corrupted by the untold pleasures he was feeling. He looked down and gasped. His stomach was tented out obscenely. It looked like Sean’s spear was going to pierce through his skin, it stretched it out so far. His normally ripped abs were pushed out so far he could easily see it from between his pecs. Below the interlocked pair, a pool of their combined sexual excretions was growing larger by the minute. "Holy shit you're so fucking huge!" he screamed, his cock geysering his own loads up into the air. His brain was done at this point and his body was truly molded to Sean’s monstrous rod. Tanner’s whole body shook as he came again, his head going limp and lolling to the side. Sean’s hips were nearly a blur he was fucking Tanner so quickly. Sweat dripped off his face, becoming colored a cloudy white due to the cum that still drenched his figure. He continued to pull his body up and down as he thrusted, only adding to the power of his fucking. The overfucked teen would wake up every minute or so, have another explosive orgasm, and pass back out. Sean fully hilted himself roughly into the battered ass once more. He let out a low growl as he felt his thick cum race up his cock, and into the already filled guts he was planted in. Tanner’s flooded stomach grew at an alarming rate, no cum managing to escape the plug that was Sean’s beastly cock. Tanner could actually feel the cum begin to enter his stomach, then his throat, then his mouth filled and the cum poured from his lips. Tanner moaned and came again, rubbing their combined cum onto his bulging belly. Sean lifted him all the way off, a gigantic geyser of cum in mid-eruption spraying across the ceiling. Sean lost his grip of Tanner’s cum-lubed body, sending him falling forwards onto the bed, face first into his cum-soaked pillow. Sean sat up and aimed back down at Tanner, cum immediately covered his entire body, inch thick layers of cum covering his back. The muscle god aimed back down at Tanner's ass, gaping open with cum flowing freely from it, filling him with another giant spurt of hot seed. Tanner moaned at the sensation and rolled over to watch Sean’s never ending fountain. Sean grinned, hopping onto his knees as he aimed himself higher. His next ejaculation splashed across Tanner's face, filling his mouth in an instant and coating his head. Sean slid forward, laying atop Tanner's body with his monstrous cock sandwiched between them, pressing his meat between their chests as his pyrotechnic orgasm sprayed between their faces. Eventually Sean’s orgasm began to subside, spurts of thick white cum merely hitting the headboard instead of splattering out across its surface. He pushed his cock to the side, shifting the immense head out of the way to kiss Tanner passionately. Their cum plastered pecs and abs pressed against each other, Sean massaged Tanner’s midsection as his cum bulge receded, the weight of Sean’s body helping push his load out of Tanner’s well worn hole. Tanner ran a hand down Sean’s chest, his thumb tracing the bulging, cum-coated muscles. He turned his head to slurp off every last drop of cum from Sean’s softening monster. He took several deep gulps, savoring the salty flavor on his tongue and looked at Sean with a sly grin, he licked his lips. “We should meet up more often,” he said. Sean smiled. “I was thinking the same thing.”
  3. TimHayes90

    Twink becomes bane

    Lukas was sat in his home gym, not moving an inch, just looking at himself naked in the full length mirror. Lukas had worked hard on his toned body. His athletic look had made him into a Tom Daley like figure, slim but very toned. Most guys would love his body (and often do thanks to Lukas’ insane sex drive). But he wasn’t happy. Lukas has a secret. Everyday in the gym, when he was refining that twunk swimmers body, he was thinking about the tons of extreme muscle porn on his phone. Every time he thought of the sick, overdeveloped freaks he had pictures of, he got a little hard. Lukas slowly stood up, letting his semi hard dick flop around, and walked over to a large trunk. He licked his lips with excitement and opened it. It was full of thousands of gallons of roids. Lukas has so often dreamt of turning himself into his fantasy and bought himself some extreme testosterone- but chickened out. So each time, the new gear would just go into the trunk unused. But lukas couldn’t keep denying what he needed. It’s all he thought about. He couldn’t even get hard when he fucked some random twinks hole anymore - all he would think about is what he could do if his cock was double the size and had 300 pounds of raw beef to slam it in. Lukas looked at the roids and his 6 inch cock became painfully hard. There was no point in having some of it - lukas was obsessed with extreme growth. He was desperate for stretch marks on his arms to prove how mutated and beyond manly he had become. “If I’m gonna do this, I’m going all the way”. Lukas closed the trunk, put on shorts and a loose shirt, and drove with his trunk and some extra stuff he needed to the local gym. He had a plan, and if he was gonna finally take the plunge and do unsafe shit to grow, he wanted an audience. Lukas got to the gym, and was shaking as he thought about how he was about to change forever. He stopped to look in the mirror again “you skinny prick. Your weak ass is about to die. A monster is gonna be born and there is no looking back!” Lukas gym friend, Tommy, walked up to him. “Hey L. Didn’t think you were in today. More cardio?” “Fuck cardio! I’m not that guy anymore. I’m gonna be……” Lukas looked at the buff 200pound Tommy and took a few steps to be right in his face “bigger than you could ever dream of”. Tommy didn’t know what to say or do, but got a little hard with his pals tight body pressed against him and looking so intense as he spoke about muscle. Lukas looked down at Tommy’s hard on. He looked back up with a cocky grin. “Mmmmm. Protein”. Lukas dropped to his knees, pulled his mates shorts down and inhaled Tommy’s dick - all the way. Lukas violently went up and down on it, getting spit and pre all down his chin. Tommy didn’t have time to think, as he cum in lukas mouth. He immediately got up, wipes his chin and said “thanks for the snack. I need all the fuel I can get for this!” He pointed at the trunk and the bag of equipment, and left Tommy in the locker room to head for the gym. Tommy needed to see what he was on about. Lukas proceeded to a weight bench and started to load the bar to a dangerous weight. Everyone was watching - “that twink is nuts. He can’t lift that!” “FUCK YOU. IM A TWINK NO MORE”. Lukas pulled open the bag. Large bottles and pipes fell out. The pulled the trunk open, getting hard and smiling evilly as he poured all the roids into the large bottles, placed the pipes in with a little pump from a fish tank, and finally, placed syringes on the end of the pipes. Tommy approved Lukas. “The fuck dude. This is like some Bane set up. This isn’t ok” Lukas got excited to hear that. “Mmmmmm yea. BANE!” He got under the weight, and finally lived his dream as he plunged one needle into each bicep. Lukas let his eyes rollback as he felt the first heavenly hit of testosterone flow into him. He then grabbed the bar, and started to push. Everyone knew it couldn’t move. Lukas gritted his teeth as he pushed and pushed. “Noooooooooo move you cunt!” Lukas kicked the pump so it increased his test flow. Little veins started to bulge out on his arms and chest. Spit flowed from his mouth “come oooooon. Give me what I NEED”. Slowly the weight started to budge. Tommy couldn’t help his jaw dropping at the sight - little lukas, hooked up to a roid machine, was now actually moving more weight than even he could. He got rock hard again. Lukas was struggling but loving it. He looked side to side at his arms which were bigger than ever. He leaned over to lick his new bicep veins. “Tommy! Feel my chest!” Tommy almost fell over himself and he rushed over and ran his fingers over Lukas pecs which were now jutting out by an inch, and his new 6 pack which was really shredded. Lukas loved the feeling “mmmmmm yea bitch. Like my growing body? I need MORE. Give me more weight!” Tommy stood up and grabbed more plates. The other 8 gym guys were watching in lust and amazement. “GGGRRRRRR”. The extra weigh was too much and the bar almost crushed Lukas. Tommy moved to help. “I don’t need you help. I have all I need here!” Lukas kicked the pump three hard times, massively increasing the flow. His eyes widened as he felt the amazing power. He knew he was past the point of no return. He was now going to be a monster that could walk down the street without being starred at. It made him hard. Veins were erupting everywhere as 50 pounds of extra muscle exploded into his frame. “OOHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHH”. Lukas was now powering the bar up and down at an amazing speed. His shirt ripped off, as did his shorts. His new raging 8 inch dick slapped into his new 8 pack and, leaving a mess of pre cum. He was drunk with power He suddenly jumped up, with the bar in one hand, and launched it at the wall like a javelin. The wall was destroyed. Lukas was grinning ear to ear as he looked down at his new mutated body. Slowing flexing all the new muscles and stroking them. He was so used to being lean that the sheer bulk was mind bending. The pipes were still feeding him. He looked at the other gym guys. “I am your new ALPHA”. He exploded into a most muscular “AWWWWWRRRRRRRRRER” 3 of the guys came right away. Lukas could smell it. He marched over to one of them, put his large and veiny hand into the guys shorts and pulled out a hand full of cum. Lukas kept eye contact as he licked it up. “Mmmmm thanks for the treat. Anything to make this mmmmmmm muscle bound body harder. Would you like to see me even more overdeveloped?” The guys all weakly nodded. Lukas told the boys to all sit on the bench. He then started to lift them all off the ground. Veins spread across his face, underlining the sick transformation he had forced himself through. “I LOVE BEING SO YOKEED!” But to fully lift them all and the bench overhead, he knew he needed more power still. “TOMMY. FUCKING FEED ME. OVERDOSE ME ON YUMMY TESTOSTERONE!” Tommy needed no further instruction. He pulled his hard dick out again, hanged over the side of the bench, and fed it into Lukas’ mouth and came right away. Lukas was breathing heavy as he gave into the latest wave of growth. With his new strength, he powered them all over his head. “IM A SUPERMAN”!
  4. LionBUff


    College had become harder than ever that week. It felt like we had a new paper every day, if not a new exam. I had to get out. I had to walk around the city and make some new friends, forget the stress for a few short hours. I didn't care that I didn't know anyone. I would much rather walk around the city than stare at the same fucking assignments all night. Right as I was leaving my dorm, my roommate Foxursan walked in. He was a decent looking red and orange fox in decent shape. Nothing special, but far from ugly. "Cabbage patch" he called me as I tried to walk out. I was a 4ft bunny named Konijn with a noticeable amount of muscle and almost no fat. That didn't change the fact that I was the height of a trash can from my feet to the tip of my ears. "Finals are a week from now." "I'm going to the library" I lied. "Be safe," he told me and shut the door behind me. I took the bus to the main street in town. The moon was nearly full that night. The blue glow of the moon was reflecting off of all the windows. The city lights and signs were shining bright and beautiful. I left the bus station and walked down the street for a few blocks, trying to find something to do. Then, I saw that sign! The sign that started it all! A large neon sign hanging from the second floor of a large building that read "XXXL GAY AFRICAN JUNGLE CLUB" in beautiful glowing red and yellow letters. I looked around to see who was watching me eye the sign of the African themed strip club. No one I had ever seen before was in sight. I walked in, thinking about what could happen. I was greeted to a long dark hallway, the only light source being well-lit posters of godlike stallions, all creatures from Africa. All wearing nothing but body straps and underwear that looked like it was so tight it was cutting off circulation to the cocks they were trying to cover. They were all hot. Every one of them looked like their massive dominant cock would break me in half. Despite their incredible hotness, I couldn't help but think they all looked like assholes who used to bully me in high school. I wanted to see them in action but wouldn't have the confidence to say hi. I walked down the hall, admiring every inch of every poster thoroughly. Then, I saw one poster that read "Spier." His eyes were greener than money. His chest could suffocate me. His abs could crush a soda can with a single sit-up. His smile was more welcoming than everyone else’s combined. I'm not afraid to admit that staring at Spier's poster made me hard. The bouncer, a huge elephant taller than the door he was guarding, saw me. "He's performing in 10 minutes," he told me, "I think you'll enjoy it." I thought about it. On one hand, I need this mental break more than ever. On the other hand, I should be studying. "How much," I asked. "Normally, $25." "Here ya go" I quickly spit out as I fumbled my wallet out of my pocket. I pulled it out so fast, and my hands were so sweaty, that It flew out of my hand and landed in front of the elephant's feet. He smirked and looked at my red face as he picked it up. He handed it back to me. "Go on in," he looked down and winked, "my treat. I can tell how bad you need this. No one has to know." "Thanks," I said walking over to the door handle. I tried to pull it open, but the hinges must have been old and rusted together. I couldn't get it to even shake. "Like this," he said grabbing the handle. He pulled it open with ease and said "most men who come in here carry more weight in their jockstraps than you have on your entire body. Don't feel bad bunny." I walked in and stared at a dark room, except for the stage with a silver shiny pole in the center of it. The outside of the stage was surrounded by fake bushes that looked surprisingly realistic. I looked around at who else was here. I saw a male horse couple in the front right of the Audience. One horse was softly talking while the other laughed quietly. On the left side towards the middle was a bear checking his watch while a tiger read the menu. The tables they were sitting at had their private light lit just enough for them to read the menu. The rest of the lights on the tables were off. I felt so small and alone seeing these massive men with other massive men to sit with and keep company too. I was a scrawny 4 ft bunny walking in by myself. I was tempted to walk about, but the thought of missing out scared me more. I walked to the back right corner and took a seat. I found the little button at the bottom of the light and turned it on. I read the menu to hide my face behind the large piece of paper. While I was reading over the drinks, the lights went down. Suddenly, the stage was surrounded by an artificial waterfall with a rainbow light shining in the middle. The rainbow light was about 2 feet long and half a foot tall. It was bent into a crescent shape that gave the illusion of sun shining through. The stage itself turned into a bright orange. A low and slow beat started playing. The base shook the restaurant. I could feel my hanging ears vibrate. Suddenly, he came out! Spier slowly crawled onto stage to beat of the song. He lifted one hercules paw on one beat and pounded the stage in the next beat. He did this until he reached the pole shining in bright orange. He stood up and stretched his abs out by leaning to both sides while holding his arms. This defined how solid his abs were better than any picture ever could. Once he stretched, he grabbed the top of the pole with his left hand. He used that hand to grip the pole tightly while he wrapped his legs around the pole. His calves were so huge, you could fit a football inside of them! He stayed in that position and used his right hand to brush the rivers of gold in his main. He moved his paw through his well-brushed bush of hair and held his arm up at an angle that allowed the audience to see his triceps. The audience started at his chiseled arms as he let go of the pole with his left hand. Spier hung upside down as the pole started to turn. After he went around twice, and we all got to look at his testosterone factory of a body, he lifted his shoulder blades up while he held his hands behind his head. "One" he roared in a voice that shook the table. He lowered back into a hanging position and took in a deep breath. He let it out and did it again. I didn't blink a single time as I watched him prove his dominance and power to an audience that had only seen such a flawless stallion in their wettest dreams. Maybe I was the only one thinking this, but I didn't care. My breathing was harder than someone who was about to have a heart attack. I saw stars. I blinked, finally, and realized how hard I was. My cock had more blood it in than my head. It was so hard that I had literally ripped through my pants. My tiny cock was visibly shaking with desperation to meet Spier. I looked down and watched it shake and vibrate as my heart violently pumped every drop of blood I had into my eager cock. The stars I was seeing grew bigger. "You ok," the elephant from earlier asked me. "What... what," I stuttered. I was lying on the floor next to my chair. I had softened down but my meat was still out in the open. This made an uncomfortable draft. My eyes adjust to the lights that were now on. "What happened? Did I blackout?" "Passed out," he corrected. "I don't know how, but judging from the fact that your little excitement ripped a hole in some pretty sturdy jeans, I say you weren't prepared for Spier." "Not the first time," a loud and deep voice boomed. I slowly picked up my head and saw the silhouette of what looked like a giant who ate nothing but steroids. "My appearance has been known to knock people off their feet," he said as he bent down. He placed his baseball glove paw under me and asked me "Was I too much?" As he looked down at me, I couldn't help but stare right at the shiny lime green in his eyes. Those jewels looked like they belonged on the crown of the mightiest king. His thick rich gold mane got in the way of my view of everything else. All I could see was a face that was kind yet vicious, gentle yet bloodthirsty. His lips looked so juicy that ripe fruit would feel like sandpaper in comparison. His nostrils exhaled a level of heat I would only expect from Hell itself. As he sat above me, inspecting me, I could smell a musk that millions of bucks could never produce. A smell that filled my lungs with passion. My exposed meat shot up like a rocket. "You're not too much" I whispered, struggling to catch my breath. What I said next, I thought I was saying quietly enough for no one to hear. "You're just perfect," I said three times louder than the previous thing I said. Spier laughed. The bass in his voice vibrating my organs. "I feel bad," Spier said, "How about I take you for dinner tomorrow and make it up to you!" Spier got up and ran into a back hallway. I watched his cheeks of meat dance as he ran in a jockstrap ten sizes too small. I was thankful he didn't notice how excited I was. "He likes you," the elephant said. I looked over at him, raising an eyebrow. "Usually Spier just brags about his dick with the same crummy joke and walks away." "Wh... what's the joke" I asked while we waited on Spier. "If just looking at me was too much, imagine trying to do me!" I could feel my cock twitch after he said: "do me." The elephant noticed and said; "May wanna get new pants." Spier walked out of the hallway and looked down at my obvious excitement. "Call me and I'll make your embarrassment worthwhile," he said handing me a card. He then walked back to the hallway and said: "You know, if it makes you feel better, you're bigger than I expected." I watched him strut his perfect body of muscles to the back of the hallway until he was out of view. When he was gone, I read the card. It said "If you're seeing this, call me at (969)-420-6669." -the next night- I walked into the restaurant two doors down from the club called "Moonlight On The River." It was one of the most expensive restaurants in the state. I tried to tell Spier over the phone that I can't afford it, but he said he didn't ask me if I could pay. I felt bad for making him pay for a restaurant like THIS, but he insisted and I wasn't going to just cancel a date like this. These thoughts, and many more, orbited my mind the entire time I walked to the restaurant. When I approached the door, I couldn't help but notice how different the crowd looked from me. My suit was rented, their suits couldn't look newer. Everyone else was 6 feet tall or more, I was 4. Looking at all these people who were bigger and richer than me made my ears fall flatter than a piece of paper. I walked in, ears still hanging, and asked the receptionist behind the huge podium if a lion named Spier was here. She pointed and I turned around to see him sitting in a corner booth on the far end of the restaurant. Spier was reading a menu and didn't see me. The walk to his table was painfully embarrassing. Everyone knew I didn't belong. I did my best to ignore my anxiety as I hopped onto the booth. Spier heard me and put the menu down. "You clean up nicely," he said checking out what parts of me he could see over the table. "You almost look as good in clothes as you do out of them," I responded. Spier laughed and said; "You're cute and funny. I was beginning to think I would never meet a decent man in this college town." I looked at him and tried to figure out how to respond. I've never had such a stallion compliment me before. "I would say the same to you but I've already passed out from starring at you once. You already know how hot you are don't you?" "Maybe," he giggled. "Can I ask you something?" I could feel my face getting red as the words left my mouth. "Sure," he said in a soft voice. "Why are you doing this with ME of all people? You have men bigger than my whole family combined walking up to you every night. I'm a bunny, so that's saying a lot." I planned on continuing, but he interrupted me by saying "Because your the only guy I've met that has the slightest hint of manners. Everyone else talks to me like I'm a toy. I don't want to say anything because I like my job. It's much easier than squeezing on a dull suit every day." "But you squeeze on those tiny straps every night," I remind him. "And it feels amazing," he said grinning. "Plus I get to move around instead of sitting at a desk all day. My coworkers are amazing." "I'm sure you've done them all," I said thinking about how much I would love to see that. "Maybe," he said with a wink. "Maybe... all at once," he slowly and softly said. My foot started thumbing the floor and my ears perked up. "But it gets boring after a while. The same moves every time! All my boys shove their dicks into the one with the lowest tips... all at once. Some in the mouth, some in the ass, some just place their meat in his hand for him to massage and warm up while they wait their turn. He's touching everyone's cock one way or another." "God THAT'S THE HOTTEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD" I screamed. I felt my own dick coming to life. "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," he said, "people are staring." "Sorry." I looked around and saw at least half the people in the restaurant staring at me. "Anyway," he continued, "It gets old, the same re-run of the same shit. That's why I asked you out tonight. I wanted a change!" "Here I am," I said, moving my hands to point at my little bunny nose. "I know," he said smiling at me. The rest of the dinner was amazing. I had a small salad with fries. Spier had ten 15oz stakes, all cooked rare. I fed myself the salad at a slow pace. I usually eat fast, but I was distracted by Spier's eating. Even eating was hot with him! He would grab the entire steak with the fork and put it all in his mouth. As he chewed, the veins in his neck popped just enough to make them visible. He looked like an animal in the wild and it was turning me on! When we left the restaurant, I told Spier I had fun and started to head home. Before I got 10 feet away from him, he asked: "where are you going?" "Home," I said. "Well, ok. I was just hoping that I could show you what these muscles could do under the sheets but I guess I'll see you around." Spier winked and turned around. I ran over to him and said "Well... what can they do?" "Come with me and find out," he said as he put out his hand. The size of his paws was intimidating but I complied. It was a cloudy night, so the drive home was pretty dark. The entire way back, we talked about what life was like before we meat. I was just some tiny bunny going to college. He was a beast using every inch of him to his advantage. He loved his job, but he still felt like nothing but a toy. People couldn't see past his bulge and he said that bothered him. We felt the same for different reasons. As he drove, I grabbed his rock hard and hellishly hot arm to comfort him. My heart was racing and so was his. I could feel both of our pulses. I could feel that our heartbeats were perfectly synced. Every beat my heart made, his heart made at the exact same time. We were two people who felt useless who found who they never knew they were looking for. Our synchronized hearts understood our wounds. I watched the street lights shine onto the face of a creature I thought I had to fear, the king of the animal kingdom. Yet, for some reason, this savage beast laid his guard down at the adorable feet of a bunny, simply to feel what it was like to be seen as a person, not as someone's sex toy. As we pulled into the driveway, the clouds started to clear up. I saw the moon fighting its way through the sky. "Full moon," I said pointing up as we got out of the car. "THAT'S TONIGHT" He screamed as he ran inside. However, he only made it a few meters from his car. I watched in confusion when I small stripe of moonlight peeked through the clouds and onto the back his main. He fell to the ground and moaned. "WHAT HAPPENED" I screamed, running to him. "I meant to tell you" he choked out through his screaming. "I'm... a... uh.... werelion!" "Doesn't bother me," I said, then really thought about what that meant. I then asked: "Should I run?" "No, if I get inside the moon won't be able to touch me." I tried to help him up but he wasn't helping at all, and he has more weight in his strap than I do in my whole body. "You'll be fine, just hide for now. When I transform I'll go inside and let myself turn back... I hope." I ran behind the car and watched from a safe distance. Spier's main disappeared first. His fur turned blacker than the night sky. His ears pointed out. Then, he stood up. I could only see his backside. His ass grew and stretched his pants until they ripped. His cheeks were so plump and round that you could jump on them. Next were his legs. They grew right through what was left of his pants. His thighs were rounder than a tire. His feet grew as his shoes exploded. His feet were 5 feet long 3 feet wide. Then... his balls! Those fruity and juicy sperm sacks dropped to his knees and ballooned out to be wider than his legs which were already big enough to park a car between. The veins popped out around his balls and grew longer. As they grew, it looked like a million worms squirming under his skin. Soon, His testicles looked like a road map. I could see sperm the size of my fingers swinging around his balls. The swarming DNA of the beast pushed against the walls of his hot tubs of cum, desperately trying to mate with the outside world. His cock looked like a pool noodle being lowered onto the ground. The pole of raw wild flesh touched the ground and widened. The girth widened until his cock was big enough to fit an actual pool noodle inside the shaft. The width of his dick started to expand and shrink as blood was rushing in and out, almost like his cock was breathing. His shoulderblades flew out of the shirt like he was trying to grow wings. His arms turned into cranes of muscle as veins moved out of the way of the new muscle, bulging out of his skin. His shoulders turned into mini-mountains. He turned around, revealing his chest. His pecs stuck out far enough to shove your head between them and be completely hidden. They looked like a stack of pillows resting on his statue-like body. His abs looked like he had ingested ten tennis balls, and moved them near his stomach for safekeeping. My jaw dropped almost as low as his meaty shaft hung between his concrete column legs. The new Spier sniffed me out. He ran behind the car, picked me up with his right hand, and used his left hand to grab my feet. He roared and flexed his cock. His meat was summoned like a demon as it rose. It curled out of his waist like an inflatable inflating to life. He stuffed me into his shaft like his cock was a sleeping bag, and he ran inside. My nervous body was being carried by his throbbing shaft. He bounced me around before pulling me out of his tube. We were now in what I assumed was his room. "MY LITTLE FRIENDS WANT TO VISIT YOU" he roared as he moved his waist, causing his pools of cum to jiggle. When he did that, it revealed the sperm trying to escape. The sperm fish were still flying around his bean bag balls. I couldn't imagine what it must've felt like for him to have millions of fish violently throbbing against the outside walls of his ocean of milk. The tales tickled his sack as his scrotum held the weight of fish tanks of liquid. I looked at Spier, begging with my eyes for him to spare my tinny virgin hole. Part 2 I stared into his lime green eyes as he ripped my pants off like wrapping paper on Christmas and threw me onto his bed. The raw power of his strength nearly broke the bed as I hit the mattress like a falling meteor. He lifted my legs gently yet quickly as he put my heels against his hard shoulders and wrapped his arms of stone around my legs, pressing his hands against the insides of my trembling legs. He teased me for a few minutes by placing his juicy tree trunk cock on my stomach and nearly crushed me under the weight. The head was plump and pink and bigger than a beach ball. The tunnel that ran from the head to the tanks between his legs was so wide that I could almost see down it, especially since it was right at my eyes. Under his gorgeous head was a long, black, stone solid, larger than life tube of manhood and testosterone. The length of his hard flesh was defined by veins than ran up and down every inch. His meat was covered with enough veins to move pints of blood at the same time in his cock alone. All of this hard and horny meat lead right back to the body of a freakishly muscular creature staring at me with a look of love in his eyes. With a voice that sounded deeper and richer than a trombone, yet smoother than warm butter, he said "ride or die" as he jammed his stallios shaft of fresh throbbing meat deeper than I thought possible. Everything from my stretched out asshole to my throat felt like it would break in half. I begged him to stop. I couldn't bear the pain of my body being pushed apart by what felt like a train riding it's way up my core. He told me he hasn't even gotten hard and said I needed to relax. I listened, knowing I would get it either way. I decided to take the easy way out. He slowly caressed my insides with a beast that refused to stop expanding. At first, his thrust were slow and steady. The first 20 minutes were the easiest. He massaged every inch of my intestines, treating my tiny body like a brand new fleshlight that was too small. Each pulse of blood that ran through his girth felt like a shock of one million volts throughout my helpless body. Pound after pound of blood vibrated my body aggressively. Finally, he decided he was done with the simple strokes when he used every muscle on his mountain of a man's body to pump my ass into my throat at a rate of 10 thrusts per second. The slapping of his heavy melons against my bed sounded like a drum in a rock concert. His deep voice reminded me of who was in charge while he pounded my organs into soft jelly. He continued for what felt like all night. Pumping and pounding the throbbing log of raw passion and strength into the back of my head. My body stretched around his girth like a living condom. His giant cock didn't care how much damage it did to my frail body... it just kept flying up and down my torso. After 10 minutes of smashing me like a hammer smashes a nail, he stopped. The head of his cock rested in the back of my mouth for a minute. His throbbing felt more like violent twitching similar to an earthquake. Every pulse rocked my body. "HERE I CUM" he screamed. He pulled his veiny head to the tip of my ass then launched the heavenly rocket of testosterone back into me as I felt the first gallon of sperm flood me like a condom. I felt his piping hot milk overflow me as I turned into a waterbed of cum. My stomach began stretching over the side of the bed. I was just a lump of meat lying on the bed growing at an alarming rate. His gorgeous monster meat sprayed my intestines like a power washer. It wouldn’t be long before my bloodstream would have more sperm cells than blood cells. His knot kept it from escaping. I watched his 8pack of abs that looked like tennis balls under his furry skin flex as he held up the weight of his cum filled creation grow heavier and heavier. Gallon after gallon pumped and pumped into me like he was a cum machine that had no plans of slowing down. His breath on me made my outsides feel almost as hot as my insides. He held my feet above his concrete shoulders and gripped his arms around my shaking legs. He asked me how many cubs I think he just pumped into me as his boiling hot milk kept cumming and cumming. I guessed that it had to be at least one cub for every gallon of cum swimming inside me. So, “enough for two packs” I suggested. I told him it would be three packs before the cum flooding stopped. I told him I loved him and he lifted me off the bed with his meaty pole alone while the shaft continued to pump like a machine. My water balloon stomach fell to the floor as his cock lifted me off the bed. He kissed me, putting his tongue on mine and twisted it inside my mouth. My tongue was bathed and soaked in his saliva. After his tongue wrestled with mine, he pulled it out. Our spit stuck together and made a bridge between our mouths. He asked if I was ready for round two. I told him that if he did that, I would pop. He laughed and said, "not if I empty you first." He placed me back on the bed and pulled his cock out. My asshole spewed cum everywhere like a broken fire hydrant. My stomach moved down slowly as his cum flowed out of me and flooded the room. He stood there with his cock still sticking straight up like he had a meaty lamp post strapped to his crotch. I watched the veins on his fat and long shaft pulse up and down. I knew this was going to be both the longest and best night of my life. This monster with a cock almost as big as him was going to mate me until every last sperm was either inside me or on me. My only purpose was to serve this beast. All I ever wanted to do was please him for the rest of my life. I wanted to drown in his milk. If my lounges flooded with hot cum until I couldn't breathe, I would just accept my fate. It would be an honor to die serving a god of sex like him! Part 3 Spiers and I had been together for 5 years now today. It has been exactly 5 years sense I walked into that club and passed out from getting too hard while watching him. I took Spiers to my favorite resturant just next door to where I met him. We had a great dinner and laughed the entire time. We both ate more than we should have because we knew we would need our energy for the wild night ahead of us. After dinner, he couldn't wait to get back to our place. We had just finished sound profing the bedroom of our apartment after the entire city block complained about our moaning and whimpering all night, every night. The last sound proff panel had been placed earlier that day and we were ready to "test it's limits." As soon as we got home, Spiers got on one knee and asked if I wanted a ride to the bedroom. I got on his muscle back and he took off like race horse. When we reached the bedroom, he threw me over his head and I did a front flip onto the bed. I landed and instantly spread my legs apart. Spiers didn't even bother taking off his cloths. He just flexed his cock and the zipper poped. His pants flew to the ground. He grabed his shirt and ripped it off like paper. The separating fabric was like a curtian pulling back to reveal a beutiful beast. He jumped onto the bed right intop of me and licked my long ears. He asked if I had any ways of spicing it up for our aniversary. I told him that I always wanted to try vore. He said that would be to painful. I asked if he was scared, grinning. He told me to shut up and sit still. He held me down to our bed as he began to lick every inch of me and said that it would help me slide in. He pushed me into the soft bed and coved every inch of me with his tounge, one body part at a time. I soaked in ever moment. When he ran his tounge through the crack of my ass I moaned uncontrollably. It felt like a moist and loving snake slithering between my cheeks. Finally he told me to turn around. He jerked his already rock solid cock a few more times for good measure. As much as I enjoyed watching a stalion massage his own juicy shaft, I wanted to get inside it. I wanted to be held and carried by that throbing warmth. He put the tip of his sterdy flesh on the tip of my cute little ears. He groaned as the muscles in his powerful cock pulled me in. First my ears, then my head, then my torso and feet. Spear put his hands behind his back and thrusted his waiste back and forth vigorously to create some momentum to help me slide down his meaty tube. With each tug that suck me in, he moaned with intense pleasure. I could feel each individual vein up his shaft swollow me. Sliding down a lion's cock feels like sliding down a water slide that's boiling hot. Only, this time, the liquid inside could fill you like a turkey for months. That, and it tasted like lightly salted candy. The perfect combination of savory and swett. I could hear him panting as he rythmacly flexed his flesh to pull me in. I licked all the side of the shaft to calm him down. He told me that he was ticklish and to tell my tonge to slow down, his raw meat could only take so much licking at one time. Naturally, I licked faster. This must have annoyed him, because he used his massive paws to push me down only a few seconds after I started licking. I was now fully engulfed in his balls. Balls that were already fat, round, plump, and mezmoring before they injested me. Being surrounded by seamen in every direction is just like being in a bath tub. The weight and warmth of his cum made me feel like I was sitting in a hot tub of sticky glue. Don't get me started on the smell! Every breath I took reminded me just how dominant Spier really was. I was breathing in the strongest musk aroma you could ever find. On the outside, speer was lying there with one hand on the back of his head, rubbing his thumb inside his maine. With the other hand, he runned his palm across his balls slowly and carefully. This proved to be challenging because even the great god of muscle and sex, Spier, had never seen a cum sack this huge. It looked like he placed a full size furry bean bag chair between his legs. Spier placed his paw under his balls and bounced them up and down. He licked his vengs as his godly balls bounced up and down. THIS FEELS AMAZING he cried out. The base in his voice caused the seamen bath I was bathing in to vibrate like a phone. Feeling the vibration of the warm liquid in every hole was like sitting in a massage chair. "How do you feel" Spier asked as he placed his second paw until his cannon balls of furry meat. "Like I'm sitting in a hot tub of milk. I've never felt so hot before." "Are you ready to cum out" he asked me, laughing. Before I could tell him I was having the time of my life swimming in his sperm, and wanted to stay here the rest of my life, his phone rang. "Who is it" I asked. "A suprise" he told me as he awnsered. "Come one up and I'll let you in" he said. I could hear him place the phone down. "You alright" he asked again. "I should be asking you" I smerked "you're the one who has a full grown bunny in you balls!" "I feel hot as hell" he boomed with his voice that once again shook every drop of cum I was sitting in. We sat there for a few more minutes. We were literally soaking up every moment. I licked the inside of his sack and he started laughing. On the outside, Spier started moving his legs around as he said "I'm ticklish, stop" "Make me" I said, licking faster. The inside of his balls tasted like the best stake I've ever had. I was firm, tinder, and salty. "I'M GONNA CUM" he roared. He breathed so heavily that it sounded like he just ran a marathon whith weights on his feet, not that Spier couldn't handle a little weight. Just then, the doorbell rang. "Seriously, just weight" he said as he got off the bed. Spier walked to the door, carrying me in the cumpool between his legs like I wasn't even there. I could hear him open the door. A different, yet equally dominant sounding voice asked "Where's your friend?" "Taking a cumbath in my balls" he bragged. He slapped his balls just to show off how much they shook. "Very impressive" he said in a low and slow voice. "COME ON BOYS" he shouted. This new voice shook Spier's balls just as much as his voice did earlier. I could hear massive footsteps grow closer and louder. Soon, Spier was walking back to the bedroom. The noise of countless footsteps followed. Spier sat on the edge of the bed and said "Fellow stalions, do your worst." Next thing I new, Spier's balls bounced up and down like a basketball during the last game of the season. I was violently thrown up and down. His milk was being shaken around me like I Martini. "FUCK YESSSS" Spier roared "MAKE ME CUM!" I could feels the muscles in his balls close up and the preasere built up. The bouncing got more aggressive as the pressure got tighter. "I CAN FEEL IT COOOMING" He roared. The vibrations mixed with the bouncing made me feel like I was going through an earthquake that could destroy the whole earth. Precum started flowing like a river. First, small cups leaked it. Then, pints leaked out. The pool of cum was shrinking. I could see the veins around me clench up. "STAND BACK BOOOOOYS!" I was launched out and across the entire apartment. I watched our living room furniture pass by unnderneath me as I flew like a jet plane streight for the door, leaving a trail of fresh man milk behind me. My head burst through the door and across the hall, hitting our neighborhood who was walking to her apartment. This didn't even slow me down as I busted down the door of the apartment across the hall. I landed on the couch of the place across the hall. I whiped cum off my eyes and saw a little bear cub was eating cereal. She looked up at me and waved. "Sorry, me and my boyfriend were wrestling" I told her, trying to break the silence. I then remembered I was naked and covered myself with my hands. The momma bear came out and asked why I was covered in a while liquid. She then looked at where the door should be and saw Spier with his cock stuck out like he had an XXXXXXXL pool noodle attached to his crotch. His bean bag balls still swinging from the incredible pressure that had just released. He was still spewing like a fire hydrant. The pool of cum began flooding our apartment. Spier just kept calmy touching himself like he wasn't pumping cum all over the place. "Promise to never let your boyfriend launch you like a jet airplane ever again, and I might not press charges!" "Yes ma'm" I softly spoke, turning around. The walk to my apartment felt so long. Walking through the trail of seamen was sticky and moist and embarrassing. Spier watched me, thinking to himself "my cock is so powerfull that I just cummed my boyfriend to the other side of the hall!" Spier watched me walk back, eyeing his accomplishment. I felt embarrassed that someone saw my soaked is seamen, but hot as hell that Spier had the raw strangth in his balls to throw me that far. When I reached the bedroom, the door was slammed behind. Not by Spier, because he was still standing in the same spot with his balls still swinging. I turned around and saw every single dancer from the club Spier used to work at, including the tiger Spier mated with on stage! My heart fell to my feet! "Spier told us he wouldn't he able to clean you up by himself" the tiger told me, winking with passion in his eyes. "So he called us" said another lion I have only seen in posters. "Once we lick all that juicy cum off of every last hair on your adorable little body, we're all going to give you the best night of your life!" "Spier just flooded the apartment with so much sperm that our couch just floated away. There's no way he can go another round!" "Try me" Spier commanded.
  5. tereshky

    Tales From a Muscle Cum Cartel

    A five part series that I wrote about a guy named Jack and his cum fueled muscle growth cartel. This is a story about greed, addiction, betrayal and above all, lots and lots of uncontrollable growth. The final chapter in the series dropped this week on metabods so I thought I'd share the link. https://metabods.com/stories/sometimes-drugs-offer-more-than-a-high
  6. Guest

    Trucker Muscle 4 with Epilogue

    As the weeks and months slowly ticked by, the orders from the minowolf also kept rolling in. I had to order a few dozen tanks just to house all the Trucker Muscle that was being produced. They weren't big or massive orders, but the effects were very pronounced. Leon has been slowly growing more massive each time now. He's gotten so big that his compressed form is still towering over two hundred feet and wider at the shoulders. He even given up on clothes since his oversized balls are just churning all the time, like his boss. "When will Leon have turn to be in Boss?" his voice boomed even when he whispered. "It shouldn't be much longer, my massive Leon. You've gotten so big now. . . so big that it's growing hard to not have you in me already." I was always drooling at his size, my body is just craving having all that hot lion pulled into my balls and become part of my mass. It was at this moment, he bathes me in thick ropes of cum, making me surge in size till we are even in height. I cannot help but start to grope his impressive body. "So tell me, Leon, what would you like to have in your perfect, godly body?" I moaned into his ear. As I played with his body, I could feel it growing as it reshaped and expanded. "Bet you would love even bigger, more powerful muscles." I was instantly rewarded with feeling his body unleash another powerful orgasm. "Oh yeah, that's what big lions need, don't they. Even bigger balls, just like their boss."I rub and caress his swollen balls, feeling them surging in size, churning ever louder. They grew till they were touching his calves and almost as wide as his chest was. Then I began to play and fondle his cock. "With balls so big and heavy, they need a big massive cannon to fire." I slowly stroke his growing cock till it was just short of being right up against his muzzle, so thick that it wouldn't be able to fit into his muzzle. "Just like that, long and thick. So thick, it cannot be pushed into the ass or mouth, and just long enough that you can kiss that tip. You can really stimulate this monster with just bouncing your meaty pecs." I can feel his entire body rumbling as it was getting close to another powerful orgasm, but I wasn't quite done with him. "Balls this massive won't be able to pump it all out of his the one cannon, it'll need a little help." I began to tug and play with his nipples, which swelled to my touch. "You going to be just like your big boss, with nipples so fat that they look like cock tips. Plus they be able to pump out cum as well, just like you big boss." Leon pants heavily, feeling his entire body trying to contain the powerful orgasm that's steadily building. "Leon wants to be more like his boss." "Oh I know you do, which is why you need just one last thing." I began to rub and stroke his tail, wrapping it around me and pushing the tip deep into my tight hole. "A nice, big, thick tail cock. With your cock so thick and long, it won't be able to fit into my ass. This way you will always be able to satisfy your boss." I began to pant as i felt his cock reshaping itself deep in my ass, already leaking heavy cum, making me grow. "Now, cum as hard as you can. When you do, you'll lose these gifts. . . for now. Know this, you will be remade into this godly beast so that you'll always be able to satisfy your boss." Leon roared with unbridled lust, his massive cock giving him a full thick blast right to his face. His nipples erupting in twice powerful geysers of cum. His newly formed tailcock flooding me with thick power cum. "FUCKING CUM MORE" I roared as my body began to surge in size and power. I also began to cum from the same locations as my big godly Leon was. My cum was bathing him and making him grow all the more till we both ended up three times the size of the planet. "Leon. . . spent." he huffed and puffed, exhausted from the experience. His super sized cock and balls, fatten nipples, and tailcock have returned to normal. I chuckled, holding him close as we shank back down to about five hundred feet tall. We both needed a rest to recharge from that. It wasn't long after that, the final order arrived. Leon couldn't contain himself as his thunderous footfalls shook the ground. He was holding a large box that he use to have me help him with to carry. "Leon's day has arrived. Leon gets to be part of Boss now." he roared with glee, his massive cock already cumming everywhere as he literally skipped. As soon as the box was set down, I went to work on the contents and the order itself. The box held a series of tubes that needed to be hooked up to all of the tanks. There was also a second, smaller box. This held more capsules than I cared to count. A set of instructions stating to put in three of them in each tanks, the rest I could discard. As Leon was connecting all the tubes to the tanks; I went to each tank dropping three capsules in them. Thirty-two massive tanks in total, all connected down to a single tube, which was good for me. Since I know that tube will be firmly in my ass filling me in just a few moments once everything is ready. "Leon ready for what is about to become the most epic growth ever?" I asked him as I pushed the tube deep into my ass. "You're going to be so massive by the time I get done filling you up, that you will have to pump me up with your load." Leon only moaned in delight, knowing that he was going to be turned into my cum. Such a loyal pet he has become - something I grew accustomed to. Secretly I didn't want this ending for him, I want him to stay with me so that I would have that special someone with me. I looked at the last of the capsules, only six of them were left. I didn't get rid of them, I decided just to swallow them and see what would happen. It didn't take long before I felt the effects or my balls starting to enlarge. I was instantly went right to work on Leon's tight, firm ass. "Fuck," I quickly panted as I went to work. "Damn pills are driving me crazy, balls so full already." It didn't take much before I began to unleash torrents of hot cum. Another effect was instantly spotted as Leon started to quickly grow from my cum. It was potent before, but the pills must have increased the potency of my loads. I couldn't stop myself from cumming thick powerful blasts into Leon, forcing his body to grow rapidly. His muscles seem to take the bulk of the growth. "Leon feels so powerful." his voice boomed as it grew deeper. He kept surging in size, muscles outpacing his height. His big massive chest starting to push up against his muzzle, his nipples seem to thicken as well. "Getting. . . really big, Leon wants more." "More is what you shall get, my sexy Leon." I moaned as I grew with him, cumming all the more. Soon he was already bigger than the planet, which was my max size and kept going. I felt the tug as my ass started to pull in the massive array of tubes that Leon had hooked up. . . then i realized they were never turned on. "Uh. . . this will be interesting, Leon. I forgot to turn on the tubes before starting. You are about to get super sized." Wasn't long before all thirty-two tanks were pulled in all at the same time. I gasped as soon as I felt my balls exploding in size; my cock also followed the maddening growth. I bellowed as my whole body throbbed as I pumped more cum than ever before. Leon doubled in size, then doubled again and again. "Leon. . . too. . . " I could hear him muffle before his massive chest pushed his muzzle shut. I kept cumming thicker and thicker cum. Leon was growing so massive that any galaxy would be tiny to him. His massive muscled up ass had grown so massive that he was able to free himself from my gigantic cock. It was easily twice my body length and just as thick and it was still pumping out more and more cum. His body was still swelling up from him just absorbing the cum coating him now. I couldn't help it but there was still one spot that I was fast enough to get to - his massive cock. Still coating his body with potent cum, I pushed my throbbing cock into his. His cock clamped around mine and began to milk it for all its worth, even my oversized balls were pulled in. I looked up at the galactic muscle god I have created, his head was long sucked into the mountains of pecs. His arms were so thick with muscle they were locked straight out. His nipples were so thick and fat, they did look like cock tips and pointed right towards me. Looking down, his legs were suffering the same fate as his arms, so packed with muscle they were locked in place. All the cum I was now pumping into his cock was now making his cock grow thicker, but not any longer. His already tight sac was being further stretched as his balls were rapidly becoming more massive than he was. After a long while that felt like an eternity of sexual bliss, my tanks were finally empty. His fat cock released its hold onto my package. "I know you cannot do much, but now it's your turn to pump me full of your cum." I panted as I began to push my muzzle into his cock slit. I stuffed my muzzle till my horns brushed against the very lips of his cock slit. My tongue was doing all the work, licking the walls inside. I was instantly being bathed in his thick cream. His balls so massive that he was already in a constant state of over production, so he was no longer able to leak pre, it was all mass inducing cum. No cum could escape me, my body was absorbing it as quickly as it washed over me. I was also drinking it all in. Slowly I pulled my muzzle further and further out till I was sucking heavily on the slit itself. As my body swelled so did my hunger. My gut was filling out as I kept feasting on Leon's cum and he hasn't reached a climax yet. It didn't take long before I was pushing the head of his cock into my muzzle. Slowly I was taking more and more of his fat length, it was still bigger than I was; that was slowly changing as I kept swelling in all directions. Though Leon couldn't speak, I could feel his body vibrating and his cock pulsing and throbbing as I went further and further along the length of his cock. It wasn't going to take much more before I was going to get flooded. As soon as I was able to fully take his length into my maw, that was when his cock thickened, completely preventing me from backing off. I didn't have time to react as soon I was being force fed a massive blast of hot cum. My gut swelled out greatly, making it the main feature as his climax first hit. My muscles were doing their best to catch up to the hot protein drink I was being pumped full with. Even my cock, tail cock, and balls pumped up and enlarged. I was stuck firmly onto his cock as my body kept swelling out of control. I could feel every part of me starting to fight for more space as I was quickly approaching Leon's size. As quickly as I reached Leon's size, I blew past him and kept blowing up even bigger. I was still being force fed all of his cum. My gut was still massive, but now my muscles have caught up with the growth. My massive hands start to fondle and caress his massive balls, trying to milk them for all their worth. I did notice that as I drank, they were slowly shrinking. Once I was three times Leon's size I was finally free from his cock. My body's ability was still pulling in all his cum so nothing went to waste. I forced his cumming cock down into mine. I howled in lust as I surged in size. My mighty mass pumping and swelling all around me, but was still able to move my jaw for the time being. I couldn't see over the galaxy size pecs, I was able to feel my massive cock pumping up thicker and my balls growing heavier. Bigger and bigger I grew, unable to stop or slow my growth. Then I felt the obvious growth in my cock as Leon was now being pulled in. His balls had finally drained and now his mass would be added to my own. I was sad and happy at the same time. Happy that he was getting his wish to be part of me, but sadden by the same thing. As soon as he was completely cock vored and turned into cum. I opened my maw and every part of me began to suck in everything. My mouth, ass, tail cock, cock, and nipples began pulling in stars, planets, dust, gasses, dark matter, and even the anti-matter. Nothing was escaping me, it will all be inside of me. I could feel my massive balls rubbing along my thighs, before they were doing the same to my calves and even brushed under my feet. I was surging and pulsing bigger and bigger. My mouth was the first to be forever shut as my mighty pecs finally grew so thick and massive that it was able to push it shut. My tight ass was the next to stop feasting on the universe as my balls and tailcock grew so immense that they were able to block it. My massive gut grew and rested along the fat length of my cock till it stretched out and barely brushed the very edge of the flared head. Arms and legs were so packed with mass that they were completely locked. Tail cock so thick that it also pointed straight out away from my body, unable to even move. I had to be as big as the universe itself if not bigger. The thought caused my cock to throb, jiggling my gut. I wish I could moan, but I was so big that it was impossible. However, another chain of events were starting and I was completely helpless. As my cock throbbed and jiggled the belly, I was becoming aroused making my balls churn, which stimulated my thick tail cock. There was no stopping it, I couldn't stop it. I was being sent into pure unconstrained, unrestricted sexual bliss. I was so immense that this climax will be the end of all climaxes - the Grand Climax. My entire body pulsed and throbbed, trying to pump up even bigger as the Grand Climax was building to it's apex. Everything kept happening faster and faster as it got closer and closer. Time froze for what felt like an eternity. Then the Grand Climax began. Epilogue I roared out as I became cumming hard, Leon's roar overpowered mine. Two massive godly bodies pumping thick power ropes of hot sticky cum from three massive cocks, four massive nipple cocks and a pair of tail cocks. Leon was restored to match the form he dreamed of. Wider than he was tall, so much muscle that movement was challenging. His lone cock was long enough to rise over the massive mountains range of his pecs. His cock can arch towards him or away at his control so he can spray his face or mine with his powerful cum. His fat nipples looked more like cock tips and produced as powerful of jets. His new tail cock plugged firmly into my ass. The only massive change I made for myself was sporting two massive cocks, parallel to each other. Spaced perfectly so that Leon's cock fit snugly between them. They were just enough thick enough that when we are frotting they would barely brush against our nipple cocks. The universe, as well as the world, was completely remade. For the most part no one knows what had happened. The giant minowolf turned out to be a god, which Leon and myself were transformed into. Some of the males now had to deal with the possibility of being able to reproduce. Leon and I are not immune to this, but both of us produce an egg which is pushed out though the tailcock. Our "god-spawns" do not survive for more than a few days, tending to our needs, until they return to one of our cocks. It's one of the two times that our tailcocks ever leave the other's tight ass. The other time is when we have to produce Trucker Muscle. Truck Muscle truck stops now started to show up, all showcasing the line of products. Our feature product was slightly adjusted so the growth benefit only lasts a few days or until they climax. To add to the changes, there is a limit to how big they can get. The stops also include a hotel designed for macros so that they can be nice and big without breaking the building. No truck stop was ever complete without the massive showers, perfect for either starting the action or cleaning up afterwards. The two of us now live in a little secluded area, but well known, Trucker Muscle Mountain Range. The mountain tops aren't snow covered, they are cum covered! Our powerful blasts go practically everywhere. Those that try to climb them are met with the incredible presence of the god-spawns we produce, which take them to us for "punishment" - normally being cock vored. Just the two of us, forever bound to producing Trucker Muscle as well as being sex crazed muscle gods of the universe.
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    Trucker Muscle 3

    Business continued to be a success. Production was more or less stable. Ever since my cock was fused with that cum bull, I was more than capable to keeping up with the steady demand for Trucker Muscle; I still had to drive out and fetch a "volunteer" here and there. My body wasn't growing too much bigger each time I cummed, couple pounds and a inch every fourth or fifth day of "milking". The cum bull did talk to me for a while after he was fused with my cock. Seemed that each cum beast had a different power or ability. That would make sense, the cum dragon gave me the tail cock; the cum bull created the "cum magnet" - I could draw in cum from a distance around me. Though each time I absorbed a cum beast, my body surged even bigger than before. "Boss, it's nearly time to go find another or two. A special order arrived today, client wanted something specific for a 'minowolf' - what ever that is." The large lion nearly roared. He was already a massive brute of a cat, thanks to him sampling some of my Trucker Muscle. Like most, they stay close to me, as if drawn to my potent product. He stood well over forty feet tall and much wider than that and growing every time I get milked. "They are kinda like me. A mix of minotaur and wolf." I chuckle deeply. "Only difference is that I have dragon added in." turning my attention to the job at hand. "So, how when does this guy want the product?" "Didn't give a time frame, just saying 'the sooner the better'," grunted the lion as he lifted and carried the milking tube towards my giant girthy cock. "Guess, he's not real sure how fast you are capable of filling the order, but the amount is purely massive. I would judge it to be three to four times the normal." I pant heavily as the lion slides the milking tube over my cock. "I bet he's already as big as you are or even bigger, if he's after that much." I start playing with my nipples a little. My nipple play caused the brute lion to nearly forget to turn on the machine. I could hear the slight change in his voice, much like a child being jealous. "He won't be bigger than me." he turned on the machine and then started to tend to my nipples. Moans deeply as I reward the kitty with some potent nipple cum, I could feel him gaining a few pounds as his mass slowly expanded. I cannot help but enjoy toying with him like this, plus it's always nice to have someone to grow. My hips buck a few times before I started unloading thick cream into the tube. My nipples also pumped more nipple cum into the lion's belly, which he wasn't expecting. He drank it all down, his body pulsed and puffed from the sudden surge of cum flow. He managed to free himself from my nipple, licking his lips then the nipples. "Wasn't expecting that, Boss. Cannot complain about the results." he flexed for me, showing off his newly swollen muscle. He was also a couple inches taller now. "Boss like how Leon grows and shows." "Leon, I certainly do. Just have to make sure I don't make you too big, if such a thing exist." I grunt as I come down from off my orgasm. "Still need some help around here and you do such a wonderful job at keeping the place nice and clean." Leon's crotch visibly swelled in his tight short shorts. He quickly pulled them down and stroked off his massive cock. My constant encouragement always excites him to the point he has to masturbate. He cums in thick ropes arching high into the air while he roars out in passion. Thanks to the cum bull's power, his cum was being pulled towards my body, being absorbed and converted into some extra mass for me. It was something I could barely control, some days I cannot pull in Leon's cum even if I wanted it; other days I cannot help but draw in even the cum that was in the tanks stored far away. Finished with the milking, I easily compressed down to my shorter form so that I could drive the truck to gather my potential "volunteer" to fill the minowolf's order. Looking over what he wanted in his mixture, it seemed easy enough. . . almost too easy. The first species I had to find was a powerful bear. I kept tabs on a few of the bigger ones, even gave some free samples here and there. Got to keep them wanting more and buy more. The one I had in mind was perfect, a massive grisly named Rex. Kept to himself and lived out of his own gym. The gym he owned was an older warehouse, completely rebuilt to be even higher than it use to be. It had to be big, he was just enormous. Standing well over thirty feet tall and almost just as wide, he needed a massive place. He was one of the first people I sold directly to, just to test out the markets. There was no shortage of big beef in his gym. Rex instantly spotted me as soon as I walked in, . "It's good to see you again. Come to deliver more Trucker Muscle in person, I see." He stood taller than me, which I didn't mind. His big bear paw resting on my shoulder. "I came here for more than just that." I said. "I wanted to invite you over to the Warehouse to see Trucker Muscle being produced. I'm going around getting a few choice clients together to show off how it's all made." I nearly chuckled at the thought. "Plus you'll get a fresh batch to enjoy." His eyes grew wide and nearly sparkled with joy as I explained everything. The bear knew how good the product was and the fresh batch was the tipping point. He gave a powerful bear hug, almost forgetting his strength, lifting me off my own feet. Didn't have to worry about locking up or shutting down, his gym was pretty much self ran. He gathered a couple things and we were out the door. The truck's trailer was a converted flatbed, designed to seat up to five giants with ease. Luckily I didn't need to fill all five seats, just two more to fill. The extra weight from the massive bear wasn't too bad for getting the truck moving. My second stop was quick and easy, once again bringing in a box filled with Trucker Muscle. This time I was picking up a lynx, he wasn't as big as the bear but made up for it with just pure mass. Unlike Rex that was full of muscle, Lux was sporting a bigger muscle gut than I have. He also stood shorter as well, just barely eighteen feet tall. He wasn't getting taller off Trucker Muscle, as it went mostly to that growing gut of his. Lux didn't lift as often either, spending most of his time gaming. It was easy enough to get him to come with me to the Warehouse. The third pick up was a little harder to do. I only knew of one cheetah and he was constantly on the move. Could never find this twenty five foot powerhouse in the same place twice. Titan, as he constantly called himself, was a mover and a shaker. Between part of a moving company and showing off the goods at one of the strip clubs, he was hard to pin down when you want to find him. Luckily, giving him a call was easy, today was a slow day at the moving company and he was there for the time being. "What's with the others?" his deep voice purred. It was an odd sound to say the least, it was like he was constantly purring so when he talked it created a unique sound - almost erotic. "Bringing in a few for giving a nice tour of the Warehouse. Wanted to show off how Trucker Muscle is made and to give everyone a fresh batch to take with them." was my reply, trying not to give too much of a tell of what was in store. It was getting really hard to not want to start making them so much bigger right here, but needed them at the Warehouse first. The hour drive was short, but felt like it was much longer. I was fighting to keep my cock from trying to burst right out of shorts, though it was already soaked with pre. Pulling in, I was greeted with Leon running up, hauling a few tubes. "Leon, perfect timing. Everything is ready to go, I hope." I spoke quickly. He nodded. Keeping my voice down, "Perfect, but I'll be needing a little more help to fill the order. I'm sure you saw that the order needed some lion, so I'll be having you join in on the fun." I turned to face the group. "Welcome to the Warehouse. The home of Trucker Muscle. As all of you have known and felt the power that is given, it's time to learn exactly how the product is actually made. It's a trade secret so no one shall speak of what you see here, or you shall lose the right to have this product. All understand how important this is?" Rex nodded, followed by the other two. Something I liked about Rex, he seem to have a unique ability to get others to follow his lead. Doubt that Lux and Titan would say anything, but the fear of not having Trucker Muscle was enough to keep them quiet. "Good. Well the first thing I will have everyone do, myself and my associate Leon included, is to strip down completely. The one thing about the potency of fresh Trucker Muscle as that the rate of growth is much higher, most of the time your clothes won't fit afterwards." For a moment there was slight hesitation from the three, though once they saw Leon undressed and myself completely in the buff, they went ahead with doing it as well. While they looked back at me, they say me slipping one of the tubes over my cock. "Now one of the tubes provided will go over your cock, like how Leon and myself have done. This is to make sure that the place remains clean. Cause let's be honest, you're going to cum a few times when you experience this." The one fact I left out was that my tube wasn't connected like theirs were. Mine split into four lines, Leon already had his plugged firmly into his ass. Once they saw what he didn't they mummer again. "Now what Leon has done is perfectly fine. There's actually two methods of enjoying Trucker Muscle, either from drinking it or actually pumping it deep into your innards. It's printed on the bottle, but I bet most just thought it was simply a joke. I mean the cock shaped bottle kinda added to the illusion, if that was your thing. Results are the same, none the less." "Oh, I have done that more than one."Rex laughed heartily. "They thought it was crazy, but when they saw me gain another hundred pounds of pure muscle, there was no denying it." He grunted a little as he plunged the second hose deep into his ass. The other two went for sucking down the tube, so that it would go right into your bellies. I pushed mine into my ass, but knowing that this tube would be filled with the completed product. "Alright, everyone is now set for enjoying the process of making Trucker Muscle - by being part of that process!" I panted heavily as I started to expand to fill the Warehouse. The ceiling opened up as I surged to over one hundred feet and growing. I instantly came hard, my tube quickly filling and the lines linking to the four will filled with a constant flood of hot cum. The results were instant. Rex surged with muscle, Titan boomed in size, Lux's gut rolled out further, and Leon's body swelled. They couldn't control themselves as they started cumming hard as well. Under our feet the lines they cummed into split into two, one leading to the processing tanks, the other plugged into my tight ass. As soon as their mixture reached my innards, I felt the rush of more power than ever before. My previous max height of five miles was blown away as I quickly exploded into a thirty mile mountain of muscle. All the while my cum load is increasing as well, forcing them to keep growing into massive balls of muscle mass and fat. Leon was the only one that was still mobile and show how managed to get on top of my massive cock. The excitement of seeing the curvature of the planet sent me over the edge again. Though the tube had split open some time during my rapid expansion, it didn't stop my cum from washing over everything and growing anyone and everyone that touched it. Then I felt the rush hit me once again, this time more powerful than before. Even though the four of them were so massive, their tubes were still intact! I roared as my body exploded even bigger. I gotten so massive that I was able to lift off the planet without any effort. The tubes were still attached to the three of them, Leon managed to free his cock from the tube. I felt even more cum rushing inside of me, making me grow as massive as the planet. The tubes were still holding onto Rex, Lux, and Titan as we floated in space. Their tubes were slowly being pulled as my tight ass began to draw them in. They were as big as moons but didn't save them from being anally vored, adding to my overall mass. I felt the change washing over me, I roared out once more, "CUM!" All the cum that the world just produced from my command was also pulled into me; some washing over Leon, making him grow even bigger. Leon had watched as the three were helplessly pulled into my being. Then grew from the combination of cumming and having cum wash over him. "Is it my turn, Boss?" "No, not yet, my little lion." I low growl, sounded like rolling thunder. "We have to finish the order for the minowolf, remember." I recalled what that cum bull told me about cum beasts, I did pick up new powers as a result. My guess was that Rex, that hulking grisly, was a cum beast. I could feel that anything I command would be instantly met. another potent power I had was I create my own atmosphere, which was great since Leon and myself were just floating over a planet as big as I was now. "Leon, I want you to compress yourself, like I do, to fifty feet tall. I'm feeling like rewarding you by being even taller than before." I watched as he instantly complied with the command. I started to shrink down as well, slowly returning to the planet's surface. Seemed that nothing was destroyed or even damaged from my latest growth explosion. The only odd thing was now circling the planet, a ring made of cum. "Leon follows orders correctly, Boss?" he asked as he went to work on his cock once more. With a snap of my fingers, I had magicked up a new pair of short shorts for him. Had to make the pouch a lot bigger to accommodate how massive this equipment grown. "Yes, you followed them perfectly. Now get dressed, we have to get the ordered completed." Leon rushed to slip on the new clothes then dashed away towards the housing tanks. Another order completed and another will soon to come, though I fear the next one might also be the last one.
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