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  1. Chapter 1: Standing there John a 22 year old college student felt that everything around him felt hazy, aimlessly he walked down a corridor where a light was shining. Drawn by the light source, his eyes focus on it, seeing a figure slowly come into focus. With each step he took the figure became clearer but it seemed almost as if he wasn't actually getting any closer. With the urge to find out what exactly he was looking at, he closed his eyes and made a mad dash to try reach the figure. His body felt light as he ran but his thoughts were cut short running into something, causing him to be knocked down to the floor from the impact. "Need a hand" the figure spoke Looking up he saw what looked to be a monstrous being of muscle mass extending his arm towards him. He wasn't able to get a look at the figures face since his pecs were blocking his view casting a shadow below them. Taking the figures hand he felt a jolt of power rush through him which at first felt like pain then quickly turned to pleasure, it felt as if his whole body was having an orgasm, his knees buckled under the immense pleasure he was feeling then giving way as he collapsed to the floor. As his face was about to smash against the floor he shot up straight in his bed, opening his eyes to find himself in his own room staring down at the wet spot on his sheets caused by the hardest morning wood he had ever had in his life. Looking over at his phone he sees his alarm going off with the text displaying 23rd birthday on it. Before he had any time to process any of the dream he just had, he hears his fathers voice yell for him from down stairs. "Coming dad!" John responded Before going down he did his morning routine and made sure to put his stained bed sheets to wash. As he walked towards the stairs his 24 year old brother Daniel appears as if he was waiting for you and wraps his arm around him pulling Daniel in for a hug. "Hey dweeb happy birthday, did you miss me!" "Daniel?! What are you doing here I thought you were still at college." "Seriously John did you forget, it's spring break of course I'd be coming home to visit for your birthday." Taking a step back John took a second to take a look at Daniel and noticed Daniel was looking different. "Woah you look..." Daniel cuts John off "JACKED RIGHT!" Daniel raises both arms into a double bicep pose and flexes hard making the bulky mounds of muscle in his long sleeve shirt rise up. "I started working out last year and I haven't stopped since, guess you could say I got bit by the iron bug. Now come on dweeb dad has breakfast ready for us." As he walks past, John catches Daniels scent from just having worked out and starts feeling aroused, he feels an odd sensation wash over his body. Breaking from his trance he follows Daniel to have breakfast. Sitting at the table John sees his 45 year old father Sebastian and Daniel both conversing about Daniels year at college as they both stuff their faces with food. John could tell there was a shift in their relationship as their dad has always been the man of the house but now that Daniel had been working out he had eclipsed their fathers slim toned body. It didn't help that Daniel was already taller than their fathers height of 5'6 standing at 6'0, but now he was out weighing him in muscle. After breakfast everyone went on with their daily routine and celebrated your birthday. As the days passed John watched as Daniel starts pushing the boundaries with their father, clearing out an old room used for storage without asking to be used as his weight room whenever he visits home. Their father without question didn't argue with Daniel although they could both tell their father was not happy with Daniels actions. Every morning and night John would hear the clang of metal and the grunts of his now beefy brother Daniel. This distracted him as he would just picture his sweaty pumped body throughout the day as he took his online college classes or relaxed in his room. Every time he would start fantasizing about his brothers impressive gains he would feel a sensation a kin to the one he had in that intense dream he had a few nights prior. In fact just about any time he started feeling horny he could feel the sensation start to take root in him, seeming to get stronger with each passing day. One day when he was feeling particularly pent up he even started jerking off to his fantasies and this time the sensation felt stronger than ever. As he jerked off he felt he could hear his brother seemingly get louder during his workout. Finally climaxing he cleaned himself and readied to take a shower to clear his mind. Coming out of his room John saw Daniel also heading towards the shower. Daniels body was red his his clothes were plastered to his body dripping with sweat. His post workout pump made his body look ready to burst right out of his already previously tight shirt. He flashed John a cocky smile as he continued for the bathroom locking the door behind him. Now riled up again John went back to his room trying to get his composure after seeing Daniel look the biggest he has ever been, completely unaware that these strange new sensations might have something to do with how big Daniel had been getting since getting home. Later on in the week on the night before spring break would end and Daniel would leave back to college, Daniel had a few of his friends over. As they arrived Daniel would stand proud puffing his chest out as he caught all his friends looks at his improved physique, the whole night Daniel would be showing off as he loved to talk about his body. The guys got drunk and Daniel got a whole lot more loose even starting to flex for his friends. In particular his best friend Tyson seemed the most interested since he took every opportunity he got to feel up Daniels muscles. After Daniels friends left, John heard some commotion coming from Daniels room and decided to check it out. Peeking through the door John sees Daniel drunk checking himself out in the mirror. He would do different poses starting at every bulge on his body, the longer it went on John could see the bulge in Daniels pants get larger. Staring at his brothers impressive physique he felt the strange sensation coming back. As John kept staring, his knees gave way and he stumbled into the room. Standing up Daniel saw his brother looking at him. Johns face flushed red waiting for Daniels reaction, but instead of being embarrassed or angry, Daniel looked like he was enjoying Johns gaze on his body. "Took you long enough dweeb I thought you were never gonna walk in here." Walking closer to John he makes sure to get close to his face. "You know dweeb ever since I got home I've been catching you looking at my body it's like your eyes are glued onto me. How's about you start doing a lot more than just looking." With that Daniel presses his body against John as he grabs the back of Johns neck and locks lips with him. As he continues kissing John, Johns feels that odd feeling flare in strength. Fully giving himself to Daniel he wraps his arms and legs around him as Daniel picks him up effortlessly with one arm. Walking over to his bed Daniel lays John down and sits down on Johns chest. Looking up all John could see is Daniels grinning face looking down at him past his pecs. "I know you want to rub your hands all over these gains but I think your gonna have to work for it." Daniel spoke With that Daniel pulled the elastic waist band of his shorts down and out pops his 6 incher smacking straight across johns face. Quickly overwhelmed by the scent of Daniels member John wraps his lips around it's head. As John services Daniels member he feels the odd sensation once again grow stronger. Not giving a care about it at this moment he fully gives himself to it. Continuing the blow job John open his eyes and what he see stuns him. Daniels pecs were visibly bigger, and not just that they seemed to still be inflating. Unaware of what was happening to him Daniel flexed a most muscular pose in hopes of giving John a show, only for his shirt to rip clean off. "What the hell that was my favorite shirt man! Guess I just don't know the limits of these clothes bro." Looking over into his mirror as he dominated John he thought he was seeing things. "Shit I must be wasted I look like a god." Releasing you from his cock Daniel gets up and walks back over to the mirror where he admires his body before really getting a good look at himself. "Holy shit I am bigger...." looking back over at John in bed he sees John staring in amazement at his own body. "Did you do this bro?" Daniel spoke Unsure of how to react John put his attention on the sensation coursing through his body as he stroked himself, focusing on Daniel. Without hearing a word from John he got his answer as he felt a warmth fill his whole body. Looking back in the mirror Daniel could see the bulk that he had amassed over the last four months begin to disappear being replaced with pure muscle. One by one his abs became more pronounced as his body involuntarily flexed them. His body shone with a layer of sweat further showing off the increasing definition of his expanding musculature. His pecs seemed to inflate with every breath he took as the shadow they cast grew larger Next his shoulders widened making more room for muscle, the sinews of muscle in his delts striated, his traps becoming freakishly developed capable of holding a large bottle. Daniel felt himself becoming intoxicated with the growth wanting more. So he walked back over to John and ripped his shorts right off. Picking John up he placed Johns ass directly at the head of his dick. Slowly he entered his brother as John latched his mouth and hands to Daniel, worshiping his growing body. Each slow thrust into John sending waves of pain and pleasure through his body. The sensation in John's body grew stronger as he felt Daniels grip on him increasing. With each passing moment he could feel the strength in Daniels body getting stronger as Daniel picked up the pace of his thrusts, his brother was turning into a raging growth bull. John plants his face between Daniels cleavage as his pectorals envelop Johns face muffling the sounds of Johns moans as Daniel fucks him. The whole while Daniel was watching himself in the mirror as he kept growing, at some point he even noticed his view seemed different as his head was gone from the reflection "FUCK bro your making me taller too!" Daniel spoke John only responded with a loud moan learning that not only was he making Daniel muscles bigger but his height was also increasing. Soon it was all too much for Daniel as he pulls out of John and blows the biggest load he's had in his whole life. Collapsing on the bed both John and Daniel lay exhausted from the effects of whatever John had done to Daniel and dozed off to sleep with Daniels new size taking up the whole bed, completely enveloping John. As they peacefully slumbered they had no idea that John wasn't the only one that was alarmed from the noise that came from Daniels room that night.
  2. Here is a link to the previous chapters: Chapter 1-8 I wanted to restart another thread to have more control over the thread itself. Chapter 9: Zach and Aaron walked into the lifeguard tower interior, both their hard dicks rubbing up against their suits. They both laid their items by the door. The sunlight beating through the tinted glass windows. The shadows cast onto each of their muscles perfectly, helping to highlight muscle hidden by Aaron's slight layer of bulky fat. "Wow, you look even better in here!" exclaimed Zach, walking closer to Aaron. He noticed that he was towering over him. Aaron must have been no larger than 5'6" but his bulky muscles made him look a fair bit larger. His buzzed brown hair was neat, deep brown eyes, flawless young skin, and sexy smile "That's awfully humble of you." Aaron said with a teethy grin, as Zach began to hit his double bicep pose again. Aaron began to rub Zach's bulging arms, as Zach let out soft grunts. Zach loved that he was the object of another man's muscle lust. He enjoyed watching Aaron drool over his ripped body. He liked how Aaron's strong fingers nicely squeezed his buff arms. "Now, tell me where do you get these bulky muscles from?" inquired Zach as he let his arms down. Aaron's arms had a nice bulk to them that made them look absolutely massive. Not to mention Aaron's legs were extremely large in comparison to the rest of his body. "Well, I'll be a senior in college this next year and I play rugby for my school. I work out when I can." "Well that explains the legs." Zach said grabbing Aaron's strong thighs, rubbing them softly . "They feel so powerful." "Emmm, yeah. They're my favorite muscles of mine. Can't skip leg day!" Zach continued to rub and squeeze Aaron's thighs. While Aaron closed his eyes, smiling. Zach got really close to Aaron's face. "Do you remember me from yesterday?" Aaron began to get a little red in the face. No one ever wants to forget someone they've been introduced to before, "Uh, I can't say that I do. You look very familiar but I don't believe I've met you before now." "Remember the two meat heads you made arm wrestle yesterday? The one's you videotaped so you could jack off to it when you got home? I was the scrawny one with them." Zach replied calmly. "What!? It can't be. The guy with them was just as handsome but much smaller than you." Aaron retorted. "Yeah, I've grown a lot since then but that was me yesterday. I can't say I didn't feel a little jealous with you giving my dad and his friend all the attention." "Hopefully you'll forgive me for that. You gotta admit those two take the air out of the room for everyone else. But I gotta ask. How did you get so big in a day? I've seen some dudes explode after a cycle but nothing like this?" Aaron replied inquisitively. " Well, that's why I came here to see you today. I wanted to get a little attention from your hot little self and to show you how I grew." Zach said walking over to his bag, pouring out four pills, and grabbing his bottle of water. "Here you go, Aaron. Take a couple of these. I promise you won't regret it at all." Aaron felt a little suspicious of taking random pills from someone he barely knew but his curiosity had certainly been peaked. He'd really gotten serious about upping his workouts recently in addition to his sports. There wasn't any doubt that he wanted to be absolutely huge and impossibly strong. "Uh, I'm not sure. It seems like they work but I'd like you to take a dose yourself since it seems pretty fast-acting . Maybe I will try it then." Zach smiled, "Wise decision. I'd hoped you would say that." as he popped a couple in mouth, leaving the rest upon the table, and chased them down with his water. The effects of the pills were instantenous as Zach's body began to respond well to the pills. He instantly felt the familiar, orgasmic rush alongside with extreme heat and twitching within his muscles. He started loudly moaning and groaning as he could feel an ever so slight expansion of his muscles. Aaron watched at this reaction, as his dick immediately stood in attention again. He was saw Zach's back slowly growing and definition being added to ever single muscle on his body. Aaron knew that he immediately needed to take some of these pills as he greedily snatched the pills remaining on the table. He likewise took a swig of water and quickly swallowed the pills. "Emm. I see that. UGH. You've decided to. Oooh, yeah. Join me." stated Zach through pleasurable grunts and groans. Aaron had a similar set of effects on his short, bulky body. He felt woozy as his eyes rolled up into his head with intense pleasure. However, a distinct burning sensation began to happen all around his body. The mixture of pain and pleasure was nearly too much to handle. "Oh, yeah. It hurts sooooo good." Aaron said as the pleasure and pain increased to insane levels. This comment was somewhat strange to Zach as he hadn't ever had severe feelings of pain other than some sorenes afterwards. It seemed Aaron didn't care too much about it. "Look at how big you're growing, Zach. Look at those nipples being pushed down by your growing chest muscles." Aaron said through cycling bouts of pain and pleasure. Zach looked down to see his pecs growing, beginning to block his view of his lower body. As he looked up he saw Aaron growing - fast. Much faster than Zach's dad, Brett, and even himself. Aaron's whole body was rapidly expanding on his small stature. It was immediately clear that he was a hyper-responder to the drug, as he began to expand in every direction. "Yes, I feel so fucking powerful." Aaron growled. The most notable change in Aaron's body is that he was growing more than just muscle. His stomach began to distent growing into a hard turtle-shell stomach. He had a well-defined set of abs sitting atop a strong, knotted stomach. His pecs swelled up into pillows as they perked up with huge mounds of muscle. His arms were quickly being pushed away as a result, they were likewise growing. They had a nice layer of fat on top of the clearly large muscles that made his arms look even larger. He could feel his feet sliding away from his body as his quads filled out his swimming trunks, pushing up the hems farther and farther up his leg. Aaron looked down past his pecs and saw his thighs roping up with muscle and veins, while his calves grew into wide diamonds. By the end he must have easily grew to 320 pounds of bloated muscle - much more than any other individuals growth thus far. A dusting of hair appeared on Aaron's body while his face grew a short beard that fit handsomely on his sexy face. All the while Aaron was in absolute ecstasy. Zach himself had completely forgotten about his own growth as he focused exclusively on Aaron's inhuman growth. "Emmm. Look at how big I got. That was only one dose and I'm already way bigger than you, Zach." as he threw his head in the air. Aaron began feeling up his enormous muscle gut, while his swim suit rode up into a small bundle around his fat cock. "Look at my sexy muscle gut. I can't believe it took so little time for one to develop. Imagine how many years of roiding I'd have to do to get a turtle shell like this." Zach just stood in disbelief as this short stud turned into a magnificent muscle bear. He was so turned on seeing him rubbing his huge gut knowing he'd been the one who gave it to him. "Now come here and suck me off." commanded Aaron as he shimmied his suit down his legs. He was glad he decided to wear his spandex one's today, hoping that he'd be able to put them back on afterwards. Aaron proceeded to lay on the table, spreading his legs wide to give Zach room. Zach did exactly as commanded as he stood above his huge body laying on the table. Aaron's fat cock exposed, standing straight up. Zach gently placed his mouth over Aaron's dick as he began to slide his lips up to his dripping mushroom head down to the base. All the while he tried to look into Aaron's eyes, but couldn't due to the fact that they had been completely obscured by his behemoth pecs. Zach put it hands on his thick, muscular stomach and rubbed up and down upon it. Feeling the powerful midsection as it was rapidly rising up and down. Aaron groaned as he curved his back from the pure power and pleasure he got from having a sexy, muscle bound man suck him off. He continued laying on his back and began to run his big pillowy pecs. "Yeah, rub that muscle gut. Doesn't it feel so knotty and manly?" Zach just moaned in approval as he began to methodically lick the precum from Aaron's thick head. Aaron slowly lifted himself up to situp straight on the table. His stomach lightly pushed into Zach's head, as kept rubbing his hands up in down to a beat following his mouth. He slowly began to pet Zach's head to encourage him to keep going. Zach was giving him by far the best blowjob he'd ever had. Eventually, Zach removed his mouth from his dick and pulled down his trunks. He then began to rub his own dick up against Aaron's. They were both roughly the same "10 but Aaron's was slightly more girthy. "Oh, god this feels so right. I've never seen someone grow as much as you from one dose, I didn't even know it was possible. Everything about you is so powerful, and being so young you only have room to get bigger and bigger and BIGGER." Zach cried out. "Yes, I want to get so big. I want my whole body to turn in nothing but big, bulky muscle. Imagine how big and hard my gut could get. Maybe my quads can follow suit. I'd love to see them grow so large that I can't even touch my feet together. Oh, that would be fucking perfect." In that moment Aaron took his quads and pushed them onto Zach's body, pushing him on top of his dick. Zach couldn't move out of the prison Aaron's quads had made, they were far too powerful. Aaron picked Zach up with his impossibly powerful quads and began to quickly rub Zach's dick against his own. Zach shouted, "Aaron, I think I'm close. I so fucking close to busting my load. Please, don't stop." as he held onto Aaron's quads. Aaron moaned out, "please bust your load all over my abs. I want your cum all over my BIG stomach." Zach and Aaron almost immediately began to cum volley after volley of hot cum. Both of their loads mixing onto Aaron's big belly running into crevices between his abs. As both began to calm down from intense experience Aaron spoke saying, "look at me. Look at what you've done to me. Look how big and sexy you've made me." "Trust me I don't want to look away." Zach said panting. Eventually, Zach started packing all of his stuff away and to head back to the house. Aaron spoke up, still heavily breathing on the edge of the table, "will I get to see you again? That was the best sex of my life!" Zach smiled, "of course, dude. Let me give you my address, we're staying at the house just behind this tower. Come see me when you get off work." Zach quickly trudged back to the beach house, hoping his suit wouldn't burst into pieces.
  3. Hallo zusammen! Die Idee kam mir heute morgen im Bett und musste niedergeschrieben werden. Eine relativ kurze Story, aber ich hoffe, sie gefällt. Zusammenfassung: Wenn du eine App installierst und die Realität damit änderst, solltest du vielleicht die Einstellungen so wählen, dass du weißt, was du getan hast... ___ Eingabe bestätigen? Ja/Nein Änderungen global übernehmen? Ja/Nein Settings als Voreinstellung speichern? Ja/Nein Speicher und fortfahren? Ja/Nein ___ Als Ben aufwachte, fühlte er sich nicht so, als ob er wirklich geschlafen hätte. Er wirkte matt und für einen moment auch desorientiert, unsicher wo er war und wer er überhaupt war. Vielleicht lag es an diesem seltsamen Traum… Ein Alptraum. Er war in diesem Traum zwar auch 18, aber fett mit 130kg und gigantischer Wampe. Einem Micro-Penis von gerade mal 3 cm. Keinen Freunden und nur Essen um sich herum. Alleine und unglücklich. Ein Seufzer kam Ben über die Lippen und ein Blick auf den Wecker verriet, dass es 6:45 war. Tatsächlich eine Viertelstunde zu früh wach geworden wegen dieses blöden Traums. Er schloss noch einmal kurz die Augen, stand dann aber auf und ging erstmal ins Bad hinein. Wie jeden Morgen ging der erste Gang auf die Waage. Das moderne Teil, das sein Vater gekauft hatte, zeigte alles an und auf Grund der eingespeicherten Daten, waren auch Körperfett und Muskelmasse Messungen möglich. 93 kg bei 11% Körperfett verteilt auf 1,88m. Also wie immer. Kurz zögerte er und das Gefühl in diesem Traum war wieder da… Wie immer merkte er, dass sein bestes Stück die Zahlen liebte und sich langsam aufpumpte, womit er schnell unter die Dusche hüpfte. Nachdem die 18cm bearbeitete worden waren und der Körper gereinigt, ging es ans Anziehen. Er war auf einer Fitness-Schule für Jungs. Das Konzept gab es schon immer. Die Absolventen dieser Schule gingen direkt zu großen Model-Agenturen, Bodybuilder Weiterbildungen oder der Porno-Industrie. Sein Vater unterstützte ihn im seinen Vorhaben, einer der führenden Only-Fans-Accounts zu bekommen. Wie jede dieser Schulen trug er auch hier eine Schuluniform. Eine Trainings-Kompressionshose und das passende Oberteil dazu mit dem Logo der Schule. Er ärgerte sich ein wenig darüber, da er gerne seinen Waschbrettbauch zeigte. Aber man konnte nicht alles haben. Auf dem Weg nach unten begrüßte ihn sein Dad: „Morgen Champ!“, kommentierte der 44-jährige Bär. Sein Vater war selbst früher mal Bodybuilder gewesen und ließ sein Wissen über Ernährung jetzt seinem Sohn zu gute kommen. Ein eiweißreiches Frühstück wartete auf den Schüler. „Alles ok. Du wirkst irgendwie… neben der Spur.“, kommentierte Viktor, sein Vater. „Ich… alles gut. Hatte einen doofen Traum… Ich war fett…“ Was zu einem herzhaften Lachen seines Erzeugers führte. „Fett… Das ist doch seit 30 Jahre kein Thema mehr.“ Und tatsächlich dämmerte es Ben jetzt. Fast so, als ob die Information für ihn komplett neu war - aber bekannt. Ein seltsames Gefühl. Es gab keine dicken Leute mehr. Die beiden unterhielten sich noch über die kommenden Routinen, die sie am Nachmittag ausprobieren wollten und was sonst noch in der Schule anstatt. Bald war „Posing-Prüfung“ und Ben natürlich ein wenig aufgeregt. Eine Stunde später stieg Ben dann an seiner Schule aus. „Fitness-Schule für junge Männer im Bezirk Nord.“ Der alltägliche Anblick der vielen, trainierten Jungs in enger Sportkleidung war absolut nichts besonderes und auch die Tatsache, dass sich ein paar Schüler mit heftigen Zungenküssen begrüßten. So kam auch Marc auf Ben zu und küsste ihn leidenschaftlich. Sein bester Freund seit der Grundschule wollte immer mehr in Richtung Bodybuilder gehen und das zeigte sich auch. Mit 18 Jahre bereits 110kg auf die Waage zu bringen, war beachtlich und die enge Spandex-Kleidung überließ nichts der Fantasie. Sie waren in der Tat nicht zusammen, aber irgendwann hatte es sich in der Welt durchgesetzt, dass man beste Freunde so begrüßte. Auf einmal war das wieder dieses Gefühl… Das Gefühl von einem Traum. Marc kommentierte auch den etwas müden Eindruck seines Freundes, dann läutete aber schon die Glocke zum Schulbeginn. Der Tag bestand aus Ökotrophologie im sportlichen Sektor, Posing-Analyse, Social-Media-Training und einem 4 Stunden Sportprogramm. Verschwitzt kam Ben nach Hause, sein Vater schon wieder am Kochen. „Hey Champ! Wie war Schule?“, wollte er direkt wissen und beim Essen erzählte Ben von den neusten Trends und was in der Schule los war. Hauptsächlich, wer mit wem. „Wollen wir dann direkt das neue Training testen?“, wollte Viktor wissen, doch Ben schüttelte den Kopf. „Ich muss noch 4 Selfies machen, bearbeiten und auf YouTube drei Videos aufholen. Sorry, aber Hausaufgaben gehen vor.“, womit er sich auf sein Zimmer verabschiedete. Dort angekommen wunderte sich das Fitness-Model, dass sein Tablet eine ihm unbekannte App offen hatte. Kein Name, kein Brand und ein etwas seltsames Interface waren darauf zu sehen. Individual Gewicht Globaler Durchschnitt Penis Größe Globaler Durchschnitt … Und sehr viel mehr seltsame Reiter - doch überall waren Werte eingetragen und tatsächlich konnte er oben seinen Namen sehen. Ben Neumann. Die sonst so glatte Stirn legte sich in Falten und er merkte, wie sein Schwanz leicht hart wurde. Vielleicht eine App wie für Sims oder eine andere Simulation. Er klickte sich also ein bisschen durch und spielte damit rum. ___ Eingabe bestätigen? Ja/Nein Änderungen global übernehmen? Ja/Nein Settings als Voreinstellung speichern? Ja/Nein Speicher und fortfahren? Ja/Nein ___ Als Ben aufwachte, fühlte er sich nicht so, als ob er wirklich geschlafen hätte. Er wirkte matt und für einen moment auch desorientiert, unsicher wo er war und wer er überhaupt war. Vielleicht lag es an diesem seltsamen Traum… Ein Alptraum. Er war in diesem Traum zwar auch 18, aber ein richtiger Lauch mit 93kg . Einem Mini-Penis von gerade mal 18cm. Nichts, worauf man irgendwie stolz sein konnte. Nicht in dieser Welt. Ein Seufzer kam Ben über die Lippen und ein Blick auf den Wecker verriet, dass es 6:45 war. Tatsächlich eine Viertelstunde zu früh wach geworden wegen dieses blöden Traums. Er schloss noch einmal kurz die Augen, wuchtete sich dann erstmal nach oben. Wie immer rollte er sich auf die Seite und dann die Beine aus dem Bett. Kurz gab er seinem Kreislauf die Möglichkeit, sich an die veränderte Lage anzupassen. Dann stand er auf und stampfte ins Bad. Dort angekommen ging sein erster Gang, wie jeden Morgen, zur Waage. Das moderne Teil, das sein Vater gekauft hatte, zeigte alles an und auf Grund der eingespeicherten Daten, waren auch Körperfett und Muskelmasse Messungen möglich. 145 kg bei 9% Körperfett verteilt auf 1,95m. Also wie immer. Kurz zögerte er und das Gefühl in diesem Traum war wieder da. Aber ein Blick in den Spiegel half. Er war zwar nicht der Größte Teen-Bodybuilder auf der Welt, aber zufrieden mit seinem Blick. All das Training hatte sein Gesicht markanter gemacht und die 18 Jahre kaufte man ihm nicht ab. Hohe Wangenknochen und ein breites Kinn. Blaue Augen, geziert von buschigen Augenbrauen. Ein breiter Hals, der in einen breiten Nacken und noch breitere Schultern mündete. Der Bizeps, egal ob angespannt oder nicht, wurde immer von Adern durchzogen. Sein Taille war gerade mal 32cm breit und verziert von 8 harten Muskeln. Seine Beine, breit wie Baumstümpfe berührten sich schon seit langer Zeit und sorgten dafür, dass seine Zitronen-großen Hoden nach vorne gedrückt wurden und seine 24, schlaffen Zentimeter darüber lagen. Wobei sich sein Schwanz beim Anblick seines Körpers langsam für die Morgen-Routine bereit machte. Ben drehte sich seitwärts und betrat die Dusche. Halbwegs abgetrocknet - denn er erreichte seit Neustem nicht mehr alle Stellen - ging es ans Anziehen. Er war auf einer Bodybuilder-Schule für Jungs. Das Konzept gab es schon immer. Die Absolventen wurden zu gigantischen Männern mit unfassbarer Muskelmasse. Sein Vater unterstützte ihn im seinen Vorhaben, einer der nächsten Mr. Univers zu werden. Wie jede dieser Elite-Schulen trug er auch hier eine Schuluniform und ärgerte sich maßlos darüber. Das Crop Top verdeckte seine Brustmuskeln und nur sein 8-pack war sichtbar. Er liebte aber seine Pecs, konnte gegen die Schulordnung aber nichts tun. Das andere Problem war die Hose. Vielleicht passte die mal kleinen Männern vor 50 Jahren. Aber die Schwänze der Jugend waren einfach fetter, länger und größer. Nur mit Mühe stopfte er alles in diese Mini-Shorts. Ein kurzer Blick in den Spiegel beurteilte den Sitz seiner Hose und kurz hatte er wieder das Gefühl des seltsamen Traums… „Morgen Monster.“, begrüßte ihn sein Vater Viktor. Er war selbst Absolvent der Schule und einer der Jahrgangs-Schwersten. 188kg brachte er auch heute noch auf die Waage und nur mit Poser bekleidet, machte er ein Essen für 10 normale Leute. Oder einen, wachsenden, angehenden Star am Bodybuilder Himmel. Ein eiweißreiches Frühstück wartete auf den Schüler. „Alles ok. Du wirkst irgendwie… neben der Spur.“, kommentierte Viktor. „Ich… alles gut. Hatte einen doofen Traum… Ich war… gerade mal 93kg schwer…“ Was zu einem herzhaften Lachen seines Erzeugers führte. „Ja, dann wurdest du aber eingeschult. Hast du Angst vor der Posing-Prüfung?“, woraufhin er als Antwort ein Kopfnicken bekam. Die beiden unterhielten sich noch beim Frühstück und sein Vater versuchte ihm die Nervosität zu nehmen. Eine Stunde später stieg Ben dann an seiner Schule aus. „Bodybuilder-Schule für junge Männer im Bezirk Nord.“ Der Vorhof der Schule sah aus wie bei einer Convention. Alle Männer in Crop-Tops, engen Hosen, der ein oder andere vom Morgen-Training aufgepumpt und ein paar der oberen Klassen wackelten auf Grund ihrer Masse schon jetzt in Richtung Gebäude, um rechtzeitig im Unterricht zu sein. Sein bester Freund, Marc, seit der Grundschule kam auf ihn zu und kniff ihm erst scherzhaft in den linken Nippel, bevor er ihm einen Zungenkuss gab. Marc kommentierte auch den etwas müden Eindruck seines Freundes, dann läutete aber schon die Glocke zum Schulbeginn. Der Tag bestand aus Ökotrophologie im Muskel-aufbau-Sektor, Posing-Analyse, Posing-Routine und einem 4 Stunden Lifting. Verschwitzt kam Ben nach Hause, sein Vater schon wieder am Kochen. „Hey Monster! Wie war Schule?“, wollte er direkt wissen und beim Essen erzählte Ben von den neusten Trends und was in der Schule los war. Hauptsächlich, wer mit wem. „Wollen wir dann direkt dein Nachmittagstraining beginnen?“, wollte Viktor wissen, doch Ben schüttelte den Kopf. „Ich habe heute beim Posing noch ein paar Defizite bei mir entdeckt. Ich muss das noch aufholen. Sorry, aber Hausaufgaben gehen vor.“, womit er sich auf sein Zimmer verabschiedete. Dort angekommen wunderte sich der Bodybuilder, dass sein Tablet eine ihm unbekannte App offen hatte. Kein Name, kein Brand und ein etwas seltsames Interface waren darauf zu sehen. Individual Gewicht Globaler Durchschnitt Penis Größe Globaler Durchschnitt … Und sehr viel mehr seltsame Reiter - doch überall waren Werte eingetragen und tatsächlich konnte er oben seinen Namen sehen. Ben Neumann. Die sonst so glatte Stirn legte sich in Falten und er merkte, wie sein Schwanz leicht hart wurde. Vielleicht eine App wie für Sims oder eine andere Simulation. Er klickte sich also ein bisschen durch und spielte damit rum. ___ Eingabe bestätigen? Ja/Nein Änderungen global übernehmen? Ja/Nein Settings als Voreinstellung speichern? Ja/Nein Speicher und fortfahren? Ja/Nein ___ Als Ben aufwachte, fühlte er sich nicht so, als ob er wirklich geschlafen hätte. Er wirkte matt und für einen moment auch desorientiert, unsicher wo er war und wer er überhaupt war. Vielleicht lag es an diesem seltsamen Traum… Ein Alptraum. Er war in diesem Traum zwar auch 18, aber nur 145kg schwer und sein Schwanz war nicht der Rede wert. Ein Seufzer kam Ben über die Lippen und er rief laut: „Bin wach…“, Er hatte keine Ahnung, wie spät es war, den Kopf zu drehen, konnte er schon lange nicht mehr. „Morgen Titan!“, begrüßte ihn sein Vater. „Morgen Kleiner.“, meinte Thomas, der Freund seines Vaters und „Pfleger“ von Ben. Die beiden Schwer-Gewichts-Bodybuilder mit zusammen knapp 420kg, keuchten schwer und wuchteten Viktors Sohn aus dem Bett heraus. „Na? Da sind nochmal ein paar Pfund dazugekommen.“, kommentierte Thomas und klopfte auf eine der stahlharten Brust. „Dann wollen wir doch mal schauen.“, schlug sein Vater vor und Ben wackelte in Richtung Bad. Die Schwerlast-Waage protestierte leicht, sagte dann aber alle Daten laut auf: „Ben Neumann - 18 Jahre - 210 m - Wiegevorgang - Bitte warten - Prüfe - Verarbeite - 492 kg - 7% Körperfett.“ Beide Väter applaudierten und Viktor meinte: „Bis zum Ende des Schuljahres schaffen wir die halbe Tonne doch noch! Aber jetzt los. Duschen und Abspritzen.“ So betraten alle drei Männer nackt das große Areal, was als Dusche genutzt wurde. 10 qm gekachelt mit diversen Duschdüsen. Anders konnte sie ihren Sohn nicht mehr sauber bekommen. Während sich der eine darum kümmerte, dass jede Körperstelle eingeseift und sauber gemacht wurde, versorgte der andere die pochende 42 cm Schwanz. Die Handball-großen Eier sorgten für genug Sperma, als das der Abfluss von Zeit zu Zeit dem nicht gerecht wurde. Das Abtrocknen des Kolosses dauerte ebenfalls nochmal lange und während dessen konnte sich Ben ein Bild seines monumentalen Körpers machen. Seine Wangenknochen und Kinn waren von unfassbarer Symmetrie und sehr kantig. 18 Jahre und eine Männlichkeit ausstrahlend. Sein Hals war fast doppelt so breit wie sein Kopf und verschwand zwischen seinen Trapezmuskeln. Seit knapp 50kg war es fast unmöglich, den Kopf zu drehen. Seine Schultern erreichten nun endlich eine Breite von 2,50m und nicht zuletzt wirkte er noch breiter, durch die abstehenden Arme. Sein Latissimus sorgte dafür, dass der Melonengroße Bizeps ruhig darauf abgelegt war. Fast lächerlich schmal dagegen wirkte seine 40cm Taille mit 10-pack. Darunter gespiegelt, rein von der Breite, waren seine Beine. So groß und breit, dass sein Laufen ein Wackeln war und selbst das „an einander vorbei rollen“ der Oberschenkel problematisch wurde. Fast keinen Platz schien sein gigantischer Schwanz samt Hoden zu haben, die nun von Thomas in seine Schuluniform gepresst wurden. Nachdem sein Paket verstaut war, legten Viktor und Thomas die Hosenträger-artigen Riemen über die Schultern. Das Gewicht von knapp 5kg konnte von dem Material nicht gehalten werden und benötigte zusätzliche Hilfe. Eine Spezialanfertigung für den Jahrgangsbesten in der Bodybuilder-School. Das kleine Logo auf dem Poser war durch die Menge an Männlichkeit komplett verzerrt und kaum erkennbar. „Dann hol du den Truck, ich werfe die Maschine an.“ Ben wackelte nun in Richtung Ausgang des ebenerdigen Hauses. Vor langer Zeit mussten sie umziehen, da das Monster keine Treppen mehr steigen konnte. Die fast halbe Tonne an Muskeln wuchtete sich dann die Rampe hoch und der GMC ging tief in die Federn. Viktor kam mit einem Schlauch und steckte ihm seinen Sohn in den Mund. „10.000 kcal auf dem Weg. Guten Hunger!“ Er wollte schon gehen, stoppte dann aber und klemmte das iPad in die Vorrichtung bei Ben. „Hab dein Pad mitgebracht für die Fahrt.“ Ben bedankte sich dann noch und versuchte mit seinen gigantischen Finger das Pad zu bedienen und stockte kurz. Dort war eine ihm unbekannte App offen. Kein Name, kein Brand und ein etwas seltsames Interface waren darauf zu sehen. Individual Gewicht Globaler Durchschnitt Penis Größe Globaler Durchschnitt … Und sehr viel mehr seltsame Reiter - doch überall waren Werte eingetragen und tatsächlich konnte er oben seinen Namen sehen. Ben Neumann. Die sonst so glatte Stirn legte sich in Falten und er merkte, wie sein Schwanz leicht hart wurde. Vielleicht eine App wie für Sims oder eine andere Simulation. Er klickte sich also ein bisschen durch und spielte damit rum.
  4. So I've translated my original german story. Please be kind - not my native tounge! Hope u like anyways! ___ Confirm input? Yes/No Apply changes globally? Yes/No Save settings as default? Yes/No Save and continue? Yes/No ___ When Ben woke up, he did not feel as if he had really slept. He seemed dull and for a moment also disoriented, unsure where he was and who he was at all. Maybe it was because of this strange dream... A nightmare. In this dream he was also 18, but fat with 280 pounds of pure blubber and a gigantic belly. A micro penis of just 1 angry inch. No friends and only food around him. Alone and unhappy. A sigh came over Ben's lips and a glance at the alarm clock revealed that it was 6:45. In fact, he had woken up fifteen minutes too early because of that stupid dream. He closed his eyes for a moment, but then got up and went into the bathroom. Like every morning, the first thing he did was to go to the scale. The modern part that his father had bought showed everything and due to the stored data, body fat and muscle mass measurements were also possible. 205 lbs with 11% body fat distributed on 6’1. So as always. Shortly he hesitated and the feeling in this dream was there again... As always, he noticed that his best piece loved the numbers and slowly pumped up, with which he quickly hopped into the shower. After the 7 inches had been worked on and the body cleaned, it was time to get dressed. He was at a fitness school for boys. The concept had always been there. The graduates of this school went directly to big modeling agencies, bodybuilder training or the porn industry. His father supported him in his plans to get one of the leading Only Fans accounts. Like each of these schools, he wore a school uniform. A pair of workout compression shorts and a matching top with the school's logo. He was a little annoyed by this, as he liked to show off his washboard abs. But you couldn't have everything. On his way downstairs, his dad greeted him: "Morning champ!" the 44-year-old bear commented. His father had once been a bodybuilder himself and was now putting his knowledge of nutrition to good use for his son. A high-protein breakfast awaited the student. "You're okay. You seem kind of... off." commented Victor, his father. "I'm... all good. Had a stupid dream... I was fat..." Which led to a hearty laugh from his dad. "Fat... That hasn't been an issue for 30 years." And sure enough, it dawned on Ben now. Almost as if the information was completely new to him - but familiar. It was a strange feeling. There were no more fat people. The two were still talking about the upcoming routines they were going to try in the afternoon and what else was going on at school instead of. Soon it was "posing exam" and Ben of course a little excited. Then, an hour later, Ben got off at his school. "Fitness School for Young Men in the North District." The everyday sight of the many, trained boys in tight sportswear was absolutely nothing special and also the fact that a few students greeted each other with fierce French kisses. So Marc also came up to Ben and kissed him passionately. His best friend since elementary school always wanted to go more in the direction of bodybuilders and it showed. At 18 years already 245lbs on was considerable and the tight spandex clothing left nothing to the imagination. They were indeed not together, but at some point it had become accepted in the world that you greeted best friends so. Suddenly it was that feeling again... The feeling of a dream. Marc also commented on the somewhat tired impression of his friend, but then the bell rang for the start of school. The day consisted of ecotrophology in the sports sector, posing analysis, social media training and a 4-hour sports program. Sweaty Ben came home, his father already cooking again. "Hey champ! How was school?", he wanted to know directly and while eating Ben told about the latest trends and what was going on in school. Mainly, who was with whom. "Shall we test the new workout right away then?", Victor wanted to know, but Ben shook his head. "I still have four selfies to take, edit, and three videos to catch up on YouTube. Sorry, but homework comes first," with which he left for his room. Once there, the fitness model wondered why his tablet had an app open that was unfamiliar to him. No name, no brand, and a somewhat strange interface were on it. Individual Weight Global average Penis Size Global average ... And a lot more strange tabs - but values were entered everywhere and in fact he could see his name at the top. Ben Neumann. The usually smooth forehead wrinkled and he noticed how his dick got slightly hard. Maybe an app like for Sims or some other simulation. So he clicked through a bit and played around with it. ___ Confirm input? Yes/No Apply changes globally? Yes/No Save settings as default? Yes/No Save and continue? Yes/No ___ When Ben woke up, he did not feel as if he had really slept. He seemed dull and for a moment also disoriented, unsure where he was and who he was at all. Maybe it was because of this strange dream... A nightmare. In this dream he was also 18 years old and a real Twink with only 200-something-pounds. A mini penis of just 7 inches. Nothing to be proud of somehow. Not in this world. A sigh came over Ben's lips and a glance at the alarm clock revealed that it was 6:45. In fact, he had woken up fifteen minutes too early because of that stupid dream. He closed his eyes for a moment, then he heaved himself upstairs. As usual, he rolled onto his side and then his legs out of bed. Briefly he gave his circulation a chance to adjust to the changed position. Then he got up and stomped into the bathroom. Once there, his first walk, as he did every morning, was to the scale. The modern piece that his father had bought showed everything and, based on the data stored in it, body fat and muscle mass measurements were also possible. 320 lbs with 9% body fat distributed on 6’4. So as always. Shortly he hesitated and the feeling in the dream was back. But a look in the mirror helped. He wasn't the biggest teen bodybuilder in the world, but he was satisfied with his look. All that training had made his face more prominent and he wasn't buying the 18 years. High cheekbones and a broad chin. Blue eyes, graced by bushy eyebrows. A broad neck that flowed into a wide nape and even broader shoulders. The biceps, strained or not, were always crisscrossed with veins. His waist was tight and adorned by 8 hard muscles. His legs, as wide as tree stumps had been touching for a long time, ensuring that his lemon-sized testicles were pushed forward and his 10 flaccid inches lay above them. Whereas his cock was slowly getting ready for the morning routine at the sight of his body. Ben turned sideways and entered the shower. Halfway dried - because he did not reach all places since lately - it went to dressing. He was at a bodybuilder school for boys. The concept had always existed. The graduates became gigantic men with incredible muscle mass. His father supported him in his quest to become one of the next Mr. Univers. Like any of these elite schools, he wore a school uniform and was annoyed beyond measure. The crop top hid his pecs and only his 8-pack was visible. He loved his pecs though, but couldn't do anything about the school rules. The other problem was the pants. Maybe they used to fit little men 50 years ago. But the cocks of the youth were simply fatter, longer and bigger. Only with effort he stuffed everything into these mini shorts. A quick look in the mirror judged the fit of his pants and briefly he had again the feeling of the strange dream... "Morning Monster.", his father Victor greeted him. He himself was a graduate of the school and one of the year's heaviest. 414 pounds he weighed even today and dressed only in poser, he made a meal for 18 normal people. Or one, growing, budding star in the bodybuilder sky. A high-protein breakfast awaited the student. "You're okay. You seem kind of... off.", Victor commented. "I'm... all good. Had a stupid dream... I was... just 200lbs..." Which led to a hearty laugh from his producer. "Yeah, but then you were enrolled in school. Are you scared of the posing exam?" to which he got a nod of his head in response. The two were still talking over breakfast and his father was trying to ease his nervousness. Then, an hour later, Ben got off the bus at his school. "Bodybuilder School for Young Men in the North District." The front yard of the school looked like it was at a convention. All the men in crop tops, tight pants, one or the other pumped up from the morning workout, and a few of the upper classes were already waddling towards the building due to their mass, in order to be in class on time. His best friend, Marc, since elementary school came up to him and first jokingly pinched his left nipple before French kissing him. Marc also commented on the somewhat tired impression of his friend, but then the bell already rang for the start of school. The day consisted of ecotrophology in the muscle-building sector, posing analysis, posing routine and a 4-hour lifting. Sweaty Ben came home, his father already cooking again. "Hey Monster! How was school?", he wanted to know directly and while eating Ben told about the latest trends and what was going on in school. Mainly, who was with whom. "Shall we start your afternoon training right then?", Viktor wanted to know, but Ben shook his head. "I discovered a few deficits in my posing today. I still have to catch up on that. Sorry, but homework comes first," with which he took his leave for his room. Once there, the bodybuilder was surprised to see that his tablet had an unfamiliar app open. No name, no brand and a somewhat strange interface were visible on it. Individual Weight Global average Penis Size Global average ... And a lot more strange tabs - but values were entered everywhere and in fact he could see his name at the top. Ben Neumann. The usually smooth forehead wrinkled and he noticed how his dick got slightly hard. Maybe an app like for Sims or some other simulation. So he clicked through a bit and played around with it. ___ Confirm input? Yes/No Apply changes globally? Yes/No Save settings as default? Yes/No Save and continue? Yes/No ___ When Ben woke up, he did not feel as if he had really slept. He seemed dull and for a moment also disoriented, unsure where he was and who he was at all. Maybe it was because of this strange dream... A nightmare. He was also 18 in this dream, but only 320 pounds and his dick was not worth mentioning. A sigh came over Ben's lips and he called out loud: „I’m up...", He had no idea what time it was, to turn his head, he could not for a long time. "Morning Titan!", his father greeted him. "Morning kid.", Thomas, his father's friend and "keeper" of Ben said. The two heavy-weight bodybuilders with a combined weight of almost 770 lbs, panted heavily and heaved Victor's son out of bed. "Well, there's a few more pounds on there," Thomas commented, tapping one of the steel-hard pecs. "Let's take a look then, shall we?" his father suggested, and Ben wobbled toward the bathroom. The heavy-duty scale protested slightly, but then recited all the data aloud: "Ben Neumann - 18 years - 6'9 - Cradle - Please wait - Check - Process - 1053,81 lbs - 7% body fat." Both fathers applauded and Viktor said, "We'll make the half-ton by the end of the school year after all! But let's go now. Shower and jerk." So all three men entered naked the large area, which was used as a shower. 5 square meters tiled with various shower nozzles. Otherwise they could not get their son clean. While one took care that every part of the body was soaped and made clean, the other took care of the throbbing 17 inches cock. The handball-sized balls provided enough sperm than the drain couldn't handle from time to time. Drying the colossus also took another long time and during that Ben could get a picture of his monumental body. His cheekbones and chin were of incredible symmetry and very angular. 18 years and radiating a masculinity. His neck was almost twice as wide as his head and disappeared between his trapezius muscles. Since 100 lbs ago, it was almost impossible to turn his head. His shoulders finally reached a width of 8 feet and last but not least he looked even broader, due to his protruding arms. His latissimus ensured that the melon-sized biceps were resting quietly on it. Almost ridiculously narrow in contrast, his 40cm waist with 10-pack looked. Played below that, purely in terms of width, were his legs. So big and wide that his walking was a wobble and even "rolling past each other" his thighs became problematic. There seemed to be almost no room for his gigantic cock including testicles, which were now pressed into his school uniform by Thomas. After his package was stowed, Viktor and Thomas put the braces-like straps over his shoulders. The weight of nearly 10 pounds could not be held by the material and needed extra help. A custom made for the year's best in bodybuilder school. The small logo on the poser was completely distorted by the amount of masculinity and barely recognizable. "You get the truck then, I'll fire up the machine." Ben now wobbled toward the exit of the ground-level house. A long time ago they had to move because the monster could no longer climb stairs. The almost half ton of muscle then heaved itself up the ramp and the GMC went into the springs. Victor came up with a hose and stuck his son in his mouth. "Ten thousand kcal on the way. Good hunger!" He was about to leave, but then stopped and jammed the iPad into the device near Ben. "Brought your pad for the ride." Ben then thanked him and tried to operate the pad with his gigantic fingers and faltered briefly. There was an app open there that was unfamiliar to him. No name, no brand and a somewhat strange interface were on it. Individual Weight Global average Penis Size Global average ... And a lot more strange tabs - but values were entered everywhere and in fact he could see his name at the top. Ben Neumann. The usually smooth forehead wrinkled and he noticed how his dick got slightly hard. Maybe an app like for Sims or some other simulation. So he clicked through a bit and played around with it.
  5. Part 1 I had graduated from art school a few months ago, but was still working as a barista at a coffee shop. Finding work as an artist was tough, so I had to keep working that crappy job until I could find something better. To take my mind off of that, I went to the gym to workout. Even though I didn’t know that much about lifting weights, I did what I could to build muscle. I always admired (and lusted after) huge muscle guys, wondering how they got so big. I had an athletic build, but my body was extremely small compared to those guys. I always wished I could be as big as them. When I hit the gym floor, I noticed two massively built older guys doing the bench press together. They were both wearing string tanks, tight shorts, weight belts and training shoes. They looked like they were 6 feet tall and weighed 280 pounds each and about 50 years old. Both were ruggedly handsome, one bald with a beard, the other with short dark hair and a mustache. And both their cocks were showing in those tight shorts underneath large muscle guts. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them as they took turns lifting the bar, loaded with four plates on each side. One grunted out rep after rep, while the other one encouraged him to keep going. They would slap each other on the chest after each set. “Good job, man! Looking pumped!” I could see their dicks harden and grew during the set. I moved to a flat bench next to them and hoped to get a better look while I worked my chest. I put 45-pound weights on each side of the bar and tried to get to ten reps. After a few, I started to struggle. “Hey little man, need some help?” I heard a deep voice ask. I looked up and saw a bald, bearded face staring down at me above a pair of massive pecs and a huge bulge. “Um, sure,” I responded. He put his hands under the bar, helping to guide it as I continued to push up and down. “There you go, keep pushing. Stay in form. That’s it.” His encouraging words helped me through the set, as I finished out the full ten reps. I sat up and turned to him and smiled. “Thanks, that was helpful.” He smiled back. “No problem. Do you want me to spot you for the rest of your set?” “Oh, I don’t want to interrupt your workout with your friend over there.” I motioned over to the other daddy, who was talking on his phone and adjusting his cock. “Oh, he has to take care of some business, so it’s all good.” “Ok, sure!” I got excited that this huge muscle daddy was helping me workout and I started to pop a boner in my sweats. I laid back down on the bench, hoping he didn’t notice my hardon. I started my next set and he guided me through it. His deep voice calmed me as I focused on lifting the bar up and down. The weight didn’t feel as heavy now. I did two more sets, feeling pumped at the end. “Good job! You got a nice pump from that!” He exclaimed, looking down at my pecs. I blushed, still feeling tiny compared to him. I looked down and caught his dick moving in his shorts. “Yeah, good job!” said the mustached daddy, who walked over, or waddled more accurately. His dick bounced as he moved. “Thanks. I’m pretty new to working out, so I’m still trying to learn the ropes.” I smiled sheepishly. They both exchanged glances. The bearded daddy said, “You want to work out with us? We can show you a few things. We have been doing this for awhile.” He raised his arm, flexed his thick bicep and laughed. My cock hardened immediately. “Sure!” I said, surprised at the invitation. They both slapped me on the back and chuckled. “Good! I’m Terrell and this is Tony.” Both reached out their meaty hands to shake my much smaller one. My cock quivered at their touch. “I’m Josh. Nice to meet you.” They led me over to a cable machine and set the weight up. I followed their instructions as they taught me proper form and technique. Hearing their deep voices tell me what do while working out my chest turned me on so much. I had to keep adjusting myself so my hardon wasn’t visible. But as the workout went on, the more intense it got and I soon forgot all about that and just focused on lifting weights. All I could hear were their voices telling me what to do as my pecs pushed themselves to the limit. By the end, my chest felt destroyed, but totally pumped. “Great workout, Josh. You really killed it!” Terrell said patting me on my chest with his giant hand. “Yeah, I’m impressed,” Tony remarked, also patting me on my chest. “Really?” I was practically out of breath and completely drenched in sweat. They were both covered in sweat and their pecs had swelled even more from the workout. I felt like a toothpick standing next to them. They were so wide and thick, packed with dense, veiny muscle. Every time they moved, their muscles twitched. I felt light headed being surrounded by so much muscle. I bent over to catch my breath. “You ok, Josh?” Tony asked. “Yeah, but I think that workout killed me, though.” Both laughed. “Good, that way you know it’s working!” He slapped me on the back. “We gotta run, but you wanna work out with us again sometime?” I looked stunned. Why were these muscle gods so willing to help me? “Um, yeah, I’d love to!” “Cool. How about you meet us here tomorrow at the same time?” “Ok, see you then!” I wiped sweat from my face. “Make sure to eat plenty of food today and get lots of sleep. You don’t want to waste those gains!” Then Tony reached into his duffle bag and pulled out some pills. “Oh, and take these supplements, they will help you recover from the brutal workout today. We want you nice and rested for the torture we’re going to put you through tomorrow! Haha!” I laughed nervously with him. “See you tomorrow, Josh!” said Terrell, patting me on my bubble butt while he and Tony waddled out of the gym. I was stunned. I felt so lucky that those two muscle daddies trained me. And they were going to train me again! I eagerly popped the pills that they gave me and washed them down with water. I went home, ate a ton, and then went to bed early, dreaming of those two muscle daddies. Part 2 The next day I bolted out of work and ran straight to the gym. As soon as I walked in the door, I saw Tony and Terrell standing at the front desk, looking massive. I got hard instantly. I hoped I could make it through the workout without embarrassing myself. They smiled and waved at me. “Ready for your next training session?” Terrell asked while putting his meaty hand on my shoulder. My dick twitched from his touch. “Yeah, I’ve been looking forward to it!” “Good! And it looks like you kept that chest pump from yesterday!” Tony beamed as he put his hand on my pecs. My dick twitched again. I was in heaven. Terrell handed me some more pills and a bottle of liquid. “Before we begin, take these supplements and pre-workout. They’ll help you get a better workout and pump.” I happily swallowed the pills and washed them down with the drink. I could feel my body already getting pumped. “Good boy,” he said while patting me on my ass. We made our way to gym floor and started my training session. They stood on either side of me as I lifted, correcting my form as I went. Once again, their deep voices lulled me into a trance, my mind focusing only on lifting weight. I could feel my muscles swelling as the weight and intensity increased. Before I knew it, I had finished the session. My back and biceps were on fire. “Great job, Josh! Your back is looking yoked!” exclaimed Tony from behind me while putting his hands all over my back. He moved closer and I could feel a bulge press slightly into my backside. “Fuck, man, your guns are looking big!” cried Terrell from the front. “Let’s see them. Give us a double bi!” Hesitantly, I raised both my arms and flexed. They had never felt so swollen before. His eyes lit up as he moved closer to feel them. “Thatta boy!” he said squeezing my arms while gently pressing his pecs and bulge into me. I waivered and felt like I was about to pass out. “Easy there, Josh! You ok?” Terrell released my arms and held me by my waist. “Yeah, just a little wiped out from the workout.” I wiped the pouring sweat from my forehead. “Looks like you need to eat. Wanna grab a bite to eat with us?” Tony asked. “Uh, sure,” I replied, still unsteady from the intense workout. “I gotta shower first, though.” “No problem. We’ll wait for you by the front desk.” He patted me on my ass as I headed to the locker room. I quickly showered and got dressed. I was half expecting them to be gone when I came out, but there they were, still looking massive. I couldn’t believe my luck. We headed down the block to a small restaurant and found a booth to sit in. I sat on one side where Terrell joined me. Tony sat across from us. Both guys were so big, they couldn’t fit on one side together. Even with my much smaller build, Terrell still crowded me as his large arms sat against mine. My dick pitched a tent in my pants. After we perused the menu, the waiter came over and his eyes widened as he looked at Tony and Terrell. I could see his dick move in his pants. “Um, what’ll you guys have?” Looking at the menu, Terrell ordered. “I’ll have the whole chicken, two orders of rice, and two orders of steamed broccoli.” I gulped at the thought of eating that much food in one sitting. Tony chimed in, “Yeah, I’ll have the same.” “Wow, you guys are hungry!” the waiter marveled. “Well, you gotta eat to get big,” boasted Tony as he flexed a bicep. The waiter balked at the size of Tony’s arm. Then the waiter turned to look at me. “Um, I guess I’ll have…” Terrell interrupted. “Why don’t you start him out with half of what we ordered, and we’ll go from there.” I looked stunned. Why did he order for me? “All right, I’ll bring it out when it’s ready!” He turned and went to the kitchen, adjusting his pants along the way. I was about to speak up, when Terrell turned to me, his big, brown eyes boring a hole through me as he spoke. “I didn’t want you to lose any of the gains you made today, so I ordered you the best and healthiest option here. I hope you don’t mind?” All resistance faded in me as he said that. “I don’t mind. You know what’s best for building muscle,” I acquiesced. He smiled and patted my leg. “Good boy.” Tony rested his elbows on the table and leaned in, his arms flexing as he did so. “You did great today Josh. We think you have the potential to get big. That is, if you want to.” “Yeah, I do. I’ve always wanted to be big. But I’ve never been able to grow past a certain point.” “We can help you if you like. We’ve been looking for a boy to train and you have the determination, seriousness, and looks that we require. Would you like us to train you?” His arms flexed some more. My cock hardened and shifted in my pants. “Yeah, I’d love that, but I can’t afford trainers right now. I’m just a barista at a coffee shop!” They both laughed. “No, we don’t want your money! But, there are some things we would require from you.” The muscles on his big arms rippled, from his forearms to the top of his delts. I got a little lightheaded. “Like what?” I was excited about the prospect of training with them all the time and getting bigger. Terrell chimed in. “Well, you would have to do everything that we tell you to do. But, you’ve already proven that you can take direction, so that’s good.” He squeezed my leg with his hand, grazing the hardon in my pants as he did so. “And we would need to monitor your bodybuilding progress closely. Like making sure you eat and sleep enough, that you’re taking the right supplements, and taking proper care of your body.” I got even harder hearing Terrell say those words. I had always wanted someone to train me and make me bigger. “So that would require you moving in with us. We have a large brownstone where you would have your own room and privacy. It’s not that far from here.” My mouth dropped open. They wanted me to move in with them? I just met them yesterday! “Um, wow, that’s a lot to take in. I don’t know…” Tony reached under the table and grabbed my leg. “You can think about it. But we would pay for everything: room and board, food, and supplements. All you have to do is workout, cook and prep food, and grow. You wouldn’t have to work. We just want to make sure you grow as big as possible.” They were both looking at me and I didn’t know what to say. Could I just uproot my life and move in with these guys? But the idea was awfully tempting. I hated my job, I lived in a crappy apartment with a lousy roommate, and I always wanted to be big. Plus, I would get to spend time with two incredibly hot muscle daddies! “You know what, that actually sounds great to me. I’ll do it!” They both cheered. “Perfect, we can head over to our place right after we eat!” Terrell said just as the food arrived. We all dug in and happily devoured our meals. Part 3 is below
  6. TonnyGiant

    They are always bigger

    This is a quick story about the little son's reunion with his giant daddy. ************************************************************************************************************************************ Everything is complicated in the life of a person my size. Simple everyday things like grabbing something off a shelf becomes hard work. Being only 4'9” tall is like being a dwarf, almost an ant, when I'm around my dad and my little brother. (Yes, my little brother is much bigger than me). Every time I visit them on the farm, I'm the target of weird jokes like John's and the beanstalk. My dad is the biggest giant and I hear his deep voice echo through the house. "FE ... FI ... FO ... FUM ... I'm smelling daddy's puppy" I left my Big Papa's house to work after I graduated high school. Then I graduated from a community college and today I'm a good accountant in a small business miles away from my family giants. It's embarrassing to live around people who are more than twice their size, so I preferred to live away from them. My dad can't understand that I needed to get this far. He calls me every day asking if I have eaten and slept well and if I'm taking a coat when I leave for work. I am still a baby to my Big Papa. For him, the family has to be united. It had been a while since I had spoken to them. Almost 4 months without news and refusing my father's calls. My dad was upset and sad with me, and I even understand how he feels, but everything is complicated for someone my size. I feel so emasculated beside them and it's like my manhood goes down the drain when I'm close to both of them. So I regained some of my courage and decided to go visit them for the holidays. I locked the door of my little apartment, an apartment adapted for someone 4'9” tall, and went down the stairs of the building. The taxi is already waiting for me. With some difficulty, I got in the car. I don't do very well getting on high cars. The driver looks at me strangely, as if to understand my small size. I'm used to getting those looks already, so I don't care. I point forward and speak at once. “For bus station please” I inform the driver. *************************************************************************** It was almost eight hours and travel from the city where I live to the city where my father's farm is. I got off the bus right in front of the entrance to the dirt road. Now it would be a thirty minute walk to the farm. I looked at the sign and saw the name of the farm carved in wood with the drawing of a flexed muscular arm that read: "Rhodes Family Farm." Yes, my last name was Rhodes, like the colossus. This is so ironic when it comes to me, a little human. For my brother this surname is more appropriate as it is a 9'5” tall colossus. Walking along the path, past big trees, with my backpack on my back, I decide to rest a little under a shadow. I pull out my canteen and drink some water. I close my eyes and keep feeling the warm breeze of the place, at least I'm under a tree. I rest my head against the tree trunk and take a deep, relaxing breath. Minutes pass and I hear the rustle of fallen leaves on the ground. I open my eyes and realize I'm looking at the biggest, most swollen bulge I've ever seen. I quickly get up, grabbing my backpack and stepping back. I needed to look closely, to see exactly who it was. I swallowed hard when I saw the size of that man's thighs. They were huge thighs about the size of the tree trunk I was lying on. I looked up at the groin and something pulsed from inside the man's jeans. (How can there be any clothes that contain that huge thing?) He wore jeans, torn and dirty, at least he looked dirty. From the cracks in my pants I could see that his massive thighs were covered with thick hair and his groin gave off a strong smell, and a tuft of thick hair also protruded from his pants, a masculine smell of sweat from working all day. I looked down at the man's feet ... I don't think I can call this man anymore ... man. He was huge and above world average for a big man. He was a monster, a titan, a colossus. His feet were so large that my two feet together were still insignificant near those furry, strenuous odor feet. He flexed his toes and crushed some dry leaves and ants that walked unaware and unaware of the giant. I swallowed hard when I saw his huge toes. Panting, I almost gave in to the urge to throw myself to the ground and sniff his foot. It was all so strong that I almost gave in to my macrophilic instincts. "Hey, little buddy... are you lost?" The hairy colossus bowed, its great mass descending from the heavens straight to me. Your hairy pecs filling my vision more. His face framed in a thick, black beard. His eyebrows shot up in surprise and his brown eyes almost jumped from his giant head when he recognized me. The same thing happened to me ... I mean, my eyes almost jumped when that manly square-jawed face stared at me closely. The giant stepped back without taking his eyes off me. He tried to say something but couldn't. Approaching his thick index finger, thicker than a sausage, he touched my forehead and gently brushed my hair. “OH SHIT! BEN is that you? My big bro is back! ” The giant's expression began to change. From a surprised face a smile full of tenderness sprang to his manly face. I watched as massive, protruding vein arms wrapped around me and lifted me into a hug. I touched his biceps, and they were bigger than basketballs. His forearms, larger than hams and still a thick layer of dark hair covered his arms. It was hot. I felt my head being pressed against something that was so hot and smelled strongly of sweat. You pair of huge hairy pecs. My head was buried in the crack, or rather, my head was buried in the valley between the hairy giant's pecs. His sweat slipped into the cleavage of chest soaking all over my face. It was inevitable not to taste a little of the hairy giant's sweat. "Hmmmm ... please ... hmmmm" I tried to say but I'm useless. “Awwww… my little brother is back! I LOVE YOU SO LITTLE BEN ” That was when my chip dropped and I began to realize that in fact, that hairy giant, with hard jaw, manly face, hairy and sweaty pecs, thick and hairy thighs and calves, with giant feet was nothing more than my little brother, Brock I was hot from the heat that Brock's massive body emanated. He squeezed me for a few more seconds before pulling my head away from the cleavage of his hairy chest. Still lifting me in the air as if I weighed less than a packet of cookies, he caresses my hair and with eyes full of happiness, bent and kissed my forehead. His thick beard brushed my nose as his thick lips curled into a kiss that almost swallowed my head. “Arrgg… Brock… is that you? Damn… you're huge, ” I choked out. “Hahahaha! This is your little brother, Ben. What do you think of me?” He flexed a biceps that was bigger than a basketball when flexed, bigger than my head. “Holy fuck, Brock! Your arms are thicker than my head. ”I touched his biceps. “I have worked a lot outside. On the farm there is a lot of weight to carry and I can always have a pump at the end of the day. ” He stopped talking, and with his eyebrows together he stared at me for a few seconds. "Why are you here? You didn't come to fight Dad or me, did you? ”His voice was hoarse and dark. "Oh God! No, Brock, of course I won't fight. I want… well… I want to apologize for so long without talking to you ” I shrugged and lowered my gaze. I was embarrassed and still raised in Brock's massive arms, I was far from the ground, but when I swayed my feet I felt something hit me. I tried to look down past Brock's pecs and saw that my feet were on top of the bulge that inhabited Brock's groin. It was fat and large and throbbed under torn jeans. This was even bigger than a rainforest snake. "Jesus Christ," I whispered, scared. “Good!” He smiled happily again. “Dad will be happy to have his eldest son back. The old man is kind of sad missing you ” Brock set me down, but then thought it would be better to carry me. Each step of Brock was like six steps of mine. He had a point, even though I felt terrible about being a made man, but having to be carried by his younger brother like a baby just to keep up later. I didn't fight, but was frustrated when Brock carried me into his arms along the farm access road. “Brock… I'm so sorry,” I swallowed. “I didn't want to spend so much time talking to you guys… I love daddy, but I was feeling suffocated… with all your size… and fuck! Look at the size of the thing you have between your legs. ” I covered my mouth quickly knowing I had said a big bullshit, but Brock smiled and flexed his big cock. He really wanted to show me how big he was and that I could do nothing but accept the fact that he and Dad were giants everywhere. He looked at me like he wanted to prove that point ... and he did it. “We're big, Ben… it's our nature. We are HUUUUGE ” Brock let out a short roar and flexed his pecs, arms and ... cock. His cock almost tore at his pants. I wasn't ready to see, at least not then, my brother's titanic mast. We walked in silence along the way. Sometimes Brock would stop for some fruit and ask me to put it in my backpack. Well, it wasn't so hard for him to get the fruits almost in the crown of some trees. After a walk that lasted at least twenty minutes, we arrived at my father's farm. A very green place, an orchard stuffed with green apples, a great pasture for cows and for Lance, the farm's breeding ox. The barn was in the background, almost on the small hill. The farmhouse was big, huge, to fit my father and brother inside. Made of oak logs, the house resembled Paul Bunyan's storybook. Brock set me down on the porch of the house and said he would call Daddy. Brock stepped back, his footsteps sending little tremors across the porch as he left and went near the barn. I approached the porch guard, climbed on one of the logs so I could better see where my brother's giant was going. That was when he entered the barn and quickly left with my father. They both looked like a younger version of each other, my father actually looked like a more mature and taller version of Brock. He wore a black and white flannel shirt, like a chessboard. Her leather boots were worn and his jeans were faded. With the sleeves of his shirt folded, his hams-size, fur-covered forearms were visible. Dad had a shiny bald head, a thick gray beard, a gray hairy chest. His tired, manly face gave way to a happy smile as he spotted me on his porch standing on one of the logs. His heavy steps quickened. He spread his arms as he approached the porch and at 12ft he covered more space with his quick steps. Within seconds he descended the barn hill and climbed onto the porch. My jaw almost dropped when I saw Dad in front of me. Its bulge was almost three feet above my head. If near Brock I looked like a child, near my father I was like a little doll. I could smell his strong smell from one day hard work on the farm, which came from his swollen groin. The balls were struggling to stay in my jeans and I swear I saw them fluttering as he approached me. His leather boots gave off a strong odor that almost made me pass out. I swallowed hard as I lifted my neck to try to see past the beer gut and the pair of massive hairy pecs that were on the bridge making the shirt burst. How are there clothes to contain so much mass without breaking? "D-daddy ... I ..." I gasped and before I could, my dad leaned over and took me in his arms. Tears were in his eyes as he squeezed me in his embrace. And just as it was with Brock, my face was sticking in the valley of my father's pecs, but now they were bigger, more massive and hairier and sweaty pecs. I had a lot more of Dad to admire, but what I remembered. He was huge. “OH SHIT HOLY! My little boy is back home. Let's have a party with everyone in town ... I want everyone to know how good it is to have my puppy back. ” Dad hummed with me in his arms, his pecs flexing in my face as he spoke. I was beginning to choke on all that hard, hairy mass squeezing my face. I think he had noticed that he was choking me because I just grunted. He lifted my head from the valley of his pecs and met my eyes. Dad had brown eyes, almost honey-colored, and with tears welling up in the corners, he sniffed his nose and stared at me for a while before kissing me. And with your kiss, I say that half of my head went into your mouth. "Dad ... it's hard to breathe ..." I choked. "Oh ... sorry ... hehehehe ... I'm excited to have my son back" He called Brock and with me still in his arms, we entered the house. Dad sat on the couch, and I swear I heard the couch creak with its weight. Brock sat in an elk-horn armchair in front of us and I was sitting on my dad's lap. His thigh was so big that I could sit there all day. With a giant hand behind my back to protect me if I dared to fall, Dad began to talk about how he missed me. I tried to apologize, but he wasn't interested because he said there was nothing to be sorry about and that everything was fine again. I stared at my dad for a few seconds as he tore up in happiness and realized that I missed him too and everything in that place. "I love you, Daddy" I snuggled into his massive hot torso. “Awww… I love you too, puppy. The giant daddy will always be here for you, my little boy. ” "And the giant brother too." Brock nodded and smiled. I was at home, not only for New Year's parties, but because I loved how big they were always, massive, imposing and affectionate. I felt back home where everything is big and I'm a squirt, but I'm protected by two muscle beasts, two loving giants. THE END
  7. Chesnaughty

    Papá ayudándome a crecer

    • Esta es mi primera historia en este lugar, siempre tengo muchas historias presentes en el día a día, y me animé a probar algo nuevo hoy, espero que les guste y disculpen cualquier fallo que pueda tener en la continuidad, ortografía o en la estructura del texto. Contexto: esta es una sociedad únicamente habitada por hombres, en donde solo ciertos especímenes tienden a crecer en algún momento de la pubertad como forma de garantizar la reproducción, esto pasa de generación en generación y usualmente sucede entre los 15 - 18 años de edad. Si no llega a suceder en esa etapa de la vida del macho, es casi imposible que suceda después. ------------------------------------------- Capitulo 1: Crecimiento tardío Nunca antes hubiera imaginado que me pasara esto a estas alturas de mi adolescencia, en especial cuando todos esperan algo de mi, tan solo una señal para garantizar que realmente estoy sufriendo algún cambio. Soy el chico que está en boca de todos en la comunidad manejada por mi familia, esperan "grandes" cosas de mi. Mi nombre es Erick, soy un joven de 18 años, 1.65 de altura, muy pequeño para el promedio, delgado, enfermizo, y "delicado" según las personas que me rodean, suelo vivir deseando que suceda mi cambio lo más pronto posible. ¿Cuál cambio? La hiper pubertad por la que sufren ciertos hombres. Vengo de una familia de machos alfa que se caracterizan por ser bestias enormes que embarazan a cualquier hombre que tengan enfrente, se dan a respetar, y pueden hacer lo que sea con quién sea y cuando quieran. Mi padre ha sido el macho alfa más grande hasta la fecha, un hombre de 1.95 de altura de piel morena, 35 años de edad (sí, me tuvo a los 17 años, pues su apetito sexual aumentó exageradamente cuando tenía 16 después de pasar por el cambio tan agresivo que es la hiper pubertad) tiene unos pectorales enormes y peludos con los que puede romper rocas como si fueran pedazos de arena debilitados por el agua del mar, puede sacar leche llena de proteínas fácilmente al estimular sus grandes y jugosos pezones, Unos brazos gigantescos de los cuales podría sentirse celoso un gorila lomo plateado con los que levanta ferrocarriles, unas piernas peludas y tonificada como robles, una espalda llena de vellos y musculatura en su estado más puro, un cuello grueso y venoso del cual sale la voz más imponente y grave que puedas imaginar, un rostro con una barbilla cuadrada y afilada, con una barba de candado bien cuidada de color negro, y con esos ojos azules que... Derriten el alma de cualquiera, haciéndole juego esa sonrisa calida y amable que desprende cada vez que me ve llegar a casa. Sí, uno esperaría que un gigante de su talla con tal virilidad y potencia sexual sea agresivo, monstruoso y engreído, pero mi amado padre no era así, era el hombre más bondadoso que jamás he conocido, aunque no todos son capaces de ver eso porque se sienten atemorizados por su enorme tamaño o porque están muy ocupados masturbarse pensando en el. El siempre estuvo allí para protegerme y cuidarme, cuando era pequeño me gustaba esconderme en sus brazos, luego cargarme, y hacerme rebotar con sus pectorales y bíceps duros y bien desarrollados, era mi caballero dorado que siempre me hacía reír. Poco a poco fuí creciendo, y mi padre se preocupaba cada vez más al ver que no mostraba signos de crecimiento ni a los 15 años, ni a los 16, o a los 17 incluso, ahora tengo 18 y sigo sin mostrar signos, falta un mes para mí cumpleaños número 19, significa que si no presento cambios ahora, es probable que nunca pase. Hace tres años, los doctores y especialistas le aconsejaron algo que podría activar una sustancia en mi llamada hipertestosterona de forma más efectiva, darme de tomar leche con sus pectorales directamente en mi boca como cuando era bebé, está idea me gustaría decir que era algo que no me gustaba... Pero me encantaba, no podía parar de pedir cada vez más y más leche de mi papá, necesitaba masajear sus pechos y sacar ese líquido, me encantaba sentir su respiración agitada y escuchar sus gemidos de placer cada vez que salía la leche y yo mamaba su pezón. Así pasaron los años tomando leche de mi padre y no ha pasado nada hasta ahora. --------------------------------------------------- Caminaba por la calle con mi hermano menor, Aza, un chico de 16 años lleno de vida, 1.69, cabello castaño, ojos azules como los de papá, y un cuerpo relativamente entrenado por su actividad física constante, ligeramente mejor que la mía, el no quería demasiada musculatura pues era velocista y siempre mencionaba que si tuviera músculos como los de papá, no podría dedicarse a lo que le gusta hacer, el sabía que no iba a poder ser parte de la hiper pubertad, pues solo sucede con el primer hijo de una familia de machos alfa por alguna razón que no acababa de comprender, aún así, papá nos amaba por igual, y siempre nos cuidaba como cuando éramos niños, al parecer seguíamos siendo sus pequeños cachorritos a pesar de que ya éramos adolescentes con gustos diferentes a los de un niño, y en mi caso, un adulto joven descubriendo sus posibilidades. Aza empezó a hablar sobre la visita de ayer a casa de mi tío, y dijo que mi tío Ronaldo, un hombre de 1.75 (que yo recuerde), cabello oscuro, y moreno (el hermano de mi padre) estaba más grande que nunca, al parecer había estado entrenando mucho, pues sus músculos eran como los de un fisicoculturista (no como los de mi papá, eso está claro, pero definitivamente estaba cambiado según las palabras de mi hermano), estaba desarrollando mucha fuerza en sus brazos de manera acelerada, mi hermanito también comenta su cambio de actitud, el era un hombre serio y poco hablador, pero la última vez que lo vió, notó que ahora es engreído y le encanta humillar a otros con su tamaño, eso era algo curioso. Esto me dejó algo sorprendido, pues sonaba como un episodio de hiper pubertad, solo que mi tío tenía 28 años de edad, por lo tanto era imposible según los registros que pasara por ese cambio y al ser el segundo hijo de un macho alfa era aún más improbable. Volvimos a casa caminando por la avenida principal de nuestra ciudad, y notaba que la gente murmuraba cosas cuando pasaba cerca de mi, escuchaba "no ha cambiado nada,", "seguramente no es un macho alfa o es adoptado", "si fuera un macho alfa y tuviera a ese chico por hijo, estaría muy decepcionado". Esos comentarios me afectaban aunque no demostrara ningún tipo de dolor, y mi hermano lo sabía, solo sentí su abrazo cálido en mi espalda cuando caminábamos, lo cual me hizo sentir mejor instantáneamente, su calor era reconfortante. Hoy era día de lechita, estaba entrando a casa junto a Aza cuando escuché que mi papá se sentó en el sofá, era un crujido algo fuerte, pues los muebles no aguantan el peso de mi enorme papá toro y tenemos que cambiarlos frecuentemente, fuí a verlo y empezó nuestra interacción, el me recibió con un cálido abrazo, "h-hola pequeño, te he estado esperando todo el día p-para tu dosis de amor", en ese momento noté que su voz estaba temblorosa... Cómo si estuviera nervioso o agitado por algo, le pregunté si estaba bien pues se veía agobiado. El me respondió "oh, n-no es nada, solamente ando sensible de mis p-pechos, no creo poder aguantar la retención de líquidos t-tanto tiempo hijo, ¿me ayudas con esto?", Acto seguido, se sacó la playera que llevaba para mostrar sus pectorales enormes y jugosos temblando ligeramente, parecían dos pelotas palpitantes con unos pezones más grandes de lo usual, me empecé a preocupar y le pregunté si el estaba bien, el me respondió con una voz calmada "Solo es un cambio que he estado sufriendo desde ayer, todo está bien pequeño, no te preocupes por tu viejo", esos ojos me llenaron de calma y paz, lo que necesitaba en ese momento. Aza al ver toda esta situación se sorprendió como yo, pues nunca había visto tan hinchados los pechos de papá, papá nos abrazó a los dos y nos dijo que no estuvieramos asustados, esto quitó todas nuestras dudas nuevamente. Aza se fué a su cuarto y yo me quedé con papá, pues ya sabía lo que venía y le daba vergüenza quedarse a ver tal escena tan erótica. Papá me sentó junto a el en el sofá y me dijo "esta vez todo será diferente, he probado una nueva forma de fortalecer la sustancia que sale de mis pechos" Iba a preguntar qué fue lo que hizo para fortalecer sus nutrientes en la leche, pero en ese momento empezó a gemir incontroladamente tocando sus pechos, "¿Papá, qué pasa?" Pregunté alarmado de nuevo, el respondió "s-solo necesito sacar la l-leche de una vez, es d-demasiado para aguantar, no voy a soportar ni un segundo más así, ¿me haces el favor? Te lo su-suplico hijo". Veía como realmente estuviera desesperado, sus ojos ya no daban tranquilidad, era más como si estuviera a punto de gritar por la excitación, así que empecé a mamar sus pezones en el acto. Mi padre empezó a estremecerse agresivamente y cayó al suelo, obligándome a ponerme sobre sus abdominales duros como ladrillos, estaba sudando demasiado, a la par de todos estos movimientos repentinos estaba gimiendo, yo chupaba los pezones como nunca lo había hecho, estaba tardando en sacar la leche más de lo usual, parecía como su hubieran cerrado una puerta con llave. "¡¡Ohhh dios, eso se s-siente bien, hazlo más r-rápido por favor, pequeño!!", Yo obedecí y empecé a jalar sus duros pectorales, al tocar un punto sensible de su pecho mi padre comenzó a gritar y a estremecerse más, parecía que había llegado a un estado de excitación totalmente irreal, se estaba volviendo agresivo, empezó a actuar como un animal en celo. Empezó a gruñir y a decir cosas como "¡los mariquitas como tu les encantan los músculos enormes como los míos, mira que fuerte estoy pedazo de mierda enana!" Dijo esto mientas gemia, nunca antes me había tratado así, ni me había hablado con groserías o gritándome cosas ofensivas, me sentí asustado, pero no me detuve. "¡¡OHH SÍ, CHUPARME LAS MALDITAS TETAS, SACA MI PUTA LECHE DE UNA VEZ ENANO!!", en este punto, ya no reconocía al hombre que estaba en frente de mi, veía sus ojos y no eran los ojos que yo conocía de mi padre, estos ojos no eran tiernos y agradables de ver, eran penetrantes, agresivos y miraban de forma bestial hacia mi, parecía que penetraban mi alma. Miré hacia atrás un momento porque sus piernas empezaron a alzarse del suelo rápidamente, las movía descontrolado, y entonces lo vi, el pene de mi padre creciendo rápidamente, se veía masivo y enorme, poco a poco iba rasgando la tela de su ropa interior negra, dejando ver el pene totalmente descubierto y venoso, palpitando pidiendo que alguien lo chupe, ahora oficialmente estaba aterrado, mi padre nunca había desatado su apetito sexual conmigo de esta forma, todas estas emociones eran nuevas. Volví a ver su cara, y sus ojos miraban había arriba mientras babeaba, su excitación estaba a nieves altos, algo que nunca había experimentado en sus 35 años de vida. Mi enorme padre empezó a temblar, y sus pechos palpitaron fuertemente mientras él encorvaba su espalda en forma de arco, una respuesta involuntaria de su cuerpo al experimentar toda esa adrenalina, realmente mi padre se estaba transformado en una bestia. Sus bolas comenzaron a volverse más grandes, veía como los testículos de toro de mi padre se llenaban de venas y comenzaban a volverse globos de semen totalmente gigantes. Los músculos de mi padre empezaron a crecer a la par de sus bolas, su pecho se volvió más firme y grande, "¡¡oh maldita sea, mis t-tetas están fuera de control, esto se siente tan bien!!", Podía verlas temblar sintiendo como las fibras musculares se rompían y se regeneraban una y otra vez, esto me puso caliente igualmente. Sus hombros se ensancharón, era una pared masiva totalmente descontrolada convulsionando en el suelo, una masa de carne creciendo. Sus brazos duplicaron su tamaño, había montañas en sus bíceps, unas bolas brillantes en su piel morena. Sus piernas no se quedaron atrás, empezaron a crecer junto a sus glúteos que ahora estaban bombeando, sentí como su cuerpo se levantaba poco a poco por la obra de su ahora nuevo culo de monstruo, sus pies ahora eran gigantes, mucho más grandes que antes. La bestia que ahora tenía como padre comenzó a flexionar mientras yo chupaba sus enormes tetas, una posición de bíceps masiva, para luego lazar un poco su culo para meter sus enormes dedos en el, "¡¡¡MIRA ESTOS BRAZOTES, MIRA ESTA POLLA ENORME QUE TENGO, NUNCA HABÍAS VISTO ALGO ASI DE GRANDE ¿VERDAD?, MIRA EN LO QUE HAS CONVERTIDO A TU PADRE MARIQUITA!!!" Empezó a gritarme. Sus pechos dejaron de temblar un momento y... Soltaron la leche como si fuera un chorro a presión en mi boca, el no paraba de tocar la punta de su pene mientras se masturbaba, y a la par del géiser de leche que salía por sus tetas, su pene empezó a sacar cantidades enormes de esperma, cantidades que solo un macho alfa puede producir, el estaba rugiendo de placer en este momento, soltó un "ARRRRGGGGGG" al aire. Yo estaba tragando toda su leche, me iba a ahogar de toda la leche que estaba tomando, sentía como mi estómago se inflaba poco a poco por la el líquido de los pechos de mi papá, empezaba a entrar en un estado de excitación al que nunca había entrado, deseaba que la bestia que tenía como padre me siguiera alimentando de esta forma, todo era tan intenso, tan salvaje, estaba tan caliente en su estómago, no podía evitar tocar de vez en cuando su pene con mis pies. Entonces paró la leche poco a poco, yo estaba lleno, y mi papá me tiró al suelo, se puso sobre mi y ví otra vez esa mirada salvaje y demoníaca en su rostro, volví a tener miedo de el, no sabía lo que era capaz de hacer en este momento. Golpeó el suelo con sus puños y provocó algunos agujeros con grietas en este. Su fuerza estaba fuera de control, el hombre amable que me protegía siempre había desaparecido, y su respiración agitada como la de un toro lo demostraba. El gruñía mientras veía como mi pene se levantaba en mis pantalones, lo que hizo a continuación me sorprendió. El sin mucho esfuerzo, arrancó mi ropa y me puso firme contra el suelo, no era posible que iba a pasar esto, el me quería follar, solo sentía su respiración en mi cuello y empecé a sollozar, estaba asustado, quería a mi papá de vuelta, esto ya no me gustaba, no quería que hiciera esto. La bestia quedó en shock al verme así, un hombrecito con el estómago inflado en el suelo, llorando, rogando para que su papá no lo lastimara, tan débil, tan vulnerable, tan asustado. El entró el razón de nuevo, quedó pasmado por unos segundos antes de poder formular una palabra "y-yo... Yo...", Levanté la vista para ver sus ojos azules ahora asustados y preocupados, entonces, las lágrimas salieron, me abrazó con cariño mientras se ponía de rodillas en el suelo, sosteniendome con sus brazos con mucho cuidado para no lastimarme, volví a sentir su calidez y nos pusimos a llorar los dos al mismo tiempo, no podíamos decir nada por el llanto. Pasaron así unos minutos hasta que el comenzó a hablar entre sollozos "l-o siento mi pequeño, te estuve haciendo daño por no poderme controlar, no puedo perdonarme eso, no podré perdóname eso nunca, disculpame por favor mi niño", yo le respondí "papá, te volviste una bestia incontrolable allí, ¿qué te pasó?", El se quedó mirando a mi estómago lleno de leche y me dijo "estaba buscando una forma de provocar que tú transformación sucediera pronto, y empecé a tomar mi propio semen y mi leche, necesitaba producir hipertestosterona en mi para que fuera efectivo... Pero veo que solo me descontroló", pasó a sentir su nuevo cuerpo, más grande y más fuerte que antes, veo que yo fuí quien creció mientras tomabas mi leche, yo le respondí "eres enorme papá, ¿Puedo tomar tus bíceps?", El me respondió mientras ponía su brazo flexionado en mi cara "es obvio que te dejaré tocarme, necesito que mis hijos me admiren por el gigante que soy", le dije después de escuchar eso "papá yo te admiro por todo lo que has hecho por mi", volví a ver su sonrisa calida y juguetona en ese rostro más masculino ahora sí es que fuera posible eso. Se levantó del suelo, y era la imagen más gloriosa que podía ver de un hombre, me dió la mano para poder levantarme con su ayuda, sentí su fuerza en el brazo y noté que había crecido en altura también, "papá, eres enorme" le mencioné, "estoy seguro que he crecido un poco en mi altura jaja" respondió riéndose nerviosamente, luego recordó a Aza y algo hizo click en el. "Ve a ver a tu hermano, debe estar muy asustado por todo el ruido que hicimos, hijo" dijo con Ian voz amable, yo obedecí y subí al cuarto de mi hermano a buscarlo. El estaba escondido en el armario, al ver qué estaba bien soltó un suspiro, pero se preocupó al ver mi panza algo inflada, yo le dije que no se preocupara por eso ahora, que lo importante es que papá y yo estábamos a salvo, salió a abrazarme y a besar mi frente. Entonces lo sentí, sentí una carga de energía recorrer mi cuerpo, sentí como mis testículos empezaron a temblar y palpitar como cuando mi padre estaba transformándose, podía sentir el calor y el poder que estaba generando mi cuerpo ahora sudoroso, caí al suelo de rodillas con los brazos apoyando mi cuerpo, mi hermano empezó a asustarse "¡¿estás bien Erick?!", Yo podía sentirlo, estaba comenzando mi trasformación, lo que tanto deseaba, estaba emocionado, tan excitado, pero recordé que tan agresivo se puso mi padre, y empecé a temer por lo que le pudiera hacer a mi hermanito. El se acercó a ayudarme, pero yo lo empujé con una fuerza que no podía manejar, tirándolo al suelo, el se veía desconcertado, yo entre los gruñidos que comencé a sacar solo alcancé a decir con esfuerzo y gritando "¡ALÉJATE, N-NO QUIERO HACERTE D-DAÑO!... ¡¡¡ARRRRGGGGGG!!!"...
  8. TonnyGiant

    Muscle Daddy

    Muscles Daddy – Part 1 "Oh shit!" I screamed when hot sparks came out of the rusty gears I had attached to the rifle. It was a lifetime's work and I was almost done when one of the little pieces burned. I took a deep breath, both hands squeezing the machine, frustrated. I hit and hit the metal cable of the machine. It was like a big rifle with visible wires and gears. At the end was a disk with a small led in the center that fired a red beam of light. The gun was attached to a large steel rod and pointed at a green apple that I placed in the center of the desk. This whole structure was set up in my room. And everything was a mess. After all I am a science nerd and I was fulfilling the biggest dream of my life: building a ray of growth. I didn't have time to clean my room ... but, I needed to hurry up and clean up the mess. My dad was coming home from work. I respected my dad. He as a hero to me. A retired bodybuilder, with a muscular body, with a belly that resembled the shell of a turtle covered with a fine dark-haired gut. His 26-inch arms were bigger than my head. His thick thighs the size of tree trunks with meandering veins were strong and supported his 7'3” frame and over 380lb. His chest could serve as a good pillow, they were large muscular plates covered with hair. His 15-inch calves connected with 15 feet. Huge feet that when they came into contact with the wooden floor caused a slight thooom and announced that the owner of the house was there. His work boots were so big that once, as a child, my head was buried inside. The smell of leather mixed with sweat was pungent, strong and intoxicating. And he would be home soon. I started tidying up my room by throwing some dirt under the rug. I turned the rifle, which looked like a robot's arm, towards the door. I hadn't yet pulled the power cord. It was an unforgivable distraction. I continued to sweep the floor when I heard my dad's heavy footsteps coming up the bedroom stairs. He opens the door suddenly and in a jump I drop the broom and hit the gun connecting everything. The lights go up, the loud humming gets louder and then a red beam hits my dad right in the middle of his chest. "Holy shit!" Dad screamed and stood in the middle of the door. The beam of red light enveloped his body, from head to toe. His clothes did not tear, his Lakers cap did not move, and even the brooch of the construction company he worked for did not move. Dad was paralyzed, there, at my bedroom door while being struck by a strange lightning that I still didn't know the effects of. And just as it started, seconds later ... it stopped. I quickly pulled the plug out of the socket and turned the gun on, aiming away from my muscular daddy. Panting, my dad's big guy groped his body trying to find any bruises or burns, but nothing. No injuries, no torn clothes. Nothing unusual. With wide eyes, I slowly approached him. Dad was a tall man and his head was almost above the doorframe, he ducked a little and went inside at once. I went over and touched his forearm which was the size of a ham. "D-d-dad ... is everything okay? Oh damn ... I was distracted,” I said in exasperation. Dad relaxed a little, took a deep breath, his chest expanding and relaxing. He clenched his fists, closed his eyes, raised his head and took a deep breath before looking at me. “It looks like I had a crazy pump after a heavy workout in the gym. I feel energized ”he smiled smugly and hit a double bicep pose. "Geez ..." I drooled as I watched my dad hover over me. He was incredible, but ... did my invention work or not?
  9. TonnyGiant

    Oh shit...Dad is a GIANT

    "Hey, bro ... what's missing to finish the formula?" Jason shouted as he walked down the stairs straight to the basement. Jason and I have been nerdy best friends since high school. Today we are 25 years old, and we are still nerds, skinny, pale and dark-haired. Our bodies are free of hair, we have small feet and we still suffer from some old bullies. As is the case with Brad, the sturdy 6'4” tall defender weighing 290 pounds from the school's former football team. After so many years, Brad is still the same asshole bully ever. And we are still your punching bag. “Hmm… I think a touch of lemon. Dad and I like lemon.” I grabbed the bottle of fresh lemon scent. I put three drops of lemon essence into the two bottles containing the formula. The fresh lemon scent is refreshing and reminds me of my father. My massive daddy. Zac Durval is head coach of the school's football team. He was coach at the time of Brad and coach when I was high school. Dad has always been a competitive, muscular, hairy, big guy everywhere. But, he always respected me, protected me, because I inherited my mother's thin and fragile genetics. Well ... I wish I had inherited my dad Zac's strong and divine genetics, but that fate didn't give me away. As I lightly shook the bottles containing the formula, I remembered how my father always encouraged me to work harder on my body to gain some muscle, but it was always impossible. "Now, dad... I'll be as big and muscular as you," I whispered to the bottle. The liquid that formed inside the bottle became a more yellowish color, resembling passion fruit juice. I capped and put the two bottles in the bottom of the fridge. Jason and I destroyed any trace of the recipe for the miracle formula. We decided to leave a single copy in my email. "Well... now just wait for the whey ingredients to stabilize and then new life, bro" Jason grinned and gave me a high five. “New life, bro, yes, new life,” I answered the high five. “Brad will never use us as a punching bag.” “We will be the two biggest stallions in the neighborhood. I can already see it in giant letters: Jason and Fred, the massive best friends.” Jason had a great imagination. This whole situation for him was as if it had been taken from a comic. The two nerds who created muscle-transforming serum and size would change the world. It was still in the testing phase and we would be the test subjects for this miracle formula. If by my calculations everything went well I would go from 5ft high to 8'5” high and jump from 100lbs to 580lbs of massive muscles. That would also be the case with Jason. We have the same weight and the same height. After the formula we would be muscular gods, furry, fierce bears, studs with sticks so big it would barely fit into our pants. “You know, Fred… I've always imagined that day since we started building the formula. I dream of the day when I will tear my clothes like the real Hulk, watching my muscles grow to extremes and then roaring horny ... damn! Speaking of horny ... ” he tightened his groin “We'll have decent cocks hahahaha ” “You're crazy, Jason…” I punched him lightly on the shoulder. “Why wear clothes if we can get naked and feel our muscles grow? I think I'll rather go undressed and see my hard-on thumping my new abdomen ... will we have 6 or 8 packs of abdomen?” I lifted my shirt and examined my pathetic abdomen. "Oh God! We'll definitely have better abs than that.” Jason pointed disdainfully at my flat, skeletal belly. “I think we'd better get to work, bro. We have an all-night shift at the hospital.” I grabbed my backpack getting ready to leave the basement. Jason followed me and we left my house straight to central hospital. We are nurses at the city's central hospital. Since the career of scientist didn't work for either of us, we decided to help take care of people. As we enter the hospital, we see Brad coming out with his arm in a cast. Even hurt, he passed us and did not miss the opportunity for us to irritate. “HEY! If it's not the usual worms Jayson and Freddy ” laughed out loud. “Brad, that's enough. Leave the boys alone ” Came my father's deep, hoarse voice right behind Brad. Zac and Brad, since school days are classmates even with the relationship of coach and student, gym partners and bodybuilding friends. Weight lifting both just do together. There are two muscular bulls playing in the gym. There is no one bigger than the two there. "Erm... dad... hello..." I nodded shyly to my dad. "Hello boy! Have a nice shift, buddy.” He leaned over and ruffled my hair, as he always had since I was a child. "Good night to you too, little Jason," he nodded to my friend. When Dad and Brad got out of our way, we entered the hospital for our night shift. We talk more about how our muscles will look the same as my father Zac's and Brad's, or even better and bigger than them. All the excitement about growing up was taking our attention away from work, so we decided not to talk about it until tomorrow morning when the serum was stable to be consumed. "Let's focus on work, bro," I waved at Jason. "And after work ..." Jason did a double bicep pose, forcing his arms, but nothing came up. I smiled and threw a clean towel in his face. We usually followed for hours without knowing what would happen next. ************************************************** ***** "FREEEEEEED ... bro ... you need to see this" Jason shook me. It was time for rest, taking a nap when my friend ran up to me and shook my shoulders screaming for my name. “Oh fuck… Jason… what the fuck is going on? The end of the world? Have we been invaded by monsters? ” I yawned and rubbed my eyes. "A monster ... that's right ... that's right ... you need to see it for yourself, bro" Jason pulled me through the hospital corridors. I grunted and pulled my arm back as we stopped at the hospital reception. TV was on on the news channel. The image I saw was a creepy thing. I only heard of such monsters in comics, fairy tales or even Japanese movies. Was it a movie? No ... it wasn't any movie. The news featured a mature, massive man with huge muscles and a pair of huge, hairy pecs who was "playing" in the city center. The giant was almost 150ft tall and his body would make a Mr. Olympia bodybuilder shit with envy. "How is this possible?" I choked. “They say this giant passed through the region where we live. Do you have any idea who that is? ” Jason whispered in my ear. There were three helicopters capturing the images of the titan. There was another helicopter that was military and was also monitoring the giant's movements. Some buildings only reached below his pecs. The giant was smiling as his deep laugh was caught by the news helicopters. There were people on the roof of the building waving wildly at the giant. He looked down and smiled with a thumbs up. His face was not completely apparent on camera, but we can see his perfect toothed smile framed by a thick gray beard. "Shit ... I've seen that smile somewhere" I said staring at the TV. Spotlights with bright lights protruded from the monster's titanic body. His huge pack of eight was covered with gray hair. The lights jutted lower as we caught a brief glimpse of the huge monolith the giant sported between his legs, and the vision was very rapid, as soon a huge black stripe was placed on the news broadcast. A horde of sighs echoed through the crowded hospital reception. "Jesus Christ! You saw the size of that… oh shit…” sighed one of the local doctors. Suddenly I feel a chill down my spine as they catch the giant's words. His deep, booming voice makes my body tremble. He has a lot of power exhaling even by the tone of his voice. “HEY, LIL FRIENDS…” he cleared his throat trying to control the tone of his voice. “Oh .. Well… I'm sorry about that, but I'm not here to hurt anyone. I just want to have fun with my new size hahahaha ... and think that I got this way after drinking a lemonade made by my son. This is very crazy hahahaha ” Then, to prove some point to people, the giant raises his arms and did a double biceps pose. He let out a short roar as he flexed his arms hard, but then lowered his arms and flexed his powerful pecs. The people on the building roof applauded and waved. The giant smiled and waved back. Then he looked up toward the helicopter lights and his smile grew more mischievous. "Want to see something cool a giant can do?" Everyone on the roof waved excitedly. At the hospital reception, we were all amazed that a man had become such a massive and ... sexy giant. Wait ... did he say he drank his son's lemonade? Shit! I felt the air drain from my lungs. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. "This can't be happening," I choked out. "Fuck! Did he get a helicopter ?!” shouted one of the doctors. I looked back at the TV and saw the moment when the giant pulled a helicopter from one of the news agencies between his fingers. He tore off the propellers as if they were made of paper, and carefully places the crew on the roof of the building. People scream, scared, but the giant doesn't care much. The giant realizes he has caused some commotion, so he quickly warns that he will not hurt anyone by calming people ... or at least trying to calm down. "I'm still getting to know my strength all this size," the giant smiles, a mischievous smile. Before he took off the helicopter's propellers making the business stop working, the camera caught his face. His strong jaw was full of a dense gray beard, his nose a little crooked from years of soccer practice and fighting, his sea-green eyes from tropical beaches, and his mischievous but seemingly tender smile. I would recognize that face anywhere. That smile was unmistakable. That giant was my father Zac. The giant took the helicopter between his fingers, examined it carefully to see if anyone was still trapped inside, but it was all clear. He turned to the people, who were now his audience and who later became faithful followers, and said that he would test his strength once again and that no one needed to worry. He placed the helicopter in his palm and slowly closed his fingers. You can hear the creak of metal being twisted by the pressure exerted by the giant's fingers. Then he opened his hand and showed everyone a twisted iron ball. "FUCK! I'm so strong ... I think I'm unstoppable hahahaha ” People on the roof of the building, at the hospital reception and even at the White House, were startled by the giant's statement. If he was discovering his unstoppable strength and dominance, he was short of wanting to claim the world as his own. But, I think we were rushing. Zac was my father, I knew him very well and I know he would do nothing to harm anyone. At least I thought I knew him well. "Oh shit ... my dad is a giant," I swallowed. "Did he take both bottles, Fred?" Jason stared at me. "I don't know ... how is it possible that he got that big?" “If he only had one bottle, maybe the other one is still there. We can use to reverse this and...” Suddenly a commotion hung over the hospital. People were scared and were pointing at the TV with trembling fingers and wide eyes. I stared at the TV one more time and what I saw made my heart stop. If it wasn't enough for my dad to be a massive giant ... there was another titan out there matching him. And this new, muscular titan, a huge god with a dick bigger than a boing 737 performed first. "HEY RUNTS ... HERE IS BIG BRAD AND I ARRIVED FOR FUN" THE END.
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