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  1. Sam had been a weatherman on a local affiliate in his city for over a decade. He was very photogenic, like so many on air personalities, and kept himself in great shape. In fact, his trainer often told him that he should enter a physique competition. Sam would just laugh off the suggestion, but then he would go home and flex in the mirror, admiring his muscular build, picturing himself winning a competition with ease, until he came to his own reflection. Later that week, a new sportscaster was joining the crew at Sam’s station. He was from an affiliate in Montana. His name was Kurt Steele. Sam googled him, and found out that he’d been a rancher until about a year ago when he started doing sports for a station out of Helena. The only images of him were his headshots, which seemed odd, but from those Sam could tell the guy was a big burly guy, the epitome of what a sportscaster should look like. His neck was wider than his head. His jaw line and brow were thick and squared off, like a Neanderthal. A ruggedly handsome Neanderthal. Thick swirls of chest hair stuck up from his unbuttoned polo collar. Sam was mesmerized by the rugged masculinity of his face, but disdainfully hoped that the guy’s IQ matched his neck size, which appeared to be about 24 inches. The day Kurt started at the station, Sam arrived about 20 minutes before his air time, as usual. Jillian, the makeup woman, told him he should go meet the new guy. “He’s in Greg’s old office.” So Sam made his way down the hallway and knocked on the door. He knew from the guy’s headshots to expect a big man, but when the door open, he took a step back. The guy was huge. Kurt smiled broadly and said, “You must be Sam. I recognize your face.” His voice was a deep bass as it rolled out of his barrel chest. He had on a tight white tee that showed off his impressive build. “Um, yeh, I’m Sam,” stuttered Sam, who was rarely at a loss for words. He had a hard time processing the size of the man in front of him. He felt off balance. Kurt put out his hand and the two men shook. And in about the time it takes an electron to orbit its nucleus, both men knew who the alpha was, as men usually do with a handshake. Kurt’s huge meaty grip wrapped around Sam’s smaller hand and squeezed. Sam was not used to being the beta who was intimidated by a bigger man’s presence. He felt lightheaded, and had a funny stirring in his gut that he wasn’t used to either. “Come on in,” said Kurt, pulling Sam into his office, giving him no chance to decline the invite. “I’m just getting ready for my big debut.” Kurt stripped off his white tee and tossed it aside. “Holy shit,” muttered Sam, as he soaked in the sight of the powerfully built sportscaster. He could feel the heat coming off his massive torso. Kurt chuckled. “What’s the matter, Sammy, you never seen muscle like this before?” Kurt flexed his arm. “I guess not many people have seen a 23” arm this close up.” He moved his big peak closer to Sam. Kurt’s scent filled the room. Sam backed up against the door jam. “Or chest slabs like this.” Kurt turned sideways toward a big mirror on the wall. He heaved his chest out. His pecs jutted outward. “Oh my god,” said Sam. Kurt’s pecs had three times the thickness of his. Kurt grinned as he bounced his powerful chest. “Check this out, Sammy.” Kurt grabbed a trophy that was on a shelf next to fthe mirror. He heaved his chest out farther, then placed the trophy on his wide pec shelf and rested it there. “Geezus fuck,” said Sam. Then he said, “Is that a powerlifting trophy? “Yep. I’ve got about twenty more off them, still boxed up in my new place. I keep winning them, and my chest keeps getting bigger and stronger. Along with everything else too. Speaking of which, I’ve gotta pump up a little before going on.” Kurt put the trophy back on the shelf. He went over to the closet and pulled out chest exercise bar. Sam used to see ads for them in old muscle mags. Kurt held it in his outstretched arms and bent it until the ends tapped. “I had this special ordered,” said Kurt. “It has 6 times the tension of their hardest bar.” He bent the bar as if it had no resistance at all. Like it was a toy. His pecs swelled with every rep. So did his brawny arms and forearms. When he stopped, he handed the bar to Sam. “You look like you try to stay in shape. Give it a try. You’ll be surprised at how hard it works your whole upper body.” Sam tried it, but could barely make the thing budge. Meanwhile Kurt was checking himself out in the mirror. “Yeh,” he said, satisfied. “Not a bad pump at all.” He was swollen up like a super heavyweight bodybuilder right before heading on stage. He turned and walked to his desk, and Sam got a good look at the big man’s back. It was wider and thicker than Vincent Mansone’s. Kurt picked up a stick of deodorant from his desk. He turned toward Sam, raised one big arm and started rubbing deodorant into his deep armpit. “You look a little pale there, Sam. You never seen a pump like this?” Kurt started bouncing his swollen mounds. Even thru his hairy pelt, Sam could see striations on the bigger man’s pecs, and the deep valley between the two. “That is insane,” groaned Sam. Kurt chuckled as he finished his other pit. Then he went to the closet and pulled out a big black polo and pulled it on. It was snug on his massive torso. “They don’t make these 6xl’s as big as they used to,” said Kurt, as his huge veiny arms pushed the short sleeves halfway up his delts. He shoved the shirt tail into his pants. Sam could see Kurt’s thick ab bricks thru the fabric, moving in and out as he breathed. “It gets hard to find clothes when you’re 330 pounds and growing.” He flexed his arms into a double bi. “You better get ready for your segment, Sam. But you might want to change your pants first.” Sam was barely holding onto consciousness, but he looked down and realized that precum had leaked thru his dress pants. “It’s good to be part of the team,” said Kurt as he walked up to Sam and took his hand, shaking it again. Then Kurt ran his thick calloused thumb up and down the back of Sam’s hand, slowly and firmly. Sam came in his pants.
  2. tester26

    The New Champion

    The audience cheered as two huge studs stepped into the ring and faced each other, both naked but for skintight shorts, both with their giant, swollen, veined, hugely pumped up muscles gleaming with oil. The reigning five-time champion, Dan Lonning, was about to face off against a new challenger, Evan Haney. The crowd buzzed in anticipation. Dan was famous for putting on a show; all of his fights ended with him raping his opponent in the ring, his huge cock turning the toughest opponent into a ruined cum-covered mess. The two circled the ring, sizing each other up. Both fighters looked incredible. Their facial features were flawless, their skin as smooth as it was the day they were born. Amazingly broad shoulders. Biceps that made footballs blush and forearms like steel. Throughout their muscled bods ran thick veins, which stood out proudly. Both men had huge slabs of beef for pectorals, chiseled and cut perfectly, protruding out from the body by several inches. Between them was a divide that seemed so deep, it looked like water had carved out a canyon. The 8-pack abs on both men gave a new meaning to the term washboard abs. All of this on top of powerful, tree trunk legs and a bulge that made it clear that they were hung like horses. “I’m gonna enjoy beating the shit out of ya. I’ll trash ya good and then fuck the living daylights out of ya”, Dan growled. “You talk the talk but can you walk the walk?” Evan answered tauntingly. “Let’s do this!”, Dan yelled and moved in on his opponent. "Contestants ready?" the ref said. They both nodded. A bell sounded and the two muscle studs began pushing against each other. The audience cheered. Dan moved Evan backwards a step or two, but Evan came back strong, using his powerful legs to press back. They both panted and squinted their faces as they fought the force of the other. Dan's huge arms bulged as he started to bend Evan's wrists backward. Evan yelled in agony as Dan muscled his wrists. Evan's feet nearly left the floor as Dan lifted him. Evan hissed and stepped forward, knocking Dan slightly off balance. By sheer brute force, Evan bent his wrists forward, and Dan's back. Evan jerked his body hard, in an effort to force Dan back more. Dan began pressing Evan's arms backwards. Evan's face was red with intensity, and his breathing became shorter and harder. Dan's huge body was dominating Evan's. Evan was being forced lower. The crowd was deafening. Evan looked up into the eyes of his tormentor, and Dan seemed to smile. Dan bit his lip a bit and pushed Evan downward farther. Evan was almost kneeling in front of the champ, in a sort of forced worship. Finally, Dan's gargantuan arms bulged in one last push, and Evan's knee touched the floor. A great cheer went up as Dan pushed Evan to the ground. The two studs grappled and rolled, clenched on to each other's bodies as if they were inseparable. Muscle clutched muscle, limb wrapped around limb. Neither seemed able to get any purchase on the other. Dan locked his huge paws behind the challenger’s neck and took him in a full nelson. Evan squirmed and flexed his muscles to escape but the strong hold didn’t break. No matter what he tried, he couldn’t break his opponent’s grip. A bell rang. "First fall, Dan!" “YEAH!”, Dan boomed as he released his opponent. “Thirsty for more?” he asked as he circled around the Evan. Evan growled and sprang to his feet, charging at Dan. Before he could react, the challenger's strong arms wrapped around Dan and he was body slammed hard onto the mat. He grunted in pain as his broad back collided with the mats. “What’s the matter? Not strong enough to get free?” Evan asked mockingly as he withstood the champ’s struggles. Second bell. One fall each. The two sex objects grappled each other for what seemed like an eternity, their hugeness glinting and glimmering in the spotlights. Muscles tensed and strained, veins popped unbelievably. Eyes flashed, teeth bared, sexy threats rang across the ring to the cheers from the crowd. Thick muscled bodies crashed onto the mat. Impossible holds were impossibly escaped from. “Let’s end this,” Dan said and jumped up while maintaining his grip on the other muscleman. He stretched his torso upward and threw his opponent down as he released his grip. “Agh,” Evan grunted in pain as his thickly muscled back crashed hard onto the mat. Dan slowly lowered himself atop the fallen stud, pressing his protruding chest into his opponent’s thick pecs and waited for the ref the end the match while staring Evan in the eye. “1… 2…” Just before the referee could say ‘3’, Evan placed his big hands against the side of Dan’s pecs and lifted him up. He cranked out a few reps as if he was doing bench presses and shoved the wrestler aside, jumping to his feet. Dan couldn’t believe his opponent had escaped his hold but wasn’t going to let him get away. He got up quickly, trying to catch Evan off guard to knock him over again. But Evan braced himself for Dan's approach and locked his arms around him in a bone crushing bear hug. He used the momentum of his opponent’s charge to turn around and slammed him down on the mat. Dan smacked down on the mat on his back, closing his eyes and grunting as pain hit him. Dan’s hulking body shook in pain as Evan's arms overpowered him. It felt like steely girders wrapped around and compressing his concrete-like hard muscles. His head shot back as more excruciating pain rolled over his body as Evan tightened his grip. He tried to summon every last ounce of power left in him to break free. Evan saw the determination on Dan’s face and felt the wrestler squirming in his grasp. He roared deeply and tapped onto the last reserve of power left in his own body. He grunted from the effort as his rock-hard arm flexed harder. Dan moaned in deep pain, his eyes closed as the impossibly hard peaks of his opponent’s massive biceps dug into him. He was on the verge of passing out. Evan flipped him around and wrapped his arms around Dan's neck in a sleeper hold. He leaned in and growled in Dan's ear. "Well here we are, champ. Who's gonna fuck who now, huh? Don't you love the feel of my huge muscle crushing yours? Yeah, man, feel this huge arm cuttin' off your air supply! Feel that huge bicep flexing under your chin and that thick forearm sqeezin' against your jugular! Sleepy, yet? Here, let me help you! There - almost out! But not so far gone that you can't feel THIS!" Evan bent slightly through his legs, his quads bulging with mass and power, and stretched upward quickly. He turned around, opened his hold and slammed the wrestler down on the mat with full force. Another weak grunt of pain escaped Dan’s mouth as his back smacked hard onto the mats. He reopened his eyes and saw the challenger moving in. He didn’t have time to react as the other stud sat down on his chest, preventing him from moving. The bell rang. "The champion Dan Lonning is down! His challenger Evan Haney gets the final point by fall and wins the match." The announcer's muffled voice rang in Dan's ears, confirming what he already knew. The match was over, and the former champ's fighting spirit shattered into a million pieces. He had lost his title for the first time in five years and was about to face the consequences of his defeat. Right now, the ex-champ was buried under a literal mountain of muscle. As soon as his defeat was clear, the stud released him from the oppressive hold and gave Dan a moment to catch his breath. But of course that wasn't the end of that. The best was yet to come. Evan flexed every great, provocative muscle in his body as he struck first a most muscular pose, then a front double bicep as he placed a foot on Dan's chest and ROARED. The crowd took up the roar and developed a continuous chant: "Loser gets fucked! Loser gets fucked! Loser gets fucked!" Without wasting another second, Evan stripped off his shorts and straddled Dan's chest, shoving his sweat-soaked red jockstrap right into his face, smothering him with the rapidly swelling bulge. The defeated stud groaned as drops of sweat dripped onto his face, leaving a tangy, salty taste on his lips, and every breath he took was rank with the muscleman's musky stench. "I've been waiting to do this for a long time, you smug bitch. Months and months of training, but now, it's time," Evan snickered. A triumphant grin grew on his face as he ogled Dan with hungry eyes. Rocking his hips back and forth, he rubbed more of his heavy musk and sweat into the fallen champ's face while flexing for the audience, stoking the masses with his bulging muscles. He had robbed Dan of his title, and now it was time to rob him of his dignity in front of everyone, including the television cameras. The entire world would learn that the champion had fallen. After reveling in the cheers and applause for another minute, Evan returned his attention to the beaten man. "I think that's enough teasing. Wouldn't want to neglect my prize, would I?" The new champ reached behind his butt and quickly unlocked the straps of his jock, pulling it away and tossing it into the crowd with a single swing. An ecstatic cry emerged from the ranks as a lucky guy caught the priceless gift. However, the piece of soaked, musky fabric couldn't compare to the glorious cock that flopped on Dan's face. A massive slab of uncut meat, the wet dream of at least half of the audience, and the ultimate symbol of his defeat. He knew that the image of more than a foot of cock leaking pre and sweat all over his face would decorate more than a few magazine covers in the weeks to come. As if the penis in his face wasn't humiliating enough, the stud shuffled forward and teased Dan with his bloated nuts before burying him under his heavy ass. Everything went black, and the sounds of the raving masses were muffled by a pair of crushing thighs. A potent, masculine flavor flooded his senses and made his head spin, triggering the most embarrassing reaction and making him rock-hard in no time. "Are you enjoying yourself this much already? Color me surprised. I didn't take you for such a butt slut," Evan sneered and brushed his hand over Dan's growing bulge, teasing him with his own depraved arousal. The last scraps of the former champion's authority vanished into thin air, and he yielded to his victorious opponent and his own swelling lust. Evan's cock grew as he tormented the fallen champ, rising up eighteen inches long, with an incredible thickness to match. His cockhead slid between his sweat soaked pecs, his perfectly carved torso forming a perfect backdrop for the incredible organ. The audience went wild with lust. Evan moved his fingertips over his shaft. It looked like it was laced with thousands of veins, popping out and bulging all over. Even against his massive body, his cock looked terrifyingly oversized. He cupped his orange-sized balls and pulled gently on the base of the skin of his shaft. Evan took the opportunity to drive the audience crazy as he hit a few poses on his knees, his huge baseball bat of a cock pointing nearly straight up. After humping Dan for another blissful minute, Evan called it with a raunchy chuckle. "Alright, that's enough for now, boy. Time to give you a big cream filling." The new champion rose from Dan's face, pausing for a moment to really rub in how much bigger, stronger, and better he was as he towered over the champ in all his musclebound glory. Evan reached under the fallen champ's thigh and around his neck and threw him back on his belly. Dan wheezed as he smacked into the ground and his voice rising to a horny whine as the stud tore his shorts open, forcibly spread his firm buttocks, and spat on his exposed asshole. As if this moment wasn't already humiliating enough! And yet, having not suffered defeat in years, the abrupt and utter loss thrilled Dan more than he liked to admit because, for better or worse, he had finally found someone who could beat him. Evan granted the stud a moment of peace, allowing Dan to catch his breath and steel himself before he grabbed his waist and aligned his fist-sized tip with the defeated champion's asshole. Then, without any warning, the muscleman thrust forward, forcing Dan's sphincter wide open and shoving inch after inch into his tight depths. Dan howled at the top of his lungs as the musclestud rammed his schlong into him, claiming his whole rectum in one fierce shove and pounding his prostate into utter submission. Where the fingers had only spawned an occasional flicker of pleasure, the overwhelming girth of the new champ's prick elicited a sparkling bonfire of stimulation, more than his sorry brain could handle. And yet, the sensation of the initial penetration was still nothing compared to the pounding that followed. The tightness of his wet, warm hole alone wasn't enough for the horny stud. He needed more, and he began to hammer Dan's ass with reckless abandon. Within seconds, the former champ's brain turned to mush, and he moaned with pleasure. Every thrust, Evan rammed his cock a little deeper inside him, mercilessly breaking him in and subjugating him to his superior strength. Dan had found his match in the musclebound stud, and as lust clouded and muddied his brain, he learned to fully appreciate the shift in power. Looking around, he could see all the cameras recording him from virtually every angle. The same mechanical eyes that had captured his numerous victories now showed his defeat in the highest fidelity. For the first time, he was on the receiving end, getting humiliated in front of thousands of watchers, and there was no way to undo the match or its outcome. He had lost his title and was now nothing more but the muscleman's slut, a reward for his strength and superiority. This was his fate, and as soon as that realization struck him, a switch flipped in his brain. The last bits of his shame at his defeat vanished, and he embraced his new position. Staring right at one of the cameras, Dan's mouth flopped open, and he began to moan with intense passion. "Fuck yeah dude, let everybody hear how much you love my monster cock," Evan roared and bent over, wrapping an arm around Dan's neck and pulling him back up against his massive, sweaty chest. "Let's give them the show they deserve." The new champ sweated and grunted through gritted teeth as he fucked his new conquest even harder and forced the last few of his eighteen inches of thick cock meat into his tight ass. More than enough to visibly bulge Dan's ripped abdomen and make him lose it completely. The defeated champion moaned and howled, not caring one bit about his rapidly decaying image. He wasn't an immaculate hero anymore. He had been dethroned, and he had the unique opportunity and duty to make even his downfall the most remarkable imaginable. Even as he surrendered his title, he wanted to entertain the crowds the best he could, and it looked like it was working. The raving of the masses had acquired a lewd touch as they celebrated the defeat of the unbeatable. Dan winced when Evan suddenly licked his ear. Once the stronger male had gained his attention, he showed him his next trick. "Your jock looks like it's about to burst. Shall I lend you a hand?" he growled and slipped a finger under the man's waistband, ripping it off. In a chain reaction, the rest of his jock exploded and revealed his large cock. It was a few inches smaller than Evan's behemoth but still an impressive sight. Admittedly, a little less so at the moment, as it flailed around like a thin twig in the wind, stirred by his partner's excessive thrusts. "Don't you dare touching yourself. Losers don't get to touch themselves," Evan added raunchily and held down Dan's hands. The stud whined in protest but complied, especially since he was pretty close anyway. His body was bursting at the seams with lust. Every thrust of Evan's fat, thick schlong pummeled his prostate, distended his belly, and drowned his mind with stimulation, enriching his voice with slutty joy and pleasure before he ultimately broke under the endless onslaught. The whole world watched as Dan succumbed to a powerful anal orgasm. He roared and howled at the top of his lungs as time slowed down around him. His balls tightened, his cock jumped, and the first squirt of cum erupted with immense force. A thick, milky rope shot high into the air and arched through the ring before hitting the lens of one of the cameras dead-center. But that was just the beginning, and Evan's endless pounding wrenched even more semen out of his poor prostate, eliciting a huge torrent of sticky jizz. More and more strands rained down on the floor, painting it white with the messy goo. "Fuck, you've nutted just from taking it in the ass? I underestimated you," Evan cackled before pounding him even harder, making Dan squirm and struggle as he hammered his hypersensitive insides. "Now I'm gonna show you what a true orgasm looks like." Evan immediately put his words into action. He shafted his cock inside the muscle stud and came with a deafening roar, churning up a massive load for his thoroughly defeated opponent. Bent back against the new champion, Dan's belly was fully exposed to the audience and the cameras. They could witness Evan's massive orgasm in its whole glory, from the throbbing cock distending Dan's ripped midriff, the gurgling and sloshing of thick jizz as it rushed through his guts, and the growing bulge as he was bloated and inflated with cum. Evan's orgasm kept going with undiminished intensity for more than a minute. The musclestud grunted and huffed directly into Dan's ear, lewdly licking his cheek as he continued to blast out semen like a loose fire hose, turning Dan from a seasoned fighter into a moaning cum-dump. Aroused by the sheer perversion and humiliation of Evan's superior load, Dan got hard again in no time. His cock swelled back to full mast, throbbing and dripping with pre as Evan kept bloating and ruining him. But soon, even Evan's voluminous eruption came to an end. "You're a lot of fun, slut," the new champ sighed and ran his hand over Dan's bloated belly, rounded and brimful with cum. Pushing the sloshing bulge and squeezing Dan's leaky cock, he teased a few more meager grunts and groans from the defeated male and toying with him in front of the mechanical eyes of the world. "Oh, how you've fallen. Now you know what a stronger male feels like." Dan moaned and toppled over as Evan pulled out of him, his massive cock parting with an obscene slurp and a visceral pop, and before he could get back up, Evan reached for Dan's ass and spread his gaping, battered asshole for the cameras. The sight of the former champ's ruined, leaking crater flashed on the countless monitors scattered around the arena as the stud presented it like a lewd trophy, a sign of his accomplishment and ultimate victory. He hadn't just won the fight and unseated the champ, the bull-hung bastard had literally ruined him. As he did this, a spurt of thick sperm blew out of Dan's asshole and down side of his lower cheek, piling on the floor. In a cruel, taunting display he gave Dan's right ass cheek a big spank and then kissed it. But even now, the stud wasn't done with him. Evan moved behind Dan, pulled him on his knees, and draped his soaked cock and fat nuts over his shoulder. Another great image for the cover pages, another show of ultimate dominance and humiliation. But in a fit of wanton lust, Dan decided to give it a personal spin. With a naughty grin, he turned his head, grabbed Evan's massive wang, and pressed it against his face, kissing and licking it, having a taste of the new champ's cum and his own ass. "The Defeated Champion Worships His Victorious Opponent's Sweaty Cock." How was that for a title? "Fuck, you're really getting into this, aren't you?" Evan chuckled as he finally stepped back. He even offered Dan a hand to help him back on his feet. "You took the defeat pretty well. Not that I'm complaining. That was the most fun win I've had in a long time." "I can't wait to get my revenge and make you eat those words," Dan grunted with a crooked grin. "We'll see about that, ex-champ. I've got the feeling that you're going to throw the next match just because you want more of my dick. How about I fuck your smug face in the showers and cram another nut into your stomach right now?" Evan laughed and reached under the muscleman's butt, picking him up with ease and throwing him over his shoulders in another display of raw strength. Dan's heart raced in his chest, and he almost burst with excitement as the hunky muscleman carried him out of the ring and out of the arena like a cheap whore, to the cheers of the crowd. Evan made his way down the hallway, Dan bent over his shoulder, the noise of the crowd fading in the background. Dan panted as he tried to come to grips with what had just happened. He had just lost his cherished title and been brutally fucked and humiliated in front of the world. But he enjoyed it? His asshole twitched as he felt Evan's load drip down his leg. Neither man said a word until they reached the locker room. Finally out of sight of the cameras, Evan set Dan down on a bench. He grinned ear to ear as he looked down at Dan, all of his training having finally paid off. He turned his attention to the mirror by the showers, flexing his triumphant body. The beaten Dan lay on the bench, sore from the pounding he took. “Fuck, I’m HUGE!” he grunted. “Do you want this body? You know you do. Aw fuck yeah, fucking musclegod dude!" Evan said, mostly to himself as he admired his reflection. Dan sat up and watched the new champion flex and pose, the god that had taken his crown and claimed him for his own. Without thinking, his hand drifted to his soft cock and began stroking himself as he lusted for Evan's body. "Having fun there, slut?" Evan said with a grin, catching Dan's eye in the mirror. Dan snapped out of his trance and turned beet red. "That was a good match, you nearly had me for a second, champ," Evan laughed. "Come here," he commanded. He turned away from his reflection and grabbed his fellow stud's armpits. Dan’s legs shook slightly as they supported his weight. He looked straight into the other stud's blue eyes. “Let’s see what you’re made of, champ,” Evan sneered. He turned his gaze to the mirror to compare their incredibly muscular physiques. Dan looked in the mirror again to admire the body that had beaten his. The muscles on both their bodies were beyond huge: slabs of protruding beef hung heavily from their chest atop a deeply grooved 8-pack of cobblestone-sized abs; thick, perfectly round bowling ball-sized delts gave them an awesome v-taper; huge, long arms hung relaxed yet threatingly next to their torsos. “Pair of fucking muscle studs man," Evan said, admiring the two of them. "Check this out," he said, flexing an arm in Dan's face. "This is the body that took you down.” Dan stared like a zombie, copying Evan's every move. “Let’s check our arms,” Evan said He stepped up behind Dan and the two of them flexed their arms. Dan’s mouth fell open in disbelief at the scene: when Evan’ arms were fully extended, his titanic triceps already hung lower than his own flexed ones; the bulging biceps exploded upward and outward, easily surpassing his. Evan brought in his arms completely and hardened his flex; the peaks that rose to the ceiling. Dan just stared as the mind blowing muscles swelled some more. He never thought there'd be anyone who'd make him feel small. Yet between Evan's size and confidence, Dan felt tiny, submissive. He couldn’t believe that Evan’ biceps were bigger and clearly harder than his own huge ones. He lowered his arms and gaped at the full glory of the new champion's arms in the mirror. Evan smirked as he thought of how he had overpowered Dan’s powerful body and completely dominated over him. His cock grew hard once again, sliding up between Dan's glutes and smacking his back. Dan shivered as he felt the 18 inch cock smack against him. He turned around, his own hard dick brushing against Evan’s goliath and extended his hands to feel the hardness of those flexed monster arms. “Worship my perfect body, dude”, Evan sneered at the former champ. He groped his titanic, flexed right bicep with his left hand and felt the hardness of the mound. Dan fondled Evan's flexed right bicep and began licking the hot, hard surface. The tip of his tongue traced the thick veins that snaked across the cannonball-sized muscle atop his arm. “Mmh, hard as steel,” he grunted in between licks. “So fucking strong,” he said as his tongue descended to his low hanging tricep and he sniffed Evan's deep armpit. Dan knelt down and kissed Evan's feet, then reaching around the backs of his legs he grabbed Evan's huge calves. “Feel those thighs, fucker!” Evan commanded. Dan stroked and squeezed Evan's giant legs, sliding his fingers between the rock-hard valleys. He began to run his tongue along the ridges and veins, eliciting a groan from above, “Oooh yeah baby, you love those thighs, don’t you? Show me how much you love them.” Dan licked his way up Evan's legs. Evan put his hands behind his head, flexing as he swayed his hips slowly side to side, enjoying Dan's worship. Dan kissed the deep grooves of Evan's Adonis belt, inhaling the heady mix scents from Evan's musk and their first fuck. Finally he was face-to-head with Evan's 18-inch long beast, a stream of pre dripping onto the ground. Dan buried his face in Evan's large ballsack and began to kiss the shaft, when Evan pushed his mouth away. "Not yet buddy, get up here and worship my chest," he growled. Dan stood up and began to grope the edges of Evan's titanic pecs. He closed his eyes as he kissed his way down Evan's collarbone, the new champion murmuring his approval. Evan slid his dick between Dan's legs; the heat radiating off the massive bat sent a shiver down Dan's spine. All at once, Evan rippled his right pec, tensed and flexed his left bicep, and brought his massive left thigh up between Dan's legs, trapping him in a cage of muscle. Dan was being crushed inside a velvet-lined vice of iron, his fully engorged 14 inch long dick pointed straight up, the dark red head crushed between his pecs. But Dan didn't notice it all: he was drinking in the muscle god wrapped around him. He moaned as an orgasm rolled over him. His throbbing dick was trapped between his pecs and blasted load after load of thick, sticky cum right onto his face, in his eyes, and onto both of their oversized chests. After 7 blasts, his orgasm slowed down and more loads flowed from his cock, pooling onto his pecs and slowly sliding into the deep canyon that held his deflating cock. Evan laughed. “Did I made you cum without even touching yourself? My fucking huge muscles make you cum bitch?” Evan released Dan from his massive embrace and the former champ crumbled to the floor. Evan laughed and threw another double bicep pose. Dan’s cock jolted at the sight of the monstrous biceps hardening again and it shot a final load onto his cum-covered face. He lowered his head in defeat and every ounce of resistance left him as he noticed that Evan hadn’t even climaxed himself. “Fuck dude, that was a nice load," Evan smirked as he traced the ropes of cum sliding between his abs. "I’m gonna shower,” Evan said. “You can come suck me off while I get cleaned up.” Evan stepped over Dan and slowly strutted into the shower zone, his erect cock throbbing and smearing Dan's cum on his pecs as he savored his domination. Evan grabbed some soap and began soaping his chest and abs. Dan weakly got up on his knees, crawling to join Evan and grabbing hold of the other stud's thick quads for support and faced the plump cock that stood atop a set of orange-sized balls. He opened his lips, took in the monster shaft and began sucking. Evan rumbled in pleasure as his cock was teased by the muscleman’s tongue. He stopped soaping his torso and played with his hard nipples as the sucking on his huge cock intensified. “Oh yeah”, Evan grunted as Dan's tongue and teeth played with his rock hard shaft. He slid his left hand down from his chest, over his intimidating 8-pack and grabbed the back of Dan’s head. He began bucking his hips and fucked the mouth of his opponent. Dan choked slightly as the beast began thrusting the 18 incher roughly in his mouth. He tried to retreat but the strong hand held his head in place. He grabbed the flexing quads in front of him to steady himself and kept sucking hard on the shaft. He could feel the massive bulge of Evan's cum-tube flattening his tongue, the leaking of his hot, thick pre-cum down his throat - so much it was like he was pissing. “Here it comes!” Evan growled, his breath quickening after a few minutes of ripping up Dan's guts with his pipe. “Swallow it all, you fuckin’ bitch!” he hissed through gritted teeth, tossing his head back. Dan grabbed Evan's ass and an orgasm tore through his massive body. He could feel the powerful, virile ropes of nut as they splattered inside him. “YEAH!!” Evan’s roar filled the shower area as his cock exploded in his former opponent’s mouth. He pumped in and out of the spasming throat as load after load of cum flew from his cock. Dan gagged and swallowed as cum blasted from the 18 inch long monster fucking his face. Evan roared in ecstasy as his second orgasm of the day rolled over him. He looked down and grinned as he saw cum pouring from corners of the other stud's mouth and nose. He withdrew from his mouth, spraying a final jet onto Dan's face. Dan looked up as the cock left his mouth, just to get his face covered in cum. His eyes slowly traveled up along the majestic body towering over him and locked onto the piercing blue eyes staring down. He nodded respectfully. Evan smiled and pulled the other muscleman up. “Good boy”, he said, “Now get up, I want that ass again.” Dan reached for the tiled wall for support and managed to get up off the slick tile floor. The instant Dan stood up in front of him, Evan lifted him by the waist and rammed his still fully engorged cock into the tight muscled ass. He groaned in pleasure as he fucked the muscleman with full force: the feeling of the strong muscles clenching around his rock hard dick drove him wild. Dan instinctively clenched his ass in protection as he felt the hot rod enter. “Ugh,” he moaned as his body rocked back and forth by the force of the fucking. Tears flowed down his cheeks and his muscles swelled even more as Dan rode Evan's cock. "Aw fuck yeah, clench that ass, bitch!" Evan commanded. He admired Dan's flexing body as it squeezed and twisted around his massive invader. Evan placed his hands against the tilled wall for extra support and upped the force of his thrusts even more. He reveled in being able to shove all of his cock into Dan's ass at full force. He felt all powerful ravaging the former champ. "Yea, flex those muscles, boy. Turn me on with your incredible body. Your flexing is making my dick so fucking hard!" “Fuuuuuuuuck!” Dan cried. His mouth opened and he sprayed out harsh breaths. His penis was squeezed tightly between their chests, the cockhead being mashed flat by Evan's pecs, and his insides were gripping the invader like a second skin. It felt… Amazing. Overwhelming. There was absolutely no restraint in his cry, no pride, no grasping for the last vestiges of dignity as he rode Evan's monster. His eyes rolled. He moaned like a wild beast. Without touching himself, his big dick erupted once again, spraying the two rutting beasts in the face. He came harder than he ever had in his life, all over that giant cock. He cried out as he laid his head in the crook of Evan's neck, supporting himself with his hands behind him. Dan was seeing stars. The intensity of Evan's fucking was unlike anything he'd ever experienced. Evan crushed Dan against the tile wall, his muscled chest giving the wall stiff competition as to which was harder. The black dots now almost filled Dan's vision as his big muscles did everything they could to withstand Evan’s unstoppable mass. The unbearable pain mixed with pleasure as the hot, hard shaft invaded his ass again and again. “You were such a cocky bitch but now you’re cumming like a slut all over this cock,” Evan growled into his ear. “You really love that cock, huh? Let me hear you say it.” Dan panted and gasped. Evan hilted himself inside him. “Yes! Yes, I fucking... love it!” he wailed, his eyes looking overwhelmed and exhausted from the pleasure and pressure of being dominated. “I fucking love your giant cock!” Dan's switch had been hit. Evan hadn't just beaten him in a match, he'd conquered him. The brutal, soul-evaculating orgasms had more intense than anything he had ever felt. He looked down at his own midsection with glazed, spent eyes and looked at the bulging dick-shape that was stretching out his chiseled abs with pure awe. Realizing he had dominated this massive muscle stud both physically and sexually sent Evan over the edge. Evan bellowed in pleasure and his muscles flexed as his cock exploded in the muscular ass he was fucking. Volley after volley of thick cum blasted from his throbbing shaft. He could feel his own cum sliding along his rock hard 18-inch erection as more loads blasted from it. Dan cried out as the dick in his ass exploded. His huge body shook in harmony with the blasts that filled him. A watery load of cum dripped from his own semi-hard cock, sore from the overstimulation. “FUCK YEAH!!!!” After twelve blasts, his orgasm cooled down and Evan withdrew his slowly deflating dick from the other behemoth’s ass. He grinned in triumph as his opponent slumped down, cum dripping from his ass. Dan’s worn out body just collapsed as the huge cock retreated from his ass. He stared up in awe and defeat at the godly frame towering over him. Evan milked the last few blasts of cum from his cock onto Dan's face. He released his deflating cock and looked down on his beaten opponent. Dan blinked as two strong hands grabbed his armpits and lifted him up. He shook from exhaustion as his weight rested once more on his feet; luckily the big paws still supported him. He looked groggily into the blue eyes in front of him. “Finally know your place, buddy?” Evan boomed at the worn out opponent in his grasp. He grinned as he saw the big guy nod weakly. As if in a trance, Dan leaned forward and kissed Evan on the lips. Evan was shocked but didn't resist. They embraced. Evan took Dan's cheeks in his hands and held his head still while he pressed his lips against the former champ's. Dan's knees bent slightly, then he put his hands on Evan's freakish triceps to steady himself. Evan's mouth opened in the kiss, as did Dan's and their lips alternately parted and touched. Evan pushed his tongue into Dan's mouth, causing the latter to moan loudly and reciprocate. The two men embraced fully, running their hands up and down each other's bulging muscles. Dan and Evan stepped out of the shower, not releasing their embrace. Dan grabbed his towel and dried the new champion's body lovingly before drying his own. He spread the towel down on the bench and laid down on it. Evan laid on top of him, the bench creaked from their combined weight. The two men continued kissing, passionately, wrapping their huge arms around each other, overcome with lust for each other's bodies. “I need more,” Dan whispered, looking deep into Evan's eyes. “Please, I need that fucking monster in my ass again.” Evan smiled, sitting up as Dan spread his legs to show off his gaped hole, deep red from the brutal fucking it had already endured. Evan pushed his cock head up against the stud's ruined hole and looked down at him. "Beg me for it, tell me how much you want this." A devilish grin on Evan's face came as he teased Dan, prodding the hole with his cock. Dan's feet were on each side of Evan's shoulders now, completely trusting his body for Evan to use it. "Fuck me! Please fuck the shit out of me!" Dan pleaded. "Shove that big fucking cock into my fucking ass and take me. FUCK!" Evan roared, burying his oversized fuck pole balls deep into Dan's horny hole in one thrust. Evan grunted as he rammed his 18-inch goliath in the muscular ass, “Gotta love being huge. I feel so powerful!” He began pumping his cock violently in and out the clenching ass in foot-long strokes. Dan moaned in pleasure and exhaustion as his ass was being plowed by the muscular behemoth. He held onto the bench for support and closed his eyes as Evan's thrusts became a blur as his 18 thick inches jammed inside Dan's body roughly, over and over, making Dan gasp as the huge intruder stretched his insides. "FUCK FUCK FUCKKKK YEAH you fuck me so fucking good!! AHHHHHHH!'' Dan screamed. The sensation was overwhelming. His throat was getting sore from how much he screamed for Evan and his monster cock but he didn't care. The once proud champion now looked like the cheapest slut. Eyeballs rolled to the back of his head, mouth wide open moaning, fingers hornily pinching and twisting at his own nipples, belly sucked in from how the new champ's monster cock bulged it out, his 14-inch dick flopping everywhere as he endured Evan's brutal thrusting. Evan felt his orgasm start to build up as his whole body tensed up. "FUCK DUDE.. I'M GONNA CUM....." Dan looked up in bliss at his new master and moaned loudly, "YES CUM... CUM IN ME.. BREED ME! COVER ME! FUCK YESSSSSS....!!!" “Just… ugh… remember . I… ugh… OWN you…” Evan groaned in between quickening breaths. He upped the pace of his thrusts and drove his cock into the muscular ass like a battering ram. "YES! I'm all yours! Fuck me whenever you want! Wherever! OH MY GOOOODDD---!" Dan triggered his own orgasm as his cock shot the biggest load of his life without anyone touching it, spraying his face yet again. Evan couldn't hold himself back any longer either. "OH FUUUUUUUCK!!" He screamed out and pumped out rope after rope of thick cum, flooding Dan's insides for a fourth time with his massive release. Dan let out his loudest scream yet, not caring if the whole world knows he was getting railed by the biggest cock there was. The pain and the ecstasy was so great he drifted in and out of consciousness while he was pushed into a cycle of endless orgasms, his cock turning red as it came until he was empty. The visual of Dan's sexy body spasming in ecstasy drove Evan wild as his cock kept pumping more cum inside his ass. This was a huge load, even for him! And especially after dumping three loads into Dan already. Dan was on the verge of passing out from exhaustion and pleasure. After their massive mutual orgasms, they both came down to earth. Dan looked up in a state of lust and a level of high he never knew before. His belly was full from Evan's impossibly huge loads, his ass sore with creamy sticky cum pouring out of it. "Thanks dude....that was fun," Evan grunted as he slowly fucked the last dregs of his load into Dan's overstuffed ass. Dan nodded at his master’s remark and marveled at Evan's power, both physically and sexually. Evan laid down on top of Dan once again. They laid there, clasped in each other's deliciously sweaty arms, giant muscles and bodies welded to each other, feeling each other's every breath and muscular contraction. A half hour later, Evan pulled out of Dan, causing a waterfall of cum to pour from his ruined asshole. He stood up and grabbed a fresh towel, wiping his cum-covered chest and cock clean before tossing it onto Dan's chest. "Get yourself cleaned up slut, you're coming home with me." He grinned as he looked down at Dan. "You aren't human, I've never been fucked like that in my life. Fuck, my cock has never been this raw before." Dan groaned. Evan laughed and said: “Oh we're not done yet baby, I'm gonna fuck you until you can't walk. Hope you're ready to get your brains fucked out!” He flexed a massive arm while he stroked his hardening monster cock with the other. Dan couldn't believe Evan was ready to go again. He stared up at his insatiable muscle god and nodded.
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