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  1. So this is the first installment of my story. One, because it's long and two...because the second part isn't done yet. Once again I have failed to write a short story, so I will follow up with the conclusion by this weekend. ++++++++++++++++++++ I audibly groaned as the window popped up on my computer screen, covering up the email that I was in the middle of composing. It was a 15-minute reminder that we were having yet another subvendor come in to hawk their wares. I had already skipped the last two of these so I knew I was due to attend. I work as an project engineer at a large engineering firm that specializes in power plant design and construction. Exciting stuff, I know. As you can guess, a complete power plant is a massively complex system that is made up of various equipment systems. Without going into tons of detail and making you jab an icepick into your frontal lobe, this means we have to buy a vast array of sub-equipment that are all integral to the design. Thus, throughout the year, the overly eager sellers of these wares love to come in and give presentations on why their equipment is so much better than the 15 other vendors selling the same stuff. So I picked up my notepad and trudged to the conference which was half full by the time I walked in. Of course, the chairs at the far end of the table were already taken, forcing me more toward the front and closer to the presenters. I glanced at the two men at the front of the room and chuckled, enjoying the regular dance of outside workers struggling trying to connect their computer to our monitor. What would they need today? HDMI cable? USB 2.0? Airtame? As the two men huddled over their laptop I couldn't help but realize maybe this meeting in particular wouldn't be so bad. I recognized the older gentleman as Bob Boonder, a portly man in his 60s with dark grey hair. We had purchased equipment from him often and he had stopped in to our office a few times over the years. He was a good guy who we could always count on, but right now I was more interested in his colleague. He looked to be in his 30s, though he may have been earlier in the decade while I'm solidly in the back half. He was a very handsome man with a wide and pronounced masculine jaw covered in a short, yet neatly trimmed black beard. A hint of cheekbones emphasized his handsomeness without making him look too pretty. He had deep set, dark and piecing eyes. The sides of his head were clipped short while the dark hair on top was about an inch long and styled slightly up and forward. As he glanced around the room he smiled and of course, two rows of perfectly straight, bright white teeth announced themselves to cap of the perfection of his head. His face reminded me of the lumbersexual men I had often ogled online, those who exude a rugged and outdoorsy, yet still very clean cut handsomeness. Needless to say, I found him hot. Where the heck had Bob found this guy? Suddenly the meeting was looking far more exciting, especially as I continued review of this new man. Both Bob and man were dressed in dark slacks and light colored oxford shirts, with a suit jacket on top. A nice touch, I thought. Some subvendors have come in and given presentations in dirty jeans and a polo shirt. While I have nothing against a nice polo and myself wear them often, it doesn't go unnoticed when our potential suppliers come in having put in the extra effort to wear good clothing. The two men did not wear ties and their oxfords were unbuttoned at the collars. As a company that specializes in industrial equipment, there was no problem with this. I can't remember the last time me or one of my coworkers wore a tie to work. Bob had dressed himself and his new employee perfectly to fit the culture of our workplace, his familiarity with us serving them well. It also became clear that the new man wasn't just a looker. As a regular gym goer myself, it wasn't lost on me just how broad those shoulders of his were in that navy suit jacket. And the undone collar gave me a nice preview of some big traps framing a very thick neck. I wasn't sure the man would've been able to button the collar even if they had a tie. While I pride myself on my fitness with wiry build and some decent abs, this guy had a build that exuded power. The only question that now racked my brain was just how that power was backed up. Was he once of those stocky, thicker guys with natural strength? Did he have more a powerlifter build under those clothes, with evident muscles but a bit of a gut? Perhaps a hobbyist gym bro, the guy who lifts five times a week and somewhat watches his diet yet still enjoys the pleasures of beer and burger a couple of times a week. There was a chance he could be a full on bodybuilder under there, a body packed by dense, ripped muscle but those guys are extremely rare, especially those with office jobs. I knew Bob was about my height, 5'10 or so, and his coworker stood just taller than him, putting my guess right at 6 ft or just under. All told, my years of ogling muscly men led me to guess the man to be about 230 lbs. More than enough that I could picture his strong arms carrying my 180 lb body around with ease. As I eyeballed him I couldn't make out any gut pushing against his shirt, so I surmised he was somewhere in the buff linebacker/regular gym guy range. And that was more than enough to get my blood racing as Bob and the well-put together man started their presentation. Bob began by speaking first. "Good afternoon everyone. Thank you for allowing us to come and present to you the latest we have to offer. As many of you know I'm now just a year or so away from retirement, so I've brought along my protégé here, if you will. I'd like to introduce Kirk Ahlstrom. The idea is that Kirk will take over my position once I'm out the door and enjoying margaritas on the beach." Ahhh. Kirk it is. A great name for such a big strapping hunk. "So Kirk here is actually going to give the presentation. Kirk take it away." "Thank you Bob." Of course his voice had rich, bassy timber to it. Not so deep to be James Earl Jones, but deep enough and with just enough rasp to feel it in your chest. "Bob has been a great mentor and I look forward to working with each and everyone one of you in the future." I look forward to working with YOU, Kirk. Kirk made his way around the table making eye contact with everyone around the table. When his eyes met mine it was like sparks flew. For me anyways. I swear he hesitated just a moment after looking at me but that may have been an apparition of my own lust. Kirk's presentation, like the rest of him, was very impressive. Bob had clearly taught him well. He easily and quickly answered any questions my fellow engineers lobbed his way. He was calm and poised, engaging and thoughtful. Let me tell you, it would be a huge challenge to make variable frequency drives an engaging topic, yet all the engineering and project managers in the room were locked in. The man had magnetism and charisma seeping out of his miniscule pores. Bob had certainly found himself a ringer to sell their equipment. And of course, I couldn't help but enjoy the view of his suit jacket tightening every time he gestured to something on screen. And that ass. In those slacks. And the way his thighs filled his pant legs. Yeah, this man was definitely a lifter of some sort. Holy moly did he have a big and tight ass. An ass that could only be built with heavy squats and deadlifts. When he turned to the side I swear I could've rested a cup of water his glute shelf. Forty-five minutes later Kirk flipped to a slide that simply read "Questions?" indicating he reached the end of his spiel. After a few more queries Bob stood up and once again thanked us for our time. Before leaving, Bob stopped me and started talking to me as the room began to empty out. He also stopped Janice, the project manager who was seated next to me. Coincidentally, Janice and I had teamed up on the last project in which we made a large purchase of Bob's equipment, so he offered to take us out to dinner that evening with him and Kirk. Normally, I had about six excuses ready to go to avoid just such an obligation. "Of course, Bob. I'd love too!" But I buried those excuses for the chance to spend some more time with Bob's beefy colleague. "Why sure, Bob, I would be happy to as well." Fuck off Janice. Don't you have kids to go home and take care of? Ok, that was mean, but I didn't want to share my time. "Great, how about 6:30pm at the Hotel del Plaza downtown?" Janice and I agreed and Bob and Kirk shook our hands. Oh yeah, I definitely felt those callouses on Kirk's hand. Not to mention the pure size of them. The guy had some thick hands! Farmer's hands, as my grandma would say. I escorted Bob and Kirk to the front door and returned to my desk, eager for the meal that night. - I quickly spotted the duo after walking into the large open atrium of the hotel. Even if I weren't specifically looking for them I would've noticed Kirk quickly anyways. Both were standing at the bar. Bob was drinking a beer while Kirk had a big glass of water with a lemon. Both greeted me and Janice walked in not five minutes later and together we headed for the nice restaurant connected to the hotel. We were seated around a large circular table, Kirk selected the chair to my right. Before sitting he removed his suit jacket and I was greeted to the sight of VERY large arms filling his long sleeve button down. Not to mention a full view of his wide chest pushing out the top of this shirt, creating an awning of mass over his trim waist. With the suit jacket off I was clear he also sported some heavy-weight pressing shoulders. I mentally compared the size of his arms to my own legs. Every new reveal of Kirk proved he was just as big, or bigger as I had hoped. The four of us chatted and talked business and when that slowed the topics turned to each other and other random topics. I learned that Kirk was single which made my blood boil with lustful hope. Kirk was just as warm and engaging as he was during his presentation, perhaps even more so now that he could focus that magnetic energy just to me and Janice. More than once I caught a lustful glaze in Janice's eyes when he addressed her. I wondered if she saw the same thing in mine when Kirk spoke to me. We ordered our food and it wasn't lost on me that Kirk ordered a 14oz steak along with a side of mashed potatoes and asparagus. To Bob's surprise, he also ordered a wheat beer from the restaurant's craft brew selection. "Someone is letting loose," Bob teased as he smacked Kirk's big round shoulder. "Even going with a beer tonight, Kirk?" "Always nice to try out the local flare when traveling for work," Kirk replied cheerfully. "Well you certainly ordered your share of the 'local flare'," I joked. "That's quite the steak you ordered." Bob added, "This guy eats like a horse. More than any guy I've ever seen." Kirk blushed and put his head down, attempting to divert Bob's teasing. He then fished out a small container from his pocket and popped two small white pills into his mouth. He caught me looking at this container and smiled. "Antacids. Like Bob said, it's a big steak." Bob added, "A big steak for a big man. Now Janice, I was hoping you could give me an update on the Thacker project we gave you some bids for last month..." I was slightly annoyed that Bob had changed the subject. I was much more interested in hearing how Kirk was a 'big man'. Fifteen minutes later I didn't hear about it. I saw it. Kirk practically devoured his steak. He finished before Janice, Bob or I had finished our own much smaller meals. It was endearing and sexy to watch him bite into the meat and watch his eyes roll back from the taste. "Wow, when they said this was the best steakhouse in town they weren't kidding. This is delicious. And perfectly cooked. Just the right amount of pink in the middle." I know I was eating slower than usual. I had to mentally force myself to not watch his biceps and delts flex under his shirt as he cut up his steak. I was able to make out a nice peak under the sleeve. Kirk didn't just have thick cylindrical arms, there was absolutely some good definition there too. From all the slicing and cutting it almost seemed like his arms and shoulders were getting a nice pump, stretching the fabric even tighter. Bob chuckled, "Ever since I told him about this place he's been looking forward to it all week." "And you weren't kidding about how great the steak is here, Bob." Kirk smiled to Janice and then directly to me. "I think I'm going to be making several trips to your office if I can eat here every time I come." YES PLEASE! Kirk sat back sighed with a satisfied and sated look on his face. I noticed a light sheen on his face. Kirk dabbed his napkin against his forehead. He noticed me looking and grinned. "Meat sweats." "Good thing you took those antacids," I replied as he chuckled. When the waiter came to take Kirk's plate he asked if we wanted a refill on our beers. Bob and I happily ordered another while Kirk now asked for another water. Janice requested a refill of her iced tea. At the end of the meal Bob happily took the check and paid. Janice was the first to gather her things and head out, saying she had to get back to her husband and kids. Good. We wished her good night leaving me and the vendors. "Well thank you for the meal Bob. Hopefully you don't have any work to do tonight in your room." "Well, unfortunately I do. Part of working on the road I guess. Just need to catch up on a few emails. Hopefully you don't though." "Actually I had already taken tomorrow off," I replied. "So I might head up the bar and have a couple more drinks before heading home." I turned to look at Kirk, my heart beating in my chest. "And you, Kirk?" "Actually I'm all caught up on my emails. So if you don't mind maybe I'll join you at the bar." YES PLEASE. "Absolutely. Have a great night, Bob." I practically shoved Bob away, jumping at the chance for some time alone with Kirk. Kirk grabbed his suit jacked and motioned to put it on. "If you don't mind, I'm just going to run up to my room real quick. Ugh!" Kirk groaned as he struggled to put the jacket on. It looked like he was have trouble slipping his arms into the sleeves. "Guess all that meat and potatoes bloated me a little. I'm just gonna drop this off and use the restroom and meet you back at the bar in 5 minutes, sound good?" "Sure thing, Kirk!" I watch Kirk saunter out of the restaurant, the seat of his pants drum tight over those glorious ass muscles. Having given up on slipping on the jacket, he carried it with a bent arm, an arm that was clearly stretching the sleeves tight. I couldn't wait until that arm and the man it was attached to returned. SCROLL DOWN FOR THE EXCITING FINISH
  2. Supercrav

    Happy Seinar

    I saw him every now and then. Passing in the lobby, of the building where I work. Or on the parking lot. We've been in the same elevator a few times. He goes to the 27th floor. I work at the 19th. I had tried to figure out a pattern for his whereabouts, not to miss any opportunity to see him, but it seemed to be completely random. He could show up any day of the week, any time of the day. There is a handful of companies on the 27th floor. A law firm mainly, consulting agencies of all sorts, but my money was on "HyperCell", a bio-engineering research company. I bet it was the one he was working for, or with. Two reasons led me to think so : first, there always was a few guys with him, and at least one of them was wearing a lab coat. Second, the man was fucking humongous. Not just tall, but insanely muscular. The suit-like clothes he had on him couldn't even begin to hide the immensity of his build. His shoulders were maybe four feet wide, his chest was like a mountain upside-down, precariously balanced on his narrow waist. He walked with his arms at a 45° angle, stiff, one leg carefully circumventing the other with each step he made - I heard some joking under their breath that he was so inflated he couldn't even walk normally, but to me, he had the most graceful, the most elegant moves I had ever seen. The way he managed to control this formidable muscular mass, while keeping his challenged clothes from exploding at every seam, showed a level of skill that only heightened my admiration for the man. Because, yes, I deeply admired this incredible behemoth. I had never seen anything like him, and every time he appeared the sight of him took my breath away. The first time, I just stood frozen in place, my jaw dropped, I almost fainted. For weeks, I dreamed to approach him, talk to him, but there was no way I could find the nerve to do so. The first time we were in the same elevator, I had to grasp the rail as hard as I could, I had never been so close to him, I had never fully smelled his scent before, I was shaking all over, sweating bullets, so much that it attracted the attention of two men of his party. He always had an entourage of several men, business suits and lab coats as I mentioned earlier, and this also was an obstacle to my desire to approach him. Over time, I got a better grip on myself. No pun intended, sure I "gripped myself" aplenty thinking about him, to the point that a sleepless night wasn't uncommon after having seen him. And directly after each one of the few elevator trips I made in his company, I had to rush to the restroom before going back to my desk. At least to clean myself, but usually more. But, sorry for the grisly details, that was uncalled for. So, I needed a plan. I had to be able to talk to him someday, maybe shake his hand. First I had to deal with my nervousness. I wasn't as helpless as I used to be in his presence, but there still was a long way to go. I decided to rely on psychoanalysis. Scanning online reviews, I chose a practitioner who might get the job done. Luck has it, he really was the right one, as he perfectly understood my infatuation for the colossal muscle man. At first, I wanted to pretend I was attracted to some woman at work, but the moment I entered Dr Mitchell's office, I knew I didn't have to. Some subtle elements of decor led me to believe he wasn't a stranger to the liking of hardcore, male bodybuilding. We spoke at length on the subject, and we became quite good friends. After the first few sessions he even stopped charging me. He was dubious about the depiction I made of the man on my mind, thinking I had an exaggerated, idealized view. Of my "Lobby Dick" as he liked to call him. But once I had switched on my phone and showed him the few pictures I had taken of the beast, I might as well have stood up and kicked him in the groin. What really shocked him, besides the size of the monumental muscle man of course, was that he didn't recognize him at all, and positive he had never seen him before. See, Dr Mitchell is extremely knowledgeable about the sport of bodybuilding, and he couldn't believe that an athlete this big could have passed under the radar. This had to be the biggest bodybuilder in the world. For sure, it made my sessions with Dr Mitchell all the more efficient, as he really wanted me to succeed in my objective. But he had no idea how to help me getting rid of the man's entourage. This was an even more trickier part. As a group they just zoomed in and out of the building, up and down the 27th floor. We talked this through, Dr Mitchell and I, or Yvan and I should I say, as we spent the evening at my place a few days a week. He had been to a lot of bodybuilding shows, been around several serious bodybuilders, even had filled prescriptions for growth hormones and steroids for a while but had to stop as he got investigated. Yvan showed me a lot of videos of bodybuilders being interviewed, fans meeting bodybuilders, bodybuilders in casual situations with friends. That helped me a lot with my confidence, in general, these magnificent supermen were a lot more friendly than I thought they would be, considering how intimidating and powerful they are. More importantly, Yvan wanted me to study how these men react, what makes them tick, what pleases them, what turns them off. How glutton they can be for tokens of admiration, crave for signs of respect, appreciative of recognition of their intellect, wary of excessive demonstrations of affection from strangers. Of course that wouldn't tell me exactly what to say, or how "lobby dick" would react, if I ever had the chance to talk to him. But again that helped me being confident, and any pointers were good to get. Because one thing was for sure, if I found a way to have the opportunity to talk to the wonderful man in private, that would be for a short period of time, and I would have to make the best of it. The highlight of a lifetime. It would never be perfect. But there is nothing wrong in trying. ===================== So, any idea for a plan? To get that private moment with the gigantic monster of muscle? Not asking for a follow up, just taking suggestions
  3. This is my first ever story. I really welcome any feedback. Please be gentle. Part 1 and 2 (updated) ______________________________________________ Part 1 XXL BIRTHDAY SURPRISE For my birthday my friends promised me a night I would never forget. We headed to the airport and checked in the Airline that flew us to Austin, Texas. Seated in first class the surprisingly all male and athletic looking stewards approached wearing tight and revealing uniforms that showed off their perfect and tight physique and barely covered their massive bulges (yes it seemed like everyone of them was either heavily equipped, sporting a semi or stuffed a big sock down there). They asked what the group wanted to drink. Everyone ordered and then it was my turn. This really huge steward came up to me with a smile and I jokingly whispered “I’d like to have your huge cock”. The steward just kept on smiling broadly, leaned forward unbuckled my seat belt and brought me back to the gallery. He pulled the curtains, made sure no one was following us and started playing with his jumbo bulge, leaned against the wall and told me… ”it ain’t gonna suck itself, get down there” and so I did. I opened the belt, the jeans and then pulled them down. I couldn’t stop getting aroused by the heavy masculine smell of a worn jockstrap. I put my nose on it and started to take the huge and seemingly growing bulge into my mouth and started massaging it with my the jockstrap down and was hit in the face by a massive and beautiful cock. I looked up and said “8.5 inches?” - the steward replied “close. It’s 9.5 fucking inches.” What a great start to my birthday. _____ We landed at about 7:30pm and a limousine pulled up with a back sticker on it saying “Everything is bigger in Texas”. Out of the limousine came the driver wearing a skin tight tuxedo that left nothing to our imagination and he came around to open the door for us. The driver’s name tag read Carlito, was a short but inhumanly muscular bodybuilder and had a cock so huge that it produced an obscene bulge. As each guy entered the car they took a good look at Carlito, but no one said anything but me. I opened my mouth and asked politely, “may I” pointing to his huge bulge. Carlito reciprocated, “No, get in”. Feeling ashamed that I even asked something as bluntly as that, I pouted as we drove to the city. The other guys were laughing, drinking having a good time but I felt bummed that I missed my chance at something so hot. Suddenly the car stopped and the passengers door was opened. Carlito asked if anyone needed to use the restroom. His eyes were glued to me as if to invite me to join. The guys all declined so I happily chimed in and told him good idea. On my way out Carlito started smiling, leaned into my ear and said, “now It’s your turn sexy fucker”. Luckily the place was deserted, we went to the nearest restroom and locked the heavy door. Now that we were alone, I reached down into my pants and found that my own huge cock was rock hard. Carlito made big eyes, leaned back onto the wall and I stepped up in front of him and kneeled down. The bulge was even bigger now than I remembered it. Slowly I started undoing his pants and taking out what looked like a morphed version of a monster cock. “Fuck you are huge”. Carlito just smiled and closed his eyes. I was wetting the cock with my hungry tongue and started massaging his balls. They seem really full and heavy at the size of small oranges. Carlito’s cock keeps growing until it’s at a 90° angle pointing straight at me. It must be as thick as a coke bottle by now and longer than the steward’s cock. “Holy shit. I thought you were a shower and not a grower. This cock must be way over 10 inches.” With that I tried to suck the cock head but it was a huge challenge so I had to use both my hands to jerk off his huge cock. I was in heaven as the longer I sucked and massaged his cock the bigger it seemed to grow. Impossible I thought. All of a sudden Carlito turned around and said “Fuck me right now”. I was disappointed for a little bit until I saw his massive and hard muscled glutes. With some spit I rimmed Carlito’s hot ass and went with my tongue in and out hearing that he likes that grounds with pleasure. I reached back into my pocket and took out my XXL condom, slipped it on my cock and put the cock head towards his hungry hole. I slowly inserted the first 4 inches. Then some more until I was halfway in. And then I started rocked my hip back and forth and he arched his neck up to look at me. Carl had a huge cock but he couldn’t remember the last time he was fucked so deep by a bodybuilder built like me and a cock as big as mine. The two of us bumped ass to cock for about 7 minutes before I blew a massive load deep inside Carl’s ass… ...and as I said to Carl ”do you like it, do you like the way I feel, do you like my huge muscle body pressed onto yours….” Carl leaned back and whispered… “I like how you move but I’m nowhere near finished. I didn’t cum yet.” Just then one of my friends came up to the restroom and asked “are you guys ok in there? We need to hurry up as we cannot miss the dinner”. I thought what a shame, I am dick deep in the biggest bodybuilder ass, cum flowing out his ass cheeks and he was even about to return the favor. I slowly pulled out inch after inch and then said “we will continue this. I can’t get enough of you”… Carl paused for a moment and said…”we will meet again pretty soon. I am sure about that”… I looked Carl directly in the eyes and said “hopefully sooner than later”. I leaned in for a kiss and Carlito returned the favor. What he did next was the hottest thing. While kissing he started hitting a most muscular pose. His body exploded in muscles. Veins visible. As I was still kissing him my hands had to do the work of exploring and worshiping his body. It almost felt like he was growing with every new flex he was doing. My cock was rock hard again. Was I dreaming or was he really growing? I broke the kiss and looked at the naked huge bodybuilder in front of me. What a sight. I sadly had an appointment with my friends so I walked back to the car and Carl just stood there with his massive erection and pumped up huge body. With one last jerking movement and one last look at my huge ass he tried to get dressed. Yes the pumping and flexing really made Carlito grow. Luckily for both of them they had to leave and stop flexing. Otherwise Carlito wouldn't know how big he would have grown. He also went back and squeezed himself into the car and drove off. After only a couple of minutes he pulled up to the restaurant and we got out. For some unknown reason to us Carlito stayed inside the car but made sure to hand out his personal card to me without the others noticing and then drove off. I really hope I will see this guy again. Was he really growing back there? We entered the restaurant and I knew, whatever happens tonight, it was already a birthday I will never forget. ______________________ NEW (03-07-18) Part 2 AIRLINE DELAY Our ride to the airport was smooth and gate check uneventful. Sadly Carlito was busy that morning so he couldn’t drive us. But I sure called him and asked for a ride back. It was the waiting in the executive lounge that got me all horned up. There were two huge bodybuilders waiting with us that i recognized as Iain Valliere and the other was his Russian twin brother from another mother Andrey Skoromny. They were both chatting about supplements and their newest gains. Just then the airline announced a 2 hour delay and apologize for any inconvenience. My friends decided on taking a nap at the VIP lounge, but I was to riled up and couldn't fall asleep. I also overheard a conversation between Iain and Andrey about using the time and letting off some steam at the airport gym and sauna. Before hearing their decision I made me way to the gym, knowing they will follow behind me. I thought it would be a good idea to stack up on some protein shakes before the gym and so I went to the nearby supp store. That’s when they caught up to me and apparently had the same idea as me. Waiting in line to pay my goods out of nowhere Andrey commented on my physique and asked if I also competed. I felt flustered but replied that I didn’t and only aimed to grow bigger. We chatted some more until it was my turn to pay. Outside I waited for them to say goodbye and that it was nice to chat with them. This time it was Iain to ask me if I was not also on the same airline that had a 2 hour delay. I grinned and answered with a short yes and then told them that I was about to use that time to relax my muscles at the gym’s sauna. Iain looked at Andrey, they both smiled broadly and told me that I should join them as they were also heading that way. Of course I willed in to that offer and the three of us walked to the airport gym. We all entered the locker room to find it empty. Andrey was the first to peel down his pants to reveal a sweaty bulge. The jock he put on at the hotel was wet and formed around his swollen cock. When he pulled his jock down his erection snapped down then up slapping him in his taught 8 pack abdomens. I caught that action, but Iain was too busy on his cell phone arranging a pick up from their arrival at their destination. The look on Andrey’s face was pure evil. He grinned at me and stepped forward. He grabbed my crotch through the jeans I was wearing. As expected I was rock hard. We stepped into the shower stall and tore what remaining clothes we had on, off. Andrey leaned in and whispered into my ear. “We saw you checking us out and listening to our conversation. Want to find out whose is the bigger guy? Iain’s or me” I was stumped. Andrey called Iain over and told him to drop his pants. He did and to the pleasure of both of us Iain was not wearing briefs. So, his cock, erect as usual, was pointing straight out. Andrey walked over to Lain and stood alongside him. It was time to settle this debate. I walked over and sat my big muscled ass on the bench. Both guys walked over to me. I looked straight ahead. I really wanted to get this right. I looked at both of them and then down to their cocks, taking each cock in my hand and wrapping my palm around each shaft. It felt good and my own cock grew slightly. Andrey’s cock was thick. The veins that lined the underside were pulsing with blood. The head of his cock was translucent. Small blue veins shown slight and they were pulsing. The black trimmed pubic hair was cut close to showcase his heavy balls. The left one hung lower than the right. Iain was next. I reached up and grabbed it. I got a feeling in his stomach that made me lean back and then forward. Iain's cock was thick, not fat. The kind of cock that when you are at the urinal and you look to your left you think to yourself, that’s impressive. Damn. His hand formed the letter C and when he grabbed it. His fingertips were no where close to touching. The warmth from his dick made me sweat. Judging the girth alone it pained me to say but Iain won this contest hands down. Next was the length and the only way to judge this contest was to open wide and have each guy shove their cock to the back of my throat. Andrey went first and it slid in really easily and in less than a second I felt the cock slid down to the back of my throat. I gulped and it slid down even further. Andrey pulled out and Iain stepped up. My mouth was ready. The head of Iain’s cock touched my lower lip when a fourth guy walked into the locker room and sat alongside me. It was elite athlete and IFBB Pro bodybuilder Kevin Jordan. He had watched the whole thing from the lounge at the other end of the shower room and said the only way to fairly determine the winner was to have him do the judging. With that he pulled a cloth tape measure from his briefs and ordered each one of the guys to line up. Andrey stood tall, shoulders back and Kevin measured 7.75 inches long and close to 6 inches around. Next Iain stepped up and Kevin said “no contest here you are easily 7 or more inches.” Lain cleared his throat and said simply, “7 1/2 in girth Kevin, 7 1/2”. Kevin took the measuring tape from cock base to tip and measured a clear 8 1/2 inches. Feeling good he smirked at the other two and I was next. I stepped before the judge and Kevin dropped the tape measure. When he came back up my erect cock hit the top of Kevin’s head and in one move Kevin opened his mouth and placed his hands on my ass cheeks and pulls me forward. The cock felt good in his mouth. Kevin knew how to suck cock. The slurping sounds and hot breath made me even harder. The other two guys started kissing and rubbing each other’s chest. Kevin was deep on my cock when he pulled out and grabbed the tape measure, first the length 9 1/2 inches and then the girth 8 solid inches. “Fuck” he yelled…”dude that cock his crazy long and thick. Clearly you are the winner up to now.” I replied easily, “I know that but the contest was between my two buddies.” With that the elite athlete and IFBB pro bodybuilder Kevin Jordan stood up. He dropped his briefs and what fell forward startled all three of us. Iain took a step back and I looked towards the ceiling. When I brought my head back down to look at it, Andrey was on his knees with what seemed to be a baseball bat fucking the back of his head. He was being skull fucked by a battering ram. He pulled his mouth off the swollen cock and sat back on his hands. Kevin took his own manhood into his hands and stroked out a load that was epic. Thick milk covered the floor. All three were in awe. With that release, Kevin took a step back turned and said “sorry guys’ the clear winner is walking away. My 11-inch dick and I need a shower. If you are not still in shock feel free to join otherwise can someone please clean up my load…” ..to be continued ?
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