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  1. MightyMike81

    The Ad Man

    My contribution to the forum however I never wrote it. It was something I found on my computer. Some FanTCMan/FanTCDude wrote it. Let's just say I never make it to the end of the story Hope you guys enjoy! Mr. Tucker Forrest had every reason to think that he was as powerful as his position. His company had remained small by ad industry standards, but by specializing in sports related accounts, and landing several of the largest, T. Forrest Inc. had become a significant player. His select staff were all sports devotees of one kind or another, and knew better than most just how to service their accounts. One area that Tucker had not yet locked up was sports nutrition and supplements, but he thought he was about to nail that one, too, with the help of one of his top account execs, Larry Littleman. Tucker had hired Larry based on the fact that he was a personal fitness trainer with serious qualifications in physical therapy, nutritional therapy and non-traditional supplements. Larry also had the outgoing personality and the looks to be successful as an AE. Tucker had, in fact, secured Larry's services not only as an AE, but also as his own personal trainer. Tucker was strikingly handsome and well built and he had every intention of maximizing those attributes professionally. After several months, Tucker discovered that Larry was not just into maintaining a fit, toned, cut physique. Larry was really more into bodybuilding. Eventually he told Tucker he didn't care at all about competing as a professional bodybuilder, but he did have a personal goal of building himself up to where he could. Tucker wasn't about to let himself be pushed in that direction, and he wasn't sure how that kind of body would be received on one of his AEs. When Tucker hired Larry, even before he saw him in workout clothes, he could tell he was built, but having a great looking staff of athletes was what he wanted. Larry was one of those guys who would drive women crazy. He had the face of a daytime soap opera star and a head of thick, dark blond hair to go with the face. Even in business clothes, he had the posture of a man proud of his body. His loose fitting slacks showed a great butt, and his dress shirts showed a pair of nicely developed pecs and arms that pretty much filled his sleeves. When, in their talks about workout goals, Forrest realized that Larry was serious about building himself up to the proportions of a bodybuilder, he felt he needed to say something. He thought that Larry's credibility as an AE might be compromised if people thought he was becoming some kind of freak. But Larry said, very respectfully, that he felt that how he developed himself was his business, and that it shouldn't get in the way of his effectiveness. In fact, he told Tucker, he was working on landing an account that could become huge. Tucker was intrigued. Larry told him that some new bodybuilding supplement had been developed, and the inventors were looking for test subjects and an agency to represent their product. T. Forrest was a natural, and they had sought out Larry to get to Tucker. Larry told Tucker that they needed to complete just a couple more tests, and they'd be ready to go to market. He also told him that he, himself, was to be a test subject. Tucker immediately thought about having his own in-house testimonial, if this supplement worked. Larry told him he was scheduled to meet with them that night and would report back the next day. These guys were anxious to get moving and get rich. The next day Larry called in to say he couldn't come in that morning. He told Tucker that he'd taken their stuff the night before, and it did work. In fact it worked so fast and so well, he had to get some new clothes to wear. He said that the prospective clients had asked to meet with him, Tucker, at lunch to discuss plans for a media launch of the product. Larry said he'd meet him there, and named one of the top restaurants in town. Larry thought about it all morning. Would he be able to see a difference on Larry? He knew, if it worked, the market for this kind of thing could be vast. When he walked into the restaurant, escorted to the table by the maitre d', his mouth dropped open. Facing him was Larry, flanked by two men he assumed to be the clients by their extraordinary physiques, obvious even in business suits. Larry was grinning with pride as he stood to greet Tucker, the source of his pride clearly manifested. Tucker openly stared at Larry. So did almost everyone else in the restaurant. He was not wearing a jacket; just dress slacks, shirt and tie. He was huge. His arms more than filled the sleeves and strained the material of the extra large shirt. His back was so wide Tucker could see from the front how his lats flared thickly, pulling the fabric tight, causing it to cling to the huge pectoral muscles that sat broad and massive on his chest. Larry apologized for not wearing a jacket, saying that when he tried to get into his this morning, he couldn't get his arms into the sleeves. But, he said to Tucker, who cares when it's obvious that the product works. He acted overjoyed, showing Tucker how dramatically it had worked on him since about five thirty the night before, flexing one of his huge arms so that the shirt looked about to split open from the strain. And, he told his boss, it's still working. It takes twenty four hours to do its complete job. And it feels absolutely wonderful. Tucker's emotions bounced around as he sat discussing ideas for a campaign, convinced by what he saw that the potential for the product was huge, but not convinced that a physique like Larry's, or even these clients', would go over with the average guy. In fact, he felt a little embarrassed by Larry's size and his uninhibited display. Larry, meanwhile, maintained an infectious level of enthusiasm about the results he was experiencing and how he felt. He said he could almost feel his clothes getting tighter. As Tucker listened, he couldn't help but imagine what that must feel like, to have such massive muscles that they could be too big to be contained by a shirt, even an extra large tent of a shirt like Larry was wearing. They all laughed about various scenarios of guys using the product and growing huge in different situations, like at the beach or during an airplane flight. Or sitting in a fancy restaurant at lunch. Imagine some guy in his business suit suddenly getting too big for his britches. Tucker laughed, but his imagination was working too effectively all of a sudden. He could imagine how strange that would feel, the trousers becoming tight on the legs, tight in the crotch. Or the jacket sleeves feeling too tight when bending the arms to lift a bite of food or a glass. His imagination was producing such vivid pictures that he could actually feel what that would be like. He could imagine his reactions, a combination of panic and exhilaration. Suddenly the restaurant felt stuffy and hot. Just thinking about that made him feel jittery. His skin was itching. Just a little, when he first noticed it, then growing stronger, like he had hives creeping up his arms and legs, then all over his groin, then spreading from his groin all up his stomach and chest. He couldn't let himself sit there and scratch or sweat in front of these new clients, and he felt embarrassed that his reaction to thinking about what this product could do was so strong. He excused himself and went to the bathroom. When Tucker got into the bathroom, the mirrors gave him evidence that those sensations of his clothes feeling tighter were not just his imagination. As soon as he was inside the door, he frantically scratched the raging itching of his chest and stomach, and he thought, strangely, that his pecs felt bigger to him. He looked at his reflection and saw that his jacket looked too small, too snug. Maybe he just hadn't noticed this morning. After all, he had been building up with Larry's training routine. The itching was feeling out of control. He scratched all down his arms to the back of his hands. He looked at them in shock. The backs of his hands were covered with short, dark hair, hair that hadn't been there before. He unbuttoned his cuff, pushed up his sleeve, and saw the same kind of dark hair growing on his forearm. This couldn't really be happening! He quickly unbuttoned the front of his shirt. All that itching was being caused by dark hair sprouting thickly all over his chest and stomach. He looked just like one of those hairy guys who shaves and lets it grow back It was short and lay flat on his skin, but already he could see the swirls and pattern it was making. It wasn't his imagination at all. And it wasn't his imagination that his clothes were getting tighter. His arm muscles were bigger, and so were his pecs. They must have slipped him some of their product. He pulled himself together, buttoned his shirt, which was now almost tight across his chest, and returned to the table. There, he asked them what was going on. Larry told him that they had all felt the best way for him to understand the product was to experience it himself. Tucker tried to hold back his panic. He asked how much they had given him, and one of the clients, Jake, told him they had given him a basic, full dose, like Larry had taken. Now Tucker stared at Larry with a new and different kind of interest. Panic subsided and curiosity set in. His mind could barely grasp the fact that he could soon be as massively built as Larry. He looked at the way Larry's arms, at rest, strained the material of his huge sleeves, filling them up tight and full, and bulging insanely when he lifted or bent his arms at all. Across his gigantic chest his pecs stood out like pillows filled with steel, straining the fabric, pulling the buttons. He noticed that, at his collar where he had loosened his tie, there was hair creeping up and out over the collar. Tucker knew that Larry had had a completely hairless torso. It looked good, he thought. What a strange thought to cross his mind, that hairon a guy's chest would look good. Or not. But it did look good to him, kind of darkly masculine and sexy. Tucker felt himself sweating as the conversation at the table continued as if nothing strange were happening. His itching had not abated, and he guessed that he was feeling hair continuing to grow. Strange, but suddenly he found the idea growing of body hair very hot. He wished he could look. He tried to act casual and continue to eat and talk and drink, but every time he lifted something to his mouth, he could feel his arm a little bigger inside his sleeve. Soon, even the arm at rest began to swell against the fabric of his shirt and jacket. His clothes were becoming uncomfortably tight. He felt his slacks becoming tighter and tighter. At first he just felt the tightness in his thighs, but soon he could feel his calves filling the fabric. At the same time, the material grew tighter around his hips, and he figured his glutes must be getting bigger, too. And he also realized, to his astonishment, that the crotch of his slacks had started to constrict him in his groin, crowding his genitals. With the hand in his lap, he felt himself, confirming his most outrageous suspicion. What was inside the crotch of his pants was also growing bigger, and with his thighs pulling his pants tight, his dick and balls had no place to fall, and suddenly, there was his meat making bulges in his slacks. His meat! How big was it getting? He could feel that there was more there, crowded, sensitive, even his balls making their own bulges with their swollen size. He began to feel extremely self conscious and, at the same time, extremely turned on by what he felt. He felt his dick starting to swell and grow hard in his pants. With his hand, he could feel the size of its head and it didn't feel real as it crawled, growing bigger and harder, along the side of his groin, over his thigh toward his hip bone. He couldn't stand up now without showing the whole restaurant the effects this transformation was having on him. He wanted to be angry. He couldn't believe they had done this without telling him first, and he told them so. Larry asked if he would have gone along with it. He said probably not, and Larry said that's why they hadn't asked. But his anger was being quickly swallowed up by his growing feeling of excitement. Strange, he thought, but even as he was sitting there, he knew that something was changing, not just in his body, but in his head, too. He had been on Larry's case about getting too big, with his bodybuilding, to keep his place as an acceptable ad man, and now, suddenly, he was looking at Larry's enormous size and finding it exciting, even desirable. In fact, he was sure he could see Larry getting even thicker and more massive as they sat there, his shirt tighter, more revealing, causing increasingly strong waves of erotic stimulation to radiate through him. His collar grew tight and he felt hot. He loosened his tie and unbuttoned the collar button, and when he did, he felt hair growing at the base of his throat out of his collar. The waiter cleared their plates and brought coffee while Larry and the other two discussed the incredible potential of their product, once its ability to transform was made public. The one called Ted joked that they seemed to be making it public right now. Larry sat up tall in his chair, grinning, swelling his chest, replying that they sure were. His huge muscles strained the fabric of his shirt. He was enormous and Tucker couldn't believe his eyes. But he knew that they didn't mean just Larry when they talked about going public. He could barely move his arms, the back of his jacket pulled so snugly against his back and shoulders. It felt as though he were wearing a child's jacket and slacks. The sleeves were so tight with his arms relaxed, that he couldn't bend them without the material straining like a leather restraint belt. The top several buttons on his shirt, over his chest, were pulling, straining, about to pop. Tucker was filled with a confusion of emotions. He wished he were any place but a public restaurant. He could no more hide what was happening to his body than Larry could. He knew he must be starting to look ridiculous in his clothes. People around the restaurant were looking at them, commenting in whispers to each other. But he also felt a certain envy at how Larry seemed to be inviting the stares, how he not only didn't seem to care, but looked proud to display his transformation, his increasingly massive size. Oddly, he realized, he sort of felt that way, too. He felt like some deeply hidden desire, some drive he had never acknowledged, was being forced into his reality, and he had no choice but to accept and embrace it. There was no sense fighting what was happening, since it was happening for all to see. A growing sense of enjoyment, an intense, profound, erotic satisfaction crept through his consciousness as he began to admit to himself how hot he felt, his muscles growing big and hard, becoming like those of a real bodybuilder. Tucker reached for his coffee, and felt the seam down the side of the jacket under his arm, where his lats were swelling beyond the jacket's capacity to hold them, start to rip open. When he bent his arm to lift the cup, the seam down the back of the sleeve also began to give way with a tearing of the threads. If he didn't get out of the jacket right now, he would be treating the other diners, who were already watching, to the sight of his clothes splitting open before their eyes. He asked one of the men to help him get out of the jacket. He struggled his arms out of their confines, and when he twisted to hang the jacket on the back of the chair, the second button of his shirt gave in to the strain of his mounding pecs and popped off. He had to loosen his tie more, and since it was obvious to him that the other buttons over his pecs would soon give way as well, he unbuttoned them down to below his chest, where his lats angled in to his hard, slender abdomen, and the buttons had room to hold. The shirt spread itself open over his pecs, the tie covering only part of his exposed chest. He saw the thickness of his pecs dive into a deep crease of cleavage, dark hair covering the skin. His dick reflexed against his groin with the sudden thrill of what he saw. He could no longer deny that he was extremely turned on by what was happening to him. He felt wave after wave of intense erotic stimulation flood his body and his brain. He had never felt so horny in his life, so hot, so sexy, with a totally new, powerful sensation of maleness. This was making him feel deeply, intensely masculine in a way so overpowering that he had never imagined possible. He was beginning to understand Larry's pride. How could he have thought that being massive and freaky would be weird and embarrassing. He wondered briefly what his girlfriend would think if she could see him now, but he realized he didn't really care. He wanted to feel another person touching his muscles, but it wasn't his girlfriend. He looked across the table at Larry. His account executive was saying to the two clients that it looked like both he and his boss were about to grow out of their clothes, and that they should probably be getting out of here and going to someplace more private while they completed their transformations. Tucker stared at Larry, and he realized that the sight of his friend's massive muscles almost exploding inside his shirt was making his cock throb. He had never felt the slightest sexual attraction for another man before, but now, when Larry said they should get to someplace more private, his mind flooded with images of Larry taking off his clothes, of seeing all of his incredible body, of touching it, feeling those massive muscles. What would the hair on his body look like? How big would his cock and his balls be? And what about his own? He couldn't wait to see what he looked like, too, to see himself packed with muscle, hairy, amazingly hung. The thought of them naked, together, made him so much hornier he thought he might come, uncontrollably, right there in the restaurant. His hand reached under the table again to feel his crotch, and he realized that his cock, jerking with his erotic thoughts, rock hard and straining the material of his slacks, now extended past his hip bone and felt thicker than a giant cucumber. It was growing bigger still. How could he get up and leave? The other two said that Larry was probably right. They would pick up the check and get in touch later. They said everyone would have a clearer picture of just what they would be marketing and how to use Larry and Tucker as spokesmen for the product. If respected advertising executives could transform themselves and enjoy their new look, why not the average Joe on the street. Go home, they said, enjoy the rest, and call tomorrow when it's all finished. Tucker held his jacket in front of himself as they left the restaurant. Walking was a revelation. He could feel the size of his ass in his slacks, the mass of his legs. His slacks were tight as skin. His thighs not only rubbed together, they forced his legs to move around each other with each step, the way he had seen bodybuilders walk. He could feel the material of his shirt stretched so tight across his back that his lats felt pressed and crowded. The sleeves clung tight to the mass of his arms. He knew that the people in the restaurant must be watching them as they left. He certainly didn't look like this when he came in. But he didn't care now; he found it kind of exciting. Wait, he thought, till they went public about what those people had just witnessed. They decided, waiting for their cars, to go to Larry's place. It was close. Larry drove ahead and Tucker followed in his Jag. On the way over, to his shock and growing excitement, Tucker felt the seam in the back of his slacks and on the legs start to split open. For one brief second, he thought about his suit being ruined, but he realized he would never be able to get into it again, and his uncontrollable arousal only increased with the idea that he was growing so big so fast as to rend the fabric of his old image. His shirt sleeves had become uncomfortably tight, and he bent first one arm, then the other, flexing his biceps until the sleeves burst, ripping open and exposing the massive peaks of his hard, swelling guns. Oh, yeah, he thought. This was too hot. He flexed his lats and felt the sides and back of his shirt rip open. It was as though he was being released, his muscles unbound. His lats felt so thick and wide under his arms, and his arms felt so dense and huge resting on the swelling, hard cushions of his lats. He looked down at his chest, pulled off his tie, felt his pecs with one hand. They were becoming absolutely huge now. The front of his unbuttoned shirt had pulled apart even more to expose a broad expanse of his bare chest. The plates of his pecs were becoming so thick that the crease of cleavage between them could swallow his fingers up to the second knuckles. And they were becoming truly hairy. Just the kind of hair, if he had grown up with body hair, that he would have wanted to have. It had become much denser since his trip to the bathroom, but it still was not too long, and it lay flat on his skin, silky and dark. He ran his hand under his shirt feeling how the hair grew all the way over to the broad sides of his pecs and down to the deeply overlapping cuts beneath them. His pecs were growing, not just massively thick, but broad and square, and they were almost totally covered with hair. His dick was throbbing inside what was left of his slacks, and a dark, wet spot of precum was growing by its enormous head. He let his hand continue to feel the hair that was growing down his abs. They were dense and hard as bricks, and their ridges and valleys were growing more extreme, harder, deeper, and the hair that converged down their center felt unbearably hot. With a reflex that never passed through his conscious mind, he grabbed his shirt, which had remained buttoned and intact where his waist was still tight and small, and he yanked it open, popping the buttons off, tearing it out of the waistbandof his slacks so he could see more of his hard, increasingly sexy hairy stomach. Between the awesome growth of his muscles and body hair, he felt an unexpected sensation, a deep, intense, overwhelming explosion of masculinity, a powerful building of raw erotic animal maleness. He was about to pull open his slacks, to grab his cock and bring himself to the relief that he felt himself relentlessly building toward. He was so hot he had to come. He had to come NOW. But just then Larry pulled into a driveway and into his garage. Tucker followed. Larry jumped out of his car and came around to Tucker. His own clothes, while still intact, were straining to the point of giving way. He was unbuttoning his shirt. He opened Tucker's door, saying he had to get out of his clothes, and he laughed when he saw how far out of his Tucker already was. Tucker followed Larry inside. By the time he had reached the living room, he was out of his shirt and had undone his pants. Tucker followed suit, getting out of his own shirt and undoing his belt and zipper. He didn't even care that his cock was hard and huge and obvious for Larry to see. So was Larry's, now, and he didn't seem to give a fuck. Larry had Tucker help him pull off his pants, the thighs were so tight. His bikini underwear came off with them. He jumped to his feet, spread his arms and legs, then flexed every muscle on his body as he moved slowly and deliberately into a double biceps, enjoying the freedom of his gigantic muscles being released from the restrictions of his clothes. His cock projected straight out from the dense big bush of his pubic hair, thicker than his wrist, and longer than his forearm. His balls hung almost halfway to his knees and looked the size of large oranges. His arms, his legs, his pecs, his abs, and his groin were covered with short, silky, dense hair that swirled and plunged in patterns that emphasized the size and shape of his body, his muscles, his exaggerated male equipment. Tucker looked in awe. Was this what would happen to him? Larry was bigger that any professional bodybuilder Tucker had ever seen. Noticeably bigger. Everything about him was insanely massive. Somewhere deep in his brain a faint thought of panic, or fear, or possible regret flitted by, but it was fast submerged in an tsunami of deep, intense, profoundly erotic arousal. He had never seen anything that turned him on so much as the sight of Larry and the thought that the same thing was happening to him. With a few violent rips and tugs, and some help from Larry, Tucker released himself from what was left of his clothes. in front of a full length mirror in Larry's bathroom, he saw the mind-blowing sight of his own reflection for the first time. He was magnificent. With Larry standing beside him, he could see how much farther he had to grow before he would be done. His mind reeled. He was big like the bodybuilders that he never let himself think about becoming. It wouldn't have been the right thing for a big ad exec. The thought made him laugh. And now he was that big, and he didn't give a fuck if people thought it was strange. Not only that big, but he had body hair that looked like a porno illustration. Where the line of hair had disappeared into his pants, now he saw it continue, spread thicker, and merge with his pubes which had spread on his groin, a major thick, dark tangle of luxuriant growth. It grew up his belly to where he knew that anything low cut that he wore would show groin hair. It spread out onto his upper thighs and joined uninterrupted with the hair that covered his massive legs. And from that sexy bush hung a pair of balls the size of lemons surmounted by his rod, a stiff, jerking, throbbing rod of veiny flesh at least a foot in length and so thick he could barely get his hand around it. He grabbed it hard with one hand while he stroked his unbelievably hot bod with the other, across his full, gorgeous, hairy tits, and down the furry peaks and valleys of his abs. Next to him, he saw Larry grab his own cock with both hands. He saw how Larry had to reach around his humongous pecs to get hold of his dick, how it made his pecs mound up with insanely thick mass. He noticed the beyond-human flare of Larry's back, the wide-spread stance of his tree trunk legs. He thought how much hotter Larry looked with his even more perfect, outrageous body hair, and the size of his equipment. He was out of control with the thrill of what he saw and what was happening. He couldn't wait to get like Larry. He couldn't wait. And suddenly, without a stroke, his groin exploded with the start of an orgasm that radiated through his body, contacting him into a total body spasm that traveled back into his groin, down the length of his wonderful cock and finally rocketed him into space, a space he never even imagined possible. He thought his joints would fly apart as he shot volley after volley of hot, thick cream, jerking with ecstasy as it hit the mirror so hard it splashed all over him and Larry. And it just kept coming, and coming, pumping up from some place so deep he didn't know it existed. It hit him in the face and all over his chest and stomach. He saw it hitting Larry, matting the hair on his gargantuan chest, plastering it down as it ran down his abs. Finally, after what must have been more than a minute of full ejaculation, it slowed and stopped. Larry was laughing, rubbing the cum into his hair, massaging his tits with its slippery lubrication. Tucker did the same, taking his lead from the hunk beside him. He felt so good, his body felt so good under his hands. His cock was still hard, still, to his amazement, throbbing, wanting more sex. Then Larry reached for him, pulled him over, and began to massage the sticky fluid into his pecs and all the way down his abs. As soon as Larry touched him, he knew he had waited his whole life for this. He sucked in his breath and Larry leaned forward and placed his mouth on Tucker's. The feel of a firm mouth surrounded by stiff, scratchy whiskers made him suck his breath in again, almost to the point of fainting with passion, and he felt Larry's tongue press in to explore. He let himself lean hard into Larry's body to hold himself up, felt his pecs press against the hard, enormous mass of Larry's. He felt Larry's huge cock find his abs and start to work up them as they moved closer together. Then his own cock touched Larry's pubic hair and the base of his dick. Larry pulled him closer until both their cocks were pressed between their rock hard bellies, rubbing against each other, stimulated by the hair on their bellies. Tucker felt almost weak, swept into a tide of erotic, male passion. Larry kissed him hard, moving from his mouth and pressing his lips and tongue into the soft flesh under Tucker's jaw line, his chin, sucking on the cleft in his chin, working it with his tongue, then down his throat to his chest, where he buried his face in Tucker chest hair, licking deep into his cleavage and cuts, sucking and nipping at his nipples. He grabbed Tucker's hard, round butt and pulled him closer still, pushing their groins hard together. Then, before Tucker knew what was happening, Larry had wet his fingers with Tucker's spunk and was working it between his buns and into his asshole. Tucker realized what Larry intended to do, and there was no way he could make himself want to stop him. He was so hot and so horny that he wanted more of everything, wanted to do, to know everything that could be done with and to the male body. He worked on Larry's pecs, massaged them hard, pressed the heels of his palms into their dense mass, lifting their incredible weight. He couldn't believe his own would soon be this massive, and he couldn't wait to feel it on himself. Larry turned him around, reached under his arms, around his lats, and grabbed his pecs to pull him close from behind. Tucker felt the head of Larry's cock against his butt, pushing between his buns, separating them with its fist-sized head. He was so hot he didn't care how much it hurt; he wanted to feel Larry deep inside him. Larry was telling him how hot he was getting , how big. He told Tucker to flex for him, and Tucker felt hot and powerful as he raised his arms in a double biceps. His arms were getting huge. He looked in disbelief at the size of his biceps, how they peaked. He heard Tucker saying what great fucking arms, what great fucking tits, as he massaged his pecs harder. And then, with a slow, deliberate thrust, Larrywas inside him. He slid the entire length of his cock in, slowly, filling him, deeper, deeper, until Tucker felt himself stop against the dense hair and hard flesh of Larry's groin. He closed his eyes and a groan escaped his lips. Larry held him there for a minute, not moving, just pressing himself hard into Tucker. Tucker felt the fullness of Larry in him. Then Larry slowly moved his hands down Tucker's torso, across his swelling, growing muscles, until he had taken Tucker's cock in his hands. As he slowly began to stroke the length of Tucker's cock, he withdrew himself and pressed himself back inside Tucker in the same rhythm. He gradually increased his tempo, withdrawing himself slightly more each time, until he was pulling out past the rim of his cockhead, feeling the flaring edge pop out and back in again, slamming Tucker's hard ass each time he rammed himself in to its full length. Tucker felt the heat increase until he felt white hot. His moans became open mouthed groans, increasing in volume and intensity with Larry's pounding rhythm. He felt Larry's breath, hot against his neck. He was nearing orgasm. He could feel it building in him until he felt himself rocked by another nuclear explosion, like before but stronger, squeezing him to the center of his cells, his body alive with pulsing, shocking, jolting sexual electricity. And as he watched thick streams of white cream jet out of his cockhead he felt Larry inside him jerking hard, convulsing with his own release, filling him with hot juice. He felt himself fill up until Larry's cum was leaking out and running down his butt and dripping off his balls. When their convulsions finally subsided, they both collapsed on the floor in the pools of their cum, laughing, rubbing handsful of it onto each other, plastering down their hair, slipping and sliding their hands over each other's incredible muscles. Larry suggested a swim in the pool, and they went out to his patio. Tucker felt magnificent. He could feel himself still steadily swelling bigger, harder, denser, his body hair filling in, his dick and balls growing more and more like Larry's. Then, suddenly, he felt his muscles start to cramp. Deep in his bowels, where he had taken Larry's load, he felt heat building and radiating. It felt kind of good, kind of sexy, but it also felt strange. He felt his muscles draw into themselves in a deep, but not a painful cramp, and then relax for a second or two, and then draw up again, almost like mild convulsions. He told Larry how he felt, and he went to the side of the pool where he could stand and lean against something for support. He laughed at himself for reacting, but the feeling of convulsing grew stronger, even though he was not outwardly convulsing. He looked at Larry watching him, and he saw amazement, maybe fear in his friend's eyes. And then he knew what was happening. Somehow, taking Larry's cum must have increased the activity of whatever was causing his transformation. The rate had increased. He was growing so fast he could see it, and so could Larry. He could feel it. Suddenly he was on a rocket. He could feel his arms getting thicker and heavier, even as his lats flared and pushed them out, up. His pecs were ballooning inside his skin, broader, thicker. They were growing so big so fast he thought his skin would split. He could hardly see over them. He could feel his butt, where he was leaning, growing bigger, thicker, harder, literally pushing away from the side of the pool. His thighs pushed away from each other as they grew bigger and bigger, until he had to bend his knees to stand. His cock throbbed, reaching a spontaneous orgasm again, spraying his cream into the pool. He heard himself saying Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God! over and over again. And his orgasm didn't stop; he just kept shooting spurt after spurt, and his cock kept growing, bigger than Larry's. He could feel the weight of his balls against his thighs, almost to his knees. He had to see. It was hard to get his arms around the mass of his torso to reach them, but he lifted them and they were bigger than Larry's, too. They were the size of softballs. He wished he could get to a mirror. He knew he was bigger than Larry all over, and he was still swelling, exploding with mass. Christ! This was incredible! Would he be able to walk? Did he care? Larry was voicing his amazement. As Tucker continued to grow, his mass swelling, adding to itself, his orgasm going on and on, Larry could see that Tucker was lost in the sensations of what was taking place. No wonder. He could tell that Tucker was in a place beyond ecstasy, that he was flying on an orgasmic rocket. His traps threatened to engulf his head and his delts surpassed the size of bowling balls. Larry wanted him, wanted his muscle, his unbelievable display of manhood. Tucker seemed not to be able to stop feeling his own muscle as it grew thicker and denser. Larry stepped up to him and began to join his monster friend in feeling, massaging the gigantic boulders of hairy muscle hanging on his incredibly broad and growing chest. He grabbed the throbbing, spraying cock. There was no way he could get his hand around it and it had to be over two feet long now. He heard Tucker breathlessly crying for him to take it, take it. He held the gigantic head to his face, then licked around the spouting slit. His lust and hunger overtook him, and he drank as much of Tucker's cum as he could, and when he was full and still crazy with desire, he turned and positioned himself asshole to cockhead and began to push back onto Tucker's rod. As soon as he made contact, he felt Tucker grab his waist and thrust hard. He was sure he screamed. It felt like he was being impaled on someone's leg, but his lust was so intense that the very size of the gigantic tool inside him was driving to the heart of his insatiable need for more. Tucker was still pouring cum out of his cock, and he held Larry tight against him as he flooded his gut. Even when Larry had been filled to the point that he could feel his belly distending and cum running out of him and down his legs, Tucker held him hard against him. The more Larry felt filling inside him, the more he wanted it. There was no way he could get enough. Until he began to feel the heat in his own belly and the convulsing in his muscles begin. Tucker could barely catch a breath from the relentless orgasm he was having. It didn't seem to matter how much he came. He just felt himself getting more and more turned on, hornier, constantly more erotically charged. Even as he pumped a steady stream of his juice into Larry he could feel himself growing bigger, thicker, heavier. He was so in love with the feeling of his muscles growing so much more massive so fast that there was no way now that he could have enough of the feeling, no way he could ever get big enough. It seemed like the juice he had taken from Larry was even more concentrated in its effect than the original dose he had been given. It was incredible. If only he could get more. And then, when he saw Larry, still impaled on his churning cock, begin so show the signs of convulsing, he knew that they were each producing a more concentrated version of the formula by its very action within them. No wonder it was such an intense sexual sensation and experience. The whole thing was sexual in its most basic nature. The muscles, the body hair, the amazing growth of their genitals, all of it was the expression by the body of an unleashing of the deepest essence of physical male sexuality. Even as those thoughts were crowding in on his consciousness, he saw them confirmed. Larry began contracting, his already huge glutes squeezing Tucker's cock so hard he thought he might burst, if it didn't feel so good. Tucker saw, immediately, that Larry's lats and delts were swelling again. From his position behind him, Tucker couldn't believe how Larry's back began to flare like a cobra's hood, how his bowling ball delts began to look more like basketballs. He put his hands on Larry's butt to slide himself out, and he could feel the iron pulsing of those glutes swelling into larger boulders. When he pulled his cock out, he was shocked at how much it had grown inside his friend. He turned him around. Larry was grinning, his eyes rolling up into his head with the extreme ecstasy he was feeling. He could only keep saying how incredible he felt, how unbelievable this was. He was massaging his own pecs, feeling their hard, swelling contours, pressing the heels of his hands hard into their sides, pushing against them as he felt them pushing out, broadening, thickening. They were beyond enormous. His arms were so huge it was difficult to bent them very far before his forearms were stopped by the ham-like biceps bursting on his upper arms. His lats had pushed them above forty-five degrees. His thighs forced his legs farther apart even though his quads firmly pressed against each other almost to his knees, to where his balls rested now, two very large grapefruits churning with his sex. His cock projected straight out from his increasingly hairy groin, more than two feet of thick, veiny manhood, and as his cries of ecstasy increased, he began to shoot, just like Tucker. Now both of them were standing in the pool, Tucker bigger than the biggest bodybuilder, and Larry bigger than him by half, both of them still swelling, and both of them shooting non-stop volleys of heavy cream. They laughed and they moaned with constant, growing erotic animal pleasure. They shot all over each other. They rubbed the slippery cum into the hair that was still growing thicker on each other's torsos, enjoying the feel of their mass, their deep cuts, the mounds and boulders of harder, denser, bigger muscles. After a few more minutes, when Tucker saw how enormous Larry was becoming, still swelling, veins popping all over his body, his skin thinner and thinner as the muscle beneath stretched it like tissue, He realized that Larry's growth was even more extreme than his after he had taken a belly full of Larry's juice. So the combination of the original dose plus Larry's cum had magnified the strength of the process in him, and what he gave to Larry had been that much stronger. That meant that what Larry was shooting out of his cock now would probably be stronger still by that much more concentration. He looked at Larry's cock, which was like the thick end of a baseball bat and nearly a yard long, he guessed. Could he take it? He wanted to. He wanted it bad. He playfully forced it down below the water, feeling how it was so stiff that it felt spring-loaded, and let it go. It sprang up, to their delight, with a thwack hitting Larry in the face. Tucker reached up, took its frighteningly huge head and brought it down as he turned around to his own huge, hard bubble butt. He pushed back onto it, felt it stretch him until he thought his flesh would tear. But something about this transformation also seemed to increase his capacity to open and accommodate such a tool, because he felt Larry's hands on his waist, then the pressure of his friend pulling his back as he thrust forward, and with a blinding flash of hot, erotic pain, he felt himself fill with Larry's hot flesh. He could feel the juice pumping into him. It was so hot that he tried to stand still and just experience the sensation. His own cock was still ejaculating. He had been ejaculating for at least an hour, and he couldn't believe he wasn't exhausted, but the intensity of the orgasm kept growing stronger and energizing him. He would let Larry fill him for as long as he could stand it. If he could, he would stay on this giant cock until he felt himself growing more, growing faster. The water in the pool was becoming cloudy with their cum. Tucker had no ideas how long he had stayed on Larry's cock. He remembered that when his arms were resting almost straight out to his sides and had grown bigger than a bodybuilder's legs, Larry had been forceful about having another turn himself. He vaguely remembered that they each took several more turns. He remembered that, no matter how big their cocks had grown, they seemed to be able to stretch to take them in, even when they were much too long to take more than half their lengths. He remembered, at one point, that they were going to get out of the pool and try to pose for each other, but they found that they were so heavy that it was almost impossible to balance themselves and stand up without the help of the buoyancy of the water. So they had stayed in the pool. Their cocks grew too long to reach the throbbing, insistent cockheads themselves, but that was not problem since they couldn't get enough of doing it for each other. They didn't give a fuck about the consequences when they realized their dicks extended over their heads; it was just too fucking hot having such gigantic cocks. They completely lost any sense of time as the night wore on and they took turns impregnating each other with stronger and stronger doses of the growth factor, and getting more and more lost in the intensity of the erotic sensations of their growing mass. They never even heard Larry's phone ring, late the next morning, when they hadn't shown up at the office. About ten o'clock, Sean Gallagher came to check. The new potential clients had shown up for a nine o'clock appointment. Sean had first checked at Tucker's house and found no one home. So he came to Larry's. He found them in the pool. Sean was in shock at what he saw. He had talked to Larry about the new product, and had known more than Tucker about what these guys were up to. He had even been kind of excited to see how it worked on Larry, because, deep, secret truth be known, he had always wanted to have a body like a bodybuilder without having to do all the work to get it. But in his wildest imaginings, he had never conceived of anything like what he saw that morning. The two of them were oblivious to him when he walked onto the patio. They were facing each other, leaning against the side of the pool for support. They stood there, the two most grotesquely, monstrously muscular men ever conceived in the brain of the most obsessed muscle freak, massaging, caressing, feeling each other's bodies, lost in the sensations. Projecting from the groin of each of them, resting on the shoulder of the other like a pair of crossed swords, lay their cocks, projecting above and beyond their heads, spurting thick, heavy cream like fountains into the water. Sean didn't know what to do. He was terrified. He called their names. When they finally took notice of him, they said he would have to help them out of the pool. They obviously wouldn't be getting dressed and coming into the office. Sean noticed they weren't at all upset about the freaks they had become. He didn't know what to do about getting them out of the pool, since he was wearing his suit. Tucker told him to just take his clothes off. He'd need to take a fast shower anyway, since the pool water was a swamp of milky juice, a layer almost coagulated on the surface. Sean was mildly disgusted by the prospect, but he couldn't leave them there, so he laid his clothes neatly on a chaise. He also felt a little, dark thrill at the sight of these two hairy muscle monsters with their monster dicks. As he tried to help them move out of the water, they got him laughing at the difficulty of maneuvering such mass. He was immediately slippery, too, with the juice surrounding him. They slid around, Sean having to grab their immense muscles as he tried to help them balance. It was impossible to stay out of the way of the fountains of spunk that were still spurting into the pool. He was soon so covered, in his flailing attempts, that he had to accept getting some in his mouth. He didn't swallow much, but the concentration level had increased so much that it didn't take very much before he felt a strange heat in his belly. To be continued....
  2. Hey everyone, this storyfied roleplay takes place within a universe of demis. To not bore you too much with pure fantasy writing, I left out the beginning and created this tale as an erotic version. Enjoy! --------------- Credits to the following (discord) role-player’s I met to create this: JonasCopperwire, lorelollo Copyright disclaimer: I don't own any picture. I link every source if possible. Please contact me or a moderator in case of demanded removal.
  3. Silver

    King of the Pride

    The ruby red Jeep Rubicon soared through the air like it was a bullet, it’s occupants screaming as the 2.2 ton SUV tumbled in the air. The 8ft tall towering green wolf let out a harsh laugh which made his beach-ball sized pec’s bounce as he watch the vehicle he’d effortlessly thrown tumble in the air before it came to a sudden halt, the Jeep had hit something which hadn’t flinched when 2 tons of steel had hit it travelling travelling at several times the Jeep maximum speed. Loinor stood in the middle of the road looking at the wolf smirking. The Liger was a true Atlas with a form that’d put anything to shame, a towering yellow striped monolith of male perfection. His broad paw’s sunk into the road surface like it was wet mud, leaving vast potholes, that where easily the size of picnic benches and close a foot deep. The bright yellow paw was attached to a leg which could only be compared with the trunk of a Giant Sequoia, however this still would be a lack lustre comparison. Each of the column like legs had black stripes which stretched across the vast valley’s and crevasse’s created by the mountains of muscle that each leg held. Lionor clearly never skipped leg day as each of his calves seemed to have more muscle on them then most beings had in their whole body, while each of his thighs where larger then oil drums in their relaxed state. These two pillars of muscle met at a mind boggling sight, the most pointless speedo possible. A tufted of a thick orange manly bush poked out the top of the skin tight red fabric which did nothing to hide the shape of a vast cock. The titanic length could causally put famously well hung equines whole bodies to shame was it’s 12ft length and vast 8ft girth was greater then the whole bodies of even the biggest horses. Also contained but easily visible through the tight red fabric was a pair of balls the likes of which could not even come close to having an equal. Each one was about 5ft tall and nearly equal in width. Each of these small cars which he called balls held enough cum to effortlessly burst open even the largest oil tanker. Half up the titanic form was 6 pack which would make any male jealous as each of the abs was larger then the largest bodybuilders pectorals and sculpted so perfectly each looked as though a super computer had been involved, however this wall of perfection was currently hidden behind the remains of the Rubicon which flattened against them without vehicles several hundred mile an hour impact being felt as it had squashed against the immovable abs until the rear axle and front grill where only millimetres apart. Casting a shadow over the crumple Jeep stuck to his abs where the Liger's vast pectorals, either of which could dwarf the combined muscle of the vast green canine who was currently staring at the liger his jaw hanging open as his beach ball pec’s where barely on par with the nipples of the massive Lionor who’s where each broader then the wolf’s whole chest. A growth of hair poked from between the highly dense sphere’s of pure muscle which matched the hair around his vast bulge and that which was in his pits. Despite the fact nobody else could even begin to compared to the sheer vastness of Lionors relaxed form the most impressive part was yet to come. Each of Lionor’s arms was a sight to be behold, each a work of art. They were at the thinnest point as thick as his thigh’s expanding to much greater scales at their widest point. Biceps that made even his own pectorals look small, even relaxed the green wolf knew any muscle on those arms could overpower his whole body with little effort. Even the Ligers face was perfection, handsome, and as strong as his body with it wrapped in well kept long black mane with orange stripes running through it. His bright green eyes turned from admiring his massive biceps to the wolf who stood down the road looking puny and feeble, the Liger smirked at the wolf whom he had utterly dominated by his mere presence. The hulking wolf felt it in his bones as the mass monster before him took a step, which shook everything for miles around. The Jeep’s remains dropped from Lionor’s abs leaking a smear of blood as more dripped out of it as that was all that remained of the vehicles occupants after coming into contact with the Liger Adonis. Car’s shook violently, posts of all kinds fell as the ground shook and Lionor walked forward, walking lightly as not to level the city. Nothing which got in his path stood a chance, the lucky car’s reach orbit as the Liger’s vast paw tapped them and caved them in before they took off into the sky, other’s however where simply flattened into the road as the muscle god trampled them as they where merely blades of grass. The wolf let out a whine of terror before feeling his knees weaken as a voice boomed “What’s wrong thought you where a big bad wolf.” Taunted the hulking hybrid. A green fist swung, and “BOOM!” A shock wave rippled through the air turning glass for 1 mile to powder. The fist had connected with a wall of yellow abs. The wolf recoiled looking at his hand and saw that the finger’s had broken. A howl of pain was cut short as the massive Lionor spoke “Aww that the best you got little doggie, If I hadn’t been looking I won’t have know you’d hit me.” Teased the looming big cat before lowering his own hand and flicking the wolf who was launched with a sonic boom and went crashing through several buildings before hitting a mountainside and becoming buried 100ft within the solid rock. As the green wolf stumbled out of the impact crater and felt his progress impeded by a wall of muscle as Lionor’s form filled the hulking wolf’s vision “please..don’t crush me..” whined the wolf as he felt of his own shaft stiffening as he gazed upon the Liger god. The wolf’s package would have once been considered big as it easily put equines to shame, however before the Liger it felt like nothing as the soft bulge simply dwarf the whole body of the wolf. “Hah wait till I get hard.” Taunted Lionor as he saw him admiring his flaccid cock. A squeak came from the canine however as he was lifted up with one hand by the muscle god, the wolf’s squirms where pointless as was the effort he was making to break the Liger’s grip. “Don’t worry you’re a scrawny toothpick so this’ll be over in an instant.” Lionor said with a mocking smirking on his face as he closed his eyes and focused. As the massive Liger closed his eyes and started taking long so breath’s the wolf had a horrific feeling running through is body, as if his muscles where deflating, which they where. The drain started at his extremities. His calves ceased to exist within seconds as they where the first serious muscle to vanish, his thigh’s and biceps where next they quickly shrunk from being the second largest on the planet to barely existing with the bones being visible around the legs and arm as his skin hung loosely of the empty arms. At the same time his basket balls sized sack and equine shaming shaft shrunk rapidly until there was barely an inch of erection sticking out and a pair of balls which may have compared favourably with a set of small marbles. Abs began to disappear travelling upwards they simply melt away as they got drained, while above his pectorals where shrinking rapidly to, the once beach ball sized pillows of muscle where done, replaced with a flat chest and exposed ribcage. Lionor’s eyes opened as he gazed upon the being he’d just drained for a light snack “Urgh god you somehow got even punier then before.” the Liger said with destain “But that’ll teach, you’ll never be the biggest, strongest, or best simply because I exist.” the mass monster taunted to the shrunken and emaciated wolf. He dropped what was basically just a sack of skin and bones and feeling like trying out the 0.001% strength and size boost he’d gotten from draining the worthless wolf. Looking around the titan smirked as he spotted a gym. The doors to the gym slid open as 3 hulking figures strolled out. A 7ft tall Rhino man who was built like a tank with biceps which bulged and a tank top that barely held in his pec’s, the next was a 5,6ft boarder collie who’s pec’s bounced as he walked shirtless out the gym well defined abs glinting with sweat in the sun light , the last figure was a 7,9ft polar bear, with hunky dad bod arms and legs like tree trunks while a belly pulled his tank top down and exposed his pectorals. All them paused as they saw what was in the car park. Lionor stood within it a red hatchback flattened into the concrete as he walked over without seeming to notice or care. Not noticing the 3 gym bro’s who’d just existed the gym Lionor reached out and grabbed a Silver Land Rover defender. The 3.5 ton vehicle was lighter then the Liger’s own cock, the 4x4 quickly went sailing away as Lionor tossed it behind him where it went crashing through several buildings which seconds later collapsed. The 3 Gym bro’s where in stunned shock before watching as ligers green eyes fell upon the last vehicle in the lot, a bright yellow Ford F450 Super Duty Crew Cab parked just outside the building “HEY !” Screamed the polar bear as he ran towards the truck screaming “THAT’S MINE! DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH IT!”. Lionor paid him no mind as he stepped towards the vehicle causing it to shake to on it’s axles as the bear who’d much closer got within the truck and start it’s massive 450hp engine and violently swung it around narrowly missing Lionor’s grasp not realising he was merely toying with them pretending to be a slow lumber behemoth. Putting his paw to the floor he heard the engine rev loudly as the 3.9 ton truck lurched forward and jerked to a halt, it’s wheels spinning. Despite the fact the engine was roaring the vehicle wasn’t moving forwards but instead backwards. Lionor had his hand hooked into the vehicles chassis, through the back of the pick-up and was effortlessly pulling back despite the vehicles best efforts to resist. To Lionor the truck was nothing it’s attempts to go forward took nothing for him to resist and overcome. The Ford was hoisted of the ground like a feather it’s shredded tires still spinning pointlessly as with one hand the truck dangled before being pulled into Lionors pec’s with a crunch and splat. It had taken the muscle god a mere second to flatten the truck but the bear within had seen it all in slow motion. A vast hand had engulfed the truck’s front end causing the vehicles hood to crease like it was fabric, then it start pushing. The chassis had let out a groan then a collection of crashing, pinging and ripping noises had filled the cab before the shattering of glass and the bear had found himself sharing the cabin with the engine and front wheels while he could fell himself being pushed back, the rear starting to shorten as the chassis buckled and yield like it was made of rubber to the immovable pec’s and unstoppable hand. Red sprayed from the vehicle as the bear had been turned to paste within. Some sprayed Lionors pec’s and a few drips spattered is face making him lick his lips “Mmm puny machine you little weakling use.” he said laughing as he dropped the once 22ft long truck which was now less then a quarter of an inch long. The Rhino and collie looked at one another and made to run but felt themselves lifted of the ground by their waists. Kicking and struggling had no impact on the vast hands that’d clammed around them like vices. “Well little gym bugs let’s see if you’re training given you the slightest hint of strength.” he taunted relaxing his arms “Get into the crook of my arms and resist with all your might, and if you impress me well I'll let you live.” Lionor said smirking as he felt the tiny rhino and collie clamber over his mountainous biceps which where easily bigger then the two imp’s he was about to test. He felt 2 pair of hands hands brace themselves on the massive muscles of each arm before starting to curl his arms. It could have been instant death for both bodybuilders, however Lionor wanted to feel their feeble struggles to hold back the unstoppable. They where struggling from the outset, putting all their strength into pushing back a wall of mass that had more power per inch then power they had in their whole body. The sound of snapping bone and a yowl of pain came from the collie as his arms snapped like touch picks as the biceps swelled around him, seconds later a crunch came as the collie was pressed into a liquid as the muscle kept curling. The rhino let out an anguished scream as he too felt his arm’s shatter like tooth picks and was caught in the swell of muscle and crushed into a bloody pile that leaked out from the biceps across the liger’s yellow fur. “Wow pathetic, wasn’t even close to a full flex.” He groaned slightly annoyed they’d barely lasted 30 seconds in his vice like biceps. He turned and strode into the gym. His whole upper body smashing through the space above the doors as his bulge caved the sliding doors in and his thighs smashed a wider hole in the glass all as if their was nothing in his path. Lionor narrowly fit within the gyms confines though to his dismay it was pretty much devoid of life besides a cleaner whom had froze with panic upon seeing such being causally smash through the front of the building. However the skinny teenager paid for this reaction as the Liger trampled her into a crater in the floor along with most of the lobbies furniture on his way to the changing rooms. Leaving a trail of prints sunken into the floor with the left one having pools of blood between sides from the crushed cleaner. The mens changing room was empty besides one figure, the 8ft shire horse was naked having just exited the showers. His ears twitched up and he listened around as rhythmic thumbing sound echoed through the building as if some titanic robot was walking around outside. As equine went to grab his phone from his bag the door exploded outwards and flew across the room narrowly missing where he;d been standing. A cloud of dust filled the air as the large doorway had been utterly wreaked as being strode in who towered above where the door frame had once stood. Lionor looked down at the nearly empty locker room and the stock still, and erect horse who was the rooms only other occupant “ You the only one here ?” Asked Lionor as he looked down at the tiny work horse before him and began slipping a hand under the waistband of his speedo. It slid of and the horse took a step back as the tip of the huge soft cock crashed down on the steel bench before him which was squashed flat into the tile floor as the horse stood before the massive cock head his own throbbing and drooling pre. “Awww look at the tiny horse and his little cock.” Tease Lionor as he adjusted his own monster shaft which had greater girth then the horse had height in his whole body. “I wanna see who’s bigger~” he taunted as the horse took a step backwards banging a locker, “What is the big stallion afraid a cat’s gonna outside size him ?” the huge cat teased and shifted bring the massive head over the tiny horse before letting it come crashing down upon the equidwho impressively held the shaft up for a few moments “Aww come on it’s only soft should be easy.” taunted the massive liger as he felt the equine struggling. There was a splatter and the off yellow tiles where painted red as the horse was splattered into a smear on the tile floor. “Guess you horses aren’t the king of cocks are you~” He teased making towards a wall and walking through it. The wall exploded into dust as the flaccid shafts tip burst through the brick and mortar before the rest of the wall caved in as Lionor strolled out of it flattening an already partly crushed locker into the ground as he stepped on the flimsy metal. His exiting was greeted by a hail of gunfire. Armour piercing 7.62 rounds hurtled into the wall of muscle that was Lionor at 3,900 feet per second before hitting the vast that was the Liger. Bullets where sprayed across the Liger’s body non of them having an effect besides when they would hit his cock’s sensitive tip where the feeling of the soft projectiles squashing against his cock’s tip made Lionor shudder slightly. The hail stopped leaving Lionor’s vast muscles untouched but with thousands of flattened coin like bit’s of steel coated brass on the floor before him. He looked on at the military who’d arrived in force to deal with a rampaging hulk, only to find a much more potent foe. Lionor let out a laugh before looking at the piles of spent ammo that’d done nothing to him then back at the troops as they seemed in shock. A pile of crushed bullets vanished under a vast paw as Lionor spread his gait and raised his arms and began to curl the left one slowly. Letting the troops watch the inflating muscle as it grew slowly from gigantic to utterly insane. However a fireball suddenly exploded around Lionor who was swallowed whole by the ball of flame. The ground rumbled as into the parking area drove one of the local armed force’s few tanks. A nearly 60 ton Leopard 2A5 sat it’s 120mm cannon trained on the spot where the fireball was. Lionor stepped from the cloud of smoke, utterly unharmed by the round designed to knock out tanks, another boom came and before anybody could react some shattered bit’s of tungsten fell from the massive pectoral and became lodged within his public hair as the sabot anti tank round had no effect upon Lionor’s pectoral. The vehicle shook as Lionor spoke “Interrupting my flexing with such a puny display ? Well for that you’ll be apart of it.” He said as the tank began to back up but it’s suspension suddenly let out a scream as torsion bar’s along the base of the vehicle snapped liked touch twigs trying to hold up a car. A massive 6 foot wide and 3 foot deep crater was sunken into the concrete where Lionor had been standing before the 16ft titan had pounced onto the tank, His shaft caved in the driver’s compartment as the armour conformed like play doh around his cock which was wider then whole vehicle on it’s own. The cannon had slipped between his pec’s rendering it even more unless as it stood on chance between the meaty mountains and the section caught between them acted like a paper straw within a vice. The back end of the vehicle had lifted up as Lionor laid on the front which had began sinking into the asphalt as it’s own strength began to fail it. Armour plates buckled as the mass monster laid upon the million dollar vehicle and let his weight compact it. A man poked his head out and felt it met something hard enough that his helmet cracked open, looking up he saw what. A ring of yellow stripped muscle nearly surrounded the hatch and towered above it as the massive left arm of the Liger was curled around the commanders hatch, with it being so massive even in semi relaxed state it bulged over the hatch. Smirking at the commander he tensed the wall of muscle “You interrupted me so here to a closer look~” taunted the god like hunk as quickly the tanks commander felt his face filled with muscle harder then the armour of his tank while his waist felt trapped as the flex crimped the hatch around the man’s waist. The biceps swelled around the man’s head as it was tensed up more and more. His screams became muffled as growing muscle swallowed his head, but the vanished it was fully engulfed while a muffled crack. The remaining crew now trapped within wailed in horror as the vehicles internal space was diminishing rapidly as Lionors mass alone made the armour yield. Standing up Lionor smirked down at the tank which was now an imprinted within the ground. Compressed armour which traced his utterly prefect form into concrete of the car park. He turned to see a pile of guns before him, and every soldier who’d fired upon him now bowing their guns thrown down at his paws knowing they had zero chance of hurting a being of such power. Lionor smirked at the men and felt like showing of to his new worshippers. Spreading his legs he dug his paws into the road surface below ripping up the surface tar and digging into the concrete with the ease of digging into sand. With a solid stance Lionor lifted his arms up reading for the most impressive double biceps pose the world had ever seen, or felt. He slowly began to draw both arms upwards, and the men watched in awe all their shafts hard and drooling as the muscle swelled. Growing larger and larger, it they saw the biceps swell larger then a hatchback car and they just kept swelling larger and larger, but as they grew the men felt the ground itself trembling violently though they kept their kneeling posture. The gym crumbled to dust, across the cities skyline buildings began caving in on themselves as the shaking grew more violent and the biceps swelled to utterly gargantuan scales. Veins popped out and throbbed as Lionor began to flex some of his real power as mountains which stood 8ft above his own head had swelled up on either arm. Everyone on Earth felt the flex as around the world earthquakes which fried Richter scales turned whole nations to piles of rubble as across the Globe billions screamed in terror while millions died as even bunkers and earthquake proof buildings yield to the Liger’s flexing. Each arm of the muscle god stood over 10ft tall now and had more muscle on them then the combined amount that’d exist on Earth to this day. He looked at the tiny men before him all of whom where in awe and smirked as he slowly lowered his arm blood dripping from his biceps from all the people they’d recently reduced to pasted before looking across the awe struck men and smirked as he asked “So who wishes for their mass to be a part of this~” a teasing smirk across his face as his green eyes watched every hand go up and men to surge forward so utterly humiliated by the comparison between them that giving their size to something greater was better then living with being so puny and utterly outclassed. Soon a pile of drained forms lay at Lionor’s paw’s each sapped willing of everything they had which for the mass monster that Lionor was nothing really but he appreciated the gesture and that the pile of sapped furs had understood their place. The city wasn’t even rubble, closer to sand as everything within 10 miles had been turned to powder from the hunk merely giving some needy men a show.
  4. Silver

    Hidden Beast

    Hidden Beast The Hyena took in a deep breath, his barrel like chest swell causing the grey sleeveless hoodie to strain as the chest pressed the already tight fabric to it’s near breaking point for a few seconds before he exhaled letting the clothing relax slightly across the chiselled chest. Graff looked at the small 5ft human man who stood before him, hands on hips tapping his foot as he expectantly waiting for a responses from the Hyena not intimidated by the fact Graff stood a full 2ft taller than the man, and that Graff’s calf was nearly as thick as his Landlords whole chest. “Its only the 5th...I said I’d have the money by 10th..It’s in the contract that I pay on the 10th..” Graff said exasperated but was cut of by the sharp snappy voice of his neighbour “And Mister Graff there’s a clause in the contract, in section 15c, sub section 45g that states.” he cleared his throat before starting to read pompously “Rent maybe demanded early in the event that I the landlord have requirement of additional funds. Failure to pay on demand may lead to eviction.” he rattled of smirking as he looked up at his gigantic client. Graff ran a vast hand through his mane of brown hair which was streaked with red and closed his eyes as he sighed and exposed vast canines before nodding and closing the door on his landlord. A couple hours later Graff found himself gazing out his apartment window annoyed, and angry with his imp of a Landlord. Watching the now the empty streets below his home, his emerald green eyes lingered on a 24 hour shop which was the only lit facade along the row of stores that ran parallel to his home, his hand stroked across the green bulge of his shorts as he came to decision on what to do. Walking to his door Graff left his apartment and thundered down the stairs to the ground floor, where the light furred and well built Hyena turned into an alley way, beside his apartment. The lamppost flickered as into it’s pool of light came a paw, which was easily the size of a manhole cover. The massive dark brown paw caused cracks splintered out around it as it sunk into the pavement like it was wet sand. The light flickered again as another matching paw exited the blackness of the alley and from the darkness strode a god. His tan legs where each thick as a oak tree with slightly darker stripes breaking up the tan of his legs while also exposing the valley’s that existed between muscles of his legs. Travelling further up gone where the green shorts now replaced with a belt lined with fangs each of which was comparable in size and sharpness with bayonets that’d be placed on the end of rifles, and between his legs hung a scrap of fabric which was the loincloth, and was currently only thing separating the world and the monsters manhood. Standing besides Graff the average male would have found their head staring into a set of abs which looked as if they’d be cut from stone by a craftsman of the highest skill and meanwhile a pair of pectorals cast anybody stood right in front of the titanic hunk into shadow, each larger then a cars tire with darker circles roughly central on each pectoral that marked out his nipples. Gone was the hoodie, which had already been struggling with the vastness of the his form, with now the only clothing on his chest being a necklace, lined with the same massive fangs as his belt, but also adorned with a single skull in the centre which rested between his meaty pecs, barely as big as one of his nipples and looking tiny next to two pillows of muscle. The skull resembled Graffs, own face, though it had nothing Graffs face in terms of scale. Graff’s canines now jutted from his mouth much larger then before and a pair of very short horns had appeared on either side of his mane. The now larger green eyes looked around the now empty street as took in the world from the perspective of his true form which only stood a foot or so taller then the one he took to blend in with mortals. He stepped out into the road which cracked under foot, his soft tail which mirrored the colouring of his mane grazed the lamppost stripping the weather proof paint back and leaving the bare metal with small gouges in it where the tail had made contact with it. The street was devoid of traffic and only had a few cars parked a ways down it, though all of them juddered on their suspension in time with Graffs steps. It would have taken Graff only 2 or 3 steps to cross this narrow street but after 6 steps the massive hyena stood outside the store , the road behind with 6 deep new paw shaped potholes lining it easily deep enough to stop most cars. The automatic doors slowly slide open and Graff entered. The clerk felt his heart stop as the shops doorway seemed to cave inwards before the snapping of metal joined the shattering of glass as a monstrous heyna walked into the shop seeming to not notice or care that he was to tall for the doorway. Graff looked at the clerk who had frozen in fear and strode towards him. His paws sank through the plastic tiling and into the concrete below the massive hunk covered the distance between the wreaked doors and counter in a mere stride. The clerk watch as the from came to loom over him, the titans head narrowly missing the ceiling as it came to loom over him. The till was wrenched up in one hand and Graff using a single claw on his finger sliced open the flimsy metal tray that held the funds and watched as only a few coins dropped onto his awaiting hand and a note drifted down behind. “Pitiful...” Graff boomed as his hand closed around the till which crumple like wet paper in his grip before using his free hand he grabbed the clerk who was squirming away. The scrawny 6ft tall black rabbit let out a whimper as he was lifted by his collar “SO WHERE DO YOU KEEP THE CASH?” Graff asked his voice booming into the rabbits face as the massive green eyes locked with smaller red ones as the rabbit whimpered out “W,e,e...d,don’t keep on site...over night..” Graff looked into his eyes and knew the tiny rabbit was telling the truth. Looking down at the cashier he saw nearly daily Graff dropped the funds from the till and grabbed the bunnies feet, while the hand that’d been gripping the collar wrapped around the clerks skull with easy, lifting the rabbit so he was horizontal and hoisted him above his head, then Graff began to press his hands together. Screams came from the bunny as his legs instantly snapped like tooth picks trying to hold up a skyscraper. The screams where put out quickly to as the rabbits skull caved in and within moments the clerk was gone, only blood which coated the floor and Graffs head and pec’s, fragments of bone ,a phone who’s measurements now needed to be taken in millimeters and the employees tattered uniform reminded. Turning Graff walked down an aisle he was much to broad for, sending food, drink, and cleaning supplies to floor where his paws crushed bottle, cans, and boxes flat into his paw craters along with the flimsy metal of the shelves which buckled and bent as they came into contact with Graffs muscles. Leaving a line of wrapped meta, crushed products and craters smeared with blood as Graff reached his goal. The shops cashpoint. He reached down grasped the machine’s front, feeling the plastic housing crack as his bloody claws and fingers sunk through it before wrenching backwards and felling himself hit harmless in the face by the plastic facade of the machine as it’d tore of and come flying back into Graffs face. “Flimsy heap of junk.” He snarled as he tossed the blood stained bit of plastic and electronics aside before placing a bloody hand on the wall beside the machine ,he felt the solid concrete crack at his light touch. Smirking he flexed his left arm, his bicep swelled up to the size of a tire before sinking it the wall, his fist passed through the concrete that housed the machine as if it was merely air. Repeating the process with his right arm he sunk it into the concrete, and began moving his hands around within the concrete shell around the machine until he felt a finger dent metal and smirked as he’d found the machine, Moving both hands within the concrete which turned to dust as his hands grazed it he wrapped both hands around the metal of the ATM’s inner workings and with a gentle tug Graff effortlessly dislodged the machine from the concrete around it, a feat normally requiring explosive, or a vehicle with many tons of towing capacity, yet for Graff it’d taken no effort what so ever. His claw causally sliced through the steel box containing the cash and he emptied it into his palm, several thousand poured into his hand as he emptied the vault and tossed it aside. “Should cover me for now.” He said looking around the shop which was now in utter ruins around him. Strolling slowly towards the front of the shop he made sure to cause as much damage as possible. A fridge sunk into the floor with a loud groan and the shattering of glass as his fist came down on top of it. Bits of metal that had once been shelves protruded from walls after being launched by a causal swipe of Graffs powerful arm which had cleaved through the shelving like a hot knife through butter. The shops central support pillar exploded into dust as it found itself trying to resist Graffs broad blood covered chest press against it, something which it managed for a whole 0.01 of a second before becoming dust across the chiselled chest it’d failed to have any impact on. Glass sprayed across the street as Graff exited the shop via window next to the doorway he brutally forced his way through a couple minutes ago. Looking back Graff saw the carnage he’d left in his wake. A bloody heap which had once been a clerk, vast foot prints filled with crushed products, and ruined shelves all over the shop, large bloody hand prints over the back wall and a pile of rubble where once been the ATM. He turned and with little effort smashed his fist into the wall of the shop, which suddenly exploded into a pile of rubble. Car alarms blared, windows shattered from the shock wave as well the thousands of bit shrapnel which the building had been reduced. Lights clicked on and in every building on the street as Graff stole across the street passed his prior prints, though this time leaving no trace he’d walked back across the road. “Well I woke up my window broken and saw the store in a heap..” Graff said into the microphone the news reporter held under his mouth, his Hoodie and shorts back on and his body returned it’s ‘normal’ self. He clicked the TV off, it;d been a couple day since the flattening of the shop, and the police suspected a robbery gone very wrong with the shops explosion being put down to a gas leak being ignited by the explosives used to open up the ATM. So currently the police where on high alert. The Dodge Charger Pursuit rolled down the street, it’s occupant looking out as the police officer picked ups radio “Dispatch we got a 10-47...or a 10-49 on Chester Way over, all the street lights are out.” The German Shepard said before the radio chirped back”10-4 over.” As his cruiser rolled though the street which was unlit, the officer’s eyes dart from side to side of the road not looking at the vacant business that lined it but instead at what was missing. Every 100ft or so foot his cruisers light illuminated a hole in the ground, with wires sticking out from them. The German Shepard gripped the cars wheel with one hand and his other slipped down towards his GLOCK 22 and with a click he disable the firearms safety. After rolling slowly through the dark the car stopped, it’s lights now reflecting of the missing lampposts which had been sunken into the road and bent like straws to spell out the word ‘PIG’. The officer picked back up his radio and with a faint whine of fear “Dis..dispatch..we’ve got a 10-53 on Chester Way..” the radio merely crackled and the car shuddered slightly before the sound of grinding metal filled the air and sparks lit up the cars rear mirrors. Turning in his seat the officer winced as he saw the darkness behind him seemed to sent as his cars rear lights hit something which had not been there moments ago. Shaking slightly as he got out of vehicle to investigate the blockage behind him, know full well that the story about the recent destruction of the shop had been covered by the police force as they’d know explanation for what happened, just like several other brutal and destructive attacks in the recent month. His gun and torch raised he slowly looked up at the huge line of bent lamppost that blocked him doing forward then turned around to the back of his car where he quickly realised what the object was, it was a line of armoured bank trucks, each one reported missing when loaded. Each of them with huge rips in their sides, massive holes poked through the metal armour and imprint of massive muscles forced into them as if the metal was clay, all wreak in some way shape or form, dried blood stuck to the outside of some, and officer got a glimpse of some through the holes and tears in the vehicles. Backing up the officer felt himself hit a solid wall and stop frozen. The wall felt like a layer of fur applied to a concrete wall, but the Shepard knew that concrete wasn’t warm and didn’t need to breath. He turned to quickly and the flash light quickly lit up what he’d backed into. A set of massive abs where lit up by the light’s beam as Graff let out a laugh that boomed over the discharging pistol, 7 of the 40 S&W rounds the pistol held where fired into the towering Hyena’s abs. Graff didn’t flinch as the rounds stuck his abs, and flattened harmlessly as if they been fired at a tank. The police officer was shaking. “AWW THOUGHT THAT’D HURT ME DID YOU PIG ? ” Graff taunted his voice booming as he saw the flashlight flying through the air as the officer backed away towards his car, catching the light in his hand Graff crushed it with a causal squeeze of his fist. “YOU LIKE MY ROAD BLOCKS ? AT LEAST YOU FOUND WHO’S BEING JACKING ARMOURED TRUCKS.” Called Graff Graff stepped ahead of the Officer who divert from the door of the vehicle which was now within Graff’s reach and flung himself on the hood of the vehicle, but before he could roll of and clamber into the perceived safety of the passenger side he froze up with fear Graff had moved quicker then he could have believed possible and now loomed over the vehicles hood and the officer. The officer opened fire again gun trained on loincloth. The remaining 8 rounds exited the weapon and went into Graffs crotch something which made the Hyena smirk as he felt the bullets hit his shaft to no effect besides stimulating. Reaching down Graff pulled his loincloth of and tossed onto a bench with a loud crunch as the bench collapsed. Above the officer hung a shaft that was as thick as the coppers torso and nearly as tall as him to. The huge horse cock would put anything on any creature on the planet to shame, and it seemed to still be stiffening up. “YOU LIKE IT?.” Graff boomed sniffing the air and smelling the straight cops arousal but mostly his own musk which was thick enough to make the cop cough. “I’d say I’m hung like a horse but I’ve crushed puny fucking horses with this soft.” Graff nearly roared as he crouched down “I need big toys to fuck, not little fuckers like you.” continued Graff before the cop felt the hood under him bulge outwards Graff’s shaft penetrated into V6 engine which spluttered violently before stopping as he drove his shaft deeper. The cop who’d found himself frozen with fear began to squirm as he realised that Graff was laying on the car, his huge abs where coming down on the Shep as he raped the car. Graff felt the cabin crumple under his pecs while his arms gripped the rear tires and the front end was pinned under his abs along with the police officer who was only alive as Graff had breathed in. His shaft punched through the dash, fuel, oil and grease all over the head as it ploughed into the seat while the radiator was caved in his both the titans hips and balls bashed into it with each thrust. The officers kicks and struggles against the pinning abs and throbbing cock even though the bulging metal of the hood added to pleasure of making the police vehicle his fuck toy. He felt the rear tires explode as he tightened his grip on them as pre entered the drivers cabin “argh you fucking feeling tight.” he moaned as his hips hit even hard into the car causing a loud snap to ring though the air as the front axle was snapped two as the vehicle was shunted backwards with a squeal from it’s front tries. The back wheel where gone, just blobs of molten metal clasped within Graffs tight grip slowly oozing out as he took at short sharp breath and let out a moan. The back end of the car explode into a flood of white steaming fluid which poured from the vehicle which looked like a mayonnaise package which had been stomped on. Graff stood up allowing his shaft to tear through the hood, and what remained of the cabin looking down he laughed as a squashed golden badge and the compressed remains of a gun gun where stuck to his abs along with a larger splatter which was all that reminded of the police dog , red dripped from them while a matching splatter was spread across what remained of the hood of the car. He walked away laughing, tossing one of the armoured trucks aside with ease as he made his way through the roadblock. The sun began to creep across the horizon, the city was in chaos, several roads where blocked many where missing and the property damage was in the millions, and yet the suspect hadn’t even been seen by anybody. Smoke billowed from the city centre while the suburban area’s remained untouched, however that won’t be the case much longer. The water trickling from the many fountains of the gated neighbourhood shuddered as the gate in was lifted from it’s hinges and found itself embedded itself in a mountain miles away with a paw front sunken into the metal. Graff had arrived The Hyena began walking up the manicured tarmac that made up the road of middle class housing estate, his paws ripping great chunks out of it as he went. He sniffed the air hunting a very specific bit of prey he knew lived here, however to him the other residents where also fair game. He walked over a Tesla roadster which crumpled like paper under paw and splattered out the red of it’s occupants who’d been trying to escape in it. His throbbing shaft bobbed from side to side as he stomped up the hill causing it to swat a horse who’d been out jogging and had seemed unaware a god was behind him, he equine had been sent flying by the light tap from Graffs cock. All the way up those out of range of his physical attacks dropped dead as the musky sweaty hyena let them deal with the smell of a god, something which no life could handle leaving many dead and the once green and vibrant grass shrivelled up and brown. The god stopped and looked upon a house “HEY DICK !” He yelled with so much force that the windows where turned to dust along with all the furniture outside the house. Graff watched his landlord meekly poke his head out. “This is what I think of paying rent to you.” He said striking a double biceps pose. Everything within 20 miles was turned to rubble from the force of flex. The shock wave made the speed of sound look like a snail. Nothing stood a chance, houses burst into fragments wood turning to splinters , concrete reduced to a fine dust, and glass turned to a fine powerder, cars shredded into tiny metal flakes as the shock wave over took and annihilated them leaving the dust that was once concrete littered scraps of metal that’d once been vehicles, people however came of the worst with their bodies being torn apart layer by layer as the shock wave passed through their fragile bodies, bodies turning to dust within them, muscles falling apart, the brain scrambled all within a nanosecond. “OPPS~” He said to himself before looking around at the fragments of foundations that remained before pulling back a fist and sinking it into the ground, the sound made a nuclear warhead look like a cap gun. He pulled back and then again, and again and for a full minute the god pounded the Earth until he stood in a mile deep crater that swallowed the whole city, and then some. Miles around Graffs actions where felt, aircraft vanished from the skies above the city as the shock waves turned them to dust, windows for hundreds of miles exploded into fragments while even a few satellites fell from orbit as the shock wave damaged them. Nobody on earth knew what’d caused this but everybody had felt the shaking that Graff had caused, and many had died from the richter scale breaking punches. “That was fun” Graff said to himself before looking at the huge hole he’d made and then jumping into the air nearly pushing the earth of it’s axis as he did looking across the Atlantic Graff knew where he was heading next. Soaring through the air the monstrous Graff looked down at the city he’d been in moments ago. It was gone, only a deep crater which swallowed up where the city had once stood along with a few surrounding towns. The devastation was not limited to the city however as for 10 miles around the city the trees where gone instead a yellow carpet of what must had been splinters of wood blanketed where forests had once stood while beyond this ring of dust the trees where just uprooted and laid flat from the shock wave his punches had created, but it was not just the nature that had suffered from a distance as Graff eyed a valley that was blue with water as the vast concrete dam which had held it back was now piles of rubble sitting either side of the torrent of water that had washed a town of the map. “Hah wow...” Graff said to himself as he saw how much damage he unleashed upon the world. Beginning to imagine how much damage the rest of the region must have suffered, and how much more he could do if he started trying. As the Hyena fell through the air he felt something sudden exploded against him, a fireball swallowed him as he plummeted to the ground rapidly, though having barely felt the explosion it had jolt him from his thoughts about the feebleness of those below. Behind him another AIM-120 AMRAAM air to air missile swooped after him as an F-16 Super hornet dived after his falling body. A hail of 20mm cannon fire peppered Graff from the Jets rotary cannon. It was harmless as the PGU-28A/B rounds simply flattened before popping as the rounds which could tear apart aircraft in a short burst where unless on this target. Another fireball swallowed Graff seconds after this burst of gunfire as the second missile caught up and detonated. “Muscle’s to Commander Over” The bovine pilot said into his radio “We read you Muscle’s Over” the headset crackled back “UFO is down impact site appears to be roughly 41°15′30″N 109°53′18″W Over” The pilot responded “Keep circling Muscle’s ground units are inbound Over” Command answered as the jet fighter swooped in low and banked as it thundered around the impact site. Graff had felt his body easily crash through a roof as it fell at terminal velocity, an impact which had been felt for a mile around. A slight bit dazed the god found himself looking up from ground which he’d sunken into like it was wet mud. Laid here he could see it had been the roof he’d fell through as he’d torn a vast hole through the barns thin wooden roof and left sturdy timber beams snapped like they where merely twigs, letting a shaft of light fall upon his titanic form. With a grunt he pushed himself up out of the hole he’d sunken into, his back feeling wet. His paws rested on either side of small crater he’d made and felt the cool touch of metal bending at his slightest touch, looking side to side he could see the back end of a vehicle pointing vertically out the crater on one side, and the front end doing the same on the other as he’d landed on a ford old F-750. The pick-up had stood on chance as the sheer weight of Graff alone would have been enough to compress the vehicle into the concrete floor. Bringing himself up right Graff smirked as he admired the state of the truck which was now barely good for scrap while it’s owner who’d been inside the doomed machine had been liquefied and sprayed across the crater and Graff’s broad back. However his mind was taken off his handy work as the roar of a jet screeching overhead brought him back to his encounter with the military. “Great...they know.” Graff groaned to himself as he kicked a baler in annoyance, his paw caved in the side of Vermeer baler and sent the nearly 4 ton bit of farming equipment flying out the side of the barn like a cannonball. “But...if I let them capture me...and then slaughter them all...and destroy all the data then I won’t have crack this world like an egg so soon.” He said to himself smirking. A National Guard unit from the nearby Fort Welton quickly arrived at the farm, troops packing M4 service rifle poured from Hummers which where armed as the each of them was mounting either a 50cal or 20mm Grenade launcher. A pair of M1 Abrams had their 105mm cannon’s trained on the barn with a hole in it’s roof as a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter circled the farm with a M134 Minigun facing the barn. A voice boomed from a megaphone “THIS IS THE UNITED STATES MILITARY AND YOU ARE UNDER ARREST, WE KNOW YOU’RE IN THEIR SO EXITED THE BUILDING WITH YOUR HANDS RAISED AND WE WILL NOT HARM YOU.” The lieutenant call via the megaphone, Graff answered quickly and decisively. A mass of Green and white smashed through the barn roof and crashed down upon a pair of Hummers splattering troops flat under the 8 ton CLAAS Harvester Graff had just lightly tossed at the soldiers. Another hummer met it’s end as a 8 ton John Deere tractor burst from the wall and ploughed through the vehicle after being kicked by Graff. Gunfire shredded through the wooden walls harmlessly bouncing off Graff’s bodybuilder shaming body and the armour he’d fashioned from the many bits of Agricultural equipment in the barn which he’d torn apart with ease. 50cal, 30cal, 7,62 and 5.56 rounds all poured into the barn tearing through the wood but having no impact what so ever on Graff besides letting him know it was show time. The front doors of the barn bust of their hinges and where launched straight at the two MBT’s which the national guard had brought and harmlessly shattered, though causing the 60 ton vehicles to slide back slightly. As the dust from flying doors settled the soldiers got their first look at god. His paw, was easily as big as a car tire and had vast ebony claws poking from the dark brown fur as the paw sunk into concrete base of the barn like the cement was wet. Each of the legs made the timber beams of the barn look like saplings as they rippled with powerful muscle which some of soldiers facing him knew had allowed him to jump as high as jet’s flew. The tan was broken up slightly darker stripes as well as the addition of what had once been the blades of a plough which to the men seemed to be extra armour to protect him from them though all the earth ripping blades had done was model to his legs and imprint just how toned he was as even veins bulged in the metal. Further up the beast was one of his only bits of clothing, a belt lined with fangs each of which made any knife they’d ever seen look like a butter knife, while between his legs hung a scrap of fabric which was the loincloth, though bits of metal had been seemingly wedged under the belt to act as additional armour for the already imperious crotch. The barn doorway which had been made with large farm machinery in mind looked like a normal doorway with this mountain of muscle stood in it. Bullets pinged harmlessly of the bits of plough which had molded like clay around the abs each of which was bigger then the pectorals of any other life form on the planet while looking as if they’d be cut from the hardest stone by a machine more advanced then anything on earth, and above them pair of pectorals bulged out from this chest with scraps of metal poking out from between the two breast sized muscles. They where each bigger then a mans torso with yellow scraps metal surrounded by rubber stuck on them which once been the front wheels of a tractor , these covered up the nipples though the darker circles peaked from beyond the rubber and the wheel had tears in the yellow where tip of the nipple had forced it’s way through the metal. Besides the metal the only other thing he wore was a necklace with a single skull in the centre which rested between his meaty pecs, and was nearly totally hidden by the wheels plastered to his pec’s. On either side of the vast pec’s where arms which looked more like the boom arm of a large crane, each one piled with muscles, biceps which looked as if they could easily reduce an elephants skull to dust between them. Each had more plates of wrapped and bulging metal haphazardly stuck to them for ‘protection’. The arms had similar strips as the legs and ended in huge ebony clawed hand paw which could have wrapped around a man's torso without any difficulty. Graffs own face was both the most handsome and terrifying thing the troopers had ever seen, blade like canines, jutted from his mouth much larger then those of a normal hyena even if they stood 8ft tall, a pair of very short horns peak from side of his bush mane. His large green eyes looked around at the many feeble machines and weapons being used on him and he had to resit the urge to laugh as the bullets did nothing but flatten or ping of the metal plates as despite the fact the metal was thin the sheer mass of muscle behind it made the metal much more challenging to penetrate. Graff eyed up the two tanks and began charging towards them, letting out a loud “ROAR!” as he thundered towards the two tanks . The M1 rocked as cloud of dust was flung up from the vehicle firing it’s 105mm cannon. Then another dust cloud was thrown up as the second one fire. Graff felt both hits. The first tore the wheel from his left pec as the HEAT shell burst into a fireball upon the muscle causing Graff to pretend stumble backwards as if the explosive had been effective in harming him or even felt by the god. The second missed and turned the barn behind him into a fireball, scattering bits of farm machinery across the battlefield. Stopping to roar as Graff gave the tanks time to reload before continuing his charge he felt more metal tear of as a rod of depleted uranium stuck his chest and shattered to which he let out a loud grunt of pain before he reached the nearest tank. He let out a roar as he threw himself forward onto the front of the tank and felt the machine sag as the lower plate of tank dug into the ground. Graff’s huge claws tore deep scratches into the armour plate of the front slope as he stood on the vehicles front end gun between his legs. He gripped either side of the turret, digging his vast clawed hands in and starting to rip the turret from the hull. Screams poured from the tank as he faked straining to rip the turret free he felt the main gun contact with his shaft, which even in it’s flaccid state caused the cannon to bend downwards as the turret was dragged upwards before the gun war torn away as an upwards yank from the Hyena god had caused the fume extractor to catch on his shaft and caught between an immovable cock and unstoppable muscles the gun’s mountings had sheered. As Graff raised the turret up above his head with the crews screams now being much clearer, however he felt something hit him in the chest and he toppled backwards as the other tank had got a clean shot and slammed a sabot round into his stomach. He landed a top an old overgrown shed which crumbled even despite his massive reduced weight. The turret slipped from his hands as he began to fake being out cold well enough that no training or technology could have told the military that they where playing into the gods hands. The Military clean up was rapid, the barn was blown up and blame it on a fertilizer explosion while Graff was loaded into a container with great difficulty, snapping several chains, and the lifting arms of two of the vehicles used to lift him. However after only a couple of hours he was loaded and on the back of a truck heading for a military black site. Even with his greatly decreased weight Graff could hear the tank hauling Oshkosh M1070’s engine struggling on slight inclines and even felt the truck give up, coming to a halt if the embankment was over a 3 degree incline. Knowing even at this greatly lower weight he was overpowering machines without lifting finger made the hyena feel powerful as soon he would show them real godly levels of power, however as the humans where having such great trouble moving him Graff decided to take a nap. As Graff woke he felt restrained, his arms, legs, and chest all pinned between several inch thick steel restraints which set deep into the concrete wall they held him to, which he felt moulding to his back like he was laid on wet sand. Gone where is garbs and instead his perfectly sculpted form was covered by an orange tent sized uniform which had replaced his loincloth but was already struggling to contain him as seams along the arms and legs had already split without him even moving. The necklace Graff always wore had been removing and in it’s place was collar, of titanium with spikes that the god could his neck grinding down with even the slightest movement of his head. The room was just a dark concrete square, with nothing in it besides him, and a few camera’s which where mounted high on the ceiling. “Subject 087, ahh good you’re awake.” Came a voice from ceiling. Now knowing the humans where watching made his move. The thickest of the resistant which had been around Graff’s chest went flying across the roof like a rocket and slammed into the doors, while the orange suit ripped open as Graff’s breathing out proved to much for it and the several ton bar which set into concrete. His arms both shifted forwards and tore clean through the metal U’s which been used to try and hold them in place while flakes of orange rained from the slight swelling of the arms with this movement as the suit was reduced to shreds. Graff stepped forwards, the restraint and suit both failing the same way they did with the arms leaving the hyena naked as the steel and fabric had proven no match for him despite the fact Graff had used no effort to escape either the suit or restraints. The collar buzzed as enough amps to kill several elephants surged through yet Graff was unaffected by the most powerful shock collar ever before with his left hand reaching up and with a causal pull rip it clean from his neck, tearing it as he did. Now holding the collar in in his left had he pondered the door which seemed to have some strength about it as the several tons of metal he’d launched across the room at a few hundred miles per hour had barely scratched it. His hand idly scrunched the collar into a ball as he spent a few moments to ponder the door. He was impressed by it, though only by a minuscule amount knowing full well he was going to open it with ease. Red lights flashed and klaxon’s wailed as over the base’s PA system a voice called “All hands to battle stations, this is not a drill, repeat” it said on repeat as outside cell 087 men stood, their rifle’s trained on the vast door which made bank vault doors look like a screen door with how secure it was meant to be. “THOOM!” The great sound echoed from within the cell as the doors began to bulge in the middle, and seconds later the impossible happened, through the door which could stand up to anything short of a nuclear blast came a pair of hands which slowly began to separate. Each vast clawed hands warped the metal they came into contact with as the stripped marking’s that indicated where the two slabs met began to slide away from one another. Despite all the mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical power behind keeping those door’s closed they where opening and rapidly as the soldiers could the face of their death leering out from between doors. Red light bathed Graff making the hyena look like he was already soaked in their blood. He stopped pushing the doors wider as he’d already blown out all the mechanism used to hold them shut with ease while leaving the strongest door’s on earth with large sections bent inwards from where he’d put his hands to pull them apart. As he did a hail of armour piecing bullets splattered onto his centre mass and head. These did nothing and before the soldiers could react he had the closest man in his grasp, arms pinned to his side. The soldier struggled, but even through his Gas mask Graff could the fear in the feeble tigers eyes as he was held by a god. Graff closed his hand tight and the elite solider was crushed, his own weapon getting crushed like putty and mixing with the mangled remains which were quickly dropped and another soldier found themselves in Graff’s grasp. A human was next to find themselves in his bloody hand, and this one was even weaker then the tiger and quickly found their helmeted head between Graff’s utterly massive pectorals where the bullet resistant helmet offered no protection as it and the skull where caved in between impossibly hard slabs of muscle leaving the headless body to be unceremonious dropped to the floor before the god as a trickle of blood escape from between the vast pec’s. A flurry of bullets peppered Graff’s chest as he swiped his arm into a rhino who’s LMG fired a hail of them as he was split in two as the arm sank into the wall along with the rhino’s chest cavity leaving his a head, shoulder, and legs fall to the floor when Graff removed his arm from the bloody gouge he’d made in the concrete. The soldiers where running now, throwing anything they could between them and Graff in a pointless attempt to slow him down, however nothing did. Not even throwing a fellow solider into him as she merely bounced of him shattering any bones that came into contact with Graffs body in the process before he stepped on her head leaving headless body next a sunken in paw print filled with red, and bits of bone. Behind them the two remaining soldiers could see Graff walking behind them, filling the corridor, taking chunks out of the concrete walls when ever his body connected with them, and looking menacing, they felt each of his steps and knew he was toying with them as his walk was easily keeping pace with the men’s panicked sprint. “Shit no no no!” Screamed one of the soldiers as they reached a vast set of blast doors and saw that the prison block doors where sealed shut trapping them with Graff who now filled the long corridor behind, a trail of blood paw prints, large blood stained impact marks on the walls, broken bodies, and mangled fire arms. The two men raised their guns pointlessly at Graff having seen him shrug of everything they had before but neither wanted to go down cowering. The MP5 and SCAR both poured their magazine into Graff’s face which was pointless as the bullets where flattening like they where being shot at a tank. Reaching down Graff swiped the gun’s from their hands and with a flex of his fingers mangled both weapons before dropping the now nearly 2D weapons to floor as two men let out scream as the force of disarming them had accidentally dislocated their left arms. Before either could reach for their side arms to end themselves they felt a hand wrap around their waists and lift them from the ground like a pair of dolls up to the hyena’s face. Even through the gas mask at this height they both got whiff's of the hyena’s musk. He looked at the soldier in his right, a slender husky whom he smirked at before lifting his left arm. The other soldier could only look on in horror as he saw his last subordinates head vanish into the arm pit of the god. The screams only lasted a few seconds. The man had no chance within the pit as after a few seconds the mask filters clogged up as the musk was well beyond anything they where rated for while the mask itself had began to melt burning the husky’s fur as it was exposed to the toxic and overwhelming arm pit of the god. The left arm lowered as the Husky’s body dropped to the floor, his head now just a skull bleached white while the upper section of his uniform seemed to have rotted away when exposed to the sheer power of the sweat and stench under the god’s arm “Hahah what can’t take the smell of real power ?” He questioned before bring his last victim before him. The shape of the mask instantly gave away the species as he looked down at the horse he held with one hand “I heard your kind are famed for being well hung...what’s the phrase ah yeah Hung like a horse” Graff said mockingly. Opening his hand while smirking he ran a claw down the horses body quickly slicing through the uniform but being careful enough to avoid cutting into the fragile being’ body, before tugging the uniform away and leaving the chestnut equine naked on the palm, his shaft rock hard. “Hahah hung like a horse, please I’m bigger when soft in my smaller form ” Graff boomed as he reached down with his right hand stroked his own shaft which stiffened and stood firm. Graff’s cock was massive, diameter alone was greater then the soldiers was long, while being nearly as tall as the stallion. “Lets compare~” Graff taunted as he lowered the stallion and placed the stud on the shaft which easily supported the nearly 300 pound man. “Nearly base to base yet~” Graff teased looking at the size difference between them with it looking comparing a Giant Sequoia tree with that of a twig, there was no competition between them. Graff closed his eyes as he enjoyed the feeling of being so much bigger then the species known for being well hung, however as he did his shaft twitched with arousal and he did he felt a splatter as his cock bash into pec’s and the trickle of blood down his legs as the horse had been crushed between an unstoppable cock and immovable wall of abs. The stallion’s skull was gone as the shaft’s Girth had been greater then the man’s head. “Crushed by a true horse-cock~ Lucky mortal.” Graff said as he let the body drop to the floor limp and with the front caved in. Those above ground the main exit of the bases Anomaly containment section had pretty much every gun on site pointed at it. Abrams tanks with their 120mm cannons trained on it, Bradley IFV’s bushmaster 20mm cannons and anti tank missile launchers, Hummers with 50cals, along with soldiers packing what ever firearm was on hand, ranging massive Heavy machine guns to handguns while even the bases hummer mounted Avenger anti air systems had been drafted in to help. No single earthly entity could have gotten through this array for weapons, however the force these soldiers where facing was not of Earth, and well beyond anything that the mere mortals of earth could begin to comprehend. The concrete bunker which house the exit to the underground prison exploded as a shock-wave ripped through the concrete and steel turn it all to dust as from the utter ruins emerged Graff naked, soaked in the blood of those who’d slaughtered inside and for the soldiers most terrifying off all he was horny with a huge knotted horse which stood several foot from the form which could make Hercules feel like a shrimp. Graff was lit up as everything was thrown at him, everything they had. Bullets of all different calibers did as little as ever to him, while 20mm cannon fire was equally as ineffective as the other firearms, 120mm shells of HEAT and Sabot types simply hit and had no impact when they hit him, either exploding into a fireball while a jet of supersonic molten copper splattered harmlessly onto Graff’s abs while the sabot rounds despite being made of one of the dense material know had as little effect as the handguns did. ATGM’s from the Bradley's where joined by those from shoulder fire systems while Surface to air missiles from the avengers and more shoulder launched systems hit with impressive fireballs but as hopeless at inflicting damage as the rest of the ordnance. The bombardment was only felt when something hit his shaft, and even a hit from the most potent of the weapons was barely a tingle of pleasure but still less then even his own hands could generate. “Mmm that feels nice mortal fucks~” Graff playfully moaned, his voice booming above the other wise drowning noise of the mass of weapons going of. Graff had decided to recreate a few scenes from a film he loved. The fire ceased and before anyone could react Graff was gone, but only for a fraction of a second as one of the Abrams within the backline was flattened as Graff had leaped onto it, his full weight caving the tank in around Graff’s impact site. The crew where gone as the vehicle was now only a foot tall at the edges, and much flatter close to the vehicles core with at the centre of the impact a hole through the tank to ground had been torn Graff’s paw had landed, going right through the vehicle. The one next to it backed suddenly away but it had no chance of getting far was the hyena god brought his massive fist down on the front right of the vehicle which sent ripples through the armour and caused the idler wheel below where he’d hit to come flying off, and go through the track and bury itself into the ground leaving tank immobilised. Before the crew could react another swing of his arm effortlessly caused the tank to flip onto it’s turret while leaving the armour with more massive ripples through it as the steel and ceramic acted like a liquid when hit by Graff leaving ripples of displaced metal all throughout the flimsy armour. With the tank on it’s roof Graff reached down and wrapped both hands around the main gun barrel which under his grip crumpled in on itself as he made sure his grip on the vehicle was firm. Lifting it from the ground like it weighted nothing he span twice before releasing the vehicle which vanished with a boom as it broke the sound barrier “ROAR~” Graff yelled playful as the men began to scatter having seen Graff effortlessly flatten a tank then causally hurl one beyond the sound barrier in less then a minute. The men where not Graffs targets as he wanted to play with the vehicle so paid them little mind as he went after the next tank which was starting to back away seeing the easy with which two tanks had already been wiped out by Graff in about a minute, however there was no escape. A shot hit the God’s pectoral as he moved towards this next tank which peppered him with machine gun bullets as he quickly closed the gap between he and his toy. His hand sunk into the armour front slope with the ease of which a blow torch would melt butter. Tank stopped, it’s huge turbine engine whined as it tried to back up but the tracks merely spun pointlessly as Graff fingers alone could have overpowered the engine. Graffs hand moved apart quickly, dragging the metal of tanks hull in either direction tearing the lower of the vehicle roughly in two with less effort then it’d take to rip apart a bit of paper. He stepped forward and grabbed the tank by it’s gun barrel and lifted it. His massive paw coming down on the drive whom was splattered into the concrete below without Graff even acknowledging the being had existed. Before the 3 in the turret could jump from it they felt themselves being battered around as the sound of metal on metal filled the air. A M2 Bradley had gotten in between Graff and his final tank toy and was now feeling a few notches of Graffs power as he battered the lightly armoured vehicle with so much force that the tank turret itself rapidly fell apart letting liquid that once been the tanks turret crew leak out and mix with those that had once manned the Bradley. “Pah weak” Graff snorted as he tossed the mangled bit of barrel he held aside as it was all that was left of the several ton heavily armoured turret after being lightly used by a god of strength. A shell hit him pointlessly in the shaft as the last tank kept backing away as Graff advanced on it, his steps making the ground shake slightly as he reached the gun of the tank. Grasping the barrel in a single one of his massive hands he smirked and with even trying began to bend the hollow metal tube backwards unit the cannon faced back on itself over the vehicle “Could have tied it in a fancy bow like string~” Graff taunted the crew as he felt his own shaft rubbing on the tanks front slope and smirked as he watched the tip of his gigantic horse cock leave imprints within the armour as easily as any other part of him could. “Let me show you guys a real cannon~” Taunted the mountainous hyena as he leant forward and gripped the side of the Abrams which let out a groan before the shredding of metal filled the air, mixed with the crews screams as the shaft cleaved through the armour like it wasn’t their and bashed it’s way into the turret on the first thrust. “Mmm tight~” The crew heard Graff moan as began to fuck their tank like it was a sex toy. The vehicle let out groans as Graff’s hips, and balls pummelled the front with the force of several freight trains leaving the driver to leak through the compacted armour onto the massive sack. The tank had shrunk a few feet height wise to as the weight of Graff had compressed the vehicle causing torsion bar’s to snap all along the vehicle while it also sunk into concrete around it. His grip suddenly tighten so hard that the steel he held leaked out from between the fingers glowing red and semi molten as the back of the vehicle vanished. The crew could have only watched as the pre had leaked from tip burning everything it came into contact with before the real show had arrived. The turret was nearly all gone with only the front cheeks and mantel remaining with it’s bent gun flattened between Graffs abs and the roof of the turret. The engine and most of the tanks rear was gone, blasted into atom by the cum blast from the horny god, however it was not only the tank which suffered as the blast had been of such scale that it’d coated half of the base in the unstoppable acid which rapidly broke down anything it coated. “Ahhhh~ Guess you do have a use after all” Graff taunted as he straightened up his cock lifting the remaining half of the tank like it weighted nothing. He’d felt impacts across his back the whole time he’d being mounting the tank. As he turned to look the front half of the tank suspended on his cock was flung forwards and Graff laughed as it bowled through a pair of hummers which had been peppering him with gunfire. His eyes rapidly fell on another target a pair of Bradley’s which were loading with men the wounded mostly pretty all of whom had been injured from their own bullets bouncing of Graff’s body as the Hyena god found mortals on this world where to fragile to merely wound. As the vehicles back ramps closed Graff made his move. Before they vehicles could move both where suspend from the from the ground, a hand under each and them raised above his head. Graff had them captured and quickly put his plan into action as the first one he dropped above his mouth. Soldiers around stopped running and watched in awe and something beyond terror as the 30 ton, and nearly 10ft tall vehicle sunk into the jaw’s it was compressed and flattened, it’s chassis standing no chance as Graff’s powerful jaw quickly reduced all 20ft of the vehicle to a ball of metal that was barely an inch across. Blood from those onboard poured from the powerful jaws as they simply flattened metal and bodies alike. A few seconds after the impossible feat had began it was over the vehicle was gone. The second one found itself getting crumpled up between both the hyena’s hands with ease before it was suddenly rip in two. Nobody within the vehicle remained whole as it was torn in two causing blood to wash over Graff as he drank as much as he could while what ever missed his maw drenched his already stained muscles in the life force of the mortals. His hand squeezed as he forced every last drop from the vehicle before tossing it aside and burping “Mmmm I needed a snack~” He boomed to the onlookers who started fleeing again, the base was in ruins with so many fleeing but he had gotten distracted playing with the army. He need to finish his primary goal was to make sure no record of his existence remained. He looked around and smirked as he saw a vast a satellite dish. He jumped towards it, landing with a crunch and splatter atop a hummer which had been fleeing towards it leaving the vehicle caved in and sunken into the ground much like the truck back at the farm where he’d been captured. The dish was huge 50ft across and the whole structure was roughly 100ft tall, though this didn’t phase the Hyena god to whom this would be light work. Walking onto the concrete base Graff felt it crack under his paws as he reached the white metal column which reached into the sky to hold the vast dish up above him. Without a second though Graff dug his hands into the concrete below the base of the dish and with but a single grunt he tore the dish free. Huge fist sized bolts pinged from the base of the dish with the force of bullets as Graff hoisted it from it’s foundation trailing huge cables along behind it. The concrete below Graff’s massive paws turned to powder as the sudden change weight per square inch proved beyond it. With the 100ft tall dish aloft Graff shifted his stance and placed the tower over his left shoulder as he held and ready to throw the vast communication array like a gigantic spear. With a short sharp jolt of his arm the tower and dish disappeared out of the planets atmosphere and had likely made it’s way to earth’s sun by this point “Now onto the serves~” Graff chuckled to himself as he jumped towards one of the vast hangers on the site. “KEEP LOADING” Called a commanding voice as soldier's, scientists, engineers, and even the bases kitchen staff yanked hard drives from the massive walls of computing tech as they tried to empty the serve room of data as the General had realised the base was lost mere moments after the main com’s array had gone down, he grabbed a handful of hard drives and loaded them into the back of a hummer as other did the same for the variety of vehicle they scrapped together ranging from old outdated military vehicles to staff’s cars as few vehicles remained on base which weren’t piles of twisted scrap metal at this moment as the god they captured had been looking for something on the base and tearing any vehicle apart which he saw as well as any life. The hanger door rattle violently before seconds later a dent appeared in it as a polite knocking sound echoed through the hanger before a voice called “I know you’re in their~” before the hanger’s door was peeled open open like it was tin foil the hyena stuck his hand through it threw the massive siding door with such force that it not only snapped flimsy padlock and chain used to lock it but sent the door through the hanger wall and into it’s neighbour. Guns where pointlessly levelled at Graff as everyone in the room knew these would be harmless having seen the god shrug of much more powerful weapons, though non as powerful as one held over his shoulder. Graff put down the nuclear bomb right before the stunned General “Where you keeping this little thingy just to kill me ?” Graff asked playfully as he stood over the 100 megaton bomb and smirked “Most powerful weapon you guys have got isn’t.” Graff taunted as everyone was frozen in place “Doubt I’ll feel anything from it but well” He reached down and grabbed the General who reacted but had on chance of fighting of the hand even if he’d had weapon. Now held tight Graff brought the struggling German Shepard to eye level “It’s armed, I may be a big brute but I’m not stupid.” Graff taunted again before tapping the nuke. The blast turned everything for miles into glass. Nothing remained of the base, the General Graff had been holding wasn’t even bones just some dust which had been blown away in the blast. Metal and concrete boiled rapidly as the blast swept over them. The fireballs swallowing the whole base for several seconds before ending leaving puddles of molten metal and concrete to cool in the air. Graff placing his hands on his hips “You know I felt that, well my cock did~” He said to nobody as his vast shaft twitched having gotten semi erect from the feeling of the point blanc bomb. Looking around Graff’s eyes where to a lake of bubbling metal which had once been a stack of containers, where his necklace and loincloth sat but untouched by a blast or the burning metal around them. They Hyena looked at the TV in the bar, a grey hoodie bulging like barrel ready to burst over his chest while a pair of green shorts failed badly to hide his bulge as he saw the news report on a nuclear test gone wrong at a US weapons testing range which killed all involved and left the base as a crater. He opened his phone and scrolled through his contacts and began to type “Hey Reece it’s Graff I’m in the UK wanna meet up soon,..sorry had to get new phone crushed my last one.” he typed before getting up and slinging his bag over shoulder. He stepped out of the bar and walked down the rain washed street, he heard the joke the UK was wet but he’d not expected it to be this bad. Looking around he walked down the old narrow town streets, surprisingly not towering over as many people as he normally did as he read street signs and door numbers before stopping and knocking on the door of a house. It opened and a tall brown Clydesdale horse opened it “What ?” the horse who stood broad and taller then Hyena grunted “I’m your new room-mate.” Graff said as he stepped into the building pushing passed the horse who reached to grab Graffs shoulder but felt the Hyena grab his hand and threw the horse over his head onto the floor before turning to close the door. He threw his hoodie to the floor and dropped his shorts to the floor and stepped out of them. The stallion on the felt his cock tent and throb as seconds before where smaller hyena had stood was a mountain of muscle that made the large draft look like a pony “Okay tough guy, the hard way it is~” Graff taunted stroking the massive third leg that was Graff’s monster horse dwarfing cock as he loomed over the helpless stallion on the floor.
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    Beastars Fic

    Short scene of Louis and Legosi from Beastars. Slight hyper muscle. Might add more parts. Legosi entered the oddly dark hallway, wondering how he had gotten lost in the familiar school. He looked around for anything that could help guide him out, but there was nothing. He soon arrived at a dead end, with only a single door on his right. He was about to turn around and head back when a grumpy voice called him from behind. "How'd you get lost, Legosi? With a nose as sensitive as yours, it must have been quite difficult," Louis' brash voice echoed down the empty hall. "Louis, were...you following me?" Legosi took a few steps towards the older, but shorter deer. Legosi was very tall, towering over most of the other students at Cherryton. "To be honest, I figured, once I noticed you head this way, that you'd get lost. I thought I should try to make sure you don't get yourself into something too bad." Legosi shuddered, eyeing the walls around them. "Is there... something here?" As he was distracted, Louis approached, swiftly standing before the tall wolf, and putting on a smirk. "Just me. Don't get too worked up, Legosi. You're a carnivore; what do you have to be worried about hurting you?" "W-Well, I don't think it's right to assume I'd be able to beat anyone in a fight. There's plenty that could happen." "Like, what? A herbivore being stronger than you? Ha!" Louis laughed, sending a chill down Legosi's back. He thought about the situation, and noticed something off. "Louis, if you think I can handle myself in a fight, why did you follow me here? You said you wanted to make sure nothing happened to me, right?" Louis smirked, coming even closer. Legosi flinched, his instincts kicking in and causing him to recoil away as the deer lunged forward, grabbing his arm. Legosi grunted as Louis pulled, bringing him to an sudden stop. "W-What? How did you pull me so hard...?" Legosi stammered as Louis dragged him, keeping a harsh grip on his forearm. He opened the door that was nearby, shoving Legosi in before joining him. Legosi stumbled back, watching as Louis' silhouette closed the door and stood before it. Legosi's eyes were good at seeing in the dark, but even so, most details were sacrificed. As Louis raised an arm to turn on the room's lights, a small snapping sound rang out. Legosi stared, scrutinizing, as the deer was finally splashed with light. He looked almost nothing out of the ordinary, save for the short part of his forearm that was revealed as his sleeve slid down when he reached for the light switch; the switch had been flicked clean off the panel, broken, and lodged into the ceiling. Louis kept his arm raised, displaying his forearm. It was just a thin layer of fur over thick, bulging cords of linear muscle and sprawling veins. Legosi stepped back, eyeing the rest of the deer's body. Under his uniform, Louis' body might not have been very notable at first glance, but further examination would conclude that his clothes were strained in certain areas. Namely, his arms, shoulders, chest, legs, and calves. Countless rows of faint lines were embossed throughout those areas, sometimes shifting with the slightest breath of the deer. "What's wrong, Legosi? Did you see something?" Louis almost laughed while his chest heaved. "Louis, you...you look, different." "I do, don't I? That's because I made sure to keep my body hidden," Louis pulled back the sleeve of the arm he had just raised. Legosi gasped as the deer revealed a lithe, powerful arm with pure muscle in stacks, topped with wide veins snaking throughout. It was absurdly sinewy and devoid of fat. Each fractional movement from Louis caused an exponential wave of muscle to pile onto the length, before going back to rest. "It was quite hard to hide this, from everyone," and with a low grumble, Louis began to curl his arm towards himself, keeping his hand clawed and fingers pointed away from his body. All Legosi could do was watch as the deer's arm began to fill with loads and stacks of striated muscle. As his forearm continued to slowly tilt, the bicep began to split, forming almost jagged peaks that twitched and vibrated from the force that he was exerting. His tricep was similar, expanding downward and horizontally. Louis exhaled, his chest rippling under his shirt, then sucked in a big breath. His arm was nearing an "L" position. The now massive bicep was straining and pulsing, rising higher, near level with his wrist. His wide forearms mashed against the side. His entire body seemed to throb with power. With a haughty chuckle, he turned his hand around, causing the mountainous bicep to swell even larger, allowing him to claw at the peak with that same hand. He scratched, feeling the thrum of each thick, defined striation of muscle through the paper-thin layer of fur and skin. He was able to wrap his fingers around the top, squeezing tightly. Legosi didn't realize how enthralled he was by the display before him. His mind was blank, using only his eyesight to process what he was witnessing. "You're paying attention? Good," Louis grunted as he slowly raised his arm. The titanic mass wavered as he turned his neck towards it. His shoulders and neck bunched into a mountain range. The sheer definition of his neck was now visible, stuffed with so much pure muscle in such a narrow space that turning his head caused it to rumble and vibrate, dispersing shockwaves of rocky muscle. He slowly let out his long tongue, taking a long and slow drag over the boulders of his bicep. Even his tongue was thick and strong. It flicked over his arm, dousing it and dripping hot saliva onto the floor. After several moments, he retracted his tongue, holding his arm up again at his side. Legosi made a small whimper noise, realizing his pants were soaked with cum. He desperately attempted to cover himself, but was unable to look away from the shorter deer across the room. He found himself taking almost entranced steps towards Louis. "Stop, Legosi," Louis commanded. Legosi did just that, save for his furiously wagging tail. "I...I need to feel it, Louis, please!" Legosi begged, his voice whining pathetically. Louis scoffed, looking up at the wolf. "You haven't earned it yet, dog. For now, you're to be quiet," to which Legosi silently nodded. "Watch. Did you think that was all I had to offer?" He laughed. "I haven't even begun to flex."
  6. So, this story popped up in my head as lore for the VRChat avatar that I use. This one IS ACTUALLY COMPLETE with the exception of some additional adventures I plan to add later. Greek Mythology is simply that myths. Maybe there's a touch of reality involved but no one really knows what inspired those of ancient times to record such tales. I had a little fun with it. Let me know what you guys think. The Adventures of Xanthias the Muscle Wolf A muscular white wolf looking approximately 9 feet tall with a hulking furry body is floating in space falling towards a planet with the fur on his massively wide back beginning to singe upon entry. The wolf seems resigned to his fate instead of afraid as the individual hairs on his fur begin to light up like embers. The wolf begins to twist a bit as he falls feeling the pain but not seeming concerned about it. The scene freezes and the wolf breaks the fourth wall. XANTHIAS NARRATION: "Okay, let's stop everything here for a second. You are probably wondering how I got myself into this situation. You are also probably asking how I am able to survive in outer space plummeting into a planet's atmosphere. You may also be wondering if I will die soon. But there are those out there who have only one question in their heads. Those same heads are looking me up and down as I fall to what may be my doom and ask themselves 'HOW FUCKING HUGE IS THIS WOLF??" Xanthias pauses to look at the scene. XANTHIAS: "Well to tell you how this happened, we have to go back in time... way back. Greek Mythology back. Yeah, that far." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XANTHIAS NARRATION: "In that time, I was what many would call a player. I had the body of a Greek god and I definitely took advantage of it. Despite not being superhuman, I was very strong. Some back then even thought I might have been a demi-god in hiding. I never drew unnecessary attention to myself unless I needed to. I had the body and the looks to get into almost anyone's bed, be that woman or man. I was not too picky, I kept it reasonable. I'd impress them with some feats of strength to which they would compare me to the demi-god Hercules. But that only happened when I wasn't looking for work. My trade was labor. Have muscles will travel. I usually found work with farmers who needed a helping hand especially with moving heavy objects. I would get food and housing and all I would usually do is lift heavy things all day. Not a bad gig when you're much stronger than the average human. These jobs would last for a little while then my dick would get me in trouble. Although it's all consentual, no farmer's wife ... or farmer themselves would be caught dead with a laborer. It was after the last farmer, who I made my bitch in front of his wife to her utmost orgasmic satisfaction had to let me go for fear of his social status being tarnished. I knew it would happen eventually. I never unpack my things anywhere. They paid me a good sum of money to disappear and I did. It kept me going until I had to find my next gig. It was the next gig that changed the direction of my fate for good." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was running low on money. Before I completely run out I began to look for work again. It was in my search that I found this weak looking twink looking at what looked like a cart full of stage props. We had entertainment back then, it wasn't very clean either. The man flopped his hands in frustration before he suddenly discovered me grinning at him and his situation. "Need a hand?" I asked. The twinky looking guy looked like he was going to faint as I approached. I was easily over a foot and a half taller than him. Yeah, I was a BIG guy. I could tell he was perving over me too. He'd definitely pay well. "Hello there." I said with my winning grin. The twinky guy seemed to melt in my presence. I reached down and grabbed the cart of props and looked at him with a nod. "Where are you heading?" I asked. "Thermopylae." The twink said in exasperation. "Need a hand?" I asked again. Despite the twink being tired from pulling the cart he jumped up with glee. "OH! Would you?" He said excitedly. I jumped back a little at the sudden explosion of happiness but I grinned and agreed to help him. With that I grabbed the cart and lifted it up by the handles and began to pull away. The twinky guy almost had to run and catch up. "My, you're a big strong guy!" The twink said looking me up and down. I couldn't help but let my muscles flex a little more just to show off. "Thanks. I'm a laborer because I'm built for it." I replied kindly. "You are employed at the moment?" The twink asked. "No, not now. I'm free for hire." I said shamelessly letting him know I'm available to work for him. "What was your previous job?" The twink asked curiously. "Farm labor. Moved boulders and tended to the heavier livestock." I replied. "And you voluntarily left?" The twink asked a little bit intrusively. "Yeah." I lied as I stopped and turned to him. My look must have given me away. I could see his face break out into a sly grin. "You can't hide anything from me." The twinky guy said with an increasingly unnerving grin. "What?" I asked. The guy was really creeping me out. "Your name is Xanthias. I know that the last time you got kicked out of your job you fucked both the farmer and his wife to both of their great pleasures. Kicking you out was necessary in their case, but if they could, they'd keep you forever." The twink replied still with that creepy grin. I stood there motionless. "How do you know this?" I asked with caution. The twink's grin turned less creepy. "I must say I'm jealous that you provided them more pleasure than I could." The twink said. "You should already know me as Dionysus." "As in the demi-god." I asked incredulously. "No, AS the demi-god." Dionysus replied with emphasis. "I don't believe you." I fired back. The guy was proving himself crazy to me. That was until I saw him pull out a clear and empty flask. In a second the flask began to fill with a dark liquid. "My specialty is pleasure and wine." Dionysus said as the flask continued to fill with what had to be red wine. When the flask was full he handed it to me. "Here. Have some, it's really good stuff." Dionysus replied with a sly grin. Not really caring I took the flask and swirled it around. Everything looked good so I took a swig. I couldn't have imagined how good it was. It was perfect, for a second. Then the fire took hold as it went down my throat. I yelped a bit and my whole sense of balance went off for a brief moment before snapping back into place. "Whoa!" I groaned as I quickly recovered. "Wow!" Dionysus gasped. "You really are a strong guy. That shit would have knocked anyone on their ass. You barely tottered." "What was that stuff?" I asked holding my head as I continued to recover. "The best wine ever made by a demi-god." Dionysus replied with his ever present grin. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ancient Greece - The farm was expansive and lined up against a rocky hill. I gazed up the hill as I rested after having tended to the many sheep the farmer had. I had done a lot that day. Most of the day was occupied with moving huge planks of wood from one place to another. Something the farmer made me do often. Mostly in front of others that would visit, probably to show me off. I could only think about how much I had better get paid for this gig. I had heard this guy had paid well and he definitely liked how strong I seemed to be. I wasn't sure but I could feel the farmer's eyes burn into my skin as he looked at me. He ultimately turned out to be a creepy guy. Average height and somewhat pudgy he looked like someone who let everyone else do the work he was supposed to do himself. He did take advantage of my strength and continued to challenge it more and more. Lately he seemed to gain a demeanor of distrust toward me. I'm not exactly sure why. I did talk to his lovely wife every so often. While she was very interested in me, she told me she wanted to remain loyal. I didn't argue. I was into pleasure not pain. She was very nice to me and seemed to buffer a lot of his abuse toward me. That abuse seemed to grow with each time she and I held a conversation whether it be about the health of the sheep to things she wanted to have done to the land to make it more fertile for crops. She really valued my opnion despite how uneducated I was. She got ideas from me. Maybe that was another thing that set him off. "Xanthias! Stop laying about and get to work!" The farmer shouted with disgust. "I am working!" I shouted back indignantly. The farmer was beginning to annoy me. The sooner my time was over with him the better. Maybe I'd find Dionysus again and get back into showbiz. I grinned at the last thought. "XANTHIAS!" Shouted the farmer again. "I'm coming!" I replied with a sigh. When I approached the seemingly tiny farmer. He pointed to a nearby hill with a boulder on it. "My wife says you think that boulder should be moved to bring in the water more easily. I want you to move it for me." The farmer grinned as he said it. The boulder in question was massive and was wedged between to rocky outcrops. There was a river behind it and although it would make attempting to divert the water easier I could only wonder about how heavy it was. "Do you think I could use some of the tools to break down the boulder?" I asked the farmer. "Oh please Xanthias!" The farmer replied giving my big arm a playful slap. "You're a big strong guy! Let's see you put those muscles to work for once." I fumed. My dislike for this asshole was beginning to bubble over. I wanted to show him who he was dealing with. "Fine!" I said. "I'll do it!" I swaggered my way up the hill and to the boulder. It was a lot bigger up close. I stared at it a bit and pondered it's size and weight. I had nothing to compare it to. I looked back at the farmer. His face displayed a disgusting smirk. His wife had come out of the house with a look of concern. As much as the boulder truly intimidated me I was determined to wipe that smirk off the farmer's face. I gripped as much of the boulder as I could. It was loose. This would be easy. All I had to do was make it look more dramatic than it needed to be. I just needed to lift it for only a moment and roll it to the side. I let go of the boulder and tried to steady my feet by digging them into the ground a bit. I steadied myself and gripped the boulder again and with one over-dramatic yank the boulder lifted out of its placement. The one thing I didn't account for was what was behind the boulder. Dozens of small rocks were dislodged from their resting place behind the boulder and began cascading down the hill around my feet. I was in such a surprise that I lifted a foot off the ground. I soon realized that for one brief moment I was lifting a very heavy boulder over my head with one foot on the ground. It was a major acheivement. It was a personal best. It was the first and last time I'd ever do it. I put my foot back down and the tiny rolling rocks were under it causing me to slip and fall face first into the ground. Intense pressure on my back then... nothing. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not Ancient Greece - I woke up with bright lights in my vision. I heard muffled voices that gradually got louder and clearer as my vision cleared. I lifted my head and noticed I was in a grey room with bright lights coming from the ceiling. Granted I was a man from ancient Greece. What did I know about modern times then? But the strange grey room didn't affect me as much as when I noticed myself. It was hard not to when you have gigantic muscles blocking part of it. Not only that, but those huge muscles were covered in white fur. "Aaaaah! He's awake." The voice I heard I immediately recognized. "Dionysus?" I asked. "Oh! He remembers! Good I got him just in time!" Dionysus cheered. I saw him enter my vision albeit barely since my furry muscles were in the way. I saw him turn around for a moment. "Thanks Daddy!" Dionysus said cutely. I heard a deep sigh and a grunt. I knew that "daddy" was Zeus. I lifted my hands to my face. My fingers had black pads on them much like a dog's. "Did you turn me into a dog?" I turned my head to Dionysus. His reaction was meek and slightly fearful. "I've always wanted one. In order to get one in this realm, someone had to die." Dionysus admitted. "You KILLED ME?" I started but was cut off." "NO! No no! You were at the end of your life. That wretched farmer set you up to die with that huge boulder. He knew you couldn't lift it but you tried." Dionysus informed. "Damn! Those big muscles!" Dionysus was now staring at my huge biceps covered in white fur. I couldn't help but flex them. "Oh Xanthias! Please!" Dionysus said bashfully. Somehow I felt good. I wasn't sure where I was or exactly what I was but I know for some reason I felt calm, so I got a little playful. I could feel something close to my ass moving. I could only assume if I was a dog, I had to have a tail. I had a wagging tail. "So I'm a dog now?" I said rubbing my fur covered pecs not feeling any reason to freak out about it. "Not exactly. You are a mixture of the biggest of dire wolf, and an epicyon. But you are also a human hybrid so you're an anthropomorph. I do say you are my finest work." Dionysus admitted. "You must have a thing for muscle." I stated. "Oh I always did. I think you knew that from the start." Dionysus admitted. "I bet I could lift that boulder with ease now." I said flexing my bicep that bulged well over 4 times it's size. The peak rocketing past my fist with sinew and tendons twitching and rumbling with immense power. "You could lift a lot of things with ease." Dionysus said. "As a matter of fact you could probably lift a thousand of those boulders now." I suddenly felt a stirring in my groin area. Something very heavy was stirring down there. Dionysus reached over and patted the heavy thing down there. I felt a sudden rush of ecstasy throughout my body. "As I said, you are my finest work. Again you are a dire wolf mixed with some epicyon. Although I didn't like the hyena-ish look of the epicyon so I used the wolf look and the epicyon plus dire wolf size. Then I added more muscle and size. And when you were killed I had daddy grab your spirit from your body and bring it here so I could put it in the wolf. Your muscle and size added in and then I added more muscle and size... then a little more." Dionysus explained. "Daddy says I overdid it." "Well, I don't mind. I always liked being bigger and stronger than most humans." I said as I sat up on whatever table or bed they had me on. I could hear it squeal as I moved. I looked at the table. "I have a feeling I am bigger than every human alive." "And my you're a big wuffy." Dionysus almost squealed. I turned to look at him and noticed that sitting I was head and shoulders taller than him. That and my legs were slightly bent with the table I was on. I was still close to the floor or so I thought. My hands felt my legs. They were humongous. I could only imagine the power I was feeling at that moment. I stood up. At full height I felt a brief sense of vertigo. I was that high. "WOW!" Dionysus gasped. He was now even with my crotch. I pawed at it. I felt a giant cock hanging there, my massive paw like hand just barely able to encircle it's thickness. "Come see yourself in the mirror!" Dionysus squealed happily tottering to the mirrors. I sauntered behind him. When I got to the mirror I gasped. I was GIGANTIC! I was THICK! I was POWERFUL! Fuck I was hot! I scanned my huge furry hulking body up and down. I looked at my canine head and grinned. My smile was soft even though it was lined with a row of sharp canine teeth. I flexed my bicep and watched as the muscle expanded to a dizzying height. I could feel it's strength. It felt so powerful. The peak again rising well above my fist. I flexed all of my muscles at once and heard a gasp. Looking down at Dionysus in the mirror he had his hands covering his crotch suddenly. I knew he just had cum. "I like this." I said simply as I turned and knelt down looking at him. Dionysus quickly recovered making the wet spot disappear. "Good, then I think you'll enjoy the added knowledge of being immune and impenetrable to most if not all things. Nothing can harm you. You are pretty much a demi-god. You have some powers you can keep such as invincibility, You can also control your weight. You can be many tons or be near zero. Whatever helps you do your job. "My job?" I asked in surprise. But then again I should have known there was a catch. "Daddy and I get to play with you. You will go on adventures and entertain us with your endeavors." Dionysus said gleefully. I frowned. "So you made me this way so I could be an actor in your contrived play?" "Well, I wouldn't say that. A good portion of stuff won't be our doing. Most of that will be from society's own blunders and setups. We will just watch and maybe add in a few things to make it interesting." Dionysus said. I growled at him. "Ah, ah, ah... if you want to keep it you have to play." Dionysus said threatening. "You can't have all this power for free you know. Besides, you might get to play some heroic roles. I wouldn't dare have my character be a baddie especially someone who was as good to me as you were when we were together on Earth." I sighed. I knew what my choice would be. "I know what you'll choose. I know you well. Better than you know yourself. I am a god you know." Dionysus replied coolly. "A god? I thought you were just..." I interrupted. "A demi-god... well, that bitch Hera finally loosened up enough to recognize me as a son. She even provided my real mother a place in our realm. She's seemed to warm up to my mother but she still treats me like a bastard." Dionysus spat. "Anyway don't worry, it won't be all bad. I am STILL the god of pleasure and wine of course." A glass of wine appeared and Dionysus's hand just to prove the point. Dionysus grinned. "Also, if you need me all you have to do is think of me and we can talk. I'll answer any questions you may have. Now go and get used to your new body, masturbate and fuck all you want if you have to. Have fun with it!" Dionysus waved his hand and all of a sudden I found myself falling from the sky from very high up in the stratosphere. I briefly amazed myself again at how I knew that but the query turned to terror as I looked down. My stomach knotted up and shifted as I suddenly hit crosswinds. The ground still far away. The crosswinds lifted my huge heavy cock in my face. "Was it really that huge?" I asked myself as the tip repeatedly smacked my nose as it buffeted in the wind. "XAN!" Dionysus shouted in his head. "WHAT?!" I replied in increasing panic as if maximum panic wasn't enough. "You can change your weight and mass!" Dionysus appeared beside me floating down as I fell. "Oh! OH YEAH! I can do that! Uh... how?" I yelled over the rushing air. "Think light thoughts!" Dionysus replied and with a poof he was gone. "WAIT A SECOND! Think light thoughts?! IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?!" I screamed in frustration then a blast of air hit my muzzle causing my lungs to inflate fully. I couldn't exhale. The air was flowing to hard into my lungs. I turned my head to get myself to exhale again with a gulp. "Think light thoughts." I struggled to get my brain out of panic mode so I could do what I was told. I imagined myself as light as a cloud... water vapor... It took a few minutes but I felt a tingling sensation all over my body. Then, in an instant, I was whooshed off into the wind current flipping and tumbling end over end, barrell rolls, loop the loops, dizzying updrafts and sickening downdrafts. I was too light. I was being blown around like a leaf in the wind. I had to put priorities in perspective. I needed to make myself heavier to stabilize my plummet. So I did just that. I could only guess that as I made myself heavier I was not as likely to be blown all over the sky. As my path downward settled to a straight fall. I noticed I was still high in the sky. I had time to think... not much time, but time. I looked down and was briefly mesmerized by the slowly increasing size of the green, blue and brown configurations that awaited me below. At this point I was oddly no longer panicking. I thought of Dionysus again hoping that he would reappear but after a few tries and a few cursing of his name I realized he was not going to help me this time. Now I was pissed. The green and brown configurations were getting bigger. I knew I was going to hit land soon as I was beginning to see details in those shapes. I was beginning to pick out little specs which I knew were trees. It was then that I remembered. "I'm damage resistant. But how much?" I asked myself out loud. I flexed a bicep and felt it as the peak grew past my fist. It felt hard and dense. Briefly distracted now, I began to flex my other bicep and admired how it seemed to completely block my vision and practically rumble as it grew. I traced the bulging veins with my eyes and pondered how much power I had contained in those huge guns. "Guns?" I asked myself out loud as the knowledge of a previously unknown subject distracted me from my self adoration. I noticed clouds go by me and came back to the realization that I was still falling. The ground was very close now. I could visually gauge that I was falling very rapidly. A brief flash of fear hit me before I thought again about the fact that I may actually survive the fall. Before I knew it everything had very high detail. I was probably just hundreds of feet away from impacting the ground. I closed my eyes and braced myself for my landing. I held my breath then I saw a bright flash of white followed by extreme pain on my nose spreading to my face then my upper body. There was a loud boom. Then silence. "OOOOOOWWWWW!!!" My roar in pain was muffled as my muzzle was firmly planted in the ground. I stiffly began to extricate my nose out. My whole body felt like it was going through one big painful cramp. I quickly sat up and was completely surprised by the walls of dirt that surrounded me for a brief second before the pain in my body brought me back to the result of my hard landing. I began to rub any body part that hurt noticing that it was much bigger. My body was pumped up and swollen with angry throbbing veins pulsing all over. After a few minutes of rubbing out all of the sore spots I could, I began to move. A great deal of struggling with the stiffness as the result of my epic fall hindered my ascension as I stood up fully. I found I could see over the wall of dirt that surrounded me once I achieved my full height. I began to climb out of the hole with some difficulty as my hands would grab hold of a dirt outcrop and the dirt would suddenly dislodge into my hand before crumbling apart. When I walked in any direction I heard a somewhat quiet but distinct boom with every footfall. My brain finally registered what was happening. I was way to heavy. The dirt wall around me was actually an impact crater I created when I landed causing me to end up huffing dirt at what had to be 9 feet down into the ground. "Oh." I said out loud as I assessed my situation. I made myself lighter by thinking light thoughts still not believing it was actually working, but it did. When I felt I was light enough I bounced a bit on the balls of my feet which gave me an idea. With as much effort as I could I leapt out of the hole. To my surprise I didn't just leap, I launched myself out of the hole. I was above the trees before I began my decent. For me, jumping out of the hole was a good idea, until my huge cock whacked me in the face on my decent. I landed again with another shuddering boom though not as loud. I looked around and noticed that I had stuck the landing with my feet only a couple of feet sunken into the ground. I took a couple of steps out of the foot holes and then looked around contemplating my situation. I was in a forest clearing near a river that audibly rushed by a few yards away. I looked down at myself noticing all the soil covering my massive fur covered muscularity then looked back up at the river ahead. "Huh... how convenient." I mused as I trodden my way towards the river noting how the grit covering me ground and pulled at my fur. I tried to dust the dirt off of me as I approached the river but gave up as my motion was limited by my aching body and my massive muscles. I got to the river and opted not to jump in lest I break my nose. I stiffly climbed down into the rushing water and plopped myself down. I yipped a bit as the cold water rolled over my back and chest running down all the crevices of my muscular body and pooling around my cock and balls. My fur began to stand on end as the cold water slowly turned warm making my body tingle pleasantly. The water continued to run by my cock and balls and the warmth suddenly made their pulsing more noticeable. The pulsing turned into a throbbing which soon had the veins standing out on my now further growing shaft. I had no idea how big I was fully erect but if my cock can nearly knock me senseless then it would definitely be massive. The warmth spread even further through my body and the throbbing spread from my cock and balls to my entire body. I could feel my muscles seem to absorb all of the energy each throb provided and they began to expand with my cock. I moaned a little as the tingling and throbbing intensified seeming to reach up to the base of my neck then caress the back of my head and scalp. All of my fur seemed to be standing on end as the pleasure continued to grow. I grabbed my massive cock and began to stroke it. I could feel its heaviness and it felt powerful. More mass, more growth, more power my brain was relishing these thoughts and expanding them. Grow bigger than the trees, bigger than the planet I was on, bigger than its sun, bigger, bigger, bigger... My thoughts were lost in the tidal wave of my own selfish megalomania of muscle growth and the power it held. I opened my eyes and suddenly realized my cock was now as wide as the river I was in and my head peaked past the trees, I could see a few miles ahead of me. I was massive, I was enormous... I was fucking horny! That's when everything turned white. All of the energy seemed to pass from all over my body down into my cock and with an explosion of pleasure cum rushed out of my mighty cock. I could hear it spray mighty bursts of sex probably landing miles away. For what seemed like hours my cock launched huge jets of my cum over and over and over until the tingling began to fade. As it did so, I slowly began to lose consciousness. Soon my body felt spent and everything went dark. A loud splat sounded from nearby. I opened my eyes rubbing them as it woke me. I felt chilly water running down my lower spine and ass. I felt my cock laying against cold rocks as water rushed by. I looked around noticing the trees were covered in a heavy white goo. Some of the trees on both sides of me had crashed to the sides. I looked ahead of my and saw the sea of white trees going for miles along a freshly cut path through them. Huge globs of my thick cum dripped heavily from the trees. I looked down and noticed my body felt back to normal. But the evidence of my growth was plainly seen by the massive crater my ass made as I grew. The water diverted into pools where I sat then continuing down the river. I got up and when I was at full height I felt something was off. I felt bigger. My chest jutted out just a little more, blocking my sight of the ground just a little further. It was confirmation that I seemed to have retained a little of the intense growth spurt I had just experienced or that the fact that the spurt even happened. I grinned as I flexed my arm which felt just a little bit bigger... a little more powerful. As I put my arm back down I looked at my surroundings. It was time for me to figure out where I was and who was around me. I also guessed that I might as well see what kind of calamity my orgasm caused. I began to make my way through the freshly carved cum path of decimated trees as I began the first of many adventures to come. END.
  7. Yo! Welcome to The Curse of Something - a very special text-adventure/rpg game about large furry men and growin' huge! Maybe some of you remember SuperWaffle's game that he shared here years ago? Well this has been partially inspired by that, so hopefully it's something some people here are interested in. There's also a decent amount of weight gain content, but it's mostly avoidable if that's not your thing. Live the life of someone afflicted with a curse that makes you ultra buff. You can go out into the woods and fight monsters, or talk to them and try to make friends - or fuck them. Just come here to play: https://mcrugermasta.itch.io/the-curse-of-something
  8. Hey, y'all! It's been a while since I've written a story on this site. I miss writing, so, here is the thing: Gimme a picture of a nice, buff guy, or a morphed up guy, or something, and I'll write a story for the picture! It'll be a short story, but I'll do it! Cause I feel like it would be fun! So, don't hesitate to share!
  9. Arcalpha

    Arthur's growth

    This is pretty much my fursona's story (on my pfp) So... Enjoy ig ------------------ Llitas is a rather big town in the kingdom of Lytia, rather well known as the city of hope. And this is where Arthur was born, he was never really tall, being a pretty average 1m80 or 5'10 and with a pretty slim body, he has always been a fair man, always loved the King's philosophy of life:"Worth can only be proven through hardships and sweat instead of easiness, it will always be better to show how good you are if you struggle than doing it the easy way" And he had always maintained those thoughts, he always wants fairness and equality for everyone he knows. His family was well known by the royalty, although Arthur did not know about it all, his family were known by them as the strongest men in the kingdom and the most potent men to exist in this world or rather… From great grandpa to great grandson. But enough of that… You want to know what is happening right ? Let us begin then. Everything started at Arthur's job, he worked as a mechanic, repairing cars and all that. It was the day before Arthur's 20th birthday, he was very greasy, his fur coated in black oil as he finished repairing a car. "Arthur, are you done with the car, i need some tools" A big otter exclaimed out loud. "Yeah sure, i checked everything and this baby is raring to go" He gave the tools to the otter. "Thanks, you're doing a great job, the boss may give you a higher salary if you continue like that !" "Thanks Ron !" Arthur smiled as his cleaned his greasy hands, the otter went on to repair another car. "Tomorrow is your birthday right ? Turning 20 aren't you ?" "YYYEP, My best friend and… Brother plans on coming to celebrate it and my dads… Let's say they have better things to attend to…" He said shuddering a bit as he knew what the two men were about to do. "What better things would they attend to ?" The otter asked, puzzled at Arthur's word to which, the arcanine made an "o" with his fingers and put two fingers inside the "o". "Oh that kind of stuff…" Ron laughed hard. "Yeah, they may be 48 and 44, they still love having that kind of stuff" Arthur grimaced as he said it but thinks about his birthday. "Can't wait for my birthday, Nathan is gonna be running so fast juqt to gove me a cake" He drools as he said cake, he'd always been obsessed over cake. Both smiled and they kept working until the day was over, the arcanine then went back home, took a shower and went to bed, tomorrow was gonna be his birthday and he was quite excited for it. Meanwhile inside his body, laid a dormant gene that was passed down from his great grandpa, he never knew about this and he was going to learn it the hard way. The next day was his birthday, his dads wished him a happy birthday and as he came to work, his colleague wished him too. "Hey, 20 now ?" Ron said. "Yep" "You still have a lot to live for pup " The otter smiled. "I ain't a pup !" Arthur laughed. "To me you are" The otter snickered. They went to work for a while, until Arthur noticed a weird and uncomfortable feeling, his genes started to kick in. He came out of the car he was repairing feeling lightheaded. "I… I don't feel great…" "What's happe- woah ! You hit the gym all of a sudden or ?" Arthur looked at himself and noticed he had some muscular definition, his pecs started to be noticable. "What is…" Arthur then felt a weird feeling, he went to the toilet to look at himself. He looked at his reflection and started to see his muscles bulge, he was growing. "What's happening to me !?" He exclaimed in pure shock, he looked down and saw his dick got erect, he tried to think about something else but his mind was getting foggy, his genes started to skyrocket his libido, his dick started to grow and his shirt shred. He saw himself in the mirror and watched as he no longer was a slim arcanine but a big bodybuilder that would participate at mr olympia… But it was not over, no. His dick tore through his underwear and pants as well as his balls that were the size of oranges and quickly got bigger. He felt a weird sensation, he felt hungry like he hadn't eaten in days and as he touched his dick, he felt that hunger getting satisfied as if he was eating. Without much control he started jacking off, his muscles growing even more, he had no control over himself as he flexed to the mirror, a huge grin on his face, he loved it all, he looked way bigger than everyone, he looked like a greek god. His balls quickly became the size of a watermelon as he reached 7 feet tall and he was huge, 225 pounds of pure muscles. He kept jacking off until climax hit and he let out a roar. Ron went next to the door of the toilets, Arthur let out so much cum, he came liters/gallons upon liters/gallons of cum, which started to flood the restroom. The otter watched in horror as a flood of cum came down through the door, his boss quickly came into the workshop. Arthur was unable to stop, it felt like there was no end to this, he kept and kept cumming, he was quickly knees down into his cum, his cock pulsing as it kept shooting huge streams of cum into the walls of the restroom. Their boss came down the door and started to open it, only for a wave of cum to get out. Arthur was sitting down inside the toilet, his knees covered in his own spunk and panting loudly. Both men watched the arcanine, panting loudly. "What… The… Fuck… Is happening to me…" Arthur said as his cock pulsed.
  10. Hialmar

    Russell : Chapter One

    Preface I usually don't write for the anthro and furry crowd. This is an exception. Russell Chapter One "Well, Private Russell, you probably wonder why I called you here?", he said in heavily accented English. Dr. Dachshund peeped above his steel rimmed eyeglasses, and observed me silently. Not even his white lab coat was able to hide, that Dr. Dachshund seemed to be all torso, and a very slim and narrow one. "Actually, I was surprised, when I was able to finally enlist. I've tried several times. The recruitment officers always preferred Irish wolfhounds, pit bulls, golden retrievers, mastiffs, and those cane corsos out of Bronx. They didn't think I'm able to be of any use, except for spying, and they told me, there's something medically wrong with my hips. I'm built for foxholes, for God's sake! Put me in a fight, and I can do this all day! I'm bigger than I look." "You were enlisted on my advice. I will now tell you somethings confidential. You are not allowed to discuss this matter with anyone else. Do you understand?" "Sure. Yes." "I fled from Schäferland for a reason. The Republic of Schäferland was once a happy place, and I hope, that happiness will return in the future. The present government in Schäferland wish all dachshunds, weimaraners, pomeranians and Polish hunting dogs gone, but its armed forces found my line of research useful for their aims, so I survived. I'm able to make dogs faster and stronger. There is a very serious side effect, though. The serum brings out the worst and the best sides of the test subjects. The effect of the serum is affected by each test subject's mental attitude. Something terrible happened. I created a super soldier known as The Red Dobermann. He must be stopped by other super soldiers, and the Armed Forces of the United States of Dogland are willing to give my experiments a try." There was pain in Dr. Dachshund's gaze now, and his tail was between his legs. "I'm sorry, Doc." "Before we continue, I need to interview you. It's important, that we don't enhance an unsuitable test subject, so tell me something about yourself." "I grew up in Brooklyn. In school, I was bullied by all the golden retriever football players, until I managed to fend them off by biting their ears. You see, I defended a defenseless chihuahua the golden retrievers were making fun of. I've always felt a duty to protect smaller dogs. I also had some help from my friend Bucky. He's a labrador from Labrador. He was shipped to Bulldogland, when Schäferland declared war on Bulldogland and Labrador in 1939." Dr. Dachshund nodded in silence, and took some notes. Then he rose. "I'll introduce you to Agent Carter. She's a liaisions officer from the Bulldogland military intelligence." "So she's a bulldog, then?" A door opened. An elegant and beautiful cavalier king Charles spaniel in blenheim colors entered, wearing Bulldogland's uniform: "Jack Russell, I presume?" * * * To be continued.
  11. Guest


    Build-a-Stud was a new shop that opened up in the local mall. It housed all kinds of odds and ends for all kinds of tastes and kinks. Most of the tame stuff was out in the open, the more adult stuff was hidden away. This new shop was part of the Trucker Muscle franchise, so it became pretty popular in a short amount of time. "Welcome to Build-a-Stud, where you can become the stud of your dreams or make them into your dream stud." the large tiger attendant greeted the small blue wolf that entered the shop. "How may I assist you today?" "I'm here to pick up an order I placed last week, was told it had arrived." he pretty much whispered. He was shyly trying to avoid direct eye contact. "Ah, yes. Come with me for just a moment." the tiger ushered him towards the back room. "We tend to keep these out of sight, even though it's in a plain brown box." A few minutes later, the wolf was nearly skipping his way home, holding a medium sized box. He was already reading the letter that came with his package. "Thank you for purchasing the Fantastic Reality Package. In this kit you will find every kind of growth fantasy imaginable. From weight gain, muscle growth and hyper, you will find it here. The special latex suit is needed to make these fantasies into reality. Apply the patch of your choice onto the special square on the suit and enjoy the feeling as you transform into your new reality. Once the suit finishes the transformation, the patch will simply fall off the suit. You may remove the suit once that happens. Under no circumstance are you to remove the suit while the body under goes the change, it may result in undesired results. Under normal circumstances, you may retain some of the fantasy when the effect completely finishes after three days. Enjoy your purchase." At his house, he was instantly greeted by his large bull boyfriend. He instantly noticed the box. "So it arrived at last." he grinned. "Build-a-Stud does not disappoint." "That they do not. Even the ones in the store seem have used the services as well." the wolf held the box in such a way to try to mask his growing boner. "Okay so lets get this started." the bull grunted as he stood up to his full height. Pick up the suit, he tossed it over to his big boy friend. "You need to wear this for any of this to work. Then you get to choose what you want, they have a few patches to choose from. Do not take it off till the patch falls off." The suit looked like any normal latex suit except for something very obvious, it had an extra "sleeve". It was placed right where the crotch was, perfect for the bull to slide his ample cock and balls into. The wolf brought over several patches, they had a simple design to them reading each showing a big guy flexing as if they were for muscle growth "XL, 2X, and XXXL". A couple others were in there too, one showing a really fat person and one that simple had cock and balls on them reading "Hot and Heavy." Without thinking too much, he reached for the XXXL patch and placed it on the suit. The patch went right to work. "Holy. . . my body is getting hot and pumped, like one of my all-day workouts." he grunted. He began to sweat as he felt his body beginning to change. He couldn't help but started to flex. "I can see myself growing. . . it's really working!" As he watched, the wolf slowly walked over and began to feel up his growing bull. "Damn, it feels so real too. Wonder how massive you're going to get with that big triple extra large patch. . . you were already massive." the wolf noticed his bull's cock and balls also seem to be growing. "Fuck. . . even your cock is getting bigger." Panting, the bull kept pumping his muscles as he kept filling up and out. His body was packing on pounds and pounds of rock hard muscle, his cock and balls filling out the special sleeve. A massive wet spot was also starting to form. "So damn horny, was it suppose to make me feel like I haven't been milked for a week. I just need to get off." the bull started to rub his growing member. Panting and moaning as he brought himself to climax. As he came, his body surged in size, nearly causing him to fall. "The heck. . . I just blew up as I blew my . . . load." as he spoke, his voice now deeper, he climaxed again. The blue wolf noticed this and went right to the instructions to find out what was going on. Finding the exact patch, his eyes drew wide. Reading it aloud, "XXXL is the ultimate in growth packages. Not only will your muscles grow to tremendous sizes, but your package will grow as well. You will be incredibly horny and want to get off. As you do, you will grow bigger and faster. Enjoy the feeling as you cum and grow. Even after the patch has run its course, you may still grow as you cum." The big bull bellowed again as he came again and again. Muscles pumping him up bigger and bigger, he was wider than he was tall. His cock and balls stretching the special sleeve, cum dripping off the end of it, but the suit remained intact. "Getting. . . too horny. . . cannot. . . " he cums again, ". . . my body." he snorts and grunts as he struggles. "Got to get. . . out of this." "Don't do that, you have to wait. Taking it off might do something. . . to your body." the wolf rushed up. Mesmerized by the sight of his impossibly massive bull boyfriend and nearly hypnotized by his deep soothing voice. "You just. . . have to. . . enjoy this." The wolf couldn't help but began to caress and worship the growing mountain of muscle. The two of them enjoyed each other in the silence until it was broken by the sound of something popping. "What was that?" the wolf asked, while constantly rubbing the bull's muscles. "Think AC is on the fritz again." the bull grunted. He began to sweat. "It's getting hot in here." "Only thing hot here is you big guy. So big all over." the wolf went from rubbing the bull's muscles to patting his thick cock. He could feel the heat coming off of the massive tube steak. "So hot all over too." As the bull fired off another powerful blast from his thickening cock, his gut started to push out. "Ohhh, this doesn't feel the same. I can feel my gut growing." "Probably cause you have so much muscle, your abs are starting to push out." the wolf went back to tending to his growing bull boyfriend. The thick musk coming off the tube steak kept his attention there. Another pop and the sound of something ripping could be heard. The bull was the first to react. "Fuck. . . the suit is being ripped apart." As soon as he said it, he felt the heat radiated throughout his body. Before he had a chance to further warn his wolf boyfriend working his cock over, he felt his body starting to swell all over and started to cum harder than ever before. Completely unaware of what was happening, the wolf kept humping the growing cock under him. "Oh fuck yeah! Cum and grow, grow and cum!" he even started to rub and caress the growing gut that was slowly pushing him off the cock. The bull's growth slowed slightly every time he was cumming, but then sped right back up. More and more of the suit started to rip and tear. The bull was almost helpless as his beefy body was slowly becoming thicker and fatter than before. His cock and balls were the first to be free from the suit. His thick legs and chubby arms were next to follow, the torso just simply refused to break. Big sagging gut and massive moobs finally exploded free of the suit at which point the growth seem to stop. His gut so big that his thick cock was completely engulfed under it. "Damn you are one fat fuck now. Perfectly fat too. Time for my fat bull to get milked." the wolf quickly climbed up the mountainous gut of his bull mate and began to suck and play with his thick nipples. "Wha. . . ooh, that feels really good." the bull panted heavily. It wasn't long before the bull was cumming against his bloated belly. As he came, he lost some of his fat. "Fuck that felt. . . pumped. I think I lost some of my fat. . . keep milking me, babe, see how much of this fat cum you can get out of me. He didn't need much more than that, before he went to town. He sucked on one nipple while his other was being coated in thick cum. He was slowly fattening up as he drank in the thick nipple cum. The taste so addicting that he just stayed clamped on as he kept milking the bull for all he's worth. As the wolf grew thick and fat, the bull's muscles blew up as it seemed that he was getting stronger as he came. Soon the wolf was unable to get any more nipple cum as the bull's moobs were completely packed with thick muscle. "Now look who's the fat fuck now." the bull laughed, rubbing his mate's swollen ass. "Speaking of fuck, it's time to give you a bull ride." The bull's meaty cock was leaking constantly, acting like the perfect lube. As he humped the fattened wolf, his muscles bulged and tensed. He could feel his cock growing longer and thicker as well. The wolf was also swelling from all the pre flooding him. As soon as his climaxed, the bull swelled up to the point of immobility; the wolf fared the same fate. One packed with muscle, the other swollen with fat. "Damn. I cannot pull out. You're so tight." the bull huffed and puffed. He wiggled a little, only causing him to cum hard once again, both growing even bigger. "Fuck. . . I'm so sensitive too." this time the wolf wiggled, causing the same thing to happen. "Crap. . . don't move." "Easier said then done," the wolf snickered, wiggling again and feeling himself being filled again and stretched even further by the bull's swelling cock. "We have a few days before we, hopefully, return to normal." At first, it was easy to hold still, but as the hours rolled by the two couldn't help but fidget. Bigger and bigger they grew, the wolf was slowly being pulled off the growing cock in his ass. His progress of sliding off was held up by the wall, till he bursted though it. The two of them out grew the house, which allowed the wolf to be fired off the bull's overly thick cock. The two of them basked in the afterglow and the warm summer day. After three days, they slowly realized they were not shrinking. They were stuck being massive and immobile. Both were content and happy with how it all turned out. They been constantly flocked by worshipers and idolizers that want to tend to their needs. All courtesy of Build-A-Stud.
  12. londonboy

    A Muscle Daddy Built To Order

    Even a sexy bodybuilder can get lonely. Most people think we have it made, our big bodies allowing us to have any guy we’d like – at the gym or in the bar. Yeah, that’s usually true, but sometimes we want more. I get tired of going home with guys that just want me to flex and show off – you know, toss them around the room, lift them over my head with one hand, do push ups with them on my back, and all those things. Lately, I’ve been struggling to find someone that could fulfill me in a different way. It’s not that I don’t love being admired and worshipped, but I just desire something more. So the other night I sat down and made a list of all the things I’d really like to have in a partner. Here’s what I came up with: Handlebar mustache (mainly because I can’t grow one) Mature man (I want him experienced and knowledgeable) As big as me or bigger (I want to be cared for sometimes) Cocky (At times, I want to be controlled) Cute or handsome (To match my hotness) Cultured (I want to learn from him) Loving (I want him to be romantic) I looked at the list a few times and decided I wasn’t asking for too much. I also realized it would definitely be very hard to find someone that matched all of my criteria. I was about to give up when I remembered my crazy Aunt Hildie – the one everyone said was different from the rest of the family and the one I had only met two times in my entire life. For some reason, something she had said to me ten years ago when I was a senior in high school suddenly came flying back into my head. She had told me to make sure I looked her up when I was ready to finally settle down and choose a partner for life. The word ‘partner’ had always stayed with me. I had written it off, though, as just some crazy woman talking, but now I found the invitation curious and finally decided to take her up on it. Aunt Hildie lived on an island off of the southern tip of Florida – a place no one ever visited, but she seemed to like it. I wrote her a long letter and explained that I was gay and now that I was twenty-eight years old I had decided to settle down. I sent her the list of criteria that I required in my future husband. I also forgot about the letter as soon as it was mailed. I continued to screw any cute thing that drooled over my muscles and didn’t think about my list again until a box arrived from Florida. It was from my Aunt Hildie and there were seven vials in the box along with a note. The handwritten message was short and to the point saying, “Jason, these will help your dreams come true. Wait a couple of days between each vial. I’m happy for you. Aunt Hildie.” And that was it. The tubes were labeled with a word from each of my seven criteria. I looked at the note again and just smiled at the craziness – not believing that my aunt could actually help me create the perfect mate. Even though all logic said I was a fool, I grabbed the first vial and headed to the gym. What the hell did I have to lose? I entered the hardcore section of my no-frills club and immediately felt the appreciative stares from half the members. I knew I had the kind of face and body that turned heads and it felt good to know that even after seven years of coming to the place – not to mention having my way with many of the members – I still inspired dicks to spring to life and furtive glances to shoot my way. I gazed around the place with no embarrassment being so blatant in my perusal of every man. I was sure almost every gay man there – and a few of the straight guys – were hoping I’d let my eyes linger approvingly on them for more than a quick glance. There weren’t many guys in the place that would have turned me down for a quickie in the steam room or, heaven allowing, some quality time back at my place. It was well known that I got off on being worshipped and had the kind of body that deserved the special attention. Everyone knew I also had the kind of horse dick that most men loved to feel rammed far up into their ass – each man expecting that the simple act of walking would be a burden for a few days after. The simple fact was that I had never had a complaint about my abilities in bed and beyond. Today, however, I was not looking for a well-built muscle worshipping pig or a virgin ass to plow – I was looking for the right man to become my potential pet project. I still thought it was completely crazy to think the vials Aunt Hilde had sent were going to do anything, but a part of me was so gleefully turned on by the idea that I could create the perfect muscle stud partner that I took my time reviewing the clientele of the gym to make sure I landed on the right person for the task. I ruled out all the guys I had fucked before, which knocked off half the people in the place. I then ruled out the straight guys that would be no fun – I wasn’t into converting men – I wanted someone that knew he was gay and liked all the pleasure that came with that knowledge. I then ruled out the guys that were already huge, knowing that half the fun would come from bestowing on some guy the body of his dreams. It was also easy to disregard the young boys – I was looking for a guy with some gray on him. Damn, the thought of some salt and pepper haired daddy growing for me made my cock twitch wildly. After my prioritizing and weeding out of those that didn’t make the mark I finally narrowed it down to two men. Both of them were in their mid-fifties and each had been stealing glances of me in the mirror ever since I had entered the gym. One of them looked like he was experienced with weights – performing his moves with accuracy that made it clear he knew what he was doing – and the other looked as if he had just recently started coming to the gym. He was pretty timid and looked way out of place in the area with the heavy weights. I chose the latter guy – any man that was so desperate to appreciate huge muscles that he’d embarrass himself in the big-man’s area was the right one for me. I caught his eye and then walked across the floor towards him – noting how he was so shocked he couldn’t move or look away. “I’m Jason, cute fella, what’s your name.” My forwardness and the big hand I held out in front of him made the guy suddenly forget how to speak and he just sat there staring. I let my perfect smile beam down at him as he sat on the bench below my massive chest – I even breathed in a little harder just to make my chest expand more dramatically. It was cool to watch the little guy finally give into his urges as he chose to stare at my heaving pecs instead of my face. It was also cool to cause his mouth to drop in awe just from a quick bounce of my two massive mounds – the guy’s eyes bobbing up and down to follow my heaving meat. All of this made it quite clear I had chosen the right candidate for my experiment. He limply shook my hand and we both noticed how my paw swallowed his. “So, pops, you gonna just stare at my chest all day or are you going to tell me your name.” “I’m Roman.” “Speak up there, man. What’s the matter, something cause your mouth to go all dry?” Roman just nodded his head up and down. This made me smile even more. The guy wasn’t even trying to hide the fact that he was in awe of my chest – hell; he was probably in awe of all of me. I moved my big frame down on the bench beside him, making sure my body pressed up against his when we were next to each other. I sat a few inches higher than him, so he had to continue to look up to see my face. It was good, though, that he was able to finally look me in the eye again – I’m not sure he could have handled much more of my massive chest. “You look a little lost in the midst of all these weights, Roman. I’m guessing you’re pretty new to all this gym stuff, aren’t you?” “Yes. I just retired and finally decided to join. This is only my second visit.” The idea of this guy being retired in his early fifties made me happy – I could tell by his haircut and clothes that Roman had lots of money. It wasn’t something I desperately needed in a potential partner, but it helped. The thought of someday doing a lot of traveling with my beefed up muscle daddy thrilled me in a special way. My enthusiasm for all that was possible if Aunt Hildie wasn’t crazy made me move straight to the point with Roman. “Well today is your lucky day, Roman. How about I help you with your initiation into weightlifting. I promise to go easy on you and the hazing phase won’t hurt too much. I’m just kidding – there’s no need to make that panicked face! Let me help you with all this stuff, okay. I think you’ve noticed that I’ve had a little success from working out.” “Uh huh.” The guy was so cute! He just couldn’t get over the fact that I was chatting with him. He also couldn’t keep his eyes locked with mine for even ten seconds. He looked at every part of my body – spending a lot of time at my crotch, obviously intrigued by the bulge that pushed my shorts out in a pornographic way. I decided it was time to move in for the final trophy. “So before we begin, Roman, why don’t you drain this bottle of water I brought.” “I . . . uh . . . have my own.” “Yeah, but mine is fortified with some nutrients to help you recover from the workout. I don’t want you to be in a lot of pain tomorrow, sir.” Roman looked at me with a slightly confused face. I held up my bottle and shook it a little – to help the stuff from Aunt Hildie mix in some more. My biceps was much more interesting to Roman and he actually started to visibly shake as he stared at my bulging arm. I flexed a little to keep his mind off the bottle he was presently taking from my hand. I watched with sheer joy as he twisted off the cap and then downed the enhanced liquid quickly – making it obvious that my arm had made his mouth dry up even more. He made a disgusted face after swallowing the entire contents of the bottle – the stuff in the vial was clearly not tasty. He shook his head back and forth a few times and then quickly looked at me – his face turning red. “Um, I’m sorry Jason, but I . . . uh . . . suddenly feel . . . I mean . . . I can’t control . . . I’ve got to go.” Roman’s hands went quickly to his crotch. I suddenly realized that a side effect of the stuff in Aunt Hildie’s vial was an instant hard-on – one that obviously made you need instant relief. Roman was breathing hard and beads of sweat had already formed across his forehead. I placed by big hand on his shoulder, hoping to prevent him from leaving. I wanted to study the effects of the liquid up close. “You can’t go Roman, we haven’t even started.” “Uh . . . I’m about to . . . um, I mean . . . I’ve got to go to the bathroom. Right now.” “Well, can we meet tomorrow at the same time?” “Yeah, yeah . . . I’ll see you then Jason.” Roman then slid his body off the bench and out from under my large hand. He quickly stood up and started running toward the locker room. I watched as he tried to move briskly, but clearly with a raging hard-on that was making it almost impossible. There was something in this immediate reaction to the liquid that thrilled me beyond belief. I suddenly began to think there was something real about Aunt Hildie’s concoction. I forced myself not to follow Roman – knowing that it might make him feel uncomfortable. I saw him leave about fifteen minutes later – clearly still rock hard and desperately trying to cover the humongous wet stain at the crotch of his sweats. He glanced in my direction and waved timidly as he exited. My own cock suddenly sprung to a happy place at the thought of what had happened and what was to come. The next day Roman did not show up at the gym. I waited for three hours, but he never arrived. I was sorely disappointed and at one point I became fearful that I had caused his death. I thought about asking the gym for his home number, but I knew their policy strictly forbade it. I knew I could probably get the information out of Rex, the guy that worked the front desk at night, if I promised to fuck him senseless – something he loved – but I decided to wait. I had already begun to trust Aunt Hildie in a way that was unexplainable. I returned to the gym at the exact time for four more days and waited three hours each time, but Roman never showed. On the fifth day, however, I was taking a break from benching some heavy weights and looked up to see him walk in. What I saw caused my entire body to start quivering and my cock turned into hard stone immediately. The scrawny older man’s body looked exactly the same, but covering the lower part of his face was the thickest and manliest handlebar mustache I had ever seen in my entire life. It was dark black-brown with gorgeous flakes of gray streaking downward. It was the face of a manly biker, a studly fireman, or a muscle daddy of almost any gay man’s dreams. My entire body was on fire with excitement. It was clear the first vial had worked. I jumped up off the bench and practically ran over to Roman. “Hey man, it’s great to see you. I thought we were going to meet four days ago. Shit, dude, what a great mustache! It looks awesome.” “Um, hi Jason. Yeah, sorry about missing you for a few days, but its been because of this mustache. It’s the wildest thing. I shave twice a day, but every morning I wake up with this same look. At first it freaked me out, but now I’ve grown to like it. It means a lot that you think it’s cool. I didn’t know what you’d think. I’m ready to take you up on your offer to help me work out.” I couldn’t stop looking at his face. I had dreamed of a man with that exact face for years. I said a silent prayer of gratitude to Aunt Hildie and then began to smile. I was in heaven – especially since I knew the second vial was in my bag over by the bench we were now walking towards. I suddenly couldn’t remember what my second criteria had been, but I didn’t care. Part Two What is it that makes a man a man? I’ve decided there is no magic answer to that question. It’s like that old saying, ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’ Well, I also say manliness is in the eye of the beholder. Many people would never say facial hair makes the man, but I was the one beholding Roman’s beautiful full Fu Manchu mustache and, in my opinion, it made him so-fucking manly. I could not believe how stoked I was just from some intense fur around a guy’s mouth, but the sexy addition to the man’s face made my stomach do somersaults and my cock head press up beyond the waistband of my jock. I was very glad that my cotton gym shorts still hid what I knew was a throbbing purple tip to my broad hard dick. The juices running through my body caused me to speak more freely than I had planned. “Damn, that ‘stache is hot, man.” My unexpected comment made Roman turn a little red but he also broke into a big smile. Seeing the thick hair surrounding such gorgeous white teeth made my knees buckle slightly – a feeling that was foreign to me. I couldn’t believe my tree-trunk like legs would wobble just because of some guy’s mustache – but then I remembered that Roman was on his way to becoming my ideal man and realized my reaction was justified. The smaller man just looked up at me with a face full of newly found pride – the guy was obviously happy with my response. I noticed a stirring in his gym shorts, as well. My impatience got the most of me and I quickly moved into action. “Well, sir, I’m doing arms today – so let’s hydrate ourselves and then get going.” “I brought my own vitamin water today – just to impress you, Jason.” “Um, that’s good. Let’s see what you’ve got. Yeah . . . that stuff is all right, but why don’t you let me add some special ingredients to it – a family secret that will help you grow. It’s helped me a lot.” “I’ll say.” It was my turn for my face to shoot a little red. I had no idea why Roman’s praise for my body embarrassed me, since I was certainly used to men complimenting my size and handsomeness, but I quickly figured out it had something to do with the person he was going to become. I was already anticipating the attitude, the body, and the experience that would someday match the testosterone-laden mustache that hung like a horseshoe on his face. “Are you sure you don’t want it for yourself, Jason?” “No, no, I brought it just for you, Roman. Wait, are you saying I need to get bigger?” “Well, there’s no such thing as too big, is there, Jason?” This time the smaller man’s face turned beet red. It was adorable – the guy was feeling comfortable enough to say what was on his mind, but then immediately regretted it afterwards. I was busy pouring the vial into his open container of vitamin water and too excited to respond immediately. I was extremely thankful that I had lucked into explaining the old family recipe for growing muscles – so I could now freely bring each vial to the gym. I smiled at the still red-faced Roman as I handed him the enhanced water. I was distracted for a second because I could not remember what the second vial was supposed to do to the man and I couldn’t make things too obvious by reading what was written on the side of the tube. I simply put the container back in my gym bag and decided to let it do its work naturally. I figured I would know what the vial’s power was pretty quickly anyway. My hard cock danced a little as I watched Roman down the entire bottle of water in a few gulps. “If this family secret made you look like that, Jason, then I’m not wasting my time sipping the stuff.” “Well . . . uh . . . no, you shouldn’t. Good for you, Roman. So . . . um . . . how are you feeling?” “Good, Jason, good. To tell you the truth, I’m feeling a little . . . um . . . I don’t know . . . uh, a little energized – already. Is that possible?” “Well, with that stuff you can never know. Listen, man, if you start to get . . . you know . . . a little, um, turned on . . . like you did the other day, don’t freak out. It’s just the stuff kicking in. There’s no need to leave this place. You can just go into the locker room and take care of things – okay?” “Okay . . . and as a matter of fact I think I might need to head back there right now. Geez, is this what that secret stuff does to everyone? I’ll be right back.” “Sure man, take as long as you need to calm down.” I spoke to Roman as he quickly walked away, but he didn’t hear me. He was focused on one thing and one thing only – making it to a bathroom stall before he shot a major wad. I could not believe how quickly his body responded to Aunt Hildie’s concoction. I took advantage of being alone and grabbed the vial from my bag – noting that it had ‘mature’ written along its side. My heart started racing and my dick twitched with jubilation as I contemplated what was going to happen to my friend in the next few hours. I couldn’t fathom how my aunt’s brew would enhance the already mature daddy-ness of Roman. My anticipation only increased, however, as I tried to focus on doing some curls to pass the time. Because of my distracted thoughts I became sloppy in my form and started swinging my arms a little too wildly. On my third set I heard a familiar voice – but quickly noted it was somehow different. “You might want to hold your arms more stable, Jason, to get the best results from those lifts.” I turned to look at Roman and I was startled by what I saw. His previous gray-flecked hair was now officially daddified – mostly silver with streaks of black here and there. It was the kind of head that immediately spoke of wisdom and experience. His gorgeous mustache was the same. I looked at my new friend’s face and was amazed by the changes I noticed. His skin seemed more masculine somehow – it was tighter and a little weather worn. It wasn’t ugly in any way – as a matter of fact it was a huge turn on. The wrinkles at the corner of his eyes were more prominent and the manly mustache seemed to stand out even more against newly tanned skin. It was the same face of the Roman of a few minutes ago, but it had somehow gained a maturity and ruggedness that didn’t exist before. My heart was beating hard and I found myself staring at the man – while still unconsciously lifting the weights up and down. “You’re not getting the maximum benefit from those lifts, Jason. You need to pay more attention to form.” “Um . . . what? I’m sorry . . . I didn’t hear . . . oh, the lifts . . . yeah, yeah, I know. I just wasn’t paying attention. Here, is this better?” “Yeah, much better. Now squeeze the flex at the top and hold it a little longer. It might be good to twist your wrist a little more, as well. Yeah, that’s it. Look at how those biceps pop when you do the lift correctly.” I was amazed at how Roman didn’t even notice he was easily giving me advice on lifting – something he hadn’t known much about a mere thirty minutes ago. Not only had the vial marked ‘mature’ made him look like an experienced daddy, it had also given him the knowledge and history of one, as well. My dick started throbbing even more from the excitement of how the vials were immediately affecting Roman. It was clear that his brain had merely adapted to his new knowledge as if he had lived this way all of his life. The mature man reached up and pinched his own nipple as he watched me lift. It was a simple move, but it was an action that spoke volumes. My muscled body turned Roman on very much and he didn’t think twice about enhancing how gazing at me affected him. He latched on to his man-nip poking against his shirt and gave himself more pleasure. He just assumed every man in the world would intensify his body’s gratification. I continued to lift, but became distracted by his actions. I began to swing the weights a little wildly again and my friend stepped up behind me. “Son, you’re not listening to me. Let me guide those big guns of yours.” As soon as I felt his smaller body press into my back and then his hand reach out and grab my forearm, I was a goner. My body shook like a child shivering in the snow and my cock started to ooze some pre-cum warnings. I could not believe that one word would make my brain turn to goo so quickly, but as soon as he called me ‘son’ I was teetering on the brink of offering the sweetest and biggest load of my semen to this man. Roman had not spoken in a condescending way – it wasn’t meant to put me in my place. It was merely a term of endearment – a way for an older experienced man to put a younger guy at ease. He had no idea how his comment affected me. He didn’t know that he could have asked me to turn around and suck him off right then and there and I would have gladly done it. I was lost in his innate manliness. I inhaled deeply as soon as he touched me and I could have sworn even his aroma had changed to equal his new found maturity – now a mixture of sweat, intoxicating older man cologne, and something that could only be described as confidence. His hand guided my arm perfectly and I felt my body respond to him like a baby being held lovingly by his father. Roman had his face near mine and the bristles of his mustache scraped against my shoulder as he watched my movements. This caused my dickhead to spit out a few more gobs of pre-cum in adulation of the man. I leaned back a little so I could feel the warm body of Roman pressing into mine. I could sense that the man understood what I was doing – and his release of a slight chuckle confirmed my hunch. “It looks like I’m not the only one that needs to step into the locker room, huh, Jason? No need to be shy about it, son. It’s just what happens sometimes when you’re pumping blood into those big muscles of yours – other things pump up joyfully, as well. The third stall on the right already has some fresh stains all over the wall, so feel free to use that one. I couldn’t control myself earlier and ended up releasing some Pollock-like artwork across the cement. You could just add a load of your spunk to what I started. I bet we could make beautiful artwork together, son.” The freedom to pinch his own nipple was nothing compared to the new way that Roman thought and talked. His comfortableness with his own body and his own masculinity was so obvious that I became speechless. Aunt Hildie’s concoction had truly given him a maturity that was unfathomable. The man now radiated calmness, understanding, and self-awareness that was so obvious it made him seem light-years ahead of any guy I had ever met. I moved my arm in the way he guided me and I could actually feel a new kind of burning in my biceps. I was a muscle monster compared to Roman, but the new knowledge in the little guy was actually helping me to lift smarter. I knew it would be safer if I excused myself to the back and took care of my raging hard-on, but I didn’t want to leave the invigorating closeness I presently felt with the man. Compared to me Roman was a runt, but he now exuded a maturity that turned him into some kind of master and I felt small and weak next to him. I craved his approval and concentrated on my curls more than I ever had in my entire lifting career. The big man began to purr compliments in my ear. “Yeah, that’s it big boy – feel how that lift is making that biceps pulse out even further. You’re making old Roman, here, very proud. I bet if you pumped smarter for a few weeks we could get that gun an inch thicker without any problem. I can tell you like the sound of that – getting that huge body of yours even bigger. Stick with me, kid, and we’ll make you like a god on Olympus.” The insane new pump I was attaining with Roman’s guidance along with the stimulation caused by his ‘stache brushing against my body and his manly aura flowing over me sent me beyond a point of no return. I simply lost control of myself and exploded in my cotton shorts. My cock started thrusting thick cum as my body shook violently. I, however, did not stop curling the weights. My need to make Roman proud caused me to actually allow the lifting to make my orgasm more intense. I squeezed the lift at the top with so much force that part of the ejaculation was a long constant stream instead of a short projection. It actually felt more like I was peeing instead of cumming, but I knew better – it was just my response to Roman. I didn’t even need to look down to see that my shorts had become soaked in hot lava-like thick paste. I also didn’t care. I had a feeling the man pressing his body into mine from behind liked how I offered my juice in appreciation of his guidance. The smaller Roman accepted my uncontrollable actions as a given – and spoke lovingly so I wouldn’t be embarrassed. “Yeah, that’s a good boy, Jason. Look at all that spunk you pumped out just because you’re excited about growing. Big muscle boys like you just have too much juice bubbling up inside their bodies to prevent these kind of accidents. There’s nothing to be ashamed about, son. You needed to let off some steam because you love your big body so much. Feeling those biceps bulging out harder than before was just too thrilling. The big man’s cock has a mind of its own, doesn’t it? Your shocked those big balls of yours are still churning out some more jism, aren’t you. Hell, son, you’re going to start busting thick wads like this all the time, now that you’ve got an elder coach to take you to the next level. I know tricks that will make your muscles grow and your cock spew in new and exciting ways. It’s such a good thing that you’re still open to learning new things, Jason. Mr. Roman was very proud of you for continuing your curls even as your cock spewed with such force. That’s going to help you to grow big – using the tension of an orgasm to pump your muscles even harder. Yeah, you’re a very good boy.” “Thank you, sir.” I responded in a whisper and with a feeling of obedience equal to a schoolboy in first grade. I felt no shame from my accident or from the fact that my cum was now causing the bench to become sticky and wet. It had been a natural response, just as Roman had said, and I felt safe to accept it as part of my muscle journey. The reassurance from the mature man behind me helped me to go easy on myself, as well. I knew if Roman was okay with something - I was okay with it, too. I started to view his maturity as having been there forever. The shy newbie of an hour ago was almost completely gone from my memory. I had already started to think about the next vial and this was causing my deflated cock to become hard again. Roman took the weights from my hands and I noticed he had to use both of his to carry what I had easily lifted with just one of my big paws. “I think you might want to get cleaned up, Jason. You’ve worked hard today and I think we got a good pump in those biceps. Why don’t you head home because I think you’re going to be ready to shoot off like a rocket again very soon. The hot blood racing through your growing body is going to need a way to release some pressure again in about ten minutes. It’s just what happens to big guys like you. I don’t want you to be dripping your juice all through the gym when that happens, son. That’s not considerate of the other patrons. I’m going to finish my own work out and then I’ll see you here at the same time tomorrow. Does that sound good?” “Yes sir.” Roman seemed pleased by my response and he reached up to tousle my hair. This action caused my cock to shoot fully hard and I swear I came close to shooting off again. The fact that the shy insecure Roman no longer existed was still unbelievable. The mature man that stood in front of me was so comfortable with himself that he made me feel secure and somehow more powerful than ever before. I felt an unexplainable respect for Roman that existed in every fiber of my being. The smaller man didn’t demand this from me – he simply deserved it. I needed to make him notice me, to be proud of me, and to love me. Even though I hadn’t taken any of Aunt Hildie’s magic liquid I knew this was definitely connected to what was in the vials. As Roman changed, so did I. I had absolutely no idea how the remaining vials would impact our relationship, but I suddenly became very impatient. I wanted the muscle daddy of my dreams to be complete. I thought about dumping all the vials into Roman’s water at one time. The mature man clearly didn’t know what I was thinking, but he sensed it was something wrong. “Go home, boy. You’re going to need some rest before we start ‘operation grow Jason.’ You’re also going to need to bust a wad soon over the pump you attained in those huge arms. I guarantee it. You don’t realize it now, but you powered those things harder than you have in a long time. As soon as you flex those guns in the mirror your cock is going to be like a fire hose let loose with no husky firemen to hold it down. You’ll probably want to be home for that explosion.” I simply nodded – fully aware of everything the knowledgeable older man was saying to me. I did not want to be separated from him for twenty-four hours, but I figured my body needed that time to rejuvenate and prepare for what was to come. I began to look forward to the third vial’s transformation more than life itself. Vial Three I thought about Roman for twenty-four hours straight. No matter what I did to try and get the guy out of my head it didn’t work. I watched television and thought about him, I took cold showers and remained hard from thinking about him, and I even dreamed about the guy as I slept that night. I jerked off a record four times during the evening – torn between the memory of the mustached mature man giving me advice and the fact that my body actually ached from growth caused by his papa-like encouraging words. I had never known I could desire a guy so much. My cock yearned for the finished product, which I was building in the older man. I seriously contemplated mixing the remaining vials together and giving them to Roman all at one time. I remembered, however, the warning of Aunt Hildie and the stern unspoken discouragement by Roman. It was like he knew what I was thinking, which was crazy since he didn’t even know about the concoction I was giving him in the mineral water. The man just seemed so much more knowledgeable than anyone I had ever met – that is, ever since he drank the second vial. That next morning, I jerked off a full load and then I made a list of the remaining vials, to put it in my gym bag so I could easily remember what each dose did. The remaining dosages include: As big as me or bigger Cocky Cute or handsome Cultured Loving I was so fucking excited about the next vial that I arrived at the gym early. I sat in my car and jerked off again, since I was so juiced up thinking about Roman getting big. I used an old towel to clean myself off and then finally entered the gym a few minutes before the appointed time. To my surprise, Roman was already there and working out in the big boys weight area. This had been the part of the gym the guy had been sheepish around and all but avoided the day I met him, but here he was lifting some light weights proudly surrounded by huge men hoisting a crap load more than he could ever dream of pushing into the air. The mature daddy didn’t care. He was in his own little zone and moving the weights around like a pro. His form was impeccable and the guy lifted like he had been doing it all of his life. His mustache seemed even sexier than the day before and I could have sworn that it was thicker and even more silvery peppered. The handsome face of the man from yesterday was still there and he even seemed to have gotten better looking – or was it just my imagination. I caught his eye in the mirror as I walked up. “Hey, son. I needed to begin before you got here because the weights were just screaming out to me. It’s like all I can think about now is pushing around some metal myself and getting you bigger than you are now. I’m not sure which one thrills me the most. When you lift correctly, boy, the burn and the after-effects are so rewarding that it makes you want to do it forever. I went home yesterday and could only think about getting back here to toss some dumbbells around and to watch you get bigger. I think I’m a little obsessed, Jason.” “I think I know exactly how you feel, sir. I kind of thought about only one thing last night, too. Might I offer you some of my family enhanced water?” “Hell yeah, son, I’ve been looking forward to the explosion that stuff causes all morning.” I watched him down the entire bottle of water in two gulps and all I could think about was the fact the concoction was going to make him my size or bigger. My cock started getting hard, just contemplating looking at a super-sized Roman. He was going to have the mustache, the muscles, and the maturity of a true muscle daddy. It was a trinity of m’s that I liked most in life. I could tell the older man was sitting there waiting for his usual immediate response to the water – like had happened the other two times he drank the stuff. But to his surprise, and mine, nothing happened. We stared at each other for a few seconds and I forced myself to not look at his crotch to see if he was getting super hard. “You need to go to the locker room, Roman? “No.” “You feel okay?” “I feel fine. Wow, maybe my body is getting used to your enhanced water. Usually by this time I am decorating the inside of a stall with enough of my hot cum to cover all four walls. I’m not complaining, mind you, it’s just a little surprising. How do I look, Jason?” “As fucking great as you did yesterday, sir.” “That’s kind of you to say, son. Very kind. So, shall we start our work on chest today? We need to get those humongous puppies of yours even larger, Jason.” “Yes sir.” “I want to show you a couple of things that will really heighten the pump to your pectoral muscles – emphasizing the lift of all that muscle. I think you’ll be impressed and pretty sore for a few days.” As promised, Roman did put me through some intense lifting. I could feel the burn in my chest immediately and I knew I was pushing the weight smarter than I had in a long time. I had never even thought for a second that I had gotten sloppy in my routine, but the improvements the older man was making to my workout was making it very clear that I still had a lot to learn. It was bizarre to watch Roman guide me in movements that would have been totally foreign to him just two days earlier. I had to keep reminding myself that he had not been this confident knowledgeable silver-haired dreamboat for a long time. It also became very clear that his new awareness of things reached way beyond just lifting. “So, those big nipples are probably feeling more sensitive than you’ve ever thought they could, huh Jason?” “Um . . . yes sir. How did you know?” “It’s because that’s the exact area we focused on with these last two moves. Mine are so tender that every time my t-shirt rubs against them a shot of excitement zooms through my body.” “It’s the same for me, sir. It’s also causing a big problem below my belt, too.” “You think anyone here hasn’t noticed, son? You’ve been sporting that loaded cannon for about an hour. That’s how I knew the workout was treating you right. I promise you the thrill of a lifetime if you go home and tease those hard nubs for a few minutes. You won’t be able to hold back for very long, boy. I guarantee it. I plan on pinching mine so hard that I’ll blast a big wad to the ceiling of my bedroom. It’s even more spectacular if you rub an ice cube over them before you latch onto them, son. Just thought I’d give you a little extra punch to your orgasm.” “Um . . . thank you, sir. I’ll try that.” “Okay, big guy, that’s it for today. I’m starting to feel a slight tingling in my balls and I think it’s a little preview of something big that’s headed my way. Mid-way through our lifting the weights suddenly got very light for me. I think my body is about to change and I want to be home so I can watch it closely. You get home, too, son and take care of that big thing between your legs. I have a funny feeling there’s going to be some differences come this time tomorrow – and I think we’re both going to like them a lot. Have fun with that chest, Jason.” “I will sir. Are you sure you don’t need me to come with you and help in any way?” “Naw, boy, I think this is something old Roman wants to experience alone. I’ll have time enough to show off tomorrow when we meet for our lifting. Thanks for the offer, though. I’ll see you here.” “Have a great night, sir.” “I plan on it, boy, I plan on it.” As Roman walked away I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. I still wasn’t sure if Roman’s tingling feelings were a pre-cursor to a change to his body or not, but I hoped to hell they were. It would have been awesome if the change had taken place at the gym, but I also knew, for decency’s sake, it would be better if he were at home. **** I, again, thought about the man all night long – especially each time I felt the pain in my chest. The older man had worked me hard. I took his advice and iced my nipples before I squeezed the hell out of them and shot a huge wad of cum into the air. I got to the gym the next day right on time – eager to see if Roman had changed. I walked into the place and was immediately met with some surprises. No one was at the front counter, there weren’t people all over the space at different stations like usual, and there were cheers coming from a group of people gathered in the free weight section of the big man’s area. I could see that people were gathered around a bench and there was some activity that had everyone’s attention. I pushed my way through the crowd and stopped in my tracks when I got to the front. Everyone was watching one of the huge guys from the gym – a big boy bodybuilder name Jaime – being easily bench-pressed into the air by an even larger dude. The larger man’s form was incredible. The crowd was counting the lifts, now at sixty-two, and showing their appreciation as the over three hundred and fifty pound guy soared up and down so smoothly. That’s when I noticed who was doing the lifting. “Oh my god!” I spoke out loud and Roman turned his now strongly muscled, mustached face towards me, as he lay on the bench. The smile that crept across his face made my knees wobble uncontrollably. The heavy salt and peppered fur surrounding his mouth seemed to glisten in an otherworldly way – his eyes sparkled like he was some beautiful husky Santa Claus. And then there was his furry, grandpa-aged, huge body that glistened with a manly sheen of perspiration. The guy was wearing only a pair of skin-tight cotton briefs – breaking the dress code of the gym - but no one seemed to care. He wasn’t even wearing shoes or socks, his feet obviously three times the size from yesterday. “Hey Jason, how’s it going, man. Jaime agreed to help me warm up today and everyone decided they wanted to watch. I had the best night and morning of my entire life.” To say that the man’s new voice made my balls instantly ache with lust was an understatement. I actually could feel many of the guys standing around me slightly moan in pleasure as the low masculine timbre of Roman’s words penetrated their body. I was not the only guy being turned on by this big muscle daddy’s new thunder rumbling speech. The sound that reverberated in the room was surely the way that mortals had imagined Zeus might speak as he boomed his words form Mount Olympus. I lost focus as Roman conversed briefly with me – my balls vibrating powerfully like I was riding a huge Harley. It was only the sight of my friend’s newly massive arms lifting a huge bodybuilder up and down that brought me back to the reality of what was going on. “I’m beginning to think there’s more to your family’s vitamin water than you’ve been telling me, Jason.” The crowd called out one hundred and Roman brought his arms to the side and set Jaime on his feet. The big bodybuilder looked a little unsteady; obviously he had gotten a little dizzy from the constant up and down motion. Roman kept one of his big hands on the guy’s thigh to help steady him as he got used to being on the floor again. That’s also when my newly huge friend sat up and I gasped so loud that he chuckled at my response. The first thing I noticed was a field of gray hair across the giant expanse that was his chest. The two slabs of beef were so massive and so beautifully hairy that I nearly blacked out. Roman, the elder geek from just a few days ago, was now bigger than me. I noticed right away that the guy wasn’t cut like me or even ripped like some heavyweight bodybuilder, but he was just damn thick – and thick as hell. His muscles bulged in that ‘I can lift a fucking truck’ kind of way instead of that ‘watch me flex’ showman style. Roman now looked like a bull – a bear – a strongman competitor – and a bulging tank all rolled into one. The combination of the guy’s booming voice and the sight of pectoral muscles that each seemed to be as wide as refrigerators was too much for my cock – it shot fully hard in three seconds, causing me to become even more light-headed than before. “Okay, good people, that’s it for today. My friend Jason and I need to work out now. I need to grow this guy’s body even more. Thanks for counting for me. I can see that I don’t need to explain the changes, huh, Jason? Your reaction makes it pretty clear you noticed I’ve kind of grown.” We were now standing there by ourselves. The crowd had dispersed, although clearly disappointed the show was over. I simply continued to stare at the mustached elder Adonis in front of me. The man was simply thick and huge all over. His thighs were pressing against his cotton shorts so hard that I expected the material to explode at any second. His stomach wasn’t ridged like mine, but it was so much more thickly masculine looking that I seriously contemplated switching to the powerlifting look myself. And god, the way his beefy man-tits and bulging arms just ballooned out with so much muscle, it made my mouth start to water and my heartbeat race ten times faster. Hard, hairy meat hung off his body everywhere and made him look like a super-morphed version of his previous self. “Aren’t you going to say something, Jason?” “Um . . . what . . . what was it like?” “The change? It was painful, thrilling, and mega sexually charged all at the same time. It lasted about an hour. I dropped to my hands and knees like some kind of werewolf – right in the middle of my living room – and cried out the entire time. I could hear my voice changing as my body swelled – getting deeper and so masculine that it turned me on even more. I loved watching my chest and arms grow the most. My pecs started to swell up like they were hot air balloons being filled for a morning ride. The feeling was so intense – painful as hell, yes - but so intoxicatingly thrilling that I all but forgot about how much it hurt. Watching my biceps pulse out thicker and thicker is what made my growing cock finally spew like crazy. My arms were so puny before, boy, and look what they became. I now have guns so huge that I can no longer rest my forearms against my sides. And my supersized lats don’t help too much, either, but look at those beautiful things, Jason. I never dreamed what being this big would feel like – it’s unexplainable.” “You are magnificent, Roman.” In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined a more beautiful specimen of man that Aunt Hildie’s concoction had created. The elder muscleman sitting before me was something only seen in comic books – a giant colonel-like gramps with a body the size of four younger men put together. It was also the kind of build that dreams are made of – huge thick muscles that just protruded everywhere. He looked like someone had made him angry and he ballooned into a non-green Hulk. Traps bulged, lats stuck out with major mass, shoulders popped out wide, arms hung like sides of beef, and heavy looking pecs rested on a hard dense midsection. His abs looked like someone had stacked a bunch of logs on top of each other. Roman’s muscles were simply profuse beyond belief - everywhere! Quads that swelled so much they almost looked like two short musclemen’s bodies all by themselves forced his legs to spread far apart. Sitting there, the new senior muscle stud looked unreal – like a photograph that has been photo-shopped to death. It was difficult for me to believe and even harder for me to admit, but Roman was definitely now bigger than me. He clearly outweighed me by a few pounds and his hulking mass was definitely taller and freakishly thicker than my big body. It was such a surreal moment – realizing that my dream man was being formed right in front of me over what was just a few days. I glanced at the mature face, the gorgeous mustache, and then back at the huge body – realizing that all my secret desires were slowly turning into reality. “Don’t think this added muscle means I’m not still wildly interested in growing you, son. We’re going to shape you into something perfect, Jason. This new big body just means that I will be able to work you even harder, man. I’ll also be able to keep up with you.” “What . . . sir? I wasn’t paying attention, I’m sorry. Something huge was distracting me.” “It doesn’t matter, son, just know that I’m still here to help you grow bigger. Now, do you have something for me to drink today? I’m really looking forward to whatever you have planned, although I don’t see how you could ever top what you gifted me with overnight. I now understand why yesterday’s drink didn’t affect me right away. My body needed some time to prepare for such huge changes. It was like some pumped up version of An American Werewolf in London in my place last night. I’m sure people in the neighborhood thought I was murdering someone – because of the beast-like moaning. So, how about that drink?” “Um . . . yes sir.” I handed him the bottle of water with the pre-mixed contents from the vial. I knew what this dose would do to the guy and it made my cock jump with anticipation. I couldn’t even begin to think about Roman having the attitude to match his muscles. He had already taken on some of the characteristics of a muscle daddy – mainly because of the stache, his maturity, and his size – but I knew a huge dose of cockiness was going to make him even more my ideal man. I watch as he swallowed the entire contents of the water bottle in one long gulp. I also noticed that the guy suddenly stood up straighter than he had been just seconds before. His shoulders seemed wider in some way and I could have sworn his humongous chest poked out even further. I suddenly realized that this vial had worked instantly. I gathered that since Roman’s body was now massive and thick the vials didn’t cause him to go into orgasm overload as before – and the change would happen with little interruption to what he was doing. The big man’s eyes seemed to become all knowing and a telling smile crept across his face. My massive dick started to harden as I watched this man begin to realize the totality of his potential. For the first time, Roman was becoming fully aware of his new manliness. The guy was beginning to feel every huge muscle of his body – in complete detail. “You okay, there, Roman?” “If I were any better, little man, I’d be fucking myself. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. Hell, I haven’t ever felt this good. Damn, son, I may have to find a bull to fuck. All this muscle is making me hornier than a battleship full of sex-deprived sailors. You ever see anything like this body, Jason?” “Uh, no sir.” “That’s what I thought, boy. Just look at all my fucking thickness! Shit, I’m so big I look like a skin covered Hummer. Oh fuck, J-man, look how my cock is filling out these cotton shorts as it grows. It makes your mouth water, doesn’t it?” “Yes . . . sir.” “Hell, it makes my mouth water, too, son. I gotta lift something heavy, man, or I’m going to blow a hole in these shorts from blasting off a heavy load. Gotta work out some steam, J-man. Slap three big plates on that end of the bar. Gonna need to press 600 for starters. Shit, I might not make it through this work out. My cock wants to rip through this flimsy material and be free to grow so big it would blow you mind, man. Your old friend here is feeling pretty powerful and has the monster cock to prove it.” I couldn’t move for a few seconds. The change in Roman’s demeanor was instantaneous. Within two days the guy had gone from a skinny-assed elder dweeb to this behemoth, but the most incredible part of the transformation for me was what had just happened – the birth of the muscle daddy’s cockiness. Hearing the ‘stached giant talk about his own body and, especially, his hardening dick was almost too much. It’s incredible to see a huge man with bulging muscles, but it’s much more impressive and a bigger thrill to hear that same guy talk about his body. I loved hearing him acknowledge his own muscled torso, so it increased the pleasure watching Roman get off on his transformed frame. Seeing Roman tense his arms and chest while staring at himself was such an intense sight that I almost missed what the older man had told me to do. It wasn’t until I saw Roman adding some big weights to the end of the bar that I realized I should be doing the same thing on the other side. “You ever think you’d get your old man this fucking huge, Jason?” “Um . . . no sir.” “Yeah, you love this massive body, don’t you? I’ve grown so thick that you can’t remember what I used to look like, can you? You wanted a big hulking daddy, didn’t you J-man.” “Uh . . . yes sir.” “Old Roman loves how his big body has made you a man of few words, boy. I know you want to see what kind of power this huge body can produce – yeah, it’s written all across your face. Shit, boy, turning you into a muscle monster is going to be easy now that you have my body as inspiration. You want to be huge and thick like this old man, don’t you?” “God, yes.” The huge elder muscleman was now leaning over and resting his thick forearms across the bar. His shoulders popped out on either side like matching mountains – the guy being almost wide enough that his biceps touched the weights on either side. I was mesmerized by the man’s beauty and his size. It was too much for my aching cock and I would have certainly spewed if we had not been in a public place. As it was, big drops of pre-cum were seeping out of my dick slit and causing my fat tip to be slicked up real good. I was in total daddy-worshipping bliss. It was clear that Roman knew exactly what I was feeling and he didn’t care if I exploded or not. I even think he enjoyed watching me struggle to keep my composure. There was a glimmer in his eye that had not existed a mere ten minutes before. The guy seemed more aware of everything now – his huge body, the intense reaction his muscles caused in other people, how I basically now worshipped the ground he walked on, and everything else. It also seemed like he expected this kind of response. It was clear that he felt completely natural being this new giant size – as if he had been this way all of his life. He was staring at me with such intensity that I became a little self-conscious and looked down at the ground. “Do I intimidate you, pup?” “Um . . . kind of, sir.” “That’s a good thing, son. I need you a little scared of me if we’re going to grow you big. I need you to want to follow every fucking thing I say to the nth degree. I want you to have a desire so strong inside that it makes you weak at the knees – that’s the kind of devotion that’s going to help you become everything you’ve ever secretly dreamed of - and more. You want to make me proud, don’t you, son?” “Yes, sir.” “There’s not a trophy or award that could come close to making you as happy or proud as a few affirming words from me would, now is there?” “No, sir.” “And a hug from old Roman would send you into orgasmic heaven, wouldn’t it.” “Oh fucking hell yes . . . sir.” “Well son, know that I only show that kind of affection to pups that work hard – real hard. You’ll make this daddy happy by getting bigger. And if you get big enough – I might give you the hug of your lifetime. You got that, son?” “Yes, sir.” “Now watch this massive old man crank out ten with this six-hundred and then you do the same.” “But I’ve never…” “Did I sound like I was giving you an option, boy?” “Um . . . no, sir.” “I know what you’re capable of, Jason. I won’t ask for too much, but I will ask for all that you can give. I’m going to make you sore, son. It’s going to hurt more than it ever has before, but that’s how we know it’s working. You trust me, don’t you?” “More than anyone, sir.” “That’s good son, real good. Let this muscle daddy lead you to greatness.” I watched as the humongous body of Roman slid onto the bench and then the two monstrous arms reached up, lifted the bar off the rack, and then pumped out the smoothest ten repetitions I’d ever seen – with six hundred pounds! I was flabbergasted. This was the small man from just a few days ago – the timid guy so new to the gym. I realized I was going to have to buy my aunt Hildie the best Christmas present ever – for helping me to create the perfect man. Roman slid off the bench and then looked at me. I saw in his eyes the order to follow his lead. I started to get nervous, but then I felt his hand come up and press against my back in a way that gave me some newfound confidence. I have no idea what it was – it could have simply been being touched by the man of my dreams, but I had a feeling it was more. I slid onto the bench and grabbed hold of the bar. I lifted the heavy thing and then cranked out eight presses without any problem – something that caught me totally off guard. I then began to struggle with the final two, but the elder muscleman was right here to help me. “You’ve got this, superboy. It’s no problem for you. Your daddy says that you can’t wimp out now. I want to see those two final presses right now. Make those weights do your will, son – your will. I’m here for you. You’ll make me prouder than shit if you pump out those last two by yourself.” Hearing the encouraging deep masculine voice of Roman helped me to connect with some untapped strength. My arms wobbled a little, but I raised and lowered the heavy bar two more times and then put it back in its resting place. I felt the pump in my chest, arms, and shoulders more than I ever had in my entire life. I looked up to see the smiling face of my elder mentor and I almost burst into tears. I became choked up because of the pleased look in his eyes. I was caught off guard by my reaction – so incredibly happy that I had made the older man proud. I had watched Roman become the muscled daddy standing in front of me and I was ready for his changes, but I had no idea how the change would affect me. I was not prepared for how I would transform along with the big man. My desire to please him was something similar to how a high school jock wants to please his macho coach – especially when that student has a secret crush on his mentor. I could see the pride in the big man’s face. His entire attitude told me that I had done well – and that made me want to please him more. It also made my cock want to shoot off like a rocket. I slid off the bench and watched as the massive guy cranked out ten more reps like it was nothing. I knew before I even lay down on the bench that I would pump out ten more reps - even if it killed me. I wanted to see that look in the mustached daddy’s face again. It took all my concentration and every ounce of my strength, but I pushed my body like a pro – getting to ten with arms shaking terribly on the last three. Roman had to help me a little on the last lift, but it didn’t matter since it had mostly been me. “Look at how your pecs pop, boy. They look like two massive barrels – bulging out with so much muscle. You made your muscle daddy proud, son. Watching you pump out reps with more weight than you’ve ever benched before was enough to make me harder than granite. You almost gained a hug from this here daddy, boy. That’s how hard I could tell you were working. I’m proud son, mighty proud.” “Thank you, sir.” “Feeling it, J-man?” “My chest hurts like hell already, sir.” “That’s good, really good. I’m whipping you into a real man, Jason. Stick with me kid and you’ll be the biggest fucker on any stage you step out on. Want me to grow you more, son?” “Hell yes, sir.” “Yeah, boy, that’s the right answer. I’m going to put you through a little more abuse on that chest and then we’re going to call it a day. I need to go find something humongous to fuck this evening.” “Um . . . I’m . . . I mean . . . I am available, sir.” “Naw, boy, I can’t pound your ass yet for a couple of reasons. First of all, you’re going to be so sore in about an hour that you’re not going to want to move. Those arms of yours aren’t going to be able to budge an inch and that torso is going to be in so much pain you’ll be cursing my name. Secondly, I’ve got a feeling I have a few more bottles of your family’s secret formula before I’m totally changed, right? I saw a list in your bag a few minutes ago and it looks like there are some adjustments yet to come. Am I right, son?” “Yes, sir. There are three more vials . . . I mean, bottles of my family’s secret liquid.” “Hell yeah, then. I think we should wait for a while before we consummate this budding relationship. I have a feeling that you’re somehow the mastermind behind my changes and I want to make sure I’m the finished model before you get to test drive my body. I got a funny feeling that the first few times I fuck something with these huge new muscles I’m not going to be too gentle. I might even need to start with some inanimate objects or some beast-like animal – like a bull or rhino. It might be the only thing that could live through a pounding from me. Yeah, boy, I can see that thought turns you on. Okay, son, it’s time to work on those mega-pecs of yours. Let’s make those puppies bulge out a lot more by this time tomorrow. You ready to do what this muscle daddy says.” “Yes sir.” And with that simple order Roman took me through about two more hours of the most rigorous workout of my entire life. I was like a soggy noodle by the end of our time together. My body was visibly shaking from the exertion. Roman, on the other hand, was like some enthusiastic college kid about to hit the town for his first night of parent-free partying. The guy was so pumped that his muscles seemed even bigger than when we started. His cotton shorts were stretched closer to the ripping point than they had been just two hours before. The guy had more energy than ever and, yet, I was worn out. I could feel the aches beginning already and I knew that I would need to soak in a hot bath within an hour. Roman was standing in front of me, his thick muscles gleaming because of a slight dusting of sweat. He could tell I was in pain. He reached up with his huge hands and grabbed hold of my giant chest – squeezing hard and making me want to immediately fall down on my knees in protest. The pain was incredible. He began kneading the monstrous meat in his hands and I screamed out loud. “Yeah, J-man, that chest is already hurting something awful, isn’t it. That’s a good sign. Let your old muscleman work those puppies a little – it will help with the pain. You did some great lifting today, son. You made your daddy very proud. Now get on home, boy, before you’re too sore to move. I’ll see you here tomorrow at the same time. It might take you a lot longer to get ready tomorrow, son, because you are going to hurt like hell. Remain faithful, though, and come in to meet me. We need to stay on track for getting you sloppy big. There’s a lot we can do in the coming weeks to guarantee your success. I’m here to make you huge, Jason, and I’m not stopping until we’re successful. Now skedaddle, boy.” “Yes sir.” I watched the big man lumber away like some huge bear – a big bear clearly in heat. His beauty and size overwhelmed me. I felt my body tightening up even more, so I gathered my stuff and left – without even taking time in the dressing room. When I got home I soaked in the bathtub for a long time and was so sore when I finished that I had to crawl to my bed. The only part of my body that didn’t seem to be affected by my tiring workout with Roman was my perpetual hard-as-hell cock that gave away my lustful thoughts about the big man. I fell asleep instantly and dreamt of the huge older man that now controlled even my sleeping thoughts. I couldn’t wait to see how the remaining vials would change the guy that was already the man of my dreams. ***** Vial 5 I was so sore the next day I could barely move without crying out in pain. Only thoughts of muscle daddy Roman empowered me to get out of bed, get dressed, and drive to the gym. Each step I took and every time I moved any part of my body I felt a stiffness and soreness that was completely foreign to me. Roman had taught me so many new ways to isolate muscles when working out that it was like I was doing it for the first time – and I was a freaking pro-bodybuilder. My body may have been muscled and powerful, but that morning I felt like a big wimp. I was surprised to see that Roman had not arrived at the place before me, as he had before. I sat in the middle of the weight area and tried to remain still – so nothing would hurt. Some commotion at the front desk caught my attention. I heard Roman’s deep masculine voice before I even saw him and my entire body snapped to attention, especially my cock. When I glanced in the mirrors I saw Roman entering the gym with the bodies of two huge bodybuilders slung over his shoulders. I could tell that both men were unconscious. The big guy was strutting across the floor like he was some huge hunter that was wearing the fur of bears he had recently killed - and he also had one of the biggest stogies I’d ever seen sticking out from between his teeth. He was puffing away with no concern about the ‘no smoking’ policy of the gym, and no one dared to tell him he was wrong. The room immediately filled with the aroma of the cigar – a smell that made my cock shoot even harder. Roman looked at anyone he passed and did the jock thing where he tilted his chin into the air to acknowledge the lesser beings – not saying a word but smiling at the other patrons as their mouths dropped open wide in astonishment. Roman saw it as gift that he acknowledged anyone and everyone else seemed to view it in the same way. The big man noticed me sitting in the middle of the room and headed straight in my direction. “J-boy, how’s the fucking body feeling today?” “Sore as hell, sir.” “Just like the ass of each of these men, son. I rounded them up yesterday as I was trolling the locker room. They were practically drooling as they watched me shower and it was obvious they wanted to see what some time with a real man would feel like. I kept them up all night as I plowed them over and over, not even stopping when they begged for sleep. They just couldn’t keep up with all this muscle power, boy. Old Roman had more stamina than both of these big fuckers put together. I’m not sure they’ll wake up for our entire time in the gym. I haven’t slept a bit, but I still feel fucking great, son. I’m going to put you through a hell of a workout again today. I’m juiced up on adrenaline like you wouldn’t believe. All that fucking didn’t tire me at all. I’m mighty proud of you for getting your hurting ass to the gym today, son. It shows me that you’re serious about growing. I have a funny feeling that you also dragged your sore self here to see what the next round of your family water will accomplish, didn’t you?” “Um . . . yes . . . yes, sir.” “No need to be embarrassed, boy! I know you like all the changes happening to this old man almost as much as I do. Today, I’m dressed a little more appropriate for the gym because as soon as we got to my place last night I challenged these two guys to a wrestling match - with their clothes being the prize. You can see it’s pretty clear who won. It’s a good thing both of them had some posers to wear today. I dressed their unconscious bodies before we came. I didn’t take either of those skimpy things because the tiny material couldn’t come close to covering up all my massive junk – hell, I don’t think it could even cover just one of my mammoth balls. These shorts can barely contain my monster cock, J-boy. Hell, I’m even stretching this triple large tank so much it practically looks like a man-bra. I think I could rip the thing in two with just one large inhale. We might wait and do that as a little post-workout gift to the guys in the gym – you’d like that wouldn’t you, son?” “Yes sir.” “Um, excuse me, um, sir. You can’t . . . you aren’t allowed . . . there’s no smoking in here.” Roman turned to look down at the nervous gym worker standing behind him, the cigar hanging out of his mouth as big as a small log. The huge man used his teeth and lips to make the thing spin a little in his mouth and then puffed a huge could of smoke down towards the little guy. I heard a soft guttural sound turn into a loud growl as Roman obviously thought about how he was going to react to the order from this dweebish man. For a few seconds I was nervous for the smaller guy, but then Roman merely shrugged the two heavy unconscious men off his broad shoulders and quickly lifted his forearms to catch their falling bodies. He then placed both guys side by side on a bench across from me. The muscle daddy then turned back to the worker, pulled the cigar out of his mouth and crushed the lit end into his other open palm. The sound of fire being extinguished hissed throughout the room. The small guy’s eyes grew extra wide and I could see he was actually shaking in fear. Roman took the cigar and crushed it in his hand. He then took the smashed remains, pulled the front of the workers gym shorts slightly out and dropped the mess inside, making sure to press his open palm into the guy’s crotch so cigar could warm his hard dick. The small guy did nothing to protest the big man’s actions. He just mouthed the words ‘thank you’ and walked away. Roman turned back to me. “That’s a pretty hot ashtray, don’t you think? It’s legs today, pup. You think you can handle it?” “Yes sir.” “Yeah, that’s a good boy. I can already sense what you’re going to look like when your muscles start to pop out even bigger, son. You’re making this old man really proud. Time for squats after you warm up. I jogged over here from my house with both of these sleeping beauties flopping around on my shoulders – so I’m good and pumped for our workout. I’ll load the rack for you. We can work out side by side – I’ll use the two guys as my weights. It won’t be enough, but I can pretend. Using them as makeshift barbells should be fun and I’ll bet it will turn you on in a powerful way.” He was spot on, knowing that I was going to get to watch the huge muscle daddy dipping low with two large and mostly nude bodybuilders draped across his expansive shoulders got me fully hard in an instant. I even forgot about the excruciating pain that was shooting through my body any time I moved. I stared at Roman as he loaded the squat machine with enough weight to cave in the roof of a car, but I didn’t care. I was ready to do anything my mentor told me to. I knew he wouldn’t ask for anything I couldn’t do. I loved how the flimsy tank top was stretched to all hell across his body. I kept hearing parts of the material tearing as he moved. I had a feeling none of it would be left by the time we finished for the day. “Now J-boy remember to bring that ass of yours down low and get a good pump even as you come down. Watch the knees, too, son. We want to get those glutes as big and strong as possible – so they give my cock as much resistance as possible later on. Yeah, I can see the idea of my hefty pole battling your tight hole gets you excited, boy. Look at that bulge I’ve caused in your shorts – that’s a beautiful thank you to your daddy. Maybe we can cause a big old wet stain today, too. Speaking of wet things, how about my bottle of water, Jason? Did you bring something special for old Roman?” “Um, yes sir. I almost forgot.” I grabbed the bottle of water from my bag, noticing the pain in my arms and shoulders as I reached down. I also glanced at the list of changes as I pulled the container out. This vial was going to make him more handsome. That thought was almost too much for my cock to handle and I could feel my body fighting hard not to spew. I looked at him closely as he gulped the liquid down. Roman was gorgeous already – huge everywhere, a slight weathered look to his face that added maturity and grace, a mustache that oozed testosterone, graying full hair that made him look like a modern day Greek god, and an air of confidence that almost physically knocked you over when he walked into the room. I wondered how the liquid could possibly improve on perfection. When the big man handed back the bottle I could sense an immediate change in his demeanor. “How do you feel, sir?” “On fire, boy, on fire. I can sense the world on a whole new plane, now. Damn, that’s some potent shit your family has passed down over the years. Son, I suddenly realize just how special I am. I know that might sound really boastful, but I can’t help it. It’s like I can tell what everyone’s thinking – you know, so I can give them exactly what they want. It’s like I have this sixth sense that helps me know how to please each person individually. Damn, boy, what you want is coming through the loudest and clearest of all. Your mind is a jumble of desires, ain’t it son? Yeah, I know you want some ass-pounding sex – and that will come soon enough - but I can also sense you really want this big man to help you grow, too. Yeah, and man I love how you also desire to be dominated a little. You need a big man to take care of you son, don’t you?” “I . . . uh . . . I guess . . . I mean, um…” “No need to be shy, boy. Roman knows exactly what you want and need. And I’ve got the stuff to make all those dreams and desires come true. Fuck, knowing what would please you is making me hornier than a pinned up bull surrounded by a field of heifers. What’s wild is that I can’t read minds, per se, man; it’s more about what you desire and what would satisfy you sexually. I just know somehow that you are aching for a hug or kiss from this big man – but you still got to wait, son. We have two more bottles of water, if my memory serves me correctly. Whoa, boy, I’m suddenly being overwhelmed by the desires of other people in this place. It’s like my body is sending out some kind of signal that, when it hits people, makes them suddenly ‘in tune’ with me. You’d be shocked at what people desire from me?” “Like what, sir?” “Well for one thing, the big guy Jaime, over there, enjoyed having his big body benched by me yesterday so much that he’d really like me to lift him some more – especially over my head. Yeah, that would make him real happy. Well I’ll be dammed; the little guy at the front desk wants me to light up another stogie, son. He’s got a big fetish for smoking musclemen. He loves watching a huge guy sucking in on a cigar and then blowing big puffs of smoke out – especially if the man is flexing at the same time. He’s still hard as hell from watching me put out my stogie against my palm. That got him very excited. He even left the remains of the thing in his pants. That guy over there on the leg press machine wants me to take his place and as my giant trunks push out insane amounts of weight he’d like to sit on my big cock and feel all my muscles growing beneath him as he gets deeply plowed. Hell, this gift you’ve given me will make me a huge attraction to anyone.” I glanced around the gym and realized that every face in the room was either blatantly staring at Roman or shyly stealing glances at him when they got up the nerve. It dawned on me immediately that the vial for making him handsome wasn’t going to do much to his physical appearance, since he was already the man of my dreams. No, this specific dose of Aunt Hildie’s concoction made the man irresistible to everyone – and not just because of his looks, but mainly because it was clear he was a man that could satisfy everyone completely. Having the ability to know what it was a person desired the most – both sexually and romantically – would certainly make you the most handsome guy in the world. This would be true on so many levels. Roman didn’t need to change at all to be handsome to me, but having a mature muscleman that ‘got’ exactly what turned me on made him the most gorgeous guy on earth – not only to me, though. I could sense that everyone in the place wanted Roman and that was an even bigger thrill for me. “Whoa, boy, you need to turn down your orgasmic drive a little. You’re causing this big daddy to overheat. Yeah, the pup loves the idea of everyone in this place wanting his muscle friend Roman, don’t you?” “Yes sir, it’s fucking hot.” “It is, isn’t it? Well, it’s thanks to your family recipe in that water, boy. Like I said yesterday, I think you have a direct connection to what your water is doing to me. I haven’t figured it out, yet, but I feel it in every one of my huge muscles. I can wait, son. I don’t need all the answers now. I only need one thing – and that’s to make you bigger. We’re going to push those big legs of yours so much today that I may have to carry you and the two unconscious guys out of here, since your trunks will be wobbling so much. Yeah, I thought that comment would please you. Okay, son, get up underneath that bar. Give me some powerful squats. Remember to stick that hot ass of yours way out. Let me first load my shoulders with my big man-made weights.” I watched Roman bend over and flop the bodies of the two unconscious bodybuilders over each of his shoulders. He made it look simple, like he was tossing pillows. I knew, however, that each guy was over three hundred pounds. The giant man positioned himself beside me and we both stared at each other in the mirror. I stared because it thrilled me so much to watch him use two huge guys dressed only in posers as his weights and he stared to make sure I maximized every part of my body during the exercise. He was my coach and mentor above all things. “That’s it, boy, squeeze those cheeks hard when you come up. Pretend like you are trying to protect the entrance to your chute from my huge battering ram. Yeah, son, I love how that thought makes you work even harder. Look at that sweat seeping out all over your beautiful body. That means you’re working J-boy. I know you’re hurting something awful, but look at you go. It’s almost like you’ve been squatting this much weight all of your life. Yeah, you’d forgotten that I loaded the bar with a hell of a lot more poundage than you’re used to. Now your legs are getting a little nervous, aren’t they? Don’t give up, boy. This big daddy will not be happy with you if you don’t give him what he wants. Remember, we’re here to make you so fucking big you won’t recognize yourself. And to give you a little more kick to your lifting, remember that I’m going to be growing right along side of you, son.” I had just squatted down low as he said this and his comment caused the exact reaction he desired. I paused briefly with my ass pushed back and my quads burning with pain. It suddenly hit me that Roman, the man of my dreams, was working out with me and this was certainly going to impact his body at the same time. The thought that the muscle daddy of all my secret desires was going to continue to add more bulges to his perfect body gave me more adrenaline that I had ever thought possible. This was just the response that Roman had intended. I cranked out the rest of my squats like some kind of powerlifting pro. I could tell the man was impressed. I certainly wanted to get bigger – but mainly because it would make my mature friend proud – but thinking about him getting bigger was the icing on the cake. I suddenly wanted to work out for an entirely new reason – to make Roman grow. A newfound energy overcame my body and it was like I had busted past some unseen wall or reached a new lifting plateau. There was a new drive in me that stemmed totally from my thoughts about another person. I had never realized how self-centered I had become, but this desire to watch Roman become even more beastlike than he already was, fueled me way beyond my normal tolerance level for pain. “Damn, boy, I just got a big rush of pure love from you. These last few minutes have probably been the most unselfish moments of your entire life. I almost tossed these big men off my shoulders and wrapped my arms around you in a backbreaking bear hug. I have a strong feeling that you started this little project with the water and me for selfish reasons, but suddenly the coin has flipped to the other side, hasn’t it? You desire old Roman getting huge even more than you desire it for yourself. That’s what makes you special, Jason. That’s why we’re going to wait until the last bottle of enhanced water has gurgled down my throat before we even kiss, let alone fuck. You’re making me into some kind of dream deity for yourself, but today you’ve realized that doing it for me is just as – if not more – important. You’re a fucking hundred times more sexy right now that you were even just ten minutes ago, son. I like what’s happening to your soul as much as I love what’s happening to your body. Here’s the real kicker, boy. I feel the same way about you as you feel about me. Yep, I’ve wanted you from the moment you first spoke to me just a few days ago. I have a feeling my desire is mostly physical right now, but over the next few days I think it’s going to grow into something much more. It’s time to wear out those huge legs of yours, son. We both need to work out some sexual tension.” Suddenly, it was like I understood the word ‘enlightened’ for the first time. I didn’t second-guess anything Roman had just shared. I knew it was all fact – like I knew my legs would ache like hell tomorrow. It was true I had intended on making the perfect man for myself, that’s why I had turned to Aunt Hildie, but I had not planned that I would turn into a different man, as well. I was slowly giving up control to this muscle daddy. I had always been the alpha – the dominating one – but suddenly I was learning what it meant to be equals and to actually let someone else lead some of the time. I was beginning to do the unthinkable – love someone else more than myself. And this is what made Roman the most handsome person on earth. For the next few hours, Roman put my thick, skin-covered trunks through the kind of abuse usually reserved for torturing prisoners. I had to stop many times and sit on the bench – completely afraid that my big legs were going to give out at any minute. My huge daddy didn’t mind waiting for me as I rested. He usually continued whatever exercise we were doing – with the added weight of the two unconscious guys and did about three more sets than me every time. Watching the monstrous legs of Roman bulge out with every exercise kept me hard throughout our entire time together. His size was insane – quads and calves that ballooned out way past my muscled legs. I began to become fearful that I would never be able to keep up with this new mega-sized older man. I started to doubt my own abilities – something that had never happened before. My new mentor easily detected my state of mind. “Quit comparing yourself to me, boy. You made me into this fucking huge bull. I think the whole purpose of me growing is to give you inspiration and, hopefully, help build you into something monstrous, too. You need to be patient, pup. I’ve only got one goal in life and that’s to grow you huge, too. There might be quick goals here and there for me, like taking time out to fuck big things, but pumping you up super crazy is embedded in my DNA. My balls tighten and become filled with boiling cum when I watch your muscles straining against heavy weight. I already see what you are going to become, boy, and that vision could easily make me blast a load of my juice across this gym if I let myself be weak. But I’m going to stay strong for you, son - I’m going to wage some hot-daddy war on your body and push you harder than you ever thought possible. You’re going to want to beg me for mercy, but you won’t because deep down you can see where you’re headed, too. You want to grow for your muscled pops so much that the desire is eating you up inside. Hell, you’d lift twenty-four hours a day if you thought it would make me happy – wouldn’t you J-boy?” “Yes sir.” “You get a good picture in your head of your soon to be swole body, son. I want you to latch onto that vision of Jason-the-beast. You’ve thought yourself big for a long time, buddy, but you were just seeing the tip of the iceberg. My fucking huge muscles are here to help you, son. And down the line, when I’m fucking that tight hole of yours senseless, you’ll be awakened to new levels of inner-power, too. I’ll unleash in you desires you’ve never dreamed of, boy. I’m the biggest genie ever released from a bottle – and you’ll have released seven bottles into this daddy by the time we’re done. Today’s water unleashed something powerful in me, Jason. I’ve appreciated all the bottles – but this last one didn’t just change things on the outside, it opened a part of me that would have never even been noticed without your help. I’ve got some kind of direct line now to your deepest desires – to those things buried so below the surface that you aren’t even aware of them yet. I know, instinctively, that rubbing my hard-bristled ‘stache across your inner thighs would make you cum instantly, I know that you kissing your own flexed biceps makes your cock-head ache from need of release, and I know that for the last few minutes you’ve only thought about one thing - sucking on my big hairy balls until you get off. But all of these thoughts pale in comparison to the one basic need fueling you right now, son – to please your huge friend Roman. You want this daddy’s approval so much that you’d do anything and you know deep down that I’d never take advantage of that. I’m going to turn all that burning desire right back into momentum for growing you big. We are both halves of the incredible cycle that completes what you wanted when you gave me the first bottle of water – a mentor, a teacher, a muscle daddy, a boss, a dominator, a lover, a friend, and – most of all – inspiration. I’m all that, J-boy, and then some.” My mind was spinning so much from his words that I merely focused my thoughts on a deep desire to suck his balls – something I didn’t realize existed until he mentioned it and then it was like he had opened the floodgates of my soul. Every atom of my body desired the muscled behemoth in front of me. I wanted his body, yes. I wanted to experience sex with this man, yes. I wanted to grow for the daddy, yes. But there was something else that had blossomed over the last few days and it was the one thing I had never expected when I chose Roman for this journey. I had fallen head over heels in love with the man. And it dawned on me that I was not just in love with the new improved Roman – no, I realized that Aunt Hildie’s concoction had merely unleashed was existed already in this older man. I was seeing what Roman truly was at his core – his life circumstances had just never allowed this much of his true self to materialize. And, in turn, Roman was causing my hidden core to be revealed, as well. We were both becoming what our upbringing and environment had covered up over the years – and it was magnificent. Suddenly, I wasn’t unsure of myself any longer. I could clearly see all of my potential – exactly what Roman saw. I didn’t think of myself as unworthy or not good enough – no, I fully realized I was just a work in progress. That thought released me from so much baggage of my past and caused my love for the muscleman in front of me to deepen even more. “Yeah, my boy is finally getting it. I can sense the new awareness flowing through your body. Aw fuck yes, you are even seeing your full potential now and the thought is making that cock of yours grow harder. You are beginning to open yourself to all of my suggestions and all the growing tips I’ve been giving. Soon, we’ll just work out together and not even need to say a word to each other – we’ll just naturally know how to encourage the other to keep getting huge and more powerful. I may be the one drinking the water, Jason, but both of us are being changed by its power. Feel it, son?” “Yes sir, I do. It’s so amazing.” “Yes it is. I think that we should call it a day, boy. You’ve worked hard, again, today and I’m very proud. I see that the two big boys are starting to come around from their post-Roman fuck slumber and our workout has made me super horny. I think I’ll take them back to my condo in midtown and give them both some seconds. I’m pretty sure they’re going to wake up craving more pounding from my meat. And even if they don’t, they’re going to get it anyway. Your legs steady enough to get you home, boy?” “Yes sir. I might need to rest a little longer before leaving, but I’ll be fine.” “That’s good son. We’ll take a break from working out tomorrow, but I think it’s time you came to my place so we can get to know each other a little better. We’ll meet here at the same time and then we’ll grab some take-out for lunch. I don’t know my way around a kitchen. See you tomorrow, Jason.” “I can’t wait, sir.” Roman hoisted the two awakening bodybuilders back onto his monstrous shoulders and walked away. I watched him leave and marveled at how deep my connection to the man had become. I trusted and loved the guy completely. I was amazed that I felt absolutely no jealousy towards the two men that were about to get to experience the powerful lovemaking of my muscle daddy, but I knew it was just temporary. I knew we had two more vials to go. The big man just needed a way to release the sexual tension that developed every time we were around each other and, especially, after we worked out together. I was also deeply aware of his intense desire for me – something I had not been tuned into before. Today’s vial had been about much more than just making Roman physically beautiful. That was part of the total picture, but he had already been gorgeous to me – the perfect man. The change had been mostly internal for both of us. His beauty clearly radiated from within – his muscles being just icing on the already very tasty cake underneath. I suddenly understood that if Roman went back to being the shy un-mustached skinny guy of a few days ago, I would still love him deeply because I now knew what was buried deep within his soul. I knew who he was at his core. I also knew that I would be able to help him release his inner self, just as he was doing for me. I realized that I would be able to see the huge confident muscle daddy deep in his eyes, even if he didn’t. That’s how Roman could see the huge beast-like body that I would become – even before I could, he knew of my potential because he could see my inner self. Every fiber of my body ached to be held by the big man, but I reminded myself that there were just two vials left. I knew we needed to wait until the finished product was revealed. My excitement about being able to be at Roman’s condo – alone with him for a meal – gave me enough inner strength to wobble my tired ass out of the gym and head home. I was worried that my legs would stop working before I made it to a hot bath, but – as it had been every other day – my cock stayed hard way into the evening. It was a continual reminder of what Roman could easily do to my body. ********** Vial 6 That night I officially became Roman obsessed. My legs could barely support me moving from chair to kitchen since the big man had worked me so hard, but I didn’t care. Every thought and every urge was directed toward the muscle daddy of my dreams. I was still clearly overwhelmed with the effects of the fifth vial – making the man handsome. I don’t know what I had expected from that particular dose of Aunt Hildie’s concoction, but the results had been way beyond my wildest dreams. The man’s muscular tanned mature face was now imbedded in my mind, as was his humongous gorgeous body. I looked at the hulking doublewide stainless steel fridge in my kitchen and it reminded me of the man’s big frame. I tried to distract myself by looking at porn on the computer, but every face seemed deficient when compared to the man lurking in my thoughts. I even found myself looking at heavy pieces of furniture as future things the man might easily lift to show off. Roman was slowly becoming my own personal superhero, if not some kind of demi-god. And all these obsessive thoughts didn’t come close to how I craved sexual pleasure from the big older man. I pinched my perpetually hard nipples and dreamed it was Roman’s teeth nipping at my nubs. I found myself constantly daydreaming of what his thick cock would feel like in my mouth or, better yet, in my pulsing tight ass. Any thought of the big man’s pole actually made my hole pucker with joy – and caused my butt cheeks to squeeze together in anticipation of the overwhelming pain-mixed-with-pleasure when his huge shaft plunged forcefully into my submissive body. Because of these day dreams, I ceased to notice the intense pain that still tormented my body from the recent lifting with daddy Roman. It still amazed me how the man had been able to find ways to push my already huge muscles to new heights. I could feel my big self growing – not just maintaining my size, but actually moving beyond what I thought were my limits. The gray-haired behemoth mentor knew how to isolate parts of my body that I had forgotten existed. It was clearly me having an obsession for the improved daddy since the incredible pain that shot through every part of my body when I moved was quickly becoming a huge turn on. My own cock would shoot harder every time I felt terrible aching in muscles being awakened to new growth, caused by Roman’s expertise in the gym. I stood up beside the chair where I was resting and, while holding on to the arm, I squatted down to feel the mind-numbing pain in my quads and calves – something that actually caused pre-cum to seep out of my throbbing dick head. It was just too exciting to feel this vividly what Roman was causing to explode in my body – both internally and in my muscles. While pushing my wobbling legs back up to standing position, a thought hit me like a ton of bricks. I was head over heels in love. I was legs “thrown over my shoulders” in love. I was “bend my body” over the nearest piece of furniture and spread my ass cheeks wide in love. So much joy enveloped my huge frame with this revelation that I lost control in many ways – my cock started to spew big gobs of Roman-induced juice, tears streamed down my face, and I was forced to sit down because my legs gave out. Since I had chosen to remain nude for the evening since clothes actually caused my sore muscles to hurt even more, I shot volleys of hot jism all over the coffee table and sofa in front of me. My blissful sobs of joy mixed with pain actually caused me to slightly miss the excitement and pleasure of the powerful ejaculation. I, Jason, the more than handsome bodybuilder and huge cock tease, had fallen deeply in love. It was something so unfathomable to me that it actually caught me off guard. I had always been the guy that broke hearts; never meeting anyone that could live up to my expectations so I had merely closed myself off to the idea of caring as deeply as I now did for Roman. I was the invincible muscleman – oblivious to the sting of cupid’s arrow. How in the hell had I suddenly become this blubbering lovesick mound of aching meaty bulges. The answer came quickly – Aunt Hildie’s concoction. A sudden panic attack happened as quickly as the answer had come. Was Roman’s desire for me and my intense love for him simply because of some potion I had given him? The impact of the man’s expertise in lifting could be felt in every muscle of my body, so I knew that part of the vials’ work was true – but what about the inner enhancements? Were those changes just as true? Did the enriched water amplify what already existed in Roman, as I had thought all along, or did it simply create what I secretly longed for? Was I Frankenstein and Roman was my muscle daddy monster or had I merely unleashed the powerful beast living within the man? My cock was actually still dribbling thick cum as my mind tried to sort through all of these questions. Tears still streamed down my face, but the incredible joy I had felt earlier was now gone. My overwhelming desire for Roman was now mixed with worry and fear – that everything bonding the two of us together was built on something made up and false. I tried to force this sudden doubt out of my mind and re-focus my thoughts on the hot body of my muscle daddy, his fucking manly mustache, and his inner masculine maturity that stoked my fire, but it was no good. A budding fear was slowly creeping into all of my lustful thoughts about Roman. With Aunt Hildie’s help I had created the perfect muscled robot – a guy that had no free will. Roman was forced to want me because of what was in the vials – it didn’t come from a deep place in his soul. I now cried because I suddenly felt very alone. The man of my dreams was an obedient slave – created by a magic potion. I fell asleep in the chair, exhausted from all the mental angst raging through my mind. My dreams, however, were still heaven-blessed fantasies of Roman’s muscles and the big man growing my body even more muscular than it already was. I awoke late in the morning with another aching hard-on. The doubt from the evening before was still present in my subconscious, but the pleasure from a cum-filled cock overpowered all other thoughts. Visions of my final dream before waking still lingered in my head and I started stroking my morning wood as I focused on them. I had been dreaming of sitting in Roman’s lap, with his hard cock up my ass, as we both curled heavy dumbbells to pump up our already insanely large biceps. The big man pulsed his crotch into my butt each time we brought the weights up to the peak of the flex – causing me to get some extra punch to the lift. The big man also kissed the back of my neck each time and spoke encouraging words – commenting on the size of my arms, saying how much he loved being inside me, and constantly complimenting my new size. The sensation of being filled by his hefty meat, the tight pump that I experienced each time my arm tensed upright, and the sweet nothings I imagined Roman was saying to me was enough to send me over the edge. My morning wood quickly became a cannon blasting off a repeat round of thick volleys of cum across the room – streaking the same places as my load had the night before. The magazines on the coffee table were going to have to be tossed in the trash and the sofa was going to need a thorough cleaning. Again, my post-ejaculation glow quickly turned into doubt, my mind now being able to return to thoughts about how the vials had created the man of my dreams and that it was all probably fake. I knew there was part of me that wanted to say ‘who the hell cares’ and go forward, living a life of total bliss with a giant muscle daddy. But there was another part of me that knew how much I had fallen in love and the thought of Roman not loving me in the same natural way caused great trepidation. I wanted the big man to desire me because of the person I was and not due to some concoction I had given him. I wanted our first act of joyful man-on-man sex to be something he chose freely and not because of something he drank from a vial. I wanted to know that Roman truly loved me as much as I loved him. A glance at the clock quickly snapped me out of my venture into doubt and self-pity. I noticed that I had slept a lot longer than I had thought and I only had about thirty minutes before my appointed time to meet Roman. I immediately jumped into action – the thought of seeing the huge muscle daddy overruling any anxiety I was feeling. I ignored the cum-covered coffee table and sofa, jumped in the shower quickly, and was on my way to the gym after taking only ten minutes to get ready. When I stepped into the open area of the gym I was instantly greeted with a vision of the gigantic Roman working out in the middle of the room. It was like a hundred spotlights created a magnetic glow around the man. The first thing I noticed – and it made my cock shoot achingly hard in mere seconds – was that the man had clearly grown since yesterday. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Roman’s body seemed thicker at every mind-blowing bulging muscle. The guy hulked out in a way that was intoxicatingly sexy and super masculine at the same time. And the guy was covered in sweat – his skin-tight wet t-shirt stretched so thinly across his body that I could see the matted down hair covering his chest and bulky abdominals. The word that came to mind was tank – the guy was a sweaty tank with beads of sweat dripping from his forehead and chin. The heavy layer of salty liquid covering his body made his arms glisten like the sun. My mouth went dry from the immediate lust that devoured my body. I found that I was breathing heavier – almost grunting like a gorilla in heat – and my body was actually shaking with desire for the older beast. There were a few holes in the flimsy white shirt and I was positive they had been formed during the workout he was obviously ending. I strolled across the room in my khakis and dress shirt, wishing I were nude so I could entice the huge muscle man to take me right there in the middle of the gym. His body, his gorgeous face, and his perfect mustache made me immediately forget all anxiety and doubt that had crept into my mind over the last few hours. The plain fact was that I wanted this man almost as much as I wanted to breathe. Every fiber of my body – especially my rock-hard prick – craved this older muscle god. Suddenly, I didn’t care if the vials had caused him to want me – I was just happy that the mountain of hard bulges chose to give me the time of day, let alone take me under his wing. I was the luckiest guy in the world and I was about to have lunch with the hunkiest daddy in the world. The smile that broke out across Roman’s face when he noticed me walking up made my legs actually wobble with nervousness. I felt like I was in the presence of a Greek muscled deity. “Fuck, son, you dress up nice. Old Roman could almost eat you up, you look so good. I popped a stiff one just from one glance at your fine body. You fill out a shirt like a man’s suppose to, Jason. Thoughts of you, boy, made my workout for the last three hours so intense that I think I packed on five pounds of new muscle.” “I think it’s all in your arms, sir.” “Yeah, you noticed that, did you? I feel the growth there, especially. I lifted some fucking heavy weight as I visualized doing things to your body that when they actually happen you’re going to feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven.” “Gazing on your huge sweaty body makes me think I’m already there, sir.” “Damn, boy, you’ve made my cock pulse up even harder than it was before just from seeing you all dressed up. I’m not sure the clothes I’ve got in the locker room are going to hold a candle to the sexiness you’re blasting off. I may have to buy some new threads to match all of your handsome perfection.” “I think maybe no clothes on you would be perfection, sir.” “You might be right today, J-boy. I lifted enough weight during my workout to equal shoving an entire city block about a hundred feet. I was on fire today, man. I got home yesterday and fucked the hell out of those two bodybuilders again – just because working out with you got me so juiced up. They’re still at home passed out on the bed. They begged me to leave them at home and let them get some sleep. I granted their wish, but only on the stipulation that they’d be out of there by the time I returned for lunch with you. At one point last night, I plopped one big guy on the other’s hard dick and then lifted both men up onto my hard missile – plowing the guy on the bottom so hard that it gave intense pleasure to both men. You should have seen me holding both big bodies up in the air as I stood there pumping my huge rod into that tight ass. My fat balls have become a cum-factory, churning out juice as fast as I can move from one man’s ass to the next. Those big boys probably aren’t sitting down for weeks, Jason.” “I can’t believe it, Roman. You’re just so gigantic everywhere I look.” “Yeah, you like your big daddy’s hot body, don’t you, J-boy?” “Yes sir.” “Well how about I get a little special water from you, son, and then I’ll go throw on my shorts and tank-top and we’ll be on our way to get some grub. How does that sound?” “Incredible. I’m very excited about you having more of my family’s water, sir.” “So am I, son, so am I. I’m beginning to not remember what the vials have done to me, but I know they help me a lot.” I watched as the muscleman drank the bottle of water I handed to him. Droplets of sweat hung off of his handlebar ‘stache and his gray hair was matted down on his head – giving him even more of an older jock-stud look than before. I watched as his muscled neck swallowed the liquid in what was basically one gulp. I imagined the fluid going into his body as my eyes roamed down his mega broad shoulders, over his mammoth pecs, and then down his beautiful solid midsection. I felt myself getting light headed as I took in all of Roman’s beautiful physique and realized that he truly did seem larger. I watched as his face revealed that the water was working its magic. My cock started to stir to attention even more than it already was – something I noticed was happening to his own hefty meat, as well. “That is very good stuff, Jason. Let me step into the back for a few minutes, Jason, and I’ll be ready to go.” “Yes sir.” There was something in the way that Roman excused himself that was totally new and super exciting. I could tell there was a change to his personality, but I didn’t get a good enough glimpse of how the water had changed him to figure out what it was. He still had that unbelievable sexy sparkle in his eye and he carried himself with so much confidence that it bordered on cocky, but there was something definitely different. It was something about the way he carried himself – something in the way he said he’d be ready in a few minutes. I watched every head follow him as he walked by different people in the gym. He caught everyone’s attention and it was clear that each man wanted Roman in a powerful way. As I waited for Roman I began to think it might be necessary for me to beat off before we went to lunch at his place. I had never been so sexually turned on in my entire life. I could not believe that I, a gorgeous hung of a bodybuilder, was head-over-heels in love with someone. It was way beyond infatuation. It bordered on stalker level. I craved Roman on some internal level that I had never experienced before. When I closed my eyes I could picture every muscled curve of his body, every gray streaked hair on his head and mustache, and every beautiful mature masculine part of his face. I began to think that the aches and pains I felt in my body were not from the intense workouts my daddy put me through, but were actually pining throbs of desire for the man. I suddenly started to doubt that going to his condo was a good idea – for fear that I would not be able to wait for the final vial of Aunt Hildie’s concoction before attacking the gorgeous specimen. My erotic dreams of the muscled man were suddenly interrupted when I noticed that the gym had suddenly become as silent as a library. Without even opening my eyes I knew that Roman had emerged from the locker room. I was petrified that raising my eyelids and beholding all of his magnificence was going to make my cock spew with more pressure than a badly shaken two-liter cola. I could not, however, refrain from seeing what was causing the entire gym to freeze in place. What greeted my opened eyes could only be described as what people saw when they beheld an angel in heaven. Standing on this side of the door to the locker room was the beautiful and impeccably dressed body of wet-dream-come-true muscle daddy Roman. The big man was pulling gently on the cuffs of a beautiful light blue dress shirt underneath the jacket of a perfect cream-colored Armani linen suit. The giant man still looked butch as hell, but now there was an air of style and grace surrounding him that made James Bond seem like a hick. My mouth dropped open wide as I drank in all of the man’s tanned hugeness. The handlebar ‘stache looked as tailored as the suit, the man’s head of attractive senior hair looked like it had just been styled by the world’s best hairdresser, and the massive muscled body looked even larger covered by a wardrobe that clearly cost a year’s worth of my salary. When the man finally looked at me it was like lightning bolts shot out of his eyes into my chest – that’s how bowled over I was by his gorgeousness. Clearly defined muscles bulged and relaxed as the man-angel walked towards me. I knew, before he even reached my area of the gym, that the newly improved Roman out-classed me by many levels. I even smelled his incredible cologne before he got close. I had never felt so inferior in my entire life. The only thing that saved me – that made me even remotely capable of speaking to the man – was his intensely confident and inviting smile. “Are you ready for lunch, Jason?” I couldn’t form words for a few seconds. The man was even more stunning up close and personal. I could not take my eyes from his – it was like some powerful light beaming from within him hypnotized me. I closed my gaping mouth, licked my lips, and attempted a smile. By this point I had forgotten he had asked a question. I was simply basking in the beauty of the man – overwhelmed that this god had chosen to speak to me, even though I knew him so well. Roman did not embarrass me by asking the question again or by saying anything. He simply did the polite thing and waited for me to gain control of my body and mind. I suddenly realized that our interaction called for some kind of response from me. I dug deep into my soul and gathered all of my strength in order to offer the only reply that fitted such an astonishingly handsome and well-built classy man. “Yes sir.” Roman bent down and grabbed my gym bag and then held out his hand to me. He held out his beautifully manicured thick manly palm and fingers, causing me to feel like fucking Cinderella meeting the prince as I placed my smaller hand in his. His fingers firmly clasped around mine and his arm didn’t budge as I pulled my entire weight upward using him as my anchor. The man’s massive linen-covered limb stayed in place as my huge body unsteadily stood and pressed into him. As soon as he sensed that I had command over my legs he released my hand and moved his perfect paw to the small of my muscled back to guide me out of the gym. As we walked through the big room I felt a rush of pride flow through my body knowing that everyone else was jealous as hell because I was leaving with this man. I was sure that every person in the place – whether gay, straight, male, or female – wanted to be with Roman. I felt like I had just been crowned queen of some fucking parade and every other girl in town was full of murderous envy. Roman reached out to open the door for me and allowed me to walk through first – a move that was both alpha-cocky and gentlemanlike at the same time. My brain was on stimulation overload as we walked toward the parking lot. In the bright sunlight I was able to regain a little of my own confidence and I stared at my striking friend as he put on what I knew were ridiculously expensive face-complimenting sunglasses. The good-looking mega stud smiled at me and guided me to a dark blue Porshe Cabriolet turbo coup. It was my dream car of all dream cars and the top was already down. Roman opened my door and actually slid his hand down to my ass to half guide-half lift me into the seat. The overtly virile move thrilled me beyond what I could have imagined and my cock actually started to throb achingly from being too hard. “Your obvious arousal, young man, is very flattering. I hope I am not causing you any discomfort.” “No sir.” My answer came quickly because I did not want to disappoint the man in any way. I could not have this hunk of muscle daddy perfection think for a second that anything he did bothered me in any way. That would have made me very sad. I wanted him to sense that I was literally on cloud nine whenever he was around – and even when he wasn’t, for that matter. As he moved around to his side of the car I quickly looked down at myself to make sure I looked presentable for the man. I immediately felt underdressed, not muscular enough, and inadequate in my handsomeness – all new feelings for me, which he must have sensed when he easily squeezed his huge frame into the driver seat. “You look exquisite, Jason.” My heart nearly exploded with delight. Roman had looked deep into my eyes and praised me in a way that melted any self-doubt that had entered my brain. It was a comment that had been mixed with a command, a compliment, and an invitation all at the same time. He was ordering me to be happy with myself – a demand I could not say no to. He was admiring me in a way that thrilled me like a young schoolgirl. And he was requesting that I view myself through his eyes – something that empowered me to rekindle my own self-worth. My cock twitched with excitement – a movement in my pants that did not go unnoticed by my huge date. He smiled to himself and started the car. As we pulled out of the parking lot of the gym I noticed that Roman turned in the opposite direction of mid-town – the area of his condo. “I thought you lived in the opposite direction.” “No, I live at the beach. What made you think that?” “Well yesterday you said . . . um, never mind. I was mistaken. I can’t wait to see your place. Where shall we stop to get lunch?” “I’ve already made lunch for us, Jason. I hope that is okay.” “Oh, yes . . . yes, it’s fine. I just thought you said you couldn’t . . . uh . . . just forget it.” Roman smiled at me – again, it was a smile that put me at ease instantly. I also suddenly realized what was happening. Aunt Hildie’s concoction changed everything – not just the man, but also everything around the man. Roman was not the same guy as the day before. The clothes were different, the car was different, and the house was different – just as his attitude and demeanor were different. I had wanted a cultured muscle daddy and the concoction did not disappoint. This was a little hard for me to grasp as we traveled down the road toward the coast. I knew we were going to what most people considered the ritzy part of town. I was trying to understand how the vials were completely changing the man I had met in the gym just a few days before. It was clear that Roman remembered nothing of his former self and I could not decide if this was a good thing or not. I loved the new improved Roman, but I also had come to love the inner Roman – the original guy I had encountered. I also again wondered if the man I had created only liked me because of the magic in the water. I realized that most men would have said ‘what the hell’ and just accepted things as they were, but I couldn’t do that. I desperately wanted Roman to love me on his own – not because of what I had wished for. Only the big gorgeous body of the elder man sitting in the car helped me to stuff all these feelings deep inside. I wanted to enjoy this day without second guessing everything. I knew the time of reckoning would come with the last vial. I leaned back in my leather seat, turned to look at the smiling face of the man I now loved, and sighed out loud before I even realized what I was doing. It was a sound of contentment and joy. It was also noticed by my huge date for the day. “Happy, Jason?” “Very.” “I’m glad. I’m very happy, too.” “I hope so.” “What is there not to be happy about – I’m tooling down the road with a gorgeous man and the sun is shining brightly. It’s a perfect day.” “I couldn’t agree more. You know, that suit highlights your muscles perfectly.” “Thanks, big guy. I have a gay tailor that seems to only put me in tight clothing. He says when he dresses me it’s like I’m his work of art.” “I’ll say.” “We should get him to make you some clothes. I think he’d love dressing you, too.” “I’m afraid I couldn’t afford your tailor, Roman.” “It could be a little gift from me to you. After all, your family’s water continues to improve my body. It’s the least I could do.” “How much do you remember about your life before the water, Roman?” “What do you mean?” “Well, for starters, how long have you lived at the beach?” “For years. That’s a funny question.” “How long have you been big, Roman?” “Ever since I started working out – in my teens. I mean I wasn’t this big, of course, that’s what your family’s water did to me. It made me get a lot bigger.” “It sure did.” I now understood that Roman was slowly becoming completely the man I had dreamed of when I wrote to Aunt Hildie. Her potion was working perfectly and, yet, I was getting more nervous about its effects. Roman still had free will – since he had not taken the last vial. Since the final drink of water was labeled ‘loving’ and Aunt Hildie had made this liquid for me – it was clear that that dose would make Roman’s huge body, his mature and cocky attitude, and his cultured flair all directed towards me. And while the thought of this made me extremely excited, I began to wonder if it was truly what I wanted. If I was I turning Roman into a robot that automatically became and did everything I wanted, was that truly love? Or was it making him my muscle slave? He clearly remembered drinking the water, but he was slowly forgetting how dramatically it changed him. I must have had a worried look on my face, which Roman noticed. “It looks like my gorgeous boy needs some food, quickly. Hang on there, sport, we’re almost to my place.” We shortly pulled into the garage of what could only be described as the beach house of my dreams. It made sense that the house would be what I liked, since the water was turning Roman into my dream man. As we entered the brightly sun-lit house I recognized a Lucien Freud painting I had always admired, some pieces of sculpture that I had dreamed of owning if ever I won the lottery, and noticed that the place was filled with pieces of my dream furniture. At this point I began to freak out a little. It was like I had created an alternate universe for myself. All of this anxiety disappeared, however, as soon as Roman took off his coat inside the front door. The light blue silk shirt clung to the muscle daddy’s body in a way that was erotically flattering and emphasized the man’s torso perfectly. An overwhelming desire for the muscle god welled up in my body and helped me to forget about being freaked out. I stopped in my tracks and stared open-mouthed at the mustached daddy in front of him. Roman let out a soft chuckle and walked over to close my mouth by placing a thick finger underneath my chin and pushing upward. The physical contact snapped me out of my lustful trance. “I picked this shirt out just for you, sweet boy, so I’m glad you approve.” “What’s not to approve – you look good enough to eat. I think you’ve grown since yesterday.” “I hope so. You’ve gained about ten pounds of muscle yourself.” “No way, I haven’t gained anything in about ten months. I think I’ve hit my plateau.” “Really? Check out the scale in the master bathroom down the hall – I think you’ll be surprised. I’ll pour us some Prosecco and finish getting lunch ready. We’ll eat out on the deck, if that’s okay with you.” “That sounds great. I’m telling you you’re wrong, though, about the added pounds.” I walked down the hall, marveling at every detail of the beautiful home. The master bedroom seemed made for a movie and had all the gadgets and furniture I had ever wanted. I stepped on the top-of-the-line electric scale in the incredible bathroom and was, again, shocked beyond words. I had actually gained about twelve pounds and I instantly knew it was all muscle. Roman’s incredible tips in the gym had worked miracles, even in just a few short days. My head spun in disbelief. I reached out and grabbed hold of the beautifully tiled counter to steady myself. I also let out a gasp because I had thought it impossible to grow any more. Roman obviously heard me, even from down the hall. “I told you so, Jason. Stick with me, kid, and we’re going to blow your mind all the time. Come get lunch.” I was, again, surprised by the changes in Roman when I gazed at what he had prepared for lunch. The day before he had said he did not know his way around the kitchen, but the spread on the table in front of me rivaled anything made by Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. There were some light appetizers, a seafood salad, and a couple of options for dessert. A wine that Roman had chosen specifically to compliment the food accompanied every part of the meal. He explained perfectly how each drink brought out different parts of the dish it was partnered with. I quickly realized that the ‘culture’ vial of water had made the huge man a walking encyclopedia for art, architecture, food, music, and so much more. He had become a true renaissance man with a body to die for. I tried desperately to focus on what Roman was saying as he spoke, but my eyes kept wandering to his fur-covered chest, exposed by the open shirt, and his bulging arms. It became clear that Roman realized what I was doing but he never commented on it – ever the gentleman. The meal was exquisite and I eagerly complimented every part of the meal. Later, after we had rinsed everything and loaded the dishwasher, Roman made a proposal that made my heart stop. “I was wondering, Jason, if you might care to stay the night. I believe it’s okay for me to take the last vial at midnight and we might want to see what comes after that.” We were standing at the edge of Roman’s large deck that stuck out over the ocean. His eyes and entire body seemed to reflect the astounding beauty of the water below. The muscled daddy radiated strength, sensitivity, and manliness – all at the same time. My legs began to wobble from excitement at the idea of spending the night with Roman. I knew the final vial was in my gym bag in the entranceway and, clearly, he did, too. During the meal, however, I had begun to contemplate not giving him the final vial. My fear about Roman not having the free will to choose to love me was causing doubt about finishing what I had begun. I figured I could leave things as they were right now and our relationship could develop naturally. It was clear that we were wildly attracted to each other. My hesitation was not lost on the big man. “What is it, Jason?” “I was thinking you might not want to take the last vial of water. I mean, look at how you’ve changed already. I think it’s enough, don’t you?” “I’m not sure, Jason. I’ve begun to forget what the vials have done to me. I know I’ve taken them and I remember they come from you, but I don’t recall who I was before you shared them with me. I understand, however, somewhere in my gut, that I need to take them all. It’s a packaged deal and we need to trust that. You feel it, too, don’t you.” “No, Roman, I don’t. I can’t explain it all to you, but I think the last vial will change you in a way that’s not good. I originally wanted . . . I mean the original plan was to take them all, but I’m not sure that’s a good idea now.” “I think we should stick to the original plan. You should trust the vials, son.” “How about we don’t make a decision until midnight. Okay, Roman. Let’s just have the evening to ourselves – just as we are right now – and then we can see what we want to do later on.” “If that’s what you want, Jason, then we’ll wait to make the decision. I don’t think I’ll be changing my mind, though. I’ve just got a gut feeling that I need to complete whatever transformation that has taken place.” “You really can’t remember anything, Roman?” “I have a vague memory of growing – both the muscles and the mustache – and I kind of remember having a different personality, but it’s getting more and more sketchy all the time. I just know that you’ve helped me a lot and I want to return the favor by making you grow bigger. I also feel a strong voice in my head that says I shouldn’t be physically intimate with you in any way until after the last vial. My gut tells me that the changes won’t take hold or something like that if we hook up in any way.” Roman’s gut feeling resonated with a similar hunch that was eating away at my own stomach. I had slowly realized that Aunt Hildie’s concoction would only be permanent if Roman drank every vial – but I also had come to understand that the last vial would probably erase all memories of his former self and make him my own hugely muscled adoring daddy boyfriend, but it wouldn’t be his choice. Roman would be responding to the magic of Aunt Hildie’s concoction and love me unconditionally. It was every gay man’s dream - to have a muscle daddy slave - but I had begun to wonder if it was truly what I wanted. I had set out to make the perfect man – and in almost every way Roman had become exactly what I wanted, but I now doubted my dream. I wondered if it would be better to let Roman go back to being the man I had met in the gym a few days ago and love the inner muscle daddy I knew existed inside him - knowing that his mind was clear and his decisions were his own. Or would it satisfy me more to have him be the perfect specimen of manhood now, but understand that he adored me only because of Aunt Hildie’s concoction. I was leaning toward the former because I thought that I would be able to, over many years, release the inner Roman and come somewhat close to what he was right now, but there were no guarantees. “Just because we can’t do anything too intimate until after the last vial, Jason, doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun this afternoon.” “What do you mean, Roman?” “I mean a guy can still look, even if he can’t touch. I’d like to see you flex for me, boy. It would be good to see what my training has done to you. And if I choose to get a little relief from all this pent up tension, well, there seems to be little harm in that.” My cock, which had become deflated during my inner turmoil about the last vial, suddenly shot back to being fully hard – achingly hard, as a matter of fact. The thought of seeing my muscle daddy work off a little sexual tension was enough to almost bring me to an uncontrollable explosion. At the same time, though, the thought of posing for my dream man intimidated me. I had been a natural exhibitionist ever since I had added my first few pounds of muscle as a young man. I was a champion bodybuilder that usually strutted through the gym like I owned the place. What was happening to me? Roman, the elder muscle god of my dreams; was making me embarrassed about my body – my huge body. It was just that he was so much larger and muscle-packed than me – it caused me to feel inadequate. I looked down at the ground – torn between intense lust at the thought of seeing Roman pump his huge cock and extreme discomfort at the idea of stripping down to some posers for this gorgeous man. Again, the giant muscle daddy in front of me sensed my awkwardness perfectly. “You have nothing to be shy about, boy. You’re fucking gorgeous. Don’t compare yourself to me, son. We’re going to get you this huge very soon. And right now, you’re more muscled than almost ninety-nine percent of the world. Your body gets this huge muscle daddy worked up more than you’ll ever know. Hell, I’d throw you down on this deck and fuck the shit out of that tight ass right now if I didn’t know it would break the spell you’ve been feeding me in that water. We might be tempting fate getting naked and everything, but I’m just not sure I can take being this close to you and not chugging out a big load. How about I open a six hundred dollar bottle of wine, we get a little drunk, and you show off that fucking hot body for your daddy. What do you say, son?” “I say I’ll get the opener while you get the bottle of wine.” We stood there staring at each other for a few seconds. I was seriously worried that we were going to pounce on each other for some throw down man-on-man sex and forget about Aunt Hildie’s last vial. I’d be lying if I said that part of me didn’t wish that we would, but Roman broke the tension by letting out a loud, somewhat uncultured cowboy yell, pounded his huge thick chest with his fists a couple of times and then backed away to go get the wine - never taking his eyes off of mine until he got to the door. I exhaled loudly after he disappeared and immediately sank into one of the oversized cushioned deck chairs. I felt light-headed – mainly because all of the blood in my body was pumping powerfully into my stiff cock – and worried that I might pass out from the excitement Roman caused in my body. I wanted to feel his huge muscles pressed up against my hard body so badly that I worried I was going to burst into flames from the heat he produced within me. I saw the same exact lust in Roman’s eyes. He desired me as much as I desired him – even before he drank the last vial. It suddenly dawned on me that if I could be convinced that Roman loved me unconditionally prior to taking the last vial then maybe the guilt I felt about turning him into an unknowing slave could evaporate from my mind. If he was already a total lovesick puppy – devoted to me – then I didn’t have to worry about what Aunt Hildie’s concoction did to him. I realized I had already begun to rationalize reasons for giving the last vial to Roman – again, a sure sign I was head over heels in love with him. The big man clearing his voice interrupted my mental revelry. I looked up and gasped out loud when I saw my muscle daddy standing over me holding a bottle of wine and realized he had taken off his beautiful shirt. I had seen his upper body many times before, but the intensified sexual tension between us caused me to take in his massiveness in a new and exciting way. “Somebody was dreaming of his muscle daddy so much that he forgot to get the opener.” “Guilty as charged, sir.” “Not to worry, I stopped by the kitchen to lose the shirt and grab the corkscrew.” “Watch out when you say ‘screw’ big man – I may not be able to prevent myself from attacking you.” “No, no, dreamboat, we have to wait until after midnight for all that touchy-feely stuff. That means we have about eight hours to kill. I’m thinking we can find a lot of things to do to keep our hands occupied until then. Watch this little trick I learned today, sport.” Roman pushed out his monstrous pecs and held the bottle of wine in the deep valley between the hard mounds of flesh. He then tensed his chest causing a ton of striations to become noticeable even through the fur covering the huge muscles. I watched in awe and lust as he dropped his hand and the wine bottle stayed tightly in place. I then loved every second of the show as he took the kitchen tool and proceeded to uncork the bottle while he held it in place with just his pecs. Some of the deep burgundy wine squirted out on his right massive pec shelf as he pulled out the cork and I immediately wanted to lick it up – excited about tasting the mixture of his salty sweat and the sweet wine. Roman shook his finger back and forth at me and shook his head from side to side. “Not yet, sexy big boy. Cool your jets. Did you like my trick?” “Look to my crotch for your answer, daddy.” “Ummm, indeed you did. Care for some wine?” “Only if I can slurp it up from within that big crevice between those massive muscled puppies!” “Maybe later on, boy, maybe later on. Right now, you’ll have to settle for a glass. I also think we should simply sit here for a while and sip our wine – before we start your little show. I think we are both too wired for any kind of stimulation right now. We might not be able to control our hands.” “Or our cocks.” “So true, my young pup, so true.” Roman poured both of us a big glass of the wine and almost all thoughts of sex immediately left my mind after he swirled my glass for a few seconds and then allowed me to sip some of the unbelievable aged vino. It was like having a sweet grape orgasm in my mouth. I had never tasted something so incredible. Roman could instantly tell how much I loved the wine and this pleased him very much. He sat down in another deck chair, across from me, and watched intently as I took my second sip. I was blown away by the taste even more the second time. “He likes the wine. I see my boy has good taste.” “Of course. I chose you, didn’t I?” “Smooth, sir, smooth.” “Almost as smooth as your wine, daddy.” “When you call me daddy, Jason, it takes every ounce of my strength not to leap from this chair and throw my big body on top of you. Who knows what would happen after that.” “Daddy, daddy, daddy.” “You, my friend, are incorrigible.” We both took a long sip of wine and stared into each other’s eyes. It was a natural break in the strenuous work of not attacking each other. The air was filled with the kind of sexual tension that was so palpable we both knew that even a stiff wind could send us over the edge. I wanted this elder specimen of muscled daddiness more than I had ever wanted anything in my entire life. I was lost in his confidence and his masculine beauty. I could not believe I had been granted the chance to create my fantasy man. I mentally stumbled for a few seconds when the word ‘fantasy’ crept into my thoughts. Is that what Roman was – just a fantasy? Had I taken away his ability to choose things for himself and would the final vial seal his robotic love for me completely? Suddenly, my mind was clear and I knew what I had to do. I loved this man too much to make him my slave – even if his new body and his cocky attitude was everything I had ever wanted. I made the decision that would cause me great grief, but I knew it was also the right thing to do. “I need to step into the little boy’s room, sir.” “You’ll find that there’s not any room here for little boys, Jason.” “Well, then I need to step into the big boy’s room, sir.” “No fair jerking off in there, big guy. Save that sweet stuff for later on.” “I wouldn’t think of it, sir.” I placed my glass on a side table and slid off the chair. I had to reach down and readjust my hard cock, so it would be easy to walk. This caused Roman to chuckle slightly. I looked down into his beautiful eyes and I immediately got the sense that he knew exactly what I was doing. I thought I saw sadness in his eyes, but there was also some pride mixed in. I was instantly confused and stopped in my tracks. I must have had a quizzical look on my face. Roman smiled at me and then nodded his head. “A man has to do what he’s got to do.” “What?” “I mean, when you have to piss, you got to piss. Am I right?” “Um . . . yes . . . yes, sir.” I moved away slowly and knew that Roman followed my every step. I got the feeling we had not been talking about bodily functions. It really creeped me out when it seemed that Roman knew what I was thinking. I quickly moved into the house. I walked to my gym bag in the foyer and grabbed the last vial. Once inside the bathroom I stood over the toilet like a frozen statue – torn between what I knew was the right thing to do and what my cock told me was the thing that turned me on more than anything else in the world. I did not want Roman to be a robot. I did not want his love unless it was given freely. I knew what I was about to do would mean that the muscle daddy of my dreams would be back to his original dweebish self by morning. I also glanced around the fancy bathroom and realized the beach home would be gone, too. Remembering that the house was furnished and decorated to my own taste hastened my decision – since it was a sign of the big man’s automatic commitment to me. I opened the vial, sighed heavily, and then poured the liquid in the toilet – and flushed. I immediately felt great relief with my decision, but I had to lower the seat cover and sit down to recover fully. I had basically just given up on everything I ever dreamed of having. I had watched Roman change into the muscled senior stud of all studs and now I was giving it all up. But I realized I was sacrificing my own orgasmic happiness because I loved the man – the true man. I had come to love everything about Roman. I hoped that I would one day help him to once again become his present macho muscled self, but I realized it would be a long process. The man sitting out on the deck existed somewhere within the original Roman – I knew that now - but I also understood that it might take a lifetime to help him reach his full potential. I gathered my strength, wiped away the tears that had begun to fall down my cheeks, and returned the vial my bag as I made my way back outside. I inhaled deeply, to regain some confidence, and stepped back out onto the deck. ********** I somehow felt amazingly calm and collected when I returned to the deck and beheld the beautiful Roman. The heat of the day was causing him to perspire slightly and the light layer of water made it look like he had oiled up his big body. He glistened like the water on the shore of a Greek isle. He was lying there soaking up the rays of the setting sun with his eyes closed as I moved near him. I stood there quietly, staring at the beautiful man. He seemed larger than before. I immediately thought it wasn’t possible, but then I remembered all the things that Aunt Hildie’s concoction had accomplished thus far. Maybe the big man was still growing. I tried to remember what Roman looked like before the transformation – and how he would again look this time tomorrow, but all I could picture was the way he was right now – muscled, mustached, and exuding cockiness and culture at the same time. Actually, even I was beginning to forget the old Roman. I tried desperately to memorize how he looked right at that moment so that over the coming years, as we hopefully rebuilt him to this point, I could remember what each part of him should look like. I doubted we would ever reach the perfection in front of me, but maybe we could come close. It didn’t even cross my mind how hard it would be to get Roman to be as confident and knowledgeable as he was right now, but only time would tell. When he finally spoke, clearly having sensed that I was back, he did not open his eyes. “Did you take care of everything, Jason?” “I’m sorry?” “Were you able to set things straight while you were inside?” “Um . . . yes, yes I think I did.” “That’s good. Now, how about a little flexing for your ole buddy Roman?” He finally opened his eyes. There was a new twinkle there that I had not noticed before. I quickly picked up that it existed because the big man was finally overtly flirting with me. I had witnessed him mesmerize others with his charm and I also saw people follow his every move at the gym, but now the man was focused solely on me – and not like he focused on me when we worked out together. No, the look in his eyes was purely sexual and it made my strong legs wobble. Roman was looking at me with a smile that made it clear he would have fucked me silly right there and then if it had not been for the final vial – the vial that no longer existed since I had dumped it down the toilet. Roman’s lustful staring turned me on in a way that I could not explain. I wanted the man more than I wanted air or water. I needed him to live. “Um . . . I’m sorry, Roman?” “Take your shirt off.” I didn’t fully understand what he was asking, but I began to unbutton my shirt just because he had told me to. I would have jumped off a cliff or in front of a charging bus if the guy had ordered it. I was Roman’s puppy – obedient until the end. I suddenly felt a pang of regret for having gotten rid of the last vial. Being ordered around by a huge older muscle stud was such a turn on – such the fulfillment of all my lifelong dreams, but it was also false coming from this man. Roman’s bravado was created by me – and Aunt Hildie’s concoction. In less than twenty-four hours he would be back to the original smallish man I had met in the gym just a few days ago. My present actions with the shirt reflected a need to satisfy the man sitting in the deck chair in front of me. My mind and heart had already begun to plan how I might naturally build up the guy that had been the original cornerstone – the man I had met in the gym that first day. By this point my shirt lay on the deck at my feet. My upper body was completely exposed. “Damn, you’re a beautiful man, Jason. Your size and definition is amazing. I could gaze on your incredible muscles forever.” Roman’s words turned me on in a way that was unfathomable in every way – I didn’t realize I could become as jazzed about someone as I was about him at that moment. Here was one of the sexiest and most fucking built men I had ever seen in my entire life talking about how beautiful and muscular I was – it was so surreal. I watched in awe as Roman unzipped his pants and pulled out the most mouth-watering plump masculine cock I had ever seen – and started stroking the big thing slowly. The muscle daddy of my dreams was getting his rocks off because of my body. This was something I never thought I would live long enough to experience. Suddenly, the deadline of midnight no longer mattered. I didn’t care that Roman would be turning back to the man I had met in the gym a few days ago – it just didn’t matter. Right now, at this moment, he was a huge guy that found me so irresistible that he had to jerk-off as he gazed upon my body. I started to unzip my pants and push them down over my immense quads without having the stud request it. I wanted to please Roman so much that I merely did what I sensed he desired. I could not have guessed how right I truly was. “Aw hell, boy, you are making me crazy. Just look at those huge legs. You’ve got so much muscle in those quads I think it could take me years to count the striations. And those fucking calves are as big as kegs! Jason, you are the most beautiful man in the world. I hope I can prevent myself from cumming too soon – I want to save myself for you later on.” I was hoping the same thing about myself. Seeing the huge muscled daddy stroking his big meat in the chair in front of me was almost too much. I was as hard as stone and leaking a lot of pre. I forced myself to stare at Roman’s face – avoiding his huge body and the pumping of his cock because I knew it would make me explode. I stood there only in my underwear – but my own pole stretched my briefs out in a way that was both indecent and harmful to the material. I wanted to throw my big body down on the even bigger man lying in the chair before me. I wanted it so much that my body actually ached. I could have initiated sex with Roman since the final vial had been flushed down the toilet, but I waited. I waited to honor the fact that he was being diligent in his own control – but also because I wanted to build up the mind-blowing sexual tension that already existed between us. I knew I would have to tell the guy that the final vial was gone. I knew his disappointment would be great, but I also knew – on a certain level – that he could not remember the man he used to be. I had a feeling he would wake up tomorrow and not even remember that he had been the most beautiful muscle daddy that had ever walked the earth – not to mention the cockiest and most cultured. Tomorrow he would only see that there was a giant stud sleeping next to him that was head-over-heels in love with him. I knew that I would still desire Roman after he returned to his old self – because I had glimpsed what existed beneath the surface. I now knew what the man could become – what was possible within him. And that was enough to keep me committed and devoted to him forever. I was certainly ready to re-build the Roman I knew - when he no longer had the body or the attitude that existed right now. “Flex your guns, boy.” My arms went up in the air immediately and I pumped my biceps hard. I needed the big daddy in front of me to be impressed. The pumping of his cock increased a little and he moaned in what could only be described as pure pleasure. The man was staring at me like I was a tall glass of ice water and he had been out in the dessert without any liquid for days. If looks could have equaled intercourse – at that moment I would have been fucked in every orifice possible. I tensed my arms even higher – desperate to make Roman happy. His leaking pre-cum made the rock-hard huge pole glisten as he stroked himself. It still boggled my mind to know that this giant muscle daddy lusted for me so deeply. Both of us were using every ounce of our incredible strength to not jump the other guy’s body. I swear Roman looked even bigger than just a few minutes ago. I was sure it had everything to do with my own desire for him, but he did look magnificent. I didn’t take my eyes away from him. He, however, was not looking at my face – his gaze was locked on my arms. “You’re just fucking huge, boy, and we’re going to get you even larger. I can’t wait until we have to go and buy you an entire new wardrobe. This daddy is going to make his boy look cum-draining gorgeous. I’m going to have to beat all the boys off of you.” “Something that will be no problem for my big muscled daddy, I’m sure.” “You’d like to see me rough up some young whippersnappers, wouldn’t you, Jason. It would be nice to have me toss some guys around just to emphasize to them that you’re my pup. You like the idea of seeing this daddy in action, don’t you, son?” “Yes sir. More than anything, sir.” “I’m built to put people in their place, kid. I’ve got enough muscle to defeat an army for you – if that’s what you want. You just keep getting bigger and posing that gorgeous body of yours for me any time I want and I’ll be glad to rid the world of anything you want me to. Lose the briefs, boy.” My arms came down and I immediately latched my thumbs underneath the waistband of my underwear. I pulled the material out, to bring it beyond my hard protruding dick and then tugged the things down beyond my bulging quads. I then used my right foot to push them over my calves and release them onto the deck floor. I had never been so proud of my body. Roman let out a huge whistle and increased the motion on his cock – the rhythm being steady and intense. “Turn around and let me see what my fat daddy cock is going to get to plug in a little while. Aw fuck yeah, that is one beautiful muscled ass, Jason. Tense those glutes, boy. Let me see the power you got in those cheeks. Oh shit, that’s nice. Remind me why I shouldn’t just shove this big thing up that tight hole right now, son.” “I really can’t think of any reason, sir.” “Shame on you, Jason, trying to trick me when I’m in such a vulnerable state. I know we’ve got to wait until midnight. I’m slowly forgetting why, but I know it’s important. That last vial is going to cement things between you and me – it’s what your family’s concoction is all about. I won’t forget that important point – no matter how gorgeous your ass is. Bend over for me, boy.” I could not believe how much his talking turned me on. I didn’t even need to look at the beautiful man for him to excite me – just his voice could cause my cock to start leaking even more generously. I leaned over and grabbed my ankles – exposing my puckered hole for the muscle daddy. I heard his big hand cease it’s motion on his hard pole – the guy was clearly too close to eruption and needed a break. Roman also let out a low growl-like sound that made it more than clear he was happy with the view between my muscled cheeks. I was amazed at the self-control we were both somehow able to muster. I started to contemplate what it would feel like to have the big cock that beamed so beautifully from the guy’s crotch. I continued to tense my ass – making sure my tight opening quivered appropriately. Suddenly, I heard a big splash in the pool behind me. I opened my eyes and peered between my muscled calves. I saw Roman’s pants in a heap at the base of his chair and then noticed his head pop out of the perfectly blue water a few feet away. “I needed to calm down, boy. Your ass was sending me too close to the edge.” I stood back up and turned around. Seeing Roman’s gorgeous hair and mustache glistening with beads of water sent me into sensory overload. He looked even more beautiful with his upper torso sticking out from the water at the middle of the pool. The man was still staring at my body and I could see the fat head of his cock still sticking up proudly. The sun was almost completely down now – just an orangish-red glow making everything in the area look as if it were on fire. The reflection on Roman’s body was intoxicating and it somehow made his muscles look even more stunning. I stepped to the edge of the pool and then jumped in. I made sure I ended up a few feet away from the big daddy cooling off. I didn’t want to get so close that we would immediately attack each other. The water was perfect and definitely helped to diffuse some of the sexual tension mounting between us. When I stood up and let the water cascade down over my body, Roman had to immediately close his eyes. “Seeing your muscles covered in water is almost too much, boy. It makes everything bulge out even more. This daddy couldn’t be blamed for ravaging your body when it looks like that.” “Ravage away, sir.” “Soon, son, very soon. I promise I’ll be worth the wait. We won’t be coming up for air until the sun is rising. I can guarantee that. You think my workouts made you sore, Jason? Wait until you’re trying to recover from the intense pain my fucking is going to cause. Hell, son, you’ll be bigger tomorrow morning just because of how much I’m going to make that body of yours tense up with excitement later on. And my muscle daddy cum is going to pump your body up something special, boy. I can guarantee you that. It’s gong to feel like you were run over by a Mack Truck tomorrow morning, but it’s also going to be the most glorious sensation you’ve had in a long time. I’m going to feel the same way, boy. My big body is going to ache too, but it’s going to be such sweet pain.” Hearing Roman refer to how his own big body was going to feel in the morning snapped me out of my lust for him immediately. I started to doubt that my decision to dump the final vial down the toilet had been the right one. Even though he was being turned into the man of my dreams and not necessarily his – did that really matter? Wasn’t he benefitting from what I wanted, too? I forced those doubts out of my head since it was too late now, anyway. What was done was done – the huge man before me would be his original smaller self in the morning. I knew it was just important to enjoy his present huge company for right now – and to memorize what we would attain through hard work over the next few years. That is, if it was what Roman wanted. That was the difference – it would be his choice starting tomorrow and it wouldn’t be me forcing him to become what I wanted – what I desired. I wanted to wade over to the big man and hug him intensely. He clearly sensed my need. “Careful there, pup. We’ve just got a few more hours to go. I know I toyed with our libidos for the last few hours, but that was just some intense foreplay. Two huge strong fuckers like us can hold out for a little while longer. It will just make the multiple orgasms that are going to happen throughout the night that much better. You take a little swim and your big daddy is going to go fix us a nice dinner. Watching you flex your muscled body and edging my cock from looking at your tight hole has made me fucking hungry. I’m going to make you something so tasty that your big cock will stay hard just from the food and not only because our bodies are so hot for each other.” Watching Roman slowly walk up the steps at the shallow end of the pool was like watching Poseidon coming up from the ocean. The man’s body was huge and the wet hail only emphasized his muscles more. I loved how Roman didn’t dry off at all. He simply walked into the big house and turned on some lights. I watched him – my hard-on becoming more intense – as he started working in the kitchen completely nude. His huge body moved around the open space like he was in some kind of domestic ballet. I stroked my hard meat under the water. I stood just like that for the hour and a half that it took the big man to prepare our meal. He glanced at me every now and then – especially when he came outside to set the table on the deck, preparing a beautiful space for what would be our final meal in this place. He called me from the pool once everything was on the table and the wine was poured. I stepped out of the water and moved to the chair on the other side of the table. We both stayed completely nude – the night air causing our nipples to poke out strongly. I could have skipped the entire meal if he had offered one of his nubs for me to suck on. There was, of course, another couple bottles of exquisite wine with the meal and by the time we finished everything we both were pretty buzzed. My inebriation made me a little bolder with the man. I decided to tread in some unfamiliar territory. “What if none of this existed tomorrow? How would you feel, Roman?” “What do you mean?” He was opening a third bottle - a sweet dessert wine - and chose to hold the thing between his monstrous pecs like he had earlier as he pulled out the cork. It was a trick I had come to love. My cock – even in my drunken state – was fully hard. Roman knew exactly what kind of response his actions elicited from my body. He did it just to tease me. I also think it helped him to stay hard, as well – knowing I was so turned on. “What if this house didn’t exist, this food didn’t exist . . . even your body didn’t exist.” “Would I still have you?” His question came quickly, without any hesitation, and caught me off guard. I stared into his eyes and noticed the seriousness behind the statement. He stopped in mid pour and just looked at me with a face full of love. I was almost moved to tears. I didn’t blink at all and answered honestly. “Of course you would – I’ll never leave you now, Roman. I know the real you and I’ve come to realize that’s the most important thing.” “Then none of this matters, Jason. You are all that I desire. It’s been that way since the first time we met – even though I really can’t remember all the details of when we met. I do, however, remember wanting you from the moment you shared your family’s secret water. I could do without any of this if I knew I still got you.” The tears flowed now. I couldn’t control them. I’m sure it was partly the wine, but it was also the words that Roman had spoken. I cried because I felt the same way as he did. I wanted the guy more than anything else in the world – even if it meant he came without the changes that Aunt Hildie’s concoction had caused. Sure he was handsome as hell, muscled beyond belief, the kind of confident, cultured stud I had always dreamed of, and had the facial hair of my wet dreams – but all of that paled in comparison to what I now liked about his interior self. I sobbed a little as the tears continued to stream down my face. I knew, deep down, that a lot of what Roman was saying would be gone as soon as he was back to his original self. I still didn’t know how much of his love for me was caused by Aunt Hildie’s vials. I’m sure there was a basic attraction, but I also knew we’d have to build back up to these intense feelings we now carried for each other. I would be at an advantage because I knew what we could become – what we could be together. I would have to work hard to convince him of all this once it was gone. I was ready for the challenge, though. Roman just sat there as I mourned – for what he and I would lose come the morning. But I also cried for joy – for I knew that our relationship would be built on truth and honesty starting the next day. I could wait as we built him back up to the perfect muscle daddy. It was worth the wait. “I think we need new glasses, Jason. I’ll be right back. This stuff will taste better in champagne flutes.” Roman disappeared into the house – and I realized he was doing it to allow me to have the time I needed to work through whatever was causing me sadness. He was too much of a gentleman to pry or cause me to feel uncomfortable. I collected myself while he was gone and was ready to rejoice when he returned. I loved watching his huge body move back out onto the deck in the moonlight. It felt like I truly had every curve and bulge memorized. I was ready for whatever would come. Roman set a glass in front of me and then pulled his chair around the table so we were sitting closer to each other. He picked up his glass and I knew he was ready for a toast. I raised my flute, as well. “Here’s to the future, Jason – whatever it brings.” “To the future, Roman.” We drank in silence. The dessert wine was exquisite, just like the rest, and I loved how tasting it pleased the big man. He savored the wine and swallowed joyously. We finished our glasses without saying a word and then we both sat back in our chairs. Roman reached out and grabbed my hand. It was a bold move, since we didn’t want to do anything that would make us jump each other’s bones, but it was also a comforting move. I needed his closeness at that moment and I realized he knew it, too. We gazed into each other’s eyes and this made him begin to smile with a face full of joy. I felt complete – right then and right there. Even if that feeling never came again, I would remember that moment forever. He seemed different, somehow – even calmer and more confirdent. “It’s two minutes passed twelve, Jason. Time for that final vial.” My heart sank. I knew it was time to tell the truth. I was ready to face the music. I knew it would be hard for Roman to hear, but I also knew it was the right thing to do. I loved him so much that I realized I had to set him free. I needed him to know everything. I was ready to begin our life in a new way. “I need to tell you something, Roman. I poured the last vial down the toilet. Don’t be angry. I want to tell you a lot of things that you don’t remember – that you’ve forgotten because I have been giving you these vials. I think it is important for you to know the truth.” “I know the truth, Jason. You love me and I love you.” “Yes, that’s true, but there’s more.” “You mean that your Aunt Hildie sent you seven vials to make the perfect muscle daddy? You mean that you’ve given me the vials and have loved all the changes? You mean that the last vial – the one you poured down the toilet – was to make me loving and you panicked because you felt that you were turning me into a muscled robot that had no will of his own? Do you mean the fact that you gave up everything just because you wanted me to have the chance for all of this on my own? Have I summed it up pretty well, Jason?” “Um . . . yes . . . but, but how did you know?” “I didn’t know until about two minutes ago. I caught on earlier that you were feeling a little uneasy about the vials. Maybe your aunt put something in the sixth one to help me have some foresight or something. Anyway, when I went in earlier to get the wine opener I switched out the liquid in the vial. You poured just regular tap water down the drain. When we just toasted with the dessert wine you drank what was in the bottle and I drank what was in the vial. The seventh vial was for both of us, Jason. Your aunt knows you very well. The way to make me completely in love with you – the kind of love that knows no bounds – is to show me some act of selfless love, yourself. You gave up everything you ever dreamed of - for me, Jason. You made yourself worthy of unconditional love. The seventh vial only made me completely aware of everything that has happened and, by the way, gave me the chance to choose it for myself. I have total free will right now, boy, but I also know what you did – what you intended to do. I love you even more deeply than just ten minutes ago. And here’s the best part, kiddo, I’m staying just the way you see me right now. Well, that’s not entirely true. I plan on getting larger – right along side of you.” Somehow, everything Roman said sank into my brain fully as he spoke. It all made total sense and I was amazed by the fact that Aunt Hildie had anticipated everything. I was also thrilled beyond belief that the muscled daddy sitting in front of me was going to be staying the same forever. My heart was bursting with love for the giant. I stood up and moved in front of him. I straddled his legs and sat down. Our hard cocks were smashed between our taut stomachs as I pressed my body into his. I leaned my face down. “That must mean I can now do this…” I kissed Roman hard – harder than I had ever kissed anyone in my entire life. I also smashed my body into his hard torso – relishing every mind-blowing feeling his muscles caused in me. There was no way I could ever have imagined what it would feel like to embrace this muscle daddy for the first time – it was everything I had dreamed of and more – much more. I also knew it was the beginning of a lifetime of exciting moments. I was ready for the ride – in more ways than one. I sent a huge thank you thought out to Aunt Hildie before my mind surrendered to all things surrounding my muscle daddy built to order! This post has been promoted to an article
  13. momoware

    Fantasy Future Muscle Chapter 4

    Standard forewarning: violent sex scenes, birthing etc...enjoy! ______ Backstage dozen of spectators had gathered, having heard to the news, to see the lifeless corpse of the biggest, most muscular man that ever existed (for now). It was a mountain of hard flesh that elicited sighs of awe from the onlookers. There was muscle on every toe, on his elbows, even the brow of his face had developed a thick muscular cover. The display of shock and reverence was shortlived, and within moments worshippers had begun climbing onto the body and fucking every hole and crevice they could find. Giant bodybuilders, including Wyman, thrusted their dicks in between the massive pecs, under his armpits, between his fingers. It was an orgy unlike anything ever witnessed before. I made the most of this, and headed back onto the stage, that was now empty. I decided to gather as much of that muscle baby's semen as I could find before it became useless. It was easy to identify, as he had become so large after a certain point that the individual sperm cells were around two or three inches long and swam around, lost in the auditorium. High on testosterone and my own future enormity, I caught as many of these spunky, hormonal fish as I could and devoured them, as I began to feel my body undergo a big change. I woke up in my hotel room three days later. As my eyes opened, the rest of my body coursed with blood, and I attempted to control my new muscles. It wasn't easy, but I figured that my own body could only evade my control for a short time. I rolled over out of the bed and rose to my feet. The ceiling that I had called extremely high and daunting when I arrived at the President Hotel, now barely covered my head. The testosterone production process in my body had sped up dramatically, and the sheets of my bed were soaked with my jizz, and thick hair, much like that of the muscle baby I had to thank for tis new body, covered my entire being. My first task was to shave. As I entered the bathroom I saw the scales on the floor next to the doorway. They were scales without an upper limit, which was necessary as this hotel hosted the largest men on earth whenever the Mr Planet competition was in town. I remember standing on them when I first arrived, they read 415 pounds, a measurement which at the time turned me on beyond words. I now stood at 13"5, almost twice my previous height, and with great excitement I placed my huge, strong, hairy feet onto the scales. 1337 pounds. I instantly ejaculated, all over the scales, all over the bathroom floor. The flow was too great and it flooded into the bedroom, over the balcony and I would later discover a pool of my ejaculate that had poured over the edge and into the ornamental pond of the hotel's grounds. Like the muscle baby whose semen I had devoured a week before, in spite of being 8 feet in length, my cock was so heavy that it hung to the floor even when totally erect. I began to run the shaver all over the acres of furry muscle and an hour later I was cleanly shaven and ready to be worshipped. The thick, matted, sweaty hair I had just removed from all over my body now filled the bathtub, and I left it for the maid to fix, not knowing really what to do myself. 3 in the afternoon, and I received a knock at the door. I was thrilled, I had arranged a worship session that only I was in on. It was with Martin- I had anonymously invited him to my room, with the intention of him falling over at the sight of my magnificent new body. I bent down to open the door, but when I did all I could see was a gigantic foot and the start of a leg. I was speechless, clearly I had been mistaken in assuming that I was the only one to drink the muscle baby’s potent semen. "Hey Franco!" Martin's voice boomed as he greeted me. So he knew it was me, I thought, I guess he saw me in the audience, or Jean Marie told him about me, "I don't think this is going to work, we should head down to the auditorium." "Agreed!" I replied, attempting to gently burst through the wall, but instead ripping the entire fourth floor of the hotel apart. We marched side by side, two giant men looking forward to our reunion in the underground vault. We arrived down to the auditorium where one week prior we had witnessed the Mr Planet competition. The drama of the event and the damage done to the arena by the muscle baby had remained, it had actually been decided to abandon this venue and seek another one for future expositions. The spunk on the floor had evaporated and there was a crumbly crust of dead sperm all over the ground. Martin told me that in the statistics compiled after the contest, it stated that 140,000 litres of spunk had been expelled onto the stage that day. We turned on all the lights and then finally got to see each other eye to eye. He stood opposite me, truly magnificent. I don't need to describe every detail, you know what a bodybuilder looks like. I gazed in adoration at those calf muscles, that even in the competition had been magnificent, but now were totally absurd. The lower portion of his leg was twice as wide as it was long, and the muscle jutted out in several directions like a gemstone. His quads at their thickest point were three times the circumference of his slim waist, and he, like me, stood with a giant cock facing the ground. His ballsack was so heavy with balls the size of children that it touched the ground, and dragged as he walked. I was lucky as my scrotum was not loose but instead hung tight, just under my cock. Our huge, virile bodies produced testosterone at such a rate that we, just like the muscle baby responsible for our growth, were in a constant state of arousal, and whereas the muscle baby was constantly masturbated by a team of assistants, we managed just whacking it very three or four minutes. Needless to say, behind us was a river of no less than one hundred thousand litres of spunk from our half hour walk down to the auditorium. "I arranged for a friend to meet us here," Martin told me, as we walked nearer to one another and embraced, "Wyman thinks he’s coming down for a rematch. Silly little man."
  14. Aquaas

    Commission: Hostile Takeover

    Hello all! Here is my next story, commissioned by the wonderful Bahamut6sic6 and his friends Nex Anima Canis and Frank. I was given permission to post the story here for your reading pleasure. It is very much a departure from my previous work, but it was very fun to work on any way. This one wound up being about forty pages long, so buckle up. Warnings in the tags. Hostile Takeover Frank stepped out of his Hummer and inhaled deeply. The wind in the cool night air wouldn’t have seemed too special to the average human, plagued as they were with inferior noses. But Frank was no average human. At seven feet tall, and almost seven hundred and sixty pounds, he towered over every other human left on the continent after the advent of the furs. There were only ten other humans in the city, and that was how Frank liked it. His own kin were too weak for him. He inhaled again, taking a long drag of the air as if it were a drug. The almost imperceptible aroma of testosterone and sweat filled his head. Frank turned and looked across the street. A bright pink neon sign glowed in the early evening, announcing in bold letters: BONECRUSHER GYM. Frank smiled. If the stories he had heard were true, he was in for a very interesting night. He crossed the street, not bothering to look for oncoming traffic. What was the point? He was more of a danger than any car ever could be. Not even the freight trains that ran across the southwestern deserts could have put a dent in him. “I can smell him in there. God… this is going to be fun.” Ignoring the closed sign on the door, he pushed his way in. Clang…fffff…clang…ffff…clang… the unmistakable sound of someone bench pressing floated across the gym to Frank. Tall as he was, he could see over almost all of the machines and soon found his prey. He licked his lips, slightly stunned by what he was seeing. There, in the corner of the weight room was an absolute monster of a wolf, standing facing the mirror. His broad back made it impossible to see his reflection, or even the ends of the barbell that was clearly in front of him based on the sound. “C’mon, ya little punk. You’re only benching 225 right now, two plates on either side. This is light weight. You want the other bears at work to make fun of you? You’re a fucking grizzly, for Wolf Christ’s sake. Fucking act like it!” Frank could feel his ten-inch cock start to plump up. This guy was every bit the muscle monster he expected. He heard what sounded like a whimper from the bench. “What? You’ve only done five sets. You weakling. I guess we’re done for the night.” Bang. The weight was re-racked unceremoniously in the stands on either side of the bench. “And who might you be, to come to my gym so late?” The huge, black wolf turned to face Frank. He was eight feet tall if he was an inch, looking over the human’s head by a fair margin. The red stringer that he was wearing left very little of his torso to the imagination. Pecs like concrete pillows stretched the straps, bulging out on the sides. A whistle on a neon yellow cord dangled between them, stuck in the deep crevice. Huge nips, the size of silver dollars, jutted out from his pecs. His thick abs were also visible, looking deep enough to lose a few fingers in. Frank could see now that the wolf wasn’t totally black. His chest and stomach were covered in white fur that came up to the underside of his muzzle. There were also thick patches of brown fur on his chest and his chin. His massive arms would have put the grizzly behind him’s thighs to shame. They outclassed the bears legs by at least eight inches. His legs also strained his khaki shorts to the breaking point. Frank could see where they were already starting to split along the seams. Then there was that massive bulge, jutting out from between his legs. Frank was practically salivating. The wolf put his hand on the barbell behind him and curled his massive paw around it. “The name’s Frank. I just moved here from quite a way away. I heard there was a big man’s gym here in town that stayed open late for…ah… personal training.” Now the wolf was looking him up and down. The human in front of him was massive compared to others of his species. Seven feet tall, and almost shrink wrapped in a button-down shirt and a pair of cream-colored slacks. The striations on his pecs were visible, even through the cotton and the vertical stripes. Frank grinned, catching the wolf scanning his torso. He felt his cock throb in his slacks, and he gave his pecs a little bounce. The rubbing fabric stimulated his nipples, causing them to harden and poke out of his shirt. Frank gestured at his body and said “I mean, I need a pretty tough workout partner to keep up with me. What’s your name, big dog?” “Nex Anima Canis.” said the black wolf. Then, faster than almost any eye could follow, Nex jerked the barbell from the stand, one-handed, and threw it at Frank’s chest. Frank’s arm snapped up and he stopped the flying weight, straight armed and one-handed. The wolf cocked an eyebrow at this. Nobody had ever passed that test before. There was still a stain on the far wall behind Frank from the last guy, who had been about six inches shorter and much more delicate. “But you can call me Nex. Gotta say, man, I’m impressed. Not too many humans left and you coulda died. Shouldn’t you be avoidin’ risking your life?” Frank just smiled and grabbed either side of the barbell, his massive wingspan enough to reach either end with no trouble. Then, slowly and almost effortlessly, Frank began bending the bar into a knot, looping the ends past each other. “Pretty impressive, Frankie boy. You’re gonna be replacing that though, Olympica bars don’t come cheap.” The bear behind him was salivating. It was obvious that Frank was getting aroused by showing off his strength. With his amazing hearing, Nex listened as the teeth of the zipper on Frank’s slacks began snapping apart. The human dropped the bar with a clang on the concrete floor, chipping it. “So, puppy, interested in a little competition? I need a real big guy to actually work me out any, and there’s never been any one that can really help me. I’ve literally blown through eight workout partners in the past six months. It’s part of why I left home.” Frank sighed and began unbuttoning his shirt. Tailored clothes like this were expensive, and he had already heard some threads snapping along his lats when he pulled that barbell stunt. “I want to have somebody I can use my freakish strength on, somebody that’s not going to break the first time we arm wrestle.” He shucked his shirt, exposing his godly torso. Though not as tall as Nex, he was proportionally almost the same size. The bear’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when he saw the marble, paper-thin skin on Frank’s torso. “I’m a lot denser than most guys, which makes it hard to play any real games with them.” Nex nodded, knowing exactly what he meant. “I propose we have a bit of a power competition. Some lifting, some wrestling, some…” A malevolent light danced in his eyes. “…other stuff.” Nex perked up at that, his tail wagging right to left. Frank eyed the bear on the bench. “What do you say, cub? Want to help us out? We need someone to start us off.” The bear nodded slowly. These two gods wanted him to help! Frank looked back at Nex. “Any other guys here about his size? I already know what I want the first event to be in our little competition.” “Yeah, hang on. There’s one other guy on the third floor doing his weekly cardio. HEY, JOEY! HOP DOWN HERE! WE NEED YOU FOR SOMETHING!” The shout from the massive wolf shook the rafters, dust falling from the ceiling. “Four floors, no intercom. I don’t fit in the elevator anymore, so I only go up to the fourth when I’m ready to sleep or bed somebody. I ain’t goin’ up to the third floor when my lungs work just as well.” Frank nodded appreciatively. Watching Nex expand his lungs in preparation for that shout had been a real treat. His whistle was now lodged perfectly between his massive pecs. “You should know, if you’re as strong as I think you are, nothing in this gym is going to even give you a pump.” Nex walked over to the huge multi-station machine, ducked under it and began to shoulder press it. “See? I have to go to the railyard just to maintain the mass I’ve got.” A pounding on the stairs started to get louder and louder. A kangaroo, about ten pounds heavier than the grizzly, burst through the door, chest heaving. “Jo-jo, this is my new friend, Frankie. He and I are gonna have a little competition. You and cubby here are gonna help us with the first event, which is…?” Nex turned to Frank. “Here’s the deal. We’re going to see how well we can dominate not just these two wimps, but the whole town. We just need a starting point, and I think these bois…” You could hear the I in Frank’s voice “…are going to help us out with that.” Both Joey “Since you already belong to both of us, we both get one point.” Frank fished two counters out of his pockets and clicked them. “Each guy we dominate can give us one point, or five points if we can do it creatively. We’ll score each other. We can start at one, because both of these guys are really into us.” “L…let’s get s-st-started…” said the bear. Frank hadn’t asked for his name. He knew he was just a plaything to these gods. Frank looked at Joey and the bear. “I think I’ll take the bear, and you can have the roo. He’s more taken with you than he is with me, anyway. Our first event is going to be something to relax us a bit, to release some tension, before we really let loose. Measure their waists. Our game is ‘pump the punk.’ We’re going to take these two and show them a bit of heaven. Whichever has a thicker gut when we finish wins an extra point.” Frank looked at the roo and the bear. “Both of you, on your knees, NOW.” Unlike Nex, the human didn’t yell. His voice was a deep growl that made both Joey and the bear quiver. Their knees buckled under them and they fell to the ground on all fours. They faced away from one another, ass to ass and opened their mouths. Frank’s cock finally broke his zipper fully open and had popped out of his briefs. The huge wolf, on the other hand, had zipped his khaki shorts open and fished his cock from the confines of his underwear. Neither was fully hard, a mercy for their two victims. Where Frank’s cock was long, Nex’s was thick, like a 40 of beer. “I’m a grower, by the way.” said the wolf. “We’ll start together. One… two… three!” They shoved their cocks into the muzzles of their victims and began pumping with wild abandon. Thrust after thrust, they face fucked the two mammals. The bear reached up and began stroking Frank’s balls. Frank growled down at him, a sound that didn’t seem like it could come from a human. Nex thought he heard Frank whisper ‘You haven’t earned those’ before slapping the bear across the muzzle. The bear coughed, gagging on the human’s cock. Mucus and blood flowed from his mouth, followed by two teeth. Frank had knocked out two of the bear’s sharp, tearing teeth. Nex raised his eyebrows. Maybe this was what Frank meant by creative. He decided it was time to stop being gentle. He shoved his thick cock further down Joey’s throat, saying “Ya like that, you bitch? Open wide!” Even with his long kangaroo muzzle, Joey was having a lot of trouble taking Nex in. Lockjaw begin to set in, but Nex kept pounding. This just meant he had a tighter hole to fuck. The black wolf looked up at Frank, who was smiling in bliss. The bear was still working his cock as hard as he could, choking on the length of meat. “Hey Frank…” The human looked up at the wolf, just in time to see him crank out a massive most muscular. The coach’s whistle got lost in between his pecs and Frank was overcome with joy and lust, knowing he had found someone as strong, or stronger than, him. He screamed, a window rattling yell flowing from him as he released into the bear’s gullet. What had once been abs were now distending as his toy’s stomach filled with cum. “Fuck, that’s too much…” Nex moaned as his cock throbbed harder and bigger. Crack! He was cumming, suddenly noticing the lack of pressure on his cock. Joey’s stomach too began to swell up, filling with his manly essence. “Wow, Nex, look what you did to the poor kid.” said Frank as he extricated himself from the bear’s throat. He looked down at his cock, covered in blood and juices and said, “Lick it off, slave.” The bear’s tongue slid out and began tenderly cleaning his new master’s cock. “You really did a number on him.” Nex looked at Joey and saw his lower jaw hanging loosely. “You dislocated his muzzle with just your cock… fucking amazing. That’s worth five points, at least.” Nex reached under Joey’s armpits and hoisted him back to his feet with ease. His massive cock had snapped the roo’s jaw open. Solid food was out of the question for at least a month. It was also obvious that Nex had filled Joey’s gut up much more than Frank had done for the bear. The roo whimpered as the bear stood up to look at him. “He’ll be okay, slave.” Frank wrapped his arm around the bear’s shoulders as he tucked his cock back into his pants. “Does it hurt, Joey?” The kangaroo nodded at Frank and Nex, whimpering. “I’m so sorry buddy, but I had to win. You understand.” Nex grabbed his lower jaw and twisted it back into place. Joey screamed. “Now, come give daddy a big hug.” The kangaroo’s arms didn’t make it to the wolf’s back as his lats were too broad to wrap around. So, the wolf returned the favor. His massive arms and pecs enveloped the smaller kangaroo. Then he squeezed the littler guy in a tight hug. It was easy. He had heard that we all had a desire to squeeze cute things, ingrained deeply in our DNA. Tighter…tighter…tighter… CRRRRRACK!!! Like stepping on a box of matches wearing his work boots, Nex heard as the ribs of the kangaroo slowly shatter, followed by the unmistakable SNAP of his spine. The huge black wolf released the roo, looking at his ragdoll upper body. The destroyed ribcage must have liquified the organs in his torso, because Joey sputtered and coughed. A mix of blood, cum, and phlegm surged out of his mouth as he looked up at the black wolf. As his own eyes lost their luster, the wolf’s seemed to spark up, glowing with surprise and joy at what he had done. “Fuck yeah!” Frank cheered. “Now THAT’S what I’m talking about! Ten points, easy, big dog!” He tightened his own grip on the bear and pumped his free hand in the air. “That was fucking hot as shit!” Nex held Joey’s body in front of him and looked at the boi that he had just fucked to pieces. A soft hiss came out of his muzzle and he licked his chops, salivating. His cock, which had softened as he hugged the roo, was hard again. It throbbed insistently, leaking precum on the gym floor. “You can’t eat him right now, we have to keep a good body count, Nex.” The wolf looked at Frank and back down at his prize. He knew the human was right. He flung Joey’s limp body at the concrete wall, where it burst open like a balloon. “That’s going to be a mess to clean up, puppy.” “Don’t call me ‘puppy’, bitch. I’m a wolf.” Nex growled. “Yeah. I know. But I’ll domesticate you eventually.” Frank purred. Nex actually quivered at the deep voice coming from Frank’s throat. For a human, his voice was deeper than any other mammal the wolf had ever encountered. Even tigers didn’t really compare. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t still be savage, big dog.” He squeezed the bear in a tight headlock. The grizzly whimpered. “I mean, you’ve got to totally dominate the guys around you. You have to keep your grip…” crackle… The bear whimpered more, obviously in pain. His eyes were bugging out and turning red, blood vessels rupturing from the effort, as he clawed at Frank’s huge arm. His massive paws that could have scooped the flesh from the bones of other humans like a melon baller from a ripe cantaloupe weren’t even leaving scratches on the corded muscles of the big man’s forearms. “…tight.” Frank ratcheted the hold even harder and his captive’s eyes fluttered. Nex’s tail was wagging wildly behind him, making it easy to see through the big wolf’s calm façade. He was obviously excited at the prospect of totally dominating someone else. He reached up and scratched his huge, furry pecs. He felt something stuck in the dusty brown hair that covered the white of his torso “What the fu…” His nails hit something hard and cold in the cleavage, and he hooked it out. It felt flat, but light. A bit like a keychain. Slowly he came to realize... “My whistle! That was my favorite one too!” The brilliant yellow rope made it all the more obvious that this was indeed his whistle. The wolf had crushed it between his pecs doing a most muscular when he had dislocated the roo’s jaw. The shiny metal whistle had been flattened, curving to match the striations of his gigantic pecs. Everywhere, that is, but where the small metal ball in the whistle’s body vibrated to make the sound louder. Here the metal was spherical, enveloping the little ball. “Damn it! That thing was steel! Now I have to go find a new one…” POW! The sound of snapping bone and something much more sinister refocused Nex’s attention to the man in front of him. He was breathing a bit harder than the black wolf expected, the bear’s head having completely separated from his body. Blood sprayed freely for a moment from the headless torso, covering Frank in a film of gore. “Shit… I broke my toy.” Frank looked at the wolf. “But it was all your fault cub. That trick with the whistle… fucking hot.” The human reached up and painted the wolf’s nose with blood from his destroyed victim. “Get a good whiff cub. That is what power smells like. Everyone, every single fucking person in this town, would be at our mercy. More mine than yours, but…” Nex growled and started to roll the whistle in between his fingers. The metal formed around the ball, tightening up into a bright sphere. “So… how many points do I have so far?” “That headlock probably got you five and the knocked-out teeth another five. I’d say we’re pretty even for now. But then again…” Nex cocked his hand like he was getting ready to launch a marble. “…this is already my town. Home team advantage.” With his thumb, the wolf took aim with his newly forged bullet. Looking out the window, he could see a bird and fox pass by. With one swift thump, the steel ball flew from his hand through the window. The fox had chosen just that moment to turn and look in the gym’s windows, toward the bird. The piece of steel barreled through the tempered glass, leaving a perfectly round hole. Not a single crack. It was as if a diamond cutter had drilled through the glass, taking only what he wanted. The bird’s beak shattered, leaving behind a bloody mess of a face. The fox, however, was not so lucky. The projectile hit him squarely between the eyes. As if in slow motion, the two gods in the gym watched the front of his face cave into his sinuses as the steel orb blew through him. Like a twisted flower, his face bloomed red from the front as an explosion of blood and gray matter surged out from the back of his skull. As if he didn’t know he had died, the fox reached up to the gaping hole that was his face and crumpled. “I know where all the best targets are. I know when they’ll be around.” Frank was hard again. This wolf was new to the crushing scene, but he obviously took to it like a duck to water. This was going to be the best competition he had ever had with another man. “Lead the way then, mister twenty-five points. I want to see all these good targets.” Nex was panting. Not from exhaustion, but from the smell. Even at four stories tall and more than three thousand square feet, the gym was full of testosterone and musk. It had to be driving the wolf wild. Frank knew it was driving him nuts, and his superhuman sense of smell was nowhere near Nex’s. The wolf looked at him, taking heaving breaths. Looking resigned, he reached up and grabbed the straps of his stringer tank top. With one swift motion and a ROOOOOAR, he tore it in two, leaving red fabric pieces on the floor. The human was amazed that Nex’s shorts remained intact. He knew that his own zipper had given up the ghost the first time he got hard in the gym. “Super shorts. They don’t tear unless I really work at it.” Nex answered Frank’s question without it needing to be said. “I’m a bit like the Hulk that way.” Frank raised his eyebrows, puzzled at how the wolf knew. “Your eyes asked the question for you.” Their attention was drawn back to the window at the sound of a shriek. The bird was looking at his dead fox friend and screaming. “Shit… he’s gonna go to the cops, ain’t he?” The wolf looked a little disheartened. “I don’t want our fun to end so quickly.” The bird looked in the window and saw the two muscle gods. His eyes widened and he pointed, still screaming. Then he ran. “Yeah, there’s no way he doesn’t know it was us.” “So? Screw the cops. You saw how those two guys gave in to us, they barely struggled. Taking down a whole platoon of the national guard wouldn’t be a problem for one of us, let alone two. Let’s go have our fun.” Frank strode towards the automatic doors and watched as they slid open. All the accumulated musk from the gym rushed out, like a gas bomb that would blanket the town. Soon, all the little sub bitches would be coming to him and Nex. And they were going to crush them all. “We’re going to have as much fun as we want. Nobody can stop us.” He squatted down in front of his Hummer, wrapping his fingers under the front bumper, and lifted. The four-ton truck left the ground easily as Frank hoisted it into an overhead shoulder press. “I’m going to pump up a little bit with my car. No offense, but those light weights in your gym wouldn’t be able to even get my blood flowing.” Nex nodded. He understood. The big wolf went to the local junkyard and lifted cubed cars himself. He had surpassed his gym a very long time ago. The wolf watched as Frank’s shoulders engorged with blood, his sweat mingling with the gore on his torso. Slowly, his cock began to harden again. “Its fucking hot to watch you manhandle that truck, Frank.” Nex licked his lips and tasted the blood from Joey and the bear on his muzzle. Frank was doing overhead shoulder pressed with over four tons of weight. This kind of impossible power had never presented itself in his town before. The giant black wolf got on all fours and crawled under the truck to the human. Even though he seemed to tower over Frank normally, right now the littler human was totally in charge. “I’m gonna stand up now and take the thing from you. It seems like our little show here has attracted some admirers.” Frank turned his head and saw that there were about twenty males in the street watching him and Nex. Not a single human in sight. A huge rottweiler was breathing deeply, looking at Frank’s crotch. About six foot four, the dog was built like a Mack truck. His nubby tail was frantically shaking in his pants, huge roidgut protruding from his body. If Frank and Nex hadn’t have been there, he would easily be one of the biggest animals in the area. Frank looked at the rottweiler’s shirt. The logo for the bar in front of the gym was stretched across his chest. “What do you do at that bar, puppy?” Frank asked casually. “I-I’m a bouncer sir.” The dog was openly panting now, tongue lolling in the night air. “Oh yeah? Think you could bounce…” Frank flexed an enormous bicep right in the dog’s face “…me, if I decided to get rowdy?” Slowly, Frank began to bounce each of his pecs, rolling them in such a way that every single fiber seemed to flex and relax. The rottweiler shook his head. “Didn’t think so. I like an honest boy. Good thing for you, puppy. Come here.” The dog hesitated for a fraction of a second. “Do you think my friend is going to drop my car on you? I said, COME. HERE. NOW.” Frank didn’t have to raise his voice. The depth of it made sure it carried to every ear there. The dog jumped and ran to Frank. Nex smiled. The rottweiler had no idea what was coming. When the big dog got over to the human, Frank grinned and put a hand behind his head. With a swift pull, Frank jerked the rottweiler’s muzzle into his armpit. “Now, sniff.” The dog inhaled deeply, several times. Nex knew that apart from the gore on Frank’s body, the human had his own powerful aroma. The dog had no chance. “So, puppy… did you like that?” Now the dog was actually drooling. His eyes were lost in a dreamlike state of bliss, unfocused as if he was still searching for Frank’s scent. The rottweiler shook his head vigorously, tongue flapping in the air and flinging slobber everywhere. “You want a treat, puppy?” More nodding. The dog started to kneel, reaching for Frank’s exposed bulge. “No. Not remotely what I meant.” He looked up in disappointment. “Come here. It’s okay.” Frank put his huge hands on either side of the dog’s head and pulled him into a deep kiss, overpowering even the rottweiler’s huge, flat tongue with his own. The dog and Frank both gasped for breath as they kissed with wild abandon. Snatches of “you like that” and “harder” floated to Nex’s ears. Something else though piqued his sensitive hearing. The slight crackle crackle of something like straws snapping. Then he knew. Frank was squeezing the dog’s head as they kissed. The bones on the side of his skull were making that noise. Suddenly, in an explosion like a red water balloon, the rottweiler’s head exploded and Nex hear the clap of Frank’s hands coming together. The human spit out the dog’s tongue and looked at Nex, face covered in blood. He said two words that brought the wolf to full mast almost instantly: “Your turn.” The big black wolf scanned the crowd for a willing victim and soon spotted one. One of the only males taller than both of the powerhouses was eyeing him with wild eyes: a giraffe. Tall and thin, the giraffe looked to be about fifteen feet tall. Nex’s forearm was thicker than the thickest part of the tall mammal’s neck. “Hey, tall, spotty, and lanky.” The giraffe pointed at himself. “Yeah, you. Come here.” As the giraffe came over, Nex widened his stance a bit. “Get on your back on the ground and put your face between my legs. I wanna do some squats and need a good marker of where ‘ass-to-grass’ is. Your snout looks about right.” He nodded, complying immediately. He slammed onto his back and scooched in between the wolf’s tree trunk legs. “Now, four tons of steel is just a warmup weight for me to squat. I max about fifteen right now. You have nothing to worry about from the truck.” The big black wolf began to squat deeply, bringing his huge bubble butt to the tip of the giraffe’s nose. The heat from the wolf’s balls and crack blazed through the khaki shorts, making the giraffe acutely aware of his male scent. He opened his mouth and inhaled deeply, drawing Nex’s musk into his lungs. The giraffe’s face cracked a wide, dumb smile. He said to himself in his deep-ish voice, “Oh my god… that is such an amazing smell… I wonder…?” His long, black tongue slid out of his mouth and slowly found its way to the wolf’s crotch. Using piercing at the tip of his very flexible tongue, the giraffe hooked the wolf’s zipper. As Nex squatted and stood back up, the zipper slowly opened up, exposing a red covered bulge. The huge wolf moaned as the tall mammal’s long tongue wrapped slowly around his thickening cock and rubbed it through his cotton underwear. Frank smiled, as he knew that Nex was really enjoying himself while he dominated the thin giraffe. “Remember, I told you…” huff… huff… huff… Nex was incredibly turned on by the ministrations of the giraffe, hardening and stretching out of his now open fly. “…you didn’t have to worry about the truck. You should be more concerned about the ass moving it than the four tons of steel and plastic hanging over your head.” With that, Nex dropped the lowest he had yet, forcing the snout of his victim into his deep ass crack. His massive glutes surrounded the face of the giraffe and the huge black wolf gave a slight squeeze. The tall, thin mammal moaned, his deep voice vibrating Nex’s ass slightly. “Fuuuuck… that’s amazing.” The wolf’s glutes tightened again, as did his massive thighs. A faint ripping sound came from the legs of the khaki shorts, where it soon became apparent that they were tearing at the seams. “Moan again, little man. Your face is just right for getting in there and tickling my fancy.” The giraffe’s tongue was still sliding around Nex’s huge cock, all twenty inches of the giraffe’s muscular appendage now also sliding along his crack and the bottom of his balls through the cotton of the wolf’s briefs. “Gooood yeah. Feel the power of this massive muscle wolf’s ass.” With another squeeze, Nex felt a crack in his crack. He looked down between his legs just in time to see the tongue go limp and stop rubbing his red briefs. With a shrug, Nex went down even further, almost bringing his massive ass to the ground. As he lowered himself slowly, he could feel the shattered snout of his giraffe victim crumpled beneath the irresistible force of the massive weight of the Hummer and Nex’s muscles. Looking to his left, he could see Frank rubbing himself through his slacks, hard and leaking. The shattered giraffe head beneath him was oozing onto the pavement. “Damn, I bet the back of my shorts is just covered in blood and it makes it look like I shit myself. Might as well…” With that, the huge black wolf exploded back up to a standing position. The sudden movement proved to be too much for his shorts and the exploded off of his body, falling away in tatters. Frank licked his lips at Nex’s exposed legs and briefs. “I like the briefs, puppy. They are just the right type of cheeky.” Nex blushed deeply enough to tinge the white fur on his muzzle pink. One of the tinies whistled his appreciation and the wolf turned to face him growling. That shut the little man up pretty quickly. Nex’s briefs had been fully exposed, jammed up his crack by the giraffe’s long face. His ass was revealed in the first half of the banned full-moon pose that so many sexy bodybuilders had done so long ago. The wolf quickly slipped them out of his ass. His massive glutes had protected them from staining, revealing that they were not solid red as the crotch would lead onlookers to believe. Instead, only the front panel was red. The rest was a brilliant white, which contrasted with the wolf’s dark black fur. Nex huffed and bent over to lower the Hummer to the ground. This time it was Frank who whistled. The white briefs were stretched over his massive glutes to reveal not a solid white panel of fabric, but a gigantic decal of what appeared to be two cherries that seemed to perfectly mirror the ass beneath them, albeit in miniature. “Do those sweet cherries mean what I think they mean, puppy?” asked Frank. His cock was hardening even more in his slacks, slowly making its way to the ruined zipper. “I don’t know, little man.” Nex stomped over to the bald human and loomed over him. The wolf bounced his pecs. They were so heavy that onlookers could hear them slamming back down into Nex’s abs. The wolf flicked his tongue out, grazing the seven-foot tall monster human’s ear. “What do you think it means?” Frank hooked his thumbs into his waistband and gave a huge tug. To hell with it. These pants wouldn’t last too much longer anyway at the rate his quads were blowing up. His hairless body was a sharp contrast to the densely furred wolf. He shaved everything, from the tops of his feet to the crown of his head. His entire, smooth alabaster body was now on full display, save for a square covered by a struggling undergarment. Frank was wearing boxer briefs under the tan slacks that were wrapped tightly over his thighs and prodigious package. The were dark black except for the seams and the stitching, which were yellow and white, respectively. The human smiled at the wolf and stepped back, turning around. The globes of Frank’s ass were splashed with the image of a half-peeled banana. “I think it means the exact opposite of what my underwear are trying to suggest.” Frank bent and the banana bulged obscenely with his glutes. “I’m a dominant, hard fucking top. I am guessing those cherries mean your ass is ripe for the picking, as a submissive bottom.” The massive human looked over his shoulder at his partner in crime. The wolf’s face had cracked into a lopsided grin, showing glittering white teeth and a set of sharp, long canines. He was chuckling at the human’s suggestion. “You’re only half right, little big man. While the cherries do mean I am a bottom, I should think my display over there with our giraffe friend should show that I am by no means submissive. I get fucked, yeah. But I get fucked for keeps.” Nex’s tail was lifted and swaying gently right to left. “Any cock that gets between these cheeks…” He slapped his ass for effect, making a resounding crack! echo through the street. “…will belong to me until I am good and damn ready to let it go. That lanky man’s snoot, however, was not as pleasing as I had hoped it would be. That’s part of the reason I kept going down. He needed to be a lot strong to eat me out.” Nex clapped his hand together, knowing the road dust from the Hummer off of them. “So, with your rottweiler crush and those overhead presses…” The wolf began tallying up in his head. “I’d say you’re up about another twenty-five points. That would bring you to around fifty-five. If turning me on counted, I’d give you another ten.” Nex reached around Frank and groped his impossibly thick pec. With the claws of his forefinger and thumb, Nex tweaked the smaller man’s right nipple. “So, Frankie boy… where does that put me?” “Do not call me a boy, puppy. I am a man.” Frank growled. Several of the onlookers actually recoiled a bit, hearing the deep and frustrated noise that issued from the thick neck of the massive human. “I’m bigger than a lot of members of your species even.” “Yeah, you are boy. Yet…you still haven’t been able to domesticate this big wolf enough to call him puppy.” Nex lapped at the top of Frank’s bald head, dragging his thick tongue over the shaved dome. “So, man… how many points do I get?” Frank considered this for a moment. Watching the wolf squat his truck and subsequently blow out of his khaki shorts had been impressive, but what had really driven Frank wild was watching the wolf dominate the giraffe with just the flexing of his glutes. “I hate to say it, you big wolf, but you are at about sixty points with that little stunt you pulled with your underwear. I do not like admitting that anyone is beating me at anything.” Nex smiled behind Frank. He liked the idea that this huge, dominant man was starting to warm up to him. He had probably never seen anyone anywhere near the wolf’s size, let alone anyone that could maybe be stronger than him. Those extra five points were a real motivator to the black wolf. His massive cock twitched in his briefs. He was going to dominate this man and get him to fuck him hard. Maybe… just maybe… the human would be enough to sate his incredible sexual appetite. “So, what do you want to smash next wolfie?” Nex looked up into the crowd. He inhaled deeply, smelling the musk from his partner and smiled. Soon, both of their scents would attract much more challenging prey to their little show. But for now, they would keep going with what they had. “I think… we’d do better if we moved toward downtown. There’s not really enough men to crush here right now…” A groan came from the audience and several cellphones blazed to life. Snatches of “get to my location” and phone cameras and “I don’t care if you think you’re straight, you gotta see this!” floated to the ears of the two muscular giants. The crowd mobbed the two bodybuilders, making the street seem like it was full of molasses. The giants moved slowly, but unstoppably, forward through the mob. After about forty second of slow progress, Nex started to become impatient. He lashed out with his right arm and grabbed the head of a deer. “Move, dammit!” With a swift yank, the cervine left the ground and snapped to the right in the air. His neck cracked, broken from the force of the wolf’s furious yank. However, his body was just heavy enough that it tore from his neck. As if pulling a stem from a bunch of grapes, with a series of cracks the deer’s spine separated from his ribs as pelvis, sliding out from his neck. Nex was left holding the antlered head and spine of his quarry as the body flew across the street and through the window of a nearby restaurant. Like the Red Sea, the crowd in front of him and Frank split, coalescing behind them like ripples on the waves. “Sixty-five.” The broken window from the restaurant should have set delightful smells of dinner wafting into the street. Instead, the odor of the muscle gods overpowered the food and filled the establishment. Couples looked up from their meals, covered in the blood of the deer that had just flown in through the window. Frank stomped over to the newly made hole, his scent going before him. His pecs were covered in the blood of the bear and rottweiler he had recently crushed, leaving a sticky film of gore. Once he reached the window, he could see that the patrons were eating various types of pasta. Most likely this was some kind of chain Italian eatery that had been dolled up a bit. The massive human smiled and licked his lips. Then he took his finger and drew a heart in the gore that covered his pecs, smiling at the patrons. The herbivores and the women… they panicked out of instinct. Screams erupted from the Italian place as the scared made their way toward the emergency exits. This was a beast that could crush them, devour them, in an instant. However, many of them came to a halt and turned around as the musk from Frank, now standing at the destroyed window, flooded the place. Only the animals with the weakest sense of smell were able to resist the scent of the alpha male and run. They still wouldn’t get too far. A cow came up to Frank and pressed her breasts into his burgeoning cock, obviously in heat. He looked down, scowling. He coiled his finger back and thumped her right between the eyes, shattering her frontal bone immediately. She was dead before her body hit the floor. “No women.” He growled. “They break much too easily.” All of the female animals present sighed dejectedly. This man could mate, give them strong offspring. But they knew that they had no chance of surviving him. So, the women left. A small fennec fox started to follow until Frank cleared his throat and asked, “Where are you going?” The fox turned and looked at the monster human and pointed to his own chest. “Me?” He was dressed in the uniform of a waiter: black slacks, white shirt, black tie. He even had on an apron that did little to conceal his arousal. “Yes, you.” “I thought that…since I’m so thin and weak…” “Do not think. You are a male. I do not care how small you are. Dominating males is more challenging and fun. Come here.” The fox was shaking and slowly moved toward Frank. “Well? Do not keep me waiting, little one. Come here Füchschen. I’ll make it well worth your while.” At that, Frank lifted his arms, exposing his deep pits to the fox. His manly scent wafted over to the fennec, who gulped and moved closer. “That’s it Füchschen, come closer.” While Frank might not admit it, it was obvious to Nex that the human got off on the size difference between him and the little fox. The wolf sniggered a bit. He didn’t think Frank had noticed he had slipped into German when addressing his prize. Must be a habit, or something from his culture. Either way, it was endearing. The fox got to Frank, making the difference in their sizes all the more apparent. Where Frank was seven feet tall, this fox was barely four. Just a little higher than the waist of the big man. Without thinking, the fox raised his arms, as a child would before his father. “How much do you weigh?” “105 pounds, sir.” For a fox, he was pretty well built. Short and compact, about thirty pounds more muscle than one would expect on such a small man. “Light weight.” Frank ignored the outstretched arms and slid his hand under the fennec’s groin, cupping his entire undercarriage with his meaty paw. He lifted the fox up to face level and they began to kiss. Frank stretched his long, think middle finger up to the hole that the fur’s tail came out of. Inserting it, he worked it until the stitching became loose, ripping along the seam that held the back panels of the fox’s pants together. With his other hand, Frank popped all of the buttons on the fox’s shirt open, exposing his dust and white belly. He ran his fingers through the fennec’s fur, finding his nipples. The small fox went rigid with pleasure, moaning loudly. Frank smiled. “You see that big, black wolf over there?” The fox nodded, lost in a haze of bliss. “He and I are having a competition to see who can dominate and destroy the most of the city. Would you like to help me win?” The fox began to nod his head vigorously, ears flapping. “Good Füchschen. I want you to give us a good show. I have to earn lots of points or that wolf is going to win. Get ready.” At that, the massive human guided the little canine’s hand to his thick pec. His middle finger had found the fox’s rosebud and was gently going around it, feeling it twitch. He flexed his pec and the fox opened up slightly. Frank jammed his thick finger into the fox, spreading his anus open. The gigantic human felt a warm liquid ooze down his forearm. He looked and saw that his quarry was bleeding. “I’ve torn you open. I bet it hurts, Füchschen.” “YES!” The fennec screamed out in pain and pleasure. “Do you want me to stop?” “Fuuuuck… FUCK NO!” Even though the finger was much larger than any cock the fennec fox had taken before, even though it hurt like a motherfucker, no one had ever managed to hit his prostate like this. “Pleeeasee… keep going…” His voice had become little more than a whine. “Do you like this?” Frank began slowly pistoning his finger in and out of the fox. Each move brushed the little canine’s prostate, sending him into throes of extasy. The fox was hard as a rock. Nex didn’t want to admit it, but he was rock hard too. Watching this display of power, where Frank held and finger fucked another man with one hand, made him very excited. This monstrous human was the only man he had ever seen that could come close to his own power. With a smooth gesture, the human lifted the fox up high enough to put his little cock at mouth height. Licking his lips, Frank took the average member into his mouth and began to suck. In no time, the small canine came, pumping just a few teaspoons of jizz into the human. “Good Füchschen. I needed a little protein to refuel.” The fox’s chest was heaving. He looked down at the bald crown of the muscle god holding him. He reached out and grabbed the sides of Frank’s head, trying to pull his body down to eye level. Frank lowered him. “You know what comes next, do you not?” “I do. But it’s worth it. I knew from the moment you singled me out.” the fennec said, leaning in. “Good puppy. It’ll all be over soon though.” Frank jammed his finger up the fox’s ass, creating a seal. He then kissed him, letting his tongue fill the fox’s muzzle. Then, the giant did something totally unexpected. He began to blow. Like a balloon, the fox’s chest began to swell with air. Frank did not stop, however, when the fox moaned in pain. He kept blowing. With a muffled pop!, the fennec’s lungs burst in his chest. He coughed up blood, the rich, irony taste filling Frank’s senses. With a CRACK! the fennec fox’s ribs separated from his sternum, allowing his torso to expand. The fox looked about four times thicker than he had been before, filled with air and blood. Suddenly BOOOM! The fennec’s upper torso burst open, heart, stomach, and deflated lungs flying out and coating Frank’s torso and face with the gore of his viscera. The giant human threw the mass from his finger to the ground, reveling in the blood that covered his body now. “That was fun.” “Hot too. I think you’re up to seventy points now, big boy.” Nex said looking at the bloody human. Frank growled at the renewed use of “boy.” “It’s not fair. All the blood shows up on your skin, while my black fur just hides it.” Nex looked around and spotted the local leather bar down the street. Its doors had flown open and several big men came swarming out. Lastly came the two lions that Nex had seen walk in his several times. They were kind of hot when he had seen them in their gym clothes, but now… Steve and Allan had been dating for several years. Both extremely proud lions, they had been competing with one another longer than that, probably since high school. One of their biggest competitions had always been to see who was bigger, who could get more massive and powerful. No drugs or workout program were off limits. No gym was too hardcore. That was how they had found the Bonecrusher Gym. They spotted the massive black wolf, walking around the place like he owned it and decided that if they could get close to that wolf’s size, they might be happy. Steve was the smaller of the two, and he was tired of it. Nex knew this. At four hundred pounds and six foot three, the lion was nothing to sneeze at. Tonight, he had gone to the bar in his best gear. His huge pecs and lats were straining the leather harness that wrapped around his upper torso. With every breath he took, you could hear the leather creak. Allan, as the bigger male, had put a collar around his thick neck. Really it was two collars strapped together, as they didn’t make collars that big. His tight, black jeans were filled to the breaking point. His generous package, the one place he outclassed his boyfriend, was cupped and thrust forward by the fabric of his pants. His thick mane cascaded around his head, just long enough to rest on his traps. It was the color of burnt honey, just a few shades lighter than the fur that covered his magnificent body. Allan, on the other hand, was not as tall as his beau. At five foot eleven, he was quite a bit shorter. But what he lacked in height he more than made up for in size. At four hundred and thirty pounds, he outclassed Steve by a fair bit. He was thankful to have found that tiger and bull testosterone dealer at the gym. The biggest members of the feline and bovine worlds had helped him bulk up massively in the past years. They had also helped boost him in… other ways. His mane was thicker than Steve’s, as well as being a fair bit darker. He was almost a black lion, with darker fur than normally seen on other members of his magnificent species. Tonight, he had foregone a shirt, leaving his huge, heaving torso exposed to the elements. He was also wearing leather chaps and a G-string, which was filled to the bursting point. As the alpha in the relationship, he could advertise a bit more than Steve. The massive cats stood next to each other, watching the men from the leather bar flood towards some unseen thing down the street. But they could feel it, watching them. Nex knew that Allan and Steve were uncannily aware of their surroundings, like so many other big cats. He knew that long before the lions saw him or Frank, they would feel their gaze on them and smell their powerful musk. “Move, ants. I finally spotted a real challenge.” the wolf growled at the crowd worshiping him. They spread out, putting the massive black wolf in the line of sight of the two lions. Allan looked simultaneously awed and furious. Nex chuckled. He knew what was going through the massive feline’s mind: There’s a canine bigger than me? Nex’s massive eight hundred pounds of bulk shook with his laughter, every contour of his massive body highlighted in the streetlamps that he and Frank were slowly destroying. His cock, already so hard from the night’s activities, throbbed in his underwear. A wet patch started to spread out from the precum he was leaking, adding to the overall scent of masculinity filling the town. He cocked an eyebrow. He could not fathom how the two felines were resisting the aroma and the sight of he and Frank totally destroying the other men in town. He lifted his massive paw and beckoned to Allan, calling “Here kitty, kitty. Come to daddy.” Allan saw red. Maybe it was his competitive nature, maybe it was the hormones he pumped into himself every day, but Allan charged at the massive black wolf with reckless abandon. As he ran, his claws slid out of the pads on his hands and his lips curled back, revealing sharp teeth. He was going to kill that cocky son of a bitch for calling him “kitty”. No one makes a lion his size sound cute, no one. As he ran, through the bloody haze he slowly noticed that he hadn’t quite come to grips with just how big Nex was from a distance. He could tell the wolf was large, but he had no idea he was almost three feet taller than him and nearly double his weight. The black fur also hid Nex’s size in the darkening streets. But Allan was committed. He was going to slash that wolf’s throat. What happened next happened in the space of a tenth of a second. Only Frank was able to fully appreciate it. Nex twisted his hand, moving it from an upturned position to a gripping one. His forearm made an almost imperceptible snapping noise as his hand curled around the lion’s throat. With one swift motion, he yanked the lion off of the ground and smashed him into the pavement. Asphalt is deceptively soft, especially if you slam a rock-hard mass onto it. Allan sank into the street, leaving a lion shaped outline. He started coughing, the air knocked out of him. Eventually, he began to hack up a little bit of blood. “Looks like I ruptured something, kitty.” growled the wolf. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t have more fun. Just let me…” Nex laid down on his side, legs near the lion’s head. “I’m gonna have a little bit of fun with you. Do you and that boyfriend of yours ever wrestle?” Meanwhile, Steve watched the man who had dominated him in nearly every way known be manhandled like he was a boy. His dick was hardening in his jeans, straining at the zipper. Frank had found his way over to the big cat and stood in front of him, blocking his view of his boyfriend. “Well, hello there kitty cat. Are you feeling left out? I think I can play with you while your boytoy is otherwise…occupied. Would you like that.” Stunned Steve unsheathed the claws on his right hand and swiped at Frank’s massive pecs. “Be careful, kitty cat. You might break a nail doing that.” Stunned, Steve looked at the human’s chest. Instead of seeing four lines of open flesh, like he would on almost any other animal, his claws had only wiped away four parallel lines of blood, exposing the alabaster skin of the giant before him. “This is how you scratch something.” Frank moved his hand into a claw like pose and swiped in front of the lion, just millimeters from his flesh. Steve was tempted to laugh by the absurdity of the situation. How could a human scratch with the same power as a cat? All the same, he looked down at his chest. What he saw made him jump back. “Did you like that, kitty cat? I might not have the same claws as you, but I can still scratch things up.” The huge lion’s chest was now completely exposed. Somehow, the human had slashed through the leather of his harness, causing it to drop away. “That was what, about a centimeter thick? You are luck cat. I could have taken much more that just your harness.” Frank draped his huge arm over the broad shoulders of the lion. “Now, we are going to watch your boi have some fun with my wolf. Watch carefully, because we are going to do some things once they finish.” Nex now had his right leg under Allan’s head and his left leg on the lion’s throat. This slight differential pushed the big cat’s head up enough to see his boyfriend watching. He wanted to cry out, to ask him for help. Together, they might be able to stop this beast. The black wolf gave his legs a quick squeeze, cutting off Allan’s air. “I know what you’re thinkin’ kitty. It wouldn’t help. Imma lot stronger than I look, and I look pretty fucking strong. There ain’t no way that you and your fuckboi over there would ever put a dent in me.” Even though he was almost whispering Nex’s voice carried loud and clear to the lion between his legs and to Frank. Allan could feel the wolf’s balls throb over his head. He knew that Nex was aroused by this, by knowing that Allan could never get away. “It would take a fuckin’ army to take one of us down, and you’ve gotta deal with two. So, just lay back and enjoy it.” Allan began to panic, his face darkening from the lack of oxygen. Soon, he was clawing at Nex’s meaty quads, trying to get them off of him. His lower body flailed around, fighting against the massive wolf. The lion even tried to pummel the wolf’s hard cock. This only elicited a sharp intake of breath from Nex. Not in pain, but of pleasure. “You ain’t doin’ nothin’ unless I say you are, kitty cat.” Allan arched his back using his legs, forcing his body off the ground. But the might of his four hundred and twenty pounds, which would have dwarfed almost any other animal, was no match for the wolf’s legs. “I’m really gettin’ tired of you fighting like this. If you’re gonna fight, break out and fight. Don’t just flop around like a trout on the riverbank.” The lion watched as the world around him began to blur. “Aw, fuck it. I’m gonna end this right now.” There was a snap and Allan was suddenly able to breathe. But the world had reversed itself. He tried to turn his head but found that he couldn’t. He moved his eyes and saw that the problem wasn’t the wolf’s legs, but his own head. His head had been severed from his body by that monster of a wolf’s thighs. “Thicc thighs save lives, but thick thighs can take ‘em.” He could see his body flailing in his last moments of consciousness. He tried to see if he could see Steve, to say goodbye. But the dark swallowed him whole. “DAMMIT! I thought lions were supposed to be tough as nails.” Blood was gushing from the decapitated body between his thighs, covering Nex’s legs with red. Now it was visible on his black fur. The wet made it glossy, made it shine in the moonlight. “I might as well keep squashing this thing…” He moved his thighs down to the thick chest. Rigor hadn’t set in yet, but Nex wasn’t patient enough to wait to add that element to this challenge. He squeezed his legs, feeling the ribs and spine in the headless corpse start to turn to dust. Even the arms, which he had trapped too, snapped and were ground into ever smaller fragments. The missing head, though, added and extra element to the crushing. Everything began to flow out like toothpaste from a tube, blood and gore filling the hole that had previously held the lion’s body. The blood gave a beautiful luster to the black fur on Nex’s legs. The previously white panels of fabric on his briefs were now stained a deep red as well. His cock twitched, spurting precum. He was so glad that Frank had turned him on to this. Destruction was the purest form of domination. “Did you see that, kitty cat? He just juiced your boyfriend like an orange with his huge, meaty thighs.” Frank looked at the lion, who was staring agog at the bloody pulp that used to be his boyfriend. He wasn’t weeping, just stunned. Frank called out to the wolf “Ninety-five!” then turned back to the lion. “Now…” Frank tapped the side of Steve’s face to bring his attention to him. “…it is our turn.” The massive human smiled at the slightly shorter lion, his white teeth sparkling through the gore that covered his face. Steve looked down and saw Frank’s erection, angry and red, throbbing above the waistband of his boxers. His huge balls still filled the pouch. It was then that Steve knew that he was going to be a broken toy too. “You look pretty big, kitty cat. Pose for me.” Steve was stunned out of his reverie by Frank’s sudden request. His torso being the only thing exposed, he began to bounce his pecs and tighten his abs. “No, no, little cat. The arms.” Steve lifted his thirty-inch arms. He was proud of his huge biceps. While three inches smaller than those of his now former boyfriend, they were much larger than those of any other man he knew. He flexed slowly, methodically, to bring the peaks of his arms to the hugest they could be. He pumped so hard that the veins began pulsing, showing through his thick fur. Steve shook his head, making his mane wave in the air. But the lion’s musk was nowhere near powerful enough to be distinguished from Frank. “Those arms are pretty big kitty cat. You should be proud of them. Who knows? If you had been like me, you could have become a powerful muscle god as well.” Frank was standing in front of Steve, sizing him up. “Hold that pose for me. I want to feel that.” He lightly touched the massive peak on the feline’s arm. With his fingers, he traced the veins that covered the massive arm like a net. Frank spread his hand out, pointing his thumb downward and his fingers up to the peak. The lion had no idea that this monster of a human could be so gentle. “Do you like them?” A tiny bit of the cockiness from Steve’s life before meeting this god crept back into his voice. His lips curled into a smug grin. “I do like them, kitty cat. But…” “But?” “They are a bit… soft.” The lion was stunned until he felt a massive pressure on his huge arm. This human was squeezing his biceps, denting them with just his grip. The bicep, though hard and muscular, was mostly liquid in its chemical makeup. It would act like a liquid with enough pressure. Steve whipped his free hand over to his covered bicep and whimpered weakly. He was no longer able to hold the flex and relaxed his arm. “Yes. Soft, kitty cat. Your arms are nothing compared to my grip strength. I can crush a pomegranate with two fingers. What do you think I can do with my whole hand, I wonder?” Frank kept squeezing and Steve’s biceps seemed to flow out on the side of his hand. The lion’s whining had escalated to nervous screams of “Ah! Ah! Ah!” as he pounded on Frank’s hand. “You saw what Nex did. If the bigger kitty couldn’t stop him, what makes you think you can stop me?” A small cracking noise came from the big bicep, as individual muscle fibers began to snap under Frank’s ever tightening grip. Soon, the monster human’s huge hand met almost no resistance. Blood oozed out from between Frank’s finger like juice from an overripe tomato, gushing down his forearm. His hand eventually closed around the lion’s humerus. “Soft.” SNAP! The lion’s arm split from his body; the bone broken like a toothpick. Blood flowed freely from the hole in Steve’s shoulder. “You need more calcium in your diet, kitty cat. Now these…” Frank flexed his own massive, forty-two-inch arms. “These are strong arms.” The stunned feline looked at the massive, bloodstained arms flexed in front of him and opened his mouth, salivating. “Get a better look. Get closer.” Frank put his hand behind Steve’s head and pulled it as close as possible to his bicep. “Get a good whiff.” The scent from Frank’s pits wafted into the lion’s nose, turning his hormones up to maximum. “Do it.” Steve opened his mouth and began licking the gory human, cleaning the blood off of his pale skin. His rough feline tongue cleaned the skin very effectively. “Get in there, kitty cat. Clean it all up.” Frank relaxed himself a little bit so that the lion could get his head between the massive bicep and meaty forearm of Frank’s left arm. Blood and gore had pooled there, congealing into a mess that would require quite a bit of work to fully cleanse. Steve leaned in, fully immersed in Frank’s power and masculinity. His mane rubbed and stuck to the blood on Frank’s skin. Suddenly, the familiar feeling of tightness began to increase on his head. His mane, now plastered to his skin, was held so tightly in the crook of Frank’s arm that it was ripping individual hairs out of his head. Steve continued licking even though he knew he was not far from death. Frank’s bicep and forearm were pushing on the jugular veins on Steve’s neck, slowly cutting off the oxygen to the lion’s brain. In spite of his failing faculties, the feline never stopped licking the human’s arm. “Ooooh yeah, little kitty. Keep licking, there’s still plenty to clean up…” Steve’s head began to crack under the pressure, finally exploding like a red filled water balloon. The bang from the skull made Nex shiver a bit. Looking down at Frank’s crotch, the wolf saw that he had cum, coating his abs with white spunk. Nex’s ass twitched a bit, his bottom nature coming out a little. Maybe once this was over, he’d ride the alabaster human like a stolen bicycle, dominating him like the powerbottom he was. “Ninety-five points, little man. We’re all even now. The next few conquests will decide who wins.” The big black wolf ran his claws through his fur, dragging the congealing gore with them. Frank relaxed his bicep a little, letting the blood and gray matter drip off of the basketball sized muscle little by little. The human nodded in agreement. The last crush had made him cum. He wanted his next load to go down the wolf’s muzzle, totally owning him. “So, Frank… we never said what the winner of our little competition of strength and crushin’ would get. I’d say it’s about time we decided on a prize, don’t you?” “Yes, I believe so wolfie. We have already destroyed so much, so many… I do not think another crush would be a good prize. Perhaps we should consider each other as the prizes.” Nex’s ears perked up a bit at this. “Should I win… I am going to hold you down and fuck your face until I cannot cum anymore. That should only take about fifteen loads.” Frank was positively growling, his cock an angry red that was actually stretching the elastic band of his boxers to the breaking point. “If you win, little wolf…” “If I win, I’m gonna ride your cock until you think it’s gonna fall off. Then… once you’re good and fucked out…” Nex flexed into a most muscular, swelling hugely in front of the slightly smaller human. He growled back at the human, much more impressive with his canine vocal cords. “I’m gonna ram my huge cock up that tight ass of yours. You’re gonna bottom for me, boy. I’m gonna turn you out, make you my toy. I’d ruin you for any other man.” Frank’s cock twitched. He had never bottomed before, and this wolf might be fun. Suddenly, a sobbing filled their ears from over by the restaurant. The two of them looked over and spotted a cassowary knelt over the exploded fennec fox, crying. Nex’s face darkened. “Look at that…” The cassowary was thickly built. In a racerback tank top, his pecs spilled out of the sides of his shirt. His stomach, rather than a tight set of abs, was a huge and thick roidgut. Pushing out like a tortoise shell, his brick like abs were apparent through the thin fabric. His powerful legs were wrapped in shorts, exposing the scales on his calves. His thick, blue, featherless neck led up to a red wattle. The top of his head had a thick, bony crest that looked like it had been shaped a bit. “Birds shouldn’t look like that.” Nex growled. “Firstly, they shouldn’t be big like that… then they should have feathers all over. Birds should be light. Unless they’re maybe an eagle, or a hawk… But, then again… you can’t kiss something with no lips.” Tears ran down the bird’s face, dripping onto the corpse of the fox. “Oh… sweetie… You’re gone…” Sniffling, the cassowary rubbed the head of his dead lover. Strangely, he didn’t seem to notice the look of absolute bliss on the fox’s face. “Mikey… I heard that there was something going on downtown… I had to come down here to make sure you were okay. Oh Mikey…” The bird felt the eyes of something on him, watching what he thought was a semi-private scene of mourning. He lifted his head and turned to find two bloody giants watching him. “YOU! YOU DID THIS! I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU!” The cassowary stood to his full height of six foot ten inches, muscles flooded with adrenaline and testosterone. Nex knew that their musk wouldn’t affect his bird like it had others. Cassowaries didn’t have good senses of smell compared to the mammals they had destroyed up to this moment. As the giant bird flew at them, the long nails of the middle toes on his feet gouging lines in the asphalt, Frank smiled. His smile said, “All yours.” to the wolf. Nex stepped in front of the bird and held his open hand in front of him, like a bumper. The big bird slammed into his hand, much like the barbell Frank had caught at the gym so many hours ago. The wolf curled his hand in the cassowary’s shirt, tightening it. “You know, birdie, your boyfriend there begged my friend Frank to sex him up. He saw that man over there and knew he was gonna be bigger and stronger than any man he’d ever had.” The bird struggled against the wolf’s huge hand, clawing at his forearm. “Didya see the look on his face? He died after having the best fuckin’ orgasm of his life. Somethin’ you could have never given him. And Frank did that with his finger. Imagine if he had used his cock…” “BASTARD!” The cassowary lashed out with his massive legs at Nex’s cock and balls. When he connected, Nex sucked a breath in through his teeth and moaned. The bird couldn’t believe it. His kick had actually aroused the wolf further. Nex’s burgeoning cock pushed out of the fly of his briefs, swelling harder. “Ooooh yeah, birdie. I love when tiny men like you resort to the rough stuff. Weaklings like you have to pretty much pummel my dick to get it up. You’re weak and, as Frank is showing me more and more, worthy of only being playthings.” The bird kept kicking and swinging his arms, fighting against Nex’s iron grip. “Yeah, you’re not getting away. Keep fighting like that and you’re gonna make me cum.” With his free hand, Nex ripped the shorts off of his victim. “You’re gonna enjoy this, bird brain.” Gripping the Cassowary on either side of his abs, the gigantic wolf directed his cock upwards towards and rammed it into the cassowary’s ass. The bird suddenly stopped fighting as he was overtaken by the pleasure of Nex’s huge dick brushing against his prostate. He began to moan and grind on the huge wolf’s cock. “That’s right, and I’m bigger than Frank. I’m gonna have so much fun with you birdie.” The bird was still leaking tears as he bounced up and down on the wolf’s cock. He loved Mikey, but this wolf was giving him more pleasure than the fox ever had. Mikey had been his boyfriend for years though, since they graduated high school. Why was this so pleasurable? “Aww, poor little birdie. Are you sad about your boytoy? Or are you more frustrated that a bottom is topping you, making you doubt that whole dom persona you built up in the bedroom?” His grip on the bird’s roidgut tightened and he began moving the cassowary up and down. The bird came, coating Nex’s gory abs with his sticky jizz. “No wonder Mikey liked Frank better. He lasted a whole lot longer than you.” The bird was still sobbing through the orgasmic bliss. Nex asked, “Do you need a hug, little bird?” The massive black wolf wrapped his arms around the bird’s thick torso, pulling him in tightly to the gory brown fur that sprouted from his white chest. His pecs swelled around the cassowary, trapping the bird in the deep crevice between the massive muscles. The cassowary buried his beak in the pecs. Nex pushed his arms down behind the bird’s torso, forcing his victim further between his gigantic chest muscles. As the wolf squeezed his pecs, the bird’s head disappeared more and more. Suddenly, there was a loud crack and the pieces of the cassowary’s hard crest and beak fell out of the fur on Nex’s pecs. “AHHHHH!” The bird screamed out as his face was opened up to the elements. Nex moaned and shivered at the sight of the bird’s destroyed face. The fear in the cassowary’s yellow eyes faded as they clouded over with lust. The shattered bony structures on bird’s face had opened up his sinuses and, although they were filled with blood, this increased his olfactory abilities by quite a bit. Nex’s powerful musk overwhelmed any and all instinct the bird would have had. He forced his bloody face back into the deep valley between the wolf’s huge pecs, gore running down the fur and into the deep crevices between Nex’s abs. The wolf moaned as the bird pushed deeper and deeper into his brown chest fur. With a hard flex, Nex dragged the bird deeper into his pecs. Remembering the whistle that the wolf had so easily destroyed, Frank licked his lips and watched with obvious arousal. He gripped his cock and jacked, watching Nex totally dominate the bird. The wolf’s dick throbbed inside the bird and popped out, tearing the flesh of the lower rectum with it. He squeezed his arms together into a crab pose, crushing the cassowary’s head between his huge pecs. Blood and brains spurted out from between the wolf’s chest, like juice from a lime. The spray made a long line of red on Frank that went from his bald head to his waistline. “Shit, wolfie… that was hot.” With a thud, the dead bird hit the ground. “I think you are up to at least one hundred and fifteen points. That destruction was just… delicious.” Frank wiped the blood from his face, smiling at Nex. “We have killed at least ten men and one woman so far. I wonder how long it will be before…” The sound of police sirens began echoing off the skyscrapers as a huge police car skidded around the corner into the downtown area. It had to be three times the size of the average cruiser and the reason became immediately apparent. The driver side door opened, and a fifteen-foot tall elephant stepped out. He was massive. Not muscular, just hugely fat and tall. His body may have been powerful when he was when he was young, but years of sitting in a car and behind a desk while eating donuts had taken their toll. At more than twice Frank’s height, he had to weigh at least fifteen hundred pounds. His long, curved tusks framed his trunk and his huge ears flapped in the breeze. His gut bounced with every step, like jello. “Look what we have here… police. They are going to try to stop us. They will not be so lucky.” “Wha’s goin’ on here?” The massive elephant was feet from Frank, gesticulating with his trunk at the gory human and blood-soaked wolf. “What’n blue blazes do y’all think yer doin’?” He jabbed the shorter human in the chest with his trunk. Frank could tell that this massive specimen was used to being in control, to throwing his weight around and getting what he wanted without too much trouble, just by virtue of being huge. “This is a safe town! How can you think you can jus’ walk in here and start fuckin’ with folks on the street, rippin’ ‘em to shreds, jus’ cuz you feel like it! The hell is wrong with y’all?” His prehensile trunk was placed firmly on Frank’s chest. As patient as the huge human was, he did not take kindly to this kind of intimidation tactic. In a swift motion, Frank grabbed the trunk of police officer and yanked down, forcing him to his knees. “Never… put your…fucking trunk…on me…” Frank spun around, like a decathlete throwing a discus, pulling the massive elephant with him. “AGAIN!” Unlike the deer, the elephant had tough skin and his head did not come undone from his body. Instead, Frank released the trunk and the elephant flew away in the direction of the squad car. He landed behind it with a heavy thud, shaking the surrounding city blocks. The whipping motion would have broken his neck and the crash his spine. Frank was sure he wasn’t coming back. “Officer down! The two perps are massive! Send the big guns! One of ‘em just threw Kowalski like he was a toy!” The shouting coming for the cruiser belonged to the junior officer, a gorilla. Frank was not sure how big he was, as he was barely visible over the dashboard. The cruiser, having been built for an elephant, didn’t help him gauge this new target’s size. The door of the police car flew open with surprising force, and with a thump a six-foot-eleven gorilla hopped out of the car. One look at this junior officer told Frank that he was much younger and took much better care of his body that his elephantine partner. Built like a bodybuilder, he looked to be about six hundred pounds of solid muscle. His huge feet pushed into the asphalt as he stomped over to the gargantuan destroyers, leaving small indents behind. He drew his gun and shouted “GET ON THE GROUND! NOW!” He made the critical mistake of being within arms’ reach of the monsters he was trying to subdue. Nex reached out and yanked the Glock out of the gorilla’s hand, and Frank grabbed the gorilla by the wrist. The huge human pinned the ape to his chest, facing the wolf so he could observe every move that he was going to make and pay attention to every word he said. “Alright, ya big ape. Didn’t they teach ya at the academy that waving guns around is dangerous? Ya coulda shot somebody’s eye out with this thing.” Nex looked at the barrel, careful to point the end at the ground. With two fingers, he pinched it shut. He then began crumpling the sidearm like a piece of paper, wadding it into a ball. As he compressed the steel, the gunpowder in the bullets exploded under the pressure. But, with nowhere to go, it just felt like a vibrating ball in Nex’s hand as each round went off inside the weapon. When he had rolled it into a small ball, he dropped it to the ground and walked up to the now quaking gorilla. “It’s okay monkeyshines, you just did that cuz you were scared, didn’t ya?” The gorilla nodded vigorously at this, hoping to Wolf Christ he was making the right choice in agreeing with this monster of a wolf. The human holding him and the canine in front of him were like gods when he compared himself to them. They might not have shapeshifting abilities, or mystical powers, or be macros, but they were massively strong. He knew that there was no escape for him. “Aw, wolfie, I think our little monkey friend needs a big hug. Like you gave your birdie friend What do you think?” Frank’s deep voice rattled the inside of the gorilla’s brain. The smell of pheromones and the vibrations from Frank’s chest had driven his libido into overdrive. His dick was now rock hard in his uniform pants, bulging out for all on the street to see. Nostrils flaring, he watched as the wolf approached him and wrapped his arms around the human, sandwiching him in. “You know, little man, I think you and your one hundred and twenty points might be right.” The gorilla was firmly stuck between Frank and Nex, trapped between their massive pecs. He felt Frank’s massive schlong rubbing up against his ass crack, poking at his slacks. Meanwhile, Nex’s huge boner was pushing into his stomach, leaving traces of precum and gore all over his blue shirt. These massive men had him stuck in their pumped-up pecs. He could honestly feel the veins underneath throbbing. “Let’s give him a real good squeeze.” At that, Nex and Frank wrapped their arms around each other and began to squash the ape officer in a tight bearhug, moving closer and closer to one another in a vice-like embrace. The ape moaned as the unbeatable forces of the muscle gods pulled against one another. His ribcage collapsed in on itself as Frank and Nex pulled closer, bones snapping like dry branches in a thunderstorm. The ape’s last word, the last thing he would ever say, was a whisper of ‘tighter’ to his captors. In an explosion of blood and gore, the two giants’ pecs met, and they kissed each other deeply. “If we did that together…” began Frank. “I’m not so sure we should keep keeping score.” He leaned back, bone fragments falling from his blood covered chest. “I think you’re right, little man.” Nex answered, smiling. Pieces of the gorilla’s uniform were stuck to the blood and viscera in his fur, slowly peeling off in their embrace. “I shoulda told ya though. The big gun… his name is Stan.” BOOM The buildings around the pair trembled as something that sounded suspiciously like the rhythm of footsteps moved closer to the two muscle gods. “He’s the city’s one and only macro.” BOOM “He’s also on the police force and weighs about eight tons of solid muscle. So…” BOOM “We’re gonna have to take him on now.” BOOOOOOOM A massive paw wrapped around the side of a skyscraper, shattering the plexiglass windows on about three stories of an office building. A massive German shepherd’s muzzle came around the corner, looming over everything. He could see two blood covered beasts in the middle of the street and knew that these must be his targets. His ears flicked back, and a low growl began in his throat. At one hundred and fifty feet tall, the monstrous police hound thought he would have no trouble in subduing his quarry. “What’re you two doing here on this street?” Stan inhaled a little, puffing out his chest and tightening his abs. Dozens of smaller furs ran screaming from the massive officer. Looking at the two blood-soaked males, he knew that, proportionally, the wolf was even bigger than him. Despite his sharp hearing, the German shepherd could not pick up on exactly what the muscle beasts were saying. He smoothed his uniform, a custom piece of tailoring provided by Macrose and Biggs, associates, and knelt down. His massive calves took up most of the street, pushing cars and trucks up onto the sidewalk. He then placed his huge hands on the street, leaning in closer to the beastly wolf. His massive torso loomed over everything, casting the street under a darker shadow than a cloudy night ever could have. “I said, what’re you two doing here?” His tie was hanging down, lightly brushing the street like a silk marquee. Without warning, Nex grabbed the tie and gave it a solid yank. Stan’s arms, massive though they were, were not prepared for the force that Nex suddenly exerted on them. His shoulders slammed into the ground, followed by his chin. Now the massive officer was lying down, ass in the air, slightly dazed. “See Frank, I knew I was strong enough to do that. Good thing we ain’t keepin’ score any more, huh?” “That would only count as one!” Stan’s ears snapped back. The second voice had come from around his right nipple. He suddenly felt a massive pinch, exciting every single nerve ending in his nip, making Stan moan loudly. Every building in the neighborhood shook with the force of his moan. “Did you like that, you big puppy dog? How about this?” He felt a scurrying under his pecs and then another sudden heavy pinch on his left nipple. “Oooooooh gooood… Do it again. Please…” Stan’s huge, ten-foot-long cock was hardening in his pants. The little man under him was twisting his nipples like a real pro, harder than the giant German shepherd would have ever thought possible from something so little. “Fuuuuuck, little man, that feels so good…” Stan reached down to his pants and opened the zipper. His monster cock had already escaped his jock strap and now pushed into the street, flooding it with precum. Opening his eyes, Stan saw two males on his snout. The black wolf and a human, both covered head-to-toe in blood and guts. “You said…” He was panting now, positively whining. “You said something about keeping score. What was that about?” Like massive satellite dishes, Stan’s pointed ears turned to face the front as Nex and Frank explained the details of their little game that had claimed at least fifteen lives tonight. Maybe more. The more Stan heard, the more his tail wagged from right to left. This, too, shattered windows with the sheer force of wind behind him. “Even though you aren’t keeping score anymore, can I play?” Frank and Nex looked up at him and shouted, “FUCK YES!” simultaneously. If two slightly bigger than normal guys could do all this damage, what would a macro be able to do? Stan’s ears perked up and he wagged his tail even harder. Careful not to dislodge the two males from his snout, Stan returned to his full, impressive one-hundred-and-fifty-foot height. He was going to do something worth a whole lot of points to impress these two guys. Somehow, they were smaller than him but stronger. They could pleasure him in a way he could not please himself. Stan jogged further into town, Nex and Frank holding on to the brown fur on his muzzle. The breeze felt good on his exposed boner, which throbbed in the night air, swelling with each step. Suddenly, he spotted his target. Across the street was a bus depot, packed despite the late hour. A long-haul bus, destined for who knows where, had just finished loading in front of the sad little station. “People that take the bus like that… I think they need some more excitement in their lives.” Stan stomped over to the bus and lifted it, with all forty-three of its passengers. Facing the motor away from him, Stan lifted the vehicle and inspected the rear. Satisfied, he pushed his thumbnails into the bus rear. This open it up like a one ended tube. “Hey, look guys…” Stan lowered the bus and positioned it in front of his throbbing erection. “I made a masturbation sleeve!” He jammed his massive cock into the bus, filling every inch of its circumference. His member was so large that the square bus began to take a round shape, forming around his cock. “Something’s…ooooh… missing though… Oh, I know!” With a twist, Stan crushed the front end of the bus, squishing everyone inside. Blood oozed around his cock, flowing out of the bus-fleshlight. “Flavored lube!” He dipped his finger into the blood and brought it up to taste. “Meaty!” His tail wagging, Stan resumed fucking the bus. The huge piece of steel molded to his cock as he pushed, moaning. “I’m…oooohh… gonna cum… Oooooh Wolf Christ, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna…ooooRAAAAAA!” With a primal yell, Stan came. The bus exploded in his hand from the pressure of the cum and blood, blooming into a twisted steel flower in his hand. “How was that guys?” Stan got no answer. “Guys?” Crossing his eyes, Stan looked at his muzzle. There, panting and breathless, were Nex and Frank. Nex was on the human’s dick, looking incredibly pleased with himself. Frank was covered in a thick layer of spooge, turning the dark red blood into a pinkish paste. Observation proved that Frank had just cum too, filling Nex’s ass with his jizz. Both of the massive men looked up into Stan’s eyes. “Well?” Stan’s ears twitched, half annoyed and half in anticipation of the answer he hoped would come. The two smaller men looked each other in the eye, the back up at the giant German Shepherd. They then answered in unison: “YOU WIN!”
  15. Seinki

    Bestest Boy

    This is a story about a smaller human and a big furry wolf having some fun! Discretion is advised! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was a nice early afternoon; the sun was shining, and the wind was nice and cool. David just came home from brunch he had with his friends in the city, the brown-haired human was a bit sweaty from the sun shining so hot, so he went to the fridge and poured himself a nice cold glass of cola and sat down with it on the living room sofa. Taking sips from his beverage as he took out his phone to check some messages and his timeline. His body was no longer sweating as much ad David got halfway through his drink, when someone rang his doorbell. This took the human by surprise as he wasn’t expecting any visitors. He got off the couch and walked to the front door, opening it, he was surprised to see a massive red box with a yellow ribbon forming a bow on the top and a note stuck to it. David looked at the note, it said the following: ‘Hey Good Boy! You have been treating me very nicely and I thought it would be great for me to finally reward you properly. So, I am gifting you something that you (hopefully) always wanted. May your gift bring as much joy and happiness to you as you have brought to me. Love Scar Husky Ps: Let me know if you have any trouble with him, like feeding and stuff.’ David stared off into the void ahead of him. “Who the fuck is ‘Scar Husky’” He asked himself, he than started to think about other words that were in the note like ‘trouble with him’ and ‘feeding’, the man could only guess what was in the box but there was only one way to find out. He grabbed the yellow ribbon and pulled it down, he slowly began lifting lid of the box, peaking inside, but he only saw darkness, he opens it further and suddenly the lid gets thrown into the air, scaring David so much he falls on his back, the walls of the box fell over fully revealing its content. An over 2.5m tall grayish brown wolf wearing a harness and a jockstrap was looming over David, he held his thick muscular arms high and exclaimed with his deep voice, “Master! It’s so good to finally meet you!” with that he reached down with his big arms picking David up and brought him up to his yellow eyes. The wolf began licking the man’s face, giving him a slobbery kiss and then pushed him into his silver furred pecs, holding the human tightly against his muscular body. David was tapping against the muscular body as he was being crushed by the big guy, he spotted his collar with a tag on it saying ‘John’. He tapped harder on the wolf and said “Caaant… breath…”with a muffled voice, to the wolf quickly pulled the man away. “Oh, I’m so sorry Master! P-please don’t be mad at me!” he said while he gave David a sad look. “I’m not mad, just put me down.” Said the human, the canine immediately got back his cheerful smile as he dropped the human, his face didn’t even reach his chest, only the fluffy abs, “W-what are you?” asked David nervously “I am your pet, Master!” Answered eagerly John, as he quickly picked up a leash, attached one end to his harness and held out the other in his hand towards David with his tail wagging excitedly behind him. “… Okay…” said the human, he then realized that everyone outside could see the oversized anthro wolf at his door and quickly took the leash. “Come inside quickly!” he said, pulling him in. John had to lower his head so he could fit through the door which David shut immediately behind him. He took a deep breath and said, “Come sit with me in the leaving room.” Said the man, handing the wolf back his leash. David sat back down onto his spot on the couch and held his head as was John walking himself in behind him and sat down on the floor. “… uh, you can just… whatever” said the man, trying to tell john that he is allowed on the couch, but he gave up on it, prompting the canine to tilt his head confusion. “So, uh… why are you here?” he asked “Silly Master!” Answered John, happily. “I’m here to be yours, to do whatever you say. To make you happy.” “Do whatever I say?” “Anything and everything” replied the wolf eagerly. That got David thinking, if he understands the situation correctly, he now has a big sexy pet who is also a manservant. He scratched the back of his head as he was thinking and looking at the big wolf infront of him. John was smiling at his new master, he even enjoyed sitting on the ground in silence, but deep down he started getting worried that he might get rejected. The human finally broke the silence, “So, if I tell you to suck my dick, you would do it?” he asked, to which John leaned forward, started crawling towards his master on his arms and squeezed his snout between the human’s legs. David was in shock as the canine looked up at him as he blew warm air onto his crotch through his nostrils. His big tongue slipped out of his mouth, and started licking his jeans in the crotch, soaking it in his warm saliva, massaging his bulge. David was getting hard at the warm sensation, his cock grew against its tight confines, pushing hard to escape. “Master? Can I take off your plants? It’s gonna be very difficult with it on.” Said John shyly. “Uh…” said the human nervously, he had to think for a moment, ‘Should I really let this wolf suck me off?’ he asked himself, the canine just look at him curiously, anxiety started to grow within him, ‘am I overstepping my boundaries?’ asked himself the big wolf. “… sure.” He answered as he unbuttoned his pants. John was glad that he was in the clear and immediately took over from David, unzipping is pants and pulling it down, then he pulls down his wet underwear, the human’s cock immediately bounced up, booping the wolf’s nose. He began sniffing his master’s cock taking in its juicy smell, the cool air blowing past it tickled the man a bit. The big wolf then licked the dick, his tongue gently stroking the underside of it and kissing its tip. David started to moan at this sensation. His pet’s tongue went under it again, cupping its underside and started licking and fondling his balls, gently petting the curve of each testicle. John looked up shyly at the man, “Am I doing it right, Master?” he asked, to which is master huffed, “Yes, you can even go at it more roughly.” Replied the human, to which the wolf got closer to the penis, his tongue started slurping the cock head, getting a bit into its slit until he started tasting his master’s pre. John moved his tongue, circling the tip, spreading the leaking fluid around it like butter on a toast, going further down his shaft, getting it wet. His mouth started to close in on the cock, making more slurping noises as the wolf sucked the pre, massaging it with his tongue in his snout. David was moaning even more, as he grabbed the back of his pet’s head and started pulling it closer in, making the canine moan in surprise, but the wolf was eager to serve his master, so he stepped it up a notch. His big arm reached under the sofa, lifting it up with one hand as he pushed his master’s dick deeper into his mouth. The human was frightened for a second by the sudden shift of position, but as he realized what the wolf was doing, he felt his attraction to John solidify as he grabbed his collar and tugged him closer. The big canine mouth was intensely slurping on the shaft, suckling it, tasting it and massaging it, making his master’s moaning louder and louder. “Ah Ah! I-I’m gonna cum!” Exclaimed the man, half a second later, the slurping got louder as more and more fluid entered the wolf’s mouth. John swallowed it loudly and swallowed all his master has given him, he slowly lowered the couch back down as his mouth departed from his master. David sat back, his arms spread across the sofa as he huffed in exhaustion, his chest heaving and his heart pounding. After a minute, he got back his composure and looked back down at his new pet. John was sitting on the ground infront of him, staring at him in anticipation to what the man has to say, deep down feeling worried that he might have made a bad impression on him. He waited patiently as the human huffed some more and finally started speaking, “*Huff* Th-that… was… *Huff* ah-amazing!” the last word that escaped his mouth made John so happy his tail started wagging rapidly, knocking over the coffee table with a loud thud, without the canine noticing, he sprung up standing immediately with his arms raised, punching cracks into the ceiling and his visible erection in his jock strap jiggle as he yelled “YAY!” with deep powerful voice resonating through the house. David was frightened by the quick and a bit destructive movement of the big wolf making him yell, “WOAH! Woah woah! Calm down! Calm down.” He said as he held up his arms, staring at John with wide eyes. “Sorry Master! I am just so happy! hehe” said the canine with a smile. “Okay… just… don’t break my house, please.” “Okay, Master!” David gave another rundown of his pet as he stood before him, John’s tail still wagged excitedly, his pecs were barely contained in the tight black leather harness, his quads were very well defined and so were his calves. His tight jock strap however wasn’t leaving much to the imagination as it was propped up like a tent and with his big balls almost escaping each side. Above his chew toy was a wall of muscle bricks with the fine detail of veins added on top of it. David’s attention finally landed on the arms that one of which was strong enough to casually pick him up with the couch. Big juicy biceps with a nice thick vein crowning each. “Could you flex your arm, please?” asked the human, to which John eager lifted his right arm up, his bicep forming a massive mountain of a peak, his arm grew to 50cm in diameter, much bigger than David’s head, which was left agape from the sight. The man immediately got up and stood next to the wolf who was smiling down at him, eagerly waiting for his next instruction. The human reached up for the arm, to which the wolf lowered it, his hands weren’t able to grope around the half of the muscle, which was as hard as steel, he wrapped his smaller arms around wolf’s and said, “Could you please lift it back up?” to which his pet complied, lifting up the full-grown man effortlessly as he was wrapped around his bicep. David completely forgot his pants were on his ankles, the open-mouthed human only came to the realization when he felt his wet erection touch the furry muscular side of John, to which he immediately jumped down and pulled his pants back up feeling embarrassed. As he was straightening back up, he noticed the wolf’s erection again, this time at the side. The tented jock strap was stretched thin, leaving two windows in each side that the Dave was able to look through and also see his balls and a part of what looks to be a really big shaft. “I hope it isn’t too much to ask but could you please… take off… your… jock…” asked David nervously. “Anything for you, Master!” eagerly replied his pet, bending down and pulling off the piece of clothing, his pecker jumping loose immediately. The human was taken back by the half hard rod, as it was longer than the wolf’s thigh as it pointed outwards, dripping pre from its tip down on to the hardwood floor, and emitting a juicy musk. The sight and smell was intoxicating, but David quickly snapped out of it and picked up the jockstrap and put it to the cock head so it wouldn’t make anymore stains, he then started gesturing towards the bathroom. “Hold it like this John and wait for me in there. I gotta make a phone call, then I will help you with your ‘problem’.” He said at the last word gesturing towards the big boy’s dick. “And if you are a good boy, Daddy will take you on a walk later.” “Yes, Daddy!” answered John excitedly, as his tail sped up. He thumped his way into the bathroom, David watched his muscular ass move as his pet went into bathroom and sat down in the shower floor. Dave then took out his phone and sat back down on the couch, dialing a number, and putting it to his ear. “Hey, uh, Sein? Did you leave a box at my door?” he asked into his phone. End
  16. Seinki

    Brett the Yeen

    Warning: This story contains a furry, lots of death and gore and rape Silverstone island was city that, as the name suggests, was an island located not far from the coast of the mainland. Silver glass towers reached for the sky housing millions of humans. It had many parks, schools, and hospitals. Its infrastructure was all designed ahead of the city’s construction, making it the most well thought out places to live. No wonder that many consider the city the pinnacle of civilization. The silver and green city was connected to the mainland with three large bridges on the east, southeast and south side of the island. Hundreds of thousands of cars and trains crossed them daily. There were many colleges and universities on Silverstone island, one of which was specialized in archeology. New Age University was home to thousands of students who were interested in the past, some were there for more specific topics, than others, like Brett. Brett is the main character of our story. He was an average looking guy, sitting and waiting for the seminar of anthropomorphic deities to begin. His blue eyes traced the pictures of his textbook depicting powerful and evil deities, whom according to the books, did terrible things to entire tribes and civilizations for their bloody amusement. The thought of their power and what he could do with it, filled Brett with so much excitement that he had to place his textbook on his lap to cover his happy little buddy. He scratched his brown hair as he looked to see the professor enter the room. He got even more excited at the thought of atrocities he will hear in the next three hours. Two hours had passed since the seminar had begun. Many were bored, some even fell asleep due to the dryness of the material the professor was presenting. Brett on the other hand was leaning forward wanting to be closer to front so he could hear the occasional description of the evil gods’ actions. “ …which brings us to Graff.” Said the silver haired professor with boredom seeping from his words. “Graff was always depicted as a muscular anthropomorphic striped hyena, sometimes depicted with some loin cloths and necklace that had large teeth and a skull in the middle of it, but more often he was depicted naked and had a large horse penis.” Some in the room laughed at the absurdity of the latter description. The teacher just rolled his eyes and continued. “Unlike most gods of this mythology, Graff was described to enjoy killing himself as opposed to other gods influencing the mortals to create their own damnation. The mythology describes him mainly using his incredible strength to destroy entire empires. Often times he was depicted using his horse penis as a weapon.” More laughter was heard, but the professor continued his seminar as if there weren’t ‘children’ attending. “Many murals were found in caverns describing him as a bringer the end times, such murals were meant to serve as warnings to future generations.” Brett raised his hand. “Yes?” “I was wondering, if Graff had any apprentices he took up? Becoming, like gods, that served him?” asked Brett. “No. There are only some murals of separate gods that took part in his rampages with him, but no apprentices or anything of the sort.” Answered the professor and with the same monotone voice he continued. “Graff was also- ” His words were cut short by a red mist that formed next to him. The room was immediately filled with the scent of an entire gym’s laundry. Like Beetlejuice, his name was mentioned one-too-many times, as the mist dissipated and left a muscular hyena, his horse cock was thicker and longer than anyone’s leg. Everyone in the room had a strong idea on who this four and half meter tall beast was. He just smiled at the mostly shocked crowd, who were beginning to fear for their lives. Everyone except Brett, who was rubbing the crotch of his pants, knowing that this was his day when he finally ascended to destructive being. “I’ve been watching this lesson!” Exclaimed the god, his deep voice rumbled in everyone’s body. “Looks like you have some misconceptions about me. Heheheh! I’m here to teach you of my peaceful ways! Hehehe!” “Really?” asked the professor in a cowardly tone. The entire room shook from the deep cackles of the hyena. “SIKE!!! HAHAHAHA!!!” he boomed and continued to laugh as got closer to the teacher and patted the back of the frail man like he was his friend in the pub who made him laugh. His powerful hand devastated the man as it went through him, blood sprayed on everyone in the front row as the arm of the human flew across the room. The man himself collapsed on the floor getting drenched in the pool of his own blood. Everyone panicked as they tried to pushed and climbed over each other trying to go through the exit, screaming and trampling each other as they tried to escape, everyone except Brett. He approached the muscle mountain taking in his magnificent smell. His cocked pushed against his pants staining it as it tried to escape. His mind raced in excitement, all the destruction he will be able to do all the crushing and raping to his heart’s content. His day has finally come. “Oh, my lord Graff!” he said to the yeen. “I am so grateful that you have chosen me to ascend and destroy the world with you!” Graff cackled like he was told the best joke of all time, seeping doubt and confusion into Brett. “HAHA! You moron! Why would I ever ascend you?! HAHAHA!” laughed the beast. “B-b-but this story is about me! About my ascension to godhood!” The hyena just laughed harder. “HAHAHA! Let me guess! Sein told you that bullshit before the story started, didn’t he?! HAHAHA! You actually believed that that is what this story would ACTUALLY going to be about ?! HAHAHAHA!” (Author’s note: >:3 ) “B-but, all I wanted is to taste some of that magnificent power you guys have! To have some fun like you guys always do!” Whined the boy. “HAHAHA! You wanna taste my power?! Alright! HAHA!” he cackled as he grabbed Brett by the head, pushing his jaw open. The yeen shoved his face into his abs, pushing his stone hard muscles into his mouth, forcing Brett to taste his musk. Graff made a growling chuckle as the boy began dropping tears on to his abs. His tongue traced his powerful form, then Graff turned him around, before Brett could figure out what was going to happen the yeen stomped down onto his back ripping off the lower half of his torso. As he was coming to his last few moments, the pain he felt was immense as he lost the sensation of everything bellow his shoulder. Even more pain was brought upon him as he felt something big push his insides aside, ripping apart the inside of his throat and tearing his jaw off from the inside, the massive head of the horse cock exited covered in his blood. Being proud of his new dying cock ring, the hyena stomped his way towards the exit. The university’s fire alarm went off, prompting the people inside to congregate outside in the parking lot, some people were sprinting off in a panic, leaving many dumbfounded to what was happening. The ground began to tremble, sending people into a panic, many thinking that a bomb went off in the building, but they were corrected when the wall of the building suddenly collapsed. Screams filled the air when they spotted the muscle-bound hyena with the upper half of a dead guy dangling with his limp arms from his crotch and a musky black cock coming out of his mouth. He bent forward and roared at the crowd, sending many of them flying backwards with a couple of cars. The monster’s erection grew so big that Brett’s body split in half from the massive iron shaft and fell to the ground. A jock pushed himself off the ground, trying to make sense of what just happened, surprised when he was picked and thrown at the windshield of one of the surviving cars. He shook his head and looked back up to notice the hyena who was stomping towards him with his violent erection, before he could climb off the car and escape the jock was crushed under the massive musky cock. He moaned in pain under the beastly dick as Graff picked up the car and bashed it against his torso. The wreck fell to the ground, with the imprint of his big pecs, massive cock and the bloody corpse of the jock. With sadistic joy on his face, the yeen jumped up to high into the sky. The muscle beast landed on top of one the tallest building in the city, he surveyed the horizon for what he should go for next. His immediate targets were the three bridges with eight lanes of traffic and two lanes of railroad each, and the airport to the north. With the population has been trapped in the city with him he can maximize his body count he could achieve in this city. His large sharp teeth glistened in his sinister grin as he finished plotting the doom of the city. He propped up his foot against the building and with a powerful kick the hyena god jumped towards his first target as the top of the tower broke off into multiple chunks and rained down upon the streets of the city behind him. Many cars, and people were crushed under these chunks, many more of which littered the tops and side of many buildings. Traffic was pretty normal on the South Silverstone bridge, no accidents or any jams. Hundreds of cars leaving and entering the city when suddenly one of the towers in the city had its top blow off like a bomb and out of nowhere a massive hyena landed on a car flat on his chest. The powerful beast got off the pavement. The car was flattened in the imprint of his humongous pecs, wall of abs that are the size of normal pecs and the 1.8-meter-long dick. The traffic wasn’t expecting an immovable yeen in the middle of the road causing many cars to crash into Graff. Totaling at a 10-car pileup, the yeen just cackled at how much damage he did just by standing in the way of the pathetic vehicles. The pile of cars reached so high that they were blocking his view ahead, but with a mere twitch of his throbbing erection sent more than half the crashed vehicles flying. He stomped through the concrete barricade and fencing into two the middles train track lanes. He slammed his muscular fist into the middle of the bridge sending a stream of waves all over the bridge. As the waves travelled, they bent and threw up the tracks, vehicles and barricades shattering the pavement behind them. The bridge crumbled and everything that was on it or was thrown off of it, fell into the water, including Graff. Cars, rubble and some trapped people sunk to the bottom of the ocean floor, but most people were swimming on the top grabbing onto each other or anything that floated. Some people were yanked down into the depths and soon the water where they last were turned red. Panic grew as many people began to believe that they were swimming amongst sharks. Graff grabbed another leg and pulled it down. This time it was a blonde-haired woman, she tried to scream but only bubbles and muffled sounds came from her that nobody but the muscle yeen was able to hear. He grabbed her other leg as well, almost crushing her bones with his iron grip, and flipped her upside down. He forced the woman’s legs open and began pulling her up with his erection between her. She was forced to sit on the godly dick upside down until Graff started pulling her up more, his cock resisted from making any movements, instead it began splitting the female. Like a saw blade cutting into plywood, his cock split her clean in half. He let her go and reached for another panicking leg. A man in his fifties came down to meet the god face to face. Graff pulled the shocked human closer to his open maw, his tongue came out and entered the man’s mouth. After a second of exploration, he tensed up the muscles of his tongue making it larger and breaking his jaw in the process, causing the man to make more panicked gurgles. His big tongue then punched through the palate and went through the nasal cavity straight into his brains. He wiggled his muscle tongue, slapping the man’s brain around in his head while he watched the man’s expression change. After the yeen grew tired of the tongue-puppeting, with a swift flex and pull, the human skull shattered, as the meat broke out of his face. The hyena moved closer to group of paddling and kicking feet. He bit onto one and began shaking his head. The man above water was screaming as he flopped violently in and out of water, until his leg separated from the body. Graff ravaged a few more people below the water, taking bites out of them and violently shaking them, causing a massive panic in the water. After a few more corpses decorated the sea, the yeen grew bored of playing with the wet humans. He threaded his fingers together infront of his big pecs and quickly pushed forward, blasting a huge amount of water forward that took everything in its path, with it, raining down on the coast. No one except the beastly yeen was left in the water. With a ridiculous speed, Graff swam to the southeastern bridge. His dick-fin cut deep into the water as he sent waves, pushing out every boat in the water. As he reached the massive steel leg of the bridge, he jumped out of the water and wrapped his huge muscular legs around it, bending it as they gripped onto it. The muscular beast wrapped his arms around it as well and pushed it up, ripping the steel, removing the massive support that held up the bridge, and dropped it aside making it collapse. He quickly hopped over onto the other leg and with another devastating kick he brought it down as he flew towards the eastern bridge. The yeen landed in the middle of the final bridge crushing a car under his feet. Cars crashed into his legs as he walked towards and through the concrete barricade and onto the train tracks. The bullet train came in at its top speed of 320 km/h (200 mph). Graff pushed his massive equine-like erection into its path, cutting into its duraluminium frame. His massive member created a massive tear in the side of the train and cut the passengers in half as it raced passed him. Legs, arms, torsos and even an unfortunate head was removed by the musky tool. The passengers on the other side of the train were lucky to taste the musky blood of their friends as they pass the dick. The roof of the damaged train collapsed as it lost structural integrity as the vehicle passed the god and went into the city. On the other track another train was coming, this one was attempting to leave for the mainland, but Graff wasn’t having it. He grabbed each rail with one hand and ripped them off the ground, bending them up as a ramp. The speeding train followed the rails that were propped up by the hyena god. It flew 300 meters until the train and its cars rained onto the traffic. A few wagons embedded into the bridge like arrows into an animal, but most just rolled and slid across the road smothering and pushing cars off, into the sea. The yeen then hopped a little, pulling up his legs and as he neared the ground he kicked down. Like a weapon of explosive nature went off, a shockwave ripped the middle section to shreds as Muscle Yeen flew up once again, leaving a crumbling bridge beneath him. Within minutes only one way escape to the city remained, the Preston airport. With double runways and over 50 aircraft on it, made it a good place to execute an evacuation, that’s why Graff decided to give it a visit. He cratered down in the middle of the first runway, ruining it in the process. “HAHAHA!” he cackled “MY! WHAT FUN LOOKING TOYS YOU GOT FOR ME!” The Godly Yeen stomped towards the control tower, shaking the ground with his mighty feet. There was a 747 at the end of the intact runway, waiting for its permission to take off. The pilot and copilot noticed the monster that destroyed the other runway, stomping around, so they quickly ignored what the control tower had to say and set all four engines to full throttle. The yeen got to the concrete tower, placing his large hands onto its walls and pulled it up. The concrete cracked all around the tower as it was separated from its lower part, crumbling in places, but it mostly stayed intact. Graff noticed the jumbo jet trying to escape, he quickly ran towards it with the tower in hand, as he got in range he jumped up and bringing his oversized bat to the side and swung it straight into the 747’s nose. The front was completely crumpled up as his weapon shattered to small chunks, everyone at that end of the plane got completely crushed into unrecognizable paste. The wreckage spun off to side, breaking the landing gear and ripping a wing off in as it slid to side onto the grass. As it went the half with the remaining wing pointed up, and as it came to a stop it rolled over breaking the wing. The trail of fuel caught fire, burning its way towards the wreckage giving those that came-to a new problem to deal with. Bloody screaming people crawled on the ceiling as they tried to find an exit, but fire was much faster. As Graff stomped towards some more toys the plane behind him exploded, raining debris all over the place, but the Big God didn’t care for such measly spectacles instead he focused on what he will do to the remaining aircraft. His body steamed sweat as his excitement built up. The God grabbed a black private jet with his left hand and one of the luggage pulling cars in his right. Steam escaped his hairy pit as held the plane over his head. He tossed the jet, sending it flying like a huge paper plane, soaring high in the sky. The yeen quickly followed it up with the luggage car, his throw generated a boom indicating that the projectile surpassed the speed of sound. His aim was spot on, hitting the plane he just threw. He cackled at sight of fiery debris raining into the ocean. He went for another jet, only this time he stroked his cock with his other hand, he threw the plane and as it flew off, he aligned it with his dick, and blasted a stream of cum cutting the plane’s wing off sending it into a downward spiral. The police were quick to react over the terror attack at the airport. Three police helicopters were flying overhead, with SWAT officers taking shots in its windows at the muscle-bound beast. The pathetic pebbles would have been unnoticeable for the yeen if not for the pops coming from the rifles. “YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT YOU MADE ALL THESE TOYS AND THE BEST YOU CAN DO IS THROW LITTLE STONES AT ME?!?!?!” boomed the Yeen mockingly. “PATHETIC!!!” Graff stomped to the nearest plane, a parked 747, and leaned forward to get under it. He propped up the massive aircraft over his head with both hands and threw it at one of the choppers, with such powerful force that the wings ripped off instantly, flailing them into the main building, crumbling the wall as it bent and burned, wrecking up an entire waiting area and crushing dozens of people who were trying to figure out what was going on. Like a fly on the tip of a dick, the helicopter was completely obliterated on the nose of the aircraft as it flew into it. The burning nosed hull flew kilometers up and crashed down into a different city on the coast of the continent, causing chaos far from the gods current location. Two helicopters were left for Graff to deal with, but before he could make his next move, black vans were converging around him. Men with black commando gear and SWAT written on their unforms with white letters, emerged from the vans with rifles in hand all of them yelling the word ‘HUT’ repeatedly as they surrounded the yeen and without any hesitation, they open fire on him. Graff charged at his attackers, grabbing one of them in each hand and thrusting a third into the sky with his human sized cock. He put the two of them together and squished them into each other with his hands, their screaming stopped when their ribcages morphed into one. Their lungs were smushed silencing their voices, but they still flailed their arms and legs at the yeen’s arms. He tossed the double man at another SWAT officer, with such speed that their collision seemed almost instantaneous. They slid, rolled and bounced across the runway until they hit a hanger door on the other side, by the time they splattered on the big hard sheet of steel their bodies were already twisted and mangled not to mention their necks were all broken. The god then turned and grabbed another man, both of his hands on the officer’s hips who valiantly unloaded his rifle into Graff’s face, probing his throat, eyes and nose for a weak spot. Graff opened his maw, prompting the man to fire one last round into it as the beast chomped down on the entire rifle with his entire forearm, making the man scream in pain and shock. He chewed on the weapon as he pushed the man against himself, all the while his comrades were still futilely peppering him with 5.56. He placed his left arm on the man’s back, holding him tightly into his sweaty pecs as his right arm grabbed both his legs and began folding them back. More screaming came from the man as his joints and bones cracked and popped as the unusual pose broke his pelvis as it was where his body was folded. He moved his left arm over his legs and continued to hold the man against himself as his right arm moved to grab the man by what was his crotch, with an iron tight grip he smothered the man’s jewels as folded him yet again. This time there was more popping and cracking as he crushed the man’s ribcage silencing him, as well as breaking much more bones elsewhere in his body, not to mention splitting his skin open. All of his organs were smothered as his blood sprayed all over the Yeen’s short musky fur. Graff crushed the officer’s skull down into the bloody mush, then with both hand he crushed the arms down and squished the remains into a big meatball. As he was doing all this, he chewed the rifle down into a hot yellow ball of metal. The yeen aimed up his muzzle with a helicopter and spat the ball out. What many considered to be any energy beam, left his mouth at a blink of an eye and hit the shaft of the helicopter that was connected to rotors, spraying sparks as the dense metal ball went on further. Since there is nothing left to hold it up, the chopper fell straight down and met an explosive fate, just as Graff casually tosses his treat in the ball’s place and ate it. What remained of the SWAT team was left shocked. How could they stop something they can’t make bleed? One of them got an idea, he reached for one of his pouches and pulled out a tear gas canister and tossed it towards the beast, releasing a cloud of smoke. Graff just looked down at the little tin spewing something that id used as to make people’s eyes and lungs burn. He took a deep breath and just laughed at the desperate attempt to hinder him. “HAHAHA!!! THAT’S HOW YOU PLAN TO STOP ME?!?!? A CAN OF FART?!?!?!” He boomed. “PATHETIC!!! THIS, IS REALLY CHEMICAL WARFARE!!!” Graff’s body started soaking in sweat and like an explosion, his body turned the sweat into steam, covering everything in a 9-kilometer radius thick cloud of musk, that also seeped into the main building itself. Other than making everything smell like an unwashed shared workout shirt of 30 bodybuilders, it also had acidic properties, reacting with almost everything and everyone it came into contact with. The SWAT team and the people in the airport all started melting down into bloody fleshy puddles of goo, their faces stretched making gurgling noises as they fused with their clothes. The building, airplanes and other vehicles also started to melt, drip and burn away from the hyena’s vapor. The building began to collapse, the various airplanes flopped down on the ground as their landing gear failed to hold them up. Even the final police helicopter started melting as it spiraled out of the sky. Graff just cackled as everything around him was now a puddle or in was in the process of becoming one. With the final means to escape devastated, he could now turn his attention to terrorizing the greater population of the city. Graff got down onto his hands and began pulling and kicking his way out of the airport area, running through everything on all four like a real beast, he stomped and blasted through all the puddles and gooifying objects in his wake. The yeen left the musky airport area behind him and as he reached a more populated area again, he slowed down. People were gazing into the slowly dissipating acidic cloud, and to their surprise, something living emerged from it, a huge muscular hyena man. People were shocked when they saw Graff stomp towards them, especially when they finally noticed his third leg. Many thought that he was mutated by the cloud, but none of them would have even guessed that something living could emanate it. Even though he stopped creating the acidic version of his musk, his body was carrying it with him. The God approached his next victim, a man in his forties acting like a dear in the headlight. He reached out to him and just when he was about to grab the man, the air around his hand started burning him. The human screamed in pain from his face beginning to melt, he fell back and tried to crawl away. Fortunately for him, only the skin was melting, which prompted Graff to give him the quick death of being stomped on by a massive foot. The ground shook as the man was turned into a bloody stain in a foot shaped hole in the pavement. As the beast’s attention shifted from his latest victim to those around him, the surrounding crowd turned to a panic. People were screaming and running as the hyena cackled as he stomped after them. He grabbed a couple of them and squished them into his biceps, popping skulls and breaking bones just by merely handling the bugs. A woman got into her car, she throttled down as hard as could, but she wasn’t going anywhere. The wheels were spinning freely in the air as Graff easily lifted up the car from behind and pushed it on to his massive horse cock, it was easily held up his erection, even bouncing a bit as it throbbed. He was barely able to hold back his laughter as he made ‘vroom’ sounds, running down the road, pushing his penis down a little so the front of the car was closer to the ground. People were knocked over by the car with the yeen imitating car sounds, as he stomped on those who fell over before him. More and more blood was splattered on the front as the only thing the woman inside could do was scream. After committing roughly forty acts of vehicular manslaughter, the hyena ripped the roof of the car off, with his right hand he grabbed the lady and with his left he ripped the mangled and bloody vehicle off of his dick, casually tossing it off behind him. The woman continued to scream as the beast brought her closer to his face, giving her a sinister toothy smile, his tongue slid out of his mouth again and entered hers. She was overwhelmed as the huge sloppy piece of meat went in, filling out her mouth entirely, sliding down her throat. Graff unhanded her as he straightened out his tongue inside of her bringing her body into a horizontal position, tear dripped from her eyes as she tried to scream more, then the meat slid out from her pussy covered in blood, and in a blink of an eye the tongue snapped straight up, breaking through the woman’s flesh. Her limp body fell down bouncing off the godly erection and splattered on the ground with a massive split going down her middle. Two military planes were flying in the sky, one of them was dropping off paratroopers, sprinkling down thirty parachutes as it turned back towards the base. The other aircraft dropped something larger than mere soldiers, it dropped a big box with five massive parachutes, followed by for paratroopers. The large box and the four soldiers landed, and the men immediately ran towards the box, pulled its back end off and went inside. After a few seconds a loud roar came from the box as it collapsed, revealing a Leopard 2a7. “Loader! Load Squash!” said the commander in the com. “Driver move out! Let’s find and end this monster so we can go home!” The main battle tank rolled off towards the airport at its top speed, with the thirty soldiers unable to keep up with it. Graff placed foot on the leg of the screaming woman, gently, trying not to break her too early. She screamed not only because the fearsome monster was nothing, she had seen in her 20 years of life, but because he was holding her boyfriend. The man was desperately flailing his pathetic arms at the yeen’s hold on his ribcage, he screamed for his lover as the monster’s grip grew tighter. Graff’s sinister grin widened as he moved his thumbs all around the man’s rib, with light taps the ribs gave a loud pop when struck by his ‘lesser’ attack. After all the filthy human’s ribs were broken, he sat the blood breathing toy into his sharp, wide-open maw, propping him with his tongue behind his back. As he closed his mouth the boyfriend’s back bent backwards and with a loud crack his pencil spine broke in two, he gurgled blood as the yeen’s teeth sunk into his flesh, completely folding him in half. Graff then violently shook his head, the man’s blood sprayed everywhere, even on his girlfriend’s face, as he was flapped left and right, eventually his upper torso and his left leg got loose and flew away. The yeen then pointed his muzzle at woman and squeezed the body into the top of his mouth, soaking woman in her lover’s blood. She shrieked at the top of her lungs as Graff just swallowed his treat. The 20-year-old kicked with more screaming as the god picked her up, he placed both of his massive thumbs into her mouth, breaking her jaw into many pieces as he stretched it to her limit, then ripping her lips as pulled the living condom onto his giant cock head, her blood acted as lube as she was forced to take the godly cock deeper, her throat split open as the big black monster slid through it into her torso, her lungs heart and other organs were pushed out of the way and out of her ass giving way for the god’s dick. Her entire body stretched to the massive form of the cock, her dead eyes looked up the big wall of muscles of which she was at the base of, her bloody ass was split wide open as the majority of the power tool stretched excitedly far out of it, being far too big to be contained in a mere human. Graff just snickered at how worthless she was. Suddenly, half a kilometer away, a tank powerslided around the block corner into plane view of the anthropomorphic hyena, stopping in the middle of the road, aiming up its Rheinmetall Rh-120 at him. “HAHAHAHA!!! ALRIGHT!!!” cackled the beast at the clear sign that the mortals were stepping up their game. “Cheezus!” Yelled the gunner. “That thing got a woman on its dick!” “Just aim at the center of mass and kill this asshole!” Replied the commander. “On the way!” said the gunner as he stomped on the trigger. A blast of fire followed the 120mm round through the smoothbore barrel as it exited, flying in a slight curve as it reached the yeen’s abs, the head of the round squashed into it, forming around the bulging muscle and detonated. The smoke left by the explosive settled revealing the furry god cackling and no sign of the corpse that was on his member. “Impossible!” said the gunner. The commander was stunned for a brief moment as the reality of the situation dawned on him through his periscope. “L-loader! Load HEAT!” he commanded. “Up!” replied the loader after he chambered the next round. “Fire!” yelled the commander, prompting the gunner to stomp on the trigger again. Fire sent another round out of the barrel but this time, fin stabilizers flopped out on the round’s tail. It flew in a similar curve of the last round only this time its tip hit Graff’s left pec slightly closer to the center of chest. As the tip felt the resistance of the immovable object infront of it causing its core to melt and with a lot of force it spat its content onto the big slab of muscle. The little puff of smoke that this round generated quickly settled, showing the world the molten metal splattered on his fur. The yeen snickered as he casually brushed off the super-heated remains of the shaped charge. “HAHAHAHAHA!!! GOT ANYTHING ELSE?!?!?!” He cackled. The gunner’s jaw was jittering as watched the anti-tank munition leave the beast unharmed. “Load APFSDS!!!” Yelled the commander with a desperate tone. The loader without witnessing what the rest of the crew, was left confused. ‘I thought we were fighting some creature, not a tank.’ He thought to himself as pushed the round into the chamber and locking it. “Up!” he yelled, immediately followed by the commander’s yell to fire. The Barrel recoiled as the third round was sent flying, as it left the pipe, three sabots flew off of it to the side, leaving a long thin, fin-stabilized needle. At the staggering speed of 1750m/s (~3900 mph), the curve of the projectile at 500 meters was practically nonexistent, hitting Graff straight in the eye. The soft ballistic tip failed to penetrate something that’s considered to be weakest part of any being, but more surprisingly, the dense depleted uranium core failed as well. The hypersonic projectile that could penetrate over 600mm (2 feet) of rolled homogenous steel couldn’t even blind the hyena, it was only able to ricochet off of him the building next to the beast. “HAHAHAHAHA!!! WHAT A PUNY GUN!!! HERE’S A REALLY CANNON” roared the god, as his hand stroked the massive meat shaft and aiming it towards the leopard. Ground rumbled to his deep, powerful growls as he charged his genetic cannon. “Is he… masturbating to us?” asked the gunner, his question sending the loader into a deeper state of confusion. “I don’t like this. Driver! Reverse!” said the commander. The engine roared up as the tank began to speed off backwards. The Yeen however has reached his point. The cock cannon fired with deafening boom, blasting cum at 2500m/s (5600 mph), the genetic projectile hit the front of hull dead center where the two glacis plates meet, burning through the armor leaving a hole almost the size of the godly dick itself. As the hot semen flew through the fighting compartment, it sent spalling armor and some drops of cum in all directions, bouncing everywhere inside the vehicle, shredding the crew to bits. The main projectile blasted through the turret basket, and through the farther wall, into the engine compartment, breaking the 1500 horsepower diesel motor out the far end, bouncing the block all over the street, leaving craters as it finally flopped into a parked car. Graff thumped up to the disable main battle tank grinning at how easily he destroyed it with a small amount of self-love. He shoved his cock into the hole widening it, the inside of the wreck felt nice and warm to his cock as he lifted it with his dick alone and grabbed the gun yanking the turret off the hull. Carrying the turret on his shoulder began thumping forward with the hull of the tank that’s longer the was tall, still sitting on his cock with its gaping ass pointing high and shaking to the throbbing. The troopers received word that the tank was destroyed by the monster. The thirty men were very nervous. How could mere soldiers stop a monster that a tank couldn’t? They came to a very demoralizing answer when the beast walked through a building at the end of the street, straight into their sights with his accessory throbbing and his powerful musk instantly filling the noses of his next prey. “HEHEHE!!! MORE RUNTS TO PLAY WITH!!!” He snickered with his rough, deep voice. As the words left his mouth the soldiers immediately opened fire and Graff began charging them, the end his oversized metal-fleshlight scraped a wide trench in the pavement, which received the devastating imprints of the sweaty, killer feet. The speeding beast ran over 5 soldiers, knocking them over and like tubes of toothpaste, the dick-wreck squeezed their guts out of their mouths. He turned around quickly for his next victim, sending the armored fleshlight flying off his erection and crashing through one of the buildings. One of the troopers was left shocked from witnessing something so massive tumbling through the air past him, as he regained focus turning his head back at the monster the tank turret slammed down on him like hammer, turning him into a bloody sticker on the armor. The hyena let out a deep cackle, taunting the twenty-four soldiers, holding his impromptu warhammer with one arm while he stomped towards the group. The troopers were getting desperate, but they had a plan. Most of them started running off down an alley, with Graff quickly moving to follow them, bulldozering through the buildings in path to intercept them, he swung his mighty hammer through the final wall hoping to send most of them flying, but to his chagrin the bugs were quicker than he expected, turning his head he caught a glimpse of one of them getting around the corner. The yeen ran after them, cackling, he swung the turret through the building, tearing it down in the process. “He’s right behind me!!!” yelled a farthest soldier, trying to keep up with comrades. Another soldier looked back just in time to see the leopard turret come through the wall and hitting the man. On contact with the armor all of his bones shattered, and he was sent flying with the rest of the debris, sprinkling onto the building across the road. The cackling monster tossed his hammer onto his shoulder, with his other hand pointed the erection at the militiamen and fired it again. The supersonic semen blasted through a couple of them taking some of their flesh and blood with it as it broke through everything in its path and finally hit the ground somewhere on the coast of the mainland. A total of six men were hit by the ejaculation, out of them one only lost his arm and not his life. The man held his bleeding stub as he screamed, the knowledge that Graff was still behind him broke through the pain to reach his mind but unfortunately, it was too late for him to push on, as the musky beast was looming over him. The big black horse dick fell down on him, caving his skull in and splattering his brains all over the place. The troopers retaliated by unloading their rifles and under barrel grenade launchers into the monster. Sparks flew and smoke was puffed all around the beast as he just snickered at the desperate attempts of hurting him. He bounced his hammer in his hand as stomped towards them, his thumps shaking the ground beneath the feet of the soldiers. As common sense returned to one of the humans, he yelled, telling his comrades to follow him. All of them ran down an alley leading back to the street they came from. The furry god began running again, as he reached an adequate amount of momentum, he leaped up, reaching the height of 7 stories and he fell back down through the building covering the alley, slamming the deformed turret into the ground creating a shockwave that brought down the building across from him, but to the yeen’s disbelief he only caught one of the squirmy little bugs. He roared as went after the filthy humans, bringing the entire alley as he pounced towards them. He putted three of them into a bloody mist with his impromptu hammer as he flew over the group and into the building across the street. The fifteen troopers regrouped, taking their positions for their final attempt to stop the beast. Graff chuckled as he stomped back into the middle of the road, sweaty bouncing off his glistening muscles as he pulled his toy behind him. The soldiers took cover all over the street, with no sign that they’re going to fall back any further, the hyena just cackled at sight of bravery of the bugs making a final stance against him and not fleeing for their miserable lives, thinking they have any chance against the furry god. “HAHAHAHAHA!!! LET’S GET TO IT!!!” he roared, prompting the humans to open fire once again. Bullets bounced and sparked all over Graff as he thumped to the first militiaman, grabbing him with his free arm and casually tossing him up, holding the deformed and twisted turret like a baseball bat, and as the human fell back down, he hit him with it, sending the mortal flying off into the distance with a trail of blood marking his trajectory. The monstrous yeen ran towards the next two, jumping on them, making two big craters around his feet and leaving puddles of blood in the two foot-shaped holes in the middle of said craters as he stomped on. He lined up a parked car with the twisted metal and slammed it into the vehicle, committing three vehicular manslaughters with one strike. His violent erection shot of again, this time it fired a continuous stream, cumming through everything he pointed the musky cannon at. Half the city collapsed as steamy hot jizz blasted through everything and everyone, covering half the island with his smelly genetic material. The last soldier fell back, he gazed upon the godly monstrosity who was holding the second last trooper squirming in his left hand and the broken turret in his right, chuckling as he slammed his comrade into his chest, shattering his body and spraying his blood all over his godly chest without braking eye contact with the mortal. The human just stared at the beast with resentment. “Hehehe! Any last words before I turn you into another fleshlight?!” Asked Graff with a smug tone. “It’s time to yeet the yeen!” said the trooper with a similarly smug tone, as fiddled with something in his hand. “THE FU-”The hyena’s words were cut short as more than two dozen explosives surrounding him detonated at once. As the big cloud of smoke settled, Graff just chuckled at the somewhat successful attempt to bamboozle him. Still cackling, the not-yeeted-yeen looked around for what else he could play with, turning around he spotted the largest building in the city. The Dickson Tower was a 500 meter (~1600 foot) tall skyscraper, beating the second tallest with a staggering 170 meters. A toothy, sinister grin grew on Graff’s face, as he tossed aside his melee weapon and ran towards the tower, at a staggering speed he leaped up and fell back down headfirst, with his arms extended infront of his head, he broke through the pavement, leaving a hole shaped as his top-down silhouette, erection and all. The entire island shook like there was an earthquake, car alarms went off and the survivors shrieked, holding onto whatever seemed solid enough. All this caused by a hyena who was practically swimming through concrete and stones, shaking the entire city with mere breast strokes, until he reached his destination. Graff was under the gigantic concrete brick that was the Dickson Tower’s foundation. The city shook again, some parts of the tower fell as it seemed to have gained slightly more than five meters in height. In actuality the hyena god was holding it up with his left hand alone as his right hand was too busy jerking of his musky cannon. “FUCK YEAH!!! TOO EASY!!! FUUUUUUGHK!!!” he roared as he blasted his hot white cream through the ground and up into the sky, covering entire parts of the mainland in his seed and scent. His breath was steaming as huffed at the end of his blast. The huffing quickly turned to cackling as he squatted down while he still held that massive weight with one arm over his head. His glistening quads nearly bursted with muscles as his legs straightened out again. His jump was so powerful, the tower looked like a rocket taking off with the yeen as its engine, its exterior crumbled back down, but most of the building held together. He left a trail of pre and a rain of sweat as flew straight up, only slowing as he reached the stratosphere, where the god simply tossed the building further into the depths of space and pushing himself back down in the process. He corrected his fall so that he would land back on the island. Blowing past the clouds the devastated city came into view, his course was dead center on the city, and as Graff neared it, he flexed up his massive pecs and hit the ground flat on his muscled chest. Like a nuke was dropped, dust consumed the entire island, in such a manner that it was more than safe to assume that no building was left standing, let alone anyone survived. Even what remained of the bridges collapsed from the devastating impact. In a city far away, a lot of people were all staring at the TV’s in stores window, broadcasting a live news report coming from a helicopter. “It’s been almost an hour since the tsunamis hit the coast!” said the reporter. “And it seems that the dust is just about to sett…” His words were cut short, not to mention all the people who were glued to the screens felt an immense amount of shock and confusion at the image the helicopter was broadcasting. The entire landscape of the island was altered, hills and valleys were all shaped like a massive imprint of pecs, abs and below them a massive shaft that reached down into the water, with no signs of life or that there were buildings there earlier that day. The crowd that gathered around the stores window began to murmur, whispering to each other, trying to make sense of it. None of them were paying attention to the car that flew into the group turning them all into stains of blood, tumbling and bouncing on the sidewalk until it broke into the wall of a building. Everybody began panicking and fleeing from a monster that just appeared at the end of the street. The muscle yeen stomped down shaking the city with a deafening roar. “BRING ME YOUR VIRGINS!!!” he boomed followed by his signature cackle as he began chasing the population to claim them as his playthings. End
  17. Seinki

    The Possessed Lioness

    Warning: this story contains furries, female possession, killing and gore Maia is an average lioness, she is 25, she has an average height, and she is a little chubby. She lives in a large city in an apartment like many other anthros. She eats, goes to work from 8 to 4 and goes home. She spends her weekends with her friends. She finished her shift at one of the many offices in the city and she is going home. The city is full of life. Cars are moving up and down the city to their respective destinations. Maia is walking home on the sidewalk as she doesn’t own or need a car or a bike after all she lives only 5 blocks away from her job. She reaches her building, goes inside, up the stairs and into her apartment. She locks the door behind her and says to herself: “Another shift and another day closer to the weekend.” She changes into sweatpants and a loose shirt, grabs some potato chips and munches away on the couch while watching her favorite series, The City Cunts. After a few hours and a few bags of chips later, Maia gets up and goes to her closet. Looking for something to wear on the weekend with girls. After a half an hour she narrowed it down to 3. She puts each of them on with some shoes and accessories and walks infront of her mirror. She spins and looks at herself in every angle she can twist her head in. She takes the 3rd off and places it next to the rest on the bed behind her and looks at them while only wearing a pink bra and knickers. “Maybe tomorrow I should go shopping for something new.” She thinks to herself. She turns around to look at her half naked body in the full body mirror. She shrieks as She didn’t see her golden furred reflection, but that of a large black wolf. He is wearing black kilt and neck collar with gold and red lining, large gold jeweled bracelets and a cloak which shows a picture of the galaxy, but picture of the galaxy stayed in place as he moved. Golden face paint surrounds his glowing red eyes. He is showing his pearly white teeth as he grins at Maia. His huge muscular arms are crossed infront of his chest. “Hello, Maia.” He said with a deep, growling voice. She steps back in fear and confusion. She can only utter a few sounds, but not a single word. The wolf moves forward and out of the mirror that can barely contain his image. His golden sandaled foot goes through the mirror like it was just a door frame, he lowers his head and walks out of the mirror and towers over the lioness’ 170cm tall frame. Her ears don’t even reach the height of his muscular neck. Maia is in shock, but she found courage to ask a question. “W-w-what d-do you w-w-w-want… f-fr-fr-from me?” The wolf holds her chin, gently brushing his thumb on it, and stares into her green eyes. “I want to get inside you.” And with that he turns into pitch black energy and flies into her eyes turning it red. With a toothy grin she chuckles and walks infront of the mirror to admire herself. One hand rubs and slaps he chubby ass, making it bounce, and the other gropes her breasts. “He heh. Lookin good.” Maia can see her reflection and feel her hands touching and groping herself, but she cannot control her actions. Her hand moves from her ass down her panties, rubbing her pussy. “What the hell is going on?!” she asked herself, only her lips didn’t move and no sound left her throat. “You mean fuck, sweety.” the lioness said. “Huh?!” “Fuck, not hell.” She said, as she noticed the teddy bear on the bed and moves towards it, “Okay, what the fuck is going on?!” “I’m in control now, but don’t worry you can enjoy the ride as well. I took over your body, but you should still see, hear and feel everything.” She said as she picked up the teddy bear and examined it in her hand. “Who are you?! And why are you doing this?!” “I’m Sein and I’m a bored god.” She said as she places the plushie inside her panties. “At least leave Mr.Bear out of this!” “Oh, don’t be like that. We are going to have fun tonight! There’s going to be so much sex and murder, nobody will forget about this night!” “Murder?! Oh god! Somebody! Please help me! Anyone!” “You do realize I’m the only one who can hear you, right? I am the one who is speaking outloud.” Said the lioness as she humped the corner of the bed, pushing the bear into her crotch. “You-you are disgusting!” “Believe it or not, I’ve never been a woman before. I feel so different.” She said. “Yeah, you and me both.” Some music can be heard coming from above. Through the music, knocking and slight moaning can be heard. The lioness looks up and asks “What’s that?” “That’s my neighbor, Tom. He has a woman he picks up at the bar with him every other night.” “Seems like he got someone early today. It’s like 7.” “Yeah…” Maia thought with slight disappointment. “We should join in on the fun!” Sein said through the lioness’ body. “What?! NO!” “Oh come on, I can sense your attracted to him. It will be fun!” “No! Even if I would agree, I can’t let him see me like this!” She walks up to the mirror and look in the reflection. The mirror shows the lioness in her pink bra and panties with the teddy bear in it. The brown bear is creating a pink bulge. Its legs are sticking out the top and its arms are sticking out next to the thigh on each side. “You are right.” The lioness proclaimed. She raises a hand and snaps her fingers. Her body began to change. She grew 20cm and the bodyfat on her body almost disappeared. Her breasts and ass became larger and firmer. Her belly is flat with the form of lesser abs, the fat on her arms disappeared without a trace. Her breasts and ass bulges around the fabric of her undergarments, struggling to contain her assets. She became fitness model with a plushie in her pussy. She grins, satisfied with the new form. “Not what I had in mind.” Maia told Sein. She chuckles as she walks over to the fridge. “Sounds like you don’t know what men want.” She said as she opens the fridge and opens a pack of hotdogs. “Sounds like you’re a perv!” Maia struck back. “Correction, we are pervs. I doubt that you won’t enjoy what’s about to come.” With a hotdog in hand the lioness walks up the stairs to the door of the neighbor and knocks loudly. Tom is bull who spends most of his freetime in the gym working out. His short brown fur leaves little to the imagination. Fibers of muscle are visible all over his large arms, legs and chest. Veins are visible all over his biceps, pecs, abs, quads and dick. His beefy ass moves up and down as he pumps his cock into the horse he picked up at gym. She is pretty fit as well, all the major muscle groups are clearly muscular. She has barely any bodyfat, but she barely has any breasts and ass. The two of them have been going at it for like five minutes, kissing and licking each other’s body, when someone loudly knocks on the door. They pretend they didn’t hear it and keep going. Another, louder knocking can be heard from the door. The bull gets up, groaning. His horns are almost reaching the ceiling as he stands. “Who the fuck wants to die so badly?!” He stomps his way to the door, shaking the apartment. He doesn’t bother covering his body as he opens it, and before he could say anything, he looks surprised at his lower neighbor. The lioness was looking up, at the muscle bull, with her innocent bulging red eyes. She licks the hotdog sticking out of her huge tender tits. Her tongue reaches down, and pulls the hotdog into her mouth, and swallows it whole. “Heyyyy” she said with the cutest voice the god could force out of this body. The lioness rubs the bull’s abs and stands closer, pushing the tip of the bull’s hard cock into her belly. “Hi… Maddy, right?” guessed the bull. “Maia” she corrected him. “I was taking a nap downstairs and heard you were having a sleepover. Can I join?” She asked staring innocently into his eyes. She then steps back making a sad face. The bull just then notices and stares down at the teddy bear in her knickers. “Or should I leave?” “N-no. No! Come in and join us!” Said the bull. He steps aside and lets the feline in, feeling like he won the lottery. “Hee hee, okay!” She said as she walked past him. He looks at her perfect ass as she walks straight to the bedroom. “She walks like a man but she’s hot as fuck!” he thought to himself. “Well aren’t just a good little bitch?” poked fun Maia at him. “You must be really popular with the other gods.” He tried to keep the face on her unfazed of his anger. She pinched her arm. “Ow! Bitch!” barked Maia. Tom stayed behind to close the door, he can’t believe some as hot as her just joined in on a threesome out nowhere. He walked back into the bedroom to see the horse and the lioness kissing each other’s body. Their hands ran over their shoulders, the sides of their breasts and down groping each other’s ass, all without separating their lips. Tom’s raging hard on was leaking pre just from the sight of them making out. The mare slowly pulls back, she takes out the teddy bear out of the big cat’s panties. She smells the bear and then starts licking it, all the while Tom is staring at her with widened eyes. She licks and sucks on the bear until it’s soaking wet. She throws it aside and stares into the red eyes of the feline like she is hypnotized. The lioness just gives her grin showing off all her sharp teeth, and with that the mare starts kissing and sucking her neck. “Whoa, girls give me some action too!” interjected Tom. “Then be a big boy and conquer us!” teased the lioness. Challenged by a woman, the bull snorts loudly and stomps towards them. He pulls them apart then pushes them on their backs, they land into soft, sex smelly mattress. The feline looks up to him with an anticipating smile, the equid was breathing hard from the sucking however her face was somewhat unfazed. With his strong hands Tom snaps the knickers and bra, and rips them off of her. He gropes her large tits and pushes his face between them. While Tom was busy motorboating, the lioness gave a quick glance over to his gym partner. The fit mare sprung to life and began rubbing the bulls veiny, muscular arm and back, licking and kissing his shoulder and neck. Tom moves up from her chest and starts kissing her on the lips as he moves his 30cm cock into her pussy. She wraps her legs around his waist, as he thrusts. The sound of moaning and his sack slapping the feline’s ass fills the room. He grunts with every thrust, she can feel the veins pumping blood into his dick inside of her, making her feel like she is by fucked and tickled at the same time. The cuckolding mare is just worshipping them as they fuck, licking, kissing, rubbing up to them as they fuck. “I never had a dick like this before!” said Maia as she feels that she is getting close. Her vagina moves as she orgasms, it massages his cock making him cum as well. “YEAH!” yelled the lioness as she feels hot cum filling her. With a last few thrusts, cum spills out making a mess in the felines crotch. Tom finishes the round with a kiss and pulls out. “Oh-okay, I have to admit, this wasn’t such a bad idea after all.” exclaimed Maia, feeling looser from the orgasm. “*pants* That was… it was great! *pants*“ Tom pants. “Now, how about I play with you?” He asks as he holds the horse by her cheeks. She just stares into the void with a blank look on her face and little drool running down the side of her mouth. “The fucks with her?” asked Tom. “Who cares!” exclaimed the lioness as puts her hand on the horse’s face. “Let’s do it again!” she yelled as she shoves the other girl aside. She used a little to much force with her push, the equid flew across the room, the wall cracked and blood spattered as she impacted. The crash broke the back of her head open. Gravity pulled her down off the wall. She fell forward exposing her brain matter to the eyes of the other two. “WHAT THE HECK?!”screamed Maia. “WHAT THE FUCK?!” exclaimed the bull. His eyes are wide with shock. The lioness glanced at the dead girl and looked back at him like she is used to the sight. “She is dead, whatever. Now come and dick me!” She demanded. “What’s wrong with you?! You kill someone and then demand me to fuck you?! What the actual fuck?!” “What? A tank like you never killed someone before?” “What?! NO!” “Well, that’s very disappointing.” “Disa- ? What kind of monster are you?!” “Oh, I’m just some dude who possessed your neighbor. It’s pretty obvious, no? I mean my unnatural red eyes are a dead give away.” “OH MY FUCKING GOD!” “Ha ha! Yeah, that’s me!” “Wait, so you’re a guy?!” “Inside a woman, yes,” “So does that make me gay for having sex with you?” “I’m glad that you’re focusing on the most important thing here. Yes, yes it does.” The bull glances over to the corpse and starts backing out of the room. “It was fun but, I have to go home now.” He says. He then spun around and tries to book it for the door. Before he could even start running, the busty lioness was standing right infront of him. She put her hand on his chest and pushed him back into the bedroom. “I think you should stop, now!” said Maia. She was like an unstoppable force, he couldn’t put up any resistance to her as she casually pushed him back. With a significantly weaker shove, the muscle bull fell back on his bed, it creaked loudly as the heavy beast landed on it. The feline, like a true predator, crawled onto the bed with her eyes locked onto his. She growled as she crawled on top of him. Reaching his waist, she sat on his lap as she spread her legs. She opened to a perfect 180°s, showing some impressive flexibility. “Woah! Okay, I didn’t know my body could do that!” exclaimed Maia. Her feet dangled down each side of the bed. She slid his now slightly flaccid cock into her and began to ride him. She is jumping on his lap making his cock fully hard again. Her ass and tits bounces as rides the muscle bound bull like she owns him. She moans, he grunts and the bed creaks as her ass repeatedly slaps down on his lap. They both arrive to their climax. Tom lets out a Moo as he cums a hot load into her again. The lioness lets out a loud roar as the tingly sensation of feeling each other’s orgasm is better than before. It was so good, she began to squeeze her legs closed. The crunch of the bed braking echoed in Tom’s head as he felt his waist getting tighter and tighter. He looked at her shocked, seeing her intent in her eyes, as she gave him a sadistic toothy smile. “Aaaaargh!!” “STOP!” demanded Maia. “Don’t hurt him!” “You have no say in this. You’re only along for the ride.” said Sein. The bull wails in pain as his waist is slowly crushed by the smaller female. His pelvis audibly cracks, then floorboards are crunching together as her feet moves, closing in on each other, like two fingers crumbling a piece of paper. “LET HIM GO!” Maia yelled. Like he didn’t even hear her crying, Sein kept using Maia’s body like scissor, as her legs pulverized his pelvis. Blood and cum mixed on her crotch, crocodile tears flowed from the bull’s eyes as he yelled. Her legs opened, the broken bull and the debris of his bed fell to the ground. Without all the blood, his body looked like someone played around in photoshop, with his comically thin waist. All Maia could do is cry and say no, as she is unable to control her own body and stop the madness. “Please…” begged the broken bull quietly. “All you and Maia can do is complain.” Said Sein through the lioness. “We are having the time of your lives and all you two say is “Please don’t hurt me!” and “Let the love of my life live!”. I mean, just look at this!” The bloody bimbo reaches down and puts the horse’s head in her ass and flexes. The dead girl’s head flattened with a sickening crunch. Her body fell to the ground, blood puddled from her headless neck. Bloody mush dripped from Maia’s ass. “Oh yeah! That feels good!” said Sein. “Oh God!” Maia exclaimed. The bull could only groan as he watched the lioness desecrate his gym partner’s corpse. “I thought a big guy like you would find it fun to crush lesser people, but when I saw how you went from fun fuckboy to scared bitch when I threw this cunt, I realized just how pathetic the mortals in this realm are. Oh well, more fun for me!” With that the lioness grabbed him by throat and lifted him to her eye level. She gave him one last kiss and said: “All this made me hungry, I could eat a hamburger!” She threw him back and picked him up by his feet. “Don’t! Please let him go!” Maia begged. With a short chuckle, she pushed the bull’s feet into her fanged mouth, and slowly started to suck him down her throat like an oversized spaghetti noodle. The size of her mouth and throat didn’t change so the bull had to slide down a 6cm diameter tube which was her esophagus. His feet were merged together as they entered her mouth, her fangs cut into his claves and quads as he was being eaten alive. Inside her neck the bull’s body became a poor excuse for salami, as his flesh slid into the acid pool which was her stomach. His waist wasn’t much to talk about since it was already tenderized. The bull wails as his bones are being pulverized, his muscles are turned into mush, and as his already screaming nerve endings are burned up in the acid. Sein is enjoying every moment of this, he even grabbed for his cock, only to remember his in a girl’s body right now. Maia was screaming for him to stop, not realizing the wolf even enjoyed making the incapable girl cry. The bulls rock hard veiny 8 pack are crushed down to like it was made of sponge. The crunching intensified when it was time for the chest. His ribs shattered one by one, piercing his collapsing lungs. His racing heart was strangled by the bones and muscles being forced down by the superior lioness’ mouth. The bull is long dead, since the pressure created by the feline’s jaw made all the blood vessels in his brain burst. His skull made the loudest crunch compared to the rest of his body. As his head went down the hole all that remained was his stretched-out arms, with the big mouthwatering biceps. The bull became one with the bloody lioness. All that remained in the apartment was a headless corpse, and a sadistic wolf god and a city girl in one body. Maia didn’t speak to Sein after he made her body eat her crush. Sein proud that he made two people suffer with a little snack made the lioness grin. He made her stand infront of the mirror. The bloody bimbo did a double bicep pose, there is barely anything that bulged up as she flexed, but suddenly she began to grow. Her muscles grew exponentially, her arms went from spaghetti to tree trunk in a second, her gravity defying breasts grew larger than her head and were pushed further by a pair of insanely thick pecs. Her flat belly grew forming a perfectly carved 8 pack, which was pushed almost into a roidgut shape. Her ass and legs had so much muscle she could have jumped up to the rooftop of a building or landed from any height with them. Her neck was almost gone from all the muscle. She became as big the bull was, only she had larger bumpers. The smell of testosterone is being emitted from her armpits and crotch in the form of steaming musk. She posed a most muscular, her muscle fibers were almost visible through her fur, but the vast network of veins were 100% visible. As flexed harder her eyes and veins began to glow red, only fading as she released. She loosened down, relaxing all her muscles. With pride, the wolf observed his latest work through the eyes of his creation. The lioness groped and fondled herself infront of the mirror, enjoying her hard muscles and her large tender tits. Forming a fist, she bashed her belly, even when relaxed the muscles were very dense, giving the bash a solid thud. Maia was completely silent, traumatized by what happened and forced witness everything what’s about to come, she only wishes that her essence was killed so she wouldn’t have to suffer more. The hulking predator made her way to the bathroom, with very audible but gentle steps. She walks through the door like it wasn’t there, exploding it into fragments. She looks into the bull’s bathroom mirror only to see the bloodied lower part of her muscled torso. She bends forward and puts her hand on the sink, crushing it down. She looked at her reflection again, seeing her evil toothy smile and her breasts covering the rest of her muscled body. She turns around and moves towards the shower, along the way she “accidentally” broke the toilet by crashing her foot through it. She stepped in the shower and began to wash off all the blood and gore from the playtime. Bone fragments were washed from her ass, those that weren’t crushed small enough began to pile up on the drains filter, making the bloody water go down more slowly. With her ass and most of her crotch was completely clean, she moved the showerhead towards her vagina. The water sprinkling it, gives a tickling sensation. She puts the showerhead into her vagina, it crunches it and eats it. Her cunt pulls on the shower hose all by itself, tearing it out of the wall and swallowing it and crunching it down to nothing. Grinning with satisfaction she steps out of the shower, not caring about water spraying from the wall. She gets a towel from the closet and dries herself as she heads back to the bedroom to Tom’s wardrobe. She looked through his clothes and puts on something that’s seems the most comfortable. She is now wearing large steel toed boots, a pair of jeans which are so tight around her legs, the reveal the form of the muscles of her ass, quads and calves. She is also wearing the dead bull’s yellow t-shirt that has “BULL-DOZER” written on it with big black bold letters. The shirt fitted Tom just fine but on her it was tight because of her massive tits which were almost wider than her shoulder. The shirt’s inscription was stretched so much it was as if when it was typed space was pressed after each character. Her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric. The stretched shirt’s bottom was somewhat loose below her breasts, but it still couldn’t cover her abs. The sleeves seemed like they would burst from a flex. She is standing infront of the mirror grinning at her appearance. “What are you planning?” asked Maia, already fearing his answer. “I heard there is hot new club in town. We should party a little!” said Sein. “Oh no.” The lioness kicked down the apartment’s door and thumped her way to the roof. The steel roof access door was pulled out of the hinges and stayed in her hand as she walked on the roof. She looked at the door. She threw the door like a supersonic frisbee. It flew through the building infront of her like a hot knife through butter. Rebar enforced concrete, bricks and windows broke as the door flew through a dozen buildings in its path, even killing some people. Some were hurt by the debris but mainly people were cut in half by it. Satisfied by the act of destruction, she turns to the direction of the night club. Lights can be seen shining the sky and music can be heard from the club that is few kilometers away. She jumps up and flew over the city. The sight of the city is overwhelmingly beautiful, but Sein is concentrating on landing somewhere more secluded, not wanting to skip to early to the best part of the night. A car drove into a dark alleyway. David, a rich cougar driving his expensive car, parked in the middle of the alleyway. Next to him is Jennifer, his fox girlfriend. David turned off the engine as Jennifer unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulling out his hardening cock, which weirdly smelled like aftershave. She then reached up into her red dress, pulled down her lingerie and climbed into his lap. The couple gave each other a smile, signaling to each other that they’re ready. The fox road David, her moans were only interrupted by the cougar kissing her. Unnoticed by them an old homeless mouse was watching. He began to stroke his pathetic little cock as he watched the couple making love. She sped up as she was getting near and… Two feet landed on the roof of the car, pushing it down to the bottom of the seats, brutally killing the couple. The sudden thud and exploding glass made the old mouse fall on his back. He looked up to see a hulking lioness in what appears to her childhood clothes. The car underneath her was completely crushed, it’s belly broke into the asphalt of the alley. She was looking straight him with her red predator eyes, smiling at him with her fangs. She started walking towards him, her first step on the hood of the car, the metal squealed as it bent to shape of her footprint. His instincts kicked in. He got up and tried to run. Hearing the thuds of her pursuing him. Being pathetic as he was, he tripped and fell after only few steps. He looked back up and all he could muster was “Please!” The steel-toed boot landed on his head but there was no weight on it. The boot that was bigger than his head was just gently pushing down on his nose. His eyes were watering as he stared at the sole. “Heheheh. How polite.” Chuckled the lioness. She then brought her weight down and flattened it with a load crunch. She walked out of the alleyway, a few meters into the light her footsteps stopped stamping the ground with her bloody soles as she strolled into the city. She walked a few blocks, finally reaching the night club. The neon sign on the front said: “Club Fang” She stopped on the other side of the street. Sein thought for a second on how he wanted to do this. There is a long line infront of the entrance. A few bouncers are guarding the door. He could make her brute force her way in but that would cause a panic and force the following fun to be a simple rampage and not allowing to bait some pathetic mortals into a more intimate fun time. Backdoor it is then. She walked into another dark alley. The backdoor was under the single light shining in the alley, and unsurprisingly there was a bouncer next to it. A bored-out-of-his-mind muscle-bound bull with a black shirt that said SECURITY. He is nothing near to the level that Tom was though. He was looking at his phone when he heard thumping getting closer to him. A huge, clawed arm grabbed him by the neck and pulled him into the darkness. With her fingers tight around his throat, he wasn’t able to make sound loud enough to get help. He gasps constantly as he pulls and hits the arm unable to free, his feet kicking in the air. He is held face to face with the lioness, he looked at her with shock as she licked her lips. She put out her tongue and moved it all over his face, covering him with her hot saliva. She then forces her tongue into his mouth and pushes body against her breasts. She pulls out, her hand still on his throat and breathes on his face. “Let’s practice killing without blood.” She breathily whispered. “Please! Just no more killing!” pleaded Maia. “Play with me as much as you want! Have as much sex through me as you want! Just please! Don’t hurt more people!” All Sein heard from the pathetic begging was “Hurt more people!”. With a grin, he continued. She brought her other hand onto his shoulder and pinched it, and with a crunch his shoulder was completely pulverized. His arm fell limp, dangling by his skin. He would scream but her hold on his neck prevents him from lamenting his pain. She lowers her arm down to his thigh. With her thumb in the front and two fingers in the back she broke his femur in half, but with care not to break the skin. She then held him by the torso and with her other hand she pushed his neck to side with crack she broke his spinal cord. His body fell completely limp as she tossed him to the depths of the dark alley. She grabbed the door by the handle and broke the lock as she pulled it open. As she entered, she broke the doorframe with her shoulders and head, bringing some broken bricks inside with her. She walked through the corridor, past the storeroom, the door in the end. She opened this door a bit more gently. It dark and crowded in there, lasers and strobe lights flashed around the dj. There were tables off to the walls where people are mingling with each other and a bar next to the she entered in. There is a VIP Section upstairs with soundproof glass, her new destination. She wasn’t too conspicuous, she wasn’t even the biggest in the room, there were few giraffes in there and some rhinos, elephants and hippos, most of the look like they spent some time in the local gym. She walked into the crowd, a lot of people didn’t notice her, it’s the middle of the floor. They are too busy jumping to the music or rubbing against each other, until she got close. Some noticed her and gave her some space as she walked by, some got walked into and fell over, but nobody tried to pick a fight with her. She makes her way to the staircase that led up to the VIP area. As she finally got through the crowd, she was stopped by rhino with a security shirt. He was taller and wider than her by at least 40cm and looks like he lives at the gym. “Name?” He snorted. “Maia.” “You’re not on the list.” “I am on the list.” She said as she waved her hand infront of him. “You ARE on the list.” He corrected himself like he was brainwashed. “Enjoy the party.” She stomped up the stairs. Sein thought to himself on how much fun he’ll have with the rhino later as she made her way to the VIP lounge. There are some couches against the wall opposite of the soundproof glass, each sectioned off from each other with fancy walls and curtains to make it more private. In the middle of the wall there is a door guarded by two wolves between two seatings, most likely the boss’ room. A more exclusive bar on the other side of the room from the stairs and a sunken couch panned across in front of the window offer a better view of the party downstairs. The VIP section is packed, some are slightly more prestigious local dealers, few are some people who know people, most are some rich kids showing off to each other, and some more expensive escorts. She looked around to find something fun. As she surveyed, Maia the spectator, saw some familiar ladies sitting in one of the private seatings. Another female lion, a cougar and a leopard. “Are those my girlfriends? How come they’re here in a VIP section? Why didn’t they tell me?” Asked herself Maia, forgetting someone can hear her think. “Let’s find out!” said Sein. “Oh no. No nonononononono!” She moves towards them. The girls can be heard talking from far away with ear’s enhanced by a god. “… she is so bland and boring!” Said Haley, the cougar. “Yeah, she would make this night awkward with if she was here.” Added Rhianna, the lioness. “But she is still our friend. She helps us so much at work. It feels wrong.” Said Nicole, the leopard. “That’s why give her company on every Saturday afternoon!” Said Rhianna. “She gets what she is owed, and we can have some real fun by ourselves!” “Yeah! Do you want her to keep some of the best guys aw…” Nicole cuts off as she stares at the hulking figure infront of the three of them. “Oh, hey girls! Didn’t expect to see you here!” Said Sein acting as if he was actually Maia. “MAIA?!” they asked in unison. “Yeah?” “Y-you… you…” Stuttered Nicole. “You look… different!” finished Rhianna. “Yeah, I guess you can say I’ve been working things out! Heh!” Said Sein through Maia. “You know that bodybuilder bull neighbor of mine? We had some fun together. Anyway, I’m gonna go play with the big-man of this place and we’ll have some fun later. Okay?” Said the hulking lioness as started moving towards the guarded door. “WHAT THE FUCK?!” they asked in unison as they stared at her until she got out of their sight. “I can’t believe that they think so badly of me.” Maia exclaimed. The wolves were stunned by the lioness that approached. She quickly picked them and held them both against her body with one arm, entered the room and quickly closed the door behind her. The room was lavish, expensive carved wooden desk on the other side with an empty seat staring at the door. To the right some filing cabinets and a personal bathroom, to the left a personal bar and a hot tub. Sitting in the hot tub is owner of the club, a short rabbit known as Mr. Cad, he is quite slim with short brown fur with five rings in his left ear. He is accompanied by 2 busty female rabbits. All three of them are naked. “What the flying fuck?!” says Mr. Cad in shock. All three are staring at the big cat with two wolves in her arm. She changes her hold on the wolves. She is now holding one in each hand by the neck, and with a flick of her thumb she breaks their neck and tosses them aside like ragdolls. The two ladies scream as they climb out of the tub in an attempt to flee to the door. The feline jumps at them and with her feet, knocks them back as she flies in the air. She lands with a foot on each of them, One on one’s face and the other on the other’s chest, both of them crushed to death underneath the lioness. Mr. Cad, is frightened but he tries to hide it, and attempts to intimidate the cat. “Who the fuck do you think you are?! Do you have any idea...” “No and I don’t care!” she interrupted. “Now, shut up and prepare your dick for my pussy!” That last sentence is what killed his remaining courage. The thought of having sex with the murderous beast both scares him and excites him. She flexes her arms, detonating the sleeves on the ridiculous yellow shirt. With a quick bounce of her pecs, the front explodes revealing her huge tender tits slapped onto the rock-hard muscle. What remained of the shirt was a lower ring and the back. It fell down to her waist and now served as belt like accessory. She walks towards the rabbit, with every step she flexes her legs shredding her pants. When she was standing infront of him all that remained was a jean panty. The rabbit was still sitting in the tub, but with more of a frightened and contracted posture. She extends her foot. The bloody boot stopped few cm’s away from his face. The little rabbit is breathing hard as he thought he would lose his head there. She can hear his heart beating at a record rate. “Take it off.” She ordered. He gave her a scared glance and immediately unties the boot and tosses it aside. She puts the other boot in his face, without a word he takes that one off too. She grins menacingly. She places her thumb in what remains of her jeans and with her claw she cuts it off. She steps into the tub and sits down into the water, most of it floods out at the edges as she crawls on top of him. “Now where’s your cock?” she says as she looks down into the water. She shrugs and pushes her muzzle into the hot water and drinks it up. In mere seconds the water level went down to his ball. The water essentially disappeared as it didn’t appear in her form. His now revealed little bunny dick throbs in fear on what’s about to come. She puts the tip between her fangs and closes her lips on it and sucks. Her lungs suck him with such power his ass is lifted from the tub floor as his dick is pulled as deep into her mouth as it could go. The pressure made him cum in 10 seconds, his little load impacting on her throat. “Aaaaahh!” He exclaimed. She dropped him out of her mouth, sat back with the tub making a load crack as it broke under her. She put her feet up on each side of the hot tub with the bunny between them. He stares down at her pussy. “Now, do your thang.” She said. He nervously went down and approached her with his mouth. “Oh! I lost my showerhead earlier today. I would appreciate if you could find it for me.” She said with a sarcastic grin. Mr. Cad just stared up at her with increased fear in his eyes. He brought his lip to pussy and started gently kissing it. He licked the surface around it then massaged the clit. He then moved his tongue into her and started licking and slurping. It was a nice tingly sensation, but not exactly what Sein wanted. “What’s the saying? Fucking like rabbits? C’mon, show me what your made of!” She encouraged. He moved up so his dick could reach her vagina. His head was completely imbedded in between her tits. His hip moved slowly thrusting into her. “Don’t you dare go gently on me! Start pumping me like you mean it or I’ll get over you and do things myself, and I fuck like TRUCK!” she barked. He immediately started humping like his life depended on it, his head still hidden between her breasts. He kept it up for a solid two minutes, until he had to release. Another funny little load exited his dick this time, in her cunt. He dropped himself down onto her muscled abdomen. He heaves very hard as tries to catch his breath. The lioness rolls her eye, she puts her legs down and gets up with him in her hands. With a hand on his ass, she moved the rabbit’s dick to her vagina and pushed him into her. Mr. Cad tries to resist but he is both too tired and way too weak. He was groaning, begging for her to stop. She thrusted him into her again and again. The rabbit is very stimulated, his cock is hurting as he is forced to pleasure the brute’s inside. Tear’s roll on down from his eyes, he begs her to stop, she doesn’t care, in fact she is getting more and more turned on by the laments of the puny rabbit. After a few minutes she stopped, not because she came or that Sein felt I tiny bit of mercy. Maia’s other hand moved up stopped at his head, on his cheek. She pushed her oversized thumb into his mouth and started playing around with his tongue. She looks him straight in the eye with a sense of superiority on her face. The boss of the establishment just looked up at her like an innocent little baby, his face is wet from the tears. “Suck.” She commanded. Like the pathetic child he is, he sucked her thumb like it was a binkie. He suddenly bit on it as she started pushing his cock into her again, but this time harder. The sound of slapping was loud as their bodies collided. After more than 30 thrusts, Mr. Cad’s pelvis begun to audible crack. Her overpowered hand on his ass is starting to break his body. His pelvis cracks more with each collision into her muscled vagina. After a dozen or so pushes into her and *SNAP!* his pelvis is in to pieces, shatters into more as the lioness show any sign of stopping. He can only flail as his arms, let out muffled screams and bite against her thumb, which barely even felt like nibbling to her. She slaps him into her more and more, what’s between her cunt and hand slowly becoming pulverized. The sound of bodies slapping against each other are slowly changing into a sound of meat mushing. His cock is the last thing that’s still hard on that part of his body, and even that is starting wear thin, literally. His cock is bleeding as its being grinded down by her muscle pussy. She pushes him slowly as she orgasms. A last few thrusts, and she lets his crushed ass go of her bloody hand, but he doesn’t fall to the ground. Her pussy is holding onto his cock tight. She is still cumming. The muscle of her vagina are moving from the orgasm. The muscles pull him as her pussy quickly opens and closes with more of him in her. Her vagina feeds on him like a dog eats kibble from a bowl. Crunching and mushing him heightens and prolongs her orgasm. His tears are now dry on his face since he ran out tears long ago, her thumb still in his mouth. Her claw pierce’s the roof of his mouth and as she feels better and better she growls more and more loudly. She pulls his head off as his body folds in half. What was his pelvis is now in completely in her. His legs are against his back and his neck flooding blood under her. She raises his dead head to her eye level. With increasing growling and purring she moves her tongue into his mouth and makes out with the head as she eats his corpse with her pussy. His body hops deeper into her, his femur is crushed into dust and mixes with the mush that was his intestines. The corpse moves higher up, his ribs are crushed one by one. Soon his torso is gone. The hulking feline only stops kissing the severed head to moan and roar. The sight of the big muscle cat is somewhat comical, as she is standing, kissing, and between her beastly thighs a pair of arms and legs dangle. The dead limbs are slurped up. Her chiseled body doesn’t even bulge slightly, from the bloody feast. As the body is gone her orgasm ended. She gave the head gently kiss on the nose and lowers it down. With a sickening series of crunching her vagina consumes the head, this time as if she was eating a hamburger with her mouth. Taking bites out of it. She doesn’t have any teeth in there, but with the power within those vaginal muscles, she might’ve had them. The pussy is dripping with blood as literally consumed someone. She slaps her harder than stone abs. “Why does these terrible acts feel so good?” Maia asked as she feels an ecstasy mixed guilt. “Heh! It can get even better!” answered Sein. END OF PART 1 Part 2 The group of felines were sitting in silence with shock written all over their face. After minutes of silence Rihanna, the lioness spoke up. “Ok! So was our little chubby Maia cosplaying as a hulk just now or was I daydreaming?” She asked her friends. “I think she got hungry and ate a few bodybuilders on the way here.” Said Haley. “Now’s the time you stop being rude with her, even behind her back!” Exclaimed the leopard. “With people like that, the only thing that gets smaller with them is their tolerance. Just imagine what she would do to us now if she felt we were using her.” “For the last time, she doesn’t feel used by us! We fairly compensate her for her efforts with a little weekend mingle.” Said the cougar. “Yeah, but do you think she feels that way after catching us in the most exclusive club in town and didn’t tell her we’d be here? Or if she catches whiff that we make fun of her behind her back? She would KILL us! And now that she is stronger than the bouncer, she might literally do that!” said Nicole worryingly. Rihanna started feeling worried as well, but Haley was starting to feel more at ease. She started to normalize the thought that her little friend suddenly became Ms. Universe barely changed anything, and she honestly believed that Maia would be grateful for them to spend some time with her. “I think Nicky is right. We should be more careful with her, for now at least.” Said the lioness. “Oh c’mon! She might be a truck now, but she should still be grateful to have some of the popular girls’ attention!” said the cougar smugly. “This isn’t right! Murder shouldn’t feel this good!” Exclaimed Maia. “Murder is fun to the alphas and sucks for the omegas!” replied Sein. “Tell me bitch, are you a weak little omega or are you a true alpha?” “… weak or strong doesn’t matter, murder is still wrong! Right?!” “You should give in to the awesome sensation of power! You only fear murder because of the cuck mentality! Your scared of pissing off some nonexistent authority when you could become the one true alpha! You could do what you want and make the cucks bend to your will! IF you are an alpha, of course. Now tell me are you an alpha?” “I dunno, I still think it’s wrong.” “Well good thing I’m in charge and not you! Now, let’s have revenge on your friends!” “No! NO!!! Leave them alone!” “Bitch please! Even now, they still think your lesser than them! Listen!” “Let them be!” “Shuttup and listen!” “She’s still the same pushover Maia but with a new body!” Said the cougar “People don’t change, I mean mentally. She might be a truck now, but she is still the same pathetic bitch who does all my assignments since high school. I’m willing to bet I can make her pay for all our drinks tonight! Haha!” “We should play it safe for now Haley!” said the leopard. “Bitch please! She can’t handle a confrontation. She burfed when she tried to explain to her parents when she tried to stand up against her brother. She will never be more than pushover virgin, trust me!” Maia felt as her world fell apart. She listened to her so called friends through the wall as they made fun of her. All the extra homework, then the heaps of paperwork she took on for her friends. Every time they did something together, she paid all the bills. They never saw her more than a cash cow, a bitch. Immense sadness and anger started to fill her mind. She was seeing red, her anger was getting more and more uncontrollable. Sein sensed this, so he quickly gave the control back to Maia. Maia closed her hands in to fists. The sharps claws were pushing into her unpierceable skin. Her veins got more visible through her fur, forming a roadmap-like pattern all over her body. The definitions of muscle became more prominent as she clenched her entire body, trying to hold back her rage. Even her breasts flexed with what seem to be muscle fibers and pulsing veins all pointing at her nipples. Sweat started to drop from her armpits and other pubic areas. Her hot body turned the majority of sweat into a musky steam, that filled the room almost visibly. People that were on the dance floor were moving their bodies to the rhythm of the DJ’s beat . The music was loud, but not loud enough to cover what sounded like a roar. “RAAAAUUURRRRGH!” People started to turn their attention to the VIP section upstairs, as more monstrous roars and some things breaking could be heard. Maia was standing in the gaping hole in the wall that took down a part of the ceiling with it. Her thick scent filled the noses of everyone there. The muscle monster was making sounds, that could only be described as mini-roars, as she took heavy, angry breaths. Her eyes, almost emanated her fury, locked onto her soon to be dead friends. The leopard turned to the cougar with smugness written all over her face. “Told ya.” Maia let the out a powerful roar that sent debris flying. She began to charge the group of felines, picking up more momentum fast. Her footfalls shook the room, making more of the ceiling fall down. Her feet almost shattered the floor beneath them. She pounced, in midair she grabbed Haley. Each hand is big enough to wrap more than halfway around her. Maia’s powerful grip crushed the cougar’s torso and arms down to a thin rod, then quickly she ripped her apart and tossed her halves aside, all before she landed on the ground. Like a crashing locomotive, she flew through everything in her path. Tables, chairs and guests were all crushed in her path. She was finally stopped by the thick wall at the end of the room, which almost broke down trying to stop the beast. People started screaming, some from the pain of their pulverized body parts, most from the panic of the sight of someone getting ravaged infront of them. Maia like a predator, got on 3. Her feet and her right arm, her left arm clenched in a fist beside her. “RRAAUGHTS WHRAUGHT YOU DESEUURGH!!!!” she said roaringly. With fire in her eyes, they locked back on the remaining two. Her claws cut into the ground as she leaped up at them, with an attempt to hammer them down with each fist at once. The leopard had the reflexes to jump away just in time, but the lesser lioness didn’t even have enough time to gasp. Like a beer can under a hydraulic press, she was crushed, her head went straight down to her feet. All what remained of her was a bloody, gooey puddle in a fist shaped crater. Nicole didn’t look back as she ran for her life. She was making a B-line for the exit. The predator turned for the leopard. As her eyes locked onto the final target she began to move after her. The exit door swung open, the muscle-bound rhino bouncer stepped in. He immediately spotted the bloodied beast and knew, that’s what needs to bounce. Maia, focused on Nicole, was head-butted in the side and pushed off course, letting the leopard escape. She crashed to the side but unphased by the strike. She got back up. Her baser instincts told her to deal with the rhino first then se can play with the prey. The bouncer kicked the ground back and snorted like a bull getting ready to charge, he began stampeding towards the feline. She started running on all four, her hands grasped the ground as she pulled herself towards the rhino, her legs kicked some of the concrete up as she leaped at him. The predator landed on the bouncer’s head, hands on his horn and the back of his head, and her legs imbedding her claws into his stomach. Maia had the momentum advantage, making the rhino fall on top of her as they slide, his mouth between her breasts, he unintentionally motorboated her as they slid across the room on her back. She put an arm under in his armpit, made sure her feet were deep in him, and with both legs kicked his lower half clean off. The lower half of his spinal column and some entrails dangled from the defeated foe as she got up. Her hand still on his horn she lifted him to eye level, the rhino taking his last breaths just barely, looks at her with shock and tears in his eyes, tried to say his last words but only coughed up blood. Her rage began to fade. She dropped the man, tears formed in her eyes, as guilt started to seep in. She felt confused, with sorrow and anger. She wipes her tears, smearing blood all over her face. “… Nicole.” She spoke under her breath. “I gotta find her!” The bloody feline looked out the window, down to the party, she quickly spotted the leopard making a break for the side exit that led to the alley. People on the dance floor were all standing still and looking at the entrance of the VIP section with curiosity. VIPs were running and screaming in a panic as they were fleeing. The section’s windows were all one-way mirrors, so they could only make guesses to had what happened. When the bloody, sweaty hulking beast came into view everybody dropped their curiosity and began to panic as well. Some college football star elephant didn’t, he thought he was tough enough to take down the beast and be the hero of the night. He quickly charged the lioness. Maia was having none of it. Without even looking at the jock, she right hooked the elephant in the face. The fist’s impact sent shockwaves across his face. Skin teared from the waves traveling across him. His trunk, tusks, jaw and fragments of his head all flew in different directions. Some of his upper vertebrae decided to escape as well. Screams intensified as the body fell. She ran towards the exist to the alley. Not wanting to be caught by her in the tight corridor, everyone tried to run and get around her to get to a better exit. Some even jumped out the windows. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! She thundered her way to the exit, tearing into the walls with her thick triceps. Nicole just got out into the alley. She can hear more screaming when suddenly, the big girl appeared in the already busted doorframe. The massive beast ignored the width of the frame, breaking through the tight hole, taking some bricks with her on her shoulder. The leopard fell over fell over from the jump-scare and before she even had the chance to get up, the lioness’ bloody hand was throat lifting her, her feet flailed a meter over the ground. The cold nightly air further emphasized the sweaty steam she is emanating and gave her a visible aura. Steam is also seeped through between her teeth, her lungs puffing it in the leopard’s face. With anger and tears in her eyes and blood around it, she stared into Nicole’s wide, crying eyes. “WHY?!” Maia boomed “HOW COULD YOU TREAT ME LIKE THIS?!” She shook the smaller feline. “I FUCKING BENT OVER BACKWARDS FOR YOU! AND YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO TREAT ME LIKE THIS?!” “I… I… sorry…” said Nicole while trying to get to as much oxygen from the musky air as she can. Sein was sitting back this whole-time letting Maia do her thing. He was proud of himself for getting her to rampage. But he is sensing that Maia has pity growing for her friend, she might even forgive her. Sein wasn’t about to let his work pushing Maia into violence go to waste. He began planting thoughts into her mind. Thoughts that Nicole was using her more than the rest, but she hid it better, everything is her fault, in the corner of her eyes she saw her laughing at her, and so on. Maia’s heart was racing faster with each new memory. “YOU AURGH THE WOURGHST!!!!” she roared. She grabbed the leopards head with the other hand and crushed it with all her strength. Her thumb was on her nose when she started crushing her skull. The entire muzzle collapsed under the insane pressure. Skin, blood and bones flew in all directions. The top of skull flew up like the cork of a champagne bottle, spraying brains 20 meters high. Both her eyes flew out their sockets, bounced on the lioness’ tits, and went down her cleavage. The skin of her neck stretched and ripped being too weak to hold on to the body. It fell to the ground pooling blood from it mangled neck. Maia held her massive arm out for a solid minute, trying to crush the remaining flesh between her fingers out of existence. She broke down sobbing, bawling her eyes out. After five minutes of crying and not noticing the sound of sirens getting closer, she asked “Why?.... W-why did you do this?” “My sweet bitch, I had nothing to do with this. This was all YOU! YOU were in control, not me. YOU killed them. And I can sense that you would do it all over again if, you could. I know you enjoyed it.” Sein taunted. As much as Maia hated to admit it, he is right. She did enjoyed it and wants to do it again. Conflict grew in her. Should she try to be a good girl again or should she embrace what she discovered and just enjoy herself. Her thoughts were interrupted by four antelope police officers, who skipped every decency to talk and just opened fire on her. To their chagrin the bullets were ineffective, unable to pierce her anywhere on her body or head, even failing to make her beach ball breasts jiggle. But instead of retaliating, she remained in place and contemplated on what to do. “Come on Maia!” egged Sein “To be a true alpha, you have to teach the pests their place, or they’ll just treat you like a bitch!” The final word he had used was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The ground shattered beneath her feet as she roared. The anger she lost not long ago ignited once again. She began stomping towards the police, menacingly growling as she closed the distance, like a predator approaching a cornered prey. Their guns fired the last bullet. They were now completely powerless to stop her. One officer attempted to flee, the second he turned his back, Maia like the predator she is, took this as her que to attack. Like a bowling ball, she was targeting the middle of the group and plan on dealing with the stragglers later. She was leaving a vapor trail of steam behind her, as her body generate increasingly more heat. A little earlier: A many of the people who exited through the front entrance decided that they were just going to simply gather out there, trying to make sense of what they saw and making social media posts of it. A bunch of police cars and SUV’s pull up, they stopped in the middle of the road, and quickly jumped out of their vehicles, guns in hand. Most of them went in, the rest began surrounding the place. Many bystanders started recording cops with their phones. A small herd of four antelope cops went to check the alley way. They stopped in their tracks, drew their pistols and fired down the alley. All cameras were focused on them. The sound of growling, then ground shaking thumps came from the alley with increasing frequency. The bystanders were all observing as the lioness came out of her den, to go for the kill on the four little antelopes. She kicked the one who tried to flee. On contact her shin was parallel to the cop’s torso and so powerful, his ribcage caved in and almost cuts him in half. He was sent flying, crashing into brick building across the street. His muzzle and most of the bones in his body were completely crushed from the impact. Like in old cartoons, his body peeled back, since it had no structure to prevent it from bending like that. He fell headfirst into the pavement, breaking what remained of his skull and crushing his brain as he impacted the hard ground. Like a bullet, what remained of his spine slid through the bottom of his skull through the grey-matter and imbedded itself in the pavement. She grabbed the middle-left officer, he screamed at the top of his lungs as Maia quickly pulls him closer. She put his head in her mouth, her sharp teeth easily pierced not only his flesh, but his skull to. She pulled and ripped his head and part of his spine out of his body. She crushes the limp body in her hand and tosses it aside as she turns her head left and aim up her muzzle with another antelope. She filled her lungs with air through her nose and quickly empties it. The burst of air coming out of her throat, fragmented the skull down to little pieces and sends them flying like some hyper shotgun. Bloody mist came from her mouth, blocking visibility and as it sets, everything in a 20-meter range is now covered in blood and small shredded chunks of flesh. Maia’s tail wagged in frustration, blowing wind behind her. She turned her head right, and over her massive boulder of a shoulder looked down at the remaining antelope. The officer was on his back, clearly fell back from devastation he witnessed his colleagues endure. He was shocked not only beyond moving but thinking, staring at the muscle beast who earlier that evening ate bodybuilder bull with her vagina. “My turn now!” Interjected Sein. Maia’s face changed from an angry disgust to a wide, evil smile, indicating the change in management upstairs. She raised her arm as if she was showing of her right lat, she jumped up, holding the pose. All he had time for was to start raising his arms to block his face, but she lands on him as his arms are halfway at their destination. Blood splattered all over her. The brief sound of the pavement and bones cracking was heard. She got up to look at what she had created. The pavement like wet sand took the shape of the massive muscles of her arm, lat, legs and even her massive side boob, with a cobweb of cracks surrounding it. What remains of the officer is the flat print of his skin, cloths and blood stains on the pavement and on her. She then noticed the group of bystanders staring at her. “ YOU BUGS THINK I GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO GO PRO?!” boomed the influenced feline with the same sadistic grin. Most are too frightened to move, but a handful of them enjoyed it, and gave her an encouraging answer of: “Yes!” and “Hell yeah!” “Glad you shits agree.” she said under her breath, as she walked over to the nearest lamppost. She grabbed the post, her fingers dented into the metal. The possessed lioness ripped it out of the ground and with supersonic speed, threw it at them like boomerang. Its speed created a deafening boom, but that was not the upmost concern for them, as their upper torsos were falling to the ground since they were no longer attached to their legs. The lucky few who were tall enough, are screaming as the rest don’t have intact lungs to make some bloody gurgles. Behind them, half of a building collapsed from the impact of the lamp post. Sein is a bit disappointed but understands that it’s more of miracle that the soft metal did that much damage past the bugs. The ruckus attracted the attention of the officers who were elsewhere looking for a big monster. A total of ten cops were swarming through the alley and front doors. They weren’t hesitating a second, as the moment they spot her they started firing. Most had regular pistols, and lucky few had pump action shotguns and armalite rifles. Bullets were stopped and ricocheted off from all over of her. Most were bouncing off her abs and tits, some were aiming for less muscled areas like her kneecaps and face, some well-aimed shots were bouncing off her eyeballs. All the effort for no effect. “HAHA! Look what I got you!” He laughed to Maia. “Have fun!” Maia’s facial expression went from the evil grin to that of blind fury as she regained control. “RRAAAUGHRRR!!! FUURGHK YOU!!!” she roared, as she hooked a punch into the wall to her left sending rubble at the seven cops infront of her. The debris did little damage to them, but it blinded them for a second as they had to cover their face. One second of blindness was enough for her to close the distance as she got within arm’s reach of them as they opened their eyes again. The cops in the alley were sprinting to keep up with her, to keep her in their sights. Maia used her arms to sweep them aside. Her powerful forearms cut five of them in half. A tougher one, a hippo, was remained in one piece, only receiving a collapsed lung, a broken ribcage, spine, and a massive forearm shaped dent in his chest. He made a hole in the wall as she sent him flying. He was one of the luckier ones because the shock from the impact Maia’s massive arm killed him instantly. The rest of the half-men had few more seconds of painful existence before the lights went out. One officer was left standing infront of Maia. She put her hand behind his head, and slapped him into her abs, splattering his head out of existence staining her his blood and painting a bloody stripe pointing down at her vagina, as the body fell down to the ground. “HAHAHA! My, my! My whiny little bitch, I must say! You make me proud! How about a treat, my pet?” Sein said in a condescending tone. Maia moaned of ecstasy as she started growing to double the size she just was. Her network of veins glowed up red all over body and head as she grew. Her sweating intensified, as her entire body became soaking wet. Her armpits are generating as much musky steam like they were pressure release valve. Saliva almost foamed from her mouth. She stopped at five meters tall (~16 feet) and almost as wide with muscle. The enhanced feline was too big for any door or any means of public transport, not to mention anything that wasn’t strong enough to support the weight of the tank would collapse under her. Her mouthwatering tits got so big, a full-grown man could easily fit in each of them. The three officers got around the corner just in time to witness her growth. They were staggered at the sight of the massive beast. The raccoon with the shotgun however quickly snapped out of it, and courageously sneaked up to her while she wasn’t paying attention. He quickly pushed the shotgun up her ass and fired. The pellets had no effect on the god-enhanced anus. Maia was paying attention now. With a lighting fast swoop, she decapitated him with her tail. More sirens can be heard approaching, as Maia started walking towards one of the police SUV in the middle of the road. The lights everywhere around her flickered as she repeatedly printed her feet into the pavement. Her mouth is stuck in an evil, snarly expression with drool dripping from her predatory mouth, since she succumbed to her more basic instincts and the power of testosterone. The two cops decided to book it and were running off as far and as fast as they could. Two black armored SWAT trucks appeared around the corner a few blocks down, racing towards her with lights flashing and sirens screaming. The beast reached down with her massive arms to pick the SUV, her veiny bicep bulging up to the width of a tractor tire. She throws it at the incoming trucks. Her throw was powerful but sloppy, as only one truck had to course-correct to dodge it, and even then, just barely. “Ugh! You throw like a girl! Let me show you how it’s done!” Said Sein. Instead of taking control away from Maia, she was pulled forward, towards one of the trucks. She was traveling at a staggering 900m/s (~2013 MPH). This was made even more astonishing by the fact she was barely any aerodynamic, and her massive feet were cutting half a meter deep trenches as she went. So much air is pushed aside that the wind she blasted was shattering windows, ripping lampposts out of their place and flipping some lighter cars. This time the driver of the first truck had no chance to avoid the gigantic projectile. The truck exploded as it collided with the breasted bullet. The men inside all splattered from the change of the momentum. The large v8 motor block exploded from collision, sending fragments flying, like giant grenade. The rigid cast metal shards shredded the other armored vehicle, leaving massive holes in it, not to mention the frags took huge chunks out of the surrounding buildings around her. The frame of the vehicle started morphing around her. It completely took up the shape of the muscle woman and became a steel, skintight dress. The force pulling her ceased as she hit the target, but her momentum remained. She was rolling and bouncing as the laws of physics affected her again starting slowing her down. Cars, trucks and city buses were all devastated as she tumbles through them with great force. She came to a halt lots of kilometers away, right at the other edge of the business sector of the city. “Now that’s a throw! HAHAHAHA!” laughed Sein, as Maia got up with surprised still, monstrous look on her face with her new ‘dress’ still on fire. The massive metal on her screeched and screamed as it bent from her movement. She walked up to one of the glass buildings to look at her reflection. The black steel left little to the imagination due to how tight it was, trying cover the bottom of her cleavage and barely reaching down to cover half of her thighs. Not only her abs and other muscle are visible through it, but even most of her veins. The majority of the flames were burning where what once was the fuel tank, was now locate: at the bottom of her breasts, and they reached just high enough to cover her nipples. “Heh! Smokin!” exclaimed the god. It was definitely a sight to behold but, both of them were starting to grow annoyed of the constant screaming the metal made as Maia merely breathed, so the feline grabbed it, ripping it off of her body and casually casted it off behind her, whooshing into the night sky like a rocket. In a slummier district of the city, two drunk foxes were exiting a bar, when one of them get a ping on their phone. “Duuuude~, ther~there’s like this chick with the bi~urp! Biggest… tits in the wor~ uurp! The world!” He said while he tried to keep his balance. He turned his screen towards his friend who was also barely conscience. He leaned forward and squinted at the screen while his head moves in a circular motion. He started making a dumb, drunk smile and slowly opened his mouth as his brain tried to generate a comment. *SLAM!!!* A massive metal plate with the shape of massive breasts and abs landed on the grinning idiot, covering not just his pasted body but the splattered pool of blood as well. The fox with the phone fell back from the surprise. He sat up and stared at the sexy metal. “WHAT THE -!!!!” he yelled just as his mouth started to reject his nights drinks. Maia was grinning at her reflection. She began flexing and admiring her new body. She put her arms up into a double bicep pose, releasing two smaller clouds of steamed musk. Her massive veiny peaks pulsed with absolute power. She then lowered her arms and put them on her hips, as she flexed and bounced her pecs. The movement of her pecs by themselves were very impressive, but with the giant orbs attached to them, made the scene even more amazing. Since her flesh isn’t of normal soft flesh, they completely resisted changing their perfect ball shape. So far nothing was able to make them jiggle, not even as they hop with her pecs. They’re movement with the thick slabs of muscles was almost comical as they nearly hit her muzzle. Sein just laughed at how much she enjoyed her new form, and how he got her drunk of power from what lizard fart of strength he gave her. She spun around on her heels, pulverizing the pavement under her feet. She bent over, looking back at her steamy, muscular ass and legs, and what magnificence lays between her musky cheeks. She spotted the buildings security staring at her through her reflection in the glass. The 1.8 meter-tall grizzly bear had his jaw hanging in awe of the sight of the massive female. She straightened back up and turned around, all the while staring at him with a snarly, slobbery grin. She made earthshattering steps towards him. Her unbelievably hard nipples alone shattered the glass on contact. She thumped her way to the security guard who was still unable close his mouth, move or even notice the leaking in his pants. She bent forward to be closer to his eye level. She let out a growly chuckle as the bear is fixated on her mouthwatering cleavage. He started stretching out his arm to reach his newfound dream. Maia suddenly flexed her pecs. Her wrecking balls leaped forward not only breaking every bone his arm, but his muzzle and ribcage as they slam into him, sending him flying. He soared in the tall reception area and bounced off the ceiling which is roughly at four stories in height. He fell back with parts of the ceiling and landed on the edge of the large granite reception table, cracking it and snapping his spine into two. His colleague, a beagle, witnessed this without Maia noticing his presence. He was in cover, crouched behind the escalator, shivering with fear with his taser in hand. The city police have dispatched all six of their helicopters. They are following the trail of destruction and craters which start at the last known position of the SWAT team they deployed. Spotlights were shining on the mess as the choppers reach the financial distract. They received word that the silent alarm was tripped in a building at the other edge of the district. Making an educated guess, the police chief, an older boar, ordered all units to the location through the radio. Patrol officers and SWAT teams are deployed. Every officer on call is heading to the location, only knowing it’s very serious. The officers off call have already received a wake up and have been placed on standby. The sound of helicopters reached Maia’s ears. “Sounds like more funs coming our way!” Sein said gleefully. “Think you could swat some flies?” “HELL YEAH!!!” boomed Maia, shattering all windows with her deep, powerful voice. The hidden beagle nearly fainted from the shock. She stomped her way outside. The beagle urinated himself as the shaking ground made him constantly bounce up. The growing puddle beneath him started splashing back up on him, but to his fortune, the power predator failed to notice his increasingly wet presence. The second she put a foot outside three of the six helicopters locked their spotlights onto her. She covered her face as she was blinded by the lights. The other three unnoticed by her, dropped down ropes and were unloading a group of 6 SWAT officers each. Before she even began plotting the destruction of the blinding choppers, bullets started bouncing off her back. She glances back. A few cops are shooting her as the rest were climbing off the rope. She immediately thundered her way to the first rope. She stomped on the bug of the cop down to a large foot-shaped crater. She grabbed the rope and yanked the chopper down. Those in the open door and on the rope fell down to their death. It crashed and exploded right on top of her. She grabbed the bent wreck in her right arm and quickly stormed for the next rope. She kicked the unfortunate officer at the rope out of her way, turning him into a bloody mist and a couple of mangled limbs. Another yank and now she had two burning wreckages to play with. After witnessing two helicopters crash within mere seconds, the pilot of the third police helicopter decided to pull up the rope and increase the altitude. “YOU CARGHNT UGHSCRAPE!!!” she roared at the chopper. Maia spun in place and with massive momentum threw the wreck in her right hand. Her powerful throw dramatically missed the helicopter by more than 30° than the intended path. Her face changed from her snarly confidence to pure disbelief. “Oh, for fucking out loud! How can you suck so much?!” yelled Sein. “Step aside!” Maia’s face changed to a more annoyed expression. With a casual swing the wreck flew and hit the chopper square on. The rotor blades all broke as they contacted the second wreck. The thrown copter fell straight down on to a parking garage, almost going through the top floor, while the other one picked up its momentum flying into the side a of a tall hotel, giving a rude surprise to those who were watching the commotion through their windows. It broke into 3 rooms and due to how weak the floors are, the crashed chopper fell through more rooms, sliding out of the building, creating a tear-like hole. “See?! Simple!” “AARGH! Your just lucky!” replied Maia. “No, you just suck!” said Sein as he walked Maia to the nearest lamppost, it’s light flickered as her steps shook the ground. Maia’s muscular veiny arm reached for it, her fingers as thick as her arms were yesterday, caved into the metal. She ripped it out of the ground like it wasn’t even bolted down. With the double light branches acting as fins she tossed it like a supersonic spear at one of the choppers targeting its spotlight. Sein’s aim for the center of the light is spot on. The base end of the post blasted through the light like bullet, but due the fact that the chopper was sideways and the location of the light being under the hull, it only took the copilot’s foot with it. However, one of the branches made a huge incision in the cockpit, taking most of the controls, the bottom half of the pilot and the rest of the copilot. The bird was spinning out of control as it fell from the night sky. It crashef on the mostly abandoned street. The lucky, a few injured SWAT members began crawling from the wreckage. “Heh! Three out of three!” chuckled Sein. “THE FIRST ONE WASN’T EVEN A REAL THROW!!!” Screamed Maia. “Still counts!” The police chief, having followed the radio chatter and video feeds of the choppers, ordered the remaining birds to fall back as they are too useful to be lost this easily against the monster. He also orders what SWAT team is left in the city to follow it, report it’s position and to avoid contact with it at all cost. He also had the regular cops prepare to evacuate the city, then he picked up the phone to make some calls. “Huh, they’re retreating. Must have gotten scared of some pussy cat!” snickered Sein. “I guess we have to find our fun again.” “BUT I STILL WANTED TO PLAY WITH THE FUCKS!” whined Maia. “Shuttup bitch! There’s still an entire city to play with!” Maia, still under Sein’s control, thumped back into the glass tower. The poor wet beagle that was still in hiding and shivering, thought it’s his chance to run. Halfway across the room he was caught by the feline, backed turned. Sein liked the idea of witnesses, but this one just wasn’t to his liking. Maia ripped a piece of metal framing, that once held a window. The poor guy didn’t even notice that the she-hulk spotted him. He suddenly fell to the ground. He didn’t understand why he can’t feel his legs anymore. A pain started growing unbearably bad in the middle of his body. He looked down at his body, to see that there was a 5cm hole below his ribcage. The piece of metal went through him so fast he didn’t even see it. It went through his spine, then some intestines and exited through him, all in a blink of the eye. He just noticed that he has the monster’s attention. “Four out of four.” Said Sein, as he stomps Maia towards the injured dog. “He isn’t dead yet!” replied Maia gleefully. “Unlike you I hit what I was aiming at, so it still counts!” Answered Sein. The security guard tried to crawl away, but the closing stomps throwing him higher and higher made it increasingly difficult to escape. He left a short trail of tears as he pulled himself forward. The violent steps made him hit his head in the ground. Maia was standing over him, by now his broken nose was bleeding violently. “Turn over!” Commanded Maia. The welp complied. He painfully pushed himself with his arms, his limp legs made it more difficult. He finally he flopped over. He can see the lioness’ super muscular form from one of the best angles ever. Thick muscular thighs towering up, between them a slit containing her clitoris, a thick network of veins growing from it, down her legs and up her hard brick wall of abs. She stared at him between her massive wrecking ball cleavage. “FUCKING RIP HIM APART!” barked Maia. Sein lifted Maia’s foot up, hovering it over the dog. He was almost sobbing as put up his arms trying to defend his face. “Look up!” She commanded. Tears filled up his eyes, making it difficult to see. After a few hard blinks he could see the lioness foot over him properly. He reached up to feel it. It felt very hard and dirty from the all the craters it created. Having something so deadly hovering over him made him feel like he would empty his bladder again, if he could. “See this? This is where you belong!” and with that Maia’s foot casually went down on him. The welp put as much strength into holding the foot up as he could muster, but he couldn’t even press in on the skin not to mention even slowing it. His arms went down until his elbows reached the ground. His right arm started getting folded into an uncomfortable angle. His left arm however was stuck in perfectly vertical angle so his bones in his forearm were splitting at length, bending and breaking in half. The skin also split releasing flesh, bone shards and blood. His wrist was pulverized, his palm, only connected to loosened skin, fell beside him. As the foot reached his torso, his right arm from his elbow was completely gone. His skull popped. The sound of moist cracking filled the air. His skin and cloths ripped as his insides attempt to escape from tremendous weight. Like soft sand, the ground was imprinted with the shape of the immense foot. “Hah! Don’t even need any effort to kill your kind!” Laughed Sein. Maia started walking towards the center of the building, leaving a trail of bloody footprints, with the skinvelope of the guard was still stuck to her foot. The center of the building was just a large hole for the main elevator shaft, that is behind a half meter thick concrete wall. Of course, it’s no challenge for a real monster of woman like Maia to get through. She effortlessly walked through it. They were caught off guard however on where the hole began. Maia fell down the shaft, tumbling through some support beams. She had about a 50 meter fall from where she started. At the bottom was the massive chunk of thick, steel reinforced concrete foundation. As per Sein’s experience, to him concrete is like that is like a big sponge mattress for most. She landed ass first. The concrete foundation cracked and the entire building shook. Windows cracked and shattered, raining glass from above. Many offices were devastated, ceilings dropped down in curtain places but the building itself still stood. Maia pulled herself out from her crater. “Alright! Do something bitch!” commanded Sein, giving the reign back to her. She let out a massive roar, echoing up into the darkness, shaking the building again. She thumped to where the wall met the foundation. She pushed her open palms in there and attempted to pick up the building. Due to where she was attempting this, she was only lifting the section of the building which her hand was directly under. A pitbull officer, tasked with following the monster, went into the lobby trying to find it without ending up as the two security guards that decorated the place. The ground shook, cracks ran on the walls and ceilings around him. The officer got off the ground. looked around for what might have caused the shake and began contemplating if he should really in there. He heard a very loud roar, shaking the building again, this time parts of the ceiling fall down around him. The ground shook a third time, prompting him to just turn around to leave but froze in place from pure disbelief of what was happening infront of him. The wall with the elevator doors in them, started moving up. The wall went up another story when it began to crumble and fall down, taking some of the floors with it down the elevator shaft, filling it with rubble. “Nice going, idiot! The building’s still standing!” said Sein judgmentally. “FURGHK YOU!!!” Replied Maia. Maia, at the bottom of all the debris, was getting angry of being constantly belittled by the voice in her head. She roared again as she pushed her arms up high, sending all the rubble up like an explosion. The frag grenade like explosion damaged the building further, taking what little stability it had. It collapsed taking some of the surrounding building with it and sending dust kilometers high. The collapsed building covered Maia in rubble again. “HAHAHA!! YOU DUMB BI-HI-HITSSSSH HAHAHAHAHA!!!” laughed Sein almost uncontrollably. His laughter echoed in Maia’s head, further angering her. “RAAAURG!!!” She roared as she leaped out from under the rubble, high into the sky. At around the altitude of 350 meters is where she started to descend. In the distance many traffic jams can be seen forming. The mayor and the police chief have obviously followed through with the order to evacuate. Strings of red lights indicated the routes of the fleeing citizens leading out of the city. Maia and Sein were thinking about the same thing. Maia crashed through a few buildings in the district, all glass skyscrapers. She left massive gaping holes in them as she crashed down and landed in a coffee shop. The enhanced feline tried to make a superhero landing but failed. She tumbled through the shop taking half of the older brick building down with her. A large mound of mostly bricks among other materials of rubble was created. Through the mound, a massive, dirty, golden furred arm punched up. Sweat slowly washing the red brick dust out of the already soaking wet fur. Moonlight shines off of it, highlighting it’s veins and muscular form. The bicep bulged into a massive peak as the forearm moved down placing the palm of the hand down. The biceps loosened as the tension switched from it to the triceps as the arm pushed down on the rubble, breaking the significantly smaller bricks to dust. A massive, muscular back emerged, pushing aside the rubble. Maia’s head emerged as well, shaking some of the rubble off. Bringing her left leg forward, under her, her massive quads flexed as they move her up. She looked around, then at the buildings with the holes in them. “Well look at that! 3 buildings you crashed through, and they’re all still standing.” Said sein. “I BROUGHT THIS ONE DONE!!” yelled Maia. “You brought half of it down! And only because you stumbled” “AARRRGH!!! YOUGH DO BETTURGH!!!” she growled. Sein took over, accepting the challenge, and walked Maia out of the rubble. Debris cracked loudly, as she stomped on them and kicked them out of her way. As she reached the pavement she pulled her arm back, formed a fist and sent it up, hooking it back down, slamming it in the ground. A massive shockwave swept everything within a 500 meter away, only leaving a crater. Cracks spread from ground zero going straight back into the district. The ground shook, as it opened. The three holed buildings fall into the fresh chasm with many more following them. Canyons 100 meters in width and some as deep as 300meters form starting from the feline’s crater. The entire business district collapsed with half of the neighboring districts surrounding it. All caused by a possessed lioness slamming a fist into the ground. “Heh! See?! It’s very easy! Maybe if you weren’t a dumb bitch, you could finally take down a building first try!” Said Sein with a smug tone. “Now! Let’s play with the pops!” Maia herself was fuming for being constantly proven less powerful by someone controlling her body. She will prove to him that she can do what he can, she just needs to regain control. With Sein in control, Maia flexed her thighs and started running towards one of the jams they saw midair. Her footfalls not only shaking and cratering the ground but creating ‘smaller’ shockwaves sending everything that’s too close flying. Lampposts, cars, rubble from buildings too close and even the occasional pedestrian, is sent raining down on the neighboring blocks. She was running at 340 km/h(~211 mph). Going through everything in her path. Cars were being kicked kilometers high, torn apart, as the powerful foot went into them. Sprinting through buildings. The shockwaves of her steps making it seem like she is detonating it as she speeds through. More and more cars were getting in her path of destruction, indicating that the jam is close. Maia put her feet forward and threw her right hand back pushing her fingers into the ground, like a rake in sand, as he tried to come to a halt. Her momentum backed by her immense weight making it difficult for her to achieve that. Plowing up cars and the pavement, she even went through some final buildings as she tried to stop. With a long trail of destruction and torn-up pavements she stopped in the middle of an eight-lane traffic jam leading out of the city. Thousands of cars, trucks and buses unable to move, with their passengers in them. Without a second of hesitation Sein begins his fun through the hulking lioness. She teared the roof of the sedan infront of her, revealing a family of german shepherds, a father, a mother and a daughter about the age 9 screaming up at her. The father behind the wheel tried to floor it out of there, but the beast was holding the car, all he was doing was burning rubber. With an evil grin she stared at the parents as she punches down on the little girl, her fist completely obliterating her and puncturing through the car, down in the pavement, violently shaking every car around them. The shock on their faces was quickly mixed with total despair, just as she sent her hard and heavy breasts down on them, crunching them down the same as their daughter. She stood tall, sweat washing the blood off her fist breasts. People all around her realizing they were in grave danger, they attempted to flee on foot. She walked after them, stepping on all the vehicles in her wake, going for anyone within arm’s reach. She slapped some of them aside, turning their bodies into bloody mist and sending whatever else was left of them flying. She also grabbed and crushed them in her hand, smothered to death against her hard body, or just throwed them at other people who were fleeing. She spotted a bus, her new toy. The possessed beast stomped over to it. Passengers tried to escape the bus screaming as they realized they have been targeted. A hyena stepped out of the bus while Maia loomed over. She bent down and bit the top of the hyena’s body off, loudly crunching his bones and skull as she chewed. She stared in the window as she chewed. People were crying, screaming and begging for mercy, all too scared to even get near the window the beast was looking through. She swallowed her treat, picked up the bus, and laid back on some cars. She held the bus with the doors pointing up, crushed the front end down to a smaller width and crashed it up her vagina. Metal screeched as the muscle pussy twisted and pulled the bus inside her. People screamed as the bus was sucked deeper, it’s frame swirling and spinning, tossing people inside over one another. Blood was seeping out of the window as the backend finally reached her. As it was completely crushed inside her, Maia got up, blood, gasoline and oil poured from between her legs as she reached to retrieve her newest creation. The public transporter turned to the size of a football, looked more like marble in her large hand. The she-hulk brought her arm back, all the muscles on it tensed up and like the world’s most powerful catapult, she pushed it forward. It left her hand at the speed of about 3500m/s (~7800mph). A push so strong, other cars infront of her were pushed ahead as well. The ball flew through hundreds of cars and people, ripping them apart without a loss in momentum, it brought a storm of shrapnel from what it already went through. For many kilometers, carnage is what was left infront of her. Burning wrecks and limbs litter the road, blood pooled in the torn-up sections of the pavement. The projectile itself went straight ahead, leaving the atmosphere as gravity failed to deviate its direction. The monster turned back around to the those who witnessed it all behind her. Like deer in the headlights, hundreds of people froze in place, staring at her, not knowing what to do. Sein’s sinister grin was broadcasted by the possessed lioness’ face as she thumped back towards the city. “LET ME FUCKING AT THEM!!!” demanded Maia. “I dunno. You suck at this game. These toys would only be a waste on you.” He replied. “I’LL FUCKING SHOW YOU!!! LET ME AT THEM!!!” “Hehehe! Alright! Show me!” “ROAURGH!!!” The deep roar woke everyone up from their paralysis, their screams fill the air as they climb over each other, tried to get as much distance between them and the monster, or at least tried to hide from her. Maia grabbed whatever objects she got her hands on and threw them. Cars, lampposts and concrete dividers flew seemingly at random. Her projectiles crushed other cars, and people but most of them crashed into buildings in the city. Holes and lamppost litter the walls of the surrounding buildings. Maia growled louder with each toss, knowing what will come. “Your technique is garbage! If I couldn’t read your thoughts, I would have guessed you weren’t even trying to target anything!” commented Sein on her throws. “SHUTTUP!!! SHUTTUP SHUTTUP SHUTTUP!!!” she boomed, as she stomped her foot down repeatedly, like a child who didn’t get the right colored lollipop she wanted. The powerful but childish stomps proved more effective, as everything around her repeatedly sprung up, into the air and crashed down onto each other. Some people fell on to cars, some cars fell onto people, even some buildings collapsed from her earthquakes. “Hey, whiney bitch! Heads up!” said Sein. “I’M NOT A BITCH!!! STOP CALLING ME THAT!!! YOU FUGH- ” Maia’s tantrum was cut short as her head was unexpectedly pulled up. “Yes, you are! And I said, heads up!” Military aircraft were flying overhead, leaving a trail of parachutes behind them. “More toys!” They said simultaneously, with notable differences in their tone and volume. The paratroopers landed over a kilometer from the monster, in a park. Due to their body armor, helmets and armored masks, it was difficult to make out what they are but, by the shape of their heads and bodies, all of them were canines, most likely wolves. Their uniform had an urban digital camo uniform with a Greek ‘sigma’ patch on their arms. Three of them a tube on their back that was slightly longer than their torso. They ditched their parachutes and harnesses, drew their weapons and surveyed the area. All of them moved their camo patterned assault rifle across the line of the horizon, scanning for hostiles with the flashlight under the barrel. The park was the size of a few blocks, it had a handful of trees scattered around, mostly close to the edge of it to block the sight of the buildings, to the north there was pond filled with a larger breed of goldfish in it. The ground where the soldiers landed was flat, covered in freshly cut bluegrass. “This is Sigma leader” said the platoon commander into his radio. “Squad Sigma successfully landed and is standing by! Repeat! Sigma squad is standing by!” “Copy, Sigma Leader!” answered a female voice. “The monster was last spotted at the eastern freeway, 1300 meters away at a bearing of 107 to your position!” “Copy, 1300 meters at 107!” He repeated “5 attack helicopters are dispatched to the AO! ETA 10 minutes!” she continued. “Your orders are to assist them with reconnaissance and to destroy or if possible, capture it, by any means!” “Copy! Recon, capture or destroy!” “Good luck Squad Sigma!” “Alright men! Move out!” he commanded. Maia was running roughly in the direction where the specs with parachutes flew. The sound of loud thumps and cracks acted as an early warning for those who knew by now what to avoid. Still, many ended up flat on her feet, covering her up to her sweaty calves in blood. “I’M GONNA GET THEM! I’M GONNA GET THEM! I’M GONNA FUGHKING GET THEM!” Maia chanted as she ran, trying her hardest to reach the speed Sein had achieved when he was in control. She even got down to all fours, her muscles steaming the sweat as she pulled and kicked herself forward, achieving 250 km/h (~155 mph), which was very impressive, but nowhere near what Sein did. The lioness bulled through everything in her path, she threw up cars into the air with her head alone, tearing through several buildings, now properly bringing them down on the first try, making it into the park. After she zoomed past something weird that caught her eye, the beast pushed her legs front and her back against the ground, as she slid, she pushed herself over, her immovable breasts anchoring into the ground, she began kicking and pulling again, trying to change the direction she was going. After sliding into a building at the other end of the park she finally stopped and got back onto two feet. With thundering footsteps, Ms. Mass Muscles stomped her way back into the park, following her trail of vandalism of public property, searching for what she only caught a glimpse of. She found 20 parachutes of what she can guess belonged to soldiers, she grabbed a bunch and lifted them to her face and gave them a good sniff. Not being a big smeller of others, Maia had no clue to what those scents belong to, unlike Sein, who can tell that the chutes belong to huskies and wolves but, he wasn’t going to give her that hint. The scent however did give her the lead to start looking for their owners. “Holy shit! The bitch’s massive!” said one of the troopers, as he looked through a pair of binoculars. “Pipe down.” Whispered the squad commander. “We don’t need that thing finding us early.” “Yes, captain.” Answered the trooper. “Quietly, what’s it doing?” “She found our parachutes and I think she’s smelling them.” “Why do you think it’s a female?” asked one of the other troops. “She got the biggest tits I’ve ever seen.” He answered, to which half the group’s reaction was to take out their binoculars as well. Many of them let out a ‘whoa’ to the magnificent sight, one of them had to stop himself from whistling. “Stop acting like children!” Said the captain. “That thing killed a lot of people. We need to keep moving, before she brings down this apartment building with us in it.” With that almost all of them grab their equipment. All except one, who was still drooling through his mask as he still stared through his optics. He just needed a slap on the head to start heading down the stairs from the fifth floor. With the scent stored in her nose Maia started moving south-east. Following the smell with her big head held lower to the ground, she accidently bumped her nose into a tree knocking it over. With no regard to her surroundings, she broke through the decorative metal fence of the park, and stomped across the street, where she stood up tall, with her nose held high, sniffing up the apartment building. “What’s that Fido? You found my missing ball?” Joked Sein. Ignoring the comment, Maia makes her signature snarly, drooly grin, as she realized that the soldiers are up in the building. Her plan was to climb up the like some gorilla with a princess. She walks up to the building and reaches up, smashing her big musky hand through the window, she tenses her muscle and pulls the wall of the building on top of her as she fell back. Sein bursts out laughing. “HAHAHAHAHA! You don’t learn, do yo-OOH HOO HAHAHAHAHA!” Humiliated again, Maia roars, flailed her arms and legs in absolute fury, throwing the rubble off of her. The ground shook with each slam of a fist or foot, making cracks in not only the pavement around her, but up the already weakened building infront of her. Unable to withstand too much of the vibration, the rest of the building fell on top of her as well. To Sein’s chagrin, he was unable to make any comment on the ridiculous scene, due to how uncontrollably it made him laugh, though the lioness was forced to listen to that. The she-hulk roared as she sat up, the sound of her frustration traveled across the city just like the bricks her body tossed off of her. When the monstrous bellow was over, Maia realized that soldiers weren’t amongst the rubble. She began sniffing again. The troopers are a block away, running in the abandoned street when the heard the sound of a building turning into a ruin. They were glad they moved out so quickly, looking back upon the cloud of dust behind some buildings, they knew they would have met their end if they stayed there. They don’t even want to imagine what the beast must have been doing with all the roaring and ground shaking. “Command!” yelled the captain into his comms. “The monster is on our tail! We don’t have much time! Where’s our goddam air support?!” “They should be arriving shortly! Hang in there, Squad Sigma!” answered the feminine voice on the radio. Knowing that it’s only a matter of time until the beast found them and that she can take them out more easily if they all take cover in the same place the commander made a hasty decision. He split up his squad into three teams, each of them had soldier with a tube on their back. First team was sent up to the roof of the building on the right, the second to the building on the left, and the third, led by the commander, took cover behind corners of alleys, dumpsters, cars and doorways. The ones who had tubes, opened them, each revealing a compact missile launcher. They quickly loaded a missile from one of the smaller tubes and held them on their shoulders at the ready. Thumps were heard, each one grew louder, as the ground shook increasingly violently. The soldiers, taking their designated positions, grew more anxious. Suddenly the wall of the building at the end of the street collapsed, revealing the sweaty, big breasted, muscle cat. Her head moved, trying to track the scent of her prey, as she stomps down the street, getting closer to her new toys. “Damn.” Said one of the troopers under his breath. He spoke into his comms: “Guys, I’m gonna go out and buy some time for the choppers. Maybe I can even reason with her.” “That’s terrible idea, private!” replied the commander. “Stay put! That’s an order! Private? Private?! Urgh!” he growled as he watched his soldier run out of the alley. “Hey! Big-gal! Let’s chat!” he yelled as he ran up to her in the middle of the street. The beast’s musk filling his nose. His eyes traced her form, taking in her glistening sweaty muscles, veins on top of veins, grasping her breasts, muscles and face. Maia had no plans of talking, she just gave him a devious, drooly, toothy smile as she lowered her head down, closing in on him. The soldier immediately regretted his decision to talk to the monster. The beast’s stance suddenly changed, standing tall, her head held back as her expression changed to a smug smile as she wiped the drool of her face with the back of her palm. “Heh! Sorry about that! The host of this body wasn’t really feeling like talking.” Said the big cat. “But don’t worry, I do!” The troops were all taken back at what they witnessed. The commander informed the HQ of what the private was doing, they immediately started following the soldiers video feed and fed him questions through his earpiece. “H-host?” he stuttered. “Yeah, this bitch I’m possessing!” Answered the beast. “Found some bitchy office cat and turned her into a proper plaything! Just look at these bumpers!” She said as she groped her breasts. “S-so, what a-are you?” “I a god, bitch! I left my mark on many worlds, many universes. Maybe your friends in your ear should check some archives for Sein! It’s possible I’ve been here before! Hehehe!” “What do want?” “Heh! Isn’t it obvious?! Entertainment! I’ve been switching places with the bitch, trying to teach her my hobby! She’s so terrible at it, though.” She said condescendingly. “What’s your hobby?” With a sinister smile, she answers: “Devastation!” To that answer the soldier’s eyes grew wide, slowly making steps back. “Now!” yelled the beast, as she clapped her hands together. “Maia! Ya wanna continue?!” Her beastly grin returned as she hunched back down. Before he could react the lioness headbutted him down into the ground. His blood sprayed allover her face, as his body broke down into a pulp. The soldiers wanted to retaliate for their fallen comrade, but they knew it wasn’t time just yet. Maia licked the blood off around her mouth, enjoying the metallic taste, and chuckled. The hulking beast stretched her arms out to her side, threw her head back, and taunted the soldier whom Maia didn’t know where they were hiding. “COME OUT TO PLAY, BUGS!!! I WANNA EAT YAH!!!” She roared as she spun in place. The second she showed her back, one of the troopers looked over the edge of the roof top and fired a missile, hitting the monstress in the back of the head. She turned back around unphased by the attack, now there was a visible line smoke, left by the missile, that pointed towards her attacker. Drool again started dripping through her toothy smile as she got ready to jump up to the trooper with missile launcher, when another missile hit her in the side of the head. All of a sudden, soldiers on roof tops and down the street, behind corners and cars, opened fire upon her. She started getting shot from behind. The 5 attack helicopters arrived and started circling her while unloading their chin mounted, tri-barrel autocannons on her. The colorful 20mm tracer rounds lit up the night sky as they flew into Maia’s muscular body leaving her unaffected, some of which bounced off her high into the sky, having many in the distance to mistake them for fireworks. Overwhelmed by the sudden surge of firepower and missiles hitting her from three different directions, Maia needed a second to realize what is happening. Targeting the troops who fired first on her, the she-hulk jumped up, planning to join them up there, severely underestimating her weight again. She crashed through the roof bringing the entire building and the six soldiers down on top of her. “You got a knack for getting buried in rubble” commented Sein. “GODDAMMIT!!!” roared Maia as she crawled out from her newest nest. As they spotted her again the rain of bullets continued. The beast stomped across the street, ignoring the lead being spat her and walked through the front wall of the building the other team was on top of, from her tits on up she cut into the second floor. The building exploded as she busted through the roof, grabbing with each sweaty hand as she flew up. In midair she pointed their heads at each other and bashed them together, their skulls broken the brains their brains mixed together, every part of their mortal bodies that were between the beastly fingers was obliterated, their blood and gore sprayed into her hard heavy cleavage. The enhanced feline began falling at the 50 meters in height, her impact devastated the buildings around her, with pride she stomped out of her crater into the middle of the road. The soldiers on the ground were down to seven. The helicopters were firing continuously, trying to at least get the monstress’s attention away from the paratroopers, but Maia was fixated on turning them into blood stains. Chuckling, she stomped towards the three peering around the alley corner to her right, firing relentlessly trying to find some weak spot. They quickly realized that they have been marked for death, so they turn to flee, triggering the predator to chase after them. Maia had become completely ignorant of the obstacles in her way, she bulldozed through the building the canines used for cover, as she followed them into the alley. The four soldiers taking cover were frozen in place, two behind a car, and two in the doorway of the building on the other side of the street. They were practically paralyzed as they felt the ground shaking, screams of their comrades was mixed with thumping and wet ripping filled their ears. A couple of mangled limbs and a bottom half of fly out into the open with more screams, cracking and crunching. The remaining boys aimed their rifles at the alley entrance, their hands are shaking as they wait for the monster to poke her head again. “It’s coming back out!” reported one of the pilots. Maia busted through the building covering the alley, sending debris flying towards the soldiers, her face, hands and breasts were all covered in blood. The three riflemen and the one with the bazooka continued firing as the monstress came back into sight. Chuckling, she ran up to the car and gave it an undercut, her steaming, bloody fist pierced it as she sent the cowering troops splattering into the building behind her. With the car stuck on her hand she pounced towards the final two soldiers. Some of the chopper pilots witnessed as the beast with a car on her right hand flew towards the building with soldiers in the door, bashing into it and kicked up a lot of dust as she took down the building with them. Through the dust cloud the car flew up hitting one of the choppers exploding it as they collided and fell out of the sky. “Look at that! You can final hit helicopters!” said Sein, condescendingly. Maia jumped out of the cloud as well, going for the second bird but the pilot’s quick reaction prevented the muscle girl from reaching it. She crashed into a house a few blocks down, crashing into its basement. “The asshole got warlock 3!” said on of the pilots on the radio. “This place is empty, right?” followed up another pilot. “Let’s send that ugly bitch some rockets!” The blood and sweat soaked she-hulk recovered quickly, crawling out of a relatively small hole, realizing that helicopter have already surrounded her again. Instead of gunfire, large cylinders at the sides of the choppers sent barrages of rockets at her, hitting her all over with only a few that were able to miss her massive frame entirely. The suddenness of the attack left Maia confused as the dust from the explosives blinded her, but after a couple of the rockets hit her in the eye, she realized what they were doing. Even these explosives weren’t enough not only to give her a scratch, but to make her boobs bounce even a little. The cloud of smoke that covered Maia also blocked the pilots’ sight on her, the flash of the explosives was the only thing that should them that the monster was still standing and standing still, revealing them her massive muscular silhouette. Dawn was just cracking, when the final rocket out of hundreds, left its tube. The cloud of smoke settled, and the feline hulk was visible again. She was holding one of the rockets in her right hand. Her body was covered in black spots of grime left by the barrage. She lifted a foot off the ground stomped it aside, spreading her legs. With dramatic movement, she stuck the rocket up her pussy, its bottom half was sticking out of her. With a little flex inside her receiver, the rocket exploded, followed by her deep laughter, that sent a chill down the backs of the pilots. “What the hell is that thing made of?!” yelled one the pilots. “I dunno, but there has to be something that can hurt!” answered another one. As the enhanced feline finished laughing, she jumped up towards the one infront of her, catching the pilot off guard . Her breast smashed through the glass crushing the pilot, the burning helicopter’s wreck took in some of her form and got stuck to her chest. She landed back in the street she caught the troopers, the wreck didn’t let go as she cratered down. She ripped the helicopter off of her tossing it aside through several more apartment buildings. “Fuck! The bitch got Warlock 1!” Yelled one of the remaining pilots. “How about the ATGMs?” Asked another. “It’s made for tanks! Should be enough against this monster!” Maia turned back around to see three trails of smoke flying towards her. They came in one after the other, first one going into her abs, the second one detonated on her face followed by the third. “YOU FLIES CAN’T EVEN GIVE ME A MASSAGE!!!” she boomed with laughter, as she began running towards the birds. As she ran the lioness jumped a little, brought both her thick stompers down at once and jumped forward with the speed of a rocket, leaving a block wide crater behind her. The choppers dodge her as they weren’t letting their guards anymore. They sent some cannon rounds after her as she flew past them. Maia flew for 3 kilometers when she began to descend. She landed in the ruinous canyons of the business district. Her impact created 750 meter deep hole. She was getting more used to landing, indicated by the fact that after a crash like that she managed to stay on her feet. “I’m getting a feeling you won’t be able to get the final three choppers.” Said Sein. Hearing his condescending comments again is making Maia increasingly angry, as he emphasizes her failures in merely smashing things. She is growing more desperate to prove herself better than the ‘so called god’. “RAUURGH!!! ILL SHOW!!! *HUFF* YOU!!!!” She roared, huffing as she ran out of the crater. “HQ! This is Warlock 1! We are out of ideas to throw at the monster!” he reported. “We can see that, Warlock 1!” Replied the feminine voice. “We’re sending in the cavalry! Your orders are to keep the monster busy until it arrives!” “Copy HQ! What kind of cavalry are you sending?” The feminine voice didn’t respond. “HQ! HQ! Come in HQ!” repeated Warlock 1. “I have a bad feeling about this!” commented Warlock 2. “Regardless! We have to keep the monster occupied!” jumped in Warlock 3. “Who knows maybe we can take the bitch out before the ‘cavalry’ arrives!” Maia was racing back towards the helicopters on all fours, letting out a snarly huff as she pulled kicked, her eyes fixated with fury on her targets. The beastess closed in at about 50 meters when she decided to jump. She was very fast but as she kicked herself up her target had already swayed to the left. “FUUUURRGHHKK!!!!!” she roared as she flew past it. Sein just snickered to her lamentation. She twisted her body, turning around in mid-air. She was falling backwards not caring where she is going to land. Her eyes locked back on her target and taking heavy snarly breaths. She crashed in a more intact part of the city. She crawled out and began throwing what ever she could get her musky hands on. Cars, signs, lampposts, chunks of buildings and the ground flew towards the three helicopters, all missing their targets. The feline snarled and rough with increasing frustration, her aim getting sloppier with each miss, prompting the god in her head to laugh more and more. “FURGHK YOU!!! FURGHK YOU!!! FURGHK YOU!!! FURGHK YOU!!! FUUUURRRGHHHK!!!!!” She roared repeatedly. “HAHAHA! You still can’t throw! HAHAHA!” laughed Sein. “Heh! There are better ways of killing them, you know! HAHAHA! Of course you don’t! You’re too stupid to know! HAHA! Watch this!” “She stopped throwing!” said Warlock 2. “Did she give up?” “Knowing her, no.” Answered Warlock 1. With a smug smile, Maia jumped straight up. Out of reflex the pilots swayed to the side but were left confused when they realized she wasn’t flying towards them. She stopped ascending at roughly same altitude as choppers. As the heaviest woman on the planet began falling down, she opened her mouth and took a short but powerful breath, the vacuum she created pulled in everything infront of her, then she put her hands behind her head as she falls down enjoying the show above her. The helicopters caught fire as they all got pulled in, the morning clouds trail down and the half of the city she was facing got pulled up into one point in the sky, colliding together and shattering apart as their momentum pulls them further. Enjoying the show, Sein laughed through Maia as her body collided with the ground, still holding the relaxing pose as she creates another crater. “Hehe! And that, my bitch, is how its done!” Laughed Sein, still relaxing in the soft crater. “FUCK YOU!!! I COULD HAVE DONE THAT!!!” Raged Maia. “No, you’re to stupid to come up with something like that! HEHE!” “FUCK YOU!!! GET THE FUCK OUT OF SO I CAN BEAT THE FUCKING SHIT OUT YOU!!!!” The felines face changed from a smug smile, to something more serious. “Oh?” asked Sein. Black mist was emanated by Maia’s body flying five meters away and formed a silhouette of a wolf the same size she was. The mist disappeared revealing the black wolf still in his black kilt and gold accessories, his soft black fur covered muscles the same size lioness he was playing with, and his glowing red eyes were irradiating annoyance at her. “Well, here I am!” He announced as he crossed his massive arms. “FINALLY!!!” Maia boomed. “IM FINALLY FREE OF YOU!!!” She roared as she jumped up, channeling her fury into the biggest punch she could muster. It connected with his face, creating a shockwave that visibly pushed the air away for a kilometer, shattering the ground around them. The god didn’t even blink. The fist pushed at his nose for two solid seconds. With the same annoyed, unamused face, he grabbed her wrist and effortlessly pulled it down. Maia’s sense vulnerability returned as she was left shocked that she can’t pull her hand out of his wrist. His other hand sprung up gripping her throat tightly. Suddenly, a trail of fire was soared across the sky, rumbling louder as it began descending on them. The ‘cavalry’. Both muscle beast stared up at it, not moving or saying anything as it crashed next to them. A flash brighter than the sun, that could blind any mortal, consumed everything. As the bright light reseeded, a dark cloud of fire raised in the shape of a massive mushroom. The god was floating above an even bigger crater, with the feline in still in his hand. Both were unharmed by the strike of Armageddon that only had one success. Maia’s massive, hard tits were swinging left and right. “Hmph! Guess I did visit this world before!” joked Sein. Maia, after snapping out of the shock, began banging her hulking hands against the god’s. Having had enough of the lioness’s attitude, he moved his left hand up, and slapped the she-hulk’s face with the back of his palm. The collision of the two was so powerful it created a wave of energy in the shape of a ring. It expanded, cutting through the entire planet itself, traveling millions of kilometers devastating everything in it’s path. The casual slap left a sharp stinging pain on Maia’s cheek. Tears form in her eyes as the realization that she is in fact still very mortal, feeling the same fear of the beast infront of her when he first took over. Sein let go of the girl’s throat. Immediately a golden color conjured around her neck, with similar golden leash that wrapped around the black furred arm that was just suspending her. She fell a little bit, the leash preventing her falling further. She grabbed at the leash she was dangling from, not wanting to fall down to the Tartarus that was forming bellow her. She stared into the cruel red eyes of the wolf as he pulled her closer and with a sinister smile, he said to her: “Now it’s time for you to learn your place, my pet!” END
  18. I hope this story is okay to post here. One of the replies to Silver's "Horse Crusher" story really got me going and I wrote this. Its about a powerful young superhero trying to get off. He eventually does it (lovingly) with a female horse. Powerboy stomped around his room at the Alliance base. He was still fully pumped from nearly 24 hours of non-stop sustained combat, his massive 550 lb body bulging hugely with impossibly strong steel-hard muscles. The gorgeous young hero had single-handed wiped out nearly half of the Alien invasion force by himself, using his immeasurable strength to literally crush over a hundred massive combat robots that had been sent to conquer Earth. Fighting his way to their command ship, Powerboy had leapt on it and tore it apart, using his beefy 30 inch arms to literally peel back the meter-thick armor. The ship had opened fire on the young hero with it's devastatingly powerful energy cannons, but the superheated plasma was like a soft breeze against Powerboy's mighty frame. He smiled when he remembered how he had ripped the AI command brain from its housing and squashed it between his monstrous thighs, blunting the invasion force and sending the Aliens into a desperate retreat. Nothing turned Powerboy on like crushing steel and performing other incredible feats of strength. After a day of doing just that his mind was overwhelmed with horniness and lust. The mega-hunk effortlessly ripped his battle-uniform to shreds, his fingers shredding the stronger-than-steel fibers with ease. Now completed naked, he admired his gorgeous hard body in the foyer mirror, the vast array of musculature clearly visible now. His spectacular body was simply bigger, hotter, and more defined than any bodybuilder who had ever walked the planet, and what was before you took into account his earth-shattering strength. His massive penis was the only soft part about him, but that was quickly changing as he posed and flexed for his own enjoyment, thrilled by the sight of his incredibly sexy naked body. Powerboy grabbed one of his sex dolls that were hanging from the rack. He had to use these things since any real women would be pulverised by the full force of his lovemaking. He admired how much larger his huge body was than this busty 90 lb piece of silicone. He remembered how his huge pumped-up muscles had crushed those robots, their armored super-steel skeletons compressing like taffy under his titanic strength. Alien steel had proved to be no match for his massive body, the metal squealing and shrieking as he forced it to run like treacle under his grip. His mighty cock got harder and harder as he remembered just how weak they were compared to him, how Alien technology was no match for brute musclepower, his incredible body exerting literally thousands of tons of force as tore them apart, turning them into huge 400 ton blocks of crumpled scrap. He ran his hand up his tightly muscled waistline, bulging with hyper-thick muscle, until he cupped his gorgeous huge pecs. Soon he was fully erect, his behemoth cock pointing up towards his pretty face. He looked down at the devastatingly thick shaft, the veins raised as if they were angry. He bent over and easily gave himself a soft, slow lick around the edges of his flared head. He straightened up and admired himself in the mirror. Still watching and lusting after himself, he bent the sex doll over and began aggressively fuck it doggy-style. No sex doll had ever survived a single session with the young stud, and this one was no different. The poor sex doll was being split apart by every foot-long thrust as the mighty teenager tried to find some sexual relief. Thoughts of power and strength filled the horny boy's lusty mind as he relentlessly power-fucked it, holding it off the ground with no effort at all. Within a minute it was nothing more than a mangled lump of piece of silicone, having been easily shred by a cock harder than steel and thicker than a baseball bat. Ripping the what remained of the doll in two he proceeded to stomp around his room again, the all-to-brief fucking having only increased his lust. Needing further relief he grabbed the mattress off his bed with one hand and folded the giant object in two. Again he inserted his mighty cock in the groove and began thrusting himself against the soft folds. Using a king-sized mattress as the world's biggest fleshlight, he began fucking it like crazy, moaning and groaning as he admired his huge, rippling muscles in the mirror. Thrusts that would kill a normal person were starting to shred his mattress, the huge flared head of his mighty penis carving deep holes into the fabric. Eventually the mattress split in two, having been fucked apart by the horned up stud's powerful body. Still full of unreleased sexual energy, Powerboy turned to the window of his room and leapt straight through, the armored glass shattering around his beautifully bronzed curves, the puny material posing no resistance to his flawless body. He quickly accelerated passed the sound barrier, enjoying the cool feeling of the freezing air against his nude muscled body. After several minutes of aimlessly flying he stopped, having spotted some beautiful muscles that weren't his own. Horses... wild horses. With his eagle-eyed vision he could clearly see a small herd of them that were grazing far down below. Powerboy gracefully landed near them and admired them. They were majestic, nicely muscled and just as naked as himself. The young hero's muscles rippled in unison as he walked towards them. A large brown male horse, the leader of the harem, trotted up to challenge this strange creature. It reared up on its beautiful thighs and kicked Powerboy square in the face. The naked muscle-boy didn't even flinch, choosing instead to admire this magnificent creature as it tried in vain to hurt him. Again the male horse reared up and kicked the boy in one of his titanic pecs. This time, Powerboy choose to react, moving faster than the horse's eye could track. He flew up and grasped the horse by the neck and began firmly squeezing it in a front choke. It bucked wildly, but it could no more resist the muscle-teen any more than an ant could resist a steamroller. He gently but powerfully choked out the strong horse, his nude body floating slightly above the ground. Soon the strong male horse slipped into unconsciousness, starved of oxygen by Powerboy's massive arms. The hyper-buff muscle-man gazed over the frightened herd. A beautiful chestnut mare with lovely musculature caught his eye. The two majestic animals locked eyes before the mare turned to run, her magnificent hindquarters rippling as she ran. Powerboy chased after her, licking his lips with anticipation. He could easily outrun a cheetah but his strides were somewhat slowed as his titan megacock grew harder and harder, carving great swaths in the air as it whipped from side to side. Soon he was sporting the biggest erection of his life, his turgid member swollen to a breathtaking 15 inches long and devastatingly thick. He easily caught the wild horse and held it firm by those beautiful thighs. It bucked and thrashed with all its strength but Powerboy held 1000 pound animal still as easily as if he were holding a newborn kitten. The immense strength disparity was immediately obvious to both of them, thrilling Powerboy even further. He wasted no time, floating up slightly and grasping her by those lovely muscled hips. Slowly, he inserted his huge, throbbing stallion cock into the animal, gasping at the feel of warm animal wetness. This felt so right, so correct to him. Finally he could penetrate and fuck like he his body was built to! His mighty cock somehow swelled even further as his excitement grew, expanding and rubbing against the vaginal walls of this beautiful mare. He started fucking the horse with wild abandon. The chestnut mare realized it had no chance of escaping this impossibly strong creature. The powerful cock of this strange human filled it's muscular cunt with incredible length and girth. The boy bodybuilder was overwhelmed with thoughts of strength, power and domination as he raped this big, beautiful girl horse. He was utterly in control and loving every second as he thrust in and out, over and over again. Soon Powerboy realized that he mare was actually getting into it into the sex. He could feel the mare's powerful vaginal muscles ripple and contract over his inhumanly large penis. The lovely horse couldn't believe the strength of this young man and soon surrendered to his power. It began to enjoy the forceful, powerful thrusts of this mighty Human, his awesome girth stimulating her horse pussy in ways no other actual horse could have done. Soon the two wild animals were fucking each other like a team, moving in unison, the mare braying in animal pleasure and pain. Powerboy's muscles swelled just like his cock had done, his beautifully pumped pecs pressing together urgently as he used his now impossibly huge 32 inch arms to hold his mare firm. Strong, forceful, rhythmic male thrusts stimulated both of them like neither had ever experienced. Finally after several minutes of super-strong fucking, the two majestic creatures orgasmed in unison, Powerboy yelled in triumph and the mare brayed in ecstasy. The pumped-up super-teen's engorged nuts and titanic cock emptied a huge load deep inside the pulsating cunt of this strong female horse. His load was the size of 30 normal men, and Powerboy felt 30 times the pleasure as well. Stars filled his vision as he ejaculated over and over, having just enough presence of mind to be gentle with his grip, the boy's vast super-strength being easily enough to accidentally crush the large animal if he wasn't careful. Panting and heaving more than when he had defeated a literal army, he slowly pulled out his gorgeous cock, marvelling at his still incredible size and hardness, the wet coating of horse juice and his own boy cum making it so slick and shiny. Now this was sex! Powerboy staggered over to the front of the horse, grasped it firmly, and strongly nuzzled his own pretty face against the mare's lovely head. The two nude, powerful creatures stood like this for several minutes, the mare licking this oh-so strong Human while Powerboy gently planted kisses on its nose. The two muscular creatures, one Human, one horse, sharing a deep moment of bonding after their wild animalistic fucking. But Powerboy needed more release, and only more fucking would do. His titanic cock was even bigger now, engorged with blood and harder than steel as it sought more relief. He decided to fuck more lovingly this time. Realizing he was falling in love with his mare, he now wanted to fuck this beautiful creature missionary style. He used his tremendous strength to easily lifted the 1,000 pound animal under one brawny shoulder and exerted his flying power, lifting them both off the ground. Manhandling the creature with ease, he gently placed her backside down on the grass. He held her firm and straddled her now, slowly reinserting his mighty cock, ever so slowly penetrating it inch by inch until all 17 super-girthy inches were lodged firmly in place. Powerboy began fucking gently now, performing the age old mating press against a creature that was several times his size but had only the tiniest fraction of his awesome strength. Using his flying power and incredible strength to hold the animal firm, he proceeded to gently fuck her over the course of half an hour, gradually increasing his speed until he was strongly jackhammering the creature again. His bare glutes, hard and striated, didn't tire in the slightest as he pounded the female horse into submission. The mare couldn't believe what was happening but the feeling of penetration by this God felt oh so good. The big horse again submitted to this mighty boy and thrashed its lovely head around in enjoyment, knowing that it was completely pinned and helpless. Soon they were both cumming together again and again until Powerboy collapsed overtop the big animal, his lust having finally been satiated.
  19. LorneLyon

    The magical fursuit

    I couldn't let it go to put one of my fur stories here. Rick hate it to be only child. His parents always wanted to do him everything. He always must tell him where he must go. He don't can do a thing on his own. His parents say they don't wanna anybody hurt him. The only way he can go to events and festivals, is when an elder person go with him. This story starts when Rick's 18. He found out he like the furry culture. Eveyone was so nice and friendly to him. They all wanna he feels safe and nice. Next event he go was a FurRave party. In the three years he's now in the culture, he had let make two suits, one of a fox, named Alex Thunder, and one of a black lion with munt-green hair named Leon Devynck. The only of his fursona's that don't have a fursuit was the dalmatian Damian. Rick has make a Ref of Damien but no one found to make the suit. It was the day before the party and Rick was studying on his room. The two suits of Leon and Alex where hanging on the closet, the head where on top and look into the room with they're permanent smiles, the paws standing under the body suits and the hand paws where laying next to Rick's school book. He try to do some meth when the bells ring. Rick don't pay attention to is emediatly. When the bell rings for the second time he stand up and walk down stairs. The noise from the liveingroom was so loud his parents didn't even hear the bell. Rick opend the room and was amazed he don't see anyone. The only thing that was behind the door was a brown packet. There was a piece of paper in top of with with the words 'To Rick, because you deserves it.' Rick picket up the packet and take it to his room. With a lot of cusiosity he cut the scotch tape that sield the packet. He was amazed again when he see what's insite the packet, a fursuit. And not a ragular one, make in a factory. This was a masterpiece. And the most exciding thing was, it was Damian's fursuit. A nice, rialistic dalmatian fursuit, it almost looks like a real animal. He take the head a look to it. For a moment he tough the lovely purple eyes look to him and the head smiles. Confused he look to the rest. Even the lill headset bodymark on the neck was there. Under the big, fluffy was, there even was a set of clothes, the same clothes Rick Damien always draw with on his art. It was perfect. It's look like someone take the relise Rick's wish. With a confused head, Rick take the note. 'Hey Rick, my name is Damien, but you know that. Because you creath me. I tough it was time that you and I finally meet. So I sent myself to you. I would love if you wear me on the furrave, and we go have fun with Alex and Leon to. If you wear me, I could talk to you. I hope you believe in magic.' Confused but excide, Rick try to wear the suit. It perfectly fits. When he set the head, he has the feeling the suit sucks vacuum. For a moment, he has the feeling he is the suit, till he find out he is the suit! He can move eveything what he wants, the tail, the jaw, the paws, the ears. His is so excide he scared to death when a voice talk to him. 'Hey Rick. I'm glad we can talk so soon.' 'Who's there?' Rick ask, with a lill scare in his voice. 'Oh, don't be affaird. It's me, Damian.' 'How's this possible?' 'You believe in me so much, I can come to life.' 'How?' 'Magic, strong magic.' 'Maybe it's wierd. But I believe you. I always though there's more than we all know.' 'There is. There's a lot of magic in this world, and only the people who are able to believe in it, without pushing it, are able to see it.' 'How does I become you?' 'Because, deep in your heart, you want to be a real fur. You feel more comfortable with that, I'm right?' 'Euh... yes. But what would my parents say?' 'Nothing. For them, and all of the people you ever see in you life, it like you always was a fur. Look to the picture on you bureau for a moment.' Rick take the photo. It was a shot of last summer, when he was, with a couple of friends, in a theme park. First, you see three boy haveing fun with a cotton candy. Now you see two boys and a big dalmatian, holding a big cotton candy in his paws, while the boys stick thier head in it. The dalmatian, big, fluf and smile, was having the time of his life. Rick clearly remember that day. When he was, with his two best friend, go to that park. He remember a lot of people look to him with a amazed look on thier face when they see him for the first time. He remember all of the little childeren want to hug with him, and a lot of elder childeren and teenages want to take a picture with him. 'I remember. I remember I've beeing a fur all my life.' 'You see. Your happy now?' 'Yes, but... what about my other fursuits. They useless now.' 'You don't wanna give them a change to?' 'Yes... what do you mean?' 'If you really want, you can give them a life to.' 'You mean... a real life?' 'As real as you're now. Just go to them, touch the suits and say it.' Rick walk to the closet and set a paw on every body suit, he looks to the heads and say: 'Please, be real' There was a big light and Rick was blinded for a moment. When he could see again, the two suits where gone. 'Where are they?' 'Around. You give them a life. But... it's time for me to go.' 'What?! Why?' 'Because this is your body. I can't stay here. Don't be sad. One day, we will be speak again.' 'Can't I give you a life to?' 'You did, by wearing me. On this moment, I'm only a voice in your head. Your me now. I only have a couple of minutes. You want to say something?' 'Only... thank you. For giveing me this change.' 'And your thanks for giveing my body a change. I see you soon buddy.' Then thier was a sound like a door was closed, and Rick relise Damian was gone. He don't have the time to be sad, because the door of his room opens and a fox and a lion cames in. The lion, a muscular one with a friendly face, walks to Rick and lift him. 'Hey lill bro, ready to party!?' 'Euh... yes. Wait... bro?' The fox was sitting on the bed and smiles, he has the looks of an fur who find the perfect balanche between brains and muscles. Rick even notice he's been handsome. In his right ears, thier blinks a ring. 'Yes' he say 'Your always hate to be only child, right? So when your give us a life, the unifers found this the perfect place for us. Be close to the one who creat us.' 'And mom and dad?' 'They should never remember else then that they have three fur childeren where they proud of. And before you ask, everything stay the same, house, school, friends. You only get us.' Leon had put Rick down. 'You still life here?' 'No, we had both our own lifes. But we came to see you as much as possible. And that's why we here.' Leon smiles. 'Yes because I'm one of the organisers of the FurRave. I must go thier now to set up every thing. And because I love you both, I ask them if my two lovely lill brothers can come with me. Of course they say yes, because we're the only real furs in the world, they want us on most parties as possible. So, ready to go.' 'Let me take my backpack.' Rick remember he was busy the whole day with packing his backpack. He take it from the bureau chair and walk downstairs with his brothers. Thier parents still watching tv. And when thier see thier three, big, fluffy sons, thier eyes start to shine. Rick notice that he's a couple of inches taller. He was a head more bigger than his father. The three hug thier parents and thier mother start to cry. 'We're so lucky with you three. All thier big, handsome males. We've so much luck the unifers choose us to have you all. I don't wanna think about what could happen is you grew up in the wrong places.' Rick father wrap his arm around his wife. 'Come calm dear. Yes, we lucky with them. And don't think about wrong places. Thier our childs, and no one can take them from us. Let have the boys thier fun. And let we spent a weekend time with eachother.' Leon leads the two other out of the room to outside. On the street, thier was a huge, shiny pick-up. Leon click with the car key and the doors open. 'My proud, after you two.': he say with a wink. The boys step in and Rick start to ask his brothers about thier life. Leon became to work as police man, he has a relationship with a nice human male, who like to hug him. They still life in town. Alex was going to study in unifers after done high. He life on the campus and have date a couple of times with one of his classmates. About his own life, Rick find out that he met the two boys from the picture on pre. (In his old life it was high.) The day they met, the two boys where bullied. Rick, even in his yough a huge child, thanx to the furbody, protect them. The two boys, named Chris and Any, were first scared, by seeing the huge fur kid. But when he started to protect them, they feel they can trust him. From that moment, they were buddies. Chris and Any feel safe and warm around Rick. They were excide when they met Leon and Alex. They ask themself why they have so much luck to know three real, friendly, warm and hugfable furs. The moment they find out about the fursuit culture, they both join it. Chris became a rhino and Any a cotton candy wolf. Leon park his car in front of a huge building. He smiles. 'We gonna help with the set-up and then sleep by a friend.' Rick smiles and wiggle his tail. 'Cool.' The three walk into the building and Leon introduce then to his collauges. Some where in fursuit, some not. The next two and a half hour, they set-up the room. Contact the lights, try the DJ table, clean and fill the bar, decorate the wall. When they where done, the place looks like a real fur building. Leon has make coffee for all. They rest all and the collauge of Leon where all happy to meet the brothers of Leon. 'He always talk about you two.': say a husky, named Blake 'Special about you Rick.' Rick blushes and wiggle his tail. When thier was half of an hour past, they all go home. Leon, Alex and Rick follow Blake for the sleep over. He seem to life in a nice home between two others. When they let them in, he show where they slerp, but at the first room, Leon starts to laugh. 'None of that. We dump all of the matresses in the living and sleep there like a pack.' Rick could feel how the eyes of Blake begang to shine. 'Really?! I want to do that for so long.' Leon wrap an arm around him and hug the lill husky. 'You just could have ask. We're friends.' All of the matrasses where dump in the living and the boys get to settle. Blake keep his fursuit on for the night. The other three where sleep arround him, to keep him warm. Rick close his eyes and smile, this life was Furrfect. Epilogue. The next evening, the fourth where the first on the party. Blake open the door and let them in. The next hour, all of the other furs arrived. Leon has shift on the bar, but he had time to dance and talk. Around 21:30, Rick spotted Chris and Any. He walk to them and surprise hug them. They first where shocked, till they reallise who it was. 'Rick!': they yell and start to hug him, and rub his fur. Rick smiles and wigglle his tail. Any try to catch it playful, Rick let it happen and growls in a playful way. He was happy these two where his friends. He had a feeling for them. Allmost the same feeling as with his brothers, if they where part of a pack. Almost, but not the same. Because they where friends, close friends.
  20. cavram

    Love and Legends

    Love and Legends Part One: The Legend of Zyrathiel Once upon a time… In a distant realm of Gods and Goddesses, there was a great war. The Gods of Old fought countless battles for superiority and in the end… one rose above the rest and was deemed the God King of Aervothar. He was a giant, muscular, anthropomorphic wolf with light gray fur, skin darker than the darkest night, and long flowing beautiful locks atop his head that settled down upon his mighty and godly shoulders. Broad and mighty shoulders they were. The God was a massive and hyper muscular giant that stood fourteen feet tall from the soles of his massive feet to the tips of his ears. His facial features were not only undeniably masculine but the most beautiful in all the realm. Speaking of masculine features, he had massive pecs that were large enough that a full grown man could have curled up inside one, were they hollow shells. They most assuredly were not hollow though as with the proper coaxing of his massive and nigh invincible nipples, he could produce enough milk to feed a village for a year in a matter of moments and with such a power that the streams could blast through the walls of a castle by his impossible God strength. The true level of his strength was quite unknown, as he had never found anyone nor anything that could properly test just how strong his impossible and indestructible muscles were. Another thing that was considered impossible, aside from his shapely, well-defined, and overly muscled body, was what he kept in his undercarriage. A massive cock that would put most battering rams to shame. When flaccid his member was a full three feet in length and nearly half as wide. While fully hard his stronger-than-titanium rod of power was at a minimum seven feet long and at the thickest point was two and a half feet thick. It should be clarified that saying that was the minimum is because should he so have chosen, he could flex it like any of his muscles with impossible control and could increase both it and his tremendous wrecking balls to any size he so chose. The legend of his incredible feats of strength surpassed his realm and into the realms of the mortals. It is said that he lifted a mountain single handed, that he blasted entire villages to dust with his orgasmic bliss, and that he had never lost a battle in his long and vivacious life as a God. However, the other Gods and Goddesses were not pleased with him and wanted to rule the realm of Aervothar themselves and so they turned to underhanded tactics to remove the Wolf God from his seat of power. They knew that no one could defeat him in battle and that his cock alone could wash away entire armies in a milky wave that even the immortals could not best. So they waited until he slumbered and placed him under a powerful curse. He was sealed inside an obsidian obelisk and within it’s confines he would be cursed to sleep for all eternity. The obsidian obelisk was banished to a distant realm, the descriptions in every tale of which were lacking. Wherever it may have been hidden was to have been the final resting place of King Zyrathiel: The Crushing Darkness. It was those legends and the images that depicted Zyrathiel as the God he was, ever so long ago, that drew in the imagination of the young Rabbit. Before he was a teenager, he had snuck into the alchemist library at his formative academy and went straight for the forbidden books section. It was there and only there where they kept the sacred books on the Old Gods. His name was Bertram Craddock, though his friends called him Bertie, what few he had. His fur was white in the middle of his torso and turned black halfway down his thighs while his humanoid feet ended in white with black toenails. His fingernails were similarly black and the soft rabbit fur was black around his neck and over his shoulders and chest to frame the very top of his torso like a short cloth wrapped around him. There were speckles of black fur that traced down his biceps and a few along his face with his ears tipped in black and his eyes had black circles to frame them. Speaking of his eyes, they always seemed to have a mystic purple glow coming from the irises and even managed to shine through the long locks of wavy, ivory, hair that draped off the top of his head. Bertie looked back at that day all those years ago as though it must have been his predestined fate to flip open that book right to Zyrathiel’s page. He read their stories by the flickering light of a single candle. All those tales of his power and the destruction his had reaped in that distant realm held the young lad’s interest in a death grip. When he saw that painting in the ancient tome, depicting him in all his majesty and glory, he knew then and there that he needed to know more. This God was the most perfect being he had ever read of and in that moment, deep in his heart, he took a silent vow to find him and free him no matter the cost. Zyrathiel was the object of little Bertie’s heart’s desire and he dedicated his life to learning everything he could about th God, how he had been cursed, and how his curse might be broken. The magics it would take to find and free the imprisoned and slumbering beauty were those of the highest order… and magic became his obsession so that he might free his perfect God. It became apparent after so long in study that it would take a lifetime or more to learn and perfect magics powerful enough to find and free him… and so he found ways to extend his life through mystic means. He ended up being right as well. It took him several lifetimes to realize his fullest potential in the magic arts and a lifetime more just to find the location of the obsidian obelisk. His travels took him to several realms further out of the one from whence he came until he ended up in Voityrnia, the realm of the Never-Was King. It took years to earn the trust of the royal courts and eventually of the Never-Was King himself. He worked until he was granted his own lands in Voityrnia and with it a flying castle to rule over his own corner of the Never Kingdom, known as Gremore. It was in his lands, after having his subjects mine the Olyran Mountains, he found the obsidian obelisk and had it taken to his castle in the sky. The Obelisk was darker than the blackest night no matter how much light shown upon it. It reminded Bertram of a massive black crystal, thirty feet high and ten feet wide, with red glowing runes inscribed upon every face and corner. At that point, several lifetimes past the beginning of his quest, he had retained his youthful appearance to that of a man in his twenties with only the depth of his gaze revealing his true age. The only garb he wore was a short loin cloth that only just barely covered the prodigious package of the six foot tall rabbit. In addition to that he wore a white scarf around his neck, black and white laced sleeves that covered his arms from mid biceps to his hands, and similar sleeves that covered his legs from mid thigh down to the tops of his feet. Around him floated several porcelain hands, no less than twenty at any given moment, and each with a crystal eye in the centers of their palms. They were constructs he made to serve him and to tend not only to his castle but to most of his everyday needs, called the Dovudynth. Those hands encircled the obelisk as a purple light emanated from the black and white Bertram. He chanted a spell over and over as he had done every day for a full month in the throne room of his massive flying castle. The glowing runes began to flicker and slowly faded. Bertram’s resolve was absolute. His magic was powerful and his will was unwavering. He had come so far, worked so long, and the end was nigh. As his eyes glowed with a powerful amethyst light as the crimson runes of the obsidian obelisk faded to nothing and then the structure cracked. It was like an egg hatching as the fragments of the crystal structure fragmented. A viscous pink goo flowed forth from the interior of the massive structure and all the contents poured out over the floor, including one massive and muscular God. Zyrathiel roused but for a moment from his eons deep slumber, only to see the rabbit wading towards him in a throne room through the fluid that had kept him captive and cursed all that time. “Worry not, my God,” began the rabbit as he approached the massive wolf, “You are free now from your unending torment. Rest and when you are ready I will ensure you never want for anything ever again.” The slumber he was trapped in was not a true sleep, as the God had been awake and aware of himself the entire time. A form of torment slipped in by his captors. The slumber he faded into was a true rest after all that time. Everything for the wolf God faded to black. Suddenly Zyrathiel awoke with a start. Nightmares of his capture and imprisonment were his every consuming thought for so long. When he awoke he felt that he was going to have to do battle to regain his realm once more. However... He found that he was not surrounded by any Gods at all. In point of fact he was in a very unfamiliar room. The room he was in was a truly massive royal bedroom with magic appliances this way and that. Were one so inclined they might be able to live in the massive room, that was the size of some two strory houses, and remain there happily for a very long time. He looked around at the various luxuries of his setting and then realized he was on the most massive bed he had ever seen. It was supported by steel beams that went deep into the floor and susupended a mattress that was easily triple the size of a regular king sized matress, making even someone as large as the fourteen foot tall wolf able to stretch out in comfort. He was covered by the softest blanket he had ever felt and slept atop pillows that had to be enchanted to keep their efervescent softness. Still the wolf God was prepared for battle and tossed the cover aside, leaping from the bed and cracking the stone floor with his ten tons of muscle weight. He stomped forward, cracking stone between his massive toes with a thoom thoom thoom as he made his way towards the tall and arched chamber doorway. Then he stopped. He felt something was rubbing against his whole body. Something was restraining him... and then he caught his reflection in a tall mirror that looked as though it was made for a God of his stature, stretching from the floor to a few feet above his head. Zyrathiel looked himself over and saw that he was adorned in a massive, frilly, sky blue and white night gown, with a night cap placed atop his head. He reached up and felt the silk ripple and slide over his massive muscles, removing the night cap so that he could get a better look at it and the white pom pom on it's very tip. “The hell?” said the God in a state of utter confusion of his garb and surroundings. “One should hope it would be quite the opposite, my one true God King,” came a voice from a chair that had been seated next to the bed. It was Bertram the rabbit who had apparently been sitting there, watching over the God as he slumbered. The rabbit rose to his feet and gave a bit of a stretch. The Wolf God scoffed at the smaller man and walked up imposingly, “Explain to me what is going on here and now or I will destroy all you care about and make you watch.” Bertram's heart soared and he swooned a bit at seeing his God in the flesh, walking towards him under his own power, and booming out commands to him in that amazing, deep, and powerful voice. It took a moment for the rabbit to register that he was being addressed by the massive muscular wolf and he then lowered himself, falling to his knees, averting his gaze, and bowing on the ground before his god, “You have been freed oh mighty God King, Zyrathiel. The Crushing Darkness. The Living Eclipse. The Flood of Urithos. The one and only true ruler of Aervothar and over all the Gods of Old.” The massive wolf stopped a few feet from the smaller rabbit, looking down over his silk clothed pecs at the unfamiliar man, “Who is it that has freed me from the obsidian obelisk?” The rabbit rose to his feet, still keeping his gaze lowered with arms outstretched gracefully as he continued to bow, “My name is Bertram Craddock, my God King. I have studied the mystic arts for several mortal lifetimes and searched for the obelisk for a lifetime more so that I might free you.” The wolf thought a moment, “Why would you do such a thing, Mr. Craddock?” “I was compelled to,” began the rabbit, “From the moment I read your story and saw the images of your glory depicted... I knew that it was my destiny to set you free. I have dedicated all that I am to free you from your prison so that you might rule once more in your home realm. I am glad to say that no picture of you has done your true form justice in the least.” The wolf got to his knee and leaned closer to look over the rabbit, “You will look me in the eye when addressing me, young one... and tell me where we are.” The rabbit smiled and looked to the God with love in his purple eyes. He fell silent as he was allowed to gaze into the other's eyes and behold the beauty before him and ever so close. It took his breath away and so it took a moment longer than normal for him to reply, “We are in the realm of the Never-Was King. We are in my personal flying castle I call the Castle Mistros. It is outfitted with powerful magic engines that are capable of transporting the castle anywhere we could possibly need. I have worked over those several lifetimes not only to free you but to ensure that you would be as comfortable as possible for as long as you would so desire, my God King,” the rabbit then gave another smaller bow to the God. The God nodded as he looked over the smaller man with a grin before rising to his feet to look around the bedchamber and then to his garments, “What is this garb that is on my body?” “It is a silk nightgown. After my Dovudynth bathed you and collected the remnants of the obelisk, I had them dress you and put you to bed so that you could recover fully from the curse those other Gods had placed upon you. It would seem you have recovered well,” smiled the rabbit to the wolf. The wolf looked back to him and said, “You have done well, Mr. Craddock. It would seem I am in your debt.” “I could never hold a debt to be paid against the one I love, my God King,” said the rabbit with a respectful bow. The God was taken aback and blinked a moment. He had had worshippers before and even taken lovers but none had said they loved him until just that very moment. There were those that feared him and those who lusted for him... but love was not a word any had before used to describe the forcefully abdicated king of the Gods, “Love me, do you? You know not the things I've done nor the things I am capable of. How could you know that from our briefest of encounters?” “It is not from our brief encounter here today,” clarified Bertram, “I have loved you since I first read of you and came to know of your existence. I read every story of the wondrous things you have done. Your awesome power...” “Is one you hoped to harness under your control. Right?” asked the wolf. Bertram shook his head, “I wanted nothing more than to witness your power and be by your side. An ever serving companion who would do any and everything you so desired.” The God crossed his arms over that massive barrel chest of his and glared down at the rabbit with a quirked eyebrow, “So your only wish is to help me?” “Yes, Master.” “Even if that means finding a way back to my realm and taking control back over?” “I had even anticipated that you may desire such a thing, my master. That is why we are in this specific castle,” the rabbit smiled. “Explain.” Bertram nodded and held up his hands, projecting an image of the flying castle before the God, “Well... this is more than just a flying castle. It is a machine of my own design. I made it with an engine capable of transporting us between the realms.” “Huh...” said the God in the nightie, “So you really DO just want to help me...” The rabbit bowed graciously, “It would be the highest honor that I could ever know, my Master.” “And you know of my history and the things I tend to do?” The rabbit beamed happily, “It is why I fell in love with you, my Master.” Zyrathiel shifted, putting his hands on his hips as he looked the rabbit over from top to bottom. For the first time he began to believe the rabbit. With his godly powers, the massive wolf took a peak into the mind of his would-be servant only to see that he was completely on the level and completely obsessed with the God that stood before him. He nodded, “I could use a servant like you, I suppose.” The rabbit lit up as even a statement such as that was possibly the closest thing to affection he thought the God could ever muster. He clasped his hands joyously and the porcelean hands that floated about the room suddenly shifted and flew off to unknown places to assist them further. The rabbit gave another bow, “Thank you, master!” “Another thing... no more bowing. No more calling me master. No more averting your gaze. You can observe me in all my magnificence and I give you permission to call me Zyrathiel. You are now my second in command. My right hand rabbit and I will not have you be looked down upon by others. If you demean yourself before them then you demean me. You are now second in command over everything that ever was and the only person you answer to... is me. Do you understand?” asked the mighty wolven God. Bertram nodded vigariously as his gaze met that of his god's, “Yes Mas... um... Yes, Zyrathiel.” The God nodded and then walked to the massive bed to sit upon it's edge as he took in his surroundings once more, “You have done well for me so far but I think the first order of business would be to return to Aervothar and reclaim my crown from those who stole it from me.” The God then laid down and sprawled upon the bed made just for him and his tremendous weight. The rabbit chuckled a bit and scratched the back of his head nervously, “There might be a few small problems with that, my lei... err Zyrathiel.” Zyrathiel then sat up suddenly and looked at the smaller man, “Define problem... is this castle not a machine to take us to any realm?” “Indeed it is but you see... the coordinates needed to navigate the void between realms all the way to Aervothar has been lost. I could try to reach there by speculation but it would be like trying to hit a single grain of sand, in the dark, while spinning in circles, using a live bumble bee. It's not entirely impossible but...” “So then how do we find the way back?” asked the God as he rose from the bed to stand. Several of the hands lifted the rabbit into the air and made him hover in front of his God, “As with so many things I knew it would be hard, but before I awakened you I made sure to prepare. There IS a way we can get back. You see, everyone, no matter what realm they are from, vibrate at the same level as the realm they originated from and every realm is unique, which is why they aren't colliding on top of each other constantly. You and the other Gods from your realm all vibrate at the same frequency as Aervothar...” “So you are saying that you could use me to get back to my realm somehow?” “To do so would be to put you in a machine and I'm not entirely sure for how long you would need to remain in there for it to be effective. I could never let my God suffer such an indignity... and so I found another solution... Which is why we are still in the realm of the Never-Was King,” Bertram explained. “Go on.” “The Never-Was King is someone who came to this realm long ago... he chose the name because before he was here he Never Was to become the King in his home realm. You might know him better as Otarron the Thunder Foot...” said Bertram. “Otarron... he gave me so much trouble in Aervothar. So the ruler here is a God from my realm then. Would he fit into your machine then?” asked the God. Bertram gave a wicked smile and a small shrug, “Part of him would.” The wolf then smiled down at the rabbit, “Then if I am to conquer this realm from under his grip I should probably dress for the occasion...” Zyrathiel then flexed his mighty muscles, his whole body swelled with power and caused the silk fabric of the nightgown to shred, tear and explode off his form, leaving him in his naked glory, posing for his worshipper. The rabbit could not help but star and drool as the god flexed for him and after wiping the drool from his maw he cleared his throat, regained his composure, and then replied, “I have an entire series of wardrobes of clothing in your size, tailored to fit you perfectly Zyrathiel.” With those words, the rabbit's floating had servants zipped across the room to several massive closets filled with clothing in the massive wolf's size. The God walked over, the stones trembling under his mighty feet as he looked over the wardrobe options. His fingers traced over quite a number of clothing options before he pulled out a selection then looked to the rabbit, “Do you have something to wear that would match this?” Bertram walked into the closet with his God and nodded, “I have matching clothes for everything in here and in the other seventeen closets I filled for you.” “...So you made enough clothes to fill twenty massive walk in closets for me?” asked Zyrathiel. The rabbit nodded, “Of the ones I kept? Yes.”
  21. Dandicoot

    Night at the Bar - By Dandicoot

    Author's Note: So this is just a very self-indulgent story I wrote for myself, hope you all enjoy it! (Also, characters in this story are anthro, as a side note!) It was a cold, lonely night for me. I had decided to drive down to the bar for a few drinks to try and forget a few things for a little bit (never a good idea, I don't know why I never learn). The bar was about 10 minutes away, located in a back-alley, a place where no one really bothers you if you drink alone. I had been drinking for several hours, scrolling through "dating" apps on my phone, hoping for at least someone to take notice. Of course, they didn't. They never do. No one even responds to some scrawny guy like me. Before I knew it, it was 2am. I knew I was in no condition to drive, so I started drinking some water and headed out at around 3am. I usually sobered up pretty quick, and I was feeling alright. As I was walking out the door, I felt a strong hand land on my shoulder. "You ok there, boy?" a deep, baritone voice rung out in the silence of the night. I turned my head to look over my shoulder, seeing the bouncer of the bar sitting in his metal foldable chair. He was a powerful bull, reaching eye level with me despite the fact he was sitting down. His horns were always perfectly polished and sharpened, no matter what day it was. He always wore a nose ring as well, a look I always thought was cliché, yet sexy. He held a thick, lit cigar between his teeth, puffing it occasionally. I had heard he was a retired bodybuilder, and he looked like it. His traps climbed far above his head, and the rest of his upper body was beyond wide. So wide that whenever someone was causing problems outside, he just stood in front of the doorway to block entrance to the bar. His lats were expansive enough to completely block the door, and the musclegut he had nearly matched his lats in width. His pecs jutted out at least a good foot from his body, with that belly of his sticking out another foot. It was impressive he even found a tanktop to fit him, even if it was stretched tightly across his pecs and gut. His arms were probably as thick as my entire torso, though I had never really asked for a formal comparison. And his legs, well, let's just say you have to have some powerful legs to support a body that huge. As I was inadvertently taking in this bull's marvelous body, he waved his free hand in front of my face. "Hello? You ok?" he asked again. "Oh! I, uh, yeah, I'm fine. I'm just about to head home for the night," I spoke as confidently as I could. The bull frowned, taking his cigar out of his mouth as he looked me up and down. "How much you been drinkin' tonight, boy?" Was it really that obvious? I didn't think I had seen the bouncer walk in the bar at any point in the night, so I was pretty sure he couldn't have known just how much I was drinking. "Oh, you know, enough haha..." I laughed nervously. "I was drinking water afterwards, and I honestly feel fi-" The bouncer cut me off. "How far away do you live?" he spoke sternly, setting his lit cigar in his ashtray on the ground. "Just ten minutes away, really not that far! I'm feeling fine to dri-" My sentence was cut off by the bull forcefully shoving one of his thick fingers into my mouth. I must have been a little more tipsy than I thought because as soon as that finger passed my lips, my eyelids lowered halfway and I managed to give it a slight suckle before he pulled his finger back out. Luckily, I didn't think he noticed my submissive instinct. He sniffed the finger that was just in my mouth and stared me down. "You lyin' to me, boy?" He definitely smelled just how much alcohol I had been drinking that night. "N-no, sir! I-I honestly feel fine! I-" Once again, my sentence was cut short. The bull grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and stood up, lifting me into the air. He must have been at least 6'5", a true behemoth of a man. My feet dangled as he spoke to me. "Listen, boy, I don't appreciate liars. But yer cute, so I'll give you one free pass." Cute? Did he actually just say that? I couldn't believe my ears. He continued, "Yer in no condition to drive, so how about you stay here with me for a lil while? I promise ya, daddy'll keep ya safe." I could feel the blush spreading across my face. It was probably even showing through my fur. I gulped, my only answer being a slight nod as I looked him in the eyes. He smirked as he brought his free hand up, gently caressing my face as he slowly pressed his thumb into my mouth. I closed my eyes and suckled, feeling a sense of security around this bull. "That's a good boy..." The bull sat back down in his chair, gently lowering me on top of his large, round gut. The arm he had been using to hold me up by the collar was now draped over me, holding me close to him. I continued to suckle on his finger, his strong hand rubbing my back. "So what made a lil guy like you drink so much tonight, hm?" I paused my suckling, pulling my mouth off his thumb. "I...I..." The truth is, I felt embarrassed to admit it. I felt ashamed. "I'm just...so lonely, daddy..." I hadn't planned on calling him daddy like that, but he was the first one to take notice of me in months. I guess you could say I was pretty desperate. But he didn't seem to mind, thankfully. He wrapped his other arm around me, leaning down to give me a kiss on the forehead. "Well you got me now, boy." I let out a soft moan in response to that statement. A huge hulking behemoth of a man actually wanted me, probably the scrawniest guy in the city. I couldn't believe my luck. He released his arms from around me and bent down to grab his cigar again. He chomped on it and gave it a good, long drag. He pulled the cigar back out of his mouth and turned his head away from me, exhaling all the smoke out through his nose. I shivered at the display, always having fantasized about a man like this. The cold breeze of the night air blew the smoke back in my direction, and I coughed a bit. It was clear I wasn't used to thick cigar smoke like that. The bull chuckled, sitting there as he held the cigar near his lips. "Sorry, boy, I tried." He spoke with such a genuine tone, yet I could tell he enjoyed that little moment. He raised his free arm and put his hand behind his head, revealing a forest of armpit hair. I had never seen such hairy pits in my life! I felt like if I had buried my face in there, my muzzle would actually completely fit within that deep, sweaty pit of his. And then, it hit me: his musk. I took in a deep breath through my nose, and I got a lungful of his musk. I instinctively let out a quiet moan, unable to control myself. The bouncer smirked, turning his head towards his open pit and taking a good whiff, himself. "Ahhh...sorry, boy. I never wear deodorant. Hate the fruity smells of it. I'm a man, and I wanna smell like one." He stared at me for a few moments, waiting to see if I was going to reply. I didn't. I was too flustered to say anything. "Though, it doesn't seem like you mind, do you?" I simply shook my head. "Didn't think so." He took another whiff of his pit, grunting as he took it all in. "Damn, I smell good." He looked at me again. "Though, I can never get a second opinion, it seems. No one's brave enough to get a full whiff of this manly scent. I've offered, but no one's taken me up on it. Shame...they don't know what they're missing out on." I was shaking by this point, trying desperately to control myself. I didn't want to scare him off. "You know, they say if you enjoy each other's musk, it makes you good breeding partners..." Oh god. "But I haven't had a chance to test that theory..." He was actually doing this on purpose. "What's wrong? You're looking a lil light-headed, boy. Maybe you should drink something..." He actually wanted me t- Before I could finish that thought, my face was deep in that cavernous pit of his. I huffed his musk. I licked his sweat. I did it all like my life depended on it. I needed this, I didn't care how the scent burned my nostrils or how salty the sweat was on my tongue. This was a man I had been waiting for, and I wasn't about to let this opportunity pass me by. I huffed until I felt like I was going to pass out. I licked until I could taste no more sweat. Several minutes passed before he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me out. I wore a dazed, stupefied smile on my face, looking like someone who had just been hypnotized. "Feeling better, boy?" he asked me. "Yes, daddy," is all I had the energy to say. "Good." He took a puff of his cigar, this time blowing the short puff of smoke into my face. I coughed, but I didn't tell him to stop. I must have looked like I enjoyed it because he took another drag, smirked, then snorted the smoke into my face through his nose. I coughed and moaned as the smoke cloud enveloped my head, my cock rock-hard in my pants by this point. It was pressing through my pants and against his stomach. It was the first time I really noticed how turned on I was, but I imagine he noticed the entire time. He continued his onslaught of smoke, turning me into a coughing, blushing mess. My thoughts were quite literally clouded with his smoke. The only thoughts running through my head were of how I could serve him, how I could please him, how I could make him happy. He neared the end of his cigar, looking like there was one long drag left in it. He grinned at me and said, "Say good night, boy." I didn't know what he meant at first, but he took the final drag of his cigar, his chest inflating with the deep breath he took. Then, he tossed the remainder of the cigar aside and wrapped his powerful arms around me. He bearhugged me tight, squeezing all the air out of my lungs. Then, as he released and I thought I was going to get a breath of fresh air, he kissed me and forced every bit of his smoke inside of me. The feeling was harsh, yet passionate. I could feel every bit of his breath inside of me, claiming me as his. My eyes rolled back in my head as I came right then and there, soaking the front of my pants with the biggest load I had ever shot in my life. A combination of the pleasure and lack of oxygen led me to pass out. I dreamt of that studly bull for as long as I was passed out. I dreamt of his musk, his smoke, his size...he was everything I had ever wanted in a man. I woke up in my bed the following afternoon, my head killing me from the night before. I didn't remember how I got home. In fact, I didn't even remember leaving the bar. All I remembered was the dream I had about how the bouncer of the bar took me and- I sighed. It was a nice thought, but it'd never happen, no matter how real that dream felt. I reached for my phone from the end table and was about to check my messages. That's when I noticed a piece of paper under my phone. I picked it up and read it. 'Hey boy. I hope you don't mind, but I drove you home last night. It was a tight fit to get into your car, but I made it work. I also had to check your license for your address and use your keys to get in the house. I felt real bad snooping around your wallet and going into your house like that, but I wanted to make sure you were safe. I hope last night was everything you were looking for and more. A boy like you deserves a strong daddy to take care of you and keep you happy. If you ever want to do a bit more, you know where to find me. P.S. Check under your pillow. I left something for ya. Sorry, I haven't had a chance to wash it in about a week, but I don't think you'll mind.' I stared at the note curiously for a couple moments before turning around and picking up my pillow. I went wide-eyed at what I saw. It was his tanktop from the night before. It wasn't a dream! I tossed the note aside and picked the tanktop up, burying my face into it and huffing up his musk. It was perfect. I smiled as I kept huffing his scent. I knew where I was going tonight, but maybe I'd drink a bit less this time.
  22. LionBUff

    Lunar Gold

    Lunar Gold; Chapter One: Perfect Aim By: LionBUff - - - - - - Lunar Gold, the 25-year-old male, son of King Megali and Brutton the Breeding bull, stood in front of a crowd of curious and slightly aroused men at the archery range. Lunar was wearing an underwear sized covering with the kingdom's symbol on the back. The covering was small and gripped him well, the logo helped define his strong glute muscles. He wore nothing else but black straps that held a sack of arrows behind his muscular back and two straps that squeezed his biceps to help him hold his arms steady and two on his calves that helped him focus on standing still. The kingdom of Anthromanlos was holding its annual archery competition and Lunar was tied with an elephant named Albertus. Albertus watched the muscular lion-bull hybrid carefully. He knew Lunar would probably beat him but he wasn't interested in where Lunar's arrow would land. At least, not the one in his bow. He was interested in the view of Lunar's figure against the sunset over the mountains that surrounded Anthromanlos. His body was a living statue. A mountain as sturdy as the mountains around the kingdom. Muscles visible all over. The sunset on the opposite side of where the men stood created an arousing silhouette of the prince. With one quick flash, the arrow from Lunar's bow struck the bullseye just on the right half of the circle. Albertus was the first to clap. He wanted Lunar Gold to know he was nothing but happy for losing to a male like him. Lunar Gold turned around and thanked the crowd of cheering men. He admitted that he was nervous about Albertus defeating him and thanked the elephant for an exciting competition. As he placed his bow down in the storage hut for the archery range the crowd of men began gathering around him. Most of them asked him one simple question; how did you get so good? "I credit my aim to my bull father, the royal breeding bull, Brutton, for handing his incredible vision down to me. He could spot a mate in need of his service from miles away on the farm he used to live on... or so he likes to say. My lion father, our king Megali, gave me his raw strength of both focus and stamina." The men complemented his skills and body shape as Lunar prepared to leave the range. He heard compliments about his skills 100s of times before he finally left. "It was an honor to compete with you," Lunar heard from behind as he walked back home. He turned around to see Albertus walking down the mountain path towards him. The sun was mostly set by this point so the trail was only lit by a series of touches leading back to town. "Thanks, Albertus," Lunar said politely. Lunar noticed Albertus staring at his waste covering and tried to turn around before Albertus could say what he hoped he wouldn't say. "I was hoping I could congratulate you in a more informal way tonight back in your castle." Lunar sped up slightly and rolled his eyes. "No thank you, Albertus," Lunar told him without turning around. "Maybe another night Lunar?" Albertus felt himself harden a little as he watched the cloth around his waist grip his ass bouncing. "If my dads allow it, maybe. However, you know how tight security is at the castle." Lunar was trying to tell him he wasn't that attracted to him while warning him not to try breaking in. Break-ins were common at the castle and Lunar wouldn't have been very surprised if Albertus tried breaking in. A fork in the trail was coming up in a few hundred feet and Lunar hoped that Albertus would head in a different direction. "Well, your one impressive male Lunar. Half lion, half bull, it doesn't get any more masculine than that." Albertus waited for a response and heard nothing but silence. "Just think about my offer... it could be much more fun than you think." Lunar stayed silent as the fork in the trail grew closer and closer. Albertus didn't want to spoil his odds of seeing Lunar's "masculine" qualities and went down the trail leading away from Lunar. Albertus couldn't help but watch Lunar's muscles walk away. He wanted that half-lion half-bull body to have his way with him but he also wanted Lunar's respect. He walked in silence down the trail knowing his night would be filled with visions of the prince. The trail Lunar walked down led to the main village of Anthromanlos. The lights of his castle were barely visible over a mountain in the distance. He thought about heading straight home but decided to stop at one little tavern first. He worked hard today at the competition and wanted to unwind. He walked through the town with friendly greetings every few dozen feet. He was mildly annoyed with all of the same compliments over and over but knew they meant well. Albertus put him in a sour mood so he didn't feel like stopping and greeting anyone back. 3/4 of the way through town Lunar saw the sign to the tavern named "The Dripping Pipe." There was a small alleyway between the tavern and the shop next door. Lunar had been here several times and knew how to get in without the men in the main tavern room seeing him. Plus, he had several friends who worked there. Lunar walked to the back of the alleyway and stopped at a wooden door on his left with a rectangle opening at the top sealed by a sliding wooden window. Lunar knocked on the door exactly 4 times. The wooden bar that was sealing the window opened. Lunar told the man on the other side the password and he was let in. Lunar walked down a narrow hall with red clay walls lit with candles hanging from the wall. The hall curved around and led to a staircase directly behind the walls of The Dripping Pipe. Before Lunar could ever touch the stairs his nose was filled with sweat and musk. He could hear the faint grunting and moaning of voices he knew. At the bottom of the stairs was a brick room with a floor made of gray rock. A small candle chandelier filled the room with dancing warm light. There were a few chairs in the middle of the room and a bed in the far right corner. The floor was sprinkled in white stains, especially around the wall to his right. Lunar walked in to see a completely naked tiger standing against the wall on the far end of the room bonded by metal handcuffs. Another naked tiger was sitting in a chair inches from his body. Both tigers were in good shape but the tiger chained to the wall was much bigger. The tiger in the chair had both hands on the bigger tiger's balls. He was rubbing the front side of his sack with his thumbs and squeezing them with the rest of his fingers. The tiger in the chair had clearly cum recently thanks to the white liquid dripping down his cock along with a white splash on the bigger tiger's left leg. Lunar was on the other side of the room but he could hear cum splashing around the tiger's hung sack. It sounded like a distant ocean crashing into the shore. His sack was covered in thick branches of veins but still moved around like soggy jello. "Hey Crumpus," Lunar said to the bigger tiger watching his balls dance. Crumpus looked to his right and grinned. "Hey Lunar, how are your dads doing?" He asked as if it were another conversation, as if his balls weren't being milked like a male utter about to burst. "Fine. The king is still keeping the kingdom safe. The breeding bull is still keeping our population growing steadily." Crumpus blushed when Lunar mentioned the breeding bull's success. "I heard he doubled our population after King Megali found him." "If you're gonna build an army, might as well breed it now." Crumpus leaked a few drops of pre-cum hearing this. "Especially if you want that army to all be as strong as a bull!" Crumpus was clearly getting turned on by talking about Brutton, and Lunar knew it. "When your balls hold more than double the sperm of most bulls, who can already make a lot of babies, then breeding an entire army should be easy. "Exactly!" Crumpus could barely speak without moaning. "Good thing Brutton is as fertile as not just 2, but THREE bulls!" Crumpus shot a load right into the face of the smaller tiger. His load was so thick that it looked like a string being pulled from his shaft. It came out with such force that when the stream of seed hit the smaller tiger in the face, he leaned back in shock and the force of the stream pushed him to the ground. The tiger shot out one big burst of sperm screaming in pleasure the whole time. When his load slowed down to simple squirts and drops, Crumpus looked down at the tiger in the chair on the floor. The smaller tiger wiped the puddle of cum off of his eyes and coughed up the cum that landed in his mouth. "Sorry," Crumpus told the tiger on the floor. "Do that on stage tonight and we'll have the best show the town has ever seen," the smaller tiger told him wiping the cum splash off of his fur. "If you want a real show," Lunar said in a suggestive voice deeper than before, "you should have someone like me up there. My dad isn't the only breeding beast in town."
  23. teroyugi

    Dad's Growth (Furry)

    Dad’s Growth In a quaint suburban town lived a family of muscle heads. They were the Brooks. The father who went by Big B was a black Caucasian Shepherd dog. He was a towering figure in person and as the owner of the only construction company in their town. Ever since high school Big B was an avid sports fur, more specifically a star in the wrestling ring. Till today the local high school display his award for bringing home the trophy in the wrestling championship on his own, a feat that no one had ever accomplish ever again. Sadly after graduation and starting a family at 18 the dog did not maintain his physique. Once a prime example of physical prowess, the shepherd had been reduced to a bear like build. His once hard washboard abs was replaced by a soft gut. What used to be a dense barrel chest and powerful titanic thighs were now soft and smoother a little. Even his once powerful grapefruit sized arms that could carry half the cheerleading team had grown weaker. He was fortunate that his long fluffy fur made it hard for others to see what had become to his body. Still the other furs respected Big B for his work and effort as a single father. One drunken night after the prom with the captain of the debate team resulted in a shotgun marriage and the arrival of a beautiful baby boy. Big B’s wife wasn’t satisfied with being forced into the role of a mother at such a young age so they filed for a divorce in less than a year, but the baby would stay with him. He worked hard to build a proper home for his boy, started at the construction company as nothing more than a grunt worker but he worked his way up and rubbed elbows with the right fur until he could set up his own company. Soon he moved from a run-down apartment to a proper terrace house where his son could grow up well. The pup was named Benny. Like his father the pup was tall, by 15 his head was the same level as his old man. His fur was jet black from head to toe with patches of orange on his back and forehead. He also inherited his father’s love of sports as he led the school’s football team, and after joining college he continued the sport he loved. Big B could not deny that he felt a pang of jealousy watching his son reach the same level of musculature he had at that age. It reminded him that he was getting old. Determined to make a change for himself while his son was away in college he would do everything it takes to build his muscles again. In now times, Benny was due to come home for his 2 week semester break. Sporting a plain blue t shirt and jeans the 19 year old dog slept throughout his bus ride home as the weeks before was crammed with finals and overdue assignments. He could not wait to crash on his old bed. By the time he reached the bus stop his phone showed that it was 6:30 p.m. His dad promised to pick him the night before, but he never showed up. Another reason for Benny to be concerned, already on the phone his dad sounded weird, he kept breathing heavily into the phone and weird groaning sounds came from him. After waiting for an hour with no dad in sight Benny decided to lug himself and his backpack on foot. The young pup reached home at 7:30 p.m. Panting heavily with his tongue out he really wanted to give his dad a piece of his mind. As he approached the door his ears perked up to weird sounds coming from the inside. Pressing his ear against the wooden white door he could hear odd squishing sounds like someone walking through a puddle. Then he heard his father’s gruff voice grunting and saying “Fuck”. Was something wrong? Was his dad in danger? Benny had to find out. Unsure of what to face if there was an intruder he planned to tackle them on sight, and if his dad was injured he had to run fast to get help. His heart was racing, ready to burst out of his chest as he knocked on the door loudly. It was when he heard his dad’s reply that all the tension within him was sapped away. “H-hold on,” his dad’s voice said. The door flew open and Benny was left speechless at what he saw. His eyes were staring straight at the largest pair of pecs he had ever seen. They were large enough to be mistaken for watermelons. Benny had to take a step back to see the massive creature taking up the entire door frame. The creature’s feet were massive with thighs so wide and thick that it could crush an entire bike. Hard 8 pack abs lined its stomach area. It wore a yellow jockstrap that did nothing to hide the thick semi hard dick the size of Benny’s forearm and two massive globes that hung beneath the member. And still that wasn’t all of it, the rest of the creature’s arms and head was hidden away by the small door frame. He didn’t want to believe it but the creature had to be his father. “D-ad?” Benny called out softly. “Son?” The creature ducked under the doorframe and true enough it was his dad. The older dog’s fur on his head was messier than usual. Benny just stared in awe at his now 7 foot tall father. Questions ran through his head but before he could speak, two thick hands grabbed him from under the armpits and pulled him into the tightest bear hug he ever had. His snout was buried deep in the cleavage of his father’s pectorals. “Son! So good to see you. Look how big you are now,” Big B said. The older dog was swinging his son’s body left and right excitedly without realizing that his son was beating on his chest with all his might, trying to get his attention. It was when benny’s foot accidentally rubbed against his dad’s dick that Big B looked down between his pecs and realized his son wanted to be put down. Benny gasped and coughed. The scent of his dad’s musky and sweaty fur was stuck on his nose. “D-d-dad. What the fuck?” Big B chuckled. “You like it son?” the older dog raised his right arm and flexed, the thick arm bulged up to the size of a bowling ball. “Daddy’s been working out!” he said before bringing his arm close to his snout and licked it. Benny was unsure of what to say, but he had to get his suddenly sexy dad inside. “Dad No! The neighbors will see,” the younger dog pushed his dad on the stomach but the larger dog did not budge. “Pssh, it ain’t something they haven’t seen. Heck Bob next door saw me naked yesterday. I’m sure he enjoyed it,” Big B replied. “DAD!” The humongous dog then started backed away inside just to satisfy his embarrassed son. Benny thought things would be better inside but he was wrong. The entire living room was empty of all other furniture except for the old couch which looked like it was on its last legs-literally. Bottles of protein powder and unknown supplements littered the corner to the left of the door. A lifting bench with barbells and several dumbbells took up most of the living room space. Gone were the family photos and the flat screen TV. Benny noted what looked like wet stains on the ceiling, there were more all over the floor. His nose twitched and he nearly recoiled upon realizing what the stains were-his dad’s cumshots. “What did you do to this place dad?” Benny asked, concerned. “Just moved some things here and there, the TV is in your room now and the pictures are well anywhere that isn’t my gym,” Big B said. The hulking dog walked over to the sofa and dropped his heavy frame on it. The poor sofa creaked and bended itself to support the dog’s weight. “I just can’t believe this. I go away for 2 semesters and-and you trash the house, and you turn into a muscle monster.” Benny started pacing while trying to avoid looking at his dad’s almost naked body. Big B scratched his bulge and replied, “Son relax. So your old man went to the gym and grew a bit. I thought you’d be proud of my gains. “ The two just looked at each other for a minute. Benny was still half dazed by what was going on and his dad didn’t seem to care. Even now when he was trying to have a serious conversation with his old man the Big B was bouncing his pecs with a cocky grin. “Dad…” Benny extended the word. “I need some rest. We’ll talk about all of this tomorrow.” Benny made his way upstairs. “Sure son,” Big B said with a hint of disappointment in his voice. Once inside his room, Benny dropped his backpack on the floor. His room was basically unchanged. His bed still faced perpendicular to the entrance with the TV now in front of the foot of his bed. To its right was his closet. The pup locked his room door and collapsed on his bed. He stared at the white ceiling wall and started thinking about his dad. The way he lifted him with such ease, the way his muscles smelt when he was pressed up against him. Covering his eyes with his right arm Benny unzipped his jeans to release his throbbing boner. Another trait he inherited from his father was a thick fat dick with huge swollen balls the size of golf balls. It paled in comparison to his father’s enlarged furhood now. All the questions were just a façade to hide his true feelings. He loved how his dad had grown so huge. He never told anyone before, but he was gay and his dad was now the fur of his dreams. Stroking his leaking cock, Benny imagined growing into his dad’s size as well. He imagined ripping through his clothes in public as his pecs balloon out and eventually blocking his view from the rest of the world. Benny moaned loudly. How he wanted his arms to expand and grow in strength so that he could lift an entire car with ease. Pre-cum continued to ooze from his dick, lubing the entire shaft. Then he would outgrow his dad and be able to pin him to the ground. He would then shove his giant dick between his dad’s hefty pecs and pec fuck him till he came. The last thought sent Benny over the edge causing him to blow his load all over his shirt and snout. “Fucking dad…” Benny whispered to himself. Stripping his shirt off, Benny sneaked out of his room not wanting to be seen. The bathroom was right beneath his room but he would have to go through the living room to get to it. Benny tip toed slowly, his tail was erect just to avoid making a sound with it dragging on the floor. As he was walking pass the hallway to the stairs he saw his dad’s wide black furred back facing him. His dad turned to the side to face the sofa and Benny saw him hold a vial full of glowing neon blue liquid. Benny crouched down to get a better look. He wondered what was that his dad had. Then the older dog downed the entire concoction without letting a single drop spill. Big B started staggering backwards with his arms locked into a boxer’s pose. He started growling and his entire body shook. Benny could not believe what he was seeing his dad’s entire body began to swell. His already huge pecs extended out further. Benny gasped as he saw his dad’s shoulders stretch further to the sides, he was wide enough to take up three quarters of the sofa. His arms ballooned up to the size of Benny’s head. Deep veins began to snake around Big B’s arms and legs. The change in height then soon followed slowly but it was very noticeable that the older dog was growing several inches taller with each passing second. “Argh…Must Grow! Bigger!” Big B said followed by a deep growl. The growing dog’s bulge began to grow as his enlarging dick grew harder. Big B’s jockstrap was beginning to rip at the seams struggling to contain the thick pole growing to the size of a traffic cone. With a guttural roar his dad’s cock fired its load, splattering the sofa with white spunk and the torn remains of what used to be his jockstrap. He cummed for what felt like minutes, completely covering the sofa with a new coat of paint. Finally when his orgasm completed the muscle bound dog just stood there panting heavily. Benny was feeling a mix of emotions at what he saw, awe, fear, lust, and disgust all at the same time. The young pup walked slowly downstairs never taking his eyes off his gargantuan father. As he approached he saw another change, that his dad was losing back his gained height. “D-ad? Are you ok?” Benny asked. “Son?” Big B was surprised by his son’s presence. He looked at his shirtless child and walked closer to the frightened pup. Towering above the smaller dog, his cock sprang to life, slapping against his hard abs with a wet thud. “You saw something you shouldn’t have boy,” he said menacingly. Benny gulped and thought to himself, what did he get himself into this time? Part 2 (copied from: https://sofurry.anthro.fr/stories/1416968) The sharp eardrum piercing ring of his alarm woke the young rottweiler from his sleep. Rays of sunshine broke through the curtain windows, illuminating his body. Benny's eyes fluttered open. He pulled himself up, and yawned. Benny's head felt like he was hit by a truck. He could not recall what happened last night. The dog blinked a few times as he looked at his legs. Wiggling his toes his brain suddenly realized he was in his red underwear. He scratched the back of his head and tried to recall what happened, he would never sleep in his underwear, but nothing came to him. "Ugh, stupid brain, maybe I'll remember after some breakfast." Benny walked down the stairs and from the corner of his eyes his saw the bruised purple arm of the living room sofa. The memories came flooding back, his naked dad, the growth, the cock, the sofa covered in cum! His heart raced and his crotch grew tighter in the front. Then he heard the unmistakable sounds of his dad snoring. Benny clutched his chest fur; did he dare to go see what had happened to his dad? He still couldn't figure out what happened last night. The pup took a deep breath and tiptoed down. Big B's massive feet came into view and the rest of his mammoth sized self. He was asleep on his belly giving Benny front row seat to his ample ass. His dad was still wearing the same jockstrap from yesterday, there were visible tears in the waistband of the jockstrap, the elastic was struggling to keep it together against the rottweiler's bulbous ass. "Fuck," Benny muttered under his breath. His underwear was getting tighter around his hard-on. Benny felt it hard to breathe, just looking at his dad's sleeping frame. Big B's traps was like a ravine made of muscles with deep cuts running down his back. His lats were as wide as his own shoulders. Benny couldn't stop his hands from trembling. Thump! Big B's left arm dropped onto the floor. The pup flinched and quickly tucked away his boner against the waistband of his underwear. His stomach was in knots. "D-dad?" Benny reached out with one hand and touched his dad's fallen arm, "Fuckin hell," Benny mouthed. His dad's biceps and triceps were hard as steel. With one hand he continued to squeeze his dad's bicep while the other ran along the back of his arm until he reached his dad's wide traps. He ran a finger along the deep groove of Big B's back. "Dad?" Benny called out softer. His mind was begging for his dad not to wake up. He wanted more time to explore his dad's body. Benny was about to reach for his dad's butt when a loud grunt from the front forced him to pull himself away. The sleeping mass of muscle began to move. Benny felt like he was shrinking as his dad rose up to a sitting position. His hefty shelf of a chest looked fuller and rounder than yesterday. There was now a thick vein running down his dad's right bicep and his abs were more defined than before. Benny flinched when he caught sight of his dad's dick standing erect against his abs. The member was pulsating with a slight blue hue hew near the tip like his dad's cock had bene building up cum for days. "Morning, son," Big B said followed by a deep yawn. He wet his lips and turned to face his dazzled son. Big B stood up to full height and stepped closer. "Umm," Benny's eyes were glued to the hard dick waving in front of his face. "Fuck, it's 10 already, you want anything to eat boy?" Big B asked. "Umm..." Benny could smell his dad's powerful musk radiating from his shaft. The scent radiating from his dad's dick was so pungent, so musky. Benny's tongue watered. He trembled as he tried to form the words in his mouth, "S-s-sausages?" Big B scratched his left pec, "Sausages, huh I did get a new pack of it a few days back. Anything else? The tagline just got to me, 'Every piece will stuff you good.'" His dad's cock twitched. Benny's eyes widened as the unmistakable glisten of pre emerged on the tip of the cock. "And.... some...some eggs." "Mmm, sausages and eggs. Classic," Big B said as he reached down and scratched his orange sized balls. Benny gulped. "Fuck, he's doing this on purpose isn't he?" "Aight kiddo, I'll make breakfast maybe you can handle mowing the lawn? I've been meaning to get to it for a while," Big B pat his son on the shoulders and walked off towards the kitchen, his erection still bobbing confidently. Benny breathed a sigh of relief and dissatisfaction. He had a feeling his dad was messing with him intentionally. Did it have something to do with last night? He wondered. Exhausted already the pup made his way back up and put on his sweat pants and red shirt before heading to the garage. "Woah." The garage was unrecognisable. There was no sight of the red sadan his dad used to own. In it's place was a few machines Benny didn't recognise but knew he saw some in the gym. With his little knowledge about gym equipment he could make out a dumbbell rack, and several piles of plates resting under a barbell bench. A small mountain pile of empty protein powder containers sat on what used to be the workbench for dad's tools. Sniffing the air, Benny's tail wagged excitedly. The garage smelt of his dad's sweat and cum. The pup dug through the workout equipment but he found no sign of the lawnmover. "Dad!" Benny yelled back towards the door. He heard a muffled grunt replying back to him. Curious, Benny walked back inside but his dad wasn't in the living room. The young rotteweiler smelt freshly cooked bacon coming from the kitchen. "Dad?" Again there was the muffled grunt but it was clearer. He followed the sound to the kitchen and he was taken aback by what he saw. His dad was standing butt naked facing the stove. Big B was panting heavily with one hand holding his massive dick, and the other held an empty cup right below his dickhead. Grunting loudly Big B's entire body tensed up. The older rotteweiler practically howled as he fired thick wads of cum into the cum, the cup overflowed and thick creamy semen dripped down the dog's fingers. "Fuck, too much!" Big B's cock was gushing like a geyser, even the gigantic muscle bound dog couldn;t control it. He placed the cup full of cum on the stove and was forced to unload on the empty frying pan in front of him. "Dad!" Benny called out loudly. 'Huh? Son?" Big B turned. For the first time the big dog blushed with embarassment, "What are you doing here?" he covered his crotch with his meaty hands. Benny had to avert his gaze. Blushing brightly Benny said, "I can't find our lawn mower! How am I supposed to mow the lawn?" "Oh, I forgot I sold it to our neighbour Bob a few months back, maybe you can ask him to lend it to us?" "Ok, just dad. Please put some clothes on." Benny walked out of the house as soon as he could. His heart was a mess. As he made his way to his neighbour's house he kept repeating to himself, "Don't think about it, don't think about it, it didn't happen!" Their neighbour's house was identical to theirs minus the unkept lawn. Benny took a minute as he stood in front of the neighbour's door. Just enough for him to let the bulge in his pants to settle down. Taking a deep breath he knocked on the door. "Mr. Bob? Its me Big B's kid from next door. I have a favour I need to ask." The door swung open. A brown walrus stood in front of Benny in nothing but a tiny white towel. The cloth barely covered anything as an obvious outline of the walrus's tennis ball sized testicles, and his soft cock. "Mr... Bob?"Benny was dumbfounded, the Mr Bob he remembered was a chubby 50 year olf walrus no taller than Benny was, whom was balding by the day and had never worked out in his entire life. The guy standing in front of him was owning his baldness and was sporting a Richard moustache. One of the tusks on the walrus had broken off which added to his menacing look. His entire body was wide enough to block the entire doorway and he stood a good foot taller than the pup. Mr. Bob stepped out of the doorway and Benny was overwhelmed by the his neighbour's presence forcing him to take a step back. The walrus's keg sized gut and hefty pecs became more visible under the sunlight. His arms were cut like a diamond, with biceps and triceps bulging prominently and rippled with power. "Hey, kid, come on in and let's talk about that favour," Mr. Bob's voice was creamy smooth and deep. Benny then thought, "Why the heck is every senior in this town getting so big?" To be continued...
  24. LionBUff

    Quality & Quantity

    Quality & Quantity By: LionBUff (part one) Duncan Heftfield walked into the fancy-looking science building through the glass double doors. The doors were labeled with a white decal that read "Seed Studies." He walked in wearing denim jeans that fit but still displayed his strong stiff body and a casual short-sleeve button-up shirt with shadows along his chest and one down the center of his stomach. His cowboy boots suggested that he wanted to show off his cowboy side while still looking nice. Duncan was told not to release any sperm for the past week for the study of his seed he scheduled. He wanted to get his official breeding license to become a professional horse breeder. He wanted a license to prove he would keep his horse farm full of foals. This was a little more than obvious in the bulge that waved as if it were a boulder behind his zipper. He checked in as if it were another doctor's office, waited, and eventually walked back to meet the sperm specialist. The room he was taken too looked like any other doctor's office except that it had more than one poster of the male organ. As Duncan stared at these maps of the male body, a slim male human walked in with the standard doctor's outfit and clipboard. "Duncan Heftfield, I am Dr. Sporos," the young 26-year-old human told him. He took a quick peek at his clipboard and said "so... you're a 3,000 pound Clydesdale bodybuilder. That alone makes you sound like a god of mating, to be honest," Dr. Sporos said growing a blushing tint on his cheeks. Duncan laughed quietly thinking Dr. Sporos' reaction was adorable and flattering. "The mares always say the same," Duncan pointed out arrogantly. Dr. Sporos looked at Duncan and said he would be surprised to hear otherwise. Dr. Sporos looked down at the bulge in Duncan's jeans to inspect his size and was frozen with lust and amazement to see just how big the lump was under his zipper. Duncan flexed his meat as soon as Dr. Sporos looked down. The golden zipper line seemed to crack a smile at Dr. Sporos, the zip itself jingled as if it were talking. "Anyways," Dr. Sporos said regaining his focus, "you've excelled at all our previous tests. You can shoot your seed at almost twice the distance of the average horse, your cock is more than heavy enough to get the mare to ovulate, the only thing we need to test now before you get your breeding license is the volume and quality. We need to know how much sperm is in your seamen and we need to know how much seamen you can produce in general. Basically, you need to demonstrate the Quality and Quantity of your seed." "Sounds fun," Duncan said smiling. His bulge turned into what looked like a small head breaking free from his jeans. Dr. Sporos noticed the bulge growing and said; "First, I need to check that you're physically healthy for the test. But honestly, I think you're ready!" Duncan stood up and stripped down. Dr. Sporos secretly wished Duncan was a little more dramatic with his undressing as he fantasized Duncan on a pole in a cheetah pattern jockstrap. "Take your time, I don't mind," Duncan said trying to make Dr. Sporos feel more relaxed. For ten minutes, Dr. Sporos' hands squeezed Duncan's heavy sperm sack like he was tenderizing it. He rolled his fingers around each testicle carefully, each individual musky orb was bigger than both Dr. Sporos' fist combined. He squeezed the scrotum the sack hung from as if he were milking an utter. Dr. Sporos felt how pent up Duncan's balls were. The heavy and slimy load slapping against the walls of his testicles felt like a bag of warm slime. Duncan grinned at how carefully the doctor under his cock was examining him. Duncan was half-hard when the doctor reached his cock. Like his sperm sack, the doctor squeezed his thick shaft as if he were milking it. Each inch of the 20-inch veiny pipe was squeezed carefully. After Dr. Sporos confirmed what was already obvious from Duncan's bulge alone he gave himself time to calm his meat down then put his coverings back on to be taken to the lab. It wasn't long before Duncan was in the "Seed Study" lab. This lab wasn't like anything Duncan had imagined, it was instead nothing short of a wet dream of a room. There was a heated seat on one end with a tv on the other end. in the middle was the machine that would extract his seed, a tube with a pipe held up by an industrial tripod with a clear tube on the end closest to the tv that attached to a bucket on the ground. "The bucket is about the size of a mare's womb, it tells us how full your partners will be," Dr. Sporos told him through a speaker on the ceiling. "Any questions?" Duncan looked at the black reflective tv screen and asked: "what's that supposed to do?" Dr. Sporos laughed and said; "Motivate you. When you're ready the tv will turn on and from there it's self-explanatory." "Got it," Duncan responded. "Ready?" Dr. Sporos asked in a slow and deep voice. Duncan unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. The sound of him stripping down in that small room echoed loud enough for Dr. Sporos to hear it over the mic. Dr. Sporos blushed to this sound and did his best to stay professional. "If anything goes wrong just yell, I'm going to be listening the whole time for safety reasons. Is that ok?" "Yeah it's fine," Duncan said dropping his pants. Duncan grabbed the bottom of his shirt and guided the fabric around his muscles. Duncan threw his shirt on the ground beside the stand and walked around the machine with nothing on. His heavy, full, musky balls swung around freely as he walked around. He wanted to see every last inch of this breeding machine before he made a mess out of it. He had used almost as many breeding mounts and cum collectors as actual mates but this one looked much nicer. He hadn't even heard of a bucket designed to hold the same volume as a mare's womb but there it was. Duncan remembers the size of every mare he's been with. Each time he finished their stomach was always noticeably inflated, shrunk back down as the mare absorbed all his seed, then grew to be only slightly bigger the day the foals were born. He wondered if the bucket could handle his load. Duncan knew there was only one way to figure that out as he inserted himself into the machine. His mushroom tip was a fraction of an inch away from the tip connecting to the bucket. His cock pushing against the tube turned the tv on in front of him. A logo popped up that read "The Best of Breeding." The top of the logo had a "stream of cum" that splashed out of the "hole" the cock was in and filled the screen with solid white before fading into black and revealing a menu screen. A logo popped up that read "The Best of Breeding."
  25. LionBUff

    Imagine This

    Imagine This… You’re lying in bed, thinking about how cold and lonely the blankets are. You wrap your sheets as tightly around you as you can. This seems to be warm enough as you drift to sleep. Before you can fully fall asleep, you hear breathing at the end of your bed. You look up at the bulky figure half as wide as your king size bed. You pick up one of your pillows and throw it at the figure assuming it's one of your siblings trying to scare you. The pillow case gets caught on a long pole sticking out from the figure's waste. It hooks onto this long staff and hangs there like an ornament. As the figure breathes, the pillow moves up and down. You put your head back down and say "go back to bed." The creature growls with a voice deeper than anyone in your family can make. You pick your head up and rub your eyes. The faint glow of the moon coming in from your window reflects off of the curves around the figures muscles. You let your eyes adjust and see a horse with a human like body built with more muscle power than a semi truck. You glance at your window and notice that it’s open, which is how the horse beast got it. Your pillow drips like a wet towel at the end of your bed. You assume the soaked pillow hanging from the beast is soaked in pee. You think to yourself "was he really that excited?" When you inhale through your nose, you realize the pillow isn't soaked in pee as the smell of testosterone soaks your nose like the beast's liquid testosterone soaks your pillow. The pooling liquid in the pillow pushes the pillow off the pole it was hanging on. The pillow slides off the pole like a curtain revealing the main event. The horse is flaring rapidly. His mushroom flashes up and down like wings on a bird. A steady stream of white liquid is slowly flowing out as if he were relieving himself. The stream drips at the end of your bed, dampening the sheets on your feet. It isn't long before you feel like you're dipping your feet into a bucket of warm shampoo. The horse grabs the corners of your sheets with each hand and rips them off. His pole seems to stiffen as your naked body is exposed to the horse. You do nothing to stop him. You don't even try to move away. You don't know where this bulked stallion came from, but you're not going to ruin the moment. You know you can't resist the flaring rod of fresh male flesh. You know that the meat sticking out above your body looks more delicious than any meat you'll ever find in any restaurant. You smile at the horse at the end of your bed. You want him to use you like a helpless fleshlight. You stare at his meat as you open your legs as wide as you can, bending your knees so that your feet grip the bed. You use both hands to lift your balls out of the way. You lift your back at an angle to present your open body to the beast and his meat. He bends down and puts both hands on each side of your head. His beat lowers to the opening of your body. The horse licks the side of your face, then kisses your forehead. You feel like the gentle gesture is the horse's way of saying he isn't going to hurt you on purpose, then you think this may also be the stud's way of apologising in advance. His pole of horse meat teases you by pushing against the side of your hole, then rubbing up the inside of your leg. He rubs his long tube against the inside of your leg as if he were warming it up. You patiently wait for the teasing to end. You feel your body anticipate the new guest. The horse re-positions his hands onto your shoulders. He grips your shoulders and leans into your body, applying what feels like all of his body weight onto you to hold you down. The horse cock easily enters your hole. He carefully pushes the length in, watching your reaction. You try to keep a brave face on for your lover. You try to hide the fact that you have never taken it from anyone before. You keep your breaths deep in slow as your organs squeez against your spin. The inside of your body feels like pizza dough being rolled flat on a table. Your stomach instantly feels full as it is shoved against your ribcage. Your chest feels like it's rising into the bottom of your throat. The leaking slime drips into your throat. You cough up his gooey load, trying to keep as much out as you can. The horse goes easy on you as he pumps his loving flesh in and out. You find yourself only able to take deep breaths when he pulls his monster out. You take in as much air as you can while you can. The horse clenches his teeth and closes his eyes. The gentle pumping turns into violent pounding out of nowhere. Your guts are tossed around as if his cock was juggling them. His flaring head punches the inside of your chest like a boxer's fists. He shoves his beast of a shaft up your tight body one more time, then stops. The stud above you expands his hulked up body as he takes in a giant breath and moans with an erotic growl. You feel like you gain 100 pounds as the stallion releases his seed. Your inner tissues fill like a sponge. Your limbs bloat out. His sperm fertilizes all of your muscles. Your tendons feel like a used gym towel. Your blood becomes seamen gravy. Your skin develops the texture of a soggy marshmallow. The horse kisses you on the lips. His lips grip your lips and the horse sucks on your mouth as if he were trying to drink your saliva. You open your mouth and the horse sticks his tongue down your throat. He licks the back of your throat and lifts his head. The separation of your mouths creates a rich smacking sound. The horse pulls his slowly softening meat out of your well bread body. You expected his dumped cum to gush out of your stretched hole, but every drop stays in. Your body soaked up his meal of milk so well that it began to digest the surplus of protein and vitamins provided by his sperm. The horse lays down next to the marshmallow he created. He grabs the side of your soft body and pulls it into his pure muscle body. The horse wraps his arms around you and pulls you into him like a warm pillow. His warm meal and safe arms make you fall asleep seconds after he wraps you in his muscles.
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