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Found 4 results

  1. From the shimmering red and gold sky that hung above Agrabah, no-one, in their right mind, could have depicted what was happening that evening in the Royal Palace. Jafar, Agrabah's royal vizier, definitely had the upper hand after acquiring the Genie's lamp and using his wishes to turn into a yard-long magical snake. While Jafar was being attacked from all sides by Aladdin and his companions, and Jasmine slowly drowning in the hourglass, something was nagging him... He looked around, but Iago wasn't the one that was bothering him; it was something else entirely, something mysterious... Slowly Jafar snapped back into reality as Aladdin was trying to get his attention. "That annoying little brat," Jafar thought to himself, "honestly should incinerate that puny little waste of life here on the spot..." Then Jafar suddenly froze to the words "not the most powerful being in the universe". Did Aladdin just give him the ultimate inspiration for his final wish, "The genie will always be stronger, you freak!" yelled Aladdin. Eventhough Prince Ali was a massive con artist, he did have a point... There the voice subtly whispered again: "genie... chain... god..." Those three words continued to swarm through his head, the weirdest thing was that it almost sounded as his own voice... As if his future self was trying to tell him something, but what exactly... Jafar was abruptly interrupted by the street rat himself, in the corner of his eye he could see solely Jasmine's lips reaching above the magic sand, "What are you waiting for you spineless pussy? Don't you think you can handle begin like Genie?!" At that very instant the words of his guardian angel made sense, the pieces of the puzzle finally fell into place... Quickly Jafar turned his hypnotising cobra eyes towards Aladdin, who was trying to hurt him with his agile scimitar, Aladdin froze into place due to Jafar's power and gave the slightest wink towards his friends. "GENIE! I AM READY FOR MY FINAL WISH!" Jafar bellowed across the throne room. "Ya'know I'd rather you didn't, mister power hungry megalomaniac, isn't his eno..." Instantly the Genie's mouth zipped closed due to Jafar's power. "Mighty Genie of the lamp, I, Jafar of Agrabah, wish to become..." Aladdin grinned hopefully, " an IMMORTAL, OMNISCIENT, OMNIPOTENT GOD!!!" in the mere nanoseconds that followed Aladdin's face went blank, the hourglass disappeared, freeing princess Jasmine, and the whole throne room was filled with magical creatures in all shapes and sizes. There were a couple of different genies, some unicorns, several fairies and many more. With a blink of an eye the creatures imploded into a little dot, followed by a pulsating red hue that filled the room with anguish. The red pulsating orb made its way to Jafar, as it came closer it started to expand, almost like some sort of nuclear fusion... When the orb almost reached the vizier, Jafar shrunk back to his slender self and was immediately swallowed by the orb and the orb shrunk and disappeared. For a few seconds the sky turned bright blue, you could hear the birds chirp and al the damages Jafar had caused vanished; the squad thought they had won. Aladdin ran towards Jasmine but was launched across the room as the little pulsating hue returned. Subsequently the sky turned an inky black and Jafar's laughter echoed maniacally along the horizon. Out of the hue a fiery and scaly red genie-like figure appeared. The creature wore Jafar's face, but much more perfected in a way: a razor sharp jaw, an immaculate manly chin with a perfect goaty, piercing yellow eyes, almost like those of a demon, pointy ears, pouchy lips and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. On his, almost bald, head a tightly bound ponytail, held together by several gold rings. Within seconds the squad saw the entity grow: firstly the size of a little muscular dwarf, then a seriously buff human, followed by an 10 feet tall superhuman, then, as the ceiling simply vanished, a whopping 100 feet tall musclebound god. As Jafar started to grow, his muscles expanded with every pleasurable breath he took. Firstly Jafar's pecs exploded out of his chest, within seconds they covered the massive palace in a frightening and foreboding shadow. Underneath a titanium 12-pack slab of divine abs formed that pushed his pecs ups, making them bounce in the most sensual way possible. Above the pecs Jafar's neck muscles started to bulge around his neck, making his facial appearance even more superior. Next his obliques appeared like perfect hills between his pecs and abs. As he grew, his majestic moans echoed through all the far corners of the world. With immense power Jafar raised his arms, creating massive gust of wind that made several houses in Agrabah collapse, and immediately his shoulders and lats became humongous. Jafar hoisted into a double bicep pose and two veiny mountain-sized biceps were conjured up out of nowhere. He clenched his fists, making his triceps and forearms bulge with obscene power. A low growl surrounded the castle as Jafar opened his hands, revealing that his slender fingers had turned into thick muscular fingers topped with shiny black claws that could cut through titanium. While Jafar enjoyed every second of his new power and the whole of Agrabah was frozen in fear, the red hue started to tornado around the gods torso. A layer of thick musky hair appeared on his abs and chest and as Jafar pressed his pecs together, two golden nipple rings were added to his superiority. The musky smell of omnipotence, making the genitals of most of its inhabitants quiver, covered the lands when his pits started to fill with hair. The last adjustment became visible when a snakey tongue slithered out of his mouth. "THE POWER!!! THE ABSOLUTE POWER!!!" bellowed Jafar to the puny little humans beneath him. "You thought you were smart, didn't you you street rat, tricking me into becoming a shackled little genie!" Aladdin stammered... "Why become a genie, when one can become a force nature, AN ACTUAL GOD!!!" Shrieks were heard all across Agrabah as the sky filled with lightening and thunder, making the torso look even more perfect. Jafar, and the hue that still tornadoed around his lower parts, started to rise from the ground. A loud crackling sound overpowered the thunder and the ethereal hue started to split, a massive pair of clawed and hairy feet with golden toe rings arose from the darkness. This was followed by the creation of two hairy legs as thick as humongous oversized tree trunks, both covered in snaky pulsating veins. Jafar looked down, grinned, and spat on his almighty hands; he made his way down to his groin area and started to use the lightning to mold his stallion. The city of Agrabah was in awe of what they witnessed next. A 40 feet long curvy cock hung tightly between his muscular legs, topped with a beautiful and shiny mushroom head; he snapped his finger and a cock ring appeared. The god's legs pushed his shiny, slightly bushy, testicles forward, making yet another shadow cover the area. Two quick booms indicated the creation of a smooth and immensely muscular dumptruck with a shiny, rosy anus shimmering in between the cheeks. Majestically, yet forcefully, Jafar's being rushed down to earth, landing into a powerful superhero pose. The sheer impact of the landing caused a massive earthquake and out of the distant rumbling a threatening black throne, with veins of lava coursing through it, appeared from the depths of the earth. The magic carpet rushed out from underneath Aladdin and turned into a silky see-through cover for Jafar's almighty genitals. At that exact moment Jafar noticed something amusing and, for the street rat himself, extremely humiliating. With his inhuman vision Jafar noticed that Aladdin came at the sight of his superiority. "Good..." he mumbled, a surge of power made Aladdin rush towards Jafar's face, mockingly Jafar made him pass his immaculate pecs slowly, "Deep down I always knew you had a weak for dominance! Not a complete waste of life HAHAHAHA!" He put Aladdin on his nipple ring and together they took place on the throne. A screech from Iago interrupted his victory moment, a quick bicep pose, which almost launched Aladdin into outer space, created a surge of magic that fused Iago and Rajah in a big, muscular, and fiery griffin that took place on one of Jafar's legs. "All hail almighty lord Jafar, you're one and only god!" said Iago repeatedly. "Iago, my companion," said Jafar, "I will grant you the power to sniff out all pure evil doers in this universe and give you the freedom to destroy them however you see fit!" Iago took of and spread fear amongst the people, leaving Jafar with a slight grin on his beautiful face. When Iago was out of sight two things happened that made Jafar very happy: first he saw Jasmine crying because she lost her precious Rajah. "Honestly princess, you really are a spoiled little brat but I'll give you one of the most desirable thing their is..." Jafar's eyes lit up with fire and Jasmine's clothes turned into those of a stripper and she launched up towards his neck, where she was entrapped in an hourglass pendant. "I'll grant you immortality, so you can spend the rest of your existence enjoying the view down below... Isn't that generous my princess?!" The other thing that happened slightly aroused his godliness. He looked down and smiled from ear to ear, Aladdin had started licking his nipples. "Ohhhh daddy, almighty daddy..." moaned Aladdin, Jafar's nipples got hard and Aladdin squirted his cum all over them. Instantly Jafar got a humongous pulsating boner, creating a loud bang when his cock slapped against his abs. Simultaneously Aladdin started to grow, within seconds a fit Arabian giant, about two thirds of Jafar's size, with a juicy bubble butt and a good cock stood naked in front of our new master. A drop of precum fell on Aladdin's feet, which turned into a red hue that put his hair in a man bun and gave him a tight leather jockstrap and shackles. "There you have it, my perfect little sex buddy Aladdin!" A little cry from Jasmine was overpowered by the commanding voice of Jafar telling Aladdin to turn around. The dominance in Jafar's voice arouses Aladdin, giving him an boner. Without hesitation Jafar clawed one hand firmly into Aladdin's shoulder and put several fingers in his mouth, then he pounded Aladdin's beautiful ass, you could literally see his cockhead poke into Aladdin's abs. "RRRRRrrrrHHHHhhhaaaa...RRrrrHhaaa..." echoed through the area with every forceful pound Jafar gave, causing literal avalanches around the globe. Then Jafar finally came like he had never did before, waterfalls of sizzling cum fell down to earth, filling the area with the sweet smell of dominance. The cum gave Aladdin an immediate pump, which made Jafar smear the last of his cum over Aladdin's pulsing abs.
  2. Here is a new one shot story by me. Though I have not watched any of Mark/iplier's videos, I always found him hot. So what better way than to write a story where he grows into a hyper muscled god! You might have to read my other stories at "Morphs and Short Stories" to understand some of the plotlines here. Everyone knows how each youtube update makes the site get worse. From changing the UI to something less readable, to messing up Youtuber’s monetization, to even recommending random videos to people to have no interest in them. A lot of outrage has been said about Youtube for the past few years. But when there is no competitor video sharing platform, Youtube had no care in the world. Until a rising star emerges, videos will always be undated onto Youtube. Here’s where our story begins. Mark had just uploaded a video to his youtube account. He had been alone in his house for a few days and was getting kinda bored due to lack of human interaction. The only thing left on his list for today was planning his next few videos. He decided to laze around for a bit to browse some social media when an interesting email had been sent to his inbox. With an unknown email address and the subject labeled “new video website recommendation”, this peaked the Youtuber’s interests. He began to read the following… “Dear Mark As you may know, Youtube is seriously not in a good place right now, but I have found another website that sounds like a potential ‘Youtube 2’ if you will, except not as atrocious! It’s called ‘Castpha’ and here’s the link to get you started. It’s only in beta version but the UI and rules and regulations seems to be great. Hope you like your recommendation!” ‘A new website?’, thought Mark. Was there really a brand new beta site with potential? There had been many video websites through the years, but they don’t really capture the same vibe and Youtube. Either due to lack of community or bad UI. But after clicking the link, he was astounded! Castpha actually looks like a darn good website. The website was nicely design, with many videos to a dedicated topic. The UI was a pleasant sight to see. Mark wanted to try out this new fancy website. But he wanted to do a small test run. He wanted to see how many views he would get without announcing his new account to Castpha. He clicked on the Sign Up button and got started. It had all the standard stuff like Username, Real Name, password and everything. But the interesting thing to note was a selection. “Are you an uploader, watcher or both on this account?” Never before has an option like this been shown. Of course he clicked ‘uploader’ first, to test things out. Suddenly an onslaught of rules and regulations appeared. It had all the standard stuff. But there was a page dedicated to the ‘Uploaders Rights’, whatever that means. It listed things like monetization was guaranteed for all Castpha videos. NSFW videos would be under the protection of Castpha. Only non-minors would be able to access NSFW videos and will be able to be monetized by companies who allow ads on NSFW videos. Each video would be checked by a human employee to see if any rules were broken. And copyright abuse would not be tolerated at all. Mark was impressed. Things actually look amazing at Castpha. After accepting the rules and regulations, there was one more page. The recommended page. “Who recommended you to click on this website? List either the email address or username.” Mark thought for a bit, guessing this is how people can get paid to spread the news of Castpha. So looking back into his email, he quickly swiped the sender’s email and typed it down. But a strange thing happened. A new slew of questions emerged as well as a small description. “Congratulations, you were recommended by one of our top tier employees. Because of this, you are able to access special services not given to any other content creator. Please answer the questions below to see what perks would you like to obtain!” ‘Wow’ he thought. Special services for himself! How cool is that. So he began to read the questions. “Would you like to participate in our Growth Service. This service is to boost your Castpha account to more people than in general.” Yes, he clicked “Depending on the rank of who recommended you, you may have a few choices or all choices for the next few questions.” “Next question, for how long would you like this service?” 1 month 6 months 1 year 2 years 5 years Forever “I guess forever it is.” Mark said. It must have been a really high leveled employee for Mark to receive the 6th option “Next question, how potent would you like this service to be?” Show to 5% more people than usual Show to 10% more people than usual Show to 20% more people than usual Show to 30% more people than usual Show to 50% more people than usual Show to 100% more people than usual Mark clicked on the sixth option again. “Next question, are you planning to show your face to people?” Mark clicked yes. What an odd question but he guessed there would be no harm. Now his choice led to one last question. “Where would you like your service to be applied? You can pick as many as you want, depending on the rank of the employee who recommended to you.” Due to Mark knowing he would receive all perks, he decided to click all on finally create his Castpha channel! With that, he wanted to test out something. Apparently there was a livestream feature. Without telling any of his current fans, he wanted to test the livestream feature out first as he had no material to work with currently for a video. As he started to stream, 2 questions appeared. “Is this a NSFW stream?” and “Would you like to use the Growth Service?” Mark wanted as little attention as possible to prevent a fan from his Youtube account to see this. And wanting to try out his special service, he clicked Yes on both options. Now it was time to load up the stream. He saw a button on the bottom right corner with in built streaming features from Castpha themselves. He jokingly typed ‘Can we get 5000 likes’ and placed the text on the top middle section of the livestream. Soon a small crowd had formed. 10 people had joined in since he posted the text. Mark remembered that he didn’t want to be noticed. Knowing some people might recognize him, he begged his Castpha viewers to not spread the word. Surprisingly, they obliged with no questions. As the live stream continued, Mark continued to ramble on and on. What he hadn’t noticed was that he was at 100 views and 20 likes. He only realised that when a commenter pointed it out. Mark was surprised. Another surprised he found out was that other people can know that he is using the Growth Service too. A lot of commenters pointed out how excited they were about the Growth Service. Mark was confused, but he didn’t bother to ask. He was just feeling a little tight is all. No really, his shirt felt a bit tighter than usual. He began to stretch his body. He certainly couldn’t understand what was happening, but his viewers seem to know as they keep sending eye looking and blushing and wet emojis. They knew what was going on. It would be long until Mark would noticed, but the Growth Service he applied had a specific box he didn’t body to read. “Grow your body in accordance to likes received.” Mark was growing, literally! Each time he got 1 like in his stream, he would receive an additional pound of muscle, or inch of height to his body for every 10 likes Suddenly, 20 more likes were obtained. Mark was groaning in more pain. He felt his skin burn. His shirt and jeans were getting tighter around his body. He was getting a small headache and his vision blurred. He messaged his head, trying to focus on his computer screen. He felt hot and sweaty. He thought he was falling sick. He tried to tell his viewers he was ending the stream, but they all denied him too. Perplexed, he continued to stream a little while longer. After a minute of sitting, he noticed his likes jumped from 20 to 100. His viewer count had increased to 1000 as well. Very odd. But now, the pain was even worse. But somehow, he suddenly felt stronger. And stronger he was. He shot up to 6 feet tall and reached 250lbs of pure muscle. He felt his clothes tighten even further. He wanted to rip it off. His muscles were growing in size. His biceps tearing the seams of his sleeves. His growing pecs and abs causing his shirt to ride upwards. The tent in his jeans growing larger and larger. He was getting really pent up. He was burning up, he tried to find a comfortable position on his chair. Meanwhile, every watcher was cheering on, watching intently as the hunk of a Youtuber growing bigger for them, without even realising it. His like counter gained 100 likes. His body reacting almost instantly to it, began to beef up even more. He felt a surge of pain building up in his body. He wanted to scream so bad. He wanted to end the stream so bad. But he couldn’t move. He had never felt so tight before. Mark had finally realised he was growing. His body began to explode in size. He wasn’t growing any taller, but his body began to bulk up further and further. His biceps swelled into the size of softballs. His pecs ballooned in size. His wings stretched outwards. His neck and shoulders thickened. He grunted and moaned. His eyes were shut and he gritted his teeth. More and more tears were appearing from his clothes. His thighs and calves grew bigger and thicker. The man had grown from a normal build to a full on bodybuilder. He now weighs about 350lbs of pure muscle. He was much bigger than most bodybuilders. With him still at 6’0 tall, Mark was looking super hefty. But it was clear that his growth showed no signs of stopping. With 300 likes in total, the Youtuber was growing even faster than before. More and more bulk began to pack into Mark’s body. He was starting to look like the muscle morphs you see online. His muscles grew so huge, it tore his shirt in an instant, revealing to the masses of the large hulk before them. Mark screamed in agony. His jeans were beginning to give way too. The lower region of his jeans had fully torn off from this legs, now looking like torn up shorts. Mark’s expanding muscles were beginning to lose space to grow. His pectorals swelled so much, it began to touch his arms. His back grew so wide, it was squeezing against the arm handles of his gaming chair. He could hear the creaking sounds of his chair about to collapse under his swelling body. He was unable to move as he was stuck in his chair, growing bigger and bigger. His body started to climb higher too, now he reached about 6’3 inches tall. The tent in his shorts, now growing so thicks and long, begin to press and beg to be released. Mark’s pain and anguish became lust. He reached for his cock with his right hand and began stroking it. It was hard to pull off. His giant bicep pressing against his giant pecs. He could barely move his arm. In fact, he couldn’t see past his mammoth pecs as well. His cock felt massive. It was probably about 8 inches, and it was barely chubbing. He felt his pre leaking out to his jeans. The discomfort began to settle in once again as his cock began to grow so huge, his jean shorts could not hold any longer. With one giant huff, the buttons holding against his pants flew off, hitting his computer screen causing a small crack. Soon the flyer of his short went immediately down and his whole shorts tore off, revealing a bright red and stretched underwear. Mark was utterly embarrassed. Everyone began to comment about Mark’s new body. 420 lbs of muscle packed onto Mark’s body. Everyone knew this was going to get better. 500 likes now displayed on the screen and the reaction was getting more potent. Mark’s muscles exploded in size. His chair was creaking more and more. Soon enough, the strength of Mark’s growth had snapped of the base and handles of the chair. He fell to the floor. A loud thud swept across the room. Mark’s cock rose higher and higher. As his pecs blocked his vision below, he couldn’t tell how big his cock was. But the stretching and snapping sound of his underwear revealed that it was growing faster than expected. He felt his legs getting heavier. He tried to feel his way through his legs, only to realise his balls were swelling and resting on his legs. His cock was rising higher as his balls swelled and spilled out of his legs. He was really pent up. He could feel his pre flowing from the slit of his head. He felt many drops of pre landing on his balls and legs. He could not take it anymore. He began to stroke his massive cock with his hands. He could barely wrap it around. He stroked as hard and as fast as he could. He panted and groaned. He begged for more growth. It felt so good. What once was pain in his growth was not pleasure. He begged his viewers to like the stream more. He wanted to reach his goal of 5000 likes. No, he wanted more. He begged everyone to try to get this live stream to as many people as possible. He wanted more likes, he needed more! Faster and faster he stroked. His body swelled more and more. Each muscle was pressing against one another. He looked like a massive muscle monster. His muscles were so disproportionately big, it even puts the Hulk to shame. His biceps rose above his head. His pecs were so fat they sagged nearly to his waist. His legs were so thick, redwood trees could barely be as thick. His back was almost as wide as his room. He was becoming a hyper monster. His cock was getting too big. It rose higher and higher, leaking more and more pre. Soon the whole floor was covered in pre. His massive muscle tits were leaking with milk. Soon enough, body hair began to grow too. In almost an instant, his body was covered in a thick layer of hair. His beard, now reach the mid point of his pecs. His pubic hair grew so long, it covered all the way to his knees. His pit hairs grew all the way down to his waist. His cock now swelled even more. His thick member now thicker than each of his legs. It rose to meet Mark’s own head. Mark was now 6’7” and growing. His cock had to be at least 4 feet. With both heads meeting each other, Mark pushed his cock into the cleavage of his pecs and began to suck on it. He could barely encapsulate his cock with his own arms. 1000 likes had been reached and now is where things start to get good. His growth was now growing exponentially. His massive and hairy body exploding bigger and bigger. His cock grew so much that it was as long as he was tall. His balls swelled big to meet with his pecs. As he grew taller and bigger, the room felt smaller. He was starting to outgrow his room. He reached 8’5” of height, but he weighed 1480 lbs of muscle. His stomach began to rumble, a familiar growing pain was felt there. His stomach swelled bigger and bigger. A muscular roid gut was forming. The gut swelled so much it started pushing his pecs higher and his cock away from his body. His whole massive body began to crush and move his furniture away. Everyone in the comments were in awe. The table holding the computer had been crushed by Mark’s massive cock. But his computer was still fine. Now most of the view was just his swelling, veiny cock. Mark now had barely any space in his room. His body was starting to crack the wall behind him. His cock rose to meet the ceiling, cracking it as well. His balls were pushing the walls in front of him. More hair was growing from his body. Everything felt tight again as the Youtuber grew bigger. His pre and milk mixture were now filling his room with 2 feet of liquid. Mark still wanted to grow. The amount of pleasure building up in his body was unbearable. He wanted to cum so badly. His cock was now taller than he was, and thicker than his own waist. He couldn’t stroke his cock anymore for his swelling muscle gut pushed his cock too far. Only one thing was left. Mark began to buck himself. He tried to get off by rubbing his cock against the walls of his room. He started to buck harder and harder. He could tell it was working. More and more pre was spilling from his head. You could barely see the head anymore. Mark groaned louder and louder. He could feel it coming soon. He clenched his fists and legs. He gritted his teeth. His eyes clenched. And with one last buck, the most powerful scream blasted through the house and then some. A huge torrent of cum came blasting from his cock. The first wave of cum broke the walls in front of him down, spilling backwards, hitting Mark’s whole body. 2000 likes and counting. Mark’s growth is accelerating faster. The amount of cum blasting out of his cock is insane. Mark’s swelling had begun to break down his house. His giant body outgrew his house, breaking and smashing every item there. Except for his computer. His massive cock still hasn’t stopped cumming as the streets, and nearby houses began to be drenched in the massive hyper man’s seed. As he stood up, he realised he was 12’10 inches tall, weighing at 2012lbs. The huge brute of a man still growing bigger and bigger. His muscles began to fill up the nearby houses. Everything fall apart against the mighty body. Layers and layers began to stack up and pile onto the hyper body. His cock rapidly swelling bigger and bigger. His balls swelling faster and faster. His body now sits on top of his balls. His roid gut swelling faster and faster, making it impossible for him to even reach the front of his gut. His pecs swelling and spilling over his gut. His nipples growing even longer and thicker. His palms couldn’t even encapsulate his nipples anymore. His face turning even more brutish and squarish. His ass swelling to form massive minivans. His back, stretching and spreading so far it took up 2 house plots. More and more did the massive youtuber cum. Each spurt getting longer and more intense. So much cum began to fill the streets. And it didn’t look to be slowing down. Cars, lamp posts, mailboxes and the like began to get swept away from the mighty white river that flows. It didn’t help that Mark’s swelling tits began to explode milk. He had never felt so much intensity and relieved at the same time. All of that cum and milk pouring like geysers from their individual holes. The constant churning of balls and tits, producing and releasing their liquids at enormous and unbelievably rates. It was a sight to behold. 5000 likes and increasing. More viewers began to pile up and the like counter surging his growth even further. It looks like people really wanted to see this happening. With the current rate of increasing likes, he would dominate the world in less than 10 minutes. His swelling now towering multiple buildings. Everyone nearby began to walk outside their houses to witness the giant man hulking beyond their believe. Multiple people began to try to get away. But the sheer amount of cum send people trapped and swept away. Everybody was defenceless against Mark’s sheer power. Mark felt absolutely bad for the poor citizens near him. He wished he would be able to save them all. But through the power of Castpha’s growth service. A wish came true. Every 5000 likes received, a new power shall be granted to the creator. And through that wish, he was given the power of teleportation. He noticed his brand new power in an instant. He was surprised. There were so many new things happening all at once. But no time to lose, he had to save everyone. Using his teleportation skills, he transported everyone to a safe location. And to prevent such a catastrophe from happening again, he tried to teleport himself to a location where he couldn’t do any harm. Unfortunately, his powers were still new, and thus, he teleported to the middle of a dense city, for all to see. But another problem had occurred. An intense pain in his groin region. A pain so intense, it faded away all previous lustful feelings he had before. Though he tried to ease the pain by holding it, his belly had made it impossible to reach for it. The pain grew more intense. Mark began to yell as loud as possible. The entire city began to shake from the boomburst that had came. Everyone began to scream and run. The glass on all buildings had shattered. Mark began to teleport everyone away from him. But the pain is getting worse. He could feel something was wrong. His cock began to start shifting around. The skin around the base of his cock warping and moving. It felt as though his cock was moving towards his right leg from the base. As it moved, he could no longer feel his cock touch his left leg but felt it entirely on his right leg. The pain to the left of his cock began to worsen. It wasn’t like anything he felt before. It felt like burning and tearing at the same time. Soon the skin of the painful area began to morph, to what looked to be a second cock forming. It began to protrude further and further from his body. Soon enough, his new cock grew as long as his first. Mark scream and was absolutely confused of the outcome. But things didn’t settle for now his balls felt a burning sensation. A lumps form within his scrotum as the lumps grew to two new testicles for the new cock. But things are getting weirder. 10,000 likes and Mark is as tall as a skyscraper. He began to feel lustful again. His muscles began to explode in size again. Nearby skyscrapers were destroyed in an instant. The city was in absolute ruins. His gut was swelling bigger and bigger. Unable to control his new size, he begins to destroy even more buildings. His gigantic muscles begin to prevent him from being able to move properly. As Mark grew even more horny, he needed to release his waterfalls again. The only things nearby were other skyscrapers. Unable to hold onto his pent up horniness, he began to pound the buildings nearby. Though he was barely able to move, the buildings were able to satisfy his needs a little. As he got more pent up, his building-fucking began to get more rapid. He pumps and pumps harder. He begins to scream as his two cock thrust and burst through the buildings. New amounts of pre and milk began to leak from their holes. He began to fuck harder and harder, as a new pain appears in his groin area. Another cock and 2 more balls begin to protrude to form a new cock. As the third cock increase the intensity of his pleasure, he pumped harder and harder, destroying more buildings. As he reached his second climax, he screamed and blasted river worths of cum and milk all over the city. As this happens, his body explodes in size, bigger and bigger... 100,000 likes and Mark towers even the tallest of mountains. It appeared that someone has created a new bot to increase the likes of the video. As people realise a bot has been increasing the likes, they too begin to join and try to download the bot to increase the intensity of the likes. As thousands of people being to get more bots, the like number increased way too quickly. As more likes were given, even more powers to Mark, making him a powerful god. But even after sending river torrents of cum and milk, he was getting horny again. His body swelled to the size of mountains, and he began to fuck the nearby mountains. With more fucking that happened, another cock and pair of balls begin to appear from his body. 1,000,000 likes and even planets dwarved around Mark. Mark had been fucking and growing for far too much. Soon he began to dwarf the countries, then the moon, then the earth and soon enough the Solar System was way smaller than Mark himself. Another cock and pair of balls had appear, giving Mark a total of 5 cocks and 10 balls. But more of his body grew. His muscles were now swelling so fast, his height couldn’t keep up. His muscles and body grew exponentially bigger than his height, causing Mark to be even more immobile. But due to his muscles constantly growing, the pressure from the growth constantly rubs his cock, causing him to constantly be in a lustful state and cumming a lot. Not only were his current muscles growing, but now more muscles were appearing in random areas of his body causing him to look bigger. His hair was now growing even faster, causing his body to be engulfed in his hair. His gut was now almost as big as his body. His cock and balls were now 5 times as big as his own body. His nipples now dropped all the wait to midway his belly. His ass swelled as big as each testicle... 1,000,000,000,000,000 likes and galaxies surround Mark. He was absolutely enormous. More muscles packed onto his body. His cock and balls swelled even faster. His gut causing him to look even more bloated than ever. He was getting even hairier. All of the galaxies nearby were being ripped apart from the sheer density of Mark. Mark’s body was getting denser than ever. All his atoms crushed each other forming a particle denser than infinity. Soon his whole body was no longer made of atoms, but a nuclear pasta so dense that no space was unoccupied by any particles. Though his body was one giant nuclear pasta, the properties of his body remained the same to still make him human. As he cums around the universe, he creates more galaxies from his body. Soon afterwards, a 6th cock and 2 more balls soon appeared from his body. Infinite likes. It looks like the universe is beyond his comprehension. He begins to crush the universe and then some. Mark was growing past multiple universes. Soon enough, he begins to burst past multiple Multiverses too. With so much dominating power, he was filled with a lot of godly power. He was now truly a god. A God with immeasurable power. But as he grew bigger and more powerful, his body begins to morph even more. A 7th cock and 2 more balls appeared from his body. But not only that, his upper torso begins to lurch and have sudden sharp pains. Mark soon realised that his pecs were moving away from his gut. What surprised him was that now 2 more pectorals has appeared right below the first pair. And quickly after, new elongated nipples had grown to immediately spill milk all over the universe. With a new set of pecs, new arms begin to protrude out of the side of his pectorals. He now has 4 arms. He was now even more powerful than ever. Infinite and Beyond. The numbers keep increasing, and so does he. In fact, a few familiar faces would soon come to pass. The Hyper Gods have witnessed a new god awaken from the emptiness. However, the body built of this new god proves to be unknowable to the Gods. The new Deity proved to be too big. And bigger he grew. As the new God swelled bigger and taller before their very eyes, they could feel the vast power that such a God held. The New God had powers and size they couldn’t even imagine. The new god swelled, expelling such great amounts of dominance and male musk that it triggered to inner lust of each previous Hyper god. The amount of size and power was to die for. In an instant, as the New God grew past each Hyper God, an instant orgasm began to spill all over the New God from the previous Hyper Gods. With the scent of the New God wafting across the Hyper Gods, they too felt a new sensation of power. A new growth awaits them. Though their growths were much smaller than the New God, it was no laughing matter as the omniverse grew smaller around the men. However their growths stopped quite rapidly. But the New God seemed to be accelerating in size. In fact, it appeared that another cock had rapidly sprung out from his body, along with another pair of balls to join them too. Pavel could see Mark growing past him. The Ultimate God was now grazed with the New God. Pavel was utterly amazed. Only one person had grown bigger than Pavel, but this was much different. The amount of bulk on the New God was too much to handle, and the rate of growth was too fast to track. In a split moment, Pavel had been outclassed by the New God. The New God heaved even more as his muscles bulking even faster into the heavens. He could feel the space around him grow colder and yet warmer still. Mark was about to meet the biggest guy he had ever seen. Will he outgrow him? Of course! There was just too much Mark to not stop growing. As he reached higher into the cosmos, he felt a hand hold his lower body. He must be close. When Mark was finally the same size as the Biggest One, they both stared at each other, and knew in an instant that Mark was to outgrow him. With another cock and pair of balls exploding from nowhere, he began to feel new power to dethrone the Biggest One... J likes? What does J mean? It could be assumed that it’s a universal constant. But what surprised Mark was another human on the J scale. But Mark seemed to still be growing. Due to Mark’s ever increasing body, he would barely acknowledge the man he passed by. All he understood from the man was that he was named Jeremy. Must be that the J stand for. It looked that Jeremy was the absolute biggest entity until Mark came around. But even if Mark was as tall as Jeremy, Mark would still outcompete Jeremy. Due to Mark’s absolute hyper body with billions of muscles stacked upon each other, Jeremy would look like an ant right beside a god. Coupled with the amount of hair on Mark’s body, the size of each billion muscles being ten thousand times larger than 1 of Jeremy’s 650 muscles, his nipples reaching towards his knees, the sheer size of his gut compared to his body, his additional pair of pectoral muscles and arms, as well as his 9 cocks and 18 balls. But it didn’t stop there as another pair of balls and a cock began to sprout from his body. A loud scream echoed from the chambers of nothingness as the last pair of cock and balls emerge from the incomprehensible hyper brutish body of Mark. As the numbers keep on increasing from the bots, so does Mark. With that, Mark had to sad farewell to the biggest man Jeremy to replace his throne. Expanding larger and larger, Mark is almost at his end. 10(infinity)J(J^(InfinityJ) + 1000J) + 11(infinity)^(infinity x e) x infinityJ(J^(InfinityJ + 1000J)) was what was displayed on the video. It appeared that he the number could not increase anymore. Even though the 11 was meant to be a 10. Mark’s growth had finally stopped. J was a Omniversal and Beyond constant that meant the biggest. The largest number in a single unit of J. No one knows where J came from But there might be a man as big as the constant J inches tall. But Mark was way bigger than that. He truly was the biggest man alive. He could barely move around the space he occupied. The Ultimate God now sat in an area he could barely move in. Mark knew this was the ultimatum, the biggest and most powerful anyone could get. His body was truly the definition of Hyper. His head could not be seen for ages. His muscles were so utterly massive, you could not tell which muscle was if you pointed at it. Piles and piles of muscles stacked on the massive body. No matter how many images of hyper muscle dudes or artwork on any website you can look, no matter how imaginative your brain may seem, his muscles were too incomprehensibly big, too incomprehensibly hyper. His muscle gut was about 5 times as big as the rest of his body. His 10 cocks and 20 balls were about 100 times his own body size, each! His 4 pecs were squishing against each other, pressing and constantly squeezing his milk out. His 4 giant arms were constantly in a flexing position as the rest of his muscles could not give them any space. His entire body was so incredibly brutish, there was no way to tell which muscle was what. Not to mention his hairs. So densely packed and grew so much, no one could find the origin of each hair strain. He now knows all that the Onmiverse and Beyond had to offer. Though the vessel may look utterly uncomfortable, Mark was in absolute peace. His intelligence is now as at its absolute highest. He was after all the most muscular, powerful, biggest, smartest and strongest man alive...
  3. Joejames1

    He should have been first.

    He threw the trophy to the floor. The muscular head smashed off the figure and the plastic plinth it stood on smashed into pieces. “Second place? Second fucking place” - he knew he’d been robbed. Years of hard work, early mornings in the gym, the diet, the sacrifices ... the roids. He knew he was worth more than second place. He stood in the bathroom backstage, his body pumped, vascular and as big as it had ever been. Wearing only his deep red posing trunks which struggled to hold his leviathan back, he scanned his body. His pecs were full, round and a huge deep crevice between them dripped with sweat. Quads were massive, smooth and pushed his cock forward making it seem even bigger than it was. He looked good and he knew it. Ever since he’d taken up bodybuilding, he’d become sexually aroused by his growth. With every new growth spurt, it had sexually charged him, pushing him to want to add more size. He’d no need of a partner because looking at his bull like reflection turned him on - self worship was all he needed. He lifted his hulking arms up into a double bicep. The veins bulged like newly laid cables. He couldn’t resist - his tongue found the peak and it explored every inch. Next - down into a most muscular. “Fuck” he thought - “I’m a fucking GOD”. With that, the leviathan awoke. Uncurling itself from its sleep, his bulge grew bigger and bigger “yes, fuck - look at how big I’ve become” he roared. Now at full mast, the posing trunks could hardly contain the granite structure it held. His fingers and thumb felt along the elastic strap of the trunks, it was stretched to its capacity. His thumbs now under the strap hardly needed any help as he pulled them away from his body. The elastic gave way and his monstrous cock smashed against his abs. The posing trunks fell to the floor, ripped and ruined. Now totally naked he could explore his body further. His left hand slid down across his ridged steel abs to where his fingers could cup his avocado sized balls while his thumb stroked the heaving sack. His right hand grabbed the shaft and it began rhythmically stroking his member. His fingers rubbing the ridge of his mushroom while his thumb coaxed the precum from the slit. His body was tanned, huge and he knew he should have come first. He didn’t even notice the door to the bathroom close - he was too intent on worshipping his body. “What the fuck are you doing mate” - a voice called from behind him “This is a public bathroom - you fucking freak” - the voice continued. He couldn’t hear him - his body was all he could focus on. The voice came closer “Hey mate fucking stop that - that’s ..” But that’s as much as the voice said His left elbow smashed backwards into the guys jaw - momentarily leaving the comfort of his ball sack. The trophy the guy was carrying fell to the floor. He turned, naked, pumped and a mix of horny and angry. “Why the fuck they gave you first place ill never know” he said With that, his right hand stoped the rhythmic pumping of his cock and now in a fist - it hit him on the guys right cheekbone making a cracking sound as it did. Almost defiantly crushing the eye socket. The guy fell to the floor, catching his posing trunks on a door handle as he went, tearing them from his body. Writhing in pain, blood pouring from his cheek and nose, the guy was now naked and unable to move. “And that’s what you call an excuse for a dick?” He said staring at what looked like a prepubescent cock. “I’m bigger, I’m stronger and my dick is superior to yours” He stood over the guy in a most muscular pose, a string of precum from his abs to his cock. His right hand in a first again and this time it landed square in his already damaged jaw, cracking it as it came down. The guys tongue lolled out of his mouth, unable to speak, half dazed, half dead. The mighty bodybuilder was slain. He knelt down next to him, his throbbing cock in need of fulfilment. He took the guys head in one hand and with the other, fed his snake of a cock into the guys mouth. Now in a squat position and his member in place, both hands took control of the guys head. He forced it into and out of the guys mouth. Thrusting it with immense power and strength. Feeling the broken jaw cracking and being in control of such a huge muscular man, turned him on. His dick swelled with pleasure, knowing he’d now had taken out his opposition. The guy gagged and feebly tried to stop the rhythmic movement of his cock - but failed. He turned and looked in the mirror. Seeing the guy slumped on the floor and how his massive body had conquered it made his balls tighten - he was ready to unload. As if sensing it, the guy made a final attempt to stop him from ravaging his mouth - but failed. A hot stream of protein and roid cum pumped into the guys mouth. The guy began to choke. but this only spurred him on. Deeper he thrust his member, making sure the guy got one final and privileged protein shake before he died. Anabolic cum spewed into the guys throat and he was unable to resist. The guy inhaled and began to choke. With one final spurt it was over. He withdrew his satisfied cock and wiped the remainder of his cum on the guys cheek. He stood up and placed one foot on the guys chest. With a deep roar he pushed his foot down, his arms in a double bicep pose - the guys ribs cracked under his immense size and strength. The guy was finished, he’d taken his last breath. He looked in the mirror. He was victorious at last - as it should always have been. He walked over and picked the guys trophy up from the floor - it was his now and now the competition had been taken out - nobody else could stand in his way. He was the ultimate human being, a superior bodybuilder, a true muscle god.
  4. Ddaadd

    Science of Muscles

    Science of Muscles By Ddaadd Dan was a scrawny kid. He wasn't never really athletic. He did get bullied though. Being a thin and weak freshman in Wintergreen Calley Highschool is like being an injured gazelle in the presence of a cheetah. He was manly picked on by Roger, the QB of the football team. He was the one of the biggest freshman, and hated Dan. As Dan walk in the locker room to change into more comfy clothes, Roger and a few other jocks on the football team ambushed him. Two of Rogers friends grabbed Dan and Rogers took Dan's book bag. "It would be such a shame if all your books and binders got all wet." Roger said. He took out a bottle filled of what looked, and most definitely smelled like urine. Before Dan could even say a word, Roger dumped the entire bottle in to his bag. "Why are you doing this?!" Dan asked in a panic. "Because we're the Alphas..." Rogers said as he flexed his bulging bicep. "And you're the Omega." He took out another bottle of urine and walked over to Dan. "Please don't!" Dan begged. Rogers began to pour the piss all over Dan."You will never be able to have this kind of body you scrawny little bitch." Rogers said. He took off his shirt and Dan was forced to look at his defined abs and bulging pecs. He flexed his pecs a couple of times and he and his friends left Dan in the locker room alone. Dan grabbed his urine soaked bag and walked home. Roger was right. He was jealous of Roger's body. And he would never be buff. That was fate and he accepted it. When he got home, his Dad was home already, which was a suprise. Dan's dad is a scientific researcher at the Future of Tomorrow Laboratories. Usually he's not home till 8:30. Him being home at 4 was a suprise. Dan threw his bag in his room and put some dry clothes on. He went down into the basement. It was his dad's personal laboratory. It was also the laundry room. When Dan's dad saw the soaked clothes he asked what happened. "Roger again! He soaked everything in urine. I'm so fed up with him. I wish someone double his size could give him a taste of his own medicine!" Dan replied. "Hmm... Well Dan I may have a solution for you. We have been researching human growth hormones in the Labs. I can maybe give you a boost to your muscle mass." His dad told him. Dan filled with excitement couldn't speak, for all he could think about is crushing Roger. He nodded furiously and his dad began to create a syrum. As Dan's dad was doing that, Dan went upstairs to clean out his bag. When he finished cleaning everything, Dan's dad yelled to him that the syrum was done. Dan ran downstairs to the lab and grabbed the syrum and gulped it down. He waited a few minuets and then had extreme cravings for meat. He wanted steak soooo much. Dan's dad fired up the grill and Dan ended up eating 6 whole steaks. Dan was lucky enough that he had these leftover steaks from a few nights ago when nobody showed up to his Dad's dinner party. Dan went upstairs and stripped down naked. He waited for a few minuets and he started to feel hot. He noticed veins popping out all over his body. His muscles started to bulge and grow. His arms grew first. His biceps bulged and grew to about the size of Rogers. His shoulders broadened and grew. He moaned in pleasure, as it felt so good, almost better then sex. He developed an defined eight pack that has hard as granite within seconds. His pecs bulged out and grew too. His quads became thick and hard and his calves grew instantly. Within 5 minuets a scrawny freshman boy grew into a hard as iron muscle machine. His voiced suddenly deepened and he realized it was over. He was so happy to finally show Roger how it feels to be bullied. He fell asleep almost instantly. When he arrived at school, people stared in amazement at his body, which was basically visible because all his clothes were to tight. One flex and bye bye clothes, he thought. By the afternoon, he had become super popular. People thought he was attractive and even the straight guys would fuck him. Rogers decided to confront Dan. He brought his friends as backup, just in case something were to happen. "Hey squirt..." Hey said to Dan. Dan stood up. He was indeed bigger than Rogers. "Don't call me squirt anymore, Rogers" Dan said as he flexed his bicep. The seam on his shirt started to rip. As he flexed every muscle he could, his shirt ripped , revealing his defined iron body. There was no spot of fat anywhere. "What happed to you?" Rogers asked, frightful now. "I fucking grew, what does it look like punk?" Dan said, trying to be as intimidating as possible. "I'm the alpha now." He said to Roger. Dan spit on Roger and it landed in his mouth. "Agh! What the fuck man?!" "The fuck you just say to me!" Dan flexed his pecs and it made Roger so jealous. Dan wanted more. He noticed the notebook his dad was holding when he made the syrum. He went home and rummages through his Dad's lab and found it. He made 2 more and notice a little note stuck in the notebook. It read "If the consumer concentrates on a person, he can steal muscle mass from him. On the opposite spectrum, he can also give muscle mass to others without any consequences on either party". After eating 20 steaks . Dan retreated to his bedroom to grow. Before he could strip, his mauve bulged and bursts out of his clothes. His biceps went from 16" to 20" to 25" to finally 32" within seconds. His pecs swelled and he is nearly blinded by them. His abs harden even more and grow. He is a God of muscle. He jogged out to the closet clothing store to by XXL clothes, which were still pretty tight. When he went to school. Everyone was awed at his godlyness. He searched and found Roger who started running away, but Dan grabbed him and all the other Jocks began to run. Dan focused on Roger, and started to grow. Roger started to get smaller and smaller. Dan grew and grew and burst out of his clothes. Rogers was reduced to a scarwny little bitch. Dan stood in the middle of the hallway naked. He was going on a Jock hunt. He found anybody that had some muscle on them and took it. He bulged and grew. People were still in love with him and his muscle. By the end of the day his biceps were 50" and he was truly a god.
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