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  1. AlphaLustSean


    “T, you were never supposed to know! I’m sorry, T, really. Your mom and dad couldn’t have kids and they begged me. I’d been working on genetic augmentation and they implored me to implant . . . you . . . into El’s womb. I knew they’d be outstanding parents to you, T.” Brad gushed apologetically. Taranis walked over to a dresser that had some abstract piece of art made of granite, wrapped his large hand around it, and lifted it as if it weighed ounces. “Genetic augmentation, B? Now knowing your libidinous passion for hyper-masculinity, muscular size, and cruel, brutally lethal power fused with an insatiable sexual drive. I’ve got to ask you: When your created my embryo, did you create it to become one of your unappeasable, macrophilic, muscle-monsters? Am I the result of your wanton dreams and desires, you self-absorbed little bug?” Taranis demanded. With that, his inhuman muscles swelled to rock-hard mounds of power, he lifted his other hand and easily snapped the granite into two pieces. He held one piece in one hand while wedging the other piece into the deep cleavage formed between his two colossal globes of pectoral muscle. “AM I?” he thundered as he clenched his fist and flexed his powerful pecs together. Both pieces of granite were instantly obliterated into fine powder and dust. “You made me to be the most massive, powerful, and desirable man to ever exist, didn’t you, and with an unquenchable desire to dominate and fuck?” Brad was practically drooling, unable to ascertain if Taranis was truly angered or if he was, once again, appreciative and playing the brutal beast for his godfather’s pleasure. “I did, T, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I could never have known I could accomplish YOU. I love you, I desire you, I worship you with every fiber of my being, Mighty Taranis! You are wired to become the inhumanly massive, powerful, and slaughterous horny titan of my dreams!” T smirked and began to slowly stroke his ever-leaking, always ready battering ram of a cock. Brad began lustfully stroking in unison with his pure embodiment of brutal masculinity. “With the correct combination of stimuli, you will grow larger, T. Larger in every way. Height, mass, muscle density, and . . . “ Brad hesitated, “ . . . and in a lust to use your limitless power to destroy and decimate, to fuck and kill with unfathomable cruelty . . . and all of that is tied to a lust to satiate your immeasurable and enduring sexual desires, a lust that can never be fulfilled.” As Brad spoke, Taranis began to smile broadly. “FUCK, yeah, ‘Dad’! I can actually FEEL the truth in what you say. That is why your little jack-off session that I witnessed last night resonated so deeply within me. It got me so god-damned horny, even after blasting through the ceiling with my cum! I HAD to FUCK . . . I HAD to use all this pent up strength and power . . . I HAD to feed, ‘Dad’!” he snarled as he lifted both arms and flexed. Veins like cables appeared and mapped all over his monstrously mighty, thickly vein encased body. Triceps larger than Brad’s head hung beneath oaken, trunk-like arms and snapped to solid, rippling attention as biceps mounded and rose majestically towards his colossal clenched fists. He turned his stunning face and licked his biceps before pursing his full lips and sloppily kissing them with a lustful hunger for more. “Ahhh, “FUCK YES!” Taranis thundered, actually FEELING his eternal and immortal existence surging from every cell in his body. “You have created a cruel and barbaric GOD of lust, power, and violently savage domination, you pathetic little CUNT!” Brad was drooling from both his mouth and cock as he blurted, “Oh, GOD, YES, Taranis!” Something then clicked in his lust-flooding brain. “Taranis, where are Kai and El? What have you done with them?” pleading for details of his closest friends’ demise at the hands of their “son”, the all-powerful beast looming over him. Taranis grinned and evil grin. “You mean what have YOU done with them, you fucking little power-and-brutality-slut! I think you’ll like seeing how well your little genetic experiment awakened. Well, not so little, maybe, you horny little bug.” “What do you mean? How can I see what we’ve done?” Brad stuttered out, breathing in ragged breaths, uncontrollably horny to learn what had happened, hoping that Taranis' demonically brutal lusts had begun to emerge. “That’s right, BITCH! What WE’VE done!” T grinned broadly. “Shit, diminutive “Dad”, I will take you there to be with us and witness what has begun.” With that he waved his hand and, instantly, they were both standing in T’s room the night before. Brad could smell the gallons of musky spunk dripping from the ceiling. He heard T tell Kai that he would meet his “mom” and “dad” in the basement. He heard the door close. He turned and asked T, “How? How can this be?” “Everything is becoming clear to me now, little Brad, what I am and what I can do.” T responded. “You will learn, in time, the totality of what you have done, little man, and who you have conjured up. I have known I was not Kai’s and El’s biological son for years . . . ever since Kai began looking like a weak llittle son compared to ME!” T flexing hard for emphasis. “I just didn’t have all of the pieces until you filled in the blanks. I am now free to tap into my full, unlimited power as the singular deity that I AM.” Brad shuddered at the pronouncement and became rock-hard and pre-cum flowing all at once. “Come (and Brad did!)” T continued, smirking at Brad’s spontaneous ejaculation from him just speaking a word, “it’s time.” They walked down into the basement. Kai and El looked up confused to see Brad behind their incredibly massive, totally nude son. Their mouths dropped open as the pair reached the bottom of the stairs. El’s eyes glazed over seeing her powerfully built and heavily hung “son” bare for the first time since he was a small child. She immediately moaned, shoved her hand up her skirt and began to orgasm . . . just at the sight of T’s thick, rippling teen body. Kai’s total emasculation at the sight of T stroking his colossal, pre-pouring cock, caused him to fall to his knees, pitch forward, and begin lapping up the pre-cum roping onto T’s feet and pooling on the floor around him. “HA! HA! HA!” Taranis bellowed, “How could you respond any other way to what I AM, you pathetic, weak little deceivers.” T growled at them, “I know I can’t be your son. You are both way too puny, weak, and stupid. And I am, well, THIS!” He flexed hard over them, his body ballooning with pure, unadulterated power. Kai shuffled towards T, eyes glued on the throbbing cock with flared mushroom head pulsing pre constantly. “Tell me who I am, and you can touch it.” T taunted him. El just grabbed a bat, shoved its base into her wet, drooling pussy, and began rhythmically pushing it in and out as she moaned, “I want you to FUCK ME, Taranis! Let me ride your immense, sequoian-like manhood, my perfect, young Hercules! PLEASE! FUCK ME!” Kai, mesmerized by the size and power of his son, told T that he was Brad’s creation, but he didn’t know why, only that he had manipulated genes to create the perfect male. T told him he was pleased at his obedience and commanded him to strip and approach. Kai obediently tore his clothing off and practically leapt to T’s cock. He wrapped two hands as far as he could around its girth and began lapping at the massive, pre-cum and cum slathered shaft. T palmed Kai’s little skull and lifted him from the floor, kicking and clawing at the unstoppable teen. T brought him to his chest and pushed his head between the massive mounds. T slowly flexed, relishing the creaks and cracks of Kai’s puny, compressing skull. He looked in the eyes and grinned, flexing his pecs together hard. Kai’s head immediately squished like a little bug between T’s billowing, diamond-hard pectorals. Kai’s hard little dick exploded in orgasm as his head was pulverized to mush, his spunk coating T’s rippling, corrugated abs. T flexed his pecs alternately until there was nothing substantial enough left between his pecs to hold the body up, The jerking body flopped down to the base of T’s enormous, twitching cock. T looked into El’s eyes as she squealed, “My god! MY GOD! Fuck me, my brutal Adonis, FUCK ME, PUH-LEEZE!’ she begged. Brad just listened, stroking his hard-again dick, and periodically hissing, “Oh, my GOD, T!” and “You are becoming more than I could have EVER hoped for!” Taranis smiled knowingly at Brad while he licked the blood and brains dripping around his death-dealing pectorals. He then lifted Kai’s headless corpse from the base of his cock, and lifted it to his mouth. He sucked on the dripping neck hole while crushing the lifeless torso with his powerful hands, squeezing and wringing out blood and organs. After ingesting ravenously, he tossed the useless shell of a body aside like so much garbage and walked over to El. “STRIP!”, T ordered, and she excitedly complied. He placed his hands around her waist and lifted her. El purred, “So big, so strong!” as T positioned her hungry, wet pussy over his raging cock head. She began to resist, seeing T’s crown’s size so close to her comparatively small pussy. T lowered her, his hot, flowing pre-cum lubed around her hungry hole and prepped her for tender entry. There would be no tenderness. T growled, “Fucking CUNT!” and plunged into her mercilessly. His titanic shaft, his throbbing, massive mushroom head splayed her open and rearranging her insides as it thrust into her, tearing her apart. She screamed in both pain and ecstasy as he used her like a fucking fleshlight. The closer T came to cumming, the harder he squeezed her pathetic little body until he heard, and felt, her puny little bones begin to snap and break. She was rasping out “GOD! NO, STOOOP! . . . No . . . YES! Oh, GOD! YES! FUCK ME, TARANIS, FUCK ME HARDER!” she sputtered as her organs began to rupture under such a terrifyingly destructive sexual assault. Taranis looked her in the eyes and grinned, “As you wish, lying little BITCH!” as he pulled her skewered body, legs and arms flailing uselessly, down to his pubes. He clenched his hard, rippling ass and began jettisoning his godly seed. The first blast shot through her like a fucking missile, exiting her skull and killing her instantly. Her bloody head lolled to the side and the second blast ripped through her neck, severing her head from her body.. T crushed and compressed her worthless little body around his bucking cock like a once-living condom.” Brad shot his load in unison with T’s brutal raping of El to death and using her remains as gritty cock lube. T lifted his blood-drenched hand and licked it clean. He then waved his hand and both he and Brad were instantly back in the hotel room. T smiled down at Brad. “I ingested some of Mom, too, before burying them far below the basement. What’s left of their remains will never be found. And, just so you don’t have to wonder, little ‘Dad’, I WILL be as those photo’s you created of me on your computer. I WILL live out your sick, innermost desires before you, and more. I will become to you as you wished and prayed for, you horny little faggot, and you will worship me as a GOD.” In return for creating me, I will allow you to live and witness me feeding my burgeoning domination and bloodlusts. Know that it is YOU who will have unleashed hell on earth by creating a living muscle-beast fantasy for your own pleasure, you fucking little insect.” Brad now knew it had begun. His deepest, darkest desires were truly now incarnate. He approached his terrifyingly handsome, brutal, and powerful creation. He kneeled on the floor and crawled to Taranis’ huge feet. He lapped pre-cum from those expansive feet and toes, kissing worshipfully, as fresh pre-cum roped down onto his back from Taranis’ arm-thick, deadly cock. “I have loved and worshiped you since you were but a thought in my head, Taranis. All who lay eyes on you will desire you, will long to please you, will worship what you are. Yet all of them, they are but playthings for you . . . toys for your dark amusement and merciless pleasure.” He looked up at Taranis’ stunningly handsome face, “YOU . . . You have always been, and always will be, my GOD, Taranis, even before I created your perfect, powerful body! I just found a way to call you forth. I now exist to please you, to serve you, to LOVE you.” Brad began to drool, once again, continuing, “When will you make yourself known among the puny inhabitants of this world, Almighty Taranis? You are Lord Over All!” Taranis, looking down over his protuberant pectorals, had the urge to lift his foot, place it on Brad’s brittle body, and simply splatter the puny little flesh-sack out of existence, but at least it now knew its place. “Mmmm, your worthless little worm. I long to begin my barbarous rampage right here, right now, but I will not. I will enroll at the University and, from there, I will begin to make myself known in ways that will forcibly inflame your lustful passions. For calling me forth, contemptibly feeble little insect, I love you as much as I am able without mindlessly obliterating you.” Brad, looking up at such a seductively gorgeous, and deathly brutal, mountain of muscle. He felt fear for the first time in Taranis presence. “What have I DONE?!?!” he thought to himself. Taranis could, indeed, callously, and without mercy, obliterate him, and all others, without a second thought nor a hint of remorse. He began to tremble, even as his body again convulsed in worshipful dry ejaculation. Taranis, now knowing his thoughts, with a rumbling whisper, stated matter-of-factly, “What have you done, indeed, you worthless microbial sentient. You are now beginning to understand. Bringing your hidden and deep, dark desires to life will have lethally destructive consequences . . . for all but ME!” Brad, still trembling, cringed in shock, terror, and remorse as a torrent of piss flowed from his dick. Still, his longing and hunger to witness Taranis’ reign prevailed over all. Taranis reached down and gently encircled Brad’s neck with his inhuman large fist. He lifted him to his face and deeply kissed his creator, virtually raping the little man’s mouth with his long, thick tongue. Brad reciprocated while reaching his arms out, his hands roaming over the hot, hard flesh of his hypnotically handsome, godly, and maliciously virulent creation. The phrase, “Yes, my God, YES!” churned in his brain even as his body, seemingly with a mind of its own, dry humped Taranis’ massive, undulating musculature augmenting before him. Taranis set the little man, forever mesmerized and possessed by his inexhaustible and terrifying masculinity, down. “Time to clean up and rest for our University tour tomorrow.” T said, his demeanor returning to the hulking, lovable teen that had arrived at the airport earlier. “Oh, and, while it’s still possible, you can share the bed with me, Uncle B!”
  2. musclegin30

    The Estate (Horror Story)

    This is not a feel-good story. There is violence, gore, and death. In honor of Halloween, I decided to write a what is basically a muscle slasher story. So, if you like muscle snuff, this is for you. The first three chapters will come today, so you can start it, since it is on the longer side. The rest will be posted on Halloween. Synopsis: Four friends (Chris, Alex, Danilo, and Niles) are invited to what they hope will be a fun weekend at the family Estate of two of their college acquaintances (Evan and Rupert Glencross). But joy soon turns to horror when the friends discover why the muscular Glencross brothers really invited them. The friends are plunged into a race for their lives as they struggle to escape the estate. “Blood is life. Blood is power.”- Frederick Glencross, 1872 It is said that if a house is old enough, one must assume someone has died in it. So, it stands to reason that the older the house, the more death it has seen. Glencross Manor is 200 years old, and if its blood-stained walls could talk, they would scream... Chapter 1 “I bless the raaains down in Aaafricaaa!” Danilo belted out at the top of his lungs, singing along to the radio. He couldn’t hold a tune if you paid him. Alex told him as much as he turned the car off the main drag and onto a tree-lined side street. “You don’t like my singing?” Danilo asked, grinning toward Alex in the driver’s seat. “Just don’t think of trying out for The Voice,” Niles said from the backseat, briefly looking up from the game on his phone. “The wild dogs cry out in the niiiight!” Danilo sang. “Oh God. It’s so bad,” Alex said, through a laugh. “And your accent is not helping.” Danilo turned around and looked through the space between his seat and the side of the car. “What about you, Chris? Do you think my singing is all that bad, because I think I’m as good as Toto?” Chris stopped staring out the car window and said, “As good as Toto the dog, maybe.” “Ooooh, burn,” Niles said. “My man said you sound like a dog trying to sing.” “You all should hear my Sam Smith,” Danilo announced. “No!” The other’s said in unison, then burst into laughter. Chris turned back to the window and watched the trees whiz by. The sound of his friend’s conversation melted into background static as he entered a near trance-like state. Ever since he was little, he found it easy to space-out on long car rides, lost in the world of his thoughts. He thought it was strange for them to be invited to Glencross Estate. Evan Glencross and his fraternal twin, Rupert, were only casual acquaintances of the group. They were known through mutual friends and had hung out with them no more than twice all of last semester. The Glencross brothers were seniors, while Chris and his friends were Sophomores, and there was very little fraternizing between the years. The brothers were rich, from old money. They lived on an estate for crying out loud. Chris would be shocked if he and his three friends had $400 in all their bank accounts, combined. But the most glaring difference between the brothers and the friends was physical. Evan and Rupert Glencross were huge. They had the kind of comically big muscles that turned heads and made any man jealous. Both were football stars and very popular with the opposite sex. Chris and his friends were four, short, skinny guys who never touched a weight set they hadn’t been required to in PE class. “Why do you think they invited us, seriously?” Chris asked. “Man, you’re still on that?” Niles looked at him and sucked his teeth. “Who cares why? We’re going to be living like rich people for a weekend.” “He’s scared it’s a prank,” Alex said. “It could be,” said Chris. “Evan and Rupert are nice jocks,” Danilo said. “They will not prank us. Besides, they could have done that on campus.” “Yeah man. Just try to enjoy yourself, for a change.” Niles tapped him on the shoulder. “Hey guys, I think that’s it up ahead,” Alex said. “That place is huge and look at that wall around it,” Niles said with awe. “That thing would give Trump a hardon.” “Imagine being so rich you don’t have a fence; you have a fucking wall,” Alex said, shaking his head. Chris looked out the car’s back window. Then out the side windows. Then out the front window. He smiled. “That’s nothing. Imagine being so rich your driveway is a road.” “Huh?” Danilo said, looking confused. “I just noticed it,” Chris said. “There are no turn-offs on this road and no other houses. And look, it leads straight up to the wall. We’ve been on a private road for a while now.” “Oh shit!” Alex said with a laugh. “Why didn’t I make that connection back there. The road we turned on was called Glen Drive. Duh.” “Another thing I notice,” Chris said. “We’re completely isolated out here.” “Oh, there you go again with the paranoia,” Niles said. “If anyone should be nervous, it’s me. I’m the only black guy, and I’ve watched enough movies to know that if the rich white folks are into freaky shit, I’m the first to go.” He laughed. “And yet I’m as calm as can be.” Alex stopped the car in front of the gate, which Alex assumed was 12 feet tall. It was solid metal, painted black, standing in sharp contrast to the pale stone wall it connected to. Chris eyed a box attached to the wall with a beeping red light, various buttons, and what appeared to be a camera lens. “I guess that thing is the intercom,” Alex said, undoing his seatbelt. “I’m going to press-” Before he could finish his sentence, the tall black gates opened, as if pushed by an invisible giant. “Guess not,” Alex said, buckling his seat belt. He drove through the gates and let out a low “fuck me.” Chris’ jaw dropped. Danilo let out a “woah” Niles clapped his hands together and said, Chris had expected big, but Glencross Manor could only be described as palatial, something you would expect from European royalty, not in New England. It was a mountain of marble and brick assembled in the classical form, a testament to excess and wealth. His eyes were immediately drawn to the mammoth portico. Where you would expect to find roman style columns supporting it, instead there were two massive statues in the form of nude, muscular men with their arms stretched high. The men were more heavily muscled than the Farnese Hercules. “Interesting architectural choice,” Chris said, pointing. “And anatomically correct too.” Niles laughed. The driveway ended in a large circle right in front of the house. There was a red Toyota already there, which Alex parked behind. Chris immediately got out of the car and stared up at the statues: solid marble, stunning detail. He didn’t notice Evan and Rupert Glencross had opened the door and were standing at the entrance, until one of them spoke. “What’s up guys?” Rupert said, in a low base. Chris’ eyes immediately fell on the brothers. Both wore shorts, tanks, and sandals, there muscular frames on full display. They took up every inch of space in the doorway, looking like contest ready bodybuilders. “I’m good parking here?” Alex pointed to the car. “Sure thing,” Evan Glencross said, sauntering down the steps, his voice every bit as deep as his brother’s. The friends and the brothers greeted each other with handshakes and bro hugs. Chris couldn’t help but feel an erection growing in his pants, being so close to all that muscle. Muscle that was attached to two handsome faces. He could never get used to their size. When did these guys start working out? When they were three? They were both a little north of 6’ 3’’ and wide as barn doors. Big enough to make Chris and his friends, not one of whom was over 5’ 6’’, feel like children. When Rupert Glencross shook his hand, his fingers nearly disappeared in the mitten like paw, rough with callouses. And the hug! Like grabbing a sack of boulders covered in skin. He couldn’t help but wonder how many kinds of roids these two handsome freaks were taking. “Thanks again for the invite,” Alex said. The others voiced their agreement, and complimented the home. “No problem, guys,” Evan said. “We just hope you’ll enjoy yourselves.” He ran a hand through his brown hair and flashed a set of pearly whites. “We will,” Niles said. “You guys got a pool?” “Two, one indoor and one outdoor,” Rupert said as he and his brother led the friends inside. “But first, you need to meet our father.” “Is he as big as you guys?” Danilo asked, jokingly. Rupert paused and turned. With a slight grin plastered on his handsome alpha male face, mirrored by his brother, he said, “He’s bigger.” Chapter 2 They followed the hulking brothers across white shining tile, down an expansive hallway, framed in wooden arches. “I honestly expected a butler to greet us at the door,” Niles said. Evan turned his torso slightly and glanced back towards Niles. “All the staff are off for the entire weekend,” he said. “Well, there goes my plans of being waited on hand and foot,” Alex said, laughing. “Don’t worry,” Evan Glencross said, “You all will be taken care of.” Chris stared at him, as he spoke. The sentiment was nice: “you all will be taken care off.” But he didn’t like the way he said it. The tone was filled with a false warmth. It was ominous, more a warning than a comfort. Chris shook his head. That was just his paranoia filling his mind with nonsense. This would be a fun weekend and he would enjoy himself. He repeated that silently, like a mantra. “And here we are,” Rupert said after they had walked God knows how far. He gestured ceremoniously to a large sitting room. “Father, the other guests are here.” Other guests? Chris had assumed it was just his friend group who had been invited for the weekend, then he remembered the other car parked out front. They entered the sitting room and the elder Glencross rose from the wingback chair he had been sitting in. Rupert hadn’t been lying when he said their father was ‘bigger’. He was callosal. The largest, most physically impressive human he had ever seen. From the look of awe on his friends faces, he could tell they felt the same way. “Guys, this is our father, Lawrence,” Rupert said. “Father this is Chris, Danilo, Niles, and Alex.” He pointed to each of the friends in turn. Lawrence Glencross stepped toward them and shook their hands, nearly crushing them with his beartrap like grip. He was handsome for a man near fifty, with short brown hair, greying at the sides. He stood a full head taller than his sons and must have weighed at least 100 pounds more. His khaki chinos and navy tee looked painted on to his lean, hulking physique. Chris didn’t understand how the clothes didn’t burst to shreds at the slighted movement. “Pleasure to meet you boys,” Lawrence said in a deep voice. “You’re huge!” Niles exclaimed, unable to hold in his shock. Lawrence and his sons laughed. “I get that a lot,” Lawrence said, casually bouncing his pecs and flexing his arms. “Do you compete in bodybuilding,” Chris asked, his eyes rolling over the mountain of muscle in front of him, briefly pausing to take in the mammoth bulge in the crotch. “Oh, heavens no,” Lawrence waived his hands dismissively. “Glencross men are just big. Always have been.” He gestured to the wall behind him. Chris noticed it was covered with portraits of men in dress clothes. The oldest were paintings. The newest, photographs. “The men of the Glencross line,” Lawrence said, smiling with pride. Each and every one of them was huge. “Amazing,” Danilo said. “Great genetics,” said Niles. “And other things,” Lawrence said with a smile. Chris assumed he meant steroids at first, but they didn’t have steroids over a 100 years ago. “That accent.” Lawrence turned to Danilo. “Somewhere in Eastern Europe?” “Ukraine,” Danilo said. “Ah, very nice,” Lawrence said. “There are a lot of big men over there. But I see you weren’t blessed in that department. None of you were.” The four friends looked at each other, with confused faces. Lawrence’s face was serious when he spoke. The smile he had, had disappeared. “I guess not,” Alex said, finally, with an uneasy smile. “Make a muscle!” Lawrence commanded. “All of you!” The friends each raised an arm and flexed. Lawrence felt each muscle. His hand could wrap all the way around each arm with ease. “So tiny,” he mumbled. “Can any of you fight?” He raised a fist as big as a ham and bought it down with shocking speed, but stopping short. The four friends flinched. Chris thought he might piss his pants. Lawrence turned to his sons and grinned. “You boys didn’t want a challenge this year, I see. They’re as small as the other two.” “Does it matter?” Evan asked, clearly annoyed. The elder Glencross shook his head. “No, it doesn’t. Though, I always found it more fun when they were a bit of a challenge. Oh well. It’s your birthday. You boys do it how you like.” Birthday? “Alex,” Chris whispered, “Did you know it was their birthday?” Alex shook his head. “No.” “I’m a little confused,” Niles said. “What’s going on?” Lawrence smiled. “There’s a game Glencross men can only play on their birthdays. You’ve been invited here to play it. Two other players are already here, taking refreshments out back.” “What kind of game?” Chris eyed him suspiciously. “You’ll see,” Lawrence said, “But first…” He raised a basket. “Put your cell phones in here. The game will test your intelligence so cell phones will allow you to cheat and we can’t have that.” “We’re starting the game now?” Alex asked. “The game started the moment you were invited,” Rupert said. “Don’t worry, you’ll get the phones back, obviously,” He laughed. The friends apprehensively dropped their phones into the basket. “Good!” Lawrence said, setting the basket on a table beside him. “Now boys, show your guests to the back and let the game begin.” Chapter 3 They were led to a large deck, overlooking an expansive back yard. The yard would have been impressive on its own, but it was made more impressive by an expansive hedge row maze the seemed to stretch as far as Chris’ eyes could see, a green sea that must have taken decades to grow. Two other guys were seated at a table on the deck, sipping lemonade and eating from a tray of finger sandwiches. Chris thought he might have seen them around campus before, but didn’t know them. “This is Jeremy,” Evan pointed to an Asian guy on the left, “and this is Mike,” he pointed to a white guy on the right. Both were short and skinny like Chris and his friends. Just what kind of game were they going to play? Chris thought it odd that not a single one of the Glencross’ jock friends was present on their supposed birthday. He expected them to have countless tall, over-muscled buddies to fraternize with. Instead, they choose to hang out with 6 skinny dweebs? Evan introduced the four friend’s and the handshakes started. “Nice to meet you,” Jeremy said, extending his hand toward Chris. “I’ve seen you in the student Union. You’re in the Culinary Club, right.” “I thought I’ve seen you around,” Chris said. “Yeah, I’m in the culinary club.” “Cool.” “While you guys get more acquainted me and my bro are gonna go get ready,” Rupert said. “Help yourselves to the food and drinks.” “You don’t have to tell me twice,” Alex stepped over and took a finger sandwich. Niles and Danilo followed. The brothers stepped back into the house, grinning at each other like they were sharing a silent joke. “So, are you guys good friends with Even and Rupert?” Mike asked. “Not really,” Chris said. “More, acquaintances.” “Weird,” Mike replied, picking up a sandwich. “Neither are we. We just know them casually through a friend of a friend. I was honestly surprised to get an invite.” “Yeah,” Jeremy said, with a mouthful, “But who could pass-up a chance to spend a weekend in a place like this, for free.” He gestured to the estate. “Right,” Danilo nodded, stuffing his mouth. “Father’s a little weird, though,” Alex whispered, stifling a laugh. Everyone nodded their agreement. “Did he comment on your size, too?” Chris asked Jeremy. “Yeah, it was weird.” He frowned slightly. “Like, dude, I get it, you’re huge, but not all of us can be a giant.” “Oh shit,” Mike said, nearly choking. He glanced up and Chris followed his gaze, as did the others. Lawrence Glencross was standing in the window overlooking the deck, staring at them, expressionless. When he saw them looking, he closed the curtain and disappeared behind a panel of white. The group shared a look, then burst into laughter. All except Chris, who merely smiled nervously. “Hey guys!” A deep voice boomed behind them. The group turned away from the table of refreshments to find Evan and Rupert bounding out the door. Chris’ eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when he saw what the twins were wearing: skimpy black posing trunks that struggled to contain their massive packages, and nothing else. Every inch of their huge, muscular bodies was exposed, each muscle group bouncing and flexing as they walked across the deck. “What. The. Fuck?” Alex said. Everyone’s mouth was agape. “Oh shit, the white people are into some freaky shit. I’m screwed.” Niles mumbled beneath his breath, just loud enough for the group to hear, but not the Twins. The Glencross brothers beamed, grinning like clowns, obviously enjoying the reaction their insanely developed physiques were getting from the skinny guys assembled before them. They bounced their bulbous pecs and hit a few poses. Chris could feel his cock stiffening again. He adjusted it discretely and noticed others in the group were doing the same. How could you not get hard when witnessing such a display of the perfect male form. The twins were enjoying themselves as well, sporting bulges that threatened to pop their skimpy posers right off. “We’re so big, bro,” Evan said. “Yeah.” Rupert grunted, flexing harder. “And we’re gonna get bigger.” “So big.” Evan slapped his brother’s delt. “Yeah! So fucking big!” Chris saw a wet spot forming in Rupert’s posers. Was he leaking pre-cum? Was he getting that turned on by his and his brother’s size? What the fuck was going on? And why were they invited? “This is weird,” Danilo whispered. “Agreed,” Chris said, his eyes fixed on the rippling mounds of muscle before him. The brothers were lost in a trance like state, of flexing and grunting, loudly expressing their desire for more size, and getting more turned on as they did it. They flexed so hard, they began to sweat in the late morning sun. One would slap the other and then vice versa. They were getting themselves worked up, pumped for something. And then it was over. The brothers faced the group, grinning and panting, skin red and glistening. “You ready to start the game?” Rupert looked over them. “What’s the game?” Mike asked. “And why are you dressed like that?” Alex gestured to their pumped-up bodies. “And most importantly, what did we just watch?” Niles said, shaking his head, a hardon visible in his pants. The brothers looked at each other and laughed. “The game is called ‘You vs Our Muscles,’” Evan said. “It used to be played in the house, a long time ago, but the maze was put in 50 years ago and it’s been played outside ever since. The maze starts here at the deck and exits all the way over there, by the woods. As you can see, there’s no way around the house from this point. The only place to go is through the maze. The object of the game is to make it through the maze without getting caught by me or my brother. We’re dressed like this because clothing would get way to constrictive-” “And we don’t want to get our clothes dirty,” Rupert chimed in. Evan nodded, “Yeah, that too. This game gets messy. What you just saw was us getting hyped up to win.” He made a fist and slapped it into his other hand. “Understand.” The group stared at each other, a little confused. It sounded simple enough, but it was still so strange. “it’s like a fancy game of tag,” Mike said. “What happens if you catch one of us?” “You versus our muscles, happens,” Even said. “Mike, you come here, and we’ll show you guys. The rest of you stand by the entrance to the maze and be ready to start.” Everyone did as commanded by the muscle-god brother. Chris stood dead center in the middle of the five by the maze entrance, staring up at the deck. Mike stood in front of the brothers, looking like a child compared to them. Their arms were as thick as his legs. Their pecs, as big as his head. His twig like body looked frail in comparison to the towering twins. “If this is a test of strength, I think you guys are going to win.” Mike laughed. “Just stand still and shut up,” Even said, grabbing hold of Mike’s left arm. Rupert took his right. The brothers then placed a hand on each side of Mikes head, with their thumbs locked under his chin. Their comically huge hands each covered a whole side of his skull. “High five, bro,” Evan said. “High five.” Rupert grinned. Chris watched as the brother’s arms tensed. Muscle striations appeared through the skin; veins popped out in high relief. Mike’s feet left the ground. Up, up, up. Two feet in the air. He kicked and flayed, as the skin on his face wrinkled, smooshing together. “Guys, this… hurts, aah,” Mike struggled to say through gritted teeth. “What are you doing!” Jeremy shouted. “Holy shit!” Danilo backed away. Niles and Alex stared on with equal parts confusion and revulsion. Mike’s little body shook, struggling to fight against the towers of muscle holding him, but his arms were locked. He could only kick air. He let out grunts of pain, followed by an agonizing scream as the brother’s press harder on his skull, their muscles rippling with power. “This isn’t cool!” Alex shouted. “You’ll kill him!” Jeremy darted up the stairs. Chris reached out, trying to grab him, fearing what would happen, but he was to slow. Jeremy made it to the top of the stairs but took a kick to the torso from Rupert’s massive foot. He flew back and landed in Alex and Chris’ arms. Jeremy panted, struggling to reclaim the air that had been knocked out of him. Then Chris heard it. The crunch. Mikes skull cracked. He watched blood poor from his friend’s eyes, nose, and mouth. Mike went silent, His face, now disfigured, and brain, squished in. “High five!” The brothers exclaimed in unison as Mikes eyes bulged from his head and his skull completely gave way, popping like a stepped-on grape. His skinny body went limp as the brothers were given a blood shower by Mike’s spurting arteries. Their hands were pressed together, up in the air, covered in bone, blood, brains, and Mike’s skin. They lowered their arms and looked down at the five skinny guys, cowering in fear and shock. Chris’ eyes grew wide as saucers. His jaw went slack. No fucking way, he thought as he watched the blood on the brother’s bodies disappear, absorbed into their skin. And the growth…They were growing! Evan and Rupert moaned in pleasure, their bodies shaking, as they swelled, muscles getting more developed and veinier. “Each time we kill, we grow,” Rupert said, as the now more massive brothers stepped slowly towards them. “But only on our birthdays.” Evan said. “That’s the secret of Glencross men.” “But, we like the thrill of the hunt,” Rupert said, with a sadistic smile, “So run! Run for your pathetic little lives. We’re giving you a head start.” He raised his arms and flexed; the muscles of his arms looked like it might burst through his skin. “All this muscle is coming for you.” The group scampered into the maze. Danilo fell to his knees and wretched, but Alex grabbed his arm, dragging him along, leaving a trail of throw-up in his wake. “We should fight them!” Jeremy shouted, and Chris pushed him forward. “Not without a plan,” Chris said. As he moved through the walls of green, Chris heard a faint deep voice call behind them. He couldn’t make out what had been said, or even which brother had said it, but it didn’t matter. His focus was ahead, toward the end of the maze, toward survival.
  3. PumpCulture

    The Mass of Us - part 5 (finale)

    CW: FMG, muscle worship, extreme muscle, GTS, blood, gore. Dinah threw up. Her bile sent up steam from the cold gray dust, but it was somehow less revolting a sight than Ellie. Her beloved Ellie. If that… muscle thing could be called Ellie anymore. If Ellie still somehow was alive, trapped inside. At all times of day and on into the darkest hours of night, Dinah could hear her screaming. More than her tortured imagination, she could hear with her own ears the choking, drowning, suffocating cries, wordless calls for help, the groans of sadistic violent pleasure that must be tyrannizing Ellie’s mind, the moaning for ultimate release, the shrieks of immeasurable agony emanating from somewhere deep within the mountain that her lover had become. Dinah wiped her mouth and dared to look behind her at the mountain of flesh, risking her stomach churning again if only to ensure she was out of the way and not in danger of being crushed and smashed into pulp. Dinah assured herself that she hadn’t lost her mind, yet. She remembered when the old man had not been so careful or perhaps when he had let his own unchecked obsession get the best of him. He was the cause of all this. He was the one that pushed her. Always pushed her. Pushed her to gain the weight cause he knew she could take it. Forced her to devour piles of raw meat until she was ready to burst. Ruined her femininity, destroyed her once petite body, turned her into this. He was the last to dare to touch Ellie. Whether out of fascination, curiosity, or service, he paid for it with his life when he risked giving her the release her body screamed for. He stroked her immense clitoris. Moments later, the last scraps of his head and torso disappeared, chewed up as if in a grinding garbage disposal by the jaws of her womanhood. Dinah didn’t sleep for a week. The old man had loved Ellie, in his own… unique way. Dinah knew that she and Ellie once possessed a love that went deeper than the base physical attraction that dominated male life. Dinah prided herself on that. Sniffling, she muttered the name of her half-forgotten lover: “Ellie…” Did Ellie even know Joel was gone? Did she even know what her body did to him without hesitation? Dinah wondered and reminisced, knees shaking as she got to her feet. Behind her, the writhing shadow of Ellie’s out of control body loomed in the pale morning light, exactly where Dinah had left it the night before but now clearly even bigger and more grotesque than the night before. Frozen dew sparkled like gemstones across the crags of her overturned form. Veins that seemed like huge octopus tentacles coiled and uncoiled with her heartbeat. Caverns formed and collapsed in the spaces where her arms used to be. The throbbing epidermis was covered with gashes that did not bleed, torn skin that did not entirely heal, always slick with pungent sweat that evaporated in gray wisps of steam in the wintry air. The sex smell… it was like that but a thousand times stronger. Ellie had become a wailing, seething mass of fibers that went about breaking and repairing endlessly, a ball of twine where each thread represented the constantly shifting tectonic plates of her inhuman musculature starving for room, fighting for space against one another. The sound of her endless muscle expansion was like a perpetual landslide of rock hard granite or leather being stretched until its tearing point. Her marbled flesh, crisscrossed with a vascularity that somehow redefined the laws of biology, pocked with the tapestry of bruises, lacerations, and shredded bulk, undulated, pulsing like a heart fit to power the planet itself. Yes, when one part of her didn’t spasm into an irregular flex, Ellie had become a sphere of a human being. Because her muscles had so exceeded their boundaries, it would likely be impossible for anyone but those accustomed to her grotesqueness to pick out what was what anymore–Dinah prided herself on that, as well, though not without gagging that needed stifling. Her pecs were so pressed together that the ravine between them was unimaginably deep, a viciously tight crack that buried her rib cage somewhere far beneath. Her chest piled up like two rolling hillsides, bursting up over the two biceps that pressed pincer-like in front of them, so massive that they actually touched while being forced away from each other by the bloated abdominal wall beneath them. Her fingers and hands, like her toes and feet, had long since disappeared, wrapped in impenetrable sheaths of corded steel–Dinah believed that Ellie’s skeleton hadn’t grown inside of all this mass, how could it? Instead, she imagined that Ellie’s skeletal structure was being pulled apart in all directions, an endless struggle to find even one more inch to fill up with raw, excruciatingly powerful muscle. With no inches left to give, the only way to go was outward. A gigantic nipple might stab like the head of a demolition drill out of the tangled mess but otherwise, it was a parody of anatomy enshrined to strength forsaking all else. Pecs overwhelmed her face. Her own neck and back crashed down over her head. Her shoulders were swollen enough to nearly touch above her. Her thighs grinded against the bottom of her chest. Her ass smashed against the corrugated scenery of her back. She was an oceanless vision of continents, Pangea made flesh. Ever growing with that sickening gurgling, stretching, grating sound. Numb with ritual, Dinah’s body also moved without her express request. In a blind act of repetitive obedience, she found herself climbing into the nearby crane. It barely operated but it still did its work. In the past, they had used it to pile cars, tanks, pieces of architecture, boulders, anything they could find that was heavy enough to test Ellie’s increasing strength. They quickly ran out of suitable objects. In poor repair, the crane coughed to life. While the gas lasted, it was only good now for measuring Ellie’s… height? Her width? Girth? It was impossible to tell at this point. Dinah swallowed the nausea coming up to her throat again at the thought of needing a crane to measure a human, glancing once more at Ellie. Irresistibly glancing. Fascinated. Repulsed. Obsessed. Disgusted. Enchanted. Her eyes saw the numbers on the scale carved into the crane’s boom hoist cylinder. Crude, but it got the job done. She saw the numbers… nearly 30 feet… she was almost 30 whole feet tall… across? Wide? Dinah’s mind reeled. She saw the numbers but barely read them. Numbers had long ago become meaningless. There was no way to weigh Ellie anymore. Their old equipment for that had long been crushed beyond repair. Ellie could be a ton or hundreds of tons… what did it matter? The crane’s engine sputtered into silence. At times like this, Dinah’s mind drifted and she dreamed. She dreamed of what might happen if she let the crane drop. Load it up with the wreckage of their vehicles, the beams from the yard, whatever she could find, then just let it fall. Let it fall and see… see if she could kill her. Dinah could crack her wide open like a red egg. End the nightmare. End Ellie’s suffering. Shouldn’t she do it, try it? Wouldn’t it be the right thing to do to end Ellie’s torment…? “The right thing to do,” Dinah’s hand trembled over the crane’s controls. She’d lost track of so much time. The journal Joel had kept that she herself then tried to keep after his passing had been lost. It was probably lying crushed under the twisted metal and gravel. Lost so much time… Dinah couldn’t even remember when Ellie last ate any food. “God…” she choked, tears stinging her eyes like acid. She realized she’d been starving her. Depriving her. Had it been a week? No. Much longer. The realization broke through her ritual like a knife in the back. There were no more animals left to feed to Ellie. Everything was gone. All that was left was Ellie. Endlessly Ellie. Extreme muscle growth Ellie. Nothing could stop her, not even deprivation. Ellie could survive lack of food, lack of water–how could she still live?–perpetually locked in a loop of gaining more and more mass. Was there a limit? Dinah fought through her sobs and gags. Could there be a limit? Would she some day break open like a dam, release a flood of her genetically-superior blood over the mountainside, filling the valley below with her death and presence, soaking into the planet, becoming the earth itself? Or would it never stop? Dinah grabbed her own hands and sat on them. She could not kill the beast. Nothing could. But would it kill her? If Dinah couldn’t stop the unending transformation that had claimed her lover, would her lover’s transformation eventually kill her? The awful thought of being buried alive in Ellie’s muscles shot through her brain like a lightning bolt. But if that was to be her fate… if Ellie was indeed still alive and could not be killed… then Dinah would accept it. Better to die, even in such a horrible manner, at the thoughtless crushing expansion of the most powerful human that had ever lived, rather than simply be shot by a thug or eaten by a clicker. Better to be enveloped by the unwelcoming brutality of Ellie’s existence. A goddess. Dinah’s drifting mind had never thought of it but in the space between waking and sleeping dreams, as her sheer exhaustion and worry began to claim her, she suddenly thought of Ellie as a goddess. More than human, of course. She might become her own planet, like Jupiter. Or Venus, better yet. Dinah’s eyes rolled back. She’d rest a bit in that thought: Ellie outgrowing the planet, putting it out of its misery since she hadn’t the will or know-how to put Ellie out of hers. Shining in the sky. Shimmering in the darkness. She didn’t realize it, Ellie consuming her waking thoughts as she had consumed everything but, that she let her left hand slide up and over her hip, then down between her legs. Dinah was groping herself through her jeans. She did it mindlessly, a machine worshiping a machine within the cradle of the old rusted crane… (read the rest of the story and complete library at patreon.com/pumpculture)
  4. musclehintz

    Krishna: Origins (WARNING: Snuff)

    NOTE: THIS STORY IS GONNA' BE VIOLENT. STOP NOW IF THAT TURNS YOU OFF. When Krishna was a child, he was, for the most part, normal. He always had an unnaturally beautiful face, one that could go on the cover of a magazine without any Photoshop. And he always was strong for his size, and loved playing rough. But nobody could have expected him to become the monster he is today. Once he hit puberty, Krishna’s growth skyrocketed past all human records. Krishna's metabolism was flawless - he never seemed to lose his pump, instead growing bigger and stronger after every workout. His body reacted explosively to even the slightest exertion, pumping up as huge and hard in fifteen minutes as a normal athlete would in an hour. He would eat at least eight times a day - a full meal every two hours - but only seemed to gain muscle, never fat. He could eat ten buckets of Blue Bell and still be as lean and ripped as Mr. Olympia. His heart pumped with enough force to kill an elephant, and his senses were so developed that he could see an ant and hear its footsteps from twenty feet away. His body naturally produced and utilized ten times more growth hormone than an average Olympic gold medalist. But despite experiencing a hyper-puberty that pumped his muscles with enough testosterone to swamp a high school locker room, Krishna never experienced any of the downsides of adolescence. His face seemed to evolve almost overnight from the sweet, effeminate innocence of a child to the seductive, masculine eroticism of an adult. He never once experienced a single pimple or an awkward voice crack. His voice dropped almost instantaneously into a deep, sexual rumble that made Barry White sound like a pipsqueak. His earth-shaking tones were so powerful that he gave straight men boners just by saying his name. He could hardly go through a day at school without giving at least one teacher a standing orgasm. By the time Krishna was a sophomore in high school, he had the body of Mr. Olympia and strength that surpassed any powerlifter. He destroyed the competition on the football field and the wrestling mat. He could shoot with perfect accuracy from anywhere on the basketball court. He ran cross-country with speed that would make Usain Bolt green with envy. And there was a genius brain behind that pretty face with a hunky body - by the end of his freshman year Krishna had already earned a perfect score on the SAT. His brain created neural connections so fast that he could read through entire graduate-level textbooks in a single afternoon. Krishna first learned of his love for violence when he was 15 years old. He was playing a game of football when he saw the kid. There was something about him Krishna hated - maybe it was his ugly smirk, or his nasally voice, or his obnoxious strut. But whatever it was, Krishna decided that he wanted to take the faggot down. He made it look like an accident. Krishna ran straight into him - a tackle so forceful that the man's spine, ribcage, and skull cracked. The boy hit the ground, breathless. After that, it was decided that Krisnha was too dangerous for sports. But Krishna discovered that killing that kid was way more fun than playing football. Later that night, Krishna went to his neighbor's house, an old pervert that was always ogling the hot young teen. Krishna showed up at the door wearing nothing more than a pair of black briefs, which were stressed and strained to the max by the boy's enormous manhood. The homo dropped to his knees, his eyes so wide that they might have popped out, his heart beating so loud that Krishna could actually hear it. The man rubbed his small, weak hands all over Krishna's quads and calves and ass, unable to believe such perfect musculature existed, unable to believe this was really happening, unable to believe that the hottest man in his sad little closeted gay life was standing right in front of him. Krishna pulled out his jawbreaking penis and shoved it in the man's inadequately sized mouth, tearing apart the sides of his lips and dislocating his fragile jaw. When Krishna was done facefucking him, the man was nothing more than a bloody stain on the dirty carpet. Krishna started sneaking out to the city after his parents fell asleep. He would find some skinny boy in an isolated part of the local college campus. Krishna would lead the poor sucker into a dark alley and give him a kiss with his full juicy lips. The guy would be so turned on, never having experienced such an amazing kiss in his boring suburban life, and he would cream his pants with his pitiful seed. Then Krishna would give the closet case a hug, and the poor sap would cream himself again, never imagining that he could ever be surrounded by so much dark,powerful, manly teenage muscle. But then he would squeal and beg for Krishna to let go. But Krishna wouldn't. He would keep tightening and tightening his death hug until the boy chest caved in and his spine shattered. Sometimes Krishna found a couple making out in the corner of a deserted parking lot. Krishna would make eye contact with the male, and the man's erection would grow bigger and harder than any woman could ever make him grow. Then Krishna would grab the woman and fuck her like a jackhammer as her boyfriend watched, his sex so mind-blowing that each and every thrust bringing forth a new orgasm from both the man and woman. Krishna's stamina was so great that he could fuck for hours without stopping. Eventually, the man's heart would give out, unable to handle so much sexual pleasure, and the woman's body would simply fall apart under Krishna's pussy-destroying cock. Once, a cop stepped in on one of Krishna's kills. Krishna started walking towards the cop, and the cop, panicking, drew a gun and emptied his barrel. Krishna dodged the bullets without even looking at them, his lightning-fast reflexes making the superhuman task easy for his overdeveloped body. When he was in arm's reach of the officer, he grabbed the officer by the head and crotch and forced the man’s skull backwards. The officer screamed as his spine cracked and his abs ruptured, Krishna forcing the head back further and further until his torso was bent in half and his head was shoved inside his ass. Then Krishna grabbed the man's arms and legs and ripped them off - Krishna's arms were so strong that the man's muscles and bones tore apart like paper in his hands. Krishna left the man to die - he didn't know whether he would die of blood loss or suffocation first, and he didn't care. The death of the officer was discovered the next day, and the headlines shocked the country. People were horrified of the photo of a muscular, middle-aged cop bent in half, head-in-ass, limbless and bleeding. When Krishna saw that photo, he masturbated to it for six hours. Krishna's career began when he was working out at a gym one day. A bald, tall man approached him. He was nearly as tall as Krishna himself, and would have looked muscular had he been standing next to anybody else. “Hey kid. You a bodybuilder? Powerlifter, maybe?” Krishna looked over at him. He had a confident smile on his face, despite the raging boner in his perfectly ironed dress pants and his nervously shaking hands. Krishna casually bounced his pecs, and chuckled at the way the man's dick jumped with them. “Why do you want to know?” The man strategically adjusted his hands to cover the growing wet spot at his crotch. “I'm an agent for bodybuilders and powerlifters. You're the most promising young man I've ever seen. I can provide you with tons of sponsors. Normally, getting to Mr. Olympia is a lifelong endeavor, but with a body like yours, I'm sure we can…” “Not interested.” Krishna interrupted. “I'm not interested in fame.” As Krishna walked away, the man frantically chased after him, an obvious trail of jism spurting from his pant legs. “Wait! It's not just fame. It's money too! Our sponsors can provide you with food, clothing. You'll be able to grow bigger, stronger. You'll be able to destroy your competition on stage in front of a huge audience. We'll give you all the…” “Destroy.” Krishna growled. The man stopped, practically holding his dick now, trying to stop himself from coming as he took in Krishna's impossibly beautiful body and sonorous, sexual voice. “Destroying the competition… I like the sound of that.” The man nodded vigorously. Now he was frothing at the mouth, his hips bucking, gargling incomprehensibly. “Give me your company's number. Write it down right here - I'll call them later.” The man grabbed the pen and erratically wrote the number down. The handwriting was barely legible, but Krishna was able to make it out. The man pounced on Krishna's relaxed arm, which hung lazily down his side. “Please,” the agent mumbled his last words, “flex it for me.” Krishna smiled, and slowly brought his arm to a horizontal. Then, with a casual flex and a sudden BOOM, the man died, his hands tightly grasping Krishna's literally heart-stopping bicep as he shot seed all over himself. Krishna soon made a name for himself when he broke every major weightlifting record ever set. He could bench and squat over a ton without assistance, for reps. He used weight for one-armed bicep curls that champions used for deadlifts. He became known as “The Last Lifter” because nobody else could ever hope to break a lifting record ever again. There were accusations of steroids, but doctors found nothing but natural teenage hormones flowing through Krishna's bloodstream. When Krishna stepped on the Mr. Olympia stage at 18 years old, he didn't even look like he was the same species as the competition. He stood over a foot and a half taller than the average competitor, with wasplike proportions - his powerful shoulders twice as wide as the biggest competitor, his miniscule waist narrow as a female supermodel. His muscles were unfathomable, so massive and monstrous individually yet so balanced and beautiful in unison. Every single man on stage had the largest erection they had ever experienced in their lives, yet their manhood was still dwarfed by the teen’s mouth-watering flaccidity. One of the judges had a heart attack. The others forgot where they were, so amazed were they by Krishna's unprecedented routine, bedazzled by his gloriously flexing biceps, his shirt-tearing triceps, his eye-popping chest, his tree-like quads. One of the competitors started crying halfway through, and soon, they all were. They weren't just crying that they lost the competition. They were crying that they would never be able to win. Crying that their bodies had no chance of attaining Krishna's size and power and perfection. Crying that not even the strongest performance-enhancing drugs could give them Krishna's body. Crying that their children and their children's children would still look like twigs compared to Krishna. They were crying from Krishna's beauty, his handsome face, his perfect smile, his flawless lips, his gorgeous eyes. Then they came, one by one, an entire stage of full-grown alpha males from around the world cumming at the sight and smell and thought of a single teenage boy, only barely legal but stronger and hotter than every one of them put together. Krishna took his trophy graciously and left the room, walking through a sticky mess of cum and jizz and pussyjuice covering the dead and dying bodies spasming across the floor.
  5. Seinki

    Brett the Yeen

    Warning: This story contains a furry, lots of death and gore and rape Silverstone island was city that, as the name suggests, was an island located not far from the coast of the mainland. Silver glass towers reached for the sky housing millions of humans. It had many parks, schools, and hospitals. Its infrastructure was all designed ahead of the city’s construction, making it the most well thought out places to live. No wonder that many consider the city the pinnacle of civilization. The silver and green city was connected to the mainland with three large bridges on the east, southeast and south side of the island. Hundreds of thousands of cars and trains crossed them daily. There were many colleges and universities on Silverstone island, one of which was specialized in archeology. New Age University was home to thousands of students who were interested in the past, some were there for more specific topics, than others, like Brett. Brett is the main character of our story. He was an average looking guy, sitting and waiting for the seminar of anthropomorphic deities to begin. His blue eyes traced the pictures of his textbook depicting powerful and evil deities, whom according to the books, did terrible things to entire tribes and civilizations for their bloody amusement. The thought of their power and what he could do with it, filled Brett with so much excitement that he had to place his textbook on his lap to cover his happy little buddy. He scratched his brown hair as he looked to see the professor enter the room. He got even more excited at the thought of atrocities he will hear in the next three hours. Two hours had passed since the seminar had begun. Many were bored, some even fell asleep due to the dryness of the material the professor was presenting. Brett on the other hand was leaning forward wanting to be closer to front so he could hear the occasional description of the evil gods’ actions. “ …which brings us to Graff.” Said the silver haired professor with boredom seeping from his words. “Graff was always depicted as a muscular anthropomorphic striped hyena, sometimes depicted with some loin cloths and necklace that had large teeth and a skull in the middle of it, but more often he was depicted naked and had a large horse penis.” Some in the room laughed at the absurdity of the latter description. The teacher just rolled his eyes and continued. “Unlike most gods of this mythology, Graff was described to enjoy killing himself as opposed to other gods influencing the mortals to create their own damnation. The mythology describes him mainly using his incredible strength to destroy entire empires. Often times he was depicted using his horse penis as a weapon.” More laughter was heard, but the professor continued his seminar as if there weren’t ‘children’ attending. “Many murals were found in caverns describing him as a bringer the end times, such murals were meant to serve as warnings to future generations.” Brett raised his hand. “Yes?” “I was wondering, if Graff had any apprentices he took up? Becoming, like gods, that served him?” asked Brett. “No. There are only some murals of separate gods that took part in his rampages with him, but no apprentices or anything of the sort.” Answered the professor and with the same monotone voice he continued. “Graff was also- ” His words were cut short by a red mist that formed next to him. The room was immediately filled with the scent of an entire gym’s laundry. Like Beetlejuice, his name was mentioned one-too-many times, as the mist dissipated and left a muscular hyena, his horse cock was thicker and longer than anyone’s leg. Everyone in the room had a strong idea on who this four and half meter tall beast was. He just smiled at the mostly shocked crowd, who were beginning to fear for their lives. Everyone except Brett, who was rubbing the crotch of his pants, knowing that this was his day when he finally ascended to destructive being. “I’ve been watching this lesson!” Exclaimed the god, his deep voice rumbled in everyone’s body. “Looks like you have some misconceptions about me. Heheheh! I’m here to teach you of my peaceful ways! Hehehe!” “Really?” asked the professor in a cowardly tone. The entire room shook from the deep cackles of the hyena. “SIKE!!! HAHAHAHA!!!” he boomed and continued to laugh as got closer to the teacher and patted the back of the frail man like he was his friend in the pub who made him laugh. His powerful hand devastated the man as it went through him, blood sprayed on everyone in the front row as the arm of the human flew across the room. The man himself collapsed on the floor getting drenched in the pool of his own blood. Everyone panicked as they tried to pushed and climbed over each other trying to go through the exit, screaming and trampling each other as they tried to escape, everyone except Brett. He approached the muscle mountain taking in his magnificent smell. His cocked pushed against his pants staining it as it tried to escape. His mind raced in excitement, all the destruction he will be able to do all the crushing and raping to his heart’s content. His day has finally come. “Oh, my lord Graff!” he said to the yeen. “I am so grateful that you have chosen me to ascend and destroy the world with you!” Graff cackled like he was told the best joke of all time, seeping doubt and confusion into Brett. “HAHA! You moron! Why would I ever ascend you?! HAHAHA!” laughed the beast. “B-b-but this story is about me! About my ascension to godhood!” The hyena just laughed harder. “HAHAHA! Let me guess! Sein told you that bullshit before the story started, didn’t he?! HAHAHA! You actually believed that that is what this story would ACTUALLY going to be about ?! HAHAHAHA!” (Author’s note: >:3 ) “B-but, all I wanted is to taste some of that magnificent power you guys have! To have some fun like you guys always do!” Whined the boy. “HAHAHA! You wanna taste my power?! Alright! HAHA!” he cackled as he grabbed Brett by the head, pushing his jaw open. The yeen shoved his face into his abs, pushing his stone hard muscles into his mouth, forcing Brett to taste his musk. Graff made a growling chuckle as the boy began dropping tears on to his abs. His tongue traced his powerful form, then Graff turned him around, before Brett could figure out what was going to happen the yeen stomped down onto his back ripping off the lower half of his torso. As he was coming to his last few moments, the pain he felt was immense as he lost the sensation of everything bellow his shoulder. Even more pain was brought upon him as he felt something big push his insides aside, ripping apart the inside of his throat and tearing his jaw off from the inside, the massive head of the horse cock exited covered in his blood. Being proud of his new dying cock ring, the hyena stomped his way towards the exit. The university’s fire alarm went off, prompting the people inside to congregate outside in the parking lot, some people were sprinting off in a panic, leaving many dumbfounded to what was happening. The ground began to tremble, sending people into a panic, many thinking that a bomb went off in the building, but they were corrected when the wall of the building suddenly collapsed. Screams filled the air when they spotted the muscle-bound hyena with the upper half of a dead guy dangling with his limp arms from his crotch and a musky black cock coming out of his mouth. He bent forward and roared at the crowd, sending many of them flying backwards with a couple of cars. The monster’s erection grew so big that Brett’s body split in half from the massive iron shaft and fell to the ground. A jock pushed himself off the ground, trying to make sense of what just happened, surprised when he was picked and thrown at the windshield of one of the surviving cars. He shook his head and looked back up to notice the hyena who was stomping towards him with his violent erection, before he could climb off the car and escape the jock was crushed under the massive musky cock. He moaned in pain under the beastly dick as Graff picked up the car and bashed it against his torso. The wreck fell to the ground, with the imprint of his big pecs, massive cock and the bloody corpse of the jock. With sadistic joy on his face, the yeen jumped up to high into the sky. The muscle beast landed on top of one the tallest building in the city, he surveyed the horizon for what he should go for next. His immediate targets were the three bridges with eight lanes of traffic and two lanes of railroad each, and the airport to the north. With the population has been trapped in the city with him he can maximize his body count he could achieve in this city. His large sharp teeth glistened in his sinister grin as he finished plotting the doom of the city. He propped up his foot against the building and with a powerful kick the hyena god jumped towards his first target as the top of the tower broke off into multiple chunks and rained down upon the streets of the city behind him. Many cars, and people were crushed under these chunks, many more of which littered the tops and side of many buildings. Traffic was pretty normal on the South Silverstone bridge, no accidents or any jams. Hundreds of cars leaving and entering the city when suddenly one of the towers in the city had its top blow off like a bomb and out of nowhere a massive hyena landed on a car flat on his chest. The powerful beast got off the pavement. The car was flattened in the imprint of his humongous pecs, wall of abs that are the size of normal pecs and the 1.8-meter-long dick. The traffic wasn’t expecting an immovable yeen in the middle of the road causing many cars to crash into Graff. Totaling at a 10-car pileup, the yeen just cackled at how much damage he did just by standing in the way of the pathetic vehicles. The pile of cars reached so high that they were blocking his view ahead, but with a mere twitch of his throbbing erection sent more than half the crashed vehicles flying. He stomped through the concrete barricade and fencing into two the middles train track lanes. He slammed his muscular fist into the middle of the bridge sending a stream of waves all over the bridge. As the waves travelled, they bent and threw up the tracks, vehicles and barricades shattering the pavement behind them. The bridge crumbled and everything that was on it or was thrown off of it, fell into the water, including Graff. Cars, rubble and some trapped people sunk to the bottom of the ocean floor, but most people were swimming on the top grabbing onto each other or anything that floated. Some people were yanked down into the depths and soon the water where they last were turned red. Panic grew as many people began to believe that they were swimming amongst sharks. Graff grabbed another leg and pulled it down. This time it was a blonde-haired woman, she tried to scream but only bubbles and muffled sounds came from her that nobody but the muscle yeen was able to hear. He grabbed her other leg as well, almost crushing her bones with his iron grip, and flipped her upside down. He forced the woman’s legs open and began pulling her up with his erection between her. She was forced to sit on the godly dick upside down until Graff started pulling her up more, his cock resisted from making any movements, instead it began splitting the female. Like a saw blade cutting into plywood, his cock split her clean in half. He let her go and reached for another panicking leg. A man in his fifties came down to meet the god face to face. Graff pulled the shocked human closer to his open maw, his tongue came out and entered the man’s mouth. After a second of exploration, he tensed up the muscles of his tongue making it larger and breaking his jaw in the process, causing the man to make more panicked gurgles. His big tongue then punched through the palate and went through the nasal cavity straight into his brains. He wiggled his muscle tongue, slapping the man’s brain around in his head while he watched the man’s expression change. After the yeen grew tired of the tongue-puppeting, with a swift flex and pull, the human skull shattered, as the meat broke out of his face. The hyena moved closer to group of paddling and kicking feet. He bit onto one and began shaking his head. The man above water was screaming as he flopped violently in and out of water, until his leg separated from the body. Graff ravaged a few more people below the water, taking bites out of them and violently shaking them, causing a massive panic in the water. After a few more corpses decorated the sea, the yeen grew bored of playing with the wet humans. He threaded his fingers together infront of his big pecs and quickly pushed forward, blasting a huge amount of water forward that took everything in its path, with it, raining down on the coast. No one except the beastly yeen was left in the water. With a ridiculous speed, Graff swam to the southeastern bridge. His dick-fin cut deep into the water as he sent waves, pushing out every boat in the water. As he reached the massive steel leg of the bridge, he jumped out of the water and wrapped his huge muscular legs around it, bending it as they gripped onto it. The muscular beast wrapped his arms around it as well and pushed it up, ripping the steel, removing the massive support that held up the bridge, and dropped it aside making it collapse. He quickly hopped over onto the other leg and with another devastating kick he brought it down as he flew towards the eastern bridge. The yeen landed in the middle of the final bridge crushing a car under his feet. Cars crashed into his legs as he walked towards and through the concrete barricade and onto the train tracks. The bullet train came in at its top speed of 320 km/h (200 mph). Graff pushed his massive equine-like erection into its path, cutting into its duraluminium frame. His massive member created a massive tear in the side of the train and cut the passengers in half as it raced passed him. Legs, arms, torsos and even an unfortunate head was removed by the musky tool. The passengers on the other side of the train were lucky to taste the musky blood of their friends as they pass the dick. The roof of the damaged train collapsed as it lost structural integrity as the vehicle passed the god and went into the city. On the other track another train was coming, this one was attempting to leave for the mainland, but Graff wasn’t having it. He grabbed each rail with one hand and ripped them off the ground, bending them up as a ramp. The speeding train followed the rails that were propped up by the hyena god. It flew 300 meters until the train and its cars rained onto the traffic. A few wagons embedded into the bridge like arrows into an animal, but most just rolled and slid across the road smothering and pushing cars off, into the sea. The yeen then hopped a little, pulling up his legs and as he neared the ground he kicked down. Like a weapon of explosive nature went off, a shockwave ripped the middle section to shreds as Muscle Yeen flew up once again, leaving a crumbling bridge beneath him. Within minutes only one way escape to the city remained, the Preston airport. With double runways and over 50 aircraft on it, made it a good place to execute an evacuation, that’s why Graff decided to give it a visit. He cratered down in the middle of the first runway, ruining it in the process. “HAHAHA!” he cackled “MY! WHAT FUN LOOKING TOYS YOU GOT FOR ME!” The Godly Yeen stomped towards the control tower, shaking the ground with his mighty feet. There was a 747 at the end of the intact runway, waiting for its permission to take off. The pilot and copilot noticed the monster that destroyed the other runway, stomping around, so they quickly ignored what the control tower had to say and set all four engines to full throttle. The yeen got to the concrete tower, placing his large hands onto its walls and pulled it up. The concrete cracked all around the tower as it was separated from its lower part, crumbling in places, but it mostly stayed intact. Graff noticed the jumbo jet trying to escape, he quickly ran towards it with the tower in hand, as he got in range he jumped up and bringing his oversized bat to the side and swung it straight into the 747’s nose. The front was completely crumpled up as his weapon shattered to small chunks, everyone at that end of the plane got completely crushed into unrecognizable paste. The wreckage spun off to side, breaking the landing gear and ripping a wing off in as it slid to side onto the grass. As it went the half with the remaining wing pointed up, and as it came to a stop it rolled over breaking the wing. The trail of fuel caught fire, burning its way towards the wreckage giving those that came-to a new problem to deal with. Bloody screaming people crawled on the ceiling as they tried to find an exit, but fire was much faster. As Graff stomped towards some more toys the plane behind him exploded, raining debris all over the place, but the Big God didn’t care for such measly spectacles instead he focused on what he will do to the remaining aircraft. His body steamed sweat as his excitement built up. The God grabbed a black private jet with his left hand and one of the luggage pulling cars in his right. Steam escaped his hairy pit as held the plane over his head. He tossed the jet, sending it flying like a huge paper plane, soaring high in the sky. The yeen quickly followed it up with the luggage car, his throw generated a boom indicating that the projectile surpassed the speed of sound. His aim was spot on, hitting the plane he just threw. He cackled at sight of fiery debris raining into the ocean. He went for another jet, only this time he stroked his cock with his other hand, he threw the plane and as it flew off, he aligned it with his dick, and blasted a stream of cum cutting the plane’s wing off sending it into a downward spiral. The police were quick to react over the terror attack at the airport. Three police helicopters were flying overhead, with SWAT officers taking shots in its windows at the muscle-bound beast. The pathetic pebbles would have been unnoticeable for the yeen if not for the pops coming from the rifles. “YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT YOU MADE ALL THESE TOYS AND THE BEST YOU CAN DO IS THROW LITTLE STONES AT ME?!?!?!” boomed the Yeen mockingly. “PATHETIC!!!” Graff stomped to the nearest plane, a parked 747, and leaned forward to get under it. He propped up the massive aircraft over his head with both hands and threw it at one of the choppers, with such powerful force that the wings ripped off instantly, flailing them into the main building, crumbling the wall as it bent and burned, wrecking up an entire waiting area and crushing dozens of people who were trying to figure out what was going on. Like a fly on the tip of a dick, the helicopter was completely obliterated on the nose of the aircraft as it flew into it. The burning nosed hull flew kilometers up and crashed down into a different city on the coast of the continent, causing chaos far from the gods current location. Two helicopters were left for Graff to deal with, but before he could make his next move, black vans were converging around him. Men with black commando gear and SWAT written on their unforms with white letters, emerged from the vans with rifles in hand all of them yelling the word ‘HUT’ repeatedly as they surrounded the yeen and without any hesitation, they open fire on him. Graff charged at his attackers, grabbing one of them in each hand and thrusting a third into the sky with his human sized cock. He put the two of them together and squished them into each other with his hands, their screaming stopped when their ribcages morphed into one. Their lungs were smushed silencing their voices, but they still flailed their arms and legs at the yeen’s arms. He tossed the double man at another SWAT officer, with such speed that their collision seemed almost instantaneous. They slid, rolled and bounced across the runway until they hit a hanger door on the other side, by the time they splattered on the big hard sheet of steel their bodies were already twisted and mangled not to mention their necks were all broken. The god then turned and grabbed another man, both of his hands on the officer’s hips who valiantly unloaded his rifle into Graff’s face, probing his throat, eyes and nose for a weak spot. Graff opened his maw, prompting the man to fire one last round into it as the beast chomped down on the entire rifle with his entire forearm, making the man scream in pain and shock. He chewed on the weapon as he pushed the man against himself, all the while his comrades were still futilely peppering him with 5.56. He placed his left arm on the man’s back, holding him tightly into his sweaty pecs as his right arm grabbed both his legs and began folding them back. More screaming came from the man as his joints and bones cracked and popped as the unusual pose broke his pelvis as it was where his body was folded. He moved his left arm over his legs and continued to hold the man against himself as his right arm moved to grab the man by what was his crotch, with an iron tight grip he smothered the man’s jewels as folded him yet again. This time there was more popping and cracking as he crushed the man’s ribcage silencing him, as well as breaking much more bones elsewhere in his body, not to mention splitting his skin open. All of his organs were smothered as his blood sprayed all over the Yeen’s short musky fur. Graff crushed the officer’s skull down into the bloody mush, then with both hand he crushed the arms down and squished the remains into a big meatball. As he was doing all this, he chewed the rifle down into a hot yellow ball of metal. The yeen aimed up his muzzle with a helicopter and spat the ball out. What many considered to be any energy beam, left his mouth at a blink of an eye and hit the shaft of the helicopter that was connected to rotors, spraying sparks as the dense metal ball went on further. Since there is nothing left to hold it up, the chopper fell straight down and met an explosive fate, just as Graff casually tosses his treat in the ball’s place and ate it. What remained of the SWAT team was left shocked. How could they stop something they can’t make bleed? One of them got an idea, he reached for one of his pouches and pulled out a tear gas canister and tossed it towards the beast, releasing a cloud of smoke. Graff just looked down at the little tin spewing something that id used as to make people’s eyes and lungs burn. He took a deep breath and just laughed at the desperate attempt to hinder him. “HAHAHA!!! THAT’S HOW YOU PLAN TO STOP ME?!?!? A CAN OF FART?!?!?!” He boomed. “PATHETIC!!! THIS, IS REALLY CHEMICAL WARFARE!!!” Graff’s body started soaking in sweat and like an explosion, his body turned the sweat into steam, covering everything in a 9-kilometer radius thick cloud of musk, that also seeped into the main building itself. Other than making everything smell like an unwashed shared workout shirt of 30 bodybuilders, it also had acidic properties, reacting with almost everything and everyone it came into contact with. The SWAT team and the people in the airport all started melting down into bloody fleshy puddles of goo, their faces stretched making gurgling noises as they fused with their clothes. The building, airplanes and other vehicles also started to melt, drip and burn away from the hyena’s vapor. The building began to collapse, the various airplanes flopped down on the ground as their landing gear failed to hold them up. Even the final police helicopter started melting as it spiraled out of the sky. Graff just cackled as everything around him was now a puddle or in was in the process of becoming one. With the final means to escape devastated, he could now turn his attention to terrorizing the greater population of the city. Graff got down onto his hands and began pulling and kicking his way out of the airport area, running through everything on all four like a real beast, he stomped and blasted through all the puddles and gooifying objects in his wake. The yeen left the musky airport area behind him and as he reached a more populated area again, he slowed down. People were gazing into the slowly dissipating acidic cloud, and to their surprise, something living emerged from it, a huge muscular hyena man. People were shocked when they saw Graff stomp towards them, especially when they finally noticed his third leg. Many thought that he was mutated by the cloud, but none of them would have even guessed that something living could emanate it. Even though he stopped creating the acidic version of his musk, his body was carrying it with him. The God approached his next victim, a man in his forties acting like a dear in the headlight. He reached out to him and just when he was about to grab the man, the air around his hand started burning him. The human screamed in pain from his face beginning to melt, he fell back and tried to crawl away. Fortunately for him, only the skin was melting, which prompted Graff to give him the quick death of being stomped on by a massive foot. The ground shook as the man was turned into a bloody stain in a foot shaped hole in the pavement. As the beast’s attention shifted from his latest victim to those around him, the surrounding crowd turned to a panic. People were screaming and running as the hyena cackled as he stomped after them. He grabbed a couple of them and squished them into his biceps, popping skulls and breaking bones just by merely handling the bugs. A woman got into her car, she throttled down as hard as could, but she wasn’t going anywhere. The wheels were spinning freely in the air as Graff easily lifted up the car from behind and pushed it on to his massive horse cock, it was easily held up his erection, even bouncing a bit as it throbbed. He was barely able to hold back his laughter as he made ‘vroom’ sounds, running down the road, pushing his penis down a little so the front of the car was closer to the ground. People were knocked over by the car with the yeen imitating car sounds, as he stomped on those who fell over before him. More and more blood was splattered on the front as the only thing the woman inside could do was scream. After committing roughly forty acts of vehicular manslaughter, the hyena ripped the roof of the car off, with his right hand he grabbed the lady and with his left he ripped the mangled and bloody vehicle off of his dick, casually tossing it off behind him. The woman continued to scream as the beast brought her closer to his face, giving her a sinister toothy smile, his tongue slid out of his mouth again and entered hers. She was overwhelmed as the huge sloppy piece of meat went in, filling out her mouth entirely, sliding down her throat. Graff unhanded her as he straightened out his tongue inside of her bringing her body into a horizontal position, tear dripped from her eyes as she tried to scream more, then the meat slid out from her pussy covered in blood, and in a blink of an eye the tongue snapped straight up, breaking through the woman’s flesh. Her limp body fell down bouncing off the godly erection and splattered on the ground with a massive split going down her middle. Two military planes were flying in the sky, one of them was dropping off paratroopers, sprinkling down thirty parachutes as it turned back towards the base. The other aircraft dropped something larger than mere soldiers, it dropped a big box with five massive parachutes, followed by for paratroopers. The large box and the four soldiers landed, and the men immediately ran towards the box, pulled its back end off and went inside. After a few seconds a loud roar came from the box as it collapsed, revealing a Leopard 2a7. “Loader! Load Squash!” said the commander in the com. “Driver move out! Let’s find and end this monster so we can go home!” The main battle tank rolled off towards the airport at its top speed, with the thirty soldiers unable to keep up with it. Graff placed foot on the leg of the screaming woman, gently, trying not to break her too early. She screamed not only because the fearsome monster was nothing, she had seen in her 20 years of life, but because he was holding her boyfriend. The man was desperately flailing his pathetic arms at the yeen’s hold on his ribcage, he screamed for his lover as the monster’s grip grew tighter. Graff’s sinister grin widened as he moved his thumbs all around the man’s rib, with light taps the ribs gave a loud pop when struck by his ‘lesser’ attack. After all the filthy human’s ribs were broken, he sat the blood breathing toy into his sharp, wide-open maw, propping him with his tongue behind his back. As he closed his mouth the boyfriend’s back bent backwards and with a loud crack his pencil spine broke in two, he gurgled blood as the yeen’s teeth sunk into his flesh, completely folding him in half. Graff then violently shook his head, the man’s blood sprayed everywhere, even on his girlfriend’s face, as he was flapped left and right, eventually his upper torso and his left leg got loose and flew away. The yeen then pointed his muzzle at woman and squeezed the body into the top of his mouth, soaking woman in her lover’s blood. She shrieked at the top of her lungs as Graff just swallowed his treat. The 20-year-old kicked with more screaming as the god picked her up, he placed both of his massive thumbs into her mouth, breaking her jaw into many pieces as he stretched it to her limit, then ripping her lips as pulled the living condom onto his giant cock head, her blood acted as lube as she was forced to take the godly cock deeper, her throat split open as the big black monster slid through it into her torso, her lungs heart and other organs were pushed out of the way and out of her ass giving way for the god’s dick. Her entire body stretched to the massive form of the cock, her dead eyes looked up the big wall of muscles of which she was at the base of, her bloody ass was split wide open as the majority of the power tool stretched excitedly far out of it, being far too big to be contained in a mere human. Graff just snickered at how worthless she was. Suddenly, half a kilometer away, a tank powerslided around the block corner into plane view of the anthropomorphic hyena, stopping in the middle of the road, aiming up its Rheinmetall Rh-120 at him. “HAHAHAHA!!! ALRIGHT!!!” cackled the beast at the clear sign that the mortals were stepping up their game. “Cheezus!” Yelled the gunner. “That thing got a woman on its dick!” “Just aim at the center of mass and kill this asshole!” Replied the commander. “On the way!” said the gunner as he stomped on the trigger. A blast of fire followed the 120mm round through the smoothbore barrel as it exited, flying in a slight curve as it reached the yeen’s abs, the head of the round squashed into it, forming around the bulging muscle and detonated. The smoke left by the explosive settled revealing the furry god cackling and no sign of the corpse that was on his member. “Impossible!” said the gunner. The commander was stunned for a brief moment as the reality of the situation dawned on him through his periscope. “L-loader! Load HEAT!” he commanded. “Up!” replied the loader after he chambered the next round. “Fire!” yelled the commander, prompting the gunner to stomp on the trigger again. Fire sent another round out of the barrel but this time, fin stabilizers flopped out on the round’s tail. It flew in a similar curve of the last round only this time its tip hit Graff’s left pec slightly closer to the center of chest. As the tip felt the resistance of the immovable object infront of it causing its core to melt and with a lot of force it spat its content onto the big slab of muscle. The little puff of smoke that this round generated quickly settled, showing the world the molten metal splattered on his fur. The yeen snickered as he casually brushed off the super-heated remains of the shaped charge. “HAHAHAHAHA!!! GOT ANYTHING ELSE?!?!?!” He cackled. The gunner’s jaw was jittering as watched the anti-tank munition leave the beast unharmed. “Load APFSDS!!!” Yelled the commander with a desperate tone. The loader without witnessing what the rest of the crew, was left confused. ‘I thought we were fighting some creature, not a tank.’ He thought to himself as pushed the round into the chamber and locking it. “Up!” he yelled, immediately followed by the commander’s yell to fire. The Barrel recoiled as the third round was sent flying, as it left the pipe, three sabots flew off of it to the side, leaving a long thin, fin-stabilized needle. At the staggering speed of 1750m/s (~3900 mph), the curve of the projectile at 500 meters was practically nonexistent, hitting Graff straight in the eye. The soft ballistic tip failed to penetrate something that’s considered to be weakest part of any being, but more surprisingly, the dense depleted uranium core failed as well. The hypersonic projectile that could penetrate over 600mm (2 feet) of rolled homogenous steel couldn’t even blind the hyena, it was only able to ricochet off of him the building next to the beast. “HAHAHAHAHA!!! WHAT A PUNY GUN!!! HERE’S A REALLY CANNON” roared the god, as his hand stroked the massive meat shaft and aiming it towards the leopard. Ground rumbled to his deep, powerful growls as he charged his genetic cannon. “Is he… masturbating to us?” asked the gunner, his question sending the loader into a deeper state of confusion. “I don’t like this. Driver! Reverse!” said the commander. The engine roared up as the tank began to speed off backwards. The Yeen however has reached his point. The cock cannon fired with deafening boom, blasting cum at 2500m/s (5600 mph), the genetic projectile hit the front of hull dead center where the two glacis plates meet, burning through the armor leaving a hole almost the size of the godly dick itself. As the hot semen flew through the fighting compartment, it sent spalling armor and some drops of cum in all directions, bouncing everywhere inside the vehicle, shredding the crew to bits. The main projectile blasted through the turret basket, and through the farther wall, into the engine compartment, breaking the 1500 horsepower diesel motor out the far end, bouncing the block all over the street, leaving craters as it finally flopped into a parked car. Graff thumped up to the disable main battle tank grinning at how easily he destroyed it with a small amount of self-love. He shoved his cock into the hole widening it, the inside of the wreck felt nice and warm to his cock as he lifted it with his dick alone and grabbed the gun yanking the turret off the hull. Carrying the turret on his shoulder began thumping forward with the hull of the tank that’s longer the was tall, still sitting on his cock with its gaping ass pointing high and shaking to the throbbing. The troopers received word that the tank was destroyed by the monster. The thirty men were very nervous. How could mere soldiers stop a monster that a tank couldn’t? They came to a very demoralizing answer when the beast walked through a building at the end of the street, straight into their sights with his accessory throbbing and his powerful musk instantly filling the noses of his next prey. “HEHEHE!!! MORE RUNTS TO PLAY WITH!!!” He snickered with his rough, deep voice. As the words left his mouth the soldiers immediately opened fire and Graff began charging them, the end his oversized metal-fleshlight scraped a wide trench in the pavement, which received the devastating imprints of the sweaty, killer feet. The speeding beast ran over 5 soldiers, knocking them over and like tubes of toothpaste, the dick-wreck squeezed their guts out of their mouths. He turned around quickly for his next victim, sending the armored fleshlight flying off his erection and crashing through one of the buildings. One of the troopers was left shocked from witnessing something so massive tumbling through the air past him, as he regained focus turning his head back at the monster the tank turret slammed down on him like hammer, turning him into a bloody sticker on the armor. The hyena let out a deep cackle, taunting the twenty-four soldiers, holding his impromptu warhammer with one arm while he stomped towards the group. The troopers were getting desperate, but they had a plan. Most of them started running off down an alley, with Graff quickly moving to follow them, bulldozering through the buildings in path to intercept them, he swung his mighty hammer through the final wall hoping to send most of them flying, but to his chagrin the bugs were quicker than he expected, turning his head he caught a glimpse of one of them getting around the corner. The yeen ran after them, cackling, he swung the turret through the building, tearing it down in the process. “He’s right behind me!!!” yelled a farthest soldier, trying to keep up with comrades. Another soldier looked back just in time to see the leopard turret come through the wall and hitting the man. On contact with the armor all of his bones shattered, and he was sent flying with the rest of the debris, sprinkling onto the building across the road. The cackling monster tossed his hammer onto his shoulder, with his other hand pointed the erection at the militiamen and fired it again. The supersonic semen blasted through a couple of them taking some of their flesh and blood with it as it broke through everything in its path and finally hit the ground somewhere on the coast of the mainland. A total of six men were hit by the ejaculation, out of them one only lost his arm and not his life. The man held his bleeding stub as he screamed, the knowledge that Graff was still behind him broke through the pain to reach his mind but unfortunately, it was too late for him to push on, as the musky beast was looming over him. The big black horse dick fell down on him, caving his skull in and splattering his brains all over the place. The troopers retaliated by unloading their rifles and under barrel grenade launchers into the monster. Sparks flew and smoke was puffed all around the beast as he just snickered at the desperate attempts of hurting him. He bounced his hammer in his hand as stomped towards them, his thumps shaking the ground beneath the feet of the soldiers. As common sense returned to one of the humans, he yelled, telling his comrades to follow him. All of them ran down an alley leading back to the street they came from. The furry god began running again, as he reached an adequate amount of momentum, he leaped up, reaching the height of 7 stories and he fell back down through the building covering the alley, slamming the deformed turret into the ground creating a shockwave that brought down the building across from him, but to the yeen’s disbelief he only caught one of the squirmy little bugs. He roared as went after the filthy humans, bringing the entire alley as he pounced towards them. He putted three of them into a bloody mist with his impromptu hammer as he flew over the group and into the building across the street. The fifteen troopers regrouped, taking their positions for their final attempt to stop the beast. Graff chuckled as he stomped back into the middle of the road, sweaty bouncing off his glistening muscles as he pulled his toy behind him. The soldiers took cover all over the street, with no sign that they’re going to fall back any further, the hyena just cackled at sight of bravery of the bugs making a final stance against him and not fleeing for their miserable lives, thinking they have any chance against the furry god. “HAHAHAHAHA!!! LET’S GET TO IT!!!” he roared, prompting the humans to open fire once again. Bullets bounced and sparked all over Graff as he thumped to the first militiaman, grabbing him with his free arm and casually tossing him up, holding the deformed and twisted turret like a baseball bat, and as the human fell back down, he hit him with it, sending the mortal flying off into the distance with a trail of blood marking his trajectory. The monstrous yeen ran towards the next two, jumping on them, making two big craters around his feet and leaving puddles of blood in the two foot-shaped holes in the middle of said craters as he stomped on. He lined up a parked car with the twisted metal and slammed it into the vehicle, committing three vehicular manslaughters with one strike. His violent erection shot of again, this time it fired a continuous stream, cumming through everything he pointed the musky cannon at. Half the city collapsed as steamy hot jizz blasted through everything and everyone, covering half the island with his smelly genetic material. The last soldier fell back, he gazed upon the godly monstrosity who was holding the second last trooper squirming in his left hand and the broken turret in his right, chuckling as he slammed his comrade into his chest, shattering his body and spraying his blood all over his godly chest without braking eye contact with the mortal. The human just stared at the beast with resentment. “Hehehe! Any last words before I turn you into another fleshlight?!” Asked Graff with a smug tone. “It’s time to yeet the yeen!” said the trooper with a similarly smug tone, as fiddled with something in his hand. “THE FU-”The hyena’s words were cut short as more than two dozen explosives surrounding him detonated at once. As the big cloud of smoke settled, Graff just chuckled at the somewhat successful attempt to bamboozle him. Still cackling, the not-yeeted-yeen looked around for what else he could play with, turning around he spotted the largest building in the city. The Dickson Tower was a 500 meter (~1600 foot) tall skyscraper, beating the second tallest with a staggering 170 meters. A toothy, sinister grin grew on Graff’s face, as he tossed aside his melee weapon and ran towards the tower, at a staggering speed he leaped up and fell back down headfirst, with his arms extended infront of his head, he broke through the pavement, leaving a hole shaped as his top-down silhouette, erection and all. The entire island shook like there was an earthquake, car alarms went off and the survivors shrieked, holding onto whatever seemed solid enough. All this caused by a hyena who was practically swimming through concrete and stones, shaking the entire city with mere breast strokes, until he reached his destination. Graff was under the gigantic concrete brick that was the Dickson Tower’s foundation. The city shook again, some parts of the tower fell as it seemed to have gained slightly more than five meters in height. In actuality the hyena god was holding it up with his left hand alone as his right hand was too busy jerking of his musky cannon. “FUCK YEAH!!! TOO EASY!!! FUUUUUUGHK!!!” he roared as he blasted his hot white cream through the ground and up into the sky, covering entire parts of the mainland in his seed and scent. His breath was steaming as huffed at the end of his blast. The huffing quickly turned to cackling as he squatted down while he still held that massive weight with one arm over his head. His glistening quads nearly bursted with muscles as his legs straightened out again. His jump was so powerful, the tower looked like a rocket taking off with the yeen as its engine, its exterior crumbled back down, but most of the building held together. He left a trail of pre and a rain of sweat as flew straight up, only slowing as he reached the stratosphere, where the god simply tossed the building further into the depths of space and pushing himself back down in the process. He corrected his fall so that he would land back on the island. Blowing past the clouds the devastated city came into view, his course was dead center on the city, and as Graff neared it, he flexed up his massive pecs and hit the ground flat on his muscled chest. Like a nuke was dropped, dust consumed the entire island, in such a manner that it was more than safe to assume that no building was left standing, let alone anyone survived. Even what remained of the bridges collapsed from the devastating impact. In a city far away, a lot of people were all staring at the TV’s in stores window, broadcasting a live news report coming from a helicopter. “It’s been almost an hour since the tsunamis hit the coast!” said the reporter. “And it seems that the dust is just about to sett…” His words were cut short, not to mention all the people who were glued to the screens felt an immense amount of shock and confusion at the image the helicopter was broadcasting. The entire landscape of the island was altered, hills and valleys were all shaped like a massive imprint of pecs, abs and below them a massive shaft that reached down into the water, with no signs of life or that there were buildings there earlier that day. The crowd that gathered around the stores window began to murmur, whispering to each other, trying to make sense of it. None of them were paying attention to the car that flew into the group turning them all into stains of blood, tumbling and bouncing on the sidewalk until it broke into the wall of a building. Everybody began panicking and fleeing from a monster that just appeared at the end of the street. The muscle yeen stomped down shaking the city with a deafening roar. “BRING ME YOUR VIRGINS!!!” he boomed followed by his signature cackle as he began chasing the population to claim them as his playthings. End
  6. Seinki

    The Possessed Lioness

    Warning: this story contains furries, female possession, killing and gore Maia is an average lioness, she is 25, she has an average height, and she is a little chubby. She lives in a large city in an apartment like many other anthros. She eats, goes to work from 8 to 4 and goes home. She spends her weekends with her friends. She finished her shift at one of the many offices in the city and she is going home. The city is full of life. Cars are moving up and down the city to their respective destinations. Maia is walking home on the sidewalk as she doesn’t own or need a car or a bike after all she lives only 5 blocks away from her job. She reaches her building, goes inside, up the stairs and into her apartment. She locks the door behind her and says to herself: “Another shift and another day closer to the weekend.” She changes into sweatpants and a loose shirt, grabs some potato chips and munches away on the couch while watching her favorite series, The City Cunts. After a few hours and a few bags of chips later, Maia gets up and goes to her closet. Looking for something to wear on the weekend with girls. After a half an hour she narrowed it down to 3. She puts each of them on with some shoes and accessories and walks infront of her mirror. She spins and looks at herself in every angle she can twist her head in. She takes the 3rd off and places it next to the rest on the bed behind her and looks at them while only wearing a pink bra and knickers. “Maybe tomorrow I should go shopping for something new.” She thinks to herself. She turns around to look at her half naked body in the full body mirror. She shrieks as She didn’t see her golden furred reflection, but that of a large black wolf. He is wearing black kilt and neck collar with gold and red lining, large gold jeweled bracelets and a cloak which shows a picture of the galaxy, but picture of the galaxy stayed in place as he moved. Golden face paint surrounds his glowing red eyes. He is showing his pearly white teeth as he grins at Maia. His huge muscular arms are crossed infront of his chest. “Hello, Maia.” He said with a deep, growling voice. She steps back in fear and confusion. She can only utter a few sounds, but not a single word. The wolf moves forward and out of the mirror that can barely contain his image. His golden sandaled foot goes through the mirror like it was just a door frame, he lowers his head and walks out of the mirror and towers over the lioness’ 170cm tall frame. Her ears don’t even reach the height of his muscular neck. Maia is in shock, but she found courage to ask a question. “W-w-what d-do you w-w-w-want… f-fr-fr-from me?” The wolf holds her chin, gently brushing his thumb on it, and stares into her green eyes. “I want to get inside you.” And with that he turns into pitch black energy and flies into her eyes turning it red. With a toothy grin she chuckles and walks infront of the mirror to admire herself. One hand rubs and slaps he chubby ass, making it bounce, and the other gropes her breasts. “He heh. Lookin good.” Maia can see her reflection and feel her hands touching and groping herself, but she cannot control her actions. Her hand moves from her ass down her panties, rubbing her pussy. “What the hell is going on?!” she asked herself, only her lips didn’t move and no sound left her throat. “You mean fuck, sweety.” the lioness said. “Huh?!” “Fuck, not hell.” She said, as she noticed the teddy bear on the bed and moves towards it, “Okay, what the fuck is going on?!” “I’m in control now, but don’t worry you can enjoy the ride as well. I took over your body, but you should still see, hear and feel everything.” She said as she picked up the teddy bear and examined it in her hand. “Who are you?! And why are you doing this?!” “I’m Sein and I’m a bored god.” She said as she places the plushie inside her panties. “At least leave Mr.Bear out of this!” “Oh, don’t be like that. We are going to have fun tonight! There’s going to be so much sex and murder, nobody will forget about this night!” “Murder?! Oh god! Somebody! Please help me! Anyone!” “You do realize I’m the only one who can hear you, right? I am the one who is speaking outloud.” Said the lioness as she humped the corner of the bed, pushing the bear into her crotch. “You-you are disgusting!” “Believe it or not, I’ve never been a woman before. I feel so different.” She said. “Yeah, you and me both.” Some music can be heard coming from above. Through the music, knocking and slight moaning can be heard. The lioness looks up and asks “What’s that?” “That’s my neighbor, Tom. He has a woman he picks up at the bar with him every other night.” “Seems like he got someone early today. It’s like 7.” “Yeah…” Maia thought with slight disappointment. “We should join in on the fun!” Sein said through the lioness’ body. “What?! NO!” “Oh come on, I can sense your attracted to him. It will be fun!” “No! Even if I would agree, I can’t let him see me like this!” She walks up to the mirror and look in the reflection. The mirror shows the lioness in her pink bra and panties with the teddy bear in it. The brown bear is creating a pink bulge. Its legs are sticking out the top and its arms are sticking out next to the thigh on each side. “You are right.” The lioness proclaimed. She raises a hand and snaps her fingers. Her body began to change. She grew 20cm and the bodyfat on her body almost disappeared. Her breasts and ass became larger and firmer. Her belly is flat with the form of lesser abs, the fat on her arms disappeared without a trace. Her breasts and ass bulges around the fabric of her undergarments, struggling to contain her assets. She became fitness model with a plushie in her pussy. She grins, satisfied with the new form. “Not what I had in mind.” Maia told Sein. She chuckles as she walks over to the fridge. “Sounds like you don’t know what men want.” She said as she opens the fridge and opens a pack of hotdogs. “Sounds like you’re a perv!” Maia struck back. “Correction, we are pervs. I doubt that you won’t enjoy what’s about to come.” With a hotdog in hand the lioness walks up the stairs to the door of the neighbor and knocks loudly. Tom is bull who spends most of his freetime in the gym working out. His short brown fur leaves little to the imagination. Fibers of muscle are visible all over his large arms, legs and chest. Veins are visible all over his biceps, pecs, abs, quads and dick. His beefy ass moves up and down as he pumps his cock into the horse he picked up at gym. She is pretty fit as well, all the major muscle groups are clearly muscular. She has barely any bodyfat, but she barely has any breasts and ass. The two of them have been going at it for like five minutes, kissing and licking each other’s body, when someone loudly knocks on the door. They pretend they didn’t hear it and keep going. Another, louder knocking can be heard from the door. The bull gets up, groaning. His horns are almost reaching the ceiling as he stands. “Who the fuck wants to die so badly?!” He stomps his way to the door, shaking the apartment. He doesn’t bother covering his body as he opens it, and before he could say anything, he looks surprised at his lower neighbor. The lioness was looking up, at the muscle bull, with her innocent bulging red eyes. She licks the hotdog sticking out of her huge tender tits. Her tongue reaches down, and pulls the hotdog into her mouth, and swallows it whole. “Heyyyy” she said with the cutest voice the god could force out of this body. The lioness rubs the bull’s abs and stands closer, pushing the tip of the bull’s hard cock into her belly. “Hi… Maddy, right?” guessed the bull. “Maia” she corrected him. “I was taking a nap downstairs and heard you were having a sleepover. Can I join?” She asked staring innocently into his eyes. She then steps back making a sad face. The bull just then notices and stares down at the teddy bear in her knickers. “Or should I leave?” “N-no. No! Come in and join us!” Said the bull. He steps aside and lets the feline in, feeling like he won the lottery. “Hee hee, okay!” She said as she walked past him. He looks at her perfect ass as she walks straight to the bedroom. “She walks like a man but she’s hot as fuck!” he thought to himself. “Well aren’t just a good little bitch?” poked fun Maia at him. “You must be really popular with the other gods.” He tried to keep the face on her unfazed of his anger. She pinched her arm. “Ow! Bitch!” barked Maia. Tom stayed behind to close the door, he can’t believe some as hot as her just joined in on a threesome out nowhere. He walked back into the bedroom to see the horse and the lioness kissing each other’s body. Their hands ran over their shoulders, the sides of their breasts and down groping each other’s ass, all without separating their lips. Tom’s raging hard on was leaking pre just from the sight of them making out. The mare slowly pulls back, she takes out the teddy bear out of the big cat’s panties. She smells the bear and then starts licking it, all the while Tom is staring at her with widened eyes. She licks and sucks on the bear until it’s soaking wet. She throws it aside and stares into the red eyes of the feline like she is hypnotized. The lioness just gives her grin showing off all her sharp teeth, and with that the mare starts kissing and sucking her neck. “Whoa, girls give me some action too!” interjected Tom. “Then be a big boy and conquer us!” teased the lioness. Challenged by a woman, the bull snorts loudly and stomps towards them. He pulls them apart then pushes them on their backs, they land into soft, sex smelly mattress. The feline looks up to him with an anticipating smile, the equid was breathing hard from the sucking however her face was somewhat unfazed. With his strong hands Tom snaps the knickers and bra, and rips them off of her. He gropes her large tits and pushes his face between them. While Tom was busy motorboating, the lioness gave a quick glance over to his gym partner. The fit mare sprung to life and began rubbing the bulls veiny, muscular arm and back, licking and kissing his shoulder and neck. Tom moves up from her chest and starts kissing her on the lips as he moves his 30cm cock into her pussy. She wraps her legs around his waist, as he thrusts. The sound of moaning and his sack slapping the feline’s ass fills the room. He grunts with every thrust, she can feel the veins pumping blood into his dick inside of her, making her feel like she is by fucked and tickled at the same time. The cuckolding mare is just worshipping them as they fuck, licking, kissing, rubbing up to them as they fuck. “I never had a dick like this before!” said Maia as she feels that she is getting close. Her vagina moves as she orgasms, it massages his cock making him cum as well. “YEAH!” yelled the lioness as she feels hot cum filling her. With a last few thrusts, cum spills out making a mess in the felines crotch. Tom finishes the round with a kiss and pulls out. “Oh-okay, I have to admit, this wasn’t such a bad idea after all.” exclaimed Maia, feeling looser from the orgasm. “*pants* That was… it was great! *pants*“ Tom pants. “Now, how about I play with you?” He asks as he holds the horse by her cheeks. She just stares into the void with a blank look on her face and little drool running down the side of her mouth. “The fucks with her?” asked Tom. “Who cares!” exclaimed the lioness as puts her hand on the horse’s face. “Let’s do it again!” she yelled as she shoves the other girl aside. She used a little to much force with her push, the equid flew across the room, the wall cracked and blood spattered as she impacted. The crash broke the back of her head open. Gravity pulled her down off the wall. She fell forward exposing her brain matter to the eyes of the other two. “WHAT THE HECK?!”screamed Maia. “WHAT THE FUCK?!” exclaimed the bull. His eyes are wide with shock. The lioness glanced at the dead girl and looked back at him like she is used to the sight. “She is dead, whatever. Now come and dick me!” She demanded. “What’s wrong with you?! You kill someone and then demand me to fuck you?! What the actual fuck?!” “What? A tank like you never killed someone before?” “What?! NO!” “Well, that’s very disappointing.” “Disa- ? What kind of monster are you?!” “Oh, I’m just some dude who possessed your neighbor. It’s pretty obvious, no? I mean my unnatural red eyes are a dead give away.” “OH MY FUCKING GOD!” “Ha ha! Yeah, that’s me!” “Wait, so you’re a guy?!” “Inside a woman, yes,” “So does that make me gay for having sex with you?” “I’m glad that you’re focusing on the most important thing here. Yes, yes it does.” The bull glances over to the corpse and starts backing out of the room. “It was fun but, I have to go home now.” He says. He then spun around and tries to book it for the door. Before he could even start running, the busty lioness was standing right infront of him. She put her hand on his chest and pushed him back into the bedroom. “I think you should stop, now!” said Maia. She was like an unstoppable force, he couldn’t put up any resistance to her as she casually pushed him back. With a significantly weaker shove, the muscle bull fell back on his bed, it creaked loudly as the heavy beast landed on it. The feline, like a true predator, crawled onto the bed with her eyes locked onto his. She growled as she crawled on top of him. Reaching his waist, she sat on his lap as she spread her legs. She opened to a perfect 180°s, showing some impressive flexibility. “Woah! Okay, I didn’t know my body could do that!” exclaimed Maia. Her feet dangled down each side of the bed. She slid his now slightly flaccid cock into her and began to ride him. She is jumping on his lap making his cock fully hard again. Her ass and tits bounces as rides the muscle bound bull like she owns him. She moans, he grunts and the bed creaks as her ass repeatedly slaps down on his lap. They both arrive to their climax. Tom lets out a Moo as he cums a hot load into her again. The lioness lets out a loud roar as the tingly sensation of feeling each other’s orgasm is better than before. It was so good, she began to squeeze her legs closed. The crunch of the bed braking echoed in Tom’s head as he felt his waist getting tighter and tighter. He looked at her shocked, seeing her intent in her eyes, as she gave him a sadistic toothy smile. “Aaaaargh!!” “STOP!” demanded Maia. “Don’t hurt him!” “You have no say in this. You’re only along for the ride.” said Sein. The bull wails in pain as his waist is slowly crushed by the smaller female. His pelvis audibly cracks, then floorboards are crunching together as her feet moves, closing in on each other, like two fingers crumbling a piece of paper. “LET HIM GO!” Maia yelled. Like he didn’t even hear her crying, Sein kept using Maia’s body like scissor, as her legs pulverized his pelvis. Blood and cum mixed on her crotch, crocodile tears flowed from the bull’s eyes as he yelled. Her legs opened, the broken bull and the debris of his bed fell to the ground. Without all the blood, his body looked like someone played around in photoshop, with his comically thin waist. All Maia could do is cry and say no, as she is unable to control her own body and stop the madness. “Please…” begged the broken bull quietly. “All you and Maia can do is complain.” Said Sein through the lioness. “We are having the time of your lives and all you two say is “Please don’t hurt me!” and “Let the love of my life live!”. I mean, just look at this!” The bloody bimbo reaches down and puts the horse’s head in her ass and flexes. The dead girl’s head flattened with a sickening crunch. Her body fell to the ground, blood puddled from her headless neck. Bloody mush dripped from Maia’s ass. “Oh yeah! That feels good!” said Sein. “Oh God!” Maia exclaimed. The bull could only groan as he watched the lioness desecrate his gym partner’s corpse. “I thought a big guy like you would find it fun to crush lesser people, but when I saw how you went from fun fuckboy to scared bitch when I threw this cunt, I realized just how pathetic the mortals in this realm are. Oh well, more fun for me!” With that the lioness grabbed him by throat and lifted him to her eye level. She gave him one last kiss and said: “All this made me hungry, I could eat a hamburger!” She threw him back and picked him up by his feet. “Don’t! Please let him go!” Maia begged. With a short chuckle, she pushed the bull’s feet into her fanged mouth, and slowly started to suck him down her throat like an oversized spaghetti noodle. The size of her mouth and throat didn’t change so the bull had to slide down a 6cm diameter tube which was her esophagus. His feet were merged together as they entered her mouth, her fangs cut into his claves and quads as he was being eaten alive. Inside her neck the bull’s body became a poor excuse for salami, as his flesh slid into the acid pool which was her stomach. His waist wasn’t much to talk about since it was already tenderized. The bull wails as his bones are being pulverized, his muscles are turned into mush, and as his already screaming nerve endings are burned up in the acid. Sein is enjoying every moment of this, he even grabbed for his cock, only to remember his in a girl’s body right now. Maia was screaming for him to stop, not realizing the wolf even enjoyed making the incapable girl cry. The bulls rock hard veiny 8 pack are crushed down to like it was made of sponge. The crunching intensified when it was time for the chest. His ribs shattered one by one, piercing his collapsing lungs. His racing heart was strangled by the bones and muscles being forced down by the superior lioness’ mouth. The bull is long dead, since the pressure created by the feline’s jaw made all the blood vessels in his brain burst. His skull made the loudest crunch compared to the rest of his body. As his head went down the hole all that remained was his stretched-out arms, with the big mouthwatering biceps. The bull became one with the bloody lioness. All that remained in the apartment was a headless corpse, and a sadistic wolf god and a city girl in one body. Maia didn’t speak to Sein after he made her body eat her crush. Sein proud that he made two people suffer with a little snack made the lioness grin. He made her stand infront of the mirror. The bloody bimbo did a double bicep pose, there is barely anything that bulged up as she flexed, but suddenly she began to grow. Her muscles grew exponentially, her arms went from spaghetti to tree trunk in a second, her gravity defying breasts grew larger than her head and were pushed further by a pair of insanely thick pecs. Her flat belly grew forming a perfectly carved 8 pack, which was pushed almost into a roidgut shape. Her ass and legs had so much muscle she could have jumped up to the rooftop of a building or landed from any height with them. Her neck was almost gone from all the muscle. She became as big the bull was, only she had larger bumpers. The smell of testosterone is being emitted from her armpits and crotch in the form of steaming musk. She posed a most muscular, her muscle fibers were almost visible through her fur, but the vast network of veins were 100% visible. As flexed harder her eyes and veins began to glow red, only fading as she released. She loosened down, relaxing all her muscles. With pride, the wolf observed his latest work through the eyes of his creation. The lioness groped and fondled herself infront of the mirror, enjoying her hard muscles and her large tender tits. Forming a fist, she bashed her belly, even when relaxed the muscles were very dense, giving the bash a solid thud. Maia was completely silent, traumatized by what happened and forced witness everything what’s about to come, she only wishes that her essence was killed so she wouldn’t have to suffer more. The hulking predator made her way to the bathroom, with very audible but gentle steps. She walks through the door like it wasn’t there, exploding it into fragments. She looks into the bull’s bathroom mirror only to see the bloodied lower part of her muscled torso. She bends forward and puts her hand on the sink, crushing it down. She looked at her reflection again, seeing her evil toothy smile and her breasts covering the rest of her muscled body. She turns around and moves towards the shower, along the way she “accidentally” broke the toilet by crashing her foot through it. She stepped in the shower and began to wash off all the blood and gore from the playtime. Bone fragments were washed from her ass, those that weren’t crushed small enough began to pile up on the drains filter, making the bloody water go down more slowly. With her ass and most of her crotch was completely clean, she moved the showerhead towards her vagina. The water sprinkling it, gives a tickling sensation. She puts the showerhead into her vagina, it crunches it and eats it. Her cunt pulls on the shower hose all by itself, tearing it out of the wall and swallowing it and crunching it down to nothing. Grinning with satisfaction she steps out of the shower, not caring about water spraying from the wall. She gets a towel from the closet and dries herself as she heads back to the bedroom to Tom’s wardrobe. She looked through his clothes and puts on something that’s seems the most comfortable. She is now wearing large steel toed boots, a pair of jeans which are so tight around her legs, the reveal the form of the muscles of her ass, quads and calves. She is also wearing the dead bull’s yellow t-shirt that has “BULL-DOZER” written on it with big black bold letters. The shirt fitted Tom just fine but on her it was tight because of her massive tits which were almost wider than her shoulder. The shirt’s inscription was stretched so much it was as if when it was typed space was pressed after each character. Her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric. The stretched shirt’s bottom was somewhat loose below her breasts, but it still couldn’t cover her abs. The sleeves seemed like they would burst from a flex. She is standing infront of the mirror grinning at her appearance. “What are you planning?” asked Maia, already fearing his answer. “I heard there is hot new club in town. We should party a little!” said Sein. “Oh no.” The lioness kicked down the apartment’s door and thumped her way to the roof. The steel roof access door was pulled out of the hinges and stayed in her hand as she walked on the roof. She looked at the door. She threw the door like a supersonic frisbee. It flew through the building infront of her like a hot knife through butter. Rebar enforced concrete, bricks and windows broke as the door flew through a dozen buildings in its path, even killing some people. Some were hurt by the debris but mainly people were cut in half by it. Satisfied by the act of destruction, she turns to the direction of the night club. Lights can be seen shining the sky and music can be heard from the club that is few kilometers away. She jumps up and flew over the city. The sight of the city is overwhelmingly beautiful, but Sein is concentrating on landing somewhere more secluded, not wanting to skip to early to the best part of the night. A car drove into a dark alleyway. David, a rich cougar driving his expensive car, parked in the middle of the alleyway. Next to him is Jennifer, his fox girlfriend. David turned off the engine as Jennifer unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulling out his hardening cock, which weirdly smelled like aftershave. She then reached up into her red dress, pulled down her lingerie and climbed into his lap. The couple gave each other a smile, signaling to each other that they’re ready. The fox road David, her moans were only interrupted by the cougar kissing her. Unnoticed by them an old homeless mouse was watching. He began to stroke his pathetic little cock as he watched the couple making love. She sped up as she was getting near and… Two feet landed on the roof of the car, pushing it down to the bottom of the seats, brutally killing the couple. The sudden thud and exploding glass made the old mouse fall on his back. He looked up to see a hulking lioness in what appears to her childhood clothes. The car underneath her was completely crushed, it’s belly broke into the asphalt of the alley. She was looking straight him with her red predator eyes, smiling at him with her fangs. She started walking towards him, her first step on the hood of the car, the metal squealed as it bent to shape of her footprint. His instincts kicked in. He got up and tried to run. Hearing the thuds of her pursuing him. Being pathetic as he was, he tripped and fell after only few steps. He looked back up and all he could muster was “Please!” The steel-toed boot landed on his head but there was no weight on it. The boot that was bigger than his head was just gently pushing down on his nose. His eyes were watering as he stared at the sole. “Heheheh. How polite.” Chuckled the lioness. She then brought her weight down and flattened it with a load crunch. She walked out of the alleyway, a few meters into the light her footsteps stopped stamping the ground with her bloody soles as she strolled into the city. She walked a few blocks, finally reaching the night club. The neon sign on the front said: “Club Fang” She stopped on the other side of the street. Sein thought for a second on how he wanted to do this. There is a long line infront of the entrance. A few bouncers are guarding the door. He could make her brute force her way in but that would cause a panic and force the following fun to be a simple rampage and not allowing to bait some pathetic mortals into a more intimate fun time. Backdoor it is then. She walked into another dark alley. The backdoor was under the single light shining in the alley, and unsurprisingly there was a bouncer next to it. A bored-out-of-his-mind muscle-bound bull with a black shirt that said SECURITY. He is nothing near to the level that Tom was though. He was looking at his phone when he heard thumping getting closer to him. A huge, clawed arm grabbed him by the neck and pulled him into the darkness. With her fingers tight around his throat, he wasn’t able to make sound loud enough to get help. He gasps constantly as he pulls and hits the arm unable to free, his feet kicking in the air. He is held face to face with the lioness, he looked at her with shock as she licked her lips. She put out her tongue and moved it all over his face, covering him with her hot saliva. She then forces her tongue into his mouth and pushes body against her breasts. She pulls out, her hand still on his throat and breathes on his face. “Let’s practice killing without blood.” She breathily whispered. “Please! Just no more killing!” pleaded Maia. “Play with me as much as you want! Have as much sex through me as you want! Just please! Don’t hurt more people!” All Sein heard from the pathetic begging was “Hurt more people!”. With a grin, he continued. She brought her other hand onto his shoulder and pinched it, and with a crunch his shoulder was completely pulverized. His arm fell limp, dangling by his skin. He would scream but her hold on his neck prevents him from lamenting his pain. She lowers her arm down to his thigh. With her thumb in the front and two fingers in the back she broke his femur in half, but with care not to break the skin. She then held him by the torso and with her other hand she pushed his neck to side with crack she broke his spinal cord. His body fell completely limp as she tossed him to the depths of the dark alley. She grabbed the door by the handle and broke the lock as she pulled it open. As she entered, she broke the doorframe with her shoulders and head, bringing some broken bricks inside with her. She walked through the corridor, past the storeroom, the door in the end. She opened this door a bit more gently. It dark and crowded in there, lasers and strobe lights flashed around the dj. There were tables off to the walls where people are mingling with each other and a bar next to the she entered in. There is a VIP Section upstairs with soundproof glass, her new destination. She wasn’t too conspicuous, she wasn’t even the biggest in the room, there were few giraffes in there and some rhinos, elephants and hippos, most of the look like they spent some time in the local gym. She walked into the crowd, a lot of people didn’t notice her, it’s the middle of the floor. They are too busy jumping to the music or rubbing against each other, until she got close. Some noticed her and gave her some space as she walked by, some got walked into and fell over, but nobody tried to pick a fight with her. She makes her way to the staircase that led up to the VIP area. As she finally got through the crowd, she was stopped by rhino with a security shirt. He was taller and wider than her by at least 40cm and looks like he lives at the gym. “Name?” He snorted. “Maia.” “You’re not on the list.” “I am on the list.” She said as she waved her hand infront of him. “You ARE on the list.” He corrected himself like he was brainwashed. “Enjoy the party.” She stomped up the stairs. Sein thought to himself on how much fun he’ll have with the rhino later as she made her way to the VIP lounge. There are some couches against the wall opposite of the soundproof glass, each sectioned off from each other with fancy walls and curtains to make it more private. In the middle of the wall there is a door guarded by two wolves between two seatings, most likely the boss’ room. A more exclusive bar on the other side of the room from the stairs and a sunken couch panned across in front of the window offer a better view of the party downstairs. The VIP section is packed, some are slightly more prestigious local dealers, few are some people who know people, most are some rich kids showing off to each other, and some more expensive escorts. She looked around to find something fun. As she surveyed, Maia the spectator, saw some familiar ladies sitting in one of the private seatings. Another female lion, a cougar and a leopard. “Are those my girlfriends? How come they’re here in a VIP section? Why didn’t they tell me?” Asked herself Maia, forgetting someone can hear her think. “Let’s find out!” said Sein. “Oh no. No nonononononono!” She moves towards them. The girls can be heard talking from far away with ear’s enhanced by a god. “… she is so bland and boring!” Said Haley, the cougar. “Yeah, she would make this night awkward with if she was here.” Added Rhianna, the lioness. “But she is still our friend. She helps us so much at work. It feels wrong.” Said Nicole, the leopard. “That’s why give her company on every Saturday afternoon!” Said Rhianna. “She gets what she is owed, and we can have some real fun by ourselves!” “Yeah! Do you want her to keep some of the best guys aw…” Nicole cuts off as she stares at the hulking figure infront of the three of them. “Oh, hey girls! Didn’t expect to see you here!” Said Sein acting as if he was actually Maia. “MAIA?!” they asked in unison. “Yeah?” “Y-you… you…” Stuttered Nicole. “You look… different!” finished Rhianna. “Yeah, I guess you can say I’ve been working things out! Heh!” Said Sein through Maia. “You know that bodybuilder bull neighbor of mine? We had some fun together. Anyway, I’m gonna go play with the big-man of this place and we’ll have some fun later. Okay?” Said the hulking lioness as started moving towards the guarded door. “WHAT THE FUCK?!” they asked in unison as they stared at her until she got out of their sight. “I can’t believe that they think so badly of me.” Maia exclaimed. The wolves were stunned by the lioness that approached. She quickly picked them and held them both against her body with one arm, entered the room and quickly closed the door behind her. The room was lavish, expensive carved wooden desk on the other side with an empty seat staring at the door. To the right some filing cabinets and a personal bathroom, to the left a personal bar and a hot tub. Sitting in the hot tub is owner of the club, a short rabbit known as Mr. Cad, he is quite slim with short brown fur with five rings in his left ear. He is accompanied by 2 busty female rabbits. All three of them are naked. “What the flying fuck?!” says Mr. Cad in shock. All three are staring at the big cat with two wolves in her arm. She changes her hold on the wolves. She is now holding one in each hand by the neck, and with a flick of her thumb she breaks their neck and tosses them aside like ragdolls. The two ladies scream as they climb out of the tub in an attempt to flee to the door. The feline jumps at them and with her feet, knocks them back as she flies in the air. She lands with a foot on each of them, One on one’s face and the other on the other’s chest, both of them crushed to death underneath the lioness. Mr. Cad, is frightened but he tries to hide it, and attempts to intimidate the cat. “Who the fuck do you think you are?! Do you have any idea...” “No and I don’t care!” she interrupted. “Now, shut up and prepare your dick for my pussy!” That last sentence is what killed his remaining courage. The thought of having sex with the murderous beast both scares him and excites him. She flexes her arms, detonating the sleeves on the ridiculous yellow shirt. With a quick bounce of her pecs, the front explodes revealing her huge tender tits slapped onto the rock-hard muscle. What remained of the shirt was a lower ring and the back. It fell down to her waist and now served as belt like accessory. She walks towards the rabbit, with every step she flexes her legs shredding her pants. When she was standing infront of him all that remained was a jean panty. The rabbit was still sitting in the tub, but with more of a frightened and contracted posture. She extends her foot. The bloody boot stopped few cm’s away from his face. The little rabbit is breathing hard as he thought he would lose his head there. She can hear his heart beating at a record rate. “Take it off.” She ordered. He gave her a scared glance and immediately unties the boot and tosses it aside. She puts the other boot in his face, without a word he takes that one off too. She grins menacingly. She places her thumb in what remains of her jeans and with her claw she cuts it off. She steps into the tub and sits down into the water, most of it floods out at the edges as she crawls on top of him. “Now where’s your cock?” she says as she looks down into the water. She shrugs and pushes her muzzle into the hot water and drinks it up. In mere seconds the water level went down to his ball. The water essentially disappeared as it didn’t appear in her form. His now revealed little bunny dick throbs in fear on what’s about to come. She puts the tip between her fangs and closes her lips on it and sucks. Her lungs suck him with such power his ass is lifted from the tub floor as his dick is pulled as deep into her mouth as it could go. The pressure made him cum in 10 seconds, his little load impacting on her throat. “Aaaaahh!” He exclaimed. She dropped him out of her mouth, sat back with the tub making a load crack as it broke under her. She put her feet up on each side of the hot tub with the bunny between them. He stares down at her pussy. “Now, do your thang.” She said. He nervously went down and approached her with his mouth. “Oh! I lost my showerhead earlier today. I would appreciate if you could find it for me.” She said with a sarcastic grin. Mr. Cad just stared up at her with increased fear in his eyes. He brought his lip to pussy and started gently kissing it. He licked the surface around it then massaged the clit. He then moved his tongue into her and started licking and slurping. It was a nice tingly sensation, but not exactly what Sein wanted. “What’s the saying? Fucking like rabbits? C’mon, show me what your made of!” She encouraged. He moved up so his dick could reach her vagina. His head was completely imbedded in between her tits. His hip moved slowly thrusting into her. “Don’t you dare go gently on me! Start pumping me like you mean it or I’ll get over you and do things myself, and I fuck like TRUCK!” she barked. He immediately started humping like his life depended on it, his head still hidden between her breasts. He kept it up for a solid two minutes, until he had to release. Another funny little load exited his dick this time, in her cunt. He dropped himself down onto her muscled abdomen. He heaves very hard as tries to catch his breath. The lioness rolls her eye, she puts her legs down and gets up with him in her hands. With a hand on his ass, she moved the rabbit’s dick to her vagina and pushed him into her. Mr. Cad tries to resist but he is both too tired and way too weak. He was groaning, begging for her to stop. She thrusted him into her again and again. The rabbit is very stimulated, his cock is hurting as he is forced to pleasure the brute’s inside. Tear’s roll on down from his eyes, he begs her to stop, she doesn’t care, in fact she is getting more and more turned on by the laments of the puny rabbit. After a few minutes she stopped, not because she came or that Sein felt I tiny bit of mercy. Maia’s other hand moved up stopped at his head, on his cheek. She pushed her oversized thumb into his mouth and started playing around with his tongue. She looks him straight in the eye with a sense of superiority on her face. The boss of the establishment just looked up at her like an innocent little baby, his face is wet from the tears. “Suck.” She commanded. Like the pathetic child he is, he sucked her thumb like it was a binkie. He suddenly bit on it as she started pushing his cock into her again, but this time harder. The sound of slapping was loud as their bodies collided. After more than 30 thrusts, Mr. Cad’s pelvis begun to audible crack. Her overpowered hand on his ass is starting to break his body. His pelvis cracks more with each collision into her muscled vagina. After a dozen or so pushes into her and *SNAP!* his pelvis is in to pieces, shatters into more as the lioness show any sign of stopping. He can only flail as his arms, let out muffled screams and bite against her thumb, which barely even felt like nibbling to her. She slaps him into her more and more, what’s between her cunt and hand slowly becoming pulverized. The sound of bodies slapping against each other are slowly changing into a sound of meat mushing. His cock is the last thing that’s still hard on that part of his body, and even that is starting wear thin, literally. His cock is bleeding as its being grinded down by her muscle pussy. She pushes him slowly as she orgasms. A last few thrusts, and she lets his crushed ass go of her bloody hand, but he doesn’t fall to the ground. Her pussy is holding onto his cock tight. She is still cumming. The muscle of her vagina are moving from the orgasm. The muscles pull him as her pussy quickly opens and closes with more of him in her. Her vagina feeds on him like a dog eats kibble from a bowl. Crunching and mushing him heightens and prolongs her orgasm. His tears are now dry on his face since he ran out tears long ago, her thumb still in his mouth. Her claw pierce’s the roof of his mouth and as she feels better and better she growls more and more loudly. She pulls his head off as his body folds in half. What was his pelvis is now in completely in her. His legs are against his back and his neck flooding blood under her. She raises his dead head to her eye level. With increasing growling and purring she moves her tongue into his mouth and makes out with the head as she eats his corpse with her pussy. His body hops deeper into her, his femur is crushed into dust and mixes with the mush that was his intestines. The corpse moves higher up, his ribs are crushed one by one. Soon his torso is gone. The hulking feline only stops kissing the severed head to moan and roar. The sight of the big muscle cat is somewhat comical, as she is standing, kissing, and between her beastly thighs a pair of arms and legs dangle. The dead limbs are slurped up. Her chiseled body doesn’t even bulge slightly, from the bloody feast. As the body is gone her orgasm ended. She gave the head gently kiss on the nose and lowers it down. With a sickening series of crunching her vagina consumes the head, this time as if she was eating a hamburger with her mouth. Taking bites out of it. She doesn’t have any teeth in there, but with the power within those vaginal muscles, she might’ve had them. The pussy is dripping with blood as literally consumed someone. She slaps her harder than stone abs. “Why does these terrible acts feel so good?” Maia asked as she feels an ecstasy mixed guilt. “Heh! It can get even better!” answered Sein. END OF PART 1 Part 2 The group of felines were sitting in silence with shock written all over their face. After minutes of silence Rihanna, the lioness spoke up. “Ok! So was our little chubby Maia cosplaying as a hulk just now or was I daydreaming?” She asked her friends. “I think she got hungry and ate a few bodybuilders on the way here.” Said Haley. “Now’s the time you stop being rude with her, even behind her back!” Exclaimed the leopard. “With people like that, the only thing that gets smaller with them is their tolerance. Just imagine what she would do to us now if she felt we were using her.” “For the last time, she doesn’t feel used by us! We fairly compensate her for her efforts with a little weekend mingle.” Said the cougar. “Yeah, but do you think she feels that way after catching us in the most exclusive club in town and didn’t tell her we’d be here? Or if she catches whiff that we make fun of her behind her back? She would KILL us! And now that she is stronger than the bouncer, she might literally do that!” said Nicole worryingly. Rihanna started feeling worried as well, but Haley was starting to feel more at ease. She started to normalize the thought that her little friend suddenly became Ms. Universe barely changed anything, and she honestly believed that Maia would be grateful for them to spend some time with her. “I think Nicky is right. We should be more careful with her, for now at least.” Said the lioness. “Oh c’mon! She might be a truck now, but she should still be grateful to have some of the popular girls’ attention!” said the cougar smugly. “This isn’t right! Murder shouldn’t feel this good!” Exclaimed Maia. “Murder is fun to the alphas and sucks for the omegas!” replied Sein. “Tell me bitch, are you a weak little omega or are you a true alpha?” “… weak or strong doesn’t matter, murder is still wrong! Right?!” “You should give in to the awesome sensation of power! You only fear murder because of the cuck mentality! Your scared of pissing off some nonexistent authority when you could become the one true alpha! You could do what you want and make the cucks bend to your will! IF you are an alpha, of course. Now tell me are you an alpha?” “I dunno, I still think it’s wrong.” “Well good thing I’m in charge and not you! Now, let’s have revenge on your friends!” “No! NO!!! Leave them alone!” “Bitch please! Even now, they still think your lesser than them! Listen!” “Let them be!” “Shuttup and listen!” “She’s still the same pushover Maia but with a new body!” Said the cougar “People don’t change, I mean mentally. She might be a truck now, but she is still the same pathetic bitch who does all my assignments since high school. I’m willing to bet I can make her pay for all our drinks tonight! Haha!” “We should play it safe for now Haley!” said the leopard. “Bitch please! She can’t handle a confrontation. She burfed when she tried to explain to her parents when she tried to stand up against her brother. She will never be more than pushover virgin, trust me!” Maia felt as her world fell apart. She listened to her so called friends through the wall as they made fun of her. All the extra homework, then the heaps of paperwork she took on for her friends. Every time they did something together, she paid all the bills. They never saw her more than a cash cow, a bitch. Immense sadness and anger started to fill her mind. She was seeing red, her anger was getting more and more uncontrollable. Sein sensed this, so he quickly gave the control back to Maia. Maia closed her hands in to fists. The sharps claws were pushing into her unpierceable skin. Her veins got more visible through her fur, forming a roadmap-like pattern all over her body. The definitions of muscle became more prominent as she clenched her entire body, trying to hold back her rage. Even her breasts flexed with what seem to be muscle fibers and pulsing veins all pointing at her nipples. Sweat started to drop from her armpits and other pubic areas. Her hot body turned the majority of sweat into a musky steam, that filled the room almost visibly. People that were on the dance floor were moving their bodies to the rhythm of the DJ’s beat . The music was loud, but not loud enough to cover what sounded like a roar. “RAAAAUUURRRRGH!” People started to turn their attention to the VIP section upstairs, as more monstrous roars and some things breaking could be heard. Maia was standing in the gaping hole in the wall that took down a part of the ceiling with it. Her thick scent filled the noses of everyone there. The muscle monster was making sounds, that could only be described as mini-roars, as she took heavy, angry breaths. Her eyes, almost emanated her fury, locked onto her soon to be dead friends. The leopard turned to the cougar with smugness written all over her face. “Told ya.” Maia let the out a powerful roar that sent debris flying. She began to charge the group of felines, picking up more momentum fast. Her footfalls shook the room, making more of the ceiling fall down. Her feet almost shattered the floor beneath them. She pounced, in midair she grabbed Haley. Each hand is big enough to wrap more than halfway around her. Maia’s powerful grip crushed the cougar’s torso and arms down to a thin rod, then quickly she ripped her apart and tossed her halves aside, all before she landed on the ground. Like a crashing locomotive, she flew through everything in her path. Tables, chairs and guests were all crushed in her path. She was finally stopped by the thick wall at the end of the room, which almost broke down trying to stop the beast. People started screaming, some from the pain of their pulverized body parts, most from the panic of the sight of someone getting ravaged infront of them. Maia like a predator, got on 3. Her feet and her right arm, her left arm clenched in a fist beside her. “RRAAUGHTS WHRAUGHT YOU DESEUURGH!!!!” she said roaringly. With fire in her eyes, they locked back on the remaining two. Her claws cut into the ground as she leaped up at them, with an attempt to hammer them down with each fist at once. The leopard had the reflexes to jump away just in time, but the lesser lioness didn’t even have enough time to gasp. Like a beer can under a hydraulic press, she was crushed, her head went straight down to her feet. All what remained of her was a bloody, gooey puddle in a fist shaped crater. Nicole didn’t look back as she ran for her life. She was making a B-line for the exit. The predator turned for the leopard. As her eyes locked onto the final target she began to move after her. The exit door swung open, the muscle-bound rhino bouncer stepped in. He immediately spotted the bloodied beast and knew, that’s what needs to bounce. Maia, focused on Nicole, was head-butted in the side and pushed off course, letting the leopard escape. She crashed to the side but unphased by the strike. She got back up. Her baser instincts told her to deal with the rhino first then se can play with the prey. The bouncer kicked the ground back and snorted like a bull getting ready to charge, he began stampeding towards the feline. She started running on all four, her hands grasped the ground as she pulled herself towards the rhino, her legs kicked some of the concrete up as she leaped at him. The predator landed on the bouncer’s head, hands on his horn and the back of his head, and her legs imbedding her claws into his stomach. Maia had the momentum advantage, making the rhino fall on top of her as they slide, his mouth between her breasts, he unintentionally motorboated her as they slid across the room on her back. She put an arm under in his armpit, made sure her feet were deep in him, and with both legs kicked his lower half clean off. The lower half of his spinal column and some entrails dangled from the defeated foe as she got up. Her hand still on his horn she lifted him to eye level, the rhino taking his last breaths just barely, looks at her with shock and tears in his eyes, tried to say his last words but only coughed up blood. Her rage began to fade. She dropped the man, tears formed in her eyes, as guilt started to seep in. She felt confused, with sorrow and anger. She wipes her tears, smearing blood all over her face. “… Nicole.” She spoke under her breath. “I gotta find her!” The bloody feline looked out the window, down to the party, she quickly spotted the leopard making a break for the side exit that led to the alley. People on the dance floor were all standing still and looking at the entrance of the VIP section with curiosity. VIPs were running and screaming in a panic as they were fleeing. The section’s windows were all one-way mirrors, so they could only make guesses to had what happened. When the bloody, sweaty hulking beast came into view everybody dropped their curiosity and began to panic as well. Some college football star elephant didn’t, he thought he was tough enough to take down the beast and be the hero of the night. He quickly charged the lioness. Maia was having none of it. Without even looking at the jock, she right hooked the elephant in the face. The fist’s impact sent shockwaves across his face. Skin teared from the waves traveling across him. His trunk, tusks, jaw and fragments of his head all flew in different directions. Some of his upper vertebrae decided to escape as well. Screams intensified as the body fell. She ran towards the exist to the alley. Not wanting to be caught by her in the tight corridor, everyone tried to run and get around her to get to a better exit. Some even jumped out the windows. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! She thundered her way to the exit, tearing into the walls with her thick triceps. Nicole just got out into the alley. She can hear more screaming when suddenly, the big girl appeared in the already busted doorframe. The massive beast ignored the width of the frame, breaking through the tight hole, taking some bricks with her on her shoulder. The leopard fell over fell over from the jump-scare and before she even had the chance to get up, the lioness’ bloody hand was throat lifting her, her feet flailed a meter over the ground. The cold nightly air further emphasized the sweaty steam she is emanating and gave her a visible aura. Steam is also seeped through between her teeth, her lungs puffing it in the leopard’s face. With anger and tears in her eyes and blood around it, she stared into Nicole’s wide, crying eyes. “WHY?!” Maia boomed “HOW COULD YOU TREAT ME LIKE THIS?!” She shook the smaller feline. “I FUCKING BENT OVER BACKWARDS FOR YOU! AND YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO TREAT ME LIKE THIS?!” “I… I… sorry…” said Nicole while trying to get to as much oxygen from the musky air as she can. Sein was sitting back this whole-time letting Maia do her thing. He was proud of himself for getting her to rampage. But he is sensing that Maia has pity growing for her friend, she might even forgive her. Sein wasn’t about to let his work pushing Maia into violence go to waste. He began planting thoughts into her mind. Thoughts that Nicole was using her more than the rest, but she hid it better, everything is her fault, in the corner of her eyes she saw her laughing at her, and so on. Maia’s heart was racing faster with each new memory. “YOU AURGH THE WOURGHST!!!!” she roared. She grabbed the leopards head with the other hand and crushed it with all her strength. Her thumb was on her nose when she started crushing her skull. The entire muzzle collapsed under the insane pressure. Skin, blood and bones flew in all directions. The top of skull flew up like the cork of a champagne bottle, spraying brains 20 meters high. Both her eyes flew out their sockets, bounced on the lioness’ tits, and went down her cleavage. The skin of her neck stretched and ripped being too weak to hold on to the body. It fell to the ground pooling blood from it mangled neck. Maia held her massive arm out for a solid minute, trying to crush the remaining flesh between her fingers out of existence. She broke down sobbing, bawling her eyes out. After five minutes of crying and not noticing the sound of sirens getting closer, she asked “Why?.... W-why did you do this?” “My sweet bitch, I had nothing to do with this. This was all YOU! YOU were in control, not me. YOU killed them. And I can sense that you would do it all over again if, you could. I know you enjoyed it.” Sein taunted. As much as Maia hated to admit it, he is right. She did enjoyed it and wants to do it again. Conflict grew in her. Should she try to be a good girl again or should she embrace what she discovered and just enjoy herself. Her thoughts were interrupted by four antelope police officers, who skipped every decency to talk and just opened fire on her. To their chagrin the bullets were ineffective, unable to pierce her anywhere on her body or head, even failing to make her beach ball breasts jiggle. But instead of retaliating, she remained in place and contemplated on what to do. “Come on Maia!” egged Sein “To be a true alpha, you have to teach the pests their place, or they’ll just treat you like a bitch!” The final word he had used was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The ground shattered beneath her feet as she roared. The anger she lost not long ago ignited once again. She began stomping towards the police, menacingly growling as she closed the distance, like a predator approaching a cornered prey. Their guns fired the last bullet. They were now completely powerless to stop her. One officer attempted to flee, the second he turned his back, Maia like the predator she is, took this as her que to attack. Like a bowling ball, she was targeting the middle of the group and plan on dealing with the stragglers later. She was leaving a vapor trail of steam behind her, as her body generate increasingly more heat. A little earlier: A many of the people who exited through the front entrance decided that they were just going to simply gather out there, trying to make sense of what they saw and making social media posts of it. A bunch of police cars and SUV’s pull up, they stopped in the middle of the road, and quickly jumped out of their vehicles, guns in hand. Most of them went in, the rest began surrounding the place. Many bystanders started recording cops with their phones. A small herd of four antelope cops went to check the alley way. They stopped in their tracks, drew their pistols and fired down the alley. All cameras were focused on them. The sound of growling, then ground shaking thumps came from the alley with increasing frequency. The bystanders were all observing as the lioness came out of her den, to go for the kill on the four little antelopes. She kicked the one who tried to flee. On contact her shin was parallel to the cop’s torso and so powerful, his ribcage caved in and almost cuts him in half. He was sent flying, crashing into brick building across the street. His muzzle and most of the bones in his body were completely crushed from the impact. Like in old cartoons, his body peeled back, since it had no structure to prevent it from bending like that. He fell headfirst into the pavement, breaking what remained of his skull and crushing his brain as he impacted the hard ground. Like a bullet, what remained of his spine slid through the bottom of his skull through the grey-matter and imbedded itself in the pavement. She grabbed the middle-left officer, he screamed at the top of his lungs as Maia quickly pulls him closer. She put his head in her mouth, her sharp teeth easily pierced not only his flesh, but his skull to. She pulled and ripped his head and part of his spine out of his body. She crushes the limp body in her hand and tosses it aside as she turns her head left and aim up her muzzle with another antelope. She filled her lungs with air through her nose and quickly empties it. The burst of air coming out of her throat, fragmented the skull down to little pieces and sends them flying like some hyper shotgun. Bloody mist came from her mouth, blocking visibility and as it sets, everything in a 20-meter range is now covered in blood and small shredded chunks of flesh. Maia’s tail wagged in frustration, blowing wind behind her. She turned her head right, and over her massive boulder of a shoulder looked down at the remaining antelope. The officer was on his back, clearly fell back from devastation he witnessed his colleagues endure. He was shocked not only beyond moving but thinking, staring at the muscle beast who earlier that evening ate bodybuilder bull with her vagina. “My turn now!” Interjected Sein. Maia’s face changed from an angry disgust to a wide, evil smile, indicating the change in management upstairs. She raised her arm as if she was showing of her right lat, she jumped up, holding the pose. All he had time for was to start raising his arms to block his face, but she lands on him as his arms are halfway at their destination. Blood splattered all over her. The brief sound of the pavement and bones cracking was heard. She got up to look at what she had created. The pavement like wet sand took the shape of the massive muscles of her arm, lat, legs and even her massive side boob, with a cobweb of cracks surrounding it. What remains of the officer is the flat print of his skin, cloths and blood stains on the pavement and on her. She then noticed the group of bystanders staring at her. “ YOU BUGS THINK I GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO GO PRO?!” boomed the influenced feline with the same sadistic grin. Most are too frightened to move, but a handful of them enjoyed it, and gave her an encouraging answer of: “Yes!” and “Hell yeah!” “Glad you shits agree.” she said under her breath, as she walked over to the nearest lamppost. She grabbed the post, her fingers dented into the metal. The possessed lioness ripped it out of the ground and with supersonic speed, threw it at them like boomerang. Its speed created a deafening boom, but that was not the upmost concern for them, as their upper torsos were falling to the ground since they were no longer attached to their legs. The lucky few who were tall enough, are screaming as the rest don’t have intact lungs to make some bloody gurgles. Behind them, half of a building collapsed from the impact of the lamp post. Sein is a bit disappointed but understands that it’s more of miracle that the soft metal did that much damage past the bugs. The ruckus attracted the attention of the officers who were elsewhere looking for a big monster. A total of ten cops were swarming through the alley and front doors. They weren’t hesitating a second, as the moment they spot her they started firing. Most had regular pistols, and lucky few had pump action shotguns and armalite rifles. Bullets were stopped and ricocheted off from all over of her. Most were bouncing off her abs and tits, some were aiming for less muscled areas like her kneecaps and face, some well-aimed shots were bouncing off her eyeballs. All the effort for no effect. “HAHA! Look what I got you!” He laughed to Maia. “Have fun!” Maia’s facial expression went from the evil grin to that of blind fury as she regained control. “RRAAAUGHRRR!!! FUURGHK YOU!!!” she roared, as she hooked a punch into the wall to her left sending rubble at the seven cops infront of her. The debris did little damage to them, but it blinded them for a second as they had to cover their face. One second of blindness was enough for her to close the distance as she got within arm’s reach of them as they opened their eyes again. The cops in the alley were sprinting to keep up with her, to keep her in their sights. Maia used her arms to sweep them aside. Her powerful forearms cut five of them in half. A tougher one, a hippo, was remained in one piece, only receiving a collapsed lung, a broken ribcage, spine, and a massive forearm shaped dent in his chest. He made a hole in the wall as she sent him flying. He was one of the luckier ones because the shock from the impact Maia’s massive arm killed him instantly. The rest of the half-men had few more seconds of painful existence before the lights went out. One officer was left standing infront of Maia. She put her hand behind his head, and slapped him into her abs, splattering his head out of existence staining her his blood and painting a bloody stripe pointing down at her vagina, as the body fell down to the ground. “HAHAHA! My, my! My whiny little bitch, I must say! You make me proud! How about a treat, my pet?” Sein said in a condescending tone. Maia moaned of ecstasy as she started growing to double the size she just was. Her network of veins glowed up red all over body and head as she grew. Her sweating intensified, as her entire body became soaking wet. Her armpits are generating as much musky steam like they were pressure release valve. Saliva almost foamed from her mouth. She stopped at five meters tall (~16 feet) and almost as wide with muscle. The enhanced feline was too big for any door or any means of public transport, not to mention anything that wasn’t strong enough to support the weight of the tank would collapse under her. Her mouthwatering tits got so big, a full-grown man could easily fit in each of them. The three officers got around the corner just in time to witness her growth. They were staggered at the sight of the massive beast. The raccoon with the shotgun however quickly snapped out of it, and courageously sneaked up to her while she wasn’t paying attention. He quickly pushed the shotgun up her ass and fired. The pellets had no effect on the god-enhanced anus. Maia was paying attention now. With a lighting fast swoop, she decapitated him with her tail. More sirens can be heard approaching, as Maia started walking towards one of the police SUV in the middle of the road. The lights everywhere around her flickered as she repeatedly printed her feet into the pavement. Her mouth is stuck in an evil, snarly expression with drool dripping from her predatory mouth, since she succumbed to her more basic instincts and the power of testosterone. The two cops decided to book it and were running off as far and as fast as they could. Two black armored SWAT trucks appeared around the corner a few blocks down, racing towards her with lights flashing and sirens screaming. The beast reached down with her massive arms to pick the SUV, her veiny bicep bulging up to the width of a tractor tire. She throws it at the incoming trucks. Her throw was powerful but sloppy, as only one truck had to course-correct to dodge it, and even then, just barely. “Ugh! You throw like a girl! Let me show you how it’s done!” Said Sein. Instead of taking control away from Maia, she was pulled forward, towards one of the trucks. She was traveling at a staggering 900m/s (~2013 MPH). This was made even more astonishing by the fact she was barely any aerodynamic, and her massive feet were cutting half a meter deep trenches as she went. So much air is pushed aside that the wind she blasted was shattering windows, ripping lampposts out of their place and flipping some lighter cars. This time the driver of the first truck had no chance to avoid the gigantic projectile. The truck exploded as it collided with the breasted bullet. The men inside all splattered from the change of the momentum. The large v8 motor block exploded from collision, sending fragments flying, like giant grenade. The rigid cast metal shards shredded the other armored vehicle, leaving massive holes in it, not to mention the frags took huge chunks out of the surrounding buildings around her. The frame of the vehicle started morphing around her. It completely took up the shape of the muscle woman and became a steel, skintight dress. The force pulling her ceased as she hit the target, but her momentum remained. She was rolling and bouncing as the laws of physics affected her again starting slowing her down. Cars, trucks and city buses were all devastated as she tumbles through them with great force. She came to a halt lots of kilometers away, right at the other edge of the business sector of the city. “Now that’s a throw! HAHAHAHA!” laughed Sein, as Maia got up with surprised still, monstrous look on her face with her new ‘dress’ still on fire. The massive metal on her screeched and screamed as it bent from her movement. She walked up to one of the glass buildings to look at her reflection. The black steel left little to the imagination due to how tight it was, trying cover the bottom of her cleavage and barely reaching down to cover half of her thighs. Not only her abs and other muscle are visible through it, but even most of her veins. The majority of the flames were burning where what once was the fuel tank, was now locate: at the bottom of her breasts, and they reached just high enough to cover her nipples. “Heh! Smokin!” exclaimed the god. It was definitely a sight to behold but, both of them were starting to grow annoyed of the constant screaming the metal made as Maia merely breathed, so the feline grabbed it, ripping it off of her body and casually casted it off behind her, whooshing into the night sky like a rocket. In a slummier district of the city, two drunk foxes were exiting a bar, when one of them get a ping on their phone. “Duuuude~, ther~there’s like this chick with the bi~urp! Biggest… tits in the wor~ uurp! The world!” He said while he tried to keep his balance. He turned his screen towards his friend who was also barely conscience. He leaned forward and squinted at the screen while his head moves in a circular motion. He started making a dumb, drunk smile and slowly opened his mouth as his brain tried to generate a comment. *SLAM!!!* A massive metal plate with the shape of massive breasts and abs landed on the grinning idiot, covering not just his pasted body but the splattered pool of blood as well. The fox with the phone fell back from the surprise. He sat up and stared at the sexy metal. “WHAT THE -!!!!” he yelled just as his mouth started to reject his nights drinks. Maia was grinning at her reflection. She began flexing and admiring her new body. She put her arms up into a double bicep pose, releasing two smaller clouds of steamed musk. Her massive veiny peaks pulsed with absolute power. She then lowered her arms and put them on her hips, as she flexed and bounced her pecs. The movement of her pecs by themselves were very impressive, but with the giant orbs attached to them, made the scene even more amazing. Since her flesh isn’t of normal soft flesh, they completely resisted changing their perfect ball shape. So far nothing was able to make them jiggle, not even as they hop with her pecs. They’re movement with the thick slabs of muscles was almost comical as they nearly hit her muzzle. Sein just laughed at how much she enjoyed her new form, and how he got her drunk of power from what lizard fart of strength he gave her. She spun around on her heels, pulverizing the pavement under her feet. She bent over, looking back at her steamy, muscular ass and legs, and what magnificence lays between her musky cheeks. She spotted the buildings security staring at her through her reflection in the glass. The 1.8 meter-tall grizzly bear had his jaw hanging in awe of the sight of the massive female. She straightened back up and turned around, all the while staring at him with a snarly, slobbery grin. She made earthshattering steps towards him. Her unbelievably hard nipples alone shattered the glass on contact. She thumped her way to the security guard who was still unable close his mouth, move or even notice the leaking in his pants. She bent forward to be closer to his eye level. She let out a growly chuckle as the bear is fixated on her mouthwatering cleavage. He started stretching out his arm to reach his newfound dream. Maia suddenly flexed her pecs. Her wrecking balls leaped forward not only breaking every bone his arm, but his muzzle and ribcage as they slam into him, sending him flying. He soared in the tall reception area and bounced off the ceiling which is roughly at four stories in height. He fell back with parts of the ceiling and landed on the edge of the large granite reception table, cracking it and snapping his spine into two. His colleague, a beagle, witnessed this without Maia noticing his presence. He was in cover, crouched behind the escalator, shivering with fear with his taser in hand. The city police have dispatched all six of their helicopters. They are following the trail of destruction and craters which start at the last known position of the SWAT team they deployed. Spotlights were shining on the mess as the choppers reach the financial distract. They received word that the silent alarm was tripped in a building at the other edge of the district. Making an educated guess, the police chief, an older boar, ordered all units to the location through the radio. Patrol officers and SWAT teams are deployed. Every officer on call is heading to the location, only knowing it’s very serious. The officers off call have already received a wake up and have been placed on standby. The sound of helicopters reached Maia’s ears. “Sounds like more funs coming our way!” Sein said gleefully. “Think you could swat some flies?” “HELL YEAH!!!” boomed Maia, shattering all windows with her deep, powerful voice. The hidden beagle nearly fainted from the shock. She stomped her way outside. The beagle urinated himself as the shaking ground made him constantly bounce up. The growing puddle beneath him started splashing back up on him, but to his fortune, the power predator failed to notice his increasingly wet presence. The second she put a foot outside three of the six helicopters locked their spotlights onto her. She covered her face as she was blinded by the lights. The other three unnoticed by her, dropped down ropes and were unloading a group of 6 SWAT officers each. Before she even began plotting the destruction of the blinding choppers, bullets started bouncing off her back. She glances back. A few cops are shooting her as the rest were climbing off the rope. She immediately thundered her way to the first rope. She stomped on the bug of the cop down to a large foot-shaped crater. She grabbed the rope and yanked the chopper down. Those in the open door and on the rope fell down to their death. It crashed and exploded right on top of her. She grabbed the bent wreck in her right arm and quickly stormed for the next rope. She kicked the unfortunate officer at the rope out of her way, turning him into a bloody mist and a couple of mangled limbs. Another yank and now she had two burning wreckages to play with. After witnessing two helicopters crash within mere seconds, the pilot of the third police helicopter decided to pull up the rope and increase the altitude. “YOU CARGHNT UGHSCRAPE!!!” she roared at the chopper. Maia spun in place and with massive momentum threw the wreck in her right hand. Her powerful throw dramatically missed the helicopter by more than 30° than the intended path. Her face changed from her snarly confidence to pure disbelief. “Oh, for fucking out loud! How can you suck so much?!” yelled Sein. “Step aside!” Maia’s face changed to a more annoyed expression. With a casual swing the wreck flew and hit the chopper square on. The rotor blades all broke as they contacted the second wreck. The thrown copter fell straight down on to a parking garage, almost going through the top floor, while the other one picked up its momentum flying into the side a of a tall hotel, giving a rude surprise to those who were watching the commotion through their windows. It broke into 3 rooms and due to how weak the floors are, the crashed chopper fell through more rooms, sliding out of the building, creating a tear-like hole. “See?! Simple!” “AARGH! Your just lucky!” replied Maia. “No, you just suck!” said Sein as he walked Maia to the nearest lamppost, it’s light flickered as her steps shook the ground. Maia’s muscular veiny arm reached for it, her fingers as thick as her arms were yesterday, caved into the metal. She ripped it out of the ground like it wasn’t even bolted down. With the double light branches acting as fins she tossed it like a supersonic spear at one of the choppers targeting its spotlight. Sein’s aim for the center of the light is spot on. The base end of the post blasted through the light like bullet, but due the fact that the chopper was sideways and the location of the light being under the hull, it only took the copilot’s foot with it. However, one of the branches made a huge incision in the cockpit, taking most of the controls, the bottom half of the pilot and the rest of the copilot. The bird was spinning out of control as it fell from the night sky. It crashef on the mostly abandoned street. The lucky, a few injured SWAT members began crawling from the wreckage. “Heh! Three out of three!” chuckled Sein. “THE FIRST ONE WASN’T EVEN A REAL THROW!!!” Screamed Maia. “Still counts!” The police chief, having followed the radio chatter and video feeds of the choppers, ordered the remaining birds to fall back as they are too useful to be lost this easily against the monster. He also orders what SWAT team is left in the city to follow it, report it’s position and to avoid contact with it at all cost. He also had the regular cops prepare to evacuate the city, then he picked up the phone to make some calls. “Huh, they’re retreating. Must have gotten scared of some pussy cat!” snickered Sein. “I guess we have to find our fun again.” “BUT I STILL WANTED TO PLAY WITH THE FUCKS!” whined Maia. “Shuttup bitch! There’s still an entire city to play with!” Maia, still under Sein’s control, thumped back into the glass tower. The poor wet beagle that was still in hiding and shivering, thought it’s his chance to run. Halfway across the room he was caught by the feline, backed turned. Sein liked the idea of witnesses, but this one just wasn’t to his liking. Maia ripped a piece of metal framing, that once held a window. The poor guy didn’t even notice that the she-hulk spotted him. He suddenly fell to the ground. He didn’t understand why he can’t feel his legs anymore. A pain started growing unbearably bad in the middle of his body. He looked down at his body, to see that there was a 5cm hole below his ribcage. The piece of metal went through him so fast he didn’t even see it. It went through his spine, then some intestines and exited through him, all in a blink of the eye. He just noticed that he has the monster’s attention. “Four out of four.” Said Sein, as he stomps Maia towards the injured dog. “He isn’t dead yet!” replied Maia gleefully. “Unlike you I hit what I was aiming at, so it still counts!” Answered Sein. The security guard tried to crawl away, but the closing stomps throwing him higher and higher made it increasingly difficult to escape. He left a short trail of tears as he pulled himself forward. The violent steps made him hit his head in the ground. Maia was standing over him, by now his broken nose was bleeding violently. “Turn over!” Commanded Maia. The welp complied. He painfully pushed himself with his arms, his limp legs made it more difficult. He finally he flopped over. He can see the lioness’ super muscular form from one of the best angles ever. Thick muscular thighs towering up, between them a slit containing her clitoris, a thick network of veins growing from it, down her legs and up her hard brick wall of abs. She stared at him between her massive wrecking ball cleavage. “FUCKING RIP HIM APART!” barked Maia. Sein lifted Maia’s foot up, hovering it over the dog. He was almost sobbing as put up his arms trying to defend his face. “Look up!” She commanded. Tears filled up his eyes, making it difficult to see. After a few hard blinks he could see the lioness foot over him properly. He reached up to feel it. It felt very hard and dirty from the all the craters it created. Having something so deadly hovering over him made him feel like he would empty his bladder again, if he could. “See this? This is where you belong!” and with that Maia’s foot casually went down on him. The welp put as much strength into holding the foot up as he could muster, but he couldn’t even press in on the skin not to mention even slowing it. His arms went down until his elbows reached the ground. His right arm started getting folded into an uncomfortable angle. His left arm however was stuck in perfectly vertical angle so his bones in his forearm were splitting at length, bending and breaking in half. The skin also split releasing flesh, bone shards and blood. His wrist was pulverized, his palm, only connected to loosened skin, fell beside him. As the foot reached his torso, his right arm from his elbow was completely gone. His skull popped. The sound of moist cracking filled the air. His skin and cloths ripped as his insides attempt to escape from tremendous weight. Like soft sand, the ground was imprinted with the shape of the immense foot. “Hah! Don’t even need any effort to kill your kind!” Laughed Sein. Maia started walking towards the center of the building, leaving a trail of bloody footprints, with the skinvelope of the guard was still stuck to her foot. The center of the building was just a large hole for the main elevator shaft, that is behind a half meter thick concrete wall. Of course, it’s no challenge for a real monster of woman like Maia to get through. She effortlessly walked through it. They were caught off guard however on where the hole began. Maia fell down the shaft, tumbling through some support beams. She had about a 50 meter fall from where she started. At the bottom was the massive chunk of thick, steel reinforced concrete foundation. As per Sein’s experience, to him concrete is like that is like a big sponge mattress for most. She landed ass first. The concrete foundation cracked and the entire building shook. Windows cracked and shattered, raining glass from above. Many offices were devastated, ceilings dropped down in curtain places but the building itself still stood. Maia pulled herself out from her crater. “Alright! Do something bitch!” commanded Sein, giving the reign back to her. She let out a massive roar, echoing up into the darkness, shaking the building again. She thumped to where the wall met the foundation. She pushed her open palms in there and attempted to pick up the building. Due to where she was attempting this, she was only lifting the section of the building which her hand was directly under. A pitbull officer, tasked with following the monster, went into the lobby trying to find it without ending up as the two security guards that decorated the place. The ground shook, cracks ran on the walls and ceilings around him. The officer got off the ground. looked around for what might have caused the shake and began contemplating if he should really in there. He heard a very loud roar, shaking the building again, this time parts of the ceiling fall down around him. The ground shook a third time, prompting him to just turn around to leave but froze in place from pure disbelief of what was happening infront of him. The wall with the elevator doors in them, started moving up. The wall went up another story when it began to crumble and fall down, taking some of the floors with it down the elevator shaft, filling it with rubble. “Nice going, idiot! The building’s still standing!” said Sein judgmentally. “FURGHK YOU!!!” Replied Maia. Maia, at the bottom of all the debris, was getting angry of being constantly belittled by the voice in her head. She roared again as she pushed her arms up high, sending all the rubble up like an explosion. The frag grenade like explosion damaged the building further, taking what little stability it had. It collapsed taking some of the surrounding building with it and sending dust kilometers high. The collapsed building covered Maia in rubble again. “HAHAHA!! YOU DUMB BI-HI-HITSSSSH HAHAHAHAHA!!!” laughed Sein almost uncontrollably. His laughter echoed in Maia’s head, further angering her. “RAAAURG!!!” She roared as she leaped out from under the rubble, high into the sky. At around the altitude of 350 meters is where she started to descend. In the distance many traffic jams can be seen forming. The mayor and the police chief have obviously followed through with the order to evacuate. Strings of red lights indicated the routes of the fleeing citizens leading out of the city. Maia and Sein were thinking about the same thing. Maia crashed through a few buildings in the district, all glass skyscrapers. She left massive gaping holes in them as she crashed down and landed in a coffee shop. The enhanced feline tried to make a superhero landing but failed. She tumbled through the shop taking half of the older brick building down with her. A large mound of mostly bricks among other materials of rubble was created. Through the mound, a massive, dirty, golden furred arm punched up. Sweat slowly washing the red brick dust out of the already soaking wet fur. Moonlight shines off of it, highlighting it’s veins and muscular form. The bicep bulged into a massive peak as the forearm moved down placing the palm of the hand down. The biceps loosened as the tension switched from it to the triceps as the arm pushed down on the rubble, breaking the significantly smaller bricks to dust. A massive, muscular back emerged, pushing aside the rubble. Maia’s head emerged as well, shaking some of the rubble off. Bringing her left leg forward, under her, her massive quads flexed as they move her up. She looked around, then at the buildings with the holes in them. “Well look at that! 3 buildings you crashed through, and they’re all still standing.” Said sein. “I BROUGHT THIS ONE DONE!!” yelled Maia. “You brought half of it down! And only because you stumbled” “AARRRGH!!! YOUGH DO BETTURGH!!!” she growled. Sein took over, accepting the challenge, and walked Maia out of the rubble. Debris cracked loudly, as she stomped on them and kicked them out of her way. As she reached the pavement she pulled her arm back, formed a fist and sent it up, hooking it back down, slamming it in the ground. A massive shockwave swept everything within a 500 meter away, only leaving a crater. Cracks spread from ground zero going straight back into the district. The ground shook, as it opened. The three holed buildings fall into the fresh chasm with many more following them. Canyons 100 meters in width and some as deep as 300meters form starting from the feline’s crater. The entire business district collapsed with half of the neighboring districts surrounding it. All caused by a possessed lioness slamming a fist into the ground. “Heh! See?! It’s very easy! Maybe if you weren’t a dumb bitch, you could finally take down a building first try!” Said Sein with a smug tone. “Now! Let’s play with the pops!” Maia herself was fuming for being constantly proven less powerful by someone controlling her body. She will prove to him that she can do what he can, she just needs to regain control. With Sein in control, Maia flexed her thighs and started running towards one of the jams they saw midair. Her footfalls not only shaking and cratering the ground but creating ‘smaller’ shockwaves sending everything that’s too close flying. Lampposts, cars, rubble from buildings too close and even the occasional pedestrian, is sent raining down on the neighboring blocks. She was running at 340 km/h(~211 mph). Going through everything in her path. Cars were being kicked kilometers high, torn apart, as the powerful foot went into them. Sprinting through buildings. The shockwaves of her steps making it seem like she is detonating it as she speeds through. More and more cars were getting in her path of destruction, indicating that the jam is close. Maia put her feet forward and threw her right hand back pushing her fingers into the ground, like a rake in sand, as he tried to come to a halt. Her momentum backed by her immense weight making it difficult for her to achieve that. Plowing up cars and the pavement, she even went through some final buildings as she tried to stop. With a long trail of destruction and torn-up pavements she stopped in the middle of an eight-lane traffic jam leading out of the city. Thousands of cars, trucks and buses unable to move, with their passengers in them. Without a second of hesitation Sein begins his fun through the hulking lioness. She teared the roof of the sedan infront of her, revealing a family of german shepherds, a father, a mother and a daughter about the age 9 screaming up at her. The father behind the wheel tried to floor it out of there, but the beast was holding the car, all he was doing was burning rubber. With an evil grin she stared at the parents as she punches down on the little girl, her fist completely obliterating her and puncturing through the car, down in the pavement, violently shaking every car around them. The shock on their faces was quickly mixed with total despair, just as she sent her hard and heavy breasts down on them, crunching them down the same as their daughter. She stood tall, sweat washing the blood off her fist breasts. People all around her realizing they were in grave danger, they attempted to flee on foot. She walked after them, stepping on all the vehicles in her wake, going for anyone within arm’s reach. She slapped some of them aside, turning their bodies into bloody mist and sending whatever else was left of them flying. She also grabbed and crushed them in her hand, smothered to death against her hard body, or just throwed them at other people who were fleeing. She spotted a bus, her new toy. The possessed beast stomped over to it. Passengers tried to escape the bus screaming as they realized they have been targeted. A hyena stepped out of the bus while Maia loomed over. She bent down and bit the top of the hyena’s body off, loudly crunching his bones and skull as she chewed. She stared in the window as she chewed. People were crying, screaming and begging for mercy, all too scared to even get near the window the beast was looking through. She swallowed her treat, picked up the bus, and laid back on some cars. She held the bus with the doors pointing up, crushed the front end down to a smaller width and crashed it up her vagina. Metal screeched as the muscle pussy twisted and pulled the bus inside her. People screamed as the bus was sucked deeper, it’s frame swirling and spinning, tossing people inside over one another. Blood was seeping out of the window as the backend finally reached her. As it was completely crushed inside her, Maia got up, blood, gasoline and oil poured from between her legs as she reached to retrieve her newest creation. The public transporter turned to the size of a football, looked more like marble in her large hand. The she-hulk brought her arm back, all the muscles on it tensed up and like the world’s most powerful catapult, she pushed it forward. It left her hand at the speed of about 3500m/s (~7800mph). A push so strong, other cars infront of her were pushed ahead as well. The ball flew through hundreds of cars and people, ripping them apart without a loss in momentum, it brought a storm of shrapnel from what it already went through. For many kilometers, carnage is what was left infront of her. Burning wrecks and limbs litter the road, blood pooled in the torn-up sections of the pavement. The projectile itself went straight ahead, leaving the atmosphere as gravity failed to deviate its direction. The monster turned back around to the those who witnessed it all behind her. Like deer in the headlights, hundreds of people froze in place, staring at her, not knowing what to do. Sein’s sinister grin was broadcasted by the possessed lioness’ face as she thumped back towards the city. “LET ME FUCKING AT THEM!!!” demanded Maia. “I dunno. You suck at this game. These toys would only be a waste on you.” He replied. “I’LL FUCKING SHOW YOU!!! LET ME AT THEM!!!” “Hehehe! Alright! Show me!” “ROAURGH!!!” The deep roar woke everyone up from their paralysis, their screams fill the air as they climb over each other, tried to get as much distance between them and the monster, or at least tried to hide from her. Maia grabbed whatever objects she got her hands on and threw them. Cars, lampposts and concrete dividers flew seemingly at random. Her projectiles crushed other cars, and people but most of them crashed into buildings in the city. Holes and lamppost litter the walls of the surrounding buildings. Maia growled louder with each toss, knowing what will come. “Your technique is garbage! If I couldn’t read your thoughts, I would have guessed you weren’t even trying to target anything!” commented Sein on her throws. “SHUTTUP!!! SHUTTUP SHUTTUP SHUTTUP!!!” she boomed, as she stomped her foot down repeatedly, like a child who didn’t get the right colored lollipop she wanted. The powerful but childish stomps proved more effective, as everything around her repeatedly sprung up, into the air and crashed down onto each other. Some people fell on to cars, some cars fell onto people, even some buildings collapsed from her earthquakes. “Hey, whiney bitch! Heads up!” said Sein. “I’M NOT A BITCH!!! STOP CALLING ME THAT!!! YOU FUGH- ” Maia’s tantrum was cut short as her head was unexpectedly pulled up. “Yes, you are! And I said, heads up!” Military aircraft were flying overhead, leaving a trail of parachutes behind them. “More toys!” They said simultaneously, with notable differences in their tone and volume. The paratroopers landed over a kilometer from the monster, in a park. Due to their body armor, helmets and armored masks, it was difficult to make out what they are but, by the shape of their heads and bodies, all of them were canines, most likely wolves. Their uniform had an urban digital camo uniform with a Greek ‘sigma’ patch on their arms. Three of them a tube on their back that was slightly longer than their torso. They ditched their parachutes and harnesses, drew their weapons and surveyed the area. All of them moved their camo patterned assault rifle across the line of the horizon, scanning for hostiles with the flashlight under the barrel. The park was the size of a few blocks, it had a handful of trees scattered around, mostly close to the edge of it to block the sight of the buildings, to the north there was pond filled with a larger breed of goldfish in it. The ground where the soldiers landed was flat, covered in freshly cut bluegrass. “This is Sigma leader” said the platoon commander into his radio. “Squad Sigma successfully landed and is standing by! Repeat! Sigma squad is standing by!” “Copy, Sigma Leader!” answered a female voice. “The monster was last spotted at the eastern freeway, 1300 meters away at a bearing of 107 to your position!” “Copy, 1300 meters at 107!” He repeated “5 attack helicopters are dispatched to the AO! ETA 10 minutes!” she continued. “Your orders are to assist them with reconnaissance and to destroy or if possible, capture it, by any means!” “Copy! Recon, capture or destroy!” “Good luck Squad Sigma!” “Alright men! Move out!” he commanded. Maia was running roughly in the direction where the specs with parachutes flew. The sound of loud thumps and cracks acted as an early warning for those who knew by now what to avoid. Still, many ended up flat on her feet, covering her up to her sweaty calves in blood. “I’M GONNA GET THEM! I’M GONNA GET THEM! I’M GONNA FUGHKING GET THEM!” Maia chanted as she ran, trying her hardest to reach the speed Sein had achieved when he was in control. She even got down to all fours, her muscles steaming the sweat as she pulled and kicked herself forward, achieving 250 km/h (~155 mph), which was very impressive, but nowhere near what Sein did. The lioness bulled through everything in her path, she threw up cars into the air with her head alone, tearing through several buildings, now properly bringing them down on the first try, making it into the park. After she zoomed past something weird that caught her eye, the beast pushed her legs front and her back against the ground, as she slid, she pushed herself over, her immovable breasts anchoring into the ground, she began kicking and pulling again, trying to change the direction she was going. After sliding into a building at the other end of the park she finally stopped and got back onto two feet. With thundering footsteps, Ms. Mass Muscles stomped her way back into the park, following her trail of vandalism of public property, searching for what she only caught a glimpse of. She found 20 parachutes of what she can guess belonged to soldiers, she grabbed a bunch and lifted them to her face and gave them a good sniff. Not being a big smeller of others, Maia had no clue to what those scents belong to, unlike Sein, who can tell that the chutes belong to huskies and wolves but, he wasn’t going to give her that hint. The scent however did give her the lead to start looking for their owners. “Holy shit! The bitch’s massive!” said one of the troopers, as he looked through a pair of binoculars. “Pipe down.” Whispered the squad commander. “We don’t need that thing finding us early.” “Yes, captain.” Answered the trooper. “Quietly, what’s it doing?” “She found our parachutes and I think she’s smelling them.” “Why do you think it’s a female?” asked one of the other troops. “She got the biggest tits I’ve ever seen.” He answered, to which half the group’s reaction was to take out their binoculars as well. Many of them let out a ‘whoa’ to the magnificent sight, one of them had to stop himself from whistling. “Stop acting like children!” Said the captain. “That thing killed a lot of people. We need to keep moving, before she brings down this apartment building with us in it.” With that almost all of them grab their equipment. All except one, who was still drooling through his mask as he still stared through his optics. He just needed a slap on the head to start heading down the stairs from the fifth floor. With the scent stored in her nose Maia started moving south-east. Following the smell with her big head held lower to the ground, she accidently bumped her nose into a tree knocking it over. With no regard to her surroundings, she broke through the decorative metal fence of the park, and stomped across the street, where she stood up tall, with her nose held high, sniffing up the apartment building. “What’s that Fido? You found my missing ball?” Joked Sein. Ignoring the comment, Maia makes her signature snarly, drooly grin, as she realized that the soldiers are up in the building. Her plan was to climb up the like some gorilla with a princess. She walks up to the building and reaches up, smashing her big musky hand through the window, she tenses her muscle and pulls the wall of the building on top of her as she fell back. Sein bursts out laughing. “HAHAHAHAHA! You don’t learn, do yo-OOH HOO HAHAHAHAHA!” Humiliated again, Maia roars, flailed her arms and legs in absolute fury, throwing the rubble off of her. The ground shook with each slam of a fist or foot, making cracks in not only the pavement around her, but up the already weakened building infront of her. Unable to withstand too much of the vibration, the rest of the building fell on top of her as well. To Sein’s chagrin, he was unable to make any comment on the ridiculous scene, due to how uncontrollably it made him laugh, though the lioness was forced to listen to that. The she-hulk roared as she sat up, the sound of her frustration traveled across the city just like the bricks her body tossed off of her. When the monstrous bellow was over, Maia realized that soldiers weren’t amongst the rubble. She began sniffing again. The troopers are a block away, running in the abandoned street when the heard the sound of a building turning into a ruin. They were glad they moved out so quickly, looking back upon the cloud of dust behind some buildings, they knew they would have met their end if they stayed there. They don’t even want to imagine what the beast must have been doing with all the roaring and ground shaking. “Command!” yelled the captain into his comms. “The monster is on our tail! We don’t have much time! Where’s our goddam air support?!” “They should be arriving shortly! Hang in there, Squad Sigma!” answered the feminine voice on the radio. Knowing that it’s only a matter of time until the beast found them and that she can take them out more easily if they all take cover in the same place the commander made a hasty decision. He split up his squad into three teams, each of them had soldier with a tube on their back. First team was sent up to the roof of the building on the right, the second to the building on the left, and the third, led by the commander, took cover behind corners of alleys, dumpsters, cars and doorways. The ones who had tubes, opened them, each revealing a compact missile launcher. They quickly loaded a missile from one of the smaller tubes and held them on their shoulders at the ready. Thumps were heard, each one grew louder, as the ground shook increasingly violently. The soldiers, taking their designated positions, grew more anxious. Suddenly the wall of the building at the end of the street collapsed, revealing the sweaty, big breasted, muscle cat. Her head moved, trying to track the scent of her prey, as she stomps down the street, getting closer to her new toys. “Damn.” Said one of the troopers under his breath. He spoke into his comms: “Guys, I’m gonna go out and buy some time for the choppers. Maybe I can even reason with her.” “That’s terrible idea, private!” replied the commander. “Stay put! That’s an order! Private? Private?! Urgh!” he growled as he watched his soldier run out of the alley. “Hey! Big-gal! Let’s chat!” he yelled as he ran up to her in the middle of the street. The beast’s musk filling his nose. His eyes traced her form, taking in her glistening sweaty muscles, veins on top of veins, grasping her breasts, muscles and face. Maia had no plans of talking, she just gave him a devious, drooly, toothy smile as she lowered her head down, closing in on him. The soldier immediately regretted his decision to talk to the monster. The beast’s stance suddenly changed, standing tall, her head held back as her expression changed to a smug smile as she wiped the drool of her face with the back of her palm. “Heh! Sorry about that! The host of this body wasn’t really feeling like talking.” Said the big cat. “But don’t worry, I do!” The troops were all taken back at what they witnessed. The commander informed the HQ of what the private was doing, they immediately started following the soldiers video feed and fed him questions through his earpiece. “H-host?” he stuttered. “Yeah, this bitch I’m possessing!” Answered the beast. “Found some bitchy office cat and turned her into a proper plaything! Just look at these bumpers!” She said as she groped her breasts. “S-so, what a-are you?” “I a god, bitch! I left my mark on many worlds, many universes. Maybe your friends in your ear should check some archives for Sein! It’s possible I’ve been here before! Hehehe!” “What do want?” “Heh! Isn’t it obvious?! Entertainment! I’ve been switching places with the bitch, trying to teach her my hobby! She’s so terrible at it, though.” She said condescendingly. “What’s your hobby?” With a sinister smile, she answers: “Devastation!” To that answer the soldier’s eyes grew wide, slowly making steps back. “Now!” yelled the beast, as she clapped her hands together. “Maia! Ya wanna continue?!” Her beastly grin returned as she hunched back down. Before he could react the lioness headbutted him down into the ground. His blood sprayed allover her face, as his body broke down into a pulp. The soldiers wanted to retaliate for their fallen comrade, but they knew it wasn’t time just yet. Maia licked the blood off around her mouth, enjoying the metallic taste, and chuckled. The hulking beast stretched her arms out to her side, threw her head back, and taunted the soldier whom Maia didn’t know where they were hiding. “COME OUT TO PLAY, BUGS!!! I WANNA EAT YAH!!!” She roared as she spun in place. The second she showed her back, one of the troopers looked over the edge of the roof top and fired a missile, hitting the monstress in the back of the head. She turned back around unphased by the attack, now there was a visible line smoke, left by the missile, that pointed towards her attacker. Drool again started dripping through her toothy smile as she got ready to jump up to the trooper with missile launcher, when another missile hit her in the side of the head. All of a sudden, soldiers on roof tops and down the street, behind corners and cars, opened fire upon her. She started getting shot from behind. The 5 attack helicopters arrived and started circling her while unloading their chin mounted, tri-barrel autocannons on her. The colorful 20mm tracer rounds lit up the night sky as they flew into Maia’s muscular body leaving her unaffected, some of which bounced off her high into the sky, having many in the distance to mistake them for fireworks. Overwhelmed by the sudden surge of firepower and missiles hitting her from three different directions, Maia needed a second to realize what is happening. Targeting the troops who fired first on her, the she-hulk jumped up, planning to join them up there, severely underestimating her weight again. She crashed through the roof bringing the entire building and the six soldiers down on top of her. “You got a knack for getting buried in rubble” commented Sein. “GODDAMMIT!!!” roared Maia as she crawled out from her newest nest. As they spotted her again the rain of bullets continued. The beast stomped across the street, ignoring the lead being spat her and walked through the front wall of the building the other team was on top of, from her tits on up she cut into the second floor. The building exploded as she busted through the roof, grabbing with each sweaty hand as she flew up. In midair she pointed their heads at each other and bashed them together, their skulls broken the brains their brains mixed together, every part of their mortal bodies that were between the beastly fingers was obliterated, their blood and gore sprayed into her hard heavy cleavage. The enhanced feline began falling at the 50 meters in height, her impact devastated the buildings around her, with pride she stomped out of her crater into the middle of the road. The soldiers on the ground were down to seven. The helicopters were firing continuously, trying to at least get the monstress’s attention away from the paratroopers, but Maia was fixated on turning them into blood stains. Chuckling, she stomped towards the three peering around the alley corner to her right, firing relentlessly trying to find some weak spot. They quickly realized that they have been marked for death, so they turn to flee, triggering the predator to chase after them. Maia had become completely ignorant of the obstacles in her way, she bulldozed through the building the canines used for cover, as she followed them into the alley. The four soldiers taking cover were frozen in place, two behind a car, and two in the doorway of the building on the other side of the street. They were practically paralyzed as they felt the ground shaking, screams of their comrades was mixed with thumping and wet ripping filled their ears. A couple of mangled limbs and a bottom half of fly out into the open with more screams, cracking and crunching. The remaining boys aimed their rifles at the alley entrance, their hands are shaking as they wait for the monster to poke her head again. “It’s coming back out!” reported one of the pilots. Maia busted through the building covering the alley, sending debris flying towards the soldiers, her face, hands and breasts were all covered in blood. The three riflemen and the one with the bazooka continued firing as the monstress came back into sight. Chuckling, she ran up to the car and gave it an undercut, her steaming, bloody fist pierced it as she sent the cowering troops splattering into the building behind her. With the car stuck on her hand she pounced towards the final two soldiers. Some of the chopper pilots witnessed as the beast with a car on her right hand flew towards the building with soldiers in the door, bashing into it and kicked up a lot of dust as she took down the building with them. Through the dust cloud the car flew up hitting one of the choppers exploding it as they collided and fell out of the sky. “Look at that! You can final hit helicopters!” said Sein, condescendingly. Maia jumped out of the cloud as well, going for the second bird but the pilot’s quick reaction prevented the muscle girl from reaching it. She crashed into a house a few blocks down, crashing into its basement. “The asshole got warlock 3!” said on of the pilots on the radio. “This place is empty, right?” followed up another pilot. “Let’s send that ugly bitch some rockets!” The blood and sweat soaked she-hulk recovered quickly, crawling out of a relatively small hole, realizing that helicopter have already surrounded her again. Instead of gunfire, large cylinders at the sides of the choppers sent barrages of rockets at her, hitting her all over with only a few that were able to miss her massive frame entirely. The suddenness of the attack left Maia confused as the dust from the explosives blinded her, but after a couple of the rockets hit her in the eye, she realized what they were doing. Even these explosives weren’t enough not only to give her a scratch, but to make her boobs bounce even a little. The cloud of smoke that covered Maia also blocked the pilots’ sight on her, the flash of the explosives was the only thing that should them that the monster was still standing and standing still, revealing them her massive muscular silhouette. Dawn was just cracking, when the final rocket out of hundreds, left its tube. The cloud of smoke settled, and the feline hulk was visible again. She was holding one of the rockets in her right hand. Her body was covered in black spots of grime left by the barrage. She lifted a foot off the ground stomped it aside, spreading her legs. With dramatic movement, she stuck the rocket up her pussy, its bottom half was sticking out of her. With a little flex inside her receiver, the rocket exploded, followed by her deep laughter, that sent a chill down the backs of the pilots. “What the hell is that thing made of?!” yelled one the pilots. “I dunno, but there has to be something that can hurt!” answered another one. As the enhanced feline finished laughing, she jumped up towards the one infront of her, catching the pilot off guard . Her breast smashed through the glass crushing the pilot, the burning helicopter’s wreck took in some of her form and got stuck to her chest. She landed back in the street she caught the troopers, the wreck didn’t let go as she cratered down. She ripped the helicopter off of her tossing it aside through several more apartment buildings. “Fuck! The bitch got Warlock 1!” Yelled one of the remaining pilots. “How about the ATGMs?” Asked another. “It’s made for tanks! Should be enough against this monster!” Maia turned back around to see three trails of smoke flying towards her. They came in one after the other, first one going into her abs, the second one detonated on her face followed by the third. “YOU FLIES CAN’T EVEN GIVE ME A MASSAGE!!!” she boomed with laughter, as she began running towards the birds. As she ran the lioness jumped a little, brought both her thick stompers down at once and jumped forward with the speed of a rocket, leaving a block wide crater behind her. The choppers dodge her as they weren’t letting their guards anymore. They sent some cannon rounds after her as she flew past them. Maia flew for 3 kilometers when she began to descend. She landed in the ruinous canyons of the business district. Her impact created 750 meter deep hole. She was getting more used to landing, indicated by the fact that after a crash like that she managed to stay on her feet. “I’m getting a feeling you won’t be able to get the final three choppers.” Said Sein. Hearing his condescending comments again is making Maia increasingly angry, as he emphasizes her failures in merely smashing things. She is growing more desperate to prove herself better than the ‘so called god’. “RAUURGH!!! ILL SHOW!!! *HUFF* YOU!!!!” She roared, huffing as she ran out of the crater. “HQ! This is Warlock 1! We are out of ideas to throw at the monster!” he reported. “We can see that, Warlock 1!” Replied the feminine voice. “We’re sending in the cavalry! Your orders are to keep the monster busy until it arrives!” “Copy HQ! What kind of cavalry are you sending?” The feminine voice didn’t respond. “HQ! HQ! Come in HQ!” repeated Warlock 1. “I have a bad feeling about this!” commented Warlock 2. “Regardless! We have to keep the monster occupied!” jumped in Warlock 3. “Who knows maybe we can take the bitch out before the ‘cavalry’ arrives!” Maia was racing back towards the helicopters on all fours, letting out a snarly huff as she pulled kicked, her eyes fixated with fury on her targets. The beastess closed in at about 50 meters when she decided to jump. She was very fast but as she kicked herself up her target had already swayed to the left. “FUUUURRGHHKK!!!!!” she roared as she flew past it. Sein just snickered to her lamentation. She twisted her body, turning around in mid-air. She was falling backwards not caring where she is going to land. Her eyes locked back on her target and taking heavy snarly breaths. She crashed in a more intact part of the city. She crawled out and began throwing what ever she could get her musky hands on. Cars, signs, lampposts, chunks of buildings and the ground flew towards the three helicopters, all missing their targets. The feline snarled and rough with increasing frustration, her aim getting sloppier with each miss, prompting the god in her head to laugh more and more. “FURGHK YOU!!! FURGHK YOU!!! FURGHK YOU!!! FURGHK YOU!!! FUUUURRRGHHHK!!!!!” She roared repeatedly. “HAHAHA! You still can’t throw! HAHAHA!” laughed Sein. “Heh! There are better ways of killing them, you know! HAHAHA! Of course you don’t! You’re too stupid to know! HAHA! Watch this!” “She stopped throwing!” said Warlock 2. “Did she give up?” “Knowing her, no.” Answered Warlock 1. With a smug smile, Maia jumped straight up. Out of reflex the pilots swayed to the side but were left confused when they realized she wasn’t flying towards them. She stopped ascending at roughly same altitude as choppers. As the heaviest woman on the planet began falling down, she opened her mouth and took a short but powerful breath, the vacuum she created pulled in everything infront of her, then she put her hands behind her head as she falls down enjoying the show above her. The helicopters caught fire as they all got pulled in, the morning clouds trail down and the half of the city she was facing got pulled up into one point in the sky, colliding together and shattering apart as their momentum pulls them further. Enjoying the show, Sein laughed through Maia as her body collided with the ground, still holding the relaxing pose as she creates another crater. “Hehe! And that, my bitch, is how its done!” Laughed Sein, still relaxing in the soft crater. “FUCK YOU!!! I COULD HAVE DONE THAT!!!” Raged Maia. “No, you’re to stupid to come up with something like that! HEHE!” “FUCK YOU!!! GET THE FUCK OUT OF SO I CAN BEAT THE FUCKING SHIT OUT YOU!!!!” The felines face changed from a smug smile, to something more serious. “Oh?” asked Sein. Black mist was emanated by Maia’s body flying five meters away and formed a silhouette of a wolf the same size she was. The mist disappeared revealing the black wolf still in his black kilt and gold accessories, his soft black fur covered muscles the same size lioness he was playing with, and his glowing red eyes were irradiating annoyance at her. “Well, here I am!” He announced as he crossed his massive arms. “FINALLY!!!” Maia boomed. “IM FINALLY FREE OF YOU!!!” She roared as she jumped up, channeling her fury into the biggest punch she could muster. It connected with his face, creating a shockwave that visibly pushed the air away for a kilometer, shattering the ground around them. The god didn’t even blink. The fist pushed at his nose for two solid seconds. With the same annoyed, unamused face, he grabbed her wrist and effortlessly pulled it down. Maia’s sense vulnerability returned as she was left shocked that she can’t pull her hand out of his wrist. His other hand sprung up gripping her throat tightly. Suddenly, a trail of fire was soared across the sky, rumbling louder as it began descending on them. The ‘cavalry’. Both muscle beast stared up at it, not moving or saying anything as it crashed next to them. A flash brighter than the sun, that could blind any mortal, consumed everything. As the bright light reseeded, a dark cloud of fire raised in the shape of a massive mushroom. The god was floating above an even bigger crater, with the feline in still in his hand. Both were unharmed by the strike of Armageddon that only had one success. Maia’s massive, hard tits were swinging left and right. “Hmph! Guess I did visit this world before!” joked Sein. Maia, after snapping out of the shock, began banging her hulking hands against the god’s. Having had enough of the lioness’s attitude, he moved his left hand up, and slapped the she-hulk’s face with the back of his palm. The collision of the two was so powerful it created a wave of energy in the shape of a ring. It expanded, cutting through the entire planet itself, traveling millions of kilometers devastating everything in it’s path. The casual slap left a sharp stinging pain on Maia’s cheek. Tears form in her eyes as the realization that she is in fact still very mortal, feeling the same fear of the beast infront of her when he first took over. Sein let go of the girl’s throat. Immediately a golden color conjured around her neck, with similar golden leash that wrapped around the black furred arm that was just suspending her. She fell a little bit, the leash preventing her falling further. She grabbed at the leash she was dangling from, not wanting to fall down to the Tartarus that was forming bellow her. She stared into the cruel red eyes of the wolf as he pulled her closer and with a sinister smile, he said to her: “Now it’s time for you to learn your place, my pet!” END
  7. Aquaas

    Commission: Hostile Takeover

    Hello all! Here is my next story, commissioned by the wonderful Bahamut6sic6 and his friends Nex Anima Canis and Frank. I was given permission to post the story here for your reading pleasure. It is very much a departure from my previous work, but it was very fun to work on any way. This one wound up being about forty pages long, so buckle up. Warnings in the tags. Hostile Takeover Frank stepped out of his Hummer and inhaled deeply. The wind in the cool night air wouldn’t have seemed too special to the average human, plagued as they were with inferior noses. But Frank was no average human. At seven feet tall, and almost seven hundred and sixty pounds, he towered over every other human left on the continent after the advent of the furs. There were only ten other humans in the city, and that was how Frank liked it. His own kin were too weak for him. He inhaled again, taking a long drag of the air as if it were a drug. The almost imperceptible aroma of testosterone and sweat filled his head. Frank turned and looked across the street. A bright pink neon sign glowed in the early evening, announcing in bold letters: BONECRUSHER GYM. Frank smiled. If the stories he had heard were true, he was in for a very interesting night. He crossed the street, not bothering to look for oncoming traffic. What was the point? He was more of a danger than any car ever could be. Not even the freight trains that ran across the southwestern deserts could have put a dent in him. “I can smell him in there. God… this is going to be fun.” Ignoring the closed sign on the door, he pushed his way in. Clang…fffff…clang…ffff…clang… the unmistakable sound of someone bench pressing floated across the gym to Frank. Tall as he was, he could see over almost all of the machines and soon found his prey. He licked his lips, slightly stunned by what he was seeing. There, in the corner of the weight room was an absolute monster of a wolf, standing facing the mirror. His broad back made it impossible to see his reflection, or even the ends of the barbell that was clearly in front of him based on the sound. “C’mon, ya little punk. You’re only benching 225 right now, two plates on either side. This is light weight. You want the other bears at work to make fun of you? You’re a fucking grizzly, for Wolf Christ’s sake. Fucking act like it!” Frank could feel his ten-inch cock start to plump up. This guy was every bit the muscle monster he expected. He heard what sounded like a whimper from the bench. “What? You’ve only done five sets. You weakling. I guess we’re done for the night.” Bang. The weight was re-racked unceremoniously in the stands on either side of the bench. “And who might you be, to come to my gym so late?” The huge, black wolf turned to face Frank. He was eight feet tall if he was an inch, looking over the human’s head by a fair margin. The red stringer that he was wearing left very little of his torso to the imagination. Pecs like concrete pillows stretched the straps, bulging out on the sides. A whistle on a neon yellow cord dangled between them, stuck in the deep crevice. Huge nips, the size of silver dollars, jutted out from his pecs. His thick abs were also visible, looking deep enough to lose a few fingers in. Frank could see now that the wolf wasn’t totally black. His chest and stomach were covered in white fur that came up to the underside of his muzzle. There were also thick patches of brown fur on his chest and his chin. His massive arms would have put the grizzly behind him’s thighs to shame. They outclassed the bears legs by at least eight inches. His legs also strained his khaki shorts to the breaking point. Frank could see where they were already starting to split along the seams. Then there was that massive bulge, jutting out from between his legs. Frank was practically salivating. The wolf put his hand on the barbell behind him and curled his massive paw around it. “The name’s Frank. I just moved here from quite a way away. I heard there was a big man’s gym here in town that stayed open late for…ah… personal training.” Now the wolf was looking him up and down. The human in front of him was massive compared to others of his species. Seven feet tall, and almost shrink wrapped in a button-down shirt and a pair of cream-colored slacks. The striations on his pecs were visible, even through the cotton and the vertical stripes. Frank grinned, catching the wolf scanning his torso. He felt his cock throb in his slacks, and he gave his pecs a little bounce. The rubbing fabric stimulated his nipples, causing them to harden and poke out of his shirt. Frank gestured at his body and said “I mean, I need a pretty tough workout partner to keep up with me. What’s your name, big dog?” “Nex Anima Canis.” said the black wolf. Then, faster than almost any eye could follow, Nex jerked the barbell from the stand, one-handed, and threw it at Frank’s chest. Frank’s arm snapped up and he stopped the flying weight, straight armed and one-handed. The wolf cocked an eyebrow at this. Nobody had ever passed that test before. There was still a stain on the far wall behind Frank from the last guy, who had been about six inches shorter and much more delicate. “But you can call me Nex. Gotta say, man, I’m impressed. Not too many humans left and you coulda died. Shouldn’t you be avoidin’ risking your life?” Frank just smiled and grabbed either side of the barbell, his massive wingspan enough to reach either end with no trouble. Then, slowly and almost effortlessly, Frank began bending the bar into a knot, looping the ends past each other. “Pretty impressive, Frankie boy. You’re gonna be replacing that though, Olympica bars don’t come cheap.” The bear behind him was salivating. It was obvious that Frank was getting aroused by showing off his strength. With his amazing hearing, Nex listened as the teeth of the zipper on Frank’s slacks began snapping apart. The human dropped the bar with a clang on the concrete floor, chipping it. “So, puppy, interested in a little competition? I need a real big guy to actually work me out any, and there’s never been any one that can really help me. I’ve literally blown through eight workout partners in the past six months. It’s part of why I left home.” Frank sighed and began unbuttoning his shirt. Tailored clothes like this were expensive, and he had already heard some threads snapping along his lats when he pulled that barbell stunt. “I want to have somebody I can use my freakish strength on, somebody that’s not going to break the first time we arm wrestle.” He shucked his shirt, exposing his godly torso. Though not as tall as Nex, he was proportionally almost the same size. The bear’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when he saw the marble, paper-thin skin on Frank’s torso. “I’m a lot denser than most guys, which makes it hard to play any real games with them.” Nex nodded, knowing exactly what he meant. “I propose we have a bit of a power competition. Some lifting, some wrestling, some…” A malevolent light danced in his eyes. “…other stuff.” Nex perked up at that, his tail wagging right to left. Frank eyed the bear on the bench. “What do you say, cub? Want to help us out? We need someone to start us off.” The bear nodded slowly. These two gods wanted him to help! Frank looked back at Nex. “Any other guys here about his size? I already know what I want the first event to be in our little competition.” “Yeah, hang on. There’s one other guy on the third floor doing his weekly cardio. HEY, JOEY! HOP DOWN HERE! WE NEED YOU FOR SOMETHING!” The shout from the massive wolf shook the rafters, dust falling from the ceiling. “Four floors, no intercom. I don’t fit in the elevator anymore, so I only go up to the fourth when I’m ready to sleep or bed somebody. I ain’t goin’ up to the third floor when my lungs work just as well.” Frank nodded appreciatively. Watching Nex expand his lungs in preparation for that shout had been a real treat. His whistle was now lodged perfectly between his massive pecs. “You should know, if you’re as strong as I think you are, nothing in this gym is going to even give you a pump.” Nex walked over to the huge multi-station machine, ducked under it and began to shoulder press it. “See? I have to go to the railyard just to maintain the mass I’ve got.” A pounding on the stairs started to get louder and louder. A kangaroo, about ten pounds heavier than the grizzly, burst through the door, chest heaving. “Jo-jo, this is my new friend, Frankie. He and I are gonna have a little competition. You and cubby here are gonna help us with the first event, which is…?” Nex turned to Frank. “Here’s the deal. We’re going to see how well we can dominate not just these two wimps, but the whole town. We just need a starting point, and I think these bois…” You could hear the I in Frank’s voice “…are going to help us out with that.” Both Joey “Since you already belong to both of us, we both get one point.” Frank fished two counters out of his pockets and clicked them. “Each guy we dominate can give us one point, or five points if we can do it creatively. We’ll score each other. We can start at one, because both of these guys are really into us.” “L…let’s get s-st-started…” said the bear. Frank hadn’t asked for his name. He knew he was just a plaything to these gods. Frank looked at Joey and the bear. “I think I’ll take the bear, and you can have the roo. He’s more taken with you than he is with me, anyway. Our first event is going to be something to relax us a bit, to release some tension, before we really let loose. Measure their waists. Our game is ‘pump the punk.’ We’re going to take these two and show them a bit of heaven. Whichever has a thicker gut when we finish wins an extra point.” Frank looked at the roo and the bear. “Both of you, on your knees, NOW.” Unlike Nex, the human didn’t yell. His voice was a deep growl that made both Joey and the bear quiver. Their knees buckled under them and they fell to the ground on all fours. They faced away from one another, ass to ass and opened their mouths. Frank’s cock finally broke his zipper fully open and had popped out of his briefs. The huge wolf, on the other hand, had zipped his khaki shorts open and fished his cock from the confines of his underwear. Neither was fully hard, a mercy for their two victims. Where Frank’s cock was long, Nex’s was thick, like a 40 of beer. “I’m a grower, by the way.” said the wolf. “We’ll start together. One… two… three!” They shoved their cocks into the muzzles of their victims and began pumping with wild abandon. Thrust after thrust, they face fucked the two mammals. The bear reached up and began stroking Frank’s balls. Frank growled down at him, a sound that didn’t seem like it could come from a human. Nex thought he heard Frank whisper ‘You haven’t earned those’ before slapping the bear across the muzzle. The bear coughed, gagging on the human’s cock. Mucus and blood flowed from his mouth, followed by two teeth. Frank had knocked out two of the bear’s sharp, tearing teeth. Nex raised his eyebrows. Maybe this was what Frank meant by creative. He decided it was time to stop being gentle. He shoved his thick cock further down Joey’s throat, saying “Ya like that, you bitch? Open wide!” Even with his long kangaroo muzzle, Joey was having a lot of trouble taking Nex in. Lockjaw begin to set in, but Nex kept pounding. This just meant he had a tighter hole to fuck. The black wolf looked up at Frank, who was smiling in bliss. The bear was still working his cock as hard as he could, choking on the length of meat. “Hey Frank…” The human looked up at the wolf, just in time to see him crank out a massive most muscular. The coach’s whistle got lost in between his pecs and Frank was overcome with joy and lust, knowing he had found someone as strong, or stronger than, him. He screamed, a window rattling yell flowing from him as he released into the bear’s gullet. What had once been abs were now distending as his toy’s stomach filled with cum. “Fuck, that’s too much…” Nex moaned as his cock throbbed harder and bigger. Crack! He was cumming, suddenly noticing the lack of pressure on his cock. Joey’s stomach too began to swell up, filling with his manly essence. “Wow, Nex, look what you did to the poor kid.” said Frank as he extricated himself from the bear’s throat. He looked down at his cock, covered in blood and juices and said, “Lick it off, slave.” The bear’s tongue slid out and began tenderly cleaning his new master’s cock. “You really did a number on him.” Nex looked at Joey and saw his lower jaw hanging loosely. “You dislocated his muzzle with just your cock… fucking amazing. That’s worth five points, at least.” Nex reached under Joey’s armpits and hoisted him back to his feet with ease. His massive cock had snapped the roo’s jaw open. Solid food was out of the question for at least a month. It was also obvious that Nex had filled Joey’s gut up much more than Frank had done for the bear. The roo whimpered as the bear stood up to look at him. “He’ll be okay, slave.” Frank wrapped his arm around the bear’s shoulders as he tucked his cock back into his pants. “Does it hurt, Joey?” The kangaroo nodded at Frank and Nex, whimpering. “I’m so sorry buddy, but I had to win. You understand.” Nex grabbed his lower jaw and twisted it back into place. Joey screamed. “Now, come give daddy a big hug.” The kangaroo’s arms didn’t make it to the wolf’s back as his lats were too broad to wrap around. So, the wolf returned the favor. His massive arms and pecs enveloped the smaller kangaroo. Then he squeezed the littler guy in a tight hug. It was easy. He had heard that we all had a desire to squeeze cute things, ingrained deeply in our DNA. Tighter…tighter…tighter… CRRRRRACK!!! Like stepping on a box of matches wearing his work boots, Nex heard as the ribs of the kangaroo slowly shatter, followed by the unmistakable SNAP of his spine. The huge black wolf released the roo, looking at his ragdoll upper body. The destroyed ribcage must have liquified the organs in his torso, because Joey sputtered and coughed. A mix of blood, cum, and phlegm surged out of his mouth as he looked up at the black wolf. As his own eyes lost their luster, the wolf’s seemed to spark up, glowing with surprise and joy at what he had done. “Fuck yeah!” Frank cheered. “Now THAT’S what I’m talking about! Ten points, easy, big dog!” He tightened his own grip on the bear and pumped his free hand in the air. “That was fucking hot as shit!” Nex held Joey’s body in front of him and looked at the boi that he had just fucked to pieces. A soft hiss came out of his muzzle and he licked his chops, salivating. His cock, which had softened as he hugged the roo, was hard again. It throbbed insistently, leaking precum on the gym floor. “You can’t eat him right now, we have to keep a good body count, Nex.” The wolf looked at Frank and back down at his prize. He knew the human was right. He flung Joey’s limp body at the concrete wall, where it burst open like a balloon. “That’s going to be a mess to clean up, puppy.” “Don’t call me ‘puppy’, bitch. I’m a wolf.” Nex growled. “Yeah. I know. But I’ll domesticate you eventually.” Frank purred. Nex actually quivered at the deep voice coming from Frank’s throat. For a human, his voice was deeper than any other mammal the wolf had ever encountered. Even tigers didn’t really compare. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t still be savage, big dog.” He squeezed the bear in a tight headlock. The grizzly whimpered. “I mean, you’ve got to totally dominate the guys around you. You have to keep your grip…” crackle… The bear whimpered more, obviously in pain. His eyes were bugging out and turning red, blood vessels rupturing from the effort, as he clawed at Frank’s huge arm. His massive paws that could have scooped the flesh from the bones of other humans like a melon baller from a ripe cantaloupe weren’t even leaving scratches on the corded muscles of the big man’s forearms. “…tight.” Frank ratcheted the hold even harder and his captive’s eyes fluttered. Nex’s tail was wagging wildly behind him, making it easy to see through the big wolf’s calm façade. He was obviously excited at the prospect of totally dominating someone else. He reached up and scratched his huge, furry pecs. He felt something stuck in the dusty brown hair that covered the white of his torso “What the fu…” His nails hit something hard and cold in the cleavage, and he hooked it out. It felt flat, but light. A bit like a keychain. Slowly he came to realize... “My whistle! That was my favorite one too!” The brilliant yellow rope made it all the more obvious that this was indeed his whistle. The wolf had crushed it between his pecs doing a most muscular when he had dislocated the roo’s jaw. The shiny metal whistle had been flattened, curving to match the striations of his gigantic pecs. Everywhere, that is, but where the small metal ball in the whistle’s body vibrated to make the sound louder. Here the metal was spherical, enveloping the little ball. “Damn it! That thing was steel! Now I have to go find a new one…” POW! The sound of snapping bone and something much more sinister refocused Nex’s attention to the man in front of him. He was breathing a bit harder than the black wolf expected, the bear’s head having completely separated from his body. Blood sprayed freely for a moment from the headless torso, covering Frank in a film of gore. “Shit… I broke my toy.” Frank looked at the wolf. “But it was all your fault cub. That trick with the whistle… fucking hot.” The human reached up and painted the wolf’s nose with blood from his destroyed victim. “Get a good whiff cub. That is what power smells like. Everyone, every single fucking person in this town, would be at our mercy. More mine than yours, but…” Nex growled and started to roll the whistle in between his fingers. The metal formed around the ball, tightening up into a bright sphere. “So… how many points do I have so far?” “That headlock probably got you five and the knocked-out teeth another five. I’d say we’re pretty even for now. But then again…” Nex cocked his hand like he was getting ready to launch a marble. “…this is already my town. Home team advantage.” With his thumb, the wolf took aim with his newly forged bullet. Looking out the window, he could see a bird and fox pass by. With one swift thump, the steel ball flew from his hand through the window. The fox had chosen just that moment to turn and look in the gym’s windows, toward the bird. The piece of steel barreled through the tempered glass, leaving a perfectly round hole. Not a single crack. It was as if a diamond cutter had drilled through the glass, taking only what he wanted. The bird’s beak shattered, leaving behind a bloody mess of a face. The fox, however, was not so lucky. The projectile hit him squarely between the eyes. As if in slow motion, the two gods in the gym watched the front of his face cave into his sinuses as the steel orb blew through him. Like a twisted flower, his face bloomed red from the front as an explosion of blood and gray matter surged out from the back of his skull. As if he didn’t know he had died, the fox reached up to the gaping hole that was his face and crumpled. “I know where all the best targets are. I know when they’ll be around.” Frank was hard again. This wolf was new to the crushing scene, but he obviously took to it like a duck to water. This was going to be the best competition he had ever had with another man. “Lead the way then, mister twenty-five points. I want to see all these good targets.” Nex was panting. Not from exhaustion, but from the smell. Even at four stories tall and more than three thousand square feet, the gym was full of testosterone and musk. It had to be driving the wolf wild. Frank knew it was driving him nuts, and his superhuman sense of smell was nowhere near Nex’s. The wolf looked at him, taking heaving breaths. Looking resigned, he reached up and grabbed the straps of his stringer tank top. With one swift motion and a ROOOOOAR, he tore it in two, leaving red fabric pieces on the floor. The human was amazed that Nex’s shorts remained intact. He knew that his own zipper had given up the ghost the first time he got hard in the gym. “Super shorts. They don’t tear unless I really work at it.” Nex answered Frank’s question without it needing to be said. “I’m a bit like the Hulk that way.” Frank raised his eyebrows, puzzled at how the wolf knew. “Your eyes asked the question for you.” Their attention was drawn back to the window at the sound of a shriek. The bird was looking at his dead fox friend and screaming. “Shit… he’s gonna go to the cops, ain’t he?” The wolf looked a little disheartened. “I don’t want our fun to end so quickly.” The bird looked in the window and saw the two muscle gods. His eyes widened and he pointed, still screaming. Then he ran. “Yeah, there’s no way he doesn’t know it was us.” “So? Screw the cops. You saw how those two guys gave in to us, they barely struggled. Taking down a whole platoon of the national guard wouldn’t be a problem for one of us, let alone two. Let’s go have our fun.” Frank strode towards the automatic doors and watched as they slid open. All the accumulated musk from the gym rushed out, like a gas bomb that would blanket the town. Soon, all the little sub bitches would be coming to him and Nex. And they were going to crush them all. “We’re going to have as much fun as we want. Nobody can stop us.” He squatted down in front of his Hummer, wrapping his fingers under the front bumper, and lifted. The four-ton truck left the ground easily as Frank hoisted it into an overhead shoulder press. “I’m going to pump up a little bit with my car. No offense, but those light weights in your gym wouldn’t be able to even get my blood flowing.” Nex nodded. He understood. The big wolf went to the local junkyard and lifted cubed cars himself. He had surpassed his gym a very long time ago. The wolf watched as Frank’s shoulders engorged with blood, his sweat mingling with the gore on his torso. Slowly, his cock began to harden again. “Its fucking hot to watch you manhandle that truck, Frank.” Nex licked his lips and tasted the blood from Joey and the bear on his muzzle. Frank was doing overhead shoulder pressed with over four tons of weight. This kind of impossible power had never presented itself in his town before. The giant black wolf got on all fours and crawled under the truck to the human. Even though he seemed to tower over Frank normally, right now the littler human was totally in charge. “I’m gonna stand up now and take the thing from you. It seems like our little show here has attracted some admirers.” Frank turned his head and saw that there were about twenty males in the street watching him and Nex. Not a single human in sight. A huge rottweiler was breathing deeply, looking at Frank’s crotch. About six foot four, the dog was built like a Mack truck. His nubby tail was frantically shaking in his pants, huge roidgut protruding from his body. If Frank and Nex hadn’t have been there, he would easily be one of the biggest animals in the area. Frank looked at the rottweiler’s shirt. The logo for the bar in front of the gym was stretched across his chest. “What do you do at that bar, puppy?” Frank asked casually. “I-I’m a bouncer sir.” The dog was openly panting now, tongue lolling in the night air. “Oh yeah? Think you could bounce…” Frank flexed an enormous bicep right in the dog’s face “…me, if I decided to get rowdy?” Slowly, Frank began to bounce each of his pecs, rolling them in such a way that every single fiber seemed to flex and relax. The rottweiler shook his head. “Didn’t think so. I like an honest boy. Good thing for you, puppy. Come here.” The dog hesitated for a fraction of a second. “Do you think my friend is going to drop my car on you? I said, COME. HERE. NOW.” Frank didn’t have to raise his voice. The depth of it made sure it carried to every ear there. The dog jumped and ran to Frank. Nex smiled. The rottweiler had no idea what was coming. When the big dog got over to the human, Frank grinned and put a hand behind his head. With a swift pull, Frank jerked the rottweiler’s muzzle into his armpit. “Now, sniff.” The dog inhaled deeply, several times. Nex knew that apart from the gore on Frank’s body, the human had his own powerful aroma. The dog had no chance. “So, puppy… did you like that?” Now the dog was actually drooling. His eyes were lost in a dreamlike state of bliss, unfocused as if he was still searching for Frank’s scent. The rottweiler shook his head vigorously, tongue flapping in the air and flinging slobber everywhere. “You want a treat, puppy?” More nodding. The dog started to kneel, reaching for Frank’s exposed bulge. “No. Not remotely what I meant.” He looked up in disappointment. “Come here. It’s okay.” Frank put his huge hands on either side of the dog’s head and pulled him into a deep kiss, overpowering even the rottweiler’s huge, flat tongue with his own. The dog and Frank both gasped for breath as they kissed with wild abandon. Snatches of “you like that” and “harder” floated to Nex’s ears. Something else though piqued his sensitive hearing. The slight crackle crackle of something like straws snapping. Then he knew. Frank was squeezing the dog’s head as they kissed. The bones on the side of his skull were making that noise. Suddenly, in an explosion like a red water balloon, the rottweiler’s head exploded and Nex hear the clap of Frank’s hands coming together. The human spit out the dog’s tongue and looked at Nex, face covered in blood. He said two words that brought the wolf to full mast almost instantly: “Your turn.” The big black wolf scanned the crowd for a willing victim and soon spotted one. One of the only males taller than both of the powerhouses was eyeing him with wild eyes: a giraffe. Tall and thin, the giraffe looked to be about fifteen feet tall. Nex’s forearm was thicker than the thickest part of the tall mammal’s neck. “Hey, tall, spotty, and lanky.” The giraffe pointed at himself. “Yeah, you. Come here.” As the giraffe came over, Nex widened his stance a bit. “Get on your back on the ground and put your face between my legs. I wanna do some squats and need a good marker of where ‘ass-to-grass’ is. Your snout looks about right.” He nodded, complying immediately. He slammed onto his back and scooched in between the wolf’s tree trunk legs. “Now, four tons of steel is just a warmup weight for me to squat. I max about fifteen right now. You have nothing to worry about from the truck.” The big black wolf began to squat deeply, bringing his huge bubble butt to the tip of the giraffe’s nose. The heat from the wolf’s balls and crack blazed through the khaki shorts, making the giraffe acutely aware of his male scent. He opened his mouth and inhaled deeply, drawing Nex’s musk into his lungs. The giraffe’s face cracked a wide, dumb smile. He said to himself in his deep-ish voice, “Oh my god… that is such an amazing smell… I wonder…?” His long, black tongue slid out of his mouth and slowly found its way to the wolf’s crotch. Using piercing at the tip of his very flexible tongue, the giraffe hooked the wolf’s zipper. As Nex squatted and stood back up, the zipper slowly opened up, exposing a red covered bulge. The huge wolf moaned as the tall mammal’s long tongue wrapped slowly around his thickening cock and rubbed it through his cotton underwear. Frank smiled, as he knew that Nex was really enjoying himself while he dominated the thin giraffe. “Remember, I told you…” huff… huff… huff… Nex was incredibly turned on by the ministrations of the giraffe, hardening and stretching out of his now open fly. “…you didn’t have to worry about the truck. You should be more concerned about the ass moving it than the four tons of steel and plastic hanging over your head.” With that, Nex dropped the lowest he had yet, forcing the snout of his victim into his deep ass crack. His massive glutes surrounded the face of the giraffe and the huge black wolf gave a slight squeeze. The tall, thin mammal moaned, his deep voice vibrating Nex’s ass slightly. “Fuuuuck… that’s amazing.” The wolf’s glutes tightened again, as did his massive thighs. A faint ripping sound came from the legs of the khaki shorts, where it soon became apparent that they were tearing at the seams. “Moan again, little man. Your face is just right for getting in there and tickling my fancy.” The giraffe’s tongue was still sliding around Nex’s huge cock, all twenty inches of the giraffe’s muscular appendage now also sliding along his crack and the bottom of his balls through the cotton of the wolf’s briefs. “Gooood yeah. Feel the power of this massive muscle wolf’s ass.” With another squeeze, Nex felt a crack in his crack. He looked down between his legs just in time to see the tongue go limp and stop rubbing his red briefs. With a shrug, Nex went down even further, almost bringing his massive ass to the ground. As he lowered himself slowly, he could feel the shattered snout of his giraffe victim crumpled beneath the irresistible force of the massive weight of the Hummer and Nex’s muscles. Looking to his left, he could see Frank rubbing himself through his slacks, hard and leaking. The shattered giraffe head beneath him was oozing onto the pavement. “Damn, I bet the back of my shorts is just covered in blood and it makes it look like I shit myself. Might as well…” With that, the huge black wolf exploded back up to a standing position. The sudden movement proved to be too much for his shorts and the exploded off of his body, falling away in tatters. Frank licked his lips at Nex’s exposed legs and briefs. “I like the briefs, puppy. They are just the right type of cheeky.” Nex blushed deeply enough to tinge the white fur on his muzzle pink. One of the tinies whistled his appreciation and the wolf turned to face him growling. That shut the little man up pretty quickly. Nex’s briefs had been fully exposed, jammed up his crack by the giraffe’s long face. His ass was revealed in the first half of the banned full-moon pose that so many sexy bodybuilders had done so long ago. The wolf quickly slipped them out of his ass. His massive glutes had protected them from staining, revealing that they were not solid red as the crotch would lead onlookers to believe. Instead, only the front panel was red. The rest was a brilliant white, which contrasted with the wolf’s dark black fur. Nex huffed and bent over to lower the Hummer to the ground. This time it was Frank who whistled. The white briefs were stretched over his massive glutes to reveal not a solid white panel of fabric, but a gigantic decal of what appeared to be two cherries that seemed to perfectly mirror the ass beneath them, albeit in miniature. “Do those sweet cherries mean what I think they mean, puppy?” asked Frank. His cock was hardening even more in his slacks, slowly making its way to the ruined zipper. “I don’t know, little man.” Nex stomped over to the bald human and loomed over him. The wolf bounced his pecs. They were so heavy that onlookers could hear them slamming back down into Nex’s abs. The wolf flicked his tongue out, grazing the seven-foot tall monster human’s ear. “What do you think it means?” Frank hooked his thumbs into his waistband and gave a huge tug. To hell with it. These pants wouldn’t last too much longer anyway at the rate his quads were blowing up. His hairless body was a sharp contrast to the densely furred wolf. He shaved everything, from the tops of his feet to the crown of his head. His entire, smooth alabaster body was now on full display, save for a square covered by a struggling undergarment. Frank was wearing boxer briefs under the tan slacks that were wrapped tightly over his thighs and prodigious package. The were dark black except for the seams and the stitching, which were yellow and white, respectively. The human smiled at the wolf and stepped back, turning around. The globes of Frank’s ass were splashed with the image of a half-peeled banana. “I think it means the exact opposite of what my underwear are trying to suggest.” Frank bent and the banana bulged obscenely with his glutes. “I’m a dominant, hard fucking top. I am guessing those cherries mean your ass is ripe for the picking, as a submissive bottom.” The massive human looked over his shoulder at his partner in crime. The wolf’s face had cracked into a lopsided grin, showing glittering white teeth and a set of sharp, long canines. He was chuckling at the human’s suggestion. “You’re only half right, little big man. While the cherries do mean I am a bottom, I should think my display over there with our giraffe friend should show that I am by no means submissive. I get fucked, yeah. But I get fucked for keeps.” Nex’s tail was lifted and swaying gently right to left. “Any cock that gets between these cheeks…” He slapped his ass for effect, making a resounding crack! echo through the street. “…will belong to me until I am good and damn ready to let it go. That lanky man’s snoot, however, was not as pleasing as I had hoped it would be. That’s part of the reason I kept going down. He needed to be a lot strong to eat me out.” Nex clapped his hand together, knowing the road dust from the Hummer off of them. “So, with your rottweiler crush and those overhead presses…” The wolf began tallying up in his head. “I’d say you’re up about another twenty-five points. That would bring you to around fifty-five. If turning me on counted, I’d give you another ten.” Nex reached around Frank and groped his impossibly thick pec. With the claws of his forefinger and thumb, Nex tweaked the smaller man’s right nipple. “So, Frankie boy… where does that put me?” “Do not call me a boy, puppy. I am a man.” Frank growled. Several of the onlookers actually recoiled a bit, hearing the deep and frustrated noise that issued from the thick neck of the massive human. “I’m bigger than a lot of members of your species even.” “Yeah, you are boy. Yet…you still haven’t been able to domesticate this big wolf enough to call him puppy.” Nex lapped at the top of Frank’s bald head, dragging his thick tongue over the shaved dome. “So, man… how many points do I get?” Frank considered this for a moment. Watching the wolf squat his truck and subsequently blow out of his khaki shorts had been impressive, but what had really driven Frank wild was watching the wolf dominate the giraffe with just the flexing of his glutes. “I hate to say it, you big wolf, but you are at about sixty points with that little stunt you pulled with your underwear. I do not like admitting that anyone is beating me at anything.” Nex smiled behind Frank. He liked the idea that this huge, dominant man was starting to warm up to him. He had probably never seen anyone anywhere near the wolf’s size, let alone anyone that could maybe be stronger than him. Those extra five points were a real motivator to the black wolf. His massive cock twitched in his briefs. He was going to dominate this man and get him to fuck him hard. Maybe… just maybe… the human would be enough to sate his incredible sexual appetite. “So, what do you want to smash next wolfie?” Nex looked up into the crowd. He inhaled deeply, smelling the musk from his partner and smiled. Soon, both of their scents would attract much more challenging prey to their little show. But for now, they would keep going with what they had. “I think… we’d do better if we moved toward downtown. There’s not really enough men to crush here right now…” A groan came from the audience and several cellphones blazed to life. Snatches of “get to my location” and phone cameras and “I don’t care if you think you’re straight, you gotta see this!” floated to the ears of the two muscular giants. The crowd mobbed the two bodybuilders, making the street seem like it was full of molasses. The giants moved slowly, but unstoppably, forward through the mob. After about forty second of slow progress, Nex started to become impatient. He lashed out with his right arm and grabbed the head of a deer. “Move, dammit!” With a swift yank, the cervine left the ground and snapped to the right in the air. His neck cracked, broken from the force of the wolf’s furious yank. However, his body was just heavy enough that it tore from his neck. As if pulling a stem from a bunch of grapes, with a series of cracks the deer’s spine separated from his ribs as pelvis, sliding out from his neck. Nex was left holding the antlered head and spine of his quarry as the body flew across the street and through the window of a nearby restaurant. Like the Red Sea, the crowd in front of him and Frank split, coalescing behind them like ripples on the waves. “Sixty-five.” The broken window from the restaurant should have set delightful smells of dinner wafting into the street. Instead, the odor of the muscle gods overpowered the food and filled the establishment. Couples looked up from their meals, covered in the blood of the deer that had just flown in through the window. Frank stomped over to the newly made hole, his scent going before him. His pecs were covered in the blood of the bear and rottweiler he had recently crushed, leaving a sticky film of gore. Once he reached the window, he could see that the patrons were eating various types of pasta. Most likely this was some kind of chain Italian eatery that had been dolled up a bit. The massive human smiled and licked his lips. Then he took his finger and drew a heart in the gore that covered his pecs, smiling at the patrons. The herbivores and the women… they panicked out of instinct. Screams erupted from the Italian place as the scared made their way toward the emergency exits. This was a beast that could crush them, devour them, in an instant. However, many of them came to a halt and turned around as the musk from Frank, now standing at the destroyed window, flooded the place. Only the animals with the weakest sense of smell were able to resist the scent of the alpha male and run. They still wouldn’t get too far. A cow came up to Frank and pressed her breasts into his burgeoning cock, obviously in heat. He looked down, scowling. He coiled his finger back and thumped her right between the eyes, shattering her frontal bone immediately. She was dead before her body hit the floor. “No women.” He growled. “They break much too easily.” All of the female animals present sighed dejectedly. This man could mate, give them strong offspring. But they knew that they had no chance of surviving him. So, the women left. A small fennec fox started to follow until Frank cleared his throat and asked, “Where are you going?” The fox turned and looked at the monster human and pointed to his own chest. “Me?” He was dressed in the uniform of a waiter: black slacks, white shirt, black tie. He even had on an apron that did little to conceal his arousal. “Yes, you.” “I thought that…since I’m so thin and weak…” “Do not think. You are a male. I do not care how small you are. Dominating males is more challenging and fun. Come here.” The fox was shaking and slowly moved toward Frank. “Well? Do not keep me waiting, little one. Come here Füchschen. I’ll make it well worth your while.” At that, Frank lifted his arms, exposing his deep pits to the fox. His manly scent wafted over to the fennec, who gulped and moved closer. “That’s it Füchschen, come closer.” While Frank might not admit it, it was obvious to Nex that the human got off on the size difference between him and the little fox. The wolf sniggered a bit. He didn’t think Frank had noticed he had slipped into German when addressing his prize. Must be a habit, or something from his culture. Either way, it was endearing. The fox got to Frank, making the difference in their sizes all the more apparent. Where Frank was seven feet tall, this fox was barely four. Just a little higher than the waist of the big man. Without thinking, the fox raised his arms, as a child would before his father. “How much do you weigh?” “105 pounds, sir.” For a fox, he was pretty well built. Short and compact, about thirty pounds more muscle than one would expect on such a small man. “Light weight.” Frank ignored the outstretched arms and slid his hand under the fennec’s groin, cupping his entire undercarriage with his meaty paw. He lifted the fox up to face level and they began to kiss. Frank stretched his long, think middle finger up to the hole that the fur’s tail came out of. Inserting it, he worked it until the stitching became loose, ripping along the seam that held the back panels of the fox’s pants together. With his other hand, Frank popped all of the buttons on the fox’s shirt open, exposing his dust and white belly. He ran his fingers through the fennec’s fur, finding his nipples. The small fox went rigid with pleasure, moaning loudly. Frank smiled. “You see that big, black wolf over there?” The fox nodded, lost in a haze of bliss. “He and I are having a competition to see who can dominate and destroy the most of the city. Would you like to help me win?” The fox began to nod his head vigorously, ears flapping. “Good Füchschen. I want you to give us a good show. I have to earn lots of points or that wolf is going to win. Get ready.” At that, the massive human guided the little canine’s hand to his thick pec. His middle finger had found the fox’s rosebud and was gently going around it, feeling it twitch. He flexed his pec and the fox opened up slightly. Frank jammed his thick finger into the fox, spreading his anus open. The gigantic human felt a warm liquid ooze down his forearm. He looked and saw that his quarry was bleeding. “I’ve torn you open. I bet it hurts, Füchschen.” “YES!” The fennec screamed out in pain and pleasure. “Do you want me to stop?” “Fuuuuck… FUCK NO!” Even though the finger was much larger than any cock the fennec fox had taken before, even though it hurt like a motherfucker, no one had ever managed to hit his prostate like this. “Pleeeasee… keep going…” His voice had become little more than a whine. “Do you like this?” Frank began slowly pistoning his finger in and out of the fox. Each move brushed the little canine’s prostate, sending him into throes of extasy. The fox was hard as a rock. Nex didn’t want to admit it, but he was rock hard too. Watching this display of power, where Frank held and finger fucked another man with one hand, made him very excited. This monstrous human was the only man he had ever seen that could come close to his own power. With a smooth gesture, the human lifted the fox up high enough to put his little cock at mouth height. Licking his lips, Frank took the average member into his mouth and began to suck. In no time, the small canine came, pumping just a few teaspoons of jizz into the human. “Good Füchschen. I needed a little protein to refuel.” The fox’s chest was heaving. He looked down at the bald crown of the muscle god holding him. He reached out and grabbed the sides of Frank’s head, trying to pull his body down to eye level. Frank lowered him. “You know what comes next, do you not?” “I do. But it’s worth it. I knew from the moment you singled me out.” the fennec said, leaning in. “Good puppy. It’ll all be over soon though.” Frank jammed his finger up the fox’s ass, creating a seal. He then kissed him, letting his tongue fill the fox’s muzzle. Then, the giant did something totally unexpected. He began to blow. Like a balloon, the fox’s chest began to swell with air. Frank did not stop, however, when the fox moaned in pain. He kept blowing. With a muffled pop!, the fennec’s lungs burst in his chest. He coughed up blood, the rich, irony taste filling Frank’s senses. With a CRACK! the fennec fox’s ribs separated from his sternum, allowing his torso to expand. The fox looked about four times thicker than he had been before, filled with air and blood. Suddenly BOOOM! The fennec’s upper torso burst open, heart, stomach, and deflated lungs flying out and coating Frank’s torso and face with the gore of his viscera. The giant human threw the mass from his finger to the ground, reveling in the blood that covered his body now. “That was fun.” “Hot too. I think you’re up to seventy points now, big boy.” Nex said looking at the bloody human. Frank growled at the renewed use of “boy.” “It’s not fair. All the blood shows up on your skin, while my black fur just hides it.” Nex looked around and spotted the local leather bar down the street. Its doors had flown open and several big men came swarming out. Lastly came the two lions that Nex had seen walk in his several times. They were kind of hot when he had seen them in their gym clothes, but now… Steve and Allan had been dating for several years. Both extremely proud lions, they had been competing with one another longer than that, probably since high school. One of their biggest competitions had always been to see who was bigger, who could get more massive and powerful. No drugs or workout program were off limits. No gym was too hardcore. That was how they had found the Bonecrusher Gym. They spotted the massive black wolf, walking around the place like he owned it and decided that if they could get close to that wolf’s size, they might be happy. Steve was the smaller of the two, and he was tired of it. Nex knew this. At four hundred pounds and six foot three, the lion was nothing to sneeze at. Tonight, he had gone to the bar in his best gear. His huge pecs and lats were straining the leather harness that wrapped around his upper torso. With every breath he took, you could hear the leather creak. Allan, as the bigger male, had put a collar around his thick neck. Really it was two collars strapped together, as they didn’t make collars that big. His tight, black jeans were filled to the breaking point. His generous package, the one place he outclassed his boyfriend, was cupped and thrust forward by the fabric of his pants. His thick mane cascaded around his head, just long enough to rest on his traps. It was the color of burnt honey, just a few shades lighter than the fur that covered his magnificent body. Allan, on the other hand, was not as tall as his beau. At five foot eleven, he was quite a bit shorter. But what he lacked in height he more than made up for in size. At four hundred and thirty pounds, he outclassed Steve by a fair bit. He was thankful to have found that tiger and bull testosterone dealer at the gym. The biggest members of the feline and bovine worlds had helped him bulk up massively in the past years. They had also helped boost him in… other ways. His mane was thicker than Steve’s, as well as being a fair bit darker. He was almost a black lion, with darker fur than normally seen on other members of his magnificent species. Tonight, he had foregone a shirt, leaving his huge, heaving torso exposed to the elements. He was also wearing leather chaps and a G-string, which was filled to the bursting point. As the alpha in the relationship, he could advertise a bit more than Steve. The massive cats stood next to each other, watching the men from the leather bar flood towards some unseen thing down the street. But they could feel it, watching them. Nex knew that Allan and Steve were uncannily aware of their surroundings, like so many other big cats. He knew that long before the lions saw him or Frank, they would feel their gaze on them and smell their powerful musk. “Move, ants. I finally spotted a real challenge.” the wolf growled at the crowd worshiping him. They spread out, putting the massive black wolf in the line of sight of the two lions. Allan looked simultaneously awed and furious. Nex chuckled. He knew what was going through the massive feline’s mind: There’s a canine bigger than me? Nex’s massive eight hundred pounds of bulk shook with his laughter, every contour of his massive body highlighted in the streetlamps that he and Frank were slowly destroying. His cock, already so hard from the night’s activities, throbbed in his underwear. A wet patch started to spread out from the precum he was leaking, adding to the overall scent of masculinity filling the town. He cocked an eyebrow. He could not fathom how the two felines were resisting the aroma and the sight of he and Frank totally destroying the other men in town. He lifted his massive paw and beckoned to Allan, calling “Here kitty, kitty. Come to daddy.” Allan saw red. Maybe it was his competitive nature, maybe it was the hormones he pumped into himself every day, but Allan charged at the massive black wolf with reckless abandon. As he ran, his claws slid out of the pads on his hands and his lips curled back, revealing sharp teeth. He was going to kill that cocky son of a bitch for calling him “kitty”. No one makes a lion his size sound cute, no one. As he ran, through the bloody haze he slowly noticed that he hadn’t quite come to grips with just how big Nex was from a distance. He could tell the wolf was large, but he had no idea he was almost three feet taller than him and nearly double his weight. The black fur also hid Nex’s size in the darkening streets. But Allan was committed. He was going to slash that wolf’s throat. What happened next happened in the space of a tenth of a second. Only Frank was able to fully appreciate it. Nex twisted his hand, moving it from an upturned position to a gripping one. His forearm made an almost imperceptible snapping noise as his hand curled around the lion’s throat. With one swift motion, he yanked the lion off of the ground and smashed him into the pavement. Asphalt is deceptively soft, especially if you slam a rock-hard mass onto it. Allan sank into the street, leaving a lion shaped outline. He started coughing, the air knocked out of him. Eventually, he began to hack up a little bit of blood. “Looks like I ruptured something, kitty.” growled the wolf. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t have more fun. Just let me…” Nex laid down on his side, legs near the lion’s head. “I’m gonna have a little bit of fun with you. Do you and that boyfriend of yours ever wrestle?” Meanwhile, Steve watched the man who had dominated him in nearly every way known be manhandled like he was a boy. His dick was hardening in his jeans, straining at the zipper. Frank had found his way over to the big cat and stood in front of him, blocking his view of his boyfriend. “Well, hello there kitty cat. Are you feeling left out? I think I can play with you while your boytoy is otherwise…occupied. Would you like that.” Stunned Steve unsheathed the claws on his right hand and swiped at Frank’s massive pecs. “Be careful, kitty cat. You might break a nail doing that.” Stunned, Steve looked at the human’s chest. Instead of seeing four lines of open flesh, like he would on almost any other animal, his claws had only wiped away four parallel lines of blood, exposing the alabaster skin of the giant before him. “This is how you scratch something.” Frank moved his hand into a claw like pose and swiped in front of the lion, just millimeters from his flesh. Steve was tempted to laugh by the absurdity of the situation. How could a human scratch with the same power as a cat? All the same, he looked down at his chest. What he saw made him jump back. “Did you like that, kitty cat? I might not have the same claws as you, but I can still scratch things up.” The huge lion’s chest was now completely exposed. Somehow, the human had slashed through the leather of his harness, causing it to drop away. “That was what, about a centimeter thick? You are luck cat. I could have taken much more that just your harness.” Frank draped his huge arm over the broad shoulders of the lion. “Now, we are going to watch your boi have some fun with my wolf. Watch carefully, because we are going to do some things once they finish.” Nex now had his right leg under Allan’s head and his left leg on the lion’s throat. This slight differential pushed the big cat’s head up enough to see his boyfriend watching. He wanted to cry out, to ask him for help. Together, they might be able to stop this beast. The black wolf gave his legs a quick squeeze, cutting off Allan’s air. “I know what you’re thinkin’ kitty. It wouldn’t help. Imma lot stronger than I look, and I look pretty fucking strong. There ain’t no way that you and your fuckboi over there would ever put a dent in me.” Even though he was almost whispering Nex’s voice carried loud and clear to the lion between his legs and to Frank. Allan could feel the wolf’s balls throb over his head. He knew that Nex was aroused by this, by knowing that Allan could never get away. “It would take a fuckin’ army to take one of us down, and you’ve gotta deal with two. So, just lay back and enjoy it.” Allan began to panic, his face darkening from the lack of oxygen. Soon, he was clawing at Nex’s meaty quads, trying to get them off of him. His lower body flailed around, fighting against the massive wolf. The lion even tried to pummel the wolf’s hard cock. This only elicited a sharp intake of breath from Nex. Not in pain, but of pleasure. “You ain’t doin’ nothin’ unless I say you are, kitty cat.” Allan arched his back using his legs, forcing his body off the ground. But the might of his four hundred and twenty pounds, which would have dwarfed almost any other animal, was no match for the wolf’s legs. “I’m really gettin’ tired of you fighting like this. If you’re gonna fight, break out and fight. Don’t just flop around like a trout on the riverbank.” The lion watched as the world around him began to blur. “Aw, fuck it. I’m gonna end this right now.” There was a snap and Allan was suddenly able to breathe. But the world had reversed itself. He tried to turn his head but found that he couldn’t. He moved his eyes and saw that the problem wasn’t the wolf’s legs, but his own head. His head had been severed from his body by that monster of a wolf’s thighs. “Thicc thighs save lives, but thick thighs can take ‘em.” He could see his body flailing in his last moments of consciousness. He tried to see if he could see Steve, to say goodbye. But the dark swallowed him whole. “DAMMIT! I thought lions were supposed to be tough as nails.” Blood was gushing from the decapitated body between his thighs, covering Nex’s legs with red. Now it was visible on his black fur. The wet made it glossy, made it shine in the moonlight. “I might as well keep squashing this thing…” He moved his thighs down to the thick chest. Rigor hadn’t set in yet, but Nex wasn’t patient enough to wait to add that element to this challenge. He squeezed his legs, feeling the ribs and spine in the headless corpse start to turn to dust. Even the arms, which he had trapped too, snapped and were ground into ever smaller fragments. The missing head, though, added and extra element to the crushing. Everything began to flow out like toothpaste from a tube, blood and gore filling the hole that had previously held the lion’s body. The blood gave a beautiful luster to the black fur on Nex’s legs. The previously white panels of fabric on his briefs were now stained a deep red as well. His cock twitched, spurting precum. He was so glad that Frank had turned him on to this. Destruction was the purest form of domination. “Did you see that, kitty cat? He just juiced your boyfriend like an orange with his huge, meaty thighs.” Frank looked at the lion, who was staring agog at the bloody pulp that used to be his boyfriend. He wasn’t weeping, just stunned. Frank called out to the wolf “Ninety-five!” then turned back to the lion. “Now…” Frank tapped the side of Steve’s face to bring his attention to him. “…it is our turn.” The massive human smiled at the slightly shorter lion, his white teeth sparkling through the gore that covered his face. Steve looked down and saw Frank’s erection, angry and red, throbbing above the waistband of his boxers. His huge balls still filled the pouch. It was then that Steve knew that he was going to be a broken toy too. “You look pretty big, kitty cat. Pose for me.” Steve was stunned out of his reverie by Frank’s sudden request. His torso being the only thing exposed, he began to bounce his pecs and tighten his abs. “No, no, little cat. The arms.” Steve lifted his thirty-inch arms. He was proud of his huge biceps. While three inches smaller than those of his now former boyfriend, they were much larger than those of any other man he knew. He flexed slowly, methodically, to bring the peaks of his arms to the hugest they could be. He pumped so hard that the veins began pulsing, showing through his thick fur. Steve shook his head, making his mane wave in the air. But the lion’s musk was nowhere near powerful enough to be distinguished from Frank. “Those arms are pretty big kitty cat. You should be proud of them. Who knows? If you had been like me, you could have become a powerful muscle god as well.” Frank was standing in front of Steve, sizing him up. “Hold that pose for me. I want to feel that.” He lightly touched the massive peak on the feline’s arm. With his fingers, he traced the veins that covered the massive arm like a net. Frank spread his hand out, pointing his thumb downward and his fingers up to the peak. The lion had no idea that this monster of a human could be so gentle. “Do you like them?” A tiny bit of the cockiness from Steve’s life before meeting this god crept back into his voice. His lips curled into a smug grin. “I do like them, kitty cat. But…” “But?” “They are a bit… soft.” The lion was stunned until he felt a massive pressure on his huge arm. This human was squeezing his biceps, denting them with just his grip. The bicep, though hard and muscular, was mostly liquid in its chemical makeup. It would act like a liquid with enough pressure. Steve whipped his free hand over to his covered bicep and whimpered weakly. He was no longer able to hold the flex and relaxed his arm. “Yes. Soft, kitty cat. Your arms are nothing compared to my grip strength. I can crush a pomegranate with two fingers. What do you think I can do with my whole hand, I wonder?” Frank kept squeezing and Steve’s biceps seemed to flow out on the side of his hand. The lion’s whining had escalated to nervous screams of “Ah! Ah! Ah!” as he pounded on Frank’s hand. “You saw what Nex did. If the bigger kitty couldn’t stop him, what makes you think you can stop me?” A small cracking noise came from the big bicep, as individual muscle fibers began to snap under Frank’s ever tightening grip. Soon, the monster human’s huge hand met almost no resistance. Blood oozed out from between Frank’s finger like juice from an overripe tomato, gushing down his forearm. His hand eventually closed around the lion’s humerus. “Soft.” SNAP! The lion’s arm split from his body; the bone broken like a toothpick. Blood flowed freely from the hole in Steve’s shoulder. “You need more calcium in your diet, kitty cat. Now these…” Frank flexed his own massive, forty-two-inch arms. “These are strong arms.” The stunned feline looked at the massive, bloodstained arms flexed in front of him and opened his mouth, salivating. “Get a better look. Get closer.” Frank put his hand behind Steve’s head and pulled it as close as possible to his bicep. “Get a good whiff.” The scent from Frank’s pits wafted into the lion’s nose, turning his hormones up to maximum. “Do it.” Steve opened his mouth and began licking the gory human, cleaning the blood off of his pale skin. His rough feline tongue cleaned the skin very effectively. “Get in there, kitty cat. Clean it all up.” Frank relaxed himself a little bit so that the lion could get his head between the massive bicep and meaty forearm of Frank’s left arm. Blood and gore had pooled there, congealing into a mess that would require quite a bit of work to fully cleanse. Steve leaned in, fully immersed in Frank’s power and masculinity. His mane rubbed and stuck to the blood on Frank’s skin. Suddenly, the familiar feeling of tightness began to increase on his head. His mane, now plastered to his skin, was held so tightly in the crook of Frank’s arm that it was ripping individual hairs out of his head. Steve continued licking even though he knew he was not far from death. Frank’s bicep and forearm were pushing on the jugular veins on Steve’s neck, slowly cutting off the oxygen to the lion’s brain. In spite of his failing faculties, the feline never stopped licking the human’s arm. “Ooooh yeah, little kitty. Keep licking, there’s still plenty to clean up…” Steve’s head began to crack under the pressure, finally exploding like a red filled water balloon. The bang from the skull made Nex shiver a bit. Looking down at Frank’s crotch, the wolf saw that he had cum, coating his abs with white spunk. Nex’s ass twitched a bit, his bottom nature coming out a little. Maybe once this was over, he’d ride the alabaster human like a stolen bicycle, dominating him like the powerbottom he was. “Ninety-five points, little man. We’re all even now. The next few conquests will decide who wins.” The big black wolf ran his claws through his fur, dragging the congealing gore with them. Frank relaxed his bicep a little, letting the blood and gray matter drip off of the basketball sized muscle little by little. The human nodded in agreement. The last crush had made him cum. He wanted his next load to go down the wolf’s muzzle, totally owning him. “So, Frank… we never said what the winner of our little competition of strength and crushin’ would get. I’d say it’s about time we decided on a prize, don’t you?” “Yes, I believe so wolfie. We have already destroyed so much, so many… I do not think another crush would be a good prize. Perhaps we should consider each other as the prizes.” Nex’s ears perked up a bit at this. “Should I win… I am going to hold you down and fuck your face until I cannot cum anymore. That should only take about fifteen loads.” Frank was positively growling, his cock an angry red that was actually stretching the elastic band of his boxers to the breaking point. “If you win, little wolf…” “If I win, I’m gonna ride your cock until you think it’s gonna fall off. Then… once you’re good and fucked out…” Nex flexed into a most muscular, swelling hugely in front of the slightly smaller human. He growled back at the human, much more impressive with his canine vocal cords. “I’m gonna ram my huge cock up that tight ass of yours. You’re gonna bottom for me, boy. I’m gonna turn you out, make you my toy. I’d ruin you for any other man.” Frank’s cock twitched. He had never bottomed before, and this wolf might be fun. Suddenly, a sobbing filled their ears from over by the restaurant. The two of them looked over and spotted a cassowary knelt over the exploded fennec fox, crying. Nex’s face darkened. “Look at that…” The cassowary was thickly built. In a racerback tank top, his pecs spilled out of the sides of his shirt. His stomach, rather than a tight set of abs, was a huge and thick roidgut. Pushing out like a tortoise shell, his brick like abs were apparent through the thin fabric. His powerful legs were wrapped in shorts, exposing the scales on his calves. His thick, blue, featherless neck led up to a red wattle. The top of his head had a thick, bony crest that looked like it had been shaped a bit. “Birds shouldn’t look like that.” Nex growled. “Firstly, they shouldn’t be big like that… then they should have feathers all over. Birds should be light. Unless they’re maybe an eagle, or a hawk… But, then again… you can’t kiss something with no lips.” Tears ran down the bird’s face, dripping onto the corpse of the fox. “Oh… sweetie… You’re gone…” Sniffling, the cassowary rubbed the head of his dead lover. Strangely, he didn’t seem to notice the look of absolute bliss on the fox’s face. “Mikey… I heard that there was something going on downtown… I had to come down here to make sure you were okay. Oh Mikey…” The bird felt the eyes of something on him, watching what he thought was a semi-private scene of mourning. He lifted his head and turned to find two bloody giants watching him. “YOU! YOU DID THIS! I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU!” The cassowary stood to his full height of six foot ten inches, muscles flooded with adrenaline and testosterone. Nex knew that their musk wouldn’t affect his bird like it had others. Cassowaries didn’t have good senses of smell compared to the mammals they had destroyed up to this moment. As the giant bird flew at them, the long nails of the middle toes on his feet gouging lines in the asphalt, Frank smiled. His smile said, “All yours.” to the wolf. Nex stepped in front of the bird and held his open hand in front of him, like a bumper. The big bird slammed into his hand, much like the barbell Frank had caught at the gym so many hours ago. The wolf curled his hand in the cassowary’s shirt, tightening it. “You know, birdie, your boyfriend there begged my friend Frank to sex him up. He saw that man over there and knew he was gonna be bigger and stronger than any man he’d ever had.” The bird struggled against the wolf’s huge hand, clawing at his forearm. “Didya see the look on his face? He died after having the best fuckin’ orgasm of his life. Somethin’ you could have never given him. And Frank did that with his finger. Imagine if he had used his cock…” “BASTARD!” The cassowary lashed out with his massive legs at Nex’s cock and balls. When he connected, Nex sucked a breath in through his teeth and moaned. The bird couldn’t believe it. His kick had actually aroused the wolf further. Nex’s burgeoning cock pushed out of the fly of his briefs, swelling harder. “Ooooh yeah, birdie. I love when tiny men like you resort to the rough stuff. Weaklings like you have to pretty much pummel my dick to get it up. You’re weak and, as Frank is showing me more and more, worthy of only being playthings.” The bird kept kicking and swinging his arms, fighting against Nex’s iron grip. “Yeah, you’re not getting away. Keep fighting like that and you’re gonna make me cum.” With his free hand, Nex ripped the shorts off of his victim. “You’re gonna enjoy this, bird brain.” Gripping the Cassowary on either side of his abs, the gigantic wolf directed his cock upwards towards and rammed it into the cassowary’s ass. The bird suddenly stopped fighting as he was overtaken by the pleasure of Nex’s huge dick brushing against his prostate. He began to moan and grind on the huge wolf’s cock. “That’s right, and I’m bigger than Frank. I’m gonna have so much fun with you birdie.” The bird was still leaking tears as he bounced up and down on the wolf’s cock. He loved Mikey, but this wolf was giving him more pleasure than the fox ever had. Mikey had been his boyfriend for years though, since they graduated high school. Why was this so pleasurable? “Aww, poor little birdie. Are you sad about your boytoy? Or are you more frustrated that a bottom is topping you, making you doubt that whole dom persona you built up in the bedroom?” His grip on the bird’s roidgut tightened and he began moving the cassowary up and down. The bird came, coating Nex’s gory abs with his sticky jizz. “No wonder Mikey liked Frank better. He lasted a whole lot longer than you.” The bird was still sobbing through the orgasmic bliss. Nex asked, “Do you need a hug, little bird?” The massive black wolf wrapped his arms around the bird’s thick torso, pulling him in tightly to the gory brown fur that sprouted from his white chest. His pecs swelled around the cassowary, trapping the bird in the deep crevice between the massive muscles. The cassowary buried his beak in the pecs. Nex pushed his arms down behind the bird’s torso, forcing his victim further between his gigantic chest muscles. As the wolf squeezed his pecs, the bird’s head disappeared more and more. Suddenly, there was a loud crack and the pieces of the cassowary’s hard crest and beak fell out of the fur on Nex’s pecs. “AHHHHH!” The bird screamed out as his face was opened up to the elements. Nex moaned and shivered at the sight of the bird’s destroyed face. The fear in the cassowary’s yellow eyes faded as they clouded over with lust. The shattered bony structures on bird’s face had opened up his sinuses and, although they were filled with blood, this increased his olfactory abilities by quite a bit. Nex’s powerful musk overwhelmed any and all instinct the bird would have had. He forced his bloody face back into the deep valley between the wolf’s huge pecs, gore running down the fur and into the deep crevices between Nex’s abs. The wolf moaned as the bird pushed deeper and deeper into his brown chest fur. With a hard flex, Nex dragged the bird deeper into his pecs. Remembering the whistle that the wolf had so easily destroyed, Frank licked his lips and watched with obvious arousal. He gripped his cock and jacked, watching Nex totally dominate the bird. The wolf’s dick throbbed inside the bird and popped out, tearing the flesh of the lower rectum with it. He squeezed his arms together into a crab pose, crushing the cassowary’s head between his huge pecs. Blood and brains spurted out from between the wolf’s chest, like juice from a lime. The spray made a long line of red on Frank that went from his bald head to his waistline. “Shit, wolfie… that was hot.” With a thud, the dead bird hit the ground. “I think you are up to at least one hundred and fifteen points. That destruction was just… delicious.” Frank wiped the blood from his face, smiling at Nex. “We have killed at least ten men and one woman so far. I wonder how long it will be before…” The sound of police sirens began echoing off the skyscrapers as a huge police car skidded around the corner into the downtown area. It had to be three times the size of the average cruiser and the reason became immediately apparent. The driver side door opened, and a fifteen-foot tall elephant stepped out. He was massive. Not muscular, just hugely fat and tall. His body may have been powerful when he was when he was young, but years of sitting in a car and behind a desk while eating donuts had taken their toll. At more than twice Frank’s height, he had to weigh at least fifteen hundred pounds. His long, curved tusks framed his trunk and his huge ears flapped in the breeze. His gut bounced with every step, like jello. “Look what we have here… police. They are going to try to stop us. They will not be so lucky.” “Wha’s goin’ on here?” The massive elephant was feet from Frank, gesticulating with his trunk at the gory human and blood-soaked wolf. “What’n blue blazes do y’all think yer doin’?” He jabbed the shorter human in the chest with his trunk. Frank could tell that this massive specimen was used to being in control, to throwing his weight around and getting what he wanted without too much trouble, just by virtue of being huge. “This is a safe town! How can you think you can jus’ walk in here and start fuckin’ with folks on the street, rippin’ ‘em to shreds, jus’ cuz you feel like it! The hell is wrong with y’all?” His prehensile trunk was placed firmly on Frank’s chest. As patient as the huge human was, he did not take kindly to this kind of intimidation tactic. In a swift motion, Frank grabbed the trunk of police officer and yanked down, forcing him to his knees. “Never… put your…fucking trunk…on me…” Frank spun around, like a decathlete throwing a discus, pulling the massive elephant with him. “AGAIN!” Unlike the deer, the elephant had tough skin and his head did not come undone from his body. Instead, Frank released the trunk and the elephant flew away in the direction of the squad car. He landed behind it with a heavy thud, shaking the surrounding city blocks. The whipping motion would have broken his neck and the crash his spine. Frank was sure he wasn’t coming back. “Officer down! The two perps are massive! Send the big guns! One of ‘em just threw Kowalski like he was a toy!” The shouting coming for the cruiser belonged to the junior officer, a gorilla. Frank was not sure how big he was, as he was barely visible over the dashboard. The cruiser, having been built for an elephant, didn’t help him gauge this new target’s size. The door of the police car flew open with surprising force, and with a thump a six-foot-eleven gorilla hopped out of the car. One look at this junior officer told Frank that he was much younger and took much better care of his body that his elephantine partner. Built like a bodybuilder, he looked to be about six hundred pounds of solid muscle. His huge feet pushed into the asphalt as he stomped over to the gargantuan destroyers, leaving small indents behind. He drew his gun and shouted “GET ON THE GROUND! NOW!” He made the critical mistake of being within arms’ reach of the monsters he was trying to subdue. Nex reached out and yanked the Glock out of the gorilla’s hand, and Frank grabbed the gorilla by the wrist. The huge human pinned the ape to his chest, facing the wolf so he could observe every move that he was going to make and pay attention to every word he said. “Alright, ya big ape. Didn’t they teach ya at the academy that waving guns around is dangerous? Ya coulda shot somebody’s eye out with this thing.” Nex looked at the barrel, careful to point the end at the ground. With two fingers, he pinched it shut. He then began crumpling the sidearm like a piece of paper, wadding it into a ball. As he compressed the steel, the gunpowder in the bullets exploded under the pressure. But, with nowhere to go, it just felt like a vibrating ball in Nex’s hand as each round went off inside the weapon. When he had rolled it into a small ball, he dropped it to the ground and walked up to the now quaking gorilla. “It’s okay monkeyshines, you just did that cuz you were scared, didn’t ya?” The gorilla nodded vigorously at this, hoping to Wolf Christ he was making the right choice in agreeing with this monster of a wolf. The human holding him and the canine in front of him were like gods when he compared himself to them. They might not have shapeshifting abilities, or mystical powers, or be macros, but they were massively strong. He knew that there was no escape for him. “Aw, wolfie, I think our little monkey friend needs a big hug. Like you gave your birdie friend What do you think?” Frank’s deep voice rattled the inside of the gorilla’s brain. The smell of pheromones and the vibrations from Frank’s chest had driven his libido into overdrive. His dick was now rock hard in his uniform pants, bulging out for all on the street to see. Nostrils flaring, he watched as the wolf approached him and wrapped his arms around the human, sandwiching him in. “You know, little man, I think you and your one hundred and twenty points might be right.” The gorilla was firmly stuck between Frank and Nex, trapped between their massive pecs. He felt Frank’s massive schlong rubbing up against his ass crack, poking at his slacks. Meanwhile, Nex’s huge boner was pushing into his stomach, leaving traces of precum and gore all over his blue shirt. These massive men had him stuck in their pumped-up pecs. He could honestly feel the veins underneath throbbing. “Let’s give him a real good squeeze.” At that, Nex and Frank wrapped their arms around each other and began to squash the ape officer in a tight bearhug, moving closer and closer to one another in a vice-like embrace. The ape moaned as the unbeatable forces of the muscle gods pulled against one another. His ribcage collapsed in on itself as Frank and Nex pulled closer, bones snapping like dry branches in a thunderstorm. The ape’s last word, the last thing he would ever say, was a whisper of ‘tighter’ to his captors. In an explosion of blood and gore, the two giants’ pecs met, and they kissed each other deeply. “If we did that together…” began Frank. “I’m not so sure we should keep keeping score.” He leaned back, bone fragments falling from his blood covered chest. “I think you’re right, little man.” Nex answered, smiling. Pieces of the gorilla’s uniform were stuck to the blood and viscera in his fur, slowly peeling off in their embrace. “I shoulda told ya though. The big gun… his name is Stan.” BOOM The buildings around the pair trembled as something that sounded suspiciously like the rhythm of footsteps moved closer to the two muscle gods. “He’s the city’s one and only macro.” BOOM “He’s also on the police force and weighs about eight tons of solid muscle. So…” BOOM “We’re gonna have to take him on now.” BOOOOOOOM A massive paw wrapped around the side of a skyscraper, shattering the plexiglass windows on about three stories of an office building. A massive German shepherd’s muzzle came around the corner, looming over everything. He could see two blood covered beasts in the middle of the street and knew that these must be his targets. His ears flicked back, and a low growl began in his throat. At one hundred and fifty feet tall, the monstrous police hound thought he would have no trouble in subduing his quarry. “What’re you two doing here on this street?” Stan inhaled a little, puffing out his chest and tightening his abs. Dozens of smaller furs ran screaming from the massive officer. Looking at the two blood-soaked males, he knew that, proportionally, the wolf was even bigger than him. Despite his sharp hearing, the German shepherd could not pick up on exactly what the muscle beasts were saying. He smoothed his uniform, a custom piece of tailoring provided by Macrose and Biggs, associates, and knelt down. His massive calves took up most of the street, pushing cars and trucks up onto the sidewalk. He then placed his huge hands on the street, leaning in closer to the beastly wolf. His massive torso loomed over everything, casting the street under a darker shadow than a cloudy night ever could have. “I said, what’re you two doing here?” His tie was hanging down, lightly brushing the street like a silk marquee. Without warning, Nex grabbed the tie and gave it a solid yank. Stan’s arms, massive though they were, were not prepared for the force that Nex suddenly exerted on them. His shoulders slammed into the ground, followed by his chin. Now the massive officer was lying down, ass in the air, slightly dazed. “See Frank, I knew I was strong enough to do that. Good thing we ain’t keepin’ score any more, huh?” “That would only count as one!” Stan’s ears snapped back. The second voice had come from around his right nipple. He suddenly felt a massive pinch, exciting every single nerve ending in his nip, making Stan moan loudly. Every building in the neighborhood shook with the force of his moan. “Did you like that, you big puppy dog? How about this?” He felt a scurrying under his pecs and then another sudden heavy pinch on his left nipple. “Oooooooh gooood… Do it again. Please…” Stan’s huge, ten-foot-long cock was hardening in his pants. The little man under him was twisting his nipples like a real pro, harder than the giant German shepherd would have ever thought possible from something so little. “Fuuuuuck, little man, that feels so good…” Stan reached down to his pants and opened the zipper. His monster cock had already escaped his jock strap and now pushed into the street, flooding it with precum. Opening his eyes, Stan saw two males on his snout. The black wolf and a human, both covered head-to-toe in blood and guts. “You said…” He was panting now, positively whining. “You said something about keeping score. What was that about?” Like massive satellite dishes, Stan’s pointed ears turned to face the front as Nex and Frank explained the details of their little game that had claimed at least fifteen lives tonight. Maybe more. The more Stan heard, the more his tail wagged from right to left. This, too, shattered windows with the sheer force of wind behind him. “Even though you aren’t keeping score anymore, can I play?” Frank and Nex looked up at him and shouted, “FUCK YES!” simultaneously. If two slightly bigger than normal guys could do all this damage, what would a macro be able to do? Stan’s ears perked up and he wagged his tail even harder. Careful not to dislodge the two males from his snout, Stan returned to his full, impressive one-hundred-and-fifty-foot height. He was going to do something worth a whole lot of points to impress these two guys. Somehow, they were smaller than him but stronger. They could pleasure him in a way he could not please himself. Stan jogged further into town, Nex and Frank holding on to the brown fur on his muzzle. The breeze felt good on his exposed boner, which throbbed in the night air, swelling with each step. Suddenly, he spotted his target. Across the street was a bus depot, packed despite the late hour. A long-haul bus, destined for who knows where, had just finished loading in front of the sad little station. “People that take the bus like that… I think they need some more excitement in their lives.” Stan stomped over to the bus and lifted it, with all forty-three of its passengers. Facing the motor away from him, Stan lifted the vehicle and inspected the rear. Satisfied, he pushed his thumbnails into the bus rear. This open it up like a one ended tube. “Hey, look guys…” Stan lowered the bus and positioned it in front of his throbbing erection. “I made a masturbation sleeve!” He jammed his massive cock into the bus, filling every inch of its circumference. His member was so large that the square bus began to take a round shape, forming around his cock. “Something’s…ooooh… missing though… Oh, I know!” With a twist, Stan crushed the front end of the bus, squishing everyone inside. Blood oozed around his cock, flowing out of the bus-fleshlight. “Flavored lube!” He dipped his finger into the blood and brought it up to taste. “Meaty!” His tail wagging, Stan resumed fucking the bus. The huge piece of steel molded to his cock as he pushed, moaning. “I’m…oooohh… gonna cum… Oooooh Wolf Christ, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna…ooooRAAAAAA!” With a primal yell, Stan came. The bus exploded in his hand from the pressure of the cum and blood, blooming into a twisted steel flower in his hand. “How was that guys?” Stan got no answer. “Guys?” Crossing his eyes, Stan looked at his muzzle. There, panting and breathless, were Nex and Frank. Nex was on the human’s dick, looking incredibly pleased with himself. Frank was covered in a thick layer of spooge, turning the dark red blood into a pinkish paste. Observation proved that Frank had just cum too, filling Nex’s ass with his jizz. Both of the massive men looked up into Stan’s eyes. “Well?” Stan’s ears twitched, half annoyed and half in anticipation of the answer he hoped would come. The two smaller men looked each other in the eye, the back up at the giant German Shepherd. They then answered in unison: “YOU WIN!”
  8. Bahamut6sic6

    Post Workout

    The sun hung high in the midday sky baking the land with its unyielding rays. The heat causing all those who lived in the cities and suburbs to take shelter inside their air-conditioned homes or office buildings. When someone, human or fur, ventured out under the cruel sun's rays they stuck as close as possible to the shadows of the buildings to try and keep as cool as possible. The heatwave had gone unbroken for the past week and there seemed to be no signs of relief on the horizon. All in all, everyone was miserable and longing for a break from the intense heat. Everyone that is except one. Almost fifty miles away one creature was enjoying the heat for all he was worth. His smooth darkly tanned skin soaked up the rays like a man dying of thirst. The sheen of sweat that coated him reflected the light slightly making him almost shine like a beacon. Every inch of his body rock hard and packed with muscle that bulged and bounced with every movement he made. If any had been around to see him they would no doubt be left in pure awe at his sheer size and bulky stature. Though his muscles wouldn't be the only aspect of his physical form that would leave them unable to believe what their eyes were seeing. Standing at an incredible fifty feet high Riley was one of the few human macros around and of them one of only a handful that took an active role in shaping his impressive body. Whereas other giants were more than happy to let their height be the only impressive thing about them. Riley took extra pleasure in keeping up a constant workout routine in order to make his massive body as bulging with muscle as possible. This was achieved by many different ways, primary of which was his pension for carrying increasingly massive boulders and when in a city bench pressing a building or two. But his favorite part of bulking up was the source of his protein. As the giant human grunted hard lifting the massive chunk of rock above his head for the hundredth time, he tossed the rock with a mighty grunt sending it crashing down on top of an old abandoned farmhouse. The structure didn't even get the chance to explode in a cloud of rubble, the entire building was instantly and completely flattened by the sheer size of the rock dropped on top of it. Letting out a loud moan of pleasure as his muscles screamed their relief at finally having dropped the weight, Riley began his post-workout stretching to ease his cramped and tired muscles. His body covered from head to toe with sweat that dropped from him and fell on the ground like a musky rank rain. The giant's callous hands ran over his body, basking in the feel of his own mighty form. Each muscle harder than steel and bulging in a way that would make any bodybuilder envious. Few things in life gave Riley more pleasure than worshiping his own body, a fact made clear by his massive cock swelling and growing harder the more he rubbed and touched himself. In no time at all the tanned member stood proud and fully erect. Thicker than a truck and longer than a plane the massive head covered by a thick foreskin pulled back just enough to show the pre dampened opening. His sack hung low in the high heat, each ball the size of a house and storing several hundred gallons worth of hot potent seed. Wrapping one of his rough hands around the shaft Riley gave his pride and joy a few slow firm strokes watching mesmerized as the muscles of his arm bunched up then relaxed with the action. As his breathing grew deeper and more intense Riley had to force himself to stop stroking his shaft. Despite his desperate need to cum and flood the land around him in his seed he knew that it wouldn't be fully satisfying. There was a very important element missing if he was going to fully enjoy himself and get the relief he wanted. After a few more stretches and a few times of slapping his cock against the palm of his hand just to get him extra horned up, the macro human began to stomp his away from his impromptu workout area and towards the city on the distant horizon. Each step he took covering several miles and sending small tremors through the ground. Riley paid no attention to where he out his feet or what was in his way. Though he did pay enough attention to knock over any of the large metal towers the puny insects used to communicate with one another. An unnecessary act but with that lose the bugs would panic more and that was just extra fun for him. Even at his incredible size, it took Riley almost twenty minutes to approach the city, to his interest he couldn't hear the screams of terror or fear that usually signaled his arrival. As he got closer he couldn't even see swarms of frightened tinies scrambling in the streets to get away. Riley pondered this for a moment wondering why he wasn't being met with the usual fanfare that signaled his arrival at a city. It wasn't until a bright beam of sunlight reflected off a building's windows and directly into his eyes that he realized the reason. Despite him enjoying the heat and it has a much-lessened effect on him at his size he was still mildly hot. If that was the case then the smaller folk would definitely be feeling the heat and trying to stay inside and avoid it at all costs. A grin spread over Riley's face, that was okay he knew exactly how to get the bugs out of their hiding spots and he would take great pleasure in the act. With deliberate steps, the giant began to stomp his way closer to the city. The now increased vibrations caused the small cars and trucks to jump and rock encouraging their alarms to begin wailing. Riley knew that would partly get some attention but if he really wanted a swarm of the pathetic creatures to come swarming out into the streets he would need a bit more. Once he was close to one of the buildings, brick and stone structure that came up to Riley's knee, the giant pulled his foot back and with great force kicked it hard enough to shatter it to bits. Debre flew in all directions as the building exploded with the force of a bomb blast. Rubble pelted the street and hit against other buildings, mixed in with the wood and stone was a few bodies. Or rather chunks of them, the force of the kick along with the shrapnel had shredded any living creature to bits. Riley's cock gave a heavy throb and a thick drop of pre-gathered at the opening of his cock. Only the tip of his foreskin kept the pearl from falling to the ground below. Now the screams began, they were few and faint at first but soon they grew into a fever pitch that was like music to Riley's ears. Finding another building about the same size as the first the giant placed one of his feet on the roof and began to slowly increase the pressure. Loud cracking filled the air as the roof slowly began to cave in, his sensitive ears could pick up the panicked screams coming from inside the building. Just before his foot came down all the way and flattened the building a small crowd of tiny weaklings came flooding out of the front. Chuckling as several of them stopped to gape up at him Riley lifted one of his arms up and flexed making his already bulging muscles stand out even more. A thick vein running over the boulder of his bicep pulsed and throbbed in time with his hard and now fully leaking cock. The thick string of pre that fell from his cock head landed on the street and the splatter of it caused several of the bugs to fall over and get trapped like a bee in honey. Now that the ground had a steady swarm of the little fuckers Riley knew he could have his real fun. Lifting his foot again he swung it over the densest portion of the crowd. Wiggling his toes for a moment Riley brought his foot down carefully until he could feel the crowd wiggling and struggling under his sole. Carefully he began to increase the pressure more and more. It took less than a second for him to feel bones beginning to break and the resulting crunch as a few were flattened under his heel sent a shiver of pure lustful pleasure through his mighty body. Finally, when he pressed his foot flat over the squirming bodies they popped with a wet squish. A flow of thick sticky blood pushed its way up between his toes and around the outside of his foot. Twisting his foot Riley really ground the bugs into the crumbling street. The act causing the others to increase their screaming and their pathetic scrambling. This was the part he loved most and he took several long minutes to bask in his pleasure. Bending down the giant mass of muscle scooped up a dozen of the tiny fuckers in one hand. They screamed and tried to jump free but Riley kept them all cupped in his palm. Bringing the handful up to his hard cock he gripped his shaft and gasped having to grab hold of a taller building to help support him as the wiggling and thrashing sensation against his cock rushed through him. Carefully at first, he began to stroke up and down his length, the mass in his hand adding an extra layer of pleasure to his masturbation. Soon though he grew too eager and gripped his cock harder popping each of the wiggling bodies like grapes. A thick layer of blood and gore coated his shaft and rained down onto those left running around his feet. The loud squishing that came from him jerking off with the blood quickly faded as the blood began to thin and dry out. Riley didn't mind, it just meant he wouldn't blow his load too soon. As he moved further and deeper into the city Riley continues to smash buildings and insuring a never-ending stream of little bugs were constantly swarming around his feet. Each step he took signaled the end of another dozen or so lives. From time to time the giant would scoop up another handful of them and grind them against his hard cock though he soon had to stop since more than once he grew too close to climax and ended up flooding a whole street with his pre that shot out of his cock like missiles. Those that got caught up in the thick goo were either quickly drowned or slowly died from the heat of the bodily fluid. One of Riley's favorite things to do with the bugs, however, was to slowly crush them between his massive bulging muscles. Bending down the giant human picked up two or three at a time and carefully places them in the crease of his elbow between his massive bicep and thick and knotted forearm. He then very slowly flexed his arm until he felt them beginning to break then he would stop. After a small pause, he would begin to flex once again until he heard the crunch and snap of bones. He'd then stop again and listen to their pathetic cries and watch as they flopped about with blood oozing from their mouth, eyes, and ears. Then in one quick motion, he would flex fully splattering their meat soup bodies and rubbing the gore over his muscles. After doing the with both arms he would repeat the process with his massive pecs. Stuffing a dozen into the gap between each muscle of his chest and slowly crushing them into a paste that would run down and over his washboard abs. Within a half-hour of his rampage starting a good portion of Riley's body was coated in wet and drying blood. Placing his hands on his chest the massive male squeezed his pecs several times before running his large rough hands over his body smearing the blood all over himself. Small shivers of pleasure shook his body as he basked in the sensation of the blood coating and cooling on his hot skin. Bits of meat hanging from different places on his body. Entrails and other bloody organs catching in the cracks and crevasses of his muscles hanging like grotesque decorations. Once his initial fun subsided the macro would then begin to partake of his favorite source of protein. Scooping up handfuls of the little bugs Riley held them up above his gaping mouth and let them all free fall into his mouth. Most would land directly on his tongue, but some would miss and bounced off his face, shoulders, and chest only to tumble the fifty feet down to splat wetly on the ground. Once his mouth was full Riley would close his jaws and begin to noisily chew his meal. Blood oozing from the corners of his lips and soaking his stubble rough cheeks and chin. A mighty gulp would send the mess down his gulley and into his stomach where the acids would instantly begin to dissolve any who might have been able to avoid his tombstone like teeth. On some mouthfuls, though the giant wouldn't chew, the feeling of a massive ball of melting bodies wiggling and thrashing around in his gut was such an intense and erotic feeling he couldn't avoid swallowing a few mouthfuls down whole. On those times he would stop his rampage and have to grip the base of his shaft squeezing it hard until the thrashing in his stomach stopped. After a few handfuls the streets had nearly emptied the residents either having been swallowed down or trampled on. Licking his bloody lips Riley didn't worry. He knew the city was far from empty. Approaching one of the buildings he peeked inside and saw to his delight crowds of the little fuckers huddled inside cowering in fear. Standing up straight Riley pressed his messy and bloody cock head against the building and with a hard shove pushed his cock through the glass, wood, and concrete. He shoved in until he was balls deep and his massive sac was pressed up against the outside wall of the building. Grabbing hold of the structure Riley began to rock and thrust his hips grinding his cock in and out of the building. As his pleasure grew the greater his thrusting became. For a time he lost himself to the sensation and it wasn't until the building began to crumble and collapse that he stopped his thrusting and watched the building fall. None of those who had been inside the building had survived the collapse and Riley could see their twisted and mangled bodies half-buried in the rubble. Chuckling deeply to himself Riley slapped his rock hard cock several times knocking the rubble off his shaft. The concussion from the slaps causing the windows in the buildings near him to shatter or fracture. The act made him think of a wolf he used to know who could shatter windows and sometimes cause the little fuckers heads to pop just from the sound of his howl alone. His musing was interrupted by a sudden explosion and a slight sting in the middle of his back. Turning around annoyed Riley saw a series of tanks lining up in the street behind him. Rows and rows of soldiers flanked each tank, their green pattern uniforms making them look even more like bugs. Riley turned to face a small force clearly trying to protect the city. His gore coated body gleaming in the hot sun and he spread his arms wide giving the troops a clear target to shoot at. There was a small pause before the tanks began to fire and the soldiers dropped to their knees and started to fire their tiny guns. Riley just stood there with his arms spread wide. The majority of the tanks blasts his large chest and popped in small clouds of dust and debris. Riley couldn't help but laugh as the whole thing felt more like mosquito bites rather than an actual attack. After almost five minutes the explosions and gunfire halted. Making a big show of it Riley brushed his hands over his chest and abs knocking away the rockets and bullets that had gotten stuck in his thick skin. His cock was as hard as ever, if not more so. Looking down at the group of soldiers he could see the shiver of fear rush through them like wind through a cornfield. Moving forward the giant grabbed one of the tanks in both hands and crushed it into a ball as easily as a can. Once that was done, he dropped the ball on top of another thank causing it's wheels to blow out and a thick cloud of black smoke to billow up from it. The soldiers yelled and screamed as they started trying to run away. Taking a few short minutes to crush the remaining tanks under his foot he then turned his attention to the fleeing soldiers. It took Riley only a few minutes to block off their escape routes and to corral them all into one densely packed crowd. He used the rubble from the buildings and thanks to creating a small enclosed pin for the soldiers who stood cowering in his shadow. With a wicked grin on his face, Riley crouched over them, his massive cock and low hanging balls dangling over their heads. Adjusting his position the giant lowered himself down until his cock was submerged in the middle of the huddled crowd. Without pause, he began to grind and hump into the crowd. The screams of fear quickly turned into ones of pain as the collection of tiny humans and furs were crushed and ground into a bloody meaty soup from the giant's cock and balls alone. His pre-mixing with the gore causing the mess to be slippery and slicker than before. The street under his cock cracked and shattered as he put more force behind his thrusting and it took every ounce of Riley's self-control to keep from blowing his load. For a time he laid there panting heavily as his excitement slowly faded down to a more reasonable level. Pushing himself up he took in a deep breath enjoying the smell that came with his deviating rampage. Looking down at what was left of the soldiers Riley laughed seeing a massive indent vaguely in the shape of his large cock and balls. Streaks of blood and meat coated the broken and crumbled street. With the exception of a random body part here and there, there was hardly anything recognizable of the soldiers. The blood and pre began to pool into the deep divot he had made in the street and the sight amused him greatly. Once his composure was back in place Riley stood and went back to what he had been doing before the sad excuse for an armed force showed up. More buildings fell to his rampage and once again the streets were filled with the tiny bugs. As he watched the crowds flee an idea came to the macro, one he enjoyed very much. Moving closer to the center of the city Riley found a good and mostly clear area. The buildings that were there easily flattened out under his feet or found themselves ripped up by the foundation and hurled dozens of yards away crashing into other buildings. Moving to the center of the area Riley lifted one of his large feet and brought it down with all his might onto the concrete of the street. The material crumbled easily and shattered into bits. Again and again, he stomped the area creating a massive crater several feet deep. Dropping to his knees Riley began to scoop out the loose dirt and clutter creating a large hole in the ground. The act was slightly difficult due to his massive cock constantly getting in the way as it hung straight out from his blood-soaked crotch. Even so, he still managed to dig out a deep enough depression for what he has in mind. Smirking he stood back up and began scooping up handfuls of the little bugs and dumping them into the pit. The first few handfuls fell to their deaths since he didn't bother being gentle when putting them in the pit. The third and fourth though survived but he was sure they had several broken bones from the height of the fall. Beyond that, though the rest of the handfuls Riley dropped in seemed to land without much trouble judging by the way they got back up and tried to scramble up the walls of the pit. Thankfully the dirt was now too loose and shifting that every time they tried they'd fall back down. When the pit was half full of wiggling crying bodies Riley decided that it was good enough for his idea. Next came a slightly harder task. Looking around the giant spotted a few of the extra-long busses the bugs liked to use to get around. Picking them up Riley peeked inside but to his annoyance each one was empty. Bus after bus he picked up and looked at was completely deserted of passengers a fact that greatly angered the macro human. It wasn't until he happened to turn at the right moment and saw one of the busses quickly driving away that he struck gold. Despite the speed, the bus had been traveling at it only took a moment for Riley to stomp over and pick it up in one hand. Lifting it up to his eyes he looked inside and saw to his delight it was positively packed full of the little fuckers. A mixture of smooth-skinned humans and furs all huddled together in fear. They screamed in terror as he smiled at them, his bloody lips and teeth cracked in gore taking up their whole window view. Carrying the bus back to where the crater was Riley sank down to his knees, his legs spread wide around the outer lip of the hole and his hard leaking cock and balls dangling over the mangled ball of bodies. Adjusting his grip on the bus so it was standing straight up, Riley chuckled as the action caused a series of panicked screams to erupt from the inside. Working his tongue around the inside of his mouth for a few minutes the giant raised the front of the bus up to his lips and very carefully let a thick glob of his drool fall from his mouth and onto the windshield. It was tinted slightly red thanks to the blood that still coated his tongue. Using his free hand Riley smeared the spit over the front and sides of the bus costing it liberally in the slime. Once satisfied he reached behind himself and used his spit-soaked fingers to tease and toying with his pale puckered hole. Groaning loudly as his thick rough fingers sank a few inches into his ass Riley bit his lips and shivered. A thick stream of pre leaking from his cock and landing directly on top of the pile of bodies in the pit. Once he felt loose enough Riley placed the front of the spit-lubed bus at the opening of his ass. Relaxing as much as he could and pushing out so his ass hole opened wide Riley began to slowly push the bus full of little fuckers inside him. The screams grew to a fever pitch as the front of the bus crunched and bent slightly but thankfully that was all the damage the bus took at the moment. The massive vehicle turned sex toy sank inch after inch deep inside Riley's ass sending shivers of pleasure through him. The crowd trapped inside screamed and scrambled over one another, making the whole thing shake and vibrate in a perfect imitation of a vibrator. Once the bus sank in up to the back wheel Riley began to pull it back out just as slowly as it had sunk in. He only pulled it out a few feet before sinking it back in again. Again and again, he repeated the process pushing the bus in then pulling it out. All the while his free hand ran up and down the length of his thick cock the foreskin pulling back to show off his gleaming cock head. The hole filled up a quarter of the way with his pre and any of those at the bottom who hadn't died from the fall or been crushed by the weight of the other bodies on top quickly drowned in the thick syrup. Finally unable to fight the urge anymore Riley pushed the bus back into his hole until he felt the back wheels. Then using his pointer and middle finger he pushed the last few feet of the bus deep into his musky tight hole. Arching his back as the bus sank in and pressed right on his prostate Riley fell forward bracing himself up so he didn't fall fully onto the ground. The new position forced his cock deep into the mound of struggling screaming bodies. He felt several of them pop blood smearing over his cock head and shaft. Now fully lost in his lust the mountain of a man began to hump and grind his massive cock in and out of the wet pile of bodies. Each thrust causing bones to break or body parts to rip from their sockets. A constant stream of pre continued to fill the pit drowning more and more of the pathetic occupants. Likewise, each thrust or clench forced the bus to wedge itself deeper and deeper into Riley's mighty muscular ass. The constant pulsing and clenching of his internal muscles causing the tube of metal to compress more and more around the screaming bodies inside. The heat in his cock and balls continued to grow hotter and hotter and Riley knew that at any moment he would blow. He tried to hold off for as long as possible, his massive mountain of a body gleamed with fresh sweat as his hips rocked back and forth. Just as he was sure he couldn't hold on any longer, the bus buried deep inside his ass collapsed completely. The crunch of metal and bones followed by the flood of blood and gore from the destroyed bodies was the final button to be pressed. His floodgates opened wide and the tidal wave of hot cum that had been bubbling in his balls for days finally burst forth. It traveled up his shaft and erupted from his cock head in jets as powerful as a rocket to space. The screams from the hole quickly faded away to struggling gurgling cries as the thick hot cum filled the hole quickly. Each throbbing pulse of his cock pushed another dozen gallons of cum up his shaft and into the hole. His climax lasted for minutes though to Riley it felt like days. His whole body shook and shivered as if he had just spent a whole day running at top speed. When he began to come down from his orgasmic high he collapsed to the side. His muscled arms shaking and unable to hold his weight for a time. His still rock hard cock pulled free from the mess of cum and blood. The whole shaft was coated in the mixture along with a few bodies that clung to it due to the sticky mixture. Panting heavily Riley watched his cock continue to spurt and leak his seed down into the hole. A lazy smile spread over his face as he watched the tangle of bodies struggling to swim to the surface. A few made it but the thickness of the load kept them from staying there for long. When they would try to wipe their faces free of the suffocating slime they would instantly begin to sink again. The heat of the load was so intense that many of them had been instantly cooked alive by it. The ones who survived were in so much shock that they didn't seem to register the fact that large bits of their skin and muscle had been melted away. Riley continued to lay there and watch the show, his cock growing softer and softer though never fully deflating. Finally, after roughly ten minutes, all signs of life in the cum filled out were gone. All that remained was a slowly dissolving mass of broken and mutilated bodies sinking to the bottom. The heavy smell of blood, death and hot cum filled the air and Riley couldn't help but breathe deeply of the smell. It soothed and relaxed him to the point his eyelids began to droop lower and lower. Yawning loudly he figured, where he was at the moment was as good a spot as any to rest for the evening. Stretching out, his muscles cried in protest at the movement and he couldn't help but laugh. The rest would give his muscles a chance to recover both from the workout and the post-workout fun. When he woke up he would find a lake or something to wash himself off in. With the sun high in the sky and the heat soaking into his darkly tanned body, Riley began to doze off a content smile on his face. The city around him nothing but an empty ruined ghost town just like so many others he had visited before. — I commissioned this story from a friend named, smounged1989 over on FA, about a month ago and I gotta say this turned out better then expected, don’t know if you guys would like a sequel to this or not? Maybe another bodybuilder/power lifter you have in mind?
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    Marvelous Man - Chapter 25

    All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cK8OXhmhId7vR6__T1V-oUhFEAllGz0aY9m4Q2op-fE) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: SPECTRI, NO NAME, & ENGLISCE NAMAN All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Z51Gh7qvdbt2g0xxPepOhEizpaHRkVtVWEauhe_3hS4) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: SPECTRI, NO NAME, & ENGLISCE NAMAN Chapter 25: The Royal Burning Dim sunlight cascaded through the glass windows; illuminating the structure Marvelous Man stood in. It seemed to be a hallway within a castle, and from the muscle demigod’s deduction, styled from England’s medieval era. The walls were completely comprised of stone, and the floors were made out of old wooden planks. As the hulking bodybuilder shifted about to survey the new area, the floor beneath did not groan under his massive weight. He then continued further down the hall and noticed on his right a painting. The size of the canvas was bigger than the musclebound superhero; its height nearly touching the ground and ceiling, and the width stretching slightly beyond Marvelous Man’s immense shoulders. It was the painting of a family clothed in royal attire. The family size consisted of a king, queen, an elder princess, and a young prince. The entire family carried the same neutral facial expression with cheeks flushed in a rosy color and eyes an emerald green. The tapping of gentle steps echoed behind the hulking bodybuilder. Turning around, he spotted a man walking towards him. The man appeared exactly same as the king in the painting; complete with royal gowns and a golden crown atop the head. But the most distinguishing features to Marvelous Man was the cape and skin. The cape was the exact same shade of red and lining of white fur as the Skeleton Lord’s. The skin was a deathly pale white; the same as the ancient villain before Sugar Skull’s poison. But instead of having the physique of just skin and bones, this king still seemed healthy and slightly plump. Marvelous Man then noted that despite this king having a more meaty figure, this ruler seemed much older and with sunken cheeks than the royal highness in the painting. It was obvious to the muscle demigod who this king is...Or rather, who this king used to be. Marvelous Man bowed at the king, “Uh, hello!...Your highness!” The king said nothing, as he continued moving forward. With the gap between this royal majesty and the muscle demigod coming to a close, Marvelous Man looked up from the bow and immediately stood up straight. Making way for the king, the hulking bodybuilder shifted his weight and braced his back against the hallway wall. The king passed by without flicking an eye towards the musclebound superhero. Marvelous Man then mentally questioned as to why this person was not staring at him. Especially since he appeared to have broken into a castle and is a muscled giant nearly scraping his head against the ceiling. Marvelous Man flung his arms out with urgency, as he felt his sense of balance being temporarily misplaced. He knew there was a wall behind him, but his senses perceived the muscle demigod to be pinning against thin air. Leaning forward, he regained stability over his massive body. Marvelous Man turned around to discover, the cause. The wall he turned to face appeared to lose shape; slightly dissipating into the same whisping blackness as Digz’s essence. A second later, the affected parts of the wall his body had touched morphed back to its original shape. Marvelous Man’s mind then flashed back to minutes ago when he asked Digz a question and was instantly swallowed by the black fog. He remembered what Digz had said about Gene being spirited away to a memory. The musclebound superhero connected the dots and deducted he was in an illusion similar Puzzles’ smoke illusions; though appearing much less stable than the smoke imp’s when confronted with physical contact. He realized he could walk out of this memory at any time...But that would waste the golden opportunity he was given to understand the Skeleton Lord. Marvelous Man chased after the king, who was now reaching the end of the hall and entering another room. The hulking bodybuilder entered in after the Skeleton Lord’s past version; ducking his head underneath the doorway out of instinct. He then gazed about at the new room he stood in; the furnishing giving the area an identity to be some sort of war room. Weapons of different shapes and sizes hung against the walls. On the other side of the room was a fireplace still lit with some logs. The soft glow from the fireplace illuminated a wooden table in the center of the room. Atop the furniture was a map; sprawled out and completely covering the tabletop with miniature figures on the map. The king shuffled over to the fireplace. His eyes watched the wood inside of it almost completely digested into ash by the fire. The past Skeleton Lord spoke up, “The healers should have finished painting the runes on our volunteers by now. It should be fine to begin our ritual now.” Marvelous Man heard a familiar voice reply; sounding as if it were held underwater. The musclebound superhero tried to locate the emanation but could not seem to place the echo’s origin. “We do this every week, yet I see no reason as to why we take these precautions. They’ll eventually die, so let me just drink in all their mana. It’s not like the people will leave,” said Digz. The voice echoed as if it were in Marvelous Man’s own head, rather than bouncing around somewhere in the room. The muscle demigod gave up trying to find Digz and decided to focus his attention on the dialogue. The king chuckled, “But they can. Or worse, turn traitor. We have many enemies that would love to see me killed and seize my kingdom...Though I suppose many, many, many have tried already. Hm, I’ve lost count of all the times I have been stabbed and poisoned for you to put me back together.” “The point is, one that has grand responsibility over the lives of their people must project themselves as salvation. Many would follow or go as far as die for their ruler, if the ruler appears to be the ultimate answer to all their woes. And if all they have to do to guarantee their safety is for one day out of the week to allow a selected hundreds for their mana to be drained, then it would seem like a fair trade,” he continued. Marvelous Man walked over to the past Skeleton Lord, while the conversation continued. Digz hissed, “They will turn on you one day because they want my power. You’ll see! You should never have told the people about how you obtained the power over bones.” The king sighed, as he continued to stare into the fire. “Such the optimist, you are. I know you want to avoid reliving the same event that had befallen to Kenelm, but it does not mean that it will happen to us, my old friend. Our subjects are loyal to us, lest they have some radical ideal of heroism that somehow makes us the evil ones,” he remarked. Digz harrumphed, “Then I shall observe your so-called subjects before we begin.” The scenery around Marvelous Man exploded into whisping blackness. A second later, the detonated darkness reversed itself. Digz’s essence sucked back into place, but it seemed to reformat itself into something new. Grass and mud materialized on the ground, and small huts made of sticks and straw appeared near the muscle demigod. A fog, similar to Digz’s fog in Marvelous Man’s current era, had taken over the scenery and clouded any other structures in the distance. Digz then materialized his incomplete form in front of the hulking bodybuilder. Marvelous Man did not know how, but it seemed as if the corrupted imp faced his nonexistent head towards one of the huts closest to the Skeleton Lord familiar. Digz’s voice rumbled from the blackness rising out of his neck. “I know you’re there! You cannot stop the ritual my dark master is about to commence,” he boomed. Silence drifted in the fog for a second before the stirring of footsteps echoed. The sounds of multiple people drew closer to Marvelous Man. From out of the fog revealed what appeared to be a small troupe of adventurers; led by a woman in silver armor. The leader brandished her sword at the imp, “Still thy words, evil creature! I will not tolerate your tauntings any longer. For we heroes shall triumph against your Skeleton Lord.” “Now tell us where your king resides in the castle, so we may slay him. Lest all your jeer has been naught for distraction, and your dark master is not as powerful as you say he is,” continued the leader. Digz voice became catty, “Oh, I have no intention of telling you that. Lest I make things too easy and assure my lord’s defeat. That would make me a traitor. But I suggest you make your choice immediately. For we begin now.” The incomplete imp cackled, as the scenery exploded once again into whisping darkness. As before, the blackness sucked itself back into place and reformed the area into something new. The brick walls of the Skeleton Lord’s castle appeared around Marvelous Man, while Digz emerged in front of the muscle demigod once again. The area seemed to be in another part of the castle but more well-illuminated due to the oil lanterns lining the walls. With a flick of his feathery wrist, a wand made of bone emerged out of thin air. The corrupted familiar took grasp of the wand before making his way down the lit corridor. He playfully tapped the white wand against the walls, while his bird-like feet softly echoed against the wooden floor. Marvelous Man made sure to follow the creature; not wanting to be left behind and accidentally leave the memory. With nothing else happening but the incomplete imp wandering around corners of the castle, he had a moment to think. He had assumed he was going to be viewing the Skeleton Lord’s memory, but what he had seen led to a different conclusion. His train of thoughts soon came to an end, as Digz slowed his pattering footsteps. Digz came to a stop upon turning into another branch of the castle. Marvelous Man spotted a room in front of them that seemed to be a room for solitary activities. A small fireplace on the side of the room was lit with a strong fire; crackling loudly. At a table in the center, there sat three humans draped in royal clothing: one of them appearing to be a queen, an elder princess, and a prince. Marvelous Man noticed the three individuals looked exactly like the family painting he had seen earlier, but their skin had the same ghostly paleness as the Skeleton Lord’s. Marvelous Man’s eyes then took notice and drifted to the figures huddled around the royal family. It was a small squad of armored skeletons that looked similar to the skeletons the muscle demigod fought in the first encounter with the Skeleton Lord. They were equipped with the same kind of foreboding, black armor but appeared to look more durable and had a dark shine to it. As Digz waddled into the room, the bone soldiers, standing between Digz and the royals, faced their heads down towards the corrupted familiar. The minions stepped aside; creating a pathway before resuming their sentry position. The royal family looked over to where the incomplete imp stood, as the skeletons’ armor clanged from movement. Immediately standing up, the queen extended her hand outward in an attempt to shield her children. “Have you come to torment us some more with your vile words, imp? I hope you come with new material, as talks of our worthlessness and your ‘gift’ of immortality to us have become stale,” said her majesty. Digz chuckled, “My, is that wit I detect? You sure have acquired quite the gumption, since our previous encounter.” The queen’s face showed no emotion; frozen like a plain doll. Marvelous Man wondered how long she and her children endured Digz’s harassment. “Only because I realized that you will take no further action beyond the threat of bringing harm to my children were I to speak to my husband about what you have said to me. Beyond that, you cannot truly hurt us,” she said. The incomplete imp replied, “And I’m sure you would like to keep it that way. But I’m here to give you what your family has always wanted.” “Which is?” questioned the queen. “Freedom,” answered Digz, “To be broken of the shackles of this accursed life. That is what you and your children want, yes? I know of how you three are miserable with existing the same way for centuries.” The royal highness’s face broke into confusion. Her feet slightly shifted backwards. She inquired, “And what sort of trickery do you play now?...I see...But know that inflicting pain on others will only relieve your own for a brief moment. I suppose Kenelm would be most disappointed in how pitiful you have made use of the gift he had bestowed to you.” Digz pointed his bone wand at the queen. The white item extended itself; immediately reaching the Skeleton Lord’s wife. The pointed end stopped just before it could puncture her throat. “Mother!” shouted the children. The incomplete imp shouted, “DO NOT SAY HIS NAME! How does a wench like you even know of him?! Alden has never talked to you without my presence! I’ve made sure of that!” The queen’s face morphed back into her frozen, neutral expression, and her eyes becoming cold once more. “It is true that I cannot speak to my husband without your supervision, but I have my ways. Perhaps you have forgotten already of my own power that lent to our victory over this kingdom,” she stated. Digz retracted his wand, “Hmph. Reading the castle’s past might have given you excellent gossip, but it does not help you control the future I have prepared. Now come. Let me direct you all to your freedom.” The corrupted familiar turned away and proceeded out of the room. The skeleton soldiers from behind the royal children and queen nudged the family forward. Marvelous Man followed the group exiting from the room and down the twisting corridors of the castle’s hallways. The musclebound superhero had a clear idea of what Digz’s relationship was like with the Skeleton Lord and the rest of the family. He then wondered what the incomplete imp’s talk of freedom was but became fearful that it was nothing more than an insidious conclusion. In his heart, Marvelous Man continued to hope it was not the outcome he supposed it could be. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The travel through the stone architecture continued for minutes before stopping at a set of doors. Marvelous Man noticed that the doors stood taller than himself and had a set of large, metal rings as the knobs. Two of the skeleton soldiers stepped forward and pushed open the doors. As the doors groaned to a stop, a spacious library revealed itself to the group. The row of armored skeletons behind the noble family pushed the relatives inside. The three royals stumbled forward before regaining their steps. Turning around, the family faced the incomplete imp and the small troupe of skeleton warriors. As the mother began to mouth words, Digz’s soldiers retrieved the oil lanterns hanging on the walls. The skeletal minions then threw the lanterns; shattering glass and oil against the rows of books, furniture, and the entrance. Flames of red and orange were born instantly from the spilled lantern oil and began to feast on wood and paper. The family stood paralyzed with their eyes gazing at the growing fire about them, while the skeleton soldiers closed the library doors shut. Muffled screams echoed from behind the wooden doors; pleading for help. One of the armored minions stepped forward and placed their skeleton arm through the door’s large, metal handle loops. Digz swished his bone wand at the soldier; causing the arm in the door’s handle to break off from the skeleton. The detached arm then gripped its other end to form a loop and chain the library doors from opening. Marvelous Man’s eyes bulged at the inhuman treatment. He reached out to grab the skeletal chain...but his hand phased through smoke instead. The hulking bodybuilder’s eyes began to well up with tears. He knew that this was an illusion showing a past memory...but he could not help himself. Marvelous Man wished he could have been there to save that family; regardless of how impossible time magic was. The skeleton soldiers departed from the scenery in different directions. Some of the boney minions stopped at the wall-mounted lanterns; only to pick it up and smash it on the wooden flooring. The bushes of flames grew throughout the hallways and seemed to be extending throughout the castle with the armored skeletons’ assistance. The scenery then exploded into smoke before reforming into the war room the Skeleton Lord resided in. Marvelous Man looked about, but could not find the incomplete imp. He then heard the room echo with Digz’s voice. “ALDEN! COME QUICK! WE’RE UNDER ATTACK!” shouted the familiar. The Skeleton Lord looked up from the fireplace he stared at. He called out, “What?! Where?!” “The castle! They’ve set it ablaze to smoke you out!” replied Digz. The Skeleton Lord scurried over to a window from the other side of the war room. As he did so, eight spider-like legs made of bone extended beneath the king’s robes. Two of the boney limbs lunged at the window; shattering through the glass and anchoring onto the outer brick wall of the castle. Alden commanded, “Get the skeletons to escort my family to safety.” The skeletal spider legs hoisted the Skeleton Lord through the window. Marvelous Man gave a slight gasp, as the scenery yanked him outside the castle and floating high up in the air. Had this been real and the hulking bodybuilder not transformed, the fall of five stories would most certainly have crushed and killed Justice Starr. Upon dangling the king outside by the boney limbs, the white spider-like legs scampered across the wall. Black smoke could be seen pouring out of the other windows alongside the brick siding. Marvelous Man had difficulty spotting the difference from the fire’s smoke and Digz’s whisping essence blanketing the kingdom. Even high above, the muscle demigod could not see the sky nor sun. “I can’t feel them anymore! I fear they may have been attacked by the invaders already!” lied Digz. As the Skeleton Lord darted around a corner and reached the front of the smoking castle, the wall he crawled on exploded with a deafening boom. Five of the boney limbs broke from the king’s body; splintering off with chunks of bricks that were big or had been immediately blasted into dust. Marvelous Man could almost feel the sudden burst of wind and heat buffeting against his own smooth skin. Seconds of falling towards the ground quickly drifted by, while the three intact spider leg bones struggled to grasp at the air. Out of instinct, Marvelous Man raised his arms in front of his face in an effort to brace against impact. Alden slammed into ground. His body immediately sprayed the area with bits of his blood, while a wet crunch echoed from him. With barely a second passing, his body began to put itself back together. Bones snapped back into place and sinew reverting to where it previously was, while the Skeleton King slowly stood up on his knees. Chains made of shining light streamed from the fog. The animated links circled around the reforming Skeleton Lord before instantly squeezing in a tight ensnare. The three remaining spider limbs made of bone had no room to struggle, as they were pinned against Alden’s body by the chains of light. When the king gasped from the tight restraints, a small projectile ejected from the fog. The object was a grey slime that slapped against Alden’s mouth; sealing it shut in what Marvelous Man supposed was to prevent verbal spells. The muscle demigod then heard the Skeleton Lord speak again, but it carried the same echo as Digz’s voice when the incomplete imp was not visible. The voice of the Skeleton Lord screamed, “Digz! Release me from the binds!” “I can’t!” shouted Digz, “The magic in the binds prevents me!” Marvelous Man then realized the two were speaking to each other telepathically. It was now obvious that Digz could not be seen, because the incomplete imp had fused back into Alden. The musclebound superhero briefly wondered if Digz was lying about the magic binds due to the wicked betrayal that had happened earlier. A small group of humanoid figures exited the fog; revealing themselves to be the wandering heroes the corrupted familiar provoked. Marvelous Man saw that the group was still being led by the woman equipped in silver armor. He then noticed that behind the female leader were two men adorned in robes that covered their faces. The muscle demigod could see only the mouths were not covered and were constantly whispering towards the Skeleton Lord. It became apparent to Marvelous Man that the two were most likely wizards uttering incantations to maintain the magical chains. The leader spoke up, “Skeleton Lord! Your vile ways ends tonight! No longer shall you prey on this town!” The king tried to scream urgency, but it was muffled from the slime covering his mouth. The female knight looked down at Alden and gave a look of disgust. She then trudged towards the binded Skeleton Lord, while reaching for a sword tied to her waist. The leader drew the weapon from her scabbard; the blade gleaming like moonlight. “Digz!” mentally shouted the king. The incomplete imp replied, “I’m trying, but the spell is too strong!” The knight raised her blade. “Stealing the mana of this kingdom just to feed your own self-preservation. Such a sin is unforgiving, and such a sin you have sown. I take no pleasure in ending you. Only justice,” she said. The armored leader continued, “Your people put their trust in you, and you repay them with a devil’s deal. A deal to gift you the power to raise the dead. Tis not a wonder that the people frantically sing praise of you. Lest they be found disagreeing with you, killed by your hand, and raised for your appalling undead puppetry.” The Skeleton Lord conversed with his thoughts, as his eyes widened at the knight’s words. “What is she talking about Digz?! She knows only fragments of our ways! She misunderstands our people!” he exclaimed. Digz replied, “...Does she? I fear we have been betrayed.” The tone of the knight’s voice rose. Her body shifted to execute a swing with her sword. “And as for that demon every person here refers to as an imp,” she said, “They shall-” A white spike made of bone torpedoed out of the Skeleton Lord’s cloak. The spike collided into the leader’s face; echoing the collapse of her face with bone crunched and flesh shredded. With the force of the projectile lodged into the knight’s destroyed face, she flew backwards. She then landed limply, as her body tumbled to a stop upon reaching the feet of her wizards. Blood slowly oozed from around the bone spike. The group of heroes froze, as the wizards’ incantation became choked from shock. The chains of light that incapacitated the king shattered; pieces of the chain glittered in the air before fading. One of the boney spider legs attached to the Skeleton Lord extended itself towards its master. The limb then wiped away the slime sticking to Alden’s mouth with only a stroke. At the same time, the other skeletal extensions wedged themselves into the ground. The two spider legs pushed; assisting the Skeleton Lord into the air before placing him onto his feet. A second ticked by, while nobody made an attempt to move. Spikes made of bone erupted from the chests of the adventurers. Marvelous Man gripped his hands. Even if he could go back in time, he could not have prevented their deaths. The source of their deaths came from columns of bones erupting from the fog behind the heroes; immediate and unseen. Digz voice quickly echoed, “...I managed to overpower their binds in time!...What luck!” The Skeleton Lord stood in silence. His head then cocked in acknowledgement, as his eyes became horrified. “My family!” he exclaimed. He turned to the castle now heavily engulfed in flames. Black smoke escaped from every opening in the stone home. Marvelous Man’s heart sank at the scene before him. He wondered how long Digz had planned this deception for everything Alden loved to come crashing down in one fell swoop. The king shouted, “I...I don’t see them anywhere! We must go back inside to-” “No, we can’t!” replied Digz, “The fire has grown too big, and we’d surely perish if we tried to go in there! I can’t bring you back if there’s nothing left of you. Especially if my totem has been destroyed!” Alden fired back, “The cloak can protect it! Now come on!” The Skeleton Lord charged towards the burning architecture. “The Pilgrim Cloak only shields us from enchanted sight and cannot be taken off by others. That doesn’t mean the cloth is indestructible!” reasoned the corrupted familiar. The king said nothing, as he arrived at the castle entrance doors. A row of bone columns fell from above with a sharp whistle and landed in front of the Skeleton Lord; barricading the doors from him. Alden slammed his hands on the barricade. He screamed, “What are you doing, Digz?! Open the way!” “Alden, please! Listen to me! When I said I couldn’t feel them anymore, I wasn’t just talking about the skeletons...I can’t detect your family anywhere…” said Digz. Tears began to stream down the Skeleton Lord’s cheeks, while his lips quivered. The king continued to slam against the bone blockade. He exclaimed, “No, no, no, NO...It can’t be...Have to get in there!” Digz voice rose in an authoritative tone. “Look at this castle! It is completely engulfed in flames! They couldn’t have survived this, and neither will we if we sprint in there!” stated the incomplete imp. Alden sunk to his knees, “Then...then...you can bring them back! Right here, you can make them rise from the ground! Right? You said a long time ago about being able to resurrect, and, and…” The corrupted familiar sighed. His voice became softer. “Only when they’ve binded their soul to me, remember? None of your family members wanted their existence linked to my totem. Not even you. We never even gave time to testing it on your steeds,” corrected Digz. He continued, “I’m sorry, Alden. They’re gone. If they were in my presence as they perished, I could have saved them. But I didn’t see their disappearance until it was too late.” “No…”whimpered Alden, “What did I do wrong?” Marvelous Man now realized that this was the Skeleton Lord’s turning point. When the king had hit his lowest point and had nothing else to live for, he would believe anything just to feel better as any other person would. And for the Skeleton Lord, what Digz would say next would become the lifelong goal. The obsession that has killed so many people. Digz replied, “...You have done nothing wrong, Alden. It was everybody else that is.” “We were so happy having everything stay the same. You’re like a god! Your family had immortality, and you protected this kingdom from all invaders. This was our own corner of the world,” he continued. The muscle demigod felt as if the corrupted familiar had been practicing these very lines. Down to even the volume he used on certain pronunciations, Digz made his words seem they were of the gospel...And Alden drank it all up; his face dawning with the newly tainted enlightenment. The incomplete imp spat with disgust, “But then those ‘heroes’ came and ruined everything! All for what?! For glory?! For wealth?! Just because of what we can do, that makes us evil? What pathetic ignorance.” The Skeleton Lord nodded, as he wiped streaks of tears going down his face. The flow of his tears came to a halt, and his eyes seemed to become emotionally withdrawn. “Then...why didn’t our people stop them? If there was any doubt about our evil...surely the citizens would have corrected them, right?” he questioned. Digz did not reply, as seconds awkwardly ticked by. Alden gritted his teeth, “Why would they let them set fire to my home?! Why would they let those...heroes just walk right up to my home and destroy my family?! Do they still hate me deep down? WHY?!” The unseen familiar spoke up. “...I-I’m not sure anymore...Even though I said many negative things in the past, I just wanted to keep you aware of possibilities. I came to thinking the same as you because I believed you knew your people…” he answered. The king gripped the ground, “...You were right...You always are.” “Feared our power, jealous of it...It doesn’t matter. They have betrayed us. They’re not my people anymore. They have burned away all the benevolence that I had,” he continued. The Skeleton Lord commanded, “Digz! Begin the ritual! Take everybody’s mana until there’s nothing left! Those protected by the blood runes will eventually die, since there will be no one to care for them in their time of recovery.” The incomplete imp replied back in a tone that poorly attempted to hide a twisted glee. “Of course. I’ll make sure to exact our revenge on those bastards!” he suggested, “And then we start our coming.” “Our coming?” said the king. Digz replied, “Yes, our coming. We’re not going to sit here till we turn to dust. We will make ourselves known and make the world burn! And when the whelps wonder why death will be arriving to their doorsteps, all they will know was that the Royal Burning was the cause of humanity’s fall! No one deserves to be happy! Only death!” The scenery in front of Marvelous Man began to fade. The whisping darkness that had swirled around his muscled mass began to bulge about, as light started to flood the muscle demigod from above. Looking up, Marvelous Man noticed the black fog Digz had cocooned him in was becoming shorter. It was definite that Digz had answered Marvelous Man’s question about the Royal Burning...but the response seemed to lead to more questions. The musclebound hero’s heart sank, as he realized he had gained no new insight to help win the battle without violence. What he had learned was only the surface of deeper things that led to this tragic event. The Skeleton Lord had depended on Digz so much, that simply speaking of the corrupted familiar’s deception would not be enough to change the ancient king’s mind. Marvelous Man wished he had more time to think of what he could say, but the curtain of darkness descended faster than he could put together a new plan. Upon the fog dropping beneath his face and no longer limited his eyesight, his eyes stretched wide at what he saw. A chill ran down his back with flashbacks of his abduction playing in his mind. The red cloak Marvelous Man had seen too many times screamed into his retinas. The present-day Skeleton Lord, in all his skinny, withered glory, stood a small distance away. Next Chapter
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    Marvelous Man - Chapter 24

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FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: SPECTRI, LORD TUTORIALS, THATCHINESEPERSON, & JAINA Chapter 24: Dancing With the Fiend Marvelous Man stood in front of the fog; staring at the whisping darkness curl about. Every few seconds, a pair of hands would lash from out of the fog. The hands would then slam into a magical barrier that caged the creatures from within. Runes, magical circles, sticky note talismans, and even enchanted items were plastered all over the barrier. The musclebound superhero drifted his eyes downwards to the rows of cubic-shaped machines placed around the outside of the affected ghetto area. Every cube had a large Arkos Division logo engraved on the side with a cable branching out from each machine to a gadget-decorated cable. The new cable projected a film of light; covering over the magical layer. The scenery in front of him caused his mind to drift back to his jacket’s pocket. His large hand fidgeted with a silver key in the pocket. He could feel every groove and the keychain attached to it, an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top. The itching temptation to use the key came back harder than the night of his first encounter with the Skeleton Lord. He wondered if it was the right thing to turn down his parents’ invitation to stay in Sunnysville...where it was safe and nothing changed. “Ugh, I do not envy what you’re about to do,” said a female voice from behind. Marvelous Man turned around to face the voice. Standing with all eight cybernetic arms crossed was Octomentist. The hulking bodybuilder immediately noticed that the prosthetic superhero now held a slouched posture compared to her usual power pose with the back straightened. He nodded, “Oh...yeah.” Octomentist lightly bit her lip, as an awkward second ticked by. “I never did thank you, did I? For helping out at the Arkos Division headquarters. I was out on patrol when it happened. And then you showed up a few minutes after I got there…” she said. The multi-armed heroine continued, “I helped try to clear the rubble, but you were the real hero. You actually got to save lives...and that was the first time I actually felt powerless. And that’s never happened to me, ya know...Is it fucked up that I kinda wish I was back in that tunnel fighting the Skeleton Lord, and our only way to save those people was to euthanize them?” The muscle demigod’s mind flashed back to the tunnels during the second battle against the Skeleton Lord. His stomach twisted at the blood, the terrible things the ancient villain said, killing the Teratoma...and first experiencing the power of his Soul Venom. To reflect on those memories for a second more might cause him to vomit. “I don’t think so. But it’s not exactly something I want to go through again,” replied Marvelous Man. Octomentist nodded, “Right..yeah, sorry. That was a dick thing for me to say. But I do mean it when I say thanks for what you did. You’re the greatest hero in my book.” Marvelous Man smiled. His heart gave a soft flutter of joy before wondering how long this nice attitude would last. “Thanks,” he said. The prosthetic hero smiled back, “So go get ‘em, Marvelous Man. I’ll just be manning the front over here. But just so you know, after this, it’s back to you being called Naked Justice.” “Yeah...I figured,” Marvelous Man giggled, “Wouldn’t have it any other way.” Octomentist pointed with her golden thumb over to a tent painted with runic symbols; housing the musclebound superhero’s other team members. The flaps of the tent parted ways, as Gemini exited the temporary structure. The bulky Soulem appeared to be heading over to Marvelous Man’s position. “I’ll be over there if you need anything,” she said. The muscle demigod nodded, “Sure.” The multi-armed woman departed from Marvelous Man, as she passed by Gemini. The Soulem arrived in front of the musclebound superhero in a few steps; mood rings glowing in the color yellow. Gemini stood still, while gently pounding the rubbery, robotic fists together. The mechanical being seemed at a loss for words before finally speaking up. “Um...hey,” said Gemini. Marvelous Man replied, “Hey.” The Soulem gave an artificial cough to clear his throat. “So I thought that we should go over one more time about the spell you got from the Bruja,” he said. Marvelous Man responded, “Sure. But don’t I just have to touch the imp when I cast the spell?” “Yeah, but you need to touch a solid part of the imp,” corrected Gemini, “You can’t just use its own foggy essence, since the spell would basically be grabbing air. That essence could easily escape the spell, and then you’d give away your own element of surprise. So make sure you’re grabbing the imp’s physical body when you cast that spell.” Marvelous Man frowned, “Well, can’t you modify the spell to suck in some of the essence to hold it in one place?” Gemini lurched his head back, while his face displayed a mix of horror and disgust. “Whoah, no! That spell is already complicated enough as is. I literally can’t tamper with a thing on that spell. It’s airtight and any mods on that thing will cause an entirely different reaction!” exclaimed the Soulem. His voice grew soft, “Besides, I only understand bits of it...the spell itself is...impossible. And while that should scare me, what scares me more is who you got it from…” “...I didn’t have much of a choice, Gem...I needed to end all of this. Doin what we usually do didn’t stop the Skeleton Lord. He always got away every time. And the only way I feel like we can actually win this time is if I upped my game and did something crazy,” explained Marvelous Man. Gemini sighed, “Let’s just...get this over and done with. I just hope the Bruja doesn’t come back to bite us in the ass. If she has access to that kind of magical knowledge, I don’t even know what she’s capable of if she ever tries to hurt you…” “She’d probably just send Sugar Skull instead,” remarked the muscle demigod. The Soulem smirked, “Right. Why bother wasting magic when you can just send an immortal lackey to do the dirty work for ya.” His cybernetic eyes flicked down at the ground before returning to look back at Marvelous Man. Gemini’s mood ring then transitioned to a rose red color. “Look, I gotta head back, but I just wanted to say...good luck out there. And please...come back safely. Alright?” he said. Marvelous Man smiled, “Thanks. I will. And it’ll be fine. I got Gene and Sugar Skull to watch my back.” “Would’ve been nicer if we had an A-lister like the Director,” frowned Gemini. Marvelous Man shrugged, “He has to help with keeping the barrier up...But I do think it’s kinda weird we couldn’t get help from anybody else. Everybody seems busy with their own crisis. Even the Nemesis Branch isn’t helping out cause we’re somehow not dealing with a A-rank villain or above.” “What a bunch of assholes,” huffed Gemini. The accent of a Southern gentleman emanated from behind the Soulem, “Mr. Yin and Mr. Marvelous Man. So glad both of you are here. This makes things easier for our final talk before we begin.” As Gemini turned around, Marvelous Man spotted the Director walking towards them. Accompanying a few steps behind Director Doug was the master witch’s familiar and the musclebound superhero’s teammates, Gene Lightfoot and Sugar Skull. Marvelous Man could feel a sense of nervousness wash over himself with every closing distance between himself and Gene. His eyebrow then perked up in confusion. “Hey, wait. Where’s Fairuza?” he asked. The Director answered, “She’s been reassigned to keep an eye on our wards, since it is a guarantee that she cannot gaze into the fog nor keep a connection with you three. I’m afraid the moment you and Gene and Sugar Skull pass through, you’re all on your own. We won’t be able to pull you out either, so you better not hold back. Do what you have to do to make this stop.” Director Skye’s eyes seemed to intensify their gaze into Marvelous Man’s, as he said his next words. “Marvelous Man, are you sure you want to go in there? Your healing abilities would be invaluable in assisting the troops out here should the barriers fail. You don’t have to do this,” he said. Marvelous Man’s mind lingered back to his meaty hand still in his jacket’s pocket. The jagged teeth of the silver key poked at his thumb. There was still time to run away from all this, and every part of him screamed it...But what if he could win? The muscle demigod hesitated, “Honestly...I kinda don’t want to go. I’ve never done anything as...intense as this before. But you said a while back that I was one of the people capable of handling the Skeleton Lord. And I need to be there for my partners to patch them up.” “Oh-ho ho! Thank goodness!” exclaimed Sugar Skull, “Because Gene would have really died out there if you didn’t come along. But I’d be okay. I can regenerate.” Silence weighed heavily in the air, as Sugar Skull’s spinning, yellow flower eyes flicked back and forth. None of the company appeared amused at the comment. The ghoul quickly thrust a hand into his sleeve before pulling it out immediately. “...And look! I have the new devices the Bruja made. Whaaaaat. Presenting the Bruja’s magical gadget, the Benighted Badge. Now we match each other!” said the Limbo being. He held out his hand; uncurling his fingers to reveal what rested in his palm. Everybody leaned forward to see two objects glittering on the ghoul’s palm. They looked exactly like the brooch Sugar Skull had always worn; a weeping closed eye. Puzzles called out from below, “What is it?” The Director frowned, while Marvelous Man realized the smoke imp was too small to see what the ghoul was holding. The Totochton prince and the muscle demigod picked up the pin jewelry; holding it up for a closer look. Director Doug then scratched his beard. “It looks to me like they are copies of Sugar Skull’s brooch,” reported the master witch. Sugar Skull replied, “Exactly. They do the same thing my brooch does. We’ll be able to pass through without any of the other ghouls seeing us.” The half-alive ghoul looked over at Marvelous Man. “Oh...but, you can’t do any supercharges or getting bright,” he said, “It’s easy to cover up sound, but your light can’t be, uh, suppressed when it’s bigger and brighter than a flashlight. Bending that much light without blinding you would have taken longer to make.” It was a huge handicap to what Marvelous Man could do. Supercharging his allies was something the muscle demigod felt made him indispensable to the team and helped turn the tide of a battle. But he knew that as long as the brooches worked and cloaked his team from immediate danger, he would be fine with limiting his abilities. The musclebound superhero nodded, “That’s fine. Could I still do normal healing? I still have to use some light, so I can heal.” “It’s not a problem. The gadget should be able to hide it,” answered Sugar Skull. A slight weight lifted from the hulking bodybuilder’s shoulders. It felt good to know that he could help support his teammates in some way. Marvelous Man was already aware of how much his combat ability paled in comparison to his companion’s and even the Skeleton Lord’s. The ghoul chimed, “I think we need a speech. This is the part where we’re about to do something dangerous and need some, ummm...encouragement!” “Here’s one,” said Puzzles. The entire cast turned to look down at the smoke imp. He stood with a silver zip lighter in one hand, and a glass bong, sized appropriately for his single paw, in the other. Flicking open the lighter to spark a flame, the familiar then lowered the flame onto the bong’s herbal-stuffed bowl. Puzzles snapped the lighter shut, “Don’t die.” Director Skye smiled at the smoke imp while flexing a single eyebrow up. “The Reefer Ballroom?” he questioned. Puzzles replied, “You’re combining your defense magic with the lesser spellcasters and some force field projectors from the Arkos Division. Even with all that, those ghouls are still getting through. You honestly think my Cuban Room can stop them, Boss?” “Containment isn’t working, so I shall impede,” concluded the smoke imp. The master witch looked over at Gemini, “Duly noted. Now, Mr. Yin, I heavily implore you to vacate this area. Seeing as how I am now lowering a part of the barrier. Monsters will most definitely be scurrying from out of my artificial opening, and I would hate for you to be caught in the midst of combat.” Mood rings on the cybernetic cheeks flared yellow, as Gemini’s eyes dilated. The Soulem instantly turned towards the tent and began power-walking. “Nope! Don’t have to tell me twice,” he exclaimed, “GoodLuckMarvelousManOkayLoveYouBye.” Director Skye watched the Soulem dart passed Octomentist and into the tent before reaching into his pocket. Pulling out a cell phone, the master witch dialed a number. He then placed it next to his ear, while it rang once before being answers. He announced, “This is Director Douglas Skye. I am authorizing the deactivation of your force field generators for ninety seconds...Yes. Begin now.” As the Director ended his call, the small humming noise from the force field projector cubes started to die down. The thin layer on top of the magical barrier eroded; starting from the top and making its way down. Within seconds, the projected force field from the Arkos Division had completely deteriorated. Director Skye placed the phone back into his pocket and held up his hands. The master witch’s hands then began to glow blue with magical energy. Gesturing with his hands, a magical circle appeared. “When I’ve created an opening, all of you must charge through. Do not worry about the monsters that get through, Puzzles and I, as well as the other heroes and police officers, will dispose of them. It is highly likely we will lose communication with y’all, so please be aware that you are all on your own once you three enter. Gene, you will be the field leader for this mission,” stated the Director. Gene pinned the brooch to his shoulder’s strap, “Understood.” A hole the size of a baseball appeared on the magical barrier above the magic circle. The hole then moved; splitting into both horizontal directions. While the incision on the barrier continued, Puzzle pressed the top of the glass bong to his lips and took a long inhale. When the gap reached a certain wideness on both ends, the ends of the gap made its way down. The very end of the whisping fog seemed to drool from the artificial outline that appeared wide enough for three men to charge in at the same time. Puzzles disengaged from the glass bong and exhaled a big puff of marijuana smoke; cascading to the concrete ground. The white smoke flooded in every direction, as it grew higher. Marvelous Man quickly fumbled about to pin the brooch onto his black leather jacket. In seconds, the bong smoke swallowed everyone. The last thing Marvelous Man saw, after successfully pinning the Bruja’s brooch, was the dissection of the magical barrier coming to a stop upon contacting with the terrain. Marvelous Man’s eyes blinked. He turned about; trying to absorb his new surroundings. The hulking bodybuilder was transported in what appeared to be a grand ballroom. The walls and furniture were adorned with the colors of gold white, and the paintings and decorations had a pastel color to them. Memories of art and architecture taught by Apollo allowed the musclebound superhero to surmise the ballroom was an eighteenth century Russian palace in the rococo style. He stood with his teammates amidst a crowd that were watching people court and dance. The citizens within the lavish ballroom were dressed of higher class Russian fashion from the eighteenth century; possibly even royalty. Marvelous Man could hear an orchestra composed of string and woodwind instruments. The muscle demigod was aware Puzzles could concoct illusions through smoke, but even the sound of violins and flutes playing nearly convinced himself of traveling through time. The hulking bodybuilder also spotted the Director amidst the dancers and had continued to channel the spell. The dancers twirled about Director Skye, yet never seemed to make any accidental physical contact to the master witch. Before questioning the scenery, his attention snapped to a commotion on his left. Ghouls and monsters from the fog had charged through a wide, opened doorway; screaming and snarling. The citizens and the scenery slightly warped, as smoke was channeled from them. Puzzles’ smoke reached out in the form of gentle vapors, as it funneled into the nostrils and mouths of the enemies. The Limbo creatures slowed to a stop; their eyes fogging in confusion. The residents within the ballroom that were closest to the stupefied foes sauntered over to them. The dancers guided the ghouls onto the main floor and danced with them, while the viewers petted the monsters like they were adorable dogs. More Limbo beings clamored into the ballroom and were quickly pacified. “Go now! Go!” commanded a deep Russian-accented voice from above Marvelous Man. A figure, blurred in grey and blue, fell from up high. It then collided onto the head of one of the dancing ghouls. The object that had landed came into focus as Puzzles with his dagger sunken onto the top of the inhibited ghoul’s head. The ghoul immediately disintegrated into dust, as Puzzled fell towards the ground. Gene spoke up, “My teammates, we must make the haste, while we still have the time.” The rabbit superhero ran towards the opened doorway with the purple ghoul following behind. The muscle demigod stared at his compatriots for a second before snapping out of his surprised daze and gave chase. As the three made their way closer to the doorway, the dancers and bystanders immediately stepped out of the pathway like water being parted. “Turn on the brooch with magic now!” shouted Sugar Skull, “The ghouls will attack us the moment we pass through!” Placing their hands on the Bruja’s magical item, Gene and Marvelous Man’s hands glowed blue with magic. The glowing immediately died, as the magic channeled into the weeping eye brooches upon passing through the doorway. Ghouls from the fog continued to pour in, but they weaved around all three allies without even passing a glance. The whisping fog crashed into the team’s faces; blackness obscuring their visions. The trio came to an immediate stop; their eyes slowly adjusting to the sudden darkness. Regaining enough sight, Marvelous Man noticed the countless, monstrous Limbo beings had continued to charge passed the hulking bodybuilder and his friends. His muscles, flexing into cords as hard as rocks, relaxed back into its natural round, firm state. With the danger temporarily alleviated, Marvelous Man’s body realized it had stopped breathing for over a minute. He gave a loud, sharp gasp before immediately coughing; the bleach scent of Limbo’s air hung heavily in the fog. The musclebound superhero bent down, as his throat continued to hack. The rest of the team flinched at the sudden noises given off by the hulking bodybuilder. The spinning, yellow flower eyes in Sugar Skull’s sockets transformed into red exclamation points. The purple ghoul stared up at Marvelous Man. “Wow, that actually gave me a fright!” commented Sugar Skull. Gene spoke up, “Marvelous Man, are you well?” The muscle demigod held up his index finger to indicate towards his teammates. Seconds later, Marvelous Man stood up straight. He looked down at the rabbit superhero. “Yeah, I’m fine. Didn’t realize I was holding in my breath until just now,” he answered. Gene’s white rabbit ears twitched about, “I must do the commending, Sugar Skull. The Bruja’s magical jewelry works as you have said.” The purple ghoul turned to look at the bunny demigod. The red exclamation points in his eye sockets returned to its spinning flower form. “The Bruja is the real deal. After all, she struck a deal with your, uh. What’s the word I’m looking for? It’s predecesor in Spanish...Oh, haha. Predecessors. It’s why all the Toto’s restaurants act as the entrance to the land of the living when I leave Limbo,” replied Sugar Skull. Gene frowned, “I do wish to continue the talk regarding your master’s connection to my people, but we all must make the haste to defeat the Skeleton Lord.” The Totochin prince proceeded forward with the two party members immediately following behind. The howls and groans of the Limbo monsters echoed unseen throughout the streets. The line of sight for Marvelous Man could only extend as far as ten steps ahead before being swallowed by whisping fog enveloping the crew. With the unsettling feelings being forgotten the ghetto usually radiated and enhanced by the Skeleton Lord’s creepy fog, it became a tempting thought for Marvelous Man to fly his teammates over to the Skeleton Lord’s dwelling. It would have been faster, but the plans set days before the three went into the fog said otherwise. It was agreed that the trio would have to traverse the fogged area by foot at walking speed. Sugar Skull had pointed out that even with the Bruja’s magical items, the Skeleton Lord could still detect them. The safest strategy would be taking slow movements to avoid drawing sudden attention on themselves should the ancient villain return on the estimated date. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> As the team drew closer to the Skeleton Lord’s hideout, the streets became more spacious. There were still ghouls roaming about, but the majority of the Limbo creatures were loitering at the barriers surrounding the ghetto. The ones that Marvelous Man were now passing by were the naked ghouls he had seen before in Limbo; lying on the ground with the same surrender to despair. “Hello, Totochtin,” said a voice from behind the group. The group instantly turned around to face the person addressing Gene. A figure stood in the middle of the road; its height as tall as an imp. The being wore a dress covered in tatters, and the ribbon bow encircling the neckline had eroded with its color faded. It’s head and right arm no longer existed; replaced with whisping essence bleeding out and blending into the fog. It’s other arm seemed to be avian, as the limb was shaped like an arm but was compiled of tattered feathers. The creature turned to Marvelous Man. A voice then emanated from it; sounding as if it were under water. “You must be Marvelous Man,” it said, “Your shape is much like Gilgamesh. A giant man of muscles. So it’s not hard to figure out.” The smoky figure turned to Sugar Skull, “And you must be the Bruja’s ghoul. My master has been wanting to see you again to pay back all the torment you have given him.” As the demigods opened their mouths to reply, Sugar Skull interrupted them. “Don’t acknowledge him! If you do, he’ll be able to see you!” exclaimed the purple ghoul. Gene pointed out, “I believe there is none of the point to doing that. He identified us by the shapes of our bodies.” The creature spoke up; pulling the team’s attention back to itself. “I can’t hear you, but I know you’re talking about me. Do you really think I wouldn’t notice something I couldn’t see but was still taking up space in my own essence? Reveal yourselves to me, or I’ll get nasty,” it said. The trio remained frozen at the threat. Marvelous Man gulped; trying to build some courage within himself. The musclebound superhero needed confirmation first before he did anything else. He then took a step forward. He announced, “Yeah, I’m Marvelous Man. Are you the Skeleton Lord’s familiar?” “That I am. And will the others come forward as well? Or shall I have them skewered?” said the imp. Marvelous Man finally had his suspicions confirmed. To see an incomplete imp firsthand was...more disturbing than Puzzles could have described. He could only feel sadness for the imp; imagining how it existed for thousands of years in a constant state of pain and rage. The muscle demigod wanted to activate the spell immediately to put the imp out of its misery. But he knew what Gemini had said to him earlier. Now was not the time; not when the element of surprise had been lost. Marvelous Man would have to wait until another chance arose. Gene acknowledged, “What is your name?” “I am Digz,” replied the incomplete imp, “And what is your business here?” “We wish to defeat the Skeleton Lord,” answered Gene. Digz cackled, “He’s not here...yet. The Skeleton Lord will return soon.” The smoky familiar crooked his shoulder; seemingly staring at Sugar Skull. A sharp object shot out from behind the familiar. It screeched through the air in less than a second before making the sound of flesh being impaled. Marvelous Man turned to his half-alive friend. He could see an arrow sticking out of Sugar Skull’s left shoulder. The purple ghoul staggered back a few steps, as Marvelous Man noticed Sugar Skull wielding the signature black glock. The Limbo being’s eye sockets were completely covered in television static noise. “...You sneaky fatherfucker,” said Sugar Skull. Digz remarked, “I just said that I could see Marvelous Man’s shape. You honestly thought I couldn’t see you about to use your gun superpower?” “Well, yeah,” giggled Sugar Skull. Marvelous Man hurried over to Sugar Skull, while feeling the emotions of fear ebb from Gene. Placing his hand next to the wound, he fed the light within himself memories of his mother cooking his favorite breakfast. The muscle demigod then grabbed the arrow with his other hand, as his light began to heal the traumatized area. He spoke, “I got you, Sugar Skull...This is gonna hurt.” “...Hey, Marvelous Man. Remember that dickhead ghoul in the diner who told you that he was embracing life now that he could feel pain? Could you take my gun, go back in time, and shoot him in the fucking hea-AAAAGH, FATHERFUCKER!” exclaimed Sugar Skull. The musclebound superhero held the arrow in his hand; detached from the purple ghoul’s shoulder and dripping with crimson blood. Marvelous Man could not help but feel a small amount of cynicism despite seeing his friend in pain. His eyebrow flexed upward, “I’m sorry, but...I’ve seen your abdomen being disemboweled before. How was that arrow much worse than this?” “You ever had a paper cut before?” fired back the half-alive friend. Digz spoke up, “And now I wonder what I should do to the lot of you.” Marvelous Man thought quickly. He knew that Digz would not harm Gene, since the Skeleton Lord has use for the Totochtin prince. As for the hulking bodybuilder and the purple ghoul, Digz would have found them disposable. The musclebound superhero still needed more time to stop the ancient evil, and he needed to know more about the Skeleton Lord to find the weakness for defeating the supervillain. “Tell us about the Skeleton Lord!” he blurted out, “I mean, we hardly know the guy. We’ve come this far. Could you please answer our questions about him?” Sugar Skull chimed in, “I’m with him on that! Besides, I’m sure the Skeleton Lord would like to see us one more time.” The incomplete imp said nothing. Seconds ticked by, while whisping, black smoke continued to flow out of its neck and shoulder. Digz then shrugged. “I don’t see why not,” it answered. A small sigh of relief escaped from Marvelous Man’s lips. He could feel Gene’s emitted emotions become calmer, as he spotted Sugar Skull’s sockets returned back to displaying the spinning, flower eyes. Digz held up a feathery finger, “BUT! You each get one question. And before I can answer them, you have to defeat the guardians.” The imp snapped his fingers. The blackness behind Digz stirred, as three figures stepped through. They walked past the whispy familiar; revealing their identities upon drawing closer to the heroes. Leading from the center was Zareb and wielding his pair of short-handed axes. He clanged his axes together; causing the runes etched on the weapons to glow and spark electricity. Appearing on the electric tribesman’s left was Itzcóatl. The vengeful hunter pulled an arrow from the quiver on his back and nocked it onto his equipped bow. On the other side of Zareb was a knight geared in a suit of polished silver armor. The knight shifted into its fighting stance; armed with an ornamentally-decorated glaive polearm that had appeared in the second confrontation with the Skeleton Lord. Sugar Skull yanked up his gun and aimed it at the knight. Pulling the trigger, an explosive bang went off. The knight’s helmet became slightly dented, while the sound of ricochet echoed from it. “GAH!” screamed Marvelous Man. A sudden, sharp sting rippled in Marvelous Man’s sculpted abdomen. The hulking bodybuilder grabbed at his stomach; crouching nearly at the ground from the pain. Sugar Skull’s yellow flower eyes transformed into a yellow-and-black-striped caution sign displaying an exclamation point. The half-alive ally looked at Marvelous Man, “Sorry! I didn’t think he was bulletproof!” Sugar Skull’s body gave an abrupt shake, while the sound of pierced flesh resounded from beneath him. His eyes fizzled from the caution sign back into the television static interference screen. Turning back to his armored opponent, the knight had appeared at a closer distance to the purple ghoul. He then looked down; spotting the knight’s glaive protruding through his abdomen. Blood started dripping from his mouth. The half-alive being coughed, “You know...when a guy stabs my guts...it’s usually from behind. Gahahaha...What? It’s funny.” The knight shifted his legs; hoisting the purple ghoul into the air. Sugar Skull screamed in midair. “MM! Tag in! Tag in!” exclaimed the half-alive teammate. Marvelous Man looked up at his skull-headed friend. He spotted Sugar Skull being lifted up before an arc of blue and white light crashed into him. The hulking bodybuilder’s muscles seized; painfully cramping everywhere while feeling a tingling sensation. In his scattered thoughts, he knew this had to be Zareb’s electrical attack. Gene watched Marvelous Man become too paralyzed to save Sugar Skull, while the knight proceeded to slam the purple ghoul over his head and into the ground. Crouching down, the rabbit superhero immediately pushed off with his legs. The Totochtin prince flung himself into the air with his back bending backward. As he performed his backflip, Gene quickly dug his hands into his ball pouch. His body then completed the twirl while still in the whisping air; now faced again towards the fight. The bunny demigod yanked his hands out and unleashed a fistful barrage of silver balls. The shiny projectiles rained down on Zareb; piercing into the electric tribesman and the ground around him. Blood splattered from the impacted damage Gene had caused, but the spheres were not thrown hard enough to completely pass through the enemy. The lightning guardian discontinued the electrical attack and recoiled from the silver ball affliction, as Gene landed. The Totochtin prince brought his hands close to his face and clenched them into tight fists. A yellow runic symbol appeared; glowing on top of his fingerless gloves. The silver balls lodged into electric tribesman exploded out of the enemy and the concrete ground; blood and debris blasting into the air with a misty and dusty consistency. The shiny spheres shot towards Gene. Before the magical projectiles pulverized into the bunny demigod, they stopped at only an arm’s length from Gene. Free from the electrifying shock, Marvelous Man ignored the pain and reacted. The musclebound superhero pushed himself up. With the arrow’s obsidian head covered in Sugar Skull’s blood still gripped in his hands, he threw it like a dart. The arrow flew towards Zareb and punctured into the lightning guardian’s abdomen. Zareb froze. At the area of the arrow’s impact, a wave of deterioration spread. As Sugar Skull’s poison expanded, the affected parts flaked off into a whisping, black dust. Marvelous Man quickly turned to the knight and activated his flight power. Pushing off with his massive legs, the hulking bodybuilder flew. The polished knight took no notice of him, as the armored guardian was only focused on the pinned Sugar Skull with back turned. The musclebound superhero wrapped his arms around the knight’s torso and flew up. With the silver knight unaware of the muscle demigod’s attack, the ornamental glaive slipped from the guardian’s grasp. Marvelous Man immediately spun his body, as he gained altitude. By the second rotation, the muscle demigod released his hold over the armored guardian. He shouted, “NGYAH!” The silver knight flung helplessly in the air like a ragdoll, while Marvelous Man took off his golden wreath. The laurel weaponry appeared sharper; reflecting the muscle demigod’s intent. Spinning his body, Marvelous Man threw his boomerang wreath with an underhanded throw. “SLICE AND DICE!!!” he battle cried. The golden headgear shimmered as it whirred through the air like a buzzsaw. A second later, the spinning projectile caught up to the airborne enemy. The boomerang laurel sliced through the knight’s midsection without hesitation. Gravity then took hold of the armored guardian, as the golden wreath returned to Marvelous Man. The knight broke apart into two separate pieces; bisected horizontally at the wreath’s passing impact. Before the silver knight reached halfway down, both parts of himself exploded into the same texture as the whisping fog. At the same time, the glaive pinned into Sugar Skull had dispersed into the same blackness as the fog. There was now only one more guardian for the team to combat against. “Gah!” he exclaimed, “...What the-?!” Marvelous Man felt a sudden, sharp poke in his massive glutes. Rubbing his left bubble butt cheek, he could feel a small hole in his American flag bikini. He then looked down and spotted an arrow clattering onto the ground. It was the same kind of arrow that had struck Sugar Skull earlier; the head of arrow shaped out of sharp, black obsidian glass. The muscle demigod gaze about the area but could not find the most likely assailant, Itzcóatl. Gene gestured with his hands again by creating a swirling motion with his index and middle finger at the floating spheres. This caused his gloves to glow with a different runic symbol. The silver balls in front of the Totochtin prince morphed; each of them extending a stem of itselves to two other spheres to create a silver bolas. With the magical command complete, a set of three bolas floated in front of Gene. The bunny demigod grabbed two bolas; one in each hand. Gene began twirling them, while he turned around until his back was facing his allies. The rabbit superhero’s eyes scanned the area, and his white rabbit ears twitched. He then released both bolas; flying off towards his right. The bolas spun, as they continued their flight. The grouped projectiles then stopped in mid-flight; wrapping around an unseen object. Upon binding, the object immediately revealed itself as Itzcóatl falling onto the ground. With one of the bolas tied around the legs and the other around the torso, the Aztec guardian was unable to move. Sugar Skull slowly leaned up. With the black gun still in his grasp, he hurriedly dipped the front end of the weapon deep into his opened abdomen. The purple ghoul grunted at the self-intrusion but did not hesitate to immediately pull out. He then aimed the blood-soaked glock at the bounded vengeful hunter. Pulling the trigger, the bullet’s impact against Itzcóatl’s shoulder was instant. His mocha-shaded skin as well as his clothing began to blacken and spread rapidly from the point of injury. The dispersal of Sugar Skull’s poison overtook the sneaky guardian in seconds before sharing the same fate of disintegration as his other villainous compatriots. Marvelous Man gently landed onto the ground upon spotting the battle had ended. He then rushed over to Sugar Skull’s side. Kneeling down, he placed his hands on a part of the purple ghoul’s clothing that had not yet been drenched by the toxic blood. The muscle demigod’s mind drifted to a memory about Apollo indulging a young Justice with baking and decorating a wedding cake. The light within Marvelous Man fed on the positive memory and feelings; illuminating the hulking bodybuilder’s large hands and beginning the healing process on Sugar Skull. A watery voice called out, “Well done, well done. I didn’t think the fight would end this fast. Hmmm, too bad we couldn’t include Gilgamesh in the fight. He would have really fucked you guys up...What did you do to him anyways? I can’t summon him back to me.” The Totochtin prince faced towards his allies. Standing steps away from the aiding teammates was the incomplete imp, Digz. The whisping darkness continued to pour out from the stumps of the missing head and right arm. “Gilgamesh has been detained. We have taken the precautions to prevent any of the attempts to do the escape,” replied Gene. Digz giggled, “Spoilsport. So how did you find Itzcóatl? His steps are too quiet for your hare ears to hear.” “He allowed himself to be filled with the anger after failing to attack Marvelous Man,” stated Gene, “Now, enough of the stalling. We have fulfilled the terms of your conditions. Answer our questions!” The incomplete imp sighed, “Fair enough. Ask away.” The Totochtin prince paused for a moment, as Marvelous Man finished healing the half-alive teammate. The hulking bodybuilder then helped Sugar Skull to stand up before the two faced the Skeleton Lord’s familiar. The eye sockets on the purple ghoul defaulted back to the spinning flower eyes. “...Did the Skeleton Lord speak the truth about himself being the cause as to why the Totochtin are split into the multiple tribes? I wish to know the horrors he had wrought upon my ancestors,” demanded Gene. The fog surrounding everyone reached out; encircling around the bunny demigod. The vortex of blackness covering Gene remained thick; rendering the Totochtin prince unseeable to those outside. Marvelous Man screamed, “Gene!” The rabbit superhero did not reply. Marvelous Man’s heartbeat beated rapidly in panic, as he heard Digz speak up. “Oh, he’s fine. Just spirited away to a memory. So go on. Ask your question,” said the incomplete imp. Sugar Skull stepped forward, “Alright. What is your backstory? I want to know how you came to be right up to when you met the Skeleton Lord.” The whisping fog stretch and embraced the purple ghoul in its swirling mass. Marvelous Man stared at the familiar. He was now alone again with nobody to call out to for help...and it terrified him. “I...I want to know...H-how did…” hesitated the hulking bodybuilder. Marvelous Man stopped and took a breath. Now was not the time to show fear and urinate on himself all over again. Marvelous Man was on a mission. He needed to get answers and cause the incomplete imp to lower their guard. The musclebound superhero started, “What is the Royal Burning? I want to know.” The black essence slithered over to Marvelous Man. It slowly rose up; covering from the feet and working its way up. As the whisping darkness reached his head, Marvelous Man held his breath. For a brief moment, there was only blackness. Next Chapter
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    Marvelous Man - Chapter 20

    All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PejxLG1r2y7HI0n1i62CksC6gC2HVhceyfvBkAkGnSY) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: CHRISTOPHER FLOYD, DONALD MORGAN, ANDREW L, CHARLIE LORD, JAMIE CHAPMAN, JOHN LARSON, PETRA, & CREEP All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PejxLG1r2y7HI0n1i62CksC6gC2HVhceyfvBkAkGnSY) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: CHRISTOPHER FLOYD, DONALD MORGAN, ANDREW L, CHARLIE LORD, JAMIE CHAPMAN, JOHN LARSON, PETRA, & CREEP Chapter 20: Soul Venom Seconds ticked by, as Marvelous Man’s heart rate began to accelerate. His mind swirled with confusion. Gazing about his childhood room, the muscle demigod remembered going to bed back at his apartment with Gene laying next to him. Marvelous Man looked over at the other side of his wide race car bed. The Totochtin Prince was nowhere to be found. Everything he had experienced could not have been a dream...right? Gazing over to the bedroom door, the hulking bodybuilder spotted a set clothes fitted onto a plastic hanger that hung over the doorknob. Marvelous Man instantly recognized it as the clothes he tore off under emotional duress on the day of his birthday. The day he was told he was a demigod created to be a superhero to fight evil in the real world for the glory of his parents. Marvelous Man slowly inhaled air through his nose and began to plan. Feeling shocked was not getting him anywhere. The thing he needed to do was get dressed and head downstairs. He can figure the rest from there. Rolling himself off of the sloshing waterbed, the musclebound superhero slowly thumped his heavy body towards the door. Marvelous Man picked up the hanger of clothes and detached the clothing from the plastic tool. While pulling the clothes off, he then noticed that the articles of clothing appeared to be brand new instead of stretched to its max with tiny holes. Marvelous Man mentally confirmed to himself that the clothes were most definitely new, as he struggled to equip each garment. The golden thong was very snug in the front compartment and did not droop down like it had done so during his years of wearing it. He only had one golden thong and was one of his prized possessions that made him feel special. The white tank top clung too tightly to his meaty pectorals and took several attempts before successfully pulling it over his pecshelf. The white straps seemed to almost be pressing into his blimpy pecs. Due to it being used for the first time, the tank top was not able to stretch far enough to cover his navel. As for the jean shorts, the shorts’ sleeves seemed...shorter than he remembered. It almost appeared to be a pair of daisy dukes on his body after his thunderous thighs stretched the sleeves’ fabric to a near paper-thinness. The back part of it had not been worn enough to be loose and mold around the bodybuilder’s massive, round posterior. It instead clung over the top of the enormous globes and collapsed in between his meaty buttocks; causing the bottom half of his beefy derriere to spill out of the jean shorts’ sleeves. It was also unable to cover the golden thong’s waistband sprouting out of the crevice of his buttocks and gliding over his waist. While Marvelous Man squirmed about to put on the last familiar but new clothing, he noticed his golden bracelets. He tugged at the jewelry and remembered how they seemed permanently attached to his wrists. It was the one element that the musclebound superhero felt grounded him in his own questioning sanity. The proof of him unlocking his powers and being released to the real world. The muscle demigod turned to his left and faced a wall-mounted mirror that was scaled to his size. Concentrating, he activated his flight power. Marvelous Man slowly rose up until the tips of his toes were touching the ground. Then there was no touching. Marvelous Man hovered with only a tiny gap between him and the floor. The musclebound superhero smiled with a big grin while continuing to levitate further up. He really had left Sunnysville and become a superhero! Seconds later, his head collided with the ceiling with a low thud. Marvelous Man grunted, as he grabbed his head at the slight pain. Lowering himself down to the flooring, the hulking bodybuilder considered whether he should transform or not. Marvelous Man then came to the conclusion that it could be bad if he was discovered with his superhero outfit on. He had a sneaking suspicion as to who kidnapped him back to Sunnysville. But if he was wrong, they would probably attack him immediately without a chance for him to talk. Marvelous Man guessed that if Gene were here at this moment, the rabbit superhero would treat this as an investigation before jumping to the conclusion of fighting. The musclebound superhero derailed his train of thought by wondering if he was more of a detective rather than a superhero. He was after all put on an investigation squad to scout and gain info about the Skeleton Lord. Superheroes in the comic books he read usually punch stuff to solve the problem. The only thing to understand about the enemy was to figure out where to punch and with what element. Only the powerless folks or brooding superheroes did investigations...which led right back to where to punch and with what element. Taking another breath and staring into the eyes of his reflection, Marvelous Man psyched himself up enough to start going downstairs. He just needed to play along as the powerless Justice Starr in order to figure out what was going on. >>>>>>>>>>> Everything in the house looked as he remembered. From the creaking of the wooden stairs to the smell of the house...before it was subjugated by the flood of rotting muffins. Though gone for only a few months, it felt like years had passed. Nostalgia flooded Marvelous Man’s brain, as he stared at the family photos hanged on the stairway walls. Each photo had its own gimmick: ugly Christmas sweaters, ancient warriors, wild west, and etc. The scent of frying bacon grew stronger, as the hulking bodybuilder reached the bottom of the steps. It reminded him of his mother’s cooking: greasy, delicious, and full of love. Papa Ares did make bacon sometimes, but they usually ended up nearly burnt. Apollo would faint at the suggestion of bacon and just offer up some sort of avocado wheat toast with a grapefruit. Marvelous Man could hear the tinkling of silverware and plates echo across the hall. Passing through the foyer and into the dining hall, the muscle demigod experienced a sense of deja vu. Seated at the dining table were his fathers, Ares and Apollo; eating breakfast instead of sitting underneath a Happy Birthday banner with serious faces. As he stepped through, Ares was the first to look up and notice Marvelous Man. Ares smiled, “Morning, son! Didja sleep well last night?” Marvelous Man eyed his Papa with suspicion. There was no need to act ignorant. He could already tell his parents were the real deal. Unlike normal people or the robot citizens of Sunnysville, his parents gave off an atmosphere that one could tell the Starr parents were different. Though that has now been realized with the fact that Marvelous Man’s parents were Greek gods. “Yeah, I guess I did...Ummm, why...what am I doing back here in Sunnysville?” questioned Marvelous Man. Apollo turned his attention from the breakfast plate towards Marvelous Man upon hearing his son speak. His fashion this time consisted of a yellow polo shirt with a blue sweater tied around the collar and light khaki pants. The only other thing to perfect this ensemble would be a croquet mallet in his hands. Ares scratched his scars, “Uh, what do you mean, son? You’ve always been in Sunnysville.” “...Are you seriously trying to gaslight me?! I know I’ve lived out in the real world, and it wasn’t a dream! I’m still wearing the bracelets you guys gave me,” pointed Marvelous Man. Apollo retorted, “I think the bigger question is when did you get so perceptive.” “Since you guys told me the world I lived in was fake. And also finding out how different the real world is for a couple of months does that to you. Especially when you find out public bathrooms come with bidets,” said Marvelous Man. The door from across the dining room opened. Carrying a tray full of pancakes through the entry was Marvelous Man’s mother, Aphrodite. The Goddess of Love seemed radiant even with her apparel of sweatpants and a simple, white t-shirt. Upon spotting Marvelous Man, Aphrodite smiled. She spoke, “Justice! Good morning, sugarplum. Did you have a good night sleep? I made pancakes.” “Mom, why did you all drag me back here?” inquired Marvelous Man. Aphrodite moseyed towards the dining table before setting the tray onto it. She looked up at Marvelous Man with a smiling but puzzled look. She replied, “Whatever do you mean, sweetie. You mean back home?” Apollo rolled his eyes. “Forget it, Aphrodite. Two seconds in, and he already figured it out,” he sighed. Marvelous Man exclaimed, “Am I going to have to break something or will you people just answer me already?!” “Justice, please. Use your inside voice,” spoke Aphrodite Marvelous Man glared at his mother. Fingers clenched into fists, his patience had evaporated. He did not want to play games anymore and allow his parents to manipulate him any further. Ares spoke up, “We did it to protect you, son. After you disappeared for two days from our sight, we thought the worst had happened...we thought...the Skeleton Lord killed you.” “And when you came back, we were relieved that you were still alive...But then we became more afraid than ever,” continued Aphrodite. Marvelous Man frowned, “Why? This is what you all created me for. You wanted me to be a hero, and I did that. I even came to enjoy that.” Nobody replied. Silence hung in the air for seconds. Apollo cleared his throat. “The fact is, Justice, we didn’t realize how much you dying affected us. Or would,” said Apollo. Marvelous Man shook his head, “But isn’t that what’s going to happen to me? If I go off to fight, I have a big chance of dying. I mean, Papa, you’re the God of War. Isn’t this something you’re used to? I’m pretty sure you all had kids before me. What makes this different with me?” “Because you’re different. Everything about you is different. Your birth. This place. Everything,” replied Ares, “In Sunnysville, we were cut off from the world just so that we could keep a close eye on you. We didn’t have any duties to uphold. We just had to be...human. He continued, “And you became our world, Justice...We are beings that will last forever, and knowing that you are only temporary...how can we move on when you’re gone?” Aphrodite moved closer to her son; edging by with careful steps that could stand on eggshells. Tears had begun to form in her eyes. “And when I heard your cry with my mother’s love...Calling out to me. I wished with all my heart that I could come to you, but I could not find you. The last of when I saw you was after your heart had been broken,” she said. Apollo bit his lip, “We didn’t realize it until now, that you had become the source of our happiness. So we brought you here in the hopes that if we could just have everything stay the same, you would be safe and happy until you were an old man and not slain in your youth by some nightmare monster. And if you somehow gain immortality, then good news! We can stay in this paradise forever!” The need to smash something began to rise. Marvelous Man almost felt himself getting ready to run back towards his room and rip off his clothes. He clenched his fists even harder to suppress the old habit. “You’re kidding, right? Do you have any idea how much this place fucked me over?!” he ranted, “I wasn’t allowed to talk differently with other people, cause the other people aren’t real! No compromise at all. I could only act a certain way or I wouldn’t be able to get anything done. And it is so hard to just be myself with real people. I still think sometimes that if I don’t say something predictable, nobody will talk to me,” Seconds ticked by in the piercing silence before Apollo turned to Aphrodite. “Guess we shoulda waited those three days for the social programming, huh?” mentioned Apollo. Marvelous Man’s jaw dropped, “...YOU COULDN’T WAIT THREE DAYS FOR THE ROBOTS TO START ACTING LIKE PEOPLE BEFORE LOCKING ME IN HERE?!” All three gods shrugged at him. “Eh…” they said in unison. Apollo answered, “I mean, we thought you’d be fine.” “WHAT?! You shoulda just left me with a human family!” exclaimed Marvelous Man. Ares replied, “We did with the others. But you’re a special case cause of...you know.” Marvelous Man stared at the God of War; his eyelids drooped with an aloof demeanor. “I don’t have time for this. I’m leaving,” he huffed. As the hulking bodybuilder turned towards the door, his mother clutched her chest. She followed her son through the entrance with the other gods steps behind her. “YOU CAN’T!” shouted Aphrodite, “If you go, the Skeleton Lord will kill you!” Marvelous Man stopped, “...You don’t know that. Me and my friends will probably beat him. And if you really feel that way, you can stop him yourselves.” Ares slammed his fist against the house; causing the structure to momentarily tremble. “It’s not like we don’t want to! But even if we could find him, we’re not allowed to harm him,” he said. Marvelous Man sighed, “Fine. Why?” “Us old gods swore an oath that our divinity could only be used to assist heroes against those we contend against. And since we’re incapable of breaking oaths, that means we can do diddly-squat about the Skeleton Lord. And if someone were able to break it, that would free the rest from the oath and cause all out celestial wars. Mass destruction and even the world being destroyed in the process,” clarified Apollo. The muscle demigod turned to his parents. Marvelous Man frowned, “Then...assist me! Give me a power up or an upgrade or something!” “You’re safer here. That is your assist,” stated Ares. Marvelous Man exclaimed, “The fffuck it is! I’m going to stop the Skeleton Lord with or without your help. I’ll learn magic or get a familiar to do magic for me or just buy a gun if I have to. Cause apparently, I’m rich as hell and can buy a death ray gun for all I care.” Aphrodite watched her child trail in the direction of the loan office where the exit to the real world hid. She leaned forward to initiate chase, as Ares placed a hand on her shoulder. “Leave him be, my sweet. He will cool off once he realizes he does not have the key,” reasoned Ares. Marvelous Man then leapt into the air and proceeded to fly over the neighboring houses. The three Greek gods stared on, while their eyes grew wide. “Well, shit. He’s still transformed...which means that he could transform back into his superhero outfit and retrieve the key. Did we really just forget that?!,” said Apollo. The God of Art held out his hand. Light began to concentrate in his palm before extending itself. Upon reaching an appropriate length, the light shattered to reveal a golden bow beneath. Apollo held the bow in front of himself and began to pull the string. A bolt of light materialized; nocking behind the golden string. He sighed, “Whatever, I’ve got it covered. Hindsight, you are a bitch.” “Apollo! He’s our son!” shouted Aphrodite. Apollo clicked his tongue, “Girl, it’s fine. It’s just a stun arrow. Nasty, but he’ll live.” Releasing his grip on the string, Apollo’s arrow launched. The arrow of light sailed through the air with a slight curve. Marvelous Man continued to fly straight with no awareness of the projectile, while the arrow homed in. The light-based weapon collided into Marvelous Man’s back; causing the musclebound superhero to seize in the air. The hulking bodybuilder appeared frozen in a twisted pose, as Marvelous Man fell. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The rattle in Marvelous Man’s head came to a slow. The last thing he remembered was taking flight and heading to the pocket dimension’s exit. Then he felt a shooting pain pierce into his back and immediately dispersed throughout the rest of his massive body. The hulking bodybuilder’s muscles clenched in paralysis and felt his senses going haywire. For a brief moment, he could not tell what was up or down until he collided into the ground with a brief thud. Marvelous Man pushed himself up. He knew that now was not a time to rest. His parents most likely did something to him to cause his fall, and they will catch up soon. Giving his surroundings a quick scan, it appeared he fell into the backyard of one of his neighbors. The spacious, fenced property had only grass and a tire swing tied to a fully-grown oak tree. Marvelous man released a sigh upon noticing his parents were not in sight. With only seconds to act, he ran behind the oak tree. While taller than the muscle demigod, the tree was not wider than his massive shoulders protruding from behind. Marvelous Man was aware that if he were to stand a sliver of a chance to get to the loan office, he needed to be fully armed. The musclebound superhero placed his golden-jeweled wrists on top of one another and held them above his head. “MarvelousMuscleMagic,Metamorph!” fast-talked Marvelous Man. The muscle demigod floated in the familiar vacuum, void of all existence, where all his transformations took place. His clothes shattered off of him with the appearance of stained glass; refracting its colors into the void. Silver paint from an unseen assailant began whipping at his gargantuan body. The paint slapped between the meaty globes of his buttocks and over the ridges of his waist. When the silver paint slapped the bodybuilder’s sexual meat in all directions, his sack and penis bounced about. A silver thong fully materialized on Justice, as the last stroke of silver paint brushed against his waist. White paint then appeared only to give a simple dab onto his forehead and belly button; materializing a diamond-like rhinestone as a bindi on his forehead and a larger rhinestone that covered his navel. As the transformation dimension dispersed, Justice landed back behind the oak tree. The hulking bodybuilder took no time to for a break and repeated his transformation stance. He chanted again, “MarvelousMuscleMagic,Metamorph!” Transported back to his transportation dimension, Justice floated in the vacuous void. The thong and jewelry he had just been equipped with had immediately taken on the consistency of dried paint. The paint cracked and fractured throughout; encompassing both thong and jewelry. Flakes of the cracked equipment broke off and floated up into the void. When the muscle demigod had become nude again, the familiar, multi-colored ribbons of bondage reached out from the beyond. The ribbons bound around his limbs; squeezing his large pectorals and bubbly glutes. Completing their enrapture, the ribbons became Marvelous Man’s signature outfit: black leather jacket, black leather boots, American flag bikini, and a golden laurel wreath. Marvelous Man landed on the ground, as he was released from the empty space he transformed in. With time to spare, the musclebound superhero considered his options. Flying was definitely not something he wanted to try again with his sniper dad. Fighting should only be a last resort when one’s papa is the God of War. Rather than staying in the backyard to stand his ground, the hulking bodybuilder vaulted over the fence. Stealth was going to have to be the winning mechanic against beings that easily overpowered him. As he touched over on the other side of the fence, Marvelous Man’s heart sank. He had landed in another backyard with plenty of wide space, and in the center of it stood his parents. All of the gods’ faces were devoid of emotion. Apollo was armed with his glowing bow, Ares had his arms crossed, and Aphrodite had her hands clasped over the other against her chest. “Well, you sure shrugged that off faster than I thought. Let me guess, healing factor?” said Apollo. Marvelous Man frowned, “Yeah.” The God of Art’s eyes drifted; scanning Marvelous Man from top to bottom. “Convenient and chique,” commented Apollo, “Though, I don’t know about your current fashion sense. Not judging, just thought you should know.” Confused at his dad’s criticism, Marvelous Man looked down at himself. The clothes he wore before his double transformation had reappeared. Only this time, he sported the daisy duke shorts underneath his battle bikini and the white tank top underneath his black jacket. The waistband of his golden thong peeked out of the jean shorts; complementing the ridiculousness of his outfit even further. He really wanted to question the logistics of how he ended up looking like so, but there was no time for it. Marvelous Man held up his index finger, “Hold on. Give me a sec.” The musclebound superhero planted his foot into the ground and delivered a kick with his other as high as he could. Marvelous Man gave a kick that was almost perfectly pointing up; only off by a few degrees. He could feel the jean shorts tighten around his pelvis when kicking. The muscle demigod realized at that moment how much of a hindrance any pants-like variety was in combat. He was shocked at how his bikini actually served a purpose at allowing more flexibility and less drag to leg movements. Without hesitation, he grabbed hold of his shorts and began tearing at it. The hulking bodybuilder ripped the shorts from different angles until the clothing fell to the grass in shreds. All there was left underneath the American flag bikini was the golden thong showing off its waistbands above the bikini’s. It might have seemed like such a hasty decision to do, but Marvelous Man was in no mood to take the time to peel off his lower garments. He wanted out. “Okay, now I’m ready,” he said. Aphrodite pleaded, “Please, sweetie. Don’t do this. You can’t beat the Skeleton Lord. Don’t think that you have any chance of defeating us.” Marvelous Man did not want to openly admit he could not overcome his parents with force. But maybe with logic… “You can’t fight me, anyways. Papa said you all swore an oath that you can’t contend against others by your own power,” he reasoned. Ares cracked his knuckled, “Not if you’re under our divinity. We can do whatever we want with those that worship us or are our blood.” The muscle demigod gritted his teeth; frustrated out how his luck was turning out. With no choice but to fight, Marvelous Man took off his golden wreath. He tried to calculate in his mind of how to attack. With Apollo focused on the rules of combat due to the god’s divinity with athletics, it would be best to engage the God of Art with dirty tactics. Ares was a god that used violent bursts to quickly overpower opponents and should be countered with unorthodoxed methods and use defensive martial arts like Aikido to redirect the powerful strikes. No active approach was needed for Aphrodite. The Goddess of Love would most likely just watch the whole skirmish. “Do you really intend to fight us, Justice?” said Aphrodite. Ares frowned, “Back away, my sweet. The boy has made up his mind.” The God of War and Apollo parted away from each other; moving closer to Marvelous Man in a diagonal angle until the two gods were standing at the bodybuilder’s left and right side. With a flick of his wrist, a wooden spear materialized in Ares’ grasp. Ares and the God of Art readied themselves in their fighting stances. “Just so you know, the kiddie gloves may be on, but it’s still got thorns to hurt like hell,” mentioned Apollo. Marvelous Man set the trap, “How could you guys do this to me and say that you love me? Am I just a disappointment to you all that you’re trying to hide?” Both gods preparing to fight Marvelous Man hesitated; lowering their stances and weapons. Their faces softened with hurtful looks in their eyes. “No, that’s not it,” broke Ares, “We’re doing this to-” Marvelous Man threw his golden wreath at Ares before twisting his body towards Apollo. Activating his flight powers, the musclebound superhero dove as close to the ground as he could without touching. He dipped his right hand down and clawed into the earth while closing the distance between himself and the God of Art. Marvelous Man could see Apollo’s eyes widened at the surprise attack; unable to properly react. At the very same moment, the golden wreath Marvelous Man threw had sailed over to the off-guarded Ares. The projectile concussed against Papa’s head with a loud ting. His eyes fogged with daze, as his head reeled back from the attack. Upon reaching close range with the God of Art, Marvelous Man flew up and swiped with his dug hand to unleash a volley of dirt. The earthen spray flew against Apollo’s body and flung into the god’s eyes. The God of Art recoiled in pain at the literal dirty attack with a brief shriek. Marvelous Man twirled in a counterclockwise motion, as he rose above his dad. Completing his rotation, the musclebound superhero brought his left leg down in a diagonal axe kick. The back of his boot’s heel connected against the side of Apollo’s neck; crumbling the God of Art into the ground. Marvelous Man lunged his body forward and followed the velocity of his kick into another spin. Finishing the revolution of his spin, the muscle demigod dove to grab Apollo by the yellow collar. With Apollo in his grasp, Marvelous Man flew towards the dazed Ares. The muscle demigod spun in the air to his increase his attack before throwing his dad; shooting Apollo through the air like a human-sized missile dressed for a day at the country club. Ares was still staggered from the projectile attack but was beginning to edge towards recovery before the God of Art slammed into the bulky war god’s chest. The two gods careened into the wooden fence; splintering it into pieces. Marvelous Man turned to flee, as Ares was toppled over with Apollo on top. “You were never a disappointment!” shouted Aphrodite. Marvelous Man paused; switching his attention to where his mother stood. Aphrodite continued, “We are so proud of what you accomplished even though you were so limited. But now it’s time to come home and live a safe life. You’ve earned it, Justice. We can even bring both of your lovers here if you’d like. I’m sure Gene would like it here, and you said you’d be fine if Gemini was with you.” His heart rate kept racing, and nearly every fiber of his being was telling Marvelous Man to run. But a big part of him still wanted to talk this all out; hoping that words can settle the battle without violence. His shoulders slouched, as he thought about the compromise. “...I’m sorry, mom. I can’t do that to them. I’d love to...but you’re forcing them to live somewhere they don’t actually want to be at. You of all people know what happens when you force someone to love a person. It’d be like that,” said Marvelous Man. Aphrodite fired back, “How’s that any different from what you’re doing in the real world, sugarplum?” Marvelous Man opened his mouth to ask what she meant, as three wooden broadswords fell from the sky. The swords pierced into the ground in front of the muscle demigod; severing the path between himself and Aphrodite. Marvelous Man jumped back from the sudden obstruction, as he heard Ares manly voice echo. “It’s an insult to your enemy when you turn your attention away from them, son. Either keep fighting or run away!” shouted Ares. Marvelous Man quickly inhaled air through his nose before following it with a sharp exhale. Stepping towards the wooden weapon stabbed into the ground, the musclebound superhero grabbed the sword in the center by the hilt. Marvelous Man lifted the weapon from the dirt with ease. He then turned to face his fathers, while pointing an open palm towards them. A golden glint shimmered for a moment behind the gods. Apollo looked up at Ares, “So is he trying to signal a timeout or-ACK!” The boomerang weapon that had hit Ares earlier had come whirling back. It struck the back of Apollo’s head; ringing out a blunt tung. The force of the blow knocked out the art god’s balance, as he fell to the ground once more. Marvelous Man leapt forward while thrusting the wooden broadsword in a piercing strike. As he soared towards Ares, he activated his flight powers. The hulking bodybuilder straightened himself like a plank with both hands gripping the sword’s hilt. He then began to rotate; spinning with such ferocity that he looked like a blurred, black drill. The God of War frowned and immediately dropped his spear. Flicking his hands into a grasping motion, a wooden sledgehammer appeared in his grip. The head of the weapon had a size that was often seen in comical shows, yet it held a menacing flair when wielded by a war god. Ares swung the hammer over his head in a slow, methodical fashion; as if timing his swing. Once the drill form of Marvelous Man was only a second away from boring into Ares, the God of War slammed his sledgehammer down. Ares had correctly evaluated his time to strike; connecting the weapon against his son. The wooden sledgehammer’s blow struck Marvelous Man’s back and sent the muscle demigod slamming into the ground. The earth beneath cracked from the intense power, while spraying a gust of dirt and air in all directions and jostling his braided hair. The breath in Marvelous Man’s lungs escaped him, as he gasped and groaned for it to come back. His spine was racked with pain, and he swore he heard a small pop when being smashed with Papa’s sledgehammer. He wanted to get up and keep fighting, but his body would not listen to his semi-conscious mind. Marvelous Man summoned all the willpower he could to keep awake; hoping that his healing factor would activate soon. “It was a good try, son, but you’re fighting against me in my own element. I always win when it comes to senseless violence. But I suppose if you had been honorable, you would have just loss to your other father,” commented Ares. Apollo slowly stood up, “Or maybe...just not fall for Ares’ provoke with the wooden sword he gave you. The man might be dense in everything else, but he definitely has a hands-on experience with being tricked into doing something careless.” Silence held in the air for a few seconds. Marvelous Man could not see it, but he guessed that Apollo realized Ares was glaring at the art god. Apollo would then realize that Ares was still holding a large, wooden sledgehammer. “Well, I still stand by what I said,” said Apollo. Ares grunted, “Hmmm, so what do we do now?” “Drag him back home, I guess. After that, well...we’ll just get a hold of Hephaestus and see if he can break off those bracelets since they’re enchanted to stay on Justice. And once that’s over, this world should smother his powers back into being base talents,” suggested Apollo. The quiet had settled in once again in the passing seconds. None of the gods moved, as Marvelous Man slowly motioned his shaky hand into the depths of his jacket’s pockets. His mind filed through every possible thing to think of that could turn the tables in his situation: a weapon, a potion, or even a magical device that assists with fleeing. Nothing materialized against the tips of his fingers. The feeling of betrayal swelled in his heart, as he realized his parents never bothered to give him the things he truly needed in the battle against evil. They talked about keeping him safe, but it seemed that his heroism was still a game or entertaining story to them. Just like those superhero comic books where the hero was never truly in any danger thanks to the status quo. Was he nothing more than some kind of pet? Like he was a teacup-sized dog meant only to fit in and accessorize a purse? Apollo spoke up, “Well? This is the part where you pick him up. Chop-chop.” “It’s just that…” paused Ares, “Are we really doing the right thing? We’re stealing away his chance to a fight he wishes to take part in. He could still win.” Apollo sniped, “Last time I checked, he was no longer your little soldier after you caused his precious knee to dislocate. And did you forget the part where you told us Gilgamesh crushed his hands? Nuh-uh, I am not putting my baby through that.” “No, no. You’re right. But...then what would change your mind?” asked Ares. Apollo bit his lip, “Mmmm...Maybe if he found out what his divine element was, I’d be more at ease. It’d definitely give him the edge in battle. Having us three as his parents really muddied it up into becoming something else entirely. I scanned him when he was unconscious but can’t figure out for the eternity of me of what it is. All I know is that there’s a...dark side to his power that…-” The two gods continued to babble about Marvelous Man, as the muscle demigod himself slowly regained his strength. Anger began coursing through his mind. How dare they...How dare they look down on him! They do not take him seriously enough that he is not disclosed about divine elements?! He fought with everything he had, and they still dared to withhold information that could have helped him?! The bundle of emotions that flooded through him was like the day he found out the truth about Sunnysville and his bloodline and destiny...He had enough. Inching forward with every painful nudge, he managed to move his recovering body towards his fathers. Marvelous Man reached his hand out and grabbed Ares’ exposed ankle. The muscle demigod could feel the floodgates of his heart open. The toxic he held back surged into his gripping hand; emanating a whisping darkness whispering its dark secrets. Another kind of poison had also seeped into his tongue, but it was a toxin that lacked any supernatural power. Marvelous Man could feel his mouth moving on its own, yet he did not care. “You’re all...a bunch of Dickasaures Rexes,” he gritted. The dark aura flared, as its whispers grew louder. The poison scanned the war god’s leg; detecting the lengthy list of injuries the limb had encountered. Marvelous Man became aware of the leg’s history, while his heart grew number. He wanted to push all the pain he was feeling onto his own family. Marvelous Man continued, “You all knew I had some power in me that could help me against the Skeleton Lord but didn’t say anything?! I’m risking my life out there when all you want to do is keep playing house?! FUCK THAT!” Ares looked down at Marvelous Man with a stupefied expression. The dark aura seemed to feed on Marvelous Man’s words; growing big enough to encompass the muscle demigod. The grass underneath Marvelous Man wilted into black, as it released a foul stench of rot. Its own lifetime of being trimmed had caused it to crumble into tiny black bits. “Wha?” said Ares, “Son, we-” “SHUT UP!!!” shouted Marvelous Man. The whispering poison seeped into Ares’ ankle. Traveling into the cells of the God of War, the darkness whispered its final secret before vanishing. The limb of Ares instantly reacted with extreme hemorrhage, while the muscle and skin tissues collapsed. The war god’s leg exploded; spraying Marvelous Man with bits of celestial blood. With a sudden imbalance to Ares’ body, the God of War immediately fell. As Ares fell backwards, Marvelous Man stood up. He looked down at his father with a cold stare, while Ares looked up with confusion. The musclebound superhero knew he should have felt bad for destroying his father, but all he felt was justified payback. He then felt his poisoned tongue move on its own again. Marvelous Man spoke, “Before you actually became a good dad, I wished you would just die. Especially on the day you caused my leg to dislocate.” The muscle demigod felt an electrical sting coursing through his left shoulder. Turning towards the source of the damage dealer, he spotted Apollo standing a small distance away. The God of Art was wielding his bow of light, as his trembling hands held another arrow nocked at the ready. Marvelous Man instantly put together that the God of Art jumped back and attempted to shoot another stun arrow. “That’s no way to treat your son, dad. But I guess to you I was just another art piece just to stroke your own dick of how great you are. No different than being treated as a weapon by the cripple over there,” he commented. Even though Marvelous Man was numbed from feeling any empathy towards his parents, he could feel a rush of euphoria flowing through himself. It felt so good to let his mouth run and tell all the hurtful secrets he had suppressed for so many years. The muscle demigod felt satisfied at knowing he could hurt his parents with more than just physical wounds. Apollo stated, “That’s enough Justice. Stop this right now, or-” “Or what?! You’ll kill me?! You can try! I just wonder if you’ll cry for me at my funeral. Hmph, probably not. You’ll break your face, since you can only express bitchiness,” spat Marvelous Man. The poisonous aura fed on the remarks and expanded itself towards Apollo. As it snaked towards the art god, the grass caught in its path wilted and crumbled. Apollo’s eyes took no notice of the whispering toxin; focused only on the bitter son. Marvelous Man continued, “You know what pisses me off the most? You two never said you’re sorry. For any of this! ‘I’m sorry, kiddo. We didn’t realize how much we were fucking you up by not letting you talk to anybody. We’re sorry that your whole life was a lie just so that we could feel relevant again. I’m sorry that we’re just selfish assholes who don’t give two shits about anybody other than the person in the mirror!’” Within range of the art god, the darkness pounced on his feet. The whispering poison traveled up beneath the khaki cuffs of Apollo’s legs; sinking into the cellulars. The whisping, black aura scanned the legs to only find a brief medical history of battle and athletic damage done to the limbs. The toxin whispered its final secret before vanishing and activating the past wounds. Underneath the pants, Apollo’s legs blackened with bruising, while the achilles tendon muscles in his ankles snapped into pieces. The God of Art fell onto his knees; whimpering in pain. “And just so you know, I would rather die out there than live in here for the rest of my life. If you even call it living. I’ve only realized after a couple of months how sad my life was. The highlight of my life around here is bodybuilding and assisting firefighters,” said Marvelous Man. He paused, “I’m terrified of going back out there with all that confusion and death...but I can’t stay here. Not after finally feeling freedom and talking to people.” Apollo held up his bow of light and immediately drew back an arrow. Knocked against the string, the arrow grew bright with the intensity of a spotlight that it looked nearly like a football made of light. “Go ahead, dad. Do it. Put me down like some rabid dog,” hissed Marvelous Man. The whisping aura still extended towards Apollo launched itself further up the God of Art. Traveling up Apollo’s body at swift speeds, the poison reached the art god’s face and dug into his eyes. Apollo immediately recoiled at the intrusion; dropping his bow in the process. Marvelous Man could instantly detect the many mental traumas suppressed within his father. Some of them were recently unvalved from the hurtful things the hulking bodybuilder said. Marvelous Man knew he would usually be curious about what the traumas were, but he was more interested in breaking Apollo. He activated all of the suppressed traumas. The darkness piercing into Apollo’s eyes looked like streams of tears to Marvelous Man. The art god’s eyes seemed be staring past the muscle demigod; his eyes clouded in black. The fear in Apollo’s face had now transformed into anguish and pity. He admitted, “You really are a monster. I tried to set you on a path of good. Having you focus on bodybuilding for discipline. The boy scouts for instilling morals. But...I guess...you really can’t fix something that was destined to be born broken.” “And what scares me so much is that even if you destroy the world. Destroy me. I’ll still love you, Justice. Somehow, out of all the children we’ve had, you’ve had the most profound effect on me. And it’ll never go away,” continued Apollo. A voice shouted behind Marvelous Man, “IT’S ME YOU WANT! I AM THE REASON WHY YOU WERE STUCK HERE FOR OVER TWENTY YEARS!” Turning around, the muscle demigod spotted his mother closer towards him. She had her hands clasped together against her chest; trembling with increased vigorousness with every step she took. Marvelous Man looked down at her, as Aphrodite was within an arm’s length of her son. “What?” said Marvelous Man. “Yes. I did it, sweetie,” she said, “We all were supposed to move back to the real world right after you graduated school and transport you when you fell asleep in our moving van and let you slowly discover that you’re a superhero. And then we would have had to let you go...But I was selfish. I loved you so much that I wanted you all to myself and keep playing in this illusion. Those two didn’t put up a fight when I requested it.” The hulking bodybuilder stared in disbelief, “...That’s it? Then why the sudden change of heart?” “You were dying, sugarplum. I could sense the love in you was withering. And my love...just wasn’t enough for you anymore. You might not have noticed, but I did. It’s why we had to let you go...Why I had to let you go,” said Aphrodite. She gave a short laugh, “But now, I’m doing it all over again. Trying to make you into what I want. Hoping that we can go back to how everything was, cause I was so happy and couldn’t face a reality where you died...But that’s wrong. What I want and what you want are two different things. And I...we need to realize that we must be willing to let you go if we truly love you. Let you find actual happiness and fulfillment rather than forcing ours onto you.” Marvelous Man extended his hand to place it against the side of his mother’s face. The dark aura radiating from his whole arm danced about Aphrodite’s cheeks. It almost looked as if the muscle demigod was caressing her with love, but his eyes betrayed the action from the gleam of his cold, hazel green eyes. “You’re a terrible mom, and you’ll never escape that,” he said. The poisonous darkness lashed out; diving into Aphrodite’s eyes. The Goddess of Love shuddered, as Marvelous Man detected his mother’s suppressed mental traumas. Activating them all, the toxin took on the similar appearance of whisping, black tears streaming from Aphrodite’s eyes. Immediately after, the dark poison flowing from the love goddess’ eyes had faded into nothingness. Aphrodite continued staring into the bitter son with unwavering yet wounded love, but the goddess had none of the side effects Apollo was experiencing. Marvelous Man could no longer sense any of the suppressed mental trauma. He then realized it was not because there was no suppressed traumas to activate, but because his cursed assault against his mother was extinguished. Aphrodite was untouchable to his poison. The goddess’ eyes twinkled with enlightenment. “I understand now,” she said. Marvelous Man shouted, “Wha-?! How?! I poisoned you! WHY AREN’T YOU BROKEN?!” Aphrodite lightly grasped the hand Marvelous Man held against her face. Gently bringing the enormous hand down, she place it against her bosom where her heartbeat pulsed. The Goddess of Love then placed her hands over his and cradled the hand with tenderness. “The same as how you were able to resist Gene’s influence,” she replied, “Apollo isn’t like me. He can’t resist soul poisoning.” Lifting her wrist with slow grace, she brought her hand close to Marvelous Man’s chest. The Goddess of Love lightly prodded her index and pinky finger against the musclebound hero’s meaty pecs; aiming it where her son’s heart beats. “But your soul has been poisoned too, sugarplum. And it’s my fault you ended up like this. I’ll fix you right up, sweetie,” stated Aphrodite. The love goddess flexed her wrist like a martial artist’s lightning-fast jab. Her middle and ring finger curled against her palm while pressing into her son’s immense pectoral. The rest of her fingers were splayed out on top, as a ring of golden light radiated from her hand. As the ring continued its disperse, it blasted away the whisping, dark aura encompassing Marvelous Man’s body. Marvelous Man’s massive body seized, while his head flexed upwards. The hulking bodybuilder took in a giant, desperate breath as if he were breathing for the first time. The numbness within his heart subsided; gone was the sadist need to inflict any sort of pain on his family. He could feel warmth flooding into his soul, and a lingering sense of pain that was beginning to grow. Looking down, the muscle demigod spotted his mother with a hopeful look in her eyes. “M-mom?” he said. She smiled, “Yes, sugarplum.” “Did I just…?” said Marvelous Man. Slowly turning around, he spotted the result of his poisonous power. The memories of his handiwork done only seconds ago bubbled up into his head. Marvelous Man wanted to stop it, but it became clear in his mind. It felt so distant, because the Marvelous Man he himself knows should not be capable of such terrible actions. Ares was sitting up and staring at Marvelous Man. The war god had only one leg; courtesy of the muscle demigod lashing out to hurt Papa. Apollo still knelt with the poison streaming from the eyes and coursing into the art god’s mind. He remembered that it felt so good to break them; especially with Apollo’s mental trauma. Marvelous Man gasped with his hands over his mouth, “Oh my gosh! I...did this…” “Yes, but don’t worry. I’ll take care of Apollo,” said Aphrodite, “And Ares will eventually grow his leg back. It’ll be alrigh-.” He teared up, “It’s not alright! Dad was right...I am a monster…” Aphrodite immediately grabbed her son’s thick wrist and pulled it back to her. Marvelous Man was unable to resist her sudden boundless strength and was caught in a bending position where the mother’s eyes were gazing into his. She spoke sternly, “Listen to me! You are not a monster. We were the ones who pushed you into acting like this. You did what you had to, because you just wanted to live your life. And it made you as detached as we once were to the preciousness of a mortal’s life.” Marvelous Man was unable to process what his mother was saying. He hurt his own family. The ones he loved. He began trying to look back at his fathers. “I-I-I gotta go and help them. I can heal them,” he said. Aphrodite replied, “No. Go. Leave this place. I’ll help them. Those people and your friends need you more.” “Bu-But...I don’t think I can anymore. I couldn’t even beat my dads without having to use that dark power of mine. And you saw what it does to me...And, and you’re not going to be around the next time I get out of control with it. I can’t touch it ever again...not even for the Skeleton Lord,” hesitated Marvelous Man. Aphrodite spoke, “Sweetie, there’s no one more afraid of you losing than me. But I know that deep down, you will beat the Skeleton Lord. And the answer finally came to me as to why. You need to understand your own self-worth and love it. Love being you. Not just Marvelous Man, but also as Justice. Both have equal value for existing.” Marvelous Man’s brow furrowed in confusion. “I...I don’t get it. Is that supposed to be a hint or something? For my divine element?” he questioned. She nodded, “Yes. I don’t know what it is, but it is something marvelous, sugarplum. I know that it is a seed. One that is overlooked but important and is connected to your fathers and I.” Tears formed in her eyes, as the Goddess of Love kissed her child’s forehead. “But just know that even after all this, we all still love you. Now go. I love you so much, sweetie...be careful,” she sobbed. Marvelous Man wept, “I love you too, mom.” Jumping up into the air, the musclebound superhero activated his flight power. He took off towards the loan office. Next Chapter
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    Marvelous Man - Chapter 10

    All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Xp3Efz4F7g0cC_7KjwckI1X-FG-NtstAQEEniShWM8k) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter Chapter 10: The Teratoma A soft patter echoed in the chamber of the empty subway tunnel. It was a slow sound that beaten to the rhythm of a person taking small steps in the black space. What was not swallowed by the darkness was ebbed away by the dim light bulbs embedded in the tunnel walls. In the passing glow, a form began to reconstitute into visibility. Pale feet with barely a sinew underneath the chapped skin appeared; moving in tandem with the pattering sound. Underneath the next dim light, a section of a red cloak materialized and draped over the feet. The cloak fully reformed underneath the next light with the hood bulging from the equine skull underneath. The Skeleton Lord’s movement slowed down. His body wobbled for a moment before the villain braced himself against the wall. His breath raspy as if he were in need of an oxygen tank for a man of his antiquity. “Not yet,” he muttered, “That invisibility should have held out longer.” The Skeleton Lord hissed, “Silence! I should have had more than enough energy to do anything. I slaughtered all those gypsies! It should not have taken much to reform me. Silence, the lot of you!” He paused for a moment before continuing. “You are right. You always are. We will get more. We must educate these sows and hedge-borns on who we truly are. Poxes on adventurers and their crusades,” rasped the Skeleton Lord. Seconds ticked by as he said nothing. A wail escaped his lips as his body became limp against the wall. The Skeleton Lord cried. A suave Latino voice echoed in the darkness, “Wow, and I thought I was fucked up after getting stuck in limbo for a little while.” Turning around, the Skeleton Lord spotted Sugar Skull in the yellow-tinted glow. The purple-suited ghoul was leaned against the wall next to the Skeleton Lord. The spinning cartoon flowers stared out towards the vast darkness of the subway tunnel. “You are...the peculiar ghoul I met not too long ago,” he recalled, “Tell me, do you remember your name?” Sugar Skull nodded, “I do. But I’ve decided to go by a new name. And for bad guys like you…” The ghoul took a step towards the Skeleton Lord and squatted down. His yellow flower eyes gazed into the villain’s shadow-veiled face. The spinning flowers in his sockets began to wilt into a blackened shrivel. Its husk crumbled into bits that dissolved in the emptiness of the ghoul’s eye sockets. “You can call me, Deathshade,” said the skulled man. Deathshade’s face twisted like an owl’s; trying to look upside down without moving its body. The bones in his neck clicked, as his chin swung up in a clockwise motion. Upon reaching the axis of his neck snapping, the ghoul relaxed his neck and unleashed the kinetic energy stored in those muscles. His skull rattled with a multitude of bone clicking sounds; reverberating in the air and through his own body. Yellowish green spores exploded from Deathshade’s fleshy neck and decorated skull. The spores spread themselves a small distance before completely dissipating. With Deathshade’s face peering close to the Skeleton Lord’s, it was an expected outcome for the Skeleton Lord’s exposed exterior to be coated in the deathly spores. The Skeleton Lord coughed and lurched over. His skinny pale hands braced against the ground as the supervillain heaved. Black sludge erupted from the Skeleton Lord’s mouth. It splattered against the pavement as he continued to vomit. The volume he emitted was enough to fill a medium-sized can of tomato soup. During his regurgitation, the pigments of the supervillain’s pure white skin began to change. Speckles of a peach color appeared in scattered areas before collecting in a mass and spreading up his arms upon every upheaval. Deathshade stood up, “I was not expecting this to happen. But whatever.” The Skeleton Lord’s black emissions came to a slow; dribbling out the sides of his mouth. He wiped his lips with his arms and paused. The supervillain stared at his arm; turning it to observe the living pigments in his limbs. “Wh-what have you done to me, ghoul?!” he gasped. Deathshade shrugged, “Eh, guess I have time to do some, uh, exposition. You see, I’m a very special ghoul. I have three powers. The first is that I can regenerate. So all those mortal wounds won’t cause me to, umm...atomize. I can keep on fighting instead of respawning at a later time.” The ghoul leaned forward and pulled his leg back into the air to build up power for a second. Immediately after, he swung it with full force. The tip of Deathshade’s long boot toe rammed into the Skeleton Lord’s torso. The impact caused the supervillain to be flung away a small distance and landing on their back. Bit of red liquid sprayed from the cloaked man’s mouth. He moaned in pain. “My second power is my poisonous spores. They usually spray out like that, but it’s also contained in my blood. Now, as for what they can do, well,” Deathshade giggled, “I honestly don’t know. The effects are always random. But I do know they even the playing field for me. One time, I saw a man cough up his own lung. Like he got hit with that, uh, what’s that thing called again? Oh right!” He delivered another swift kick into the Skeleton Lord’s side. More red liquid escaped from the supervillain’s painful gasp. “Mustard gas. But as for what happened to you, I’d say...welcome back to the living. Hahaha! That’s actually a first. To make an immortal mortal. Bet you’re allergic to lead now, huh?,” said the ghoul. Deathshade reached into his sleeve, “Which brings up my third power…” The ghoul pulls out his black pistol from the purple sleeve. Planting his foot on the dazed Skeleton Lord’s chest, he bent down and aimed his weapon into the supervillain’s face. “GUN,” he chattered. A pillar of bone arose from the darkness beyond the dull light’s rim and speared into illuminated area. Its pointed end thrusted into Deathshade’s chest; puncturing through. The pale bone pillar continued to extend with abundant speed and began lifting Deathshade into the air. Upon piercing into the concrete wall with its sharp tip, the pillar of bone ceased its growth. The ghoul’s torso was held in place against the wall by the bony spike. His eye sockets’ vast emptiness transformed into pixilated television static. Deathshade held onto his firearm during the brief attack and held it up; undeterred by the attack. He took aim at the Skeleton Lord. A bone spike the size of an arrow shot from the darkness. It briefly whistled as it penetrated the ghoul’s gun-holding wrist. Steadfast with the same force it used to lodge into ghoul flesh, the bony spike continued its propulsion. The impaling barb flew overhead and penetrated the wall; leaving Deathshade’s arm to hang limply with his wrist pinned. In the process, the ghoul became unable to have a steady grip on his black gun. The glock fell onto the ground with a metal clang. Deathshade stared down at the supervillain, while dark blood dripped through his purple teeth. An insect-like limb made of bone extended itself from the bottom of the Skeleton Lord’s robe. Angling itself, it pushed against the concrete floor as a means of propping up its master. The Skeleton Lord accepted the assistance and stood up. As if ignoring the ghoul’s existence, the Skeleton Lord faced the original direction he was taking before the ghoulish interference. The supervillain hobbled forward as the bony limb repositioned itself to act as a stabilizer and maintain its master’s balance. The remaining rows of wall-embedded subway lights in the Skeleton Lord’s path flickered off. Starting with the furthest, it slowly dominoed its way until reaching the villain. Deathshade saw the Skeleton Lord wading further into the darkness until completely enveloped. The soft pattering noise the supervillain’s footsteps made slowly echoed until mute emptiness filled the tunnel. The ghoul sighed, “That’s what I get for talking too long…” Pulling out his smartphone, Deathshade opened the messenger app and selected “Bruja”. The ghoul coughed without warning; spurting blood onto the screen. Deathshade wiped his phone’s screen against his purple suit in an attempt to clean off his blood. He began texting in Spanish: Deathshade frowned. Using his thumb to swipe, he opened a puzzle game app. It seemed that much time was going to pass before help arrived for him. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The sloshing of raw flesh grew louder as Marvelous Man spotted a bulky object making its way into the clearing the three heroes stood in. Sliding through the entrance the Skeleton Lord came through, the mysterious being’s true form became revealed by the ground’s imbued illumination. It was a mass of exposed sinew tissue with patches of skin and hair strewn about itself; sloshing like liquid mercury. Scattered around the monstrosity were human limbs struggling to grasp and kick itself forward, while the exposed sinew lurched and rolled. It seemed as if hordes of every part of the human body were stuck together with no purposeful intent; leaving the organism’s anatomical structure to be a pure mess. Eyes of different colors attached to the abomination’s body and even at the end of some fingertips. Mouth orifices dispersed all over the monster that moaned and gurgled with a mixture of saliva and bile. The teeth were missing from the gums and were instead scattered in rows on the monster’s limbs and mass. Brain matter and internal organs surfaced in some areas; pulsating with undead determination to keep on living. Marvelous Man gagged at the sight of it as the abomination slowed to a stop upon its hideous reveal. It reminded Marvelous Man of a cancerous tumor he discovered on a medical mystery show he watched with his father, Apollo. “What the hell is that?!” exclaimed Octomentist. Marvelous Man answered, “Some sort of...human-sized teratoma…” “Marvelous Man…” called out Gene. Marvelous Man turned to his partner. He could see a saddened expression on Gene’s face. Gene Lightfoot spoke, “I can feel the agony of that creature. They are in an immeasurable amount of pain. Marvelous Man, can you heal them?” Marvelous Man stared back at the Teratoma monster. He could see parts of itself pulsating and small green smog emitting from its many mouths. “I...I don’t know. Maybe if I supercharge it, it could work,” he guessed. “You want to what?” said Octomentist, “Well, as long as they’re not lashing out, I guess we should try something.” Gene nodded, “I request that you please hurry. They are already quite agitated. If you tarry any longer, it is likely they will become volatile.” Taking a step forward, Marvelous Man then stopped for a moment upon spotting the Teratoma’s green exhales. He remembered the Skeleton Lord’s warning and briefly reached into his pocket. Upon pulling it out again, he revealed in his grasp the jewel-encrusted golden athletic cup. Marvelous Man resumed forward motion, as he applied the athletic cup to his face. The athletic cup suctioned itself over the shining superhero’s mouth and nose. It’s black rubber lining and silky insides felt like the gold-plated cup was softly kissing his face. Other than the soft suctions around his face, Marvelous Man felt like he was breathing without a cup on it; due to no warm backdraft of his own breath. His shaky nerves became calm, as he could smell a light fragrance of sugar cookies within his magical breathing apparatus. Within a few steps of the Teratoma, its eyes turned to Marvelous Man. One of its arms reached out to grasp him. The arm gestured at the muscular superhero with the body language of curiosity rather than maliciousness. Marvelous Man reciprocated and clasped the monster’s hand with both of his own. It chilled him to see all those eyes staring out at him. But he could not help but sense a sort of sadness, confusion, and pleading with each one he briefly looked into. Marvelous Man closed his eyes and hummed; calling out the light within him with his full concentration. His light within obeyed and expanded outward. The light made contact with the Teratoma’s hand and imbued itself onto its surface. Marvelous Man was hit with an immediate medical feedback as the light spread itself further down the arm. The light analyzed the Teratoma’s tissue to be made of many different human beings that were forced together. The monster should have immediately fallen apart and necrotized. What seemed to be holding the Teratoma together appeared to be the bone ingredients, collagen and calcium, acting as a bonding agent. Marvelous Man knew such a thing is an impossibility and figured this could only occur due to magic or whatever the Skeleton Lord’s weird bone ability was. Instinctually, Marvelous Man realized that supercharging the Teratoma with his light would most likely do nothing. The monster was a new being that was created from dead parts. There was nothing to heal. But...he was not sure if it was the light or maybe sudden insight, but he could feel that it was possible for him to undo what has made the creature into what it currently is. The light would need something else from him to do it. Something that was not a positive expression or memory. “I’m sorry, Gene. There’s nothing I can do,” said Marvelous Man. Gene protested, “But what about-?!” “Supercharging it won’t work. It’s not wounded. Just...mutated. I know I can’t do any of that gene therapy stuff with my powers. But...I think I can unmake it,” explained Marvelous Man. Gene frowned, “But would that not kill it?” Marvelous Man looked at the creature’s eyes. “It’s better than what it is right now,” remarked Marvelous Man. Gene shook his head, “No. We cannot kill them! They...they can still be saved! If we bring them to the D.A.B. then the magical researchers can try to find the cure to restore them.” “Back to what? Corpses? Those people were already dead before they got turned into a Frankenstein’s monster. You think your company can help that thing? If anything, your magical researchers would just poke at it until there isn’t enough IV and shock paddles to keep it alive. No different than any other scientist,” spoke Octomentist. She turned her attention to Marvelous Man, “I think you should go for it, Naked Justice. Put them out of their misery. They shouldn’t exist like this.” “No!” exclaimed Gene. Marvelous Man did not have to see Gene’s eyes tearing up. He could feel himself being whirlpooled in Gene’s sadness of anguish and disapproval. It was crushing, and Marvelous Man could feel his tear ducts beginning to activate. He did not want to hurt Gene. But what else could he do? Gene pleaded, “Fairuza, I beg of you to tell me that they are wrong!” Silence held in the air before Fairuza replied. Her voice echoed softly in Gene and Marvelous Man’s head. “I wish I could, Gene. I’ve been doing magical scans on that creature, but...nothing in the archives can assist with that level of transmogrification. Not even our best medical practitioners can help. I’m sorry, Gene. The people that were made into that monster were already dead. Nothing legal can remove death’s hand on them,” clarified Fairuza. Gene’s lips trembled, “Marvelous Man?” “I can...I can try to bring them back. But I’d have to unmake it first,” swallowed Marvelous Man. Gene turned away, “Do what you must.” Marvelous Man sighed, as he opened his eyes. He gazed at the Teratoma before he closed his eyes again. “I’m sorry,” he thought. He spoke softly, "It's alright. Everything will be okay." Marvelous Man mentally surrendered himself to his light; letting it feed on any part of him to fuel its other ability. From the depths of his memories, thoughts about seeing Sugar Skull getting impaled from the first encounter with the Skeleton Lord bubbled into his mind. He could feel the terror he tried to bury within himself become freshly undug. This memory then connected to a similar one he had when he became Marvelous Man on his first transformation. Seeing that chicken being broken and poisoned by his own fathers. It felt as if it had just happened a moment ago. The light that fed on these memories began to darken into a shining blackness. It no longer seemed warm and friendly as it illuminated the Teratoma and extended itself to completely blanket the abomination. It appeared to be cold and whisping about like a dark aura. It almost seemed to whisper dark secrets in a hushed voice. Spitefulness awakened within Marvelous Man. The betrayal and hurt he felt about his parents secrets felt as if it were maximized by a magnifying lens. Negative emotions swirled like a tornado within him. All those years of lies. All those years of loneliness without a real person to talk to outside of his parents. The times he felt the impulse to commit violent acts throughout his entire life began to stack up in one place. It was all too much. It hurt so much. He wanted somebody to feel that pain. To know the same level of emotional pain he endured and even more. To cast this burden of negativity on another person. Anybody. Marvelous Man commanded his dark light to attack the Teratoma. His dark light analyzed the pitiful monster and gave the superhero new insight. He could see into the mutant’s brief medical history. Though the Teratoma had not recovered from any wounds nor endured any, its undying cells experienced a sort of acidic breakdown before being magically reconstituted as the newly-born abomination. Other than trauma to the tissues that could no longer divide, the medical history of the victims themselves could not be found. The spiteful Marvelous Man did not care about the last fact and focused his attention on the acidic breakdown. Without having to command, the dark light proceeded on Marvelous Man’s intentions. The whisping aura of darkness seeped into the Teratoma; traveling into every cell. It whispered to every tissue one final secret before it became silent. Vanishing like smoke, the dark light disappeared with its task done. The collagen and calcium bonds that once held the Teratoma’s cells together began to erode. Acid bled through every part of the monster; slowly dissolving it. What anatomy that had existed for those few minutes fell apart into a mix of acid and biotic goop. Amidst his attack, Marvelous Man felt good. His mind was covered in a numbness of euphoria as he used his own negativity to melt a being. It felt good to lash out. To hurt someone else in order to ease his own pain. He had never tried to maliciously hurt somebody until this moment. It did not matter if this new ability was losing its intention of helping someone. And it was intoxicating. Feeling death’s approach, the agonized creature reached out to Marvelous Man with its limbs. It pulled the muscle-bound hero in a disorganized embrace with arms and legs wrapping around him. Its many mouths hyperventilated; trying to last as long as its melting body could. “Marvelous Man!” shouted Octomentist. Marvelous Man was shaken out of his mindset upon being grappled by the slimy limbs and the overwhelming feeling of extreme distress. He realized this was not the emotion he was actually emitting. Rather, it was Gene’s. Within the Teratoma’s embrace, he could feel the monster’s heartbeat as he sunk deeper within the melting horror. Marvelous Man had his body curled in a fetal position. He could hear it beat erratically before it began to slow down. His skin became irritated from the acid as if he were covered in aftershave lotion. Unknown to him, the acid destroying the Teratoma was eating away his clothing; leaving him naked with only the golden wreath on his head and the jewel-encrusted athletic cup on his face. Marvelous Man tried to command his light to begin the healing process; mustering what goodness he had left in him. The light within him weakly reached out and analyzed what it could. There was nothing to heal except the Teratoma itself, because it was the only thing the cells took shape of. It was not able to reverse the hands of time to go back to how things were. It could only mend things together that existed in the present to keep the wounded living on in the future. No amount of singing, melancholy, or happy memories could bring back those dead people. The last heartbeat thumped through the Teratoma’s body, as its mouths exhaled their last poisonous breaths. The monster lost complete physical structure and began to flatten. The now mixed acidic biotic goop that bled onto the ground immediately evaporated. As it deflated, it uncovered the naked superhero; laying on the ground like a giant, muscular newborn. With the last bits of the monster finally vaporized, Gene and Octomentist ran to their teammate’s side. Marvelous Man slowly turned his head up to Gene. Gene kneeled down and placed his hand on his partner’s bulging shoulder. Marvelous Man was overwhelmed by the concerning emotions Gene emitted and felt the motivation to move. With carefulness, he slowly stood up; his body no longer emitting smoke from the evaporating acid. He stared down at the bunny demigod, as he took off the gold-plated athletic cup off his face. Marvelous Man could still see a sliver of hope in Gene’s eyes. He hesitated, “...I’m sorry, Gene. I couldn’t...I couldn’t bring them back. Their cells were so corrupted, I...couldn’t find the...shape to restore them to…” Marvelous Man saw the sliver of hope dissolve in Gene’s eyes like the Teratoma. He wish he could say more. Something to bring back that hope. But the memories of what he had just done came rushing back. He unmade a monster that needed help, and he liked it. No, it was not “unmade”. It was more like he poisoned the creature to have its past eat away at him. That euphoric feeling he felt during that poisoning now came with an aftertaste. One that was fouler than bile and ate away at him. The person that enjoyed hurting someone was not who Marvelous Man was. Not who Justice was. But it was him. Marvelous Man threw up. Next Chapter
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    Marvelous Man - Chapter 6

    All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=17l528VwpFEInuBuZ1Al9vFvQXxVFwa_BbZBLVxbRQ1k) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter Chapter 6: IT COMES Sugar Skull turned around as he heard the popping sound, and his eyes grew wide. Immediately, he then swiveled his body back to Gene Lightfoot and grabbed the rabbit demigod’s wrist. “RUN!” he shouted. Pulling Gene with him, the ghoul dashed as fast as he could to the exit. Marvelous Man realized something dangerous was about to happen and backed out mausoleum while bumping the back of his head on the marble doorframe by accident. Marvelous Man stifled his yelp of pain and ran into the darkness. He remembered a tree not too far from the marble structure and made his way towards it. Not sure if he was about to run into the tree at any second, he commanded his light to flick on at a glow dim enough to see where he was going. Upon spotting the wide tree, Marvelous Man ducked behind it. He peered out and spotted his new acquaintances chasing after him. Reaching the glowing hero, the two huddled up behind Marvelous Man and stared at the mausoleum. Seconds passed by as nothing happened, except for the glowing hero’s wood softening. Marvelous Man remarked, “Isn’t it supposed to explode?” “Maybe? I didn’t want to take any chances,” shrugged Sugar Skull. The marble building exploded as bone, smoke, and blood ejected from within. The organic shrapnel and smoke that escaped began to withdraw back to the site of explosion and form a dome slightly bigger than the mausoleum that was just there. Seconds crept by as the dome’s area began to shrink. Shrinking and shrinking until it reached the average height adult human height. The dome then dispersed like wind blowing away sand to reveal what was underneath. Amidst the dissipation stood a figure wearing a hooded cloak that encased his entire body. The cloaked person did not move, while the three metahumans stared on from behind the tree. Marvelous Man whispered, “He’s not moving. Should we...see if he’s alright?” “I am not sensing any emotions from that person. He may not even yet be awake,” spoke Gene. Sugar Skull whispered back, “No choice. Let’s check it.” Walking around Marvelous Man, Sugar Slow slowly approached the hooded figure. The other two followed suit after the ghoul; nearly tiptoeing as a means of not accidentally causing the hooded figure to violently lash out. Sugar Skull held out his arm to signal to the superheroes behind him to go no further. He then pointed down; revealing with Marvelous Man’s dim light that there appeared to be a wide ring surrounding the hooded figure with a whisping black smoke fallout. The liquid-like smoke curdled with solid chunks of darkness strewn amidst the smoky pool. Marvelous Man and Gene Lightfoot walked up next to Sugar Skull and stood at the edge of the fallout ring; with the light at close range, the bits of darkness at the edge dissolved from the dim illumination. “...Excuse me,” weakly called out Marvelous Man. Marvelous Man coughed and thumped his muscular chest a few times. His compatriots stared at him. Marvelous Man projected his voice, “Excuse me, sir...or madam. Are you alright?” The hooded figure said nothing and kept standing there. Seconds later, it slowly turned to the three investigators and casually baby stepped towards them. “Ah…” he said in a deep, old raspy voice, “I have visitors. How rude of me. Come, come.” The hooded man raised his arm. A bony, wrinkled white hand motioned the trio with the gesture of welcoming one into their own home. The pool of smoky darkness in front of the three parted to form an aisle leading to the mysterious being. Marvelous Man began to take a step forward when Sugar Skull grabbed his arm with a tight grip. Marvelous Man looked at Sugar Skull; about to question why he was stopped. Sugar Skull’s flower eyes transformed into a set bear trap before immediately snapping shut. The trap shifted back into the cartoon flower eyes as Sugar Skull turned his attention to the hooded man. “We’re fine here,” said Sugar Skull. The man chuckled, “You ghouls. Always so cautious. Oh, how things never change. I wonder how many centuries have passed since I was sealed? Perhaps even a millennium?” “Just who is it that you are?” questioned Gene. As the hooded man approached closer, Marvelous Man’s dim light revealed the cloak to have the color of dried blood. There was something bulky underneath the hood, but the three could not identify as to what it was. “Who? Who am I, that you ask? Oh...I’ve been gone so long that I’ve been forgotten. Not even the limbo-ling is terrified of me. Have you not been told, little Totochtin,” pitied the man. He proclaimed, “I. AM. THE SKELETON LORD.” “And you want to take over the world?” said Sugar Skull. The Skeleton Lord hummed, “Something like that-.” A booming clap like thunder ringed in the air next to Marvelous Man. The hooded man crumbled to the ground as Marvelous Man and Gene reeled in pain from the ringing in their ears. Sugar Skull held a smoking pistol; aimed at where the Skeleton Lord was standing a second ago. Marvelous Man moaned, “What the fuck!” Standing back up, he could feel the earsplitting noise dissipate in his ears. “Sorry, I didn’t warn you. But I had to kill him when he said he wanted to do world domination. Bad guys sealed away for centuries are put away for a good reason,” apologized Sugar Skull. Marvelous Man looked down at the groaning bunny boy. Crouching down, he placed his hands over Gene’s that was covering their human ears. He spoke calmly to Gene, “Here, let me help you.” Commanding the light from within, Marvelous Man’s hands glowed with light as bright as a soft candlelight. The light stretched onto Lightfoot’s human ears and then extended its envelopment on the white rabbit ears. Marvelous Man fed the light with the happy memory in his teens of painting a portrait of his dad, Apollo, who was very proud of it. The light diagnosed temporary noise-induced hearing loss; painful, but no permanent damage. Gene’s ears shimmered brighter as the tiny ruptures and active nerve endings were soothed and healed. Marvelous Man released his gentle grasp, causing Gene to look up at him as the major discomfort in Gene’s ears evaporated. “Feel better?” smiled Marvelous Man. Gene grinned, “Very much so. Thank you.” The heart rate beating within Marvelous Man’s chest began to accelerate as did the organ in his bikini. His mind began drawing a blank on what to do next. “Your thunder arrow managed to pierce my steed’s skull. Bravo,” said the fallen Skeleton Lord. Marvelous Man and Gene stood up to face of the shot villain. As if being pulled by strings, the Skeleton Lord’s body calmly levitated off the ground. The body rotated in the air until it was held in a bipedal pose. The Skeleton Lord continued, “That would have killed me. It really would. However, I traded my flesh for immortality. What you struck was...well, let’s just say it was a dried-up puppet” As Sugar Skull aimed his black glock to fire again, the Skeleton Lord flicked his bony hand like he was commanding one to rise. A sharpened bone the size of a pillar torpedoed out of the whispy smoke close to Sugar Skull; shooting towards the ghoul. The bone pillar punctured into Sugar Skull’s chest; staking all the way through and lifting his body into the air. Crimson blood spurted from the impact and splattered on the side of Marvelous Man’s face and jacket. Marvelous Man slowly wiped the liquid off his skin and brought it in front of his eyes. Time seemed to come to a crawl as it dawned on him as to what red dampness was. He slowly turned his head to see his ghoulish fellow speared off the ground by the pointed end of a cracked, yellowish spike. The black void in Sugar Skull’s sockets were no longer animated with flower petals, but was filled with the snow of TV static. Sugar Skull looked down at Marvelous Man and shakily rose his arm to give a bloodied thumbs up. “...I’mma k…” he coughed. Marvelous Man could feel a lump in his throat forming; making it hard to swallow. His mind could only focus on the gored ghoul, that he could barely register a liquid trailing down his muscular thighs. There was nothing heroic about this situation. Marvelous Man was caught in the very battle his parents feared. The Skeleton Lord chuckled, “Well, now. A ghoul that does not vanish after being killed. How very interesting.” Dashing through the smoke, Gene moved at such a blurring speed that the smoke parted in his wake. The bunny demigod leapt; twisting his waist to the left as his right leg whirled upwards into the air. Lightfoot’s swinging kick connected with the bulky, hooded head and sent the Skeleton briefly launched into the air. Something underneath the hood loosened and detached; flying into the air and leaving the hood to be bulky no more. The Skeleton Lord crumbled to the ground once again with the bulky object falling down next to him as a horse skull with a bullet hole in the forehead. Gene twirled in midair, changing his direction to face the Skeleton Lord with a second strike. He hit the smoky ground with such velocity, that the rabbit man landed huddled close to the ground with his hands and feet clawing into the ground. As his body slowed down, Gene arched his back to charge right back at the Skeleton Lord; his blue spandex pants strained against his tight, muscled buttocks. The black smoke on the ground reacted by twisting its matter around the bunny demigod’s limbs to prevent any further movements. Lightfoot struggled at the ensnaring darkness as it anchored his body with his posterior wiggling in the air. The Skeleton Lord’s figure repeated the levitation and rotation process until he was presented with himself standing upright. “My...what a kick. When did Totochtin become this powerful? It would definitely have made it more of a fun challenge to slay your kind back then,” mused the Skeleton Lord. Gene’s eyes widened, “...What?!” The Skeleton Lord bent down to pick up the horse skull and softly dusted it with the side of his pale hand. With his back turned to Marvelous Man’s light and unhooded, the Skeleton Lord’s face remained obscured by the night and shadows as he walked to Gene Lightfoot. He then placed the equine skull back on his head while continuing his approach. “Yes, they were but a lecherous bunch, they were. Most of them did not even know how to fight. Your gods wasted their gifts and gave every one of your kind those ears you sport. But I was well aware of the dangerous potential your race had. A pity though. It seems I failed at snuffing out your elders, and now your gods finally understood how fearsome you could become,” he sighed. Gene gritted his teeth, “You are a mon-” Solid blackness launched out of smoky ground; taking the shape of a phallic form, it shot into Gene’s mouth and gagged any other words the bunny demigod was about to say. Within touching distance, the Skeleton Lord petted Gene’s head as the phallic dark matter slowly thrusted back and forth in the rabbit man’s orifice. “Now, now. I can’t have you mad. I still have use for you before I absorb your body and soul. It’s the lowest form of spiritual energy, but I feel like having fun after feeling my loins burn with your arrival,” he said. The smoking darkness pinning down Gene began to erect upwards like a pole. As it rose, Gene’s crouched form slowly splayed in a spread eagle pose. The black tube in Gene’s mouth separated from the shadowy ground and split the severed ends into straps. The dark straps wrapped around Lightfoot’s head and connected with each other upon reaching the back of the cranium. Even amidst all the action, the humping black cylinder never lost pace sliding up and down Gene’s throat. The Skeleton Lord’s bony hand reached out to touch. His pale fingertips graced against underneath Gene’s naval. Eyes closed, Gene shuddered as if he were lightly touched with something cold. The Skeleton Lord traced his fingers upward; over the naval, across the muscled abdomen, and then reached Lightfoot’s chiseled chest. A soft moan escaped the bunny demigod’s gagged lips, as his body meekly wiggled from sexual stimulation. The Skeleton Lord glided his hand over Gene’s left nipple and playfully tweaked it. The robed being licked his lips, “Mmm, before I sip on your lust energy, I just have one more thing to give my attention to.” The Skeleton Lord turned his direction to face the shocked Marvelous Man and the impaled Sugar Skull. “Marvelous...Man...break...it,” gurgled Sugar Skull. Hearing Sugar Skull call out to him, Marvelous Man broke out of his stupor. He looked at the goring bone that speared the ghoul into the air. The shining demigod knew he needed to get Sugar Skull down without sending the impaled being flying and being injured even more. An idea came to Marvelous Man. Floating up to the penetrating bone, Marvelous Man angled himself and wrapped his wide, powerful thighs around the yellow spearing column. His thunderous legs flexed; tightening its muscular cords like a boa constrictor squeezing its prey to death. The bone pillar cracked for a moment before immediately splintering in half from the deadly crushing force of Marvelous Man’s quadriceps. Sugar Skull fell to the ground with a thud; the impaled half of the bone still lodged into his torso. Marvelous Man instantly knew that he did not think things completely through. Marvelous Man apologized, “Ohmygosh, I’m so sorry!” As Marvelous Man descended back to the ground as Sugar Skull struggled to pull out the yellow splintered bone out of his chest. “It’s fine. I’ll be ok in a few minutes. I just need to get this out of me,” said the ghoul. Marvelous Man spoke, “Oh. Sure.” Lightly applying his foot on Sugar Skull’s ribs, Marvelous Man yanked the broken bone pillar out of the ghoul’s torso as it made a squelchy plop sound. “Thanks,” grunted Sugar Skull. As he lied on the ground, he noticed the ring of smoky darkness extending whisps of itself in an attempted to ensnare Marvelous Man. Marvelous Man was ignorant of the blackness due to his back being turned for attending his fallen comrade. There was not enough time for Sugar Skull to gather the energy to shout a warning to the illuminated hero. The shadowy ropes shot through the air, but then dissolved the moment it became fully illuminated by the light encasing Marvelous Man’s hulking body. More tangling darkness ejected out, yet the result was the same. The Skeleton Lord observed from afar of the effect and quickly flicked his pale hand to command another bone spear pillar to appear. As Marvelous Man was about to assist in healing, a yellowish bone column sprung from the ring of darkness. The impaling bone rammed Marvelous Man in the back and thrusted him into the air. With Marvelous Man knocked away, only pale moonlight lit the graveyard. The Skeleton Lord frowned, “Hmmm, not what I intended, but it will do.” He turned his attention back to the erected Gene Lightfoot; binded and molested by solid shadows. Darkness encased the bunny demigod’s spandex-layered godhood and began to vibrate. Black tendrils extended from the dark binds and playfully pulled at Gene’s cocoa nipples. Lightfoot could only helplessly wiggle and moan as his mouth was being raped by the shadow phallus. The Skeleton Lord grazed his hands against Gene’s smooth body; gradually sliding all over the place and even dipping underneath the waistband. As he did so, a purple smoke seeped from Gene’s body that trailed behind the Skeleton Lord’s hands. The purple smoke that appeared from all the touching started to flow towards the Skeleton Lord’s face as if he were drinking it in. Meanwhile, Marvelous Man tried to regain his senses after being flung high into the air. Marvelous Man activated his flight power; steadying himself as he inhaled oxygen to recoup the breath that was knocked out of him. His thoughts were snapping back together and then he realized how high up he was. Everybody looked like large ants beneath him. Perhaps this time, he should try a stealthier approach. He commanded the light to retreat back inside of him, as Marvelous Man quietly descended to the ground. Marvelous Man levitated as low as he could without touching the earth beneath him. Clenching his arms and legs as close as his bulky muscles could allow him to, he flew as fast as possible towards Sugar Skull. Upon reaching the ghoul, Marvelous Man came to a halt above Sugar Skull and quickly analyzed the wound. The hole in Sugar Skull’s torso was beginning to close a third of the way. And while the speed of the healing factor was amazing, it wasn’t fast enough. Sugar Skull wheezed, “Don’t worry about me. Help Gene.” “We’ll get him, but I need to heal you first. I hope this doesn’t feel too weird for you,” said Marvelous Man. Placing his hands on Sugar Skull’s shoulders, Marvelous Man commanded the light within himself to flow into Sugar Skull and heal the hole to a close. Marvelous Man knew he needed to hurry, so they can save Gene. The floating hero then began to hum a tune in order to supercharge the light. The light greedily fed on the humming song and illuminated Sugar Skull’s whole body. Tissues of bone and flesh grew at an explosive rate and sealed the gaping hole in Sugar Skull’s chest within seconds. Sugar Skull trembled with renewed energy and lightly patted around his freshly healed torso. The TV static in his eyes transformed into the usual cartoon flower shape. However, each of the individual petals were shifting into different rainbow colors and the flowers themselves were spinning at an alarming rate. His purple teeth chattered, “Oh my God! I feel like I got a caffeinated happiness injection! Why do I feel like practicing my guitar and the need to work out?! Why am I glowing like a rave stick?!” “Probably a side effect of supercharging my healing powers. It should wear off, I think,” said Marvelous Man. Levitating higher up, Marvelous Man held out his hand for Sugar Skull. The glowing ghoul accepted the hand and was helped up. During the handholding, Marvelous Man tried to command the light to dissipate from Sugar Skull, but it was no use. Whatever stealth plan Marvelous Man was developing was now rendered null. Sugar Skull was illuminated too brightly and could be instantly spotted by the Skeleton Lord. Sugar Skull looked at Marvelous Man’s face and noticed his blood splattered on the hero’s face. He quickly pulled a handkerchief out of his sleeve and wiped the blood off in one stroke. Marvelous Man gave him a quizzical look as the ghoul said nothing. Sugar Skull pointed at the Skeleton Lord’s pool of shadows, “The Skeleton Lord’s darkness can’t handle light. And I think all his bone attacks come from that darkness. If we can shine bright enough, his attacks won’t touch us.” “...What’s he doing to Gene?” squinted Marvelous Man. Sugar Skull chattered, “Something. And we need to stop it right now.” Marvelous Man commanded the light within himself to envelop his body and glow as bright as it could. Sugar Skull dashed forward, as he bent forward to sweep up his gun. The ghoul then stuffed his black glock inside his sleeve; disappearing without any stretches or outlines it. The whisping blackness dissolved in Sugar Skull’s path, as he made his way to the Skeleton Lord. The circumference of the light he expelled was expanded even further with Marvelous Man hovering above him; shining like daylight. As they drew closer, Marvelous Man could see the Skeleton Lord draining some sort of purple smoke from Gene Lightfoot. He then grabbed his golden wreath from his head and commanded his light to imbue it with the shining element. Once he could feel it glow, Marvelous Man threw his wreath forward. The golden athletic wreath obeyed Marvelous Man’s intentions and sailed through the air. Right when it reached close to the oblivious Skeleton Lord, it curved around the supervillain. The wreath then turned sideways and attacked the Skeleton Lord’s wrists; buzzsawing through them with a quick whiz. The Skeleton Lord could only hold up and stare at his amputated forearms as his hands fell into the smoky darkness. “CURSED WRETCH!!!” screamed the Skeleton Lord. Turning around, the disarmed villain spotted the two shining metahumans charging towards him as the golden wreath returned to Marvelous Man. The Skeleton Lord shouted again, “Cursed wretch!” Arrows of bones launched from the surrounding blackness that was not disintegrated by the light. The bone arrows bounced off of Marvelous Man’s overly muscular body without leaving a mark. Sugar Skull was pierced with shallow wounds, but the effect was reversed almost immediately with the wounds already closing and pushing out the arrows. “Throw me!” shouted Sugar Skull, “Throw me at him!” Without question, Marvelous Man picked up the ghoul as he spun in a counter clockwise motion to increase the velocity of his throw. Upon completing his twirl, the muscled hero flung Sugar Skull at the Skeleton Lord. Sugar Skull cackled with his flower eyes furiously spinning with its petals warping into different spectrums of the rainbow. The Skeleton Lord stood there for a moment in fury before a thrown Sugar Skull collided into his chest and abdomen. The robed being was swept off his feet by the attack and fell to the ground with a hollow thud and tumble. Sugar Skull immediately rolled back onto his feet and stood up. Reaching into his sleeve, he pulls out a folded butterfly knife. The ghoul playfully pivoted the twirling handles as he casually walked to the fallen Skeleton Lord. When he was within striking distance, Sugar Skull completely unsheathed the blade. During this event, Marvelous Man flew to Gene; bounded by dark binds and stretched into spread eagle. The black tentacles still played with the bunny demigod’s body, but there was no purple smoke emanating from him at the moment. Marvelous Man took notice that even though his body fully illuminated the shadowy binds, it would not dissipate. Marvelous Man floated up to Gene’s face, “I’ll get you out in a second!” Gene could only glance with his eyes barely opened as the phallic darkness kept thrusting itself into his mouth. Marvelous Man had to admit that the display in front of him was very erotic. He could feel his heroic meatus fill with his justice essence as the familiar oppressive erogenous emotion weigh down on him. Marvelous Man shook his head and focused on his need to be a hero at that moment. With his mind clearing, Marvelous Man figured that perhaps he needed more light. He placed his hands underneath Lightfoot’s armpits and commanded his light to spread onto Gene. The light obeyed, and it spread from his hands to encasing the entire body with shining brightness. The vibrating black binds slowly disintegrated like paper devoured by fire. With Gene in his grasp, Marvelous Man slowly descended as he could feel the rabbit man’s lucky third limb poke with hard aggression at his diamond-cut abdomen. Marvelous Man drew close to the ground and allowed Gene to gently land on their feet. “You okay?” asked Marvelous Man. Gene cracked both sides of his neck, “I am alright. Though I would have liked to have been left to cum before the rescue, I still have gratitude for what you did. I have, as your country puts it, the blue balls and need to work out my frustration.” Other than the oppressive sexual energy putting pressure on him, Marvelous Man could also feel some anger pressing on his emotional state. But he resisted. Marvelous Man searched about for a few seconds before spotting Sugar Skull approaching the fallen Skeleton Lord. “There they are!” he pointed. An animated horse skeleton emerged from underneath the Skeleton Lord; spraying a light layer of dirt as it rose. The skeleton equine neighed as it stood on its hind legs for a moment. Sugar Skull, caught in the small dirt explosion, stumbled back as he tried to clear earth from his eye sockets and mouth. The Skeleton Lord sat up straight on his steed; his hood no longer bulked by the skull that was now attached to the horse. Black smoke connected to his severed arms and seemed to be channeling something. The Skeleton Lord jeered, “It appears that in my most weakest, even a Totochtin, a ghoul, and a star child can best me.” The twirling darkness attached to the Skeleton Lord’s stumps began to narrow as it revealed to be connected to something it was pulling. It pulled from the shadowy pool the Skeleton Lord’s hands that Marvelous Man severed. Like a fishing rod, the connected blackness reeled in the dismembered extremities with haste until the limbs were connected. The dark reel then oozed outside the wound like pus before being absorbed into the skin and sealing up the cleaved area. As it did so, the wound Marvelous Man inflicted appeared to have vanish; showing off bony, pale wrists with no scars. “But I must thank you, Totochtin. When I was unsealed, my strength was that of a morning dewdrop on a leaf. And with what I was able to drink from you, before I was oh so interrupted, is now able to fill a small tin cup,” boasted the Skeleton Lord. Raising his white hand into the air, he snapped his fingers. The pool of smoky blackness expanded far across the graveyard’s expanse; beyond what the three fighters could see with their illuminated bodies and the light of the full moon. The ground beneath began to vibrate. The Skeleton Lord proclaimed, “A gift to you. For the generosity and entertainment.” The skeleton horse neighed and took off; galloping away with the Skeleton Lord’s blood red cloak fluttering in the wind. Gene reached into a pouch on his belt and pulled out a silver sphere the size of a large marble ball. The shining, bunny demigod threw the silver ball at the Skeleton Lord. It whistled through the air for a brief second before piercing into the Skeleton Lord’s side. The Skeleton Lord lurched forward but showed no other sign of being in lots of pain. With the dirt finally dusted out of himself, Sugar Skull ran back to the two superheroes. Gene’s ears twitched as Sugar Skull rejoined them; lining their backs to each other. “There is too many of them. I cannot keep the count,” said Gene, “All of them are underneath us.” Marvelous Man exclaimed, “What, zombies?!” “They have arrived!” shouted Gene. Bones of skeleton corpses breached through the smoky pool of darkness. Skeletal beings clawed and clamored their way through, as the whisping blackness began to intertwine with the skeletals’ structures. The smoke on the animated skeletons solidified itself into swords, axes, and even black medieval armor that covered parts of the skeleton. Sugar Skull pulled out his handgun from his sleeve. With the two heroes having their backs turned on the ghoul, Sugar Skull took the butterfly knife in his hand and briefly stabbed himself on his side before quickly pulling out. He winced a bit, as he took up a fighting stance with his black glock resting on the wrist with the bloodied blade. One hand aimed at the boney creatures, while having the other ready to stab. Already, his self-inflicted wound began to heal. He spoke, “I really hope this army of the damned is the slow moving kind.” “Hush those words unless you wish to inflict the jinx upon us,” said Gene. Marvelous Man held up his fists; ready to fight as his sexual tool finally went limp. The armored skeletons charged forward with their weapons raised. Sugar Skull fired his handgun; piercing the craniums of the raised dead in front of him. Marvelous Man threw his golden wreath and decapitate a few before returning. Gene reached into his pouch and hurled a silver ball; boring through helmets and pulverizing skulls into boney bits. The skeletons who weren’t caught in the retaliation stopped to gaze upon their fallen brethren. The armor-mimicking darkness on the damaged skeletons dispersed into smoke before being immediately absorbed into the bones. It restructured and mended together all of the broken pieces as the inking blackness pulled the recovering boney creature to stand up straight. The pool of whisping darkness beneath them intertwined once again to form weapons and armor. Sugar Skull shouted, “Switch to close combat! Our light should stop them from recovering if we stick close to them!” The three stood their ground; ready to embrace the onslaught. Sugar Skull fired at the skeletons’ kneecaps to cripple those that drew in close to him. He then stabbed and slashed at the exposed bone parts with his bloodied butterfly knife. The boned creatures painted with only a dab of Sugar Skull’s blood shivered for a second before disintegrating into a pile of dust. After each attack, the ghoul would have to duck and twirl about to avoid the swings and stabs of the skeletal beings. Gene Lightfoot ducked and weaved through the skeletons’ strikes; getting as close as he can before corkscrew punching through their craniums. He would follow up his punches with a roundhouse kick and swing his toned legs at any armored skeleton that would try to ambush his turned back. At any moment Lightfoot was about to be over encumbered by the attacking numbers, he shapeshifted into a small white rabbit and hopped away to a better offensive position. This would leave his opponents slashing at the air and befuddled with confusion. Marvelous Man parried away the skeletons’ weapons with his golden bracelets before lunging forward to grapple the black armor. Quickly whirling about, he would slam the armored skeleton he grabbed into the attacking fray; smashing the other bony creatures into pieces. After creating a small clearing, Marvelous Man would then toss the skeletal being high into the air and let gravity take care of the rest. The trio kept repeating their actions, but the numbers never seemed to diminish. Every time they moved away to dodge or fight more armored skeletons, their light drifted away from shining upon the remains. And every time it happened, the pool of darkness would seep into the bones; restoring them back to fighting condition and gifting them with armor and weapons. “There does not seem to be any end to these skeletons,” noted Gene. Sugar Skull stabbed another armored skeleton; causing it to atomize into dust. He shouted, “We need more light! Marvelous Man!” “I’ll see what I can do, but you guys need to cover me,” said Marvelous Man. He brought his right leg up high into the air before slamming it down; axe kicking an attacking skeleton into many splinters. Sugar Skull answered back, “That’s fine. But you need to get us somewhere else. Too many to fight!” Activating his flight powers, Marvelous Man flew above the reach of the skeletal creatures before diving towards his temporary teammates. He scooped up each one with an arm wrapped around their torso. Marvelous Man then increased his altitude in the hopes of finding a fitting spot to defend and unleash a mass illumination. “Go over there!” pointed Sugar Skull. Marvelous looked to where Sugar Skull indicated. It was another mausoleum located a distance away; appearing newer than the one that housed the Skeleton Lord’s coffin. None of the bony creatures were there, and it would take some time for the damned to reach them. If things did not go as planned, the three could climb up to the top of the mausoleum to defend their point or escape. He complied and landed in front of the marbled structure as he released his grasp on the two beings he carried. Emptying the magazine from the black glock, Sugar Skull pulled a pistol ammo magazine from out of his sleeves and reloaded it into his handgun. He cocked his gun, “We will try to buy you some time. Try to clear away all this darkness. It’s empowering them with armors and weapons and restoring them. If you can do that, me and the bunny boy can clean out this bony mess with ease...Wow, I feel very articulated speaking English now. All the words just come to me so easily. Like juxtaposition and-” “Please focus,” interrupted Gene, “We must let him concentrate, and we must defend him from the dark spawns.” Sugar Skull sheepishly grinned, “Sorry.” As Gene fished in his belt pouch for more silver balls, Marvelous Man tried to think. He could try to make himself brighter, but he needed to completely dissipate the dark pool of whisping shadows that covered the whole graveyard. So if increasing the intensity of the glow from his hulking body would not be enough to get rid of all the Skeleton Lord’s darkness, he needed to administer his light a different way. Marvelous Man looked at the grass and dirt beneath his feet that his bodily illumination exposed from dispelling the blackness around him. An idea came to him. He commanded his light to extend from his feet and irradiate the ground with brightness. Sunlight shined from the earth and shot into the sky like a piercing spotlight. Marvelous Man frowned as the light could only expand far enough to create a pillar of daylight that encircled only Marvelous Man. The light needed more energy. Gunshots rang from Sugar Skull’s gun as the horde of armored skeletons charged towards the three fighters. Gene barraged the unit with his silver balls; breaking down lines of skeletons into little bits. Scores of skeletal beings would fall from the cover fire, but they would keep getting back up with the help of shadowy pool to piece them back together in only seconds. The army was slowly gaining territory. Marvelous Man knew he had to supercharge his light, but he felt he would have to do more than humming in order to imbue the graveyard grounds with light. He would have to sing. Putting his hand in his pockets, Marvelous Man cleared his throat. “When the night has come, And the land is dark, And the moon is the only light we’ll see,” sang Marvelous Man. His light fed on his song and began to grow; expanding at a quickening rate and encircling his compatriots. Marvelous Man wished he had an instrument to go with his solo act. “No, I won’t be afraid, Just as long as you stand, stand by me,” continued Marvelous Man. He could feel a cold, metal rectangle dance at his fingertips. Marvelous Man quickly pulled it out to reveal a golden harmonica. There was a name etched on the plate: Duskbell. Most likely, a gift from his dad, Apollo. It was better than nothing. Marvelous Man shrugged and began to play the chorus. The muscle memory from practicing this pocket instrument back in his artificial world came flooding back into his fingers. He cupped the golden harmonica and blew into the holes. His body swayed with the somber notes that cried for his darlings to stand by him. The light engorging on his songs and his emotions became supercharged even further; expanding at an explosive pace. Plants and insects began to burst out of the ground and thrived on the healing brightness. The spread of the imbued daylight had completed its encompass of the graveyard within seconds. Any residue of the Skeleton Lord’s smoky pool of darkness had completely vanished as well as the skeleton army’s weapons and armor. The whole graveyard property looked as if it were plucked from a sunny day and thrown into a setting that was in the middle of the night. Everybody but Marvelous Man stopped what they were doing to stare at the new scenery. Sugar Skull muttered, “Holy shit...” The ghoul and the bunny demigod looked at the musical hero before turning their attention back to the mass of naked skeletons. “Victory is within our reach!” cried Gene. The two charged into the shocked fray as Sugar Skull stabbed himself in his side to give his blade a new layer of blood. Gene motioned his right hand as if he were picking up something. A yellow rune symbol glowed on the back of his fingerless black gloves. The silver balls Gene previously threw, with exception to the one lodged into the Skeleton Lord’s back, rose from the ground and floated at Lightfoot’s waist height. Gene shapeshifted into a white rabbit and bounded towards the floating spheres. Upon reaching a sphere, Lightfoot would transform back into his human form and uppercut the nearby skeleton into pieces during the process. He would then whip his legs and arms about; roundhouse kicking and hook punching at the bony beings close to him in order to create a small clearing riddled with skeleton parts. After that, the bunny demigod would grab his sphere and hurl it at the crowd of skeletal creatures. The skeletons reacted to the punctures by exploding into trails of bony fragments immediately after the ball exited them. Shapeshifting back into a white rabbit, Gene would move on to the next floating silver ball. As that went on, Sugar Skull shot any skeletons a small distance away from him and slashed indiscriminately with his bloodied butterfly knife at close proximity. The bony beings he attacked would shatter from gunshots or disintegrate into piles of dust from the slashing. He cackled maniacally as his purple teeth chattered. The attacks from the two carried on without ever stopping. The skeleton army shrunk with bone fragments littering the graveyard as Marvelous Man continued his song. Upon reaching the end of his song, Marvelous Man looked up to see the two fighters lightly panting and walking back to him. Gene stretched his arms as Sugar Skull pulled out a handkerchief from his sleeve to wipe the blood off his blade. Marvelous Man cheered, “Great work, you guys! That was a close one!” “Actually, I should say that to you. Without you, we’d have to retreat. And that would have been pretty bad if that army of damned got out,” remarked Sugar Skull. Gene nodded, “Agreed. But I was wondering, your musical device increases your power, yes?” “Well, kinda. My light power feeds on positive things like emotions, memories. And when I do something artsy like singing or playing an instrument, it kinda supercharges it to heal or light more stuff up more. I don’t really know all the side effects, to be honest.” explained Marvelous Man. Sugar Skull snapped his fingers, “Aha! So that’s why you were singing when you healed me.” “Pretty much. We were in a pinch, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to heal fast enough,” remembered Marvelous Man, “Oh, right! Here, let me take care of that.” Placing his hand on Gene’s shoulder, Marvelous Man commanded the light embracing Lightfoot’s body to fade away. Gene eyed Marvelous Man’s hand and saw his bodily illumination beginning to dim and then vanishing altogether. Gene smiled, “Much gratitude for that action. Will you be taking away the light surrounding him as well?” Marvelous Man looked from Gene’s gesture to the shining Sugar Skull with rainbow flower eyes. Sugar Skull’s purple teeth chattered uncontrollably. “Uhhh, I can’t really control any light I supercharge. It’s one of the side effects. It should go away soon...I think,” he said. Sugar Skull gave a thumbs up, “It’s fine. But this supercharge is giving me a weird high. Like, a high where I feel really good and confident about myself and that I should do something productive. Yes! Loving this fluent articulation with big English words!” Gene cocked his head at Sugar Skull in fascination. After being amazed, he turned his attention back to Marvelous Man and started fishing his hand into his pants’ pocket. The bunny demigod pulled out a business card, “I see. I will have to collect my projectiles and report this event to my superiors. I would find it most appreciative if you were to visit the D.A.B. headquarters and give the supporting statement to my superiors as well. The address is on the back of the card I am about to give you.” Taking the business card, Marvelous Man observed it. It was a cobalt blue card with the organization’s name spelt vertically in order to create a horizontal acronym. The first and last words were colored in white, the middle word’s color was in navy blue. Reading it vertically, it spelled: Demon Authority Bureau. Marvelous Man briefly wondered who had the idea to name their organization after the word “dab”. “Oh, sure! I’ll drop by to help out,” grinned Marvelous Man. Gene smiled back, “Wonderful news. Before I return to what is abbreviated as the HQ, perhaps you would like to join me in a victory threesome?” Marvelous Man’s eyes went wide. He would love to engage in intercourse with this handsome man. But he felt too emotionally exhausted to feel excited, and yet he felt another emotion rising within him. Shyness. “Wh-what?!...I mean...Here? I mean, uh, I-I have some things to take care of. Important things! Maybe later, or something,” stammered Marvelous Man, “OKAYBYE!” Taking off, Marvelous Man flew to his home. It only took minutes from the graveyard to reach the roof of his penthouse apartment. Staring at the installed pool and Jacuzzi while landing, he questioned for a short moment about who is responsible for maintaining the water’s hygiene. He entered the rooftop door and made his way down the steps to his apartment interior. It was dark inside. “Hello?” called Marvelous Man. Nobody answered. Commanding his light within to shine, his body radiated with enough illumination to light up the room and part of the hallway it was connected to. He looked around for a few seconds before spotting the light switch and went to flick it on. Marvelous Man stood there for a moment before his nose detected a rancid stench. It smelled like a poorly-maintained bathroom. Realizing something, he cupped his bikini-clad crotch. He sighed as his shoulders hung in embarrassment. Next Chapter
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