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  1. hotmuscle101

    muscle-growth Blue Pill Part 2

    Here is Blue Pill Part 1 if you haven't had a chance to read it. **DISCLAIMER** All characters, unless stated otherwise, are assumed to be 18 years of age or older. If you do not like scenes of forced sex and some violence, then please leave now. You have been warned. Blue Pill Part 2 I don’t think anything in the world could have prepared me for the sight before my eyes. The man I had worshipped in my dreams was standing right before me fully exposed. Most people in that situation would have turned and ran for their life, but at that point I had no feeling left in my body. My brain had gone completely numb except for one thought. I can’t believe this is happening! “I’m so fucking horned up from that first half, and Stacy is nowhere to be found so I guess you’ll have to do. Not that you didn’t want me to fuck you anyways, hahaha.” Chris then picked me up, stripped me of my clothes by ripping them from my body and positioned me on the bench. There was no warning, just a sharp jolt of pain as I felt Chris’s mammoth cock entered my virgin hole. To describe what I felt was intense pain, but once I felt his balls hit my ass, my eyes had rolled back into my head from the pleasure I felt. “Yeah, you like that don’t you, you little faggot!” Chris’s baritone voice filled my ears as he continued to fuck me. All I could do was moan in approval and say “yes”. As I began to regain some of my senses, I realized who was fucking me. I also remembered that his cock wasn’t the only thing that was big on him. My eyes were first drawn to his pecs and how they bounced every time he plunged his thick dick into my ass. I reached my hand up to feel these massive melons that were hanging in front of me. His pecs were so thick and so full of muscle that his nipples were hard to find underneath all of his muscle cleavage. You could tell as soon as I had found them, because the expression on his face changed immediately. If I thought he was fucking me beforehand, then this was like overdrive. Something about grabbing onto his nipples put him over the edge and he began fucking like a mad man. It took all I had not to let go. As Chris was getting closer to the point of no return I saw the veins in his neck and arms bulge thicker. I swear I could see his pecs swelling larger too, but I assumed I was hallucinating from all of the pleasure I was feeling. “Oh FUUUUCCCCCKKKK!” I felt Chris’s cock expand inside of me and then I felt what all the excitement was over. Now, don’t get me wrong, I had cum a lot in the past, but this was a torrent of jizz flooding my insides. I could actually feel pressure from the amount of sperm that was being deposited inside me. I just so happened to look down and I could see my stomach expanding from all the sperm. BZZZZZZZZZZ “Thank you Fletcher Valley High Cheerleaders for that wonderful performance, now onto more football!” We heard the P.A. system screech through the locker room. “Well that’s my cue. Thanks for the release. Come to think of it, Stacy is busy after the game as well. Looks like you aren’t going anywhere.” Chris shoved me hard into the janitor’s closet and the last thing I saw before he closed the door was a super pumped Chris. As if he had just gotten through a grueling workout! “See ya later cum rag. I’ll be back to pump that ass some more after we win the game.” Then the door to the closet slammed shut and I heard a click as Chris locked it from the outside. With my jeans still around my ankles, I pulled them up and tried to clean myself up a little bit. As I went to zip up my jeans, I noticed that they were a little more snug than the last time I wore them and I was unable to button them. Then I noticed the problem, It was my cum bloated stomach from that massive dick that was just inside me. Even after gorging myself on food at thanksgiving I never looked this stuffed. One thing I did know was that I had to get out of here before the football game ended. Of course I wanted to experience that joyful bliss again, but I couldn’t be seen like this. Bloated to the max and my jeans covered in cum from when Chris pulled out. Before I could think of anything else, I felt a vibrating in my pants pocket. I reached in to find that Eric was trying to call me on my cell phone. I think I was more surprised that I was getting cell service in the school over the fact that I hadn’t dropped my phone in that sexcapade. I quickly flipped open the phone to hear Eric complaining about slow service at the pizza place and why I wasn’t there yet. “Dude, I have been waiting forever, not just for the pizza, but for you too! Get your butt down here!” I knew my friend wouldn’t judge in the state I was in. “Ummm, kind of in a pickle here Eric. Could you come down to the school and let me out of the janitor’s closet? I seemed to have been locked in.” “Yeah, sure. How did you lock yourself…? Never mind, it’s you were talking about. The same kid that somehow manages to lock himself out of his own car all the time. Yeah, I’m on my way” “Thank you so much Eric! I owe you one!” “No, you owe me like fifteen now. Hahaha….” *Click* Beep, beep, beep…. Enough of him gloating that he had to come to the rescue, I’m sure I won’t hear the end of it once he gets here. After hanging up with Eric, I noticed a strange urge that seemed out of place, I felt really horny. I also noticed that my stomach didn’t seem to bulge out as much anymore. I felt extremely energetic as well, like I could run a hundred laps around the school or something. I hope Eric gets here soon or I just might explode from all of this energy. 10 minutes went by and still no Eric, so I figured I would find a way to pass the time and consume some of this unbound energy I was feeling. I began doing pushups. At first I figured I would go to twenty and see how I felt from there. Twenty turned into thirty, turned into fifty, and that’s how I am now at three hundred and I still feel wired. As I stood up and looked down I realized that my stomach was no longer bloated, because I couldn’t see it. My pecs were so full and pumped that I couldn’t see my feet when I looked down. What really caught my attention was the fact that my biceps each had a vein running down the middle of them. These are two things that I had never seen in all of my years of working out. So I quickly dropped to the floor and started repping out crunches. Before I knew it I was coming up to two hundred. So I stopped and stood up to see the damage. I leaned over my newly pumped pecs to see the faint outline of my six pack. I had never once been able to see my abs EVER! Then I noticed a mop in the corner of the closet. I set it across horizontally on the two shelves on each side of the room to form a pull up bar. I began pulling myself up doing as many chin ups as I could. Every time I came up after a full extension I could feel my lats pushing my arms further out. However that’s not what stopped me from doing pull ups. *CRACK* as the mop snapped in two. “HOLY SHIT DUDE!” I looked up to see Eric with his mouth wide open and his eyes bugging out as he looked over my sweaty body. “Looks like I have some explaining to do…”
  2. hotmuscle101

    Blue Pill Part 20

    Sorry for the wait, in case you need a refresher here is Blue Pill Part 19 And without further ado I give to you Blue Pill Part 20 Although she had just fed, Sarah was hungrier than she had ever been before. The smell that hit her as soon as she opened the door to the gym was intoxicating, like pure male essence. It was the aroma of sweat and testosterone that caused her newly formed dick to harden down the leg of her short running shorts. The head of her dick just barely held within the confines of her shorts. She began to sniff the air, walking down the hallway, following the smell to where it was the strongest. This led Sarah to a heavy steel door, which she quickly pushed open to reveal an even more intense cloud of the stench that led here there from the hallway. It was so thick it was almost as if you could swim in it. Sarah felt something wet drip onto her foot and as she looked down to inspect where it came from, she saw another drop forming at the edge of her boxers. The smell had her so turned on that she was hornier than she ever remembered being before. Sarah was surprised to find the locker room was practically empty, minus the few gym bags sitting outside of their lockers. She walked up to one of the gym bags that was setting open atop the bench. She looked in and found a used jock sitting on top. Sarah reached into the gym bag and pulled out the jock. It was still warm and sweaty from the previous wearer, as if it had just been discarded. She brought the jock up to her nose, smelling the amazing aroma of sweat and testosterone with a hint of cum. Sarah stuck the jock in her mouth sucking on the sweat and cum. As she was sucking she felt a surge of strength run through her body and felt her dick pulse in her running shorts. She looked down to see that the head of her dick was now just barely peeking out of the edge of her shorts. As she was looking down at her dick, she noticed that her entire body looked pumped. She ran her hand along the shaft of her penis, earning her a glob of pre-cum once she reached the head. Hormones were racing through her brain telling her she needed to get off and soon. Sarah heard the sound of a shower turning on through the doorway at the end of the row of lockers. She headed towards the doorway with a hunger in her eyes and a raging hardon in her shorts. " Time to feed" she growled to herself... When Riley had first arrived to the gym, his gut was full and swollen with Derek's cum. He knew he needed to do something to get the size of his beach ball belly to go down and after reading the note that was left for Derek about how it would be beneficial for him to work out, he decided the best place for that would be Frank's Gym. It was always filled with meatheads and hardcore weights. Riley was in his jock and a pair of sweats he had found in the school locker room and He was wearing a t-shirt that said 'Fletcher Valley Athletic Department'. It was a little loose on him, but he had a feeling it wouldn't be that way for long. He looked out across the gym floor and found a handful of guys lifting. They ranged in size from amateur bodybuilder to Olympia sized. The biggest being Damien, he was easily a 300-pound wall of shredded beef, ready to dominate his next bodybuilding competition. He was a 6-foot-tall wall of dark chocolate and he was walking straight towards Riley. Riley began to panic. He wondered if the behemoth had seen him staring or if he was just overthinking. Jason's heart began racing faster and faster as each titanic footfall of the giant caused his meaty pecs to bounce. His massive Quads rolling over each other as they fought for space inside the weak confines of his gym shorts. Riley couldn't believe his eyes when they finally fell upon the obscene bulge in Damien's shorts. He had seen some decent sized packages in the school locker room. Chris's came to mind right away, but what was in front of him now had to be as big as Chris's cock was when it was hard, and it was completely soft. As Damien got right up next to me he leaned down to say something in my ear. His deep baritone filled my soul, as I had a hard time registering what he was saying. "Yeah, I saw you lookin. You're gonna need about another 100 pounds before you can handle what I got to give. Come find me when you do though, I'd love to fill your bowl with my cream." He stood back up to his full height and I watched his face as a huge toothy grin formed on his face as he gave me a wink. He reached down to adjust his package which Jason swore was bigger than just a moment ago. As Damien walked past Riley, He turned to watch Damien as he stared directly at Riley's ass. He seductively licked his lips as he headed into the gym locker room. To say that Riley felt on fire would be an understatement, he felt like hormones were flooding his entire being. Not only that, but his cock was rock hard. He knew he needed to focus. If what the note said was true, he needed to start lifting so he could absorb all the muscle cum that was in his belly. Riley decided to start with arms, so he headed over to a long row of dumbbells in front of a large gym mirror. He grabbed the 25's to start as a warm up and headed over to the isolation bench. As he was walking over to the bench Riley watched his arms in the mirror as the sinewy muscle lightly flexed to support the weight in his hands. He flexed his arm straight down causing a slight bulge to appear on the back of his arm from his triceps. Riley sat at the isolation bench and began doing curls. At first the weight was a little heavy, but began to get easier to lift as he did more reps. Once he had 25 reps done he switched to his other arm and began lifting again. Riley watched as veins began to surface on his arm and his goose egg of a bicep began expanding, just a little bit more with each rep. With his biceps now feeling warmed up, he brought the weight behind his head and began one armed triceps-extensions. He really had to push at the beginning to get the weight up, but as he continued it got easier and easier with each rep. Riley did 25 with each arm and stood up to take the weights back. This time as he passed himself in the mirror, he couldn't help but gawk at his reflection. His arms were pumped just from his warm-up. Riley started the work out with 15-inch arms, but they were looking much closer to the 15-inch range and this time when he flexed his arm straight down, he was rewarded with an actual horse-shoe bulge on the back of his arm. The boner that had started to go down during his lifts sprang back to life as he admired his pump in the mirror. "Fuck yeah! I'm getting pumped" Riley growled to himself in the mirror. "So fucking hot!" Riley put the weights back and walked further down the row of weights, this time picking up the 50's. Riley had never done anything heavier for isolation curls than 35. He could feel the heaviness of the weight in his hands as he headed back to the bench. Riley sat down and began pumping out rep after rep. As the weight got lighter with each rep, his arm began to bulge with some serious muscle. Veins that had appeared during his warm-up were now thickening and branching out all across his swollen bicep. The hard knot on his arm was now about the size of a baseball. Riley then continued the same process with his other arm. During this entire process Riley's raging hard on had begun leaking copious amounts of pre-cum into his jock. Knowing that he was going to have some difficulty doing single arm triceps extensions with 50 pounds, He decided to do just a regular triceps extension using both arms and the 50-pound dumbbell. It was a struggle at first, but just like with his biceps it got easier with every rep he did. Riley lost track of how many extensions he did until he realized that the weight he was using felt as light as the 25 pounders. Riley stood up to take the weight back. This time what he saw in the mirror was a complete and total surprise, the arms that he now possessed were at least 16 inches and wrapped in veins. He couldn't believe how big he was getting. The thought caused his cock to flex in his sweats, which brought his attention to a wet spot that had begun to form where the head of his dick was. Riley reached down and ran his hand along his shaft, as he flexed his cock in his hand. He continued flexing his cock in his hand, as he brought his other arm up into a flex as well. This caused his cock to react by surging in his hand, the head of his cock was now poking out of his jock and shot a wad of precum on the inside of his sweat pants. More turned on then he ever remembered being in his life, Riley headed over to the bench press and loaded the bar with weight for a warm-up. He laid under the bar and brought the weight down to graze his nipples. He then pushed the weight back up. Riley cranked out rep after rep as he began to get a pump from his warm up. Riley began losing sight of his erect nipples as his pecs began inflating with blood. Riley decided it was time to put some serious weight on the bar. He got up and loaded the bar with 300 pounds and got back under the bar. The most Riley had ever benched before this was 150 and that was a struggle. Riley felt confident this time as he lifted the bar, he slowly brought the bar down, feeling the muscle fibers in his pecs stretch and scream in pain as they were forced to lift twice as much as they ever had before. The weight finally reached his pecs and he pushed with all his might to get the weight back up. Once it was back at the top, he brought the weight back down, this time not as much resistance from his pecs. Every time Riley brought the weight down he didn't have to go as far as his pecs swelled thicker with each rep. After what felt like an eternity, Riley finally re-racked the weight and sat up on the bench. Right away Riley could tell a huge difference in his pecs, the weight of his bulbous man breasts pulled heavily on the fabric of his shirt. Riley stood to look at himself in the mirror. "OH SHIT" Riley couldn't believe how big his pecs had become. "I might have done too many bench presses." Riley realized, too late of course, that his pecs were out of proportion with the rest of his body. They almost looked like breasts if it weren't for his slight pouch of a belly he had left. Riley ran his hand up along the curve of his bulbous pec muscle and moaned out loud on the gym floor as his hand rubbed across his pert nipple. A couple of the muscle heads turned to catch a glimpse of Riley and his increasing wet spot in his sweat pants. Realizing that he needed to balance out his body, Riley headed over to the squat rack last. One of the big meat heads must have been using it last, because they didn't take their weights off the bar. The bar was loaded with 500 pounds. Riley was feeling stronger than he ever felt and his rock-hard cock told him that he could lift that fucking weight. Riley braced himself underneath the bar and went to lift the weight up when the big muscle head that had been lifting there headed over to stop Riley. "Hey bro, that weight is way too heavy for your chicken legs, how about we start you off with something a little lighter?" "I'm going to crush this weight!" Riley growled with a fire in his eyes. "Well then, I'm at least going to spot you, I would hate for you to crush yourself under my watch. Names Ben by the way, I'm the manager of Frank's gym." "Enough talk Ben, let's lift some fucking weight." Riley lifted the bar up before Ben was positioned behind him. Riley could feel Ben's hard biceps against the back of his newly minted triceps. The breath on the back of his neck made him even hornier if that was even possible. "FUUUUCCCCKKKKK" Riley moaned/yelled as he squatted down with the weight, he could feel Ben's crotch against his ass as he pushed back in the bottom of the lift, then Riley began pushing the unbelievably heavy weight back up. At the top of the lift, Riley could feel Ben's biceps tense against his triceps as he was trying to get Riley to re-rack the weight. "Great job man, I..." "Did I say I was done yet?!?" As Riley squatted down again, with Ben following him down. The legs of Riley's sweatpants were becoming increasingly tight around his ever-enlarging thighs and he could feel his ass pushing back more into Ben's crotch. Riley flexed his ass at the bottom of the squat. This elicited a moan out of his spotter as he could feel Ben's dick hardening against his rock-hard ass cheeks. Once at the top of the lift, Riley started another squat. Riley could feel the power in his legs increasing as they blew up in size. He could feel his sweat pants becoming too tight against his straining cock and his ballooning ass. Before he could stop himself from humiliation, he heard the ass of his sweats give out with a loud rip. He could feel cool air hit his hole as it was exposed between the straps of his jock. Ben felt the head of his cock through his gym shorts push past Riley's rock-hard ass cheeks to his exposed hole. Riley felt Ben's cockhead through his shorts as it pushed against his hole. Riley decided to hold the weight there for a little longer. Ben rubber the head of his cock against Riley's hole. Riley's legs strained to hold the weight, but they grew larger by the second during the strain, making it easier the longer he held it. "Fuck man, I can't. You have got a really hot ass and I have never had these feelings for another guy before. I'm straight man I'm sorry." Ben pulled his cock head back from Riley's ass and stepped back. Riley stood back up with the weight and re-racked it. Riley turned around to face Ben. He stood almost eye to eye with Ben. Ben had the most beautiful hazel eyes and short military cut hair. His face was chiseled and manly looking. He had to be about 260 pounds. He was a big boy. Riley looked down and realized that’s not all that was big on Ben. His arms and pecs were massive, but what really pulled Riley's attention is what was poking at his hole just moments ago. Riley reached down and wrapped his hand around it, massaging the head. Ben moaned loudly as he closed his eyes and rolled his head back. Riley leaned his body in against Ben's, "Wh..what are you doing?" Ben stuttered as Riley leaned up and kissed him on the mouth. Ben moaned into Riley's mouth as Riley felt Ben's cock swell in his hand as it anticipated releasing its load. Riley stepped away from Ben before he could cum. Ben's eyes were still closed in a moment of bliss."FUCK! That was so fucking hot! Why did you stop?" "You're straight remember." Riley replied with a devilish grin." Besides, I'm done with my workout. Thanks for the spot Ben. Hopefully we can lift together again." Riley gave Ben a wink as he headed for the lockers, holding the ass of his sweats together as best he could. "HEY, WAIT! I never got your name!" Ben shouted after Riley. "If you want my name you'll have to see me again to get it." Riley headed into the locker room and began taking off all his clothes. He admired the way he struggled to get his shirt up over his massive pecs. Riley moaned as the hem of the shirt snagged on his nipples. Riley removed the remains of his sweats to reveal a raging hard on he wasn't expecting. It was about a half inch bigger than he was used to and quite a bit thicker. "Well this isn't covering anything anymore." Riley said as he removed his jockstrap and set it on top of his gym bag. Riley couldn't believe how big he had gotten. He must weigh at least 190 now. He heard the locker room door open on the other side of his lockers. Riley thought it might be Ben, so he wanted to make Ben work for it a little bit, so he turned and quietly slipped into the sauna before he came around the lockers. "God I can't wait to make love to the beautiful man!"
  3. Tracking back to my very first art pieces on this site, I decided to work on a Kengo and Gunzo hyper muscle growth fanfic, hope yall like it. Story takes place many years into the future because it takes place after the Game ends and the Tokyo Walls destroyed. Just like with my Akiha Gongen story, this story takes place in the same universe. MC is the same as the one in the Akiha story. But this story is a prequel to the Akiha story. Word Count: 9520 In Tokyo on a perfectly cooling day. It was the perfect day for MC to go out and have some fun. But oh what to do? Luckily for MC, they seem to have received two messages. One from Kengo, the other from Gunzo. MC was kinda sad that they may have to abandon one of the two men for the day. But coincidentally, both men wanted to meet and hang out with MC at the same place! A local gym located not too far away from MC house! MC blushed. They had quite a huge crush on the two men. But then again, MC had crushes on a lot of people. What a lucky day for MC. But MC is gonna experience a very BIG DAY! In the following hours, MC got ready and went on their merry way to the gym. The short bus trip went smooth. MC got everything they needed. Everything went smooth sailing. MC wondered what Kengo and Gunzo had to show them at the gym. It was already a strange request coming from one person, but the two of them? How odd of a situation. But no matter, MC got to hang out with 2 of the hottest humans they had ever laid their eyes on. Hours before the text messages were sent, Kengo stared at his phone. There it was, a message asking MC to hang out alone in the Gym on his phone. He was nervous. While Kengo appeared stoic and brave, he didn’t realise how much he had fallen for MC. It was clear that Kengo was dedicated to helping his partner in any way he could. But since Kengo and MC always hang out with the rest of the Summoners, having some alone time made Kengo very nervous. What if MC didn’t have time? What if MC was not in the mood? Thoughts clouded his mind. But he wanted to hang out with MC that day. He was already at the gym. Nothing is stopping him. With a heavy sigh, he pressed the ‘send’ button. Meanwhile, Gunzo was standing outside of the gym. He was eager to show MC his progress. Mc and Gunzo had been hanging out with each for quite a while now. The two tend to play Rugby together as Gunzo was very fond of the game, while MC just wanted to play it to see Gunzo happy, even when sports really isn’t MC’s cup of tea, they just wanted to see their friends happy. However, recently, Gunzo had partaken in another activity. MC had accidentally admitted that they are really into big and buff guys. As Gunzo wanted to impress MC, he had taken up lifting weights as a side thing. Although he was already buff, he wanted to be bigger to please MC. Now each time he notices progress, he invites MC to show it off. Kengo expected either no response from MC or maybe a no from them. It was a Saturday, and MC did sometimes get pretty lazy during the weekends. But to Kengo’s surprise, MC had agreed to meet up with Kengo at the gym. He breathed a sigh of relief as he wiped his forehead. It was quite a warm day. Kengo tried to calm down. This was his first time truly being alone with MC. He could not afford to mess it up. Kengo tried to remember everything he wanted to say. He had been playing on this day for quite a while now. He wanted to profess his love for MC. And what better way to profess than in the middle of the gym. While a stupid idea at first, Kengo thought harder and thought it was perfect. MC has quite a thing for buff guys and Kengo had been packing more muscle as of late. He was beginning to look like a true bodybuilder. In fact more, nearly reaching 375lbs worth of muscle and 25lbs of fat. All for the sake of looking bigger to impress and hopefully win over MC. But a sudden chill went up his spine when MC replied with “Cool! We can hang out with Gunzo too since he wants to hang out with me at the gym as well!” Gunzo sent the message with full confidence. While Gunzo sex life was still nothing, and he is still a virgin, he thinks he could win over MC. Gunzo knew of MC’s fetish for giant muscular guys when they accidentally slipped it out during a conversation, and ever since then, Gunzo wanted to become the biggest man ever. His work eventually paid off. As the weeks went by, he invited MC to see his progress, and Gunzo had packed on a lot of muscle. There was so much that even mild roughhousing from him hurts his friends. He was nearly 375 lbs worth of muscle. While his hang outs with MC, he noticed that their relationship was strengthening. Gunzo had fallen for MC when during one of his flexing sessions, he did a double bicep pose in only his underwear and made MC blush. The soft look of MC’s face had also made Gunzo blush. It was then when he realized it was nearly time to profess his love to MC. Today would be that day. He was big and strong enough and was kind to MC. He was ready. However a message struck him to his core. “Kengo wants to hang out with me at the gym too! Let's all hang out there together!” MC had suspected this day would come. As the Tokyo Vessel to the Human, it was obvious that they would grow the men they crushed on. While it may seem that this day was a planned manipulation tactic, it was more nuanced than that. While MC did crush on the two men and wanted to see them grow, none of the steps it took to lead to this day was planned. All of it was genuine. Their feelings towards the two men, their interactions with them, all of it genuine. And the fact that all of it was genuine added to the fact that the two men actually had interest in the MC. Even if MC wasn’t planning to grow them, it was pretty obvious that the two men had crushed on MC. Kengo had always been particularly close with MC. During their constant adventures, Kengo was always by MC’s side. It was also pretty sweet of him to call MC his partner. While they had not hung out alone, MC did notice the many times Kengo tried to be alone with MC to invite them for lunch or to hang out. In fact, to see if Kengo was genuinely crushing on MC, MC would try their very best to make Kengo blush. Either by a simple smile, compliments, kind gestures like helping Kengo with homework, and even complimenting his muscles. There was even one time, while the rest of the Summoners were distracted, MC used that time to try to get to Kengo. First, MC showered Kengo in appreciation. Afterwards, MC began complimenting Kengo on various things. Soon it shifted to complimenting on only his muscles. It worked. MC had told Kengo that they were very fond of huge muscles. Kengo blushed as asked how big. MC said as big as possible. Soon, Kengo began to get super flustered. Trying to hide it, he stupidly decided to flex his muscles. He immediately regretted it when MC decided to start rubbing his pecs. Kengo blushed and immediately grabbed MC's hands. They both looked at each other in the eyes for about 3 seconds before promptly looking in the opposite direction. They were to never speak of this again. Gunzo is very close to MC. While dealing with some things in Yoyogi Academy pertaining to a certain gryphon, MC met Gunzo. They had a great time playing Rugby till dusk. After some shenanigans, the two promised each other they would continue to play Rugby. In one Rugby session, the two were sitting alone on a bench after they finished playing. It was quite a warm day and Gunzo decided to remove his shirt for a bit. MC could barely resist the temptation and began rubbing their hand onto Gunzo’s sweaty pecs. Gunzo was stunned and fell from the bench backwards, landing onto his back. MC stood up and immediately apologized. MC sat back down, facing away from Gunzo while cupping their face with their hands. Gunzo didn’t know how to respond. Anything negative action would result in MC feeling bad, and words in general would do the same. It was hard for Gunzo too, as he really never experienced love as he was a single virgin, but the only solution was a hug. Shocked, MC tried to get up, but the tight yet warm hug made MC turn around and reciprocated the hug back. It was then that MC had mentioned about loving Gunzo’s massive body. How MC would dream of seeing guys grow bigger. As MC realised what they said, they ran away as fast as possible. Knowing what MC said, Gunzo tried his hardest to be the biggest and strongest man alive, for MC. As Gunzo entered the gym to feel the cold air of the building, he met eyes with Kengo. Both of them frowned at each other, knowing full well what was supposed to be a date with MC, turned into a weird love triangle hang out session. They both sat far from each other, thinking of all the curse words to throw at the other guy. It was embarrassing, frustrating and sad. To have their whole plans ruined because of some other buff guy. They knew MC all too well that MC would never want to see plans cancelled or postponed, so they had to deal with having out with MC and some other dude together. As the minutes tick, all the negative thoughts flood more and more. However, a familiar voice had soothed their hearts immediately. It was MC! They came into the gym carrying 3 bags. Oh how typical of MC, to hand out gifts each time they hung out with someone. Well as the winner of The App itself thus ending the Time Loops, MC won an infinite supply of money. So they used it to shower their friends in gifts. Kengo and Gunzo walked slowly to MC, while MC rushed towards them to give a big group hug. While MC was busy burying their face in the men’s pectoral muscles, the two men glanced at each other with seething hatred. As MC pulled away from the hug, the time for fun will commence! “So, what made you both want to hang out with me today?” MC asked curiously, while pacing about. Both Kengo and Gunzo immediately tried to brush off the question. This kinda set off MC for a bit. It was mildly irritating to MC. The worst part was, not even Kengo and Gunzo wanted to be close to each other. MC thought this would be a great day, to have the trio hang out. But not even the two men wanted to talk, not even look at each other. They tried to get at least one of the guy’s attention, but it led to the jealousy of the other. This peeved MC off a bit more. As they realise that Kengo and Gunzo may not interact, they decide that they will take matters into their own hands. They decided that they were gonna switch between hanging out with Kengo and Gunzo. But due to their intense jealousy, they were gonna switch with them every 2 minutes. This is to help make them want to settle their differences quickly cause there is no way that they are able to hang out with MC with that kind of time limit. MC planned that this idea would irritate the two men so much that they’d have to hang out with each other so that they could have a normal day. This idea might be crazy enough to work! As they tell their plan to the two men, their face lights up. Perhaps the two men were now thinking of the best possible ways to use up their time. As MC finally finished explaining their plan, they were waiting for the men. The men seemed to agree on MC’s plan and they went their separate ways. The two men were now preparing their time with MC. It was now or never. MC began to approach Kengo first. They wonder what was in store for them. Kengo sat quietly by the pec deck machines. He decided to do some reps. Hopefully, with MC love of big buff guys, Kengo would be able to woo the MC into liking him more than Gunzo. Kengo probably figured that Gunzo wanted to admit his feelings to MC. So he must do whatever he can to get MC to like him. Even if it means growing as big as he can. Gunzo was disappointed that MC went to Kengo first. He wanted to show off his muscles and admit his feelings. He knew that Kengo wanted to admit his feelings for MC. So Gunzo, knowing full well of MC’s taste in huge men, went off to the bench press machines and just began to work out as fast as he could. He and Kengo were as big as one another. He couldn’t afford to lose. He had to be bigger than Kengo, no matter what it takes. Now the two are at odds with one another. Both trying to grow for the sake of impressing and swooning their crush. Who shall prevail in this growth story? MC approached Kengo and called out his name. But he couldn’t hear them. MC tried to call for his name again, but to no avail, a lack of response from him. They tried waving their hands in front of him, snapping their fingers, anything. But no response. MC saw a deeply concentrated Kengo trying to work out as fast as possible. What was that man doing? MC was extremely puzzled. One moment, Kengo was excited to hang out with MC, but as soon as he saw Gunzo, went into angry mode. Furthermore, while being able to talk to MC first made him happy, now he’s just concentrating on working out. A little down, MC went towards Gunzo. Maybe Gunzo would pay attention to them. However, after walking towards where Gunzo was, the same thing happened. Gunzo was utterly entranced in working out. Now MC was getting both pissed off, upset and confused. What was even going on? They began to walk back and forth trying to think of a reason as to why this was happening. Could it be? They wanted to admit their love for MC but because of the other person, they couldn’t? And to win, they wanted to grow bigger? Perhaps… Maybe they should test out something… MC decided to go to Kengo first. Maybe this would snap Kengo from his working out session. As they walked up to Kengo, they noticed that he was still deep in his trance. He seemed so determined to win over their heart. But now it was time to see if MC's idea would work. MC stood beside him and with their right hand, he held Kengo's right pec and gave it a quick rub and squish. Meanwhile, with their other hand into Kengo's ear, they whispered in a soft yet lustful voice, "I love you". Kengo immediately stopped and finally snapped back into reality. He looked down to see his right pec being caressed, then turned to his right to see MC. He immediately blushed. He was about to start speaking before his lips met with MC. A long and intense kiss happened between the two. As they broke it off, MC left while giving Kengo a small stroke to the chin, "Get bigger for me". Afterwards, MC did the same to Gunzo. MC got near Gunzo and began stroking his pec and whispered the same thing. He stopped and got up, only to find himself kissing MC. As the two broke off the kiss, MC walked away once again. MC's plan had worked. Now to see why each guy was so hellbent on having MC… MC approached Kengo who was taking deep breaths to cool down from the exercise. He was sweating profusely. His shirt was soaked. MC took a small chair and sat right in front of him. As Kengo finally cooled down, he could finally pay attention to MC. His vision cleared and he saw the cutest smile on MC’s face. He blushed and tried looking away. But MC moved the chair closed to Kengo, and placed a hand onto Kengo’s left thigh. Kengo tingled, and sat still, then slowly, he moved his head to face MC. As he finally faced MC, he took a deep breath “Hey partner. Sorry about what happened.” “What are you sorry for? It’s okay! I know you're only doing this for me. It’s sweet of you Kengo. In fact, I should be the one apologizing.” “For what? I was the one not paying attention to you, even though I wanted to hang out with you the whole day!” “That’s just it Kengo. You wanted to hang out with me, and Gunzo did too, but instead of having individual days to hang out, I brought along you both. And I know why…” “Y-you d-do?” Kengo shuddered after hearing those words. “I see how during the past few weeks, you basically have been trying your best to please me. You were always trying to grow bigger to be able to handle your Rule of Infinitude, so that you can be there to help me. I noticed you are also always trying to ask me out alone. But I was too nervous to tell you that. I also know that you know that I'm into large men and you were trying to win me over from Gunzo by working out to be bigger. I know that both of you have a crush on me. And I like the both of you too. And I know both of y’all don’t seem to like each other. I will decide later…” “And how will you decide…” “After both of you take a shower, whichever of you is bigger, will be allowed 1 date with me. Now go take that shower, you smell awful!” “Oh haha, sorry!” Kengo smiled and scratched his back. He got up to take that shower. Now it was Gunzo’s turn. As MC approached Gunzo, he stood up from his seat with his hands up in the air. “I hear you, I hear you.” “You did? Was I that loud…” “A little bit. But that’s okay. We’ve spent weeks together as I showed you my growth progress. And I think I’m much bigger than Kengo. I-is that right-t?” “I’ll see it for myself later. But thanks for growing bigger for me, you're a real hot sweetheart!” Gunzo after hearing those words, began to get super flustered and red all over. Not wanting to embarrass himself further, he quickly took his things and headed to the showers. In the toilet, it was incredibly empty. It seemed to be a slow day at the gym. There were about 4 other people alongside them, but now the gym was empty. As the two men made their way to the stalls they realized how empty and quiet it was. Tensions rise as the two mens disdain for one another quickly adds on. While typical gym toilets have separate stalls for each shower, this gym has an open shower. They were frustrated that they would have to see each other and have no privacy. While they could shower at opposite ends of the toilet, it turns out only 2 of the shower heads worked. And they were right beside each other. This peeved them off a lot. But no matter, it was all to please MC. So they had to endure the pain of seeing their rival. They took off all their clothes, threw them onto the bench and turned the showers on. Hot water rushed to fill the open showers. Thankfully the mist from the hot water was able to fog their view of each other. Hopefully now they are able to have decent showers without the other to annoy them.. The time spent showering had a lot of tension. Only the sounds of water falling and mist rising can be heard. Not a single sound came from any of the men. The mist did quite a good job covering them. However there was some amount of light passing through. Thankfully, their faces were fully covered, so one person can’t see the other person staring at their bodies. As they were showering, Gunzo was cleaning his legs when he suddenly saw Kengo’s body in full glory. He was checking Kengo out unintentionally. He saw Kengo’s huge body. Kengo truly looked huge, especially since he was 375lbs of pure muscle while 25lbs of fat. Kengo truly looked like one of the biggest bodybuilders in the world. And with that fat, he boasted quite a big muscle gut too. It had been a while since Gunzo had last seen Kengo. Back when The Game was still up, both Gunzo and Kengo were 17. But after 2 years had passed, who knew how much had changed. When the Game was won by MC and the game ended, Gunzo had not seen Kengo at all. Who knew how much 2 years can affect someone? Only at 19 years old, Kengo was the size of a true bodybuilder with a muscle gut. Standing at 6’7” he truly was the most dominating guy ever. His huge muscles, his tall height, his incredibly hairy. Though Gunzo had the exact same measurements, he still felt dominated by Kengo. But at the same time, he felt different. Though they were competing for the same person, it appeared that Gunzo was getting hard. After staring at Kengo’s massive body, what made him hard was Kengo’s cock. Gunzo was pretty surprised to see that Kengo was hard as well. He boasted what looked like 13 inches while hard. Gunzo had become quite horny. Gunzo touched his cock and moaned softly and for the first time within the past 10 minutes, a noise was made by one of the men. Kengo was suddenly attracted to the noise while Gunzo tried to hide within the mist. Kengo looked to his right to see Gunzo’s back in full view. He thought he heard Gunzo moan. Maybe it was something minor. While he wanted to get back to cleaning himself, he found that he was still starting as Gunzo’s massive back. As Kengo and Gunzo had almost the same stats, it was cool to see how Kengo’s back actually looks like. But furthermore, looking at Gunzo’s back made him harder than ever. He didn’t want to admit it, but seeing Gunzo’s body right before they showered immediately made him hard. He had hoped that Gunzo didn’t notice his hard on before the mist had appeared. Looking at Gunzo's huge ass, it turned him on even further. He tried resisting but Gunzo was too sexy. He had to fap right then and there. He began to stroke his massive 13 incher and held his breath, trying to not make a sound. Meanwhile, Gunzo, who was thinking about Kengo’s massive, hairy body, was also pleasuring his cock to the thought of it. The two men continued stroking their members, trying their best to keep quiet. Even if they did make noise, they tried to be softer than the rushing water from the showers. They got harder and harder. The sight of Gunzo muscles was arousing Kengo, and the thought of Kengo's beefy and hair muscles had aroused Gunzo. They kept at it, stroking faster and harder. Their muscles are squeezing. They closed their hands worked their cocks harder. Soon, they were so engrossed at the thought of their hot rival that the moans were now completely audible. The sounds to 2 giant bodybuilders echo throughout the showers. Their deep masculine voice reverberated in the room. The sweat accumulating was then washed down from the showers. Soon enough they were getting so hard, so horny from their fap session, they were nearly close. The grunts got louder, strokes harder, they were panting, and they were close. Soon, with a violent roar, Kengo had unleashed a massive torrent of seed right onto Gunzo's back. Meanwhile, Gunzo, shocked from the sudden cum on his back and the roar, turned to face Kengo, while still stroking his cock. But the sight of Kengo's sexy body, his roar, and his constant ejaculation was the straw that broke the camel's back. In an instant, Gunzo moaned the loudest he could and unleashed his own torrent of seed onto Kengo. As the minute passed, and they finally calmed down, they came to a realisation. As they stared into each other's eyes, mortified, they had realized they masturbated to one another… When the two men watched in horror as they saw the other man’s cum on their bodies, they quickly went to shower to rid the cum of them. They quickly washed as fast as possible, trying to rid their brains of what had happened. Both men were distraught. How could the other possibly fap to themselves? And could each man possibly fap to the other? They were just fighting to win the heart of MC. While their feelings for MC had not waned since what happened, their feelings for each other had turned slightly positive. Both men were still blushing and wondering. Could a polyamourous relationship between MC and the two men work. Maybe they were just crushing on each other but their feelings on MC were still genuine? Maybe nothing is genuine? Lots of questions filled the minds of both hulking men. While trying to wash off everything, both men were still hard from the thoughts of the other. How could they still be hard from all that cum? It was even hard to wash the cum off the cock as they were extremely hard and sensitive. It wasn’t long until Kengo began to cum and groan again while trying to wash off the cum from his cock. His cum splattered the walls and his legs. He groaned, then got frustrated as he still got hard and the cum wouldn’t stop. Gunzo, seeing this, got extremely horny too and immediately came again. This time, both men didn’t even care. They were so horny, so sexually charged, both men knew something had to be done. Gunzo kneeled onto the floor and licked his lips. His mouth is close to Kengo’s cock. He looked up to see Kengo, panting, begging for a quick oral. Soon, Gunzo began working on it. He shoved about 8 inches of Kengo’s mighty rod into his mouth. His mouth moved gracefully. Though Gunzo was a first-timer when it comes to sexual experiences, he was quite the natural. He managed to hit all the right spots such that Kengo kept on groaning and moaning. Kengo arched his back, groaning louder. Gunzo began to feel something grow. It appeared Kengo’s cock was getting bigger and longer. Filling his mouth, Gunzo began to work Kengo’s cock faster. With the added length of Kengo’s cock, Gunzo used his hands to massage the rest that couldn’t fit his mouth. Gunzo's first sexual experience also made his cock extremely hard. What he once thought was the longest his cock would be at 13 inches, also grew alongside Kengo. His cock thickened and grew. He quickly began to use his left hand to start pumping his own cock. It felt just as big and as hard as Kengo’s. Soon enough, things got a bit more savage. Their lust, getting so strong, their intercourse had gotten rougher. Kengo began thrusting his massive 16 incher deep into Gunzo, while Gunzo began to furiously masturbate his own 16 incher as hard as he could. They kept this up, speeding up. Kengo’s moans and groans got louder and deeper. Meanwhile, Gunzo tried his best to contain Kengo’s rod while concentrating on his own. They kept it up, for about 2 more minutes until both men felt like they were about to unleash their storm. As they kept it up, their balls churned, their torsos readying for the biggest bust ever. Both men closed their eyes. Kengo clenched his mouth, hands and feet. Meanwhile, Gunzo gripped his cock tighter. And almost in an instant, both men released the biggest orgasm humanity had ever seen. Ropes exploded and sloshed out of Gunzo’s cock, while a massive waterfall rushed into Gunzo’s mouth from Kengo’s dick. Their orgasm lasted a whole minute. Gunzo tried swallowing as much as he could, but fell short as he choked and gagged, pulling his mouth away from Kengo’s cock to release some of it out. The floor was absolutely drenched in cum. Kengo kept splattering volumes of semen onto Gunzo’s face. Meanwhile, Gunzo was trying to swallow all the cum he had in his mouth. After a minute, the two had calmed down enough to concentrate for a bit. Their cocks had stopped leaking of cum, yet they remained hard. It appeared that they still craved more. Kengo put out his right hand to Gunzo to pull him up. Gunzo grabbed on and stood up. But due to the slippery cum filled floor, he fell straight onto Kengo. Luckily, Kengo’s strength was enough to stop them from falling. They were basically hugging each other right now. Previously, they would have mauled each other, but right now, they embraced the hug. They closed their eyes, feeling the warmth of each other’s bodies. The feeling of sticky seed glueing them together. Their long cocks pressing on their abs. The hot shower waters cleansing their bodies while providing more warmth. It was a blissful moment. But they were still hard, they needed to cum one more time. As Gunzo had submitted to Kengo by sucking his cock, it was time for Kengo to be dominated by Gunzo. Kengo turned around and bent forwards. Gunzo’s cock was extremely hungry, shaking violently while close to Kengo’s ass. Gunzo was a bit scared, while he was a natural at oral, he was afraid that he might be bad at sex. But he couldn’t hold onto it anymore, and Kengo was begging for Gunzo’s cock. Gunzo pushed his cock in slowly. The tightness of Kengo’s ass, and the sensitivity of his Gunzo’s cock, made him immediately squirt precum into Kengo. Kengo felt the liquid spurt. Kengo had experience anal before, but never has he had precum that contained more volume than regular cum in his ass. This made Kengo begin to leak his own pre. Gunzo then pulled out his cock. That one thrust was enough to send the men leaking. Gunzo then begins his second thrust, then third. With each new thrust, Gunzo became more comfortable and Kengo moaned louder. Soon, each thrust became faster and more violent. Somehow Kengo was able to handle all 16 inches. The two men are getting sweatier and hornier. Their panting and moaning and groaning are getting heavier and deeper. It was all too much. Soon, Gunzo began to wrap his hands around Kengo and started lifting him off the ground. Gunzo was now thrusting him while Kengo was off the ground. Gunzo pulled and pushed Kengo as hard and as deep as he could, trying to pump as much of his cock into Kengo. Each thrust was powerful enough to create sound. Each thrust caused both men to leak more and more cum. The two men were sweating profusely. Their eyes clenched, teeth gritted. Gunzo gripping harder onto Kengo’s muscular and hairy body. Their moans and groans are getting louder. The floor was piling up with precum and cum mixture. Kengo, already pleased by Gunzo’s cock, now decided to stroke his own cock. He grabbed his own cock with both his hands and began working it. It was so huge, he was unable to fully wrap it around with his cock. He worked on it while Gunzo pumped his ass. Gunzo had never felt this dominant before. Usually he was a nervous jock who was scared of romance. Now here he is, destroying Kengo’s asshole. Minutes pass by as their never ending sex continues. They were so horny, so utterly entranced, they couldn’t possibly be able to relieve themselves. They kept going and going. While pressure built up within their churning balls and stomach, it was still long before they would cum. More minutes passed as they continued. Soon, the pressure building up was almost at their limit. They could feel it coming. What happened during their time with oral now pales in comparison to the chaos that is about to erupt. Both of them knew it. The churning of the balls, the pressure in the body, the pleasure from the sex. It was all too much. And during one last thrust, both men roared out the loudest moan in the world, sending a shockwave across the toilet. Both Kengo and Gunzo’s cocks were like a dam had exploded. Thick, violent streams of cum had burst out from their cocks. Kengo began spraying his cum 3 meters forward, with pressures so violent it cracked the wall. Meanwhile, Gunzo was polluting Kengo’s ass with his seed. Their orgasm lasted well over 5 minutes. They could not stop cumming. So much viral seed had covered the showers. The room smelled so toxic from the high concentrations of cum. As their orgasm ended, Gunzo pulled Kengo from his cock. Kengo held against the wall, weak from the anal. Gunzo wrapped his hands around Kengo’s body and gave a sweet kiss onto his cheek. Their cocks had finally settled down. They were okay. Now to finally wash the room of their cum and actually finish their shower. The two men decided to clean the cum first. It was a much harder task than expected. They hadn’t realised how much cum they had produced. It appeared that they produced more cum in those 3 sessions than the amount of volume in their body. The floor and walls were completely drenched in cum. Their feet were not even visible on the ground. Luckily there were cleaning supplies around. It took them a while, but eventually they managed to clean all of it. While doing so, they had a nice time bonding. They hadn’t realised how much they had in common. Mostly the conversation was about their time while The Game was still happening. After all, they had different experiences with MC while the game was running. As they finished, they went for their shower. This time, actually cleaning their bodies properly. As soon as they were done, they finally dried up, and went off. But while they were busy fucking and talking, they had completely forgotten about MC, who fell asleep on one of the benches. It appeared that about 2 hours had passed by since they were in the toilet. Still no one else in the building. They felt bad for abandoning MC for that long when it really should have been a 20 minute shower. The two hulking men decided to wake MC up, who, from the shock, immediately fell from the bench and hurt their back. MC was grumpy. They got up and rubbed their eyes, trying to access their location. Once their mind was slightly clear, they saw the two men, looking refreshed. They shook their heads, trying to defog their brain. Once fully alert, they noticed the clock that moved 2 hours ahead. They got confused, then confused. They started scolding the two men, asking where they were. All they got from the men were flushed faces and said they had to fix the plumbing. MC was extremely skeptical. These two men weren’t exactly the brightest people, so they didn’t create a very convincing lie. Their blushes indicate something embarrassing happened. But MC didn’t want to possibly bring up any bad memories, so they brushed the thought away. They thought whatever that happened probably wasn’t even all that interesting anyways. MC then announced it was time to decide which one of the two men that MC is going to date, in the loudest possible voice they could muster. It was after all, a huge momentous occasion. However, the recent happenings in the showers had made the men forget about why they came to the gym in the first place. Their eyes widened and looked at each other. None of the men wanted to explain anything. Both men thought that a polyamourous relationship could work out between the two of them. But neither had the guts to even say it to MC. The sheer embarrassment, and the weeks of non stop poking fun, it was all too much to bear. So the two men kept their mouths shut. Maybe the other can try to explain to MC. But as MC began to investigate the final sizes of the two men, they had realised the other wasn’t going to speak. And they were probably too deep into stopping MC. Once MC is focused on one thing, they aren’t gonna stop until it’s done. As the inspection came to a close, MC had made their final decision. Gunzo was going to be the one they dated… Kengo looked appalled. Gunzo looked happy on the outside but had some feelings of sadness. Kengo felt a burning anger building inside him. All feelings of warmth and love from that shower session were immediately drowned with hate and jealousy. Gunzo, noticing this rage, felt that maybe the shower sex was also a one time thing. After all, they were just rivals. The whole point of going to the gym was for MC. But it appeared that Gunzo had won. And he fully embraced it. Pumping out his chest with a smirk, he was proud to be declared winner. MC clapped and cheered for Gunzo, meanwhile trying to reassure Kengo that it was alright. Kengo looked away, clenching his fists. There must be a way to be bigger than Gunzo. Somehow. He had to find a solution as quickly as possible before he loses his partner to his rival. Suddenly, an idea popped up. It was a crazy one, but one that might work. He quickly summoned his sacred artifact, his belt and began reciting. "Role of the Barbarian, Rule of Infinitude, I call upon your infinite power, give me all of it! Give me infinite size, strength and power!!!" With that, a flash of light glowed from his belt. Kengo tried his best to come up with a fitting spell that would allow his Rule to grow him. But as it turns out, the incantation proved to be a lot more potent than he realised. Electricity sparked from the Sacred Artifact. It appears that the Rule is malfunctioning. The Rule and Sacred Artifact was now using all of its infinite energy to grow Kengo. He knew something went wrong. He only wanted to grow slightly bigger just to beat Gunzo, but now, with all the power surging through him, he felt like he was going to explode. MC and Gunzo were shocked to witness what was happening. They thought the incantation wouldn't work. But as the sparks grew brighter and Kengo screamed louder, it was clear that the infinite energy and therefore, infinite growth, was leaking out. Gunzo immediately pushed MC away behind a wall. Kengo's sacred artifact blew up, covering Gunzo with Kengo's infinite spell. It appeared that Gunzo was to grow as infinite as Kengo. But Kengo, as the original wielder, will grow much bigger. As the light dimmed, MC took a peak. Both men were glowing yellow before it too faded. MC was unaffected by the blast. But it was clear both men were hit. Soon, the two men were breathing heavily. Sweat coming from their bodies. They were panting and groaning. Their dicks were hardening. It was an all too familiar feeling. Their growth shall finally commence. MC stood up and stared in awe. The two men were growing extremely fast. The seams of their clothes were tearing quickly. Their groans got deeper and deeper. Their muscles were swelling so fast, it tore and popped out from their clothes. Their shoulders touched each other from how big they were growing. Their muscles fought for space as they expanded as much as they could. They kept growing, pushing through all the gym equipment away easily as though they were just toys. Meanwhile, MC was fearing to get smacked by any of those heavy gym equipment. Kengo and Gunzo were growing too fast. Among all the Growers that The Human, now MC, had created, they knew that these two were going to grow bigger than the Natural Limit. A new loophole had to be found. It appeared that the Rule of Infinitude’s effects had malfunctioned. Due to its nature, it was meant to give infinite power to the user. However, based on the size of the vessel which hosts it, only a fraction of its power can be used. But as Kengo wished for a bigger body, the Rule had cast an infinite growing spell on Kengo, thus making him not only grow infinitely big, but infinitely powerful. MC may have found the loophole as when Kengo grows to be as big as the Natural Limit, the Rule may be able to overtake it and make him grow bigger than the Natural Limit, for as infinitely as possible. Because of this, there could be a bigger Natural Limit. As Gunzo isn’t the wielder of the Sacred Artifact and Rule of Infinitude, he would be affected less and thus won’t grow as big. As the men grew bigger and faster, more gym equipment was thrown from the force of their growth like sand. It was a sight to see. Not wanting to be hit by the Equipment, MC quickly tried to find the safest spot to hide in. They quickly accessed their surroundings. While a weird idea in concept, if MC were to climb onto the men, they would be safe from any damage. After all, nothing can hit MC if the men’s bodies shielded MC from any destroyed objects. But the men had grown so fast, so thick and beefy, and so tall, it was hard to spot any place to climb on them. Fortunately, their cocks had grown so much that it had provided MC the perfect ledge to climb on. Their cocks were so long, they fully tore off their pants and underwear, quickly exposing them. MC had to be quick, before their cocks start hardening to the point where MC can’t reach them. MC quickly rushed to Kengo’s cock. He seemed to be growing slightly faster than Gunzo, and so did his cock. This created a better climbing space for MC. MC began to reach onto Kengo’s cock. Even though it completely rested on the floor, the thickness was almost twice as long as MC’s height. MC grabbed on, feeling the heat of Kengo’s cock. They could hear Kengo moaning louder as his cock stiffened. The sound of Kengo’s deep groan had made MC hard too. But MC was losing their grip with the stiffened cock of Kengo had made it much harder to climb. MC quickly tried to climb as fast as they could. But the pressure they put onto Kengo’s cock had made it harder than ever. In a split second, Kengo’s massive cock had risen up as far as possible, with the cock head reaching Kengo’s own head. Due to the sudden movement, MC was thrown quite high into the sky, and fell down onto Gunzo’s cock. As MC fell onto Gunzo’s cock, he too felt extremely pleasured from it. His cock immediately hardened. It swelled and grew. Not nearly as instant as Kengo's growth. So MC wasn't thrown around like a ragdoll. MC held on tight as Gunzo cock expanded and rose. Like Kengo, Gunzo's cock head had met his own head. MC As the two men watched as their cocks were very much in sucking range, they got hungry. While their sudden growth has made it super hard to move around, they barely need to move in order to suck. They stared at their cocks, trying to not fall for it. They were trying to not think about how sexy it was. How powerful they feel. How big they were. How much they feel like growing more. But those thoughts kept rising in, their lust ever increasing, their growth speeding up. Soon enough, their cocks started rumbling and leaking of precum. It looked so good… As their brain rewired such that the thought of growing bigger, stronger and more powerful escalated, they two men craved more growth, and grew. As their cocks swelled in girth, and sexual desires running rampant, their cocks rumbled further, leaking more precum than ever. They began salivating. While Gunzo was fond of swallowing Kengo's seed, he never thought to try out his own. And while Kengo had multiple sexual experiences after he turned 18, he too never tried his own cum. It was now or never. The two men dug in, shoving their cock heads right into their mouths. They sucked as hard as they could, while also stroking as hard as they could too. MC was on the base of Gunzo's cock watching above in awe as they saw the self oral in action. MC got harder too. It was an extremely hot sighting to see. The two men sucked and stroked faster and faster, their growths accelerating. They hadn't realised how much they grew. They were too busy sucking themselves off to notice anything. And neither did MC, who too was lost in their own thoughts. The men's growths had begun to cause slight destruction in the gym. Their muscles heaving and swelling so much that the seams of their clothes began to rip apart. For now their cocks only burst through their pants. But now their growth has caused massive damage. Their clothes hung onto dear life, trying their best to contain the growing beastly muscles from within. The space in the gym had begun to feel tight. Their heads reached the ceiling. Both men had to bend down not to cause more damage. But they could feel their growth accelerating. They both stood on opposite walls, trying to give each other room to grow. Their moans grew louder as they kept feeding on their cocks, sucking and stroking as hard and as fast as they could muster. Pre violently spilled from the cocks. Their mouths, faces, cocks and bodies coated in the translucent serum. The gym floors and equipment too were being soaked by their pre. They kept going, faster and faster. Their cocks began to bend as they grew faster than the rest of their beefy bodies. But that didn’t mean their bodies weren’t growing that much. Their muscles had grown so big that their wide back and lats began to hit the other ends of the gym. Their pecs were growing so massive that they heaved and drooped forwards. Each pectoral muscle was stretching twice as long as MC was tall. Their nipples, hard and leaking out milk, were as big as MC’s head. Their pecs also covered half of their stomachs, shielding the view of their boulder sized abs. They were hard as steel, and took up MC’s torso each. As their lats spread out far, their arms were massive as well. Their biceps were almost as thick as their pecs. Their triceps are just as big. Their forearms swelling so huge that MC couldn’t even wrap their whole body around them. Their traps and neck rose higher and higher, reaching above their own heads. Their heads begin to drown within all that mass. Their view being blocked by the surrounding muscles. Their thick legs were 1.5 times thicker than their triceps and biceps combined, allowing them to at least be able to carry themselves when they stood up. But their muscles and height were not the only thing that grew. As MC was sitting down on the base of Gunzo’s cock, they marvelled at the growing man. They held onto Gunzo’s body, so that they would not fall. But Gunzo’s skin felt off for a moment. Suddenly, MC’s hand felt like it was enveloped by something bushy. As they looked down, they were surprised. Gunzo, a man with absolutely no body or facial hair, was beginning to bush up tremendously. MC watched as their surroundings were now growing bushes of pubic hair, creating a sort of grassy field but with red hair. They turned around and witnessed that it wasn't the pubic region alone that was affected. Gunzo was going through a bigfoot phase. Happy trails began to form along the crevices of his abs, trailing upwards onto his beefy pecs. Those massive shelves spouted dense layers of hair, utterly covering the skin completely. From underneath his pits, he was growing dense armpit hairs too. His arms and legs were also beginning to fluff up as well. And it wasn’t just him. Kengo was growing hair as well. And because Kengo was already somewhat hairy in the first place, he outbeat Gunzo on the hair part as well. His entire body is completely coated in lush brown hair, making him appear very barbaric. It added to his size as his hair kept growing longer and longer. It was completely unreal. The hairs were growing faster and faster, trapping heat and sweat into their bodies, causing them to be hotter. Their musk too began to waft all through the entire gym. Their musk caused them to become hornier and hornier. Their growth accelerated from it. Soon enough their bodies were starting to touch each other. Their bodies began to push all the gym equipment out the building. Pedestrians outside quickly noticed the cracking walls of the gym. The glass windows break, only seeing skin and hair. Everyone began to run away from the scene, fearing for the worst. An evacuation plan had gone underway. Every native and transient running from the scene as the Rule of Infinitude began to malfunction worse. Many rescue teams teleported all the residents away from the scene, possibly away from the entire Shinjuku ward itself. The power levels radiating from the gym are unprecedentedly high. As the Game had already ended, no one would be tossed to the exception plane once their powers were too much. As there wasn’t a system to limit infinite powers, and the enclosed space of the Tokyo walls was gone, only time can tell how powerful the malfunction can get. The two men were growing faster than ever, and the spaces left to grow within the gym were getting smaller. Both Kengo and Gunzo were moaning and groaning. They were so completely lost in their thoughts that they forgot what was happening. The once competitive state they were, to fight for MC’s love forgotten. The once hatred for each other dissipated. The two stared at each other, mouths dripping with cum. Their cocks touched, and that alone set them off. The pleasure from their cocks rubbing sent another surge of growth. They moaned again, utterly unaware that MC was still there. MC was getting terrified. While their growths sure were hot, they were getting scared that they might drown. They could feel the pre levels rising slowly, hitting their ankles. It startled MC because they were already high up on Gunzo’s pubic region. The pre level was probably twice as deep as they were tall. And since pre is somewhat viscous, MC would probably not be able to swim properly. They tried to climb onto Gunzo, using the thick bushes of his happy trail to climb up the body. It was hard to climb. It was like climbing a steep mountain, but it constantly rumbles as well, causing you to lose balance at the same time. As the two men grew, they got closer and closer together. The space is getting tighter and tighter. Their cocks touched each other, growing and rubbing against one another, only making it more pleasurable, causing their growths to accelerate. The cocks at full mast, stretching upwards. Their cocks grew bigger and thicker, pulsing higher and higher. Despite them bending down to not crack the ceiling, their cocks couldn’t be bent. So their cocks smashed straight through the ceiling, bursting towards the second level. Higher and higher, both of them smashed through the third level, then finally, bursting out of the building itself, sending torrents of pre onto the streets. The two men goan, their voices getting deeper and deeper. Their moans sounded like screams of pain, but it was all pleasure. Soon, it wasn't only their cocks that were touching one another. As their pecs swelled to insane sizes, their cocks were jammed right into the cleavages of their pecs. Their pecs smush against one another as well. With very little space to grow, their pecs only crash harder against one another. The squeezing of their pecs unleashes something new that the two had never had before. From their fat nipples, milk started to pour from it. Their jugular was producing so much milk, and the pressing is causing it to pour out. The two men moaned. Their nips were extremely hard and sensitive. The rush of milk pouring from their tits was like if they were cumming from their cocks. The two men screamed. Their pecs were growing much faster than the rest of their bodies. Their pecs swell with muscles, fats and milk. Their skin stretches to their very limits. Their nipples were getting more sensitive. The rush of milk only pleasured their nips more. It grew longer and harder. It was becoming extremely obvious they were not proportional to the rest of their bodies. Gunzo began to work on his nips, squeezing them as hard as possible, trying to push the milk out. Meanwhile, Kengo wasn’t able to reach his nipples at all. His pecs were much bigger than Gunzo’s. In a desperate attempt of rushing milk out, he used all his force from his mighty arms, and crushed both of his pecs against each other, trying to send torrents of milk from his hefty tits. As always, the pleasure from their cocks and nipples only skyrocketed their growths. And it wasn’t just that as well. The malfunction of Kengo’s Rule was starting to worsen. As it stands, Kengo is able to wield more of the Rule’s power the bigger he gets. Due to the malfunction causing him to grow, he was able to receive more power. But with Gunzo affected too, his growth accelerated as well. The lighting shooting out of Kengo’s Sacred Artifact was getting more potent and more frequent. The sparks shoot and surround both bodies causing them to surge higher and higher. No doubt if any transient or native was around the gym they would have been struck too and grown. But MC was safe due to them being able to rend away the effects of Infinitude. Soon their bodies had amassed so much growth, that they couldn’t hold on any longer. The walls cracked. Their muscles pushing out of the walls. The chilling breeze on their skin sends a cold chill against their bodies. Meanwhile the central point of the gym was extremely hot from all the growing. Kengo grew much faster, and his head began to hit the second floor first, utterly destroying his half of the second floor. Gunzo soon joined in, and the second floor was demolished. All the gym equipment fell off onto them. The weight of steel, feeling like mere pebbles dropping on their skin as they dropped down to the first floor. Meanwhile MC was trying their hardest not to get hit by anything. It was hard to see how Gunzo’s sweat and hair was making it impossible to move around without tripping. Soon more of their bodies broke out of the gym. Then entire walls utterly decimated. But it left their bodies room to breathe and grow. Meanwhile their heads broke through the third floor, then the ceiling. Suddenly, with all their force, they pushed out of the gym, sending every bit of wall, ceiling, floor, and objects careening across multiple buildings. Cars were smashed, windows broken, walkways cracked and dented. But at least now the two men were free. They stood up slowly, trying to gain movement. But they were nearly immobile. Their muscles were so utterly huge they could barely move, let alone turn around. Their legs were spread apart far because their balls and cocks were taking up most of the spaces below. But slowly and surely, the two safely stood up. Not before destroying more property along the way...
  4. bbmikenj

    growth Santa's Muscle Son Willy

    Santa had been married ten times before he had a child. All of the women were mortals, and even though Santa's magic seed gave them a much longer life than most women, after about 150 years, the Mrs. Claus's would pass on, and Santa would soon find another one to take her place. Santa had his needs. Santa had found the current Mrs Claus in the early 1960's, in the former East Germany. She was a 20 year old shot putter on the East German Olympic team, where she had been put on a long list of secret 'supplements' since she'd been a teen, and her intense workout regiment had built her up to a rock solid 235 at 5'8". She'd looked like a female version of Marcus Ruhl. Santa had always liked his women big, and since he had been fooling around with testosterone and gh since the 50's, he'd was drawn to her extreme muscularity. None of his other wives had been able to get pregnant because Santa's seed was too strong for them. When the current Mrs Claus got knocked up, Santa figured that all her supplementation must have altered her DNA, even down to her unfertilized eggs, and after many years of trying for multiple times a day, it took. Santa finally got a son. Willy Claus, they named him, and it was clear from the start that he was going to be special. By the time he was two, he was wrestling the elves, who, despite being small, where strong for their size. Willy never lost. By the time he was five, he could wrestle three of four of them at once. Willy would laugh and laugh as he pinned one elf after another. Sometimes, the elves would get a little pissed off at never being able to beat the little fucker, but they hid their frustration, since they all loved the powerful kid. They would help him workout, which he also loved to do, and by the time he was ten, he was doing leg lifts with five elves clinging to each of his legs. They would cheer him on as they pulled down on his legs as hard as they could to keep them from rising up and down, but to no avail. This was how he started to develop an 8pac that looked liked stacked up bricks. When he was in his early teens, Santa gave Willy two young reindeer bucks for him to raise. Not just any reindeer, either, but ones that Santa had been working on the breeding for size and strength for several generations. Even as young bucks, they were thick with muscle. Their big haunches rolled with size as they launched into the air. The other reindeer wouldn't let them play reindeer games with them, they were too strong. But Willy loved their size and strength, and used them for his workouts. He named them Brawny and Bruiser. He had the elves make tethers for their harnesses, and he would take one end in each hand, and pull them back and forth as they tried to charge away from him in opposite directions. This made Willy's biceps and forearm swell and grow tremendously. And it made his reindeer grow bigger and stronger, too. He would also put them on his big shoulders and do squats with them. This made his legs grow and grow, and as the reindeer got heavier and heavier, his legs grew even more. By the time he was 18, he could wrestle both reindeer to the ground. The big powerful animals loved it when their master played with them, and afterwards, Willy would be so turned on by his massive pump, that he would go to his room, and as he posed in his full-length mirror, he would spread his magic seed all over the polished floors. The elves would come in and use the floor as a slip-and-slide, and the magic in the seed made their muscles grow, and soon their arms had busted thru their sleeves, and as they made their toys, their big muscles would rippled and swell. They would flex between toys, and laugh and laugh. The North Pole had always been a happy place, but it was much more so now that Willy was around. This Christmas, Willy turned twenty-one. He was taller than Santa, with golden blond hair and sky blue eyes. He looked like a bigger, more heavily built Dennis Wolf. Santa sometimes felt a twinge of jealousy over his son's prodigious size, since he had worked so hard to build his own arms to 24" of flexed steel, and now Willy's reindeer-curling arms were 25", cold and unflexed. Pumped and flexed hard, they swelled to over 30" of veiny muscle, with nearly an inch deep split running across the top of the peak. His reindeer were fully grown, and looked like two myostatin-free beasts of muscle on muscle. How they could still fly puzzled even Santa. And yet they flew higher and faster than any of his reindeer. Willy told Santa that he wanted to use them this year and spread some Christmas magic. "You want to pass out gifts?" Santa asked, his huge GH gut jutting out in his red thermal undershirt. "Not the usual gifts. Something better." Willy stood proudly in his red 5XL UnderArmour compression shirt, every rippling muscle showing thru the shirt like he was a specially made oversized mannequin. "Better than gifts??" said Santa. "Ho Ho Ho, boy, it will have to be pretty special to beat gifts!" Santa's big pillow-sized pecs flexed up and down as he laughed. Yet despite his size, he now felt small next to his superbly muscled son. But he was so proud, his twinges of envy never lasted long, and Santa gave Willy his blessing to go out and spread good cheer. So on Christmas Eve, Willy harnessed up Brawny and Bruiser, and trotted them out for all to see. Santa said, "Maybe we'll pass each other tonight sometime," as he readied himself for his own journey. "I don't think we'll be going to the same places," answered Willy. There were no toys in Willy's sleigh. Santa wondered what his powerful son had planned. And Willy did have plans. Big plans. His first stop was North Korea, where he flew in for a visit with the blessed leader Kim Jung, who was sound asleep when Willy stole into his bedroom. Willy used his magic to pull the covers back, and then began to work on himself in order to spray his magic seed. The sight of the pudgy, unattractive leader made it hard for Willy to get it up, so he looked away, and thought of how his delts and arms felt after using Brawny for overhead reps. The thought of that intense pump got Willy going fast, and he sprayed his seed all over the Korean. Willy climbed out onto a windowsill and watched as his seed soaked into the feisty ruler. As it did, his body began to change. His bloated chubbiness started to melt away, and muscle took its place. The leader woke up and realized something was happening to him. He got out of bed, and realized that his gout was causing him no pain. He didn't need his cane to walk. He went over to his mirror and saw more muscles growing and more fat disappearing. He couldn't believe his eyes, which, to his amazement, where turning blue. Then he watched as his hair turned snowy white. He pulled down his pajama bottoms and saw that his legs had morphed into big quads and calves of pure muscle. He looked like a Korean version of Hidetada Yamagishi! He stood in awe, staring at him magnificent physique. It made him harden up to himself, and then he realized that his dick had grown to three times its old size, and was now 6 inches (which might explain a lot). And not only did he look amazing, he felt amazing, too. He felt a joy and happiness inside him like he'd never known. Gone were all the feelings of anger and vengefulness. Instead, he was flooded with the desire to make his people truly love him. He flexed in the mirror, and nearly wept at what he saw. He would truly be a deity to his people now, with his massive muscles, white hair and blue eyes. And he would be a benevolent one, too, bringing prosperity and freedom to his people. Willy flew out of sight as the altered leader set about making plans to free all the political prisoners from his Gulag-styled prison camps. Then he would cancel his country's nuclear bomb program, and contact South Korea about normalizing relations. No more demilitarized zone, he promised, as he raised his arm and kissed his own 21" peak. Then he ordered a copy of "The Interview", which, when he watched it, he would laugh and laugh. "Those crazy American stoners," he would chuckle, as he curled 120lbs dumbbells. In the coming years, he could go on to have many sons, all of whom would grow to be extremely muscular and benevolent leaders of their prosperous nation. Meanwhile, Willy made his way to Moscow, where he dropped in for a visit with Putin. He sprayed the Russian leader the same way that he had done Kim Jong. Putin woke up as his sagging man-boobs were hardening up and thickening with muscle mass. He got up and watched in his mirror as more and more muscle grew on him. His hair thickened in too, and turned snowy white. His beady, reptilian, icy blue eyes stayed blue, but changed into a warm, deep blue Caribbean color. His muscles grew more and more youthful and densely packed, and soon he looked like a Russian version of Ronnie Rockel. Putin beamed with pleasure. Wait until his judo sparring partners saw him! He flexed in the mirror and grew hard, and realized his dick had doubled in size and was now 8 inches. And, like Kim, a warmth grew inside him, one of peace and joy, like he had never felt in his life. Now naked, he waddled like a true bodybuilder over to his hot line. He ordered the return of Crimea to the Ukraine, and the withdrawal of all his troops from the border. What was that all about anyway, he wonder to himself as he hung up the phone. Then he sat down and wrote up a decree than would turn the Olympic village of Sochi into a giant gay mecca, his huge forearm muscles rippling as he wrote. He looked at himself in the mirror now and then, and while, still straight, he could understand the attraction a man could feel for a man now. He loved his newly striated pec slabs, and he bounced them back and forth in the mirror, and he laughed and laughed. When his wife woke up and gasped at the sight of him, he got back into bed with her and made love with his new size and power, driving her wild with passion. He had never made love to her with such warmth before, and it made her eyes roll back in her head. And when his seed exploded inside her, she felt the warmth spread inside her, and she would become more youthful and beautiful than she had ever been. By that time, Willy was on his way to his next stop. Pakistan. He was not going to visit a singular leader there, he had other plans. He had Brawny and Bruiser soar high into the stratosphere over the country, and he stroked himself until he shot a huge load of his magic seed into sky. It spread and spread and spread, and crystallized in the air, and then began to fall down onto the cities and villages, like the whitest, softest snowfall ever. Men all over Pakistan ran outside and looked up. As the crystal flakes hit their eyes and beards and faces, it melted in, and the men felt themselves changing. Their hearts swelled with a joy they had never felt. Their hair and their beards turned white. And their muscles grew. And their dicks grew. They flexed out of their clothes and laughed with amazement. They called to their wives, who came running out in their burkas, which, as the snowfall fell onto the heavy black cloth, changed to white lacy fabric that made the women feel freer than they'd ever felt. Their husbands embraced them as equals. People wept and sang in the streets. Soon, the evil-doers of the country heard the commotion. The leaders ordered their men out onto the streets to shoot anyone who dared sing or dance. When these men went out into the street and saw what was happening, they called to their leaders to come out and see. The leaders saw the streets filled with heavily muscled peasants, and ordered their men to scoop up as much of the special snow as they could and eat it. Then, they thought, their men would grow bigger and stronger, and would take over the country even sooner than they'd hope. As their men ate the snow, the leaders stood and let it fall all over them, then waited for their growth to start. But the blackness in their hearts made this impossible. Instead of growing, they began to contract and shrink, and like the wicked witch of the West, to shrivel down and down, until they were each reduced to a lump of coal. The children of the villages and towns ran out and gathered as much of this coal as they could, and gave it to their mothers to use in their cooking stoves. And Christmas magic made these lumps of coal burn for years and years without needing replenished, bringing warmth to the hearths of many Pakistanis. And the food cooked on these stoves made the men bigger and more muscular, until many of them were as jacked up as Zack Khan. They would flex for their wives or each other, and enjoyed utter and complete joy. And with all the evil ones gone, there was no more terrorism in the land. What was that all about anyway, thought everyone, looking back. Meanwhile, Willy made his way over Afghanistan. Would he have enough magic seed to spread over them to have the same results as Pakistan? It was such a big, sad country, and he had already sprayed such copious amounts. Only time would tell.
  5. Ultrabeef

    Story - Natural Nathan

    Natural Nathan By Ultrabeef “So I just need to call out another one of these pussy-boy fraudsters. First it was Lukas Daren, the drugged up German fitness model who is taking the internet by storm. Then it was Kendal Kenyon and his “Natural Workout System” when this fool is as far from natural as possible. And now this moron! This dude Zack Vasco posts on his Instagram how ‘hard work and eating right got him the bod he has’ and how he is ‘totally natural’. Yeah right! Natural my ass! Have you seen this over muscled freak show?! I’m so sick of these obvious steroid users pretending that they are natty! And these pussyboy fraudsters all live and train clients right in this city! If you see these douchebags on the street, give ‘em hell! And god forbid if you are a client of theirs, demand your money back! You will never look like them unless you get in touch with their drug dealer roid supplier. Tell them ‘nice try fraudster! You’re not even close to natural!” Ok, guys & gals, that’s all the time I have for today. If you are interested in my authentic Natural training plan, click the link below. And I will continue to call out the bs crap these simpletons spout online. This is Nathan Lindy, and you’re watching “Natural Nathan” make sure to like and subscribe so you won’t miss any great content. Nathan Lindy hit stop on his webcam and sighed. He really enjoyed calling out these fitness dudes on his YouTube channel. Nathan was studying Exercise Science at the local university and had been a personal trainer at Planet Fitness for two years. He knew how hard it was to build muscle as well as the limitations of natural training. It just pissed him off that these big muscle dudes would continue to post online about how natural they are or how training hard and eating right got them the ripped physiques they possessed. Nathan knew it was all just bullshit and he made it his business to expose these ‘fraudsters’ as he called them. His almost 500,000 subscribers ate it up too. They loved him owning these fitness dudes online. Nathan was a nerdy looking guy himself, despite his major and job, he was an average college hipster. His clear framed glasses and longish curly brown hair definitely signaled that he was a college dude (as did the messy apartment seen behind him in his videos). He wasn’t fat but he wasn’t thin either. He did have some decent muscle tone but his abs were hidden by a bit of a beer gut from too many pizza slices and cold ones after training clients at the gym. What Nathan couldn’t have known is that at this very moment, on the other side of town, a group of these so-called “fitness fraudsters” was getting fed up with his online shenanigans and was about to start plotting their revenge. “Fuck this asshole!” Zack snarled as he clicked stop on the newly posted “Natural Nathan” YouTube video calling him out as a fraud. The jacked Latin bodybuilder threw his iphone into his duffle bag and stormed out of the gym locker room. The fact that Nathan was right, Zack Vasco WAS on gear, was beside the point. Who did this nobody think he was? Calling ripped Zack Vasco, the obvious choice for 1st place at this year’s Men’s Physique Competition, a pussyboy and a fraudster. This Nathan Lindy jerk didn’t know who he was messing with. Then he heard a ping from his gym bag. Fishing out the phone Zack saw he had a new text from fellow bodybuilder (and Nathan Lindy target) Kendal Kenyon. Kendal was a huge black bodybuilder who had just won his pro card at the Jr. Nationals. “Hey Zack. I saw Nathan’s post. I have a plan to deal with this dick once and for all. Meet up at my place at 7pm?” Zack texted back “Sounds good”. And headed to his Mustang convertible in the gym parking lot. At 7pm Zack pulled up in front of Kendal’s apartment building and jogged up to the door. Before he could knock, Kendal pulled the door opened and smiled “Hey bro! Looking huge dude! Come on in”. Zack took in the sight of Kendal, he was simply massive wearing only basketball shorts that did little to hide his massive bulge. Zack was a big guy himself but Kendal definitely dwarfed him. “Do you know Lukas?” Kendal motioned to another huge bodybuilder who was sitting on the sofa. “Um, no. We’ve never met but I know of him” Zack reached out his hand to the big blond on the sofa “Hey bro! I’m a huge fan!”. The big blond grinned and shook Zack’s hand “Thanks man! You coming along nice” his thick German accent rumbled as he squeezed Zack’s bicep. Zack blushed for a second, praise coming from Lukas Daren, the current IFBB Mens’ Physique pro was enough to keep him motivated for the rest of the year. Kendal cleared his throat and started the hastily called “meeting”. “As you well know, this little fucker Nathan Lindy has been making a lot of money off of trashing the reputations of the three of us.” Zack and Lukas nodded in agreement. Kendal continued “well, I think it’s time this asshole gets a taste of his own medicine”. “What you have in mind?” Lukas asked punching his palm with his fist, “we kick his ass?”. “No, no nothing like that” Kendal laughed, “we show him what it feels like to be us”. Zack and Lukas looked confused. Zack swallowed hard and then offered “But he is right, we aren’t natural. But we can’t SAY that publicly or we’d lose all our sponsorships and clients” “Oh absolutely” Kendal grinned flexing his ebony bicep. “But, if we make him like us, he won’t be able to mock us?” Lukas reasoned. “Exactly!” Kendal grinned. “Now, here’s the plan…” Nathan was straightening up his dingy apartment since he was expecting a visitor at any moment. He had already gotten in his workout and trained his clients at Planet Fitness, after finishing his university classes for the day. After a quick shower, Nathan had changed into a white polo that hugged his fairly fit torso, maybe hugged his small gut a little too much. The tan khakis and flip flops completed the look. Nathan ran his hand through his long curly hair, took one last look in the mirror, and sighed. Just then there was a knock on the apartment door and Nathan opened it, assuming it was the reporter from the student newspaper, whom he had been expecting, to write an expose on his meteoric success. Imagine his surprise when three hulking bodybuilders, the three whom he had openly mocked online, were standing at the door. “Wha…?” was all Nathan could get out before they rushed him, shoving him into the apartment. Like lightning, the three big men pulled Nathan's arms behind his back and tied them with a length of rope they had brought with them. “Let go of me! I’ll call the police!” Nathan screamed in terror. “Shut up bitch!” Lukas slapped Nathan across the face, “you’re in no position to call anyone”. Kendal maneuvered a gag into Nathan’s mouth “There, that’s better”. Tears started to stream down Nathan’s cheeks as he was totally at the mercy of these three huge muscle bros. “You think that you have the right to trash us online fag?” Lukas growled dangerously. “Who the fuck do you think you are? I have a reputation and clients to think about!” Zack grunted, getting more upset by the minute. “I think it’s time this little pussyboy gets a taste of his own medicine” Zack smirked dangerously as Kendal pulled a syringe filled with blue liquid out of his bag and quickly jabbed it into Nathan’s arm. Lukas pulled the gag out of Nathan’s mouth. “What the fuck?! What was that?!” Nathan felt light-headed as the drug flooded his system. “It’s time for you to be a little less natty bro!” Lukas purred. Nathan felt a tremendous pressure building in his chest and arms. As he looked down at his sweat soaked shirt, Nathan could feel his body changing as his pecs started to swell causing his chest to strain his polo and his beer gut receded into a cut 6 pack. “Oh fuck…” Nathan moaned as his voice lowered. “Let’s see what that shot did” Zack grinned as he jerked Nathan up off the sofa. Nathan flexed his big bicep and ran his hand over his cobblestone abs.. “Oh shit! What did you do to me?” Nathan moaned in a deeper baritone, “I look like one of you guys.” “What did you guys do to me?!” Nathan whimpered. “You mean what are we GOING to do to you?” Lukas grinned an evil smile as he pulled a glowing green vial from his gym bag. Zack and Kendal did the same. “As good as you look, you could still pass for natural like us” Kendal smirked. “Yeah, bro. We can’t have there be any doubt about how much of a roid-pig you are” Zack laughed. “No, guys! Please, I’m...I’m sorry. I didn’t know how awesome it felt to be ripped. I won’t make fun of you ever again. In fact, I’ll make a full retraction on my show tomorrow.” “Oh, you’re gonna do that in any case, pig” Kendel growled dangerously. “But, you’re going to see what it really feels like to not be natural first!” Kendal jabbed a syringe with the glowing green serum into Nathan’s bicep and pushed down the plunger. Zack jabbed his syringe into Nathan’s ass emptying its contents. Lukas jabbed his syringe into Nathan’s pec and released the glowing liquid. “Oh fuck guys! What have you done?! I don’t feel so well…” Nathan moaned. As he grabbed his stomach in pain and rolled around on the floor moaning, the three studs quietly left Nathan’s apartment, their work was done. The next day there was a new post to “Natural Nathan”. Lukas, Zack, and Kendal eagerly gathered around Zack’s iPad in the gym locker room. The “Natural Nathan” logo swirled across the screen and a shadowy figure could barely be seen on the screen. The figure, who filled the screen with his broad shoulders, was wearing a hooded zip-up with the hood up over his head. The lighting was very dim and the room behind him looked to be in disarray. “Hey bros” a deep bass rumbled rather slowly and dumbly “This is Nathan...um Nate...and I uh, want to start today by saying ‘sorry’ to all the dudes I ever made fun of on my show. Especially Lukas Daren, Kendal Kenyon, and Zack Vasco. Those bros, are totally natural dudes. Trust me. But, um...I’ve got a confession. I’m not natural at all...anymore.” With that the figure of Nathan Lindy turned on the lights and Lukas, Zack, and Kendal (along with Nathan’s thousands of followers across the world let out a collective gasp). The room behind him was trashed, with smashed furniture and cum-soaked clothing strewn around. But there, filling the screen in front of the mess, was a massive bodybuilder who bore a slight resemblance to Nathan Lindy. His face was full and bloated with bad acne and the scruff of a beard. His long hair was thinning on the top of his head. A thick bull neck and shoulders supported his small looking head. As Nathan unzipped the hoodie that strained to contain his body, two massive pecs came into view. Nathan’s puffy nipples were hard and had obvious bitch tits from steroid abuse. His abs were a hard-distended roid gut that he could never hide, no matter how hard he tried to suck it in. Nathan stood up and adjusted his webcam to show his huge thighs and tiny dick sticking up proudly in his grey underwear. As he turned around acne covered his thick back and freakish arms. “So, dudes. What do ya think? I like it!” Nathan flexed his veiny arms and started rubbing his swollen nipple as a low moan escaped his lips and a clear wet stain started to appear on his underwear. “I’m changing the name of my show to “Not-so-Natural Nate” and I’m doing cam shows if you dudes are interested in worshiping this big, sick roid bod. Hit me up bros!” Nate smiled dumbly at the camera and then clicked it off. Immediately his follower numbers began to drop as Lukas, Zack, and Kendal smiled at each other.
  6. garrix

    mind-control Unstoppable

    My first story submission on here. Chapter 1: “I can’t stop growing” Jonas muttered between mouthfuls. My mouth was hanging open in disbelief ,I was giving the strangest interview of my life. The man in front of me was this overly-muscled, hairy, half-naked monster. The same guy who only a year or ago had been a top player of a New York City gay kickball league and maybe 180 lbs at best. Now he was enormous, closed off and holed up in his Brooklyn apartment. Jonas hadn’t shaved in weeks, his dark hair had grown long, flowing onto his rounded shoulders. And he sat there in only tight boxer briefs, his bloated, heavy muscles on full display. Normally I’d be turned on by a massively muscular guy, by this monumental hypermasculinity, but instead I was growing concerned. Here was a man who had ballooned up into a massive roided bear of a man in one year, seemingly in denial about it. From a respectable athletic guy into a freakishly beefy offseason mess in one year! “All I’ve seen you do since I got here is eat” I replied. “You’ve been eating non-stop since I got here almost an hour ago.” “I can’t stop. You don’t understand, it’s not a choice.” He replied in frustration. Jonas looked like he was eating some sort of thick gruel, but he assured me it was oatmeal and protein powder. He apologized for his shirtlessness, claiming he was too big for his clothes.. I was tempted to believe him. His once lean build was now so overblown, roided out to an almost grotesque degree that I was amaze he still fit in his apartment. Jonas’ hairy and ample muscle gut sat in his lap as he ate. Massive, fur covered pecs loomed over it, looking like heavy slabs of muscle. His tremendously muscular arms tensed and flexed with each movement. I imagined he had to weigh somewhere north 300 lbs by now. In my whole life I had scarcely seen a man as large. I was a part time writer covering gay sport events for the New Gotham Weekly, a local gay publication. Sports had always been a little passion of mine, and I figure this would be a fun and light side-job. Something to do in my spare time. I had actually met Jonas when he lead his kickball team marching in pride two years back, when he was a different man. He was popular, a 20-something handsome gay boy with jet black hair and a permanent Five O’Clock shadow. He could have stepped right out of some telenovela. And then I met him again when his team won the big kickball division match.I even made a little feature about it. And before all this, he was so classically good looking. When I heard that “hot Jonas” had dropped out of kickball to do bodybuilding it piqued my interest. I decided that I wanted to know what had happened to him. Sightings of him last year in town confirmed that the one-time 180 pound scenester had developed into a serious bodybuilder, and he continued to get bigger and bigger as the months went by. But it had been about 6 months since anyone had even seen him out or heard a word from him. He had cut off communication with his friends, his family. No one knew what was going on. Only the most minimal of communication had been returned. Someone told me he was “concentrating on his bodybuilding career”. That's when I came in. I found his email and I contacted him saying I wanted to interview him, thinking it might be interesting to do a story about a former leading kickball player who’d turned to bodybuilding, and write a bit about life as a bodybuilder, maybe he’d look hot with all the extra muscle, I thought- but I had no idea what I was getting into. Jonas was now this enormous shut-in. He had apparently quit his job, stopped talking to friends, stopped using facebook and only left his cramped one bedroom in Brooklyn to hit the gym. And here I showed up thinking this would be some sweet little puff piece about a particularly sexy ex-kickballer turned bodybuilder. Jonas looked me right at me with these soulful eyes when I asked him about his disappearance from the scene. “I couldn’t explain to people what was happening to me. I couldn’t explain why I had to go home, why I had to go to the gym. My friends were freaking out about the changes, but no one could stop it from happening. The nagging, the comments, it just made everything worse. I couldn’t be around those people anymore, it was too… stressful.” Jonas shifted his substantial weight and lifted his hulking body out of the chair. He lumbered towards the fridge to grab something else to eat. He pulled out a prepared meal of rice and chicken and began shoveling food again. “How long have you been living like this?” I asked. “It started a little over a year ago. It wasn’t serious at first, I thought. I just started eating all the time and my training went into overdrive. I really liked the muscle I put on the first few months. But then the injections started” “Injections?” I asked “Yes, injections. And that's when I really started blowing up. I felt like I was growing larger every day. I stopped liking it. I stopped wanting to get bigger. Right around the time I hit 220 I realized I was getting too big even for kickball. I tried to stop growing, I did everything I thought of, but I can’t stop. Nothing can make me stop” “If you don’t like it, why’d you continue with the injections?” “I told you already” he said, flustered, “I can’t stop” I scribbled some notes to look busy, buying time. “Are you going to try and compete?” I asked sheepishly. I saw a little hint of temper rise up in his eyes “You don’t understand. I don’t want this, I never wanted this” he said, gesturing down at his massive pecs. His rounded shoulders bulged and flexed with each movement of his arms. Jonas was still eating and I was more puzzled than ever. “If you don’t want to get bigger... why do you keep eating?” I asked again, halfheartedly expecting a different response. “Listen, This is not possible. I don’t control this, like I said. I’m eating but I can’t stop. it won’t stop.” That's when I started feeling a little alarmed. I was tempted to try something, but I was unsure how’d he react. “Well what if I…” I said, reaching over to grab the tupperware out of his hands. His huge, powerful build immediately shifted and pulled away, out of my reach. “No, even if you tried, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from taking it back.” No doubt, I thought. This man could crush me in a fight. I sat there trying to let his words weigh on me. What I had halfheartedly expected to be a small, potentially fun fluff piece about a former gay kickball captain was turning into something else entirely. His compulsion, this all-consuming obsession with eating and lifting, could it really be entirely outside of his own mental control? I paused for a moment and an unsettling silence hung in the air of that stale apartment. “Have you seen a psychologist?” I asked in a gentle tone. “It wouldn’t do any good” he quickly snapped back. “This is not a natural thing, this is a curse.” Jonas had finished scarfing down his meal and sat up quickly to grab more food. I couldn’t help but be surprised by how quickly a man of his size moved. “You’re going to outgrow that kitchen” I said to him half jokingly, hoping to lighten the tone. “I’m outgrowing everything.” He sounded deadly serious. “I have no clothes that fit me anymore. I can’t run anymore and everything feels smaller.I don’t know when this is going to stop.” “If you’re upset about getting bigger, why haven’t you seen a doctor about it? Or a phscolo…” “I told you already” he interrupted. It’s just not going to happen.” He sounded more defeated than angry. “Ok, just tell me how you got into this lifting then” I asked patiently. I never thought i’d actually sit for a serious interview for my part time job. “I’ve been lifting for years. But this. All this… “ Jonas said, gesturing at his huge build. “This started last year. I met a man, an older guy. We were out at a bar. A big guy, muscular, older. We were chatting in the bar. I admired his muscles and then he told me he’d love to see me bulk up. I thought it was a weird comment so I just started to ignore him. He was really persistent, telling me he wanted to see me get huge and all this weird stuff. I mean, I liked his arms, he must have noticed, but then he just latched on. I don’t know what happened, but not long after I noticed I was eating a lot. It was subtle at first, but I just found myself eating, and cooking and I started taking up lifting seriously. I don’t know what he did to me. I still can’t figure out how he did it to me, but he’s made me like this.” Jonas had a seriousness to his voice that startled me. Here in front of me was a gargantuan overfed, overgrown bodybuilder who I knew was lifting on his own and eating endlessly on his own, and yet, there was a total conviction in what he said. He didn’t own any responsibility for his current actions, something that made me worry for his own mental state. “So if you quit your job, how are you paying for this apartment and all this food?” Jonas paused a little before taking another swig of a protein shake. “I have a donor, he’s paying rent. I get food delivered.” “Who’s the donor. Is it the guy you met? the older gentleman?” “I…. I might be saying too much.” He muttered. Then Jonas leaning his bulky torso in close to mine. I felt the heat coming off his huge body. “Listen” he whispered “I don’t want anything else to happen. Maybe we shouldn't talk about this.” When I felt his powerful arm against my shoulder I got chills down my spine. This man was huge, and probably out of his mind. I took that as my queue to leave. The guy had gone insane with steroids. That was the only conclusion I could think of. I thanked Jonas for his time and I politely mentioned that I would never publish anything without his approval, fully knowing that I had nothing to run anyway. Headline: Young gay man gets addicted to steroids, loses his fucking mind. Nah, that wouldn’t work. I headed back home to finish a little feature about Roller Derby girls. I had to get back to my real job too. I tried to shrug off the encounter with Jonas and go about my work that week, but on Thursday, a full week later, I got an email from him. He wanted another interview. “I have to tell you what's happening because, I don’t know what's going to happen to me. Lets meet this weekend.” I wanted to ignore it. This Jonas kid was blown up so big that he go into a rage and really hurt me if he wanted. Part of me was too attracted to the idea that this might be a chance for some real journalism, or at least a juicy story. That following Saturday I found myself walking up the stairs of Jonas’ Brooklyn brownstone.
  7. bbmikenj

    Muscle Cousin Eddie, Finale

    Eddie and Vinny stood face to face on the mats. Well, almost face to face. Eddie was about a head taller than Vinny. "You look a lot smaller in person than on TV," Eddie said, looking down at the pro wrestler. Then he flexed his huge chest. His pecs were three times thicker than Vinny's. "I'm gonna mess you up good." Vinny rolled his eyes. He'd fought his share of big amateur goons before in wrestling training camps. At 225lbs, he was limber enough to avoid most of their power moves and finesse his way to victory. None of them had quite the extreme development of the goon in front of him now, though. The kid had to be carrying 350lbs of hard trained muscle mass. Eddie had pulled the straps of his singlet off his big shoulders, and now started to pull the singlet down over his massive quads. When he stepped out of it, he was only wearing a pair of UnderArmour square-cut briefs that were stretched so tight by his huge glutes that they almost looked gauzy. "Jesus," muttered one of the guys watching from the edge of the mats. "OK, guys," said Jack the promoter. "Let's mix it up a little. Don't hurt the kid, Vinny," he said with a slight chuckle. Vinny leaned down and grabbed Eddie around his thickly muscled abs. Eddie grabbed Vinny back, lifted his feet off the ground, breaking his hold and slamming Vinny to the mats with a heavy thud. "Oh yehh," said Eddie, mockingly. "I got more strength in my little pinkie than you do in your whole body, little dude." Vinny got quickly back to his feet, and began to reassess the situation. But before he could, Eddie stretched out his huge arm and clotheslined Vinny right across his chest with his 19 inch forearm. Vinny spun in the air and landed hard, his face to the mat. "Get up again, so I can knock you down more," Eddie said, straddling the stunned pro wrestler. As Vinny looked up at him, Eddie put his hands on his hips and flared out his monstrous lats. I watched from not far away, in a folding chair on the gymnasium floor. I could see Eddie's nostrils flaring and his breathing deepen, like a prize bull right before it gores the matador. Eddie looked bigger than ever. He seemed to be growing just from the adrenaline rush of beating up a pro wrestler with ease. When he flexed his arms into a double bi shot, the peak that rose up was higher than I'd ever seen it. Vinny got back on his feet, but was already unsteady. Eddie reached out with one big hand and grabbed Vinny's by the left side of his traps. "As much as I love lifting," said Eddie, pulling Vinny into him, "my favorite thing to train is my grip. I work it hardcore, sometimes two hours of pure grip work. You feel it, little dude?" Vinny let out a "ghhhaaaaa" sound, as Eddie tightened his hold and dug his thick fingers into the smaller man's trap muscle. "Ha," said Eddie, "I'm just getting started. That's about 10 percent of my grip pressure. See?" And he squeezed some more. I saw Vinny's knees start to buckle. Eddie shook him back and forth some, then lowered him to his knees. Vinny tried with both his hands to break Eddie's grip. "There's no getting out of this hold, bud. It would take you and three of your friends to even get close." And he squeezed harder. It must have taken everything Vinny had not to piss himself at this point. Eddie pulled him back to his feet, lifting him by his trapped trap muscle alone. Higher and higher, until Vinny was on his tiptoes, and then, Eddie flexed his free arm in Vinny's face. "Look at the size of my arm, dude," sneered Eddie. The huge arm swelled up, big as Vinny's head. "Kiss it," ordered Eddie, and he pulled Vinny by his trap until his face was smashed up against the swollen belly of his big biceps muscle. Vinny kissed it. "Heh heh, yeh, dude, taste like power, don't it?" Eddie licked the side of Vinny's neck. "You taste more like sugar, little dude." Then he straightened out his free arm and shook out the ham-sized upper muscles. He reached down and grabbed the waistband of Vinny's jeans. He pressed Vinny overhead and started using him for military presses. Up and down he went, rep after rep, and I could see Eddie's pecs and delts reddening with pump. Suddenly, he let go of Vinny's trap and shifted all his weight to one arm. He started using Vinny's 225lbs bodyweight to do one-armed triceps extensions. Eddie's shoulders and arms grew bigger with every rep. And as he held Vinny straight up overhead, his triceps popped out thick and heavily striated. Then he switched Vinny to his other arm, and used him to get an equally huge pump on those tris. Finally, he dropped Vinny to the mat and flexed over him. "Check out these horseshoes," he said, admiring his own huge tris as he flexed them rock hard. He stopped flexing, reached down, and grabbed Vinny by his ankles. "Your ears look cold, dude, lemme warm them up with your feet." He lifted Vinny's legs straight up, then bent them down toward Vinny's head, climbing down on top of him in a full mount, and pushing Vinny's legs down until his feet were pushed against his ears. Vinny struggled, but was pinned down solidly by 350lbs of strength. Eddie started to ride him around the mats like he was pushing a plow, his huge glutes and legs rippling with muscle as he moved Vinny around like a ragdoll. Vinny looked panicky, and tried tapping out by hitting Eddie's side. Eddie ignored the taps, except to say, "Hit me harder, little man, it just makes me feel bigger and stronger," and bearing down on Vinny with more of his weight. Suddenly, I heard a deep baritone voice from behind me. "Maybe your friend should pick on someone his own size," said the voice. I turned and looked, and saw a huge swarthy behemoth of a man right behind my chair. "Whooa," I said, and went to move away from him, but he put his thick index finger on my shoulder and pressed me back down in the folding chair I was in. The sense of his power sent a chill down my spine. I got a better look at him, and realized he was not a young man, probably in his fifties, but still enormously, powerfully built. He had on an unbuttoned flannel shirt, and his huge barrel chest thrust its way out of the front, thick with a pelt of black and gray hair. His hard, hairy roid gut pressed up against my head. "Maybe it's time for someone to teach him some manners," he said. His neck had to be 25" around, and thick with cords of muscle. He smelled like leather and cigar smoke. He had dark fur running down the back of his huge traps, like he was half gorilla. He put one powerful hand on the back of the empty folding chair next to me, and crumpled the metal under his fingers. "I have a pretty good grip, too, no?" All I could do was swallow hard. The guy looked like he weighed 400lbs and had never missed a day of training in fifty years. He lifted the folding chair and bent it in two, then in two again, then tossed it aside. He lumbered his way down to the mats, where Eddie was riding Vinny all over the mats. "Beg me to stop, man. Beg me," Eddie was saying to him. "I'll make you stop," said the massive older man, stepping onto the mats. Eddie looked up and got a big grin on his face. "Now we're talking," he said, pushing himself up off of Vinny. His upper body was pumped huge from working over the smaller pro wrestler. His arms jutted out at 45 degree angles. His huge pecs were blotchy red and bloated so full that even his stretch marks were stretched. "Bring it on, old man," he said. I noticed veins that I hadn't seen before throbbing across his upper pecs, into his delts, and down his huge arms. He clenched his fists, and even more veins popped out on his club-like forearms. The big older man pulled off his flannel shirt and tossed it. Even Eddie had to take a second to soak in the extreme massiveness of the guy. He was taller than Eddie and thicker all over. His roid gut might have been 45" around, but you could still see the ridges of his ab muscles even thru his fur. His nostrils flared as he took another step toward Eddie. "Whoa whoa whoa," said Jack, the wrestling promoter, jumping on the mats and stepping between the two huge musclemen. "I'm glad to see you here, Might Beast, but the two of you are not going to fight unless it's on TV and we're getting paid! I'm talking pay-per-view money, two freaks like you going at it, no holds barred." The Mighty Beast grabbed Jack's belt and curled him off the ground till they were face to face. "Move," said the massive wrestler, and then he casually rifled Jack into the row of folding chairs right in front of me. Vinny rolled off the mats and came over to see if he was alright. The two massive musclemen eyed each other up and down. Then the Beast flexed his arms into the air, and his huge biceps peaked up high. Eddie smirked and flexed back at him in the same pose. He bounced his arms up and down slightly as he squeezed them higher. The Beast stepped into Eddie until their two roid guts were touching, the older man's rounded brick abs covered with fur, and the younger man's ridged muscle wall bulging out smooth and shiny with sweat. They pressed into each other harder, and their massive chests pushed together nip to nip. Both smirking now, the big Beast put his fists to his waist and flared out his back. Huge lats splayed outward. Even through his back fur, I could see big mounds of muscle rolling up and tightening. Eddie cocked his head and copied the older man's pose, his lats spreading out inch for inch as wide as the Beast's, and the multiple heads of his deltoids jutting upward and outward. "Geezus," muttered Vinny, in awe of the muscle mass on the two monsters on the mats. "That freak of nature is really your cousin?" he said to me. I simply nodded back, being somewhat star-struck by just how handsome Vinny was in person and up close. The Beast took one step back from Eddie and said, "Hit me, boy." He kept his hands on his waist, and heaved his supersized chest outward even farther. "Oh fuck yeh," said Eddie, bringing his right arm up overhead, then slamming his forearm into the pro wrestler's big chest with a force that would have shattered a normal man's sternum like Turkish taffy. The Beast didn't budge. Eddie smashed into the big man's chest again and again. It didn't seem to faze him at all. If anything, it looked like the blows were just making his chest swell bigger. "Sweeet," said Eddie, as the big man's ape chest absorbed his forearm smashes. "Now do me," he said, jutting his own massive pecs out as far as he could, the two smooth mounds rounding out like medicine balls. The big older man smirked and raised his thick meaty arm high, then brought it slamming down onto Eddie, who didn't budge. "Nice," said Eddie. "Do it again." The Beast pounded Eddie's chest over and over, just as Eddie had done to him, and Eddie's Herculean pecs absorbed every one of them. Welted and reddened, his chest was swollen bigger than ever. "Now punch my gut," said the Beast. "Try and make me feel something this time." Eddie swung into the big man's rounded, hard ballgut, which didn't even dent, but did make the powerful massive wrestler take a step back. "You got some good strength for a young punk," said the big man. "You want to form a tag team with me?" "Do what?" asked Eddie. "Team up together. The two of us are genetic freaks. Together, we'd be unstoppable freaks." The Mighty Beast crunched his arms forward into a most muscular pose. "Man, that would kick ass," said Eddie, flexing back with his own most muscular. The two men's noses were almost touching as their nostrils flared and muscle bulged out all over their massive bodies. "Sure would. We'd kick ass all over Japan, make a fortune." On hearing that, Jack limped his way back onto the mats. "No no no, not Japan...here. You could make a fortune here..." "Japan would be awesome," said Eddie, completely ignoring Jack. "Yep," said the Beast, also ignoring Jack. "They love huge American muscle over there. You'll be a superstar in no time. And the two of us, training together, we'd be 500 plus pounds each in no time, too, tossing Japanese dudes around like playthings." "Aw fuck yeah, man, I like the way you think. Hey Cuz," said Eddie, turning to me, "you hear that? I'm moving to Japan." And so it came to pass, that, after getting his passport, Eddie moved to Japan and formed a hugely successful tag team with the Mighty Beast. Ironically, Vinny the Viking and I hooked up back here in the states. I followed him to his venues whenever I could, and we started lifting together. With Vinny's help, and the help of some of his special supplements, I got to 240lbs of rock solid muscle. Vinny grew to 290, and became a big success in Jack's up and coming wrestling league. Who would have ever seen it working out like this, just because I let my musclehead cousin move in with me? Vinny and I the two of them on youtube now and then. They bill themselves as The Beast and the Freak, the first tag team weighing over a combined weight of 1000lbs of pure power. It riles both of us up, watching the two mass monsters demolish their opponents with such cocky glee. Who knows, maybe the two of us will form our own tag team one day.
  8. spacevlad

    Away Game: Chapter 2

    This is the second and (as of now) final chapter of the story. In this chapter, Adam and Wyatt explore their feelings for each other. Lots of sex and growth ensues! “What are you doing?” Wyatt rumbled softly. Adam retracted his hands and then froze, holding his breath. “Were you touching me?” Wyatt asked. “It-it was an accident, I was just, uh shif ting around, and—“ “Uh huh. Hmmm little buddy,” Wyatt slurred and then reached over to Adam. “What are we gonna do with you, hmm?” the big man rumbled and then reached for Adam. Adam tried to back up but was already on the edge of the bed. Wyatt’s huge arms wrapped Adam up like he was tackling him, and then the big lineman pulled Adam closer into a tight, warm, fleshy embrace. Wyatt squeezed Adam into a bear hug and pressed Adam’s face against his chest. “Yeah come here little guy,” Wyatt whispered. “Damn, you’re so skinny,” he said and humped his waist forward, rubbing the titanic bulge in his shorts against Adam’s stiffy. “Yeah, I thought so,” Wyatt hummed as he rubbed his bulge against Adam’s. “You like big guys, don’t you?” Wyatt asked as he squeezed Adam harder. “Y-yes,” Adam grunted as the most beautiful man he’d ever seen ground his giant body against him. “I’m sorry, you’re just so BIG and I, I, I just wanted to see what it felt like, and—“ “Shhhhh, little guy, you’re in luck. As it turns out, I love skinny little guys like you,” Wyatt breathed as he moved his lips closer to Adam. Adam could taste the beer on Wyatt’s lips as they kissed, their tongues wrestling, Wyatt’s thicker lips and mouth dominating Adam’s. They kissed for what seemed like forever to Adam until Wyatt pulled away. “How’s that, little freshman?” Wyatt said with a grin. Adam was speechless and just sighed in relief and pleasure. Wyatt’s huge left hand explored Adam’s skinny frame, reaching lower, running over Adam’s ribs and hips until he felt the meaty handfuls of his kicker’s bubble butt. “Ohhhh fuck yeah,” Wyatt rumbled as he felt Adam’s perfect, round ass. His huge paw took handful and squeezed, his fingers sneaking into the crack of Adam’s ass. Adam returned by rubbing his hands hungrily all over Wyatt’s chest, shoulders, and arms, feeling every inch of bulky muscle packed on the college senior. Wyatt tensed and flexed his muscles to show the power he had over the diminutive kicker. “You like that? All that muscle? You wanna feel?” Wyatt rumbled as he shifted his weight and pinned Adam on his back. “You like all this size?” Wyatt said as he straddled Adam and flexed his big arms, 22” of thick power, exposed hairy pits radiating his jock BO stink into the room. “Oh fuck yeah, ever since the first day I saw you at practice I couldn’t believe how big you were, fucking huge,” Adam breathed as he reached up and rubbed Wyatt’s huge belly, which was pressing down on him. “Aww yeah, the first time I saw you I knew I watched your skinny little ass, couldn’t wait to stretch you out on my thick cock,” Wyatt drawled as he pressed his hard bulging cock against Adam’s shorts, knocking on the door to Adam’s thigh hole. “Oh fuck, yeah, big man, do whatever you want to me, so much bigger and stronger than me, do it,” Adam whispered and Wyatt growled in response. The big man stood up at the end of the bed, shucked his shorts, and then spat into the palm of his hand. He reached down and started stroking himself, his dick 8 inches long and nearly as thick, a huge red mushroom head slick and hard. His pecs and arms and traps tensed as he pumped his cock harder, his huge thighs fighting for space against his swelling balls. He was hairless, totally smooth and sweaty, slick and glistening in the moonlight filtering in through the blinds. Adam ripped the sheets and covers off the bed and got in position, stretching his flexible legs over his shoulders and spreading himself wide. “Aww fuck yeah Adam, such a furry hole, look at that, perfect fucking, ooooh yeah,” Wyatt growled as he slipped a slick finger inside Adam and rubbed it around. “Gonna stretch you out SO good bro, you’re gonna be feeling it for days, I promise. Most guys can’t take my cock… can you?” Wyatt said as loosened up Adam while staring right into Adam’s brown eyes. Adam just groaned and moaned louder, the big lineman’s fingers already making him feel things I had never felt before. He looked up at the monster jock towered over him, thick muscles tensing, lineman gut jiggling slightly, swollen cock throbbing and leaking. “Yeah here it comes bud, get ready,” Wyatt whispered as he got back onto the bed, the mattress shifting and groaning as his 360lb bulk straddled the little kicker and he pushed his cock relentlessly inside. Adam groaned and Wyatt clamped a huge hand down over Adam’s mouth, silencing him. “Shhh bud we can’t have the rest of the team hear us,” Wyatt growled as he pushed his cock in even deeper. “Ohhhhh fuck yeah,” Wyatt whispered as he pushed in all the way up his balls. Adam could feel the big tight balls pressing against his ass. He looked up at his enormous buddy with his mouth agape, then nodded for more. Wyatt slowly pulled his cock out right up to the ridge of his mushroom head and then slammed back in with a grunt, like he was slamming into someone on the football field. “Uuunnnnnggggg,” Adam said as quietly as he could, still shocked that this was happening. The huge lineman grabbed Adam’s ankles and held them in place as he thrust in and out of Adam. “Oh my god bud you got SUCH a tight hole for me to fuck, don’t you,” Wyatt rumbled as he set Adam’s ankles on his shelf-like shoulders and pecs. “So fucking tight for my big thick dick, huh” Wyatt said as he increased the pace of his fucking. “Uhhnnnngggg yeah big guy, fuck me, fuck me Wyatt, holy shit, so big!” Adam said as Wyatt rode him, pounding in harder and harder, all 360lbs of his bulk crashing into him. “YEAH fucking right so huge, gonna grow more and more too huh, big fuckin’ monster jock pounding you GOOD,” Wyatt breathed as his lips and mouth tensed. He pounded away relentlessly, slamming his heavy bulk into Adam’s tight hole, stretching it, ruining it, sending shockwaves of pleasure through Adam’s entire body. Minutes went by with the only sound being Adam’s muffled groans, Wyatt’s determined growls, and college jock beef slamming together. Wyatt’s eyes squinted together and he twitched. “Feels so good, big top pounding his little freshmen kicker, hell YES,” Wyatt boomed and his face contorted in a tight expression as he exploded into Adam. Adam felt the heat of his lineman buddy filling him up, making him feel complete for the first time in his life, felt pressure surging inside. Wyatt groaned and grunted and pulled out, cum dribbling onto the sheets of the bed as he stood again at the end of the bed, his huge thick red cock bobbing and dripping onto the floor. “Your turn now, little guy,” Wyatt rumbled and he climbed back on top of Adam, this time at a different angle. “What, what are you, whoooooooooaaaaaaaa,” Adam breathed as Wyatt slurped up his rock-hard cock into his mouth. It did not take long for Adam to explode into Wyatt’s mouth and for the hungry jock to slurp up every drop of Adam’s seed. “Mmmm nothing like a midnight snack,” Wyatt grinned as he scooted forward until he was laying next to Adam once again. “Come here, little guy, you’re all mine now,” Wyatt said as he wrapped his huge, strong arms around the kicker and pulled him in until he was spooning him. “Wyatt, that was amazing,” Adam said as he felt the warm breath of the senior blowing against the back of his head. “Shhh little guy, just go to sleep now and let me wrap you up,” Wyatt said as he squeezed Adam in his arms. “I got you now.” Adam just smiled, euphoria still tingling up his spine and ass from being freshly fucked, and they both drifted off to sleep. -- Adam woke up still being gripped tightly by Wyatt’s huge arms. Massive scarred-up forearms seemed to cover most of his torso, and Wyatt’s beefy pecs pressed against Adam’s back and neck uncomfortably. Adam shifted and wriggled a bit, trying to escape Wyatt’s grip, but found that he couldn’t. It was enough to rouse the sleeping giant though. “Hey there little guy, good morning,” Wyatt purred, his deep voice sounding soft. “Well, that was fun last night huh?” he asked as he squeezed Adam from behind again. “Uh huh, it was… incredible!” Adam said and pushed himself against Wyatt harder, his ass pressed up against Wyatt’s morning wood. Wyatt shifted away from Adam and reached his arms up to stretch. His huge body stretched longer than the length of the bed and his arms actually bumped against the headboard. Annoyed, Wyatt grunted and stood, looking a bit… different. “Whoa, what the… is the room smaller than I remembered?” Wyatt asked, reaching up to scratch his chest. Adam turned to look at the beefy lineman and his jaw drawed. Wyatt was noticeably bigger. Several inches taller and much more muscular, he looked more like a professional wrestler or strongman competitor than a chunky offensive lineman. He still had an ample belly and soft extra padding, but he looked harder, bulker, bulgier, more muscular everywhere. “W-Wyatt… you… are you bigger??” Adam asked in confusing as he scrambled out of bed to compare his own size to Wyatt. Wyatt waddled over to the bathroom, his heavy steps shaking the entire room, and looked in the mirror. Adam turned the light on, and Wyatt took a deep breath and drew himself up to his full height. “Well holy shit, I’m DEFINITELY bigger than last night! What the fuck,” the big senior rumbled, his voice deeper too. “I look fuckin’ AWESOME!” he said and he raised his right arm up to flex. His huge bicep exploded with thick, round muscle, a vein throbbing down the center of it. “How the fuck did this…happen!?” Adam stammered as he snuck around Wyatt—who had completely eclipsed Adam from the mirror—and started exploring every inch of beef on Wyatt’s huge body. “I don’t know, bud, but I feel amazing… I’m gotta be almost a foot taller than you and at least 100lbs bigger,” Wyatt said as he flexed every way he knew… he tensed his traps, which merged with his bull neck, he brought his fists together and saw his pecs pulse with thick powerful muscle, he shook his thighs and watched the massive quads solidify into rock-hard beef as he flexed. Wyatt’s huge cock throbbed and stiffened up fast, poking out into a raging boner as he watched himself flex and watched his little buddy worship his growing body. He turned to Adam, grabbed underneath the kicker’s arms and lifted him up, and made out ferociously for over a minute. “Oh fuck yeah, this is bigger too!” Wyatt purred as he reached down to squeeze his cock after detaching from Adam and letting him down to the ground. “You wanna get down there and take care of that for me?” he growled. “Yes sir!” Adam dropped to his knees and opened wide, stuffing Wyatt’s swelling cock into his mouth. Wyatt groaned and wrapped one enormous hand around Adam’s skull, pushing his cock in deeper as he started thrusting rhythmically. Wyatt looked in the mirror, a skinny little twink on his knees choking on his massive cock, a gigantic football monster staring back at him, packed with more size and muscle than he ever let himself dream of having. He flexed his arm and tried kissing it, but there was too much trap and delt meat in the way for him to reach. He moaned and blew his load down Adam’s throat. Adam sucked down all he could and then fell back onto his ass. He looked up at Wyatt towering over him, a huge muscular giant, his body swollen with muscle and fat, and he grinned. “Now it’s my turn!” Adam huffed and he held his hands up for Wyatt. Wyatt reached down and effortlessly lifted the 150lb kicker into his arms and carried him over to the bed. “That’s right little bud, I need more of that sweet cream of yours. This big boy is hungry!” Wyatt boomed and then threw Adam onto the bed from several feet away. Adam scrambled and fell on the bed and was quickly pinned down by Wyatt’s huge bulk. The heavy lineman crushed him until 450+ pounds of muscular football jock, smearing post-cum all over Adam’s chest and flat stomach. “You’re so little, and I’m so BIG, damn we make a perfect pair, huh?” Wyatt rumbled as he grabbed Adam from underneath, pulled him up, and then slurped up the kicker’s comparatively smaller cock. Adam lasted even less time than last night as he watched the giant football stud bob his head back and forth over as he sucked Adam’s dick. How as this real? Adam wondered but ultimately couldn’t think straight as the pleasure radiating through his body. He exploded into Wyatt’s mouth after only a few seconds. Wyatt greedily slurped up every drop, sucking hard to make sure he didn’t miss one, and then stood up. This time the results were more immediate. Wyatt felt a pleasing warmth radiating through his body, starting in his stomach and then pulsing out from there like a furnace. He grunted and groaned and he felt his muscles cramp and tense involuntarily. He winced, took a deep breath and stretched his arms up, and then let out a huge sigh. As he did, his entire body exploded with size. He surged up several inches, his body grew thicker and wider, his muscle ballooned harder and rounder. He took another deep breath, deeper this time, and then groaned, growing and growing right in front of Adam. Wyatt’s arms bumped against the ceiling as he grew, past seven feet tall, the floor creaking under his exploding weight. “Holy shit, Adam, look at this!” Wyatt boomed as he exploded with more size, growing and growing into the biggest damn football player that’s ever existed. He swelled up to strongman size, then powerlifter size, then BIGGER, his body bulging with hard muscle, his gut round and jiggly still but with turtleshell abs swelling underneath. His arms stuck out to his sides as his arms and lats fought for space, and his traps and shoulders blew up taller and wider. He adjusted as his weight as his thighs ballooned thicker, rubbing against each other awkwardly. His calves bulged with more size, absurdly huge and matched only by his huge feet. His cock throbbed hard again, over a foot long now and thick as a beer can. His piss slit flared angrily and the big mushroom head glistened red. Wyatt felt the surge of energy subside and brought his arms together in a most muscular pose for Adam, his massive chest bulging with muscle. “FUCK YEAH!” he roared. His whole body was slick with sweat, and he seemed to shine in the morning light. Wyatt went to the mirror and grunted and growled and laughed as he looked over the changes to his huge body. He looked over at the doorway to the toilet and laughed; there was no way he was fitting in there now. Adam appeared at his side, nestling in under his sweaty, rank armpit. The little guy only came up to Wyatt’s nipples now, and his eyes were even with the top of Wyatt’s huge round belly. “Well, little buddy, whatever’s in your spunk has a pretty powerful effect on me, I’d say!” Wyatt rumbled as he pulled his little boyfriend next to him and squeezed him in a friendly headlock. “I sure am glad we got paired to room together!” Wyatt said. He shifted Adam around and reached under the kicker’s arms and lifted him up; it was even easier now than just minutes before. He pulled him close and kissed Adam aggressively, pressing the little freshman’s body against his gigantic one in a huge bear hug. After a minute, they finally detached, precum from Adam’s leaking cock smeared against Wyatt’s gut. “Me too, big guy… me too!” Adam said with a grin and they kept making out, their cocks throbbing against one another, ready for another round of growth.
  9. spacevlad

    Away Game: Chapter 1

    Hey everybody! I got inspired and finally wrote this idea that I've been playing with in my head for years and years. Many of us have had those crushes in our youths that we just couldn't touch but always wanted to if only we could get in the right situation. For me, I had major crushes on some guys on the football team when I was in college, and I look back and wish I could have just touched them, if not more. This story is an attempt to explore that idea. Adam is a scrawny freshman kicker for a small college in Minnesota. The smallest guy on the team, he doesn't fit in real well and feels pretty awkward around the other, bigger players. On a road trip to an away game, Adam gets paired to room with Wyatt, the biggest offensive lineman on the team, a hulking senior. In chapter one, they get to know each other and Adam tries to control his desire in the tight space of their hotel bed. Adam lurched in his seat as the rickety old school bus trundled down a bumpy road somewhere in rural Minnesota. He was squeezed in next to the window beside one of the wide receivers as the bus sped north towards their away game. It wasn’t until tomorrow, but because it started at noon the team had decided to spend the night at a cheap hotel on Friday to make sure everyone was fresh. Adam was a scrawny freshmen, the backup kicker for a small liberal arts school that happened to have a pretty decent football program. They weren’t D1 or anything, but the team was still filled with athletes, guys who had done well in high school and were good enough to play in college. Most of the other guys on the team were big, 220lb+ and built, lean, fast, muscular, but Adam wasn’t really any of those things. Sure he could aim the ball with uncanny consistency, which had earned him a partial scholarship and all-state honorable mention last year, but Adam was not really athletic. Just 150lb and 5’7”, he was easily the smallest guy on the team and didn’t really feel like he fit in. The bus was hot and musty, and the weather was unseasonably warm and humid for September in Minnesota. The bus was filled to the brim with oversized college jock bros who were loudly talking, playing music, and carrying on. Adam tried to ignore it and pressed his headphones on a little tighter. Finally the bus pulled in to the parking lot of the crappy little hotel they would staying at for the night. It was already sunset outside, and everyone was eager to get off the bus but before they could, coach stood up and yelled for everyone’s attention. He explained that there were only 30 rooms to go around, so people were randomly assigned a roommate for the two nights they were staying. Adam gulped. He didn’t know most of the guys on the team and he still felt pretty insecure about being around so many other big guys he didn’t know. It didn’t help that he had a crush on one player in particular… “Adam!” Coach bellowed and Adam perked up in his seat. “You’re with Wyatt!” People chuckled and hollered at this, and Adam blushed. He turned to look and saw Wyatt looking back at him, grinning. Wyatt was the biggest guy on the team by far; pairing him and Adam together must have been some sort of sick cosmic joke. Adam sunk down in his chair as the rest of the team filed off the bus. Adam slumped his heavy bag down on the floor of the room as he filed in. He was carrying not only his normal luggage but also all his football gear. Admittedly his gear was lighter and smaller than most, but it was still a heavy load. He looked around the room and cringed. It was small and dingy, like it hadn’t been updated since the 80s, with an old TV and cramped bathroom. And… “One bed!?” Adam groaned to himself. There wasn’t much room on the floor to sleep either. Would he have to… share!? Suddenly a shadow engulfed Adam as the light from the doorway was blocked. He turned and Wyatt was filling up the entire doorway. Wyatt was a senior offensive lineman and easily the biggest guy on the entire team. He was 6’1” and at least 360lbs, or so Adam had heard, with a bulky mix of lumpy, thick muscle and a generous distribution of fat. He was wearing a sweat-stained tanktop and blue mesh basketball shorts; his pasty, huge arms were slick with sweat as he lugged his considerably bigger bags in his hands. The weight from his bags made his enormous round delts twitch with muscle; his biceps exploded with muscle as he hefted the bags in front of him and entered the room. “Hey, you Adam?” Wyatt rumbled in a deep but soft voice as he threw his bags next to Adam’s. “Man, you ARE a little guy!” Wyatt laughed. Adam blushed, embarrassed. Wyatt extended a hand. “I’m Wyatt,” he said. “I-I know,” Adam stammered awkwardly as he extended his hand. Wyatt’s engulfed Adam’s completely, and Adam felt the thick, calloused hand squeeze his own until he winced. “Guess we’re roomies, huh?” Wyatt said as he bumped past Adam, his enormous round gut and shelf-like pecs brushing past Adam’s arm. A wave of musky BO sweat followed Wyatt as he passed. “You’re a freshman, right?” he said as he went into the bathroom. Adam marveled as the size of Wyatt’s enormous round ass, wide and powerful, and the spread of his huge back. He watched as Wyatt awkwardly squeezed into the little bathroom, his back wider than the door, his giant shoulders brushing against the frame roughly. “Y-yeah, the backup kicker. You’re a senior, right?” Adam said timidly. A loud stream of piss poured into the toilet as Wyatt dropped trow with the door open and relieved himself. “Yup. I saw you practicing the other day, you’re pretty good!” Wyatt said. Adam was taken aback. The big senior had noticed him? “Uh, thanks man, just something I’ve always been good at,” Adam said as Wyatt flushed the toilet. Adam sat the bed. Wyatt waddled back into the room, his big thighs rubbing together as he walked. He stepped up to Adam and towered over him. “Well it’s good to have you on the team, hopefully I can help set you up for some points tomorrow,” Wyatt said with a genuine smile. He had narrow, green eyes, black hair, and a sharp high and tight haircut. A wispy mustache and chin hair was all the facial hair he could grow, and Adam guessed that Wyatt was probably smooth and hairless under his tight tanktop. Wyatt’s exposed arms were huge, easily over 20” around and solid with hard muscle. His chest stuck out like a shelf, heavy pecs heaving up and down as he breathed, stretching the straps of his tank top until they were taut between his traps and chest. Adam gulped a little and felt his cock chub up as the handsome guy three times his size complimented him. “Th-thanks big guy. Uh, I’ve seen you around too, kinda hard to miss the biggest guy on the team,” Adam said. He couldn’t help but comment on Wyatt’s size. “Heh, yeah that’s me, always trying to get as big as possible. This isn’t nearly big enough to me, I’d love to start pushing 400lb by the end of the year if I can,” Wyatt said, looking off into the distance and flexing a bit. His forearms and upper arms bulged with mass and his traps rose to engulf his neck. “B-bigger!?” Adam blurted. “You’re already like three times my size!” “Heh, well, we’ll see,” Wyatt said and he sat down on the bed too, his soft belly jiggling slightly as he did. It creaked ominously and leaned towards Wyatt’s side. “I don’t want to intimidate any teammates now,” he said and nudged Adam roughly, pushing him off the bed. Wyatt boomed a jovial laugh and extended a hand to help Adam up. “Oops, sorry little guy! Guess I underestimated just how light you are!” Adam was shocked as just how easily Wyatt’s mass had displaced him. “Well with power like that you might intimidate people more than you think!” Adam said with a smile. He noticed just how thick and bulky Wyatt’s legs were from down on the floor, and gulped as the size of Wyatt’s huge feet before he stood up again. “I try to save it for the field,” Wyatt said. “I actually try to be extra nice and approachable outside of football…people tend to be kind of scared of me because of my size,” Wyatt explained. “I can see that, I’ll admit I was kind of nervous when they said we were gonna room together,” Adam admitted. “Oh really? Don’t be, man, it’s all good. Seniors gotta take care of their freshmen, right? We’re all on the same team,” Wyatt as he rose to his full height. He patted Adam on the shoulder roughly. “Besides, I’m a lineman, it’s my job to protect you,” Wyatt said with a smile. “Heh, yeah that’s true!” Adam chuckled nervously. “H-have you always been big?” “Oh yeah, growing up I was always the biggest kid in class, way taller and heavier than everyone. I grew up on a farm, so kind of got that cornfed diet and functional strength from doing chores. I was kind of a fat kid growing up but then I discovered weights and football in high school and here I am,” Wyatt said as he shifted his bulk from side to side. “It’s fun being the biggest!” Adam nodded and then looked over to their single queen-sized bed. “So, uh, I guess I’m taking the floor and you can have the bed?” Adam said nervously. “Naw, the bed is plenty big enough for both of us, I don’t want you on the floor the night before a game!” Wyatt rumbled and moved over to where his bag was sitting. “I mean, obviously I’m gonna take up more room than you, but you can squeeze on there, you’re a small guy,” Wyatt said as he looked Adam up and down with an expression that Adam couldn’t quite figure out. “You’ll be right up next to me.” Adam noticed Wyatt’s enormous bulge in his tight basketball shorts shifting around. “O-ok if you insist, big guy,” Adam said. “Mmm big guy, I always like when people call me that!” Wyatt laughed. He lifted his shoulder pads up out of his bag and set them down on the bed, causing the bed to bounce a little. “Jesus, those are so big!” Adam blurted. “Heh, yeah they had to custom order those for me. Already getting a little tight compared to earlier this season though, the bulk I’m on right now is working great! Put on 10lbs in the last three weeks!” Wyatt said excitedly as he unpacked the rest of his gear. “The school cafeteria is always good for me,” he said patting his gut. “Gotta have them gainz, right?” “Heh, yeah, right, gainz!” Adam chuckled nervously as the big lineman took up more space with his gear. “Let’s go get some food before it gets any later,” Wyatt said as his huge belly rumbled. “I’m starving!” -- Adam and Wyatt had spent more of the evening watching ESPN on the crappy hotel TV and getting to know each other. They talked about they each got into football, what Wyatt’s gym routine was like, foods they liked, and so on. The AC in the room was on full blast but it was still pretty warm, so both guys were in bed without shirts on. Eventually they turned the TV and stared at their phones for a while as it got later. Adam laid next to Wyatt in bed, tense and nervous. Wyatt’s wide frame spread to take up most of the bed, and Adam was clinging to an edge. It didn’t help that Wyatt’s heavy weight made the mattress sink down; Adam had to make sure he didn’t roll towards the middle of the bed and against Wyatt. Adam had to focus to contain the rising pressure in his pajama pants as he tried not to look too much at the bulky behemoth laying next to him. Wyatt was shirtless and hadn’t showered, so his smell permeated the room. He also radiated heat, a massive meaty furnace just inches from Adam. “Alright bud, I’m gonna sleep now. See you tomorrow,” Wyatt said as he turned off his phone and set it on his night stand. He shifted around in bed until his back was turned to Adam. He looked like a huge wall or mountain next to him, taking up 3/4ths of the bed. “O-ok Wyatt, goodnight,” Adam said nervously. Adam tried to lay as still as he could until he heard Wyatt starting to snore and breath evenly. Adam couldn’t sleep. He was raging hard; he couldn’t believe the guy he had such a massive crush on was right next to him, shirtless, sleeping, snoring. Adam could feel the heat and smell the musk radiating off of him, inviting Adam in. Adam couldn’t help but reach out and touch Wyatt’s big back. He was hot to the touch, his thick body soft but solid at the same time. He touched Wyatt’s traps, feeling their hardness and thickness, and then moved his hand up and over Wyatt’s massive boulder shoulder. Adam risked giving it a little squeeze and shuttered as he felt the hardness of the bulky muscle. He moved his arm across Wyatt’s upper arm, feeling the bulk of his huge thick triceps and running his fingers over the curve of Wyatt’s round bicep. Adam groaned softly and arched his back, his cock throbbing. He leaned closer to Wyatt’s sleeping form and breathed in his warm, heavy, musky scent. He couldn’t believe this fantasy was coming true. Suddenly Wyatt shifted, turning around to sleep on his other side, and Adam quickly retracted his hand and went still again. Wyatt settled with his face towards Adam, his chubby round cheeks looking soft as he snored and breathed on Adam. Wyatt’s breath was minty and fresh, and his lips were pouty and soft, with just a bit of a mustache and goatee framing them. His pecs were pressed together as he layed on his side, showing the enormous bulk of chest. He snored louder as he drifted off to deeper sleep, a deep rumbling growl that made his huge chest rise and fall, and Adam knew he wasn’t going to get much sleep that night. He thought about reaching out to touch the lineman’s meaty chest, moving his hand just over it, but couldn’t muster the courage to do it. He didn’t want to wake him and make things awkward. Instead Adam pulled a pillow around his head to try to block out the snoring and tried to go to sleep. -- The next day the game went just fine. Adam didn’t actually play, as he was just the backup, but he had fun watching Wyatt flatten the opposition and move people around easily with his huge bulk and tremendous strength. He had never noticed the way Wyatt really controlled the offense, because he had been so focused on the ball before. The only problem was that it was brutally hot, the hottest day this late in the year Adam could ever remember, and everyone was a sweaty soaking mess by the time they were done. After the game, the team had a post-game meeting, dinner, and then all went out to a movie, and Wyatt mostly stuck with his linemen buddies and Adam kept to himself. Adam sometimes caught Wyatt looking over at him and he would nod or look away awkwardly. Did Wyatt know that Adam touched him last night? What if he had told everyone else on the team? Adam was anxious and self-conscious the entire day. Finally, Adam headed back to his hotel room. It was dark by the time all planned activities were done. Wyatt had gone over to a friend’s hotel room after the movie, so Adam was alone. They weren’t leaving until the following morning, so he just had to wait around. He decided to go to bed early, but was awoken at 11:30pm by Wyatt bursting into the room. “Adam! You should have gone along with me tonight, bud,” Wyatt slurred as he stumbled into the room and slammed the door louder than he probably meant to. “Derrick somehow got a couple cases of beer and we were all playing Cards Against Humanity,” he rumbled as he sat on the bed and slipped off his huge shoes. “I-I didn’t know I was invited,” Adam said quietly, and Wyatt turned and stood up. “Of course you are, little guy! You’re my friend now, so you’re always invited,” Wyatt said as he looked down at Adam, who was shirtless and laying in bed. “Hey why is it so hot in here?” Wyatt said as he started trying to strip his shirt off. “The AC broke,” Adam explained as he watched Wyatt wrestling with his Underarmour compression shirt. “It’s, uh, gonna be kind of a warm one I think,” Adam said but his attention was fixed on the giant lineman exposing his enormous sweaty torso. Wyatt finally slipped the shirt off and stood shirtless and sweaty in the middle of the room. He then proceeded to awkwardly step out of his grey athletic shorts, leaving only skin-tight white compression shorts that left little to the imagination. “Ahh, that’s better!” the big lineman boomed as he approached the bed. “W-what are you wearing?” Adam said, shocked that his crush was about to get into bed wearing nothing but compression shorts. “The only thing that fits me,” Wyatt said. “My boys need plenty of room, as does my ass and thighs, so the stretchy stuff is what I wear. Now scoot over, short stuff, make way for the big guy!” he said before crashing down onto the bed. The mattress squealed dramatically, and Wyatt partially squashed Adam. “Whoa, jeez, Wyatt, aren’t you gonna shower first?” Adam said as he wrinkled his nose as the sweat-soaked behemoth pressed against him, smearing sweat all over his arm. “You’re gross!” “I never shower after games, it’s bad luck and I kind of like the football pad smell,” Wyatt grumbled as he pressed against Adam harder. “Deal with it, little guy!” Wyatt’s beer breath wafted over Adam as he pressed against him. “Jeez, how much did you have to drink?” Adam asked as Wyatt’s sweaty frame soaked the sheets. “Enough for even someone my size to feel it!” Wyatt said and then burped loudly. “Jesus… that’s gonna be tougher if you get bigger like you said you want,” Adam said nervously as he scooted over to the edge of the bed again. “Mmmm yeah but it’s worth it. Bigger… I wish I was so big I took up the entire bed,” Wyatt said sleepily. “Yeah, well, it would take you even more to get drunk then… Wyatt?” Adam asked as he shook the big man’s shoulder. Wyatt was out like a light. Adam didn’t move, realizing that his crush was pumped up, sweaty, drunk, and laying just inches from him. He couldn’t decide if he had the best or worst luck in the world, and let his eyes explore the giant football stud. Adam’s cock swelled to life as he watched Wyatt breath, watched his muscles twitch whenever he shifted in weight or twitched in his sleep, and he couldn’t help but want more. He reached out again, hesitating at first and just hovering his hand over Wyatt’s pale skin. This was wrong! But he couldn’t help it… his lust was too strong. This time Adam reached for Wyatt’s heavy smooth pecs and front shoulders. He scooted closer, close enough to feel Wyatt’s breath, and pressed his lean legs against Wyatt’s thick tree trunks. Adam sighed and ran a finger over Wyatt’s meaty nipple, then ran his hand down across Wyatt’s huge, perfect belly. He rubbed it in circles and jiggled the chub at the bottom. Wyatt’s BO scent filled his senses and Adam’s cock throbbed harder. “What are you doing?” Wyatt rumbled softly. Adam retracted his hands and then froze, holding his breath. “Were you touching me?” Wyatt asked.
  10. erinbbby

    Taking Care of Randy

    Here is a very rough draft I was working on a few years ago. Thought I would share. For visual reference, here is an example of how Randy looks to me: The trailer shook as if a small earthquake was rolling through the ground. I lost my place on the book’s page but felt no alarm. I knew it was Randy coming to get me for some chore. I felt him slow his pace as he shimmied sideways down the hall, his massive muscle gut audibly brushing the vinyl wood-veneered walls of the double-wide trailer. “Hey boy, I need you to do me a favor” he said as his gargantuan frame filled the doorway, hairy gut partially protruding into the room. I looked over to see him shirtless, in nothing but the custom briefs I made for him and his trademark aviator sunglasses. The outline of his swelling cock was obscene. Randy wasn’t even close to full-mast but his dick sat plump in the elongated front pouch at a heavy 11 inches and thick as a beer bottle. It rested high and dropped off of two mango-sized testicles, the whole package straining the white fabric to near transparency. I knew what he wanted; I’d be coaxed into emptying his balls to help relieve the pressure. “It’s been close to 24 hours now. I ain’t gone this long since the first time I ever came” My body was shadowed by the bunk above me, and I felt safe here in my small room. It was only big enough for the bunks and a dresser. It was a crammed little space for sure, however it had one critical feature: the door frame was too small for Randy. The narrow entrance framed his gut, hairy chest cleavage and some of his traps, while the rest of him extended far past the threshold. Going in sideways did not work – his muscle gut and pecs projected off of his body to such a degree that he could not squeeze through. “I’m feeling tired and I really don’t want to clean all that up, Randy” “That’s alright. You can just swallow all of it this time” he smiled. We both knew that was not going to happen. Randy had a problem – he produced semen at an absurd rate, outpacing a normal man by 50 times. He needed to be relieved at least 3 times a day to not be in pain. Despite having numerous clients on the Strip each night, and pumping out a couple of ounces each time, he would usually wake up in a warm pool of his own sticky load meshing and tangling his hairy belly and bush. His clients almost always took care of emptying him through the night, but I was around to handle the morning cleanup – as well as a host of other responsibilities. “How come you don’t just stroke it yourself Randy?” “We out of towels boy. This is gonna be big dump too, I need your help. Don’t want to clog the fucking toilet again either” I was going to stand my ground. I did a lot for Randy, and though I was always turned on by his body, I did not want to deal with the mess tonight. My routine for him was already grueling: I would wake him up each day, him stinking and covered in his own cum from several wet dreams. I’d help him in the bathroom, which was designed like a wet room for a person with disabilities. The room was essentially a large shower (bigger than my room mind you) with a mirror, sink and extra-large toilet. It was a light yellow-cream color and the entire floor slopped to a drain in the center. A flexible hose with shower head attachment plugged into the wall. I would take off his cum soaked briefs and through them in the corner with a heavy slap. I would then proceed to wash off his body, scrubbing off the thick semen with a cloth, being sure to clean his 9 inch soft cock and bull-like balls. “Randy, the answer is no. Just use one of the empty milk cartons” “Come on now. You know I can’t jerk it and hold something in front of my dick at the same time. I need you boy” he sounded more serious. After washing him, I would then help him dry off and put on a clean pair of briefs. He would adjust his massive package to a comfortable angle. The coffee would have been brewed by now and I would immediately begin his breakfast. First the shake, which was easiest. Whole milk, oats, 6 cups of protein powder, cottage cheese, yogurt and some peanut butter. It was gross to be sure, but it was nearly 300 grams of protein. A “quick snack to start the day” he would say. As he stood behind me, naked expect for the briefs barely capable to handle his bulge, I would cook his 10 eggs, full pack of bacon, 12 pancakes and jug of sliced fruit (my idea to help him keep regular). “Go outside then” I said turning my attention back to my book. He grunted like a bull – I was winding him up. He enjoyed watching me cook while he drank his shake and coffee for some reason, only sitting when I had finished and placed all the food on one large platter for him. He would eat like an absolute pig while I cleaned up the kitchen, saving myself a tiny portion in comparison to satisfy myself. Usually Randy would finish before I was done cleaning and would swagger up behind me, leaving his plate and fork by the sink. His big gut would brush up against me in the small space, and many mornings he would grab my plate of food and inhale it in a few bites, not knowing (or caring) that it was reserved for me. I would pause to help him slide on some shorts (again, custom made by yours-truly) and he would squeeze out the front entrance to lift the weights scattered about the trailer roasting under the hot Las Vegas sun. He would be out there for at least 3 hours. During this time I would handle the remaining cleaning duties. “Boy, if you don’t watch yourself, I’m going to do it right here and cover this floor” I would clean the rest of the kitchen and then head to the bedroom to strip the bed and remake the sheets. The fitted sheet and mattress pad would be congealed with his cum, and I would have to separate the fabric from the plastic sheet underneath. This layer was critical for keeping the king sized bed salvageable. It was a laborious task considering the size of the bed and cramped space. With the bedding balled up and sticking to me, I would place it in the washer, always making sure to grab his briefs that were now crusted in the corner of the bathroom. Several servings of detergent was necessary to clean the load (no pun intended). With the wash started, I would then scrub the plastic sheet and tidy up the rest of the trailer. Then I would begin preparing lunch. “Please, let’s not do this tonight” I replied meekly. “Come on, I am exhausted” “That ain’t what I pay you for, boy” Yes, I am essentially Randy’s full time care-giver now. He just couldn’t keep up with the tasks of taking care of such a hulking body alone. At an even 6’0 and 430 pounds of bulging muscle, Randy was an absolute giant of a man. He consumed 20,000 calories a day, went through several changes of clothes and had to figure out some way of disposing of the copious volumes of cum he ejaculated throughout. He needed help. “Randy, taking care of you is more than a full-time job. I need a break every now and then” “I understand that boy, but you need to help me out right now. I am in pain” Randy and I first met a while after he developed his “condition”. He rang up the private, at-home care dispatch I worked for saying he needed someone discreet and willing to work a messy job for good pay. I had been with the company for some time by that point and had seen it all – paraplegics, old-timers, mentally deficient, you name it. My boss trusted me with any client so I was an obvious choice. But I had never had a gig like taking care of Randy. “You know, when we started this whole thing, we had a contract. Eight hours a day, 15 days off a year, and reimbursement for travel. I don’t get any of that now” I said, obviously frustrated. “I pay for your gas!” he replied, as if that remedied the situation. I will always remember the first day I had pulled up to his double-wide trailer, some dump tucked away in the only remotely industrial part of Las Vegas. As I pulled up in my car, I was immediately floored by the colossal man lifting weights in the front “yard”, shirtless and drenched in sweat under the hot sun. He wore sunglasses, cowboy hat and jeans that were ready to burst from the size of his legs. At this point, Randy was only 320 pounds. He stood up to greet me when I exited my car, my hand dwarfed and encased by his sweaty, calloused palm. I was in sheer awe and he could easily tell. His pecs sat like heavy slabs of beef on his torso, casting twin shadows over his hairy belly. Randy’s body glistened with sweat, a stream running down the crevice of his massive chest down to his gapping belly button. I had never seen a man that size before and something in my gaze made Randy smile. “Randy, it ain’t happening so just leave me alone” He was scowling now “boy…you think these flimsy little walls can keep me out?” He informed me then that his testosterone production rivaled that of a large bull, a condition that had randomly begun in adulthood. He told me that he had always been a big guy, but in only 2 years he had gained a remarkable 60 pounds of pure muscle. Our working relationship began slowly but soon spiraled out of control to the situation I find myself in today. Originally I was cooking his meals and helping him with simple chores like laundry. Now I am officially his personal chef, maid, grocery shopper and tailor (a skill I'm still working on). As time went on, Randy kept getting bigger. Though he sports a massive hairy gut, it tougher than iron - a caress while blind-folded and you would swear you were rubbing a marble statue covered in fur. And in spite of his gut's titanic proportion, his chest has kept pace and still exceeds his gut easily with a measurement of 78 inches. His nipples are constantly plump and would be clearly obvious in any shirt he would wear, that is if he still wore shirts. Randy spends about 90 percent of his time shirtless, his hairy belly, bulging pecs and basket ball sized arms on display, usually in a film of sweat that I am expected to towel off. "Little boy, you have one more chance to get off your ass and come drain these balls or I'm going to get in here and pump you full of cum" he growled. His voice dropped a few octaves and I actually started to get butterflies in my stomach. He seemed pissed. Being gigantic is intoxicating for him, and he is always talking about getting bigger. But his size no doubt creates numerous challenges, aside from what I have already groaned about. For starters, Randy is a spectacle no matter where he goes. He typically wears a stringer tank top when he goes out and they hardly cover anything. His burly chest, fat nipples and the top half of his power gut are on full display. The bottom portion of the tank top clings to his gargantuan gut and is tight like a drum over his gaping naval. As for pants, he is always in shorts - fortunately, clothing for the obese fits him well so covering his nether regions is no problem...until you consider his manhood. I turn to look at he strips offs his briefs and proudly allows his veiny cock to enter my room. He is now sporting an erection at 15.5 inches and nearly as thick as a bottle of wine. His cock head features an obscene piss hole which can pump out thick streams of hot cum. The bull is ready. I basically plead with him to wear underwear. Otherwise, his cock and bull balls tend to flop all over the place and sometimes even drop out from the bottom of his shorts. I can still vividly remember us together at a buffet several months back and him standing up too fast - his shirts had ridden up his legs and his colossal hairy balls dropped out of his shorts for the whole restaurant to see. He didn't even notice as he swaggered up to the buffet for the eighth time. All eyes stared as his big balls bounced in the shadow of his gut. Now, the downside of the custom briefs I have made for him is there is no hiding his plump and protruding bugle in public. I routinely see people's jaws drop as they scan his body and focus in on the fruit basket straining his shorts. Randy's baseball glove-sized hand takes hold of his python and he begins to stroke with a smirk. Only his hands are large enough to wrap around his cock. Mine look like a child's next to his erect phallus. "OK boy, you had your chance. I'm dumping this load over you and this little rat hole you're hiding in!" I plead with him to stop now. It'll take me hours to clean up the sticky mess he'll leave behind. No luck. His smirk has turned to a full grin as he pumps his cock harder, preparing to unleash more cum in one go than he ever has in his life. His dick is rock hard and the veins run down his shaft in thick snake like patterns. His hairy bull balls hang low and are swinging with the motion. "HERE IT COMES BOY!" he laughs. I get down to put my hand in front of his cock, and in an instant I can feel the force of his ejaculation as he roars in releif. It stings my hand as if being shot with a high pressure hose and soon my hand, arm and most of my front half is doused in thick ropes of sticky hot semen. I cover my face as I feel it flow into my hair; it runs down my forehead and gets in my eyes. A pool of the stuff forms before me as Randy's heavy grunting slows and he catches his breath. I open my eyes and we both look at disbelief at the volume of cum that Randy has just unloaded on me. He can't even believe it. His semen is all over me and the floor. He begins to laugh in a big booming voice. "I warned you boy! Now clean yourself up and get me a protein shake!"
  11. EcchiMultiverse

    superhero Marvelous Man - Chapter 16

    All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1O52F8UJS70fDmrK2gYawUXBtklu8IEUwpOdaOZrPuoM) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: CHRISTOPHER FLOYD & DONALD MORGAN All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1O52F8UJS70fDmrK2gYawUXBtklu8IEUwpOdaOZrPuoM) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: CHRISTOPHER FLOYD & DONALD MORGAN Chapter 16: Wrongs, Rights, and Rimming? Marvelous Man’s reality felt like it was becoming undone. He had been careful to balance his two different lives without raising any suspicion from his friends and teammates. Adrenaline kept accelerating his heart rate with the sound of pumping blood raging in his ears, and it took every ounce of the musclebound superhero’s will to keep his breath steady. There were plenty of questions racing through his mind, but one statement drowned out the inquiries: SHIT!!! In one huge reveal, Gemini now had a new body that was exotically erotic and masculine. Apparently, he had also been employed by the D.A.B. to act as the team’s new member as a technician. But the one thing Marvelous Man hoped would not happen is Gemini recognizing Justice in his alter ego. The probability of that happening at this very moment can be compared to pulling a pin out of a grenade and not exploding. Gemini had just subtly outed Marvelous Man, while offering a handshake. There was no other choice but to keep playing along in order to keep up face. Marvelous Man accepted the handshake; gripping it with caution. The muscle demigod could feel Gemini squeezing hard enough that it felt like his hand was going to turn into a diamond. This would become the second time today his hand would be crushed. He strained back a smile. Marvelous Man stammered, “R-really? What a coimidam-I mean, coincidence.” “Yeah, I bet,” grinned Gemini. The Director sipped his glass of sweet tea before continuing. “Marvelous Man, I’ll need you to debrief Mr. Yin here about our current situation with the Skeleton Lord,” Director Skye ordered,” As for you, Gene, I’ll need you with me when we start interrogating our petrified guest. I supposed he will respond better with you in his visual vicinity.” “Understood,” bowed Gene. Director Doug turned to Fairuza. He drawled, “Fairuza, I’ll need you to help record our interrogation. Maybe you can find something whatever Gilgamesh spills to get us a better idea about our skeletal problem. Especially with how he is associated with that fiend and how he managed to keep his youth.” “Yes, sir. Of course,” replied Fairuza. The Director smiled, “Splendid. Now if y’all excuse me, we still have about two hours left before our guest thaws out, and I will be taking my lunch.” >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Being dismissed from Director Skye’s office, Marvelous Man and Gemini made their way towards the elevator. Neither said a word, but Marvelous Man was too aware of the tension between them. It was seconds after they entered the elevator and it closing behind them, that he tried to break the ice. “So…” said Marvelous Man, “uhhh, as the Director told you, we’re dealing with the Skele-” “Why didn’t you tell me that you’re a superhero?” interrupted Gemini. Marvelous Man paused, “I...am a superhero. Is my outfit not cl-” “DON’T! Bullshit with me, Justice! I know it’s you. I have facial recognition software like every other Soulem!” exclaimed Gemini. He continued, “I mean, at least have the decency to put on a mask or something. You can blend in with the crowds of other giant black bodybuilders in this city, but that can only fool human eyes.” The muscle demigod said nothing. Marvelous Man stared down at the ground; incapable of making any eye contact with his Soulem friend. The elevator dinged as it passed the fourth floor. “When we first met, you told me you were a trust-fund baby and was in between jobs,” recanted Gemini. Marvelous Man answered, “...That wasn’t a lie...at the time. After I met you that same day, the D.A.B. hired me to become a full-time hero. Before that, I had just got my superhero license and was patrolling as a hobby.” “Oh...Still, why didn’t you tell me? I thought we were friends...maybe even best friends,” frowned Gemini. The husky Soulem’s mood rings turned to a deep blue. Marvelous Man looked up at his best friend. It struck a chord in his heart to hear someone openly validate their friendship with the bodybuilder superhero. “We are! It’s just that...I mean...I wanted to protect you and my loved ones. I don’t want my enemies to know about you and hurt you, Gemini,” explained Marvelous Man. Gemini looked at Marvelous Man with a face of bewilderment, while his mood rings turned grey. He exclaimed, “What kind of fatherfucking logic is that?! Did your understanding of the world come from an old-timey comic book or something?! I ‘supposedly’ have close relations to the you that is Justice fatherfucking Starr. Because of that, I have to know your superhero alter ego, so that I can prepare myself in the event that your well-known enemies try to get the drop on your civilian life by targeting me.” The elevator dinged again, as it passed by the third floor. Mood rings flashing red, Gemini crossed his arms. “You’re doing more harm than good. You’re not helping. You’re just being selfish,” he lectured. Marvelous Man’s vision began to turn murky, as he could feel something building up in his eyes. He clenched his fists. He was a superhero. Superheroes do not cry. They must be a symbol of unwavering strength. But…the fear of losing the only friend Justice had and the sadness of betraying Gemini’s trust felt more painful than Gilgamesh breaking his entire hand. He choked a whisper, “...I’m sorry…” Gemini stared into the muscle demigod’s eyes. As he did so, the Soulem’s mood rings’ color shifted into white. His hand slowly drifted to Marvelous Man’s until it hesitated halfway. Changing direction, Gemini placed his hand on the bodybuilder superhero’s bulging shoulder. “...I care about you, Justice. You’re the only friend around here that I have, and I barely know you. Please...tell me the truth. Just everything...anything at all...Please,” he sighed. Marvelous Man closed his eyes to prevent any seeping liquids. He could barely hear the elevator’s ding of descending passed the second floor. The musclebound superhero sobbed, “...Okay.” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Soon after Marvelous Man calmed down, the two relocated themselves at Marvelous Man’s apartment. Marvelous Man did not leave as Justice earlier that day, so the he had to enter the premise through the roof access. The muscle demigod then fished a silver key out of his pocket while making his way down the steps. “Ya know, I think this is the first time I’ve been on your roof. We should go swimming on your roof’s pool before fall sets in,” mentioned Gemini. Marvelous Man nodded, “Yeah, sure. I’ve never dipped in there yet.” “That’s a shame. Too much time taken up from superheroing?” inquired Gemini. Marvelous Man answered, “Yeah, and cause I spend all my free time hanging out with you. You kinda had a fragile body back then, so that’s why all we did was walk around the mall and watch anime.” The Soulem’s mood ring flashed to pink, while he flustered. “Oh...Well...thanks for being considerate,” replied Gemini. The muscle demigod smiled, “No problem.” Marvelous Man then stopped in front of his living room closet. He briefly remember his first time arriving in the real world through there. While the process of going to another world felt somewhat magical, crossing over and arriving into the real world was so instant and tame. The bodybuilder superhero place the silver key into the door’s lock; jangling an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top keychain attached to the silver key. “Soooo, are you gonna tell me who you are and stuff? Cause I assumed you brought me back to your apartment, cause you’d feel more comfortable dishing it here...did I really just say that?” said Gemini. Marvelous Man turned to Gemini, as the Soulem’s mood ring changed to white. He spoke, “I do, but I have to show you something first before I can explain everything about me. I promise it’ll make sense once I do. Just let me change before I show you.” Raising his arms above his head, the muscle demigod placed his golden bracelets on top of the other. Marvelous Man chanted, “Marvelous Muscle Magic, Metamorph!!!” The bodybuilder superhero was instantly transported into his transformation void. After having to do it countless times to maintain his double life, he no longer dreaded it. The feelings from the transportation and assailing on his erogenous zones were at first annoyance, then numbness, and finally accepting it and enjoying the teasing pleasures. His heroic outfit exploded like shattered glass; leaving his musclebound body floating nude in the void. This was then followed by silver paint slapping at his glutes and groin. His muscular globes jiggled in every direction, as silver fabric began to form. Once the hulking man’s silver thong fully materialized, the transformation vacuum collapsed. Justice landed gently on his large feet. Taking a breath to appreciate the pleasurable transformation, Justice could feel his sex at half mast. The bodybuilder looked at his handsome Soulem friend and noticed the bulging movements in Gemini’s zaffre fundoshi. Justice’s mouth began to water, as his thoughts wondered about his friend’s robotic penis. He then realized that Gene’s hypersexuality was starting to seep into his personality. “So...you have to say that every time to transform?” coughed Gemini. Justice sighed, “Yeah. At first it was kinda embarrassing to say, but I got used to it.” The musclebound man attempted to change the subject in the hopes of distracting his thoughts and changing Gemini’s dark red mood ring. “Did I ever tell you where I came from?” asked Justice. Gemini lightly nodded his head, as his mood ring’s color turned into purple. The Soulem recalled, “Yeah, you said you came from Sunnysville?” “Uh-huh. And I want to take you there. It’ll make sense once I show you, I swear,” said Justice. Gemini’s mood ring flashed grey, as he gave Justice a confused look. He replied, “Oookaaay...Like, right now? What, we gonna use teleportation magic or…?” The Soulem tilted his head, while his eyes gazed upon the silver key in the closet’s lock. His mood ring immediately shifted to a purple. “Wait a sec! Are we gonna walk through your closet like that magical wardrobe?!” inquired Gemini. Justice could see the curious giddy in his friend’s digital eyes. The bodybuilder replied, “Ummm, I’m not sure what you’re referencing to. But yeah, we’re gonna be walking through my closet.” Gemini’s white eyes dilated like a cat enraptured by euphoric catnip. “Oh my gosh, dimensional magic?! I am going to flip if you’re telling the-uhhh...wh-what are you doing?” stammered the Soulem. During Gemini’s flabbergast, Justice had bent down in an attempt to take off his silver thong. He continued to slide it down his tree-trunk thighs while looking up. The musclebound man noticed his robotic friend’s mood ring began to constantly fluctuate between pink, grey, and dark red. He replied, “Hm? Oh, I’m just taking these off. Nobody in Sunnysville is real, so it doesn’t matter if I’m naked. You can take yours off too, if you want.” “I’m, uh, I’m good,” said Gemini. As the Soulem watched his overly muscular friend pull the silver thong down to the ankles, his mood ring color shifted to black. A wicked smile crept on his silver face. Gemini spoke up, “Soooo, if you’re not gonna wear anything, mind if ya let me dress you?” The hulking bodybuilder stood up and kicked away his thong. He then looked at the husky android with a puzzled face; unsure if he heard his friend right. “Huh?” said Justice. Gemini pressed, “Just saying. It doesn’t matter if you’re not wearing anything, since you said the people aren’t real...which is a really weird thing to say-Sorry, getting off topic. But c’mon, let me dress you. It’s not like you can be embarrassed.” Justice had never seen the Soulem’s mood ring take on a black hue, but he knew it could not be good. His instinct told him that something was amiss and to say no. But he felt like he would be letting down his friend again if he refused. The bodybuilder already hurt Gemini’s feelings once today and did not wish to do it again. “Okay,” he sighed. Gemini replied, “Great! I’ll be right back!” As the beefy Soulem’s mood ring color changed to light blue, Gemini ran to Justice’s bedroom. Justice tried to shake his unease. It seemed like an odd idea, but it could be fun. He wondered if he had the will to refuse whatever Gemini wanted him to wear. The worst thing the Soulem could do is make him wear his buttplug. He then told himself it would not be so bad, since they are only touring Sunnysville. “Dude, did you buy some anime replica sex toy?” shouted Gemini. Justice flexed his eyebrows in confusion before his eyes bulged at a faint memory. A while back, he thought it would be fun to purchase sex toys from the internet that were shaped like props from famous television shows and movies. There was only one that caught his eye that was quite similar and came at a hefty price. And after purchasing it, he forgot about trying it out; leaving it to occupy a corner of his room. Gemini continued, “Dragon Pearls™ anal balls? Some kind of Chinese knockoff? Oh wow, yeah, instead of stars, it’s got Chinese characters, heh. Geeze, it’s heavy! What is this, fourty pounds?” “Shit,” muttered Justice. Exiting Justice’s bedroom, Gemini lightly jogged back to his bodybuilder friend. He was carrying several objects in his hands, but there was something else that would catch anybody’s attention. Slinged over his shoulders and around the back of his neck were eight orange spheres interconnected with a white string. The crystal-like orbs were bigger than softballs and had red Chinese characters planted in their centers. The Soulem’s devilish smile was even wider than before, and the color of his mood rings were constantly phasing back and forth with dark red and black. Evil seemed to be dancing in Gemini’s eyes; sending a chill down Justice’s spine. Justice quickly reasoned, “Those aren’t clothes.” “Neither is your Marvelous Man bikini, yet you wear it in public cause it technically clothes your immense dong and balls,” shot back Gemini. The Soulem whined, “C’mon, broooo. You said you’d let me dress you. I mean, are you not able to fit this in you?” “I can...but I don’t want to,” replied the bodybuilder. Gemini continued griping, “Justice. C’moooon. Please? You seriously gonna take back your word?” Justice did not need Gene’s ability to sense the sexual hunger radiating out of Gemini. He knew it was going to be awkward getting pleasured by his best friend. The bodybuilder briefly wondered if all Soulems with supposed functional sex organs were as perverted as Gemini was starting to become. Knowing that he would never hear the end of it and probably hurt their friendship, Justice knew what he had to do. “Fine,” sighed the hulking bodybuilder. Gemini beamed, “Yes! I brought some lube if you need it.” “I don’t, but it’ll make this go a lot faster. Just let me clean myself out first,” said Justice. The overly muscular man thumped his way over to the bathroom. His thick cock loudly slapped against his thunderous thighs with every step. Gemini called out, “Maybe you should get a spell tattooed on yourself, so you can stay permanently clean. Unless you’re like, ya know, some sort of supernatural being or have an artificial colon.” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The bulge in Gemini’s zaffre fundoshi pushed against the fabric with furious determination at a chance to be fully erect and free of the tie-string loincloth. In one hand, he held a bottle of Crack Addict lube and the Dragon Pearls™ in the other. The Soulem’s mood ring color flashed an intense dark red, as he stared at the erotic sight in front of him. Splayed open was Justice’s rear end. The bodybuilder stretched his legs open into a perfect split; resting his exceedingly meaty legs on the couch. With nothing to keep his massive bubble glutes together, his virgin hole was left exposed for the Soulem to behold. “Well? You gonna do it or not?” said Justice. Upon Justice voicing his impatience, Gemini shook his head to relieve the carnal daze in his eyes. The Soulem replied, “Huh? Oh, yeah! Sure. Just, uh, give me a second to lube up.” “Just put it on the balls. My ass doesn’t need the prepping,” said Justice. Gemini nodded, “Yeah, I can tell. It’s already got a gape. But, ummm, how’d you get it to be so puffy? It’s like a donut.” “Anal pump. I’ve been using it for...huh, it’s been years, but I actually lost count, heh. But I had to get a new one when I moved here,” explained Justice. Gemini exclaimed, “Damn! How are you not a sex obsessed being if you buy all these sexy clothes and sex toys?! You don’t bother eye-banging every guy we pass by when we go to the mall and stuff.” “I still do. Just not with every guy. And I just feel that all my sex stuff should be kept home in my own privacy. But if I was still in my teens, I would’ve let you bang me without question, hehe,” stated the bodybuilder, “But what about you? You’re trying to put a toy in me and keep staring at my hole.” The Soulem sighed, “Sorry. After my awakening and getting my new body, the moderators for my upgrade said that I’d have a hyper interest in sex for the next week or so. So it should go away soon.” “Oh, right! I totally forgot! Congratulations on your awakening! I guess that’s why you got a new body, huh?” said Justice. He then paused for a second as realization hit him. The musclebound man spoke up, “Ohhhh, so that’s why it’s also called robo puberty!” “Yeah...so I’m really sorry if I keep drooling whenever I look at you. It’s just that...your body is really hypnotizing. Especially your asshole,” licked Gemini. While Justice was used to people flirting with him, it was different to hear his best friend complement the sexual appeal of his body. It sent a tingling sensation that aroused his man meat to twitch and harden. Gemini has made comments about his body before, but it was usually about his bigness or strength. However, his Soulem friend’s new statement roused a new hunger in Justice that felt like it could only be sated with more of those sexy comments...or maybe more. Justice hesitated, “Oh. It’s cool. But thanks for saying that. Ummm, can you put it in me now?” Gemini said nothing, as his eyes kept staring at Justice’s pillow-like bussy. He walked towards the bodybuilder’s hole, as if he were in a trance, and kneeled down. The Soulem slowly leaned forward until his face planted against the stretched buttocks. With his nose pressing against the soft, donut-shaped anus, Gemini’s nose inhaled the manly scent. “Fffffuuuuuck…” exhaled the Soulem. The musclebound man flexed an eyebrow in confusion. He felt something odd, but it was not a feeling of penetration. Opening his mouth, Gemini’s black tongue rolled out. It looked almost like a normal tongue until it began to flex and undulate like a worm. As it slithered in the air, the wet tongue started to glow a soft neon blue. The glimmering, blue tongue wriggled its way onto the bodybuilder’s perineum; tasting the smooth, chocolate taint. Floundering about, Gemini’s tongue layered the soft area with Soulem saliva. The blue muscle was still not satisfied, and trailed down the perineum’s line. It met its unfortunate end, as it collided against the couch. Justice sharply gasped, “G-GEM?! Wha-” Tilting his head up, Gemini snaked his glowing tongue back into his mouth. The Soulem’s silver lips brushed against the overly-muscled rump’s. With them perfectly aligned, Gemini’s face pressed further into the exposed buttock. Justice could hear a wet smooch, as the bulky android puckered and kissed several times. “Wh-what are you doing?!” moaned Justice. He could feel a tickling sensation on his anus, but it was hard to describe. It was wet, and it felt so good. It also felt teasing, and he wanted more but not knowing what it was scared him a bit. He could also feel a big object pressing against his thick rear. The object felt smooth and metallic, but it was warm instead of the expected cold. He briefly wondered just what Gemini was applying before a new sensation took over; melting his ability to move or resist. Gemini opened his mouth, during the mouth to anus make out session, to allow his glimmering, blue tongue to squirm out. It swirled over the pillowy rim of the entrance in slow, clockwise motions. Upon completing a rotation, Gemini would return back to kissing. He would smooch the hole’s lips a few more times before releasing his blue tongue in the opposite direction. With the pumped rim now thoroughly wet, the Soulem’s tongue went into a new direction. The blue tongue slowly slid into the gaping hole. It burrowed deep into fleshy tunnel like a worm without a hint of defiance from the muscle ring. It squirmed in every direction before returning into the metallic mouth. Immediately after, the glimmering appendage darted right back into the bodybuilder’s rectum to taste the virgin meat and explore every part of it. Justice laid on the couch in his perfect leg split; moaning in ecstasy. The tickling, pleasurable sensation now traveled inside of himself. He was powerless to stop Gemini’s unseen action, as he could no longer form a coherent thought. The bodybuilder was now mindless; lost in a lust fog with his eyes rolled back into his skull. The senses in his head spun, and he could no longer tell what was up or down. Pleasures of electricity zipped across his spine; twitching every muscle cord in his body. He whimpered, “Gem…” Gemini stood up. His robotic erection strained against the zaffre fundoshi and lined up against Justice’s pumped, wet hole. The Soulem looked down and reached for the drawstring of his mokko fundoshi before stopping midway. The bottle of Crack Addict lube and the Dragon Pearls™ were still in his hands, and his mood ring color switched to grey. His eyes darted about as if he snapped out of his trance and wondering what just happened. Keeping silent, Gemini quickly doused the orange anal balls with the sex lubricant brand. The color of his mood ring during the lubrication changed to yellow, before fading back to dark red upon finishing. Dropping to his knees, the Soulem placed the bottle of lube on the ground. He then grabbed the crystal orb on the end of the white string, and placed it against Justice’s gaping hole. The donut-shaped entrance widened upon the lubricated Dragon Pearl™ pressing against it. As the hole enveloped the orange orb, it accepted it with a soft, wet shlop. Justice grunted in pleasure from being stretched and filled. The gaping orifice then twitched as if it were a mouth hungry for more. Gemini carefully proceed with the second orb; resulting in the same outcome. The bulky Soulem continued to shove the rest of the crystal balls into Justice’s plump opening. As he slid the last ball in, his hand accidentally slipped in. Justice moaned at the sudden fisting, while Gemini playfully rolled his hand about. Smirking, Gemini pulled his wet hand out with a loud plop. All eight orbs were successfully fed into the hungry hole. The only evidence of such a feat was a ring attached to the anal ball’s white string; hanging outside the pillowy rim. Gemini stood up and gazed upon his handiwork. A shiny, orange glint shimmered from within Justice’s virgin chasm. Gemini’s eye wandered about Justice’s twitching body that was still paralyzed by the onslaught of euphoria. His mood ring transitioned to black. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Justice opened his eyes. He felt full and surmised that Gemini successfully inserted the Dragon Pearls™ into him. He then wondered how he ended up on his back, as the ceiling and the top of his pectorals now stared back at him. There was also something clung around his neck, but it did not matter at this moment. The bodybuilder remembered his anus was being tickled and then lost his sense of self and time. As he tried to recall the event, Justice then felt an intense itching on his hole. Trying to sit himself up, Justice spotted Gemini. The husky Soulem stood in front of him; holding a bag of shiny objects. The color on Gemini’s mood ring had now went back to being white. “...How long was I out?” hesitated Justice. Gemini smiled, “Long enough for me to put on the finishing touches of your new outfit.” Justice positioned himself to get up before noticing something else. “Why am I still doing the splits?” he asked. Gemini shrugged, “You looked really sexy doin that, so I split your legs again after I flipped you over. You’re surprisingly flexible for a super buff guy. It wasn’t even a struggle to get your legs to do it.” “Years of gymnastics and yoga,” answered Justice. Gemini flexed a suspicious golden eyebrow. He inquired, “Between all the bodybuilding?” “I had a lot of free time back in Sunnysville,” shrugged Justice, “Anyways, let me see what you did before we go.” Breaking from his split pose, the hulking bodybuilder placed his legs together and stood up from the leather couch. Justice thumped his heavy body back towards his bedroom and could hear a jingling of bells that he could not identify its origin. He could feel the anal balls wiggling inside of him with every thunderous step he took. Justice mentally admitted to himself that although it was weird to feel so much stuffed into his body, it did feel pleasurable and sexy knowing he took it all in. As he approached the bedroom door, he could not ignore another sensation he had been feeling since he woke up. Justice’s hole itched and twitched with an intensity that needed to be scratched. It was greater than its usual urges to be stretched and filled. Justice thought the anal balls were enough but figured it might have increased his endurance to take on more. As he reached down to pet the sexually-hungered mouth, the bodybuilder heard his Soulem friend shout. “Oh! That reminds me,” said Gemini. Dropping the bag of shiny objects, the bulky android ran to the musclebound man and stopped within touching distance. Gemini grabbed the Dragon Pearls’™ ring, hanging out of Justice’s anus on a white string, with one hand and placed the other on the bodybuilder’s wide back. He yanked as if he were trying to start up a lawn mower. Gemini commanded, “I wish you wouldn’t touch your hole until the Dragon Pearls™ are completely out.” Immediately after Gemini said his wish, Justice’s hole began to bulge against an object trying to exit. An orange orb was pulled out of virgin rectum with a wet plop ringing in the air. The bodybuilder gasped at the sudden stretch and partial loss of fullness. Electricity danced in Justice’s body, as the musclebound man was now paralyzed by the pleasurable shock. Before Justice had time to breathe, Gemini yanked the white string again. “I wish that you can’t take off the outfit I put on you until the Dragon Pearls™ are completely out,” added the Soulem. Another crystal anal ball popped out of donut-shaped hole. Justice’s body was assaulted by the multiple sensations but managed to gain enough willpower to do one action. The musclebound man held out his arms and braced himself against the doorframe. In the act of doing so, Justice sacrificed the power in his legs. The bodybuilder sagged to the floor, as his overly-muscular legs could no longer stand. Justice’s rear end poised up upon reaching the tiled ground; held up by the anal leash grasped in Gemini’s fingers. The bodybuilder shuddered, “F-Father...fucker...Wh-what did...you do...that for?” Gemini playfully tugged at the Dragon Pearls™ string. The orbs did not react this time; causing Justice’s round, muscle rump to be lifted higher up. Squatting down, the bulky Soulem slid his white, rubbery index finger halfway into Justice’s pumped hole. He then twirled in finger in a slow clockwise motion; eliciting wimpy moans from the hulking bodybuilder. Gemini licked his lips with his glowing, blue tongue, as his mood ring flashed to dark red. “Just testing it. Apparently, this anime knockoff sex toy is a magical object,” he replied. Justice moaned, “What?!” Even though he should be angry and having many different emotions about this situation, Justice felt himself sinking back into the lust fog. All of his emotions were being drained by Gemini toying with his hole. Justice wanted to fight back, but a bigger part of him wanted to give in. Especially since the itching sensation on his anal lips was finally being relieved a little bit. “Yeah. I’m surprised you didn’t look at the booklet in the box. Or at the very least, read the description info on whatever site you bought it from. But I guess when you have all the money to burn, things like that or even the price won’t deter you,” said Gemini. The Soulem rambled, “Basically, the Dragon Pearls™ are a mind control device that isn’t labeled as a magical mind control device, cause those are illegal. Not to mention, they would have been cancelled out by the magical mind control disruptors placed all over the city to prevent mind hacking. But this enchanted sex toy uses lust energy and can only compel a person once they give consent to have the balls put in them. So it would be really hard for a terrorist to use it against the president or something.” “Anyways, once they’re in you, I’m able to give you eight commands, but I have to start it with ‘I wish’. And every time I command you, I have to pull out a ball for it to work. Don’t worry though, I won’t make you do anything rapey like having sex with me. But apparently, the eighth command is permanent, and all the previous ones are temporary depending on how much lust energy was absorbed,” he continued. Justice could not believe what he was hearing. He thought to himself that he really needed to pay better attention to the description info before he bought something on the internet. No wonder that sex toy had all those zeroes. Gemini explained, “So I’m just gonna say in advance that I’m really sorry about all this, and that I don’t have much control over myself. I’m just super horny right now, and I just am now realizing what a sadist me and my dad really are. Sooooo, while my inhibitions are really low, I’m just gonna try to enjoy this as much as possible. Consider it payback for keeping a secret from your best friend that could have explained why we couldn’t have hung out all those times you were heroing before I got my upgrade.” The hulking bodybuilder tried to sigh, but it ended up turning into a moan. Gemini was not going to let it go even after Justice apologized. He then figured it was better to play along with Gemini’s role play, to keep his best friend happy. But when Justice has hit his limit, he will stop pretending to be deceived by the husky Soulem. “Fine. But...why does...my asshole itch...so much?” asked Justice. The Soulem smirked, “Grabbed a bottle of Crack Addict from your room. It’s that irritant lube that makes ya itch wherever you apply it to. Must be driving you pretty wild, huh, bro?” “Yeah...Can I get up now?” said Justice. Ceasing the finger twirl on Justice’s hole, Gemini uncoiled the white string that had wrapped around his finger from the action. The Soulem then slapped his hand down on the bodybuilder’s massive, round glutes; causing the skin and fat underneath it to ripple like a stone tossed into a pond. Justice moaned loudly from the buttocks assault and again from Gemini leaning down to give the donut-shaped hole one final lick with his glowing, blue tongue. He replied, “Now you can.” Justice remained face down for a few more seconds before collecting enough strength in his massive legs to stand up. At full height, his hands remained braced against the doorframe to keep his body straight. The bodybuilder then opened the door and slowly thumped his mammoth-sized body into his bedroom. Other than the anal balls inside of him moving, he could now feel the two orange orbs outside of him slapping against the back of his tree-trunk thighs. It was almost as if he had a tail. Finding the many wall-sized mirrors installed on the wall, he stood in front to gaze at his appearance. He became perplexed at what he saw, and realized he really needed to pay more attention to what he bought. The outfit Gemini made him wear was technically allowed for public dressed, but it was on the same level as Gene’s dating wardrobe. A gold-plated slave collar was now adorned around his neck. It had a short-lengthed chain linked to the front of the collar and drooped down into the cleft of Justice’s colossal pecs. Justice spotted his ankles had also been arrested with gold-plated slave cuffs that had small bells linked onto the sides. Focusing on his crotch, he noticed his hefty family jewels had been fitted through a golden cock ring that had been lined with a stretchy fabric. The shiny, metallic silver spandex housed his sexual fruits and stretched to a skin tightness that every detail of his manliness can be seen. The shiny spandex had the word “IT” printed in large, metallic gold spandex, so that even his crotch spelled out that he was bounded to a submissive, sexual servitude. Justice’s eyes were finally drawn to the last of what Gemini put on him. Shimmering on his belly button and his forehead were body jewelry rhinestones. They were white and sparkled like diamonds. The one on his belly button was the biggest of the two; completely covering the fleshy depression with a circular shape. As for the one applied onto the center of his forehead, it had a diamond-shaped rhombus figure to it. More than likely, these rhinestones were the final pieces, since that is what was most likely in the bag Gemini held when Justice woke up. “Am I supposed to be some sort of sci-fi slave prince?” guessed Justice. Gemini shrugged, “Something like that. I just grabbed what I thought would look sexy on you.” Justice looked in the mirror again to take in his new appearance. There was something exciting about wearing such an outfit, and it was starting to grow on him. It felt as if Gemini had awakened something within him. He always knew he was a power bottom but did being subjugated turn him on? The musclebound bodybuilder felt that Gemini would be the only one he could trust with such a thing for now; even though the Soulem was being a perverted pain at the moment. Though part of Justice relished at how dominant Gemini was over him. The overly-muscular man poked at his forehead rhinestone. “Well...I don’t completely hate it. I’m kinda liking this bindi. And the belly button one is...not bad,” he said, “By the way, how strong is this adhesive? It’s not budging at all.” Gemini stated, “It’s supposed to stay on you for a week, so I’m guessing it’s pretty strong stuff. So unless you want to rip off some epidermis, you probably shouldn’t try. Oh, and it’s waterproof and heat resistant, so a shower ain’t gonna make it come off.” Justice frowned as he played with his metallic spandex-encased bulge. The fabric felt smooth to his fingertips, and he was finding it fun to jostle it in his hand. He then spotted in his wall mirror a wet spot starting to develop on the silver spandex. “Fine. At least I can take off the cuffs and collar when you get those Dragon Pearls™ out of me,” remarked the bodybuilder. Gemini then mentioned, “Oh, yeah. One last thing. I stuck a whole bunch of different-colored rhinestones on your back.” “What?” said Justice. Gemini grinned, “Yeah, I arranged it to look like the Gemini constellation. So that’s my brand on you for right now to show that I own you, heh. But I’m not feeling it right now, so I’ll probably try something later that’s more noticeable and more me.” “Fine. Whatever. Is there anything else you added?” huffed Justice. Gemini pursed his lips, “Hmmmm, nope. That’s it. But let me just do one last thing.” Grabbing the white cord sticking out of Justice’s hole, Gemini yanked it. “I wish that you can’t move unless I’m wearing the Dragon Pearls’™ pull ring or holding onto the string,” he commanded. Another wet plop emanated from Justice’s hole, as another orb popped out. The bodybuilder gasped at the sudden stretch, and its sensation coursing through his musclebound body. It might have been pleasurable to feel and relieved some of the itch, but it also felt humiliating. Justice exclaimed, “Okay, that’s it!” The muscular man reached behind himself and grasped at the sex toy’s cord. Relaxing his bowels, Justice tugged at the Dragon Pearls™. The bodybuilder expected his hole to be stretched multiple times, but nothing happened. He adjusted his grip on one of the orbs and jerked at it again and again. The outcome was the same; not at all budging and locked within his rectum. “The hell? I’m relaxing all my ass muscles. Why isn’t it coming out?!” he said. Gemini smirked, “I did just tell you about a minute ago that you bought enchanted Dragon Pearls™. I even gave you that whole spiel on how it works. Only somebody commanding you can pull them out one at a time.” “I thought you were just roleplaying or something. It’s just too crazy for something like that to exist,” replied Justice. Gemini sighed, “Says the guy that bought an anime knockoff replica sex toy.” Justice said nothing while releasing his hold over the orange orb. The bodybuilder then attempted to touch his itchy anus; his fingers reaching out to the affected area. Justice’s hand stopped in its tracks just as it was about brush against his asshole. It was as if there was some magnetic field that repelled his hand away from his hole. “Dammit,” he muttered. As Justice gave up, the bulky android’s mood ring color shifted to black. Gemini spoke up, “Allow me to demonstrate wish three.” The Soulem relinquished his grasp over the Dragon Pearls™; slapping against the bodybuilder’s overly-muscled thighs. He grinned, as Justice’s body immediately seized like a statue. Gemini’s hands began to wander over Justice’s wide, wing-like lats, as he leaned forward to kiss the musclebound man’s mountainous traps. Even though Justice could not move, he could still hear and feel the wet smooch applied to his skin. The bodybuilder then wondered how the Soulem’s metallic lips were warm, wet, and somehow tickled his skin. As Gemini finished his kiss, he squatted down. The husky Soulem moved himself in front of Justice and looked straight at his friend’s metallic spandex bulge. Extending his glowing, blue tongue, Gemini licked at the bulge’s wet spot that now had a raindrop-sized manly residue leaking through the shiny, silver bulge. “Mmmmm. Sweet. Just like you,” flirted Gemini. Justice felt his cheeks burn. He was not sure if it was from either being flustered at the compliment or being humiliated at his paralysis. “...Thanks...can we go now?” he replied. Gemini sneered, “Don’t want to have sexy times with your best friend?” As the Soulem stood up, he dragged his glimmering tongue over the silver bulge. It then slid across the cobblestone abs and into the crevice of Justice’s mighty pectorals. All evidence of such an act was a trail of the Soulem’s saliva on the hulking bodybuilder’s skin and the newly polished navel jewelry; shimmering in the bedroom light. Gemini then changed his attention to the watermelon-sized pecshelf. He softly bit onto Justice’s left pec multiple times, as his hand molested the other. Chocolate pec meat spilled through the white, rubbery fingers of the hard grip. Justice could only moan at the titillating action and groaned even louder once Gemini switched to the bodybuilder’s nipples. Justice gritted his teeth. It was very hot but also weird to watch his friend make love to his chest. He wanted to ask when Gemini started to have sexual attractions to him, but there was something else he needed to say. Justice could not let himself get lost in the erotic euphoria and excitement from being dominated. The bodybuilder gathered his willpower and thought of the most unsexy thing he could think of. Pickle peanut butter sandwich. “I think that’s why it seems awkward to me. You’re my best friend, and...I dunno...I still feel bad about what happened, and I need to show you the real me. Please?,” he answered. Gemini instantly ceased his erotic activity upon hearing his best friend. He looked up at Justice’s eyes, while the color of his mood ring changed to white. The Soulem frowned, “Sorry. You’re right. I’m getting so easily sidetracked right now, but...I do want you to show me more than anything, dude. I want to understand.” Next Chapter
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    superhero Marvelous Man - Chapter 15

    All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zNSigi8v1eclG3AQv803GITT-d8kviEnOkwfLV47aXQ) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: CHRISTOPHER FLOYD & DONALD MORGAN All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1O52F8UJS70fDmrK2gYawUXBtklu8IEUwpOdaOZrPuoM) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: CHRISTOPHER FLOYD & DONALD MORGAN Chapter 15: Spells and Muscles Days past since the date, and Marvelous Man was feeling optimistic about his relationship with Gene. Whenever there was free time after investigating supernatural occurrences or daily patrol, the two would hang out. The choice of activities were aggressively engaging with little time to talk: usually dancing at clubs or sparring in the D.A.B. basement floor’s training room. It was patrol time during the afternoon hour, and the musclebound superhero was chatting away at his cell phone. His bunny partner, Gene, walked next to him during the conversation. Although the Totochtin prince was looking away, there was a good chance Gene could hear the entire conversation with his white-furred rabbit ears. Marvelous Man grinned, “Yeah, we gotta watch the season finale together! I can’t wait for you to get back. When is that, by the way?” A familiar electronic voice echoed from the superhero’s phone. “Some time today. They’re doing last minute checkups to make sure my tuneup is alright. But I really don’t think they need to record it all. Buncha perverts,” answered Gemini. The Soulem paused for a moment. Gemini spoke up, “So whatcha doin?” “Just...walking around,” hesitated Marvelous Man. While it was not a lie, the answer left a bitter taste in Marvelous Man’s mouth. He never explained to Gemini that Justice Starr lived a double life as Marvelous Man. Every opportunity that seemed like the right time to admit such an important detail, he would reason himself as to why he should not. After all, he signed that agreement with the Department of Metahuman Registration that they did not have permission to publicly disclose his real identity. He signed it to protect his loved ones...who are gods… Gemini replied, “Cool. Maybe you could pick me up some ice cream for when we meet up again. Dunno what flavor, I’m not really picky at the moment.” Marvelous Man flexed his eyebrow in confusion. “Can you even eat ice cream? I don’t remember you having a mouth,” he questioned. Gemini hesitated, “Uhh...I’m just feeling a craving. You know how I’ve got my dad’s personality and subconscious crammed into me. It’ll be fine...I’ll just watch you eat it, and, wow, that sounded so creepy when I said that out loud…” “It’s okay. Lots of people have that voyeur fetish, but it’s usually with watching a cute Asian girl eating stuff,” smiled Marvelous Man. Gemini exclaimed, “HEY! I’m the one that’s supposed to be witty, not you!” “I guess you’re rubbing off on me then,” shrugged Marvelous Man. Gemini huffed, “Yeah, whatever. I’ll text you later when I’m out. See ya later, dude.” “Okay. Bye,” nodded Marvelous Man. Ending the call, the muscle demigod placed his smartphone back into his pocket. Marvelous Man continued to smile and sighed with content, while his partner looked up to him. Gene spoke up, “A close friend of yours?” “Yeah. He was one of the first friends I made when I moved here. Uh, right after I met you, I mean,” nodded Marvelous Man. Gene smiled, “There is no need to be the nervous, Marvelous Man. I am not one to easily incite jealousy. It is good to have the other friends. Especially the ones that can put the gleam in your eye.” Marvelous Man looked down at his work partner and opened his mouth with intention to complement. The ground rumbled with low vibrations, while the sound of explosions can screaming can be heard in the distance. A recognizable tingle at the back of his mind could be felt; the blue D.A.B. patch on his black jacket’s shoulder had been activated. With the patch now acting as a magical psychic communicator, he could hear his field operator, Fairuza, speak directly into his head. “Lightfoot, Marvelous Man, please respond! This is a high alert command from the D.A.B. Headquarters!” called Fairuza. Gene crossed his arms and projected his thoughts. The rabbit superhero responded, “I can hear you, Fairuza. What is the situation?” “An unknown supervillain has appeared in Trevorstone Park a few blocks away from your position. He appears to be armed with a shield and an oddly-shaped sword. Subject seems to be at least a C-Rank due to signs of super strength. He’s been seen attacking and wounding civilians, but no confirmed casualties,” reported Fairuza. Gene nodded, “Understood. Does your magic book know the name of the supervillain?” The bunny demigod immediately looked up at Marvelous Man. “Let us make haste, Marvelous Man,” he said. Without saying a word, Marvelous Man nodded and took off running with his partner. The Totochtin prince led the charge, as they dashed towards the source of the panic and destruction. With the commotion in earshot, it would take the team minutes to arrive. Fairuza spoke up, “I've just about finished analyzing them, and...wha-that just doesn’t make sense! I’m checking a few more times to make sure, but...the identity and story of our supervillain is the ancient Sumerian royal hero, Gilgamesh. He’s a demigod king from thousands of years ago...” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Arriving at the Trevorstone Park entrance, Gene continued his sprint. The rabbit superhero zigzagged through the trees; leading to what Marvelous Man guessed was the causation of emotional distress. The running came to its final end when Gene led his partner towards a clearing. Marvelous Man gasped at his surroundings. The grassy plains with concrete sidewalk was littered with civilians and law enforcers lying on the ground. They were splayed about; bleeding, broken, and some barely conscious. In the center of the disaster stood a man almost as big and muscular as Marvelous Man himself. His long, black hair was kept braided; as well as the beard that surrounded his square face. The man known as Gilgamesh had dark bronze skin with a carpet of black hair matting all over his muscular body. His muscles had an impressiveness much different from Marvelous Man. They were lean and hard that exuded a lifetime of hard labor and purpose. Whereas Marvelous Man’s appeared inflated from a lifetime of dedication to exercise as a means of showing off power and sex appeal. Gilgamesh’s stomach was the only part of him that appeared inflated; stuffed with so much muscle that he had a permanent bloated appearance. Adorned on his hard body was golden jewelry, and on his head was a golden circlet. Every part of him sparkled with golden light that commanded one to awe at his muscles and nobility. The golden jewelry never covered but curved around his angular muscles, and his large golden necklace strewn over his wide shoulders lightly bounced from his flexing pectorals. The Sumerian king appeared to be nearly naked if one were to not notice the jewelry serving as his only means of clothing. As for the covering of his manhood, he wore a lewdly-designed codpiece shaped like a bull’s head and forged with gold plating. It was only big enough to hold what appeared to be his immense package, and barely covered his trimmed pubic bush. And the only thing tying the codpiece to his body was a golden chain; bedecked with glittering gems. It seemed as if he used a glamorous necklace to serve as the codpiece’s chain and thong. Gilgamesh appeared to have done everything he possibly could to show off his regality, godhood, and sexual allure. Gilgamesh turned to the superheroes and smiled. “Ah, the Totochtin and the star child. It has been a while, since we last fought,” he greeted. Gene and Marvelous Man glanced at each other for a second before looking back at Gilgamesh. The only person to ever call them that was the Skeleton Lord. Marvelous Man did not dare move to assist the injured; not unless he wanted the dangerous foe to attack with his back turned. Gene spoke, “My apologies, but I do not believe we have met.” “Uh, yeah...And are you Gilgamesh, the royal hero?” inquired Marvelous Man. Gilgamesh frowned, as he became silent. In that moment, his eyes flooded with pride, sadness, and then regret. The light in his eyes died immediately after flashing through his emotions. He replied, “...I have not been called either in a long time. Neither a king, nor a hero anymore...Aye, I am Gilgamesh. And I fight for the Skeleton Lord.” Marvelous Man’s stomach felt it had been stabbed after hearing those words. The Skeleton Lord has resurfaced but has sent a powerful demigod lackey in his stead. Thankfully, he had Gene to outnumber their foe. “Now come, heroes. Allow me to instill fear into you, so the Skeleton Lord may feast on it,” bellowed Gilgamesh. Brandishing his weapons for the superheroes to see, Marvelous Man recognized the familiar armaments. The Sumerian held a circular war shield welded with bumps and intricate designs, and a scythe sword now glittering with blood on it. It was the weapons the Skeleton Lord used when the villain called... Gilgamesh was not just any lackey. He was one of the Skeleton Lord’s guardians. Gene ordered, “Marvelous Man, you must heal the injured. I will fight the guardian.” It seemed that Gene had also understood how dangerous their enemy truly was upon seeing Gilgamesh’s weapons. “R-roger!” nodded Marvelous Man. As Gene charged towards the opponent at full speed, Marvelous Man evaluated the wounded lot. There were too many to heal one at a time before any of them became deceased, and they were scattered all over the place. The most obvious choice would have to be supercharging his light and channeling it through the ground in order to do one massive heal. The musclebound superhero reached into his pocket and pulled out his golden harmonica, Duskbringer. Applying it to his lips, he began to play an energetic song filled with many bouncy notes. Marvelous Man could feel his light feeding on the music; slowly growing to the point of supercharge. Squatting down like a sumo wrestler, Gilgamesh placed the knuckles of his sword-wielding hand on top of the grass. He immediately raised his tight, muscular buttocks high into the air; the jeweled chain thong pressing into his skin even deeper. His leg muscles tightened for a moment before launching Gilgamesh’s fuzzy body forward. The ground beneath him crumbled upon his liftoff; leaving behind a small crater with dirt and grass being flung into the air. He flew at a speed that was beyond faster than Gene's. Gilgamesh then stretched out the arm that held his scythe sword. Gene’s eyes widened at Gilgamesh’s explosive agility, and the acknowledgement of what he is incapable of reacting in time for. Gilgamesh’s outstretched arm slammed into Gene’s chest; knocking the air out of Gene’s lungs. Upon being hit by Gilgamesh’s clothesline attack, Gene’s legs lost their footing to stabilize against the charge. The Totochtin prince spun into the air, while Gilgamesh continued his uninterrupted velocity towards Marvelous Man. As Gene landed back first onto the ground, the Skeleton Lord guardian slammed his arm into Marvelous Man for another clothesline attack. As a result of the bodybuilder superhero’s tall stature, the flying attack impacted against Marvelous Man’s abdomen. Gilgamesh’s arm had Marvelous Man hooked onto him; carrying the muscle demigod until the golden guardian crashed into a tree. The tree cracked from the massive muscle collision. Splintering into two, the broken top half landed in between the fallen enemies. Gilgamesh lost grip over his weapons, causing them to clatter onto Marvelous Man’s side during the fall. Activating his flight power, Marvelous Man immediately lifted himself off the ground to face his enemy. The golden guardian slowly stood up as he laughed. It greatly annoyed the muscle demigod that his foe would be laughing from causing great harm and destruction. Gilgamesh grinned, “I learned that trick from you, star child. I had never considered the strength in my legs to push myself at speeds my foes cannot even predict. But I suppose I need to practice my landing first before I challenge beings greater than you.” Marvelous Man flew forward, as he thrusted an overhead punch with all his might. Still smiling, Gilgamesh caught the fist with quick ease. The air shook with immense vibration as the impact of a sonic boom burst between the clashing hands. Marvelous Man watched the vibrating air tussle Gilgamesh’s hairs. Even with all his strength, it was not enough to cause this Sumerian demigod of strength to flinch. He was fighting a force that was leagues beyond his own strength. Momentarily lifting up Marvelous Man into the air, Gilgamesh turned away and slammed the bodybuilder superhero into the ground in front of him. Marvelous Man’s breath choked out of him, from the front of his body smashed against the dirt. The Sumerian demigod still had Marvelous Man’s fist in his grasp. “I was ordered to do no harm to the Totochtin. Well, nothing too damaging that wouldn’t allow him to perform,” spoke Gilgamesh, “But you? I can crush.” Immense pain exploded in Marvelous Man’s hand, as he could hear the crushing of bones vibrate into his eardrums. He screamed in high-pitched anguish and nearly blacked out from the ghastly pain. Gilgamesh released his broken hand; mangled into disfiguration. Turning away from the broken hero, Gilgamesh walked towards his fallen weapons. The golden guardian bragged, “You might be wondering why the Totochtin is so special. Why he gets the special treatment from the Skeleton Lord and not you. It’s cause he can produce countless amounts of lust energy. Something the Skeleton Lord overlooked until now. And being a man of sexual prowess, it will be up to me to milk it, so the Skeleton Lord can focus on other things. Now while I usually prefer the company of women, a hole is still a hole.” Marvelous Man could hear every word Gilgamesh said; despite being in blinding pain. He needed to stop this monster before he harmed more people. Before he hurted Gene… He had no choice. Marvelous Man needed to use the poison. It did not matter if using that dark power would hurt himself. He was already in enough pain, and the bigger regret would be not using it to save someone he loves. Marvelous Man commanded the blackness within him to rise and feed on his agony and the pain of being useless to help others. He wanted to inflict this misery onto his foe. Marvelous Man’s other unbroken hand began to glow with a whisping, dark aura. All he had to do now was touch Gilgamesh, and reactivate every damage the Sumerian ever took in his life all at once. “Stand down, Marvelous Man. Bossman and I have this,” a familiar voice whispered. There was only one person who addressed the Director with such vocabulary and spoke in a deep, Russian accent. The musclebound superhero truly wished he was not hallucinating from the extreme pain. Marvelous Man wheezed, “Puzzles?” A furry imp in a cobalt business suit walked past the fallen hero. He turned to look down at Marvelous Man with his crystal blue eyes and gave a gleaming smile. Marvelous Man shivered at the sight; to see something so unusual as seeing Puzzles smile and one that looked like a cheshire cat grin. “Da,” said Puzzles. As Gilgamesh finished retrieving his close-combat arms, Puzzles began to disintegrate into smoke. Puzzles’ smoke form floated away right, as the golden guardian turned to face Marvelous Man. Gilgamesh’s face gave no evidence of ever spotting Puzzles, while walking back to the beaten hero. Putting his trust into the smoke imp, Marvelous Man commanded his whisping poison to deactivate. Gilgamesh smirked, “I will say that I respect you. You are so much weaker than the Totochtin, but you’re very resourceful. You’ve managed to find ways to compensate for what you lack. And that light you cast when you play your metal ocarina really irks the Skeleton Lord. It really forces him to use his more powerful attacks, since your light is bright enough to destroy his dark spells. So I commend you for being able to corner the Skeleton Lord so much.” A southern, gentlemanly-like voice called out to the Sumerian demigod. “Pardon me, evildoer. But you wouldn’t happen to be Gilgamesh, would ya?” he drawled. Gilgamesh looked towards his left. Standing next to the broken tree stump was Director Skye and Puzzles. The golden guardian replied, “Aye. That is me. And who are you?" “He is Director Douglas Skye. Head of the North American Demon Authority Bureau. Master Witch of the Defense Arts," spoke up Puzzles, "And I am his familiar, Puzzles. But I will not be attacking you today.” Director Skye looked down at the smoke imp. “Why’s that?” he asked. Puzzles stared back up at his master. The smoke imp shrugged, “Fighting an ancient hero is part of your imposs-I mean, improbable bucket list, Boss. I’m sure you’d want to try to fight him with your own strength to see who’s stronger. But I’ll still help support you, boss. Just no sneaky attacks from me. Besides, you’ve been cooped up in your office for so long. You need to blow off some steam.” “I really do...Are you sure you want me to take him on my own?” said the Director. Puzzles scoffed, “Unless you want me to join in, Boss. But all that hairy musclehead can do is hit really hard, so there’s nothing to worry about. And if I had to fight him as well, then it would be overkill.” Gilgamesh bursted out laughing upon hearing Puzzles’ boasts. “You make such amusing insults, creature. But your master is no match for me. What good is his magic if his spells focus only on defense?” he said. The Director smirked, “Would you like for me to educate you?” The golden guardian switched into his battle stance. He held his sword out; pointed at Director Skye. “By all means, witch. Enlighten me,” laughed Gilgamesh. The Director slowly pulled off his cobalt business suit’s jacket. Grabbing it by the collar, Director Skye tossed his jacket into the air with a light amount of effort. The jacket climbed in the air for a second before reaching its peak altitude. As the cobalt suit jacket hit its point of incline, the Director raised his hands into the air and began to gesture in a circular motion. His hands glowed with the movements, while a magical circle filled with sigils and runic symbols appeared below the jacket. Upon the jacket’s descent and passing through Director Skye’s magical seal, its motion came nearly to a halt. It was still falling, but it looked like someone played its action on slow motion. The Director stopped his gesturing and hand glowing once he saw his completed spell. Looking back at his opponent, he pointed up at the jacket falling in slow motion. He declared, “Before my jacket hits the ground, I shall defeat you. I will be very embarrassed if I don’t, because I just had that dry cleaned.” Director Doug then held out his hand; as if he were grabbing something. A runic symbol, glowing with a bluish florescence, appeared on his palm. Immediately after it emerged, the rune stretched itself. It reformed itself into a long, tube shape that continued to glow blue. Upon reaching a certain length, Director Skye grabbed the tube. The magical light instantaneously shattered like glass and left behind a silver baton in the master witch's grasp. “I think you’ll need something sharper than that thin club to beat me, witch” laughed Gilgamesh. The Director smirked, “Oh, this isn’t a club. It’s my broom.” “I see,” smiled Gilgamesh, “And do you plan to defeat me by dusting the dirt off my codpiece? Director Skye fired back, “Actually, I was planning to stick it up your ass and sweep the floor with it.” “Decapitating you will be most gayful,” said the golden guardian. Leaping forward, Gilgamesh raised his scythe sword for downward slash attack. The Director calmly stood still; smiling without a care. The Director exclaimed, “Bring it, fatherfucker. HECATE!!!” Gilgamesh brought down his sword at the master witch, as he landed. At the moment where Gilgamesh’s blade cleaved through the Director, it instead split in half. The blade looked as if it were caught in a illusionary prism that caused one side of the blade to stick out to the left and the other blade pointing right. It continued its downward swing without even grazing the Director’s fabric. Flabbergasted, the golden guardian held his weapon up to his face and stared at his weapon. The blades were no longer two and had returned to its original form of being a single, straightforward blade. “What madness?!” said the Sumerian demigod. Director Doug explained, “That’s a space fracture spell. Causes a small rift for objects to be split in two. Great for dodging vertical attacks and projectiles. But I suggest you never do it with horizontal or diagonal attacks. Oh, and try not to use it on people. Big objects tend to get permanently cleaved in half. And it's as messy as it sounds.” >>>>>>>>> As Marvelous Man watched Director Skye in amazement at the master witch’s magical performance, he could feel Fairuza communicating to his mind. “Marvelous Man, are you there? Do you read me, Marvelous Man?” called Fairuza. Marvelous Man thought back, “I’m here, Fairuza.” “What happened? You were screaming before the Director showed up,” questioned Fairuza. Marvelous Man answered, “...Gilgamesh broke my hand. I can’t move it at all, and I’m in a lot of pain.” “We’ll have it looked at when the Director finishes up. In the meantime, you need to get up. The paramedics can’t get close until the supervillain is subdued. And those innocent people are dying, Marvelous Man, and you’re the only one that can save them,” Fairuza reminded. Marvelous Man acknowledged, “...okay. I’ll try to...supercharge the area to heal them all at once.” Using his other unbroken hand to steady himself, Marvelous Man attempted to push himself up. The ache in his body from being smashed into ground was slowly dissipating, but it still felt unbearable to the musclebound superhero. He groaned from the pain, but he needed to get up. Lives were depending on him, and superheroes must answer the call of duty above their own needs. Marvelous Man continued to remind himself about his sense of duty as a superhero as motivation. Slowly lurching up, the muscle demigod managed to upright himself and sit on top of his legs in a seiza position. Marvelous Man quickly scanned the area around himself before spotting his harmonica. Duskbringer laid next to the broken top-half of the tree, but was out of the muscle demigod's reach. “Can you still play your harmonica with just one working hand?” asked Fairuza. Marvelous Man sighed, “I can, but I don’t have to play it to supercharge my healing. I just need to make art. Will Director Skye be alright?” “He’ll be fine. He’s a Rank-A superhero, so don’t worry about him. Just focus on helping the injured,” replied Fairuza. Marvelous Man nodded, “Right. Sorry.” Taking a breath, Marvelous Man cleared his throat. He began to softly hum before vocalizing into a gregorian-like chant. The light within him began to feed on his music. >>>>>>>> Gilgamesh swung his scythe sword in a horizontal strike in an attempt to hit the Director. The Director made no attempt to cast a spell, while Gilgamesh’s blade sliced through the air. Upon contact with Director Skye’s body, the scythe sword cleaved through. The Director’s body severed in half from the slash, but not a drop of blood escaped from the master witch’s bisected anatomy. The Director continued to smile even after experiencing such devastating damage. Director Douglas’ detached top half floated for a second before his whole body exploded into smoke. The smokescreen dispersed into a wide spread in an effort to stunt Gilgamesh’s perception. Unbeknownst to the golden guardian, the smoke had masked his eyes from seeing a magical seal glowing beneath himself. Sliding across the ground as if it were an ice rink, the Director silently glided from behind Gilgamesh. He then tossed his baton-like broom into the air, causing it to twirl. Director Skye caught the other end of his silver broom and held it like a baseball bat. The Director leaned forward and swung at the back of Gilgamesh’s right knee. When the precisioned blow connected to the joint, it made a pinging noise one would hear when struck with a metal baseball bat. The Sumerian demigod’s powerful stature immediately crumbled, as he fell onto his left knee. Upon this happening, his right leg bent but kept anchored in place to keep Gilgamesh’s back straight. Like a figure skater continuing their flow of motion, Director Skye used the momentum of his strike to twirl. He spun in a counterclockwise motion to a complete revolution and struck with his broom again. The blunt weapon reverberated with another ping, as it battered the left side of Gilgamesh’s jaw. With the gold guardian’s balance upset once again, his right foot lost its grip on the ground as if it were standing on ice. As Gilgamesh slipped and landed with his back onto the dirt, the Director disappeared into the smokescreen upon finishing his blitzkrieg. “Kinetic friction nullifier spell. Makes any surface slippery. Although now that I am saying it all out loud, magic sure has gotten more sciency,” lectured the Director. Puzzles called out, “And what you just hit was my Shado-I mean, Smoke Clones. I can conjure semi-solid illusions with my smoke.” The Sumerian demigod attempted to stand back up; gritting his teeth in the process. As the magical circle beneath Gilgamesh’s feet and the smokescreen disappeared, he spotted something else. The ground was being enchanted with light, and it was spreading. Looking for the source, Gilgamesh pinpointed it to Marvelous Man; sitting in seiza position with eyes closed and singing in a gregorian-like chant. Copying Marvelous Man’s signature move, Gilgamesh squatted down in a sumo stance with his glutes hefted in the air. He flexed his leg muscles to quickly charge power for another launch. “POSEI MAGUM!” shouted the Director. Gilgamesh looked to his left and saw a shimmering spectacle shooting straight at him. With the shiny object in such close distance, the golden guardian had no time to react. The casted spell instantly enveloped him upon contact; forming a giant bubble around the crouching Sumerian demigod. Running toward the bubble-encased Gilgamesh, Director Skye held his broom up to his face. He then placed an open palm next to his other hand gripping the silver broom. As his hands glowed with magical energy, he glided his open palm across the baton-like broom’s length. He then slid his palm beyond the broom’s shaft; resulting in another enchanted display. The short-lengthed broom briefly flared with magical light, as it immediately extended itself. The broom’s glowing ended abruptly upon reaching a vast pole length that is suitable for one to use as a bo staff or a supposed broom. The Director jumped; quickly maneuvering his newly-formed broom beneath his groin at an upward angle. The back end of his broom bursted with a pinkish fire; accelerating Director Doug beyond his running speed and gaining a small amount of altitude. Twisting his body into a counterclockwise spin, the Director changed his grip and pulled the broom from under himself. As the boosting flame on his broom extinguished, Director Skye came to a full rotation. The Director gripped his broom like it was a baseball bat, while descending back towards the ground. Upon landing steps away from Gilgamesh, Director Doug skidded towards the crouched man. Dirt flew into the air, as the crouching man was now within the master witch’s swinging distance. The Director then swung with an underhanded strike; hitting the bubble Gilgamesh was trapped in. The bubble instantly bounced high into the air from the blunt attack; regardless of Gilgamesh’s weight in muscle mass and golden jewelry. As the bubble-encased Gilgamesh flew into the sky, the Director placed his broom underneath himself. A mass of smoke followed behind Director Doug’s back; reforming into Puzzles upon landing on top of the broom. The silver broom blasted off with its pink fire blazing at full power. Jetting off into the upper atmosphere, Director Skye directed his magical broom to follow the bubbled Gilgamesh flinging through the air. The Director and his familiar caught up to the bubble within seconds. Raising his hand up, it began to glow while gesturing a spell. A translucent veil with a purple hue appeared in front of the broom. It umbrellaed outward; shielding the Director from incoming winds. And although the barrier was made of magic, its entirety was structured with a blockade of hexagons that interlocked together like a honeycomb. Charging into the enchanted bubble, the flimsy structure popped rather than bouncing again. Director Doug continued his flight; ramming into Gilgamesh’s abdomen. The silver broom did not expectedly penetrate the golden guardian's skin, as the honeycomb-shaped magic positioned itself in front of the pole. With the broom pushing speeds in the hundreds and the enchanted veil too wide to grip or reach around to grab the master witch, Gilgamesh remained pinned onto the magical barrier in a spread eagle position. The Sumerian demigod’s weapons were nowhere to be seen on the pinned man; knocked out of his hold by the sudden blow. The Director continued to calmly smile, as he changed his broom’s direction to accelerate upwards. The master witch flew higher into the troposphere; breaking through the clouds and entering the stratosphere. All the while, Gilgamesh could only scowl at Director Skye with his eyes. His face unable to express as it remained smooshed against the veil. While ice crystals began forming onto the beehive-like barrier, Gilgamesh’s body smoked from the evaporating crystals melting from his body heat. The broom’s pink flame extinguished itself; preventing the three from climbing any higher heights. Loosening his grip, Director Doug slid down his silver broom just as Puzzles dissipated into his smoke form. The Director then reestablished his hold once again before completely falling off his enchanted flying device; clasping onto the broom’s end. Director Skye held out his left hand and gestured a spell. He soon ended his motioning incantation by waving upwards in a clockwise motion. A small hexagonal barrier appeared on the Director’s right side. Unlike the one he used to pin Gilgamesh beneath with, it was an individual hexagon rather than a combination. More magical hexagons emerged into existence on Director Doug’s left side. They materialized above each other; creating a pathway in a clockwise motion until reaching high above Gilgamesh. The Director planted his feet against the vertically-angled hexagon on his right side. Briefly squatting against the magical shape, he pushed off. The broom swung with his motion, as Director Skye landed his foot against the floating pathway he conjured. Continuing his movement without hesitation, he began to run upwards against the panes of hexagonal pieces. The end of the Director’s broom pinning Gilgamesh with the magical shield rotated until he was positioned underneath the silver broomstick. Reaching the end of his improvised path, Director Skye had situated himself into a handstand position while pushed himself on top of his own broom. The small cloud of smoke, surrounding the middle of the staff during the Director’s acrobat, shot up towards the master witch. As the smoke being darted upwards, it reformed back into Puzzles. Both the smoke imp and Director Doug held out their hands to each other in one synchronized action; grasping each other upon contact. With the help of his own projected velocity, Puzzles pulled his master up with little effort. The Director bent his legs down, as his upper body was lifted by his familiar. No longer upside down in that moment, Director Skye released his grip from Puzzles' tiny hand. The Director landed feet first on the top of his broom with cat-like grace. As he peered out to the sky in front of him, Puzzles gently landed on his shoulder. With nothing to keep them afloat, the three began to descend back down towards the clouds. Puzzles spoke, “And what floor would you like to get off on, Boss?” “Ground floor,” replied Director Skye. As Puzzles pretended to push an imaginary elevator button, Director Doug gestured another spell. His hands glowed, while smashing his fist against his open palm. An explosion of ice erupted from all over the Director’s body. Large obelisks made of ice extended outwards, with Director Skye, Puzzles, and the broom encased in the freeze flash. Gilgamesh’s eyes bulged. The golden guardian raised his fists and slammed it back down onto the honeycomb-patterned barrier in an attempt to shatter it. The veil glowed from the hits, but it did not break. He continued the vain attempt, as their descending speed rapidly accelerated with each passing second. Upon reaching terminal velocity within seconds, the glowing ground drew close at speeds too fast to see any details. The three crashed into the light-enchanted earth; resulting in an explosion akin to a bomb and vibrating the entire park that even shook Marvelous Man’s posture. Smoke from the impact plumed into the air, and the only thing that could be seen of the crash site to an outside eye was a crater spanning a wide circumference. The smoke debris briefly parted; revealing Puzzles leading his master out of the crater’s wreckage. The two watched their step, so none of them could accidentally walk on the shards of ice littered within the crater. As the two exited the newly-made hole, the smoke closed into the gap they were denied of occupying. Director Doug held onto his broom, as both of them looked down at the smoking crater. Puzzles sighed, “He’s still alive, Boss.” “I suppose he still would. Marvelous Man is still healing the injured folks, so I must apply a gentle touch to this matter,” huffed Director Skye, “Irregardless, I am having fun.” Puzzles frowned, “That’s not a real word, Boss.” “And you’re not Russian, yet you still talk with that accent,” mused the Director. Noises began to stir within the hole. The sound of Gilgamesh’s footsteps crunched amongst the rubble, as the cloud of dust dissipated to reveal the Sumerian demigod standing up straight. Director Skye shouted, “I gotta say, you got a hell of a chin there! I’m gonna have to mark you as a Rank B then.” “Hmph, that star child used the same tactic against the Skeleton Lord. It’s not impressive to use your weight to crush your enemies. But I will admit something, witch, that really frightened me. To fall out of the sky like that. And it really hurt,” remarked Gilgamesh. Walking out of the rubble, the golden guardian no longer appeared amused. His hairy body was covered in dirt and bruises, but did not appear to have any serious damage on his muscular frame. Director Doug smiled, “Good. Now to continue with your education, I used a bubble spell that allows one to be bounced away upon any blunt contact; regardless of one’s weight inside the bubble.” “After that, I pinned you on a beehive barrier spell. And fun fact about that spell, you can summon the pieces individually rather than a whole set. So you could use it as a platform or flip it onto its side and use it as a projectile. But I think I made a good choice, since your body seems to have a high level of...imperviency,” he continued. The Director dragged on, “And finally, I used a basic ice encasement spell. We were so high up, I could draw in so much more moisture than is needed to make that spell. I made it a hella big, so it would be really heavy in the hopes of crushing you. Sadly, that did not work. But, my, was it spectacular.” Gilgamesh’s face became neutral upon hearing Director Skye’s lecture. There was a small pause after the Director finished, that he smirked for a second before giggling. The giggle then transformed to a bellowing laugh. “You most certainly enlightened me on the usefulness of defense magic, witch!” guffawed the Sumerian demigod, “Have you anything left to say before I pound you to death with my bare hands? I would decapitate you, but I seem to have lost my weapons while being adrift in the sky.” Director Skye held up his index finger. “Just one,” he replied. The Director looked down at his smoke imp. He requested, “Puzzles, would you please prepare the Cuban Room for our guest? We need to wrap this up, and I am parching for some sweet tea.” Puzzles looked up at his master, as he reached inside of his business suit’s jacket. “Certainly, Boss,” he smiled. The smoke imp then retrieved a large cigar and a silver lighter from his cobalt jacket. Flipping the lid off of the lighter, it ignited a small, red flame. Puzzles quickly lit the dark brown cigar, before putting the tobacco product in his mouth. He then proceeded to take a deep inhale, as he snuffed the lighter's flame and placed it back into his pocket. Director Doug curtly bowed, “Now you may try pulverizing me.” Gilgamesh’s eyes glinted with acknowledgement of what the battle’s outcome will be. He nodded before charging forward. The golden guardian sprinted as fast as he could while screaming out his battle cry. Every step he took vibrated a heavy thud, as he drew closer. Within a few steps of Gilgamesh reaching the master witch, Puzzles blew out the cigar exhaust he had been dragging. The dark gray smoke stretched itself outward like a wall; bordering between the golden guardian and the heroes. Without a sign of hesitation, Gilgamesh charged into the smoke. The cigar fog enveloped the Sumerian demigod and immediately transformed. The smoke reshaped itself into an interior location. Gilgamesh now stood inside a wooden hallway with an antique Victorian design. The walls were bare of any windows and were instead draped with red curtains. The golden guardian’s mouth was agape in surprise, as he looked at both sides of the hallway. On his left was a dead end with a tall, wooden grandfather clock stationed where a doorway should be. The clock’s ticks and tocks echoed throughout the hallway; mixing with another noise that sounded like wood crackling in a fire. On the right side of the hallway was the source of the fire crackling sound. A lit hearth, at the end of the hallway’s right side, radiated the Victorian hallway with warmth and yellowish light. With his face changing from shock to curiousity, Gilgamesh thumped towards the grandfather clock. He stood in front of it and studied it closely. The wooden clock had a simple design with grooves and an etching of a pine cone on its top frame. Inside of it, its golden pendulum swung in syncro with the clock’s ticks. “Welcome to the Cuban Room,” drawled the Director. Gilgamesh instantly reacted to the Southern gentlemanly voice; turning around to face the master witch. At the end other end of the wooden hallway, a red armchair now existed in front of the fireplace. The armchair faced the hearth and had a man sitting in it. The man seen only from behind had auburn hair like Director Skye. His pale, white hand rested on the chair’s arms and held the lit cigar Puzzles had just smoked. The Sumerian demigod muttered, “Is this pathetic illusion supposed to stop me?” Gilgamesh slammed his fist against the wall. Rather than exploding into smoke, the wall resisted the golden guardian’s strike. “That it is. I did tell you that I’m a Master Witch of the Defense Arts, didn’t I?” said the Director. Gilgamesh frowned, “That was the familiar who said it. And you are not the witch either.” The supposed Director Doug said nothing, as he brought the cigar to his face. Seconds pass by until a loud exhale resounded from his location. A long plume of cigar smoke blew into the air above the alleged master witch, as he rested his cigar hand back onto the red chair’s arm. “Does it matter?” he replied, “You still have to beat me to get out of here. So go on. Pulverize me.” The golden guardian slowly stepped forward; as if expecting more tricks. He kept walking towards the other end of the red-curtained hallway, when his face then contorted in confusion. As he reach the middle of the wooden hallway, his progress seemed to have come to a halt. He was walking, but he was not moving any closer to his destination. Gilgamesh changed his motion into a sprint, but the result was the same. Looking down, the Sumerian demigod could see the floor beneath himself moving like a treadmill. The floor shifted in the opposite direction Gilgamesh was trying to go and increased its speed when Gilgamesh did so. “I’m waiting,” teased the auburn-haired man. Gilgamesh gritted his teeth, as he kept trying to push forward with no foreseeable result. The supposed Director Skye laughed; echoing throughout the wooden hallway that drowned out the grandfather clock’s ticking sound. Sections of the hallways in front of the golden guardian began to rotate like an inverse rubix cube. Walls had been rotated into floors and ceilings and vice versa. At the end of the hallway where the assumed Director and the fireplace sat had now been rotated up to the ceiling. Gravity had no effect on them, and even the smoke drifted down to the ceiling floor. The grandfather clock’s noise began to override the laughing, as it chimed its hourly clock strike noise. Soft bells rang in the air, as it caught Gilgamesh’s attention. Turning around, his eyes widened upon gazing the hallway behind him. As the clock bellowed its haunting lower-toned bells, the architecture started to become undone. Segments of floor, ceiling, and wall broke off and flew into a black void that became more visible with every breakage. Eventually, even the wooden grandfather clock was sucked into the nothing. Face filled with panic, Gilgamesh pushed himself to run faster, jump, and even lunge forward like Marvelous Man’s signature move. Every effort he did caused either himself to not move forward or the fireplace-end of the hallway to extend farther out of his reach. He dared to look back and could see the Cuban Room’s dismantle growing closer to him. He shouted, “It’s not real! IT’S NOT REAL!!!” The ceiling right above Gilgamesh splintered into many pieces. The Sumerian demigod dared to glance up. Within the black void above him stood a giant Puzzles glaring down at Gilgamesh. The smoke imp was the size of skyscrapers, and his eyes glowed with pure white. The familiar's horns had a devious point and seemed to be the size of a small house. When Puzzles spoke, it was as if a giant with a Russian accent talked. “DOES. IT. MATTER.” said the giant Puzzles. Gilgamesh froze, as a burst of light flashed around him. When the flash immediately died down, a rectangular prism of light encased his hairy body. None of the golden guardian’s muscles twitched, and neither did his eyes stir. Puzzles blinked at the frozen Sumerian demigod. The Cuban Room instantly vanished into smoke; fizzling out of reality. What was a smoky existence now returned back to the glowing park before the Sumerian demigod was transported. The petrified Gilgamesh floated above the park’s grass that had become enchanted with a sunlight quality. Puzzles waddled up to the prism of light. He glanced his eyes up and down the muscular man before turning to his right. The smoke imp looked towards his master, who stood with his silver broom in hand. He questioned, “The time capsule spell? I thought you would have done the sex cocoon spell. Much easier to cast.” “There’s no damn way I’m casting that spell. Unless you want to open him up from the cocoon and get hit with sex stink,” retorted the Director. Puzzles frowned, “Fair enough. At least you casted the spell to capture him off the ground. Would have been a real pain to move him if the dirt got caught in the time capsule. So how much time do we have before he thaws out?” Director Skye squatted down to analyze his handiwork. Surrounding the time-frozen Gilgamesh was a magical seal carved into the ground. Its sequences of runes and shapes within the circle was more complex than the light-conjured magic circles the Director created. “Well, it was a rush job, but I managed to get it all right. Should buy us at least three hours at most,” stated Director Doug. Puzzles nodded while reaching into his business suit’s pocket to pull out a smartphone. The smoke imp spoke, “I’ll call somebody to pick this up and get everybody here treated. Oh, and don’t forget your coat, Boss.” “Shoot!” spat the Director. Director Skye took off running. His face held panic that most likely was due to the possibility of his cobalt jacket becoming dirty. A voice called out, “Puzzles?” Facing to the voice behind himself, Puzzles spotted Gene limping towards him. The bunny demigod had his hand placed over his chest, and his white rabbit ears were drooped down. “Bossman and I came over to deal with Gilgamesh. You’re welcome,” said Puzzles. The rabbit superhero glanced at the time-frozen Sumerian demigod before looking back at the cold-eyed smoke imp. Gene asked, “And what of Marvelous Man?” “He’s fine for the most part. His hand is broken, but he managed supercharge the area to heal everybody. Let’s just hope you don’t let him get killed next time. Healers of his caliber are rare. Don’t fuck it up again,” answered Puzzles. The bunny demigod became silent. His head bent down in shame, and his eyes became incapable of visually connecting with Puzzles’. Director Doug shouted, “It got halfway to the ground! Goshdang, I sure am getting rusty!” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> An hour after the incident, the team assembled back at the D.A.B. building. Marvelous Man and Gene were exiting the elevator on the fifth floor. As they walked towards the Director’s office, Marvelous Man kept staring at his hand. It was the hand that was broken by Gilgamesh’s crushing grip, yet it now looked as if it was never harmed. Marvelous Man flexed his newly-healed hand. “Are you in pain?” asked Gene. Marvelous Man looked at Gene, “Huh? Oh, no. It’s fine...just amazed that it's fixed already. There’s not even a scar or anything.” “Yes. It is most fortunate to discover that you have the healing factor. Given enough time, you can recover from any wound,” noted Gene. Marvelous Man sighed, “Yeah...just wish I could’ve regenerated faster.” Gene said nothing, as the two continued down the hallway. Marvelous Man then spotted their field analyst, Fairuza, standing in front of Director Skye’s office door. As if on cue, Fairuza turned to her team and waved. “Hey, you two. Ready to head in?” smiled Fairuza. Marvelous Man shrugged, “Yeah, I guess. I’m just glad it’s not gonna be as awkward as the last time we all got called up here.” “I feel the same,” nodded Fairuza. The sorceress knocked on the Director’s door. Seconds ticked by, until it was opened by Puzzles to usher them in. Fairuza was the first to cross into the office with Marvelous Man following in behind her and ducking underneath the doorway. As Gene finally entered, the smoke imp closed the door behind the three. Inside the cobalt-carpeted office, Director Doug sat behind his cherrywood desk. He calmly smiled while sipping on a cold glass of sweet team. Marvelous Man immediately noticed there was another person in the office, as Puzzles’ smoky form glided back to the desk. An android was sitting was sitting in the black lounge chair propped against the wall. Despite his mechanical design, his stocky body almost looked soft. A great majority of the android’s torso consisted of black synthetic muscle that appeared to have a rubber-like quality than a metallic kind. These black muscle cords also appeared on his biceps and along the inner and outer thighs. His abdomen had a white, gelatin-like layering that seemed similar to soft, fatty tissue; giving the android an athletic gut. The white layer had as well traced over his fingers, toes, groinal region, and even on the underside of his pecs. It was peculiar to Marvelous Man that the android also had rubbery nipples, the size of pencil erasers, that were colored with a blackish hue. Any place on the android that did not require the sense of touch or was not an erogenous zone was plated over with a silver cover. The silver plates had golden outlines for what seemed to be an aesthetic purpose. Curiously, there was also a silver plating on the android’s hips that had handles welded onto them. As for any clothing, the android was sorely lacking any. The only garment he wore was a drawstring mokko fundoshi that covered a generously large package bulging against the fabric. Keychained to the mokko fundoshi was a pink Japanese amulet, that had the astrological symbol, Gemini, printed onto it. Marvelous Man could not help but think that this Soulem felt familiar; especially since the android had his fundoshi and nails colored zaffre. The android glanced up at Marvelous Man. The Soulem’s silver, metallic face had a neutral expression, but the mood rings on his cheeks immediately flashed from white to red. The android’s large, silver nose sharply inhaled before letting out a huff, while his white, digital eyes looked away. The Soulem had sections of golden blocks plated to his head in an attempt to appear as his beard, mohawk, and even eyebrows. He also had a zaffre-colored Phillips screw studded onto his chin. “So,” started the Director, “Capturing Gilgamesh was a success. But he’s still on ice for a few more hours before we can start interrogating him. Hopefully, we’ll be able to find out his connections to the Skeleton Lord and how we can use that to our advantage.” Director Skye looked at Marvelous Man. “As for you, Marvelous Man, great job on healing the civilians. They and their loved ones extend their thanks to you and request that you meet them in person. Now, I told them that you’re a bit busy at the moment trying to help other people and assisting our heroes to fight the bad guys. So it’s up to you if you want to visit them on your off-time. But I suggest you keep your head low if you don’t want to, cause you’re most likely gonna be newsworthy for the next week or so,” he said. Marvelous Man nodded, “Uh, yes, sir.” The Director sipped his sweet tea. “Now, onto the elephant in the room. You three make a great team, but y’all need to up your game a bit. I don’t know why, but fate keeps tossing you right at the Skeleton Lord. And each time, we are in the dark about who he is or what he can do,” he drawled. Director Doug continued, “That’s why I’m sorry to say this, Fairuza, but your magic isn’t cutting it. For some reason, he’s invisible to magic detection and even your analyzing abilities. And that is why I am including a field technician in your group to help study our foe and science his ass. He’s a noncombatant, so make sure he doesn’t get in the midst of y’all’s crossfires.” The Director pointed an open palm to the sitting android. “So until this Skeleton Lord issue has been resolved, meet your new teammate for future missions: Gemini Yin,” introduced Director Skye. Marvelous Man’s eyes widened in surprise, as the Soulem stood up. Maybe it’s a complete coincidence that another Soulem’s name is Gemini? Gemini held out his hand at Marvelous Man, as his voice spoke in an electronic yet masculine tone. He gritted his teeth into a smile, “Hey, bro. You must be Marvelous Man. Ya know, you kinda look like my friend, Justice.” Next Chapter
  13. The previous chapter and its counterparts are here: Chapter 1.0 & 1.1: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/2085-muscle-buddies-the-powerlifter-the-bodybuilder-chapter-1-a-workout-session-chapter-11/ Chapter 1.2: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/4106-muscle-buddies-keeping-a-secret-chapter-12/ Chapter 1.3: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5090-muscle-buddies-chapter-13-getting-to-know-who-we-are/ Chapter 2.0 Jeff and Dustin entered their senior year together, but not out. Their relationship was very strong, but they didn't want to detract from their future endeavors in their sports. Dustin was in a bulking phase, something that didn't go unnoticed in school. He was relatively decent in size the previous year, but now he has grown quite a bit. Many guys have suspected that he juices, not understanding the whole process involved in bodybuilding. Jeff has remained around the same size, but he has also focused more on his training for his future in college. Jeff hasn't decided what sport he will get a scholarship in. Football would be a no-brainer, but he has wanted to play in the Rugby League for years. His hardness has dissipated slightly, but he is still immense. His small layer of fat over top of his skin and his now thick body hair gives him a much more mature appearance. Over the summer, the two men began to hang out more with Omar, their good powerlifter buddy. He has been helping Jeff with getting stronger and more prepared for his possible Rugby career. Omar himself is thick with huge rounded shoulders, a wide back, and powerful arms. He isn't ripped, and he had no intention of ever being that way either. He has always idolized Kevin Nee and wanted to follow in his footsteps. He trained hard last year, but is training even harder now that he is a year older. His relationship with Jeff has gotten more personal due to their training sessions together. The strength and power in his lifts has translated over to Jeff, who has come to love watching Omar lift and grunt and even moan at times when he lifts heavier weight. Jeff himself has gotten much stronger as he has studied Omar and how he is able to control the weight on his back and shoulders when he deadlifts. It is the strength factor that has changed Omar and Jeff's relationship too. When they started, they wore tanks and shorts, now though it isn't unusual for them to just be wearing their boxers. They don't train together until after hours and sometimes it can be tough because of school work or other things in their schedules. They both stand behind each other when they lift so that they don't hurt themselves or need help. Their hands will sometimes travel to places other than the weight bar or the weights themselves. Jeff has a tendency to place his hands on Omar's arms to feel how strong he is when he lifts the weight above his head. It gets him so excited that his cock will sometimes pop out of his boxers and touch Omar's leg. This doesn't stop Omar though. He always laughs afterwards though because he thinks it is strange that Jeff loves strength so much it gets him hard. Jeff's turn comes and Omar tries to keep his attention on Jeff's lifts. He does have a thing though for Jeff's size and has always loved how thick he was and yet have such definition. With Jeff's added width, Omar can't help but start focusing on Jeff's back rather than his lifts. When Jeff put the weight back down on the ground, Omar grabbed him around the waist and lifted him up to start licking Jeff's lower back. This excites Jeff so much that he instantly starts jerking his cock and pulls his boxers down. Omar immediately goes to town on Jeff's big ass and things really start to heat up. Still hoisted in the air, Jeff starts humping Omar's face and getting himself so hot that he cums on the ground. Omar turns Jeff around, puts him on the floor, pulls his boxers off, and starts pumping Jeff with his huge bulk inside him. Jeff can't help but yell with the big man inside him. The pumping doesn't stop for several minutes and Jeff can feel Omar getting closer as his huge balls keep hitting his backside. Jeff loves the pressure from Omar's powerful bulk so much that he is getting close to cumming again. Omar grabs Jeff's cock before he can blow because he wants to blow at the same time. Omar pulls out and starts to double jack both of them. The feeling is so intoxicating that they both start moaning loudly and cum at the same time flowing cum on to both of their cocks. Omar then motions Jeff to try and pick him up because he wants to know how strong he is now. Jeff attempts to lift Omar and his muscles swell as he does so. Omar lets out a huge moan as he sees Jeff literally lift him up and his arms get really pumped. The feeling of lifting Omar gets Jeff so hot that he can't help but cum on Omar's leg. Omar loves it equally too and cums on to Jeff's chest. The two of them realize that they may actually have a thing for each other’s strength and power. Jeff's training time with Omar led to them having sex, but he has talked to Dustin about it too. Dustin is a friend of Omar from way back and wasn't that upset with Jeff being intimate with him. Omar's relationship with Dustin is different because they grew up in the same neighborhood. Their sexual chemistry was not really there. Dustin's physicality is not the same as Jeff's. He has bulked up, but his strength is not in the same arena as Jeff. Chapter 2.1 Jeff knows that his strength obsession will become a problem with him and Dustin, but he can't stop seeing Omar either. Their training is necessary because they both get so motivated when they are together. One of Jeff's Rugby teammates is West, a flirty guy with a goofy sense of humor. Jeff has always been friendly with him and has never been threatened by West's very 'suggestive' nature. West is a very athletic guy with symmetrical features and a chiseled face. He is not afraid to admit that he is gay and prefers to be acquainted with the straight boys because he has always identified with them. West's humor has a tendency to go overboard at times, but he makes Jeff laugh quite a bit. What also makes West different though is the fact that he is also close to Dustin, due to his relationship with Jeff. West and Dustin have spent more time together recently because Jeff isn't around as much. Dustin's workouts have involved a lot of cardio since he has stopped bulking and his diet has gone back to being much stricter. West has been helping Dustin with his portions since he himself is on a strict diet. The two of them have had great talks and frankly have bonded quite well. Their parents are always fairly busy and are usually not home so the two of them spend time together at each other’s houses. They aren't afraid to be too close to each other either. West has started to show his affection for Dustin lately and will sometimes jump on to his back just to be playful. Dustin is not as liberal as Jeff is, but he has become more comfortable since he got involved with him. West normally wants to wrestle with Dustin just to get him riled up and it usually happens. West isn't no slouch when it comes to being strong so there is times when he accidentally rips Dustin's shorts. Dustin gets a little irritated when this happens but West always knows how to cheer him up too. He will crack a silly joke and put a smile on Dustin's face. While Jeff was at the gym training with Omar one day, Dustin and West spent an evening by themselves at Dustin's house. A wrestling match ensued and once again West accidentally ripped one of Dustin's pairs of shorts. He ripped it so bad that the bottom half of the shorts fell to the floor exposing Dustin's posers that he wore. West would of course make fun of him for wearing posers, but Dustin liked the way they looked on his body. West would start rubbing Dustin's thighs just to get him riled up again. This time though, Dustin flipped him over and straddled him because he knew that West would react. West moaned and motioned for Dustin to pull his pants down. He obliged and started to lick West's bubble butt covered in sweat. The taste did excite Dustin quite a bit so he started to tease West's hole. This was not something Dustin intended on doing, but he really liked West a lot and wanted to pleasure him. He placed his hands on West's butt and continued to tongue his hole. He felt West relax it and plunged his tongue inside. The feeling was unreal for West who pushed his butt even further into Dustin's face. The two of them then took their clothes off. West asked Dustin if he would pose for him so he could admire his hard work. It didn't take much because Dustin started to flex his still bulky biceps and thick chest. West was very delicate and didn't want to make Dustin feel uncomfortable. He started to feel around on Dustin's bulky upper body and slowly kiss his bouncy pecs. The feeling was so good that Dustin pressed West's face into his pecs. West moaned really loud and could feel Dustin pushing himself onto him. Unlike Jeff, West was definitely a power bottom and was involuntarily humping Dustin. His grinding was just above Dustin's growing dick. It wasn't long before West moved himself to where Dustin could penetrate him. Dustin's hulking thighs were now straddling him and West's impeccable core was ready for the pounding. Dustin moved West's legs back so he could see him penetrate him. He did it ever so slowly so West could feel every inch go in. Dustin's cock made West squeal with pleasure as he watched his hole get stretched. The two guys stayed in that position for quite some time because it felt so good. Dustin finally pulled out so he wouldn't cum inside him. West turned to start sucking Dustin off. He rubbed Dustin's gut as well as grabbing his immense butt. West was intent on making Dustin cum and wasn't going to stop. He would massage his balls and try to deep throat him just to make him give up, but Dustin wouldn't budge. Dustin was enjoying the sex, but he had anxiety too. He was in love with Jeff, but he wasn't around that much so West was basically a substitute for Jeff. He started to rub his chest and his arms thinking about Jeff sucking him off and this would prompt him to finally give his load up. The sucking sped up and West could feel Dustin's cock start to stiffen up. It wasn't long before Dustin sprayed cum all over West's face. Luckily, West didn't swallow it as Dustin didn't want him to. They smiled at each other and hugged afterwards. After the each of them took separate showers, they went back to working on their diet plans.
  14. Chapter 1.0 Jeff was a great athlete in high school. He was bigger than most of the kids in his class and loved to play all kinds of sports. He would sign up for as many as he could because he liked the feeling of his muscles pushing against his clothes and the sensation of them tensing and bouncing. He would spend more time in the gym than most of the guys that went there. The pumps he would get would be outrageous. Some days he couldn't get the shirts to stay down on his chest so he would have to go shirtless sometimes. The ladies could not stop staring at him. His chest would heave to the people that he would chafe if he didn't wear something over top of it. He wasn't a virgin past his freshman year. Most of the guys didn't like him because he was so young, yet so advanced physically. There were times when he would be in the locker room in the buff and just stare in the mirrors at all of the curves and bumps in his muscles and would flex them to see how they looked. He wasn't the only big guy on the football team though. There were two other guys that were quite developed, but in different ways. One was more a powerlifter type with a gut and the other was a big lifter himself with huge arms and giant legs. He was a competitive bodybuilder too and would talk to Jeff about your genetics. He wasn't interested in ever competing because you didn't want to do all of the bulking/cutting that was required. The bodybuilding teen would also stare in the mirrors and check out his body, but he would always wear shorts whereas Jeff just stood naked. Jeff figured out that he was an exhibitionist because he liked it when the other guys would check him out. One of the guys always smacked Jeff's butt when he would walk by and then wink. He didn't know what to think because this guy seemed like he was flirting. For the next couple of years, Jeff maintained his size and even tried to get fuller by changing up parts of his diet to make his chest bulge even more. He wanted pecs so big they would come up to his chin. He was only a junior and his body was outlandish. Everybody suspected that he was juicing and he was tested all the time only to find out that he was naturally big. He had a few girlfriends and didn't know how he was going to juggle them. He didn't really have time to hang out with them so he broke up with them. His bodybuilder teammate was actually a little leaner then he was a few years before. He really wanted to know how Jeff's body could be so developed and full and yet be natural. Jeff was close to this guy because he could talk to him about training tips and whatever food he needed to eat. The other guy named Dustin was actually quite fond of Jeff and asked if he could feel Jeff's body just to see what bigger muscle felt like. Jeff was very interested in what Dustin was saying and walked straight up to him and flexed his muscles. Dustin gave out a slight moan and started to rub Jeff's arms and chest. The two guys view themselves as straight, but were obviously weak for muscle. Jeff started to lick Dustin's sweaty chest and kiss his nipples. It wasn't long before they started to worship each other and kiss each other. They would try to overpower each other and talk tough trying to get the other one to give in. Their inhibitions could not be contained. Jeff started to suck Dustin's cock because he wanted to feel empowered. Women couldn't satisfy him because he needed to feel strength. Dustin thrust into Jeff's mouth and made him feel tingly. Jeff couldn't help but moan really loud because he loved feeling Dustin's muscles push against him. Dustin then made Jeff get up and sit on his chest to flex in front of him. Dustin started to rub Jeff's huge chest and stroke his cock. He wanted Jeff's cum so badly that he wouldn't stop stroking him. Jeff could hold back well with women, but with Dustin it didn't take much effort because he loved it so much. With his mouth open, Dustin gobbled up Jeff's huge load and started to moan again. Jeff started to sit on top of Dustin's cock because he wanted him so bad. He had never been fucked before but it just went straight into his head to go for it. Dustin started pounding Jeff and making him moan loudly. Jeff had never felt so much pressure, but he loved to feel Dustin's abs rubbing against his bum. Dustin went to pull out, but Jeff made him keep it in because he wanted to feel cum shoot inside. Jeff was amazed at how far up cum went because he felt Dustin's cock move deeper once cum started shooting. The two guys were very close buddies from that point on. They never had sex with other men, just each other. Both were muscular, but Jeff was considerably bigger than Dustin. The story doesn't end here. Chapter 1.1 After spending a little more time together through their junior years, Dustin and Jeff have become a little more acquainted with each other’s bodies. Both have different ideas in how they want to look and even how to train, but they agree that they just want to look better than everyone else. Jeff is more interested in looking powerful and massive while Dustin is into the whole aesthetics principle especially since he plans on competing someday in the near future. They knew they had the perfect chemistry together when they spent an evening together at the end of the school year inside the football weight room. Jeff is always notorious for pumping himself up and making his muscles strain to the point that his clothes just barely hold on. His tight t-shirt hangs on for dear life over his heaving pecs as his nipples press against the material. Dustin sits not far away working on his legs as he watches his close friend grunt a bit as he does his deadlifts. He makes a moaning sound a few times to get Jeff’s attention which works beautifully as the huge 16 year old gets a bit flustered pushing the huge load back up to the rack. He glares over at his ripped buddy and gives him a nasty look. Dustin smiles really big at him before he gets up to walk over to where he is. The only other guy in the gym is the powerlifting coach and he is currently in the locker area. Dustin gets behind his sweaty friend and starts rubbing down his shoulders slowly feeling each and every curve of muscle. Jeff turns his head slightly and lets out a low growl as he feels his lover kneading the fibers on both muscle bulbs. Dustin then runs his hands down the big teen’s sides touching his incredible lats and squeezes them feeling their power inside. Jeff lightly moans before turning his head back to its original position again to go back to his deadlifting. Dustin moves right along with him as he moves his body down close to the floor with the huge load on his back. Knowing that Jeff needs his concentration, he lets him go after watching the strongman do several lifts before he begins to show signs of straining and struggling. The ripped teen helps him get the weight bar back to its original position and turns him around to get a good view of Jeff’s pumped body. Now dripping with perspiration, his huge pecs completely show through his shirt. Dustin looks into Jeff’s eyes before leaning in to kiss and lick his massive neck. The powerful guy pulls him in to squeeze him in his arms and smother him in his chest and moans as Dustin begins to feel his insane back under his shirt. The mountains of muscle are nearly too much for his it as Dustin feels a slight tug at the top behind his neck. He finds a tiny rip that has begun to form and pulls on it as it makes a really muffled sound. It shreds all the way down his back as Jeff laughs flexing his back and delts. Dustin can’t help but to reach around and do the same thing to the front as he rips the shirt right down the middle in two exposing the big guy’s engorged bouncing pecs. Dustin leans down to place his lips on Jeff’s nipples making him growl as he buries his lover in them. They both fall down on the ground below the machine as the smaller bodybuilder continues to worship his huge buddy’s pecs chewing and licking each nipple over and over again. Jeff quickly pulls his own gym shorts off showing his huge beefy ass as his cock springs into action rubbing against Dustin’s right leg. After a minute of massaging Jeff’s melons, the two teens lock lips and play tonsil hockey with their tongues. Jeff pulls the ripped teen’s shorts off immediately as their cocks meet pressing up against each other. Their pre mixes together as they continue to kiss longingly. Jeff then returns the favor on Dustin running his lips and tongue along the bodybuilder’s chest and abs. Each ab is massaged slowly with Jeff’s tongue as his lightly colored chest hair is slurped slowly making him moan lightly. Before long the two secret lovers lay beside each other rubbing each other’s quads and cocks lovingly stroking as they switch hands back and forth trying not to make so much noise that the coach comes out. Now leaning their heads against each other, they pick up speed on their cocks as they edge over and over again building their loads up. Their balls swell bigger with each round that goes by. The pre flows so much that they are able to lube their cocks completely before they eventually erupt. Wanting to come together, they rub their muscled bodies together while they stroke to get the maximum effect. Instead of using their hands to jack off, they grind each other as they cover each other’s mouths with their free hands. Feeling it moving through them quickly now, they start to shake the gym floor as both cocks shoot volcanic ropes all over each other. They squeal as their bodies flex at the same time feeling the power emanating from each other. Their nipples meet as Dustin smiles into Jeff’s blue eyes. He winks before sliding his ass on top of Jeff’s thick cock. The big stud moans feeling it being swallowed up as Dustin leans down to lay on his chest. Feeling another surge of power rushing through him, Jeff starts to fuck Dustin faster as he completely buries himself inside him. The smaller guy runs his hands all over Jeff’s huge beefy guns leaning in to run his tongue on the gargantuan masses. They both moan a bit louder now and seem less concerned about being seen than they did before. Another load quickly builds inside Jeff’s balls as he pounds Dustin harder. They both yell in ecstasy as the huge stud finally shoots his second load inside his lover making him have trouble breathing for a few seconds. It is at that moment that they both realize they have been watched the whole time. The coach makes a quick comment which immediately gets the two teens to jump up and go racing into the locker room. The powerlifter laughs at them as he lets go of his own cock and watches it jump up and down for a few instances. He turns to walk out into the area where the weights are and starts doing a few curls taking in his reflection. Dustin and Jeff appear to be out with at least one person that they know of now, but in order to keep it secret, they may have to make a pact with him someway or somehow. Check out the follow-ups here: Chapter 1.2: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/4106-muscle-buddies-keeping-a-secret-chapter-12/ Chapter 1.3: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5090-muscle-buddies-chapter-13-getting-to-know-who-we-are/ Chapter 2.0 & 2.1: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/2102-muscle-buddies-chapters-2-3/
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    muscle-growth Steroids? Please...

    I paced impatiently outside my local gym, bag in hand, checking my phone every couple of minutes. I was waiting for my workout partner, Brian, to turn up and he was really late. I’d been waiting over an hour, dropping him the odd text to ask him where he was but he hadn’t replied. It was really starting to annoy me now. He had been missing for the last two weeks and when he had finally gotten in touch with me, he agreed to come to the gym with me today. I decided that I would give him another ten minutes and then I would start my workout without him. I’d met Brian a little over a year ago at this very gym. We had both joined at the same time and taken the same induction class. He was in his early thirties and I in my early twenties, both trying to get fitter and we had bonded over our lack of experience in the gym and quickly began to work out together. Brian wanted to build muscle, a dream of his since he was a kid, whereas I just wanted to be healthier and trimmer, get more guys to notice me. We bonded outside the gym, wing manning for each other at bars and hanging out at weekends; we became really good, close friends. But two weeks ago, as I had just gotten in from a business trip and raring to go the gym, he texted me that he wasn’t feeling well. After nagging and nagging him by text (he wouldn’t answer my calls at all) to see if he was better, he finally agreed to meet me at the gym. His ten minutes were up and I huffed my way inside to change. I was pissed off that he couldn’t have even said he couldn’t make it and made a note to go to his apartment after my workout. As I was putting my gym bag in a locker, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there was this huge bodybuilder staring down at me. I was by no means short at 5’11 but this guy was huge. At least 7’ tall and body so packed with muscle that I was surprised he could even move, his skin so tight over his humongous muscles that every vein on his body was pressing out like a den of snakes. I hated that look, personally. I couldn’t see the appeal; I liked guys with a little muscle but skinny. “Uh… can I help you?” I asked, shutting my locker. “Hey Si, it’s me,” he said in an incredibly deep voice. “Do I know you?” I asked, confused. “Yeah you do; it’s me, Brian.” I had to do a double take. I looked at the face and I could just about see Brian’s features there. Though they were different. Bolder, angular, rich with masculinity; I couldn’t believe this giant was Brian. Brian was only 5’9” and his voice had never been deep like that. “This is a joke, right?” I asked, nervously. “He’s playing a game or something.” He lifted up his tank top, exposing his powerful washboard abs to reveal a tattoo across his stomach, distorted by his bulging muscles. “Kerry”, it said, just under his navel. I knew that tattoo well, Brian had told me he’d gotten in in memory of a girlfriend who had died in a car crash when he was in college. The same lettering, same coloured ink; there was no mistaking it. I gasp, putting my hand over my mouth. “Brian!?” I gaped. “W-what happened to you?” “Don’t know what you mean, Si,” said Brian, dropping his tank. “Just been working out, you know how it is.” “B-but you… you’re… How?” I spluttered, unable to pull on of the thousands of questions running through my head cohesively to my mouth. “Look, Si, I came here to let you know I won’t be working out with you anymore,” said Brian, putting two huge hands on my tiny in comparison shoulders. “I think we’re on different levels and… Fuck, I hate saying this… but you’ll only hold me back man. I gotta really put my all into it and I can’t just sit around while you do your cardio shit. To be honest, I don’t think we can see each other either. I’m spending all my time either working or lifting, I just don’t have time.” I blinked back tears. “I don’t understand… You’re different! What did you do?” “I know it’s a hard thing to swallow,” he said, ignoring my question. “But I’m sure you’ll find someone else to workout with.” The locker room door opened and a head popped in, locking eyes at me and Brian. I recognised them instantly, it was Andrej Wozniak, the biggest meathead in the gym. He was 7’, blond haired, blue eyed, with a thick German accent who loved showing off and strutting around like he owned the place. “Hey, Bri!” Andrej called. “The guys are waitin’. Leave the loser and get your ass out here.” “Bri?” I asked, indignantly. “You hate being called Bri. How do you know him?” “He my friend, Si,” said Brian. “He’s really helped me with my gains. Sorry dude, I catch you later.” Brian turned and left the locker room, having to turn slightly to get through the door because of his wide shoulders. My mind was awash with confusion and anger. Brian hadn’t even been a fraction of the size a couple of weeks ago, and he’d somehow grown taller as well. Brian was hiding something and Andrej was involved, I knew it. Andrej had a posse of similarly sized meathead, all tall and built like a fortress and Brian had joined their ranks. As I did my workout, I kept staring and them, glaring deeply. They were laughing and lifting heavy amounts of weight, dropping the barbells down with an almighty thud that would make everyone jump. Brian was even acting differently around them, no longer shy and quiet. He was bold, rude and loud, a total transformation. When I was done I went up to the Rick in the manager’s office. Rick owned the gym and was a fair man, very patient with new guys and knew everyone by name. He was once a bodybuilder though he never made it to pro level, but he kept in great shape still. “Hey, Simon, how can I help you?” asked Rick, leaning back in his chair. “Not cancelling your membership I hope?” “No, I actually wanted to ask you something,” I said. “What do you know about Andrej?” “Ah, Andrej…” sighed Rick. “Listen, Simon; it’s best not to get involved with him. I know he’s an ass but he pays well in membership and as long as he doesn’t cause trouble, I don’t bother him.” “I think he’s doing roids or something…” I said. “I mean, look at him! And his little group. There must be something going on there.” “If he is, it’s not under this roof I can assure you,” said Rick, sternly. “Believe me, I’ve had cops rooting in here, warrants and all, searching his stuff but they never found anything. I know a guy down at the precinct and he said Andrej has had his apartment searched, his car, everything and nothing turned up. He’s even had every drug test under the sun done on him and he’s clean. Whatever he’s doing, ain’t no one who knows what it is.” “But he’s got Brian on whatever it is,” I protested. “You have to be able to do something.” “That new guy with him is Brian?” asked Rick in amazement, leaning his head to look out the door. “Look, Simon, just forget it. Whatever he’s doing, I don’t care. As long as they pay their fees and stay out of trouble, there ain’t nothing I can do to kick him out unless I want a lawsuit. And I hate lawyers so just let it be.” I sighed and nodded, crestfallen. I went home and I tried to get it out of my mind, Brian and Andrej, but I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I flipped open my laptop and Googled Andrej. It brought up a bunch of websites about an artist with a slightly different name so I tried refining my search. I couldn’t find any pictures, records or even mentions of this guy anywhere; it was like he didn’t exist. And knowing the internet, if I couldn’t find someone like Andrej wasn’t anywhere online then it was because he didn’t want to be found. The next night I sat in my car outside the gym, waiting. I’d decided to confront Andrej, demand to know how he’d changed Brian. I could only think it was unwillingly as Brian had never shown any kind of fondness for the man. It got later and later until it was almost midnight when the gym was closing when he finally came out, covered in sweat. I got out my car and walked towards him as Andrej headed to his big red Hummer. “Excuse me,” I said as I got near him. “I wanna talk to you!” “Well, if it isn’t little Simon,” chuckled Andrej. “What do you want?” “What the hell did you do to Brian?” I demanded, staring him right in the eyes. I had to crane my neck up as Andrej stood at 6’11, a foot taller than me. “What drugs did you put him on?” “Drugs!?” Andrej guffawed. “I don’t do drugs, dude. What makes you think I had anything to do with Brian getting big anyway?” “Well he sure as hell wouldn’t have approached you,” I snapped. “There is no way Brian would have done anything willing like that.” “Aww, this is adorable,” laughed Andrej, crossing his huge arms across his thick chest. “Brain said you had a crush on him. Are you jealous he doesn’t want to be your friend anymore?” “What?” I exclaimed. “I’ve never had a crush on Brian. I’ve known he’s straight since we first met. And anyway, stop changing the subject! What have you given him? I know the police are after you from selling roids so what did you give him?” “You really don’t get it do you,” Andrej sneered. “I didn’t give him any drugs. In fact, Brian came to me asking for some help and I helped him. He’s living his dream and he is happy. And he is happy without you slowing him down and getting in the way. Now piss off.” “No!” I shouted. “I will find out what you did to him if it’s the last thing I do!” Andrej suddenly grabbed me by the shirt and effortless pulled me up off my feet and powerfully slammed me down onto the hood of his Hummer. I cried out in pain and he leant right up in my face. “Now you listen here, little man,” Andrej snarled. “If you come near me again, I will beat your puny little body into dust. If you even speak to me again I will break your fucking legs AND if I find out you’ve been following me, asking questions about me or if you even look at me the wrong way, I will make your life fucking hell. Is that clear?” Before I could respond he pulled me off his Hummer and I landed on a heap on the ground. He spat on me before getting in and driving away. I grunted in pain as I got up, hobbling to my car. The next morning, my body ached like I had been put through a trash compactor. I took a couple of days off work to recover, faking that I had gotten the flu, while my bruises healed. Andrej had really done one on me but I didn’t spend my time in bed licking my wounds. So what if Andrej had threatened me, I had to know the truth about what was going on. I called on my old college roommate who was adept at hacking his way into most things. I told him I was looking for information on Andrej and to be very discreet. Within a day, the only records he found was a mailing address, drivers license, car registration and a bank account. I looked through the bank details thoroughly. Money was regularly coming in at amounts that wouldn’t cause suspicion to the casual eye but then massive amounts would be withdrawn in person. Andrej had quite a lot on savings but the records only went back a couple of years so I couldn’t get really deep. I asked my friend to search for police records and he said he hadn’t been able to find any. I found that strange as Rick had said Andrej was being investigated, so there had to have been some kind of record. My friend tried again, trying everywhere he could think of but he still couldn’t bring anything up. I scowled in frustration; Andrej was definitely good at hiding. I assumed he must be paying off someone at the police department to remove any digital records at least, probably paper ones too. A week had gone by since I’d confronted Andrej and I only had a mailing address to go on. I drove to the address but it lead me to an abandoned warehouse in the old docks and the gate was locked with a chain, barbed wire lining the top so there was no way I was getting in. I was determined to find something so that night, I dressed in all black and parked down the street from the gym. I waited until Andrej came out and got into his Hummer, waiting until he had driven down the street before I began tailing him. I knew I was acting crazy but I just had to know what had happened to Brian, what Andrej had gotten him involved in. I had to stop him. Andrej drove through the city, stopping at a drugstore briefly before he hit the road again. He wasn’t driving anywhere near to the warehouse in his name and instead came up to an apartment building. He got out and pushed the door buzzer. A woman poked her head out of one of the windows and grinned when she saw Andrej. She was a total bimbo; fake blonde hair, clearly fake breasts and a terribly bright orange tan. When she came downstairs, she was wearing nothing but dental floss that passed for a bra and panties and Andrej pulled her in his arms, forcefully kissing her. They went upstairs and I waited for him to come back down, but when it hit 2am I knew to call it a night and headed home. I spent another week trying to find something, anything about Andrej but all my leads went cold. Even my hacker friend told me to just give up and forget about it. I couldn’t, I wouldn’t let it go. I decided to take a little break to clear my head, rethink everything. I bought a bottle of wine and cooked myself a good meal to just chill. It was a Friday so I thought I may as well enjoy myself for one night. I was surprised by a knock on the door at almost 10pm. My apartment building had been hit with a series of break-ins over the past year so I always kept the chain on and had a peephole installed. Through the peephole I could see Brian waiting outside. I opened the door on the chain. “Yes?” I asked. “What do you want?” “Look, Simon, I came over to apologise,” said Brian. “Can I come in?” I unlocked the door and Brian walked in, turning his body so his shoulders would fit. I put the chain back on and walked over to the kitchen. “Look, I’m really sorry for the way I’ve been acting lately,” said Brian apologetically. “I’ve been a total ass to you and it wasn’t fair. You know that’s not me and I just hope we can still be friends?” I sighed, folding my arms. “Will you tell me everything that’s happened to you if I say yes?” I asked. “I promise, just please tell me you accept my apology,” begged Brian. He walked towards me, putting his hands on my shoulders, gently squeezing. “I’ll do anything, I mean it. I don’t wanna lose you. You’re my best friend.” He looked so incredibly sincere, it was cute. Big muscles or not, he was putting on the puppy dog eyes and I couldn’t help but shake my head. “Of course I forgive you,” I said. “I’m glad you came to me, I really missed hanging out with you. But you have tell me everything you know about Andrej. I think he’s running some kind of illegal steroid ring and he somehow managed to get you hooked. What did he do to you?” “It’s kinda fuzzy, but I’ll tell you what I remember,” he said, clearing his throat. “Hey, you don’t have any bottled water do you? I left mine in my car and I’m still a little parched. Cardio day.” I nodded in understanding and turned round to open the fridge. As I was reaching for a bottled water, I felt Brian’s thick arm wrap around my chest tightly to hold me down and a rag get pressed against my mouth. I tried to fight but Brian was so strong and my arms were pressed to my sides. I tried to scream but they were muffled by the rag. I could smell something strong, chemically, on the rag and my head was starting to grow light. My breathing slowed, eyes drooping, body growing limp and the world around me faded to black. I wasn’t sure how long I was out for but a sudden wave of cold snapped me awake, gasping as ice cold water dripped down my body. My eyes opened and Andrej was standing in front of me, dropping a bucket to the floor. He smirked, folding his arms over his chest, his pecs pulling at the straps of his tank top. My wrists and ankles were tied to the arms of a wide, steel chair that seemed to engulf me due to its size. I was wearing the clothes I’d had on back at my apartment but they were now soaked. “Rise and shine, little man,” sneered Andrej. I struggled against my restraints but they wouldn’t budge, shivering from the cold water. I had no clue where I was, the only light source was above me and the rest of the room was in darkness. It had to be big room as our voices echoed slightly like in a hall. Or a warehouse. “There’s no use, you’re too weak to break free,” said Andrej. “I told you I would make your life hell if you didn’t stop coming after me, little man.” “You can’t just kidnap someone!” I shouted. “Let me go!” “Oh yes, I’ll let you go so you can run to the authorities?” retorted Andrej. “Do I look stupid to you?” “Yeah,” I growled. I doubled over as Andrej punched my gut with the force of a jackhammer. I screamed in pain, seeing stars, the wind knocked out of me. Andrej spat on my face and grinned down at me. “You think because a man has big muscles, it mean’s he’s stupid, eh?” asked Andrej. “You think men like me are just mindless hulks huh? If that is the case, then you’re the stupid one. Did you not think I knew you were following me? Trying to find out information on me? Tammy saw you sat in your car watching me when I went over to fuck her the other night. I watched you out her window, waiting for me. So I check CCTV for my warehouse and there you were, poking your nose in where it didn’t belong. I had friends hack your computer and I found out about your little hacker friend. I had him taken care of, he shouldn’t be walking anytime soon.” “What did you do to him!?” I screeched, stomach throbbing. “Oh nothing really, just broke all his things and then my guys broke him,” chuckled Andrej. “So, I had Bri bring you here tonight because you needed to be dealt with.” I gulped, fear finally setting in. “D-deal with me?” I stuttered. “Yes, little man,” said Andrej. “I do not like people snooping. Snoopers only lead to problems. I would know, when I was growing up there were a lot of them. “You see, my family came from the Soviet Union but I was born in East Germany during the Cold War. My father was a chemical engineer and he used to develop the steroids they gave to children at sports academies to build supermenschen; the biggest, strongest athletes. The steroids they had been using caused many ill-effects so my father was tasked with creating the ultimate steroid. He never got to complete his work however as the Berlin Wall fell and the Eastern regime crumbled. I was ten years old when some of his former subjects came and executed him, but before he died he managed to hide his research. “When I grew up, I managed to find his research encoded in some of his old medical journals purely by chance. I finished his formulas and created the compound. I must say, the results were profound.” Andrej flexed his huge bicep, thick veins throbbing over his mountainous peak. “So… you are dealing steroids,” I said. “That’s what you gave Brian, wasn’t it?” Andrej laughed and ripped off his tank top, exposing his muscular upper body; his wide shoulders, wing-like lats, jutting pecs, perfect 8-pack abs and tight waist without an ounce of fat anywhere, just vascular perfection. “Steroids?” retorted Andrej. “Please… What my father and I developed is no steroid. It’s not even remotely similar. What we created is the nectar of gods. Increased mass, strength, speed, durability, hormone production; undetectable and permanent. The perfect combination of chemical compounds, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, super concentrated proteins, testosterone, collagen and various other hormones. Only a few have ever been able to taste what that feels like. Like Bri.” “So you forced him to take it?” I asked. “Oh no, he asked for it,” said Andrej. “You were gone and he was in the gym, lifting. He comes up to me and asks how I got so big, telling me that no matter what he did he couldn’t gain mass, that it was his dream to be huge like me and he envied me. I told him I could help for a fee and he paid up, now he is perfect.” “I wouldn’t call that perfection,” I sneered. “You all look like freaks.” Andrej smiled and it freaked me out. He walked into the darkness and the lights came on, a machine whirring loudly nearby. I could see what looked like a water pump which had five clear plastic pipes that went into five sealed 55-gallon oil drums. There was another longer pipe attached to the pump that was hanging on the wall with a black rubber fitting on the end with elastic straps. Andrej grabbed this and walked back over to me, still smiling. “It’s funny that you call me a freak now,” said Andrej. “But just you wait little man. Now, open wide.” Andrej forced my mouth open with one hand. He was too strong for me to stop him, no matter how much I tried to bite down. He inserted the black rubber end of the pipe into my throat and I felt it go deep down my throat, forcing me to breath through my nose, a thick flap preventing me from swallowing it further. Andrej placed the straps over my head and slapped my cheek lightly, before walking over to the pump. “We’ll see who is the freak now, eh?” he smirked. Andrej flipped a switch on the pump and a beige-coloured liquid started to get drawn from the barrels. I desperately fought against my restraints, panic rising as the liquid travelled further up the clear pipe. I screamed as it was nearing me, futilely trying anything to make this stop. I felt the liquid start to pour from the hose into my stomach. It was warm and runny like milk though I couldn’t taste it. My stomach started to feel bloated and very full quickly. I looked down and I could see my belly starting to look swollen as it was filling to capacity. I hoped Andrej would shut the pump off but he didn’t and I watched in horror as my stomach started growing bigger and bigger. I could hear it churn and gurgle loudly as it couldn’t process the liquid quick enough, completely overloaded. My clothes were growing tighter on my body as I expanded and I could feel my belt start to dig in painfully. The leather grew tighter and tighter until it snapped clean off, the button flying off my jeans. With my stomach so full, I could feel the liquid start to compact throughout my body. My arms and legs grew flabby and fuller, chest sagging, face getting heavy. I looked like I was growing fat but it was just the liquid trying to find space in my body. I felt soft but so heavy and pain shot across my skin as stretch marks began to form. My clothes were being torn off by my growing size until I was naked and my body began to sweat profusely. The pumping just wouldn’t stop and nor was my body. 275 gallons of this liquid would be pumped inside me. I would either keep going until it was all inside me or I would die. My bones ached at the pressure of the immense weight on my frame. Soon the last drops of the beige liquid were forced into me and Andrej pulled the hose from my mouth. I let out a series of loud burps which made Andrej laugh. I felt so heavy, there was so much soft mass on my face I couldn’t close my mouth or move my head, neck engulfed in pudginess. My body looked so big I probably could have won the world record for fattest man alive. I was breathing so laboriously, my throat choked and lungs having to draw more air in to keep my heart beating. “What… have you… done… to me?” I huffed. Andrej undid my hands and my arms fell to my sides, making my body jiggle. I tried to raise them but I just couldn’t. They were so heavy and full of liquid that my bones and muscles were no match. “I’ve given you a choice,” said Andrej, grabbing one of my man tits and squeezing it like it was silly putty. “Either you swear not to tell anyone about me and to pay me all your money for the rest of your life to get the enzyme that breaks down the compound inside you; or you refuse and eventually you’ll die. I’ve never pumped so much into someone but by the looks of you, either your liver or kidneys will give out if your heart doesn’t first. I don’t expect you’ll be still living in the next hour, unless a miracle happens and you manage to metabolise all of it.” I gulped, my heavy breathing getting faster. Andrej had turned me into a time bomb ready to blow and I couldn’t think. I tried to stand but there was no strength in my legs to force me up, I was immobile. I had no way out except to submit to Andrej or die. “So, what will it be?” asked Andrej. I hung my head and sighed in defeat. “You win…” I said. “I won’t tell anyone about you. You can have my money, whatever you want. Please… I don’t want to die.” Andrej sneered, triumphant. “You’re mine now,” he said. “You’ll do what I tell you, when I tell you. Everything you own is now mine.” He pulled a clipboard from a nearby table and put a pen in my swollen hand. It was a contract. I only got the briefest glance but it was an agreement that he would control all my assets or else I would have to submit to a penalty. I dreaded to think what that could be but I managed to move my hand enough to sign my name on the dotted line. Andrej reached into his pocket and pulled out a small vial with a green liquid inside. He forced my head back and poured it down my throat. I hungrily drank every drop, my only chance of living. Within an instant the mass began to shrink, like my skin was squeezing it all down to a vacuum. I moaned as the liquid began to bubble heavy beneath my skin, making it jiggle and shake. I let out a loud belch and my body began deflating back to its old size, thankfully with no excess, saggy skin. I noticed my body still felt very heavy like my body was no longer flesh but stone. My crotch started to throb and my cock started getting hard. I looked down and with every throb that emanated from deep in my balls and up my shaft, it grew to its full state. And then kept going. I was used to seeing my cock at its normal six-inch state but it started getting longer and thicker. Seven, eight, nine, ten inches and still growing, still getting thicker, thick droplets of precum leaking down the length. It felt so good, I had never felt so aroused in my entire life and it was infectious, warmth spreading through my body. My cock finally stopped growing and it was a monster. Fifteen and a half inches long, ten inches in circumference, thick veins along the shaft to the throbbing, glistening head. I went to touch it but another strong wave of arousal hit me as my balls began to churn and swell, forcing my legs wide. When they stopped swelling, my balls were the size of oranges hanging low and proud between my legs, their weight and size pulling my sac tight. I could barely speak, let alone breathe. My mind was lost in the powerful sensations emanating through me. My arousal was so strong, it overwhelmed the pain wracking my body at that moment as I started to grow taller. The bones in my legs broke and reformed loudly as they grew longer, spine elongating, shoulders widening to accommodate my lengthening arms. My hands and feet became bigger to match, big bony paws and elongated feet to support my new height. My ribcage expanded as my internal organs were scaled up to match my size. I finally topped off at seven foot three with size eighteen feet, muscles so small on my frame that I looked anorexic, bones and veins visible under my smooth skin. I felt my face begin to contort as my skull changed shape. Cheekbones getting higher, fuller, stronger; my jaw squaring out with a prominent, strong chin. The skin smoothed out, all wrinkles and blemishes fading away, no longer greasy or dry but a perfect balance. My hair went floof as my curls became wavy and then perfectly straight, the light brown growing darker until it was blacker than night, eyebrows perfectly shaped and thick. My throat bulged and my Adams apple grew bigger, my moans growing deeper, bassier, huskier; I could feel my larynx vibrate harder in my throat. “Oh man,” I said, voice much, much deeper. “Feels so good…” “The best is yet to come,” said Andrej. I felt a swelling all over my, bringing more heat to my arousal, as my muscles began their work, popping out huge from my stick-like body. Calves exploding out into huge cannonballs, quads and hams quickly engulfing the room between my legs until they became powerful buttresses of muscle, forcing my leg spread wider and my balls upward. I pulled at the metal restrains on my thin ankles and pulled them clean off, allowing me to comfortably spread my powerful legs out. Each leg was thicker than my waist at forty two inches a piece. My glutes were next, exploding into two powerful globes of solid muscle, jutting so far that if I stood, you could rest a pint on each one without them falling off. My waist grew a little bigger but only to support my body, growing from twenty eight to thirty six inches. But compared to my bony shoulders, it still looked tiny. My obliques swelled up from my crotch serving to highlight my cock more. My abs popped into ten powerful bulges with deep separations. It was no roid guy either, it was a solid diamond wall of muscle. My serratus muscles grew over my rib cage, thick cords of muscle only helping to highlight my abs. My lats spread outward as they grew into broad, powerful wings; the beginnings of the bodybuilder’s cobra head and forming a wide v-taper for my expanding body. They forced my arms out, even with my broad shoulders, demanding so much room. My back expanded to support my growing upper body forming a deep curve of my spine. No longer flat lands, my back was a bulging range of mountainous muscle, helping to make me even wider. My pecs exploded from my chest as they went from flat to thick and juicy slaps of muscle. Their size was phenomenal, a gap so deep that my old hand could have fit in their deep canyon. My pecs had such a weight to them as if two halves of a rock had been inserted under my skin, raw power bulging profusely. My nipples were well below their horizon, obscuring my view below, but I grabbed them in my fingers. They were bigger, pointed down and outward with juicy nubs that felt good to play with. My forearms swelled into big clubs of meat, every thick cord of twitching muscle visible with snake-like veins wrapped over them from my huge hands. My biceps blew up like two cannonballs, huge veins hugging along the ridges of their high, split peaks. So big that, even when resting, the huge balls of solid muscle looked flexed. My triceps blew outwards like giant horseshoes any stallions would be envious of. My arms were two cannons of pure muscle and strength; I could feel their power from the tips of my fingers right up to my shoulders, every flex and bulge from the tiniest movement just showed their raw power off. My deltoids expanded like two basketballs, finishing off my insane width. The huge heads of my delts bulged profusely, each one demanding room on my shoulder. My traps began to rise up my thickening neck, consuming it, reaching almost up to my ears. My traps were now two bulging, throbbing masses that just completed my new muscular size. And finally, my skin began to tighten even more over my huge muscles. Every fibre, every cut and separation, every thick veins became even more pronounced over my body. Not a single hair remained on my body, I was now completely smooth and vascular; my body fat had to be 1%, almost none. My skin darkened into a perfect tan, which only highlighted my muscles better, perfectly complimenting my darker hair. I felt my growth began to level out and I stretched my new body out, feeling the new muscles bulge for the first time. I felt them, cock throbbing and completely slicked up with precum, moaning at how hard and powerful they felt. “Feels good, right?” asked Andrej. “I feel so… strong,” I said. “You are man now, real man,” chuckled Andrej. “You stink like one too. Sweat, musk, cum. That is how a real man smells.” “Fuck yeah!” I shout. I stand up to my full 7’3” and flex, taking in my stink. “So fucking big,” I muttered. “So fucking strong.” I look over at Andrej and smirk. He’s smaller than me, both in height and muscle, and I know he is beneath me. I grab the chair I was restrained in, made from pure steel and ripped it from the ground, throwing it across the warehouse. Andrej didn’t flinch for a second, he just laughed. “I think we need to renegotiate my contract,” I said. “I think you should be serving me, little man.” Andrej shook his head and pulled his phone out from his sweatpants pocket. He tapped the screen and I doubled over as pain exploded from all over my body. It only lasted one second but I was on all fours at his feet, shaking heavily and my stomach felt like it was about to heave. Andrej crouched down in front of me and slapped me hard on the back. “You are stupider than you look, Si,” said Andrej. “You don’t think I planned for this? You don’t think I anticipated your arrogance? In the enzyme that activated the nectar contained a number of nanobots that are clustered in your nervous system. I can make you yield from anywhere in the world and unless you want to tear your body apart, there’s nothing you can do to remove them. Plus, without me, the nectar will eventually wear off. Unless you drink my renewal protein mix everyday, you’ll waste away into nothing.” “S-so that’s why you guys were always drinking protein shakes,” I hissed, the aftereffects of the pain dissipating. “You are mine, Si,” reiterated Andrej. “Just accept it and you’ll be happy.” “What are you going to do with me now then?” I asked. “I’ve signed your fucking contract, you changed me permanently, I’ll die without you; what’s your endgame?” “Now you go about your normal life,” said Andrej. “But you can’t go back to your old job, it’ll be too suspicious. I have a job all lined up for you, you will interview and get it. I’ve done my research on you, it’ll well within your abilities and soon you’ll be fast-tracking promotions, making me more money. Your body is pumping out pheromones like no tomorrow, people will find you attractive; they’ll want to do anything for you. Aside from that, you and my men will compete globally for bodybuilding titles. That will bring you fame, sponsorships, more money and I’ll will manage this work until the world is begging for your secret. Then I can make more supermenschen, men desperate to be big, strong and powerful. Every single one under my control.” “So that’s all this is about, money?” I scowled. “Why don’t you just rob a bank?” “And be a criminal!?” retorted Andrej. “No, no, no. Even the best criminals eventually get brought to justice. No, it must be done legitimately. Then no one can stop me.” I sighed, getting up off the floor. My cock was still rock hard and leaking, desperate for release. I grabbed it in my hand and jerked. Andre chuckled at the sight. “You’ll notice you’ll feel horny almost all the time,” said Andrej. “You’ll learn to control it, to channel it. Your appetite will increase too but eat as much as you want, your metabolism is so powerful that it will digest everything completely, leaving very little waste and fuel it back into your body without getting fat. Your body is now the ultimate machine, pure power.” I flexed my muscles, watching them bulge and swell, completely under my control. Rock-fucking-solid. I could feel the strength emanating from deep inside, throbbing and pulsing within every sinew. “Big man now, huh Si?” said a familiar voice. I looked up and saw Brian was standing next to Andrej and he was looking bigger than ever, his workout gear covered in sweat. Fuck he looked so hot, my cock ached just looking at him. “You have the power, take what you want,” said Andrej. I smirked. I took one heavy step after another towards Brian, my cock bobbing with each step and slapping against my abs. I grabbed Brian’s tank and ripped it off like paper, exposing his powerful chest. He was big, but I was bigger. Brian just stood there speechless as I tore off his sweats and jockstrap. His cock was soft but big. But I was bigger. “I’m gonna fuck you,” I said, pressing my chest against Brian, staring down at him. “I don’t give a shit if you’re not gay. Your ass is mine.” “Yes, Si,” said Brian. Within seconds I had Brian facedown on the floor, balls deep in his ass, slamming fifteen huge inches deep in his ass. Brian was growling and moaning under me, wriggling and struggling hard but I was stronger. He was no damn match for me and I had to show him who was the strongest. I slammed in so hard that the concrete floor cracked beneath us. “That’s it,” said Andrej approvingly. “My big boys. Make me proud.” I never felt so invigorated in my life. For hours I fucked Bri’s tight muscle ass, unloading my seed one after the other, huge cupful’s of cum with each orgasm. Bri’s cock more than kept up, shooting a heavy load with mine. We were lying in a pool of our cum that had leaked out his ass and shot from his cock, our muscles covered in our sticky juices. I pulled out and Bri slumped, exhausted; but I was still hard, throbbing, craving. I walked up to Andrej who had watch us fuck, a big smile on his face. “More?” he asked. “More!” I growled. Andrej sent a message on his phone and through the door came his whole posse. I grinned, my cock squirting precum up my chest as the band of muscled men walked towards me. “That’s more like it.” -- Hope you enjoyed Comments appreciated as always!
  16. Guest

    theft The muscle frat (1)

    One "Come on. One more, buddy!" Brad grunted from the effort, his face beet red as he curled the 100 pound barbell up. "10", he groaned between his teeth as he completed his rep. "Nice job, man", Brock said as he helped his buddy lower the barbell back down and place it on the floor. Both aged 21, the two had been friends ever since their first day in kindergarten and had always been in the same class up until university. Even then, they had both chosen Orchid University. After setting their first steps in the gym at age 15, they had continued working out together on a daily base and joined their high school's football team. Now they we're both among the star players of the university football team. Brad controlled his fast breathing and looked down at his former roommate grabbing the 120 pound bar from the rack. "Come on, final set!", he said to his buddy as he sat down on a bench, exhausted from their workout and took a sip from his shake. "Fuck yeah!", Brock growled as he began curling the barbell with perfect control. "Grow", he said to his arms, his big biceps swelling with every rep as more blood flowed into them. "8, agh, 9, agh, ten…", he groaned, "gimme a spot, man!". Brad got up from the bench and stood in front of his roommate. He placed his fingers underneath the middle of the barbell and assisted the movement. "Come on, one more!", he said to encourage Brock. "Eleuhven…", Brock grunted. His body trembled as he lowered the barbell back down. "Tweuhlve". Brad's eyes widened as his roommate went on to complete twenty reps before he helped him put the barbell down. While Brock grabbed his towel from the nearby bench, Brad looked at his own reflection in the mirror. He grinned and raised his right arm in a flex. The pumped bicep hardened atop his meaty arm, blue veins snaking along the muscle. "How big are those guns?", Brock asked as he emptied his shake and looked up at his buddy. "Just under 18 inches pumped", Brad replied and hardened his flex some more. Brock moved next to his friend and raised his right arm to copy his pose. His bicep, pumped and red from the workout, mounded upward as he brought in his lower arm. The peak pushed against his skin and a web of blue, thick veins fed the steely orb. "Nice man", Brad said while he stared at the obviously bigger arm. "22,5 inches all pumped", Brock stated with pride. "Let's hit the shower, man", he said as he relaxed his arm and strutted toward the exit. "Yeah", Brad answered. "So, any other news?", he asked as he caught up with his buddy. "I told ya a million times, man: I'm not the president of the frat. Just be patient", Brock said and patted his buddy on the back. "I've been waiting for an invite ever since we've got here three years ago. You got in during the second semester of our freshman year. This year is my last shot", Brad went on. Ever since Brock had been allowed into the Dexameni-frat, the most exclusive frat on campus that housed most of the top athletes, he'd been jealous. He'd been checking his locker for an invite every day since his best buddy had gotten in. Brock turned to face Brad, grabbed his shoulders and made him look in his eyes. "Your chance will come, buddy. Be patient!", he said in a loud tone to cut off Brad. He released his friend and continued his way to the locker room. Brad sighed, knowing his friend was right and followed him inside. The locker room was completely deserted. They took off their sweaty workout gear in silence. Brad was down to his boxers and reached for his locker when he noticed the little black envelope. "No way", he mumbled and took it. His hands trembled as he ripped it open and read the piece of paper inside. You've proven worthy to join the ranks of the Dexameni-frat. Report to the frat house this Friday at 1900h "Good news?", Brock asked, keeping his back to Brad as he stripped completely. "I'm in!", Brad blurted out. "Told ya to be patient, buddy. I'm glad for ya", Brock replied and strutted toward the shower zone. He turned on the shower and let the hot water cascade down on his muscular body. He looked aside to Brad standing under the shower to his right. "Did ya bulk up during summer?", he asked, "Ya look bigger than last year". "Yeah", Brad answered, "I'm up to 182. I'm catching up, buddy". Brock smiled at the reaction. Even though Brad was a tad taller, 5'9 to his own 5'8, their bodies looked different. Brad had the muscular physique of a ripped fitness model, while he had the heavily muscled look of a bulky amateur bodybuilder. "Still some work ahead, buddy. I've gained some mass too: up to 229,3 pounds." Brad turned to his side and faced his buddy. Every muscle on Brock's body looked fuller than his defined ones. "Ready to burst through the 230 mark, he big guy. We'd better change your nickname from B-rock to B-wall", he said. "My abs look better though." He caressed the grooves of his ripped six-pack. A smug grin appeared on Brock's face when his friend used his nickname. He'd always liked being called b-rock; it made him feel even bigger than he was. "Ya know what they say", he said playfully, "abs on a skinny guy don't count". He flexed his abs in response, making his somewhat protruding muscle gut harden. "You're lucky we're friends. I should have kicked your ass for that remark", Brad stated with a smile. They always fooled around but he knew his buddy always had his back. "Kick my ass? You and what army?", Brock answered in an amused tone. He turned to his right and faced his friend. Brad's defined muscles gave him an athletic look. His own muscles were clearly fuller and rounder, his shoulder's half again as wide than his buddy's. "Think ya could challenge the b-rock?", he asked as he threw a most muscular. Brad stared at his 229 pound friend flexing right in front of him. The bulky muscles hardened all over his broad frame: his thick arms digging into the rack of pecs atop his muscle gut, his meaty quads pushing against each other. "At least, I'm taller", he said with a smirk and stood tall to stretch out his 5'9 frame. "Ya have to have something to attract some female attention", Brock replied playfully, " otherwise no one would notice ya next to me." He relaxed his pose and gently punched his friend in the shoulder. "Na. You're lucky to have your big muscles. Your ugly face scares off anyone", Brad answered. "Thanks for helping me get in the frat. I really appreciate it, man", he said and thankfully patted his buddy's broad back. "I'm happy I could help. See ya on Friday for the initiation", Brock said as he turned off the shower and strutted away from the shower zone, water sliding along the crevices of his bulky muscles. Two days later, Brad made his way over to the Dexameni-frat house. His legs quivered slightly with every step he took and his stomach clenched together: it felt like his first day of school again. He looked up at the façade of the mansion he'd passed nearly daily since he's been on campus. Two flexed, muscular arms were painted on the wide door and the name of the frat of his dreams sat atop it: DEXAMENI. Brad inhaled deeply to calm his nerves and stepped up toward the entrance. He knocked three times and waited. What seemed like an eternity passed before the heavy wooden doors opened squeakingly. A muscular, bare-chested figure appeared in the dark corridor. "Come in!", a deep baritone boomed. Brad sighed, he had recognized Brock's deep voice and eagerly entered the frat house. "I'm glad it's you, Brock", he said, "I'm…". "Silence!", Brock rumbled, "you only speak when spoken too! Follow me!". Brad jumped up as the heavy doors closed behind him and by the harsh tone of his best friend. He nodded and followed the big guy through the long, dark corridor. Brock opened a door on his right and entered, his smaller buddy following right behind. "Strip down to your boxers", he said and folded his meaty arms in front of his protruding pecs. Brad obeyed and stripped off his clothes until he was standing in his American flag boxers in front of his friend. "So what's next?", he asked. "SILENCE!", Brock roared. Brad shivered, his friend's deep baritone rumbling inside his stomach. Brock led his friend into another room and made him wait by the door while he stepped up to the center of the room. He stopped at the base of a wooden staircase that led to an altar with a throne behind it. "O great leader", he said as he looked up to the figure in the throne, "I bring you a new recruit that wishes to join the ranks of our noble frat." "Bring him before me", the leader replied. Brock walked back to the door where Brad was standing and brought him to the center of the room. Brad's heart pounded nervously but the feeling of his buddy standing behind him, comforted him. "Step forward, brothers", he figure on the throne said. The other frat members appeared from the shadows and formed a circle around Brad and Brock. All of them were bare-chested like Brock and looked at Brad. Brad looked around and recognized Orchid University's star athletes. Their muscular torsos glistened as if they had been oiled up. He saw two of his teammates from the football team, the three top wrestlers and some other athlete's he didn't know which sport they played. He looked up at the figure on the throne and recognized him as the captain of the swim team. He wondered why the clearly smallest guy in the room was the leader of the frat. Keith, the frat leader, stepped from his throne and looked down at Brad. "Everyone that wishes to join the noble DEXAMENI-frat needs the advocacy of a senior member. Step forward he that backs this recruits acceptance!". Brad looked around nervously, but none of the frat members moved an inch. He felt his heartbeat going up, seeing his long awaited dream shattering before his eyes. "I support his candidacy!" Brad inhaled in relief as he heard Brock's voice and felt his buddy's paw atop his shoulder. "Very well", Keith said, "You have the support you need, recruit. Now let's see if you're truly worthy of joining the noble DEXAMENI-frat!". Before Brad could react, his boxers were yanked down and he stood fully exposed amidst his fellow athletes. He felt the blood race to his face and his cheeks started reddening. He moved his hands to cover his cock but two frat members moved in and tightly held his arms at his sides. He felt Brock's left paw grab his side and steady him. He inhaled deeply as his best friend's right paw grabbed his soft cock and began stroking it. He felt his cock harden and swell inside the strong paw that clenched around his inflating shaft. Within seconds he was rock hard. He looked down and saw that his fully hard 8 incher was completely engulfed by Brock's meaty paw. He noticed the tension on the corded muscles atop his friend's lower arm as the paw kept clutching his cock. His breathing fastened more and more as he felt on the verge of orgasm. "UGHN", he groaned as Brock gave his rock hard 8 incher a final, very hard squeeze and his balls spewed out their load. Six heavy blasts shot from his cock in an arch through the air before splattering down several feet further. He felt his muscles relax but the strong grasp of the two frat members that were holding his arms, kept him upright. He sighed in relief as Brock released his softening cock and grabbed his sides with both hands to steady him. "Seven feet and nine inches far", Keith said, "He's worthy of joining our noble DEXAMENI-frat!". The other frat members cheered as their leader grabbed the chalice from the altar and moved in front of Brad. He nodded at Brock. Brad felt his buddy release his right flank and grab his half-hard cock again. "Ughn", he grunted as his cock was stroked back to hardness. His drained balls stabbed in protest as a second orgasm was milked out of them only minutes after the first. His entire body went rigid as the warm, meaty paw grabbed his balls and clenched them together. Three watery loads leaked from his nearly fully hard cock into the chalice Keith held at its end. He would have collapsed as Brock hadn't grabbed his left armpit so secure him. He looked down and saw his buddy pull up his boxers before the warm right paw grabbed his other armpit. A feeling of relief went through his exhausted body. Keith shook the chalice, held it above his head for all the frat members to see it and placed it back on the altar. He turned around and looked back at Brad. "Welcome to our ranks, Brad!", he said, "now, let's party!". The frat members howled loudly and left the chamber. Bard followed them, not caring he was in his boxers. The feeling of finally being part of the frat filled him with joy.
  17. NeverTooBig69

    Glazed PT1

    I've been working in the same stinking position at a major doughnut store for a year. "Its not uncommon to be promoted within the first six months." Yeah, OK, no. I haven’t even gotten a fucking raise!!! It's a good thing I've been applying elsewhere because the only thing keeping me here are the bodybuilding competitions a block away. Muscleheads love donuts, powerlifters and bodybuilders alike. “Now Josh, we have a new employee coming in today and I want you to show him how to use the register and drive-thru.” “Yes sir.” I'm against training a newbee today and stare daggers at my manager as he leaves me the store for awhile. I get out a mop and start cleaning the store in preparation for the morning rush. I see a vehicle pull up and can only assume it's the new guy. I'm amazed to see it's an older model Hummer, one where you could still tell it was an army surplus vehicle. I try not to scoff as the driver's door opens. “Yay, a guy with a tiny dick trying to compensate with horsepower. He won't even make enough for gas here with a truck like that.” I say to myself. I continue to mop until I see a tree trunk tumble out of the truck. What I assumed was a tree trunk ended up being the most massive leg I had ever seen. It was straining the jeans he was wearing to the breaking point. I could see veins where there shouldn't have been veins but he was not cut, just freakishly huge. His other leg and quads became visible and were over twice the size of his calves. Actually bulls were a better way to describe the monstrous amount of beef attached to his lower leg. His legs gave way to wings that could soar, a pec shelf that I could store milk jugs on, and shoulders that would destroy any doorway. As if that wasn't enough his traps were swallowing his neck and touching his ears. His face was the most dazzling part. Purely masculine with a squared jaw, stubble, and piercing green eyes that bore into my very soul if I dared to look. “This man has enough muscle to register in a tractor pull.” I thought, swallowing the gallons of saliva I'm generating. I'm still trying to figure out how he got his polo over so much muscle when he struts into the store, turning sideways to fit through the door. I think his nips hit the side of the door because he shudders a little as he passes through. I compose myself to not look like a drooling idiot but notice I was still going back and forth with a bone dry mop. I stow it away before he turns around to see me. "Hey little guy, my name's Cody." He has that cocky smile that lets you know he is bigger and stronger than you. Every time he takes a breath, his enormous pecs heave out towards my face, begging to be serviced. "Hi Cody, I'm Josh, I'll be showing you what to do around here. Its pretty easy."I started to feel my cock stir as he stared into my eyes, a look of curiosity on his beautiful face. "I’m not gonna have to wear one of those uniforms, am I?" I look down at the signature brown, orange, and pink uniform. Mine used to be a large, but now I needed an XL because I loved donuts almost as much as muscle. "Well, yeah." "Ok dude, show me whats gotta get done." Cody said as he seemed to be chuckling about the outfit. I go into the back and grab a 3xl from the storage closet. Cody just stares in amazement at it when I bring it back. "That's not gonna fit man, this is a 5xl, and look what this muscle can do to it." He gets that cocky grin, and suddenly does a double bi with such ferocity, I back away. His bis heave towards the sky, growing bigger, and bigger, his sleeves barely containing the mountain forming underneath them. It's then I notice his tri's pulling his sleeves closer and closer to the ground. "Oh yeah dude, this feels so fucking good!" Cody is so enamored with his muscles that he doesn’t notice he just said that out loud. I quickly readjusted my throbbing cock without him knowing. "Well Cody, you're going to have to try squeezing into this." I say with as much authority as I can muster. Cody stops flexing, but not before flexing a final explosive clench and blowing out his sleeves like so much tissue paper. "Ok boss, but I warned you." He struts to the Mens room to try on his uniform as tatters rain from his ruined sleeves to the floor. I run to the front and close the store. To hell if the manager comes back, its Sunday, I don't think he will, plus, this is so worth it. I rush back to the bathroom, hearing him grunt and groan through the door. "Hey Cody, you need help man?" "Yeah Josh, you can help me get into this." I open the door to a sight that is still in my mind now. Cody is trying to squeeze his monstrous torso into a shirt 3 sizes too small. I get behind him and tug the shirt, trying to fit it over his wide lats. "This isn't happening dude, can I wear my shirt?" "Yeah man, this won't work." We are both laughing as he stops struggling. I can just make out a grunt that sounds like “Does the manager care about these shirts?” “Not particularly, the company is replacing the color scheme next month.” Cody grunts in confirmation then I hear him start breathing in. After 10 seconds, I can't believe what I'm seeing. He is slowly expanding before my eyes. The small bathroom is getting smaller as the sounds of threads tearing starts to increase. After 30 seconds he stops and everything gets quiet except for the random snap of a thread here and there. I can just make out Cody's smirking mouth as he mouths the word “Boom.” Suddenly he seemed to double in size as the shirt disintegrated from his hulking form. He then turns around, and something smacks my thigh. I look down to a 12 in python rubbing up against my leg. I am now more thirsty than I have ever been. Cody looks down, sees what happened, then laughs. "Sorry Josh, it was just such a turn on, seeing all this muscle being way to big for the biggest shirt you got, think I could take care of it before I go out there?" I put my eyes back in my sockets, "Sure man, if you need anymore help, just ask." As I am turning to leave, I hear something that makes this the best day at work ever. "Well, could you help me out?" I turn around and see him flexing those meaty pecs, smirking, knowing what I am about to do. I walk to him, get down on my knees, and start sucking through the blue jeans he is wearing. I hear him grunt in pleasure as I feel his cock get harder beneath the denim. "God, this feels so good, let me help you out man." Cody grabs his jeans, and just rips them off, taking his jockstrap with them. I’m left with a 14 in piece of prime meat dripping right in front of my hot, waiting mouth. I attack the newly freed beast with a hunger I didn’t know I had. Cody meanwhile is groaning with ecstasy, digging his face in his deep pits, licking up all his jock juice. I grab onto his hanging quads, bigger than most trees, going to town, feeding on this monster, kneading the balls in my left hand. "OH fuck man, your good at this!!" Cody goes into a most muscular pose, and starts holding it. As he is flexing to the max, I could swear that new muscles were popping out, being pumped full of power. I can feel his cock getting bigger, reading for climax. His gargantuan balls almost visibly boiling, they are so full. Cody is still holding his pose, seeming to grow before my eyes. "This pump is great, I feel like I’m growing man, so much power, so much fucking..mmmmm" I look up to see what happened and I cum in my pants. His pecs had pumped so big, they had slammed his jaw shut, he could now only grunt and groan. I am so thirsty for his cum that I can't stand it. Remembering earlier, I reach up with both hands and squeeze his nips hard. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" He screams, his cock exploding inside me. I can feel cups of cum gushing to my waiting belly and I swallow it all, growing a hard gut under my shirt. I get off it, trying to breath, only to get hosed with even more of his seed. "MMMMMMMMMM.MMMMMMMM.MMMMMM." His screams become groans as the deluge finally ends. Cody is still holding his pose. I can't even see his face from the shelf of his truly godlike pecs eclipsing my view. I hear him try to say something, but his pecs are holding his mouth shut. While he is immobile, I lick myself, and Cody clean. "Good thing we're in a doughnut shop, you just got glazed!", I look up to see Cody bent over so he could see me, his head bent all the way back so he could talk. We stare at each other, and then start laughing. This is going to be the best job ever!
  18. momoware

    Memoirs of Young Muscle part III

    I'm afraid I haven't updated this much! I plan to though in the near future. A lot of people have messaged me about a followup so I finally got round to it. I really like the characters, one of whom is based on an especially impressive growing young bodybuilder on here. Prior instalments can be read at part I- https://muscle-growth.org/topic/6200-memoirs-of-young-muscle-1/#comment-58970 part II- https://muscle-growth.org/topic/7825-memoirs-of-young-muscle-2/#comment-78409 ------------------------------ ‘Alex, I haven’t seen you in months, it’ll be such a pleasure to look into your eyes once again!’ Mr. Richards had been sadly torn between Moscow, Tokyo and Beijing for half of the year. This arrangement had caught him by surprise, but work sometimes necessitated these inconveniences to his daily life. Even more surprising though had been the series of emotions that Alex had gone through in his patron’s absence. Even from the beginning he had like Mr. Richards, fund him a good-looking and agreeable man to spend time with. But in the months he had been gone, Alex found himself feeling lonely and dejected, each day looking forward to receiving a call, or even better a long letter from the man who had started merely as his sponsor and had over time, at least in Alex’s head, become his lover. Of course even this melancholy did not distract Alex from his goal; Mr. Richards had, after all, become his sponsor for a reason. He had spent millions paying for gym equipment and a team of trainers, tanners, masseurs and stylists in order to turn this young man into the biggest, hottest, most ripped bodybuilder the world had ever seen. One positive coming from Mr. Richards’ long absence had been Alex’s increased determination to impress his lover upon his return. The phone call had awoken him, and after Mr. Richards hung up, having said he would return to London in the early afternoon, Alex knew that he had only a few hours to be ready to greet him. He immediately ran down the corridor towards the gym and began a furious arm workout, first destroying his biceps with brutal 100 lb dumbbell curls, and then attacking his triceps for a further half hour. His usual workouts ere intense, but this put his other efforts to shame. After 10 reps he would breathe deeply once or twice, roar at the top of his voice, and then blast out another set. After an hour of this his face was bright red, pumped with blood, and the veins in his biceps pulsated noticeably with the sheer volume of blood pumping through. He stood in front of the mirror and checked himself out. He knew that his abs were tight already, and as arms and legs were Mr. Richards’ favourite body parts he wasted no time in starting a round of squats and deadlifts. He hit some poses in the mirror, becoming visibly aroused as he did so. He pulled out a series of pictures from when Mr. Richards had last seen him and began to laugh, thinking just hoe thrilled and turned on he would be, returning to a pumped beast so much broader, taller and beefier than six months ago. He resolved no to jack off, as he wanted to hear Mr. Richards’ sensual moan as gallons of warm thick semen filled his ass later that day. - As the front door of the apartment opened, Alex instructed all the house staff, including the staff paid to help him train, to vacate the premises. He grabbed a bottle of champagne from the fridge and opened it, the power of the cork erupting was not enough to even slightly cause his large veiny hand to shake. He had conservatively donned a black Calvin Klein speedo for the occasion, and wandered into the foyer to greet Mr. Richards. His usual cocky and aggressive manner was changed, and on this occasion he walked over to Mr. Richards and, embracing him tightly in his huge arms, kissed him tenderly on the lips. ‘I’ve really missed you.’ Was all he said, as he poured two glasses. The two of them sat on the couch and discussed the few months they had missed. They talked about Mr. Richards’ series of mergers in Russia and Japan, and about Alex’s enormous gains. Mr. Richards, having just arrived at Heathrow from a 12 hour flight, was exhausted, but his eyes could not stray far from admiring Alex’s giant physique. The combination of hormonal supplements that had been devised for him meant that he had also been growing in height and width, as well as musculature. ‘You haven’t shaved your pits Alex!’ Mr. Richards commented whilst licking, kissing and worshiping his protégé’s biceps. ‘Oh no! I forgot. This morning after I woke up I went and did some really tough arm and legs work-‘ ‘Yes, I can see! A very nice job you’ve done. I wasn’t complaining about the pit hair, I think it’s very sexy.’ He ducked his head and began to lick the armpit hair and really relish the salty sweat that had become mired therein, ‘Alex, I’ve been away a really long time, and I’m afraid I’ll fall asleep soon, so before I do, I want this inside of me.’ As he said those last words he grabbed the huge meaty cock in Alex’s speedo that had been gradually inflating. The package in his hand felt warm and smooth, and quickly became rock hard as the two began to kiss passionately. ‘Mr. Richards, that’s fine with me! But I have to tell you something else. It’s been a hard few months, quite lonely and long, and it allowed me to spend a lot of time thinking. Thinking about my training, and about life. And...about how I think I’m in love with you.’ Mr. Richards’ hold on Alex’s cock tightened and the air in the room become tense for a few seconds. This tension was cut by Mr. Richards smiling at his lad. He leaned in to kiss the giant chest. ‘I am very relieved hear you say that Alex. For a very long time I’ve bene developing feelings for you too, beyond our little arrangement here, and not just about huge muscles or domination. I had been nervous that you wouldn’t feel the same way, but now this can become even better!’ The pair’s eyes lit up with this exciting revelation. Mr. Richards immediately stripped himself of all clothes and as it reached breaking point, Alex’s speedo tore right down the middle, with the enormous cock bursting out. Having had 6 months to prepare himself to receive this giant dick, Mr. Richards simply slid on top of the shaft and slowly allowed it to enter him. The two of them continued making out, as Alex’s massive dick moved so far up Mr. Richards’ body that his gut could be seen expanding each time he was deeply penetrated. To be continued.
  19. NYBear

    SEED (Part 2)

    SEED - Part 2 Jack was starting to lose himself again due to the power of the aroma that was covering the wing of Jason’s hospital floor like a thick luscious fog. His cock, if possible, was even harder than it had been back at the farm and it felt as if every part of his body was building up into a sexual frenzy that he knew he soon would not be able to control. He contemplated leaving and going back down the elevator, when he saw a box of surgical masks on the floor. Hopeful that it would help, he picked one up and put it on. Even though he was still incredibly horny he was able to regain some more control of his body. The fabric of the mask must have been filtering just enough of the aroma to let him keep his wits, but his yearning for an orgasm was still at an incredible level and he didn’t know how long he would be able to keep from completely succumbing to the feeling he was feeling. To describe the feeling, would be like he was right on the edge of a constant orgasm that never let up. It was combined by an incredible desire to have someone fuck him both in his ass and mouth. He knew that if the mask came off, he would completely fail to resist the feeling and be a pawn in this euphoric atmosphere. Part of him screamed to rip the mask off and just relish in the erotic abyss, but he knew he needed answers. He knew he had to help his uncle. So, after surveying the environment of the hospital wing, he began to walk down the hall toward Jason’s room. Along the way, he noticed drug carts on their sides, holes in the walls, broken glass everywhere and a very sticky substance on the floor and walls. Basically he thought it looked like a war zone. As he passed by the various rooms that were open, it seemed weird and ominous that there were only a very few people there and even stranger, that they all were men. There wasn’t a woman to be seen. As well, each one of them seemed to be in some sort of trance. He figured it was the same type of trance as he had experienced it himself. Their eyes were open, but their faces were of euphoric expressions and they were in a constant heightened state of orgasm. All of them were naked and as Jake looked down their bodies, it was very visible that each of them had been having various episodes of orgasms as cum covered most of their bodies and beds. Also, their cocks were at a constant state of full erection; some just slowly spurting or oozing out more cum. They weren’t frozen in their beds, but they were writhing around and sexually touching themselves, by pinching their nipples, stroking their cocks and fingering their assholes. He felt envious. Jack also noticed in some of the rooms and on the floor of the hallways, orderlies, male nurses, doctors and every man that he had seen was in the same euphoric coma. Jake knew that if his mask were to come off, he would be joining them. He checked the straps to make sure they were good and tight, but something in the back of his mind just wanted to untie the straps and to join the men and he even had a burning desire to suck and fuck them as a few of them had found each other and were fucking to no abandon. He shook his head to get the thoughts out. He stepped over and around the mass orgy of men and as he grew closer to where he thought was Jason’s room, he tread even more cautiously. He was afraid that his uncle must have been somewhere around to cause this as Jack had figured that he caused what happened to him on the farm. He remembered when he saw his uncle tear off into the fields and he wondered if he had made it to the hospital first. He feared for Jason as well. He hoped that Jason would have been able to help him with the situation, but if he was in the same state as these men, then all hope may have been lost. Just as a depression about that began to set in, Jack saw a few other nurses and doctors who were actually walking in and out of what should have been Jason’s room down at the end of the hall. He thought, “Oh thank God…At least some of them are still…well…them.” These men all had their clothes on but there were definite wet stains around their crotches, where they must had fallen victim to his uncle’s desires. Stranger still was that the closer he got to Jason’s room, he noticed that the nurses and doctors, all male of course, looked to be of their own minds and none of them were wearing masks either, so how was it that they weren’t totally incapacitated like the others. They were all larger in size than the rest of the men that were in the euphoric state. Their clothes were very tight across their bodies and even some of their clothes were torn where it looked as though their muscles had pushed through. All of them looked as large as guys who had spent years at the gym or on a stage. None of them were as large and obscene as his uncle, but all of them were definitely buff and in various sizes of muscle and thickness. They were bodybuilder, power lifter, and bouncer looking. Even a few of them were shirtless and two of them were actually completely naked with massive bodybuilder bodies that had even larger muscles and cocks that must have been well over 8 inches, soft. Jack’s still hard cock shot precum out of it as he saw them. It seemed that those two men, one being slightly smaller than the other, were the leaders of the other men that he could see, with the larger one being the boss. He noticed that a few of the other’s had called them both doctor, but he couldn’t make out their last names. Jack stopped dead in his tracks and watched the men. He stared at them as they moved around and in and out of Jason’s room, and some were carrying large containers. He leaned against the wall and looked intently at how their muscles moved and flexed as they moved. He noticed the power in their arms and their asses pushing the fabric of their scrubs to the limit. All of them were definitely packing as huge bulges pushed out their pants or underwear. A few of them would walk by each other and briefly stop and kiss deeply, encircling their tongues and feeling each other’s bodies. Jack was completely transfixed on them. His own hands began to feel under his shirt and his right hand found his nipple. He squeezed it and moaned quietly to himself. He watched their wet crotches and the huge shafts of the two naked muscle Gods and his mouth began to moisten. His breathing rapidly began to increase and his other hand found his own mound in his pants. He squeezed his rock hard cock and he moaned out loud this time. Behind him, to the left, he noticed a large oblong knob of a drawer and he moved in front of it and deliberately pressed the knob into the crack of his ass as he began to move his hips back and forth. His eyes closed and visions of his uncle fucking him from behind began to send Jack over the edge. He grabbed the desk in front of him and pushed harder into the knob. He pushed so hard that he could feel the knob pushing against his hole, pushing the fabric, demanding entrance. He unknowingly called out, “OH GOD YES…FUCK ME!” This caused him to open his eyes and he saw the larger naked muscle god start to walk over to him. He watched with pleasure as he could see that the man’s cock was growing and getting hard and massive, ending at a full mast of well over 12 inches, which only made Jack’s insatiable desire even heighten. He nodded his head to the stud while licking his lips. He wanted this. He needed this more than ever. There was nothing that he craved more. He knew for some reason this isn’t why he had come here, but he didn’t care. It was all that he desired. The filter of the mask was failing. His constant fucking of the knob had caused the fabric of his shorts to begin to give way and to his wonderful surprise the knob broke through smashing hard into Jack’s willing hole as he let out a cry of joy. “OH JESUS!! YES!!” Instantly, as if by instinct, he feverishly began to fuck the knob in and out of his asshole. The knob was about 5 inches long and it looked like a butt plug with the middle of the knob being the thickest part and it perfectly fit into Jack’s hungry ass. It was the best feeling he had ever felt before. The most he ever had was his hands to pleasure himself, whether it be jerking his cock or teasing his hole, but he had never experienced anything even remotely inside him and it was amazing. Jack was a 26 year old virgin. The muscle God was now in front of him and Jack looked up at him the towering 6.5 foot man and nodded his head, saying one word as he begged, “Please!” The man smiled and nodded in acceptance so Jack took one of the man’s large quarter sized nipples into his mouth and he began to suck on it, flicking it with his tongue and nibbling it as he sucked like a baby starving for its milk. This caused the muscle god to moan loudly and he grabbed Jack’s head pushing his face hard into his granite chest. Feeling the sheer power of the man, made Jack feel like he knew it was his job to please this man and to be his servant and he was willing to give his body to do so. Jack was accepting that he was a muscle pig. He sucked feverishly on the man’s entire chest going from pec to pec, to nipple, to flexed bicep, to abs to pit, licking and worshiping the muscle that was before him. As he sucked and worshiped the huge torso, the man picked up Jack’s lower body raising his feet off the ground and he began to help the knob fuck him harder and harder. The man tore Jack’s pants more to ease in the knob’s dominance of Jack. As he went back on forth on the knob, Jack began to scream out in complete pleasure and then he pleaded to suck the man’s cock. As soon as Jack pleaded for the man’s cock, the man pushed Jack’s head down and he felt the mask come off as he opened his mouth as wide as he could. He no longer cared about succumbing to his uncle’s aroma. His only desire and will was to serve the man in front of him. He was now this man’s property. He opened his mouth as wide as he could as he barely fit the man’s giant prick into his mouth. This was the first cock that Jack had ever had in his mouth, but it was like he had been doing it for years. It was as if it was instinct. Even though the sides of his mouth hurt, he didn’t care. He licked under the head with his tongue and he inched himself lower and lower sinking the man’s cock deeper into him causing the man himself to reach a frenzied pitch of euphoria. The man held Jack’s head as he fucked the boy’s face. By this time, a group of some of the other muscled men had walked over to the scene and had disrobed all of their clothes as they were stroking intently on their larger than normal shafts. The men’s voices were deep and low as they egged on Jack and his new master, the boss. They pulled off Jack’s shirt and a couple of them began to touch Jack’s chest, squeezing his nipples. Hands and mouths were all over Jack’s body and the feeling was incredible. As Jack feverishly sucked the bosses cock, the other smaller naked muscle man pulled him off of the knob with a pop and he took off Jack’s pants and all of the rest of his clothes. Then he replaced the knob with the tip of his cock. Before he could enter Jack, the Boss, put his hands around Jack’s waist and picked him up, twisting him around upside, keeping his cock in Jack’s mouth, and then for the first time, Jack’s felt what it was like to have his cock in someone’s mouth. The smaller god began to kiss Jack’s ass and then he began to lick his freshly fucked hole, with a tongue invading where the knob used to be. This was more than Jack cold take and within only a few moments Jack exploded into his partner’s mouth. He thought that the orgasm at the farm was the most he had ever cum but this time it was so powerful and long lasting that Jack could literally feel his balls emptying out and along with his identity. He was now becoming like the others and he didn’t care. Oddly enough, his insatiable desire, did not subside after his orgasm, in fact, it seemed to make it increase. Jack continued to suck on the boss’s massive cock and the boss turned Jack back around so that his feet were back on the floor. That’s when the smaller god pushed his wet thick cock into Jack’s willing ass. As with the boss, the smaller god took charge of his end of Jack. He fucked Jack hard and passionately, moving in and out around pushing his cock in as far as he could go and then tease Jack’s ass with the massive cockhead right at the opening of his ass. For what seemed like an eternity of bliss, the two men fucked Jack from both ends, just as he had desired earlier. Neither of them spoke a word, but Jack knew that he was there boy, their play thing and he couldn’t have been happier. They made no commands to him, they just were in charge. It was almost telepathic in nature; Jack would just realize that he needed to lick the boss’s balls and then concentrate on the cock head for a while. Jack knew when to back into the smaller man’s cock so that he was doing all the work and then he would clinch his ass just right to make the smaller man moan in ecstasy. The three of them were a well-oiled machine of premium sex. They remained constant like this for more than an hour, never ebbing, only increasing. Then Jack knew it was time to make his owners cum, he simultaneously worked on the boss’s cock giving him long deep insertions into his mouth all the while tonguing the underneath of the cock, which he instinctively knew was the boss’s favorite. As well, he tightened up his ass like a vise and pulsated his fuckhole to make his 2nd master go wild. Meanwhile, the onlookers where firing off their own orgasms and covering the three with their cum, soaking their bodies with warm electrifying energy. As the pinnacle neared, both of his masters began to moan louder and he could literally feel their rising orgasms as he himself was on the verge of a euphoric explosion. First to cum was the boss. With one final thrust so that his cock was entirely down Jack’s throat, he erupted shot after shot, down into Jack’s gut. There was so much cum that was filling him up; Jack could feel his stomach push tighter against his skin as it filled to capacity. Then just as strong as the boss’s orgasm, his other master’s cock shot deep into his ass, filling up his intestines and stomach even more. The sensation of having both men shooting deep into him almost simultaneously, caused Jack to have another orgasm of his own, without even trying to touch himself to accomplish the deed. As all three of them continued to cum, Jack’s stomach grew to look like a man with a beer gut hard and full. Amazingly, both men had shot so hard and so far up into Jack, that not a drop escaped his body. Then just as suddenly all three men stopped cumming and Jack realized for the first time, that the mask was now off, but that he was still okay. Then both of his masters simultaneously uttered their only words, “I am so very proud of you Jack, you have taken the first step to becoming part of the plan and you will be at my side, changing humanity forever. Take in the gift you have been given and then come to me and be at my side. Your uncle will be joining us soon.” Jack realized the voice that came out of the two men. It was Jason. Suddenly, Jack felt his stomach begin to gargle and he could feel the cum begin to absorb into him, Then he began to feel very different. He felt more alive and have felt stronger…a lot stronger. He grabbed ahold of the boss to steady himself as he felt heavier. His cock actually began to grow even though it was already rock hard. His balls began to fill and grow as well. Jack could feel his chest expand and his nipples became super sensitive. Both pecs filled up as if pumped up with air, but what he felt fill them was strength and power. His back began to widen as his traps grew around his thickening neck. His arms filled with power and grew to be just shy of his boss’s arms that were on either side of him. He flexed his upper arms and marveled in the bulbous power they produced. He felt massive and superior. He let go of his old masters and he stood up, realizing that he was now taller than both of them at around 7 feet. His upper body was not larger than that of the smaller god and he turned to him and smiled as he now was superior to him. He grabbed the smaller man’s face and kissed him hard, causing the smaller guy to moan in submission to Jack. This made Jack feel in more superior. He turned to the larger god and he could see that the demeanor of him was now that of a subordinate. He grabbed the man’s ass and pulled him into him and he kissed him even more passionately than the first. The boss moaned and literally shot a small amount of cum onto Jack. Jack looked at the man and pointed to the cum running the length of his new hugely endowed cock. The man immediately bent down and licked his own cum off of Jack and then put Jack’s cock in his mouth to clean him off. Jack moaned himself and he listened as his voice had lowered many octaves to that of a thundering bass. He stood the man back up to his feet and picked him up in the process. The feeling of power coursed through his entire body, even his toes and fingers felt powerful. His looked down at his legs as they continued to build upon themselves and his thighs pushed together, causing his growing cock and balls to push out further in front of him. As his cock was pushing out in front, his ass filled up with strength and muscle and pushed outward, becoming two hard melons. What was once a soft pliable ass was now harder than rock and each cheek caved perfectly in on the sides, creating the perfect muscle butt. Not only were there growth and changes on the outside of Jack, but he felt his core strengthen along with his mind. He was sharper and more in tune with himself. His senses were heightened. He was able to smell even more of the pungent odor, actually dissecting the different ingredients in the aroma like, testosterone, various types of pheromones, pollens and proteins. He noticed that instead of it making him into a sexually incapacitated lump; it invigorated him and made him feel unstoppable. His eyesight increased as well and he welcomed the light as it cleared his vision for him to see much further with more clarity. He was also able to hear everything that anyone was saying, even on some of the other floors. Then they feeling of power increased in his skeletal and blood systems. His bones strengthened to that of tree trunks and his blood cells accelerated his heart beat that strengthened his immunity and help to soon make him indestructible. His nerves were heightened and he could literally feel what others were feeling. He could physically feel the attraction that others, like the previous masters were given him. It made his skin tingle and it fueled even more power inside of him. Everything that was happening was making him better, stronger, bigger and more superhuman. His brain as well, increased in strength as he was beginning to hear what others were thinking as well. His former muscle boss was now wishing for Jack to fuck him and Jack could feel that deep in his mind he was actually begging for it. So Jack decided to do an experiment. He thought about how he could make the man feel like Jack was actually fucking him with physically doing the act. He thought about what it would feel like to fuck the muscle god and then it happened. Jack wasn’t sure how he did it, but he just tried to project what he felt and what was in his mind as to how he would fuck the man and he saw this once mammoth boss, begin to moan as if he was slowly being fucked. Jack increased the intensity in his head and the man screamed out in pleasure as if Jack were actually fucking him. The boss’s eyes rolled back in his head and he started begging at the top of his lungs for Jack to fuck him harder. Jack thought it and the man, yelled “FUUUUUUUUUUCK” and shot stream after stream of hot cum all over the hallway. Jack just smiled and licked his lips, reveling in his new gifts that he had been given. Then as his change began to subside, the final bit of increased power and strength hit him as he felt stronger inside his crotch area as his Kegel muscles tightened and gained size and strength, actually pushing his taint down further. This cause the biggest wave of pleasure throughout Jack’s body causing him to growl so loudly that the walls shook. He now knew why his previous masters were able to shoot so hard and far into him. He decided to try out a second experiment. He looked over at the smaller muscle god and he gazed into the stud’s eyes as he commanded, yet again with his mind, that the man get on his knees and began to suck Jack’s newly improved 14 inch cock. To his astonishment, the man licked his lips and knelt in front of Jack’s massive frame. He took over half of Jack’s cock into his willing mouth and pushed it down into his throat. The man grabbed Jack’s ass and started fucking his own mouth with Jack. Within a few minutes Jack was nearing an orgasm that never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined. He grabbed the man’s head and held it there as he began to fire explosively into the man, which actually was shooting at such velocity that it was starting to tear apart the man’s oral cavity like bullets. Jack released him as the man shot back against the wall with a loud thud, and Jack knew the man was dead, but this didn’t stop Jack from cumming. His cock stopped shooting rounds off, but instead manifested into a huge steady stream of cum that was soaking everything and everyone with 20 feet of him. Jack roared at the top of his lungs as emptied his load everywhere. Inside his head, he heard 2 voices saying “Yes my son.” and “You are now ready for us.” He knew that they were Jason and his Uncle Roy. When he finally started to come down from the orgasm, he looked around and saw the larger muscle man, along with the other minions lapping up all of his cum that they could get. It was a frenzy of debauchery. He looked down the hall and yelled out in earnest, “JASON!!” “Yes, Jack…you may now see me!! You are now worthy!! Please come and join us, we have much to discuss!! PART 3 coming next week (As with before, your comments would be great!)
  20. hotmuscle101

    growth Blue Pill Part 9

    Not much muscle growth in this chapter, but i promise there is more to cum All the chapters up to this one Blue Pill Part 1 Blue Pill Part 2 Blue Pill Part 3 Blue Pill Part 4 Blue Pill Part 5 Blue PIll Part 6 Blue Pill Part 7 Blue Pill Part 8 Blue Pill Part 9 “You ready to see some real muscle growth?” Eric looked at me, excited to see what the pills could do, but still skeptical. “Well? I don’t see anything!” Eric began to poke at my arm, seeing if it felt any different than before. “That’s because I’m not the one that’s going to do the growing, you are.” The look that was on Eric’s face now was a mixture between confusion, excitement, fear and arousal. “Yeah, but you took the pills, how is that going to make me grow if you took them?” I really didn’t know how else to explain it to him other than coming right out and saying it. “You have to ingest my cum.” Now Eric looked somewhat caught off guard. “I have to what?!?!” “I wish there were another way, but the blue pill turns my sperm into a catalyst for growth.” I felt bad for not telling him about the white striped pill, but I felt like that would have freaked him out more than this right now. “So, do you want to grow?” The whole time I was explaining to Eric how the pills cause growth, I had a little growth of my own in my sweats. My dick had begun to snake down the leg of Derek’s sweatpants and I had been leaking so much pre, that it looked as if I had pissed myself, making the sweatpants almost see-through where the head of my python was. Eric looked down to see my throbbing dick in sweats. “HOLY SHIT!!! What is that thing?” “I forgot to tell you, it makes you grow all over. Not just your muscles” That seemed to have sold Eric, as he grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me down towards eye level with him, he whispered in my ear “this better not be some kind of prank just to get me to suck your dick.” Eric let go of my shirt, but before I could rise back up to my full height, Eric had put his hands on either side of my head and pulled me in for a deep, passionate kiss. His lips were warm and soft as he held me there for what seemed like an eternity. While he was making the first move, my hormones were going into overdrive thanks to the double dose of the blue pill I had taken. It felt like my dick was going to burst right out of my skin if I didn’t get off soon. As if on cue, Eric began his decent. Kissing down my neck, across my pecs to find a nipple. He swirled his tongue around my nip and ever so slightly pinched it between his teeth, which caused me to take a sharp inhale of breath and actually shoot pre-cum through the sweatpants and onto the gym floor. He continued his assault down my taught stomach and finally to the waistband of the sweats. With a hand on each side, Eric began to tug the sweats over my meaty ass. “God your ass is rock solid, like two bowling balls fighting for space!” Eric kneaded his hands into my glutes, feeling the striations and all the muscle piled up on my ass. Eric finally got the sweats past my ass, and with a final tug my dick made a wet smack right into my lower abs. Now I hadn’t really paid too much attention to my dick since I measured it in the locker room before running into Chris and then Derek, but I would have to say it was a little bigger than last time. It had to be past the 8 inch mark by now. Eric pulled my sweats down to my ankles and stood up. He put his hand behind my neck and pulled me back in for a passionate kiss. As we kissed I could feel his other arm rest on the small of my back. Eric began to push me backwards and just when I felt like I was going to fall, he lowered me to the workout bench behind me. With my sweats still around my ankles, Eric broke the kiss and got back down on his knees in front of the bench. “I’ve never done anything like this before, so go easy on me” Eric said as he reached up and grabbed my sack. He gave my balls a slight tug and began licking them. Tasting the sweet pre that they had been swimming in. My balls had gotten bigger, they looked like two large eggs in Eric’s hands. Eric licked his way up my shaft, cleaning off all the pre-cum that had been covering it. He was rewarded with a big glob of pre once he reached the head, and by this point my dick was red, swollen and angry looking, just begging for release. Eric popped my dick head into his mouth, sucking all the nectar that was available for him. “AHHHhhhhhh my god that feels so good!” I was in heaven as Eric continued to suck on the head. He then began to venture down, taking more and more of my dick until he bottomed out and I could feel my helmet hitting the back of his throat. Eric began to come back off my dick and once he reached the head he went right back down, sending me into a wave of sexual bliss. The entire time I could feel myself leaking pre into his mouth, but I had to warn him of what was about to come. “AHHHH, Eric I uh….you might want to….oh man….I’M GONNA CUM!!!” He had my dick all the way in when I could feel it engorge with even more blood as it sent its first blast right into his throat. Eric held steady, not wanting to miss any of my cum, especially if it was going to make him as big as me. I came and I came. It felt like I was a firehose and I couldn’t turn it off. I watched as Eric’s shirt began to pull tight around his midsection, indicating that his tank was almost full. Eric pulled off, sending saliva and cum all over my dick. He coughed and gagged as he took his first breath in over a minute. My dick was still firing away, spraying cum on Eric’s shirt and face. “Man, I don’t even feel like I’ve reached the half way point with this orgasm yet” I said through bated breaths. “Do you usually cum this much?” asked a stunned Eric “Not usually, this is the first time I’ve taken two pills at once.” “What are you doing” I asked Eric as he had begun taking off his shirt and pants. He had a hard time taking off his shirt. His stomach protruded way past his pecs. He looked like a pregnant woman with his ball belly stretching out. “Well I don’t want to let a good opportunity go to waste” Eric pulled off his underwear, revealing a rock hard seven inch dick. He straddled the bench and leaned forward for another passionate kiss. This time thrusting his tongue into my open mouth. The kiss became more intense for both of us as I began to feel the head of my dick slowly pushing on Eric’s hole. Still shooting cum like a mad man, it made it much easier to push into Eric’s virgin ring. Once the head had popped in, we both began to moan in unison. With renewed vigor, I began thrusting into him still filling him with my seed. Eric reached down and scooped up all the cum that had landed on my abs and the bench and began feeding it to me. Not knowing what kind of effect ingesting my own cum would have on me. Eric had leaned in to kiss me some more, but found he could no longer reach me because his belly had grown so large from all the cum I was pumping into him. “OHHHHH FUUUUCCCKCKKK”I yelled out as I could feel the climax of my orgasm. My legs began shaking as I pumped the last of my load into Eric’s overstuffed hole. The orgasm was too much for me, and I passed out on the bench. Sticky from my own cum and a massive cum-filled human balloon on top of me.
  21. Thought I'd give writing a story a try! Josh was always a tiny guy. With his last major growth spurt at twenty leaving him at a paltry 5'7, 120 pounds, he was the definition of a twig, one you could easily snap down to puny size. At home, he was pretty average, invisible even, his loosely clothes form quickly dodging through the hallways from class to class. College was a different story. At a school known nationally for its large athlete population (a place he attended solely for it's generous scholarships), Josh was extremely undersized. Sitting in his lecture classes, he was surrounded by the tall, ripped frames of soccer, lacrosse, and football stars, their bulky arms pushing their sleeves to the limits. They were superhuman, supermen, and they were in abundance. Josh felt their shadows eclipse him everywhere he went, and every time he had to slide his belt over his skinny waist, he dreamed of swelling up to their size, being ripped and strong. Fuck, even having nice abs would be nice. He wanted to transform. And so, he began heading to the 24 hour gym each night, sheepishly working out long after the behemoths called it a night. He made progress. Slowly, over the weeks and months, his belly hardened into a six pack, his biceps tightened and formed, and his chest looked firm. His clothes were less baggy. However, weighing himself he was still hovering at 135 pounds, his high metabolism making him toned, but not big. Late one night he moved to the gym mirror, flexing his arms. Nice for skinny guy, he thought. He scowled. He saw how the big guys ate in the cafeteria, eating so much food that fueled their size. He tried eating that much, but nearly made himself sick, the food becoming an impossible, mountainous obstacle. Josh took a sip of water, and headed out of the gym, the cold evening air hitting him in the face. He sulked across campus passing the rows of posterboards announcing the club meetings, sporting events, and other activities that turned campus into a frenzied mass of activity. His eyes quickly scanned a black flyer, something on it catching his eyes. He walked up to the board, pulling it off the cork: "Society of Transformational Hypnotists: Visualize Your Dreams at Our Weekly Friday Meetings!" Josh stared at the paper. Ignoring the fact that this probably wasn't a school approved club, maybe they could help him out. Putting the flyer in his pocket, he made a mental note to visit the group. Friday came and Josh soon found himself outside an off-campus house, flyer in hand. Looking around and seeing the street deserted, he gulped nervously before ringing the doorbell. The doorbell echoed for a while before the door pulled open, revealing a tall, cheery upperclassmen in jeans a t-shirt. Definitely not the creepy image Josh was expecting. "Hey, are you here for the hypnosis meeting?," the man said cheerfully.rnrn-"uhh yea. Am I allowed? -"Of course. We rarely get visitors. I'm Ryan, by the way." -"Josh. And Cool. I mean, I don't think I want to learn, but maybe you could help me with a problem." Ryan stares at Josh. "You wanna get bigger?," He says. -"Can you read my mind?" Ryan laughs. "No, I see you in the gym every night. You look really focused. Anyway, come on in!" The tall guy leads the way down the hallway, entering a small, but comfortable living room. He motions for Josh to lie on the sofa, while he sits in an armchair near him. Another guy walks in, heavyset, spotting Josh. "Who's that?" He asks. "Just a friend I'm gonna help out," Ryan says, smiling. The large guy grins, before heading out. Ryan looks over Josh. "Now, close your eyes and just relax, bud. I'm gonna help you out." Josh closes his eyes. "Thanks, Ryan. I just wanna be a huge hulking guy, I just can't seem to eat enough."rnrn-"Well don't worry about that. For now, just feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper. With each breath, you get more relaxed..."rnrnSlowly, Josh feels himself drifting off, Ryan's voice growing more distant, fading out to a slight hum in his ears at the world falls away. He's unaware of what Ryan is saying: rnrn"From now on, you are going to try your hardest to bulk up, to get huge. And you will. Feeling your appetite growing each day along with your muscles, you will eat more and more to provide fuel for your expanding frame, each day you mass piling up on your body, maybe even growing a little taller to support all the new weight. You will find eating tons of food easy, and fun, as much fun as going to the gym and working out, pumping up your swelling muscles. That's right, eating more everyday, working out hard, you will never be full. Feeling your clothes grow tighter and tigher and you swell up with bulky size. In fact, as you eat more and more, you realize you do not like the full, cut look of a bodybuilder, or the football bros you wanna be. In fact, as you grow bigger and bigger, eat more and more, you relate more to the big guys on powerlifting team. Looking at their meaty arms, guts, and rears stretch their uniforms, wanting to be large and strong like them, eating enough for two of them. You want to outgrow them, become massive, each day wanting more and more to bulk out to the extreme. You will become massive. You will not recall what was said to you now as you begin to wake up. "rnrnJosh hears a soft "wake up" his eyes fluttering open. He sits up, propping his skinny body up by the arms. He looks at Ryan. "That's it?" He says. "That's it," Ryan says, getting up. "Good luck, big man. I hope to see you soon." Josh gets up, shaking Ryan's hand. He leaves discourage, heading back to his dorm. That's it, huh? He thinks as he walks up the steps to his dorm, entering the dark space. His roommate, Joe, a hulking 6'2 240 pound wrestler, must still be at practice. Another cruel joke, Josh thought, pairing me with him. He feels his stomach growl. Must be all this walking around. Josh wanders to his fridge, pulling out some pasta and chicken he had leftover from his previously attempted binge. His stomach rumbles again. Hmm, cold chicken and pasta won't be that bad, he thinks, unable to wait. He sits down in his chair, scooping up pasta and chicken with a large fork. Chew. Chew. Chew. BURPPPPP. Josh is almost in a trance as he shovels in the food, almost as if filling a hole that can't be filled. BURPPPPPP. He looks down to see the container empty. His stomach growls again. He gets up, moving to the fridge. Luckily, Joe has some containers of food in there as well. I'm sure he won't mind, Josh thinks. He's always eating my food. Josh pulls out two more containers. He sits back down, immediately digging into the food. Chew. Chew. Chew. BURPPPPPPPPP. His normally flat stomach distending a little from the meal. In another 15 minutes, the food is gone. He rubs his stomach. Fuck, Josh thinks, I'm really hungry today, this never happens. Looking around the room, he spies Joe's weight gain powder. He smiles. A little desert? Josh within minutes is pouring some powder into a large glass of whole milk, mixing it until thick. CHUG. CHUG. CHUG. Not missing a drop as he gulps it down, his bloated belly pressing into his jeans button. BELCHHHHHHHH. Finally somewhat satisfied, he assees the damage. The table is covered with empty containers, and as he hold the empty glass in his hand he smiles. I dunno what's come over me, but this was great! He thinks, patting his belly, and moving off to bed. rnrnAs he slips into the bed, stripping to his boxers, he thinks to himself: Fuck, I could probably still eat a little more.rnrn To be Continued. rnrn
  22. Quite a few people have been in touch regarding a follow up, so here it is. It took ages, but I orgasmed twice writing it, so if you enjoyed the first instalment, this may do something for you! Link to previous instalment: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/6200-memoirs-of-young-muscle-1/ --- Four months had passed since Alexander, who had made quite clear that he would go only by Alex, had first begun his training programme, funded by his wealthy, horny patron, under the auspices of some of the world's leading bodybuilding and strength training experts. The training had yielded some amazing results already, in spite of the fact that Alex had been so reluctant to give up on the diet he adored so much. It turned out that Mr. Richards, Alex's billionaire sponsor, did not mind this in the slightest. He was perfectly happy to watch the increasingly thickly muscled Alex eat huge quanities of pizza, steaks and fast food. It had proven a major turn on for Mr. Richards, who it seemed had unknowingly been long harbouring a fetish for big men overeating, expanding hard stomach walls and general slovenly behaviour from giant muscle men. So, there had been so reduction in his body fat levels. However nobody was complaining, as his muscular development was exemplary. He awoke one December morning in the lavishly decorated bedroom of Mr. Richards' Holland Park penthouse. The property magnate had been willing to spend some time in the US in order to find his subject, a young man so motivated by a desire to build muscle and sculpt himself into a god that he was willing for this aim to completely take over his life. However, having found Alex, he was very much in a rush to return to London, where he found his life to be somewhat more comfortable and familiar. Alex of course had no objections to the mountains of money and resources that he was set to receive and had spent these four months living a life of unimaginable luxury, alongside his regimental exercise schedule and frequent visits into Mr. Richards' bedroom. He was not out of shape himself and in spite of his overwhelming commitments to his various investments he managed to find time to make regular trips to the gym. He had a swimmer's build, a tiny waist ribbed with muscle that bulged and twisted as he moved. His abdominal muscles were perfect if slight and covered in soft and gently haired skin. His pecs were not large but well defined and formed a sexy self at the top of his relatively small frame. As Alex entered the gym, Mr. Richard's was just finished a set of pull ups. He performed these excercises in just his boxers, and as Alex crept up behind him silently he effortlessly lifted Mr. Richard's into the air and then off of the bar as he removed his hands from it. Holding his like a baby he then moved in and gave him a long and powerful kiss, Alex's beefy chest inflating and he drew in air from Mr. Richards' mouth. 'Oh boy, you're getting so strong, I felt light-headed when you took that breath out of me!' Alex carried his patron out of the gym and down the corridor to his bedroom. He was originally planning to go in and do some squats, but he momentariyl weighed up his options, looking down at his heaving massive muscular quads and juicy ass and deceided that fucking Mr. Richards may well be a better use of his time right now. After his comments regarding Alex's increased strength, the impressive 23 year old's dick had begun to rise to its full glory. By this point a meaty semi-erection occupied his skin tight boxer briefs. Generally the two of them fucked in silence, even though over these months they had become friends and enjoyed spending time together. Mr. Richards' morbid fascination with Alex's gigantic muscles and the intense pleasure that Alex felt when slipping his big manly fingers into his tight pink little asshole meant that both parties were fully occupied by the thoughts in thei head throughout. He dropped Mr. Richards onto the bed and immediately lifted his legs into the air. With his teeth he pulled off Mr. Richards' underpants and then began to run his tongue around the anus, gently to begin with and then rougher. He then moved to deepthroating the beautiful soft and fleshy penis, which gradually grew longer and harder. Once both men had reached a state of full erection, Alex lay on his back and let Mr. Richards worship his entire body as was their routine. Mr. Richards slight body was very mobile and he moved all over Alex with ease. Alex's toes it had been discovered, were erogenous zones, and when Mr. Richards sucked both of his big toes at the same time, Alex's whole enormous body would shudder with pleasure. Then, his with nipples hard and meaty, Mr. Richards would travel up to the bulky chest, holding the two slabs of pec meat in his hands, before leaning in and nibbling on those sensitive nipples. Alex rocked his head back and howled, making the walls of the room shake and his abdominals tighten. 'Okay Mr. Richards, you've got me going now, I can't wait anymore, give it me to me!' Mr. Richards obeyed and turned around, presenting his ass the Alex, who slipped an index finger in, causing Mr. Richards to moan like a bitch, shut his eyes and grit his teeth. It turned Alex on hugely, hearing his patron squeal with pleasure, just from a single finger! He imagined how shrill and intense hisscreams would become as he pounded his thick rod in and out of the soft ass. With two fingers now inside the anus, he leaned forward and was able to put his tongue further in. Mr. Richards, who had been dutifully sucking the dick that was about to be jammed in his hole, rolled his eyes back in his head. The salty joy that was Alex's pre-cum was dripping down his face and forming a puddle on the bed and it seemed that neither of them could resist any longer. Alex reached down and covered his hands in the pre-cum that was so liberally being spilled on the bed and used it to prepare Mr. Richards now significantly wider asshole for the trauma it was about to endure. He then lifted the man up as though he weighed nothing and slid him onto the waiting 12 incher. He entered so slowly, because he loved to see Mr Richards' face as his insides became filled with the massive cock. Instead of thrusting his hips, Alex preferred to show off his strength by lifting Mr Richards under his armpits, and then placing his hands on his shoulders and pushing him back down. Precum continued leaking out of his ass, and Mr Richards was aware of the warm fluid entering his body. Alex grew tired of this quickly, and lifted Mr Richards off his dick slowly, then laying him on his back and sticking his rod back inside so he could begin fucking more quickly and powerfully. The tension built and reached an unbearable level. As Alex felt he was about to come he moved into give Mr Richards a gentle kiss, and having shown his soft side for a moment he stood up straight and roared 'HURGHHHHHHHHHHHH' before unleashing his load in the spent billionaire's hole. He hit a front double biceps pose, kissing each bulging sphere of muscle once before exhaling deeply and pulling his cock out, following by a stream of thick, hot cum. Mr Richards had a smile on his face like the Mona Lisa as he stood up and got out of bed. 'Another stellar performance Alex. This arrangement is still working well. I'll leave you for the rest of today to get to the gym, I think Franco said he was going to really work your legs today. They're looking great, but we need them bigger! And stronger! I can't wait until the next time I get to wear those big manly thighs like a necklace.' As he walked out of the bedroom on his way to the office he slapped Alex on the butt cheekily. The young bodybuilder grinned. This was everything he had ever wanted, an opportunity to build his muscle, live a life of unlimited material pleasures and fuck whenever he felt like it. More confusingly, he was starting to develop feelings for the man who was making all this possible.
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    muscle-growth Blue Pill Part 8

    Here are all the parts up to this chapter, just in case you haven't read them in order. Blue Pill Part 1 Blue Pill Part 2 Blue Pill Part 3 Blue Pill Part 4 Blue Pill Part 5 Blue PIll Part 6 Blue Pill Part 7 ~Blue Pill Part 8~ Derek stood in front of Riley with his arms outstretched flexing both of his mammoth arms. Each peak reaching almost 18 inches. Riley rubbed his hands over the peaks feeling the mounds of flesh harden underneath his fingers. He traced the veins that ran along the surface of each peak as it pumped more blood through his engorged veins. While Riley was worshipping Derek’s arms, another appendage began to stir and swell. Derek had always been the alpha male of the swim team. Not only because of his captain America good looks, but his body was magnificent compared to the rest of the team. This was due to the amount of time Derek put in at the gym each day. However it wasn’t his looks or his muscles that people envied most, it was Derek’s massive log between his legs that made him noteworthy among the schools populace. Before Derek’s growth, he was a hefty 8.5 inches long and 6 inches around. Although that sounds impressive, Derek could tell just by how his speedo was beginning to stretch away from his body that it was bigger than he previously remembered. While Derek was flexing his arms for his muscle admirer, he looked down to enjoy the new size of his bulge. It was then that he noticed the white striped pill sitting in the pouch of his speedo at the base of his dick. Derek reached into his speedo and pinched the pill between two fingers. “You ready to help me grow some more Riley?” Derek asked without ever waiting for a response. Next thing Riley knew, he had a hand covering his mouth as he felt something small inserted between his lips. “Now swallow or I will pound you into a pulp!” Derek said as he leered into Riley’s eyes with a strong burning desire to grow. Riley didn’t have much of a choice as he could begin to feel the pill dissolve in his mouth, he swallowed. It was a labored swallow as it stuck a few times on the way down, making Riley gasp and gag behind Derek’s hand. “That’s a good bitch, now let’s see how big we can make those tits of yours.” Riley looked at Derek with a confused look on his face as Riley was picked up by the behemoth and carried over to the Bench Press. Derek sat him down on the bench and loaded the bar with two 45 pound plates on each side. “Now lift.” Riley knew it wasn’t a question and more of a command. So Riley positioned himself under the bar and raised the bar up to begin his first rep. Riley slowly performed ten perfect reps as his pecs began to swell with blood from his pump. Just as he set the bar down, Derek had put another 45 pound plate on each side. “Lift” Derek grunted. So Riley lifted the bar once again, this time straining to get his ten reps in. Riley’s tank was now beginning to strain from his pump. His pecs felt full and tight. Riley re-racked the weight and reached up with both of his hands feeling his pec pump. He was brought back to the reality of things when he heard a loud rip. Riley looked to his right to find the source of the sound. The speedo that was holding back Derek’s mammoth dick had snapped from the immense strain from the erection that was now throbbing in front of him. “Holy shit Derek, that thing has to be at least 10 inches long!” Derek grinned at the excitement that showed on Riley’s face. Derek turned and put another 45 pound plate on each side of the barbell. “Lift” Derek grunted. “I can’t lift that, its twenty pounds more than my one rep max.” Riley exclaimed as he looked at the bar and back at Derek. “Did I stutter, I said LIFT!” Derek’s baritone voice echoed through the gym as Riley laid back under the bar and prepared for failure. What happened next surprised and scared Riley more than anything else. Derek reached forward and grabbed onto the waist of Riley’s shorts. “Lift your ass up.” Derek ordered. I dare not disobey, clearly I do not want to anger this behemoth. Riley slowly lifted his ass off the bench, holding the barbell racked with weight to pull himself up. Derek yanked his shorts down in one swift motion. Derek then lifted my legs straight up, sitting at the end of the bench and resting my legs on his shoulders. Riley’s eyes grew wide with fear at what was going to happen next. Derek stuck his thumb in his mouth and pulled it out with a pop. He then lowered his hand to Riley’s ass as he lifted him off the bench and slowly inserted his thumb into Riley’s ass. Riley’s eyes rolled back into his head as he could feel Derek’s thumb rub against his prostate. Riley was then surprised by a tingling feeling in his chest. Riley stared at his own nipples as he slowly saw them disappearing from his field of vision. “Oh my god, is my chest growing?!?” Fear and panic had formed on Riley’s face as Derrick got an evil grin on his. “Now lift” Derek commanded. Riley positioned himself under the bar again, Derek’s finger shoved firmly in his ass. Riley pushed the weight off the supports and lowered it to his chest. As Riley pushed the weight back up he noticed his pecs swell a little more and then stop once he reached the top of the lift. Riley lowered the weight again and began to push the weight back up expecting to see the same thing, only to be disappointed when nothing happened. Derek slid his finger out of Riley’s ass as Riley re-racked the weight. Derek stretched and was able to put another 45 pound plate on each side without leaving the bench. “There is no way I’m going to lift that, its 450 pounds!” Riley exclaimed, contemplating how he was going to lift the bar. Riley watched as Derek began massaging his dick. The pre-cum that continuously flowed from the tip was smeared all over his mammoth dick making it shine with lube. Riley began to panic as he knew what was coming next. Derek positioned his cock head at Riley’s sphincter and began to push. Riley fought with all of his might to stop this monster from penetrating his hole, but the harder he resisted the harder Derek pushed. Derek, getting fed up with Riley putting up a fight, grabbed Riley’s shoulders and pushed him down on his dick. Derek watched as his thick dick quickly disappeared into Riley’s ass. “NNNNGHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK!” Riley yelled out as his eyes rolled back into his head as pain and pleasure seeped through every nerve of his body. Derek sat still as Riley slowly came to his senses, regaining his surroundings. Riley began to feel again as he noticed that tingling feeling was now a burning sensation in his pecs. He looked down to see his pecs swelling right before his eyes. “Now lift!” Derek ordered as Riley grasped the bar again and lifted the bar from the supports. Riley lowered the weight down to his inflated chest, knowing there was no way he was going to lift it up. As Riley struggled to push the bar back up and began shaking, Derek began sliding his dick back out. This caused Riley’s prostate to be massaged by Derek’s massive cock head. A sudden surge of growth filled Riley’s pecs as the weight easily hefted back up towards the supports. Amazed, Riley began lowering the weight again, at the same time Derek began to push his fat dick back into Riley’s hole, hitting his prostate and causing Riley’s pecs to swell once again. This went on rep after rep. Each of Riley’s reps timed perfectly with the rhythm of Derek’s fucking. The weight became much lighter as Riley’s pecs swelled to massive proportions. Riley’s vision became filled with nothing but rippling engorged pec meat. As the weight became lighter Riley kept cranking out reps faster, causing Derek to fuck him faster. Riley re-racked the weight after about 100 reps, only to find that his pecs had stopped growing long ago. Derek continued to fuck Riley’s tight ass as he reached both hands up and felt his bulbous pecs. Derek pinched each of Riley’s perky nips to find them leaking with the milk of his desire. Derek leaned forward, stopping the fucking and left his dick buried to the hilt in Riley’s ass. Derek latched onto Riley’s left nipple with his teeth and began to suck hard, tasting the sweet delicious nectar flowing into his mouth. Riley began moaning and writhing on the bench as Derek continued to suck from his left nipple. Riley watched in ecstasy as his left pec quickly deflated to half its size. Derek noticed the milk was slowing down to a dribble so he moved over to the right nip, clamping down with his teeth, eliciting a sound of pleasure from Riley through his gritted teeth. Derek began to feel full as he could feel his gut beginning to swell against Riley as he sucked the last drops of milk form Riley’s right nip. Once finished, Derek squeezed each nipple to make sure he hadn’t gotten every last drop of Riley’s sweet nectar. Satisfied that there was nothing left, Derek leaned back up to his full height again. This time Riley could see what looked like a roid gut, solid yet so full of fluid that it pushed Derek’s abs out making him look as if he were pregnant. Derek rubbed his hands up and down his gut relishing in the thoughts of growth that were soon to ensue. Riley began moaning as Derek began moving his dick in and out of Riley’s ass. Riley watched in amazement as Derek became coated in sweat, causing his freshly grown chest hair to matte to his skin. Riley saw the veins on Derek’s arms getting thicker as he pistoned in and out of his ass. His shoulders and pecs swelling larger as well. Derek reached around Riley’s legs that were still positioned on his growing shoulders and grabbed onto his own nipples making himself give off a deep guttural moan. “FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK I’M GONNA CUM!” The first thing Riley noticed was an increased pressure in his ass as the torrent of cum began to flood his insides. Then he felt even more pressure as Derek pushed further and further into him. That’s when Riley was shocked to see that Derek was no longer moving. So that meant that his dick was growing inside of him. Riley looked down to see his lower abs on his right side being pushed up higher and higher as the mammoth cock inside him grew even larger. As if it was a renewal to the ecstasy Derek was feeling he began to cum even harder. “HOLY FUCK I’M CUMMING AGAIN” Derek yelled out in pleasure as he began ramming his dick back into Riley. Riley’s stomach began expanding at an alarming rate as he was filled with gallons of Derek’s cum. Just when Riley thought he couldn’t take anymore, Derek pulled out of Riley’s ass, making a loud sloshing sound as cum poured out of his ass. Derek was still shooting cum onto Riley’s ass as he stroked his newly enlarged 13 inch dick. Riley looked on in awe, not at the massive appendage between Derek’s legs, but his quads which had easily doubled in size since he started to fuck Riley. Derek was ripped to shreds showcasing veins that snaked all over his muscles fueling his body with the supply of nutrients it needed. Derek threw his arms up into a double bicep pose as each peak rose higher and higher, his lats fight for space with his massive triceps. Riley couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Derek had to weigh at least 250 pounds. “You must be bigger than Chris by now!” Riley said in amazement. “I’m not done yet little runt. I plan on getting much, much bigger!” Derek said as an evil smirk stretched across his face from ear to ear. Luke led Eric back into his home gym in the basement. “I can’t wait for you to see me get even bigger!” Luke reached into the pocket of the sweats and pulled out the pills he had grabbed from his duffel. He fished out two plain blue pills and threw them into his mouth and quickly swallowed. Luke turned to Eric with a look of excitement on his face, “Ready to see me grow?” To be continued...
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    muscle-growth Blue Pill Part 5

    Here is Blue Pill Part 4 In case you haven't had a chance to read it Blue Pill Part 5 As I came too it was absolutely quiet. I felt relieved that I didn’t hear Chris anywhere near. As I opened my eyes, I was reminded of why I had passed out in the first place. In front of me was a huge ball belly. It really did look like I was pregnant. I began to run my hands over my stomach. I was expecting it to feel soft, but it was rock hard, completely filled with Chris’s cum. My god, there had to be gallons of cum inside me. I figured I should get up and cleaned off before I got out of there. As I stood up I slipped and fell back into the pool of cum that was on the floor. There had to be just as much cum on the floor as was inside me. It was everywhere, all over the benches, lockers and the walls too. I then remembered Chris growing again just before I passed out. This was apparent from the shredded remains of his football pants still on the floor, covered in sweat and cum. I attempted to get back up off the floor, this time bracing myself on the nearby bench. As I steadied myself and got back on my feet, I could really feel the weight of my new distended belly. Quickly I grabbed the tape measure that was still on the floor by my bag and began wrapping it around my waist. I almost fell back to the ground when I read 46”. “There’s no way I’m going to be able to get rid of all of this.” As I tried to figure out how I was going to be able to get passed my mom with this big of a gut. “I have to get home and work out.” As I turned to grab my stuff off the floor, I noticed a locker still open across from mine. Holy shit! Chris had left his locker wide open. I quickly stumbled across the benches to get to his open locker and examine the things inside. I saw a bunch of sweaty old gym clothes, some deodorant, a worn fitness magazine and a bag at the back of his locker. I grabbed the bag from the back and unzipped it. Two bottles fell from the bag, both with blue caps. I was absolutely sure these were the bottles that Chris was getting his pills from. One bottle had a white stipe on the top of it and the other was just blue. So I twisted the top off of the one with the white stripe and inside there were blue pills with white stripes around the middle. I poured out half the bottle into my hand and twisted the cap back on the bottle. I proceeded to open the plain blue top bottle to find plain blue pills. I poured out half of the battle into my hand and closed the bottle. I put everything back neatly into Chris’s locker, hoping he wouldn’t notice I had been in there, at least not until I was bigger. I was just about to grab my stuff and leave when a familiar sheet of paper caught my eye underneath Chris’s magazine. I pulled the sheet out from underneath realizing it was our stat sheets from gym class. Chris’s first entry read as such: Height: 5’10” Weight: 170 lbs. BF%: 16% Arms: 14.5” Neck: 12” Chest: 40” Waist: 30” Thigh: 26” Calves: 14” I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. At the start of the school year, Chris wasn’t much bigger than me. So I quickly flipped through the pages to find the last entry. The last entry was a week ago. I dropped the papers when I saw his new stats because I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Height: 5’10” Weight: 220 lbs. Arms: 19.5” Neck: 17.5” Chest: 55” Waist: 28” Thigh: 30” Calves: 19” He gained over 50 pounds in less than 2 months! All from these blue pills. I couldn’t wait to start on them. So I grabbed a white striped and one of the plain blue and popped them in my mouth and swallowed. “Guess I’m gonna have to work out before I go home.” I stood in front of the mirror, flexing my arms and legs, imagining them growing as big as Chris’s and then even bigger. I started getting hard just imagining it. So I grabbed my bag and headed back down the stairs towards the weight room. The lights were already on inside the weight room. I had sworn they were off when I had gone up to the locker room. I walked in and the room smelled of sweat and bleach. I looked at the clock on the wall, already 9:30. Perfect time to get big, and that’s exactly what I did. I started off with squats, three 45’s on each side. I did a perfect set of 10 with almost no difficulty, so I upped the weight with two more 45’s on each side. As I squatted down for my first rep, I could feel the muscle fibers pulling and stretching in my legs. As I began to press up I could feel the struggle in my legs with the weight. As I pushed harder I saw veins begin popping out all over my thighs and they began the bulge bigger right before my very eyes, slowly pushing my shorts higher up my legs. I bent down for the second rep only to hear my shorts rip right down the middle. With each rep my thighs bulged bigger and bigger. After about twenty reps I felt that my thighs had enough attention and that it was time to move onto another body part. As I re-racked the bar I grabbed hold of my shorts, or what was left of them, and ripped them from my legs. This revealed massive cut quads, with the teardrop muscle just above the knee; veins snaked all over my quads. My boxer briefs were straining to contain my legs. I went to each side of the bar and took of the added 45’s that I had put on for squats. I got back under the bar and began to slowly rise up onto my tip toes. I felt the stretch in my calves as I began to reach as high as my feet would let me go. I watched my calves as they bunched up on the back of my leg. I slowly let the weight back down and watched as their size and shape, as if I was still flexing them. This went on for twenty reps; I re-racked the weights and headed over towards the mirrors to get a good look at my new legs. What I saw before me was simply amazing. My legs looked like they belonged to an amateur bodybuilder. My quads bulged out in every direction with veins snaking all the way from my hips to my feet. My calves were rock hard diamonds now, even when relaxed, they hung of the back of my legs looking like two massive striated balloons. My boxer briefs had pulled so tight from my growth that you could see right into them. I turned to the side to get another view of my legs and noticed why my underwear was so tight. My ass had grown along with my legs. It jutted out from my back and was rock hard. It almost looked like you could rest a glass on the top of it. Although it was much smaller than before, my stomach almost matched my butt in how it bulged out in front of me. This time I could see clearly defined abs underneath the gut, like a bodybuilder who had done too many steroids. I took a quick look around to see if anyone was around. I didn’t see anyone so I started to slide my underwear off when I realized they wouldn’t go down past my huge quads. I put my thumb under both sides of my briefs and I ripped them right off my waist. My cock must have been rock hard from watching my legs grow bigger, because it smacked itself against my lower abs. Now that I was no longer constricted, I gave my dick a few tugs as pre began to leak from the engorged head, and headed back over to the bar I was working out with. I didn’t change the weight, instead I got underneath the bar and rested it on my upper pecs and began pressing upward. I performed a perfect military press, and as I did I could feel my shoulders and traps swelling with muscle. I did twenty reps and re-racked the bar. From there I headed over to the T-bar row machine. I put 360 pounds on it and got into position. As I pulled up I could feel my back swelling to lift the weight. This swelling happened every time I lifted and then lowered the T-bar. I could feel my lats beginning to push against my arms, and I realized I still hadn’t worked my arms. I stepped over the wall of dumbbells and I picked up the 50 pounders. I began doing standing dumbbell curls. As I raised each fist up, I watched as my bicep bunched up. I lowered the weight and my bicep stayed bunched up. Veins began spreading all over my arms as they swelled bigger with more muscle. I stepped over to the pulley machine and began doing cab le pull downs. I watched rep after rep as my triceps turned into horseshoes packed muscle. It was so tight and hard I couldn’t even finish my set. As I let go of the rope, my dick brushed against the machine, leaving a sticky trail of pre-cum all over the support bar. I looked down towards my dick as it spit out more pre-cum. Looking past my dick and onto the floor, I saw a puddle of what I assumed was my pre-cum. I grabbed the head of my dick and began massaging the pre all over my dick. As I began jacking myself right there at the pulley machine, my pumped bicep rubbed against my nipple and I felt my eyes roll back into my head. I almost passed out from the rush I got from the sensitivity in my nipple. I let go of my dick and cupped each of my pecs in my hands and realized I had forgotten to work my pecs. I headed over to the bench press, tweaking my nipples along the way. As I leaned back onto the bench I saw that my nipples were wet, and I realized my hands were also wet. I tossed it away in my mind as being pre-cum left over from tugging at my dick. I looked to each side realizing I had forgotten to put any weights on the bar. There was already 540 pounds loaded on the bar, which was almost triple what I had ever lifted for bench press. I however was feeling daring and extremely aroused, so I grabbed onto the bar and hefted the weight up. Bringing the bar down to my chest was the easy part. I struggled trying to push the bar back up, but as I did I once again could feel the muscles in my pecs stretching and growing. I looked down to watch after each rep as my field of vision became obscured by the pecs that kept pushing their way up closer to the bar. The weight came falling down fast, but I quickly regained my composure and re-racked the weight. It wasn’t that the weight had gotten too heavy; something had caught my attention while I was watching my pecs grow. It was a bead of milky white liquid that had formed at the tip of my nipple. I reached my hand down and wiped the liquid onto my finger. I brought it closer to my face so I could examine it better. “This definitely isn’t pre-cum!” “No, it’s milk.” I turned to see Chris stepping out of the shadows of the hallway. “I’ve been watching you in here. Lifting and pumping up your puny muscles. I’m guessing you got into my things. You stole from me none the less.” Chris continued walking closer to me. With each step his grin got bigger and bigger. “Now it’s time for you to pay for what you’ve taken of mine.” Chris was clearly bigger than what I last remembered of him. His arms and traps bulged out of the tank he was wearing. His sweatpants didn’t hide a single detail of the musculature of his legs. They looked like they were saran wrapped. You could see very cut, every bulging vein through his sweats. I was still lying on the bench, a mix of shock and fear written across my face. I didn’t know if I should try and run or take the beating I was about to receive. Who am I kidding? There is no way I would be able to out run this behemoth. Chris stopped at the end of the bench and grabbed my ankles. He slid me across the bench until my new bubble but rested right at the edge. I watched in horror as a bulge began snaking its way down his right leg, slowly plumping up, thicker and longer with every beat of his heart. Chris leaned in, almost as if to kiss me, but he stopped short. His head hovered right above my pecs. Then I watched as he ran his tongue across my nipple, collecting the fluid that had built up. The feeling of his tongue was like sandpaper. It didn’t hurt; in fact it felt absolutely amazing. I didn’t want him to stop. I was in for a surprise, because he sucked my nipple into his mouth and began flicking it with his tongue. I began writhing on the bench underneath him. He reached his arms down on both sides of the bench to steady me as he sucked on my nipple. It felt as if I was pissing out of my nipple. It’s the only way I can describe the feeling at that moment. As Chris sucked on the nipple, he was also swallowing, what I assumed to be my milk I was producing. Before I knew it, my right nipple had stopped giving milk. I looked down and watched as Chris moved to the other nipple, doing the same to it. I was absolutely horrified to see that my right pec was now half the size of my left one. Granted it was still pretty big, but I can’t go around with one pec bigger than the other. As I had begun freaking out, those thoughts slowly began to diminish as euphoria washed over me from the feeling of my left pec being drained of milk. I saw my left pec slowly deflating in size as Chris continued to suck, until both pecs were once again the same size. Chris came up for air and his eyes had a look of hunger mixed with lust. Chris stood back up to his full height only to reveal that the entire right leg of his sweat pants was completely soaked from pre-cum. I could see Chris’s dick throbbing, begging for release. Chris reached his hand down his sweats and grabbed onto his dick. He slowly hefted out the monster that I remembered all too well. Except this time it was bigger. Chris reached into his sweat pants pocket and pulled out 2 blue pills. He popped them in his mouth and swallowed. “Hope you’re ready to give that ass of yours a workout, cause I sure am.” Chris held a hand out in front of his dick while the other squeezed it from base to tip, giving him a handful of pre-cum. He began lathering it all over his dick, and still had some left over, so he shoved a finger up my hole. Then he shoved another finger up my whole as a moan escaped my mouth. “Gonna have to stretch ya for this one. The biggest I’ve ever been, measured myself with the tape measure you left out before coming back down. I’m now up to the 11 inch mark, 6.5 wide.” Chris said with a chuckle as he pulled his fingers out. Chris grabbed onto my ankles once again and positioned the head of his dick right at the entrance of my hole. He slowly pushed forward and I felt his cock head stretch my hole wider with every passing second. I began to wince from the pain, but Chris kept pushing, no longer caring if he hurt me. I could see the lust in his eyes had fully taken over. I let out a deep moan as I felt the ridge of his head finally slip passed my ring. I had thought at this point Chris would have just hit it home, but he continued his slow assault. As I watched Chris slowly enter me, I was amazed to see that my field of vision was once again becoming obstructed by my pecs. They seemed very large and pumped. In fact they seemed larger than when Chris had finished sucking from them. I finally felt Chris’s balls touch against my ass. He then pulled back a little quicker and slid back in and continued in that tempo. As he did this, I noticed my pecs swell a little larger with each thrust of his dick. “Yeah, watch those babies grow.” Chris said as he began fucking me even faster. I reached my hands down and cupped both of my pecs and felt them slowly getting heavier in my hands. My hands brushed against my nipples and my cock shot out a jet of pre-cum. I latched onto my nipples with my fingers as I felt milk spilling out of them. My cock was throbbing every time I pinched on of my nipples. I didn’t know how much more of this I could take. My pecs had gotten so swollen that I almost couldn’t see Chris anymore, and that’s saying something considering how massive Chris is. Upon seeing my pecs at their new bulbous size, playing with my ultra-sensitive nipples, and Chris pistoning in and out of me like a jack rabbit, I had finally lost it. I let out a loud moan as I began bucking my hips. My cock lurched and began spilling my seed all over my abs. I shot and shot and shot. I covered my pecs, face, the bench and Chris's torso. As I was cumming I felt my lats spread wider across the bench. I watched as my pecs completely blocked my view of Chris. My arms bulged thicker with muscle and I could feel the weight of my legs now having to rest on Chris’s shoulder. Just as my cock had begun to slow down and I thought I was done, it swelled up even more. It grew thicker and longer and began shooting all over again. My ass clamped down tight on Chris’s cock. This must have been too much for him. “FUCK IM GONNA BE FUCKING HUGE!!!!” I thought Chris had cum a lot before, but this was insane. Before I knew it, I could see something over my pecs and it was my ballooning belly from all of Chris’s cum. I reached down and felt my stomach. It felt like a water balloon as it fills up. I could feel it filling me up. To my amazement, Chris picked me up and began driving his dick into me even faster. As he did this I watched his body explode with muscle. I heard a loud rip as his tank and sweats both ripped from his body. It looked like he had almost doubled in size as veins exploded all over his skin, trying to feed his muscles all of the blood they required. I watched as muscle fibers twitched and expanded right before my eyes. Chris began moaning even louder as I felt a tight feeling in my stomach. I looked down to see the outline of Chris’s cock as it slowly expanded in all directions inside of me. I looked in the mirror on the wall as his balls caught my attention. They expanded and hung lower. I could feel the torrent of cum increase inside of me and I didn’t know how much more I could take. With that, Chris pulled out and shot that last of his load all over me and the weight bench. Coating everything and leaving a massive puddle underneath us. I watched as Chris walked out of the weight room, panting heavily. I had never seen someone so massive in my entire life. I laid there for a few minutes wondering what to do next, and then I remembered that I needed to tell Eric what I had learned about Chris and the pills. I went to get up, but realized I couldn’t move due to my massive stomach. “Great, now how am I gonna get out of here.” Continued in Blue Pill Part 6
  25. hotmuscle101

    muscle-growth Blue Pill Part 4

    Here is Blue Pill Part 3 If you haven't had a chance to read it Blue Pill Part 4 How, was the question indeed. I needed to find a way to get Chris alone and have him pump me full of his sperm again. The only problem was it was the weekend and I knew he wouldn’t like it If I showed up to his house unannounced. While thinking about how I was going to get Chris to fuck me again, I continued working out in basement garage. I would go from bench press to dumbbell flyes. Then I would head over and do some very heavy and deep squats. Hmmmmm, I still can’t make sense of why Chris’s cum affected me the way it did. He’s been dating Stacy for about 6 months now and I haven’t seen her blow up with muscles. Maybe it only affects guys! Still doesn’t explain how it’s happening though. Is Chris an alien from outer space, no, that’s not it. Maybe he was bit by a radioactive spider. I’ve been reading way too many comics. Then the thought popped into my head, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before. The blue pills Chris has been taking. I bet anything that those pills have something to do with the growth. I bet if I got my hands on some… Just then I could hear my mom’s car pulling into the drive. I scrambled up the steps only to find her waiting at the top of the stairs for me. “Honey, how many times have I told you? I don’t want you in that basement when I’m not home ok.” “Ok mom. I was just erm, looking for something, but I think I found it.” “Alright sweetie. Hey, is everything alright? You seem a little winded.” “Yeah, everything is fine.” I headed towards the door grabbing my sweater and book bag. “Where are you going this time of night young man?” Said my mother as she gave me that deep stare with both her hands on her hips. “Ummm, I forgot my biology book in my locker at the school and we have a big test on Monday that I really need to study for.” Wow, that lie surprised even me. Mostly cause it worked on my mom. “Alright sweetie, but I want you to go straight there and then come straight home. I can actually give you a ride if you like. I really don’t like the thought of you walking home after dark.” “Mom, I’m 18. I think I can handle myself. Plus it’s going to be light out for another hour or so, I’ll be fine.” I walked out the door before she had the chance to come up with a reason for me not to go. I almost forgot how it was outside, but it chills off pretty quick in the evenings. So I stuffed my sweater in my book bag for the time being. As I walked towards the school, I began to wonder if Eric would ever talk to me again. I felt really bad about how he left upset, but I really had no way to prove it to him. That was going to change. I was a block away from the school when I noticed that the football stadium lights were still on. Hmmm, must be an after game event going on, cause I could hear voices on the other side of the wall blocking me from seeing the stadium. Sweet! That means the doors are still unlocked. I headed towards the front of the school knowing that the best way of avoiding people would be to go through the empty hallways. As I got up closer to the doors, I noticed the lights were still on. I looked inside, but I didn’t see anyone. So I grabbed hold of the door and opened it. I headed down the dimly lit halls towards the gymnasium. The smell of bleach and ammonia permeated the air. You could smell the pool from a mile away. I had always wanted to try out for the swim team, but could never get the courage to talk to the team captain Riley. He was way too popular and I was just a nobody. Now that I have a better body, maybe I have a chance at making the swim team. Plus I might actually have the confidence to finally talk to Riley. Just before the gymnasium is the school weight room. Nobody was in there. In fact it looked eerie because all of the lights were off. I picked up my pace, because this was the last place in the school I wanted to be caught alone by someone. I headed up the stairs between the gymnasium and the weight room to the locker rooms. Before I headed over to the football teams locker room, I decided to make a quick pit stop at my gym locker. My gym teacher makes us keep a stat sheet every week for progress on weight loss or muscle gain. So I put my combination into my lock and opened it up to find the sheet lying on top of all my stuff with the dull pencil I had left in there. I looked at my last stats before filling out the next portion of the sheet to see how much I had grown. Height: 5’6” Weight: 156 lbs. BF%: 13% Arms: 13 in. Neck: 10 in. Chest: 34 in. Waist: 28 in. Thigh: 22 in. Calves: 12 in. It made me sad looking at my stats. It also made me realize how small I really was. I knew that it was soon going to change, so that made a smirk spread across my face. So I took my shirt off and stripped out of my pants. I grabbed a fabric tape measure from the supply closet and went to sharpen my pencil. In front of the pencil sharpener is a mirror, and I couldn’t help but watch as my pecs twitched up and down as I sharpened the pencil. My biceps tensed and relaxed from the effort. I couldn’t believe all the veins that I saw snaking across my skin. I actually started getting hard looking at my own body in the mirror. So I walked over to the scale, paper in hand and erection in the other. I swear that my dick is growing too. I don’t have any numbers to compare it to, so I guess I better start keeping a log just to see if I’m imagining it. So I started with my height and worked through all of my stats. Height: 5’6” Weight: 166 lbs. BF%: 10% Arms: 14.5 in. Neck: 11 in. Chest: 37 in. Waist: 28 in. Thigh: 24 in. Calves: 13.5 in. On the back of the sheet I started a new section called PG (Penis Growth). That way nobody would directly know what I meant by PG. I was still hard from measuring my entire body in fact I had noticed a wet spot beginning to form in the front of my boxer briefs. Which I found odd because I had never really been able to produce pre-cum before. I slipped my dick through the hole in my boxer briefs and got out the tape measure. From balls to tip I was 6.5” which felt small after seeing Chris’s monster. I then decided to measure the girth as well. I wrapped the tape around my throbbing dick as the tape met back up on the top of my dick at 4.25”. I’ve always had a pretty thick dick. “Looks like someone was preparing for my return.” I turned to see who had just walked into the locker room, but I knew by the deep baritone voice that it was Chris. “How on earth did you get out of that closet? Oh well, doesn’t matter. It’s not like you got away.” I was speechless as he began stripping out of his football gear. His pads sticking to his sweat covered body. “Why ummm are you here so late?” “The guys like to talk football after the game and go over the replays from the game. Besides you didn’t think I’d forget about my cum rag. I’m super horned up. Winning always makes me rock hard.” I could see what he meant by the way his pant leg seemed too thick on the right side. Before I could say another word Chris had untied his pants and began peeling his pants down his massive quads. I watched as I saw veins explode all over his arms and legs from the effort of trying to get his too tight pants off. I was mesmerized by this display of muscular beauty that it caught me off guard when his dick sprang up out of his pants and smacked his stomach. “Fuck! I can’t seem to get these off. Guess I’ll just have to break out of them. Chris turned around and opened his locker. I couldn’t see anything because his massive V-shaped back was in my view. His lats jutted out from his back like a pair of wings, pushing his arms further out and up. I heard a rattling sound and I saw Chris throw his head back and take a swig from his water bottle he kept in his locker. “There, that should do it.” Chris said as I slowly turned to face me again. His massive pecs came back into view all sweaty with his nipples rock hard and pointing straight towards the ground. I watched as Chris’s dick began twitching and he reached his hand up and began tweaking one of his nipples. He let out a deep baritone moan and his eyes rolled back in his head. I saw the river of pre-cum begin flowing from the tip of his dick thinking that this was my chance. I got up and walked toward the moaning behemoth as he took his other hand of his dick and began tugging on both nipples. I knew that there was no way I was going to be able to fit his whole dick inside my mouth, but I had to do my best to prove myself to Eric. I grabbed hold of Chris’s dick at the base and licked up some of the pre-cum along the shaft, making my way ever so slowly towards the massive mushroom head of his dick. I opened my mouth wide and began sucking on the head. The moans that escaped Chris were frightening to say the least, but I could tell that I was doing something right because the flow of pre-cum had increased. Next thing I knew I had a huge hand on the back of my head pressing me farther onto Chris’s dick. I looked up to see an evil smirk on Chris’s face as he leaned over his pecs to watch me suck his dick. I could feel the head of his dick hit the back of my throat, but it didn’t stop there. I began gagging from the thickness of his dick as it began cutting off my oxygen supply. Deeper and deeper his dick went till finally I felt a large pair of testicles under my chin. I breathed in deep as the head of Chris’s dicked pulled out of my airway, but it was short lived as Chris plunged his dick right back into my throat. He began skull fucking me as he would pull his dick head just to the edge of my lips and then thrust balls deep. While all of this was going on, I had noticed a strange sensation, like I was full or something. I looked down to see my stomach was bulging out once again. This realization came too late as Chris pulled his dick form my mouth and picked me up from under my arms. “Now that I’m nice and lubed up, let’s say we fuck that tight hole of yours.” I really didn’t know whether to be excited for the fucking I was about to receive or be scared for the fact that I was already full of his pre cum. I didn’t have much of a choice because before I could say anything I felt his dick slip into my ass. I was expecting pain, but somehow I only felt pleasure this time. I was amazed at Chris’s strength as he stood up, one hand behind my back and the other holding my ass. He began slamming me hard onto his dick as I kept hearing slopping noises from the pre-cum gushing back out of my already full hole with every thrust. I watched as more and more veins snaked their way across Chris’s neck and traps. They seemed to be bulging bigger with every thrust. I myself was to the bursting point. Not so much like I was going to cum, but more like I was about to explode from how full I felt. I thought my eyes were going to bulge out of my head as I saw how big my stomach had gotten. Chris must have seen the look on my face. “Hopefully you got room for more, because there’s a lot coming.” “Oh my god, Ohhhhhhhhhh FUCKKKK, I’M CUMMING!!!!” Chris said as he let out one of the deepest moans I had ever heard. Several things happened at once. There was a loud ripping sound as Chris’s massive quads blew up to shred the pants he was stuck in. I watched in awe as Chris’s pecs bulged even further out from his frame slowly pushing me further away from him. His biceps bulged bigger crushing my sides. What scared me the most was my stomach looked like I had swallowed a beach ball and it was still getting bigger. I could feel Chris unleashing his torrent inside of me. I heard a splashing sound and I looked in the mirror beside us to see come spraying out of my ass, like when you put your finger over the end of an open hose and build up pressure. What was the most surprising was the fact that I could feel Chris’s dick stretching my insides even more, and he wasn’t moving. My brain couldn’t seem to take all of this at once and I blacked out. The last thing I remember was Chris’s massive dick pulling out of my ass and the thought of how much I was going to grow. Continued in Blue Pill Part 5
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