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  1. Dostille


    *This is my first story ever – please feel free to critique + add suggestions!* Zap! Once upon a time, there was a man named Jake. He had always been self-conscious about his body, growing up he was bullied for being overweight and never felt comfortable in his own skin. However, he had always been attracted to men with big muscles and strong bodies, and he had always dreamed of having a physique like that. He had always wanted to have bigger muscles, to feel more confident and to be able to defend himself. He spent hours at the gym, trying to achieve his dream body but never really seeing the results he desired. One day, while browsing through an antique shop, he stumbled upon a tiny ray gun. The shop was dimly lit, with old dusty items scattered about, and the smell of musty wood in the air. The ray gun was an ancient-looking device, with intricate engravings and a strange arm symbol on the handle. He had no idea what the ray gun did, but he was intrigued by its unique design and decided to buy it. As he was leaving the shop, he saw a gym across the street and decided to check it out. Inside, he saw a guy with huge arms and chest lifting heavy weights. The guy had biceps that were so big they looked like they were about to burst out of his skin, his chest was also impressively massive, and his pecs were perfectly defined. He was lifting weights that Jake couldn't even dream of lifting, each dumbbell easily weighed at least 50 pounds each. The man’s body was dusted in a light coating of hair, glistening sweat running down his rippling muscles and had coursing blood flow of testosterone filled veins popping out of his arms like pythons. Jake couldn't help but feel a rush of arousal as he watched the guy flex and lift. He decided to try out the ray gun and aimed it at the guy's arms. The ray gun made a tiny electrical buzz but the beam was completely invisible. Nothing happened for a few minutes and then, to his surprise, the guy's strength slowly began to fade, making it harder for him to lift the weights rep by rep. His first set had started at an easy set of 12 but the second set he could barely lift the dumbbells for three reps before failure. Jake couldn't believe what was happening, but he couldn't deny the feeling of power and excitement it gave him. As he continued to watch the guy struggle with his lifts, Jake's own muscles began to grow and his clothes started to stretch. He could feel the power coursing through his body, and he couldn't stop himself from staring at another gym-goer with huge quads. Jake: "Wow, look at those quads on that guy. I bet he's really strong." Jake said in a noticeably deeper voice Friend: "Yeah, he's been working out for a long time. You should talk to him, maybe he could give you some tips." Jake: "Yeah, maybe I will." As the second gym-goer was doing squats, Jake zapped him with the ray gun and watched as his strength slowly began to fade. The guy had legs that were massive, his quadriceps were bulging out of his shorts, and his muscles rippling as he lifted the weights. He was lifting weights that Jake couldn't even dream of lifting, the barbell was loaded with plates that weighed at least 600 lbs. Jake couldn't stop grinning as he felt his own legs growing bigger and stronger. He could see his own quadriceps bulging out of his shorts and his muscles rippling as he flexed. His calf muscles became round and firm, his thigh muscles rippling with power. As he continued to use the ray gun, Jake noticed some changes in his body. He had more body hair and a slightly deeper voice each time he used the ray gun. His muscles were getting bigger and harder, and previously barely-there chest hair was becoming coarser, slightly catching on his tight workout shirt as he stood up. Jake's boyfriend couldn't help but notice the changes in his body. He kept commenting on how the gym was paying off, and she couldn't get enough of his growing muscles. Jake felt a surge of testosterone as he flexed in front of him, showing off an impressive physique. Jake: "I can't believe how much stronger I'm getting. I've never felt this good before." Boyfriend: "I know, it's amazing. Your muscles are getting bigger and bigger every day. I can't keep my hands off of them." "I don't know how you're doing it, but it's working. Keep it up." Jake knew that he had found a secret weapon that would help him achieve his goals faster and more efficiently. He continued to use the ray gun every time he went to the gym and he saw his muscles grow at an alarming rate. His biceps bulged out of his sleeves like he had always dreamed, his chest became more defined and his legs became bigger and more muscular, filling out his shorts like tree trunks. He had never felt so confident and attractive. He was addicted to the feeling of power that came with the ray gun, and he knew that he would never give it up. He was determined to become the most muscular and attractive man in the gym. Jake's newfound confidence and muscle mass attracted attention from other gym-goers, and some of them even asked him for tips on nutrition and how to use machines properly. He couldn't help but feel powerful and in control as chose victims to “borrow” a bit of their strength. However, Jake kept the secret of the ray gun to himself, enjoying the feeling of power it gave him and the attention it brought him. One day, after a hard workout set that left him feeling pumped and energized, Jake decided to head to the sauna to relax and unwind. As he entered the sauna, he felt the heat envelop him, and he couldn't help but feel invigorated. He slowly stripped off his shirt, revealing his hot, glistening body, and as he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, he couldn't believe what he saw. He saw a man with an Adonis-like body staring back at him. His muscles were perfectly defined and rippling, his chest was impressively massive and his pecs were perfectly defined, his abs were like a washboard, his biceps were like bowling balls. He couldn't help but admire his physique, he felt like a Greek God, he flexed his muscles and felt the power coursing through his veins. He knew that he had finally achieved his dream body, and he felt proud and accomplished. He was built like a tank, he had shoulders as broad as a door with every muscle perfectly defined. He turned around to check out his back, he was impressed by the way his lats flared out and his traps stood out like mountains. He was truly a sight to behold. He couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement and arousal as he admired his own muscles in the mirror, he knew that he had worked hard to achieve this physique and it was all worth it. Then, just after Jake was finishing up in the sauna, a new guy walked in that caught his eye. He was tall, with globe-like boulder shoulders and a chiseled chest. Clearly, he had been working out for years, dedicating himself to achieving such an impressive physique. Jake couldn't help but stare, shoulders were always his weak point, and he had never seen such a massive set before. He felt a rush of arousal as he watched the guy walk by, the way his muscles flexed and bulged with each movement, it was like watching a work of art in motion. He smiled mischievously and introduced himself as he offered to help spot his new gym buddy. The guy looked at Jake with a smile and said "Sure, I could use a spotter."
  2. Hey guys! This is my first ever attempt at writing a story on here. Hope you'll like it, sorry for the bad english and if there are mistakes here and there but that's not my first language. FIRST PART “Tomorrow more thunderstorms, 25° degrees with a chance of clear sky in the afternoon” said the television. Man, this weather really isn’t doing good to me. Thinking about all of what’s been on-going in my life in this past, crazy year. I’ve always been a solitary person, not a loner, just someone who enjoys time with myself, lately I’ve been feeling really down. My name is John and I live in New York, in the outscourts. I’ve always been an extremely solar person and I had a lot of friends over the years but as far as my relationships I’ve always been quite unlucky. All of my stories have ended with me being really heartbroken and alone, I never had a long lovestory, even after i came out. I come from a catholic background but when I’ve heard that my chuch didn’t see people like me as “normal” I had no other chances than to leave and start living for myself, even tho I’ve always needed something to believe into, that decision didn’t really impact my life, I didn’t fall into depression and I’ve always kept being a happy person but I’m kinda understanding that I'm now starting to feel a bit lost. So I decided to text my best friend and tell him that at 27 I feel like that. If there’s something I’ve always been grateful for is that I’ve always been blessed with awesome friends. Even when I came out, they always have been understanding and supporting and they even got my back with my parents in the beginning. His response took me by surprise: “you should try astrology”. Has he gone mad?. I’ve always been on the nerd/space-lover spectrum so I didn’t really believe in that shit, how could lifeless things like planets control and condition our lifes? Phisics explain you quite well why these stuff can’t be real, come on!!! What are we even talking about… “stop that bullshit that’s going over your head and try it” said the message. Lol, he knows me too well “just search on youtube for Taurus august 2022 and see what comes up”. Well, let’s try this bullshit I said to myself. So there I was, a 27 years old male searching for something fake that is probably never going to happen. The first videos starts filling my page. A train of negative thoughts fills my mind: Lol they’re contradicting themselves, so it’s my life going to be good or nah?, well, let’s open one of these. The video opens with a table and a lot of cards on the plate. The voice of a girl who seems to be smoothing and healing starts playing in my headphones. She shuffles the card and starts talking bull… ehm, things. I’m surprised by the way, the things she says are not that terrible and they are actually great. I can see now why so many people follow this stuff. “So, apparently you are going through a lot lately or you were going through a lot, or u’ll be” – there she goes, trying to get into people's good graces – “I just want to tell you that this card means that your troubles will end soon, a new love is coming in and wow, it’s actually going to be your soulmate!” – They always say stuff like this, but you know, this makes me happy, I hope she’s right. She even goes into details: “I see you meeting this person at some place that has something to do with sports. It’s not going to be exactly your type but go for it and stick with it, that is your challenge, if you win, things will exceed ur expectations and even your wildest dreams.” And then the reading ends. I have to admit it, right now I feel great and I really hope that what she’s being saying comes true. With that in mind I go to sleep, not after thanking my friend for suggesting me such videos. One week has passed since that night and I find myself feeling more engulfed and connected to this new town, I now have a small group of friends to hang out with and I feel more confident. As a result I decide try out things I’m normally scared to do. I decide to join a gym. I always wanted to have muscles and look better. So i make my way to the nearest one, however, when I get inside I remember why i was so scared. A huge guy, much taller than me and with wide shoulders comes passing in front of me. And no, I’m not scared of being hurt, I’m scared of being attracted to him. I always had a fetish for strength and huge muscles since I was a kid and I was afraid that by joining a gym, this fetish of mine combined with my gayness could have led me to trouble, but as I follow this guy, with my mouth watering and my eyes wide open I find myself in a very comfortable, modern and happy place. A young lady welcomes me and asks me, with a very calm and comforting voice what I want to achieve, I explain to her my goals and she calls one of the personal trainers. My mind is absolutely taken by the beauty of this guy. Shining blue eyes, blonde hair, a perfect smile and just a happy attitude that makes u feel comfortable and safe but it’s what is underneath the face that blows me away. It’s defenatelly one of the biggest guys I’ve ever seen, wearing his tanktop only, his body seems to be carved out of stone. Two enormous biceps that must’ve been at least 20 inches bulges out of his frames and shifts and moves at every movement he does, on top of that, enormous boulder shoulders complete the pack and make my puny body feel so small. I see also two perfect gigantic pecs bursting out of his frame and only my fantasy could dream about what’s under that, covered by that tank top. Then I got slapped back to reality by his voice, telling me that he made me a plan and a diet based on my goals and asking me if I want to get around the gym, to wich I respond yes. As we enter the wigh room my mind almost collapses. The huge, filled with machine, space is populated by all sorts of people young, old and of all body types but my eyes are fixed in some type of people especially. I noticed with awe, that my personal trainer is one of the medium sized guys there and that there are way bigger guys all sweaty and grunting. It's like I’m in paradise and that’s a problem, I try hard to hide my boner and the personal trainer almost notices it. At the end of the tour I pay for my first subscription and leave, looking forward to come back for the first session the day after. The next day went as fast as a bullet-train and it’s already afternoon, in a few hours and it's time to head to that fantastic place I’ve been yesterday. My mind rushes trough all of that huge guys I have already fell in love with, maybe some of them noticed me, maybe some could be gay and interested, maybe that huge black stallion who smirked at me while flexing, I never had a muscle guy as a boyfriend and I’ve always wanted one. So here I am right now making all sorts of stories in my mind about guys I never even talked to. I pack my bag, putting a t-shirt and some shorts in it. I also throw my brand new liquid bottle I’ve bought the other day at the store and I head towards the gym. As I get inside i see my personal trainer sitted on a couch. God, is he beautiful… Today he’s wearing a t-shirt, the best t-shirt I’ve seen with a planet on it and I don't know if i'm more taken by the fact that he's playing some super Smash Bros (Wait, all that muscles and he’s also a nerd?) or by the huge pecs that stand against the firm of his shirt. Anyway, he sees me and comes welcome me. “Hey man, what’s up?” God how beautiful his eyes are… “Are u ready for today’s session?” “yes, absolutely, I can’t wait! Is that SupersmashBros?” “yes, I’m a huge fan” “oh, me too, what’s your favourite character?” “idk, I love all, anyway, today we’ll start easy, you have to do a 2km walk on the tapis-roulant and then we’ll start with some light dumbells. You can find them in the main room near the mirror, don’t be afraid to ask other people to help u, me included, if there is something we are proud of in this gym, is the quality of the people, everyone is so positive, supportive and ready to give u hand, even those big scary guys, don’t be afraid to talk to them, they look tough but inside they really are awesome persons, we’ll all here to reach our goals so motivate each-other is our number one priority” “ok, got it, thank you!” “I’ll be training aswell so you can find me in the weigh room or here doing some paperwork. If u want I can come around sometime and look at your progresses!” “Well, that’d be great!” “Ok, c u later, and remember, you can, and you will obtain the body of your dreams, all you need is a little consistency and work hard, we all done it, you can too!” “Thank you so much, have a great training!” ...and just like that he was gone. The first thing I noticed in this conversation was his detachment, maybe he’s not into me, or maybe he just treats the new clients this way (gosh i am really crazy, am i?). I enter the changing room and I find it empty. AAAh, that’s bad, I really wanted to see some naked sexy huge muscles but for today nothing, there’s only one slim guy. So I take my clothes off and start looking in the mirror, before joining this gym I trained at home for a bit with wathever I could so I’m not really extremely skinny, even if still little as fuck, I have some abs starting to pop out and my little 10 inches biceps, “it’s not that much but it’s a start” I repeat to myself. I flex my right bicep and take a snapshot. I really want to do things right this time so i’m taking progress shots. I can’t wait to see them grow bigger. So then I’m ready to finally start my training. I head towards the weigh room and the same “enchanting” smell of sweat, iron and testosterone fullfills my nosetrills. I head towards the tapis-roulant, they’re facing the road and the rest of the city. The view is amazing, but I have a more amazing view I can observe right from the window’s reflection. Two, big and cute stallions are training with dumbells just right behind my back I see all the streations, all the veins pumping blood and screaming power from inside of them, all of this coupled with sweat and grunts… “hey, what’s going on? You’re new here!”. A voice wakes me up from my fantasies. I turn right and I see this guy in the tapis-roulant near me, very slim, slimmer than me, long hair over his face. light skin and big brown eyes. “Good thank you, Yes I’m new” I try to cut the conversation short… “Oh, so how do you find the gym, are u having fun or…” I noticed that my 2 km on the tapis-roulant were over. “Well, it's my first day here so i don't know yet unfortunatelly, bye”. While walking away I noticed him getting a bit upset about my reaction. Maybe he’s just very shy and seems to be a bit nerd. But not too much. He keeps following his routine. “Well, maybe I’ll talk to him more” I thought to myself. In the next weeks we started to become friends, as i approachd him more, because i've been a real asshole the first day, too much taken away by other muscle guys, i need to control my fetishes. Anyway, His name was Andrew and he was into the same things as me, he liked space more than me and was a huge nerd of it, jesus he knew way more than me and I was astonished by how intelligent and passionate was about the subject, we could go on for days talking about galaxies, planets, nebulae and all sorts of stuff. We exchanged views on the possibility of humans getting to mars and what could possibly happen on there. If terraforming was possible or not and I was surprised by his knowledge on phisics and chemistry aswell, Just talking to him for one hour made me learn so much about the topic that I was taken away by how much I knew more when we were done talking. He was also a big travel enthusiast and he told me about the places he visited with his family and how amazing they were also how he could not wait to come back to those places. He made every session in the gym far more easier and less tiring. Actually, to tell the truth, I could not wait to get back to the gym to meet and talk to him. He told me was becoming a civil engineer and even in that field he knew so much, you could tell it was a passion of him. Still, he was not my type. Even tho he had those beautiful big brown eyes, I was still attrackted to that hunk of a personal trainer and to all those amazing other people, so I would go on and off to those guys and talk to them, getting weird looks or being ignored but I was daydreaming about the fact that maybe they could have been into me (i am crazy, i know). I remember one day trying to say something sexy to my personal trainer and see how he reacted to that and all I got was a weird stare and a laugh after, later that day he cleared all my doubts, he was not gay. So, in one way or another my experience there always brought me back to that nerd which I loved to be in contact with that seemed to be the only person I can really get along with. That said, the people there were really extremely nice and once appured that I was gay, wich justified my really weird behaviour towards them. (I told it publicly one day in front of everyone, the nerd included) I started to make some friends in there. The bigger guys after the news were even happy to see me staring at their gigantic muscles (obviously maintaining the distances), they laughed and joked about the fact that: “At least you enjoy these, we do this stuff for girls but they all prefer smaller guys with the ‘rich and cool guy’ attitude” and they told me that if I kept going I would have become like them one day. To recap, it had become a heaven, every day I could not wait to get back in there. After sometime, one of the girls at the reception invited me to a party with some of her friends at her house to meet new people. I loudly said yes. I was just invited to the first party in this new town! The night came and I was really excited but at the same time scared, I did not knew anyone except for her so It would be quite a challenge to fit in the new group. So I was there prepping for my first night out. I came out of the shower and I looked at myself in the mirror. Wow, all these beautiful times and the gym were really having their effects on me. I noticed how my bicep went from a 12.5’ up to a or a 13, they were starting to emerge and getting bigger and my shoulders and pecs were doing the same, I also noticed how my first abs were starting to pop out and my belly was disappearing. After I did my hair I felt like an adonis at the beggining stages was staring back at me in the mirror (i'm also very narcissistic apparently). I didn’t feel so good with myself and so happy in years. I wore my light-blue shirt with short sleeves with my baije trousers and I did not wear a tank top under. I wanted people to notice how i had no belly and how big my biceps were getting. I noticed how the sleeves were getting kind of tight and that made me feel very powerful. A bit of essence and I was ready to go. I felt like a puma, the thing, I could never been happier. I arrived at her house, a not-that-big house in the residential part of the city, but really cute and purposely adorned for the party. A very beautiful Janice, dressed in her best dress greeted me. She was really taken away by my appearance and complimented me for how I looked. I was on cloud nine and that gave me such a big confidence boost for the night. He incroduced me to everybody. I was kind of disappointed tho, I’d expect it to find more muscular guys since Janice’s workplace. Instead, i saw that everybody was on the skinny side. Then I went to the first floor in search for the toilet, I found myself in a narrow corridor and I realized I didn’t know where it was. On the right hand-side there was a kitchen so I decided to step in to ask for directions. As soon as I turned the angle I stopped on my feet and I was blown away. A guy, was standing there drinking with his back leaned against the wall. He was certainly one of the most beautiful guys I’ve seen in years. Two kind of familiar big brown eyes were mounted on top of a kind of childish-looking baby face, his perfectly trimmed brown beard covered up his cheecks and his chin. On top of that there were the most perfect hair I’ve seen in a guy, forming a kind of a wave on top of his head showing a very broad forehead, meaning that he probably was also clever. But the big dish was what was underneath that. Now this guy was by far the biggest guy at the party and he must have went a lot to the gym. He was far from being a bodybuilder but he was significantly bigger than me with a mid-large fitness model bodytype that made him really stand out from the crowd. His biceps were unflexed but once in display they might have been at least 18 inches. In the middle of that two big pecs were clearly visible from under a bit-too-tight-for-his-muscles light blue long-sleeved shirt that he was dressed in and the lack of a curve under them meant that he might had something exciting under those. He finished his drink and turned his head towards me. I was petrified. What do I do now, do I run away? a million guesses crossed my mind Why do I become shy as hell when it comes to new hot guys, also why am i such a big muscle whore…. He smiles Goddamnit how beautiful his smiles i… A familiar voice came out of his mouth when he started talking “JOHN! Hi!”. “A-Andrew? H-… I mean… Hi-how are you?” in my mind: HOW COULD HE POSSIBLY BE HIM, I TALKED TO HIM THIS MORNING HOW IN THE WORLD… Also, do his voice sound a bit pitched down and more powerful? “So in the end you’ve made it in time, you were so scared today” “Y-ye.. yes I mean haha yes, have you seen it… I really made it” – My mind still processing all the data from the stud in front of me. “Is something wrong you sound strange…” “nono absolutely” as he moved closer to me I started to take in the fact that he was bigger than previously tought, to the point where I started to feel a bit of that powerlessness and intimidation that I love and feel around the huge guys at my gym, I also noticed that when I met him he was shorter than me but now we saw eye to eye. As we started to talk about our day, the usual friendly and laid back attitude I’m used started to came out from him, even if he told me that he was a bit nervous due to the new social setting. The one who kept acting different was me. I just couldn’t get my eyes of him, those newly acquired wide shoulders and biceps were amazing. He didn’t seem to care about my staring so I decided to laid a compliment. “BTW, you look incedible tonight” I said causually, in the middle of our conversation. I noticed his face started turning red as he shyely replies to me: “Hey thanks, you look good too” I nodded and kept going with my compliments: “No, I mean, you look different, you should always keep this look” “Haha yes, thanks. I didn’t know that a haircut, some nice clothes and lens instead of glasses could make that much of a difference! Everybody’s giving me compliments and now you too, I might thank Janice”. “How about this shirt, it’s amazing, where did you buy it?” “Oh, it’s an old shirt of mine, I know, I should’ve gone buying a new one because this one’s from 3 years ago and it’s a bit tight” And it was, my eyes were in astonishment at the sight of the shirt being stretched over his big chest. “Yeah, you can tell, gym is really doing good on you, when did you got so big?” A weird and confused, a bit uncomfortable but happy face appeared on his face. I was sweating like a pig and regretting every word that came out of my mouth… HEY, he really noticed that I was giving him compliments tho. “What are you talking about, you see me everyday, you’ve seen me naked this morning, It’s always me.” Gosh, why I always do this to people. I must have shutted my mouth, WAIT I HAVE THIS STUD NAKED AROUND ME EVERYDAY AND DID NOT NOTICED IT? Then a flash comes into my mind: Oh yeah, he does a flexing session at the end of every training but he had long hair and my attention was always taken by the fact that that’s usually my huge personal trainers hour to change in the locking room. While he was saying that he brought his right arm behind his head and while scratching it he made his bicep tense a bit. It was actually much bigger than I expected. Hell, it might have been even well over 18.5/19 inches for the looks and it wasn’t barely even fully flexed. He started playing with his hair as that amazing bicep started dancing following the movements of his fingers. Some big veins started to appear under as I kept on watching, absolutely mesmerized by what I was withnessing. I can’t believe I was now starting to drool after the same guy who I was trying to escape the first day. My face must have been aroused a bit the whole time this was happening as a stare from his questioning big brown eyes brought me back to earth. Right, in the locker room, during his flexing sessions he was even asking me questions on what did I think about all this might he’s building and I would distractly answer him while I spent my time looking at a person I was not even that close, changing his clothes, What in the world was I thinking? Now I need to come up with something. “Yes, I see you, but I don’t know, it’s probably the haircut that actually let’s people see how big you’ve gotten”. His eyes turned into a proud uncomfortable stare as he stared to look at his own muscles, getting his arm down and flexing it a bit together with his right pec. I was about to cum. “Haha thanks, I’ve been working out a bit here and there” As he said that he started to glance at the people around us as I did too, he noticed that a lot of people were staring at him with the back of their eyes His glare turned into a confident one. "Yeah, I feel a lot better now that I'm a bit more muscular, less scared and more at peace with myself, you have a great body too" " Thanks but I'm barely half your size dude!" "Nah, u look great. U look much much better and beautiful than when I first met you at the beginning of this 3 months" He said that with a very shy glare, omg how I loved this huge shy muscle nerd I had in front, he was the hottest person on the planet right now. A pleased Janice was staring at the conversation from the doorstep.
  3. pasidious

    I Grew Big: How It Started

    I know this is an idea overdone. I think. I don't know. I usually sit down to write something with one idea in my head, and then the story will often take on a mind of its own and I lose control. I hope you enjoy. ________________________________________________ I sat in class, bored out of my mind, listening to the professor droning on and on in the background. It was an Anthropology course, part of my required general education credits, and so far this semester, it had been overwhelmingly easy to succeed. I learned early on in the semester that I didn't need to pay much attention to be able to pass assignments and tests. The work was relatively simple and common sense, and what little reading needed to be done was quick and painless, although boring. I actually would have probably skipped a few classes if the professor didn't count attendance as part of the overall grade. So I sat in this lecture hall, which could seat about 50 people, but this course only had about 20, including me, taking it. I somehow wound up sitting in the middle of the room, with some people behind me, and some in front. I usually liked to sit in the back to remain inconspicuous, but not the very back because even that had a tendency to draw attention. I was not an attention-seeker. I liked to be left alone. I didn't need to raise my hand and ask questions or answer them. I'd only participate when required. It was about two months into the semester, and I was actually enjoying college life. The independence was great, after having lived at home til college. I came from Pennsylvania, but always had my heart set on going to this school. It was rather well-known, and I felt it would open more doors for me in the real world when potential employers saw from where I earned my degree. I was a freshman, so my dorm wasn't exactly the top pick for any student attending here, not when there were... fancier dorms on the campus, but it was perfect to me. I had what I needed. A bed, a room, internet access, and plenty of food from the campus cafeteria. We had a meal plan that would allow us to eat as much as we wanted. I also had a pretty cool roommate. He was normal, which isn't exactly descriptive, but it meant a lot in my eyes. He didn't have any weird tendencies that you see in a lot of people you encounter. He kept to himself, did his own thing, and let me do mine. Of course, that doesn't mean he was anti-social with me or anything. We talked and got along great, actually. We'd play video games together when we could, we'd often go get food together, and we'd even help each other with studying if it ever became necessary. One drawback, however, to being a first-year college student living on campus is my inability to have my car. Freshmen aren't allowed to have their cars for whatever reason. I guess it's to cement the permanence of our presence on-campus for prioritizing our studies. Without any ability to venture too far away from my new, if not temporary home, I'd found myself with a lot of spare time. Even with studying, there was often empty blocks of time in which I'd be bored, trying to find something to do. I'd tried passing the time with video games, or simply Netflix, or even reading. Those would get boring, fast, and I'd quickly started feeling lost in my own free time. One Saturday afternoon, my roommate was out, and I'd already tried playing literally any of the video games I owned, tried watching Netflix and even YouTube, and I found myself eventually just sitting in my chair staring at the wall. Once I shook myself out of my daze, I picked up my phone, grabbed my jacket, and walked out the door. I didn't even have a destination in mind, I just started walking. I walked down many of the paths I'd usually take to get to various classes and to the student union building where the cafeteria is. I went in a circle, twice, before deciding to try going where I'd never been. I figured if by some strange stroke of luck I got lost, I could call my roommate. Or someone. It's a college campus, how lost could I get? So I went down a path that I'd often pass between my dorm and the main classroom building, and I saw more buildings like the usual ones I'd see. Probably additional classroom buildings. They became quickly irrelevant though, when I passed a building with some large windows in the front near the entrance. I'd never seen that style of architecture on this campus yet, and it quickly got my attention. I stopped briefly and looked through one of the windows, and I remember I sort of scoffed. I actually felt the small puff of air escape through my lips as I scoffed. It was a gym. The on-campus gym I'd heard about. I'd never been a gym-goer. I was never an athlete in high school. So, I never had much interest. I actually used to think the dudes in high school who spent a lot of time in the gym were idiots. Not because I thought it was a worthless venture, but rather because they'd created this perception for me that gym-goers were assholes. They were always too cocky, and were often rude to people around them, including me. So I automatically resented people who would use a gym. I stood there like an idiot for probably too long, staring through the window, when the single dude who was using the gym at that time looked up from his bicep curls he was working on and saw me, and met my eyes. I instinctively looked away and began walking, briefly turning my head one last time to check on that dude before I was entirely past the windows, and I saw him smile and give a brief wave. And then poof he was out of my sight as I was out of his. I continued walking down this path on which I'd never traveled before, my mind suddenly filled with thoughts about the tiniest of interactions that just took place. No longer paying any attention to my surroundings, I had to wonder if that was all just a joke. I immediately began to believe that it was about to be an attempt to make fun of me or bully me. He was going to invite me inside or something, only to mock me for being skinny. "Hey!" I heard it in the background, and I paid it no mind. I continued walking, my mind still angered because of the perceived attempted treachery I experienced. "Dude!" Louder. I actually noticed and reacted to this one, and was about to turn toward from where the voice came when I was forced to turn against my will. I felt a hand on my shoulder, gently pulling me and turning me. Fuck. It was him. The guy I saw through the window at the campus gym. He was wearing a jacket now, when in the gym he had on just shorts and a sleeveless shirt. I'll admit, his arms were quite nice, toned, and big. At least from where I was standing. I guessed he threw on his jacket to come outside, as it was the only additional thing he had with him, if not the only thing he'd brought to the gym with him to begin with. So, great. I wanted to avoid the gym-jerks, and I managed to literally seek them out without intending to. One of them, anyway. "What's up, man?" He was slightly out of breath. "Saw you checkin' out the gym. You a freshman?" Hmmm. I opened my mouth to speak, and only a squeak came out. I cleared my throat and tried again. "I'm a freshman, yeah. I was just taking a walk and never knew it was there." "You interested in using it? I mean, I'm a freshman too, but I never worked out in high school. A friend introduced me to it, and I got hooked pretty quick. It'd be great to have a workout bud, if you'd be interested." I just stared at him. What was he doing? I'd never expected this. "Uhhh... errr..." "Have you ever even considered it?" "No. To be honest most dudes--" I paused and looked down. I saw his lower legs and they were pretty toned, too. Actually very toned. "--All dudes I've ever met who work out have been twats." He laughed a little. I awaited the mockery that was to follow. "I remember that. I know how that feels." Wait... what. "I think it's just a thing about high school kids. They need to exert dominance and if they're getting bigger and stronger it's so easy for them to do that. Timid guys like us wind up screwed, when if we really wanted to, we'd bulk up just the same." I blinked several times just staring at him. My mouth may have been hanging open. This is, by far, not what I expected to hear from this guy. I'd at least expected him to want to start something with me just because he'd assume I was staring at him through the window like some sort of weird pervert. He continued "This is college. It really is very different." He chuckled. I looked down at his legs again. Those calves bulged nicely. "I don't know... if I could be a partner for you. I'm probably too weak compared to you and I'd just get in your way." He laughed loudly at that. I guess I looked annoyed at that. "No, dude, don't take that the wrong way. I laugh because it's literally the same thing I said. If you have time to spare, and I'm guessing you do since you told me you were on a walk in the middle of the day, then come with me to the gym. I saw the look on your face and I remembered it all too well. You were the image of how I felt several months ago." "Why are you doing this? You don't even know me." I felt kind of bad for blurting that out. He had been super nice so far, after all. "Are you interested? I mean, you're right, I don't know you that well, but you're in one of my classes--I guess you haven't noticed me in it--and I want to give to someone else what I got when I arrived here. If I can help anyone get past their gym-jitters, then it's a great thing." I stammered a bit, trying to make words come out, and I just made noises instead. The telltale sounds of uncertainty. I think this is where he knew he hooked me. "Come on, dude. We're going," he said, with a kind but nevertheless huge grin on his face. He grabbed my upper arm and started pulling me in the other direction, back towards the gym. He squeezed my arm a little too hard, and I reflexively flexed. "Oooo, feels like you have plenty of room to grow, too," he said, smiling once more. "You want to do this right now? I mean, I have--" "You have what?" he asked, his hand still around my arm, gently but firmly guiding me towards those double doors that lead into the campus gym. "You have video games to play? Nah, dude, we're doing this now. Tell me you hate it, then I'll never bother you again. But how can you know if you never even set foot inside?" I resigned myself to my fate. He knew he had me interested even if I couldn't admit it to myself. It was that uncertainty he heard in my voice. And in my words, or lack thereof. But he never let go of my arm, pulling me all the way through those double doors and past the entrance to the weight room into the men's locker room. He finally let go, and he pulled his jacket off and opened a locker, putting his jacket inside. I was finally getting an up close look at those arms I saw flexing earlier, and damn, they were pretty damn big. Nicely shaped, and with his arms hanging by his sides, his triceps were standing out. I suddenly heard him chuckle. "Yeah, you want to at least try this. You can't look at my arms that long and not want to try," he said, that grin on his face again. I looked away, feeling my face turning red. "Dude, it's okay. Remember, I was right where you are. You're basically past-me. Or I'm future you. I looked at my friend's arms the same way the first time I set foot in here. It's enticing, isn't it? You want bigger arms. I can tell. Let's get you started down that path." I was still looking away, not wanted to be perceived as some muscle-pervert. He grabbed my hand, not my arm, making me snap my attention back on him, and my eyes went wide as I saw him flex his free arm into a beautiful ball of muscle, and I watched as my own hand was being guided right to it. He put my hand on his bicep, and held the flex. My instinct was telling me to pull away, but it was so hard. I'd never felt another dude's muscle before. I actually started to squeeze it and run my fingers over his arm, and not just the bicep. He straightened his arm and flexed his triceps, letting me feel that as well. I felt myself getting hard, and he relaxed his arm. I kept my hand there, in some sort of reverie, until I heard him chuckle again. "Past me." I yanked my hand back. He laughed again, and said "Take your jacket off. You're definitely going to get hot." I suddenly realized I was definitely not wearing the proper attire for gym-work. "Shit," I breathed, "I'm wearing jeans to the gym. And a sweater." "Then all the more reason to take that jacket off. Use my locker if you want. But don't worry too much, you're not about to go through some advanced grueling workout. I just want to show you the basics, hopefully allowing that iron bug to take a big bite." "Iron... bug?" "Yeah, y'know, the motivation. The drive. The hunger. The need to get bigger. To do what it takes." So, I finally took my jacket off and threw it into his locker. We walked into the weight room finally, and damn, I saw his water bottle and even his keys still sitting where he was when I'd first walked up to the window. He dropped everything basically just to chase me. I was actually starting to become quite convinced that this dude really was a good guy. I finally noticed a very disinterested looking security guard, or some sort of campus employee, sitting behind a desk. She didn't even look up. I guess she was just here to make sure nothing got stolen, broken, or no one got hurt. So, he started going through various types of exercises with me, showing me basic stuff like bicep curls, bench press, squats, etc. He explained to me that push-ups and sit-ups, while basic, are still important exercises and can build a surprising amount of strength and muscle. Everything I did, he'd do with me. He'd use a lot more weight than me, but he'd still show me everything. I could barely even get the bar off the supports on the bench press, which made me feel so embarrassed, but he didn't even chuckle about it. He was extremely encouraging. He left that jovial attitude in the locker room. "Dude, I've never met a single guy who was ever able to start with more than just the bar on the bench press. You got this. Before you know it, you'll have a plate on each end of the bar... and then two plates. And then bigger plates. It's a process." I realized over an hour into this that I was quite focused. I was hot as hell, which I expected, but I found that I wasn't as repelled by this as I'd initially thought I'd be. I was actually really into it. My muscles were burning, but they were crying out for more. But I was sweating a fuck ton and I'd overheat if I didn't take a break. "I'm so hot, man, I have to stop." My sweater was soaked with sweat, my sleeves were already rolled up as far as they'd go. And I even rolled up my jeans so they were like weird shorts. "Take a break, it's about time anyway. You realize you've been at this for two hours?" "What?" I looked around and couldn't find a clock. My phone was in the locker. "You're joking." "Dude, no, take a look." He showed me his phone and he was right. It was actually going to be dark soon. He chuckled. "I think someone got bit." I looked down, bashful as always, but I realized he was right. I felt a smile creeping across my face, and I was somewhat too proud to let him see it. But I was also sure he could see it anyway. I was actually enjoying this. My muscles, although overheated at this present moment, were crying out for more. It's like my body was hungry for lifting, and I'd finally let it get a taste today. "You wanna stop? Or do you wanna keep going. There's plenty more I can show you." "Errrmm... Yeah, I think I wanna keep going actually," I felt myself grinning some more, and he grinned right back, "But I'm just too hot with this shit on." "Dude just take it off. There's no rule here about being shirtless." "Are you crazy? No one wants to..." I trailed off, realizing I was being loud, and even though the only other person in the gym was the security woman, I still didn't want her to hear. I hushed my voice to a whisper, "No one wants to see my skinny and frail body." "Shut the hell up and just do it. You either want to continue or you don't. Do what you have to," he forcefully said these words, and I was slightly taken aback by how harsh he suddenly became. But he was smiling, and I got the distinct impression he was trying to be motivational. He was eyeing me up and down as I stood there, surely red in the face from the heat, and I felt something in my consciousness snap. I grabbed my sweater-bottom and pulled it off and over my head in one swift motion, and tossed it to the floor. "Yeahhhh man," and then he whistled at me. I was suddenly embarrassed and I felt my face blushing even though no one would be able to tell right now. But god it felt good to take that off. The cool air felt amazing. "You said you were frail and skinny. I see an amazing base to work from. And I can already tell you're gonna have that awesome V line beneath your abs that many guys would kill for." "Suuuure," I said, feeling like he was just egging me on, but I had to admit to myself that'd be so cool. I was stifling a smile, which was weird to me when I considered how I'd just exposed my embarrassing torso to a stranger, which I'd never have done prior to this day. But I felt excited, and I knew I had to get bigger. "Let's get back to it, bro! You ready?" he asked. I looked at him, and then at my reflection on the nearby mirror. I saw my weak body, but inside I knew it wouldn't be weak for much longer. "Yeah man, I'm ready," I said, and walked back over to the tricep machine. I was ready. Part 2
  4. Jesus

    My first time with a man.

    In this story, my name is real but Charles isn't his real name. The rest, is 100% true Charles and Me. My name is Jesus. Charles and I met at the high school. I was never into sports team, mainly because of the lack of interest and the lack of friends there. As I rejected to join, sports team, some of the great men of the course had chosen me to bullying me. In the othre hand, Charles was so quiet that we never knew if he was with us in class or not. Until one day, and after a being beaten by 3 cowards from the classroom, Charles broke the silence that characterized him and told me that he could help me. His offer took me by surprise because I really didn't have any friends in that course. He was the newest of all. Charles took me to his house where he showed me a gym that his father had in the basement and that nobody had used in a long time. Charles and I began to accommodate everything and in a short time we started training. We spent several months training at his home. We even sought help with his father, amateur bodybuilder himself, who told us what we should do to increase muscle mass. He made us a diet and we bought supplements to boost fat reduction and increase muscle mass. After several months both of us got results. When the end of the school year was approaching, we were leaving high school to go back to the gym, when they came again for me only. Charles stand by me and we get rid of the volleyball team: 6 guys defeated. They didn't mess with us again. We finish that course and continue training. We did it twice a day. One day after the morning training, Charles house was just for us. Both of their parents leave. I decide to do something unusual: I stand in front of the mirror and take off my shirt to see my changes. I flex my biceps, larger than when I started training. Same on my pecs, back. My abs were marked. Charles arrived at that moment. He kept looking at me. He also took off his shirt, so we started comparing our bodies. We take off our tracksuit. The legs showed an unusual volume. We decided to stay in our trunks. Charles shows me his back, and I approach him and when I touch it, my cock began to get hard. Charles felt my cock, and he turned at me and said: - Jesus... I don't know if this... I replied: - I don't know anything about this either, Charles... The fact is that when I realize I had reached into his waist and he was grabbing my cock. I felt his hand of steel and brought my lips to his mouth. He kissed me. I kissed him. I also grabbed his cock. It felt big and throbbed quickly. We got naked. And then we lay down directly on the floor. I was on my back and he was on top of me. We keep kissing for a while. Charles wanted to explore my body and I was excited to have him so close. My hands touched every part of his back and his ass, firm as steel. Our hearts could easily go out of our chests. I told him: Charles, fuck me... Charles brought a lubricant from his parents' room and a box of condoms. He started by lubricating my anus, and after he introduced his fingers one by one. I felt that his fingers made me see the stars. I said: Now please! I'm ready for you Charles! I can't wait anymore!... He said in my ear: Relax Jesus... I will do it with all my love. Do not worry. He lubricated his penis, and he put his cock inside me. He introduced his shaft, and started to move inside and outside. When I felt comfortable, he then introduced his cock. And he started to move me with all the strength of his abs, over and over and over again. We started to sweat. I pressed my buttocks against his penis so he would never take it out of me. I felt his load so hot, so pure, deep inside me. We were exhausted, but we wanted more. He said: Come on Jesus, now you. He put me on my back and put his head between my legs. He started to suck my cock. I licked his balls. He swallow my entire penis in his mouth. I was delirious with pleasure. When he was dilated, he put a condom on me and sat on me. He put his hands on my broad shoulders and I grabbed him by his waist. He bent down and we kissed. We begin to move first slowly, then with more speed and then with all our strength. He asked: - Are you going to finish now? I replied: - No. I'm still hard. He got off and put himself on 4 legs. I penetrated him again. Watching my cock inside her buttocks excited me even more. We continued like this for a long time until in a buttocks grip of Charles, I put my load inside him. We were sweaty. And in the meantime, my cock kept dripping. Charles felt it. He ask me to take my cock out. We lay side by side. We hug and kiss each other. We stay like this for a long time. Charles proposed that we took a shower together. I said yes. Then we do it. We enter the the shower. We could not help it. We lathered and our cocks became hard again. We take off the soap. I grabbed Charles by the waist and put him against the wall. He hugged me with his legs. His anus was just above my cock, hard, hot. I introduced it all. At once. He started going up and down. Meanwhile, I kissed her firm breasts, with her red and hot nipples. I ended inside him. Again. He told me to put my face against the wall. I did it like that. He sucked my balls again. And it penetrated me to the end. I was so excited that I screamed like I've never did before in my life. Charles rammed me with superhuman ferocity and strength. He ended inside me. When he took out his cock, I kissed him and said: You are the love of my life Charles. And he said to me: - And you're mine Jesus. We took a shower to clean ourselves, and went out and dressed again. After our first time together, we decided to train naked, when we could. Our relationship lasted years. Charles became a private guard. I am a school teacher. We live in different countries, but we always are together on anniversaries, holidays and Christmas. Our first time together shall never be erased from our memory
  5. EverHopeful

    Thank You

    A big thank you to @Trekka for training with me and helping me to work on getting better form. I appreciate your kindness and patience. You also provide a lot of motivation, because you’re huge already and only getting bigger. Thanks again! — EverHopeful
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