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  1. Littlerjim

    Ego Boost (FINAL part added July 11th)

    This place isn’t a club; it’s a hunting ground. At least, that’s the chief thought that runs through Sean’s head as he slinks into the bar with cat-like grace. He has a crooked smile on his face as he thanks the bouncer that lets him in - there’s no waiting in line for him any more, he’s practically part of the furniture here - then scans the crowd for new faces. One place he differs from his feline counterparts, however, is his choice of prey. He’s not looking for something tiny to pester and toy with. He’s in the market for something bigger. Much bigger. At 5’5”, and with a slim though toned frame, you’d hardly think he’d have the swagger to own the place. Yet he struts across the dancefloor like it all the same, receiving smiles - some warm, some false, several nervous - from those that recognize him. Today he’s decided on a more understated look - a simple tank top that cuts off at his midriff, exposing his flat but not ripped stomach, a pair of jeans and some comfortable shoes. Very few people are taken in by it though, his reputation well and truly proceeding him, and for good reason. This man is dangerous. His little tour around the club, taking stock of his kingdom, takes him inevitably upstairs and to the bar. It was always a packed affair, and he usually had people to go and queue for him - but today was different. Because standing at the bar, he had found his quarry. Sean was a man who felt he had seen it all and done it all and, due to his particular circumstances, he’d certainly done a lot more than most others. But as his eyes fall upon the individual waiting patiently for his turn at the bar, they can’t help but widen in surprise. He just hoped they weren’t bigger than his belly. The man is gigantic, and not just in a way that feels that way to the diminutive Sean. He’s gigantic in a way that stands head and shoulders above everybody around him. In a way that makes him broader than anyone close - huge burly muscles clearly visible through the near-transparent white shirt that fails valiantly at covering his tapering torso. His thick arms, bared to the bar, look thicker than Sean’s legs. The man’s jeans stretch to almost paper-thin across impossible quads, his long legs bulk outward to support his impressive frame. He was easily the biggest person Sean had ever encountered; and given his disposition, Sean had encountered several large people. His mind boggles at the possibilities. And yet, for all that size and power, which the attention of the club around him like a black hole, there's a softness to the man. He's by no means fat - every muscle on his frame is displayed with prominence in spite of any painted-on clothing. But they looked pliable, like freshly risen dough, and it took Sean a considerable amount of self-control to resist walking straight up and sinking his fingers in. But soft, too, is the expression on his face. Under a small curtain of dark brown hair, his eyes survey the bar around him with curiosity, and a patient smile plays across his lips. Sean catches himself, closing his mouth and instinctively checking that nobody had clocked him. They hadn't. All eyes in this part of the bar are fixed on the seemingly oblivious giant. The anonymity it grants him is almost refreshing; almost. But he steels the bitter sting of jealousy with one thought; they've seen nothing yet. He approaches. The size of the man was halting from a distance, but from this close, Sean's brain is put into eddying circles. He barely reaches the man's armpits, and he cranes his neck upward; that same, steady smile is fixed there, not noticing the smaller man. Well this was embarrassing. Sean considers clearing his throat, but there's no guarantee the sound would even carry the distance up to the man's ears given the volume of the music in here. Instead he stands close and, spotting the man's hands resting patiently on the bar, reaches forward. Their forearms rest against each other as Sean weedles his slender fingers between the man's much larger digits, the difference in their respective sizes immediately telling. "Excuse me, sir? Sorry, but it seems you've mistakenly put your hand on mine." Sean had been staring into the middle distance, playing coy and pretending not to notice the titan next to him. The man's voice is surprising, less bass-y than he expected but with enough power to carry his otherwise soft tone over the noisy bar. When Sean does turn to once again invoke vertigo by looking up at the man, he finds the patient smile is still present, though this time it's marred by a slightly cocked eyebrow, as genuine concern seeps from every pore. "Did I? How clumsy of me," Sean responds, without hint of an apology, nor moving his hand. "Have you been waiting long?" "Just ten minutes or so. But it's fine, there's a lot of thirsty people here," The man said, shooting another confused look at their hands, but not saying anything. "10 minutes? Sounds like you need the VIP treatment. You strike me as a beer guy, am I right?" Sean asks. "Yes - well, sometimes. I normally don't drink alcohol at all, but it's a nice change from time to time," the man responds awkwardly. "Well, they've got something better than beer here..." Sean says, before leaning over and gesturing to a barmaid that catches his eye. "What's that?" "Free beer." The drinks arrive within seconds, and the barmaid leaves without another word. Sean hands the man a glass, near overflowing with the cold, amber liquid. "Oh no, I couldn't possibly! Here." He takes his hand away from the bar, and reaches into his jeans pocket. Sean isn't quite sure how he found space to actually store anything - perhaps they're bigger on the inside? - but he somehow manages to withdraw a wallet, from which he tries to push a crumpled note into the smaller man's hands. Sean moves his palms into the air like a gun is being pointed at him. "Keep your money!" He laughs, refusing to accept it, "You can always get the next one." "The next one?" That confused look is back on his face - it's kind of cute, Sean admits. "After you drink these with me," he says, sucking a small amount of his own drink through its straw, "Part of the VIP treatment is getting to spend time with other VIPs, don't you know. Name's Sean." "Peter," the large man acting on instinct and offering his hand. Sean doesn't miss his opportunity and takes it, his own quickly enveloped by the soft warm flesh. "Are you here alone? I am..." He says softly, still revelling at the feeling of this huge paw. "No, I'm here with my brother - “ He looks around him and gestures vaguely towards a balcony overlooking this floor below, but his arm quickly falls by his side. David had been there just a moment ago, talking to a young woman the two of them had run into, but now that he looks there’s no trace of him. “-or at least I was.” “You’d think he’d be easy to spot,” Sean says, still staring at their hands. “Why?” This breaks his gaze once more, but again there’s nothing but innocence and confusion on the big man’s face. “Because if there’s any family resemblance at all, he’ll be sticking out head and shoulders above everyone else in the room?” Sean hazards, not quite trusting his apparent sincerity. -zip- Peter pulls his hand away from Sean’s instinctively. He feels… something. He wasn’t sure what - it was almost like a static shock, but not painful. Just a small crack of something in his hand, followed by a warm feeling that spreads through his nervous system. He freezes for a moment, then shakes his head, as if regaining his bearings. “Oh, um, no - he’s not as tall as me. Not since I was, like, 12? I’m sure he’s around somewhere though.” “Well, why don’t you keep me company until he comes back? A little guy like me could certainly use someone like you to keep an eye on him…” Sean says, appealing to his ego. “Aha, well, I’m not sure what to say…” Peter says, an embarrassed smile spreading over his face, a pair of deep dimples sinking into his cheeks. He lifts his arm up and scratches the back of his head nervously, causing Sean to almost drool as he stares at the peak that forms there. It looks bigger than his head, surely that poor sleeve can’t take much more. SHHHHHHRRRRPPPPP As if by magic, a tear forms slowly at first, then rapidly stretches up the length of the sleeve almost to the armpit. Peter drops his arm in alarm - this isn’t the first time he’d destroyed an item of clothing, but this shirt was new-on tonight. It had been tight - everything was tight on him - but surely it wasn’t that precarious? “I’m s-so sorry!” He stammers, seemingly mortified at this display of his absolute size, “I promise I wasn’t trying to show off, or anything! Really, I should be more careful-” “Hey, hey, hey - there’s nothing to apologise for! It’s got to be tough being built like you,” Sean says soothingly, reaching forward to stroke Peter on the arm, his eyes lingering on the shredded shirt for just a moment, “If you’re worried about causing a scene though, why don’t you come with me? We can find a quiet little booth out of the way, but still keep our eyes on the bar for your brother. Sound good?” Peter nods, and lets the smaller man lead him away. Sean is glad to be facing away from him - he can only hold the excitement in for so long, a hungry look haunting his face as he drops his guard for just a moment. It was starting already!
  2. Hi guys. Long time lurker here. I've been working on a story blending together the elements of some of my favorites, including "Jason: The Bigger the Better," "Elongro," "A New Performance Incentive," and "Contract Law" with my own twists. I love guys growing huge, but I don't see enough of them adjusting to their new bodies. Don't expect a ton of sex or continuing growth--the main character grows all at once and then the rest of the story is about him adjusting (although there will be plenty of explicit scenes and some continued growth). It's a slice of life, and there will be a lot of repetitive scenes. There's a bit of an overarching plot that begins after the initial growth adjustment but nothing too complicated. No, I will not be taking suggestions, the story is already written and I'm just making slight edits. Hope you enjoy! KING OF THE COURT PROLOGUE Vikram Singh, the youngest sibling at 25, often finds himself in the towering shadows of his brothers, both literally and figuratively. His eldest brother, Gurinder, stands at a formidable 6 foot 7 inches, with a presence as commanding as his height. At 32, Gurinder's life is a testament to discipline and precision, his career as a software developer marked by a series of calculated moves that have led to a string of successes. His short topknot and beard are not just a style statement but a reflection of his no-nonsense approach to life. He speaks sparingly, but when he does, his words carry the weight of thoughtful analysis. Harminder, the middle brother, is even taller at 6 foot 9 inches. His fashion is as sharp as his wit, with three-piece suits that seem to be crafted just for him. His jet-black hair, always in a perfect coiff, complements his meticulously groomed short beard. As an attorney at counsel at Gully & Sons LLP, Harminder's brilliance is as renowned as his sarcasm. His reputation precedes him, not only within the legal community, where he's been named the #1 Young Lawyer to watch, but also in social circles where his charm makes him a favorite among women. His ambition is palpable, with his eyes firmly set on the prize of partnership. In contrast, Vikram, or Vik as he's affectionately known, carries a different kind of presence. Standing at 5 foot 9 inches, he lacks the imposing stature of his brothers but makes up for it with a charisma that is all his own. His low taper fade haircut and short beard give him a boyish charm that endears him to those he meets. As a first-year associate at Gully & Sons LLP, Vik's journey is just beginning. His honesty and trustworthiness have earned him the respect of his peers, even if he doesn't always feel like the sharpest tool in the shed. Living together in a house Gurinder owned in the city, the brothers' interactions are a mix of playful banter and deep-seated loyalty. The house is one with tall ceilings, tall doors, and wide halls to accommodate the two huge older Singh boys. Gurinder and Harminder, protective to a fault, often treat Vik like the baby of the family, their teasing a sign of affection, albeit sometimes bordering on annoyance. Vik, for his part, navigates their overprotectiveness with a mix of frustration and love, knowing that beneath the surface, there's an unbreakable bond that ties them together. Their home is a microcosm of their world, where each brother's unique traits contribute to a larger, more complex picture. It's a place where Vik's charm, Harminder's intellect, and Gurinder's stoicism come together, creating a balance that, while sometimes precarious, always finds its way back to harmony. CHAPTER ONE: A WHOLE NEW WORLD Exhausted from the relentless demands of his role at Gully & Sons LLP, Vikram had succumbed to the comfort of his silk pajamas, a small act of rebellion against the endless hours. He would keep them in his office and wear them once everyone else had left to relax. He looked stupid in them—like Ebineezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. But Vik was a sucker for comfort. The office was silent, a stark contrast to the cacophony of the day. As he settled into his chair, the case files for Accelercola—an energy drink company under fire for its potentially lethal product—loomed over him like a dark cloud. The company came under fire when it was revealed that a certain batch of the drink contained over four times the amount of caffeine it was supposed to have, causing heart attacks in several customers. The senior partner, Rebecca Lawson, had entrusted him with a critical task: to send a batch of the contaminated energy drink for testing. But fatigue clouded Vikram's judgment, and he placed the case of Accelercola perilously close to his personal cache of Diet Coke. Hours ticked by, and the night deepened. Vikram's hand, guided by muscle memory, reached for a can. The hiss of the opening was familiar, but the taste was anything but. A fiery sensation spread through his mouth, an unexpected spiciness that made him gasp. Heat flushed through his body, his heartbeat thundering in his ears. Panic set in just as darkness claimed him, and he collapsed into a cold sweat. When consciousness returned, the world seemed different—smaller. Vikram's silk pajamas were stretched to their limits, barely containing the new, muscular form beneath. He was a giant among men, standing at an astonishing 12 feet. The ceiling, once a distant overhead, now allowed for only a foot of clearance. A primal urge led him to the bathroom, but the journey was fraught with obstacles. The doorway, a portal he had passed through countless times, was now a barrier. His head met the wall with a thud, leaving a dent as a testament to his newfound stature. Cursing under his breath, Vikram maneuvered through the wreckage, his body a mass of rippling muscles and raw power. The bathroom mirror revealed the extent of his transformation. His reflection was that of a Desi Hercules, a bodybuilder with a physique that artists would clamor to sculpt. A smile crept across his face, a mix of disbelief and excitement. "This is gonna be good," he murmured, his voice a deep, resonant timbre that vibrated through the room. Vikram's mind raced with possibilities. His brothers, always the protectors, would now see him in a new light. The cases that had weighed him down seemed trivial in comparison to the strength he now possessed. As he explored his new form, a sense of invincibility washed over him. He was no longer just Vikram Singh, the overwhelmed attorney—he was a force to be reckoned with, and he was more than ready to embrace this extraordinary twist of fate. He managed to pull down his barely together silk pajama bottoms without tearing them to shreds. Vik suddenly because aware of the new size of his phallus. Vik had always been average in every department. But this thing was monstrous. Vik realized he was too tall to piss in the urinal standing up. He fell to his knees and the bathroom shook as he released his firehose piss in the bowl. The sensation of the powerful piss stream traveling down his long and girthy tool was euphoric. The sound of his powerful stream echoed off the bathroom walls, reverberating with a force that matched his newfound physical strength. Vikram couldn't help but marvel at the sheer intensity of the experience. As he stood up, a sense of euphoria surged through him, blending with the rush of adrenaline that came with his colossal transformation. As Vikram emerged from the bathroom, his new towering form was a sight to behold. Jasper, a fellow first-year who had arrived at the office unusually early (on a Saturday to boot), was frozen in place, his eyes wide with astonishment. The sight before him was something out of a comic book—a colleague who had grown into a giant overnight. "Vik... is that really you?" Jasper stammered, his voice barely above a whisper. With a grin, Vikram flexed his muscles, the sheer size of his biceps casting shadows on the walls. "It's me, Jasper. Just a bit... upgraded," Vikram replied, his deep voice filling the room. Jasper's initial shock gave way to curiosity as he circled Vikram, taking in the unbelievable transformation. "How did this even happen?" he asked, his scientific mind already running through the possibilities. Vikram, still reveling in his newfound strength, simply shrugged. "I guess I just needed a little pick-me-up," he joked, bouncing his pecs with a chuckle. Realizing the practicalities of the situation, Jasper quickly agreed to help Vikram find suitable clothing. Vik waited in his office, sitting on the floor and fondling his new muscles for about 2 hours. Jasper returned with an assortment of athletic and dress clothes, which, against all odds, fit Vikram's massive frame—albeit snugly. God knows where he got them, but Vik didn’t care. At least he could leave this office. As Vikram slipped into the black athletic shorts, he gave another flex for Jasper, who couldn't help but laugh. "You're going to need a whole new wardrobe, man," Jasper said, shaking his head in disbelief. The notification on Vikram's computer caught his eye, and he read aloud the message from the senior partner, Rebecca Lawson, granting him a day off on Monday for his hard work. "Looks like I've got some time to adjust to this," Vikram mused. Determined to leave the office before anyone else saw him, Vikram attempted the elevator, only to find that he was far too large to fit. The stairs were his only option, and as he descended the 51 flights, he felt the stairwell shrink around as his shoulders crashed into the walls, leaving many a dent in his wake. CHAPTER TWO: TELL IT TO ME STRAIGHT, DOC The morning air was crisp as Vikram stepped outside, the city still quiet in the early hours. With each stride, his towering form drew curious glances from the few passersby on the street. He made his way to the office of Dr. Julian Brownly, his endocrinologist, and the one person he hoped could make sense of his bewildering transformation. Vik had been seeing him since a potential thyroid scare a couple years ago. Dr. Brownly, a brilliant and handsome 30-year-old physician with a passion for bodybuilding, was taken aback as Vikram ducked through the doorway of his clinic. The doctor stood at a modest 5'9", a stark contrast to Vikram's colossal stature. "Vikram, what on earth..." Dr. Brownly trailed off, his professional curiosity piqued. Without wasting a moment, Dr. Brownly set to work, measuring Vikram's height, taking blood samples, and running a series of tests. The clinic seemed to shrink around them, the equipment dwarfed by Vikram's size. The doctor had to measure Vik laying down as there was no way he could reach his lofty head. “Twelve feet on the dot.” The doctor said, astonished. Vik sat up and flexed his arms— “I like how that sounds. Vikram the 12-foot-tall giant.” As he heard his measurement, Vik’s already immodest bulge thickened into a fat semi. The doctor could not help but stare, but quickly composed himself to return to his work. After a thorough examination, Dr. Brownly delivered his findings with a mixture of concern and astonishment. "The Accelercola—it wasn't the cause of your growth. It was laced with something lethal. But somehow, your body reacted... differently," he explained. Vikram listened intently as Dr. Brownly revealed the existence of a dormant 'giant gene' within him. A rush of hormones, triggered by the contaminated drink, had activated the gene, altering his body to save his life. A sense of pride swelled within Vikram. He stood taller—if that was even possible—and flexed his muscles, a playful smirk on his face. "So, I'm not just a giant in the courtroom now, huh?" he teased. Dr. Brownly couldn't help but smile at Vikram's good humor, despite the gravity of the situation. "You're certainly something special, Vikram. But we need to monitor you closely," he cautioned. Vikram nodded, but his attention was elsewhere. He caught his reflection in the mirror, his new form a marvel to behold. He bounced his pecs, the movement sending ripples across his chest. The feeling was exhilarating, empowering. "Looks like I've got some new assets to work with," Vikram quipped, turning to Dr. Brownly, who was scribbling notes furiously. Dr. Brownly looked up, adjusting his glasses. "Just remember, don’t try to take on too much more heart stress. Your labs are perfect, better than perfect, but who knows what could happen," he said, with a tinge of concern. Vikram laughed, the sound deep and resonant. "Don't worry, Doc. I'll be fine. I think I might be close to invincible now." Vik glanced down at Dr. Brownly’s modest 5’9”. From his new vantage point, he laughed— “is that what I used to look like?” Vik came dangerously close to the doctor, his body heat radiating onto the smaller man. “No wonder Gurinder and Harminder thought I was a midget.” The doctor, a once proud bodybuilder gulped. “Let’s schedule a follow up in a few weeks to make sure you are still good.” With his newfound confidence, Vikram thanked Dr. Brownly and left the clinic, his mind racing with possibilities. The world was a different place for him now, and he was eager to explore it with his giant steps. As Vikram Singh, now a giant among men, exited Dr. Brownly's office, the morning rush was beginning to swell on the streets. His departure was anything but inconspicuous; pedestrians halted mid-stride, their expressions a blend of awe and disbelief. Children pointed, their eyes wide with wonder, while adults fumbled for their phones, eager to capture the extraordinary sight. Vikram, however, was unfazed by the attention. With a confident stride, he made his way to a local cafe, a quaint establishment he had frequented in his former, more average-sized life. CHAPTER THREE: SUPERHERO DAY Ducking to avoid the top frame, Vikram entered the cafe, the bell above the door jingling in his wake. He relished the sensation of his muscles flexing and contracting as he navigated the narrow doorway, the fabric of his black shorts stretched taut over his powerful legs. The cozy interior was a stark contrast to his grandiose physique. Patrons glanced up from their lattes and laptops, their conversations trailing off as they took in the sight of the colossal newcomer. Behind the counter stood Evan, a barista Vik had never seen before. His eyes met Vikram's, and for a moment, there was a silent exchange of mutual respect—Evan for the man who dared to dream beyond his size, and Vikram for the artist who sought to capture the essence of life in song. "Quite the entrance," Evan remarked, his tone light and playful. Vikram chuckled, the sound deep and resonant. "Just trying to fit in," he quipped, flexing his arms casually. The motion was fluid, a testament to his newfound strength and control. Evan couldn't help but be impressed. "Well, you certainly stand out," he said, reaching for the largest jug he could find. "And I suppose you'll be needing coffee to match." The two engaged in conversation, their topics ranging from the mundane to the profound. Vikram shared his aspirations and challenges, while Evan spoke of melodies and harmonies that danced in his head, waiting to be set free. As Evan prepared a giant jug of coffee, the rich aroma filling the cafe, Vikram found himself grateful for the normalcy of the interaction. It was a reminder that despite his dramatic change, the simple pleasures of life—like a good chat over coffee—remained unchanged. Evan slid the jug across the counter, a smile playing on his lips. "Here you go, a brew fit for a giant." Vikram accepted the jug with a nod of thanks, his large hands enveloping the container. "You know, Evan, maybe this size isn't such a bad thing after all," he mused, the steam from the coffee warming his face. Evan laughed, the sound mingling with the soft notes of jazz playing in the background. "Just don't outgrow us all, Vik." With a final wave, Vikram left the cafe, his spirits lifted by the encounter. The city was waking up, and with each step, he felt more at ease in his towering frame, ready to face whatever the day might bring. --- Vikram, with his newfound stature, strode through the city streets, the giant coffee jug in his hand now seeming no larger than a regular cup. His destination was the law library, a repository of legal wisdom where he hoped to unearth a long-forgotten case citation for work. The morning sun cast long shadows on the pavement, mirroring the elongated silhouette of his imposing figure. As he approached the library, a shrill screech pierced the air. Vikram's sharp eyes caught sight of a school bus, its frantic driver wrestling with the steering wheel as the vehicle barreled down the street, brakes evidently failed. Without a moment's hesitation, Vikram set his jug down and sprinted towards the impending disaster. The ground trembled beneath his colossal strides. Onlookers gasped, their fears for the children on the bus momentarily eclipsed by the spectacle of this giant man in motion. Vikram reached the bus just as it neared a busy intersection. With a roar of effort, he planted his feet firmly on the asphalt and extended his arms, his hands grasping the rear of the bus. Metal groaned under the force of his grip, and with a herculean heave, Vikram slowed the bus's momentum. Sparks flew as his shoes slid across the ground, his muscles bulging with the strain. Inch by inch, he brought the runaway vehicle to a halt, just shy of the crosswalk. As the dust settled, Vikram stood tall, towering over the bus. The children inside, wide-eyed and breathless, peered out the windows at their savior. The driver, overwhelmed with relief, mouthed a silent 'thank you' as emergency services arrived on the scene. Vikram surveyed the crowd that had gathered, their expressions a mix of awe and gratitude. He had become more than just a lawyer or a giant; he was a hero in the truest sense. With a nod to the first responders, he retrieved his coffee jug and continued on his way to the library, his heart pounding not from exertion, but from the realization of his own strength and the difference he could make. --- The library doors, once imposing, now felt like gateways to a new chapter in his life. As he ducked inside, Vikram knew that no matter how tall he stood, it was his actions that truly made him larger than life. Vikram's arrival at the library was a moment of relief; the high ceilings allowed him to stand tall, unencumbered by the fear of bumping his head. The scent of old books and the quiet whispers of knowledge-seeking patrons filled the air. It was here, amidst the rows of legal tomes, that he met Marcus. Marcus, the law librarian, was a 28-year-old with a physique that spoke of hours dedicated to bodybuilding. Yet, even his well-defined muscles seemed modest in comparison to Vikram's towering form. Marcus couldn't hide his fascination, his eyes tracing the contours of Vikram's massive frame, which dwarfed his own 6-foot stature. "Never thought I'd meet a real-life Goliath in the stacks," Marcus joked, breaking the ice. Vikram laughed, the sound echoing off the library walls. "And I never thought I'd need to duck under doorways," he replied, gesturing to his height. As they conversed about obscure case laws and landmark rulings, a camaraderie formed between them. Their shared passion for the law bridged the gap that Vikram's size might have created. It wasn't long before Marcus enlisted Vikram's help with a problem: the library's ladder was broken, and a stack of books awaited reshelving on the highest shelves. With ease, Vikram lifted the volumes, organizing them with a care that belied his size. Marcus directed him to the right sections, impressed by Vikram's ability to handle the delicate task. After the work was done, Marcus scribbled his phone number on a piece of paper and handed it to Vikram. "How about we hit the gym together? I could use a workout buddy, especially one who doesn't need a spotter for the heavy weights," he said with a grin. Vikram accepted the offer with a nod. "I'm in. It's not every day you find a friend who's not intimidated by a little extra height," he responded, tucking the number into his pocket. As Vikram left the library, he felt a sense of belonging. His size might have changed, but his ability to connect with others hadn't. With a new friend and potential gym partner, Vikram's world seemed a little less daunting. --- Vikram's stomach grumbled with the ferocity of a thunderstorm, echoing off the skyscrapers as he lumbered down the street. Hunger pangs struck with such intensity that he half-expected to see a 'Feed Me' sign hanging from his neck. Spotting an 'All You Can Eat' buffet, his face lit up like the neon sign above the entrance. As he ducked into the restaurant, a collective gasp rose from the patrons. The maître d' froze, clipboard in hand, eyes tracing the arc of Vikram's stooped entry. "Table for one?" he ventured, the question sounding more like a hope against hope. Vikram nodded, his eyes already scanning the smorgasbord of culinary delights. The maître d' led him to a table, but it was clear that no mere piece of furniture could accommodate Vikram's colossal frame. With a sheepish grin, Vikram opted to stand, his plate resting on the table like a toy saucer. Plate after plate, Vikram sampled everything—the roast beef, the sushi, the exotic cheeses, and an impressive mountain of shrimp. The other diners watched in awe, their own forks paused mid-air as Vikram devoured dish after dish. The chefs in the back began to sweat, their culinary creations disappearing faster than they could say 'buffet.' Finally, with the contented sigh of a man who had eaten his fill, Vikram leaned back—careful not to topple over the dessert cart—and let out a belch that rumbled through the restaurant like a bass note in a symphony. Patrons chuckled, and even the staff couldn't suppress their smiles. The restaurant owners, a charming couple who had never seen their buffet so thoroughly appreciated, approached Vikram with a mix of trepidation and fascination. "Sir, we must say, we've never had a customer quite like you," the wife said, her eyes wide with wonder. Vikram winked, flexing an arm as thick as a tree trunk. "Well, I do have quite the appetite. Hope I didn't cause too much trouble," he teased, the corner of his mouth twitching with a playful smirk. The husband laughed, shaking his head. "Trouble? No, no. You've set a new record! Tell you what, come back anytime, and we'll make sure to reinforce the tables." As Vikram thanked them and squeezed back out the door, the couple exchanged glances. "Maybe we should start a new promotion," the husband mused. Vikram strolled away, his hunger sated and his spirits high. The city had never seemed so small, nor the buffet so endless. CHAPTER FOUR: SHOWDOWN AT THE SINGH HOUSE Vikram's journey home was a study in contrasts. The familiar streets seemed narrower, the doorways smaller, and his own house appeared as if it had shrunk. He had to twist and turn to squeeze through the front door, feeling a bit like Alice after she drank the potion in Wonderland. Inside, the world was different from this new vantage point. The ceilings felt lower, the furniture doll-sized. Vikram marveled at the transformation, a grin spreading across his face as he realized the power and size he now possessed. He stretched out an arm, his hand almost spanning the width of the hallway. The sensation was intoxicating. Gurinder walked in first, his eyes glued to his phone, not noticing the colossal figure of his younger brother. It wasn't until he bumped into Vikram's leg, which he mistook for a new, oddly placed column, that he looked up. "Vik...?" Gurinder's phone clattered to the floor, his voice a mix of shock and awe. "What in the world happened to you?" Harminder, entering behind him, stopped dead in his tracks. "You're... huge!" he exclaimed, his eyes traveling the length of Vikram's towering form. Vikram beamed, his chest swelling with pride. "Yeah, it's a long story. Let's just say I had a bit of a growth spurt." Gurinder circled Vikram, his analytical mind kicking in. "This is incredible. You must be over twelve feet tall! How do you feel?" Vikram could sense the shift in dynamics as he towered over his brothers, the air thick with unspoken tension. Gurinder's excitement was palpable, his hands gesturing animatedly as he bombarded Vikram with queries about his newfound stature. Harminder, usually the most confident of the trio, now seemed withdrawn, unable to meet Vikram's gaze directly. “What the hell is that?” Harminder asked, pointing at Vik’s prodigal crotch bulge. “Oh, this?” Vik asked innocently as he gave it a squeeze, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "Seems like my growth spurt affected more than just my height and muscles," he replied with a chuckle. Harminder blushed furiously, averting his eyes as if trying to unsee what he had just witnessed. Gurinder, ever the scientist, leaned in closer, his curiosity piqued. As they settled into the living room, Gurinder couldn't contain his curiosity any longer. "How did this happen? Are you some sort of superhero now?" he blurted out, eyes wide with wonder. Vikram chuckled, running a hand through his hair that seemed to touch the ceiling effortlessly. "I wish it were that simple. Long story short: I feel like one,” he replied, trying to downplay the magnitude of his transformation. Harminder finally spoke up, his voice tinged with a mix of awe and envy. "I can't believe this! How did you get so huge overnight?" Harminder's voice quivered with a hint of jealousy, his eyes flickering between admiration and resentment. “And why do you get to be the giant?" Vikram shrugged, a small earthquake in the gesture. "I guess I just got lucky. Or maybe it's karma for all those times you guys used me as an armrest." Vikram could sense the emotional turmoil within his middle brother and decided to address it head-on. "I know this might seem overwhelming, but it's still me, Harminder. Just a different version. And who knows, maybe this could be a blessing in disguise. We'll figure it out together," Vikram said, his tone gentle yet firm. Gurinder nodded in agreement, offering his support with a reassuring smile. "Yeah, bro. We're here for you no matter what. You're still the same Vikram we've always known, just a bit... enhanced," he added with a chuckle. Harminder's expression softened as he absorbed their words. Slowly, a smile tugged at the corners of his lips. "I… I’m still your big bro, I can run circles around you at work, and I can still pummel you. Well, Mr. Giant, how about I prove that size isn't everything? I challenge you to a wrestling match." Vik’s arched an eyebrow, “At work, sure, no doubt. But the pummeling?” A wry smile formed across Vik’s lips, “You wanna go?” --- The backyard of the Singh household had been transformed into an impromptu wrestling ring, the grassy expanse a stage for the brothers' test of strength. Vik, the youngest and now the largest, stood at the center, his massive form casting a long shadow in the afternoon sun. Gurinder and Harminder, no strangers to physical contests, eyed their younger brother with a mix of anticipation and wariness. They were tall and athletic, but next to Vik, they seemed almost ordinary. As the makeshift bell rang, Vik's deep voice boomed across the yard. "Ready to learn a lesson from your little brother?" he teased, a playful smirk on his face. The wrestling began, and it was immediately clear that Vik's size and strength were in a league of their own. His movements were fluid and precise, each muscle in his body working in perfect harmony. His arms, thick as tree trunks, wrapped around his brothers with ease, lifting them off the ground as if they were children. Gurinder grunted as he tried to find leverage, but Vik's grip was unyielding. "I have to admit, you've become quite the force of nature," he said, struggling to break free. Harminder, caught in a similar hold, couldn't help but let out a laugh despite his predicament. "I think 'force of nature' is an understatement. He's more like a one-man earthquake." Vik chuckled, the sound resonating through the air. Vik's muscles rippled under his skin, their power evident in the way they flexed and bulged with every exertion. His brothers could feel the immense strength coursing through him, their bodies pressed against his like pebbles against a boulder. Harminder and Gurinder grunted and strained against Vik's overwhelming force, their attempts to break free met with little success He released his brothers gently, allowing them to regain their footing. "I can't deny it; I love being this huge, this powerful. It's like I've been reborn as an alpha, and I'm not going to lie—it feels incredible." The brothers circled each other again, their movements a dance of power and agility. Vik's legs, each the size of a small person, propelled him forward with surprising speed. His back, a broad canvas of rippling muscles, flexed with each twist and turn. As the match continued, Vik's dominance was undeniable. He moved with a confidence that came from knowing he was the strongest, the biggest, the alpha. And yet, there was a grace to his actions, a reminder that he was still their brother, still Vik. When Vikram finally pinned Harminder to the ground, it was with a gentleness that belied his gargantuan form. Lying on the grass, Harminder conceded, "Alright, you win, Vik. This new size of yours... it's something else." Vikram helped his brother to his feet, his laughter booming across the yard. "I think I could get used to this.” The tournament ended with laughter and backslaps, the brothers acknowledging Vik's superiority in good spirits.As they caught their breath, Vikram bounced his pecs, the movement sending ripples through his muscles. "Still think size isn't everything?" Vik's thoughts were on the future, on the possibilities that lay ahead for a man of his size and strength. Gurinder chided Vik, “Just don’t become a bully.” Vikram shook his head. "Never. I'm still your little brother, just a little... bigger." After their match with Vik, Gurinder and Harminder stood up, shaking off the defeat with good humor. They locked eyes, the unspoken challenge hanging between them. It was Gurinder who broke the silence, his voice laced with competitive spirit. "Alright, Harminder, you and I haven't had a proper go in a while. Let's see if you've still got it." Harminder smirked, rolling his shoulders in anticipation. "You're on, Gurinder. But don't expect any brotherly mercy from me." The two brothers circled each other on the soft grass, their athletic forms a testament to years of friendly rivalry. They lunged and parried, each seeking an advantage, their movements a dance of strength and agility. As the match progressed, it was clear that both brothers were evenly matched, each countering the other's moves with practiced ease. But it was Gurinder who found the opening, a momentary lapse in Harminder's defense, and with a swift maneuver, he took his brother down to the ground. Harminder grunted as he hit the grass, a mix of surprise and respect flashing in his eyes. "Well played, Gurinder. I guess you've still got the edge," he conceded, offering his hand for Gurinder to help him up. Gurinder pulled Harminder to his feet, a triumphant grin on his face. "It's all in the technique. But you put up a good fight, brother." The brothers shared a laugh, their bond unshaken by the outcome of the match. As they walked back to the house, their conversation turned to plans for the next family tournament, where they would once again test their mettle against each other—and against the giant that was their younger brother, Vik. Vikram's new size and strength were overwhelming, his pecs bouncing in a triumphant dance as Harminder looked on, defeated but impressed. CHAPTER FIVE: BED AND BREAKFAST The night had fallen, and the house was quiet as Vikram, now a giant among men, prepared for bed. He entered his bedroom—a room that once felt spacious, now seemed like a dollhouse around his massive frame. "Alright, Vik, let's see if we can do this without breaking anything," he muttered to himself, a habit he found comforting in the face of his new reality. He raised his arms for a goodnight stretch, misjudging his own strength and size. His fist connected with the ceiling with a thud, leaving a hole where smooth plaster once was. "Oops," he chuckled, "Guess I don't know my own strength yet." Carefully, he maneuvered towards the bed, the furniture creaking a warning. He sat down gingerly, only to hear the wooden frame groan under his weight before it surrendered with a crack, the mattress hitting the floor. "Well, that's not going to work," he said with a resigned laugh, looking at the bed now resembling a nest rather than a place to sleep. Lying down proved to be another challenge; his feet dangled off the edge, scraping against the wall. "I'm going to need a bigger bed," he mused aloud, the absurdity of the situation not lost on him. Despite the discomfort, exhaustion took over, and Vikram drifted off to sleep. His snores were deep and guttural, vibrating through the house, a testament to his new, gargantuan size. The walls trembled with each breath, a lullaby of sorts that echoed his earlier thoughts. Gurinder, from upstairs, heard the sounds. "With great size comes great... snoring" he mused. Morning light streamed through the windows, casting a warm glow on Vikram's face as he stirred from his slumber. For a moment, he lay still, the events of the previous day feeling like fragments of a dream. But as he attempted to stretch, his hand met the resistance of the ceiling—reality came crashing down. The transformation was real; he was a giant. With a groan that sounded more like a growl, Vikram rolled out of bed—or what was left of it—and stumbled towards the kitchen. His movements were awkward, uncoordinated, like a puppeteer learning the strings. "Time for breakfast," he mumbled to himself, his voice a deep rumble. The kitchen, once a place of culinary experiments, now felt like a dollhouse. Vikram ducked under the doorway, his tighty-whiteys hugging his massive frame, leaving little to the imagination. The sight was enough to stop his brothers, Gurinder and Harminder, in their tracks. "Vik, for heaven's sake, put on some clothes!" Gurinder chided, trying to avert his eyes. Harminder just whistled. "You're going to need a custom tailor, brother. At least make sure they’re clean before leaving your room." Vik's looked down as his enormous manhood and testicles bulged, the fabric of his underwear stretched to its limit. A huge spot of precum made his underwear almost see-through at his massive cock head. The scent of musk and sweat emanating from Vikram's groin was strong, an earthy and slightly sweet smell that only added to the intensity of his current state. It was unlike anything Gurinder or Harminder had ever seen, a testament to his new size. Ignoring their comments, Vikram set about making breakfast. He cracked eggs with one hand, each one looking like a quail's egg between his fingers. The frying pan was comically small, but he managed, flipping pancakes that were more like silver dollars on the griddle. He raided the fridge, devouring everything in sight—bacon, bread, leftovers from last night's dinner. The protein powder was next; he tipped the container, and the contents vanished like dust in a vacuum. As he ate, his appetite seemed insatiable, each bite only fueling his hunger further. He finished with a belch that rattled the windows, a satisfied grin on his face. Gurinder, ever the analyst, had been calculating on his phone. "Vik, at this rate, you're going to eat us out of house and home. Literally." Vikram's smile faltered. "I... I didn't think about that. I'll cover the costs, don't worry." Harminder raised an eyebrow. "With what? You're going to need a raise just to pay for breakfast." The reality of his financial situation dawned on Vikram. His associate salary, once a source of pride, now seemed meager. "I'll figure something out," he said, determination setting in. "Maybe I'll start a side hustle. Giant for hire, anyone?" The brothers laughed, the tension easing. They would support Vikram, no matter his size or appetite. But as Vikram looked around at the empty shelves and the demolished pantry, he knew that being a giant in the modern world was going to require more than just a big personality.
  3. [A/N: Sorry there's no growth yet aside from an imagine spot, but take a good look at the main tag - it's coming in due time. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy!] I plunk down the cash on the granite counter. “I want a year’s membership.” The man at the front desk (Colton, his name tag says) is surprised. I can see why; when you run a rust-bucket gym, you don’t exactly see people built like me there, let alone signing up. “Uh, sure? Not sure why you didn’t say ‘hello’.” “Small talk isn’t going to sell me on working out here. I made up my mind a while ago.” Months and months ago. “Okay, just fill out this form and you can come back here.” He gives me a bog-standard contract and a shitty 25 cent pen, the ink almost gone. Address. Payment method (taken care of). State ID. My parents wouldn’t let me even THINK about driving a car, but I at least have something. One that somehow makes my face look even rounder and more cherubic than it already is, and one with the shoulder-length hair they thought was “cute”. God, I hate that word. I save the name for last, get it all over with at once in case my ID wasn’t enough. Casey Anderson. Yep… that’s me. I hand over the form, he presses a few keys, and we walk over to the free weights area. Not that it’s far. You can count the cardio machines on one hand, and the sole TV hasn’t been touched in almost a decade. Certainly explained Colton’s beer gut. I can walk faster than him, for fuck’s sake, and I’m almost half a foot shorter than him and even chubbier. “You look you’re new to exercising.” No fucking shit the guy with C-cups, a massive soft belly, thighs bigger around than a skinny man’s waist and a fatter ass than most women who has never seen muscle definition when looking in the mirror is a beginner. At least he’s offering to walk me through the basic barbell exercises. I’ve already researched form before I left for college, but that was late at night in private browsing so I didn’t get an earful from my parents about how I’d invariably get crushed under the bar and die, or trip and fall into a ravine, or break a bone doing yoga. Might not hurt to get a refresher. “Sure.” “Okay, so you wanna start with the bar at eye-level, feet flat on the ground, back arched like this…” Standard stuff. He pounds out 12 reps with the empty bar like it’s nothing, probably because it IS nothing. He gets up and walks behind the bench. Now it’s my turn. Arch my back, and… oh fuck. (One…) 45 pounds is more than I thought it would be. (Two…) I’m less than I thought I would be. (Three…) The bar is pushing into my saggy moobs with every rep. (Four…) A few months ago, they’d have bumped into my breast buds. (…Five…) I just got cleared to exercise after my gynecomastia surgery (…Six…) and it’s embarrassing how much strength I’ve lost in just 6 weeks. (…Seven…) I was at least able to do “girl push-ups” (…Eight…) albeit in private so they didn’t think I was ruining my knees. (…Nine…) Colton’s hands are getting closer to the bar. (…Ten…) I fucking know I should be able to rep this. (…Eleven…) I push one last time. It stalls. Stagnant. Colton finally grabs it on either side of my hands. No. “Let go.” He obliges. I arch my back even further than before, and the barbell resumes its steady ascent. “I’m not… fucking… DONE YET.” It reaches its apex. I move it just a hair towards Colton and my arms finally give out, the clank resonating throughout the gym. His blue eyes are wide with surprise. I get him. You expect that kind of now-or-never effort from a massive, lean bodybuilder, not someone as squishy and pampered-looking as me. It shouldn’t be surprising for long. This should be my new fucking normal, my body changing to reflect who I am on the inside. And what I am is a fucking predator, rugged from a life of kicking ass and taking names, the unquestioned alpha whose very presence inspires terror and lust, people asking, no, begging me to plunge my massive, throbbing manhood into their tight quivering holes and fill them with – great. Now I have a boner. Good news: nobody can see it. Bad news: I remembered that it’s 2 inches hard. Reality sucks. For now. “How the hell did you-” “I wanted it.” “Well, be careful. You need to have gas in the tank for the rest of the workout, haha.” I don’t see how that’s funny. --- “Alright, let’s finish with squats, got that Casey?” FINALLY. You couldn’t have done this before the snatch & clean? By now, he’s warmed up enough that this is his workout for the day. Turns out he’s pretty solid under the fat. His forearms show a surprising amount of thickness and shape as he loads up the bar, even if he probably hasn’t seen a vein in years. His back looks big and broad as he walks under the bar. His thighs are firm and show the shape of his thick quads as he begins to rise back up. He’s too old for me, but he’s easy on the eyes. He re-racks the bar and all the weights, sets the holds to a part of the rack that’s a lot less worn-down than the rest of it, and gives me the floor. He said to only do sets of 5 for this. He says it’s to improve my strength. I think he thinks I have none. I’ll prove him wrong. Feet hip-width apart. (One.) Knees behind toes. (Two.) Bar path vertical. (Three.) Keep your knees from bucking inward. (Four…) Explode upward. (Five!) …Holy shit, that was easy. “Atta kid! That’s probably your strongest lift. Hell, you should probably put some weight on the bar next set!” Wait, already? “…How much?” “Ten pounds oughta do it.” God, I actually get to put weight on the bar for the first time. And it won’t be the last. (Dismount.) 55 pounds to start with. (One.) Add 5 every other day and I’ll be at 135 in less than 6 weeks. (Two.) Another 3 months and it’ll be 315. (Three…) Fuck, I’ll be strong. (Four…) Just imagine what that will feel like. (Five.) “Nice, nice! That was more challenging, huh?” This is the most I’ve felt alive in years. “Sure was.” “How about you stay there for your other sets?” Damn it. Soon. --- Of all the time for Percy to use the bathroom, it’s this one. I swear to God the guys in charge of pairing up roommates do this on purpose. Okay, I hear the faucet, he’s probably close to done. He opens the door. “You’re really serious about the fitness thing?” How can be so fucking dense? I swear to God the dumb blonde stereotype is gender-neutral these days. “Did you think I stocked the minifridge with chicken and broccoli for shits and giggles? Look at me. That’s not something I did before moving here.” “Okaaay then, suit yourself. I’ll get started on homework.” As he walks off, I can hear him mutter “At least he’s only going to do this for a week or two.” Prick. Mine’s been acting up today too. Must be the workout. Better take care of it if I’m getting my pre-labs done. I take my phone out of my pocket, then strip off my clothes. Okay, don’t look in the mirror, don’t look in the mirror, don’t look in the… good, I got the lotion out. Now for the visual aid. I pull up Cliff Renegade’s socials. Fuck, he uploaded another shirtless hiking photoshoot… God, he looks so rugged in those. That rough layer of dark stubble covering his sharp jawline… Those strong, muscular, veiny arms… They have to be at least 18 inches across. That hairy six-pack… And those pecs, so thick-yet-flat... I bet people are joking when they call his tits. And that bulge, dear God. I’d fucking kill to have that in my pants. Maybe then I’d be able to jerk off with more than 2 fingers. Okay, that was a buzzkill, next image… Fuck me, his back’s gotten even bigger and broader and craggier since last time. And those legs look like sheer power instead of the blubber I have. And Jesus Christ in heaven his fucking perfect toned bubble butt is filling out those shorts. God, I want to rail that ass, my cock making him whimper, his feet on my shoulders, oh God and they’d have gotten bigger with the rest of me, I’d look like a breeding stud, just getting leaner and stronger, my cock swelling to dwarf his, just getting bigger, bigger, bigger bigger bigger bigger BIG- Fuck imagine me filling his ass with load after load of my hot cum, his hole just dripping with – crap, looked down. Hey, 2 pumps usually only happens when I’m pent up. Maybe I’m moving in the right direction. But right now, I had better clean up. After all, I’m not fit enough to be sexy when I’m sweaty. Yet.
  4. Links to parts: Part 2 --------------- The room is lit, barely, by the idle signal of the long forgotten TV, and what little of the streetlamp’s glow makes it past the curtain. It’s a sticky night, and sleep evades Jack as he lies in the gloom on the sofa, staring blankly ahead. Not that the heat mattered much; sleep and Jack never got on much. From down the hall, at the other end of the apartment, he hears the distant snore of Bradley, curled up and at peace. He wished he could join him in that moment, safe and calm and unconscious, but he knew it would be some hours before he finally became exhausted enough to pass out. How he envied his boyfriend. Snap. Pain, which quickly subsides, but fades instead to extreme dizziness. His vision is a blur of creeping grey shadows, his ears filled with white-noise ringing. Am I dying? he thought, some aneurysm caused by years of insomnia catching up with him? His stomach lurches, he tries to cry out but a slur staggers in his throat, barely audible. He rolls off the sofa and stumbles to his knees, then feet. His movements are slow, jerking in awkward motions as he stumbles forward across the room, hand grasping at the door frame. Something is… off. Not just the dizziness, but the room itself seems different. Or is it just the shadows? The dim gloom of the room, brought to life by his vertigo, making the top of the door frame seem just a little bit closer. The hallway feels endless, a black corridor that seems to stretch two steps forward with every one that he takes. He falls sideways with one misplaced foot, bouncing off the wall, knocking a picture to the ground. His stomach lurches. He’s gonna hurl. The bathroom door bursts open as he charges inside, flicking on the light which buzzes angrily as it blinds him. On instinct he continues forward, his eyes scrunched tight as his fingers grasp unsteadily in front of him, finally coming into contact with the basin. He retches once, but nothing comes. It's cool here. He’s steadied. He slowly becomes accustomed to the light, and as the dreadful feeling dissipates, he turns on the tap and brings cool water over his skin. Then he opens his eyes. The person staring back in the mirror is not him. It looks like him, vaguely - his skin is flushed pink and his expression a mask of dumbfound disbelief, but otherwise the person’s face is more or less like his. But there the similarities stop. His usually sandy hair, cropped short around the sides, is instead a shaggy brown mop. He stands tall - much taller than Jack’s 5’11”, the top of his head reaching up past the mirror, and likely the doorframe he’d just stepped through. And he is an adonis - his body packed with thick muscle, stocky like a rugby player but on a frame tall enough to be in the NBA. His arms look bigger than his head, fed by thick veins, two of which spread from there to the sides of his thick pecs, which are dusted with a thin layer of fur. Beneath them a set of abs is visible despite the bulk of the stomach beneath them, stretching his underwear almost to breaking point. Ah. That’s not where the similarities stop. He’s wearing the same boxers… Shocked out of his fugue state, Jack looks down, and sees the same colossal body from the mirror. What the fuck was happening? He moves his arm, flexing it to yet more absurd degrees, studying every detail of it from the shoulders down to the thick fingers. He runs his hands over himself. Seconds ago he thought he was dying, but he was fairly sure this - whatever it was - was not an aneurysm. His heart still pounded like a drum with fear - this was terrifying! It was insane! It was fantastic. The thought catches him off guard, but it was true, wasn’t it? Look at me, he thought. Look at this body. I’m fucking huge, I’m amazing! And if I’ve had so much already, couldn’t I have more? He senses something deep in his chest, but it’s not the same horror from before. It feels like he’s been tethered to something, and as he focuses on the idea of more, it’s like he’s pulling against that rope. It resists him, but he overcomes it, and with each excruciatingly slow pull he feels himself getting bigger. Here his arm swells, there the seam of his pants pops, now his face is completely above the top of the mirror. Yes! More, give me more! Give me - “Jack…” The voice from behind him makes him jump, but nothing can prepare him for the sinking feeling of dread when he turns around. Propped up against the doorframe, barely remaining vertical, is an emaciated figure. His eyes are sunken into his skull which is sparsely covered with a sprinkling of white hair. He can’t be more than four feet tall, and that tiny frame looks about ready to crumple under its own meagre weight. Jack wouldn’t have recognised him, if it wasn’t for the tattoo of a Swallow on the tiny man’s shoulder. When Jack responds, despite his newfound size, his voice is barely even a whimper. “Bradley?!”
  5. RealIn2Growth

    Food of the Gods - Parts 1-12 (06-03-24)

    Hope you enjoy the start of a new story! Food of the Gods Part One “Vince!!” From across the bar, Mason shouted at the top of his lungs. Mason was sitting at a table in the corner, looking fairly content, if not almost jubilant, with a greasy hamburger, fries, and a half a beer in front of him. Taking off his black woollen hat, Vince crossed over to his table, not making eye contact with the bartender and servers who definitely wanted him drinking if he was taking up space. “Just the fella I wanted to see!” Vince extended his hand to Mason, but his friend grunted slightly and then hungrily picked up the hamburger instead of shaking Vince’s hand, and took a huge bite. “You texted me, Mason. You told me I had to meet you here..” “Sit down. Sit down. Want a beer?” Mason took another bite, practically forcing half of the burger into his mouth. “No thanks. Too many carbs. I’m good.” “It’s on me. Get a beer. Maybe you want a whiskey?” “Beer would be great.” As Vince loosened the scarf his mother had knitted him last year for Christmas, Mason waved his hand at the server and forcefully pointed to his beer. Vince imagined how much the server must loathe Mason’s non-verbal bar communication signalling he wanted another round. Mason was in the bar most nights, so Vince was sure the staff must be used to his demeanour, but it didn’t make it any less off putting. Once he had gotten the servers attention, Mason threw a handful of fries into his mouth and then looked Vince in the eyes. “Rumour on the street is that for the past four months you’ve been selling that legendary cock of yours for $50.00 blowjobs.” Mason always was a straight shooter. “Yeah, well, desperate times. Since I was cut loose due to cutbacks, I’ve been struggling a bit. Need to use what I got.” Vince wasn’t ashamed of what he had to do to make some money. He was just surprised the news had spread all over town so quickly, especially since he drove 40 miles into Wichita to hustle his ass. In the last two weeks, he had gone further than receiving blowjobs from patrons and had been fucking three to four different men or women a night. “Understandable. That’s why I thought of you when this fell into my lap the other day. Do you…”. Mason grew quiet as the Server came over to the table and deposited Vince’s beer. He didn’t speak again until he was far enough away. “Do you know what this is?” Mason dug into his pocket and removed a plastic bag which he held up for Vince. Inside was a handful of what Vince could only guess was dried corn. “Got me. Chicken feed? And if this is about raising turkeys again to sell for Christmas, I’m out. I still have scars on my hands and wrists from last time.” “We’re not going back to the turkey biz, Vince. This is going to be bigger. Much much bigger. What do you know about Professor Regwood?” “Who?” Vince took a sip of his beer as Mason hungrily finished off the last of his fries. “This was before your parents moved you here. I think he came to Tander around 1980… 1981.” Vince hated when Mason talked with his mouth full, but he couldn’t deny that his friend was a great storyteller. Sure, most of the things he came up with were bullshit… but it was always entertaining. “Apparently he’d been a chemistry professor or researcher… kind of like you…” “I am a chemistry researcher. The lab let me off like every other place in this area. If my mother wasn’t so sick, I’d move somewhere else and I’d be working again.” Vince didn’t know why he was defending himself to Mason. He didn’t know why their relationship was always competitive, but it was. “I’m not arguing with you, Vince. It’s the main reason I told you to meet me here. I’m just giving you some background. Professor Regwood was exactly that. A professor. He taught at University of California or Nevada before being thrown out for ‘unethical practices;’ whatever that means. I've done some research online and all mentions of him working at any university have been wiped clean, so I’m guessing whatever it was was pretty extreme.” Mason paused for a moment to close his eyes and probably gather his thoughts. Like an uncontrolled creature, his hand reached out for more fries, but the basket was empty. Upset, he flipped it over and grabbed for his beer. “He moved here without his wife or son. That’s still a mystery. I never even heard of them till about 5 years ago… long after Regwood was dead. I’ve discovered evidence of them both leaving California with him, but never arriving here to Kansas. I reached out to some relatives, but none of them were very close with her and had no clue or cared about her whereabouts “ “You ever think about joining the force or the FBI? You’re pretty good at this research shit.” Vince took another mouthful of beer and wished Mason hadn’t eaten all of his fries. He was starving and couldn’t afford to buy some of his own. “Unfortunately I was never fit like you are. They wouldn’t take me. Anyway… local legend…” “Local legend?” “Local legend has Regwood moving here to do research on something called Herkalor IV.” “How the hell you know all this?” “My grandfather, you remember him, he was chief of police. You know that. He used to tell me stories just before he died. Can I continue?” “Go on.” “This Herkalor IV was some alkaloid that would help create an extendable food source.” “A what?” “Damn! For being so friggin smart, you’re thick! It would grow livestock bigger. Bigger cows… bigger chickens… bigger pigs…” “I get it.” “Apparently, the initial testing was done on six chickens. My grandfather interviewed Mr Skinner who supposedly worked for Regwood with the feeding and care of them. He confirmed the stories. He said the chickens grew to about six times their original size and were totally healthy. Unfortunately for Regwood, he had to terminate the experiment because the chickens started turning against them both; acting violent… attacking both him and Redwood. Of course, this was before the wasps and rats got at the feed mixed with Herkalor IV.” “Come on. This is bullshit.” “I’m telling you what I’ve been told. Everyone who lived through this is pretty much dead, but if they weren’t, they’d tell you it was 50 wasps and 20 rats that grew and began to attack residents. That I call bullshit. My grandfather said it was something like 2 wasps and 5 rats that were easily handled with rounds of bullets. He said that in all likelihood, they were only beginning to grow and who knows what the hell might have happened if they had been allowed to continue.” “Regwood was found dead at his house. Autopsy showed it to have been from anaphylactic shock. Killed by multiple bee stings on his hands and face. My grandfather guessed they were caused by some giant bee, but none were discovered. He did say that he did wonder if what Regwood had been working on caused the sudden emergence of killer bees in the US. Who knows.” Mason pointed to the server for another round for both of them. “Skinner pointed my grandfather to the chicken feed, and it was taken in as evidence. Evidence that was never used, but the bags of it remained in large air proof totes in police holding until recent flooding hit the basement.” The story paused while the server delivered the beers and waited for payment from Mason. Smart kid, Vince thought. Wonder how many times Mason got drunk in here with no funds available to him. “Alan, you know my Alan, he came in early to work at the station three Monday’s ago to find the basement under 4 feet of water. Paperwork and boxes that should have been destroyed 20 years ago were now floating around and causing havoc. It took 3 weeks for the cleanup to be completed, and eventually they delivered to me, at the dump, 25 cartons of moldy ass paperwork and two totes filled with feed to incinerate.” Mason grinned at Vince. “And?” “Two totes filled with seed!” “What? You’re thinking this feed is the same shit that made the chickens grow.” “I know it is.” “Prove it,” “Thought you’d say that.” Mason pulled himself up from the chair he was sitting in, shocking Vince for the first time since he sat down. From when they had been kids and through their teenage years, Mason had always been shorter and pudgier than the 6’3 Vince. Vince guessed that Mason stood about 5’6… maybe 5’7 on a good day. He had always made up for his lack of height with a round belly and a quick, if not sometimes, cruel mind. Now though, as he stood for Vince with a shit eating grin, it was obvious that all of that had changed. Mason was still overweight, but he now towered above the sitting Vince at around 6’2. “Holy fuck!” “Gained this from a handful.” Mason sat back down in the chair and leaned into Vince. “Shit makes everything grow, if you get my meaning!” “You're lucky it didn’t kill you.” “Sometimes you need to take risks. This one was worth it. I’m slightly over 6’2 now and my 5 inch cock grew to nearly 8 inches when hard.” “Fuck.” “Took it last night. The growth stopped around 10 this morning.” Looking at Mason now, it was obvious to Vince that Mason was indeed much bigger than the last time he had seen him, which had been about a week ago. It wasn’t that he had simply grown taller. Mason's entire body had… Vince searched for the word he was thinking… magnified. Everything was bigger… including his sizable stomach. “Damn! You’re nearly taller than me now.” “Yeah. If my cock grew anymore, I could start selling myself like you… but I have a better idea. That’s where you come in.” Mason leaned in closer still till Vince could smell the beer and burger on his hot breath. “I want you to use that chemistry brain of yours and find out what exactly Herkalor IV is. How does it work? How does it make shit grow? How can we remake it and use it to our advantage?” “You said you have two totes. Sell it to the highest bidder. You could make a mint.” “I can’t. It’s stolen property. I was supposed to incinerate it. Remember? I can’t just go around selling laced chicken feed.” “True.” “But, if you could figure it out… you could remake it… and we can sell it.” Mason’s eyes gleamed as he talked about money. “It’s not that easy…” “You must really love selling ass if you aren’t interested in this.” “I don’t love selling ass…” “Then take the corn and let me know how it works. How long do you think it will take?” “To recreate it? I have no clue.” “Isn’t that what you used to do?” “Kind of. Finding out the chemical properties of different vaccines or drugs and re-engineering them to make off-label brands is a little different from what you want. Besides… I don’t have the things I need…” “I thought you’d say that.” From Mason’s coat pocket he pulled a thick white envelope. Putting it on the table, he slid it over to Vince. “Open it.” Vince did as he was told. Inside were about 40 100 dollar bills. “That should get you started. There’s more where that came from. This…” Mason pulled a second envelope out of his pocket. “This is for you. To help tide you over. Another 3,000 dollars.” Vince badly wanted to grab the other envelope and shove it in his jeans pocket, but he stopped himself. “Maybe you should just burn the feed. Like you said, it's dangerous. What if more rats ate it?” “You don’t need to worry. I’ve got it safely contained where nothing can get at it.” Mason leaned on the table as best as he could. “You really surprised me, Vince. I thought you’d be jumping at this chance. Don’t you want to be rich? Don’t you want to help your mother out? Make her comfortable in what could be her last days?” “Of course I do.” “Don’t you want it to be like it was when you were Captain of the football team back in highschool. Fuck!! Those were the days! You were the fucking golden boy. You had pussy falling at your feet, was on that float in the Thanksgiving parade, and even got your face on the front of the paper. You had everything. I thought you were gonna be a huge star… take the world by storm. But, let’s be honest, you wasted it. You were just a tall kid with a big cock and a great body. You didn’t know what you were doing and didn’t have anyone to guide you… direct you. Imagine if you had all of that back again. You're smarter now… college graduate… better head on your shoulders. You could have all of it… and more. Lots more. Imagine the money you could be making.” “Say I did do it. How would we split it?” “60/40. You take the bigger percentage. You did all the work. I just found the shit.” “You’d give me 60 percent?” “Sure. 40 percent of a couple of million would be enough for me.” Vince knew that there had to be a catch, but the money sitting on the table was calling to him. “Look, Vince. I know you owe three months on rent and they’re threatening to evict you. You have no food in the house, and your mother’s fighting cancer in the hospital. Let me help you by making you help yourself. Find out how the Herkalor IV works… how you can remake it… and let me take it from there. By this time next year… we might be rolling in dough.” “I don’t know.” “What have you got to lose? I mean… let’s be honest, Vince, your life is shit. You're thirty seconds away from either living on the street or moving back in with your mother, which at your age is pathetic. You don’t have a girlfriend or a boyfriend or anyone in your life. I mean… come on… even I have a guy and a girl I fuck regularly!! You’ve been out of work for 8 months and can’t get a job bagging groceries. It’s either this or just put yourself out of your misery. You know what I mean? “I know what you mean.” “This is your chance to get what you had back… possibly even more. Your final chance to hold your head up… way up!” Masons fingers played with the empty fries basket. Looking down at them, Vince could see how much larger they were… thicker… chubby but stronger looking. If Mason decided to punch someone now with that fist… he’d do some serious damage. “I should be able to order the stuff I need tonight… get it delivered tomorrow. It’ll take me a little while to synthesize it.” “We need to be quick, Vince. We need to strike as soon as we can.” “How are you going to explain your new size?” “I’m not. It is what it is. It’s not like I’m fucking King Kong or something! Besides, at this height and size, who’s going to question me? “I’ll need to deposit that money… pay my landlady…” “Have what you need delivered to my cousin Kenny’s place.” “Why there?” “He’s in rehab so the place is empty. Besides… he has a barn which will be the perfect place to set up.” To sweeten the deal, Mason slid the fat envelope closer to Vince. “This will solve a lot of your problems… and there will be a shit load more where this came from. I promise. Is it a deal?” Vince looked from the envelope to Mason. Finally, need won over fear and he grabbed it and put it in his jacket pocket. “Smart boy.” “I still think it’s crazy… but… who knows. I thought the internet was a crazy idea!” “Go deposit that before it’s too late and order what you’ll need. I want you starting on this by tomorrow night. You can stay with me at Kenny’s. Bring anything you think you’ll need. And don’t tell anyone what we’re doing. It needs to be a surprise.” “Alright.” Vince chugged the rest of his beer, put on his hat, and stood up from his chair. As he turned to leave, Mason stopped him. “Be at Kenny’s tomorrow. Early.” Mason watched Vince exit the bar much faster than he had come in. As he took a sip of his beer, he winced as he felt his feet grow slightly thicker in his recently purchased sneakers. He had thought the growth had stopped this morning, but it had begun to rear its ugly head again about 15 minutes ago. All during the conversation with Vince, he could feel himself growing slightly larger. He could feel it in the tightness of his clothing, how much smaller the chair was feeling, and how his stomach moved closer and closer to the table. He guessed that when he had left the house that morning he had been around 6’2 and now he guessed that he was closer to Vince’s height of 6’3. The chemical that made him grow was no doubt leaving his body, and these small growth spurts were probably the last of it. Maybe he’d grow an inch more. He didn’t mind the thought of that at all. Looking over at the server, Mason waved him over to his table. “I’d like another burger. A double. With fries. And bacon. I’ll get another beer as well… and whatever you’re drinking.” Mason paid his bill and watched the server walk away, feeling how much more room his cock and balls took up in his briefs. He was proud to be sporting, what he could only guess without seeing, was now over 8 inches. It felt good being this big. He was really enjoying it. Walking in the parking lot to go pick up some new clothes at Walmart, Mason had taken in how people watched him maneuver his much larger body. He had been lucky that at home he had sweatpants and a sweatshirt that were large enough to fit him, but he hadn’t been so lucky with underwear. As he walked commando around the store, picking up clothes that would fit, he found himself getting hard as he noticed more people glancing his way with admiration. Yeah. Being big was a powerful feeling that, now he had it, he never wanted to lose. He had to pee. Leaving his new jacket on the chair, Mason stood up Looking around at the bar from his new height, Mason thought to himself how different the bar and the patrons looked from this perspective. Much more… insignificant. Walking to the bathroom, Mason noticed that his new jeans had already started to rise up slightly revealing his socks, and when he reached the narrow hallway, Mason found that he had to maneuver himself differently to get through the narrow door and into the bathroom.. Pulling out his 5 inch soft cock caused Mason to chuckle. He was seriously growing down there. He was now as big soft as he had been hard. Wait till he hooked up with Alan. He was sure that he wouldn’t be able to get enough of his now much longer and fatter cock… not to mention the rest of his body. Sure, the Herkalor IV had also grown his fat, making him over 120 lbs heavier than he had been yesterday, but he could deal with that. In fact, he actually liked his bulk in this new body. It made him seem even bigger than he was… more imposing. After relieving himself, Mason stood at the urinal and watched as his cock began to harden. He was in awe as he watched it plump up thicker and longer. When fully erect, it now had to stand at a whopping 9 inches long and 4 inches thick. Fuck! He was nearly bigger than Vince was and he knew that boy was packing a serious 10 incher. His balls had also doubled in size and now hung lower and larger in his sack. As he stroked himself, Mason commended himself on his own brilliance. At first, he had wanted to try the formula on a mouse to make sure that it worked and that it wouldn’t kill him, but paranoia drove him to take a handful himself. He was so concerned that the police might be checking out his place for the feed that he took it over to his cousin Kenny’s and hid it in the safe in his basement. There was no way anyone was going to come and take his new size and his new revenue away from him. The feed falling into his lap was like a gift from god… and it was a gift he was going to use to its fullest. Mason grunted as his cock suddenly swelled thicker in his hand. As his feet grew even more crowded in his sneakers, he felt both his torso grow longer and his stomach fatter. His t-shirt rode up over the bottom part of his belly just as a roll came pouring out, revealing his belly button. With both hands, he pulled it down to cover his bulk, but it refused to stay, continually riding up. As his cock flexed and proceeded to grow slightly longer, Mason groaned. The Herkalor IV had to nearly be out of his system. It had been nearly 24 hours since he ate, and he hadn’t even ingested that much. His shoulders broadened as his cock proceeded to near the 10 inch mark. 10 inches!! All of his life he used to imagine what he would do if he was built like Vince and had 10 inches of cock… and now he nearly had it. He most certainly would have it, if not more, by the end of the day! He might just end up packing 11 inches of cock by the time this was over. Alan was a real size queen at heart, and even though he let Mason fuck him, he was always remarking about how huge his ex husband had been. Yeah. He couldn’t wait to surprise him with this piece of meat. Another guy entered the bathroom and Mason found himself quickly trying to do up his pants, not realizing how difficult that was going to be with his cock so huge and so hard. Chuckling to himself, he turned so that the new patron in the toilet could see all of him. The stranger's eyes grew wide as his 10 inches came into view. “Sometimes it sucks being this huge… but what the fuck can you do? Interested in having a go on it?” The guy turned red and went into the available stall. “Guess not.” Laughing, he did up his zipper the best that he could, and pulled down his shirt to cover the immense bulge. He then opened the door without washing his hands and walked back to his table where his food was waiting for him. Hell yeah! He was starving and needed to eat before he headed over to his cousins. The guy from the bathroom walked out and joined his friends who all proceeded to look over in his directions. Lifting his beer, Mason looked back and toasted them. Hell yeah!! This was the best thing that had ever happened to him. He was like a kid on Christmas Day!! As he ate, Mason thought about the money that would be pouring in once Vince could remake the formula. Maybe even improve on it! It had been around 4 am, as he was growing, that Mason had come up with his money making scheme involving Vince. Vince had never been the brightest bulb, and Mason knew that his vanity, his longing to be relevant again, and his money situation would have him take part in his scheme. He knew Vince wouldn’t be able to resist the $3,000, but Mason had stashed another $2,000 in another pocket just in case he had to use it. Now Mason had him exactly where he wanted him. Vince would reproduce the formula for him and if Mason felt generous enough, he’d give him 10 percent. Like he told Vince, businesses would pay big bucks for the formula… but so would some people who would do anything for power. He could imagine some politicians, some film stars, some guys in the mafia paying major bank to grow taller! Also, looking on the internet, Mason found a whole community of people who’d also pay to watch someone grow. He could pay some guy to take the formula and then put him on Only Fans. Maybe have a whole stable of giant guys and girls. He could pimp them out at a million a go! Oh yeah. Soon… very soon… he was going to have enough money to do whatever he wanted. Let the world deal with a giant problem. He’d laugh as he lived in a villa somewhere far away! Mason caught himself loudly grunting and nearly spit out the piece of burger he was chewing on as he felt himself shoot larger. Fuck!!! That was the strongest pull since late last night! It had really caught him unaware. When another hit him quickly after the first, Mason was reminded of standing in his living room and just jerking off as he grew bigger. Fuck!! Suddenly his world was spinning and he was feeling confined in the much tinier chair. He wanted to finish his food, but a third pull had other plans for him, forcefully grabbing him from what felt like the pit of his soul. Arching his back, Mason growled, attracting the glances of the people around him. As his clothes grew tighter, his arm shot out, knocking the glass of beer and plate of food on the floor. Everyone was watching, but there was nothing he could do. He couldn't control his own body. His mouth was wide open and he was grunting and groaning like he was having a fit. He tried to force his body to be still, but the pull was too powerful. Everyone was silently staring as his bulk exploded with serious mass. When it finally ended, much to the relief of himself and all the bar patrons, Mason was shocked by how much heavier he felt, even sitting down. Starting to stand, his ass and thighs got stuck on the arms of the chair, and Mason found himself pulling it off of his body. With a forceful tug, it shot out from under him and flipped onto its back. His T-shirt rose up over his belly button giving the entire bar a peak of his now sizeable stomach. He tried to pull it down, but there was no way possible that he ever could. He had grown way too big for it, and it was pulling taught across his shoulders and his chest which now looked more like tits. Mason laughed as he looked at all of the people staring at him. His cock was hard again and with the button blown off of his jeans, the head was now rising up against his stomach. Seeing it caused his smile to grow wider. It was definitely bigger than Vince’s now, standing proud and thick at nearly 11 inches! “Umm… Mason…”. The server was standing next to him and trying to get his attention. Looking to his right, Mason needed to look down to stare him in the eyes. Hadn’t the server been the same height just an hour ago? Now he was at least two inches shorter, putting Mason at 6’4. Fuck!!! 6’4! He was pretty much bigger than everyone in the fuckin bar!! “What?” Mason grinned as the server took a step back. “You.., you need to go. You’ve had enough.” “I’ll let you know when I've had enough, and I’ve only just started. Get me another…”. Mason's stomach gurgled as it swelled larger while his shoulders spread wider, tearing a seam under his arms. His cock rose up higher, forcing his zipper to open up further, revealing more shaft and pubic hair. “Look, Mason. Don’t make me call the cops. You… you can come back tomorrow.” The cops. No. As soon as they saw him they’d know. It was bad enough if someone talked about what had gone on at the bar. Fuck!! He was stupid. “Pick up my jacket.” The server quickly did as Mason told him. When he had the jacket In his hand, Mason patted the server on the head, turned and left. Walking to his car, Mason had never felt bigger or heavier. He guessed he weighed over 350 lbs now. It wasn’t just that he was taller and fatter. No. Looking at himself in a store window… he realized that he actually took up so much more space than ever before. It was like… well… like he was now two people in one! Was it possible that even his head was larger? Fitting himself in his car was difficult now that there was so much more of him to fit in the front seat. Sitting caused his zipper to pull down completely, and his 11 inch cock flopped out along with two XL egg sized testicles. His cock was no doubt the best part of growing bigger. His cock was now bigger than 98 percent of the male population in the world, and Mason was definitely proud of that. He couldn’t wait to fuck Alan with it. And with his extra mass… there would be much more force behind his pumping. A lot more. Mason definitely felt stronger than he ever had. He never before could use his muscles to get out of anything, always having to rely on his brain and his cruelty to do that for him. He was feared by many people… but due to the variety of ways he could harm them… but none would ever have been physically. Now, he felt that if he got into a fight he could totally hold his own. Probably even win. When he got to his cousin’s farm, he would have to test out his strength and see how it was. Looking up, Mason pulled his arm back and proceeded to forcefully punch the roof of the car causing a fist size dent to erupt in his hands place. Oh yeah. He was much stronger than ever before. Much. Mason started the car and pulled out into the street. His cock was still hard, and he jerked it slowly as he drove. His mind was playing out the next couple of weeks, and he couldn’t wait till the money started to pour in. Pulling onto another street, Mason began to whistle. He was practically euphoric. For a brief second, he wondered if it was the drug in his system causing him to feel on top of the world. He felt powerful… strong… and ready to take on anything. He was definitely horny, but he would have to wait till tomorrow to go to Alan’s. His hand would just have to do. Singing a song he made up, Mason drove down the road. Paying attention more to the road and his own cock, he didn’t notice when the back of his T-shirt split, nor the seam in his right arm pit. Even with his hand on his cock, he didn’t notice how it had begun to force his grip further apart as it moved in length ever closer to twelve inches. No. Mason wouldn’t take the changes in until he was at his cousin’s house and in the bathroom, admiring himself in the mirror. Fuck, he thought. I have to be… like… 6’5! Hell yeah!!! Tall… big… and with a cock that would split anyone in two!!! I’ll need to tell Vince to get me some new clothes. Doubt he’ll be able to buy them in Walmart. Might need to go to the Big and Tall!!! Mason lifted his arm and flexed. A sizable peak rose up as he did. As he felt it with his hand, his cock hardened. Watching his new anaconda rise up had Mason drooling. It was soooo long… sooo thick! It had more than doubled in size in 24 hours Mason grinned as he began to stroke his cock while watching himself in the mirror and admiring his massive bulk.. When he came, he thought he felt himself grow slightly larger, but as he cleaned himself and the floor and the mirror off, he thought he had only imagined it. He was exhausted. Walking into the living room, he took off the rest of his clothes, lay down on the couch, and shut the lights off. He only wanted to rest his eyes for 10 to 15 minutes; needed to rest them. But, his cock had other plans. In seconds it was hard again… achingly hard… and leaking onto his stomach. In the dark, with a grin. he grabbed it with both hands and slowly began to stroke it.
  6. CONTENT WARNING: This is a story fundamentally about abuse - how it affects us, and how we recover from it. To do this, it depicts this abuse - not in an especially graphic way, but enough to make me (an abuse survivor) feel uncomfortable writing it. Mostly this is focused around Chapter 2, with the rest of the story focusing on confrontation and rehabilitation. Chapter 1-3 this page Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 AUTHORS'S NOTE: This is a story in seven eight parts. I plan to release the first three today, with a staggered release of parts 4-8. I've finished writing, but there are some extensive re-writes I'd like to put in to those later chapters. The story is inspired by the amazing Elongro by Dredlifter. In fact, it started life as fanfiction of this story. Dred was incredibly supportive of the idea and generous with his time, but ultimately I had made major misunderstandings about his characters that caused my own to be completely different to how he envisioned them. But I was still pretty proud of the story I wanted to tell, and wanted to share it - so I've made it my own. There are basic plot elements that you might find familiar if you've read Elongro - and if you haven't, you probably should, it's great - but these dissipate as the story progresses, and completely changes by Chapter 3. -------------------------------------------------------- “I still want to be friends. But right now there's nobody to be friends with. You need to find yourself, first, Trent.” It isn’t raining. Somehow, it feels like it should be. If this was a movie, he’d be sitting here, still, with those words ringing in his ears, the room long-cold around him. And rain against the glass. But there’s no rain. And the reality of the emptiness in him, that gnawing, festering wound in the pit of his stomach was anything but a movie. It was real. When did it get like this? -------------------------------------------------------- “Hey, what’s good, sh- I mean, Seb?” Sebastian’s expression sours as his taller, stronger roommate bounds in and throws himself on the sofa next to him, jostling him around. He liked the guy - they were best friends, really, ever since rooming together in freshman year. Now sophomores, and still sharing an apartment together, they had become inseparable. Except for… “short stuff”. He wasn’t exactly tiny, but at 5’7” he was definitely one of the shorter guys on campus. He’d always been fine with it. He jogged regularly and had a lithe runner’s frame, a pretty-boy face and, honestly, more interest in his academic studies and nerdier interests for his relative lack of size to bother him. But then Trent came along. It mostly wasn’t his fault - just as Seb wasn’t tiny, Trent wasn’t gigantic, but his 5’10” certainly seemed a lot to his smaller roommate. And he worked hard at the gym; nothing world-beating, but a ripped 180lbs that had become 190lbs during freshman year, of which he was immensely proud. Proximity to that couldn’t help but make Sebastian feel… small. But he was cool with it. Except when Trent called him “short stuff”. “Sorry man…” Trent says, picking up his mistake. His face is one of genuine concern, but then it lights up. “But, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about! I got the answer for you; whaddya know about B825?” Seb rolls his eyes - Trent was always trying anything he could to make himself bigger and stronger, and he’d heard it all before. Though even he had to admit, Trent was more animated than usual, and he’d never tried to get him on board before. He spills on and on about this experimental drug; it was illegal in the US, but most of Europe and even Canada had recently condoned its use in certain cases. It had become a hot topic on most of the forums Trent followed, with stories of its success varying wildly. Some people claimed to bulk up a few pounds, maybe an inch or two in height - others, however, claimed to have experienced much, much more than this, cannoning up in height and gains to unbelievable levels. Trent’s imagination was ablaze. He knew it was probably tall tales, but… the possibility that it could be true? That was worth it to him. “....and it’s all sorted, if we want it. Zenico have a lab just over the border that does appointments, and I have one next Wednesday. What do you say?” “I say; what’s it gonna cost me?” Asks Seb, still sceptical. “$250” “$250?! Come on, Trent. You know it’s probably all bogus right? You won’t even grow an inch.” “But what if it isn’t? Can’t you imagine it? Me and you, big men on campus? And we can grow some friends too, there’s six doses in total. Aren’t you fed up with being the little guy?” Sebastian’s brow furrows again. -------------------------------------------------------- “Ah!” Seb sucks his teeth as the needle enters the cheek of his buttocks. “Easy man, it’ll all be worth it.” says Trent as he carefully depresses the syringe, and removes it. He’d had a hard time getting his hands to stay steady; he’d had a smile on his face the entire drive back over the border, and all but bounded into the apartment, demanding that Sebastian drop trou immediately. Seb still wasn’t convinced, and he was starting to have second thoughts. If Trent was like this now, and this stuff did work - what would a bigger, more boisterous Trent be like? “Alright, now it’s my turn. Time to get big, pal!” The two of them swap places, as Seb buckles up, Trent prepares for his injection. He stands with his pants pulled down slightly and waits - and waits a little longer. “Sorry man, I just want to get this right - I’ve never done it before!” Seb says, before he finally feels the sharp scratch of the needle himself. He grits his teeth, and thinks of everything it’s going to bring him - just as the door opens. “Hey - oh, couldn’t wait for me, huh?” Trent’s girlfriend, Brie, throws her bag onto the sofa and heads on over, going onto tiptoes to plant a kiss on her boyfriend’s lips. Seb removes the needles hurriedly, surprised by the intrusion. “Oh, hey! Trent never mentioned you were coming over. Did you know about…” “The B825? You mean the only thing he’s talked about for the last week? Yeah, I might have heard about it. I swear, it’s like he doesn’t love me anymore…” “As if!” Trent kisses her again, and pulls up his pants. “Brie here’s our third dose. But given where it’s injected, I think I’ll handle this one buddy!” With a smirk and a wink, he turns and takes the vial and fresh syringe from his friend. “Don’t wait up. But remember - tomorrow it all starts. I’m taking you to the gym, and we’re going to start getting huge!” -------------------------------------------------------- “8……….. 9, come on man, push push push…… 10! Alright, good work bro! I’m proud of you.” Trent takes the bar from Seb and racks it. He’d been impressed by Seb’s gains these last few months; he’d taken to lifting like a duck to water, the B825 obviously doing its work. Perhaps because he’d been so small to begin with, Sebastian’s transformation seemed explosive. He was wearing new clothes, the cheapest he could get, and borrowed hand-me-downs from Trent, eating bigger and of course lifting bigger. Trent couldn’t help but notice the difference between him and his little friend getting less and less each day, but he couldn’t be prouder. It felt like his hard work just as much as Seb’s. And the theory of it affecting smaller people quicker certainly held water with Brie. He’d seen her last night for their last meeting before the summer. He’d managed to find work back home, and she had a temporary internship, and they had made sure their last meeting would be memorable. He grinned as he thought about it - she had so much more energy these days, and she could take him like she never could before. He wasn’t huge - a respectable 6.5 inches - but that was more than enough for her previously diminutive, 5’3” frame. She was now up to 5’7”, and the difference was palpable. Whereas for Trent… nothing. No, nothing yet, he reminds himself. It was coming. The stuff worked, obviously. He was bigger, technically - another 5lbs over the months he’d been working hard with Seb, but he hadn’t noticed any change to his height, and there certainly wasn’t the dramatic change to his strength he’d seen with either his girlfriend or best friend. But he couldn’t wait until he did. “God, I’m wiped!” Seb says, wiping himself with a towel. “How much was that, anyway?” “190, that’s 60lbs more than when you started. You’re doing incredible, buddy!” “Naw, man, I wouldn’t be anywhere near this alone. It’s all down to you, Trent.” “Really? I thought it was all down to her…” Trent gives his friend a sly smile and nods his head towards the girl on the treadmill across from them. She’s tall, fit, voluptuous and certainly getting a lot of attention. “Don’t tell me you haven’t been checking her out, I’ve seen you. I think you were digging deep for her, not me…” “Stop being a creep,” Seb says, his cheeks flushing even redder. “Anyway, it’s you I want to strip... Wanna measure me before we head? I want to see how much I grow over the summer!” he jokes. Trent assents, a little bit puzzled by the leap in his chest at the suggestion. Seb, of course, would be going nowhere over the summer break; potentially literally, the way he spoke about it, he had no plans of leaving the gym. Money wasn’t an issue, with an allowance from his parents that was more than generous, and his sights were clearly set on one thing. The boys wash and change, and head back to the apartment, where they strip down to their undies. As requested, Trent begins to measure his friend. “185lbs, bro you’re bulking fast! And… shit, 16.5”, nice guns.” He says, genuinely amazed at Seb’s progress. But that’s not what Seb wants to know. He stands against the wall of the apartment, and Trent dutifully measures his height for him. And it slaps him in the face. “Dude… this says 5’10”” He looks in disbelief at Sebastian, who beams and punches the air, laughing to himself. But he was 5’10”... how could Seb have caught him up so quickly? How could he have not noticed that they were the same height? “That’s awesome, dude! And that means you’ve grown too, right?” Seb says, jubilantly. “Huh?” “Aw, don’t act stupid. You’re definitely taller than me bro. C’mon, we’ll do that first!” Trent nods, and takes Seb’s position. He couldn’t really tell - was he still taller? Seb seemed sure, but to him it seemed- “YEAH! Way to go bro!” “What? I’m taller? What am I, 5’11”?” “Yep. Well, near enough. Say 5’10 and a half? But you know what that means, right? You’ve finally joined the club! Man, I can’t wait to see what the summer brings.” Trent is conflicted. He’d grown. Finally. But nowhere near as much as his friends. Still it had started, and it was only a matter of time. Right?
  7. This story is a conversion of an old RP I did with a friend, @jsmith230. It was one of my favorite RPs so I thought I would convert it and share. While my first preference is muscle growth with a secondary love of height growth, you could say his preferences are the inverse of mine. So that will give you a hint of what this story will entail. Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12Part 13 *************************************************************************** Elongro “Dude, have you heard of that new 'Elongro' drug? I have to get my hands on it. I want to get huge this year!” Seth rolls his eyes as he listens to Trevor ramble on about the new miracle drug that has been making a splash among the young adult community worldwide. Trevor and Seth are college roommates and best buddies currently in their second year of college. The two were paired up as dormmates during Freshman year and their friendship blossomed from there. Both 19 years old, the two share a small apartment just off campus. To the outsider, Trevor is the alpha of the friendship, much more confident, outgoing and outspoken than his counterpart. He has always been very athletic and since coming to college has fully invested his free time into fitness and working out. He's obsessed with trying to put on mass and is always trying the latest supplements, pills and powders, along with constantly reading articles on new exercises programs to try. He has built himself up to a nice, ripped, 185 lbs on a 5’10.5 frame. His body fat hovers around 10-12% and he sports a nice 6-pack. But, like any true wannabe bodybuilder, it wasn't, deep down he wanted more. Much more. Seth is Trevor's roommate and while he also has a natural athleticism to him, he hasn't pursued it nearly to the degree that Trevor has, though few people could really say that. Some of the reason behind this is that Seth always felt just a bit too small to ever have great success in sports. He was one of those people who were content to be good enough to make the high school baseball team though he only saw limited playing time. Since college began, Seth exercised a couple times a week, mainly by just jogging, leaving him with a naturally slim and toned 145 lbs on his 5’8 body. The pair were pursuing business degrees although Trevor wasn't quite sold on the idea after his first year. While Seth fully intends to pursue a sales and marketing career, Trevor has considered switching to a more body-centric physical therapy program that would work well in parallel with his pursuit of fitness excellence. What currently has Trevor excited is the discovery of a new drug that offered an exciting possibility. Within the past year, a new compound was developed and released in Korea that is commonly known as “Elongro”. It's use had begun to spread across the developed world. However, due the USA’s overly strict drug testing protocol, the drug is still not legally available in the USA though it is available in most of Asia, Europe and Canada. The drug has caused excitement for people who are small in stature, either height or build. What the drug does is that it basically freezes a young adult growth rate, including hormonal levels, where that rate might be starting to wane. Along with enhancing the sex characteristics, it also keeps their growth plates open for an extended amount of time, allowing an individual to continue to grow for much longer than they normally would. Seth shakes his head as he listens to his roommate explain the drug. “What that means, Seth, is that if you naturally had, say, one more month of growth before your plates fused, you might keep growing at the same rate for another 2-3 months instead with Elongro. But, just think, if you were in the middle of a big growth spurt and originally had many months, or year left, you could potential retain that growth rate for a few more years! Isn't that awesome!” “Uh huh. Sure man. Sounds cool man,” Seth replied cooly. “Sounds a bit too good to be true, really.” “Well, it's not perfect, you're right.” Trevor pulls up his phone to read the details of the drug from the website he'd been researching. “The major drawback of the drug is that it has been shown to cause devastating side effects if a person is still showing any signs of puberty. Most humans complete puberty by the time they are 16 or 17 but keep growing in size for another 1 to 4 years. Because of this risk, most countries that allow the sale of the drug ban it from being used on any person under the age of 19. Also, the drug will not work if a person’s growth plates have already fused, which for many people has already occurred by the time they are 19. Thus, the window for success for the drug is very limited, if open at all. The reports say that only about one-quarter of the people who try to drug experience any results.” Trevor looks away from his phone at his disinterested roommate, but his own excitement cannot be interrupted and he keeps scrolling through the information showing on his phone. “For those that it does work, though, the results have been significant! Bro, this website says there are online rumors from the drug’s testing phase of people putting on 40-50 lbs of muscle and growing up to 6 to 8 inches taller well into their 20s! Shit dude, that would ROCK! I read that for those who are lucky enough to still be growing, the average success rate has been 15 lbs and 2-3 inches over an additional 6 months to 1 year of growing. I would give anything to put on some more size like that! My training has really stalled lately.” “That is pretty sweet, Trev. But you said it yourself, it may not even work. If you've finished your natural growth you're S.O.L.” Trevor huffs as Seth downplays Elongro. Tervor can't help but imagine the possibilities. Though he never mentioned it, while focused on growing his muscles, he secretly always wanted to be taller as well. He hadn't told Seth, but he had already started the process of obtaining the Elongro. He had already set up a quick weekend trip to Canada where a close friend was to obtain a prescription and then supply him with a vial of Elongro. He's aware of the illegality but the chance to put on some size even if it's just a few pounds or an inch in height, is too much to pass up. Because of the drug’s scarcity and the fact he has to obtain it illegally, it will cost Trevor over $1200, a huge amount for a poor college kid. “Seth, from my doctor’s appointment this summer I found out that I had grown another ½” to my current 5’10-1/2 height. So I'm positive I'm on my final growth spurt! I just KNOW it will work. But I got to get started soon before my growth stops.” “Ok, man, whatever. Man, you really are obsessed with size. You've got that dysmorphia thing, haha. I men, you are already jacked, you should be happy.” “Never big enough, bro!” the handsome stud chuckled in reply. “So how does it work? Is it a pill or something?” “Naw, it's an injection. It works from just one single injection. Each vial contain enough liquid for 5 injections, even though only one is needed. This is where you come in, bro!” “Me? What for?” “Well, the thing is, this shit is really expensive. And, like I said you only need one injection, but each vial has enough for five injections. So, I wanted to ask, If I get the Elongro, could I sell you an injection too? It would help me out and I would appreciate it. My girlfriend already said she'd take one of the injections too. Help a brother out, it's fuckin' expensive stuff. I'm not even asking for the full price of a dose, just $200 to help me cover.” “C'mon Trev, don't ask me that. I don't... Man, I don’t think I’ve grown in a couple of years, it would most likely be a waste on me.” “But, Bro, even if you had the slimmest chance to be just a little taller and stronger, wouldn’t you want to take it?” Trevor tries his best to pitch the idea. Seth rebuffs his approaches but he knows what will get Seth on board. “Hey, you know that girl that works at the rec center you’ve been crushing of the past year? Remember how you told me you overheard her talking with her friends that she said she would never date a guy under 5’10 and 175 lbs? She says that because she's pretty tall for a girl, like 5'9 or so. Just think, buddy! If you put some size maybe she’ll give you a second look!” Trevor sees the gears turning in Seth's head. He still seems unconvinced but he can tell he's touched a nerve. “C’mon man, you always told me how you felt like you were too small in high school to be one of the jocks on campus even though you were on the baseball team. This could be your chance to put on some size and least be average height. Wouldn’t you want that, little buddy?” Trevor tosses in ‘little buddy’ because he knows Seth hates when bigger dudes call him that. And that seals the deal. “Ugh. Fine, bro. Whatever," he says with annoyed defeat. "And hey, I’m way past puberty so there’s no risk, right? Other than I’ll be out $200." “That’s the spirit, pal! I promise this will be worth the investment!” * Seth walks to his room to collect the cash. He can't help but shake his head at Trevor's crazy antics. "This stuff is never going to work on me," he says to himself. But, knowing how into this Trevor is he knows that the right thing to do is to support his roomie and at least give it a try. Plus, that way when it doesn't work, he can hold that over his head! Or at least Trev will give it up and move onto something different, just like he always does. The following weekend Trevor makes five hour drive up North to Canada. Upon his return he excitedly enters their apartment and makes himself known. That night, the two friends administer the shot. They both have it their our heads that the effect would be immediate, even though all of the documentation says they won't know right away whether or not it works. But the placebo effect is very real those first few days and it drives the two crazy not knowing for sure if they will see an impact, but the excitement builds. That night Seth dream of growing taller, standing over guys who always made fun of his short height and pushing his skinny body around... being seen as tall... growing again... finally becoming the man he'd always wanted to be. Not being relegated to playing right field in baseball having never hit a home run. All those guys looking down at Seth! He jolts awake and realizes his dick is tenting the sheets. Even though he was skeptical at first, he can't help but think how deep down he must want this injection to work. How badly he needs to become bigger and stronger. He chuckles, knowing how slim the odds are and fades back to sleep. After the first few days of no noticeable changes the two both act as if nothing has happened. Although they both seem to be constantly checking themselves against the heights of familiar landmarks and people, including each other. Inside Trevor is still stoked, convinced that he will reap significant gains. Knowing that Seth hasn't grown upwards in years, he knows it likely won't work for his friend, but he was happy he at least he got $200 out of Seth. Truthfully, Trevor loved having Seth as his roommate. Not only from a personality standpoint, but he loved being the bigger and more dominant man compared to Seth. It was nothing against Seth, it just fed well into Trevor's desire to get bigger and build up his physique. Whenever they went out, Seth always demurred to Trevor when choosing which movies to watch, with parties to go to, what girls to hang with. Trevor was the alpha apparent. Two weeks after the injections the two are eating dinner and Trevor notices Seth is wolfing down a ton of food. "Hungry, there Seth?" "Dude," he says between mouthfuls of grilled chicken, "I can't remember the last time I was this hungry. I just can't get to feeling full lately... it's so weird..." Trevor chuckles as he watches Seth go back to finishing his chicken before starting on some brats. Trevor shakes his head, teasing Seth that “the freshman 15 is real, just delayed for you" before getting up to do the dishes. A bit later the two are hanging out watching TV and chatting about classes and wanting to catch the new Spiderman movie. Seth rubs his full round belly and ponders, pausing, before finally asking his roomie a surprising question. "Have you been making any gains in the gym? I was thinking rather than just running maybe I would try lifting some." Trevor is taken off guard. He knew Seth never went to the rec center other than to run, and certainly never made his way into the weight room. "I was thinking... maybe... I could like... join you sometime?" While Seth has managed to stay relatively thin, having a fitness obsessed roommate might be starting to rub off on him a bit. "Its just, with how I've been eating... maybe I should," he jokes. "I'll get fat if I keep eating like this. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to have a bit more muscle for the ladies... maybe get some attention for once. It seems to have worked out well for you!" "Hell yeah buddy! I would love to be your training partner. Hell, I was thinking I might want to make a career out of it in the future, either personal training or physical therapy. I'd love to show you the ropes, you could be my first client! But, don't worry, little buddy, I won't charge you." Seth's face tightens at the words 'little buddy' and Trevor instantly feels bad. "Er...sorry, Seth. But yeah, even though you haven't been lifting I can tell you are a little bit thicker lately, just from all the food you've been eating. I'm still making gains, but it's slow going." The next day Trevor takes Seth to the gym for his first weightlifting workout. Seth marvels at the poundages that Trevor buddy can lift. Trevor boasts that he can bench 225 lbs ten times and Seth seems to be in shock when he performs the feat. On his turn, Seth can barely do 135 lbs five times. He is disappointed but his new trainer props him up. "Hey, dude, honestly that's a great weight, especially for your first workout. When I started I couldn't even bench 95 lbs once!" Seth perks up at that. As the two leave the weight room Seth notices the hot girl at the towel desk, Stacy. He is understandably smitten as he steals glances. “Fuck, Trevor. That Stacy is one super hot chick.” "Oh I hear ya man. I certainly don't mind the eye candy when I come here to lift everyday. Would love to get into that...if I weren't currently dating Brooke, that is, haha." Grinning stupidly, Seth replies. "Yeah, she's so hot Trev.... but I doubt she'd pay much attention to a guy like me." Seth can't help but notice her height, not too far off from Trevor's. Noticeably taller than he is, certainly. That seems to be the case with a lot of girls on campus. So many of the college girls and guys seem so tall lately. Trevor laughs and reminds his friend that time in the gym won't hurt and that if he stays consistent and pushes himself that she won't care how tall he is. "Muscles always seal the deal!" Trevor chuckles and throws up a double bicep pose, flexing his impressive exposed arms, grinning cockily, causing Seth to roll his eyes. "Trev, doubt you'll be saying that when you are a six footer with me looking WAY up at you!” Seth jokes. "Then you will be tall AND muscular. I'm going to look like a little kid next to you.... so yeah, I better start lifting more I guess!" * A few weeks go by and Seth has been sticking with the gym, much to the surprise of his roommate. While it wasn't like Trevor had no faith in his buddy, he just knew the dropout rates for new lifters was very high. Trevor continues to coach and direct Seth, both in the weight room and giving him advice on his diet . His training advice is sound, and both can already see an improvement in Seth's physique, though it's not been easy for the new gymrat. "Ugh, Trevor, is it normal to ache all the time? I can never seem to really recover..." “Haha, buddy that's part of the deal. Though the more you lift the less sore you should be. It could be that you're not taking enough time to recover. Could be that your muscles are actually growing or any number of reasons. Just growing pains. But, it means that you are actually working and growing, so be excited, man!” Before long, Seth begins to notice that his shoes are uncomfortably tight. He'd worn size 9s since he finished growing taller a few years prior. At first he figures it's the workout. One day after class he hits the mall to get a new pair. While Trevor hangs out at their apartment he gets a text from Seth: [Trev, you won't believe it. I had to get new shoes! Size 10.5!! Crazy!!] Tervor's mind races, trying to process Seth's text. He'd been denying Seth's progress, playing it off as beginner gains. But could his smaller buddy actually be growing? A hint of fear and jealousy permeates his mind. He thinks to himself how his size 11 shoes haven't been feeling any tighter. He calms down and rationalizes that maybe the little guy is going to have one small growth spurt. There is still no way Seth will ever catch him. He convinces himself that must be growing too, even if his shoes still fit. I mean, your feet don't HAVE to get bigger to increase your height, right? Trevor remembers how he is up 7 lbs to 192 lbs, the biggest he's ever been and he doesn't seem any more muscular or more fat, so he assumes that extra weight is coming from added height. The thought calms his nerves and he smiles to himself, excited for the growth that lies ahead. * It is now six weeks after the shot and the two are once again in the gym working out. Seth has been make even more noteworthy progress and has settled into a dedicated routine. This time Trevor brings a notebook. In the locker room after the lifting session Trevor confronts his protege. "Dude, I am a terrible trainer! I forgot to take your initial stats to see how you are coming along. So let's start now, better late than never. We'll use this notebook to make sure you keep progressing. It's good motivation too to see your lifts go up week after week. Ok, how tall again?” "5 ft 8" Seth says, slightly annoyed. "Well, just a bit under actually." “Really? Are you sure?” Trevor looks at Seth, unconvinced. At first he is apprehensive to find out for sure, but he can't deny that Seth looks at least a little taller. Wanting to be a trainer though, he knows he needs to be accurate and thorough with his log books. "Nah, dude, let's find out for sure." Trevor directs Seth to stand against the wall while he takes a tape measure out of his bag. He measures his buddy. "Just a hair under 5 ft 9, dude!" Seth eyes widen and he looks at Trevor excitedly. He shouts, "Maybe that stuff is working for me! I've never been over 5'8 before!” “Dude, that's awesome! You're not quite AS tiny as before, haha. Ok c'mon let's take your weight.” Next, Seth hops on the scale. It reads 160 lbs. “Great job, Seth. That's a 15 lb gain in just 6 weeks. Those are pretty good beginner gains, dude!” Seth can't be more excited as Trevor notes his huge grin. He is thrilled! “Ok man, let's get your other measurements for the log.” Trevor tapes all of Seth's a major muscles groups and writes them in the notebook. Arms: 14.5” Chest: 38.5” Waist: 31” Quads: 21.5” Calves: 14” Trevor can't help but mentally compare his own stats to feed his ego. While Seth may have crept up in height he took solace that he still had him beat everywhere. He knew his 17” guns, 42” pecs, 24.5” legs and 15.5” calves were all well bigger while his tight 30” waist was even more ripped than his little buddy's. Not to mention, from what he had seen of his roommate in the showers, he had more 'down there' as well, the thought of which gave him a reassuring grin. “Not bad, dude! You've got some really big arms compared to the rest of you, definitely a strength. A good one to have too. Chicks dig big guns.” "I still can't believe it, Dude. I grew! I grew!" he keeps saying, trying not to draw a ton of attention to himself. "This is awesome. If it's working for me, it MUST be working for you too! Do you want me to measure your height too?" Tervor shifts a bit, clearly looking uncomfortable and conflicted. "It'll only take a minute... come on... this is exciting!!" Trevor shrugs and submits. Seth grabs and extends the tape measure, coming in closer to take his height. As he does, Trevor can't help but notice how much Seth seems to have closed that gap. The difference between 5ft8 and 5ft10.5 is noticeable, but an inch and a half really isn't. From a distance the two could look the same height! The thought causes the competitive trainer to shudder at the thought. He's always been bigger and taller than his roommate. "And it'll stay that way," he thinks to himself as he stands as straight as you can. The wait for Seth to declare the number feels like hours. Finally, he speaks. "Five Ten, Trev. Still." Seth pauses and watches for Trevor's reaction. He seems deflated momentarily before regaining composure. Seth attempts to reassure him. "Maybe it works different on people depending on their growth stage... I'm sure your growth will come soon!!" Seth says, slapping his back, "Hell, you've made great gains in the gym so something is happening!" Trevor seems to take this to heart, but Seth can tell he isn't completely convinced. Even so, while Seth is jubilant about his growth, he keeps it to myself to not offend his roommate. "Hey Trev, how about you have Brooke come over? I can cook us dinner tonight. I'm starved!!" he says as they grab their bags and head for the door. On the way back to their condo Trevor is obviously dejected but does his best to hide it. He can't believe that Seth is only about an inch shorter than him. And what happened to 5'10 and a HALF? Seth must've missed that last ½ inch, he tells himself. Still, it hurts not feeling as big. With the overall presence of his ripped muscles on his frame Trevor always felt like he towered over his smaller roommate. Not so much anymore. That night Brooke comes over as Seth is whipping up a feast in the kitchen. Having listened to Trevor go on an on about how important a big diet is for big muscles, Seth knew a big nutritious meal would cheer his friend up, let alone sate his own growing hunger. By now the two are well into the second semester of the school year. Everyone is deep into their studies neither had seen Brooke in about three weeks. When she comes in Trevor is stunned at how gorgeous she looks, even more beautiful than he remembered. He felt a stirring in his crotch as his girlfriend made her entrance. The FaceTime chats that they had been relegated to just didn't do her justice. She comes in wearing heels and is almost as tall as Seth! Trevor remembered her being about three inches shorter than Seth when he first introduced her. He now realizes she must be about 5'7 now! Seth too was stunned, noting how tall and sleek she looked. He recalled how Trevor told him he gave her the shot too and it seemed it was working on her too, maybe even more so than Seth! "Hey boys!", she said as she entered. “Hey babe! Damn, I've missed you. You are smokin'!” She goes over to her boyfriend gave him a kiss. Seth notices that Trevor didn't have to bend over like he used to, or at all to kiss her on the lips. She looks over at her boyfriend's roomie. "Hey Seth! You are looking good! I can tell you've been hitting the gym. Trevor said you'd been lifting with him lately. I can see that you've put on some muscle. You're going to have to move up size large, that medium shirt is looking a little tight! Trev, Babe, you must be a fantastic trainer!" The trio have a great evening catching up with each other and enjoying the grilled Caribbean chicken dish that Seth prepared. That night, after the friends retire to their rooms, Trevor goes to town fucking Brooke. All night long he had been staring at his girl full of lust. She just looked so fit and healthy. She was always fit, but she seemed to be on a another level tonight. Maybe it was the longer legs. He also couldn't deny that he was in much need of some release due to the frustration that he seemingly wasn't growing nearly fast enough. * Over the next few weeks, Seth is like a demon in the gym, pushing himself harder and harder and harder. Trevor watches and celebrates his gains, proud that his training techniques are working so effectively. And yet jealously, he see's his buddy making gains so quickly. While Seth started out benching 135, he's now pushing 185 for the same number of reps easily. It's an astounding change. And his shirts keep getting tighter and tighter, to the point now that he's started borrowing old shirts from Trevor! Trevor shakes his head, barely believing that his supposed small roommate needed them now. The duo keep pushing themselves in the gym, even during finals. They can hardly believe that the semester is almost over. It's even harder to believe that two are both getting summer jobs, though Trevor's will be out of state. "Sucks I won't be able to train with you for a couple of months, Trev... it's really been awesome. I've never been so buff in my life." Trevor has recently noticed that Seth's voice has gotten deeper over the last few weeks. Luckily, though, Seth hasn't seemed to have caught him in height. It's something they both have been watching for out of the corners of their eyes. During their last lift together for the school year Seth points to his notebook in Trevor's bag. "Maybe we should take stats again so that I can keep track of the progress myself?" “Erm...yeah man. Of course. Let's see how much mass you've put on, bro!” he says, purposely not mentioning height. The two head to the locker room and strip to their skivvies. Trevor notes how's Seth's body has developed so much that he's not too far behind himself, a thought that worries him. Seth steps on the scale first. The two watch it, with widening eyes, as it swings to 175 pounds. Seth's face brightens excitedly. "Dude... that's another 15 pounds in five weeks. NO WONDER none of my clothes fit!!! Oh wow I could tell I was getting some muscles when I look in the mirror, but this is awesome! Ok, let's take my other measurements. Bro, you are an awesome trainer!" The two high five and Trevor grabs the tape and steps up to Trevor. “Ok. Arms...16 and a quarter”. Woah dude. You are still rocking those huge guns, damn! And they are so defined, crazy, man.” Seth flexes his arm and Trevor watches, stunned, as the ball of muscle leaps into relief. It isn't huge, but a big, solid, undeniable lump of muscle bulges. It is the first time he has seen his roommate flex in any way. “Holy shit, Seth. Your peaks is sweet. Geezus. Ok, let's get the rest. Chest is...41”. Big gain of over two inches, wow. Waist is still 31”, so you're not getting fatter. It seems to be all muscle, dude! Legs...now 23”. Calves...another inch at 15. Those are some studly gains, dude! You're beginner gains won't quit!” “Thanks Trevor, I owe a ton of it to you bro!” “Any time, roomie! Ok move out the way so I can check my weight.” “Hey Trev, can you take my height?” “Erm...um yeah I suppose. You think you are still growing?” “I think so. I hope so.” It's the moment Trevor been dreading. Seth steps against the wall, standing as straight as he can. The anticipation is killing him. He WANTS to be bigger. HE WANT to be taller, even if it seems like he hasn't quite matched Trevor yet. Trevor measures him once... then again... and again. "Dude, what's up?" Seth asks. Trevor grins at him. Internally, Seth worries that he's hasn't grown anymore. Then shares the news. "You are five-ten now!" Now Seth understands the grin on Trevor's face. If he's 5ft10, that means... "Dude! Trevor, you must have grown TOO!!" The two high five, both ecstatic at each others' growth. "I told you, Trevor! It was only a matter of time!!" Trevor looks thrilled, FINALLY this drug was WORKING. Seth steps aside and readies his measurements without a word. It's clear he wants to know. He NEEDS to know. Seth first takes his weight, "200 pounds! Swole man, damn!!" And then he measures his height. "Almost 6ft, dude! You are nearly there!!!" * Trevor is so excited he could almost cry. He bear hugs Seth and lifts him off the ground, taking note of how newly solid and heavy Seth now feels. "Hell yeah buddy! We've both put on about an inch!” He sets his friend down. “But wait, you said 'almost 6 ft'. What was it really?” "Oh,...um...it was right at 5ft11.5. Maybe just a hair under.” Trevor's smile slightly wanes but he certainly can't be disappointed after the last measurement turned up no discernible growth. "But still, Seth, that's just about an inch of growth. I am totally going to hit 6 ft, I just know it!" “Hell yeah man, and maybe I can at least get to 'almost 6 ft' like you said, haha. Starting out at 5'8” I'd be more than happy being 'almost 6 ft'!” “I guess you were right, Seth. It does affect everyone a bit different. I mean, Brooke actually grew the fastest out of all us so far, she's put on like two and half inches.” “Sorta makes sense, I remember back in Junior High that the girls often grew faster at first compared to the boys. But yeah, man, it's working for Brooke though. She looks extra hot lately. Hope you don't mind me sayin'.” “Haha. No prob, dude. You can look, just don't touch!” The two laugh and high five again. Even though Trevor discovered that he is just slightly shorter than what Seth had originally let on, he is still joyous. His confidence that he always remain the bigger roommate returns. That night after the measurements Trevor meets up with Brooke for their last night together before they break from summer. Like him, she will also be away for the summer so they plan a last special night together. After eating at their favorite restaurant the two head home for some intimate time. Back at Trevor's condo, his excitement in the bedroom is palpable and spills over into his performance. “Woah there, tiger. What's gotten into you? I like it, stud.” Brooke asks, pleased at the sensations he is giving her. Brooke is also looking taller and more voluptuous than ever, further revving up the horny college stud. He proceeds to give her a heavy dicking from all the excitement at finally growing and making some noticeable muscle gains. He relays the news to Brooke and in the middle of their fucking she wants to be measured too. Trevor excitedly obeys and measure her now at 5 ft 8.5! He thinks to himself how his girlfriend is becoming quite the vixen before the two return to the bed for another round. The two, both enhanced and excited by the results of the Elongro, are able to go longer than they ever had before. The couple drift asleep in each other arms, Trevor dreaming of growing stronger, more muscular and taller than he could've ever imagined. To Be Continued... Jump to Part 2: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/16655-elongro/?do=findComment&comment=207069
  8. deathbyraptors

    Mega Muscle Boost

    First time writing a story, so apologies in advance for any formatting/pacing issues! I don't have any plans to continue the story, just had an idea I wanted to explore a bit. Hope you enjoy! _______________________________________________________________ Walking back home from the grocery store, Sam stopped at a busy intersection, waiting for the light to cross. He was lost in thought, replaying his last conversation with his boyfriend Trevor. They had been dating for 3 years and Trevor thought that their sex life had started to get boring and routine. Trevor would always make small comments about Sam’s body, saying he wished Sam was more muscular. Trevor had a thing for muscle and wanted Sam to get bigger. Sam was frustrated with the incessant nagging. He was 6’1” and had a slim build, it was hard for him to pack on any size. He had been going to the gym regularly for years, eating as much as he could, and it never seemed to do anything besides keep him trim and fit. Trevor was shorter than Sam, at 5’7” but had a more muscular build. It was easier for him, Sam thought. The same amount of muscle looked much bigger on Trevor’s smaller frame. Sam sighed thinking about it and pulled out his phone. He absentmindedly started searching again for supplements, hoping to find something that would help him pack on some size and make Trevor happy. His attention was drawn to a strange link on the search page, and he clicked on it. His phone loaded up the website which looked like it was made in the late 90’s. ‘Needing to pack on size quick? Try our new formula today!’ the website’s banner exclaimed. ‘Mega Muscle Boost, the only supplement you’ll ever need!’ He looked at some of the bullet points, ‘Add pounds of muscle instantly!’ ‘Guaranteed to work!’ ‘Helped hundreds of guys get their dream body!’ Sure, Sam thought with an eye roll. It’s probably just creatine with some vitamins mixed in to scam desperate people. He scrolled down the page and looked at the price. A tub of the stuff was only $25. Well, it’s at least a cheap scam, Sam thought. What the hell. He added it to the cart and checked out. Looking up, he noticed the light had turned green, so he stuck his phone back into his pocket and headed home. --- A few days later he got a notification that a package was delivered. Sam headed home from work excited to try out the supplement and see if it worked. When he got home, he found Trevor in the living room watching TV. “Hey, a package came for you, I put it in the kitchen.” Trevor said, not looking up from his show. Sam headed to the kitchen and found the box. Opening it up, he saw a small tub with the Mega Muscle Boost logo on it. He read the only writing he could find on the label. ‘Directions: Use included scoop, mix with beverage of choice as often as desired, and enjoy! Warning: Extremely potent, overdose may cause unwanted side effects.’ Well, that’s not very clear, Sam thought to himself. How do I know what is too much if there’s no directions! Sam opened it up and saw a small plastic scoop. He put one scoop of the powder in a glass and filled it with water. Mixing it up, he chugged the drink. As he swallowed the mixture, he noticed it didn’t have much of a taste. Sam waited for a few minutes to see if he felt anything in case he had a bad reaction to it. Nothing felt weird, so Sam started making dinner. Well, there’s $25 down the drain, he said to himself with a sigh. After a few minutes he started to feel warm. He disregarded it at first, thinking it was just the heat from the stove top. He reached for a spatula, and froze, looking down at his arm. It was bigger! He tightened his fist, watching the muscles on his forearm bunch up. He brought his arm up and flexed. His bicep peak was definitely bigger than before. This stuff really worked! He thought with an excited shock. He looked down trying to see what was happening with his body. All of his muscles were slowly getting bigger, starting to press against his clothes. Sam could feel his shirt bunching up against his biceps and pressing into his armpits as his shoulders swelled. His pecs were becoming small mounds, pushing the fabric outwards with their size. His back was widening, he could feel his arms slowly being lifted away from his sides. Already he felt more powerful, stronger. He ran his hands over his stomach, feeling a six-pack forming. Each ab muscle was solid and tight. He could feel his shorts starting to cut into his thighs. Sam looked down and flexed his legs, hearing the seams start to tear. The teardrop on his quads were becoming hard and defined, fighting to break free from the fabric. He started flexing and squeezing his muscles, feeling the strength and hardness as his body continued to swell. The power Sam was experiencing felt amazing as he ran his hands over every part of his bulging physique. His body was transforming from slender and toned into a buff gymnast build. The warmth he was feeling didn’t seem to be subsiding at all. The supplement coursing through him continued to add pounds of thick muscle. His medium sized shirt was stretched to the max, showing every ridge and bulge underneath, the threads pulling apart in places. His shorts were losing their battle as well, as his legs and butt bulged and thickened. Sam felt uncomfortable pressure in his crotch, and reaching down, realized that his underwear was stuffed to the brim with a thickening cock and a heavy set of balls to match. Sam started to get hard from the sensations of his growing muscles, his cock making the material strain even further. Gripping his hard shaft as it stretched towards his hip, he thought his dick must have grown 2 inches or more so far, and his balls were swollen to the size of mandarins. The intense sensations as he ran his hand over the thick bulge made him moan. Looking down at his body, Sam thought he must weigh at least 250 lbs. and was still growing. He flexed his swollen pecs, making them press against his chin. He did a most muscular pose and watched his shirt rip open, his massive chest and thick lats finally overtaking the fabric. Pulling the shredded shirt off, he continued to enjoy his growing body, flexing his bulging biceps, watching them expand into football sized mounds. He reached around and squeezed his glutes, the firm cheeks heavy and thick with muscle. Sam flexed his lower body as hard as he could and watched his shorts finally rip off and fall to the ground. Now he was left wearing just his underwear, a large wet spot where the massive head of his cock was pressed against his hip. Sam finally felt the warmth from the mixture leave his body and he surveyed the results. His body was massive, muscle bulging all over, thick veins covering him. He seemed to have packed on close to 100lbs of solid muscle and his cock had swollen to a thick 9”. He basked in the feeling of strength his body now possessed. Sam wondered what Trevor would think about his body now, so with a grin he walked back into the living room. Trevor was still watching the TV, so Sam cleared his throat to get his attention. Trevor glanced over and then looked back to the TV before snapping his head back to Sam. “What the fuck happened to you!?,” he said, standing up. Trevor stared at the massive man in front of him with his mouth hanging open in shock. “Am I big enough for you now?” asked Sam while flexing his arm. “Holy shit,” said Trevor, getting up without breaking eye contact, “how, what, I don’t-” Trevor walked over and put his hands on Sam's chest, feeling the rock-hard bulging muscle. “Oh my god, you look amazing, you’re so big.” “Thought you’d like it,” Sam said grinning at him. Trevor moved his hands over Sam's body, feeling his arms, abs, and moved to his legs and finally landed on his crotch. “Did this get bigger too?” he asked, squeezing the bulge. Sam flexed his pelvis causing his dick to swell and bob up and down. Trevor just gasped as he felt the thick rod pulsing in his hand. “Let’s go explore this body in the bedroom,” Sam said. As they left the living room, Trevor asked if this was as big as Sam could get. “Is this still not big enough for you?” Sam asked with some frustration. “There’s no such thing as too big.” Trevor said while keeping his hands on Sam. Sam told Trevor to go to the bedroom and get ready for him, then he stepped back into the kitchen. Still frustrated that Trevor wasn’t satisfied with the massive muscles he now had, Sam took the powder and put 2 more scoops into a glass, mixed it up and drank it down. Now we’ll see what he thinks about not being big enough, Sam thought while he walked to the bedroom, finding Trevor naked and laying on the bed with his ass in the air. Trevor turned around and looked at Sam, “I need your big cock inside of me, I want you to show me what your big muscles can do.” Sam grabbed Trevor forcefully, pulling him close. The sensation of Trevor's solid frame pressed against his own hardened muscles sent a thrill through Sam's body. As Sam pressed Trevor against his body, Sam’s newly enhanced size and strength became more apparent, and his confidence soared higher. His previously lean frame now boasted bulging biceps, sculpted abs, and thick, powerful legs. Sam tore off his pre soaked underwear, revealing his 9” hard cock, and started playing with Trevor’s ass to get him ready. He stuck one of his fingers in the tight hole, feeling Trevor tighten around it. Slowly he worked another one in, readying his lover. Feeling bold and confident, Sam reached down and cupped Trevor's hardening cock. He stroked it gently, teasing Trevor further. Trevor groaned softly, enjoying the sensation. After a few minutes, Trevor’s hole had loosed up, Sam removed his fingers and lubed up his massive dick. With a determined grin, he positioned himself at the entrance to Trevor’s hole. Sam's hands reached out to encircle Trevor's hips, holding him effortlessly and pulling him back onto his thick member. Sam's hands roamed across Trevor's firm, round ass, squeezing and kneading the supple flesh, and started pushing the thick head into Trevor. It was still so tight; Trevor’s hole was stretching trying to accommodate the large invader. Trevor kept backing into Sam while moaning, “Keep going, you’re almost in.” Finally with a slight pop, the head pushed through into Trevor’s hole. Both men gasped at the sensation. Sam paused, taking in the pleasure, his dick felt like it had the sensitivity cranked up to 11, he had never felt anything so good. Trevor felt like he was being stretched beyond anything he had felt before, and it was only the head of his lover’s fat dick so far. Sam started slowly pushing in the rest of his thick rod, while Trevor whimpered and bucked his hips with pleasure. Trevor hole was gripping Sam’s rod like it was starved and the only thing that could satisfy it was more of Sam’s cock. After a few agonizingly slow and pleasurable minutes, Sam felt his groin hit Trevor’s cheeks and saw that he had all nine thick inches inside him. Trevor had never felt so full, the length and thickness of the shaft filling his insides was driving him wild, he was like a dog in heat. Panting and moaning, grinding his ass into Sam trying to get more of it inside him. “OMG, you’re so big, I can’t even think straight,” Trevor moaned. Sam flexed his dick, making it swell inside Trevor who let out a gasp and felt like he was going to pass out from the pleasure. “Fuck me, Sam, fuck me hard with your huge cock. Show me what your muscles can do, make me your bitch,” Trevor pleaded, delirious with lust. Sam leaned forward with a growl, grabbed the back of Trevor’s head, and pushed him down onto the bed. Trevor's breath came in ragged gasps, his muscles tightening around Sam's cock. The sensation of being filled and owned was almost too much for Trevor to bear. With each thrust, Sam's sheer size and power drove Trevor insane, sending waves of pleasure coursing through his veins. "Oh, fuck," Trevor cried out, his hips bucking involuntarily. "Yes, yes, you're so big! Fuck, yes!" Sam's face flushed with excitement as he picked up the pace, watching his lover writhe beneath him. The room echoed with the sounds of their passion – grunts, groans, and moans filling the space. Trevor gripped the sheets tightly, letting out a sharp cry as Sam's cock hit just the right spot inside him. His vision blurred, and his mind spiraled as the sensations flooded his body. Sam started thrusting hard into Trevor, the exertion making Sam feel warmer and warmer. Then he realized the heat was the second dose of the supplement starting to kick in. He looked down and saw his chest expanding outwards, causing his nipples to point down with the weight of his pecs. His arms were growing thicker, his biceps resembling medicine balls packed under his veiny skin. They looked massive as he pinned his increasingly small lover to the bed. Sam’s lower half was also growing, his ass expanding almost defying gravity, the thick cheeks allowing him to add even more power to each thrust. He was having to adjust his stance, as his thighs were pressing into each other, each one almost as big around as his waist. Sam realized that he was growing taller as he saw Trevor’s ass being lifted off the bed as he fucked him. He didn't have the luxury of time to dwell on it though, as Sam pushed himself deeper into Trevor, eliciting a groan from his lover. Trevor was still lost in the pleasure of being railed by this muscle god, but started to notice his ass was being painfully stretched out even more. He groaned, “Sam, it feels like you’re about to rip me apart.” Sam looked down and saw that his dick was much thicker than it had been, and based on how far he was pulling out for each thrust, had to have grown at least another 3 or 4 inches. That meant he could be sporting a true foot long dick or even more. “You said there was no such thing as too big babe,” Sam said with a chuckle, “I just wanted to test that out.” “What?! Are you still growing?” Trevor asked. Sam felt the energy from the powder still coursing through him, growing him larger. He wondered how big he would get, and it drove him wild, causing him to thrust into Trevor even harder. Sam flexed his cock, making Trevor cry out. He watched as his smaller boyfriend tried to pull himself off of his huge rod, but Sam grabbed his waist and pushed Trevor back until he was bottomed out. “Not just yet,” Sam said, “you told me to show you what this body can do, and that’s what I’m doing.” Trevor moaned loudly as he felt his hole stretching out so much, he thought it would rip. Unable to resist Sam’s grip, Trevor felt a mixture of fear and arousal as he experienced Sam's transformation. He felt the warm, muscular embrace of Sam encapsulate him entirely, the large man’s growing hands roaming freely across his small body. Their lovemaking turned fierce, as they rode the crest of a tidal wave of unstoppable lust. Without warning, Sam grabbed Trevor under his arms, and pulled him back against his chest, lifting him off the bed. Trevor was held up in the air, with Sam’s massive pole still inside him. Sam adjusted his grip, wrapping his arms under Trevor’s legs, noticing his biceps were bigger than Trevor’s quads and still growing. Sam gritted his teeth, savoring the feeling of having Trevor impaled on his cock. The way Trevor's body reacted to him sent a wave of satisfaction coursing through his veins. Sam, feeling his lust reaching fever pitch, pounded Trevor’s hole with unyielding force. Trevor, lost in the ecstasy of what he was experiencing, was unable to resist. Sam started lifting Trevor up and down on his cock, using him as a human fleshlight, basking in the sensation that Trevor’s tight insides were giving him. Trevor started squirming, trying to get off the ever-thickening pole that was stretching him to his limit. Sam wrapped his arms around Trevor’s chest, pinning him against his massive pecs. Trevor was hopeless to fight against the brawn that held him in place, being fucked by the biggest dick in the world. Sam was lost in the feeling of being so much bigger than his minuscule partner. He barely felt Trevor’s bodyweight on his dick, and his muscles didn’t even register Trevor’s weak attempts to break free. Trevor finally gave in and started worshiping the huge muscles hugging him, licking and nuzzling Sam’s swollen biceps and thick forearms. Sam felt himself getting closer and closer to orgasm and decided to give Trevor a view of what he had become before he exploded. He quickly pulled Trevor off his meat, the fat head of his dick releasing from the tight hole with a wet pop. He threw Trevor onto the bed, turning him over so he was lying on his back. Trevor looked up at the muscle god in front of him for the first time since the second dose and his mouth fell open. It was clear that Sam's body had not stopped growing; His muscles rippled and bulged with each movement, causing Trevor to shiver with anticipation. "Fuck, Sam," Trevor groaned, his voice hoarse from earlier exertion. "You're so huge." Sam had grown immensely; he was close to 7’ tall and had to weigh over 500lbs of pure muscle. Everything about him was enormous, the bulging muscle fighting for space on his large frame. Sam flexed his biceps, causing them to swell, the peaks almost grazing his fists. He did a most muscular pose, his entire body seemed to swell larger. The lust he felt was making his dick throb and smack his chest. The hard obelisk of a cock sticking out from his groin was at least 14” long and as thick as Trevor’s forearm. Pre was pouring out of the slit, glistening down the shaft, dripping onto Trevor. Trevor gulped thinking about having this monster inside him again. Sam looked down at him with a glint in his eye, any reservations about being gentle lost in the pleasure he was feeling from overpowering his tiny lover. “Am I big enough yet?” He asked while positioning the head of his cock at Trevor’s hole. “Please,” Trevor begged. “I don’t think I can take your cock, it’s too huge. It’ll tear me in half.” Sam just chuckled. “You’re going to take all of it,” he said as his big paw grasped Trevor’s dick. “You said there was no such thing as too big, and your hard dick tells me you’re loving this.” Trevor’s eyes went wide as Sam pushed past his weak resistance and started filling him up with all 14” of cock. Sam slowly but unrelentingly continued pushing inch after inch of his thick pipe into the battered hole. Trevor’s mind was flooded with images of Sam's towering figure, his muscles swelling with power and determination. Each stroke, each thrust of Sam's enormous cock, brought new levels of pleasure that he hadn't known existed. As Trevor’s body adapted to the sensations, he took in every detail of Sam's incredible physique. Sam's eyes held a fierce intensity, his gaze fixated on Trevor as he rode the waves of pleasure. Trevor was awestruck by the sheer size of Sam's muscles, his body stretched impossibly wide as he continued to grow. Every touch of Sam's fingers, every brush of his muscles on Trevor's skin was electrifying, leaving him wanting more. As Sam's size increased, his weight began to strain the bed frame, making it clear that it wouldn't be able to contain his growth much longer. However, neither of them cared, as they were consumed by the raw, animalistic lust that filled the room. Sam leaned down and put his hand on Trevor’s chest, pinning him in place and started thrusting hard into him. He was so horny thinking about how much bigger he was, his large hand covering Trevor’s entire chest. He was in complete control of Trevor, using him for his own needs and didn’t care about anything else. Trevor, meanwhile, was experiencing a mixture of pain and ecstasy. He had never felt so full and the constant barrage on his prostate was driving him wild. At the same time, the pain from being stretched out and the long pole hammering his organs made him worried that he would be injured before the muscle beast was done with him. "Fuck me harder, Sam," Trevor pleaded, his voice cracking with desperation. "Show me what you can do." Sam growled low in his throat, his face contorted with raw sexuality. "Fuck, Trevor. I want you to take everything I can give you." Trevor nodded eagerly, his own eyes glazed over with lust. "Yes, Sam. Take me, fill me. You're so big, your cock is so thick..." Sam's eyes darkened with a mix of desire and possessiveness, and without hesitation, he obliged. Sam's hand reached between them, grasping Trevor's hard cock, pumping it in sync with his own thrusts. Trevor cried out; the sensation too intense to bear alone. He had never seen Sam act like this, he was being much more aggressive than Trevor had ever experienced and it drove him wild. Trevor moaned, arching his back, his hips pushing forward as his orgasm built, fueled by the intensity of Sam's power. The sensation of being taken by someone so impossibly large, so utterly dominant, was exhilarating. Trevor reached for Sam's huge biceps, pulling himself closer to the mountain of masculinity above him. As he did so, Sam's muscles hardened and flexed beneath his fingers, the power he radiated palpable. Soon Trevor could feel the warm feeling of an impending orgasm building in his dick. Sam was also close again, his thrusts becoming faster and more erratic. The feeling of his cock lodged deep inside Trevor was unlike anything he had ever experienced before. It wasn't just the physical sensation; it was knowing that this man was his, completely under his control. "Cum for me, Trevor," Sam urged, his deep voice echoing around the room. "Let go and let me take you all the way." Trevor, unable to contain himself any longer, allowed his body to succumb to the relentless pressure of Sam's giant cock. The sheer size of Sam engulfed him completely, leaving no part of him untouched. Trevor felt his breath hitch, his body tensing as he began to lose control. He arched his back, his eyes rolling back in his head as he released a loud, drawn-out moan. The muscles in his abdomen contracted violently, making his body tremble with the force of his impending climax. Sam, driven by the intensity of Trevor's response, pushed further into him. His massive hands wrapped around Trevor's thighs, anchoring him as he increased the pace, the rhythm of their bodies colliding in perfect syncopation. Sam felt his cock swell inside Trevor’s tight hole and with a roar he started emptying his load into Trevor. Sam had never felt anything so amazing and continued spraying load after load into the small bottom. Trevor, already feeling stuffed with the huge cock inside him, and now the building pressure of Sam’s giant load, started cumming without even touching his dick. His 6” cock was shooting out more than he ever had, but it was nothing compared to the feelings of pressure from the load being pumped inside him. Trevor’s brain was being overloaded with sensations that felt like they would never stop, and he lost consciousness. Sam continued unloading into Trevor, his orgasm feeling like it was never going to end. Finally, Sam’s orgasm subsided, and he looked down at Trevor, seeing he had passed out. He picked up Trevor’s small unconscious body, still on his dick, and collapsed back onto the bed. After their wild, passionate encounter, Trevor lay sprawled across Sam's impossibly broad chest, their combined scents mingling in the air. Sam watched Trevor resting peacefully until he felt sleepy, his eyelids drooping. Sam drifted off into a deep sleep, exhausted from their marathon session. --- Trevor woke up first a few hours later, realizing he was lying on his giant boyfriend, the heat from Sam’s body keeping him warm. He was groggy, and felt a huge pressure in his belly, and his hole still being stretched out. He realized Sam was still inside him. He wiggled around and managed to pull himself off the sleeping giant’s still hard rod. He looked down and surveyed his overgrown partner. Sam’s body was packed with muscle, his arms and chest fighting for space while his head was lifted off the bed due to the size of his back and neck muscles. His legs were giant tree trunks that were so large his giant bull balls and cock were pushed up and sat on top of the veiny quads. His calf muscles were bigger around than Trevor’s thighs now and looked like they were competing with Sam’s quads to swallow his knees. Trevor’s dick started getting hard just thinking about the huge man fucking him again and getting to touch and worship his muscles. Then he realized that Sam was so big that he could injure Trevor without even realizing it. Trevor left the sleeping hulk and went to the kitchen to look for whatever Sam had taken to grow this size. He needed to get a little bigger so he could survive another round with the muscle god. Looking around he spotted the tub of powder and grabbed it. ‘Mega Muscle Boost’ the label read, this had to be what Sam used. Opening the tub, Trevor grabbed the small scoop and put 2 scoops in a glass and filled it with water. After mixing it up, he drank down the liquid. There was barely any taste to it all. Thinking to himself that it must not be very strong. Knowing he wanted to get big enough that Sam’s size was easier to take so he could survive and enjoy getting fucked, he added 2 more scoops to the glass and drank it quickly. He waited a few minutes and started to feel warm. Looking down he saw his muscles starting to grow and his hard dick was slowly lengthening. He smiled to himself and went back to the bedroom. Sam was still passed out but had rolled over onto his stomach. His mountainous ass was pushed into the air by his hard dick being pinned underneath him. The firm cheeks were almost calling to Trevor. I’ll give him a nice wake up surprise, he thought to himself. Trevor climbed up onto the bed and positioned his small but growing cock on the huge man’s crack. Using the pre his dick was drooling to slick up the meaty slabs, he pushed his dick in between them. He soon felt the tip of his dick touch Sam’s surprisingly tight hole just before his groin hit Sam’s glutes. Looking down Trevor realized Sam’s ass was so thick that his growing cock couldn’t even penetrate him yet. He tried spreading the cheeks apart to get further in, but they were too firm even though Sam was still asleep and fully relaxed. Trevor realized he would just have to make his dick bigger. The warm feeling from the powder was still there, but he wasn’t sure if it was wearing off or not. He had packed on about 50 lbs. of muscle and a couple inches on his cock, but it wasn’t enough. He ran back to the kitchen and added 4 more scoops of powder to his glass of water and drank it. Walking back to the bedroom, he started feeling the warmth in his body increasing. Getting back into position to fuck Sam, he saw that his dick was already bigger, closer to 9”. He grasped the thick shaft and plunged it back down into Sam’s ass. Even just being sandwiched between the hard cheeks was exhilarating and the pleasure radiating from Trevor’s dick drove him wild. He reached Sam’s hole and happily saw he still had 2 or 3 inches to spare. He pushed into the tight ring and with a bit of force got his thickening head all the way in. Sam, still asleep, moaned and shifted his weight a little. His body was reacting to the pleasure his ass was experiencing. Trevor stayed still until Sam settled back and stopped moving. He wanted his lover to be surprised about his growth when he finally woke up. Trevor slowly bucked his hips, sliding in and out of Sam, the sensations making him moan softly and he closed his eyes. He was engrossed in the feeling of his thick meat being enveloped in Sam’s bulging body, and he just continued his steady rhythm. His eyes still closed; he focused on the different feelings he was experiencing. The warmth and tightness of the hole he was invading, the heat radiating off his body fueling his growth, the power of his bulging muscles growing as he ran his hands over his own torso as he continued his sensual fucking. He lost all sense of time, just enjoying the pleasure, until he was interrupted by something bumping into his head. He snapped his eyes open and looked up at what had hit him. It took a second to realize it was the ceiling of the bedroom. Looking down, he realized he had grown enormously. His body was bulging with thick muscles everywhere. He flexed his arm and a bicep the size of a large watermelon hardened into a massive peak; a vein thicker than a pen running along its length. Looking down, his massive pecs stuck out so much they blocked his view of his torso or legs. He leaned forwards and saw his cock, now thicker than a 2-liter bottle, still impaled in his boyfriend. Sam, somehow still asleep, looked small compared to the giant Trevor had become. Uh oh, Trevor thought, I may have overdone it a bit. He still felt the heat from the powder coursing through his body, his muscles continuing to expand, and he was having to crane his neck a bit to keep his head from hitting the ceiling. He wasn’t sure how big he was going to get. Might as well get Sam awake and give him a taste of his own medicine, he thought, pushing aside his uncertainty. He grabbed Sam’s waist and started aggressively pumping his huge rod into him. Sam finally started to stir, coming out of his slumber moaning in pleasure. He looked behind him and saw a massively overgrown Trevor pumping into him. “What the hell happened while I was asleep?” he asked with shock. “I found your stash, “ Trevor said with a smile, “and thought I’d take a turn.” He grabbed Sam’s shoulders and flipped him around onto his back, keeping him impaled on his thick shaft. Sam looked up and took in the sight before him. Trevor had grown so large that he had to bend down so his head didn’t hit the ceiling. Trevor’s body seemed to fill the room entirely, his colossal physique engulfing Sam like a force of nature. His powerful thrusts echoed through the room, the bed quaking beneath their combined weight. Sam glanced down at the cock pounding his insides and gasped, it was more than twice as thick as his own impressive tool. How am I even taking this giant thing, he wondered watching his stomach bulge with every thrust. He realized he could feel the fat head of it in his chest, it felt like it was hitting his rib cage. “How fucking big are you?” he asked Trevor. “No idea,” Trevor confessed, running his hands over his newly sculpted torso. “I grew while I was inside you. I think I’m still growing.” “How much of the powder did you take?” Sam asked, barely able to think, his mind consumed by pleasure. “I started with 4 scoops, it seemed kind of weak tasting and I wasn’t sure how much you had taken. So I took another 4 because it didn’t seem to do very much.” Trevor moaned, not stopping his rhythmic pounding. “I haven’t stopped growing and I still feel really hot.” “I only had 3 scoops total!” Sam exclaimed; “I have no idea how big you’re going to get!” “We’re going to find out soon enough,” Trevor said. “You need to pull out!”, Sam yelled, “I don’t know how big you are, but it feels like your cock is in my chest.” Trevor paused his pounding, and started to pull out, mostly because he was curious to see how big he was. He watched as inch after inch of thick veiny cock slid out of Sam’s hole. Finally with a bit of resistance, the fat swollen head popped out. Trevor’s hard cock swung up with a thwack and hit his chest. Even at his height, it reached past his abs almost to his chest. “Holy shit,” Sam said, “how was that whole thing inside me.” Trevor pushed it down and laid it on Sam’s torso, it reached past Sam’s nipples. “That thing must be close to three feet!” Sam exclaimed, “you’re not putting that back inside me.” He started to get up, but Trevor grabbed him and pushed him back down. “I was YOUR fuck toy earlier, and took a pounding from your fat cock, now it’s your turn.” Trevor slicked his cock up with the pre that had pooled on Sam’s stomach and pushed into Sam’s tensed ass. The muscles that before were too hard to move now easily were parted by Trevor’s rock-hard dick. He felt Sam’s hole tighten, trying to defend against the invading force of his thick head, but he pushed through it with little effort. Sam’s eyes went wide, and he gasped at the feelings of pain, pleasure, and the fullness of Trevor’s cock pushing past his hole. Quickly Sam’s prostate was smashed by the thick rod, causing waves of pleasure. Trevor continued his advance until a little over half of his cock was inside his lover. Then he grabbed Sam by the waist and lifted him up, pushing him into his chest. He turned around and sat down on the bed, so he was able to straighten up and not hit the ceiling. The weight of Sam’s body felt like nothing to Trevor as he pumped his boyfriend up and down his massive pole. Trevor's cock, now a colossal entity, slid in and out of Sam's ass with incredible force. Their hips smacked together, echoing throughout the room. Sam couldn’t do anything besides kiss and grope the massive chest in front of him. He feared how aggressive Trevor was being, but it also turned him on. He was used to being the bigger partner, and feeling small and being used was really pushing his buttons. “It’s too big,“ Sam grunted in-between moans of pleasure, “I can’t take much more, stop please.” Trevor paused his thrusting and with a glint in his eye said, “Okay I’ll stop.” He let go of Sam but didn’t pull him off his dick. Trevor smirked as gravity forced Sam to slide lower onto his cock. Sam bottomed out on the massive rod, making both men moan loudly from the intense feelings. Sam felt like Trevor’s dick was going to come out of his throat if it got much bigger. He was huge! Overpoweringly masculine. Sam gazed up at him, his eyes filled with lust and desire. Trevor's body was covered in a fine layer of sweat from their exertion, giving his skin a subtle sheen that accentuated his muscular definition. He was absolutely stunning. Trevor was feeling the heat of Sam’s body enveloping his entire shaft and it drove him crazy. Trevor looked down and saw that Sam seemed even smaller, he was still growing. Based on Sam’s size compared to his, Trevor was close to 12’ now, and had to be way over 1000lbs of muscle, maybe closer to 1500lbs. The thought of being so much larger than his formerly tall boyfriend made him even hornier. Trevor couldn't believe how much pleasure he derived from dominating Sam, the feeling of his powerful body pushing into Sam's ass made him hornier than ever. He wrapped his huge hands around Sam’s waist and stated pumping him up and down his dick, using him as a sex toy, not caring what Sam was experiencing, just focused on getting himself off. Trevor's balls tightened, drawing him closer to his release. He held onto Sam's hips, refusing to let go. Every thrust brought him closer to the edge, his body aching with desire. Trevor's eyes glinted with excitement, his breath coming in rapid bursts as his orgasm approached. His anticipation building as the sensations of Sam's tight insides gripping him pushed him closer to the edge. "Fuck!" Sam gasped; the sensation of Trevor's enormous cock still buried deep inside him made his head spin. He marveled at the strength that Trevor possessed, his once fit body transformed into a hulking figure of pure power. The feeling of being submissive to his once smaller lover only heightened the rush of adrenaline coursing through his veins. "Oh fuck, Trevor," Sam groaned, his head thrown back. "Please, don't stop." Without breaking the rhythm, Trevor whispered into Sam's ear, "You know I won't." Sam trembled with anticipation, his mind consumed by the prospect of Trevor taking him in every way imaginable. As Trevor thrust into him with increased intensity, Sam threw his head back in ecstasy. Having his prostate hammered and feeling like he was being fucked by a tree was too much, Sam started cumming uncontrollably, his big cock spewing load after load, covering them both in his hot cum. Trevor continued thrusting, feeling himself get closer and closer, his dick feeling tighter and tighter inside Sam. He reached down to grab Sam's spewing cock, squeezing it gently in his palm, before slipping his thick fingers around it. Sam cried out, overcome by the feelings flooding his body. Trevor's powerful touch was like an electric current, sending waves of arousal through Sam's core. Trevor's own climax was approaching, and he could feel his muscles tensing as he neared his peak. With one final, forceful thrust, Trevor roared, his body shuddering with the release of his own cum. Sam was still in the midst of his own orgasm, but he felt Trevor’s dick swell in him. Sam gasped, feeling the explosion of Trevor's seed deep inside him. The intensity of the sensation caused him to cry out, his eyes rolling back into his head. Trevor gripped Sam tightly, the sensation of his orgasm overwhelming him. He was using the smaller man as a condom, stretched over his huge dick, Sam was being filled to the brim with the giant's hot load. The forceful release was almost too much for the smaller man to bear, his body shaking violently under the impact. Sam felt like he was being split open, his insides clenching and throbbing in response to the unbelievable sensation. Their hearts raced, and adrenaline coursed through their veins. Both men were wrapped up in the pleasure from their never-ending orgasms, just moaning and grunting. Finally, after what felt like eternity, the intense pleasure ended. Trevor sat there panting, finally feeling the warmth from the powder subside, basking in the afterglow of the best orgasm he had ever experienced. Sam had a glazed look in his eyes, still not fully recovered from the mind shattering session. Trevor slowly pulled Sam up off his still sensitive cock, a cascade of hot cum flowing out of Sam. Trevor put Sam back on the ground, Sam shakily stood up and saw that he barely came up to Trevor’s chest even though Trevor was still sitting on the bed. Trevor leaned down and kissed Sam, feeling the size difference of their lips. Sam reached down and grabbed Trevor’s still hard cock, making him groan with pleasure. “I can’t believe this whole thing fit in me,” he said with a smile. “Are you okay for another round?” Trevor asked, feeling his balls still churning with cum. “Yeah,” Sam said, licking a glob of cum off Trevor’s dick making the giant shudder with pleasure, “but I want another go at your ass first.” “Well, I guess I’ll let you have a go then, because I’m nice,” Trevor said with a smirk, bending over on the bed. Sam got up behind him, and pointed his dick towards Trevor’s hole, “I could always take more powder,” pushing his hard dick into the large ass, “then you wouldn’t have a choice.” Trevor moaned and closed his eyes at the thought of his muscled lover growing even larger than him again. We might have to get a bigger place if we keep this up, he thought, enjoying the feeling of Sam’s cock pounding his hole as they started round two...
  9. Sizemologist

    Happy Birthday! (Updated 02/10/23)

    Commission I did for an anonymous user on Twitter. Dean is running late getting home to see his husband for their birthday, but forgets he still has to get a dessert. He stops at the first shop he see's and finds something that might not only save his butt from his husband, but also his marriage. Part 1: 06/20 I ran across the sidewalk with my briefcase in hand. “Dammit, I’m so late.” I looked down at my phone, almost midnight. “I’m the worst husband ever.” I stumbled across many puddles and fell down in front of a lit up store front. I wiped some water off of my face as I sat up and looked at the bright neon sign. “The Sizemologist’s Caldron? I’ve never seen this here before,” musing to myself as I stood up. I looked at my phone and saw a text message light up across the screen. “Are you at least bringing ?” shined a text from a user named ‘Big Daddy’. “Cake? Cake! Shit, shit, shit! I forgot the cake!” I yelled as I wrapped my hands around my head. “Fuck, what am I gonna do?” I looked around and then back at my sizable butt in my work pants. “No, I did that last year. He deserves better for such a day.” I brought my phone down and looked into the windows of the dimly lit storefront. A light emitted from the very back of the store and I had to press my face up against the glass to see anything inside. My eyes scanned around the room until they focused in on a sign. ‘Eat Me & Drink Me’ read the sign and a smile grew across my face. “Hello! Hello!” I knocked on the window and saw some shadows move in the background. “I’m sorry! I know it’s late! I was just wondering if I could bother you to buy some sort of dessert? A cake perhaps?” I saw the outline of a very large man coming towards me. His silhouette seemed to only grow bigger as he strode closer to me. Not only did he tower over me, he sported one of the biggest guts I’d ever seen. As a light flickered on, the man’s features were revealed. In an extremely tight blue t-shirt that had ‘The Sizemologist’s Emporium’ stretched across it. As he leaned his head down to reveal a small beard and a head full of bushy blonde hair, he opened the door. “Sir, we’re open till Midnight, feel free to come in,” said the large man as he pulled the door open and stepped to the side. “Oh, uh…thanks.” I walked in and continued brushing water off myself. “Sorry I didn’t think you were open. It’s just the lights were off and I didn’t see anyone inside.” I said as I entered the shop. The room looked so much more spacious than I expected on the outside. I had to sidestep the big belly bulging out in front of the big man as it threatened to push me over when the big man swung it around to head towards the back. “Yeah, that’s my bad. The lights in here are on motion sensors at night. And normally I get up to turn them on, but I might’ve dozed off after I polished off a few pieces of sourdough bread. Woof, I really did some damage,” said the shopkeep as he patted his big belly. The ripples cascading over the blue fabric of the t-shirt. “I see, well I saw the sign from outside “Eat Me & Drink Me” and I was hoping you’d have some sort of dessert. A cake preferably.” I said and started walking over to the section. “That’s my newest section. Opened it up just a couple weeks ago. I’m Sam by the way. The Sizemologist. I run this shop,” said the shopkeep. I turned my head to see the big man smiling down at me. “Nice to meet you. I’m Dean,” I said and reached out to shake his hand. “And about the cake, I actually just sold my last cake earlier today. It was to a lovely couple celebrating their anniversary. Awe, they’re gonna have a fun night,” mused the shopkeep as he waddled past me toward a bar built into the wall. “But I have plenty of other desserts and treats for you to select from.” He lifted up an opening in the bar and squeezed his love handles through the sides as best he could. He started putting out plenty of desserts and pastries as I took a seat in the stool in front of him. Cookies all labeled with ‘Eat Me’ on them, brownies that had colorful sprinkles on top, and many selections of bread were set in front of me. I could even smell some more treats cooking in the back. “Take your pick.” “Wow, you’ve really got quite the selection here. It’s for my husband’s birthday. He loves cheesecake and I was really hoping to surprise him after I’ve been such a bad husband today.” “Oh I bet you couldn’t be that bad of a husband. You are buying your husband a cake for his birthday. That’s something,” said Sam as his head disappeared under the bar where he started rummaging around below. “Yeah, but this’ll be the one good thing I’ve done for him today. I was supposed to have today off, but I got called into the office for some emergency meeting that turned into a lot of work and I kept getting hit with project after project and I couldn’t get away from any of it until now. Almost midnight and I’ve barely spent any time with him today.” I wracked my head and shook some water from my fluffy brown hair. “You’re certainly feeling guilty and stressed about it if you’re willing to reveal that to a random customer service worker you just met,” said Sam as he came from the bar with a glass and a clear liquid in a beer sized bottle. “I’m sorry si-” “Sam, just call me Sam.” “I’m sorry Sam. I didn’t mean to put that all out on you. It’s just, my husband and I, we’ve been arguing a bit lately. And today just must feel like a punch in the gut to him.” I looked at Sam and he started putting ice in a shaker. “It’s okay. I understand, and I’ve been there. Marital troubles can be tricky. What’s got you two arguing?” I saw Sam polishing off the glass and setting it down in front of me. “You know, I really should get going. I’m already late enough as it is. I can’t have a drink right now. Maybe another time,” I said and started getting up from my seat. “Just stay and talk a moment. I promise it’ll be quick.” Sam grabbed a bottle cap opener and popped the top off. The smell from the beer hit me immediately and I froze in place. “Wow, that smells really good. Maybe I can stay for just one drink,” I sat back down in my chair and I heaved my briefcase onto the bar stool next to me. Sam had a satisfied smirk on his face as he poured the liquid into the shaker. “I thought this would change your tune. So, tell me, what’s the matter?” asked Sam as he started to shake up the drink. “It’s complicated. My husband has been a bit self conscious about his body as of late. He’s been trying to work out and grow his muscles out, but has been getting minimal results at best. He started off at maybe 120 pounds and 5 foot 7 and has only gained 10 pounds in almost a year,” I said as Sam poured the drink into the glass. “Well you seem pretty fit, big guy.” said Sam nodding to my pecs that protruded from my white button down shirt. “Maybe you could give him some pointers in the gym?” He slid the drink over to me and popped open a bottle for himself and started drinking it straight from the bottle. “That’s part of the problem. We started working out together. Before we got married, I was on the heavier side. And not in the muscly way I am now. I was fat. And just fat. No muscles. So we joined the gym together. He wanted to put on more size and I just wanted to reform my fat into muscle. I’ve succeeded so far, but he’s been not so successful.” I reached down to take a sip of my drink and my eyes nearly bulged out of my head. “Mmm this stuff is incredible! What is it?” “Made with a special rubber plant from South America, I call it “Stretchy Cider”,” said Sam as he took a swig of his own drink. “As for your husband, you shouldn’t feel guilty just because you have been seeing improvements and he hasn’t. That isn’t fair to your goals’ importance.” “I mean, sure. It’s just that I know we’ve both wanted this for a long time. We bonded a lot over fitness and wanting to grow bigger before we even committed to the gym. And we’re both sorta size queens so that plays a factor into this too. I know he wants to be a massive man with muscles all over his body and he knows I want that for him too. He just puts so much pressure on himself and I hate to see him do it. And I hate being one of the causes of it too,” I said as I took another sip of my drink. Sam gave me a morose look and put his hand on my shoulder. “I’m sorry Dean. That does not sound like a fun environment to be living in.” I hung my head and let out a long sigh. “It is a bit of a toxic web we’ve sown as a foundation for our relationship. And that’s only half of it. He’s been really wanting to have kids lately. And I get it. He’s turning 40. He’s not getting any younger. But we can’t get our finances together to get a kid since it costs so much to have a single child as a gay couple. Let alone the cost to raise one. I bet with our salaries, we could have tons of kids. We’re just gay men so we can’t afford to have kids in the first place.” “I see. Well Dean, it’s your lucky day. I think I have a great birthday gift from you to your husband. Be right back.” Sam did a quick about face, leaving his fat body wiggling for a second or two after, and walked through a door to what I assumed was the back. I looked down at my phone and it read 11:55p.m. “Shit Connor is gonna kill me,” I said through gritted teeth as I brought the drink up to my lips and started chugging the whole thing. “I’ve got just the thing for you. Here’s this muffin I have. It’s for a special promotion I’m doing this week. This is a muffin that helps people be the biggest person in any room,” said Sam as he placed a red velvet muffin down right in front of me with star shaped sprinkles on top. “I don’t know, a muffin on his birthday? That doesn’t sound like the best thing to bring home to a probably very upset husband,” I said as I looked down at the muffin. Sam brought a sparkling, extravagant yellow birthday candle out and pushed it into the top. “This’ll help set the mood. Trust me, he’ll love it.,” said Sam as he started getting a bag out for it. “Alright, I guess I’ll take it. It’s not like I have many other options,” I said and reached for my wallet. “How much for the muffin and the drink?” “Just $5 for the muffin and the drink is on the house. Just come and thank me after you have your kids.” Sam winked at me and slid the bag forward. “Thank you Sam. You are too kind. I hope this works.” I pulled a $5 bill out of my wallet and grabbed the bag and my briefcase. “Sorry to keep this short, but I’ve gotta run. Thanks again!” I darted towards the door and Sam waved me off. “Not a problem Dean! You two have fun tomorrow!” yelled Sam as I walked out the door. I tilted my head at the tomorrow part, but kept running towards home. I looked down at my phone, 11:55 still. “Damn, he said it would be quick, but I wasn’t thinking that.” I kept running until I got to our apartment building. I bursted through the doors and hit the up button to the elevator repeatedly. With a ding, the doors looked like they were moving at a snail’s pace to open up. I tapped my foot and hurried in the elevator just to stand and press the close door button repeatedly in hopes it would go faster. I went up floor by floor over what took an eternity. “Come on. Come on.” With another ding, the elevator started to open up into our apartment on the top floor. I emerged from the elevator to see a short man with his hands crossed across his chest. “Finally home from work. And it’s not midnight yet. Congrats babe. You didn’t miss all of my birthday,” said the man as he walked away from me into the kitchen. “Connor, look I’m sorry. I didn’t think that this one meeting would take away our entire day!” I followed him into the kitchen until I stopped in my tracks as he swiveled on his feet to get up in my face despite his much shorter stature. “Today was supposed to be our day. I wanted to spend a lovely birthday with my husband, but it was one thing after another, again. And I get pushed to the side for your career, again. Why would I think today would be any different than any other day,” said Connor as he stormed off through the house away from me. “Please babe. I’m sorry. I just had to stay. I kept trying to get away, but they wouldn’t stop pulling me into meetings “I had to be in”.” I used my fingers to make air quotes around those words and followed him into our bedroom. “Connor, stop running from me. Can we just celebrate a little late? I did bring home a dessert for you.” I fumbled to set my briefcase down then tear open the bag Sam had given me. “I didn’t get anything for me, but I was thinking that could be part of my punishment.” Connor turned around and saw the birthday muffin I was holding. “Is that a muffin? I think I’d prefer you just give me your ass instead.” I shrugged and then wrung my head. “Connor, I’m so, so sorry. I’ve been the worst husband lately. And especially today of all days.” I walked past Connor and sat on the king sized bed in our bedroom. “I had forgotten to get you a cake and could only find this one little shop open and all they had left that you would have liked was this.” I sighed and set the muffin down on the bedside table. I could see in Connor’s face that his anger was slowly simmering down. “You’re not the worst husband in the world,” he said as he sat down on the bed with me. “I just feel like our lives have been drifting in two different directions these past few months.” We both sat there in silence for what felt like an eternity. “Yes, we are. But I don’t want us to be,” I reached for his hand and I could see tears welling up in his eyes. “I don’t either. I just feel like sometimes I can’t even talk to you about it. Some days, despite living in the same apartment as you, I never see you. You’re always at the office, or at the gym, or when you’re home, you just go into your study and don’t come out all day playing your games.” Connor had a couple of tears running down his face as we continued to sit in silence. “I’m sorry. I’ve been so wrapped up in work. Ever since that promotion last year, I just can’t get away from the office sometimes.” I put my hand on Connor’s thigh and squeezed it. “Why did you even take that promotion? You hated your job before you took it. And now it’s just gotten worse. And it’s not like we need the money. We live in a penthouse apartment in the city. While it is expensive, I make more than enough to cover it alone. That and just about all of our other living expenses. I just don’t understand why you do this job that I know you aren’t happy in.” Connor stopped his long winded question to me and I paused again. “Because I thought you wanted kids, babe. I have been busting my ass so we could afford to have some kids,” I said and Connor gave me a weird look. “Honey, we could have kids tomorrow if we want. At least start the process. Our savings account is filled with the child fund. You know this. You helped set it up with me. We even used the fund already and it’s grown the money back. This is something else.” I looked into Connor’s big brown eyes and my heart just melted. “It’s because I’m afraid.” “Afraid? Afraid of what honey.” “Afraid that we had grown too far apart to come back together again. I didn’t want to come home and face the silence and coldness that I would’ve sat in with you.” I blurted out as I started to cry as well. It was Connor’s turn to think on my words. “I knew we had been growing apart and I didn’t want to face it. But now I see running from my problem only makes it even harder to deal with.” “You took the job so you wouldn’t have to deal with me?” asked Connor. “No. No! Not at all babe. It wasn’t to deal with you. I did it cause I thought that’s what I needed. To be thrown into my work. After trying and failing to have a child and going through the painstaking process of venting and paperwork of in vitro just to have no results was heartbreaking. I couldn’t handle it.” The tension in the room could be cut with a knife as I sobbed quietly into my hand. “I understand that babe. After the surrogate failed to have any eggs that attached, I also was feeling broken. But I needed you. My husband. And you ran away to your terrible job.” Connor began to join me in crying. “I’m so sorry Connor. I was being selfish with my reaction to the news. I was doing what I needed to do to protect my own feelings. And as your husband, I needed to be there for you too.” “It’s okay. We each have our own coping mechanisms. I know that about us. This is just the first time it’s hit us so hard. I don’t think we could’ve prepared ourselves for this one,” said Connor as he put his hand on mine. “But I think we know what’s happening now. For the first time in over a year.” I cracked a smile amidst my tears and went in to hug Connor. “We are. I don’t think we really talked about what we wanted to do going forward after failing to have a kid the first time. Do you think we could do it?” “Dean, I have never had any doubt in my mind that when we become parents, we will raise beautiful children. However I do think that we need to have a lot more love in the home before we bring a child into it.” We looked into each other's eyes and hugged each other. We held each other and just breathed for a moment. We hadn’t had this much physical contact in months. “Same to you Connor. You’re gonna make a wonderful dad.” I pushed his body away to kiss him and it was like fireworks went off. This was the first time I had felt something around him in months. “I do hope we’ve begun to rekindle that love today.” “I think so. We’re definitely headed in the right direction.” Connor leaned back in and we shared a passionate kiss. I felt his hand pressing into my chest and he gripped my pecs. “And I don’t think we’ve done anything with your new body since we’ve started working out.” “Yeah and we haven’t done anything with yours either big daddy,” I smiled and kissed Connor back only to feel him lose steam part of the way through. “Uh huh, like I have any progress to show,” said Connor as he kept massaging my pecs over my shirt. “But you have babe. You’ve slimmed up since working out and now you’re starting to put on more muscle,” I went to grab at his chest but he flinched when I did. “Babe, I just spilled my guts about my tough feelings. Maybe tonight we just get all of our feelings out in the open.” “What feelings? I’m fine, babe. We were just about to have sex for the first time in forever. I’m great!” Connor started to kiss me violently and pounced onto me. Forcing me to lean back on our bed with him on top. “Hun, you’re talking to the king of not talking about things that bother me.” He broke the kiss and rolled off me. “Spill it babe.” Connor looked at me as we both lay on the bed together. “I can’t get big. I can’t be the big man of my dreams and I definitely can’t be the big man of your dreams.” “Okay, what do you mean by that?” “The gym isn’t working to get me bigger.” “And I don’t have a problem with that. Everyone’s bodies are different and gain size in different ways.” “Oh Dean, stop beating around the bush. The entirety of our relationship was based off of our shared love for growth. You remember all of the role playing we did back in the day. Do you remember that one where you were the sweet scientist and me, your science experiment that got huge. I wanted that for you.” Connor sat up and put his elbows on his knees and head on his hands. I followed suit soon after. “Connor, those were fantasies. And while they were hot at the time of doing them, I don’t really care about them now. And I definitely never expected you to get THAT big. Babe at one point we said you were over 100 feet tall and many tons of muscle. No one has even come close to that big before.” “I know, but maybe if I thought that maybe if I did get bigger, it would help us rekindle that spark.” I brought my arm around him and pulled him in close to me. “Well after tonight I hope you can put that idea out of your head since we might not be past our differences, but we are on the road to recovery.” I leaned in and kissed the short man. We sat on the bed in silence for a long time. Just me holding Connor in my arms. “I did however mention to the guy that sold me the muffin that you were having some issues in the gym and he assured me that the muffin makes men feel like they’re the biggest one in the room.” “What does that even mean? And you were talking to a random baker about that?” “I don’t know. I assumed it had a bunch of calories in it or something. But yeah. I did kinda vent to him for a sec cause I felt so guilty about how bad of a husband I was being.” I stand up and open up a drawer in the night stand to reveal a lighter. “At this point I’ll try anything to make me grow,” said Connor as he got up and stood beside me. “But that cupcake is so small, what are you going to eat?” “Think of it as a punishment to myself for being so late and forgetting to pick up a cake today.” I started to light the candle that was on top of the muffin and presented it to Connor. “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Connor, Happy Birthday to You.” Connor gave me a cheesy smile and blew out the candle. “Thanks babe. Despite all of the drama I couldn’t have wished for a better 40th birthday,” said Connor as he started eating the muffin. “Feliz cumpleaños mi amor. Did you make a wish?” “Of course. I always make a wish. You can’t not make a wish. But I’m not gonna tell you.” Connor continued to eat his muffin and was delighted by how good it tasted. “You don’t need to tell me until it comes true.” “Well then I can tell you what I wished for last year?” “What?” “You.” I smiled at Connor and leaned down to give him a big kiss. “I’m glad I granted your wish then. I just hope I can grant this one for you too.” We kissed a couple more times before we sat down on the bed. We began to make out, small moans escaping our lips as we did. “You definitely can babe. But actually,” Connor paused our kiss and let out a long yawn, “I’m feeling really tired all of a sudden. Think maybe we can pick this up in the morning?” Connor began to lie back in bed onto his pillow and tapped the one beside it. “Sure babe. Screw work if they call me in. I’m gonna spend tomorrow with my husband.” I climbed over to my side of the bed and got under the covers with Connor. “Thank you Dean. I would love that as a birthday present. As well as snuggling with you tonight,” said Connor as he wrapped his arms around my body as I faced the opposite way. “Goodnight Dean.” “Goodnight Connor.”
  10. There's been a big slowdown in new content so I thought I'd try to inject some activity. This story will contain similar themes from my other stories, but it will be a lot more lighthearted, I believe. Hopefully you'll find some enjoyment out of it as well. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ My Roommate Rivals CHAPTER ONE: “So, Rory, are you gonna live on your own now? Enjoy the bachelor life a little?” Amy questions me as I help her box up her things. Amy is my roommate, my soon to be former roommate to be exact, and also great friend from college. “I don’t think so, I’ll probably get another roommate. Maybe even two. I’m only 24 so that extra income really helps with the mortgage.” “I would guess, I still can’t believe you were able to get a house like this.” “Yeah, perk of living in the Midwest and buying in a down market. Big houses that are cheap. You’re not going to get that out in Denver.” “Oh trust me, I know,” Amy rolls her eyes in exasperation. “I’ll have to get used to a 400 sq ft apartment. You got it lucky here.” I purchased my home a little under three years ago when I was just out of college. I like my city and knew I had a very safe position in my job even back then, so I bit the bullet and bought my first home. Certainly no mansion, but as Amy mentioned it had a lot of space for a starter home. Two bedrooms and 1-1/2 baths upstairs with a fully finished walkout basement with two more bedrooms and another full bath downstairs. A little of 2500 square feet, no too shabby, even though half of that is a basement. That being said, purchasing a house so young I knew I some assistance with the mortgage would be needed. So since I bought my house I’ve had a handful of roommates over the years and it had worked out great. The house was perfect to rent rooms out with the walkout. It gave me my privacy upstairs when I wanted it and it’s hard to argue with the extra income. Plus, I was still young and more than happy to stay connected as much as I could to my college friends, many of whom were still undergrads. With a big open backyard as well, my home made for a good place to have the occasional shindig as well. Amy offers a lead as I carry some boxes upstairs, “Well if you don’t have anyone lined up yet, my cousin just graduated and is looking for a place. He’s a business major, works for the air conditioner manufacturing plant across town.” “Oh yeah? That’s cool. I already put out a feeler among my buddies on Facebook. I’d much prefer to find roommates from friends like you rather than sift through the weirdos on Craigslist and such. Then if he sucks I can blame you." Amy giggles as we load the boxes into her car. “He’s cool. He’s a frat boy, Theta Chi.” I give her skeptical look. “I know, I know! But he’s alright. Yeah, a little bit of a tool but all fratties are. If he gives you shit let me know and I’ll kick his ass.” We share a laugh and Amy tells me she’ll get me in touch with him. “Sweet, I’ll let Grif know.” “Grif? Really?” “Shut up!” Amy then gives me a devious look, “Plus Rory, regardless of their personalities, don’t act like you haven’t told me that you think frat guys are hot.” I smirk back at her, “Ok, you sold me. As long as he wears a polo. If he’s ok living with a gay dude then I could give it a try." - Seven days later I’m sitting at a BWW’s reading a menu when I see a hand reach out to me in my peripheral vision. I look up and see a stunning young man smiling down to me. “Are you Rory?” I nod. “Hey bro, I’m Griffin, nice to meet you.” I shake his hand and my eyes trace up the defined forearm, past his elbow to nicely pumped biceps which are encased in snug sleeves. I take in his torso…oh yeah, he’s even rocking a polo. I laugh inwardly wondering if Amy told him to do so to make a good impression on me. Either way it’s working. I can make just out his pecs through the polo and note how his waist is still hiding in the loose fabric, indicating its tightness. He has very broad and round shoulders, perhaps he was a swimmer back in high school. Standing there I judge him to be about 5’10 with a nicely gym built body. Far from huge, but he definitely uses the weight room on a regular basis. I look up to his face. Oh yeah, typical frat boy, but I can’t deny I’m temporarily smitten. Strong jaw, full lips, Roman nose. His face is a perfect combination of masculinity mixed with a still maturing, yet boyish face. On top of his head is neatly styled dirty blond hair contrasting his bright blue eyes. My stomach flutters as I attempt to regain my voice. “Hi Griffin. Have a seat, I already ordered a beer, the waitress should be back soon. You like wings?” “Hell yeah man, who doesn’t! The hotter the better.” We chat and I do my best to get a feel for the guy. The waitress comes by and takes our order and Griffin orders himself a beer as well. “So I guess that means you’re 21?” I ask. “Yep, just turned two months ago.” “Are you a big drinker, Griffin?” “Call me Grif, bro. I’m not a huge drinker, but I like to party, yeah.” Grif chuckles, sensing my apprehension. “But I promise I’m not one of those alcoholic frat boys. I like to party, but I keep it reasonable. Only the weekends. Plus, too much booze is bad for the abs.” Griffin smiles, leans back and pats his stomach. The fibers of his tanned forearms undulate as he does. Inside I’m wishing he would pull up the shirt and give me a glimpse. As we chat more I quickly catch on that he has the frat boy charm. He’s a guy who is used to getting what he wants, but it also becomes clear he’s worked for what he has too. He came to college with minimal scholarships and worked part time for most his undergrad. I can respect that. He lets me know he’s got a typical 8-5 job so our work schedules would be the same. We are both into watching sports even though I’m not nearly as athletic as him. It seems like a good fit, and I trust Amy’s judgement. “Well, Grif, I think this could work out if you still want to rent out my room?” “Sweet, dude! Yeah man, if those rates you told Amy are still good then I’m in for sure. Amy told me about the basement and I trust her. Sounds like you got a great setup.” “Great! Oh…um…I don’t know if Amy mentioned this, but-” Grif cuts me off “You’re gay right, bro? Amy already told me.” “Um…yeah. Is that a problem?” Grif smiles and takes a drink of his beer. “Fuck no, dude. Some of my favorite guys from Theta Chi were gay. Is it gonna be a problem that I’m a breeder?” I laugh out loud and Grif raises his glass to mine and we cheers. - It’s just three days later when Grif starts moving in. He has a couple of his frat bros helping him and I’m swooning at all the hot young men in my home. They are all boisterous and playful but I can tell they are good dudes. And their muscle definitely comes in handy and not just for my eyes and spank-bank. All the bros are wearing cutoff shirts exposing their rock arms and giving me glimpses of pecs. Their strong bodies easily handle the big items. I’m not sure I would’ve been able to help Grif move in his dresser, the thing was massive. Luckily I got to stand by and hold the door open as these jacked frat boys move Grif’s stuff in. Grif and his bros are impressed with my house as well, which I take pride in. I can tell Grif is excited, “Damn dude, Amy didn’t do this basement justice. This living room down here is HUGE! And you even got a bar down here? With fridge and microwave? This is awesome!” Grif throws his meaty arm around my shoulder, “Whenever you bring over a hot stud I got all I need to stay down here and let you have at him!” I laugh and reciprocate, “Yeah Grif. And if you have a chick down here you got all you need.” “Not ‘IF’, Rory-boy. WHEN!” Grif squeezes my shoulder and pats me on the back. I reward the guys with pizza and beer which only cements my endearment to Grif’s buddies. They ask if I ever host parties and I tell them occasionally. “But you guys can certainly come over anytime you want to hang with Grif.” Grif smiles and adds, “And to hang with you too, buddy!” Late that night after Griffin’s friends have left I leave him alone to get settled in. As he does I notice a new message on my phone from my mother. [Hi Rory. My coworker Wendy has a son who is looking for a room. He’s in his last year at the University. He was always a good kid in high school. Here is his Facebook page if you’re interested. Love you!] [Thanks mom. Give me a few days to think about it. New guy seems cool. I prefer one roommate but let me think it over. Love ya too.] The next day the decision becomes easier. I find out that all annual merit raises as work have been frozen since business is down. I grumble but I suppose I should be thankful that I wasn’t one of the 15% who were laid off last month. All of sudden the income of another roommate is very enticing so I let my mother know I’ll set something up. I bring it up with Grif too. “That’s up to you, Rory-boy. I’m good with another roommate if you are. I lived in a frat house with 40 other guys, just 2 other roommates is a huge improvement. Just please don’t bring in a weirdo.” “I won’t Grif. He’s a bartender, I’m meeting up with him tonight.” “A bartender, huh? Well that’s a good sign. Plus if he can get me free or reduced drinks at his bar then I’m in for sure!” I’ve arranged to meet up with the new prospect at his bar. He works most nights so this was the only way I could see him during my normal hours. Being a college town and with it still being summer, the bar shouldn't be too busy so he assures me via text that he’ll be able to talk. I ask the woman behind the counter, “Excuse me, is Osbourne here?” She looks at me before shouting down the bar, “Oz! Someone’s here for you!” A man comes from behind the wall of booze wiping his hands on a towel and approaches me. His is a fine specimen of man I must say. He is long and lean with dark complexion that goes perfectly with his short black hair. He either has some Mediterranean genes or he has spent a considerable amount of time tanning this summer. I take in his dark piercing eyes, he is one of those guys who looks like they are wearing eyeliner. He’s a got a couple small tattoos on his forearms which look like black flames but I don’t look too closely. His has a very tight and lithe body, sort of like a male runway model. I can tell he has some power in his taut muscles, he gives me the impression of a compressed spring. A man with a lot more power than he looks. I peg him at about 5’11, maybe 170 lbs. He’s wearing a snug black shirt which gives an impression of the firm muscles underneath. The dark jeans he’s wearing show off a surprising ample ass, which no doubt gets worked a lot, either in the gym or with the women he picks up. All in all, the guy is smoldering. The type of guys that gives ‘dark and mysterious’ its appeal. He smiles at me, “Hey man, are you Rory? I’m Oz. What can I get you, it’s on the house.” “Top shelf it is!” I joke and he grins. “Kidding, any hefeweizen will do.” “Got just the thing for ya, man.” Like any good bartender he is charming and engaging. He makes me feel like he genuinely interesting getting to know me, even if he isn’t. I certainly want to get to know him better, especially sans clothes, but I keep this to myself. “Just got a few classes left before I can graduate with my business degree,” he lets me know. “This bartending job pays pretty well so I’m not in a huge hurry to get my degree, honestly. So instead of one tough final semester I’m going to stretch what I have left over two semesters and graduate next Spring.” “Smart man. So I already have one roommate, is that cool?” “If it’s not a problem with him its not a problem with me. I just gotta get out of my current place. I currently live with four other dudes. Five guys in one big house is way too many. The place is a pigsty and I’m a very clean person.” “I like hearing that, Oz. So you’ll still be bartending for the next year then?” “At least. I’d be a great roommate. We wouldn’t even really cross paths too often. I work afternoons and nights until closing and my normal days off are Sunday and Monday. So most of the time I won’t see you. We wouldn’t be in each others way too much.” This revelation gives me conflicting feelings, I love the idea that the second roommate will almost be invisible…yet at the same time I WANT to see as much of this gorgeous man as I could. “One last thing, Oz. I don’t know if your mom told you, but I’m gay, I hope that’s alright.” Oz chuckles as he smiles at me. “She didn’t tell me but honestly I pegged you as gay right away.” “You did? How!?” Oz smirks at me, “Because I’m hot, dude. And Erica, the girl who called me over. She’s smokin’ hot too, but you were only looking at me.” I hide my face, embarrassed and Oz laughs. “No worries man. It wasn’t obvious. It’s a skill I’ve picked up being a bartender. And to answer your question, I don’t care at all that you’re gay. Love is love, man. Here, have another free beer since I embarrassed ya.” He sets a new bottle down on the bar in front of me and gives me a smoldering wink. - The following weekend Oz pulls into my driveway on Saturday morning with the back of his pickup full of of his belongings. I welcome him inside where Grif and I have been eating breakfast. Grif and Oz lock eyes for the first time in my home. Grif drops his cereal spoon, rolls his eyes and moans dramatically. “Awww man, Rory? You’re letting this loser live here?” I’m taken aback by Grif’s rudeness but turn to see Osbourne smirking at Grif. “I take it you two know each other?” Oz approaches Grif and slaps him on the shoulder with a grin. “Griffin of Theta Chi! How’s it going man? Still salty about how we beat you guys for the flag football crown?” Grif huffs, “That was a lucky fuckin’ fluke play and you know it!” “We still won!” Oz grins brightly. “So you two do know each other.” “Yeah, Grif and I here were in the top two frats at the university. Our frats were big rivals. My frat, Phi Delta Theta has won the most intramural Greek trophies in the last few years. We usually beat the little Theta Chi boys here like Grif. But hey man, 2nd place is still pretty good,” Oz says patronizingly. “The Phi Delts always got the calls by the refs, some shady shit if you ask me,” Grif grumbles. “But my frat was known for having WAY better parties with MUCH hotter girls. Can’t deny that, Oz! Sorry you guys were never invited.” The two continue to banter and I watch them close. While it’s clear they are both proud members of their frats and both extremely competitive, I don’t get the sense that they hate each other. They seem to have a frenemies relationship. Regardless I decide I better make sure this is the case. “So boys, is this gonna be a problem? You two are going to start coming to blows are you? Because you guys are both a lot bigger than me, I can’t stop you.” The two laugh and Grif answers, “Naw boss, we’ll be fine. Plus, if we fought, Oz here would be in trouble since I’m clearly bigger and stronger.” Grif smirks and quickly throws up a single arm flex. A well developed biceps muscle pops up. Oz grins and turns to Grif. He stands right up to him, “Are you sure your bigger, Grif? I’ve got a couple of inches of height on you, little guy.” “Couple of inches my ass! You are maybe an inch taller, bro. I still weigh more than you, skinny.” “Barely. Well I’m still taller!” “And I’m still bigger!” - Oz takes the day to get settled in. He is wearing a sleeveless shirt as we hauls his stuff in and I enjoy his caramel skin which is stretched tight over his very lean muscles as I suspected. Oz is much more vascular and lean than I previously thought. He’s not as bulky as Grif but has that wiry look, almost like a wrestler. I catch a glimpse of his abs through he side of his very loose cutoff tank…and it’s very nice. By that evening Oz is settled into his room in the basement next to Grif’s. With a big sigh Oz joins us on the couch in the living room. “No plans tonight, Grif?” he asks. “Did you lose all your friends or what?" “No, twat. Just a low key Saturday tonight. I went out last night.” “Got it. No friends.” Oz teases and Grif chucks a pillow at his face. Later that night their intensely competitive streak comes out again as I hear screaming coming from the basement living room. I tromp down the stairs to find the two studs playing Call of Duty. “What the hell are you guys doing down here?” “Well, Oz here is fucking CHEATING, that’s what’s happening.” Oz just laughs, “Sorry, boss. Grif here just can’t handle losing to the better man. You’d think he’d better at coping by now, poor guy.” “Fuck off!” Grif slams his controller down and stomps to his room. I laugh as I watch him sulk off, “It’s not that big of a deal, Grif,” but he just huffs as he walks by. I may have underestimated the intensity of their rivalry.
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    Doing It! Complete Chapters 1-11(01.11.23)

    Hi there. Hope you're all doing great. Had some time on my hands so started out writing a story for fun. I have the whole thing finished, so I thought I would post some of it here. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think. I'll post some more in the next couple of days. Doing It! “Are we really doing this?” “Yes! We really are going to do this!” Cody pushed the large silver syringe towards Grant. “This is really happening. It isn’t a game?” Grant picked up the metal syringe and took a look at the cylinder that lay within. “It’s not a game. You asked for the shit, and I got it for you. Now it’s up to you.” Cody’s cock was hard in his jeans from him just imagining what the rest of the day held. Sure, he could go to jail for stealing a top secret formula from a lab he was interning at, but he didn’t care if it meant Grant got what he deserved, and what he deserved was ultimate size. he two had met at the gym. Cody had always been an avid gym goer, but he was more used to places like Peak Fitness or Ultimate Gym, not The Metalworks that was ten minutes away from the lab he had recently started at right after grad school. Being self conscious at first about working out at a gym that catered more towards serious lifters, he hadn’t really paid Grant much notice besides glancing at his built physique in passing. No. Six months would pass before the two men would even speak to one another. When they did, it wouldn’t even be in the gym, but the parking lot. Cody had been at the lab late and decided that before he went home to sleep, he would get a quick workout in. After having gone through a routine set out for him by his online personal trainer, he changed into his trousers and shirt and was back in his car an hour later. The problem he had was that the car refused to start. Banging his hand on the wheel several times out of frustration, he popped the hood and exited the car in hopes that it would be an easy fix. Looking into the dark cavernous expanse that held his car’s engine by the light of his cell phone flashlight, Cody knew that he had no clue what the issue was. It could be anything! “Problem?” Cody looked up to see a tall, muscular, hunk of a man standing next to him. He had a grin on his face and a twinkle in his eye that Cody couldn’t help seeing even in the semi darkness of the parking lot. “I… my car. It’s dead.” “You call for a tow?” The larger man leaned on the car and looked under the hood. Cody wondered how old the man was. His hair was dark and full, but there was a hint of silver at the temples. His face was tanned yet only slightly lined, while the energy he was giving off let Cody know that he had seen and done a lot in his life. “No. Not yet. I thought… I don’t know. I thought that just by looking at it it would let me know what was wrong!” The man turned his head and smiled up at Cody. “Want me to give you a jump? I have cables in my Jeep.” “Yeah! That would be great. Think that will fix it?” “Can’t hurt.” The man walked away from Cody on large and muscular legs with glutes to match. Cody estimated he had to be about 6’3 and over 200lbs of thick muscle. A few minutes later, he had driven his black Jeep over to Cody, jumped out of the drivers side door and was hooking jumper cables up to both of their engines. “Try turning it over.” Cody looked dumbfounded at him. “Turn on your car.” “Oh! Right!” Cody hopped in the front seat, turned the key, and was rewarded with his car coming miraculously to life. “Thank you so much!” “No problem.” The man unhooked the jumper cables, lifted his arm so that his bicep jumped to attention, and began to wind them up around an elbow and meaty hand. “You saved my life. Not sure if towing comes with my insurance.” Cody felt his cock harden slightly as he watched the man finish winding up the cables, and wished it was being manhandled by such large hands. “You should check that out. Have a good night.” With that, he hopped into his Jeep and drove off into the night. From then on, whenever Cody went to the gym, his mysterious hero seemed to be there. Cody would secretly watch him lift, in awe of his brute strength and dedication to muscle. Cody must have been staring for too long before the guy walked over to him and broke him out of the X-rated fantasy that was playing on the screen in his mind. “Take a picture. It will last longer.” The guy slapped Cody on the ass and walked past him. Cody went through the motions of the rest of his workout, embarrassed at being caught staring, but also slightly turned on by the feel of the man’s hand on his ass. It was in the parking lot that night that he caught the guy standing next to his Jeep checking his phone. As Cody walked to his car, he called out: “Hey Tom!” “Tom?” “Peeping Tom. What I call you since I don’t know your name.” “It’s Cody. I wasn’t staring…” “No?” “No… I was thinking.” “That’s too bad. I’d hoped you were staring.” The man turned around and opened his Jeep door. “You… hoped I had been staring?” “Yeah. I’ve stared at that hot ass of yours plenty of times.” Cody was thankful it was dark so that the guy couldn’t see him blush. “You… have?” “Yeah. That okay?” “Sure. That’s… fine with me.” “Good. I’m Grant.” “Cody. Nice to meet you.” The two shook hands. Electricity passed through Cody as Grant gripped him tight. “I’m going to grab something to eat at my restaurant if you want to join me.” “Your restaurant?” “Best steaks in the 50 states. You do eat meat, right?” “Yeah! I love meat!” “Good to know. Follow me.” That night had been the beginning of months filled with excitement and passion. The two men, so very different, found that their differences made them perfect for each other. Soon, Cody was moving into Grant's large home, and the two were thinking of each other as a serious couple. It was while they were working out five months later that Cody brought up the project he was slightly a part of at work. “In a way… it’s going to help with your businesses. Imagine cows twice or three times the size. Imagine the steaks!” “So… this formula… it’s going to grow bigger cows?” “Not just cows. Pigs, chickens. Bigger animals… more food.” “Fuck the cows. Give it to me!” Grant laughed as he began curling a 50 lbs dumbbell. “Let’s grow this beast!” “Yeah right. Imagine! I’ve seen the trials on rats. Fuck they got huge. Twice the size.” Cody lifted a 15 lbs dumbbell and began curling as well. “I’m not joking. Let them know if they want a human trial… they can have me!” Grant laughed as he dropped the dumbbell to the floor and went off in search of something heavier. Cody knew Grant wasn’t joking. He was obsessed with size and muscle, and to have something that could get him even bigger would be a dream come true. Cody wanted to be the person that could give him that. He had made Cody happier than he had ever been in his life, and he could think of no better way to thank him. It was a month and a half later before Cody found himself left alone in the lab to lock up. The solution had been handed to him by his superior and told to log how much they had given to the test subjects and locked away. It was easy enough to pull up an entire syringe full, drop the large vial on the floor, and write in the log that it had been lost due to an accident. He walked out of the lab with the syringe in his coat pocket imagining the possibilities. Now, they were both in the bathroom of the gym. Cody couldn't wait to let Grant know of his theft, causing the larger man to grab him and drag him into the bathroom. “I just… what… inject it?” Grant looked up at Cody. He was hard in his sweatpants and began rubbing his cock with his other hand. “I’ll do it. It will go in your glute.” “Right. How much?” “Well… that’s the issue. I have no clue. It’s only been tested on rats.” “And I’m a pretty big rat.” “You are. I drew up an entire syringe because I imagined that would be the dose you would need.” “Then, let’s go with the syringe.” Grant pulled his sweat pants down and faced away from Cody. “Let’s do this!” Without even thinking twice, just happy he could give this to Grant, Cody drove the needle of the syringe deep into the muscle, pulled back to make sure there was no blood, and then pressed the dark liquid home. “Fuck! It burns!” “Almost there!” 40 seconds later, the solution was in Grant and Cody was pulling the needle out. “How long does it take?” “It’ll be about a week to two weeks before we notice any changes.” “Right. How much you think I’ll gain?” “Estimate… about a hundred to a hundred and twenty-five pounds of muscle.” Grant's cock jumped just hearing that. He pulled Cody towards him and the two began to kiss. The next day, at the lab, Cody was disciplined severely for his ‘accident’ with the formula, but nothing else came about the theft. He was happy he had gotten away with it and still felt sore from the multiple times Grant had fucked him that night after their workout.. It was 3:00 in the afternoon when Cody’s cell phone went off. It was Grant. “Hey, Babe! How’s the restaurant?” “I’m driving home.” “What’s wrong?” “Nothings wrong. It’s working!” “What?” “I’m growing!” “That’s not possible. It’s just your imagination.” “You tell that to… oh fuck! You tell that to my body!” “I’ll be right there.” After a quick lie about severe diarrhoea, Cody was on his way home. He called Grant once he got in the car, but his boyfriend didn’t pick up. The house was only twenty minutes away, but he seemed to catch every light possible. It wasn’t possible that Grant could be showing signs of muscle growth already. It usually took ten days before any difference was noted, and about six months before the rat had grown to its largest size. It had only been a day since Grant had been injected… not even 24 hours! Cody drove up to their house and parked in the driveway next to Grants Jeep. The first thing Cody noticed as he walked up to the house was that the front door was wide open and Grant’s keys were still in the lock. Walking into the house, he called out to Grant but didn’t receive an answer. Moving into the living room, he noticed the clothes Grant had been wearing were scattered around on the floor with both the shirt and trousers having rips and tears in the fabric. Moving into the kitchen, he found both of Grant’s sneakers, but the front near the laces as well as the sides of them had been destroyed as if something had unexpectedly exploded out of them. Cody’s heart began to beat faster as he heard several deep grunts and groans coming from the master bedroom. Crossing into the room, he audibly gasped at what he saw. Standing in front of the large mirror was Grant, but it was nothing like the Grant he had kissed goodbye that morning. The Grant that was flexing one arm while jerking his cock with the other hand while admiring himself in the mirror was a brute… a muscle beast. Everything about Grant was now… bigger. Every muscle group on his body was swollen way beyond any pump he had ever had. It was obvious that Grant must have not only gained 50 plus pounds of muscle mass in the last couple of hours, but he now stood several inches taller than the 6’ 2” he had been that morning. Cody couldn't take his eyes off of his boyfriend. He looked so huge and primal standing there in front of the mirror posing and flexing various muscle groups for himself; turning himself on in the process. Cody looked downward at Grant’s cock, rising up like a monument to his virility. Where it had always been above average at 8”, it now stretched to what had to be a thick 10 incher. Grant caught Cody’s eye in the mirror. “What do you think?” Grant pulled a most muscular pose for Cody forcing every muscle group to swell even larger. “I don’t understand.” “If you don’t understand… how do you think I feel!” Grant moved closer to Cody who now felt so much smaller in his presence. “It shouldn’t work this way. You look like you've been on it for 5 weeks now… not one day.” “Imagine me in 5 weeks!” Grant's cock swelled, releasing a wad of precum. “Maybe this is it. Maybe on humans the growth occurs all at once.” “No. This is just the start. I can feel it.” Grant ran his large hand over his pecs and down his abs. “What do you mean?” Grant moved closer to Cody until he was nearly on top of him. Grant had always been larger than Cody, but now the phenomenal growth he had gone through made it seem as if he were the size of two men combined. “There’s a new energy in me.” Grant grabbed Cody around the waist and pulled him to him. “I felt it this morning. At first, I didn’t know what it was, and grew worried when I felt it fill my body, becoming more and more powerful.” With his right hand, Grant caressed Cody’s face. “Throughout the morning into the afternoon, it kept getting stronger and stronger until I thought I was going to either have a heart attack or explode due to high blood pressure. I was sweating… my heart was racing… and then the cramps began.” Cody could feel Grant’s hard cock pressing against him as Grant told the incredible story of his growth. “All the air escaped from my lungs as if I was punched in the stomach. I staggered into a bathroom at the restaurant and locked the door. The pressure seemed to be focusing on my chest, but it wasn’t my heart. It was my pecs… and they had both started to swell!” Grant leaned down and brought his face closer and closer to Cody’s until the two began to kiss. Grant's tongue was welcomed as it slid into Cody’s mouth. He released a slight groan as Grant held him with more strength than he had possessed before. Cody could feel the much larger and more muscular body pressing against him, and was marvelling at how thick Grant felt as he wrapped his arms around him. The two kissed even deeper as they became more and more aroused. Cody was shocked when Grant pulled away, but from the wild look in his eye, Cody knew Grant wanted more. Lifting his considerable hands to Cody’s shirt, Grant started to massage the smaller man’s nipples. Cody groaned again, feeling his cock straining for release against his trousers. “I could feel muscle mass building on top of muscle mass… dividing… replicating… until my pecs began to swell and press against my shirt much more than they had minutes before. Then it began to spread to my abs… my quads… my lats… my biceps. My entire body was exploding with new and powerful muscle.” As if to demonstrate his new strength, Grant grabbed onto Cody’s shirt, and with a powerful tug, tore it from his body. Cody nearly came as he watched buttons and fabric fall to the floor from his light blue dress shirt. Grant then lifted Cody off of his feet and carried him to the bed where he proceeded to throw him on top of it. “I knew I had to get out of there. My clothes had begun to look painted onto my body and I had no doubt they would soon start to tear… and to be honest… I wanted to see that happen in front of a mirror! I told the head chef I felt sick and raced to my car. As I went to unlock it, my hands began to shake and spasm, and the fob fell to the floor.” Grant grabbed the waist of Cody’s pants and dragged him closer to the edge of the bed. “As I leaned down to pick it up, my ass exploded outwards; my glutes thickened with muscles until the seat of my jeans split. I can’t tell you how incredible it feels to have your muscle mass bursting through your clothes! What I failed to take into account was that it wasn’t only my muscles that were starting to grow. Everything about me was joining in.” With that, Grant tore off Cody’s trousers with a grunt, shredded his briefs, and with a grin on his face, lifted Cody’s legs up in the air and ploughed his monumental cock into Cody’s waiting hole. Cody screamed in agony and ecstasy. It wasn’t simply that Grant’s cock head had grown thicker than he had been used to taking. It was the fact that Grant’s cock seemed harder and more rigid than it had ever been in the past. Feeling the shaft being forced further and further into him felt like he was being fucked by a flesh and blood steel girder. Finally feeling Grant’s balls, which had also grown marginally, slapping against his ass, Cody opened his eyes just so he could watch the beast Grant had grown into fuck him. Grant was staring down at him, and smiled when he caught Cody’s eye. Leaning in further, he raised Cody upward with one arm and the two proceeded to kiss while Grant continued his frantic rhythm. “I was growing, babe,” Grant grunted into his ear as he fucked him harder and deeper. “As I drove… feeling my shoes getting tighter… feeling my hands and spine lengthening… all I could think was… it was you who gave this to me!” Cody looked deep into Grant’s eyes, feeling the pressure of a coming orgasm rising up within him. “Finally… fuck! You’re still so fucking tight!” “I’m not… tight! You’re… much… bigger!” Cody felt his balls begin to rise up in their sack as the strong orgasmic feeling enveloped his body. Soon, his hard cock began shooting rope after rope of cum. As Grant lowered him back onto the bed, he was still buried deep within Cody. Watching Cody cum, he knew he was only moments away from it himself. Grabbing onto Cody’s waist, he began to pound himself deeper into Cody’s ass. “It’s still… with me… Cody. I can… feel… it. Every minute… it’s getting… stronger! Soon… I’ll grow again… and again… and again! Soon… my body… will be… just massive… throbbing.., pulsating… flexing… muscle!!!!!” Grant growled the last word as he began unleashing load after hot load of cum into Cody. Feeling such liquid fire in his bowels caused Cody to erupt again. His body spasmed as Grant began to slide his cock out of him, and proceeded to drop several more thick loads onto Cody’s stomach and chest. Both of their seeds mixed on Cody as they fought to catch their breaths. “Damn… you shot a lot!” Cody grinned. “Yeah. Never had an orgasm like that one. Really strong. Like me.” Grant bounced his weighty pecs. Grant proceeded to grab a towel to clean Cody up with, but instead of a washcloth it now took a hand towel! The two men then showered together as best as they could since Grant now took up much more space. After they had dried themselves off, Cody began to get dressed, but Grant remained naked. He suddenly seemed on edge, pacing the room like a caged animal. “Anytime now… anytime now…” “Can you really… still feel it?” Cody slipped his left sock on, but stopped to look at Grant. “The growth?” “Yeah. It’s there. Gotten much stronger in the last couple of minutes. You’ll be able to witness your gift in action!” “Aren’t you… aren’t you nervous? This is happening so fast.” “Fuck no! I love it. Since I was a kid I wanted to be huge… powerful… built like Superman in the comics.” “You’re built like him now!” “I know! So just imagine what I’ll look like next… or the time after that… or the time after that. Fuck! I want you to do me a favour.” Grant moved quickly to his dresser and began digging through a drawer. “What?” Grant pulled out a measuring tape and handed it to Cody. “Measure me. Before I grow again.” “Okay.” Cody wrapped the tape around Grant’s right quad. “Your quad is 35 inches.” “Fuck yeah. Go on.” Cody moved the tape to Grant’s waist. “Your waist is 36 inches” “Go on.” “Your chest… it’s… 70 inches.” “Go on!” “Your bicep is… 25 inches.” “Neck?” “Your neck is 20 inches.” “My cock? Measure my cock.” Cody did as he was told. He took Grant's hard cock in his hands, running the tape down the length of it. “Your cock is 10.5 inches long and 5 inches thick.” “Fuck yeah! How tall?” Cody could hear Grant’s heart pounding in his chest. “That’s going to be harder. Go against the wall.” “Quick. Quick! I can feel it.” Grant leaned against the wall while Cody drew a line with a pencil. When Grant stepped away, he moved quickly into the bathroom, leaving Cody to take the measurement. When he crossed back into the room, Cody was waiting for him. “You’re 6’5… up 3 inches from what you used to be.” “I’ve also gained 110 lbs in muscle. Up from 220 to 330. Isn’t that crazy! You thought I’d gain 100 lbs in 6 months! I've done it in a day! In a day!” Grant grabbed Cody and started to kiss him. “Grant… I…” “Don’t be nervous! It’s all good! It’s what I want. It’s a dream come true! When I hit 220, I was at my biggest, and now look at me. 330 lbs of muscle! 6’5 inches tall! I got a fucking 70 inch chest… and the cock of a horse… and my balls… always full… always churning…. I’m strong as hell now… but…” Grant pulled away from Cody with a grin on his face. “Any second, Cody! Any… second!” Cody could see beads of sweat erupting on Grant’s forehead. Lifting both arms, Grant flexed them. He then flexed his pecs… his lats… his quads…. “Much stronger than before, Cody. Much… much stronger. Cody’s heart raced as he watched Grant flex and relax every muscle group on his body over and over again. His eyes were closed, and his head had fallen back slightly on his bull neck. That was when Cody realized that Grant wasn’t flexing his muscles in preparation of a growth spurt. His body was doing it under no control of Grant’s. Cody stepped backwards, and ran into the bed. Unsure what was about to happen, Cody sat down on the soft mattress, never once taking his eyes off of Grant. “This is… it… Cody! This… is…”
  12. Friendly Competition between Cousins I was just casually working out at my local gym nothing serious but just trying to improve myself. Tired of looking at images of people that I wanted to look like so why not just take life by the horns and just buckle down and get serious. I told my older cousin Jax about it as well which he was supportive of since we lived nearby each other. He saw the results I was starting to get and sent that text that would forever be etched in my brain. “Hey cuzzo, I see your results and progress in the gym. It has motivated me to do the same and get bigger than you since I’m already somewhat bigger than you now it shouldn’t be that difficult for me.” He meant it in jest but in my mind I said “like hell you will” Funny thing is my cousin started going to Planet Fitness, while I on the other hand have been working out at the most hardcore gym in the city which I didn’t realize until others told me that they were intimidated by the place and was surprised that I went there. Now there were some big guys there like maybe around 215lb – 240lbs and then there were HUGE guys like 250lbs+ mostly muscle except during their off-season. All of which have been real nice and cool guys. Some even gave some advice along the way as they saw me come in a bit more regularly and making some positive strides. I even befriended some of the “huge scary looking guys” Ralph, Dusty, Wally. I told them about this competition my cousin and I were now in and they laughed a bit but said ok so what are you going to do about it. I told them that I’m going to increase my intensity and make sure he isn’t bigger than me period. The trio nodded in unison and began telling me I’ve been making decent progress but wanted to know if I just wanted to be big or huge. They’ve asked me this before and I would just laugh and say bigger, I’m nowhere near the level of you guys, to which they would reply it wasn’t that much of a difference and they would go on to explain the things they were having problems with at their size but fun problems which honestly was my favorite to hear. The three couldn’t wear anything smaller than a 3XL and now they are all trying to hit 325+lbs but then would talk about how they all started like me but got a little boost and look at us now. Again normally I brushed that aside and we went on about or workout. They would always say cool but if I change my mind let them know. I would always think about it a little afterwards and wonder what it would be like if I were their size or close to it. Granted I did lose about 20lbs and am a leaner 197lbs. But with this new competition in place with Jax, just being lean isn’t going to cut it. I not only wanted to be bigger than my cousin, I wanted to be noticeably larger than him. So when we got to the point of our normal banter and they asked once more what I wanted and I said to their shock I think its time for me to get huge. My cousin will not beat me plus I’ve got a year so hopefully I can pack on some size. The trio looked at me in disbelief and asked me if I was sure. I told them hell yeah I’m sure whatever it takes. That must have been a key word because they proceed to essentially “warn” me that once they help that I will never be the same again. I would probably always be in 3XLs or larger, have a hard time finding sleeves that fit, or regular pants since my waist would always be smaller than the rest of my legs, being the largest guy in the room most of the time, making some people uncomfortable at my size, constant stares, on and on which as they were describing these things they were inadvertently flexing and showing what they meant which was a major turn on and I drifted off day dreaming about me looking like all of those things they were “warning” me about or having the “issues” that they are experiencing until I heard a crash of weights from someone else not paying attention to their own set watching what was going on with us. I snapped back to reality and said was all that supposed to scare me away because if anything that sounds even better than I have even imagined and like I said whatever it takes lets grow I mean go already. I started thinking about what a meal plan would look like and a new workout routine just mind running a mile a minute. They nodded at each other and started packing their things up. Now I was confused because we just got here and said what’s going on, I thought we were about to workout? They said we will but I had to be prepped first. They told me to grab my stuff and lets go. Ralph was the shorter of the trio so he started to walk out the gym. Dusty and Wally nudged me along which I was taller than Dusty but Wally was my height so I was walking in the middle of these 3 hulking figures out the gym to Wally’s truck. We tossed our bags in the back and got in. Of course I’m in the middle seat with Ralph and Dusty on either side of me basically pinning me to the seat with their lats and shoulders. Wally turned the car on and looked in the rearview at me and asked if I was sure of this. I laughed a little and said if I wasn’t I couldn’t go anywhere anyway with Ralph and Dusty pinning me like this. The trio laughed and said cool. Dusty then blindfolded me and Ralph asked if I trusted them. I replied and said the 3 biggest MFs in the gym yeah we good. He said ok because this will be a bit of a ride but you can’t see where we are going. At first I was a little nervous wondering what the hell did I commit too but I’m here now. Then I thought my cousin was probably in the gym now and I’m sitting in the truck. But he’s at a Planet Fitness and I’m with the 3 biggest dudes I or anyone in this town knows so I will come out on the end of this the winner of this competition. Since I couldn’t see anything all I could do was visualize what I could no what I will look like and the thoughts got me hard as a rock as I anxiously wait for what’s to come.
  13. Sizemologist

    Merry ChristMASS

    Posting one of my old stories on my new account for Christmas. Happy holidays and I hope you enjoy :^) Chapter 1: The New Santa It started on Christmas Eve. They were all sleeping soundly in their beds when a mysterious figure arrived to deliver each of them a letter. As each man opened the letter and read it, they were blinded by a light that illuminated from the letter. Each of the men regained their sight in a large room with a cookie sitting in front of them. Looking from side to side, they each saw each other and a man clad in red from head to toe. “Hello gentlemen and welcome to the North Pole,” said the man. “What happened? A second ago I was reading a letter about some new job,” asked one of the men. “¿Qué?” said another. “Oops! I thought I forgot something.” He snapped his fingers. “That’s better. My name is David, and I will be your host for the duration of your stay here,” said David. “The North Pole? How did we get here?” exclaimed one of the men. “Well you see, each of you received a letter from myself asking about a job,” said David. “Yeah. It said something about becoming the next Santa Claus. I thought it was one of my kids playing games with me,” said one of the men as he bit into the cookie in front of him. “Not at all sir. I can assure you that this is all real. Each of you have been hand selected by me to be a candidate for the title of the new Santa Claus,” said David “Wait seriously? Santa Claus is real? I had always just kept up the charade for the children at the shelter, but I could never have imagined actually being asked to be the new Santa Claus,” said one of the men with glee. “Why did you select us specifically?” asked another. “Well let’s go down the line,” said David. He snapped his fingers and a scroll appeared in his hands. “First, there is Rafael from Brazil.” The latino man perked at the hearing of his name. “Born into poverty at a very early age, he struggled growing up to support himself and his siblings. With no parents to take care of them, he built a community of others that had been abandoned like them. He helped them. Fed them. Made sure their needs were met before taking care of his own. He established a shelter for anyone who was in need regardless of who they were.” “Then we have Peter.” The white man stood up when his name was said. “An all-American boy from the states. He was your typical kindhearted gentleman. What set him apart from the rest of America was his selflessness. Despite being born into a fortune, he dedicated his life to giving it all up to those who had nothing. Donating his money to charity and living the life of someone in poverty so that others would prosper.” “Next we have Bruno. When his country of Iraq was invaded, he was merely a boy and did not know what to do. Unlike many who fled, he saw the scourge of the war and wanted to help and make a difference. He studied to become a combat medic. Helping those who had fallen in battle regardless of who their allegiance was with.” “Lastly, we have Vincent. A man with a fairly normal upbringing in Japan, Vincent dedicated himself to volunteer work when he became an adult. Working for numerous non-profit organizations that deal with feeding those who are hungry and providing shelter for those in need. Rejecting what his parents expected of him as an adult and going into working for his community.” David snapped his fingers again and the scroll vanished. “You each have displayed the true meaning of Christmas throughout your lives. That it is better to give than it is to receive. Through your selfless actions, each of you have impacted many lives drastically and you are all true Saints.” The four of them looked at each other with surprised looks on all of their faces. “I understand that this is a lot to take in all at once, but do not worry, we have all of the time in the world. Literally. Father Time stops time for everyone else outside of the North Pole.” “What will becoming Santa Claus entail for us? Will we move here? What will our job be?” asked Peter. “You will be working here almost full time. Helping with toy manufacturing, the infamous naughty and nice list selections, and, of course, delivering all of the presents on Christmas. But don’t worry, you will be trained to do all of these things, but we just need to make sure to have an aptitude for it first,” said David. “How will we ever learn how to do all that?” asked Vincent. “Magic good sir! That’s how anything can get done around here. Everything we do in the North Pole is powered by magic that you will be taught how to use by one of the best magic users in existence. Myself.” “Way to be humble boss,” said a man as he walked in through two big red doors. “Joseph! You made it! Everyone, this is Joseph. He is the head of toy production here at the North Pole. You will be working very closely with him.” “Hello everyone. David can I talk to you for a second?” asked Joseph. “Sure. Here everyone,” David snapped his fingers, “have some cookies.” And the two of them left the room. “David, what are you doing? Where’s Nick?” asked Joseph. “Oh he’s been removed from service with us,” replied David as he tried to walk back in. “What? Drop the tour guide act. Who are these guys and where is Nick?” “Alright, fine. He dumped me last night. I sent him to coal duty. These are his replacements.” “Get Nick out of there! We need him tonight!” “No! He can rot in the coal mines for all I care. One of them will be the new Santa.” “These are your rebound guys. Not the next Santa.” “We’d eventually need a replacement. And they are all suited for the job.” “What even are their qualifications?” “They are all charitable. Nice guys.” “David! “Okay! They’re all hot gay men who are selfless. It was a pretty quick magical search.” “I can’t believe you brought mortals here! What were you thinking?” “I was thinking that my husband of almost 2 centuries just dumped me and you weren’t picking up your phone when I was needing a hookup.” “So you just pop these random guys in here so that you can have a one night stand?” “Not exactly. We would need a replacement eventually. I can’t run this factory and deliver the presents every Christmas. One is fine, but more than that, I‘ll work myself to death. I need a partner.” “Alright fine. I’ll play this little game of yours.” “Hey you can get something out of this too.” “What could I possibly get out of this?” “I know that Henry dumped you last decade and you’ve been lonely ever since. You get first runner up.” “Ugh you’re impossible.” Joseph started walking away. “You won’t be saying that after they go through the cookie test.” Joseph stopped in his tracks. “You’re doing that test.” David nodded his head. “Okay. I’ll go along with it as long as you play fair this time with that test.” “Deal.” The two shook hands and walked back towards the contestants. All unaware of what they had gotten themselves into.
  14. Sizemologist

    H2GROW: Just Add Water

    Move In Day! Tony climbed the stairs to his second floor dorm room with bags of luggage in hand. Groaning with each step, the stocky man finally reached his door and fumbled to get the key out of his pocket. As he did this, he started to lose his grip on all of his bags. Trying his best to fish the key out of his pocket, Tony at last grabbed the key, but his hand couldn’t hold on any longer. All of his bags fell to the ground with a loud crash and Tony sighed in defeat. While Tony was picking up his dropped luggage, the door to his room swung open. Tony looked up from the ground to see a tall lanky guy standing in the doorway. “Hi there! You must be Tony,” said the stranger with a smile on his face as he reached his hand out to Tony. “Yes I am! And you must be Andrew. Nice to meet you.” Tony got up from the ground and reached his hand out to meet Andrew’s in the process of dropping all his luggage again. “Need some help with that?” asked Andrew chuckling a bit at Tony. “Actually yeah. That would be real helpful man,” said Tony, picking up some of the suitcases. Andrew got down and started to collect a few of Tony’s bags and walked back into the room. Tony followed him in with the remaining bags and examined his new dorm. On his side of the room, there was nothing. A blank billboard and a twin sized bed attached to a desk with a chest of drawers and a small closet. On the other side, it was clear that Andrew had been here well in advance and set up his room. He had plenty of Star Wars, Marvel, Lord of the Rings, and Star Trek posters up on the wall. Along with stacks of books on his desk and plants lining the window sill. “Wow, you didn’t waste any time moving in,” said Tony, setting his luggage down in front of his closet. “Actually this isn’t my first rodeo. I lived in this room last semester. In the fall semester, I was in this room by myself. I think I originally had another roommate, but he ended up dropping out either right before the semester started or the first day of classes because I never met him. So I had this room all to myself last year,” said Andrew. Tony started to move his luggage into the room and while doing so, slinging some of his suitcases up onto the bed. “Oh nice man. Sorry to ruin your solo act,” said Tony. “It’s okay. It’ll be nice living with someone. Did you have anything else that you were gonna bring up? I can help you out if you need it,” said Andrew. “Nope, I wanted to bring everything up here in one trip. But I’m pretty beat from that drive.” Tony took off his jacket and set it on his desk and then laid down on the bed. Andrew quickly stood up and walked over to Tony. “Oh well maybe, if you don’t feel like unpacking now, we can go and get some food? Ya know, get to know each other. We will be living with each other for the next four or five months, might as well start it off right,” said Andrew as he started putting on his jacket. “Yeah, sure. Just let me get a quick break in then I’d be more than happy to get some grub with you,” Tony smiled at Andrew and Andrew gave a big toothy grin back at Tony. “Great! I’m just gonna run to the bathroom real quick and then we can leave,” said Andrew as he opened the door to their room to go to the community bathroom they shared with the whole floor. Tony looked over at his luggage on the other side of the bed. He leaned forward and grabbed one of the zippers on the bigger suitcases sitting on top and quickly unzipped it. Sitting on top was a big fluffy pillow with folded sheets below it. Tony grabbed out the sheetless pillow, put it on the side he would put his head, and laid down. He took a deep breath in and sighed from exhaustion. But he paused for a moment. What is that smell? he thought to himself. He sat up and grabbed his pillow and moved it out of the way. On the mattress was a small stain that looked to be no bigger than a ping pong ball. Looks like whoever had this bed last was not the cleanest roommate in the world. I’ll have to get some candles or something to get that smell out of here. As Tony was examining the stain on the bed, the door swung open and in walked Andrew. “You ready to go or do you need some more time to rest?” asked Andrew as he reentered the room. “Yeah, I’m good to go. And maybe we can leave the window open or something. My bed kinda reeks,” said Tony as he started standing up. Andrew's eyes got wide for a split second, but then settled back into his big smile. “Oh yeah. Sorry about that. I think it’s my experiment going on over here.” Andrew walked over to the window sill where he had five potted plants lined up. “I’m a biochemistry student and I really got to know one of my professors last semester so he let me do a little experiment of my own over winter break. I won’t be winning the Nobel Peace Prize for it or anything, but it’s still a good way to get close with the professors in my major.” Andrew grabbed a spray bottle sitting on his desk and started to spray the plants with water. “That sounds interesting. What are you testing?” asked Tony as he got up and stood next to Andrew. “These plants were given a fertilizer that was supposed to give them more nutrients which would enable more growth output. It won’t grow them massive, but I’m seeing which chemical combination reacts the best to inhibit the most growth. Long term it could give farmers a new product to get bigger harvests every season.” “Wow, that sounds…really complicated, but also cool,” said Tony. He leaned in towards one of the plants growing and took a sniff. “Ooo yeah. That’s what I smell.” Tony grabbed his nose a little bit and stepped back towards the door. “Sorry, this fertilizer is fresh. I didn’t realize you were moving in today and put it on the plants. It will smell for a little bit as the nutrients work their way into the plant's system. That’s why I suggested we go eat and get out of the room while the smell goes away,” said Andrew, putting his spray bottle back on his desk. “I see your point. Then lead the way to the nearest dining hall. I don’t think I realized how hungry I was until I was out of the car.” Tony opened up the door and waited for his lanky roommate to walk out with him. Andrew smiled and followed Tony out of the room towards the nearest dining hall. *A FEW HOURS LATER* “I can’t believe they allow All You Can Eat at The Market on Saturdays. That’s gonna save me sooooo much money this year,” said Tony as he walked back into his dorm room with Andrew. “It’s pretty nice. And for a growing guy like you, I’m sure you’ll take full advantage of it.” The two laughed and looked at Tony’s bed. It still had plenty of still packed suitcases sitting on it. “Damn I’m not looking forward to unpacking that,” said Tony as he started unzipping his suitcase. Both of them were happy that the smell of the room had returned to normal and they weren’t suffering through the stench of the fertilizer. “It’ll be done before you know it.” Andrew sat on his bed and started to play on his phone. “If you need any help doing any of the heavy lifting, I know I don’t have much size to show, but I can at least help.” Andrew brought his arm up and flexed his mediocre bicep for Andrew. “Thanks Andrew. But I don’t think I have much to unpack. Mainly just clothes and some supplies for school. It’ll just be a pain.” Tony started unpacking his things as Andrew got up from his bed and checked on his plants. “Did the plants like the fertilizer you gave them?” “Unclear. I can’t see any changes in them now, but it has only been a few hours since I added the stuff. Realistically, I shouldn’t see any real changes for a few weeks,” said Andrew as he continued to examine the plants. “So how does all of that stuff work? I’ve never really been big on science, but I’m always open to hear of better ways to get bigger,” said Tony as he started putting some of his clothes away. “It’s kind of complicated. How much do you know about biology? Or chemistry?” asked Andrew, spraying down the plants with water. “I’m a kinesiology major so I know about biology. But that’s human biology. Not plants.” said Tony, folding up some shorts and putting them in his dresser. “In layman's terms, whenever I give the plant water, it should activate the nutrients in the fertilizer I gave to the test plant to inhibit growth. But the growth we see at this stage would be microscopic at this early of a time. Or at least on this size of plant. But if we wake up in a jungle of vines, we know it worked.” Andrew got out a ruler and notepad and started to jot down numbers on it. “So could it work on humans?” asked Tony, peering over Andrew’s shoulder at the plants. “Who knows? All of this is theoretical. Don’t get me wrong, professor Hendricks and I have been running the numbers and these plants should only grow a few inches more than a regular one. But we’ve only ever tried it on plants. I don’t even know what would happen if that fertilizer got into a human’s system.” Tony frowned and walked back to his closet and continued to hang up his clothes. “Well whenever you guys do human trials, let me know. I’ll be first in line. I’d do anything to grow.” “Yeah I feel you there. I might not be as short as you, but being as skinny as a twig sometimes can be a pain. People always say I look like a giraffe.” “Short and fat isn’t the best either. In the last few months, everybody has been calling me a baked bean.” “Wow, that’s rough buddy,” said Andrew as he walked back to his bed. “But kinda funny.” Andrew couldn’t hide the small smirk on his face. “You’ll be able to go to the rec 24/7 if you’re trying to get buff big guy. And the kinesiology department is right next door so it's an easy commute to class.” “You’re right, but I was always the short kid in high school. I never was strong enough or fast enough or tall enough to be in any sport so I was really hoping that I could at least gain some sort of size in college,” said Tony. “I was a band nerd. I didn’t care for any sort of sport. They’re overrated in my opinion. But considering the rec is free with tuition, and as we learned tonight, Saturdays are all you can eat, you’ll get big in no time. At least in the muscle department. The height department, I’ll give you a call once we’ve figured out how to grow people taller,” said Andrew as put away the last of his clothes. “Like I said, first in line for it.” Tony plopped himself down on his now made bed and breathed out a sigh of relief. “Finally done. I’m beat.” Tony took another deep breath in and then caught a whiff of himself. “You know, on second thought, I might go shower and then head straight to bed. All that moving today really took it out of me,” said Tony sitting back up and grabbing his towel and toiletries. “I’ll be here. Have fun. Make friends,” said Andrew. “Make friends? It’s the floor’s community bathroom. I don’t know if I wanna make friends in there.” “Hey, you never know,” laughed Andrew as Tony shut the door to head to the bathroom. Tony turned the corner and entered the community bathroom. It had three stalls with toilets and three stalls for showers. Tony ducked down and checked if anyone was in there with him, and to his luck, there was no one else. He opened the first door to the shower stall and stepped in .The stall wasn’t very big. It just had a dry area for Tony to place his pajamas and then the small shower itself. Tony walked into the shower and turned the water on. He started rinsing off his body. Taking stock of it, there wasn’t much to rinse. Andrew hadn’t been lying. Tony was a bit of a little guy. At only 5’5, he definitely was towered over by most other men. And even some women. And he was pretty stocky for being so short. He rinsed off his sizable moobs and lifted his belly up so water could get the undercarriage. Looking down at his belly, he couldn’t even see his stump of a dick under it. At only 3 inches, Tony really longed for any size at all. Tony sighed as he reached for his shampoo bottle and started lathering up his curly black hair. Tony was met with a weird tightening sensation on the back of his head when he started to rub the shampoo in. It wasn’t burning him, but he did feel a strangle warmth trickle across his head and down his neck. Tony pulled his shoulders back as he felt the warmth spread throughout his whole body. His toes curled as his back arched up. He was lucky he was alone because he let out a deep, loud moan. It echoed through the stalls of the bathroom and Tony felt it ringing through his chest. It started in Tony’s shoulders first. It was subtle, but he could feel them thickening. His traps became denser and his delts rounded out. Spreading out to his flabby arms, the jiggly fat that hung on his arms seemed to be moving and shifting. Tony was shocked when he flexed, he saw his biceps inflating to the size of softballs. Tony balled his hands into fists to see the veins pulsing on his vascular forearms. Seeping down to his chest, his moobs began to plump up. The once saggy moobs were pushing upwards on his chest. Forming a rectangular shape on his chest and filling out with more muscle. His belly felt like it was marinating with the warmth. Tony rubbed his belly and let out a loud belch that echoed throughout the entire bathroom. Tony moaned again and gripped his cock with both of his hands. His eyes shot open and he looked down to see his cock. He could see his cock and grip it with two hands. Tony smiled in disbelief as he felt his cock pulse in his hands. His spine shivered with every heartbeat as his cock throbbed bigger and bigger. Tony felt his already somewhat fat ass tighten up and form into a bubble butt behind him. Thunder thighs shaping into ham sized quads. He raised his toe up and flexed his diamond calves. As Tony stayed under the shower head, he felt his body start to go through a different change. He had gained some muscle suddenly, but now it seemed his belly wanted to grow bigger too. Tony let out another large belch that lasted a few seconds and then he gripped his stomach. His hands were feeling pushback as the belly began to push out further and further. Looking at his body, he saw the toned muscles begin to swell with fat. His athletic build he had just gained being eclipsed as fat began to crawl back onto his body. Tony reached for the shower faucet and turned the water off. He looked down at his body and was amazed. He couldn’t help but grope and prod at his new form. While he maintained a rather full belly and a significant amount of fat still on him, he could actually see muscles on him now. “I knew there was muscle under all that fat,” mused Tony. He couldn’t stop smiling as he began to towel off his muscular body. Pulling up the pajamas he had brought, his underwear felt tight on his beefier body. Gripping the waistband, Tony heaved them up and over his fat ass that now felt shaped more like a bubble butt than a lumpy blob. His legs felt squeezed into the pants like sausages and his calves and ankles were on display at the bottom of the pants. Pulling on his shirt, his sleeves felt constraining around his biceps and like one little flex could tear it. His hairy belly was now on full display for the world to see since now his shirt only covered just above his belly button. Walking out of the stall and staring at himself in the mirror, Tony couldn’t help but smile with glee as he looked absolutely comical now. He didn’t know how it happened, but he had gotten bigger. His clothes looked two sizes too small at least and he had no idea what happened. But he didn’t care. All he did care about was that he had done what he had never thought was possible. Get bigger. He walked giddily back to his room and entered to see Andrew playing a video game on his tv. Andrew looked up and did a double take at Tony. He squinted his eyes and paused his game. “Hey Tony, how was your shower?” asked Andrew skeptically. “It was good. I like the showers here,” said Tony as he put his toiletries up and hopped into his bed. “Uh huh. And you look different than when you left, but I can’t put my finger on it,” said Andrew as he shifted his body towards Tony and pulled his head set off of his head. “Well after a long day of travel, a shower always makes me feel nice and refreshed. It’s probably just that you’ve never seen me clean.” Tony said as he absent mindedly rubbed his exposed hairy belly. “Hmm, okay. I will say you might want to invest in some new pajamas. It looks like that pair doesn’t fit you anymore. And with you saying that you’re wanting to grow even bigger, I bet those won’t last long.” Andrew put his head set back on and resumed his game as Tony’s cock jumped a little bit from the excitement of Andrew’s words. Grabbing a pillow to cover himself, Tony blushed a bit and made sure his now larger dick wasn’t seen. “Haha you got that right. I think I’ll be doing plenty of growing this semester. And I won’t stop until I’m the biggest there ever was.” Tony laid his head back on his pillow and took a deep breath to clear his head. He smiled to himself as his mind began to wander into the fantasies of how big he would grow. “Sure, whatever you say, big guy. Are you gonna go to sleep now?” asked Andrew, leaving one ear off his head set. “Yeah. I have my first day of classes tomorrow and wanted to get a good night’s sleep before it,” said Tony as he shifted his weight on his bed. Now amazed at just how far his feet went down the bed. “Alright, I’ll finish up this game and turn everything off so you can get some good sleep. Besides, I have a class at 8am tomorrow, I should probably head to bed too,” said Andrew. Tony looked down and actually saw his pecs obstructing his view of his body and still couldn’t stop smiling. He did feel his cock jump again, but had to resist reaching down and feeling his new endowment. Even though he was under the covers, he could see a bulge wanting to break free and grow. This thought only made the bulge under the sheets jump with even more excitement. Tony tried to focus on other things, but his horny thoughts were getting to him. “No need to rush.” Tony mused as he turned his body to face away from Andrew only to hear a rip shoot through his pants. Tony’s eyes shot open and he turned to look over at Andrew. But with his head set on, Andrew didn’t hear anything. Turning back to his body, Tony saw a little wet spot on the blanket that must’ve been a small bit of pre that leaked out when he tore his pants. “Just finished on a good one. Perfect way to end a good day,” said Andrew as he turned off his console and tv. He laid down on his bed and reached for his light to turn it off. “Tomorrow will be a good day. First day of classes. First full day with a new roomie, we have a lot of things to be excited for.” Andrew hit the switch and the light in the room went off. “Definitely. It’s gonna be a great day. And a great semester. Goodnight Andrew.” Tony rolled back over onto his back. Now with his boner hidden by the darkness. “Night Tony.” Tony sat there quietly waiting for Andrew to fall asleep. Once he heard a light snore coming from Andrew’s bed. Tony wiggled his big body out of his pants and underwear so he could feel his big enhanced member. He felt another shot of pre leak onto his hand as he put two hands on the mighty rod. Tony looked over at Andrew and heard him sleeping before, but decided to risk it all by starting to jerk off. Tony felt how big his cock felt in his hands now. He couldn’t believe that he needed two hands just to jerk himself off now. And his hands felt like they barely closed around the monster, it was so thick. One of his hands left his cock to feel the rest of his improved body. After feeling the heft of his pecs, Tony knew it wouldn’t be long before he was shooting cum everywhere. Between having an obscured view of his dick and the fact he could feel how juicy they felt with each lift, he had to stifle a moan as his big body turned him on so much. Sensing what was about to happen and feeling how much bigger his balls were, Tony reached back behind him and grabbed a few tissues off of his desk. Only after feeling how round and expansive his belly was did Tony start firing shot after shot of cum. It was the biggest load he had ever produced as volley after volley of cum hit his hairy belly. Tony panted as the orgasm subsided and looked over to Andrew who still seemed to be fast asleep. Grabbing the tissue, he started wiping off the excess cum on his belly and was surprised about just how much he had to clean. After grabbing another tissue, Tony finally cleaned up the mess he made and pulled his blanket back up to cover his torso. He thought about pulling up his pants, but they were already ripped so why bother. He turned to his side and closed his eyes to go to sleep. Wondering if everyday of college was going to be this eventful. And if it was, it was going to be an incredible year.
  15. Sizemologist

    Not Nut For You

    Part 1: One Ring to Stop Them All Joey moaned in distress as he walked around his home in a panic. Racking his head as he breathed heavily. The buff man was clad in just his underwear where there was a clear indent from his cock as he walked around the house. It was November 25th and he had been trying to participate in No Nut November this year. It was his first time ever trying it and he was in pain from how much his cock ached for release. He had gone 25 days without cumming and his balls were begging for release. And with just 5 days left, he didn’t know if he’d be able to make it much longer. A knock on his door broke his concentration from his hardon and he opened it to see his friend Brian standing at his door. “Hey Joey! I got your text. What’s up?” asked Brian as Joey pulled him into his house quickly and slammed the door behind him. “Brian, you’ve gotta help me dude! My balls, I think they’re gonna explode from how pent up I am. I mean just look at this.” Joey motioned with his arms downward to his enlarged junk throbbing in his underwear. Even though Joey was already bigger than most men down stairs, his balls did look more swollen than usual. He twisted his hips and the bulge barely jiggled from how stiff he was. “I’ve been sitting with this hard on all day! And I never even touched my dick. It’s just always hard!” “You won’t explode big guy. Well not EXPLODE explode. Just make a big mess,” said Brian as he walked in and sat on Joey’s couch. “I can’t take it anymore. I need some way to get some relief,” said Joey as he followed Brian to his living room. “It’s unbearable! I go to the gym and someone compliments my gains, I’m hard. I put on a t-shirt that’s too small and hugs my muscles, I’m hard. Hell, even you calling me big guy just made it throb even harder!” “Well here’s an idea. Have you thought of just cumming and stop torturing yourself?” asked Brian. “You know I won’t do that. As painful as this is, I much prefer proving you wrong that I can do this.” “Uh-huh. I honestly am surprised you made it as long as you did. In the time I’ve known you, I don’t know a time that you’ve gone for more than a week without jerking off or fucking some twink from the club. Who would’ve thought that you could last so long with so much pent up jizz inside those massive balls.” Joey took a deep breath as Brian grinned a devilish smile. “Stop it. I know what you’re doing and it won’t work.” Joey slowed his breathing for a second as a little wet spot formed on his underwear. “I just need to know, did you bring it?” “Yes, I brought it. I don’t think it’ll be as helpful as you think it will be, but here.” Brian shifted his weight as he pulled out a ring from his pocket. “This was the cock ring we used that one time.” “Thank you thank you thank you!” Joey snatched the cock ring from Brian’s hand and kissed the smaller man on the cheek. “This is gonna save me.” “Sure it will.” Joey wasted no time in putting it on. He reached down and pulled back his underwear to expose his throbbing cock. He quickly slipped the ring down his shaft to the base and he sighed in relief. “You realize this ring isn’t gonna relieve anything for you? It’s just gonna keep you as pent up as ever?” “Yeah, but I prefer the cum getting spread out than just having it brewing in my already too big balls.” Joey closed his underwear and plopped himself next to Brian on the couch. Brian looked at him with a confused look on his face then stood up. “Whatever you say, big guy.” Brian turned around and got on his knees in front of Joey. “Now would you like some help giving those balls some relief?” Brian reached his arms forward and caressed Joey’s large thighs and it sent shivers up the big man’s spine. “Why do you think I called you?” replied Joey as he leaned down and kissed Brian. The two held the kiss for a moment as the cock ring’s effects were already being felt by Joey. “I haven’t felt this body in weeks. I won’t lie, I kinda missed it.” Brian and Joey continued to make out and Brian’s hands began to explore Joey’s big body. “I missed these massive pecs. I swear you have bigger tits than any girl I’ve seen. And I think they’ve gotten bigger than the last time I felt them.” The two of them continued to make out as Brian’s hands went down to caress Joey’s exposed chest. Kneading the juicy muscles like they were dough. Moving his mouth to start kissing Joey’s ear, he felt the big guy’s body already shivering with pleasure. “Fuck little guy. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold this in.” Joey moaned as Brian nibbled on his ear and twisted his nipples. “And we haven’t even gotten to the main course, big guy.” Brian smirked and started to move his lips down Joey’s body. Still rubbing the big guy’s chest and abs until he replaced his hands with his lips. Kissing the massive pecs and licking in between the large valley between them. “And even if you don’t hold it in, that’ll just make all of this better.” Joey’s big pecs heaved up and down with each moan. Brian had gotten his lips around one of his nipples and had his hand teasing the other one. “Fuuuuuck!” Joey moaned as he felt his throbbing dick spasm. But nothing came out. Instead he watched his view of Brian get worse and worse as his pecs started growing. He was getting a full body orgasm as he felt nothing coming out of his dick. “This was my favorite part!” Joey continued to swell bigger as the cum in his balls diverted to the rest of his body. His 6 pack abs started to fade as they bloated forward and he developed a roid gut. “Mine too,” whispered Brian as he moved lower. Kissing Joey’s happy trail as he played with his bulge in his over packed underwear. “I love it when you grow bigger for me. It’s always the best and I never know where the best spot to focus on is. It’s all just so big.” Brian’s hands moved over to Joey’s massive thighs that were now thicker than Brian’s waist. “Especially when it’s all still gonna get bigger.” “Fuuuuuck! You’re gonna make me not cum again with that kind of talk.” Joey’s breath was shaky as he felt his balls fill up again just as fast as they had emptied. “That’s the plan.” Brian shoved his face right into the massive bulge barely contained by Joey’s underwear. “I could get you to take these off the normal way, but I have a better idea.” Brian got up off his knees and straddled his legs across Joey’s lap with his ass grinding just above Joey’s cock. “Have I mentioned I love the way you think, little guy?” Joey pushed his lips into Brian’s as he bucked his hips upwards and his bulge pushed into the crevice between Brian’s supple ass cheeks. “I know you do. That’s why you’re gonna grow out of those underwear for me big guy.” Brian and Joey aggressively made out and Brian could even make out Joey’s heartbeat from how hard his cock was throbbing against his ass. “You’re gonna get massive, big guy. Bigger than any man that ever was,” said Brian in between kisses. “Bigger than anything ever,” replied Joey as his hands started to explore what was beneath Brian’s shirt. “And then bigger still. Your muscles will be pressed so close to one another, you’ll barely be able to move. These pecs will be big enough to have their own zip codes. Each. And these arms? They’ll be so big that you could crush the moon with just one hand.” “I can’t wait to be that big.” “And I can’t forget about this cock.” Brian exaggerated his point by arching his back and grinding it along Joey’s massive bulge. “It’s going to tower over even the tallest buildings in the city. With two balls swinging below it that could flood the entire country.” “Fuck little guy, I’m gonna be so huge!” Joey moaned as his body was sweating from the pleasure. “And everyone will be looking up at you like a god. You’re their giant muscular god for them to worship. And there will be so much of you to worship. You’ll have hundreds of men begging to get the best and biggest spots on your body to worship.” Brian kissed Joey again and Joey moaned into his mouth as another orgasm racked his body. Brian felt Joey’s pecs pushing him further and further away from the big guy’s lips as his head rose higher and higher. “You drive me crazy, little guy,” said Joey right before a tear and a loud slap was heard. Brian felt Joey’s massive growing cock hit him in the center of his back with a wet THWAP. “I know I do. And that’s just the way I like it.” Brian moved his ass backwards and his cheeks nuzzled Joey’s dick like a giant hotdog between two big buns. “And because I know I drive you crazy, I had a feeling I'd maybe need this.” Brian reached down into his pocket and pulled out a little vile no bigger than an inch tall and about as thick as a pencil. “Stretchy Cider?” Brian nodded as he threw the vial back and drank the white liquid inside. “If that’s the case, then let’s not waste any time.” Joey grabbed Brian in his big arms and started to stand up. Unaware of how big he had become, Joey’s head slammed into the 7 feet high ceiling in his house. “If we keep doing this, you should move somewhere that has higher ceilings,” chuckled Brian. Joey grinned and lifted his now much smaller lover towards his bedroom as they continued to kiss. Only to be stopped again as his massive shoulders hit the door frame. “And wider doors.” Brian laughed again as Joey tried to turn himself to get the two of them inside his bedroom, but between his wide shoulders, massive pec shelf that Brian was attached to, and his own massive dump truck ass, he couldn’t fit through the door. “Fuck this.” Joey let go of Brian with one of his arms and punched the side of the door frame and the wall crumbled like it was paper. “That’s better.” His hand returned to Brian’s back and he carried him to his bed where he threw the smaller man down. Looking up at Joey, he cast a wide shadow on Brian as he stood over him. At this angle, Brian now could take stock of how big Joey had grown already. His friend had already been tall at 6’4, but now he could only guess he was over 8 feet tall. His muscles were bigger than any bodybuilder Brian had ever seen. His pecs were obstructing Brian’s view of Joey’s face they had grown to the size of textbooks. It didn’t even look like Joey could bend his arms with his biceps bigger than beach balls. And his massive throbbing cock was out for the world to see and what a cock it was. The massive appendage was pressed against Joey’s bloated abs. It was at least 2 feet long now and as thick as a 2 liter soda bottle. “And if you’re gonna ruin my clothes, I’m gonna ruin yours.” Joey reached his big mitts down and grabbed Brian’s shirt and pants tightly. With one quick motion, the fabric was reduced to shreds that fell to the floor. Brian watched as the massive man descended down onto him and kissed him once again. His queen sized bed creaking under the newly grown giant. As they kissed, Joey grabbed Brian’s legs and raised them up into the air behind his head. Moving his hips back, he held his massive cock below him and started to aim it towards Brian’s ass. After finding Brian’s ass cheeks, Joey pushed into the ass and swirled his cock around Brian’s hole teasing it. “You ready little guy?” “Always,” Brian practically screamed as Joey shoved his hyper cock into his ass. The head of his cock alone was longer than a normal man’s cock and as thick as a DVD (look it up Gen Z). Joey felt the initial resistance, but he pressed further into Brian. Brian moaned again as his inside stretched to accommodate the giant python. Brian looked down and saw a massive bulge forming in his stomach as Joey’s balls hit Brian’s ass. Joey moaned so loud that it shook the walls of his home as his dick experienced so much pleasure that it put his mind into a state of ecstasy. Not giving Brian a moment to breathe, he immediately started to pull his dick back out just to thrust the giant cock back into Brian. The thrusts developed a rhythm as Joey picked up his speed. His balls hit Brian’s ass and the claps sounded like thunder as the giant pounded the smaller man. The bulge in Brian’s stomach visually went up and down as he thrust. “Fuck yeah big guy! Harder!” Brian cried out in between moans and Joey smirked. He used his long arms to grab the back of the head board of his bed with his massive pecs hovering over Brian. Once he got a good grip, he used all of his strength to slam his cock into Brian. He thrusted his hips like he was a jackhammer on Brian’s ass. “I’m so close little guy!” growled Joey as he shoved his massive pecs into Brian’s face. “Just let go big guy! Remember how much you’ll grow after you cum,” said Brian with faint breath as he felt his own orgasm cumming on. Joey reeled his head backwards and roared as his dick spasmed in Brian’s ass. Brian’s own dick started shooting cum all over the massive man’s abs as the transformation began. Joey’s core started to bloat out again. Making his abs vanish behind the cum stored in his belly. His pecs began to stick out further and further from his body creating a pec shelf that was more like a pec bench. Each one looked wider than the pillows on his bed. His biceps inflated bigger as he hit a double bicep pose. They grew to the size of yoga balls and he had to spread his arms out to the side when he put them back down due to their massive size. Brian looked down at himself as he felt another transformation taking place. Looking at the bulge in his stomach, it started to grow bigger and bigger. Lengthening and widening as the cock inside him grew. Brian felt his body begin to lift off the ground as the cock he was impaled on reached longer than a yard and kept growing. Even though Joey was on his knees on the bed, Brian could still see his hair scraping along the ceiling as his thrusts slowed. “Fuck…that was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had.” Joey was panting as his big body turned to the side and fell like a tree onto the bed. The weak wood finally gave out as the legs snapped under the massive guy’s weight. Brian, still impaled on Joey’s cock, watched Joey’s massive pillow pecs heave up and down as the big guy caught his breath. “Maybe I should take breaks from cumming more often. That was incredible. And I got so much bigger this time.” Brian laughed a little bit as Joey’s eyes began to droop. “Well considering you had all that cum stored up, it only makes sense that you’d grow bigger this time.” Brian leaned forward and kissed Joey on the lips and held the kiss for a long time. “And before you fall asleep, can you get out of me?” Brian reached forward and squeezed what he believed to be Joey’s cock head bulging out of his stomach. “Oh come on. Can I please just stay inside you a bit longer?” Joey looked up at Brian and gave him a big puppy dog face. “Don’t do that to me. Even at this size, you know I can’t resist that face.” “What face? I’m just asking if I can stay nice and cozy in my little cock warmer,” said Joey with a smile. “Not this time big guy. I don’t know how long that little bit of Stretchy Cider is gonna last and I’d prefer not to see my insides when it does.” Brian grabbed onto Joey’s massive traps and pulled himself up. Joey frowned and pulled his hips back to release his dick from Brian’s hole. “Okay fine.” Joey yawned as he twisted his body so that he laid down flat on the bed as Brian stood up. “Are you going now?” asked Joey as Brian looked around the room. “I was, but all my clothes are ripped to shreds,” said Brian as he picked up a few pieces of fabric off the floor. “Then stay here tonight and I’ll get you new clothes in the morning,” said Joey as he patted his big chest. Brian looked at the big guy and rolled his eyes a little bit then walked back over to Joey. He leaned over and kissed Joey on the forehead then started to lay down on Joey’s body. It was the only place he could lay considering Joey’s massive frame took up the entire bed. “I’ll stay here tonight and then leave you with your new toy in the morning,” said Brian as he flicked Joey’s now pepperoni sized nipples. “Hey! Don’t do that unless you want to wake the beast.” Joey motioned to his semi hard cock. “Fair point. But I do think we should take the cock ring off now. You’ve gotten all of your horniness out of your system.” Brian sat up and crawled across Joey’s big body to the base of his cock. He started to grab at the overstretched ring only to have his whole body be pulled backwards by Joey’s massive hands. “I think I’ll leave it on. I don’t want to have a wet dream overnight and lose No Nut November. It’s staying on until December 1st,” said Joey as he wrapped Brian in his big arms and snuggled him against his chest like he was a stuffed animal. “Are you sure you want to do that? I don’t know if that ring is meant to stay on for that long,” said Brian as his face was smothered by Joey’s massive muscles. “I’m sure it’s fine. What could go wrong? Now let’s just go to bed and you enjoy the giant bed you get to sleep on tonight.” Joey’s arms were wrapped tightly around Brian as he rested his head on the pillows behind him. “Alright big guy. Sweet dreams,” said Brian as he rested his head down on Joey’s big pillow pecs and closed his eyes.
  16. Genetonic


    Found this story in my works somewhere, hoping to start writing again. Rushing over like a mouse, lil’ Phil swiped the stick from the bench, rushing back over to hide behind a section of lockers. Hearing the shower turn off, the hot steam filling the room. Hearing the loud slaps of feet on wet tile, lil’ Phil peered around the corner of the lockers as Vance came around the corner into the locker room. Sliding back behind the lockers for a moment, lil’ Phil peered back out. Vance was facing away from him, strutting over to the bench. His thick hairy ass bounced up and down, his hamstrings still pumped. Even for a hockey player, Vance’s legs were massive. Lil’ Phil peered more around the corner at Vance. He could hear the slap of his large feet on the tile, but also the slap of something else. Cowering back as he saw Vance begin to turn around, Lil’ Phil peered back out. Vance’s attention was searching for his stick of deodorant. Looking from his place of hiding, Lil’ Phil’s eyes widened as he saw the massive sausage swinging between Vance’s massive quads. It was beautiful, hooking down and to the left. It was thick like a sausage too, curving over Vance’s two engorged lemon-sized nuts. Hanging down, lil’ Phil guessed it to be nearly 7 inches soft. Rubbing himself, he watched as the big cock swung around. Imagining how big it got fully erect, the first number to enter his head was a fat 10 inches. Rubbing himself more, he convinced himself that that monster could probably hit 11 inches. But maybe he was a shower and a grower, and that fat dick was 12 inches hard. Rubbing himself more and more, lil’ Phil had to cower back around the corner, afraid to attract Vance’s attention. Calming himself, he looked again. Vance had given up looking for his deodorant. Toweling off, lil’ Phil watched as his towel dried his thick hairy legs, his massive cock, his meaty midsection, and his hairy pecs. Sliding a hand through his wet hair, Vance looked down, flexing his pecs for himself. But also for his unseen audience, lil’ Phil thought, enjoying the show too. Watching as Vance pulled on a pair of boxer briefs, his thick sausage running down toward his left leg. No wonder it had a curve. Pulling on a pair of light-colored sweatpants, lil’ Phil could still see his thick bulge through the fabric. Tugging on a cotton shirt as well, Vance ran his hand through his wet hair again. Tying on his shoes, he walked out the room, the door closing with a loud slam. Creeping out of his hiding place, lil’ Phil was now alone. Uncapping Vance’s deodorant, his nostrils instantly filled with the delicious musky soapy scent. Unmarked, he had to guess. It was a mixture of sandalwood, clove, and something else. Maybe it was the residual musk from Vance’s armpits. Lil’ Phil smelled it again, his cock rock hard again. Looking down at his twig-like figure. Raising his pencil arms, he didn’t even have armpit hair, despite being the same age as Vance. Rubbing the deodorant on, lil’ Phil inhaled the scent from his armpit. His diaphragm relaxing, allowing him to inhale even more, lil’ Phil sighed. Rubbing it under his other arm, he felt the cool freshness on his skin. Going over, he unwrapped his towel. Hiding until he could shower in privacy, waiting for most of the gym class, and lastly, Vance, to finish showering. Going into the steamy room, he turned on the shower. Feeling his hair get plastered with the warm water, he washed his face and neck. Washing his chest and arms, his armpits still freshly scented from the deodorant. Washing his skinny midsection and undercarriage, lil’ Phil was reminded again of his nickname. Always diminutive in stature, the name calling was an regular but tolerable experience. But after he got his towel torn off after gym class by another student, the name really stuck. Frowning, lil’ Phil continued to wash his body, feeling the warm water enclose his skin, except for the cool feeling in his armpits. Turning off the shower, his sodden body trudged back to the locker room. Toweling off, he began drying his arms, feeling his bicep tense up. Dazed for a moment, lil’ Phil rubbed his armpit, confused. Looking down, his nostrils were filled by a stronger scent of sandalwood and musk. His small armpit had a healthy tuft of hair. Tensing his arms, he watched as a small ball of muscle bunched up. Checking his right arm, finding the same result. Breathing in the musk of the deodorant, lil’ Phil uncapped the stick again. Rubbing it on his armpit hair, he felt the odd feeling of body hair get brushed around. Inhaling it, he smelled even better, stronger, more masculine. Tensing his arms, he watched as the small balls of muscle tensed up, swelling larger. His shoulders were broader, and his forearms looked stronger. Looking closer, lil’ Phil could see the fine but definite dark hairs coating his forearms and wrists. Checking again, his armpit hair was thicker now. Rolling the stick out more, lil’ Phil rolled the cooling stick on his bare chest. Breathing in the strong scent, it felt like he had just put a slathering of Vic’s vapor rub on his chest. Looking down, he watched as his flat chest slowly began to curve out. Closing his eyes for half a minute, his mind focused on the strong scent. Opening his eyes, lil’ Phil could see a definite change in his chest. He had a small pair of pecs! Rubbing them, feeling the coarse prickliness of tiny hairs covering them. Rolling the stick out more, lil’ Phil was not frugal with it. Rolling it on his armpits and chest again, his neck and jawline, his midsection, around his undercarriage, and especially down his legs. The smell was ridiculously strong now, he felt like a candle of sandalwood and musk. Rubbing his armpit with his fingers, feeling the longer and bushier hair fill the cavity more and more. His forearms now had a healthy covering of arm hair now. His biceps looked so much bigger already. Flexing them, his strength increasing by the second as his arms swelled bigger than softballs. His shoulders broadened more. Scratching his neck, he could feel a thick Adam’s apple filling the space. Scratching the thick hairs covering his neck and jawline, he already had a heavy stubble. Rubbing his chest, he felt his bigger pecs fill out his hands more and more. His nipples were being forced downwards, his chest growing a nice coating of body hair. The scent grew stronger. Rubbing his midsection, feeling his formerly skinny rib-protruding abdomen thicken up. Six strong bricks forming like a runway down his midsection. A thick treasure trail linking his chest to his crotch. Scratching his thick pubic hair, lil’ Phil felt his not-so-little package. Rubbing his dick, it already felt incredibly larger in his hand. It filled his hand just soft, and rubbing it more and more, it was already outgrowing his hand. His hairy nuts swelling in his sack, lil’ Phil was hit with a blast of testosterone, his brain growing a little fuzzy as he felt a brick wall of emotions hit him. His dick rose up instantly, pumping with blood and extra sensitive. His muscles all relaxed for a moment before flexing and pumping larger, swelling and filling out his frame even more. He felt his limbs stretch out as he began to grow taller. Several desires filled his thoughts: he needed to grow, he needed to flex, he needed to fuck. Grabbing his cock, stroking and jerking it with earnest, feeling the flood of sensation hit his body. His body hair grew thicker as his nuts swelled larger. His thighs began to flex and swell even more, growing from a blemished twig to a massive teardrop-shaped limb coated in leg hair. His calves swelled and expanded, growing longer and thicker. Looking down from his new height, lil’ Phil felt dazed and his mind got fuzzier. Grabbing his forehead, rubbing his temples, lil’ Phil groaned. His nostrils filled with the thick scent. Opening his eyes after a few minutes, he looked around. Finding the mirror, he gazed at his reflection. Flexing his biceps, he knew he had to pump these babies more tonight, gonna break records with these pythons. Scratching his chest, he yawned. Bringing his arm up, he took a deep sniff of his thick armpit hair. Smelling the thick musk emanating from the bush, his dick pumped up a little. Going over to the bench, he uncapped his deodorant. Annoyed by needing to always apply deodorant, his arms always seemed to get extra stanky. Rolling on the cooling deodorant, Big Phil sighed at the familiar scent. Inhaling the thick sandalwood and musk haze, he rolled the stick on his hairy chest and crotch, wanting to prevent any lingering odors. Grabbing his forehead as another hazy spell hit him, Big Phil sat down, stretching his long legs out onto the floor. Rubbing his head, his hazy senses making him groan. Stretching out his feet more, Big Phil rubbed his eyes, another hazy spell hitting him as he lifted his arms up. The uncapped deodorant filling the room with the thick smell. Groaning, Big Phil felt his cock jump up. So fucking horny. Gotta jerk off before he leaves or else he’ll sprout another boner during hockey practice. Getting up, he groaned as his joints cracked. Rubbing his cock, feeling the familiar thick shaft filling his fist. Going over to the mirror, crouching down a little to look at his reflection. Seeing his thick bearded face stare back at him, he scratched his thick scruff. Flexing his bicep as he flexed, admiring the massive muscle. His massive arms were a thing of beauty, taking years of dedicated muscle building, but it was more than worth it. Slapping his hairy thighs, feeling the thick muscle fill his hands. They were naturally huge, building up over the years of skating practice. His additional squat regiments only making them grow faster. Rubbing his massive glutes, feeling his huge cakey ass fill his hand. Leaning back up, Big Phil went over to the shower, wanting to clean up again before practice. The hot water coating his furry body, he lathered up, scrubbing every inch of his massive form. Taking care around his crotch, really washing his forest-like bush. Scrubbing his massive nuts, he squeezed them, feeling the huge orange-sized orbs swell a little. Getting another dazey spell, Big Phil moaned. Grabbing his cock, he stroked the massive tool. That blessing had been feeling more and more like a curse. He was always massively hung, but recently he had been really stretching the term, more like monstrously hung. It was so heavy and thick, it sloped down, pointed towards the floor. Rubbing it, Big Phil bucked his hips. Instantly, the stream of cum exploded out of his cock, coating the floor around the shower. The thick musk of his cum filling the room. Ducking down to wash his thick mane of hair, Big Phil finished his shower. Going to the locker room, grabbing his supersized towel. Taking care to dry off every inch of his furry pillow-like pecs, all the way down his cobblestone-like 8-pack. Around the base of his footlong-soft cock and especially around his grapefruit-sized nuts. Drying his wedding cake ass and his tree-trunk thighs, Big Phil tossed the towel with the rest of his stuff. Pulling on his skintight leggings and an increasingly tight pair of shorts over it, taking care to angle his massive cock down his leg. Tugging on a t-shirt and a jersey, Big Phil threw the rest of his stuff in his gym bag. Taking out his deodorant, he uncapped it and sniffed it for a moment before throwing it back in. He fucking loved that smell.
  17. Hello, I had this story(part of the story) in ma head for long time so I started it to try out how things will evolve. Every feedback will be appreciated! Hi, honey how was your day? Asked Jake sitting on couch drinking tea. Name: Jake Age: 26 Height:5´10 (178cm) Body type: Slim fit Weight: 167lbs (76 kg) Cock: 6,7 inches (17cm) I guess OK, long boring day, not many clients today. Answered Ty walking to Jake and kissing him on forehead. Name: Tyler Age: 27 Height:5´7 (172cm) Body type: Build fat??? Weight: 209lbs (95 kg) Cock: 5,5 inches (14cm) “But I got something that I hope you would like...no love”: and showed Jake a silverish steel briefcase with yellow logo which said: Modify yourself “No way! How did you get that? And whole package? How many of it its inside?” "7! And ready for use!": Tyler opened the briefcase and revealed 7 syringes inside with shimmering purple liquid inside them. They looked different than normal ones. No piston to push and needle was only 0,2 inch (0,5 cm). “So where you want them, Ty? You know well I don’t have problem to stick anything into you. Big grin formed on Jakes face.” “Funny, and I would normally just go with try and error but I don’t want to look like a freak so we should check the manual.” Under the syringe was paper manual, Tyler took it out, but Jake elegantly took it from Ty’s hand. "By the look of it you will need most of them just to look normal.... If normal means big. You need one syringe for each arm and leg + torso with that you are left only with 2. Wow that’s lame..." "Give me that! And what do you mean lame? I’m happy I got my hands on it! Let me see what the options for rest of the 2 syringes are.” Cock (Increase cock size) Balls (Increase balls/cock size + libido) Pecs (Increase size) Ass (Increase size) Head (Increase IQ/EQ) DISCLAMER! - Intensity of change varies from human to human “Hmmmmm....soooo......what you want to get "EDDITED" Ty?” “You don’t like me how I’m now Jacob?” “Boo hoo, poor Tyler, we both know you didn’t buy that stuff for me. Sooo? With what should we start?” “Ok, take out the syringes out Jacob, I go change into something more suitable and looser, so I won’t suffocate.” “What? NO no no no no.... not happening. You come here only in your boxers.” “Hahahah, fine just give me a second.” When Tyler came back into the living room 5 syringes were already laid out on the table. “Why only 5? What you did you do with the rest Jacob?” “Chill out would you? I’m keeping them safe for later, in manual it says, even if you are using syringes for example arms, the rest may potentially grow too a little so those two will be used tomorrow if needed to. Since this is first batch, it will take time to fully develop. It says 2-3 hours and we are going to use 5 at once so let’s not overdo it.” “So what are you waiting for? Shove them in me!!” “With pleasure.” Jake took syringe after syringe and used them for arms legs and torso as recommended. “So how do you feel? Do you feel anything?” “No, not at all, but they said it will take a while so what are we going to do now?” “Ty, you are too impatient. Let’s watch movie, time will fly by faster. You are not only one impatient in this situation and you are not helping. Do you want something to drink?” “Yes, can you bring me cup of coffee?” “Suure.... but coffee for evening? Will you be able to sleep at night?” “Well, its Friday and we just used body modifying serum, so I hope we are not just going to sleep tonight.” "Right.": Jakes face was red and on fire. He loved when Tyler was like this. Since he was more introverted than Tyler, he often felt his voice drowned by Tylers. Jake placed both cups on the coffee table, covered his lower half with blanket and same did for Ty. Jake leaned on Ty shoulder. Didn’t take long and bot fell asleep. ===================================================Part 2================================================== Jake woke up to getting suffocated. He had to slid lower during sleep, so his face was under Ty hand. Still dizzy, he got up and took both cups. They were cold, he went into the kitchen and pour it out into the sink. ** “What a waste of good coffee.” He looked at the clock. 21:26. Didn’t Ty used the syringes at 17:30. It was almost 3 hours since then!! Jake rushed into the living room. “Ty? Wake up!” “What? What is happening? Did I fell asleep?” Tyler saw Jake is getting redder by second and his breathing speeding up and then he saw why, Jakes bulge was screaming from his trousers. Tyler stood up, he was looking into Jacobs eyes but this time he was looking down. “I sweet! My height increased too! "Look at those abs, my fat is gone! WOW this is awesome! Look at my chest, so define and..... wow my bulge seems bigger! Wanna check?" Jake was in state of trans looking at Ty, his brain just stops working, he was too horny for that. Tyler came close to Jacob, close enough for his pec be just few inches from Jacobs. "Pull the pants down. Let’s compare them. You were bigger before, how big yours again?" "6,7 inches" Jake pulled his pants down with his briefs and his painfully hard cock flung from his confinement. Tyler grabbed both cocks to compare. "Dude! I was only 5,5 inches but LOOK AT IT NOW! We are almost the same now! Thats crazy. Jake, go get the tape to measure it. .......Jake?" "Jake, honey, go and bring me the measuring tape.": said Tyler now with much lower voice. Jake whole body made a small twitch, which after he got out of the trans but when he moved his cock was still in Tylers hands. Jacob tried to pull one more time, but it only made his cock sends shivers of pleasure trough his body. “T-Ty you have to let me go if you want that tape.” Jake was starts panting quietly now, while grip on his cock just got stronger. With confusion Jake looked at Tylers face that was grinning at him back. “I just changed my mind, we can measure later, now, you are mine.” Tyler pulled Jake towards him into his embrace with Jake face right in front of Tylers. Tyler didn’t wait any second and gave Jake one huge passionate kiss, he started to feel something, something different, something he could describe as a bond forming. Even though they were together for 5 and married for 3 years, he knew it wasn’t love, he felt plenty of that for Jake, this was different. Tyler lifts Jake, Jake got surprised since Tyler had always problem lifting him. Tyler carried him into their bedroom like he weights nothing. Tyler slammed Jake on bed, Jaked turned around and saw Tyler pouncing on him like wild animal. Tyler pined Jake down to bed by holding his arms, lowered his head and licked Jake form his abs to his torso. Then he whispered into Jakes ear: “I haven nice prey here but, to be mine, I have to claim it first.” Right after that, without any warning, Tyler shoved his newly improved cock into Jake. Taken by surprise, Jake screamed from pain and pleasure. Tylers thrusts just got more intense. He was looking at Jakes flushed face and his cock was twitching like crazy. With one hand Tyler grabbed Jakes cock and start jerking it. This took Jake into overdrive and started cumming like he was holding it in for full year. Cumming changed into twitching, from reaching full body orgasm. He never felt like this before. “Now it’s my turn!”: Roared Tyler as his thrust slowed down but were more passionate, after few strong thrusts he came what felt like 5 minutes. It was intense Tylers cum made small bulge in Jakes tummy. The amount was just too much, cum was pushing Tylers cock out of Jake but Tyler shoved it in one more time to make sure it all stays in. Tyler kissed already passed out Jake and tired from sex he too fell asleep next to him hugging him tightly. When Jake woke up, Ty wasn’t in bed anymore. However, Jake heard laptops keyboard popping in the living room so he just decided he will take a shower. Inside under the falling water Jake was thinking about last night. The way Tyler was more daring was super-hot. Although Tyler was toping half of the time, he was more passionate and romantic rather than dominant. This train of thoughts gave Jake a boner, when he touched his dick, his legs gave away and he dropped to the shower floor panting. His dick was after last night super sensitive, was it because of the intensity of sex or body orgasm? Who knows, he knew only one thing, he must get rid of it. That was not really a problem since just few strokes made him cum, in his mid he saw Tyler, now beefy man with no hair flexing. Without touching, thanks to this thought Jake came again. After he cleaned himself again, he put on clothes and went to check on Ty what he was doing. Tyler was sitting on the sofa with his laptop on his legs. Jake couldn’t properly see what he was reading, only thing he saw was logo of Modify yourself company. “What are you looking at?” “Nothing really, just checking on other people before and after pictures. The transformations are fascinating.” “I can see by those used tissues next to you.” “You bet, and I didn’t have to even use porn, just flex in front of mirror. Till you were asleep I measured and weighted myself. I’m 6,1 feet exactly and weight 210lbs. Even though I lost some weight, it was only fat I lost, and I’m mainly muscle now.” Tyler stands up and flex for his husband his new muscle, new pride. “Holy shit! It seems you are even bigger than yesterday? Will you keep growing?” “No, serum should wear off, but we have 2 more and if what I saw on forum is true this day will be interesting.” “Do you know how are you going to use them? What part is going to change?” “You will see, but for now I want to enjoy this, let’s go to the gym to see my limits.” “Do you really want to go to the gym on Saturday?” “Yes, I believe you will like it, maybe even more than me. So go grab your gym bag.”: said Tyler again with his lower voice. “You know I can’t say no if you say it like that, it practically cheating.” ===================================================Part 3================================================== “We are here!” “Yea, I’m “super” hyped.” “Don’t be like that pumpkin, we came here to test my new muscles.” “No, you came here to test your new muscles, I came here because I got charmed by you and till I realized what happened we were here.” “Excuses, get your ass inside." "Fine, but I’m just going to watch. I have plenty of training during the week, I want to relax during the weekend." "Boo-hoo one more day of training. You cand do cardio instead of eating sweats you like so much and It’s not like you would be able to spot me :P" After they changed clothes and some additional whining form Jake, they entered training area. Tyler when right for the weights and Jake for the treadmill. After and half hour Jake went buy some drinks, post workout shakes for Tyler and water for him to satiate his thirst after so much running. On the way out as he turned around, he slammed with his face into guy behind him. Drinks went flying. Shake cup splashed their whole content onto guys torso. Jake went pail, the guy was ripped, Jake knew that if this guy was on roids, what he was by his physique, he will end up purple from beating. He immediately started to apologize. With his T-shirt he tried to rub the shake off the guy. "Deeeam bunny, do you do this service to all dudes? Jakes eyes went wide, that huge, ripped guy was Tyler. "What the actual..." Tyler covered Jakes mouth with his hand. "Sir, we apologize for the mess, but we are in a hurry, sorry we can’t help to clean up the mess. “: With that Tyler grabbed Jakes hand and dragged him to the car. In car Jake got his senses back. "What the actual fuck happened to you? I thought you said there is no more growing. But look at you, you are huge." "And you are hard. “: Said Ty and grabbed Jakes hard cock in his pants. "Aa-aahhh, stop gripping it like that or I... aaaaAAAh“: Jake gripped Ty’s hand and with big difficulty he pushed it away with both hands. "Don’t worry I’m just teasing you, but we have to hurry home the main event is still waiting us at home." They were home in 10 minutes, whole drive Jake couldn’t look away from Tyler. He looked so big and manly now. Bigger, taller, Jake was winning only in crotch area now and not by lot after yesterday dose. During the ride Tyler wasn’t thinking about anything else, only about the main event that he kept from Jake and his cock only got harder just by thinking about it. If Jake thought this was hot, he was eager to know what Jake would think after. ===================================================Part 4================================================== After they entered the house Ty started to drag Jake to the bedroom, but Jake stopped Ty right way. "Ty I really need a shower and you are too. You are still sticky from the shakes!" "Don’t be a buzz kill bunny, this one will be special I promise!" "I’m down for shower fuck, would that be a possibility?" "I think that would make my surprise even more fun. “: Said Tyler with devilish grin. "Oke, so let’s go." "Go there first, I just have to take something with me." "Hmmm, I will be waiting." Tyler went into the living room and took out last two syringes with him. In bathroom Tyler placed syringes on the sink counter and flex in the mirror. He loved how buff he was, and his cock loved that too. He stands on the scales and it showed 235lbs. "Fuck, I’m huge." "Were you saying something?" "Yes, I said open the shower door and watch!" "What are you talking abo...." When Jake opened the door he saw Tyler, muscles pumped with blood to brim making him look even bigger and his cock almost purple how hard he was, holding both syringes. "There is a theory, about these syringes. The reason they took them out of the shelves and now are heavy regulated. If you have “ALPHA” gene and use this serum on your balls and back of your head at the same time, in places closest to your testosterone and growth glands you can activate this gene. "What? But those guys are so rare to see there are only in thousands in whole world!" "And I’m going to became one of them. WATCH!" As Tyler said those words, he grabbed the syringes. First one went between his cock and ball sack and second one was shoved into top of his neck near the spine. Since this was the second dose of the serum the changes begun instantly. Tylers whole body cramped making him look more defined, after the muscles relaxed, they started to grow even bigger. First his pec grew into huge melon sized pillows, his nicely cut abs, now they each shaped like a brick sticking out one inch each. His back was next, huge lats like wings were pushing his still small arms away from his core body. His back was now full of valleys form all that bulging muscles fighting for space. After back it was time for hands, the shoulders grew into the size of bowling ball, biceps into Cantaloupe the rest of the hands grew into size to match. His legs started to shake, first from the weight that grew on top of them but later from their own growth. Tylers legs became huge tree trunks, one leg was bigger than Jakes chest. When all muscles stop growing his veins popped out. Huge pencil size veins. Tyler roared, seeing only red from so much testosterone. His hair grew longer and got wild shape, his clean shaved chin grew thick twelve o’clock shadow. From this whole growing Jake noticed not only Tylers muscles but also heigh increased. From 6,1 into 7,85. He looked like real alpha from news. Tyler looked in direction of scared Jake. Jakes heart was beating for his life and was horny as never before. His husband just grew in front of his eyes into muscular, wild looking alpha. Tyler waked into the shower corner, he had to duck and enter sideways. Jake was pushed into the corner. Tyler was so big now that water from shower head was poured only on his wide back fully covering Jake from getting more water on him. "Don’t worry it’s not over yet. The fun part aaaAHH-AAAhhh Haaa-ha it’s still coming. “: Said Tyler with deep voice, the voice was even deeper than the voice he used to taunting Jake to get him going. Tyler pointed in into his crotch. His balls started to inflate, from grapes into lemons then big oranges and ended up as two grapefruits tightly fitted into still not adapted ball sack. The rush of huge amount of testosterone got Tyler into overdrive.His clean shaved face grew beard and made his face more rugged. He roared like wild beast he now was. His whole body flexed and grew even more, as he was leaning on the wall with his right hand the tiles behind his hand cracked. Tyler felt it’s time for his cock. "It’s time! ": Tyler shouted. With his huge hands he grabbed Jake, he tried to protest but the grip wasn’t like in the car on the way here. This time it was like he was held by machine. No matter how hard he tried, it looked like Tyler didn’t even noticed there was any attempt of escape. Jake looked down and saw that Tyler is lowering him on his angrily red, metal hard cock. Tyler didn’t wait and just shoved his dick in. "AAAAaaah" They both screamed, both from pleasure and pain. "It is starting!" As these words were spoken, Tylers cock started to twitch. With each pulse his cock grew. Jake realized it right away and it was not only growing inside of him but outside too. Tylers base of his cock was getting so big it was slowly pushing itself out from Jake ass. "Not a chance! “: Screamed Tyler and shoved Jake back to the base of his cock. “Last time I felt the bond because I was so close to Alpha hood but this time, THIS TIME! I will forge it. And then you will be only mine!" Jake didn’t understand since Alphas never talked much about their bond since for them and their partners the bond was sacred. Only thing that was known was that bond was something that bonded two of them for their life. It was not possible to remove it and only way to make new bond was if the "beta" partner died before "alpha". And rumors were that there were other strong abilities that bond had. But Tyler now knew, no, more like felt what he needed to do. He felt his cock throb with each of his heartbeat. With each throb the cock grew bigger, thicker and the veins became big as a pen. Jake could feel the ridges of the veins adding on pleasure. He felt like Ty’s dick was almost in his chest. The feeling was crazy. "T-T-Ty! Ty! Tyler! ": Cried Jake. "I can’t, please, pull it out, AAAAAaaaa-aaahhhh. I’m scared, I’m scared of you, put me down." "Shut up! You talk too much. I’m in charge now! If I say something, you do it!” Tyler pulled out his cock, it was huge, at least twice of Jakes cock. In front of Jake was over foot big cock. It had to be at least 14 inches long. "God, no wonder I felt I was filling you up whole. My cock is almost as long as your torso and thick as your arm, no bigger! My transformation for now it seems to be over, time to do the bond." "Tyler, you can’t think you can shove it back into me. ": Cried Jake. Tyler hand flew next to the Jake head into the wall behind him, but this time it wasn’t only tiles that gave up. Tyler made hole through the wall. With his other hand Tyler took Jake by his neck and lift him till Jakes legs we no longer touching the floor. "You dare to defy me! You are mine! ": Tylers scream was so loud Jake felt all his bones inside him. His neck was starting to form bruises. Tyler pulled out his hand out of the wall and let he of Jakes net. He grabbed his legs instead. Now only things that was supporting Jake were Tylers hands and wall behind him. Tyler aimed his cock into Jakes ass and forcefully penetrated Jake. Tyler started mercilessly fucking Jake. Jake was screaming, from pain from the grip on his legs and huge cock that was coming out and in from his ass. He felt like something was breaking inside him. Not his body but inside his spirit. "I feel it, YES! I’m fucking FEEEL IT!" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaahh!" Screamed Jake as Tyler for last time shoved his cock inside. Jakes whole body spasm from body orgasm and all that movement was just supporting Tyler huge orgasm. Jake cock shot so hard it hit Tylers face. Tyler meanwhile came so hard it pushed Jake from his cock and felt on the ground where he wasn’t safe. The stream of cum continued as Tylers balls tried to empty all the content. Tyler also couldn’t hold himself standing and felt to his knees overwhelmed from the orgasm. The cock still shooting thick ropes of cum covering whole Jakes body. Jake was still shaking but even Jake didn’t know from what. Was it from that strong body orgasm? Or the stress and how much scared he was from Tyler now? He didn’t know. Tyler rinsed himself and left the shower with Jake on the floor. After a while Jake made attempt to stand up but found out he had to unstick himself from the wall he was connected by Tylers cum. He washed himself and went to the bed. His legs hurting as hell. Tyler was already in bed taking most of. Jake decided it would be best if he don’t sleep with Tyler in same bed so left to lay down on the couch and after a short cry, he fell asleep.
  18. This is my first attempt at putting a muscle growth story out there - hopefully you all like it and I’ll be doing more! In summary: the skinny nerd nextdoor takes a muscle growth potion to win his crush over, but ends up getting a lot bigger, and beastlier, than he was expecting. Part I “Keep pushing, it’ll slide right in once you’ve loosened it up a bit. Of course it will! Just a bit firmer… Yes, that’s it… that’s it!” Jake was enjoying pumpkin carving with Fred. Fred was his neighbour and Jake had invited him round to help prepare for Halloween, partly because he suspected he’d have just spent the whole day gaming otherwise. Fred was, of course, your typical nerd. He was small - made even smaller by the way he carried himself slightly hunched over, as if to take up as little room as possible - and slight, with huge glasses that seemed to swallow his face. Jake had taken pity on him when he first moved in next door and they’d since grown very close. It was hard not to like Fred. He was polite and contentious. And even if he did have a tendency to ramble on about chemistry, he hung on every word Jake said. If Fred had shown any signs of having a sexuality, Jake would have assumed he had a crush on him. But, refreshingly, Fred was just genuinely interested in what Jake had to say. It made a difference from all the monosyllabic men on the dating apps, and the ones in the bar who cared a lot more about his head than his mind. But unfortunately for Jake, that was his dating reality and he was having to do the best he could. And it didn't help that he was absolutely devoted to muscle. He had some hope for his latest situationship Kevin. He wasn't huge, but he spent most days in the gym and loved showing off his hard work. Nor was he exactly perfect boyfriend material - his idea of a romantic night in was a threesome - but he did at least, generally, reply, and not *always* just because he was horny. Jake knew he was clutching at straws, but it was better to have a handful of straws and dick than an empty palm. Jake was hoping to ask Kevin whether he'd consider going exclusive, and he'd decided Halloween was the best day to do it. The extra magic in the air might just make this miracle possible. So today, he and Fred had been setting up for a spooky night in for Jake and Kevin. Fred had seemed a bit reluctant to help out but Jake wasn’t going to let him waste the best holiday of the year. Plus he hadn’t seen much of his friend in the past couple of weeks. He’d apparently been working on a special project which he refused to tell Jake any more about. As they were putting some finishing touches, he'd found Fred trying to lift an axe they'd planned to bury into the doorframe. It was a pretty pathetic sight - the weedy geek could barely lift up the heavy metal head, let alone bury it into the wall. Jake watched him for a few moments, and was about to offer to help when he heard Fred muttering to himself... 'See, Fred, you can't even pick up an axe. A goddamn axe.' He tried to lift it above his shoulder and swing it into the doorframe, but instead it bounced against the door and fell to the ground with a clatter as he weakly flailed. ‘Right, that's it. I'm going to do it. I bet Kevin wouldn't have trouble with a bloody axe. I'm going to do it. Soon...' Jake had snuck away, not wanting to embarrass his friend. But also a little bit concerned. He hoped he hadn't been comparing himself to the photos he'd shown him of Kevin. He knew how it could be with these smaller men and their insecurities, but Fred had always seemed to be above that kind of thing. But watching that had also reminded him why he wanted a man like Kevin around the place… Just then, he got a text. “Sorry mate, (Kevin preferred to call him mate. Jake suspected it was to avoid any kind of intimacy...). I’m going to have to bail on tonight. I totally forgot I’d agreed me and my mates would be going out tonight and you know what they’re like if I try to say no! Is that OK?” “Ah, OK, no worries,” replied Jake, hating himself as he did so. “Ah, thanks mate. I hope you didn’t go to too much effort?” Looking round the room decked floor to ceiling in decorations that had taken the best part of the day to set up, Jake lied: “Nah, I was pretty chill about it.” “Phew! If I’m in any fit state, I’ll make it up to you tomorrow,” he added, with a wink and an aubergine. Jake couldn’t help but blush and felt a stirring in his pants. “I’ll look forward to it,” he purred back. And that was that. “Everything OK?” asked Fred, in a voice Jake couldn’t stop himself from thinking sounded so reedy and weak compared to Kevin’s deep gruffness. But then again, he also couldn’t remember the last time Kevin had ever asked how he was feeling… “Yeah, fine. Kevin can’t make it now.” “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that!” “Oh god no, don’t worry, it’s fine. I’m just sorry to have wasted our time!” “No, I absolutely love spending my time setting up a spooky love nest for you and your douchebag boyfriend,” said Fred, with a bit of a grin. “Hey! First off, he’s not my boyfriend, you know we’re not going to put a label on it so soon…” “Six months?” “AND,” I added, ignoring that last comment, “he’s not a douchebag, I just overdo it sometimes.” “Well, you know what I think of him. He’s not good for you, and you really don’t need to put up with it.” We’d talked about this many times. It was so hard to explain to Fred why I was attracted to Kevin. I didn’t want to tell him the truth which I probably hadn’t even admitted to myself yet - that I was attracted to his brutishness. I chose to see his dismissiveness as confidence, as masculinity. Clearly I’d been fucked up by the patriarchy and now I was looking to be fucked by it too. But Fred just didn’t get it… Frankly, I wasn’t even sure if Fred understood sexual urges at all. He was perfectly happy to criticise my taste in men, but became completely evasive when it came to talking about his own interests. I knew he spent a lot of time on the computer and suspected a large chunk of that was on some pretty out there interests. Probably tentacles or something - it would explain why he always got so tongue-tied and awkward when I asked him about his sex life. “You were probably just as right the first time you told me that, but here we are,” Jake sighed. “Anyway, seems a waste for us not to enjoy our hard work… D’you want to spend the evening here?” Fred thought for a little longer than Jake would have expected, given he surely didn’t have anything else on, and then, with more conviction than the question merited, said… “Yes. Why not tonight? Sure. I’ll just go round to mine quickly and… prepare.” “Sure, whatever, I’ll get into a costume too. See you in about 30 minutes?” “Yes, that’s about all the time I’ll need to sort out my… costume… See you shortly!” Fred left for his, a look on his face Jake could only describe as determined. His eyes were burning with some kind of purpose and his jaw set in a way he hadn’t seen it before. “Well, I’ve clearly made his day,” Jake thought to himself. On his own, Jake got into his halloween outfit - he’d selected a pretty unsubtle body-tight angel outfit which really showed off his assets when he'd thought it would be just him and Kevin. But it wasn’t so slutty he couldn’t still wear it with Fred and who knew, he might enjoy it! A short time later, as Jake lit the candles in the pumpkins, there was a knock on the door. Fred stood in a ridiculously baggy lumberjack outfit, with a shirt which he was almost lost in and trousers which swamped his legs. He also looked visibly paler and a was anxiously jigging from foot to foot, but stopped in his tracks when he saw Jake in his outfit. “Oh wow,” he exclaimed, breathing out shakily. “Oh this little thing?” laughed Jake, giving a twirl. “Yeah, it might be a bit much…” “No, no - you look amazing,” insisted Fred, a slightly hungry look in his eyes Jake hadn’t seen before. Well well well, maybe little Fred had interests beyond chemistry and gaming… “Well, don’t stand out there gawping, come on in.” Outside, rain was beginning to hammer down, and a gale was rising, sending the thick bows of the trees whipping across the street. A storm was brewing in the dark of the night... Jake pulled Fred in by hand, which felt a little bit clammy with nervous sweat, as he seemed to have become frozen. “Welcome to my humble abode,” he said, feeling a little awkward under Fred’s stare. His friend’s eyes seemed to burn in the flickering light of the jack-o-lanterns, still completely fixed on him. “Shall we go watch that horror movie?” Jake asked. “Uuuh, yeah, sure, sounds good…” said Fred, distracted. He pulled his eyes away from Jake long enough to check his watch, and visibly gulped when he did. To be continued over Hallowe'en...
  19. Sizemologist

    Let's Play a Game

    Prologue Four men wake up in spandex bodysuits with a familiar board game laid out in front of them. Only to mind a masked man willing to fulfill their wildest dreams if they're willing to play. You stirred in your seat as you started to awaken. Your mind felt cloudy and hazy as you woke up from your deep slumber. Your eyes fluttered open and you groaned from pure exhaustion. You brought your hands up to rub your eyes of your sleepiness. As the cobwebs of your mind began to fall away, you started to take in what you could see. You weren’t lying in bed as you thought you would be. Instead you were sitting in a cold metal chair. The room you were in was extremely dark and it was only lit by a single light over a floating metal table in the middle of the room. Looking down at your body, you weren’t wearing your normal clothes either. You were in a skin tight blue spandex bodysuit that hugged every inch of your body. “Good morning players.” A low robotic voice spoke from the darkness around you. The light above your head flickered until a hologram of a man appeared hovering over the table. The man was clad in a similar skin tight spandex bodysuit to yours, only his was black and he wore a ghost face mask. The hologram’s muscles were bodybuilder levels of huge. His pecs created a shelf with how far they stuck out from his body. His arms were pushing the confines of the bodysuit to their limit with the cannonballs he had inside. His abs looked chiseled into the suit and his legs were bigger than most people’s waists. “I am your host, the Banker.” The hologram had lit up more of the room and you could see three other men sitting around you. Each one wearing a similar bodysuit of a different color. “Where are we? What is this place? What are we wearing?” asked the man in the purple body suit sitting to your right. “All will be revealed in time, player,” came the voice. The Banker waved his arms and the table below him lit up. As the banker balled his hand into a fist, all of your chairs were pulled in close to the table. With a closer view, you saw a game board projected onto its metal surface. You all looked at the board and saw that it looked very similar to a common household game, but all of the pieces on the board looked different than any version you had ever seen. “So you brought us here to play Monopoly? What the hell dude?” shouted the man in green from across the table. The man had stood up from the table and his impressive body came into your view. He was almost as big as the banker as the body suit accentuated every movement of his big muscles. “I’d advise you to sit down if you want any of the rewards that might come with the game,” said the Banker as he turned to face the man in red, giving you a nice view of his supple bubble butt. “No way! Fuck this! I’m out of here!” shouted the man in green as he started to stomp away from the group. Despite his massive muscles, you could tell he was one the shorter side compared to the rest of you. “Sit Down!” yelled the Banker in a lower demonic tone. The man froze in his tracks and fell backwards as his chair honed in on him and caught him then brought him back to the table. “As I said before, all will be revealed in due time. You all will leave here as changed men once this game is over.” The four of you all looked at each other and then down at the game board. “What kind of rewards will we be getting?” asked the man in red to your left. Getting a better look at him, you could tell he had some definition in his muscles, but nowhere close to the guy in green or the banker. You also noticed that you had to look down at him when he was speaking. “Good question!” came the banker as his body swiveled to face him. “I have chosen the four of you because all of you share one common goal. To gain size and power.” Everyone’s eyes shot open as you all looked around at each other again, now sizing each other up. “The winner of the game will be bestowed with size and power beyond their wildest dreams.” “How?” you asked and the hologram turned to face you. “Let me explain the rules of the game and you will find out.” The game board wooshed upward beside the Banker and enlarged itself. “The player in green wasn’t that far off from his assumption that this is Monopoly, but it does have a twist to it. Unlike in Monopoly, you won’t be buying the properties using your money. You will be using your size as currency. Allow me to demonstrate.” A black figurine in the shape of a chest appeared on the game board as well as a floating pair of six sided dice. “I will roll my dice and move to the respective tile on the board. This much you know.” The banker grabbed the dice and threw them out onto the board. He rolled at 3 and 5 giving him 8. The game piece then hovered from the start and landed on Bulging Bicep Building. “Now I’m given the option to either buy this property or skip it. In this case, I’ll buy it.” As soon as those words were uttered, a black circle appeared on the Bulging Bicep Building property and each of you saw the Banker’s body suit begin to glow. Flexing one of his arms for you all to see, you watched his bicep swell and stretch the fabric of the body suit as it got bigger. His suit emitting a low hum as you saw the bicep *BWOOMP* bigger with every second. Inflating even bigger than the Banker’s own head. “The cost for buying these properties is the size you already possess. As you buy properties, the rest of your body will shrink.” As he spoke, the rest of the Banker’s body began to shrink. “But it is much harder to see since the loss is distributed across my entire body.” “And once we own a property, can we steal other people’s money? Or size I guess?” asked the man in purple. Now closer to him, you could see that the man was on the heavier side. He had some muscle to him, but there was a healthy layer of fat sitting on top of the muscle that stretched the body suit. He was also the only person that you, at 6 feet tall, could look directly in the eye. “Another great question! Yes you will. Let me show you.” The Banker waved his hands and another figurine appeared, this time a purple dildo. “If you were to roll an 8 and land on Bulging Bicep Building,” the figurine moved forward to where to black one was placed, “then you would pay me with size.” As he said it, the Banker’s biceps began to glow and grow again. This time inflating to the size of beach balls as they grew. “Wait, stop!” The rest of the group turned and looked at the man in purple to see his arms withering away. There was a similar glow on his body suit as his meaty arms had gone from beefy to twigs in only a few seconds. The Banker basked in the embrace of his massive biceps and hit a double bicep pose to prove his point. “As you can see, depending on what spot you land on determines what size you’ll lose. If you are out of the necessary size to make the payment, size will be taken from either your overall body size or another specific part,” said the banker as he flexed his bicep again. “When being paid in size, you’ll always get the size of whatever the property is designated as. But any excess size you might have on one body part can always be transferred to another.” “What do you mean by excess size?” asked the man in red. “Excess size refers to how much more size you have above what is required. To maintain a property, you must keep a certain amount of size in that part of your body. If it ever drops below the minimum value, you could lose it to any power hungry players who land on that tile. Here watch.” The banker grunted as his giant bicep began to shrink back down. You all stared in disbelief as the Banker’s chest lit up and began to inflate until they stuck out almost a foot away from him. “I transferred some of the size I acquired from the purple player to my pecs, but still kept the minimum required size for my bicep.” The Banker brought his arms up and showed you that his arm had gone back down to the beach ball size. “Hey, can I have my arms back so I don’t start off in the negative though?” asked the man in purple as he was still looking down at his arms in annoyance. “I’ll do you one better. In order to make this fair, all of you will start off with the same size.” The Banker snapped his fingers and all of your bodysuits started to hum and glow. Feeling at first like your body was getting shocked from every part of you, you all let out a moan as your muscles tensed and flexed themselves. Looking down at yourself, you could see your pecs swelling out in front of your eyes. Obscuring the view of your stomach as you felt your core tightening and growing into abs. Looking to your left, you see the guy in red let out a low moan as the bulge in his pants swelled out from him. Before, you couldn’t get a good view of any of the others’ packages, but now you could see his dick slowly crawling up his washboard abs. With his massive balls sloshing beneath it as well. “Now this is what I’m talking about!” shouted the purple man as he grunted with strength as he flexed his renewed biceps. He reached over to one of them and squeezed the ball of muscle inside the fabric. “It’s all real!” he cried in awe as he let out another moan and continued to swell. “Fuck yes…” you heard someone utter under their breath. Before, the Banker had obscured your view of the man in green, but now it was almost like the Banker eclipsed him as the green man’s frame grew wider. His shoulders extended out to rival a door frame’s width. You now didn’t need to peer down at him as his head bucked up and up to meet your eyes. All of your legs under the table running into one another as they elongated and thickened. Once the transformation had finished, all of you were audibly panting as your chests heaved up and down with new size. Your bodysuits stopped humming and you saw a light flickering from your wrist. You reached down and fiddled with the light only to see a screen light up in front of you when it did. On the screen, it read as follows: Player: Blue Total Size: 225 Back: 25 Arms: 25 Core: 25 Chest: 25 Legs: 25 Cock: 25 Height: 75 “Gentleman, now that you’ve gotten a taste for some of the prizes that can be won in this challenge, let’s play a game.”
  20. ThornedRose

    Triple Threat Chapter 2 Available 8/30

    Here is the first chapter of a new story commissioned by my lovely commissioner @XbikXBd I promise Simulated Universe is not over! If you have any inquires about commissions, feel free to contact me via DMs! I hope you all enjoy the start to the adventures of a growing polyamorous couple! Chapter 1: In a quaint little town of Valbrook lives a very nice and small community. Population was never one of the driving forces to grow the community, nor was there a strong sense of tourism needed to help out with the city's budgets. Rather, everyone that lived in quaint old Valbrook got along with one another and often had quiet days. Business owners of different shops never expected much of an absurd amount of business, but they each received patronage to get by. Most of the community in Valbrook tended to be men, who often looked to start a quiet life whether by themselves or starting a life with a family. One of these businesses that held position on one of the town's corners like any other business, such as the barbershop, local tailor, and of course, the town's only gym which was headed by quite the specimen. Our shop that we will be focusing on today in this town of Valbrook is called the Sound of Music, a music and records shop. Gifted to him by an uncle who had passed, Razzo had inherited the shop and his new life in the town of Valbrook. Life had not been easy for Razzo, even if he was quite the looker. Having had two failed marriages, Razzo was left with custody of his only son who had recently departed his nest and had been taken to college. As much as he loved his only child, he knew that he would leave Razzo at some point to discover his own path. Even though things got quite lonely over the years, Razzo who was now 37 years old, had managed to find some companionship within the town of Valbrook. Rather, he had found a couple of employees that he had taken quite the fancy to. Personality-wise, Razzo could be a tad bit rigid, which had contributed to his failed marriages. Preferring to be more straight-laced and analytical, it took a certain type of person to be able to get Razzo to break through his tough and solid exterior. Fortunately enough, Razzo had not only found one, but two people to help break through his exterior. It first started with Jack. Jack had recently moved to Valbrook the year prior when he was 18, looking for a new start after coming out to his family. He had been the champion football star of his town and had a lot of pressure on proposing to his girlfriend, but secretly, he knew that would never make him happy. One night, Jack packed up a bag and booked a bus ticket to get far away from his old town and found himself settled in Valbrook. Looking for a job and surviving off the local homeless shelter, Jack managed to impress Razzo enough to work at his shop. At first, Jack was more reserved, but as he began to grow more comfortable around Razzo, he began to open up to the older man. Eventually, Jack had begun to see Razzo as a father figure for himself as his real father was never the type of man to really care about his current achievements. His father was obsessive over what could be rather than what had already been obtained. Having had most of his life handed to him on a silver platter, Razzo pitied the young caucasian boy as he did not have a very strong work ethic. Razzo, on the other hand, learned from his mother the importance of working for the things you want. Razzo’s mother was from Mexico, specifically Guadalajara, and his father from Greece. Razzo’s father met his mother while on vacation and the rest is history, eventually leading to Razzo’s birth in the United States. Taking the time to teach the young man was definitely something Razzo had enjoyed doing, and even missed as he thought of how much of a son Jack was sort of like. Was Jack filling that void for Razzo? Perhaps, but both were very satisfied with what was developing between them. One night as they were closing the store, Jack had opened up to Razzo, and had come out to the older man. Razzo sighed and gave Jack a big bearish embrace telling him he had nothing to worry about, as he wanted to tell him a secret of his own. Razzo was actually bisexual, in which he kept hidden in the dark from his wives and even his own son for the time being. Upon that night's end, the relationship between the two men began to blossom and unfold over the next coming months. Everyday Jack would go to the gym, maintaining and working out his body as he had learned to do when practicing football. After each gym session, he would stop by and pester Razzo before his shift, or even on his days off. When Razzo discovered that Jack was living in the homeless shelter, he had gotten upset that the young boy didn’t tell him his situation. Jack would apologize saying he was “Sorry Dad”, which made Razzo’s large bulky chest puff up. In no time at all, Razzo would take no for an answer, picking up Jack and his things and setting him up in one of his spare bedrooms. Jack would continue to call Razzo father, dad, and pops, which began to stir something inside Razzo, he was starting to like that. Jack’s personality began to come to the forefront once he and Razzo developed a closer bond. Sometimes Jack’s entitlement from his wealthy life would pour into his mannerisms and actions, in which Razzo would scold him and “threaten” him with spanking to be disciplined. Little did Razzo know at the time, Jack liked that idea. When Jack starts becoming attracted to someone, he tends to fall rather hard. Although the two men had developed an interesting relationship with each other, Jack sometimes left little hints here and there to Razzo that he liked him more than just a father figure and good friend. Razzo, who is naturally more keen, picked up the hints but did not act on them…until a year later. Upon his nineteenth birthday, Jack and Razzo had a quiet celebration together in which Razzo offered Jack anything he wanted. Taking that notion in stride, Jack had removed his flimsy party hat that Razzo bought from the local drugstore and sat in the big burly man’s lap. Feeling up Razzo’s big arms and bulky chest, Jack pushed his washboard abs into the older man’s beer gut. After that night, the two had become more than just friends. Jack, having taken the lead, bred the larger man all night long, enjoying the older daddy begging for his young big cock. In the morning, the two had a discussion and came to the conclusion, they would like to start seeing each other, but wanted to keep it a secret from the town. Little time did it take before the two men ended up having a new big variable enter the mix. Alonzo had arrived in town at first to join the city council; there had been a big issue with budgeting that he was supposed to fix. On one of his days off, he decided to visit the town square, tired of having to keep his eyes on a glowing screen and skimming through files. Entering the Sound of Music, the stocky tall african-american man had come into contact with Razzo and Jack. It was love at first sight seeing Alonzo. Both Jack and Razzo had instantly felt an attraction to the man, and couldn’t hide it from one another. That night, they discussed the hot new customer that had visited the shop. Eventually, conversation steered toward the two men being open to having a third join them. Razzo never thought he would ever be open to an open relationship, let alone the potential to a throuple, but plans are never set in stone. Continuing his duties with the city council, Alonzo was able to clean up all debt and even procure some extra funding through different untapped claims that had been underutilized for some time. In his own spare time, the big man decided to take every opportunity he could to get to know the two men that called the record shop home. Wearing a tank-shirt and some shorts, Alonzo strutted in everyday sandals first. Jack and Razzo tended to notice that the big man liked to wear as little as possible when he wasn’t working. Often showing off the ample curves of his stomach and pert rump, alongside larger broad shoulders, the stringed tank top did very little to conceal the mass of the man. Sprinkles of chest hair would poke out of the tank top, with little slips of sweat slinking down the large man. Amongst the three, Alonzo stood the tallest of the three at 6’1. Followed by the other dad-bod man, Razzo, who was 5 '10. Jack was the shortest at 5’8, but by far the cockiest as he began to grow more comfortable around Alonzo. Alonzo noticed the rigidity of Razzo when he interacted with other customers, but noticed how much he softened up when speaking with Jack in particular. Little did Razzo and Jack know, but Alonzo had caught a sneaky glance of the two kissing in the shop before he entered. So that was the dynamic between the two. It definitely piqued Alonzo’s curiosity, and definitely made him want to enact on his attraction he felt for both men. Having the ability to be quite confident in himself, Alonzo prided himself when it came to swooning different types of men, both younger and older, and of each body type. Testing his capabilities, he first began to flirt with the other large man. Complimenting Razzo’s beefy build led Razzo to become a bit dumbfounded. Razzo, although larger and beefier, did not really enjoy his dad-bod as much as Alonzo seemed to. It was no secret that Razzo despised coming to be near 40, the dreaded middle age. No longer being built like a bodybuilder like he was back in college, the pudge that grew on his frame taunted him everytime he saw himself in a mirror. Contrary to Alonzo’s tank tops and shorts, Razzo opted to wear clothing that concealed his budding frame, trying to wear button ups and pants that best hid his aging body. Where Razzo felt some distaste for his body, Jack definitely let him know how much he adored it. Jack would tell Razzo how sexy he was in bed and when alone, which did spark some confidence in Razzo. Albeit, seeing another man with a similar-ish build showing off his own frame did do some wonders of Razzo’s own confidence. He didn’t mind a beefy guy, but struggled with his own self-esteem. Alonzo being the ever so confident man was definitely going to do his best to rub off on the man. Time continued to pass by as Alonzo was coming closer to concluding his duties within the town. Feeling a tinge of sadness of having to leave his routine of seeing the two hot studs, Alonzo went to visit with the bad news. Jack, who was at the shop, was not one to let a guy slip away, especially not one that he and his boyfriend had both confessed they were equally attracted to. Grabbing the large man’s hand, Jack led Alonzo into the backroom, leading him to where Razzo was focusing on knocking out some of the facility's bills. Being the cocky little devil he was, Jack had begun to strip away the tank top that was clinging onto Alonzo’s frame. Gently placing kisses along his neck before becoming more ravenous. Kissing all the way down the man’s chest onto his big belly, Jack gave it a few smack’s before strutting behind him. Alonzo let out a heart chuckle as he let the young stud take full control. Not before long, Jack had pulled down Alonzo’s shorts, his ass and cock fully exposed. The man had been going commando the entire time. While worshiping Alonzo’s body, Alonzo had begun to rub himself, enjoying the young man going to work. Flabbergasted at the show Jack was putting on in front of him, Razzo quickly got up and locked the door, grabbing the boy before apologizing to Alonzo. Instead of being angry, Alonzo pulled Razzo to his lips and started to make out with him, his long thick tongue penetrating Razzo’s mouth. Razzo was in a whirlpool of emotions. Confused, shocked, and most importantly, aroused. This was the very start of something big about to come for the three men. As Alonzo’s duties had concluded, he found he quite liked the town of Valbrook and the companionship he had developed with both Jack and Razzo. It was a no-brainer that he decided to stay, finding some work nearby. Visiting the records shop everyday until his “departure” he opened up with the news that he was planning to remain in the town. Jack and Razzo were beyond elated to find out their new man was deciding to stay within the town. This was a cause to celebrate something new for the three men, something unique yet beautiful. Jack and Razzo had asked Alonzo if he would be open to a dinner date with the two at their house, Razzo offering to barbecue. Alonzo groped his large gut and agreed, saying he hoped Razzo cooked a lot of food. Jack was in love with the prospects of the two large men being around him. He loved how bubbly Alonzo’s ass was, wanting an opportunity to breed him like he did to Razzo each night. Fortunately, after a few drinks, that wish happened. Razzo sucked on Alonzo’s girthy cock while Alonzo was rubbing his large size fourteen feet on the sides of Razzo’s cock. Jack, meanwhile, had taken to Alonzo’s cake as a mighty fine dessert after their barbecue feast. Their celebration continued on for hours, going into the early hours of the morning, and even onto the next day and night. Razzo made sure Alonzo was comfortable enough to stay over in the house, in which Alonzo was more than glad to oblige. Jumping to a few months later, the three men had been living peacefully together under Razzo’s house. A newborn throuple had joined the midst of the world, taking every single moment to revel in each other’s presence. Alonzo had joined the record’s shop as Razzo’s new financial advisor, being able to spend time with his two new lovers. Although the town remained quiet for the moment, something had begun brewing in the world. Another variable ready to not only throw the world into a new era, but a new life for the three men. A new concoction had been mixed and experimented with. Promising the hopes of developing muscle mass and size growth, this drug was called Valorem. Only rumors had been spread around, even some online posts about it becoming an up and coming miracle drug. It tended to only affect the bodies of men, and the results that did work and that were deemed believable were unreal. Mostly sought after by gay and bisexual men, the Valorem serum was deemed a rarity. That was until, it was spotted in the local gym by Jack. Jack had grown pretty close with the owner, having spent everyday at the gym for the last year and a half. The two had a close friendship, and the owner, who was an older guy, was quite fond of Jack. Knowing the drive and hunger that Jack possessed when working out, he knew the young guy was aiming to be the biggest he could be. He enjoyed seeing the high spirits, even offering to personally train Jack for free. Whenever new shipments came to the gym’s shelves, the owner was always ready to offer a sample container for free when it came to Jack. It was no secret that the owner of the gym knew how cocky Jack was, especially when it came to size. He had seen the muscles grow on the once football built boy, now turning into an amateur bodybuilder. Every new youngin’ that came through was being dwarfed by the young college stud. Not to mention, the owner knew Jack had quite the sizeable bulge. Jack had also opened up to the owner about being gay which the owner only smirked and confessed he was also a part of the community. Jack, being the ever so loose lipped, had made it apparent he was dating not only one but two guys, and that they were quite big. Jack always talked about size at the gym, it was his favorite topic. Especially when it came to Valorem. Upon performing his usual inventory checks, the owner had a means of receiving the Valorem serum that Jack had so desperately been talking about. By the next arrival of his new shipment, the owner was ready to give the beauty of what was Valorem to the eager guy. He’d love to see the hulking young boy grow into something spectacular. That is, if the serum would work for him. Unfortunately, there was only a small percentage of men that the drug would actually work for. If, by a stroke of luck, the drug would work, it would affect each individual who injected the drug differently. Originally, Valorem was supposed to be only taken by an injection. However, due to experimenting with the drug, the owner had managed to get their contacts to mix it into a protein powder for a trial run. Creating the canister that contained the protein powder, the owner was very precise in making sure he put an exact number of a proper dosage involved for growing up to three men. Seeing how Jack lit up at the prospects of his huge lovers, he had a feeling Jack may try to get his lovers to try out the miracle serum. Upon finishing his preparations, the owner waited until Jack arrived, waiting to tell him the surprise. Without a hitch, Jack was beyond elated and absolutely overthrown with disbelief that his buddy was able to procure such a rarity. Jack, who was eager to try the stuff right away, decided to try to contain his excitement until he got home, wanting to share the news with his lovers. ===================================================================== “Oh dad’s, your lovely “son” is back home from his rigorous workout with big news. Emphasis on the big!”. Jack belted as he opened the door, quickly locking it with his special gift in a bag being held by his other hand. Alonzo and Razzo were both sipping their morning coffee, Razzo reading a newspaper while Alonzo was scrolling through his phone at the news outlets. Both were only wearing briefs, bellies out and pushing against the family room table, Alonzo’s more so than Razzo’s. Both older men looked up from their activities at their younger lover, gym shirt plastered with sweat from the deep ridges and grooves of his muscled body. Jack’s short gym shorts were hugging his inner thigh, any shorter and he could be warranted for indecent exposure possibly. “What’s with all the yelling so early Jack? I haven’t finished my first cup yet. Bad enough our boyfriend here woke me up with the blender this morning.”, Razzo rolled his eyes, giving a slight glare to Alonzo. Alonzo chuckled and just shook his head. “Well after this news, you’re going to be wide awake you hunk!”. Jack moved over to kiss Razzo on his cheek, feeling the fresh morning stubble that had grown onto the man overnight, Razzo huffed.. Moving over to Alonzo, Jack did the same but was met with an extra kiss on the lips from the extra affectionate man. “So what’s got you belting first thing in the morning? You being a morning lark is bad enough, you don’t have to share your enthusiasm with us two.”, Razzo grumbled. Alonzo got up to wash his mug, giving Razzo a slight punch in the arm playfully. “Leave our boy alone you old grump, he’s full of youth and vigor. He can’t help being excited all the time. I believe you’re the one that enjoys his excitement the most, especially last night.”, Alonzo chided. “Shut up you lumbering bear.”, Razzo punched Alonzo’s arm and rolled his eyes. “Anyways, more about what I’ve been waiting to tell you both, and more importantly, what I’ve been dying to try. I’m sure you two have heard about Valorem right?”, Jack asked eagerly, making eye contact with both men. “Ya never shut up about it, of course we’ve heard about it. What does this have to do with us though?”, Razzo asked, curiosity piqued. “Well, my buddy at the gym pulled a few strings and managed to get me my own little stash of it! All thanks to my good looks, charm, and hard work. You can both start praising me whenever you want. I’m waiting.”, Jack smugly grinned, waiting for the two men to be in awe. Razzo and Alonzo just gave each other a glance, almost as if they were speaking telepathically before Razzo spoke up first, “So you’re saying, that container there on our table, has that supposed mystery drug that’s been going around the internet? Why the hell would you want that?” “Uh because it has the chance to make you grow bigger? Why else? Don’t be such a fuddy duddy pops, it’s not a good look for you. Where’s that confident man with all that swagger I like?” Jack sat down next to Razzo, positioning his hand down toward the older man’s beefy butt. “Flattery ain’t gonna get you everything you want kid.”, Razzo scowled. “It sure can get me close though. What about you, my sexy second daddy? Are you in or are you in?” Jack turned his attention over toward Alonzo. Taking a moment to gather his words, Alonzo liked to prepare what he wanted to say in advance so as to not say the incorrect things, and so he could prepare his dad jokes whenever he could. Once he found out that Jack and Razzo had a father son dynamic going on, he offered to join in. After a pause of his thinking, the man spoke, “From what I and Razzo have seen and read, it’s still a pretty new drug that can have irreversible effects on a man's body. Plus, we don’t know if it has negative side effects besides that alleged growth. Those photos could be photoshopped son! How would you feel if you bloated up like a cow and ended up on the moo-spaper?” Jack and Razzo made brief eye contact with each other, unamused at that one. Alonzo had some jokes here and some good punchlines, but this was not one of those times. “I see I’ll need to workshop that one.” Alonzo pouted. “I’ve told you before, they weren’t photoshopped! I even gave you both a demonstration with photoshop itself to see if it was. Besides that point, the only negative side effect of the serum is that it might not work. But if we take the chance and it does, we could see some incredible gains!” Jack passionately explained, one palm on the table and the other clenched as if he was delivering an epic speech to a crowd of two unwilling volunteers. “Okay bud, number one, what do you mean we? Number two, what if Alonzo and I don’t want to grow? Number three, who said we are going to allow you to put that stuff into your young body. God you youngin’s are so impressionable.”, Razzo reached over, grabbing the container, reading the instructions that had been printed and labeled onto the packaging. “I thought it was only injections too. Why the hell do you have this as a powder form?’ Razzo continued to nag on. “This is the latest stuff my lovely over-analytical daddy. Now, to answer your questions, we are a throuple, we do everything together. Two, we both know Alonzo loves showing off his body, even if he is too lazy to wear anything different than his usual choices.” Jack pointed to the biggest man in the room. “He’s got a point there babe. Speaking of, the cereal is too far away…can you grab it for me Jack? Pretty please with a daddy on top?” Alonzo pleaded. He was too comfortable where he was at. How could Jack deny such a cutie? Obtaining the cereal, he returned it to Alonzo before continuing on with his little speech, “Thank you for that my LOVING boyfriend”, Jack side-eyed Razzo before continuing, “As I was saying, and for number three, I’m an adult and can do what I want. I know you both love acting like my dads and love when I call you that in bed and in private, but I get to make my own decisions.” Jack began to peel off his sweaty tank. “Again, he’s got another point babe. He is an adult, who are we to deny our lovely son the potential to grow up big and strong like his dad’s?” Alonzo had finished eating his cereal, putting it into the sink and walked over to Razzo. Putting his beefy arms over his boyfriend’s neck, rubbing his beard into Razzo’s shoulder’s. Razzo kept his eyes closed, pondering the proposition and points his boyfriend was using to combat his logic. Alonzo’s beard rub was also a nice touch too. Alonzo began to coo into his boyfriend's ear, “What’s the harm in letting our boy try it out? He’s been doing such a good job at the gym, he deserves a big reward doesn’t he babe?” “Aghh, fine, you know I can’t say no to you.”, Razzo spoke gruffly, rubbing his head into Alonzo’s beard. Alonzo moved the position of his hands to massage Razzo’s neck. “However, I didn’t say I would be partaking in this.” “Whatever pops. Thanks for getting our boyfriend to see my point, Alonzo. When this thing works for me, I’ll make sure to give you both a big reward.” Jack wiggled his eyebrows at the two men. He loved filling their big daddy bubble butts whenever he received the opportunity. According to the history of Valorem, the serum has enhanced the size of male genitalia. Already heavily gifted at an erect size of ten inches, Jack wondered how much larger he could get his cock to grow with the assistance of the serum. “Alright, you two. I gotta finish packing to go to that damn convention Alonzo got me roped into. You’re a wiz when it comes to numbers and I am grateful for what you’ve done for our shop, but damn you to hell for making branding deals. You know I hate flying.”, Razzo was unamused, already feeling displeased at the thought of flying in such a cramped aircraft. “Don’t blame me for getting you ahead of the game. With this deal, we’re gonna be set. That little shop of yours is gonna soar sky high stud.”, Alonzo grinned, pleased with his handy work. “I just don’t like being gone for too long. Two weeks is such a long time. Especially when away from my two guys, you know that.”, Razzo was not one to overly share his emotions, but he felt most vulnerable when away from his support system. “See Jack, your daddy has a soft spot for us!” Alonzo cooed. “Enough sentiments you old lug, go get packing. Your flight leaves tonight.” Jack, who had fully stripped into nothing but his jockstrap, was ready to take a shower. “We raised an exhibitionist didn’t we?”, Alonzo chided. “You did, not me.”, Razzo spoke, waving his hand as he left to go upstairs to finish packing the items he would need for his two week trip. Waiting for Razzo to stumble out of the room, still groggy from waking up, Alonzo moved over to the container of powder in which contained the Valorem. Reading the instructions, Alonzo’s face turned as if he had an idea. Jack watched with intent as he watched his boyfriend seemingly come up with a plan. “Let me guess, you’re on the same page about seeing if he can grow too?”, Jack inquired, smirking at Alonzo. Returning with a devilish smile, Alonzo replied, “Bingo.You know I love to play pranks on your other dad. Remember the time I kept messing with the power at the store during Halloween when he was working late that night?” “I remember the yelling and lecture you got from my room. Then the loud breeding until I had to go and shut you both up with my cock.”, Jack recalled. “So what’s the plan, big guy? How are we going to make sure our boyfriend sees things our way?” Jack picked up his gym clothes, slinging them over his arm. “Morally, I know it’s wrong to give someone something that they are not asking for, especially this serum, but I know our boyfriend will see things our way if he gets a taste of what this could potentially do for us. Plus he owes me for breaking my favorite watch.”, Alonzo explained while walking over to grab one of Jack’s blender bottles that the throuple shared. “Go on, I’m liking what I’m hearing so far…” Jack trailed off. “So, when our lovely boyfriend is about to take his supplements and vitamins in about I don’t know, ten minutes as he always forgets to take them after his coffee, we slip him some of this in his water when he downs them. What do you think?” Alonzo already prepped the water, pouring the appropriate amount of Valorem powder into the cup, stirring it with a spoon. Thankfully, the water’s consistency and color did not change. It looked damn near invisible. “This is why I love you big guy. Great minds think alike! Now, how about we get some of that powder into our system? I can’t wait any longer!” Jack went over to kiss his boyfriend, both stared at the water excitedly. ===================================================================== According to plan, ten minutes later Razzo did his usual spiel about forgetting to take his supplements and vitamins, downing the Valorem-enhanced water. Jack was in the shower, while Alonzo minded his own business seeing if Razzo had any reaction. Just as intended, the man seemed to notice nothing. Alonzo and Jack had already ingested their own helping of Valorem-enhanced water. According to discussions about the serum, one dose should be taken every six weeks. Within the first two weeks, anyone who had received Valorem in their system would either see changes or if they did not, it just didn’t mesh with their biology. Acting as if he would never see them both again, Razzo gave both of his boyfriends repeated physical affection all day until he had to take a taxi to the airport for his flight. Razzo would be gone for the next two weeks, so the house was going to be all just for Alonzo and Jack! Both men were so excited to see if the serum would affect their bodies that they decided to promise one another that if they noticed any changes, they would say something right away. Too excited to sleep, Jack was the most boned he had been since he could remember. Sneaking into Razzo and Alonzo’s room, he found Alonzo sleeping naked on the bed. Jack’s rock hard ten inch cock stood at full rigid attention. Approaching the bed, Jack crept up quietly, hearing the light snores of the large man. Preparing his sneak attack, Jack lunged onto the bed, landing on the big guy's belly perfectly. Alonzo, who was startled awake, noticed the young boy straddling his belly. Feeling that familiarly large cock poking into his belly, Alonzo grinned knowing exactly what Jack wanted. Alonzo was always happy to oblige. As the days passed, Alonzo and Jack spent the days with their normal routine. While Razzo was away on his work meeting, he had left Alonzo in charge of the records shop in which Jack kept pouting. Razzo specifically stated the biggest man got to be in charge and even though Jack was the biggest when it came to muscles, he had nothing on Alonzo’s height and overall weight. Whenever the day ended however, the two men would hump like rabbits. Jack was a complete top, so he was always filling that round smooth ebony bubble butt. Alonzo, who was verse, was more than happy to take his young lover’s powerful cock. Every thrust sent Alonzo’s legs into a quiver. Five days had passed since the two men had been house sitting when Jack was the first to notice a change. Unfortunately, that change was not on himself. Every morning and night Jack would sneak measurements of himself to see if something had changed, but he was always met with disappointment. That would stop him from persevering through, he was determined to see himself grow from the dosage he had received. No, the change he noticed was with his boyfriend, Alonzo. While getting ready for a movie night, Alonzo emerged with a bowl of popcorn. Upon entering the room, Jack noticed that his boyfriend’s head was closer to the doorframe than it used to be. Alonzo’s favorite loungey shirt he was wearing also seemed to be riding up his stomach as well. Alonzo typically ate a fair amount, but in the last couple days, Jack had not noticed his boyfriend eating more than he did on an ordinary day. Alonzo’s belly definitely looked a lot fuller as of late. Not wanting to relay the information to his boyfriend, Jack was feeling quite mischievous. Planting his head onto the bulging belly, he could hear his boyfriend’s tummy gurgling, almost as if there were little bubbles inside popping constantly. Even as he sat on the couch, Jack noticed Alonzo’s head was higher than normal. It looks like the Valorem mixed well with Alonzo’s biology! Jack was happy for his boyfriend, but also feeling a tad bit discouraged. If the Valorem had luckily worked for Alonzo and had already begun to take effect on day five, then what about himself? Bursting his pondering, Jack couldn’t help but notice a treasure trail leading from his boyfriend’s belly button down to his crotch had appeared. When did that happen? Alonzo typically only kept a beard and some slight chest hair. Having explored Alonzo’s body many times, Jack was quite fond of seeing some hair growth on his daddy. Another three days had passed when Jack noticed another change. Arriving home from the gym, Jack was feeling horned up. Today was push day, and Jack pushed himself hard. The gym’s owner who had gifted Jack the Valorem had asked if he had tried it yet. Jack said he hadn’t seen any gains quite yet, but noticed some in his boyfriend. The owner whistled when Jack told him, telling him it will be kicking in for him soon no doubt. However, after his training session he took his measurements with the gym owner. Although Jack hadn’t seen any increase in height or in his dick, one victory was that he had gained 5 pounds in muscle! Guess that’s what his buddy meant when he said it’d be kicking in soon! Jogging back home, Jack was ecstatic and finding out his gains. Opening the door, Jack was ready to tell his boyfriend about his size increase when he found him huffing in the foyer, trying to slide his feet into his sandals. It was no secret Alonzo had large feet, naturally he was an astounding size fourteen in that department. It made shoe shopping a hassle which is why the daddy opted to wear sandals as they were the easiest shoe to find in his size. What used to be an easy shoe to slide into that is. The foot being shoved into that sandal was no longer a size fourteen. Alonzo’s heel was sticking out quite a bit while his toes hung over the tops like a cliff. “I swear my favorite pair of sandals shrunk!” Alonzo grunted, frustrated. “Are you finally going to acknowledge that you are bigger? Or have you just not noticed yet, stud?” Jack winked. Realizing the situation, Alonzo looked dumbfounded that he didn’t even consider the fact his foot could have grown. Hell, he even forgot he took the Valorem with Jack. Jack on the other hand, was the more studious one of the two when it came to observing not only his own body, but also Alonzo’s. “Hate to be the one to ruin the surprise dad, but you’ve grown.” Jack grinned in a feral manor, lust in his eyes, Witnessing his big daddy boyfriend get even bigger? That was a fantasy come true. “I guess I have been feeling a bit heftier, but I thought it was just my imagination.” Alonzo chuckled, bending down to reach for his now too small sandals when both the men became distracted with a loud ripping sound. Turning his neck, Alonzo could see that his favorite shorts had ripped down the seams of his crack. His meaty bubble butt looked much fatter than usual. “I guess not just my feet had grown huh boy?” A giant tent pitched Jack’s gym shorts. No words were spoken, just a loud thump as Jack threw himself onto the big daddy. Right in the foyer, Jack had jumped the larger man. Using his strength he worked on everyday at the gym, Jack turned Alonzo over. Alonzo’s bulging belly rested on the cold tile floor, making him shudder. Reaching for the already ripped seams, Jack flexed his biceps, ripping open the seams further until the entirety of Alonzo’s shorts had been decimated completely. Exposed to the morning air was that beautifully smooth ebony ass that Jack loved so much. “Come here big daddy, I used to be up a little bit above your chest. Now, I’m barely near your nipples!” Jack waved his hand in front of the man, comparing their sizes. “As for that ass, you used to be smuggling a pound cake back there, now you are developing a full on wedding cake! Your shorts were snug before, but the tops of your briefs are literally jutting out over the top! How were you going to go out like this?” Alonzo purred as Jack continued to show off his big daddy like a prize winning bull at a county fair. “Not to mention, these big feet of yours.” Jack had come close to Alonzo, putting his feet onto the much larger man’s. Jack’s entire foot rested on Alonzo’s and still had spare room to move on it both in length and in width. Alonzo wiggled his toes, feeling the light weight of Jack’s average sized foot onto his gargantuan one. Alonzo had added more junk to his trunk than both men had anticipated. Alonzo craning his neck to look down at his feral boyfriend, admiring their newly developed height difference had Jack’s eyes bulging out, watching just how massive he was growing compared to his young lover. Alonzo broke eye contact to crane his neck back at his feet then at his large assets resting on the back of his body. It was now larger than Razzo’s big beefy butt! Razzo’s big butt had always been the biggest amongst the three men, and had caused Razzo to carry a complex with him all his life, but that ass is what drove both Jack and Alonzo wild. Jack wasted no time ogling the larger daddy any longer, he dashed behind Alonzo, spreading the massive cheeks and began darting his talented tongue on the pulsing hole. Alonzo groaned and moaned, feeling that his hole felt extra sensitive today. Jack’s strong hands gripped each cheek so hard that they began to turn red where his palms spread them. Alonzo could feel himself growing erect, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as he was being eaten out. Too caught up in the pleasure coming from his hole, Alonzo didn’t even notice his erection was a tad bit larger than normal. Needing to grip onto the wall for support, Alonzo reached forward, causing his big hand to thud as it crashed into the wall upon contact. As an ass eating champion, Jack was not going to let his prey get away from him so easily. Even after he felt a pool of cum spurt from where Alonzo’s cock had been pointing, little drips sliding down from the wall where the cock was pointed, Jack still continued to eat out the man. Thank god the records shop was closed today, since both men were by no means leaving the house at all! Fuck the grovery shopping they were supposed to be doing! All day long, Jack showed his dominance over the large daddy. He ate him out on the kitchen island, on the couch, on the staircase, in the shower, and of course, on the bed. After countless orgasms from being eaten out, Alonzo didn’t know how he could still be so hard. Jack, on the other hand, kept edging himself the entire time. Every room that the two men encountered, Jack would make comments at Alonzo’s size. Comparing Alonzo’s beefed rump to the size of the kitchen island, which was actually becoming a bit dwarfed by the man. The staircase creaking under Alonzo’s increased weight. Both men struggled to fit into the shower stall at first, Jack having to leave the shower door open a bit just so Alonzo’s ass had room to move when he turned around. After all the foreplay, Jack was ready to take his prize. “Ready for round two big guys? Now it’s time for me to fill up that juicy ass of yours.”, Jack licked his lips. Alonzo grunted as he felt the familiarly large tip of Jack’s cock finally push its way into his tight ring. ===================================================================== Musk was the only aroma that filled the entire house. Even after trying to light a couple candles, the scent of cum and sex seemed to be pressed deep into the house walls. Alonzo and Jack had their libido’s put into overdrive. Together with Razzo, the three were always horny. Without the big man of the house, the two felt like they couldn’t fully get off without their third lover. That plus with the growth of Alonzo, there was very little rest and downtime going on. Even on the days that Jack and Alonzo had to oversee the records shop, they needed to make time to have sex breaks in the back. Alonzo hoped Razzo would not get pissed that he and Jack were fucking and sucking in every position in the back room. He prayed that Razzo wouldn’t look at the security feeds while on vacation either. The last thing he needed was an angry scolding from their lover. Alonzo was also adjusting to his growing size. He absolutely loved showing off his growth to Jack, and loved that Jack had now put on ten pounds of muscle! It may not sound like much, but it definitely made a difference on that boy's physique. A couple customers had to take a couple looks to see if what they saw was actually real. Alonzo had by now grown to an incredibly tall 6 '5, which was comparably noticeable when he used to be an already above average 6' 1. In order to not cause any room for gossip, Jack and Alonzo agreed if Alonzo were to work the front, he would need to be sitting down so people wouldn’t suspect anything suspicious. Besides his height, Alonzo’s new pair of sandals were definitely something to behold. His once size fourteen feet had grown to a massive pair of size seventeens! No shoe store at the local outlet had shoes in his size until the two men took a trip to the local Men’s Big and Tall store. It was only one of two pairs in that size, and Alonzo was relieved that out of the two styles of shoes in that size, one was in the style of sandals. Opting to still dress in his usual attire, whenever it got slow during the day Alonzo would open up his button up shirt, exposing his slightly bigger chest to the cool fans set up around the shop. His big belly was often pushing up against the counter, half of it sitting above the counter now. Hearing the bell chime, Alonzo scrambled to try buttoning up his shirt, doing his best to suck in his gut, attempting to button at lightning speed. Footsteps followed toward the counter, Alonzo grew panicked and hurried, trying not to look indecent for business. “It’s your favorite guy! I brought ice cream.” Jack cheered. Alonzo looked up excited at his young lover, he could feel his tummy gurgling at the thought of being nourished with the sweet delectable cream of an ice cream bar. Growing alongside the size of his belly was the size of his appetite. Every single food item these days had begun to look tasty to Alonzo, making his tummy gurgle and shudder as if it was parched, it needed something to feed its growth. “Of course, I only brought ice cream for myself. Sorry big guy.”, Jack laughed, watching his trick to curb Alonzo’s enthusiasm had worked. Alonzo just rolled his eyes, he should have known better coming from that little stinker. Alonzo was relieved, it was just his boyfriend though. Not realizing he was holding in his breath to hold back his gut, he let out a long exhale. Audible thwacks and pops could be heard as the buttons that attempted to hold back the growing monster gut burst off the man’s shirt. Alonzo’s large gut bulged and smacked into the counter, belly button pushing hard. The treasure trail had grown up a bit further on the gut. “I’m glad it’s just you. I thought it was a customer. I was trying to look decent.”, Alonzo chuckled, looking at the remains of his shirt. Guess he needed to go shopping again for a new wardrobe. “As you can tell, this new diet I am on is currently working wonders on my slim figure. I look like I am near a size two, don't you think Jack?” Alonzo spoke in a mocking serious tone, cradling his belly as if he was in a maternity photoshoot. Jack continued to taunt his daddy lover with the ice cream bar he had bought on his way back from one of the other shops. Lifting his large arm, Jack put down a bag that he was carrying with his other hand onto the counter, beside Alonzo’s belly. It had become customary over the last two weeks that whenever Jack saw Alonzo, he would give him a few belly rubs. Mindlessly rubbing Alonzo’s belly, Jack would often get lost at admiring the heft one of his daddies had developed. He sure was enjoying his daddy’s growth. Jack was curious to see if his other daddy lover would also enjoy the enhancements that were brought about to Alonzo. Speaking of his other daddy, he remembered what he wanted to say, “So, I bought this little gift for our boyfriend since he is coming home tomorrow morning. I’m using it for leverage in the scenarios of “Oh my gosh we missed you so much! We missed you the entire time”,” Jack mimicked in a high pitch voice, then proceeded to go back to his normal pitch, “Or in the scenario the Valorem worked on him and he is pissed that we gave him the serum without him asking.” “Good call. I’m glad you thought of a consolation gift in case he’s pissed. You know how your daddy can get when he gets angry. I’ve been wanting to call him but I know what he is like when he’s super focused. So I’ve just been texting him throughout his trip.”, Alonzo poked at the bag, investigating the contents inside. Low and behold, that little stinker did get him something. A pre-packed chocolate cake. One of Alonzo’s guilty pleasures, or rather, an all the time pleasure he only felt guilty about if he couldn’t finish consuming it all in one sitting. “Has my other big daddy been in a good or foul mood then?” Jack asked, continuing to lick his fruit flavored bar. Watching the bearish older man unpack his dessert, Jack watched as the tattered shirt began to drape itself off of Alonzo’s body. A loud rumbling noise could be heard from the man’s gut, and a slight lurch of the stomach caused Jack to take a second glance. It looked as if the gut was sentient, ready to pounce on the dessert in front of him. No wonder Alonzo could barely keep that sexy ball-gut locked up. “From what he has told me, he’s been super busy having to be social, which you know he is not the fondest of. The flight went well, obviously since he has a pulse, we can assume he’s fine. Razzo also mentioned that he’s going to punish you for being a stinker. He wasn’t very specific on that, but he knows you’ve probably been up to no good. I may have told him you’d been telling me that I am the daddy you love more.”, Razzo laughed, watching Jack’s face contort and turn sour at the thought of their boyfriend calling him out, but it was true, he was being a stinker the last few days. Alonzo wasn’t completely wrong either, he had been receiving more of Jack’s love of late considering his other daddy decided to leave the two boys all to their lonesome, forcing them to fend for themselves in this cold dark horny world. “Whatever, we both were stinkers by sneaking him the Valorem. I’m curious to know if it worked on him. What do you think?” Jack reached for his head, feeling a light brainfreeze coming on. “You know I love playing tricks as much as the next guy, I’m hoping it did and then some. I also slipped your daddy some viagra with a little note, and scribbles of our beautiful faces saying to not miss us too much.”, Alonzo let out a hearty chuckle. “It sounds like you are asking for trouble, big daddy. Anyways, hurry up and get to eating that cake. I don’t want it to go bad after all the effort I went through to be nice.”, Jack smugly stated. Picking up the boxed cake, Jack placed it on Alonzo’s gut, watching the gut balance the prize it so desperately desired. “Looks like we’ll find out tomorrow morning. Now hurry up and clock in, I can’t work out here with my shirt busted. Your daddy has been hard at work and wants his reward!” Alonzo stood up to his new height, belly swaying as he headed to the back, letting Jack take his position at the front counter. Alonzo managed to keep the boxed cake balanced on his stomach for a little bit, which was impressive. Not wanting to risk his reward falling and causing the world’s most diabolical devastation known to man, Alonzo gripped the contents with his larger hands. In the back, Alonzo happily unboxed the cake and dove into it like a feral animal. Chocolate frosting covering his beautifully thick lips, large tongue lapping away at the spongy cake texture. Alonzo’s belly quivered in delight at finally receiving some satiation. His stomach had gone hungry for at least two hours. Upon finally finishing the cake, Alonzo sat back in the office chair satisfied, letting out a few burps and moans as he felt how hard his big belly had become after feasting. Razzo was in for a big treat tomorrow morning.
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    Siphoning Stepbro's Hot Bod

    Nick and Brandon are stepbrothers. The two brothers never really bonded with each other due to their differences in basically everything, not just their environment. Nick is the older brother, 24 years old, 6'3 tall, and 250 lbs. Brandon is the younger one, 18 years old, 5'4 tall, and 120 lbs. Nick always acts cockily around his younger brother. He would always bully and beat Brandon. Although Brandon is turned on by his brother’s size, he wishes he can be of equal match to him at the very least. One night, after working out, Nick saw himself at a mirror in his own room. He admired his pump. He flexed and worshipped his body and it gave him pleasure. He rubbed his pecs that were the size of melons. He moved his hands to his perfect washboard abs. He flexed both his arms which were bigger than grapefruits. He continued to touch himself. The feeling felt so good that he slipped his hand in his shorts and started caressing his cock, he started moaning and breathing heavily while his other hand touches his big body. Brandon heard his brother moan and sneakily peeked at the door. He secretly watched his brother pleasure himself and it turned him on. He continued to watch as Nick moaned louder and harder. He was getting close to cumming. Brandon could not help but feel aroused seeing his brother masturbating. He wanted to do something to his brother. He decided to take action. When Nick is finally asleep, Brandon went to his brother’s room and took off all Nick's clothes. He then proceeded to grab his brother’s body. He started with grabbing his brother's huge biceps and flexing them. He moved to his chest and grabbed his brother's washboard abs. Then he reached down and grabbed his small cock. It was about 4 inches long. He wrapped his fingers around it and stroked it. After a few minutes, he noticed Nick's tight asshole and noticed that he is sleeping heavily. He put his cock in his brother's ass and started thrusting into him. After a couple of minutes, he felt his brother wake up. He felt his brother’s massive cock start to get hard. Brandon started moaning and pumping harder in his brother. His orgasm started to build up inside him. When Brandon was nearing release and was moaning hard, Nick woke up. As Nick opened his eyes and saw what was happening, Brandon busted his load inside Nick. "Ughhh! Fuck yes!" Brandon shot several loads of cum deep in his brother's ass, not knowing Nick is now awake. Nick grunted as he felt his brother's hot jizz filling his hole. Brandon then pulled out his cock and shot another load of cum on Nick's face. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" Nick is enraged. He grabs Brandon and starts beating him. "You fucking bastard! I'm going to kill you!" Nick grabs his brother and pushes him against the wall. Nick begins beating his brother up until he feels a weird sensation inside him. His body seems to be reacting to his brother’s cum. Nick becomes dizzy for a split second and he looks back at Brandon. Nick then notices he is not looking down at Brandon as much as before. “What the fuck?" Nick utters in confusion. Nick sees his body has shrunken. He is still big but he is no longer the giant he was before. He is now about 5'10 and 200 lbs. Nick didn't realize his cock is hardening, but Brandon did. Busy contemplating what just happened, Nick didn't notice Brandon kneeling in front of him and started sucking his massive cock. "Uhh, oh fuck!" Nick moaned. Brandon had been dreaming about this moment for years. He always wanted to suck his brother's cock. He never got the chance to do so because Nick always humiliated him. Now that he finally gets the opportunity, he takes advantage of it. Brandon continues to suck his brother's cock while touching Nick's hot body. Nick was in heaven. The feeling of having Brandon's mouth around his cock is indescribable. He felt so much pleasure that his knees weakened and he lied down. Brandon sucked harder. “Oh god, Brandon, stop." Brandon kept sucking his brother's cock. He then reaches under Nick's body and gropes his huge balls. Brandon started sucking his brother's dick faster. He could tell Nick was close to cumming. He wanted to make sure he shoots a lot of sperm in his brother's mouth. Nick was getting closer to orgasm. "Shshhit! Ughh ohh ughhh"He moaned loudly and started shooting his load in Brandon's mouth. Brandon swallowed every drop of his brother's cum, while sucking harder. Change started to gradually happen to both of them. Nick's cock was shrinking and getting smaller. Brandon's body was growing bigger and stronger. He feels his pecs growing bigger and juicier as he squeezes Nick's shrinking ones. While still sucking hard on Nick's cock, he poses a double bicep. Brandon's cock grows longer and thicker as he feels Nick's cock shrink in his mouth. He feel his limbs lengthen as he grows taller. At this point, the 24 year old Nick is about 5'5 tall and 170 lbs, he still has the muscle mass of a model, but not big as before. The 18 year old Brandon, on the other hand, is now about 6'2 and 250 lbs. Nick's cock shrunk from 10 inches to 4 inches and the opposite happened to Brandon. Nick had begged him to stop, but Brandon didn't. "Can you still beat me up, little guy?!" Brandon exclaimed. Brandon swallows and he stood up, looking at both his and his brother's bodies. He comes to the mirror and worships himself, like he saw Nick do earlier. He cums on the mirror. "Fuck that's hot! I get why you like doing that now." Brandon says. Nick stares in disbelief. "But you know what would be hotter? If I were bigger. I see you have more size I can take, I want it." Brandon says, glancing back at Nick. Brandon starts to rub and suck on Nick's now smaller body. "No please, no more, I'm too small now, please!" Nick protests and attempts to fight back but Brandon is stronger. Brandon begins squeezing every muscle he can feel. Nick feels his limbs retracting as he gets shorter. His muscles start to condense in his smaller frame. He is now about 5'3 while Brandon grows into a towering 6'4. Brandon then proceeds to knead his now thicker muscles. As he squeezes his Nick's juicy chest, it slowly transfers onto him. He works his way around his other muscles, taking it all, leaving but a faint outline of abs. Brandon checks out his body now, he is now bigger than Nick ever was. As Brandon was distracted by his own body, Nick feels a build up of pleasure churning inside him and his cock started to harden from seeing how big Brandon got. Nick started stroking his 4 incher and he started moaning. Nick's moans got Brandon's attention which made him look at Nick. "I'm gonna need that as well to complete the look." Brandon said. As Nick was about to cum, Brandon placed his hand on Nick's cock. Nick's cock began to dwindle in size while Brandon's grew into a full 12 inches. "Ughh oh fuck uh" when Nick's cock had shrunken into a little nub, he finally cums on Brandon's hand. Brandon licks his palm and smears the cum on his face, making his face more chiseled. "That's better, thanks for the donation, little bro." Brandon tells his emaciated brother as he leaves the room.
  22. Home of the Gods Part Six by F_R_Eaky Part One: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13486-home-of-the-gods-part-one-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Two: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13487-home-of-the-gods-part-two-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Three: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13490-home-of-the-gods-part-three-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Four: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13502-home-of-the-gods-part-four-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Five: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13527-home-of-the-gods-part-five-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Six: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14012-home-of-the-gods-part-six-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Seven: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14350-home-of-the-gods-part-seven-by-f-r_eaky/ In the morning Fabian looked quite the site. His feet having grown and ripped out of his tennis shoes, it was known he wouldn't fit into any of his other shoes, especially his very form fitting bicycling shoes for hobby and work. Thus the morning's part of the day's deliveries were done with Fabian in his courier uniform, but with his feet being in just a pair of socks and a pair of Reid's size 17 flip flops - now only seven sizes too big for Fabian's feet, but the same feet are 4.5 sizes too large for the shoes Fabian owns. A bit of a hassle and exceptionally cold in the winter for his feet, but something inside Fabian kind of liked how his bigger feet looked in Reid's flip flops, especially when thinking how small they originally looked when the shoes were eleven and half sizes too large. A quick stop off during lunch to the bank and a shoe store and soon Fabian was cruising the streets in new size 10 bicycle shoes and a pair of sneakers for at home in his back pack. It was after his last delivery, and after he ran by a local Mexican restaurant to pick up two orders for dinner for him and Reid, yet another attack of the friends of Gabriel took place. Turning to ride down an alley between some apartments and a basket ball court, Fabian was suddenly yanked off his bicycle and thrown into the court. Shaking his head to recover from the throw and thus fall, Fabian looked up to view his attacker and looked up and up and up. It was the seven foot tall DeWayne who now straddled over the body of Fabian. Without wasting a moment, DeWayne picked up Fabian by his clothes and then slammed him, his back into a basketball pole and hoop. Taking the straps of the backpack Fabian wore and attaching them together, DeWayne had Fabian attached to the post. DeWayne then start lobbing basketballs at Fabian, alternating between making a hoop and letting it come down on Fabian's head or throwing them straight at Fabian's head or stomach. There were a couple of balls that made contact before Fabian began to shake the fog from his head and realize what was going on. He then began to raise his hands and bap the balls away from hitting his face or stomach. It wasn't too much longer before Fabian's mind was clear enough to realize what a lame trap this was as he just had to slip his arms out from his backpack shoulder straps to be free. "Oh no you don't!" Screamed DeWayne and he rushed toward Fabian. Fabian stood up with his hands up in a boxing like stance and bounced as though he was willing to take DeWayne on. DeWayne laughed at this sight and upon reaching Fabian went right into a swing to punch Fabian in the face, exactly what Fabian was expecting. Fabian dropped to his knees just before DeWayne's fist would have made contact, which caused DeWayne to punch the metallic pole supporting the basketball hoop. Clang! "YEEEEEOW! MOTHER FUCK! YOU'RE DEAD!" As DeWayne was shaking off the pain from his knuckles, Fabian unhooked and grabbed his backpack and his bicycle as he ran off the basketball court. As this was a frequently used route home, Fabian knew many of the people who lived in the brownstones, condos, or apartment buildings adjacent to the alleyway. Knowing he wouldn't be able to peddle as fast as he normally could, still clutching his stomach from the gut punch, Fabian opened a back gate of a building and tenants he knew well and semi flung his bike in there, able to pick it up later. He then proceeded to head through some open and garden plots on the way home. Sure enough, DeWayne was hot on his heels as the two were running and running. Through one fence line, Fabian ran through, turned and kicked a board to the right sending it across the bottom of the opening. DeWayne thinking Fabian had slowed down, believed he had a chance to catch him. No. Not seeing the board in time, DeWayne's decent sized feet and ankles hooked and tripped over the board with him unawares, sending him sprawling to the ground, which in this particular case happened to be a beautifully herringbone patterned brick walkway. "AUGH! YOU MIDGET SHIT!" bellowed DeWayne after he fell flat faced onto the walkway. Fabian didn't waste a moment and continued through the plot he managed to get to the out the yard and started running down the alleyway to get to another plot he knew, but he was suddenly tripped up by a flung garbage can lid. DeWayne had recovered faster than expected and having found some old can lids began throwing them frisbee style at Fabian. The first one managing to clip Fabian at calves and ankles. "Who the hell still has those style garbage cans?" Thought Fabian as he tried to recover his step. Knowing through the next fence break there was the back of a potting shed and on the side a small crack that only people as lithe and as small as him could squeeze through. It would buy him time. He ran through the break, grabbed a string he knew was secured on the other side, turned to see when DeWayne was coming and WHAM! Fabian went flying backwards into the back brick wall of the potting shed. Collapsing to the ground he looked up to see the looming form of DeWayne just behind the fence. He wheezed and coughed all while desperately trying to hold on to the string he had detached from the fence. DeWayne went off on a little self gloating rant like it was some major feat that his seven foot tall body could out run and catch up to Fabian's five foot two one. Eventually he bowed his head under the fences top frame to come through the space and finish Fabian off. Of course he lead with his head and then had to dip and twist to get his tall and broad frame through the small fence gap. One in that first position, bleary-eyed Fabian let go of the string and CLUNK! down came an 8 foot long 2 x 4 onto the back of DeWayne's head. The affect was instant. DeWayne's eyes rolled to the back of his head, his body went slack and down he went, falling more through the gap and forward his head and shoulders landing right at Fabian's groin area. Fabian lurched forward and swore he was going to hurl everything from today's lunch back to last week's breakfast. His vision became filled with black spots as the pain to his groin and testicles overwhelmed him completely. His ragged breathing from the ab smacking and the accidental groin head shot, Fabian pushed at DeWayne and pulled himself as best he could struggling to get his groin and legs out from under the mega-man. As he continued his slow struggle the slow and low sound of drums beating in rhythm began to be heard. The snow underneath the pair of men began to melt away and puddle in this slightly dipped section of the yard. Soon it began to become so warm wisps of steam was rising from the ground and the same thing was happening in the basin of a bird bath to the right of the two fallen men. The chanting then began to be heard loud and clear. " Ke'atutel'luga... Ke'atutel'luga... Ke'atutel'luga... Ke'atutel'luga... Ke'atutel'luga... Ke'atutel'luga” Right at the moment that Fabian managed to break free from the heavy body of the unconscious DeWayne, the tiny solar powered fountain in the birdbath tilted and began to act as if it was a power-hose connected to both a power station and a dam, spraying jets of water on the top of Fabian's head. Fabian attempted to walk, more like stagger, the new few blocks to his home. Racked with pain he could hardly focus and his head being overwhelmed with the sound of the drums and chanting didn't help. He eventually made it home, in twice the amount of time required, still breathing a little heavily, hurting in his stomach, and shaking cold from being wet. Bumbling through the apartment complex door, he poured himself into the elevator and road it up to his floor. It was a bit of work attempting to stand and work the key and lock of the door and he nearly fell in when it opened. Closing the door he stumbled towards the kitchen. He hoped to get a glass of water and maybe some alka-seltzer, something to calm his stomach. That's when it hit him. The chantting and drumming became louder, but Fabian no longer could hear it. The was this odd noise filling his ears like the sound of breaking twigs, and every time he heard it, his body was racked with pain. "Auuuugh!" His left hand shot for the refrigerator handle, while his right reached out for the center island. After steadying himself, he tried to focus, do some deep breathing to calm himself down, but his heart leapt up into his throat. His shoes were becoming tight. The brand new shoes that he bought this afternoon were beginning to become so snug they were cutting off circulation to his feet. He'd hear the sound of snapping twigs and then he'd feel the rip of fabric and leather. He saw his finger tips extend further into the center of the table, he felt the space between the refrigerator handle and its door become smaller. He felt his toes poking through his shoe front, his heel ripping out the back, the sides of his feet causing the shoe sides to roll over and below the sole eventually ripping and separating from the shoe. He began to feel his hand engulfing the refrigerator handle and taking up the whole space between, his knuckles getting pressed into the door....denting the door! Looking down, he saw his feet extend and extend and extend. He screamed to his self in his head "My feet are becoming skis!" He watched as they grew and grew taking over one whole square foot tile and begin to work fully on the next. He was about actually scream and cry out, with tears streaming down his cheeks when his arms, legs, and torso suddenly lurched and stretched after the twig snapping sound. "WuuuuuAAAAAAUUUGH!" Clinging for dear life to the island and the refrigerator he began to notice the fridge top was coming closer to him. "Oh, no.... no... no no no no no no no no no......" He cried in fear and panic as his vision rose up higher and higher until he knew the top of his head matched the top of the fridge. Looking at this he began to become slightly aroused. The refrigerator is like 5' 7" tall. He's grown 5 inches! He's reaching average height! The pain and stretching returned and as Fabian went into automatic denial mode, still spewing no's out of his mouth, he noticed that the top of the fridge was falling away...lower....lower..... The no's faded to silence. He pulled the door open and grabbed a can of soda. It looked so tiny in his hands. Damn near miniscule. He stood there looking, mouth agape, gasping, sputtering, and as he looked back straight ahead he discovered the top of the fridge met him about the height of his chin. He moaned... "Oh, yeeeessssssssss. ... .... ... Oh yes. .... ... ... " It started again. Twig snapping, stretching, fridge top sinking. He felt the cuffs on his sleeves travelling up, further up his arm: to mid forearm, to elbows. He felt the cargo shorts bottom travel from his knees up his thighs. His courier's form fitting, under armor style, unitard, uniform began to stretch and stretch pulling tighter and tighter against his body, pulling his extra fine body hair as it tried to move and travel up Fabian's body like his cargo shorts did. He watched as the top of the fridge eventually became level with his shoulders, like it did with Reid. His groin became warm. His cock inflated a little. He felt the unitard pull tighter and stretch out more from his expanding cock. "Ooooooh yessssssssss." moaned Fabian and he saw the fridge top sink even lower and lower. He felt runs develop in the tight fabric, allowing more air to pass freely to his body. His ankles had snapped the top portion of his shoes that had still desperately tried to cling on. His cargo shorts were binding at the crotch, becoming stretched by his larger, but tight and taut ass. The top of the fridge dropped to his arm pits..... "Ooooh yes... Yes!.... YES!" It shrunk down to his another few inches under the arm pit. His cargo shorts were ripping at the crotch, busting at the waist band, splitting down the seams, while his courier uniform now actually developed true rips and tears in the fabric. And the fridge top went down....down....down.....middle of his abs...... "OOOOh GOD YEAH!" The clothes ripped their last and fell away from Fabian. The top of the refrigerator now only came up to his waist line or maybe down to the belly button. The can in his hand looked the size of a miniature sample cup to him. There was maybe two to three feet left between the top of his head and the ceiling. He felt so good all over... so big...so powerful.... his cock sprung to life and grew and grew and grew to its full length and heft, having kept proportion to his now much larger body. "YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!" He didn't know why he suddenly felt so good about this....but he did. "Fabe? Is that you hollering out here?" Reid came out into the kitchen from his bedroom, wondering what the commotion was all about. Coming through the kitchen door he stopped and froze looking at the giant in front of him. "Oh....my.....gawd....." Reid approached the towering Fabian now. He only came up midway on Fabian's abdominals. Dumstruck, Reid reached out and grabbed the mighty erect schlong quivering and bobbing in front of him. It felt like a baseball bat. Feeling the touch, Fabian looked down and down and down at Reid. Seeing where Reid came up to on him, seeing how his cock looked like the full length of one's of Reid's arms. How Reid's finger might possibly not be able to wrap around it. He saw how his feet were just a few inches shy of covering two floor tiles in the bathroom. "Oh...yes." And suddenly Reid lifted the humongous head of Fabian's cock to his mouth and began to make love to it and suck on it as if there was really going to be no tomorrow. Fabian snapped his head back, placed his feet shoulder width apart, pushing the island counter a bit further to his right, placed his hands on his hips as if in a great super hero pose and moaned loud and deep. "Yessssssssss. YES! YES!" His big bass voice booming across the apartment rattling all the windows, many of the light fixtures, scaring neighbor doors, and causing many folks to bang and tell Reid and Fabian to turn down their t.v. or radio. Reid attempted to reach out and fondle Fabian's balls, but so long was Fabian's cock, that with the head in Reid's mouth, the best that Reid could do was lightly brush them with his fingertips. This only heightened the experience for both men: Reid feeling like he was stroking some small pumpkins with Fabian feeling light, silky, tickling touches on the underside of his scrotum. Several times did Fabian's cock bounce, almost lifting Reid up off the floor. Eventually Fabian pulled his cock away, knocked Reid backwards and around with a swift poke of it into Reid's left shoulder, and then suddenly a pick up by his cock of Reid, thrusting through Reid's legs and underneath his crotch. Reid slid all the way down to the base, his back resting against the hard brick wall abs of Fabian's stomach. With a simple barked order of, "STROKE!", Reid began to take his massive hands and run them up and down the more gargantuan schlong of Fabian. Several times Fabian staggered round the apartment, dancing on curled tip toes as he moaned and groaned to the pleasure Reid was providing him. Eventually Fabian burst through the bathroom door just in time scream in ecstasy, buck his hips as he fell to his knees, his cock swelling that much larger as his melon sized balls pulled in and up into his body and a nearly geyser like gusher of spoo, spooled out of him and shot across the bathroom, hitting the far wall and splattering across the shower wall, the stall, the tub, the curtains, the faucets, everything. Reid turning to look at the sunken Fabian, his mind finally catching up to what has happened to his friend, his lover, he soon joined Fabian in action and shot his biggest load yet to date onto Fabian's abs and chest.
  23. tegalus

    Kyle, the bully God

    Commissioned from SaltyCat56 on FurAffinity It was his first 10k Story and first Commission https://www.furaffinity.net/user/saltycat56/ A thanky to @Kymuscleboy for helping with the Tags . All characters are +18 Kyle eagerly walked down to the science lab, pushing aside any nerds and bitches that got in his way. Normally he'd be down in the cafeteria shaking people down of any food with protein in it, but he had skipped lunch in order to talk a bunch of nerds about making a machine that could make his brains match his brawn, something he needed in order to pass his classes and not be held back a year. He'd threatened the nerds a week ago that he would steal their girlfriends if they didn't have the machine ready by Monday lunch, assuming any of them could get girlfriends in the first place. When he reached the science lab, he barged in with barely any effort. The pathetic nerds jumped at his presence, working on something with two chambers big enough to put groups of people in. Kyle walked up to the machine, using his tail like a whip to firmly smack the ass of a nerd burying their head into a book. Their fault for having their back turned to their better. He eyed up the machine, unsure of what he was looking at. He used his tail again, this time wrapping it around a frail-looking nerd like a lasso and pulling him closer, pressing him to his bulky, muscled body. To the poor nerd it probably felt like he was being pushed up against a wall. "Hey Nerd, the fuck am I looking at?" Kyle asked while looking down at him, the nerd in question at eye level with his nipples. He stammered before finally answering the question. "Ba-basically, it's, uh, a conversion chamber. One steps into the intelligence donor chamber and the person in the intelligence recipient will inherit the intelligence being donated." The nerd squeaked out, surprisingly not speaking in annoying science lingo. "Al-fuckin-right then! Who's volunteering to help me pass my college level math class?" Kyle shouted eagerly. He started to get annoyed though when no nerds volunteered and the one he pulled close to him spoke up. "W-well, actually, we think their might be some negative neuropsychological ramifications for the donor, not to mention unwanted-" was all the nerd got out before being given a wedgie by Kyle, yelping as he dangled a solid foot off the ground before being swung in the direction of one of the chambers. "That right there's the donor chamber, right?" Kyle asked demandingly. The nerd nodded. "Y-yes Kyle!" The wedgie got more intense. "I think ya meant to say 'yes, sir', bitch boy." Kyle corrected the pathetic nerd. "Y-yes, s-sir!" The nerd desperately yelled out before being shoved into the donor chamber. The nerd desperately adjusted his junk as Kyle pulled another nerd up to the machine. "Run the machine and no funny shit or I'm beating down all of y'all!" Kyle demanded as he stepped into the other chamber. The other nerd complied as he started up the machine. The doors locked by the time the first nerd managed to readjust himself and tried to get out. He pounded on the chamber door, pleading to be let out as the machine started to work on the intelligence transfer. The nerd's pleading and pounding grew quieter until nothing. After about a minute, the machine rang and the doors unlocked. Kyle stepped out of his chamber a bit bigger than he used to but he hadn't seemed to have noticed. He looked around at the other five nerds in the room, all of them looking at him. "Alright, someone get me a trigonometry book, that shit was the worst for me." He ordered before noticing that he was a bit taller than before, by about half an inch. Another nerd handed Kyle a trigonometry book and he started to skim through it. Some concepts that were hard for him to process before were now relatively quick and simple for him to understand. Kyle chuckled in delight as he started to think of what he could do with this machine. He opened up the donor chamber to see the nerd he shoved in now being more meek than he was before. The nerd crawled out as if he had neither the muscle nor the brain capacity to walk, collapsing face-first onto Kyle's sneaker. Kyle looked down at the emaciated weakling as the once nerd looked up and had a look in his eye akin to a dog acknowledging its owner before it started licking at Kyle's sneaker. "The hell happened to him?" Kyle asked, pointing down to the pathetic husk at his feet, noticing he was short a nerd but didn't say anything about it. "Well, it had to do with the negative neuropsychological side effects he was talking about earlier." A nerd started explaining. "More or less, it completely drained him of the intelligence necessary for many basic functions. I think it's safe to say he's incapable of much speech or critical thinking. However, this seems to have impacted physicality as well. It ended up not just donating intelligence but also muscle mass. If you haven't already noticed, you came out just slightly bigger than when you came in." By the time the nerd pointed that out, the one missing nerd returned with a full body mirror, probably getting it from the theater class. As the other nerd put the full body mirror in front of him, he noticed his body was a bit bulkier. Probably about 5 pounds of muscle mass had been added to his already muscular body. He couldn't help but flex and groan in satisfaction with the results. Especially looking down to see the husk of his donor still practically worshiping his feet. But he clearly wasn't done just yet. Hegrabbed the nerd who explained the situation to him, pulling him into a headlock. "So what do you think would happen if I sapped all of y'all of everything? Would I be able to improve the machine?" Kyle asked sadistically, looking down at the nerd with a wicked smirk. He pathetically tried to squirm free to no avail, Kyle’s bicep squeezing down on his neck as he started rounding up all the other ones before they could even think of leaving. The nerd would just struggle even harder before being shoved into the donor chamber along with all the other nerds, Kyle forcing the door shut on them. "Only one way to find out then, would be my guess." Kyle said nonchalantly as the nerds pounded on the door while letting out pathetic pleas. Kyle proceeded to pick the nerd husk off the ground, away from his feet, and got the former nerd to sit in the teacher's chair which he pulled in front of the control console. "Start the machine when I go into the other chamber, understand?" Kyle instructed the husk very slowly, unsure admittedly of its capacity to understand, let alone its ability to turn on the machine. The husk nodded in response, looking up at Kyle. "Yes master." The husk responded slowly and almost absent-mindedly. Hearing the husk refer to him like that was a bit of a turn on as he stepped into the other chamber, feeling a bit more confident about his decision. As the door closed behind Kyle, the machine started up once again. This time Kyle ended up feeling a massive amount of pressure while in the chamber. Enough to make it painful but only for a short while. It actually got him a bit hard after a few seconds. When the machine rang once again, Kyle had to squeeze his way out. His muscles were definitely bulking up, a few veins now visible on his biceps. When he went to observe himself in the full body mirror, not only had his body almost outgrown all of his clothes, all of it barely able to contain his massive body to the point to where just flexing along could probably rip the clothes off, but his noggin also grew, not close to how his body grew but enough to be noticeable, especially a small, visible vein on the left side of his forehead. He opened up the donor chamber to see all the other former nerds pathetically fumble out of the chamber, all of them mindlessly clamoring around Kyle to worship him, kissing his sneakers and hugging onto his muscular legs, one of them getting a visible hard on as he kissed the tip of Kyle's sneaker. He chuckled before snapping his fingers twice, making them all stop and sit like dogs, all of them looking up at Kyle. He then flexed his massive body, the clothes around him ripping as exposing some of his body, veins forming on his biceps and pecs, bouncing them to entice the husks beneath him, all of their puny dicks twitching as they looked on in awe of their alpha. "You puny bitches like what you see?" Kyle asked his new slaves teasingly, fully knowing what their answer would be but wanted to hear it anyway. They all nodded, some drooling, one letting out a pathetically horny whimper. Of course they loved it, it was in their nature as dull-brained squirms to admire their better. He slowly stripped down to his jock to entice his new slaves to make them more susceptible to his will. Small visible veins were scattered throughout his muscular body. "You pathetic horn dogs want your master bigger and smarter? Go get more people for me to drain while I work on improving this little toy you dumbasses made. Y’all couldn’t even get this thing to maximum efficiency, but I bet I can now. Go." Kyle ordered all the husks cowering beneath his towering body, which was only emphasized when compared to their small, puny frames, so thin you could practically see their skeletal structure. They nodded as they scrambled up to their feet and started shambling out of the classroom. Kyle playfully tail whipped the last husk to leave before grabbing some of the nearby tools and getting to work on improving the haphazardly put together chamber, the task now easy for him to manage. A good few minutes passed by before some of the husks came back with some of their friends, just in time for Kyle to expand both the donor chamber and the recipient chamber. He’d also remade the recipient chamber out of sturdier metal so they could handle potential overgrowth from Kyle. He has also allied the interior of both chambers with multiple full body mirrors. Not only so he can watch himself grow and bulk up but also his victims could watch all their muscle mass be drained from them, hopefully learning their fate as they become more dull-brained husk slaves, now only living to serve their better. He had also created a remote activator so he could activate the machine from inside the recipient chamber. Kyle lassoed the soon to be victims, a group of 7, with his tail and wrangled them into the donor chamber. He slammed the donor chamber door shut, chuckling at the pathetic resistance of the people brought in. The best part of creating the remote activator was that Kyle could simply activate the machine himself and didn't have to rely on a husk to activate it and risk something going wrong. He activated the machine and felt a jolt of painful pleasure surging through his body. Now he also had the opportunity to see the progress in the mirrors. His muscles rapidly throbbing and writhing under his skin. Even his forehead started to do this as well, though it was harder to notice. Kyle groaned pleasurably as he watched his body expand once more. As the jolt started to subside, his muscles started to settle down but still ended up bigger than before, more veins visible on his body and the ones from before became more prominent, his biceps and thighs being most veiny. Another vein appeared on his forehead, this time on the right side. More husks to serve and worship Kyle, crawling out of the chamber, crawling to his feet. "More, bitches!" Kyle shouted demandingly before the new husks could even begin worshiping his body. He got tired of how long it took for them to scramble to their feet so he helped them up without intending to. By some force, the husks got quickly elevated to their feet. It took Kyle only a second to realize he did it with his mind. He chuckled as he toyed with one for a bit while the rest of the husks left to get more puny humans for the practical living God that Kyle was becoming. He used his telekinetic abilities to wiggle the meek husk around a bit before pulling the puny thing into the cleavage of his massive pecs. Chuckling as the pathetic husk groaned as he got pressed as much against Kyle as was possible. Effortlessly flexing his pecs to make it bounce against the husk, pushing its head further into his cleavage much to the husk's pleasure. Feeling a rush of pleasure too, the semi-hard on making the jockstrap make an audible rip, he decided to keep the husk around a bit while waiting for the rest to come back. "Worship your God's pecs, bitch!" Kyle demanded of the now horny husk, not that its puny dick was noticeable any more. The husk moaned as it caressed Kyle's pecs while he groaned and flexed more, admiring all the visible veins and muscle mass he accumulated. The pleasure amplified more as the husk wisely decided to start licking and sucking on his pecs, hitting Kyle's magic spot that completely gave him a hard on. "Oh yeah, just like that, slave bitch!" Kyle shouted eagerly as he pinned the husk to the wall with his towering body, now starting up a sweat from being in heat, his dick throbbing in between the husks legs, making it more clear to the husk that Kyle was his better, his dick now big enough for the husk to ride like a horse, especially now that it was fully hard. After just minutes of worshiping Kyle's pecs the husk apparently had already come, Kyle feeling a pathetic squirt that was mostly covered by the husk’s pants, but was still damp enough against Kyle's prominent 6-pack for Kyle to tell what happened. "Seriously, not only do you come to your new God without approval, but you let out such a pathetic fucking load?" Kyle asked disappointedly. Backing up from the wall but telepathically keeping the husk pinned to the wall, giving up on the idea of wearing any clothes by ripping off his jockstrap and kicking off his shoes, completely forgetting that he was building up foot stink for an eager to pay foot freak who he was meeting up after school. The freak would most likely be gathered up anyway so decided to forget about the whole arrangement. He forced the husk to his knees, Kyle's massive, throbbing cock in front of his face. "Suck, bitch!" Kyle shouted in a horny fit as he practically pushed his dick against the husk's face. The husk groaned as it started to suck Kyle off. Kyle groaned in pleasure as his dick throbbed and hardened more. He was very tempted to just skull fuck the puny husk, using it's body like a fleshlight but he decided to spare the pathetic thing from potentially being completely broken. After all he didn't quite want to break his toy, as now its only purpose was to serve him anyway. The husk started to get past the tip of Kyle's dick, groaning as it throbbed against its mouth. Kyle started to sweat more as he used his telekinesis to get the husk to fully deepthroat from the husk, the husk's body flinching as a reaction to being penetrated from Kyle's girth. As he started to thrust his dick inside the husk's mouth, apparently more people clamored into the science lab. Kyle turned towards them while he fucked the husk but was a bit confused when he saw that they weren't brought in by the other husks that he sent out. It wasn't until he noticed some flustered faces and tents in guy's pants that he figured that his body was emitting intense pheromones, apparently making everyone nearby mindlessly horny for Kyle. It was practically a form of hypnosis. He grinned deviously as he saw the gym coach among the growing crowd, along with some of the gym kids, getting an idea to take the steroids that they were taking, an unspoken thing in this school. "Hey, gym bitches, gimme your steroids!" Kyle shouted to them. They left, presumably to get them from their lockers. Kyle started to get close, almost forgetting about the lucky husk below him. He panted and groaned as he grabbed the head of the husk, deciding to skull fuck the husk anyway, as the husk wasn't doing enough to get him fully off. He played gently through, trying not to break the puny, pathetic fucker. He got his dick as far into the husk's mouth before finally coming, panting heavily. Just in time for the gym bitches to come back with their steroid doses, all of them using pill forms. The husk had to retract his body and gag out about two gallons worth of load onto the floor. Kyle looks down at the pathetic thing, raising one of his feet and pushing it down on the husk's body, pushing it into the pile of load onto the floor. "Lick it all up, dick taster." Kyle ordered, taking the steroids afterwards. Taking a large dose but not enough to induce an overdose. Even though at his size, he could probably take all of them, he didn't want to take the risk. He then used his telekinetic abilities to stuff as many people into the donor chamber as possible. Stepping down a bit more on the husk as it licked his load off the floor before walking off toward the recipient chamber, his dick still dripping a bit. He got into the chamber after cramming in about 20 people into the donor chamber, looking back to see everyone at the school now clamoring around the classroom. He grinned as he closed the donor chamber and stepped into the other chamber, closing it behind him and turning it on. The jolt is now really intense, making Kyle fall to his knees. Panting as he felt the muscles writhing, expanding and contracting under his skin. It expanded more rapidly as he groaned in a mixture of absolute pain and absolute pleasure. Not only were his muscles expanding, but his brain was well, his head swelling in the multiple reflections in the chamber. His head flooded with an immense amount of knowledge and comprehension. He figured if he used up the entire school, he could dominate and drain the world with ease. His nails scratching the floor of the chamber as he endured the pain, all worth it for practical God-hood. The chamber rang, giving Kyle an indication that it was over. He slowly got up, the floor of the chamber creaking a bit under his weight. He opened the door and slowly squeezed himself out of the chamber. He had to bend the door frame a bit just to get his broad, veiny shoulders fully out. He eventually managed to pop himself out. He sized himself up, noticing that he was now at least a foot taller than he last was. His pecs were so big now, he can't look down enough to see much of his torso. He noticed his biceps were about half covered in veins, mostly covered when he flexed them. He groaned in absolute delight, flexing before his horny, soon to be slaves. "You bitches and bitch boys love what you see~? Wanna see your new God get even bigger and brighter~?" Kyle asked his crowd teasingly. Flexing as a way to maximize his pheromone output. Sweat glistened across his whole, muscled-up body. The sunlight from the window poked in and bounced off the beads of sweat in a way that would make him look like the living, breathing God he knew he would become in a matter of days. What the final results would be according to Kyle's calculations, would make the muscular Gods of myth look like pathetic, tiny twinks compared to him. It seemed like the show was enough to get the crowd eager to give themselves to Kyle, even after seeing the aftermath of donating their muscle and mind to him as the 20 husks crawled out of the donor chamber. The crowd cheered and gathered around the donor chamber, already getting in, already knowing the process and eager to give themselves to him. Kyle chuckled as he squeezed himself back into the recipient chamber. After hearing the donor chamber close, he closed the recipient chamber and turned it back on. There was less pain and more pleasure this time, his body now getting used to the process. He groaned as his body grew once more as he watched in the mirrors. His pecs now sprinkled with veins along with the rest of his body and even his head, his head getting bigger, by centimeters with each series of processes. Each time the machine rang, people helped the husks vacate so they could get into the donor chamber, Kyle not even bothering to leave the chamber. Though eventually he had too, each expansion making the chamber creak and groan more and more around him. He had to start crouching just to try to buy the chamber more time. Around the 6th process, the chamber was too tight for comfort. With a tired and slightly frustrated grunt he stood up and flexed, destroying the chamber the same way a baby bird breaks out of an egg. The crowd looked on in awe, about 1/10th of the school now turned into husks. He towered over the crowd, his head now grazing the ceiling of the classroom. He didn't quite know if the gym would be able to properly accommodate his projected size if his calculations were correct, which was most likely. He weighed the odds in his head, the veins getting more prominent as he thought about it. Ultimately, it didn't matter much was his conclusion. He stomped past the clamored group in the science lab, uncaring of those he knocked down with his feet and even stepped on. He effortlessly tore down the wall, scooting the debris aside with his feet to make a clearer way "Alright, you lot, I want that machine moved to the gym in the next hour! If it's not there by…" He quickly glances down the hall to see that it's 2:52 in the afternoon. "3:45, I'll charge you all to be my servants and it'll cost y'all EVERY CENT you do and don't have!" He chuckled as he walked down the hallway towards the gym. The ground shook slightly with each step, every door frame along the way breaking like Styrofoam. He could have moved the machine himself but he wanted to see how much these dopes were committed to the whole arrangement. After a few minutes he burst into the gym, or at least, that's what it may have looked like to a puny person. For Kyle, he just casually walked in, not even bothering to try to open the doors. Waste of effort and energy when his body could simply break anything that got in the way. He reclined in the bleachers in his usual spot, the bleachers creaking a bit under him. He reclined and relaxed though. He thought about the chances of them actually bringing the machine on time. He side-eyed the clock over on top of the basketball scoreboard. 3 on the dot. While it would be impressive if they did bring it on time, he knew they realistically wouldn't. The machine would be difficult to get on a trolley and they would have to carefully maneuver it down the hall even if they did find enough trolleys that could handle all that weight. He mostly now contemplated on how to degrade them as he had to probably do the work for them. Maybe chew out the roided-up lifters for being weak betas while also making them cling to his arm to feel what true muscle felt like. He dismissed the latter half of the idea. Bit too…"dad literally picking up kids from school" vibes. Though he did like the idea of them all referring to him as "daddy", make them look and even feel more puny and pathetic along the way. Time passed by until the clock struck 3:45 and just as he thought, no machine in the gym yet. He got up, letting out a groan of expectancy mixed with disappointment and walked his way back to the science lab. The more muscular people were trying to nudge the machine up a small ramp onto a trolley that was made of a bunch of smaller trolleys put together by duct and scotch tape. Honestly, pretty pathetic that they haven't even started moving it down the halls yet. Even back at his smaller size, he would've had the machine on the trolley about half an hour ago. He whistled loudly, getting everyone's attention. "Y'all seriously haven't even gotten this thing rolling yet?" He asked, not really expecting a response as he approached the machine. He made sure to tower over all of the gym bros as he casually held the machine under his arm and pressed to his side like you would hold a basketball. He caught quick glances of the wannabe bodybuilders. One of annoyance, most impressed and awe-inspired, some got visibly turned on. "Fucking pathetic." He said dismissively, walking down the hall with the machine, making sure to tail whip the dissatisfied guy in the crotch. Kyle heard him groan and buckle down onto the ground, not even paying much attention. His dick was gonna have no value to it soon anyway, assuming it had any to begin with. The crowd followed him down the hall, still hooked on his pheromones. "Since it's past 3:45 and you dumbasses couldn't even get the machine into the hallway, y'all are getting the locker cramming treatment once I make adjustments to the machine. Y'all still owe me ALL of your money, by the way. I expect all of your wallets with your bank information in them, including your accounting and routing numbers." He remarked to the crowd as he walked to the gym. He noticed some of them getting on their cell phones and some walking into classrooms they would pass by, probably to get papers and pens. Upon getting into the gym, he gently set down the machine and started making modifications, making the donor chamber bigger as well as making a brand new recipient chamber from scratch and hopefully big enough to endure draining the whole school. As he did this, he telepathically made nearby plastic bins float around people. "Wallets in the bins, people. Don't have your wallets, strip down to your birthday suits so everyone knows you for being a broke loser." He shouted to ensure everyone could hear him. He tinkered with the machine as if this marvel of medical technology was nothing more than a Lego set to him. By the time he was finished, everyone had already deposited their wallets into the plastic bins, except about a sixth of the crowd who were completely naked. "Alright, since there were more broke bitches than I thought, paying customers, front of the line, birthday suits, go to the back of the line and crawl on all fours like the useless mutts you are!" He announced before all of the students and staff got into their places, chuckling as he grabbed a group of six puny humans with ease while watching the wave of ass cheeks flood to the back of the line. He forcibly cramed the worthless people into his machine, not even bothering to make sure there was much room for them to move. He slammed the door shut before stepping into the donor chamber, having shoved about 40 or more people in. He closed the door and looked up at the mirrors he installed after taking them from the locker rooms. His muscles practically bulged under his skin which developed stretch marks. He smirked and flexed, seeing more veins appear on his body. An already perfect body that would have professional bodybuilders revere and worship every prominent vein, knowing they could never obtain what he did with ease. He turned on the machine that he also had to rebuild to account for his size. A familiar but welcoming jolt of pain and pleasure courses through him, making him harder than any partner in lingerie could. He buckled down as if to bow before his new body, even more perfect and godly than what he has now. Writhing, stretching and tearing, practically bubbling under the skin would be the best way to describe this transformation into the next stage of evolution. A being of absolute perfection that everyone, every being, was born to worship. He chuckled as he just now noticed that his ego was growing along with the mind and body. Who cared though? He deserved this, to become the most perfect God in all of myth. Everyone and everything only had a fraction of value compared to just one of his stretch marks. Little pissants whose only value was in giving themselves to his might and worship. Once the machine rang, steam had fogged up the mirrors, his body in intense heat. He opened the door and wiped the fog off the nearest mirror, his forehead now having five visible veins on it, not including any that would be covered up by his hair, his forehead almost 1.5 times its usual size. Getting hard from the absolute monster he had become now compared to how he was mere hours ago. And got harder upon realizing this was just the beginning for him. He stomped out of the chamber, the floor creaking from his admittedly overly eager showcasing to the others. He even left a foot indentation on the gym floor, the same way as you would by walking barefoot through mud. Enjoying the brief "crunch" sound under his weight. He then started briefly showing off his body, flexing and bouncing his pecs as well as letting out a loud, dominant growl. "You want more from this muscle God~?! Lemme hear how much y'all want more!" He shouted into the crowd before getting the shouts and applause he wanted. Of course these bugs wanted more, that's their whole purpose. Even pheromones wouldn't drive up this much enthusiasm, this was something more. This was more than bee-like pheromones that make workers serve a queen. This was absolute divinity they were witnessing. A true God of muscle and might appearing before their puny, fragile bodies. He walked up to the donor chamber and telepathically scooped out the husks before replacing them with more people than last time, still wanting to experience that jolt of growth and pleasure. Scooping people up with his muscular arms and practically tossing them in haphazardly. Once it got to absolute maximum capacity, he stepped into the recipient chamber once more and flipped on the switch after closing the door behind him. This process would continue for a few rounds before he got to the broke crowd, towering before them like a titanic mass of muscle and musk, the constant growth making his body sweat with each process. He tried to look down at them but his pecs became so big it impacted his ability to look down effectively. Still able to see the tips of his toes but nothing beyond that. He looked down at them, thinking about the best way to degrade them further for a second. "Bark if you dogs think you're worth serving me." He spoke, stalling a bit for time. A good chunk of the crowd barked, only a few barking continuously. He brought up a foot and dropped it down on one of the barkers, silencing all the ones who did bark, except the one under his foot who let out a grunt like someone who accidentally dropped the bar on his chest during bench presses. "The few who didn't bark were smart. None of you broke bitches are worthy of even licking the beads of sweat off my balls, let alone serving me truly." He corrected the dogs, instinctively looking down to check on the dog under his foot to see the guy's head poking out from under his heel. Still seemed fine so he playfully grinded his foot on top of the dog's back as the rest looked pitifully up at him. He pressed the foot down further before finally letting off and backing off to look down at the runt, his back coated in dirt and sweat. "As one of the dogs who barked, foot rug, it's up to you to beg me to forgive the rest of them for their arrogance~" Kyle chuckled at the demand, intrigued to see how the foot rug of a man would beg. He had already forgave them like the merciful God he is, but still wanted to see at least one of them grovel before draining them. The man slumbered into a low bow while still on his knees. "Please forgive us, our walking God." The man started pleading, to Kyle's delight. "We were just so eager to serve, we forgot our place and why we were the last in the school to give our whole selves to you, master. Please, I will serve as a rug for you to wipe the dirt off your feet on, I will lick up every bead of sweat off your balls like it's the savory liquor of the Gods. Just please, let us serve, master." The begging and bargaining was so pathetic and submissive, it made Kyle's dick twitch a bit. Either this guy was a submissive little bitch with plenty of begging experience or they really have started seeing him as a type of God. Amusing him to make him chuckle a bit at the idea of "Kyleism" soon becoming the religion of the planet soon. But a devious idea of completely absorbing all of these broke bitches entered his mind and it leaked out into a wicked smile. "Alright, since you begged so well, I've forgiven you dogs like the benevolent God I am. However, such arrogance doesn't come without consequence. Give me a few minutes to make some adjustments to the machine and you will get what you deserve and seek~" Kyle spoke to the crowd before turning his back to them, letting down his hefty tail onto the back of the groveling dog. It crushed the puny human with a loud grunt and maybe a soft crack. He didn't even flinch at the sound. They would obtain a great fate anyhow. Kyle grabbed his tools and tinkered with the machine. Creating an "absolute absorption" feature that would completely absorb every single atom, molecular, microscopic and nanoscopic organism inside the donor chamber. Now these formally worthless people will finally put themselves to some use. Maybe if that one groveler was lucky, maybe his atoms would go to his feet or balls. Unfortunately for them, their consciousness would evaporate as there would be no mind or brain remaining to retain it. Some would probably relish the idea of being fused to his flesh, understandably so. Who wouldn't want to be a part of his perfect body? He soon finished mere minutes later, even installing the new mode to be an option on his remote via a dial. Wiping some sweat off his forehead, he looked back at the crowd of dogs, chuckling as he knew what would soon come of them. "Alright you worthless mutts, get the fuck in there where y'all belong~" he told the dogs as he started to stuff and shove then donor chamber, more an order of compliance than a statement. He made sure to save the groveller for last, cramming all the dogs in, to the point to where the metal would creak around them. He then wrapped his tail around the ankle and dangled the pathetic bug in front of him. Making it so that way the main thing that the puny insect sees is Kyle's dick and balls, Kyle's flaccid shaft half as big as the insect's body. His dick throbbed at the thought of what he was about to do next. "Now, what do you say, foot rug?" Kyle asked, looking down at the puny man, manipulating his tail to make the human's body sway while being dangled like a pendulum. "Th-thank you, master Kyle." Kyle chuckled and brought the human's face right up against the tip of his dìck. The human's head was actually a bit smaller than the head he was pressed up against. "Good, now kiss your God's dick like a good rug" Kyle ordered, his dick throbbing once more, bumping more into the human's face. The human would surprisingly hesitate before finally giving in to Kyle's order, his lips making contact with Kyle's urethra as much as it could. This made Kyle groan and get hard a bit. "Good little bitch. Don't be afraid to use your tongue while you're at it~." Kyle moaned while the human whimpered in a bit of disgust. Though maybe it might've been that one thing that bottoms do when they pretend like they don't like something when they clearly do. He didn't care whether the bitch boy actually liked it, it felt good to him and as far as this insect should be concerned, that would be the only thing that mattered. A few minutes would pass by, the bug disappointingly not using tongue at all. Kyle would use his tail to toss the man into the donor chamber before slamming the door on them. Chuckling as he set the machine to "absolute absorption" mode before stepping into the recipient chamber. Closing the door behind him, he turned on the machine, an instant shock overwhelming him. A feeling of an explosion pouring over his body as every inch of his body pulsed and throbbed rapidly. As if there was some resistance from where his strength and mind enhancement was coming from. Thoughts that were not his own appeared in his mind. Pleads and begs of the pathetic dogs flashing in and out of his mind as Kyle dropped to his knees, slamming his knuckle into the floor of the machine. "Shut up and accept your fates. Y'all know this is what you deserve. You should be grateful little bastards. Y'all get to be part of something bigger, better. You get to be a part of a God! Now submit as you were meant to and let yourselves be one with your God." Kyle shouted at the stream of other's consciousness flowing into him, mentally straining a bit for complete dominance. The veins on his forehead became more prominent as his head grew in size. The stream was losing strength as Kyle was shown moments of other's memories and knowledge flowing into him. His muscles bubbled under his scales as they stretched and expanded far more than the normal process. The knowledge of other people's lives converted to knowledge of all probable lifeforms in this universe and the next. Knowledge of all known languages. How to completely bend the minds and wills of all life to his will. He grimaced with knowledge of how to conquer all life in this universe. His body steamed and sweated profusely, fogging up the chamber and it creaked and groaned around him. His body kept expanding as Kyle mentally declared himself the king of this universe for all will submit to him! At this thought, he ended up bursting out of the chamber yet again. Each one acting as an egg for his proverbial rebirths. His body had stopped expanding by this point, good thing too as he noticed that he and his husks were standing in complete darkness, not even any light from the sun emerging from the windows. The big gym clock stopped at 8:56. The power most likely went out from all the electricity used to perform the absolute absorption mode. Kyle opened the donor chamber to see nothing in there. Not a single speck of dirt or dust in there from what little Kyle could see. He flexed his muscular body once more. All those puny little bitches now became nothing more than the muscles on his body. He got hard at the thought as he flexed. Admittedly wishing there was a way to keep them conscious so they could mentally worship him. Feel every flex of his muscles in what used to be their bodies. Feel every step from their God, get to enjoy the flow of blood into his dick which, when fully hardened, could easily tower over a whole person. Probably about 6 feet in length by now. It made him curious how it would feel to be remade into a sperm cell swimming in the balls of a God. He would probably obtain this knowledge later on during his conquest of the universe. But merely serving as part of his ever-expanding muscles was surely a fitting enough reward for a bunch of worthless bitches. He laid rest on the floor, not really caring if he crushed a husk to death under his body or not. Their lives were made to serve him, after all. Speaking of which, his dick throbbed as he telepathically lifted up the puny insects and pressed them to his towering body. "Worship and caress your God till he falls asleep. You all may sleep when I am fully asleep first." Kyle ordered the husks. They unreluctantly worshiped the muscled-up God. Kyle relaxed on the floor, resting his forearms behind his head with a bit of strain, all the muscles on his body making it a bit harder than usual. He relished in every action of his husks, from all the caressing and massaging down to each lick of his body. Some were worshiping his dick and balls, making it admittedly a bit difficult to fall asleep but eventually sleep came for the massive dragon as he was slowly lulled into slumber. Great visions of glory and God-hood would play out in Kyle's dreams. Him towering over Skyscrapers, his very knees piercing the clouds above. Him laying on a lavish chariot made of the planet's finest and studier materials and luxuries. Him gulping down a custom made glass of ocean water, "accidentally" consuming little specks that were once to him recognizable as humans without care or thought. Thousands crushed under a single step from the uncaring God as they would be absorbed into his body either way. Him sitting on the Earth reshaped into a throne, using the moon as a footrest. All alien life cowering as he absorbed them without any effort at all. The begging, whines, and pleads as he absorbs damn near everything with a pulse. Planets drained of all life repurposed into beads on lavish looking jewelry. All would be one with his glorious body and worship him! The dream, possibly a vision of things to come for him, would slowly fade as his eyelids slowly drew open. Instead of upon his throne, he was back laying on the floor of the gym. Still being worshiped by the insignificant bugs that he let bugs worship him. A thought would come to the awakening giant. He didn't need these insects or that puny machine they made for him. Through his telekinetic abilities, he could simply extract all beings his own damn self. Cut out the middleman and just drain them himself. He felt a pathetic insect dare to squirt over by his left armpit. Getting him to eventually acknowledge all the other insects that were still awake, still worshiping him. Annoyed with this particular insect he telepathically pulled the bug up to his face, his eyes tiredly looking up in disgust towards this insect. "Did you really just come on your God, while he was just waking up and without approval?" He asked the pathetic being that he now recognized as the first nerd he shoved into the machine. His puny, muscle depraved body was honestly not that different from how he looked 24 hours ago. Only difference now was the absence of clothes and glasses. He waited tediously long for the bitches response. "Master smell good…" was slowly sputtered by the pathetic thing as he still leaked, dripping down onto his lower lip. Kyle simply rolled his eyes before licking up the bit of seed that dripped onto his lip. Setting the bug down onto his chest. Of course these bugs couldn't help but to come to him. He was a living example of perfection. The whole flock of insects could come now and it wouldn't be more than a mere inconvenience. He groaned as he got up, the very gym shaking underneath him. What was left of the wooden floor beneath him anyway. Several indentations in the floor from where he walked and laid down. He walked to the exit of the gym, feeling at least a few of the husks cushion each step he took. He didn't even slow down or walk cautiously for them. If they didn't want to be stepped on, they would've gotten out of his way. By the time he got to the exit, at least 3 bugs got peeled off his godly feet. With barely any effort, he broke down the wall leading outside. This ended up being beneficial for the insects to follow him. They served no purpose without him so of course they followed their new God that they gave everything to. This flock of insects were cute but not nearly enough for a God. He walked out into the city with his goal already in mind. He needed all of humankind, no, ALL LIFE to submit to him. He walked into the more populated parts of the town. Leaving behind foot prints on whatever he walked on. Grass, concrete, cars, people who would not walk out of their God's way. Each step announcing his arrival to his servants like the bells and trumpets that were spoken of when the concept of a rapture got explored. His pheromones got caught on the wind and spread far and wide across the town. Like a skunk being run over, people could smell it for miles away but they were naturally drawn into the scent of a God. All who got a whiff, inevitably started to follow the scent and the stomping sounds made by their God. Many followed him throughout the downtown area. Some tried, and even succeeded, to cling onto their God. Most clung to his broad, muscular ankles, some clung onto his balls and shaft which were close to dragging across the floor. Some merely wished to kiss his feet or balls. The fools got trampled over, especially the ones trying to kiss the soles of his feet. Whatever spots weren't being covered by the mortals anyway. By the time he got to the center of the town, his feet were completely cushioned by both husks and humans. He looked out onto the crowd that followed him, thousands at minimum, ensuring him that there was not much difference between husk and man. They were all made to serve him after all. "ATTENTION ALL MY SERVANTS! YOU'RE GOD IS NOW HERE AND DEMANDS ALL OF YOU PRESENT!" He shouted into the air, his voice booming and far reaching. The message echoed across the town and even a few miles out further. He sat down on the roof of a nearby parking garage. An inadequate place for a God to sit but it was enough to sit and wait for his subjects to arrive. As he waited, his servants would bow to their new owner. This got a chuckle out of Kyle before he curiously looked at the sole of one of his feet. About 8 mortals were stuck to their God's foot. Actually upon closer look, they were clinging onto his foot. Not that it mattered much anyways. They should be thankful to serve their God in such a way, even if it was completely unwilling. Within an hour, all his servants appeared before him. Hundreds of thousands of indistinguishable insects looking up at their God in reverence. His pheromones had definitely spread far enough to get every one of them hooked to his powerful will and eager to serve. Seeing some cameras of various types pointing at him, he decided that he probably needed to perform…less casually, at the very least. He actually had not thought about what kind of God he was going to be when it came to addressing his servants. He always degraded, bullied and humiliated others back when he was mortal so might as well keep going with what was natural. He slowly stood up, indifferent to the crunching of bones underneath him from the servants basking in his glory. "As pathetic as this flock is, it surely will do for how you all may help your God. Your God is a powerful one as you all can see." He says before performatively flexing his body. The muscles and shadows being emphasized by the sun set above him like a spotlight. "But…this is not enough from your God. Your God has ambitions. Far higher than any of you puny insects ever could have. What you all need to know is that your God demands power. As much as possible, you will no longer need any. All y'all will need is to surrender yourselves to me and worship me. That shall be your lives purpose from now on. So I expect all of you to work together to build a ray gun to surge all of the Earth's power into your God. Do this and your species will be rewarded very well, this is my promise to you, my lowly, insignificant servants." He finished before sitting back down. All the insects below taking that as their cue to get to work on this ray gun. He relaxed as his message spread not just to the bugs in front of him but also because of the bugs with the cameras, all the insects across the planet got to work as well. All his servants heard their God's word, his pheromones apparently speaking across the planet. They all now work together, finally truly unified as one to serve their God's will. The utopia that has been discussed and debated for centuries will all soon be theirs once their God ascends further and all will be able to truly bask in his glory very soon from the sounds of it. Could he have made it himself? Realistically yes but this was a test of this lower species' devotion to their better. After a few hours the ray gun was finally constructed. Kyle was semi-impressed. Took longer than if he would've built it but that would've taken just the power of the whole continent. These insects managed to arrange things so all the electrical, solar and nuclear power on the planet would all surge into him. He stomped in front of the ray, truly uncaring of who or what he stepped on and demanded that the mortals turned it on. A glow of pure light from the ray guns tip was all Kyle saw before he got an intense burning engulf him, making him send out a massive wail of pain, making him buckle down onto his knees. Each cell in his body breaking down and duplicating at speeds faster than the speed of light. The scream from their God made the mortals turn on the machine in naive fear that this would even so much as hurt their God. This was just part of his ascension. His body steamed and pulsed within the scales on his body as he was at least 4 times bigger than when he approached all his servants. His whole being glowing in pure, radiant light before revealing his red hot, scorching body. With a raging hard-on that had collapsed a few buildings around him, he looked down at the mortal furiously. "I DIDN'T SAY FOR YOU TO TURN IT OFF, YOU WORM! TURN IT BACK ON AND DON'T TURN IT OFF AGAIN!" He shouted furiously at the beetle sized mortal who dared to blue ball him at the beginning of this glorious moment. The demand was so loud it was heard from the other side of the planet. The insect of a man trembled and pathetically begged his God for forgiveness as it turned the ray gun back on. The same flash of light before the overwhelming pain surged through the living God. He rapidly grew more quickly than ever before. His expansion was akin to an un-bursting balloon being hooked up to a thousand air machines. His screams turned into moans of triumph and dominion over all that exists, the feelings of pleasure converted into feelings of pure pleasure, bliss and ecstasy. He grew to tower the whole land, able to see past the horizon on the planet as all conceivable knowledge flowed into his mind. The timelines of this dimension and galaxy along with all other ones. Not only could he know of them, he could control them by mere thought alone. With this, he altered all dimensions and galaxies to worship him and him alone. Not even other versions of himself in other dimensions. Those pathetic versions of himself should've obtained true God-hood and dominion of all that is, isn't and isn't yet before he could. Once all the power got drained from the planet, he took his stand. His foot alone was the size of a small island. Each step creating a deep indentation in the puny lands beneath him. His musk and pheromones had replaced all the oxygen in the air, making it the only thing any of his servants could smell. He looked down to barely be able to see his lowly servants anymore. His cock throbbed with might, dripping some pre down onto a city that got blessed with their God's seed. He bellowed in triumph and might as a wicked way to reward his servants popped into his mind. His mind was certain now what kind of rapture his subjects would experience. "MY SERVANTS CALLED HUMANS, YOU HAVE SERVED YOUR GOD WELL AND HAVE REDEEMED ALL LIFE ON THIS PITIFUL, LOWLY PLANET! SO THUS, ALLOW YOUR GOD TO REWARD YOU WITH WHAT YOU ALL SHALL TRULY DESIRE!" He yelled to all his servants below. He held up his right hand over the planet and started to telepathically lift up all life on Earth towards them. Every man, every animal, every insect, every virus and multi-cell organism joined together to be pressed against the mighty hand of their God. He proceeded to take all the creatures and used their bodies to create a fleshlight that would barely be capable of handling his eclipsing shaft. He then put it to work, jamming his massive, throbbing cock into the writhing collection of life on this planet. He didn't go gentle on the insignificant specs, thrusting in and out rapidly as he started to absorb all the lifeforms. This was their purpose fully realized. Their heaven would be becoming a conscious addition to their God. He grew and grew even more. The usual sensation was more of a tingle this time around. He was so damn close, he had hoped that some of the pathetic life forms would survive long enough to experience their God coming. As a being outside of him that is. They would have all of eternity to experience being both their God's cock and the load he shoots out at the same time. He groaned as his mighty body and cock expanded far outside the stratosphere making him able to see all of space before him, the continent cracking under his weight. He screamed gloriously as he squeezed his dick tightly, unleashed his load that would've replaced the very oceans of the planet off into space. This would crush and press any remaining specks of life into his cock. He panted tiredly as all of life would get absorbed into his glorious, perfectly Godly form. Then in his maniacal state where he didn't want the smallest risk of his rule being undone, he absorbed all the Kyle's in the other dimensions. Some were stupid enough to think they were safe from his grasp and all begging to be spared. Even one that was close to finishing using his dimensions servants just as he had finished seconds before he did. He should've gotten that taken care of a few seconds earlier. He didn't even get a bit of mercy from his better self as he was just on the edge of climaxing before he and all of his servants in that dimension were all absorbed. Not only were all the other Kyle's absorbed but all of their blasphemous followers. There was to be nothing worshiped as God other than him. As they got absorbed, jet black ram-like horns rapidly grew along his head along with spikes on his back and his tail. All the colors of each spike were that of each Kyle absorbed. His eyes changed color as well, becoming a dimly glowing deep purple color. Giving the God a cold, cruel stare even though he himself grew indifferent and it showed in his face. As a result of this, he had grown to the point that the Earth would no longer be able to withstand his size so he had to step off of the lifeless planet. His body had become coated in veins, every vein his body bulging out and competing with his muscles for which would be more prominent. Also, he had become all knowing, knowing of every thought and action across all the dimensions, even before they occurred and this was showcased by his bulbous forehead which was as long, if not longer, than his abdomen. He could feel all the life he had absorbed coursing through them. Not only that, but all the intelligence and malicious, evil intentions of the other Kyles. All their thoughts, all their praises and prayers, all their begging and pleading for release.it was decided through absorbing all the other Kyles and their evil, however, that he would not rule as a benevolent or indifferent God, but one that was more cruel and punishing than any devil to exist all because he merely could. All life was far too beneath him to hold any maliciousness towards them. All was solely to remind them every second of their lives knowing their place. He dismissed all the voices and feelings equally to work on shifting the very planets and the various dimensions to his will. Pressing the planets in his dimension together and breaking them down to forge a throne worthy of his rule. He then proceeded to make all the other dimensions pay for not aiding in his ascension by giving them form, pressing them against each other to create his new garments: a pair of gladiator sandals, forced to have some of the foulest part of his body be the very thing they breathed in with no reprieve whatsoever. As he sat down on his throne, his servants and selves from other dimensions all now relishing in becoming a part of their God, he then grabbed the very sun itself and broke it in two. One half forged onto a crown and the other half served as a cock ring to keep the deity forever erect. He needed to repay his lowly servants after all and being in a constant state of sexual arousal which they all could feel was the very least this God could do for them. I would appreciate feedback in the comments section I'm always open to collaboration if anyone needs ideas for a corrupt story where the evil tyrant wants to get even stronger. Just write me a private message if I have aroused your interest.
  24. RealIn2Growth

    Merry Massmas - Part Four (22-12-22)

    Hope you enjoy the fun Christmas story I've been working on. Merry Massmas Chapter One Daniel Lorca was mopping the front lobby of the gym at 2pm on Christmas Eve when the older man walked in. “We’re closing at 4pm today. That gives you about two hours. That enough time for you to train?” Daniel looked up from what he was doing. As soon as he saw the older man, he knew he had never seen him before because he would definitely would have remembered the body, if not the face. For a guy who was probably in his late 50’s or early 60’s, he had a killer body on him. Of course, since the popularity of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, lots of older guys had great bodies, but none could hold a candle to his guy. Daniel himself was envious of the guy’s bulging pecs, his broad shoulders, his wide lats, and the bulging biceps on display under the tight red compression shirt he was wearing. “Guess it’ll have to be. Won’t it? Can I purchase a day pass?” The guy smiled a perfect smile at Daniel and had a gleeful look in his eye. No, Daniel had never seen him before, but if he had, he definitely would have wanted to see more of him. Upon closer inspection, the guy’s hair and beard might be a mix of silver and white, but his skin and ice blue eyes were timeless. He was one of those individuals who could either be 30 or 300. He was taller than Daniel, around 6 foot 3, with a wide bright smile and and sharp chiselled cheekbones. “Don’t worry about it. My treat. Merry Christmas. If you need longer, just tell me. I’m in no rush. Might train myself again after we close.” Daniel walked over to the counter and grabbed a sheet of paper. “Just need you to fill this out for liability.” The ‘Old Man’ put down his leather gym bag, picked up a pen in his muscular hands, and began to fill out the form. “Not going out tonight?” “Nah. Probably just chill and watch A Christmas Story.” “Great film. Sexy guy like you shouldn’t be watching it alone.” “Thanks. But… yeah. Alone this Christmas.” “What happened to Tristan?” The ‘Old Man’ put the pen down and looked caringly into Daniel’s eyes. “Trist? We… broke up. Three months ago. Said dating a Gym-Rat was cute at 20 but pathetic at 30. He was looking for a ‘Big Man’ who could match him financially. It’s for the best. Honestly. We’d both changed…” “Sounds like it. What about your friends?” “All off visiting family. Damn I sound pathetic!! Daniel laughed and made a valent attempt to change the topic. He hated talking about himself let alone his failed relationship. “What brings you to town?” “Here on business.” The ‘Old Man’ locked eyes with Daniel. His blue eyes were piercing, and Daniel found himself getting hard just from the gaze. “Over the holidays? Damn. Rough.” All Daniel could imagine was the ‘Old Man’ bending him over the bench press and fucking the life out of him. “I’m used to it. Makes for a good change. I work from home most of the time.” Both men stared at each other until the ‘Old Man’ broke the silence. “Do you… want to show me where the locker room is?” The ‘Old Man’ smiled a warm happy smile. “Of course! Sorry.” Daniel walked through the multitude of machines to the stone and silver locker room. The ‘Old Man’ followed close behind Daniel, his large warm body magnetically close to him. “Pretty quiet here today.” “Yeah. Most people worked out this morning. That’s why we’re shutting early. The lockers are right here… and the showers are back there.” The two men stared at each other again. When the ‘Old Man’ breathed in, Daniel could see his shirt straining to hold in his substantial pecs’ “Thanks, Dan. I can take it from here.” The ‘Old Man’ smiled broadly at Daniel. No one had called him ‘Dan’ since his father died four years ago. His father had been a tall and muscular mechanic whose name was also Dan and the name fit his masculine nature. Even when Daniel got in shape and packed on some muscle mass, he never felt like a Dan… only a Daniel. “Oh. Right. Of course. Let me know if you need anything.” “Will do.” Daniel returned to the lobby and resumed mopping the floor. Occasionally, he’d catch a glimpse of the ‘Old Man’ working out. He lifts were insane, and never once did he ask Daniel to spot him, no matter how heavy he went. The only time he came over and spoke to Daniel was in the middle of his bench press when he asked for a bottle of water because he had forgotten his refillable one. The ‘Old Man had taken his shirt off and was mopping his brow with it. His chest was exactly as Daniel thought it would be: Meaty, thick, with a nice coating of slier hair that cascaded over his pecs and over his mountainous abs. Standing close to the ‘Old Man,’ Daniel could feel himself begin to get aroused simply from the powerful aroma he was giving off. The ‘Old Man’ smelled of rich and potent spices. Daniel tried to put his finger on what he smelled like, but all he could come up with was a mix of cinnamon, gingerbread, and leather. Daniel gave him the bottle of water, on the house, and watched him bench for a few minutes before he went back to finishing his closing duties. He had barely realized the time had flown by until the ‘Old Man’ walked up to the counter. He had showered and changed and was wearing a red hoodie over an extremely tight white t-shirt that threatened to split every time he moved. Daniel hadn’t realized how thick and full the ‘Old Man’s’ beard was or how ice blue his eyes were either. His eyes seemed to dance and glow, and when the ‘Old Man’ glanced at you… you felt like he was seeing and caring about only you. Leaning over the counter, his face extremely close to Daniel’s, a cool artic blast of peppermint radiated from his mouth and into Daniel’s nose. “Thanks for helping an old guy out. All the cookies at Christmas aren’t great for my waist.” “Tell me about it. I’ve been trying to be good all month.” “I know you have. Good all year. Very good.” The ‘Old Man’s’ face was inches away from his. His lips were red, and his cheeks flushed from working out. Barely above a whisper he said: “Any other day, I’d be riding that tight as of yours all night… but tonight… just not possible.” The ‘Old Man’ grabbed the back of Daniel’s head, and their lips met. The ‘Old Man’ was a powerful kisser, and Daniel thought he would cum just from feeling his strong and probing tongue toy with his own. Moments later, the ‘Old Man’ let go of Daniel and pulled away. “Fuck it. What happens down here stays down here.” The ‘Old Man’ came around the counter, and moments later the two men were locked in each other’s arms, holding each other tight, and making out. The ‘Old Man’s’ large hand massages Daniel’s cock through his pants as Daniel massaged his thick pecs. Both knew that they didn’t have much time. Daniel watched the ‘Old Man’ undo his black leather belt and let his jeans fall to the floor. Daniel fell to his knees and began to lick the ‘Old Man’s thick cock through the red fabric of his jockstrap. Just as Daniel would have expected, the ‘Old Man’s’ basket was very full with a fat cock and two large balls. Daniel’s hands shook a little as he raised them to the ‘Old Man’s’ waist and pulled the tight jockstrap down, releasing his treasure. The ‘Old Man’s’ cock quickly grew hard, and soon Daniel was face to face with a beautiful uncircumcised 9 incher that he eagerly took into his mouth. The ’Old Man’s’ crotch smelled strongly of his own essence: spice and leather. Daniel tried to get as much of the shaft into his mouth and throat as was humanly possible, but it was impossible to get his mouth down to the curly silver hairs that surrounded the thick root. After a few minutes of eager cock sucking, the ‘Old Man’ grabbed Daniel, forced him up off of his knees, spun him around, and bent him over the counter. No matter how much Daniel didn’t want it to, reality seeped in. He turned his head slightly and said: “the door… need to lock the…” Daniel grunted and moaned as he felt the ‘Old Man’s sturdy hands grab his ass and shove his meaty cock head into him. The ‘Old Man’ thrust again and again and again, filling Daniel up with the longest and thickest cock he had had in a while. Finally, the guy was all the way in, and as he rode Daniel, he said: “No one will come in. Trust me.” Daniel did trust him. The ‘Old Man’ turned Daniel’s head towards him and they began to make out as he rode Daniel’s ass hard and deep. Waves of euphoria washed over Daniel as he felt himself filled up like never before. Skill definitely had come with age. The ‘Old Man’ was the best lover Daniel had ever had, and he never wanted it to end. After fifteen minutes of hard pounding, Daniel heard the ‘Old Man’ grunt several times, and then release a hot load deep inside of him. Feeling the heat as well as the swelling cock so deep within him forced Daniel over the edge, and he began to cum the biggest load of the year all over the paperwork that covered the counter. Daniel’s orgasm shook him to the core, and he found himself collapsing onto the counter. The ‘Old Man’ pulled his half-hard cock out of Daniel’s ass, leaving him feel oddly empty; like someone had given him the greatest gift, and then taking it away. Huffing and trying to catch their breath, the two men grinned at each other. “I hate to tap that and run, but if I don’t, I’ll never get started.” “I understand. That was…”. The ‘Old Man’ grabbed Daniel and kissed him. Then, quick as lightning, he had his jeans pulled back up, threw his red hoody on over his white T-Shirt, and crossed in front of the counter. “You’re a good guy, Daniel Lorca. Here.” The ‘Old Man’ opened his black gym bag and pulled out a glass jar that contained both red and green gumdrops. “Merry Christmas. Now, lock up. You live in the apartment attached to the building, right?” “I… I do…” Daniel still found it hard to speak after such a marathon fuck. “Then go home. Have some fun. It’s Christmas Eve… the one night of the year wrapped in magic.” The ‘Old Man’ closed his leather gym bag, threw it over his shoulder, and in a moment, he was out the door. Daniel found that the room still smelled like the ‘Old Man’ long after he was gone. After downing two bottles of water, Daniel cleaned up the mess and threw the cum coated papers in the trash. After locking the door and turning off the lights, he turned around, and watched as the moonlight hit the jar of gumdrops, causing them to glow. Daniel grabbed the jar and walked to the coded door in the back of the gym that led to his apartment. It was while he was punching in the code that he thought, how did he know my name? I never told him… and how did he know about Tristan and me? Daniel didn’t even know the ‘Old Man’s name. He had gone to look it up after the guy had left, but it had been written on the form that Daniel had let loose his biggest load over, and it had smeared the ink. Ah well. It was a fun Christmas Eve fuck! More exciting left a mystery. Daniel hummed a Christmas carol as he closed the door to his apartment behind him. Surprisingly, Daniel was horny right again after closing the door. He was barely in the tiny apartment before he was tearing his sweatpants off, laying down on the couch in the living room, and jerking himself off quickly to completion. His orgasm was once again unnaturally strong, and he felt ropes of hot cum hitting his pecs and face. Daniel lay there for a while enjoying the afterglow of his orgasm and thinking once again how incredible a lover the ’Old Man’ had been. After breaking up with Tristan and not sure what life held for him, it was exactly what he had needed. He wished he had a way to thank, the mysterious stranger, but deep down he knew that the ‘Old Man’ knew. Then, with a leap, he jumped off the couch and headed into the bathroom to clean up. Looking at himself in the mirror, Daniel was in awe of how large his load had been. He’d been so busy working to cover the shifts of friends and colleagues who had gone away for the holidays, that he hadn’t had time to even think about sex, let alone jerking off. It must have been nearly two weeks since the last time he had orgasm, so it was no wonder the last two times he had nut it had been a deluge! Daniel took a quick shower, enjoying the warm water cascading over his body. He was proud of how he looked. He may not be as big as the ‘Old Man,’ but his body had decent size and symmetry. When he wore tight clothes, he got lots of looks from both men and women, and even if he was thinning a little on top, he knew that he would be classified in the sexy category if asked. He hated that he never went to college, but when his father died, he needed to be the one to bring in the money for his family. Tristan never understood that. He never said it, but Daniel always thought Tristan believed he was just lazy or not very bright, preferring the gym to the classroom. Even when he had gotten his PT certificate, Tristan had acted pleased for him, but deep-down Daniel had felt his ex was never really that proud. Daniel turned the shower off and stepped out into the steam filled bathroom. Rubbing the condensation off the mirror with his hand, something he always regretted doing but did anyway, he took a good look at himself. He stood 5’10, 198 lbs of muscle with a stubborn layer of fat over it. His hair was buzzed short to make up for the areas where none grew anymore and was hiding the fact that some silver was starting to show. Daniel flexed his right bicep and enjoyed the sight of its peak. He couldn’t complain. He may not be the mass monster he always wished he could be, but he was healthy and mostly happy. Sure, he wished his 5-inch cock was longer and thicker, and maybe it would be nice to have bigger, low hanging balls that shot epic loads ever time, but these were the genetic cards he had been dealt. What good did it do to whine about it? After fully drying off, Daniel slipped on a pair of black briefs, left the bathroom, and made his way into the kitchen to reheat his meal. He had originally planned to make a Christmas Eve dinner, but instead he decided to wait and make a ‘feast for one’ the next day. Right now, reheated chicken, some rice, and a veg would do him just fine. He had bought a carton of Rocky Road ice cream as a treat along with some eggnog to eat and drink while celebrating the holidays and watching Christmas lying on the couch. It was a few hours after he had eaten his meal, and in the middle of the film ‘White Christmas,’ when Daniel suddenly began to crave something sweet to eat. He wasn’t in the mood for ice cream yet, and he never kept any other candies or cookies in the house due to his diet. He thought about running out to the gas station get a candy bar when he remembered the Christmas present ‘The Old Man’ had given him. Jumping up from the couch, he grabbed his backpack and opened it up. Inside was the glass jar. Pulling it out, his eyes fell to the printed label: “Make a Christmas Wish! A small gift for Daniel. Make a wish before biting into a green gumdrop, and the wish will come true. Regret a wish, and all you need to do is bite into a red one. Warning, there are far fewer red ones than green ones. Have fun… and be specific! Kris” Daniel laughed at the idea. What an incredible marketing tool! He was sure the company must have sold tons of these this year. Who doesn’t love the fun of imagining their wishes coming true… yet… the label… the instructions and his name were printed directly on it… it wasn’t handwritten… and the label was glued to the glass. There was no way… Daniel turned the glass jar around and looked at the label where the ingredients should be. Instead, there was another message: ‘Believe it, Daniel. Trust me. But remember: once the 25th turns to 26th… the magic in the gumdrops fades away, and what you’ve wished for and kept, will be yours. Nothing like a little Christmas magic! Kris. Oh… they also have no calories! Enjoy!’ Daniel shook his head. How in the world had ‘The Old Man’ done this? He unscrewed the top, and when he took it off, his nose was inundated with the scent of peppermints, cinnamon, and evergreen trees. It was possibly the best thing he had ever smelled in his entire life. Putting his fingers into the jar, he removed a green gumdrop and held it up to the light. It looked exactly how you would expect a gumdrop to look. There was nothing truly magical about how they looked, and yet… Why not? Why not try it. If it didn’t work, no one would know how silly he had been. It wasn’t like there was a hidden camera in his house… right? He looked around but saw nothing out of place where a camera could be hidden. Sitting up, he placed the glass jar on the table and looked at the green gumdrop. Aloud, Daniel said: “I wish I could lose 20 pounds of stubborn fat and be shredded as fuck!!” He put the gumdrop into his mouth and but down. Instantly, his mouth exploded with flavour. The spicy taste of peppermint filled his mouth and then radiated through his entire body. For a moment, he had the sensation he was standing naked in a forest with snow falling all around him. Daniel swore he could smell the pine in the air and the crispness of the winter wind. When the coolness eventually faded away, he was left with the sweet chewy goodness of a masterfully crafted gumdrop. Chewing the rest, he quickly swallowed it. And he waited… and waited… and waited. Soon five minutes had passed and.., The room began growing hot..., or was it Daniel’s own body temperature rising? His face felt flushed, and he could feel tiny beads of perspiration rising all over his body. He went to stand, but his body felt out of his own control, and he fell back onto the couch. Fuck, he thought, that old man poisoned me. He… Daniel felt his body getting more feverish. Sweat was pouring off him now, running over his pecs and down his abs. He stood up again, and although the living room spun around him, this time he was able to stand on his own feet. His stomach had begun to gurgle, and it felt as if steam was rising from the pores all over his body. He stumbled into the bathroom and turned on the lights. When he did, his mouth fell open as he saw with his own eyes the stubborn layer of fat that had always covered his pecs and abs was quickly disintegrating. Daniel could actually feel the fat melting away, and it wasn’t only on his torso. In the small mirror he watched as his face proceeded to grow thinner and sculpted, his neck and chin lost the annoying bulk, his quads slimmed slightly, and his ass lost some of the jelly buy gained a firmness he had never seen. Once the fat had dispersed to who knows where, the skin covering his abdomen began to tighten, and in minutes Daniel had the tight 6-pack he had always dreamed of. Daniel’s body temperature continued to rise and the sweat continued to pour, and the longer this continued, the more shredded his body became. His body fat must have dipped below double digits as his skin began to look shrink wrapped over his musculature. Pipe like veins were now visible circling around his body to feed his muscles, while his face became more angular and chiselled. Eventually, when the extreme temperature began to lower and return to normal, Daniel began to flex his jacked body in front of the mirror. All of the poses he had read about or seen on line or at the gym he began to do. I look like a fuckin fitness model. Hell! I could be a fuckin fitness model!! Daniel flexed more, his cock hardening in his briefs from the excitement. It would have taken more than a year of strict diet and cardio and who knows what else to have gotten these incredible aesthetics… and who could say if I actually could have accomplished this!! Looking at himself in the mirror, Daniel began to grin and stroke his cock. I can have anything I want, he thought. I can become anything I want!! Merry Christmas, Daniel!!! All you need to do is wish it!!! The image of himself at that moment, and the image of what he could become caused his heart to flutter. I can have anything, he thought. I look like a fuckin fitness model. Ha! I could be a fitness model! Daniel flexed a few more times, his cock hardening in his briefs from the excitement. This would have taken more than a year of strict diet and cardio, and who knows if I would have gotten these incredible aesthetics. Looking at himself and grinning, he stroked his cock a few times. The image of himself at that moment, and the image of what he could be caused his heart to flutter.
  25. kurisupei

    The True King of Aesthetics

    — This is a fictional video transcription of a vlog interaction between Jeff Seid and David Laid — (The camera starts rolling, panning at Jeff who is filming in his house) Jeff Seid: What's up guys, Jeff Seid here and today I have a special guest with me. You guys have been asking for it and we're finally making it happen. That's right, I'm here with David Laid and we're gonna do a physique comparison. David Laid: What's up guys, David Laid here. I'm excited to be here with Jeff and compare our physiques. Jeff Seid: So, just to give you guys an idea, I'm 6'0 and currently weighing in at around 230 pounds. I've been training for over 10 years now and I think my physique speaks for itself. David Laid: And I'm 6'2 and currently weighing in at around 205 pounds. I've been training for about 6 years and I'm always striving to improve. Jeff Seid: Alright, let's get into it. David, why don't you show us what you're working with? (David proceeds to do a series of poses, showing off his muscular physique) Jeff Seid: (nodding) Nice, nice. You definitely have some impressive size and definition there. David Laid: Thanks man, I appreciate it. Alright Jeff, let's see what you got. (Jeff proceeds to do a series of poses, showcasing his massive muscles) David Laid: (impressed) Wow, your size and definition is insane. Your muscles are so thick and dense. Jeff Seid: (smiling) Thanks man, I put a lot of hard work and dedication into my training. David Laid: (nodding) Yeah, I can tell. You have some serious muscle mass, especially in your upper body. Jeff Seid: (laughing) Yeah, I've been called a walking tank before. David Laid: (laughs) I can see why. (Jeff and David continue to compare their physiques, pointing out their strengths and weaknesses) Jeff Seid: (noticing David's admiration) Hey man, are you alright? You seem a little distracted. David Laid: (shakes his head) Oh, sorry. It's just...I can't help but be mesmerized by your muscles, Jeff. They're so big and strong. Jeff Seid: (surprised) Uh, thanks man. I appreciate the compliment. David Laid: (rubbing Jeff's bicep) I mean, just look at this muscle. It's so thick and hard. Jeff Seid: (confused) Uh, what are you doing, man? David Laid: (admiring Jeff's arm) I'm just admiring your muscle, Jeff. It's so impressive. Jeff Seid: (starts to enjoy it) Oh...okay. Well, thanks man. I mean, I do work hard for these muscles. (David continues to rub and admire every muscle on Jeff's body, from his thick neck down to his treetrunk-like legs) Jeff Seid: (starts to get turned on) Uh...what's going on, man? Why are you doing this? David Laid: (continues to worship Jeff's muscles) I just can't help myself, Jeff. Your muscles are so amazing. I need to touch them, feel them. (Jeff's words slowly turn into muffled moans as David admires his muscles) Jeff Seid: (breathless) Oh...oh man. That feels...so good. David Laid: (smiling) I'm glad you're enjoying it, Jeff. (Jeff and David continue the muscle worship session, with Jeff getting more and more turned on by the minute) Jeff Seid: (moaning) Oh...oh man. Your touch...it's driving me crazy. David Laid: (smiling) Your muscles are just so amazing. I can't help but worship them. (Jeff's body is now covered in a sheen of sweat, his muscles bulging and flexing with every touch) Jeff Seid: (panting) Oh...oh man. You're...you're making me so hard right now. David Laid: (grinning) Yeah, I can see that. Your muscles are definitely responding to my touch. Doesn’t that just wanna make you cum? (Jeff and David continue the muscle worship session, with Jeff now completely lost in the moment) Jeff Seid: (gasping) Oh...oh man. I can't...I can't hold back anymore. David Laid: (smiling, whispering on Jeff's ear) Go ahead, Jeff. Let it all out. (Jeff finally reaches climax, his body shaking with pleasure as he lets out a loud moan) David Laid: That's right, cum it all out. It's all for me Jeff Seid: Ughh. What do you mean? (David continues to rub Jeff's muscles, starting with his pecs) David Laid: Your pecs are so tender. Ughhh! (As David rubs Jeff's pecs, his own pecs start to grow. But Jeff doesn’t realize that his pecs are shrinking) Jeff Seid: (Touching David's pecs) Fuck you're so hot! (Jeff notices David's pecs growing as he touches them, making him look at his own smaller pecs) Jeff Seid: Ughhh what's happening to me? Stop! David Laid: (Whispering on Jeff's ear) I'm taking my place as the most aesthetic. Jeff Seid: (Trying to pull away but he's too overwhelmed by the pleasure he's feeling) Ughh, let go! (David grabs Jeff's arms while Jeff grabs his in an attempt to push him away) David Laid: (Squeezing Jeff's biceps) Your arms are huge, man, I can't resist them! I can't wait to flex them as my own. (Jeff continues to push away David's arms but little does he know that touching him makes the theft faster) Jeff Seid: Please, my muscles are so small- ughh- David Laid: (Moving his hands onto Jeff's legs and shoulders) No, not yet. I need more! Jeff Seid: Ughhh! Oh fuck! (Jeff feels intense pleasure, his muscles still shrinking) David Laid: (Moving onto hugging Jeff tight) I want more, ugh! Jeff Seid: (Feeling the warmth of David's body and overwhelmed with pleasure) Please I- ugh! M-my bod-ughhh! (Jeff is filled with more and more pleasure while David grows into 285 pounds. Before Jeff was crushed, David let's go of his now average and limp 150 pound body. David looks at the mirror and flexes while Jeff stands shakily.) David Laid: (Flexing) That’s a bit too big. I need some balance in proportions. 6'6 would look good on me, don't you think? (David grabs Jeff by the neck. Jeff tries to struggle but he is once again filled with immense pleasure) Jeff Seid: UGhhh! Fuck ughhh! (David's limbs start to get longer, he grows taller and taller. Jeff starts to get lifted off the ground. Jeff's limbs start to shorten and his muscles start to compact, making it look like he still has a bit of muscle definition.) David Laid: (Putting Jeff down) That's better, I'd take your remaining size but I guess I still have some humanity in me so I won't. Besides, 5'8 looks good on you, you can still model for a living. Jeff Seid: (Filled with so much pleasure that he can't think) Please, David-ugh! Just let me cum again! David Laid: (Rubbing Jeff's throbbing cock) Will you give me anything if I let you cum? Jeff Seid: Fuuc- ugh! Yes, take what you want- ughhh! (David continues to rub Jeff's 9 inch cock and grapefruit-like balls while pressing his own 6 incher on Jeff's ass. As more and more pleasure builds up, they both moan and start to breathe heavily. ) David Laid: (feeling his cock and balls grow) Oh, fuck this feels good! Jeff Seid: Ughh shit ughh! I need to cum! David Laid: Not until I do! (David's cock grows into a 12 incher and his balls grow as they fill with cum. The opposite happens to Jeff as his once 9 inch cock shrinks into 3 inches and his balls shrink as well. More pleasure builds up until David can't take it anymore and cums.) David Laid: (Ejaculating large amounts of cum into Jeff's ass) Ugghhh! Take it all in! Fuck this is so hot! Jeff Seid: (Also ejaculating dribbles of cum out of his 3 incher) Ohh fuuuck! Ughhh! Ughh! Yeahh! (Their orgasm dies down and Jeff faints after he cums, still whimpering and moaning. David inspects his new body and flexes while touching himself. He looks at Jeff on the floor, almost feeling bad. David Laid: (panting, laughing) I'm glad you enjoyed it, Jeff. Your muscles are just too amazing to resist. Maybe in another life, we can both exist as muscle gods, just not in this one. Thanks for the donation (The video cuts with David Laid walking away after putting tight clothes on)
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