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  1. Summary: A level headed and principled intern at a think tank, is tasked with researching the so-called “Green Wave,” a new movement sweeping the nation’s male youth tangentially inspired by the superhero alter-ego of the late Dr. Bruce Banner. As this intern falls deeper into the rabbit hole, he finds out more than he expected and finds himself questioning his direction. Loosely inspired by She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (2022) season 1 Disclaimer: The Hulk is a copyright of Marvel. I do not claim ownership. Warning: Political themes, toxic masculinity (?) Thank you to @czechhunter69 for feedback. This is a very plot-heavy story, so if you want a deeper story and not just a cum-and-go story, you’re in the right place. Originally written to be a one-shot, but split into parts for easy reading. THERE WILL BE FOUR PARTS TO THIS! ---------- Author’s Note: I was watching She-Hulk again with a friend, and while it’s not Marvel’s best work, the plotline involving Intelligencia had some potential. I have an idea for a line of stories based on it, starting with this one. Whether they all get written, who knows - but at least we have this one. And I know it takes place 4 decades in the future with all the contemporary slang, websites, and archetypes of today, but bear with me. Also, this is loosely in the MCU, but it doesn’t focus on any superheroes or pre-existing characters too much (other than the Hulk of course), only using it as a backdrop. Be aware that this has some darker implications and explorations of masculinity mixed into the muscle growth, so if you’re not into the parallels I’m drawing to real life, this might not be for you. Maybe consider this a bit of a cautionary tale about looking out for what your friends are looking at online. Please note that this first part does not have ANY muscle growth — but still please read for the story! I promise the next parts will be much more spicy. ---------- Part 1 2064. “Morning Finn. Got a new assignment for you.” Peeking from behind the large monitor, the intern’s brown eyes locked onto the packet of documents dropped onto his desk. Without missing a beat, he picked it up and opened it, reading through the organization’s briefing. Sometimes he felt like he was a CIA agent planning a psyop, not a political science student working at one of the most guarded think tanks in the nation. Each topic and area of research was treated as a “case” — not just a study, but an actual investigative case to close. Case in point, the documents detailed a small, but steadily rising movement among his peers. “Good morning to you, Marty...” Finn’s voice had a deep but raspy tone, almost sounding as if he struggled to keep it at that pitch even at his soft-spoken, almost whispery volume. He swept his dark brown short shaggy hair out of his face as he continued. “What is this? ‘The Green Wave, popular with Gen Gamma males aged 18-25.’ It just reads like another dumb trend for immature guys.” “Read more,” the middle aged man pulled a seat in front of Finn. Finn glanced up before continuing. “‘Idolizing volatile fitness personalities, feeding off a culture that borderline fetishizes strength and power, and inspired by the late legendary superhero Bruce Banner, Gen Gamma swept up by the Green Wave are redefining what masculinity means for them by reinforcing what they know. They’re projected to have a devastating psychological and political impact on the demographic.” Finn paused before recalling some of his friends who’ve been acting different over the past few months, wondering if this had something to do with it. “Interesting,” he ended simply. “Your goal is to study them,” Marty said. He reclined a lil bit in the chair. “I want you to figure out how they appear. How guys your age get pulled in. What methods they use. What makes them tick. What changes in all these guys. We figured since you’re in Gen Gamma it would be easiest for you to understand them in context.” “Just study them?” “We want to see if they’re doing anything different that we could use for our own campaigns. Election season’s coming up and our client wants some data on what’s happening here, and maybe we could even intervene. Think you can do that?” Finn looked through the rest of the packet. Some lists of hashtags, accounts, ideas, and people apart of this movement. It seemed… A little unrefined, but workable. Though Finn thought that ‘intervention’ was not exactly the direction he cared about. “Yeah I can do it,” he said. “What’s the deadline for the first round of info briefs?” “End of week.” Marty sprung out of his chair and headed towards the door. “Ping me if you got any questions.” — Finn spent the first half of the day finishing up his last reports before transitioning to working on the Green Wave assignment. And he wished he wasted another hour before jumping in. As expected, the scene was very… Male. It was a bunch of amateur bodybuilder bros drunk on their own manufactured sense of masculinity. They were pretty much exactly what you’d think. A lil dumb, a lil vain, definitely cocky, and one-track-minded on reaching ‘Hulkhood’ — whatever that means. Corny naming aside, it definitely looked like their model and template was this bastardized idea of the Hulk — this toxic, inhuman, ultra strong, gamma green image of being a man without any of the Banner. Finn just shook his head the whole time. If any of the Avengers were still alive to see what people did to his image, they’d all condemn the glorification of the Hulk. But their naming just made it obvious they just didn’t get that. Maybe Finn was just too pretentious to handle the mindless and uneducated droning of these guys. But that was just the surface. Finn barely knew what else laid underneath the surface, given that these were just the most popular creators. As far as he could tell, it really was just another stupid aesthetic latched onto gym bro culture. But there had to be something else. The comments on some of these reposts on Britter alone were enough of an indicator that this had to be a whole other corner of the internet that he just has never interacted with. Not wanting the algorithms to mess with his carefully curated timelines, Finn made a new account on each of the major platforms. He immediately followed different accounts — the big ones listed on the brief he was given, other big accounts that seem only tangentially related to the Green Wave, and a few random guys his age who follow Green Wave guys and seem to be posting a lot. It’s time to research. — The rest of the day was slow. Finn felt like he was losing brain cells every time he scrolled to another Green Wave video on TikKot. They all started the same: some kind of hook focused on the guy trying to gas himself up for being ripped, then some faux-deep talk about “finding your inner Hulk,” then some workout tips, then an edit of their latest workout set to whatever trending song seemed most “hard” at the moment. He just didn’t get it, it seemed like generic gym motivation content. Two months into this internship season, and this might be the most nothingburger case he’s handled. How could this be politically relevant? Going home was his respite. Thankfully his internship paid for his rent for the duration of the internship, letting him live in a nice apartment for the summer. He just has to keep the internship, which should be no problem. He’d never say it outright, but Finn knew he was dedicated and smart. That’s why he was the only intern they recruited for three seasons at a row at this point. Changing the world for the better by understanding, was what he said in his interview. Bridging divides and making connections. Solving the social issues of our time. Creating acceptance and good for the world that would transform the headlines in the news into positive ones. But increasingly discouraged by the lack of change despite his efforts, the news never changed. Even as Finn turned on the TV and switched it to the news channel, he was feeling like it might be a lil futile. What good was this data? He knew where he stood, but he wondered if it was a combination of boredom and frustration that influenced his growing apathy towards change. “We’re coming to you live from the city,” the news anchor announced. “Today we are doing a deep dive on the so-called ‘Green Wave.’ Could it impact the future of Gen Gamma? Or will it end up be—” Finn groaned and shut the TV off. Even at home he couldn’t escape his work. However he knew the news was clearly overreacting as always, sensationalizing something that would turn out to be an unpopular, fringe online community. As he idly thought about what he should get for dinner, he scrolled through Extergram, trying to see if his friends were doing anything. He had a dry feed and instead went to check his own profile, looking over his old memories and pictures with friends. He should check in on a couple of them. Finn took no time in video calling Tyler. He picked up immediately, his face popping up and his voice, a bit deeper and more monotone than Finn remembered, boomed through his phone’s speakers. “Heeeyy, it’s been forever! What’s up, man?” His voice had a weirdly familiar inflection that was definitely different from how he talked before, but Finn wasn’t entirely sure where to place it. But Finn’s attention was directed elsewhere. Absent in the frame of the video feed was Tyler’s shoulders, which were pushed out of sight but framed his newly slightly muscled frame, covered only by a loose shirt with its sleeves and sides cut out, showcasing the edges of his lats and pecs. Finn couldn’t believe it — Tyler had gone through a crazy transformation, looking less like the scrawny nerd he left him and more like the athlete his father wished he’d been. What happened to him since Finn had left for the internship just two months ago? “Helllooo. Shit, am I lagging or something?” Finn shook his head as he pulled himself out of his thoughts. “I’m here! I’m here,” Finn said, trying to take in the sight. He could barely articulate, being distracted at what his friend had become. “Hi. Sorry I’ve been so busy; I was bored since I finally had some time to kill and thought I’d call. I’d ask how you are, but you look like you’ve been doing… good. Real good.” Cutting through Finn’s awkward chuckle, a grin stretched across Tyler’s face. “Oh man, you mean this?” The camera got tilted to the right as Tyler’s arm flung up into a flexing pose, a prominent bicep peak straining against his skin as veins bulged around. His face came back into view as he relaxed his arm, an irritating cocky expression on his face. “Phew. Yeah, I kinda started hitting the gym while you were doing your thing in the big city.” His words carried an uncharacteristically brash energy. Finn’s jaw almost dropped at the sight. Where the hell did this come from? Despite the weird shift in his attitude, Finn had to admit Tyler was looking good. “Damn. Did your dad finally get to you?” Tyler laughed. “Not exactly. I just decided to stop being a bitch and start getting tough.” The expression on Finn’s face shifted a little, his brow slowly raising with his smile not as strong. “You know you could’ve just said you wanted to get stronger.” Finn was not amused. “Hey, it’s just a joke,” Tyler said playfully. “No yeah, that’s the one. I mean, there were like a bunch of reasons though, like I got a job at the gym and I kinda got swept up in…” “...The ‘Green Wave’?” Tyler’s eyes widened before he brought the camera closer to his face, looking around before speaking again, as if he wasn’t home alone at this time of day. “Yooo…” His voice was lower, like he was trying not to let anyone else hear. “You’re in that too? You gonna go full Gamma, bro?” He was talking like Finn knew what he was talking about. The look in Tyler’s eyes made it look like he was begging for validation, hoping that Finn was one of “them.” Who “them” was exactly was still unknown to Finn, but his catch-up call was turning out more relevant than he realized it would be. “I… I just heard about it a couple days ago,” Finn lied, trying to maintain a cool tone and contain his immediate urge to go on with a barrage of questions. “I think I wanna look more into it but don’t know much… But it sounds like you know more than me.” “Nah, I don’t know much,” Tyler said, relaxing a little bit. “I just got into it a few months ago. I’m just hyped I finally met someone else who can understand my Hulkhood journey, bro.” “A few months ago?” Ignoring the weird terminology popping up again, Finn tried to chart out the timeline. This meant that he must’ve gotten hooked… “Like a little before you left, I started getting Green Wave stuff on my TikKot and Britter feeds. I thought it was a bunch of bullshit, so I used to just scroll past it as soon as I could recognize what it was…” Tyler shook his head and grinned, as if he was recalling naivete. “Just a few days after you left for the big city, my feeds were completely swamped with the Green Wave. I tried avoiding social media for a couple days but I decided I should just check some of these people out. Understand what they’re saying so I knew what I was up against.” Finn interjected. “But it didn’t turn out that way.” “Nah, bro. I finally sat down and scrolled through. At first it was just dumb, filler shit. Then I started seeing more and I started understanding… Even though I hated them at the beginning, I just realized I didn’t fully disagree with them. Then I realized they kinda opened my eyes in a different way. Like fuck, they’re right, there’s a Hulk inside me waiting to be unleashed…” Finn shifted uncomfortably as he saw Tyler stare off into the distance, biting his lip, his arm moving in a way that suggested him adjusting a half-hard dick. (Or was that just Finn’s imagination?) “Remember how I got hired at the gym and they never gave me a schedule? I guess I was a seasonal hire and didn’t realize it, ‘cause the next week they finally had me working in the gym. And that’s also when I actually started working out too. By Wednesday I’d woken up to the sound of my Gamma Protein being delivered to my door.” “That’s a fast change.” “That’s what my dad said.” A smirk came across Tyler’s face. “Imagine the look on his face when he saw me walking in and finally noticing the gains. The growth. I told him I was serious about this shit. He sent me some Green Wave videos he didn’t even realize was Green Wave stuff, which just cemented this shit for me even more. We started bonding again, to be honest. Bro, he ordered me a tub of the Gamma Labs protein powder, and it came in yesterday.” “That’s it?” Finn tried to imagine himself witnessing the changes in real time, but it all still seemed a bit too unrealistic. Too drastic. Tyler nodded. “Look, I don’t give a fuck what everyone else says, bro. They’re just haters. They just don’t understand what it feels to finally be free and know it.” Finn grimaced at the wording. “You make it sound almost like a cult.” “It’s not, I swear! It’s just opened my eyes, a little, you know?” “What is it, then? Like what exactly is the Green Wave?” “It’s just…” “Just what?” “I don’t know how to explain it, bro.” “Well try! How can you not explain it after 3 months?” Finn’s neutral, friendly tone broke for a moment, sounding more forceful and irritated. Tyler just chuckled before taking a hard look at Finn, almost studying him. “Look man, if you’re that curious, you gotta check it out yourself. I think you’ll resonate with it, bro.” Finn could’ve sworn Tyler’s brown eyes looked a lil green as the light hit them. He blinked, and the green was gone. After the call, Finn got dinner: some spicy tofu dish and fresh greens from the Chinese place around the corner. The whole time, Finn couldn’t stop thinking about his chat with Tyler. It just seemed a little strange that Tyler had slipped into it and changed so quickly. He didn’t seem like the kind of guy to get sucked in just by watching some random videos online. That’s not to say that Tyler didn’t seem happy or like he was taking care of himself, it’s just… A weird shift. He was missing something. When he went to bed that night, it weighed on his mind. This didn’t seem very interesting at first, but seeing Tyler talk and carry himself the way he did seemed a little sobering. He did want to understand. As he laid there, earbuds in, he decided to do a deep dive once again. He pulled up his burner account on TikKot once again, hoping that maybe a couple more scrolls could illuminate his friend’s motivations now. Instead, Finn was disappointed to find that his new scrolls weren’t bringing up anything new — just the same kind of generic motivation edits and short videos of people trying to show off their progress in the gym. There was nothing new. Nothing interesting. Nothing provocative. And so he eventually slipped into his sleep. It was too boring. With his earbuds still inside, the noise of his feed continued to fill his ears, dumping its cacophony unprocessed. Words whispered into his ears began to sound like Tyler’s voice, echoing what he said before: “a Hulk inside waiting to be unleashed…” — “GET THE FUCK OFF YOUR ASS AND START MOVING, LITTLE BITCH.” The loud, bass-y voice suddenly blared in his ears, startling him out of a deep sleep and back to consciousness. Finn nearly had a heart attack. He immediately pulled his earbuds out and threw them across his bed. Palming and massaging his face with both hands, trying to rouse himself awake, he struggled to reorient himself. He felt well rested yet restless. Looking down, feeling a dampness around his neck and chest, he was shocked to see his shirt was actually drenched, as if he’d run a marathon in his sleep. And at the back of his head, a hazy, tingly sensation as he tried to shake the ‘sleep’ off. Feeling around his bed, he finally picked up his concerningly warm phone, playing a short clip from some podcast on TikKot. Then he looked down at the caption — tagged with #greenwave — and username behind the clip — “Intelligencia Pod”. He didn’t see this account yesterday despite his diligent searching and decided to screenshot it for his later reference. “Geez, I must have left it on auto-scroll all night…” Finn muttered. Then he looked to see his phone’s battery — at an abysmal 11% — and the time, evoking a horrendous horror — “Holy fuck, I’m already 6 minutes late?” Finn rushed to beat the clock. He typically had a whole morning routine and never missed it. Now, he had to skip it, instead rushing to brush his teeth and wash his face, foregoing the shower in favor of cologne and body spray he never even knew he had, and quickly throwing on the first clothes he could find before making his way to the office. What he didn’t notice as he rushed in the bathroom, was his phone, still open to TikKot, scrolling on automatic once again, passing a few seemingly ordinary clips. Maybe if Finn had lingered a while longer he would’ve noticed words flashing on the screen, with binaural beats and subliminals pulsating through the speakers. — Today was going to be a long day. “Are you okay, Finn?” He looked up to see Marty, his mentor popping by his desk for the fourth time that day. Finn tried to dust himself off, an attempt to make himself look more presentable in spite of his disheveled experience. “Yeah, yeah, I’m great. Why?” “Just checking,” Marty said. “You just came in late, looking a lil rough this morning. I’d never seen you show up like that.” “Yeah, I’m fine. Just, uh… Just overslept my alarms a little bit. I really am fine, though.” “Really?” It was true. Despite his bad start to the day, Finn was strangely feeling more energetic and eager to seize the day. He hadn’t felt this motivated in months. The only issue was that with the energy seemed to be a lack of focus. He was getting distracted from his work, his mind and fingers always making their way to TikKot on his phone before he stopped himself. Marty gave Finn a long hard look before he sighed. “You know what? Take the afternoon off.” Finn’s head snapped over. “Take the afternoon off?” “You’re one of the best interns this firm has ever had, and the longest one we’ve ever retained. It’s beyond worrying to see a bright star like you so off your game today.” “But I need the hours! Seriously, I’m fine,” Finn protested. “I can clean myself up for the rest of the day. I need to be here.” Marty shook his head. “You can stay til lunch, but I want you to rest. Don’t worry about your hours — consider it a fully paid half day. You deserve a break, kid.” With the rest of his day cleared, Finn was left with nothing to do. It was only at this point he’d started to realize that his life was empty; his weekday cycle was just waking up, working, eating, then sleeping. He hadn’t a clue of what to do til he stepped into the breakroom. He was idly pacing around the room as he contemplated grabbing one of the donuts left out by one of his coworkers when he jumped at the sound of the door creaking open. In a panic, he scrambled to look like he was in the middle of some meaningful action, maybe about to grab a donut, before he saw who was at the door. Walking in was a guy not much older than Finn, standing much taller than him at 6’2”, his dark sandy blond hair cut to a short cropped undercut, his cool gray eyes wandering around the room before settling on Finn. His stoic expression shifted to accommodate a slight grin as he nodded to the intern. His plain office-appropriate shirt and tie did little to conceal the young man’s physique, only sparing spectators the details of the precise angles of his muscle insertions while betraying the shape and density of his muscles. “‘Sup, Finn,” he said plainly. “Hi Brian,” Finn muttered. Brian had been brought on as the firm’s newest junior associate just as the internship season had picked up, hired straight out of college somewhere in South Carolina. Finn hadn’t paid him much mind at all, barely prodding anyone with questions and never questioning how little the two crossed paths, if they’d even see each other. He wasn’t one for stereotypes, but Finn just thought Brian had that look to him that said they wouldn’t quite… align, so to speak. Brian looked like the type of guy that would be on the other side of his issues. Coupled with his apparent lack of enthusiasm for progress and his masculine bravado, Finn just steered away. He wasn’t his kind of crowd. But today, Finn was ogling him. He felt drawn to him. “So, uh… You’re grabbing a donut, huh?” “Nah.” Brian walked past him to the office fridge and opening it. “Just getting some protein in.” He reached in and pulled out a bottle of Gamma Labs Mass Milk, with its unassuming white packaging and a deep green cap. “Right.” Finn sheepishly withdrew his hand, as if not to let his habits offend the gymgoer in the room. A distinct snap sounded through the room as Brian quickly and forcefully opened the bottle. “So you taking an early lunch?” Finn shook his head and lightly chuckled. “No, I… Well, Marty let me take the rest of the day off. I’m just hanging out in here before I go.” He shuffled to the side, allowing a clear path from Brian to the door. “Oh! Sweet,” Brian said simply. Finn was waiting for him to leave, but the tall associate instead pulled a chair beside him, angling it towards Finn before sitting in it. His legs were spread casually, his left elbow resting on the table looking up at Finn. It felt like Brian was fucking with him honestly, but Finn was feeling confused more than anything. Why is this guy entertaining a conversation with him? Brian took a gulp of milk, a loud ‘glug’ sound unnerving Finn. “So what’s your plan for the rest of the day?” “I don’t know. I don’t really do much since the internship usually takes up so much time…” Finn felt so awkward talking. Even as he did, his eyes were glued to Brian setting the milk bottle down as he tilted his thick neck, stretching it and showing off the striations of his subtle traps — then lifting an arm to scratch the back of his head, as his white shirt slightly tightened around his biceps and shoulders before he relaxed. “Really?” Brian leaned forward, letting Finn take in the broadness and width of his shoulders and the way his shirt hugged his chest. “You look like you’d have a lot of hobbies. I thought a guy like you would be like… a painter or some shit.” The mild stereotyping would’ve ordinarily annoyed Finn, but he had no place to talk since he categorized Brian as one of those entitled jock types. “Well I used to skate, but I…” Finn watched the slight flex of Brian’s bicep as he went to take another gulp of his milk. He hated that he was noticing all of this right now, but with Brian just there in his sight, he just couldn’t help but notice. He ended up wondering if… “I… gotta hit the gym.” “Huh.” Brian’s eyes lit up at Finn’s words, and he stopped himself from taking another sip. He looked Finn up and down, almost studying him. “I never took you for someone who lifts. That sleeper build must be fucking crazy, dude.” It took a moment for Finn to fully process what Brian was implying before he exclaimed, “No, no, no. I mean like... I’m interested in maybe starting to hit the gym. Not that it’s on my schedule. It’s just been on his mind, like maybe I should start going…” Finn’s brown eyes were wide as he talked. He honestly didn’t know what he was talking about himself — what he was saying was a total fabrication just to make himself seem relatable or on the same level. But he’s usually not afraid to say it: that’s not his crowd. “That’s what’s up,” Brian affirmed, his voice taking on a more casual and irritatingly familiar fratty cadence. He kept his eyes locked on Finn, looking him up and down before speaking again. “Hey, uh. I’m gonna be off in a couple hours actually. If you’re down for it, you could come to my gym.” Panic. “No, it’s okay,” Finn said quickly. “I’m heading home after this, I’m down by 87th and 52nd…” “That’s perfect!” Brian’s eyes lit up even more. “I go to Phelps Fitness on 87th and 50th. It’s the one that used to be Energy Gym, but some chain bought it out.” “But for me — I just don’t know if it’s for me. Like I’ve never even touched a weight,” Finn tried to reason. His bashfulness was genuine, and he was quickly realizing he should’ve just admitted that he didn’t give a fuck about the gym. Brian instead took it as a challenge. “That’s just fear, dude. Fear is what keeps men like you and me from reaching our potential.” He stood up as he crushed the rest of the milk. “Come on! You said you were interested. Just tag along, I can show you a couple workouts, then you can decide whether or not it’s for you. Deal?” This was far from anything Finn would seek out for himself. He’s a proud bookworm, armed with political theory and psychology. After all, the pen is mightier than the sword. Plus he has his fill of physical activity in his walks around the city. But in the back of his head, a voice was pushing him to try — plus he had no excuse not to. Finn couldn’t place exactly why he felt uncomfortable feeling the urge, or where the urge had come from. Years of lack of interest suddenly flipped to a cautious interest. Not that there was anything wrong with it. It’s good to want to be stronger after all. Finn looked up to Brian. “Sure,” he said, looking a little confused by his own decision. Something inside told him this was the right choice. “Yeah, I guess it wouldn’t hurt.” Brian grinned. “Hell yeah. Alright, I’ll message you or something. I’ll be out in a couple hours and let you know.” He extended his hand. Finn awkwardly reached forward to shake it, just for his business shake being subverted by Brian dapping him up before he left the room. All alone in the breakroom once again, Finn began to agonize over the idea of scrawny him struggling to bench just 10 pounds. A part of him wanted to be able to bench 10,000.
  2. Azerreza

    The Hulk pill: Contagion (part 3!)

    Hello, here is my new project! As you know, I'm particularly fan of Jaypat's stories. My first story was a sequel to The swimming hole. But there is also another story that I really like: The Hulk pill. And so yes, as you have probably guessed from the title, I would like to write a sequel to The Hulk pill! It is not totally mandatory to have read the original story but I highly recommend. Note that I use a character from the original story (Mike) and that the protagonist of this part is his little brother, David, just mentioned at the end of The Hulk pill. I want to "tell" the contagion so the first character is the link between my story and the original but after that it will be exclusive characters. It is always risky to continue masterpieces because I don't think I have Jaypat's talent, but I really hope it will bring you as much pleasure as possible. Like my first story, I don't want to take advantage of his popularity, just offer the possibility to have a sequel to one of my favourite stories. I hope it will live up to your expectations! Good reading! __________________________________________________________________________________________ My breathing was heavy, my hands were gripping the bar, my heart was beating fast. It was the moment I feared: I HAD to lift this bar! Otherwise, I'll be the laughing stock of the gym. I took down the bar and... Shit! SHIT SHIT SHIT! My face became red. My arms were shaking. It was too heavy... FUCK! 125 FUCKING pounds and I'm already shitting! FUCKING SHIT! "HAHAHAHAHAHA! So David, how is the warm-up going?" mocked Rob. Shit, once again I make a fool of myself in front of these idiots. SHIT! I tried to force but impossible to lift it. "Wooh, calm down David, you'll hurt yourself" said Greg, one of the regulars, who was much nicer than the others bastards; By the way, I could heard them to be laughing out loud. Shitty bastards... Greg helped me to lift the bar. "Don't try to lift so much next time David. I know you would to be like your brother, Mike, but you are clearly not yet strong enough." "Yes, I know... Thanks Greg..." Yeah, unfortunately, I was not at the level of my brother, Mike, he had been training for a while and had acquired a solid physique and a big strength. I was so envious... In the back of the room, I could hear them hitting the floor with laughter. "He is so weak HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!". My face was becoming red with anger, my fists were shaking. "SHUT UP BASTARDS!" I shouted, angry. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder that slowly shook me a bit. "David..." I could slightly hear, behind me. Bastards, are you happy to make fun of me because I'm weak? Fucking bastards! "Hey David, wake up..." We'll see in a few months if you'll still be laughing so h-" "DAVID!" Hu? What the? At this moment, my eyes opened very slowly, my eyelids still stuck a little. Great: it was just a dream, or rather, a nightmare... What a shitty nightmare, be humiliated even in a dream... "Ah! Finally!" said a thunderous voice, that startled me, there was someone in my room. What the? It was strange because this voice... I recognized it, it was... it was the one of Mike, my brother, but it sounded... different. And what the hell is he doing here? Usually, he doesn't come into my room. "Mike? What the hell are you doing he-?" I turned around and what I saw, I will never forget. My eyes widened as never before, my jaw dropped to the floor, the temperature suddenly dropped, my face became instantly white. I stepped back as fast I could and pressed myself against the wall then I shouted. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" I yelled. Nothing could prepare me for this vision: in front of me, there was my brother, Mike. But not the Mike I knew! No... In front of me, there was a giant or rather what do I say, a FUCKING TITAN! It had to be at least 8 feet tall and above all, muscles... muscles EVERYWHERE! He was INSANELY MUSCULAR: traps that engulfed his neck, shoulders that are bigger than my head, his arms... oh my fucking gosh, HIS ARMS! What are these fucking monsters? His pecs were so huge that he must have had trouble looking down! Then... holy shit... his abs... HIS ABS! EIGHT FUCKING BOULDERS! I've never seen abs like this! Enormous, ripped and hard as fuck! My eyes went down and... fucking... fucking shit... h-his dick... HOLY CRAP! I-It was BIGGER than my arms!! And his legs were so big and thick that I bet I could hide behind one of them! My eyes went up to his face, Mike was smiling and said: "Hello bro'!" "M-M-M-M-M-M-". I stuttered so much that I had a hard time pronouncing his name. "M-M-M-Mike? B-B-B-B-B-" "But how?" guessed Mike. "Well, honestly... I don't know exactly, it just... happened. Maybe a sudden growth spurt" he said. "But... I FUCKING LOVE IT!" he said, with a evil smile. My brain was bugging. A sudden growth spurt? Is he kidding me? Gain one inch and few pounds due to a growth spurt ok but here, HERE, it was more like 2 fucking feet and probably more than one FUCKING TON! A growth spurt? It was impossible, absolutely and totally IMPOSSIBLE! But there had to be a rational explanation! "... Well, calm down, David, your brother is just a fucking HULK and... it's just impossible, totally impossible so there must be an explanation, a rational explantation...". And suddenly, it hit me: I had to dream, yeah I had to do the weirdest fucking dream of my life! "Well, David, you are dreaming, you are just fucking dreaming. It's not the reality, you are dreaming! It's like in Inception, you are dreaming in a dream!" I said to myself. "HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh no no no bro', this is not a dream but the reality. But perhaps... you need to be woken up for good!" he said with an evil smile. I don't like that, even if it's a dream, I don't like that! Mega Mike grabbed the end of my bed and... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" I yelled: he lifted it, he lifted my fucking bed (and myself) as if it weighed nothing!!! And... he shook it! "P-P-P-PLEASE M-M-M-M-MIKE! S-S-S-S-STOP!!!" "So awake now?" he asked me. "Y-Y-Y-Y-YES!" I said, terrorized. for a dream it was pretty detailed and realistic... "Well, where do you plan to go today?" asked Mike. "What?" "Where-do-you-plan-to-go-today?" he repeated. "T-T-To the mall, w-w-w-with f-f-f-friends" I replied, worried. "Perfect! Go ahead! But there is a condition..." he said. No, really, I don't like that! "A-A-A c-c-condition?" I said, stammering. "Don't touch anyone!" said Mike, more seriously. "What?" "You heard me: DON'T-TOUCH-ANYONE!" he repeated, louder and more angry. "B-B-But w-w-why?" I asked. "You'll see. But really, don't touch anyone and when I say anyone, it's ANYONE! And if I find out that you didn't respect my instructions, you'll end up like this..." Mike took what appears to be a block of wall and... HOLY CRAP! He crushed it to dust with one blow, as if it were nothing!!! And where the hell did this block come from? I looked around and... I saw the entrance to my bedroom and noticed that it had been somewhat expanded... I looked Mike and I forgot to mention that he was FUCKING WIDE! Probably too wide for a "normal" entrance. Here is where this block came from! Mike looked me and said again. "Understood bro'? Don't touch anyone!" "Y-Y-Y-Y-Yes!" I said, frightened by the demonstration of power. "Very well... And don't forget your phone, you'll call me during the day, I'm sure hehehe! ... Well, excuse me but I have some friends to visit". He turned back and "went back" through the entrance. HOLY SHIT! His back... it was only huge muscle mountains! And... is that the ground SHOOK? Holy crap! I was here, tetanized in my bed. What the fuck just happened? If it was a dream, he was fucking realistic but it seemed to much realistic for to be a dream. But if it wasn't a dream... how? HOW my brother became a fucking muscle god? It doesn't make sense! Suddenly, my phone vibrated. It was a message from Ben, my friend. "So David, ready to change your wardrobe?". Honestly, I was not fan to shopping, but I needed to buy new clothes and shoes. "Yeah!" I replied. Then I received another message "Logically Matt come with us but he told me he will be late. So I'm waiting you in 5 minutes to the bus stop ;)". Crap! Already? I put quickly a shirt and a pant and went out of my bedroom. In the corridor, I noticed some signs of my brother's passage: there was a hole in the wall, as if he had bumped into it, several steps of the staircase were cracked, a piece of the railing seemed to have been crushed, a good part of the tiles on the ground floor was cracked. I hurriedly ate and drank and went out and... the door handle was completely crushed. No doubt, Mike had been there. I walked two minutes towards the stop bus. Ben was here, waiting me. "Hello!" I said with a wave of my hand, having in mind my "big" brother's sentence: "Don't touch anyone!". I don't know why he said that but something told me that there was a good reason. "Hey!" replied Ben. "Ready for a shopping day?" he said in smiling. Ben liked shopping more than me. "Yeah, yeah" I replied, trying to be as usual despite what had happened. honestly if I told him that my brother had become a 8 feet muscular freak, would he believe me? I doubt it. The bus arrived and fortunately it was not full, we went to fuck in the back and I made sure not to touch anybody. I sighed, this shopping session was going to be boring but I needed it: I don't know if my mother had washed my shirt but it was a little tight when it usually wasn't. It must have shrunk in the wash. After 10 minutes we reached our destination "So David, where do you want to start?" "Well, I have to buy new shirt and pant and my favourite clothing shop is at the beginning." "Yeah, good idea dude!" "By the way, did you know why Matt is late?" "He didn't tell me but I think I guess why" replied Ben. "Let me guess: Billy the Bully?" "Bingo. I know that Matt is their whipping boy. I bet he had an altercation yesterday with his gang" Poor Matt... Billy Larson was the biggest asshole in the school. He and his gang always attacked those weaker than themselves and if you had the misfortune to be his target, he will pursue you all your schooling. And unfortunately, Matt was one of their favourite targets. I hope he is okay. When we arrived at the clothing store, I went to my usual department. I had a classical style: white shirts, jeans. I found quickly a shirt and a pant and I saw also a jacket, well now, let's see the sizes: L, no... M, no... XL, no... Suddenly, I was thinking to Mike and the fact that he would need now a XXXXXL size at least. I was asking what he was doing now. Well, let's try this shirt and this pant. It's been a while since I moved too much in size, I always took S. I went to a cabin and tried on my shirt but when I put it on, I could feel something unusual: he was tight, even very tight. What the hell? I tried the pant and... it was tight too also. Obviously I couldn't help but think of Mike... No, get a grip on yourself David, you've just had to change a bit lately, it's been a while since you bought anything so obviously. I went back to the department to get a size M, something I had never done before. Obviously, it was better but usually, I would have floated in it and that wasn't really the case. I went to the cashier to pay. Ben joined few minutes later. "Already? You go fucking fast." "Yeah but I took the same clothes so it was not really difficult. Well, I need also new shoes, it's the store right next door." "No problem dude" said Ben. Same as for my shirts, for the shoes I always take the same style and the same shoe size for some time. A few minutes later, I already had my new pair in hand and I was going to try them and again, it was much too small. What the hell is this? Well again, don't panic David, it's been a long time, I may have changed a bit since then. I took the next size, went to the cashier again and paid then we went out. Suddenly Ben's stomach gurgled. "Fuck dude, I'm starving!". I hadn't really been paying attention but now that he said it... me too, I was starving, terribly starving. As we were heading towards the fast food, we heard a voice who called us. "HEY BEN! DAVID!" It was Matt. "Hello Matt!" I said, in being careful to greet him with my hand. "Yeah, sorry guys, I'm late but I did a fall down the stairs yesterday and I needed of bandages" Clearly, he was lying. It was sure that it was because of Billy. "A fall down in stairs?" I asked. "Y-Y-Yeah, I know it's ridiculous" he said, clearly embarrassing by my question. You lie badly Matt, very badly. "Well, we were going to eat, are you coming with us?" asked Ben. "Of course!" replied Matt. "OH! LOOK! They still have the discount on the giga menu! It's too fucking good but honestly, they exaggerate on the quantity, I barely ate a quarter last time!" "No problem, I'm starving!" said Ben! "Me too!" I replied. We took 3 giga menu and damn right, the quantity was HUGE! But I was starving, terribly starving, abnormally starving... I ate my hamburgers and my big soda like it was nothing. I had a hard time finishing a normal menu and there, I had no trouble finishing when it was more than double! Ben and Matt were watching me, stunned. "Damn man, but you are a fucking ogre!" said Matt. I finished my giga menu under their astonished eyes. And the worst thing about it: I was always hungry. Ben had not even finished the half and I was almost drooling on his remains. "Hem Ben? May I... May I eat your leftovers?" "WHAAAAAAT???" shouted Ben and Matt in same time. "Holy shit man, even an ogre doesn't eat that much!" said Ben. Myself, I was totally surprised. Never of my life I ate so much but I was hungry like I've never been hungry before. And it wasn't the only thing that disturbed me: my clothes... my new clothes felt... tight! and that was not the case when I bought them! Even my new shoes seemed to get too small. Fuck! Fuck fuck FUCK FUCK!!! This time, no doubt: something was wrong! "Excuse me guys I-I have to go toilet" I say a bit panicked. "Hahaha! Not really surprising with the mountain of food you ate!" joked Ben. I quickly made my way to the bathroom in taking my bag. I felt a tingling feeling through my body and I was panting. I found myself in front of the mirror and with a little apprehension I removed my jacket... ... ... HO-LY SHIT!!!!! I could hardly believe what I was seeing: I was filling my shirt, my pecs was budding through my shirt, my shoulders were rounded, my biceps stretched the fabric, my back was wide and I started to have a V-shape and... and... holy shit! Was it the bumps on my abs that I saw? I swallowed hard and I slowly lifted my shirt... HOLY CRAP! Bricks, I had FUCKING muscle bricks! Goddamn fucking hell!! I looked like... like... A FUCKING BODYBUILDER! "What the hell? What's happening to me?". Well, was my voice deeper? it didn't sound like the usual. I was totally flabbergasted. Not that I didn't like becoming muscular but... how? HOW? I didn't do anything special and all of a sudden I become a fucking muscle god? What the hell? Then suddenly, I remembered the sentence of Mike: "you'll call me, don't worry". He had to know more, it was sure! I take my phone and tried to call him. After a few rings he picked up the phone. Hem... I'll overlook the fact that I could hear someone moaning as fuck in saying sentences like "Oh fuck! So big! So hard" with sounds of suck and lick. Well, Mike seemed "busy"... but despite that, he answered me. "So bro', how is your day going?". Crap, I had forgotten how deep his voice was now! I could hear an undertone in. "M-M-Mike... I-I-I think s-s-something is h-happening" I said, with a panicked voice. "Let me guess: a problem of clothing size perhaps?" he replied, in a slightly mocking tone. "Mike... what the hell is happening to me?" I asked, even if I knew the answer. "Roooooh bro', don't be stupid, you know perfectly what's happening to you!" "I-I know, I-I'm growing, but I mean, what the hell? WHY I'm growing like that? And above all, HOW?" "Hehehe, well, let's say that... I am the cause of your current situation bro'" "WHAT THE? Mike, did you drug me?" "HAHAHAHA not exactly, but not so far. I was not given all the details and I still don't understand very well but apparently, it's a story of a muscle pill and nanobots" "WHAT THE HELL? Mike... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Muscle pill and nanobots? It looks like a bad fan-fiction. We are not in a marvel here!" "Oh David, for god's sake, look at you, were you like this this morning?" I looked myself in the mirror. And... obviously no, this morning, I was the classic skinny David I have always been but here, here, I looked like someone who had spent several years in a gym. It was real, really real!" "But... it's not logical! I haven't eaten anything like a pill since this morning so how..." "This is where it gets interesting bro'! Nanobots you get with the pill, apparently, they are... contagious!" replied Mike, with a touch of excitement on the last sentence. "WHAT? Contagious? You mean I'm sick?" "In some way. Do you remember the condition I asked this morning?" "Yeah: don't touch anyone" "Indeed. And the reason is simple: nanobots are everywhere in your body, including in your fluids: cum, blood but also... your sweat. "My... my sweat?" I asked. "Yeah, and I guess you've noticed that you've been sweating a bit more recently, right?" Indeed, since 2-3 hours it was the case. "It means that you can transmit your nanobots by simple... physical contact hehehe! This is how I got infected, I didn't eat neither. I just had a workout with a friend who was infected and inevitably, I was too.. When I woke up tomorrow, I was like you saw me. By the way, I renegotiated my "contract" with Dad. He strangely accepted all my conditions hehe..." At this moment, everything made sense even if had bad to believe it. it looked like a fucking science fiction movie but... but... I was here, looking like a bodybuilder. It was the truth, the fucking truth! But... there was problem: I didn't touch Mike! "But Mike, we didn't touch each other!" "Oh yes, really? So tell me, WHO woke you up this morning?" Finally I understood. "It was... it was..." I was stammering "Yeah? Who?" "You... It was you, you woke me up by shaking my shoulder..." "And that's it, you have been condemned from that moment on bro'!" "And... and... d-d-do you think I will grow as big as you?" "I am not sure but most probably yes! In any case much more than what you are now" I was shaking, a little scared but mostly I couldn't believe what it meant: I was going to become me too a fucking titan. "... and anyone I touch will become..." "Like us" replied Mike. It was insane, completely insane. "Oh and by the way, the contagion is not permanent reassure you, it works only during the first 24 hours from the infection. So tomorrow afternoon, you'll not be contagious... but you will be Hulk HAHAHAHAHA!" I shuddered just to imagine the scene "Now that you know everything, I let you choose if you want to make a "gift" to your friends or not, but remember that everyone you touch in the next few hours will become a behemoth. And by the way, tonight, we will do a special workout. I think that like me you want to see what you can do. Well, I leave you bro', I have "things" to do". Mike didn't hang up though, it must not have been easy to type on the keys of his phone with his gigantic fingers. just before I hung up I could hear him shouting "SUCK ME BITCH!". Yes, he was "busy". I stayed a few minutes, stunned by what I had just heard: in few hours, I will be like my Hulk brother! Before to return near Ben and Matt, I changed shirt and pant, the M size was becoming too small. When I saw myself shirtless, I had to restrain myself from cumming instantly. Fuck ! Fucking fuck! I was hot! And it was just the beginning... I put quickly my L new shirt. Well, perfect, it's a little less conspicuous but it was only a matter of time before it became too small. Finally, I returned near Ben and Matt. "Whoaaah, shit David, you are worse than a girl! you spent 20 minutes in the toilet" said Matt. "Well, what do we do now?" asked Ben. "There is a cinema in this mall, no?" said Matt. "Oh yes, I hadn't thought of that, good idea" replied Ben. I wanted to decline, to find and excuse but... fuck it: I will grow, no matter what happens, I couldn't hide it forever and then my decision was made: Ben, Matt, you will be my next victims hehehe! And I think that if they knew, they would be the first to throw at me: I knew Ben loved muscular men but had never had the motivation to workout, and Matt I think if he could crush Billy, it would be the best day of his life. "Oh! I had forgotten there was a new Hulk movie!" shouted Matt in showing the poster. Hahahahahaha! Matt, if only you knew what was going to happen to you my friend! i had just to touch them hehehe. So... well, it was time to change their lives forever, time to give them a little helping hand, literally. I was behind them: I raised my arms and... "GOOD IDEA GUYS" I shouted, in giving them a pat on the back. Here it is, it's done. But what I forgot was that I wasn't just more muscular, I was also stronger: they were both thrown one or two feet forward. "FUCK DAVID, ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY OR WHAT?" shouted Ben. "ARGH SHIT DAVID, ARE YOU SICK? IT'S HURTS DUDE!" shouted Matt in rubbing his back. "Great, yesterday, I get beaten up by Billy and now, it's my friend who want to kill me... Really great..." Hehehe, welcome to the Hulk club guys! We bought our tickets and I took care to take seats a little apart because from now on, they too could contaminate. I was curious to see if they would notice anything, but it will certainly be tonight that they will really notice the change. The movie started and like every reboot, we redo the history of the character even if we know it by heart. And inevitably came the accident that transformed Bruce Banner in Hulk. Matt seemed enjoyed and said "I always loved this kind of scene". I couldn't help but have a slight nervous laugh. Oh fuck hahahaha, If only you knew Matt, if you knew that it is currently slowly happening. From my side, we can say that this movie was in 4D for me because the growth, I felt it, I felt it even very well: things were slowly accelerating, if this morning I felt nothing, here, I could clearly feel a almost constant tingle. Well, it was obviously not extreme but I felt my clothes tightening, the feeling of my skin rubbing against the fabric slowly but surely, stretching it more and more. It was strange but nice, really nice. And I wasn't only more muscular, I was becoming taller too: I was forced to slump in the seat so as not to block the view behind me. Oh my gosh: I loved these fucking feelings, it was so.. SO AWESOME. At some point, Ben squirmed a bit, as if something was bothering him. Ah! Wouldn't we feel discomfort in our clothes Ben? I couldn't help but smile in thinking of the cause and especially when they realize that something is wrong. We must have been two thirds of the way through the film when suddenly, among the sounds of popcorn and bags of chips, I heard another, slight but noticeable sound. *riiip riiip* What? *rip*? I looked down on my chest, I slowly lowered my eyes, a little panicked at the idea of what I was about to discover, and... my eyes went wide, my mouth open and I really almost dropped a "HOLY SHIT" but I restrained myself! My pecs, oh gosh, my pecs were HUGE! And my back was so wide. When I tried to move my arm, I understood where this stretching sound came from: I was totally filling the size M shirt. Shit! Fucking shit! I had to change my clothes, quickly! Fortunately it happens during the film. I grabbed my bag and walked discreetly to the toilet. And crap, my pants were fucking tight too! Matt saw me got up said softly "You're going to spend another 20 minutes in the bathroom?". Oh shut up Matt haha. When I entered in the toilet, bad luck for me there was a mirror in the toilet, it would have a chance if I wasn't "hulking" in a mall, that I didn't blow up my clothes and that the whole situation made me feel incredibly turned on. But my luck ran out: someone was coming in the toilet... SHIT! Not now! Fortunately there were cabins, I hastened to lock myself in one of them. And to make matters worse, I realized that... it was Ben. And guess who decided to show up at that moment: my muscle growth! Of course. The sensation filled my whole body and I felt my skin slowly but surely pushing against the fabric again. and of course it had to be enjoyable. it wouldn't have been a problem if only I was not locked in a bathroom stall with my buddy right next to me! I gritted my teeth and tried as best I could to stifle my moans (and it's FUCKING hard!). My face was turning red and I'm pretty sure the vein in my forehead was bulging. Oh crap my shoulders were becoming cannonballs. My biceps had completely filled my sleeves, which were slowly tearing apart under the pressure. My pecs were pushing the shirt further and further forward, nipples are totally visible and I could feel the collar be more and more stretched. And at the level to my back, it was same, I could feel my lats stretching this poor shirt badly, to the point where I could hear little rips. I felt my abs solidify and deepen even more: we often talk about concrete abs, well I think mine were not far from this description, at least they were close! And if my shirt was abused, of course my pant was too! My quads were growing, stretching the fabric to the point where the seams began to give way I was doing my best not to grumble but it was impossible to remain totally silent. And of course Ben noticed my muffled grunts. "Hahaha! So David, you evacuate your 2 gigas menus?". Thank god he thought I was taking a dump. "Y-Y-Yeah!" I said while my fists were shaking and I was red as a tomato. "Hahaha! I'm already amazed that your stomach could take all this in, so your anus...". Very funny Ben! You won't let me grow in peace? "Well, see you in 20 minutes dude!"; "Y-Yeah, s-see you". And he's gone. Thank god. I took the opportunity to release some pressure but not too much. "Oh fuck! Aaaaah! Gnnnnnnhhh! Shit! It's soooooo gnnnnnnnhhh intense aaaaaaaaah". But fortunately, it calmed down quickly. I was here, in this toilet cabin, panting in sweat, my clothes full of tears. I got out and I saw my reflection in the mirror... ho-ly-CRAP! I looked so fucking good! Well, so far from Mike obviously, but already most bigger than this morning. Then I looked the clothes, I looked the tears and an idea came to me: if I really imitate him, Hulk? It could be funny! Anyway, these clothes are ruined so... I closed my fist and I flexed my whole body to maximum. Instantly, I could see the tears became larger, the room was filled with a large number of tearing sounds. hell, I had always found these scenes hot but here, here, I was the one who exploded out of his clothes, I was this superhero. And fuck yeah I loved it! but it was nothing compared to my reflection, shirtless now. I gasped with surprise and lust. The guy in the mirror, was not a simple teenager, it was a fucking bodybuilder, no Mr. Olympia of course but in comparison to my "original" body, the difference was insane: pecs which was close to balloons (and obviously, I couldn't help but bounce them, ripped hard abs with a net of veins, boulders shoulders, a neck that was more a bull neck than a human neck, biceps with a nice vein (I couldn't help but kiss it), a muscular forearms covered with veins like a road map, a large back which gave a V-shape, and what was left of my pants showed the muscle hills of my quads. And this guy was myself. I could have had a hard-on for this kind of physique and here... it was mine! I was MINE! Oh gosh, oh my fucking gosh, it was too much, too hot. I couldn't stand it and I really didn't want to do it next to my friends: I had to empty my balls, here, right now. But I don't want someone to show up in the middle of the act. So I returned in the toilet cabin and I locked the door. Well anyway, these pants are ruined then... I grabbed it and tore it up like a sheet of paper. My underwear, although put to a severe test, was intact! I'll have to remember this brand, at least it's not crap hahaha! He took it off and... HOLY SHIT! What this monster? I mean it's also big than a porn actor! I grabbed it and started to caress... Shit..; Oh shit! Oh fucking shit! It was not just bigger, it was also more sensitive! but of course, as I started to jerk off and began to moan loudly, what was not supposed to happen did happen: someone entered in the room. CRAP! And wait, do you know the worst part? Guess who was that, guess! MATT! FUCK! My first "friend" prevents me from enjoying my growth and then, the second prevents me from jerking! there are days when I would put them on the enemy list rather than friend! But it was impossible for me to stop or report my "session". So I continued, stifling my moans as much as possible, again and... holy shit it's hard not to moan in these conditions, really hard. I was shaking with effort, biting my lip, shooting load after load. Fuuuuuuck, I almost fill this toilet pot with my thick cum. I heard Matt leave. Finally! I hurried to get dressed before anyone else showed up... Well clearly it made me look a bit weird, relatively tight at the top but floating at the bottom, my waist being much narrower than my upper body. Before to leave, I didn't forget to flush, making my super contagious cum go down in the sewer. I laughed a bit as I imagined what would happen if an animal came in contact with it: imagine that it touches a rat... In 24 hours we would have a 50 pounds rat with concrete abs. It would be so ridiculous but funny! On the other hand, if it goes to sea and touches a great white shark, we risk seeing the Megalodon reappear, it would be less funny... Well, it was time to go back to my "buddies", you know, the ones that bother you at the wrong time... When I arrived to my place, Matt looked me and said "Finally, you're worse than a chick, you took more than 30 minutes hahaha!". Yeah, I wouldn't have taken 30 minutes if I hadn't been disturbed, asshole. "Shut up Matt..." I said. 20 minutes later, the movie ended. "Crrraaaappp! It was great! Hulk is really my favourite superhero! And the scene where he lifts the car and start to crush it in roaring, gosh, it was so awesome!" exclaimed Matt. Oh fuck hahaha, I had to restrain myself from bursting out laughing in knowing that tomorrow he will be able to do the same. "Yeah, it was a great movie" replied Ben. "So what do we do now?" I hope they won't make this day last too long because at this rate, I'm going to blow up my XL shirt in few hours. "Well, I still have homework to do so if we go home?" said Matt. Oh god damn it thank you Matt! "Yeah, I also think it's time to go home." At the bus stop, we were talking when I saw Ben squirm a bit. "A problem Ben?" "No... not really, it's just a little weird, I didn't remember my clothes being so tight" replied Ben. "Ah, you too?" said Matt. Internally I was exultant with joy. Hahahahaha, if only they knew what was in store for them! On the way back, as in the movie, I kept feeling my body slowly filling my shirt. As for Ben and Matt, I could see that they were more and more disturbed. Finally, we were back and he was time for everyone to go home. "it was a great day guys!" said Ben. "Yeah I agree" replied Matt. Then he stared at me. "What?" I asked. "I... I don't know how to explain but, it's strange I... I have the impression that you are different from this morning" "Now that you mention it, it's true that you look bigger... and I didn't remember you being taller than me by the way" added Ben. "Hahaha, you guys must be dreaming" "No really, you look... different" said Matt, questioningly. "Maybe I'm becoming Hulk HAHAHAHAHAHA!" "Hahaha you're a fucking idiot David" replied Matt. "Hahaha who know... By the way, have you siblings?" I asked. "What? Why this question? And I have a sister" said Matt. "Oh for nothing" I replied. "And you Ben?" "Just a little brother" said Ben. "But I don't know why you ask that" suddenly jean's stomach began to growl loudly. "Crap, I'm fucking starving!" said Matt. "Yeah me too" replied Ben. "Well, I'm going home" Then he wanted to shake my hand. I shook it and... *CRACK* "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! You fucking crushed it, man! Why do you squeeze so hard? What's wrong with you?" Squeeze so hard? Man, I barely squeezed your hand... "Roooh! You're really soft Ben!" said Matt, in holding out his hand. I shook it also and... *CRACK* "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Are you sick or something? You almost broke my knuckles bastard!" shouted Matt. Well it seems that I don't control my strength anymore hehehe. "Haha sorry guys, I didn't do it on purpose..." "You're really weird today" said Ben. "Oh believe me, strange things will happen again tonight..." I said, in smiling. "What? What do you mean?" asked Matt. "Oh you'll see. But if I have to say something, I just ask you one thing, one thing only" "Yeah?" they asked, almost in same time. "Don't touch anyone this evening" "Eh? David, you're REALLY weird today!" said Matt. "Really, do what I ask, just for tonight. and believe me, you will not regret it, but not at all!" "Yeah, now you're starting to scare me a little bit David" said Ben. "Hahaha don't worry, but really, trust me. And if tomorrow nothing happened, I'll give you giga menus and movie tickets for life" I said. "Well, that's the weirdest request I've ever heard, but for giga menus and movie tickets for life, ok" said Matt. "Well then, if you offer the cinema tickets for life, ok I'll take the bet too" replied Ben. "You won't regret it guys, you'll see. Well, ciao guys" I could have told them more or shown them, but that would have spoiled the surprise, the best surprise of their life. And it's all the more appreciable when you don't know what's inside the gift package. When I got home, I found my mother, sitting at the table almost catatonic. "Hello Mom', I'm back" But she did not answer. She didn't even notice that I was a little... different from this morning. "Dad is not here?" I asked. "He...he... he is at his store" she said, with a shaking voice. "... probably getting drunk" she added. "And Mike?" I saw that she swallowed hard, I felt a little sorry for her but she will get used to the fact that her son was now 8 feet behemoth. However, I don't think that telling her now that her second son was going to be another behemoth was a really good idea. "He... he... he is in his chamber" she said. "... well, what is left of his chamber" she added, with a quavering voice. "M-M-Mike?" she called him. There were a few seconds of silence and then... BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM Holy crap! At each step you could feel the house shaking, plaster dust was falling from the ceiling. It looked like a T-Rex was moving. Yes, no doubt, Mike was here! I heard him coming down the stairs, the steps cracking, literally I mean. Then he appeared. HOLY SHIT, I felt big and strong but in front of Mike, I felt like a fucking bug. "Hello bro'" he said with his deep voice. "So, this shopping day?" "Well, I found few clothes to my new size but..." I lifted my shirt, revealing my big ripped, shredded, hard six-pack "... something tells me that soon they won't be, at my size" I added in smiling. Mom watched my midsection with eyes as round as marbles. "D-David, y-y-you too?" she said, astonished, understanding that it happened to me too. "Perfect! Absolutely perfect!" replied Mike with an evil face. "Have you tested your new abilities?" "Not yet, but apparently you have prepared me a special workout" "Oh yeah, but we will start slowly hehehe! Follow me bro'" Mike left the house and I followed him. Shit! I felt the ground tremble with each of his steps, it was like be right behind a heavy tank. "We don't go to your bedroom? I thought your weights was here" I asked. "My weight? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Now even with all weights, it's like lifting a sheet of paper. Do you really think that I have time to waste on this? And anyway, they are a bit... how to say... crushed. Destroy, it's really fun hehehe!" "So what the hell are we doing outside? There's nothing to lift" I asked. "Oh yes: this!" replied Mike, in pointing... our SUV" "WHAAAAAAAAT? MIKE, ARE YOU CRAZY? You know how much this monster weighs?" "Around 5.000 pounds" WHAT? 5...5.000 pounds? He wants me to lift 5.000 FUCKING POUNDS? He's crazy!!! "M-M-Mike, I-I think you may be overestimating my strength" I said "Or you underestimate it. man, you're becoming Hulk, not just a Mr Olympia, a fucking HULK! So a SUV, it will be a piece of cake... Try, I'm sure you'll be surprised" "And you, are you able to li-" I did not have time to finish my sentence that Mike put his 2 hands under the back and... HO-LY-SHIT! He lifted the SUV with a disconcerting ease. FUCKING CRAP! This thing weighed 5.000 pounds and he lifted it like it was NOTHING!!! Then he put the SUV on the ground. "Does it answer your question bro'?". I swallowed hard. Holy crap! I knew he was strong, but not SO strong! "Your turn!" he said. I swallowed hard. I put my 2 hands under the back and I tried to lift. Obviously, it was heavy, it was fucking heavy. My face became all red, veins popped everywhere, I grunted loudly. "GGGNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" but while I thought it was impossible, well, the impossible happened: the wheels were lifted from the ground. One inch... two inches... three... five... ten... twenty. Crap! I was at my maximum, my body was shaking, my veins were going to explode, my teeth were fucking clenched, I was redder than a tomato. It was too much: I "put" (or rather dropped) the SUV on the ground. It fell back heavily. "You see that you can do it? And in only a few hours, it will seem ultra light! Well, before getting down to business, I'm starving" I hadn't noticed it but indeed, I was starving, the kind of starving so intense that I could eat anything! And in fact, that's kind of what we did. We raided the fridge, anything that looked like food was immediately engulfed. I was thinking about the giga menu and when I eat 2: here, I think I must have eaten the equivalent of 5 or 6! And Mike probably more than a dozen. HOLY SHIT! We were literally ogres! When Mike finished to eat, he did the loudest burp I've ever heard in my life! *BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP* HOLY CRAP! "Well, I'm a bit lazy to go there now, we'll go after that" said Mike. "After that?" I said, not understanding what he meant. "That!" he said in pointing me. I lowered my eyes and... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! MY SHIRT! HOLY CRAP! I WAS FILLING MY XL SHIRT! "WHAT THE?" I said, shocked. "Ah yes, I forgot to tell you: food helps accelerate the growth process, that's why you're so hungry: because it requires a very large amount of energy to feed your muscles. So prepare to grow hehehe" Oh shit, fucking shit! I started to sweat and pant. "Hehehe! I think you should take a trip to the bathroom bro'" I could feel it, the tingling, but this time we were passed to the superior stage: I had the sensation that my whole body was in fire. I got up and staggered to the bathroom, it was difficult to stand. I could already feel my chest stretching the fabric, same for my pant. It was a matter of minutes before I blew my clothes off. Finally, I reached the bathroom and rushed to the mirror. Oh fuck! My shirt was totally soaked with sweat, strongly accentuating the details of my musculature. "NNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" SHIT! It was fucking intense! If before I had to concentrate to feel this growth, here, there was no need, I could clearly see the fabric slowly moving, at all levels: shoulders: back, pecs, legs! And the sound... oh fuck this sound, this characteristic stretching sound!!! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH NNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Fucking fuck! I felt so tight, the slightest bend would have shattered my shirt! But I didn't want to do, I wanted to enjoy, this feeling, oh my gosh, this feeling was so AWESOME! "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKK NNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!" And I was becoming not only bigger, I was becoming also taller: my shirt was becoming too small, don't covering entirely my chest, letting appear little by little the last row of my abs. Oh fuck! Oh my gosh it's so awesome! It's... ???!!! Oooooh ooooh OH FUCK! AAAAAAHHH! The-NNNNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHHHH-pressure, it's-AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH-increasing! It was so intense I could hardly stand, I had to hold on to the porcelain sink. OH GOSH! AAAAAAAAAHHHH! OH MY FUCKING GOSH! I-I-I will NNNNNNNNGGGHHHHHHHHHH exploooooOOOoOoOoOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! BOOM! My whole body exploded, adding a lot of mass to my frame, I heard several ripping sounds. I squeezed so hard the sink that I crushed it! And it wasn't done! The burning continued, it was so intense that I could hardly stand. I was staggering around trying to find something to grab onto. I finally grabbed the metal bars of the towel rack as I felt a new wave arrive. My whole body tightened up. Fuck, it was funny and enjoying at the beginning but now it was really disabling. When it focused on my back and legs, I was forced to get on all fours, it was impossible to stand. I tried painfully to move as I felt my lats expand and my hands automatically move apart. a last muscular jolt tore me a scream, and finally, it calmed down. Fuck, I didn't expect that, I really didn't. Lucky it didn't happen to me in the mall. I could not have done anything to hide it. I stayed on all fours for a few minutes, panting as I tried to recover from what I had just experienced. Well, it was to see the results... I looked my reflection and.. "HOLY SHIT!!!" I shouted in surprise. I was huge, I was FUCKING huge. And my voice was so fucking deep. Well, obviously, not like Mike yet, but I was ready for pro competitions of bodybuilding. My traps had emerged like mountains, giving me a bull neck, my shoulders were gigantic, striated, my arms... oh fuck my arms! They must have been over 20 inches! My forearms alone should be bigger than some biceps of muscular guys to school. My hands were so fucking huge. My pecs were so big that I had trouble seeing over! My abs... oh my gosh my abs! They were so FUCKING big, bigger than my fist! So ripped, bulged, deep crevices. And on the last row, I could see a fucking net of veins like I rarely see. at my crotch you could see a huge bulge... Hahahaha it's not only my muscles that have grown! If my shirt was in a bad state, it was the same with my pants: tears everywhere! It could no longer contain what had become of my quads: huge muscle mountains, with a large number of hills, and covered with veins. and my shoes were also shredded by my growing giant feet. My clothes were to agony, they were still holding on but the slightest new growth will shred them! And obviously, this is what soon happened! I felt my whole body swelling, again. OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH NNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! And again that obscene stretching noise but especially afterwards, sounds of tearing, everywhere! My shirt tried to resist but lost the fight: the shreds of what was my XL shirt were falling to the ground. my pants had the same fate a few seconds later but one part remained "alive", giving me like shredded short. My shoes did not resist either. HAHAHAHAHAHA! The situation was funny because I was looking like Hulk, the same Hulk from the movie we saw a few hours ago, or rather a "mini-Hulk" because I was obviously still smaller, but soon, soon I will be REALLY Hulk! and for Fuck's sake I'm looking forward to it! I looked my reflection and... HO-LY SHIT! It was magnificent, almost divine! Look at me this FUCKING body, LOOK AT ME! I'm a freak, a fucking MUSCLE FREAK AND I LOVE IT, I FUCKING LOVE IT! "OH MY FUCKING GOSH HAHAHA! AWESOME!". Craaaap, my voice was even deeper than before! I was totally turned on by what I saw. And this time, I was going to enjoy it, without holding me back! I plunged my hand in my "short" and took the "monster" out of its cage. OH MY FUCKING GOSH! LOOK THIS COCK! It-it was so fucking BIG! Even an porno actor would feel insignificant in front of his monstrosity! Without waiting I started to jerk off and... OH FUCK! OH FUCKING FUCK! OH FUCKING FUCK OF FUCKING FUCK! It was bigger, venous as fuck but above all... it was incredibly more sensitive. Nothing could have prepared me for the divine feeling I was experiencing! "OH FUCK! OH MY GOSH! SO GOOD!" My eyes were rolling in their sockets, I started to drool and the pleasure was such that I cried. I jerk off during 10 minutes, 10 long minutes of pure pleasure like I've never known before. By the end, I couldn't even speak, just make glutinous noises of pleasure. I was a beast, a fucking beast driven only by his primal instincts. Then, I felt the climax coming... "ooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Oh my gosh: I wasn't screaming, I was ROARING (when I say I was a beast, I could hardly do a better description), firing huge load after huge load. An gosh, my shots, MY SHOTS! It sounded more like an assault rifle fire than a "normal" ejaculation. By the way, the mirror passed away, getting destroyed by each of my shots. I don't know how long my orgasm lasted but it was clearly abnormally long (but it was not to my displeasure hehehe). Finally, after many minutes, the flood dries up. I have only one thing: HOLY FUCKING SHIT! A good part of the wall was covered with thick and sticky cum. I didn't know I could cum so much! HOLY SHIT! That's when I received a notification of a message: it was Matt. OH CRAP! YES! They finally realized that there was something wrong! Matt: Guys... if you're there answer RIGHT NOW, something NOT AT ALL NORMAL is happening! IT'S EMERGENCY!!! Ben: It can be weirder than I'm experiencing dude... David: Let me guess, did you get the wrong size clothes? Matt: It's not exactly that but... I think I'm... GROWING! David: Matt, of course you're growing, you're a teenager, it's normal you're growing. Matt: DO YOU REALLY THINK IT'S NORMAL TO GROWING LIKE THAT? Matt sent a pic of his biceps, it should be 16 inches. Ben: HOLY CRAP! I think the same thing is happening to me. I was starving, I ate like never before and then I dozed off for an hour and when I woke up, my shirt was fucking tight and was torn in several places. And above all, I'm FUCKING MUSCULAR! And it seems to continue! Matt: Exactly like me! I was in front of TV and suddenly, I felt so fucking tight and when I looked my arms, it was like I showed you. IT'S NOT AT ALL NORMAL!!! Ben: And you David, have you noticed anything? Have you grown? David: Now that you mention it, it's true that I may have grown up a bit, but really just a bit... And I sent them a pic of my current godlike body. Matt: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Ben: HOLY SHIT!!! YOU CALL IT JUST A BIT? DUDE YOU'RE FUCKING GIGANTIC!!!!! Matt: WE NEED TO TALK, I'M GOING TO CALL YOU, NOW! Few seconds later, I receive a grouped call. I obviously accepted and came across a totally panicked Matt "HOLY FUCKING SHIT DAVID? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? WHAT'S HAPPENING TO US?" shouted Matt. "D-D-D-DAVID? I-I-IT CAN'T BE YOU!!!" said Ben, also panicked. "Calm down guys hahaha!" "CALM ME DOWN? DUDE, I'M BECOMING A FUCKING BODYBUILDER! HOW DO YOU WANT ME TO CALM DOWN?" Whooooaaah Matt was in total panic. "Well, I owe you some explanations" I said. "Yeah I think that would be nice..." replied Ben, with a shaking voice. "Yes, you're becoming Hulk, well, not exactly: the green colour option is not included in the packaging hahaha. But I reassure you, it's not dangerous, well, for you... As you can see, it's far from over." "And what is this fucking spell? magic? A disease?" "I would say nanotechnology" "Nanotechnology? Are you kidding me?" said Matt. "No, I'm serious. And... did you remember what I asked to you?" "Yeah, don't touch anyone" said Ben. "Did you respect it?" I asked. "Yeah, even if I don't understand why you asked us that" said Matt. "Oh it's very simple: what you're happening is... contagious" "CONTAGIOUS?" shouted Matt. "Yeah, but this contagion is not permanent, it could be happening only in first 24 hours. And the condition for infected someone is..." "In touching him..." guess Ben. "Well done Sherlock! And I imagine you know WHO infected you?" "You... You infected us..." said Matt. "Yes! In giving you the biggest pat of your life hahahahahahaha!" "So you knew it, you knew it since the beginning?" asked Ben, a bit angry. "Yes, well, not exactly, even I didn't know about it at first. but when I found out, you were on my victims list" "And why did you do that?" asked Ben. "Because your are my friends, I mean my true friends. If there are people who deserve this privilege, it was you two" "You should have told us about it anyway..." said Ben, a bit angry. "That's true but it was more fun to let you find out and I didn't know about it right away either you know, I had the same reaction of surprise as you. And damn it, you're not ready for the next part, believe me but I'm sure, you'll fucking love it!" "And... there is a cure?" asked Matt. "I don't know, but honestly Matt, would you want a cure? Seriously?" "I...I don't know, probably not but.. David, do you realize what you are telling us? I mean, you're literally telling us that in a few hours we'll be like you?" said Matt, astonished by the news. "Nope!" "What? Nope?" exclaimed Matt. "Yeah, you'll be not like me because... I didn't finish my growth" There was one second of pure silence then, they shouted in same time: "WHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?????" shouted Ben and Matt in same time. "D-D-David, are...are... ARE YOU SERIOUSLY TELLING ME WE'RE GOING TO BE BIGGER THAN YOU?" shouted Matt. "Oh yeah! Much more BIGGER! And if I know that, this is because I have a specimen on hand, so... do you want a preview of the final result?" I asked. "... Honestly, I'm not sure is a good idea but... yeah, it would be nice to know that before" replied Ben. "I agree" said Matt. "Very well, don't move guys" I went out of bathroom and went looking for my brother. When he saw me, he had a big smile, a little unhealthy. "Haaaaaa, now you're starting to look like a true man! Well, let's go?" "Two minutes, I am in line with my... victims. They started to notice the changes so I had to update them, and they would like to see the final result" "Hehehe with pleasure bro'! Go ahead, show them what is the ultimate alpha male!" replied Mike, in doing an awesome double biceps pose. "Well, guys, here is the final result" I said in turning my phone for show Mike. Again, there was one second of silence then... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! W-W-W-W-WHAT IS THIS THING?" shouted Matt. Ben, as for him, he couldn't pronounce a single word, he was all white, shaking, and I could just hear him stuttering "G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G..." "HEY! This "thing" has a name and it's Mike!" said my brother, a bit contraried. "M-M-Mike? ... MIKE? NO WAIT! DAVID, I-I-IS IT Y-Y-YOUR BROTHER?" asked Matt. "Yeah!" I replied. "OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" shouted Matt. "By the way, he is the cause of my growth" Ben was still stuttering "G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G...". Ok, we lost Ben. "So now you understand why I told you not to touch anyone, especially those you don't like? If you do it, they will become like my brother" Finally, Ben regained his speech. "Yeah... so... note for myself: don't touch my little brother in next hours" he said. "But on the other hand, if you wish to make a small gift to certain people, you still have a few hours to do so, let's go hehehe..." "Yeah... I-I-I think I will visit one or two people" said Matt. "Same" added Ben. "Here, you know everything. Enjoy to maximum of the next hours, you'll see, you've never felt anything like it" "Y-Yeah..." said Matt, still astonished by the news. "I never thought I'd live to see this day..." replied Ben. "Hehehe, I told you that you would not regret it! Well, I leave you, I have a special workout with my BIG brother. So... good Hulkification guys!" And I hang up. "Well, bro', now, I'm ready!" "Perfect!" said Mike. When we went out, I saw again our SUV. "Just a moment please, I would like to try again" I said in looking the SUV. "Hehehe I was just about to suggest it" I put my hands under the back and I lifted. To my great surprise and especially to my great satisfaction, it was easiest than the last time. Well, clearly it was not light, it was still a vehicle that weighed 5.000 fucking pounds, but I was not at the end of my life like the previous time. "FUCK YEAH!" I shouted in dropping the SUV which bounces heavily against the ground. Mike seemed to be happy. "So bro', do you like your level up?" "If I like it? Mike, how dare you ask that question? FUCK YEAH I LOVE IT! HAHAHAHAHA" On the way, there were electrical poles. Suddenly, an idea came to me. "Mike... do you allow me to...?" I asked, in pointing the electrical pole. "Go ahead David, have fun" I approached to the pole, grabbed it and... try to crush it. no surprise it wasn't that easy. I may have been super strong, I was not like Mike, not yet. But at same time, I heard a sound of metal bending. Slowly, I could feel my finger sink into the metal. Holy shit! It was so fucking good! Honestly, I could explode right now... After 2 miles, few car lifting, crushing metal poles and trying to pull out a fire hydrant (by the way, Mike humiliated me by simply kicking it, as if it were nothing more or less than a common soccer ball), we arrived to the gym. There was a lot of cars in the parking. "Hem M-Mike? I-I think it's crowded, is it really a good idea?" "Yeah it's a good idea. And for the runts, they'll go away, don't worry." Mike entered (well, he entered... let's say that he enlarges the entrance). The security guard looked at him, eyes amazed, and strangely did nothing at all. He walked towards the gym. When we entered, it was filled with the sounds of touching cast iron, grunts, even also moans. Few people saw my brother and froze instantly but the majority had not seen him. Mike seemed to be irritated. "Ok, you fucking runts, clear out!" A good half of them saw Mike and their faces instantly became white. But those who were listening to music or in full effort did not hear it. Mike sniffed furiously and shouted... "YOU-FUCKING-RUNTS, CLEAR-OUT!" Holy crap! I think that even the walls shook... In any case, all had their heads turned towards my behemoth brother. All seemed frozen in time but no one moved. Obviously, this made Mike angry... "GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!" Well, I think even a lion doesn't roar so loud... But it worked, it worked very well: it was the stampede. They all ran towards the exit, almost trampling each other. "Haaaaa! Finally alone." "Well, we start by what machine? "None" replied Mike. "What? None? But why did you bring me here?" "For that!" he said, in pointing a deadlift bar. "What? A deadlift bar?" "Yeah, come on, put yourself in place" I lowered myself and took the bar with my hands. "What the fuck are you doing?" "Hu? Well, you asked me to put in place and..." "But not for that idiot, lie down!" "What?" I said, don't understanding. "Lie down for to bench! You're really idiot" "WHAT THE HELL? Y-You want I use this deadlift bar as a... bench weight?" "Finally he understands!" said Mike, in rising his eyes. "But why we not use directly the bench?" "The bench? With only few hundreds pounds? Are you here to lift weights or not? Few hundreds pounds, it's so light!" Well damn, if someone had told me that this morning, I wouldn't have believed it... I put myself in position, but on the ground because no bench would support the weight. "How much weight?" "1.000 pounds" Craaaaap, it was so fucking insane. Well, I lifted a 5.000 pounds SUV but it was touching the ground, so the weight was distributed. Here, I have to lift the whole weight. It was totally different. But... I can do it! I started to push, my face became red and... I felt the bar get up slowly as I grunted with effort. "OH SHIT MIKE! DO YOU SEE THAT HAHAHAHA IT'S SO AMAZING!" "Yeah, it's good... but too easy, so ... Ie'll spice things up a bit hehehe" What? Reassure me, it is not serious... But unfortunately for me, I saw him come back with 500 pounds weight plates. HOLY SHIT! HE'S SERIOUS, HE'S FUCKING SERIOUS! "M-M-Mike, i-i-it's a bad idea, I can't..." "Oh fuck yeah you can, and he added two plates. "M-MIKE! I-I-I'M NOT SURE I CAN..." My face was all read, my arms were shaking as fuck, I clenched my teeth to broke them but I was able to keep the bar up. "Funny, you're more resistant than I thought" he said, amused. And... he added again two plates. "MIKE NO!" I shouted. I was going to kill me, really. This time, it was impossible to keep the bar up and slowly, it lowered. "MIKE! WHAT DO YOU DO?" I shouted, panicked. "What I do? That!" he said. And... he added the last 4 plates. "MIKE!!! I'M BEING CRUSHED, I'M BEING FUCKING CRUSHED!!!" "I see that, but you know what to do" he said in smiling badly. "What?" I said. "Grow bro'! Grow and grow, and grow AND GROW!!! COME ON BRO'!!!" He was crazy! He was fucking crazy but... hell yes, he was right. It was time, time to... GROW! "RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" With my all anger, I pushed and pushed and pushed but obviously, the bar didn't move from only one inche. But no way to give up! I pushed again and again and again. And suddenly I felt it, I felt this tingling that I had felt this morning and the more I pushed, the more I felt this tingling increasing. It became a burn and then I felt like my blood was replaced by lava. But I kept pushing, until the moment where... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" My whole body exploded adding dozens, maybe even hundreds muscle pounds. My "short" has been shredded this "muscle-plosion", releasing my enormous dick. But it was not sufficient to lift the bar, so I continued to push. Mike was completely elated, he was shouting. "THAT'S IT BRO'! GROW! GROW AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!" "FUCK YYYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" I pushed again and again and again and suddenly... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" BOOM! A new "muscle-plosion"!!! But still not sufficient! So I continued! And I could see it, I could see: my body started to swell, at a clearly visible pace. It was like to swell a balloon, except here, it wasn't air, it was muscle, pure muscle. At each second, a large number of muscle pounds were added to my frame. I was hulking hahahahah! FUCK YEAH I WAS HULKING HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! And I could feel it, I could feel my strength was increasing, quickly, very quickly! In only few ten of seconds, I felt my strength doubling, tripling, QUADRUPLING! And it didn't stop... And the miracle happened: the bar moved upwards, very very slightly at the beginning then more and more quickly. "FUCK YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!! DO YOU SEE THAT MIKE? DO YOU SEE ME BECOME A FUCKING HULK?". Crap, my voice... MY VOICE! It was inhuman, insanely deep. "YEAH BRO' I SEE!!! COME ON, LET'S GET THE SAUCE!!" Do you want I get the sauce Mike? Okay bro', LET'S GET THE SAUCE!!! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" I roared as never, I pushed beyond my limits and... the bar was at its highest! So I lowered it... and I lifted it again, this time, I lifted smoother and a little easier... and I lowered again... and I lifted again... and I lowered again..." "THAT'S IT BRO'!!! THAT'S I WANT TO SEE!!!" yelled Mike. As the seconds passed, the bar became lighter and lighter and it was easier and easier. I didn't pay attention to it but my cock was hard as it has never been. And as if to thank me, my body gave me the ultimate gift: the tingling come back. But increased to a level never seen before! I barely had time to realize that suddenly... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" My traps exploded to the point where I felt my ears touching them. My shoulders exploded in a size that was difficult to describe. My arms... how to say... if I say that Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronnie Coleman were maggots in comparison to me, does that give you an idea of what a monster I was? And if said that my main vein was bigger than a garden hose? My forearms were probably bigger than a bull leg! My pecs exploded so much than they definitively masked my view on my midsection. But even with a masked view, I could feel my insanely hard midsection, I could feel each bricks swelling, pushing against others to occupy all the space available. And just when I thought it was over for my abs, the first row exploded out of my stomach, doubling in size, the sensation was so intense that I roared. Then... I roared a second time... and a third! But it wasn't done, my body had one more surprise in store for me: I roared a fourth time! and if my calculations are correct, it meant I had... A FUCKING EIGHT-PACK! Hahahahaha FUCK YEAH! I could feel also my back rubbing against the ground, it was thickening but above all, widening as fuck. And my legs exploded also! and as I tried to put my feet together, it took me a few seconds to realize that what I felt there was not my feet but my... quads! They were so FUCKING big that they were touching long before I could put my feet together! My calves exploded also, it felt like if someone implanted two balloons under my skin. And obviously, my gigantic cock grew too! I could feel it rubbing against the central crevice of my abs. It grew until to reach my pecs. HOLY CRAP! IT WAS SO FUCKING BIG! This whole and last muscle growth was insane, really too insane. I was going to cum, it was inevitable! I let go of the bar with one hand (and held it with only one hand! And guess what? It didn't change anything, it was still light! I grabbed my dick with my other hand. the first thing that struck me was the absolutely insane vascularity. the second thing was that the sensitivity had reached heights that can be described as divine! As soon as I started to jerk off, my eyes rolled in their socket to the point where you could only see the whites of my eyes. I grunted also like a beast. After several minutes, my hand had reached an incredibly pace. The pleasure was almost continuous. And then I felt the climax is coming. Obviously, I restrained myself and could enjoy 15 seconds of orgasm more. But I could not hold on any longer... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" My cock, or rather my "cannon" fired. I shot gigantic load after gigantic load, with the power of a true cannon. "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!" shouted Mike. Even him was totally stunned by what was happening! And my shots weren't the only thing that was incredibly powerful: my yell was so fucking loud that walls shook and windows exploded. And I shot and shot and shot and shot, it was a fucking flood and it lasted for a fucking eternity. When finally it was over, the whole gym was bathing in a thick layer of sticky cum. The ceiling was a battlefield filled with holes as if it had been bombed. "HOLY SHIT HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! IT WAS SO FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!" I said, with my incredibly new deep voice. Mike was speechless. He was in a state of absolute lust. Shaking, drooling. I think he didn't expect that, and to tell the truth, neither did I... I put the bar on the ground (which I had almost forgotten about because it was so insignificant light now...) and I got up. And quickly I had the confirmation I wanted: I was like my brother, a fucking 8 feet behemoth, weighing probably several tons of muscle. The first thing that disturbed me was that everything seemed so... small, I mean I was 8 fucking feet tall!. The second was this sensation of absolute power that ran through my veins, my body and my mind. It was as if we had implanted a nuclear reactor in each of my muscle. Even if the simple act of breathing was enjoyable, feeling this titanic muscle wall heaving in and out. It was insane, insanely insane. It wasn't a wet dream, no I was a fucking titan. after a few seconds, I smile with exultation and... "GRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!" I let out a roar of victory, releasing all my power. Then I turned towards my brother. "So Mike, what do we do now? because well, if you want to put me to the test, you'll need something heavier than this crap" I said, in showing the 5.000 pounds bar. It took several seconds for my brother to come to his senses. Suddenly we heard a small voice. "What...the... hell?". There was a guy in the entrance, his eyes were widened and he was tetanized but honestly, I would have had the same reaction as him in his place. I recognized him, it was Dylan, the handsome guy from high school, handsome to the point that even the straight guys questioned their sexual orientation. It was not the most enormous but he had a model's physique and apparently often used to come to practice in the evening. I looked at my brother to know what to do with him... HOLY SHIT! He had the most carnivorous look I've ever seen in my life! Crap, I had never seen it like that, he looked like a hungry lion ready to pounce on his prey and to tell the truth it was a bit like that: he was his prey. So yes, Dylan had a good reason to be terrified, really... "DYLAN! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I was going to pay you a visit but in the end it won't be necessary... You couldn't have come at a better time!". Holy crap, Mike was almost drooling. What was he going to do with this guy? He would have eaten it all raw that it would not have surprised me. "You know... I found you were always beautiful, in particular your sexy firm ass... And, how to say that... I haven't had dessert in a few days and now I'm starving, TERRIBLY starving...". Ok, It answers my question: yeah he's going to eat him, he's going to eat his ass, raw! Poor Dylan... Dylan's face became, white, all white, more white than white, when he understood the meaning of the sentence. Despite his trembling legs he wanted to turn around and run but... too late, a huge hand grabbed him by the collar and lifted him like a piece of straw. "N-N-N-NO P-P-P-PLEASE!!!" shouted Dylan, believing his last moments were coming... Holy crap! Did Mike just lick his lips? Fuck, he was really scary sometimes... "I guess you won't leave it "like that"" I say. "He's a bit small for you, isn't it?" "Indeed" replied Mike. "But we're going to fix that!" Obviously he wanted to "hulkify" him. "So, do you want I touch him?" I asked. "It would not be necessary, I have better, much better! Something more radical and fast" What? It would not be necessary? What was he going to do? He's not going to fuck this guy like that? "P-P-P-PLEASE!" shouted Dylan, tetanized. He even pissed on himself. But he ignored him completely and went to the pond of my cum and... he plunged Dylan into. And that's not all, well... um... he... he used Dylan as a... rag. Holy crap! I was even a little sorry for Dylan, it must have been so humiliating, he was dragged all over the place in my cum. "Um... Mike, y-you know, it is a human being, not a rag..." "Shut up David, I'm cleaning your shit" said Mike, with a bad smile. "And I use whatever I want for it" he added. And he continued to wipe again and again in using Dylan. The poor guy was coughing, almost choking in my cum. When he finally done, Dylan was a fucking sponge, totally impregnated with my cum. Cum, cum everywhere: his shirt, his short, his arms, his face, his hair. All was covered with my sticky white milk. He had it everywhere. Now, he was on all fours, trying to slowly escape, shaking like a leaf, coughing because he had some in his mouth, wiping his face to see something. Well, needless to say that to be contaminated. If he wasn't, nobody would be. One more hulk in the family. But now what? Mike was going to wait 24 hours for Dylan to huklify? Isn't that a bit long? But suddenly I heard Dylan start to moan loudly, almost... painfully! What? "Aaaaaaaaah wh-what's h-happening t-t-to me? gggggnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!!!". And then I could clearly see that his back had started to grow. What the hell? It's starting already? "Mike? What the...? Isn't it supposed to take several hours before it really starts?" "The speed of growth depends on whether you were briefly in contact with contaminated fluid or if you were strongly infected, like him for example. So in his case, it should be a bit more... immediate I think." Holy shit! So he's going to grow now? Right now? I got my confirmation when I heard him really screaming in pain. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH IT'S HURTS, IT'S HURT SO BAD!!!". Yeah, he's growing... I could see his back had already grown very large, the first tears was already starting to appear. As he liked to show his body, he always wore tight clothes and you could clearly see the bumps moving under the fabric. but he had not yet understood that because until now, the tone in his voice was clearly one of concern and fear. I wonder when that will change, when he would realize that he was becoming fucking more muscular. I didn't have to wait long for this to happen... "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH MY ARMS, THEY HURT SO AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH MUCH, THEY... WH-wHAT GGGNNNNNHHHH AAAAAAAAAH MY...MY ARMS ARE OOOOOOOHHHHHH GROWING! AND MY... OOOOOOOOOOOOHH SHOULDERS TOO! AND GGGNNNHHHHHHHHHH... N-NO AAAAAAAAH IT-IT'S MY GNNNNNHHHHHH WHOLE BODY! I-I AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH I'M GROWING! FUCK! I'M GROOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH-WING!" Oh gosh, it was unbelievably hot to watch, I was as hard as ever! When I thought it would explode from all sides, it stopped. What the hell? I mean he was much more bigger than few minutes ago but, far from to be like Mike. Why did it stop? Dylan was still on all fours, panting loudly trying to recover from what he had just experienced. "Ha..ha... holy... crap... ha... ha... I don't know... ha... ha... what it was but... ha... it was... AWESOME!" He said, with a voice which was definitively deeper. He managed to get back on his knees. Craaaaap, I may have been much more bigger than him, see a more or less normal guy becoming pro bodybuilder in few minutes was still incredibly hot! "Oh my fucking gosh!" he said, looking with astonishment at his huge forearms. He flexed his biceps, which should now be a good 19 inches, tearing a little more in the process his sleeves. "HOLY SHIT! Is... is it my arms?" he said, totally stunned by the huge muscle peak. Then he lowered his eyes for to see his two huge beach balls, enjoying to bounce them. Dylan caught his shirt, already torn in several places, and with one blow he tore what was left of it. Craaaap, his previously athletic build was now the one of a pro bodybuilder: bull neck, canonball shoulders, big ripped pecs, six huge bricks carved in marble... He passed his hand on them, feeling their hardness. Then, a smile appeared on his face and he started slowly to laugh. Surprise gave way to lust. "Ha... ha... haha... hahaha... hahahaha... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" he exploded with joy. "YES! OH MY GOSH YES!!! OH FUCK YES!!!" he shouted, in flexing his newly muscular chest. "Shouldn't he be bigger?" I asked. "Yeah but I think it's not finished. His hole is still too small. I think a little extra cleaning is neces-...?" But before Mike could finish his sentence, Dylan threw himself on the ground, rubbing himself in my cum, wriggling in it while exulting. What the hell? He even licked the ground! Well, he probably understood that this was what had made him grow and the least we can say is that he wanted it to continue! His smile was demonic, no doubt what he had in mind at that moment, he wanted to grow, much more! "Hehe! Finally, he is even more impatient than I thought! So much the better, it was getting too long there!" said Mike, by holding his huge cock, which was ready to explode. And it wasn't long before before Dylan grows again. But this time, he knew what was going on and his attitude was very different from the previous one: he was laughing, almost like a madman. But among his laughter, we also heard loud moans of pain. He was turned in our direction, so we could clearly admire the show... and what a show. His neck were widening while at the same time his trapezoids emerged from his back. His shoulders were swelling, like balloons, becoming larger than his former head and continuing to swell. His biceps were swelling at an incredible pace, gaining in few seconds what it would have taken years to obtain, his veins were getting bigger, more like garden hoses. His forearms were becoming bigger than the majority of the school's athletes' arms. His pecs swelled and began to block his view, his nipples were moving and went down. His abs were swelling and suddenly, each row exploded out of his stomach, doubling almost in size, his legs were growing as fuck becoming much larger than tree trunks and don't forget to mention his enormous dick, which gained in length and circumference. Dylan was growing, and growing and GROWING! During the whole process, he laughed like a maniac, his laughter being interspersed with his moans of pain. even though I was 8 feet tall, it was terrifying. All reason seemed to have left his body, he was in pure ecstasy, growing, shouting, laughing. I didn't realize it but I was as hard as ever and I was even shaking but clearly not from fear! This show was so... so... Suddenly he shouted louder, or rather he ROARED louder. and the cause was soon clear: he was "exploding" in muscle mass. do you see the muscle growth scenes like in Dragon Ball? Well, it was the same! everything was literally exploding, becoming bigger, harder, deeper, more carved. His six-pack evolded into a incredible eight-pack, his biceps were clearly bigger than any head, his pecs and traps were so muscular than it was starting to engulf his neck. His back were now so large than he couldn't enter somewhere without destroy the wall. It was really too much for myself: I fired several loads that were going to smash violently against the wall in front. And Mike was not insensitive to the situation either had to bite himself in order not to cum on the spot but clearly his gun was ready to fire. Finally, Dylan completed his transformation with a howl worthy of the Hulk. and it was over, for good this time. He was panting loudly on for some minutes and with difficulty he got up. yeah, no doubt, it was as big as us. He looked at his fists, opening them, closing them, bouncing his gigantic pecs, felt his huge eight-pack then, he said from his powerful new deep voice: "OH MY FUCKING GOSH!". He caught cast iron disk and slowly crushed it. A wide bad smile of appeared on his face, exulting in the sight of his power. Yeah, he loved the way he felt, you could see it very clearly. Then he turned towards my brother, precum oozing from his dick (and Mike's too, both were now human fountains), then, he said "So you want my ass Mike? But for that, man, you have to earn it and i prevent you: it's not going to be easy" he said, in smiling badly and flexing his monumental biceps. Craaaap, this evil smile was really scary and this biceps too... Mike looked at Dylan, with the same demonic smile "Oh fuck yeah! I don't like it when it's too easy" said my brother. And the clash of the titans began... They rushed towards each other and started a kind of fight, well not by hitting each other but one as the other was trying to dominate the other and to submit him. And frankly they were REALLY NOT pretending: it was better not to be between the two of them because everything was bound to be crushed, trampled, torn to pieces. He sent my brother against the wall, half destroying it. My brother retaliated and sent Dylan waltzing across the room, crushing all machines in its path. It was a fucking carnage. I backed off a bit, even though I was an 8 foot giant, it was really a bad idea to find myself in the middle of their battle. Holy shit, it looked like a life-size kaiju fight. It was violent, bestial, wild and above all sexual, both fighting to determine who would be below and who would be above. Finally my brother succeeded, by grabbing him by the throat, to put Dylan on the ground, and this violently, exploding the tiles in the process and creating a small crater. Then He stood on him to prevent him from moving. He struggled to free himself but Mike held him down firmly, to the point of breaking bones. "Stay down, tonight you are my whore!" said my brother. Dylan smiled and said "Well, indeed, it seems that you win this round". Mike roared victoriously. "But I want another round after! You may have won a battle but certainly not the war!" said Dylan, who didn't seem to mind losing. "Oh yeah, even 100 if you want! And I would win them all, these battles" said Mike, smiling like someone drooling over his favourite dessert. "Bro..." he said while he was still looking Dylan, with a tone that made me think I wasn't going to like what he was going to say. "Adult stuff is going to happen, kids are not allowed so... get out of here!" he said. "Eh! I've been 18 for a few months, I'm not a kid anymore!" I said, a bit angry. "For me you'll always be a kid, even if you are 8 feet tall, so... get out, don't make me say it again!" he said, with a touch of anger. Gloups... well, I'd better not stay here, even before when Mike gets mad it was a mess, but now I wouldn't dare to imagine this same situation with his current condition... "Very well, have fun between adults" I said, leaving the room. "Don't worry for that..." said Mike, with a psychopathic look. When I let the gym, I met the same security guard who still did not seem to have recovered from his emotions and it wasn't going to get any better for him... "It was a good workout" I said in flexing my gigantic biceps. He recognized my head (but probably not my body!) and when he saw my biceps, I saw his eyes get even more squared off, to the point where they could pop out of their sockets, and suddenly he lost all colour and fainted. when I got to the parking lot, I noticed a funny detail: there was an SUV that was pretty close to dad's. I smiled: it was time to test my new strength. I placed a hand under the back and lifted and... instantly, I lifted the vehicle without any problem, with one hand. Hahahaha! Insane, I had really become a fucking Hulk, for real! As I put the SUV down, I heard the loudest yell I have ever heard, even during my growth. It was insane, even the scream of a T-Rex was ridiculous in comparison! The ground shook as if there had been an earthquake, the windows of the gym and all the vehicles in the parking exploded instantly, the car alarms went off... Well, it looks like my brother finally got his "chocolate mousse". And a few seconds later, I heard a new noise coming from the room. The next round had started... I suddenly thought about Ben and Matt, where were they in their hulkification process? Were they like me in their bathroom, on all fours, in moaning painfully while they were exploding out of their clothes? One thing was sure, they would not sleep much, their night will be... agitated hehehe. From my side, I was still contagious for a few hours and I was going to take advantage of it! I was thinking about who I could visit in the next few hours, who would be next on my "to hulkify list". Greg seemed a good choice, he was always nice to me, he deserves a little reward. And on the contrary I was thinking also who was going to be on my "to terrify list", those I will visit later, when there is no more risk of contagion. I think I'll start with this dear Rob, this bastard deserves a little correction! Yeah, the next few hours were going to be fun, really fun!
  3. My Roommate’s a Were-Hulk: Halloween Edition Summary: Noah and Zach are approaching Halloween and are pumped up for a costume party. But when Zach gets second thoughts at the last minute, the two discover something within them that unleashes their inner beast for Halloween. A longer one-shot, quickly written. It’s been a while since I’ve written a story, so I took some liberties with my style here. (I don’t know if it works lol.) I wanted to separate this from my other thread since it’s a bit of an “event” kind of story. This might be the longest muscle growth story I’ve ever written and the fastest I’ve ever written one. Enjoy some more Hulk shenanigans from yours truly. The Incredible Hulk is a copyright of Marvel. I claim no ownership. --------------------------- “Hurry up, bro! You’ve been in there for 20 minutes!” I was getting annoyed. I didn’t get this dude an invite just for him to get cold feet at the last minute. I knew someone in ATO, so it’s not a big deal for me, but Zach didn’t. Mark fuckin’ grilled me, and I had to convince him that Zach will be chill and that he’s a ride or die. Now I’m standing here in just my purple shorts, half naked, half painted, and the rest of my green body paint still sitting in the bathroom. “They’re doing the costume contest at like 10:30. We’re gonna miss it if you want a chance, Zach!” I looked at my phone, and it was already 8 and we were gonna pregame at my girl’s place in half an hour. And my paint job was gonna take longer than that. Trying not to tear the door down, I tried to wait patiently outside the bathroom door, hearing the whirr of the vent inside. I pulled out my phone, idly switching between apps hoping that my roommate would finish. As I was scrolling through my notifications, my phone buzzed and a text from her — Jen — popped up. Where are you? dont forget we’re taking pics, it read. “Shit!” I hissed. I texted a quick reply — something fell off of Zach’s wizard costume and he had to fix it. I turned back to the bathroom door and started knocking like I have been for the past 5 minutes. In the middle of my knocking, the door swung open and there stood Zach: 5’9”, short and neat dark brown hair, pale skin, scrawny stature. He was just wearing his vest and some shorts as he walked out. “Finally, bro!” I called out. But there was a weird glum, anxious look on his face. Zach was always a sensitive dude, but the look I was seeing right now wasn’t anything I’d ever seen from him before. Like there was something heavy weighing on him. Ever since the party got pushed forward a day, Zach’s been acting like he didn’t wanna go anymore, even though he said he did. He was so excited before, but now… “Dude, are you okay?” Zach sighed and stopped in his tracks beside me. “I’m… I’m fine. I don’t know, I just don’t really feel like going out tonight anymore.” He looked kinda scared, to be honest. I didn’t know why though, and I couldn’t understand what was up with him. We’d been roommates for almost a year now and despite how different we were, I really felt like we could tell each other anything. But now he’s giving me this weird, blocked off attitude that I’d never seen before and it was honestly making me upset. “Why not?” I asked him. He clearly had a good reason to say, but all Zach said with a simple defeated look on his face was, “I’m just a little tired.” I huffed and wrapped my unpainted arm around his shoulders. “Come on dude. It’s our last Halloweekend of college, bro.” I said to him, trying to study Zach’s expression. I hung over him trying to reach his height. “Look, I know you’ve been stressed and exhausted all week, but that’s just more of a reason to go out. You deserve this.” Zach seemed hesitant. His brown eyes kinda just fixated on a point on the ground to avoid looking at me. You could tell there was clearly a lot going on in his head but I wanted to convince him to take a real break and hang out for once. “I just… Well, you just never know what can happen sometimes,” he said quietly. “What could happen? I can promise you, it’s not like we’re going to some stranger’s house. We — I know these people. It’ll be chill…” I could tell Zach was feeling super tense. “There’s… a blue moon tonight.” “Is that it?” I said. I wasn’t super sure if he was serious or not. “I didn’t know you were superstitious about full moons.” “I’m not, but I just…” “Need to chill! You need to hang out and take the edge off,” I said taking my arm off Zach. “You promised that you’d come out tonight. Plus, you’ll get to meet some new people and it’ll be fun.” Zach just stood there in silence. I couldn’t tell whether I made things better or worse, but the dude sighed and finally looked up with me, with an awkward smile on his face. “You’re right. Yeah, I’ll go,” he said. I was relieved, but there’s something about his tone of voice that made me question whether or not he knew something I didn’t. “Hell yeah,” I said. “We gotta finish up soon though, Jen’s waiting on us.” I wasted no time to head into the bathroom where I could finally resume putting my costume together. I positioned myself in front of the mirror and looked real quick. I chuckled as I took in my incomplete sight. Basically everything about me was still the same — 6’2”, shaggy messy dark blond hair, blue eyes behind my glasses — but I was shirtless and my left arm was painted green. I wasn’t as scrawny as Zach at all, and I had a good lean build going on since I started working out, but I was still a long way to go til I become the next CBum. I adjusted my glasses right before hitting a quick bicep pose just to check myself out. Yeah, Zach was the nerd but I’m the four eyes here. I went to work painting the rest of my torso green, glancing at the light up Hulk mask laying on the counter. Yeah, I was going to be the Hulk. Was I going to win the costume contest for creativity? Nah. Am I the biggest dude in the room? Also no. But I started getting serious with lifting six months ago, and I planned all summer to make my gains, my costume. I figured it would be easy and simple, and there’d be a good joke in there about me acting like a douche just to show off my biceps. Simple was true, but easy was not, considering I can’t wrap my arms around to actually paint my back green. “Zach? Could you help me paint my back?” “Yeah, sure!” Zach turned the corner and I saw him at the bathroom door once more, this time decked out in his cool ass wizard gear — robe, hat, vest, accessories, everything. I clowned on him for basically putting together some nerdy cosplay, but I couldn’t deny that his costume looked legit. Like, genuinely good. Like this dude really hand painted fake wands! The only thing that was amiss was the corny fake beard, but I think it works out for him. Meanwhile, I had patchy green paint that already looked rushed. I handed him the body paint and the messy sponge I was using. “Sorry, I should’ve told you to wear gloves or something.” “It’ll wash out,” he said in his signature candid tone. He went to work, and I kept fidgeting as he applied the paint to my skin. “The Hulk, really?” he asked in a playful tone. “Well it’s so I can show off my gainz, you know?” I shifted into a teasing tone, mocking those dumb roided out bodybuilders. Respect to them, though. “What gains?” Zach teased back. “You really think that gym helped that much?” “I don’t know, you tell me,” I said to him. In a quick motion, I jumped to do a quick bodybuilding pose, trying to show off my biceps and lats once more. I knew he was gay, but I liked teasing him with a quick flex or two sometimes. It was always in good faith, considering Zach was the one that would suggest it half the time. I must have shocked Zach though. He kinda jumped, and so did some paint from the small body paint jar, landing all over the bathroom and me. We apologized to each other at the same time: me for scaring him, him for causing a mess. But I realized the one that had it worse at this point was… him. “We can just clean this shit tomorrow,” I said, thinking he was frozen ‘cause he thought he just inconvenienced me. But looking over him I realized, “Yo there’s some paint on your…” “I know. Shit!” A bunch of paint splashed all over his robe and vest. That was half of his costume! “It’s ruined,” he whispered to himself. I rushed to grab a towel. “Chill, don’t freak out,” I told him. I tried wiping the paint off his costume, but ended up smearing it. I tried to tell him to shift, but his eyes were instead fixated on the bathroom window behind me. “Hey, you good?” When I got no response, I decided to look around and see that the full moon was in full view. Damn, did I just confirm his superstitions? “Yo… Earth to Zach… Are you good?” I noticed his breathing was starting to get heavy, like he was about to get into a panic attack. He shook himself out of it though, literally shaking his head. But he was starting to seem disoriented. “I… Oh fuck. Shit. My costume,” he muttered, as if he forgot what had just happened. He looked dazed and confused. “I just need to…” “Zach?” “I need to… calm down,” he said. It sounded like he was out of breath. He clumsily stepped out of the bathroom like he was already drunk. “Need to… calm down…” “Hey? Zach? Are you good?” I left everything behind to go after him. I watched him stumble into his room and slam the door. “Let me get you some water, bro!” “S-stop it… Noah, just go without me…” I heard him call out. His voice sounded all weird… Like deeper or something. Maybe pained? “Nah, you made a promise, bro. Let me help you, I swear it’s fine,” I said to him as I rushed to the kitchen to get a glass of water. “Seriously, Noah… Listen to me… Just go.” I came running back to Zach’s room. “Look, I’m not going —” “Noah, STOP.” I stopped myself right at Zach’s door frame, hearing him put bass into his voice that I’d never heard before. I saw Zach on the floor, holding his head, bathing in the moonlight pouring through his room’s windows. He was shaking. “Just go, Noah. I’m serious. I’m gonna wreck you if you don’t…” His voice was wavering and inconsistent. I slowly stepped in, placing the glass of water on his desk and kneeling down beside him. “Zach, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pressure you, I…” “It’s too late for that, bro.” The sound of his voice made me jump. I sprung up and took a step back. Zach’s voice was never really high pitched, but right now it was bassy, it was powerful. It didn’t sound like him — or at least not the guy putting paint on my back a few minutes ago. “You wanna know why I didn’t wanna go… I tried to fight it… But I’ll show you instead.” “Zach what are you…” The scrawny dude stopped shaking and looked up suddenly from his prostrate position. I started crawling back though, as my little, usually-tame roommate locked his gaze onto me with a strangely confident smirk and… And… “Bro your eyes… They’re… green!” “And that’s just the start of it, bro.” Zach slowly straightened his back, the moonlight coming from behind and casting a light outline around him. It felt like the air inside had gotten thick, and I had no idea that my roommate was about to become the living, best personification of my costume. With a blue moon just a few days before Hallowee, I felt like I was living in a horror movie! (Or a story on some niche internet forum.) Zach’s eyes rolled up as he closed them, shuddering like he just orgasmed. I swear, he even moaned. Then I noticed it, a large bulge in his pants as he hunched over and shrugged his shoulders… which seemed to be… widening? “Fuck… I…” Zach’s normal voice cried out for a little bit, and it sounded like he was trying to suppress what the fuck was happening. “F-f-f-fuck yeah, it’s happening.” He opened his eyes again and glanced at me before it looked like every muscle he had twitched, a full-body involuntary flex of what were currently nonexistent muscles. With the lights in his room being out, the only things that helped me see anything were the moonlight and the light from the hallway behind me. I could only just barely see Zach clenching his hands into fists, his fingertips going green. It began to click for me that Zach was more than human when his costume caught some light, the loose black sleeves of his costume tightening and expanding around some seriously muscled arms. “Zach, you’re… You’re… What are you…” I couldn’t find the words, and I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. There was something, like, stirring inside me, bro. I can’t explain it. I was watching my roommate transform into some kind of beast and although I was scared, there was something keeping my eyes peeled. “I’m fuckin’ HULKING OUT, bro. You’ve watched the movies.” Zach huffed and grabbed the hooded robe and tore it clean off his back, tossing it against the wall, leaving himself in the black shirt and vest underneath. “Stupid fuckin’ robe.” I watched as Zach flexed his back and streeeeeetched — “Dumb…” — a loud pop and tear sounded as I saw green skin began to peek through destroyed cloth — “Puny…” — he glanced and me and smirked before raising his arms and flexing huge bicep peaks and bursting through the sleeves — “Costume…!” When he ripped his sleeves clean off the seams, as you could see his traps rise and settle into a permanent flex, I could feel the feelings inside become a stirring in my lower region. I’ve been straight all my life, and I’d rather die than cheat on Jen at all, but I was suddenly obsessed with the raw masculinity revealing itself in front of me. And when I saw his chest bursting through his shirt, Zach gripping the vest and tearing it off effortlessly, without any sense of friction, I was as hard as a rock. He’s becoming a fucking god. I slowly dropped to my knees, mouth open, transfixed. My heart was beating so fast as I watched his chest fill out, his shoulders broaden, his back widen, his already huge bulge grow in his pants, his shoulders balloon into boulders, his abs carving out from nothing, his feet tear through his black socks, his calves lengthen and harden and thicken as he pushed up taller than even me. My horniness had to be obvious through my mesh shorts as Zach chuckled as he looked me down. “Yeah. I knew you’d fuckin’ like it. I know what you’re into. I bet you’d like this —” He flexed his arms above his head, and I could see a small dusting hair sprout from his chest, hair in his pits, a bit of hair on his legs and forearms. Then he turned to the side, closer to the moonlight, and I could see small droplets of sweat all over his skin, which was deepening into a warm jade. I could smell him, and while normally I might’ve been grossed out, it only turned me on even more. It felt like an eternity, but in just moments, I’d watched Zach go from pasty 5’9” nerd to this huge 6’10” emerald beast with a physique that easily topped all my bodybuilding idols on Instagram. His hair had gone from brown to a deep forest green, messy and slick with sweat. His breathing was still heavy, but there was a lustful, crazed look on his eyes, and his voice, dropped an octave, just served to show the way the transformation had changed his personality. “That’s right, bitch. I’m everything you wish you were. Zach’s a Hulk.” He flexed his arm again. “Go ahead. Cop a feel, bro.” I slowly got up. Before, my eyes would be looking down on Zach’s head. Standing up straight, I was only able to reach up to his collarbone. I looked up to catch a glimpse at his eyes, his radioactive, gamma green eyes, and got lost seeing every feature on Zach’s face wider, more chiseled and masculine. I reached my hands upward to feel the huge hard muscles stretched out against Zach’s sweaty, seemingly bulletproof green skin. My hands traveled over to Zach’s chest, and in my haze, I tried to squeeze his firm pecs, just to be shocked that my best efforts could only barely make a dent. Something pulled me closer, his musk, the pheromones he was giving off wafting in the air, as I tried to sniff more of him. I couldn’t stop myself. I needed… “You’re so fucking hot, bro…” Zach’s smirk turned into a sneer. “What was that?” “You’re so fucking hot, Zach. I…” I was on the verge of salivating when Zach took me by the chin and kissed me, his tongue invading my mouth. As he pulled my close, I could feel Zach’s sweaty chest smear paint off of mine. I didn’t even think as I pushed my body against his, feeling my dick press against his leg, and his huge, nearly foot long dick, snaking past the waistline of his stretched out pants and pressing against my stomach. I was feeling dizzy, and I was going crazy. I wanted him. I needed this. Zach pulled away and looked at me in the eyes. “That’s right I’m fucking hot, bro. You know it. Nothing like a Hulk. Nothing stronger… Better…” I stumbled backwards and realizing I let a man kiss me, I scrambled to regain control myself. I needed to stop myself. Or did I? Zach hunched over and squinted into my eyes as I tried to steady myself. He grinned. No… No, no no no… “Now you’re gonna see what it feels like, bro. To join my ranks.” Zach stepped away from the window, and I could see his massive, imposing form. I was realizing… I craved it. I didn’t just want to worship him, as much of a god as he is. No. I wanted to be him. It woke inside me. My eyes wandered out the window to the moon. Maybe it was an optical illusion, but it looked like the moon got a greenish tint. I felt my heart beat out of my chest, and like a bolt of lightning, every neuron in my brain fired up, every nerve in my body wide awake. Every muscle started to feel sore, the burn settling in. “Hey bro, why don’t you look in the mirror?” Zach’s voice boomed behind me. I turned to look at the mirror hanging on the wall, and apart from Zach’s hulked out self idly fondling himself behind me, I could see my eyes glowing through my glasses, a bright piercing green just like Zach’s. For a split second, I was scared. I couldn’t think to be scared for much longer though as a numbing pain quickly took over my head. My body… I felt like I was recovering from the most intense full-body workout of my life. Soon I knew why Zach was moaning, as I suddenly shuddered, a wave of pure pleasure and power rushing through me. Gamma-powered testosterone was pumping through my veins I already felt different. I felt stronger. “Fuck… You’re turning me…” “Into a were-Hulk.” With no shirt on me, I was able to watch my hulkout completely. I kinda began to lose myself; it’s so hard to think when you’re just overwhelmed by all the sensations. I doubled over as I didn’t have the strength to stave off the transformation anymore. I just looked up at the mirror to see my shoulders swell, feeling myself begin to pump up. Biceps. Triceps. Delts. Pecs. Glutes. Calves. Everything. “Fuck… FUUCKK!!!” I roared. I was shaking in pleasure. My muscles were on fire. Everything was growing. My arms were bigger than my head was before. My chest was bigger. My thighs were ready to explode out of my purple shorts hanging onto dear life. And with the shudders in pleasure in my crotch, the ecstasy of my growing cock didn’t help my shorts situation ever. All the while, through the exposed and smeared patches of paint, my skin was getting green too. Shit, my skin turned green. I didn’t realize it until that moment, but green skin seals the deal. There’s something about it — maybe it’s the toxicity. The visual that you’re more than human. That you’re different. Stronger. A monster. It felt almost narcissistic to be so turned on by the sight of my own transformation. I could feel the growth, and that alone was enough to turn me on. But I could also feel my brain get rewired by the transformation. Every chain of inhibition was broken. I wasn’t just stronger. I’m the strongest there ever fuckin was. I’m better than these puny human wannabes. I’m fuckin superior. I’m fuckin savage. I’m built to destroy. That primal beast inside, everything I ever suppressed, was awake. It was here. I was it. And I fucking loved it. “I feel so… STRONG.” I liked the sound of my voice booming in the room. I looked unbelievable. I was undeniably me — my proportions were mine, just adjusted. But I also looked undeniably different. I stood so much taller than I’d ever been, probably just an inch taller than Zach was now. I looked brutal — lean, but muscular; huge, but ripped; angry, but cocky. Veins carrying more gamma-powered blood bulged against my skin. My hair was slick and sticky with sweat just like Zach, but in a slightly lighter shade of green. My glasses fell off my face during the whole ordeal, and I could admire how good I looked in green. And as my eyes settled on my hand absentmindedly beginning to stroke my dick, I only said one thing. “Hulk needs to CUM.” I felt stupid as I said it, but I felt I deserved to be referred to with my title. I looked back at Zach, a wide smirk on my face. Zach mischievously grinned back. “This Hulk also needs to CUM.” Fuck being straight. Zach got up and approached me. I tried to go and pin him down on the bed, my inner dominating instincts kicking in, but instead Zach caught me and pushed me against the wall. I was surprised, but I felt so good I let it happen. I was caught off guard as Zach kissed me again, this time with more strength and tongue, before leaving my lips as he made his way down my neck, then my chest, licking my nipple and eliciting a moan I never knew I could make, then down my abs and to my cock. Zach was somehow able to get my shorts down without destroying them. That might be the most impressive thing. He quickly went to work on me, my dick in his mouth. My toes were curling and my back curving as I could feel his tongue travel my shaft, his lips holding me. Guys really did give better head. He stopped as I was feeling the build up. He rose with a smirk and commanded. “Now Noah sucks.” He had his hand on my head, with just enough pressure holding me down to make sure my mouth took him all the way. I threw in some handiwork, lubed up with my saliva, for good measure. It was when he began to more rhythmically thrust into my mouth and his breathing grew faster that he pulled me away; his eyes half-lidded with rage-filled lust, just like mine. He then took both our dicks in his hand and started jerking us off together. The rhythmic strokes and our loud breathing were interspersed with grunts. Eyes locked as his free hand flexed and mine felt my body and his. “Bro. Fuck. I’m about to. I’m gonna… I’m…” “Me too. Me too. I’m gonna…” With a deep moan from me and a roar from Zach, both our dicks began to spasm. I shuddered and let go and I felt all of my concentrated energy, all the lame human energy I’ve built up, released as I felt the most powerful orgasm of my life, my cum shooting up past my hair, hitting the ceiling of Zach’s room. Zach came not long after, his cum shooting onto both his abs and mine. Shivering from the climax, we both slowly sank to the floor. Half expecting us to revert back, I just sat there, hearing us breathe and feeling the warm cum that was stock on both our skin. But as we stood there, my heartbeat feeling his, and I felt just as energized to seize the night, I knew that I wasn’t turning back any time soon. I looked back at Zach and we both smiled. We had a party to go to. We showed up at the main event after skipping the pregame at Jen’s. Jen was absolutely pissed, but I honestly could not give a fuck. Later in the night Zach and I both won that costume contest and a sweet $100 each. The next morning I woke up in the same bed as Zach. We were both completely naked, our tattered clothes at the foot of his bed. We made some crazy memories last night — me dumping Jen then facefucking some pathetic dude who couldn’t resist handling a real man like me, and Zach fucking Jen. As I held Zach, who in his human form is way less dominant than he is Hulked out, and caressed his shoulder as he laid on my chest, I had to admit that I’d never felt more of a connection with anyone, even Jen. Even when we’re puny, he’s cute. “I can’t wait for the next full moon, babe.” I couldn’t believe it, but I’d fallen hard for my roommate. “Why?” Zach said, snuggling closer to my chest, which was noticeably more muscular than before. “Oh you know why. So we can do all that over again, bro.” I heard a deep chuckle from Zach. I looked down and immediately got boned seeing his eyes having turned a vivid green. “Who said we needed to wait for a full moon?”
  4. I haven't posted in some time. I'd like to get back into writing these stories more regularly, though. Anyway, onto the story. Forgive any errors. Disclaimer: the Incredible Hulk is owned by Marvel. I do not claim ownership over the character, and this story is not meant to infringe on their copyright. Table of Contents: YOU'RE HERE: Chase and Jakob, Pt 1 Chase and Jakob, Pt 2 Bryce and Kevin, Pt 1 (Coming soon) Bryce and Kevin, Pt 2 (Coming soon) Niko, Jaxon, and Paul, Pt 1 (Coming soon) Niko, Jaxon, and Paul, Pt 2 (Coming soon) Niko, Jaxon, and Paul, Pt 3 (Coming soon) Halloween Edition: Noah and Zach If you'd like to support my writing, feel free to buy me a Ko-Fi. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Chase and I always had a good relationship. We were friends since high school, sharing the same math class in freshman year before hitting it off and becoming best buds. And that was despite how different we were: he was 6’0”, short brown hair with an undercut, bright brown eyes, lean from his years of playing sports (and he seemed to gain more muscle recently), and he was seriously attractive. I was Jakob, just an inch taller, but much more scrawny than him. I had medium length blond hair, blue eyes with it, and I had an affinity for photography. Nonetheless, we were closer than we were with our other friends. It just so happened that we were going to the same college. Us being roommates was a no-brainer. And now we’re in our second year of college, sharing an apartment. “Hey!” He pulled out a beer can and tossed it to me. He was wearing one of his homemade cut off shirts like usual, along with a pair of black and purple shorts and some socks. I caught the can, noting how just the way he threw the can showed off his athleticism and his muscles. “Thanks,” I said. “How’d you get all this again?” “Got it from Bryce in ATO.” Chase grabbed his own beer and opened it up. He chugged some of it before continuing. “Said he didn’t care as long as I didn’t say anything.” It was Sunday. If he wasn’t getting stoned with friends and I wasn’t busy editing photos, we’d just chill and drink a beer. Sunday nights were our thing, and we’d never missed it. He seemed kinda antsy for some reason, though. We were probably gonna play something on his Xbox, but I decided to take a look outside. “Dude, look. The moon’s fucking huge tonight.” I pointed outside to the full moon hanging in the sky. It had taken on an orangish hue, so I was guessing we had a harvest moon. Chase started to walk over to take a seat next to me on our couch. He laughed as he looked up. “The moon’s fucking what —” He stopped in his tracks as he saw the moon through our large window. His eyes widened as he stepped back. “Is that a full moon?” “Uh… yeah,” I said. Chase was definitely acting a bit off. I decided to joke about it. “What, are you a werewolf or something?” “No, just… shit, I thought I marked it.” He pulled out his phone, frantic. “No, no… This is… Ugh, getting dizzy.” Chase suddenly groaned. My danger signals were going off. I looked toward Chase more attentively, concerned. “What, what’s wrong?” I watched my friend slowly get more and more disoriented, but not bad enough that I felt I needed to get up. “Fu… Fuck,” he let out. He lowered his voice to a mutter, but I could still tell his voice was breathy. I watched Chase dropped to his knees, his whole posture changing. He grabbed ahold of his head, and it was clear that something was wrong. “What’s going on?” I asked. Worried was an understatement — for a second I was afraid my friend was about to have a painful stroke. But Chase was very competent, only in pain. His breathing was getting heavier and more intense, and as he lurched forward, he took his hands away from his head and put them down against the floor to support himself. It looked like anger was taking ahold of him, judging from the look on his face. He turned to me and growled, “Get away!” Oh god, I thought, my roommate’s actually a werewolf! Everything suddenly made sense: his sudden leaves, his disappearances during full moons, and his increased aggression recently. But then he shut his eyes tight, like he was trying to painfully suppress something inside, before his eyes shot wide open. His eyes… they went green — an almost glowing, radioactive, volatile green. But werewolves don’t have green eyes. Do they? I was frozen on the couch, watching Chase writhe in pain as a precursor to what I realized was a transformation. I felt like I should’ve run away, but… I couldn’t help but just watch — a gross, strange curiosity — and I let myself stay in place. “Go!” Chase bellowed again. His voice dropped down an octave or two. That’s when I realized he wasn’t in pain; he was struggling to restrain the transformation. It became more obvious as his grunts weren’t ones of pain and sounded more like the kind of grunts you make when trying hard to hold something back. He punched the tile on the floor (I heard a small cracking sound) as his lean arms started to grow. Chase’s biceps, triceps and deltoids became larger and more pronounced. The change was dramatic as I watched them bulge. The fact that they were already exposed made it more amazing. And for some reason hot. Between the deep groans and huffs, his eyes kept locking with mine. He rose from the ground and a wicked, cocky smirk crept across his face, unlike the friendly grins that he usually wore. He stretched his arms and fingers and spoke again. “I told you to get away… I gave you a chance… But if you don’t want to, then let me put on a show.” Oh fuck. At that point I finally stood up from the couch and slowly backed away. There was an obvious shift in the way Chase was carrying himself. He acted more cocky, more confident. This wasn’t the Chase I remember, but it’s the Chase right in front of me. He raised his arms and flexed them in a double biceps pose. His muscles expanded further, with his skin getting a greenish tinge. His shirt was starting to look even tighter than before, straining against his growing, muscular frame. Before, it hung a bit loosely on his body. Now, his pecs were ballooning, becoming more defined. The smirk on his face remaining, Chase leaned forward and hit a most muscular pose. The flex was obviously going to push the fabric on his torso to the limit. Chase growled and moaned, then yelled as he grew even more, him gaining height, his shirt starting to rip apart. From where I was standing, I could see his shirt tear straight down the middle as his back widened. Traps grew around his neck as Chase stood straight once again, causing his shirt to stretch and rip again. This time he decided to grab the shredded shirt and rip it off his body, exposing his well-defined, slick-with-sweat torso. And it definitely wasn’t just his upper body getting the Hulk out treatment. Throughout that whole change, his legs stretched and grew as well. His quads and calves pushed out and became more defined. His thighs gained a good amount of mass, along with his glutes, now straining his also once-loose shorts. It’s like every day was leg day. As he added up another 7 inches in height — his feet widening and growing, ripping through his socks to accommodate his new musculature — his skin color continued to shift to that emerald green, as his now-messy hair darkened to a shade of green as well. And slowly the transformation, Chase’s hulkout, slowed down as he seemed to reach his final form. Where my friendly, casually athletic best friend once stood was now a huge, cocky, green, presumably gamma-powered Hulk that towered above me. His body would definitely rival any bodybuilder in the gym now, but his huge muscles were less bulky and more brawny. This Hulk was still distinctly Chase, but I was scared by the change. “Oh you liked that, didn’t you Jakob?” Chase taunted. His eyes were directed towards my lower regions, to which I realized I was very hard right now. Despite the fear of my friend changing into this huge Hulk, I was aroused by that very same thing. “If you liked that, you should like this too.” I looked back up at Chase, and it was clear that his own dick — at least 6 inches already — was hardening also. “The change is like a full body orgasm bro. God I wanna nut so bad… but not yet.” Chase was rubbing himself through his shorts before he slid his right hand down his pants and pulled it out. To my surprise and amazement, Chase started to stroke himself in front of me! He worked himself until he was fully hard, his girth and length beyond anything I’d seen or even heard of. Even though we were close, we’d never seen each other this close up. And now he’s stroking and approaching me practically naked. Wait — what? “Chase… Chase, what the fuck are you doing?” I yelled at him. I backed away from him until I felt a wall behind me. I looked at him, and his eyes, full of the most insane lust, were focused directly on me. I was not gay, and I thought neither was he, but now my best friend is jacking off in front of me! “Come on, Jakob,” Chase said. “You didn’t run when I gave you the chance. You know you want this. My strength.” He lifted and flexed his free arm and admired himself. He looked down at his bicep rising then looked at me. His stroking steadily got faster. “When I’m like this, I’m a fucking god, bro. And I know you fucking want this.” “What are you talking about? You gotta stop, calm down or something,” I pleaded. As he came closer, I got a whiff of musk. He must’ve been giving off some kind of pheromones, because it only made me more horny, even if I was scared. “Calm down? Not happening bro,” he said. I tried to move away, but before I knew it Chase was right up against me. Still stroking, his huge pecs started to slowly push up against my face as he looked down on me. He leaned forward and pushed against the wall with his free hand. Again his strokes got faster. “This is the only way.” I was confused. Horny and confused. “Chase please, get away from me man.” I tried looking away, but Chase had me up against the wall. I knew I couldn’t fight him, he was probably three times stronger than he ever was. More of his scent filled my nostrils, but I didn’t want to admit this was turning me on. “Come on bro,” he said again. He suddenly slid his left hand down my shorts and started stroking my cock. I yelped a bit, surprised, but started moaning as I pushed myself against the wall. One hand on the wall, the other tightly gripping the side of my shorts. This felt wrong but at this point I didn’t care. I was about to blow. I leaned forward and grabbed Chase’s muscular shoulder. Panting, I finally looked up at him, and he looked back at me with the expression of an alpha who knew exactly what he was doing. He picked up the speed of his strokes on both himself and me, his breathing also picking up. “Chase, please,” I said. “Please, I’m… I’m about to…” I gasped suddenly and moaned loudly as I emptied myself straight into my boxers. My release, with the musk of my Hulked out friend, made it the most euphoric orgasm I’d ever had, and he kept jerking me off as I orgasmed. I lost all grip and as soon as he let go off my dick I slid down to the floor, exhausted. Chase finished soon after, his huge cock shooting load after load of his off-white cum onto the wall while he stepped back. I was still below him, so I covered my face. He yelled, almost roared, as he came and it was like his orgasm was better than mine. It felt more massive, more pleasure-inducing. I watched as his whole body involuntarily flexed, his muscles flaring, as he shot his last load. Then Chase finally seemed to calm down, slowing his breathing as his skin and hair color returned to normal and his body and muscles shrunk down to a more familiar size. He was breathing heavily as he sat himself down with his knees up. No longer were his muscles huge — they were normal. The expression on his face softened. He looked at me with his still bright-green eyes before they faded back into their normal brown. He looked exhausted. He rested his arm on one of his knees and gripped his head, the same way he’d do if he was embarrassed. “Holy shit,” he whispered. “That was… I’m sorry.” I wasn’t sure what to say. I was at a loss for words, still enjoying the strange afterglow of what happened with my friend. We cleaned up. Didn’t say anything about it to each other that night. Someone came by our door asking what all the noise was about, and I lied saying that we were arguing about crafts. Yeah, right. Eventually I found out, though, that this… condition of his was a new one. Chase was a were-Hulk, hulking out during full moons, but also when he was angry or extra horny. It’s spread through a bunch of ways, his way being that he accidentally consumed the cum of a Hulk. He kept it from me because he was scared, but now I help him deal with it in more ways than one. The funny thing about it is who turned him into a Hulk: Bryce from ATO. I guess it’s a campus-wide problem.
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    Colin the Intern

    It's been a while since I last added a story, but I couldn't turn down a challenge from Hulkoutlover (HOL) to write outside of my comfort zone. As the author, I modified HOL's request a bit and wrote this story for them. I hope it's a good one, and that HOL enjoys it many times over. If anyone else is interested in commissioning me and challenging me to write something new, please let me know on Discord at czechhunter69#0839. But for now, without further ado, please enjoy HOL's commission. ----------------------------- Colin the Intern As Collin swept the walkways of the lab on this stormy, lightning-filled night, he felt a sense of peace wash over him. The quiet hum of the machines and the distant rumble of thunder provided a comforting background noise. It was one of the few moments in his internship that he truly cherished - the opportunity to be alone in the evening with his thoughts while completing a simple final task. But tonight, something was different. The lab was a mesmerizing sight that never failed to captivate Collin every time he stepped into it. High ceilings, various scientific equipment, and experiments in progress created a buzzing energy that filled the air. Lightning flashes outside that intermittently illuminated the room cast eerie shadows that danced around the lab. Collin found comfort in the quiet hum of the machines and the distant rumble of thunder that provided a soothing background noise, but tonight, that sense of comfort was short-lived. As he swept the walkways, he couldn't help but glance over at the machines and experiments, wondering what secrets they held. Being an intern at the lab had always been Collin's dream, and he relished every moment he got to spend in this mesmerizing place. As he reflected on the mysteries, he had no idea that the next few moments would change everything. Little did he know that he was about to make a discovery that would turn the lab upside down. The lights were dimmed, but the bright flashes of lightning that illuminated the windows intermittently cast eerie shadows across the room. Despite the mesmerizing experiences that greeted him every day, Collin still felt unfulfilled in his current role - it wasn’t all janitorial stuff, he was just the new guy so to speak. He had spent years studying and earning degrees, but he couldn't shake the feeling that he wasn't putting his education to good use. The monotony of his internship had left him feeling uninspired, and he wondered if he was meant for something more. It seemed as though the only thing he had to show for his time at the lab was the growth of his hair, which had become long enough to cut once again. Collin yearned for a chance to truly make a difference and utilize his knowledge to the fullest. As the distant rumble of thunder provided a soothing background noise, he couldn't help but wonder what the future held. That’s when he heard a door creak open, between booms and torrents of rain. Collin turned and saw his mentor, Jay, walking out of the lab with a coy smile that they both knew meant he wasn't supposed to leave so early. He couldn't help but feel a flutter in his chest as he watched Jay's ass fill the back of his pants the same way his upper back filled his shirt - it was harder to hide those muscles usually. As much as Collin tried to deny it, he couldn't help the crush he had on his boss. "Hey Colin, make sure you lock up," Jay called out, his voice echoing in the large space. He looked crazed, and Colin could clearly see a boner pressed against the side of his legs. Collin nodded, trying to ignore the butterflies in his stomach as he watched Jay leave. He couldn't deny that he felt a sense of unease now that he was alone in the lab. As he continued sweeping up, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was off. The hair on the back of his neck stood on end as he heard strange noises coming from one of the machines - to his relief it was just a fridge turning on. Collin took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves. It was just the storm he assured himself. There was no reason to worry. The building was practically a bomb shelter. As Collin continued his rounds, he couldn't help but feel the jitters intensify as he approached the radiation section of the lab. He had always been a little uneasy around that area, no matter how many times he had been there. The warning signs and safety precautions always made him feel like he was in a dangerous situation. It was irrational, he knew that, but the feeling persisted. May it was the storm? Perhaps it was the lingering sense of the unknown that lurked in the shadows, or maybe it was the thought of the unseen dangers that could be lurking behind that lead door. Whatever the reason, he couldn't shake the feeling. The storm outside had only added to the sense of unease, trapping him inside the lab for the time being. Collin took a deep breath and tried to push the irrational thoughts to the back of his mind, focusing on the task at hand. He had work to do, and he couldn't let his nerves get the best of him. Colin finished sweeping the walkways and began gathering his things, unaware that Jay had decided to stick around due to the storm. Suddenly, Jay's voice echoed through the lab, surprising him. Colin turned to see his mentor, drenched from the rain, with water droplets cascading down his face and well-trimmed chest hair visible through his wet shirt. Jay's voice was low and smooth as he spoke, clearly disguising that he was out of breath due to the hailstorm that was hitting the roof. "Looks like we're stuck here together," he said, his calm and collected aura remaining intact despite the chaotic weather. Colin found this side of Jay incredibly alluring and couldn't help but feel drawn to him. Jay laughed and apologized for startling Colin before climbing up on one of the tables and sitting cross-legged. "Might as well get comfy," he said, laying down on one of the clean tables as the storm intensified outside. Colin leaned against a nearby counter, his eyes drawn to the sight of his boss standing a few feet away. The relentless downpour of rain had soaked Jay's clothes, making them cling to his muscular frame in all the right places. Each bolt of lightning illuminated the lab, casting shadows that highlighted every curve and contour of Jay's fit physique. Colin couldn't help but feel a sense of desire wash over him as he watched his boss breathe heavily, the sound of his breaths filling the quiet room. For a moment, Colin considered suggesting they head down to the basement for safety. But then he realized that the lab was probably the safest place to be. The building had been designed to withstand severe weather conditions, and the equipment they were working with was too valuable to risk moving. So he remained where he was, content to watch Jay from a distance, and let the storm rage on around them. With a sudden burst of energy, Jay sat up, his eyes glinting with an idea. Colin knew that if he wanted to impress his boss and make the most of his internship, he would have to go along with it, even if Jay never said it out loud. In a smooth and suggestive tone, Jay beckoned Colin over, his fit physique glistening in the dim light. "Hey, I wanted to show you something really special," he said, flashing a coy smile. The way he looked at Colin made his heart skip a beat. “You going to love it man.” As he ushered Colin to follow him into the radiation lab. Colin knew he wasn’t supposed to do anything in there. “It’ll be fine.” Jay assured him. “I’m the one who does the write ups,” He laughed. Jay struggled to pull his soggy badge from his pockets, his trembling hands betraying his frustration. "This goddamn badge," he muttered under his breath, finally managing to extract it. "I think you're really going to like this machine," he said to Colin, a sly grin creeping across his face. "It's got a new serum that I've been working on. With just a few treatments, you can pack on some serious muscle." He chuckled, his eyes glinting mischievously. The door clicked open with a hiss, and Jay pushed it open, gesturing for Colin to follow him. "After you," he said, his voice low and suggestive. As Colin stepped through the doorway, Jay couldn't help but glance at his toned back and muscular legs, his mind racing with desire. Colin's heart raced at the thought of being alone with Jay and his chiseled physique, but he tried to play it cool as they made their way over to the new machine. Colin tried to sound casual as he broke the silence, "How much longer before the storm passes?" but Jay seemed to ignore his question, instead leading him over to the new machine. Jay explained the purpose of the machine, going into great detail about how it worked. Colin tried to follow along, but found it difficult to understand the complex technical terms. Jay's playful chuckle filled the air as he suddenly revealed, "For the last week, I’ve been getting stronger while working on this stuff. A quick treatment here and there, and I’ve packed on 50lbs of muscle, and there isn’t enough time in the day to jerk with how horny I’ve been." He put his arms up in a double bicep pose, only restrained by the wet shirt, clearly annoyed by it and Colin could have sworn he saw them grow, like the blue veins were tinting a green fade the rest of his skin. He had a proud smile. “Damn your arms are huge.” Colin's heart raced as it became clear that Jay was coming on to him. Colin found himself increasingly excited at the prospect of being alone with Jay. The storm outside continued to rage on, but he barely noticed as he hung onto Jay's every word, primarily cause the man talked with his hands and the movement accentuated his toned biceps and pecs. Despite trying to act casual, Colin’s heart pounded in his chest. He couldn't believe that Jay was going to just show him a muscle growing machine. Jay's eyes lingered on Colin's body, and he moved a little closer. "You know, I think you would look amazing with a few extra pounds of muscle on top of you,” Jay said, his voice low and seductive. "Why don't you let me show you how it's done?" Colin's mouth went dry as he realized what Jay was suggesting. He could already feel the wetness in his pants.He had never been with a man before, but he couldn't deny the attraction he felt towards Jay. The man’s chest hair alone was enough to get Collin hard as a rock. He took a deep breath and nodded his head, following Jay over to the new machine with anticipation building in his chest. Jay took Colin over to a sleek, white panel that looked like it belonged in a doctor's office. Colin felt a twinge of disappointment, hoping that Jay had been referring to himself when he mentioned adding a few pounds of muscle on Colin. The idea of Jay riding him like the stallion he was, made Collin chub up in his pants. He couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to see Jay shirtless, stroking his, frankly massive cock, and using his spit as lube. "This is our new machine," Jay explained, gesturing towards the panel. "It uses gamma radiation to stimulate muscle growth in specific areas. It's still experimental, but we've had some promising results.” He flex his arm highlighting the veins crawling from his wrist up to his sleeve. Colin’s mouth dropped. “You like that don’t you?” Jay said before coughing and going back to his needless explanation. It was as though he was trying to resist going too far, with each advance. Colin listened carefully as Jay explained, let down to even be hearing the man ramble on. He couldn't believe that this kind of technology existed, and he was excited at the prospect of being able try it out. With how ripped Jay looked, it clearly worked. He couldn't help but imagine what it would feel like to have his muscles grow right before his eyes, to feel himself getting stronger and more powerful with each passing moment. Jay handed him a white lab apron and motioned for him to put it on. "We need to make sure you're protected from the radiation," he said with a grin. "Don't worry, it's perfectly safe as long as you follow the protocols and aren’t wanting kids in the future” He laughed. Colin nodded nervously as he slipped on the apron over his clothes, feeling a surge of adrenaline as he realized what he was about to do. He couldn't wait to see the results and feel the changes in his body. Jay had Colin stand in front of a large, metallic board that resembled the kind of equipment he had seen at the doctor's office for chest X-rays. As he waited for Jay to get him situated, Colin couldn't help but feel a sense of unease settle in his stomach. He wasn't entirely sure what he had gotten himself into, but he couldn't back out now. “Normally, I’d have to take your shirt off, but I kinda want to see it happen with it on.” As Jay rolled out a series of vials in front of him, Colin felt a mix of curiosity and apprehension. The vials were a dark, ominously green color, and there were six of them in total. He watched as Jay lifted up one of the vials, which was labeled H03, an auto-injector. Colin furrowed his brows in confusion, trying to make sense of it all. Hydrogen Ozonide didn't make sense to him, and he knew that it usually had to be kept at a much colder temperature. "Am I misreading this or were we going to do something else?" Colin asked, adjusting his cock through the apron so Jay could see. “I thought you were coming on to me.” "Oh, we'll get to that," Jay promised, flashing a mischievous grin. "But first, we need to get you looking more like a man and less like a fucking teenager." Jay's voice was increasingly frustrated and deeper, and his movements grew more agitated. Colin couldn't help but feel insulted by Jay's comment, but he tried not to let it show on his face. He wondered what exactly Jay had in mind for him, and what the auto-injectors were for. As he stood there, waiting for Jay to begin, Colin couldn't shake off the feeling that he was in over his head. Jay plunged four into Colin’s shoulders and thighs. Colin's eyes widened as he watched the green liquid travel through the tube of the injector, into him, feeling a mix of excitement and apprehension. They were painless, but the process was still frustrating for Jay. It was taking too long. He wanted to give up and screw the intern right there, but odds are - he wouldn’t survive. At least, not in his current condition. Jay tried to adjust his soaking wet clothes discreetly, but it was no use - they seemed to be fitting Jay more snugly than moments before. Colin couldn't help but notice the way Jay's muscles pressed against the fabric of his shirt, the way the wet hair seemed to cling just under the fabric, and the way his veins popped out on his forearms. It was clear that something strange was happening to him, but Colin didn't know what to make of it. "Are you okay?" Colin asked, his voice filled with concern. Colin's question seemed to snap Jay out of his trance-like state. He took a deep breath and tried to compose himself. "I'm fine," Jay replied, though his voice still sounded strained and huskier. "Just a little impatient, that's all." Colin wasn't entirely convinced, but something told him he shouldn’t press the issue. He could feel the dense tar like fluid at the injection sites burning and enflamed. He tried to steady his breathing, but his heart pounded harder and harder in his chest with each passing second. "This one is an aerosol that when blasted at you with the radiation, triggers the growth," Jay explained as he loaded it into a X-ray type machine and pressed a button on it. "It should help us both pack on some serious muscle as we breath it in with the radiation." The sound of the X-ray machine seemed to grow louder and more urgent as the second creeped by, with the hissing of the aerosol. Colin watched as Jay rushed over to a set of controls, his fingers moving expertly over the buttons and switches. He couldn't help but wonder what exactly was happening to him, and whether or not he would come out of this experience unscathed. Colin felt a sudden jolt of electricity course through him, making him gasp in surprise. He could feel his muscles tensing and twitching involuntarily, as if they were alive and pulsating with new energy. The sensation was almost overwhelming, and he struggled to keep his balance as he felt his entire body vibrate with power. "What the hell is happening to me?" he gasped, his now deeper voice thick with panic. Jay just laughed, a sly grin playing across his face. "Relax, man. It's all part of the process. You're going to look amazing when we're done." But Colin could tell from the way Jay's eyes sparkled with excitement that there was more to this than just a simple transformation. Colin felt like his body was on fire. The green serums that Jay had injected into him was coursing through his veins, and he could feel it altering him from the inside out. It was as if every cell in his body was being mutated, transformed, restructured, and he couldn't control what was happening to him. He groaned as his muscles convulsed and twitched, causing him to fall to his knees. His heart was pounding so hard in his chest that he thought it would burst out of him. His head was pounding, and he could feel his vision starting to blur. He was in so much pain that he couldn't think straight, and his body was growling like an animal. He dropped to his knees, then fell to his hands. Colin attempted to steady himself on all fours, but his hands and feet were undergoing a transformation too, and it was happening fast. He watched in awe as his fingers began to thicken, the once lean digits now appearing almost like sausages. The change continued up his arms, his forearms bulging in size and strength, quickly swelling to the original size of his thighs. He felt his biceps filling and tearing out of his sleeves, becoming wider and more muscular by the second. And all the more green by the minute. As he tried to shift his weight, the fabric of his clothing began to rip apart at the seams, unable to withstand the force of his growing muscles. The seams on his shirt gave way, exposing his now huge, chiseled chest. His pants were no match either, the fabric splitting from his ankles all the way up to his mid-thighs. He could feel his green skin stretching and expanding to accommodate the growth, the sensation a mix of pain and exhilaration. The rage building inside Colin was overwhelming, and he could feel it bubbling up from the depths of his being. His mind was clouded with a primal fury, and he had no control over his actions. In a fit of anger, he balled his fists and pounded them into the ground, causing the tiles to crack and break under the force of his deadly blows. He roared. The sound echoed throughout the lab, mixing with the sound of the storm outside, and Colin felt a surge of power rush through him. He could feel his muscles expanding even further, as if fueled by his anger. The veins in his arms bulged as he continued to strike the ground, and he felt a wild, uncontrollable energy coursing through his body. In that moment, Colin was lost to the rage, and he knew that nothing could stop him, as he noticed Jay, and how much sexier he look now that his shirt was barely holding on. His mind seemed to have one track; lust and rage. He could feel his humanity slipping away. Despite the excruciating pain that still wracked his body, he forced himself to stand up, towering over Jay in his newly acquired massive size. Jay was right, he was hornier than ever. He ripped off the rest of his pants, seeing his new meat hammer oozing with thick green cum, satisfied with how much pre there was already. Jay didn’t have a choice, they were going to get laid, across the floor if room could handle them. Colin's eyes glared down at Jay, who seemed completely unfazed by the monstrous creature that stood before him, clearly able to contain the rage causing him to grow along side Colin. In fact, he appeared calm and collected, as if he had been expecting this all along. "Now this is a man for me," Jay exclaimed, his voice filled with excitement as he reached out and grabbed Colin by the tricep, causing his Colin to snarl and growl in response. Colin didn’t care anymore, he was going to put Jay’s mouth to good use tonight. As Jay and Colin's lips locked, their bodies trembled with energy and their passion grew ever stronger. The intense energy flowing between them seemed to fuel Jay’s transformation, causing both their bodies to grow even more massive. As the passion between Jay and Colin grew stronger, Jay's body continued to transform. His skin turned green and the thick coat of hair covered his chest, only filled in more. His clothing tore apart at the seams, unable to contain his growing muscles as they swelled and bulged. His eyes glowed with an intense green light, reflecting the raw energy coursing through him. He let out a guttural roar as he continued to grow taller, wider, and more muscular. His massive fists balled up as he flexed his arms, veins bulging with power. The ground shook beneath him with every step he took, and the air around him crackled with electricity. Jay was no longer a man but a hulking beast, a force to be reckoned with. The two towering behemoths became lost in their passion, their bodies entwined as they continued to grow and mutate. The room was filled with the sounds of their heavy breathing, low growls, and moans of ecstasy. Colin's primal rage and desire were overwhelming as he fought and made love with Jay, each of their movements becoming more violent and destructive than the last. The walls shook and trembled as they crashed through them, the equipment they touched torn apart and destroyed. Colin reveled in the destruction he caused, smashing everything Jay created. The thunder and lightning from the outside storm added to the chaos inside what was left of the building. The sound of the destruction echoed through the entire building as they ravaged each other and everything in their path. The storm was a reflection of the turmoil within the lab, a symbol of the primal rage and passion that consumed the two creatures. Despite the destruction surrounding them, the two lovers were oblivious to everything except each other. Their passion and rage eventually caused the lab to crumble around them. Debris and rubble were strewn everywhere, but Colin and Jay were lost in their own world, their passion and rage fueling their actions. The broke out of the building, run into the storm, and they seemed to draw power from the chaos they had unleashed. Colin and Jay felt the full force of the wind and rain battering against their bodies. It was as if the elements were alive and reacting to their presence, amplifying their power and energy. The lightning strikes illuminated their massive forms, casting eerie shadows that danced around them. They reveled in the feeling of freedom, no longer confined by the walls of the lab. The storm raged on, and they ran deeper into the night, their primal roars and growls blending with the thunder and lightning. The storm raged on as Colin and Jay continued their rampage through the city. The two behemoths reveled in their destructive power, feeding off each other's energy as they smashed and tore through everything in their path. Jay taunted Colin, daring him to match his strength by lifting cars and hurling them through the air. Colin, no longer one to back down from a challenge, responded by ripping apart entire buildings with his bare hands. The two lovers were in their element, lost in the frenzy of destruction and the primal energy that coursed through their bodies. The city was their playground, and they were determined to leave a trail of destruction in their wake. ——-------- Colin sat up and rubbed his eyes, trying to shake off the disorientation that clung to him. He took a deep breath and tried to piece together what had happened. But his memory remained a blur, and the only thing he could remember was the insatiable passion he still felt for Jay, vaguely remembering cumming several times last night, but it was different, and green? A disturbing thought. As Colin sat up, he took in his surroundings. He was covered in a sheet, and naked, laying on a couch. The living room was sparsely furnished with a few pieces of furniture, all in a drab, neutral color scheme of greys and browns. Despite the lack of decorations, the room had a masculine feel to it. As he was taking everything in, he noticed a naked man in the kitchen, who was fit and muscular, with broad shoulders, a chiseled back, with a bubble bottom. He was cooking eggs and bacon, and the sound and smell of it made Colin realize how hungry he was. Curiosity got the better of him, and he stood up, keeping the bedsheet around his waist. He peeked in, and to his surprise, it was Jay, his boss cooking breakfast. He didn’t know if he should get clothes on or fuck the man right then and there. As Jay turned around to face Colin, a sly grin spread across his face. "Well, good morning there, sleepyhead. I see you finally decided to join the land of the living," he said with a playful wink. Confused, Colin asked, "What happened last night?" Jay's smile faltered slightly as he replied, "Let's just say we got a little carried away, and things got pretty intense." He chuckled before adding, "Several times, actually. But don't worry, you're safe and sound now. We spent the night at my place. And now I’m cooking breakfast.” Colin couldn't shake off the feeling that something else had changed within him. He felt different, stronger somehow. But he couldn't put his finger on what it was. Jay laughed and suggested, "You know, we were naked most of the night, and it's warm in the house. You don't need that sheet." Colin blushed at Jay's suggestion and hesitated for a moment before reluctantly throwing off the sheet. As he did so, he caught a glimpse of himself in the polished fridge door nearby and gasped in shock. He could practically taste the testosterone radiating from him. Looking down, he noticed that his whole body was different - more manly all over. Even his once patchy facial hair had filled in. He was nearly as fit as his boss, and he was hung like a horse. He was sure he was still a grower, despite being a soft 7”. Jay hugged Colin, pressing his firm warm body against him. "What happened to me last night?" Colin asked, trying to process all the changes. He couldn't remember anything from the previous night. He grinned and leaned in closer to Colin, his toned and naked body almost brushing against him. "You changed, man. Last night was something else. You became more masculine, more confident, more...well-endowed," he said, giving Colin a wink. Colin blushed at the words, feeling a mixture of embarrassment and excitement. He hesitated for a moment, unsure of what to do. He couldn’t get over how completely different he looked. He was taller, more muscular, and definitely more well-endowed. Not significantly, but enough that it would be noticeable in the right clothes. Jay walked over to him and hugged him tightly, his muscular body pressing up against Colin's. "You're a different man now, my friend," he said, his voice low and seductive. "Last night, we shared something special, something primal.” He nonchalantly as he turned on the TV, switching it to the news deliberately, while handing Colin a heaping plate of food. Colin's mind was racing, trying to process all the changes that had happened to him - by just waking up, but Jay’s low husky voice was already engorging his cock as it began stiffened. They sat, eating as the TV showed images of destruction caused by a supposed F2 Tornado flashed on the screen. Cars in trees, busses thrown through multiple buildings. It looked like no storm he had ever seen. Colin recognized the locations, some he hadn’t been to before. But the destruction felt familiar, but he didn’t know why. Despite the news anchor's explanation, he knew that it wasn't a natural phenomenon. It was as if the answer was just out of reach. "That was us," Jay said, his voice laced with a mix of excitement and desire. "And if you don't learn to control your...gift," he said, glancing down at Colin's impressive cock, "you'll make last night's storm look like child's play.” Colin looked down and noticed his bulging package, which seemed to have grown even more since the last time he looked. "What do you mean, 'that was us’?"
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    Hulk - Ryan becomes a big problem

    Hey there, gents! Get ready for an absolute blast because I'm thrilled to present to you the destructive sixth installment of the Hulk series. It's been quite a journey, and I couldn't be more excited to share it. Now, if you're thinking this wild ride is worth more, you can show your appreciation by sending a tip to $creativecoffeeman. For those of you outside the US, feel free to reach out to me directly here or on discord—I'd love to connect with fans from all over the world! I sincerely hope you enjoy this latest chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Trust me when I say, it was both exhilarating and exhausting, but in the most satisfying way possible. If you would like your story, turned into relality, You can easily message me on Discord at czechhunter69#0839 Previous parts: 5) Escaping 4) Exes Once more 3) Alex Loses Control 2) Alex's First time 1) Tom’s final time Source: WB Hunk’s version of Hulk. Ryan found himself overwhelmed with a mix of worries, fears, and a deep sense of pain and unease. How could Alex transform into such a monstrous being like the Hulk? The very thought seemed incomprehensible. In his state of confusion, Ryan felt lost, unsure of what to do, where to turn, or how to seek help. The question lingered in his mind: who could possibly help him, or even Alex? What if Alex didn’t want to be helped? After scribbling a note and affixing it to his door, Ryan mustered the bravery to climb out of his window, suppressing the physical discomfort he felt all over his body. The memory of their escapade haunted Ryan's thoughts, the intensity of it leaving him torn between arousal and discomfort. The raw passion that ignited when Alex kissed him, the overwhelming desire that seemed to fuel Alex's transformation into the Hulk—it was an experience he couldn't easily forget. Yet, dwelling on it in his current hiding spot among the bushes felt unsettling. The sheer force with which Alex handled his body, the impact against the ground, all while oblivious to his own immense size, was nothing short of alarming. From the cover of the forest at the edge of their property, Ryan kept a vigilant eye on the house. He observed Alex moving about, busily cleaning as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. The stark contrast between his current appearance, slender and seemingly normal, and the behemoth that had engaged in such primal acts unsettled Ryan. Alex was his normal self, not even the muscular man he saw on the couch before the hulk came out. Ryan realized Alex looked exactly like the person he had seen only days before. Normal. Nevertheless, the fear persisted within Ryan. He was terrified that if Alex were to get angry again, he would transform into the Hulk, and the consequences would be even more devastating than before. Nothing could stop him at that size. It was a nightmarish reality that clung to his thoughts, refusing to let go as he crouched in the trees barely off the property. Essentially, pinned to the ground again. Tremors of anxiety surged through his body, and tears threatened to spill as he anxiously waited, observing Alex's movements between the living room and the kitchen, as he did what he could to clean up the aftermath. The thought of what might happen if Alex was enraged by his absence was enough to keep him rooted in place, unwilling to risk venturing farther away. It was not only the sexual encounter that plagued Ryan's thoughts; he also harbored a deep fear of Alex's potential actions should he become enraged and venture into the forest in search of him. The mere prospect of facing the Hulk once again filled Ryan with dread. Remarkably, it seemed as though Alex was unperturbed by the recent events that had unfolded, continuing with an air of calmness and gentleness that further accentuated the stark contrast to his alter ego, the Hulk. Nothing like the Alex he knew just days ago. Nearly half an hour passed before Alex vanished from sight down the hallway, only to reappear moments later, peering out of Ryan's window. Overcome by fear, Ryan instinctively ducked, his heart racing with the possibility of having been discovered. Uncertainty consumed him, unsure whether he had been noticed or if he was merely being cautious. Round three was the last thing he desired, but the consequences of provoking the Hulk again were far too daunting to contemplate. The memory of Alex's immense strength, the very force that had punched through a joist, sent a chill down Ryan's spine, serving as a haunting reminder of the sheer power he had witnessed. The image of Alex's muscular physique, with bulging biceps raised and pectoral muscles trembling upon impact, remained imprinted in Ryan's mind. The resounding roar that reverberated through the air echoed in his ears, mingling with the sensation of warm saliva landing on his face and the pungent aroma of Alex's breath. The amalgamation of scents, including the musky fragrance wafting from Alex's hairy armpits and the lingering essence of their shared pool of cum, stirred a whirlwind of memories and unexpected desires within Ryan, even as he remained hidden in the woods. There was an undeniable allure, an intoxicating attraction, to the commanding force embodied by the Hulk. It awakened a primal urge deep within Ryan, an unfamiliar longing to submit to such overwhelming strength. It was a role reversal he had never before encountered, as the moment he kissed Alex, he had found himself surrendering to the mercy of the Hulk's might. A part of him, against all reason, still yearned for that experience. To be forced into submission. The sight of Alex's muscular physique as he walked into the house was what had initially drawn Ryan to make out with him. The way his pecs pressed against his shirt, the defined contours of his arms filling the sleeves, the way his legs left no room for the massive cock he didn’t used to have — it was impossible to resist. If Alex had only maintained even half of that manly appearance throughout their relationship, Ryan would have never initiated the breakup. It was a truth left unspoken, a silent acknowledgment that Alex had let himself go, ultimately leading to their separation. Had Alex still possessed the same captivating muscularity that had first caught Ryan's attention when he walked in on him watching the news, their relationship would have had a far better chance of surviving. Perched on the edge of the woods, Ryan couldn't shake off the relentless thoughts of what might unfold if Alex were to discover his absence. The mere possibility sent waves of anxiety coursing through him, fueling his primal instincts to stay hidden. It was one of the reasons he dared not venture too far away, acutely aware that pushing the boundaries might only serve to further, and repeatedly, stoke the Hulk's fury. He didn't know what to do, striking a balance between proximity and safety, ensuring that he remained close enough that if Alex did transform search of him, he wouldn't be driven to a heightened state of rage, leaving a lot more destruction in his wake as he relentlessly pursued Ryan. As Ryan sat there, his mind began to wander, envisioning Alex's current form and imagining him undergoing another transformation. In his mind's eye, Ryan pictured Alex's contorted face twisted with rage as his once-human frame underwent the transformation. Ryan imagined thick veins protruding from Alex’s skin, his muscles growing in size and strength, his flesh turning thatmenacing shade of green. The fabric of his shirt straining against the bulging mass of his back, ultimately succumbing to his size and tearing apart. Yet, amidst the vivid imagery, a particular part of Ryan's mind imagine the Hulk's immense and pulsating cock, already erect and throbbing, probably in need of service once more. The memories of the Hulk were still etched in Ryan's mind, evoking a mix of awe and terror. However, as he remained crouched in the forest, Ryan couldn't afford to let his guard down. The faint sounds of Alex's movements within the house, urging him to stay until he was absolutely certain it was safe to emerge. If it ever happened. After an hour of keeping watch from the woods, Ryan noticed a complete absence of activity. It was pretty late in the evening as it was. It seemed like Alex had finally took the hint and left, bringing a sigh of relief to Ryan's lips. He knew it was his chance to go back inside the house. With caution in his every movement, Ryan peered through the trees, scanning his surroundings for any lingering signs of Alex's presence, just in case. Taking every step with utmost care, Ryan stealthily made his way out of the woods, making sure his footsteps were silent as he crossed the yard and approached the back door. His heart pounded in his chest, his senses on high alert. The surge of nerves within him only heightened his apprehension as his hand reached for the doorknob. With trembling fingers, he turned it slowly, the door opening with a barely audible creak. Ryan slipped inside, ensuring the door closed behind him without making a sound. Now, if there was ever a moment to encounter Alex again, it was now, but he was gone. As Ryan stepped into the kitchen, an intense aroma of cum assaulted his nostrils, emanating from the trash can where the lingering evidence of their encounter remained. The overpowering stench churned his stomach, forcing him to suppress a wave of nausea. Taking in the aftermath, his eyes landed on the wreckage that surrounded him. The couches were crushed and twisted, their frames contorted beyond recognition. Shaking his head in disbelief, Ryan struggled to comprehend the extent of the damage laid out before him. And then there was that massive hole in the floor, a black void that seemed to reach into the depths of the basement, a clear testament to the Hulk's brute strength. Yet, that wasn't all. Ryan's gaze shifted, revealing the remnants of cum staining the couch and floor, a grim reminder of Alex's carelessness before he left. The sight sickened Ryan, intensifying his curiosity about the person Alex had become. The noxious amalgamation of odors and the wreckage that surrounded him made it abundantly clear that he couldn't live in the house anymore - even if he did clean it up. He needed to figure out a way to clean up the mess and restore some sense of habitability, but the sheer magnitude of the task overwhelmed him. As Ryan toiled away, cleaning up the wreckage, his curiosity got the best of him. Despite the weird and horrifically gross nature of his impulse, he couldn't resist the temptation to taste the cum on the couch and floor - it was already on his skin. He already felt weird. Just the thought of doing so made him want to vomit, but his hand were already touching and the desire setting in. There was so much. He convinced himself it was just regular cum before scooping up a handful of the gooey liquid, bringing it to his mouth. As the taste engulfed his tongue, Ryan couldn't help but relish in the warm saltiness that spread across his taste buds. His stomach growled, craving more of that savory goodness. He repeated the action, feeling the thick liquid ooze between his fingers. It was a strange sensation, something he had never experienced to this extent. But he couldn't deny the satisfying taste that filled his mouth. He licked his lips, savoring the flavor, and eagerly reached for another handful, fully succumbing to the forbidden pleasure. In a matter of minutes, a mischievous smile danced across Ryan's lips as he felt the fabric of his shirt constricting against his rapidly expanding physique. A quick glance confirmed what he already knew deep down – the transformation was real. The sensation was a potent mix of exhilaration and arousal. He reveled in the tightness, the way it accentuated the swelling mass of his muscles, fueling his hunger for more. With each passing second, the transformation took hold, intensifying the within him, forcing him to flex and adjust his stance. His heart pounded in his chest, his breath coming in ragged gasps as his body elongated before his very eyes. Standing up, Ryan rose above his former self, a towering figure exuding an aura of commanding presence. The rips and tears that marred his shirt barely starting to show the raw power pulsating beneath his now- sickle green skin. A deep, rumbling laughter erupted from his chest, reverberating with a newfound depth and authority. "Ahh, fuck yes," he exhaled, the words laced with primal satisfaction. This was his moment, his opportunity to showcase the true embodiment of strength and dominance to Alex - who couldn’t have gotten too far. With a surge of muscular power, he flexed his arms, feeling the biceps and triceps swell with an incredible mass that defied imagination. He had never seen even the biggest bodybuilder this thick. Anger surged through him, fueling his determination to break free from the constraints of his shirt. How dare it attempt to contain the sheer magnitude of his form? Ryan flexed his arms again, the bulging muscles tearing through the fabric as his skin took on a darker shade of green. The sleeves ripped, exposing his powerful shoulders and arms to the world. With each rip and tear, Ryan's sense of liberation grew, Alex - should be scared him. Suppressing the urge to tear the shirt to shreds, Ryan channeled his growing power into a controlled display. He knew there was a time and place for his unleashed fury, and now was not that moment. With every flex and movement, he reveled in the sensation of his muscles rippling beneath his skin, craving the freedom to exhibit their true might. The anticipation built within Ryan, fueled by his desires for physical prowess and unleashed passion. He embraced the duality of his transformation, the merging of strength and carnal desire beging to walk towards the front door. It was an intoxicating blend that sent shivers of pleasure down his spine as each increasingly heavy step meant more rips in his clothes. Ryan knew that he had become something extraordinary, something beyond the constraints of his previous self. With each passing moment, he grew more confident, more horny as his pants fell, showing an even larger cock than Alex’s. As Ryan stood there, his torn shirt clinging to his massive frame, he knew that his journey had only just begun. He was no longer the man he once was, but was no where near as large as Alex was. The world would soon witness the might of the Hulk that resided within him, and Ryan relished the prospect of unleashing his full potential. Ryan's eyes widened in shock as he saw his hands, which were now the size of serving platters. He flexed his fingers, watching as the thick green veins on the back of his hand bulged with every movement. The sensation of power surging through his body was overwhelming, like nothing he had ever experienced before. He took a deep breath, feeling his chest expand with each inhale, and let out a deafening roar. With each movement, seams popped and threads unraveled, leaving him almost completely exposed. Ryan looked around in amazement, taking in the destruction that had been wrought by Alex's transformation. The once-tidy kitchen was in ruins, the walls cracked and the furniture smashed beyond repair. As Ryan succumbed to the overpowering force of the Hulk within him, the remnants of his former self faded into the background. The destruction and chaos that surrounded him ceased to matter. All that remained was the raw, unbridled power coursing through his veins, fueling an insatiable hunger for vengeance and destruction. His head hit the ceiling, his size still packing on. The confines of the house could no longer contain the sheer mass and might that radiated from his hulking frame without bending over. With a primal roar, he embraced the true extent of his strength and let loose his wrath upon his surroundings. What Alex had become was clearing restrained, a mere taste of the power that now surged within Ryan. The thought of revenge consumed Ryan's mind, driving him to unleash his fury upon anything and everything that stood in his path. With his meaty, massive hands, he grabbed hold of the busted couch and hurled it into the street, its weight offering little resistance to his brute force. Walls crumbled under the relentless assault, water pipes shattered, and darkness swallowed the once-illuminated rooms as he tried to destroy anything Alex could have possibly enjoyed. But it wasn't enough. The hunger for destruction growing insatiable, driving him forward with an unyielding desire for more. It was exciting for him. The object of his wrath no longer needed to be Alex specifically; anyone who stood in his way would bear the brunt of his fury or even become a hulk themselves if he was feeling generous enough. In his mind, he knew that Alex couldn't have gone too far. And if not Alex, someone was going to pay, someone might be his boyfriend Michael, and he could be like Ryan now… Just the thought of Michael becoming a hulk, was making him hard. With a mighty leap, Ryan crashed through the exterior wall of his home, shattering the barrier that once separated him from the outside world. His eyes scanned the empty space, only to find his car missing. The revelation fueled the fire of rage burning within him, pushing him further into the depths of his vengeful desires. Alex was a dead man in his mind, the epitome of his wrath. The mere thought of retribution against the one who had caused his transformation fueled his resolve to seek him out, to make him pay for what he had done. Nothing would stand in his way as he embarked on his mission to find Alex and unleash his wrath upon him. The billowing rage within him reached its crescendo, boiling over with an intensity that brooked no restraint. As Ryan stormed through the streets, an unstoppable force of destruction, trees were uprooted and sent flying through the air, their branches reduced to splinters in his path. Cars, once symbols of order and transportation, were tossed aside effortlessly, their metal frames crumpling under the might of his monstrous strength. In a blind fit of rage, the Hulk's fury knew no bounds. Car after car fell victim to his unstoppable strength, metal twisted and crushed beneath his colossal fists. The screeching of metal and shattering of glass echoed through the air as the Hulk tore through the rows of vehicles like they were made of paper, throwing them often times through several houses before they finally stopped. The ground shook with each thunderous leap, leaving deep cracks in the pavement as he lunged forward, tearing through the very fabric of the neighborhood. The terrified screams of onlookers filled the air, their fear mixing with the cacophony of destruction. The police, in a desperate attempt to respond to the chaos unfolding, arrived with flashing lights and blaring sirens. But their efforts were in vain. Ryan's rage knew no bounds and he couldn’t care less, as he clashed with officers like an unstoppable force of nature. With each encounter, he effortlessly dispatched them, hurling them aside like ragdolls, their attempts to subdue him crushed under the weight of his fury. As the rampage continued, the Hulk's anger intensified, his muscles bulging with raw power, veins pulsating with a fiery energy. His roars echoed through the desolated landscape, a primal cry that shook the very foundations of the city. In his blind rage, the Hulk didn't distinguish between friend or foe, innocent or guilty. He demolished everything in his path, his only objective being the release of his overwhelming rage. No structure could withstand the force of the Hulk's wrath. Houses were reduced to rubble with a single swipe of his massive hand, roofs caved in under the weight of his fury. The once peaceful streets were now a scene of chaos and devastation, as the Hulk left his mark of destruction on everything he encountered. The devastation seemed endless, as the Hulk's rampage spread like a wildfire. The once vibrant neighborhood was now a wasteland of destruction and despair.
  7. czechhunter69

    Bruce and Elaine

    I completed this commission for hulkfan87#0372 on Discord and have posted it here with their permission. It is based on the old hulk series, specifically the pilot episode, as per their request—and it turned out to be quite a good one. If you're interested in having a story created for you or simply want to show your appreciation to the artist, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can message me on Discord at czechhunter69#0839. For everyone else, sit back and enjoy! Bruce and Elaine Bruce grunted in frustration as he forcefully slammed the trunk shut, relieved that he had managed to find the coolant amongst her lab kit and suitcases. He wiped the sweat off his brow and made his way to the front of the car, hoisting the heavy hood open with a determined effort. As the hood creaked upwards, a torrent of steam and scorching waves of heat engulfed Bruce's face, making him wince and squint his eyes. Waiting for the engine to cool, was going to be a lengthy task on its own. As the sun dipped lower on the horizon, casting a warm glow, the hood provided a welcome shade inside the vintage car. Despite the idyllic rolling hill scenery, the temperature soared to a sweltering 78 degrees under the cloudless, vibrant blue sky. Elaine, a stunning sandy brunette beauty with cascading waves of hair, sat in the passenger seat, her features accentuated by the fading daylight. She fanned herself and with a sigh of relief, gracefully removing her jean jacket. With the car parked, she knew she wouldn't need it until they started driving again. "What happened?" Elaine shouted from inside the car, her voice laced with concern, as she delicately fanned herself in an attempt to find relief from the oppressive heat. Bruce sighed, his frustration evident in his voice. “Uhhhh….. Same thing as last time," he replied, his tone tinged with annoyance. "It just needs more coolant and proper mechanic. St. Louis really did a number on it.” As Bruce waited for the engine to cool, he couldn't help but ponder what that had led them to this predicament. The rage filled muscle mass he could become in an instant, sent shivers down his spine. He walked over to Elaine's window, leaning against the car's ledge, his arms crossed as he rested his head on them. She talked with him about how they could cure it, but they needed a serum sample from him as the hulk - a nearly impossible feat. These simple moments were when his flirtatious side emerged the most, an attempt to bring a touch of lightheartedness to their current predicament. Here, on the side of the road, it was just the two of them, accompanied only by the soft rustling of cornstalks crackling as they grew in the nearby field. The pursuing police had long given up, yet against his better judgment, he continued navigating the winding backroads in an attempt to make it harder for them to be found. Throughout the ordeal, he repeatedly assured Elaine that he knew where he was going, despite the scorching heat that seemed to amplify his troubles. He didn’t but there was going to be a town eventually. Elaine's unwavering charm remained unaffected by the circumstances, serving as the best way to calm him as she held his forearm. They had become a couple as Bruce adjusted to life on the run. He loved the way the sunlight played upon her hair, causing it to shimmer and captivate Bruce's attention. It usually drew him to her smile. Half the time, he had to suppress his own excitement and maintain a certain distance, carefully averting his gaze from her, fearing that any surge of emotions might trigger his uncontrollable transformation into the Hulk. "I wish they would just leave you be," Elaine murmured softly, her concern etched upon her face. “They’ve seen what you do when you’re triggered and don’t mean to turn,” She laughed. “Could you imagine what it would be like if you were trying?” Bruce longed for a cure, to rid himself of the monstrous burden he carried, yet a part of him secretly relished the incredible power that came with his transformation if he could just control it. And sometimes, deep down, he couldn't help but wonder if Elaine, too, found a strange allure in his inner monster. "I think that's why they want me,” Bruce said, his voice tinged with a mix of weariness and determination. “They don't want me cured," Bruce continued, his gaze fixed on the horizon as he spoke. "They want to replicate what I am. To make others just like me." His words carried a weight, reflecting the gravity of the situation they found themselves in. She knew it. “Well, I want you too. All of you, green skin and all.” Elaine looked at him, her eyes filled with a mixture of concern and determination. She reached out and gently touched his arm, offering a reassuring presence amidst the uncertainty. "We'll find a way, Bruce," she said, her voice filled with unwavering support. "No matter what they want, we're in this together.” Bruce's tired face softened into a faint smile as he looked into Elaine's eyes. “On the bright side, we could always…” Her voice trailed off as she looked at him, trying to reawaken the man who used to please her just on his own. She traced a finger down his arm. “You’ve gotten much better at those other things.” She said longingly. “With that mouth, and those fingers… without turning.” Bruce laughed. “Yeah…” drawing closer for a kiss. Their intimate moments were a delicate dance, teetering on the edge of pleasure and danger. Bruce's insatiable desires and the ever-present threat of his transformation created an undeniable tension that Elaine could keenly sense. When he got excited, he risked losing control - but it was another way she could collect a sample from him as the hulk. It was a constant battle between his scientific intellect and the raw power surging through his veins. Bruce had mastered the art of restraint, walking a precarious tightrope, suppressing the surges of excitement that threatened to unleash the untamed beast lurking within. Paradoxically, Elaine found herself drawn to this inner struggle, enticed by the smoldering intensity simmering just beneath the surface and the scientific intrigue it carried. Each advance she made, every suggestion of indulgence, held the potential to push Bruce to the brink, to unlock the depths of his own desires. In truth, he yearned for that release, and they both knew it. It had been months. In those moments when intellect and instinct intertwined, Bruce found solace in repeatedly going down on Elaine - claiming her excitement was enough to satisfy him. It was a calming act for her, and it stirred an unparalleled excitement within him. Over the past few months, this intimate ritual had become their own version of dining out, a unique way to connect with each other, even though it presented its fair share of challenges. Despite the risks, Bruce managed to maintain control, never succumbing to the transformation. They often resorted to sleeping in separate beds or even in the car, navigating their unconventional circumstances as best they could, to keep him calmer to her dismay. However, she was getting better at convincing him to do things with her. A sign that he might actually cave in if she can convince him she’ll be safe. "I can't do that right now, Elaine," Bruce interjected, pulling away, his voice tinged with both anticipation and frustration. He was acutely aware of the risk of getting too excited by her presence. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest, and the headache building within him. "We need to get up and going before it gets dark," he continued, consciously changing the subject. Although his excitement was evident, Bruce understood the urgency of their situation. They had to find a place to stay for the night, and he needed a cold shower more than anything. Despite his inner turmoil, he remained focused on trying to get them up and running again. Bruce hurriedly scurried to the front of the car, seeking refuge behind the raised hood to hide from the woman he loved. His excitement being around her was overwhelming, distracting his focus. He didn’t want to turn around her, but also knew it would happen one day if they kept this up. Aware of the potential danger, he swiftly stripped off his shirt and securely wrapped it around his hand, fashioning a makeshift oven-mit. With a trembling arm, he extended it towards the coolant cap beneath the hood, his preparations tinged with frustration that clouded his judgment. It was too early, and it was going to hurt. In a clumsy manner, Bruce fumbled with the cap, his actions driven by impatience and eagerness. With an ill-advised twist, the cap unexpectedly yielded, unleashing a sudden eruption of scalding steam and boiling liquid. The release was so forceful that it mimicked the grandeur of the explosive geysers of Old Faithful. The air became a brief maelstrom of billowing steam, engulfing Bruce's shirt and transforming it into a hazy veil of hot fog. Bruce yelled in pain. Elaine swiftly leaped out of the car, a mix of concern and urgency propelling her towards him. Backpedaling as fast as he could, Bruce found himself momentarily disoriented by the onslaught of steam. The scene became a chaotic blur, the swirling vapor weighing heavily on the air, as he struggled to regain his balance and assess the repercussions of his ill-fated attempt to add coolant to the ailing vehicle. Grimacing from both physical discomfort and the weight of his own folly, Bruce couldn't ignore the drenched state of his shirt, mirroring the dampness that had seeped through the crotch of his jeans. The scorching pain extinguishing any flicker of excitement that had welled within him. He understood the imperative of reining in his desires, especially when they endangered Elaine's well-being. The magnetic pull of her presence was undeniable, but the potential harm it could cause served as an insurmountable barrier. Deep down, he knew that without a cure, he might have to make the agonizing choice of leaving her behind, all in the name of keeping her safe. She was trying to teach him to control it, but he wouldn’t didn’t want to let it out. With a heavy sigh that seemed to echo his internal struggle, Bruce summoned every ounce of self-control within him, purposefully stepping back and putting a distance between himself and the tantalizing dame already coming to his aid. The deliberate pain, both physical and emotional, acted as an unyielding deterrent, grounding him in the harsh reality of their circumstances. He couldn't afford to let his desires endanger well-being of the woman he held dear. Elaine, her heart aching with understanding, approached Bruce with a tender empathy - she knew he did it on purpose. She gently rested her hand on his shoulder, offering a comforting touch amidst the turmoil. "Please, just leave me alone," he pleaded softly, his voice filled with a mixture of longing and resignation. He knew that giving in to his desires could have disastrous consequences, and he didn't want to subject Elaine to such risks. Bruce carefully removed the shirt that had shielded his hand and proceeded with utmost caution, pouring the coolant into the car at a glacial pace. His hand throbbed but would be fine after a little bit - and was already starting to feel better. Each deliberate action was an attempt to regain a semblance of normalcy, to momentarily escape the weight of their extraordinary circumstances. "I'm sorry, but I... I want to feel some sort of normal again," he confessed, his voice laced with weariness and longing for a life unaffected by the incredible burden he carried. As the final drops of coolant trickled into the car, the twilight descended, robbing the world of its vibrant hues and reducing it to a grayscale canvas. The fading light mirrored the muted shades that now tainted their once-vibrant sex life, an unfortunate consequence of The Hulk. As Bruce turned the key in the ignition, the car sputtered to life, emitting a throaty chug as if awakening from a slumber - it wasn’t good enough for a long drive, but it would do. The soft, warm glow of the headlights timidly illuminated the asphalt ahead, guiding their journey towards the next small town. Their destination was the first motel they saw coasting in. Its name, Motel Lee, would have been proudly displayed on a sign, but the lamps remained unlit, a reflection of its worn-down appearance. Yet, this dilapidation worked in their favor, ensuring affordable rent and sparing them from prying eyes. Elaine assumed her usual role of acquiring the motel keys, a task that fell to her given Bruce's criminal notoriety, often gracing the screens of the nightly news. She had grown accustomed to the peculiar dynamics of their situation, where discretion and anonymity were paramount. With a practiced ease, she stepped out of the car, prepared to negotiate their stay without attracting undue attention. Returning to the car, Elaine held the room keys in one hand, her other hand grasping something intriguing. Despite her nerves stemming from the use of fake names and bad checks, her focus remained tied to him. Bruce's curiosity surged as he noticed not one, but two pairs of handcuffs dangling from her fingers. His eyebrow instinctively raised, wondering how she managed to acquire them. Yet, a glimmer of lust in her eyes urged him to embrace her plan. "They were just sitting on the counter, and when Stan left to get the keys, I thought we could have some fun with them.” "You...stole them? Who leaves handcuffs lying around on a counter?” Elaine laughed playfully. "I wanted to add a little excitement tonight, not enough to trigger your transformation, but enough for you to relax.” Bruce voiced his concern, "If I do transform, those handcuffs won't be able to stop me.” In countless instances, it was Elaine who possessed the power to soothe Bruce during his transformations. Ironically, she was also exceptionally skilled at igniting his desires, often leading to his metamorphosis. She had become his anchor, the one who could rein him back. And tonight, she made it clear that it was his turn to be cared for, whether he stood as Bruce Banner or as the hulking, green beast. "I took these for you, not the hulk,” Elaine said, her voice laced with a mix of anticipation and tenderness. "I want tonight to be about you, Bruce, about us. Trust me, I've thought this through. You will be able to control yourself.” Elaine's intriguing proposition had Bruce's gaze shifting from the handcuffs to her, his face a mixture of curiosity and apprehension. Deep down, he trusted her to stop before he hulked out and was genuinely intrigued by what she meant. It had been an incredibly long time since he had experienced any form of intimacy with a woman. Understanding the underlying message, Bruce recognized that this was Elaine's way of demonstrating her ability to embrace both sides of him—an idea she had been trying to convey for quite some time. The offer she presented was undeniably tempting, a tantalizing opportunity to feel desired and truly understood in ways he had never before experienced. With a mixture of nervousness and excitement, Bruce reached out, his fingers lightly grazing the cool metal of the handcuffs. Uncertainty danced in his eyes. Could he trust himself to maintain control, or would the hulk be too strong? Taking a deep breath, he looked into Elaine's eyes, a flicker of vulnerability mingling with a flicker of longing. "Alright," he finally whispered, a hint of a smile tugging at his lips. In truth, he was hornier than a toad. It clawed at him, demanding to be sated, overriding any semblance of reason or restraint as if the scientist and rational was fighting the hulk and losing already. The mere thought of ravishing her, of surrendering to the depths of his own desires, sent a surge through his veins. His body burned with a fierce intensity, yearning to unleash its power and passion upon her. He needed to fuck her with an intensity that would teach her just how bad of an idea it was to do this. Too destroy the motel so badly she’d cure him. The longing in his eyes matched the fire that raged within, a tempest of desire that threatened to consume them both. ——————————————————————————————————————— The dimly lit motel room seemed to exude an air of mystery as Bruce found himself handcuffed to the bed. His brows furrowed with uncertainty, his mind swirling with a mix of anticipation and nervousness. Tensing up was normal with sex, and the restraints didn’t make it easier not to - but he was scared about the hulk coming out, he was scared about the hulk cumming in general. He couldn’t hide how excited he was as his underwear tented higher than usual, soaking wet already. Elaine, stood before him, teasing him as she removed her clothes. Her eyes sparkled with mischief, a mischievous smile playing on her lips. "Relax, Bruce," she purred, her voice tinged with a tantalizing confidence. "Everything will be fine. Just remember, your only goal is to not break these handcuffs, and if you do, you’re only job is to keep me safe.” Bruce agreed, repeating the promise over and over in his head as he talked himself up - he could do it. She kept reminding him to reenforce it as a goal. Bruce's eyes darted between the handcuffs and Elaine, his heart racing with a cocktail of emotions. It had been months since he last experienced anything remotely close to this kind of excitement. Never before had he ventured into the realm of restraints, and the unfamiliarity sent both shivers of apprehension and thrill down his spine. He took a deep breath, trying to steady himself. "I... I don't know how long these will hold me if I transform," Bruce admitted, his voice tinged with a mix of curiosity and uncertainty. Elaine leaned in, her fingers gently tracing the contours of his chest. "That's the thrill, isn't it? The unknown," she whispered seductively, her breath warm against his ear. “Think about it, if you don’t break them - you keep me safe.” “No, I don’t want to turn.” “Then be that strong man I know you are” As she climbed up on him, her lips brushed against his, he couldn't help but feel a surge of desire. Elaine had a way of awakening desires deep within him that he didn't even know existed. Her touch was electric, her words igniting a fire within his core, she could tell him to do anything. She leaned over him, her hands expertly massaging his chest while peppering his skin with soft, tantalizing kisses. Her whispered words, filled with explicit fantasies, were intended to stoke the fire of passion deep within him. As Elaine's skilled touch heightened his arousal, a primal growl nearly slipped past Bruce's lips, accompanied by a sudden jerk of his body. It was the first telltale sign that the Hulk's emergence was imminent. It was like lightning clearing his mind of everything except how much he wanted to cum right now. In that moment, fear and desire mingled within him, torn between his own apprehension and the desire not to disappoint Elaine - the one person who probably could cure him. Yet, Elaine's soothing voice cut through his anxiety, assuring him that she had faith in her safety. She was right too - he wouldn’t let anything happen to her. It was a delicate balance, fueled by a mixture of fear and determination, as he navigated the line between gratifying his own desires and protecting the woman he loved. Elaine's objective was clear: to push the boundaries of Bruce's self-control and delve into the depths of his dual personas get several serum samples from him after he turned. Yet, beneath her scientific curiosity, a fiery longing blazed within her. The memories of their time in the lab, the blend of fear and desire, ignited an intense craving. She didn’t know who was more wet, her or bruce. She yearned to feel the sheer strength of his muscles, to surrender to the potent allure that both thrilled and unsettled her. The image of steel pipes torn from the ceiling and steel doors shattered effortlessly stirred a fervent passion deep within. She hungered for the presence of that powerful, unstoppable man, fully aware that to awaken him, she needed to entice him into surrendering control. Elaine's tongue traced a tantalizing path along Bruce's sensitive nipples, her movements alternating between teasing nibbles and tender caresses. Each flicker of her touch sent waves of pleasure coursing through his body, eliciting moans and involuntary jerks that betrayed his growing arousal. All of his muscles were so tense, and as she looked up to his. The desires that swirled within him waged a fierce battle against his need for restraint. Bruce's love for Elaine burned deeply, fueling his desire to surrender to the transformation that awaited him. He longed to show her the extent of his strength, to prove how big and powerful he could become with her by his side. Yet, he knew unleashing his alter ego, the Hulk was deadly. The fear of causing harm to the woman he cherished waged a relentless war with his own intense yearning, as he pulled and jerked against the cuffs, the bones in his wrists pressing uncomfortably against the metal, where it didn’t mere moments ago. He was growing - however slowly. As the intensity of the moment heightened, Bruce found himself teetering on the edge of surrender, enjoying the idea of pulling the posters right off the bed frame. The clash between his dwindling reservations and the primal desire awakened by Elaine's touch set the stage for a battle of wills, where the line between control and abandon blurred. With each passing second, the stakes grew higher. In that charged atmosphere, their intimate encounter became a crucible, a testing ground that pushed the boundaries of their desires. Bruce found himself caught in a tumultuous struggle, torn between the irresistible longing to surrender to his primal urges and the weighty responsibility of safeguarding Elaine from the unbridled power that dwelled within him. It was a delicate dance on a tightrope, teetering between the realms of ecstasy and restraint, with an uncertain outcome hanging in the balance. With one misstep, Bruce plummeted from the tightrope, plunging into the unyielding embrace of the Hulk. With each passing second, Bruce's body underwent an awe-inspiring growth, a captivating spectacle that held Elaine in a trance as she continued to kiss and lick his expanding body, now slurping pre-cum dripping cock. His sinewy form contorted and twisted. The air crackled with grunts and groans as his muscles swelled and expanded, fueled by an unstoppable force that surged through his veins. Bruce, lost in the sea of pleasure and transformation, could feel the primal growl rumbling within his chest. The bed beneath him groaned and protested, struggling to bear the weight of his growth spurt. The once cozy queen-sized mattress strained against the sheer magnitude of his presence, unable to hold the extraordinary growth that now consumed him. His feet extending beyond the edge of the be, as his knees bent and toes grazed the floor. What was once a chubby slim physique had now given way to an astonishing display of power and green magnificence. Pounds upon pounds of rippling sinew packed onto his frame, each muscle fiber defined and accentuated with precision. It was as if his entire being had been sculpted by the hands of Lou Ferrigno, an embodiment of strength and art. His arms, slim and unremarkable, now resembled colossal mossy tree trunks, thick and bulging with raw power. Veins snaked across their surface like ancient rivers, pulsating with the life force that coursed through him. As his muscles expanded, they seemed to dance beneath the surface. Shoulders broadened and extended, reaching from side to side of the mattress. The handcuffs that had once restrained him were reduced to twisted metal, shattered remnants of their former existence. Try as he might, the shear size of his arms prevented them from being held in place above his head. They were no match for the immense power that surged through his veins, a power that demanded freedom and release. Elaine was going to witness to his overwhelming might and succumbed to his desires. Each breath he took was infused with a sense of exhilaration and liberation. He could feel the rush of blood through his veins, the pulsating heartbeat that coursed through his now massive dick already excited to get what it’s wanted for a while, as she watched unsure just what to do - Bruce or The Hulk was larger than normal. Undeterred by the awe-inspiring spectacle unfolding before her, Elaine's desire burned brightly, urging her to explore every inch of Bruce's immense form. Her fingers, delicate yet filled with a fervent longing, traced the contours of his burgeoning muscles, caressing the hardened sinew with a reverence reserved for a work of art. She marveled at the sheer scale of his physicality, her touch a graceful dance upon the landscape of his sculpted physique. The musk of sweat that emanated from Bruce's skin only served to heighten Elaine's desire. It mingled with the air, creating an intoxicating scent that fueled her. She surrendered to the raw, masculine aura that enveloped him. Her lips, soft and eager, descended upon his colossal chest, planting kisses upon the chiseled landscape with a fervent passion. Her delicate hands gripping his traps as if they were where she would come up for air. Each touch send pleasureful sensations within him, coursing through his veins. As the hulk grew in strength, its raw power evident in every fiber of Bruce's being, a profound sense of awe mingled with a primal fear. He was still keenly aware of the delicate balance between pleasure and the potential for destruction - and he already wanted to destroy the room. His instincts urged him to unleash his might, to revel in the dominance that now resided within him. But he remained resolute, his desire to protect Elaine outweighing his own primal urges. In the midst of this extraordinary spectacle, the room was transformed into an arena of passion and power. The scent of musk and the symphony of moans filled the air, a testament to the union of human desire and the monstrous strength that coursed through Bruce's veins. In this fusion of muscle and desire, Bruce and Elaine found themselves caught in a dance of supremacy and vulnerability, their love transcending the boundaries of the ordinary. As the hulk's presence loomed large under her, she couldn’t help but enjoy being on top of such a massive man, unable to even dent the rock hard skin. Suddenly, the hulk seized control, his colossal hands firmly gripping Elaine's head, pulling her close to his monstrous visage. Elaine prayed she wouldn’t be crushed and that somewhere inside Bruce was there. The Hulk craved more than just gratification. It wanted to taste every inch of her, it wanted to fuck her. With a single purpose in mind, The Hulk clumsily devoured Elaine's lips in a passionate and ravenous kiss, his massive hand wrapped around her head, holding it in place. Bruces insatiable sexual hunger merged with hulks immense strength, intertwining raw power with intimacy. The taste of his own pre, mingled with the sweetness of her lips, and drove him wild. As the hulk's dominance asserted itself, he effortlessly rolled over, carefully positioning Elaine beneath him on the bed. The stark contrast in size between them heightened the intensity of their encounter, emphasizing his towering, muscular form over her petite frame as he flexed - she couldn’t help but reach up and feel his muscles move under his skin. Noticing the hunger in eyes, she couldn’t help but try to sit up and move her mouth towards his throbbing cock. He needed this, she thought. His brutish face, accentuated by a 5 o’clock shadow on his chin, adding to the intensity of the moment. She had forgotten to breathe. Before Elaine could react, the Hulk's enormous hand gently cradled her face, his touch a contradiction of tenderness and overpowering strength. It was their first intimate encounter with him in his Hulk form, leaving her uncertain about the level of gentleness he could exert with his immense size and power. With one more lingering kiss on her lips, he embarked on a journey southward, his hunger and delicate precision blending as he suckled her breasts, as his finger began to play with her vagina. Driven by a deliberate yet urgent determination, the Hulk set out to pleasure Elaine, to surpass any satisfaction she had ever experienced with Bruce - he had to show that little man what a real man could do. His tongue skillfully danced and teased, rendering her body a helpless vessel for waves of ecstatic pleasure as he focused on her vagina, unleashing a ferocity driven by his passionate instincts, plunges into the depths of her most sensitive area, his tongue becoming an instrument of ecstasy. Firmly but sensitively, he held her in place, fully embracing his insatiable desire to please her and relish her most intimate essence—a desire that harmoniously melded with his formidable strength. Each flick of his tongue, each caress of his lips, surging through her, each movement executed with a primal finesse unique to the Hulk's immense physique. Elaine, gripping the mattress tightly, surrendered to his growls as the Hulk's head delved deeper between her legs, emitting animalistic growls of his own. The Hulk was an animal As he delved further into his voracious feast, Elaine's moans intermingled with the rumbling growls emanating from the Hulk's monstrous form, his hand moving to stroke his own massive green cock. The room filled with an intoxicating symphony of shared ecstasy, as the room shook. Despite reveling in his insatiable desires, the Hulk's primary concern remained Elaine's satisfaction and safety. The duality of his nature—the untamed strength and the tenderness within—manifested in an unwavering determination to elicit cries of pleasure from her, over and over again. In this fusion of the beast and the beloved, pleasure and power entwined, culminating in an intense moment that Elaine resisted but ultimately succumbed to as she reached climax. Hulk came up for air, still stroking himself with a look that had one message - he wasn’t anywhere near done. ——————————————————————————————————————— The Hulk rose to his full, imposing stature, his massive form radiating both anger and pride, casting a shadow over the exhausted woman who had ignited this fiery passion within him. This was her fault, she wanted this and he wasn’t done yet, not even close. With a determination burning in his eyes, it was now his turn to unleash his insatiable desires upon her. Glaring down at her, his bulging muscles rippling with each breath, he repositioned himself over her, his cock pressing against her stomach as he positioned himself on top of her, a reminder of his sheer dominance, careful not to crush her. As he ascended onto her, the Hulk's forceful kiss claimed her lips, his mouth a cavernous expanse, engulfing her with a hunger that knew no bounds. The intensity of his kiss reminding her she couldn’t stop him now, the vibrant green hue of his lips serving as a vivid warning of the untamed power that coursed through his veins. With a commanding presence, the Hulk's throbbing cock pressed against her wet spit covered slit. The sheer size and girth of his member stretching the limits of her anticipation as he push in, each forceful thrust generating a symphony of pleasure that reverberated through her being. The pulsating veins that snaked across his massive length throbbed with every movement. Banging the bed against the wall with such for the drywall was cracking - and he was just getting started. As the Hulk's relentless thrusts continued, their bodies became locked in a primal dance of passion, propelling her towards multiple climaxes. His abs flexed with every motion, a sculpted landscape of power and desire. His glutes clenched with each powerful thrust, driving him deeper into her, intensifying the pleasure they shared. The room filled with her moans and his beastly grunts, a cacophony escaping his lips as his climax approached. The overwhelming force with which the Hulk plunged into her sent shockwaves of pleasure coursing through her every nerve ending, shattering any lingering remnants of restraint and unleashing a torrent of pleasure that cascaded through her core as she gripped the sheet stronger than he ever could. His mighty body quaked above her, the weight of his power evident in every ripple of muscle and every grunt that escaped his lips. With one final, earth-shattering thrust, the Hulk unleashed a guttural roar that echoed through the room, a primal declaration of his release. Like a powerful tidal wave crashing upon the shore, his climax surged through him, overpowering his senses with its intensity. He couldn’t resist taking both his fists and smashing them into the mattress on both sides of her head. The sheer magnitude of his liquid release was awe-inspiring - and would be for Bruce. As he emptied himself into her, the room quaked beneath the weight of his passion. A torrent of his cum surged forth, a deluge that overflowed Elaines slit as he pulled out. It cascaded with unyielding power, filling the depths of their connection and leaving no doubt as to the sheer potency of his desire. Each pulse of his release coated her entire stomach as he trembled over her trying not to collapse. The room was filled with the heady scent of their union, a potent mixture of desire and fulfillment that hung in the air. In the aftermath of their union, their bodies entwined, a profound sense of satisfaction and connection enveloped them. The Hulk, still towering over Elaine, was a vision of raw power and dominance. He had unleashed the full extent of his physical prowess upon her, leaving no doubt as to the overwhelming strength that coursed through his veins. As the intense surge of passion and pleasure began to subside, the hulk's massive frame yearned to collapse on the bed. Gradually he heaved himself over her, stumbling to the floor, the hulk's monumental form beginning to diminish in size, a metamorphosis that unfolded before Elaine's eyes. The raw power that had pulsed through his muscles now waned, as his physique shrunk. The bulging muscles deflating as if releasing the tension they had held. The once formidable biceps and triceps diminished in size, gradually revealing a more compact and toned physique. As the transformation continued, his chest, once a robust and solid wall of muscle, gradually receded, becoming less defined and sculpted. The hulk's legs, once pillars of strength, slimed up. His colossal feet, which had seemingly dwarfed everything in their path, now appeared more proportionate as they slowly shrank to a more manageable size. With each passing moment, the hulk's remarkable transformation to become Bruce continued, his monumental stature gradually giving way to a more human-sized frame, and his color became more white, and the fat proudly adorned his body returning. Elaine, exhausted from the overwhelmingly passionate encounter, remained safely nestled on the bed, her body both sated and spent. The intense connection she had shared with the hulk now lingering as a creamy glaze now pooling around her waist - still warm. “Holy shit,” She sighed with a gentle smile on her face, embracing the stillness of the moment, basking in the euphoria of their shared experience. As the Bruce settled on the floor, his reduced form now entirely human proportions, he exhaled a sigh of relief. "I'm sorry," Bruce muttered, his voice laced with remorse, as he lay naked on the floor, catching his breath. The transformation had subsided, leaving him in a state of vulnerability and self-reflection. Elaine, still catching her breath from their intense encounter, reassured him with a breathless response. "You were… amazing. I mean, holy shit, you were incredible," she gasped, her voice filled with awe and lingering pleasure. "I've never experienced anything like that before, so many times… I came so many time… ” Bruce looked under the bed trying to catch his breath, where remnants of crushed wood lay scattered. The bed frame was no more. Examining the splintered fragments, Bruce couldn't help but contemplate the sheer weight he had carried, estimating it to be in the range of 4 or 500 pounds during his transformation. The knowledge that he had exerted such force, even inadvertently, weighed heavily on his conscience. Silence hung in the air as Bruce grappled with the conflicting emotions coursing through him. "Bruce, don't be so hard on yourself," she whispered softly, her eyes filled with understanding. "Yes, your the hulk, but it's a part of you. We'll learn together how to navigate this part of us, how to channel it in ways that bring us joy without causing harm.” Her words resonated deeply within him, offering a glimmer of solace amidst his self-doubt. The assurance that he was not alone in this journey provided a sense of comfort and relief. Bruce nodded, his expression softened by her compassion and unwavering support, as he pulled himself off the floor. Bruce gingerly picked up the tattered remains of his underwear, his eyes scanning the room for any other rewards of their passionate encounter - he didn’t remember taking them off. The broken bed frame. The shattered handcuffs. He cleared his throat, his voice slightly hoarse as he spoke, "We should probably get cleaned up.” Elaine, her gaze fixated on her own naked form glistening with his essence, nodded in agreement. "I'd like that," she replied, her voice carrying a mix of satisfaction and longing. With a gentle hand, Bruce helped Elaine rise from the warm pool of cum she had been lying in, his touch tender and caring. They moved together towards the shower. Bruce turned the faucet, setting the water to its hottest setting, filling the bathroom with a cloud of steam. As the steam began to swirl around them, Elaine couldn't help but notice the careful way Bruce looked at her, as if searching for any signs of discomfort or marks left behind. Her voice softened as she broke the silence, her words carrying a mix of reassurance and admiration. "You didn't hurt me, you know," she said, her eyes meeting his, filled with trust and affection. Bruce was momentarily taken aback, his mind racing to find the right words to express his thoughts. The steam continued to rise, creating a veil of intimacy between them. He finally found his voice, his words laced with vulnerability. "I... I'm glad," he managed to say, his voice barely above a whisper, as he turned the heat down to something they could enjoy as they climbed in. Elaine stepped closer, her hand reaching out to caress his cheek, her touch comforting and gentle. "You were better than any of our previous times," she murmured, her eyes locked with his, "and it's about time you were able to let go a little bit.” Bruce's eyes softened, the weight of his past struggles momentarily lightening as he absorbed Elaine's words. The steam swirling around them created a cocoon of intimacy, shielding them from the outside world as they stood together beneath the cascading water. In that vulnerable moment, he leaned in, his forehead gently resting against hers, their breaths intermingling amidst the rising steam. "I... I love you, Elaine," Bruce confessed, his voice brimming with sincerity and raw emotion. His words hung in the air, heavy with the weight of his inner turmoil. "But I don't want to be this hulk. I don't. And I don't want you to expect that level of... performance…from me. The hulk isn't me.” Elaine's eyes shimmered with unshed tears, a mix of understanding and unwavering love shining in her gaze, it was part of both of them and changing the words didn’t matter. A radiant smile curved her lips as she tightened her embrace around him, their bodies coming together in the warm embrace of the shower. "I love 'you', Bruce," she whispered, her voice laced with tenderness and unwavering devotion. In that moment, under the soothing rush of water and the sheltering steam, Bruce felt a profound sense of acceptance and understanding. Elaine's love wrapped around him like a lifeline, grounding him amidst the turbulent currents of his own identity. And in her embrace, he found solace, knowing that their love transcended the challenges they faced, and that together, they could navigate the complexities of their relationship with unwavering support and unconditional devotion. ——————————————————————————————————————— Their blissful shower abruptly shattered as the tranquility of the moment was torn apart by a violent intrusion. In the dead of night, the piercing sound of a man's voice shouting "police" reverberated through the room, sending shockwaves of fear and confusion coursing through Elaine and Bruce's veins. Bruce knew they had finally been caught - it didn’t matter how far they would run. Their hearts pounded in their chests as the bathroom door swung open, revealing two figures dressed in police uniforms, their weapons brandished with a menacing authority. "Get down on the ground, now!" one of the officers barked, his voice filled with a vulgar aggression that cut through the air like a knife. One threw bruce to the ground, dragging him into the main room. Bruce's muscles tensed, a mix of fear and adrenaline flooding his system. He complied, dropping to his knees with a sense of helplessness and vulnerability, as one officer threw him to the floor. The cold tile floor pressed against his bare skin, a stark contrast to the warmth and safety he had just experienced in the embrace of the steamy shower. Elaine's scream pierced the air, a cry of terror and disbelief as the officers invaded their sacred moment. Her nakedness, once a symbol of their intimate connection, now became a vulnerability that was callously exploited by men who thought they were the ones in control of the situation. With a reckless force, they handled her, their grip unyielding and violent, treating her with a brutality that ignited a furious rage within Bruce. As Elaine was thrown to the floor, her body colliding with the unforgiving surface, Bruce's protective instincts surged to the forefront. The hulk, dormant within him, stirred with a ferocious intensity, the desire to defend and shield his love overpowering his thoughts. Every fiber of his being screamed for action, for retribution against the injustice inflicted upon them. As the cold, metal cuffs were secured around Bruce's wrists for a second time that night, a sinister smile tugged at the corners of his lips. With a surge of raw power, the transformation began, an incredible metamorphosis that unleashed an unstoppable force upon the unsuspecting police officers, his officer quickly fired into his shoulder. Bruce's body convulsed, his muscles bulging and expanding with incredible speed quickly healing from the gunshot. The cuffs strained against the sheer magnitude of his growing mass, threatening to snap under the immense pressure. Inch by inch, he towered over the officers, surpassing their height as if defying the laws of physics. The once meek and submissive figure of Bruce had given way to a colossal entity, a towering symbol of untamed strength. The hulk, now standing before them, radiated an aura of aggression and dominance, briefly flexing, his pecs trembling as he grew. His green skin pulsed with veins that seemed to carry the essence of his sheer power. The officers, who had previously felt a sense of authority and control, now found themselves dwarfed by this monstrous embodiment of fury. With a bone-rattling roar that shook the very foundations of the room, the hulk lunged forward, his massive green fists crashing into the officers with unfathomable strength. The impact was cataclysmic, the sound of bones shattering and flesh yielding filling the air. Driven by an insatiable hunger for dominance, the hulk unleashed a torrent of devastating blows upon the officers The first officer, caught off guard by the hulk's lightning-fast attack, was sent hurtling through the air, his body slamming into a wall with a sickening thud. The second officer, paralyzed with fear, watched in horror as his partner flew through the wall. Before he could even think of a course of action, the hulk closed the distance between them in a blur of emerald fury. Grasping the second officer by the collar, the hulk effortlessly hoisted him into the air, the officer's legs dangling helplessly. The officer's eyes widened in terror as he stared into the hulk's rage-filled eyes, the green veins pulsating with power. The officer was speechless. With an animalistic roar, the hulk swung one officer like a ragdoll, his body becoming a projectile of destruction. The officer crashed through the their room like a human missile, obliterating everything in his path, collapsing on the bed of the room next door. Both men, very lucky to be alive as the hulk realized how much he craved the destruction, as he fought anything in his grasps. Each strike was a display of raw strength, sending shockwaves through the room and leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The air crackled with the energy of his relentless assault, the force of his blows creating mini-explosions of debris. His veins bulged with pulsating energy, each surge of adrenaline fueling his insatiable desire for dominance. He flexed his colossal muscles, veins snaking across his green-skinned physique like radiation filled streams. The building seemed to tremble in awe of the hulk's sheer presence, the very walls struggling to contain the force that emanated from his monstrous form. Amidst the chaos, the hulk's grunts and growls filled the room, a symphony of primal aggression. His roar reverberated through the wreckage, a primal declaration of his unbridled power. It was a dance of destruction, a display of dominance that sent shockwaves through the hulk's being, reminding him of the limitless strength that surged within him. He loved it, and as he looked down he could help but smile at his massive tool, craving more than what Elaine could offer. The hulk paused amidst the wreckage, a towering figure radiating both triumph and an insatiable hunger for more. The officers, broken and bloodied, lay scattered like discarded playthings. The hulk's exhilaration remained palpable, an unstoppable force of nature basking in the aftermath of his unleashed power. With a deafening bellow that reverberated through the air, the hulk surged forward, a mountain of raw strength and power. His sinewy muscles bulged and rippled with every movement, their sheer mass demonstrating his formidable might. From his broad chest, down his colossal arms, and all the way to his tree trunk-like legs, his naked body demanding attention as he plowed his way out of the room and into the parking lot. In a display of unfathomable strength, the hulk's massive hands closed around the police car parked outside, his fingers effortlessly gripping the solid metal chassis. The creaking and groaning metal filled the air as the vehicle strained against the hulk's grip, unable to withstand the colossal power that coiled within his veins. With a mighty heave, the hulk propelled the car forward, unleashing it like a projectile hurtling through the air. The metallic beast soared with uncanny accuracy, its trajectory guided by the hulk’s towards the other rooms. The impact upon landing would be cataclysmic, as the car became a weapon in the hulk's hands, demolishing anything unfortunate enough to stand in its path. The car crashed through the wall of the adjacent rooms, unleashing a violent explosion of splintered wood, shattered glass, fire, and crumbling brick. Debris rained down like a torrential storm, as the neighboring rooms were instantly transformed into a scene of utter chaos. The force of impact reverberated through the entire building, sending tremors of destruction cascading through its very foundation. Inside the motel rooms, the hulk's rampage continued from one room to the next. Walls crumbled under the relentless onslaught, furniture was reduced to splinters, and personal belongings were pulverized into oblivion. The air became thick with a haze of dust and debris, obscuring the hulk's monstrous figure amidst the wreckage. He was simply having fun at this point. Through it all, the hulk's focus remained resolute. He avoided the area where Elaine was, his only concern ensuring her safety after breaking the cuffs a second time tonight amidst the onslaught of his unbridled fury. It was as if a sliver of his humanity still lingered, a thread of consciousness that shielded her from his wrath, it protected nothing else. With every destructive second fueled by the sheer pleasure of obliterating anything in his path. He tore through everything, his mighty fists reducing them to rubble. Glass shattered like fragile crystal at his touch, and the sound of splintering wood echoed like an ominous warning. Amidst the chaos, the hulk's roars reverberated through the building, a primal symphony of dominance that shook the very core of anyone who heard it. His monstrous form stood amidst the wreckage. His muscles bulged and veins pulsed with an otherworldly energy. As the hulk surveyed the wreckage, his eyes caught sight of Elaine standing across the parking lot, wrapped in a towel and clearly disheveled. In that moment, a pang of remorse pierced through his powerful exterior. The woman he loved had been caught in the crossfire of his uncontrollable rage, realizing that was enough to calm him down. Water from burst pipes were spraying into the air, pattering his muscles and cleaning him at the same time. The hulk couldn't help but feel a mix of exhilaration and guilt, knowing the destruction he had caused was witnessed by the woman he loved yet again. He had torn through walls, shattered objects, and reduced the police car to a mere heap of twisted metal. His unstoppable ire had left a lasting mark on everything in his path, and it needed to be cured. Deep down, he longed for control, for the ability to protect those he cared about rather than subject them to more danger. The woman he loved deserved more than the collateral damage he had caused and would continue. Elaine, however, stood amidst the wreckage, her gaze locked onto the dark green puddle of blood that had spilled onto the ground—an elusive sample that appeared almost impossible to obtain without a transformation. Safely stored in her purse were several vials, the closest means of preserving the cum and blood she had managed to collect. It was a precious miracle, offering a fleeting glimpse into the genetic makeup of the hulk—a treasure she knew would be nearly impossible to acquire again. Unbeknownst to Bruce, Elaine had a whole different plan up her sleeve. She had pulled the wool over the police's eyes, making them believe she was an unwilling accomplice ready to betray him, and she had duped Bruce into thinking she would use the serum samples to cure him. But in reality, her true intentions were far better. Deep down, she craved the power of the hulk for herself, and she guarded that secret closely, her heart throbbing with anticipation. As the vial of dark green blood sparkled in her grasp, Elaine's gaze darted between the precious liquid and Bruce, who stood clueless, unaware of the betrayal that loomed over him. A pang of guilt tugged at her conscience, yet her longing for power eclipsed any remorse. The allure of becoming a hulk, of tasting the untamed might and the freedom it promised, was simply too enticing to resist. Besides, she figured if the military wanted blood - her tampons would do. A mix of excitement and nerves coursed through Elaine as she prepared herself for the transformative journey that lay ahead. Thoughts raced through her mind, considering the nearest lab and the logistics involved. She knew that her decision would shatter Bruce's hopes and undermine the trust he had placed in her, but it also meant he could finally embrace his true self without the weight of a cure holding him back. With meticulous care, Elaine sealed the vials, fully aware of the gravity of her choices. She was about to take on the hulk, severing the chains that bound her to victimhood and the burden of finding a cure. Her actions were fueled by self-serving ambition, a hunger for power that threatened to consume her from within.
  8. czechhunter69

    Hulk - Chapter 5: Escaping

    No introduction needed. 4) Exes Once more 3) Alex Loses Control 2) Alex's First time 1) Tom’s final time Source: WB Hunk’s version of Hulk. Alex was at a crossroads in his life, unsure of what direction to take. Overwhelmed by his unpredictable transformations, he felt like a ticking time bomb. The only solution was to distance himself from others and seek refuge in the mountains of West Virginia. Though he knew it was a risky move, he couldn't bear the thought of causing any more harm to those around him. With a heavy heart and a mind full of uncertainty, he purchased a bus ticket to nowhere. Armed with a tent, basic camping supplies, and a map, Alex embarked on his journey to escape and learn control over his transformations. He yearned for seclusion, for a place where he could be alone with his thoughts and his struggles. Yet, amidst his quest for peace, a part of him also longed for excitement, for the thrill of the unknown. Three hours into the silent bus ride, Alex encountered his first challenge. Each bump on the road sent a jolt of electricity through his body, igniting a surge of excitement in his loins. The loose fabric of his pants only added to the problem, as if the very vibrations of the bus were urging the hulk within him to break free. He knew what he needed to do, what he craved the most - to fuck something, anything. It had been nearly two days since he last saw Ryan, and the thought of his lover only fueled his desire. He gripped the armrests tightly, trying to steady himself as conflicting emotions battled within him. On one hand, he yearned to let go and embrace his transformation, to revel in the power it brought. On the other, he feared what that would mean for himself and for those around him. The memories of the destruction he had caused, the lives he had put in danger, weighed heavily on his conscience. As the bus hit another bump, Alex was jolted forward, his cock brushing against his pants. He smiled, feeling it creep down his left thigh. He rotated sideways, taking up the entire row, hoping to ease the tension by sprawling across 3 seats. But he knew it was futile, that nothing could stop the hulk from emerging. The being within him was too vast, too gargantuan to be contained. His mouth was dry, and his heart raced as he braced himself for what was to come. Despite his inner turmoil, the physical transformation that Alex was undergoing was undeniable. He had come a long way from his once lanky and skinny self, and now he was easily tipping the scales at 190 pounds rather than his usual 178. The sleek lines of his frame had given way to the rugged contours of raw powerfully violent masculinity, with not an ounce of fat to be found on his chiseled form. As he looked down, he could see nipples through his shirt, point down. He wasn’t big enough yet to show anything more… yet. Closing his eyes tightly, Alex tried to focus his thoughts and gain control over the transformation, but with each passing moment, it became harder and harder to resist the pull of the hulk. The primal urge to release the beast within was growing stronger with every passing moment, and he felt his body shaking with the force of it. He longed to unzip his pants and let his massive cock loose, to play with the rim of his mushroom head and slowly run his fingers up and down the length of his shaft. As the yearning to transform grew stronger, every inch of his clothing began to stretch, threatening to burst at the seams at any moment. His once loose-fitting shirt exposed a good portion of his broad chest and the seductive trail of chest hair that led down to his chiseled abs. His torso must have gotten longer. Alex's muscles swelled, expanding with power as sweat dripped down his face, and his heart pounded in his chest like a thundering drumbeat. He had to fight the hulk. He had to stay human long enough to get away from other. Alex was on the verge of losing himself, of giving in to the gargantuan beast within him, and he knew that once he crossed that threshold, there would be no going back. "Not now, please not now," he muttered to himself in a deep, husky voice that betrayed the strength building within him. He could feel the vibration of it in his chest, as if his vocal cords were drumming with the force of the transformation. Alex shifted uncomfortably in his seat, noticing how his shoulders bulged and his torso and butt seemed to fill the space, even sideways. His pants were already tightening around his growing thighs, and he could feel his cock straining against the fabric. He looked around the nearly empty bus, desperate for a distraction or permission, but the late hour and the silence only amplified the pressure building inside him, urging him to unleash the hulk. What harm would it be? He could get out of the bus, and run. Nothing could stop him. The bus continued to bounce and sway, every bump sending a shiver down Alex's spine. He looked around, desperate for a distraction, but the late hour and nearly empty bus offered him no respite. All he could focus on was the growing pressure building inside of him, urging him to unleash the hulk. He felt his muscles grow larger, his shirt straining at the seams, and he knew that he was at the largest of human proportions - all muscle. He wanted to let go so badly, it was all he could think about. Every inch of him screamed to punch something, to embrace the primal force within him. As he sat there, his mind racing with the thought of just stroking himself off to end it, he couldn't help but imagine the other 4 passenger waking up and seeing him as the muscle god he already was, and just how godly he could become. He could picture their awe and admiration, their desire to be near him, to touch him. No, that wasn’t quite right, they would fear him. But then he could…. At that idea - he looked around. A nice silver fox, sat just two seats away. The fun he could have with that man if he just kissed him. The man a few seats away snored lightly leaning against his wife, completely unaware of the incredible display of masculinity happening just feet from him. Alex felt a surge of desire, wanting nothing more than to reach out and touch the man, to show him the incredible power that he possessed. But he knew he couldn't, not now, not like this. He repositioned his dick into his waistline, growling in satisfaction, at his own touch. He underwear already soaking wet with precum. Instead, he looked down at his arms, using one hand to feel the muscles as they grew larger and stronger. He could see the veins bulging beneath his skin, and the patches of black hair that were now visible on his chest and arms. He felt like a god, unstoppable and invincible, and the primal urge to let go and become the hulk only grew stronger. As he shift he grunted trying to move in the seat realizing just how much larger he was. As Alex sat there, his mind racing with the thought of transformation, he realized that he couldn't see clearly over the seat just a couple of moments ago. But now, his vision was crystal clear, his eyesight sharpening as he grew larger and more powerful. The anticipation of what was to come sent shivers down his spine, and he couldn't help but imagine the other passengers waking up and seeing him as the muscle god he could become. In his mind's eye, he could picture their awe and admiration, their desire to be near him, to touch him as he touched himself, his own hands massaging his bulging muscles. His fingers grazed over the bulging muscles of his biceps, triceps, and forearms, feeling their rock-hard texture under his skin. He ran his hands down his chest, feeling every curve and ridge of his chiseled abs. His touch sent shivers down his spine as he felt his muscles growing, swelling with power, and his heart pounding in his chest. As his shoulders passed the top of the seat, his legs already pouring into the aisle, Alex knew that he had to be almost 6ft 7” and built stronger than the bus he was riding. His skin was turning a sickly green, veins bulging beneath the surface, a sure sign that the transformation was near. He relished in the feeling of power coursing through his veins, knowing that soon he would take on the green hue of the hulk. And he wanted it, needed it, more than anything. This time was going to be different, he thought, sinking lower in the seats just in case the driver looked up. He didn’t want to give it away too soon. But he also couldn’t help himself, slowly lifting the hem of his shirt, stretching the tight skin, as his abs seemed to pulsate bigger, and bigger. The feeling was orgasmic just to feel his fingers dip between each ab, every dark black hair as standing in contrast to his sickle skin. No, not sickle, he could see some darker green tint to it now. He had to calm down. He didn’t want to, but he had to if only to edge himself. Several bumps shook the bus as the driver hit the rumble strips on the side of the road. He laughed thinking his abs kinda felt like that if he moved his hands over them fast enough. The thought of sharing his transformation with others only intensified his urge. As he felt his mind slipping away, he knew the primal force was taking over. He closed his eyes and gave in to the sensation of his muscles swelling and his senses sharpening. The only way to satisfy the growing primal urge was to let go and become the hulk. He could feel his mind slipping away as the urge took over his body. He shoved a couple of fingers into his pants, but the waistline barely accommodated them now. His erection pressed against his pants, clearly visible. He began to stroke it, running a thick, meaty finger up and down the shaft, completely lost in the thrill of it all. The green skin and muscle began to force the seats around him to make room, creaking and straining as his shirt gave way. Finally, the button on his pants snapped and the zipper gave way, and he heaved a sigh of relief. The desire within him was intense, and as his body grew in size and strength, so did his hunger. Alex's primal instincts were in control now, and all he wanted was to satisfy them completely. His hairy chest was now exposed as his shirt gave way completely, and he could see his abs rippling with each movement. He felt a surge of power that was indescribable, and the urge to let go completely grew even stronger. Just then, an older man walked past Alex's bus seat on his way to the restroom. "Excuse me," the man said, but he was taken back by the unexpected size in Alex's appearance. As he tried to move forward, he found that the aisle was blocked. He tried to go back to his seat, and Alex stopped him again. Alex, now almost fully transformed into the Hulk, growled, "No, you're staying here," as he grabbed the man and pulled him into a passionate kiss. The man was shocked and surprised by the sudden display of affection, but he couldn't resist the Hulk's raw power. As the bus bounced and swayed, Alex's massive form seemed to fill every inch of the surrounding space. The seats around him groaned under his weight as his bulging muscles expanded, pushing him against both seats on either side. Alex's shoulders bulged and began ripping the fabric of his shirt, making it clear that he was far too big for any conventional form of transportation. His torso was so wide that it left no room for his arms, which were forced to rest awkwardly on top of his chest. His massive legs, each one the size of tree trunks, were pressed tightly together, making it entirely impossible for anyone to pass by him in the narrow aisle. The older man couldn't believe what was happening to him. His wife was asleep at the front of the bus, but he could care less about that. One moment he was just walking down the aisle of a bus, and the next he was being pressed against a wall of bulging green muscle. He cupped Alex’s pecs, massaging them up and down impressed he could even move them. He could feel the Hulk's hot breath on his neck as he ran his hands all over his massive frame, feeling the raw power pulsing beneath his skin. He loved the mans chest hair, feeling the sinew ridges from being so dry and cut. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on Alex. But the Hulk took him by his head, forcing his massive cock deep into the man's throat. The man savored the sensation of the Hulk's cockhead brushing against the back of his throat. He relaxed his throat muscles as much as he could, allowing the Hulk to push deeper and deeper. He felt the pressure building in his chest, and he began to worry that he might gag, but he forced himself to relax and let the Hulk take control. He could barely breathe with how large it was. The Hulk's movements became more forceful, his breathing becoming more ragged, and the man realized that he was close to cumming. The man gagged and struggled for breath, but the Hulk showed no mercy. He pounded into the man's mouth, savoring the sensation of his hot, wet tongue wrapped tightly around his cock. The man tasted every inch of the Hulk's pulsing shaft, feeling the rough texture of the skin against his tongue and the salty tang of his precum on his lips. He tasted the saltiness of the Hulk's precum, which had begun to flow freely from the tip of his cock, and he felt it dribble down his throat. It was a musky, earthy taste, and it made him want to explore more. As the Hulk pounded his mouth harder, the man could feel the pleasure building inside him. He felt his own cock begin to throb in his pants, and he knew that he was about to cum as well. Suddenly, the Hulk let out a loud roar, and the man felt a hot, sticky flood of cum shoot into his mouth. He swallowed it eagerly, savoring the taste of the Hulk's seed on his tongue. The Hulk's orgasm seemed to last forever, and the man swallowed every drop of his cum, feeling satisfied and fulfilled. The man sat back on his heels, breathing heavily, as the Hulk withdrew his cock from his mouth. The taste of the Hulk's cum lingered in his mouth, and he felt a sense of pride in having pleased the Hulk so thoroughly. He knew that he had been initiated into a world of raw, primal sex that he could never have imagined before. The Hulk looked down at him with a mixture of lust and satisfaction, and the man knew that there would be more cum from Alex here soon. As the bus buckled under his weight, Alex had no desire to turn back to his normal self just yet. He was reveling in the sensation of his muscles growing larger and more powerful. Suddenly, the vehicle bottomed out, sending the back end of the bus careening down the road. The other three passengers and the driver looked around in alarm, their eyes widening as they saw Alex's green, muscled form expanding and bulging. As the man in front of him fell over and down the aisle, Alex couldn't help but smile. Flexing his arm, he watched the muscle swell from the size of a football to a basketball in mere seconds. The feeling of power turned him on, making him eager for more. Amidst the chaos, Alex heard the man's grunts and moans of pain, as if he had broken something. But then something strange began to happen: the grunts grew deeper, and the man started stumbling to his feet. His muscles began to rip and tear, starting up the sides of his gut, expanding rapidly and then ripping down his neck, exposing a rapidly growing chest. Alex watched in fascination as the man's pain transformed into pleasure, and he ripped off his shirt, exposing dark green skin in a fit of rage. The old man's body continued to expand, muscles bulging and veins popping out from his skin. His biceps grew so large that they tore through the sleeves of his shirt, exposing his rippling shoulders and chest. The man let out a deep roar, his eyes glowing with excitement as he realized the true extent of his newfound strength. Alex could feel a thrill of excitement as he realized that his suspicions were confirmed - he could indeed pass on his ability to turn into the hulk. As the other passengers looked on in horror, Alex couldn't help but wonder how many others he could share his powers with. The possibilities were endless, and he couldn't wait to see where his newfound strength would take him.
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    Chapter 6 - The Hulk Contagion

    I'm sorry for the delay in getting Chapter 6 to you. It's been a difficult time for me lately, with financial struggles and personal stress weighing heavily on my mind. These past few days have been particularly rough financially - so you're welcome to commission your own stories. However, I don't want to make this about money. Without further ado, here is Chapter 6, and I hope that you find it enjoyable and engaging. 5) Escaping 4) Exes Once more 3) Alex Loses Control 2) Alex's First time 1) Tom’s final time Source: WB Hunk’s version of Hulk. The once-bustling highway had been transformed into a battleground, and the two colossal figures were locked in an explosive battle for dominance. Cars were crushed under their massive weight, their metal twisted and mangled beyond recognition. With every exchange of blows, shockwaves rippled through the air, shaking buildings and rattling windows. Alex was a behemoth, towering over the old man with his rippling green-skinned muscles, poised to burst with raw power. His face contorted into a snarl of primal rage, his eyes ablaze with an intense fury that sent shivers down the spine of onlookers. Every movement was explosive, his muscles bulging and straining with exertion, his veins pulsating with every breath. Despite his towering strength, the old man was an imposing opponent, with a massive and heavily muscled body almost equal in strength. Deep wrinkles lined his face, and his eyes burned with fierce determination. His every move was slower than Alex's, but the weight of his immense strength behind every blow he landed was like a sledgehammer. As the two behemoths clashed, their bodies glistened with sweat, their muscles flexing with every movement. The sound of their grunts and growls filled the air, occasionally punctuated by a moan of pleasure. Despite the destruction and chaos around them, their fight was filled with a strange passion and lust. At times, they would pause and grab unsuspecting men as they fled with their families, forcing them to join in their wild and lustful fight. These men were powerless to resist, caught up in the throes of the two behemoths' unbridled passion. The air was thick with the scent of sweat and sex as they continued to thrust and grapple with each other, lost in a world of raw physical pleasure. Alex's primal fury burned bright in his eyes as he fucked the old man with unrelenting determination, causing the older man to wonder why he even bothered with his wife. The sound of their skin slapping together echoed through the air, intermingled with the occasional groan of pleasure as they bordered on ecstasy. As Alex's thrusts grew faster and more frenzied, the metal of the cars under them them began to buckle and deform with the weight of their colossal bodies. They were lost in a world of passion and lust, locked in a size battle that showed no signs of slowing down. Their muscles contacted and rippled with every movement, their bodies straining with the effort of overpowering the other. The raw, primal energy that flowed between them was palpable, as they pushed each other to the limits of pleasure and pain. The unsuspecting men they grabbed from nearby cars were in for a wild ride, forced to join in the two behemoths' lustful fight. They trembled with fear and excitement as they were manhandled by the hulking figures, their bodies completely dominated by their raw power. The men were powerless to resist, caught up in the throes of the two behemoths' unbridled passion. All it took was a single kiss, and they were transformed into worshipful servants, servicing the two titans with their mouths, hands, and bodies. Their moans of pleasure mixed with the grunts and growls of Alex and the old man, creating a symphony of carnal desire. The men were used as pawns, tossed around like ragdolls before being stuff like Twinkies, oozing with cum. The scene was a display of raw power and unbridled passion, with no regard for the destruction they brought trampling down the highway, car after car crushed or thrown. As Alex and the old man continued their epic battle, they failed to notice the transformation taking place around them. The men lay bruised and broken, their bodies twitching and convulsing as they underwent a metamorphosis unlike anything they had ever experienced before. Their muscles began to swell and expand, their skin turning a sickly shade of green. They screamed in agony as their bones shifted and cracked, reshaping themselves into new forms, the only pain they had was healing as they recovered from being ripped open by a massive throbbing cock, too large for a human to just handle. But as the pain subsided, they stood up, their bodies transformed into towering hulks just like Alex and the old man. They were now part of the fight, driven by the same uncontrolled passion and lust that had consumed the two behemoths. The air was thick with the scent of sweat and sex as they joined in, their massive bodies colliding with bone-crushing force. The onlookers were in awe and terror, unsure if they should run for their lives or stay and watch the spectacle unfold. The ground shook beneath their feet as the hulking figures grappled and wrestled, completely lost in their world of primal urges. With every blow they exchanged, shockwaves rippled through the air, shaking buildings and rattling windows. Cars were tossed aside like toys, and the destruction continued to escalate as more and more men joined in the fray. The men screamed in ecstasy as they fought, their bodies slick with sweat, and their muscles bulging with every movement. The scene was a chaotic and erotic display of power and passion, leaving no doubt that nothing else in the world existed except for the two titans and their army of lustful followers. The unstoppable transformation spread relentlessly, leaving a trail of destruction and carnage in its wake. Climax after climax, the victims succumbed to the frenzied fucking, with only a handful surviving the ordeal. Almost 20 hulks now roamed the streets, some consumed by their primal urges, while others revelled in their newfound power. When the police arrived, their attempts to quell the chaos were futile, resulting in most of them being killed. The hulks' thick skin shrugged off bullets like rain, and they destroyed the police cars with ease. The hulks became too powerful and too numerous, smashing everything in their path and sending anyone who could flee for their lives. As the chaos escalated, buildings collapsed and entire city blocks were engulfed in flames. Amid the deafening chaos and the sound of buildings crumbling, Alex's heart raced with excitement as he leaped into the air, his powerful legs propelling him miles away from the epicenter of the destruction. He landed deep in the heart of the woods, his adrenaline still pumping through his veins. As he stood there, basking in the afterglow of the chaos he had unleashed, he watched the sun rise slowly, his naked body shrinking back to its original size. As he transformed back to his human form, he couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction at the destruction he had caused. His mind was still racing with the memories of the frenzied fucking and wild battles he had experienced as a hulk. He felt his dick already growing harder at the thought of the power he had wielded, and the lustful desires that had consumed him.
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    Tony the Titan, Part 2

    Tony the Titan link to part 1 Enjoy. ====== Tony stood in front of the mirror, admiring the sight before him. He slowly and proudly cleaned the remnants of his recent release from his chest hair, reveling in the power he now possessed. With a simple wish, he had reverted back to his unsuspecting athletic size, and now, clothed in his regular attire, it looked like he had merely shed a few pounds. As he continued to gaze at his reflection, a smile spread across his face. He knew that he could do and undo his wishes at will, and with this newfound control, the possibilities were endless. Tony admired himself in the mirror, flexing his little muscles and posing as he took more pictures with his phone. He was amazed at how easily his body responded to his wishes. He could shape it and mold it to his desire, and it felt amazing. He couldn't wait to see how far he could push his newfound power. As he scrolled through the pictures, he couldn't help but feel a surge of pride and confidence. He knew that he could have anyone he wanted now, with his chiseled jawline and muscular physique. The thought of all the attention he would receive sent shivers down his spine. With a smirk, he uploaded his new pictures to Grindr and waited for the messages to come pouring in. Tony was ready to embrace his new life, to explore his power, and to enjoy all the pleasures that came with it. Tony could feel the excitement building within him as he waited for his boys to arrive. He stood in front of the mirror, admiring his reflection as he slowly stroked his chest hair. He couldn't wait to see how his wishes would manifest themselves, to feel himself growing larger and more dominant with each climax. As he heard a knock at the door, Tony took a deep breath and composed himself. He knew that he needed to be in control, to show the boys who was the real man was. He opened the door to two handsome men, both eager and ready to please him. Tony smirked, feeling the rush of power surge through him. He knew that he could make them do anything he wanted, that they would be powerless to resist him. “You’re bigger than in the photos” One said thankfully. “I’m bigger everywhere.” He replied with a laugh. “Prove it,” the other challenged him playfully as already began playing with Tony. The guys were practically worshipping Tony, their compliments pouring out like the flood of precum darkening the midsection of his pants. Their words only fueled his desire to grow even larger, to become the ultimate symbol of masculinity. He could feel his body responding to their admiration, each word of praise causing him to grow even more. He wanted to be the biggest and the strongest, towering over them like a god. Tony's deep voice boomed as he spoke, a sense of power emanating from his every word. "The hornier I get, the more I’ll grow," he told them, his eyes glinting with anticipation. "I'm gonna be as big as this fucking house soon." He laughed, his muscular chest heaving with each breath. They weren’t sure if he was joking, but something told them, leaving wasn’t an option anymore as they were corralled down the hallway. As they moved into bedroom, Tony's entire body was ablaze with excitement. The sensation of their hands on his skin, their lips on his neck, sent shivers of pleasure down his spine. He could feel every inch of his slowly growing body, from the engorged muscles straining against his clothes to the heat radiating from his skin. Sweat began to bead on his brow as his breathing became heavier, the anticipation of what was to come driving him wild. Tony's arousal was at an all-time high, his mind completely consumed by the sensation of his growing body. His dick throbbed with pleasure, the blood pumping through it with such intensity that he could feel every beat. He couldn't help use his fuck buddies to stroke him through the fabric of his pants, the pressure from his growing muscles only adding to his pleasure. His underwear was constricting, the fabric barely able to contain his large engorged cock. He wanted nothing more than to tear them off and feel the cool air against his hot skin. To force it down their throats or breed them like the bitches they were. But there would be time for that. Tony couldn't help but let out a deep, guttural moan as the guys kissed and touched him, sending shivers down his spine. His voice had dropped a few octaves, becoming more masculine and commanding with each passing moment. He allowed them, this once to move him to the bed, sitting on the edge as they massaged and made out with him. The two men eagerly worked to undress Tony, but he stopped them with a deep chuckle. "No, I'll outgrow them in a minute," he commanded, his voice dropping a few octaves as he flexed his bulging biceps. The fabric of his shirt strained against his expanding chest, and his pants rode up his calves, revealing more of his muscular legs. "God, you're already so big," one of the men gasped, their hands still exploring Tony's rippling muscles. Tony groaned in pleasure as they continued to worship him, his eyes closed and his body humming with energy. "Oh, fuck yes," he growled, his deep voice vibrating through the room. "I'm getting so big for you boys. Keep worshipping me. Keep making me grow." Tony's body continued to expand, his muscles trembling and rippling with power. His pants grew tighter and tighter, the seams threatening to split as his quads and glutes swelled with size. Sweat dripped down his brow, and he gasped for air as his breaths became heavier and more labored. "You like that, huh?" he asked, his voice rough with pleasure. "You like watching me grow bigger and bigger?" He flexed his muscles again, and the fabric of his shirt stretched to its limits. "I'm gonna be a goddamn giant by the time we're done here." As Tony's body continued to grow, the seams of his pants and underwear began to give way under the strain. With a loud rip, his clothes tore apart, revealing his massive, throbbing cock to the two men. Without hesitation, they both descended upon him, kissing, licking, and sucking everything they could, taking turns with his cock. Tony groaned with pleasure, his body trembling with every touch. His muscles bulged and flexed as he grew even larger, towering over the men with his massive size and power. As they continued to worship him, Tony's breaths became heavier and more ragged, and he felt his orgasm building within him. He let out a deep roar as he came, his entire body shaking with pleasure. As he basked in the afterglow of his orgasm, Tony couldn't help but feel an insatiable hunger for more. He wanted to keep growing, keep becoming bigger and stronger, and keep indulging in his deepest, darkest desires. The men eagerly lapped up every drop of his cum, their tongues exploring every inch of his pulsating cock. Tony's senses were heightened, every touch sending electric shocks through his body. He could feel the heat radiating from his skin, the sweat pouring down his face and chest. Tony's body may have spent its first load, but his libido remained as insatiable as ever. With a primal growl, he turned the two men over and began to rail them both, using his own cum as lube. There was too much there, not to. His hips moved with a ferocity that matched the intensity of his growls, driving himself deeper and deeper into them. The men moaned with pleasure as they were ravaged by the behemoth, their own bodies trembling in anticipation of what was to cum. Tony's muscles bulged with every thrust, his body growing even larger as he exerted himself. Sweat poured down his chiseled chest and washboard abs, glistening in the dim light of the room. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh echoed throughout the space, punctuated by the moans and groans of pleasure from all three men. The sensation of his own cum between them only heightened the intensity of the experience. His powerful grip held the men firmly in place as he pounded them with abandon, their own cocks hard and aching with the pleasure, as they came while being forced deeper and deeper into the mattress. With each passing moment, Tony felt his own need building again, his body craving release. He knew he was capable of giving the men even more than before, and he was eager to do so. With a roar, he redoubled his efforts, pushing them all towards a new peak of pleasure. As Tony continued to grow, he could feel his body expanding in all directions. His muscles bulged and swelled with newfound strength, causing his already tight skin to stretch even further. He could feel his bones cracking and reshaping as he grew taller and wider, his head hitting the ceiling of his room with a loud thud. He was already hunched over in order to fuck his little rag dolls. Easily 13 feet tall, he concluded. His voice had deepened and roughened, his very presence now commanding awe and respect. Tony's body was now towering over the two men beneath him. He was covered in muscles bulging larger with each movement, straining against his skin. His massive balls hung heavily between his legs, still dripping with saliva, sweat, and cum from his previous release. He hunched over to avoid hitting the ceiling, grunting with each thrust as he continued to rail the men beneath him. The room was becoming increasingly cramped, but Tony didn't care. He was lost in the pleasure of his growing body, relishing in the power and strength that came with it. Tony let out a deep growl, followed by another roar of pure ecstasy that made his entire body shake with pleasure. As he collapsed onto the bed, crushing his two cum-dumpsters, panting heavily, a satisfied smile spread across his face. He felt more alive and powerful than ever before, and he knew that this was only the beginning of his transformation. As he looked for the two men beneath him, he realized that he didn't even know their names, nor did he care. The pleasure had consumed him entirely, leaving him in a dazed and euphoric state. He couldn't even remember how many times he had climaxed, but he knew he had left an impressive pool of his own cum and the remains of the two men beneath him. With a chuckle, Tony attempted to get up from the bed, but his massive body was larger than everything in the room. His sweat burned his nose a bit, but he didn't mind. He couldn't expect the two men to worship him anymore, but his hands would do as he massaged his massive muscles. He was immersed in thoughts of what he could do, knowing that he would have to turn back at least temporarily to get out of there. But then he wondered, what would happen if he didn't? The police would surely be looking for those guys in a couple of hours or days, but what could they do? He laughed at the thought. Not a damn thing, except maybe open their mouths for him. Tony's laughter turned into a deep growl as he flexed his bulging biceps, his eyes flashing with power. He knew he was unstoppable, invincible. No one could resist him, and he could do whatever he pleased.
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    Hulk - Alex loses control (Chapter 3)

    Chapter 3 picks up where Chapter 2 left off. If you haven't read Chapter 2, there are links provided below for your convenience. Once again, this story builds upon the narrative of WB Hunk and credit is given to him. If you have any suggestions regarding where the story should go next or what should happen next, please feel free to let me know. 2) Alex's First time 1) Tom’s final time Source: WB Hunk’s version of Hulk. ---------- Sitting in his living room after his shower, Alex was dressed in clothes that no longer fit him, feeling the gravity of the news that he had just heard. The reporter's somber voice delivered details of the catastrophe, each word piercing Alex's heart like a sharp knife. He saw the images of destroyed homes, buildings, and cars that had been thrown around like toys. As the news reporter appeared, Alex noticed the sadness in her eyes, and her solemn face. "We have some breaking news today from Ohio,” she said, her voice trembling slightly. "A gas explosion has rocked the small town of Millfield, causing widespread devastation and leaving over 400 people dead." The camera then cut to footage of the destroyed homes and buildings, revealing a scene of utter chaos and destruction. Smoke billowed from the rubble as emergency personnel worked tirelessly to search for survivors and treat the injured. Watching the footage, Alex's heart sank with a sense of dread and despair. The scale of the destruction was almost unimaginable, with entire buildings reduced to rubble and cars crushed under the weight of debris. Although the images of the destruction seemed familiar, they didn't make sense to him. Alex couldn't comprehend how a gas explosion could cause so much devastation, especially in a small town like Millfield. He tried to piece together what had happened as his mind raced with possibilities. But deep down, he knew the truth - that he was responsible for the destruction, that he had hulked out and caused the devastation without even realizing it. The realization of what he had done as the Hulk was overwhelming, and he couldn't fathom what would happen if he was actually mad. Sitting on the edge of the couch, Alex was trying to wrap his head around the previous night. He remembered seeing glimpses of himself in reflections, and if he were only six feet tall, he would have looked like a bodybuilder. This was bigger than Tom, and he was lost in thought when he heard the creak of the front door opening. His heart skipped a beat as he thought it might be the military coming to take him away for the destruction he had caused. But to his relief, it was just his tall, dorky roommate Ryan. "Alex! I was worried about you. Your phone is saying you were in the heart of the explosions,” Ryan exclaimed as he took his shoes off. Seeing him bend over made Alex cough, trying to distract himself. For years, they had shared their locations just to be safe. Ryan paused, speechless at the hunk that used to be his boyfriend. He couldn't take his eyes off Alex's body. Just the sight of the hunk in front of him, excited him. Alex knew what Ryan was fixated on, and he couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction at the attention he was getting. He knew he looked good, damn good, and he was enjoying the way Ryan's eyes roamed over his tight-fitting shirt hugging his chest and arms, leaving little to the imagination. "What the heck happened to you?" Ryan asked, finally tearing his eyes away from Alex's body. Alex shrugged, not sure how to explain what had happened. "I don't really remember," he said, trying to keep his voice steady. "Well, whatever it was, you look like you could take on an army," Ryan said with a chuckle, his eyes flicking back to Alex's chest. If only he knew the truth about what had happened. Sitting there, Alex's heart raced as he felt a surge of excitement at Ryan's words. He quickly pushed the feeling down, knowing he had to keep his secret safe. "It's just a bit of working out, you know. Trying to get back in shape," Alex said, his voice shaking slightly as he tried to downplay the bulging muscles that were straining against his shirt, more prominent than ever. Ryan arched an eyebrow in disbelief, his eyes fixed on Alex's impressive physique. "Dude, you look like you could bench press a car. You're telling me that's just from a bit of working out?" he said, a hint of disbelief in his voice. Alex shifted uncomfortably, feeling the weight of Ryan's gaze on him. "I guess I've been hitting the gym pretty hard lately," he lied, hoping Ryan wouldn't press the issue. He was going to find out, Alex thought. But Ryan wasn't one to give up easily. "Well, whatever you're doing, keep it up. You're looking hot," he said, his eyes glinting with mischief. Alex's mind wandered, imagining Ryan's hands on his bulging biceps, tracing the veins that popped out from his abs. The thought of Ryan caressing his chiseled chest and abs made Alex's body tingle with anticipation. He knew it was wrong, but he couldn't help the raw power that surged through his veins, making him want more. As Alex continued to struggle with his desires, Ryan's eyes suddenly widened in surprise. "Hey, Alex, are you okay?" he asked, concern etched on his face for the raging boner, evident in Alex’s shorts. Alex snapped out of his reverie, feeling his cheeks flush with embarrassment. "Yeah, I'm fine," he replied, trying to sound nonchalant, as he noticed it as well, tucking it into his waistline. “Sorry,” He laughed. But Ryan could sense that something was off. He sat down next to Alex, his eyes still glinting with desire. Together, they watched as the news described the devastation caused by the “explosion” in Millfield. "what were you doing over there? Your car was on the other side of town," Ryan's mind raced with thoughts of Alex as he asked the question. Something about Alex's muscular physique and sweaty scent drove him mad with lust. Even better than when they were together, Ryan couldn't help but notice how good Alex looked. "I was on Grindr," Alex admitted, causing Ryan's eyes to widen in surprise. "How did you get back home?" Ryan asked, regaining his composure. Alex shrugged nonchalantly, hoping Ryan would pick up on his cues to reconnect. "I don't know, man. It's all a blur," he said, scooting closer and brushing his arm against Ryan's. The electricity between them was still there, and Alex felt a flutter in his chest. He wanted to rekindle the flame and explore the desire that still burned within them. As Alex spoke, he felt the hulk stirring inside him, taking over his inhibitions and making him want to tackle Ryan on the couch. His muscles tensed and his heart raced as he fought to keep the beast at bay. He couldn't resist the urge to lean in closer to Ryan's lips, trembling with anticipation. "Can you just shut up and kiss me," Alex said, his heart pounding in his chest. Ryan grabbed the back of Alex's head and pulled him in. His mind was clouded as the hulk within him took control. He couldn't resist the desire pulsing through his veins. The hulk wanted this, and Alex knew Ryan would eventually want it too. Ryan could stop, he didn’t know where this drive was coming from, but he craved it. He craved Alex. As the transformation consumed Alex, his muscles swelled and strained against his clothing, which threatened to burst at the seams. Ryan couldn't resist the urge to touch and explore his friend's growing body. He ran his hands over Alex's inflating muscles, feeling the sheer power beneath his skin. Their fierce kiss, their tongues tangling as they both became lost in the moment. The air in the room grew heavy with tension and anticipation. The scent of sweat mixed with the metallic tang of adrenaline, filling every corner of the small space. The sound of flesh stretching and bones cracking echoed through the room, drowning out all other noise. Alex's face twisted into a grimace of pain as his body contorted and bulged beneath his clothes. Veins bulged along his neck and arms, pulsing with a wild energy that seemed to radiate from within. His eyes glowed with an eerie green light, and his breaths came out in ragged gasps that sounded almost animalistic. Ryan's eyes widened in shock and fear as Alex's body continued to grow, his muscles bulging and flexing with each movement. Every sinew of muscle visible through his shirt as rips began to creep across them. He felt like a rag-doll in Alex's grasp, completely helpless in the face of this primal force. Ryan heart pounded in his chest, and he could feel the blood rushing through his veins like a raging river. “Oh fuck you’re huge,” Ryan gasped enthralled at his now 6’5 295lb muscle god. Alex laughed as he tackled Ryan, pinning him to the couch, it creaked beneath their weight. Alex's body continued to swell, his skin turning an ominous shade of green as the transformation reached its climax. His eyes rolled back into his head, and he let out a deep, guttural growl that seemed to shake the very foundations of the room. "I'm going to get so fucking huge,” Alex said with a cocky grin, his voice low and menacing. "Watch,” he grunted as he flexed his arm, causing his bicep to bulge and thicken beneath his skin, ripping his sleeves off instantly. Ryan's eyes widened in shock and horror as he watched his friend's muscles grow larger and more defined by the second. With each passing moment, it was as if Alex was packing on hundreds of pounds of muscle mass, surging taller and more powerful by the minute. Easily 7’ as he kissed furiously, captivating Ryan even more. As his skin turned an ominous shade of green, Ryan realized with a sinking feeling that he was witnessing something beyond his wildest nightmares. Ryans clothes annoyed Alex, so he simply ripped it off Ryan, between each intoxicating kiss. The weight of Alex on top of him felt exhilarating, and he ran his hands over the thickening muscle gut, relishing in the power of the hulk's body. Ryan teased his nipples, trying to even dent the skin, to no avail. As Ryan ran his hands over Alex, he couldn't help but be amazed by the sheer size and strength of the green behemoth. Alex's deep green muscles bulged and rippled beneath his touch, with biceps as thick as Ryan's thighs and pecs that jutted out like boulders. The hulk's abs were so wide that Ryan could barely span them with his four fingers, and he marveled at the pulsating veins that criss-crossed the stomach, inviting him further down. The Hulks weight, pressing him deep into the couch. Alex's primal grunts and groans echoed throughout the room, his eyes glowing with an intense, fiery rage as he thrusted his waist against Ryan’s his shorts almost too small to contain him. They might as well have been posers at this point. Ryan's moans and gasps filled the air as he surrendered to Alex's powerful desires, completely unable to resist the hulk's overwhelming energy. With each kiss, Alex's tongue delved deeper into Ryan's mouth, savoring the taste of his submission. Ryan was utterly consumed by the growing dominance of the hulk. As Alex's body continued to expand, his muscles bulging and straining against his skin, his grunts and groans grew almost deafening, lost in a world of raw, primal desire. Ryan felt small and insignificant beneath the massive green creature, but at the same time, he was overwhelmed with excitement and arousal. He eagerly explored every inch of Alex's new body, running his hands over the bulging muscles and feeling the power and strength of the hulk's frame. Ryan continued to explore every inch of the hulk's green skin, taking in the intoxicating scent of his musk. But it wasn't just Ryan who was experiencing a heightened state of pleasure and passion. Alex, too, was lost in the moment, flexing his muscles with each passing second and growling with an unbridled intensity as his shorts gave way. Ryan's mind was consumed by the hulk's overpowering presence. A part of him knew that he was helpless to resist the raw, animalistic desire that surged through Alex's veins. He knew that the hulk was in complete control, and that if he wanted, he could destroy everything and anyone in his path. The realization that the carnage in town was caused by Alex's raw power was both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. As Ryan lay there, bouncing against a throbbing rock hard cock, he couldn't help but feel a creeping sense of fear begin to seep in. He was helpless, at the mercy of this massive, unstoppable beast that towered over him like a colossus. Ryan could feel the sweat pouring down his face as he struggled to keep up with Alex's frenzied pace The hulk's muscles strained against his green skin as he ravished Ryan's body, his grunts and groans growing louder and more animalistic with each passing moment. The massive hands beginning to bruise and press into Ryan. He loved it. Ryan could feel the intensity of the moment building to a fever pitch, and he knew that he was completely at the mercy of Alex's insatiable appetite. The hulk's eyes glinted with a fiery rage, and Ryan could feel the raw power coursing through his veins. As the intensity of their love-making grew, Alex's hulk persona became even more forceful, As the hulk continued to grow and expand, he pressed his waist up against Ryan’s. The size and power of his massive frame almost too much for Ryan to handle. Alex's muscles were so large now that Ryan could barely reach his glorious pecs, and the hulk laughed deeply as he felt his own biceps, reveling in his newfound strength. The hulk's hard cock pressed against Ryan's body, coating his stomach in a slippery fluid that only made him want more. He moaned deeply as the hulk's pulsating veins criss-crossed over his stomach, inviting him further down. Ryan eagerly explored every inch of the hulk's rippling muscles, his own excitement growing with each passing moment. As Alex continued to press guy his body against Ryan, he could feel the smaller man's eagerness growing. Alex couldn't resist teasing Ryan, his biceps flexing with each movement, as he leaned down to kiss him again. Ryan's arms reached up, desperately trying to touch the hulk's glorious pecs, but the massive size difference made it impossible. Alex grew more intense as he felt Ryan's body writhing beneath him. He could feel the excitement building, and his primal instincts took over. His massive hands roamed over Ryan's body, squeezing and kneading his flesh as he pressed his waist up against him, creating an intense friction that sent shivers down Ryan's spine. Ryan came more than he thought he would. “Can’t even… uhhh!” He roared. "last long." Ryan's eyes widened as he felt the hulk's hard cock pressing against his crack, coated in pre. He couldn't help but let out a moan of pleasure, as his body responded to the hulk's massive size and strength. He felt small and vulnerable beneath him, and yet, at the same time, he felt safe and protected in the hulk's embrace. As Alex reached a towering height hunching over the couch with one leg supporting him and the other tucked to the side of Ryan, he stood at a staggering twelve feet tall, looming over the smaller man. His emerald green skin radiated like a polished jade, every curve and bulge of his magnificent physique accentuated by the light. With every flex, sinews bulged beneath the surface, rippling like rivers of power and strength. The thick, pulsing veins running up and down the length of his massive arms were like tributaries to a mighty river, fueling his immense strength. His traps rose like twin peaks on either side of his neck, framing the immense muscles that ran down the center of his back, while cords of muscle ran up and down the length of his neck like vines in a jungle. As he gripped the couch and Ryan with his bulging biceps, sinews bulged beneath the surface, rippling with power and strength. Each movement sent ripples of power through his broad shoulders and arms, thick with muscle and covered in pulsing veins that seemed ready to burst. Alex's arms were massive and bulging with muscle, each bicep as big as a tree trunk, while his forearms were equally impressive, with cords of muscle running up and down the length of his arms like thick ropes. He flexed and groaned, his eyes locked onto his own reflection in the mirror, marveling at the sheer power he possessed, the thrill of it all sending shivers down his spine. The hulk's chest heaved with each thrust, its powerful muscles expanding and contracting like a bellows, driving him nearer and nearer to an inexorable climax. His hair was wild and thick, covering his broad chest in a thick mat, and the striations running down the surface of his chest were like cracks in a mountain, a testament to his incredible strength. His abs were chiseled and defined, rippling with every movement as he let out a deep, guttural grunt, relishing in the raw power that surged through his veins. The very obvious lats lifting his arms from his sides completed the full view of his spectacular physique, a masterpiece of muscle and sinew, capable of feats that seemed impossible to mere mortals. Alex couldn't help but feel a sense of pride as he flexed his massive biceps, watching as Ryan gazed up at him with a look of awe and desire. He let out a deep laugh, relishing in the power and dominance he felt over the smaller man. "You fucking like this, don't you?" he growled, his voice low and husky. His arms were much larger than Ryan's head, and he couldn't resist the urge to show off his incredible strength. Ryan reached up as if he was a baby reaching for his daddy, and in a way, he was. Alex towered over him, a hulking mass of emerald green muscle, exuding raw power and strength. "I could crush you," he boasted, his voice rumbling like thunder. Ryan wanted more of the hulk's powerful body, to explore every inch of his green skin and feel the pulsating veins criss-crossing his muscles. He just couldn't reach it, and the thought only fueled his desire for the towering beast before him. Alex reveled in his dominance, flexing and grunting as he showed off his massive physique. He completely controlled Ryan, and Ryan loved every second of it. With every thrust, Alex was satisfying Ryan than he ever could in their relationship, pressing his throbbing dick against Ryans taint and then deep into the crack of his ass. Waves of pleasure coursed through Alex's body as he continued to tease and taunt Ryan having bend over just let the little man try to press down on his engorged veins. Pre-cum leaked from him in a constant stream, creating a slip and slide of sorts. As he quickened the pace, the hulk took over completely, desperate to cum. He wanted to force his way into Ryan's tight asshole, but it was too late. As he came, the thick and throbbing head of his cock pumped out so much cum that Ryan could bathe in it. Alex's primal growls echoed throughout the room, shaking it to its core. His grip around Ryan's chest was so tight that Ryan could feel his bones bending under the immense strength of the behemoth. The intensity of the hulk's passion was almost too much to handle, but Ryan reveled in it. As Alex collapsed on top of Ryan, his immense weight and size immediately showcased his true muscle god status. The tension in the room was palpable as Alex's massive body continued to press down on top of Ryan. Despite his heaving breaths, Alex's chest pressed down on Ryan with such force that the center of the couch gave out and hit the floor. The hulk's realization that he wasn't shrinking down only added to the already intense situation as Ryan sobered up from the kiss. Underneath The Hulk, Ryan felt crushed, struggling to breathe against his unyielding mass. His massive body was a sight to behold, every muscle and vein rippling with each breath. As Alex lay atop Ryan, his labored grunts of satisfaction filled the room, leaving Ryan completely engulfed in Alex’s overwhelming musk. Despite the struggle for breath, Ryan couldn't help but feel in awe of the hulk's sheer size and strength. As Alex forced himself off of Ryan, his colossal frame towered over him, making the ceiling creaking and groaning under the weight of his neck. If Ryan could see Alex from the front, he would have seen Alex's chin pressed firmly against his expansive chest. With every step he took, the floorboards trembled under his massive feet, and his grumbling, incoherent frustration grew louder and more intense. The hulk was pissed, and he wanted a third round. Suddenly, Alex clenched his fist and turned back to face Ryan, sending chills down his spine. The look in his eyes was one of pure, unbridled rage. Ryan felt helpless and scared for his life. In a desperate attempt to escape, Ryan scrambled to his feet and made a break for the front door. But it was too late. Alex's booming voice echoed through the small space as he bellowed, "The fuck you are!" With lightning-fast reflexes, Alex dove to the ground and wrapped a single hand around Ryan's chest, bringing him down with him. The force of his movements was so intense that the entire room shook and the walls trembled. The sound of his massive body hitting the ground echoed throughout the house, adding to the terrifying situation. As Alex's grip tightened around Ryan's chest, the air grew thick with tension and fear. His green eyes glowed with an almost supernatural ire, and his rage erupted from every part of him. Ryan knew he was in serious trouble. Ryan could feel the anger radiating off of the hulk in waves, and it was clear that he was completely consumed by it. The fear in Ryan's eyes only seemed to fuel Alex's rage even further, his grip on Ryan becoming even more powerful. Ryan could feel the sheer strength of the hulk as he held him tightly, his heart pounding in his chest. Ryan's body trembled with fear and regret as he realized the gravity of the situation. He was completely at the mercy of the hulk's raw, unbridled power, and there was no escaping his grasp. He smashed a single fist through the floor, right next to Ryan’s head. Roaring in his face. It not only through the floor, but Ryan flinched unable to do anything more. The sound of Alex's deep, menacing voice filled the room, sending chills down Ryan's spine. He could feel the hulk's gaze piercing into him, and he knew that any attempt to resist would be futile. Ryan trembled as he shook his head, his voice barely above a whisper. "I'm sorry, Alex. I didn't mean to do anything wrong," he pleaded, his eyes pleading with the hulk for mercy. But there was no mercy to be found in Alex's primal rage, and he growled low in his throat, his eyes never leaving Ryan's. Alex's grip tightened on Ryan's body, his muscles rippling as he held him tightly. Ryan's heart pounded in his chest, his breaths coming in short gasps as he realized the full extent of his helplessness. He knew that he was at the mercy of the hulk's insatiable desire, and there was no escaping the beast's powerful grip. "You're not going anywhere," Alex growled, his voice low and menacing. The sound sent shivers down Ryan's spine, and he could feel his fear growing with each passing moment. As Alex pressed his body against Ryan's, the sheer size and strength of the hulk became even more apparent against the floor. His traps and massive neck bulged with every movement, while his shoulders and arms rippled with power. Despite the fear that was coursing through his veins, Ryan couldn't help but be aroused by the sheer dominance of the hulk. As Alex kissed him fiercely, his tongue plunging deep into his mouth, Ryan felt a submissive thrill run through his body. The anger and primal passion had undeniable, and it only fueled his lust further. This was a long time coming. Their kisses grew more intense as they both gave in to their desires. Alex's body continued to grow larger, becoming more imposing with each passing moment. He held Ryan tightly, not allowing him to move or resist. The raw power and strength emanating from the hulk was overwhelming, and Ryan felt himself submitting completely to Alex's will. As their lips met again and again, their bodies writhed together in an angry dance of sex and dominance. The sounds of their moans and grunts filled the room, echoing off the walls in a primal symphony of lust as the 15 foot brute came even more this time.
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    Hulk - Exes Once more (Chapter 4)

    Chapter 4 is the perfect time to reconnect with Alex and refresh your memory by rereading the previous chapters. This will prepare you for the thrilling hulk content that lies ahead. The exciting muscle growth that you'll experience in the upcoming chapters will force you to finish, before you're finished with the chapters. I promise. If you're hungry for more, don't hesitate to let me know what you want. I'm always happy to chat and discuss ways to satisfy your cravings. Chapter 5 will be out very soon, as I am not satisfied with this one as it is. 3) Alex Loses Control 2) Alex's First time 1) Tom’s final time Source: WB Hunk’s version of Hulk. Alex's transformation from the Hulk had left him feeling shaken and disoriented. As he gradually regained his composure, he could feel his body returning to its normal state. He was relieved to feel the bulk and muscle mass melting away, leaving him with his familiar lanky runner's body. There was no trace or hint of him having anything more than the body hair the hulk managed to grow. Despite the relief, there was a lingering sense of loss. Alex knew that he would never forget the feeling of power and strength that had come with the Hulk's transformation. As he looked down at his chest, Alex could see that he still had the remnants of the Hulk's chest hair. It was a strange reminder of the transformation, and he felt a sense of attachment to it. It was sexy and reminded him of Tom. He still wanted to transform again, but pushed that aside for now. With a heavy heart, Alex approached Ryan's motionless body. He knelt down beside him, feeling a wave of remorse wash over him. He knew that Ryan's bruises were his fault. The living room was in shambles, and there was a gaping hole in the floor where Alex had smashed his fist a hole through the floor. The hole had to be close to 2ft wide, and from the looks of it - right through a joist. He chucked before realizing just how fucking strong he had to be, to do that. "Ryan?" Alex's voice was uncharacteristically small and quiet. There was no response from Ryan, but Alex could see that he was still breathing. It was possible that Ryan had simply passed out from the shock of it all. Alex felt a sense of relief that Ryan was alive, but the guilt and shame he felt were overwhelming. He knew that he would need to make things right, and to make amends for the damage he had caused. Alex's lanky frame strained as he tried to lift his unconscious friend off the floor. It was a stark contrast to the superhuman feats he had accomplished just moments ago as the Hulk. Instead of effortlessly tossing heavy furniture aside, he struggled to lift even the weight of his friend's body. After several failed attempts, Alex gave up and dragged Ryan out of the room by grabbing him under the shoulders, his feet trailing behind him. The only thing that made this remotely easier was the cum, that acted as a grease to slid him out. The living room was in shambles, and the damage was extensive. Furniture was overturned and smashed, and the smell of sex lingered in the air. He caught a whiff of his own sweat and nearly gagged. Despite the chaos and destruction in the living room, the kitchen had miraculously survived unscathed. Alex quickly made his way over to the sink and drew a basin of warm water. He knew that he needed to clean himself and Ryan up. As he carefully began to clean the cum off of his friend and himself, Alex winced at the sight of the deep and dark bruises already forming on Ryan's body. He was careful not to press down too hard while trying to be as gentle as possible. When Ryan was clean enough, he tended to himself. As Alex continued to clean himself the warm water felt soothing against his skin, calming his nerves. He still couldn't believe what had just happened. One moment he had been in control, and the next, he had lost himself completely to The Hulk. He liked it, a lot more than he should have. He had no idea how to prevent it from happening again, and the thought terrified him. Despite the fear and uncertainty, another part of Alex desperately longed for that small ounce of strength he had felt just before Ryan came home. He knew that he should be grateful for his normal body, but he couldn't shake the feeling of wanting to be more. It was a dangerous desire, and he tried to push it aside, focusing instead on cleaning up the mess and helping his friend. As Alex finished cleaning himself off, he turned his attention back to Ryan, carefully avoiding the bruises that dotted his friend's body. He couldn't bear to look at the damage he had caused, but he knew that he had to take responsibility for it. He couldn’t risk it happening again. Slowly opening his eyes, Ryan first felt groggy and confused, but as he focused on Alex, he felt a sudden rush of fear and surprise. "Alex, what are you doing here?" Ryan scrambled away, his panic rising. "Please don't hurt me again. Just leave me alone!" "Ryan, calm down." Alex tried to reassure him. "I'm not the Hulk, and I wasn't in control of myself." Ryan didn't seem to hear him, still scrambling away, his eyes wide with fear. "Please, just listen to me." Alex pleaded, taking a step closer to Ryan. "I didn't mean to hurt you." Ryan paused, scared that if he didn't listen, Alex might turn back into the hulk. "What's going on with you?" he asked, his voice trembling. "I don't know," Alex said, looking down at his hands. "Tom, the guy I met on Grindr, turned me into this. I can't control it, and I don't even know how I got here this morning." Ryan stared at Alex, disbelief and confusion etched across his face. "What are you saying? How can someone turn you into the hulk?" "I don't know, but it happened, it happened after we had sex,” Alex said, his voice tinged with desperation. "Please, Ryan, you have to believe me. I'm not in control of myself, but I would never want to hurt you. It couldn’t stop it, I swear.” Ryan took a deep breath, his heart racing. He looked at Alex and saw the fear and uncertainty in his eyes. Maybe, just maybe, he was telling the truth. Ryan's voice shook with fear and confusion. "I...I don't know what to do," he said, as he staggered to his feet. Keeping a safe distance from Alex, Ryan took in the destruction in the living room and realized he was naked. As memories flooded his mind, Ryan remembered kissing Alex and enjoying the raw passion between them, worshipping every inch of Alex's hairy, muscled green body. But it didn't make sense. Seeing Alex double in height and quadruple, if not more, in weight should have been where he drew the line. But it only seemed to drive him wild, from what he could recall. They had sex, but Alex never penetrated. Would he turn as well? "Ryan," Alex said softly, sensing his friend's confusion. "I know this is a lot to take in, but you have to trust me. I'm not in control of this." Ryan looked at Alex, his eyes filled with fear and disbelief. "How can I trust you when you turned into some kind of monster?" he asked, his voice trembling. "I don't know how to explain it, Ryan," Alex replied, his voice heavy with guilt. "But I promise you, I didn't want any of this to happen. Tom, the guy I met on Grindr, did something to me. He turned me into this...thing. And now, I don't know how to change back." Ryan listened intently, his fear slowly turning into concern for his friend. "Is there anything I can do to help?" he asked. Alex's heart was heavy with guilt and fear. He couldn't believe that he had hurt his friend so badly. It was a nightmare that he couldn't wake up from. He had always known that he was different, that he had this uncontrollable rage inside him, but he had never imagined that it would hurt someone he cared about. “I need help, and I don’t think I can go to a doctor for this.” "It's okay, Alex," Ryan hesitated, his voice still shaking. Alex could see the fear in his eyes, and it made him feel even worse. "We'll figure this out together. Just promise me that you'll be careful." "I'm sorry, Ryan," Alex said, his voice shaking with emotion. "I never meant to hurt you. Please, forgive me." “I will, once we put on some pants.” He laughed nervously before escaping to his bedroom down the hall. Alex began trying to clean up the living room, as best he could, the smell of his own cum definitely tempted him to eat it. And he did, more than once. There would be no repairing the hole in the floor, or the hurt he caused Ryan. Not today. But a snack might help. As Alex scrubbed at the stained cushions and soaked floor. He was terrified by what had happened and what it meant for him and his relationships with those around him. How could he control something like this? How could he ensure that no one else would be hurt? Despite his frantic efforts to clean up, the stains remained, a reminder of the chaos that had erupted just moments ago. The room felt heavy with the weight of what had transpired, and Alex couldn't shake the feeling of guilt that gnawed at him. That’s when he realized it had been almost two hours since he saw Ryan, and decided to check on him. Just as he approached the door, he knew why it was quiet. He upon the note left by Ryan, his heart sinking as he read the words. The house felt empty and cold. As he re-read the note, his mind raced with emotions. He felt hurt, betrayed, and alone. But deep down, he knew that Ryan was right. He had put Ryan in danger, and he couldn't blame him for wanting to get as far away as possible. “Alex, I don't know what to do or how to feel. I can't even wrap my head around what happened last night. All I know is that I don't feel safe with you here. I'm not going to tell anyone, but I need you to leave. Pack your things and go.” The weight of the situation fell on his shoulders. Leaving was the only answer, but he didn't know where to go or what to do. All he knew was that he needed to lay low until he could figure out how to control himself. He thought about Tom, the guy from Grindr who had somehow caused him to transform into the Hulk. Maybe Tom could help him understand what had happened and how to prevent it from happening again. As he packed his bags, the house felt even emptier than before. He couldn't believe how quickly his life had spiraled out of control in 24 hours. He knew he had to leave, but he couldn't help but feel like he was running towards more problems, than a solution.
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    Hulk - Alex's first (chapter 2)

    This is the sequel to “Tom’s final time” which piggy backs off WB Hunk’s version of Hulk. Please let me know what you think about this, where you think it might go, etc. __________________________________ As Alex opened his eyes, he was met with a confusion he had never experienced before. The cold forest floor beneath him felt foreign and unfamiliar, and as he stood up, he noticed that he felt completely different, his naked body covered in dirt and leaves. The once lean and unremarkable body he had known was now replaced with one that was a slim muscular build and toned, with hair covering most of his chest and arms. Looking down, he realized his dick now had several inches it didn’t have before, adding to his disorientation. Panic set in as he tried to remember how he got there. Adam's heart was pounding in his chest as he took his first steps, the ground feeling strange under his feet. He felt like he was walking on air, but the feeling was quickly replaced by a sense of unease. Last night was a blur, and he couldn't remember much that made sense beyond the incredible sensations and the overwhelming pleasure he had experienced. He thought he could remember something about fucking the Hulk, but it could easily have been a fantasy. But as he looked down at his body, he knew that something had definitely happened. He was bigger, stronger, and more muscular than before, easily up 40lbs. As the distant sound of sirens echoed through the trees, Alex was jolted back to his senses. He couldn't bear to face the truth of what had happened to him, and with the man who would ultimately cause him to become a hulk. The beast's massive, muscular body was overwhelming, but Alex couldn't deny the undeniable attraction he felt. Shame and guilt threatened to consume him, but he pushed the thoughts away and focused on getting out of the forest before anyone could see him. Looking around, he saw the dense trees that surrounded him and was grateful to recognize the familiar rooftop and backyard peeking through. The sight was a small comfort amidst the chaos in his mind. It was as if the beast he had become had a subconscious understanding of where to go. As Alex sneaked into his backyard, his mind was still racing with the events of the night before. He glanced through the windows, relieved to see that his roommate, and ex-boyfriend, Ryan wasn't anywhere to be seen. The last thing he needed was to have to explain his new physique to him. He knew that the sight of him like this would only reignite the flame that had once burned between him and Ryan. Ryan had a type, and it was more exactly what he looked like. Alex's feelings were mixed as he realized that the backdoor was unlatched. On the one hand, he was grateful for the easy access to his own home, but on the other hand, he was angered that Ryan had forgotten to lock up again. It was a recurring issue between them, and he knew that he would have to bring it up with Ryan again, but for now, he just needed to clean off. Alex stood in the steamy shower, the warm water cascading over his broad shoulders and muscular back. He ran his hands over his hairy chest, feeling the new, firm muscles underneath. The soap lathered up between his fingers, the suds mixing with his chest hair and creating an alluring sight. He couldn't help but feel the power of his body as he massaged his biceps, watching the soap suds fall and disappear between the contours of his rippling abs. The water trickled down over his thick thighs and down to his feet. As he closed his eyes and tilted his head back, the contented sigh escaped his lips. This was heaven and Alex loved the sensation of his new body, the way it felt beneath his touch. His fingers traced over the curves of his pecs, his nipples hardening at the sensation. He could feel his cock stirring, getting harder with each passing moment. He leaned against the tiled wall, letting the water run over him as he explored his body. It was like he was discovering himself for the first time, and the sensation was incredibly intoxicating. Alex couldn't help but lose himself in the moment, enjoying the pure pleasure of his newfound strength and masculinity. As Alex explored his new body, he couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement and arousal building within him. With each passing moment, his muscles grew just a bit more, his body becoming even more masculine and powerful. He wasn't aware of the changes happening to him, but he could feel the difference in his physique. As he continued to run his soapy hands over his chest, he could feel his pecs swelling, growing larger and firmer under his touch. His biceps and triceps bulged with newfound strength, his veins standing out in sharp relief against his skin. His abs rippled as he flexed them, becoming more defined with each passing second. He felt a surge of excitement and fear as he realized that he was growing, his body expanding and filling up the small shower stall. He could feel his shoulders hitting both sides of the shower walls, and he looked down to see that he was turning a deep shade of green. His breathing became heavy and labored, and he couldn't help but let out grunts and groans as his muscles grew and rippled under his skin. The sensation was both exhilarating and terrifying, and he didn't know how much more his muscle body could pack-on. He panicked as he felt his body growing even more, his muscles expanding and his bones cracking. With a loud groan, he stumbled backwards, hitting both sides of the shower and causing the curtain to fall down. Suddenly, he lost his balance and fell with a crashing boom, his massive 8-foot-tall, and easily 500-pound rock-hard muscular body hitting the bathroom floor. Alex's heart raced as he realized that if he didn't do something now, he would very quickly repeat the night he had before. The thought of losing control and becoming the hulk again filled him with even more lust, his thoughts becoming less resistant to the idea of transforming. He realized that he needed to find a way to replicate the experience he had with Tom. He remembered that the moment Tom climaxed, he calmed down and became a human again. Alex knew it was a risky plan, but he didn't have any other options. It was this or destroy this house. He began stroking his massive, throbbing dick. He felt the rush of desire coursing through his veins. He needed to fuck something, anything. He was in the midst of his transformation, and it was happening much faster this time as his body began to fill the floor space. His breathing became increasingly labored, his muscles bulging with every thrust of his hand. He craved this feeling, needed it like a drug. As he shifted his other arm above his head, he couldn't help but kiss his own bicep as it made room for his rapidly expanding chest. The sensation was overwhelming, as his body grew and transformed with an intensity he couldn't control. Sweat poured down his face and his heart pounded in his chest, but he didn't care. All he wanted was to let go, to allow the transformation to take him over completely. He closed his eyes, picturing himself with Tom, their bodies entwined in a passionate embrace. The thought of Tom's hand wrapping around his body, Toms lips on his neck, only fueled his arousal even more. His strokes became more rapid, his grip tighter, as he felt himself getting closer to the edge. He let out a guttural groan as the pleasure built inside him, his breaths coming in short gasps as he pumped his thick, muscular arm up and down his engorged member with increasing speed. His body tensed as the pleasure reached a fever pitch, and with one final, desperate thrust, he exploded in a frenzy of ecstasy. Waves of pleasure wracked his body as he collapsed back against the tiled wall, gasping for air. He knew that he had succeeded in calming himself down before it was too late, but the intensity of his release left him wanting to feel it without restraining himself. He wanted to release the beast again already. He wanted to be even more of a hulk than Tom. At this point, he didn't want to be small ever again. As he struggled to stand up, his muscles aching and his lungs gasping for air, he couldn't help but feel exhilarated by the sheer power he had just unleashed. He looked down at his body and saw that he was coated and dripping in a thick layer of his own cum, evidence of just how intense his release had been. He felt a surge of pride and satisfaction, knowing that he had managed to control the transformation and avoid causing any serious damage. But at the same time, he knew that this was going to be a regular occurrence every time he wanted to indulge his desires, or be with another man. It was a thrilling and terrifying thought, and he couldn't wait to see where this newfound power would take him. He grabbed a towel, the soft fabric soothing against his sensitive skin, and wrapped it tightly around his waist, only for it to need adjusting as he shrunk. As he , he couldn't help but glance down at his still prominent bulge, a reminder of the pleasure he had just experienced. His body was covered in a sheen of sweat and his own fluids, but he didn't care. All he could think about was the overwhelming euphoria he had felt. Alex stumbled out of the bathroom, his legs feeling like lead weights. He leaned against the wall for a moment, trying to catch his breath. His body felt heavy and sore, as if he had just run a marathon. The transformation had taken a lot out of him, both physically and mentally. As he walked down the hallway, Alex could feel his heart racing and his breathing quickening. He had never experienced anything like this before, and he wasn't sure how to handle it. The rush of adrenaline and power had been exhilarating, but now he was paying the price. Every step felt like a struggle, and he had to take deep breaths just to keep moving forward. He was bound to collapse from exhaustion any moment now. He made his way into his room. As he closed the door behind him, Alex's towel dropped to the floor, forgotten. Normally, he would have crawled into bed and tried to forget the bizarre events of the past few hours. But something about the reflection in his mirror caught his attention, and he couldn't look away. Alex was completely mesmerized by his reflection. He couldn't believe how much he had changed in such a short amount of time. His once soft, dad-bod had been transformed into a muscular, toned physique that he could not stop admiring. He ran his hands over his broad shoulders, feeling the strength and power pulsating through his veins. His arms, once skinny and weak, were now thick and defined with bulging biceps and triceps, as he did a most muscular pose. He couldn't help but flex every way possible, admiring the way they looked in the mirror. As he explored his new body, Alex's hands found their way to his chest. He couldn't believe how much hair had grown in just a few hours. It was a light brown color and covered his chest and abdomen, trailing all the way down to his feet. The sensation of the coarse hair under his fingertips was sending shivers down his spine. Alex's fingers traveled down to his abs, feeling each individual muscle. He had never had abs before, and the sight of them in the mirror was a huge turn on for him. He couldn't help but run his fingers along the grooves and lines of his new six-pack, feeling the ridges under his skin. But it was his pecs that he loved the most. They were large, firm, and perky, just begging to be touched. Alex couldn't resist squeezing them and watching them bounce in the mirror. The feeling of his nipples was driving him wild as he caressed them. He had never felt so turned on in his life. As he stood there, admiring his new body, Alex felt a rush of power and excitement wash over him. He had never felt so manly before, and the thought of dominating another man with his newfound strength made him even more excited. The idea of pinning someone down and showing off his muscular body was almost too much for him to handle. With a sly smile on his face, Alex couldn't help but think about the possibilities that lay ahead of him. He was a new man now, and he was ready to explore all the new experiences that came with his transformation. As Alex made his way back to his room, his body felt heavy and drained, like he had just run a marathon. The thrill of his newly acquired muscles had dissipated, leaving him feeling tired and achy. The transformation had taken a toll on him, both physically and mentally, and he longed for the comfort of his bed.
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    Hulk - Tom's final time

    Let me introduce you to Tom from the WB Hunks story "Hulk" that I linked in this post. If the WB Hunk has any issues with this addition, please let me know and I'll take it down immediately. However, if you're interested in Alex’s story or simply buying me a coffee, feel free to message me. *** Edit *** Future Parts: 5) Escaping 4) Exes Once more 3) Alex Loses Control 2) Alex's First time 1) Tom’s final time Source: WB Hunk’s version of Hulk. ------ Tommy was an extraordinary man, one who exuded a unique and magnetic charm. His captivating personality and winning smile made him irresistible to those around him, and he had a talent for making others feel special and desired. When Alex encountered Tommy, he was immediately drawn to the older man, and took a chance on this mysterious figure. Little did he know, this chance encounter would be a turning point in his life, leading him on a journey beyond his wildest imagination. For many years, Tommy had been cautious about passing on his rare and powerful gift. He had seen the destructive potential of the gift firsthand and did not want to risk passing it on to someone who could not handle its immense power. He was determined to find someone who was deserving and worthy of this blessing. He had also learned to control his own desires and resist the urge to transform into the Hulk, a 12-foot tall, green-skinned behemoth with boundless strength. 30 years ago, Tommy was still learning to control himself. In those days, he would give into the Hulk's desires, indulging in raw and passionate sexual encounters with whomever he happened to be with at the time. A farmer, a sheriff, anyone who got a taste for the man he could become. However, he soon learned the dangers of losing control and vowed to never let the Hulk take over again. Despite his vow to never again let the Hulk take control, Tommy was still drawn to the thrill of transformation. The rush of power that came with it was an undeniable adrenaline high, and the sensation of being so incredibly strong was like a drug to him. However, there was more to it than just the thrill of the transformation. Tommy also deeply yearned to feel loved and connected to someone. He wanted to share his experiences and find someone who could understand and accept him, even with all of his strengths and weaknesses. This emotional connection was just as important to him as the physical power that came with the transformation, and it was a powerful motivator for him as he searched for the right person to pass his gift on to, yet again. Alex had no idea what was in store for him as he took that chance on Tommy. Whispers about Tommy's physique were rampant. He was renowned for his impressive size, his rock-hard muscles, and the raw power that radiated from him in the moment. Many were in awe of his impressive physique, and the strength he exuded was something that could not be ignored. Alex, didn’t see it. Tommy's appearance was that of a typical man in his 50s, but with some distinct characteristics. His white hair had started to grow on his ears and nose, and he had a fondness for button-up shirts that he would leave partially unbuttoned, revealing a tuft of white chest hair that had not seen much exposure in recent years. Despite his lack of recent exercise, his chest still displayed a muscular build that spoke to his youthful vitality. He may have appeared as your average 50-something man, but the confident way he carried himself and the twinkle in his eye hinted at the adventurous spirit that lay beneath his exterior. On the other hand, Alex was exactly the type of person that Tommy had been searching for. He was a blue-collar worker, exuding a rugged and no-nonsense demeanor, but possessed an intelligence that shone through in his conversations. He was a young man who was not afraid of putting in the effort to get what he wanted, and his confident and charismatic personality made him the perfect companion for a night of passionate intimacy. Alex's combination of brawn and brains made him the ideal match for Tommy, and the older man was eager to see just how far their connection would take them. "I noticed from your profile that you have a fondness for well-defined muscles," Tommy said as he leisurely massaged his left pec with his right arm, drawing attention to the impressive outline of his bicep, tricep, and shoulders. The fabric of his shirt strained against the contours of his musculature. It wouldn’t be on him long, nor would his bed be too far away. "There's more to it than just his size, big guy,” Alex chuckled, his gaze lingering hungrily on the muscular older man before him. Despite the fact that Tommy was older, Alex couldn't deny the intense attraction he felt towards him. The thought of exploring every inch of Tommy's muscular physique sent shivers down Alex's spine and made his mouth water with desire. He was all too eager to run his hands over Tommy's broad chest and tight abs, feeling the power and strength that radiated from his body. Age was just a number, and for Alex, the lust he felt for Tommy and his already bulging muscles was undeniable. Tommy felt a surge of excitement rising within him as he looked at Alex, who was eagerly admiring him. He knew how horny he was, and how much bigger that made him. He was aware that if he didn't control his emotions, his transformation would occur much sooner than he intended. To prevent this, he took a sip of ice-cold water from dinner, letting some of it trickle down his chin, hoping it would help calm his nerves. However, he couldn't shake off the feeling that something big was about to happen, and he couldn't wait to see where this encounter with Alex would lead. And with a small act of kindness, Alex made his bold move. He caught the dribble of water with his own napkin before leaning in for a sensual kiss from across the table. It was a moment that would ignite a spark within Alex and drive his passions sky-high. The moment their lips met, Alex was filled with a burning desire to lavish Tommy with affection and devotion. He yearned to explore every inch of the older man's body, relishing in the taste of his mouth and the feel of his muscles beneath his touch. The thought of undressing Tommy and discovering all of his hidden treasures made Alex's passion skyrocket, and he was determined to spend the night worshiping and pleasing him in every way possible. If it weren’t for the saliva, Alex may have been surprised to witness Tom's sudden display of raw strength as he effortlessly sent the table flying across the room before eagerly sweeping Alex off his feet. The table that once separated them was thrown aside with such force that it stuck to the wall on impact. The passionate and intense energy emanating from Tom was palpable, leaving Alex captivated and ready for what was to come next. As the kiss deepened, Tom's mind was consumed by lust and desire. He felt an intense pleasure coursing through his body as he surrendered to the sensations of Alex's lips on his own. It was as if every touch and caress was sending electric shocks through his system, causing his muscles to pulse and swell with newfound strength. As Tom's body began to change, he felt a sense of liberation, as though all of the years of denying his true desires were finally being fulfilled. His biceps bulged and stretched the fabric of his shirt, while his traps rose up. His back thickened, causing his shirt to strain and pull away from his neck, while his pecs swelled and hardened with each passing second. Tom's shirt was struggling to keep up with his expanding muscles, his biceps now ripping through the sleeves as they swelled with power. His back was now thick and wide, causing his shirt to stretch and strain at the seams. His pecs were now so big that they pulled his shirt away from his neck, revealing a deep crevice between them. As Alex continued to make out with Tom, he could feel his own body responding to Tom's growth. The lust within him grew stronger with each passing moment. He could hear the fabric of Tom's clothing stretching and tearing as his muscles continued to grow. The sound was like music to Alex's ears. He wanted nothing more than to see Tom's massive, ripped body bursting out of his clothing. Alex couldn't resist running his hands over Tom's body, feeling the hard muscles beneath the fabric of his clothing. He wanted to rip the shirt off of Tom and see him fully exposed, but he couldn't bring himself to stop kissing him long enough to do so. The desire within him was overwhelming, and Tom could feel himself losing control his skin tinting a sickly green. His shoulder muscles ballooned out, while his veins bulged and pulsed with the exertion of his newfound strength. He wanted to break free from the confines of his clothes and let his body be fully exposed, to feel the cool air on his skin and the rush of power that came with it. Alex watched in awe as Tom's body continued to grow and expand, his clothes straining and tearing at the seams. Tom's eyes locked onto Alex's. Alex's heart raced with excitement as he was pressed up against the wall, his body pinned by Tom's massive frame. Tom's clothes began to fall apart in tattered shreds as his muscles bulged with power and raw masculinity. Tommy's muscles bulged, stretching his shirt to the limit until it finally gave way, tearing off his body. The room was filled with the sounds of ripping fabric as his jeans also gave out, unable to contain the growing mass of his quads and glutes. The transformation wasn't stopping anytime soon, and as his skin turned a deep, vibrant green, Alex could hardly contain his excitement. Tom carried Alex towards the bedroom, the floor creaking beneath his weight. The walls of the hallway crumbled under the sheer force of his bulging muscles as he carried Alex effortlessly in his arms, kissing him passionately all the while. The sound of destruction echoed in the background, yet all Alex could focus on was the feeling of being swept up in the raw power and fiery passion of the man he desired so deeply. Alex struggled to comprehend the rapid transformation taking place in Tom's body. In a matter of moments, the old man had morphed into a towering, 10-foot naked beast with bulging muscles and an aggressive demeanor. Alex couldn't help but notice the lustful glint in Tom's eyes. As Tom's body expanded and grew before Alex's very eyes, his mouth dropped open in amazement. This once frail old man had become a towering behemoth, standing at a whopping 12 feet tall, and as wide as a car. His skin had taken on a vibrant shade of green, and rippling muscles bulged with every movement he made. Alex couldn't help but feel a mix of awe and terror wash over him as the hulking creature roared with pleasure and rage. The sight was both incredible and terrifying at the same time. But even with his immense size and strength, Tom was careful not to hurt his tiny lover. Their passion only intensifying. Suddenly, Tom burst into his bedroom, shielding Alex from the debris with his massive arms, smashing the nightstands in a fit of primal rage. Alex's heart raced as he watched in shock, his body trembling with excitement at the raw power and strength on display. Tom's breathing was labored, his chest heaving with every breath, as he towered over the smaller man. "Mine," Tom growled, his voice deep and guttural. "All mine." Tom couldn't resist the intense pleasure that coursed through his body as Alex continued to worship him. He could feel his beastly instincts taking over, driving him to take what he wanted from the smaller man. Alex gasped in surprise, but his excitement was palpable. Tom's hands roamed over Alex's body, feeling every curve and contour as if it were the first time. A single hand, able to wrap entirely around Alex's chest and crush him in a second. Tom's lips crashed down on Alex's, their tongues battling for dominance as their bodies pressed together. Tom's cock as wide as Alex's wrist, pressed against him, at just over a foot long. With a sudden burst of energy, Tom threw Alex onto the soft sheets. He climbed on top of Alex, trapping him before ripping Alex’s pants off, his massive cock throbbing with excitement already coating Alex in a gloss from pre Alex was all to eager spoon into his mouth. Alex eagerly spread his legs, inviting Tom to take him in any way he desired. Tom's rough fingers trailed down Alex's body, finally coming to rest on his tight entrance. He pushed his rough green finger inside, marveling at how perfectly Alex's body molded to his. As he added a second finger, Alex moaned with pleasure, his body arching off the bed. Tom couldn't take it any longer. He positioned himself at Alex's entrance and pushed inside, groaning as he felt the tight walls of Alex's body envelop him. Alex cried out, overwhelmed by the sensation of being filled so completely. Tom started to thrust, his hips slamming into Alex's with a primal intensity that left them both gasping for air. He went harder, and harder. The bed pounding the wall, denting evening the studs. He couldn't even go in all the way, but just getting his throbbing head was good enough. Tom's orgasm was a force of nature, beyond anything Alex could have anticipated. His own, nothing by comparison. It rocked through Tom's body like a tempest, leaving Alex feeling both overwhelmed and exhilarated by the intensity of it all. As Tom finally reached his peak, Alex's body was overwhelmed with sensation. He could feel Tom's member pulsing inside of him, filling him up with a warmth that spread through his entire body. But as Tom pulled out, Alex was unprepared for what came next. Gushes of viscous goop erupted from Tom's member, covering Alex from head to toe like a volcanic eruption. The thick, slimy substance coated his skin and clung to his hair, dripping down his face and into his open mouth. It was unlike anything he had ever experienced before, and for a moment, he was frozen in shock. But Tom didn't seem to notice. He was too caught up in his own pleasure, moaning and writhing in ecstasy as the last of his release poured out onto Alex's body. Alex could feel the sticky goop sliding down his skin, pooling around him on the ground. But what really caught Alex off guard was the rapid second transformation of Tom. It was so sudden that it left Alex reeling with shock. The rapid shrinking of Tom's muscles was like watching a time-lapse video of a bodybuilder's muscles atrophy in a matter of seconds. Alex could feel the heat radiating off of Tom's body as his skin changed from green to a sickly pale white. The thick, slimy residue of their release still coated both of them, making it hard to tell where one ended and the other began. Tom's body convulsed as the last of the hulk's strength ebbed away, leaving him weak and vulnerable. The once-mighty creature now lay before Alex like a withered old man, his chest heaving with exhaustion. The contrast to his former self was staggering. Alex lay there, completely spent and breathless, his body still quivering with the intensity of his climax. The room was filled with the sound of their heavy breathing, the scent of sex and musk permeating the air. Alex couldn't help but feel a mix of fear and ecstasy coursing through his veins as he gazed upon Tom, a real-life Hulk. The goop that spattered the walls and ceiling, now dripping onto his face, was strangely delicious in its own salty way, but he knew he had to get cleaned up before the urge to lick Tom and the entire room clean became too overwhelming. As Alex pulled himself off the sticky bed and tried walking out of the room, he got a sense of just how massive Tom had become. The destroyed door and significant portion of the wall left no doubt. The width of the hallway revealed the brute's sheer size, as wide as Alex was tall. It was a terrifying thought that something so strong could have lived in such a small house to start. In doing so, a pit formed in his stomach, grumbling and churning. He felt sick, but at this point his only goal was to shower and leave before the hulk woke up again for round two. Alex stumbled towards the bathroom, his feet sticking to the floor with each step, and the stench from the room still clinging to his clothes. The entire place was a disaster zone. The walls were dented out and missing chunks of plaster, and the bed had been reduced to nothing more than a pile of twisted metal and a broken frame, nightstand, and ceiling fan sparking above. Alex couldn't believe what he had just witnessed. A real-life Hulk, shriveling down to a frail old man, all in front of his eyes. The thought alone was enough to make his head spin. As he turned on the shower, he let out a deep sigh of relief. The hot water was like a balm on his skin, soothing the aches and pains that had accumulated during the wild ride. He could feel the goo running down his face, salty and sweet, and he couldn't help but lick his lips, savoring the taste. It was disgusting, but there was something about it that he just couldn't resist. His memory playing the transformation over and over. Alex couldn't help it, the way his body had transformed. The memory of it was seared into his mind, every detail etched into his brain like a permanent tattoo. The way his muscles had bulged and rippled beneath his skin, expanding and growing with each passing moment. The way his skin had darkened and thickened. It was an image that would forever haunt Alex's fantasies, driving him wild with desire. As the water cascaded down his body, Alex couldn't help but feel the tingling sensation in his limbs. His hands had become larger than he remembered, his fingers thicker, and as he glanced down, he saw his member was already engorged and pulsating for another round. He was going to have round two, but this time, it was going to be him who dominated. The fantasy of becoming that strong, that powerful, was all that he could think about, driving him on to even greater heights of pleasure as he stroked himself absentmindedly. The sensation was overwhelming, and he couldn't help but stroke himself even harder, his body now incredibly sensitive and responsive to his touch. He tried to calm down, but the thrill of it all only seemed to excite him further. He knew he had to stop. Something had changed. Alex stumbled out of the shower towards the foggy mirror, his newly formed muscles bulging and straining with each step. He footsteps seemed to pound the floor as he felt his feet get longer. His biceps flexed, the veins popping and snaking up his arms as he reached out to wipe away the steam. As he caught a glimpse of his reflection, he couldn't help but let out a deep growl. His pecs were heaving with each breath, the muscles rippling and flexing beneath his light green skin. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, but he also couldn't deny the intense pleasure he felt coursing through his body. He laughed, his deep boom voice only added to the pleasure. With each passing second, the transformation continued, and Alex's body was now towering over his former self. His voice had deepened, now emitting low, guttural grunts that seemed to rumble through his entire being. His hair was now thick and dark, covering his chest, arms, and legs in a layer of fur. Alex couldn't help but let out another growl, feeling a primal power coursing through his veins. He knew he should be scared, but he couldn't deny the rush of excitement that came with this newfound strength. As he examined his new form in the mirror, Alex couldn't help but feel a sense of awe at the sheer size and power of his muscles as he passed 6 and half feet. He flexed his arms, watching in amazement as the bulging biceps rippled with veins, and his hands formed fists that could crush metal. His chest expanded with each deep breath, and he could feel the weight of his pecs pressing down against his skin. The feeling of power and domination consumed him, as if he was born to rule and conquer. Despite the fear that was still present in his mind, Alex couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and pleasure as he flexed his newly formed muscles. He knew that he was becoming something beyond human, something more primal and powerful. And with each passing moment, he felt more and more in tune with the beast that now resided within him. As the transformation continued, Alex let out a deep roar, feeling his muscles bulge and flex with each movement. He could feel the primal energy coursing through his veins, and he knew that he was no longer just Alex. He was something more, something stronger, and something far more dangerous. The thought of using his newfound strength to dominate and overpower others sent a shiver down his spine, but he couldn't deny the rush of excitement that came with the thought of being unstoppable. He was 7 feet tall now, and growing more by the second. “What the fuck?” he gasped, his eyes locked on his reflection in the mirror. His arms and legs were now thick and powerful, each limb corded with pulsing veins and bulging muscles. His chest was expanding rapidly, his pecs jutting out and filling his shirt until it was stretched taut over his massive chest. His abs were rippling with new muscle, each one popping out in sharp relief as he sucked in deep breaths of air. And through it all, he was becoming angrier and more enraged, his mind consumed by the primal urge to grow stronger and more powerful. Alex couldn't believe his eyes. He was no longer the scrawny, weak man he once was. He was now a towering behemoth of muscle and strength, with bulging veins and rippling sinews. The transformation had made him a hulk, and he loved it. But as he basked in the glory of his new body, the rage took over. He could feel the primal urge to dominate and destroy, to assert his dominance over everything and everyone around him. And as he smashed his way out of the restroom, tearing through the door like it was made of paper, he reveled in the sheer power that coursed through him. His lustful rage knew no bounds, and he was consumed by the need to dominate and destroy. He wanted to enjoy himself, to revel in the joy of his new body, but not with that man. The destruction was a means to an end, a way to let out the pent-up energy that was coursing through his veins. Alex reveled in the destruction he caused, the sound of splintering wood and shattering glass only fueling his desire for more. He uprooted trees from their very roots and threw them like javelins, their trunks snapping with ease. Businesses were reduced to rubble, their signs and windows exploding under the force of his fists. People screamed and fled in terror, their cries of fear and pain only adding to Alex's pleasure. He reveled in the feeling of their fear, the rush of power that surged through him with each passing moment. He laughed maniacally as he destroyed everything in his path, his strength and rage growing with each passing moment. As he stumbled deeper into the woods, the ground beneath Alex shook with each heavy step. Towering over the trees at twelve feet tall, his unimaginably muscular frame was a testament to the sheer force of his rage. But as his anger subsided, so did his size. His muscles shrank down to a more manageable size, and he found himself overwhelmed by exhaustion. He collapsed onto the forest floor, his naked body covered only by a few bushes for shelter. Unaware of just how much destruction he had caused, Alex fell into a deep sleep, his breaths ragged and heavy. As Alex eventually stirred from his deep slumber, he couldn't help but notice the newfound masculinity that adorned his body. The once smooth chest was now covered in a fine dusting of hair, expertly tailored to accentuate his chiseled physique. He no longer looked like a lanky athlete, but instead appeared to be a man who was in peak physical condition.
  15. anondog

    Hulking Husband

    Author's note: So basically I wrote a little story about the incredible hulk told in a first person perspective. Just the typical growth thing. I posted it to the discord and one of the Mods encouraged me to post it to the forum as well, so here it is. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PART 1: We were both working late at night in the lab. It was storming out and rain could be heard outside. I was a medical researcher and pseudo nurse for our government funded agency and you were another research working with certain chemicals to make a super soldier. Although we were paid well, we were still on overtime and having a coffee break over our rut with the new chemicals. During coffee we chatted about our personal lives and plans. Although we didn't say it, there was a spark and a bit of a mutual crush going on. You accidentally spilled fresh hot coffee on yourself, because of our ramping exciting banter. I help dress the burn wound on your hand and we lock eyes with each other. A bull necked general comes in and barks that its time to get back to work. We begrudgingly get back to our stations. You are mixing chemicals in a flask, while I am doing theory crafting on a white board. The broad shouldered general continues barking down our throats and breathing down our necks. We are short staffed and the only ones here, with him as our supervisor. He tells you to speed it up and shoves you before making his way over to me. Chemicals spill onto where you were burned with coffee. Something about the chemicals, the stressful atmosphere, the coffee even, made you turn. You hunched over and began groaning. Slowly you put on more and more size, you're skin turning jade green. The general backed away slowly his mouth wide open. You legs grew first, calves becoming rock hard and massive diamonds. Your quads and hams beefed up so much that you would put Olympic cyclists to shame. Then your back packed on slabs and slabs of muscle. Your back made you resemble the wideness of a king cobra. Your abs grew in slowly at first. Rising to the slowly to the surface like ice in a vat of water, before exploding to the surface of your skin, shortly followed by your pecs which had the same growth process. They swelled and ballooned which caused you to growl. The last thing that grew was your soon to be might arms. I couldn't measure them with my eyes but they had the general's beat by a landslide. We were both there in awe and terror. You flexed your arms in a most muscular that tore off the remainder of your lab coat with a mighty tearing sound. You looked at the general and growled, rushing him, as he pulled out his gun and fired at you. The bullets made contact with you skin and at first dented it, like a child poking holes into play dough, however the bullets didn't penetrated you skin. I could tell it stung and that made you even more irritated. The general continued firing, but now the bullets didn't even dent your skin because of how dense and thick your muscles were. Thanks to your new height you were upon him immediately; the muscle in your legs and size of your stride made you close the distance incredibly quickly. You ripped the guns from his hand and crushed it in your hand so quickly and easily there was a horrendous sound of screeching metal and heat coming off of the now paper weight sized fire arm. You then picked the general up surprisingly gently into a hug. He whimpered and pleaded for you not to hurt him. You smiled, your eyes with a green blaze. Slowly you increased the pressure of your bear hug, causing him to scream out, but soon his screams were muffled as you crushed him into your chest. You removed your arms and faced me with a satisfied look on your face, he was being slowly dragged, kicking and screaming into your body... merging and feeding your growth. I was overwhelmed but tried to process all that was happening... You locked eyes with me and I was too afraid to look away, however I already had my hand on the exit door. You raised your hand and pointed at the general that was about 25% merged into you and kicking and screaming, albeit muffled. You tensed your body and he couldn't move, and when you relaxed it he was dragged deeper inside of your slowly growing muscles. I looked at the process in horror as you repeated it several times and then had a a satisfied grin on your face. After merging with our supervisor you had a grin akin to someone who had a hearty meal and rubbed your massive hand across your abs and pecs as if to show off that he was gone. You still had smirk on your face as you sauntered over to me, swagger in your step, with your foot steps thundering and crushing the ground beneath them. You didn't roar, you didn't growl, you didn't say anything. You simply crouched down to be at eye level with me. I was afraid I was going to be absorbed next and my heart raced as you were face to face with me. You leaned in and inhaled deeply and then exhaled. Your breath was hot and knocked me back a bit. I winched and you laughed a little. You knew I was completely under your thumb and control so there was no point in trying to intimidate me. You tore off my lab coat and sniffed it, before stuffing it into the pockets of your pants that somehow still survived this entire ordeal (albeit they were now purple). I was confused and then pieced together and asked if you were going to track me. You simply smiled. I reached for my lab coat and began crying. You kept me away gently and shushed me, you brought my hand onto where your coffee burn was and smiled. I fell to me knees. I didn't know how much of my old crush was in there, but enough was there to tell me I was safe. I would have to live knowing a monster was on the loose. You stood up and walked through the door way your head scraping against the 6'9'' frame. I heard your foot steps grow faster and more distant and the screech of gun fire in the distance. I got up and collected my thoughts. I had no idea what to do, but for now I would go home until you inevitability tracked me down.
  16. Hulk el adolescente cachondo parte 2 una masturbación placentera *I feel this story is a bit short but in the third chapter I will make it much longer and more detailed* alex jhonson un chico guapo pero a la vez un poco nerd con cabello castaño y ojos azules pero usa lentes lo cual no le ayudaria mucho tiene una figura delgada el cual siempre ha tenido problemas de ansiedad y tenor pero a la vez esta demasiado cachondo cualquier cosa que veas de hombres desnudos sus pectorales y su culo y lo más importante su polla este tipo se convierte en una bestia bastante temible, hermosa y muy musculosa llamándose a sí mismo "hulk" ante todos... Recién sucedió esa noche cuando se transformó por primera vez, desde que estupeó en una videollamada" alex-hulk estaba corriendo en el bosque destruyendo los pinos y árboles grandes que se interponían en su camino fácilmente los rompió fácilmente sin rasguños aunque algo sucio, corriendo en toda la tierra bastante rocosa y húmeda con sus enormes pies verdes y dedos llenos de polvo se detuvo a ver un hermoso paisaje con una gran cascada y un hermoso cielo esa noche Alex-hulk se asombró y se detuvo a ver la hermosa luna gamma, la cual para agradecerle su destino comenzó a darle un fuerte rugido Alex-hulk: ROOOAAAAAARRGGGG !! (un grito bastante poderoso asustando a los animales y pájaros) Alex-Hulk ve su polla y con ganas de follar empieza a manosearse salvajemente, tocando sus sucios y embarrados pechos musculosos pero no le importa Pero lo que importa es tocarse y la mano derecha agarra su enorme polla verde y rápidamente la masajea y hacia abajo varias veces. Alex-hulk: AGHHH...mmmmmj..SI...VAMOS A LA MIERDA (gemidos y palabras sucias de Alex-hulk) su cuerpo comienza a crecer un poco más haciendo que sus músculos sean más perfectos sus pantorrillas más voluminosas y sus bíceps más fuertes haciendo que alex hulk crezca hasta la medida de unos 3 metros de altura alcanzando su altura máxima de la bestia Alex-hulk hulk aún no le importaba su de altura pero empieza a explotar demasiada leche fertil y verde, Alex-hulk sigue agarrando y levantando mas fuerte su pene trata de parar pero es inutil su orgasmo crece mas y mas que se puso a cuatro patas y apunto de eyacular dice.. . Alex-hulk: HULK... ¡¡¡COÑOS!!! (grito liberal y gemido con una voz demasiado grave) Alex-hulk eyacula lo suficiente que su pene comienza a perder el control y se corre incluso en las paredes y en el piso, eyaculando demasiado, Alex-hulk gime de placer y agarra su pene para tragar su semen el cual esta mas descontrolado y todo su cuerpo se tiñe de verde, a lo cual cae aliviado en el piso con todo el semen derramado, su pene comienza a terminar de sacar leche y deja de palpitar, hulk alex muy cansado y acostado toma la decision de dormir y descansar después de una masturbación muy placentera, aunque olía demasiado a semen, a ella no le importó mucho y aún en la oscuridad, en la noche con un fuerte frío y una tormenta de lluvia, todavía estaba caliente... 8:30 de la mañana el amanecer... que le duelen mucho los ojos pero no mucho es normal que una persona que se levanta temprano camine algo dolorida sin poder caminar derecho, bajando de la cueva y buscando un camino oh chosa para buscar alguna ayuda oh refugio. .. continuará...
  17. Good people, I'm valeveish, I guarantee you that I'm too much a fan of the hulk that I even decided to share a story with you, I'm too young at this, but I hope you like it, if you like to talk about more things, I'll gladly listen to you, this story contains: male muscle growth, penis and ass growth, foot fetishes, and gay sex... it was a normal night, for any young teenager, a boy named alex, 18 years old long brown hair with a skinny body and a weak boy shape, his life is normal, at home, creating a video chat account to use For the first time and to entertain his followers, he decides to dress in his blue bear pajamas... Alex decides to take out one of his small toys, a 30 cm long dildo. "Alex decides to play with him when suddenly he sees an unknown message on his laptop, which made him curious" Alex: That's weird, I deactivated the messages for my followers, I guess he must be a VIP but his emblem doesn't appear... mmm how curious. he decides to open the message when suddenly he sees a green light with too many photos of naked bodybuilders fucking and showing their legs, an audio at full volume for alex he worried at that moment that the neighbors were going to hear it, but he was paralyzed by it video entranced by the muscular men, he did not take his eyes off his laptop, although the followers saw him that he was hypnotized " alex without thinking or hesitation begins to get up from his swivel chair he begins to pose sexyly showing that he still has his pajamas but that his eyes are not normal and he is hypnotized, his sealed mind does not respond only to what the stranger says to what he responds the next: unknown: "start showing you full body my love" *alex starts to make more space in his room by moving his bed, his closet and removing his posters of the incredible hulk. * alex: what's next my sweetheart, I'm too horny today, I already want you to make me cum. *touching his very hot chest and flexing his leg showing that he is wearing his rainbow stockings decides to see the following message that made him think* unknown: the good begins, you will be a huge green beast, if you enjoy it, my heart will see you, bye... *chat ended* He returns to the video chat with his followers and everything looks normal, although Alex is scared by what the person told him: alex: what did he mean by green beasria, mmm, well to continue having fun with my se... (a small headache begins in alex) alex: aghh!! SHIT MY HEAD, what's wrong with me!!!. alex sits waiting to see blurry, without seeing his chat everyone is worried when suddenly they see that his bulge is getting too swollen adjusting his pajamas, alex sees it and doesn't believe it, he knows that his mind only thinks about masturbating * alex: shit, my penis argh, it feels, great, ufff, yes my love, it keeps growing... ohhh, yes, more. his penis begins to grow even more, when suddenly his eyes seeing the ceiling of his room from excitement his pupils change to a bright lime green color, alex gets up but it is useless he begins to stumble wanting to get out but his pain is intense his body begins to burn, feeling his whole body swelling and forming alex masturbates ripping his crotch and revealing his large and slightly yellowish penis, he begins to masturbate lying down and writhing, sticking out his tongue like a dog, and his crazy eyes looking anywhere , his pajamas are too tight since his body is beginning to gain too much muscle both in the biceps, triceps and quadriceps, pectorals and his legs like trunks completely ripping all his pajamas but that's not all, his body changed color to a emerald green and his penis not to mention he has a huge monstrous penis, the only thing salvageable are the rainbow socks his hair is still the same brown color and his voice is a little serious and strong, sweated too much although still masturbating. alex: shit, more, I WANT EVEN MORE...HULK...WANT...MOOOOREEEEEEE!!! (a desperate and angry cry). alex's fans and followers donated not only thousands but millions of bits for his transformation although the video call ended because Alex-hulk destroyed everything because he couldn't cum on anyone, all upset and furious destroying his entire room, almost his entire house, landing in his yard, even at night Alex-hulk roars furiously and with a few words: Alex-hulk: I WANT A MAN!!! (Desperate to look for young and fresh meat although he has a dildo inside his fleshy green ass he just doesn't feel it, so he decides to enter the forest looking for his prey and have fun with his little sex toy * To be continued...
  18. //TW: Mental Health, Dissociation, and Noncon Bruce Banner was alone in the previously abandoned laboratory, deep into the mountainous wilderness of British Columbia, outside of the Unites State’s usual military patrols. The laboratory was well isolated, taking Bruce three days of driving and two weeks of hiking to reach, but it was well worth it. Half way up one of the many fir and cedar covered mountain was a cliff face with an iron door. Within Bruce found the abandoned treasure. An older radiology lab with rare and experimental equipment, albite it was old equipment, but Bruce was willing to try anything for more information, hoping to cure himself of the life-breaking curse known as the Hulk. Bruce shudders at even thinking his name, always aware of the beast resting inside him, waiting. He shakes his head. He knows the best way to handle his other half is using a ‘out of mind, out of sight’ technique. If he avoids thinking about him, getting stressed about the inevitable change slowly simmering inside him, he can avoid being pulled in to the mind-space where the Hulk is free to… “No, don’t think about that.” Bruce says out loud, brining himself out of his thoughts and back to his work. It was hard though, in his hands was page after page of new test results, which at first thrilled Bruce, piquing his curiosity. In short time that excitement turned to disappointment and pity, as those pages of data told him what every other page of data has told him. He’s messed up beyond normal scientific recognition. None of this was giving him ideas or clues for a cure, it was making him frustrated and depressed. His eyes rolled over graph after graph, the results of the tests so dramatic that it breaks the test’s own result metric. Great. A number so huge it printed right off the page. Spectacular. Oh, what’s this? A page that just reads “ERROR. ERROR. ERROR.” Over and over again. Bruce rests his face in his hands, that exactly how he’s feeling right now. Bruce tries so hard to be strong, to be above his emotions, because the moment he breaks down the Hulk is right there to catch him in the meaty clubs that is his hands, and violate him until he gives up and let’s go. It’s the reason he gets stress nightmares about hulking out in public. Bruce opens his eyes and shivers, his breathing becoming faster. Bruce blocks out those memories of when he’s trapped in his mind with Hulk, the horrible things the beast does, and how deep down he loves it. But as the poor doctor sits at the old aluminum table in the testing lab he can’t help but feel like all of his stress is collapsing in on himself. Day after day of bushwhacking, cleaning the whole lab, getting the generator room in working order, even fixing the plumbing so he could shower and use the toilet; all for this, for what he already knew. Bruce was starting to verge on a nervous breakdown. A familiar panic swells up inside the stress ridden doctor, as his vision start to blur around the edges as the overwhelming negative emotion starts to make him to disassociate. And as he always does, the Hulk rumbles to life within Bruce, sensing the emotional destress. Bruce whips up from his slouched, apathetic posture, body tingling all over with life, like a pulse of electricity inside him. “No! No! Hulk please rest again, I’m fine!” he calls out, only talking to himself. Theirs a heavy silence within Bruce’s mind. “PUNY BANNER HURT BY PAPER... HULK NO LET BANNER HURT.” The Hulk replies in a rumbling growl within Bruce, always acting as Bruce’s “protector”, even if his version of protection completely destroyed Bruce’s life and chances at happiness. Tears roll down Bruce’s face as he desperately tries to catch his breath, bating off negative thoughts and surges of stress and despair. “It’s- It’s just stress, I- I can- AAAHHHHH!” he’s cut off by his own scream, he feels the Hulk’s huge arm wrap around his chest, trying to pull him out of reality and into the mind-space. He looks down and there’s no arm around him but it’s there, he can feel it. Bruce’s eyes widen as he feels a familiar burning sensation in his eyes, the feeling of his iris’s glowing gamma green. Suddenly it feels like time freezes for Bruce, the clicking and grinding of all the machines suddenly disappear, and the lighting of the room feels off and unnatural. The giant green arm wrapped around his waist is their now. Bruce can feel the heavy puffs of air leaving Hulk’s nose blowing against his hair. He was in the mind-space, disconnected from reality. “BANNER REST… HULK TAKE CARE OF IT.” The baritone brute spoke. “No! You can’t just… TAKE ME OVER! You don’t control me!” Bruce retorts, wrenching himself out of Hulk’s surprisingly soft grasp. The Hulk looks unsurprised by this, only annoyed. Bruce snaps back to reality, his head is pounding with a hazy headache, his body feels heavy and sluggish, despite his heartbeat pounding wildly. His body was BEGGING him to dissociate again, desperately not wanting to deal with the trauma of another panic attack. Bruce’s logic fights what his body wants, knowing that letting himself sink lets the beast out. He takes deep breaths, steadying his hands on the table. He tries everything to ground himself in reality again, but it’s an unstable battle, his vision blurs and focuses again, seeing the objects around him but not really recognizing or acknowledging them, in the worst dream-like state imaginable. “I’m ok. I’m ok. I’m…” his head dips as the world goes black around him. This time there is no room around him. It was just Bruce, Hulk, and the never ending blackness of his own subconscious. The 18 foot tall jade muscle giant stood before him, nude and bulging with muscles all over, looking like a hyper masculine Hercules mixed with a primal caveman. “PUNY BANNER SHAKING WITH SRTESS… HULK STRONG.” He states, and deep down Bruce knows it’s true, it’s just so much harder to ignore when he’s face to face with Hulk’s godly masculinity. Bruce tries not to look at it, but his eyes glace down at Hulk’s massive cock. It dangles long, wide, and fat like a lazy snake laying on top of two massive forest-green bull nuts. The tip of the deep emerald cock head peeking out the thick foreskin. Bruce hates that, he’s circumcised, but Hulk regrows a full head of sensitive dick skin. Hulk feels Bruce’s eyes on him and hits a masculine pose. Raising his arms above his head and flexing his iron cannonball biceps. His huge fat pecs bouncing with life, shelves of muscle with just a bit of padding to keep them round and juicy. Big round abs like a swollen brick road. Massive treetrunk thighs bulge as they flex and rub against each other, and Hulk’s massive, green moons of ass flex and strain, but remain round and padded with a layer of fat. Hulk was simply overflowing with masculinity. Hulk hoped Bruce wouldn’t struggle this time. Bruce stuttered to life, breaking out the trance of Hulk’s impressive form. “N-N-NO! I don’t want to be a monster! I worked so hard to get the lab back up and running, I can’t let-“ “LAB MAKE BANNER ANGRY, LET HULK SMASH!” the big green giant roared back in retort. “NO! I CAN’T LET THIS ALL GO TO WASTE!” Bruce screamed back. “YOU CAN’T TAKE WHATEVER YOU WANT FROM ME, I WORKED SO HARD TO GET HERE I-MMMPPHHH!!!” Bruce was cut off by Hulk’s massive hand, fat green fingers pressing over his mouth. Hulk’s heard enough puny excuses, he doesn’t care what comes out of Banner’s mouth, he’s here to protect him from the breakdown causing them distress “HULK NEVER GET BANNER…” he rumbled out. Bruce wiggles and thrashes but it’s nothing against the vice like grip of Hulk’s huge bear paws. Bruce panics again, he was being overpowered per-usual, he felt helpless, a small voice in the back of his head starting to say “let go… let it turn black… it’s useless to fight.” Bruce wanted to cry, but then a spark of courage lights inside him. This is the head-space, normal rules don’t apply he realizes. “I’m stronger than the Hulk, I’m stronger than him!” He thinks, trying hard to convince himself. “BANNER NOT.” Hulk says like it was a plain fact, hearing Bruce’s thoughts. With one concentrated thrash Bruce breaks free of the Hulk’s grasp, sending the mighty titan back a bit. Bruce takes in a massive breath, snapping back up. The weight and stress of the panic attack flooding his senses immediately. If his headache was pounding before it was a jackhammer against his skull now. His vision almost fully blurred and tears wet the sides of his face. His heartbeat was fast like the spokes on a runaway train, beating wildly. The veins in his body are bulging, turning into a glowing green spiderweb. His muscles feel swollen and used, like he was just at the gym. He can feel patches of sweat in the armpits of his white button up shirt, in fact his whole body was running hot. Bruce could feel the energy of the Hulk surging all over within him. He stood up, the stool under him being shoved over by Bruce’s thighs. He presses his hands down on the metal table to steady himself, but Bruce’s hands dent the metal; just a drop of Hulk’s strength. Bruce can feel his muscles wanting to stretch, flex themselves bigger. He stagers away, eyes dopey, trying to form coherent thoughts. “Bruce Banner…. I’m me… I can fight it…” his voice was a few notes deeper already, and his voice sounds scratchy and hoarse. Suddenly Bruce falls to his knees, yelling through grinding teeth and a clenched jaw. A wave of hopelessness and overcharging stress crashes over Bruce as Hulk grabs his brain, trying to drag him back into their mind. This all overwhelms Bruce, distracting him from focusing on his grounding his body and calming his heart rate. Bruce cries out as his clave muscles flex out of his purple pants, tearing the fabric. His shoes bulge as the fabric of his shirt bursts around his back, pecs sending buttons flying. Bruce’s green eyes roll up, the feeling of the change is too much, too powerful, His breathing becomes uneven and despite his powerless protest, Bruce is dragged back into the blackness of his mind-space. Hulk wraps both of his arms around Bruce, holding him so snug Bruce can’t even wiggle. Something’s different this time, he’s nude like the Hulk… oh no. “BANNER STRUGGLES AND FIGHTS TO HURT HIMSELF MORE. STUPID PUNY BANNER.” Hulk sounds fully ticked off now. Bruce is completely panicked, wriggling like a worm and gasping out “No!” between labored breaths. “BANNER NEEDS TO CALM DOWN.” Hulk stated in his booming, flat voice. Hulk brings Bruce’s face to his muscular armpits, dripping with sweat. Fresh, manly, raw musk radiates from the wet black wild pit-fur that carpeted the big armpit. Bruce shakes his head in panic, knowing what’s coming next. Bruce’s face is squished against Hulk’s manly armpit, lungs filling with Hulk’s powerful musk. It’s intoxicating and potent, making a thick layer of funk in his nostrils, assaulting his tastebuds with every breath. Hulk holds Bruce there, keeping him still and making him breathe in his strong scent. Bruce feels every inch of Hulks hot, muscular body squishing against his smaller form, the massive pecs hugging his torso, and iron hard abs his legs squirm against. Hulk grips Bruce until the fight leaves his body. It seems like an eternity, but finally he stops struggling against Hulk’s force, now fully ashamed and turned on. Hulk looks at the smaller than average human erection sprouting from Bruce’s thin hips. “HEHE… PUNY.” He chuckles, Bruce can only look down in embarrassment, cheeks cherry red. Hulk looks over his fightless body-mate, happy by the lack of struggle and dejectedness “BANNER READY NOW.” Bruce looks up to Hulk’s brutish face, making eye contact, looking like a sad puppy “Noooo…” he moans out, not consenting, but unable to fight back any more; Bruce felt weak all over, he just wanted it to be over now. Hulk couldn’t care less, now that Banner couldn’t fight any more he could end the distress. Hulk grabs Bruce by his hips and slams him into the ground, his free hand comes to his hanging cock, stroking the huge green floppy snake. Hulk drops to one knee, leaning forward and letting his massive hanging nuts rest against Bruce’s face. “SMELL.” Hulk orders. Bruce whimpers before leaning in and taking a whiff of Hulks nose burning ball musk. “GOOD. BETTER THAN BEING OUTSIDE, RIGHT?” Hulk asks. Bruce looks down again, and chokes back a sob. “Yes… Better than going through the panic attack.” Hulk makes a grumble of cocky happiness and superiority in response. “BANNER REST NOW, LET HULK SMASH OUT ALL THE STRESS.” Bruce doesn’t respond, he just hangs his head and his body quivers. After a minute of stroking Hulk’s massive, over 6 foot tall erection stands tall and proud, hyper in size like all his muscles, drooling thick precum like a river. Bruce looks at the hulking green cock in dread and lust, thicker than the average humans shoulder span and bobbing with Hulk strong heartbeat. “Please don’t… I’ll fade… I’ll let go...” Bruce begs through his quivering breaths. “BANNER TOO TENSE TO LET GO. HULK HELP. HULK GENTLE.” He responds in the regular Hulk monotone. Hulk ungently grabs Bruce’s calves and spreads his legs, humongous cockhead lining up and rubbing against Bruce’s tiny, tight, virgin asshole. Bruce groans in despair, knowing that he won’t just get torn in half, since there’s no rules in the mind-space. Bruce cries out as the huge green monstercock starts to plunge into his ass. Stretching his hole past human limits. The further Hulk presses his hip in the more Bruce becomes his condom, his gut distending as Hulk forces his cock in deeper and deeper. The worst part is, it doesn’t hurt. Bruce can feel all the stretching and his organs being shoved around by the beast inside him, literally. It feels good, warm, completely overwhelming. Every nerve and sense in Bruce’s body is focused on the huge cock using him as a sex toy. Bruce starts to black out and snap back as he feels that massive cock entering his throat. He chokes and gags as it forces itself further up his neck, and with one final gurgle from Bruce’s mouth Hulk humps his cock all the way through, fat cockhead peeking out Bruce’s stretched maw. Precum flows down and pools all over Bruce’s face like he was a decoration under a fountainhead, going down his nose and splashing in his eyes. Bruce was now truly helpless, his thin form bulging and skewered by Hulk’s mighty cock. Bruce was simply overwhelmed, as he always is when he’s in this situation. It’s not the first time he’s been here, exactly like this, and he knows it won’t be the last either. He couldn’t think, only feel as every inch of him is used. He was exhausted, and his body was on fire. The overstimulation finally won over, as Bruce loses focus in his eyes and lets them close. The poor scientist fading into sleep or amnesia, completely overpowered by the Hulk. Hulk smiled and gently patted Bruce’s head, comforting him. It was over, Bruce gave into the blackness and Hulk came to the front of the consciousness. In the real world Bruce’s body was swelling all over. A mighty roar escaped his lips as his muscles started to explode with size, no resistance to the change left in his body. His whole form swells and grows, skin changing from pink to an off-olive. His muscles swell to non-human proportions, sweat dripping all over as growls rip out his throat. Bruce’s face scrunches as his jawline expands, becoming square and brutish, the green in his skin becoming brighter. His forehead grows out, sloping over his eyes as his eyebrows grow thick and caterpillar-like. Nose becoming small and high on his face, giving him Hulk’s signature brute visage. His pants and shirt are ribbons of fabric on the ground, and his underwear finally snap off as his massive balls fatten and distend, cock growing hard and already bigger than any humans. With a wall shaking roar the jade titan finally stands up. Muscle hard as iron, body steaming hot and dripping sweat, thick black body-hair covering Bruce’s once nude pecs, abs, ass, back, legs and arms. His massive cock splashing precum all over. “HULK SMASH PUNY LAB!!!” he roars out in rage, raising his arms above his head and crashing them down against the old, one of a kind machine, completely destroying it and the table it was resting on. Hulk stomps over to the next machine, grunting loudly as he raises a thick leg, stomping the radiation analyzer and cracking the floor under it as the metal snaps and collapses. Hulk was shoulder to wall in the lab, head bumping against the roof. He was cramped and it pissed him off. He stomped his way to the mountain side exit, anything in his path getting crushed, smashed, or demolished. The Hulk finds his way to the iron exit, path of destruction, sweat, and pre behind him and those huge muscular asscheeks, bulging just as big as Hulk’s wings of back muscles. Hulk runs straight at the door, his 18ft monstrous frame breaking through the iron and rock cliff face like it was styrofoam, crumbling down over him, leaving the smashed lab in his wake. Hulk sighed as the wind ran over his bulging, masculine form. Eyes taking in the sunlight and all the mountains and trees. So much room to play, so much stress to relieve. The Hulk smirked, punching a towering cedar tree near the lab entrance, watching it crumble and fall under the force of his fist. His hard dick throbbed at the display of super strength. He looked back to all the trees and the span of tall mountains. So much… SO MUCH TO SMASH!!! Hulk flexed his meaty thighs before launching into the air, aiming to crash down on the nearest mountain peak with an incredible shoulder smash. Fin.
  19. LionBUff


    BANG BANG BANG “They would stop shooting at us if your lime green head was full or more than HULK SMASH!” Deadpool and Hulk were forced to team up to investigate an Avengers level threat at a warehouse thought to be empty. Hulk wanted to go with anyone but Deadpool, his least favorite “good guy” of all time, but the other Avengers were out dealing with something else. While they were there inspecting the place, undetected, Deadpool started breaking the fourth wall a little too much. When Hulk asked who he was talking to, he told hulk “you need more than a radioactive pea head to understand what’s going on!” The Hulk lost his temper and started beating up Deadpool… who teased Hulk the entire time. As Hulk was yelling the occupants of the warehouse heard them and ran in with the biggest weapons they could find. Bullets flew at them from every angle, and they ran into a nearby room that used to be a walk-in refrigerator. Hulk’s skin is three times thicker than a bulletproof vest, and Deadpool heals instantly, so t\neither of them were being harmed in the slightest by the bullet shower. However, they couldn't discuss any plans with all of the noise. “It’s true reader. Hulk can’t take a joke. We would be done with the adventure if Hulk Poo would control himself.” “HULK HATE HULK POO” Hulk demanded as he slammed both hands on the wall. “SEE. Hulky poo bear proved my point.” “SHUT UP.” “Look, reader… you… I apologize for this green ape’s grammar. He’s doing his best.” “HULK HATE DEADPOOL! HULK WANT OUT!” “We’ll get out of here when you calm down Hulky poo!” Hulk became bigger, growing by 10o pounds of radioactive muscle bulkier than a bodybuilder. “I know you can’t see it, reader… but Hulk’s bulge is enormous! His bulge is popping out of his body like you wouldn’t believe!” “HULK KNOW HOW TO CALM DOWN NOW! HULK NEED RELEASE! NOW! HULK NEED DEADPOOL ASS MILKING MANY MINI HULKS!” “What,” Deadpool said, turning to Hulk. Hulk's purple tip was rising out of his purple pants. Hulk’s body grew more as his sexual frustration added more stress to his already aggravated body. It wasn’t long before Hulk’s entire rope was swinging up to the air. Hulk was so frustrated that sweat was dripping off of the shaft like a leaky pipe. “Dear good reader you should see the size of this literal fucker! “HULK WANT TO DOMINATE DEADPOOL!” “Don’t worry reader, he's just showing off.” Deadpool laid down on the ground facing down just to aggravate Hulk more. However… Hulk was not kidding about wanting to dominate Deadpool's body. As Deadpool laid down, his ass and the bouncy meat on it looked like a comfortable void surrounded by tropical island fruit waiting to be juiced and eaten. Hulk jumped in the direction of Deadpool and landed with all four limbs on the ground in a plank position directly above Deadpool. His heavy breathing warmed the back of Deadpool's neck. Hulk’s salivating mouth soaked the back of Deadpool’s suit. Hulk assumed that this was going to be a good thing because either Hulk would finally calm down and focus on the mission or he was only trying to scare Deadpool into following his orders and was going to back down any minute. The first option was the one Hulk chose as he ripped through Deadpool’s suit. “I’m not ashamed to tell you, reader… this beast can fuck the life out of anything… except for me of course, because I’m immortal. I’m enjoying this. Hulk is hammering me into the ground like he’s trying to dig a hole to China!” GRUUUH GUUUU GRUUUUUUUUUUUUU GRAAAAAAA AHHHHHHHHHHRRRR HR HR HRRRRRRRRR HRRRRRRRRR HMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMM M M MMMMMMMM GRUUUH GUUUU GRUUUUUUUUUUUUU GRAAAAAAA AHHHHHHHHHHRRRR HR HR HRRRRRRRRR HRRRRRRRRR HMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMM M M MMMMMMMM Hulk threw his waist up and down like an oil drilling rig drilling Deadpool’s body. The wet slapping between the lovers sounded like a crate of fish falling off of a tall building and into the ocean. Hulk’s beefy urns bounced into one continuous blurred motion. Hulk’s animalistic mating was thrusting into and against whatever internal objects were in its way. The paces of Deadpool’s shattered spine were flying out of his mouth like a wood chipper. Deadpool’s body was a cavern of bloody ruins. His ass opening was wider than his head. As Hulk sprung his green cock in and out of Deadpool, Deadpool’s body was getting bigger as Hulk leaked pre. Hulk’s balls were so pent up and frustrated that each squirt of pre would be a normal man’s month of cum. Hulk was dumping his cum like a cow’s udder dumps milk. Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after Squirt after. Deadpool slowly bloated out into a puddle. Most of the cum was unable to escape thanks to Hulk’s girth blocking it in. “HOW DOES IT FEEL TO CARRY HULK BABIE” Hulk screamed “HOW DO YOU LIKE BEING THE MOTHER TO HULK PACK! HULK GONNA MATE TIGHT HOLE LIKE BREEDING BULL!” “LoOOOooo reEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” Deadpool tried to say something to the audience reading about Hulk’s sex session with him but he couldn’t catch his breath. The chemicals in his brain responsible for positive feelings were flowing through his blood almost as thick as the cum overpowering the same blood supply. That… and Hulk’s cock was blocking his airways. GRUUUH GUUUU GRUUUUUUUUUUUUU GRAAAAAAA AHHHHHHHHHHRRRR HR HR HRRRRRRRRR HRRRRRRRRR HMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMM M M MMMMMMMM GRUUUH GUUUU GRUUUUUUUUUUUUU GRAAAAAAA AHHHHHHHHHHRRRR HR HR HRRRRRRRRR HRRRRRRRRR HMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMM M M MMMMMMMM GRUUUH GUUUU GRUUUUUUUUUUUUU GRAAAAAAA AHHHHHHHHHHRRRR HR HR HRRRRRRRRR HRRRRRRRRR HMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMM M M MMMMMMMM GRUUUH GUUUU GRUUUUUUUUUUUUU GRAAAAAAA AHHHHHHHHHHRRRR HR HR HRRRRRRRRR HRRRRRRRRR HMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMM M M MMMMMMMM GRUUUH GUUUU GRUUUUUUUUUUUUU GRAAAAAAA AHHHHHHHHHHRRRR HR HR HRRRRRRRRR HRRRRRRRRR Neither of the lovers said anything for a long time. Hulk continuously moaned like a busted speaker. Deadpool gave up on saying anything. The Hulk’s seamen was filling Deadpool’s blood so much that he could barely focus on the most simple thought. All Deadpool could think about was cum. He could only focus on Hulk breeding him like a cum sponge. Finally…. Huk couldn’t hold back. His gallons of seamen in his urns of seed were boiling over. “HULK SPLASH” He roared and slammed into Deadpool’s body. Hulk’s purple tip was sticking out of Deadpool’s jaw… which Hulk discovered as all of his cum rushed onto the floor. Hulk grabbed Deadpool’s jaw and forced it closed. This closed gaw gripping his tip aroused the nerves up and down his testicles. Hulk was gushing his milk out at a rate of two pints every second. The gooey stew spread out across Deadpool's body. Even Deadpool's bones were soaked in Hulk cum. On a molecular level, Deadpool truly was soaking up Hulk’s seed. Hulk’s sperm were swimming through Deadpool’s genetic coding and changing it to Hulk’s genetic coding. Deadpool’s muscles directly absorbed Hulk’s sweet and salty protein shake. Deadpool’s heart grew to accommodate the masculine transformation as Deadpool literally absorbed Hulk’s strength. Deadpool’s eyes turned bright green. When Hulk finally decided that he had ejaculated as much cum as he had brewed… he pulled his cock out and stood up. Hulk’s enormous log of meat hung there as if Hulk had mated with a tank of yogurt. White droplets rained on the ground below him. The cum soaking his shaft slowly dripped off of him. Hulk stood there, his bulky and meaty chest rose and fell as he admired his partner's beaten up appearance. Hulk admired Deadpool as if it were his first kill of the hunting season. His green bulging muscles tingled as Hulk thought about his true strength as a lovemaking beast.
  20. Othelo

    Pulled In (Hulk Transformation)

    //TW: Mental Health, Dissociation, and Noncon Bruce Banner was alone in the previously abandoned laboratory, deep into the mountainous wilderness of British Columbia, outside of the Unites State’s usual military patrols. The laboratory was well isolated, taking Bruce three days of driving and two weeks of hiking to reach, but it was well worth it. Half way up one of the many fir and cedar covered mountain was a cliff face with an iron door. Within Bruce found the abandoned treasure. An older radiology lab with rare and experimental equipment, albite it was old equipment, but Bruce was willing to try anything for more information, hoping to cure himself of the life-breaking curse known as the Hulk. Bruce shudders at even thinking his name, always aware of the beast resting inside him, waiting. He shakes his head. He knows the best way to handle his other half is using a ‘out of mind, out of sight’ technique. If he avoids thinking about him, getting stressed about the inevitable change slowly simmering inside him, he can avoid being pulled in to the mind-space where the Hulk is free to… “No, don’t think about that.” Bruce says out loud, brining himself out of his thoughts and back to his work. It was hard though, in his hands was page after page of new test results, which at first thrilled Bruce, piquing his curiosity. In short time that excitement turned to disappointment and pity, as those pages of data told him what every other page of data has told him. He’s messed up beyond normal scientific recognition. None of this was giving him ideas or clues for a cure, it was making him frustrated and depressed. His eyes rolled over graph after graph, the results of the tests so dramatic that it breaks the test’s own result metric. Great. A number so huge it printed right off the page. Spectacular. Oh, what’s this? A page that just reads “ERROR. ERROR. ERROR.” Over and over again. Bruce rests his face in his hands, that exactly how he’s feeling right now. Bruce tries so hard to be strong, to be above his emotions, because the moment he breaks down the Hulk is right there to catch him in the meaty clubs that is his hands, and violate him until he gives up and let’s go. It’s the reason he gets stress nightmares about hulking out in public. Bruce opens his eyes and shivers, his breathing becoming faster. Bruce blocks out those memories of when he’s trapped in his mind with Hulk, the horrible things the beast does, and how deep down he loves it. But as the poor doctor sits at the old aluminum table in the testing lab he can’t help but feel like all of his stress is collapsing in on himself. Day after day of bushwhacking, cleaning the whole lab, getting the generator room in working order, even fixing the plumbing so he could shower and use the toilet; all for this, for what he already knew. Bruce was starting to verge on a nervous breakdown. A familiar panic swells up inside the stress ridden doctor, as his vision start to blur around the edges as the overwhelming negative emotion starts to make him to disassociate. And as he always does, the Hulk rumbles to life within Bruce, sensing the emotional destress. Bruce whips up from his slouched, apathetic posture, body tingling all over with life, like a pulse of electricity inside him. “No! No! Hulk please rest again, I’m fine!” he calls out, only talking to himself. Theirs a heavy silence within Bruce’s mind. “PUNY BANNER HURT BY PAPER... HULK NO LET BANNER HURT.” The Hulk replies in a rumbling growl within Bruce, always acting as Bruce’s “protector”, even if his version of protection completely destroyed Bruce’s life and chances at happiness. Tears roll down Bruce’s face as he desperately tries to catch his breath, bating off negative thoughts and surges of stress and despair. “It’s- It’s just stress, I- I can- AAAHHHHH!” he’s cut off by his own scream, he feels the Hulk’s huge arm wrap around his chest, trying to pull him out of reality and into the mind-space. He looks down and there’s no arm around him but it’s there, he can feel it. Bruce’s eyes widen as he feels a familiar burning sensation in his eyes, the feeling of his iris’s glowing gamma green. Suddenly it feels like time freezes for Bruce, the clicking and grinding of all the machines suddenly disappear, and the lighting of the room feels off and unnatural. The giant green arm wrapped around his waist is their now. Bruce can feel the heavy puffs of air leaving Hulk’s nose blowing against his hair. He was in the mind-space, disconnected from reality. “BANNER REST… HULK TAKE CARE OF IT.” The baritone brute spoke. “No! You can’t just… TAKE ME OVER! You don’t control me!” Bruce retorts, wrenching himself out of Hulk’s surprisingly soft grasp. The Hulk looks unsurprised by this, only annoyed. Bruce snaps back to reality, his head is pounding with a hazy headache, his body feels heavy and sluggish, despite his heartbeat pounding wildly. His body was BEGGING him to dissociate again, desperately not wanting to deal with the trauma of another panic attack. Bruce’s logic fights what his body wants, knowing that letting himself sink lets the beast out. He takes deep breaths, steadying his hands on the table. He tries everything to ground himself in reality again, but it’s an unstable battle, his vision blurs and focuses again, seeing the objects around him but not really recognizing or acknowledging them, in the worst dream-like state imaginable. “I’m ok. I’m ok. I’m…” his head dips as the world goes black around him. This time there is no room around him. It was just Bruce, Hulk, and the never ending blackness of his own subconscious. The 18 foot tall jade muscle giant stood before him, nude and bulging with muscles all over, looking like a hyper masculine Hercules mixed with a primal caveman. “PUNY BANNER SHAKING WITH SRTESS… HULK STRONG.” He states, and deep down Bruce knows it’s true, it’s just so much harder to ignore when he’s face to face with Hulk’s godly masculinity. Bruce tries not to look at it, but his eyes glace down at Hulk’s massive cock. It dangles long, wide, and fat like a lazy snake laying on top of two massive forest-green bull nuts. The tip of the deep emerald cock head peeking out the thick foreskin. Bruce hates that, he’s circumcised, but Hulk regrows a full head of sensitive dick skin. Hulk feels Bruce’s eyes on him and hits a masculine pose. Raising his arms above his head and flexing his iron cannonball biceps. His huge fat pecs bouncing with life, shelves of muscle with just a bit of padding to keep them round and juicy. Big round abs like a swollen brick road. Massive treetrunk thighs bulge as they flex and rub against each other, and Hulk’s massive, green moons of ass flex and strain, but remain round and padded with a layer of fat. Hulk was simply overflowing with masculinity. Hulk hoped Bruce wouldn’t struggle this time. Bruce stuttered to life, breaking out the trance of Hulk’s impressive form. “N-N-NO! I don’t want to be a monster! I worked so hard to get the lab back up and running, I can’t let-“ “LAB MAKE BANNER ANGRY, LET HULK SMASH!” the big green giant roared back in retort. “NO! I CAN’T LET THIS ALL GO TO WASTE!” Bruce screamed back. “YOU CAN’T TAKE WHATEVER YOU WANT FROM ME, I WORKED SO HARD TO GET HERE I-MMMPPHHH!!!” Bruce was cut off by Hulk’s massive hand, fat green fingers pressing over his mouth. Hulk’s heard enough puny excuses, he doesn’t care what comes out of Banner’s mouth, he’s here to protect him from the breakdown causing them distress “HULK NEVER GET BANNER…” he rumbled out. Bruce wiggles and thrashes but it’s nothing against the vice like grip of Hulk’s huge bear paws. Bruce panics again, he was being overpowered per-usual, he felt helpless, a small voice in the back of his head starting to say “let go… let it turn black… it’s useless to fight.” Bruce wanted to cry, but then a spark of courage lights inside him. This is the head-space, normal rules don’t apply he realizes. “I’m stronger than the Hulk, I’m stronger than him!” He thinks, trying hard to convince himself. “BANNER NOT.” Hulk says like it was a plain fact, hearing Bruce’s thoughts. With one concentrated thrash Bruce breaks free of the Hulk’s grasp, sending the mighty titan back a bit. Bruce takes in a massive breath, snapping back up. The weight and stress of the panic attack flooding his senses immediately. If his headache was pounding before it was a jackhammer against his skull now. His vision almost fully blurred and tears wet the sides of his face. His heartbeat was fast like the spokes on a runaway train, beating wildly. The veins in his body are bulging, turning into a glowing green spiderweb. His muscles feel swollen and used, like he was just at the gym. He can feel patches of sweat in the armpits of his white button up shirt, in fact his whole body was running hot. Bruce could feel the energy of the Hulk surging all over within him. He stood up, the stool under him being shoved over by Bruce’s thighs. He presses his hands down on the metal table to steady himself, but Bruce’s hands dent the metal; just a drop of Hulk’s strength. Bruce can feel his muscles wanting to stretch, flex themselves bigger. He stagers away, eyes dopey, trying to form coherent thoughts. “Bruce Banner…. I’m me… I can fight it…” his voice was a few notes deeper already, and his voice sounds scratchy and hoarse. Suddenly Bruce falls to his knees, yelling through grinding teeth and a clenched jaw. A wave of hopelessness and overcharging stress crashes over Bruce as Hulk grabs his brain, trying to drag him back into their mind. This all overwhelms Bruce, distracting him from focusing on his grounding his body and calming his heart rate. Bruce cries out as his clave muscles flex out of his purple pants, tearing the fabric. His shoes bulge as the fabric of his shirt bursts around his back, pecs sending buttons flying. Bruce’s green eyes roll up, the feeling of the change is too much, too powerful, His breathing becomes uneven and despite his powerless protest, Bruce is dragged back into the blackness of his mind-space. Hulk wraps both of his arms around Bruce, holding him so snug Bruce can’t even wiggle. Something’s different this time, he’s nude like the Hulk… oh no. “BANNER STRUGGLES AND FIGHTS TO HURT HIMSELF MORE. STUPID PUNY BANNER.” Hulk sounds fully ticked off now. Bruce is completely panicked, wriggling like a worm and gasping out “No!” between labored breaths. “BANNER NEEDS TO CALM DOWN.” Hulk stated in his booming, flat voice. Hulk brings Bruce’s face to his muscular armpits, dripping with sweat. Fresh, manly, raw musk radiates from the wet black wild pit-fur that carpeted the big armpit. Bruce shakes his head in panic, knowing what’s coming next. Bruce’s face is squished against Hulk’s manly armpit, lungs filling with Hulk’s powerful musk. It’s intoxicating and potent, making a thick layer of funk in his nostrils, assaulting his tastebuds with every breath. Hulk holds Bruce there, keeping him still and making him breathe in his strong scent. Bruce feels every inch of Hulks hot, muscular body squishing against his smaller form, the massive pecs hugging his torso, and iron hard abs his legs squirm against. Hulk grips Bruce until the fight leaves his body. It seems like an eternity, but finally he stops struggling against Hulk’s force, now fully ashamed and turned on. Hulk looks at the smaller than average human erection sprouting from Bruce’s thin hips. “HEHE… PUNY.” He chuckles, Bruce can only look down in embarrassment, cheeks cherry red. Hulk looks over his fightless body-mate, happy by the lack of struggle and dejectedness “BANNER READY NOW.” Bruce looks up to Hulk’s brutish face, making eye contact, looking like a sad puppy “Noooo…” he moans out, not consenting, but unable to fight back any more; Bruce felt weak all over, he just wanted it to be over now. Hulk couldn’t care less, now that Banner couldn’t fight any more he could end the distress. Hulk grabs Bruce by his hips and slams him into the ground, his free hand comes to his hanging cock, stroking the huge green floppy snake. Hulk drops to one knee, leaning forward and letting his massive hanging nuts rest against Bruce’s face. “SMELL.” Hulk orders. Bruce whimpers before leaning in and taking a whiff of Hulks nose burning ball musk. “GOOD. BETTER THAN BEING OUTSIDE, RIGHT?” Hulk asks. Bruce looks down again, and chokes back a sob. “Yes… Better than going through the panic attack.” Hulk makes a grumble of cocky happiness and superiority in response. “BANNER REST NOW, LET HULK SMASH OUT ALL THE STRESS.” Bruce doesn’t respond, he just hangs his head and his body quivers. After a minute of stroking Hulk’s massive, over 6 foot tall erection stands tall and proud, hyper in size like all his muscles, drooling thick precum like a river. Bruce looks at the hulking green cock in dread and lust, thicker than the average humans shoulder span and bobbing with Hulk strong heartbeat. “Please don’t… I’ll fade… I’ll let go...” Bruce begs through his quivering breaths. “BANNER TOO TENSE TO LET GO. HULK HELP. HULK GENTLE.” He responds in the regular Hulk monotone. Hulk ungently grabs Bruce’s calves and spreads his legs, humongous cockhead lining up and rubbing against Bruce’s tiny, tight, virgin asshole. Bruce groans in despair, knowing that he won’t just get torn in half, since there’s no rules in the mind-space. Bruce cries out as the huge green monstercock starts to plunge into his ass. Stretching his hole past human limits. The further Hulk presses his hip in the more Bruce becomes his condom, his gut distending as Hulk forces his cock in deeper and deeper. The worst part is, it doesn’t hurt. Bruce can feel all the stretching and his organs being shoved around by the beast inside him, literally. It feels good, warm, completely overwhelming. Every nerve and sense in Bruce’s body is focused on the huge cock using him as a sex toy. Bruce starts to black out and snap back as he feels that massive cock entering his throat. He chokes and gags as it forces itself further up his neck, and with one final gurgle from Bruce’s mouth Hulk humps his cock all the way through, fat cockhead peeking out Bruce’s stretched maw. Precum flows down and pools all over Bruce’s face like he was a decoration under a fountainhead, going down his nose and splashing in his eyes. Bruce was now truly helpless, his thin form bulging and skewered by Hulk’s mighty cock. Bruce was simply overwhelmed, as he always is when he’s in this situation. It’s not the first time he’s been here, exactly like this, and he knows it won’t be the last either. He couldn’t think, only feel as every inch of him is used. He was exhausted, and his body was on fire. The overstimulation finally won over, as Bruce loses focus in his eyes and lets them close. The poor scientist fading into sleep or amnesia, completely overpowered by the Hulk. Hulk smiled and gently patted Bruce’s head, comforting him. It was over, Bruce gave into the blackness and Hulk came to the front of the consciousness. In the real world Bruce’s body was swelling all over. A mighty roar escaped his lips as his muscles started to explode with size, no resistance to the change left in his body. His whole form swells and grows, skin changing from pink to an off-olive. His muscles swell to non-human proportions, sweat dripping all over as growls rip out his throat. Bruce’s face scrunches as his jawline expands, becoming square and brutish, the green in his skin becoming brighter. His forehead grows out, sloping over his eyes as his eyebrows grow thick and caterpillar-like. Nose becoming small and high on his face, giving him Hulk’s signature brute visage. His pants and shirt are ribbons of fabric on the ground, and his underwear finally snap off as his massive balls fatten and distend, cock growing hard and already bigger than any humans. With a wall shaking roar the jade titan finally stands up. Muscle hard as iron, body steaming hot and dripping sweat, thick black body-hair covering Bruce’s once nude pecs, abs, ass, back, legs and arms. His massive cock splashing precum all over. “HULK SMASH PUNY LAB!!!” he roars out in rage, raising his arms above his head and crashing them down against the old, one of a kind machine, completely destroying it and the table it was resting on. Hulk stomps over to the next machine, grunting loudly as he raises a thick leg, stomping the radiation analyzer and cracking the floor under it as the metal snaps and collapses. Hulk was shoulder to wall in the lab, head bumping against the roof. He was cramped and it pissed him off. He stomped his way to the mountain side exit, anything in his path getting crushed, smashed, or demolished. The Hulk finds his way to the iron exit, path of destruction, sweat, and pre behind him and those huge muscular asscheeks, bulging just as big as Hulk’s wings of back muscles. Hulk runs straight at the door, his 18ft monstrous frame breaking through the iron and rock cliff face like it was styrofoam, crumbling down over him, leaving the smashed lab in his wake. Hulk sighed as the wind ran over his bulging, masculine form. Eyes taking in the sunlight and all the mountains and trees. So much room to play, so much stress to relieve. The Hulk smirked, punching a towering cedar tree near the lab entrance, watching it crumble and fall under the force of his fist. His hard dick throbbed at the display of super strength. He looked back to all the trees and the span of tall mountains. So much… SO MUCH TO SMASH!!! Hulk flexed his meaty thighs before launching into the air, aiming to crash down on the nearest mountain peak with an incredible shoulder smash. Fin.
  21. remerting

    The Uncontainable Hulk (Part 1)

    Finally getting to post my first real written story for the idea I brought up before. It's not so much a part one but rather a clip I'm ready to share now. It's about seventeen paragraphs long and features macro, hyper, muscle growth, which I'll hopefully be continuing into a limitless growth scenario! Enjoy reading. The Uncontainable Hulk A week of research had already passed for Bruce Banner. His time spent at a remote military base in Arizona had led to his recent discovery of reprogramming his hulk-like transformation, an experiment that Bruce had just undergone yesterday. Results seemed promising and so far, nothing seemed to push him to his destructive alter ego. Even when he was provoked, Banner remained level headed and completely unchanged. What Bruce did not expect was that the Hulk lurked in other places. Sitting in front of his computer, Bruce read through the notes and observations left behind by scientists who assisted in the test. The room was empty and quiet with only a subtle hum coming from the fluorescent lights above him. Switching the monitor off, Banner leaned back in his office chair, pondering at the outcome he was left with. Is the Hulk really gone? Am I cured of my condition? Will this be good? Questions kept forming in his mind. Although destructive, the Hulk had power that Bruce could never in his life ever experience ever again. It should be good that no longer he would fear the consequences of feeling such a natural and simplistic emotion yet Banner sat in his chair, unsatisfied by it all. He lived with his situation for so long that he found ways to keep the beast locked away. Going Hulk had benefits of its own and strength so desirable... His loins stirred. His time spent secluded and boxed in left him bored and tired. It had been so long since he had time for himself. Bruce leaned over to his side to look behind his office chair, staring briefly at the surveillance camera before switching the monitor on and undoing his belt. His time now was of little importance and with his chair blocking most of the camera feed, Banner got right to unzipping his pants. His hand gently caressed the brief clad bulge in front of him. His mind conjured images of his body undergoing transformation. His longing of strength and power had always stuck to him on such a primal desire, something he continuously imagines when he's alone. A lengthy mound soon emerged as the blood ran through him. Adjusting accordingly, his cock was finally out from his underwear, the welcoming cool air touching his shaft. He worked the length in his palm, still picturing the Hulk, still picturing the brawn, the size, the strength and dominance... Nearing his peak, Bruce's body suddenly stiffened with his arms jolting back and legs stretching from underneath his desk. He felt for a moment, a familiar wave of energy coursing across his torso and appendages. Banner could feel his buttoned up shirt growing tighter, his pants hugging across his legs, his feet and hands swelling slowly. He recognized this sensation and knew what was happening. The purple shirt he wore already had seams bursting in multiple spots across his growing arms. The mass of his biceps peaked through the sleeves first with his shoulders pulling apart the seams of his shirt. Buttons snapped off the tight fabric across his torso and landed on the ravaged fabric of his trousers. Rips formed across his back, thighs and forearms as the transformation kept a slow and steady pace. Banner watched in horror to see his body muscle more and more but what drew his attention was the dying erection right in front of him. He noticed his cock never discharged but instead, bloated, fattened and extended at a mesmerizing rate. The meaty member just kept growing up and up, as the veins vanished underneath the foreskin and soon after reaching it's full foot long length, fell flaccid on his keyboard with a noticeable thud. The growth had finally subsided. Bruce was left astonished and stunned. His transformation was different this time. Sitting himself at 6'6", the mass of his body was half that of the Hulk's original size. The definite green skin tone was replaced with a warmer shade of green that affected every inch of his muscled body. At this point, his clothes barely covered him. Rags were strewn across various parts of his upper body with his pants forming into ripped shorts which spilled out his massive manhood. The white briefs he wore were still intact but barely held the soccer balls that were his genitals. Bruce lifted himself from his cramped chair, standing barefoot as his cock slithered off the keyboard and slapped against his knees. The weight of his member was truly something to experience but Bruce couldn't help but notice his mental state. He was still sane, stable and not enraged in any capacity. He had full control over all his functions. Relieved and excited, Banner reveled in his new form, admiring the bodybuilder physique he now had. His large hands grabbed at whatever scraps were left behind of his work shirt as he pressed his fingers in between the chiseled crevices of his cut muscular body. Lifting his left arm, he flexed his bicep, watching the mass rise up with a thick vein peaking to the top. Bruce was never able to truly adore his hulkish qualities. His memories of the Hulk were always muddled, shrouded in a rage filled episode that left him with nothing but regret. His cock gave a throb, it's bulk calling to him from below. It's shape was so enticing, fat and folded, as if it was ready to start stretching to newer proportions. Although long, its form still remained short and stubby, the head of which largely taking up a third of its size. Bruce's hand slowly glided to the hairy base. His index finger pressed at the top of the shaft before his hand rested on the rest of his girth. Coincidentally, despite its new size, the cock was perfectly in proportion to his enlarged hands. His palm gently ran down the length and shivers of pure ecstasy rattled Bruce like he never felt before. The sensation felt amplified, the pleasure of which was almost intoxicating. He stroked his cock more and more and found himself shackled to the bliss his flesh delivered. The thick skin was dragged by his bulgy fingers as the meaty shape of his dick extended in sync with his masturbation, making each stroke longer than the last. Finger-thick veins reappeared across his hardening cock as its size gained an additional six inches. The climax was fast approaching. Banner's body stiffened in response as his legs locked straight up and his back bent backwards, leaving his junk elevated and ready to erupt. Just like before, his cock did not drain. The energized sensation coursed through him a second time and bulk was steadily packing onto his figure. Banner gave a guttural groan as his hairy chest ballooned into a shelf of solid muscle. Even his deep green nipples had their share of growth, thickening at the bottom of each slab. His broad shoulders pushed out in a horizontal fashion, crevices outlining the brawn, pumpkin-like both in appearance and size. Traps rose out afterwards, crawling closer to his ears. His jaw became square with a widening chin that wholly aligned with his massive vascular bull neck. His meaty brows protruded above his green eyes as his whole face was molded manlier and stronger, resembling less of Bruce and more of the Hulk. He grunted, appearing primal and powerful. He could feel his arms exploding in size. Thick cables of muscle amassing on his already mighty limbs, bulging and flexing uncontrollably into a width that compared to that of his washboard abdomen. His chiseled six pack swelled into a brick wall of eight lumpy abs. Below the waist, his calves and thighs expanded to newfound thickness. The newly made shorts soon split from the approaching beef into even small garments, hugging his waist and covering only a third of his enormous square glutes. The back pockets peaks out from the pants over the steel-hard boulder cheeks, both tight and tugging at the fabric that was wedged in between. And of course his cock, a sight to behold. Eighteen inches of thick, hulk meat began to swell monstrously. Each throb after the other juiced his shaft more and more as the member stretched and softened, fatter and thicker. Both testes pulled his briefs down further and further until the underwear snapped from the front. Passing two feet, his cock and the rest of his skin darkened into a noticeable shade of deep green. His body shot upwards, growing past the seven foot mark and stopping short of eight feet tall. The back of Hulk's neck now rested against the ceiling while his three foot manhood dropped to his ankles. Bruce had finally transformed into the Hulk. Hulk breathed heavily, his chest rising up and down as his head still spun from the rush of his transformation. He was still in control but just barely. Banner finally began understanding his situation. His rage was merely usurped by his lust, persuading him to change with a bounty in the form of sexual gratification. Every ejaculation would go to fueling the Hulk's power, his libido piling on more and more until it ultimately resets, like the turning of an hourglass. Bruce might have retained his free will but the pleasure was hard to fight off. The sensation from his loins only magnified more after each growth spurt. The cycle would remain endless. His sexuality alone was dictated by his size, his mass and his manhood. Growing made him aroused, which made him grow, which aroused him again. Already the very feeling of his legs, knees and massive feet being enveloped by his scorching hot sack turned the Hulk on even more. In his mind, he didn't just want more, he NEEDED more. Cramped inside the laboratory, Hulk hurried to exit through the door. His muscled legs constantly kept hitting against his monster junk as he tried to walk. Cock and balls bounced up and down in front of him with their added weight enticing Hulk more and more with each step. Knowing full well that he wouldn't fit, Hulk tackled at the metal door in a fit of lusty impatience, bursting through with ease as the frame and chunks of wall toppled over. Dust poured behind him as he was greeted by rows of men, clad in armor with automatic weaponry all pointed towards the green monster. The camera had already alerted the facility of his transformation. Every gun fired directly at Hulk, the bullets casually dropping off his rippling body and rigid cock as they clattered against the concrete floor. Although impenetrable, the rounds directed at Hulk left him enduring the sharp pain from the chattering rifles. Hulk reacted, turning away from the gunfire as to shield himself from the armed soldiers. If like anything in the past, it would be expected that the Hulk would rampage, enraged by the pitiful attack of the military and the certain destruction of the entire facility. Instead, Hulk refrained himself from taking action while his massive ass and mountainous back were absorbing all the blows. Hulk only stared at the giant hole he left from the laboratory, exciting him at the casual display of left over destruction. He left that room in a fit of hot lust and that same sensation was still lingering inside, not once dying down. His desire could never be extinguished. Once his arousal started, it could only grow from that point on until he achieved his climax. Hulk could feel his cock perking up. One hand grabbed firmly at the shaft while his other hand caressed the head. The pain he felt behind him could not compare to the pleasure he was feeling. Every inch of his palm fondled his nerves as he dragged his soft green beast higher and higher into an impressive erection. His low, breathy moans picked up volume as he worked himself further. Soon, even the soldiers could hear his bliss-filled wails over their deafening weaponry. Hulk's ass was seen, clenching and unclenching as his waist involuntarily swung back and forth, driving the veiny walls of his dick into the caress of his burly hands. Sweat began to crawl down the vast expanse of his back as well as the bulging mess of muscles that formed from his torso. Pecs and abs squeezed together tightly with his thick, tree-like arms pressing his muscles inwards as he fondled his length. The troops momentarily ceased their firing, standing bewildered at what they were witnessing. The green mass of the Hulk's body swelled at a constant rate, cramming him more into the shrinking expanse of the narrow hallway. Hulk turned himself around, panting in large heaping breaths as his whole body shook and throbbed. His stance fell to a kneel as his back pressed more into the ceiling above. His bowing posture showcased the rippling display of shoulders, traps, chest and back forming a wall of ever-growing beef. His broadening arms reached the walls at his sides while his juicy, hairy pecs bloated towards the leviathan cock, the cleavage hugging against the surface of his dick. The member started to rapidly bloat, fattening up and growing soft, expanding at an alarming rate towards the troops. One by one, each soldier began to flee at the enlarging flesh which threatened to engulf them in hot green cock. Hulk's already masculine face grew manlier in appearance. The squarish jaw and chin he possessed grew fuller and more stubbly while his protruding brow had shelved itself out more. Moans of ecstasy escaped from the vein-riddled expanse of his neck as his growing cock was fondled by the hairy surface of his beefy chest muscles. He could feel his bulbous ass entering the previous room he once dwelled. In just a short amount of time, Hulk had already filled part of the hallway, snugged firmly by the ceiling and walls. The remainder of the troops kept themselves at a safe distance, gawking in astonishment at the girth that laid out in front of them. The cock, soft once more, had grown to eight feet long, five feet wide, resting on the massive sack that ran from Hulk's hairy crotch. Behind the mass, Hulk was wedged in at sixteen feet, hunched over and on both knees with his face and breast laying on top of his supple endowment. It only took mere seconds before Hulk's libido was fanned yet again. Everything around him catered to his sexual cravings from the cold hard walls touching his firm muscled body to the dense musky scent that invaded Hulk's nostrils coming from the godcock he laid on top of. The odor was almost too good for him. Hulk breathed in deeply, panting as his open mouth lapped at the skin of his cock. One brush of his tongue was enough to overload his senses. The taste, the touch, the smell, one sensation piled on top of the other. He couldn't get enough. He swiped his tongue over and over, rolling his meaty chest up and down the shaft. His lower body attempted to hump the air making the columns of hard mountainous muscle shift in a display of virile captivation. Cracks formed around him as the slightest movement was capable of fracturing the walls and ceiling. The last of the men fled as the junk resumed its extension into a massive erection. Hulk's drive was almost subhuman. He drooled and slobbered, writhing completely stationary to work his cock harder. The tip had finally extended and risen enough to press against the ceiling. His enormous arms destructively tried to squeeze through, desperate to reach in front and seize his titan cock. Hulk was a beast in heat, his actions became more unruly with every passing second. Grunts and brutish groans echoed across the compound as the halls were thick with the pungent scent and heat emanating from the horny phenomenon. Every surface near Hulk trickled with droplets of condensation as well as web-like fractures that formed around the green monster. Hulk clenched his teeth, feeling the buildup rising inside his gargantuan member. Spit and sweat worked to lubricate his cock as both hands and pecs were drenched in his juices. The slick fondling of his veiny shaft sent waves of orgasmic ecstasy through the titan. Hulk roared, as loud as he could, shaking the facility with his low, beastly howls to yet another explosive climax. The walls barely held him inside before but now, had disintegrated by the slightest growth of his freakish body. Hulk stood in response to the uncontrollable muscle piling on to each of his limbs, crashing his entire upper body through the roof, colliding with concrete that barely stood against the rising force of his stance. Erupting out into the outdoors, another erotic roar signaled the rest of the compound to his presence. A display of continuous swelling green muscle emerging from the top of the building was in full view for any spectators outside. Hulk's chest was the most noticeable in growth as it rippled outwards, lower, higher, until each hairy, juicy pec overshadowed a fourth of his torso and collided against his burly jawline. From there, his shoulders continued their routine in broadening outwards, away from his thorax as to make Hulk appear wider, leaving room for his arms to swell next. His biceps received the most attention from the miraculous gains. Each bulbous round cutlet of muscle crashed against the pillowy bulk of his chest, jutting each body-wide arm out enough to triple the span of his proportions. Hulk couldn't help but smile as his eyes continuously wandered to every solid limb getting more and more monstrous. Although the fact that he couldn't see past his chest excited him, he wish he could view the size piling onto his cock. Hulk's bottom half was mostly concealed by the remains of the compound with dust and rubble strewn across his growing features. The hot green shaft ate up what room was left inside the hall, pressing firmly against the floor, walls and eventually the ceiling, its flaccid bulk causing even more structural damage, testing the limits of the enclosure. The constriction was already arousing Hulk more and the feeling only tightened as his mammoth sac and ripped legs started to push out with more muscle. A flat wall of veiny cock flesh started to emerge through the crumbling roof in front of Hulk. Its soft bulk atop his massive balls was enough to reach up to his hairy waist. Each growth seemed to make the member grow proportionally larger every time, now reaching a size that compared to the entirety of his lower body. From around the compound, a growing throng of people formed, evacuating the building to see the herculean monster. Hulk was left completely oblivious to the crowd, his one-track mind only fixated on sex and size. The outdoors was already an improvement from being inside the cramped cold space of his lab. So much of his green hairy exterior met with sunlight and arid heat, leaving Hulk relaxed and stimulated. Such stimulation however paled in comparison to the embrace the building had over Hulk's room-filling prick. As with each surge of size, Hulk's cock grew more receptive, more aroused, making every foot of his shaft overstimulate from any touch. Blood was quick to rush through his loins, the cramped interior only growing tighter as his cock hardened, stimulating him more, making him more erect, as the cycle continued. All he could do was feel the building work his shaft steadily, until he eventually heard more of the rooftop crumbling below, and finally his eyes could see the deep green head peaking past his monstrous chest.
  22. remerting

    From Hulk to God (Part 2)

    Part 1 The Hulk grinned as the human seemed to understand what he meant and wanted. He followed Richard into the other room, turning sideways to fit through the door frame. Even that wasn't enough however, as he felt his rock solid pectorals bend the metal frame to allow passage. "Human good. Human know what Hulk want." He rumbled, ruffling Richard's hair gently. "Now give it to Hulk." Now centered in the large lab chamber, Richard could see the destructive hole left behind by his colleague's enormous endowment. Turning his view to the other side of the room just parallel to the opening, he could see the still fresh discharge dripping down the wall. Such power he thought. The walls were at least half a foot thick of pure concrete and yet the giant could still puncture through with his erection alone. Going further might result with even more demolishing results... The Hulk huffed and stroked his endowment gently, panting ever so slightly as his erection and need continued to itch at his mind. "Human turn machine to full. Hulk take anything machine give." He grunted flexing an arm and admiring the sheer mass of his bicep. He slowly started to chuckle, edging closer to another release. He grunted and forced his hand away. He didn't just want to feel good, he wanted to feel great. The beam, the growth and the worship from the human would do that just fine. It was hard for the smaller man to think straight with Hulk so uncomfortably close to his being. He could already feel the scorching knee-low hairy sack of his titanic friend nuzzling against his lower lumbar. "Go over there and I'll turn the machine on", Richard said as he turned back to face his looming green partner. The Hulk grunted, walking further into the room, his shoulders hunched to allow his massive frame to fit into the room with ease. He pressed himself gently to the human, oddly enough enjoying the feeling of one too small being so close to him. "Hulk go stand, no tricks or Hulk smash you." He growled, tensing an arm in a vicious demonstration. He stepped onto the platform, surprised it could hold his weight, at least for now. He was happy to find he had a bit more headroom, at least he wasn't constantly hunched over. Each switch, dial and keyboard input was set to the appropriate setting. Richard swiped his hand over his forehead, wiping the sweat from his blushed face. His mind was racing at the possibilities of what he was capable of giving to his brutish assistant. it was hard for him to tear his focus off of the erect green hunk waiting for his next dose of radiation. He was immense already and that result alone was just from one single instance of radiation exposure. Not only that, the console's dial was still only set to the 1 setting. There were at least 10 levels available... "Why waiting! Hulk want!" The bellow, his body twitching eagerly. He growled as he adjusted his stance, preparing himself to feel the climactic rush, the growth, the building of overwhelming power within his body. He felt his massive shaft dribble eagerly, pre-cum leaking from his slit. "Hit Hulk with best shot!" Before turning on the machine, Richard adjusted the turn knob to the 2 setting, convinced that no matter what size Hulk would be, it wouldn't be enough for him. "Here we go..." He said under his breath as the scientist flipped the switch and activated the machine again. The machine hummed and buzzed, bathing the green giant in the highly concentrated gamma light. He threw his head back, groaning loudly as his body throbbed, flexing his chest as the radiation soaked into him. Wordlessly, he snarled and began to caress his body, his muscles and his cock. As he lavished himself, he began to feel heavier, his balls already hard at work, dropping lower and filling faster then before. It was a rapturous display being presented to the human. The build up was slow but the ecstasy was almost palpable. Richard could only stare on longingly, pinning his hips against the console as he too was hot and bothered from the Hulk's libidinous submission. "Human, come help Hulk! Hulk want to feel how big he is!" He chuckled as he widened his stance, his body eagerly resuming the slow growth from before as he filled his cock, slowly running a large palm along his titanic manhood. "I-I think I'll stay over here if you don't mind." Although as compelling as the offer stood, Richard had no intent to receive the same growing treatment. He had every intention to cater to Hulk's hunger for size. The Hulk growled, but understood. He was the very epitome of power, anyone in their right mind would be terrified to approach him. He grunted as his shoulders widened, muscles surging in size, neck slowly reaching up to swallow his head, only for his neck to lengthen and head begin to widen. Hulk panted, still focused on his ever growing shaft, caressing the thick veins that ran along its sides. Richard buckled his hips as he saw Hulk enjoying his ever increasing size. Licking his lips, the dial was then set to 3, the radiation pouring out more excessively now. Although it seemed as though the machine was slowly growing the monstrous man, its function only served to amplify the beast's sex drive. Each stroke of his hand pumped his frame to bigger and wider proportions with every caress more powerful than the last the longer he remained under the machine. His cock only hardened more and once his climax has reached and his member plush and soft again, the need to fill it with blood and pump will only worsen, practically making the giant addicted. Hulk let out a strained groan as his muscular mass increased at a quickening rate, every stroke, tug and squeeze of his manhood brought further growth to his frame. His steadily increasing weight bent the metal platform he stood upon. He shudders as his shoulders widened further, cracking his knuckles as he increased further in size, palms wider then a manhole cover. "Mmmmmore!! Hulk want more!" Richard wanted more as well. With no regret, the dial was switched to 4 as the spill of radiation continued to fan the flames of Hulk's sex drive. Naturally, the brute's body was further endowed to cater to his constant cravings. More curly hairs appeared across every inch of his body. His odor only enriched and invaded his nostrils with an exhilarating scent. Of course, even witnessing his very growth and massive musculature served to make the beast enraptured in bliss. The Hulk let out a bestial, primal roar as his growing passion was only further increased. It was maddening, consuming and mind-boggling. He furiously worked his shaft, oblivious to the hair sprouting along his swollen pectorals, between the deep crevices of his abs, tracing the near perfect horseshoe of his traps. He found himself widening his stand as his quads pumped full of raw power. He groaned and moaned panting and shaking. Richard only committed to their antics further. The dial went up to 5, then 6. 7. 8. He couldn't help himself. This was his only opportunity to see their experiment to its fullest potential. The scientist's eyes only widened at the sight of Hulk's massive arms raising and lowering, the biceps mashing against the pillowy huge pecs which flexed up and down into the grunting face of his partner. His cock was practically peaking past his head and his low hanging hairy testicles were bloating near the floor. It seemed like he was about to blow at any second. The Hulk could feel the building pressure throughout his body, from the tips of his sprawling toes to the very top of his dark forest cock. He shut his eyes and grinded his teeth together, fighting against the ever increasing climax that was building at the base of his cock. He roared and cried out, placing a hand on his tip, surprised to find his cock head was bigger then his palm. That moment of shock was all it took. His guard dropped and his balls pulled tight. Every muscle on his body expanded faster than his skin could keep up, making it look like his entire body was flexing. His eyes rolled back as he cried out, his shaft pulsating as thick jets of cum blasted from his tip through the ceiling. At that point, the trajectory of the discharge collided against the machine, damaging the emission of radiation above him to where no setting could hold back what was being expelled into the green monster. The mighty climax followed the same response previously, enlarging every facet of the Hulk's body at a quickening speed. Every hiccup his length made only pulsed his frame bigger. What cum hadn't escaped the enclosure only fell onto the giant. His cock had already punctured a new hole where his ejaculate carved out and his head was reaching to be next. Unleashing a guttural growl, the Hulk moaned and grunted as his body increased in mass almost uncontrollably. His voice deepened as the ceiling drew closer. Hulk bent forward as his back pressed against the ceiling, pulsating, stretching, thickening. Concrete gave way to flesh as he pushed up into the ceiling and through the building, pipes, wires, rebar and so much provided no resistance as his size continued to exponentially increase. The Hulk's head quickly vanished past the destroyed ceiling where his disproportionately enormous pecs were soon next to press firmly into the remains of the roof. What space was left inside the open chamber was quickly being filled with the titan's hirsute mass. Below his rocket of a cock, the vast pillowy sac was rolling outwards towards the scientist, finding any room it can to spread itself out. Despite being unable to see it, Hulk's ever thickening legs could feel the scorching hot balls overtake his stance, bulging between his limbs and underneath his taint. His loaded hairy ass had matched the protruding distance of his back, both pressing hard against the wall behind him with cracks forming against the aggressive swelling. The feeling of his body stuffed inside the crumbling confines of the room only catered to the Hulk's libido, making his impressive spire of cock shoot his loads even harder, more copious. His cock shivered, trembled and leaked like a river. Sweat rolled down his body as his bones cracked and snapped, expanding along with his body. The Hulk wordlessly bent down, pushing the roof out of the window, reaching down to grab the scientist that helped him. He smirked as he wrapped his hand around the puny human, hoisting him out of the soon to be destroyed lab. "Human help Hulk. Now Hulk help human." The green giant bellowed as he placed the man of science on his overly developed pectorals. Thirty feet above the ground, Richard could finally see what kind of experience it must had been for such an immense giant. Snuggly fit between the moist crevice of his partner's chest, the musk was the first thing to really hit the tiny man. Being so rich with hair and sweat, the smell of pure man was almost lethal. Still Richard welcomed such a beautiful odor even if was hard to breath at first. At last, being so elevated on top of his idol, he could gaze onto the dripping face of the Hulk, chiseled and stubbly with a vast jawline, shelf-top brows and toned cheekbones. His test subject was handsome, neanderthal-like but still beautiful in every way masculine. His head was bigger than the doctor but compared to his body, it was the smallest thing about him. Forcing his attention away from the titan, Richard looked behind him to see the Hulk's length stretching upwards, six feet above the Hulk's head. Its lobbing of semen had died down to a dribble as the growth was nearing its end. Hulk had his upper body freed from the facility, the hot Arizona heat now more apparent than ever. Aside from his shaft, everything below the Hulk's waistline was still inside the ruins of the central chamber. Hulk panted slowly unsure if the sweat permeating his body was caused by his sexual release, the mind numbing growth or the desert heat. All three maybe. He glanced down at the man resting on his chest, slowly grinning at him. It felt like hours since the Hulk's heart beat wasn't racing. He could hear his blood rushing in his ears, fading slowly. "Human... did good." He said, slowly raising an arm to better look it over. "Hulk happy." He brought his bicep up to his face, slowly kissing the emerald colored muscle mountain. Such a tease the dumb hung giant was. The deep moans and slobbering sounds of his tongue stroking his peaking arms gave the doctor quite a show. Although still horny, the amount of size the Hulk had piling onto his shaft had made the monolith slump down to its flaccid state, making the entire package rival to that of his entire lower half. The uncut cock rested against what ceiling was intact of the facility, keeping it from joining the rest of his member. The Hulk nuzzled his massive arm, almost needingly. It was obvious he was in love with his power and size. He moaned as his massive manhood slowly dropped down, brushing against the roof of the lab. The contact sent an electric tingle up the green behemoth, making his hair stand on end for a moment. He paused from his muscular ministrations, if only long enough to nod at the human and resume fondling his perfectly split bicep with his tongue. Having an arm raised just to grace the bicep, Richard couldn't help but also notice the curly hairs peeking past the pectoral landscape. The bush below his arm must have been stuffed senseless. Although the up close display was erotic beyond belief, the doctor couldn't help but feel as though he's missing out on so much more of this green stud. "If I was just on the ground..." "Human want down?" The brute asked, hearing the voice in his own head. He blinked as he tried to process the fact. He slowly reached towards the human, holding out his hand for Richard to climb onto. "Y-yes. Yes! I do!" How could this be? Amazingly the Hulk somehow knew what he was thinking. With his left half shifting slowly with easeless flexing, a giant beefy palm glided flat near the chest. With his bicep and shoulder shifting towards his torso, his pec in response molded itself up bigger. Everything about him continued to impress the scientist. Being appreciative, the little man jumped into the lumpy lift that was the Hulk's hand. "Hulk heard you say tho...." Hulk slowly lowered the human to the ground, looming over him as he lowered him down to the roof of the lab, the sunlight dancing lazily through his forest of hair, both on his head and the stubble along his broad jaw and chest hair. He stood back up, staring at the puny human and slowly smirked, the size difference between him was exciting. Below, Richard was placed directly in front of where the Hulk stood, right next to the fat flaccid cock that laid itself straight down across the roof's pavement. Looking up, Richard can see the Hulk having been nearly as wide as he was tall. "You knew what I was thinking?" Richard asked in a quiet voice. Hulk looked down at the human, ears too far away to hear what he said. He was hit by the thought a moment later then nodded. "Hulk heard!" He roared with a grin. "This is incredible!" It was unexplainable how the Hulk knew what the little man was thinking but the only real explanation could be a new super power birthed from the radiation he had indulged in moments ago. The Hulk didn't worry himself about the means of his abilities, like the little human was. He cared more about how massive he was, how thick his arms were, how absolutely titanic and grotesquely powerful he was now. His shaft stirred already, the vague thoughts of power, his power, already so intoxicating. "God you've gotten so big Hulk..." Richard put a hand up to the wall of cock, a pulse shook the surface as the scientist felt it pass through his digits. Even his feet felt the vibration shake through the concrete roofing. "Hulk didn't get big. Hulk got HUGE!" He roared with a crab flex, his traps and neck bulging out, his cock slowly rising off the concrete as his libido returned in full force. "You're right! Hulk IS huge! Hulk should show off more." The giant green behemoth slowly turned, exposing his maze-like back, muscle rippling and shifting, changing the pattern from one moment to the next The sheer turn of the giant's body left quakes along the facility. The blood surged cock, still soft, slid across the roof and fell lazily against the side of the structure. Richard was treated to a back, twenty feet wide and rippling, hair dusting across the surface as it shimmered in the beating sunlight. The ass however was closer, a mesmerizing combination of solid fiber-like muscle and round fatness. Its size almost rivaled that of the back, mere feet away from touching the upper body completely. The crack was stuffed to the brim in hair, unsubtle in it's presentation. "Wow..." was all Richard could muster up. The Hulk guffawed, rolling his deeply striated shoulders, back rolling like waves. His arms rose as he growled, pumping out a titanic double bicep flex. The Hulk knew the human's eyes were glued to him, his planetary glutes, the sweep of his hair and the sheer mass of his body. "Hulk know what human want! Human want Hulk." His booming voice echoed across the empty canyon, announcing the desire Richard had for the green behemoth. There was no hiding it. He knew what the little man was thinking. Richard's pornographic thoughts were completely laid out for the Hulk to revel in. It was almost reverse psychology as Richard couldn't keep himself from hiding his hottest dreams. The forest colored giant slowly placed a hand around his massive shaft, lavishing his dark green tip slowly. This was what that tiny speck wanted. To witness all of his sexual glory and obscene might. He rumbles softly, shaking the air as he did so. “Little man like it when Hulk go slow, when Hulk make sure little man sees everything.” He cooed teasingly, slowly lifting his other arms up and behind his head, fighting his own mass to do so. Having Hulk reward the tiny human with a visage of manly captivation almost seemed generous to Richard. Although having the godly mountain of man do anything but pleasure himself would be illogical. The experiment had already made sure that Hulk's sex drive was at its apex and seeing little Richard's visions of his green master ascending higher and flaunting carelessly only turned him on even further. Hulk smirked, loving the attention, the thoughts directed at him knowing exactly how much space he took up in the tiny human's even tinier brain. He growled and pumped his arms and stared down at his massive, planet sized biceps. His cock throbbed and tensed. The Hulk reached out and gripped his shaft, working his shaft with both hands, moaning loudly. "Ohhhh yessss big Hulk, feels good... So good!" If the outside didn't already leave the two hot from the sun, Hulk's cock-pumping workout would have surely reproduced the same heat. The sweat piled on, pouring from every hairy orifice on the giant's body. With his cock already craning back up past his head, the slick burly hands started up his growth again, his pleasure fueling his size. The ruins of the building around his figure were but an afterthought to him, crumbling feebly as his growing body collided against them. Richard, still on the partially destroyed roof, watched in awe. "Yes, that's it! Keep growing Hulk!" The behemoth grunted and grit his teeth as the full body pressure of growth began once more, he screwed his eyes shut, working his monster shaft eagerly, His colossal pecs heaved and bounced as his hands worked his titanic shaft, he howled and panted, working his growing shaft harder and harder, faster and faster now. "Work that cock big boy! Show me just how big you want to be!" Richard egged the monster on. His mind raced and conjured subliminal images of Hulk twice as big, three times as big, catering to the hunk's bottomless cravings. 45 feet came and went with a cock past even that. Hulk's height carried his hairy balls up in full view for Richard to see though at this point, the poor human couldn't even see past the length of his god. Being so close, the smells had already made the human light-headed, sweat raining down on him, making the stench he loved so dearly permanently stuck to his being. "Guuwaaaarrrr!!! Hurrf hurrf!" He snarled and roared as his shoulder grew further apart, making space for his neck muscles to balloon out, almost swallowing his head completely. He licked along the tip of his thick cock, his flesh quivering and bulging faster now. "Hulk feel... like he gonna!!!" He cried out, the pressure growing faster now, the feeling of growing, strengthening, muscle piling on top of muscle mixed with the absolutely pleasure he way forcing into his cock was mind numbing. The man's eyes widened. His feet could feel tremors passing through the soles of his shoes, signalling the Hulk's next explosive surge in size. Having reached the fifty foot mark, the expansion would surely push against the rest of the facility, along with the smaller scientist. Still wanting to live to witness his partner's ascension, Richard bolted across the rooftop to find a ladder down before it was too late. Turning away, he could only hear moans, grunts and rumbles, the Hulk's shadow casting far from his position. Unrelentingly, Hulk couldn't keep himself from slobbering against his fleshly pillar, desperate to get his fill of sex in before he'd ultimately have to start over again. "Ah... ahhh! AHHHHRRGGG!!!!" Instead of feeling the sweet release of orgasm, The Hulk's growth once against flew out of control. Muscle exploding in size, limbs lengthening to make space for the new tons of flesh. "Awooorrgg!" He flexed, tensing his bulging pecs, admiring the slabs of flesh as they stayed swollen, only increasing in size as he tightened his 10 pack, releasing them. His biceps stretched out, almost tearing his skin. Hands and feet exponentially increased in size, hair covering everything of newly formed skin. Finally reaching the earthy ground, the shadow Richard saw before could be seen widening and stretching further away. He ran out into the open, away from the destroyed facility and turned as he did to catch a glimpse of the heaving heavenly hunk soaring higher. Testicles now matching the Hulk's own width demolished the building with its own size, concrete breaking away meter by meter, hardly an obstacle to the massive cum tanks. Richard stopped and turned, seeing the cock head bubbling and frothing as it was ready to make its first shot.
  23. remerting

    From Hulk to God (Part 1)

    From a roleplay I'm doing with a friend. There's been a lot more written so keep an eye out for part 2 later on. The series includes, muscle growth, hyper and macro. It was mid afternoon deep in the Arizona desert. Doctor Banner had been out in this isolated lab now for the better part of two years, working out how to make monsters out of men. Improving the military's selection of men and surpassing the limits of human biology. anything to get a leg up on the looming danger of foreign agents. Rumor was they too were working on something similar. He was currently standing in front of a large computer console, adjust a vast multitude of dials and switches, adjusting his math on the fly to accommodate the varying inputs the system was being fed. "Alright... I've regulated the output and the correction algorithm is steady. I hope your math was as good as you say." the beanpole doctor said, his voice a little nervous. He trusted their work, but facing down the emitter itself was a little nerve racking. "Have faith Bruce. You've seen the numbers so there's no reason for doubt. After we succeed in the tests, you and I can finally get out of this place. I'm not taking any more delays just because the military can't decide on who should be their test subject." Although Richard was completely committed to seeing his work finalized, he too couldn't help but feel anxious going through with the final trial. After all, it was Banner's idea to take the test but the experiment was almost too good to be true. Banner might really be the next superhero in the world, but even then, what would that spell out for the rest of the military. "I know, I know. I'm human. Doubt always lingers, even when facts show there is nothing to fear. We see monsters in the shadows at night." Bruce sighed, adjusting his glasses gently on his face. The concept of super human powers was extremely glorious. His brain and the brawn they were artificially creating would be a tremendous force for good, as long as he kept his morals. That's why Richard was around. "Everything is set over here, how're things with the emitter module?" "As good as one can expect. Just step onto the platform and we can get started. I'll give you a minor dose and from there we can witness the results." "Right, base of our simulation resulted... At this dose my shoes should be tighter, but nothing else." he said taking off his glasses and setting them down somewhere safe. He left his lab coat on his chair as he walked over to the patch job platform they made. "Ready!" From the console, Richard turned the dial clockwise to setting 1. An audible hum buzzed above Bruce as the dish-like machine was being fed the appropriate power. After typing away on his keyboard, Richard set his hand onto a large switch mounted to the console. Looking up, both men saw eye to eye in anticipation. "Here we go..." "Alright. Lets play god!" Bruce shouted, giving a final thumbs up as the machines whirred and buzzed around him. Even though the voltage was low, the machine was rather dramatic. The switch was flipped. Visible green distortions in the air could be seen whirling around Banner in an instant. Although the machine was clearly working, the ray of radiation had no bearing on Bruce. Despite being affected, the only thing he could truly feel was a light headed sensation. Bruce winced gently, looking at the green flickers and glittering around his body. He looked at Richard's blur and shrugged. "Doing good." He shrugged gently. A good minute had passed and eventually the switch was flipped again. Richard could see Bruce completely untouched by the event. Although expecting noticeable alterations in Banner's physical appearance, super powers can sometimes be hidden away and thus further examination was necessary. "Well... for all the sound and spark the machine gave off, I feel relatively the same. could you hand me my glasses?" Bruce said, carefully stepping down from the platform. He wandered over to Richard's blur, wondering if he looked any different. "Well Bruce, you don't look any different, but we never really expected that much to change on a physical level." Richard reached out to hand Banner his glasses. "How do you feel?" "To be frank. Light headed and annoyed. I'm concerned we may have to go back to formula." He frowned as he slipped on his glasses. He shifted gently, his clothing felt a little off to him, but perhaps it was the treatment. "We may want to do this nude next time. My shift feels starchy." "Don't be so hasty. You might have gained something after that kind of exposure. We can't risk another dose until we know what's changed. Are you sure there isn't anything about you worth noting?" "Hmmm nothing of notice right now but I see what you're saying, give the treatment time to work." The doctor nodded as he slipped the lab coat back on as well. Bruce picked up a clip board going over the questions, post test. He shuffled a little, feeling a little warmer, but nothing concerning. It was later that day lunch had just past and the sweltering heat of the desert was rising steadily. Bruce was sitting at his desk in the lab, slowly pouring over their calculations, theorems and various documents and tests. By this point in time, he felt that something should have happened, there should have been a change, yet nothing at all. He kept his calm however, this was the first trial on an organic creature they tried. it wasn't a set back. Soon there'd be a swath of overly grown men, charging across battle fields. He grinned at the idea. heck if the test had worked, he would have been one. He felt his cheeks grow warmer as he pictured himself at superhuman sizes. Bruce coughed gently as he got up to answer. He twisted the knob and pulled it open, harder then he expected. "Yes?" He asked. "Sorry to bother, it's just been several hours since the experiment and I wanted to know if you've come to any conclusions yet on the test." "Nothing yet, I apologize." Bruce said to Richard, inviting him into his lab. Bruce found himself adjusting the AC in the lab, lowering the temperature further as he felt even warmer. "Warm today, isn't it?" He began to prepare the coffee machine. "Did you find any breakthroughs?" He said as he shifted his stance a little. Richard gave Bruce a puzzling look. "Nothing to work from I'm afraid. I will say, you have this room freezing cold right now. Are you sure you're okay?" "You find it freezing? I'm feeling really warm" Bruce huffed and sat down at the lab desk once more, stretching himself. "I kind of wish it had work though..." Richard leaned on the desk next to him. "It's hard to say. Maybe genetics are a factor. After all, you're the only one we've tested. I suppose we can try another dose later." Richard looked at Bruce and noticed sweat marks around his work shirt. "If you had these powers, what do you see yourself doing?" "Hard to say, but it would make assembling labs a lot easier." Bruce chuckled, slowly starting to day dream about hoisting large lab machines over head, being built like a tank and just... so big, so colossally huge. He didn't even notice his hand lowering down to his crotch, caressing his cock gently through his pants. "I can't imagine it being wide spread through military interactions. So many men getting that treatment. One can only imagine what life would be like living with such power on a daily basis..." Bruce nodded and chuckled in agreement. "Men the size of giants, walking around, training, maybe it would spread into the general populace," he smirked as he felt his manhood harden in full."God i wish it worked on me." He moaned softly, squeezing the fat head of his manhood. "I don't think it would-" Richard paused after he heard the rustling of Bruce's pants. "Banner what are you doing?!" Bruce was a little lost to his growing lust, slowly working his shaft out of his pants. "Sorry Rick, i just... really need to take care of this." He muttered, almost admiring his decently sized manhood. "Something had happened to you hasn't it! I mean I know it's been a while, secluded and isolated but where's your decency!" Regardless of his outcry, even Richard was impressed how fat Bruce's uncut malehood was. "I'm nowhere near the projected results. I think its just cabin fever..." he grunted, slowly letting Richard admire his manhood. From the few choice veins running along the shaft to his thick, fat glands and the green tint slowly spreading over it. "W-What's happening!?" Richard was in awe as the pinkish skin tone of Bruce's junk was slowly changing to a dark green hue, but it wasn't just Banner's cock that changed, even his skin was gradually shifting to green as he pumped his dick over and over. Bruce huffed and panted working his shaft faster now, the green spreading. His cock was slowly stretching, pulsating, enlarging between his fingers. "Uhhhfff Richard... I think... something's happening." The scientist backed away slowly from Bruce, witnessing the changes overtaking in his body. The masturbatory arm locked into a flex was noticeably bulging inside Bruce's tightening work shirt. His neck filled the collar, veins creeping out as his expression grew more intense. For every push and pull of his growing hand going up and down the enlarging cock, Banner's form only widened, clothes filling with his mass. Banner could feel the changes overtaking him, at this point he welcomed it, flexing and relaxing his masturbating bicep, watching the muscle swell and relax, then swell even larger. He could feel his shoes growing tight around his feet, his shirt struggle to stay clasped. he couldn't help but begin to laugh. His tongue hung out as his belt gave way to his widening hips. Bruce's bellow sounded almost deeper than his regular voice. Richard was still in awe, absolutely paralyzed and yet, overjoyed in some way. "My god Bruce, it actually worked!" Bruce was too far gone to hear what Richard was saying. All he knew was that he felt good, wanted to feel even better. He dropped his cock for a moment, brought both his arms up slowly, and pumped his biceps into twin peaks. Thinking was hard now, his mind addled by the sheer rush of power from his entire body. "Big now. Getting bigger!" Each ball of muscle tore seams across his long sleeve shirt. His hard cock stretched to a foot in length right in front of the flexing behemoth, twitching in wait for his touch. The brute that was Bruce had gained a foot to his frame and even the chair creaking and groaning suggested he had put on a tremendous amount of weight. All of this started just from Banner being hot and bothered and even as he sat there, hands off his meaty cock, his growth slowed to a crawl. Maybe masturbating really did set off a chain reaction. "Bruce, I can't believe I'm saying this but, I need you to... to keep touching yourself." The massive brute huffed and eagerly continued to work his shaft. He didn't need a puny human telling him what to do, but it seemed he enjoyed the show. The green monster couldn't help but flex while he continued to pump his monster cock. "Puny human, like what you see?" Of course Richard liked what he was seeing but did Bruce really not know who he was? "Banner, it's me, Richard. You know who I am right?" Richard said all the while the green behemoth continued fondling his girthy length, his body growing continuously as more rips and seams formed across his clothes. The growing hulk grunted as he opted to stand, his feet bursting through his shoes as he suddenly increased in height, grunting as his muscles expanded in a rapid burst, his shirt tearing and bursting as his muscles expanded further. "Hu-Hulk can't stop! Hulk want morreeeee." Richard fell backwards, staring up at the growing green giant. He stood at eight feet, clad in nothing but loose torn shorts made from his pants, already on the verge of breaking as they held his filling balls. Veins traveled across his hairy physique, sweat dropping like rain as droplets zig-zagged around the curves and crevices of his muscular body. Hulk radiated with such an immense heat, still pumping his loins as he inched closer to the ceiling. "H-Hulk?" Richard could only question the new name of his partner. The green giant roared and flexed, all but tearing the last vestigial remains of his shorts off. His balls dropped with a pleasant bounce, bringing a blush to the huffing brute's face. "What?!" He barked as the man called out his name, he stepped toward him, his muscles moved in tremendous harmony, like semi trucks maneuvering around a parking lot. Hulk grit his teeth and growled. "What human want from Hulk?" Richard had to constantly crane his head back to keep the approaching Hulk in view. He stood uncomfortably close with his foot and a half prick poking against the scientist's chest, smearing pre into his work shirt. Richard continued to gawk up at Hulk, his heat and odor getting to his sensitive senses. Without saying anything, Richard put both of his hands onto the Hulk's shaft, slowly moving his palms back and forth, the deep green foreskin stretching and pulling back. The Hulk snarled growing impatient moments before the human's hands were upon him, slowly working his shaft. The big green man placed a hand on the wall to steady himself. He licked his lips and moaned gently as his shaft was working. "H-hulk feel good. More! Hulk want more!" Sweat formed on Richard's face as both the heat emanating from the Hulk's body combined with the lingering expectations expressed by his oversized partner. Never before would he have imagined himself in this situation, his lab assistant several times bigger, enraptured by sexual acts conducted from both curiosity and fear. Nevertheless, Richard picked up his pace, pressured by the brute's anticipation. The Hulk groaned and placed his free hand on Richard's head, stroking him gently as the man pleased him. The green giant felt a rise in pressure through out his body, drawing several long growls from him as his muscle inflated further, straining his emerald skin as his grip grew stronger on the human's head. Each stroke served to separate the smaller scientist's hands apart from each other as the shaft pushed up and out. He was growing. The stimulus from each masturbatory act only fueled the beast's power. Ever so slightly did the Hulk's shoulders bulge horizontally, chest furl forward, legs thicken in every direction, feet and hands scaling to larger sizes. His head remained almost untouched with the exception of his jawline growing bulkier, his brow shelving and cheek bones more pronounced. His overall appearance was made manlier. The growing brute felt his power increase, his body take up more room, his figure growing more and more imposing. his shoulders grew further apart, granting more space for his muscles to expand into. His musculature bulged under his skin, as deeply striated and detailed as the support cables for a bridge. He smirked down at the human, as he grew smaller and smaller. He felt his balls slowly drop down, swelling as his seed filled them, almost to bursting. Witnessing the scene of his colleague, brutish and virile, growing right before his eyes had ignited even the doctor to sink deeper into his love-making. Eagerly, Richard pressed his lips against the smelly underbelly of the green cock while his hands pushed towards the back side of the stiff tool, lathering the meat with his tongue. The smells, the taste, the increase in flesh and splendor, all of it left the two intoxicated. The growing brute cried out with each wave of growth that radiated out from his massive shaft. the smaller hands, the warm tongue and the sheer physical pleasure of this transformation was growing to be too much for the Hulk. "Hulk gonna... Need to cum!" Suddenly, Richard noticed the Hulk's involuntarily growth had ceased, replaced instead by a shaking sensation that tackled every foot of the green brute. He stepped away slowly, as if anticipating a bomb ready to go off at any moment. Hulk roared and grabbed his massive cock, working it furious as his felt his balls tighten, muscles deep inside him sprung to action as his hips involuntarily thrusting his shaft into the wall, pounding through the concrete until at last, release was granted, his thick seed shot out in pulses as he let out a guttural roar, flexing with all his might. His growth suddenly returned, his head slamming into the ceiling as his body expanded faster now. cords of muscle growing discordantly. He stared at the hand gripping his manhood, watching as his fingers ballooned one by one, his palm widened to match, knuckles popping and rising like mountains. He hissed and snarled as his other hand, curled into a fist grew to match. Hulk... feel HUGE!" he bellowed. Slowly, the orgasm subsided, the giant green man panted and rubbed his head, and slowly looked himself over, admiring his new mass and size. "Human... make Hulk feel grow again." he growled. Richard stood behind him, jaw dropped as he stared on at the miraculous presentation of the Hulk's fuzzy backside. So many muscles were shifting hypnotically from the simplest of movements. Richard's eyes widened in excitement when he looked below to see such an enormous ass, strong yet plump with curly hairs sprinkled between each cheek. Even below that, the Hulk's mighty testicles hung low between his legs, bigger than ever, reaching just below the knees and hairy, like the rest of his frame. The Hulk slowly turned to Richard, his brow furrowed in annoyance, his eyes deep in his skull now, as his brow had expanded tremendously. As he turned, the other scientist would get a clear view of the perfectly sculpted delts, his triceps and striated lats. His bicep slowly swung into view, as large as a car tire. His pecs followed, each globular mass jutted out from his chest like the peaks of a mountain. Across his body grew the gently curled, black hair. His lantern jaw was dusted with a healthy 5 o'clock shadow. Despite the perfect spectacle of throbbing muscles, sweat and hair, the Hulk's presentable turn brought forth an even bigger cock into view, growing flaccid now but thicker and bigger than before. The width could match even his hulking legs that draped in front of his titanic sack. Just how big could Hulk get? Richard could barely even process such a size. "Human no hear Hulk?" He grumbled stomping forward towards the man, cock swinging from side to side leisurely as he walked forward. "Human!" Shaking in fear, all Richard could mutter was "Y-Yes?" The Hulk started to fill his sight as he approached, a twelve foot muscle bound giant approaching, hunched over with abs of steel flexing and his traps carving indents into the concrete ceiling. The Hulk struggled to move at times, dragging his rising traps through the concrete roof, shaking the dust off his shoulder. "What happened?! How Hulk... grow?" he asked, sounding genuinely curious. "W-well Hulk, you're....hammer right there", Richard raised a finger pointing to the enormous girth between Hulk's legs. "That make's Hulk grow..." "Hammer? Hulk no have hammer. Have fists!" he growled, holding one out for Richard. "See! Better than hammer, stronger." He unfurled his fingers gently, his forearms rippling as the muscle pulled his ligaments in a synchronized dance. "Hulk remember though. Making Hulk feel good made Hulk grow. But Hulk remember... light, green, made Hulk! Get light, Hulk wanna see if it make Hulk Hulkier." "A light?", Richard asked questioningly. Perhaps he meant the machine. Green radiation could be the green light. If one dosage made him this big, what kind of an effect would another do to him? Regardless, Richard was almost giddy picturing the Hulk at a giant's size. After all, it was a discovery, a scientific discovery. He was ready to discover just how big man could be. "Hulk follow me" he said to him and walked out into the next room where the experiment took place. Part 2
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