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  1. wasted401

    My Hyper Symbiotic Suit

    Quick note: This is my first story in months and the first one that I uploaded publicly, so please tell me what you think. This story is heavily inspired by the "futuristic symbiote armor" by @EdBrock7 and ideas from @WoodenStick in that thread. I intended to write something a bit longer but my writing skills (lack thereof) prevented that, so rather than writing a long and bad story, I tried to write a short (and bad) one that starts in the middle of the action. If you want to expand upon the story or write how it all began, you have my complete approval to do so. CW: Hyper muscles, rape, a bit of cumflation, size theft, bad English and bad writing == == My thick arm flicks lightly, the soldier flies across the street and hits a parked car, leaving a nice dent on the door. I can’t help but laugh at my power, it feels and is invincible wrapped tightly by literal tons of symbiotic goo, it feels soft and warm “wearing” them yet impossibly strong on the outside. I stomp my way to the poor soldier, shaking the earth below us and leaving cracks on the road. Looking down at him with our pecs that are sticking out way ahead of me, I told him as softly as I could with my new voice that I won’t kill him. Pointing at him with my left arm, the alien material shifts the clawed hand into a rifle, smiling at what’s about to come, I fired at him. Rather than bullets like conventional weapons, it fires a mixture of my cum and the symbiotic material onto him, “gluing” him to the side of the car. Every shot “recoil” goes through my body in the form of the symbiote tugging my cock and fucking my ass, lewd, and just the way I want it. The goo quickly melted away the armour and clothes on him, leaving his naked, fuckable body on full display. The sight brings my symbiotic cock from a leaky semi to full mast, and being as aroused as I am, my symbiote starts slowly thrusting into my butt and tease my cock and nipples. Feeling horny, it is time to drain! I run my hand along the shaft to pick up my darken pre and rub it all over the soldier, this will grow him temperamentally so that he is strong and big enough to fit my 3-foot long fuck rod. It is cute that he is too busy looking at my alien body to notice he have grown so big that he can make bodybuilders jealous. Now that he is big enough, I lift the car up with ease and bring him to face level with me. The only thing that reminds people my human origin is my normal sized head, nestled in between my superhuman pecs and oversized traps, my mask slips away on demand and reveal to him my cute face that’s surrounded by building-destroying muscles. I drink in his look of disbelief and rest the car on its side so my cock is pointing right at his butt. Taking care to not harm my prey too much, I reach for another handful of pre and coat his butt and cock with it, lubing him up nicely, I considered giving him a pecjob but quickly discard that thought when my symbiote reminded me that the symbiotic pre I coated can milk him more efficiently. In an attempt to not destroy the car beneath him any further and make draining more difficult, I order the symbiote to shoot out tendrils from our wide muscular back to support our weight. I entered as softly as a horny 14-foot tall and easily as wide monster could. Of course, the symbiote wrapping around my body also moved in sync, transferring every move I do inside him to me and sometimes adding even more to it. My pecs jiggle with my every thrust and even with the enhancement I have done to my prey, his hole feels tight around me, grunting in approval I quickly find an enjoyable rhythm for all three of us. Plowing back and forth, I feel his hole tighten around me and notice him filling up our milker and soon, we pushed over the edge too, pressure building up through the length of our cock and we blow a thick load inside him, bloating his belly up slightly and a relatively pathetic one inside the suit. I give him a few finishing thrusts and let our soft cock slide out of his symbiotic cum filled hole, with the thick liquid slowly trickling out. Immediately the his body starts to shrink as the goo inside him starts doing their job, their incredibly efficient mass to symbiote transfer rate means almost every ounce of his muscles and cum (not including the temporary boost from our fluids) will turn into mass on my immense body. As his body shrinks the symbiote pool grows, which makes his cum and symbiote filled belly even more pronounced. Feeling merciful, I decide not to drain him as much as the group of bodybuilders who picked on me this morning, leaving him with just enough muscles to live a normal life and tell the tale. The goo inside him then leave his body, and join me once again, the symbiote lets me know that we have gained another 200 pounds to our mass, making our arms and legs even thicker and rewarded me with a few thrust in my butt for it. I ordered the symbiote to mask myself up again and race off to find the rest of the soldier’s squad.
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