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Found 9 results

  1. lunette

    Rebirth of a Great Evil

    A short story I came up with recently for my new characters. Cropped illustrations of the characters are included in this story, but full-sized photos can be found on my page at the Artworks/Morphs section here: LINK. Disclaimer: This story contains depictions of rape and/or mildly violent scenes. Please do not read if you find such content distasteful or offensive. Mero glided through the air over the area where he last sensed Promena. Given the strict rules they had to abide by throughout their training to join the ranks of the Seraphim Royal Army, the two rookies had gone out of their Enclave secretly earlier that afternoon to enjoy some time out. Training was getting stressful especially since both Mero and Promena were having difficulty passing through their most recent tests. At the rate they were going, they would never qualify to join the most prestigious order in the army that is the Dawnbringer’s Order. Ever since he was much younger, the now-74 years old Seraphim had always dreamt of being one of the Dawnbringers. They inspire awe and respect from all Fey races wherever they go, even among their fellow Seraphims. In fact, they are regarded just below the royals in Seraphim’s social hierarchy. Of course, Mero and Promena have a long way to go still. Their current age may be considered old by human standards, but for Feys those between 50 to 100 years old are equivalent to human teenagers. As he spread his 16”-span wings wide and floated above the wind, Mero closed his eyes and focused his mind on locating his friend. He was starting to feel that something had gone terribly wrong, and that their decision to sneak out of the enclave was a grave mistake. It took him almost a whole minute before he could sense Promena’s soul presence again. Soul presence is unique for every being as it is their personal connection to the Aether. Those with the knowledge and practice can easily sense and identify the soul presence of sentient beings in their vicinity. Familiarity and emotional connection with another, as was the case between Mero and his friend Promena, can even allow one to locate the other’s soul presence from far distances. Promena’s presence was faint, but it was enough for Mero to ascertain her approximate location. She’s alive, and close...Please be safe, Mena. The young Seraphim offered prayers for his friend’s safety to Cetnea, the Goddess of Protection. Promena’s soul presence brought the golden-haired Seraphim to a small, human town about three hours of flight from the enclave. The town was close the edge of the plain, at most a mile from the point where the vast Dhijarhe Desert begins. Mero circled the seemingly empty town high in the air a few times, surveying it for any sign of life. But it was clear to Mero a few minutes later that he and possibly Promena were the only two detectable soul presence there. Confident that there was no visible threat in the area, Mero descended swiftly and landed in the middle of the abandoned town’s small square. The young Seraphim folded his white, feathery wings and willed them to meld into his back, forming golden tattoos on his skin. Wing-melding was one of the basic life skills taught to all young Seraphims, alongside flight itself as well as beginner-level healing and protection spells. It makes it easier for them to move about when they are not in flight. Standing still in the middle of the square, Mero observed the empty buildings around him. He had never ventured this far out in his life, so the town was not familiar to the young Seraphim. A few looked like they were in need of maintenance, but overall, none of them were in particularly bad conditions. Something bad must have happened here, thought Mero. Were they raided by the Orcs? Unlikely, because even Orcs would leave trails behind. Mero closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on finding Promena again. It seemed like her soul presence was growing weaker by the minute. Mero was so focused on his task that he did not sense nor hear the magical portal opening nearby, and the two figures stepping out of it. A sudden, paralyzing pain throughout his whole body jerked him out of his concentration. The blond Seraphim shrieked in pain as he fell to the ground on his side, his lithe body shuddering uncontrollably. He managed to turn his body on his back just as two figures appeared casting shadows over his quivering figure. “What luck do we have today, Master Nacul?” asked a sultry, female voice to his left. “Two of these precious, winged Seraphims in a single afternoon!” The female being laughed with wicked glee. “We are lucky indeed, Svana. We already have enough for our work here, but who’s to say we shouldn’t have more,” replied a raspy male voice. Mero could almost visualize the wicked grin on their lips. In between the paralyzing pain and the bright sun behind the shadowy figures, Mero could only make out their shapes before he began to lose consciousness. Demons, he thought. He knew he was in deep trouble. * * * A waft of something cold with the unmistakable smell of Sulfur brought Mero back to consciousness. His head felt heavy as he groggily opened his eyes. The first thing to greet his return to consciousness was a pale-skinned woman’s face, smiling widely at him. A waft of smoke was being produced by whatever she was holding in her cupped hand, which she had placed in front of his face. Her bright, nearly glowing red eyes and the pair of inch-long fangs caused Mero to pull his head backward abruptly. His reaction brought a cackle of laughter from the three-century-old demoness. The blond Seraphim tried to move only to learn that he was completely immobilized. He dangled nearly a foot over the floor of a rocky cave – or dungeon, he couldn’t tell – brightly lit by torches along the wall. His arms and legs were spread apart and chained to a pair of stone pillars set nearly seven feet apart. “Welcome back!” the demoness who Mero’s quickly recovering memories identified as Svana said mockingly. “I hope you had a good nap, pretty one. And hopefully we didn’t cause to much pain. We didn’t mean to harm you. Not yet, at least.” She said as she caressed his fair-skinned face with her right hand. Mero nearly flinched when he saw that her skin from her wrist to the end of her fingers was completely black, in stark contrast to her otherwise deathly pale skin. Her hair was dark, and her lips much like her eyes was blood-red. She ran her fingers, each of which had at least two inches of sharp nails at their end upward through his thick golden hair. She gripped the back of his head to keep him from moving and brought her face and body closer to his. As she did so, she pressed her huge, naked breasts on his bare chest. Seemingly undisturbed by the action, Svana moved her nose downward to his neck. There she stopped and inhaled deeply, savoring the scent of his blood through his skin. In his mind, Mero cycled through the different types of demons he was taught during his lessons back at the Enclave, and she reminded him of the Malcarri, servants of the Archdemoness Malcanthet. Similar to their queen, Malcarri is an entirely female demon subspecies, renowned for their allure, illusion magic, deceitful nature and thirst for blood. When she began to moan while licking his neck as if she was tasting him, Mero closed his eyes tightly, waiting for her teeth to sink into his fragile neck. The sound of metal clanging on the stone floor caused the demoness to stop and promptly released her hold on Mero’s head. She turned to face the newcomer just as Mero opened his eyes. “You’re back, Master Nacul!” she said as she walked – no, glided across the floor – toward the other person, who had walked in from another part of the chamber. Master Nacul, as Svana called him, had the appearance of a hunched, elderly male human perhaps a hundred years old or so. He wore a plain black, hooded robe and in his left hand he wielded a spiked staff made of reddish metal. He could pass as a human albeit an incredibly old one, but Mero knew that this was not the case. For one, he had a similar soul presence as the Malcarri. Secondly, she seemed to regard him as her superior, which meant that he has either enslaved her through magical means, or he possesses powerful arcane powers. Either way, Mero knew he was in deep shit. Mero doubt he was capable of dealing with the one Malcarri, let alone two seemingly more powerful enemies. His frightening situation reminded him of his friend Promena, which caused the young Seraphim to look at his surroundings frantically. Taking in the sight around the huge, circular-shaped chamber, Mero’s eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets when he realized that there were half a dozen other nude figures hanging or chained around the chamber just like he was. However, unlike him none of them were conscious. The stone pillars where Mero was bound to were also located on a higher surface, about three feet higher than the rest of the chamber. Mero took his time identifying the other figures. He noticed that each of them was of different race. There was a human to his right, then an elf, followed by a 7-foot tall orc, an equally large and hairy minotaur, a 4-foot dwarf, and finally Promena. Mero wanted to call out at his friend, but he knew it would be in vain. Her head was down, and her long brown hair covered her face. She looked largely unharmed Mero knew she was far from it. A demonic pentagram had been carved on her torso, exposing bits of flesh even though no blood came out of it. Similar carvings had also been done on the other five captives. Some on the chest like the human, and others on their forehead like the dwarf. Looking at the floor Mero was aghast to see a huge, intricate pentagram drawn using massive amount of blood connecting the six unconscious captives. Mero may not know much about the dark arts, but he had a feeling that his evil captors are preparing for a grand spell. Mero strained his neck to look up, and his heart sank when he saw how deep the chamber was. The only opening high up looked like a well opening considering its perfectly circular shape, and it seemed to be at least 200 feet above the underground chamber’s floor. Mero figured he would need his wings to escape. But first, he needed to free himself from the metal chains. Seeing as the sorcerer and his demon assistant were occupied with scrolls of paper that were spread across a table at the other end of the chamber, Mero figured there would be no better time. He closed his eyes in concentration, focused on gathering mana from deep inside his being, and whispered the incantation for the spell to break the chains and free his limbs. “Bazyudava!” Mero felt the familiar feeling of mana flowing through his body, but instead of seeing the chains falling apart Mero felt a deep, searing pain on his back as if someone was pressing a burning-hot metal brand on his back. The pain took him by surprise and Mero cried out loud, causing his captors to look at him in amusement. “An infernal arcane seal, my naïve Seraphim,” Svana yelled from her position across the chamber. “I etched the seal into the skin on your back myself. It’ll prevent you from casting any magical spell or even unfold your wings.” Mero could only grunt as he stifled his groan. The demoness moved towards the center of the chamber and gazed upward toward the darkening sky. It seemed like she was discerning the time of day, and a few seconds passed before she turned toward the old sorcerer and said, “The time is near, Master Nacul. You should prepare yourself.” Nacul looked up from his scrolls to his demon assistant. “Indeed, I should. Thank you, Svana.” He rolled the scrolls up and carefully bound them with a string of rope. While he was getting prepared for whatever horror of a spell they were about to cast, the demoness decided she would taunt the blond Seraphim again. “Aah, how lucky you are, Ceyafra,” she said teasingly, referring to him using the common tongue’s word for adolescent Seraphim. “Master Nacul has decided that you will be the witness to his awakening and ascension as the 10th Archdemon. How amazing is that?” “The 10th Archdemon…?” Mero said with unconcealed incredulity in his voice. There has not been a “10th Archdemon” in centuries, ever since the second planar war when the power-hungry Archdemon Trirkahnan tried to invade the Prime Material realm and was ultimately defeated. “You must be mad! I may not know much about demons or whatever magic you two wield, but you’re clearly human,” Mero spat in the direction of the emaciated-looking sorcerer, who was making his way to the center of the pentagram. “There is no way you can become not only a demon, but an Archdemon at that!” Mero considered the six helpless figures including Promena who will be part of the spell in some way. Even if he used these six as some sort of offerings or sacrifices…but turning a mere human into an Archdemon? Impossible! It must be impossible! doubt the young Seraphim. “Oh, but I am already a demon, young one,” the elder sorcerer said, adding more to Mero’s shock. “At least, I am presently half-demon. I am the offspring of a demon father and a human mother, both of which I barely knew. No matter, though. They’re irrelevant. My beautiful Svana here will help me to rid myself of my humanity, and this staff,” he held the spiky metal staff up high, “will grant me powers beyond the demon who sired me.” Mero stared at the metal staff with confusion which did not go unnoticed by his two captors. “I’m sure you’ve heard of the Archdemon Trirkahnan, but I wonder if you know the full story of how he was defeated?” Nacul asked. “Everyone who cares about the history of this plane does,” Mero responded brusquely. “He was an egomaniac, arrogant and greedy beyond measure. He was powerful, but his vices were also his downfall. Trirkahnan and his army tried to overtake this plane, but they were defeated by the Prime Coalition. Forces of good from this plane united to defeat the Archdemon and his army.” Mero cited as he had learned back at the Enclave. Svana sneered at the young Seraphim, while Nacul responded with a chuckle. “Is that all your history book says about Trirkahnan’s invasion?” the demoness asked. Mero was about to retort when Nacul said, “It’s what they want everyone to believe. Even themselves. At least so they can pretend they’re superior to us demons.” He then pointed the staff to the sky, and without so much as a word a red bolt of lightning shot out, striking the evening sky and caused a reverberation of energy throughout the chamber that lasted for nearly half a minute. The blond Seraphim expected the staff to be magical, but that single lightning bolt shook him and caused the hair on his arms to stand on its ends. “This is the Staff of Trirkahnan, young Seraphim,” said the sorcerer when the rolling thunder has eased in the sky far above. “The only reason the Archdemon was defeated, was because he was not of this plane. Demons are native to the Infernal Plane, so their essence can never last for long in this plane. Perhaps it was indeed arrogance, but Trirkahnan thought he had more time to conquer this plane. Unfortunately for him, he was attacked in a particularly rare moment where his essence has weakened, and the unified forces managed to destroy his physical body. Even then they couldn’t destroy his soul for he was a very powerful being. The best they could do was to trap his soul and all his powers into an enchantment. And that is this staff you see before you.” Nacul drove the base of the metal staff onto the chamber’s stone floor causing sparks to fly. The ringing noise it caused echoed for a few seconds before it dissipated. Svana then continued, “That was centuries ago, and even an Archdemon’s soul can’t survive that long in this world. I’ve been here for three days but I could already feel the strain on my physical body and my soul. But Trirkahnan’s power, it resides within that staff. When Master Nacul takes control of that power, he shall be the new 10th Archdemon, and I shall be his consort.” Mero was not even surprised at the last bit. He knew the sorcerer must have offered her something in return for her services. Seems like this demoness Svana was more than happy to betray her mistress the Archdemoness Malcanthet. “Enough talking, my beautiful Svana. It is time,’ Nacul said as he gestured for her to take her place. It was dusk, judging by the violet sky color as can be seen through the well opening. “Let the young Seraphim witness my ascension by himself. Then we shall continue.” The pale-skinned Malcarri moved swiftly to stand at the edge of the large pentagram, directly facing her new Master. Meanwhile, the old sorcerer took off his dark robe and let if fall on the floor. He stood in the middle of the pentagram, his heavily wrinkled skin exposed for Mero and Svana to see. Mero thought of calling his friend one last time, but he knew it would be in vain. Svana waved her clawed hands around, shaping and bending her mana for the spell she was about to cast. Nacul too was completely focused on the staff in his hands. Red and black mana appeared like mists around Svana, which she waved around in a circular motion before she finally uttered the words, “Izvandr Yatsin!” The ring of red and black mana immediately shot out to engulf the six unconscious figures. Their bodies glowed momentarily in response, followed by a shudder as if they were having a brief seizure. A bright red puff of smoke then emerged from their mouths. The smoke formed into strings and began to flow toward Nacul in the center. Nacul himself must have casted another spell, as red and yellow sparks danced along the staff and around his body. As the cloud of red smoke continued to flow and grow in size, Mero noticed that the captives’ body seemed to be shrinking proportionately. It was as if Svana’ spell disintegrated their flesh and muscles, leaving only a bag of skin and bones behind. Within a few minutes, the last bit of the red smoke had left the captives’ bodies and Mero realized that they were now truly dead. Their vacant eyes and mouth opened wide. His eyes watered at the sight of his friend, Promena, or at least of what was left of her. He silently vowed to avenge her death, even as he was hanging there hopeless and powerless. The red smoke had by now completely engulfed the sorcerer. Nothing was visible of him except for frenzied sparks of lightning from within the thick sphere of smoke. Then, faster than how it started, the thick, red smoke suddenly collapsed toward its center and revealed a changed Nacul. Where a shriveling old man once stood was now a mighty looking man, his frail body replaced with one that exuded physical strength and power. In his hands Nacul held an ordinary-looking metal staff, stripped of its mysterious reddish color. The sorcerer had grown not only in his muscularity, but also in height as he now stood nearly a foot taller than the lanky Seraphim. In between his thick thighs, his enlarged genitalia measured nearly ten inches completely soft. He has really grown all over, thought Mero. Nacul moved his arms, his eyes savoring the sight of his now improved and huge physique. A thin covering of hair sparsely matted his whole body. When he looked at his remaining prisoner, Mero could see that he now possessed a pair of glowing, red eyes just like a demon. Svana cooed at her new Master and unofficial consort. “It seems like the spells worked perfectly, Lord Nacul. How are you feeling?” Nacul closed his eyes and inhaled deeply before he answered, his deep voice creating reverberations in the air. “I feel…immense. I can feel the ocean of power inside me.” To demonstrate this power, the newly awakened demon extended one arm with a clenched fist and without needing to utter any incantations, his fist glowed bright red and in seconds a ball of lightning appeared surrounding it. He then willed for the lightning ball to dissipate, and it disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared. A tingling feel on his back caused the demon-sorcerer to intuitively flexed his back, which then caused a pair of leathery, black and gold wings to unfurl. When spread wide Nacul’s large wings easily spanned as wide as Mero’s feathery one. The sorcerer spent the next few minutes admiring and flexing his new physique, while Mero and Svana looked on, one with contempt while the other with adulation and a sense of submission. When he was finally satisfied with his inspection, Nacul decided it was time for further demonstrations of power. The demon-sorcerer flapped his powerful wings once, and it was almost like he disappeared into thin air, only to appear directly in front of the bound Seraphim. Mero instinctively jerked backward in surprise, though his movement was greatly restrained. “Now,” began Nacul. “I think I should get to know you first, Ceyafra. What’s your name?” He said as he brought one hand up to cup Mero’s chin and held his face in his hands. “M-Mero Thyridas,” the Seraphim answered suspiciously. He could sense that the demon-sorcerer has something evil in mind. Nacul smiled. “Mero Thyridas. I’m feeling generous today. I don’t need to kill you, so how about…I reward you, instead.” Mero refused to respond, so instead he gave the demon-sorcerer one of his stony glares. Whatever this new Archdemon has in mind would not end well for me, he thought. “What do you say to a taste of power, Mero?” Nacul continued. “Perhaps I can entice you with a small dose of my essence.” Even without the sorcerer saying the word, Mero knew exactly what was implied. The Fallen. Blackwings. Dark Seraphim. Those are the few among many other names used to describe a Seraphim who succumbed to infernal persuasions and defiled their own nature. A Seraphim who voluntarily allow themselves to be tainted by demonic essence will forever be changed into a perverse, destructive and cruel version of themselves. Their white wings will turn midnight black – hence the name Blackwings – and their powers will be enhanced manifold, at least three times stronger or so Mero has heard. This was why demonic power was considered During the first planar war over nine centuries prior, a band of the Fallen was responsible for more deaths and destruction on the Prime Material plane than the demon armies. Some even led armies of demons in the battles against the old Kingdoms of Seraphim, humans and elves. Supposedly, the gods and goddesses themselves had to interfere to prevent the Infernal forces from winning the war. Nacul knew a Fallen by his side, especially one he sires with his own Archdemon blood would make for a very intimidating and powerful assistant. Perhaps he would appoint the young Seraphim as his general once he has raised his own army. “NO!” Mero responded without the slightest hesitation. “I would rather die than be one of your minions!” He then spat on the Archdemon’s face for good measure. Nacul smiled as he wiped the spit from his nose and cheek. “So clueless. So defiant. There is one way I can persuade you, young one. Make you submit to me. Yield to me and become my angel of death.” Before Mero could even start wondering what he meant by his remark, Nacul had reached down and grabbed his loin cloth with both hands. As if tearing a piece of paper in two, the sorcerer easily ripped the wool cloth away, freeing the Seraphim’s genitalia. Mero had always considered himself amply endowed, but his 7-inch meat looked small when compared to the sorcerer’s bigger organ, especially when Nacul’s tool was slowly growing erect. As he began to touch and slowly massage the young Seraphim’s cock, the sorcerer also worked himself to full arousal. Svana on the other hand was enjoying the show of temptation and dominance being presented in front of her. “Look at the size of my cock, Mero. Wouldn’t you agree it’s as much a weapon as my nearly limitless powers?” the Archdemon asked, though Mero remained silent. “Last chance to submit, or should I show you the damage this weapon of mine can inflict?” Still the young Seraphim remained defiant. “Very well. If that is your choice, then let us see just how long you can resist me. The Dark Goddess knows I haven’t had this pleasure in a long time.” The muscular Nacul grabbed Mero’s semi-aroused meat in one hand, while the other hand he used to stroke and massage his own painfully erect organ. It didn’t take him long to bring the blond Seraphim to full erection, though the latter had closed his eyes tight, trying his best to suppress his growing lust. Mero simply refused to admit this inexplicable attraction he felt toward Nacul. He knew it was not so much the physical attraction, but more toward the raw power he could feel being in close proximity to an Archdemon. Nacul brought both cocks together in his two hands and alternated between stroking and squeezing the two organs. Mero could feel the heat coming off from the aroused Archdemon. Soon even Mero could not stop himself from moaning in pain and pleasure. “Listen to my voice, Mero. I can give you power and pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. Don’t you wish to be the strongest Seraphim there is? I am the only one who can give you that power.” “NO!” roared the blond Seraphim. “I- I don’t need your power, you filth!” Nacul’s face hardened as Mero rejected his offer again. “Then I will let you experience real pain. Perhaps then you will change your mind!” Nacul carefully aligned his cockhead between Mero’s widely spread legs, and in one swift motion pressed his thick shaft into the young Seraphim’s tight hole. Nacul’s foot-long meat was like a burning-hot iron pike, and Mero felt every inch of the meat being driven into him. His first instinct was to clamp his hole shut, but it was in vain as the demon was too strong. Mero felt pain unlike anything he has ever experienced before as his anal tissue was being torn by the demon’s vicious and raw thrusting actions. He felt like the Archdemon was trying to split him in two. He was sure he was bleeding by then, though no blood seemed to have leaked out of his hole which was plugged tightly shut by Nacul’s tool. Mero started to grow even more frantic as Nacul’s pumping grew in intensity. He squirmed even harder, trying to free himself from the chains and the vicious rape to no avail. “Do you feel like giving up now, Mero?” Nacul said while he continued to pull nearly all of his meat out save the bulbous head, and drove it back in angrily. Mero ignored his torturer, his eyes tightly shut due to the pain that he could feel throughout his whole body. His own 7-inch cock was rigid, and painfully so. The pain and strange pleasure flooded his mind with confusion. He had never experienced male-on-male sex previously, even if it was not forbidden among his people. The torturous experience was driving him wild and still, the young Seraphim steeled his resolve and refused to give in. Mero’s defiance was causing the Archdemon to become increasingly frustrated despite himself, and he paid for the frustration with more relentless pummeling. It was as if Nacul was rushing towards a climax. He has not experienced any sexual fulfilment for nearly a century, the price he paid for magically prolonging his previously human life. The need for sexual gratification clouded his mind, and unbeknownst to him or Svana, his greed for sexual release would be his downfall. As he went on inflicting more damage and pain to the young Seraphim, Nacul could not stop himself from reaching the point of no return. He knew he now possesses such power that he can incinerate lowly mortals without much of an effort, but dominating the chiseled-face Seraphim was driving him physically mad with lust. Seconds later Mero felt a sudden surge of flooding cum deep inside him as the Archdemon reached his climax. Instead of pulses upon pulses of violent eruption as he’d expect, the demon began blasting a powerful, steady stream of cum inside him. Nacul moaned loudly in pleasure and satisfaction. His moans of pleasure were echoed by Svana, who was driven to an involuntary orgasm merely by being in the vicinity of the Archdemon. Nacul then casually grabbed the waist of the skinny Seraphim and began driving the young, lithe body up and down his throbbing meat. As he did so, even more of his orgasmic fluid blasted out into the near-unconscious Seraphim, and the pleasure it gave him was indescribable. Several minutes has passed and his seemingly endless climax surprised even the Archdemon. He wondered if there was no limit to his libido. Even Svana the Malcarri was growing weak from the series of orgasms she was experiencing. She might be a sex-demon by nature, but even she could not match an Archdemon. Nacul closed his eyes and threw his head backwards as he roared loudly, drowned as he was in new heights of sexual euphoria. It was only when he noticed the fast-growing weight on his pulsating cock that he opened his eyes again, and the sight that greeted him caused his jaw to drop. Several feet away, Svana was slumped on the ground but her eyes were transfixed on the growing figure impaled by her Master’s still-throbbing cock, pure shock and fear reflected on her face. Black veins bulged and ran all over Mero’s rapidly growing body. While this was happening, Mero himself seemed out of it with his eyes closed and his head hung heavily backward on top of a thickening neck. Bulges upon bulges of muscles appeared on his violently spasming body. Nacul’s great orgasm finally ceased, and his spent cock slowly slipped out of the growing Seraphim. The first thing Nacul noticed was how significantly weaker he felt. His sense of despair worsened when he realized he could no longer feel the ocean of mana he had felt moments earlier. The changed Seraphim’s body suddenly felt too heavy for Nacul to hold that he had to step back and release the hold he had on him. Mero’s body slumped to the floor on both knees, with his head hanging lazily forward and his hands dropped on his sides. Nacul instinctively reached out to touch Mero’s now-mountain traps with his hands. He tried to squeeze the hard muscles in his hands only to find that the transformed Seraphim’s body was so dense that he could not even dent it. Stepping a few more feet backward, the demon-sorcerer turned to his stunned assistant. “What’s happening here, Svana?!” Meanwhile the demoness’ eyes were transfixed on the prone hulking figure. She hesitated before she answered, “I- I think you’ve just transferred Lord Trirkahnan’s powers to the Seraphim, Master Nacul.” “How is that even possible? My spell freed his power from the binding enchantments of the staff. And I absorbed it into my body.” Deep down Nacul knew the answer. He has made a grave mistake by not letting the Archdemon’s power time to fully assimilate with his being. As such, the power that should have been his now belonged to someone else. “You did, Master Nacul. But…but it seems like his power has somehow chosen the Seraphim as its vessel...” Svana’s voice trailed off as she considered what she had just said. The Dark Seraphim in the first planar war were created by a touch of demonic powers and they were already capable of so much destruction and feared by many. It was the main reason the Archdemons gave them merely a touch of their essence. But one imbued with an Archdemon’s full power? Her thought was interrupted when she noticed the huge Seraphim had stirred awake. Her eyes grew wider when Mero rose on his feet and he easily towered over her demon Master. Nacul himself stared similarly wide eyed with awe and fear. Mero on the other hand seemed temporarily oblivious to the other two. A strange sensation traveled across his morphed body as he absorbed the last of Trirkahnan’s essence. He felt invincible. His lithe, slender body had transformed into a mind-boggling collection of bulging and striated muscles. He lifted his right arm and the extended, vein-lined muscles looked as though they would burst through his skin. He brought his left hand up to feel the weight of his mammoth chest and traced his fingers over the swollen areolae that crowned it, which elicited a soft moan from his lips. He moved his eyes downward but found that most of his lower body was hidden underneath the thick overhang of his chest muscles. He would have to crane his neck and lean forward to see past his bulging pectoral muscles. For the time being, the muscular giant ran both of his hands over his abdomen, feeling the hardness and the contours of each vascular block of muscles. His downward travelling hands soon reached the base of his enlarged cock, its new thickness demanded that he uses both hands to completely encircle it. Mero hefted his man-meat in his hands, and their sheer size and weight caused him to grin with a new sense of pride. Even soft it was more than a foot long. Nearby, Nacul and Svana were caught in a trance as they tried to comprehend the embodiment of power before them and the overwhelming aura his body emanated. His heavily muscled back rippled with every little movement that he made. A dark, metallic tattoo has also replaced the golden tattoo on his back. The Dark Seraphim suddenly raised his head, and his bright blue eyes bore into Nacul’s smaller figure. The muscular yet smaller demon felt like a prey that has been cornered by a vicious predator. For once, Nacul felt real fear. He doesn’t need any confirmation that the being standing in front of him now was a Fallen of unprecedented powers. When Mero suddenly unfurled his great, black wings, both Nacul and Svana wasted no time and tried to escape. Nacul had barely managed to spread his leathery wings when Mero’s powerful hand grabbed hold of his neck and held him in place. The demon-sorcerer flapped his wings frantically to no avail. He screamed in pain and fear just as Mero’s dark shadow engulfed his figure. * * * The newly created Dark Seraphim hovered low above the abandoned town, his powerful wings easily holding his massive body afloat in the air. As he looked down at the dull, empty town below him, Mero felt an uncontrollable desire to destroy it, just as he had felt toward the two demons earlier in the underground dungeon. The sensation was new, but Mero had enjoyed destroying them immensely. Both the demoness and the demon-sorcerer had tried to run away when Mero spread his 20-feet wings wide, but a mere sweep of his left wing as he turned on his feet, and the demoness’ upper body disintegrated in a shower of blood and gore. Even Mero himself was pleasantly surprised by the destructive force a simple movement had caused. Each of his quill was like an indestructible blade despite their feather-like appearance and the demoness’ body shattered like a brittle sand sculpture against them. Nacul the sorcerer had tried to fight him as Mero held him by his neck, his feet dangling over a foot above the ground. He had thrown spells upon spells that simply dissipated uselessly on the Dark Seraphim’s great, muscled body. Mero had then remembered his promise to avenge his friend Promena, so he had the sorcerer slowly dismembered limb by limb, before crushing the dying demon underneath his foot. Now relishing the same desire for widespread destruction, Mero brought his right hand up in front of him and willed his unlimited energy to start flowing and spread wide, before he clenched his hand into a fist. It was his first true demonstration of power when all the energy he had released rushed back and collapsed inward, disintegrating everything within a five-mile radius and leaving nothing but dust in its wake. Smiling at the magnitude of devastation he could cause with such ease, Mero lifted his head and stared at the horizon, thinking of what destruction he would wreck next.
  2. For previous works like this one try out: https://musclegrowth.co/topic/20696-tales-from-the-omeganomicon-weed-has-more-protein-than-eggs-finished/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-339391 OR the original: https://musclegrowth.co/topic/18845-week-of-the-omeganomicon-finished/?tab=comments#comment-249054 ------------------------------------------------- The Spoiled Brat: Rex was raised to be a good kid from birth from a loving family, he always did his homework when he got home, he always helped others when he could, and he performed pretty exceptionally at high school soccer. This was based off a very simple principal: I should do good things because I want to be known as a good person. Rex wouldn't know it yet but this lofty sense of self righteousness was the direct result of living a fairly sheltered life. He was smart, middle-class, and was born with drive that allowed him to work for and maintain a fairly sexy body, cut and athletic but nothing truly remember-able. As with most teens are when they first move out of their parents home for post-high-school (An extra 4 years of regular education tacked on after regular highschool, typically requiring the students to be living without parents and be between 19 and 23 years of age usually), Rex experienced a number of unique individuals, but none sat in Rex's mind nearly as much as Jasmine.... Jasmine was, to not mesne words, an absolute spoiled brat. She was raised by Mr. and Mrs. StoneFall, her father a senator whom had no time to raise her, and her step mother a whore who'd bang four guys on her way to fetch the morning mail. But don't blame the parents, Jasmine was at her core a rotten individual. Rex remembered his first encounter with her fully. It was the first day of English, and Rex was excited to get his first class of the day with his girl friend, Molly. Molly and Rex were talking to each other about their day when Jasmine showed up. She walked in with dark sunglasses, fresh fake nails, and a miniskirt that was NOT fingertip length She surveyed the room, and noticed that there was only one guy in the class at all, Rex. Logically, she was entitled to sit with him. "Hey little boy...." She said licking her lips as she spoke. "Can we help you?" Molly answered. "Ugh... Who's this skank? Tell me this hunk isn't waiting his precious time on... You..." Jasmine said staring through Molly as if she wasn't there. Molly was infuriated. "HOW DARE YOU, BITCH!" Molly shouted, capturing the attention in the room. Jasmine responded by snapping her fingers, which led to four of the other girls in the room grabbing Molly and holding her face down against the table. "How dare I? Like this. This is how I dare. You may not know who I am now little Mrs. geek, but I'm top bitch around here. Now why don't you apologize for your little outbreak with a little lip service..." Jasmine taunted as she lowered her left hand to have Molly kiss her ring. "What the fuck? You can't just DO this to people, you little spoiled whore!" Molly whimpered from the table. Getting upset herself now, Jasmine removed her sunglasses, climbed up onto the desk, and pressed Molly's face deep up her skirt before face fucking Molly like a pornstar. Molly screamed for help, but Rex was frozen, he couldn't move as this.... Entitled beast continued to face-fuck his girlfriend right in front of him! But before long, the teacher arrived. "What is the meaning of this?!" He bellowed. The four girls holding Molly released their grip and retreated to their desks. Jasmine stood up proudly and pointed to Molly. "This little bitch tried to grope me! She was totally licking my legs and everything! Please send her to the dean now Mr. Teacher. Molly looked up to the teacher in hopes that he would see the obvious lie Jasmine spun for what it was, but her heart sank with his next few words: "Molly, sexual misconduct will not be tolerated at this school! You'll receive 8 weeks detention with me as result, and on the first day too! I expected better than this from you Molly. Now you can go march right on down to the dean and see what she'll have to say about this." Eyes full of tears, Molly ran from the room crying her eyes out. Jasmine took Molly's seat as soon as she left, and used her newfound close proximity to Rex to explore him under the table. As she did she whispered to him "My daddy pays all the bills here, so what I say goes. And right now, I'm only interested in one thing...." as she stroked Rex's rock hard cock through his pants for the rest of the class period. Once the class was over, Rex bolted from the class and found Molly in the hall mopping the floors, crying... She looked at him, and shouted "WHY DIDN'T YOU DO ANYTHING?!" before rushing back into the girls bathroom to cry again. Rex wouldn't allow himself to think why he didn't act to help his girlfriend, but deep down he knew why: Because Jasmine's display of control and ruthless domination awoke a hidden excitement deep within Rex, and although he would go on to continue to date Molly for another year, all he could think about was Jasmine.... ----------------------------------------------------- 1 Year Later Molly was deeply traumatized by this first event, but she was also determined. It motivated her to work out and improve herself in every aspect of life. After a year, she was cut, STACKED, smart, strong, she'd started a small buisness that was flowing with four times what a usual student would be making. She'd even found some personal friends who hated Jasmine too. She'd bloomed from her adversity and now shined as a bright beacon of hope for herself. Jasmine on the other hand, had spent most of her first year on her own doing drugs, getting gang-banged, and having whatever she wanted dropped at her feet. Needless to say, this had taken a toll on her, emotionally and physically. Rex found himself unmotivated and in a slump. He couldn't understand it, he had exclusive access to the sexiest woman on campus, but all he could think about was Jasmine. It had started to effect his ego and flatlined his ability to grow muscle. What was the point if it didn't bring him any satisfaction? It was the last day of class when Molly decided to confront Jasmine. Most of the time Jasmine didn't even show up to class, but today Molly was ready for her. "Well, if it isn't Mrs. "I never show up to class because I'm either fucked up or fucking some dude for cheap drugs or grades". Molly said glaring evilly and confidently into the scrawny Jasmine. "What the fuck do YOU want bitch? Want another magic carpet ride?" Jasmine slurred. This comment angered Molly, and the next thing Jasmine knew, she was being held up by Molly who was now pressing her against the wall. "I think we've all had just about enough out of you, Has-min." Molly spoke with a heated voice through clinched teeth. "If you're smart, you won't come back next semester... If you know what's good for you..." "BITCH DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!" I AM JASMINE STONEFALL!" "And now you're Jasmine Trashfall" Molly said as she tossed the spoiled brat into a nearby garbage can and walked away with Jasmine's posse in tow. Rex fucked his girlfriend properly for the first time sense the semester began that night. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Several Weeks passed, and eventually the last week of summer appeared on the horizon, and Molly received a suspicious invitation from Jasmine. "Dearest Molly, I hope this letter finds you well, I am seeking forgiveness. What I did to you was wrong, and I guess that's the result of getting whatever I want when I wanted it. I've recently discussed this with my step-mother and father, and they agree the best thing for me to do is learn how to be a hardworking alpha girl like you, rather than relying on daddy's money to solve all my issues. I... I really want help to become a better person, can you help me? - Jasmine" Molly looked at the note and then at Rex. "You think she's telling the truth?" Rex shrugged, "Could be either way. She certainly looked defeated the last time you saw her, and heck, you do owe your motivation to improve to her, maybe this is like getting a return on that." Molly looked at the time Jasmine listed as where she wanted to meet. "Ah shoot, I have to get to my work meeting soon, I can't go help her... What are you doing today Rex?" Rex perked up "Me? Oh uh... Nothing. Why?" "You want to go find out if this bitch is fronting or not? It's likely safer if you go anyways." Rex played it off like he would be taking care of some annoying chore, but deep within him he was excited for this alone one on one time with Jasmine. Molly smiled and tossed him some of the muscle motivation magazines he liked. "Get her on a path to looking like this, you always were good with developing character anyways right Rex?" Rex looked at the magazine with insane jealousy. He'd been trying for months to grow arms like these beasts and only managed to stick with "Slightly more jacked than a normal 19 year old..." But he swallowed his jealousy and texted Jasmine that he'd be replacing Molly. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two hours later, Rex stepped off his bike and gave the keys to the valet. He was taken aback, as the StoneFall estate was much more massive than anything he'd ever seen before this. After being led through a series of hallways and corridors, eventually the Butler turned to Rex and said "You'll find Misses Jasmine in this gym, I do hope you two will enjoy yourselves..." Rex entered the gym and found it was pristinely polished and cared for. That's when he saw her. "Hey Rex.... Long time no see little boy. " Jasmine purred. He couldn't believe it, the worn out, scrawny, used and exhausted slut from a few weeks ago was now this cut and powerful woman with massive tits. "I see.. You've had some work done..." "Hell yeah I did" Jasmine said confidently as she squished her tits together and flexed her arms. "I don't even see the scars from the boob job" Rex said trying to be polite. Jasmine grinned. "Oh but I haven't had a boob job Rexy..." Jasmine said as she placed a big fake fingernail on Rex's chest. Rex raised an eyebrow, " Uh... Sorry but there's no way you had this big of a growth spurt naturally. Sorry that just doesn't happen." Jasmine made a little playful frown. "Gasp... You've caught me... This isn't natural..." She pulled out a small remote from between her perky tits and pressed a button. Jasmine froze for a minute before making a sound similar to the sound Molly made during an orgasm. "Mmmmm much better...." Jasmine cooed as she ran her fingers across her body. "What was that?" Jasmine then pulled out a book from a nearby table. It was an old book with the word "Omeganomicon" printed on the side. Jasmine showed a page to Rex. "Pristine Artifacts: The Spine of Haoth" "Haoth's Spine is a unique method of muscle acquisition that works as an augment to one's body. More of a cybernetic upgrade than an artifact. While hooked up, the spine will relay small signals to the body's muscles tricking them into thinking they've been torn as if they've been worked out. The obvious downside of this method is that the spine is a 150lbs weight that can cause the body to morph at disproportional rates if not overseen correctly." "My Daddy came into possession of this spine a few years ago. Sense then he's reverse engineered this original model and produced a thinner and much more effective version. Now it exists as a thin exoskeleton lain across every other inch of my body. Every time I push this button, I get the equivalent of a 60 minute full body workout in roughly 40 seconds. I can also control where any fat I build up accumulates, giving me the perfect ass and titties I've always wanted." Rex was wide-eyed at this. Easily the sexiest thing he'd ever seen and he was desperate for more. Jasmine was very aware as Rex was at full mast. "You know what Rex... There's something I've wanted for quite some time now that I think you can help me with...." "That fat fucking cock of yours.... I want it inside of me... Now." That sent Rex over. Seconds later, Rex was fucking Jasmine in every position he could on anything he could find. Eventually a few hours later, Jasmine got up and started licking the cum off her skin in the mirror. Rex stared at himself, disgusted. How could he cheat on Molly? With this.... BITCH! "This was a mistake" he said softly. Jasmine looked back at him in confusion before chuckling slightly. "Oh babe, you're still worried about that whore Milly? Fuck that bimbo. With this new technology I'm going to be the biggest, sexiest woman in school by the time classes start back up. And the way I see it... You can either try to explain this to your stupid ex, or you can continue to stretch this queen's pussy with your man meat and leave that zero in the trash where she belongs." "Of course... You'll need to be the big man on campus to fuck this queen... So I'll have to fit you with another one of daddy's prototypes." "Wa... What really? You can give me the same tech?" "Or you can go home to explain to your loser bitch why you cheated on her." >:) Jasmine wasn't playing fair and she knew it. And so, Rex was left with two options: Return home a reject-able douche. Or augment himself and become the most powerful douche he'd ever imagined. For him the choice was pretty clear... Part 2 coming soon! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 2 : Upgrading Dr. Lear slammed her head into her fist for the last time in the final preparations of another session with Jasmine. Just the thought of that little brat sent her blood boiling. Lear herself discovered the artifact and it's usage all on her own, the team lead by her is what allowed her to develop the technology and while the pay was more than fair, and she was assured full credit after going public, she couldn't be more angry about long division testing beginning with... Her. This was a major step in evolution, a critical discovery that would push the world to an era of superhuman standards and abilities. She'd discovered something on par with the discovery of penicillin, SHE should be the first successful test. But instead, history will remember... Jasmine... as the first of this new era.... The same bitch who couldn't pass a turing test if she tried, who annoyed and bullied herself and her whole staff! But... She's the boss's daughter..... And now the first male subject is apparently going to be her new boy toy... She ground her teeth and walked into the surgical theater. "You must be Rex." Dr. Lear introduced herself. "Hello! So what's up doc?" "So it's best I explain what this thing does EXACTLY before we install it, one final time. This is the Hoath Prototype Mark 2 - Male Augmentation. Its a wire connected to your muscles through your own nervous system that can stimulate and alter metabolic functions. It's also capable of simulating exercise and convincing your body the exercise was real. See muscles effectively work by tearing themselves when strained and used, they then repair those tears and as a result generate more muscle than was there originally. This machine tackles two of these functions to provide you with superhuman muscle advancement..." Lear paused for a moment as she noticed that Rex was desperately trying to hide his throbbing cock despite being naked already. She just rolled her eyes internally and kept going. "First off, it condenses an entire full or partial body workout into a 40-to-70 second session when activated. You will be paralyzed during this period, but can be performed almost anywhere at leisure, meaning rather than wasting hours a day traveling to and working out at the gym, you can now obtain bodybuilder like proportions if you were as docile and unfit as a videogame tester. The second method is the effects to metabolism and metabolic functions. The spine allows for it's own accumulation and dispersal of ATP, proteins, and even fat cells. Meaning your muscles will be nourished in a much more effective measure and the rest of your body will be cut off from excess energy sources such as fats. You'll still have energy, but now it's being stored in the spine rather than as large unattractive deposits of fat, in addition to areas of the body designated as "Fat acceptable" by the Hoath's programming. Do not attempt to reprogram the Hoath yourself! It's designed to adapt to your body type, but if mishandled can cause wild disfiguration that may be irreversible." She explained as she tossed some photos at him of failed test subjects. "Yikes... Got it. Will not touch the programming." And so, Rex signed the waiver, and went under, emerging shortly after with the installed hardware. 25.....26.....27.... Rex counted as each pull up completed. "29... 30!" He cheered as he leaped from the bar to the ground. "This feels amazing! I have SO much more stamina now!" "And that completes your physical testing. You're all good! Better than good actually. Now here's how to use your activation remote." "You mean to activate my workout?" "Exactly. When the light is green, it means your body has repaired enough for another full workout, you can set that workout's intensity with this dial, you're pretty athletic, but still just a teenager, I recommend you start with 3 and work your way up to the max of 10 slowly over a few years. For a final test, we're going to administer a type 1 workout now." Lear explained as she pushed the button. Rex froze in place and stared at his hands as he felt every inch of his body flow with a small tingling energy. "W....WOAH!" Rex exclaimed as he felt the sensation. "Please note, you may experience some small pain, nausea, stiffness, and aches if you attempt a workout that's too strong. Please contact us immediately if you experience any kind of heart, lung, liver, kidney, or other internal pain. Also if you'll notice your remote, the green button has gone red. This means the body is too freshly damaged to work out again, this was just a small workout so in just a second.... Ah there it is. The light will turn yellow. This stage means you can administer another workout just fine, but certain parts of the body don't have the energy to be effective. It's best to wait until fully green again before administering another pulse." "This is amazing! Anything else I should know?" "Yeah, according to your own requests, we've also designated your phallic and glute areas as synthetic ATP deposits. It has been untested up until now but it is theorized this synthetic compound functions similarly to normal fat deposits, but adapts to muscles and organs instead of their....." But Lear stopped explaining as it was clear Rex was lost. "It's going to make your dick bigger and your ass bouncier the more you over eat." She shortened. With that explained, Rex left the lab and stepped into a nearby bathroom. He looked at his remote, turned it up to 3 and set it off. Buzzzzzzzzzzz. FUCK! Much stronger sensation! Was all Rex could think as he started moving again. He notice himself in the mirror and decided to take a picture and measurements to compare for later. Biceps : 14.1 inches Pecs: 40.3 inches height: 5ft 9in shoulder width: 15.9 inches cock size: 7.4 inches Rex fawned over the fantasies playing out in his head, but grinned as he remembered what was waiting for him just across town. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rex returned to Jasmine's Manor and repeated the awkward escort with Jasmine's butler as he lead him to her room. Inside Rex saw Jasmine riding a secured dildo frantically with her teeth grit and eyes crossed. http://thumbs.cdn.homemoviestube.com/5/e/2/0/f/5e20f98654364Cuvy busty girl riding her dildo hard and cumming.mp4/5e20f98654364Cuvy busty girl riding her dildo hard and cumming.mp4-4b.jpg "Hope I'm not interrupting anything..." Rex said with a smirk. Jasmine looked up from her work with a devious grin. "Did you get it?" "Oh I got it babe." Jasmine crawled across the floor to Rex's legs and started to work her hands up his legs, slowly unbuckling his jeans, exposing his rock-hard cock with a small gasp and a giggle. "mmmm....mmmpop... Mm... Big boy..." Jasmine mumbled with a mouth full of dick. What she did next was unexpected, but she grabbed Rex by his ass cheeks and swallowed his whole shlong to the base as she pulled his pants further down. Rex closed his eyes as he felt the insane wave of pleasure sweep over him, but after a few seconds of foreplay it stopped and Rex heard a giggle. "Alright little boy, lets test this baby out." Jasmine said seductively. Rex opened his eyes in horror just as Jasmine pushed the button, he would have screamed if he could, but he was petrified by the effects of the device, and that was back with only tier 3. Jasmine had cranked the whole thing straight up to 10. Rex was in agony. It felt as if every muscle in his body had just exploded. It was a deep searing pain that caused the mere 70 seconds of use feel like hours of torment. When he finally stopped his body was bruised heavily all over as if he had been struck by lightning. However after a few minutes that Rex spent mostly gasping for breath and panting, his body quickly returned to a normal hue. Eventually, Rex regained his ability to walk and speak. "Wha.... What the fuck.... Why would you turn it... so high...." "Uh, duh, because I want you bigger." Jasmine said from a few steps back. "You could have killed me." "You're fine stud, and with this baby maxed out, you're going to be the hulking monster my little pussy needs in no time... Mmm... Why does it take so long to recharge? I want you bigger NOW!" she moaned as she began to pleasure herself with your remote. You slam your hand against the wall next to her and pant softly into her ear: "Please... Give me... My remote..." "Mmm..... No. I want this remote. And I get what I want. If you want it, you need to give me something I want more than the remote." As the energy quickly returned to Rex's body, he slammed Jasmine into the wall and began lifting her up it, until his face was buried in her cunt. With his newfound stamina, and a few handles on Jasmine's bed, Rex began the hardest facefuck of his life. Part 2 complete! Part 3 coming soon! Part 3: Mass Production Rex heard the whistle and focused back on the pitching machine. There was a small buzz before the ball was thrown. Then, with one swift full swing he knocked another ball out of the park. He was in love with himself. He loved his body. His new girlfreind's expensive toys. The fear he saw in his former freinds eyes as they saw him in the halls. Rex was no longer just some teenager. After a few more swings, he put down the bat and went to the locker room, stripping naked before he even walked in the door, and covering himself only with an old plaid shirt. He expected to either be alone, or to be see some of the other gym rat buddies he'd intimidated into serving him. Who he didn't expect to see was Molly. "Oh.... Molly, what's up..." "Where the fuck have you been? I haven't seen you in a MONTH! Wtf have you been taking steroids? Why havent' you called me?!" Rex thought for a second about responding in a way to show Molly she was special, but then he caught a glimps of himself in the mirror and smirked at himself cockily as he began flexing his rigid biceps. "Oh Molly.... Sorry but I think it's pretty obvious I've outgrown you. What we had was nice, but you just can't compete with what Jasmine has done for me.... I mean... ARE YOU SEEING THIS SHIT?!! I feel like a fucking BULL! And not a drop of steroids or harmful chemicals, this is all natural baby!" Molly was awestruck that this bastard could talk to her in such a way, and gaged a bit as she shouted: "What the fuck makes you so high and mighty? King shrimp dick! What the fuck makes you think you can talk to ANYONE, let alone, ME like this?! You think because you can lift a 300 lb barbell instead of a 200lb one that makes you any better than anyone else?!?" Rex just stared through her and grinned. "King Shrimp Dick huh?" He said menacingly as he untied the shirt arround his waste revealing his massive 9 inch cock to his former lover. https://cdn.sex.com/images/pinporn/2020/12/02/24072537.gif?width=620 "Hows that for shrimp Dick? As you can see, when I said I outgrew you, I meant it literally. You could never hope to take a monster like me." he said with an unsettling confidence. "Fucking shit Rex! What the fuck!? You mean that fucking bullshit "Hoath Powerboost" shit is real? Why are they using you like a fucking guinea pig Rex?!" "We aren't using him for shit bitch, he's doing this of his own free will, DUH!" said the obnoxious voice of Jasmine from behind. In an unexpected display, Rex dropped to his knees as she approached and began kissing and licking her feet as she traversed from the entrance to the leg separation machine, which she mounted wrong intentionally to show off her gorgeous glutes to her rival. "https://c.tenor.com/SvNge233HUMAAAAC/girl-sexy.gif" Molly, devestated, kicked Rex in the leg before running out of the room. "*Snorts* fucking bitch. So big boy you ready for your workout today? We're cranking it up a notch this week alright?" Rex smiled as his eye filled with lust for more power, at whatever cost he could pay. --------------------------------------------------------- As Molly Ran out of the gym, she was stopped by a stranger. "Are... Are you that boy's former girlfreind?" Molly paused before crying : "..... Yes..." through her tears. "I... I am sorry your loser boyfreind fell for that witch. He was pathetic from the start... But I need to talk with you immediately... I think this whole deal is about to become far more than any of us bargained for... And we need to stop it NOW!" "Who... who are you?" "My name is Dr. Leer. I used to work for her and helped develop the Alpha technology..." "You... You built the Hoath tech?" Is all Molly could say as she was dragged into an elevator and escorted to Leer's private lab. Leer grabbed a bottle of vodka out of the hidden cabinet in her drawer and began to sip on it right from the bottle. "Ok... So you've heard of this "Hoath" thing right?" Molly shook her head in aknowelgement. How could she not? Every major subreddit, instagram post, and twitter handle was riving mad about it. "You mean that stuff that turned that asshole from youtube into that hunk over the course of a month?" Molly replied. "Yes, that Jake Logan fellow! The asshole." "Yeah people are blowing up over it, apparantly it's going to usher in a new age of dominance for the human race, but it's still in it's early trial phase... OR at least that's what they tell people..." Leer explained. "As it turns out, the product was ready months ago, and is readily available to anyone with those underworld big money connections. They went ahead of my prototype with almost no testing at all... Thankfully it appears as though it's a success..." Molly perked up at this "Do... You think you can build a more effective model now?" Leer paused. "I... can.... And I suppose I should... Look. I dont' know WHAT is up, but something about this whole deal is FISHY! The people who have tried the Hoath, seem to balloon overnight with muscle and attractive features.... Yet her little boy-toy you were dating, and herself, have taken weeks to grow just a few inches.... By my math, she should be able to bench like a bodybuilder, and he should have trouble fitting into normal sized doors.... Yet... They are still just... Humanly average..." "Maybe the product doesn't work on everyone the same?" "There are enough test subjects now to eliminate that issue. There has yet to be a single side effect other than what is to be expected, these tests are going better than the tests we do on pharmasuitcals. To make things even stranger... Their Hoath wasn't made in my lab... It was made offsight and even while installing it, despite all the components being the same, the material seemed off... I can't tell if I'm losing my mind or if I'm paranoid.... But If I know that.... BITCH... It's not good..." "What can we do then? Because honestly fuck the both of them." "I like your thinking, I feel I can trust you... Verywell! I can start installing your prototype tomorrow if you'd like. From what I've learned from developing the Hoath, I should be able to get you to be twice as strong as other users twice as fast." Molly glared with a burning determination: "Lets do it." ----------------------------------------- Over the next month, the characters barely interacted, however, Hoath tech was sweeping the world by storm! Weaklings turned to power tops. Jocks turned into Chads And those who were already strong? Beasts. After a few months, the worldwide transformation began to take its toll, as those with all the power and influence would hoard and prevent this mirical expirament from reaching the lower classes. Soon, the weak cowered in the street, begging for work and coins, while the wealthy enjoyed newfound freedom behind a powerful wall of bodybuilder-like muscle they did almost nothing to earn. All the while, Jasmine watched as her father's new product forged a new age of man, where size meant everything. Status, worth, oppertunity. It was all linked to power now. And she wanted it all. Part 3 complete! Part 4 coming soon! Part 4: The Stonefall Ball "Alright team let's take it over again, one last time, from the top.... " "Six months ago the Stonefall corporation began mass producing cosmetic surgury which has cause a great deal of alphabetrium based growth within the subject. The method of insertion is the spine of Haoth, an anchient artifact capable of training the body to strengthen itself faster than that of a normal progression. " "And why is that a problem?" "The spine of Haoth is one of many artifacts detailed within the Omeganomicon, as with all other instances of artifacts from this tomb, the muscular growth is never a fair trade, someone somewhere is being screwed out of an earth shattering amount of alphabetrium. It's reached such degrees that whatever this mass is being taken from... It's begun to shape the normality within our world." "Elaborate." "Mass is now a sign of wealth and status more than just a luxury for the strong. WIll and effort are no longer valued when money and influence get you much farther. With reality now accepting this muscular advancement, if something were to appear with the strength all this extra mass must be coming from... It would be an X-K class end of the world scinerio akin to that of Brelvashee." "Wonderous work Holt! Now Mr. Matthews... Why is this ball so important? " "We expect the ball will secretly be showing off prototype tech for the announced "Gen 2" version of their signiture augmentations. The product won't arrive until july, but if we catch it now, we can prevent this from escalating further. " "And what role are you going to be playing in this Mr. Mathews?" Matt paused before continuing. "Due to my unusual resistance to alphahazardic artifacts, I'm going to be tasked with infiltration entirely while bravo team moves in for an impromptu tunnel breech from the beachside sewer entrance. They are to stand by unless requested by me, Mattews. This is my mission entirely if everything goes well, bravoteam will not be needed." "And what are your orders son?" "I'm meant to rendevus with the Delta target and exchange my keycard for hers, allowing me access behind the scenes to find the truth about what's going on here." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rex stood motionlessly, errect, alert, and with heavy breathing as the B-60s were brought in and let loose in a pile before him. The B-60s. Sexy, brain-dead androids. Each one hand crafted by one of Jasmine's father's associates to fit thier own darkest sexual preferences. Each one programmed to not only fuck like a pornstar, but engage with cute interactions with each other, giggling about how cute each other's bodies were, playfully licking each other, each one constantly on this insane line of lustful temptation, where at the drop of the hat, their leashes are to be dropped and they'll be allowed total freedom of exploration of their new freinds' bodies. A wet fantasy any highschool boy dreams of regularly. But Rex, while firm and full mast, wouldn't budge. He dared not, for fear of pissing off Jasmine again, and getting another harsh round of shock treatment. He stood motionless, fully naked, his dick larger than he had ever seen it before, warping his sense of balance as the heavy object swung back and forth in the breeze. His body pulsating, rapidly, with salavating amounts of power. He found he could even crush cans between his pectorals this morning. Yet despite the control owed to such a beast.... He wouldn't think about even taking a step forward to fuck those beautiful bots. She sat in her throne for hours, sending texts, and reading that weird "Omeganomicon" book she kept on her at all times. She spent a lot of time on her throne too. Rex was forced to stand, naked of course, as his woman would try to dangle whatever peice of eye candy she could in front of him to get him to move. But he knew better. Moving ment he wasn't strong enough, and the only way to make himself strong enough for his woman, would be through more lightning training.... He thought to himself repeatedly: "I could just flip her over and take her right here. I've outgrown the pain from the short term shocks.... But that's not what I want. I want her to treat me like this. She wants me to serve her. And in exchange for this strength, and promices of more.... I will do so. Because I love her. Because I want to serve her. Because I am her other half. And she too, will serve me.... Eventually..." Jasmine finished tapping her cheek as her eyes lit up. "Oh, look at the time. It's 6:30! The guests arrived upstairs an hour ago... Hmmm... I'm sure our *special* guests are just dying to see how the big... fat... juicy sausage is made... Who are we to keep them waiting? .... Oh right!" Jasmine said perkily as she slid her hand up her dress. "I'm Jasmine fucking Stonefall. That's who they'll bow for. Much less wait." she said before she began to touch herself, eventually moving onto licking her boy-toy, who knew better than to react without being addressed. ------------------------------------------------------- Matt walked up to the gate in a thin shirt, and showing off his monster cock *tastefully* by wearing denium jeans. "Amazing how fluent everything is for this... Because size is now worth, shrimps aren't even allowed on the property, and what would they do if they were? All the money, power, strength, and even the law protects these people. They don't have to worry about party crashers, as surely no one with no power could even get through the front door. Somehow, regular me has become a background character in this mansion of billionaires and investors by being jacked." Matt walked to the bar where he planned to meet the contact, sitting there was a sole woman, oddly enough scrawnier than most other people there with large glasses. "What brings a little thing like you to a big party like this?" Matt introduced himself. "Wonderful, you're here. We need to keep our chat breif, take the card. " Dr. Leer said abruptly, sliding the keycard she held over to Matt, which he followed up with the exchange of his own fake card. She wasted no time spinning Matt arround and pointing at the crowd. "You recognize these people? The wealthiest brats in all the land. Each one got access to the Hoath tech faster and sooner than anyone who got it from the public. What do you see that's changed about them?" Matt looked ahead and instantly picked out a few from movies he'd seen. "Yeah? What about them?" "Notice how the girls all either have massive breasts and their normal ass, or vice versa?" "Yeah?" "Why is it doing that? Surely they should all be evenly expanded? And look at the men! Monstrously huge, yet... Still under 6'2"... They're not growing in height nearly as much as the test subjects..." "So?" "It means whatever these people's spines are connected to, it's not utilizing the same programing I gave them.... Something is ROTTEN here and I'm trusting you to find out what that is..." Matt nodded "We'll do the best we can... wait 30 seconds, then knock over that bottle of wine by accident. I'll use the distraction to explore the underworld of this house..." The dark recesses of the mansion were all dark hallways with all the scientists gone. Matt searched high and low for the better half of an hour, but nothing even looked close to being suspitious. Every ounce of data he found was the falsified reports intel had already recovered. "I need to find this secret faster..." Then at the end of the hallway he saw her. "Oh uh hello? Who are you?" Matt asked the mysterious woman. "Oh me?" It answered weirdly out of pitch. "Yeah you, what's your name?" "My ID is B-60 #3322300218" "Excuse me?" "I am B-60" "What's B-60" "B-60s are the latest in Stonefall tech! Acting for pleasure, service, or alphabetrium energy storage!" "Woah woah woah, wait back up what was that last one?" "All B-60s are administered with an Alphorium field generated by filling our chest cavity, muscular systems, and other components and compressing them. The resulting alpha-magnetic field arround the smaller B-60 is significantly stronger than that of previous methods!" "Are... You telling me you're normally larger than this?" "Yes! In my activation phase, I saw a mass compression of over 5000 lbs. I can show you the B-60 creation lab if you'd wish! I need to be getting back there anyways... I don't know how but I just kinda wondered off from my freinds..." Matt raised an eyebrow as he started to follow the sexy half-naked android struggling to walk straight. ---------------------------------------------------- "Holy.... SHIT!" Is all Matt could say as he was escorted into the B-60 hive. The small sexy figures of the other girls were nothing compared to the beasts coming right off the presses. Monstrous girls over 5000lbs of synthetic muscle, organ, and fat. " On the other end of his camera, Team Charlie began analyzing the scene. "Holy shit Benny, this is fucked! How are they doing this?" "Looks like every mechanism has to interact with that main activation ring there in the middle, remove that and it's possible B-60 production will halt entirely!" Matt wasted no time in grabbing the ring. "Warning, main production core removed, B-60 secondary routine begining now!" As if one of the celebrities from upstairs had wondered into the hall, the numerous B-60s began swarming in unison to get to the same place. Matt was quickly swept up in the flow as dozens of girls began pouring into the halls. They all swarmed and funneled themselves into a large central chamber labeled "Jasmine's Throne Room, STAY OUT!" Once inside the chamber, the hundreds of B-60s and other strange models began piling on top of each other, fucking and lusting in anyway they could withwhomever they could reach. Hundreds of them. As they fucked, Matt began to feel an uncertain pulse flow through him... With his tattoos burning with each breath it took. Something wasn't natural about this... That's when he was spotted. "Hello there Mr. Eager-Beaver!" Jasmine teased from atop her mountain of sex, of which she stood in heels grinding into Rex's toes as she fucked him with an "XXXL" big black strap-on. "Come for the big show?" She shouted as she crushed Rex's balls in her hands, forcing him to the ground, where he would subsiquently be swallowed by and endless sea of hot sweaty bodies. End of Part 4! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 5: The Big Show Matt was hesitant, but responded: "What big Show?" "Duh, the activation of the mark 3 prototypes of course!" Jasmine said ditziliy. "And our complete domination of the new world." Rex followed up after a button click from Jasmine. "Mmmmm... You tell it so well baby... mmmmm... Tell him about the plan.... MMMMMM.... Too late for him now anyways..." "Yes my queen...." "You've no doubt seen the small army of B-60s, each one truely amazing. They're built the size of simi-trailer trucks...." Rex started as he ordered in a new-born B-60, still huge. ..but by removing the stable energy between their metalic compositions, we can actually change the mass of the metal, shrinking it." He narrated as the B-60's skin turned red-hot as it compressed down into a slimmer and slimmer form. "Normally we'd have this specimen in a chamber for this process, which would reduce it to human level proportions by maximizing the energy drain from the metal... However this one will not get such treatment..." Rex smirked as the metal being before him took form into one jacked princess. The beastly android fell to it's knees as it gained contiousness. "Error.//// Energy containment failure///..................... Reorchestrating into secondary software. " Suddenly, her big burley arms slammed Matt into the wall. Rex continued: "See this energy we've created here is artificial. It's fake, it's just machinery, but... If you make the machine complex enough, give it some fake free will, and artificial inteligence, it seems the rules of Omeganomicon magic apply even to them! I can then make a very real switch as I trade the "Mass" of the machines, for real Alphabetrium from the aetheric plane. They've replicated so much, it can be sold for less than the cost of a car. " Matt chimed in : LISTEN TO ME! These rituals never offer a fair trade! Somehow someway, you're about to put a LOT of people in danger. Rex simply smiled and stared into Matt's eyes with a dark cold glazed over focus as he replied " I know ". "So kind of you to bring the production core with you here! That's kinda the conductor of the main event here. See, when that thing eventually runs out of juice, the ritual that's giving all those moviestars upstairs muscle mass, will collect it's payment. When that happens, I will collect the combined total of all their masses into my body. In a world ruled by mass, I will be a god, towering above cities as the king of a new age, where continued existance is reliant on pleaseing me and my queen." "FUCK YES YOU'RE MAKING ME FUCKING DROOL BABY!" Jasmine screamed from atop her throne. On the other end of Matt's earpeice, red alert priority 1 event was established on the Stonefall Manor, non-nuclear options were approved as Rex fixed the ring arround his neck. Upstairs at the party, horror struck out as all the attendies suddenly found themselves shrinking, first just losing their impressive new assets, but soon after, losing mass they had before the treatment! The collar down bellow crackled with bright blue energy as it began to fill Rex's already massive body with an inhuman amount of energy. Eventually he paused his growth to breathe and admire his new form. This caused a great deal of comotion upstairs as all the excess alphabetrium began bouncing wildly between different hosts, leading to breif moments with this: Rex admired his new form. Matt stared at the beast before him, easily 20 meters tall at this point, his arms larger than some sofas, his legs more flexible than a gymnists, and such raw unbridaled and unfocused power emmenating from his very breaths. "Alright I've seen enough" Matt thinks as he breaks free from the B-60. He makes a break for the collar and through some miracle manages to pry it from off Rex's neck." Rex finally snapped out of his self worship as he discovered the collar was no longer feeding him. He looked down to see Matt put it on and smiled. Rex's massive human-sized hands clamped together arround Matt's neck, forcing the energy to flow into him and Rex simutaniously. Matt suddenly looked worried. "We know who you are Mathew... You're resistant to Alphabetrium effects, making you the perfect conduit for draining this energy into me safely!" Rex said as it did truely begin to grow Rex faster and more effectively than Matt. Matt stared into Rex and pleaded "Please Rex... She's using you... This whole thing is about to go HAYWIRE!" Rex weakened his grip as his eye burned white with the energy flowing through him. "What do you mean?" "The.... Plans... I snatched... The... (gasp) Spine is set to.... route to a... buffer host... To undergo one last step... before transmitting to the true Puppetmaster.... Jasmine...." "You DARE say such things about my queen! HA! I care not. I care for her being only! Her trust is valued above all others with me! Isn't that right my Jasy-wazy!" "Oh yeah baby totally! MMMMMM.... Suck all that hot... Sexy... MM.... Bouncy energy up Rexy-wexy. I'm almost done with my part..." Beneath her Jasmine was standing in a trentagram of symbols, energies, and artifacts as she whispered to the omeganomicon: "So um like... I have like a deal with, like, the sin of Greed... I have become worthy of controlling a vescle of potentially infinite power, and soon our essenses must combine to control such power effectively, and like guide us to Jotenhime, got it?" After her request was made, she closed the book and held it against her face. Then she pushed the button. Matt felt the energy in the ring thunder to a grinding halt as it stopped pouring in to Rex. Rex stared at his lover horrified as she made a rude L-shaped jesture on her head as she blew him a rasperry. Matt's earpeice was blazing , "MATHEW! THE WHOLE SPINE GRID JUST BLEW! EVERY MUSCULAR RECEIVER OF THE TREATMENT JUST HAD EVERY OUNCE OF ALPHABETRIUM SUCKED OUT OF THEM!" Matt however had gone catatonic as the energy inside him was rapidly drained, as reaily itself became strange. Einstein invisioned mater can be transformed into energy, with how unstable Jasmine's little show had made not just the spine network, but the entire layout of how mass works was becoming unstable. The ground itself became thin lines and mathmatical fractal patterns. Space itself had begun to blend together as Jasmine created an almost literal black hole of mass absorbtion. The only things to survive the change in environment, were Matt, the godlike form Jasmine was becoming, and Rex. Rex looked up in mind-shattering horror to his girlfreind as she grew and grew bigger and bigger. Eventually she looked down and in her enormous mile-wide face, he could see a cold evil stair he knew all too commonly from his time with her. He tried to run but soon found himself crushed under her heel as she squeeled with delight. "SORRY REXY-WEXY! I've JUST OUTGROWN YOU!" Jasmine was savagely rubbing herself up and down as she killed her boyfreind and absorbed the mass of his body out of the very air. Her arms expanding and twisting to strange bends and forms as she conveyed a whole new dimension of power surge through her. The book she'd kept near her face was now fused to it as the pages melted into her skin and her body became lit with the harsh glow of familure demonic energy as it paled her skin and brought a new found control over her own body. This was the last thing Matt saw as he entered Jasmine's energy singularity sink. Back outside, the President, as well as a series of other world leaders received a call. "We have no choice, we have to divert project Apollo." "Are you insane?! That's like pouring gas on a fire!" "We've lost all hope of containing this threat. She's simply too massive for us to even catch up to at this point. If we do nothing, her gravitational mass will destroy the planet as we know it. Our only hope is to divert the excess energy we've collected over decades from the sun to hasten her growth. If she gets big enough quick enough, she'll be contained in a Jotenhime singularity, just like with the Jackova Event." "You mean make her so big she can't even crush us even more...." "Unfortunantly..." "She'll be a gigantic beast of a form, free to fuck arround in the sacred realm with no one to keep her in check...." "But we'll have the time to figure out how to undo what she's done.... I wouldn't be demanding this, if it wasn't our last chance. Within an hour, she'll be a giant, or we'll all be dead." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jasmine reveled in her newfound power as she rested her moon-sized titties across America. Soon after, the call was made, and earth's reserve of over 4000x the mass of earth began to be pumped into the the spoiled brat. She giggled to herself, sending shockwaves across the world. "Good little bitches. Make mama bigger. MMMM... YES! MORE MORE MORE MORE! I WANT IT. I WANT POWER!" The demonic voice inside Jasmine screamed as it grew even larger and larger at an exponential rate of acceleration. Soon she outgrew the earth, then the sun, the solar system, the galaxy, ALL THE way up until she found herself casted out alone in a void of nothingess as she glowed with energy. Matt awoke to find himself still linked to the powerflow of the beastess. He himself was now several time larger than the universe, but still infinitely smaller than Jasmine. She turned to him and grabbed him with a grip several thousand kilometers wide. "Resistant one are you.... That's fine... I remember you from before..." Matt looked up in confusion. "You challenged my sister, Lust, the sin of desire, and won. Poor thing was always so short sighted. I beleive she was in possession of your former lover at the time right? Defeating her gave you that power you cling to now.... Mmm... I suppose you're no harm to me. More like a little TRINKET REALLY!" With those words, the friction from the increase in Jasmine tightening her grip fused the very air arround Matt into a cage of nuclear fire as the void arround them began forming skull-like patterns. You being chained to me is fortunate, I can use the power of that which bested my sister in my quest to reclaim the trone of power from that bastard Jacova.... You'll make traversing the realm of Jotenhiem easier than the infinite power flowing through me already.... Now brace yourself boy... The sheer change in scope as we cross into the next realm is enough to drive mortals insane. Prepare to see the form of your new god. End! And that's the end of that! But what? What about Molly? Leer? Jasmine? The rest of the group? What about the world left behind? For that, you'll be getting two stories, but I'll let you vote on which one to try out first! Option A: Explore what happened on earth and how our protatognists will get out of this one. Option B: Explore the realm of Jotenhiem where the concept of strength is fundamentally challenged.
  3. Omeganomicon

    The Dark Age of Brewler

    Chronicles of the Fungi Kingdom [So for the 5th anniversary thing, I went for a classic video game parody with more sinister and greedy nature] The Dark Age of Brewler Mateo looked up at the sinister castle once more, quaking in his shoes. It had been six weeks since the raid of Fungi Castle. A villainous terrorist attack by the neighboring kingdom, which had killed the king and queen and kidnapped their only daughter, Princess Pear. Mateo had no idea if the Princess was alive, but he had to try. He had to stand up to this clan of evil bastards who defiled every treaty and refused to engage in any discussion of peace. All they cared about was their master’s bidding… And quite frankly Mateo didn’t blame them… Their king, a fearsome alpha dragon, the first born in over 300 years, a beast known as “Brewler”... He struck terror into the very eyes of those that dared witness his powerful form. He was a monster, whom devoured kingdom after kingdom in his endless pursuit of dominance and power. Nothing can stop him. Over the years, tensions with Brewler’s kingdom grew higher and higher with the Fungi kingdom. While the Fungi Kingdom pursued scientific studies, tactics, and mathematics, Brewler’s kingdom was always one step ahead utilizing dark magic and forbidden ancient powers sealed away from the mortal world. Eventually once Brewler himself was trained and educated by a dark cult of mages and dark devotees, Brewler’s small kingdom almost overnight devoured every one of the neighboring kingdoms. It made sense that eventually, he would come for the Fungi people… It was just a matter of time… It was the height of the mycelium festival when they struck. For most of the kingdom the day started as a day of peace. A day of celebration. Then the beast appeared on the horizon. Followed by legions of airships led by dastardly crews of specialized fighters and notorious traitors of the former kingdoms conquered by Brewler. The battle was over in minutes, it was too sudden, too much too fast. Brewler simply laid waist to the castle, the town, and the walls, then sent in his head mage, a cruel and twisted bastard by the name of Kane. Kane knew the job he was sent in to do, and he liked it. He walked straight in, stole the soul of the former king, and imprisoned him in stone with an eternal unbreakable curse. He then allowed his men to take turns fucking the corpse of the former queen while he himself took their 23 year old daughter with them back to Brewler’s Castle. For Kane he took pleasure, not in the abuse dealt to the victims, but in the knowledge that the king’s soul will forever be trapped as witness to his wife’s murder and daughter’s abduction, unable even in death to find peace in the further… When Kane left, the few survivors of the slaughter convened and sought out every able body available and willing to help. Mateo, together with his cowardly brother Luis, and a legion of patriotic Fungi residents were tasked with the herculean task of recovering the princess and defeating the monster. They all knew it was a death march, but for them, the idea of turning their back on their country was more pain than being crushed by any dragon. Or so they thought… Mateo looked back at his squadron now… Four… Only four people were left. Himself, his brother, a young adul… no… a child, a fucking teenager by the name of Toah, and his older sister Toahanne. Mateo looked back at his crew and gritted his teeth. “This is it… This is the castle. We… We made it here... I… I don’t know how we did… I don’t know why we were spared while… So many more of us didn’t…” This made Luis snap. “What was the point?! What’s the fucking point of any of this? We can’t stop that monster! There was thirty of us when we left the castle Mateo, THIRTY! WE HAVE NOTHING! Even if we knew where the princess was in that massive death-lined stronghold, even if we got her out and back to the castle safe and sound just the four of us…. The fucking bastard will just destroy our whole kingdom again before….” “SHUT UP!” Toah screamed, glaring into Luis hard. “You going to tell me next Josh died for nothing? Or Jenny? DID MORTIMER DIE FOR NOTHING WHEN HE SAVED YOUR COWARDLY ASS FROM THAT BOMB TRAP?!” Toah ran away into the mist and brimstone. Toahanne glared at Luis: “Nice job asshole. TOAH get back here!” But before Toahanne could catch up to Toah, the ground cracked, and Toah shrieked as he began to fall deep into a subterranean cavern beneath, followed by the other 3. Mateo, for a long time, assumed he was dead. He must have been. That was a 100 foot fall into what must be rocks. But alas, in total darkness, he still felt… Alive. He moaned as he came into consciousness. Luis called out in the dark: “Mateo?! Mateo is that you?! Are you awake?!” “Luis? Is that you?!” “Not just him, Toah and Toahanne too. It seems we all survived the fall, but… We’re stuck.. Somethings sticking to us!” Mateo pulled out his personal lighter and lit it, upon doing so, the surrounding environment lit up in a dazzle of pseudo photosynthesis. Toahanne spoke up: This is a giant mushroom cave. It must be thousands of years old. These must be insanely prehistoric species… Mateo, do you think you can burn yourself out of that mushroom? I wouldn’t recommend touching these things in any way you don’t have to! Mateo, Luis, and Toahanne were all stuck on a northward facing mushroom close to each other, so it was easy for them to release each other. “How the fuck are we going to get out of here?” Luis wondered out loud. “Lets focus on freeing Toah fi….iiiiirrrrsst the FUCK!?!” Toah, whom just earlier today looked like this: 5’4”, scrawny build, almost no muscle. Was now towering over the other 3 as a 10’8 beast rippling with power. “WOAH LITTLE BRO!” Toahanne “Mah...ma… mia!” Mateo said in bewilderment. Luis simply fainted. “What… What did this to you?!” Mateo asked. Toah, somewhat dazed but mostly just distracted by the erotic sensation of feeling the power his body can exert, mumbles something about chewing. “What?” Toahanne barks, annoyed at her “little” brother. “OH..Uh… It was the mushrooms I think, I tried to chew myself out, then I felt this weird stomach ache, and now I’m….. Really…. Really big…. FUCK!” Toahanne examined the mushrooms closer. “I wonder… It’s been theorized the reason we’re known as the “Fungi” kingdom is because hundreds of years ago, it was said mushrooms of that era were able to provide vast sources of power. The school and rest of the world always assumed this was a metaphor to show that a connected consciousness like teamwork and communication would be the strongest ally… But now… I wonder if they were literally just growing stronger from exotic molds….” “Is it going to wear off or something?” “It likely will. We should likely do some testing.” -------------------------------------------------------------------- Mateo, Luis, Toahanne, and Toah would spend the next two weeks in this cave of wonders, testing, experimenting, and documenting their finds. Luis namely searched for food outside while Mateo and Toah took turns being a guinea pig and being a watchman for enemy troops. Toahanne discovered 4 notable facts about the mushrooms in the cave. 1- All mushrooms will double one’s default size and mass upon first consumption. A 150lb man will become 300lbs for example. 2- The effects of eating a mushroom appears to only last a few hours. You’ll retain the size difference until a mushroom is completely passed through your digestive system. 3- The mushrooms do not change effects based on volumes of present material. One mushroom of any size will make you X times as tall or strong. 4- The mushrooms seem to multiply rapidly, but will only occupy muggy or damp areas with little or no light. Mateo peered over the notes and looked at Toahanne. “Do… Do you think this will work?” Toahanne sunk her head. “Its hard to say… there are four of us and if we’re all massive we might stand a chance against a one on one with Brewler… But with his legions of magic and militaristic forces growing by the day…. I can’t be certain of anything.” Luis returned from running errands outside the cave and spoke for the first time in days. “...If you can get us all as big as Toah… I think I might have a plan to kill that monster.” And with that, our four heroes drank in celebration of their new plan, regained hope, and powerful new bodies. Mateo. Luis Toah And Toahanne ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- King Brewler drank viciously from the chalice of wine in his hand as the new prisoner was brought forth. “Who is this?” He asked menacingly. “This is princess Lilly, of the Sandafarian Kingdom overseas. A token of how far your power reaches now my lord….” Some sniveling underling answered. Brewler extended his massive muscular arm and inspected the princess with his claws. “Ugg… Is this really all they have to work with in Sandafaria? What a pathetic excuse for a princess. Flat chested, covered in makeup… Honestly how am I going to skewer this bitch across my cock?” Lilly gasped in fear as she gazed at the beast’s massive swinging package. That thing was easily four times the size of her own body. “Please… Please don’t do that…” she whimpered in fear. “Oh… well you have nothing to worry about then… As I was saying you’re ill fit to provide me with a new generation of children…. I suppose you’ll make a nice appetizer instead!” The bastard laughed with the rest of the room as the princess was effortlessly pulled from her steel shackles and dangled above Brewler’s reptilian jaws… And dropped. However, before she could be eaten, a hunky man in green swooped down from the roof and caught her mid-fall. “Woah there, can’t have a fine flower like you becoming an orderve.” Lilly was mesmerized by the situation, but before she knew it she found herself kissing any part of the mysterious stud she could and repeating “THANK YOU! THANKYOU! THANKYOU!” over and over as she did. “I ah… I gotta go save my kingdom and kill this lizard bitch and you should try to get out of here… And if I survive… Hit me up Ok? Name’s Luis.” Lilly starred in bewilderment at her green knight before turning to escape the castle. Down below, Luis saw Toah and Mateo speaking with the beast as Toahanne got into position. “Ah ha ha ha ha…. I must admit… Mateo… Your reputation precedes you… Stopping my tanks, infiltrating my supply lines… You’ve been quite the thorn in the side of my operation into the Fungi kingdom… Although I must admit I see why… You’re much more a king than any of those other losers who stood in my way… I offer you one chance and one chance only. Join me now, and bask in the riches, women, and power I can offer you as one of my generals, or continue this ridiculous idea of challenging me, and perish where you now stand.” Mateo spit at the thought of betraying his home like that. “Then you will die.” The dragon king said as he grinned evilly. Toah and Mateo looked at one another one last time, then bolted in separate directions. Brewler turned to his forces: “kill the other one, he’s of no entertainment for me, but none are to lay a finger on Mateo… That’s my kill. Absorbing his strength by consuming him seems… Delectable.” Before leaping and bellowing after Mateo. Mateo ran from hall to hall as fast as he could, with the relentless monster always hot on his trail… That’s when he saw it… Two days prior, Luis ran a perimeter on the castle, in doing so, he found one particular chamber filled with lava from the outside volcano, suspended right over a sturdy but destroyable bridge. And now, after running for quite a while, Mateo turned and looked the beast square in the eyes. “So long you fucking turtle.” Mateo pointed behind the beast as it stared at him in confusion, there stood Toahanna, with a pair of gardening shears clasped firmly around the bridge’s support. And with one easy thrust, snapped it in two. With an angry roar, Brewler fell into the molten abyss beneath him. As he struggled against the lava, it hardened across him and melted his flesh. Mateo couldn’t believe it… He’d done it! The beast was dead! That’s when he saw a sight that would haunt him most of all. The bones below him turned to him and smiled. “You think you’ve won? HA! You may have defeated me, but you’ve won nothing. The Dragon clan will rule this world long after you and your pathetic Fungi kingdom have given up all hope! Soon, my reborn body will reside on a throne sculpted from the remains of your loved ones! Enjoy the calm before the storm…. “Hero of the Fungi Kingdom… Muahahhahaaaa.aaaaaaaaaaaaa…………” They finally finished as the bones themselves turned to ash. That was it. The Beast was defeated. Mateo and Toadanne quickly ran back to the throne room. Inside Luis and Toah were surrounded by a pile of unconscious minions. A few of the remaining generals turned towards Mateo with surprise. “Wh… Where is lord Brewler?!” “Dead.” Mateo said with a chilling firmness. There was a laugh in the audience of minions until they realized their master was not appearing to challenge Mateo. Suddenly, a lieutenant stepped forwards. “Well fuck this! I only enlisted because that monster said he was going to kill me if I didn’t join him! Fuck the Dragon Clan!” Soon the whole room was in thunderous applause as the few native Dragon clan members were taken prisoner. Mateo looked around the dungeons as he searched for Princess Pear… But he couldn’t find her… Luis finally caught up to Mateo, embraced him and then gave him an update: “With the exceptions of a few legions of deployed minions, and Kane’s personal squadron, we’ve destroyed or captured all of Brewler’s minions and weaponry.” “And what of the princess?” Mateo asked. “The only place left to check is the southern Tower, where the monster himself resided.” Mateo dashed to the tower and raced up to the top. Inside was a grisly scene, demonic ritual elements, chains, whips, and suspended against the far back wall above Brewler’s giant bed, was Princess Pear. “PRINCESS!” Mateo shouted as he ran to rip the chains binding her from their bolts. As his immense strength shattered the last iron run in one pull, the princess leapt forward into Mateo’s arms. Kissed him, disrobed him, and soon… Explored the rest of his body. “The Reign of the Fallen Princess” Six weeks earlier* Princess Pear kept her eyes shut as she was lead into the throne room. This had to be a dream. IT HAD TO BE! The sinister snickers of Brewler’s minions sent shivers down her spine from across the room. When she finally worked up the courage to open her eyes, she saw she was accompanied by four other women, each one a captured royalty from a neighboring land. The wicked bastard who kidnapped Pear, Kane, was inspecting the princesses with weird measuring instruments. Eventually he got to Pear. “My my… The royal bloodline of the famed Fungi kingdom does not disappoint. Such sturdy hips, such tender legs, such a flexible torso… This is wondrous. I had no doubt the Fungi kingdom’s royal family would serve as a perfect incubator for the future of the Dragon Clan.” Kane snapped his fingers and the guards surrounded the four girls. “Only she is worth anything to us, do as you will with the others.” Kane snapped his fingers again, and thorny vines descended, clasping around Princess Pear forcing her to her knees to watch as her fellow royalty were beheaded and their corpses desecrated before her. The princess wasn’t sure when she lost consciousness, but awoke much later in a small dungeon. A cot, a latrine, a bowl of slop and a single mirror stood on one side of the room, and on the other side was the exit, guarded by a trio of snarling metal beasts. The beasts continuously lunged at the princess, but couldn’t seem to extend far enough to reach her, despite their apparent hunger for her flesh. Pear spent two days in that room, alone, with no contact. She eventually had to resort to drinking from the latrine as she’d grown too thirsty, thankfully she hadn’t used it yet. At sundown on the second day, the door to the princess’s chamber opened to reveal Kane. “It’s time to meet your new master my dear.” He said evilly as he commanded a pair of troops to restrain her as she was carried down out of her tower and lead into a dark ritualistic room illuminated by a series of glowing symbols on the floor In the shadows of the darkness she heard an evil voice she’d never forget…. Brewler… “Ah yes… I’ve been looking forward to this one... Kane, if you would.” Kane bowed and raised his robed hands, commanding the symbols on the floor to creep up the princess’s body, tearing her clothes and zapping her violently, enveloping her in an odd energy force. Brewler laughed menacingly before kane spoke again. “She is now protected by our magic sir… Her body, while no stronger, is now more elastic and resistant to tears. You may now begin your consummation… My lord… “ Brewler grabbed Pear violently and dangled her in front of him as he stood erect off his throne, giving her a birds eye view of his colossal member. However, in the very next minute, Princess Pear was horrified to see the massive member begin to rest between her legs. She screamed and tried to run, but couldn’t. “Good. Scream in terror. I love the feeling I get when I see someone cowering before me.” Brewler grinned. The magic did its job, and soon, princess Pear found her whole body being stretched over the king’s 20ft love muscle, being bucked wildly. The princess was lost in oblivion as her mind had been shattered. Such force, such size, such power. Ripping into her over and over at such violent speeds. Her body, immortally restrained, was in traumatizing pain. She begged for death. She couldn’t take it. It was as if a small car repeatedly filled her insides over and over. No mortal was meant to withstand such a feat. Her brain went into shock, refusing to let her lose consciousness, forcing her into a fever dream like trance where she could no longer move her body. This proceeded for hours, long into the night, until one of the timing candles from the corner fizzled out. Kane spoke up finally: “My lord. The magic is soon to wear thin upon the stroke of midnight, I suggest you wrap things up quickly.” Brewler smiled and flexed his body all over, his cock throbbing as it erupted with energy. The petrified princess lost track of the world around her as a vivid hallucination of a dark endless void consumed her vision. In her dream, Pear was alone in a white oblivion. The only thing she could see was a dark sphere in the center of the room, pulsating with odd noises. “Come to me…” The void hissed at the princess. The princess, frightened, ran from the figure, but found she could gain no distance running away from it. “I will set you free….” The void hissed again as bells began to chime quietly. “I will give you everything you desire…” The void echoed once more. “Just join meeeee…..” Was the last thing it spoke before Pear was snapped back into reality. The princess was alone, it was magic, and Brewler had left the room. Kane now stood before her. “Get up swine.” He commanded. The princess, wobbling, managed to crawl to her feat before Kane snapped her fingers and had the two guards escort her back to her tower. Two weeks later. The princess stared at herself in the mirror. Every day was exactly like the one before. She’d wake up, early, to the sound of Brewler leaving the castle. He’s return the following evening, and from after dinner to midnight, he’d fuck Princess Pear savagely like the monster he was. Pear’s mental health was gone by now. Her last shred of hope torn asunder. She’d felt that monster more than any other victim in his path, over and over. Nothing could stop him. This was her hell. The magic refused to let her die, and there was no escape. Pear had always lived a sheltered life, away from adversity. She wasn’t raised to receive this much stress, ever, much less repeatedly every night with no end in sight. Pear grasped the bloody remains of a former guard she’d pulled from the chained beast while it slept and moved its jaw up and down. “I’m going to do it.” She whispered to it. She giggled and kissed the skull, rubbing the top of it’s mouth with her tongue before whispering to it again. “I’m going to go to the void tonight. I’m going to let it into me. I mean… WHY NOT RIGHT?! IT’S NOT LIKE IT’S GONNA CHANGE ANYTHING AHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!” She began to shout. Kane began to open the door behind her, triggering Pear to go into another laughing fit of madness as the guards carried her to the ritual chamber. Once more, Brewler decimated Pear’s body. And in the final moments, once more, Pear appeared before a sphere of darkness. “Let me in…” It called out. The princess’s eyes widened with madness. “YES! YES I LET YOU IN!! I ACCEPT! FILL ME WITH YOUR PRESENCE!” Suddenly the void reached out with demonic tendrils and absorbed itself into Princess Pear’s soul. Pear didn’t know what happened after that but awoke in her bed room. She arrose and walked to the mirror. She couldn’t explain it but somehow. She was different. Something… inside her had changed. She was more confident. But mostly, more accepting. “Ha… HA HAH HA HA HA! Yeeesss….” She moaned as she began to touch her aching sore body. I feel….Stronger today… the princess said to herself with a smirk. This confidence startled the three chained beast which growled, barked, and snapped at her repeatedly. She normally avoided this, but today she felt… In control of these beasts, and slowly began approaching the metal abominations. Kane came at the same time as always to fetch the princess, but when he entered her chamber today.. He was startled by what he found there. The princess was holding one of the metal beasts and standing over another. She caressed them both and whispered : “Mamma’s gonna be back soon, you two behave, or you’ll end up like your brother.” Before swaggering over to Kane with her hips popping with each step. Kane noticed that one of the beasts was missing. But upon closer inspection saw the beast’s teeth were dislodged and arranged into a small crown upon the princess’s head. “Coming Kane?” The princess beckoned as she proceeded to the chamber without him. The following days were much more pleasurable for Pear. She still detested Brewler for what he was, but began to enjoy the ride (literally). The void didn’t appear to her again. Nor did she expect it to. She knew where it was. The void was herself. Once she learned to love this dark side of her, she began to grow stronger against Kane’s magic bit by bit. He still could force her to do as he pleased, but his abilities seemed to favor Pear more. Vines would sprout more vampiric buds to lick her body. Golems and minions that would be summoned by magic took a more feminine form. But perhaps the most noteworthy change was Pears sudden encouragement to fuck the various minions of Brewler in addition to just the king himself. She would occasionally hurt or maim one or two, but inside she began to develop a thirst for their touch. Six weeks had passed sense she’d become Brewler’s prisoner now. She sat atop her bed, covered in the viscera of an unlucky guard, touching herself. She reflected upon her new life and frowned. “What’s the point? I may be finding the silver lining but it means nothing as long as I’m Brewler’s slave… But one day… Someday… I’ll break free of this prison… And when I do… I will make them all…. PAY!” ------------------------------ Mateo awoke to the sound of construction work outside. Figures they’d be repairing everything, what with all the damage to the town Brewler caused. It had been a glorious four days. Returning to Castle Fungi to a hero’s welcome, riches, liquor, women, and of course, the superhuman strength of the mushrooms they collected. Luis had become incredibly enamored with Princess Lilly whom he met during the raid on Brewler’s castle. Toah had risen to head of the mushroom guard. Toahanne had spent all of her time in the cave studying the ruins and mushrooms. As for Mateo himself, he enjoyed the princess’s “gift” to her rescuer, but afterwards she made it clear that Fungi Royalty wouldn’t allow her to “mingle” with the common folk, beith they a champion or not. Mateo spent the rest of his return in various pubs, but today, he would begin his new job as an elite guard of the military directly protecting the princess. He’d never be ready for what he would be asked to do. At first it was basic training, training in special weaponry, advanced protocols, and learning the various tactics of the castle’s defenses. Then, at the end of the day, the new recruits were all brought into a room in the back of the castle, deep in the dungeons. The princess herself attended as she lead in a group of 30 people in chains. Some of them were people knew, who grew up with him. The princess addressed the room: “New recruits, these traitors are charged with high treason by not fighting off the armies of Brewler with their last breath. The heinous loss of faith, will not be tolerated for as long as my bloodline rules this land. As a final test today, you all must execute these traitors. Fail, and you’ll be seen as a traitor yourself, and will join those with lesser faith.” The gagged prisoners begged and pleaded to the very end, and Mateo would never forget the look in their eyes that they gave him pleading for mercy. It haunted him at the core of his soul. What could he do? Hero or not, he couldn’t speak out against the princess. That night, Mateo met with Toahanne for the first time since the defeat. “Mateo! It’s late! I didn’t expect you.” Toahanne said with her muscular form hidden behind a thin robe. Mateo was quick and to the point: “I don’t want the princess finding out about those mushrooms… Look… Today I was forced to do some dark shit. I had no idea the princess was so ruthless. Toahanne nodded. “I think that’s for the best, what I found in the ruins isn’t good either. Apparently, mushrooms are just the first step in an even more powerful process to achieve what the elders referred to as “Nirvana”. “Nirvana?” “Yes, I… I don’t fully understand what that means or what you need to get there, but apparently it grants powers akin to that of one of the old gods. A power far beyond mere strength.” “We can’t let her get anything like that!” “I agree. We can’t let ANYONE get ahold of anything like that. Thankfully, the other components, a flower from the far east, and stardust aren't’ common items. And even if you had either of those, they won’t react with you unless you have the power of the mushroom.” ------------------------------------ Luis woke up again from a peaceful bliss in his princess’s arms. He’d made up his mind and discussed things with Mateo thoroughly. He would immigrate to Sandafaria, marry Lilly, and establish his legacy there. All he needed now was the signature of the royal family to start his new life. Luis was eager to get moving and so started off towards the castle alone. When he arrived, he was immediately brought into the Princess’s chambers. “Hello Luis, I don’t think we ever formally met, but I thank you for your dedication to the family and this kingdom.” The princess opened. “And I trust you know I’ll always be ready to defend my home kingdom, but I have a favor to ask…” “Then ask you may.” “I wish to immigrate to Sandafaria, I have fallen in love with a princess I rescued from Brewler and I want to start a life with her.” The princess frowned. “A pity…. But for a hero of the Fungi kingdom, how can I say no?” Luis smiled and took a knee to say “Thank you Princess” “But… Before I do.. I must ask you something Luis… How did you do it?” “Do what your highness?” “How did you beat Brewler? How did you have the strength to oppose that… beast? Don’t tell me it was blind courage.” Luis swallowed. He knew telling the princess was against Mateo’s wishes, so he had to rely on the discussed fib. “Gadzook’s lab recently developed a top secret serum for the war effort! Unfortunately the team that made it was killed by Brewler’s magic force.” The princess stood up and walked over to a crypt in the corner of the room, she opened it slowly and motioned Luis to approach her as she moved the heavy lid, exposing the insides. Luis’s heart stopped. Inside the crypt, rolling around on it’s own with no body… Was Toah’s severed head. “See it’s funny… This kid said that same thing a few days ago… But Gadzook’s lab has no record of a super steroid…. Now… I know you don’t want to join your former friend her would you? Because surely you know lying to the royal family is a sign of treason... “ The princess said with an ice cold stair. Luis could have ended it there. He could have just refused and maybe stopped this whole thing… But he was a coward, and instead decided to lead the princess to the cave of mushrooms. The princess eyed the truffles before consuming one eagerly. She felt an immense power growing within her pulse by pulse bigger and bigger, after a few minutes she looked down and saw her dress was torn asunder by the power of her muscular growth. The princess chuckled deeply as she explored the power of her new body. Beastly trunks that could lift whole vehicles. Breasts fit for a queen. An ass to match, errotic legs, and a rock-hard core. With this new sensation of power the princess re-emerged from the cave and grinned as she began to give orders. “Have my elite squadron start testing on this stuff immediately. I want this shit fueling the fungi military by the end of the week. The neighbors might think they’re safe now, but they’ll soon find Brewler was a tame puppy compared to the Queen of the Fungi Kingdom.” From the raptors above, waiting in silence, Kane grinned evilly to himself. ---------------------------------------------------------- “Fate is a fickle bitch isn't’ she…” Kane thought to himself. “The seed is planted properly, it will manifest soon…” Kane observed as he teleported away. “I must prepare for the ceremony before that thorn Mateo or his friends obtain the other two ingredients I used on Brewler. I expect it won’t take them long to located the burn blossom, Luis has already fallen smitten with the princess of its native land. That being said…. Obtaining stardust is much more difficult…. Hmm… I wonder if I can use them to my advantage…” ----------------- Mateo, Toahanne, Luis, and Lilly peaked out from their cabin briefly before looking back across the waters to their former home. Toahanne finally put down a paper from that morning. “New Fungi Kingdom Regime Launched, “The world will kneel before the Queen” chants an army of muscular super soldiers seen marching out of the castle.” “Those super soldiers are fueled by those mushrooms… They’ll destroy everything!” “There’s nothing we can do, even with our reserve supply, there’s hundreds of them and four of us…. And… Well… YOU SAW WHAT THEY DID TO TOAH!” Lilly crouched and hugged Toahanne as she sobbed, lamenting her brother’s death. Lilly finally spoke up: “We’ll reach Sandafaria in three days. When we get there I know of the exact garden Toahanne speaks of, it is hidden in the bowels of my castle. I am quite familiar with the flowers that grow there, but they don’t have any magical effect I’m aware of.” “You need to be under the effects of the mushroom to use the power of the burn blossom.” Toahanne explained. “I see…” Luis just stared into the abyss… “How did we fail… We saved our Princess, and now she turns her back on us… I wonder… If maybe… Brewler was meant to kill our Princess….” “Luis we couldn’t have known…” “Look, all I know is we started fucking with power untold and now it’s come back to reap revenge. That’s all…” Mateo hung his head and spoke: “We need a plan… A long term one…” Toahanne answered fiercely: “Simple, get the flower, get the stardust from somewhere, then use that power to kill that bitch. She needs to be stopped at all costs.” ------------------------------------------------ As the boat finally docked in Sandafaria, the group wasted no time in uncovering the power hidden in the burning blossoms. Mateo was the first trial subject. First, the flower seemed to stick to his skin, but quickly, Mateo realized this wasn’t the flower, but fire. A warm glow enveloped Mateo’s body as he felt every muscle twitch By the time the transformation was finished, Mateo was heaving as the pressure and heat building in his chest constantly. This build up was progressional, and eventually Mateo relieved himself by expelling fire from his fists. He felt relieved. It felt good to expend his power like this, to expel fire like if it were a normal daily task like taking a piss. Toahanne ran some tests will Lilly on Mateo and made some deductions: The mushroom’s effects in addition to increasing effectiveness, also have stabilized entirely, meaning muscle loss is no longer a threat. The subject appears to have the ability to convert kinetic energy from one’s muscles into heat energy, this appears limited based on the energy within a subject. The fire itself seems to act as a total negative substance to the flower however. Burning a subject will release the flower and mushroom energy inside. Regular fire does not have this effect. Luis, Toahanne, and Lilly all decided it’d be best to all be equipped with flower abilities, improving their bodies and sculpting them towards the path of power. Toahanne Luis Lilly: *Clap… Clap… Clap..* Was heard in the distance as Lilly finished her transformation. Finally Kane emerged from the shadows. “I must say I am astounded you few found the secret to the flowers… And before the new Queen I must say I am impressed.” “What the fuck is this psychopath doing here?! I thought he was in prison with the rest of Brewler’s goons!” Kane bowed his head. “You mortals are so simple. You with your infinitesimal lifespan, completely blind to the world of those who live beyond yourselves. It would make my life so much easier if you just gave up now…” Luis attacked, but Kane simply melded into the shadows and appeared on the other side of the room. “The world isn’t suited for such insignificant beings as you. Even your own princess understands that. Even now she perseus you, desperate to reach for more power however she may take it.” “Wait what?!” Toahanne shouted. “Oh yes yes… I’m afraid she and a small fleet of guards will arrive here tomorrow. God knows what she’ll do to you after she finds this place... Hmm… For me it matters not…” “Mateo, we gotta prepare the castle! The kingdom!” “That being said though, you’re real issue is finding stardust now isn’t it?” Toahanne glared angrily at the wizard. “Why are you here?” “Well I needed to scout some samples of this devine plant, and to offer an advantage.” Luis’s eyebrow raised “What’s the deal?” “I can take one of you to the woman who rules the stars. The proprietor of the whole cosmos. It will be up to you to convince her to help, but I can only do so much.” “What’s in it for you?” “I get to pick which one of you four goes, as I only offer one passenger. The others will be forced to wait for the star festival, in about a month, on the lunar solsis, where a portal to the world of stardust will appear in the sky above star hill, a mountain to the north.” “I… I don’t know Mateo… This guy’s fucking insane. How can we trust him?” “I don’t think we have a choice…” Mateo said glaring into Kane’s soul. Mateo walked up and extended a hand to Kane, which he shook in delight. “Now…. Eninee meaniee, miniee, YOU!” Kane laughed with glee as he grabbed Lilly and pulled her into the shadows. “LILLY!” Luis shouted. Kane then began to dissolve himself into the darkness, but not before shouting out “GUARDS COME QUICK, THE PRINCESS HAS BEEN MURDERED!!!” with an evil grin. --------------------------------------- "The Siege of Sandafaria" Now locked inside a jail cell, Toahanne, Luis, and Mateo stared out into the world outside the bars of their cage. The three of them with despair on their faces as they stared out over the horizon to the approaching fleet of Fungi ships. Pear would surely kill them if they remained in this cage… They had to get out and defend the tomb of the burning blossoms from that power hungry dictator. Meanwhile Lilly had arrived in a vast cosmic void, and stood before a figure composed of the cosmos itself. “Hello Lillian, Princess of the Sandafarian people, I am known as Roxanne, the keeper of the stars.” “Oh...OH! Hello! Uh… Where am I?” “You are in the break between space, the void. It is my home, where I can observe and influence every inch of the galaxy. I am sorry for the confusion, I was not expecting guests.” “I was brought here by some wizard who used to work for a beast named Brewler… There is a grave race for power and control happening soon in my home kingdom, and soon it will follow me here to your doorstep!” Roxanne chuckled softly, shaking the vast emptiness around Lilly. “I am not worried about being attacked here Lillian. Many foes stronger than you could imagine have attempted to reach me here, and acquire the invincible power held within stardust. But their efforts are futile. They can not reach me here.” “I got here! If I can get here, so can Pear!” “It is complexing… How did you manage to get here?” “I was brought here by a wizard… His name was… Kane. I think..” Roxanne’s eyes flashed at the word “Kane”. “Did… Did you just say… Kane? Oh my gods…. Kane was my apprentice! He learned the art of space magic from… from me… I thought he was killed so long ago….” “YOU KNOW HIM!?!” ----------------------------------------------- As Pear stepped foot upon Sandafarian soil for the first time, she inhaled deeply and smiled “Ahhh yes… Fresh land to conquer….” The Sandafarians had assumed the ships to be messengers or simply in tranzit, after all what little Sandafaria had was nothing to kill for…. And yet the next few days were brutal as the whole capital city was destroyed by artillery fire. Eventually, Pear made it to the castle, and had the prisoners brought forward from the dungeon. “You deserters really are pathetic aren’t you? To think, you had a place here… Working for me… And instead you try to run away? You can’t run away from me you BITCHES!” Pear screamed at Mateo, Luis, and Toahanne. The three looked at her in fear, when Toahanne stepped forward. “Run away? You think we ran from you bitch? HA! I’ll take your spoiled little bitch ass right here!” Pear jumped back, but was struck by Toahanne’s flames. The result was the loss of her fungal strength. Panicking, Pear called out to her guards to help her while ducking behind a wall. Toahanne and co. blasted guard after guard until… The princess’s lust for power truely reared it’s head. “COME ON!” Demanded Toahanne. “WHO ELSE YOU GOT?!” But the last soldier sent in was not a fierce warrior or powerful weapon…. It was a child, half of Toah’s age. Toahanne stepped backwards as the little boy approached her with a long knife. “Wha… WHat are you… YOU’RE JUST A KID!” “TOAHANNE BEHIND YOU!” But it was too late, Pear had snuck up behind Toahanne while she was distracted, and severed her throat. Mateo and Luis screamed into nothing as darkness enveloped them. A hopelessness they’d never felt just overtook them as they dropped to their knees. Meanwhile, Pear had discovered the burning blossoms, plucked one and took a seat upon the Sandafarian castle throne to embellish the thrill she got from the transformation. A passionate heat rose within her, swelling her powerful arms and imbuing her body with the power to control fire. Her clothes turned black as ash afterwards. Pear clenched her fist in ecstasy. “This power…” She grinned evilly. “IS MINE!” as she released a series of powerful fire blasts onto the city below the castle, and began to laugh maniacally as the people beneath her burned. In her fit of madness, a dark voice called out to her from the shadows. “Shame that’s the last of it though…” Pear turned to Kane and sassily placed her hand on her soft, tender hips. “Long time no see.” Pear glared at her former captor. “Soooo…. Hear you’re looking into Mushroom magic… aye aye aye… That’s powerful magic. I know it well.” “You know of this power?” ‘That I do, it was I who initially bestowed that great strength into Brewler. I see you’ve already acquired both the priming fungi and the stabilization herb. All you need now is the dust of the heavens and you’ll amass the same power Brewler once held.” Pear slammed her powerful hand into Kane’s boney collar. “You will tell me where this dust is immediately” Kane smiled and said “Oh I’ll show you… But first I think there’s something else you want to see first.” As he revealed a small vile from under his sleeve. ------------------------------------------------------------------- "The flames of battle" Luis had seen enough. Toah and Toahanne…. Both crushed under this psycho bitch’s evil heels. The love of his life, lost in space… He did the only thing he knew how to do. He grabbed his brother’s collar and yanked him as he retreated out of the castle. Pear noticed the two getting away and yelled “GUARDS! SEIZE THEM!” However, with the power of the Burning Blossom, and their mushroom strength, the two brothers powered through the minions blocking the exit. Kane smiled. “Not to worry, my Queen, I’ll have both of them captured shortly… In the mean time I suggest you prepare for our assault on Star Hill.” “And… you’re sure this vile will ensure my victory?” She asked with a cold stare. “Absolutely.” ----------------------------------------------------- Mateo and Luis fled from the Sandafarian kingdom as fast as they could. What could they do? Even with their newfound strength, how could they stand up to an army? “Star hill… That’s where we’re going…” Mateo said shaking, his voice withered from despair. “Mateo… Even if we aren’t captured… We have no idea where this Hill is! We’ll never find it in time!” Mateo and Luis stared at each other, stricken with sorrow. Until a sound unlike anything the brothers had ever heard before arose in the distance. The fungi super soldiers had acquired burning blossoms. And under the queen’s orders… Had begun burning Sandafaria to the ground. In the chaos and panic, Mateo saw an opportunity. “Luis… This… This may be unpleasant… But I think I see a way to ensure we get to the Hill with Pear… We can take out one of those super soldiers… And replace them. Look they’re wearing gas masks. No one will even expect it’s us!” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next few days hiding amongst Pear’s army were brutal. The officers were ruthless, and the underlings worked to the bone. But the two were never found, and after the sun set two days later, Mateo and Luis gazed forward onto the beauty which must have been Star Mountain. As agreed upon, the two brothers stole a rowboat and ferried ashore ahead of the main ship. The mountain was dark and rough, but eventually, the two found a crystal shrine fixated at the summit of the mountain. Inside was a large blue crystal, and upon approaching, Luis gasped. Within the crystal was Lilly! Blurry and unfocused, but slowly clearing up as the connection from Roxanne’s plain and the crystal shrine neared completion. As the sun appeared on the horizon, the connection completed, and Lilly jumped forth into her man’s arms. Luis sobbed softly into his woman’s hair as he told her about the loss of Toahanne. Lilly cried too at the news, then looked Luis in the eyes and said. “We’re going to make that bitch PAY!” Roxanne stepped forward into the corporeal world. “Hello, Mortals. My name is Roxanne. Lillian here has told me much about you…” “She holds the stardust Mateo, with that, the burning blossom, and the muscle fungi, you’ll be unstoppable.” Mateo’s eyebrows narrowed as he said “Well then… LETS GO!” Roxanne pulled forth a small pouch containing small star-like candies. And Mateo ate the first one. All of sudden, his senses were heightened, and time seemed to slow down a bit. From around the world, light and sound seemed to bounce around him, until he realized the light and sound were emanating from him. Luis and Lilly were next. https://64.media.tumblr.com/06219b4c5aecc03823323cbd4ffb026c/tumblr_otvzeo104q1uo8he5o1_500.gif Roxanne then took a physical form before them. It wasn’t strong or powerful like Mateo, Luis, or Lilly, but she emitted a regal energy that seemed to effect reality around her. “The star candies each contain roughly twelve minutes of invincibility. You need to eat more to retain your immunity from harm. We can’t risk even a single candy getting to Pear or one of her minions, so I will hold them stockpile. It means you’ll only have twelve minutes to kill Pear, afterwards, you’re just another trio of super studs.” As Pear’s ships docked on the shoreline, Mateo saw clearly his former lover strolling onto the mountain dressed in the sexiest attire he’d ever seen her wear before. . “Lets get her.” Luis growled. As Mateo, Luis, and Lilly charged, the princess grinned evilly and waved her hand. A legion of twenty fire-powered guards rose up and charged at the trio. However, they were no match for the rage and power centered within the team. Pear gasped in shock at how easily her elite guards had been dispatched as she sent another. And another. And another. Soon there was no men left… Just herself, and Mateo’s group. Mateo stared at the evil witch with no mercy in his eyes as he prepared to eviscerate her. That’s when she started chuckling. Then laughing. After her fit, she smiled, and tossed an empty vile at Mateo’s feet. Roxanne, who was watching the battle from afar gasped and attempted to call out to Mateo, but she was surprised and muffled by Kane from behind. Mateo, Luis, and Lilly all united and began to burn the evil witch to cinders. But the laughing didn't’ stop… And amidst the flames of her opponents, the queen of the fungi kingdom rose up and began absorbing the energy, transforming her body. From behind she grew a powerful alligator like tail, as her arms legs swelled with power, ripping her charred clothes as the flames fused into the princess’s hair. Kane grinned as he gripped his former master’s neck firmly. “I knew you recognized that potion… Naughty girl. It allows the user to absorb energy and use it to upgrade their body. Your most powerful attack, has now been completely flipped! Soon, the darkness within Pear will break free, and everyone, even you my little vixen…. Will witness the next form of the Eternal Brewler, my most perfect specimen! Mateo and Luis looked up at Pear after the ash settled, she was now over four foot taller, and thicker than they’d ever seen with a powerful dragon tail, and horns just like Brewler. She eyed her prey maliciously as she grabbed the three in one hand and headed for the crystal shrine. -------------------------------------------------------- "The Dark Age of Pear" “Why are they keeping us alive Mateo…?” Luis asked his brother. “I… I don’t know…” Mateo and Luis stood in separate cages, suspended over fire and brimstone. Across the way was a separate chamber, where Lilly and Roxanne were kept, chained to the wall and relentlessly fucked by Pear’s underlings at every opportunity. The crystal dimension where Roxanne used to reside transformed after Pear and Kane walked through, now instead of a minimalist calming void of stars, it was a burning hellscape full of fire and brimstone. On one wall, constantly playing, was a tv screen showing city after city either submitting itself to Pear’s new regime, or burning to ashes, on another was a map of every conquered city now under control of Pear. And the remaining wall, was just the cage where Roxanne and Lilly would slowly lose their minds. After a few days of abuse, Kane and the supersized half-peach, half-Brewler hybrid approached the girls, sat them down, and revealed her new three meter long monster cock. Lilly looked at the beast before her in tears. Roxanne stepped inbetween the two and said “Leave her alone…” Pear extended a thick veiny arm and clasped her deformed claw-like hands around Roxanne’s throat. “... Or else what?” she said with a chuckle. “Hmm… I guess I should start with you, being an immortal and all…” Pear grasped Roxanne by the jaw and ripped it open savagely. Her jaw did not break but rather was forced wide open, forming a massive hole to which Pear extended her mighty shaft into repeatedly. For hours, Pear fucked the two girls savagely, leaving them unconscious and gasping for air. It continued long after that. For over two months the duo were fucked out of their minds every night for hours, all while the beast grew larger and stronger. Mateo and Luis were numb by that point, forced into a fathomless pit of despair at the sight of what their princess was doing to the love of Luis’ life and a powerful space witch. Luis had gone way off the deep end. Listening to Lilly and Roxanne converse every morning about what that monster would do to them, and some “Void” thing that they started worshiping in their intense madness. Mateo hung onto hope though. It was strong against all odds! All he had to do was get out of here, get a star, and fuck that bitch up! Then he could escape! Luis and Lilly could start a life together! Things could go back to normal! That was the last thing Mateo thought to himself before the night the duo were taken away for several days. Three weeks passed, and Mateo and Luis were on their last legs, starved from nearly no food, weak, tired, and unwilling to go on, Mateo and Luis were suddenly jumpstarted, briefly, back into sanity by the sudden appearance of Roxanne and Lilly in the entrance to their cells. They were ecstatic for a brief moment until they saw the guards bowing to them. “Hurry girls! It’s almost time for the resurrection!” Boomed a thunderous voice down the hallway, to which Mateo and Luis looked and saw, to their horror, the largest form they’d ever seen. It was Pear, supercharged and blazing a path of destruction in her wake, relishing in the undeniable power of her own strength. Luis approached Lilly and begged. “Lilly, this isn’t you! I KNOW THERE’S GOOD IN YOU!” And in one clean slash, Luis was gutted in half and left to die by his own fiance’s hand. “No… I belong to the new master now. We belong to the new master now. We all will once he’s returned to us! Mateo, kicking and screaming was dragged out onto an island of lava, and left as Pear approached. In the distance, the moon rose high in the sky, only it wasn’t a normal moon… It was a blood moon. Kane appeared next to Pear and handed her a bag of stardust. Once the light of the blood moon shown down on Pear, she consumed the stardust and began burning with energy and power. “YES YES YES! I AM HERE! I HAVE RETURNED! MY NEW FORM GIFTED TO ME BY ROYAL BLOOD! YOUR KING! BREWLER!” Pear’s skin turned jet black as her eyes burned with flames as every muscle in her powerful body stretched larger and larger, swelling to the size of a giantess’s. The beast grabbed Mateo and held him up to the sky for the last time and spoke. “AND NOW, AS THE FINAL STEP OF MY REBIRTH! I CONSUME THE BODY OF THE ONE WHO SLAYED ME BEFORE!” She shouted as she consumed Mateo, whole, in one snap of the jaw. The shadowy might that was Pear-zilla began to crumble, amidst the rubble laid two figures, the first was Pear, bare naked, with no strength left. The other was unmistakingly Brewler, passed out on his back enjoying the brisk bloodmoonlight. “Oh it’s good to be back! Now that pesky bitch Mateo and his weak little crew are gone forever, leaving me alone to fuck these fine bitches until I resume my worldwide conquest.” Brewler chimed as he was led to his throne room, filled with the riches stolen from conquested kingdoms. Atop the bed in the center was Pear, Lilly, and Roxanne dressed in color coordinated fishnet stockings and bikini tops. “My king… Are you proud of us? Did we never lose faith in our master?” Brewler grinned and laughed. “You bitches did alright, I already feel power returning to my body! Now why don’t you let me complete you in the ways you seem so thirsty for.” Brewler extended his tongue into each member of his new harem, awakening them, and sprouting demonic horns from their heads. End Scene: Brewler leaned in and began fucking his women properly. Brewler sat back as his sluts had taken over most of the work, and placed his arms behind his head. “MMM IT’S GOOD TO BE KING!” Pear leaned in closer with her legs behind her head and begged to Brewler ‘Oh master… Please… Let me call you daddy.” “OOoooooh… I like that… Why doesn’t my little servicer tell me what she can get from “daddy”? Pear bit her lip as she started to take Brewler’s monster cock. “Oh daddy…. DADDY YES! DADDY MORE! DADDY! DADDY! ///…. DAD! DAD WAKE UP! WAKE THE FUCK UP DAD!” “DAD WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING UP HERE SLEEPING!” Bowser Jr. cried. “IT’S ALREADY NOON! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO PICK UP MORTON JR. FROM BEING TRASHED BY LUIGI THREE HOURS AGO!” Bowser suddenly snapped back into reality with a stinging pain knowing he was no longer an immortal king surrounded by a harem of princesses, but rather a single father of eight with the responsibility of an entire kingdom that can’t even keep a princess away from an overweight plumber. With a groan of understandable dismay, Bowser rolled over and started planning for his revenge against his old nemesis.
  4. This story is a branch off of one of my previous works: Week of the Omeganomicon, which is the story of a mysterious tomb that can imbue supernatural strength into its users through a variety of odd rituals, more often than not at a terrible cost. Read up on that here! https://muscle-growth.org/topic/18845-week-of-the-omeganomicon-finished/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-255809 April 1st 2020: Sammy kicked his feet up onto the kush-covered table as he passed the freshly rolled cigar-thick blunt to his roommate Benny. Despite the pandemic, the three roommates managed to harvest three pounds of home-grown Mary Jane over the course of five years to save for this month. It was 4/20, every day, for a month. And come hell or high water, Benny, Sammy, and Matt were going to spend it blitzed. Sammy was a 22 year old scrawny kid in his senior year of highschool (highschool extends an extra 4 years in this reality) who had a hidden talent of being able to grow weed out of anything with soil and water. Shoes, broken toasters, his bathtub, you name it. He was thin as a stick, only 110lbs of skin and bones. Benny was a chunkier 20 year old 14th grader whom had an incredible passion into researching the various religions, cults, and supernatural rituals of the world. He's 233lbs of mostly fat on a fairly small frame. Matt, the third roommate, was about to walk through the door into the apartment coming back in after a run. Matt was a good friend to Sammy and Benny, but he was massively more motivated to maintain a healthy outlook on life. At 21 years old he was a resounding 180lbs of evenly cut, toned muscle, large biceps, thick legs, his only visible flaw was his less-than-flat stomach which were on their way to developing washboard abs,. but not quite there yet. "Yo! My man! How was the gym Matt?" Sammy asked him through a thick fog of smoke. "Perfect, I love that everyone went home! I pretty much get my own personal gym now!" Matt replied. "I'm amazed the complex didn't shut it down considering the outbreak north of here..." Benny commented. Matt always felt bad about Benny's health. He had gone through some shit that led him to a low point in his life, causing him to go into a series of binges that put on the pounds that plagued Benny now. So, Matt always invited Benny to the gym at the start of the year, which he took him up on and was making great progress, until the covid-19 outbreak.... With public gyms closing down across the nation, and knowing Benny was at higher risk than Matt due to his asthma, Benny refused to continue their usual workouts, but still does push-up contests with Matt and Sammy in the apartment. Suddenly, as Matt took his first few puffs, there was a knock at the door. The three roommates froze. Was this it? Was this the day the police showed up and would drag the three of them off for all the weed grown for the three's personal use? There was a long pause. Eventually, like Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing, Sammy approached the door with the stick, still cooking held between his teeth as he opened the door, flinging it open all at once, fully prepared to die at the hands of some random cop, rather than be sent to prison. No one was there. At his feet, were three boxes, with a note on top thanking the three for using contact-less delivery. The three started to bend over laughing at their own paranoia. "Of course this happens on April fools day! HA!" Matt laughs. "What is all this? Lets see...." Benny said as he picked up the final package Sammy couldn't from the hall, locking the door behind him. "I've got that experimental protein powder for Matt, annnnd some kind of textbook for you Benny. That must be my fertilizer then Benny." Matt perked up at this. "Oh shit, I've been waiting for this! Check it out." Matt said showing the label to Sammy. "Monstromium XXX Growth Hormone". I found this weird ad online a few weeks ago when I ordered this. It says it's derived from plants in the amazon and can offer 100 grams of protein in a single serving. That's insane! What I use now only gets me 25g. I'm going to start getting massive here pretty soon. Sammy was greatly concerned by this story. "Uhh... I'd be careful with that dude, you dont want to end up growing tits or something from that. Can't trust just some internet ad." Matt seemed to understand, but still wanted to utilize his purchase. "Ill just use a quarter serving with my next workout, can't do too much harm can it?" Sammy had received some fertilizer from amazon called "Megagrow" Maximum Growth Formula, which he immediately portioned out all of it to feed to his various strands. Benny was running over his book at the time. It was an odd thick textbook with the words "Omeganomicon" written on the front in strange symbols. As he opened the book to a random page, he saw it depicted strange and very sexual images for many of the rituals, so to save face from his roommates, he hid the book and retired to his room to read it. Later that night, Benny read the 414th page of his book, which was filled with a mixture of strange symbols and odd handwritten descriptions of various rituals and artifacts that could bring blessings from various fertility gods, and conduct a strange power called "Alphabetrium" into the body that appeared to ascend one to a stronger form. He chuckled to himself, and put in a bookmark to continue to the read the next day. April 2nd 2020: Matt returned from the gym again the following day, to be greeted again by his roommates happy to share in their homegrown hemp. The three sat around enjoying the first half of the blunt when the front door unlocks and opens. "WHAT UP BITCHES!" Roars the obnoxiously loud voice of the trio's fourth roommate, Fred. Fred was... not a pleasant sight to see. He was the biggest douchebag on the planet and all three of the guys hated his guts. Fred was only 19 years old, but he was spoiled rotten by his wealthy family. Not being too bright, Fred was a total meat head whom had become addicted to steroids, methamphetamine, cocaine, alcohol, and xanex. Nothing seemed to be able to kill this jackass, yet he still felt high and mighty about not smoking weed, claiming it's only used by "lazy ass mexicans". None the less, Fred was a gorgeous specimen. A massive hulk at 250lbs of raw muscle, perfect jaw, and as he often wore nothing but his under-highschool wrestling singlet (two sizes too small), was not shy about flopping his monster dong around either. Fred had gone home for Covid, and expected to not come back, but apparently due to his parents being unwilling to buy him out of his current lease due to not believing the disease wasn't a hoax. Fred of course didn't believe in it either, and still went to various parties across the city every other night. This was about as unpleasant as events could possibly create for the boys. "Oh... Whats up Fred..." Sammy said sheepishly. "THE FUCK YOU SAY?!?!" Fred responded as he squared up in front of Sammy who refused to leave the comfort of the couch. "I asked what's up with you?" Sammy said again. "THEN SPEAK UP TWERP!" Fred said again, pulling the blunt out his mouth and flicking it off the balcony into a storm drain below. "STOP SMOKING THIS SHIT SALLY! IT'S BAD FOR YOU!" He said as forcefully as he could. Sammy meanwhile biting his lip as he mourned the loss of 3 grams to the biggest douche on the planet. Fred quickly through what he was carrying into his room and went into the pantry where he found Matt's Growth Hormones. "Yo. Who's are these?" Fred asked. Matt perked up "They're mine, I got them yesterday, I was just about to..." "Damn. Fuck dude 100 Gs of Brotein? That's a lot bro! Yeah that's way too much for your tiny bod, I'll just take this off you..." He said as he tossed the protein powder into his room. "You can have the stuff my dad got for me. It's just as good for you." He said as he handed Matt a packet of 5 nature valley protein bars. Matt was angry. "Dude, no, give me my stuff back. I paid good money for that." Fred's face froze in anger. "You disrespecting me boy?" Matt was put off by this but didn't back down. With one fail swoop Fred smashed Matt into the floor and started choking him violently. Benny and Sammy rushed over to try and pull the roided asshole off their friend, and managed to get his hands off his neck, but took an absolute beating from Fred. "Alright bitchasses, here's how this is going to work. I'm gonna take Minny here into my backroom, and if I hear one word from either of you, I'll have the police here faster than you can say "I'm sorry Master Freddy!, then I'll kill him, and my dad will bail me out leaving you guys to take the fall". Sammy and Benny were shocked and frozen. Matt looked at them and bit his lip. "It's ok guys. Just leave me to him... Don't ruin your lives too..." he said sheepishly with a black eye as he crawled into Fred's room. What happened next was emotionally scarring for all three as Benny and Sammy listened to the anguish cries of their roommate being force fed a Fred-Sausage for a mere five minutes.(Thank god Fred had no stamina or self control) Fred then announced he'd be at his dad's personal club for the rest of the night and left with a monster boner trying its hardest to poke out of his singlet's pants leg. When Matt emerged Sammy fixed him up with a nice big bong, which in no way atoned for the sexual horror Matt was just forced through, but Sammy couldn't think of anything else to do. "I say we call the police on him" Benny suggested. "We can't prosecute him, he'll still be out living his fucked up life well after we've blown our brains out going into debt just trying to fight his dad's lawyers." Matt said. "I say we kill his ass. Fuck him. The world's better off without him, we can even make it look like a drug overdose." Sammy suggested darkly. "I wouldn't be OK with that either Sammy, either me or Benny would crack, and don't say you wouldn't either." Matt replied. "Lets just kick his ass then! Or hire someone to kick his ass." Benny offered. "We can't take him, and there's no guarantee whatever we offer someone else, he won't match or even double." Matt cried as he buried his head in his arms. "Shit man... I fucking hate that guy..." Sammy said fighting back tears. "I mean there's got to be a social service or something we can call to get rid of this bastard!" Benny wailed. "WE CAN'T DO ANYTHING TO HIM BENNY! HE'LL ONLY FUCK OUR LIVES UP PERMANENTLY... We just gotta... Hope he gets bored with us" Matt shouted as he stormed off to his room to cry to himself. That night, Benny picked up the Omeganomicon and began turning through to his bookmarked spot to try and keep his mind off things. He thought about the events of that night and the protein Fred stole and silently thanked god that he didn't live in a world where these rituals were real, as Fred was the perfect candidate to grow to monstrous proportions and would likely use his newfound size to make their lives and likely the lives of many others even worse than he does now. This scared him more than anything else as the thoughts of that monster growing any larger filled his mind. Then Benny turned to page 420. The page marked the start of a new chapter, "Miracle Products and their Unintended uses". And right under the index? A mysterious product known as "MegaGrow Maximum Growth Formula". At first Benny recognized the name, but couldn't pin where he heard it before. Yet his familarity piqued his interest and he read on. "The mysterious MegaGrow Maximum Growth Formula is a rare muscle enhancer who's properties are not fully realized even through the extensive studies of our sources. The product appears to be able to flood a host organism with primal Alphoria, which when implemented into a host and exposed to energy, releases raw Alphabetrium into the surrounding area. Human trials with this substance allows the infected human to transfer their strength with a 100% conversion rate when consumed through cannibalism. It takes roughly three hours for any host to absorb the formula." From there on the book began to discuss something called a "Porcelain Porcupine" which seemed completely unrelated. Parched, Benny headed to the kitchen sink for a glass of water, when he catches a glance of the kitchen trash, spying the exact container illustrated in the book as Sammy's fertilizer. Benny is suddenly shell shocked, and drops his glass in realization. Sammy comes storming out of his room and asks Benny angrily: "Were you spying on me?" Benny was confused "What no? Why? I just dropped my glass because I think this fertilizer you got is the same one from my book..." Sammy stares at Benny with an amazed look before saying "Well... I suppose being a weird demon fertilizer would explain a lot... Come look at this man..." Sammy was always good at growing weed, but even the most skilled herbologist is limited by the genetics of the plant he's working with. Yet somehow, the normal strand of "Northern Gelato" was now almost completely purple, and glowing. End of Part 1! Stay tuned for more! April 3rd 2020: "You find anything on that formula yet Benny?" Asked Sammy as he twirled a nugget of the purple plant in his hands. "Nothing. I can't find anything about this stuff. Where'd you even order this from dude?" "You remember Mike? That jacked dude with the bad bitch we smoked up a few weeks ago? He sent some to me because he couldn't match." "Well.... Fuck dude. Outside of my book, this product doesn't fucking exist. Google, Amazon, I've even dipped my toes into the darkweb and can't find anything." A text went off in Benny's pocket which caused Benny to retrieve his keys from the wall and throw them down to Matt outside. "What happened to your keys dude?" Sammy asked as Matt got up to the apartment. "Fucking Fred hooked my keyring onto his new cockring and started wearing it around. Said he'd give em back when I could remove them with my tongue." "The keyring actively fit alongside his dick in that?" "It was like stretchy plastic or some shit, still I don't know how it's not constantly agonizing him. I don't think he has any feeling left in his dick." Matt said defeated. "Fuck that dude man... Eh... Metaphorically I mean...." Sammy said with his fists balled in anger. "Look he said he'd be gone for the next few days so while I'm not able to use my car, we at least can get some peace and quiet without him..." Matt replied. "Yo dude, check this out though." Benny said holding the Omeganomicon open to the relevant page. "Whats this?" "It's that fertilizer Sammy got the other day. I found the exact depiction of it in my book, and afterwards, we looked online, and we can't find this shit anywhere. It's weird dude, it's like it doesn't exist." Matt looked puzzled and replied: "Wait a minute... That's what I ORDERED!?" "Huh?" the two roommates said in unison. "THAT'S the muscle formula I purchased, I told you it's super rare! I must have mixed up the names of the two packages because I ordered it while high... But I totally requested THAT logo." "So.... THIS is the super protein powder?" Sammy said. Matt nodded his head. "One hundred percent sure of that now." "Wait then that stuff Fred stole from you was...." . . . "The Fertilizer." BUAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! The three burst into laughter. "EAT SHIT YOU ENTITLED BASTARD!" Matt yelled as he flipped off Fred's locked door. "Ahh.... Damn, sorry man. I guess I fed your protein shit to my babies." "No worries man, that was not lost for nothing! Not by a long shot!" "I guess the reason my strand decided to go super-Sayan was because of the protein powder." "Wait what?" "Yeah, today's harvest was straight purple. Like no green AT ALL. It's honestly insane. We're about to roll one up, you down?" "Hell yeah!" After a quick rolling session, Sammy had constructed another fantastic 3-gram blunt, a third of which was from the super-plant. Now, as is tradition with any smoking session, he whom rolled it, gets the first hit. Once his hit is complete, a sort of mini-game will occur at the roller's leisure and specifications to decide whom would hit it next. Sammy, today, relied on the popular game of "Nose goes" to determine whom would claim the second hit. Without hesitation, Benny put his finger to his nose while Matt dropped his protein bar in the confusion. Sammy smiled, took a final drag from the herb, and passed it to Benny. However, as Benny finished toting the piece, the door unlocked again, and once again, Fred waltzed in carrying a cooler full of Natural Lights. Without saying a word after putting down the cooler, Fred walked over to the group, grabbed the blunt from Benny's fingers and chucked it outside. "WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT SMOKING THAT SHIT?!" He bellowed as he swayed from side to side, clearly drunk. "You little bitches will thank me for that one day." He then sat down on the couch (taking up the whole thing himself) and turned on ESPN (no one else in the house liked sports). The three then retreated to their rooms for the night and conversed over text message: "I thought u said he was going 2 be gone 4 the next few days?" "He was soposed 2 be! X( " "We need to start learning how to hide the blunt somehow." "Hey matt, I know you didn't get any of that, but if u want we can hotbox my b-room." "I don't want 2 risk meeting Fred drunk..." "Understandable, guess I'll see you in the morning" The three boys would then spend the rest of the night un-interrupted in their beds, as two of them began undergoing a change they wouldn't believe. April 4th 2020: Benny awoke incredibly sluggishly, as per usual, but soon after checking his phone for a few minutes, he got the uncontrollable urge to, ah, answer the call of the wild. Faster than he'd ever moved before he ran to his toilet. For the next hour and a half, poor Benny felt as if he were giving birth to a giant baby, requiring multiple flushes just to avoid clogging the toilet. It was hell for him. And as he finally finished, he vowed to do something about his weight, he'd never had this much of an issue with bowel movements before but.... He paused mid-thought as he spotted himself in his mirror. "What the fuck?" He said to himself. He got onto his bathroom scale and looked down at it. 175. Benny looked around the room in shock. "I lost nearly 60lbs overnight? How the.... What the..." But then he noticed a smile creep over his face as his fingers began running themselves over his now much sexier body before he jacked it to his own reflection... A few times... At about 10:00, he heard someone in the main room loading up a cooler. Must have been Fred. Then heard the door slam. Benny poked his head out and looked down the hall, and at the same time was met with a similar look from Sammy poking his head out his window. "Dude... Is Fred gone?" Benny mouthed. "Yeah I think that was him." Sammy said loudly, awaking Matt whom would join them after a few minutes. "Dude... I have got to tell you about what's happening to me this morning." Benny stated as he pulled his gym shorts up. "Uh... Me too man." Sammy responded. As the two stepped out into the hall together, they each looked at each other in awe. "DUDE." Sammy replied. "DUDE." Benny replied. Sammy had also undergone a similar change as Benny had. He was no longer a twerpy scrawny guy, he was lean muscle with well defined pectorals, weighing in at 170 lbs. The two look at each other in silence and start to poke each other and themselves to see if this was real. Eventually, Matt walked in from his room and stopped dead in his tracks on sight of them. "What the fuck happened to you two?!?" He said both impressed and enviously. "We... We don't know. All I know is that when I woke up this morning I had munchies so bad I ate every last scrap of food from my fridge and I'm STILL hungry." Sammy answered. "Not me, I was so full I spent the last hour and a half almost continuously shitting." Benny said. Matt looked at the both of them. "You both look fucking great! I don't even see any stretch marks from that fat Benny had yesterday! And you look like a fucking G Sammy! I've never even seen you do a push up, but now it looks like you can take on MMA fighters!" "Its... A supernatural improvement..." Sammy said slowly, turning towards Benny. "You don't think it was the weed that did this to us do you?" Benny asked. Sammy raised an eyebrow. "Hmmm.... A mysterious protein powder that we can only find record of in your occult book was used to fertilize my plants, causing them to develop into super-weed almost overnight, which only me and you, the two whom have turned pretty much superhuman, consumed. Yes Benny. I think it's safe to say it was the weed that did this." Matt stood in awe for a few more minutes before turning to Sammy. "Do... Do you have any more of this shit?" Sammy's eyes perked up. "As a matter of fact. I do. This new strand seems to grow by itself practically overnight." As his two roommates waited, eyes wide in anticipation, Sammy packed a 4 Gram blunt full of what he was now calling: "Fatha Nature", took a puff, and passed it to Matt. Alright boys... Lets get high. End of Part 2! Part 3 coming soon! April 5th 2020: Matt, Benny, and Sammy waited in anticipation all day after smoking the entirety of the 4 grams, but alas nothing came of it. At the very least, Fred didn't come home that night, and the boys loaded up on toilet paper and food just in case. However the next morning, all three awoke to some very pleasant surprises. Benny woke up first, hungrier than ever, which brought a smile to his face as he put 12 eggs in a blender and drank them raw. He could feel the power welling within him as he stumbled towards his bathroom, what awaited him was intoxicating. His scale told him he was now sporting a massive 210 lbs of rock hard muscle. Two days ago his stomach was an impossible burden, now it was a cobblestone path of chiseled abs supporting simi-well defined pecs, large round shoulders and thick bulging biceps, and as he pulled down his shorts, Benny found himself in awe of the greatest improvement of all.... Benny had never strived to be an absolute hunk, but now that he was one, he couldn't imagine how he lived life before this. Content to be sitting in his room, reading books all day? Ha! He wasn't even that smart before! The first thing he did was update his tinder profile. The second thing he did was go back outside to discover the smell of Sammy cooking bacon. As the two saw each other again for the first time sense the day before, Benny was impressed with Sammy's results. Sammy's stomach wasn't nearly as defined as Benny's, but his pectorals jetted out significantly larger than his. Their biceps were about the same, but where Sammy really showed promise were his glutes. What was once a hank-hill-no-ass man was now bulging with an ass to make the kardashian's jealous. "NIIIIIICE DUDE!" Benny reacted to the absolute jock before him. "Not too bad yourself Benzy" Sammy shot back at him. The two took several minutes to stare at each other and compare muscles, flexing in every way they knew how, but still somehow feeling stupid afterwards. "Yo, I feel kinda stupid posing like this... Where's Matt? He's the expert on this shit." Sammy asked. "I dunnow. I haven't seen him yet." As if on cue, a deep rumbling could be heard from the hallway, and not long after, the door to the apartment opened revealing a herculean figure that despite their improvements, would secretly make both Sammy and Benny somewhat envious. Standing at almost a foot taller than before, with concrete abs, massive perfectly sculpted pecs with shoulders to match, otherworldly traps and biceps, all sitting on top of some of the sexiest legs any of the three had ever seen, was Matt. "Dude! Good looks! Looks like you outgrew both of us!" "Hey man it's not a competition... Yet." Matt said with a smile. "And look at you man! Fuck I'm not gay, but damn, I don't know how you're going to keep the bitches off of you now!" He continued. "Fuck I wish I could see it happen, my own muscle growth has always been a bit of a kink for me." Sammy said as he started rubbing Matt's arm to test it's power. "It happens shortly after you wake up dude. Once you obtain some source of energy, your body adapts almost instantaneously, check it I caught the first stage of my growth on camera." Matt replied as he showed the other two a couple of snapchats from his phone. Benny looked in awe of his friends as a tear rolled down his face. He was so happy his life was turned around so quickly. His two friends hugged him encouragingly before Matt stepped back with a red face. "Damn dude... I ah... Guess we all grew in more ways than one too." Benny was also red as he realized what Matt met. Sammy broke the silence: Alright boys... I'm not gay either but I'm actually immensely curious... How fucking big our our cocks now? Benny looked at his friends evilly: "Still not big enough for your mom!" as he dropped his pants revealing his massive 9 inch thick-as-a-can-of-soda dick. Sammy looked a bit sheepishly at the monster hanging before him, but after a few moments of investigation, confidence returned to his face. "Nice try Benny, but you ain't got shit on me." Sammy said as he dropped his pants too. "Twelve inches of black dynamite, measured this morning" Sammy said with a smirk before turning to Matt. Matt didn't do anything for a minute with his friends proudly displaying their cocks to one another. Sammy eventually spoke up. "Alright Matt, I've had my fun, go ahead and show us..." Embarrassed, Matt also dropped his shorts, and subsequently snapped the 5-7 rubber bands he was using to contain the beast. It was inhuman. A massive cock as thick as a pool noodle, and stretching down Matt's leg by a salivating 16 inches. It pulsed with power and demanded respect. Benny sat down with his mouth agape while Sammy roles his eyes. "Figures" he said. Matt just smiled and tried in vain to pull his pants back up. So... What now boys? It's Sunday, we're massive, and I want to test this bod to the limits! Eventually the first thing the boys tried was to go out and get some better clothes for Matt. Sammy and Benny could fit into Benny's normal clothes, but Matt was far too massive to fit into anything Benny had without ripping them. Eventually the trio located some clothes and decided to head to the gym. Even though Matt had already tested out his god-like strength, he was eager to see how his two buddies would hold up. Both Sammy and Benny had managed to work their way up to curling a massive 75lbs in each hand, while Matt dominated by curling the maximum weight available: 100lbs. On the bench, Sammy made it up to 350lbs, with Benny giving in just under him at 320. Matt however continued onward to a whooping 485lbs. When the three got back home, it was no surprise to any of them that the phones they left charging were now blowing up with Tinder requests. (Apparently nationwide quarantines are no match against the thirst these three generated) and all three were all too eager to put their massive dongs into action. "So whats the plan boys? Invite the girls here for a smoke sesh and see where that goes?" Matt perked up at this notion. "Uh... Ok but do you mind if we use the regular weed?" Sammy nodded. "That's cool man, I mean I get it. Fuck, can you imagine if it worked on your titan ass again?" Suggestive thoughts began to fill Benny's mind, but he shrugged it off as he invited a girl named "Sasha" over. Sammy was also curious as to what would happen if he were to bulk up further, but then turned to gaze at his own ass and realized if it got much bigger, he may have various issues. So he started to pre-roll a couple of normal blunts and invited a hot peace of ass named "Rebecca" over. Matt had to be a bit pickier when selecting his target, as if he selected a girl too small, he may accidentally hurt her... So he kept scrolling and swiping, until he ran across the perfect slampiece. He knew this bitch all too well. "Nala" was her name, and last semester she had been Fred's girlfriend and she made three things perfectly clear while she was here. 1- Fred was her man. 2- She was a freak in the sheets. 3- She was a total sizequeen. Matt grinned evilly and gave her a super-like. The girls showed up late as fuck as Benny let them in. "Woooow! Like... Who the fuck is this hunk?" Sasha said as she leaned into Benny, seductively running her fingers across his chest. "Your fairy god jock baby." Benny said confidently as he gripped Sasha's ass firmly but not forcfully. She grinned and whispered into his ear "Carry me my big ape..." leading Benny to sweep her off her feet and carry her up the stairs with almost no effort, with the other two girls, mouth agape trailing behind. "Yo boys, they're here!" Benny called out as he sat down on the couch across from Sammy with Sasha in his lap. Sammy glanced up and nodded as he finished sealing the last blunt. "You must be Sammy." Rebecca said, unimpressed by Sammy's hunched over figure. Sammy finished and stood up properly, quickly rising above Rebecca's frame revealing his toned chest and gelatinous pecs. Rebecca suddenly looked far more intrigued with her invitee as he placed the lit blunt in-between her plump lips. She responded not with words, but by softly pushing Sammy back onto the couch and climbing atop his lap, facing him, resting her thirsty snatch atop his thick third leg. Nala looked around and eventually spoke. "Wait... This is Fred's apartment?... Oh fuck... Girls that douchebag "Matt" is just Fred using a fake profile. He probably just photoshopped that monster I showed you..." Benny and Sammy looked at Nala and smiled. "Nice to see you again Nala, remember us?" "No... Last time I was here Fred just had three stupid twig-bitch roommates, not you lucky monsters." Benny and Sammy just rolled their eyes and went back to enjoying the kush and girls. "I said get out here Fred!" Nala yelled, now beating on the door to Fred's empty room. "Sorry to disappoint..." Said a voice from the room behind her. She turned to see Matt, the hulking Goliath, wearing only a towel which left nothing to the imagination as a thick layer of steamy water continued to evaporate from his hot chest. "OH!.... I... I thought..." "Relax... That douchebag Fred's at some party this weekend, he won't be back until tuesday.... We have the whole night to ourselves." Matt said as he turned the corner and quickly slipped into his oversized gymshorts before returning to the lounge area with Nala to enjoy the smoke session. After about twenty minutes to finish off the blunts, each pair began to slip into their respective rooms. Each of the six had nothing on their minds except one thought "How the fuck am I going to fit this thing in?" But none the less, by the end of the night, all three girls were satisfied, and temporarily paralyzed from the waist down as they passed out next to their exhausted partner (with the exception of Matt whom felt he could still run a marathon.) All in all. It was the best day of those three guy's lives. April 6th 2020: Matt woke up sluggishly, and rolled over to see a note: "Last night was a mistake. I don't know why but for some reason I saw you as some kind of hulk last night, not the average kid I woke up to. I'm sorry, but mama really needs a big man in her life. But hey! If it helps, you should know last night I came more than every other orgasm I've ever had combined, and if you can hulk out again... I want to ride that dick into the sunset XOXO" Matt was confused and put on his pants, only for them to fall down instantly. Confused and concerned, Matt ran to the bathroom mirror. He was DEFLATED! He was still as strong as he was normally, but the titanic monster he'd been the night before was all but withered away. He quickly grabbed a pair of shorts and ran out to find Sasha sitting at the kitchen counter, scrolling through her phone, dressed for work. "Who are you?" She asked. "Uh... I'm the fourth roommate, uh... Tim." Matt answered, not wanting to have to explain anything. "Oh. Well you missed it last night, the six of us were smoking some good shit! I might be back tomorrow, can you tell Ben-Ben for me?" "Uh sure thing!" Matt agreed as Sasha strolled out of the house. Sammy then emerged from his room just as concerned as Matt. He too had regressed to the slim good-but-not-drool-worthy frame he had after the first night. "Dude what the fuck happened? Where's Rebecca?" "She's passed out dude. That chick was up til about three hours ago riding me LONG into the night. Best fucking night I've ever had, but I still haven't gotten off. She's like a demon! The sway of that ass alone brings me to boiling, but she keeps me from bursting like a professional! I've never had balls this blue before, but it's ECSTATIC. Or I would be... If I didn't wake up to this tiny body again! What the fuck happened dude?!" Benny was the next to walk out, he too had lost his edge and was nose deep into the Omeganomicon. "Dudes. Check this out. THE BOOK HAS CHANGED!" Benny said. The two stared in concern before Benny put the book on the table. The same information that was there before still existed, but now there were added notes. "The mysterious MegaGrow Maximum Growth Formula is a rare muscle enhancer who's properties are not fully realized even through the extensive studies of our sources. The product appears to be able to flood a host organism with primal Alphoria, which when implemented into a host and exposed to energy, releases raw Alphabetrium into the surrounding area. Human trials with this substance allows the infected human to transfer their strength with a 100% conversion rate when consumed through cannibalism. It takes roughly three hours for any host to absorb the formula." "However, the formula apparently works far more efficiently when utilized as a plant fertilizer, amplifying UV radiation to empower the host plant almost 20 fold. Furthermore the plant will enter a constant state of regeneration at night, always regrowing to the same form as the initial size plant from before, so long as some portion of the plant remains in the soil indefinitely. The plant is immortal at this point and can't be killed through any means outside of removing the plant from the soil. Those whom consume the plant will endure roughly half of the same effects of the plant, with whatever consumes THAT organism gaining a quarter of the plant's effects, and so on and so forth. The effects begin to manifest shortly after their next period of uncontiousness, likely requiring them to expel or consume large amounts of energy. The organism will only retain these effects until they fall unconscious a second time, in which the effects will revert back to a "prime" state, either the same mass as they were beforehand, or a lean body-mass of about 170lbs if they fell beneath 170lbs of lean muscle beforehand. The effects can be maintained however, so long as one continues to consume the regenerated plant. The amount of consumption is irrelevant so long as the amount consumed overlaps a certain threshold somewhere between 0.001 and 0.006 grams, however consuming the plant through basic vaporization may cause some form of loss from the total possible strength one could reach, other unknown methods may produce better results." "Dude... That... Was NOT there before." Sammy said with a quiver of fear in his voice. "No it wasn't... Do you think Sasha wrote this? Or... Did the book itself learn?" Benny asked. Matt only looked with a face of puzzling which slowly transitioned into a face of relief. "So. All we have to do is smoke this strand of weed.... Every day... To maintain our massive bodies?" He eventually deduced. "Seems like it." Benny said overlooking the book some more. .... "So.... ...Who wants to smoke?" End of Part 3. Part 4 coming soon! April 6th Continued: Matt and Sammy worked later that day though with reduced hours due to the pandemic, and thus not wanting to be fired, decided to wait until that evening to smoke. However, Benny asked Sammy if he could go ahead and smoke a bowl of it so he could wake up huge after his nap. Sammy didn't see anything wrong with that and gave Benny a gram to do with as he pleased before heading out. Alone in his apartment, Benny figured it'd be best if he went ahead and smoked it. So he started. However, he seriously over-calculated how much of "Fatha Nature" he could handle, and with only half a gram cleared, Benny passed out on the couch. Benny awoke to the sound of glass being bumped together. It was Rebecca, Sammy's girl who came over the night before... Had she not left yet? Before Benny could realize what she was doing, the same uncontrollable hunger from before struck him, driving him to the pantry. As Benny filled his mouth with protein bars and jerky, he suddenly stopped as he heard a distinct clicking, followed by the sound of someone taking a rip of a bong. Realizing what was happening, he turned around as a burning power began to well inside of him, making him feel more assertive with every step. "Woah, woah woah, HEY do not smoke that!" Benny stammered as he popped the bong away from Rebecca. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" Rebecca shouted. "You left it out, I figured it was free game? Who the fuck even are... Oh.... Oh wow..." She continued as Benny began pulsing with power as he returned to the powerful form he held yesterday. "What the fuck was that? You just pumped up to like twice your size!" Rebecca yelled as she began tossing pillows at Benny. "It's the weed." Benny said. "We got this superpowered fertilizer and it made us this... SUPERWEED that imbues it's smokers with the body of an Alpha after we wake up. That's why I transformed right then, all my roommates do this..." Rebecca's face turned from one of shock to one of horror. "Oh my god.Ohmygod.OHMYGOD! What is this shit going to do to me if it does THAT to YOU!?!" "I... I don't know! It triggers shortly after being unconscious, so whenever you go to sleep, you'll wake up and undergo changes, BUT BUT, they go away after the next time you sleep." Rebecca started scurrying through her purse before pulling out some tylonal PM and dousing a few cap fulls. Within an hour, Rebecca was out like a light again, and shortly after that, Benny woke her up. Just like Benny, Rebecca was suddenly really hungry. And then she started savagely eating various items in the pantry, triggering the transformation. Her already phat ass began to swell and quickly burst out of her jeans, as incredible power flowed through Rebecca's arms, causing them to swell drastically. Her breasts began to exceed the limits of her tight top and burst out into the open, firmer and softer than Rebecca ever dreamed her tits could be, leaving only her bra. Benny approached the divine beauty before him, caressing her as he moved his hands across her. Rebecca stared at what she had become in a nearby mirror, in a trance as a tear rolled down her cheek. "I'm beautiful... Look at me... I'm GORGEOUS!" In her mind Rebecca had only two thoughts : 1- I am now top bitch. 2- I am getting some of that fat cock. Benny quickly abandoned all of his concerns as he began having his dick stimulated in brand new ways by this amazonian dominatrix. The two fucked for hours, and on everything. Touching themselves in every way possible. Eventually, Rebecca passed out. Over the next hour, Benny loaded up the bong again with some more fatha nature, not willing to lose the size he'd just regained. It was 9:00PM, a half hour before Sammy and Matt would get off, when Fred rolled in. "Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my fucking house?" Fred barked as he approached Benny. Benny was not prepared for this so he just answered. "Uh... I'm Ben, I'm your replacement roommate... Benny I think his name was moved after some-kind of incident he's not allowed to talk about." "Pssh. Fucking pussy. Welcome to the crib man, name's Fred, I'm kinda the boss around here." Fred said cockily. Benny didn't respond until Fred noticed the massive Rebecca passed out on the couch. "Oh ho HO! Nice dude! Who is this nice piece of ass!" Fred yelled as he spanked Rebecca's unconscious body hard. Rebecca suddenly sat up alert and ready to crush whomever just did that, but as she did, she began to feel nausea and became sick, to the unknowing observer, this massive hulk of a woman shrank down to Rebecca's previous, much more standard frame almost instantaneously. "Aww what? I'm not big anymore?" Rebecca said disappointed. "Benny can I get some more of that muscle growth weed?" She then asked to both boys. Benny froze, as Fred's ears perked up at the mention of "Muscle Growth".and after a few seconds pieced together that Benny was "Ben", only he'd hulked out somehow. Muscle growth? Benny? Stoner loser? Giant Ben...... As if a gun went off both Fred and Benny dove for the still smoking bong, but with Fred's superior strength he managed to hold it away from him. Benny managed to grab the lighter however. "Benny you little bitch, I don't know how you got that fucking jacked. But if it did THAT to YOU, IMAGINE what it will do for ME!" Fred laughed with a malicious look in his eyes. Benny tried to stop him, but it all happened all too quickly. He retreated like a coward into his room with the bong and found a box of matches. Benny tried desperately to break down the door, but it wouldn't budge even with his newfound strength. Like a chilling omen, Benny fell into despair as he heard the sound of the bong being lit... And used. Fred then emerged from his room. "Hey fuckbag! Your stupid weed didn't do anything. I don't know what kinda shit is going on here, but when I do I'm going to bury you bitch!" He said as he grabbed another Samuel Adams and retired to his room. Benny suddenly realized he was on the clock. "Whenever Fred wakes up.... He'll be hungry... And right after that, we'd have a monster almost twice the size of Matt on our hands! Oh FUCK! Just then Sammy and Matt walk in. Benny: "OH FUCK! You guys, we need to leave now! This is bad! It's FRED! He got the YOU KNOW WHAT and used it! He's asleep now, so whenever he wakes up...." Sammy and Matt went white with horror. Their worst fears realized before them. Sammy packed up all the weed into his car, as did Benny with his stuff, and Matt with his stuff. "It's cool guys, we only have to let him exist for one day, then he'll be back to normal and Big Matt will dominate him! All we have to do is survive until then!" As if on cue, the chime for midnight rung a clock from inside Sammy's Room, causing Benny to drop a glass very loudly. Sammy took that as the steadfast sign to GTFO and bolted to his car downstairs. Benny and Matt were cornered though, as the recently awakened Fred now blocked the exit as he was awake and consuming (other people's) food rapidly. He began sweating profusely, evaporating and cooling instantaneously all across his body as he removed his singlet and stood bare naked in the room and began to breathe deeper and deeper. "YES! OH FUCK ME YES! FUCK ME! THIS POWER! OH I WAS BORN FOR THIS POWER! I AM THE GOLDEN GOD MEANT TO ASCEND TO THIS THRONE! MORE! MORE!" Fred shouted evilly as his body swelled with mass. Each breath Fred took, he swelled larger and larger. From his original 250lbs body, he evolved massively, gaining and gaining more and more raw power beneath his thin, but impenetrable skin. Violently Fred grabbed Matt and held his ass against his enormous cock along the table, and began to fuck him forcefully as he grew. Eventually Fred grew too large for Matt and instead decided to writhe in the glory that was him, touching himself at every angle as his pecs became larger, his abs expanded and defined, his legs swelling to the size of tree trunks. By the time the transformation slowed down, Fred had grown from 250lbs to a terrifying 590 lbs of pure muscle. His cock now a massive column and reforming as Fred quickly learns how to control his new appendage which was easily over 4 feet long. Fred sat back on the couch, breaking it, as he began to comprehend the great power he now wielded. He then approached Matt and Benny and grabbed them both by the neck with one arm. "Ooooh boys.... We're going to have some FUN Tonight!" Fred whispered into their heads as he clipped a spare gimpsuit chain he had around the two, binding them. End of Part 4! How will things progress from here?! Part 5: Fred's Wrath Fred fashioned his former singlet into a massive pouch for his former cock before turning back to Matt and Benny. "How's the view from down there bitches?" He leered as he continued to fascinate himself with various flexes. Matt and Benny stared in horror and awe. They were terrified at the amount of sheer power now in control of such an evil person. "Why don't we start with you Minnie? I really want to feel the difference between the power of my old cock and my new god-rod." Fred grinned evilly as he ripped off Matt's pants turned him around and placed his monster cock against Matt's ass. There was a long pause filled with nothing but grunting, but eventually, Matt opened his eyes and looked back. He couldn't believe it. Matt started laughing uncontrollably. "You... YOU FUCKING IDIOT HAAHAHAAAA! Your dick's too big! It won't even fit up my ass anymore! It probably won't fit up anyone's ass! BfffffHAAHAHAHAHA ...HURK!!" Fred had begun to grip Matt by the throat in rage. "YOU DARE LAUGH AT YOUR NEW BOSS? I'll rip your ass open if I have to!" "Woah woah woah there Freddy" Benny courageously spoke up from the sidelines. "That would make you an accomplice to murder, and I doubt you'll be able to deny to anyone that anyone but you could rip a man's ass open!" Fred wasn't a smart cookie, particularly now with this power going to his head, but he knew Benny was right. Locked in an impasse, the three stared back between each other. Eventually Fred flung the kitchen counter (the counter, not the table) at the wall agressively. "FUCK! I have the best high I've ever had and I can't FUCK!" "Can we go then?" Matt asked abruptly. "WHAT?!" "Well I mean if you can't use us for your own sexual deviancy I don't know what you'd expect us to..." "Which one of you bitches grew this shit?" Fred asked mid sentence. Matt answered with "Uh... Well Sammy grew it but it but the critical ingredient was the p...Protein powder." "You bitches expect mercy after breaking into my room?!? Where is that crap now?!" "It's still in your room..." Benny explained stuffling laughter, thinking the "powder" in Fred's room was nothing but fertilizer." Fred returned from his room with the growth hormone. "Hmm... If I take this now I'll just grow bigger.... Already too big...." It was then that Fred noticed a phone number listed on the side of the container. "For growth related questions call one eight-hundred..." Fred read aloud. Fred dialed the number on his phone (after many failed attempts due to his giant fingers. He actually ended up using a pencil to push the buttons.). Uh huh.... Uh huh... Yeah this is a friend of Matt's.... Yeah it's the powder you gave me... I've used some of it but now my junk is too massive..." Fred listened for a bit longer before grinning evilly and hanging up. "Guy says he's got just the fix. He's got steroids to help return my dick to a more manageable size and even help me grow even stronger! Now... Why don't you two pricks just wait right here while I go fetch me some fucking JUICE!" Fred said as he leapt off the balcony of their 4 story building, leaving a massive crater in the concrete beneath. "Where do you think he's going? Do you think they can actually do that?" Benny asked Matt worriedly. "I don't want to stick around to find out! We gotta get out of these chains!" Matt said as he squirmed, to no avail. "What the fuck is going on" Came a soft sound from Benny's room. It was Rebecca, returned to normal, crying in tattered clothes. "What the fuck happened to you?!?!" Benny asked. "I got scared when Fred grabbed the bong, I'm not stupid I put together that big stupid jerk + more muscle kush = Not a good place for me, and hid in Benny's room. What the fuck is going on?" Matt chimed in: "Look, we don't have a lot of time. We got this weird fertilizer in the mail and used it on our weed that we grow, whenever you wake up after smoking it, it bulks up your muscles to inhuman levels. Remember that big guy from the night before?" "Yeah I remember, Nala always was an absolute size queen." "THAT WAS ME!" Matt said "Damn... SO why are you only... average now?" She asked. "It wares off when you wake up again unless you smoke once more." Benny explained. "That would explain why those freaky bulky arms of mine are gone now..." Rebecca mumbled before continuing: "I don't know how I'm going to get you out of these chains though..." An idea then struck Benny: "Hey Rebecca, can you go get the bong from Fred's room?" "She ran in but emerged with an empty piece. "Sorry guys, no luck." Matt looked over at the table Sammy would regularly use for rolling and spotted his grinder. "OH SHIT! Rebecca, check that grinder to see if it has any kush left in it!"he shouted. Rebecca opened it up and smiled. "We're in luck boys! Looks like just enough for a single hit!" "Let Matt have it! He's the strongest!" Rebecca loaded up the bong and lit it for Matt. "Now we just have to get him to sleep! I think Fred has some Chloroform in his room." Rebecca paused: I"m sorry he has WHAT in his room? What's he using that for? "To effectively force women and men to sleep with him." "WHAT THE FUCK?!" "We've tried to go to the police but his dad's like a powerful lawyer and we stand no chance of getting him even into a court room." "Ok, fuck this cunt in EVERY WAY." Rebecca seethed through her teeth. "I can't believe Nala was ever into such a creep!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------ While Rebecca searched for the sleeping liquid, Fred had finished his short run to the address given to him. Well actually, it would be a roughly 15 mile trek by a normal pace, but due to the immense power in Fred's legs, he could now cover a quarter mile in just a few steps, summing the whole trip into about a 30 minute run, leaving a pathway of destroyed concrete and displaced road signs behind him. "Hey-yo ETHAN!" Fred barked with his powerful new lungs. Shortly after, a scrawny little man opened the door. "Jesus.... Yeah this looks like Mike's work alright..." the scrawny man said, inviting the goliath in. "So you see here's the problem..." Fred said as he whipped his dick out, laying it across a table as he himself took up an entire couch. Yeah... I ah... see the problem Ethan said, visually sweating at the monstrosity. How... Exactly did this come about again? "Well my bozo roommates fed some of your protein powder to their weed plants that they were growing, fuck knows why, and now their fucking drugs turn people into absolute GODS like me!" Ethan stood confused. "And they used THIS powder to do that?" "Yeah that's the one." Ethan thought to himself: "That's really weird, this stuff is just meant to charge you full of alphabetrium, then pass it on to whomever consumes their fluids.... It shouldn't do anything to plants... Still, there's no way anything but alphabetrium would create such a powerful specimen like this. " "So.... Have you actually eaten any of this yourself?" Ethan asked. "Uh no... Just the weed" Fred replied. Ethan's mind spun an evil scheme and he began to think this must be how that twerp Tom felt when he used his own plan to steal his own muscular gains before... "Well there's your problem! You gotta consume the powder directly. It should help morph your body into the perfect form you'd like." "So this will fix my dick and pump me up even larger? Fuck man! I'm about to bust a load just thinking about it." "Well save that for me...." Fred muttered to himself as he handed a glass of water to Fred. "These two spoonfuls should do it." Ethan suggested as he poured two spoonfuls of the powder into the glass. As Fred swallowed the drink his face began to spaz out, slowly growing into the most devious grin imaginable as he felt the ecstatic flow of pure absolute power fill his veins once more. "OH YES! OH FUCK YES! THIS IS IT! BRING IT ON BABY!" Fred screamed as his already monstrous pecs, abs, glutes, legs, biceps and more swelled with energy. His cock twisted and reformed, maintaining it's immense power, but narrowing into a thick two-meter tube with a 5 inch radius. LOOK AT ME! FEEL THIS POWER WORLD?! WORSHIP IT! AS I AM THE NEW MASTER OF THIS WORLD! I AM YOUR KING! YOUR ALPHA! YOUR GOD!" Fred continued as he flexed his swelling arms. OH FUCK YES! DO YOU SEE THE POWER PRESENTED TO YOU ETHAN!?! Ethan stared at the hulking mass confidently and replied. "Mmmmm, Yes I do big boy. Now it's my turn." With that said, Ethan swallowed his own glass of the powder that he'd prepared for himself. At first Fred thought this would be competition to challenge his new all-powerful form. But his fears quickly released as he saw what Ethan began to transform into. Before Fred's eyes the scrawny twig bitch boy had transformed into a luscious busty thicc girl. "Mmm... Hmmm?? You like what you see big boy? .... I know my big dick king hasn't been taken care of yet and I'm sure you're dying to get off.... Well don't worry daddy. Mama's new body can take everything you have.... and more..." Ethan spoke seductively from his new body. With a firey lust of power in his eyes, Fred gripped his prize firmly and started cramming his over-sized cock as deep inside of her as he could get it. After a few minutes, Fred finished inside of Ethan who'd pretended to pass out. Fred grabbed the powder and started walking towards the door. As he passed by the full length mirror on his way out he looked back, puzzled at his reflection, however he didn't look all that much bigger than he did when he got there, despite the changes he definitely felt take place. He shrugged it off and strolled out of the house with his massive cock swinging in the crisp morning air. Back inside, Ethan began and finished masterbating him/herself to climax. "Ugg... Can't believe I had to change genders to get this to work... Oh well... I'm linked to him now. All I have to do is let this powder wear off.... Then the real fun begins." End of Part 5! Part 6: Sammy was panicing. He had all of the fatha nature to himself, but he was still weak and powerless, and seeing as it was his priority to get this shit away from Fred, he had nothing but a single change of pants in his trunk. No phone, no wallet, no grinder, nothing. He had no idea what terrible shit that hulking monster was subjugating his friends to but he knew even if he bulked up again, he couldn't do anything until Fred lost all that mass. Before he knew it, he'd driven an hour out of the city to the nearby rural area he grew up in. After some quick consideration, he decided he'd spend the night with his uncle Bruce. Bruce was Sammy's somewhat estranged uncle. He was pretty present in his life as a kid, when his father would push him to play sports and work out, but after his father passed, Bruce lost interest in Sammy's life. It was understandable. Unlike normal adults, the loss of his own brother didn't send Bruce into a lowpoint of his life, but rather it motivated him to train and bulk into an impressive 200lb jock, the fittest he'd ever been in his life. He wasted no opportunity to sleigh any peace of ass available to him and frankly younger kids just didn't need to be involved with the kinky shit he was into. Sammy however knew all about his infamous uncle through rumors and fantastic tales at school. When Sammy arrived at Bruce's ranch, he hesitated shortly before knocking on the front door. But none the less, after a few minutes, a jacked man with a thick beard and sweatpants opened the door. "Can I help you?" "Uncle Bruce! How you been?" Sammy greeted. "Uncle Bru..." Bruce questioned quizzically, before suddenly realizing who he was looking at. "SAMUEL! What the sam hill are you doin here? You got any idea what time it is? You could have called! You're looking tough kid! Your mom finally hook you up with that gym membership I've been telling her about?" "I'm sorry Uncle B, I lost my phone after a recent incident, and I've been thrown out of my apartment for the day. Is there any way I can crash here just for the night?" "Mmmm hmmm... Lady trouble? Pssssh. I've seen that, no worries kid my couch is always open to you." Sammy smiled and entered the house. It was a small ranch home with not much to do. On the kitchen table was some pre-workout, some used glasses of protein shakes, a half-ripped bong, and a dab rig paired with a blowtorch. "Still living large I see?" Sammy commented. "Hell yeah. Only way to live. Gotta take life by the ears if you're gonna ride it right. Now, sit down, hit some of this and tell me about this bitch." "Woo... Well to tell the truth Uncle B, I've been hitting this fine-ass dimepiece recently called "Rebecca". She bad as hell. A freak too." "So what'd you do to piss her off?" "Well actually she's fine. I've been makin sure she's happy if you know what I mean." "My man!" Bruce smiled at his nephew. "So why'd you get kicked out of your apartment?" "It's my roommate. Real big bastard. REAL BIG BASTARD! Hes got daddy's money, and the kinda steroids they use on bulls. He's not too happy with me right now, caught him taking advantage of someone, I couldn't let it slide. Called him out on it. He didn't like me challenging him. Last I saw he was trashing the apartment." Bruce frowned at Sammy. "Sammy, I'm proud of you for doing the right thing, but you can't let assholes like that kick you around. You gotta stand up for yourself!" "Uncle Bruce, before I met this guy you were always the biggest man I'd ever met. And I know you've been in more scraps than I can count. But this ain't that. Not even you can fight this beast." Bruce scowled "You doubting me boy?" "Not at all Uncle B. This guy's just a freak. If he were close to your size, maybe even a little bigger, you'd smoke him." Bruce smirked. "He can't be that big, what's his name, I'm-a look him up." Sammy was reluctant, but before he could give Bruce a name, something on the TV caught his eye. "Uh... There he is sir." Sammy said pointing at the TV. Bruce turned and saw a clear image of the monster Sammy created, screaming in the street Sammy and his roommate's names: Bruce was silent for a few seconds before spoke: "Uh... Damn. That is a big bastard." "Yeah... Like I said." "Yeah he real big.... You left out the part about the alphabetrium ritual tho." Bruce said with worry in his voice. "How... How do you know about..." "All alphas know about that shit boy. Damn. And here I was thinking you earned that mass. Shoulda known ha HA just like your ol man!" "All alphas? My old man? Dad?" "You got some book or something right? You did some thing and it made you all big and strong, then somehow that asshole stole it from you right and took the extra mass with em? Consider yourself lucky he didn't take more!" "Uh... Close. Benny got a book like that, but all I did was grow some pot. I got this fancy fertilizer in the mail, but it got mixed up with my other roommate Matt's experimental protein powder he got from some guy we smoked up a while back." "Weed? Tf you mean weed? Aint no omega ritual involve no grass." "I mean that's what I happened. I didn't believe it either..." "So how'd he take yo alpha juice?" "My what? He didn't. He got his own. It wares off after you pass out unless you smoke more before doing so." "And he got the plant now?" "Well, no I have it in my car now." ... "You... Have the plant? The one that makes big boys bigger?" "Uh... Yeah." "Son of a... Fucking amateurs man. GO GET IT." Bruce mumbled to himself as he started to clear out some of the stuff on the table. Sammy got the plant out of his trunk and when he came back in, he found his uncle waiting for him by a bookshelf. "So what are we doing with..." But Sammy didn't get to finish his question, as his uncle had opened the bookshelf revealing a hidden basement. "Come on kid, you learning about the real world today." The passage lead deep down into the earth by a few stories. It was outrageously impressive how deep this tunnel went to Sammy, and he became worried about what his Uncle had become involved with, but he was too scared to speak. At the bottom of the tunnel were two chambers sitting across from one another. One appeared to be filled with odd symbols and otherworldly inscriptions in ritualistic patterns. The other was an office-like business room filled with various papers and red strings attached to case files. In the center of the ritual chamber, Bruce placed the plant beside a book and stepped back, allowing the book to flip through it's own pages on its own rapidly. "Alright Samuel, I'm just going to give you the skinny. So this all started fifteen years ago when you were a kid.... " Your dad, as you remember was big into wrestling. Loved the shit. He was always looking for a way to be better. Wanted to be a big man you could look up to. Then one day, your old man was wrestling with this real big dude named Ricky Titan. Titan was a big man, the odds against your dad were 80:1. I remember even I bet against your old man. No one expected your dad to beat him in the ring. But he did. Fair and square too. Everyone leaving the stadium was mad as hell. Titan was branded a cheater, everyone said he took a fall on purpose. Titan met up with your dad after the match, but he wasn't angry. But he would eventually lead your dad to ruin. He introduced your dad to an underground wrestling wring called "The Cock Ring". Everyone there far bigger than Titan and your dad. Absolute goliaths. They were an ancient group of the strongest men of the time, the legion of Alphas. Their secret? They engaged in a ritual known as the "Challenge of Champions". It worked like a regular wrestling match, only winning meant much more. You didn't bet money or tokens in this underground wrestling ring, you bet mass. Two men would enter, one would eventually mount the other, and whomever conquered their opponent first would absorb all the muscle of the loser, making tough men stronger, and weak men worthless. Your dad was ambitious, and a natural. Pretty soon he was five times the size he started at. Your dad was about done with his circuit, and had only one match left before his retirement. As it happens, it was against none other than Ricky Titan, who had had about the same amount of success. I remember seeing him walk out into the ring that day, with an evil fire in his eyes that something told me was just.... off. I had later learned Ricky had used a book like this one, an Omeganomicon, to temporarily hide the strength he held within him. He looked the size of your dad, but he secretly could release his restraint at any time, to show he was roughly five times the size he showed. He waited until your father was in bottom position to reveal the ace up his sleeve, and within moments Ricky was dominating your dad with no chance of him to escape. The spectators didn't care and prevented me from intervening despite the underhanded nature of the match. It was accustom to only steal a few pounds from a defeated opponent, as a sign of respect, but there were no rules of course here, and within minutes, your dad went from a muscular Adonis, to a weekly pencil neck, and Titan had grown to a monstrous size, laughing as he stole all your dad worked his ass off for. Your dad was heartbroken, and fell into utter despair. They wouldn't even let him back into the cock ring. "Too weak" they told him to his face. He could never face you again. Not after all he went through. And well... You know what he did after that on the bridge... That bastard didn't just steal his physical strength. He robbed him of every ounce of strength he had, leaving nothing to even continue living with. Sammy began to cry. "I'll kill that bastard!" "Way ahead of you kid. Took me twelve years but three years ago I finally found Ricky Titan. Even bigger." "It was about that time I'd met up with a man known only as "Connor" who introduced me to the new order of alphas. Apparently there'd been some event a few weeks prior, ushering in some new god for those crazy fuckers, called him "Jackova". They sided with me in my plight to avenge your dad, and by utilizing another Omeagnomican method, I fought against Ricky on an even playing field, and as you can guess, I whooped his ass. I relinquished the strength I stole from him back to the omegaplane. Didn't seem right to keep it to myself considering it was your dad's after all. Ill gotten, and losing at any point mean it could be robbed from me for another asshole like titan. I'm not letting that happen to me. Not after the shit I've seen. Sammy nodded respectfully as he kinda grasped the situation. "To repay my debt to the new alpha order, I now work alongside them to keep the evils of the rituals in these books from getting out of hand. As you can see that comes with some perks" Brutus said flexing his impressive arm. "Now, lets see what kind of voodoo shit you got into..." Brutus said as he flipped the book open. He read it thoroughly for a few minutes before entering the office chamber, picking up a phone with no buttons and said : "This is agent Brutus codename 14459, I believe I have discovered the source of the recent titan-level incident happening in the nearby city. It appears to be a "Safe" class artifact and may serve as an excellent replacement for artifact 2213, send agents immediately to recover the plant. I'm taking two grams of the artifact with me and my potential recruit to attempt to extinguish this problem before lethal force needs to intervene. Brutus out." With that, Brutus snagged two nuggets of the plant and motioned for Sammie to follow him up the stairs. Back in the farmhouse Sammy finally managed to process the whole story he'd been dealt. "So what we're going to smoke that, get you just as big as Fred, and kick his ass?" "I don't want to take risks Sammie. It's not professional, and this is life or death. We're not smoking this Sammy, we're processing it." Brutus then turned to Sammie facing him directly as he place a pound of normal weed and the two grams of fatha nature into Sammies arms with a grin. "You remember how I taught you to make dabs right?" End Part 6! Part 7: After her wonderful evening with Benny three nights prior, Sasha was finally done tutoring the spoiled little brat she'd been teaching. "Absolute fucking moron" she thought to herself as she packed up her things and left the Westly mansion. "How was that pig the heir to the Westly fortune?" The head of the household, Kira Westly, had paid handsomely for Sasha to be Adam's tutor during the pandemic. He had specified that Adam needed to accomplish each of his weekly goals by whatever means and that she wasn't to leave until he did. Although it seemed as though he might as well have hired her to be a fucking strip tease. The first two days of Adam's homeschooling he didn't even try to learn anything. It wasn't until Sasha (whom had run out of clean clothes) changed back into the tight dress she'd worn to her hookup with Benny did Adam even act like he was interested. "Figures the meat-head wouldn't care until he could see my panties from his seat... Douchebag..." At that point Adam quit faking his incompetency and answered the questions with ease. As she turned out of the Foyer she was stopped on the stairwell by a sweaty Adam wearing only a towel. "So Sasha... When do you think our next session will be?" Adam said cockily. "You actually seemed pretty well adept this last session, I'm thinking we'll be good well into next week. You don't seem to be struggling with any subjects." Sasha responded plainly. "Damn... That's a real shame..." Adam said stretching his arms above his head, flexing subtly." Sasha internally rolled her eyes. Last week MAYBE she'd entertain the idea of the forbidden student-teacher-sex trope, especially with how *ahem* well disciplined Adam's body was. But after the experience with Benny, she'd never dream of letting that hunk slip through her fingers. He'd been all she thought about for almost three days now! She was obsessed. "Me and my friend Fred are going to be hitting my privet gym here soon, I don't suppose you'd want to join us for that Sasha?" "I think I'll pass Adam. I have a date tonight and I really must be going." Sasha said as she attempted to sidestep the large man, however as she did Adam's hand shot out and blocked her path, dropping his towel. Adam didn't even attempt to grab the towel. Much to the confusion of Sasha whom was feeling a mixture of worry, disgust, and trying to stifle her laughter. Adam had the smallest package she'd ever seen, smaller than his own hands and balls that disappeared inside of the erect shaft. "Oh (giggle) wow Adam, I think you should grab that towel there." Adam just looked at her puzzled. "What do you mean, I thought this is what all women wanted? A big buff guy to cuddle at night. Are we fucking or not?" Sasha just giggled behind her hand and said "Well... you've got the chest arms and legs for it Adam, but... Most women... And particularly me... As the Americans say: "need a big more shaft in their path."" Adam's face turned white with horror at this statement. Shamefully, he pulled the towel back up with tears in his eyes. Feeling somewhat bad Sasha tried to comfort him. "Look, it's not the end of the world. Lots of girls don't care about this kind of thing at all!" Adam just stared at the floor. Feeling even worse, Sasha spoke again: "I'm sorry Adam. But if it's any consolation, I do find your muscular discipline and strength to be... Quite the turn on. If I hadn't met Benny the other night, I'd might look past it but... I can't now.... Besides! I am your tutor! I am meant to keep a professional attitude while we're working together! Could you imagine how awkward that would be!" ... "Thankyou Mrs. Sasha.... I Think I'll just continue getting ready for my session with Fred... Enjoy your date..." Is all Adam could squander as he retreated to the steam room of the Mansion to wait for Fred. ---------------------------- Adam sat in the steam room, staring at himself for far longer than usual, but unlike the many times before... He couldn't remove his underwear... As the image in the mirror stared back at him, Adam became increasingly agitated and eventually delusional. "It's not my cock! It cant' be! I'm just not STRONG enough! I must grow larger if I want to make her happy! If I want a girl like Sasha to worship me, I must PROVE to her my strength by whatever means necessary..." Adam pulled out a container from under the sink filled with needles and syringes. He told himself he'd stop using these months ago, and that a real man would dicipline himself to maintain the great strength he deserved.... But he could no longer take chances, and began shoving the various needles into his veins. After he started to feel the pump, he figured he'd start doing a few extra exercises before Fred showed up. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile: Ethan was starting to become concerned. Why isn't this wearing off yet? It's been almost two hours and I still have this ridiculous rack?! After the consumption of the powder, climaxing during sex should have undone the feminine changes.... But he maintained his lusciously red locks and perky chest. At least he kept the muscle he wanted too, but now that Fred had run off to do god knows what/who, how was she going to find him in time to absorb the aftermath? Suddenly a buzzing noise went off on the other side of the room, it was Fred's phone that had fallen out of his pocket. Someone named "Adam" had been texting him impatiently, with the last message being "Dude did you forget? My dad's out of town all week. You're supposed to be here so we can pump some iron and do some blow dude." Grinning, Ethan realized she had just found a second victim to mooch muscle off of. ------------------------------------------ Half an hour later, Ethan arrived at the Westly mansion using the address in Fred's phone and knocked on the door. No one answered, so she let herself in. Inside she followed the sound of slamming metal and powerful grunting from down the hall and peered into a personal gym with one lone guy vigorously pumping every muscle he had angrily. This wasn't Ethan's first rodeo, and recognized a few things immediately. The anger of a man with a "shortage" in confidence, and the muscular structure of a man who'd clearly been juicing. It didn't take long for her to piece together the basis of Adam's story. "Hello Adam" Ethan beaconed from the far side of the room. "WHAT THE HELL?! WHO ARE YOU? HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE?!" "Mmm.... Is that how you react to a beautiful vulptuous woman entering your gym while you're.... All alone?...." Ethan said seductively as she began stretching on some of the equipment. "YES! That is exactly what I ask when people intrude into my home?! What the FUCK are you doing in here?!" Adam said intrigued, but roided and concerned. "Sigh.... Alright Adam I'll skip the pleasantries and cut to the chase. You've got a self image problem right? Judging by the steroids and might I say chiseled body, I'd say your hotdog is a bit too small for the bun, am I right?" "YOU KNOW NOTHING!" "What if I told you I can help with all that?" Adam perked up at this. "What do you mean?" He asked. Ethan pulled out the protein powder canister from the bag she'd brought with her and showed it to her "Just a spoon full of this will give you the body you've always wanted big boy. No charge." "Bullshit." Adam said. "Oh?" Ethan grinned as she pushed a button on the nearby remote, turning on the widescreen TV in the corner to the local news. A reporter appeared on screen behind police tape and what appeared to be a roadblock. Behind him was a massive behemoth, stronger than anything Adam had ever seen. A hulking mass that inspired fear into all who gazed upon his god-like figure. "What the FUCK is..." "THAT." Ethan interrupted, "Is your BFF, Fred. I met up with him earlier tonight and gave him the same offer. He was a bit power hungry though, and my oh my did he have an unsatisfiable apatite." Adam looked again and saw it REALLY was Fred on the news. "How did.... I just saw him not two days ago! I was stronger than him!" "And apparently he wanted a body fit for a god. You can have that too my little shrimp dick." Adam glared at Ethan. "And... what is in it for you?" Ethan's face went deadpan emotionless. "Me? Well big boy.... I'm what the nerds call a "Nympho" and after discovering this product I have a powerful thirst for... mmmm.....dick." "Dick?" "The stronger, the bigger, the longer, the better baby." Ethan said with her face resting between Adam's legs. "So... How does this work exactly?" Adam asked. "Simple... Just drink a cup of the powder, then start flexing, while I change out of these ...mmmmmmmmm.... Restrictive shorts...." Practically cumming in his pants. Adam slowly walked to the water fountain and drank a serving of the powder. Within minutes he felt a strong powerful rush pumping inside of him. His already strained and exhausted muscles burned red hot with every moment of ecstasy. Each breath swelling new power into his already impressive frame. In the mirror, his veins lit up like snakelike vines crawling across his body. "MORE! MORE! MORE! YES YES MORE! AHHHH! MORE!" Adam screamed at himself as he felt his heavy pecs balloon into even more massive slabs of concrete muscle. Adam's lust for power was intense, and every neuron in his head was bursting with newfound entitlement and lustful desires. But then he looked down at his small pecker, disgusted that such a measly tool was once his. Saving the best part for last, Adam began to flex his dick as hard as he could, causing it to swell and lengthen to tremendous lengths. Adam's chest swelled even moreso with pride as he gazed at his now two foot long monster shaft and turned to Ethan. "You ready for all this whore?" He said cockily. Internally Ethan was revolting at the thought of doing this again, but as he gazed over the immense power in Adam's body, he bit the bullet and started sucking and fucking viscously. Pump after pump after pump Adam screamed in pleasure in his powerful new body. To entertain himself he began to curl 100lb weights with ease while Ethan was working his shaft. After what seemed like an eternity, Adam came powerfully into Ethan's pussy filling it with hot juices. Adam dropped the weights and relaxed for a moment in peace. But Ethan had other plans as he hopped atop Adam and began to ride him. "DAMN BITCH! I finished! I can't go any longer!" Adam said as he tried to remove Ethan, but his hands were swatted away by a powerful force. "Wha... What the fuck?" Ethan was feeling it, the mind-breaking pleasure of the power he once held returning to him. Fuck having a girls body! EVERYONE would worship him now regardless now that he could control THIS! Adam hadn't realized it but he'd already begun regressing back to his former size shrinking from hulking bodybuilder to normal hunk. But Ethan, whom had already skimmed some mass from Fred, and claimed this newfound beef from Adam, could easily overpower him, and he was going to take Adam for everything he had! Adam's mind was in hyperdrive and in pain, he could feel the energy being sucked out of him with every thrust. Less and less and less mass could be seen on him in the gym's mirror, while more and more appeared on this strange woman. While Ethan's hair changed from deep red to platinum blonde, he'd discovered her true intentions: She was robbing him of his muscle! His manhood! Everything! By the end of the process, Adam was drained out, and Ethan, more powerful than ever stood before him with breasts the size of beach balls, a ten pack of abs, biceps that could crush skulls, an ass like a kardashian, and a thick powerful cock Ethan was all too happy to reclaim. "Mmmm.... Now to go get the rest of that big beefcake...." Ethan said as she tossed Adam aside. "End of Part 7!" Part 8: Fred stared back at the muscular behemoth as his vision began to dim. As any scientist nerd will tell you, the larger the mass of an object, the more energy is needed to move it. This is a fundamental law of reality and can't be ignored, even with supernatural power-lust fueled growths. While Fred felt fantastic for a while, he'd been awake for over 20 hours now, and knew that once he fell asleep he'd lose at least some of his titanic mass without the plant. He'd taken to scarfing down every ounce of coffee, sugar, and cocaine he could get his giant nearly invincible hands on, but he was slipping. "WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY?!?" Fred, who's muscular chest was so powerful even this winded wheeze boomed vigorously as if shouted by a gym coach, yelled into the night. Meanwhile, in his car at the top of a nearby hill, silent and quiet, Matt, Benny, and Rebecca watched from the darkness. "Dude, he just keeled over! I think he doesn't have much left in him. Once he passes out, we just gotta let the cops do their thing and we'll be rid of him forever!" Benny Stated. "FUCK YEAH!" Rebecca cheered quietly. "Screw that fucker to hell and back!" Matt however was concerned. "Dude... Catch me if I'm wrong... But I am almost 100% sure he was smaller when he left the apartment.... I hope that mass of his isn't from something else..." "Something other than the weed?" Bennny asked. "Way ahead of you dude, I've read through the Omeganomicon twice now, and there's nothing that will let him keep that size without some kind of critical weak point that WILL con him at some point. He's just bought himself an extra few pounds of delusional god-hood." Mike sat down again, but was still concerned. Mike knew it was all up to him if Fred found them. He was the only one who got any use out of the remaining plant. Even then however, he was still tiny by comparison. Rebecca suddenly went wide eyed and said "OH SHIT!". In the distance, she had spotted a figure that had started stripping in the street. At first she thought "Who the fuck would just get naked in front of this rampaging beast?!?" but as her binoculars focused, she recognized the figure instantly: GUYS. THAT'S NALA! Nala at first didn't recognize the beast from where she was during this time, but soon, she didn't care who it was. Nala knew what she was, deep in the core of her being: A size queen. And if primal unchecked lusty instinct had taken over, she was going to find a way to fuck that massive titan if it was the last thing she'd do! Fred of course had no objections, and figured he might as well enjoy the last few minutes of god-hood left in him. "OH FUCK YES DADDY! GIVE MAMA WHAT SHE WANTS! SHOW THE WORLD WHO'S TOP BITCH!" Thrust after thrust Fred's enormous dong physically split Nala in two as everyone around the scene watched in horror. By the time he climaxed, Fred had torn off her left leg from the shin down, crushed her pelvis, and caused severe internal bleeding as her organs had been displaced and ripped apart. Yet... As her lungs filled with blood and cum, she felt complete as a person. Fred however, had given his last, and promptly fell forward, finally passing out and shrinking back to only slightly larger than normal sized. Rebecca began to cry at the loss of her friend as Benny comforted her and Matt breathed a sigh of relief as he saw a very brave cop clasp the handcuffs on that bastard Fred. However their rush of emotions only lasted a brief moment, as in the distance screaming could be heard. It was the mangled remains of Nala. "FUCK YES!" She squealed in a high pitched roar, somehow more than perfectly healed from the previous session. "LOOK AT ME! I TOOK ALL THAT MONSTER! NOW LOOK AT ME! FUCK I ARMWRESTLE SCHWARZENEGGER!" Nala boomed into the night as she started to pose and flex her new muscular body. "What the fuck?" Is all Matt, Benny, and a very relieved Rebecca could muster together. This turn of events was also short lived as well as soon another figure appeared, gasping for breath as if she'd just run from the other side of town. "NO! NO WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO YOU BITCH?!?" It was Ethan, not that anyone awake knew who this was though. "THAT WAS MY MUSCLE AND YOU STOLE IT! IT WAS MEANT FOR ME!" The angry Ethan shouted at Nala. Nala was NOT amused. "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU CALLING A BITCH, CUNT?!" "YOU! YOU STUPID SPOILED WHORE! YOU STOLE THAT MUSCLE I WAS GOING TO STEAL FROM HIM!" "Oh? Hmm... Well I guess you snooze, you loose. ;} " Nala replied with a smug face. "It would have been wasted on you anyways... And it's not like your little pathetic legs could have taken all that man meat." This set Ethan over the edge. "OH I'll GIVE YOU SOME MAN MEAT TO TAKE BITCH!" Ethan said as she/he whipped out the titanic dong he'd stolen from Adam. "I THINK IT'S ABOUT TIME I GAVE THIS LITTLE BUDDY A TEST RUN!" But before they could continue, a brief whiff of real life swooped in. "MAM! PLEASE PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON! THIS IS A PUBLIC STREET! YOU ARE BOTH UNDER ARREST UNTIL WE CAN SORT THIS SHIT OUT!" A few cops bellowed as they surrounded the two large, but not nearly as beastly as Fred, women. Ethan thought to himself: "Fuck.... This isn't good. I can't use the powder on myself again... But if I don't do anything I'm going to jail forever.... FUCK!" Angrily, Ethan quickly took a swig from his water bottle and kissed Nala intimently to her surprise. Nala quickly pushed away and shouted "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU WEIRDO!" before stumbling back into a bench, grasping the hand rail firmly and reveling in the power she now controlled as she could bend the metal with ease. In a concerning event, Nala began to laugh maniacally as her eyes went bloodshot, and her arms swelled with unfathomable power. With every pulse the cops surrounding the two instinctively knew to back off, and several ran and hid. Ethan whispered gently into the heaving and hysterical Nala's ear "Don't forget who gave you this power..." Nala's laughter lowered as her chest expanded outwards, and her legs and body lengthened quickly to twice her former size. Unlike the other transformations Ethan had witnessed, Nala began to grow extra features as she grew as well, such as demonic horns and a barbed tail. She was sweating profusely, glazing her hot body in a thick layer of steam that seemed to evaporate upon touch. Her laughter didn't stop however as she continued to expand and grow. Her newfound tail whipped back and forth with each pulse of the power felt within her. She grabbed Ethan by the neck and shoved her body to the ground with ease, smothering their face with her strengthening clit. Ethan licked the juices flowing from within Nala, as he believed them to offer the key he needed to obtain his own power, but Nala, who's wish granted by the powder was to be forever named the queen of size and power, saw through this desire, and allowed none of the power she'd claimed to flow out of her. Soon, the heat Nala was generating began to take it's toll on her skin, tinting it a painful shade of red, as if her whole body had been repeatedly spanked by a firm hand. As her eyes began to glow with the power fusing together within her body. Her spine and ribs expanded and fused together with her back granting her dragon-like wings and claws. Her muscles expanded at an alarming rate, her blood cracking her skin and flowing like magma with a rush of heat that momentarily caused her to stop laughing, just to catch her breath in the midst of such a hot situation, and fall back into her seat. As she looked forward, she noted that Ethan's eager suckling had hidden her proud clitoris, which had grown to the size of a small penis. Amidst her panting, she willed this portion of herself to grow further, warping it into a huge monster of a cock capable of breeding an elephant and constantly soaking wet with a thick oily musk. As she finally began to adapt to the heat of her newfound power, she stood up tall and glared down at the hamster-sized people beneath her, glaring with her glowing yellow eyes. "Well... Go on.... Bow for your queen." She spoke to the crowd of people who hadn't turned and run. "As for you.... Slave." Nala spoke to Ethan as her crown of horns around her head fused together in the shape of a helmet. "If you want to siphon even a fraction of this power from me... You'll need to do better then that." She laughed heartily as she allowed Ethan to continue sucking her enormous cock in desperation. Matt, Rebecca, and Benny all stared at the terrifying scene in front of them. "Out of the Frying pan...." Benny quivered. End of Part 8! Sasha sat in her home, quiet and still watching the news and her phone in awe. She was glued to her chair, touching herself to the extremely graphic sexual scene being broadcast all over town before her, and anxious to help herself to another serving of Big Benny if he would JUST answer her texts... Suddenly a soft knock appeared at her apartment's door. She opened the door and let out a small gasp. Before her was the weakest, scrawniest person she'd ever met... And she recognized the face. A.... ADAM?!?! What the hell happened to you? Was all she could ask. Adam told her everything about ethan, the girl from the news, and how she tricked him into handing over all his muscles. Then he sat back and frowned at what a fool he'd been. Sasha, which outwardly human and genuinely caring, could care less though. She was far too fixated on this fantastic new concept of stealing power straight from another person. She was internally burning up at the idea of growing Benny even larger, and hell, why not a little for herself huh? She couldn't wait any longer. She loaded up Adam into her car and drove off to meet Benny at his own apartment. When she arrived, she was concerned to find the apartment destroyed by some kind of beast. Her timing couldn't have been better however, as she ran right into Bruce and Sammy. "Sammy! Oh thank god! Where's Benny? What happened here? " "Oh shit... You're that Sasha chick from the other night. Look I wish I could tell you where Benny is, but he and Matt had just vanished. Pretty sure this room is the result of Fred roiding out though..." "I saw that loser on the news right as he got drained of all his muscles by Nala and she transformed into that. What's up with that?" "We're working on the Nala problem. Apparently the wish fulfilment properties of the Protein powder she consumed triggered her transformation from a normal girl into a Omeganagus, a literal queen of size. She's apparently absorbing energy at an exponential level, when her brain develops enough for her to absorb it properly, she'll become unstoppable, and likely absorb the planet." Bruce replied. "How do we do that?" "We have only one shot, it's this." Sammy said as he pulled out a small container of dabs. "According to my uncle Bruce, this shit's 1000x stronger than what lead to this catastrophe, it will transform any normal person into a muscled freak, a giant incapable of functioning in society, but only for a few minutes. Then they return to the form they would achieve through normal usage of the stuff. We need to get within range of her so someone big like Bruce can release her sexual energy. If we can do that, she should implode on herself." We have only one problem: Bruce is protected from Alphabetrium overload, and the three of us are too small to take on Nala. I was hoping we could find Matt here. He's really the only guy we can trust with this task. "Oh really? Well lucky you! I just happened to be right here!" Matt said triumphantly as he entered the room with Benny and Rebecca. "Quickly then! There' s no time to lose!" "Wait..." Adam implores. "What if it doesn't work?" "What if it mutates Matt into another unstoppable beast! You should test it on me first!" Bruce shrugged. "A good point actually. Lets see if we can't undo some of that muscle theft damage." The dab rig was loaded, and passed to Adam who inhaled it eagerly. Once again, Adam was filled with a fantastic power, tightening every joint and muscle in his body as he swelled with familiar power. But this was different than last time, this didn't want to stop, and soon Adam found himself growing even larger and stronger than he was before. Adam looked back at the others with his sense of authority, pride and dominance returned. He spent a lot of time feeling his own body up and down before eventually turning to the group. "This feels Devine. I am not just a man with the power to move mountains, but a chosen master of power meant to control my strength to shape the world as I see fit. With my knowledge of the situation, I will help in the plan against this "Nala", as now that the world is mine, I feel I am meant to protect it. That is the burden I now carry regardless of the reward." Sasha was moved by this and jumped up to kiss the herculin figure. He reciprocated with a kiss of such sensation, Sasha was left speechless for several minutes. "Your affection is misplaced Sasha, I am greater than such things now, I deserve a flock of women, who will worship me without question. You, whom rejected me in my larva stage, will be forbade from pleasing my metamorphosis. Matt looked determinately at Bruce, "I'm ready, lets fuck this bitch." ------------------------ Ethan glared at the rapidly swelling mountain of power before him. He couldn't stop. He'd tried everything, every trick he knew, but alas, couldn't even get the monstrosity wet. Nala looked down at the pitiful human is boredom. "How pathetic. How is a queen meant to please herself with such inadequate toys? Honestly, it's so sad. I was practically ready to burst just from the power I've acquired alone. If I can't get off to that, I wonder what will satisfy me..." She picked up one of her followers from the nearby street and brought them near her mouth, she gazed into the poor devotee's soul, and set it ablaze, turning dirrectly into heat-energy, which she promptly consumed. "Mmmm.... Much better... I got almost 40% of him to turn into energy that time. Soon I'll be able to do 100% then I think I will begin absorbing the world. Then the sun or maybe Jupiter next... We'll have to see." Matt gazed at the (sexy) beast he would have to conquer. Regardless as to how he would do it. He'd have to become strong enough to stop her. With a single pull, Matt absorbed the whole dab like a champ, and instantly felt a rush of energy the likes of which he'd never felt before swell inside of him. Black symbols appeared over him as he grew, warping his body to almost painful positions to better nourish Matt's insane strength. By the end of the growth session, Matt was over thirty feet tall and built like a house. The strongest force any of the group had ever witnessed before. He sweat raw power from every pore as he began to feel all over his new body and the power it held. Nala looked at this newfound challenge with an evil glare. "Well come on then big boy, lets do this." End of part 9! Part 10 : Nala vs Matt Nala turned towards the hulking mass that had appeared before her with a calm and eager anticipation. "Hello Mathew. I see someone's been drinking his milk... I can't wait until I drain yours again... It was so...mmmm.... salty last time." "Speak when you are asked to speak bitch." Matt said with stone cold composure. Nala smiled, "Mmm... I see someone's gotten more...ahhhhh" she stopped mid sentence to flex and expand another few feet. "AHHHHHaaaaaa....aaassertive sense we last fucked. Mommy likes. >:)" Mathew was much larger in size against Nala, but he was on the clock. Soon, she'd outgrow him and no one would be left to stop her from absorbing the entire planet to please her relentless power lust. But for the time being, it seemed between the two of them, Mat was in control. He didn't waste this opportunity, and backhanded Nala's footing, tripping her and causing her to fall to the ground on her ass with her legs wide open. Nala, like a small doll, screamed as the titanic dick, the size of her own body began to be forced inside of her. "FUUUUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUUCK YES! OH YOU'RE TOO BIG DADDY! OH FUCK ME YES THAT'S GOOD! OH FUCK if I COULD TAKE THAT MONSTER FRED BEFORE, I CAN TAKE THIS STUD NOW! OH FUCK ME YES! OW OW OW OH FUCK! FUCK I NEED MOOOOOOOOORRRREEEEEEE!! Suddenly erupting into a blast of heat, numerous people from the surrounding area fell over limp as a glowing red aura left their bodies and began flooding the streets in a dense red fog. Chains began to latch to these floating essenses and slowly began to drag anyone they could into Nala's mouth and other orafaces. Matt started to pound harder and harder sweating overtime as he was sure wtf was going on around him was not going to be good. Nala, disturbingly, started to chuckle and laugh as her head rolled forward. "You know I don't want to hurt you... Or anyone really... But you're standing in my way. I am the size QUEEN. A GOD BEFORE YOU! YOU THINK I'll be MERCIFUL towards you because you can fuck me properly? HA ha ha ha ha...." Matt suddenly stopped in confusion and looked down, as it had appeared as though the pussy he was using was now pushing against him. He looked down and took a big gulp in fear. She'd grown larger, and not only that, she'd focused all her growth onto her already massive cock, swelling it to a size in which Matt could no longer use his own in her pussy. "Mm.... hm? Oh... Baby... I must admit I am FASCINATED by you and your.... Massive body.... " Nala said licking her lips. "But you need to learn your place..." Nala began as she released another pulse of absorption energy. Matt flipped Nala over and began to pump her ass harder and harder, but before long, it was clear Nala had won. And in a pitiable defeat, Matt himself had been flipped over, and was now being fucked by Nala's much more massive dick. As she fucked him Nala whispered into Matt's ear: "First I'm going to fuck you until you split in half. Then, I will absorb your mass, at long last granting me the energy I need to absorb the people of this world. Your friends. Your family. Everyone. It'll all be gone. Everything that has descended from humanity from the dawn of time. The mayan sacrifices, the invention of the wheel, these pitiful skyscrapers, the moon landing, even mcdonalds, EVERYTHING will cease to be. Everything except me. ME! The one true purpose of life on this miserable planet: TO GIVE RISE TO THE DAWN OF QUEEN NALA : RULER OF STRENGTH, POWER, AND MIGHT! GOD OF SEX AND DEMONESS OF SIZE! I CAN SEE IT ALL! THE PATH TO JOTUNHEIM! THE THRONE MEANT FOR ME! ME! MEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOHHHHhhhhhhhhh FUCK!" Grabbing her dick with both hands to keep herself from cumming anymore, Nala yanked her dick out of Matt. "Fuck... Oh shit... Might have gotten a little carried away there... Almost came... Almost lost everything... Just gotta calm down a bit and..." "No." Boomed a voice she didn't recognize. "What?!?!" She screemed in anger as she looked down. It was Matt. He had absorbed her over eager fluid release and as are the rules of the powder, was now absorbing Nala's inhuman strength and demonic power. Nala attempted to retreat, but Matt grabbed her by the torso and began suckling her monster cock against her will rapidly. She didn't last long after that, with such a powerful force pulling cum out of her new organ. And as a result, Matt looked down at his new form, pulsing with power he'd never even dreamt of. Nala had regressed back to a form similar to the size she had after being healed by absorbing Fred's cum, and in the light of a new dominant muscle master, she decided it was best to run away and hide. Knowing he had won, Matt gazed out onto the Horizon and began to think dark thoughts. The power was his now, and who could stop him? He could be the ruler of this new world. COULD?! HA! HE ALREADY WAS A REBORN MUSCLE GO..... But suddenly, Matt began to clench his mighty chest and heave painfully. In the distance, Benny asked Bruce: "What's happening to him?" "It's the Dabs wearing off. Without that compound in his system, he's not strong enough to handle all that alphabetrium energy!" Suddenly, Matt went supernova. BOOM! Matt's body released a huge blast of energy, which became unchained as it flew out of him freely, and resided back into the various people it'd come from. Rebecca stood up: "Oh thank god! All those people are getting their soul energy back!" It was then that Sasha spoke: Uh... Yeah... And then some... The two looked back at the cop from earlier and their jaws dropped. Bruce explained: "I guess with Matt's collapse, all that extra alpha energy got spread about amongst the people she took it from... Giving them all bodies of cut, hung, and busty pornstars..." Sammy asked : "How is this possible?" "It would seem something about the Nala event has somehow increased the total amount of alphabetrium energy present than there was before... This goes far beyond my paygrade. No doubt my higher ups are going to quarentine the town for a while, should blend in well what with this corona outbreak revenging the world." Matt was admitted to the ER, and thankfully survived the even with minimal damage. The effects of the event had permanently scared his body with what he referred to as "Sick tattoos" and several dozen pounds of raw muscle. Unfortunately for him, using father nature again would no longer grant him additional size, not that he needed it now though. Final size: 415 lbs. Sammy would later take on a long term relationship with Rebecca, as they both began secretly farming fatha-nature under the care of Brutus and the people who employ him. He regularly works out now, and consumes fatha-nature regularly with his girlfreind. Sammy Final size 290lbs Rebecca Final size: 180lbs Benny would go on a similar path, researching Alphabetrium artifacts and their properties for the new alpha order. He's now one of their highest ranking researchers, and regularly smokes fatha nature with Sammy and Matt as well. Final size: 340lbs Sasha gave up her job as a tutor so she could persue her true passion: Getting fucked mercilessly by Benny. Adam would later ascend to the rank of Alpha enforcer and colonel. He too still hangs out with the other as their new 4th roommate. No longer insecure about his dick size. (nor should he be) Final size: 370lbs Fred now resides as the 14th biggest guy in the local state prison. Where he will remain for the next 35 years. Apparently he's had some major personality changes now that he's been humbled and sexually violated by 13 people... But still drools over his own biceps just far too much. Final weight: 283lbs Ethan disappeared into the night alongside Nala. Their current whereabouts are unknown... Ethan final size: 150 lbs. (gender unknown) Nala final size: ??? Fin.
  5. Omeganomicon

    Gyro's Bizzare Abdominals

    Prelude: This story is the third tale in my "Omeganomicon" series, there will be appearances of some characters later on that will source from this material as well some rules and world-building described in both the first two stories, but you will not have to read either to get into this story. Recently I've become hooked on the popular show/manga "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" (great stuff) so I decided that sense I'm establishing a new world system anyways, I'd try it in the writing style of Jojo's with a similar set of world rules as well, namely stands, corpse parts, overly explained standoffs, and certain character types and abilities, but modeled for muscle growth. Feel free to add your own suggestions for future chapters or even your own chapters! I plan to do quite a few of these, hence this is a continuous post rather than a normal one. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chapter 1: Gyro's Little Brother Gyro Ghonson lived a blessed life in a loving family, with a very caring mother, and an absolute unit of a father. He was a massive dude with a sexdrive to match, even in his early 50s. Gyro was nowhere near as motivated to be in shape, and lived a lazy life of peace and tranquility... Or so he did until the week after Gyro's birthday. His dad had returned home early from work with a child about Gyro's age: Theodore "Who's this dad?" Gyro asked. "That...er... well son... ah..." his dad stuttered. "I'm his son that he abandoned." The kid said coldly. !!!!!!! I... I'M SORRY?!?! THE WHO?!?! Soon my father explained that fifteen years ago, the week after Gyro had been born, his mother was in great pain and was unable to provide their dad with the sexual release he needed.... (Gyro slapped him at this point.) And so he went out and fucked some slut at a bar. Nine months later Theodore was born, and left in care of the prostitute, whom recently died of an unknown illness. They took a dna test and found Gyro's dad was the biological father. "Theodore huh? I'm going to call you Theo!" Gyro started, but as he finished his sentence, Theo's leg shot out, knocking Gyro over. "Do not refer to me as any less than my full name Gyro." Theo said in response before turning around and heading upstairs. Gyro's Dad turned to Gyro and said "He grew up hard and life was difficult for him, I'm sorry if he's rude but cut him some slack... You didn't see the whorehouse I found this guy in, he has seen some shit, yet maintains absolute composure, it's quite remarkable. Over the next few years, life only became harder and harder for Gyro. Before now Gyro had never really compared himself to someone on a regular basis, but he could tell Gyro was clearly more muscular than Gyro. Gyro didn't take envy in this, but rather found it as a source of motivation to start working out, but never the less, Theo was still bigger for quite some time, causing all kinds of hell for Gyro. He had homework assignments destroyed, he was viciously mocked by practically everyone in his class, and was regularly dealt lessons as to whom was in charge, reducing Gyro to nothing internally. By age 19, both boys lived in Gyro's five bedroom apartment in Metroio city. For obvious reasons Gyro's Mom, Linda, was no longer married to his dad and was Gyro's only source of home away from Theo, never the less, as she was a busy woman, Gyro was left alone most of the time with Theo. Gyro, still having worked out regularly despite Theo's crushing tactics, was almost ready. He'd been keeping record of how much Theo was lifting at his gym in secret. It was pretty fucking impressive seeing the 200lbs of weight be lifted by such a relatively small kid. Theo almost always wore a thick hoodie and baggy pants, but despite this, he looked menacing as hell. 220. That's what he had to beat. 220. Normally Theo would go to the gym for a few hours everyday, but seeing as he was gifted a trip on a smaller cruise line by my mother for his birthday a few days ago, (he scoffed at it saying he expected no less than the smaller cruise selection from "that whore") He walked up to the bench and loaded up the weights marked with Theo's carved writing about his claim to them. He took a deep breath. Lifted the bar. A huge amount of force on his chest. He pushed. And with some effort, he lifted the weights. He was overjoyed, ecstatic! He'd done it! He was stronger than Theo! He could stand up to the beast now! Not only that... But he had four more days to improve more! He was sure he could get up to 235 in that time! ---------------------------------------- The night before Theo returned, Gyro had moved his blanket onto Theo's Second bed and cleared the room of his things. He was making a statement. They were equals from now on. Theo barged home with two of his buddies, Nick and Kyle (complete meathead drones used for grunt work and sexual pleasure alike), and turned to see all the stuff outside his primary bedroom. Enraged he screamed "GYRO YOU LITTLE BITCH, WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY ROOM! I'll RIP THAT LITTLE TWINK NECK OFF YOUR...." but before Theo could say anything else, Gyro appeared, confident in the hallway. "I'm taking your second bedroom Theo. You may not have noticed, but I've been keeping track of your progress in the gym, by my account, I now have an advantage on you by at least 15 lbs, give or take. I'm stronger than you now." Theo stopped and laughed at him before winding up a bitch-slap. However Gyro caught it, and now had Theo by the wrist, which showed Gyro a face he'd never seen on Theo before: Fear. "I've never seen that look on you Theo, but never the less, from it I can already tell I've won this fight, stop now before you get hurt." Gyro said confidently. "You did worry me quite a bit there... But none the less, I couldn't agree more... NICK! KYLE!" Theo responded with an evil grin. Within seconds Gyro had been restrained and kicked repeatedly by the three Jocks. "You need a lesson in discipline bitch." Theo said. "You think these two bozos do what I say because of how much I can deadlift? HA! I'll fucking SHOW YOU WHY THEY WORSHIP ME!" he continued before whistling. On command, both Nick and Kyle stripped to their bare skin and nealed on the floor at the base of Theo's bed to watch. With his hands restrained by ductape from behind and on the verge of blacking out from injouries, Gyro struggled to free himself as Theo started stripping slowly, eventually revealing an impressive 9 inch cock. Gyro wenced and tried to get away, but soon found himself with a fat cock between his teeth and cheek. Theo had a firm grip on Gyro's jaw as to keep him from biting down, and it all seemed hopeless to Gyro, when suddenly, as if by pure chance, Theo pushed hard enough to knock Gyro across the thin shag carpet, causing Gyro to fall forward, headbutting Theo square in the balls. Gyro backed away into the far corner of the room. "You little bastard! Big mistake doing that! We have you cornered now! You can't run!" Theo shouted. "Run? I didn't plan on doing anything of the sort." "Huh?" "If THAT is why these two worship you, I have a surprising bit of information they might fight just a bit interesting." Gyro said with his hands now free from ductape. "He can't possibly mean..." Theo thought as the face of fear appeared a second time as Gyro dropped his pants willingly. "Oh wow!" Nick and Kyle said together as they bore witness to Gyro's 10 inch cock with balls twice the size of Theo's Theo glared at his former minions as they sat in awe and approached the naked specimen. "Woah... It's even thicker than Theo's..." Nick said. Infuriated and humiliated, Theo landed a final blow on Gyro, knocking him (but not his erection) out cold. No further harm befell Gyro that day, Theo left in a fit of rage and anger to go drink downtown with his fake ID (which would later be found out and confiscated, leading to him spending two nights in jail. Gyro woke up in Theo's second bed with a sexy letter from Nick and Kyle begging to "hang out" sometime. He would spend the next few days adjusting his life back from the tyrannical rule Theo could no longer impose. It was a good day. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As Theo roamed the streets after his release, he vowed to destroy Gyro at any cost. He knew a guy up the road who sold steroids reasonably, he could get bigger and destroy that little cockroach! "I'll get fucking huge!" Theo laughed to himself (or so he thought) in a back alley. "If it's power you want... I think I can provide exactly what you need." Said a mysterious voice from behind the corner. "Who the fuck asked..." Theo began, but then the stranger stepped out of the shadows and Theo realized he was in no position to make demands. Theo was huge for his age, but he was still only a mere 19 years old, not even finished with puberty yet. The man behind the corner was gigantic, even for a full grown adult. "Well little boy? Do you want the kind of power I can offer or not?" the hulking mass said sternly. Biting his lips in fear, Theo replied "Yes. Yes I do. I want it all. " "Hungry beast aren't we.... Tell you what... I'll get you started... " the man said as he opened the large case he was carrying with him, removing one of the loose items in the bottom. "Here..." said the figure as he handed Theo a round object about the size of an orange within a completely sealed leathery sack. "What is this?" Theo asked. "Power, raw power, solidified into to solid mass." "How does it work?" Theo pried. "First you study it. Know it. The smell. It's presences. Know it well. Like the back of your hand. Then, when you can be sure you know this object and all others like it, place it into your bare lap... Now leave... It's getting late...." The man instructed firmly before turning the corner. When Theo rounded the same corner however, he found the man to have disappeared. Thats when he felt it. The warm pulse of the ball in his hand, and the power it commanded, with this, Theo knew in his soul, he would have no issue reclaiming his throne from Gyro! Chapter 1: Complete! Chapter 2: Theo's Return After the incident, Theo disappeared for weeks before returning with a green wristband he claimed was for his rehabilitation program and "explained" how attacking Gyro came from a steroid addiction, and after accepting Gyro had surpassed his ability without cheating, he became "enlightened" by Gyro's determination and wanted to workout properly with Gyro to learn from him. Skeptical, Gyro questioned the proposition and weather or not to take Theo up on his offer, but eventually complied. Week after week, Theo treated Gyro like a proper brother, and worked out in stride bringing out a new strength in both brothers as they worked out together. However, despite his appearances, Theo was putting on a farce of malicious intention. Nine months later, gyro had begun noticing a lot of strange circumstances. Mostly the difference in strength between Gyro and Theo. Gyro had been dead set on maintaining his figure and building muscle as effectively as possible, and had definitely put more time in, whereas Theo would mostly spot Gyro and spend most his time encouraging him, only working out for twenty minutes or so each session while Gyro would workout the full thirty five. However, you would expect the exact opposite considering the size difference in both. Gyro hadn't gained a pound... But Theo had nearly doubled in size. It made no sense... Furthermore he knew Theo couldn't be cheating, as he had attended regular drug tests to check for a reaction to any steroid or steroid-like substance. What was even weirder was Gyro's progress was consistent. He had moved up in weight significantly (moving from curling 40lb weights to 60lbs) while Theo was still satisfied with just 45lbs. One day after the workout Gyro was alone with Theo in the back locker room of the gym. Gyro joked about his concerns considering this odd speculation. Theo simply laughed as Gyro expected him to and claimed to have no idea why this was happening, and suggested the two take a trip to the steam room in the back. The two had been to the steam room before, but the two always wore their towel to hide their junk, but today, after a few minutes, Theo confidently dropped his towel, and took a wide seat exposing his dick to the world. Gyro was flabbergasted, his cock was far larger than it had been a year ago, and if Gyro had fallowed suit, he would definitely lose any sort of competition. "Damn bitch, can't believe you fit that whole thing in my mouth." Gyro laughed awkwardly. Theo smirked lightly and said "Steroids man, they shrink your dick to baby size." But in the back of his mind Theo was laughing maniacally knowing Gyro would never catch on. How could he? What he saw was impossible to accomplish by mere common folk. This power was unique to him and as it grew, he would rake Gyro through the weeds for everything he could as he gripped his lemon sized testicles and smelled his musty fingers afterwards. When the two arrived home, they each retired to their separate bedrooms, where Gyro would go to bed, tired from working out to exhaustion, and Theo relaxes in his bed and massages his balls. "Tonight's the night.... It's been over a year but I'll finally do it tonight...." Theo said as he began rubbing himself all over. "That fool Gyro will break mentally like a twig, maybe even injure himself trying tomorrow... All I need to do now... Is release the power I've built up and claim it as my own.... Gah... These arms are so weak... They can barely lift the muscle that dipshit spent so much time refining for me." After a few minutes of exploring his body, Theo gripped the shaft of his cock and began to stroke it savagely. After a few minutes, for the first time in a year, Theo released his massive testicles and began screaming internally at the ecstasy flowing through him. It was his. Theo stood up, more easily than he had done for quite a while, and explored the body he'd worn for the past few months, as now, he had unlocked the strength that came with it too! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gyro tried to lift it again, and again, but he couldn't.... He'd started every workout session for the past two months with some curls with the 60lb weights, but now... He couldn't lift them. Its as if they weighed 90lbs. He couldn't understand it. "Don't worry Gyro, I'm sure you'll catch up one day" Theo said with an evil smirk on his face as he finished his minimalist workout utilizing the second pair of 60lbs weights. "How are you able to lift thoses dude? I've never seen you be able to lift more than 45s..." Gyro questioned but stopped abruptly as it was clear Theo was preoccupied, staring at the muscular body builder fitness trainer's hot and sweaty body working with a team in the back. "Uh Theo?" Gyro asked to get his attention back. Theo turned to Gyro,frowned, and said: "Look Gyro, I didn't want to say anything but I'm at my wits end. I'm getting really sick of your jealousy towards my body. I really don't think your toxic nature is good for my improvement, that's why I think I'll continue my workout with someone I can learn from rather than teach." With that Theo went and spoke with the bodybuilder he'd been eyeing. Gyro tried every workout he could, but like magic, all the progress he'd obtained over the past year had vanished into thin air! What was going on? Was he losing it? Eventually Theo finished his workout and nonchalantly left his number for the body builder while Gyro went and hid in the back room. Suddenly, against his sobs, Theo realized he was in someone's presence. "Is your name Gyro?" boomed a deep thunderous voice. It was the bodybuilder Theo had been eyeing. What was he doing here and what did he want with Gyro and why did he know his name? 'Yeah it is... I'm sorry, am I in your way? I'm just a bit confused right now because..." "Because your brother has stolen the physical progress you've made over the past year. I know." Gyro was stunned. A wave of questions and emotions hit him at once. First was relief, now knowing he wasn't' crazy and somehow Theo had managed to steal his power. Then came anger as he realized that Theo HAD In fact been plotting against him and stolen even more from him. Then came dumbfoundedness as to what was going on. "So... What's going on here then? I'm completely lost." Gyro asked the behemoth. The man sat down and pulled out a large suitcase from his locker and placed it on the table in front of Gyro. "If I am to tell you more, it may put you at risk. I have it on high authority that I can trust you in my personal goals, but I must confirm that you as well want to accept the burden that comes with the mystery surrounding what's happened. " Gyro didn't care what dark secrets this hulk held, he needed to know what Theo had done and was willing to swim oceans to find out. "I accept." he said firmly. "Very well.... Then Gyro, I welcome you to the Ranks of Jackovia's Knights. My name is Connor." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End of Chapt. 2 But I've got the time to go ahead onto Chapter 3 so enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 3: Connor's Corpse. Connor stood up and locked the gym door before returning to the suitcase to open it. "I should tell you before hand Gyro, do not be alarmed by what you see in this case. If you want to know Theo's secret, you must remain calm no matter what." Gyro raised an eyebrow but conceded to the demand. "Gyro, if you've chosen to walk this path, I must inform you that your half-brother is now in possession of an incredible power, gifted to him by merging with a piece of my master." "Your master?" "Aeons ago, my master, a man named Jackovia, used old magic in conjunction with advanced sciences to obtain an ultimate form of power and connection to the ethereal plane that networks the divide between time and the multiverse itself. For billions of years he's sculpted reality into the unique form of today, that while not idealistic to us, was virtually perfect in Jack's eyes. Upon his ascension however, he left behind the conduit he'd inhabited for all his life up till that point, his body, in his home universe. The body has no bearing on Jackovia's presence, power, or health, but it does have unique properties. Connor at this point finally opened the case. What was inside startled Gyro, as he did not know if he should be in awe of the perfect specimens laid out before him, or if he should be horrified by the severed arm, leg, and other body parts. Gyro stepped back away from Connor. Connor sighed. "I figured this part would freak you out, I guess it's best if I just show you...." he said as he ripped the chunk of abdominal flesh off the torso and shoved it against Gyro's stomach. Gyro is scared shitless at this point and tries to run out of the room, but as he does everything slowly fades black and he passes out. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gyro awakes on the bench with Connor standing over him. "Good you survived the bonding process." Gyro groans, sits up, and clutches his chest. It burned, hotter than it had ever burned before after any workout. As he looked down he noticed that, while lacking definition, Gyro's abdominals had flattened and improved tremendously. However upon sitting up, Gyro fell backwards at the sight standing before him, as some kind of athletic ghost was standing right beside him. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING?! Gyro screamed. "That is the power of the Omega's body bonding with you. Giving you access to the old magic of the alphas and the ability to twist reality in accordance to one's personality. This particular fusion, is called "PLANK, ACT ONE!"" Gyro sat in awe of the creature but began to notice, the humanoid shape of the creature and the reactions it made to Gyro's observations.... This ghostly figure in front of him was himself, down to the last nail. "These abilities are called "Strengths", and they come in many forms, each granting their user untold power and abilities. Right now Plank here is limited to simplistic combat that all humanoid Strength's possess, but eventually it will sprout root and evolve into something greater.... Like your brother's..." "Theo has one of these things too?" Gyro said mesmerized by the situation. "Indeed. He possesses the right testicle of the Omega granting him the Strength: BLUE BALLS!" "Blue balls?" "It is a leaching Strength. It latches to a person and transfers their physical status to it's user, Theo. While the physical changes will occur normally, the actual strength won't transfer until Theo breaks the bond by jacking off. When that happens, you'll be free to resume control over your physical status, but everything you've gain will have been stolen. I'm sorry I had to wait so long to get to you, but I had to wait until the Strength's effect wore off, least I imbue you with your own Strength, only to have it be stolen by Theo." "How can you be sure I'm not still under his spell? He could have put it back on me..." Connor smiled. "I happen to know he didn't, as I know for a fact now that Theo has attempted to use his abilities on me... If he knew who I am he'd know this attempt to be fruitless... But eventually he will realize his ability isn't working on me, and will simply find another body builder to steal strength from... Worst case scenario he runs into the thief again... Greedier and cockier than before.." "Who's the thief?" Gyro asked. "I don't know. but whomever they are they managed to steal half of Jackovia's Corpse five years ago, and sense then have been traveling this world, spreading the parts around to the evilest bastards he can find in an attempt to overwrite the domain Jackovia has defined with his own body. So far I've only found a few pieces, but as I find more, I continue to combat deadlier and stranger abilities, and now I grow fearful my power alone will not be enough to accomplish my goal." Gyro sat down and processed this for a bit. "Ok... So how do I defeat Theo before he manages to get too strong to stop?" "I don't believe Plank act one is mature enough yet to combat Blue Balls. Blue balls is what's considered a supportive Strength, meaning it has no material figure to attack, rather the only method of defeating blue balls, is to defeat it's user. My own Strength is similar." "What's your strength?" Gyro asked. "My supreme ability, Fantasy Figure, allows me access to anything holding information about my body. If you take a picture of me, I'll know whats in your phone, if you put a picture of me in a book, I'll have access to everything in that book. But mostly, I use my ability to take control and access the minds of people fantasizing about me. " "That's scary." Gyro stated calmly, unaware if his calm nature was his own choice forged from trust in Connor, or if it were the effect of Connor's ability, not giving him the choice. "You will come to accept it." Connor said plainly. "Hmm... It's already 7 o'Clock... It's getting late. You'd better get home before Theo suspects something's amiss. I'll meet back up with you tomorrow at five in the back training room. Get yourself some rest tonight and don't worry about Theo, I've seen deep into the twisted recesses of his mind and while I can't predict what he'll do if he finds out you have a Strength, I do know he knows very little about the situation as a whole and believes the power he holds is unmatched. Simply act normal and see if anything about him changes. " Gyro nodded in understanding. "Oh and one last thing. While normal people can't see Strengths, other Strength users can, so it's best if you keep Plank retracted until you need him, as to not draw enemy attention onto yourself. Likewise it would send a red flag to Theo immediately. I know you've only had your ability for a short while, so I've taken the liberty of attaching the Strength retraction command in your brain to the clapping actions. Simply clap twice to hide your Strength, and say its name to bring it forth. I wish you well sir Gyro, and hope to see you alive and well tomorrow for your training." Gyro thanked Connor and finally left the building. However as he crossed the gym to leave, he received an odd chilling sensation from a guy with jet black hair in the far back of the room staring while using a medicine ball.... End of Chapter 3! Hope you're all enjoying! If anyone is confused as to the Strength/ability explanation, you should review "Stand abilities" from Jojo's bizarre adventure, which will work virtually the exact same way. Otherwise feel free to express what you'd like! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter Four: Alan's Spotter As instructed, Gyro returned to the gym the next day at the same time, but couldn't spy Connor anywhere. After a few minutes Gyro began doing some basic exercises to occupy himself. However he quickly found that a lot of exercises he would have to adjust for after what Theo had done. On top of this, Theo no longer acted as Gyro's Spotter for heavy lifting, and without Connor, it simply wasn't safe to guesstimate his own strength. All of a sudden a voice spoke from behind Gyro. "Noticed you're eyeing the weight-bench there... You need someone to help lift up?" Gyro turned to see a young adult, no older than 22 but nothing special, staring down at him. Gyro smiled and said "Yeah I could! My normal workout buddy didn't come in today." "Well that's too bad. Name's Alan, I just started working out here a couple weeks ago, great place, I love the marble fountain out front, really pulls the place together." "I'm Gyro. I've been going here a while but lately things have just gotten a little bizarre...." Alan helped Gyro through their first set, afterwards Gyro placed another 5lbs on each side. "No no no no man, that last set was way too easy for you, load another 20lbs on there, you can lift it." "Well I planned on doing quite a few sets so..." "Nonsense, your whole workout has been explained to me with that single set, you have a ton of gusto kid but you lack form and discipline, observe." Alan said confidently and as nice as he could before lying down under his bar. "Watch my arms, how they oscillate and move as I go down... And up.... And down... And up...." Gyro was impressed and loaded his own rack back up with the suggested 20lbs as requested and hopped under the bar. "Now I'm going to walk you through this one, just do exactly as I say." Gyro began by lifting the 220lb bar and slowly bringing it to his chest. "Good use of your arms, but you're now shifting all the weight onto your shoulders when it should be distributed through your chest, correct this by repositioning the bar higher up your chest on your next rep." Alan said. Gyro did. "Alright much better, but your left index finger lost a bit of grip there upon your decent, it's minor but it'll throw off the whole distribution, quell this by spreading youre other fingers further from it slightly...." Alan continued offering small tidbits of insanely accurate advice with each of the other 9 reps. Gyro's eyes lit up, this was a significantly better workout! How was it possible for Alan to know every little error with his form? With the focus and direction he supplied, Gyro felt he could lift twice as much! Gyro counted "10" and attempted to rack the bar, but Alan stopped him. "Woah there big shot, that's only 9 reps. First one never counts. Come on you can do this." Gyro smiled, he'd never gotten this kind of support from Theo! And so Gyro complied and brought down the bar to his chest one more time for one last rep. But then it stopped. Gyro looked up and to his horror, he saw Alan standing above him, glaring with both hands on the bar, forcing it down as hard as he could. Gyro panicked and began to try and throw the weights off of him, but he couldn't! He was already extremely exhausted from lifting so much already! Now with considerably more weight, he couldn't lift the bar off his chest! "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Gyro yelled trying to get the attention of anyone else in the gym (Which was oddly deserted). "I think I'll be asking the questions here dirt-bag, starting for what the fuck you think you're doing with a piece of the Omega corpse?" Alan spoke plainly. "I... I..." Gyro tried to explain but was too freaked out to form thoughts. Alan continued "That's right asshole, I know all about it, you're looking at the holder of the left eye of Jackovia, which grants me my Strength: "Spotter". Using spotter I can see through anything, which is how I knew immediately that you were holding the abs, as well as your innermost muscular mechanics during your workout." "But... But why?" Gyro wheezed. "Because I know where you got that piece from. My mentor, Connor. He had that piece just yesterday, now he's gone, and some punk ass is wearing a piece of his most cherished treasure?" "What?" Thought Gyro to himself. "He works with Connor?! This is just a big misunderstanding! Just let me up for moment!" Boomed in his mind, unable to escape his winded mouth. "Now what did you do to him? I don't know what kind of power you stole to be able to combat Fantasy Figure, but I won't give you the opportunity to activate it! Alan shouted. Gyro was scared and in a great deal of pain when the memory of what Connor told him flashed in his oxygen deprived brain. To Alan's surprise, Gyro dropped the bar from his hands willingly, allowing the bar to start to crush his chest. "OH NO YOU DON'T!" Alan cried as he tried to pull the bar onto Gyro's neck, which the force of said weight would easily crush. BANG! "AH!" Alan said in surprise. "The bar can't be pulled back because the rack is in the way! Damn it! If I hadn't corrected his form I could finish him off, but now he's! CLAP And with a single clap from Gyro, Plank Act 1 emerged. "PLANK! Help!" screamed Gyro internally. "SURE THING!" It replied, landing a swift punch between Alan's front teeth knocking him back and destroying the mirror behind him. Seizing the opportunity Gyro released himself from under the bar, but due to the time he was under the bar, couldn't breathe or speak yet. Alan returned to his feet. "A humanoid Strength huh? Bring it on." he said as he picked up a fragment of the mirror and wielded it like a throwing knife. "While Spotter may just be a support Strength, it's more than enough to defeat you!" He said winding up to throw. Gyro attempted to dodge, but Alan still nailed him with shards over and over. "He's noticing the muscle movements within my body! He practically knows what I'm going to do as I'm doing it! " Gyro thought to himself. "Vision is mankind's greatest asset! And my Spotter elevates that power to levels you'll never be able to see coming!" Alan said as he donned a pair of glasses. Gyro dodged the best he could, but he couldn't stop the edges from cutting him significantly. Alan smiled as he assumed Gyro to be defeated, but then quickly felt a chill run down his spine. Gyro had turned the flash on his phone and flashed Alan. "I put it together once I saw you put on those glasses, they're transition lenses, like my mothers... Your Spotter does allow you to see through things, but like transition lenses it adapts to the environment's light level. Disrupt that lightlevel, and Spotter can't see a thing." Alan steps back as a feeling of fear envelops him. "But don't worry, I'll make sure you have the best view in the house for this ass-kicking you're about to receive." Gyro said angrily. And in a flurry of punches Gyro knocks Alan to the floor and beats him repeatedly. "That's enough Gyro." said a voice from behind. It was Connor. "I can't believe all it takes is a mere 45 minute delay for both of you to start killing each other! This is absurd! We're doomed already if you think this kind of behavior will get you revenge on Theo or Madison. To the treadmills BOTH of you! We're running double as far now!" "Sir... please... we're in no condition to..." Connor stared down at him menacingly. "Er... Yes sir... Right away sir...." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After the ruthless workout, Connor obtained the truth from both of them. "I see... I guess I too have a hand to play in this, as I did not inform either of you about the existence of the other. I do apologize, I was a bit preoccupied yesterday with tracking down some leads on supernatural occurrences. I should have at least informed one of you." Connor said bowing his head slightly. "I wouldn't' say that. I still think the blame rests mostly on the guy who attacked me before knowing all the facts." Gyro said angrily. "Thats enough Gyro, it was an accident. You may not know it but Alan has been through far worse than you, and without a physical Strength, he relies on attacking the fastest to survive." Connor explained. "None the less, the reason I was so late today was because I struck gold with my source." He continued. "Wait... Does that mean?" Alan asked. "Unfortunately no Alan, I've confirmed this part is neither the left nor right shoulder-blade. I'm sorry but it's not Sara." Alan's eyes fell to the floor in disappointment. Why Gyro didn't know, but he wasn't given the opportunity to find out. "The subject in question is a forty five year old Shaman from the Amazon Jungle. Investigators from the foundation have spotted this man apparently clocking in at over 65 miles an hour, on foot." "On foot?!" "Indeed. This is obviously the work of an enemy Strength ability. We need to corner him, question him, and if necessary remove the part from him. We leave immediately, so go home and grab what you'll need." "Understood" Alan said standing up. "Wait... Where will we be going?" "He just told you G-Zero" Alan answered mockingly. South America. End of Chapter 4! Chapter 5: Theo is Hungry Theo sat in his room puzzling to himself, plotting. dfgh\ He'd secretly tailed his pathetic cuck brother to his "Friend's campsite" he claimed he'd be staying at for the next few days... But instead found him at some random airport.... He didn't know what his brother was being so seceretive about... But he didn't like it. Leaving his brother to his own devices is what brought challenge to the will of Theodore already once, and he was determined to keep it from coming again. Theo was already paranoid, as the professional body builder he'd latched onto had apparently produced no new muscle for Theo to exploit. This was concerning as no one else at Theo's disposal seemed to be able to resist his Blue Balls.... But what more he was hungry. From the unfathomably dark recesses of Theo's mind came an itch that'd picked and picked at Theo's mind from the moment he released Blue Balls from its grip on Gyro. The sudden embuement of power with his body was euphoric. And the more Theo felt and understood the sensation, the more he wanted more of it and the more he understood that it was his right to claim such a thing. Theo believed in his soul that he was a god among men, destined to rise above and command all whom gazed upon his infinite power, as soon as he could control it. As soon as he can grow into it. The world was his to conquer. The next day Theo decided to scout out a new gym to try and find a new host to feed off of if that oaf from before was a dry well. He decided to try the northtown gym, as it was one of the more expensive ones, used mainly by professionals. From the window, Theo eyed the selection like a hungry farmer about to select which cow he'd lead to the slaughterhouse. Finally he settled on the one in the far back: "This specimen will serve my needs well... Even if it isn't as close to the hulk from before, he's still several times stronger than I... For now..." Theo said to himself internally. He followed the tatted forearms of his prey into the back room at the end of his workout to bathe in ice. He sat in the large ice tub by himself, humming "Cold as Ice" lyrics under his breath. Theo's Blue Balls required him to touch the subject before he could latch on, and if Theo wanted to be conspicuous, he'd have waited until the man had left the ice bath, but drunk on the sensation of power gleaned so effortlessly to him, Theo had a newfound sense of entitlement in his breath. With this, Theo would attempt to enter the bath with the man. "What's up dude?" Said the man as Theo entered the room as he finished undressing and had sunk into the pool. "Hello." Theo replied coldly. "Uh... Sorry man this bath is going to be occupied for a while... There's two more down the hall if you'd like." He continued. "I believe this one will do nicely." Theo said unwavered by the man's objection. Becoming somewhat agitated, the man started to glare at Theo from the tub. "Well I'm using this one, so I'm afraid you're going to have to reconsider." "This bath will do" Theo says again as he begins to strip down as well. With the now looming threat of another naked man entering his small tub pressed against him, the man sits up. "Look man, my name's Reggie. I'm starting to get a bit agitated in your insinuation that you're getting in this tub." But as Reggie finished, Theo had finished undressing, and stepped into the tub, still standing to assert dominance over this man. "ALRIGHT THAT IT!" Reggie barked finally, and as he did, Theo found himself unable to move his legs. Looking down, Theo found that the water had frozen right up his legs! "What is this madness?" Theo demanded from Reggie. "You like that bitch? I call that "CoolDown!" It's this amazing ability I got a few months ago from some ripped guy in a cape. It gives me the ability to freeze anything I want!" "Impossible!" Theo thought to himself "He has a body part too?" Reggie then gracefully removed himself from the ice as Theo struggled with the entrapment of ice as it slowly crept up his legs. "Now look here bitch. I've been pleasant with you, but now you've forced my hand..." Reggie said menacingly. The ice grew heavy against Theo's back and legs, forcing his body into an arched position. "And if you're a big enough bastard to invade my own bath, then I think we need to get to know each other better... The ice now began to encircle Theo's face, forcing his mouth open, silencing him. It didn't take long for Reggie to progress onwards. Theo's mind was enraged that this mere commoner would treat him in such a way! This bastard had no right to force his way upon his lordship THEO! And this humiliation would not go unpunished... But for now, Theo had already accomplished his goal, as the muscular hunk would soon become Theo's own personal muscle factory as Reggie pounded Theo's cold ass with his throbbing cock and strong muscular hands. Eventually Reggie give up and lets the poor sack of shit go, and as he leaves Theo says "Things wouldn't have gone this way if I'd been a little stronger... How about a rematch Reggie?" Reggie was confused and tired. "Yeah sure kid. Keep fucking quiet before I turn your mother into my own personal fucktoy too." "I have to confess Reginald, I too have met that man who bestowed incredible power upon me as well. Albeit my power is far less useful." "What part did you receive?" Reggie asked, suddenly concerned. "Just the left ball" Theo said clutching his crotch "It doesn't do much other than make my dick the size of my ego." Reggie smiled "Then you won't mind if I take it then do you?" "From what I've discovered the body parts will only release from their host once the host has been defeated and is deemed "Unworthy".Theo started. Theo then shrugged. "Then its settled. This time, four months from now, each of us will train to our maximum, and the winner will go home with both body parts." "That's a dumb bet!" Reggie said laughing. "Even without my amazing Cooldown ability, I'm still much stronger than you brat!" But fine. This time, 120 days. BE HERE." He shouted as he finally left the building. Later that night, Theo smiled maliciously as the familiar pulse he'd feel when Gyro was working out began to stimulate his chest for the first time in weeks. ----- End of Chapter 5! Chapter 6: Amazon. Gyro could hardly believe how easy it'd been to get all the way to Brazil with Connor. Using fantasy figure, Connor was able to push past any guard or checkpoint in the way, they didn't even need passports or tickets! After arriving, Alan began using Spotter right away to scan everything as fast as possible. It wasn't long before he'd located the anomalous person to have last been seen roughly 50 miles north of the town the three now occupied in a small fishing village. With Spotter and Fantasy Figure combined, it wasn't long until the group stood before the man they were searching for. "Wait a second... I know you!" Gyro said abruptly upon seeing the figure for the first time. "You're that Actor whom live in uptown! I thought you just secured another deal with the studio, what are you doing here?" "My name is Percy" the Man said. "Hello Percy, tell us, have you been given anything strange recently?" Alan asked eagerly. Percy frowned as he spoke to the group, "Last year I was diagnosed with terminal complications in my lungs, and unfortunately I couldn't even make it onto the donor list due to the nature of my disease... And up til four months ago I'd come to terms with my life being over, you know, not having a tomorrow.... But fate had other plans. I was confronted by a jacked man in a dark cloak late one night, and he presented me with this weird mummified set of lungs. I didn't think anything of them at the time, but soon after he shoved those weird lungs into my chest... I began to get better. Now... I'm at the height of my own health, and can perform tasks I'd thought inhuman just weeks ago... Connor leered at Percy's chest. "The lungs of Jackovia" are a powerful piece indeed, granting the user nearly infinite stamina. Percy continued: "My ability.... "Marathon" allows me to control oxygen absolutely in close proximity to myself, granting me the ability to maintain a normal state while exerting every last cell of my body so long as I have energy to burn." "Thats how you managed to obtain such a fast speed! We have you clocking in at 65kmh!" Alan deduced. "Indeed. It is strange, in a fair race, the fastest animal on earth, the Cheetah, will win any race against any man, so long as the race is long enough. Truth be told, the amazing speed of a Cheetah actually stems from its ability to maintain it's speed, rather than the actual max speed being enough to carry it. Thus, if you were to remove a man's need to catch his breath, as well as exhaustion, it is far easier for a man to win a race with a Cheetah." Connor finished perusing Percy's mind before turning to his team. "It's just as I feared." Connor said reluctantly, staring at the floor. Percy turned to Alan and Gyro. "Your friend has already discovered the dark truth I hold I see... " "What dark Truth?" Gyro asked. "The cycle is beginning anew. That is why this dark figure has appeared now, granting untold power to mere strangers. He wishes to draw out a successor to the throne of reality. Whomever this is, he's motivated by one goal and one goal only: Overwrite Jackovia out of existence, and to reshape the world in his own image." "How?" "Simple, he just needs to assemble the corpse parts. Once a soul has command of the entire body of Jackovia, it is expected that a new age will arise, and even time itself will unravel for whomever controls such might." Percy continued with a sigh. "That is why I ran as far from Metroio. I don't know why but somehow, all the unaccounted-for body parts are destined to appear within that city, even those kept securely elsewhere in the world. Something is drawing in Jackovia by a force on par with FATE to Metroio, and I'm doing everything in my power to stop this power from falling into the wrong hands." "Did... Did you say all the body parts are in Metroio?" Gyro asked nervously. "Indeed". "Alan, Connor, we need to get back... Theo's been left by himself in a city filled with supernatural objects granting untold abilities! God knows the damage he'll do if even one more piece falls under his control!" Gyro began to panic. "Relax Gyro. Even I couldn't find but a handful of corpse parts on my own with my Fantasy Figure, I doubt Theo will even be able to get a hold on one before we return. Besides, Percy here has just reassured me the four pieces I'm most concerned about are most certainly not tangible to him." "What four parts?" "While many of the corpse parts are fantastic and awe-inspiring, there are four that would spell travesty for all mankind if collected: 1: The left hand - A powerful ability, allowing one to transform anything that one touches into different forms of energy, effectively allowing one to transform anything into sudden bursts of kinetic energy, blowing anything around that object away with it. 2: The vocal cords - May hold an ability to even rival Fantasy Figure in mind control. 3: The skin - This would allow Theo complete control over his outward appearance, even allowing him to hide his size, shape, and if need be, even turn invisible. 4: The shaft and Balls - While the shaft does nothing on its own, when combined with both Blue Balls and the right testicle, it unlocks the ability to reset the world, changing everything from the dawn of time to the end of a new universe as the user pleases. If anyone, much less Theo, got ahold of these three parts, their next climax would re-write the basic foundations of reality, gravity, laws of physics, commonly held beliefs and instincts, everything, would be at the complete mercy of the shaft's wielder. We can not allow this at ANY COST!" Gyro stepped back in fear at the thought of such limitless power at the finger tips of his evil brother and what he would do with it. Alan chimed in "We can't allow this, we must return to Metroio now!" Percy stopped Alan as he attempted to leave. "No Alan, they will return to Metroio, you will come with me." "And why would I do that?" Alan said quizzically. "Because we are headed to Antartica... Where your sister is being held." -End Chapter 6. Chapter 7 : Alan's Backstory Alan and Gyro stared back at each other as Alan and Percy's plane started off towards Antarctica. Alan was nervous, but that fear was squandered by his anger. As a child, Alan's mother and father died abruptly in a car crash, leaving both him and his sister alone in foster care. The two were scared senseless of losing the other, as in their eyes they had nothing left in the world but each other. When they learned they'd be separated by the foster system, they were traumatized. Jessica, Alan's sister, was raised by a harsh, cold, but wealthy household in the northern region of Metroio. Alan was raised by a kind and caring household, but lived in constant debt and at the center of conflict in southern Metroio. Neither had any idea the other was living just on the other side of the metropolis for eight years. But as fate would have it, the two were destined to eventually meet. One day, while amidst a regular street brawl with a local gang, fending for himself against four people by exploiting weaknesses he'd trained himself to identify, Alan was knocked hard with an unexpected electric shock from a hidden taser. The four thugs proceeded to kick the poor kid relentlessly as his body seized on the floor from repetitive electric shocks. As it so happens, Jessica, whom happened to change personal trainers recently, happened to be walking by, and immediately came to the unknown boy's aid, knocking two unconscious with one blow with a nearby 2x4, and holding the third hostage with an armlock. As the fourth attempted to shock Jessica as well, Alan tripped him from the floor, knocking the taser out of reach. Alan and Jessica would then demolish the remaining two conscious thugs with ease. As the two began to speak to one another, and discovered the others identity, they were ecstatic and for a brief moment, felt happier than they had ever felt before. However, as the two discussed their vastly different pasts and the troubles they worked through on their own, it quickly became a light-hearted, but insanely motivating pissing match of who suffered more and who was stronger as a result. This sparked an arms race between the two siblings that would push them to train against each other in all categories. Strength of course, but also reflexes, stamina, intelligence, social comfort, BMI, wealth accumulation, and everything else. Despite all the conflict however, neither saw the other as outdoing the other out of spite or dominance, but rather as and endless source of motivation. All of that changed roughly a year before Alan met Connor, when Jessica met a woman called Misty. Misty was a recent transfer to the twin's gym, and quickly pissed Jessica right off. She made it a point to mimic the strongest woman in the gym's workouts, same time, same sets, same weights, same lengths. There was just one difference.... Her mammoth fucking perfect titties. Jessica had spent years sculpting her ass to a perfect heart shape thinking beauty would somehow win her cold parent's approval, but there was nothing to be done about her breasts, which were normal B cups. No amount of exercise helps breasts unfortunately. Potentially one could gain weight and then lose the fat elsewhere, but even if Jessica were to match Misty's size... She couldn't match her perkiness. They were just perfect. Everything about Misty seemed to compliment Jessica almost identically, yet what it always came down to was the tits. And if you think Jessica should just ignore Misty and be confident in herself... Well... Misty wouldn't let her. When Jessica first asked Misty about her mimicking, Misty got angry in retaliation as she claimed Jessica was copying HER. Jessica alone just looked puzzled as anyone who'd been watching the two knew Jessica came in first and had her own routine. But then Misty called over a bunch of guys from the other side of the gym, and asked them who was copying who, to which Misty, like a succubus, lulled into a trance like state with a seductive voice and some not-so-subtle hand holding, followed by just placing their bare hands on her breasts and ass. As if she'd changed the rules of reality itself, the group of boys all joined together and asked Jessica to leave Misty alone. This continued to escalate until eventually, a Gym representative was called in, who promptly asked Jessica to leave. This shocked Jessica the most, as she knew the representative quite well, and from his social media posts, it was clear he was VERY MUCH gay. Alan comforted Jessica, but rage built up inside her like a volcano as EVERY day, even if she'd change up her routine, Misty would be there, turning everyone in the gym against her in any way she could. Then one day, as the twins left the gym on a particular rainy day, they were stopped in an alley way by a mysterious jacked stranger in a dark cloak. He offered Jessica a chance to become more than Misty and beat her at his own game. Jessica, being quite smart, initially ignored this offer, until the man continued. "You really should take my offer though, after all, look what it did for Misty..." Jessica stopped dead after hearing this. "What did you say?" "Oh? Interested now? Yes, Yes, That sexy seductress struck a deal with me too a few months ago. You might not think she matched your abilities overnight, but no. She simply shook my hand, and two days later she showed up and started copying you..." Alan looked for a quiver in the man's barely visible lip, a reach to scratch his chin anything that would denote he was lying in some way subtilty. But he didn't. He was stone cold. Either this man was the most disciplined person on the planet, or he wasn't lying. "What do I give in return? My soul? Kill for you? WHAT?" Jessica growled. "A hefty price... A steep one I don't think you're ready for...." The man started. Alan chimed in "She's not interested in any of your demonic games..." "One thousand US dollars." The man finished plainly. The three stood in silence for a brief period. "You.... You're kidding right?" Alan eventually said. "Do I look like I'm kidding boy?" Jessica, as you may recall, not only lived in a wealthy family, but also worked hard in competition with her brother for molentary gain. 1000$ to her was a mere two weeks salary, and so easily obtainable she had half the amount in her bag right then. "Uh... Ok.... So, I only have 500$ now... Can I pay you back the rest later or?" "Jessica we aren't trusting this guy!" "Tomorrow at this exact time I will be waiting in this exact alley, if you fail to show I will reclaim the trade and return the 500$ down payment. Seem fair?" "Deal." Is all Jessica said against Alan's pleas. The man pulled a long rectangular box out from behind his cloak and opened it, revealing what looked like a human bone and pressed it against Jessica. Alan attempted to stop the man, but was quickly kicked to the ground, passing out in the process at the foot of the cloaked man. Alan woke up in Jessica's guest room at her home, and quickly started looking for Jessica. He found her in her personal gym, and was astonished at what he saw. It was Jessica, but something was.... Bigger. "What the... What the fuck happened to you?" Alan said alarmed. "Oh good you're up! It totally worked! Look at these!" Jessica giggled as she fondled her new E cups. "What happened to you?" "So after you passed out, I passed out too. When I woke up, there was this thing standing above me." "What thing?" "Oh right, you can't see Strengths.... Ok, so anyways this thing you can't see taught me how to use the power imbued in me from that guy. They called it "Hot Flash". It basically allows me to control heat in my body, and so I can use my chest to store heat. Not only that but I can move heat that would otherwise limit my ability to run or lift, and move it to my chest, making them even bigger the more I work out." "Alan, who was completely lost at this point just stumbled back and sat down for a bit." "I know it's a lot to take in, but trust me, I got a plan now for taking care of that BITCH Misty! Afterwards I'll give that guy his shoulder back! (Or maybe I'll keep this new power ;P) She said to Alan (and whispered to herself)" Alan didn't like this, and explained to Jessica exactly why he didn't like it, but she was so lost in her vengeance fantasy, he couldn't do anything to stop her. The next day, Jessica went to the gym, turning heads as she walked in. "Sup boys? Just got some work done ;} " was how she responded to this. Shortly after, like clockwork, Misty walked in. "Oh whats this? The little copy cat went out and got some big ole fake tittys like momma? What a poser." "Oh no bitch. They're real. Unlike that off-brand fake-ass handbag of yours." Eventually Jessica challenged Misty to a run. First one to stop sprinting loses. Loser has to leave the gym forever and admit the other is a copy cat. Alan spectated the match as well to catch on to any underhanded trickery that might arise, alongside a crowd of buff guys and a few gym representatives. The crowd thought the race would be over in a few minutes, but no. Jessica sprinted continuously for over three hours. Burning over 3000 calories. And somehow, Misty kept pace. Jessica was getting concerned. She was running for inhuman amounts of time, but Misty wasn't even breaking a sweat! Alan, whom was watching the whole thing play out stared in wonderment, but then noticed something. Jessica had knocked her water bottle off the treadmill in frustration, and Alan's eyes followed it down to Misty's legs. That's when he saw it. And he couldn't believe he didn't notice this. Misty wasn't running. She was just standing there on the edges of the treadmill, letting the machine run continuously while she just stood. Why had no one noticed? Why was no one calling her out on this? Then another thought hit him. "Why am I not calling her out on this?" Alan tried but despite his best efforts, he couldn't bring himself to even signal to his own sister in any way that Misty was cheating. He stood there for an hour, trying his best to just will himself to do anything about what he was staring at. But he couldn't. Misty then took a look at the clock and finally said "Ok, that's long enough." And stepped off the treadmill. Jessica screamed in success. "YES BITCH! HA! YOU GAVE UP! YOU'RE DONE! NOW GET LOST YOU COPYCAT BITCH!" Misty however just smiled wickedly. "But... Jessica baby... You lost the race." Jessica stared at Misty in confusion and alarm. "Bullshit! We all saw you stop just now!" "Huh? Really?" Misty said as she walked towards the crowd of (Very patient) spectators. "Who stopped running first big guy?" She asked one of the larger guys in the front. "Uh... Her, obviously. Saw it with my own two eyes." Misty then turned to the gym representative and asked "Well membership is likely your call daddy. Who do you think won?" "Well... You obviously Misty." But what she did next was outright evil. She approached Alan and asked: "You're her own bestest brother. Surely you're on her side right? Surely you'll say she won the match fairly?" Alan started to speak and to his horror spoke: "Uh no.... Unfortunately you blatantly lost Jess." This broke Jessica. She ran out of the gym crying her eyes out, melting the door and several walls as she ran in rage and tears. Alan turned to Misty, who stared evilly down at him and whispered "Shhh... Don't worry kid... I know you want to tell her the truth... But I'm afraid the truth just doesn't matter to people near me... I wouldn't worry about it.... After all... You're never seeing your sister again anyway... Alan's face was one of fear, and as Misty left the gym he finally snapped out of his trance and ran out the back door to find Jessica. However, in the doorway blocking the alley, was the man from yesterday, wearing the same dark hoodie. "Oh good... Here's the 500$. I am a man of my word after all." "Wh... Why are you giving me this? This is Jessica's money!" "Well... Now that she's encroached on her debt to me, I have the right to reclaim my property. And considering my property is fused with her..." Alan looked up at him in more fear than he'd ever experienced in his whole life. "Where.... Where is my sister?!?!" The man simply smirked in the darkness, and turned to walk away. Alan chased after him, but was met with a swift punch to the face, knocking him to the ground. Since that night, No one has seen or heard from Jessica. A few months later, Alan met Connor at a gym, and with Connor's Fantasy Figure, Connor agreed to help Alan in his quest to find his sister, in the process bringing him in on the secret underworld of Jackovian Corpse parts, Strengths, and bestowing upon him the left eye of Jackova. Somewhere on that big frozen expanse of snow and ice before him, laid Alan's sister. And Alan would stop at nothing to get her home safe. End of Part 7. Part 8 : The Cold Shoulder Blade Alan stepped off the biplane in the blistering cold, confused, and deafened by the howling winds. Percy didn't speak much as he led the pilot and Alan inside a small metal outpost. "What is this place?" Alan asked as he entered the comforting 70 degree room. "This is one of Connor's outposts. His travels and ability have helped him immensely and allows him to control and orchestrate large groups even from the other side of the globe. This base was not here yesterday. And it will not be here next week either." "I see... So where are they keeping my sister?" Alan spoke. "At least two of our adversaries are holding what we presume to be your sister on the other side of that mountain on the horizon. We strike it at dawn. " "Presume?" Alan pegged further. "Your sister's ability, granted to her by the shoulder of Jackova is heat based yes? Well as it happens, people in the arctic pick up pretty fast when a two kilometer region suddenly heats up by over 30 degrees Celsius." "That's all we're going off of? What if it's some other strength?" "Then I'd be wondering how and why they'd be all the way out here at the south pole...." Alan seemed unconvinced by this logic. "Calm yourself Alan. Your mind needs to be clear and clean by the crack of dawn, as I want to be clear: We are walking headfirst into a trap." Percy said menacingly. "A trap?" "Indeed. These adversaries are cunning, clever, and ruthless. My guess is they planned on luring Connor out here with the intent to trap him. As you can likely guess, it's Connor that's their main target at any given time. His ability and drive is the largest and most difficult challenge for these bastards to outwit. They take numerous precautions to ensure fantasy figure isn't manipulating any of them, including developing neuro technology capable of erasing or distorting Connor's figure directly from their mind. " "Jesus..." "Exactly. This is why we were sent and not him. If we fall, it's of little or no consequence. We are pawns meant to protect the queen so to speak." Shockingly, this pep talk didn't motivate or calm Alan in the slightest. The following morning, after the two crossed the icy tundra in the cold and dark, they found themselves staring down at a large facility, who according to Alan's spotter, was set up identically to a large cooling tower, and at it's core, was something holding a sweltering 240 Celsius temperature. "If my sister is in there, she's at the core." "Not so fast kid, look. See that down there." Alan looked where Percy pointed to see one of the most bizzare things one could possibly expect to find in an arctic valley. A large pool, surrounded by fake palm tress, where a guy and a woman sat in sunglasses acting as if they were at a Mexican resort on vacation! Percy glared down. "I can't recognize them from here, any chance Spotter can see a bit further? "Uh... Yeah, the guy is asian, roughly six foot two, small scar on his upper lip..." "That's Bonno.... I haven't met him personally yet, but from what I hear he has a strength called "JackKnife" that excels at short range combat, allowing him to exert kinetic force at extreme velocities when striking poses. That's Dula Ann, her strength "PHOTO SHOOT" is quite a fearsome one. She can teleport herself or other people into photos that she touches with her bare feet. "Why feet?" "The Strength sources from the large left toe of Jackova." Percy surveyed the scene. "It's doubtful anyone else is here... But I think I've put together what they planned on doing here..." "So what's the plan?" "Easy... Walk right into it." Percy smiled as he slid down the mountain side to the poolside. "You take out Bono, I got Dula Ann." Was the last thing he said to Alan as the two arrived. "What up fucks?" Percy shouted "OH SHIT... OH SHIT THEY'RE HERE MRS. DULA!" Bono cried as he quickly fell to his side striking a sturdy yoga pose. As he remained stationary, Alan could detect a wall of force projecting from the muscles he flexed, creating a barrier between the two. "Ah yes.... You must be Alan and Connor..." Dula sneered as she slowly stepped up from behind Bono's wall. "And you must be the pair of cunts left to guard one hot mama inside that core over there." Percy replied as he approached the barrier. "And did you expect us to hand her over? Ha! You've played right into my trap darling!" As she approached Percy, Bono flicked a large polaroid photo down at Percy's feat, to which Dula promptly stepped on with her bare feet. Percy looked at the photo and realized he made a calculation error, and couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the photo. IT WAS THE SURFACE OF MARS! "BUAHAHAHAA! YOU FELL FOR IT DUMBASS! MY STRENGTH, PHOTO SHOOT!, ALLOWS ME TO TELEPORT ANYTHING INTO ANY PHOTOGRAPH! EVEN IF THE PHOTO WAS TAKEN ON ANOTHER PLANET! HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!" Percy flailed for a moment before grabbing onto Dula's leg. "I know your immense strength and power over mental fortitude will allow you to survive and still pursue us from any point of the globe, but now that you can't breathe, you'll be dead in a few measly seconds!" Dula lectured. Bono also laughed as Percy's head disappeared into the photo, only leaving a single arm grasping to Dula's Leg. "That loser will lose his grip any second now as his brain is deprived of oxygen! " Bono speculated. .... "Any.... Second now..." Bono followed up. Suddenly, Dula's face turns white. "Wha... WHAT THE HELL?!!?" As she looked down she found that the photo had managed to actually begin to consume her own leg! "St...STOP THIS NOW CONNOR!" From the other side of the photo, Percy spoke back clearly. "Sorry Dula, but I'm afraid I can't do that... Not until Alan finishes taking out Bono anyways." "WHAT?!" Bono quickly looked behind him, having momentarily been distracted by Dula's leg issue. Alan, who immediately recognized every potential weapon in the room, had already picked up, angled, and tossed a nearby fire extinguisher closer towards the reactor side of the room, where heat exceeded over 300 degrees, and when the extinguisher handle hit the floor. *Bing. BOOM* BONK! Not expecting to be attacked from behind, and with no time to change his stance, Bono was knocked out cold from the resulting projectile. Dula was now panicing. "GET UP! GET UP YOU STUPID BITCH! YOU GOTTA GET THIS FUCKER OFF MY LEG! HOW IS HE SURVIVING ON FUCKING MARS FOR SO LONG?!?" Alan entered her field of view: "Simple, you seem to be under the impression the man you sent to mars is Connor. It isn't. The man you actually sent has an ability called "Marathon" which allows him to control oxygen in a small field around himself. I'm not sure if he can last down there forever... But certainly long enough to drag you down in there with him." "Buh! But..." "I should also mention that marathon enables his joints and cells to be constantly supplied with an ample amount of oxygen, meaning he's not even in danger of letting go for a LONG WHILE!" "I... I..." "The way I see it toots... Is the only way you're not getting dragged off onto the next furthest rock from the sun, is if you bring him back immediately. Hell, I'll even let you live if you do so." Dula glared at Alan before reluctantly pulling her leg out of the photo, bringing Percy back with her. As the two were reunited, Dula stepped on Bono and disappeared into another photo. "That seems like that's all they had in them.... Honestly it was quite a feeble effort. Here I was thinking it was going to be the MOON they were sending me to. Ha HA! What predictable scum...." Alan smiled and looked around the room before messing with the operation panel, opening the door. Suddenly, the immense heat coming from the area seemed to disappear as the icy winds returned. Slowly, from inside the door, someone emerged. Alan's face lit up like a christmas tree. "JESSICA!" It was undoubtly her, wearing the same outfit she was wearing when she disappeared, only singed. Alan's joy was quickly cut short however, when he received a swift jet of fire to the face. "YOU ASSHOLE!" Alan, who was knocked into the pool, was now wet and suffered from minor burns on his face. "What was that for?" "THAT WAS FOR SIDING WITH THAT LYING BITCH MISTY!" "Calm yourself Jessica" Percy spoke. "Your brother was being manipulated by a similar power that gave you control over heat." The two exchanged a brief session of explanations before setting back out for the base. While Jessica forgave Alan, she was now deadset on finding and punishing Misty if it was the last thing she did. As the three arrived at the base they were startled by a small flash. What was that? Jessica asked. "I... I don't know." Percy answered as he approached the source. "Its... Some kind of ... Camera?" Percy said. Suddenly it clicked. He quickly turned back around in horror to find Alan and Jessica being pulled into some kind of invisible field by an oversized foot. IT WAS DULA! SHE'D BEEN WAITING FOR THE TWO TO RETURN SO SHE COULD CAPTURE THEM IN AN AMBUSH! In horror, it was clear Percy couldn't do anything. "OH NO YOU DON'T BITCH!" Jessica yelled as she began to be pulled through the wall, as she did, she severed her assailant's foot by melting it off. Percy, now left alone, had no course of action to pursue the two... And while he knew they'd not be able to use Photo Shoot's abilities again, he knew not where Alan and Jessica were... Meanwhile. Alan and Jessica arrived in a dark room with a screaming Dula flailing on the floor as Bono, with his injuries' treated, began sealing the wound with his poses. "DEAD! YOU FUCKERS ARE DEAD! HOW DARE YOU! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU BURN OFF MY PERFECT FUCKING FEET! I'LL KILL YOU I'll!" "Silence Dula." And despite the pain, Dula immediately closed her mouth and bowed her head. Alan and Jessica looked behind them to find a face they never wanted to see again leering over them. Dula... You have pleased me. As while you failed to bring me Connor.... I see bringing me his protégée as a satisfactory bait.... For that... I will repair your wounds... The dark figure ran his hand over Dula's melted stub, and within moments, a new, more muscular leg had taken shape. Dula revelled in this sensation and quickly bent her body in a series of impossibly flexible poses as the rest of her body swelled with power as she hulked out from merely touching the mysterious man. Dula, admiring her new features, bowed before her blesser. "The strength I've bestown upon you is temporary, unlike the Strength which has been taken from you forever, which is why you must dedicate every ounce of this lone of power to retrieving your ability daughter Dula.... Immediately." The dark figure said carressing her cheek. "Thank you my lord." Dula said as she retreated into the shadows of the room. "Now... What are we going to do with you two...." The dark figure said as he turned towards Alan and Jessica menacingly. Slowly, he removed his hood and stepped into the light, revealing his face for the first time to Alan. "You've likely never heard of me before... But be prepared to tell Connor on the other side.... "Tom is back."" End of Chapter 8!
  6. Omeganomicon

    Week of the Omeganomicon (Finished!)

    Week of the OmegaNomicon: Monday: Tom awoke one morning to another shitty day in his shitty life. He was an absolute baby bitch and everyone knew it. Not even a smart one. Just a little dweeb with no friends, no self esteem, and no future, doomed to walk through his 13th year of post-highschool (seriously who's idea was it to have a whole extra set of classes with nothing but 19-21 year old students in a high school setting?) as the biggest and most forgettable loser on campus. e; He hated it, every day he'd wake up, go to class, watch as the two jocks of the football team, Mike and Ethan, practically fucked their bitches in front of him every day for every class. Every day mike would let Lisa grind atop his lap through homeroom, directly in front of Tom for what seemed like hours, licking each other like savages... Lisa was by far the sexiest woman in the STATE and had the reputation to prove it with tales of being able to drain a man's balls by kissing him. meanwhile Ethan would be flirting with a different girl every week. He was a man who liked his variety. Emphasis on the variety. To make matters even worse, Tom had Mike for EVERY class of the day, and both of them for P.E. where things were outright ridiculous. I've heard of shirts vs skins but what fucking teacher let them play jocks vs losers, underwear only, winner plays the girls? Ethan and Mike were the absolute alphas of the campus and everyone from the international club to the principal knew it. What they wanted, they got. Passes on unrully behavior, chicks flooding their lockerrooms each begging to be pimped out to the team, and MOTHER FUCKER their genetics. Perfect pectoral muscles in both of them jetting at MINIMUM of an inch and a half from their rock hard six packs leading a cobblestone path to their massive cocks. Tom had only heard rummors, but stacy-suck-em-dry-spencer(obvious school slut is obvious) was apparently a reliable source claiming both to be well over seven inches and thick as paper towel roll's cardboard center. But today was different from normal. For Tom was soon to discover a brand new addition to the school library.... The OmegaNomicon Lost for centuries, and recently discovered in an abandoned opium den, this legendary tomb carries with it the incredible power to create, destroy, or even steal the alphabetrium from any source (in laymans terms, it's a muscle growth story catalyst). Tom opened his locker after a grueling day of being beaten senseless by the jocks to discover the book. Curious he picked it up and carried it with him to the library, where he spent his recess. "For the alphas hidden among us cursed with the bane of weakness, there is hope for thee yet. Simply adhere to the enchantments listed within to transform yourself into whatever form you wish." Tom became fixated upon the "Alpha male in a week" recipe from within the first few pages. Within it was instructions: -Step 1: Create an alphabetrius tentragram (like a pentagram but with a stronger triangular shape) -Step 2: Cite the right of growth at midnight, each night, for seven days. -Step 3: Once recited, one simply needs to give forth a binding offering of one's ...love essence... to the circle.... (At this point Tom was pretty concerned this book was a bit filthier than he initially thought but he was desperate to stop being a loser) -Step 4: The effects of the ritual will depend on the condition of which the essence was released based off a set of rules: -Rule 1: All catalysts must elect to give themselves to the transformee of their own choice. Forcing ones self on others against their will negates all the effects granted by the omeganomicon. -Rule 2: All catalysts must chose to participate without the transformee being knowlegable of prostitution. -Rule 3: The transformee must attract the mating catalyst on their own, otherwise the effects of the omeganomicon will transfer to the true alpha upon discovery of wing-manidry. -Rule 4: Love essense of one's self will cause growth, but only at a minimal rate. Conditioning the essense by combining it with a catalysts's essense will strengthen the effect by the total mass of that catalyst. -Optional Rule 5: If one wishes, including the blood of the catalyst in the ritual will double one's yield by absorbing additional mass from the catalyst. To tripple ones yield, one may also throw the entire catalyst themselves, reducing their essence and conscientiousness to the transformee's own energy. Tom returned home that night to an empty apartment, as his roommate had left for the weekend, shaking in anticipation. As midnight approached, he created the symbols on the floor exactly as the book depicted, and jacked off into a small shot glass with his tiny three inch dick cumming after less than five minutes of staring at a modern living magazine cover. As midnight approached he spoke the words of the book and poured his sperm into the center of the triangle.... And nothing happened. After a few minutes, he gave up and decided to clean up his mess in the morning... TUESDAY MORNING: IT WORKED! Tom screamed into the bathroom mirror. He almost didn't notice the muscular improvement, but he sure as fuck noticed his completely cleared up vision and luscious hair styled like a boyband douchebags! He was thrilled! Amazed! Mystified! ...... Hungry.... He prepared himself his normal breakfast as he mulled over his situation.... Poking his arms and pinching them to confirm they'd grown.... Seven days.... He thought.... Quickly doing some mathmatics in his head... I'll only be about the size of Parker... (A medium sized kid on the swim team) and after that... There's no telling if this will even work ever again! Then the reality of the situation hit him. It wasn't enough. Like a malicious ghost waiting in the distance, Ethan and Mike were both still there, still just as big and still going to humiliate him as they always have. Even with alpha-alchemy on his side the jocks still win.... He needed more.... And he needed it faster.... -End of Part 1- Stay tuned for what happens on Tuesday! Part 2: Tuesday: It was clear there was only one means of emerging victorious: Tom was going to have to get laid. The book was pretty particular about this. He couldn't force himself on anyone (not that he had the power to do so), he couldn't pay someone to do it, and he had until midnight that night to do it or risk losing one of his precious remaining days. The twink eyed himself in the bathroom mirror. It was notably improved, but he needed more to get that "quickie-behind-the-sports-shed" sex Tom's superiors enjoyed at any moment's notice. He had small mostly-flubber biceps running about 12", a couple of abdominals if he flexed them, the illusion of pectorals, and a cock that while notably longer (5") and thicker than before, still wasn't much to work with considering the competition... He thought about it all the way to class when he noticed someone in the hallway: Grenda Hawks Grenda was the most horrible person Tom, or anyone else, had ever met. She was short, frail, angry, narcissistic, and repulsive to look at because of her misshapen teeth and weird body. ( You'll understand why I didn't provide visual aids for this one) But above all, she was desperate. See Grenda was in the same boat as Tom and appealed to absolutely nobody sexually. She was the female beta, cast to the outskirts of the campus library to snitch on people for chewing gum. Tom didn't like this plan. It didn't seem to be the best fish in the sea, and if given time his new twink body may have hooked someone far less pungent... But he needed the leverage. He bit his tongue and began reciting to himself over and over "You're doing this to get bigger, you're doing this to get bigger..." as he walked up to Grenda. "Hey... Grenda is it?" "Yeah? What do you want? Who are you?" "It's me, Tom! You know the small guy from Homeroom? I sit in the back?" "I sit in the front so, no, I don't know you." "I was just wondering.... If you'd like to do something later tonight?" "EXCUSE ME?!?" "I... I... I'm sorry I just figured I'd try to ask you out because you... Just seem like a fun time..." Grenda was not happy about this, and promptly kicked Tom square in the shin as she turned to walk away muttering something about "The nerve of that little punk..." Tom was flabbergasted. He had expected her to be a complete bitch about the scenerio, but he at least thought he'd be able to talk her into some fooling around after a day. With this, his dreams were crushed. If he couldn't get Grenda Hawks to go on a date with him, there's no way he'd EVER get the chance to capitalize on the book's time-limit, and decided to just continue to lunch. Towards the end of lunch, and as Tom stared miserably into his french fries, his phone lit up. It was a message to him through twitter, to his disbelief, apologizing for her actions earlier, chalking it up to distrust, and accepted his invitation to dinner that evening. Tom used the remainder of his lunch period to go buy a box of condoms from the gas station with a strange happy yet concerned outlook. Tom had only just opened the door to Grenda when he found out JUST how desperate to fuck Grenda was when no one was watching... She instantly started rubbing her tongue against him as soon as she saw no one else was home. Tom was disgusted and gagged a little in the back of his throat. The rest that followed was humiliating, sad, and honestly quite cringy to discuss, but by the end of night, Tom had a condom coated in... Grenda ... ready for the ritual. Grenda left at about 8, leaving Tom plenty of time to get ready for the event. He wanted to study it this time. Feel it happening. The exact nature of the process down to the wire. He had a small notebook with notes, a video camera, and a scale set up. The book described the amplification as dependent on the mass of the catalyst (Grenda), whom for this example Tom estimated must have been somewhere between 90 and 110 lbs. And judging by his own records so far, using his own cum resulted in a mere 5lbs increase in muscle mass throughout the body. Midnight came, and just like before Tom performed the ritual and dropped the used condom into the circle. Unlike before however, the condom fizzled out of existence into a small flicker of flame once it hit the circle. Nothing else happened until about 1:20 am, at which point shit hit the fan. Tom's body began to glow with energy that surged through him like electricity causing every cell in his body to burn with ecstasy. He bent backwards in pleasure as pressure built up in his abs, pecs, biceps and ass, forcing them outward as his shaking hands caressed them. Feint veins started to appear across his biceps as the pressure continued to build, eventually forcing tom into a sitting position, where he promptly ripped of his shorts, and watched as his normal sized cock swelled to a much more impressive 6 to 7 inches. Needless to say, Tom was awake for quite some time exploring his new body. While not too much larger than the last iteration, the changes were MUCH more significant, defining a clear 6 pack and pectorals just large enough to jiggle a little when disturbed, and a clear collar bone pertruding between his two shoulders. He couldn't stop running his fingers across his chissled midsection only pausing to snag a nice fistful of his hardening dick. Eventually he weighed himself, showing that he'd put on an amazing 10lbs of muscle. At this rate, if he kept fucking Grenda, he'd amass to another 50lbs of muscle on top of this by the end of the period. That would be a nice bronze medal. 65 lbs more of muscle would allow him to finally stand up to Mike or Ethan, but not both, and surely would get him some respect, hell, maybe even a spot on a team somewhere... But then Tom looked back into his bathroom mirror and slowly started to grin mischievously. Why stop with bronze? End of part 2! Stay tuned to see what happens on wednesday! Wednesday: The next day, Tom did a few basic calculations. (He wasn't too smart, but he understood basic ratios). Grenda was roughly 100lbs and using her as the catalyst erected 10lbs of growth mass. Now that Tom was quite a bit sexier, with some real definition in his muscular assets, he had a bit more pull in getting girls to sleep with him quickly. Obviously Tom needed to be efficient as possible with this scheme, so the target was obvious: Laura. Laura wasn't the heaviest girl in school, only weighing in at least 300lbs. She was teased relentlessly for this still, but she'd lived with this adversity her whole life, and had developed a pride with her weight and had refined that into a unique aura that worked for her. If the math he'd done was right, he would earn 3x or maybe even more, the mass from using her as his catalyst. In just two days with Laura, he'd have already accumulated more than the remaining four days with Gretta. Today was the perfect day for it too, as he had gym with her that morning. All he had to do was wait until she was the last one out of the locker room after a class-period of showing off and she'd be putty in his hands. Something startled Tom as he entered the locker room though... (Besides the normal display of extreme masculinity) "Who the fuck is the new kid?" Said Blain, (some kid from the soccer team) Tom hadn't had thought of this. He'd just assumed that people would continue to ignore him or some magic nonsense would change his classmate's view of him... Guess that's expecting too much from the Omeganomicon... "Uh... Yeah my name's Tom, I... Just moved here!" Tom responded. "Huh... Guess that makes sense... He seems pretty good, what you think Mark?" Blain said to his friend Mark. "Fuck him, that little twink's got definition, but he's got no mass. We're going to wreak him. Hell, maybe it'll be fun for a few minutes before we dominate again." Mark said. Tom wasn't happy. He figured he'd at least have enough to make it off the loser team... This made things complicated. Tom tried relentlessly to look sexy in front of Laura, but it's not nearly as captivating if you're constantly shoved to the ground by people bigger than you... Never the less, after getting his ass handed to him, he took the rest of the game out after seeing laura had returned to the femail locker room alone. Tom followed her in and knocked on a locker so she could hear before she started undressing. "Hey." "Wha... Who are you? What are you doing in here? TF?!" "Woah, chill out. I followed you in here... I just wanted to meet you personally, because I think you're fine as fuck and I'd like to take you out on a date sometime..." "What the fuck? So you followed me into the locker room?" "Hey I could have been silent and watched you undress.... But I'm not a monster. Come on... Please?.... Don't make me beg..." Tom responded slowly walking closer and smiling the sexiest he could. "... You for real?" "I got a thing for larger women, and there's nothing sexier than one as comfortable as you are being one. Especially when they own it in that dress!" "Ok... Yeah, sure. A date, tomorrow at six." "To...Tomorrow?" Tom thought, and quickly. "Yeah, I got a piano lesson tonight I need to focus on. Besides, tomorrow there's going to be a meteor shower at about 8pm..." "Sounds romantic! I'm totally in! See you at 6!" "Bye little boy!" Tom considered that a win... But now he had a whole day he was going to have to waste.... He returned to the locker room where only Blain was left. "Hey kid... I saw you out there. You just took that beating like you've taken it every week for months, and didn't 'say SHIT about it." "Huh? Oh, pssh, yeah, I'm pretty tough. Mama didn't raise no bitch." "Hey, I'm not supposed to do this, but me and the other soccer team members were going to have some fun behind the pool house later at about 4pm, you can be my plus one. Let you get that taste of what a real man gets after a hard day of kicking ass. You earned it." "You serious? I mean I'm pretty busy but I guess I can... "You won't want to miss this. Trust me." Blain said as he walked out of the locker room. At the end of the day, Tom went to the pool house and walked around back. Back there was the whole team, stripped to their underwear passing a bong packed with what must have been a whole ounce of kush that they passed from person to person. Blain walked up and patted Tom on the back. "Hey guys, this is Tom. He's my boy. Took a ruthless beating today, LIKE A MAN! If he can do that, I think with some training he may be our new midfield." Before Tom could ask any questions Blain put the bong in Tom's hand and ordered him to take it. Tom had never done drugs before, but he sure as fuck wasn't going to piss off his new friends. Perhaps it was his improved stamina, but Tom ripped it like a champ and coughed for a solid minute, much to the amusement of the Alpha crowd around him. After he finished coughing a voice came from behind him: "Ooooh, fresh meat! Careful little boy, I want you coughing on some other shit real soon!" Tom turned around to find the source of the voice: Stacy-suck-em-dry-Spencer, the school slut. Tom became confused. "What's she doing here?" Only to be met with a roaring uprising of laughter from the team. "What do you think she's here for?" Suddenly it made perfect sense why everyone was in their underwear... "Lets get to it boys." Stacy said as she started removing her top and what little skirt she was wearing. Meanwhile a couple of the bigger athletes ripped off (I say ripped as in they didn't pull them down under their legs, they forced them bitches off tearing them to shreds) their underwear revealing their rock-hard cocks of various sizes. Tom had never seen another man's dick before so this put him off a bit, but gained his curiosity back when he saw two of the bigger guys start slamming Stacy between them. It didn't take long for the two to finish all over her, at which point she stood up. ' "That all you got daddy? Oh well mama needs a little more then THAT... Come on in babies, come get a piece of this." The rest of the team surrounded her menacingly and whipped their dicks out as they prepared to gangbang this slut. Maybe it was just the weed, but Tom was heightened to new levels from this experience. She was taking it all like a pro, not even flinching when they finished all inside of her ass face and pussy. Finally it was Tom's turn to saddle her up, which drew her attention. "Oh little boy isn't so little is he? Hmm? Gimmie that big boy cock baby... " That's when Blain chimed in "Lucky break dude, She doesn't fuck with small dicks. I guess that means you really are a winner like us!" That's when Tom realized the opertunity he was being presented with... All of these people were having sex with this girl... They must have had a combined mass of over 1000lbs! JACKPOT! Tom turned his bucking on high as he pushed Stacy faster and faster, until eventually she came all over his dick. "Wuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhaaaaaaa YEEEESSSSSSSSSS.... Ohhh fuck boys... You cleaned me out.... Same time Friday?" She said as she dipped herself into the pool and licking her own cum and others cum off of her. Tom went home after that with a sock he used to wipe the cum off his pelvis, shacking in anticipation. He could be an absolute titan. A god among men! He'd establish a new school order with the inhuman mass he would soon bestow upon himself. The ritual went forward with no hiccups, and the circle consumed the sock in the same way it consumed the condom. As the sock fizzled, the Omeganomicon burst open and flipped to the rule page, where in red, one of the rules became highlighted: The transformee must attract the mating catalyst on their own A shiver just went down Tom's spine before he realized his miscalculation, and realized how big of a bullet he just dodged. Considering the circumstance, it's very possible that gangbang would count as wingman-dry, in which case, ALL that extra mass would be transferred to the guy who got him laid... Blain... However, because the rest of the rule was NOT changed to a shade of red, he took that to mean it wasn't violated.(Which was accurate) In such a sceinerio, the various gangbangers do not count towards the total, only the gang-bang-ie who elected to fuck Tom of her own choosing or Stacy in this case. SO this wasn't the perfect storm of sexual conquest to make him a muscle god, so what? He was still fucking stoked as shit! He got to enjoy a gang-bang, he's still gonna get a decent amount of mass out of it, AND he still has Laura's date tomorrow! Tom quickly fell asleep and awoke the next morning to his new body. He was gorgeous, popping on another 10lbs of muscle, his arms were noticeably thicker, at least an inch or so more in circumference, he could feel the larger weight in his pectorals as they bounced atop his rock-hard 8-pack, but the big changes happened down lower. His gluts were huge now, making his ass finally fill out into a nice attractive bubbly shape, while his legs now seemed to almost double in size. (Don't worry, saved the best for last) And his dick was now a solid 7-8 inches. And thick as fuck. He weighed himself in, he was now a solid 145lbs (A whopping 30lbs more than he was at the start of the week). Tom was pleased with this transformation, and as he stared into his reflection admiring his new athletic build, all he could think about is how great it was going to feel doubling that increase in a single day. End of part 3! Thursday's coming out pretty soon! Thursday: Thursday was old Tom's favorite day of the week, no gym, or P.E., just basic average boring studies and club meetings. A pretty boring day. But this was the day Tom spent the most with Ethan, you remember him the second alpha of alphas... And today it was more awkward than normal... Ethan normally only focused on his harem of the week, but today, he was watching Tom like a hawk. He just sat there menacingly for the whole day. Eventually Tom just ignored it and carried on with his time. However during lunch, Tom was interrupted in the restroom by the sudden headlock of a man much larger than him... Ethan, "Whats up Tom... Heard quite a bit about you lately.... Gotta say, you look quite a bit bigger than the soccer team said... " Tom confused and concerned simply asked "Dude, let me go!" "Oh, no no no tiny Tom, see, I know your game. See I know what the fuck you're doing, and I take great offense to you cheating the natural order of things... " Tom bit his tongue. "Thats right little bitch, I know about the Challenge of Champions." Now Tom was confused. "I don't know who the fuck you're juicing off of, or how you're doing it, but if you gain another GRAM of mass without our permission, I will personally drain it back out of you." With a heavy shove and a punch later, Tom woke up and Ethan was gone. What the fuck was he talking about? The Challenge of Champions? He contemplated this over and over in his head, until eventually, he decided to consult the Omeganomicon. Sure enough, there was a chapter on a process of such a name. The Challenge of Champions was another method of gaining mass and alphabetrium from other sources, simply put, the Challenge was a sort of wrestling match, where the winner would attempt to sexually mount the opponent to climax, with whomever left in control of the situation would absorb the alpha energy of the loser. Tom remembered reading and discarding this method for a variety of reasons, for one, the Challenge of Champions, once accepted, can never be discontinued without forfeiture of the mass gained, so at any point if Tom were to become bottom-bitch to anyone, he'd lose ALL his progress. For another, the mass gained was at a much slower ratio. Did Ethan use the Challenge to get to his immense size now? Was that his secret? Who else knew about this book? After contemplation, Tom became worried. It could become problematic if Ethan decided to take Tom's mass... But he couldn't stop now... He just needed a plan for Ethan... But what? Tom arrived to pick up Laura at six and took her to a nice secluded spot on a private cliff to watch the shooting stars in the night-sky. Laura was fascinated by the stars, and the two enjoyed a meaningful exchange about the mysterious origins of the universe neither of them would ever discover. But after a few minutes of cuddling, Tom worked his way from groping her large ass, to kissing her, to kissing her neck, to unfastening her bra, to getting a very nice bj in the light of his car's headlights. It didn't take long for this to graduate to sixty-nining. And soon, Tom's face was covered in the golden essence of heavy muscle-growth, which he nonchalantly rubbed off into a handkerchief. Later that night he assembled everything for the ritual again, and watched with an evil grin as the handkerchief fizzled into nothing. He had the video camera ready for this, he wanted to see this happen over and over again. And sure enough, the powerful feeling returned, but in a powerful enlightening new form. Tom didn't know where he was. It was as if he was looking into a new dimension as every synapse in his brain was overloaded with this power and pleasure. He knew he was in great pain, as his bones were being pulled apart and forced to grow back together as his body expanded more than it had ever done so before. His pectorals ballooned to be jetting well over an inch and a half from the rest of his well defined chest, with powerful shoulders supporting the massive slabs of muscle his arms had become with massive biceps pulsing with his heartbeat as each vein above it stretched his skin. His abs were harder than cement and the v-shaped hips made an impressive arrow dirrectly onto his new 9 inch monster cock. He didn't even know how he was going to fit THAT monster into his pants the next day... Or if any of his pants still fit him! Tom proceeded to carry on about what joy he'd reap from Friday, but unbeknownst to him, there was someone else... Watching him from his window... Thats it for part 4! Friday will be up pretty soon (and boy oh boy is it going to kick things up a notch)! Friday: Tom paced back and forth amidst the early hours of the morning. He was troubled. He only had but a taste of true alpha-levels of mass, and Ethan loomed in the recesses of his mind like a cruel thief willing to drain him dry... He pondered this over and over... Until a though occurred to him: Ethan didn't know what ritual he was juicing from... Ethan thought he was using the Challenge of Champions.... But... That requires one to accept the challenge, which Tom hadn't done... What would happen if Ethan tried to take him, but he didn't accept? He read the Omeganomicon's specifics on this, but from what he could obtain, the Challenge would effectively just act as normal non-consensual sex... Still not preferable to Tom... Then he noticed the dartboard on the edge of his room and an idea sparked into Tom's twisted imagination. He skimmed back through the Omeganomicon and grinned evilly. "That's how I'll do it..." Tom decided to blow off class from now on and spend the entirety of friday in the gym like many of the jocks do. On the off chance something were to go wrong, he at the very least wanted to feel the power of his new body in action. At first he just looked stupid. This massive beast of a man, pissing around with weird exercises using dumbells far too small for him in inefficient ways. This whole room was completely alien to him, but his body craved it. Like a wonderer lost in a desert finding an oasis, Tom wanted to try everything, he wanted that potent feeling of dominance that came from being able to lift these massive weights to pulse through every fiber in his body. He wanted to show the world the mighty machine he'd become. With every push, pull, lift, and rep the sweat from his own body seamed to evaporate into pure pheromone and fuck it was making him horny. The massive package in his pants became more and more noticeable, and he didn't give two fucks who saw it. "Good" he thought. "Gaze upon the titan's gift and worship it." Suddenly, behind him while he was curling a 20lbs bar, a voice spoke out to him: "You can easily curl the same amount of reps with 40lbs on the ends" Startled, Tom turned arround to see .... Her.... Lisa Doing some leg exercises in an outfit that was revealing as fuck, pushed her breasts out, tightened her waist like a hydrolic press, and forced all of her other mass into her gorgeous bouncing ass. She didn't stop, but she stared at Tom dead in his eyes relentlessly as she continued to crush the two panels holding a massive amount of weight together using nothing but her thick thighs that must have been sculpted by the gods themselves. Tom just stared back awkwardly, until he glanced down and found his erection was rock hard, very noticeable, and his arms were still doing curls. When she finished, she walked up to Tom and grabbed him by the boys. "Lets talk in the girls locker-room for a bit ok? Follow me in when that clock says "1:30"" Tom was practically cumming in his pants as he entered the lockroom, and for good reason. Lisa had taken full advantage of the steam room and was stripped naked apart from her scrunched up thin top. "So... Big boy... How are you going to do it?" "Oh, baby I'll figure something out..." Tom said leaning in, only to be met with a seductive finger to his face. "Oh no no no baby. I'm still Mike's queen babydoll. You're not getting any of this today." Tom paused, confused and very-blue-balled. "Ok... So what did you mean by..." "You're really fucking naive aren't you... " She said chucking with an extremely cute little voice causing her chest to jiggle slightly. "I meant how are you going to steal Ethan's body?" Tom was stunned. "I don't know what you mean!" Lisa started rubbing her fingers across herself and bending her body, just ever so slightly, to make every feature she touched burst with divine beauty. "You know why I'm still wearing this top? It's not because I don't want you to see the whole package, I mean you can clearly see that..." She placed her hands around the back of Tom's neck, but swatted his hands away as he tried to do the same. "No... No no.... I wear this top, soaked in sweat and steam, because it makes every inch of my chest look *that* much sexier now that you can't see it directly. Psychologically... You want me more now, and I've shown you just a lil bit less..." She straightened up, turned around and walked towards one of the lockers bouncing her ass like a basketball with each step. "That's one of the tricks you pick up early when you have a reputation as queen bitch." She opened the locker, removed an item, spun around and said, "If you stay on top long enough you get to know about this... " She said holding the Omeganomicon. "Now... Which is more likely Tom? That this hulking mass of a man just moved in, grew easily 40 lbs of pure muscle over 2 days and doesn't even know how to bench press properly? Or some nerd got a hold of a naughty book meant for big boys?" Tom was incoherent, and just mumbled a bit. "Oh yeah baby, all the Alphas know about this book. Its how most of them got to their alpha state in the first place... Tsk Tsk... Working hard for things just isn't really worth it in the end is it?... Thing is, not everyone has the whole book like me, most just have a portion of the wisdom, some, like Ethan, only a few chapters..." "He thinks I'm using the Challenge of Champions..." "Really?" She said perplexed. "So that's what he's had all this time.... See, Ethan and I have been at a practical arms race for domination for years. He and I act buddy-buddy on the surface, for Mike's sake, but deep down, if one of us knew *exactly* which ritual the other was using, we'd whipe the floor with the other and take all the mass they could for themselves. The only thing that's stopped us is that neither me nor Ethan knows the other's method." "So what are you going to do now that you know?" Tom asked. "Nothing. I don't have to. You're going to take care of all the hard work for me aren't you?" "Won't you then just come for me?" Tom said raising an eyebrow. "Mmmm... No I don't think so. I'll go after Mike. If he's not top hulk anymore he's not worth anything to me. I don't even care if he DID obtain all his muscles legitimately without the Book." Tom was surprised by this, and underestimated Mike. "He's just a clueless pawn in my little game. Once he's reached the other side of the table, I'll sacrifice him for a better piece. After all... Once you absorb Ethan, you'll certainly be the big man on campus won't you? And I already know you want some of this baby...." She said slapping Tom's hand on her ass. But then Tom reached to put the other hand on her, and suddenly found his arm twisted and forced onto the ground by Lisa. "Ah ah ah baby, you're not big enough yet." "How are you so strong? I'm easily twice your size!" Tom said from the floor. "I told you. I've been queen bitch for a long time... I've absorbed more mass than anyone else on campus. The *full* book has a variety of ways to "Hide" that kind of size so I can keep my lust for power secret from Mike, he's against using any kind of cheating... Bless him... But if you're currious to exactly how big I am.... " Lisa then stepped back onto the bathroom scale that groaned from under her. Tom couldn't believe his eyes, he knew she was thick and muscle weighed quite a bit, but Lisa was 445lbs and showed NONE of it. She had the abs of a super model, and the power of a body builder. "Ok Tom... That's all I can help you with... Now... Let me give you a little taste of victory..." List ran her tongue over a single vein on Tom's neck, and like a clogged faucet he came a solid bucket full all over the floor (At some point his erection had worked its way down and out the side of his gym shorts) "Sigh... I hope getting some Ethan in you will improve that stamina.... Now get lost, the cheer squad's about to be out. " Lisa said as she stepped into the shower section of the locker room leaving Tom amazed, hypnotized, excited, and.... Wet.... The rest of the day was largely uneventful. Right up until it was time to leave. Ethan finally appeared, and it was clear he'd been serious about this. Hey bitch boy. What the fuck did I tell you about gaining mass that aint yours? "I think I don't take shit from scared little bitches. I got this mass fair and square, you want to challenge for it?" Tom said coldly. Ethan smiled at this. "Oooooh boy... You just fucked up son. 5:00, in the gym. Come alone. "Ill be there, don't lube yourself up though, I'm taking everything you have dry" Tom said as Ethan turned and walked away. Tom arrived at the gym early to check for traps or secret trump cards hidden outside or around the building, but there was none. It was just Ethan, standing in the center of a rolled out wrestling mat, staring at the door waiting for Tom to come in. He came in, and neither said a word, but just stripped naked and stared each other down. Ethan was a pro at wrestling, and Tom knew it. He had to rely on something else to win. Ethan eventually spoke "Do you accept this challenge of champions Tom?" Tom looked at Ethan and said "Yes." In one quick movement, Ethan dove behind Tom, yanked him to the floor, and mounted him from behind: "Say goodbye to you muscles bitchboy..." Ethan said as he began furiously pumping himself into Tom. Tom however had a secret plan, as while Ethan had him in a body lock, he bit into Ethan's arm with the dart hidden inside his mouth (A risky and dangerous move, don't try this at home!) Ethan cried in pain but didn't give up furiously thrusting into Tom. Then, his arms and bones began to hurt all over as a warm feeling developed in Tom's rectum. It was excruciating. Tom curled up into a little ball writhing in pain. Meanwhile, Ethan had climbed atop Tom's fetal possition with all his weight pressing down on his naked body. "You feel that bitch? Fuck, you're the biggest guy I've ever taken. FUCK IM HUGE. Ha! I'll finally be able to force that bitch Mike's alphabetrium away from him, and take that fox Lisa all for myself. Then, when I'm done with her, I'll take all her alphabetrium too! I'll be a god! Women worship me now, but by Monday, they'll establish religions for me! I'll become emperor of this fucking school and farm muscle so I never have to stop being the FUCKING BEAST I AM! Ethan picked Tom's shriveled body up and tossed it into the trashcan as he left the building. Tom lost it all. He was shriveled up and possibly even weaker than before. But after Ethan left the building, Tom climbed out of the trash, and using a dishtowel from home, cleaned up a bit of Ethan's blood off his face, and cum from his ass. Then grinned at it evilly. Tom returned home eager to complete the ritual. He didn't NEED to win the Challenge against Ethan, he only needed his blood and cum for the regular ritual. But first, Tom quickly disavowed all connection he had to the Challenge of Champions, which meant forfeiting all the mass he'd won (which was none), as to keep him from losing his mass to the Challenge afterwards. Midnight came and he tossed in the towel which burned with a brilliant black flame and charged it'self with energy, soon that energy passed to Tom... This was a big one, and it started from the begining.... First he was a twink... Then a jacked twink... Then he was a small athlete... Then he was back to what he was this morning, a jock But now he advanced to the next stage. Absorbing what Ethan had on top of what was already his.... He was an Alpha His biceps expanded even more than before taking the traps with him, as they grew, they crackled with a dark energy leaving black vein-like marks on his arms when he willed them to appear. His pecs were gigantic. Each one an absolute boulder that could stop a truck. They felt heavy, a satisfying heavy. The power in their weight was not something Tom was meant to ever control... Until now... His abs had upgraded to a ten pack, and fused to his ribcage, ripping it out forcefully, leaving only disconnected bone for framework and asthetics. He didn't need a ribcage anymore, his chest was more powerful than the bone ever was. His cock was inhuman. A solid 12 inches when erect, and thick as a pringles can. Tom stared at the goliath in the mirror, he'd done it. He'd become the goliath he always wanted to be. Ethan must be out somewhere scared and confused as a little shriveled up twerp. And Tom was far bigger than mike was at this point. He smiled at this and stared into the mirror with a grin that was no longer an evil grin, it was a king's grin. An emporor's grin. An Alpha's grin. He had Lisa all to himself.... And with her inhuman mass... He could grow another 80 lbs in the last two nights.... End of part 5! ( It's not over yet folks! But how could it get any hotter from here? Stay tuned for the two-day final part: The Weekend !) Finale - Saturday: Tom awoke the next morning as late as he fucking wanted to. He then spent the following hour jerking himself off to his own reflection. He had it. This is everything Tom ever wanted. Power. Control. Respect. He absolutely dominated every visual inch of his bathroom mirror. After a bit he heard noise from the common room. "Huh" he said. Either Jack had returned from his trip early, or there was about to be one very scared bitch ass shitting himself in his kitchen. Tom was pleasantly surprised to find out it was neither. "Morning baby..." Lisa said whipping up a variety of strange concoctions in Tom's kitchen. "...You done exploring yourself? Because mama needs some attention too." "I won Lisa." Was all tom could focus well enough to say. "I see that. And damn. It's hot. You're the biggest man I've ever touched baby." Tom grasped Lisa by her generous assets and pulled her in close where he kissed her passionately. As he ran his lips up and down her powerful neck and lips she wispered things to him: "You earned this baby. This is your prize. You're the king now baby. Claim me." But as Tom tried to remove her top, Lisa stopped him. "Hold on there tiger... You're about to get way out of your league.... Don't worry... I'mma guide you baby. But we gotta do this right..." Mmm... First breakfast. We're going to be going for quite a long time so you'll need the energy. Eggs, Milk, Protein powder, Bacon, and I got you some sardines too they're packed with protein. For desert I've got six apples for you, already sliced. Tom was confused about this but decided to go with it. He needed some time to recharge after he'd just filled his toilet with hot cum. After he was served breakfast, Tom asked "So... How did you get into my house? And how did you know where to go?" "Oh I followed you in after you lost to Ethan. No way I wasn't watching that match like a hawk. You had me worried there for a bit, I thought I was going to have to skip town to avoid that roided monster.... Mike texted me that Ethan was about to either absorb him or kill him right before Ethan shrunk down to the size of a fucking sixth grader. It was apparently hilarious to watch him run away like that." "Oh... You're still talking to Mike?" "Pssh, of course I was baby. I didn't find out how big you'd gotten until I saw you through that window this morning." "You were spying on me? Naughty girl..." "Wana see how naughty I looked doing it?" Lisa said as she left the room only to return in an impossibly fast 9 seconds wearing the most revealing hoodie Tom had ever seen. "How did you change so quickly?" "Oh you'll understand once you get to the Omegaplane." She said. "Whats that?" "Mmmm... Want a taste of it? Take those pants off baby. I need to see all of you. OOh! And lets go outside. Your backyard is gorgeous." Tom did as he was told. Ripping off the pants and walking out onto his patio. "Like what you see baby?" Tom called from outside. Lisa was staring seductively, and had begun to undress, but stopped mid pose to take a nice long stare when Tom revealed his monster cock. "Fuck how am I going to take that thing?" She said "It's so fucking massive... I'm going to drive myself crazy riding that... Oh well. We're starting with a taste anyways." Lisa tore off the rest of her clothes with her mighty strength and seductively moved towards the naked giant in the backyard, slowly revealing more of herself as she approached. "Sit down" She said. And Tom did as he was commanded. "We're going to start with a taste. Just a little crossover. When you're ready... We'll go all the way." "Baby this isn't my first rodeo, I'm ready to go all the..." "If you try to fuck me now your brain will start to reject reality and you'll be driven completely insane, now shut up... Close your eyes... and let mama take care of you.... " This was not like Laura's blowjob, this was something else. As her throat consumed more and more of his dick, Tom could feel small muscle movements from within her throat pulling and pushing his dick like a vacuum cleaner. He started to feel light-headed, Lisa responded with "That's it baby. Let go..." The pressure in his junk began to feel immensely powerful and forced Toms eyes shut. When he opened them again a second later, he noticed something weird about Lisa's hair. It was glowing gold, and the dark area around him appeared to be enveloped in a shimmering light. That's when he noticed the odd patterns and fractal-esque shapes on objects where they weren't before. He was hallucinating. After a few minutes of this, Lisa pulled up, and the precum in her mouth seemed to dance with rainbow colors After a few minutes it wore off and Tom turned to Lisa: "What the fuck was that?" "That was just a taste of the Omegaplane. The Alpha dimension. It's what Alphas experience during sex. Most just experience it for a breif minute, then forget it's divine beauty as they return. But the true Alphas... They can tap into a whole new realm of power over the body, soul, and mind in this world... And bring it back with them. I am a true Alpha, so I've had this ability sense I first lost my virginity to Mike... We explored that world together and taught ourselves what would take monks and scientists eons to master in a few weeks. You've had a taste of it, and you came back coherent... So you're ready to go all the way to it if you'd like. " "I'm ready." Tom said. Lisa smiled, licked her lips, led Tom inside, and climbed on top of her King. A blowjob will trigger a cross to the Omegaplane, but to get there fully, both partners must be engaged in powerful passionate sex. So.... Big boy... It's time. Fuck me. It started out otherworldly. And Tom knew it was only getting better from there. He pounded Lisa's pussy harder than even Lisa was prepared for, but she took it like a champ. After a few minutes, Lisa's hair flashed gold again as Tom was holding her ass cheeks from behind. Suddenly he felt heavy. Really heavy. And as the immense pleasure enveloped his body 1000 fold, he crossed his eyes as he began staring into the ceiling, unable to control any joint in his body as this wave of ethereal enlightenment pulsed through him. Nothing he saw made any sense, but he knew it was good. Everything he saw in his spaced out trippy world was beautiful to him. He watched as two figures that appeared before him fucked wildly. One was a massive muscular beast, the other a busty sensual woman. After a few minutes he realized he felt everything this man felt. After a bit longer, he realized he was looking AT himself, staring down upon his freakishly large body making love to this goddess. He was mesmerized from this, but the image was shattered like a stone being thrown into a pond, by the emergence of Lisa, wearing nothing but a chain crossing her chest, appeared before him. "Hello Tom.." "Lisa? What is this?" "The Omega plane, the enlightened path accessible only to the most powerful among us. It envolops us. It is in tune with the universe arround us. Go ahead. Interact with the world. It is yours to control." Tom was puzzled but decided to look away from the beautiful display as Lisa commanded. As he picked up and threw a pencil, it create a sort of ghost version of the pencil, that landed on the other side of the room while the original laid on the bench still. However, quickly after, real-world-Tom picked Lisa up and began thrusting her against the bench violently. The force of which caused the pencil to land EXACTLY where the ghost outline landed. That's how this world worked he could control all of causality through his astral projection... No... His Alphral Projection. Tom noticed his neighbor was watching from across the street from their bedroom window. "Can't have that can we?" Tom said, and willed himself to move Lisa to the main hall, where a big glass window allowed the neighbor to veiw every inch of what Tom and Lisa were doing to each other. Lisa appeared behind Tom and spoke. "Your interactions here translate perfectly to different forms of sexual experiences between us. Will yourself to look deep into my physical eyes my king... " And Tom did. The world around him grayed and slowed down. Time had almost stopped. He had the freedom to manipulate whatever he wanted. Lisa grabbed Toms hand and led him outside. Tom knew exactly what he and Lisa were still doing to each other, despite not being in the room anymore. "I must show you the extent of our abilities my king... I will bring you to the grand connection." Lisa said snapping her fingers. Suddenly, Materialistic Lisa began to lactate, which Tom drank eagerly and shared with his partner. Like a rocket, etherial Lisa and Tom were shot into a new state of being. Tom found what happened impossible to process, and much MUCH harder to explain. Essentially, Tom had been given a glimpse into the heart of Alphabetrium energy. It connected the will and minds of every Alpha's subcontious mind on the planet. For a brief moment, Tom was god-like. Everywhere and nowhere. All powerful yet powerless. And it brought him to tears. He wept for such beauty was not meant for his eyes. It burned. Such a sight may have blinded his physical body forever if it were here.... And then he descended. Devolving back into his primitive materialistic form. For both he and Lisa had climaxed and the energy link created by their passionate fucking receded. Before long, Tom was staring back up at his ceiling, cradling Lisa in his arms. Tears had been rolling down his face as he stared around the room. It was completely decimated. Tom rolled over and checked his clock. It was 5pm.... It'd been six hours.... Tom got up, got a drink from the kitchen, and stared at his reflection. What had he become? He was a monster. And he loved it. "Rested up baby? Ready for round two?" said a voice from the hallway, Lisa's of course. "Fucking yes. You'd better fucking believe I'm ready." As he began caressing lisa's body in the foyer, he thought for a breif moment about the ritual he needed to perform later... Eventually he thought it through. "Fuck it. I'm large enough. Why would I ever need to get bigger than this?" And shortly after doing all this again, Tom blacked out entirely. Sunday: It was dark. Weirdly dark. Why was it so dark in his room? That was tom's first thought. Then he tried to get up, only to find his wrists and ankles chained to the bed he laid upon. "What the..." Tom said worried. As he did, the chains swiveled upwards forcing him to a standing position with his arms stretched out, and a large floodlight illuminated the area he was in. What was this? Was this some kind of bad dream? In the shadows, a slow clap began. "Well well well... You're finally awake..." Mike said as he stepped out of the shadows. Tom was worried. He didn't like this. What the fuck was Mike going to do to him? "Did you really think it was going to be that easy? A fucking weeks worth of stooping to the easiest challenges you could find, stooping to fucking the nastiest hoe on campus, all so you could pass ME? A man who's never even used the book before? Oh no... No Tom... I'm afraid it's never that easy... But you've Inspired me. Maybe I've been a bit too harsh on myself... I think I'm finally ready to use the book's powers for myself." "It's about damn time baby" Said a second voice from the shadows. It was lisa. "Lisa? What... What are you doing?" Tom panickly asked. "Using you. To get what I want. What we want." She said, coldly. Tom was agasp. He'd shared enlightenment with this queen of sex not the day before.... And she... She was just using him... "We've been using you from the beginning champ..." Said Mike. "Gotta say. Love what you did to that cocky asshole Ethan. I was getting so sick of his smug bitch ass. I should have taken him out sooner, but I guess aged alphabetrium is the purest form of aquiring alphabetrium. I should do this again with him instead of you all over again... Oh and pro tip kid, a true alpha NEVER turns down the desire to get bigger. EVER. You can take it slow like me, or try to rush it like ethan, but don't ever even THINK that what you have is "Good enough".... What a fucking pathetic thought..." "What are you going to do to me?" Tom said. "Not much actually. Nothing you didn't already do to yourself. Recognize that triangle at your feet kid?" Mike said. It was the tentragram of his own ritual. "I knew you'd go for this ritual, the 7 days one, because you're a little beta bitch who doesn't like to take risks. Truth be told there's lots of these spells in this book... But that's kinda the point isn't it. See... There is no magic book willing to help betas become Alphas, never has been. See... This book is cursed knowledge. There's a reason every ritual comes with tiny little strings attached. Thats why I never used it. Lisa over there used it to its full potential... But now she's a slave to it, she's forever doomed to be the top bitch no mater what the cost. She'll spend hours of her free time exercising, disciplining her muscles to be able to achieve the Omega connection, failing to resist a powerful sexual desire to the strongest man nearby and taking risks to maintain her god-like physique. In fact, she's how I learned about the secret use of the book... " Ethan paused and smiled evilly at Tom. "While the user will always end up getting their comeuppance some way or another, there are often times outside recipients, call them lucky bystanders, who just *happen* to receive all the benefits of the ritual, without being tied to its curse.... I think you experienced this first hand when you stole all that delicious mass from Ethan.... And if someone were to limit the options of the book to only show rituals with these anonymous beneficiaries... Well... Who could blame them for that?" Tom didn't know what was coming. What did he not know that was about to ruin everything? "Now, your case was actually rediculously easy... See it all started with *This..." Mike tossed the Omeganomicon in front of Tom where the page in front of him read " -Rule 3: The transformee must attract the mating catalyst on their own, otherwise the effects of the omeganomicon will transfer to the true alpha upon discovery of wing-manidry. " "But I didn't use anyone's help for me to attract any of those bitches!" Tom pleaded. Mike turned towards Lisa and whispered "You ready baby" to which she nodded as she began filming the scene on a tripod camera. Mike then turned towards Tom, approached the behemoth, and showed him his phone. From within it was a conversation.... A conversation with Grenda. Tom froze and a chill ran down his enormous spine as he read it. "That's right Tom...Remember when Grenda turned you down? .... I asked Grenda to go through with it in exchange for a prom picture.... Pssh. She's never getting that...." "I guess that'd make me... Your wingman of sorts wouldn't it?" The book began to burn bright as a dark red light shimmered around Tom and Mike. "Oh and lets not forget, the only reason you got in on that action with Stacy and Laura was because of the mass you obtained... From Grenda. And to top it off, the only reason Ethan challenged you, was because of what you obtained from the three of them... Or to put it another way.... All of your mass, power, and alphabetrium you've gained sense tuesday... Is rightfully mine! Now... HAND IT OVER!" In a flash the pages of the book began to suck the alphabetrium straight out of Tom, shriveling him up from the Alpha tank he was to the twink he was the first day. He lost so much size he fell right out of his shackles. Mike grinned as he was beginning to feel a powerful rush surge through him. He was already amateur bodybuilder size... So what he grew into frightened Tom just as much as it turned Lisa and Mike on. Yes.... YES! YES! FUCK YES! I'm a giant.... I'm a fucking giant! Lisa began to touch herself behind tom, crushing him under her foot. "Oh, and here's the best part baby...." Lisa said as she began to speak to the ritual... Tom knew the phrase well, as he'd contemplated using it on Ethan, but never had the balls to do it... He was frightened before, but now he was terrified. He was going to be absorbed entirely. His whole body, and his essence as a person... Were about to become one with Mike.... In a flash Tom's frail body burned into nothing, and his conscientiousness fell into the spiritual state he had experienced with Lisa. It was much like it was before, but instead of having his own body, Tom was chained to Mike like a dog... No... Like a slave.... And no matter what he did, even if he closed his spiritual eyes... He was forced to gaze upon the muscular teenage god whom was about to tripple all the mass he'd just received. Tom began to speak lower and lower... "I am a king... A KING OF KINGS! A FUCKING POWERHOUSE. A MYTHICAL BEAST OF LEGEND! I. AM. YOUR. GOD! Tom gazed upon his new master, his arms had the circumference of beachballs. He had a new line of muscle connecting his biceps, triceps, and various other power-houses along his limb. His ass had filled out to take up and entire couch. Each leg powerful enough to push a deep-rooted tree right out of the ground. He now boasted an amazing abdominal region. An elite 10-pack of abs hard enough to stop bullets without breaking skin. And his pectorals were enormous. Jetting at least 7 inches away from his chest at any time, these massive slabs of pure muscle had become so strong they each took on the possition of a second and third heart, necessary for Mike to have to extend his new monster cock. I don't know exactly how massive it was, but you'd need a yard stick to measure it, not a ruler. This hulking mass It was too much for Lisa to bare, as she violently ripped off her clothes and began riding the huge mass, screaming in pain as she took the entirety of the dick to her base. Soon they both arrived on the omegaplane alongside each other to face what was left of Tom. Lisa was now wearing a thin bikini of blue aura. And mike was bare-chested with a pair of sports compression shorts leaving nothing to the imagination. Get comfortable Tommy boy. You're going to get a birds eye view of this from now on. "In a way we've helped you. Now you've become part of something truely greater than yourself." "Yeah, me." Tom would spend the rest of his days forever tied to this goliath as Mike would continue his escapade into the powers of alphabetrium, growing past even what he is now, to ascending to new levels of thought and power. Every day, he'd fuck Lisa til she bled, but she loved the pain. It made her feel like the power hungry tryrant she was. But what now? Tom's story is over, but there's still more for me to work with here. Please go ahead and vote for the storyline you think I should pursue next! The origin of the Omeganomicon amidst the dark ages? A day in the life of Lisa after this as she now needs to become even stronger to please her man? Or maybe Jack will find something interesting in the wreaked apartment once he gets back? VOTE NOW and PLEASE leave any suggestions or comments bellow! I get off on criticism and praise alike!
  7. Omeganomicon

    The Gamma

    This story is a continuation of my last story "Week of the Omeganomicon" which follows the story of Tom. If at any point you become confused about this I suggest taking a look through that one here: The Gamma Jack pulled into the driveway exhausted and angry. For three years he'd been hunting for the secrets of alphabetrium, and alas his final clue as to their whereabouts which brought him all the way to the amazon jungle, had fallen up short. With no where left to turn, he returned to his highschool career, annoyed. "At age 20 I'm old enough to start up my own business, but am still forced to pursue yet another year at high-school no less..." Grabbing the essentials he entered the apartment and flipped on the light.... What in the fuck? Is all Jack could muster... The entire apartment was decimated as if some beast had torn through the walls and furniture. What in the hell happened here? What the FUCK Tom? What did you do? But after storming around he couldn't find him. Anywhere. He called the police and began searching through the rubble for anything that might be of worth. That's when he saw it. Virtually unscathed by the event was this book. Jack knew it well. The Omeganomicon, created by the last great Omega as a torture method for Betas and a secret siphon to amass great power if you were clever enough to manipulate someone into sacrificing a part of themselves for you. I'd seen five of these before, some much thicker than this one, so I know it was already missing information and on any account would be worthless to me, I don't see the need to sacrifice anyone to cheese my way back into alpha-dom. No, what was Tom doing with that book? Is it possible? Jack began slamming his head into the wall debris repeatedly." IDIOT!" he yelled at himself, I TRAVEL ACROSS THE WORLD TO FIND A CROSSOVER TECHNIQUE, and ONE JUST SO HAPPENS TO DESTROY MY APARTMENT WHEN I LEAVE IT?! It was then that he saw something shiny.... It was a camera with a recording of everything that happened... Including Tom's transformation from friday night. As well as the intense event with lisa from school. (She had stopped in front of the camera to pose for it) Hmm.... Lisa huh? ... Wait... Thats when he got to evening on saturday, and saw Mike and Lisa dragging Tom's immense body out. But... But why would they... Then the final scene began to roll, as the camera fell under some debris, where it had perfect view of a different camera, same type and style, set up in Tom's room, and on sunday morning, Lisa came and retrieved the other camera. Jack thought it through, Lisa had retrieved the wrong camera, thinking there to only be one, unaware of the camera Tom had set up to record himself which she took in place of her own. Why would she need to ... wait.... it can't be... He rewound the video to Saturday during the bit with the blowjob on the patio and watched it. Of course... The Omegaplane.... He couldn't believe it! His luck! He got to view the ritual right in front of him. That's why she came back for the camera.... Well that's one reason, I'm sure evidence of what destroyed this house and who Tom was with before his disappearance is also motivation enough for her, but the sexual dance of which she uses to reach the Omegaplane.... That is sacred. It is only meant to be passed down from Master to Apprentice. Tom stared at Lisa, this was his ticket, and she'd led him straight towards him, soon, he'd turn everything about his life around. The story of Jack's life was quite bizarre. At the young age of thirteen, jack was the newest son of a powerful Alpha family. He was soon to be taught the secret arts of Alphabetrium, but first he had to be tested to see if he were a jock at all first, and not just a beta, completely secretly. For his final test, he was to seduce his prom date into any form of sexual act. He got her all the way to bed, but despite this, he did not want to go through with the act, saying he just wasn't really all that into sex. Jack is what we call a Gamma, where an Alpha is typically a straightforward system, there do exists weird outliers called Gammas. They possess the mindset of an alpha, but despite being completely functional, simply are not interested in sex. Sex, of course, is considered the most sacred act one can perform to an alpha, and thus those whom reject that are outcast-ed. Jack was shunned by his parents and sent to prep school to never see them again for seven years. Prep school was cruel, restricting meals to simple carb diets, with very little protein intake. Despite working his hardest for five years, Jack just became starved as despite his effort, only maintained an average body. However, there were factors beyond the school's control. Deep down, Jack was still an alpha, and while he had no desire to massage his cock, he had a relentless thirst for power. Raw power, influence, magic, science, information, control, worth, he yearned for it. And after just five years, managed to use the profits of selling off his self-made online business to transfer to this school and live a life of his own control. From here he began his own department of Alphaology at the highschool, he researched a variety of strange artifacts he'd heard his father discuss with his mother during their sexual sessions and learned all about the secret link between Alphas known as the Alphaplane. All he needed now was a means of visiting the plane so he can use it. This however, was a problem. The only way to cross into the Alphaplane is for two alphas to have sex. The thought of inquiring power aroused jack plenty, but finding a partner was much harder. Alphas don't worry about finding new partners as they naturally attract each other, but if your sexual compass is shattered, it's much harder to pinpoint who has the skill necessary to cross over. He'd even spent 30,000$ on a trip to the amazon to meet a retired alpha priestess who as it turned out couldn't help him. How was he going to find her? And even if he could, how would he convince her to let him in? He stared at the camera, and grinned evilly. Two days later Lisa was enjoying a nice day at the gym when a voice spoke to her directly. "Hello Lisa". "Do I know you loser?" Lisa replied. "Ouch... Harsh, and no I don't think you do. I'm Jack." "Look I'm pretty busy and I'd appreciate it if you'd fuck off Jack." She rolled her eyes as she continued her exercises. "Cute, most just tell me to Jack-off, I think they like the word play, but I'm afraid you're going to want to pay attention to this one. It's about Tom." Lisa froze. Her hands ran over her far-too-tiny bikini only to realize her phone was in her bag. "Oh, I'm afraid you won't be calling to help Lisa. See, I'm Tom's Roomate, and you'll have to understand there was a BIG concern for me when I got home a couple of days ago. And look, don't worry, I've already cleaned up the mess. Tom was a fucking douche anyways, and I really don't care what you did with him or who's reaping the reward. What you should be more concerned about is this. " Jack held up her camera and tossed it to her. "Amazing coincidence, Tom just so happened to have the exact same tape recorder set up in his room as you did in the living room, I guess when you went back to get this you accidentally grabbed his instead, see it's interesting. This tape shows you almost entrancing Tom when you first start to suck him on the patio, see those odd motions you make with your hips and throat, and I just so happen to know these acts are sacred to an alpha priestess... God knows the punishment for this getting out would mean exile... " Lisa was frozen. She could feel it. Jack was legit. And she was in no position to not follow his demands. "What do you want?" Jack pointed at the video, "THAT, I want to experience that. I want you to help me cross over into the Alphaplane, I need to see it. All you need to do is fuck me once, you can come over later today, and let me see the power of dominance in it's rawest form." "You're blackmailing me into sex?" Lisa accused. "Call it what you like, just know I have three secret associates somewhere else in the world, If I can't respond to each of them tomorrow, a copy of this video will go viral, and we both know what happens to both of us if that happens....Better if this just never gets out" "You're pathetic. But sure, I'll stop by after my jog, like you said, better if this just never gets out." Later that day Lisa arrived at the location Jack designated, inside a few associates lead her down an elevator into some kind of laboratory. "What are we doing here?" "What can I say, I have my fetishes. Now... how about we get started with this..." Jack said as he led Lisa into the chamber. "It won't work..." "Hmm?" "It only works for alphas, you need a specific mindset, and powerful enough body to cross over." Lisa said raising an eyebrow to Jack's strong, but not alphetic body. "Not big enough for you babe? Fine." Jack walked over to an intercom and ordered "Project 22" be brought to him. "The effects of this technology are temporary, and won't last for more than a day before causing a series of nasty side effects for several months due to my body's inability to produce alpha energy. But I don't think that will be a problem anymore..." Jack said this as he stabbed himself with a golden syringe into his left ass cheek and began to strip. That's condensed alphabetrium there, it's an artifact I found years ago, it's incredibly condensed in crystalized form, but it will eventually fizzle out of existence once my body absorbs it long enough. Lisa suddenly became more and more turned on as she watched Jack slowly hulk out into the size Ethan used to be. "Hows this?" Lisa just rolled her eyes and went to work. Pretty soon her hair turned golden and the two began to hallucinate vividly. Pretty soon Jack found himself staring down at his own roided out body pounding Lisa like a toy. "This good enough for you?" she asked. "Perhaps for a while, I want to explore this reality as much as I can before we finish." Jack spent hours in the slowed space making record and jotting down notes about different observations on what he could do before finally talking to Lisa. "Alright, I've understood enough, there's just one more thing I'd like to see. The connection." Lisa backed away. "You can't possibly know about that..." Jack just stared at her before rolling his eyes. "Whatever, don't help, I know how to get there myself". Jack grabbed a syringe from the drawer and stuck it into Lisa's breasts forcing them to lactate which he greedily lapped up. Lisa could only watch in horror and protest as Jacks mind ascended into the Plane. He stood there frozen for minutes as the sounds of his physical form became more and more powerful and loud. Finally, she became relaxed as he returned normally. Jack then declared that that was enough and pushed a button on the wall, which after a few minutes brought in associates to separate the two from having sex. As they returned to their physical bodies, Jack reviewed the data his men had just brought him, then smiled, and turned towards Lisa. "Consider your video erased for good, your help has been invaluable, and this data is supurb is there anything else you'd need?" Lisa was confused. "What data?" "Oh did no one tell her? This whole room is lined with state-of the art motion detection which record and analyzes every small movement in this room. If your eyelash twitched, this room knows it's exact coordinates." "What are you going to do with that information?" Lisa said worriedly. "Do? I think you mean "DID" baby." He then pressed a button on the wall revealing a chamber within. "Meet Ellie, she's your replacement. Any time we need more data or tests to run, we can get there with just her." Lisa had never seen this girl before, but soon realized why, Ellie was a machine. "She's learned everything you did inside and out and can replicate it at whim." Lisa was then lead outside the room before snapping back, knocking two guards unconscious and grabbing Jack by his neck. "You know... I haven't cleared your blackmail yet..." Jack said grinning evilly. Lisa glared, quickly dressed herself, and took a nice long stare back at the Ellie device. Once she'd left, Jack called a meeting with his second in command, Conner. "How well did that turn out?" "Wonderful sir! In a matter of weeks we'll have what you want prototyped." "Good, the pain the artifact caused me will torture me for days as I revert back from this form." "Sir.... If you don't mind me asking, what is the goal of this? It seems like a lot of work for this "Connection", what does it do?" Jack smiled. "Well on top of being a wondrous scientific advancement, I believe I can harness the power of the Connection and absorb the combined knowledge, alpha-energy, and will of the combined mindset of the alphaplane." He knelt down to Connor and whispered to him secretively "This power will allow me to transcend this world and become the most powerful being known to man." before laughing hardily as he walked away. End of Part 1/5, stay tuned for the continuation! Part 2/5 : Roy This is Roy. Roy is neither Alpha nor Beta, nor a subset of either. Rather Roy is something else. Roy..... Is a complete jackass. Raised as an entitled, racist douchebag, Roy sought after every possible shortcut and easy path available to him. At age fifteen Roy was intimidated by his fellow classmates, particularly those on the football team, so he began using Steroids. The results were to be expected, Roy became the king (in his mind) of the Weight Training course and regularly enjoyed mercilessly beating the shit out of other students during P.E. That is until he turned 18 and his regular dealer was caught by the Police. Roy became stranded with no juice, and on top of the adverse physical effects of just using steroids, his new dealer was a shifty con man who began lacing his Roids with other addictive substances. Nicotine was just the start, by age 20, Roy had given up on his physical shape as had become a full on meth-head. He was perfect for the experiment. Jack dispatched Connor to retrieve the meth head in the files and brought him in. "Hello Roy, my name is Jack, welcome to our experimental trial." "What the FUCK am I doing here ASSHOLE?" Roy said spitting a clump of snot from his throat onto the floor. "Connor did you not explain this to him?" Jack queried. "Of course I did, he's forgotten sense I told him." "Well, Mr. Roy, I'm a scientist and I believe I've found a fantastic new body enhancement treatment utilizing a unique set of proteins and compounds I believe I can instill a normal person with superhuman strength and possibly even eternal youth." Roy explained. "I AIN'T INTERESTED IN NO FANCY SUPER MAN DRUGS!" Roy screamed. Connor piped in with "Really? Well that's a shame. You seemed much more keen on the event when I told you the base component is methamphetamine" Roy's eyes lit up. "Woah woah woah, now you're speaking my language!" The next day the trial began Connor strapped Roy into the chair and began explaining the expriament to him. "The process involves four parts, the first is cleansing, we need to remove all toxins and outside influences from your body. But don't worry, these IV drips will introduce our own chemicals into you to keep you from experiencing withdraw." "Alright... Then what?"' "Stage two is called incubation, you'll be kept in a chamber for a few hours, maybe a day or two, and left to your own devices with what you'd like to see come out of this experiment. You will be unstable however during this process, which is why it's essential that you can't leave, but we will bring you anything you'd like." "And after that?" "Once you've reached our goals, we'll begin a process called stabilization. The effects of the drugs will subside so the body can begin to support the changes naturally. You'll be unconscious for this period." "Now hold on you said four parts..." "Ah, yes, the final part is called "Advertising", you may not realize this but in order for this program to gain traction we'll need you to flaunt your new body constantly for a few weeks, if it's successful." With that Connor finished up and exited the chamber, rejoining Jack from behind a one-way mirror. Over the course of the next week, Roy began cleansing his body of the various toxins piling up within it. This had little to no effect on his mindset, but due to his muscular enhancement appearing and the adverse effects of the steroids and meth on his body had begun to subside, he became even more of an asshole. GEEEEEERRRRR! LOOK AT ME!" Roy yelled at the mirror as he slammed his hand against the mirror again. "I LOOK LIKE A FUCKING BODY BUILDER!" He ripped off his underpants (again) and began furiously jacking off his now 5 inch dick. "GOD! LOOK AT MY DICK! IT'S HUGE! I COULD FUCK A THOUSAND WOMEN WITH THIS SAUSAGE!" Connor chimed in from the hall: "Well I'm glad you think that way Roy, because today we begin stage two of the trial. If you'll follow me, I'll show you to your new habitat for the next few days." Roy was lead down the hall into an out of place room It was pretty much a gymnasium, comprised entirely of weights, with a large bed, much larger than a king size, in the far corner. "Feel free to use any of the equipment here to test your newfound strength at any interval you'd prefer." Connor explained. "Nice, move bitch" Roy said as he shoved past Connor to load a pair of 45s onto the bench, Connor watched as even with his newfound mass, he was only able to do but a handful of reps at a mere 190lbs. "If there's anything else you'd need just push this button and ask the monitor, we'll provide it if we can. Understand?" Connor explained as he lead Roy over to what looked like a blood-pressure reader. "This device is called a blood-reader, it's VITAL once the trial begins for you to probe your blood using this machine. It's how we'll get compounds into you, and without the right substances, you may go into cardiac arrest." "Huh?" "sigh.... Wrap this cord around your wrist when the green light appears to get your drugs, without your drugs, your heart will stop." Connor put it bluntly. Roy rolled his eyes and said "Sure, got it." Connor for a brief moment considered the ethical reasoning behind what he was doing, but then ignored it and injected Roy with the priming fluid before returning to the observation room to meet Jack. Over the next few hours, Roy's mass began to increase like he was slowly being inflated with muscle. Pretty soon he realized he could speed up the process by actually exercising instead of drooling over himself in the mirror. As the final refinement of his abdominals and shoulders began to round out and his dick reached a length long enough for his own fist to wrap around it, Roy had begun to convince himself that he was a god to be worshiped and began making rediculous requests to the monitor. "I'd like my own city! Call it Roy-YORK! I want a damn statue on every street corner dedicated to my body!" and other things of the sort which I will not cover as they get unneededly offensive. Then eventually he made a new request. "BITCHES! YO JACK-OFF! HOW ABOUT YOU SEND SOME BITCHES TO MY CRIB! I got a dick like an Airplane and it needs to TAKE OFF!" Roy demanded as he tossed another weight at the wall. Jack turned to Connor and shrugged "Guess it's time, send in Ellie" Roy was awoken from a nap shortly after to the sounds of a few small weights hitting the ground. On the other side of the gym was an Ellie droid. Roy would have no idea this sensual woman wasn't a real person. And he really didn't care either. He was far too mesmerized by her large sweaty breasts and tight bouncy ass. He approached the "woman" cocky as ever. "Whatup slut? I guess my boi Jack sent me your fine ass to keep me company. Why don't I slip into something more comfortable?" Roy said. This confused Ellie for a moment as Roy was already bare-naked (as he began spending all his time). However it was clear that what he meant was "why don't I slip you out of your clothes" as Roy violently ripped her tight gym pants right off her legs. Ellie did not have a sense of purpose outside of pleasing her host, so she didn't object. And soon she was being pounded ruthlessly against every piece of equipment available. Eventually Roy lead Ellie back to the bed. From the other side of the mirror, Connor activated the connection process. However, as Ellie began the complex and sensual process to bring Roy over, Roy only experienced a violent rush of pleasure. He wasn't connecting to the Alpha-plane like before. "Of course he won't make it today, he's not a full-on alpha yet. But just the experiment alone should stimulate the drug within him. By this time tomorrow, he'll be an absolute titan." Jack explained to Connor. After the experience,Ellie, with little to no battery left, went into charging mode (which to Roy appeared to be just her leaving) Deep within that sleep however was a display that for the first time in his life, gave Jack a proper erection. He grew astronomically fast, even better than the predictions. After an hour: After three hours: After six hours: (At this point he had achieved Alpha-dom) After nine hours: The processes slowed and stopped after about 12 hours, with Roy's end result an absolute monster: Connor chimed in over the intercom: "Well, what do you think?" Roy said nothing as he stared deeply into the mirror, running his hands all over his massive shoulders, the size of watermelons, pectorals which felt like stone slabs, and his favorite part, a massive fourteen inch long monster of a cock. "Roy? Roy you can hear me right?" Connor asked. Roy walked over to the monitor and pushed the button "I believe I asked for BITCHES." Roy asked "I'm sorry?" Connor replied. "Bitches. Plural. More than one. At least three. Send in some of your own pussies too, I need worshipers to watch me while I dominate more of these whores. Make it snappy." Roy said before returning to his bed. Connor turned to Jack and shrugged. "Send in four more Ellies. Make sure they're varied in appearance so he doesn't get suspicious" He said to the subordinates awaiting his commands. Connor turned to Jack: "What do you think? Will he achieve it now?" Jack: "Unless something about our process is wrong, I believe he's now a perfect connection to the alpha-plane." Connor: "What should we do with him?" Jack: "Same as the others, wait for the connection, paralyze the process, extract the area of the brain responsible for this behavior and toss him out into the street. " Connor: "But this one has actually become a massive, AND I MEAN MASSIVE threat! Don't you worry what he'll do once he..." Jack: "Not at all. Without the part of his brain critical for the connection, he'll lose all confidence in himself. Without the "Alpha" lobe, he's just a beta in a jacked body. He'll likely fade into obscurity taking a meaningless job doing fuck all, or maybe even returning to methamphetamines. Either way, it's not our problem. Connor once again reflected upon his moral compass before tossing it aside and carrying out his orders as the three new Ellies entered the room. End of Part 2! Sorry this took so long! Hope you enjoy! Part 3 coming soon! Part 3: Roy's Advancement Connor entered Roys chamber as he started up with his harem for the fourth day in a row. "Alright Roy, we've reached about as far as the drug can take you, you ready to move on to stage 3? Make all this permanent?" Roy chuckled. "As far as it can take me? Hell no. Get your fucking science bitches to improve the effects, I might have the strength of a bear now, but if you start selling this anyone can become a god like me." Connor began to grow annoyed with Roy as he loaded another Ellie droid onto his cock to begin the ritual once more. Two others were using their tongues to pleasure Roy's feet. "I'm sorry Roy, but your body simply isn't capable of expanding any..." "DON'T TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK MY BODY CAN DO!" Roy roared at the top of his lungs "IT CAN'T DO ANYTHING ELSE! JUST LOCK IN WHAT YOU HAVE!" Connor started to argue. " YOU DARE TALK BACK TO YOUR GOD THAT WAY!" Roy snaped. Connor was going to just give up and wait for Roy to run out of energy, but he was horrified at what happened next. Roy, whom hadn't stopped fucking the Ellie droid for the conversation, had grown so angry at Connor's defiance, that he ripped the droid's legs off and split her torso down the middle in a harrowing display of power and arrogance. The interal organs of Ellie are mechanical, however the various liquids that make up Ellie's heating/cooling components are all red liquids, like normal human blood. Everyone was shocked by what Roy had done as he stood there eyes shut as the warm red liquid covered his face. The other two Ellie droids, whom normally are programmed for service, did have a sense of self preservation as well, and thus backed off into a corner in fear and terror. Jack watching behind the glass had already pushed the alarm button to send militarized personnel to the chamber. "You killed her...." Connor stuttered, now fearing for his own life. "Yeah, I did. If you have a fucking problem with it, I can kill you too." Jack spoke up over the intercom: "Wonderful Roy, I'm glad you wanted more from the treatment, if you let Connor go we'll get you some more compounds. " Roy smiled evilly and threw Connor at the door. "MAKE IT SNAPPY!" As Connor retreated to the observation room, military personnel entered the chamber and cornered Roy. "Thank you sir! But we don't have anything else to give him!" "Connor don't be stupid, you know I just told him that to get you out of the room. But we have a new problem... Look." Jack pointed to a monitor they had attached inside of Roy's brain next to the Alpha lobe. Connor spoke up: "I don't understand the Alpha lobe is exhausted isn't it? It ran out of juice because we overworked it with the compounds..." Jack: "We did... And it was dormant... Up until a few minutes ago when he split that Ellie droid in half. Now it's clocking in at 400% higher activity than during the trial.... " Connor: "Wait are you saying...." Jack: "He's going to grow again....And really fucking fast!" The two looked up in horror as the military personnel surrounded Roy. "You dare defy your all-powerful leader?" Roy frowned at the police. "Just come quietly Roy, no one else needs to get hurt today..." Suddenly Roy screamed. "FUUUCK! MY CHEST! MY FUCKING CHEST!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO ME?!" Everyone in the room became mesmerized as Roy's already titanic frame began to expand even further. AHHHHGGGG!!!! THIS POWER! "THIS ABSOLUTE POWER!" As Roy finished growing he rubbed his hands across every inch of his new body. It had transformed. Most all of his bones had been split apart and replaced by a complex connection of virtually invincible muscle. He no longer needed lungs, as he could now will oxygen to be pumped through his body where needed subconsciously. His heart now seemed tiny compared to his massive pectoral muscles pumping pure oxygen and energy throughout his body, and eventually was crushed by the expanding slabs of pure power. Veins as well had begun appearing all over him running straight up his now foot-wide spine connecting straight to his brain, giving him complete control over every cell he touched. Roy looked at the guards around him, each one shaking in fear. Two of them fired their guns, smacking him right in the heart and lower jaw. The shot that hit his heart simply ricocheted off, and the one that hit him beneath his jaw simply reformed within second after being shot off. Without opening his mouth, Roy willed the air around him to reverberate as a cool soft but clearly evil sound: "Worship Me....." Two of the officers ran away in fear, only to slow and drop to their knees, having lost all hope of ever defying such power. The three female officers began stripping They muttered quite a bit about how they didn't want to do it, one even stabbed her left hand to try and snap out of it, but Roy wasn't having it, he simply smiled and ripped down a nearby wall into a make-shift throne. Each of the girls and the Ellies who were still in the corner began pleasing Roy however they could. Eventually even some of the guys offered up their bodies to Roy. "Sir... The Alpha lobe has gone hyper-critical... It's evolved Roy into some kind of god-like entity. He appears to have complete control of his surroundings, and is even manipulating his musk into a neurotoxin, one whiff and you're completely under his control, even the Ellies were affected despite not needing oxygen. He can even survive multiple gunshot wounds, and that's all without even raising a finger." Roy began to lecture the room "This is the dawn of a new era, in which the world devotes itself to me, it's all-powerful master. As my first act as king, we shall commit a great cleanse...." It was horrific, this monstrous beast was speaking like hitler, talking about the removal of anyone who didn't fit his racist agenda from the world. Truthfully I don't wish to repeat what he said here as it's just deplorable... Two of the officers bearing witness to him shot themselves upon hearing his commands. "Jack this is bad... We've given godlike power to the next Hitler... And it's all our faults!" Conner worried. Jack was less worried. "Hmm... It's terrible the damage he's caused so far... But I don't think he'll get much further." And with that Jack pushed a large red button on the wall. The ceiling above Roy opened to reveal a series of rail-guns, seven of them, each armed with a two yard long sharpened bolt with a corrosive interior. Roy managed to deflect the first twelve or so, but soon enough the bolts pierced his massive body and separated his head from the rest of himself. With that a series of agents in hazmat suits burst in and began spraying and quarantining the head and body. With that catastrophe was eliminated, and Roy was dead. Connor turned to Jack as the two left the office that day. "Jack... I... I know I said I'd serve you until the very end... But... I don't know if I can keep doing this... Today was too close. One more botched experiment on another rogue asshole and we might cause an endless era of pain and suffering for everyone on the planet!" "I couldn't agree more Connor. We simply can't have that kind of power getting into another loose cannon like Roy..." "So... You're for real? You're shutting down?" Jack chuckled for a bit and turned to Connor. "No. We just need to start experimenting on more trustworthy personnel." "Who? Connor asked." "Isnt' it obvious?" Jack answered. "You Connor." End of Part 3! Part 4 coming soon! Part 4: The Hybrid Connor was not a normal person. He was born a beta to a family of accountants and nurses, all of whom worked at the mercy of Jack's family for generations. Their treatment towards Connor and his kin was to be expected of a typical beta-alpha relationship, abuse, mockery, humiliation, ect. However Connor hid a deep secret. His father was (as to be expected) a complete cuck with nothing special for a wife, and regularly had to watch as the love of his life was fucked mercilessly by Jack's Uncle. Typically, most betas don't get to see the end of an alpha's sex experience, passing out or giving up partway through, however due to Jack's uncle being severely drunk in a cold December evening, an accident occurred, and nine months later, Connor was conceived in secret. Connor lived as a beta and took after his parents, with one small blessing hidden with his pants, a massive ten inch sausage with golf-ball sized testicles to match. Never the less, Connor's beta teaching never even allowed him to understand the gift he was given. It wasn't until Jack was rejected from the house that he met Connor in the showers at a local gym. The two had met before, but didn't give another thought to one another until Jack recognized Connor's shlong and realized his potential. From there Connor and Jack would pursue revenge on the family that had wronged them and anyone else that would stand in their way, quickly forming their own company for their dark research into the history and nature of Alphabetrium. ----------------- Two weeks had gone by sense the Roy incident and Connor had begun treatment. Jack rested within his office, fixing paperwork for what seemed like hours before Connor's temporary replacement Justin buzzed in with a concerned tone: "Uh, sir, I believe there may be a problem approaching your Office sir, Should I engage needle protocol?" Jack turned to the series of monitors behind him to see what the issue was. He recognized who it was quickly and signaled Justin to engage needle protocol. Within a few moments, Jack surrounded himself with a small squadron of Ellie Droids. Jack only recognized one approaching threat: Lisa, no doubt pissed about how she was wronged and here with her boyfriend Mike, the hulked out muscular giant, to return the favor. But he was ready for this scenario, and simply waited patiently in his chair, only to turn arround and find one of the largest specimens Jack had ever witnessed tower over him. "What's up runt? I hear you're getting friendly with my bitch, hope you don't mind if I just break your little punk ass dick off do you?" Mike growled with an enraged grit in his teeth before Lisa pulled him back sensually. Lisa then walked up and spoke to Jack: "Look, I found out you already destroyed the tapes, don't ask how, I just know. So I think I'm going to enjoy fucking you in the ass a bit before we kill you." Jack didn't flinch a muscle as his droids surrounded Mike. Lisa laughed "You really think a few piles of scrap metal can stop the beast Mike's become? HA! You're even dumber than you look. He'll smash them all to pieces before they even pierce his skin." Jack simply laughed into "oooooh Lisa, Lisa, Lisa... I don't need to hurt Mike, but you're correct to assume he'll be smashing them." Lisa turned around in horror to see her boyfreind being sucked off by various girls with pristine skill. Despite Lisa's begging and attempts to intervene, it appeared as though Mike was completely subdued. Practically red with rage, Lisa turned back to Jack and smiled. "And who's going to stop me and my superior strength from ripping you apart?" she said. "I am!" said the cheery voice of Connor from behind her. The compounds had worked such wonders with Connor's body it brought a smile to Jack' face. Connor was huge, powerful, and finally tapping into his suppressed Alpha psyche. As the powerful stud finished cuffing Lisa to a chair, Jack began to explain the situation to Lisa. "So, you're probably wondering how I turned my weak little underling you met a few weeks ago into the hunky Goliath we can't take our eyes off now... " With that, Jack explained the whole situation regarding Roy to Lisa and showed her the footage and imprinting a face that combined horror and extreme power-lust into her. "And so as you can see, the first successful specimen had some serious issues...." "No shit..." was all Lisa could muster after seeing the god-like Roy gunned down by the same turret now sitting a few feet above her. "That's why for attempt two, we used Connor. Not only is he immensely loyal, but his brain is now linked to my command center, giving me full control over his actions. Don't worry, he wrote the wavers signing over this control himself. We have complete trust in one another. "Now, here's where we seem to have an issue. We can't seem to re-create the conditions we did with Roy to achieve the ascension stage... We've worked all the power into Connor that we can, and we think he's even stronger than Roy was initially before he split the Ellie droid in half, all of which is good news. But despite exposing Connor to the same concoction of chemicals and the same ritualistic sexual experience, he didn't evolve to the next stage like Roy did." Jack pondered. "Now, here's where things get interesting. We have a hypothesis. When Roy ripped the poor robot in half, he had no idea he was destroying metal fluid and wires, he thought he was killing a real human. In his mind he believed, in his soul, that he was better than everyone else and that he'd earned the right to murder through his acquisition of power. Connor however, knows the girls I send him are all droids, and thus can't achieve the same mindset despite our attempts to work around it." Then Jack smiled evilly and crouched down to the fearful Lisa. "That's where you come in." --------------------------------------- Before long Lisa was strapped with her own personal mind-controller and put into Roy's now repaired chamber where she sweat profusely at her oncoming fate. As Connor stood in the doorway, menacingly, he grinned evilly. "Test 4, Subject Connor _____ beginning now. Ascension phase sacrificial criteria experiment requires the base be on red alert in case of immense threat." This warning continued as Jack pushed a series of buttons allowing Connor to begin the ritual of connection with Lisa and two assisting Ellies. Jack then turned to his captive in the Observation room. "I am sorry about scaring you Lisa, I needed Connor to think I'd actually risk human life over this experiment, you understand." Jack said to the gagged REAL Lisa chained to the chair next to him. Jack was determined but also not a stupid man. If the experiment failed there'd be blood on his hands he didn't want to have, so instead Jack simply prepared a duplicate Lisa-droid based off the information he'd already gathered from his sexual experience with her and sent the droid to be sacrificed to Jack's new pet Titan. Lisa was shaking, dripping wet, and gasping for air as she watched the beast that was Connor fuck herself in front of her. It entranced her to think about the way she saw herself being touched and the power that would soon be unleashed through this. "Here it comes..." Jack said as he watched Connor lift Lisa-droid into the air just as Roy had. And in one beefy rip, Connor bathed in the red fluid of the fake Lisa, triggering the process and sending his Alpha-lobe into overdrive. As Jack and Lisa watched, Connor felt a surge of incredible power flow into him. He can't describe where it came from but it fueled every cell in his body with more energy than a nuclear blast. Connor's legs were the first to feel the effects as the already massive tree-trunks swelled up giving even more form to his tight and massive ass. Next came the chest, where Connor's massive pectorals pushed and pushed themselves into new crosshatched patterns, giving him even greater strength and flexibility throughout his whole body. Inside, various parts such as the liver, heart, lungs, and skeletal system morphed and twisted as they realized they'd become useless. Connor's blood would now transfer oxygen throughout his body instantaneously by forcing the atoms within him into the form they needed to be to serve him, he no longer needed voice as his sheer dominion over the air allowed him to vibrate what he needed people to hear even more perfectly than vocal cords could ever achieve. As the expansion of muscle slowed, the control of Connor's body increased, smoothing Connor's muscles into pristine forms, granting him skin-tight definition to his hard-as-steel twelve pack abdominals each one acting as a self-charging battery, granting Connor immense energy that he could transform at will. Finally, at the peak of the transformation, amidst his cries of self-praise and ecstasy, Connor's already large cock filled with pure alphabetrium, expanding slowly and obtaining new lines of muscle, granting control over the organ as if it were a powerful fifth limb, easily capable of lifting over seven women. Lisa was foaming at the mouth at the sight of the new evolution of Alpha and a tear fell down Jack's cheek. It was like looking at a monster. A huge, overpowered, hunk of a monster. Connor was calm as he continued to explore his new body. As he touched it, his cock grew harder and harder, eventually resting just in front of the foot-deep ridge between his pecs. As a team of neutralizer agents entered the chamber, Jack began to speak to his creation. "Connor? How does it feel? What do you think of your new form?" Jack asked from the observation room, forgetting to activate the speaker. None the less however, Connor replied without opening his mouth. "Hello Jack.... You're so small now..." "No kidding, you look like a god kid." Connor laughed at the notion of being referred to as "kid". "It feels.... Complete. Which saddens me. Part of being human is finding new ways to grow, to improve. But I have achieved all I will ever be able to achieve. It's odd truely. To bear witness to absolute power, even greater than what I am now, and know I will only act as your final stepping stone to achieve what only you can. I have seen the infinite, Jackovia of Omega, and we have already set a course towards the beautiful conclusion." "What do you mean Connor? Is this not enough? Is this not the exact power we've stove for endlessly for years?" "Of course not my friend. This is simply the opening of the door to such power. The final step... Is to step through... A feat only you can obtain soon... Jackovia... " Connor spoke before pausing for a breif minute. "Jackovia... Only you can hear me, and only you may need to hear me.... I have but one thing left to do in this world before I ascend to the right hand seat of what will soon be your throne in a dimension of pure power beyond the limits of human perception.... In three... Maybe four weeks time.... My body will reach the peak of it's ability, and I will shed it. I will pass this might into the person I deem worthy of obtaining it, and you will transcend past me, past imagination, into a new empire. The final test will be to drain the purified Alphabetrium from my magnificent scepter. When properly forged, it will take the power of another being as strong as me to maintain, but any creature accustom to Alphabetrium will never be able to reach the potent compound. Indeed, the only being capable of wielding such power, is an alpha whom isn't an alpha." Jack stared at the beautiful man he'd created as he continued to rub himself all over and thought to himself: "This is it. I'm coming Connor. And no one is going to be ready for me" as he penciled in the preparations for his own ascension process. End of Part 4! Final part will be out soon! How will this end? Part 5 The Omega Lisa had been gnawing savagely at her bindings. She had to get out. On one hand she saw the writing on the wall: Jack was going to have to kill her to achieve the catalyst... But on the other hand, the instinct within Lisa filled her head with thoughts of the raw liquid power inside Connor. She lusted for it. It drove her crazier than her concern for her own life. Such power had never before been wielded by any alpha. And what it'd done to such a beta... What a waste... In the dark recesses of her mind, Lisa fantasized about a paradise she could create for herself if she could JUST get out of these binds... But it was no use... Eventually Jack came to see her. "Now, Lisa, I know you feel hopeless, but I want to assure you, I am quite a fair man. I wouldn't just slaughter you in cold blood... That being said, you or your boyfriend try to land a hand on me or Connor, and we will not hesitate to take you out..." "What do you want..." Lisa growled "I... Dislike conflict Lisa... And at the end of the day, I truthfully want the ability to rest easy at night, knowing that nobody will have the ability to oppose me. So, I'm giving you a chance." "A chance?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. "I've started Mike on the treatment. The results are fantastically impressive. We're actually starting to run out of hyprolic silicon for the Ellies and have to switch to normal silicon." Lisa stood dumbfounded. Jack had everything he needed. He could ascend to a throne of untold might and no one stood in his way or even knew of his plot. And here he was, giving monstrous power to a man who absorbed his roommate and attempted to kill him. Why? Then she caught a glimpse of her boyfriend. She was drooling at the mouth as she gazed upon Mike's somehow even larger frame in awe. "You like him? Yes he took to the serum like a duck to water. Best results yet. He'll weigh over eight hundred lbs in muscle alone. He'll enter the ascension phase tomorrow, and we'll send in another Lisa droid, and he'll become superhuman like Roy and Connor, granting him new abilities far beyond that of a mortal man." "Why are you doing this?" Lisa steamed. "Well... Because tomorrow I will begin my treatment. And after about a week, I'll begin my ascension phase. At which point, I shall drink from Connor's elixir, and ascend to my throne as the last stage in evolution. The Omega. I offer this week as a trial for Mike. If with all the power available to me, Mike can not drink Connor's elixir, I will prove my dominance, and use Mike as my catalyst for ascension." "And... If he is able to drink from Connor? Or if he doesn't take kindly to the idea of you killing him?" "He will have every opportunity to fight back, but in the end, I will win." Jack left the room with that thought as Lisa sat in fear at what she'd been told. Jack was clearly insane... Why would he do this? The next day Jack sat in the observation room as the ascension phase was undertaken by Mike. Mike had already had most of his vital organs replaced by the effects of alphabetrium-overload when he absorbed Tom, maxing that out even further gave Mike even more control over the universe around him. In Mike's short time as an evolved superspeciman, he learned to extend his will further than the limits of physical force, to the point that he could will changes in subatomic Quarks, Bosons, and Leptons to change the effect of gravity around him to whatever degree he saw fit, giving him virtually unlimited strength and total control over the behavior of objects in his immediate reach. With such power at his finger tips, the thought of sex seemed lost to himself as no ordinary human could even survive anything that would please Mike, so instead, utilizing the real Lisa as the epicenter of his exerted sexual ability, Mike plowed Lisa and a variety of other women, both real and android, simultaneously through quantum feilds linked to Mike's pleasure receptors and his victim's entire body, effectively paralyzing the receiver in mid-air until released by Mike. Still, Mike's rein was short lived. Holding this kind of power allowed Mike a vision of absolute power, and it was but a drop away. A sip of Connor's essence would give Mike power beyond the perception of mortals, but to his horror, he could not approach Connor. With Lisa's help, he managed to enter the room Connor rested in, but despite his might and control, he could not bring himself to even glance at Connor's divine beauty. At his core, he understood why, as the very energy that had given him god-like abilities was now being forced to work against him. He stood no chance at ever acquiring what sat just outside his reach. Jack had pulled out all of the stops in his bulking process, utilizing artifacts, a strict diet and workout schedule, and purified substances distilled to perfection to ensure the perfect results. The final results had Jack finally controlling a body more powerful than Mike's when he met him. Huge perfectly sculpted pectorals rested atop a wall of abdominal strength, connected to two trunks of amazing squatting power, and a throbbing powerful cock drawing looks from any who gazed upon it. He was a titan among men, and it was finally time for him to obtain the throne he'd sought after for so long. As he entered Connor's chamber on the final day, Lisa sat crying in the hall, as after seven days, and the supernatural level of power obtained by her lover, Mike could not drink the elixir. Mike laid on the floor, his face pressed against the floor as he tried harder and harder to approach Connor to no avail. As Jack stood above Mike, a single tear rolled down Mike's face at the sight of him. Mike was easily the stronger of the two, and under normal circumstance could crush Jack with a flick of his wrist. But these weren't normal circumstance, and despite the immense power forcing the mighty Mike to the ground, Jack stood in the same room, unaffected. "How pathetic" was all Jack said as he approached Connor. "This is it sir, I'll be waiting for your command on the other side." said Connor as his skin faded to a crisp golden glow. Jack sucked the essence of his friend directly into his bloodstream, then turned to the weaping Mike, grabbing him by the pectorals and splitting him open down the middle, absorbing Mike's body into his new form. As the energy of a billion stars flooded Jackovia's body, Jack gained dominion over a higher plane of existence. He marveled at genius of it and it's complexity. But alas the power of Jackovia's mind was well equipped to analyze all of it impossibly efficiently. Jack looked over his new kingdom and the reality that came with it. He now controlled the rules of reality. He had ascended all the way to the end. The will of the world was now bound to Jack and he had freedom to roam the various multiverses at will, to interact with any universe he found as he see fit. As he stared across the infinite, the infinite stared back, telling him all kinds of stories and tales from across causality, and inserting himself as he see fit to stimulate realities to pursue paths he preferred. From atop this throne, Jack spent eons being worshiped by alphas, betas, and between alike. Eventually he bored of fame and worship and pursued a life of curiosity in the shadows, appearing as a mysterious entity into the lives of normal people and granting them extraordinary power to see what they'd do with it. Connor would offer his services as a loyal servant, but Jack treated him as his personal friend. And that's the end of Jack's story! How'd you like it? The next episode in this saga will follow the perspective of a normal amateur bodybuilder existing in a world warped by the power bestowed to average civilians by Jack and his minions! It's also going to function somewhat differently, acting more episodic and focusing on the use of acquired power rather than the constant thirst for more and possibly being extended to a continuous story. Let me know what you want to see more of to help improve!
  8. You don’t really answer right away. That thing about promising to do whatever they ask bothers you. But the waitress buys you a little time when she starts bringing plate after plate after plate of food for Mitch. “Those trials you were talking about?” you ask. “Yeah,” says Mitch. You figure you better get your questions in before he starts eating. “How long do they last?” you ask. “That depends entirely on you,” says Mitch. “Some guys get through them in just a few days. I took a few weeks. But I heard of one guy who took over a year! Seriously, I don’t know how anyone could stand that for a year!” “That bad?” “They are not fun,” says Mitch. “You will not enjoy them.” “When do they stop?” you ask. “They stop when you’re ready,” said Mitch. “When’s that?” you ask. “You’ll know,” Mitch says. “Sorry, that’s all I can tell you.” You take another look at Mitch’s amazing physique, his giant sculpted muscles and his bulging veins and you decide to go for it. After all, if Mitch could get through it, so can you. “I’m in,” you say. “You’re sure?” Mitch asks. “Remember, no turning back.” “Where do I sign,” you say. “A hand shake will do,” says Mitch. “It’s a bond of honor that will hold you, whether you want it to or not.” “I want it to,” you say. “Okay,” says Mitch and the two of you shake. “While I’m your mentor, I can’t be your friend,” says Mitch. “Why not?” you say, alarmed. “Because I’m going to have to be tough on you and do things a friend would never do.” “That sounds ominous,” you say. “But don’t worry about that now,” says Mitch. “Let’s go over to your place and have one last night of gaming. Then, tomorrow, meet me in the Downtown Fitness Center locker room at 6:30 am and we’ll get started.” “Sounds good,” you say and you sit there and watch Mitch devour a ridiculously large meal while you nibble on your cheese burger and fries and try to contain your excitement for tomorrow. That evening is awesome! It’s just like last summer all over again, except for Mitch’s humongous physique, which you can’t stop staring at. But Mitch doesn’t seem to mind. The next morning, you get up bright and early, pack your gym bag and head for the Downtown Fitness Center. You get there 10 minutes early. You figure its just enough time to change into your gym gear. Mitch shows up at 6:30 on the dot, but he’s dressed in his jeans, which his massive muscle pylon legs are stretching to their limit. “It’s 6:30 and you’re not ready,” you say, grinning. “We’re not here to work out,” says Mitch. “We’re not?” you say. “I hope you don’t hate me,” said Mitch. “Hate you?” you say. “It’s been bothering me,” says Mitch. “I hated my mentor, right up until my initiation. Now, I’m grateful to the guy. We’re good friends. And the thing is, I think he went easy on me a few times. I think if he hadn’t, I’d have gotten through the trials a lot quicker. “So, I’m not going easy on you, Jared. I’m going to be just as tough as I can be. And, well… I hope you don’t hate me.” “I don’t think I’m gong to hate you,” you say. “That’s what you say now,” says Mitch. “Come over here for a minute.” Mitch leads you to a spot just around the corner from the sinks. There’s one guy in there and he’s pretty big. “You see that guy?” says Mitch. “His name is John Stanton and he’s a total douche. He has a hot girlfriend called Sarah Gibbons who he is insanely possessive of…” Suddenly Mitch starts shouting. “And you wanna fuck her?! You wanna fuck Sarah Gibbons? Dude, she is so hot! And you think she looks like a total slut? You’re shittin me? Dude, I gotta hear all about this. I’ll be right back.” “What are you doing?” you say, genuinely alarmed. That John Stanton dude does not look amused and he is heading right toward you. “This is a joke, right? That guy is a friend of yours, maybe another member of the cult, right?” “Hold that thought,” says Mitch, “and stay here. I’ll be right back.” And Mitch leaves the locker room with amazing speed for someone so big. What the…? Where’s he going and at a time like this? “Hey Asshole!” comes a thundering voice from behind you. You turn around only to be confronted with a pissed off John Stanton, and… he’s even bigger up close. “John, right?” you say, offering your hand, but he does not stop mad dogging you for second. “Jerad,” you introduce yourself. I think there’s been a little misunders—” “You’re taking shit about my girl!” And with the first punch that hits you, you realize that this guy is not Mitch’s friend. And with the second, you start to wonder if you’re Mitch’s friend. And with the third… well, you stop counting with the third. When he’s done, John Stanton grabs his gear and storms out of the room. And then you look up, and, almost like magic, Mitch is back. “Welcome to the trials, Jerad,” he says. “I told you you wouldn’t like them.” “If that isn’t the understatement of the century!” you say. “What the fuck was that in aid of?” Mitch just shrugs and says, “The trials.” “What does that mean?” you say. “It means I can’t give you answers,” says Mitch. “Okay, International Man of Mystery, after due consideration, I don’t think this trial-thing is gonna be for me,” you say. “Too late, bro,” says Mitch. “You’re committed. I’m your mentor and you can walk away from me, but you can’t walk away from the trials. They will find you, now, wherever you are. Trust me, it’s better with a guide.” So, what do you do? Mitch says you can’t walk away from the trials, but you’re willing to give it a try. Do you tell Mitch what he can go do with himself? Or do you accept that what Mitch is telling you is true, that you’re stuck with these trial-things and that you’re better off with him than without him?
  9. Another Day... Jon sat up and scratched his head. Would this be the day, the final day? It had been weeks since they’d seen anyone official. The end couldn’t be far off. How had he gotten himself into this mess? When they had approached him right out of collage, he’d been looking for a way to fund his master’s degree. This had seemed ideal, a six-month contract and a high salary. The only drawback was that he was going to be working in an undisclosed location. He couldn’t tell anyone where he was going — no friends, no family, no one. Not that he had a family to tell. Oh yeah, he’d thought it was strange when they were happy to hear he didn’t have a family. But now he understood. There’d be no one to miss him — if he never came back.
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