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Found 2 results

  1. Testosterone King (A Lion King FanFic) By: LionBUff Kovu approached the Adyan river just as the sun was setting. He planned on cleaning himself off for his partner, Vallic, before spending the night with him. Kovu was wearing standard summertime African attire which was breathable and loose-fitting. He calmly walked through the trees of the pride lands and over a small hill. This small hill covered Kovu's view of the river so that he could only see it as he moved over the tip of the hill. He expected nothing more than to clean himself and spend the night with Vallic. Kovu nearly fell to the ground when he saw Mufasa, his king, scrubbing his main with the Adyan river. The strokes Mufasa made were nothing special yet they fascinated Kovu. His muscles commanded his body in a way most would only see in war. Mufasa's muscles were bulging and flexing so much that a warrior's muscles would when beheading the king of the enemy army. Kovu crawled backward quietly. He wanted to watch so desperately but he didn't want to think about what would happen if he were seen. The king would be outraged. Kovu didn't even notice his dick poking out of his outfit and drawing a line in the dirt below as he crawled back. He didn't know that his body was fully prepared to serve the king he loved in many, many, ways. he was too busy staring at his manly, if not godly, king. Kovu knew he would be aggravated until he let the aggravated sperm in his sack swim out. He needed to dump out the building pressure one way or another. If he didn't rub it out it would swim out on its own with or without his permission. Kovu decided spilling the overflowing load would be more respectable than spraying it in his clothes. He stripped down without blinking. Kovu watched his king and imagined he was taking his clothes off to offer himself to his royal power, a male body fit to control the mightiest animals creation has ever made. Kovu positioned himself in a way that made him feel like he would be milked in a way the goats and cows from neighboring kingdoms would be milked. His testicles swung down and his beating dick grew towards the grass below. His legs held his body above the ground in an arched shape with a wide welcoming valley in his rear. The valley under his tale resembled a finger giving directions to his guts. Kovu held his upper body inches above the ground using his left arm while his right took the place of Mufasa's mighty hand in his fantasy. Kovu's back sumped upwards towards the bouncing sweet meat slope of topping off his physic. Mufasa didn't know he was driving Kovu crazy when he washed his sweat out of his pubic hairs. To him, his pubic hairs were just hairs on his body. To Kovu, they were a new land for his hands to explore. Rich thickets of musky hair to sink his fingers into. The think main around his pelvis almost hid the delectable fruit of Mufasa's seed sack, at least until he lifted them up to wash their underside exposing the network of veins defining the girth of Mufasa's plump balls. Kovu felt that he was no match for Mufasa's strength as a male. Mufasa could fill him to the back of his throat with cubs and Kovu would love every thrust of it. His dreams of soaking up Mufasa's seed faded as his seed soaked the grass under his bare stomach. Kovu was filled with regret after he finished cumming thanks to his balls filling with sharp cramps. Kovu clearly wasn't built for such intense ejaculations. He was built to swallow such intense ejaculations. He'd done it before with an elephant and a horse, one in each end. He knew Mufasa wasn't as big as the horse or elephant but he thought Mufasa would still be more painful. He was used to mating much more than the horse and elephant combined. He would hurt much more, and last much longer, then do it again like it never happened, felling beyond pent up with every round of seed filling. Kovu assumed his own seed spraying session was over. He did his best to stay silent and unnoticed as he grabbed his clothes. "That's a shame" a distant female voice spoke with a low, soft, sarcastic, and serious tone. "All cleaned up just to get all dirtied up again." "Sarabi, we've already had our fun. Twice since noon," Mufasa replied. Kovu, half-naked, peered over the hill to see the queen walking over to the king's equality exposed. "Aren't you full," Mufasa said with a brief laugh that sounded arrogant and curious." "Don't flatter yourself," Sarabi said with the same tone arrogance and curiosity. She walked with a form that opened the lower lips to her waist wide. Kovu could see into her slimy and shiny canal. It appeared lubricated and prepared for any beast it could swallow. Mufasa's beast took notice as it reached out towards Sarabi. The queen's chest danced as she approached her king. She was big enough to carry two cubs in each breast instead of her womb. She was just as round as Mufasa if not more. Sarabi pulled at her cave as if to pull it open for Mufasa. Kovu could hear how soaking wet the inside of Sarabi's cunt was thanks to the dripping wet insides slobbering against itself. Mufasa's cock softly touched the outside edges of the vagina he was about to split open. It slipped its was 1/4 up Mufasa's dark purple head tickling Sarabi's lips. Mufasa twitched his waist back and forth to test the waters of the slippery den inside Sarabi's female body. Sarabi's pink and red mouth between her legs opened like a starving mouth ready to swallow an entire feast whole. Sarabi felt a mildly painful sensation telling her Mufasa was too big while he teased her female mouth with his violently pounding feast of manhood. Sarabi was caught off guard by the way-too-big cock of Mufasa. She screamed and moaned at the same time. Her body thought an arm had swung up her guts and punched her womb. She opened her legs to welcome the body of the beast she would never get used to. the rhythmic smacking of Mufasa's body nearly beating the air out of Sarabi's lungs with his breeding echoed through the pride lands. Every lion could hear a fair moan howling to the rhythm of the slapping. Kovu could see Mufasa abusing his holes the same way. He could hear himself screaming and begging for more seed. He started shaking his dick without even truly realizing how quickly his balls were flapping around. The seamen inside his balls jumped around. Kovu forced his balls to brew a new batch of cum. His body shot loads of seamen out faster than they could be generated. As soon as a new sperm cell was created it was swimming down the grassy hill before it had a chance to touch Kovu's balls. Kovu was a seed machine. His body enjoyed the view of Mufasa filling Sarabi so much that he created a white river of his seed seeping down the hill. a warm white trail stained the ground below him. Kovu was too busy jacking off and spilling an endless supply of cum to care. Sarabi couldn't tell if the pains in her upper womb were Mufasa hammering into the walls and roof of her womb or if she was already pregnant. Her question was answered when her midsection inflated outwards 5 inches and became 2 pounds heavier. "Not a bad round one," Mufasa roared. Before Sarabi could say anything about how painfully fun the mating was Mufasa had already laid her down in a shallow and soft part of the river. Mufasa never took his cock out as he set her down. He just lifted Sarabi's inflated belly and pounded like he was too pent up to think about anything but sex. For most men, the amount of cum he was about to fill her within this round alone would have been more than they would ever see. Mufasa's body was used to cumming all day. His cock's head nearly never saw anything but the inside of a female. He was never outside of a woman's womb. his balls were never dry.
  2. Caution: this story contains furry/kemono and muscle theft. If you don't like it, please ignore it. And I'm sorry to my poor English. XP **** - Elvin the black cat was born with a genius magic ability. His magic power surpassed that of adults, which grew stronger as he got older. Elvin was very proud of this, and people around him praised him. But the grandmother was very worried about her grandson. Essentially, the stronger the magic power, the harder it becomes to control, which means the side effects are also larger in scale. However, Elvin didn't listen to her warnings at all. On the contrary, he firmly believed that he could control it all enough. - But with or without talent, the wizard was a secret being. Therefore, Elvin usually pretended to be an ordinary person. It was a duty that must be kept to protect the magical world. This duty made Elvin feel strong belonging and superiority, but sometimes frustrated. The 'ordinary' Elvin was just a little smart and weak black cat. But there was one flaw in this duty. If he could hide that he was a wizard, he could use magic with the public. So Elvin secretly retaliated with magic if he was the target of bullying. The method worked until middle school. But things changed when he entered high school, because of Jonas and Simon. - Jonas the lions and Simon the tiger were capable athletes who paid attention to high school sports. Muscular bodies as big as bodybuilders, excellent sports skills and good looks. Besides, they were active and curious. Having all the things they needed to have as athletes, they were very popular with ordinary students. But at the same time, they were so arrogant that they would easily ignore others. Jonas and Simon naturally led the gang, bulling the "good" student. That included Elvin. - At first, Elvin used magic the same way as before, but strangely, magic didn't work properly. After five or six failures, he soon realized what the problem was. So far, bullies have filled their low self-esteem with bullying, but they were different. They based the idea of 'we are absolutely superior to others,' and showing off this was a bullying. Elvin's magic kept failing because it was wrong from the most fundamental problem. So what if I made a better student than them? Thinking that far, he stumbled upon a student. It was Ben, a student in the same class. - Ben the white bear was just an ordinary student. He was very nice enough to admit even Elvin, unexpectedly with a pretty cute face, and moderately smart. But he was too introverted and hated sports. On top of that, he was very fat. The children rejected Ben for being fat, whether he was good or cute, so Ben had no friends since he was a child. But still, he was so nice that he was sometimes bullied by bad guys. - Elvin changed his mind as soon as he saw Ben. Originally, he planned around himself, but using Ben, who was worse than him, seemed to be far more effective to them. He arranged the plan and approached Ben cautiously. Getting close to Ben was easier than he thought. Elvin used magic to easily gain favor, but most importantly, spending time with Ben. At first they went to the cafeteria together. Then Elvin took a walk with Ben from time to time and spent time talking to each other about games. Later, they went to school together every morning. - For Ben, who was lonely without friends, Elvin became the only haven. Elvin knew it, too, so he tried to make sure Ben could rely on himself mentally. But there was only one thing Elvin didn't expect: Ben began to love him. Then one day, Jonas and Simon began to bully Ben again. Realizing that the time had come to execute the plan, Elvin pulled them away from Ben and deliberately provoked an argument. He talks about a city festival in the middle of summer vacation and declares that Ben will also participate in the bodybuilding competition. He also says he can easily beat contestants Jonas and Simon. - Ben is very embarrassed. Elvin reassures him and encourages him, saying he can win if he tries. First, he makes a six-week work out and diet for Ben. Then, as his trainer, he teaches work out hard. It also uses fur from Jonas, Simon and Ben to secretly execute the magic that it had prepared. He gives all of Jonas and Simon's physical attributes (muscle characteristics, constitution, metabolism, etc.) to Ben and then distributes Ben's physical attributes to Jonas and Simon. This magic has a temporary effect and breaks itself after the competition. - The first week. Two weeks before the vacation started. Ben does a lot of training every day. At first Ben complained that he was really going to die, but contrary to his worries his body endured it all. In the first week, Ben lost more than half of his weight. That's how fast it was to get muscles. Jonas and Simon, on the other hand, worked out as they usually did, but somehow got tired easily. Eventually, they can't work out for a long time and rest. - Second week. A week before vacation starts. The amount of training has increased a little. Ben lost enough weight to reveal his abs. The face also hardens. The body as a whole becomes as firm as a swimmer. Jonas and Simon, meanwhile, had a little less work out. The muscles slowly lose weight and start to gain weight very little by little. - Third week. Summer vacation started. Ben is worried about working out too much, but Elvin says he's fine. Contrary to Ben's worries, his body grew rapidly. This was because the muscles quickly filled up the places where all the weight was lost. The body grew bigger and firmer, and the face gradually matured. Jonas and Simon work out far fewer times than before. They lost a lot of muscle and gained some weight. - Fourth week. All the useless body fat that remained in Ben's body is removed. Muscle shapes become clearer and more beautiful. And during this time, Elvin starts to give him supplements, which makes growth even faster. Now he's in the body between a fitness model and a bodybuilder, and he's the same height as Jonas and Simon. On the other hand, Jonas and Simon have not lost any more muscle, but they gain a lot of weight and become fat. - The fifth week. Ben's body no longer loses weight, but keeps the right amount. Now that his athletic ability and knowledge have grown rapidly, he works out himself without Elvin. He also grew taller than Jonas and Simon. He became a perfect amateur bodybuilder, and around this time he began to take an interest in various sports. There is no change on Jonas and Simon's side. - The sixth week. The competition finally started. The fat Ben is reborn as an elite bodybuilder who stands 6'9" tall. He has great athletic ability and knowledge, as well as physical strength to match. It also became a player with enormous potential that all athletes dream of. - On the day of the competition. Jonas and Simon were forced to head to the stadium with fat bodies. However, the employees who checked their bodies just kicked them out, saying that they were not allowed to participate in the competition. Then Ben came in there, and they were shocked. Ben had a better body than himself before! Eventually, the bodybuilding competition ended up with Ben's overwhelming victory, and Jonas and Simon, who were watching it, ended up bawling with tremendous shame. Elvin secretly watches this and thinks the plan is successful and likes it. Without knowing that problems would arise soon. - The vacation is over and the second semester has started. Ben quickly became the idol of the students. He was even more popular than Jonas and Simon because he had a good personality. It protected bullied students with strong physical strength and showed the best grades in physical education. Many coaches showed interest in him, the best athlete. Ben smiled brightly as if this interest were not bad. But Elvin thought it was very strange. Because he broke the magic he used on them. As he expected, Ben had to return to his fat body at the end of the vacation. But Ben's body reacted as if it still had the physical attributes of Jonas and Simon. - So the magic didn't break? No. Elvin shook his head. After the competition, he saw Jonas and Simon return to their original muscular form, working out again. Magic is definitely broken. So what happened to Ben's body? While investigating it, he somehow found that Ben's body still had the physical attributes of Jonas and Simon. No, it was copied. Ben's body copied their physical attributes! Moreover, it wielded powerful influence enough 'to erase' Ben's original physical attributes. Elvin was shocked. Yes, it was a magical side effect. That's also a permanent side effect. - And soon there was another "side effect" that even Elvin didn't expect. It was love. Ben, who had a crush on Elvin, began to express love to him little by little. On the day he decided to stay overnight to help Ben with his assignment, Elvin realized that Ben's love for him was abnormally huge. When Ben overwhelmed Elvin with a huge muscular body, he finally realized that his grandmother was right. The powerful magic was beyond Elvin's control. - Elvin the black cat was born with a genius magic ability. His magic power surpassed that of adults, which grew stronger as he got older. In the past, he was very proud of it. But not now. This time spent with Ben, the most handsome and powerful lover in the world, was the result of uncontrolled magic. He knew he couldn't get out of this. Any time, whatever it was, he had to be responsible for forever changing Ben's fate. That was the price of overconfidence in magical powers. END!
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