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Found 3 results

  1. hairymusclemorphs

    Demonic embrace

    This time something with a slower pace. Something more fantasy-driven. 01 The air was still fresh when I heard the rooster screaming on the other side of the village. I changed my clothes underneath my blankets, avoiding the freezing air inside my scrawny room. I was the only one left in my family. I always wanted to become a doctor. To leave the village behind. But there I was, left with a burden on my shoulders. I took care of what remained. Or rather I took care of who didn’t remain. I was a grave digger. I sewed up the death, made sure they looked intact for the church and their families. And afterwards I was the one who was digging the graves. My house was located far outside the village. They didn’t like the stench in the air when we cremated the bodies. I slowly made my way towards the oven in the second room, piling up the remaining wood before I ignited a small flame, setting up a small kettle to add a few herbs and leaves. I slipped into my dirty leather boots. The brief walk towards the outhouse felt like a torture in every aspect. until I finally hurried back inside, downing the remaining piece of bread along some cheese and milk. Our village was a small mountain village. It was probably the only reason, why it still existed after the demons started rising. At least that’s what they murmur. To be honest. I don’t believe in demons. I never saw one with my eyes. And no one in our village could describe one either. All they knew were rumors. Whatever laid beyond our village’s borders - We did not know. And perhaps it was better this way. I slowly got outside when I heard horses and a cart approaching. They didn’t even greet me. They just nodded before they lifted the huge body onto the table on my small workshop. They only said one thing: “Cremate him” before they left in their white robes. They were part of the church judging by their clothing. They left a bag with coin next to the entrance before they left. I glanced towards the man. He was covered in blankets. I was prepared for the worst when I slowly opened it up. Staring down onto his body. The man was massive. His muscles were sculpted and covered in black ink which formed large runes and glyphs over his entire body. It was unusual to see men who were that well fed. I slowly lowered the scalpel over his chest, ready to just tear his skin apart when his rough hand sprang to live and just wrapped around my wrist, holding it in place. I jumped, trying to pull away. I couldn’t… My eyes widened when I saw his eyelids open up. His iris was a dark glowing red when his massive cock which had to be above 6 inches soft just sprung to live. Slowly pushing up against his abs and pecs. I could see the skin rippling. His balls slowly pushing out while he slowly formed a grin on his lips. “Fucking puny humans” His voice was deep and intimidating. I was prisoned under his grip when he slowly got up to his full height. I was a runt compared to his size when he just glared down onto me. Pre was running down his shaft onto the dirty ground. His calves rippled out when his feet burst through the wooden planks underneath his feet. He had to weight a ton. His pecs slowly pumped outwards. The runes glowing all over his body when he locked eyes with me. I was paralyzed. I couldn’t talk when his hand just wrapped around my throat, lifting me off the ground like a ragdoll. I inhaled the air and his disgusting scent while I used al my remaining strength to kick him in between his nuts. He crunched slightly… And then I his grin widened. The ground slowly began to dive further away from me. I gulped for air while my hands were helplessly wrapped around his massive wrist when his growth happened. Hair started sprouting all over his chest and muscle. His cock started ballooning outwards. His nuts started erupting all over. I could here the pre splashing against the ground. My eyes widened when he kept growing into my wildest dreams. I felt my legs dangling in the air. I felt my own strength slowly leave myself. “P Please… I’m just a mere grave digger…” His head was grinding against the low ceiling by now. His eyes slowly glancing over my toned body. I was still young. Pumped from the rough work of carrying corpses around all day long. My muscles were clearly visible underneath my shirt… “I I don’t like those guys either!” I tried holding his gaze… But I couldn’t. His demonic eyes were like a bottomless pit. Devouring my soul in it. I could feel his cold hands slowly tracing over my pecs and abs before his demonic voice hummed through the air. “Finally a vessel without a priests exorcism runes all over him” A loud roar burst out of his throat when he tightened his grip around my throat. I panted when he slammed me into one of my walls. The air was pressed out of my lungs when his massive shaft just pressed up against my lips. His heavy bare feet just grinding against my bulge, making me even harder than I already was. “Come on boy…. Submit your soul to me and I’ll offer you the whole world” He towered above me. His musk was insane while my cock almost blew its load. I couldn’t see his face any longer… Just pure mass… Pure power…. towering right in front of me. I heard horses in the distance. Someone was coming… I could see the demon curse when he heard the distant galloping. I slowly ran my tongue over his monstrous salty shaft. “Take my body…. Become one with me” It was as if my sorrows vanished when his pre ran down my throat. I could hear his roar when he slammed his inhuman cock down my throat. It only took him three rough hip thrusts until his hot semen filled me up. My eyes widened when I heard it…. His voice in my head… His deep, booming voice right inside of me. I stared upwards onto his monstrous frame before his skin burst around the inked runes. Blue holy flames just bursting throughout the ink before his body vanished, pulverized into ash right in front of me. I coughed up the remaining ash… Panting when I heard the horses outside in the yard. “Kill him… Even if it means you have to kill the man. He’s probably already possessed” I heard the order. Felt the adrenaline pump through my veins when the low voice mused in my mind. “Let me take over for a moment if you wanna live” It was buried deep inside my head. I could feel the urge. How he tried to take control of my muscles. I was still frozen under shock when I heard steps approaching. It was a comfortable feeling in my mind. Almost like a door which opened up. A place to rest. A place to let go. A place to flee out of this situation. I didn’t answer in words. But the images that spun through my mind was enough to let him take over my complete body for the moment. . . Blood was churning throughout my body. My calves and quads rippled. The leather of my shoes just burst apart like paper when I kept growing bigger. Hair burst out over my pecs and abs. My arms got denser… Thicker… My feet broke through the wooden planks. “BACK UP” I heard the voices outside scream. My abs pumped out with even more mass and power. The muscle fibers inside my body got denser… Thicker… I could feel the sensation… My cock was pushing out. It felt like a fucking orgasm in my mind. I could see the whole scene. Yet I wasn’t the one who moved in this elegant way. A deep, dominant voice shouted throughout the fields. “I’M MORZOUL DEMON OF LUST AND DESTRUCTION” My mind was trying to process it all… But I was way too slow. My body just burst through the wall into the open. My muscles just growing even thicker. While I just strolled in their direction like a porn star. My cock swayed against my massive abs. Pre lubing all over my muscles when one of them just aimed a bow onto my chest. I wanted to scream when he unleashed the arrow. It just collided with my demonic mass. Wood splintered off my body when I could feel the ground underneath my toes. My calves rippling with mass and strenght. My quads pushed outwards before I charged through the open field like a rugby player with inhuman speed, pinning one of the big knights down onto the ground. I could feel the sensation of my cock grinding against the metal armor before my rough hands just pushed it apart like paper. It all happened way too fast when my rough hands pushed his glutes open before my cock just thrusted inside his hole. Splitting him up like a ragdoll before he pulled back out and went over towards the second stud. I wanted to stop him…. But I couldn’t. The lust took over… The pleasure… I wanted more… Before I slowly blacked out. The last thing I saw was my monstrous shadow… I was towering above their leader. Watching him beg for mercy while he couldn’t even scratch the skin of my muscles with his lance. . . Each kick of his legs against my nuts just made my growth worse… Made his situation worse…
  2. hairymusclemorphs

    On the wrong track

    1 University It was the first week in a new town. Lectures startet at eight in the morning. There I was, waiting for the classes to start. I was early. An hour early to be exact. I leant against the cold metal bench in the large hall. There were no other students around. Just a few workers and professors making their way throughout the great hall. It was late autumn. I was wearing a hoodie which was slightly too large for my frame. My jeans slightly lose, only held in place by a tight leather belt. I was average. I only stood around 6 feet and I couldn’t gain any muscle mass. I tried it for over three years, yet I never got any closer to my dream size. I slowly stood up, feeling the call of nature. Or in other words. I needed to piss and this place was a fucking maze. I slowly made my way through the large hall towards one of the dim lit hallways. It was slightly creepy to be all alone. The lights barely lighting the paths. It looked like it was pulled out of a postapocalyptic game. There even were a few hallways which were just blocked with wooden plates and a slightly shifted door with a sign. “Construction ongoing”. – For me it looked more like they just prepared to tear that whole place apart instead of repairing anything in here. I found the restrooms at the end of one of the corridors. It was pitch black inside before I found the scrawny switch next to the door. The lights buzzed in a yellowish color when I slowly made my way through the Anteroom where two sinks were mounted. The second room was also pitch black. The halogen lights needed a few moments, flickering for a few heartbeats before it showed the inside. Two pissuars were mounted onto the walls. This was definitely not the main restroom. There was no way that thousands of students would make all the way up to this place for a fucking stroll. I slowly came to a halt in front of the second pissuar next to the wall when I pulled out my 6 inches of cock. It wasn’t long but thick, even in soft state. I relaxed a little when I heard the beam splatter against the ceramic. I got nervous when I heard steps approaching. I tried hurrying up when the door swung open. I didn’t dare glancing towards the entrance. But it was enough to spot his physique out of the corner of my eyes. He was huge. If I was average… That man had to be a giant. I could smell the potent air. The musk filling my nose. I relaxed slightly. He was probably a construction worker based on his outfit. He took the spot right next to me. His arms were massive. I felt them grind against my side slightly. “Sorry man… Tight space in here” his voice was low. I felt it vibrating throughout the air. “Don’t worry” I heard my voice. It was higher than usual. Fuck… I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t relax when such a freak of a man towered next to me. I let out a slight sigh when I started shaking my cock to get rid of the last drips of piss when I glanced towards his package. He was packing… He had to tower somewhere around 7’5… more like 7’8… Fuck I was barely on eyelevel with his massive pecs. I couldn’t keep my eyes off his rough hands while he slowly started opening his fly. He forced his monstrous anaconda through the opening. It had to be above 10 inches… Fuck was he hard? The scent just got even stronger in the air. He let lose. His massive member grinding against the metal of his zipper. He was massive… And he wasn’t hard at all. I could feel my own cock harden full mast while my eyes widened slowly. His cock was massive enough that he didn’t need to stabilize it all. It just rested over his monstrous nuts. Hot piss blasting out against the cold ceramic when I realized… He was staring down at me the whole time. I tried fidgeting with my cock… Tried stuffing it inside my pants when he just wrapped his monstrous arm around my shoulders, pulling me in against his body. Right up against his musky pits. He was wearing a white tank top. His sweaty, hairy pits pushing against my face when I heard his low masculine voice vibrating throughout my body while he spoke. “Finally a fucking stud who likes what he sees” He pushed me in rougher against his side… “Come on boy… I know you’re here to study some shit… But deep down in your heart… You crave for muscle and mass” He ran his arm and hand slowly further down my back until I felt it squeezing my ass throughout my jeans. I couldn’t deny it…. “I I’m straight” I blasted out like an idiot when I heard his low chuckle… “Fuck boy… I don’t care if you are… But I know that you like what you see… Come on boy… Just admit it” He grabbed my hair with his rough hand before he pushed me to my knees. I was eyelevel with his monstrous shaft. I could see the veins. The outlines. The pubic hair which fought with his fly. The hot piss blasting against the ceramic while I couldn’t even see his face when glancing up. His massive pecs just blocking my sight. I could see his lower abs. A prominent happy trail leading down into his worker pants. “Y… Yeah…. I do”. He pinned me against his massive soft shaft. My cheek grinding against the hot skin while I felt the piss running through. Damn how much was he leaking… “I’m working on construction for years…. But you’re the first runt who is turned on by my stench… By my size… Damn boy you even crave to lick my hairy, sweaty nuts, don’t you?” I had no time for an answer when he pushed my lips closer to his massive mushroom head until he pushed his pissing member inside my mouth. My eyes widened slightly. I wanted to gag but he just pushed it further inside. Clearly getting aroused when I felt the blood pumping throughout his member. I felt the hot fluid rush down my throat. I just tasted his sweaty, musky shaft on my tongue. Feeling the hot sensation inside my throat when his hand started rubbing over my backhead. “Fuck boy… You really are a pervert…” My eyes widened when he rammed his cock further inside my throat. I barely could breath through my nose… His shaft slowly thickened, lengthening while a new sensation slowly took over. Pre started mixing with his piss before I saw his abs flexing… tensing… I heard low grunts when he let out a low moan. “Damn you really like Daddy’s shaft don’t ya?” He grabbed my backhead and forced me all the way down until my lips reached his hairy nuts… I wanted to gag but he didn’t give me a chance to… Instead he just pulled his hips back out and rammed his monstrous cock back in until my lips ran against his pubic hair. His musk was intoxicating. Hot pre was filling me up like a balloon. I skipped breakfast today… But I already felt as if I ate a whole weeks ration of food… “Cum for Daddy” His voice ordered when I felt his steelcapped boots pushing my hard cock down against the floor tiles. I wanted to moan… But he rammed his cock back in all the way. My eyes widened. Smelling his powerful musk when I heard voices outside… “Damn where’s mike…” My cock was exploding underneath his heavy boots before he unloaded his massive load inside my throat… My eyes wide… I couldn’t swallow it all. I tried… But fuck… I felt my gut pressed outwards… My hands cramped around his huge quads when I felt cum just running down my cheeks onto the ground and his shoes…. I felt as if I was drowning when he pulled it out. Just aiming his monstrous cock onto my body. Covering my whole frame with his jizz. I couldn’t talk… My throat was fucking destroyed by his freakish size… I just leant against the wall. Hot cum covering my hoodie and jeans before he slowly shook his monstrous cock to get rid of the last drips of jizz before he wiped his shoes clean against my jeans. “Call me Mike” his low voice boomed before he slowly made his way out. His musk was still in my nose when I heard his low voice in the distance. “I’m coming boys… Just had a piss” he slammed the door shut behind him. I stared down onto myself… I was covered in his thick jizz. I ran my finger slightly through a puddle, licking it off my sweater… But it was no use… I couldn’t go out like that, could I?
  3. salvinoooo

    Supernatural Muscles

    Hi, this is the beginning of a story I wrote on another forum and I was going to post here too. The story is still incomplete, suggestions are welcome and as soon as I carry it forward I will post it here. Let me know for the moment what you think! p.s. sorry for my bad english but it's not my native language, i'm actually trying to improve;) ~Supernatural Muscles~ It was yet another trip for Sam and Dean. Just them, the road and the car. But this time the latter seemed to have abandoned them, in fact due to a breakdown they had been forced to stop on the roadside. Sam got out to check but Dean, tired and sweaty, remained seated. He thought of that glass bottle that Castiel had given him, to be used only in times of need. He had always kept it in his pocket ever since, and even though it wasn't a difficult time, he couldn't deny it was boring, so he decided to open that bottle and drink the sweetish contents. Dean felt a tingle go down his throat, travel his body and reach his still soft cock, and then a shiver go up his back. So Dean decided to call his brother. Sam couldn't believe his eyes: his brother's shirt was suddenly tightened, the veins in his neck were exploding and he could see the bulge between his legs. The collar of Dean's shirt was starting to tear, as were his sleeves. His very hard nipples were now evident and a six pack emerged. The veins in his forearms exploded as they grew thicker and more streaked covered in light fuzz, and his biceps continued to grow harder and taller. His legs were growing too, now they had filled his baggy jeans and his streaks were evident. His sexy, hairy calves were slowly emerging and his shoes tightened. Growing up his shirt was getting up revealing the lower part of his abdominals and the pulsating veins that rose from his cock, the tip of which was emerging from the pants that had opened in the meantime. It was weird for Sam, but in that moment he could feel something growing in his underpants as he watched his brother. He sat down on his legs, he felt Dean's cock growing under his ass, while his slammed his hard abs against him. He gave him a kiss and squeezed him tightly, as he felt his back getting wider and wider. They both moaned as their tongues met and the sweet taste of saliva flooded their mouths. Dean flexed his biceps by tearing his sleeves to shreds, leaving his huge manly arms completely uncovered. Sam pulled away from his lips and kissed his thick, veiny neck first, then began worshiping his growing biceps, kissing and licking them as they continued to grow. Meanwhile, the tear of his shirt had brought out his huge hairy pecs, so Sam began to suck and gently bite his nipples, hearing Dean moan. By now his precum was over his panties and wet Sam's ass. Dean's shirt had completely torn on the front of him, revealing his abs, which have now become an 8 pack. Sam leaned down to suck his abs one by one, then lick it and feel with his tongue how hard they were, tracing the path of his veins coming up from his cock. Sam unzipped his pants and let out his hard cock, which began to crawl into the crater between Dean's abdominals lubricated by his precum. By now Sam could no longer resist, so he moved to the other seat making his brother's cock wince. Dean's cock exploded tearing his underpants and what was left of his pants now torn to shreds by his huge muscular thighs. His cock was huge, veiny and wet, with a droplet of precum dripping from the top. It had a base of ash blonde hair like her hair that disappeared as it went up leaving a very shiny trunk with tight skin that revealed pulsating veins and a straight tip, hot and wet. Sam took the tip of that huge cock in his mouth for as long as he could, making Dean moan with pleasure. His mouth couldn't contain all that wonder, so he was forced to alternate between licking the shaft and sucking the tip. Dean couldn't take it anymore, he had to unload his huge testicles full of him. He grabbed Sam by the hair and pushed his head against his cock, almost choking him. His nose banged against his hard abs. Sam sucked all the precum that kept coming out of Dean's cock, making him enjoy like never before. After swallowing Dean's precum, Sam felt a shiver run down his spine. He felt his t-shirt tighten, his veins swell and his muscles tense. His great calloused hands filled with veins that rose along his striated forearms as they thickened, and so did his already large biceps exploding in size. His pecs grew to reveal her hard nipples through the shirt and his 6 pack became a beautiful 8 pack, covered in veins that joined towards his cock. His thighs were about to tear at her jeans and his calves turned like diamonds. His veiny, sweaty feet covered in hair were slowly coming out of his shoes. Sam pulled away from Dean's cock, got out of the car and motioned for his brother to follow him. I got out of the car their mouths joined in a deep kiss that was lost in their moans.
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