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Found 5 results

  1. tester26

    Sean, Billy, & Tim Cool Off

    Another tribute to HSMuscleboy's characters. The clangs of metal rang throughout the barn as two massive teens worked through their routines. The sun shone through the barn windows, lighting the sweat dripping onto the shirtless bodies of the two studs relaxing inside, clad only in a pair of generously filled jockstraps. Billy and Tim had amassed an impressive collection of equipment for their home gym, a trophy case in the corner overflowing with bodybuilding championships. Billy was working with a set of free weights and Tim was on his back, lifting up a massive bar. The teen studs were already hugely stacked, but there was always more gains to be had. They had been working for two hours straight, grunting loudly and soaking their outfits in their sweat and perspiration. Billy and Tim were just about to call it, getting off of their machine and putting their weights up. They gazed upon each other’s sweat-covered muscles with growing lust, their enormous, semi-hard cocks stretching their respective jockstraps to the breaking point. "Seems someone’s getting pretty excited," Tim said, licking his lips as he looked at Billy through narrow, lust-ridden eyes. Billy returned the gaze, his massive muscles flared and dripping with sweat. He stood up, and did several poses for Tim before suddenly grabbing the back of Tim's neck, pulling him in and planting his lips on the other's, kissing him feverishly. The two soon became lost in each other, caressing their bodies, dry humping one another, tongues intertwining in the other's mouth. Billy placed his hands on Tim's firm ass, squeezing it roughly, groping it and giving it a few slaps. The two of them were moaning loudly, Billy letting out a particularly powerful groan as Tim kissed his neck, working his way down Billy's body until he was squatting in front of his crotch, nuzzling his face against Billy’s overfilled jockstrap. Before long, they were on the ground, Billy on top of Tim, thrusting his cock against the larger teen’s. They broke the kiss and moaned loudly, bucking against each other, Tim biting his lower lip and looking at Billy with a lust-filled gaze. His cock was being pressed against his chest, a puddle of precum oozing from it and down his side, tickling him. Billy’s butt clenched hotly as he thrust, and soon Tim placed a palm on each cheek, squeezing tightly, holding the stud close against him as their bodies slid against one another. Suddenly the barn door opened, and in strolled Sean, the youngest and biggest of the three. Behind him, a pile of crushed cars were stacked on top of each other. His workout having long blown past free weights, Sean raided junkyards to find trucks and cars heavy enough to give him a good pump. A wide chest sporting two massive pecs that flexed with every movement of his hulking arms - which each carried a bicep the size of a bowling ball when flexed, a cut eight pack stomach which crunched with any slight movement of his body, and an impressive v-shaped torso that many yearned for but could never achieve even through the most rigorous of workout routines. His quads were large tree trunks that could barely squeeze into any pair of pants - the muscles always begging to tear through whatever fabric restrained them. But with all this muscle, Sean had an equally monstrous dick that never seemed to get fully soft, making it hard to wear much of anything. As he walked, his semi-hard log swung between his legs, slapping his thighs with loud thuds. Billy and Tim suddenly stopped their worship session as they smelled and then saw the glistening, pumped muscle beast. “Sup bros?” Sean said with a smirk. “Feelin’ fucking huge after that pump, seems like you guys got started without me huh?” Tim shivered as his eyes ran down that gorgeous, enormous body, pulling Billy with him as they quickly made their way to the teen god. The two of them stood side by side, pinning Sean against the barn wall, touching, groping, caressing him. Sean smiled and groaned, eyes flickering, writhing against the wall as he was touched and squeezed all over by these two muscled, super hung studs. He took turns making out with each of them, the sound of fabric tearing as Billy and Tim’s jockstraps gave up trying to contain their contents. Billy was in heaven as he groped Sean's titanic muscles, running them over with his hands and tongue and lips, thrusting against the teen’s leg. Sean’s pumped pecs were red and bulging. The huge mounds of muscle were striated with fibers; the cleavage between those two huge pieces of beef was a half foot deep. Sean smirked and flexed for them, bring both arms up and flexing his towering biceps, which they were quick to kiss and touch and squeeze, lost in a daze. Sean continued to pose and flex, letting out the occasional "yeah..." as his perfect, enormous muscles bunched up and throbbed, hard as marble, driving the two studs up the wall with the pleasure of worshipping him. Sean’s cock was at full mast - nearly two feet of throbbing, pulsating muscle cock. Billy was standing next to Sean and stroking his cock, rubbing his thick 18” long shaft against his body until those hot, hard muscles were covered in a film of clear precum, making them stand out all the more. Tim was standing on the other side of Sean, sliding his monstrous 20 inch meat between Sean’s rock-hard glutes. He had grabbed Sean’s head and turned it towards himself, holding it as he made out with the teen god passionately, who occasionally grunted as his cock was stroked, pre spurting out and coating his chin, long strings of the hot fluid drooling off of it. As Sean and Tim kissed, Tim slowly turned Sean's head away from his lips, instead aiming it forward and down, pushing Sean's lips against Sean’s own cock. "Go on, big guy..." he snarled. "Suck it..." Sean complied eagerly, opening his mouth and engulfing his massive cock. "Mmmph.." he groaned as he took it down his throat, easily able to suck his enormous endowment. Tim kept his grip on Sean's head, pushing him further down his cock, and then pulling him up before pushing him down again, forcing the stud to suck himself. "Tastes good, doesn't it?" Billy moaned in Sean's ear, continuing to jerk the bottom half of his shaft. They took the god’s moans as a yes. Sean was really picking up his sucking, wrapping his arms around his enormous, throbbing shaft. That thing had to be as thick as his arm, and almost as long! Spit and pre waterfalled down his cock, dripping from his massive, swaying balls onto the ground in a puddle. "Fuck yeah, Sean, suck your huge cock..." Billy moaned, jerking himself off as well, his 18 inches adorned with pulsating veins, his flared head growing sopping wet. Tim gripped Sean’s meat with both hands, eagerly pumping as he hungrily sucked on his own throbbing cockhead, his eyes never straying away from his godlike little bro. Sean groaned loudly, eyes flickering as he sucked his throbbing meat, his shaft being rubbed and jerked by Billy and Tim. Tim was on his knees in front of Sean. His hands massaged Sean’s big, hard legs. He squeezed his muscles, licked them, worshipped them. Sean moaned loudly as the two of them touched him, his hands off his cock now, his meat so erect it stood straight up on its own. Billy wrapped his arms the Sean’s monster chest and started to worship it as well. He touched it, licked it, kissed it, bucked his own cock against it. Sean moaned and moaned, his large beefy hands touching Billy all over as he continued to make out with his own cock. All three of them gripped Sean’s member and jerked it, not even close to covering the whole thing. "Come on, you fucking hot stud," Tim growled. "Paint this whole fucking barn white." "Let's see this giant cock shoot it's stuff," Billy grunted, arms bulging with muscle from the effort of jerking this huge cock. Tim fondled Sean’s huge balls and Billy jerked off Sean’s throbbing shaft. Sean’s moaning got louder and louder, his cock growing harder and harder, precum spitting out like a broken faucet, ready to burst. It was simply enormous. It had to be the length and thickness of Billy’s arm, and its size matched his enormous body perfectly. The perfect embodiment of masculinity and power. Pure pleasure. A sex god. Billy couldn't watch that stud going down on himself so easily anymore without succumbing to his mounting pleasure. He moaned loudly, squeezing Sean's cock hard as well as his own. His body spasmed and his hips jerked uncontrollably as rope after thick, steaming rope of cum shot out and splattered all over Sean. The teen sucked himself harder, a loud, muffled moan coming from his throat as Billy's cum washed over his body. Tim was quick to rub it all over that massive chest and cut, eight pack abs, licking between the ridges of muscle as he made Sean’s chest shine with cum that kept coming and coming from Billy. The last blow splashed onto Tim's neck as he was worshipping Sean's cum-covered body. Tim followed suit quickly after Billy, spurred into orgasm by Billy’s own. He roared in pleasure as he pointed his own cock at Billy, his own stream splashing onto the other teens. They jerked themselves feverishly at they came all over each other and Sean, kneading them cum into their bodies, hips jerking into the air as they continued to cum, bodies writhing and twitching, muscles flexing. Their combined loads finally pushed Sean over the edge, pulling his cock out of his mouth as his whole body went rigid. “FUUUCK!” Sean yelled. The blast of cum was so thick, so strong, it shot up, almost hitting the roof two stories above, and rained back down on them all in a manner so hot, it only spurred them on more. "YEAH!" Tim roared, jerking Sean off even harder. "Come on, stud! Keep it cumming!" Again and again, Sean shot more and more cum from his huge cock that just didn't seem to stop. It was literally like a fire hose, dousing everything around them in white spunk. Sean roared as his massive muscles flexed. "FUUUUCK!" he roared. They were like a wild living fountain of pure sex, cocks spurting. Cum sprayed everywhere, dowsing the whole room with thick, rich spew. Eventually, though, their orgasms subsided, and they looked as though they had just stepped out of a bath of cum, dripping in the stuff. They leaned against each other, catching their breath. Sean lazily licked the last dregs of his load from his leaking cockhead as Billy and Tim wiped their collective loads of their faces. Tim kissed Billy lustfully, then guided the stud’s mouth and lapping tongue to his cum covered face and neck, gently pushing his head further down to lap up the cum on his chest. The three of them kissed and embraced for several long minutes, their monstrous cocks still hard and pressing against each other’s hard wet bodies. Billy moved in front of Tim and turned around, rubbing his firm ass on Tim’s cock, hotdogging it between his cheeks. Tim grinned, turning so that his own ass was grinding against Sean's cock. The stud got the hint, slapping his huge member onto Tim's back, the throbbing cockhead leaking precum all over it. Tim and Sean reared their hips back, lining their cocks up with the respective hole in front of them, and simultaneously they slid forward, popping their huge dicks inside: Sean inside Tim, Tim inside Billy. All three of them cried out in pleasure, Billy's cock swelling and spurting a huge wad of pre in front of him. All three studs were moaning loudly, bodies rocking back and forth as one fucked the other. Magnificent, sweaty, muscular bodies writhed in ecstasy. Billy's cock found its way into his mouth, and he hungrily sucked himself as Tim pounded his cock into him, made all the more forceful by Sean's powerful thrusts. He felt like a god being in the back of that fuck train, grinning to himself as he slid his hands down his cum-soaked body, caressing his own muscles. He lifted an arm and flexed his enormous bicep, smirking at it as he slowly and sensually thrust into Tim, bringing his hips way back and slowly pushing them forward again, making his hot ass clench and flex. "Yeah..." he moaned, giving that huge bicep a slow lick before bringing it down, grabbing onto Tim's waist and really hammering into him now. Tim's eyes started to flicker. "Oh, fuck..." he groaned, getting close, overwhelmed by the pleasure attacking him from front and behind. Slowly Sean increased his rhythm, thrusting more and more violently. His cock throbbed heavily, and soon he was emptying his load into Billy, who in turn shot his load into his throat before letting it pop out to moan in pleasure, cock spewing in front of him, thumping against his chest with every massive spurt. Tim roared as he erupted in Billy’s ass, thrusting savagely as he flooded Billy. Cum was soon gushing out of the invaded hole with each rapid thrust. Billy’s ass clenched several times around the erupting monster as he came simultaneously. Sean growled and pulled Tim further back onto his cock, causing Tim's spurting cock to slide out of Billy. Sean fell onto the weight bench, Tim still in his grip. With his colossal strength he held Tim above him, sliding him up and down his cock like a sex toy, moaning and cumming the whole time, load after load of cum spraying in front of him, some of it landing on Billy, whose own orgasm finally died down. "Oh FUCK! Sean!" Tim howled, loving how he was being used by this stud - by this god of sex. Sean snarled and thrust his hips upwards, slamming into Tim as he simultaneously pushed him down onto his cock, his muscled arms flexing so hard they looked fit to burst, veins emerging all over them. He stood up as he fucked Tim, slamming him into the wall of the barn, sending him up the wall with each powerful thrust. "You like this huge fucking cock inside you?" he moaned in his ear. Tim must have been on his fourth orgasm now, his mind nearly breaking from the pleasure. "Y-yes...GOD yes..." he said dumbly as he was used. Sean fucked Tim harder and harder, cum starting to seep from his ass, splashing all over the two of them as they both cried out in pleasure. "Get ready bro,” Sean said. He lifted Tim off his cock and set him down. Tim fell onto the ground in a heap next to Billy, eyes glazed over, tongue hanging out as he smiled goofily. The two bodybuilders couldn't believe how engorged Sean's cock was. It was -huge-. It nearly touched his chin as it throbbed so hard they could see it swelling before their eyes. Veins pulsated like his cock was its own heart. Precum leaked from his head in long thick, unbreaking ropes onto the ground. "Make it blow," he growled. Billy and Tim obeyed, hugging Sean's monster to their hard bodies and grinding against it, sliding it against their cobblestone abs and rock hard pecs, milking that mammoth for all it was worth. "Yeah..." Sean groaned, eyes closing, head rolling back. "Oh fuck..." They slipped and slid all over his cock, licking and kissing it, jerking it with both hands. They could feel it throbbing in their palms, the stud getting close. Sean's fingers clenched into fists, his arms popping all over with veins. His neck whole body became rigid, his teeth grit, eyes clenched shut tightly. "RRRRGH-!" he howled. His slit opened wide and out poured the thickest, heaviest load any of them had ever seen. It reached the roof of the two story barn, splashing against it before falling back down on them. Billy and Tim kept jerking that enormous, spurting cock as Sean convulsed in the throes of his orgasm, pleasure sweeping through his body. They jerked, licked, sucked his cock. They worshipped it, they worshipped his body, rubbing his muscles all over, kissing his arms, licking his cut abs, squeezing his marble thighs. Sean soon reached a second orgasm, his cock inflating and throbbing in the others' grips, exploding in another torrent of cum that soon ended, only to be followed by another, and another, and another - an endless stream hosing down the three of them. Billy and Tim were so turned on by the hot display that their own huge cocks were cumming without even being touched, slapping against their bodies with every huge, thick rope that shot out. The three giants groaned and moaned the whole five minutes that they knew the throes of orgasm. Sean came and came, those huge cantaloupe balls of his hugging his shaft. The three of them painted the ceiling, the walls, everyone in what must have been gallons of cum, the stud not relenting. Minutes upon minutes passed as they came, each stream of cum slowly becoming smaller than the last one, until finally it was but a short spurt that landed in front of him. With a grunt Sean fell onto his butt on the soaked floor next to his brothers. Everyone was exhausted, covered in cum, breathing heavily. They looked at each other and laughed. “Time to hit the showers?” Billy grinned. The studs laughed. There was much more in store.
  2. tester26

    Teenage Destroyers

    This was an attempt to write a snuff story that is based on the Teenage Destroyers series on Snufflovers. It may not be to your tastes. You have been warned. TEENAGE DESTROYERS PART 7 "You should have seen the tight bitch I fucked last week. For a virgin she sure screamed like a whore." Nick chuckled to his friend Tony. "Too bad she wasn't able to take all of my cock." "I'm fucking tired of bitches complaining about getting fucked. Whatever hole I pound, I wanna go hard and fucking balls deep, man." Tony agreed. At only 18, Tony and Nick looked sculpted from marble with 8-pack abs, ripped muscle, and big, firm asses. They were fucking 300-pound teen musclegods. Most days, they showed up at the gym without shirts, their bodies were accentuated by the sweat that glistened off their smooth skin as they worked out. "Fuck, all this talk about bitches has me so fucking boned up, I wouldn't mind a blowjob from a faggot." Tony squeezed his semi through his loose red basketball shorts. Nick's eyes scanned around the lockers, spotting Tom, a thin seedy-looking punk a few lockers away pulling a blunt out of his locker. His lips curled into an evil smile. "I've got an idea. " Nick said, as he slipped off his shorts. A grin of understanding curled on Tony's face and his eyes expanded with glee and quickly stripped as well. "Ah shit...fuckin' love you dude." Nick and Tony rush and corner Tom against his locker. "What's up bitch?" Tony announced. A sound, barely perceptible escaped Tom's lips. "So you're the asshole stinking up the lockers with your fucking blunts, huh?" Nick boomed. Tom shuddered, his head barely reaching up to the shoulders of the two studs. He was less than half the size of either Nick or Tony, and his eyes were filled with a mix of lust and fear. Before him was the naked, hulking body of the teenage bodybuilder Nick. Tom speechlessly ogled the vast expanse of the pectoral muscle that blocked his exit from one side. Nick's arms hung loose at his sides, the biceps unflexed yet still so unbelievably huge and wide. Tom's eyes admired the solid rack of abdominal muscles, then followed the curves of the sculpted obliques as they flowed into a pair of legs so heavily laden with muscle that no one could doubt their monstrous power. Between those pillars, Nick's thick 12 inch cock stood at full attention, nearly pressing into Tom's belly. To his side was Tony, nearly equal in mass and just as naked. His pecs were swollen from the blast he'd just given them. His deltoids were huge and rounded, still engorged with blood from the overhead presses, the detailed serrations still visible. He grinned evilly and he stroked his own massive cock. "Time to teach you a fucking lesson!" Tom didn't stand a chance. Nick picked him up and easily picked him up and threw him onto the bench. "Ahhh!!" the punk cried as he struck the edge of the bench. To Nick, Tom was just a toy. A fucktoy that he could use and brutalize in any way he wanted. And God did he want to! He wanted to use his hard 12 inch cock like a weapon to stab the little shit with. He wished his cock was twice as long and three times as thick, so he could fuck the little shit until his organs had turned into mush. He'd use his horse cock to fill Tom up with so much jizz, it would be forced to drip out of his mouth, nose, ears and eyes. Nick straddled the punk, pressed his ass on the boy's upper body, and squeezed his muscular thighs to pin the kid's arms in place. Meanwhile, Tony got on his knees in front of the bench, his massive cock at the perfect height to enter the fuckbag's mouth. Tony immediately shoved his cock head in the punk's mouth. The 11 inch dick was the biggest, longest, fattest thing Tom had ever had in his mouth. He had less than a third of his rod in when he hit the back of the Tom's throat. Tony applied strong pressure on the kid's head and felt his hard dick continue its long journey down the slut's pipe. The massive tip was acting like a snow plow, sending the small organs to the sides, bumping against his little heart, rearranging his tubes and slowly making its way down the punk's body. It was pure delight for the muscle teens to watch all 11 inches of thick teen cock make its way deep in Tom's throat. "Holy fucking shit, yes!!!" The stud shoved the toy's head down with cruelty to get the large base of his huge cock in the slut's obscenely widened mouth. Just as Tony's trimmed pubes touched Tom's stretched lips, Nick felt a bump under his ballsack. "Fuuuuuuuuuck, man! Your cock is poking through his stomach. I can feel it on my nuts, it's fucking crazy." Tony enjoyed the incredible feeling of having all 11 inches of his enormous cock buried to the root in someone's throat. Even when Tom started to choke and tried to move his head, the way he squirmed felt amazing. Occasionally, Tony would withdraw enough to let the living cumdump breathe before he shoved all the way back in, his balls slapping over Tom's nose and eyes. Nick got up and Tom's arms immediately flailed around but Tony quickly pinned them down to the bench. With one hand, Nick lined up his footlong cock to its target and brutally thrust his whole cock into the kid's colon with a sickening squish. Tom's head was shoved hard against Tony's crotch and the gigantic cock was pushed even further down, the outline of his dick head clearly visible through Tom's chest. Tom's scream was muffled by Tony's meat as he was violated by a second, even larger, cock. "Fuuuuuuuuuuck, that's so freaking hot!" Tony panted. "That's it, slut, feel my cock push against your little heart. You got muscle all around you! Huh you like that? Bet I could snuff you with just my dick. Shoot you so full of cum your goddamn head would explode!" They pulled almost all of their thick poles out of Tom, and then rammed all of themselves back into the small, frail body as hard as they could. In perfect sync, Tony and Nick pistoned their living toy with long hard thrusts. The former ravaged the punk's throat and punched the bottom of his stomach, all the while smashing his teen balls on Tom's eyes and nose. The latter battered the kid's internal organs, forming a footlong fuck tunnel that ran from asshole to sternum. The punk's esophagus and colon were so incredibly tight as they gripped and moved with the teens' cocks. Both teens kept changing the speed, tilting the punk backwards so that Nick's massive tool was pushing against the toy's stomach walls and making it bulge out. "Fuck! You can almost see the veins on your dick through the bitch's stretched guts," Tony marveled. Nick rubbed his hands over the bulge, enjoying the feeling of Tom's insides wrapped tightly around his shaft. Tom was used like a fleshlight, with such wild abandon that when both studs pulled out, it looked as if Tom deflated. But when the two teen gods shoved their pricks back to the hilt, Tom's small body seemed to double in size. Their cocks bumped against one another, as they raped the young punk, was just the cherry on top of the muscle sundae. "This fuckbag is tight as shit, man!" Nick shouted. "I know, bro!" Tony screamed. "His throat is clasping my dong like a motherfucking vice-grip!" Both teens increased their speed at which they pummeled Tom's throat and colon, slamming their massive teen tools in the most ferocious manner, not caring if the living cumdump could take it or not. Sweat ran down their tight abs and dripped all over Tom's body. But they were already close. Their thrusts became more erratic, and out of sync. They both held Tom's sides, four big teen hands squeezing the punk's mid-section, almost completely encircling it. The studs felt both their massive cocks move in and out of the teen beneath their fingers. Jabbing their massive fucktools balls deep inside the rag doll one last time and their cocks spasmed, shooting pure alpha cum into the middle of the punk's blown up body. Somehow, the punk managed to stay conscious during the whole ordeal. But with all 23 inches of cock pulsating each time a jet of hot teen semen shot inside him, Tom had no influx of oxygen and started to choke. He couldn't see nor hear anything besides his own heartbeat drum in his ears, while he frantically hit whatever he could with his small fists. But the slut's panic only fueled the studs' lust, and made them shoot even harder inside the boy. Tony and Nick came deep inside the little fuckbag for close to a minute. After their body wrenching orgasm, the 18 year old gods haphazardly pulled their dripping, still rockhard dicks out of Tom's holes. It was a bit surreal to watch nearly 24 inches of solid teen meat withdraw from the skinny body of a punk. Cum poured out of Tom's gaping ass like a waterfall as he coughed up Tony's load, gasping for air. Nick and Tony high fived over the punk's wrecked body and quickly switched places. Nick took the boy's head while Tony faced the narrow sloppy ass, and they pushed their jizz-covered, rock-hard shafts inside the worn out sextoy. "Fuck Tony, his throat is as tight as his ass..." Nick said as they both bottomed out. "I know, bro! I feel your jizz sloshing around in his guts! Let's see how much damage we can really do with our mother fucking cocks." Tony laughed. With almost 2 feet of massive dick buried to the hilt inside the punk, the two 18 year old teen jocks began to stand. They meticulously went from kneeling, to squatting, without ever pulling out. When they were on their feet, they started to rise while stepping to the side, away from the bench. Nick and Tony stood in the middle of the locker room: two god-like figures with firm round buttocks clenched with enthusiastic depravity, tight abs glistening with teenage sweat as their granite hard tools kept Tom in place. The studs were perfect fuck machines and had every intention of testing how relentlessly... ferociously... and remorselessly they were going to hammer and crush this punk's insides with their mighty pricks. The first fuck had just been a warm-up. Now they were ready to go all in... without any mercy for their toy. The studs hadn't started thrusting yet. They just kept their schlongs buried to the root inside Tom and looked directly at each other with an evil smirk. Both let go of the boy at the same time and put their hands behind their heads, showing off their muscled bodies. The punk was face up, suspended three feet above the ground, supported only by two rock solid teen dicks buried deep in his guts and the pressure from the studs' hips against his face and his ass. Once again, Tom suffered from a cruel lack of oxygen. His head was turning purple and he frantically moved his arms in the air, not even trying to hit the jocks using him. The studs grinned as the punk started to convulse, his little dicklet hard as a nail. But the ripped studs didn't budge. Giving up an inch would allow Tom to slide off Nick's dick and catch a breath. Tom shuddered and began to shake more violently. His little body was being spit roasted by 24 inches of massive teen schlongs. Nick and Tony could feel the fuckbag spasm around their cocks, his throat and ass muscles tightening, deliciously squeezing their fucktools. "Shiiiiiiit Nick, his insides are milking my cock! I can feel his heartbeat on my dick!" said Tony. "Fucking A, man! His motherfucking throat is getting tighter every time he tries to breathe!" Nick's own fat cock stretched Tom's esophagus to the limit, almost dislocating Tom's jaws. But the cumbag's spasms and shuddering slowed down, then suddenly stopped. His arms and legs came to a complete halt, and dropped on either sides of his body as he passed out. Finally, Nick and Tony moved their right hands under the punk to help support his weight and slowly pulled out, until just the heads were in Tom's holes. His insides stopped contracting and the teens were ready to enjoy another mind-blowing fuck. Tom automatically sucked in air while Nick's fat member left his throat. Of course that was only momentary. Both teen gods immediately pushed their shafts balls deep back inside the fucktoy. Not wasting any time, the 18 year olds sped up their thrusts, taking their dicks almost all the way out before they slammed them back to the root. They were still amazed by how deep they could shove their monster cocks and it felt so deliriously good to have their balls slap against the cumbag with every forceful stab. One can hardly imagine what it looks like when two huge teen cocks, each of them being almost the size of a baby's arm, punch fuck a punk boy's skull and ass in perfect synchronicity. Two incredibly sexy teen studs using every muscle in their massive teenage bodies to thrust their thick shafts without mercy, deliberately trying to destroy and break their living fucktoy in half. The athletic teen studs rammed the punk with such wild brutality it looked as if their cocks were going to tear through Tom's chest. Tom was twisted in such a way that his head was forced closer to his little butt and his guts was pushed upward. In that angle, Tony and Nick's porn-sized cocks slammed against the small chest and made it bulge out. The frail cum-filled body was being ravaged with unspeakable violence, but none of the teenage boys gave a shit about his well being. Tom's lifeless arms and legs bounced around with each sadistic jab as the studs used the punk like a punching bag for their cocks. They never spent more than a half second inside or outside the fuckbag. Instead, they constantly slammed the slut's ass and face with such ferocity that he would certainly be covered in mean, dark bruises before sundown. "Aw yeah, you're just a fucking toy. I'm gonna pulverize your guts. Fuckin drown you with my load!!!" Nick grunted. "Aw fuck dude," Tony growled, "Gonna break you, you little shit! End you with just this fucking monster cock! GONNA FUCKING DESTROY YOU!!!!" Nick and Tony slammed their cocks one last time inside the boy's unconscious body and began to breed the punk, completely dousing his insides with their thick, white seed. So much jizz was shot inside the punk, his stomach bloated like a balloon. 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  3. Hola, el día de hoy les traigo una nueva historia, esta historia la llevo haciendo por unos meses y finalmente la terminé justo en el mes del padre, y creo que será perfecto mostrarla en esta fecha. Con esto también aviso que la historia tendrá incesto y cosas por el estilo. Así que comenzamos. _________________________________________ Defendiendonos de los Bullies. Hola, mi nombre es Lucas y junto a mi hermano David nos caracterizamos por ser unos cerebritos, somos de los chicos más inteligentes de toda la universidad, hemos ganado muchos premios y reconocimientos por esta misma razón. Aunque no todo es color de rosa, primero que nada nuestros padres están separados, vivimos con nuestro padre, pero este siempre está en el trabajo, se podría decir que al final de todo nos llevamos bien, aunque nos gustaría pasar más tiempo juntos. Segundo y lo peor de todo, en la universidad algunos nos ven como unos héroes gracias a que tenemos muchos premios por nuestra inteligencia, pero hay un grupo en nuestra clase que nos hace la vida imposible, los atletas de la clase, siempre están molestandonos porque somos unos nerds y porque son más fuertes que nosotros, también llegan a molestar a personas de otras clases, son demasiado fastidiosos, y además al contrario de nosotros, solo pasan las materias por ser buenos en los deportes y nos parece de lo más injusto, y no es que estemos en mal estado físico o que no comamos sano, pero ellos llevan todo al otro nivel, algunos incluso se inyectan esteroides y no podemos competir contra eso. Cada día nos sentíamos más artos de esta situación, cada vez queríamos obtener venganza por todo lo que nos hacían, así que decidimos planear algo, para que todo esto acabara; así que estuvimos todo un mes trabajando en nuestro plan para por fin vengarnos. Todo el mes estuvimos creando un suero que transformaría el cuerpo de un hombre con pobre estado físico a uno de una bestia musculosa, esto solamente si se bebe el suero completo, pero nosotros nos dividiremos el suero en dos, que no nos convertirá en unas bestias pero si nos dará un buen cuerpo de atletas para defendernos, además que no queremos que ninguno se vuelva un niardental musculoso y que afecte nuestra hermandad, jajá. ¿Somos muy inteligentes, verdad? !Lo pensamos en todo! O eso creíamos... Todo esto comienza un día miércoles, en la tarde, el suero estaba casi completo, lo único que faltaba era que llegara el ingrediente que hará que todo funcione "La testosterona Maximun" es un suplemento demasiado escaso y muy caro, tuvimos suerte de encontrar uno, posiblemente nunca volvamos a encontrar otro jamás, estábamos anciosos para que el cartero viniera de una buena vez y nos lo trajera. -.Uff... Ya falta muy poco David, estoy rastreando el paquete y vendrá en 3 minutos. *Dije entusiasmado* -. Ay, hermano, parece que he estado esperando años, pensar que muy pronto podremos vengarnos de los estúpidos deportistas del salón, y del odioso de Brendan, por culpa de él los demás comenzaron a molestarnos. *Decía David, mientras se acostaba en su cama, cansado por el trabajo* -. No dudes que no lo haremos, todo esto terminará muy pronto, esto no nos ayudará solamente para vengarnos, ya verás como conseguiremos muchas citas con esto, jejé, finalmente dejaré de ser un virgen, jajajá. -. Oye, es verdad, no puedo esperar a tener un cuerpo tan genial, jejé. *Ding Dong* -. Oye, creo que ya vino, vamos baja rápido! *Decía David entusiasmado* -. Ya voy, esperame. *Dije mientras trataba de ponerme las pantuflas* Bajé con mi hermano las escaleras, lo más rápido que pude, recibimos dos paquetes en lugar de Uno. Luego nos fuimos a la cocina para ver de que se trataban. -. Oye que es el otro paquete? *Dije intrigado* -. A ver, *Decía David mientras lo abría* Oh, es una cámara, aquí dice que para Jonnhatan Johnson, Oh, es para papá! Era de la que tanto hablaba. -. Oh, ya, bueno, hay que abrir el otro paquete. -. Sí, ahora voy. Abrí el paquete que era para nosotros y saqué la caja con la testosterona maximun. -. Huh, es más pequeño de lo que pensé, se nota que hay pocas variante de estas en el mundo, jejé. *Dije mientras observaba el pequeño tubo con la sustancia* -. En las instrucciones dice que luego de vertirlo a la mezcla se tiene que dejar por un día en el congelador para que haga efecto. *Decía David con la hoja de instrucciones* -. Muy bien vamos a traer los sueros y a vertir este bebé *Dije entusiasmado* Subimos y bajamos ya con los dos sueros y los medidores y preparamos todo para vertir la testosterona al suero. -. Muy bien Lucas, asegúrate y la cantidad sea la misma. *Decía David algo nervioso* -. Lo sé, haz silencio David, yo sé que hay que hacer... *Decía mientras vertía la testosterona en dos tubos con medición, tenía que verter justo la cantidad necesaria, con un poco de nervios logré vertir la misma cantidad en los dos tubos de ensayo, lo único que quedaba era verterlo a los sueros* Muy bien hermano, llegó la hora, toma tu tubo, vamos a veter y esperar a que se enfríen para tener nuestros cuerpos deseados. -. Sí, hay que hacerlo Lucas *Decía David emocionado* Vertimos los dos tubos con la testosterona a los sueros que estaban dentro de dos botellas de una tal soda llamada "Ultra Cola", para que nuestro padre no sospeche y piense que estamos haciendo droga o algo así. -. Muy bien, todo listo. -. ¿Crees que papá pensará que son drogas como la otra vez? jajá *Dijo David* -. Lo dudo jajajá, no creo que las vaya a tirar, fue buena idea camuflarlas por bebidas. Muy bien, son las 2:00pm, así que mañana luego de ir a la universidad a las 4:00pm podremos beber los sueros. -. Espero y no duela, no quiero que papá se asuste con nuestros gritos, ya sabes lo estricto que es. -. Meh, no creo que nos haga nada, lo vamos a dejar fascinado cuando vea en lo que nos convertimos. Ahora estaría bien pasar el rato jugando videojuegos, para que el tiempo avance rápido. -. Me parece buena idea *Dijo David corriendo hacia la sala* El tiempo pasó y nos estuvimos horas jugando, hasta que llegó papá. Papá es un contador, se caracteriza por ser algo bajito, bastante delgado y también es calvo, esto por el estrés que le causa su trabajo, él es un hombre algo enojado y estricto, aunque la verdad solo es así por su mismo estrés, no le tomamos mucha importancia cuando nos regaña la verdad, ya que aunque sea estricto, es gracias a su cuerpo que no impone mucho, a veces se preocupa mucho por nosotros y no puede entender que ya no somos unos niños, aunque a veces sea molesto lo queremos y le tenemos aprecio, ya que es el único papá que tenemos. -. Aghh... Hola chicos, ya llegué, hoy tuve un día muy duro... *Dijo papá mientras entraba y se sentaba en el sofá cansado de su trabajo* -. Hola pá. (Dijimos ambos) -. Aghh... Chicos pueden pedir una pizza? Hoy no tengo ganas de cocinar. *Decía papá mientras bostezaba* -. Claro... *Dije yo* (Como si cocinar a alguna vez, siempre ordenamos comida) Pedí la pizza y papá comenzó a hablarnos de su día. -. No van a creer esto, recuerdan el nuevo puesto de trabajo que me habían prometido? Pues resulta que se lo dieron al presumido de mi compañero, ¡el que lleva menos tiempo que yo! Es increíble, llevo 10 años allí y le dan a otro el puesto que me merezco solo porque el otro tiene carisma y se ve bien, pero lo que importa es el intelecto, de seguro no tiene idea de como se hacen los inventarios, vaya día de mierda... *Decía mi padre con enojo* -. Oh, que mal... *Dije sin ponerle demasiada atención a lo que decía, ya que no era raro que se quejara al venir del trabajo* -. Por cierto, no llegó nada para mi hoy? *Preguntó mi padre* -. Ah, sí, es la cámara de la que tanto hablabas. *Dije mientras le daba su paquete* -. Genial! Finalmente podré hacer las fotos tan geniales, me hice una cuenta de Twitter solo para esto. -. Te hiciste un Twitter? Y qué vas a publicar ahí? *Preguntó David* -. Publicaré fotos sobre insectos y plantas. *Decía mi papá emocionado* -. En serio? Pero eso es aburrido... *Dije con un poco de decepción en mi voz* -. No es aburrido, solo esperen a ver las fotos que voy a publicar, es verdad, deberían comenzar a seguirme ya, vamos entren a Twitter y siganme, les comparto el link de mi perfil. *Decía mi papá entusiasmado* -. No lo sé papá, yo- -. Vamos por favor, solo háganlo, ya verán que luego, tendré muchos seguidores y querrán seguirme, vamos solo háganlo, ya! *Decía mi padre con un tono ya molesto* -. Agh, vamos hermano, solo hagamoslo, sino va estar toda la noche molestando con esto. *Me dijo David* -. Está bien, pá. -. Genial, jajá, recuerden activar las notificaciones para ver todas mis publicaciones. -. Ok... Entramos a nuestros Twitter y le dimos follow a nuestro padre para no volverlo a escuchar a hablar de esto. El tiempo pasó y la pizza vino, comimos mientras papá no se daba cuenta de nada, debido a que se había quedado dormido en su sillón favorito, así que solo comimos mi hermano y yo y no fuimos a dormir. A la mañana siguiente, nos levantamos ansiosos, sabíamos que el día había llegado pero aún teníamos que esperar unas horas más para poder llevar a cabo nuestro plan. -. Hoy es el día David, por fin tendremos lo que tanto deseábamos. *Dije mientras me preparaba para ir a la universidad* -. No puedo esperar, ayer el día pasó muy lento para mi, creo que no podré concentrarme en clase. Terminamos de prepararnos y nos fuimos junto a nuestro padre, papá nos dejó en la universidad y luego condujo hacia su apestoso trabajo. Las clases pasaron como cualquier otro día, Brendan y sus amigos molestaban como siempre y nosotros solo deseábamos que el tiempo pasara más rápido para poder darle su merecido. Luego de una ardua jornada de clases en la universidad, por fin habían terminado, estábamos a punto de irnos a la casa, hasta que el director nos llamó por medio del alta voz a su oficina. -. Agh, qué querrá el director ahora? Tenemos prisa... *Dije con decepción* -. Oh, ya recuerdo, creo que es por lo del proyecto que presentamos la semana pasada, de seguro y nos dará otro premio. *Dijo David para aclararme* -. Agh... Pero eso dura mucho tiempo, encima habla super lento... *Dije quejandome* -. Nooo... Pero por qué justo hoy!? *Dijo David decepcionado* Al final no tuvimos de otra que quedarnos e ir a que el director nos felicitarla con su extenso discurso y su aburrida voz. Ya eran las 4:30 y mi padre ese día salió temprano así que había llegado a casa mucho antes que nosotros. -. Hola, ya llegué... Chicos...? Dónde están? Quizá no han llegado, quizá y les volvieron a dar otro premio, esos chicos si me llenan de orgullo, jejé, ojalá y me tomarán más en serio... Pero bueno. *Dijo mi papá mientras iba a la cocina a buscar que comer* Mi papá estaba cansado como siempre, a pesar de incluso haber llegado más temprano de lo normal. -. Agh... Vamos a ver que hay en el refrigerador... hoy tuve otro día de mierda, no almorcé por hacer ese inventario, y aún así no le pareció suficiente al jefe; pero si que le gustó la presentación del estúpido presumido de mi compañero, como lo odio... Oh, al parecer hay pizza de la de ayer... También quisiera algo para beber, veamos que hay por acá. *Dijo mi padre cuando abrió la parte del congelador donde teníamos los dos sueros* Oh, los chicos compraron de las sodas que les pedí "Ultra Cola" ¡Son de mis favoritas! Aunque tienen un color diferente... Será un nuevo sabor? Oh, bueno, nuevo o no de seguro que estará bueno, voy a tomar una... Aunque pensándolo mejor, me voy a tomar las dos, tengo muchas ganas de algo frío. *Dijo mi padre que iba felizmente con las "sodas" y su pedazo de pizza hacia la sala para ver televisión mientras comía y bebía las dos "sodas"* Uff, esto sabe muy fuerte, pero la verdad es que está muy bueno, me las voy a terminar en nada, jajá. *Dijo mi padre mientras bebía el contenido entero de la primera botella y comenzaba a abrir la segunda con emoción* Mientras tanto nosotros seguíamos en la escuela escuchando el discurso aún del director, y luego de dos largas horas de charlas, premios y aburridos discursos finalmente pudimos salir de ese infierno. -. Dios, qué horas son ya? *Preguntó David* -. Son las 6:47pm, si corremos de seguro llegamos a las 7:20pm, el suero debe haber estado listo hace horas. *Dije mientras aumentaba el ritmo de mi paso al caminar* -. Ok vamos. Corrimos lo más rápido que pudimos hacía nuestra casa, con logramos llegar, aunque sin mucho aliento, al abrir la puerta unos ruidos de objetos rompiéndose y un quejido de un golpe que provenía de una voz profunda nos llamó mucho la atención, al parecer este venía de la cocina. -. Oye... Qué habrá sido eso? *Pregunté asustado* -. No lo sé... Pero mira, son las cosas de papá *Dijo David mientras apuntaba a su maletín en la entrada* De seguro es él. -. Estás seguro? Porque el quejido sonó de una voz más gruesa que la de él. *Dije un poco confundido* será mejor ir a ver... Intrigados y temerosos decidimos ir a ver, al pasar en frente de la sala nos encontramos con la televisión encendida, deducimos que nuestro padre la había dejado así, así que no nos preocupamos demasiado y seguimos caminando hacia la cocina, de donde los ruidos provenían... Llegamos justo a la entrada de esta, estaba a oscuras, pero se podía ver un poco lo que pasaba ahí, con valor entramos para ver que era lo que provocaba esos ruidos y esperábamos aliviarnos al encontrar a nuestro padre como siempre, haciendo cualquier cosa; pero al entrar nos encontramos con una sorpresa que nunca podríamos eliminar de nuestra memoria. Al entrar vimos como una montaña de músculos desnuda estaba en frente nuestro, luciendo su musculosa espalda y su enorme culo, se encontraba tratando de reparar un jarrón que de seguro había roto con su inmensidad. Estábamos atónitos, no sabíamos que decir, mi hermano y yo nos mirábamos y temblabamos del miedo por no saber quien era ese gigante, hasta que este se dio la vuelta, percatandose de nuestra presencia. -. Eh? ¡Hasta que al fin llegan! ¡Los estuve esperando chicos! *Decía el gigante algo molesto* -. T-tú q-quién eres?... *Dije mientras mi hermano me tomaba del brazo* -. Qué!? Pero si soy yo! Su papá Jonathan! *Dijo el gigante tratando de acercarse a nosotros* -. No... Nuestro padre no es así... El es pequeño, bajo y calvo y no tiene una voz tan profunda... Vete de aquí o llamaremos a la policía *Dijo mi hermano con voz temerosa* -. Qué!? Pero si soy yo, en serio! Por qué no me creen!? *Decía el gigante mientras cada vez se acercaba mas* -. No detente, no te acerques, v-vete de aquí ahora. -. Como es que no entienden, vengan acá les mostraré. * Dijo el gigante que comenzó a avalanzarse más rápido hacia nosotros* -. AAAAAHH!! CORREEE!! *Grité a mi hermano* Corrimos hasta el segundo nivel, pero aún podíamos escuchar al gigante persiguendonos y parece que nos estaba alcanzando por muy rápido que corrieramos, así que nos decidimos meter al baño, entramos y nos metimos a la regadera y cerramos la cortina, esperando a que no nos encontrara. Tratábamos de contener la respiración para que no nos encontrara y calmarnos un poco. -. Crees que nos encontrará, en verdad será papá? *Susurraba mi hermano* -. Shhh... Nos va a escuchar. *Dije para callarlo* Escuchábamos sus pasos, se acercaban hacia nosotros, sentíamos que nos iba a encontrar, pero de repente al parecer paró, pensábamos que había entrado a otra habitación. -. Ya se fue? *Susurro David* -. Creo que sí... *Susurré* -. No, estoy aquí. *Dijo la bestia musculosa que nos había encontrado* -. AAAAHHHH!! *Gritamos ambos* -. Esperen, esperen, shhh... Ya les dije que soy yo, su padre *Dijo el enorme hombre de voz porfunda* -. Papá... En serio eres tú...? *Preguntó David* -. Sí, solo que creo que me transformé en esta bestia. *Dijo mi "papá" confundido* La verdad no lo podíamos creer tampoco, se veía espectacular, como un héroe espartano en la vida real, incluso su cabello había crecido otra vez y tenía mas pelo en otras partes, al contrario que antes. -. Papá... Cómo? Cuándo? Por qué? *Preguntó David con confusión* -. No tengo idea, solo vine, comí una pizza, vi televisión y me tomé dos sodas, solamente, luego de eso mi cuerpo comenzó a doler y comencé a crecer y ahora estoy así... *Dijo mi padre viendo su enorme bícep* -. Espera, espera; dices que bebiste unas sodas? Qué sodas específicamente? -. Dos ultra colas que estaban en el refrigerador, son mis favoritas... Intercambiamos miradas con mi hermano y decidimos salir corriendo a la sala. -. Ey! A donde van con tanta prisa!? *Dijo mi padre con su profunda y nueva voz* Llegamos a la sala y vimos las dos botellas completamente vacías. -. No queda nada, ni siquiera una gota... No puede ser... *Decía mientras trataba de sacar una gota de las botella y beberla pero era imposible* -. Esto no puede estar pasando, como es que no dejo nada!? -. Ya les dije, son de mis favoritas *Dijo mi padre que iba entrando a la sala* pero me podrían decir que eran esas sodas y porqué eran tan importantes? -. Esas botellas eran un suero experimental que estábamos creando, no se suponía que tu lo bebieras, se suponía que nosotros tomaríamos cada uno y tendríamos cuerpos de atletas, pero ahora tu te tomaste los dos y te convertiste en más que un atleta, sino que en una bestia. *Dije frustrado* -. Pero qué!? Iban a tomarse esos sueros sin siquiera haberlos probado primero? Que irresponsables, no lo puedo creer. *Dijo mi padre con algo de enojo* -. Bueno sí, pero ahora no podremos por tu culpa! *Dijo mi hermano gritando* -. Mi culpa!? Pero si ustedes saben que esa es la bebida que siempre tomo yo! -. Claro que no! *Grité a mi padre* -. Claro que sí, y hace dos días les dije que pasarán comprando de esas sodas porque son mis favoritas, siempre hablo de ellas; pero parece que ustedes nunca me hacen caso o me prestan atención. *Decía mi gigante padre decepcionado* -. En serio...?, espera sí recuerdo que nos dijiste... *Dije sorprendido* -. Es verdad, de hecho creo que tomamos las botellas que papá ya se había bebido... *Dijo mi hermano percatandose de todo* -. Bueno, ¡pero eso no te da el derecho de tomarte algo así porque sí! *Dije a mi padre para hacerle entender* -. Por qué no hacen más y ya!? *Preguntaba enojado mi padre. -. Ese suero tenía una sustancia única, no podemos pedir otra, así que sigue siendo tu culpa! *Gritó mi hermano* -. Que!? Encima me siguen culpando!? Pues lo siento, pero estas son las consecuencias de sus actos por no escucharme! -. El problema es que tu nunca te diste a respetar, ¡se nota que no nos enseñaste bien! *Grité* -. Sí, sí hubieras sido mejor padre antes esto no estaría pasando! *Gritó David* De repente podría ver una cara de enojo que nunca había visto antes en mi padre nunca, solo con ver esa expresión nos detuvimos con los gritos y comenzamos a temblar del temor que nos causaba, mi padre comenzó a apretar fuerte los puños de repente y levantó el su sillón favorito y lo lanzó contra la pared rompiendolo completamente. -. AAAAAAAAAGGGHH YA CALLENSEEEEE!!! SE ACABÓ, ES HORA DE QUE USTEDES SEPAN ALGO DE DISCIPLINA! COMO ES POSIBLE QUE MIS HIJOS ME DIGAN ESO? *Gritaba fuertemente mi padre con su profunda voz mientras nos veía con sus ojos llenos de furia* -. L-lo siento papá, por favor n-nos hagas daño, por favor *Decía yo con casi lágrimas en los ojos* -. Sí, papá perdón *Dijo mi hermano arrodillandose* lo lamento... -. Yo... Agh... Olvidenlo, ya todo pasó, no hay nada que podamos hacer, lo siento, siento gritarles, pero más les vale no volverme a hacer enojar, okey? -. S-sí *Dijimos ambos* -. Muy bien, creo que podemos tranquilizarnos un poco, jajá. *Dijo mi padre para tranquilizarnos, aunque luego su cara se convirtió en una de preocupación* Mierda! Mañana tengo una presentación importante, y no tengo nada que ponerme, mi ropa quedó destrozada después de transformarme en esto, necesito ropa ya! Al oír esas palabras apenas no estábamos dando cuenta del enorme pedazo de carne que papá tenía entre las piernas, era muy enorme. -. Es verdad papá, taparte por favor *Dije tratando de cubrirme los ojos, pero imposible no dejar de ver* -. Ah! Es verdad! N-no me miren chicos, v-vayan a traerme una toalla. Fui con mi hermano y le trajimos la toalla más grande que teníamos en la casa, aunque aún así le quedaba corta gracias a su enorme estatura, pero al menos no estaba mostrando su enorme verga todo el rato. -. Muy bien chicos, necesito que vayamos al centro comercial, ahora! Vamos suban al carro! -. Pero papá, no puedes ir en toalla, no te dejarán! -. Lo sé, necesito que ustedes me compren la ropa, un traje y corbata, de lo más grande que tengan, también unas cuantas camisas, pantalones y... -Y...? *Pregunté* -. Ropa interior, que no tengo nada que ponerme abajo, pero eso sí, necesito que todo sea grande, no puedo ir tan apretado a mi presentación de mañana. *Decía preocupado mi padre* -. Papá no sé si debamos- -. No les estoy preguntando, les estoy diciendo que vamos a ir, ¡AHORA! Al escuchar ese "ahora" de mi papá decidimos entrar al auto con mi padre, teniendo cuidado de que nadie nos vea en el vecindario. Entramos rápido y mi padre condujo hasta el centro comercial, llegamos allí y nos dijo que se quedaría a esperar en el auto. -. Recuerden, ropa grande, okey? *Gritaba nuestro padre desde su auto que le quedaba pequeño ahora* -. Okey! *Gritamos nosotros mientras íbamos a la entrada* -. Espero y esos chicos encuentren lo que necesito *Se decía mi padre asimismo, mientras veía como un auto se estacionaba al lado de él* En el auto había otro chico, parece que de otra universidad e intercambiaron miradas se saludaron y se sonrieron el uno al otro. Mientras tanto nosotros entrábamos y salíamos de muchas tiendas, tratando de encontrar ropa para mi papá, con algo de complicación al final encontramos lo necesario, solo faltaba la ropa interior, cosa que nos daba mucha vergüenza ya que ni siquiera era para nosotros, pero aún así lo logramos, pagamos por todo y salimos hacia el estacionamiento, este último estaba casi vacío, ya eran las nueve de la noche, y estaba algo oscuro, pero aún podíamos ver el auto de papá así que fuimos hacia donde estaba, pero mientras más nos acercabamos ruidos extraños se comenzaron a escuchar, ruidos y murmullos que solo escuchaba en videos explícitos de internet. -. Sí... Así... Que rico lo haces... Casi no te cabe... Que rico... Mmm... Nos acercamos al auto y nos escondimos detrás para ver que era ese ruido, cuando nos percatamos de que era nuestro padre, él estaba con otro hombre y este último le estaba dando satisfacción por medio de una mamada a su enorme verga, estábamos muy sorprendidos al ver ese acto y decidimos evitar que esto continuará en algo más intenso. -. Sí... Vamos... Apresúrate... En cualquier momento van a venir mis hijos... *Decía mi padre con su gran trozo siendo lamido por la boca de otro hombre* -. Qué!? Papá qué rayos haces!? *exclamé para evitar que siguieran* -. ¡Mierda, vete de aquí ya, corre! *Dijo mi padre mientras apartaba al hombre y lo hacía ir a su respectivo auto* mierda... Chicos puedo explicarlo... jejé... -. En serio!? En un estacionamiento!? Ten un poco de decencia papá, ¡eso no se hace! *Decía David que intentaba no ver su enorme verga parada* -. Lo siento sí, el chico vino comenzamos a hablar, yo estaba desnudo y las cosas surgieron, ya, es algo normal, saben? He estado muy caliente últimamente. -. Sí, pero por favor no lo vuelvas a hacer acá, imagínate si alguien lo hubiera visto, no puede ser... *Dije decepcionado* Sabes qué mejor hagamos como que esto nunca pasó, ok? Toma, acá está la ropa, vamonos a casa ya. -. Genial gracias lindos, uff, sí compraron calzoncillos de los buenos *Dijo mi padre mientras veía su ropa interior nueva* -. Sí, sí ya guárdalos y vamonos. Salimos del estacionamiento, mientras íbamos en camino no podíamos dejar de ver la verga parada de papá mientras este conducía. -. Este... Papá... Podrías hacer algo con eso... *Dijo David con un poco de vergüenza* -. Ah, mierda! Lo siento chicos jajá... Pero no creo que se me baje hasta que me venga, pasenme la toalla para taparlo jajá... Con algo de vergüenza se la puse encima de su enorme tranca, la verdad es que sentía mucha envidia de lo grande que lo tenía ahora, quería tenerla así también yo, y de seguro mi hermano también. Llegamos a casa y mi padre fue corriendo hacia al baño, haciendo lo que mi hermano y yo ya sabíamos que era, y la verdad es que papá no era muy silencioso al darse placer, daba muchos gemidos, y esos gemidos se convertían un gruñidos y sinceramente nos exitaban, incluso una erección se hizo presenten en mi y mi hermano no era la excepción. -. Oye tú- *Dijo mi hermano antes de que lo interrumpiera* -. No lo menciones... *Dije avergonzado* -. AGHH UFF SIII... *Gritaba mi padre que de seguro se acababa de venir* -. Mierda, solo lo está haciendo peor. -. Mejor vamonos ya a dormir... Decidimos ir a la cama, aun con la erección, pero como sea logramos dormir; nuestro padre era una bestia musculosa ahora, y nos preguntábamos si esto sería así todo lo que resta de nuestras vidas. Al día siguiente nos levantamos temprano y ocurrió algo fuera de lo normal, nuestro padre estaba despierto, ya listo para salir, y no sólo eso, también se encontraba haciendo el desayuno, algo que no había hecho nunca, por lo general, lo hacía mi madre y desde que se separaron comemos siempre afuera. -. Papá!? Qué haces despierto!? *Pregunté intrigado* -. No ves? Estoy haciendo el desayuno, estoy viendo un tutorial en YouTube de como hacer un desayuno balanceado para nosotros, jejé. *Dijo con una sonrisa* -. Wow, nunca pensé a papá decir algo así *Dijo David* Nos sentamos en la mesa, esperando a que papá terminara y luego nos sirvió el desayuno, que tenía un aspecto realmente bueno. -. Wow, esto se ve realmente bien, Pá. -. ¡Y sabe realmente bien! *exclamó mi hermano mientras comía un bocado* -. Sabía que les gustaría, mis lindos. Comimos el delicioso desayuno de papá, este último se sirvió dos veces para poder llenarse y luego fue a sentarse un rato en el sofá a ver televisión, mientras tomaba un café, también estaba luciendo su nueva conjunto de ropa que le quedaba muy bien. -. Jé, chicos, creo que tenemos que comprar un nuevo sillón, rompí mi favorito ayer, iré luego del trabajo. *Dijo mi padre quien procedió a tomar un poco de café* Sin decir nada, decidimos ir a prepararnos para la universidad, la verdad no queríamos recordar el ataque de furia que tuvo nuestro padre la noche anterior. Terminamos de prepararnos y papá nos llevó a la universidad, nos dejó y luego se dirijió a su trabajo, con una sonrisa confiada, en el camino a nuestro salón estuvimos hablando un poco de nuestro nuevo padre. -. Uff... La verdad es que sigo enojado con papá, no puede ser que esto nos pasó a nosotros, y ahora tenemos que seguir aguantando al estúpido Brendan *Dije decepcionado* -. Agh, no me lo recuerdes, debimos haber sido más precavidos, creí que lo habíamos, pensado en todo... Pero debes admitir, que papá se ve muy bien. *Dijo mi hermano con un poco de sonrojo en su cara* -. Lo sé, su trasero se ve enorme y esos pantalones con los que iba hoy en la mañana eran ajustados, se veía muy sexy, imaginar que podríamos haber tenido un cuerpo sexy, pero bueno, al parecer tendremos que vivir con esto desde ahora *Exclamé con tristeza* Entramos a clase, pasamos el resto del día pensando en lo que pasará cuando lleguemos a casa a ver otra vez a papá, pensábamos en cómo iba a ser nuestra vida de ahora en adelante, terminamos la jornada y salimos del campus de la universidad para subirnos al autobús, en el trayecto nos pusimos a ver nuestros celulares para distraernos, casi llegábamos a nuestra casa, cuando mi hermano recibió una notificación de la cuenta de Twitter de mi padre, que había pasado de llamarse "Jonathan Nature" a "JonathanSex78". -. Qué!? Qué clase nombre es este!? *Dijo mi hermano mientras me mostraba el celular con la notificación de una nueva foto subida* -. Cambió de nombre, pero por qué ese nombre!? Dale a la publicación, vamos a ver... *Dije intrigado* Al entrar a la publicación por medio de la notificación nos encontramos con algo que nunca creímos que nuestro padre sería capaz de hacer, la foto publicada era algo que realmente nos impactó. Se trataba ni más ni menos de una foto del culo de mi padre completamente desnudo, exponiendo junto a este su enorme espalda y sus piernas abiertas, era increíble, como ver la espalda y las nalgas de un dios Griego. -. ¿¡Pero qué verga!? Esa foto... Estas viendo lo mismo que yo...? *Dije sin poder creerlo* -. S-sí, ¿cómo? ¿Por qué se tomaría una foto así? *Dijo mi hermano con preocupación* -. No tengo idea... Hace cuanto subió esa foto? -. Hace dos horas y... Dios! Ya tiene cincuenta mil likes, esto es increíble! -. Qué!? Te imaginas cuantas personas la vieron ya!? Debemos hablar seriamente con él. Al llegar a nuestra parada, decidimos correr hacia nuestra casa, abrimos lo más rápido que podíamos y entramos, buscamos a nuestro padre y lo encontramos viendo una película mientras comía palomitas y afortunadamente estaba con ropa, bueno, con una musculosa y unos shorts que casi no dejaban nada a la imaginación. -. Papá, ¡debemos hablar seriamente! -. Eh? Hola chicos, qué pasa? -. Papá que clase de foto es esta!? *Exclamó mi hermano que le mostraba la foto que había publicado* -. Ah... Bueno... Pues, quería probar la nueva cámara y me tomé una nueva foto, solo fue eso. -. Solo fue eso!? Tú digiste que la cuenta era para fotografíar plantas en insectos! *Exclamé furioso* -. Miren, se que dije que era para eso, pero me di cuenta que nadie quiere ver eso, lo que la gente quiere ver son cosas como esa foto, acaso no ves la cantidad de likes que tengo? Y es mi primera publicación! Chicos, me estoy volviendo conocido, esto es algo que siempre quise... -. Sí, pero no debería ser de esta manera... -. A ver, entiendo su preocupación de que me tome fotos así, parezco un cualquiera que solo quiere atención gracias a su cuerpo, pero esto es lo que soy y me hace feliz, además no se me ve la cara para nada, no deberían preocuparse. -. Bueno, puede que tengas razón pero no es bueno que lo hagas, es vergonzoso que tu papá se exhiba así... -. Agh, miren ya estuvo, miles de personas vieron mi culo, mejor cambiemos de tema. Les quiero decir que mi presentación fue todo un éxito, les gustó tanto que al final sí me van a dar el puesto que me había prometido, después de tanto tiempo trabajando allí, finalmente lo conseguí, la gente no dejaba de verme, les encantaba escucharme, nunca había sido así en mi vida, y todo gracias a este cuerpazo jajá. -. Vaya, felicidades pá, esos significa que ganarás más, no? -. Así es pequeñín, su papá va a traer más dinero para sus pequeñitos *Dijo mi padre mientras nos acaraciaba la cabeza a ambos* -. Ok... *Dije un poco molesto por su acto anterior* deberías dejar de hacernos así, ya no somos unos niños... -. Lo sé, pero sin mis pequeñitos. -. Bueno, aunque antes tú eras incluso más pequeño que nosotros *Dijo David un poco molesto* -. Sí, pero eso fue antes de convertirme en esta bestia, les digo que cada día que pasa amo más este cuerpo y pensar que al principio estaba algo enojado jajá, me ha traído tanta alegría a la vida. -. Sí, se nota, eres incluso más feliz y empalagoso que antes. -. Es porque los quiero hijitos. -. Sí... Gracias... Luego de esa charla decidimos irnos a nuestra habitación a hacer tarea, mientras dejamos a nuestro padre viendo televisión. Luego de un rato decidimos ir a dormir, al estar en la cama, me propuse a echarle un último vistazo a la foto de papá. -. Dios, no puede ser, se ve tan rico... Ufff *Dije mientras una erección aparecía entre mis pantalones* pensar que esta en esta misma casa me exita mucho más... Bueno ya! Debo dejar de pensar en él, no es correcto, es mi papá. Apagué mi celular y decidí dormirme por una buena vez. Al día siguiente nos levantamos y fuimos a la cocina, ese día nadie tenía que ir a trabajar o a estudiar, así que bajamos sin preocupaciones, al entrar a la cocina el desayuno estaba listo y nos encontramos a mi padre realizando actividades que nunca había hecho antes, se encontraba limpiando la casa. -. Wow, papá, estás limpiando? *Dije mientras me sentaba para comer* -. Increíble *Exclamó David* -. Sí, jajá, les digo que este cuerpo me permite hacer muchas cosas, cosas que no podía hacer porque me cansaba mucho *Decía mi padre mientras levantaba el estante de libros de su lugar con mucha facilidad para poder limpiar debajo de el* Terminamos de desayunar mientras veíamos a nuestro padre limpiar como loco la casa, luego de eso decidimos ir a nuestro cuarto a jugar videojuegos un poco. -. Oye, al final del día no está tan mal esto de papá. *Dije mientras trataba de pasar este nivel con mi hermano* -. Sí, finalmente hace más cosas que ir a trabajar, comer, dormir y quejarse de todo, creo que no está mal después de todo. *Decía mi hermano* Jugamos por horas, hasta que llegó la hora de almorzar, fuimos y la comida estaba servida igual que en la mañana, pero mi padre no estaba por ningún lado, aunque no le dimos mucha importancia, terminamos de comer y nos quedamos viendo un rato el celular, hasta que otra notificación llegó a nuestros celulares, y como temíamos se trataba de la cuenta de nuestro padre otra vez. -. Oye, es papá... *Dije preocupado* -. Oh, no... Qué será esta vez... Entramos a la publicación, pensando que no podríamos encontrar algo más peor que lo de ayer, pero al parecer nos equivocamos. La publicación se trataba de nuestro padre otra vez, esta vez en video, mostrando su cara y dandose satisfacción asimismo, gimiendo como loco. No lo podíamos creer, había mostrado su enorme tranca a todo el internet, junto a su hermosa cara gimiendo y tocando los pezones de sus enormes pechos. El video mostraba los últimos segundos de su paja, hasta que explotó todo su semen. -. NO PUEDE SER! PERO QUE LE PASA!? *Exclamé enojado* -. Espera, de hace cuanto es el video? *Dijo mi hermano asustado* QUÉ HACE 10 SEGUNDOS!? Cruzamos miradas entre mi hermano y yo y decidimos ir a su habitación corriendo, al entrar lo encontramos lamiendo su calzoncillo lleno de semen. -. Papá! Pero qué haces!? *Dije furioso* -. Por qué publicaste esto, dijiste no lo harías más! *Dijo mi hermano que le mostró el video* -. A ver chicos, lo siento, se que dije eso, pero no pude evitarlo, la gente me pedía más y más, yo tenía que darles. -. Pero no tienes que publicar esas cosas! Encima sale tu rostro! Qué pasaría si los vecinos se enteran!? -. Acaso me importa? Soy un hombre de 48 años que ahora tiene un cuerpo de dioses, la gente me alava, y si los vecinos me ven de seguro lo harían. *Dijo mi padre tratando de convencernos* -. Esto ha ido demasiado lejos papá, no puedo creer que lo hicieras. *Dije furioso* -. Que decepción y vergüenza, pá. *Dijo mi hermano que también se encontraba en llamas por lo furioso que estaba* -. Ya callense, ustedes solo están celosos de mi increíble cuerpo, solo porque no fueron lo suficientemente inteligentes para esconder sus sueros de mi, están celosos de que yo, su viejo, consiga más likes en mis publicaciones *Dijo mi padre enojado* -. Ugh, no puede ser, pá, esto debe parar ya! -. Y qué vas a hacer? No creo que con tu cuerpo de débilucho puedas hacerme algo nunca, já. *Dijo mi padre burlándose de nosotros* -. Ugh... Ya verás... Nos fuimos con mi hermano hacia nuestra habitación, a pensar en algo para acabar con esto. -. Ugh, se ha convertido en un cabeza hueca, es increíble que tengamos a alguien como Brendan viviendo en nuestra casa. -. Lo sé, es un fastidio... Oye, mira *Dijo mi hermano mientras me mostraba su pantalla de computadora* ¡Es un succionado de testosterona! Aquí dice que esto quita cualquier tipo de testosterona artificial, da igual su potencia, es perfecto y está barato! -. Genial, cuantas unidades hay? -. A ver, busco... Solo hay uno, y es el que vimos... mierda. -. No todo está perdido, cuantas personas están viendo la publicación? -. Al parecer solo nosotros, genial! Muy bien, hay que comprarlo, aquí dice que viene a las 9 de la mañana, el día de mañana, qué bien! -. Lo dudo, jajá, uff, finalmente podremos volver a tener a nuestro bajito y calvo padre como antes *Exclamé contento* oye, por cierto como funciona eso? -. A ver, aquí dice que tienes que acostar al sujeto y aplicar los succionadores a sus pezones y pene, y esperar a que succione la testosterona por completo. -. Uff, pero como convenceremos a papá de hacer eso? -. A ver... Aquí, compraremos inyecciones tranquilizantes para osos, lo inyectamos sin que se de cuenta y le succionamos la testosterona! -. Genial, no puedo esperar para mañana! Contentos con nuestro descubrimiento, pasamos el día jugando videojuegos. Llegó la noche y la hora de dormir, ni siquiera bajamos a cenar por el enfado que teníamos, aunque yo sí salí al baño y llevé mis audífonos, no podía evitar ver el video de mi padre y no masturbarme, me exitaba mucho, así que decidí hacerme una paja con el video de mi padre, quizá estaba mal, pero era inevitable. Al regreso del baño, me encontré a mi hermano, en la puerta del baño con celular y audífonos también queriendo entrar y hacer lo que yo también hice, pero tampoco hicimos comentarios al respecto. El día domingo y esperado por nosotros llegó, el día en que nuestro padre regresaría por fin. -. Despierta Lucas! Ya es hora *Exclamó mi hermano* en una hora viene el repartidor! -. Genial, vamos, bajemos a comer algo. Bajamos a la cocina, al entrar, nos percatamos que el desayuno ya estaba hecho, lo comimos aunque aún siguiéramos enojados con él, el tiempo pasó y por fin llegó lo que esperábamos. Abrimos la puerta y recibimos los paquetes, sacamos todo y lo preparamos en la sala. -. Ok, este es el plan, tú le inyectas a papá cuando baje las escaleras, lo llevamos a la sala y le sacamos la testosterona, ok? *Dije mientras le daba la inyección a mi hermano* -. Ok... Pero uhh... Papá hoy nos dio fresa con cremas para el desayuno... Y eso... Nos da ganas de ir al baño... *Dijo mi hermano mientras se tocaba el estómago* -. Mierda, corre al baño! *Dije mientras corría hacia al baño más cercano y dejaba el papel donde anote el plan* Mientras tanto mi papá bajó las escaleras, buscandonos. -. Chicos? Ya se levantaron? Quería disculparme por lo que les dije ayer... No fue muy bueno de mi parte... Oigan, están en casa? *Dijo mi padre que nos buscaba en la cocina* Mientras nuestro padre nos hablaba, este se topó con la nota y los instrumentos que dejé en la mesa. -. Qué!? "Plan para volver a hacer a papá el cascarrabias calvo que era antes"? Ellos quieren volverme a hacer como antes!? Ugh, cómo se atreven!? Encima que me vengo a disculparme! *Dijo mi padre que veía el succionador* acaso con esto quieren sacarme el suero!? Pues no se los voy a permitir... Mientras tanto nosotros regresamos del baño y fuimos a la cocina para tomar los instrumentos, pero nos llevamos la sorpresa de que el succionador no estaba. -. Espera qué!? Dónde está el succionador!? *Dije con preocupación* -. Lo dejé aquí antes de irnos al baño. *Dijo mi hermano preocupado* De repente escuchamos un ruido de algo rompiéndose en la sala, corrimos para ver que era, no sin antes que David tomara la inyección por si acaso; al entrar a la sala vimos como mi padre destruía el succionador, lo estaba haciendo añicos. -. No! Papá detente! -. AGHH!! QUÉ CREYERON QUE NO ME IBA A DAR CUENTA!? NO VAN A CAMBIAR LA BESTIA QUE YA SOY!! Mi padre estaba furioso, tenía la misma cara que tenía la vez que rompió su sillón favorito, estábamos asustados otra vez. -. No papá, e-esto es un mal entendido-*Dije antes de ser interrumpido por este* -. Ya cállate!! No creas que soy un estúpido! Ustedes merecen un buen castigo de una buena vez por todas. *Dijo mi padre que se acercaba a mi* -. Oye papá, espera n-no... *Dije mientras mi papá me tenía acorralado y luego recordé la inyección que David tenía* David! Inyectalo! -. QUÉ!? *Gritó mi padre* De repente David salió detrás de mí padre e inyectó el tranquilizante. -. Mierda...AGGH!.. *Expresó mi padre que había sido inyectado* Pero fue en vano, el tranquilizante no le hizo nada. -. Ustedes creen que van a detener a un titan como yo!? Ustedes no necesitan un simple castigo!! Ustedes necesitan más que eso, ustedes necesitan un poco de verga, hijos de puta. -. E-espera, papá sueltanos, a dónde nos llevas? *Exclamabamos ambos* Mi padre nos tomó y nos puso sobre sus hombros, nos dirijió hacia su cuarto, donde con sus palabras, ya sabíamos que era lo que nos iba a hacer. -. Papá, espera, qué haces? D-detente. -. Callense cabrones, ¡dejen de hablar¡ *Dijo mi padre furioso* A ver pendejos, pónganse de rodillas. -. P-pero... -. DE RODILLAS! Sin ninguna otra opción nos pusimos de rodillas ante la semejante bestia que era mi padre, que posteriormente bajó sus shorts junto a sus calzoncillos y liberó a su enorme trozo que colgaba entre sus piernas. -. Comiencen a chupar pendejos... QUE COMIENCEN YA! Intercambiamos miradas otra vez mi hermano y yo, sabíamos que debíamos hacerlo y que en el fondo deseábamos esto, así que comenzamos a lamer su enorme verga, nuestras lenguas se cruzaban, nunca había sentido la necesidad de besar a mi hermano, pero si lo habíamos pensado unas cuantas veces, pero esta vez la verga de mi papá hacía que esto sucediera, se notaba que deseábamos a nuestro papá, se notaba que nos pajeabamos con sus fotos, este último lo sabía, comenzamos a turnarnos para llenar de nuestra saliba la enorme tranca de papá. -. Mierda cabrones, ustedes no saben hacer mamadas, dejen que les ayude. Posteriormente papá nos tomó de la cabeza e intercambiaba con cada uno de nosotros para chuparsela entera o hasta donde nuestra garganta nos lo permitiera. -. Que rica boquita tienen, uff que rico...ahora vamos con lo más rico, subanse a la cama pendejos. Papá nos tomó del cuello de nuestras camisas y nos aventó bruscamente a su cama estábamos acostados esperando su siguiente acción de la que nos hacíamos una idea de lo que sería y de repente comenzó a romper nuestros pantalones y ropa interior, quedamos al descubierto, solo con nuestras camisas para posteriormente comenzar a besarnos, sentíamos un calor profundo, al tocar la lengua de papá con nuestras propias lenguas, se sentía estupendo, podía olfatear su olor a macho cada vez que se acercaba a mi para besarme, me encantaba. Luego de unos apasionados besos papá nos empujó, nos dió la vuelta y nos dejó de espaldas. A ver putos, levanten ese culo rico, ya llegó la verga que tanto esperaban. Hicimos lo que papá nos ordenaba y posteriormente papá escupió dos dedos de cada mano y comenzó a frotarlos por nuestros agujeros, sentíamos cosquilleos al sentirlos y aunque eran solo dos dedos, estos no eran pequeños, eran de la mano de esta bestia sexual que ahora es mi padre. Luego de un poco de roces comenzó a introducir lentamente sus dedos en nuestros anos. -. Ayyy... P-papá... S-somos vírgenes aún, ten cuidado... *Dije entre gemidos* -. Papá... N-nunca hemos hecho esto... *Decía David entre gemidos también* -. Descuiden, tienen suerte de que yo sea el que los desvirgue cabrones, yo creo que ya están listos. Papá nos volvió a dar la vuelta y nos dejó con nuestros culos levantados para poder apreciar a ese macho dándonos toda su hombría, dió un escupitajo a su verga para poder lubricarla y comenzó a masturbarse un poco, papá tenía otro tipo de mirada que nunca había visto antes, no era de enojo ni de otro tipo, esta mirada era la de una bestia sexual, como la de un depredador a su presa y se notaba que nosotros éramos las presas de papá. -. A ver putos, quien va primero... *Decía mi papá con su verga en mano* yo creo que tú David jajá. Papá tomó a David lo abrió y comenzó a meterle su enorme tranca, David se retorcía por el dolor y el placer que le causaba esto y yo no tenía otra opción más que masturbarme viéndolos. -. Uff que apretadito David, te estan temblando las piernas, UFFF... SIIIII... QUE RICO.... *Gemia mi padre con cada metida de pene que este le daba a mi hermano* -. Aaaaaghhh!!! Papá... Duele.... Aghh... -. Cállate cabrón!! Aguantame pendejo... Papá se follaba a David muy bruscamente y antes de venirse sacó su verga, me vio a los ojos y me jaló hacia a él. -. Ahora tú turno puto, prepárate para sentir a tu papá el macho a toda potencia. Papá tomó su tranca y le la introdujo en mi agujero, sentí algo que nunca había sentido en mi vida, una mezcla de satisfacción y dolor, me exitaban mucho que mi padre me estuviera cogiendo ahorita. -. Estas apretado más que tu hermano, ... QUÉ RICO JAJA! AGHHH UFFFF, no cabron... Agh... Me vas a hacer venir. -. Ayy... Papá... Uff... C-con cuidado... Agggh! -. Jajá, callate, Agh, di que te gusta mi verga puto! -. Me gusta tu verga... AGHHH!! -. Gime, dime papi y gime perra... DIOS QUE DELICIOSO ESTÁS... -. AGHHH... p-papi... Papi... UFFFF... Papá siguió así por un rato, mientras mi hermano se masturbaba acostado aún gracias a la cogida que le había dado papá y nos estaba viendo, luego de un buen rato de metida de verga, noté que finalmente papá se iba a venir gracias a su expresión, así que sacó su verga y se puso frente a nosotros, nos juntó y pidió que abrieramos la boca. -. AGHHH ME VENGO PUTOS ABRAN BIEN LA BOCA... AGGHHH... UFFFF... TRAGENSELO. Chorros de semen salían de la verga de mi padre y caían en nuestra boca, cara y camisa, nos dejó empapados, pero nos sentíamos muy complacidos por tener ese momento de placer con la bestia. Luego de la gran venida de nuestro padre, este último cayó a la cama rendido luego de habernos dado toda su leche, nos abrazaba a los dos, uno en cada brazo, podía oler toda su hombría, toda su testosterona, se sentía fenomenal. -. Uff... Eso... Eso fue muy bueno jajá... *Decía mi padre algo exhausto* siento haberles hecho esto chicos... Creo que esta vez me pasé, pero la verdad estaba enojado y también tenía muchas ganas de coger, no había cogido con nadie aún y ustedes estaban aquí, así que sucedió, pero igual lo siento mis lindos. -. Descuida papá... *Dije con demasiado cansancio* nos encantó, la verdad... Nos exitaban verte, saber que teníamos una bestia musculosa, nos volvía locos. -. Sí... Estuvo fantástico, y perdona también por hacerte enojar... *Dijo mi hermano que casi yacía en la cama* -. No, no se disculpen chicos, de seguro los asuste, eh? -. Sí... Pá, pensaba que nos ibas a golpear o algo. *Dijo mi hermano* -. No, nunca los golpearía, ustedes son lo que más amo en la vida, al contrario, quiero protegerlos.... Es solo que... Siempre he querido que algo bueno me pasara estos últimos años... *Dijo mi padre con tono serio* -. A qué te refieres? *Pregunté* -. Bueno, desde que soy niño , nunca tuve una vida escolar buena, a diferencia de ustedes nunca fui el inteligente ni me daban premios, nunca fui bueno en nada y los chicos se burlaban de mi y duró así hasta la universidad, y siempre fue porque era un débilucho, luego de acabar la universidad pensé que todo terminaría, pero en mis trabajos era igual, daba igual que tuviera muchos estudios, la gente se aprovechaba de mi; cuando conocí a su madre pensé que mejoraría pero conoció a un hombre mejor que yo y nos dejó, y tuve que trabajar arduamente en la empresa por 10 años para que no les faltara nada y nunca me ascendían, pensé que así sería toda mi vida, 48 años iguales, hasta que me convertí en esta bestia todo me ha ido mejor, la gente me nota gracias a mis publicaciones, quiere estar conmigo, me presta atención, todo me va bien, como siempre quise y hoy cuando me enteré que querían regresarme a mi cuerpo original, entré en pánico y me enojé mucho... No quiero regresar a ser el insignificante que era antes, me gusta ser la bestia que soy ahora, y me disculpo por si no les gusta, pero a mi me encanta ser así... Luego de escuchar sobre el triste pasado de mi padre, crucé miradas con mi hermano y sabíamos que el se merecía esto, que merecía tener este cuerpo más que nosotros, nosotros solo queríamos darles una lección a los bullies de la universidad que eran las primeras personas en hacernos sentir mal por ser inteligentes, pero papá sufrió toda su vida estudiantil y laboral, nosotros por lo menos siempre seremos reconocidos por nuestra inteligencia, sabíamos que deberíamos dejarlo disfrutar lo que no pudo disfrutar en su vida. -. Papá, no te preocupes... Entendemos... Disfruta de tu cuerpo... *Dijo mi hermano David mientras sobaba el brazote de papá* -. Sí, pá... Pero ten cuidado, ok? Tú también eres importante para nosotros... *Dije para posteriormente besar el brazo de papá* -. Gracias mis chicos, los amo, les juro que los voy a proteger, denle un beso a su viejo! Vamos!... Eh... Chicos...? Papá hablaba mientras nosotros nos habíamos quedado dormidos, este último solo sonrió y se quedó a dormir con nosotros, nos pasamos la tarde así, hasta 6 de la tarde, cuando papá nos hiso una cena exquisita, comimos, nos bañamos y decidimos irnos a dormir, dormíamos como bebés abrazado de nuestro padre. Al siguiente día nos despertamos, cambiamos, desayunamos y papá nos llevó a la universidad, llegando a esta se encontraba Brendan, nuestro bravucón de siempre. -. Ugh... Brendan está ahí... Mierda... *Dije enojado* -. No sé si debíamos entrar a la escuela. *Dijo mi hermano asustado* Brendan se encontraba molestando a un chico de otra clase, parecía que iba a golpearlo ahora, no creíamos que algo lo pudiera salvar. -. Quién es él? *Preguntó papá* -. Él es el bullie de la escuela... El molesta a todos los chicos más débiles que él... Él es la razón por la que queríamos tener un mejor cuerpo... Queríamos que dejara de molestarnos, porque está en nuestra clase y siempre nos molesta... -. Enserio!? Bueno... Pues va a aprender que no debe meterse con ustedes y con nadie, es hora de darle una lección a ese estúpido. *Dijo mi padre con mucha seriedad, para posteriormente salir y azotar la puerta del auto* Papá se veía enojado, salimos detrás de él para ver que iba a ser, llegó y se acercó a Brendan y comenzó a hablarle. -. Hey! Quién te crees que eres!? *Preguntó furioso mi padre* -. Usted quien es- Ou... *Dijo Brendan mientras se daba la vuelta viendo la inmensidad de nuestro papá* -. Soy el que te va a mostrar a respetar, jajá. *Dijo mi padre, con tono burlón* Posteriormente papá lo tomó entre sus brazos y comenzó a sobar bruscamente su cabeza con sus nudillos, se notaba que incomodaba mucho a Brendan, pero ese solo era el principio, papá prosiguió a sentarse en una banca y le bajó los pantalones y comenzó a nalguear lo fuertemente en frente de todos. Todos los chicos de la universidad comenzaron a burlarse de él, Brendan solo pedía parar a cada rato, pero papá no sé veía que quería parar. -. Quieres que pare? Pues bueno, voy a parar pero no me voy a ir sin hacerte...¡UN CALZONCHINO! *Dijo papá riendose* Papa subió a Brendan a un árbol y lo dejó colgando de sus calzoncillos ahí, todos nos reíamos, estábamos tan felices que alguien le diera su merecido al fin, papá solo nos guiñó el ojo, estábamos tan felices. -. Wow papá, gracias, estuviste increíble *Dije entusiasmado* -. Estamos muy orgullosos de ti *Dijo mi hermano feliz* -. Gracias campeones, recuerden que nadie los va a molestar mientras yo esté con ustedes; ahora vayan a estudiar, los veo luego. La campana sonó y todos entramos a clase, luego de habernos reído de Brendan que seguía colgado por un tiempo, luego la rama se rompió y calló sobre un charco, se notaba que había aprendido la lección y se fue a casa, las clases terminaron así que también nos fuimos a casa, donde papá nos esperaba con otra cena riquísima y que sabíamos que no era la última. El tiempo pasó y papá comenzó a ir al gimnasio para mantenerse y expandir más su fuerza, su barba también crecía, y no solo eso, fue ascendido nuevamente a jefe de contabilidad, le estaba yendo muy bien. Nosotros comenzamos a ir al gimnasio con él, obviamente nos tomará mucho o quizá nunca lleguemos a estar como él, pero nos ha servido mucho, hay gente que quiere salir con nosotros. La verdad es que nos está yendo muy bien a todos y nunca nos habíamos sentido más unidos con mi padre, no nos arrepentiremos de su cambio nunca más, y pensar que todo esto comenzó por querer defendernos de los bullies y terminó con nuestra familia más unida. Fin. ___________________________________________ Y así termina la historia, espero y les haya gustado y disculpen si encuentran algunos errores ya que es la más larga que he hecho hasta el momento , ya estoy planeando otras historias, aunque quizá sean más cortas que está. Gracias por leer.
  4. A Zhu Crew Adventure: Destruction Manifest This is a story involving furries with hyper muscles, hyper endowments, gay sex in anal, oral, and other various creative varieties. It features hyper, growth, muscle growth, genital growth, displays of super strength, male lactation, destruction of property, transformations, magic, superpowers, freakish growth and a number of kinky fetishes. If you do not like those things then the story that follows is not for you. If they are however, then enjoy this tale of magic, technology, and fiction in a mostly modern day setting. The city of Royal Triamel was a modern metropolis with a population of 70 million people. Many would have likened it to a futuristic New York with sky scrapers that lined the horizon, some stretching as tall as 150 stories or more, making it a city with a number of buildings as tall as the Burj Khalifa. This was not terribly commonplace in the world where Royal Triamel resided but didn't seem out of place for any who lived there. True it was one of the larger cities and as such had a number of extraordinary individuals who lived there. In this world there are people with what has been described as “the spark”. A gift that granted them super powers tied into the magic of 8lue. Those who had the spark could use their magic abilities to act as sort of super powers, while others just used them to help with their every day lives. Some acted as super heroes while other inevitably used them to be villains. In Triamel, as the locals called it, there had been an extensive battle between several super powered individuals and a villain who called himself the Shroud. In the wake of that battle, about eighty percent of the city had been damaged to the point where the buildings there were deemed unsound. While the Shroud had been apprehended, the city officials and super powered groups devised a plan. Royal Triamel had already been evacuated and thusly they had magic users gather the personal belongings of those who lived in the city. Any thing of value was put into mystic storage containers to be retrieved at a later time. With the powerful magic users they had they decided to rebuild the whole city, a process that would only take them a matter of weeks. However, before it could be rebuilt... the old city would have to be demolished. For big demolition jobs there was only one company to call... Sila I Svet Demolitions. It wasn't their first rodeo and they were the best at controlled demolitions for just such an occasion. They drove to the city epicenter of Main Street and Pularoy in a big, beat up, mac truck with the S.I.S.D. Logo painted on the sides. That's where he came in. Despite such a big job, the company only had but 4 employees, including the owner and founder. The owner Rogovoy, drove the massive 18-wheeler through the abandoned city streets and his three employees rode in the back. The trailer they rode in was furnished with a number of over-sized and worn down chairs, which were fixed to the floor, but there was nothing else that decorated it. A couple of hanging lights swayed from the ceiling as the truck drove onward through the debris and destruction. The man who seemed to be best suited towards this type of work was one of those three and he went by Mihk. Pronounced Mick, his full name was Mihkensei Bleu Buisson. He was part bison and part water buffalo but all man. He was a wall of muscle bulging in every direction made up of good genes and hard work. His skin was a mix deep tan and light brown like autumn leaves on the forest floor. The fur that covered most of his hirsute body could mostly be described as satin gold with hints of silver that added an air of distinguishment to his overall coloration. The powerful horns that sprung from the sides of his head and curved upwards were a light brown with hints of gold filigree and many thought they complimented his big brown nose. His eyes pierced through from everything else with a sheen of hauntingly handsome sky blue. On this day, like most others, Mihk wore a tank top, basketball shorts, and roman-style sandals that wrapped half way up his calves. Partially because he liked to have his skin and fur able to breathe and partially because his clothing selection was limited for people of his enormity. He topped off at seven foot even but for the time being he sat on an oversized couch in the back of the trailer, taking up most of the space all by himself with his copious bulk. He crossed his legs and blushed a little as he watched his co-workers snuggling up on the couch that sat next to him. Many people had confused that duo for brothers, and while they shared the same last name, it was only because they were married. The muscular rabbits Buio and Leggero Coniglio were nearly as muscular and massive as the half bison next to them but stood a bit shorter, both coming in at six feet six inches (but eight feet tall if you counted the ears). They were both not only buff but very fluffy in all the right places, both having fantastic quoifs of head fur that flowed down their backs like Fabio. Another distinguishing feature was their overall fur and coloration. Buio was completely black furred on his left side and completely white on his right, conversely Leggero was completely white furred on his left side and completely white furred on his right. They would be very hard to tell apart if one hadn't known who had what color fur on which side, but Mihk and their boss had known them long enough that telling them apart was a snap. Speaking of snaps, Mihk's attention was drawn back to the pair of rabbits next to him. The snapping sound was Buio adjusting the waistband on his boxer briefs and letting it snap back into place. A few times, drawing in the attention of Leggero and the half bison to his very prodigious bulge under the tight, dark blue, fabric. Both of the rabbits put even the well hung Mihk to shame. While Buio wore dark blue boxer-brief like pants, his husband Leggero wore a pair of identically fitting yellow boxer-brief style bottoms. Their bunny tails wiggled happily as they snuggled up close and cozy on the couch. The only other clothing they donned were tight fitting sleeves that went from their wrists to mid biceps and long socks that held snug to their truly massive feet, stretched over those powerful calves, and rode up to rest just past the knees. The clothing the rabbits wore matched the boxer briefs that were stretched ever so taught, almost like super hero costumes... extremely lewd super hero costumes. He watched as Buio sat back on the couch, straining it under his weight and that of his husband as Leggero stradled him, grinding massive bunny bulge to massive bunny bulge. Both the lapin gents moaned and groaned as Leggero ground against his lover and then pulled Buio's head, wedging his face between his massive black and white pectoral muscles. As they were facing one another they were black fur on black and white fur on white. They moaned as Buio mototboated his husband's massive pecs. Leggero chuckled and Mihk shifted a bit as the truck moved around through the city. He looked at the pair with a look that said, 'seriously?' and waited for them to notice his gaze. Leggero noticed first and smiled at the big bovine, “Something you wanted to add big boy? Feeling left out? Want to join in?” “Dude,” began Mihk, “It's way too early in the morning... How are you guys so frisky at the ass crack of dawn?” Buio pulled from his lover's pecs and leaned the side of his face against them as he replied, “How could I not be?” “Likewise,” added Leggero, “I can't be around my Buio Bunny without sporting a semi, bro. It's like not even possible.” “And my Leggy gets me goin' like nothing else. I can't resist no matter what time of day it is. Par example,” said Buio before going back to wedging his face between the monstrous pecs. Mihk sighed and focused hard on staying soft. He closed his eyes and said, “Whatever muchachos. I'm still not fully awake and even so I'm waiting till we get there before I...” The bovine man stopped as the truck came to a halt and the engine turned off. They heard the sound of a door open and close then heavy footsteps outside. “Sounds like we're here,” smiled Leggero, “You won't be waiting long to crank a few out, eh?” “Nothing doing till I had my coffee, dude,” said Mihk as they heard the rear door turn and then slid up before them. It was still dark outside and so the streets were only lit by flickering, damaged street lamps and by the hanging lights from within the trailer. “Did someone ask for coffee?” asked a rhino man with a heavy Russian accent, “Bozhe moy! Rabbits quit the zanimat'sya seksom right now! You need to stay covered for video. Fuck after. Sukin syn... and keep it in your pants. “Sure thing, Rosti,” said the rabbits in unison as they hopped up off the couch in sync. They popped a salute then hopped out the van in synchronized summersaults and landed behind the massive rhino. The one they called Rosti was a massive rhino man who's full name was Rostislav Spartak Rogovoy. He wore a red and black flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, cargo blue jeans that were held up by thick suspenders, and over his big feet were huge, thick, steel toed work boots. He had pale gray skin that faded into pink over the front of his torso, the palms of his hands, the soles of his feet and in a few other key areas. His hair was coarse, thick, and gray. Atop his head he had his hair cut short and buzzed on the sides and back. He had a short beard that didn't conceal much of his other features. He left a few buttons undone on his flannel shirt, showing not only a great deal of pectoral clevage, but how incredibly hairy his tremendous muscles were. His forearms and the top of his hands made that evident as well as he held up a canister and tossed it to Mihk. “One large coffee at the ready, comrade,” said the big rhino. Mihk caught the canister, which was about the size of a 2 liter soda bottle but shaped like a thermos. He popped the top of the can, twisting it open and a heating element dropped down to warm up the coffee for him automatically. He brought it to his lips and blew on the hot drink a bit, then inhaled the scent and took a ginger sip, “Mmmm that's the stuff.” “So when do we start with the job?” asked Leggero. “Should we get crackin' guys?” asked Buio. “Not yet boys,” said the rhino. He walked casually over to a large metal case and popped open the top. Dozens of small robots flew out, each one looked like a small metallic sphere with a red glowing eye on the front, “We need to wait for dawn and then we will begin with filming.” Mihk stood up and departed the trailer, the shocks of the trailer shook and bounced as he hopped out, the ground thudding from his hundreds and hundreds of pounds of weight hitting the pavement. Even his sandals strain and moaned a bit from the impact. He looked around at the little robots and asked, “What makes this video so special, compadre? I mean we have a few dozen already.” “This will be the largest job we've had yet,” said Rostislav, “I want don't want rush job this time. Want to showcase one at a time what we can do. Should bring in many more jobs, da?” The rhino shot a thumbs up his way and Mihk gave him a nod. The half bison half water buffalo took another sip of the hot and energizing coffee, “Sounds pretty bodacious to me. In the meantime I'm just going to be caffinating. Let me know when you want me to do what.” Mihk took another sip from his steamy drink while the rabbits looked around at their surroundings. They seemed almost in constant contact with each other as they looked around, either holding hands, or rubbing one another in various places on their fuzzy and buff bods. Even their long ears seemed to mingle intimately as they looked about without speaking. “You two have been awful quiet. Should I be worry?” asked the rhino of the rabbits. “Hmmmm?” asked Leggero, “Oh. Naw. We were just telepathically wondering which block to start with first.” “Which would show up best for starting on the video,” Buio added. “Da. Da. I always forget you can talk to each other's minds when your ears touch. Got a little bit of the mind spark,” said Rostislav. “We sure do,” said Buio as his eyes darkened a bit, “but I also got the dark spark.” “And I got the light spark,” said Leggero as his eyes lightened up a bit in turn. “Speaking of light, dudes,” said Mihk as he pointed at the horizon. First light had struck with dawn soon to follow. He took a few more sips of the coffee and finished off the self heating cannister before tossing it into the truck. The rhino cracked his knuckles and closed the camera bots case. Sending the cam bots into motion. They spread out over a great area to capture all the action as it happened. “Alrighty boys. Prigotov'sya. I'll give intro before each segment. Then when I introduce you, you show your power and let the demolitions begin.” “Dude, don't we have to put up any phase barriers?” asked Mihk. “Nyet,” said the rhino, “Since we don't have any parts of the city to protect this time. We don't need them. We are leveling the whole place for once.” “Well I know but... Oh... yeah. I guess that means we wouldn't need any,” said Mihk. “Da. Now boys. We gonna record two videos today. First video is clean video. Promotional material,” began the rhino, “Then rest of city AFTER promotional video is going to be for the fans who want to see us really let loose, if you know what I mean.” The rabbits looked to each other and shared a devious and nigh identical set of grins before saying in unison, “Sounds like my kind of video.” “I know I'm looking forward to it,” Mihk commented, while focusing on staying soft for the first video, “Who's going first?” “I'll announce and then you go. I go last. Just be ready for when I tell you go. I tell you go then you go. Da?” said the rhino. Everyone nodded and he said, “Good. Now we start.” The rhino looked to the metal case and said, “Smart box.” The box beeped and some lights blinked then Rostislav said. “Smart box start recording promotional video.” The box bleeped and a cam bot went from a panning shot of the city down to the big rhino boss. He shot a winning smile and went into his shpiel, “Privet and welcome. I am Rostislav Rogovoy, owner and founder of Sila I Svet Demolitions. In this video you are about to see just what me and my employees can do for you. Starting off we have the powerful pair of rabbits ready to rumble this city to bits. Introduce yourselves boys.” With a gesture to the pair the camera floated over to them and they gave a few playful flexes as they introduced themselves being extremely flamboyant and effeminate as they began their segment. “Hi there everyone, I'm Buio,” said the rabbit in the tight blue clothes. “...and I'm Leggero,” said the rabbit in the tight yellow clothes. “And Today we're going to show you just what we can do with my power over dark,” said Buio. “And my powers over light,” said Leggero. “I'll kick it off,” said Buio, accenting his comment with a few powerful kicks, causing his muscles to flex and the scant clothing he wore to creak and strain. His eyes turned black and seemed to emanate dark flames as he said, “This is what I can do with the powers of darkness.” He floated into the air and had a dark aura pulsing from his body. Black lightning licked his heels through the ever taught socks, as he rose and flew to a block that had some shorter buildings. Then with a sudden boom he flew at supersonic speed, making the camera twirl from the sudden eddies of wind. The cameras kept switching to other cameras that were nearby, watching as the building before him nearly imploded from impact, collapsing down quickly. Then the rabbit rose from the rubble unharmed and a devious grin on his face. While floating over the rubble of the five story building he concentrated and then flexed his massive chest to even bigger proportions, firing a blast of pure dark energy from between his pecs like a laser beam that blasted through building after building, taking down a further three. As though he were just a kid having fun he then went down and flew through building after building til the entire block was demolished. The whole process took him about five minutes and when all was said and done he flew over to his husband and landed. The dark glow faded and he returned to his previous state. Leggero gave him a high five and dust came off of Buio from the rubble. He then helped Buio pat himself off and dusted down with a couple of coughs before Leggero pointed to the sleeve right at his his left bicep and said, “Oh no, love. You tore your sleeve.” The cameras captured all for the promo video, “Aw man... I guess it's ruined now. Oh well, Might as well take it off.” Then Buio proceeded to flex his already massive arm and just his arm to mind bendingly freakish proportions. His bicep and forearm popped and ripped free of it's blue constraints and soon the sleeve was left as just a strip around his wrist like a bangle from the once mighty and reinforced sleeves. Buio smiled and continued to flex, pump and show off his freakish arm, “There that's better.” “Better for you maybe,” began Leggero, “But now we don't match... Here, let me fix that.” Legerro then flexed his opposite arm in the same fashion and it exploded out of the constraining sleeve. He was much more methodical and slow, ripping it along a seam in very specific and controlled flexes to rise to power and ripped free of just his bicep. Then with his forearm he just exploded it all at once, bursting his arm free to relax it as just the same bangle of cloth remained much the same way his husband had. “There we are.” “Not quite, Leggy,” said Buio, “You flexed the wrong arm you silly goose, now we still don't match.” “Well what say we just even it up then fluffy britches?” “Sounds like a plan honey bun,” smiled Buio. The rabbits then turned to the camera and flexed in unison, making all four of their arms explode with size and freakish bulges in every direction as each individual muscle fiber contorted and grew to tremendous proportions. They throbbed with power and their naked arms now only had cloth wrist wraps where there were once blue and yellow sleeves. “Much better, my lovely,” said Leggero as his eyes went white and started to glow with a glimmering silver light. He pulsated with an aura of pure light much the way his husband had with his dark aura before, “But now it's my turn to show off a little.” Leggero then took flight and left a trail of shimmering light behind him as he flew into the center of a block between two ten story buildings. He then zoomed with a sonic boom to the ground and the impact resonated with such force that when his massive feet stomped the ground the buildings cracked and the surrounding cityscape quaked. His feet swelled and really strained those ever tight super reinforced socks. The buildings to either side of him collapsed down and the massive shards of buildings pummeled his incredible muscles. The rabbit gleaned, literally, and rose back up then started to pulse with a blinding light. He put his hands to either side and fired powerful beams which leveled the rest of the city block. Another five minutes passed and then the rabbit stood victorious on the rubble, landing and crushing the rubble between his toes and under the socks. After the display he walked back to Buio and said, “Well that's all for what I can do, at least on my own.” “Should we show them what we can do when we put our minds together?” asked Buio. “Among other things?” smiled Leggero. “Exactly, my love,” said Buio as he kissed his honey. The rabbits then went hand in hand and leaped 300 feet into the air. Rather than falling down from that height they remained up, still holding hands. Their bodies each glowed. Leggero with light and Buio with darkness. Then the fur on the entirety of their bodies changed colors with Leggero changing to a completely white furred rabbit, and Buio changed to a completely black furred rabbit. They looked to one another and gave a knowing nod, their luxurious locks billowed in the breeze generated from their sheer level of power. Then they each glowed their respective shades of dark and light and black and white lightning rained down from their bodies over the city below as they flew down a street. They blasted beams of light and dark to either side, destroying four blocks at once. Buildings ruptured and burst apart from the sheer force of the blasts and from the licking lightning of the pair of rabbits. They hovered and held hands, watching as the mass of buildings collapsed to the ground beneath them, destroyed by their sheer power alone. Six blocks of the city taken down by a mere two rabbits in a matter of minutes. The powerful pair returned back to Mihk and Rostislav, landing as the dust whooshed away from them and when the released hands, they stopped glowing and each returned to their respective black half white half forms. They then gave a few victorious flexes, all while their cottontails wiggled ever so happily, for the cameras and said in unison, “Thank you everybody. We were the Coniglios. Remember to stay tuned for the rest of the show.” The cameras then shifted focus back to the massive rhino and he shot another winning grin, “Wow that was really great, fellas. Now for a special treat I turn over the focus to my next fantastic employee. A real master of what he does. Hey there big guy, why not introduce yourself?” The camera then panned over to Mihk and the big half water buffalo gave a happy smile with a small wave, almost coy in his approach as he spoke out like a Californian surfer, “What's up dudes? I'm Mihkensei but everyone just calls me Mihk. I've got a few powers of my own that I'm about to showcase but first things first. Hey Rosti?” “Yes Mihk,” said the rhino. “We still gonna be using this big rig after today?” “Nyet. I got a junker just to use for the video,” the Rhino assured him, “You can use it however you want, big boy.” “Bodacious, well I'm gonna borrow it for just a sec here,” said Mihk. He walked up to the side of the rig itself and then hooked a big sandaled foot under the side. In one swift motion he kicked it with a careful precision into the air, flinging the whole 18 wheeler up and through the side of a building. He looked down and saw that he had popped a few straps on his roman-style sandal then with a humph he simply flexed his feet and lower legs, growing them to freakish size and simply ripping out of his sandals altogether. He then walked barefoot up to the building that the truck stuck out of the side from and turned to the camera. “So, compadres, the rabbits have the power of light and dark, but I have the power of earth behind my spark,” Mihk smiled, as he started to flex, pumping his muscles larger and larger till his tight tank top gave way to his power, unveiling the rest of his hairy chest and back for all the world to see. He then showed off the the cameras in several professional poses, his legs tearing up his shorts a bit but somehow despite his muscle and how incredibly well hung he was, they took it like champs and clung on for dear life. He then turned to the building before him and raised his right leg up high and then stomped it down on to the ground. A massive spike of rock and dirt shot up through the twenty story apartment building before him, partially from the force of his kick and partially from an exertion of his spark, driving the very earth itself up through the building. A second stomp and the whole structure collapsed before him. When the dust cleared, Mihk stood unharmed among the debris. He dusted off his shoulders for the cameras then smiled, “Pretty righteous right? Check this out dudes.” The massive barefoot beast of a man the launched himself forward at a speed that was alarming. He steadied the launch with his earth powers so that there was very little kickback. Mihk impacted a small store with enough force that the side he impacted exploded out the opposite side and took out a further two buildings in front of him. Before the collapsing buildings crumbled he ran up with incredible speed and strength, shrugging off the crumbling buildings as they collapsed atop him like it were nothing. He ran into a fourth building and stopped mid way through he lobby. The tiles of the floor cracking under the sheer weight of his massive body as he ran and then suddenly stood. Flexing his toes, the concrete and marble floor crushed between his toes like sand at a beach. Mihk squatted down and then suddenly launched himself up through the 50 story building, exploding through every level and erupting out of the top, the whole building falling and collapsing onto a few others on his demo block. He came down with a crash that landed him on the 30th floor of a 120 store building, but crashed down to the 28th floor. He took a moment as he rose to his feet, adjusted his massive package a little and then stood at the windows. He kicked the wall out before him so his view was not obscured and looked out at the remainder of the block. He raised his hands and there was a quake as the remainder of the three blocks nearest him was swallowed up as the earth shifted beneath them and dropped the buildings into the ground. The massive beast of a man then stomped his way down through each of the the 28 floors below him and walked out through the wall into the open. With one final massive punch to the side of the building it collapsed and fell atop the last of the rubble on his block for the video. Mihk then leaped into the air and landed on the pavement right next to Rostislav and the rabbits. The ground cratered out from him and he had to climb out of the hole after his landing but then dusted himself off, pointed to the rhino and said, “I've been Mihkensei Buisson. It's all up to you now dude.” A cam bot panned over from Mihk to Rostislav the Rhino and he said, “Wasn't that something? Well. I suppose that is about all for this video... oh except for my part. Time for Rostislav to show them how it's done, da?” With a gesture the massive rhino had the camera pull back to show his full body. He then made a fist with one hand and clasped it in his other. Then he flexed and flexed hard. His tight flannel shirt literally exploded from his body and was left as tattered on his bulging, muscular, very hirsute upper frame. His loose blue jeans were suddenly made tight as spandex, and his feet up to his calves burst from his steel toed boots. That one flex left him in just what were now super tight jean shorts, that were tattered at the bottom, his suspenders, and a pair of white socks, overstretched across his truly massive stompers. Rostislav then said, “You've seen earth, light, and dark sparks. Mine is a bit of body but mostly control over kinetic energy. This mean that once I start... there is nothing that can stop this rhino. Watch as I take out now.” The rhino started to flex, pounding his fists into each other and then with his muscles and overall body flexed to astounding definition. The hair on his body seemed to double in thickness and the popping mass flex made sweat droplets fire from him in every direction like a mist. The sheen of his body shimmered in the early morning sun. He placed his hands onto the ground, assuming a running preparatory pose. He began to kick his foot like a bull getting ready to charge. His nostrils flailed as his body continued to swell even bigger, more vascular, more hirsute, more defined, and with throbbing muscle beyond the other three of his company combined. Then he kicked off. His massive hairy toes tore through the fronts of his socks as they dug into the the pavement a foot deep as he ran. Over and over his feet tore through the streets leaving a path of destruction as he built up speed. The power of his thrusting muscles only built upon his power and he manipulated his kinetic energy as he ran to the end of mainstreet. The power of the wind rushing from him was accented and empowered by his kinetic energy boosts. Everything he kicked up in his wake was dragged after him. He ran through a bus, cutting it in half on impact. The kinetic energy he used to power through, he amplified a hundred fold just before he impacted a 50 story skyscraper with the full front of his body and continued to run. The kinetic power boosted from his impact to the building exploded the front of that building in every direction before him. The bus halves impacted two buildings and the impact exploded out at the same time as the impact of the big rhino through that forefront of the skyscraper. He only continued to build speed and erupt through buildings. Every impact having the kinetic energy outburst amplified and that only caused further explosive demolitions in all directions. The beastly man continued to run through a whole city block and then stopped, standing in ruins as his now bare feet smoked from the exertion of power. Not even a trace of his socks remained. The cameras filmed in super slow mo to capture his slow look up then went back to regular speed as he grinned. The row of buildings he ran through and the two hit by his bus halves exploded out in a mass of demolished rubble that took out five city blocks and caused a quake that shook the ground for miles around. He ran back through the collapsing buildings at super speed, exploding brick and mortar against his nigh invulnerable frame. The powerful, hirsute, muscular rhino didn't stop till he arrived back at the group, dragging a cloud of debris with him. It was ten minutes before the dust finally settled. Mihk raised his hands and with a couple claps both he, the rabbits, and the rhino were all dust free for the cameras. Rostislav then turned on his best grin with a thumbs up as he looked to the closest cam bot, “Well well. That's fourteen city blocks taken out in merely an hour of time. Imagine what we at Sila I Svet Demolitions can do for you today! Dasvidanya and good day my comrades. Rostislav out.” With that final command the dust covered digital box beeped to signal the end of filming for the time being. The massive rhino looked down and gave a nod then looked to his employees, “Good boys. Very very good. We make good video today. Just one question Mihk.” “Hmmm?” asked the half bison, “Was something wrong?” The rhino nodded, “I don't know what it is you been saying when you are talking on the video. What is all this cowabunga dude bull shit?” “Oh well, I was trying to establish a character,” Mihk began as he started to talk with his hands while he explained his reasoning, “I figured I only had a few lines to like... make me seem like a lighthearted surfer bro. I wanted to seem less scary so that when I stomped the ground and leveled a few city blocks then people would be cool with it instead of seeing it as some kind of monster doing all that stuff... ya know?” Rostislav smiled with a single approving nod, “Well then well done, comrade. Just in any future videos... dial it back like sixty percent, da?” “Da,” Mihk said with a nod, “Sixty percent less bodacious. Got it.” He stuck his tongue out as he crossed his arms with a silly smile. The rabbits then hopped and landed between the two. “Speaking of videos though,” said Leggero. “And speaking of dialing it back,” added Buio. “Maybe we could dial back just how much clothing we all wore,” added Leggero. “And maybe we could dial up how sexy everything was going to get,” said Buio. Then in unison they said, “And maybe we could start making that other video we were supposed to start making?” “Keep your collective pants on till we can start filming,” said Rostislav, “Speaking of I think we should move to another part of the city for that perhaps.” “Yeah this place is kind of beat. We want a bunch more buildings if we're going to start blowing things up,” said Mihk. He raised his hands and a platform of pavement rose up into the air and floated to another part of the city. He found a good place about 20 blocks away and set everyone down to the city streets, moving the part of the street that was there out of the way so there was an empty slot for the part of the pavement they floated in on, “There we go. Fresh city for video two.” “Video two!” exclaimed the rabbits excitedly. The rhino nodded, “Remember boys that now we can go crazy. That video before will go on our site as a promo not only to draw in clients for future work... but also so that people can go to our pay side for more videos like what's gonna get made right now.” “You don't have to tell me,” said Leggero, “I'm the one who built the site.” “This isn't our first rodeo, Rhino Daddy,” said Buio, “But I do appreciate the pep talk.” Mihk cracked his knuckles and looked to the box then double tapped the button on top, “Alright dudes. We're recording so... Allons-Y!” “Da... that's not how this box works,” said Rostislav, “It only responds to my commands. Besides we need to get dressed to impress first.” The rhino tapped the top of the box and said, “Box, give us outfits.” The robotic box then opened and unfurled into a massive wardrobe. The rhino opened the standalone closet and pulled his outfit out with a nod, happy with his choice then motioned for the others to do the same. Mihk pulled out a little gray and white number. Buio took out something orange and somewhat torn while Leggero took something fancier and purple from the wardrobe. Mihk brought up separaters made of stone from the streets and the four men got dressed. The four were surrounded in stone by the half bison so they could get dressed and ready for the video with a big reveal planned. The rhino called out for the cam bots to start recording the second video and a few seconds later Leggero burst onto the scene. The big black and white rabbit kicked through the stone wall and stomped onto the city streets revealing his new outfit for all the cameras to record. He wore a purple pinstripe suite with a green undershirt, purple tie, green socks, huge shiny brown shoes, and dark shades. The clothes hugged to his huge muscles as he walked out into the city and struck a few classy poses, dusting off his shoulders with a tiny brush he kept in his inner jacket pocket. The crotch had been specially tailored to hold back his tremendous endowments but he wasn't afraid to thrust them forward a bit and really strain their fabric prisons. His tail twitched happily as he was stylin'. Buio was the next one to burst onto the scene, punching through his wall and jumping up to land with a skillful crash on his feet. And what big bare bunny feet they were. Massive even for his size, they were thick and strong feet with powerful toes. Resting atop them were orange fabric anklets, like ripped up sweat bands from an 80s movie. He had similar arm bands at his wrists and one atop his brow as a proper punk sweat band. All orange as was the rest of his outfit which consisted of a pair of tight fitting boxer briefs that really accentuated his massive bulge, but both the fabric at the waist band, and where it ended on his mid thighs, was frayed and torn to be rather stylish. His orange shirt was stretched perilously over his tremendous pecs and was torn around the v-neck collar and along the midrift ends on the bottoms. Whatever sleeves there had been were either torn or flexed out of at the shoulder leaving tufts of torn cloth that billowed in the breeze. He did a few breakdance moves with some playful flexing mixed in and ended on a head spin windmill that ended with a final freeze pose held aloft by his strong hands alone. Mihk was the next to make his way onto the scene. The stone encasement moved aside, as his power moved the earth to begin with, and he sauntered out very feminine with a hip sway to put the best drag queens to shame. That was just as he liked and was very much in drag for his second intro. He wore an ill fitting french maid outfit that was stretched to the extreme. It was a tight, tailored, gray dress with a white apron, white collar, white puffy sleeves that covered his shoulders with a frilly design but stopped at the biceps, and a white collar with a light blue bow around his neck. He also had a white underskirt crinoline to make his short skirt fuller, helped by his tremendous crotch bulge, a crotch that was covered by his only undergarment, which was a tight white jock strap stretched to the extreme and was shown off a bit every time the wind blew against him just right. His arms were adorned with black fishnet stockings that went from a fingerless glove start at his hands and ended with a frilly gray ribbon half way over his biceps. Similarly his feet were clad in overstretched gray socks that were styled like no-shows to cover his feet but were attached to black fishnet stockings that rose up over the curves and hills of his powerful legs, ending half way up his thighs in a frilly lace that was hooked to the band of the jock strap underneath to keep them up. He completed the maid look by having a gray mobcap with white lace atop his head that had a frilly blue bow on the side and then also held an over-sized feather duster. The duster looked normal in his grips but, as he was a seven foot seven inch wall of muscle with huge hands, it would have practically been a broom to a smaller man. Mihk sauntered here and there with a feminine sauntering step that set the rabbits on edge, he walked over to a parked car and put his hands on the roof, crunching it down a little as he thrust his powerful ass into the air and wiggled it for the cameras. Then came the rhino. Rostislav was not one to saunter. He burst from his encasement by stomping the ground and letting the heavy rocks collapse and break apart over his powerful muscles. Muscles that were all too on display for his fans. The only thing covering his torso were his suspenders which held up a pair of custom tailored daisy duke style gray jean shorts, stretched to the max, as one might assume, by his bulge that could go blow for blow against Mihk's own size. There was something else over his crotch, under the jeans, that seemed to prevent the cameras from getting the full details of his cock outline from under those jeans but that was a surprise that he was saving for later on in the video. Over his feet he had a pair of knee high white socks that had blue and red stripes at the top. Socks that bulged with his massive, hairy, well defined legs. Similarly over his arms he also wore a pair of the same style socks that had the ends torn through by his fingers so that he had full ability to grip still. The arm socks rode over his powerful muscles as a perfect tight fit that ended with those stripes just above the mid level of his powerful biceps. Atop his nose, pulled over his horn he seemed to be wearing socks that the rabbits were wearing previously, one was stretched over his head like a blue luchadore mask with holes poked for his eyes, ears, and muzzle to protrude through. It was bunched up just under his chin like a scarf that ended his sock mask. Then there was a yellow sock, pulled over his muzzle with his nose, horn, and lips all defined through the stretchy material, bunched up around where his muzzle met the rest of his face, completing the mask in total. He inhaled deeply and his muscles over the whole of his body swelled a bit bigger as though he was fueled by the erotic nature of the socks he donned, stretching the ones he wore all the more. He walked out into the street and gave a few playful flexes to show off for the others and to the cameras before he said, “Alright fellas... let us fuck this city up now.” Leggero looked over his shades to his husband in the orange outfit and said, “Has anyone ever told you that you have the same fashion sense as Flash Beagle?” Buio looked to his lover in the purple suit, “Said the man who's cosplaying as the Joker right now?” “Sexy Joker sure,” said Leggero with a few flexes to stretch out his suit a bit. He looked to Mihk and said, “Speaking of cosplays... who are you supposed to be? Is your drag name Raye Nessance?” Mihk chuckled a bit then said with a lisp, “Honey please, with these massive milkers?” he said pointing to his chest, flexing a bit as his nipples swelled under the dress, “If anything you can call me Maid Moorian.” “All I know is...” Rostislav began then flexed harder in a most muscular pose, fraying the ends of the socks covering his arms and legs. His cock then burst free from it's prison, revealing that it was wearing a huge sock like a condom as his coconut balls and massive python freed itself. He swayed his hips, the massive 18-inch soft cock, “I am ready to begin the fuckening.” Mihk felt his own 18 inch soft endowment start to swell under his dress from the display while Buio and Leggero felt their 22 inch softies tighten their pants as well. The rabbits had balls the size of 16 pound bowling balls and they felt them swell a bit along with their friends as they saw everyone in their full sexy glory. Rostislav the rhino started simple by stroking his massive sock covered cock, watching it grow and lengthen till it really filled out that sock. Thickening, his member went from it's 18 inch flaccid state to a full 38 inches of sock throbbing, rock hard, steel i-beam dick that made that sock like a second skin as copious amounts of precum spilled from the head through the fabric, soaking it in further down the shaft while also dripping out onto the pavement below. He watched Mihk struggle to sit still atop the partly crushed car and await his turn in the spotlight. His puddles of precum only increased as he watched the rabbits work their wiles for the show. Buio, dressed in his 80s garb pulled a huge boom box from seemingly out of nowhere then rested it on his ample shoulder, held up by an arm wrapped around it and hit play. A tasty synthwave song began to play that cut in with a bit of hip hop and the rabbit bobbed in time to the music. He started to break dance, setting down the boom box as he twirled, kicking it over to Leggero, sliding it on the ground over to his husband. He smiled and kept dancing, even though that massive bulge should have made it more difficult, he seemed to move with grace despite it's size protruding from his body. He only stopped when Leggero stopped the music, effectively letting Buio freeze in place in a hand stand. The rabbit in the suit popped the tape out, flipped it over, and hit play. A salsa song kicked in and he began to do a sensual, fast paced dance over to his husband, then nudged his bulge with a strong hand to knock him on his bum. He continued to dance but at the same time flexed and not only popped the tie from his neck but also popped the first three buttons of his custom tailored shirt. Showing off his huge pecs as he continued to dance. Buio flipped to his feet and was not about to be out shown. He dance up to his husband and kept pace, executing a choreographed number as the pair kept dancing and in doing so flexed their muscles. First their feet which made Buio's feet larger but made Leggero burst from his shoes, leaving his feet clad only in the lime green socks. Next they flexed their pecs and abs. They worked in sequence that tore Buio's top in two but opened up Leggero's shirt completely. They flexed their muscles in unison, forcing their pecs to intertwine in a writhing mass of masculinity. Their abs flexed in sequence that caused them to clap together, one by one then all at once then showing their incredible muscle control as they went back to one at a time. Leggero's massive cock had snaked down his pants leg past his knee and kept lengthening before it hardened. Likewise Buio's cock had lengthened the opposite way, snaking off to the left around the side and then continued to fill out his orange boxer-briefs. It snaked around his waist like an inner tube and eventually came full circle as it went all the way round him. He then moved to his huge lover and said, “Enough of the dancing, lets move it up a notch. Flex out of your top my love above all others.” “As you wish my sweet bunny Buio,” smiled Leggero. The pair then grunted in unison and flexed their chests and abs harder, The expanding muscles pushed the two buff fluffy men apart a good ten feet before they relaxed and let their torsos return to normal, relatively speaking. Buio then heard the track change from a salsa tune to a power ballad rock song and began to flex in time to the music. Bouncing his pecs and biceps then flexing his lats, trapezius muscles until his shirt was blasted from his torso, leaving his upper body naked except for his wrist bands and headband. He showed his unbelievable precision muscle control by flexing each muscle group separately, making each one bulge out from his fingers, flexing like they were bulging biceps, then up to his forearm where he flexed each muscle individually bulging out in groups from the longus to the brevis to his ulnaris and the digitorum muscles. Then he moved on to the upper arms starting by flexing his wenis till they touched the ground and sprung back up, then the biceps, triceps, deltoids and everything in between. He shifted positions and flexed each part of his back separately, working hard on his traps and lats till it looked like he literally had a pair of gigantic wings that he flapped with enough strength to blow his counterpart's hair like a strong breeze. He danced forward a bit and then pointed to his husband happily. Leggero was more than happy to take the next leg of the sexiness. He began by moon walking back a few yards and then began to flex his feet, flexing bigger and taller. The soles swelling huge, his feet growing overall and stressing his socks to the max till he blew out the fronts with his growing, lengthening and thickening rabbit toes. Wiggling said toes ground the pavement between them to dust like sand on a beach and then with some further foot growth, his gigantic feet tore free from his socks altogether and made him stand a full four feet taller from all the growth. He then used his long ears to dust his shoulders one by one and then started to work on his arms. He started with his shoulders, flexing them up till they were like gigantic boulders that swelled through and out of his shirt and jacket like they were tissue paper. He left his shoulders giant then made his upper arms grow to match, ripping free the next segment of his shirt with his biceps, triceps, and all the muscles in between. Next came the forearms and hands, swelling till they exploded with size, followed by his hands. He flexed his arms like the stud he was with each arm equally as big on it's own as his body was just moments ago. He let his chest and abs explode out before him and his back explode out behind him, demolishing the last of his shirt then relaxed his flexes and returned to a relatively normal, albeit slightly bigger size than before. Where the rabbits once stood six foot six, not counting the ears, before they now stood no less than seven foot tall each. They looked down and swelled their feet bigger and bigger till they both had massive feet that were each the size of a small sedan. They walked on tip toes up to each other till they were able to pull each other's arms to hug chest on chest and kissed passionately. Their gigantic toes intermingled as they played footsie while making out. Because they were facing one another it was black fur on black fur and white fur on white fur. Leggero's pants were the first to give way to his 50 inch long monstrosity that ripped his already stressed pants from his frame and went between the legs of his lover, colliding with his tremendous balls with a resounding thwack. A thwack that drove his lover wild as the cock pushed Buio away and lifted his feet off the ground. Buio did the splits, flexing his balls atop that massive humanoid, pink, rabbit cock to hold it in place, his feet out to the sides with toes pointing away as he moaned and toe curled while his cock and balls swelled to meet his lover's size on par with nearly identical cocks and balls. However his started by tearing the front of his shorts off, then moving around his side, to the back and then swinging around to collide with Leggero's pecs with a speed so great the impact caused a sonic boom that blew out the windows of nearby buildings. He was going to fly off Leggero's cock, but managed somehow to clap his massive soles and toes around that gigantic member before he flew off too far and the grip caused his husband to stumble back on his own massive bunny feet, making him fall back to his heels and accidentally smash the boom box to bits. At that point, Leggero wore nothing but a few tatters of cloth around his ankles and Buio only had on his ankle bands, wrist bands, and headband. Leggero was able to hold up the bunny that clasped to his cock by massive feet alone and managed to flex his cock up and down, bouncing his husband in the process. Buio then flexed his cock and allowed it to grow even bigger, swelling larger and thicker, bouncing with his body and really slapping the sides of his feet hard, spraying Leggero with gallons and gallons of precum as he did so. Leggero responded in turn spurting hundreds of gallons of precum from a throbbing, expanding, growing cock that got big enough to start spreading apart the sedan sized feet of his husband and those hundreds of gallons that spurted from every edge of the massive feet, and between the toes, began to simply erupt from the now exposed cock head, bathing the swelling balls of his mate. Buio couldn't hold out very long and without warning his feet slipped from that massive cock. He flexed his ass to gargantuan size, like twin bean bag chairs to cushion his fall. He landed with a crash, his slickened feet to either side of his massive mate. On landing their cocks slapped together and both moaned in unison. They then began to sway their hips and thrust massive cocks against each other, getting precum everywhere as they had a proper sword fight in the city streets. Then Buio lifted his feet and placed them to either side of Leggero and engulfed his mate's body entirely with those massive rabbit feet sticking out the bottom and his massive cock out the front. His head was between two massive toes on either side and as he took in the intoxicating scent of his mate and his own precum he lost control. Leggero was the first to cum. He blasted with the force of a railgun through the side of a building and through the building behind it. Both buildings collapsed from the repeated shots of his particle beam firing cock. His shots practically glowed with his power over light as he blasted again and again. His partner was so turned on by the display that he erupted in turn and his massive cock fired straight up into the air, raining down super rabbit cum over the city. The rabbits came for minutes straight before the orgasmic end left them writhing on the ground and deflating to 8 foot tall, before the ears, hyper muscular versions of their previous selves. Mihk however had put up an over-sized black umbrella with white frilled lace on the top center and around the outer edge, keeping his maid's outfit clean from the oncoming cum storm that hit mere minutes before. He floated daintily on gusts of wind that lifted him by the strong maid's umbrella like a bizzaro Mary Poppins made of thick bovine muscle and hair. He floated through the air till he found a dry spot on the pavement and then released his umbrella, falling to the ground with a crash that cratered the street in a ten foot radius from him and tore the foot sides of his stockings. He sauntered over to a busted lamp post and with gentle movements he bent it over in half at waist height, then bent it around and flattened it with his hands to make a flat table-like surface to set a singles record player he pulled from under his skirt. Where he hid it, no one knows. A flip of the switch and it cranked to full volume. He set the needle to start and began playing an old record of “La Vie En Rose”. The half bison, half water buffalo, hyper buff, hyper hung, hyper masculine man dressed in one of the most effeminate of outfits then began a well practiced routine. Starting with a relever moving to several glissers, pliers, sauters and a healthy mixof elancer and entendre with expert precision to the music. Then he started to slowly flex bigger and bigger, growing the muscularity of his whole body. Every muscle expanding larger and larger as well as his massive nuts, cock, lips, brow, forehead, and chin. The jock strap gave way along with prongs of his fishnets in random places over his arms and legs. In a pirouette his toes expanded too long and when he stuck the landing they tore through the fabric of his hoes, airing them to the world as the massive man danced. The big man continued to swell and ended his routine along with the song, then casually lifted and tossed a car through the air single handed, crushing the record as it began to skip at the end of it's play. He smiled after the crash and continued to swell. More strings and straps popped free from his fishnet stockings over both the legs, feet, hands and arms. His shoulders filled out the formerly poofy short sleeves of his maid's dress and his collar bow popped along with the top two buttons of the white collar along his dress. The tears spread further down as he sauntered on down to where the laying rabbits recovered. Mihk had already stretched his body to eight and a half feet tall by the time his feet ripped free of the sock bottoms from his stockings. His cock had been 18 inches soft but with his swelling had become 24 inches soft, however, since he began walking it also began to harden. His balls became more boulder-esque and were kept tucked behind his legs so that his member was unencumbered to sway before him as it grew and grew, pointing like a man destroying meat missile, ready to crush. It lifted past the rim of his short skirt and the head of his pink, humanoid, cock of incredible girth had a gray ribbon tied around just behind it with a gray bow atop it. The jock strap that held his stockings up had since ripped off those constraints and was now stretched to the max as his dick reached full mast at 60 throbbing inches of pure bovine power. A mighty throb of his cock popped that bow and ribbon right off. He reached the rabbits, swishing mostly barefoot as his arms and legs were now no longer covered in any sort of fabric that would hide his incredible, swelling, vascular muscles of untold power and virility. Mihk smiled to the pair and pointed between them, “Who's going to help milk me first? Should I just go eeny meeny miney mo?” “Could be the both of us at once,” said Leggero as he rose to his feet. Buio rose up as well and made a change to that plan, “Better yet, perhaps you should use whoever you catch first, my bovine chum?” The rhino, not to be forgotten chimed in as he stroked his still throbbing sock clad member, as he stood with socks soaked in an ever expanding pool of his own precum, edging and holding off his orgasms as he watched. Another orgasm approached and he squeezed his cock, his balls rumbling bigger behind him all the while as another orgasm was surpressed. They were now each as big as 3 city busses smooshed together. He grunted as they swelled again and said, “Mmm yes... you keep doing just that... Then we get to the real freaky stuff.” “Oooo. That's gonna be fun. Also, I like the idea of a hide and seek, mes amis,” said Mihk, “I'll give you each one big jump and then I'll come a knockin' to find the fine lapine who will help. Est-ce que ça va avec tout le monde?” The rabbits looked to one another then back to Mihk and said in unison, “Oui.” At once the already massive rabbits flexed their legs and the four limbs exploded with muscle from their buttocks to their thighs, calves, soles and toes. They squatted down on the newly buffed out legs and jumped with a force that propelled them in different directions. Buio exploded through the front of a skyscraper and the building collapsed in his wake. Leggero cleared the buildings before him but on his descent, flexed the soles of his feet to the size of city busses and his toes each to the size of a volkswagen bug. Speaking of bugs, on his landing he stomped down and through a three story office building, collasping it and cratering the structure in his wake. The cameras captured it all and the rhino edged to the video relay given by the box. Mihk smiled and then charged his body with the powers of earth and air and then smiled as he said, “Ready or not... here I come little bunnies...” He then flexed his eyes like massive twin battering rams that soon extended out like ever growing pillars. They pierced through wall after wall of the buildings before him until they bumped into a massive set of toes that belonged to Leggero, Mihk called out with a great billowing voice that trembled the buildings his eyes had pierced as he started to retract them, “Peekaboo I see you.” The massive beast of a man, in tatters of a maid's dress, ran forth through building after building after the huge black and white rabbit. Leggero flexed his pecs up like a shield in front of him as he saw exploding building after exploding building as the half water buffalo charged. He spread his pecs so that he could see down the middle, only just in time to see the massive Mihk explode out the nearest building. He screeched to a hault before impact and said, “Oh I see. Think you can stop me with your muscles? Think your pecs are really something? Let me show you what real pecs can do!” Mihk's whole body flexed and grew like a full body erection with muscles exploding out on all sides. He continued to throb bigger and bigger without really gaining any height, except for that which his powerful soles added to the equation. He then concentrated and flexed his chest hard. His pecs exploded and tore him free of the last of his maid's outfit, leaving him only wearing the small hat atop his head. His pecs swelled bigger and bigger, engulfing his 120 inch boner and pushing his boulder sized balls back behind his legs as they impacted the ground eight feet down and were equally as tall above the man. Expanding out eight, then ten, then twenty feet in every direction. His gargantuan nipples were the size of manhole covers and exploded milk out from his glorious pecs with the strength of a dozen broken fire hydrants. He kept flexing till his pecs engulfed the swelling rabbit entirely from the tips of his ears to the ends of his toes, massive pec shield and all. They continued to swell and he continued to spray as soon his pecs expanded out a hundred feet in all directions, crushing all in their path. “Olly olly oxen free!” Mihk cried out. He then heard thud after thud a Buio hopped through the city streets, running though buildings, kicking through cars and punching through busses as though they were made of tissue paper. The beastly man couldn't see beyond his pecs but heard the other rabbit come up from behind. “Where is Leggero?” asked Buio. Mihk looked over his shoulder, his head had flexed his facial muscles larger as he focused on his powerful growth. His forehead had greater ridges, his chin had a gargantuan cleft and his lips were truly swollen with power. Mihk didn't speak but rather instead just slapped his pecs. “He's in there?” asked Buio, his boner throbbing to the 200 inch mark as he imagined what must have transpired. “He is... and if you want him out I need your help milking him free... mmmmph... So full of milk...” moaned the beastly man as he gripped his own pec flesh and massaged it with immense hands that only grew bigger and more hirsute by the second. The bovine man moaned, “Better hurry... Need to erupt...” Buio gave a grope of his massive ass then ran at super dark speed with a trail of black fire behind him as he came to one of Mihk's massive nipples, it was already 4 feet across and 8 feet long, pulsing, throbbing, and spraying milk by the gallon... That is until he plugged the hole. He stuck his 10 foot rabbit cock down it and gripped it tight, starting to fuck. He pounded away with massive balls slapping the nipple attached to a pec that went at least 100 feet down into the ground before the rabbit. He fucked away and then his balls swelled and started to erupt. He fired thousands upon thousands of gallons of rabbit cum down the huge nipple and soon enough Mihk's right pec was twice the size of his left, causing the beastly man to moan and his nipple swelled, engulfing the rabbit whole and swallowing him up as he continued to cum. Then the pecs erupted with millions upon millions of gallons of half bison milk and a good deal of rabbit spunk mixed in out of one side. The pecs began to deflate as the city streets were washed clean by the milk and cum mixture.. Several million gallons shot into the air as Mihk leaned back and aimed his nipples with a few precise flexes to fire like dual laser beams at the buildings in his path, blasting through them like a power washer blasting leaves from a sidewalk. The city before them lay a mess of white but that only got added to as Mihk let out a roaring moo and came between his own pecs, washing out Leggero. Buio was fired from the pectoral muscle at the same time and the pair flew through the air blasting cum all the way. Their hands and feet ignited with light and dark powers allowing them to fly as the continued to shoot their loads, washing away blocks of the city with their death ray cum shots. Not to be out done, Mihk flexed his pecs and increased the lactation flow as he came. Millions upon millions of gallons of his cum and milk mixed with the millions of gallons of rabbit cum as a whole section of the city got washed away white. When all was said and done they had cleared a further 40 blocks by way of orgasmic demolishing. Mihk fell back on his rump with his pecs mostly back to normal but still huge and throbbing with the power of his spark as the last his lactation drained, leaving him with 6 inch soft nipples in the aftermath. The rabbit pair smiled and hovered over Mihk with their soft cocks flapping in the breeze about 10 feet above the man. They grunted together and flexed their cocks, still soft they went down towards the massive half bison and wrapped around his arms like boa constrictors at least 20 feet long, then as a team they lifted him and flew back to find their Rhinocerous boss. However, he was not where they had left him. What they saw was a pair of divots drug through the pavement that seemed to expand as it got further and further from his starting point. They saw the divots expand and get wider till they filled the whole street with a raised path down the middle. All three stood and walked down the street, their cocks dragging behind them over the sides of the raised path. They saw the divots expanded path with the sides of buildings collapsed and crushed inward as they went further along, and then they saw it... twin hairy gray and pink boulders that were at least 500 feet tall. The massive balls of the massive rhino that he had drug at least half a mile through the city streets. Buio and Leggero hopped atop one massive mountainous testee each and Mihk hopped onto the hairy cleavage in the middle. However on landing he found that he was swallowed by a literal forest of pubic hair as the massive rhino balls expanded and doubled in size as a response to the rabbits heavy impacts. He pulled up and tried to move but found his footing precarious as he was constantly being swallowed and bounced by the testicle flesh and bombarded by the sweaty forest of pubic hair, wrapping around him with every new step. Buio and Leggero were unaware of Mihk's plight as he played in the forest of gray rhino pubes, that was dark as night within, and made his way through to the front. They had each hopped off and saw what Rostislav had become. Their cocks instantly went from soft twenty foot anacondas to hard eighty foot long pillars of masculinity and virility. Rostislav had been busy edging and swelling but not only his balls were throbbing bigger with every given second. His cock was a massive rod that was 200 feet long and 40 feet wide just before the head. The cock sock he wore was specially made to accommodate hyper growth but even so was tearing throughout it's coverage from the sheer size. The throbbing, pulsing veins along the massive member pulsed so big and hard with his every heartbeat that they literally blew off sections of his hyper sock. His body hair had run amok and covered his chest and abs till they were gray and shiny with hot rhino sweat. The hair covered his shoulders, back, arms, legs, hands and feet, though most of those were not visible because his hyper socks were still holding tight. His face flexed to massive proportions, his eyebrows throbbed out like twin hairy erections that extended 10 inches from his face. His cheeks were massive and pulsing with strength. The rhino's lips looked permanently pursed from their gargantuan proportions on his now huge face. His chin extended down to his tremendous pecs and was wedged between them. His underbite had extended and his incisors looked just as long as his horns. His forehead had extended up and out a good foot from his normal proportions and was creased with ridges. Rosti's ears twitched as his head hair cascaded over them and down his shoulders, intermingling with his copious body hair. The socks on Rosti's hands up his arms gave way as he raised his arms to a massive flex that made his biceps cap out at 40 stories tall. He grinned showing off for the rabbits as his forearm muscles extended out 25 stories to either side of him, smashing buildings to dust with massive squared bombarding shields of swelling, throbbing, swelling, muscle flesh. The rhino himself stood taller than before, at least 15 feet of massiveness with power literally radiating off him in every direction. He turned his head to the left and licked his swollen, musky, naked bicep. He flexed his thighss and made them expand out from him, off to the sides so he could match his forearms. With a skillful precision flex of his upper and lower body, he manuvered his forearm and thigh muscles to go forth and wrap around those giant 80 foot rabbit cocks with 250 foot squared off battering rams of power. He then flexed his calves down behind him and those giant calves lifted him and the rabbits off the ground. The act lifted him and the rabbits off the ground, 450 feet in the air to be precise, and shifted his balls behind him, causing Mihk to tumble and fall, getting wedged and squeezed by the copious, churning, nutsacks that battered him on either side within the forest of massive rhino pubes. He slipped around as he was engulfed in musk upon musk and only made his cock shoot forward like a missle from his body, emerging from the forest fast enough to break the sound barrier. The sonic boom tremmored through the rhino and the surrounding city and Rostislave clenched hard to keep from cumming, his balls doubling in size once again. He was too buff to turn his massive head on the neck muscles that now nearly engulfed his head along with immense back muscles, so he widened his eyes and the extended from his head to look back behind him at where the massive humanoid bison cock was coming from. The rabbits then allowed their muscles to flex as their cocks lengthened to 150 feet long and 20 feet wide each. Their muscles engulfed and hugged over the Rhino's cock hugging thigh and forearm muscles. The destruction that was happening around them didn't seem to matter to the four any more as they were too lost in each other to even notice at that point. The rabbits touched as their muscles swelled and as they pressed to each other, the colors of their fur in black and white swirled about over their bodies as they flexed, grew and rode the orgasmic bliss together. Rosti groaned as he looked back at Mihk's cock, a 500 foot throbbing pillar that poked him in his massive back and spurted thousands of gallons of precum that cascaded over his tremendous frame. Mihk's balls swelled atop the 2000 foot tall immense rhino testicles, each one 2000 feet wide with a true and literal forest of hair covering them. Mihk's now 400 foot in circumference balls rested atop the Rhino's own. The half bison rubbed his now 10 foot long nipples and gushed milk over his massive cock, slickening it more than the sweat of the rhino's pube forest. Rosti watched it all and then flexed his rump, pushing Mihk back and then let his throbbing, gargantuan anus extend out and wrap around Mihk's massive cock, sucking it in and drawing 50 feet of cock into him, making his abs bulge out from the tremendousness. Mihk just kept stroking his nipples from within the rhino forest and his balls continued to swell bigger. With the rhino's attention drawn away, the rabbits took advantage, flexing their feet and toes to immense proportions towards the rhino's now 350 foot throbbing member. The rabbits curled and flexed their toes to great length as the rhino held them aloft with supreme ease but his attention was draw back up front. His appendage was suddenly wrapped in skillfull, gargantuan, flexing rabbit toes that tore his cock free of every last bit of fabric that once encased it. Their massive muscles writhed with the rhino's own as Mihk flexed and fucked him from behind. The Rhino's nipples shot forth and swelled bigger as he flexed his pecs with a roar as his eyes went back in his sockets again. The pecs extened half down his forearms muscles while his nipples went further down still and around the rabbits. A massive rhino nipple inserted into the muscular rear of each rabbit, fucking them and filling them with rhino milk as the black and white of their fur swirled about over their bodies in a sea of swirls and waves. The rhino's body control spark had spread not only to his every fiber but to the bodies of his companions as well and they all swelled in love and erotic excitement. Their fast muscles, throbbing with pulsing veins and writhing with pleasure overtop one another turned the whole group into an almost unrecognizable mass of strength and virility. Buio and Leggero extended their ears over their pecs to wrap around their nipples, stroking and milking them to spurt back at Rosti and Mihk. Milk rained down over the city as it splashed against their powerful companions and mixed with Mihk's own spray out from the forest. Buildings collapsed from the mass of impossible muscles and the streets were flooded with their sweat, precum, cum, and milk mixing in a swath unlike anything the city had ever known or could withstand. The rabbit toes flexed and intermigled over the rhino's cock while his nipples fucked them. The rhino's massive anus sucked in and out over Mihk's cock and his abs flexed to really rock that gargantuan cock, bumping against the rhino's thighs and forearms that held the rabbits firm. Rabbits that had flexed the vast majority of their muscles over top of those rhino arms and legs. The bottom of the rhino leg's calves extending down 500 feet to raise him from the ground. All parties were left totally nude by their explosive muscle growths. Mihk's pecs and nipples continued to swell as the pleasure overwhelmed all parties present. Then came the rumbling. The rumbling that could not be held back, not this time. Rosti was about to fire, his whole body tensing and flexing muscles bigger and bigger in all directions including over those people he was with. The rabbits gushed more and more with rhino milk as his rhinocerous ass cheeks flexed bigger and bigger, engulfing the whole of Mihk's tremendous cock and covered his entire body in the forest of pubes. Mihk and the Rabbits started to rumble as they felt it approaching the same time as Rostislav's... the whole city quaked with the encroaching destruction. There was a moment's peace as they entered the eye of the storm. Then it happened. Rostislav's cock expanded, doubling in width. Mihk, Buio, and Leggero's cocks all follows suit and Rosti's balls contracted, pinching the bottom half of his body and the top half engulfed in a heavenly embrace between the rhino's ass cheeks... and he fired... They all fired... Every spurt from every one of them exploded like a bomb that took out blocks at a time, cratering and destroying the ground around and below them in row after row as milk and cum erupted in gargantuan waves from the writhing heaving mass of muscle, sinew, and fur that flexed and convulsed in rhythmic bombardments which quaked the ground and made palpable waves of air that billowed out from all directions. The sweet scent of love went out for miles in all directions, much like the tidal flood of various passion fluids. The city once known as Royal Triamel was quickly being flooded out of existance with walls and waves of fluid that washed the remainder of the buildings away for nearly an hour of flooding and reflooding in rhythmic explosions that wouldn't stop. When the orgasms finally stopped the massive men reduced in size but the rhino kept his hair as hirsute as his fully flexed form even though he would now stand a mere ten feet tall. The four of them laid back, awash and floating in a sea of their own fluids. Steadily leaking the last of the orgasmic pleasures. It was going to take a while for the fluids to drain off and evaporate but in the meantime they all just relaxed and floated at a level above where the skyscrapers once reached. Buio floated and gently swam through the thick fluid as easily as he would through water for the muscular rabbit, “That really hit the spot.” Leggero chimed in, “It really did... and now we're both white bunnies my love.” “You know,” said Mihk, “I think I still see some buildings off at the edges of the city still... Should we swim over and take care of those or...” “Davai!” Rosti exclaimed, “Let's grab a quick nap first then we work... I can cum a lot but boze moy... take a load off...” “I think that we already did my horny rhino friend,” said Buio. “A load and then some,” Leggero chimed in. Mihk nodded and laid back relaxing, “Right then... nap time for now... but then we get to really let loose after...”
  5. Hialmar

    Ménage à Trois

    PREFACE Addition: When I first posted this story, I was unaware, that @VRGoh had posted a story with same title more than three years earlier. If you are looking for that one, you'll find it here: https://musclegrowth.net/topic/3937-ménage-à-trois/ Ménage à Trois Chapter one The club was in a city quite a distance from the sleepy town where he worked, and he assumed, that he wouldn't be recognised. He had checked in at a cheap hotel a few hours earlier, and bought a pizza on his way to the club. Ten year old high rises and seven hundred year old church spires accompanied a neo-gothic fire lookout tower (from a hundred years ago) and a rather uninteresting art nouveau observation tower in the skyline. The lakes met the sea, and the canals emptied into the river. Night fell over the city: Rosy clouds and a golden horizon turning into a navy blue sky, and the reflection in the waters changed accordingly. He had been there before. The dress code was less strict than in some other places, which allowed him to pick a less obvious style: A black t-shirt, camo trousers, a pair of shiny steel cap boots from Underground, and a cheap leather jacket – a pick and mix of the actual clone styles. It was in stark contrast to his formal, but unasserting, style at work, and he felt less restricted. More liberated. More of a man. He took the tram. What was he expecting? A fun night out, in contrast to the humdrum life of the town he called 'home' (though his parents' place was called 'home' too, and the university city several miles in the other direction had been his 'home' for several years). Perhaps a blowjob. He didn't expect to find a partner: The fleeting conversations and superficial flirts at the club weren't particularly conducive for that, unless you lived in the city and befriended a regular circle of friends there. The tram reached an area of old brick buildings. Lots of graffiti. In the 1970s, there had been discussions about demolishing the entire block, but nothing had happened, and the punk scene and nascent environmentalist movement had moved in. The turn of the millennium had led to gentrification, but some of the old clubs and shops had managed to remain in their old buildings. He passed by a shop selling second hand vinyl records and a hipsterish café. A cellar office for Friends of the Earth side by side to a startup-company programming apps. A shop called Mods and Punks, and an LGBTQ bookshop, but they were closed for the day. A poster on a wall, worn by weather, with the message: PROTEST TOMORROW! Smoking wasn't allowed inside, and it wasn't unusual to find members of the club standing outside, smoking. Two men of his own age – in their early thirties and dressed in navy uniforms – were smoking cigarettes and glanced at him as he approached the club, but the man who drew all his attention was a tall man entirely dressed in black leather. The glossy trousers clung to his powerful legs, and enhanced the visual impact of the leatherclad man's extremely muscular quads, hamstrings and calves. Motorcycle boots glistened in the electric light, and a black leather jacket covered a wide torso, titillating his imagination about what might exist inside the jacket. One thing was obvious – the leatherman's chest and shoulders were very wide, and his waist seemed to be narrow. The sparse light from the streetlights were not enough to guess the other man's age, but he was clean-shaven, and didn't have any of the moustaches frequently seen on leather-daddies over the age of 60. The presence of the other man set a handful of conflicting feelings in motion: Awe and delight, arousal and intimidation, and the disappointing realisation, that the other man was way out of his league. "New here?", the man in leather asked, and puffed on his cigar. He had to clear his throat, before he answered. "Been a member a few years, but I live quite a distance from here, so I'm not able to frequent the place often." "I know the situation. Well, not personally, but it's not unknown to have distance-visitors here." The man eyed him silently and confidently. "Let me know, if I can help you to shape up your wardrobe. I know a few affordable stores. See you inside." He entered, waved his membership card and bought a beer. The place was dimly lit, as usual. A few lads in rubber. Not his thing, and he didn't entirely understand what they got out of that style, but to each their own... Army style could either look cheap or turn its wearer into an action hero. He could observe both cases here tonight. Old leather daddies looked cute in a grandfatherly way rather than sexy, and having a conversation with them could sometimes deepen your wisdom. The skinheads looked incredibly hot, and some of them obviously worked out a lot. A pity, that he would never dare to sport that style himself. He swallowed as two men in leather, his own age, walked by: Hot, but not as hot as the man who had stood at the entrance. Then he could sense a whiff of a cheap anti-perspirant, possibly Lynx, and the smooth synthetic fabric of a tracksuit against his hand. He turned around. A scallylad, possibly five years his junior, stood close to him. His head was buzzcut, and he was wearing a cap. His plump cheeks could have hinted at pudginess, but, on the contrary, the tracksuit couldn't hide the hard and firm (but not narrow) waist, and a stocky sort of V-shape undoubtedly built through hard work at the gym. He was holding a pint of stout, his eyes were glittering of elation and his Adidas tracksuits revealed a tenting bulge. He watched the scally in surprise and disbelief, as he slowly recognised the pug nose. Seven years ago, when he had just left university, he had served as a geography teacher further north-east. He had been worried over the bullying of a short and thin 19 year old, and actively did everything in his might to stop it, but he had had so many students since then. It couldn't be? This confident, apparently working-class, short brickhouse of a man couldn't be the shy, slim-limbed son of a shopkeeper and social worker he had taught seven years ago? But the nose... The scally grinned in a cheerful and cocky smile: "Hello, Mr. Smith. It's me, Harry. Don't you recognise me?" "Harry? Uh, you look... different." A smug expression came and went around Harry's mouth, and the glow in his eyes intensified. "Cool, innit? Life's awesome. Didn't know you swung my way?" "Never got much of a gaydar, to be honest, and I'm not drawn to kids." The cocky glow in Harry's eyes deepened, and the twenty-six year old moved one of his big hands to cup the tentpole in his tracksuit bottoms. "I'm not a kid, Mr. Smith. I'm a man. Do you like what you see?" He could feel movement and a presence behind his back. He could sense the scent of leather and cigar smoke. He turned around. It was the tall man who had stood by the entrance. He could hear Harry say: "This is the teacher I told you about, Master. The one I had a crush on. Can we bring him home? May I keep him?" * * * Chapter two is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14054-ménage-à-trois-chapter-two/
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