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  1. RealIn2Growth


    I was sitting around a lot on location in Paris so I had plenty of time to write. I got this idea from a 'Celebrity Trainer' I used to work with. I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think! SUBLIMINAL APPROPRIATION Bored. So fucking bored. Nothing worse than lying on the couch and bored on a Friday afternoon. Could hit someone up on Grindr, but during the day there’s only fats, femmes, and old people on, and besides, need to get back to the gym in two hours. Need to remember to bring my tripod. Maybe I should go put it in the car so I don’t forget it. Fuck it. Hey, Alexa, remind me to bring my tripod in 2 hours. I could always make some more content for OF or another story for Insta, but I already did that today. Don’t want to oversaturate. Maybe I should just jerk off again. Only did that twice this morning. Fuck it. I’ll just scroll Instagram. Looser. Ugly. Small. Not bad. Need to remember to hit him up. Pathetic. Copycat. Looser. NOTIFICATION. Email. Open my account. Email from The Erotic Occultist. Open email. No text. Just a link. Should just close and delete this. I click on it. I know I shouldn’t… but… I do. A video pops up. It’s a picture of me… from one of my own videos… Damn I look good. Why does this asshole have a picture of me on one of his videos? His voice. He’s talking. HEY BEHEMOTH B! HOPE YOUR DAY’S BEEN GOING WELL. REMEMBER ME? YOU FEATURED ME ON ONE OF YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS ABOUT A MONTH AGO. YOU CALLED ME OUT… BY NAME. YOU SAID MY GUIDED GYM HYPNOSIS WAS AS FAKE AS TURKESTERONE AND JUST AS USEFUL. YOU ALSO SAID ALL OF THE SUBLIMINAL MUSCLE GROWTH VIDEOS I WAS PEDDLING WERE BULLSHIT AND THAT YOUR ‘FANS’ SHOULDN’T WATCH THEM ANYMORE. THIS RING ANY BELLS? Fuck! This guy. I remember. Pathetic. Need to report this asshole… using my pic without permission. Need to close this and… GUESS WHAT, BEN. TODAY’S YOUR LUCKY DAY. I’M GOING TO MAKE ALL OF YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. I’M GOING TO HELP YOU GET EXACTLY WHAT YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED. THE ONLY PROBLEM IS… I KNOW… WHEN YOU GET IT… YOU’RE NOT GOING TO BE SATISFIED. PEOPLE LIKE YOU NEVER ARE. YOU ALWAYS WANT MORE AND MORE AND MORE. AM I RIGHT? OF COURSE, I’M RIGHT. I’M THE EROTIC OCCULTIST. I KNOW EVERYTHING. SO, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO GET. FROM THE MOMENT YOU HEARD MY VOICE, THIS VIDEO CURSED YOU TO GROW INTO A GIANT MUSCLE MASS MONSTER. What the fuck??? THAT’S RIGHT. FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO EXIST AS A TOTAL MUSCLE FREAK OUTSIDE OF SOCIETY. YOU’RE GOING TO BE SO BIG… SO MASSIVE… THAT THE REST OF YOUR WORLD WILL FOREVER BE OUT OF YOUR REACH. No. That’s not want at all! I just want to be huge… to be followed by millions of viewers… to be envied at the gym… to be a fucking force of nature! I'VE ALSO BURROWED A SUGESTION INTO YOUR BRAIN THAT NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU WISH TO... NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY... YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO STOP THE SOUND OF MY VOICE UNTIL YOUR TRANSFORMATION IS COMPLETE. Need to turn it off now. Need to… I can’t! I can’t turn it off! Holy fuck! I can’t turn it off! THIS VIDEO IS ONLY 28 MINUTES LONG… SEE… THERE’S A COUNT DOWN IN THE CORNER. BY THE TIME THE LAST WORD IS SPOKEN… YOU’LL BE SO IMMENSE THAT ALL YOU ARE GOING TO HEAR ARE THE SCREAMS OF YOUR FANS AS THEY TRY TO RUN AWAY FROM YOU. Need to stop this. Need to stop this. Knock the phone to the floor. No. It keeps on playing. It won’t stop playing. ARE YOU READY BEN? Fuck this shit! I SAID… ARE YOU READY? Ready!!! What the fuck? Why did I say that? WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A WHOLE LOT OF FUN, YOU AND ME. I CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR ABOUT YOU ON THE NEWS. YOU’LL BE STOMPING AROUND… SO HUGE… SO HORNY… AN UNSTOPPABLE FORCE OF MUSCLE MENACE. SHOULD I GIVE AWAY HOW HUGE YOU ARE GOING TO GROW? SHOULD I TELL YOU OR LET YOU FIGURE IT OUT AS IT HAPPENS. I CAN’T DECIDE. LET’S JUST SAY… YOU CAN LOOK FORWARD TO BEING QUADRUPLE FEET TALL. HOW DOES THAT GRAB YOU? Quadruple feet tall? Come on! He’s bullshiting! No one wants to be a thousand feet tall! I don’t want to be a thousand feet tall! OH, BEN. THE FIRST DIGIT DOESN’T START WITH A 1. THAT WOULDN’T BE MUCH FUN, WOULD IT? NOW. STOP PANICKING AND LISTEN TO THE SOUND OF MY VOICE. I try to block out the sound of his voice, but I can’t! YOU’RE NOW TOTALLY FOCUSED ON THE SOUND OF MY VOICE. JUST LISTENING TO ME… HEARING ME MAKES YOU WANT TO LISTEN AND OBEY EXACTLY WHAT I AM SAYING. YOU’RE LISTENING AND OBEYING ME, AREN’T YOU BEN. Listening and obeying. GOOD. NOW I NEED YOU TO GO DEEPER AND DEEPER WITH ME. THE DEEPER YOU GO, THE MORE WILLING YOUR BODY IS TO LISTEN AND RELAX AND TRANSFORM. Listen and relax. Deeper. Transform. TODAY IS THE DAY YOU MAKE A REAL CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE… IN YOURSELF. TODAY IS WHEN YOU TRANSFORM INTO EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT THE WORLD TO SEE WHEN THEY CATCH YOU ON INSTRAGRAM AND YOUTUBE OR SUBSCRIBE TO YOUR ONLY FANS. YOU SAY YOU’RE A BIG GUY… A STRONG GUY… A DOMINANT ALPHA. YOU WANT TO BE THE BIGGEST. AM I RIGHT? THE MOST POWERFUL. The biggest. WELL, AS YOU LISTEN TO ME, YOU WILL FIND YOU CAN NOT RESIST OR FIGHT THIS TRANSFORMATION FROM HAPPENING. YOU’RE ENTIRE FORM WILL CHANGE. YOU WILL NO LONGER RECOGNIZE YOURSELF. YOU WILL BE BIGGER AND STRONGER THAN ANY OTHER HUMAN ON THIS PLANET. Bigger and stronger than any human on the planet. THAT’S RIGHT. AREN'T YOU EXCITED? My cock is hard just thinking about that. No! I need to stop this. I need to shut it off. YOU CAN NOW BEGIN TO FEEL YOUR BODY START TO CHANGE, ALMOST AS IF YOU ARE GOING THROUGH PUBERTY ONCE AGAIN. REMEMBER PUBERTY? I remember. GOOD. WELL NOW YOU GET TO EXPERIENCE IT A SECOND TIME. REMEMBER WHEN YOU BEGAN GETTING HAIRIER IN DIFFERENT PLACES? Puberty… body hair… My body… burning… itching… I look down at my arms and see dark stubble sprouting like I’m watching a time lapse movie. Dark hair. Not the sandy blonde I already sport. My chest! Hair growing on my chest… down over my abs. My crotch. Dark hair growing longer and thicker on my balls and around the shaft of my cock. Fuck! Look at how hairy my legs are becoming… even down onto the top of my feet and the back of my hands!! Itching on my face! Stubble… erupting on my face! The hair on my chest growing longer… darker… cascading over my pecs. My pits!! Long dark hair. Hair on my ass! I never had hair on my ass before!!! Coating my ass… circling my hole… Always… hated… body hair… JUST LET IT HAPPEN BEN. DON’T FIGHT IT. YOU CAN’T STOP THE CHANGES ONCE THEY BEGIN TO OCCUR. YOU CAN’T CHANGE WHAT’S YOUR DESTINY TO BECOME. YOUR BODY CAN’T RESIST DOING EXACTLY WHAT MY VOICE SAYS. THERE IS NOTHING IN THE WORLD YOU CAN DO TO STOP THIS PROCESS. DIDN’T YOU SAY IN ONE OF YOUR VIDEOS YOU ALWAYS FELT LET DOWN IN THE GENETICS DEPARTMENT? THAT IT WAS YOU WHO BUILT YOURSELF UP IN THE GYM AND WITH SUPPLIMENTS TO BECOME WHAT YOU ARE NOW. WELL… THIS IS THE PUBERTY YOU ALWAYS WISH YOU WOULD HAVE HAD, AND YOU’RE GETTING IT NOW IN ABONDANCE! I have a beard! How can I already have a beard? I tug at it. My eyebrows… I feel my eyebrows… so much bushier than they ever were before! Even the hair on my head… growing longer. LIKE I SAID BEFORE, BEN, AFTER LISTENING TO THIS VIDEO… YOU WON’T RECOGNIZE YOURSELF. YOU’RE BECOMING EXACTLY WHAT YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO BE BUT DIDN’T DARE ADMIT IT EVEN TO YOURSELF. Dark hair falling to my shoulders. My beard… so dense and thick! Trying to run my fingers through it. This is insane!!! This can’t be happening! YOUR PENIS. REMEMBER WHEN YOUR PENIS STARTED TO GROW? Oh fuck! So hard. IT GREW LARGER AND LARGER, LONGER AND THICKER. Cock… so hard. So hard. Never been this hard before. Head so engorged with blood. IT’S GROWING AGAIN NOW, ISN’T IT? I KNOW YOUR SPORTING A FAIRLY DECENT SIX INCHER RIGHT NOW, BEN… How does he…? … BUT THAT WAS NEVER BIG ENOUGH FOR YOU. WAS IT? NO! YOU WANT IT BIGGER! YOU NEED IT BIGGER! Bigger. YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO BE ONE OF THOSE GUYS SPORTING A TEN INCHER. Fuck yeah! Ten inches. BUT… I’LL TELL YOU WHAT. FORGET ABOUT INCHES. FORGET ABOUT THEM. Forget about inches? YOU NEED TO START THINKING ABOUT YOUR COCK IN FEET! THAT’S RIGHT! FEET!!! THREE FEET… FOUR FEET… FIVE FEET… Cock Leaking so much pre. Cock spasms and seems to fill further with blood. WRAP YOUR HAND AROUND YOUR COCK, BEN. I do it. I wrap my hand around it and it seems… thicker. I try to stifle a groan as it growing longer… AS YOUR COCK GROWS BIGGER, YOUR BALLS GROW HEAVIER… WEIGHTIER… FILLING WITH MORE AND MORE POTENT SEED AND TESTOSTERONE. Holy fuck! Both swelling larger… filling my sack. Now the size of XL eggs. Now more like kiwis! How is he doing this? I’M NOT DOING ANYTHING, BEN. ITS ALL YOU. YOU’RE DOING THIS BY LISTENING TO THE SOUND OF MY VOICE. LOOK AT YOUR COCK. HOW BIG IS IT NOW? Looking… fuck… seven inches… eight inches? My balls… doubling in size in my sack… My cock nearing nine inches long and so fat! Hell yeah!!! I can’t wait to fuck with this cock! Guys are going to be on their knees just to suck me off!! The head… so bulbous… so fat… Fuck yeah, buddy!! I can’t wait to fuck ass after ass with this cock!!! I’m gonna have a fuckin orgy!! Won’t be able to get enough… Fuck!! More blood being forced in to make it even longer! Has to be ten inches long and so fuckin thick!! I can’t even wrap my hand around it! It’s like… a fuckin Pringles can!! My balls… like two baseballs now! My cock… it has to be 11 inches long!! Okay!!! That’s enough!! I don’t want any more. I don’t need anymore! WE CAN’T STOP NOW, BEN! WHERE WOULD THE FUN BE IN THAT? LET’S GROW THAT COCK BIGGER! BIGGER!!! BIGGER!!!! I WANT IT TOWERING ABOVE YOU! FEEL THE WEIGHT OF IT! FEEL HOW HEAVY IT IS RIGHT NOW! IMAGINE HOW THAT’S GOING TO FEEL SWINGING BETWEEN YOUR LEGS! Cock… 12 inches long! It has to be over 12 inches long! I’ve never seen anything like it. Its so huge. Its thicker than my own arm! Please… stop!! 13 inches!!! I have a 13 incher!! Head thick as my fist… shaft thick like my arm… Who’ll ever let me fuck them with this? I HATE TO BREAK IT TO YOU, BEN… I KNOW HOW MUCH YOU LOVE IT… BUT… YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO BE FUCKING ANYONE EVER AGAIN. YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO TOUCH ANYONE AGAIN… OR KISS ANYONE AGAIN. PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE RUNNING AWAY JUST AT THE SIGHT OF YOU. THEY’LL LOOK LIKE LITTLE ACTION FIGURES…. WELL… AT FIRST. THEN MORE LIKE ANTS. THEN… I DON’T KNOW IF YOU’LL EVEN BE ABLE TO SEE THEM. Cock… 15 inches… Have to open legs even wider… Head… so fuckin mammoth with a gaping piss slit. Leaking a constant river of pre onto my softball sized balls. Hair surrounding my cock is so dark… so dense… No gaps of skin between beard… chest hair…abs… crotch… legs… LET’S JUST LET YOUR COCK KEEP GROWING, WHY DON’T WE. PUBERTY WASN’T JUST ABOUT GETTING HAIRY AND GROWING A LARGER COCK, WAS IT? NO. NOT AT ALL. REMEMBER WHEN YOU ACTUALLY HAD THAT FIRST TASTE OF GROWING PAINS? I grunt. A dull ache erupts at the base of my spine, radiating… upwards. Twist my torso to the left… to the right… I can hear my vertebrae pop as I do this. Maybe I should stop doing that… NO MATTER WHAT YOU DID… THE PAINS JUST NEVER SEEMED TO GO AWAY. THEY ONLY SEEMED TO GET WORSE…. AND WORSE… Throbbing… at the base of my spine… moving up towards my head and down my arms. Opening and closing my hands. I feel like a stranger in my own skin. LET THIS SECOND PUBERTY TAKE YOU OVER, BEN. GIVE IN TO IT. IT WILL BE SO MUCH EASIER IF YOU DO. THIS BODY YOU POSSES RIGHT NOW… THE ONE YOU SHOW EVERYONE ON SOCIAL MEDIA… IT’S MERELY A COCOON FOR YOU TO SHED. YOUR REAL FORM… THE ONE YOU’LL HAVE BY THE END OF THIS VIDEO. THAT WILL BE THE REAL YOU. Terrified. Terrified of his words. I don’t want this. I don’t want this. I don’t want this… but… maybe… maybe I do! Maybe I do want it! No!!!! My body tenses. My eyes get wider as I… FUCK!! Body… expanding in all directions! Can’t… breath… Expanding!! Growing!!! It’s actually happening!!! How the fuck is this actually happening???? AS YOUR TORSO STRETCHES LONGER… YOUR SHOULDERS STRETCH WIDER. Oh.. My… God!! Arms… legs… growing longer… I grab onto the couch with my hands as I pull my legs onto the floor. The phone… the phone falls onto the floor… slides under the couch. I can’t… I can’t reach it!!! My body won’t allow me to reach for it. I can hear it but I can’t reach it! All I hear are his words mixed with the sounds of my bones breaking… lengthening… and my skin stretching… THERE’S ALREADY SO MUCH MORE OF YOU BEN THAN THERE WAS JUST A MINUTE BEFORE. YOU’RE NOT 5’8 ANY LONGER, BEN. YOU’RE 6’4. NO SORRY! 6’6. NOPE. MY BAD. 7 FOOT! 7 foot… and growing! My shoulders… so wide! Stretching out my arms… trying to relieve… throbbing ache that runs up and down them. Ugh!! Both growing even longer!! Shoulders… wider than my doorway. Will need… will need to go through… sideways. WHAT SIZE FEET ARE THOSE, BEN? DAMN! YOUR FEET LOOK LIKE FLIPPERS! THEY SIZE 20’S? 25’S? Trip over my massive feet. I can only grunt as I shoot upwards again. My living room… shrinking around me. GOOD THING YOU HAVE HIGH CEILINGS, BEN. WHAT ARE YOU? 8 FEET TALL? DAMN!! THIS SECOND PUBERTY HAS BEEN GOOD TO YOU! SO HAIRY… SO BROAD… YOU’RE COCK… SO IMMENSE… SO TALL… YOU HAVE IT ALL NOW, DON’T YOU, BEN. MAYBE WE SHOULD STOP. SHOULD WE STOP? Yes! Stop! Stop this now! NAH! WE’RE NOT GOING TO STOP TILL YOUR OVER 9,000 FEET TALL. OOPS. DID I JUST GIVE THAT AWAY. SORRY. MY BAD. 9,000 feet tall? I GUESS I RUINED THE SURPRISE. RISING UP NEARLY 10 EIFEL TOWERS TALL. TOTALLY CUT OFF FROM SOCIETY IN YOUR GIGANTISM. THIS IS WHAT YOU ALWAYS WANTED. ISN’T IT? No!!!!! Need to get my phone. Need to destroy my phone. Need to stop his voice! YOU CAN FEEL YOUR BODY CHANGING WITH EVERY WORD I SPEAK, CAN’T YOU BEN? YOUR BONES GROWING THICKER AND STRONGER IN ORDER TO CARRY YOUR IMEASURABLE MASS. YOU’RE GOING TO GROW SO MAMMOTH… SO TITANIC… THAT EVEN NOW… YOU CAN’T COMPREHEND IT. YOU’RE ALREADY NEARLY 9 FEET TALL. GOOD THING YOU BOUGHT A HOUSE WITH HIGH CEILINGS WITH THAT INFLUENCER MONEY. WHAT ARE THEY, 10 FEET? Yeah. NOT THAT YOU’LL BE LIVING HERE MUCH LONGER. YOU WON’T BE LIVING ANYWHERE MUCH LONGER. WHERE DOES A GIANT MUSCLE MASS MONSTER LIVE, BEN? WHAT DO THEY EAT? HOW WILL YOU SURVIVE? ITS GOING TO BE FUN WATCHING AND SEEING. Need… phone… ARGH!!! Jaw… popping as skull grows bigger. Eyesight… blurring… eyes grow larger… refocusing again. Raise my hands up to hold my skull together… but can’t stop looking at them. My hands. Are they really my hands? They’re… they’re more like… hands of a Grizzley bear! The palm so wide… the fingers… so long and thick… Like my cock… now over 16 inches long and… growing. Want to run. Need to run. No! Can’t have anyone see me like this! What will my fans think of me now??!! TAKE IN YOUR WORLD, BEN. TURN AROUND AND WATCH EVERYTHING FAMILIAR GROW SO MUCH SMALLER. WASN’T THAT THE COUCH YOU WERE JUST LYING ON? DAMN. YOU’D NEVER FIT ON THAT NOW! YOURE GOING TO NEED TO BEND DOWN TO GET THROUGH THE DOORWAY. FUCK! YOUR CEILING FAN. IT’S IN THE WAY! Grab onto the fan. I pull it down. It crashes to the floor shattering the glass coffee table. Fuck! It came down with only one tug! I’m… so… fucking… strong!!! I flex my arms and watch my much larger bicep jump. Maybe this isn’t so bad after all! I pull a most muscular and watch my muscles swell. Fuck yeah!! He has to be joking about 9.000 feet. He’ll stop soon. He has to. I laugh and flex again. No one can be 9.000 feet. NO ONE BUT YOU, BEN. NO ONE BUY YOU. AREN’T YOU LUCKY? Cock throbs. Grows thicker. Need to clear my head. Need to stop thinking about strength and muscle Need to stop this. Need to stop this. Flip the couch over. Fuck that was easy. Lean down… so far down. Grab the phone. Tiny in my hand. Screen is locked. Trying to recognize my face. Doesn’t recognize my face!! Try to type in my PIN. Fingers too fat. Too big. Growing… oh fuck!! Growing… Have to be nearly 9 feet tall. Taking up so much of my living room. Not just tall. I’m wide as hell. I’m the size of three people rolled into one and I keep getting bigger. My body spasms… I crush the phone in my hand. SILLY RABBIT!! YOU CAN’T GET AWAY FROM ME THAT EASILY!! His voice!! So loud. It’s all around me. It’s in my head!! Oh fuck!! So big!! Too big!!! Just stop! Now! It’s not funny anymore!!! YOU THINK YOU’RE BIG NOW? THAT’S FUNNY. FUCK!! LOOK AT THAT COCK OF YOURS! HOW… HOW HUGE IS THAT THING? THAT HAS TO BE NEARLY TWO FEET LONG! FUCK!! BETTER YOU!! YOU CAN’T EVEN REACH THE HEAD WITH YOUR HANDS! GO ON. TRY. Fuck! FEEL THE FRUSTRATION AS IT ALWAYS GROWS JUST OUT OF REACH. ALL OF YOUR LIFE YOU WANTED A MASSIVE COCK… AND NOW YOU HAVE IT… AND YOU’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO USE IT ON ANYONE! WHO CARES THOUGH, RIGHT? IT’S THE SIZE THAT’S IMPORTANT! IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SIZE… AND THE VIEWS… BUT MORE ABOUT THE SIZE. Cock… so hard… so long… stroking the shaft with my hands. Both of my hands!! Force the head towards my mouth. Ill suck my own cock!! I’ll give myself a blow job. Fuck!!! Head too fat!! Can’t… can’t get it in my mouth!!! I CAN’T TELL YOU HOW MUCH FUN IM HAVING BEN. HOW ABOUT YOU? Fuck you! NEARLY 10 FEET TALL. HEAD ALMOST UP TO THE CEILING. BUT THIS IS NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO EXPERIENCE. YOURE ON THE CUSP OF A GREAT ADVENTURE. YOU CAN FEEL IT. CAN’T YOU? IT TERRIFIES YOU. YOU KNOW THAT AS SOON AS I SAY THE WORDS… YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. ALREADY YOU’VE GROWN INTO A FREAK… BUT THIS IS NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT I HAVE IN STORE. MAYBE I’LL TAKE PITY ON YOU. Please!! MAYBE ILL JUST LEAVE YOU LIKE THIS. Yeah. Just leave me like this. I can work with this. I can deal with this. OH BEN. IF YOU ONLY WOULD HAVE SAID YOU WERE SORRY. I WOULD HAVE. IF YOU ONLY WOULD HAVE BEGGED ME TO FORGIVE YOU FOR DOUBTING MY WORK. I’m sorry. Really. I’m sorry. I’ll pull the video down. I’ll put up another video with me this big… proving how powerful you are. ITS NOT ME THAT’S POWERFUL, BEN. ITS YOU. I BET YOU NEVER KNEW JUST HOW STRONG YOUR OWN MIND WAS, DID YOU? HOW HEARING MY VOICE IN CONJUNCTION WITH YOUR OWN MIND COULD REPROGRAM YOUR BODY. YOUR MIND IS THE MOST POWERFUL THING IN THE WORLD, BEN, AND NOW… IT’S GOING TO BUILD THE MOST POWERFUL BODY IN THE WORLD. A REAL MASS MONSTER. ISN’T THAT WHAT YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO BECOME? A ROIDED MASS MONSTER THAT LIVES FOR SIZE AND VIEWS AND LIKES AND NOTHING ELSE? ON YOUR INSTAGRAM YOU SAY YOU LIVE AND EAT AND BREATH MUSCLE. WELL GUESS WHAT, BEN. YOUR WISH… Don’t say it. IS MY Please stop! COMMAND! Oh fuck!! Shoulders… stretching even wider. I can’t think. I can’t breathe. My heart beats a mile a minute as my upper body stretches larger and larger. My ribcage cracks forcing my upper torso to extend outwards. I look down… and all I see is my chest expanding and expanding and expanding. What the fuck are you doing to me??!!! WHAT AM I DOING? EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT! CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE HOW MUCH LARGER YOU ARE GOING TO GROW? GO ON. IMAGINE IT. AS EACH SECOND PASSES… AS EACH MINUTE… YOUR ENTIRE BODY GROWS LONGER AND THICKER AND DENSER. YOUR BODY IS CAPABLE OF ANYTHING WITH THE RIGHT SUGGESTION… Ceiling… getting closer… to my head. Growing… so massive. Shoulders… crack again… stretching even broader. My body… taking up… so much… of this… room. Don’t worry, Ben. It’ll stop soon. You’ll wake up and this will all be some fucked up dream. FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, YOU ARE GOING TO WISH YOU COULD WAKE UP FROM THIS DREAM OF YOURS. BIGGER, BEN! GROW BIGGER! My foot… upending the sofa side table. My ass connects with a bookcase… it… collapses… to the floor. Shit… everywhere. All I can do is laugh. I’m a fucking menace! OH… YOU HAVE NO IDEA, BEN. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. YOUR GROWTH SPURT… YOU CAN FEEL IT START TO SLOW DOWN, BEN. Yes!!! Thank you! Thank God! Thank God! I can feel it… slowing down. Just about to hit the ceiling. YOUR BODY NEEDS TO DIRECT ITS ENERGIES ELSEWHERE. YOUR MIND WILL NOW DIRECT ITS ENERGIES TO MAKING EACH AND EVERY MUSCLE GROUP GROW THICKER… DENSER… FULLER… STRONGER… AND MORE ENGORGED. FEEL YOUR CHEST, BEN. My hands fly up to my pecs, trail down over my abs… THAT’S IT. TOUCH YOURSELF. STROKE YOURSELF… WILL YOURSELF TO GROW EVEN BIGGER THAN EVER BEFORE. IMAGINE YOURSELF WORKING OUT AT THE GYM… AND EACH REP CAUSES YOU TO GROW. Stop thinking that, Ben. Stop… thinking… that… FUCK!!! Lats! Lats flare out. Arms fly away from my sides. I groan. Pecs thickening… expanding. I grab onto them… feel my already sizable chest swell into mighty slabs of muscle. IN YOUR VIDEOS… YOU SAID YOU WORKED OUT SINCE THE AGE OF 16. HOW OLD ARE YOU BEN? 28? 28. SO… IMAGINE THAT ALL OF THE TIMES YOU WORKED OUT AT THE GYM… EVEN ON YOUR WORST DAY… EACH REP EQUALLED 1 INCH OF GROWTH. 1 inch of growth… 1 INCH OF MUSCLE GROWTH. HOW MANY DAYS DO YOU WORK OUT? 6 Days a week. 6 DAYS A WEEK. AND EACH REP EAQUALS ONE INCH. IMAGINE THAT. IMAGINE HOW HUGE YOU’LL BECOME. I can’t… even… imagine that. I’ll be… A BEAST, BEN. A FREAK. THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO BE. JUST IMAGINE. Lats flare out again into muscular wings. Shoulders stretch to an unheard-of degree. Traps… rising up… higher. Deltoids… swelling and rounding… resemble basketballs shoved under the skin. Lats spread out further. Arms… arms will… forever hang… at an outwardly angle. Never again… will they rest… at my side! Someone! Please! Help me!!! IMAGINE YOUR MUSCLES, BEN, GROWING LARGER AND THICKER. YOU’RE AT THE GYM AND YOU CANT STOP WORKING OUT. YOU PUSH OUT REP AFTER REP AFTER REP TILL IT FEELS LIKE YOUR MUSCLES WILL EXPLODE. YOUR DRUNK ON SIZE AND POWER. Drunk on size and power!! I am. I’m drunk on size and power! I want to strut around. I want to show off. Need to flex my pecs. Look at that bounce… causing them… to swell… even larger. So massive… they look like tits!! Fuck!! Neck… muscle growth… spreading to my neck… down to my abs. Head… shakes as my neck… swells fatter… with muscle. I laugh. Never again will someone be able to strangle me! They’ll never ben able to fit their hands around it!! Fuck! Head… forced up higher as my buttress of a neck… grows denser still. YOUR SUCH A GOOD STUDENT, BEN. I JUST SAY IT AND YOU RUN WITH IT. FOCUS YOUR MIND ON GROWTH, BEN. FEEL YOUR BODY CHANGING AS EVERY SECOND PASSES. FEEL EACH AND EVERY MUSCLE GROUP ON FIRE WITH GROWTH. I can’t stop thinking about growth and muscle. It’s all I exist for. Muscles in my face thicken. The skin pulling tighter. Features more defined. My abs… each… erupting… into… mountain range… of muscle! My core has always been… tight… but now… abs…rise up higher as the crevices in between grow deeper. Never have I seen… abs as developed… and as huge… as mine. AND THEY’VE ONLY BEGUN TO GROW, BEN. THEY’VE ONLY BEGUN. IN LESS THAN 15 MINUTES… YOUR ABS WILL BE AS HIGH AS THE ROCKIES! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THAT! Fuck me!!! Make it stop!!!! Please!! My voice!! Deeper! Even deeper still. Bass. YES, BEN. PICTURE YOUR SECOND PUBERTY FORCING YOUR VOICE TO DIVE DEEPER STILL. SO STRONG… SO MASCULINE… EVERYTHING YOU PORTRAYED YOURSELF TO BE. SOON… IF WE’RE LUCKY… AND IM SURE WE WILL BE… IT WILL BE NOTHING BUT A THUNDEROUS ROAR. Fuck!!! Lats… forcing upper back to stretch wider. Shoulders… now as round… as exercise balls. Biceps. Holy fuck! Biceps… stretching longer… longer and higher! FLEX THOSE ARMS. BEN. WATCH THE PEAK RISE. The peak! Look at that bicep peak! Watch it swell higher… fatter… more bulbous. I’ve never seen a bicep peak like it. It’s fucking huge! I lean down… and I actually lick my own bicep. I flex over and over to watch it swell larger. Muscle… stretching down… to my forearms. My forearms… growing thicker… hands… becoming… wider and longer… My bicep… it looks… oh fuck… it huge… thick… like my… quads! I can’t have a 35 inch bicep! I can’t! I can’t!! How… how did it get so big! Happening… too fast!! DON’T FORGET YOUR LOWER BODY, BEN. PICTURE YOUR LOWER BODY GROWING. IMAGINE THAT EVERY DAY IS LEG DAY! He says it… and it happens. Just like… he says. My quads and glutes… swelling. My stance… need to widen… my stance. Need to widen it over and over and over again. Pelvis cracks… bones growing wider… enable me… to widen… my legs… Just like my biceps… my quads… growing out of proportion. Growing beyond… anything… humanly… possible. Quads… thick as the pillars of a pier… no… thicker than tree trunks. Fuck! Swelling further!! Thicker… than… my old chest!!! QUADS 50 INCHES BEN. 55 INCHES. 60 INCHES… 65 INCHES. 70 INCHES!!! YOUR QUADS ARE NOW BIGGER THAN GREG KOVACS CHEST! THAT MAKES YOUR CHEST… HOT DAMN, BEN! YOUR CHEST IS NOW 8.25 FEET WIDE. I feel sick. Can’t… cant be that big! THAT BICEP PEAK YOU LUST AFTER… FLEX FOR ME, BEN. I flex. THAT PEAK IS… 2.53 FEET EACH Fuucckk!! Peak jumps and swells. NO. SORRY ABOUT THAT. 3.18 FEET EACH! THERE’S NEVER BEEN ANYTHING LIKE YOU BEN… AND THERE NEVER WILL BE AGAIN. IF ONLY ALL OF YOUR FANS COULD SEE YOU NOW! TV! TV on the wall turns on… by itself! Its me. Holy fuck!! Its me!! With my hair… and my beard… and my size… I look like… a fuckin barbarian! I lift my arm and flex. My nearly 4 foot bicep jumps. Yep. It’s really me. My head… fuck… it’s immense!! It has to be 3 times its original size!! I open my mouth wide. Fuck!! The opening of my mouth has to be a foot round!!! My traps… my neck… My chest… so broad… don’t completely fit in the frame. My arms… my biceps…rising up like tire wheels!! My quads… can barely move… need to waddle to walk… I look… I look even bigger than… the biggest… morph… What the fuck am I becoming!!! Comments… Comments popping up. Fuck!! I’m live!!! I’m… live!!! On Youtube… Instagram… Only Fans… Facebook. I’m live!!! My growth is live!!! Someone… please help me. Please stop this. I’ll be good. I promise. I’ll be good. I grunt and swell even bigger. Every muscle bulging till they look like they will explode! Comments. Comments scrolling up… ‘What the fuck are you on, bro?’ ‘I always knew he wasn’t natural.’ ‘Fuck!! What the hell?!’ ‘Is that really Ben? You think Ben’s been hacked?’ ‘That can’t be real!!’ ‘Look at those bi’s! Why you injecting Synthol now man?’ ‘I think I threw up in my mouth!!’ ‘He looks even hotter than usual!!’ Cock… rising up higher. Its just a fucking massive flag pole now… with immense nuts swinging between my redwood sized legs. Balls so fucking heavy. Growing even weightier… filling up with… more and more potent seed. With more and more testosterone. Balls… doubling… tripling in size. Sack… being… pulled… down. Filled to capacity. Soooooo horny!!!! Cock… more blood being forced in. Swells thicker. I’m starting to pant. Watching myself. Cock head swells… firing wad after wad of precum into the air and onto the TV and the floor. Comments. ‘This is a fucking train wreck!’ ‘Um… okay…’ ‘Must have OD’d on roids!!’ ‘Look at that thing!! That’s… damn!!!’ ‘Sure hope you’re a bottom, bro!! No getting near any ass with that thing!!!’ I laugh hysterically. So many men begged to take my cock every day. If they could see me now. They’d fucking run! My cock head swells again releasing more pre. The room stinks. The air stinks of pre. My cock is like a tap being turned on. Pre… flowing like a river. Coating the floor… and the walls. Reach out my arm… grab for the TV and pull it from the wall. I toss it into the corner like it’s a paperback book. Fuck you!! Fuck you all!!! You can… all go… fuck… yourselves!!! My chest… as it swells… blocks me from seeing… my own… balls. I can… only… feel them! SADLY, BEN, YOU’LL NEVER SEE YOUR BALLS AGAIN. EVER. HELL. YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE A REAL PROBLEM EVEN SEEING THE GROUND OVER THOSE IMMENSE PECS. WHY NOT JUST GROW THEM BIGGER FOR ME, BEN. GO ON. DO IT. BIGGER! GROW BIGGER!! Stop!! Please!! Stop!! Every… muscle… exploding with size! Muscles… swelling… beyond… my… imagination. Chest… so heavy. Hard to… hold it… up. Hard to… Oh fuck!!! Getting… taller… again! Torso… cracking in multiple places. I’m expanding… in multiple… directions. Growing broader. This is… too much! It’s all… too… much. I’m… I’m the size of… five me… rolled… into… one… and still… growing… bigger!!! FUCK!!!!! THE LONGER YOU TAP INTO THE POWER OF THE MIND, BEN, THE STRONGER IT BECOMES. SOON. SOON THERE WON’T BE THIS STARTING AND STOPPING. SOON ALL YOU WILL DO IS GROW. DON’T YOU FEEL INCREDIBLE? I… I don’t… feel… human… What the fuck are you doing to me? I’M NOT DOING ANYTHING, BEN. IT’S ALL YOU. ALL YOU. Back muscles… bursting with more size. Muscle mass… doubling… in an… instant. SHOULD I TELL YOU HOW MUCH YOU WEIGHT NOW, BEN? CAN YOU GUESS? RIGHT NOW YOUR 5,832 LBS OF PURE MUSCLE. INCREDIBLE! A DAY AGO YOU WOULD HAVE GIVEN YOUR EYE TEETH TO BE a lean 245 LBS AND NOW YOUR… WELL… NOW YOU’RE 6,229 LBS. NOPE. SORRY. 6,987 LBS. DAMN YOU GAIN QUICKLY!! FUCK YEAH, BEN! 7,172 LBS OF BULGING, FLEXING MUSCLE. I’m a brute… a beast. Feels like I’m gaining 10 lbs a second. My cock… stretching… and swelling… to match what I’m becoming. Hands search for my cock. I wrap them around the throbbing monster. Every time… it flexes… it sends out another enormous rope of precum. Each second it grows… longer… and thicker. I’m panting feeling it swelling larger… becoming… more sensitive… to my… touch. Stroking it with both hands. Bucking my hips. Fucking the air. One shoulder slams into one wall and then the other. My body takes up the entire living room! I’m wider than I am tall. I’m over 15 feet wide!!! I can’t turn around anymore. I can’t turn! I’m stuck in this room!! Help me! Please!! Someone!! Help me!! My voice!! It’s so deep its hard to understand. Oh my god! My neck! My neck is thicker than I am tall!!! YOU ARE GROWING A LITTLE BIT OUR OF PROPORTION, AREN’T YOU, BEN. LET’S CHANGE THAT! Head and traps slam into the ceiling. Pieces of drywall fall. I crouch down… Again… my head and traps… ram themselves… against… the ceiling. CONGRATULATIONS, BEN! YOUR 15,000 LBS OF MUSCLE!!! THAT’S 7 TONS OF MUSCLE!!! I can’t. I can’t be. I can’t be 15,000 lbs! I can’t!! I just can’t. Need to… crouch down… further. Ass explodes through the wall into the dining room! Clouds of dust rise into the air. My left shoulder slams against the wall to the bathroom. The force is tearing the wall down! My head and traps slam into the ceiling again!! My left arm is in the bathroom. My ass is in the dining room! GUESS WHAT, BEN. YOU’RE 23 FEET WIDE AND 14 FEET TALL. YOURE ALSO 25,000 LBS OF MUSCLE. DON’T YOU THINK ITS TIME, BEN. DON’T YOU THINK THE ENTIRE WORLD NEEDS TO SEE YOU? YOUR FANS ARE WAITING!!! WELL… THE ONES YOU HAVE LEFT… No! Can’t be seen… like… this! I fall onto my knees causing two craters to appear in the floor. The weight of my own cock and balls pulls on me. The massive meat… rising up over my pecs. My eyes grow wider. It’s… its grown beyond immense…. Beyond elephantine. I’ve never seen anything so colossal. The piss slit alone… A human could… fit their entire…. Hand… into it. I have no clue how big… IT’S 8 FEET LONG, BEN. IT’S TIME, BEN! ITS TIME FOR YOU TO RISE UP AND OUT OF THIS HOUSE. JUST GIVE INTO IT THE GROWTH. IF YOU CAN’T… I’LL HAVE TO FORCE IT ON YOU. Go to hell!! SO BE IT. Muscle… grows on top of muscle… on top… of muscle. I grow bigger… heavier… and more powerful. Never has there ever been a human let alone a comic book hero as muscular as me… and I just keep growing. Growth in overdrive. Body quakes as I grow more monstrous. Pecs rise up and connect with my chin. I’m now forced to look slightly up and can see nothing below me. Biceps… so mountainous that when I bend my arms… forearms… smash into them and I can’t bend them any further. I’m on my knees, but my quads keep swelling thicker. My ballsack.. drags on the floor. The floor… it’s cracking… complaining… It’s going to give way soon. It cant take much more of my weight. Make it stop!! Please! Make it stop! I want it to stop!!! You’re going to far!!! ARGH!!! MAYBE WE HAVE GONE TOO FAR, BEN, BUT THERE’S NO TURNING BACK NOW. WE NEED TO MARCH AHEAD TO COMPLETION. THE ONLY WAY IS FORWARD. Shoulders… tear through the outer wall of my house and into my backyard. Sunlight bursts in. I’m over 30 feet wide. My glutes explode entirely into the dining room with my lengthening legs and feet following in afterwards. My cock and pecs… pressing… against wall… forcing it… to crack… split… break… Breathing harder. Panicking. This musculature… this body… I feel claustrophobic. I want to scream. What the fuck is happening to me!!! GIVE IN, BEN. GIVE IN AND GROW LIKE YOU HAVE TO. LIKE YOU NEED TO. LIKE YOU WANT TO. GIVE OVER TO THE POWER OF YOUR MIND. Falling backwards into the dining room. Table and chairs explode under my mountain of muscle. My shoulders tear through walls. My arm reaches out and grabs for the ground outside, digging it up like a steam shovel. Other hand reaches out to steady myself… goes right through the wall and through piping like paper. Water comes flooding into the room. My body… destroys… everything it comes in contact with. My strength… risen to insurmountable heights. GROW FOR ME, BEN. GROW!! GROW!! GROW!!! I scream as my head smashes into the dining room ceiling. The foundation of my house shakes. I can hear several other walls collapsing. Shooting up in all directions now. With each inch of height I gain… my muscle mass gains… hundreds of pounds. HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF POUNDS. SHOULD I TELL YOU HOW BIG YOU ARE NOW, BEN? Shut the fuck up! YOU’RE 16 FEET TALL AND WEIGHT 55,389 LBS OF MUSCLE!! THAT’S NEARLY 28 TONS, BEN. THINK ABOUT THAT. YOU’RE 28 TONS OF MUSCLE!! THAT SHOULD GET YOUR COCK GOING! It does. My cock is so hard I don’t think it will ever be soft again. My house. My house is shrinking around me… just like the living room. DO IT, BEN. DO IT. My body… its just a mountain range of pulsating and throbbing musculature. Each muscle group… so engorged… so distended… its virtually impossible to appreciate such size… such… majesty. I feel… a rocket… going off… inside my body… and I explode with size. My head and traps are catapulted into the second floor followed by my shoulders, ripping apart everything in their path. DO IT, BEN. DO IT!! One arm rips down the exterior wall while the other demolishes the kitchen. Please make it stop. Please make it stop. DO IT!! DO IT!! BRING THE HOUSE DOWN AROUND YOU. THEN YOU’LL BE FREE!!! Still on my knees… I tower up through the second floor… through the attic. Walls… and beams… and wiring… and furniture… everything torn apart… on contact with my body. Nothing cuts me. Nothing can hurt me. My body is a battling ram come to take down everything around me. My house falls apart around me. It explodes outwards like a bomb. Wood and brick is flown everywhere. The sound is deafening to human ears. I begin to stand. YES!! BEN!! SHOW YOURSELF TO THE WORLD!! DO IT!!! I stand. The earth quakes beneath me. The sun… so bright. I’m naked… I’m outside… I’m on display… I’m growing… FUCK, BEN. YOU’RE 27 FEET TALL AND WEIGHT OVER 100,000 LBS OF MUSCLE MASS. LET YOUR AUDIENCE TAKE YOU IN. I hear it for the first time. I hear a scream. I try to look down, but I can’t. My head is encased in my traps and my pecs completely block any view. It’s a woman voice. She’s screaming. NOW THAT YOU’VE HEARD THE SCREAMS, BEN, YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. Dogs are barking. Out of impulse… I lift my foot… and I slam it down. The tremor silences her… sends her flying. Then I hear others. Its a mixture of people… and they’re all… screaming. At me. I’m… I’m a monster. YES! BEN!! THE ENTIRE WORLD WILL KNOW YOU NOW!!! I rise up higher… and my muscle mass bulges out more and more… I hear car crashes… I hear people running… I hear more screams. I’m frozen where I stand. I can’t move… but as I grow… I begin taking down trees and fences around houses all around me. THIS IS IT, BEN! THIS IS WHAT YOU’VE WANTED YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. YOUR NAME ON EVERYONES LIPS. I just want it all to go away. I want to wake up… back on my sofa… I want to go to the gym. 50 FEET, BEN. 60 FEET. 70 FEET. 80 FEET. I want to block out his voice. I want to block out everything that is happening to me. Why? Why would he do this? What does he gain? PLEASURE, BEN. PLEASURE WATCHING YOU RISE… AND FALL. 100 FEET. 120 FEET. 130 FEET. I close my eyes but I can feel myself, like a weighted elevator, going up and up and up and also going outward. My muscles continue to grow larger and more extreme as I grow. I can no longer bend my arms. The peak of my bicep is too high. 200 FEET. 240 FEET. 270 FEET. FASTER AND FASTER YOU GROW, BEN. My growing body begins taking down entire blocks around me. Police sirens. I’m told to cease what I’m doing or they will shoot. I wish I could, boys. I wish I could. They shoot. I feel nothing. Just my foot rising up off of the ground and slamming itself down onto police cars and officers. YES, BEN. YES!!! WALK!! WALK!!! My feet destroy everything they come in contract with. I don’t know what I’m destroying since I can’t see below me… I’m the embodiment of destruction. 520 FEET. 570 FEET. 610 FEET. 640 FEET. Not even 1,000 feet. So many more to grow. Less than 30 minutes ago… I had a house… a car… I had fans… I had money… I was fuckin built… I was hot. I was envied. And now… Fuck!!! My body is pulled in so many directions as my growth goes into overdrive. I’m so heavy with muscle I can barely walk. I look out and see the landscape moving further and further away. 2,189 FEET. 2,528 FEET. 3,219 FEET. Only 3,000 feet and already everything is so small. Planes and helicopters whiz around me. I try and swat at them, but my arms, being so muscle bound, are difficult to use. I want it to stop!! I call this to them, but it comes out sounding like a roar. I try to speak again… but it comes out like thunderous grunts and groans and roars. You’ve taken my power of speech, asshole! YOU WANTED TO BE A GIANT MUSCLE BEAST. NOW YOU ARE ONE. I’m shot at again…. This time with machine guns… Now with missiles. A plane dive bombs my chest and explodes on contact. Barely felt it. Nothing can stop me. I want to cry. I want it to stop… but all I can do is grow even more immense. 6,170 FEET. 6,666 FEET. 7,256 FEET. ALMOST THERE, BEN. ALMOST THERE. Almost there. Then what? Muscle mass just keeps piling onto my body. How can anyone be so muscular? It’s all me… and I just keep growing and growing. ROAR AGAIN FOR ME, BEN. GO ON. DO IT. I WANT TO HEAR IT. ROAR LIKE THE MONSTER YOU ARE. My roar topples buildings and shatters glass for miles around. AMAZING, BEN. YOU’RE AMAZING. TIME TO START MOVING, BEN. TIME TO START DESTROYING EVERYTING THAT COMES NEAR YOU. YOU CAN BARELY SEE IT FROM HOW HIGH UP YOU ARE… BUT THERE ARE FIRES DOWN BELOW YOU… PANIC… PEOPLE RUNNING IN ALL DIRECTIONS. YOU’VE ALREADY KILLED THOUSANDS JUST BY GROWING TO THIS SIZE… AND NOW YOU ARE GOING TO TRAMPLE SO MANY MORE. I hit my target height. It all just… stops. It stops. I breath in the air and look out at the blue sky in front of me. YES, BEN. YOU’RE HERE. YOU MADE IT. YOUR 9,999 FEET TALL WEIGHING 155 BILLION POUNDS OF MUSCLE. YOUR BICPS… THEY’RE NEARLY A MILE HIGH! YOUR CHEST… OVER 2 MILES. AND YOUR COCK… IT STRETCHES A HALF MILE LONG! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? I’m a beast… a monstrosity. YOU’RE A GIANT MUSCLE MASS MONSTER. EMPHASIS ON MONSTER. Why did you do this to me? Why? I KEEP TELLING YOU, BEN. I’VE DONE NOTHING. IT’S ALL YOU. ITS ALL THE POWER OF YOUR MIND, AND SURPRISINGLY, YOU HAVE ONE OF THE STRONGEST MOST IMAGINATIVE MINDS I’VE EVER ENCOUNTERD. JUST REMEMBER… AS DAYS TURN INTO WEEKS TURN INTO MONTHS TURN INTO YEARS OF LIVING LIKE THIS… THIS IS WHAT YOU REALLY WANTED. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU SPOUTED ON INSTAGRAM AND YOUTUBE THAT YOU WANTED TO BE. THAT’S IT, BEN! START WALKING! START RAGING. DESTROY. I don’t move. I refuse to move. If I don’t leave this spot… it can’t be real. I’ll wake up. DON’T TEST MY KIND NATURE, BEN. FINE. IF YOU REFUSE TO MOVE… THEN YOU’LL JUST HAVE TO GROW BIGGER FOR ME. No!!!!!!!!! I’ll move!! I’ll move!!!! Rising up even faster. Muscle piled on top of muscle. Bigger and bigger I grow. Heavier. More vascular. I just keep growing and expanding and growing and expanding and growing and expanding. 20,500 FEET BEN. FUCK! IVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE YOU. THIS HAS GONE EVEN BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS! YOU CAN’T KNOW HOW PROUD I AM! YOU KNOW WHAT… I THINK YOU STILL HAVE A LITTLE MORE IN YOU. DON’T YOU. YOU WANT TO GROW EVEN MORE MASSIVE… DON’T YOU. Please!! Stop!!! Growing and expanding. Growing and expanding. Growing and expanding. I cant think. All I can do is grow. I WANT YOU BLOATED WITH MUSCLE. I WANT MUSCLE FIGHTING FOR MORE ROOM TO GROW ON YOUR FRAME. Every muscle group… swelling… bulging… ballooning with power. There isn’t a millimetre on my body that isn’t throbbing with muscle. I’m know I’m not human anymore. I’m just muscle on top of muscle on top of muscle. Flexing and pulsating muscle that seems to grow more mountainous with every second. Veins travel over my body like highways to feed my bloat. THAT’S IT, BEN. GROW FOR ME. GROW EVEN BIGGER. GROW UNTIL YOUR JUST ON THE VERGE OF YOUR SKIN SPLITTING. ON THE VERGE OF EXPLODING. GROW TILL THERE’S MORE MUSCLE MASS THAN PERSON! I WISH YOU COULD SEE YOURSELF, BEN. YOU’RE… FUCK!! YOU’RE A MASTERPIECE. FEEL YOUR GROWTH SLOW DOWN AND THEN STOP. YOUR 35,350 FEET, BEN. YOU’RE THE MOUNT EVEREST OF MEN. JUST AS LARGE AND JUST AS HEAVY. I THINK I’M SATISFIED NOW. ARE YOU? Help me. Please. ARE YOU SATISFIED, BEN? ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU’VE BECOME? Help me. IF YOU’RE NOT THANKFUL… I CAN ALWAYS MINE YOUR BRAIN FOR MORE! I’m thankful. Fuck! I’m thankful! SAY THANK YOU. Thank you. GOOD BOY. NOW FLEX. FLEX FOR YOUR FANS. So heavy with muscle. I blot out the sun to all down below me… turning day into endless night. My bicep peak alone… taller than 25,000 Empire State Buildings. I can barely lift my arm… but I’ve got to. I need to flex for my fans below. Flex my biceps. Front lat spread Back lat spread. Quad stomp. Most muscular. Is that… is that the ground shaking beneath me or am I going to grow again? I can’t… I can’t take anymore. Please!! I can’t grow anymore! I’ve grown enough! I’ve grown enough! Please!! ARE THOSE TEARS OF JOY? OH BEN! YOU DON’T KNOW HOW THAT FILLS MY HEART. Wind blows around me. Long black hair whips around my head. Beard and body hair protecting me a little from the cold… but not enough. Still fucking cold. Clouds fucking wet. So quiet up here. So silent. It’s just me. Me and my muscle mass. THAT’S RIGHT, BEN. ITS JUST YOU. I TOLD YOU YOU’D BE SEPERATED FROM THE HUMAN RACE WHEN I CHOSE YOU TO ASCEND TO THE GREATNESS YOU ARE NOW. THAT’S THE SACRIFICE YOU HAD TO PAY. WAS IT WORTH IT? WAIT TILL IT GETS DARK. THEN YOU’LL REALLY FEEL ALONE. I stroke my cock. That’s all I can do. Stroking and jerking a cock that is nearly 2 miles long and nearly as thick as my bloated with muscle arm. Cock and balls so heavy. They have to weigh 3 tons if not more. Close my eyes. Jerk harder… faster. Think about all the ass you could have had. Think about all the men that wanted to worship you. Think about the life you had just an hour ago. When you were king of the world. NO, BEN. NO. THAT WAS AN ILLUSION. NOW YOU REALLY ARE KING OF THE WORLD. LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVLY. Ass… cock… lick… suck… muscle… After some time… cum comes shooting out like an ocean… drowning all below me. DID THAT MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER? I grunt. I HAVE AN IDEA. KNOW WHAT YOU CAN DO? I grunt. WHY DON’T YOU DESTROY EVERYTHING DOWN BELOW THAT YOU’LL NEVER GET TO BE A PART OF AGAIN. IF YOU DESTROY IT… MAYBE YOU WON’T MISS IT. Destroy… Everything. THAT’S RIGHT, BEN. THIS IS YOUR LIFE FOR NOW ON… AND IT’S GOING TO BE A LONG… LONG… LONG ONE. YOU MIGHT JUST BE IMMORTAL. Immortal. YOU LIKE THAT, BEN. DON’T YOU? YOU LIKE HAVING TO LIVE LIKE THIS FOREVER? Immortal. FOR THE REST OF EXISTENCE YOU GET TO LIVE LIKE THIS. SAY THANK YOU. Thank you. GOOD BOY. I NEED TO LEAVE YOU NOW, BEN. OUR TIME IS UP. No! Don’t leave me. Don’t leave me like this! Please!!! I’ll give you anything you want!! ITS NOT WHAT I WANT, BEN. ITS WHAT YOU WANTED. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED. SAY IT. What I wanted. THIS IS WHAT YOU ASKED FOR. What I asked for. GOOD BYE, BEN. Don’t!! Don’t leave me!! Please!! Don’t leave me. Quiet. Voice gone. I walk… I flex… I jerk… I destroy. This is my life. This is what I wanted. I wanted to be a giant muscle mass monster… and that is just what I got. THERE YOU GO. ANOTHER SATISFIED CUSTOMER WAIT A MINUTE. YOU! YOU READING THIS TRANSCRIPT OF MY LATEST CLIENT. DID YOU ENJOY WHAT YOU READ? SAY YES. GOOD. NOW… MAYBE… OH YES. I THINK IT’S… MAYBE… TIME FOR YOU TO GROW AS WELL.
  2. Sizemologist

    Chest Cologne

    Encouraged by his friend, Jacob asks out the hottest, buffest guy in the gym, Patrick, for Valentine’s Day. But after hearing Patrick’s dating history, Jacob thinks he might need some help bulking up to meet his standards. “Ask him out!” Jacob was at the gym pretending to do some bicep curls, but he hadn’t even gotten one in. He was too busy staring at the hunk of the gym, Patrick. “You’ve been staring at him all day. And tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Just do it. You know you want to,” said Jacob’s lifting buddy, Connor. “Dude no. I’m not asking him out,” said Jacob as he got up from the bench to put the weights back on the rack. “Especially not for Valentine’s Day. Do you see how hot he is? He’s eye candy for everyone at this gym. He probably has a line out the door of dates for Valentine’s Day.” “That’s not what I heard,” said Connor. “Rumor has it that he’s turned down every guy that’s asked him out. Maybe he’s waiting for that special someone to ask him.” Connor nudged Jacob in the ribs and pushed against his back to go towards Patrick. “Connor! Stop pushing me!” said Jacob in a harsh whisper. “I don’t want to ask him out!” “Oh come on, what’s the worse thing that can happen? He’ll say no?” said Connor as he continued to push Jacob towards Patrick. “You clearly have never been rejected by a muscle gay. Some of those guys can cut to your core for even looking at them.” Jacob tried to push back against Connor, but he couldn’t get a good footing. “Oof!” said Jacob as he was pushed again. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to run into you.” Jacob turned his head to see Patrick smiling back at him. “Oh, no worries. The fault is all mine. Well not mine. My friend’s fault actually. He thought it would be funny to push me,” said Jacob as he awkwardly laughed and started to turn bright red. “What friend?” Jacob turned around to see Connor nowhere to be seen. You could practically see the fumes coming out of Jacob’s ears. “Nevermind. But I am sorry I ran into you. It won’t happen again,” said Jacob. He was getting really embarrassed now. “Not a problem Jacob,” said Patrick as he started gathering up his things to leave. “You know my name?” asked Jacob. Both confused and elated now. “Do I know your name? Ha! Of course I know your name. We’ve both been coming to this gym for years. You’ve spotted me many times. I know your name Jacob.” Jacob was still red from embarrassment, but now he was blushing too. “Oh uh, well then, good. I’m glad you know me.” Words were just fumbling out of Jacob’s mouth now. “Me too. I’ll see you later.” Patrick threw his gym bag over his shoulder and started walking to the door. Jacob panicked a bit as his chance for getting a date was leaving. Then suddenly, Jacob felt himself getting pushed again. “Connor! Where do you keep going and coming from with this pushing!” whispered Jacob. “You were doing so good! He’s not getting away this time.” Connor kept pushing Jacob towards the door that Patrick was walking to. “How’d you get strong enough to push me like this?” asked Jacob as he continued to resist. “Because, unlike you, I go to the gym to actually workout. Not ogle at beefcakes all day.” Connor kept pushing, but they weren’t getting to Patrick in time. “Wait! Patrick!” Connor made his voice higher to sound like Jacob’s and then immediately ran away again. Patrick turned around to see Jacob standing close to him. “What’s up?” asked Patrick. Jacob walked up to his side as he was walking out the door. “If it’s not too much to ask, and you’re not busy tomorrow, and if you don’t already have a date, and if you like Valentine’s Day, I know some people hate it, which is understandable, it’s really only meant for couples and we’re barely just friends, I found out that you know my name today so it would be a lot asking someone out for Valentine’s Day of all day’s so I’d understand if-“ Patrick put his fingers to Jacob’s lips. “I’d love to go on a date with you for Valentine’s Day. Here, give me your phone.” Jacob was on cloud 9 now. He practically had hearts in his eyes. He reached into his pocket and handed Patrick his phone. “There, this is my number. I’ll text you later and we can plan out the details,” said Patrick as he handed Jacob back his phone. “O-o-okay. Sure. Sounds great,” said Jacob still riding the high of Patrick saying yes. “Cool. And Jacob,” Patrick started walking out the door, “there’s no need to be so nervous. I’m probably more nervous than you.” Patrick leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek then walked off to his car. Jacob’s knees went weak when the door shut, but he felt two arms go under his and pick him up. “So that went a lot better than I thought it would,” said Connor as he started dragging Jacob back inside. “I have a Valentine’s Day date with the hottest guy in the gym,” said Jacob with not a care in the world. “Yeah you do. And Patrick is so picky. He must have a sweet spot for you,” said Connor as they started getting their stuff. “He is…” Jacob started thinking. “What if this is a charity date? What if I’m gonna get pranked by him and all of his buff friends? What if we get to the date and I’m not the man that he thought I was? What if he only likes me when I’m looking pumped in the gym?” Jacob’s mind started crashing after the love bug high of Patrick saying yes. All of the bad scenarios flooding his head. “Woah woah woah there. Nothing like that is gonna happen. Patrick even said that he was just as nervous as you.” Connor tried to bring him back down to Earth. “This is just the predate jitters. Everybody gets them.” “Yeah, but everybody doesn’t go on dates with Patrick. He reserves his dates for giant men. All big and look like they are competitive bodybuilders. While I’m…not that,” said Jacob as he looked in the mirror. “And? Size isn’t everything. Maybe he’s trying something different with you. Being less superficial and dating for what’s on the inside,” said Connor as they started walking out of the gym. “Maybe, but I don’t want to risk it. I’ll see you later,” said Jacob as he ran to his car. When Jacob got home, he got on his phone and searched through Patrick’s Instagram. He saw pic after pic of studs with Patrick. All of them having big meaty pecs. Despite what Connor said, Jacob did workout at the gym, but he wasn’t even in the same realm as these guys. Especially in the pecs department. Jacob barely had any muscle on his chest. He had consistently had a hard time growing his pecs at the gym. He needed a plan. He went through his phone and found his old friend Sam. He pulled up his contact info and opened a text with him. “Hey Sam, long time no see. Listen, this may sound weird, but I need a favor.” Jacob sat on his couch and saw the three dots appear on his screen “Hey buddy. It has. And sure. I’ll do anything I can. Just name it.” “I remember in college that your parents had that store for people with certain problems. I think I might have one of those problems.” “Oh, well I inherited the store when they retired. I should be able to help you with whatever problem you might have. Come by the store tomorrow and I’ll get it all straightened out.” Jacob put his phone down and breathed a sigh of relief. Sam would fix it. Sam can fix anything.
  3. RealIn2Growth

    Doing It! Complete Chapters 1-11(01.11.23)

    Hi there. Hope you're all doing great. Had some time on my hands so started out writing a story for fun. I have the whole thing finished, so I thought I would post some of it here. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think. I'll post some more in the next couple of days. Doing It! “Are we really doing this?” “Yes! We really are going to do this!” Cody pushed the large silver syringe towards Grant. “This is really happening. It isn’t a game?” Grant picked up the metal syringe and took a look at the cylinder that lay within. “It’s not a game. You asked for the shit, and I got it for you. Now it’s up to you.” Cody’s cock was hard in his jeans from him just imagining what the rest of the day held. Sure, he could go to jail for stealing a top secret formula from a lab he was interning at, but he didn’t care if it meant Grant got what he deserved, and what he deserved was ultimate size. he two had met at the gym. Cody had always been an avid gym goer, but he was more used to places like Peak Fitness or Ultimate Gym, not The Metalworks that was ten minutes away from the lab he had recently started at right after grad school. Being self conscious at first about working out at a gym that catered more towards serious lifters, he hadn’t really paid Grant much notice besides glancing at his built physique in passing. No. Six months would pass before the two men would even speak to one another. When they did, it wouldn’t even be in the gym, but the parking lot. Cody had been at the lab late and decided that before he went home to sleep, he would get a quick workout in. After having gone through a routine set out for him by his online personal trainer, he changed into his trousers and shirt and was back in his car an hour later. The problem he had was that the car refused to start. Banging his hand on the wheel several times out of frustration, he popped the hood and exited the car in hopes that it would be an easy fix. Looking into the dark cavernous expanse that held his car’s engine by the light of his cell phone flashlight, Cody knew that he had no clue what the issue was. It could be anything! “Problem?” Cody looked up to see a tall, muscular, hunk of a man standing next to him. He had a grin on his face and a twinkle in his eye that Cody couldn’t help seeing even in the semi darkness of the parking lot. “I… my car. It’s dead.” “You call for a tow?” The larger man leaned on the car and looked under the hood. Cody wondered how old the man was. His hair was dark and full, but there was a hint of silver at the temples. His face was tanned yet only slightly lined, while the energy he was giving off let Cody know that he had seen and done a lot in his life. “No. Not yet. I thought… I don’t know. I thought that just by looking at it it would let me know what was wrong!” The man turned his head and smiled up at Cody. “Want me to give you a jump? I have cables in my Jeep.” “Yeah! That would be great. Think that will fix it?” “Can’t hurt.” The man walked away from Cody on large and muscular legs with glutes to match. Cody estimated he had to be about 6’3 and over 200lbs of thick muscle. A few minutes later, he had driven his black Jeep over to Cody, jumped out of the drivers side door and was hooking jumper cables up to both of their engines. “Try turning it over.” Cody looked dumbfounded at him. “Turn on your car.” “Oh! Right!” Cody hopped in the front seat, turned the key, and was rewarded with his car coming miraculously to life. “Thank you so much!” “No problem.” The man unhooked the jumper cables, lifted his arm so that his bicep jumped to attention, and began to wind them up around an elbow and meaty hand. “You saved my life. Not sure if towing comes with my insurance.” Cody felt his cock harden slightly as he watched the man finish winding up the cables, and wished it was being manhandled by such large hands. “You should check that out. Have a good night.” With that, he hopped into his Jeep and drove off into the night. From then on, whenever Cody went to the gym, his mysterious hero seemed to be there. Cody would secretly watch him lift, in awe of his brute strength and dedication to muscle. Cody must have been staring for too long before the guy walked over to him and broke him out of the X-rated fantasy that was playing on the screen in his mind. “Take a picture. It will last longer.” The guy slapped Cody on the ass and walked past him. Cody went through the motions of the rest of his workout, embarrassed at being caught staring, but also slightly turned on by the feel of the man’s hand on his ass. It was in the parking lot that night that he caught the guy standing next to his Jeep checking his phone. As Cody walked to his car, he called out: “Hey Tom!” “Tom?” “Peeping Tom. What I call you since I don’t know your name.” “It’s Cody. I wasn’t staring…” “No?” “No… I was thinking.” “That’s too bad. I’d hoped you were staring.” The man turned around and opened his Jeep door. “You… hoped I had been staring?” “Yeah. I’ve stared at that hot ass of yours plenty of times.” Cody was thankful it was dark so that the guy couldn’t see him blush. “You… have?” “Yeah. That okay?” “Sure. That’s… fine with me.” “Good. I’m Grant.” “Cody. Nice to meet you.” The two shook hands. Electricity passed through Cody as Grant gripped him tight. “I’m going to grab something to eat at my restaurant if you want to join me.” “Your restaurant?” “Best steaks in the 50 states. You do eat meat, right?” “Yeah! I love meat!” “Good to know. Follow me.” That night had been the beginning of months filled with excitement and passion. The two men, so very different, found that their differences made them perfect for each other. Soon, Cody was moving into Grant's large home, and the two were thinking of each other as a serious couple. It was while they were working out five months later that Cody brought up the project he was slightly a part of at work. “In a way… it’s going to help with your businesses. Imagine cows twice or three times the size. Imagine the steaks!” “So… this formula… it’s going to grow bigger cows?” “Not just cows. Pigs, chickens. Bigger animals… more food.” “Fuck the cows. Give it to me!” Grant laughed as he began curling a 50 lbs dumbbell. “Let’s grow this beast!” “Yeah right. Imagine! I’ve seen the trials on rats. Fuck they got huge. Twice the size.” Cody lifted a 15 lbs dumbbell and began curling as well. “I’m not joking. Let them know if they want a human trial… they can have me!” Grant laughed as he dropped the dumbbell to the floor and went off in search of something heavier. Cody knew Grant wasn’t joking. He was obsessed with size and muscle, and to have something that could get him even bigger would be a dream come true. Cody wanted to be the person that could give him that. He had made Cody happier than he had ever been in his life, and he could think of no better way to thank him. It was a month and a half later before Cody found himself left alone in the lab to lock up. The solution had been handed to him by his superior and told to log how much they had given to the test subjects and locked away. It was easy enough to pull up an entire syringe full, drop the large vial on the floor, and write in the log that it had been lost due to an accident. He walked out of the lab with the syringe in his coat pocket imagining the possibilities. Now, they were both in the bathroom of the gym. Cody couldn't wait to let Grant know of his theft, causing the larger man to grab him and drag him into the bathroom. “I just… what… inject it?” Grant looked up at Cody. He was hard in his sweatpants and began rubbing his cock with his other hand. “I’ll do it. It will go in your glute.” “Right. How much?” “Well… that’s the issue. I have no clue. It’s only been tested on rats.” “And I’m a pretty big rat.” “You are. I drew up an entire syringe because I imagined that would be the dose you would need.” “Then, let’s go with the syringe.” Grant pulled his sweat pants down and faced away from Cody. “Let’s do this!” Without even thinking twice, just happy he could give this to Grant, Cody drove the needle of the syringe deep into the muscle, pulled back to make sure there was no blood, and then pressed the dark liquid home. “Fuck! It burns!” “Almost there!” 40 seconds later, the solution was in Grant and Cody was pulling the needle out. “How long does it take?” “It’ll be about a week to two weeks before we notice any changes.” “Right. How much you think I’ll gain?” “Estimate… about a hundred to a hundred and twenty-five pounds of muscle.” Grant's cock jumped just hearing that. He pulled Cody towards him and the two began to kiss. The next day, at the lab, Cody was disciplined severely for his ‘accident’ with the formula, but nothing else came about the theft. He was happy he had gotten away with it and still felt sore from the multiple times Grant had fucked him that night after their workout.. It was 3:00 in the afternoon when Cody’s cell phone went off. It was Grant. “Hey, Babe! How’s the restaurant?” “I’m driving home.” “What’s wrong?” “Nothings wrong. It’s working!” “What?” “I’m growing!” “That’s not possible. It’s just your imagination.” “You tell that to… oh fuck! You tell that to my body!” “I’ll be right there.” After a quick lie about severe diarrhoea, Cody was on his way home. He called Grant once he got in the car, but his boyfriend didn’t pick up. The house was only twenty minutes away, but he seemed to catch every light possible. It wasn’t possible that Grant could be showing signs of muscle growth already. It usually took ten days before any difference was noted, and about six months before the rat had grown to its largest size. It had only been a day since Grant had been injected… not even 24 hours! Cody drove up to their house and parked in the driveway next to Grants Jeep. The first thing Cody noticed as he walked up to the house was that the front door was wide open and Grant’s keys were still in the lock. Walking into the house, he called out to Grant but didn’t receive an answer. Moving into the living room, he noticed the clothes Grant had been wearing were scattered around on the floor with both the shirt and trousers having rips and tears in the fabric. Moving into the kitchen, he found both of Grant’s sneakers, but the front near the laces as well as the sides of them had been destroyed as if something had unexpectedly exploded out of them. Cody’s heart began to beat faster as he heard several deep grunts and groans coming from the master bedroom. Crossing into the room, he audibly gasped at what he saw. Standing in front of the large mirror was Grant, but it was nothing like the Grant he had kissed goodbye that morning. The Grant that was flexing one arm while jerking his cock with the other hand while admiring himself in the mirror was a brute… a muscle beast. Everything about Grant was now… bigger. Every muscle group on his body was swollen way beyond any pump he had ever had. It was obvious that Grant must have not only gained 50 plus pounds of muscle mass in the last couple of hours, but he now stood several inches taller than the 6’ 2” he had been that morning. Cody couldn't take his eyes off of his boyfriend. He looked so huge and primal standing there in front of the mirror posing and flexing various muscle groups for himself; turning himself on in the process. Cody looked downward at Grant’s cock, rising up like a monument to his virility. Where it had always been above average at 8”, it now stretched to what had to be a thick 10 incher. Grant caught Cody’s eye in the mirror. “What do you think?” Grant pulled a most muscular pose for Cody forcing every muscle group to swell even larger. “I don’t understand.” “If you don’t understand… how do you think I feel!” Grant moved closer to Cody who now felt so much smaller in his presence. “It shouldn’t work this way. You look like you've been on it for 5 weeks now… not one day.” “Imagine me in 5 weeks!” Grant's cock swelled, releasing a wad of precum. “Maybe this is it. Maybe on humans the growth occurs all at once.” “No. This is just the start. I can feel it.” Grant ran his large hand over his pecs and down his abs. “What do you mean?” Grant moved closer to Cody until he was nearly on top of him. Grant had always been larger than Cody, but now the phenomenal growth he had gone through made it seem as if he were the size of two men combined. “There’s a new energy in me.” Grant grabbed Cody around the waist and pulled him to him. “I felt it this morning. At first, I didn’t know what it was, and grew worried when I felt it fill my body, becoming more and more powerful.” With his right hand, Grant caressed Cody’s face. “Throughout the morning into the afternoon, it kept getting stronger and stronger until I thought I was going to either have a heart attack or explode due to high blood pressure. I was sweating… my heart was racing… and then the cramps began.” Cody could feel Grant’s hard cock pressing against him as Grant told the incredible story of his growth. “All the air escaped from my lungs as if I was punched in the stomach. I staggered into a bathroom at the restaurant and locked the door. The pressure seemed to be focusing on my chest, but it wasn’t my heart. It was my pecs… and they had both started to swell!” Grant leaned down and brought his face closer and closer to Cody’s until the two began to kiss. Grant's tongue was welcomed as it slid into Cody’s mouth. He released a slight groan as Grant held him with more strength than he had possessed before. Cody could feel the much larger and more muscular body pressing against him, and was marvelling at how thick Grant felt as he wrapped his arms around him. The two kissed even deeper as they became more and more aroused. Cody was shocked when Grant pulled away, but from the wild look in his eye, Cody knew Grant wanted more. Lifting his considerable hands to Cody’s shirt, Grant started to massage the smaller man’s nipples. Cody groaned again, feeling his cock straining for release against his trousers. “I could feel muscle mass building on top of muscle mass… dividing… replicating… until my pecs began to swell and press against my shirt much more than they had minutes before. Then it began to spread to my abs… my quads… my lats… my biceps. My entire body was exploding with new and powerful muscle.” As if to demonstrate his new strength, Grant grabbed onto Cody’s shirt, and with a powerful tug, tore it from his body. Cody nearly came as he watched buttons and fabric fall to the floor from his light blue dress shirt. Grant then lifted Cody off of his feet and carried him to the bed where he proceeded to throw him on top of it. “I knew I had to get out of there. My clothes had begun to look painted onto my body and I had no doubt they would soon start to tear… and to be honest… I wanted to see that happen in front of a mirror! I told the head chef I felt sick and raced to my car. As I went to unlock it, my hands began to shake and spasm, and the fob fell to the floor.” Grant grabbed the waist of Cody’s pants and dragged him closer to the edge of the bed. “As I leaned down to pick it up, my ass exploded outwards; my glutes thickened with muscles until the seat of my jeans split. I can’t tell you how incredible it feels to have your muscle mass bursting through your clothes! What I failed to take into account was that it wasn’t only my muscles that were starting to grow. Everything about me was joining in.” With that, Grant tore off Cody’s trousers with a grunt, shredded his briefs, and with a grin on his face, lifted Cody’s legs up in the air and ploughed his monumental cock into Cody’s waiting hole. Cody screamed in agony and ecstasy. It wasn’t simply that Grant’s cock head had grown thicker than he had been used to taking. It was the fact that Grant’s cock seemed harder and more rigid than it had ever been in the past. Feeling the shaft being forced further and further into him felt like he was being fucked by a flesh and blood steel girder. Finally feeling Grant’s balls, which had also grown marginally, slapping against his ass, Cody opened his eyes just so he could watch the beast Grant had grown into fuck him. Grant was staring down at him, and smiled when he caught Cody’s eye. Leaning in further, he raised Cody upward with one arm and the two proceeded to kiss while Grant continued his frantic rhythm. “I was growing, babe,” Grant grunted into his ear as he fucked him harder and deeper. “As I drove… feeling my shoes getting tighter… feeling my hands and spine lengthening… all I could think was… it was you who gave this to me!” Cody looked deep into Grant’s eyes, feeling the pressure of a coming orgasm rising up within him. “Finally… fuck! You’re still so fucking tight!” “I’m not… tight! You’re… much… bigger!” Cody felt his balls begin to rise up in their sack as the strong orgasmic feeling enveloped his body. Soon, his hard cock began shooting rope after rope of cum. As Grant lowered him back onto the bed, he was still buried deep within Cody. Watching Cody cum, he knew he was only moments away from it himself. Grabbing onto Cody’s waist, he began to pound himself deeper into Cody’s ass. “It’s still… with me… Cody. I can… feel… it. Every minute… it’s getting… stronger! Soon… I’ll grow again… and again… and again! Soon… my body… will be… just massive… throbbing.., pulsating… flexing… muscle!!!!!” Grant growled the last word as he began unleashing load after hot load of cum into Cody. Feeling such liquid fire in his bowels caused Cody to erupt again. His body spasmed as Grant began to slide his cock out of him, and proceeded to drop several more thick loads onto Cody’s stomach and chest. Both of their seeds mixed on Cody as they fought to catch their breaths. “Damn… you shot a lot!” Cody grinned. “Yeah. Never had an orgasm like that one. Really strong. Like me.” Grant bounced his weighty pecs. Grant proceeded to grab a towel to clean Cody up with, but instead of a washcloth it now took a hand towel! The two men then showered together as best as they could since Grant now took up much more space. After they had dried themselves off, Cody began to get dressed, but Grant remained naked. He suddenly seemed on edge, pacing the room like a caged animal. “Anytime now… anytime now…” “Can you really… still feel it?” Cody slipped his left sock on, but stopped to look at Grant. “The growth?” “Yeah. It’s there. Gotten much stronger in the last couple of minutes. You’ll be able to witness your gift in action!” “Aren’t you… aren’t you nervous? This is happening so fast.” “Fuck no! I love it. Since I was a kid I wanted to be huge… powerful… built like Superman in the comics.” “You’re built like him now!” “I know! So just imagine what I’ll look like next… or the time after that… or the time after that. Fuck! I want you to do me a favour.” Grant moved quickly to his dresser and began digging through a drawer. “What?” Grant pulled out a measuring tape and handed it to Cody. “Measure me. Before I grow again.” “Okay.” Cody wrapped the tape around Grant’s right quad. “Your quad is 35 inches.” “Fuck yeah. Go on.” Cody moved the tape to Grant’s waist. “Your waist is 36 inches” “Go on.” “Your chest… it’s… 70 inches.” “Go on!” “Your bicep is… 25 inches.” “Neck?” “Your neck is 20 inches.” “My cock? Measure my cock.” Cody did as he was told. He took Grant's hard cock in his hands, running the tape down the length of it. “Your cock is 10.5 inches long and 5 inches thick.” “Fuck yeah! How tall?” Cody could hear Grant’s heart pounding in his chest. “That’s going to be harder. Go against the wall.” “Quick. Quick! I can feel it.” Grant leaned against the wall while Cody drew a line with a pencil. When Grant stepped away, he moved quickly into the bathroom, leaving Cody to take the measurement. When he crossed back into the room, Cody was waiting for him. “You’re 6’5… up 3 inches from what you used to be.” “I’ve also gained 110 lbs in muscle. Up from 220 to 330. Isn’t that crazy! You thought I’d gain 100 lbs in 6 months! I've done it in a day! In a day!” Grant grabbed Cody and started to kiss him. “Grant… I…” “Don’t be nervous! It’s all good! It’s what I want. It’s a dream come true! When I hit 220, I was at my biggest, and now look at me. 330 lbs of muscle! 6’5 inches tall! I got a fucking 70 inch chest… and the cock of a horse… and my balls… always full… always churning…. I’m strong as hell now… but…” Grant pulled away from Cody with a grin on his face. “Any second, Cody! Any… second!” Cody could see beads of sweat erupting on Grant’s forehead. Lifting both arms, Grant flexed them. He then flexed his pecs… his lats… his quads…. “Much stronger than before, Cody. Much… much stronger. Cody’s heart raced as he watched Grant flex and relax every muscle group on his body over and over again. His eyes were closed, and his head had fallen back slightly on his bull neck. That was when Cody realized that Grant wasn’t flexing his muscles in preparation of a growth spurt. His body was doing it under no control of Grant’s. Cody stepped backwards, and ran into the bed. Unsure what was about to happen, Cody sat down on the soft mattress, never once taking his eyes off of Grant. “This is… it… Cody! This… is…”
  4. Sizemologist

    Prize Pig Husband

    Commission for @bigmanfan2 on twitter: After buying a new home, John and Carl find some interesting things that the previous owners left behind. John parked the moving van and looked at the large house. He walked along the dirt road taking in the countryside and seeing the big red barn leading to a little pond behind it. “Ah, this is perfect,” said John as he took a deep breath of fresh air. “It really is,” came a voice from behind John. John was met with a warm sensation when he felt two big arms wrap around him and lift him up off the ground in a giant bear hug. Followed by some kisses on the cheek. “The perfect place for us to start our new life babe.” John smiled and was set down. He turned and saw his husband, Carl. 8 inches taller than John at 6 '4 and weighing about 300 pounds in a plaid button down shirt and big overalls. John was an average 5' 8 and 150 pounds soaking wet in a t-shirt and jeans. “Think we can start a farm out here?” asked John as he got on his tiptoes and kissed his husband’s lips. “Definitely. The old owners used to have tons of livestock on this land. You start taking boxes into the house and I’ll go check out the barn. Be back in a jiff hun.” Carl leaned down and gave John a nice squeeze and then headed towards the barn. John turned back to the truck and began unloading various boxes to take inside. Carl got to the big barn doors and used all his strength to swing them open. He looked up at the ceiling and marveled at the size of the barn. The ceiling must’ve been 30 feet high, and it had plenty of open space. Looking around, Carl found some old tubs that seemed to still have things in them. “Hmm, guess the old owners left us some things.” Carl grabbed off the lids and rummaged through the bins. Some of it was just old farm tools, some barbed wire, and some bags of feed. “Wow, I can’t believe they left all of this,” said Carl to himself. He grabbed the feed bags and started moving them. Looking at where he could put them, he saw a bunch more feed bags up on the second floor. “That’ll have to do for now for storage.” Carl loaded a couple of bags on his shoulder and made his way to the ladder. He grabbed the first step and started climbing up. Everything was going smoothly until he stepped up the ladder and felt a snap under his foot. The old ladder gave out and Carl went falling backwards. Luckily, he wasn’t that high off the ground so he wasn’t hurt, but he landed on the two sacks of feed, breaking them open and shooting dust everywhere. Carl coughed as feed particles blew through the stale air. “Argh! That was a bad idea.” Carl continued to cough as he stood up from the ground. Brushing off the dust on his shirt and overalls, he inhaled again and was met with the sweetest scent ever. “Mmm what is that?” Carl’s mind went into a haze as he sniffed the air and like a dog, he pinpointed the source. “What? I’ve never worked with feed that smelled this good.” Carl leaned down and grabbed at the bag. Picking up a handful, Carl sniffed the feed. It smelled delectable. “This is bizarre.” Carl kept sniffing it, then paused for a moment before sticking his tongue out and licking it. Carl’s eyes went wide when he tasted the feed. He immediately threw the handful in his mouth. “Mmmmmmmm so good.” Carl crunched the feed and savored every bite. Carl swallowed the feed and rubbed his big gut. “Wow, who knew feed could taste so good.” Carl smiled and looked down at the two open bags of feed. “Well I can’t let these go to waste. And I haven’t eaten since we left our old town. What’s the harm in a little snack?” Carl picked up another handful of feed and threw it back in his mouth. Letting out purrs as he ate. Quickly, he swallowed that handful and went in for another, then another, then another. He was shoveling feed into his mouth like he hadn’t eaten in days. Carl wasn’t paying attention to how much he was eating. He only knew he was hungry. He didn’t care that his shirt was getting tighter and tighter from every bite. His overalls digging into his shoulders more and more. One by one, his buttons shooting off like bullets as the big man ate and ate. Loud tears echoing in the barn when his overalls began to rip. His big belly spilling out into his lap as he pigged out. John was busy unloading their moving van. Putting dishes away and trying to unload as much as he could without Carl. He was walking back to the truck when he heard a loud roar erupt from the barn. John’s eyes got wide and he started running towards the barn. He got to the barn and threw open the doors. What John saw next made him stop in his tracks. “UUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRPPPPPPP!!!! Oh hi honey,” said Carl as he sat on the ground with two feed bags in his hands. John looked at his husband and he was not the same one he’d left a few minutes ago. Sitting down, Carl must’ve been 8 feet tall. And on that giant body was loads of fat. Carl had gone from stocky to obese. His belly spilled out onto his lap. Covering up a lot of his upper legs. His moobs looked more comparable to king sized pillows. “Carl, what the hell happened to you?” asked John. “What? Oh sorry. I was a bit hungry, and this feed is actually really good. You want some?” Carl offered one of the big bags of feed to John as he ate the other. “No, I’m good, big guy. But I meant how did you get so big?” Carl gave John a puzzled look as he ripped off the top of the bag of feed and threw the entire bag’s contents into his mouth like it was a little bag of chips. “What do you mean?” asked Carl between bites. “UUUUUURRRRRRPPPPPPPP!” Carl let out another belch that shook the whole barn, but then John saw it. Carl’s entire body started to swell. His head began to rise closer to the ceiling. His belly began to spill out further into his lap. His legs and arms began to inflate. Gaining fat and length. “I mean that Carl! You just grew like two feet taller and gained like 200 pounds!” John looked up at his giant husband and walked closer to him. “Huh?” Carl looked down at himself and saw how big he was since entering the barn. “Where did my clothes go?” Carl saw a little pile of fabric on his belly from what used to be his button down. “What the hell?” Carl stood up and up and up. He looked down at John in horror. He was 25 feet tall standing up and his belly hung out so far that he could barely see John under it. “I’m a giant!” John looked up and saw that Carl’s belly wasn’t the only thing that had grown. The man’s cock had been pretty big before his growth spurt, but now it was huge. “Yes, you are.” John put his hand on his husband’s cock, and it sent shivers up Carl’s spine. The beast twitched in approval as Carl laid back down on the ground. “John, this isn’t good. I’m huge! What are we gonna do?” asked Carl as he rubbed his big belly. “I have a few ideas.” John climbed up onto his giant husband's belly and looked down at his face. He planted a kiss on the giant’s lips and Carl reached up to pull his husband into a giant sized bear hug. Below them, Carl’s cock was beginning to swell, but not from the feed. As the two kissed, John looked back and saw the great white whale. Carl’s cock was almost as tall as John and thicker than his torso. “Holy shit babe.” “I know. It’s crazy,” mused Carl. John stood up and started walking back towards the big cock. Feeling his husband’s stomach shift as he walked on it. John looked at the cock and wrapped his arms around it. The cock was so thick, he couldn’t close his arms. He could hear Carl moaning as he played with his dick. “Honey, keep doing that. It feels incredible!” John started to move up and down his husband's monster cock and get the giant off. Carl was in heaven as he got jerked off by his miniature husband. But something in the back of his mind was still nagging him. Then both of them heard a loud growl from Carl’s massive belly. He was still very hungry. “Sounds like my big piggy needs to eat,” said John. “Yes please. Preferably soon.” Carl tried to sit up, but he was a bit stuck on the ground. “Babe, I need foooooooood!” groaned Carl. John stopped jerking off his dick and climbed over the titanic belly. “What food would you like my dear?” asked John looking at his big husband's face. His neck being swallowed by mounds upon mounds of fat. “We got anymore of that feed?” John smiled and looked around the barn. Carl had eaten the few bags that were in the tubs, but there were still some on the top floor. “Babe, can you get me up there?” John pointed at the top floor. “Probably.” Carl wrapped his hand around his small husband and reached his arm up to put him comfortably on the top floor. John finally got to survey how big Carl had actually gotten. He was a blob of a man. Every inch of him was covered in fat. His belly looked like a sea of flesh and with moobs that looked bigger than beanbag chairs. “Fuck, I can’t wait to feed you these,” said John as he found dozens of bags of feed. He started grabbing them and throwing them down to Carl. Carl didn’t waste any time ripping open the bags and pouring them into his mouth. A satisfying belch shaking the barn after each one. John had lost track of how many bags he had thrown down until he threw the last one and admired his giant man. As Carl finished off the last bag, his belly let out a lot of gurgles and was bubbling. The big man rubbed his belly and felt the feed being processed. “Oooooo, little guy, you might wanna get out of here,” said Carl as he felt one final burp coming on. John got worried for a moment as he counted how many bags of feed Carl had just consumed. He looked at the destroyed ladder and back at Carl. “I hope you’re soft, big guy.” John climbed the railing and jumped down onto Carl's belly like it was a giant mattress, but that hit was the straw that broke the camel’s back. “UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!” Carl let out a deafening belch as his transformation began. His entire body swelled before their very eyes. His legs and arms growing out at an alarming weight. His belly inflated with hundreds of pounds per second. John saw his giant husband’s head growing up towards the roof of the barn. And at his seated position had to make him close to 100 feet tall. John started to become aware of how close he was getting to the ceiling on Carl’s belly. He slid down it like a giant slide and bolted towards the door. He made it out just in time to get clear of Carl starting to push against the walls. John ran until he was far enough away to know he was out of the line of fire. He turned around and saw the barn bowing out. The walls of the barn were moving and shifting as Carl’s fat became too much for it. He would occasionally see pieces of wood fall off the barn and expose Carl’s fat. Finally, with a loud crash, Carl’s body burst out of the barn. His fat spilling out all over the ground. John saw his husband’s big head rise up and up and up as he stood up as debris of the old barn fell to the ground. “Hey big guy!” yelled John. Carl looked down and saw his little husband next to their new house and smiled. He leaned down and offered his hand for John to hop onto. John happily did and Carl brought him up to his face. “You really pigged out, big guy.” John smiled and hugged his husband’s massive quadruple chin. “What can I say? I was hungry,” said Carl. His low voice echoing for miles around them. He laughed and patted his massive belly. His hand sending ripples like massive ocean waves over his gut. John could only smile and kiss him. “What are we gonna do now that you’re so big?” asked John as he started playing with Carl’s fat rolls. “Hmm, maybe you could enter me in the town fair. I’m definitely the biggest pig.” Carl shook his stomach and there was a low growl that emitted from it. “Actually, the first thing we need to do is get more of that feed.” John laughed and then cuddled up against his giant man. “Sure thing my big fat piggy husband.”
  5. The Stone of Agios Part One My fifteen years of study, research, and excavation finally led to my discovery of the whereabouts of The Stone of Agios. It had been unearthed in 1928 by an Englishman, Sir Lionel Pherril, who had kept it in his private geological collection without quite knowing what it was. Since the family had now found themselves falling on hard times, they were more than willing to sell the yellow crystal for a song when I approached them with my offer. I found it difficult to hold back my excitement as the mythical stone was placed in my hand. It was larger than depicted in drawings and heavier than I thought it would be, but small enough to fit comfortably in my carry-on that evening. I was taking no chances. After giving the envelope with £50,000 cash to Mr. Pherril, I went right to Heathrow airport and booked the first direct flight home. Several times I opened my bag to make sure the stone was safe, and many times I wanted to trial it’s power for myself, but I strengthened my resolve to wait until I was in the privacy of my own home. I leaned my head back against my seat in Business Class and closed my eyes. As I thought of the stone, a smile appeared on my face and my stubby cock got slightly hard in my jeans. The Stone of Agios. I had first read of its mythological origin during an archaeological dig while an intern in college. An ancient scroll unearthed that fateful day told the legendary tale of The Stone’s origin, how it had given birth to the Ancient Titans at the beginning of time and fueled their power. A crafty prehistoric man stole it and used its power to evolutionary propel themselves further than they ever should have gone. The Stone had granted man power over fire, assisted in the invention of the wheel, and given them victory in battles. From my decade of research, I discovered that the stone was rumored to grant the desires of those who held it. These legends birthed the tales of wish granting genies and other such items around the world. Eventually, I could never find out quite how it came into the possession of a priest who feared its demonic powers. He was t able to destroy it, so he hid it from the world until it was unearthed by a local craftsman who had purchased a rundown abbey. The legends, having long been forgotten, left the stone to an uninteresting life of being a paperweight. I knew it was still in the possession of the Pherril’s after seeing it sitting on a desk in a photograph. Now… it was mine! As I drove home from the airport my hand brushed the uneven surface of the stone. Soon, I thought. Soon I’ll have everything I ever imagined. I parked the car in the driveway and walked into my home. For the past twenty-five years I had lived in this three level Victorian conversion which I purchased several years after I became a professor at the university. Teaching Ancient Greek and Latin studies enabled me to continue my quest for the stone while holding down a fairly easy job that I enjoyed. I had several partners come and go, but none who’s interest ever held me long. My split with my last partner had only been six weeks prior and he had messaged me while I had been in the UK. “Hey, Johnathan. Give me a call when you get back. Thought we might grab dinner or a movie. Hope your trip to England was good. Talk soon.” I’d have to remember to call Steve and see how he was. For now, I was more than interested in the dusty yellow crystal I held in my hand. Walking into the kitchen, I turned on the lights and walked over to the sink. Running warm water, I ran the stone under the flowing tap until it was clean. I then carefully towel dried it and carried it into my library. There, I poured a glass of wine and sat on the leather couch staring intently into it. No time like the present. Clearing my throat, I said out loud: “I wish…” I stopped. I needed to think. I needed to test it before I attempted any elaborate wishes. “I wish… I wish I was the very definition of a stud and my cock was 13 inches when hard and 8 inches thick with a 9 inch thick head that swells to near bursting! ” I felt the crystal begin to throb in my hand as if it were breathing. Soon after, a bright yellow light began to pulse within the heart of the crystal growing brighter and more powerful each second. Suddenly, the light became blinding as the crystal pounded in time to my own heart beat. I found myself turning my eyes away from the blinding glow as it grew in intensity. Then, just as it started, the glow faded and the stone was still. I was shaking as I gently placed the stone on the table. Would the wish be granted just as I had asked? If so… what would I ask for next? I felt butterflies begin to fly wildly within my stomach as I thought of all the possibilities that now lay before me. I could… Fuck… I could be a God… a Titan! My 4” cock began to harden in my trousers. I rubbed the head with my hand as it jumped in its fabric covered prison. Then, with shaking hands, I began to undo my belt and unbutton my jeans. If it was going to grow… and I had every faith that it was going to… I needed to watch! Pulling my jeans and underwear down, my rigid cock slapped against my flat stomach, harder than it had been in years… harder than when I was a horny teenager! Grabbing onto the shaft, I began to slowly stroke it, relishing in the steel-like sensation and sensitivity I was experiencing. I imagined what all of my partners would say when the finally saw the massive cock I had hidden in my pants. How many times hook-ups had told me my cock was too small to be a dominant top? Now, they were going to be in for a massive surprise when I rammed their tight asses over and over and over again with my giant cock! “Fuck yeah! A Giant cock! A real warrior's cock with the sex drive of an army!” I grunted as the head of my cock swelled and began to start leaking a considerable amount of pre-cum. All of my life I had wanted to be one of those guys whose cock leaked their own lube like a fountain, but no matter how hard or aroused I was, it never happened. Now, my cock was actually shooting ropes of pre onto my stomach and leaking down the shaft. Bringing my hand up to my face, I took in the potent musky smell. Fuck!! It smelled of masculinity… of virility…. I hungrily began to lick my own fingers enjoying the powerful flavor. My cock grew even harder, and what had once been pleasurable minutes prior was now a throbbing ache. The flow of pre became an even wilder river as more and more was expelled in larger amounts. The spurts of pre were now so powerful that my abs and then pecs and finally neck was getting pelted by it. From the amount flowing off of my body and onto the leather couch, it looked like I had pissed myself! I laughed and grunted again as an even larger wad was fired at my chest. Pain radiated up from my balls causing me to inhale a shallow breath. The sensation of being kicked in the balls over and over again by a mule grew stronger as the stream of pre shooting out of my cock grew stronger. Soon, there were no longer any spasms or spurts, but a continuous cascade of pre-cum bursting out of my swollen cock head. I found myself stifling a loud groan as the pain grew worse. Instinctually grabbing onto my nuts to calm the pain, I felt them begin to pulse and then proceed to swell in my hands. Moments of pain mixed with orgasmic pleasure passed, and soon I could feel my walnut sized balls swell until they closely resembled two chicken eggs, both fighting for room in my tight sack. Sweat was pouring down my face as my head rested on the back of the couch. I was terrified my ball sack was going to split as my egg sized testicles soon appeared to grow again until they more closely resembled large kiwis. I had been so distracted by my balls swelling right before my eyes that I failed to notice that my cock head had begun to start growing thicker as well. I brought my right hand to the head and stroked it, shocked by how sensitive it now was. I watched in awe as the head flexed and pulsed, growing heftier, fleshier, meatier, and more delicious looking. My head swam as my entire body was overloaded by erotic sensations. I could feel saliva dripping out of my open mouth as I took in the deep red color of my fist sized cock-head. The morphed-looking glans belonged to my own cock, and I was afraid of it. Any ass or orifice it entered would no doubt be stretched to capacity, and I was glad that I would never be the one being impaled by it! “Fuck!!” I cried out as my balls swelled even larger. I lifted the swollen orbs in my hands and was amazed at how heavy they now were. My sack had stretched along with the unbelievable growth of my nuts, but no matter how large it became, the swelling testicles took up more and more room. As the expanded, I began to feel a new and welcomed sensation from within; the creation and churning of gallons of potent cum. The amplification of my balls was turning me quite literally into what I had asked for. I was becoming the very definition of a stud. My balls now felt filled to capacity with sperm, and every second I sensed my cum engines were creating more. I knew that I was now so potent that any woman I fucked would get pregnant with just a drop of my cum, not to mention the gallons that would be shot out when I finally did ejaculate. “Thank… God… I’m fucking… gay!! I’d have a billion kids!! I could repopulate this planet!!” My cock was an open faucet causing puddles of pre to appear on the couch cushions and dripping onto the floor. My fingers stroked the portobello mushroom sized head which caused me to audibly gasp. The shaft now looked ridiculous, like a pencil holding up the roof to a house! “Grow!!” I grunted, willing my shaft to stretch and swell along with the rest of my sex organ! Massaging and lifting the increasing weight of my balls, I felt them pulse and expand past the size of kiwis until they both rivaled ripe peaches. Never in my life could I imagine a human man with such ridiculously sized bull balls, but I was going to become more than the average human male. What I would turn into would be the epitome of the Alpha male… created for sex and pleasure… built to dominate, master, and control. I would be a new form of man that the world would lust for! I spread my legs wider and felt my ball-sack stretch closer to the floor, heaving and heavy with my peach sized testicles. As my balls grew, I noticed that my pre was changing as well… becoming more of a golden color, thicker and stickier like syrup. It was more than just a lubricant… it was the primer coating for fertilization with my sperm! “I… just… wanted to fuck… every guy… I… saw!! Instead… my wish… is transforming me… into… a stud… born to… breed!!” Suddenly, I felt a throbbing in the base of my cock. Looking down I saw that the skin of my shaft had begun to develop a beet red color and when I touched my hand to it, I felt it was hot to the touch. Then, with a loud grunt, I felt a massive push as more blood was forced into my cock causing it to expand. “Starting… to swell… growing… thicker…” I wrapped my hand around it only to discover that my thumb and pointer finger no longer touched anymore, and each time it throbbed, they got even further apart. I no longer recognized the cock I had been jerking and fucking with since I was 14! It was morphing into this angry tool of pleasure mixed with destruction, and I loved it. My shaft continued to balloon wider while my balls grew even more dense. The churning rising up from my sack was easily audible now, and as my balls continued to swell, it only got louder and more hypnotic. My own pheromones appeared to be growing stronger as a new scent rose up from my balls. It smelled of leather… wood… dirt… and primal sex. I found myself being turned on by my own scent. I couldn't imagine what it would do to anyone else. “No one… will be able… to resist… me!” I didn’t know how I knew this, but instinctively I knew that my pheromones would act as a spellbinding opiate, making me even more alluring and magnetic! I could only laugh as the gap between my pointer finger stretched from three… to four… to five inches. Thick veins erupted along the surface of my cock that now looked broader than a Pringles can. Much thicker! My cock had grown to over 5 inches long, but that was only due to the immensity of my cock. To me, it now resembled a fire hydrant; stumpy but meaty! I knew that anyone who saw my cock now would call me a freak, but I welcomed it. All of my life I had been average, but with the stone, all of that was going to change. Soon every man would be jealous of what he was packing in his jeans… and what he had become! Suddenly, I cried out and grabbed both sides of my head as a loud ringing noise filled it. With no warning, my mind was inundated with images, thoughts, ideas, sexual positions, massage techniques, and tongue artistry that could fill hundreds of books on sex! It felt like an unknown source was downloading every possible sexual idea or thought into my brain until I knew everything there was to know about sex with both men and women, and every way to bring pleasure to my partner… or partners. I knew how to watch for changes of breathing pattern, the flush of a chest, the rise in a pulse, or the change in pheromone intensity to indicate what a partner was enjoying or not enjoying. Even with a cock as thick and intimidating as mine, I knew how to bring hours and hours of pleasure to my partners along with myself, making me the most proficient lover in the world!!! I laughed and grunted as I discovered that I now relished every fetish imaginable. Nothing was taboo to me any longer. I could accomplish thousands of positions and pleasure myself or others for days. I opened my eyes and a world of endless sex lay before me. I found I had no other wants or needs but endless sexual pleasures. As my sexual knowledge grew vaster, I found I could now control my own pheromones, strengthening them until every person on earth would serve only me “I am… the definition… of a… stud…” I laughed and found the sound of my own voice entrancingly erotic. Then, a stabbing punch in the base of my massively thick cock caused me to groan. I watched with lustfulness as my cock finally proceeded to inch longer, soon passing six inches… seven inches… and then eight. When my cock grew past nine inches, I even wanted to worship at the altar to it. It was so incredible to look at… so beautiful… so masculine. It went perfectly now with my tight muscular body. All I wanted to do was walk around naked so the whole world could witness the mastery of what the male body could be. Uncontrollably, I began to stroke my cock, but each time I did, I had more area to cover. My entire house reeked of my scent, and the bigger my cock and balls grew, the stronger it became. I knew with one whiff I’d have an army of men at my feet ready to worship me. I felt a slight burning coming from my shaft, and watched as thicker, pipe-like veins began to erupt and snake around my cock. This new network succeeded in forcing more blood to the shaft, allowing it to grow even thicker and longer. Looking down at the rising leviathan, I watched as the head swelled larger and shot denser wads of golden pre further than before. There was barely a surface in the living room that hadn’t been marked by the bombardment of precum fired by my flesh bazooka. I didn’t think it could be possible, but the growth of my cock picked up speed, and in the blink of an eye, it was over ten inches and moving onto eleven. I would definitely need to wish for larger hands as they looked so tiny compared to the flesh cylinder I was currently stroking. I felt a sharp snap and watched the head mushroom further and swell larger than the width of the shaft. I suddenly had the desire to see what the poor souls would witness just before I fucked them. Standing up, I was shocked by the weight tugging at my groin. As I walked towards the bathroom, my enlarging sex organs swung and throbbed, slapping my quads and knees, leaving behind a trail of pre down the hallway. Turning on the light, I finally saw what I was becoming. No longer did I see Johnathan Briggs. I saw a cock that was a deep red, pulsating, buttress of masculinity that needed to be worshiped. I needed to be worshiped myself because I was now much more than a man. A small portion of me screamed out to go back to the stone and reverse the wish… call it off before it was too late. My subconscious knew that something wasn’t right and it was doing its best to figure it out… but my new self shoved it down and stifled it until it could no longer be heard. Looking deep within my eyes, intense carnal knowledge passed through my brain making me aware of the millions of ways I would be pleasuring myself. Most I had never imagined, but each one I was now willing and eager to try. Using both hands to stroke myself in front of the mirror, I watched as my cock grew even longer and thicker and soon it had passed twelve inches in length and was quickly approaching 13! My cock pulsed to the frenzied beating of my heart. Looking at myself in the mirror, I saw what the world would see, my body was now just a base on which my dominant cock existed. I was quickly metamorphosing into the very definition of a stud, a human fuck machine, and I knew that this was exactly what I had always wanted to be. “I will exist… merely to fuck… merely to breed… merely to give myself and others sexual pleasure!” With more determination, I stroked the entirety of my cock. It was now even more sensitive as millions of nerve endings rose closer to the surface granting me more pleasure. My cock had now surpassed the wished upon 13 inches and was quickly gaining on 14, while the shaft had to be over 9 inches thick. I didn’t know how this could be possible. I had been very specific when it came to the dimensions of my cock. I could only groan as my weighty balls began to rise up in my sack. My entire cock felt like it had been edged for days. I could barely think. My only thoughts were about my cock and the mounting pressure now building up in my balls. Suddenly, I began to uncontrollably grunt and groan as my entire body started to shudder and convulse. Soon, a river of my seed began to rise up the mighty stanchion and explode out of the bulbous head! A torrent of cum shot out of my cock like a cannon and quickly began to cover all areas of the bathroom. My cock grew even longer causing the cum to have to flow further and further up my shaft to exit into the world. I grabbed onto the sink to keep falling onto the floor as my orgasm grew in intensity. All I could do was moan and groan loudly as my cock ballooned. I tried to watch as it grew past 13 inches… 14 inches… 15 inches… 16 inches… My cum was no longer coming out in short bursts but in long continuous explosions that forced my entire body to flex. Lights flashed in front of my eyes as my body trampled and thrashed, forcing me onto my knees onto the bathroom floor. Finally, after five minutes of overwhelming orgasm and cumming, it began to fade. I gasped for breath as my cock shot a final eight ropes of cum followed by a drooling and then a dripping. Staggering backwards, I slammed into the wall of the bathroom and slid to the floor. I almost cried out as my sensitive ball sack hit the cold tile floor causing it to shoot one final thick wad of cum. My cock was still hard, and rose up like the monument it was. I couldn’t even comprehend its size. It was just so long… so thick… so monstrous! I grabbed at one of the drawers in my vanity and pulled out the measuring tape that I used to write down my body’s stats. Moving the tape down the shaft, I was dumbstruck as I saw that it was nearly 20” in length and 10” around… not to mention the head that rose up thicker and meatier than the shaft. Lifting my voluminous balls, I could already feel them churning and producing more sperm to be released in another torrential orgasm. I breathed slowly as my cock began to slowly deflate. Finally, at 13 inches, it was completely soft, or as soft as it ever would be. I stood up and walked back into the living room, exhausted but horny once again. Sitting onto the pre covered couch, I picked up The Stone of Agios. “What have you done to me? I wish…” I knew I shouldn’t do it. I knew that I should put the stone down and step away. Maybe return to it tomorrow after a night's sleep, or not even at all. Yet, wasn’t this what I always desired? I was repairing all of the mistakes of my own DNA. I was transforming myself into what I knew I truly was deep down inside. My cock hardened slightly as I gazed deep into the stone. “I wish… my body was like that of 7 foot tall barbarian, weighing over 550 lbs of pure muscle. My power and size are unrivalled in all the world, and my strength is legendary.” The stone began to pulsate and glow, but the words refused to stop flowing from my lips. “No! Not 7 foot tall. 8 foot… weighing over 700 lbs of pure muscle… No… 900 lbs! I’m a mountain of muscle… just muscle on top of muscle on top of muscle.” The stone on my hand glowed so brightly that it was hit to the touch. Pulling my hand away from it, it dropped to the floor and rolled under the table. To Be Continued...
  6. Below is my new story. I've been quite busy so it's taken me a little while to get this out... but here you go. It is my own take on the Bully revenge story... with a twist. I got the idea when a friend of mine visited an herbalist to assist with his low sperm count. The rest I just imagined after working out. Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think!! Thanks. Simply Winning Justin has seen the storefront hundreds of times on Charing Cross Road, but had never thought about entering it until the downpour of rain made it a requirement. It had been pissing down all week, a common March occurrence in London, and one that Justin was usually always prepared for. He just never had expected Gavin to take the umbrella right from his hand and stroll away. Justin had worked for the same accounting firm for the past fifteen years, and although he found it possibly the most boring of careers, it fit who he was. Maybe Justin was not the most exciting person, and maybe he might follow the same routine day in and day art, but he was a good person and had a big heart. When Gavin joined the firm last year, Justin saw his whole world change, and not for the better. The younger, larger, and more boisterous man appeared to enjoy making Justin’s life hell. It started small: pens would disappear from his desk, files were moved, his rubbish bin would be tipped over, and salt would be put in his tea if he walked away from it. They were all harmless, and no one would admit it was Gavin, but Justin knew it was. Then the attack’s got worst: clients would be given to Gavin when they were rightfully Justin’s, the personal assistant that they had once shared soon became Gavin’s alone, the hard drive on his computer had been wiped clean three times, and now today, Gavin was given the promotion to partner that was rightfully Justin’s. When Justin had confronted Mr. Webber, the founder, the excuse he had been given was that Gavin was a much more self confident man, and that impressed clients. They felt assured in his presence. Sure, Justin was great and they were happy with his work, but Gavin just brought something extra... more confidence... a spark. Justin couldn’t argue with this. In fact, He agreed with this description. Gavin was more confidant then Justin. He did have a spark. He should!! Gavin had an athletic build where Justin was slender... Gavin had thick brown hair where Justin was thinning on top, going grey, and couldn’t grow a beard at 40... Gavin was tall where Justin was short, and Gavin exuded sex appeal where Justin has none. The two men just couldn’t compare. Justin knew Gavin would always win; that was the way the world worked. These were the thoughts spiralling through Justin’s head as he opened his umbrella to go grab lunch. He usually brought his lunch everyday, but he had woken up late and forgot it as he ran for the bus, so today he would just have to treat himself. It had been raining all day, and it appeared to be coming down harder now then ever. He was just about to head out into the downpour when a hand grabbed his shoulder and stopped him. He looked up to see Gavin standing next to him. ⁃ I’ve got a lunch date, mate. Justin just stared at him wondering what that had to do with him. He realised what when Gavin grabbed the umbrella and began walking down the street with it. ⁃ Thanks, mate! He called back to Justin with a small wave, leaving him alone. Justin thought about going back to his desk and not having anything for lunch, but he was so angry, and didn’t want to give Gavin the satisfaction of seeing him run back inside. Also, he did need to buy another umbrella... Justin’s short walk up Charing Cross Road on his quest for lunch and an umbrella couldn’t have been more miserable. The rain proceeded to come down harder and harder, and the wind was blowing it all in his face. Of course, a bus roared down the street, throwing water and mud onto him, soaking his shoes and trousers. Each block that he walked got him wetter until Justin simply couldn’t take it anymore, and ducked into what he thought was a used bookstore. Instead, it was the Chinese herbalists Justin passed by everyday. As the water puddled around him, Justin looked at the many posters that cluttered the wall advertising a better life through reflexology, or medicinal tea, or acupuncture. Among the many claims were pictures of the human body and how their ailments could be cured easily. The most impressive object in the whole place, undoubtedly, was the immense wall stacked with drawers, labels announcing the many herbs that were hidden inside. ⁃ Can I help you? A man of around 60 or 70 entered from a back room-with a teacup. He looked Justin up and down and smiled. ⁃ Trying to get out of the rain? ⁃ Yeah... I...kind of lost my umbrella. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I’m sorry... I’m drenching your floor. ⁃ Easily dried! Come. Take a seat. I just made some tea. ⁃ No really... that’s okay... ⁃ Sit!! Sit!! I’ll be right back. The older man ducked into the back room and began fumbling around for a second teacup as Justin sat on the white hard-back chair. Within moments, he was back and had deposited the cup in Justin’s hands. The tea smelt spicy and refreshing and after a sip, Justin knew this was exactly what he needed to make him feel human again. God, he thought... I really am English if a simple cuppa could cure all of my problems. Not realising it, Justin smiled at the man. ⁃ What? ⁃ No... Nothing. Thank you so much for this, Mister... ⁃ Huang. ⁃ Huang. I really appreciate it. It’s been a rough day. ⁃ I understand completely. ⁃ This is really very good... your own blend? ⁃ Fortnum and Mason. ⁃ Right. Jason and Mr. Huang sat in silence for a few minutes drinking their tea. As was custom, and to keep his hands busy, Mr Huang began sorting some of the herbs that sat on the desk into paper packets. ⁃ So, those herbs are better then Western medicine? ⁃ Much better. Western medicine has learned a lot from the east, but unfortunately don’t give us the credit we deserve. ⁃ It must be healthier... being all natural. ⁃ Much better for you, much better for the environment, and much better using what the Earth created for us. You take vitamin every day? ⁃ Yes. ⁃ This here... this combination is much better then any vitamin you find in a store. Take it. ⁃ I couldn’t. ⁃ Take it! It’s a present. ⁃ Thank you. How do you... ⁃ Dissolve one packet in warm water each morning and drink. ⁃ I’ll try it. I never like taking tablets anyway. ⁃ Cure all of your problems. ⁃ I wish!! ⁃ You never know. What ails you? Maybe I can help. ⁃ You’ve helped enough already. This tea was perfect. Now, I really should be getting back to work. Justin stood and handed the teacup to Mr. Huang. ⁃ Thank you for the vitamins. ⁃ My pleasure. Are you sure there isn’t anything else you need? ⁃ Unless you could give me a complete over haul, I’m happy with this... and the name of the tea. This time Mr. Huang smiled. ⁃ Ginger and Sicilian Lemon Infusion. ⁃ Wonderful. I’ll need to stop in and get some. Have a great day, Mr. Huang. ⁃ And you. Justin opened the door, but stopped when Mr. Huang called out to him. ⁃ How much of a complete overhaul do you need? ⁃ Believe me! I need everything done. The small man quickly ran around the desk and closed the door before Justin could open it further. ⁃ Sit down. Sit down. Let’s talk. ⁃ I really need to be going. ⁃ You want an overhaul... I can give you an overhaul. Now, what do you need? Mr Huang sat down, removed a pad and paper, and began writing. ⁃ Honestly, I probably just need a psychiatrist. ⁃ That can help...yes... ⁃ I’m bothered by this guy at work. He took my promotion. ⁃ I see. ⁃ Maybe he deserved it... I don’t know. ⁃ Big jerk? ⁃ Everyone loves him. ⁃ Everyone except you. ⁃ Exactly. I think he’s an asshole. ⁃ Right. ⁃ He’s perfect. He’s athletic, has great hair, straight teeth, perfect completion... ⁃ Right... As Justin spoke Mr. Huang began writing more and more on the pad. ⁃ What else? Go on. ⁃ He’s just simply perfect. That’s it. That’s all I can say. ⁃ And you’re not. ⁃ Please!! ⁃ If you could have what you want... what would it be? ⁃ I don’t think you can give me a new body. ⁃ Humor me. Justin looked at the man and finally took him in. Mr Huang was just as slight as he was. Mr Huang wasn’t balding, but was grey haired. Mr Huang didn’t have a very muscular built. Maybe he would understand. ⁃ I just want to win, Mr. Huang. One day I’d just love to win. ⁃ I can do that. ⁃ Can you? Mr. Huang put down his pen and looked at Justin. ⁃ My wife and I have been married for 48 years. ⁃ Congratulations. ⁃ For the first five, we tried to have children. No luck. We tried and tried. Nothing. She went to the doctor and had many tests. She was healthy as a horse. I went to the doctor and discovered I was the cause of our problems. Low sperm count. I cried to my father who was an herbalist before me. He made me a tea that solved all of my problems... maybe too well. Mr. Huang stood up and in front of Justin grabbed the large penis that lay hidden in his trousers. ⁃ In one day I grew six inches, and my testicles were as strong as an oxen. Four weeks later, my wife was pregnant with our first child. ⁃ Wow. ⁃ I have eight total. ⁃ Wow!!! You really are a stud! ⁃ My wife can’t keep her hands off it. ⁃ Well, I’d definitely want one of those!! ⁃ Of course!!! Mr. Huang went back to writing, sure that his story had opened a door. A few moments later, he knew that it had. ⁃ All my life I just wanted to be big. Muscular. Hairy. A real mans man. You know those guys. ⁃ Of course. ⁃ They ooze testosterone and walk with a swagger and get every guy or girl in the room, ⁃ Guy? ⁃ I’m gay. ⁃ And you have a partner? ⁃ No, but I’d love one. And with that between my legs I bet I’d have a lot of them. Both men laughed. ⁃ Seriously, if you could give me just that, I’d be happy. ⁃ A partner? ⁃ No. A bigger penis! ⁃ Ah! Right! Of course! Describe your ideal man. ⁃ Tall... hairy... muscular... self-assured, simply takes up the room. ⁃ That’s what you’d want for yourself? ⁃ For me? I thought you meant for a partner. ⁃ No. If you could build the perfect you, what would it be? Humour me. ⁃ Honestly, all that and more. Not just tall, really tall. Not just muscular, huge. Not just big down there... simply massive. ⁃ I think I understand. Mr Huang got up and for the next ten minutes, Justin watched as he removed herbs from different drawers, measured them, put some in a packet, and put the rest away. Everything he did was so precise and with such thought. Several times, he would stop, think, look at Justin, and then run and grab some additional herbs from another box. When he was nearly finished, he stopped what he was doing. ⁃ When you heat water to make tea, how do you do it at your house? ⁃ In an electric kettle. ⁃ Okay. I just need to factor that electricity into how potent this mixture is. Mr. Huang added more of one herb to the packet and removed a little of another. When he was finished, he approached Justin with what looked like a large tea bag. ⁃ Now...this is very simple. After work, you will go home. You will get undressed. You will heat a mug full of water in your electric kettle and you will bring it to a complete boil. You will place this sachet into the mug and pour the boiling water over it leaving only a pinch of room. You will set the timer on your phone for three minutes. In three minutes, you will remove the tea bag. Do not ring it out. Just remove. Then you will drink the tea while it is still hot. Do not drink it cold. Drink it all down. I promise it will taste awful. Tomorrow morning you come back here and tell me how it went. ⁃ That’s it? ⁃ That’s it. ⁃ And this should... ⁃ It will. I promise. ⁃ How much do I owe you? ⁃ Come back tomorrow and tell me how much it was worth. That’s what you’ll pay me. ⁃ Thank you so much... for everything. Even if this doesn’t work, you don’t know how much I appreciate your kindness. ⁃ It will work. Have faith. For once you are going to win. Despite the rain, Justin walked back to work with a smile and a spring in his step. Perhaps what Mr. Huang had proposed could be the answer to all of his problems. He did say his cock had grown six inches just from drinking a tea, and what reason would he have to lie? He hadn’t asked for any money, and he had been nothing but nice since the moment Justin had walked in his door. No. Justin had faith in the old man. Taking the plastic bag Mr. Huang had placed the large teabag in from his coat pocket, Justin smiled thinking of all that his future could hold for him. Opening up the plastic bag, Justin smelled it. It smelt sharp and earthy. It was a good smell. A strong smell. This is how Gavin must smell after a hard workout, he thought, taking another deep inhalation. Makes me want to lick his pits... his chest... Justin found he was getting hard simply from aroma of the teabag. I’m going to win, he thought. Justin was beginning to grow impatient with his watch as the time moved slowly to 4:00 pm. Soon, he thought. One more hour and I can go home and see if this works how I imagine. Justin smelled the inside of the baggie again and couldn’t help getting hard from the aroma. ⁃ Justin... Mr. Webber would like to see you in his office regarding the Cuan audit scheduled for next week. ⁃ Thanks, Angela. I’ll be right in. Justin grabbed the files and his laptop and spent the next hour and fifteen minutes going over the most boring and mundane of audits. It didn’t matter, though. It didn’t matter that his life was boring. It didn’t matter that he hadn’t gotten the promotion. It didn’t matter that he hadn’t bought an umbrella and would have to walk to his bus in the rain. No, what mattered is that tonight he would drink that tea and tomorrow he would be the man he always wanted to be. With a slight skip in his step, he walked back to his desk, set the laptop and files down, and felt all of the colour drain from his face as he realised the baggie was gone. Frantically looking in his coat pocket, under his desk, and in the drawers, Justin began to panic. Where could it be? His phone rang. ⁃ Hello? ⁃ Can I see you in my new office, Justin? It was Gavin. ⁃ I don’t think... ⁃ Now. ⁃ Of course. Justin felt a cold dread as he walked down the silent hall to Gavin’s office. It was after five and most of the staff had gone home. ⁃ Come in and close the door. Justin did as he was told. Gavin stared at him with a smile on his face, and before him sat a mug. No... it wasn’t a mug. It was bigger then that... enough to hold two cups of tea. ⁃ Have a seat. Justin did. ⁃ I felt it was important to talk about your future... under me. I... one second. I’m suddenly quite parched. Gavin lifted the huge mug in his hand. ⁃ One of the first things I need for you to do is order teabags. It seems we’re all out. ⁃ Wait! ⁃ What? ⁃ Please don’t do this. ⁃ Do what? ⁃ Don’t drink that. ⁃ Drink this? Gavin looked at the mug in his hand and then at Justin. ⁃ I’m doing this to make a point, Justin. You’ve kept me waiting nearly an hour since I made it. Can you believe that this tea has sat for nearly 55 minutes... but I’m a patient man. I knew sooner or later we would sit down and chat... I waited so long. In fact, by the time you got out of your meeting...this cheap teabag had completely disintegrated leaving loose tea behind, but it doesn’t matter. No. What matters is the point. See, Webber felt pity when you cried on his shoulder, and he wants me to mentor you... groom you to assist me. Can you imagine that? You assisting me? I don’t need any assistance... well Angela did assist me in microwaving this to make it good as new, and now... now I’m ready to finally make my point. I don’t need any assistance... SIP ⁃ You should start looking for another position as soon as possible... SIP ⁃ God, This tastes like shit!!! I don’t need losers on my team. SIP ⁃ I will always get what I want. Always!! Justin watched in horror as Gavin lifted the large mug to his lips, and in eight huge gulps, drank the entirety of what closely resembled sludge down. Gavin even went so far as licking the entire mug clean, swallowing any residual herbs that might have remained. Smiling at Justin with a cocky grin, he proceeded to pick bits of herb out of his teeth. ⁃ Do you understand, Justin?? Do you understand the point I just made? Gavin stood up and crossed over to the window. As Gavin walked, Justin could hear the tea sloshing in his stomach. ⁃ That was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted, mate. I fuckin hate herbal tea. It’s for fuckin pansies. Next time bring in some Earl Grey. Fuck!! Gavin opened the window and leaned his head against it, breathing in the cool rainy air. ⁃ Are you okay? ⁃ I’m fine!! Just drank that shit too fast. It was still hot. Gavin belched and belched again. Scratching his face, Gavin turned around, faced Justin, and benched a third time. ⁃ Much better!! Exactly what I needed! ⁃ I think I should go. ⁃ Don’t be ridiculous. We’re just getting to know each other!! Gavin scratched his face again, and then his stomach. ⁃ I want you to take tomorrow off. Tell Webber you’re ill. You might as well take home all of your shit since you actually won’t be coming back. Gavin scratched his right arm, then his left, and then his stomach again. As he continued to speak, he intermittently continued to scratch himself. ⁃ On Monday, you’ll tell Webber that it will probably be for the best if you didn’t return. I’ll tell him that you deserve a six month severance package... for all that you’ve contributed... which I’m sure he’ll agree to. I’ll... I’ll... Gavin stumbled a little and proceeded to lean against the desk. ⁃ …rooms spinning... Justin jumped up from his chair and went over to Gavin. ⁃ Maybe you should sit down... ⁃ GET YOUR FUCKIN HANDS OFF OF ME!! Justin could only watch in awe as hair began to erupt from Gavin’s face until he had the darkest five o’clock shadow he had ever seen. Gavin began to scratch even more now, pacing around the office. ⁃ FUCK!! It feels like someone’s sticking needles in my entire body. What the fuck are you looking at? ⁃ You’re... You’re face... ⁃ What about it? Gavin moved his hand to his face, and for the first time recognised that he had suddenly grown more then a days growth of hair. It was more like three days of growth... and as he crossed and looked at his reflection in the window... four days. Gavin moved closer to the window and took in a giant gulp of air, watching as slowly the hair growing on his face was gaining length and body. He rubbed his hands through the growth and Justin could only believe he was marvelling at how it felt. In less then five minutes, Gavin Costa had the beginnings of a beard growing on his face. Looking down at his hands, Gavin saw that they were also getting a covering of dark hair. Panicking, Gavin ripped off his shirt and tie and stood half naked in front of Justin. Gavin could only look on in shock as his chest, stomach, and arms also joined in on the sudden influx of hair growth. Gavin continued itching himself like crazy, but Justin suddenly realised he didn’t look angry anymore. It was obvious to Justin that it itched like crazy as it grew in, but apparently, Gavin couldn’t be happier. In fact, Gavin had a wide grin plastered on his face. Within minutes, his five o’clock shadow had developed into a proper three weeks worth of growth. Gavin could now run his hands through the beard and tug at it! His chest also had a thick pelt growing on it, traveling down to his crotch. ⁃ What was in that tea? ⁃ I... ummm... I.., ⁃ What the FUCK was in that tea???!!! ⁃ It was from this herbalist… ⁃ It’s supposed to be doing this? ⁃ I guess… ⁃ You guess??? ⁃ I just... Gavin grabbed Justin by his suit jacket and began to roughly shake him. ⁃ What was in that tea??!! ⁃ It was supposed to make me more of a man. ⁃ Really??!! What the fuck is it gonna do to me?? Gavin threw Justin back into the chair and continued wandering around the room. Justin did wonder what it was going to do to Gavin. He had broken so many rules already, and it had been made specifically for him... not someone who was already the epitome of a man. Gavin kicked his shoes and socks off, and pulled off his pants to admire his newly hairy legs and the treasure trail that was going down to an excessively hairy crotch. ⁃ I always wanted more hair on my body!! Guess my wish came true!! He looks amazing, Justin thought. Maybe a little too much hair now, but he could always trim or shave what he didn’t like. What did matter to Justin was that it looked like Gavin now had even more testosterone pumping through his body then ever before. Gavin lifted his arm to flex his bicep, admiring the thick and black underarm hair that had grown in. ⁃ Bet you’re enjoying the view. Like how I look? ⁃ I.... ⁃ If it was supposed to make you more of a man... and it’s already done this... tell me what else is its gonna do? ⁃ I don’t know... taller, more muscular... a bigger penis... ⁃ Fuck yeah!!! I think today just turned out to be the best day of my life!! Imagine this cock even bigger! It’s already pretty large already! Gavin was strutting in front of Justin when it appeared like the wind had been knocked out of him... as if a mule had kicked him squarely in the stomach. He quickly leaned on the desk for support. Through gritted teeth Gavin asked, ⁃ What the fuck is happening now? As the kicks and the spasms continued, Justin could make out the fine outline of abs beginning to protrude under Gavin’s skin. With each punch, Gavin’s abs became larger and thicker, taking on serious size. Running his hands over his spasming abdominals, it was obvious Gavin loved the way the cobblestones felt with a layer of hair over them. He couldn’t stop feeling them, and soon he was putting one finger in the crevices between each ab, then two, then three. Gavin’s waist became thicker, straining the briefs he was wearing, but he was also becoming leaner as well as any fat that had once settled over his abs disintegrated to allow more room for muscular growth. Fingering the fractures between each abdominal muscle began turning Gavin on as Justin saw his cock begin to get hard in his ripped black briefs. ⁃ My body looks insane with such abdominal definition!! If that shit is doing this to my core... fuck me!!! I’m gonna be a beast!! Fuck!! He spoke out loud as he felt his own hairy stomach and slowly massaged the head of his cock through his briefs. From his shit-eating grin, it was obvious to Justin that Gavin loved the feel of all of this size just above his cock. Even a deep Adonis belt, which had never existed before, began to form on his body. Gavin cried out as he felt another jolt, but this one came from lower down. He stopped stroking his cock head and moved his hand down to the bulge below that was slowly increasing size. Wanting to see for himself what was happening, Gavin swiftly tore the half ripped black briefs from his body and threw them in the corner of his office. ⁃ Balls starting to grow... you can’t imagine how good this feels... Letting out wave after wave of testosterone... I feel light headed... too much happening at once... Justin didn’t know how large Gavin’s testicles had started that morning, but as he watched Gavin orgasmically feel himself up, it was obvious that they were beginning to look much larger in his tightening sack then a minute prior. Within minutes, Gavin’s balls had doubled in size. As his testicles swelled and erupted, and as the feeling of pure pleasure began to expand around Gavin’s whole body, he began to moan, quiet at first but growing in fervour. ⁃ My body feels so fuckin alive!! I feel like I’m hooked up to some supernatural power source and it’s just getting stronger and stronger!! FUCK!!! You can’t believe how I feel!! I can’t even describe it... I’m... I’m becoming the epitome of a man!! No one will understand what I’m going through!!! It’s almost getting too strong!! ⁃ Maybe we should get a doctor! ⁃ Are you fuckin crazy?! And have them possibly stop this?? ⁃ It’s just... you broke a lot of the rules. The tea bag was only supposed to be in for three minutes... you weren’t supposed to microwave it... who knows what could... ⁃ ARGH!!!!! Fuck!!!! My balls!!! ...giving off so much heat... balls feel like they’re burning... Fuck!!! They’re on fuckin fire!!! Gavin’s balls had continue to swell and were now the size of two large oranges, and still growing larger. Gavin placed his hands on his ball sack, but it looked to Justin like he could barely touch them. ⁃ So much testosterone building up in these balls now!!! When it’s released... FUCK!!!! Gavin’s balls continued to swell, and it wasn’t long before his sack began to stretch, giving more room for growth. As Gavin was reviling in the ecstasy of his growing balls, he soon became aware that his quads were beginning to both swell. ⁃ Oh, fuck yeah!!! Look at my quads blow up!! Before, his legs had been those of an avid football and rugby player. Now they were both beginning to take on that muscular look that comes with year of serious lifting in the gym. Within a few minutes, both were so thick with muscle that he had to widen his stance in order not to crush his balls between them. ⁃ My quads are nearly the size of my waist and still growing!!! Justin... my man... when this is done... I think Im gonna be a fuckin beast!!! Come on!!! Grow bigger!!! BIGGER!!! Gavin was nearly screaming at the top of his lungs for more growth when both calves began to swell as well. ⁃ What do you think of these legs, Justin? So huge and powerful and all fuckin muscle!!! I can feel it spreading to the rest of my body, now! The rest of me’s gonna grow to... match... my... legs... ARGGGHH. Gavin reached up and grabbed his neck. Justin was concerned that something had gone seriously wrong since it looked as if Gavin was having trouble breathing, but realised fairly quickly that it was simply his neck joining his legs and exploding with muscle. Quickly his shoulders and deltoid muscles joined in and began to expand, growing rounder and more dense. Gavin’s shoulders looked to Justin that they were getting both broader and thicker, and in no time at all they were definitely nearing the width of a door. Justin’s penis was painfully hard as he watched Gavin going through his remarkable transformation. Gavin’s own cock was hard as well and had started leaking pre-cum. His hands were traveling all over his body, massaging, caressing, and worshipping himself. ⁃ I’m like a power plant getting ready to explode!! When Gavin spoke now, his voice was deeper, more commanding, and oozed sexuality. His hands kept returning to his cock and huge balls, slowly stroking himself, enjoying the feel of his own body. Looking directly in Justin’s eyes, Gavin wiped the head of his cock with his fingers, brought it to his face, smelled them, and then licked them clean. ⁃ Taste so fuckin good!!!! Was his voice even deeper then a moment ago? It couldn’t possibly be, but Justin was sure that it was. How long has this been going on, he wondered... and when will it end? How will it end?? Gavin began to massage and squeeze his nipples as his pecs began to swell. ⁃ Oh yeah... that’s it... No amount of hair could hide the musculature of Gavin’s blossoming body. His pecs, easily classified as merely athletic before now pulsed their way into the epitome of power. Each pec grew so immense so quickly that Justin wasn’t sure if Gavin could even see his feet anymore. The crevice in between those mountains of manhood was so deep and so dark with hair that it looked to go on forever. His nipples, grown large and virile, feeling the weight of being attached to such mass, were forced to point down toward his abs. Gavin panted in delight as his muscles continued to grow. With the birth of his colossal chest, his arms proceeded to become engorged with muscle as well. Justin watched in awe as Gavin’s biceps and triceps ballooned in his arms until they were nearly as large as his own head... and still they grew. Gavin’s forearms became as thick as his calves had once been, and as he flexed his upper arm, he began to run his tongue up and down the peaks. Enamoured by his own growth, Gavin could only whimper as the growth of his lats forced his arms further and further from his side. Although his waist was thick with muscle from his abs, his upper torso proceeded to widen until Gavin had an indefinable wasp waist! As every muscle in his entire body continued to swell with more and more growth, thick hose-like veins began to erupt over every inch of his body. To Justin, Gavin’s skin looked paper thin and threatened to easily split if any more mass was added to his body. Veins traveling down his abs wove there way over his pubis and down into his penis. Gavin could barely speak as his cock proceeded to thicken, being engorged further and further with blood. Gavin did his best to grab onto it and stroke it, but the thickness proved to be a challenge for his average sized hands. No sooner had it become thicker then a pint glass when it began to lengthen, a flesh anaconda replacing the admirable penis he had once had. Using both hands, Gavin proceeded to stroke himself, gaining speed and fervour, his moans bellowing throughout the room. ⁃ Look at me!!! Every inch so massive... so strong... so masculine... I feel... I feel... FUCK!!!!!! I feel like a fuckin... ARGHHH!!!!! Gavin’s penis head swelled even larger and proceeded to erupt everywhere. Gavin, lost to his immense orgasm let go of his cock, allowing it to shoot cum all over the walls... all over the windows, and all over Justin. When he finished after continually cumming for nearly three minutes, Gavin collapsed against the desk, forcing it to slide into the wall and causing an immense hole. A minute later, unable to handle his muscle mass, the wooden desk disintegrated beneath him. The only thing Gavin could do as he fell to the floor was laugh. ⁃ What do you think of me? Gavin’s voice floated on the air, filling the entire office, and oozing sex and virility. ⁃ Incredible... ⁃ That’s all you can say? Gavin has some trouble getting up from the floor, but Justin didn’t help him since he knew there was no way he could assist in lifting such weight. Eventually, Gavin was able to manoeuvre himself into a sitting position, hoist himself onto his knees, and then stand. His shadow completely covered Justin as he moved toward him, his entire body involuntarily flexing as he walked. ⁃ There are no words to describe what I’ve become!! I always led the pack, but now I am the epitome of the alpha male. Look at this cock!! It’s longer and thicker then your arm!!! Gavin stood inches away from Justin, his immense body radiating heat and masculinity. His cock was hard once again and leaking onto the floor. ⁃ Lick it. You know you want to. ⁃ I can’t. ⁃ DO IT!!! Gavin placed his hand on Justin’s shoulder and forced him to the floor. On his knees, Justin looked up at Gavin’s cock defying gravity by sticking straight up. ⁃ Try and put your mouth around the head... now... Nervously, Justin placed one hand and then another on Gavin’s penis, feeling it pulsate and breathe beneath his hands. Through the veins, Justin could feel the gallons of blood being pumped in and out to keep it as rigidly hard as it was. I’ve never felt anything like this before… its so hard yet feels so smooth… it practically feels alive… Even with both hands he couldn’t encircle it. The veins that crisscrossed the entire length were thicker then Justin’s own fingers. ⁃ Suck me. Justin tried to pull the cock down to on level with his own face, but discovered he wasn’t strong enough. ⁃ Let me give you a hand. Gavin took his own hands and proceeded to force his cock down till it was parallel with the floor. Justin opened his mouth, and as he got closer to the head, knew there was no way he would ever get it in his mouth. ⁃ Lick it. Justin did as he was told, running his tongue over every inch of the head. Gavin kept one hand on his cock but placed the other behind Justin’s head so he could manipulate him wherever he wanted his tongue to go. With his tongue, he began to work the sensitive area right under the glans. Gavin breathed in and out, his cock proceeding to leak even more. ⁃ Tongue fuck the slit. ⁃ What? ⁃ Stick your tongue in the slit. Justin moved his tongue to the massive mouth-like slit of Gavin’s penis head and began to lick it. ⁃ Stuck it in! Justin forced his tongue to enter Gavin’s slit. ⁃ Deeper! Tongue fuck this cock!! Justin felt Gavin’s hand force his head forward till he had no choice but to put his tongue deeper into the slit. Pre was leaking all over his face as Gavin forced him in further. ⁃ Oh yeah. That’s it. Tongue fuck that cock. Fuck yeah!!! Feels so good!! Imagine if... this had... been you?! You bursting with... with... all of this muscle... and power!! Your body covered in hair... reeking of sweat and testosterone. Your balls... your balls... don’t stop, Justin... I... I... Fuck... I’m... Fuck.... As Gavin was talking, Justin began to hear a cracking sound coming from in front of him and behind him. Focused on what he was doing, he didn’t pay it much heed till it proceeded to get louder and louder. ⁃ ... I’m fuckin growing!!! My whole body getting taller!! My fingers getting longer... my hands swelling... Justin could feel Gavin’s hand that was on the back of his head getting longer and thicker, covering more and more space each second. Justin looked down and realised that Gavin’s feet must have doubled in size and were continuing to grow. ⁃ ... growth so strong... every part of me getting bigger... taller... thicker... stronger... Within a few minutes Justin could no longer kneel any longer and had to stand to reach Gavin’s cock. Looking up, he saw the behemoth in ecstasy as he stretched taller and wider and gained more and more muscle mass. ⁃ Almost too much... so much growth... getting so tall... muscles expanding... nearing the ceiling... need it to stop... becoming a freak… do I realy want this… NO!!! I don’t want it to stop... so massive... Justin only comes up to my abs now... even the hair on my head is getting longer now... how much do I weigh... can’t see below my pecs anymore... my head’s gonna hit the ceiling... so much power... I’m gonna cum... oh fuck... of fuck... OH FUCK!!!!!! Gavin screamed at the top of his lungs as his colossal penis began to ejaculate again. As his cock spasmed, it hit Justin in the face and sent him flying to the floor. As he looked up, all Justin could think of when he saw Gavin was Goliath. He was simply that massive... his shoulders so broad, his torso like a marble sculpture, his arms and legs so thick, and he was nearly as tall as the ceiling. What else could the Biblical giant have on Gavin? ⁃ I need to get out of here! I need to show this body to the world. Gavin began to move toward the office door, but Justin was quicker and blocked his path. ⁃ We need to get you some clothes first... you could get arrested if... ⁃ I doubt I’ll ever wear clothes again!! Who would want me to??!! As if he were swatting a pesky fly, Gavin easily moved Justin to the side. When he opened the office door, Gavin ripped it right off its hinges and held it in his hand. Admiring his own strength, Gavin took his other hand and began to fold the metal door in on itself. Once he had folded the length in half, he placed it on the floor and proceeded to fold the top into the bottom. Pre was flowing from Gavin’s cock as he took the metal square that had once been a door and simply crinkled it into a ball and threw it into the corner with a bang. Gavin looked down at Justin and grinned. ⁃ I thought that would test me, but it was too easy... barely felt anything. I have to be the strongest man on Earth!! With his hands, Gavin ripped the metal doorframe from the wall to try and make it easier for him to get through, but he was still too tall and too wide. Finally, he simply pushed his way out of the hole that had once been a door, rubble falling down onto him, the dust coating parts of his sweaty body. Even his ass is pure muscle, Justin thought as he followed the behemoth lumbering down the hallway, trying unsuccessfully to make his way to the main room without taking down all the walls. In his dreams, he had never imagined a creature as muscular and as sex filled as what Gavin had become. A scream from one of the remaining PA’s greeted Gavin as he finally made his way into the core of the building. ⁃ Not the reaction I expected... but I like it!! Several remaining employees, including Mr. Webber ran into the room to see what the commotion was about. They were greeted by a grinning and flexing eleven foot, 1,500 pound, hairy, and hard version of their coworker. Mr. Webber was the first to speak. ⁃ What the hell happened to you? ⁃ My appearance finally matches what I always was inside. ⁃ ...how??? ⁃ You wanted an Alpha to lead your firm into the 21st Century... and that’s what you got!! Justin could see that several of the employees were turned on by Gavin’s new size, but Mr. Webber wasn’t having any of it. ⁃ Get out of this building before you take the whole thing down with you! I’ve never seen such a disgusting display of... ⁃ You call this disgusting?? Gavin flexed his entire body for the onlookers. ⁃ GET OUT!! ⁃ You’re just jealous, old man!! Gavin reaches down and easily lifted Mr. Webber up till hey were eye to eye. Urine quickly fell onto the floor from where Mr Webber had relieved himself. As he spoke, Gavin shook Mr. Webber so forcibly that Justin worried that he could easily kill him without even realising it. ⁃ I am the future!!! I think from now on there’s no need for you ever to come in again!! I run this firm now!! I make all of the decisions!! Don’t you agree with me, Lionel?? ⁃ I...I... ⁃ I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!! ⁃ I do... it’s all yours... ⁃ That’s what I... what I... Gavin stumbled backward and threw Mr. Webber to the floor. ⁃ Happening again... power welling up inside my body... even... FUCK... even stronger then before... Justin could only watch in astonishment as Gavin proceeded to commence growing again, this time even faster then before. ⁃ I was always meant for more... ALWAYS... always meant for greatness... and now... now... FUCK!!!! Getting even stronger!!!! The remaining employees ran outside to get away from what would certainly bring the entire building down around him. Justin remained rooted to his spot, knowing he had to see it through to the end. ⁃ How can it keep getting stronger... but it is!!! Never felt this kind of power before... this kind of strength... Gavin’s head slammed into the ceiling. Justin ran into the foyer to avoid the rubble that was falling down around Gavin. None of this seemed to bother Gavin as Justin heard his bass laugh echoing around the entire building. From the foyer, Justin could only see Gavin’s massive feet and his buttress-sized legs. No... they surpassed mere buttresses. They were thicker then that... thicker then redwoods... massive, muscular, and hairy behemoth legs that were now beyond description. The entire building shook and began to fall apart around Justin. Not prepared to die watching Gavin grow even larger, Justin ran outside to join the mass of people on the street gawking at the immense form as it forced its way out of the building, taking it down with him. Gavin smiled, as he looked down at the world around him, his massive cock leaving puddles of pre on the street. The hair on his head was even longer now, down past his shoulders, and his thick beard cascaded over his pecs and down to his abs. His testicles, simply enormous, and audibly churning inside producing an endless supply of sperm and testosterone. Gavin, who had once been athletically handsome before now appeared far more primal, his eyes deep set, his eyebrows bushier, and his body covered in hair. For fun, Gavin gyrated his hips and watched his cock knock down an entire building. The moment after he had accomplished this feat, he began to moan and shot cannon fire of sperm onto the street and the onlookers below. Once his orgasms had finished, Gavin moved into the street to have more room to stand. Trying to get away from the monster invading Charing Cross, a bus and two cars ran into his legs. The automobiles were destroyed, but there was barely a scratch left on Gavin. Kicking the bus to the side, he took down further buildings around him causing panic and chaos, which only appeared to turn him on more. Lifting a car that had been abandoned by its driver, Gavin effortlessly raised it up to his head to stare at it, then grinned, formed a ball out of it with his hands, threw it up in the air a few times, and then hurled it into The London Eye. ⁃ Always hated that fuckin eyesore!! Police arrived on the scene, uselessly staring up at the mega man. His growth had finally stopped, but he now towered over the world 35 feet in the air. As before, any movement caused nearly every muscle in his body to flex, sending what appeared like currents of pleasure through him. As he stood there admiring the view, he stroked his cock, an appendage that was now longer then his own arm. ⁃ Have you ever seen anything like me??!! Look at me and know that there is no one more powerful then I am!! I declare myself King of England!! Try and stop me and you’ll see nothing but destruction. Worship me, and I might let you live!!!! Gavin laughed and licked his own pre covered hand. ⁃ None of you will ever know how intoxicating this feels!! I have no peers... no equal... I am the greatest, most beautiful thing to have ever lived!!! Justin... if you’re down there... find that guy and get more if what you gave me!! I’m gonna want a mate soon!!! Justin tried to hide his face from the crowd so they wouldn’t recognise it was he who had assisted in creating this magnificent abomination. In the back of his mind, he wanted to be Gavin’s mate... feel him take control and fill his ass with his cock. Fuck... he thought!! He is so beautiful!!! ⁃ Can you smell me down there? My own scent is turning me on!! Here, let me help you smell me!! Gavin reached down and picked up an onlooker from the street. The man began to scream as Gavin raised him up off of the ground and brought him to his right hairy pit. ⁃ Lick my pit!! Smell me!!! You’ll never be as much of a man as I am!! The man did begin to lick Gavin’s pit, nervous at first, but then with more and more passion. ⁃ Good boy!! Maybe I’ll let you worship my cock later. Gavin lowered the man to the ground who just lay there, convulsing in orgasmic lust. ⁃ All of this growth has made me hungry. Bring me food!!! Lots of it!! And Guinness! I want barrels of Guinness!! Bring me this and I’ll... YES!!!! Gavin’s voice was suddenly even deeper and filled with more lust for power then ever before. Justin watched Gavin sway on his feet and recognised what was about to happen again. ⁃ Too late!!!! It’s building up inside me again... each time even more powerful then the last!!! Soon you’ll be nothing but ants beneath my feet... unimportant... Justin covered his ears as Gavin let out a deafening roar. His body was once again pulsating with power, swelling and growing larger with growth. Gavin’s quads had gotten bigger then ever before, resulting in a loud crack of his pelvis snapping and then repairing itself to enable more room for growth. Several buildings were demolished as Gavin stumbled around trying to maintain his footing. His pecs were so mountainous now that they totally prevented him from seeing what lay below them. Justin watched as his co-worker flexed for the crowd beneath him, long resolved to being the god he was quickly becoming. As his feet became larger then the cars below him, Gavin intentionally leaned over and swiped at any building in his way that prevented him from standing on solid ground. The police forced the crowd to safety, away from the falling debris. As he was moved all he could hear were the shouts from Gavin above, loving what he had become. ⁃ YES!!! RUN!!!! THIS GROWTH IS STRONGER THEN ANYTHING I’VE FELT PRIOR… MY MUSCLES EXPLODING WITH MORE AND MORE SIZE… MY COCK BIGGER THEN SOME BUILDINGS!!!! GETTING SO TALL… SO MIGHTY!!! THIS IS WHAT I WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE!!!! IM THE MOST POWERFUL CREATURE ON THIS PLANET!!! NO ONE EQUALS ME!!!! NO ONE!!!!! Gavin rocketed up further, his size quickly multiplying. Cum fell onto the street like rain as he ejaculated over and over again. Justin kept an eye on him as he ran up Charing Cross Road. Surely, Mr. Huang would help him if he claimed to be doing it to help the city. Someone had to stop this monster... He would say anything to get what he wanted. He knew that now. Once he had the teabag, he would let it sit in a giant mug for over an hour, microwave it, and swallow it all, including the herbs. This time he would win... he would join Gavin… and together they would get what they deserved. Yes… today he would win.
  7. RealIn2Growth


    A pulse was sent through every universe. The Controller, who had begun it all, was fading away and needed another to take their place. To set this in motion, a hard restart would need to take place… this meant total destruction and rebirth of every universe. Sometime in the Twenty-first Century a pulse was sent through every universe. The pulse selected one individual in each universe to bring this event into being… This individual, named Frank Alberta in every universe, had been heard by The Controller, and through him The Appropriation would take place. This is just one of many stories… Appropriating Infinity Dr. Frank Alberta shivered slightly as he felt the cool crimson liquid enter his vein. Looking up at the drip line, he had to grin just at the sheer insanity of what he was doing. Maybe he should have acquired a Guinea pig to test out his theory on, but there was no way that Frank would allow someone else to experience what he had only dreamed of. This was his destiny, and only his. For the past twelve years he had labored away on his theory of using nanobots to alter and remap a subject’s DNA, and soon he would either see success…or possible death. In his gut, he knew success was going to be right around the corner. The Program, funded each year by a dark division of the US Military that, after ten years had forgotten Frank even existed so left him totally alone, was easy to comprehend. The thousands of nanobots that were now entering his bloodstream by means of the infused drip would flood his body, invading his DNA using a strong virus. From there, the computer system he had designed would analyze every square inch of his unathletic, balding, 5’6, 143 lbs. body. Then his bots would go to work… altering his DNA from a cellular level… rewriting his entire being… transforming him into the man he had designed over the many years. Soon, Frank would be the walking example that his theory worked. “35 percent infusion complete. Subject FA001 vitals slightly high… yet within normal range. Subject FA001 comfort level?” “Subject FA001 feeling great, COLIN. Thanks for asking. You?” “COLIN is attentive to Subject FA001’s needs.” “Nice to hear, COLIN. Nice to hear.” Moving his head slightly, he could see COLIN (Conversion Organic aLteration Innovation in Nanotechnology), a massive bank of computers and monitors that were analyzing and processing the data the nanobots were collecting and transmitting back the new DNA they were to rewrite. The voice activation system, although unnecessary, enabled Frank the feeling of companionship in his lonely endeavors. The Program had started out with a large bank of assistants, but once it came closer to fruition, Frank decided to go it alone. This enabled him to work night and day without prying eyes. Sure, he found himself talking to COLIN more often than he should, but now the loneliness would prove worthwhile. “Infusion 65 percent complete.” What Frank had come up with wasn’t anything that would label him as a freak or monster when the process was complete. No, what he had designed was the body he felt Nature should have given him from the very beginning. The only difference between him and the rest of humanity would be his height. When complete, he would stand at 9’4, and his musculature, cock, and balls would complement a man of this size. All his life he had been embarrassed by his diminutive size, often the butt of jokes by classmates or overlooked when it came to potential sexual partners. All of that would soon change. No one would be able to overlook him again. “Infusion 97 percent complete. Nanotechnology entering phase one in 4.08 minutes.” “Thanks, COLIN.” Soon, Frank thought, soon my whole world is going to change. But, to enable himself plenty of time to prepare for the coming changes, he had programmed the new DNA to have a completion time of eighteen months. Throughout the year and a half, he would slowly transform and evolve; a man going through what might look like a second puberty. This window of time would allow him to buy new clothes, a new house, new furniture, and all the other necessities a man of his size would require. Frank could feel his cock hardening at the thought of how he would look in 18 months. Of course, he wanted his new body now, but he simply needed to remind himself that the time would fly by, and it would enable him to study and evaluate all the changes he would be going through. “Infusion 100 percent complete. Phase one initiated. Subject FA001 vitals slightly high… heart rate elevated. “Yours would be too if you were contemplating your future like I am, COLIN.” “Subject FA001 will bring on a new future.” Frank laughed. “Thanks for having so much faith in me, COLIN. To infinity and beyond! Right, COLIN?” “To infinity, Subject FA001.” Standing, Frank rolled down the sleeves of his dress shirt, removed the cannula from his hand, and tossed it and the rest of the tubing and bag into the trash. He grinned thinking that he was now walking around with a couple billion dollars’ worth of nanobots in his body. This was truly his tax money hard at work, and for once, it was going to benefit him. The US Government could afford the loss, in fact, most likely they would never even notice it gone. Moving over to COLIN, he stood and watched as the computer began the process of transmitting the newly mapped DNA to the nanobots. This process would continue through the night as his old DNA was invaded and rewritten. Once completed, it could never be undone. That was the reasoning for sticking with 9’4 and 830 lbs. of muscle. He wanted to be big, but anything above that would border on the impractical side, and this was something Frank didn’t want. Sure, he’d always fantasized standing above the world, but he wanted to enjoy his new size. He wanted to still be able to fuck a guy with his new massive 10.8-inch cock and not tear him apart! Feeling a shiver of excitement pass through his whole body, Frank grabbed his coat and keys. “I’m going home now, COLIN. Will you be fine without me till tomorrow?” “Phase One in process. Nanotechnology online and receiving.” “Don’t stay up to late!” Frank turned off the light and closed his laboratory door. As he was driving away from the building, he missed witnessing COLIN’s program pause for 73 seconds and then reboot itself. Perhaps an electronic surge had flooded the system or maybe it was a long hibernating computer virus, or perhaps COLIN was too good of a listener… too good of a friend… but when restarted, the DNA being transmitted to the nanotechnology in Frank’s body was constantly in a state of flux. One moment it was 9.4 feet, then it was 15.8 feet 25.6 feet… 68.4 feet….99.7…146.3… 299.2… 378.7… 558.9… each moment going higher and higher and higher. The rest of his stats continued to evolve as well… growing in proportion to his ever-expanding height. By the time he was halfway home… the nanobots were receiving COLIN’s signal to grow Frank’s body, in eighteen months, larger than The Empire State Building… and then 45 seconds later… even larger… and being good little soldiers… they obeyed. * A wave of sudden tightness and nausea washed over Frank as he slammed his car door, and he found the need to stop for a moment and hold himself steady against the vehicle. Despite the cool night air, Frank broke out in a sweat. Seconds later he had a sudden feeling of vertigo and leaned onto the hood of his car before moving to sit on the curb. It must be the virus carrying my altered DNA hitting me, he thought. The nausea was starting to fade, but his whole body had begun to ache. Yeah… this is feeling just like the flu. Frank tried to stand but felt himself stumbling into a tree like he was drunk. “Frank! Hey, man! You, okay?” Frank lifted his heavy head to see a fuzzy figure coming toward him. As it got closer, and his vision began to clear, Frank recognized the figure of his next-door neighbor, David. “I’m good… thanks David… Think I might just be coming down with the… Fuck!!!” As Frank began to stand, his body was suddenly racked with the worst whole body cramp he had ever felt. Despite trying to hide his agony from his next-door neighbor, he fell back to the ground with David quickly kneeling next to him. Frank's body spasmed once… twice… three times… but just as suddenly as it had started, the pain ebbed away. Relief appeared on Frank’s face as it completely disappeared. He looked up into David’s face and tried to smile. “You sure you’re okay, Bro?” Frank stared into David’s dark blue eyes. Damn, his neighbor was beautiful. It wasn’t fair! Serving seven years in the marines and then working as a personal trainer had given the 34-year-old David Kingston a tight, broad-shouldered, muscular build. At 6’3 and 223 lbs. of bulging muscle, David was everything Frank wished he could be. Frank felt his cock stir slightly until a wave of embarrassment forced it down. Look at me… kneeling in the grass. I must look so sickly… so pathetic and weak to him. Sure, I’d love to be on my knees before him… but not like this. “I’m doing fine… thanks. Just had an odd dizzy spell.” Frank began to get to his feet and was quickly aided by David. “Didn’t eat too much today… too much work.” “Never a good combo! Need to always get your calories in! Probably was your sugar dropping. You sure you’re feeling alright now?” “I’m feeling fine. Never better. Thanks for helping me out.” Frank smiled at David, the usual longings running through him whenever he saw him. Frank assumed David was straight, but even if he wasn’t, there was no way such a fine specimen of masculinity would ever be interested in him. I’d give anything to see him naked… just to have him fuck me for three seconds… Frank felt that pressure in his body begin to form again. Taking a deep breath and hiding it as much as possible he said: “Much better. Really. Much better. Thanks.” Frank opened and closed his hands, feeling tightness there more than any other area. It didn’t hurt so much as it caught him off guard. Why did it have to be David who found me crawling on the ground? Why couldn’t it be Mrs. Graham from across the street. David had only moved into the neighborhood nine weeks ago, and besides the few moments of small talk, the two had never spent so much time together. I’m so close I can smell him… slight mix of cologne and testosterone! Frank was pulled from his few seconds of thought by the odd tightening sensation getting stronger… and the sudden snap of his leather watch band. Both men watched the broken watch fall to the ground, and David was quick to pick it up. “Here you go.” David grinned as he held out the watch to Frank. “Thanks.” Frank took the watch from him and placed it in his pocket. The tightness had faded once again, and all Frank could think of was getting away from the one person he thought was the sexiest man in the world. “Well… guess I should go inside and eat. Get my sugar up.” “Yeah. Don’t want you passing out on me again! Might have to do CPR!” “Right! Exactly!! Thanks again for the help.” “Anytime!” Frank smiled, turned, and began to walk toward his house. As he did… as he tried to appear as normal as possible, he was aware of his shoes pinching his feet more than they usually did. “Oh man, Frank! Don’t tell me you’re turning hipster!” Frank stopped and looked curiously back at his neighbor. “What?” “Hipster. Your pants. You’re wearing short length pants like a hipster!” David laughed at his own comment. “I’m wearing…?” Frank looked down at his pants for the first time and noticed the fabric of the legs had ridden up at least three inches above his shoes… pants that this morning had reached down to the laces! “Yeah… right… hipster… short pants…”. Frank felt the odd grip of tightness rack his entire body. Remaining on his feet, Frank grit his teeth as he felt a slight swelling… a thickening… hit his body once again. My shoulders… getting broader? My neck… it feels like it’s getting thicker… Frank stretched out his arms and gasped as he watched them inch out longer from his shirt sleeves. “Fuck!!” The words escaped his mouth as a sudden orgasmic rush flooded his body. He felt his feet swell slightly in his shoes; the last amount of space they had left before the leather began to tear. “Frank, man, are you sure you’re okay? Want me to help you inside?” David had moved closer to him as the pressure rose higher than ever before, and then quickly dissipated. My feet… I felt my feet grow… I’m growing, he thought, but it shouldn’t be happening like this. My feet are so tight in my shoes… hands much longer… I feel… bigger…. Frank sensed the handsome neighbor was close and was shocked when he felt David’s hand on his shoulder. Looking up, Frank saw a real look of concern in his eyes. Damn, he’s beautiful. “I’m fine… really… I’m fine. I just need to eat…” Frank moved quickly away from David and walked up his walkway to the front steps of the old four-story Gothic building which was his home. The house, which slightly resembled the Addams Family mansion and was so called by local kids, had been in the family for generations, first built by his crazy great-great grandfather. He had been an inventor but had disappeared from the basement at the age of 66; never to be seen again. Future generations had grown up in this house, but now Frank was the last. With no children, the house would eventually pass on to a new family. As Frank made his way up the ten steps to his front door, the leather of his shoes threatened to tear apart with each step. Due to his new longer hands, Frank had some difficulty opening the door, but finally he was able to maneuver the key into the lock and turn the handle. Slamming it behind him, he made it halfway down the hallway before he was gripped by another sudden spasm. A rush of heat flooded his whole body as a new orgasmic feeling took hold. It keeps getting more powerful… it feels so fucking good. Fuck me!!!!! Frank could hear himself grunting and huffing as felt his feet tear through his leather shoes with a loud rip. Parts of the shoe was still tied to his ankle, but his toes were inching their way beyond the sole. As he was contemplating this revelation, he began to feel his dress shirt and pants grow significantly tighter. Looking down, Frank watched as two mounds began to rise on his chest, threatening to tear out of their confined quarters. Pecs… swelling… muscle growth… A new energy began to raise in Frank… something that felt powerful… primal… like nothing he had ever sensed before. Lifting his much heavier hands, he attempted to unbutton his shirt, but wave after wave of a growing sense of delirium made the maneuver virtually impossible. Fingers so long… so… thick! It was true. The dainty fingers he had possessed only hours ago had been replaced by thick, beefy sausage fingers. Frank could only stare as he opened and closed his expanding hands. Palm… becoming rougher… more sizeable… veins growing thicker and more prominent… hair… dark hair… stubble erupting from the back… With a newfound strength possessing him like never before, Frank grabbed the fabric of his constrictive shirt between his meaty hands, and in one vigorous motion, tore it open. Buttons flew around the hallway as the material he had once worn turned to shreds in his hands. Looking down, Frank was astounded to see two hills rising from his chest. Pecs… look at… I have pecs!! I can flex them! Fuck yeah!! He was in awe of the heaving mounds, but as he ran his hands over them, he began to feel sharp stubble erupting from the smooth skin. I’ve never had much body hair… but guess I’m making up for lost time! The heat from his own body was rising as he felt his quads begin to balloon in his trousers. Although covered, Frank could feel his quads grow thick and swollen, pushing his legs further apart. Moments later, Frank heard the loud shredding of material as his quads and calves began to force their way out of their prison. Bow legged, Frank began to try and walk down the hall to the bathroom that had a 6-foot mirror attached to the wall. Moving legs that seemed to weigh more and more each second was proving to be a new experience. Taking labored steps, Frank felt his glutes explode out of the seat of his trousers. Laughing, simply imagining how he would look to an observer, Frank pushed his way to the bathroom. Raising his arm to turn on the light, he was shocked by how bulky it felt. His limb was becoming a topography of rising mountains, deepening valleys, and forests of erupting dark hair. Hitting the switch with a brand-new strength, the light ignited the entire room, enabling Frank to glance at himself for the first time. Taking in his still growing body, Frank began to sweat and nervously laugh as the realization hit him of what was happening. My entire body… a mass of swollen… convulsing… flexing… muscle… and it keeps swelling even larger… and larger!! He was in awe of his newly engorged abdominals, an erupting six pack thick and tense as brickwork. Dark stubble crawled over his newly exposed abs and swirled down into his tight yet still intact white briefs. He had always wanted to have abs… and now he watched as they flexed, expanded, and peaked right before his eyes. Looking down from his abs to his legs, he smiled gleefully at the sight of the two hairy pillars of muscle. Hair… growing in thick… but it can never hide the extreme musculature my legs now possess!! Frank proceeded to flex his leg muscles which only propelled them to grow even thicker. Taking in the view above his abs, he stared in reverence at the sight of his new mountainous pecs. Every minute they seemed to heave even larger and squarer, taking up more area on his body. Like his abs and legs, there was a dusting of hair covering his pecs that seemed to grow thicker and darker as the time passed. My testosterone levels must be rising to an insane level to produce such quick hair growth, he thought as he took in his face and the new growth that was pushing out into a dark 5 o’clock shadow. Liftin his arms, he witnessed hair tear through this skin of his arm pits and grow longer along with the further coating of his thickset arms, and legs. Frank turned to inspect his ass but was finding his rising traps and thickening neck was making it somewhat difficult to turn his head how he was used to doing. Glancing as much as he could, he was astounded to see that his expanding glutes also had a light dusting of hair coating each globe. In the mirror he took himself in. He stood… what… nearly six feet tall… almost as tall as the mirror… and what had to be about 180 lbs. of dense muscle. Keeping with his original lean frame, there was not an ounce of fat covering his body, which caused his skin to vacuum tightly to his muscles. Just when he was becoming comfortable seeing his newly grown body, he would feel the orgasmic pressure rise again from within him, forcing every muscle to flex and swell. What had once been about 180 lbs. of muscle quickly rose to 190… and then possibly 200 pounds of muscular bulk. Frank could only moan as he felt an intense wave of growth wash over him more powerful than before. The sharp cracking sounds coming from his own body echoed around the bathroom and he proceeded to grow taller and wider Grown over six inches in barely any time… must be over six foot by now…maybe 6’1… 6’2… Feet growing so long and thick…I’ll never fit in my shoes… will this night end with me hitting my desired 9 feet? It’s too fast… much too fast… though I have to admit I’m loving the new me! I feel so virile… so powerful! Suddenly, Frank felt a new wave of pleasure engulf him… but this time coming from his crotch. Looking down at the white thinning material, he could see the mark of a pre-cum stain begin to form. Perhaps he was imagining it… but as he watched the covered mound… he could see it shift… swell… and become filled with a larger amount of mass then had been there seconds prior. He wasn’t getting hard… but he could feel every inch of his penis growing longer and thicker. Soon he was able to see the outline of a cockhead that must have doubled in size! Sweat coated him as he felt another wave of growth hit every inch of his body, but especially focused on his cock. Needing to see it in all its growing glory, Frank took his sizable hands and in one quick motion ripped the BVD’s from his body. A grunt was expelled from Frank's throat as he felt the new weight of his cock and balls. Seeing that it was beginning to get hard, Frank moved his hand to the shaft, and began to stroke it. What had once been 4 inches must now be at least six… moving up to seven… head swelling thicker… shaft pumping fuller… thick veins rising to the surface to feed it… precum leaking from a much larger slit and puddling in the floor. My balls… the must have doubled in size… hanging so low in my growing sack… dark hair erupting… FUCK… cock growing even longer… thicker… must be at least eight inches long… ARGH… body inching taller again… Look at me!! I must be over 6’4!! I must be at least 260 lbs. of thick muscle! As I stretch taller… filling my mirror and outgrowing it!! Cock… stretching longer… thicker… its girth forcing my grip to widen… balls hanging like two large plums… my whole body… FUCK!! Whole body stretching… swelling… growing bigger… and bigger… AND… Frank’s whole body was seized in one giant spasm as it stretched even larger… and then was rocked with the most powerful orgasm he had ever felt. He could barely remain on his feet as he watched his new firehose of a cock send ropes of cum onto the mirror. Stumbling backwards, his cock now spraying the walls and floor, his muscular arm made contact with the window, shattering it instantly. After enduring an earth-shattering orgasm that lasted nearly a minute, Frank began to gain his senses. Looking around, he was shocked to see that cum coated most of the mirror and had landed in massive puddles on the floor. His thick cock began to soften, but not before he took in the immense 10 inches he now possessed. His whole body… he could barely see the whole thing in the full-length mirror! I… I must be 6’6 and over 300 lbs. of Grade A Muscle!! Frank lifted his arms and flexed his massive guns! “Fuck yeah!! Look at me!! I’m fuckin massive!” His own voice shocked him by how deep and masculine it was. Just looking at himself got his cock semi hard again. Rubbing his hands over his pecs, feeling both muscle and hair that had never been there before, he groaned. So much of me… so much… Frank’s whole body shuddered as he heard the familiar cracks and snaps of his body growing taller and wider. The growth was not as intense as the first time, but it was distracting enough not to hear knocking coming from his front door. Still getting bigger… denser… stronger… He could see the hair of his 5 o’clock shadow grow longer and thicker as it grew in around his mouth. Moments later, Fred’s body towered over the 6-foot mirror. 6’8… fuck! I must be 6’8!! Frank had begun to stroke his lengthening cock when through fog of growth heard: “Who the fuck are you?? Where’s Frank?” David… what’s David doing here… I’m… I need to look down to see him! He only comes up to my neck! He’s smaller than me!! So much smaller than me!!! With this realization, Frank’s cock grew instantly rock hard. “Answer me! Where’s Frank?” David tore out of the bathroom calling: “Frank! Frank! Answer me! Are you okay?” When Frank reached over 7 foot and over 380 lbs. of muscle, the growth slowed to a halt again. With his cock leaking pre, Frank tried to clear his mind and handle the shouting David. “Frank! Frank! Just answer me, man!” David tore into the hallway again, coming face to face with the muscle monster. “What the fuck have you done to him?” “I didn’t do anything to him, David…” He only comes up to my shoulders now!! Fuck!! “How do you know my name?” “It’s… It’s me. Frank.” So small… “You think I’m crazy! What the fuck have you done to him?” David raced toward Frank, attempting to restrain him, but Frank now found he could easily lift the punching personal trainer up off the floor. “Listen to me! It’s me! It’s Frank!” David tried to fight again, but he was no match for the naked mountain of muscle. “Calm the fuck down!” Frank shook David until he was finally still and could listen “I’m a scientist… working on gene modification. I experimented on myself… but something’s gone wrong.” Wrong? Has it gone wrong? It feels too good to be wrong. By this time, David had calmed down enough that Frank could set him down again on his feet. “How do you think I can believe something like that? You think I’m crazy?” “I’m telling you the truth. You met me outside tonight… I wasn’t feeling well… you handed me my watch… You called me a hipster because of my short pants… but they weren’t really short. I was just growing. It’s true. I exper…. Fuck… here it comes again… stronger… “ David stood there with his mouth wide opened as he watched the man who called himself Frank begin to grow! David was in awe as Frank's pecs swelled larger than before… growing more mountainous, the space between them growing tighter. Franks whole body was keeping in proportion as he filled the hallway, his head inching closer to the ceiling. His cock! David nearly gasped as he watched it grow even thicker and longer than before. So small… so puny compared to me now! I dwarf him! I… I need to fuck… I need to fuck him! I deserve to fuck him!! I’m the alpha now! As his cock gained more inches in length, Frank tried to calm his thoughts. I… I can’t think like that… It’s the growth… testosterone… changing me… When the episode eventually finished, Frank stood before him, panting. “You… you were so big less than 45 minutes ago. You only come up to my pecs now.” Using his knowledge of anatomy, David took stock of what he saw. “You… you have to be over 7 and a half feet tall and… nearly 500 lbs. of muscle.” Lick my pecs now, David. Suck on my nipples. “The growth is getting stronger each time.” “Fuck! Your biceps… they must be bigger than my head! Your quads… bigger than my waist…. Your cock…”. David looked at his own arm. “Nearly. Nearly as thick as your arm… but not quite.” David was so close… so close Frank could smell the sweat coming from his pores. I could grab him… take him now… who could stop me. “I’m going into the living room. I’m starting to feel kind of constricted in this hallway.” Frank let out a deep bellow. “Never thought I’d say that!” David had to press himself tightly against the wall to let Frank pass. The lamps and ornaments shook as he waked into the living room. Changing… I can feel myself changing each time… I’m scared… but… FUCK!! I feel so alive!!! I’ve grown nearly too large for my hallway!! Even the living room seems so confining with its 15-foot ceilings. Staring at one of his bookcases, Frank lifted his sizable leg and slammed it down onto the floor. This simple movement caused nearly twenty books to fall onto the floor. Just a taste of what I can do. As if brought on by this display of power, Frank began to feel another growth surge grip him. Moving around the room as he proceeded to grow further, he was in shock to witness items like chairs and sofas and floor lamps becoming smaller and smaller. How impractical his four story house was becoming. Frank reached up his arms and found that even with them bent due to his massive biceps, he could nearly touch the ceiling. Almost… almost touch the 15-foot ceiling… just a few feet more… just a few more!!! David heard a low bass chuckle come from within his growing neighbor. It was like a film's special effects. How was it possible that a man could gain so much mass so quickly… grow inches in seconds? I wish it were me, he thought. I wish I could feel this rush of power! What it must feel like to have pecs the size of pillows… a neck thicker than my quad… an 8 pack that looks more like bricks than the human anatomy… even his smell is getting more powerful… his pheromones… his cock… growing even longer… his whole body even hairier… more masculine… A few minutes later, after an orgasm that forced Frank to let out a bellow that rocked the windows, the growth stopped. The smell of both Frank’s cum and musk were filling the room. Catching his breath, Frank called out: “How big do you think I got this time?” “Fuck if I know… eight and a half feet… maybe nine… it’s so hard to tell… you’re just so wide!” Frank moved closer to David, using him as a frame of reference. “You only come up to my abs. If you’re 6’2… I must be nearly nine feet tall. If I am, we should be in luck. There might be only one more growth spell after this. I programmed my DNA for a height of 9.4 feet.” “I feel so tiny next to you! Besides how tall you are, you have to be over 500 lbs. of muscle. Probably closer to 700! Damn!! One of your feet is nearly longer than both of mine end to end!! Amazing!” “I am bigger than I imagined… more muscular than my hypothesis… but remarkable for the first human test.” Frank couldn't help but flex his different muscle groups for his neighbor and couldn’t help seeing the tenting in his pants. Maybe he is gay! Even straight, who could resist this! Using knowledge from a lifetime of being a spectator of bodybuilding and physique shows, Frank went into a most muscular pose. David had to stand back as the massive wall of muscle nearly hit him. “Beautiful!” “Yes! I feel stronger than I ever have in my life… more powerful… more…FUCK!!!” As if brought on by his flexing, Frank began to grow and swell again. This time… the force came more powerful than ever before. From within… Frank could hear his muscle fibers ripping… healing… and strengthening. His bones were snapping and reforming bigger… longer… and stronger. “This… so… powerful… the… last… one…” David watched as Frank rolled his head back, but his rising traps prevented it from going very far. Bigger… larger…weightier… taller… and more immense Frank grew. Frank tried to take stock of each body part’s augmentation, but he kept getting lost in the euphoric waves that came with the growth. Drool fell from his mouth into his thickening and lengthening beard as Frank grew. Finally, just as it started… it began to fade away. David felt the first rope of cum hit him in the chest like a slap. The second, third, and fourth soon followed, dousing him in thick cum. After about the thirtieth explosion from his cock, Frank began to speak “How big?” “I… I only come up to your cock now! You… you have to be at least ten feet tall and a thousand pound of muscle!” Just saying the words caused David to cum in his own pants. Seeing this, Frank grinned at the power the sight of his body now had. “Much bigger than anticipated… but that last surge has to have been the last. It was the most powerful yet.” “You’re nearly as wide as that wall!” “Nearly. Having trouble seeing over my own pecs! How’s it looking down there?” Frank grinned as he watched David take in his body again. “Simply… incredible! I… I can’t get enough of it!” Moving forward, as if under a spell, David raised his arm and reached out to touch Frank’s body for the first time. As flesh touched flesh, David pulled his hand away as if burnt. “I’m… I’m sorry…” “Don’t be. Go on. I was enjoying that.” Once again, David stepped towards Frank and extended his hand. To David, the skin was so smooth, yet so rough. He had touched other men in the past… and other women… but this man… he was nothing like the rest. He was new… improved. “I love your body hair. I love how it grows… so thick on your face… down your neck… coating your chest… your abs… Tentatively, he ran his hands over the muscle beast’s abs, stroking the ridges and dips of such plated perfection. “You’ve become so… enormous…” David took his hand and could actually fit it between Frank’s abs. “I… I never imagined someone could make me feel so pathetic… so weak…” David looked up at Frank. “You should be worshiped… I feel like I need to worship you…”. David moved his hands over Frank’s abs, down his massive quads, and toward the elephantine cock that was hard once again. More commanding than he ever assumed he could be, Frank said: “Do it! Worship me. I deserve to be worshipped! It was my intellect that enabled me to grow larger and more powerful than any human. My theory was right… and soon the world will look at me in awe… just like you right now.” Inhaling deeply, David took in the strong scent of Frank’s musk. “You… you smell like a real man… you smell of power… strength… might… stronger than a group of men in a locker room.” Frank lifted his arms up and flexed his biceps. The hair in his pits had grown like a dense forest… so thick and dark. Frank licked his lips as he felt his cock reach its full state of erection. A large glob of precum squeezed itself out of this slit and fell to the floor. Moving his hand to Frank’s cock, David felt how hot and hard it was. The scent rising up from Frank’s balls caused a hunger to grow within David as he moved his mouth over to Frank’s 13-inch cock and began to lick it. Frank groaned loudly as he felt the tongue rub up against his sensitive flesh. “Lick my balls.” Filled with an untapped desire, David did as he was told and kneeled down till he was in position to where the massive sack was in front of him. Hungrily, David began to lick and massage Frank’s baseball sized balls. David was shocked that being so close he could actually hear them churning… so filled with cum. “Suck it.” “I… can’t… I… It’s so big…” “Do it!” Tentatively, David moved himself in front of Frank’s bobbing cock, and proceeded to open up wide and take titanic member into this mouth. Knowing David might need some coaching, Frank took his hand and placed it on the back of his head; forcing David to go further down on his cock. David gagged, but he refused to give up such a trophy. Frank, feeling a fever rise up from within him, began to buck his hips back and forth, forcing his cock deeper and deeper down David’s throat. Looking down again, Frank watched as David took his own hard cock out and began to sporadically jerk himself off. Tiny. Probably only seven inches! Pathetic. As David took more and more of Frank, he began to hear a deep rumbling coming from Frank’s body once again. As if aware of what David was thinking, Frank said: “No… can’t be… it should have run it’s course… But… Growing… Growing again…” Frank’s sudden surge forced his cock deeper into David’s throat. David could feel it begin to lengthen and thicken in his mouth. I must be asleep, he thought, I must be dreaming. There’s no way this can actually be happening!! Suddenly, without touching himself, David began to cum when he realized he could feel Frank’s growing cock, of its own accord, extend further down his throat. Just as powerful… growing… larger… hairier… more primal… something… something must have gone wrong… growing much more than any calculations… Frank felt David sucking on his cock… worshiping him… Will the world worship… or fear me? Do I care? “Neck… column of muscle… shoulders… broader than any door… beard so thick.. power… fire… filling whole body… filling every vein… feeding every muscle… igniting every bone… gaining more and more mass and size!!! So… much… POWER!!!” As the top of Frank’s head smacked into the ceiling above, he began to fuck David’s face with more and more vigor. Another growth spurt forced Frank to bend his neck against the hard expanse of the ceiling. Over 15 feet tall. I’m taller than my living room!! Frank felt his balls rise up in his sack. Grabbing David’s head with both hands, he began to feed the personal trainer rope after rope of cum. David bucked and tried to pull away, but he was no match for Frank’s strength. It was not pity that forced Frank to let go of David, but another surge which sent his head up and through the ceiling, and into the bedroom above. Frank roared as David fell onto his ass, rope after rope of cum coating his chest and face once again. Frank ‘s head tore further into the bedroom, followed by his shoulders. Large portions of the ceiling rained down on both Frank and David, forcing the neighbor to take cover. Still, he grew… into the guest bedroom his head rose… and only began to fade once his neck and shoulders had torn through the ceiling, taking down lamp fixtures and some of the heating duct of the old house. A few moments later, both the growth surge and Frank’s orgasm began to subside. As his cock deflated, Frank had to laugh. Gently bending his knees, Frank pulled his expansive shoulders, his thick neck, and his gargantuan head out of the fissure in the ceiling above him. Then, with a crash that shook the foundation, Frank sat down on his knees “That’s the most you’ve grown so far in one go! You have to be… I’d say… nearly 19 feet tall and over 3500 lbs of muscle! I… I only come up to your knee now!” David observed the gargantuan man, taking in biceps that had to be over 3 feet around… a chest over 10 feet wide… his quads and waist… both thicker than David was tall! His cock… that alone had to be over 14” and thicker than a beer can! Heat and musk radiated from the giant, and all David could think of was having the massive man grab him and fuck him. “I need your help.” Frank’s voice had gotten much deeper and louder. It sounded to David like it was attached to a speaker, but he knew Frank was just talking in his normal voice… he was just so big now…. “I need you to go upstairs into my bedroom… it’s the one on the right at the top of the stairs. Go and bring the laptop back that has COLIN printed in black on the cover. It should be next to my bed. GO!!” David ran out of the room. What could have gone wrong with my calculations? The rats only grew to the height we specified, but I’m almost 10 feet taller than my input. I’m nearly as tall as a house! FUCK!! A house!! David was quickly back with the silver laptop. “Good. Turn it on. You’ll need to hold it up to me for a retina scan.” David did as he was told, still amazed that he wasn’t dreaming. The retina scan didn’t work at first, but after trial and error with David standing closer or further away, they were in. “Now… when prompted… type: 8849 m 27.9881 N 86.9250E.” David followed orders and was rewarded with the black screen turning blue. The program went through a few minutes of a boot-up process before arriving at his virtual lab computer. “Let me see the screen. Fuck!! It’s too small. You’ll have to do it. Read to me the stats that are being transmitted to the nanobots.” “It says… it keeps changing. Umm… 985,432,573 feet… 998,764,457 feet… 1,174,432,567 feet.” “Enough!” A cold sweat began to coat Frank’s naked body. “COLIN, explain… argh…”. A wave of growth slammed into Frank again forcing his kneeling body to take up more and more room. His head inched up again as his upper body filled the wall of the living room, knocking the wide screen TV to the floor. As his back grew closer to the hole in the ceiling, Frank crouched down further to prevent himself taking down the entire thing. Just as he was prepared to tear through the ceiling, a shuttering and cracking was felt beneath him as the floor disintegrated around him, dropping him 10 feet into the unfinished basement. As Frank’s body slammed into the ground below, the whole foundation of the house shook. The house fell into darkness. Moving as carefully as he could to the giant filled crater in the floor, David approached the mammoth man. Where he had been immense before… now Frank crouched down below, an imposing, gargantuan figure. Breathless, Frank called out, “COLIN. Current stars of Subject FA001. Height and weight.” “Current stats of Subject FA001 are 24 feet and nine inches. Weight is 17290.84lbs.” David wasn’t sure if he was more in awe of Frank’s body, that was now nearly taking up two stories, or the computer voice that sounded nearly human. “Why such variance from initial height/weight input.” “No variance.” “Initial input was 9 feet and 4 inches with body muscle mass of 830 lbs. with growth over 18 months. Why the variance?” The computer took a few moments to speak again: “No variance. Subject was analyzed to match subjects’ intents.” “Subject FA001 input was 9’4 and 850 lbs. of muscle. Therefore, this was subjects’ intent. I am questioning this logic.” “Subject’s input was illogical compared to subjects’ true intent. The room was still. “List Subjects projection is 18 months.” “Subject projection… 1,985,468,758 feet. 2,105,437,558 feet. 2,476,375,889 feet. 2,756,556,8345 feet.” “That’s… that’s further from Earth to the moon.” David’s words rang in Frank’s ears. “3,374,364,765 feet. 3,667,375,775 feet.” “COLIN. Halt list. That’s why I’m growing so fast. The transmission to the nanobots… it’s constantly changing… and they keep altering my DNA to keep... FUCK!!” David watched as Frank’s whole body tensed and flexed… the burning filling all bone and muscle fibre. As each second passed, Frank felt more and more mass piling onto his body. In his hands, he felt his cock grow even longer and thicker… his entire body filling up the entirety of the basement and now moving once again closer to the ceiling. David almost had to cover his ears to handle the sounds of bones breaking, stretching, and lengthening as his body became more titanic. Frank nearly lost all track of time as he was embraced by the fire of growth. The sensation was now stronger than it had ever been. All he could feel was the sensation of his body gaining more and more mass. To David, all he took in was Frank’s mandible cracking and squaring off, all the hair on his body grew longer and thicker, and his eyes became deeper set. As Frank’s head and back erupted through the ceiling, bedroom furniture began to fall into the room below. The whole house shook as the living room was torn to pieces. Frank’s foot ripped one wall down, while his upper body demolished the ceiling. The whole house was falling apart around David, but he protected himself and the computer by running to the bathroom. After several minutes, all David could hear was Frank’s panting breath and heart beating loudly. David moved through the rubble to the incredible sight of Frank’s crouching body taking up the entirety of the basement, the living room (which was the largest room in the four-story house) and expanding up to the room above. “SUBJECT FA001 STATS: HEIGHT AND WEIGHT.” Franks voice was now hundreds of decibels louder than before.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 39.9 feet in height… 71,143.74 lbs.” “Your foot… your foot’s bigger than me, Frank. 40 feet tall. Fuck! One more growth spurt… I don’t think this house will be able to take it.” “HALT…HALT TRANSMISSION TO NANO TECHNOLOGY.” “Transmission cannot be halted.” “HALT TRANSMISSION TO NANO TECHNOLOGY!!” “Transmission cannot be halted. Subject does not desire transmission to be halted.” “SUBJECT WISHES TRANSMISION TO NANO TECHNOLOGY TO BE HALTED!” Frank could feel the surge brewing once again within him. “SUBJECT DESIRES TRANSMISION TO NANO TECHNOLOGY TO BE HALTED! SUBJECT WISHES… AWW FUCK…” Frank felt his body flex and swell, growing more massive by the second. His shoulder knocked down the wall between the upstairs guest bedroom room and the hallway. Barely felt that. This house won’t keep me prisoner for long…. Soon the world will see me… They’ll know me and they’ll fear me! Thinking this fact turned Frank on more than he imagined. When he was worshiping me…. It felt right… I deserved to be worshiped… Imagine hundreds of David’s worshiping me.” Frank opened his eyes, his body gripped in the throws of a power greater than himself, and he witnessed David so far below, cowering in the bathroom… looking so insignificant… so weak… All I’d need to do now is grab him and I could break him into pieces with one hand. Thoughts like these flew through him as his head approached the ceiling right below the attic. After that… there would only be 8 more feet before his head smashed through the roof. When he grew up in this house as a child, he had always through it so massive… so over whelming. Now it was like a dollhouse to him. Who would have thought that one day his body would be tearing it to the ground. A final surge of growth took down most of the electrics in the house, plunging it and David into total darkness. All David could now see was a shadows massive mound of limbs, ass, torso, and cock. Hair grew from the body like high grass grows off a mountain. There was now simply too much of Frank for David to even think of him as human. When he spoke again “SUBJECT FA001 STATS: HEIGHT AND WEIGHT.” Frank spoke and the very walls shook. Brickwork began to crumble from the exterior of the house, and shingles fell from the gabled roof. “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 55.2 feet in height…188,380.82 lbs. Phase Two will begin at 75 feet in height.” “EXPLAIN STAGE TWO… THERE IS NO STAGE TWO.” Frank tried his best to look at the tiny figure of David holding the computer down below, but his pecs were too large now to give him the desired view. “Stage Two was devised out of necessity. Stage Two will enable full metamorphosis.” “Full metamorphosis? What does it mean, Frank.” David spoke, but Frank could now barely hear him… he sounded so small and far away. From within, Frank’s heart began to beat faster. The pounding caused the very building to pulse. “LIST SUBJECTS PROJECTION 25 MONTHS FROM NOW.” “Subject FA001 Projections in 25 months.” The computer was silent for nearly a minute… Frank’s heart beat the only sound echoing through the house. “Subject FA001 Projections in 25 months is 38 billion light years across.” The room was silent. David was the first to speak. “38 billion light years across? There must be something wrong with this thing’s calculations! There’s no way…” “NOTHING’S WRONG WITH COLIN’S CALCULATIONS. IN 25 MONTHS, I WILL BE LARGER THAN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE. ISN’T THAT CORRECT, COLIN? MY GROWTH WILL TAKE UP… EVERYTHING. “That is correct. In 26 Months… Subject FA001 will take up 43 billion light years. In 27 months… Subject FA001 will take up 51 billion light years.” “PHASE TWO. DESCRIBE PHASE TWO.” “Subject FA001 will experience full evolutionary objective.” “AND THE OBJECTIVE?” “To exist as infinity and beyond. This was subjects’ intent since The Program…” “COLIN. STOP. “That’s not possible… there’s no way someone can just become infinity.” David’s head swam. This was all becoming too much for him to comprehend. “COLIN… VOICE DEACTIVATED. I PREFER NO SPOILERS WITH MY ASCENSION.” Frank took a deep breath and took in his view… and imagined the view in 10 minutes… 30 minutes… 30 days. He was soon to experience what no one could even imagine. “WOULD YOU CALL ME IMPOSSIBLE? TO ME NOW… YOU ARE THE IMPOSSIBILITY. HOW DOES MANKIND CONTINUE TO SURVIVE BEING SO SMALL… SO FEEBLE… SO HELPLESS? ALL JUST ANTS… CRAWLING AROUND ON THE SURFACE OF…” Frank could feel the familiar rumbling of a growth surge hitting his body. “DID YOU EVER THINK THAT… OH YEAH… HERE IT COMES AGAIN… THAT TONIGHT… YOU WOULD WITNESS THE BIRTH OF SUCH POWER???” David was amazed how deep Frank’s voice grew as the surge took hold. “MY BODY… EVERY ORGAN… GROWING LARGER… MORE TREMENDOUS… MIGHTIER… NOW THAT I’VE ACCEPTED IT, DAVID… YOU CAN’T KNOW HOW MUCH I WANT THIS!!! Frank laughed as his entire body began to shake causing the house to begin to fall apart around him. Frank’s head rose closer to the wooden beams, his massive form filling the entire attic. David had to cover his ears as the booming fracturing sounds of bones came from Frank’s body. Shoulders that were already broader than anyone could imagine, began spread even broader. Through gritted teeth, Frank called down to David: “HITTING 57 FEET… 58…” Frank let out a loud moan as his lats grew even wider, forcing his arms to rise up, knocking down walls in their path. Grabbing COLIN, David ran for the front door. How long had it been since he had naively crossed that threshold. David didn’t even think twice about being half naked and covered in dry cum as he ran out into the cold night. Believe me, he thought, the world will have much more to worry about than me in a few minutes! Running across the street, David opened COLIN and was glad to see that it was still working. The ground shook as the Gothic house began to rupture. As Frank’s enormous quads began to grow even thicker, they began to tear down the foundation. Tired of existing in such an awkward position for so long, Frank began to stand. This motion propelled his rising body through the attic… through the roof… and into the dark night sky. Frank continued to grow as he took stock of the tiny world around him. “I KNOW YOU’RE STILL HERE, DAVID! I WANT YOU TO KNOW HOW INCREDIBLE IT ALL LOOKS…THE NEIGHBORHOOD... LIKE A MINATURE TRAIN SET. SO… FRAGILE…” David could see Frank’s trunk slowly growing longer, forcing his entire body to inch up further and further. Although still trying to speak, Frank was wrapped up in a mix of pain and pleasure as his spine and backbone stretched… cracked… and then proceeded to grow larger vertebra. At the same time, Frank’s abs grew even thicker and more immense than anything David could imagine was humanly possible. He’s growing beyond human comprehension…. his anatomy changing to accommodate his future… Frank roared as his abs ballooned even further and modified themselves into an explosive 12 pack. He looks like a Barbarian God come to destroy us all! David looked down at COLIN to take in Frank’s stats. “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 76.8 feet in height…507,343.04 lbs. Phase Two initiated.” The ground shook as Frank began to walk. Sally-Anne Worth who lived a few houses down came out of her front door, took stock of the mountainous Frank, and screamed. Frank simply laughed, but his cock hardened at the sound of such terror coming from a simple view of his new form. Frank wondered how much time had passed since this journey had begun. It’s only taken less than five hours for me to become the formidable beast that stands before the world. How colossal I must look… how immense. “TONIGHT… YOU ARE WITNESS’ TO ABSOLUTE… YES!!! MORE!!!” Frank flexed every muscle in his body for the people below. As he held this, his body began to quake once again. Within seconds… his neighborhood… his world… was growing smaller and smaller. As his body grew larger and more and more like a living skyscraper, Frank stroked his hefty cock. Filled with ecstasy, Frank began to destroy everything that was below him. I can feel deep within me a change is happening… soon… very soon… in less than a day I will grow so humongous… so mountainous that I care less and less about the world. Stomping on everything below, leaning over and using his hands like a steam shovel, Frank went into a frenzy demolishing everything that lay before him. Every couple of minutes he would stop and continue stroking his lengthening cock, laughing, and relishing in the panic and terror his destruction was causing the people below. Just when David thought Frank couldn’t get any bigger, he exploded with more and more size. He had now grown so large… his cock so titanic… his body covered with a roadmap of veins… Looking at COLIN, David took in Frank’s new stats: “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 92.8 feet in height…895,080 lbs. I need to get out of here… but where would I go? Soon… he’ll be everywhere. David took a breath and sat down on the ground, whipped out his cock, and began to jerk off watching Frank grow more monstrous. Hell… might as well be here at Ground Zero!!! Frank stoked his cock, feeling every part of his body reshaping and retooling themselves for his journey into infinity and beyond. Every nerve ending in his body was setting off wave after wave of euphoric pleasure as if he now existed as one mighty cock. That appendage had now grown so long and thick, and sent elephantine drops of pre below. Suddenly, panting harder and harder, his whole body shook with an orgasm to rival Mount Vesuvius, letting loose hundreds of gallons of cum onto the ants below. “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 113.6 feet in height…1,641,923.87 lbs.” “FINALLY!!! FINALLY, I KNOW WHAT I WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE!! NONE OF YOU CAN IMAGINE HOW INCREDIBLE IT FEELS TO BE THIS HUGE… HOW FREEING… HOW… YES!!!! WATCH ME GROW EVER MORE EMMENSE. THIS WILL NEVER STOP… AND I AM GLAD! SO… GLAD!!!!!!” Frank’s voice had gotten so deep that the sounds that were now emanating from his throat resembled more of a thunderous rumbling than a human voice. Just by speaking, Frank now caused everything below to tremble Frank speaking caused everything below him to shake. Growing further, Frank was going beyond the pure masculinity he possessed… going deeper into something new. “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 122.5 feet in height…2,058,857.50 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 129.9 feet in height…2,454,965.97 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 136.6 feet in height…2,854,763.40 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 142.9 feet in height…3,268,245.88 lbs.” “GROWTH… MORE INTENSE… HAPPENING FASTER THAN BEFORE… AGH!!!" “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 157.4 feet in height…4,367,492.89 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 168.7 feet in height…5,377,287.67 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 177.5 feet in height…6,263,442.50 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 184.6 feet in height…7,045,520.98 lbs.” FADING… FOR THE MOMENT… CLEAR MY HEAD… SO MUCH POWER… SO MUCH STRENGHT… SO GODLIKE! I NEVER IMAGINED IT WOULD FEEL LIKE THIS… HOW WILL I FEEL… WHEN I FILL ALL OF THE KNOWN UNIVERSE… AND KEEP GROWING AND GROWING FOR… YES!!! GROWING… FOR… INFINITY… “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 223.9 feet in height… 12,571,303.27 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 347.1 feet in height…46,836,222.84 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 496.3 feet in height…136,914,942.47 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 531.1 feet in height…167,782,602.66 lbs.” SHOOTING UP LIKE AN ELEVATOR. MUSCLES SWELLING EVEN THICKER AS I GET TALLER… LATS… TRAPS…DELTS… SO WIDE… MORE LIKE A HUMAN SHELL THAN A BACK… FEET TAKING UP BLOCKS… CARS… TRUCKS… PEOPLE… LIKE DUST… NEED TO PISS!! FORCE OF STREAM CAUSING TRUCKS TO TOPPLE BACKWARD OVER EACH OTHER…STREAM TAKING DOWN HIGHWAY AND BRIDGES BELOW…MY PISS… DROWINING PEOPLE… MY PISS… A MEANS OF DESTRUCTION… I AM A MEANS OF DESTRUCTION!!!! “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 618.2 feet in height… 26,4609,251.84 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 707.4 feet in height… 395,623,053.32lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 819.3 feet in height…615,952,024.86 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 1013.9 feet in height…1,167,356,193.49 lbs.” GROWTH SLOWS… STOPS… TAKE A DEEP BREATH… FIND I DON’T NEED TO… NO LONGER NEED TO BREATH… MUST BE PART OF PHASE TWO…HOW MANY PHASES DID YOU PLAN, COLIN? WHEN I REACH INFINITY…. WHAT WILL I BE? I WALK… MY FOOTSTEPS KILL HUNDREDS… MY COCK HARDENS… I MUST BE AS TALL AS THE EMPIRE STATE BULDING NOW. WISH I DIDN’T LIVE IN SUCH A RURAL AREA…. WOULD LOVE TO DEMOLISH A LARGER CITY. BEARD TRAILS DOWN OVER PECS… HAIR ON TOP OF HEAD… DOWN TO SHOULDERS… THERE MUST BE A BETTER WORD FOR MAN SINCE I AM BEYOND BEING JUST A MAN… UB…UB… FUCK YES… TAKE ME… GROW ME… UBERMENSCH…. SUPERMAN. “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 1,199.6 feet in height… 1,933,425,285.05 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 1,274.7 feet in height… 2,319,754,255.53 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 1,419.8 feet in height… 3,205,527,730.04 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 1,620.3 feet in height… 4,764,357,245.12 lbs.” GROUND CRACKS AND BUCKLES BENEATH MY FEET. HOW MUCH MUST I WEIGHT… TRY LOOKING UP… HEAD MOVES BARELY AT ALL… PRISONER OF MY TRAPS…. SMALL FLIES BUZZ PAST MY HEAD… THEY HAVE COME TO FIGHT BACK… TO TRY AND DESTROY ME. THEY SHOOT PINS AT ME WHICH BOUNCE OFF AND FALL TO THE GROUND. I LEAP UP IN THE AIR AND BACK DOWN… I WATCH EVERYTHING COLLAPSE FOR MILES… FIRES BURN… I GROW. AGAIN… “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 1,890.6 feet in height… 7,568,624,919.99 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 2,200.1 feet in height… 11,927,386,313.92 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 2,551.9 feet in height… 18,612,682,898.16 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 2,847.3 feet in height… 25,853,402,467.0 lbs.” I’LL NEVER FUCK A MAN… BUT I WILL FUCK PLANETS… MY BALLS ARE CHURNING MORE… MAKING ME HORNIER… HOW DID I EVER DENY MYSELF THESE FEELINGS OF SUPERIORITY… ALL OF MY LIFE I LIVED AS A TINY NOTHING…. NOW I WILL BE EVERYTHING… QUADS HAVE GROWN SO MUCH LARGER… BOWLEGGED NOW WHEN I WALK… I LOVE HOW IT FEELS… WITH EACH SURGE… BODY ADAPTING ITSELF… FEET GROWING THICKER… WAIST EXPANDING… MUSCLES SO DENSE… PECS… PECS SWELLING… YOU WOULD…. YOU WOULD THINK I WOULD BE USED…USED TO THE SURGES… BY… NOW!!!!!!! “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 3982.8 feet in height… 70,759,298,390.54 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 5173.4 feet in height… 155,076,574,368.69 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 7833.2 feet in height… 538,313,992,171.61 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 10190.9 feet in height… 1,185,374,670,180.30 lbs.” I AM A GOD. I STAND AMONG THE CLOUDS. DELTOIDS GROWING ROUNDER… THICKER… FULLER… MORE DEFINED… MY SHOULDERS STRETCH ON FOREVER… NECK… MY NECK… IT IS JUST A PIECE OF MY CHEST NOW… AS THICK AS MY TRAPS… DIFFICULT TO MOVE MY HEAD… MUST TURN WHOLE BODY… CAN NO LONGER SEE BELOW… I DON’T CARE… BELOW IS UNIMPORTANT… ALL THAT IS IMPORTANT… IS… THE… GROWTH... “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 13288.1 feet in height… 2,627,886,996,620.3 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 22449.7 feet in height… 12,672,130,832,269.9 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 58229.6 feet in height… 2.213,080,486,533 E+14 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 99191.3 feet in height… 1.0,930,468,301,992 E+15 lbs.” FACE… CRACKS… SPLITS… MUSCLES IN MY FACE… EXPANDING… REFORMING TO KEEP IN PROPORTION TO MY BODY. I WANT TO GRAB MY FACE… BICEPS… BICEPS SO COLOSSAL IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BEND MY ARMS VERY MUCH… I TRY TO TOUCH MY FACE… MY BODY… ALL I AM IS MUSCLE… BULGING…. FLEXING… TREMORING MUSCLE. BODY… BODY SHAKING AGAIN… LATS SWELL… ARMS RISE UP FROM MY SIDES… SO MUCH MASS BEING ADDED TO MY FRAME… ARMS WILL NEVER REST AT MY SIDES AGAIN… RIBS!!! RIB CAGE EXPANDING… BREAKING… EXPANDING… ADDING MORE LANDSCAPE TO GROW MORE MUSCLE ON… MY PECS SWELL EVEN MORE TITANIC. “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 140,330 feet in height… 3.095937468094 E+15 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 188,556 feet in height… 7.5082563545736E+15 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 237,,992 feet in height… 1.5097502100459E+16 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 380449 feet in height… 6.1674745121538E+16 lbs.” DARKNESS IS FALLING ALL AROUND ME. BELOW ME… NOT IMPORTANT… ABOVE ME… I WILL DISCOVER SOON… IN FRONT OF ME… TURNING FROM BLUE…. TO WHITE… TO GREY… I AM STANDING ON THE EARTH… AND MY HEAD IS RISING INTO SPACE. I AM UNABLE TO COMPREHEND THE MAGNITUDE OF HOW IMMENSE I AM… I AM A MOUNTAIN… TALLER THAN A MOUNTAIN… THERE CAN BE NO NAME FOR WHAT I AM. AM I A GIANT… NO… IVE GROWN BEYOUND THAT… I BREATHE IN MY OWN TESTOSTERONE FUELED SCENT… I CAN FEEL THE SURGE COMING AGAIN… INCHING CLOSER… I FEEL MY BALLS…. PULLING DOWN ON MY SACK… MY WHOLE BODY COVERED IN THICK DARK HAIR… MY BEARD… SO DENSE… SO LONG… “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 590,845 feet in height… 2.3101422167891E+17lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 680,330 feet in height… 3.6685932407291E+17 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 991,558 feet in height… 1.0918736645073E+18 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 2,477,991 feet in height… 1.7041923692805E+22 lbs.” MY WHOLE BODY BEGINS TO PULSATE… I THINK THIS IS IT… CAN IT BE… AM I ARRIVING TO CONTINUAL GROWTH FOREVER. THIS MORNING… I AWOKE AS FRANCES ALEXANDER ALBERTA… I WAS 5’6” IN HEIGHT…I WEIGHTED 147 LBS… MY ARMS AND LEGS WERE LIKE STICKS… AGE HAD TAKEN ITS TOLL…NOW I… YES… THIS IS IT… THIS IS WHAT I HAVE WAITED MY LIFE FOR… CONTINUAL GROWTH… FOR ETERNITY… FOREVER IN THIS ORGASMIC RUSH OF GROWTH… IT IS BLACK AROUND ME… BUT AS I SWELL I CAN SEE THE STARS… YES… IT IS STRONGER THAN IT EVER WAS BEFORE… TAKING UP SO MUCH SPACE… TALLER… HEAVIER… BALLS GROWING LARGER… COCK GROWING LONGER… EVERY MUSCLE PUSATING… EVERY MUSCLE ALIVE… I CAN FEEL THE EARTH BEGINNING TO CRUMBLE BENEATH ME… MY CHEST… SO BIG… SO WIDE… SO HAIRY… CONTINUAL GROWTH… I HAVE REACHED IT… NEVER WILL I STOP… IN 18 MONTHS I WILL REACH INFINITY… I WILL BE INFINITY… AND BEYOND… “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 58,118,338 feet in height… 2.1986575008015E+23 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 99,417,558 feet in height… 1.1005437117003e+25 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: GROWTH TOO CONSTANT TO MEASURE. And still… forever… Frank grew.
  8. RealIn2Growth

    Corrupting Absolutely

    This story was a fun one to write. It was a commission and I was asked to create a world where an innocent is corrupted by more and more power. Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think in the comments. Corrupting Absolutely It all started innocently enough. I was staying at the beach at my parents’ house while they were on a month-long cruise. I normally wouldn’t have the time to house sit, but unfortunately, I had been let go from my job with The Bank. My boss, Thomas Grayson, felt that I needed to get out and find new opportunities. He was afraid that the job was keeping me stagnant. What could I do? Maybe he was right. Thomas and I had started at The Bank together. We had even dated for a year, but he had come to the conclusion that we were both better off as friends. After we split, Thomas began to really grab life by the proverbial balls. He had started working out at the gym, dressing better, and progressing higher in The Bank while I was still in the same position. I could tell by the way he spoke to me that he was trying to look after my own best interests. He had even put together a pretty good severance package for me. Since I didn’t have to worry about money for the next 6 months, I decided to wait to find a job till the start of the new year. I had sent out some resumes and talked with some recruiters, but I wasn’t actively looking for employment at the moment. Let me tell you, there is nothing more depressing than staying at a beach house during the winter. My parents had moved to the beach six years ago after they both retired. They never seemed to mind the winter season when most of the town packed up and left, but then again, they often went on long vacations during that time. Since I wasn’t working, they thought it would save them some money if I drove down and house-sat instead of hiring a professional to do it. As I said, I had lots of free time, so why not? The house isn’t very large. After climbing 20 steps, you arrived at a wooden porch with two rocking chairs on it and a table. This was an amazing place to watch the sun set during the summer, but I doubted I would be using them very much during my stay. The front door brought you automatically into the living room that had a dining room attached. The small kitchen was off to the right while the bathroom was down the hall to the left. There were two bedrooms. I would be staying in the guest bedroom and kept my parents’ bedroom closed so nothing would be disturbed. The first week flew by. I caught up on several television shows I had been wanting to watch for years as well as a couple of books. Each day I’d get up early, go for a jog in the beach, go work out at the local gym at 11.00 am so that it was fairly empty, grab a coffee at Starbucks, and then just chill for the rest of the day. Often in the afternoons I’d go for a walk along the beach, but for the past three days it had been raining, so I was staying inside. While waiting for my coffee at Starbucks, I saw a sign on the ‘Local Activities’ board for an estate sale. It was taking place that afternoon at the most legendary house in the area: Collinwood. I had only visited my parents a couple of times, and I even knew about it. The Collins family had founded the town in the late 1700’s and made their money with the local cannery and fishing fleet. The massive house stood on a hill away from the town, and for the past 15 years or so, the last member of the family had lived there on her own. When Carolyn died, everything was set to be sold and the house turned into a luxury hotel. Since I had no real plans, I decided to go. Like most of the people there, I was attending to find a good bargain as well as to take a walk around the house and gawk. Everything for sale was at a reasonable price to encourage buying, and I found myself picking up three first editions for a steal along with an ornate wooden puzzle box that caught my eye. The woman running the sale looked to see if the box came with instructions for opening it, but she couldn’t locate any. I told her that was fine, and she ended up taking $10.00 off the asking price. By the time I got back to my parents’ house, the sky was growing dark. I prepared a bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich and sat down at the kitchen table to try and open the box. Nothing I did moved any of the pieces, and I was beginning to think that it was never going to be opened. It was at 11.30 pm, and I had moved into the living room and was sitting on the couch. After doing nothing for the past six hours, I was surprised to find that I was finally able to move a small square at the top of the box. This led to another piece being released on the side which led to another and another and another. The long box was extremely well made and intricate, having more than 100 sliding or turning pieces to uncover. Eventually, as I turned a small, raised circle on the bottom, a large rectangle in the top slid open. A strong smell of honey and flowers rose from the dark recess. I put my hand into the opening but pulled it back quickly as a severe electrical shock zapped it from within. Looking at my hand to make sure it was okay; I then lifted the box and gave it a good shake. I heard a rattling from within. I moved my face closer to the opening to have a peak in and experienced a plume of red mist erupt from within and shoot into my eye and then out into the room. Falling backwards onto the couch, the box fell from my lap and onto the floor. The red mist was filling the room as it seemed an endless supply had been encased in the box. Fearing it was some sort of poisoned gas, I stood up to run outside, but felt an invisible force push me back onto the couch. The mist was escaping from the box so quickly now that the pressure to escape the box had split the entire structure in half. The room was inundated with the red mist until the box emptied, leaving the thick red fog the only visible item in the room. The room had become hauntingly quiet, and the only thing I was able to hear was my heart pounding in my chest. Standing, I was once again propelled backwards by the unseen hand. In this moment of terror, I began to feel another sensation fill my body; I was suddenly incredibly horny. My penis was instantly hard in my sweatpants, and I could feel pre ejaculate begin to drip. Looking down, I watched as the crotch of my sweatpants began to show a large wet spot where I was leaking. I had never had anything like this ooze from my penis before, even though I had read about in forums online, so this was a new experience for me that I was enjoying a lot. The feeling of arousal began to grow exponentially, and soon I found that I had begun to stroke my hard-on through the fabric without realizing I was doing it. I completely forgot about the odd red mist that had filled the living room of my parents’ home, and I closed my eyes, leaned against the back of the couch, and proceeded to pull my pants down and release my insanely hard rod. As I began to stroke my penis, I opened my eyes and saw the mist had begun to start moving in a circular motion around the room. My penis was harder than it ever had been, and I began to have the feeling that my testicles would explode if I didn’t ejaculate soon. A new sensation came over me as I removed my hand from my shaft and placed my arm behind my head. I wasn’t sure what made me do this, but I felt like it was expected of me. Then, with my heart beating even faster, I watched as the mist began to come together in front of me and formed the body of the most beautiful man I had ever seen. He was tall, probably over six foot, and had a tight, firm muscular body. His blonde hair was long and wavy, and fell down over his shoulders. His eyes were a piercing ice blue, and his lips a dark red. Moving my eyes down over his magnificent body, I took in the long and thick phallus that hung down over two large testes. My first instinct was to be afraid, but this quickly faded as The Man began to move until he stood right before me. Falling to his knees, he leaned over my equipment and with one quick movement, took the entire 4 inches into his mouth. In seconds, I was having the most pleasurable blow job I ever had. His mouth did things to my shaft I had never experienced before in my life. He was expertly skilled with his tongue and lips and created just the right amount of suction and tension to make me quickly reach the point of no return. Within seconds I was ejaculating in the man’s mouth, his throat acting like a vacuum to take in every drop. Just when I thought I had finished cumming, he grabbed onto my balls with his right hand and forced more and more out of me and into his stomach. The pleasurable sensation soon moved to pain as it felt like he was draining every drop that my testicles held. Eventually, his hunger satisfied, he moved off my Johnson and proceeded to lick any small drop he may have missed. He then stood up, allowing me to take in all his glory. He appeared to be studying me as intensely as I was looking at him. Finally finding the strength, I opened my dry mouth and spoke. “Who… who are you?” Without moving his lips, I heard the man’s words echo throughout the room. “I have no name… no form… until you give me one. This body pleases you?” His voice… was this his voice I heard in my head… it was deep, masculine, and commanding. “Yeah. You’re amazing.” “You released me.” The tall man’s voice had an accent I couldn’t place. “I am bound to you until I fulfil your three deepest desires.” “My three desires?” “Yes. Once fulfilled, then I am free to return to my own dimension until the next worthy individual opens the box.” “So… my desires… they’re like wishes?” “They are as I said. They are desires.” “I can ask for anything?” My mind raced through what I might ask for from what had to be the sexiest genie I could imagine living. “You ask me for nothing. From your essence that now courses through me, I have pulled out the three most potent and secret desires you possess.” “You know already what I want?” “I know what you desire. These are needs that you may hide from even yourself but will now be yours.” From far away, yet filling the room with sound, I heard a clock tower chime. The sound of the bells resonated through my entire body like an electric current. “Your desires shall be fulfilled. The wheel has been set in motion… and once in motion… there is no stopping it.” I watched as the form of The Man begin to revert back into red smoke while the puzzle box began to reset itself. The opening in the top proceeded to grow smaller as the smoke returned back from where it came and soon disappeared from view. All I could hear was his voice. “The path shall take place over the course of three midnights. You will hear the bell chime, and you will know your desire will then be granted. Never shall you see me again, Joel Matthews.” The top of the puzzle box closed, and the room was silent. I shook my head. Had all of that really happened? Had the mist been some sort of hallucinogen and I had just dreamed it all? As if to answer my question, I heard the bell ring and felt the current course through my body once again. Then, from around me and from within, I heard the man’s voice. “To you… granted your desire for supreme virility.” “What?? What do you mean? I have no clue what you’re talking about!” I stood up half expecting the invisible force to knock me back onto the couch, but nothing happened. I crossed over to the puzzle box and picked it up, looking closely at it as if answers might be printed on its surface. As there was nothing, I moved over to the kitchen and set it down on the table. I must have been asleep. That could be the only explanation. I had to have been dreaming. There was no way any of that could have been real. I must have fallen asleep before I even began solving the puzzle box. I ended up having an insane dream about some sort of genie that told me what wishes… no… desires he was going to grant, and then woke up when the box fell onto the floor. It was all so easily explained. I’d been by myself for too long. That was the problem. I was imagining hot men when I should be out meeting them. No wonder I had a crazy sex dream. I needed to get laid. That’s exactly what would help pull me out of this loneliness. I walked back over to the couch and grabbed my phone. I opened the Lock Screen and proceeded to pull up my Grindr app. There wasn’t much of a selection out here in the middle of nowhere, but somebody was better than no body. Looking at the selection, I began to get hard thinking about what I might be getting up to tonight. Yeah. This was exactly what I needed. I scratched an itch on my face and kept scrolling. There was one guy, a fit man in his early 50’s that caught my eye. Looking at his pictures of himself running a marathon and working out, I could see that he took care of himself. He wasn’t too far from me. I’d be willing to drive up to 30 minutes for some fun tonight. I scratched my face again and was about to message this guy when I decided that I needed something to drink. The room was a little hot and my throat was dry. I got up from the couch and quickly entered the kitchen. Opening up the fridge, I began to reach for a Diet Coke, but instead the idea of drinking one of my father’s beers became a better option. I opened it and took three large gulps. No. This wasn’t doing the job. I drank some more, but my throat just seemed drier than minutes before. Fuck this, I thought. Beer is for frat boys and pussies. Suddenly, it came to me what would quench my thirst. I needed a shot of whiskey. I grabbed a tumbler, put a cube of ice into it, and walked to the liquor cabinet in the living room. From there, I poured a double whiskey over the ice to cool it slightly. Raising the glass to my lips, I took a sip and felt the burn as it traveled down my throat. Oh yeah, I thought, that hits the spot. I poured some more into the glass to make up for what I had already drunk, and crossed back over to the sofa, scratching my stomach. Sitting there, I took a sip, and rubbed my dick, feeling how sensitive the shaft was, how full my balls felt. I set the glass down on the side table and proceeded to pull my sweatpants down to my ankles. Once freed, my dick stood stiffly at attention, the head a deep angry red color. The vein that ran down the side looked much larger than it ever had been before, and I could feel the constant pressure as it forced more blood into the shaft. I had showered when I had gotten home from the gym but found the woodsy metallic musk smell rising from my balls intoxicating. I had never paid attention to my own scent and discovered that it made my mouth water and made me even hornier. I stroked the length of my 4-inch penis and felt a wad of precum rise out of my prostate, up the shaft, and fire onto the wooden floor below. Reaching down to rub my precum around the head and shaft, I found that it also had my sharp woodsy scent, but even more potent and domineering than anything had ever smelt. I kicked my sweatpants off of my ankles and spread my legs wider. Fuck it felt so good… taking up more room on the couch and airing out my cock and balls. I rubbed my balls and felt how incredible… how powerful they were. A rush of heat passed through my balls, and I watched as they began to swell larger, taking up more room in my sack. A minute later, the same rush of heat, yet this time it was slightly stronger, and I was able to see them both grow again. This time, my ball sack stretched as well, and even lying back against the cushions of the couch, my balls began to hang much lower and rested on the sofa. Several wads of precum shot out of my cock again as my balls proceeded to gain more mass. Soon, what had once been walnut sized, now resembled large eggs. I lifted them up with my hands and could feel how much more weight they had then before. As I held them, I felt another rush of heat, and experienced their growth as they took up more room in the palm of my hands. I stood up and felt the hefty weight my balls now had as they pulled down on my crotch. They had surpassed egg size and now looked like I had shoved two peaches in my sack. I felt them both churning, gaining more power to produce more sperm. I whimpered as they grew larger once again. Remembering why I stood up, I proceeded to take my shirt off, and was amazed to see dark hair now coated my chest and traveled down over my stomach and joined in with my crotch. I lifted my right arm to see the excess of hair growth that had taken place there as well. A whiff of my own musk rising from my pits made me even hornier and was proceeded by my testicles growing even larger. These are now the fucking cum factories of a man, I thought as once again the swelled. Precum was now constantly leaking from the head of my cock and had proceeded to form a puddle on the wood floor below. My own scent was filling the room, becoming even stronger as my testosterone levels rose higher. I ran my hand over my chest and felt the hair that had most recently grown there become much longer and begin to cover more area of my chest. Looking down, I could see that my arms and legs had also become much hairier, and my crotch had proceeded to grow a significant forest of its own. Again, my balls grew bigger, but this time the sensation was more magnified as I felt a large amount of blood be forced into my cock. This occurred repeatedly, proceeding to stretch the shaft longer and thicker. I leaned back onto the couch and closed my eyes. Whatever was happening to me felt so incredible. My whole body was feeling sensations I had never experienced before. Every inch of my skin felt more sensitive, causing me to moan, a sound that was now much deeper. I opened my eyes and gaped at my growing cock which had to be nearly 9 inches long, and so thick that I could barely touch my thumb and middle finger together. The head was much fatter than the shaft and I knew that at that moment it would definitely be a challenge for anyone to get in their mouth. I scratched my face and discovered that my jaw was now covered in a formidable beard. Never in my life had I been able to grow a beard, and now I had one that I could run my fingers through and tug! I couldn’t believe how incredible masculine I felt… how masculine I must look. Just having a massive cock and balls made me into a stud, but being hairy as well simply magnified that. No one would be able to resist me anymore. Guys would be lining up to take a ride on my fuck stick! I flexed my arm and watched my bicep jump. I’d need to work out harder to grow a body that deserved a cock like mine, but I had never realized that my body was in much better shape than I had thought. Bringing my face closer to my pit, I inhaled my potent musk. This was how a fucking man smelled. He didn’t smell like fucking cologne or flowers… he smelled like sex… he smelled like the gym… he smelled like the testosterone that flowed through his body. I grinned and let out a low bellow of a laugh and downed the rest of the whisky that had been in the glass. Not wanting to be forgotten for one moment, my cock and balls surged even larger. While I was paying attention to my body, my cock had done some significant growing. I had no idea how so much blood could be forced into the shaft without having passed out, but I was shocked to see that it had grown to be thicker than my own arm and was nearly as long! My balls were now each the size of oranges, and precum no longer leaked out, but flowed like a faucet turned on full blast. The floor was a mess, coated with so much pre that it looked like about 10 drunk men had pissed on it! The entire house smelled of me now. The scent was strong and domineering and was being exuded from every pore. I felt a sharp snap, and my cock proceeded to grow even longer until I knew that it had to be over 13 inches long. So used to my 4-inch penis, my cock now resembled a fucking monster that every man would envy when they saw it in the locker room showers. Fuck!! I couldn’t wait to show this thing off in the gym tomorrow. Hell, there was no way I was ever going to be able to hide this beast, and I never wanted to. All I could think of was fucking and cumming. I needed to fuck over and over again. I was never going to be satisfied. My balls were always going to be full and begging for release. My cock and balls grew larger as I began to stroke myself using both hands for the first time in my life. There was so much surface area to cover that it seemed to take minutes to go from root to head. I flipped into my front and began to fuck the cushions of the sofa. Then I had a better idea and ripped open one so that my cock would actually be sliding in the stuffing. I pumped the sofa harder and harder, my softball sized balls slapping against the cushions. I felt my cock grow even more monstrous as I pumped up and down with my ass. Sweat poured down my face as my pheromones spread through the house. Every inch smelled of me… of the most virile man on earth. My desire!! Fuck yeah! That was what I had become… the most virile man on earth! As I fucked the sofa, my cock grew and tore its way out of the cushion. Pulling it out, I began to lick, and tongue fuck the head. For a moment I thought this growth was never going to stop, until I felt my immense balls pull up, and then felt gallons of cum shoot out of my cock and onto myself and the rest of the room. Minutes passed before my orgasm stopped. I looked around and wondered how I was ever going to clean the room. The living room was a mess, but I didn’t care. This was how the most virile man in the world lived. I can’t stop how much pre and cum I produced from my 15 inch monster of a cock! I stood up and felt the weight of my immense cook and balls weigh me down. I crossed to the bathroom and looked at the beast I had become. I oozed sex. My whole body looked like it had become more primal… almost de-evolved due to the intense amount of testosterone that flowed through my body. Needing to piss, I aimed into the bathtub and let loose. It appeared to be a mix of pre and urine, and when it shot out, it caused me to have mini orgasms. I knew I should be tired, but I was wide awake. I needed to fuck. I closed Grindr and opened Scruff. I needed some real men who could handle my cock and sex drive. I took several pictures and videos and began sending them out. At first people didn’t believe it was real, but after a few demonstrations, they were begging to come over and worship it. By 4 am I had 12 guys paying homage to my cock. They had made me cum several times, but it was never enough. My pheromones seemed to have some sort of control over them as they would do anything to please me. As one guy rode my cock, I wondered what more was in store for me. What would be the fulfilment of my other two desires. What were they? I never knew this was one of my desires until it happened to me. Now I couldn’t imagine not living as a sexual beast. I grabbed the guy and flipped him onto the bed, my cock impaling him as I plunged it deeper. I could hear several of the men cleaning my living room and the other rooms where my cum had left quite a mess. What else were cock slaves for? I fucked him even harder until I began flooding his insides with cum. I pulled out and began to shoot all over his body. Forever he would be marked with my scent. When I finally stopped cumming, I told him to get out and send in someone else. I had worn him out, but I was far from done. The most virile man on earth need to fuck. * The sun was bright when I woke up around 2 the next afternoon. I had sent all the men home once they had finished cleaning the house and repairing any mess that I had made. I still felt sexually unsatisfied, but I suspected that I never would be. Although my cock would go limp at times, it was still a hefty piece of meat to carry around. Soft it was 9” long with two softball sized balls. After my shower, I was going to shave off my newly grown beard, but decided to keep it, really liking how the rugged look worked for me. I also noticed that despite any amount of deodorant I would wear, my body gave off a naturally strong pheromone scent. From my observation at the gym that morning or at Starbucks, it was not an unpleasant scent. In fact, it was quite the opposite, and I found myself satisfying three guys in the locker room at the gym and one in the toilet at Starbucks. No one questioned my immense package. It seemed like once they saw me… and smelt me… they expected me to have it. At 7 pm, I sent the three guys that I was fucking home. I wanted to be mentally and physically prepared for what my next secret desire would bring. I sat down with a whiskey and began to run through ideas of what it could be. I had always been a very vanilla person all of my life, so I wasn’t aware that I had desires that I hid. I was happy with my current improvement. I had never had so much sex until the past day, and I was enjoying myself. I never knew how much I enjoyed being a man and how potent being hyper masculine was. I had become the epitome of masculinity and virility. Every pore oozed of it, and I never felt so alive in my entire life. I sat there wondering what was coming next for me. In some ways I wanted out of the next two wishes. I liked what I had now. What could some secret desires be? When I was a kid I had wanted to transform into a werewolf… but that can’t be a desire could it? Fuck. It can’t be something like that! Werewolves don’t exist. I got up and poured myself another whisky and downed it in one go. I looked out the window at the clear night sky. The stars overhead were bright. The moon shone down onto the ocean when suddenly, I heard the chimes of the bell ring and felt a strong electrical current course through my body. My entire body shook from the energy it was being inundated with, this time much stronger than the last. Then, from around me and from within, I heard the man’s voice. “To you… granted your desire for utmost might and sovereignty.” “Utmost might and sovereignty? What do you mean by that? Show yourself! I want to talk. I don’t want the rest of these desires. I’m happy with what I have now.” “The box was opened. Your desires must be set free. You have no choice in the matter.” The voice filled the air as my whole body quaked again, more and more energy being siphoned into it. My body shook uncontrollably as the lights in the house flickered. Falling to the floor, it must have appeared that I was having a seizure as what felt like every atom, molecule, and cell were filled to near breaking with energy. What felt like an eternity, but in reality, it was only twenty minutes, my body finally stopped trembling. I lay on the floor physically exhausted. Every muscle hurt. Was that it? Did I now have utmost might and sovereignty? Did that mean what I thought it did? Supreme strength and rule over everything? I stood up on shaking limbs. I was naked. Looking down where I had lay, I saw with a shock the burnt remains of the clothes I had been wearing as well as the outline of my body had been burnt into the wooden floor. Moving to the bathroom, each step I took left another burnt footprint on the floor. My heart raced as I tried to comprehend what was happening to me. Just as I was going to turn on the lights in the bathroom, I realized there was no need. My eyes glowed such a bright white color that they illuminated the entire room. I began to panic as I looked into the mirror and saw the burning white light my eyes had become. I no longer had any resemblance of a pupil. Just this intense white glow. I grabbed onto the sink and watched as my handprint began to burn into the ceramic. I pulled it away, but as I did, I felt a pressure well up behind my eyes and explode outward. A swelling beam of light shot from my eyes and obliterated the mirror in front of me. I leaped backwards, covered my eyes with my arm, and fell onto the commode. All the areas that my skin touched began to smoke and burn, quickly melting the plastic of the seat. Standing, I uncovered my eyes, and in the broken shards of glass, I could see they were just the glowing orbs I had before. Through concentration though, I discovered that I could will the pressure from behind my eyes to rise up and expel a beam of intense energy, burning and melting everything in its path. I let out a burst of nervous laughter as I watched myself destroy the tiled shower in the bathroom just by looking at it. After a couple minutes of practice, I found that this new skill was easy to control and became nearly second nature. My eyes… my body… every inch of me could burn through any material. I knew this wasn’t all. I could sense that my body had changed in many ways and was continuing to change. I left the partially destroyed bathroom and moved into the living room. Standing there, I tried to listen to the subtle changes happening to my body, and as I did, I began to feel myself rise off of the floor and hover above it. When I realized what was happening, my body fell back down to earth with a thud. More concentration enabled me to cause the levitation to occur again as I lifted off the floor and floated closer to the ceiling. A huge smile crossed my face. My desire to be a fucking superhero had come true. Using my mind, I propelled myself out the front door and down to the beach, my eyes glowing and lighting the way. Once I stood on the cold sand, I looked up into the sky, raised my right arm, took a small leap, and took off like a shot into the night sky, red and orange flames trailing behind me as I flew. My stomach fell as I went higher and higher into the air. Moving my body slightly, I was able to move up and down and left and right as well as slowing myself down and hovering in midair. I traveled up and down the coast, going so far as Florida and back up to Maine in no time at all. I never felt cold, and I never seemed to have any issue with lack of oxygen as I flew higher and higher. To test myself, I shot upward like a rocket and kept going up until everything around me was pitch black and I was looking at the Earth below. I inhaled, but the fact that there was no oxygen didn’t seem to bother me. I lay up in the blackness of space for a while until I began to feel I should go home. 15 minutes later, I landed back on the beach where I had begun my journey. As I walked back to the house, I began to feel strange. Not bad… just strange. I felt as if boundless energy was beginning to fill me again. I bounded up the stairs, burning every step, and into the house. Once inside, I felt my back crack, and my body began to slowly grow taller. Another group of cracks, and my arms and legs joined my spine. I was amazed to see how different the world looked as I rose higher and higher. I had lived all of my adult life at 5’8, and now I was moving upwards into the 6-foot category. As I admired my stretching reflection in the glass of the window, I began to feel my shoulders start to widen. As they did, the area of my upper torso became much more expansive. Running my hands over my newly enlarged delts, I could feel that the muscles had grown slightly thicker as well as rounder. My heart began to pound in my chest. I moved to cross to the sofa, but a sharp throbbing pain in my shoulders stopped me from completing the journey. The pain radiated through my shoulders and then down into my torso. I imagined this was what a heart attack would feel like if I didn’t know what it was. I heard a loud snap and crack as my body went rigid and my clavicle began once again to grow wider. The pull on my body was even more forceful this time than it had been prior. The ringing in my head was even louder than it had been before and was followed by intense waves of heat. I felt my shoulders and chest being pulled wider still as a second crack resonated through my body as I felt my backbone being tugged upward. My head was swimming as my torso was pulled and stretched minute after minute. Racked with pain and heat, I felt my legs stiffen. Then, with the now familiar snap and pull I felt my own legs beginning to lengthen further. All I could do was stand there as my body was assaulted with growth. My heart was pounding so loudly that I was afraid it was going to tear itself out of my chest at any moment. The pain grew even worse as I felt my legs, shoulders, and torso shoot upward again. I heard a crash as my right shoulder smacked into the liquor cabinet pushing it roughly into the wall. My lengthening body soon propelled my head upward as my left leg smashed into the television cabinet on the opposite wall of the room, sending it crashing to the floor I let out a “fuck” as I felt my feet start to lengthen. My whole body felt out of control as it grew longer and wider. I began to sweat, but the heat that radiated from my body forced it to evaporate the second it was released. The burning suddenly intensified as the pulling became more intense. My world was unending pain. I never could have imagined growth would feel like this. My body felt like it would burst into flames from the heat being radiated from it, and I could see the burn marks that occurred every time my growing body touched anything. The lengthening of my body began to slow down and eventually stop. I closed my eyes and tried to catch my breath. Minutes passed before the pulling sensations left my body and I felt more like myself again. Looking around, my head nearly touched the beach house ceiling, which meant I now stood under 9 feet tall. I glanced at myself in the reflection of the windows, and I was in awe of how big I had become. I was not only tall, I was also extremely wide, and I filled a large portion of the living room with my body. I was amazed by how incredible it felt being so tall… so wide! I cracked my neck as a new sensation ran through. I felt a new heat rise up and fill every muscle of my body. For a moment I thought I was going to pass out as I saw colors explode in front of my eyes. My legs felt strong… yet weak as I leaned my body against the wall, the paint beneath me turned black instantly. The new sensation in my muscles grew in intensity as different muscle groups began to flex involuntarily. I felt my stomach cramp, forcing me to double over and begin to pant like a wild animal. Falling to my knees, I felt my minute abs start to become thicker. Looking down, I watched as my abs began to rise like a brick wall on my lower torso and becoming more and more pronounced. Never in my life did I imagine that a six pack could look like a cobblestone mountain range… the crevices between each ab dropping deeper as each peak became more prominent as they expanded and pressed further against my skin. To accommodate such immense abdominal muscles, my waist grew larger as well yet remained tight. As they grew larger, my abs resembled large bricks that had been shoved under my skin and then shrink wrapped. Each ab was so monumental that they fought against each other for more room to grow. I raised my head and looked at the glass of the window. My abs appeared to be bursting from my stomach while my waist became much larger, yet without an ounce of fat. I punched my stomach, and the impact left my hand feeling like I had just hammered my fist against a wall of stone. As my waist thickened, I felt the fire fuel further growth in my hands. I just laughed as I raised my hands and watched my fingers growing longer and thicker. “Hands like fuckin baseball mitts… palms growing wider…. Fuck!! My arms… forearms and biceps… muscles growing thicker! I flexed my arms and watched my bi’s and tri’s engorged further. Each time I flexed, I felt the muscles in my arm swell larger and more pronounced. My guns were filling up with pure power. Flexing them again, I marveled that the peaks of my biceps had grown so high it was becoming difficult to bend my arms. Thick pipe sized veins began to wind themselves up and down my body, feeding each muscle to grow more immensely. My entire body quickly became extremely vascular, forcing more blood into various other parts, helping them to swell. My shoulders began to get rounder as my deltoids joined the rest of my body in spontaneous growth. Gaining more muscle mass, my pecs began to swell, growing rounder until my nipples were forced to point down toward my abs. My lats grew wider, creating an extremely wide V taper on my massive 8-foot frame, while my neck thickened to the size of one of my quads. Moaning as every muscle group continued growing out of control, continually flexing, bulging, swelling, and pulsating on their own. The last muscle group to begin growing was my legs. Making up for lost time, my quads, hamstrings, and calf muscles grew thicker and denser. I could feel the intense burning that had taken up residence in my legs, reminding me of what it must feel like to do thousands upon thousands of squats. I couldn’t stop myself from touching, stroking, and feeling every inch of myself. As I grew thicker, I began to do a most muscular pose. Suddenly, my penis begins to expel a continuous flood of cum onto the floor. Laughing, I continue to flex my body, growing larger by the minute. My shoulders grew wider and rounder… my quads thicker… my pecs more mountainous… my biceps freakishly large… until with a roar, I punched the wall of the living room, and with that one blow, every wall collapsed around me. Lightning began to whip around my naked body touching my skin with its energy. As it roared over me, a tight suit of white and red fabric began to coat my body up to my neck as well as covering my feet and hands. I reached down and felt the fabric over my pecs and knew I had never felt silkier or tougher fabric in my life. Despite now being covered, my musculature could not be hidden. I was immense. A long red cape grew out of the seam below my neck, trailing over my shoulders until it settled right before hitting the floor. A red logo of a C with sparks appeared on my chest as I knew the world would refer to me as Conductivity due to my ability to control all sources of power, whether electrical, wind, or nuclear. “I Am Power!!” My deep voice rattled and then shattered several windows in the house. I projected myself through the ceiling and into the night sky. As I flew faster, electrical energy trailed from my body. The most virile man in the world had now become the biggest and mightiest superhero imaginable. * My existence as Conductivity, the most powerful man in the world was pure bliss. I could do anything and be anywhere at any time. I discovered that my body was indestructible, so no matter what happened to me, there was no way for me to be hurt. I tested numerous ways to kill myself, but happily, none of them worked. As I stood on the Moon, standing where astronauts had stood so many years before me, I realized that the blue marble below me was mine for the taking. Observed on radar and by governments around the world, I tried to keep a low profile, but that’s hard for a 9-foot man in a white and red skintight suit with glowing eyes whose stats were: biceps: 27.9 inches, chest: 72.44 inches, waist: 55.75 inches, quads: 34.26 inches and weighed 779 lbs. My penis has grown along with this body as well making it 24 inches in length and 10.49 inches thick. I could will my uniform to appear and disappear, but nothing could hide what I had become. By 8 am the next morning, I was on every television, newspaper, and internet site. The world wanted to know where I came from and what I was. When questioned, I told them what I knew: I was power. What I didn’t tell them was what I knew was my greatest and scariest strength… If I wished, from my hands, I could now release a nuclear explosion that would destroy countries. This thought scared even me, and I hoped I would never have to display this ability. I didn’t prevent any crime that first day since I felt no real inkling to do so. If I had known of any major disasters, I would have tried to prevent them… but being a superhero was nothing like in the comics or movies. I felt no duty to do any good. I felt no moral obligation. I simply lived with the knowledge that I was more powerful, and therefore more superior than anyone on Earth. I landed at my parents place… which they would have to move out of since I pretty much destroyed it all… and I grabbed my cellphone. Holding it in my hand, I attempted to use it to get on Grindr or Scruff and meet up with someone to fuck, but my fingers were too large and too strong, and I destroyed the thing with one press. I looked at it, and in anger watched as the pieces melted into liquid fire in my hand. Throwing this onto the ground, I flew quickly to Starbucks to meet up with Peter, a guy who had worshipped me just two days prior. Landing in the parking lot, I attempted to enter the store, but found my body was now too tall and wide to go in. Now I was getting mad. I was horny, and I needed release. Using the solar beams I emitted from my eyes, I burnt a massive hole in a side of the building and walked in. The first thing I saw as I entered the store through the new opening were customers all cowering on the other side of the building, all afraid of what I was and what I could do. I walked over to Peter and watched his eyes glaze over as he came in contact once again with my pheromones, now even stronger than before. Without saying a word, I grabbed him and flew up and out of the building through the ceiling, unfortunately ruining the structure and causing it to collapse on everyone within. I looked back at what I had done, but seconds later I realized it didn’t matter. I was so above those people… so above humanity, that it didn’t faze me if some were lost. All I could think of was fucking Peter’s greedy hole. We landed far down south where it was warm. I told him to remove his clothes and I willed my suit to evaporate. I stood before him, my now bare feet melting the sand beneath them, nearly double his size and nearly a thousand pounds heavier. My cock was ready and leaking, but as I moved in closer, I began to realize that as soon as my flesh touched him without the barrier of my suit, he would begin to burn. I tried out my hypothesis by having him stroke and lick my cock, but as soon as he did, he pulled his hands back as if he had just touched a hot stove. Never again would I be able to touch another human man. As soon as I did, they would burst into flames. I angrily cursed The Man who had filled my hidden desire, and knew that one day I would make him pay for who he had done. He had given me an unquenchable sex drive without any way of satisfying it. Using my own hand, I brought myself to orgasm, my cum shooting out of me like lava, knocking down and igniting the trees and grass that it coated. I then took off, leaving Peter in the middle of nowhere. I heard him screaming as he called after me, the entire area on fire, everything quickly burning due to my lava temperature ejaculate. Lucky for you I couldn’t fuck you, Peter, you most definitely would have burned from the inside out! I was power… the most powerful man in the universe, and this power now made it impossible for me to fuck another guy without him dying. At this thought, I got angrier and angrier, and without realizing it, I flew right through a skyscraper. I looked back, and unable to control my own anger and emotions, several fireballs were released from my eyes. The feeling as they launched from my eyes was orgasmic… a full cranial orgasm unlike anything I had felt before. It was a true high. I hurled several more and groaned as my cock hardened. For this… I wouldn’t need anyone else. For this… the pleasure was all mine. I focused once again, releasing wave after waves of fireballs that enveloped the entire building. I could hear the screaming coming from the building as well as below. I willed my suit to disappear, and proceeded to jerk myself off, finally erupting a torrent of lava from my cock that took out streets below. I turned around when I was finished and flew off. That was when I realized… I wasn’t a superhero. I was never meant to be a superhero. Deep down… I was a super villain. When you are so superior to a race… why save them when they mean so little to you. My suit reappeared, covering my body, but this time it was midnight black with a deep red logo, almost the color of blood. My deep red cape fanned out behind me as I flew away, confident in what I had become. I returned for a moment to the shell of a home that once belonged to those humans who originally gave birth to me. Zipping through the rubble, I found the box that I was looking for. Grabbing it, I shot up and into the sky, knowing I’d never return. Landing hundreds of miles away on a deserted island, I threw the box down onto the sand. Taking very little effort to concentrate now, I focused on the box. A laser beam of hot energy shot from my eyes and began to ignite the top of the box. Noticing that the intense heat was doing nothing, I turned up the concentrated energy over and over again until even I was sweating, the sand below where it sat melting and turning to glass. Turning it up once again, the box was inundated with pulses of nearly the strongest energy I could create without destroying everything on Earth. I watched as the Box began to blacken, then smoke, and then begin to burn. I grinned as more of the wooden surface began to catch fire. Eventually, as a deep hole began to burrow into the side, magenta smoke began to billow out and into the sky, taking on the form of The Man I had first seen only days prior, though it felt like years. Again, he didn’t speak with his mouth, but through the use of his mind. “You have pierced a hole between your dimension and mine calling me back. I have granted you two of your three desires… the third to be released upon you in a few hours… what meaning do you see behind this?” “Your wish granting ability sucks, and I don’t like the idea of you granting my desires without my input. I demand a redo with me being consulted. If you don’t, I will do everything in my power to destroy the box.” “Destruction of the box would destroy my dimension killing millions.” “Ah well. Give me what I want. It’s your choice.” A long moment passed before he spoke. “What desire do you wish for me to fulfill?” “What you’ve done to me…what you’ve released in me… you’ve driven me crazy with power. I can’t get enough of it. I want more… I want it all. I want what I am now to be a mere insignificance to what I’ll become. I want ALL power. I want to be Power Supreme… but not tied to anything or trapped… I want every piece of power flowing through me and I am its conduit.” “That desire can not be fulfilled due to what danger it would pose to all existence.” “Then the box will be destroyed.” I focused my eyes and the box and began to ignite it again. “No!!! The box must never be destroyed. It is but one pathway into my dimension… and there are millions into various other dimensions. “They give me what I want. I don’t give a fuck about the rest of existence.” I stood looking at him. I was so much larger than his pathetic frame… more masculine… more powerful. He was envious of what I had become and he was jealous. That was why he wouldn’t give me what I wanted. “The box can not be destroyed.” “I promise… if you give me what I want… the box will survive.” “Although my kind will never again return to this dimension because of what you will become… the box must stay whole.” “You have my word. Now do it.” “Name your desire. Give it life.” “I want to be a conduit of all power from every universe. I want it to flow into me until I am only power!” “As you desire.” As soon as The Man spoke, I heard the bells peel, but this time they were extremely loud… louder than they had ever been. The peel shook me to my very core and caused a vibration to be set off through my entire body. Where before it was only one or two chimes, this time they seemed to be never ending, rising in pitch and intensity. I could feel the sand vibrating beneath my feet as a hot wind circled my body. I could see The Man watching me as the wind grew stronger, my dark hair whipping around my head. “More! Give me more! Give me everything at your disposal!! I want everything!!!” The Man lifted his hands and a current of dark energy transferred from his hands to mine. “More!! I know you have more!! I want it all!!” The current bent and split, the dark energy entering my hands and heart. “MORE!!! GIVE ME EVERY PIECE OF POWER IMAGINABLE!!!!” The ground shook as the current arched and split again, this time entering my hands, heart, and head. Every fragment of my body burned as the power of billions of universes was being forced into me. I started to laugh hysterically, and as I did, I heard my voice drop lower and lower and lower. This made me laugh even more, but now the sound was simply an almighty bellow that echoed all around me. “YES!!!!!” When I spoke, my voice caused the very ground I stood on to shake. “GIVE ME EVEN MORE POWER THAN I CAN HANDLE!!!” I felt The Man’s output of energy intensify even further as I demanded it. My body trembled as I ingested more and more. Looking at him, I could see that he now looked older… weaker…. He was feeding me every ounce of the Universes power including his own. I began to move toward him, the current moving quicker from him into me. Reaching out my arms, I wrapped my hands around his waist and lifted him into the air. This contact caused him to shake as well, as the power I was being fed grew more intense. “GIVE ME ALL OF IT!! EVERYTHING!! I DEMAND IT!!! GIVE ME THE POWER OF EVERY UNIVERSE IN EXISTENCE!!!” “You will drown! You will burn up! No one can handle that much!” “TRY ME!!! YOU ASKED ME TO MAKE MY DESIRE. I WANT THE POWER OF EVERY UNIVERSE IN EXISTANCE TO FILL ME. I DON’T SIMPLY WANT EVERY UNIVERSES POWER… I WANT TO BE EVERY UNIVERSE!!!! GIVE ME MY DESIRE!! NOW!!!! “To have the power of every universe within you and to be every universe!! As… you… desire!!!” Doubting his words, I pulled him toward me and wrapped my hands around him. All the Earth shook as I forced every ounce of unlimited power into my own body. I pressed him further into me and began to feel his body begin to be ingested by my own. I heard him scream as a deluge of energy burst into my body. He fought well, but eventually my demand was too much, and my body consumed him, his matter joining with mine. The ground all over the world still trembled as I released a roar that could be heard on many different continents. Trails of energy shot out of my mouth and into the cosmos. I tried to walk, but found it impossible to move my own body. It felt so heavy and anchored to the ground. I grit my teeth and attempted to lift my own leg, but I seemed rooted to the ground by a force that was refusing to let me go. What have you done to me??? From within, I began to feel an odd sensation… almost like indigestion after eating an extremely spicy meal. My stomach felt queasy at the same time as feeling like I had butterflies. Every few minutes, I could feel a force moving within my body, like it was waking up after a long sleep. My stomach lurched suddenly, and with a belch, I released a small amount of power back into the universe. It floated around my head like a group of mosquitoes, darted right and then left, then quickly hurled itself at me and returned inside by route of my nose. Again, I felt something surge within me, but this time moving downward rather than up. In my feet, I began to have this intense feeling of tightness that lasted for a minute or so, and then faded away. I tried to lift my feet, but as before I found it impossible, as it felt as if more mass than before had been forced into them. Suddenly, and without any warning, I felt movement again, the sudden grip of tightness, a loud pop, and then this intense feeling of expansion that lasted for longer than a minute. In awe, I watched my bare feet begin to lengthen and slide across the sand, quickly growing from size 10’s to size 15’s. The sensation rested for a minute or so, but came back quickly with more force than before. Soon my feet grew both longer and thicker, taking up much more space. When the sensation faded, I tried to understand what was happening to me. What had I asked for? It all seemed like a blur. I raced through my thoughts. I had asked for all of the power in every universe, and The Man had filled me with it. I knew I was now more God than man, and I could feel that as each minute passed, I was changing more and more… And now…. Fuck!!!! My feet cracked loudly again as they grew. My ankles looked comically tiny compared to my augmenting feet, and trying to judge simply by looking at them, I concluded they were now much longer than my own legs! Quickly they grew past the length of my legs, and soon gained on the rest of my body. There was no way possible I could ever lift them anymore. They were simply too ginormous. Another pause, and I could continue my train of thought. All the power of every universe was now contained within my indestructible frame. Nothing could pierce it… nothing could puncture it… nothing was getting in… or out… When the expansion began again, I was ready for it. The pain was more manageable now. It still would drive any mortal man insane..., but I was no longer any mere mortal man. My feet were preposterously large now… each toe longer than my own head… the width of each foot were now twice as much as my own torso. It was then… as if the power had gotten bored with just expanding my feet, that it began on my ankles and calves. Each ballooned and grew slightly larger before coming to rest as before. A pause… though each pause was now becoming fewer and farther between. All the power of every universe held within an indestructible form…. and as they were a part of universes before… they were forever spreading… extending… growing larger and taking up more space. I was now these fathomless powers universe… and as it expanded… I did too! That was when I realized what The Man had done. He had asked me to name my desire, and in my haste, I had done just that. I had wished for all the power of every universe to enter me… and for me to be every universe!! No wonder I could feel my humanity fading away. I was no longer a man… I was now becoming every universe!!! The pause lasted for much less time than before. A wave of dizziness hit me as my calves and ankles began to swell wider. There were five successive cracking sounds which forced my lower legs to stretch taller. In moments I had gone from 9 foot to nearly 9’4. As my calf muscles caught up to my monstrous feet, my quads joined in. Even though I worked out, I had difficulty gaining size in my quads, but now, all that was forgotten. My quads began to swell larger, and then simply exploded with impossible size. As my legs took up more room, they began to closely resemble redwood trees. While my leg muscles expanded, they also kept lengthening until I stood over 12 ft tall. Suddenly, both of my legs began to tremble and quake. My feet quickly grew longer and thicker as they too grew even more muscular. Moving up from my swelling feet, my calf muscles began to take on mammoth proportions. They swelled up so thick that the diamond shape of the two heads began to expand outward on all sides and take up more room over my ankle until it appeared to me that my foot now grew right out of my calves! While my calf muscles mutated and stretched upward toward my kneecaps, a new titanic rumbling sound gave way to further growth of my elephantine quads. As my leg muscles erupted, I let out a deep moan that seemed to cause these very muscles to quadruple in sizes. The lateral and medial muscles of my quads immediately became so swollen that I had to bow my legs out to widen my stance. Each time I did and was able to create a little more room so that my quads wouldn’t rub together, they would quickly take up all available space. In no time at all the rectus emerged as two massive teardrops that dipped over my kneecaps and required me to take a bow-legged and crouched position for comfort. My legs and feet had taken on a most formidable size. I was determined to lift my feet so I could spread my legs and make more room. When I attempted it and was able to do exactly how I wished, I was surprised by how easy it was. As my foot came back down onto the beach, it caused the entire island to shake and for the ocean waves to swell higher. The expansion slowed and paused. I looked out at the beach from a new vantage point as I must have now stood over 13 feet tall. Several trees that stood near me were no longer as high as they once were, and I knew that soon I would rival their height. Then I knew I would grow larger and leave them behind. I had wished for all of the powers of every universe, and that was slowly what I was being transformed into. I was the birth of a new universe. He thought he had tricked me, but he didn’t know that I loved this idea because soon I would be everything. I would be so wide… so immense that I would go on forever. From within me… planets would form… stars… solar systems… black holes. I could feel each growing slowly within me… waiting for me to be large enough to give birth. I felt my backbone crack as I stretched larger, the expansion having now reached my torso. I looked down and took in a world moving further and further away from me. While my torso grew longer, my abdominals proceeded to thicken. Moving my hands to my abs, I couldn’t believe the six-pack mountain range that had taken over my lower torso. Each second my waist and Abs grew larger and tighter, each ab thickening to the point of bursting. As they grew… as the strength in my lower body increased… I couldn’t help begging for more. Minutes flew by as I stretched taller and as each abdominal muscle grew denser and started to fight for more space on my body. The crevices between each segment grew deeper, and soon I found I could hide my whole hand between my own abs!!f. My Adonis belt, something I never had but lusted after in other guys, became even more enhanced as my waist fought to stay tight yet gain more size at the same time. I could easily move my lower half now and found myself moving around my shrinking world. When the pause finally came, I guessed that I now stood at least 15 feet tall. I was more than twice my original height and knew that soon I would surpass that. I tried to comprehend what it meant to be a growing universe as I began to shoot taller again. This time the pause had ended quicker than before so that I could barely cause it a pause. It was become a mere resting period. Soon even that would go by faster and faster as I expanded larger than this globe, than this solar system. As I grew… I would destroy what lay behind me and bring on fresh worlds for a new future. As my torso stretched, I cried out in orgasmic lust as my neck swelled thicker into a Grecian column of muscle. My collarbone and scapula made gruesome cracking noises as they fractured and expanded… growing wider, my arms moving further away from his body. I could feel the inner rhythm of my body pulsing larger and tensing up. Moaning loudly, I felt every molecule in my body cramp and swell, propelling my body to a larger size. Waiting for a pause that never came, I began to hear loud cracking and grinding, and then felt my arms begin to lengthen and my biceps and triceps becoming even more engorged than they had been minutes prior. Lifting my hand up to my face, I watched in awe and self-lust as my hands proceeded to grow thicker and longer. The agony I felt from my growing hands only intensified as my arms proceeded to grow as well. As I lifted my elongating limbs, I was in shock to see how quickly they had grown in such a brief period. They were now currently as long as my own legs and proceeding to grow even longer. I looked closely at my hands from every angle. They had to be nearly four feet long and just as thick. When the brief rest period arrived, I could take in now how truly massive I was becoming. New areas were expanding so fast to catch up with areas that continued to grow. At this moment in time, I had to be at least 18 feet tall and thousands upon thousands of pounds of muscle. When I walked now, no place was safe. It was difficult seeing what was below me, so I stopped caring. Reaching out my insanely muscular right arm, I gripped my hand around a large palm tree trunk, and as if it was made out of Styrofoam, I tore it out of the ground and raised it over my head. I held a 25-foot palm tree in my hand as if it were nothing! Bringing it down, I positioned it like a baseball bat and began to take down all of the trees that were around me. When that was complete, I leaped up and down one time, and watched as trees further inland fell. Marveling at the sheer beauty of how monumental my body was becoming, I gasped as it began to quake and throb again. Filled with more unexpected agony, I first felt and then heard every one of the bones in my body cracking, repairing themselves, and breaking again, only to grow more immense. I could sense that my bones were not only growing longer… they were also becoming something that would be able to hold a universe that would continue to stretch and grow for all time. A material that would be unbreakable and indestructible. I could only laugh at the pain as I welcomed what was to be my future. My mind whirled as I began to truly comprehend what it was that I was metamorphosing into. I was to be God and my body the entire universe. Was this how it was at the very beginning. Did someone else once crave to have all power, and he too began to grow? Looking down, I began to see something that scared and yet thrilled me. Around my titanic legs and waist… I began to see pin pricks of dust and matter beginning to form and revolve around me. The start of new planets and solar systems was already beginning to form around me. I moved my finger down to one and watched it begin to circle that mighty digit. I blew on it, and more matter escaped my mouth and began to swirl around my thick chest. I inhaled deeply, and blew out more and more matter and watched as it began to swirl around my head, my chest, my waist, and my arms. As I lost every ounce of humanity, I clung to the concept of bringing to life worlds that would exist within me. My entire body continued to pulsate in time with my heart. Every muscle in my body was becoming engorged with blood. The noise my body made was deafening as my skin stretched, my bones snapped and lengthened, and my muscles grew more mountainous. As my pecs began to thicken and swell, I could feel a them shift from athletic to highly developed, to pectorals of titanic proportions. Larger and more defined, the two hairy mountains grew so large they began fighting for room on my chest I rose up higher than any tree on the island. I must have stood 25 feet tall… then 30 feet… then 35. As my entire body grew at the same time, the expansion of my body seemed never ending. I moaned loudly as my traps increased in height and depth on either side of my neck. Quickly I found it difficult to move my head from side to side. My neck had become so dense, and muscle bound that there was no way it could ever resemble any neck found in humanity. My traps rose still higher and fused with my neck right above my ears. At the same time, my lats proceeded to widen more and more. My back muscles swelled larger, augmenting themselves until they rose higher up creating what might resemble a muscular turtle shell. My lats widened even further, pushing my arms further away from my body. Below me I could feel the ground starting to quake and give way under my immense weight. Parts of the beach were already beginning to cave in due to the strain of such a powerful force as I was expanded further upward and outward, now more than 50 feet tall. As every bone in my body stretched longer and thicker, shooting me quickly passed 50 ft tall, my shoulders began to extend further from my body. From newly widened shoulders, my traps grew further to create a muscular mountain peak unimaginable until my expansion and ascension. Every second the power within me extended out further, an unstoppable force of destruction and rebirth. My shoulders and my dents grew wider and rounder. My whole body was growing much heavier. My upper back grew even thicker as my traps stretched further up to merge with the back of my head. Never had there been someone of my size and power, and I just kept getting bigger. An inhuman roar erupted out of my body, fire and matter shooting out and igniting the sky before beginning to whirl around my body. My abdominal muscles had begun to cramp and spasm again as the power within me mutated me further. As they expanded even further, they became immense bricks of solid power. I roared again as the power expanded downward and into my cocky and balls. My testicles proceeded to swell and become more monstrous each second, that they lacked description. Both were now simply immense. For miles the churning of my balks could be heard as hundreds of gallons of pure unbridled power built up inside each one. Feeling the heat rising from my power generating testicles, my cock began to harden and then start to grow. As my heart beat, more power was forced into my hardened cock. Thick veins erupted over the surface of my cock, though blood no longer flowed through my veins; only power. My cock grew so hard… harder than it had ever been before… harder and thicker… so much thicker…. Reaching out with my hands, I grabbed onto the monolith that rose from my body, only to discover my hand couldn’t close around it anymore. Each time it swelled longer and thicker, I thought I was going to cum, but I never did. It just kept growing thicker… and thicker… longer… and longer…. until the immense head came into view over my pecs. The puss slit was now so wide… so cavernous. My cock and balls had been reformed into pure generators of power. I now welcomed every change and every sensation my body was giving off. Like the power that lay within every square inch of me, all I craved to do was expand further and fill every possible space. The deserted island I had landed on only an hour before had once seemed so large, yet as I grew, I began to overtake it. As I was propelled past 100 feet… 300 feet.., 500 feet… 1000 feet… 3000 feet…, the island began to crumble and be reclaimed by the ocean. Thick monumental veins erupted over the surface of my body to further feed my form more and more power. My body… was it any longer a body? My body was now so engorged with muscle… so bloated… so tremendous… so beautiful and yet at the same time so grotesque. I was mutating faster now to become exactly what I had desired…. The universe. The expansion was no longer pausing or stopping. The force had gained enough strength and momentum to keep it going forever. My body was now unstoppable. As I grew past 10,000 feet, I could see the pieces of matter that had begun to rotate around me had already started to grow larger and gain more mass. Soon there were more of them as my cock began to leak, giving birth to further galaxies, nebulae, and other planetary expanses. As I expanded past 30,000 feet, I could feel the weather patterns around me begin to change. I was now so heavy from my own muscle mass as well as the expanding power within, that my form was beginning to have its own gravitational pull. I laughed as winds whipped round my body, while debris moved closer together to form planetary orbs. The ground below me shook as sections of the Earth’s crust began to crack. I cared very little that this universe would have to be destroyed so that mine would live. Below me, waves rose due to my intense gravitational pull. Tides rose higher and higher until most islands were totally submerged in water while the coastlines over every continent flooded for hundreds of miles. Both New York and London were completely flooded killing millions. Suddenly, waves of energy reverberated through the planet due to the increasing strength of my own gravitational pull. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions were triggered on every part of the globe. The push and pull from the Earth’s gravity and mine caused land masses to buckle and implode upon themselves. As I expanded even more, my gravitational pull grew stronger, causing the rotation of the Earth to slow down. All buildings that had withstood prior destruction fell. Earthquakes grew more extreme below as I felt the first portion of the Earth crack. Minutes later, a great explosion rocked the planet, and then I watched as the blue globe split into five pieces. Floating over the destruction, growing, and spreading faster than ever before, I welcomed the scattering matter into myself. I could feel orgasmic explosions ticking my massive body as suns were formed. I watched as the Moon began to crack just as the Earth had done before it. Soon every planet would fall to my strength and might, then recycled to become a part of me. The only thing that spun through my being that I did not create was a small wooden box that floated through the expanse of my space. Still, I continued to expand. I felt myself become one with every piece of matter that surrounded and lived within me. I found myself wishing life to occur on various planets, and as I commanded it, it occurred. My body expanded through space and time as I became even more than I had ever been. My desire had been granted. I was now Everything. I had control over Everything. Until another rose like I had… I would reign supreme. The universe grinned as it expanded into eternity.
  9. This story is a little different from what I usually write. Well... it's somewhat the same, but different. I began writing this a couple years back when I first started to work out. As my body began to change and I began to feel more confident in myself, my relationship with my partner at the time got strained. He didn't like me working out and wanted me to stop. I just wanted to get bigger.. So, fast forward, the story I just wrote, Wish Granted had a couple in it that I was interested in playing around with. I guess you could say it is a sequel of sorts, but I'm not a huge fan of sequels. This is more of a continuation. So, this story is a new version of an old story I never put out. Hope you enjoy. The Growing Pains of Love Part One Andrew pulled himself out of his car and began quickly walking toward The Food Lion. He was still amazed that Simon had asked him to come down here before going home and give them Marco’s food requirements for the week. Andrew was the Personal Trainer, not the gopher. He didn’t even understand Simon’s reasonings of why he couldn’t just email the list. No, he wanted Andrew to drive all the way down here from Marco’s mansion and hand a ten-page list of food to the manager so it could be delivered on Monday. In his anger fuelled mind, all he could see was Simon using this move as some sort of a power play. For what? Who knew. Simon had changed so much since Marco grew. You would think he was ‘The World’s Giant,” rather than the side piece! Simon had always been jealous of Andrew and Marco’s relationship, and since that October, he had done nearly everything he could to annoy him. Andrew’s life had also changed immensely in the past eight months. Ever since that night… no one would ever forget that night… when Marco unexplainably began to grow… Andrew’s own life had never been the same. No one quite understood what had happened. According to the stories Marco during interviews, he had begun to feel a tightness building in his body since the charity carnival. Then, at the dance club, Metropolis, he had suddenly begun to grow. Hiding out in the bathroom, Simon, who had always been in love with Marco, found him hiding in a toilet cubical and took him home. It was at home where Marco had continued to grow and gain muscle mass until he stood 15 feet tall and 5,000 lbs of ripped muscle. He had been studied by doctors, examined, tested, and the conclusion was that Marco had simply gone through an abnormal second puberty. With so many endorsements, tv interviews, reality shows, and photoshoots to always be ready for, Marco had asked Andrew to quit his job and come on as a full time Personal Trainer for him. It had seemed like an incredible idea at the time. The money was great… so were the parties, the famous people he got to meet, and the different places he and Oli had been able to go to as part of ‘Marco’s Entourage.” The downside had been the insane amount of fans, the people who wanted to worship at Marco’s feet, but most of all, spending so much time around Marco made Andrew feel less of a man. Even when training Marco, Andrew was just a glorified babysitter. There was no way he could lift the weight Marco could after he had grown. And now, the weights that had been created for him using electromagnetic currents which would offer Marco a greater challenge and better pump, Andrew couldn’t even begin to lift. Months ago, Marco had begun exploring ways to raise his testosterone to help him gain more muscle mass and feel more like a man. At 6’4 and 186 lbs, each gain that he made was a trial, so taking supplements to help him just seemed like the natural thing to do. Working with a friend, a regiment was put together that would ensure his body was primed for maximum growth and potential. Since the start, Andrew had only gained 5lbs in muscle mass which he imagined he would have gained anyway. The next step was going to have to be performance enhancing drugs, and he was totally willing to go down that path if it made him feel better about himself while also producing mind blowing gains. His greatest comfort and joy, away from the madness, had been the house Oli had designed, and Andrew had built. It had originally been designed for Marco when it became apparent that he wouldn’t be able to live in a normal home. Oli went to work on the plans immediately and although Marco loved it, Simon had wanted something bigger… something grander. They decided to go in a different direction, so the original idea was scrapped. Andrew had loved the simplicity of the massive house and decided it would be the place he would like to live. So, eight months ago, with Oli’s approval, he had it built for himself to live in. It was big at 45 feet tall… much larger than Andrew would ever need, but this was done to accommodate Marco if he ever came to visit, which he never did. ‘Casa Andrew Grande,’ as Oli liked to call it, was outside the city limits in the country where only a few other houses were scattered. When you walked in the front door, you were greeted with one enormous main room. The ceilings were 17 feet tall, again built with Marco in mind, and the room was vast and spacious. Off the main room there was the kitchen, bathroom, and guest bedroom. A staircase spiralled up to reveal the enormous master bedroom, which took up the entirety of the second floor, again with 17-foot ceilings, and an immense bathroom. Oli often stayed over, as he was going to tonight. Even though Andrew had asked him to move in, Oli wanted to wait another year before they shacked up together full time. Andrew understood. The 6’ foot, muscular architect, hadn’t signed up originally for the life they were living now. He was more of a private person who was being forced into the spotlight. So, he often shied away from the limelight and distanced himself from the Marco Madness until the times when he and Andrew could be alone. Andrew crossed the parking lot, entered the Food Lion, and handed the manager the list. The grocery store was sponsoring Marco. As long as he featured the store in his reality series, appeared in advertisements, or arrived at scheduled, ‘unscheduled’ times to shop and be photographed, (which he never did since all his food arrived in 3 large trucks each week) they were happy to supply the enormous amount of food Marco needed to eat each week. Leaving the supermarket, Andrew realised a new health food store had taken the place of the old GNC in the strip mall. Remembering he was nearly out of pre-workout, Andrew walked the short distance across the parking lot and stepped inside the store. Moving to the Sports Medicine section, he grabbed three tubs and proceeded to bring them to the counter. The guy behind the register with ‘Tim’ printed on his name tag kept looking at him as he rang Andrew up. “Is everything okay?” “I’m sorry. I’m just kinda in awe. You work with Marco… right.” Andrew exhaled. “Yep. I do.” “That’s so friggin cool! What’s he like in real life?” “He’s nice. He has a good heart. Maybe fame’s gone to his head a little… I’m joking… but he’s a good guy.” Andrew held up his card to pay, but Tim just continued talking. “I really wish I had been there… in Metropolis when he started to grow… before he went home with his boyfriend. I bet it was hot.” “I was there that night, and honestly, I don’t think any of us noticed.” Andrew always had difficulty with that night. He knew what happened… yet he’d had dreams recently of Marco growing so massive he destroyed the whole place… killed hundreds. Of course, that was obviously a stress dream. Everyone knew Simon took him home when he was only 7 ft to grow… and fuck. It was only… the dreams were so real… “Is it hard on him… being that size?” “Not anymore. It was at first… but with the sponsorships, the massive house that was built for him, the reality show, and the modelling gigs, it’s becoming much easier.” Andrew tried to pay again, but Tim ignored him. “Imagine it was catching… like a virus. Imagine waking up and being that huge. Would be insane.” “Yeah. Totally.” “Me. I’d want to be bigger.” “You and me both. How much do I owe you?” “Oh. Sorry. That’s $63.99”. Tim began to bag the PreWorkout when he stopped. “Would you… if you had the chance… would you want to be bigger?” “Fuck yeah, I would. I’ve always been big… at least tall… but that was before Marco grew. Now… I’m just average.” “You look pretty big to me.” “Thanks, man, but if given the option who wouldn’t want to be a hulk of a man… a walking mountain. And I’m talking size and muscle… an insane amount of muscle… and something more…” “More?” “I’d want to be something primal…exuding masculinity. Imagine being so much more of a man than any other man…” Andrew grinned. “Sorry, man. It’s been a long day.” Andrew turned to leave, but as he was walking toward the door, he heard Tim behind him. “Would you… if you had a way?” Andrew stopped and thought about it for a brief moment. “Fuck yeah, I would. In a heartbeat.” “Hey! I’m sorry sir. Your card was declined.” Tim suddenly called after him. “Was it? Um… that’s weird.” Andrew moved again to the counter. “Just one second.” Tim moved about the store kicking other customers out and locking the door behind them. He moved past Andrew and ran into the back room. A moment later, he was back with a wrinkled brown packed lunch bag. “My brother stole this from the lab he works in. He’s a janitor. For five months this scientist has been trying to replicate Marco’s DNA. He doesn’t think Marco should be the only one with power. Apparently, he bought a clump of his hair from the barber who goes out each week to the mansion to cut it.” Tim pulled out a large syringe with a dark green liquid in it. “My brother said he watched it work on animals. Watched them grow massive.” Andrew looked at the syringe and back to Tim. “Why don’t you use it then?” “Believe me, I want to, but my dad’s in jail. We need money for his bail. That’s why Eric stole it. He wanted me to sell it to some roidhead, but they don’t come in here. All we get are hipsters and vegans. Until you.” Tim picked the syringe up. “My brother said it’s powerful. Stronger than whatever got Marco to grow. He said this mouse they tested it on was hippo sized and still growing before they had to shoot it in the head. Even then… my brother said it took six bullets to bring it down.” Andrew realised his mouth was dry and his cock was hard. Imagine, he thought! Imagine me… bigger than I’ve ever wanted to be. “How much?” “$10,000. You can deposit it directly into my account.” “How do I know this isn’t bullshit and you’re screwing me over?” “You don’t… but I wouldn’t. This is exactly what my brother told me… and he’s been talking about the experiment for months now. I’m not a con. I work in a health food store.” Do I or don’t I. It’s not about the money… I have the money. “Look, if we find it’s all a lie, I’ll give my brother to you. You can get the police on him. I’ll be a witness. Hell… you can send Marco to beat us both to a pulp.” Do it now, Andrew, or you’ll never do it. Andrew pulled out his phone. “What’s your account info?” In less than five minutes and one quick call to his bank, Andrew had transferred the $10,000 to Tim’s account. “So… I just inject the whole thing?” “Yeah… I guess. Yeah. He said you inject it all into the glute. Want me to pin you?” Andrew moved to the back room, pulled down his jeans, and let Tim insert the long needle into his ass cheek. It felt like it took forever for the liquid to go in due to how thick it was. Tim had to stop the injecting several times due to his thumb aching from the difficulty in pushing down the plunger. Finally, after the contents of the whole syringe were in his body, Andrew pulled up his jeans. “How long should it take to work?” Andrew could feel the heat from the liquid radiating from his glute. “I’ve no clue. You want to hang out here and wait? We can order some Chinese…” “I need to be getting home. My boyfriend will be there soon. I promised to cook dinner.” Andrew moved out of the back room and into the store area. “Here.” Tim handed him a slip of paper. “It’s my number. Call me if you need me. Or, if it works, let me know.” “If it’s as strong as you say it is, you’ll know.” Andrew felt his cock stir in his jeans. “I can’t wait. You sure you’re prepared to be a fucking walking mountain?” Tim grinned at him. “Yeah. I’ve been preparing my whole life.” Andrew grabbed the bag with the pre-workout in it and walked to the locked door. “Good luck, man!” Tim unlocked the door and Andrew left the store. Once Andrew had crossed the parking lot and gotten into his car, Tim locked the door once again. As he watched him drive away, Tim’s eyes glowed green for a few moments. Slowly, like mist, Tim began to evaporate until there was no sign of him or that the store had ever existed. As Andrew was driving home, head and body aches as well as fever and chills hit him. He began to sweat, and his stomach ached as he coasted along the highway out of town. Twice he had to stop on the side of the road to vomit. Reminiscent of ‘The Exorcist,’ thick green liquid was expelled from his stomach and onto the shoulder of the road. The cramps he was experiencing were nearly unbearable, and the smell of his own vomit made him nauseous. A drive which usually took him twenty minutes felt like it was taking years. Finally, Andrew arrived at his house, and he proceeded to park in his driveway. He sat there amazed that he actually made it home. All he thought about the last five minutes of his drive was how he just wanted to pull over and lie down and sleep. He had forced himself to continue, and now he was rewarded with the knowledge that his bed was only feet away. His glute muscle still ached, but the flu that gripped him, because what else could it be, was worse. As he dragged himself out of the car and up the stairs, he thought about calling Oli and telling him to stay away until he was feeling better, but it would really be great to see him and have Oli take care of him. Unlocking his front door was a challenge, but it was even harder for him to climb the stairs up to his bedroom. Twice he had to stop and sit while the world spun around him. Eventually he got to the bathroom just in time to vomit again. Once he felt his stomach was significantly empty, Andrew grabbed a thermometer and crawled to his bedroom. There he stripped off everything he was wearing and climbed into bed. Even the sheets hurt against his tender skin, but the chills forced him to cover himself up with blankets. He took is temperature and was shocked to see it was 103. He really was burning up. His head was heavy, and the light hurt his eyes. In a few minutes he was asleep. Oli arrived at the house two hours later to find Andrew passed out in bed. The entire room stank of sweat as the fever burned through him. Oli tried to get Andrew to talk, but each time he did, he told Oli to leave him be and let him sleep. Not wanting to catch whatever Andrew might have, Oli moved into the guest bedroom. Andrew’s sleep was restless. Fever dreams plagued him as he saw Marco ripping through the ceiling of Metropolis and levelling the whole entire building. As Marco moved, he stepped on hundreds of people, pulverising them beneath his feet. Andrew could only watch as a mania hit Marco and he began to destroy everything. EVERYTHING! Then the dreamed changed. He was flying… or he thought he was flying. He was above the clouds and the wind was whipping through his hair. As he took in below, he was still amazed by how high up he was, he had to be souring higher than the birds… higher than the planes! Looking down, he remembered how meaningless the ground meant to him. He felt that he would rather live up here in the clouds then having to deal with what lay below. Up in the sky, Andrew felt at peace. His fever broke at 2 am. His bedsheets were soaked with sweat, his body still ached, and he definitely needed a shower, but he was feeling much better. Getting out of bed, he went downstairs and grabbed a glass of cold water from the refrigerator. The liquid felt good on his lips and throat, and after three glasses, Andrew was beginning to feel like himself again. Moving from the kitchen, he crossed the main room to the guest bedroom where Oli was snoring away. Andrew smiled at his muscular boyfriend and moved quickly to get in bed with him. Wrapping his arms around him, Andrew kissed his neck. “No, Babe. You’re sick.” “I’m feeling much better. It must have been a 24-hour thing.” “Good to hear. You just work out?” “Yeah! Went for a 10-mile run! Of course, I didn’t work out. Why?” “You smell like a locker room. Moreso than usual.” “You love that smell… don’t you?” “Yeah… but I’ll love it more later… when I’m awake.” Oli began to fall back to sleep. Andrew kissed his neck again and moved down to his delts. Oli had the best delts. Thick and powerful. As he kissed Oli, Andrew was suddenly hard. Moving his body, he pulled back the sheet to see Oli’s naked frame. His glutes were also one of his best features and he always had difficulties finding trousers to fit his ass. Andrew’s cock was rock hard as he moved his way down Oli’s back, licking and kissing him till he arrived at his ass. A fire erupted within Andrew, and all he could think of was mounting Oli and fucking him. His cock pulsed, as like a man possessed, he positioned himself near the foot of the bed, grabbed Oli’s ass cheeks with his hands, parted them, and began to rim him. Oli groaned. “Babe! You must be feeling better. It’s been forever since you’ve done this.” Oli kept his eyes closed in case it was a dream. “Your ass. I can’t get enough of it. I want to live here!” Oli laughed as Andrew dove his tongue in deeper. This must be a dream, he thought. It has to be. As Andrew ate Oli out, he could feel his cock get even harder and heavier and begin to leak. He had never been much of a pre-cummer, so he was surprised by this, but his growing horniness only had him thinking about one thing: fucking. Even though Oli and Andrew were both versatile, Oli was often the one fucking Andrew. But now, Andrew grabbed his cock in his right hand, spread the copious amount of precum around the head and shaft, positioned it right by Oli’s waiting hole, and proceeded to enter him. Oli was wide awake as he felt what had to be Andrew plunge into him. It didn’t feel right, though. It felt harder… thicker. “Babe. Stop.” Andrew grabbed Oli’s waist and forced himself in deeper. “Almost there, baby.” Oli’s ass was stretched wider as Andrew moved in deeper. “Babe. Stop! It hurts! It’s too big!” “Too big! Right! You’re the one who’s too big! Imagine having that 9 incher in your ass!” Andrew moved in deeper still. Oli felt like he was being split in two. It had to be a toy, he thought. There’s no way this is… “Fuck!! Andrew!!! Stop!!” Oli moved quickly, grabbed Andrew, and pushed him away. “What the fuck is wrong with you? I told you it hurt!” “I’m sorry. It just felt so good. I couldn’t stop myself.” It was true, he thought. Even now all he could think of was fucking Oli. “I’ll be gentler… I promise.” Andrew moved toward Oli and began to kiss his neck. “Not now, babe. Tomorrow. I’m just not ready for you now. I forgot what it felt like. Tomorrow. I promise.” Andrew’s cock was so hard it ached. He didn’t care that Oli wasn’t ready. He wanted to fuck. Now! Another glob of precum shot out of his cock, but with difficulty, Andrew moved away from the bed. “Maybe I should go back to sleep. Maybe I’m still sick. I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me.” Andrew felt his cock throb as he spoke. “Really. I’m sorry.” “It’s okay, babe. Really. It was hot. I just wasn’t prepared. Tomorrow.” In the dark, Andrew could hear Oli settle back into bed. “Tomorrow. Your ass is mine.” “I’m counting on it.” “I’m going upstairs.” “Okay. I’ll see you in the morning.” Moments later Oli was snoring again. Andrew walked out of the room but paused by the stairs as he felt his cock throb. He hadn’t felt this horny since he was 15! Moving up the stairs, he turned to the bathroom, closed the door, and turned on the light. Andrew gasped when he saw his own cock. It had to be nearly 10 inches and thick. Much thicker than it ever had been before. And the head! Fuck! The head was so swollen… so meaty. Andrew felt a throb and watched as his cock swelled and released. Every twenty seconds or so, there was another throb, and Andrew watched in awe as it grew. The injection, he thought. It’s working!! Andrew shut the light off in the bathroom and hurried to the bedroom, his now longer cock slapping his stomach hard as he ran. Once there, he shut the door and locked it. Turning on the light, he moved to his desk but had to stop for a moment as his cock throbbed again and extended even more right before his eyes. Pulling open the drawer, he grabbed a tape measure. Scrolling it over to top of his cock to his head, he stopped at 10.3. His dick had grown three inches!! Wrapping around his cock, he was blown away that now he was 7.5 inches thick. A wave of heat washed over him as his cock spasmed again. This time the sensation lasted longer than before. Using the measuring tape again, Andrew saw his cock now was 10.9 inches long. It wasn’t only his cock that was growing. His balls hung lower, larger, and heavier. Lifting one up in his hands he marvelled at its size. It was now bigger than an XL egg! Holding it, Andrew could swear that he felt cum swirling around inside of it. Another spasm, another grunt, and Andrew measured himself at 11 inches. Fuck me, he thought with pride, I’m fucking 11 inches long and 7.8 inches thick! Oli thought I was big before… what till he gets a load of this beast… and I’m still growing. I can’t wait to fill up his perfect hole with this piece of pipe! Just thinking about it, his cock shot a wad of precum onto the carpet. “Babe? You awake?” Oli knocked on the door fand then tried to open it only to find it was locked. Andrew moved quickly across the room and into his bed. A spasm hit his cock which caused him to stop and freeze in place as it grew. “I’m falling asleep, Oli.” Looking down, he watched as it extended longer and thicker, his balls swelling. “Why did you lock yourself in?” “I can’t trust myself around you, Oli.” Another spasm. Andrew wrapped his hand around his cock and felt it expand. “Don’t be stupid, Andrew. Open the door.” “I was only joking. I’m sick. I don’t want you to catch this virus. I thought I was feeling… ugh… better, but I’m not. I knew you’d come up here, so I… I… locked the door.” Again, and again Andrew’s cock throbbed larger. “I’m that predictable?” “Yep. Oh… fuck!!!” “What is it?” “My… my stomach… feeling queasy. I’ll… fuuuck… see you tomorrow.” “Okay… but unlock the door. I don’t want you being sick, and I can’t get to you.” Andrew looked at the door… looked at what had to be a 12-inch cock extending from his pelvis, and moved quickly to unlock the door. He then jumped back in bed, hitting his balls in the process, and threw the covers over his monstrous Johnson. Oli opened the door slightly and peeked in. “You, okay?” Andrew looked flush and was sweating. He watched as a wave of nausea washed over him. “I’m fine. Just need to sleep.” “I’ll be right downstairs if you need anything.” “Alright. See you… whew… see you in the morning.” “You sure you don’t want to go to the hospital?” “No! It’s a virus. Really. I’m starting to feel better. I just need sleep.” “Alright. Love you.” “Love you too.” “Can I give you a kiss?” “A kiss?” Andrew didn’t want a kiss. He was so horny! He wanted Oli to sit down on his cock right now and ride it. “Of course, babe, but I don’t want you getting sick.” Oli opened the door wider and moved into the room. As he was crossing to the bed, Andrew took the massive shaft in his hand and held it down so it wasn’t so noticeable under the covers. Leaning his face toward Oli, he accepted the gentle kiss. “You want me to stay up here?” YES!! “We’re… we’re playing with fire, Oli. If you stay up here… I’m not sure what will happen. I mean… I don’t know if I’m going to vomit or shit myself or you’ll get sick…” Fuck! His own cock was fighting against him as throbbed more and more to make itself known!!! “Maybe I should go downstairs.” “Yeah. Maybe you should. I’ll see you tomorrow morning. We can just lie on the couch and watch TV.” “Looking forward to it.” Oli closed the door. Andrew held his breath and listened as he walked down the hallway and descended the stairs. Moments later he was back in the guest bedroom. Andrew tossed the covers off and laughed when he saw his own cock. It was… amazing! So huge! He grabbed the measuring tape and measured it at 12.9 x 8. The head itself was thicker at 8.4 inches. Andrew stood up and felt the weight of his immense cock. Just feeling it pull down on his crotch felt powerful. Moving back to the bed, Andrew started to slowly stroke his cock. It felt so different in his hand now. Unlike when he usually masturbated, Andrew had both hands wrap themselves around the shaft, and together they stroked the length of his cock. It felt so sensitive now. Much more than it had before. As he stroked with his right hand, he massaged the head with his left. Again, his cock throbbed. He could feel and hear the entire organ stretching slowly longer. Blood flowed in in greater amounts, and the head swelled thicker. I’m in love, he thought. I’m in love with my own cock! I’m in love with the idea that soon my whole body will be growing bigger and bigger and bigger. Stretching even longer, Andrew stroked the expanding surface with more frenzy. His balls had proceeded to grow as well until it looked like he had shoved two large lemons in his sack. Moving his left hand to massage his balls, he was in awe of the sheer volume he now possessed and imagined them slapping against Oli’s ass as Andrew fucked him. Andrew could feel an orgasm was coming closer as his whole body vibrated and felt as sensitive as his cock. Moaning quite loudly, Andrew saw it expand even further until he was sure he was sporting 13.5 inches. Looking at it with lust in his eyes, Andrew leaned forward and proceeded to take the head into his own mouth. I’m sucking my own cock!! Fuck!! I’m sucking my own cock and not having to bend that far! Andrew dived down further as wads of sweet precum were shot into his mouth. As he sucked and licked the head. Andrew continued to stroke the long shaft. Coming up for air, Andrew felt his balls swell even larger as they rose up in his sack. His whole body was shaking as he descended again onto his cock with his mouth. Moments later, he was rewarded with the largest, most mind-blowing orgasm he had ever had. He swallowed quickly and repeatedly to ingest the amount of cum he was expelling. Just when he thought it had to be stopping, the orgasm continued. Throwing his head back into the pillow, Andrew felt his cock spurt at least ten more thick ropes of cum before it began to slow down and then stop. Opening his eyes, Andrew laughed at his cum covered chest and face. He had shot everywhere but was relieved most of it had landed on himself. Just before it began to go soft, Andrew grabbed the tape measure and laid it down the length of his cock. 14.2 inches long, and the width came to 8.10!! He knew he had to clean himself up, but for a moment he was bathing in the afterglow. His cock was still leaking copious amounts of cum which trailed down his body and onto the bed. Once his heart and breathing had returned to normal, Andrew lifted his head and watched his new monster cock sleep. Grabbing the tape measure, he discovered that it was 8.5x7 inches soft. Soft, he was now bigger than he had been hard!!! Standing up, Andrew felt the weight of his package for the first time. It was heavy and pulled down on his crotch with a weight he had never known. To Be Continued...
  10. RealIn2Growth


    Hi there. As I was writing a sequel to this story, I realised that it wasn't on the new page. I also found that I couldn't get into my old account... so new account... old story. The sequel should be arriving by the end of this week. Hope you enjoy this one. APPROPRIATING DESTINY Master Sergeant Frank Alberta sat at his wooden desk and extracted the large Havana cigar from the Stirling silver case that had been hand crafted to hold it so many years ago. After ceremonially removing the Zippo and cigar cutter from the drawer, he lifted the dark brown leafy tube, snipped the rounded end, enfolded the other end with his full lips, brought flame to leaf, and once fully lit, inhaled deeply and satisfyingly. With the rush from the decades-old nicotine entering his bloodstream, he moved his gaze downward to the top of his desk and stared intently at the three vials he had recently set down there. The liquid in each vial was crimson in colour and seemed to reflect the light from the nearby lamp. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a colour so beautiful in my life, he thought, as he carefully moved his large hand to pick the delicate vial up. He could feel his cock harden in his trousers as he looked carefully at the future he held. This is my destiny. This has always been my destiny. Alberta set the vial down with its compatriots, inhaled deeply once again from the cigar, placed it in the glass ashtray, stood up from his chair, and proceeded to pull his T-shirt up over his thick pec shelf and the tight black and silver high fade. Nearly four years ago… had it really been four years… Alberta had been assigned to Doctor Timothy Logan. His duty was part bodyguard… part informant. The US military was shelling out millions to this diminutive man for the supposed knowledge he held in his head. What Alberta had thought was going to be the lamest mission of his life turned out to be one that would have him jerking off several times a night just thinking about it. “By this time next year”, Dr. Logan had bragged, “our military will be filled with a superior race of soldiers that no nation will be able to comprehend, let alone fight against.” This was spoken to Alberta one week after he had begun his assignment, and fifteen minutes after he had successfully fucked the tight, virgin hole of the easily seduced nerd. Not many men or women could deny Alberta… but the doctor had been easier than most. It only took a few times of Alberta flexing, accidentally tearing his shirt while stretching, or being caught naked while changing, to tempt him into submission. The night Alberta first took him… Logan had actually cried… he was forty two and had never been touched. Over months of such liaisons… Alberta lead Logan down a path of pure sexual bliss that the Doctor couldn’t live without. He would tell or give Alberta everything he wanted… and Alberta gratefully took. The information he was given over time made the muscular soldier’s mouth water and cock leak. “This formula will produce the most muscular men and women in the world… Each will be their own army… Each will be nearly invincible… Each will basically be the closest thing to a superhero ever seen on this Earth.” Alberta grinned as he inhaled again from the cigar. Running his hand over his pecs, Alberta flexed. The two mountains rose up and tightened. How right you were, he thought. Alberta would rush to his quarters at night and frantically stroke his thick, nine inch cock until he came all over just thinking about becoming a super soldier. The strength… the power… the pure might of such a man got him hard again seconds after he came. He was determined to become such a soldier… It was his destiny. “How does it work?” Alberta asked Logan one afternoon. “We know so little about the brain… its capabilities… it’s strength… its abilities if properly tapped into. My formula… to simplify matters… amplifies your essence… your wants… your desires. To put it very simply for you since I’m sure this might be hard for you to comprehend… it takes what you truly are deep down inside and manifests it on the physical plain.” Yes… Alberta grinned at merely the thought of all of that power… this was indeed his fate staring him right in the face. Logan had other ideas. “You’re in amazing shape for your age, Frank… I’d never known you were 53 except by the couple of wrinkles around your eyes and the silver in your hair… but the trial needs to be performed on a younger man… one more likely to survive his ascension.” Alberta had every intention of surviving his ascension… but for the first time the doctor refused him. Never had Alberta begged for something that he wanted… yet over and over he was denied. He was too old. The intense sex session became less frequent after that night… just a taste every now and then to keep Logan under Alberta’s control. Alberta pulled his trousers down over thick quads and thought back to seven hours prior. That evening was the trial on the first human subject. It had been simple for Alberta to plant the seed in Logan’s mind that no one but he, The Subject, and Logan himself should be there in case the trial was a failure. The Doctor would never allow witnesses to his own defeat, and agreed wholeheartedly with Alberta’s recommendation. So… in a laboratory fitted within an old warehouse at the edge of town, Doctor Logan stood looking through the shatterproof glass at The Subject sequestered in the adjoining room. Alberta looked over the doctor's shoulder to the naked Marine alone in the smaller room. He looked to be around 25. His build was nothing to ignore with broad shoulders, thick square pecs, and the hard cobblestone abs only the young or genetically lucky could have. Alberta had to work everyday to keep the fat away from his abs, leaving him with a thick, strong, hair covered, and intimidating core area. Alberta had never met this Marine until today… he didn’t even know his name since for the purpose of the experiment he was only a number. Gazing deep into his eyes, Alberta knew that 187665-AN might be young and fit, but he was also cocky, wet behind the ears, and not worthy of the gift he was going to be granted. Alberta knew the type, and hated him on sight. Alberta intently watched Logan walk over to the biometrical retinal scanner sealed refrigerator, gaze into the heart of the blue laser lock, smile at the hiss of the refrigerator as the door popped open, and ceremoniously remove and carry the white tray that contained the four crimson vials to the table. Three he left on the desk… the other he placed carefully in a metal drawer that connected the white lab to the Marine occupied smaller room. “So you are aware, all of the following proceedings will be recorded. Before we begin with the trial, state your identification number for me.” The cocky marine grinned. 187665-AN.” What was he thinking, Alberta wondered. How could he be so calm when such a gift of power was going to be bestowed on him? “Please state if you are aware of what is about to happen to you.” “About to become a real life Captain America, sir. Ready to serve and defend my country with all of the muscle and super strength you can give me.” The Marine grinned again and scratched an itch right above his average sized cock. “More or less, that is accurate. Now, please state you are aware of the possible consequence.” “I’m ready to live and to die for my country. If I die getting us one step further to a super solider, at least I played my part.” Alberta rolled his eyes as the Marine stood at attention and saluted the doctor. Stupid grunt, he thought, takes commands but will never truly lead. Apparently content with the answers given, Dr. Logan placed the crimson vial in the drawer and slid the contents into the other room. “Remove the vial from the drawer.” The Marine did as he was told. “Pop off the plastic seal… and drink the entire contents of the vial.” Again, without question, the Marine did as he was told. When he was finished, the Marine placed the glass vial back in the metal drawer. “We now wait. Relax as much as you can.” Logan walked away from the glass and settled himself at his computer and began to type. Alberta looked at the clock. 22.13. Forcing himself to move closer to the doctor, Alberta lifted his large hands and began to massage his shoulders. Quickly Alberta felt him relax under his touch. “I know you wish that was you in there.” Doctor Turner groaned under Alberta’s strength. “Not everything is meant to happen.” “You know why I didn’t choose you?” “Too old. You told me.” “Yes… but if it worked… if you ascended… you’d have to leave me. You wouldn’t be mine any longer. I couldn’t bear that.” Alberta felt himself grow pale hearing Logan’s words. Slowly Alberta’s hands slid to the doctor’s neck… he could be dead in minutes… and he would have been if the sound of the fuckin grunt laughing hadn’t been heard over the intercom system. In a flash, Logan was out of Alberta’s hands and facing the Marine in the other room. “Subject 187665-AN… Look in the mirror and tell me what you see.” The Marine slowly walked over to the mirror, giggling as he went. “Fuck me, Doc!! This shit is amazing!! I’m fuckin flying!!! Never felt so incredible in my life!” The Marine began to laugh again which forced the doctor to lose his temper. Screaming into the microphone, he said; “Soldier!! Focus and listen to me. Look in the mirror and tell me what you see!” It took a few moments for the Marine to focus, but once he did, he couldn’t take his eyes off of the image he saw before him. “Fuck, Doc, look at me. I’m the sexiest fucker I know. I’ve always been good looking… got me far in this world… I’ve never been very bright.” “Keep looking at yourself. Take it all in.” Alberta could tell from the bulge in the Doctor's pants that he, just like Alberta himself, was getting hard by just the idea of what was about to happen to the Marine. “My skin… perfect. My eyes… no wonder no one can resist me… my hair…” “Look deep within 187665-AN. What are you?” “What am I?” “Deep down… locked inside… what are you?” The Marine concentrated on the image before him, going deeper and deeper into his reflection, when he saw it. Alberta watched as the Marine’s average sized cock quickly became hard. As he listened to the Marine talk, Alberta began to detect a subtle change: the more the Marine spoke… the more sure of himself he became… the more powerful his words sounded. Was this the formula at work… dragging from him what he truly was deep down? “I’m unstoppable. I’m unbreakable. Fuck me!! I’m electric!! I’m like a fuckin superhero! I tower above every man… bigger… stronger… faster… the most powerful man… NO!! the most powerful Marine to ever have lived! When I walk… the ground shakes… men piss themselves when they see me. Fuck, Doc, I’m huge.” As soon as Alberta heard those words, he could feel his cock let loose a large wad of pre. “Go on…” The Doctor moved close to the glass. “Tell me what you are.” “So fuckin big… so fuckin strong… never seen a man so massive in my life… I… I can’t actually exist!” “But you do.” “I do. Fuck!!! Getting bigger and bigger… stronger… the ultimate Marine. YES!!! That’s what I am! Finally I’m the Ultimate Marine. I’m a Corp of one, but I live for my brothers. I always do as commanded. I live, eat, sleep and survive for the Corp. Even when I fuck… which is all the time… I fuck with the Corp in mind!!!” Alberta stroked his cloth encased hard on as he listened to The Marine. “I’ll live forever for the Corp. I’ll live and die for the Corp! I’ll be a killing machine for the Corp! With the strength of thousands of my brothers… I will be The Corp! I will…” The Marine stopped speaking. Alberta moved closer to the glass and watched The Marine grit his teeth. As he did so, Alberta could swear that he saw The Marine’s neck muscle flex and swell… flex and swell… until soon his neck was thicker than it had been seconds prior. “I can feel it… getting bigger… stronger…. FUCK!!!!” Alberta watched as The Marine shut his eyes tightly and began to loudly grunt and moan, breathing quickly as if he were in pain. His breathing began to get faster and faster until he suddenly let out a loud groan, flexed his back muscles… and forced them to grow even larger and thicker. “Back…” was all the man could say as his traps, delts, and lats all exploded with size at the same time… his back becoming an immense barrier of muscle. His traps began to inch their way up his neck toward his ears as that too started to expand. The marine could feel the formula radiating from his stomach into every one of his muscles. Alberta thought he was imagining hearing the sound of every muscle fibre in The Marine being ripped apart and growing at a rapid rate, but as his body began to swell with new and more powerful muscle, Alberta knew that it was real. As The Marine crossed the small room toward the glass partition, his quad muscles began to quake, pulse and expand. Within minutes his quads were larger than his own chest had once been… and still they continued to expand. “MY BODY’S ON FIRE!!!”. The Marines voice had dropped several octaves and was so loud that it made the unbreakable glass convulse. “Such power…. Such strength fills my body”. Just as his calves were swelling even larger than his quads had once been… both of his pecs began to tremble and thicken. While Alberta was watching the Marine’s musculature miraculously doubling in mass, he soon became aware of another sound mixed in with the miraculous augmentation of the muscle fibres in his abs balloon. It was the crunch of The Marine’s bones breaking and refusing themselves over and over again as his body proceeded to grow taller and wider. “You can’t believe how incredible this feels… ARGH!!!” The Marines shoulders expanded further and became more rounded with new and improved muscle. The explosion of muscle growth on his arms was nearly deafening as his bi’s and tri’s blew up larger than Alberta’s meaty quads. New muscle never seen in an anatomy book kept piling on The Marines frame forcing him larger than the second before. Alberta nearly came in his pants as The Marine pulled a double bicep pose causing his lats and upper back to flare out bigger than a garage door and his arms into two mammoth peaks never before seen in a human. “Becoming the Ultimate Marine…. Getting even Bigger!!” The Marines whole body shook as his legs heightened while simultaneously inflating to an unfathomable size…his feet expanding and stretching to support his burgeoning form. Out of the corner of his eye, Alberta saw the clock and was shocked to see that only twenty minutes had passed since The Marines transformation had begun. Neither he nor the Doctor had spoken, each in awe of the human-like creature of pure brute strength being born in the other room. Standing over what had to be ten feet tall, the Marine continually gained additional muscle mass on his frame. Even his head had grown larger to keep his whole body in proportion. His new cock and balls could only be described as monumental as it had grown just like its owner into a thick, long, and veiny appendage that rivalled Alberta’s own arm. Testicles the size of softballs swung low in their sack fuelling a massive wave of testosterone through his bloodstream. Blonde chest hair now covered what had once been a bare canvas, coating his enormous pecs and travelling down over his mountainous abs, and merging with his pubic hair below. In the pits of his arms, a forest grew while his arms and legs now had blankets of hair. Just watching the Marine growing into this icon of brute force had caused Alberta to cum several times in his trousers. This should have been me, he thought over and over. Imagine what I would have become! This needs to be me! No one deserves it more! Alberta turned his head and saw the three additional vials sitting on the table. Was Logan planning on using them to force the Marine even larger… even more powerful that what he was becoming? Could Alberta not just grab one and down it before he could be stopped? While he had been wandering in his own thoughts, the Marine had suddenly grown quiet. His eyes were closed, sweat coated nearly every inch of his body, and a flow of pre cascaded constantly from his cock. Breathing heavily, every muscle flexed as his body moved. The room became eerily silent, until even through the impenetrable glass, both the Doctor and Alberta could hear the deep rumble of a laugh coming from the Marine. “YES!!!!” Alberta felt the ground begin to quake slightly beneath him as the lights in the laboratory and adjacent room began to flicker. An instant later, arcs of electricity began to flow from every power source and into The Ultimate Marine. The Marine laughed louder as his whole body became engulfed in a whirlwind of lightning like electricity. “BECOMING MORE THAN THE ULTIMATE MARINE!!! BECOMING SO MUCH MORE!!!!” “What the fuck is happening, Doc?” Alberta crossed quickly to the Doctor just as he watched a tattoo of an Eagle, Globe, and Anchor being burnt into the skin of The Ultimate Marine’s left pec, etched supernaturally from an arc of the electricity hurricaning around him. When he looked within… he saw a superhero… his mind, fuelled by the formula, is causing that to be what he becomes.” The Doctor seemed oddly calm to what was going on in front of him. “Did you think this could happen?” “I had my suspicions.., my hypothesis… I didn’t think mentally he would be strong enough… imagine what could happen if the formula was met with a more determined mind.” Like mine, Alberta thought. “I WILL BE STRONGER AND MORE POWERFUL THAN EVERY ONE OF MY BROTHERS!!! WITNESS THE BIRTH OF THE CORP!!” From his fingertips, electricity shot across the small room and into the adjacent wall, a massive smoking crater left in its place. “SO MUCH POWER… STILL MORE TO BE HARNESSED!” Holding his two humongous arms pointing toward the floor, The Corp forced energy out of his fists, propelling him upward. Hovering near the ceiling for several seconds, The Corp carefully brought himself down to the floor again. The logo of The Corp glowing red on his chest, the light burning brighter and brighter. Turning his head toward the glass wall, The Corp propelled red streaks of electricity from his fingertips until the entire wall shattered into slivers. Both The Doctor and Alberta were knocked to the floor as the lights flickered menacingly around them . Having the wind knocked out of him for a brief moment, Alberta tried to stand, but was knocked down again. The floor below him shook as The Corp walked slowly toward them. Looking up, Alberta came face to face to leg with The Corp. He was even more immense up close, waves of electricity flowing around his body radiating an abundance of heat. As he looked up further, he found himself in awe of The Corp; his pure strength and size… his power… his beauty… never had another man made him feel so inferior. His initial instinct was to submit to someone who was his ultimate superior, to glorify him, to let The Corp be the first man to dominate him, but Alberta pushed this quickly down. No one would ever be superior to him. No one. “MY CREATOR.” Alberta looked over and saw that Logan had been knocked unconscious when the glass wall had exploded. He could tell that he was still breathing, but blood was flowing from a deep cut on his temple. With a mere glance, The Corp sent a small wave of electricity out from his hand and cauterised the wound. “THE CORP WILL PROTECT THIS WORLD. THE CORP WILL HEAL THIS WORLD. FOR THIS… THE CORP WILL BE WORSHIPPED… BEGINNING WITH YOU.” Avoiding looking at The Corp, Alberta carefully brought himself to his feet. He could feel the heat radiating off of the massive presence standing before him. Looking at the naked figure fully for the first time, Alberta was surprised to see that he only came up to The Corp’s hairy abs. This has to make him over thirteen feet tall, he thought, his mind quickly debating every option that he had. He finally decided to go head first into his destiny. With a massive hand The Corp grabbed onto his cock and began to stroke it. “THE CORP PREFERS A WOMAN… BUT YOUR MOUTH WILL DO JUST FINE. KNEEL AND OPEN UP!” Hard, The Corp’s cock was longer and thicker than Alberta’s own leg, with a head that rivalled two of his fists. From the piss slit, what appeared to be a form of liquid energy pre-cum dripped, quickly burning and eating through the cement floor. Alberta, still fighting the urge to submit to a beast that looked like twelve Chris Hemsworth’s combined, smiled up at The Corp. “You might want to get that shit checked out. Looks like it burns. I know a good clinic…” An eruption of energy flew from The Corp’s chest, knocking Alberta onto his ass. “THE CORP IS HERE TO PROTECT YOU. FOR THIS, THE CORP WILL BE WORSHIPED!!” “The Corp should stop referring to himself in the third person. But, what can we expect. We gave all of this power to a big… stupid… grunt.” Alberta began to stand again, but was knocked down once more by an even stronger wave of electricity. “THE CORP WILL BE RESPECTED! NO ONE WILL DENY THE CORP. WHO IS MORE POWERFUL… A SINGLE HUMAN OR…”. Six shots were quickly fired directly between The Corp’s eyes, bursting open a large part of his cranium. With shock in his eyes, The Corp fell backward and was still. “I guess the one with the gun is more powerful.” Alberta quickly took stock of the room. The three vials had remained on the table despite the destruction around them. Carefully grabbing them with his hand, he set them in the safety of his coat pocket. Looking over at the Doctor, his first impulse was to leave him behind, but he couldn’t deny himself one more small pleasure. Picking Logan up, Alberta carried the man and deposited him on the passenger seat in his jeep. Pulling the keys from his pocket, he could feel the three vials calling to him. “Soon. Very very soon.” Alberta drove his jeep away from the warehouse and into the night. From within, what Alberta did miss was seeing The Corp’s wound miraculously begin to heal. * With his thumb, Alberta popped the top off of each vial and poured them one by one into a scorch glass. As he was gazing deeply into the half full tumbler of crimson liquid, he looked over at the Doctor lying on the couch across from the desk. Several times he had groaned and Alberta thought he was going to wake up, but annoyingly he continued to remain unconscious. Alberta glanced at the clock… it was 5.40 am; time to get this show on the road. He had waited too long. Taking the tumbler with him, Alberta strutted over to the sleeping Doctor, stood right above his head, grabbed his soft cock, and proceeded to piss on Logan's face and head. After a few moments of the intense flow hitting him, the Doctor woke from his unconsciousness. Alberta grinned. He had had to piss for a while, and it felt so amazing releasing into the face of one who had denied him his destiny. “What the fuck!!!” The Doctor quickly sat up and frantically tried to mop the hot urine off of him. Alberta continued urinating onto the floor for about twenty seconds more. He suddenly realised he didn’t care anymore about his house or any of his possessions. He now knew what he was about to become, and when that occurred, he would have no need for any of them. He shook the remaining urine from his bladder and looked the Doctor directly in the eye. “Wakey Wakey, Doc. Time you joined my little party.” Albert raised the tumbler to his lips and took his first fateful swallow of the formula. “Bitter, tastes like old pennies. Not great… but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.” “Where are we?” Logan was trying to take stock of his surroundings while dealing with one of the worst headaches he’d ever had. “My place. You like it? Remodelled it myself. Old… but I could see the potential; the high ceilings sold me. Brought you back here after that whole thing went to shit.” Second sip. Rich… biting... “What happened? What happened to the Subject?” Logan tried to stand but Logan pushed him backward so that he fell onto the sofa, the world spinning around him. “The Corp, as he called himself? Dead. Went fuckin crazy. Nearly killed you. Couldn’t let that happen. Couldn’t separate us, could I?” Alberta looked right in the Doctor’s eyes and took an even larger gulp. “This shit has quite a bite, Doc. Guess you weren’t going for taste though, were you?” Alberta lifted the tumbler to his lips once again and drained the entire glass dry. When he was finished, he walked over to his desk, set the glass down, and picked up his still lit cigar. Alberta took a couple of quick puffs to strengthen the cherry at the tip and crossed back to where the Doctor sat, the smoke trailing around his head like a halo. “What you were drinking…” “Yep. The other three vials. Shame to waste them.” Logan looked at the grin that had settled over the naked Alberta’s face and tried to stand again, but was once again pushed back by Alberta’s large hand into the urine soaked cushions. “What’s the rush? The party’s just starting!!” Alberta took a large inhale from the cigar, let it settle in his mouth and throat, and then sent the pungent smoke flying out into the room. “Three vials… that could kill you.” “I’m willing to take that chance. I’ve a feeling it won’t though. I have a feeling it’s going to make me into something very very special. Something more powerful than even you ever imagined.” Alberta’s cock thickened slightly at the words. “What happened to The Subject?” “The Corp. He referred to himself as The Corp. Shot. Between the eyes. Six times. He wanted the world to worship him. That’s more my role… don’t you think? Can’t be two of us.” Alberta stroked his cock a few times feeling it get harder. Soon, he thought. Soon. “You see this cigar?” “What about it?” “Seventeen years ago my father left this cigar to me in his will. That was it. Just this cigar. Left the house, money, and everything else to my other brothers. But to me, he left this cigar. See… he originally bought this cigar in Havana. Paid a lot for it. He decided he would only smoke it when he felt he should celebrate that moment in his life when everything fell into place… when he felt life had given him the winning hand… when he had it all.” For a brief second Alberta felt the room spin. A brief smile formed on his face. “My father never had a chance to smoke it. Died before he could. So it was passed to me. Tonight… tonight was the night. Tonight I now have everything.” The room shifted again. Alberta let out a deep moan. “The asshole used to beat the shit out of me at least once a week. Finally got away from him when I was 18… when I joined the service. When I became a man… a leader. See… that’s what I am Doc. The difference between me and that thing you created… he was a stupid grunt… I’m… I’m superior. In every way I am superior to every person on this planet. Every single person…. Far superior than any being imagined!!!” The room was really spinning now. Waves of hot and cold were spreading out on his body. Sweat was starting to form on his brow as the hair on his arms stood on edge. “It’s starting, Doc. I can feel it. Didn’t even take fifteen minutes. Aren’t you going to ask me to look in a mirror… see what I truly am?” Alberta stumbled, his vision doubling, the world swimming in a crimson spiral. I finally feel free, he thought. Finally I’ll be in the body and form I was always meant to be in. “Energy… swirling all around me… entering every pore.” Alberta tried to hold on, but he fell to his knees. His cock was achingly hard and leaking, every sensation magnified. Hearing Alberta moan and roll his head back, Logan had every impulse to run out the room but found himself rooted to the spot. This isn't going to end well, he thought as he watched drool fall from Alberta’s gaping mouth, this never should have happened. Trying to clear his foggy mind of the orgasmic sensations attacking his entire being, the naked Alberta crawled over to Logan, positioning his face mere inches from the doctor’s own. When he spoke, Logan could smell the metallic scent of the formula coming from Alberta’s mouth. “I don’t need a mirror, Doc. I’ve always known what I’d see. When I fucked you, you used to shout it. Remember? You called me a god… and that’s exactly what I’m going to be.” The Doctor's blood ran cold when he heard those words. “FUCK!! I can feel it!” Alberta stood up and began to pace around the room. “It feels like termites are burrowing into my brain… hunting… searching for something… latching on to images… each more intense… more extreme… Me… each moment bigger… stronger… more virile… more primal…yet tactical… a god… a god of war… a god of vengeance… all power flowing..”. Alberta groaned as the Doctor watched every muscle on his body flex and swell. “All power… flowing into me… through me…THE BURNING!!!” Alberta groaned again as every muscle flexed and became even more swollen than before. Alberta stopped pacing, stared directly at the Doctor, his eyes open wide, and ejaculated a massive wad of cum onto the floor. As he orgasmed, between deep moans, he spoke, but barely above a whisper. “I’ve seen it, Doc. I’ve seen myself… what I am… what I’ve buried deep down…not a god… not a god as you imagine it… or those guys on Scruff imagine it… No… FUCK!! No… not as they imagine it at all. Not A God… THE GOD!!” In an instant, Alberta stopped orgasaming, and the entire world fell still. The Doctor watched Alberta squint slightly, contort his face as if he was hiding the fact that he was feeling some degree of pain, and in the silence of night heard what could only be described as an egg slowly being cracked open. Alberta grinned at Logan as a trickle of blood began to flow down from his hairline. “What I see, Doctor… what I have always been destined to become…. My body will begin to grow taller… wider… more and more powerful and muscular by the minute…” A second crack, this one even louder, instinctively sent Alberta’s hands up to his head as he felt his cranium begin to pulsate and fracture. “My… my… body grows bigger than this house… larger than a skyscraper… more formidable than a mountain.” Alberta’s eyes widened. “I see it all, Doctor. I can’t look away as I watch myself… as I grow… as I mutate… into… pure destruction!!” Worried that something had gone terribly wrong, the Doctor attempted to move to the opposite side of the sofa; further away from whatever Alberta was quickly becoming. Alberta looked at Logan with a grin on his face as his skull loudly cracked for a third time and proceeded to expand like a balloon being filled with helium. “This is it… Doc… what I’ve waited...planned for my entire life…. My body will grow and grow… evolving… ridding myself of my humanity… Planets revolving around me… Universes born and destroyed simply because of my desire… and still I grow and transform into the true Alpha and Omega… I will be there in the beginning and end of time… my form, larger than all existence… becoming every second… every piece of matter…” Alberta winced again, welcoming each explosion of pain. Opening his mouth wider than possible, Alberta’s jaw began to broaden and lengthen, keeping in proportion to his expanding head. Continually forcing his mouth to open more and more, blood began to flow over his lips and onto the floor as his human sized teeth were extracted from his mouth by much larger ones growing in below. The Doctor stared in shock at the growing maw as Alberta began to cough, blood hitting the Doctor like a Pollock painting. At first Alberta feared that he was choking, had truly poisoned himself by drinking the contents of three vials, but as a massive tongue slithered from his mouth, he realised it was just this new monstrous appendage growing and fighting for room. His nose gave off a sickening crack and blood flowed freely from it as it too began to alter and grow. The fire in his head continued to increase exponentially as he felt his entire head stretch, split, and swell even larger. “Somethings gone wrong!!!” The Doctor watched in shock and awe as Alberta’s face began to mutate… expanding larger with the passage of each second. “Not-ting wong !!” Alberta tried to speak, but his larger lips, tongue, and teeth were making it almost impossible. Another deafening crack, and his mandible grew larger and more pronounced; squarer than it ever had been. As his cranium quadrupled in size, explosions began to go off within the terrains of his brain. Unseen, Alberta’s frontal lobe began to blossom as new and improved zones were being created. Soon his brain produced far superior lobes than were humanly possible. These then evolved even further… each minute gaining greater strength. The lights began to flicker as the horrid image of Alberta’s mushrooming head filled the room. Large fissures in his cranium began to form from which the Doctor could see emitted an inhuman crimson light. “Head… brain… larger… stronger… soon I’ll…. AAARRRGGGHHH!!” The Doctor had to cover his ears as Alberta screamed, his voice suddenly sounding several decibels louder than it had been before. “My brain… taking in… downloading… everything!!!” The Doctor watched as the crimson light with Alberta’s skull grew brighter. Alberta simply laughed as if he were growing drunk on whatever knowledge the universe was feeding him. “Oh Doctor… What have you created?? My intellect doubling... no tripling... Ha!!! Quadrupling!!!” Alberta’s eyes grew wider at the realisation, “I’m now smarter than any man alive!!! My brain... taking in so much information at once… so much knowledge … downloading it… YES!!!! Smarter than any human… No! Now smarter than any computer. Brain… thinking thousands of thoughts at one time!!!! Gaining knowledge of… everything!! More powerful than any human... more supreme than any human!!!” Alberta screamed out again as his cranium began to pulsate. “This… this has always been my destiny… I’ve known about it since… knew what one day I would become… my brain… becoming even stronger… faster… and as the usage of my brain capabilities expands… my ability to control it...AAAAARRRRRRGGGHHH!!!!!! Alberta fell onto his knees and screamed. As his face contorted and as he gritted his teeth, Alberta’s cranium proceeded to enlarge even further. The Doctor could only stare in horror as Alberta fell into convulsions and fits of agony on the ground. The Doctor wanted to run from what he had a part in creating, but he found that his feet simply wouldn’t move. Alberta screamed again as all the bones in his face cracked and reformed even larger. His head was now twenty times larger than it had been and its growth didn’t show any sign of stopping. His brow ridge had significantly distended, and his cranium was much larger and rounder than the average humans, giving him a primal alien appearance. As Alberta convulsed on the floor, The Doctors own head rang out in agony as it was suddenly bombarded with new sounds. From somewhere deep within, he felt as if a massive hand was tuning his brain like a radio, the sounds becoming clearer and louder and turning fitfully into words. “I…. I… I… I will.. will… will… I will become…” The Doctor felt the words burrow into his brain… the voice now unmistakably Alberta’s. “I will… I will have… I will have absolute power!!!” Alberta began to laugh, the sound now magnified as it hit both Logan’s ears and mind. Alberta attempted to raise his gargantuan head, but his own thick neck muscles which had once appeared ox-like on his original form now were unsuitable for the task. The glowing fissures in Alberta’s cranium had healed with new bone and hair growth, yet it still looked as if it were made of putty as it pulsated, swelled, and expanded. “Trying.. to silence and organise … the thoughts of every… every creature in existence. Yes, Doctor! Just as you can hear me… I can hear you… though your mind and concepts appear to me as simple as a field mouse. What is he becoming, you wonder. Will he save us or destroy us? Will he…. AAARRGGHH!!!” Alberta gritted his teeth again and clawed at the ground, his mind expanding further, his consciousness now existing on multiple planes at the same time. With the feeling of being hit by a truck, both Doctor and sofa were lifted six feet off of the ground, upended, and thrown backward into the wall. Cowering behind it, Longan felt himself lose all control of his bladder. “Difficult to… control… all of existence… starting to revolve… around me!!!! Synapsis shooting faster than ever intended… becoming something unheard of…. Feels like lightning coursing through my… AAAARRRGGGHHH!! Alberta’s scream could be heard for blocks both in The Doctor’s head as well as with his ears. The noise was deafening and cut deep down to his soul. Several of the walls of Alberta’s residence began to crack and crumble while a large fissure broke open in the floor. “Becoming something… even God would fear!!” From beneath the sofa, The Doctor heard a loud splinter and snap of bones, and watched as Alberta’s shoulders began to slowly stretch wider. Alberta grinned. “Yes!!! What I have seen… what I shall become…I am a creature of pure power… of pure might… of pure muscle… of pure masculinity… what I will become is all that on a colossal scale!!! An unthinkable scale!! The world has never truly understood what I’ve always been deep down inside… I…. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!” As Alberta clenched his new much larger and thicker teeth, the muscles in his neck proceeded to swell and expand. This seemed to please him, because as it developed further, he was soon able to hold his head up higher and with greater strength. “You will witness my birth…” Logan couldn’t fathom if Alberta was in agony or total bliss as he cried out in orgasmic lust while his neck swelled thicker into a Grecian column of muscle. Alberta’s collarbone and scapula made gruesome cracking noises as they fractured and expanded… growing wider, his arms moving further away from his body. In a different situation, Logan would have laughed as he watched Alberta’s hand’s reach toward his massive cranium but found it too far out of reach and too short to even reach his nec.The Doctor watched as Alberta’s entire body pulsed larger and tensed up. Moaning loudly, Alberta felt every molecule in his body cramp and swell, propelling his body to a larger size. “… evolution… happening… faster… more complex… down to a… cellular… level. Louder cracking and grinding as Logan watched Alberta’s arms begin to lengthen, his bicep and triceps becoming even more engorged than they had been minutes prior. Lifting his hand up to his face, Alberta watched in awe and self-lust as his hands proceeded to grow thicker and longer. The agony he felt from his growing hands was only intensified as his arms proceeded to grow as well. As Alberta lifted his elongating limbs, Logan was in shock to see how quickly they had grown in such a brief period of time. They were now currently as long as Alberta’s own legs and proceeding to grow even longer. Alberta looked closely at his hands from every angle. They had to be nearly four feet long and just as thick. Marvelling at the sheer beauty of how monumental they were becoming, Alberta thought, Every story has an origin… and this will be mine. Hearing the bidding of its Master, Alberta’s whole body began to quake and trob. Filled with more unexpected agony, Alberta first felt and then heard every one of the bones in his body cracking, repairing themselves, and breaking again, only to grow more immense. Alberta laughed at the pain as he welcomed what was to be his future. He knew that not only were his bones growing longer… they were also transforming into a material unheard of in heaven or earth. This material would be unbreakable… his own inner armour… a small piece of what would make him indestructible. Alberta's whole body pulsated in time with his heart beat, every muscle in his body becoming engorged with blood. It was impossible not to hear his skin stretch, his bones snap and lengthen, and his muscles grow from where The Doctor hid. As his pecs began to thicken and swell, The Doctor watched an upper body that had once already been of highly developed proportion from endless years of working out… but now grew even more titanic. A sudden burst of deep guttural laughter erupted from Alberta’s throat. “My time being merely a man is almost over, Doctor… Soon something new will take my place…” The Doctor nearly bolted from behind the sofa as he heard an inhuman scream come from Alberta as his powerful abdominal muscles began to cramp and spasm. “Changing… Doctor. Evolving… mutating… your formula burning through my whole entire body… perfecting me… but it is my strength… my will… my desire transforming me into what I know I should always have been.” Sonic booms seemed to come from Alberta’s abdomen as all of his muscles proceeded to expand. Moving his immense hands to his abs, Alberta was shocked to find his once fat covered core replaced by a well defined six-pack that was already growing larger and tighter. Soon slabs of thick abs began to erupt from his lower torso. As each one burst with larger size, Alberta could only whimper, not able to even vocalise what he was experiencing. All he did was drool and beg his body for more. Seconds flew by as Alberta felt each abdominal muscle grow more dense and begin to fight for more space on his body. The crevices between each segment grew deeper and deeper until soon Alberta could stick nearly all of a finger in them. His Adonis belt, something he had never been able to produce on his own in a gym, became even more enhanced as his waist fought to stay tight yet gain more size at the same time. Alberta welcomed each time a muscle group cramped… lusted after every single sensation… begged for more as his new improved abs expanded into what could only be described as titanium bricks of muscle. “Tell me Doctor… how massive do you imagine I’ll grow?” Logan peaked from behind the couch. From where he hid he had only heard what was occurring to Alberta, but now that he saw it… saw his legs and torso growing longer and longer… watched his body filling the entire room… “Answer me, Doctor!! How massive do you imagine I’ll grow?” These words now clearly echoed in Logan’s head as if Alberta had spoken them aloud “I don’t know… twelve feet… fifteen feet… This needs to stop now, Alberta!” “I WILL NEVER STOP!!!” Logan hid behind the sofa again as his head nearly exploded from the psychic assault. “I will grow, dear Doctor, until I fill all of space… until my body and mind conquer all of time!!! I will grow until I am the only thing that exists, and even then I’ll continue to grow! I have seen a world where there is only me.. Forever living in the ecstasy of pure growth… size… and power!!” Like his hands before, Alberta’s feet began to swell fatter, longer, and wider. In only moments, his feet had begun to take up so much of the living room that he easily kicked his wooden desk through the wall and into the kitchen beyond. The old ranch house shook as its structure was compromised. As Alberta stretched taller and wider, his head rose up over the sofa, his breath hitting Logan like a high power fan.. Holy fuck, Logan thought, He’s wider than the sofa! He’s gonna be wider than this whole room! Any doubt that Alberta was exaggerating what he was going to become was now gone. Logan knew he was telling nothing but the truth: Alberta was evolving into God!. Joining in with the rest of his body, Alberta’s balls proceeded to swell even more monstrously, until they were the size of… Logan’s head swam… were there comparisons…? In one word, they were immense. Logan could hear them loudly churning now, hundreds of gallons of pure unbridled testosterone building up inside each testicle. With nowhere to run, Logan watched as Alberta’s balls grew larger and larger, churning louder and louder until the immense orbs began to rise up in his sack. At first the Doctor thought Alberta was going to cum, but he was mistaken. Instead, Logan watched Alberta begin to quake as massive waves of testosterone exploded throughout his entire body. Above him, in mere moments, Logan could hear and then see jet black pubic hair erupting all over Alberta’s once shaved ball sack. Soon, more hair began to burst from every pore and all Logan could hear surrounding him was the collapse of more of the building. Fuck, he thought, I need to get out of here, as he took in a massive whif of Alberta’s musk which was becoming even stronger as it seeped from each of his pores. Alberta’s quads and calves ballooned thicker as The Doctor heard Alberta's leg bones loudly crack as they too began to stretch even longer. Still on all fours, Alberta attempted to balance his immense head on a neck that now resembled an obscene pillar of muscle. As his neck enlarged further, The Doctor watched as Alberta’s entire body swelled and expanded to what had to be ten feet tall. If he hadn’t been crouching down, he most definitely would have exploded through the ceiling, yet even on his hands and knees, his back continually inched closer and closer to destroying a ceiling that stood over twelve feet tall. As each second passed, every muscle and limb gained new size. Quickly, his once monstrously sized head was in proportion to the rest of his Herculean body, and together Alberta’s entire form proceeded to grow even more gargantuan. “Face me, Doctor!!” The Doctor watched as the couch that hid him quickly disintegrated into a pile of dust around him, every atom that had created the once strong structure simultaneously destroyed. Now there was nothing standing in the way of him and the immense beast Alberta was becoming. “Yes, Doctor. In minutes I will tear out of this pathetic dwelling and reveal myself to the world. Tell me, do you feel like a proud parent witnessing the birth of something you had a hand in creating?” Just speaking, Alberta caused the ground to tremble. As each moment passed, he was not only psychically becoming stronger, but mentally as well. It was hard to concentrate… hearing trillions of thoughts at one time… but as minutes passed, he was finding it easier and easier to block it out and discover how to use the burgeoning powers at his disposal. “As I change… as my mind expands… as my body grows… I know now why you feared testing the formula on me. Originally I thought it would only make me bigger… stronger… more powerful... but you knew it’s true…” The Doctor fell to his knees as Alberta released a scream that echoed simultaneously through every mind around the globe. In an instant, over 1 million people burst into flames as the new God’s bellow forced every atom in their bodies to explode. As the roar grew even louder and deeper, Alberta’s pecs swelled with muscle. Larger and more defined, the two hairy mountains became, until they both fought for more room on the growing Titans chest…and still he continued to grow. Alberta groaned, welcoming the agonising pain of what felt like hundreds of hot nails being hammered into his traps as they increased in height and depth on either side of his neck. He could hold his mammoth head up easily now, but moving it from side to side was becoming more difficult as it swelled larger. It was so dense and muscle bound that it didn’t resemble any neck ever seen in humanity. As his traps continued to rise up higher and higher, fusing with his neck, and as his lats continued to widen, soon Alberta’s upper body resembled that of an immense morphed cobra head. As it surged even wider, Logan still thought in a rational sense: there’s no way possible he’ll ever be able to walk through a normal door again… his body is becoming simply too wide! “HOW DARE YOU THINK OF ME ON A HUMAN SCALE!!!!” With an explosion that rocked the very foundation he stood on, Alberta’s lats began to swell, pushing his arms even further from his body. The flooring beneath Logan splintered and split, then erupted into a smoke and flame filled crevice before him. “IN THE DARK I’D MASTURBATE… IMAGINING… FANTASIZING OVER THIS VERY SCENARIO… YET NOTHING COULD PREPARE ME FOR THE ACTUAL FEELING OF THE UNBRIDLED POWER WELLING UP INSIDE MY OWN BODY… THE POWER FUELING MY ASCENSION TO GODHOOD!”I As he spoke and as every bone in his body stretched longer and thicker, Alberta’s shoulders extended, becoming nearly as wide as the room. From them, his shoulder muscles merged into his traps creating a muscular peak unimaginable until now. “MY SHOULDERS… MY DELTS GETTING SO ROUND… SO THICK… SO HEAVY! MY WHOLE BODY STRETCHING WIDER AND WIDER… MY UPPER BACK… INUNDATED WITH MUSCLE… WITH STRENGTH… MY TRAPS GETTING SO CONCENTRATED… TELL ME LOGAN… STILL WANT ME TO FUCK YOU? STILL TURNED ON BY MY MUSCLE AND SIZE? LOOK AT ME, ANT!!” Logan burst into tears as Alberta’s stare tore into his soul. “SOON YOU WILL BE THE FIRST TO WORSHIP ME, DOCTOR, AND YOU WILL BE REWARDED!!! NEVER ON EARTH WILL THERE EVER HAVE BEEN ONE TO RIVAL MY SIZE OR MASTERY.” Moving with a force that shook the entire dwelling, Alberta attempted to stand for the first time. His legs were so long and hadn’t developed in musculature the way the rest of his body had, so at first he found it difficult to control his balance, especially being so top heavy. Slowly and with purpose he eventually stood crouched over before Logan, his immense wall of a back brushing the 13 foot ceiling. As he took in his new, though limited view of the world, his form nearly filling every inch of the room, a deep grumble of amusement came from Alberta’s diaphragm. “I COULD EASILY DESTROY THIS CEILING WITH A MERE THOUGHT, BUT I WILL RIP FROM IT AS I WAS TORN FROM MY MOTHERS WOMB. ALL WILL WITNESS MY BIRTH!!” As if hearing Alberta’s words, his legs and feet began to lengthen and expand along with the rest of his growing frame. The whole globe shook as with a mighty roar Alberta’s whole body spasmed and he shot even taller, his inhumanly wide back tearing through the plaster ceiling as easily as if it were wet tissue. Forcing himself to stand fully erect for the first time in a while, his shoulders ripped through more of the ceiling until the very foundation of the old ranch house began to tremble and collapse around both giant and man. Lifting hands that were nearly half as large as the Doctor was tall, Alberta ripped a huge chunk of the ceiling out, exposing beams and electrical wiring. Finally finding the strength to run, Logan dodged falling timber and plasterwork in an attempt to find an exit. The flooring beneath his scurrying feet burst apart, but Logan continued with even more determination. Looking back for a moment as he neared what he hoped was a back door, he could only now see Alberta’s lower torso as the rest of him had burst into the early morning light. Reaching the door, the Doctor grabbed onto the handle, turned it, and to his despair found it locked. Turning to retreat, Logan was halted once more by the falling of a large mass of sparking electrical wires. Whipping wildly around, the wires connected with the wallpapered wall, setting it ablaze. Stepping back, Logan smacked into the locked door and thought to himself: This spot will most definitely be my grave. * With a groan of pleasure and agony, Alberta’s torso loudly began to elongate even further. The snapping and pulling of his body appeared so excruciating that his screams filled all existence with the feeling of pure terror. As his body developed taller and longer, Alberta laughed through his pain as the ground fell further and further away. Looking around him, he took in his new world, and his hunger for power grew exponentially. Large pieces of wood and plaster fell onto Alberta, but none could penetrate his thickened skin. In fact, Alberta would never have known anything was falling on him if hadn’t seen it happening. Lifting his foot… his now car sized foot… he slammed it down on the house he still owed money to the bank on. What had been left of the building was demolished in one swift blow. Alberta laughed deeply as he breathed in the cool air around him. I know I don’t need to breathe any longer, he thought, but old human habits die hard…. Though I know humans will die very easily!! His whole body itched as hair multiplied, forced its way out of his body, and grew even thicker over his pecs, abs, arms, and legs. The hair now coating him was thick and a silky jet black colour. As if he hadn’t been hairy before, additional hair follicles erupted out of the available spaces and grew longer and thicker. Even the hair on his head had grown longer, jet black hair falling into his eyes and tickling his neck. Alberta took a look at himself the best he could. He was out of proportion as different body parts grew at various speeds with his arms and hands still unnaturally long and his feet growing to be larger than trucks. As he was aware of everything everywhere now, Alberta knew that he now stood forty feet tall and was continuing to grow. A new sensation hit him causing him the need to scratch his face. He could feel the thick hair bursting from his face for the first time in nearly all of his human years. He had never been a huge fan of body hair, but now as it grew on him he knew this was the form he was always meant to have. He moved to scratch his face, but his titanic flared lats made the impossible. Alberta knew that he could instantly shut off all sensations in his body, ridding himself of this irritating response to hair growth, but he knew this was something he would never do. Forever he wanted to feel everything associated with his metamorphosis and ascension. Alberta lifted his growing hand and marvelled at the sheer size of it… the sheer weight of it. Each finger was longer and thicker now than some buildings, and the palm could easily hold several tanks at once. He was nearing fifty feet. The more his torso stretched, the quicker his arms and hands, legs and feet began to look in proportion to his body... but his own body was so out of proportion to every human on earth!!! That is because I am no longer a mere human anymore, he thought, I am a God!!! The thickness of his neck and traps made it virtually impossible for him to turn his own head, and soon he needed to manoeuvre his entire body if he wanted to look around him. As he grew to sixty and then seventy feet, Alberta saw shapes that could only be crowds of people and cars coming to a halt below him. Using his voice, though he now thought of it as an antiquated concept, he spoke to his people below. “YOU GAPE AT ME IN AWE AND FEAR AS YOU SHOULD! BEAR WITNESS TO THE BIRTH AND EVOLUTION OF YOUR NEW GOD! WORSHIP ME NOW AS SOON YOU WILL ONLY BE DUST BENEATH MY FEET!” To his own ears, Alberta’s voice sounded so thunderous… so deep… so sexual. He could only imagine how he sounded to those below. If he only knew that when he spoke, his voice was filled with such bass that it sounded like thunder rumbling. Alberta tried to scratch his face again. His beard now was coming in long, dark, dense, and impenetrable. When he attempted to look down, he could feel the thick curls of his beard again his upper chest for the first time. His own chest… now completely covered in a thick pelt of black hair Just looking at it, he thought, just seeing hair like this growing on my body… I wish I would have let it grow out long ago. If my muscles weren’t so massive they would be hidden behind the thick hair… but nothing can hide my musculature… not ever. To those below… I know I look so masculine… so testosterone fuelled!!! Alberta laughed when he noticed the thick overgrowth of hair visible from his armpit. He lifted his arm to look further and remarked how heavy it felt… the jet black hair growing from his pit as dark and thick as the rest of the hair on his body. He was now hairier than he ever could have wished, yet like the rest of his body, it proceeded to grow and flourish. When he hit seventy feet, another wave of testosterone exploded from his balls and flooded his body. All of my life I have wanted to be a true Alpha… and now I am far beyond that. I am masculinity personified. Alberta began to walk, his truck sized feet easily knocking down buildings below him. Soon he would tower over every building… every mountain… and still he grew. When he hit over ninety feet tall, Alberta began to feel an itching rising in both of his pecs. The itching became an irritant… and quickly progressed into stabbing bolts of pain. Forced to grunt and sputter in pain, Alberta screamed out again, as with an explosion his already meaty pecs burst with even more size. Looking down as much as his neck would allow, Alberta’s head span as he watched these massive globes coming to life, taking over the top half of his chest. He salivated as he felt his already mammoth pecs grow firmer and rounder. He rubbed his hand over the right one, and stumbled into a neighbouring building as his hand brushed over his nipple. Nipples… so sensitive… never been very sensitive… now I finally understand nipple play!!! With each beat of his heart, his pecs swelled larger and larger. Using both of his hands, He grabbed his nipples and squeezed them. Colours formed in front of Alberta's eyes as his head spun with ecstasy. Squeezing them again and twisted them at the same time while releasing a low moan from his throat, he sent out a wave of lust to each creature below causing them to spontaneously orgasm. Smelling the multiple ejaculations from the crowd below, Alberta grinned as he came to terms that along with his body and mind, his senses were growing in power as well. He took in a deep breath to welcome the first of many offerings from his worshipers. Suddenly, both of his legs began to tremble and quake. His feet quickly grew longer and thicker as they too grew even more muscular. Moving up from his swelling feet, Alberta’s calf muscles began to take on mammoth proportions. They swelled up so thick that the diamond shape of the two heads began to expand outward on all sides and take up more room over his ankle until it appeared to those who could take it in that his foot form right from his calf. Stretching upward from his swelling feet, both his calf muscles began to take on mammoth proportions. They swelled up so thick that the diamond shape of the two heads began to expand outward on all sides and take up more room over his ankle until it appeared that his foot formed right from his calf. As Alberta’s calf muscles stretched toward his kneecaps, a titanic rumbling sound announced the birth of his new elephantine quads. Alberta cried out in exhilaration, the psychic energy coming from him shattering windows in a four mile radius, as each muscle simply erupted in size. He could only drool over how massive they quickly were becoming. The lateral and medial muscles of his quads immediately became so swollen that he had to widen his stance. Each time Alberta did, and created a little more room for his balls, they would quickly take up all available space. In no time at all the rectus emerged as two massive teardrops that dipped over his kneecaps and required him into a bow-legged and crouched position for comfort. Alberta was now resigned that for the rest of his existence he would be forced to walk this way, and it made him supremely happy. A human desire filled his head, and even though he knew he never had to do this, Alberta decided he needed to piss. For an instant his human memory took over and he wondered where he would piss, but then the brain of a growing God told him he could piss anywhere he wanted. This globe was his playground now. As he let go, pissing and drowning the curious below him, he thought of it as a gift.. a baptism to their new God. As he pissed… as he grew… he tried to turn his head and could see the long hair that had grown from his dead and down past his shoulders. Only hours ago he had a high skin fade and now… now he must look the image of a Greek God… of Zeus. His beard had also grown in length and thickness… the sensation of each follicle growing longer and denser caused his cock to harden and throb. As another wave of dizziness hit him… another massive burst of testosterone rocking his body… Alberta experienced another round of orgasmic pain. His quads had begun to swell and exploded with serious mass. As a human, he had once had difficulty gaining size in his legs… but now… ballooning with size… legs were never going to be his problem again. Even with the thick black hair coating every inch, it was impossible to miss every striation of his growing quads. As his quads took up more room… as they grew beyond the size of Redwood Trees… as blood fuelled his muscles… Alberta revealed in the thought that his growth was never going to stop. His hard cock began to leak pre as he felt his own growth and power growing stronger. He knew he stood 100 feet and it was here that he finally embraced his own destiny. “I AM YOUR GOD!!! GROWTH… MUSCLE… MASCULINITY… POWER… I AM ALL COMBINED. WORSHIP ME AND LIVE… REFUSE AND CEASE TO EXIST!!! His words swam in the consciousness of every living creature through all of time. Looking up, his worshipers watched as Alberta’s pecs fought to find more room to grow on his upper torso, rising up while being forced down at the same time. The crevice between his pecs was now so deep, but also grew tighter as he felt the pressure being forced upon his chest by the two powerful mountains. “MY POWER WILL FUEL AND DEVOUR YOU!!” Alberta’s abs and lower back began to explode muscle to prevent his upper body from collapsing upon itself. As his back, lats, and traps gained more mass, he wondered how he looked to those below. Piercing deep into their minds, he saw what he had become… more bullish than man. His traps rising up above his ears giving him the guise of either having no neck at all… or one so massive that it simply grew up from his chest. All that found his form disgusting painfully ceased to exist. Alberta could feel the cold surrounding him as he grew past 500 feet. His abs exploded one by one, but there was to be no simple six-pack with this evolution. With his hands he felt, since he couldn’t see anymore below his growing pecs, that his own body was mutating and he now possessed a 15 pack running down his elongated tirso!! With Alberta’s knowledge of the male anatomy, he was aware that most humans have, at most, eight muscle bellies but here he was with an abdomen becoming thicker and as dense as the ground he stood upon. From below, worshippers attempted to catch a better glimpse of their new God. Alberta’s neck, larger than his own waist, was barely visible, as his pecs and deltoids simply covered it up. When they did catch a rare glimpse of his head, they saw that his eyes had begun to glow a deep crimson. The more they worshipped, the more their new God appeared to grow; his lats causing his upper body to curve away from his body, but taper back in. Licking his feet, the worshipers took in what they could of his form. Each ab alone was a testimonial to muscle, and jointly together created a pure work of mastery. Each crevice in the wall of abs, along with his deep Adonis belts was so dark and filled with jet black hair. His waist… no matter how thick it became, it was tight compared to the massiveness of his chest which gave him the ultimate wasp waist. Below, worshipers ejaculated over and over again merely thinking of the majesty of their God. By the eighth time Alberta had spread his legs as far as they possibly could go, he heard a familiar cracking noise, and moaned when his pelvis broke and healed in order to enlarge his stance. This caused his already massive waste to broaden, which only forced his upper body to grow even more to keep that tapered perfection. Alberta clenched his jaw and grit his teeth as he felt the agony of his pelvis bone breaking and growing again, extending his waist more and causing his stance to become far more unnaturally bowlegged. His legs were now so muscle bound, so massive, and so engorged, that some might say they bordered on the grotesque, but he only cried out for more. Every time he stepped now, the entire ground cracked from his insurmountable weight. As Alberta felt his glutes grow, He cried out in ecstasy. He had been evolving for nearly an hour now… and with each metamorphosis and alteration his body went through ,the more orgasmic it felt. Alberta moved his hands to try and feel his swelling ass since there was no way for him to ever see it, but with his ever widening lats, he had difficulty moving his arms to even touch it. Every muscle on Alberta’s body was growing thicker and more dense. As he flexed his arms, he found that his bi’s and tri’s were nearly as thick as his own quads. Feeling the orgasmic rush of blood, Alberta felt the muscles of his arm triple in size. He was glad that his arms had grown so long as now there was more room for the eruption of muscle. As he flexed, the peaks rose higher. He flexed again… and they rose higher still. Another flex… the muscles grew to feel stronger… more powerful… more like metal than muscle. As he flexed, the hair on Alberta’s head blew in the wind. It had grown past his shoulders and was reaching the middle of his back. His own beard… it was now so full and long that it travelled over his pecs until he could no longer see the end. More beast now than man, he thought, that is what all men should be… more beast than man. As Alberta grew past 1200 feet tall, he felt his growth suddenly pick up speed. His forearms bulked up in size… his hands… how huge and muscular his hands appeared now… stronger and more rugged… each finger now larger and thicker than any Redwood. Alberta’s head spun as he tried to comprehend his own size. “MY BODY… NOW A THING OF PURE DOMINANCE… PURE MASCULINITY. AS I KEEP GROWING… HOW CAN I COMPREHEND THE MAGNITUDE OF MY OWN IMMENSITY?” Below, every human fell to the ground as they experienced their own orgasmic rush. Above, Alberta grew even more mammoth… more titanic… “I STAND… A HUMAN FORMED MOUNTAIN… MY HEAD BURSTING THROUGH THE CLOUDS. A PLANE FLIES CLOSE TO ME… YET IT IS AS SMALL AS THE SMALLEST MOSQUITO! I LOOK AT IT… AND IT TURNS TO DUST BECAUSE i WILL IT!!!” With another rush, Alberta shot like a bullet higher into the size. Each second now he was gaining millions of pounds of muscle. His feet sunk into the ground due to such immense weight.. Attempting to walk, Alberta destroyed everything below, not that he cared since everything below was insignificant compared to him. Alberta tried to remember a time before he was a God… but found that he could not. He had been born growing and would continue growing until the end of time. Only a small piece of him remembered the time when he had been a mere human… and that piece forced his cock to start to grow. He could feel his cock pulsing in time to his own heartbeat. As more and more blood was forced into his hardening cock, a sensation grew within him that was almost too much for him to bear. For so long his body had been the apex of his growing orgasmic sensation, but now it all centred around his cock. Drool dripped from his open mouth as thick veins erupted over the surfice of what he had once called his ‘fuck stick’ in order to supply more blood to it. His cock grew so hard… harder than it had ever been before… harder and thicker… so much thicker… Alberta lusted after his own growing penis. Grabbing with his hands, he finds that his hands can’t even go around it anymore. Each time it swells thicker, Alberta feels like his is going to cum, but he never does. It just keeps growing thicker… and thicker… longer… and longer…. Finally Alberta watches as the immense bulbous head comes into view over his pecs. The piss slit is so long and wide… so cavernous. He grinned as he watched his own cockhead swell to such an immense size. LIKE ME, he thought, MY COCK IS A MONUMENT TO POWER!!! More veins erupted over the surface of his body. Once again he forced his consciousness into the worshipers below in order to see what he looked like. He watched as monumental veins erupted over every surface of his body… thicker… longer… What he saw when he looked at himself was a brute of pure muscle… pure testosterone… huge… bloated with muscle… covered in hair… His cock grew so big that his pelvis had to grow larger to accommodate its size. Alberta was now and would forever be a leviathan of power. Returning to his form… he erupted even larger. For once, Alberta had no concept of size. All he experienced was the rush of growth. As he grew through the Stratosphere… through the ozone layer… through the Ionosphere, Alberta begins to stroke his own cock with his hand. Glancing out at the blackness and the stars, Alberta shook off the last of his humanity and stepped fully into the realm of Godhood. Through every plane of existence, all one could hear was: “I WILL GROW LARGER THAN THE COSMOS. MY MONUMENTAL FORM WILL STRETCH THROUGH ALL OF ETERNITY. I WILL BREATH AND SOLAR SYSTEMS WILL CEASE TO BE. PLANETS WILL REVOLVE AROUND MY COLOSSAL BODY. ONLY THROUGH MY WILL CAN EXISTENCE GO ON. NOTHING NOW OR EVER WILL BE AS HUMONGOUS AS I… AS MONSTROUS AS I… AS MAMMOTH AS I!! I AM YOUR GOD AND FOREVER THE VASTNESS OF MY BODY WILL GROW!!!”
  11. Tracking back to my very first art pieces on this site, I decided to work on a Kengo and Gunzo hyper muscle growth fanfic, hope yall like it. Story takes place many years into the future because it takes place after the Game ends and the Tokyo Walls destroyed. Just like with my Akiha Gongen story, this story takes place in the same universe. MC is the same as the one in the Akiha story. But this story is a prequel to the Akiha story. Word Count: 9520 In Tokyo on a perfectly cooling day. It was the perfect day for MC to go out and have some fun. But oh what to do? Luckily for MC, they seem to have received two messages. One from Kengo, the other from Gunzo. MC was kinda sad that they may have to abandon one of the two men for the day. But coincidentally, both men wanted to meet and hang out with MC at the same place! A local gym located not too far away from MC house! MC blushed. They had quite a huge crush on the two men. But then again, MC had crushes on a lot of people. What a lucky day for MC. But MC is gonna experience a very BIG DAY! In the following hours, MC got ready and went on their merry way to the gym. The short bus trip went smooth. MC got everything they needed. Everything went smooth sailing. MC wondered what Kengo and Gunzo had to show them at the gym. It was already a strange request coming from one person, but the two of them? How odd of a situation. But no matter, MC got to hang out with 2 of the hottest humans they had ever laid their eyes on. Hours before the text messages were sent, Kengo stared at his phone. There it was, a message asking MC to hang out alone in the Gym on his phone. He was nervous. While Kengo appeared stoic and brave, he didn’t realise how much he had fallen for MC. It was clear that Kengo was dedicated to helping his partner in any way he could. But since Kengo and MC always hang out with the rest of the Summoners, having some alone time made Kengo very nervous. What if MC didn’t have time? What if MC was not in the mood? Thoughts clouded his mind. But he wanted to hang out with MC that day. He was already at the gym. Nothing is stopping him. With a heavy sigh, he pressed the ‘send’ button. Meanwhile, Gunzo was standing outside of the gym. He was eager to show MC his progress. Mc and Gunzo had been hanging out with each for quite a while now. The two tend to play Rugby together as Gunzo was very fond of the game, while MC just wanted to play it to see Gunzo happy, even when sports really isn’t MC’s cup of tea, they just wanted to see their friends happy. However, recently, Gunzo had partaken in another activity. MC had accidentally admitted that they are really into big and buff guys. As Gunzo wanted to impress MC, he had taken up lifting weights as a side thing. Although he was already buff, he wanted to be bigger to please MC. Now each time he notices progress, he invites MC to show it off. Kengo expected either no response from MC or maybe a no from them. It was a Saturday, and MC did sometimes get pretty lazy during the weekends. But to Kengo’s surprise, MC had agreed to meet up with Kengo at the gym. He breathed a sigh of relief as he wiped his forehead. It was quite a warm day. Kengo tried to calm down. This was his first time truly being alone with MC. He could not afford to mess it up. Kengo tried to remember everything he wanted to say. He had been playing on this day for quite a while now. He wanted to profess his love for MC. And what better way to profess than in the middle of the gym. While a stupid idea at first, Kengo thought harder and thought it was perfect. MC has quite a thing for buff guys and Kengo had been packing more muscle as of late. He was beginning to look like a true bodybuilder. In fact more, nearly reaching 375lbs worth of muscle and 25lbs of fat. All for the sake of looking bigger to impress and hopefully win over MC. But a sudden chill went up his spine when MC replied with “Cool! We can hang out with Gunzo too since he wants to hang out with me at the gym as well!” Gunzo sent the message with full confidence. While Gunzo sex life was still nothing, and he is still a virgin, he thinks he could win over MC. Gunzo knew of MC’s fetish for giant muscular guys when they accidentally slipped it out during a conversation, and ever since then, Gunzo wanted to become the biggest man ever. His work eventually paid off. As the weeks went by, he invited MC to see his progress, and Gunzo had packed on a lot of muscle. There was so much that even mild roughhousing from him hurts his friends. He was nearly 375 lbs worth of muscle. While his hang outs with MC, he noticed that their relationship was strengthening. Gunzo had fallen for MC when during one of his flexing sessions, he did a double bicep pose in only his underwear and made MC blush. The soft look of MC’s face had also made Gunzo blush. It was then when he realized it was nearly time to profess his love to MC. Today would be that day. He was big and strong enough and was kind to MC. He was ready. However a message struck him to his core. “Kengo wants to hang out with me at the gym too! Let's all hang out there together!” MC had suspected this day would come. As the Tokyo Vessel to the Human, it was obvious that they would grow the men they crushed on. While it may seem that this day was a planned manipulation tactic, it was more nuanced than that. While MC did crush on the two men and wanted to see them grow, none of the steps it took to lead to this day was planned. All of it was genuine. Their feelings towards the two men, their interactions with them, all of it genuine. And the fact that all of it was genuine added to the fact that the two men actually had interest in the MC. Even if MC wasn’t planning to grow them, it was pretty obvious that the two men had crushed on MC. Kengo had always been particularly close with MC. During their constant adventures, Kengo was always by MC’s side. It was also pretty sweet of him to call MC his partner. While they had not hung out alone, MC did notice the many times Kengo tried to be alone with MC to invite them for lunch or to hang out. In fact, to see if Kengo was genuinely crushing on MC, MC would try their very best to make Kengo blush. Either by a simple smile, compliments, kind gestures like helping Kengo with homework, and even complimenting his muscles. There was even one time, while the rest of the Summoners were distracted, MC used that time to try to get to Kengo. First, MC showered Kengo in appreciation. Afterwards, MC began complimenting Kengo on various things. Soon it shifted to complimenting on only his muscles. It worked. MC had told Kengo that they were very fond of huge muscles. Kengo blushed as asked how big. MC said as big as possible. Soon, Kengo began to get super flustered. Trying to hide it, he stupidly decided to flex his muscles. He immediately regretted it when MC decided to start rubbing his pecs. Kengo blushed and immediately grabbed MC's hands. They both looked at each other in the eyes for about 3 seconds before promptly looking in the opposite direction. They were to never speak of this again. Gunzo is very close to MC. While dealing with some things in Yoyogi Academy pertaining to a certain gryphon, MC met Gunzo. They had a great time playing Rugby till dusk. After some shenanigans, the two promised each other they would continue to play Rugby. In one Rugby session, the two were sitting alone on a bench after they finished playing. It was quite a warm day and Gunzo decided to remove his shirt for a bit. MC could barely resist the temptation and began rubbing their hand onto Gunzo’s sweaty pecs. Gunzo was stunned and fell from the bench backwards, landing onto his back. MC stood up and immediately apologized. MC sat back down, facing away from Gunzo while cupping their face with their hands. Gunzo didn’t know how to respond. Anything negative action would result in MC feeling bad, and words in general would do the same. It was hard for Gunzo too, as he really never experienced love as he was a single virgin, but the only solution was a hug. Shocked, MC tried to get up, but the tight yet warm hug made MC turn around and reciprocated the hug back. It was then that MC had mentioned about loving Gunzo’s massive body. How MC would dream of seeing guys grow bigger. As MC realised what they said, they ran away as fast as possible. Knowing what MC said, Gunzo tried his hardest to be the biggest and strongest man alive, for MC. As Gunzo entered the gym to feel the cold air of the building, he met eyes with Kengo. Both of them frowned at each other, knowing full well what was supposed to be a date with MC, turned into a weird love triangle hang out session. They both sat far from each other, thinking of all the curse words to throw at the other guy. It was embarrassing, frustrating and sad. To have their whole plans ruined because of some other buff guy. They knew MC all too well that MC would never want to see plans cancelled or postponed, so they had to deal with having out with MC and some other dude together. As the minutes tick, all the negative thoughts flood more and more. However, a familiar voice had soothed their hearts immediately. It was MC! They came into the gym carrying 3 bags. Oh how typical of MC, to hand out gifts each time they hung out with someone. Well as the winner of The App itself thus ending the Time Loops, MC won an infinite supply of money. So they used it to shower their friends in gifts. Kengo and Gunzo walked slowly to MC, while MC rushed towards them to give a big group hug. While MC was busy burying their face in the men’s pectoral muscles, the two men glanced at each other with seething hatred. As MC pulled away from the hug, the time for fun will commence! “So, what made you both want to hang out with me today?” MC asked curiously, while pacing about. Both Kengo and Gunzo immediately tried to brush off the question. This kinda set off MC for a bit. It was mildly irritating to MC. The worst part was, not even Kengo and Gunzo wanted to be close to each other. MC thought this would be a great day, to have the trio hang out. But not even the two men wanted to talk, not even look at each other. They tried to get at least one of the guy’s attention, but it led to the jealousy of the other. This peeved MC off a bit more. As they realise that Kengo and Gunzo may not interact, they decide that they will take matters into their own hands. They decided that they were gonna switch between hanging out with Kengo and Gunzo. But due to their intense jealousy, they were gonna switch with them every 2 minutes. This is to help make them want to settle their differences quickly cause there is no way that they are able to hang out with MC with that kind of time limit. MC planned that this idea would irritate the two men so much that they’d have to hang out with each other so that they could have a normal day. This idea might be crazy enough to work! As they tell their plan to the two men, their face lights up. Perhaps the two men were now thinking of the best possible ways to use up their time. As MC finally finished explaining their plan, they were waiting for the men. The men seemed to agree on MC’s plan and they went their separate ways. The two men were now preparing their time with MC. It was now or never. MC began to approach Kengo first. They wonder what was in store for them. Kengo sat quietly by the pec deck machines. He decided to do some reps. Hopefully, with MC love of big buff guys, Kengo would be able to woo the MC into liking him more than Gunzo. Kengo probably figured that Gunzo wanted to admit his feelings to MC. So he must do whatever he can to get MC to like him. Even if it means growing as big as he can. Gunzo was disappointed that MC went to Kengo first. He wanted to show off his muscles and admit his feelings. He knew that Kengo wanted to admit his feelings for MC. So Gunzo, knowing full well of MC’s taste in huge men, went off to the bench press machines and just began to work out as fast as he could. He and Kengo were as big as one another. He couldn’t afford to lose. He had to be bigger than Kengo, no matter what it takes. Now the two are at odds with one another. Both trying to grow for the sake of impressing and swooning their crush. Who shall prevail in this growth story? MC approached Kengo and called out his name. But he couldn’t hear them. MC tried to call for his name again, but to no avail, a lack of response from him. They tried waving their hands in front of him, snapping their fingers, anything. But no response. MC saw a deeply concentrated Kengo trying to work out as fast as possible. What was that man doing? MC was extremely puzzled. One moment, Kengo was excited to hang out with MC, but as soon as he saw Gunzo, went into angry mode. Furthermore, while being able to talk to MC first made him happy, now he’s just concentrating on working out. A little down, MC went towards Gunzo. Maybe Gunzo would pay attention to them. However, after walking towards where Gunzo was, the same thing happened. Gunzo was utterly entranced in working out. Now MC was getting both pissed off, upset and confused. What was even going on? They began to walk back and forth trying to think of a reason as to why this was happening. Could it be? They wanted to admit their love for MC but because of the other person, they couldn’t? And to win, they wanted to grow bigger? Perhaps… Maybe they should test out something… MC decided to go to Kengo first. Maybe this would snap Kengo from his working out session. As they walked up to Kengo, they noticed that he was still deep in his trance. He seemed so determined to win over their heart. But now it was time to see if MC's idea would work. MC stood beside him and with their right hand, he held Kengo's right pec and gave it a quick rub and squish. Meanwhile, with their other hand into Kengo's ear, they whispered in a soft yet lustful voice, "I love you". Kengo immediately stopped and finally snapped back into reality. He looked down to see his right pec being caressed, then turned to his right to see MC. He immediately blushed. He was about to start speaking before his lips met with MC. A long and intense kiss happened between the two. As they broke it off, MC left while giving Kengo a small stroke to the chin, "Get bigger for me". Afterwards, MC did the same to Gunzo. MC got near Gunzo and began stroking his pec and whispered the same thing. He stopped and got up, only to find himself kissing MC. As the two broke off the kiss, MC walked away once again. MC's plan had worked. Now to see why each guy was so hellbent on having MC… MC approached Kengo who was taking deep breaths to cool down from the exercise. He was sweating profusely. His shirt was soaked. MC took a small chair and sat right in front of him. As Kengo finally cooled down, he could finally pay attention to MC. His vision cleared and he saw the cutest smile on MC’s face. He blushed and tried looking away. But MC moved the chair closed to Kengo, and placed a hand onto Kengo’s left thigh. Kengo tingled, and sat still, then slowly, he moved his head to face MC. As he finally faced MC, he took a deep breath “Hey partner. Sorry about what happened.” “What are you sorry for? It’s okay! I know you're only doing this for me. It’s sweet of you Kengo. In fact, I should be the one apologizing.” “For what? I was the one not paying attention to you, even though I wanted to hang out with you the whole day!” “That’s just it Kengo. You wanted to hang out with me, and Gunzo did too, but instead of having individual days to hang out, I brought along you both. And I know why…” “Y-you d-do?” Kengo shuddered after hearing those words. “I see how during the past few weeks, you basically have been trying your best to please me. You were always trying to grow bigger to be able to handle your Rule of Infinitude, so that you can be there to help me. I noticed you are also always trying to ask me out alone. But I was too nervous to tell you that. I also know that you know that I'm into large men and you were trying to win me over from Gunzo by working out to be bigger. I know that both of you have a crush on me. And I like the both of you too. And I know both of y’all don’t seem to like each other. I will decide later…” “And how will you decide…” “After both of you take a shower, whichever of you is bigger, will be allowed 1 date with me. Now go take that shower, you smell awful!” “Oh haha, sorry!” Kengo smiled and scratched his back. He got up to take that shower. Now it was Gunzo’s turn. As MC approached Gunzo, he stood up from his seat with his hands up in the air. “I hear you, I hear you.” “You did? Was I that loud…” “A little bit. But that’s okay. We’ve spent weeks together as I showed you my growth progress. And I think I’m much bigger than Kengo. I-is that right-t?” “I’ll see it for myself later. But thanks for growing bigger for me, you're a real hot sweetheart!” Gunzo after hearing those words, began to get super flustered and red all over. Not wanting to embarrass himself further, he quickly took his things and headed to the showers. In the toilet, it was incredibly empty. It seemed to be a slow day at the gym. There were about 4 other people alongside them, but now the gym was empty. As the two men made their way to the stalls they realized how empty and quiet it was. Tensions rise as the two mens disdain for one another quickly adds on. While typical gym toilets have separate stalls for each shower, this gym has an open shower. They were frustrated that they would have to see each other and have no privacy. While they could shower at opposite ends of the toilet, it turns out only 2 of the shower heads worked. And they were right beside each other. This peeved them off a lot. But no matter, it was all to please MC. So they had to endure the pain of seeing their rival. They took off all their clothes, threw them onto the bench and turned the showers on. Hot water rushed to fill the open showers. Thankfully the mist from the hot water was able to fog their view of each other. Hopefully now they are able to have decent showers without the other to annoy them.. The time spent showering had a lot of tension. Only the sounds of water falling and mist rising can be heard. Not a single sound came from any of the men. The mist did quite a good job covering them. However there was some amount of light passing through. Thankfully, their faces were fully covered, so one person can’t see the other person staring at their bodies. As they were showering, Gunzo was cleaning his legs when he suddenly saw Kengo’s body in full glory. He was checking Kengo out unintentionally. He saw Kengo’s huge body. Kengo truly looked huge, especially since he was 375lbs of pure muscle while 25lbs of fat. Kengo truly looked like one of the biggest bodybuilders in the world. And with that fat, he boasted quite a big muscle gut too. It had been a while since Gunzo had last seen Kengo. Back when The Game was still up, both Gunzo and Kengo were 17. But after 2 years had passed, who knew how much had changed. When the Game was won by MC and the game ended, Gunzo had not seen Kengo at all. Who knew how much 2 years can affect someone? Only at 19 years old, Kengo was the size of a true bodybuilder with a muscle gut. Standing at 6’7” he truly was the most dominating guy ever. His huge muscles, his tall height, his incredibly hairy. Though Gunzo had the exact same measurements, he still felt dominated by Kengo. But at the same time, he felt different. Though they were competing for the same person, it appeared that Gunzo was getting hard. After staring at Kengo’s massive body, what made him hard was Kengo’s cock. Gunzo was pretty surprised to see that Kengo was hard as well. He boasted what looked like 13 inches while hard. Gunzo had become quite horny. Gunzo touched his cock and moaned softly and for the first time within the past 10 minutes, a noise was made by one of the men. Kengo was suddenly attracted to the noise while Gunzo tried to hide within the mist. Kengo looked to his right to see Gunzo’s back in full view. He thought he heard Gunzo moan. Maybe it was something minor. While he wanted to get back to cleaning himself, he found that he was still starting as Gunzo’s massive back. As Kengo and Gunzo had almost the same stats, it was cool to see how Kengo’s back actually looks like. But furthermore, looking at Gunzo’s back made him harder than ever. He didn’t want to admit it, but seeing Gunzo’s body right before they showered immediately made him hard. He had hoped that Gunzo didn’t notice his hard on before the mist had appeared. Looking at Gunzo's huge ass, it turned him on even further. He tried resisting but Gunzo was too sexy. He had to fap right then and there. He began to stroke his massive 13 incher and held his breath, trying to not make a sound. Meanwhile, Gunzo, who was thinking about Kengo’s massive, hairy body, was also pleasuring his cock to the thought of it. The two men continued stroking their members, trying their best to keep quiet. Even if they did make noise, they tried to be softer than the rushing water from the showers. They got harder and harder. The sight of Gunzo muscles was arousing Kengo, and the thought of Kengo's beefy and hair muscles had aroused Gunzo. They kept at it, stroking faster and harder. Their muscles are squeezing. They closed their hands worked their cocks harder. Soon, they were so engrossed at the thought of their hot rival that the moans were now completely audible. The sounds to 2 giant bodybuilders echo throughout the showers. Their deep masculine voice reverberated in the room. The sweat accumulating was then washed down from the showers. Soon enough they were getting so hard, so horny from their fap session, they were nearly close. The grunts got louder, strokes harder, they were panting, and they were close. Soon, with a violent roar, Kengo had unleashed a massive torrent of seed right onto Gunzo's back. Meanwhile, Gunzo, shocked from the sudden cum on his back and the roar, turned to face Kengo, while still stroking his cock. But the sight of Kengo's sexy body, his roar, and his constant ejaculation was the straw that broke the camel's back. In an instant, Gunzo moaned the loudest he could and unleashed his own torrent of seed onto Kengo. As the minute passed, and they finally calmed down, they came to a realisation. As they stared into each other's eyes, mortified, they had realized they masturbated to one another… When the two men watched in horror as they saw the other man’s cum on their bodies, they quickly went to shower to rid the cum of them. They quickly washed as fast as possible, trying to rid their brains of what had happened. Both men were distraught. How could the other possibly fap to themselves? And could each man possibly fap to the other? They were just fighting to win the heart of MC. While their feelings for MC had not waned since what happened, their feelings for each other had turned slightly positive. Both men were still blushing and wondering. Could a polyamourous relationship between MC and the two men work. Maybe they were just crushing on each other but their feelings on MC were still genuine? Maybe nothing is genuine? Lots of questions filled the minds of both hulking men. While trying to wash off everything, both men were still hard from the thoughts of the other. How could they still be hard from all that cum? It was even hard to wash the cum off the cock as they were extremely hard and sensitive. It wasn’t long until Kengo began to cum and groan again while trying to wash off the cum from his cock. His cum splattered the walls and his legs. He groaned, then got frustrated as he still got hard and the cum wouldn’t stop. Gunzo, seeing this, got extremely horny too and immediately came again. This time, both men didn’t even care. They were so horny, so sexually charged, both men knew something had to be done. Gunzo kneeled onto the floor and licked his lips. His mouth is close to Kengo’s cock. He looked up to see Kengo, panting, begging for a quick oral. Soon, Gunzo began working on it. He shoved about 8 inches of Kengo’s mighty rod into his mouth. His mouth moved gracefully. Though Gunzo was a first-timer when it comes to sexual experiences, he was quite the natural. He managed to hit all the right spots such that Kengo kept on groaning and moaning. Kengo arched his back, groaning louder. Gunzo began to feel something grow. It appeared Kengo’s cock was getting bigger and longer. Filling his mouth, Gunzo began to work Kengo’s cock faster. With the added length of Kengo’s cock, Gunzo used his hands to massage the rest that couldn’t fit his mouth. Gunzo's first sexual experience also made his cock extremely hard. What he once thought was the longest his cock would be at 13 inches, also grew alongside Kengo. His cock thickened and grew. He quickly began to use his left hand to start pumping his own cock. It felt just as big and as hard as Kengo’s. Soon enough, things got a bit more savage. Their lust, getting so strong, their intercourse had gotten rougher. Kengo began thrusting his massive 16 incher deep into Gunzo, while Gunzo began to furiously masturbate his own 16 incher as hard as he could. They kept this up, speeding up. Kengo’s moans and groans got louder and deeper. Meanwhile, Gunzo tried his best to contain Kengo’s rod while concentrating on his own. They kept it up, for about 2 more minutes until both men felt like they were about to unleash their storm. As they kept it up, their balls churned, their torsos readying for the biggest bust ever. Both men closed their eyes. Kengo clenched his mouth, hands and feet. Meanwhile, Gunzo gripped his cock tighter. And almost in an instant, both men released the biggest orgasm humanity had ever seen. Ropes exploded and sloshed out of Gunzo’s cock, while a massive waterfall rushed into Gunzo’s mouth from Kengo’s dick. Their orgasm lasted a whole minute. Gunzo tried swallowing as much as he could, but fell short as he choked and gagged, pulling his mouth away from Kengo’s cock to release some of it out. The floor was absolutely drenched in cum. Kengo kept splattering volumes of semen onto Gunzo’s face. Meanwhile, Gunzo was trying to swallow all the cum he had in his mouth. After a minute, the two had calmed down enough to concentrate for a bit. Their cocks had stopped leaking of cum, yet they remained hard. It appeared that they still craved more. Kengo put out his right hand to Gunzo to pull him up. Gunzo grabbed on and stood up. But due to the slippery cum filled floor, he fell straight onto Kengo. Luckily, Kengo’s strength was enough to stop them from falling. They were basically hugging each other right now. Previously, they would have mauled each other, but right now, they embraced the hug. They closed their eyes, feeling the warmth of each other’s bodies. The feeling of sticky seed glueing them together. Their long cocks pressing on their abs. The hot shower waters cleansing their bodies while providing more warmth. It was a blissful moment. But they were still hard, they needed to cum one more time. As Gunzo had submitted to Kengo by sucking his cock, it was time for Kengo to be dominated by Gunzo. Kengo turned around and bent forwards. Gunzo’s cock was extremely hungry, shaking violently while close to Kengo’s ass. Gunzo was a bit scared, while he was a natural at oral, he was afraid that he might be bad at sex. But he couldn’t hold onto it anymore, and Kengo was begging for Gunzo’s cock. Gunzo pushed his cock in slowly. The tightness of Kengo’s ass, and the sensitivity of his Gunzo’s cock, made him immediately squirt precum into Kengo. Kengo felt the liquid spurt. Kengo had experience anal before, but never has he had precum that contained more volume than regular cum in his ass. This made Kengo begin to leak his own pre. Gunzo then pulled out his cock. That one thrust was enough to send the men leaking. Gunzo then begins his second thrust, then third. With each new thrust, Gunzo became more comfortable and Kengo moaned louder. Soon, each thrust became faster and more violent. Somehow Kengo was able to handle all 16 inches. The two men are getting sweatier and hornier. Their panting and moaning and groaning are getting heavier and deeper. It was all too much. Soon, Gunzo began to wrap his hands around Kengo and started lifting him off the ground. Gunzo was now thrusting him while Kengo was off the ground. Gunzo pulled and pushed Kengo as hard and as deep as he could, trying to pump as much of his cock into Kengo. Each thrust was powerful enough to create sound. Each thrust caused both men to leak more and more cum. The two men were sweating profusely. Their eyes clenched, teeth gritted. Gunzo gripping harder onto Kengo’s muscular and hairy body. Their moans and groans are getting louder. The floor was piling up with precum and cum mixture. Kengo, already pleased by Gunzo’s cock, now decided to stroke his own cock. He grabbed his own cock with both his hands and began working it. It was so huge, he was unable to fully wrap it around with his cock. He worked on it while Gunzo pumped his ass. Gunzo had never felt this dominant before. Usually he was a nervous jock who was scared of romance. Now here he is, destroying Kengo’s asshole. Minutes pass by as their never ending sex continues. They were so horny, so utterly entranced, they couldn’t possibly be able to relieve themselves. They kept going and going. While pressure built up within their churning balls and stomach, it was still long before they would cum. More minutes passed as they continued. Soon, the pressure building up was almost at their limit. They could feel it coming. What happened during their time with oral now pales in comparison to the chaos that is about to erupt. Both of them knew it. The churning of the balls, the pressure in the body, the pleasure from the sex. It was all too much. And during one last thrust, both men roared out the loudest moan in the world, sending a shockwave across the toilet. Both Kengo and Gunzo’s cocks were like a dam had exploded. Thick, violent streams of cum had burst out from their cocks. Kengo began spraying his cum 3 meters forward, with pressures so violent it cracked the wall. Meanwhile, Gunzo was polluting Kengo’s ass with his seed. Their orgasm lasted well over 5 minutes. They could not stop cumming. So much viral seed had covered the showers. The room smelled so toxic from the high concentrations of cum. As their orgasm ended, Gunzo pulled Kengo from his cock. Kengo held against the wall, weak from the anal. Gunzo wrapped his hands around Kengo’s body and gave a sweet kiss onto his cheek. Their cocks had finally settled down. They were okay. Now to finally wash the room of their cum and actually finish their shower. The two men decided to clean the cum first. It was a much harder task than expected. They hadn’t realised how much cum they had produced. It appeared that they produced more cum in those 3 sessions than the amount of volume in their body. The floor and walls were completely drenched in cum. Their feet were not even visible on the ground. Luckily there were cleaning supplies around. It took them a while, but eventually they managed to clean all of it. While doing so, they had a nice time bonding. They hadn’t realised how much they had in common. Mostly the conversation was about their time while The Game was still happening. After all, they had different experiences with MC while the game was running. As they finished, they went for their shower. This time, actually cleaning their bodies properly. As soon as they were done, they finally dried up, and went off. But while they were busy fucking and talking, they had completely forgotten about MC, who fell asleep on one of the benches. It appeared that about 2 hours had passed by since they were in the toilet. Still no one else in the building. They felt bad for abandoning MC for that long when it really should have been a 20 minute shower. The two hulking men decided to wake MC up, who, from the shock, immediately fell from the bench and hurt their back. MC was grumpy. They got up and rubbed their eyes, trying to access their location. Once their mind was slightly clear, they saw the two men, looking refreshed. They shook their heads, trying to defog their brain. Once fully alert, they noticed the clock that moved 2 hours ahead. They got confused, then confused. They started scolding the two men, asking where they were. All they got from the men were flushed faces and said they had to fix the plumbing. MC was extremely skeptical. These two men weren’t exactly the brightest people, so they didn’t create a very convincing lie. Their blushes indicate something embarrassing happened. But MC didn’t want to possibly bring up any bad memories, so they brushed the thought away. They thought whatever that happened probably wasn’t even all that interesting anyways. MC then announced it was time to decide which one of the two men that MC is going to date, in the loudest possible voice they could muster. It was after all, a huge momentous occasion. However, the recent happenings in the showers had made the men forget about why they came to the gym in the first place. Their eyes widened and looked at each other. None of the men wanted to explain anything. Both men thought that a polyamourous relationship could work out between the two of them. But neither had the guts to even say it to MC. The sheer embarrassment, and the weeks of non stop poking fun, it was all too much to bear. So the two men kept their mouths shut. Maybe the other can try to explain to MC. But as MC began to investigate the final sizes of the two men, they had realised the other wasn’t going to speak. And they were probably too deep into stopping MC. Once MC is focused on one thing, they aren’t gonna stop until it’s done. As the inspection came to a close, MC had made their final decision. Gunzo was going to be the one they dated… Kengo looked appalled. Gunzo looked happy on the outside but had some feelings of sadness. Kengo felt a burning anger building inside him. All feelings of warmth and love from that shower session were immediately drowned with hate and jealousy. Gunzo, noticing this rage, felt that maybe the shower sex was also a one time thing. After all, they were just rivals. The whole point of going to the gym was for MC. But it appeared that Gunzo had won. And he fully embraced it. Pumping out his chest with a smirk, he was proud to be declared winner. MC clapped and cheered for Gunzo, meanwhile trying to reassure Kengo that it was alright. Kengo looked away, clenching his fists. There must be a way to be bigger than Gunzo. Somehow. He had to find a solution as quickly as possible before he loses his partner to his rival. Suddenly, an idea popped up. It was a crazy one, but one that might work. He quickly summoned his sacred artifact, his belt and began reciting. "Role of the Barbarian, Rule of Infinitude, I call upon your infinite power, give me all of it! Give me infinite size, strength and power!!!" With that, a flash of light glowed from his belt. Kengo tried his best to come up with a fitting spell that would allow his Rule to grow him. But as it turns out, the incantation proved to be a lot more potent than he realised. Electricity sparked from the Sacred Artifact. It appears that the Rule is malfunctioning. The Rule and Sacred Artifact was now using all of its infinite energy to grow Kengo. He knew something went wrong. He only wanted to grow slightly bigger just to beat Gunzo, but now, with all the power surging through him, he felt like he was going to explode. MC and Gunzo were shocked to witness what was happening. They thought the incantation wouldn't work. But as the sparks grew brighter and Kengo screamed louder, it was clear that the infinite energy and therefore, infinite growth, was leaking out. Gunzo immediately pushed MC away behind a wall. Kengo's sacred artifact blew up, covering Gunzo with Kengo's infinite spell. It appeared that Gunzo was to grow as infinite as Kengo. But Kengo, as the original wielder, will grow much bigger. As the light dimmed, MC took a peak. Both men were glowing yellow before it too faded. MC was unaffected by the blast. But it was clear both men were hit. Soon, the two men were breathing heavily. Sweat coming from their bodies. They were panting and groaning. Their dicks were hardening. It was an all too familiar feeling. Their growth shall finally commence. MC stood up and stared in awe. The two men were growing extremely fast. The seams of their clothes were tearing quickly. Their groans got deeper and deeper. Their muscles were swelling so fast, it tore and popped out from their clothes. Their shoulders touched each other from how big they were growing. Their muscles fought for space as they expanded as much as they could. They kept growing, pushing through all the gym equipment away easily as though they were just toys. Meanwhile, MC was fearing to get smacked by any of those heavy gym equipment. Kengo and Gunzo were growing too fast. Among all the Growers that The Human, now MC, had created, they knew that these two were going to grow bigger than the Natural Limit. A new loophole had to be found. It appeared that the Rule of Infinitude’s effects had malfunctioned. Due to its nature, it was meant to give infinite power to the user. However, based on the size of the vessel which hosts it, only a fraction of its power can be used. But as Kengo wished for a bigger body, the Rule had cast an infinite growing spell on Kengo, thus making him not only grow infinitely big, but infinitely powerful. MC may have found the loophole as when Kengo grows to be as big as the Natural Limit, the Rule may be able to overtake it and make him grow bigger than the Natural Limit, for as infinitely as possible. Because of this, there could be a bigger Natural Limit. As Gunzo isn’t the wielder of the Sacred Artifact and Rule of Infinitude, he would be affected less and thus won’t grow as big. As the men grew bigger and faster, more gym equipment was thrown from the force of their growth like sand. It was a sight to see. Not wanting to be hit by the Equipment, MC quickly tried to find the safest spot to hide in. They quickly accessed their surroundings. While a weird idea in concept, if MC were to climb onto the men, they would be safe from any damage. After all, nothing can hit MC if the men’s bodies shielded MC from any destroyed objects. But the men had grown so fast, so thick and beefy, and so tall, it was hard to spot any place to climb on them. Fortunately, their cocks had grown so much that it had provided MC the perfect ledge to climb on. Their cocks were so long, they fully tore off their pants and underwear, quickly exposing them. MC had to be quick, before their cocks start hardening to the point where MC can’t reach them. MC quickly rushed to Kengo’s cock. He seemed to be growing slightly faster than Gunzo, and so did his cock. This created a better climbing space for MC. MC began to reach onto Kengo’s cock. Even though it completely rested on the floor, the thickness was almost twice as long as MC’s height. MC grabbed on, feeling the heat of Kengo’s cock. They could hear Kengo moaning louder as his cock stiffened. The sound of Kengo’s deep groan had made MC hard too. But MC was losing their grip with the stiffened cock of Kengo had made it much harder to climb. MC quickly tried to climb as fast as they could. But the pressure they put onto Kengo’s cock had made it harder than ever. In a split second, Kengo’s massive cock had risen up as far as possible, with the cock head reaching Kengo’s own head. Due to the sudden movement, MC was thrown quite high into the sky, and fell down onto Gunzo’s cock. As MC fell onto Gunzo’s cock, he too felt extremely pleasured from it. His cock immediately hardened. It swelled and grew. Not nearly as instant as Kengo's growth. So MC wasn't thrown around like a ragdoll. MC held on tight as Gunzo cock expanded and rose. Like Kengo, Gunzo's cock head had met his own head. MC As the two men watched as their cocks were very much in sucking range, they got hungry. While their sudden growth has made it super hard to move around, they barely need to move in order to suck. They stared at their cocks, trying to not fall for it. They were trying to not think about how sexy it was. How powerful they feel. How big they were. How much they feel like growing more. But those thoughts kept rising in, their lust ever increasing, their growth speeding up. Soon enough, their cocks started rumbling and leaking of precum. It looked so good… As their brain rewired such that the thought of growing bigger, stronger and more powerful escalated, they two men craved more growth, and grew. As their cocks swelled in girth, and sexual desires running rampant, their cocks rumbled further, leaking more precum than ever. They began salivating. While Gunzo was fond of swallowing Kengo's seed, he never thought to try out his own. And while Kengo had multiple sexual experiences after he turned 18, he too never tried his own cum. It was now or never. The two men dug in, shoving their cock heads right into their mouths. They sucked as hard as they could, while also stroking as hard as they could too. MC was on the base of Gunzo's cock watching above in awe as they saw the self oral in action. MC got harder too. It was an extremely hot sighting to see. The two men sucked and stroked faster and faster, their growths accelerating. They hadn't realised how much they grew. They were too busy sucking themselves off to notice anything. And neither did MC, who too was lost in their own thoughts. The men's growths had begun to cause slight destruction in the gym. Their muscles heaving and swelling so much that the seams of their clothes began to rip apart. For now their cocks only burst through their pants. But now their growth has caused massive damage. Their clothes hung onto dear life, trying their best to contain the growing beastly muscles from within. The space in the gym had begun to feel tight. Their heads reached the ceiling. Both men had to bend down not to cause more damage. But they could feel their growth accelerating. They both stood on opposite walls, trying to give each other room to grow. Their moans grew louder as they kept feeding on their cocks, sucking and stroking as hard and as fast as they could muster. Pre violently spilled from the cocks. Their mouths, faces, cocks and bodies coated in the translucent serum. The gym floors and equipment too were being soaked by their pre. They kept going, faster and faster. Their cocks began to bend as they grew faster than the rest of their beefy bodies. But that didn’t mean their bodies weren’t growing that much. Their muscles had grown so big that their wide back and lats began to hit the other ends of the gym. Their pecs were growing so massive that they heaved and drooped forwards. Each pectoral muscle was stretching twice as long as MC was tall. Their nipples, hard and leaking out milk, were as big as MC’s head. Their pecs also covered half of their stomachs, shielding the view of their boulder sized abs. They were hard as steel, and took up MC’s torso each. As their lats spread out far, their arms were massive as well. Their biceps were almost as thick as their pecs. Their triceps are just as big. Their forearms swelling so huge that MC couldn’t even wrap their whole body around them. Their traps and neck rose higher and higher, reaching above their own heads. Their heads begin to drown within all that mass. Their view being blocked by the surrounding muscles. Their thick legs were 1.5 times thicker than their triceps and biceps combined, allowing them to at least be able to carry themselves when they stood up. But their muscles and height were not the only thing that grew. As MC was sitting down on the base of Gunzo’s cock, they marvelled at the growing man. They held onto Gunzo’s body, so that they would not fall. But Gunzo’s skin felt off for a moment. Suddenly, MC’s hand felt like it was enveloped by something bushy. As they looked down, they were surprised. Gunzo, a man with absolutely no body or facial hair, was beginning to bush up tremendously. MC watched as their surroundings were now growing bushes of pubic hair, creating a sort of grassy field but with red hair. They turned around and witnessed that it wasn't the pubic region alone that was affected. Gunzo was going through a bigfoot phase. Happy trails began to form along the crevices of his abs, trailing upwards onto his beefy pecs. Those massive shelves spouted dense layers of hair, utterly covering the skin completely. From underneath his pits, he was growing dense armpit hairs too. His arms and legs were also beginning to fluff up as well. And it wasn’t just him. Kengo was growing hair as well. And because Kengo was already somewhat hairy in the first place, he outbeat Gunzo on the hair part as well. His entire body is completely coated in lush brown hair, making him appear very barbaric. It added to his size as his hair kept growing longer and longer. It was completely unreal. The hairs were growing faster and faster, trapping heat and sweat into their bodies, causing them to be hotter. Their musk too began to waft all through the entire gym. Their musk caused them to become hornier and hornier. Their growth accelerated from it. Soon enough their bodies were starting to touch each other. Their bodies began to push all the gym equipment out the building. Pedestrians outside quickly noticed the cracking walls of the gym. The glass windows break, only seeing skin and hair. Everyone began to run away from the scene, fearing for the worst. An evacuation plan had gone underway. Every native and transient running from the scene as the Rule of Infinitude began to malfunction worse. Many rescue teams teleported all the residents away from the scene, possibly away from the entire Shinjuku ward itself. The power levels radiating from the gym are unprecedentedly high. As the Game had already ended, no one would be tossed to the exception plane once their powers were too much. As there wasn’t a system to limit infinite powers, and the enclosed space of the Tokyo walls was gone, only time can tell how powerful the malfunction can get. The two men were growing faster than ever, and the spaces left to grow within the gym were getting smaller. Both Kengo and Gunzo were moaning and groaning. They were so completely lost in their thoughts that they forgot what was happening. The once competitive state they were, to fight for MC’s love forgotten. The once hatred for each other dissipated. The two stared at each other, mouths dripping with cum. Their cocks touched, and that alone set them off. The pleasure from their cocks rubbing sent another surge of growth. They moaned again, utterly unaware that MC was still there. MC was getting terrified. While their growths sure were hot, they were getting scared that they might drown. They could feel the pre levels rising slowly, hitting their ankles. It startled MC because they were already high up on Gunzo’s pubic region. The pre level was probably twice as deep as they were tall. And since pre is somewhat viscous, MC would probably not be able to swim properly. They tried to climb onto Gunzo, using the thick bushes of his happy trail to climb up the body. It was hard to climb. It was like climbing a steep mountain, but it constantly rumbles as well, causing you to lose balance at the same time. As the two men grew, they got closer and closer together. The space is getting tighter and tighter. Their cocks touched each other, growing and rubbing against one another, only making it more pleasurable, causing their growths to accelerate. The cocks at full mast, stretching upwards. Their cocks grew bigger and thicker, pulsing higher and higher. Despite them bending down to not crack the ceiling, their cocks couldn’t be bent. So their cocks smashed straight through the ceiling, bursting towards the second level. Higher and higher, both of them smashed through the third level, then finally, bursting out of the building itself, sending torrents of pre onto the streets. The two men goan, their voices getting deeper and deeper. Their moans sounded like screams of pain, but it was all pleasure. Soon, it wasn't only their cocks that were touching one another. As their pecs swelled to insane sizes, their cocks were jammed right into the cleavages of their pecs. Their pecs smush against one another as well. With very little space to grow, their pecs only crash harder against one another. The squeezing of their pecs unleashes something new that the two had never had before. From their fat nipples, milk started to pour from it. Their jugular was producing so much milk, and the pressing is causing it to pour out. The two men moaned. Their nips were extremely hard and sensitive. The rush of milk pouring from their tits was like if they were cumming from their cocks. The two men screamed. Their pecs were growing much faster than the rest of their bodies. Their pecs swell with muscles, fats and milk. Their skin stretches to their very limits. Their nipples were getting more sensitive. The rush of milk only pleasured their nips more. It grew longer and harder. It was becoming extremely obvious they were not proportional to the rest of their bodies. Gunzo began to work on his nips, squeezing them as hard as possible, trying to push the milk out. Meanwhile, Kengo wasn’t able to reach his nipples at all. His pecs were much bigger than Gunzo’s. In a desperate attempt of rushing milk out, he used all his force from his mighty arms, and crushed both of his pecs against each other, trying to send torrents of milk from his hefty tits. As always, the pleasure from their cocks and nipples only skyrocketed their growths. And it wasn’t just that as well. The malfunction of Kengo’s Rule was starting to worsen. As it stands, Kengo is able to wield more of the Rule’s power the bigger he gets. Due to the malfunction causing him to grow, he was able to receive more power. But with Gunzo affected too, his growth accelerated as well. The lighting shooting out of Kengo’s Sacred Artifact was getting more potent and more frequent. The sparks shoot and surround both bodies causing them to surge higher and higher. No doubt if any transient or native was around the gym they would have been struck too and grown. But MC was safe due to them being able to rend away the effects of Infinitude. Soon their bodies had amassed so much growth, that they couldn’t hold on any longer. The walls cracked. Their muscles pushing out of the walls. The chilling breeze on their skin sends a cold chill against their bodies. Meanwhile the central point of the gym was extremely hot from all the growing. Kengo grew much faster, and his head began to hit the second floor first, utterly destroying his half of the second floor. Gunzo soon joined in, and the second floor was demolished. All the gym equipment fell off onto them. The weight of steel, feeling like mere pebbles dropping on their skin as they dropped down to the first floor. Meanwhile MC was trying their hardest not to get hit by anything. It was hard to see how Gunzo’s sweat and hair was making it impossible to move around without tripping. Soon more of their bodies broke out of the gym. Then entire walls utterly decimated. But it left their bodies room to breathe and grow. Meanwhile their heads broke through the third floor, then the ceiling. Suddenly, with all their force, they pushed out of the gym, sending every bit of wall, ceiling, floor, and objects careening across multiple buildings. Cars were smashed, windows broken, walkways cracked and dented. But at least now the two men were free. They stood up slowly, trying to gain movement. But they were nearly immobile. Their muscles were so utterly huge they could barely move, let alone turn around. Their legs were spread apart far because their balls and cocks were taking up most of the spaces below. But slowly and surely, the two safely stood up. Not before destroying more property along the way...
  12. Guest

    Muscle Ascension

    Long time lurker. First time posting a short story of my own. Enjoy ____________________________________ "Damn it..." Ian was working out on a treadmill in his city's gym. A disappointed expression in his eyes. He was a scrawny, 5'6 feet tall guy, weighing around 120 lbs. He didn't wanted to be so short and without any visible muscle. He wanted to be huge, BIGGER than huge. A masculine beast that everyone will notice and worship. Sadly, no matter how much he tried, his body refused to build any muscle, and over the years he has just gotten even scrawnier and punier. "Fuck man, I wish I could grow bigger..." Getting off the treadmill, he decides to walk outside for a breath of fresh air. Walking to the door, he notices every man in the gym being either highly concentrated in their training, or flexing for themselves in the mirror. Which makes him both aroused and jealous. But while standing outside and stretching a bit, something falls on top of him, covering him from head to toe. "W-what the hell?" He looks to the sky, but it was completely clear. And whatever fell on him felt sticky and gooey. It reminded him of something, but he couldn't quite remember what. Going inside the gym again, he was gonna go straight to the showers to rinse this strange thing off, but the time he came back, his body had completely absorbed it. He couldn't do nothing but stare at where the thing was, but not wanting to overthink, he simply went back to the treadmill. That's when it began. After a few minutes, he began filling a warm and itchy feeling all over his body, forcing him to get off the treadmill again. "What is...h-huh?!" In front of him, his body starts growing. First his previously puny chest, expanding onwards, pushing the shirt to it's limits. Then his arms, ballooning into giant biceps, filling with pound after pound of muscle, the sound of his bones rearranging and his muscles growing being heard through the whole area. Eventually, his shirt completely rips, freeing his still growing pecs from their prison, their "sweat" falling unto the floor as gravity made its job. "My-my pecs...what the...god, this feels so..." a moan leaves his lips. The feeling of his muscles growing feeling just as if he was edging an orgasm. He had already started getting glances from the people in the gym, curious about what was going on. But that's when the transformation continued, his flat belly turning a rock hard six pack, then a 8 pack, followed by his legs, growing in size and muscle, becoming thick enough to rival tree trunks, making rips into his pants until they soon, fall. With longer legs also increases his height, turning slowly from 5,5 to 5,9, then 6,3, then 6,7. His ass became a bubble butt, inflating in size to a fast speed, sending the jockstrap into him. He also started gaining body hair, gaining a beard in the process, and his pecs and abs becoming hairy. Ian thought he was dreaming, and if he was, he didn't wanted it to end. Standing now there only with a jockstrap, he had gone from a twig to a muscular, powerful man. Everyone in the gym had stares only for him. Many of fear, many of curiosity, and even a few filled with lust. He flexes right there, the feeling of his own muscles pressing against each other intoxicating his mind even more. He wa also completely sweating, the smell of man going through the whole gym. Ian thought he was already perfect. But leaving out a painful moan, he realizes that his cock and balls also wanted to be set free. Faster than the rest of his body, his cock starts throbbing in his jockstrap, pushing it down, and eventually setting itself free, slamming against Ian's leg. It was throbbing, pulsating, veins covering it completely, and slowly reaching to the floor. His balls were also growing along with it, becoming sensitive to the touch. "T-this is so much...but..." And that's when he reaches the point of no return. As if his hand was glued to his cock, he starts stroking it, panting in ecstasy, as he falls to his knees and watches in real time as it starts growing, and with it, the rest of his body. His cock soon became thicker than his already bigger hand, and slowly approaching his mouth, before he decided to grab it with his two hands, jerking faster, moving his hips along with it. He was trapped on his own world of lust, the men of the gym taking off their already light clothes jerk off to the sight, overcome with lust. Closer to climaxing, and his head almost reaching the ceiling of the place as his growth intensified, barely being able to move to his biceps becoming too big... He cums. A roar releasing his seed into all the surroundings, his cock shooting volley after volley of thick sperm, shooting random bystanders, and even the very ceiling. The absolute pleasure of his orgasm made the final step of his growth began, and like a broken faucet, the strength of his cum intensified, his dick becoming bigger, thicker, volleys of cum covering the whole gym, men affected by it starting to suck it, becoming big in the same way. Ian's mind was slowly disappearing, being replaced by the desire to grow even bigger, fuck all day, and and cum again and again. The simple thought was enough to make his stream of cum even stronger, now lying on a pool of his own cum that his worshippers were sucking to grow. His muscles were growing to such a rate that his movement was starting to become limited, his balls churning his unlimited seed into his massive cock. Yet he didn't cared. He wanted to grow bigger. "More...Please...MORE..." This command changes something in Ian. And suddenly, he breaks through the gym, his gigantic cock growing into the sky, spewing his seed everywhere like a fountain, the streets becoming rivers of his own cum as he starts growing past buildings and skyscrapers. Worshippers came to him, transformed by his cum, and did their best to pleasure the giant god as he kept growing and growing. Eventually, he stopped getting taller at the height of a skyscraper, but his muscles kept growing still, his head threatening to be shallowed by his traps at any seconds. Yet even then...Ian wanted more. He got a taste of godhood, now he wanted it all. He wanted to turn this world into a neverending orgy. He wanted to show his true power. Growing bigger than the city, a mountain, and and now standing on top of the world...Ian came. And came, and came. The seas turned to white, societies were destroyed by his cum tsunami, people transformed into hyper men looking to grow and fuck 24/7. Ian stood at the top of the world. He was the god of this world now, and the world was nothing more than his playground. A neverending orgy of pure masculinity, sweat, and sex, as everyone swam through his cum, people climbing into his body to worship him. This is what Ian wanted. And yet a thought still remained in his broken mind. "More..." The planet rumbled, unprepared for his next ascension. ---------- END OF PART 1 Tell me your thoughts on this or if you liked it.
  13. Ziel

    BEASTer Egg Hunt

    I'm a little late for Macro March but just in time for Easter! Life comes at you fast, but sometimes Easter comes at you faster. A seemingly normal Easter Egg hunt leads to some truly massive things. ---------------------------------------------- Mark did a double take when he saw the brightly colored, plastic egg lying in the grass nearby. This had to be some kind of April Fool’s joke, right? It was the beginning of April. It was waaayyyy too early to be doing Easter stuff. Easter was in like three weeks, right? Just to be sure, Mark whipped out his phone and opened up his calendar. To his surprise, Easter was in fact three days away! April 4th? That’s way too early! Personal opinions on when Easter should actually be celebrated aside, brightly colored eggs in the grass could only mean one thing: Free Candy! Mark was not about to turn his nose up at some free chocolate regardless of the holiday. He looked both ways to make sure there was nobody watching him and trotted over to the grass and scooped up the egg. A quick shake of the plastic capsule made it obvious that there was in fact something inside the egg. That was all the incentive that Mark needed to pop the capsule open and empty the contents onto his palm. The candies in question were fairly unremarkable. They appeared to be roughly the same size as M&Ms but without the obvious branding. Despite the lack of a small m on the candies, it looked like a chocolate, it sounded like a chocolate, and it acted like a chocolate, so it was probably a duck. Mark threw caution to the wind and tossed the whole handful into his mouth. Mark chewed, swallowed, and – satisfied with his sugar infusion – headed back towards the path to make his way towards class. He had barely set foot back on the pavement when he saw yet another brightly colored capsule. The first handful of sugar had not been nearly enough to whet his appetite, so Mark wasted no time in making a bee line towards the next egg, but as mark squatted down to pick up the capsule, he felt something very odd. His pants felt tight! It wasn’t just the waist that felt a little snug though. When he squatted down, his quads strained against the denim of his jeans, his calves pushed against the backs of his pants legs, his ass seemed to fill out the entire backside of his formerly loose-fitting jeans! Once the capsule was safely in hand, Mark stood back up and took a moment to look himself over. Sure enough, his jeans were looking pretty snug, but there was quite a bit more to it than that! Mark had pecs! They weren’t massive, but his formerly flat chest now had two discernible mounds of muscle which pressed against the front of his t-shirt. Even his formerly twiggy arms seemed to have a bit of muscle tone to them. Mark’s mind was racing. He was a slacker through and through. The closest he came to lifting was calling a ride-share. When did he get so lithe? It didn’t take long for a thought to pop into his head. He hadn’t noticed the muscles until after he had popped a handful of the unmarked candies. Could the sweets have made him bulk up? Was such a thing possible? One thing was for sure, though. Mark had the potential to pop open another egg and test his theory firsthand which is exactly what his did. Mark didn’t even empty the capsule onto his palm this time. He opened the egg and poured the contents directly into his mouth. Once the sugary pellets were down his throat, Mark stood there and watched his body intently. Mark waited anxiously for a moment. He wasn’t sure how long he was waiting, but time seemed to freeze as he waited with bated breath. Nothing seemed to be happening. He had almost given up hope when he felt it. Mark could actually feel his shirt getting tighter against his swelling pecs. He could feel his jeans straining against his swelling quads. Mark grinned from ear to ear as he looked down at his swelling body. The growth felt so good, but as amazing as it felt, it looked even better! Mark’s pecs strained against his t-shirt. His shirt stretched so taut against his dense muscles that he could actually see the outline of each and every individual abdominal muscle. Mark was so fixated on his muscles that he was oblivious to other changes that were happening to him as well. Had he taken a moment to take stock of the other changes he might have noticed that the bottom hem of his shirt, which formerly hung down so low that they covered his hip pockets, now only reached down to his belly button, and the cuff of his jeans stopped halfway down his calves. He also may have noticed the thick bulge in the front of his jeans. To say Mark was excited by his new muscles would be an understatement. He couldn’t get over how powerful he felt or how hot he looked. He wanted more. He craved more. He needed more! His eyes quickly scanned the lawn around him. Now that his was actively looking, he quickly spotted more and more colorful eggs strewn around the grass and in the nearby bushes. Mark dashed from one egg to the next. He would reach down, scoop up an egg, pop it open, pour the contents into his mouth, and before he could even swallow, he was on his way to his next target. Mark bounced from one target to the next like an old-school DVD screensaver on one helluva sugar rush. He would grab an egg, empty the contents, and find his next target all while steadily creeping up in size and stature. Mark barely even registered it as the tightly woven fabric of his denim pants popped and frayed and stretched and stained. By the fourth egg, his formerly loose t-shirt was looking like a skin-tight crop top. His bulging biceps and triceps were so massive that his sleeves didn’t even make an effort to try and cover them. His sleeves were now balled up around his shoulders, but even that wouldn’t save them for long. His swelling traps and lats were already causing the stitching on the sides of his shirt to pop and fray. Mark was getting so massive that even the canvas of his Converse sneakers was beginning the tear. As Mark emptied the contents of his sixth egg into his mouth, his jeans finally gave up the ghost. A loud rending sound split through the air as the sides of his jeans burst open exposing his legs to the elements. His massive, meaty quads and his thick calves spilled into view. What little bit of his jeans that still remained on his body looked more like a loincloth than pants. Tattered denim clung to his waistband and struggled in vain to block sight of the massive bulge which strained against his formerly baggy boxers. Mark swallowed the sixth egg which caused yet another growth spurt to course through him. This time it was his shirt’s turn to call it quits. His bulging pecs parted his shirt like the Red Sea. His shoes, too, tore clean open as they inevitably failed to stem the rising tide of his swelling feet. The feeling of the cool, spring air upon his nearly nude bod was enough to distract Mark from his egg hunt even if for only a moment. He took a moment to run his fingers across his new and improved muscles. The feeling of his dense, sculpted pecs in the palms of his hands was amazing. Both the feeling of his thick muscles in his hands and the feeling of his hands against his amazing muscles was intoxicating. He knew he needed more. Mark hastily tore away what few tatters of his shirt and jeans remained leaving him clad in only an ill-fitting pair of boxers. His massive, meaty ass was now far too large for his boxers to cover. Instead, the fabric of the backside of his boxers had been swallowed by his enormous, muscular cheeks making it look more like he was wearing a thong than a pair of boxers, and the front was somehow even more indecent. Mark’s cock had grown as well, and it wasn’t just in proportion with the rest of his body. Mark’s dick had previously been fairly modest. He was a grower, not a shower, so when soft, his bait and tackle looked more like an acorn atop a pair of grapes, but now his semi-boned wang was as long and thick as his swole forearm. His nuts were closer to the size of his fists. His package was so massive that there was no way his boxers could hold it all in. The front of his shorts was packed to the brim with balls and then some! Large swaths of sack could be seen poking out of the leg holes. His massive cock was so huge that only the head of it was actually inside the shorts. The rest was left exposed for all to see, and by this point there were quite a few people around to see it! It didn’t take long for word to spread about the massive, nearly nude dude in the center of campus. A crowd of onlookers had begun to form, but Mark was too enthralled by his growth and the hunt for more eggs to notice or care. Had he taken the time to take stock of his surroundings for reasons other than to find his next capsule of candies, he may have noticed that even the tallest onlooker barely reached up to his thighs. Mark only really began to realize how large he had become when the capsules started to become so small in his hands that he was having trouble opening them. They felt more like Tylenol capsules than toy capsules. Still, he was not about to be deterred. Even if they were too small to open properly, if you squeeze them hard enough, they open one way or the other. Mark squeezed a couple of capsules together and then picked out the plastic bits before pouring the candy contents of multiple eggs into his mouth. Mark swallowed his latest bounty and took a moment to bask in the sensations as yet another growth spurt wracked his body. Once again, his muscles surged outward as did other parts of his body. Finally, his boxers had had enough. The waistband snapped causing the tattered fabric to float to the ground in defeat. His massive cock and balls spilled out for all to see. His cock and balls were now so massive that the head of his semi-boned schlong dangled down between his shins, and that was after draping over his colossal nuts which not hung down to his knees. Either enormous orb was larger than even Mark’s head by a good margin! Mark gazed down at his body as he flexed his pecs and biceps. The sheer size and scope of his amazingly muscular body blew even him away! But despite how enthralling his enormous body had become, it didn’t stop him from spotting a large, colorful object in a nearby tree. Mark strode over towards the tree. As he did so the crowd of onlookers scattered to get out of the way. Mark’s heavy footfalls caused the ground around him to tremble causing some scrambling onlookers to stagger and fall. Once Mark reached the tree, he marveled for a moment that the tops of the bough only reached to his hips. His fat cock was as thick as the tree trunk. His massive, meaty quads completely dwarfed the tree trunk for sheer girth, but as fun as it was to completely outclass an old oak tree, that was not the reason he had come all this way. Mark reached out and grabbed a large, colorful, plastic egg that had been placed in the bough of the tree. It was much like the eggs that had been placed in the branches of the nearby bushes, but much larger in scale. This plastic capsule was so large that Mark actually needed both hands to open it. The egg was like the size of a beach ball in Mark’s massive hands! Mark didn’t have time to wonder how it had gotten there or even why it was so large. In his current growth, addicted state it made perfect sense. This egg had been placed there for him. He was the only one large enough to claim it. Mark wasted little time in popped the egg open. Once he did so he was not at all surprised to see that the capsule was chock full of tiny candies. At Mark’s current size the candies were like grains of sand inside the massive capsule. Mark tossed the top of the capsule aside and lifted the candy-laden lower half to his lips as if drinking from an oversized goblet. He didn’t even bother chewing. He poured the tiny candies down his throat as if chugging a keg. As he swallowed gulp after gulp of candies he could feel himself swelling in size. This growth spurt was nothing like the others. This growth spurt was so intense that Mark was dizzied by the sheer speed of it. He could hear the crowd gasp as he surged upwards and outwards in size. He could feel his ears pop as he got taller and taller. He could feel the gigantic goblet of an eggshell dwindle in his hands until it was little more than a teacup. Mark let out a contented sigh as he downed the last of the candy and tossed the eggshell aside. He felt so amazingly powerful and sexy that he was practically giggling. He was so giddy that he couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear as he gazed down at the changes that had gone on in his already titanic body. Mark’s pecs jutted out so far in front of him that they would have eclipsed his view of the tree he had been standing over had his cock and balls not already done that. Mark’s enormous bait and tackle were now so proportionally huge that his nuts nearly scraped the ground at his feet and his cock now rested solidly on the ground in front of him, although given how hot and bothered he was becoming, his cock wouldn’t stay grounded for long. Mark managed to take his eyes off of his colossal cock and balls and his immaculate muscles to look out at the crowd that had gathered around him. Mark could barely comprehend how massive he had become. Everyone looked so tiny to him. They were like ants. Even the helicopters which had begun circling him seemed like flies. Mark noticed the colors on the sides of the helicopters. Even in his current, enthralled state, he recognized the colors of both local and national news outlets. He was no doubt being filmed for all to see. Soon his adoring audience wouldn’t be limited to the city. Soon the whole nation would know – and then the whole world. Mark’s smirk grew wider as he put on a gun show for the tiny film crews which floated around him like gnats. He felt so amazingly sexy and huge and powerful that he just couldn’t help himself. His colossal cock steadily stirred to life before him. Mark could actually hear the cries of shock and excitement from the crowd as his steadily boning rod lifted itself off the ground and begun to jut out in front of him. Mark turned to give his film crew a better view of all his angles. His massive muscles flexed for their tiny lenses. His colossal cock swung threw the air, nearly slapping one of the helicopters out of the sky. Mark flashed a sheepish, apologetic grin at the tiny film crew, but the grin soon gave way to a look of awe and understanding as his gaze fell upon downtown. There, seated on its perch in front of the convention center was one of the gaudiest pieces of modern art the city had ever known. The installation had a real name. Every knew it had a name, but no one used that name because the artist was the most self-absorbed douchebag that ever lived. Instead, everyone always just called it “The Egg” to spite him. But today The Egg looked different. The colossal structure had what could only be described as a crease in the center of it… almost as if it could be opened. Mark staggered towards the installation as if in a daze. The pavement cracked beneath his bulk. Car alarms blared as the reverberations of his footfalls triggered their security systems. Windows rattled from the shockwaves of his heavy steps. The news helicopters kept pace as Mark continued his trek. Did they have any idea where he was headed or why? Mark had no way of knowing. They were now so tiny to him that he could barely even hear the buzz of their propellers. Soon Mark stood in front of his goal. The Egg now lay before him in all its chrome glory. The Egg was massive by most standards, but to Mark it was little bigger than smart car. It was too big for Marc to lift, but there were other ways for him to get at his prize. Mark balled a tight fist and punched his hand clean through the outer shell of The Egg. To the shock of Mark’s audience but not to Mark, The Egg was filled to the brim with tiny candies – candies which were so tiny to the colossal titan that the mass of candy appeared to be almost liquid. Mark scooped handful after handful of the candies into his mouth. With each mouthful he surged in size and strength. Soon he was so massive that he could hoist The Egg above him as if chugging beer straight from the keg at a frat bash. By the time Mark had drained the last of the candies from The Egg, The Egg had gone from the size of a beer keg in Mark’s hands to the size of a beer can. Mark shrugged and effortlessly chucked the broken art piece into the bay. The Egg crashed down with enough force to cause waves large enough to send ships almost a quarter of a mile inland. Mark once more glanced out at the world around him. He was now even more massive and muscular than ever. Even the tallest skyscrapers in downtown barely reached up to his belly button. His colossal cock alone completely dwarfed even the largest structure around. His enormous nuts were now so massive that they rested solidly on the ground. Even just one colossal cojone could fill an entire football stadium and then some! Mark was so huge, so powerful, so sexy! He just couldn’t take it anymore! He reached forward with both hands and grabbed onto his massive cock. Mark’s colossal cock was so enormous that even the titanic stud couldn’t get his hands around it. It was like trying to grapple a Clydesdale. The best Mark could do was lean forward so that he was all but resting atop his own nuts and wrap his arms around the beast as if trying to suplex it. Even then, Mark’s cock was so enormous that he couldn’t even come close to wrapping his arms all the way around it, but it was enough for what he had in mind. Using every muscle in his titanic, yoked bod, Mark ran his hands along the length of his enormous rod. Every muscle in his body flexed and rippled as he grappled with the behemoth. The ground shuddered with the intensity of his thrusts. As Mark stroked his skyscraper-sized schlong, images of people he once knew crept into his mind. What would they think of him now that he was a literal god to them? He was so massive compared to even the biggest jock on campus. Would he even be able to see them anymore or were they little more than specs of dust to him? Mark tried to fathom just how massive he had become. He was so huge that his entire Bio class could hold their lab on just the tip of one of his nipples. Mark’s mind drifted to the news helicopters that were no doubt still floating around him. They were so tiny that he couldn’t even hear them. They were smaller than gnats to him. Mark had to wonder how much of his rippling, muscular bod could they even get in the frame. He was so massive that they’d have to get miles away to get a clean shot of his whole body. He couldn’t help but wonder, just what part of his massive body would they try to film? Would they try to get his face? His massive, meaty ass? His flexing, muscular backside? Would they get a shot of his colossal, pre-drooling slit? Even just the slit of his monolithic cock was so huge that even the Ever Green couldn’t get stuck in it. Mark grinned as he thought about the people watching the news at home. Even the biggest screen wouldn’t do the video justice. Even an IMAX would look like a postage stamp compared to the sheer size and scope of his colossal body. He was just so ridiculously mind and load-blowingly huge that he had to be seen to be believed, and even the people who saw him couldn’t believe it. Mark’s thoughts continued to run wild as he fantasized about how huge he had become while stroking his colossal cock. His breaths became loud, low, breathy moans that reverberated for miles around. Pre fell on the streets below as massive, viscous meteors. Even just his pre had begun to flood the streets. When he finally blew it would be a deluge for the ages. Mark didn’t last much longer. He was so horny from his growth that even had he not been actively stroking his cock, he would have popped like a champaign bottle before long. His full-body rub down of his dick just sped up the process. He let out a loud moan that was almost a roar. The sheer force of his cry shattered windows for miles around. His colossal cock gave a hard lurch and then another and then the shooting started. Thick, heavy ropes of warm spunk erupted from his volcano of a cock. Much of the heavy muck landed with a crash in the bay, but quite a bit of it rained down upon the streets below. Cars and trucks vanished in an instant under a thick layer of white spooge. Most of the audience had had the common sense to seek higher ground, but some of Mark’s more ardent admirers soon found themselves swimming in a lake of hot, thick titan cum. The muck was so thick that it was almost like swimming through rubber cement. The tiny people felt more like they were crawling out of it as opposed to swimming through it. Mark came and came again. His colossal stadium-filling nuts pumped out gallon upon gallon upon gallon of spooge. Either enormous nut had enough spunk crammed in it to fill a water tower a hundred times over! It wasn’t long before it became impossible to tell where downtown ended and the bay begun. Everything was just an ocean of cum with a few tall buildings sticking out of it. Eventually, the titan’s loads began to taper off until his cock managed a few weak, watery spurts before stopping altogether. His colossal cock, which would dwarf even the biggest building in Dubai, softened until it landed with a reverberating splat in the muck that surrounded the city and bay. Mark was so addled by the mind-blowing climax and the overwhelming afterglow that his thoughts were scattered and fragmented. All he could do was lie there atop his own massive cock and balls with a grin plastered across his face and cum plastered across his muscles, but even through the haze, he could manage to piece together one coherent thought. This was the beginning of a new life for Mark – a life as a god.
  14. Musclesaber

    Merry ChristMass

    Merry Christmas everybody! I've a story fresh off the presses that's Christmas themed. I tried to throw in a bit of growth for everyone. Plenty of weight gain, muscle growth, and even some macro in there with a bit of romantic fluff. I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season and never stop growing. PS- The last chapter is loosely based off of a comic that the great artists Greggrth did called "Just Take One". Merry ChristMASS Chapter 1: The New Santa It started on Christmas Eve. They were all sleeping soundly in their beds when a mysterious figure arrived to deliver each of them a letter. As each man opened the letter and read it, they were blinded by a light that illuminated from the letter. Each of the men regained their sight in a large room with a cookie sitting in front of them. Looking from side to side, they each saw each other, and man clad in red from head to toe. “Hello gentlemen and welcome to the North Pole,” said the man. “What happened? A second ago I was reading a letter about some new job,” asked one of the men. “¿Qué?” said another. “Oops! I thought I forgot something.” He snapped his fingers. “That’s better. My name is David, and I will be your host for the duration of your stay here,” said David. “The North Pole? How did we get here?” exclaimed one of the men. “Well you see, each of you received a letter from myself asking about a job,” said David. “Yeah. It said something about becoming the next Santa Claus. I thought it was one of my friends playing a prank on me,” said one of the men as he bit into the cookie in front of him. “Not at all sir. I can assure you that this is all real. Each of you have been hand selected by me to be a candidate for the title of the new Santa Claus,” said David “Wait seriously? Santa Claus is real? I had always just kept up the charade for the children at the shelter, but I could never have imagined actually being asked to be the new Santa Claus,” said one of the men with glee. “Why did you select us specifically?” asked another. “Well let’s go down the line,” said David. He snapped his fingers and a scroll appeared in his hands. “First, there is Rafael from Brazil.” The Latino man perked at the hearing of his name. He was wearing a white button up night shirt and some pajama pants. At 5’8, he had a somewhat muscular build with a bit of a beer belly. “Born into poverty at a very early age, he struggled growing up to support himself and his siblings. With no parents to take care of them, he built a community of others that had been abandoned like them. He helped them. Fed them. Made sure their needs were met before taking care of his own. He established a shelter for anyone who were in need regardless of who they were.” “Then we have Peter.” The white man stood up when his name was said. He was about 6 feet tall and wore a pair of matching pajama pants and a shirt. He had a relatively slim build to him with very little muscle to be seen. “An all-American boy from the states. He was your typical kindhearted gentleman. What set him apart from the rest of America was his selflessness. Despite being born into a fortune, he dedicated his life to giving it all up to those who had nothing. Donating his money to charity and living the life of someone in poverty so that others would prosper.” “Next we have Bruno.” The middle eastern man rose to attention. He was wearing nothing but an old t-shirt and some boxers. At about 5’10, he had a muscular build to him. He looked like he could even compete in some body building contests. “When his country of Iraq was invaded, he was merely a boy and did not know what to do. Unlike many who fled, he saw the scourge of the war and wanted to help and make a difference. He studied to become a combat medic. Helping those who had fallen in battle regardless of who their allegiance was with.” “Lastly, we have Vincent.” The Asian man gave a small wave to the other three. At 5’5, he was definitely the shortest of the contestants. Wearing a Christmas themed onesie, he had an athletic build to him. Similar to one you’d see on a swimmer or a gymnast. “A man with a fairly normal upbringing in Japan, Vincent dedicated himself to volunteer work when he became an adult. Working for numerous non-profit organizations that deal with feeding those who are hungry and providing shelter for those in need. Rejecting what his parents expected of him as an adult and going into working for his community.” David snapped his fingers again and the scroll vanished. “You each have displayed the true meaning of Christmas throughout your lives. That it is better to give than it is to receive. Through your selfless actions, each of you have impacted many lives drastically and you are all true Saints.” The four of them looked at each other with surprised looks on all of their faces. “I understand that this is a lot to take in all at once, but do not worry, we have all of the time in the world. Literally. Father Time stops time for everyone else outside of the North Pole.” “What will becoming Santa Claus entail for us? Will we move here? What will our job be?” asked Peter. “You will be working here almost full time. Helping with toy manufacturing, the infamous naughty and nice list selections, and, of course, delivering all of the presents on Christmas. But don’t worry, you will be trained to do all of these things, but we just need to make sure to have an aptitude for it first,” said David. “How will we ever learn how to do all that?” asked Vincent. “Magic good sir! That’s how anything can get done around here. Everything we do in the North Pole is powered by magic that you will be taught how to use by one of the best magic users in existence. Myself.” “Way to be humble boss,” said a man as he walked in through two big red doors. “Joseph! You made it! Everyone, this is Joseph. He is the head of toy production here at the North Pole. You will be working very closely with him.” “Hello everyone. David can I talk to you for a second?” asked Joseph. “Sure. Here everyone,” David snapped his fingers, “have some cookies.” And the two of them left the room. “David, what are you doing? Where’s Nick?” asked Joseph. “Oh he’s been removed from service with us,” replied David as he tried to walk back in. “What? Drop the tour guide act. Who are these guys and where is Nick?” “Alright fine. He dumped me last night. I sent him to coal duty. These are his replacements.” “Get Nick out of there! We need him tonight!” “No! He can rot in the coal mines for all I care. One of them will be the new Santa.” “These are your rebound guys. Not the next Santa.” “We’d eventually need a replacement. And they are all suited for the job.” “What even are their qualifications?” “They are all charitable. Nice guys.” “David! “Okay! They’re all hot gay men who are selfless. It was a pretty quick magical search.” “I can’t believe you brought mortals here! What were you thinking?” “I was thinking that my husband of almost 2 centuries just dumped me and you weren’t picking up your phone when I was needing a hookup.” “So you just pop these random guys in here so that you can have a one night stand?” “Not exactly. We would need a replacement eventually. I can’t run this factory and deliver the presents every Christmas. One is fine, but more than that, I‘ll work myself to death. I need a partner.” “Alright fine. I’ll play this little game of yours.” “Hey, you can get something out of this too.” “What could I possibly get out of this?” “I know that Henry dumped you last decade and you’ve been lonely ever since. You get first runner up.” “Ugh you’re impossible.” Joseph started walking away. “You won’t be saying that after they go through the cookie test.” Joseph stopped in his tracks. “You’re doing that test.” David nodded his head. “Okay. I’ll go along with it as long as you play fair this time with that test.” “Deal.” The two shook hands and walked back towards the contestants. All unaware of what they had gotten themselves into. Chapter 2: Santa’s Workshop Back in the room, the four are getting settled in. Eating cookies and talking about each other’s lives. Their hobbies, their families, what they do to be so charitable. Their conversations were interrupted as their hosts walked back into the room. “Okay. If you all will follow us, we’ll get you to the workshop for one of our first tasks,” said David as he motioned them to follow him. They left the building that they were currently in and through the snow. “So we’re really in the North Pole sir?” asked Bruno. “Who’s this sir? I told you to call me David. Saint David if you want to get technical, but David is fine. And yes, you are. I transported you all from your respective homes through magic,” said David. “Is that how you deliver presents every Christmas Eve?” asked Peter. “In a way. Remember when I mentioned Father Time? Every Christmas Eve, he has agreed to stop time for us in order for all of the presents to be delivered. Old Saint Nick did use the reindeer from time to time, but ever since we made our deal with Father Time and I learned a little teleportation magic, it’s been easier this way.” “Couldn’t you just teleport all of the presents at once?” asked Vincent. “We tried that once. It was a disaster. Wrong presents were scattered across the globe,” said David “Yeah, that was a bad year. Everyone was generally mean that following year and it plunged the world into World War 1. And then there was Nick. He nearly blew up,” added Joseph. “Blew up? Santa Claus nearly blew up?” asked Rafael with concern. “He was fine. Nothing I couldn’t handle. But ever since then, we’ve just tasked Santa with being teleported to each home in order to ensure that each gift gets delivered properly,” said David. They finally made their way to a set of two large wooden doors. “Gentlemen, welcome to Santa’s Workshop.” David opened the doors, and they were met with a bright light as they entered the room. The men rushed to a railing in front of them and saw blinking lights, lifts, and conveyor belts moving toys all over the large room. Men in tight uniforms tinkering with toys below them. “Where are the elves?” asked Vincent. “Oh we got new elves a few decades ago. Far different from what you’ve seen in the media. As Christmas gained more popularity, the demand for bigger, better, and generally more presents became too much for the poor elves. We created a new type of elf in order to take their place. These new elves have the original strand of elf DNA with some dwarf thrown in for strength along with some human DNA for some height to them.” The men looked at the many muscular men that were clad in tight pants and tank tops. “And they’re pretty easy on the eyes.” “Getting back on track, this is where all of the toys are created,” said Joseph. “All of the elves are assigned a specific toy they need to make. They have supervisors that know everything about a group of toys and then each level of the chain of command is broader until you reach Santa and I. We each should be knowledgeable on all toys or any gift that someone might ask for from a teddy bear, to a PS5, to a dildo.” “I should get one of those for my husband,” said Peter. “Oh you have a husband Peter?” asked David. “Yeah. Michael and I have been together for 3 years now.” “Oh, how sweet. Want another cookie?” David snapped his fingers and a bigger cookie appeared. “Sure. These are delicious.” Peter grabbed the cookie and started eating. “Not a problem. Now to test you all a little bit.” David snapped his fingers and four doors appeared in front of them. “You will need to build a toy. Nothing too extravagant. Just a basic child’s toy,” said David. “Excuse me sir. I have no knowledge on how to build toys,” said Rafael. “This is a very basic toy that even some monkeys have been able to build. Joseph, take it away,” said David “Sure. You all will be creating a toy train. You will have 10 minutes to complete this and all of the tools you need are right in your room,” said Joseph. “Enter your rooms and we will begin,” said David. The men walked into their respective rooms. Each room was about 10x10 feet with an 8-foot-tall ceiling. In it, there was a table with various tools sitting on it. Each man took their seat behind the table and a screen appeared where the door just was. “3, 2, 1, Go!” flashed the screen. The men started to work on the trains. Bruno breezed through this task as performing surgery multiple times on people has prepared him to work with his hands on this task. Vincent also picked up on the train and the mechanics of it all. Rafael took his time on figuring out how each piece fit together but was making good progress. Peter however was having an increasingly more difficult time with putting the toy together. Hearing soft sounds from below him as he continued to put everything together. So focused in on the task in front of him, he did not notice his ball gut growing below him. He was only brought back to reality when his pajamas he had been wearing started to ride up on him. He looked down and clutched his gurgling gut as the sounds got louder and louder. He felt it pulse outward with each release. His shirt riding up on his torso as his belly fought for more space. “Excuse me David, I think I have a problem he-“ *GLOOOOOOOOORRPPPP* Peter clutched his belly as it ran into the table with that burst. The only response that was given to Peter was a blinking number on the screen saying, “7 minutes”, seemingly unaware of Peter’s grievance. Peter looked back down at his train and tried to continue as his gut only grew bigger. “What did you do to him?” asked Joseph, seeing the display going on in Peter’s room through the one-sided screen they put on the wall. “Oh nothing. Just wanted a little show before he leaves. I also realized I should have put another stipulation in the magical search. Hot, gay, selfless, and SINGLE. I’m no homewrecker. Once he loses this challenge, he’ll go back to his husband,” said David “Okay, but why’d you have to do this to him?” asked Joseph as he motioned to the ever-expanding gut on Peter that has swelled to the size of a beach ball. “Oh that’s for him and his husband. I saw that the two of them are into the inflation fetish so it’s an “I’m sorry for almost stealing your husband” gift,” said David. Snapping his fingers again, a new phrase appeared in front of the contestants, “5 Minutes”. Peter saw the screen’s warning and was getting worried. His belly had only been growing since the first warning. Letting out more gurgles as his gut started to push the table away from him. He could feel his fingers begin to chub up as he tried to work. Becoming too sausage like to work with the tiny parts. His shirt and pants began to rip as he gained more and more weight. “What is happening to me?” *BBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTT* came his stomach as it surged forward knocking over the table. “I know I had a few of those cookies,” *GLOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRPPPPPPP* His stomach hit the floor with that one. “But Rafael had way more!” *SWEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL* His stomach reaching the other end of the room and forcing Peter to fall out of his chair. David snapped his fingers to reveal a new message that read “2 Minutes”. Peter no longer cared about the competition. He was consumed by his growth. His body had reached immense proportions. His clothes had become just pieces of fabric thanks to his ever-growing form. Now standing up, Peter’s stomach rested flat on the floor and was getting closer and closer to the ceiling. “Fuck it!” *SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLL* “If I’m gonna be big,” *BBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTTT* “I’m gonna be fucking big!” *GLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPP* Peter had fully embraced his belly as he filled the small room. His gut pressing into the ceiling and beginning to press into the walls. With his back presses up against the wall behind him, he could feel the pressure of each wall pushing against his belly. “It’s getting a little cramped in here!” *SWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLL* “Please stop!” *BBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT* “I’m gonna burst!” *GLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP* He braced himself when the pressure became too immense when suddenly he heard a bell. “Times up!” David snapped his fingers and doors appeared again on the rooms. The other three men walked out of their room with their finished products. David and Joseph walked by each contestant judging their work. “Excellent job Bruno, love your attention to detail,” said David. “Good work Vincent. A solid train,” said Joseph. “Rafael, your train leaves a bit to be desired. But with some practice, I’m sure you’ll be a master in no time,” said David. “Hey, where’s Peter?” asked Bruno. The five men turned to look at the unopened door. David walked up to the door and turned the knob. The door immediately swung open to reveal a wall of flesh pouring out of the doorway. “Peter, how are you doing in there?” asked David. Peter felt a bit of the pressure be relieved from his stomach when the door opened, and some of him got out. “Uh well, I’ve been better,” came a muffled voice from behind the fat. “Do you think you can get out of there?” asked David. “I don’t think so. It’s a pretty tight fit in here,” again came the voice from the doorway. “Alright then. I’m gonna get you unstuck then. You all should probably stand back,” said David as the four men took some steps back. David snapped his fingers and there was a loud *GGGGGGGGGGGGGGLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP*. The wall tore down like it was paper by the belly that surged out of the tiny room. The gut even broke down the walls of the other rooms as it fought for more space. “Couldn’t you have just broken the wall down yourself?” asked Joseph. “Of course I could’ve, but this way was more fun. James! Francis! Would you come get Peter out?” Two 6’6, well-muscled elves appeared on each side of Peter. They grabbed at the fat and pulled. With loud pop, Peter flopped out of the room. “Wait, that’s Peter? All of that is Peter?” said a perplexed Rafael. The once slim man had morphed into a large orb of lard that was well over 15 feet tall. The two men rolled the ball of a man over so that the others could see the rest of his body. “I’m sorry to say, but Peter, for not completing your train, you have been eliminated from the competition. Any parting words?” asked David “Not at all! This is incredible! It’s an honor just to be nominated!” yelled out Peter. “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Now Francis and James will escort you out.” The two men got on one side of Peter and started to roll the overinflated man out. The other contestants started with a mixture of shock and lust as Peter left them. “Now gentlemen, shall we continue on with our tour?” Chapter 3: Naughty & Nice David and Joseph led the men out of the workshop as Peter was rolled out the way they came. Knocking down doors like he’s a bowling ball with him being far too large to fit in. The three looked back at the trail of destruction left in the orb’s path until David snapped his fingers and everything was back to normal. “What happened to him?” asked Rafael. “He simply did not have the right stuff to become the next Santa Claus,” replied David. “So you were gonna make him explode?!?” exclaimed Vincent. “Oh not at all. That was a little parting gift from me. Most people have fantasies they’d love to live out, but the confines of reality are harsh for some and they can’t. That all changes when you have magic,” said David as he led the group to a new room. “So you can make it so that we can live out our wildest dreams?” asked Bruno. “Indeed I can. The only difference with Peter is that this will be one fantasy, if you are to be Santa Claus, then this will be a regular occurrence if you’d like and all of your fantasies can come true,” said David. “Coming from someone who has been on the other side of David’s magic, I can confirm that the fantasies he can weave are spectacular. And everything can be reversed if you’d like. Peter will deflate after a while, but he’ll be able to grow himself at will to that size when he wishes,” said Joseph “Yes. I have done favors for my friends around the North Pole and I’ve had great reviews from all. You’d be surprised with the fantasies that are bouncing around in a person’s mind,” said David. The three men stood stunned. All thinking about what they’d all do if they were given the opportunity. “We’re here,” said David as he opened up two large wooden doors to reveal an office like space. “This is where you will be assigning everyone a ranking of naughty or nice.” “Oh so this is real? I always thought that everyone got what they wanted?” asked Vincent. “That is somewhat true. Unlike what is assumed of the nice and naughty list, and about most things, this is a spectrum. Not everyone is 100% nice or 100% naughty. We go off of how good or bad someone is in total and rank them on a scale from 0, the naughtiest, to 100, the nicest. Most people fall into the range of 40-60 from year to year with some people’s rank being changed from year to year.” “Who are the people that are on the very bottom of the list? The 0 rankings?” asked Bruno. “Those would be the worst of all people. The rapists, the pedophiles, those who commit genocide. Some notable names on the bottom would be Hitler, Christopher Columbus, and Donald Trump,” said Joseph as David pulled out a long list. “And the good end?” asked Vincent. “A much better list in my opinion. Those are the people who are notoriously good and selfless. Those who help the needy and save those in need. You three and Peter are all notable people on the lists along with Oprah Winfrey, Abraham Lincoln, and many Saints,” said David as he put the list away. He snapped his fingers and three doors appeared leading into separate rooms again. “Your task will be assigning people a rank based on the information we show you. This will not impact how they’ve actually been ranked, but a test to see how each of you morally see people.” “Will we each get the same person to rank?” asked Rafael. “Not at all. This is actually my favorite part. You will each be getting people that are significant to you. It could be your parents, a sibling, a best friend, that is for the machine to decide. Now each of you head into your rooms and we will begin the test.” The three men turned to face their doors and walked in. They each were greeted by a circular object on the floor. Each of them approached the object when it suddenly lit up a hologram. Rafael was met with his brother Fernando. Vincent was met with his mother Diane. And Bruno saw his best friend Assad. “What are you gonna do now? Some of them might have significant others,” said Joseph. “Well, first things first, I’m looking up these guys again. Rafael and Vincent are both single so that’s good. Bruno’s situation is…unique,” said David. “Unique how?” “Let’s just say this is one fantasy that needs to be granted.” David snapped his fingers and appeared in the room Bruno was in. He walked up behind Bruno admiring the stunning hologram of his best friend. The man was dressed in military gear from his head to toe. You could tell that beneath his clothes, there was a significant amount of muscle. “He seems like a great guy. Tell me about him,” said David as he paused the video recording and enhanced the image onto Assad. “He’s the best. Courageous and strong while also sweet and caring. He’s my best friend in the entire world. He always tries to protect anyone that he can in combat. Even if that means that I’ll have to stitch him up later. But I can always fix him up like brand new.” Bruno reminisced their time together as David continued to work on the hologram machine. “Yes, but I know you’d like to be more than just friends,” said David with a snap. Suddenly the hologram of Assad was a real person. He was still stuck in position, but he was in the room with them. “What? No. That’s absurd. I’m not gay. That’s an act punishable by death,” snapped back Bruno. “Bruno, magic doesn’t lie. I did some research on you before I brought you here. It revealed that you’ve had unrequited love for him since basic training but chose to shove it down out of fear.” Bruno sank into himself with the words that left David’s mouth. Everything he was saying was true. “But luckily for you, I did some research on Assad as well. He had the same story with you. You are each madly in love with each other but will not admit it to one another.” “I know.” This response surprised David. “I’ve always known. We’ve had an unspoken connection for as long as we’ve been friends. But what can I do about it? It’s illegal in Iraq.” “Well I had an idea about that.” David took the hologram’s hand and brought him over to Bruno. “You said he was a protector, right? Well now he will protect you against anyone who might try to separate the two of you. He cannot attack anyone, but he will be your shield from anyone who might hurt you. He will be your shield.” Bruno turned to face his friend. He only saw a small change at first. His already snug clothes were clinging to his muscles. His gaze began to look up more as the eyes grew towards the ceiling. Slowly, but surely, his head rose above the other two men in the room. Passing 7-feet tall quickly and looking to pass 8 feet shortly. The already well-muscled man was gaining pounds of muscle by the second. His pecs poking bulging out of the shirt. And with a “POP”, Bruno heard the buttons on the uniform begin to lose their battle with the growing chest. One by one, button after button started to rip off. Exposing more of Assad’s torso. His shoulders had broadened immensely and brought a lot of growth to his chest. Each one looked as if they were the size of dictionaries and just as thick. Bruno and David’s attention was brought away from his pec’s by a loud “RRRRRRRIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPP”. Right along the long sleeves, his bicep had just ripped through the sleeve. The man’s arm had grown to the size of a cantaloupe and continued to pack on size, soon reaching the size of a basketball. “He’s incredible,” said Bruno as he walked up to the growing man. Another loud “RRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPP” was heard. This time from behind the Adonis. Walking around him, Bruno got a view of his incredible backside that had begun to break out of the painted on pants. The ass had been growing out of sight and David had taken extra care with preparing the bubble butt. Not only was the booty muscular, it had enough fat in it so that it rounded out to give him a perfect round ass. Which only seemed to be pumping bigger. His hips had widened for his backside to grow more. Each cheek was easily the size of a pumpkins and still pumping up bigger. Assad’s pants finally lost their battle and fell to the floor when out sprung a foot-long cock from his underwear with grapefruit sized balls to match. Bruno walked back to the front to see the python his friend had. Reaching out to touch it, Bruno felt the still soft cock stir as he made contact with it. It quickly was both growing and hardening. Quickly filling Bruno’s hand, the cock continued to lengthen. Feeling the dick throb as it thickened so much that Bruno could no longer wrap his whole hand around it. By the time the cock was fully hard, it was easily 2 feet long, if not longer. As the growth seemed to come to a halt, Bruno stepped back from Assad. His height leveling out at about 9 feet tall, he dwarfed both Bruno and David. His once tight uniform was now reduced to shreds of fabric on the ground. “David, I can’t thank you enough for this,” said Bruno as he examined the overgrown man. “Don’t thank me quite yet,” said David as he snapped his fingers. Immediately, Assad’s pecs jumped out at them. His torso exploded with more size. Broadening even more, his pecs went from dictionary big to king sized pillow big and twice as thick. Each nipple now the size of a silver dollar and pointing straight down. But as Bruno examined the nipples, he saw a little droplet forming on it. “Milk?” said Bruno as he walked up to the newly developed pec shelf. He put a finger up to the nipple and let little white drops fall onto him. He puts the finger in his mouth and his eyes light up. “Oh my God! This is the most delicious thing I’ve ever drank,” said Bruno as he cupped his hands under the tit and began slurping up more and more. Bruno’s own body began to grow as he continued to drink. No longer using his hand, he put his mouth to the nipple and the clear liquid flowed into his mouth. His own body being pumped up like a water balloon. Starting with a small gut in front of him and spreading all over his body. Seemingly unaware of the changes to his body, Bruno continued to drink from Assad’s pecs. Bruno was only brought back to reality when he heard a loud “RRRIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPP”. This time from his own clothes. His own transformation had happened much faster than Assad’s. He was 7 feet tall already with muscles to match. He had ripped out of his shirt and boxers quickly and he continued to inflate with size. His muscles reaching the same proportions as Assad’s but with one major difference. Unlike Assad’s rock hard 12-pack, Bruno had a bulging milk gut. He poked it and could feel all of the milk inside him. He moved his mouth to the other pec as the other one seemed to have deflated from all of his sucking. By the time Bruno had finished his drink from the other pec, he was just a few inches shorter than Assad. He looked down at David. “What can I do to ever repay you?” “Nothing. It’s what I do. Remember what happened to Peter, how I granted him his fantasy? Well this one is yours. Some fantasies are purely sexual, and others are ones of romance,” David snapped his fingers one last time. Bruno heard a snapping sound and looked to see Assad’s cock sprang forward. It must’ve been 4 feet long now. He also looked to Assad’s glutes now to see they had grown bigger than tires. “With just a hint of sexual.” At that moment, Assad started to move from his statue like trance. He looked all around him. He was no longer in his bedroom. “Woah! What’s happening? Where am I?” said the confused giant. “Assad! Everything’s alright!” yelled back Bruno. “Bruno? What are you doing here? Why do my nipples feel so sore?” “Don’t worry about that, but the only thing I want to tell you now is that I love you, you big lug!” Bruno latched onto his big friend with a big bear hug. “Bruno.” Assad returned Bruno’s embrace, “I love you too, but we can’t be together. You know that.” “But we can now. David, tell him,” shouted Bruno. “I’ll fill him in,” said David as he snapped his fingers. Instantly, Assad’s eyes filled with joy. He immediately kissed Bruno. “I’m so happy. I’ll finally be able to show how much I really care about you Bruno.” The giant’s eye started to tear up. “Come on you two. You’ll have plenty of time to do that, but for now I have to get you back,” said David. Assad and Bruno walked out of the room holding hands. Both giants took a note from Peter’s book and broke down the door. Joseph, Vincent, and Rafael were waiting outside for them. They were all perplexed when two 9-foot-tall naked men came out of the room. “What happened in there?” asked Joseph. “I’ll explain everything later. Francis! James! Will you escort these two gentlemen somewhere where they can speak in private?” The same two men walked in from before. They led Bruno and Assad away. “Oh and when they’re done, send them home. And then there were two. So shall we continue on to our final test?” Chapter 4: The Gift That Keeps on Giving David led the remaining men down a long hallway. All of the others were utterly confused about what they just saw in front of them. Each of them wondering what possible fantasy Bruno must’ve had in order for him to emerge a giant with another unknown giant on his arm. They all approached a large metallic door. “Excuse me David. You never mentioned what our final task would be,” said Vincent. David opened the doors to the outside where they began walking in the snow again. “Your final task will determine how well you can perform the real duty of Santa Claus. It might come as a bit of a surprise to you. What most people don’t understand is the amount of cookies you’ll need to eat as Santa. This will test how much of this sugary sweet treat you can stomach.” “Bring it. I’ve loved all the cookies you’ve served so far,” said Rafael. “Yes, but that has only been a few cookies. Santa must consume millions of cookies in one night. We’ve managed to solve most of the problems with magic, however this has not been one of them,” said David. “Can’t you just throw the cookies away?” asked Vincent. “We’ve tried. It’s never gone well. The first year we tried it, the following year was World War II. Then we tried it again to test if it was a fluke or not and then the Vietnam War happened. It’s just bad luck not to,” said Joseph. “What if you were to get rid of them with magic. with magic?” asked Rafael. “My magic is very good at creating things, hence why I am one of the biggest givers of all time. It is not engineered to destroy,” said David. “And this is why they all must be eaten. Remember the story I told you about a while ago? How Santa nearly blew up? That’s what happens when someone eats millions of cookies in an instant.” The men walked up to a cottage and entered. There they found a plate of fresh cookies waiting for them. “This will be a test of stamina, not speed. But I wanted to make things a bit more interesting. Once the plate in front of you has been eaten, many more plates of cookies will spawn all over the North Pole. But there will be a plate with special properties to it once you start eating,” said David. “What kind of properties?” asked Rafael. “You will have to figure that out for yourself,” said David. “How will a winner be crowned?” asked Vincent. “David and I will be keeping track of how many cookies are eaten by the two of you. The contest will be over when neither of you can stomach another cookie. After that, David and I will crown a winner based on the number of cookies you each ate.” said Joseph. “You may begin eating when ready,” said David and with a snap, him and Joseph were gone. The two men sat down at the table in front of them facing each other. Rafael was the first one to reach for a cookie. “Well cheers I guess,” said Rafael. “Cheers,” responded Vincent as he also grabbed a cookie. The two bit into the cookies and let out an “Mmm” in unison. “These are so good!” said Rafael. He shoved the rest of the cookie into his mouth and grabbed at the pile again for more. “Are you sure you don’t want more?” asked Rafael in between bites. “David said this contest was about stamina, not speed,” said Vincent. “Suit yourself URP” Rafael burped as he rubbed his belly. As Vincent finished his first cookie, his eyes were brought to Rafael when he heard a low rumble coming from the man’s stomach. Suddenly, Vincent saw Rafael’s body began to inflate. The sleeves around his arms seemed to tighten, the buttons on his shirt tightened from his large pecs, his shirt riding up and revealing a large gut that pressed into the table. “What the hell?!?” yelled Vincent as he saw the man gain about 50 pounds in a few seconds. “Huh?” Rafael looked down at his body. He saw nothing but his bloated tits when he looked down. “Woah,” said Rafael in awe. He lifted his arm up and flexed it. He watched the strains of fabric be pushed to their limit as the ball of muscle grew. “Dude…what did you do? You got-” “Big.” Rafael continued to admire his body. Putting his hand under his newly grown pecs and feeling the weight of them. “I’m huge!” Rafael stopped groping himself and locked eyes with the table. “But how? Is David doing some kind of magic on you?” Rafael reached his hand out to the table and grabbed a handful of cookies and shoved them into his mouth. “Bigger,” was all that left his lips when another loud groan was heard from the man’s stomach. Rafael grew much quicker this time. His head slowly rose up as he smiled feeling the growth spread. His gut grew out onto the table. Inflating quickly like a yoga ball. A loud “POP” rang through the air as his top button flew across the room. One by one, each button revealed more and more the man’s glorious chest. Each pec reaching the size of suitcases and continued to gain pounds. Another loud sound was heard by the men as Rafael’s fat ass ripped apart his pajamas. His ass and thunder thighs shredding the fabric like a piece of paper. With his pants gone, Rafael’s cock was freed, and it flopped down onto the floor under the man’s rounded belly. The beast lengthening under the table toward Vincent as it was now well over 6 feet long and thicker than . Seeing that the giant was growing closer to him, Vincent stood up from his seat and backed away from him. “Rafael! You need to stop growing!” As his transformation continued, Vincent heard a loud crash as the giant’s ass hit the ground. The chair that had been supporting him had snapped like a twig under his growing weight. “So big,” said Rafael as his transformation came to a halt. He was sitting on the ground and was a head taller than Vincent. His own head just inches away from the ceiling of the cottage they were in. “I need more!” said Rafael as he reached for the tray of cookies. “More?! Rafael you can’t be serious? You can’t even fit through the door!” screamed Vincent as he tried to grab the cookies before Rafael could, but it was too late. “Vincent, I’ve always wanted to be bigger.” Rafael grabbed the cookies and threw them all back into his open mouth. “Besides, David can fix whatever we do with magic.” With a gulp, the cookies hit the behemoths belly. “Yes! More!” Rafael began to grow again. Every inch of him packing on 50 pounds per second. His stomach charging forward toward Vincent like a locomotive as his head hit the ceiling. Under his impressive stomach, Rafael’s cock also lurched forward. Pressing Vincent into the wall behind him. “Rafael! Please stop and let me get out!” Vincent felt the now 9-foot-long cock continue to pulse with growth as the weight pushed against him. “Too late little guy,” said Rafael as his head started cracking the ceiling. Vincent looked up for a moment as the cock pinned him to the wall only to see a ballooning belly be pushed into his face. From the outside of the house, the walls seemed to bulge out in every direction. The first sight of Rafael’s body was his head poking out of the ceiling of the cottage. Next his massive belly and cock took their toll on the wall and they spilled out onto the snow outside. Then there was Rafael’s ass that had been steadily growing behind him. It pushed through the walls both behind it and on its side. Lastly to burst free were his arms. On each side of the cottage, his arms broke down the walls and brought themselves into a double bicep flex. Finally the entire cottage was brought down as his pecs broke the remaining parts of the roof that hadn’t been destroyed by his head and shoulders bursting through. Holding tightly to the head of Rafael’s cock, Vincent fell out onto the snow as the growing dick grew. He shimmied his way out from under the behemoth and stood up to see Rafael. He was a true giant. Sitting down, he was easily two stories tall, if not three, and looked like he weighed two tons. A lot of that weight was in his fat gut. The orb of a belly was far taller than Vincent was. It was like he had swallowed a car. “Haha, now we’re talking,” laughed Rafael as he groped his newly grown body. “I’m so massive. But I want to be bigger.” Vincent heard the giant’s deep voice and remembered the other cookies that David had put out across the North Pole. In an instant, Rafael’s big body got up from the ground and began sprinting and looking down for more plates of cookies. “I need MORE!” “I’ve gotta find another plate of cookies before he gets any bigger.” Vincent started running toward the Naughty and Nice building he was just in. Rushing in and looking around for a platter of cookies. Seeing nothing, he ran out another door and sitting just outside the door on a pedestal was an even bigger plate of cookies. “Yes! I beat him here!” said Vincent as he began shoveling cookie after cookie into his mouth. “Hey Vincent!” came a shout from the distant. Vincent turned his head as he continued chewing on cookies. “Oh no! He found me!” Vincent grabbed the plate of cookies and ran back into the building. Thunderous steps shook everything around Vincent as Rafael descended his huge body onto the building. Vincent saw his massive arm reach in through the door, but he was too far away for him to reach. Vincent still felt worried that Rafael could do what he did to that cottage and tear down this building to get to the cookies. “Come on now Vincent. Christmas is about giving. So give me some of those cookies!” yelled Rafael as he looked inside the building. “Why aren’t they working?” cried Vincent as he polished the last cookie off the plate. Right after the words left his mouth, he heard his stomach let out a low growl. “Oh.” Vincent’s belly quickly inflated inside his Christmas onesie. Rips forming all over his body as pounds were added on every second. “This,” Vincent’s pecs ripped through the neck hole. “Feels,” His ass burst apart the seat of his pants. “So,” His cock ripping out the front of his pants with a nice pair of balls to match. “Incredible!” His head skyrocketing toward the ceiling. “Vincent, what’s going on in there?” asked Rafael from outside the door. He couldn’t see clearly into the room, but suddenly his nose was met with a wall of flesh. “Bigger.” Rafael backed away from the door and saw cracks forming in the walls. “Bigger!” Vincent’s cock lurched out the doorway and hit Rafael. Landing him on his ass. “BIGGER!” Vincent’s entire body broke out from the building, leaving it in ruins. Rafael looked up at the new giant that Vincent had become. From the bottom up, Vincent’s cock was bigger than a house with balls bigger than cars. His hairless gut resembled the size of blimp and above it sat two massive slabs of meat known as pecs. Each one was bigger than 18-wheelers and twice as thick. Vincent’s head was now higher than any building around them in the North Pole. “He’s massive!” Rafael got up out of the snow and reveled in Vincent’s size. “Haha. I see why you were so eager to get your hands on more of those cookies. The feeling you get when you grow is indescribable,” said Vincent as he brought one of his biceps up and flexed. The ball of muscle growing bigger than Vincent’s own head. “I’ve gotta find more,” said Rafael under his breath. He looked around and saw the workshop they had just been in for the train exercise. Scrambling to get there, he ripped off the roof to see another tray of cookies, this time on a golden plate. “Hey! You get back here!” yelled Vincent as he ran towards Rafael. Rafael looked back and saw Vincent lunging toward him. He turned his back to Vincent and swallowed all of the cookies in one gulp. He threw the plate into the snow as he felt a new transformation coming on. “Gotcha!” said Vincent as he grabbed onto Rafael’s smaller shoulders. “Not for long,” said Rafael. He straightened his back as his body sored into the sky. Rafael’s ass was the only thing that Vincent could see growing. The already fat ass quickly bulged back into Vincent’s cock. Vincent instantly felt his cock harden as Rafael’s ass plumped up bigger and bigger. He couldn’t resist and shoved his cock head into Rafael’s ass. “Fuck” yelled Rafael as Vincent penetrated him. His own cock getting hard as he felt his ass grow further back into the cock. “I’m sorry man. I’ve been eying your ass ever since we got here and the way it was growing, I had to fuck it,” said Vincent as he started to thrust more of his cock into Rafael’s welcoming hole. “You’re good. I have to admit that I did think you were cute when we appeared in the North Pole.” “And now?” “Now? You’re fucking hot!” Rafael’s transformation seemed to subside as the two of them got started full on fucking. Rafael had stopped at just a bit bigger than Vincent, but he didn’t mind. Vincent’s 20-foot-long cock was big enough to satisfy the 60-foot-tall man. Vincent picked up the pace as he thrusted harder and harder into Rafael. The indent of his cock being seen bulging out of Rafael’s stomach. In the midst of their hot sex session, Vincent looked down and saw the plate of cookies that Rafael had tossed to the side from his previous growth spurt. It was now full! Vincent smirked as he leaned over, grabbed the plate of cookies, poured them into his free hand, and fed them to Rafael as he moaned. “Gobble these up for me.” Rafael didn’t need to be told twice. He swallowed the cookies with ease and smiled as he heard a familiar gurgle from his stomach. Rafael again shot up in height. “Bigger!” shouted Rafael. His body bulged out in all directions. His gut plowed forward destroying the toy factory below as his ass bubbled out behind him. Vincent was met with Rafael’s ass growing tighter and tighter on his cock. Vincent’s thrusting became animalistic as he grabbed Rafael’s fat ass cheeks in his hands. Massaging and squeezing them, Vincent couldn’t hold the flood gates back any longer. “Fuuuuuuuuuck!” cried Vincent as his balls seized up and cum filled Rafael’s already enormous belly. Vincent’s torrent of jizz seemed endless as Rafael continued to grow both from the cookies and the slow filling of his guts. Rafael felt Vincent’s jets start to lighten up as his growth tapered off. “That’s all you got pretty boy?” challenged Rafael. Vincent himself felt his balls beginning to empty as the cum shots began to slow down. He looked down at his hand and saw the plate. It was full of cookies again. “It refills itself!” A devilish grin sprouted on Vincent’s face. He threw his hand back into his mouth, swallowing the plate and all. “Be ready for the fucking of a century big guy!” Vincent heard a gurgle from his stomach and resumed ramming his cock into Rafael. Rafael felt Vincent’s cock begin thrusting into him again, with more passion than ever. Each thrust felt like Vincent was going deeper and deeper every time. “Now you’re talking!” He felt Vincent’s cum shots regain their previous strength. Rafael’s belly now growing much faster as cum flooded his system. Everything took a turn when Rafael saw the imprint of Vincent’s dick in his already massive stomach. Each thrust pushing out further and further as he continued to be filled up like a cum balloon. “What are you gonna do now? Vincent just ate the magic plate and he’s growing out of control,” said Joseph. David and Joseph were watching the entire display go down from a couch. Each of them naked and jerking each other’s cocks “Oh don’t you worry about that. In a little bit, Vincent’s cum should be meeting the cookies that Rafael ate,” said David “Why does that matter?” asked Rafael. “It’s milk. There will always be the combo of milk and cookies, not just cookies. When Vincent’s “milk” soaks the cookies, they reactivate themselves. So as long as Vincent keeps cumming, Rafael will grow with him,” replied David as he jerked his cock. “Now watch. I think things are about to get good.” Vincent had begun growing and hadn't stopped. Merely muttering “More” and “Bigger” as his body expands across the North Pole. The pair feel the ice cracking below them as their weight becomes too much even for the ice to handle them. Rafael meanwhile is becoming more and more ball like while Vincent’s jizz seems unending. “Vincent! You’ve gotta pull out! I feel like I’m gonna explode!” yelled Rafael as his limbs disappeared into his growing belly. Vincent in such a faze of lust could barely register that Rafael was talking. It was only when the ice below them broke when Vincent came back to reality. “Huh? Oh yeah. Sorry little guy.” Vincent pulled his growing cock out from Rafael’s ass and spun the orbs around so that he could see his face. “I got a little carried away. Guess that can happen when you’re the biggest being in existence” Vincent’s cock seemed to stop shooting jets as the cold water below him cooled him off. His body continued to grow away from the Rafael ball. His body crushing mountains all over the North Pole without him even knowing. Vincent picked up Rafael as he shrank below him. Becoming lighter and lighter in his hands. “How do you feel?” asked Vincent as he put Rafael in one of his palms. “Like I could explode. I don’t feel so- UUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP” Rafael let out the biggest burp anyone had ever heard. It could be felt at all corners of the globe, but then it started. He was growing and he was growing fast. He quickly outgrew the giant’s hand and he landed in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. Sending tidal waves out from his body. Rafael’s body regaining its shape as his limbs reappear and quickly approaching Vincent’s size. “Who were you calling little guy, little guy?” said Rafael as his size surpassed Vincent’s. Each of their bodies effortlessly crushing the Northern Hemisphere. Unaware of their own size, the two resumed their fucking. Both growing in spurts as they outgrew the whole Earth. “Ouch!” cried Vincent as something struck the back of his head. He looked back and saw that he had bonked his head on the moon. Grabbing the satellite in his hand and watching it shrink in his hands as the two men watched the Earth fade away. One by one, every planet passed by the two planet sized men. “How much bigger are we gonna get?” asked Rafael as Vincent continued to cum inside him. “I don’t know, but I don’t care! Keep it going! I want to be bigger than the whole galaxy!” yelled Vincent as another spurt came over him. Rafael simply smiled as he accepted his new reality of being pumped full of cum just for his body to break it down and make him grow bigger. It’s gonna be a happy life. For more updates, story ideas, or general MG stuff, Follow my twitter: https://twitter.com/Musclesaber
  15. remerting

    Wreck It World (Part 1)

    This was an RP done with @Abyss123 and the endless muscle growth shenanigans with Wreck It Ralph being the character of choice. Features muscle growth, macro, hyper, sweat, musk and hair. Finally it was here! It took almost a week of shipping but my package had finally arrived. I've been saving up for this VR setup for ages and now I can finally experience it. I wasted no time having everything plugged in. Setting the system up seemed easier than I anticipated as the TV lit up in response to the equipment. Checking the game inside the box, I was confused upon glancing at the case. It was blank, completely white without any images or logos. I popped open hoping the CD would have some answers but... it was also completely blank. Was I scammed? I hurried and inserted the disk, hoping the system would work with a running game. To my relief, I saw the title of the game on the menu appear. "Wreck It World..." With the head gear on, I went ahead and started the game. After a black screen the first thing that appeared in front of me was... Ralph? Now the title was making sense. Wreck It Ralph was standing there, arms crossed and looking down at me with a smug grin on his face. Unlike his arcade fame, he was 3D in a simple room with wood floors, red brick walls and no windows. Something was off. Looking at my hands, I couldn't feel the controls. I tried taking off the headset but I couldn't grab anything! Nothing was there! I felt like I was trapped in the game itself! The world around blinked into focus as I felt the floor come into being against my bare feet with a soft thud. Seeing your model load in , I take a breath and flash my gappy grin with a rumbling roar I cheer, "ARE YOU READY to WRECK IT?!" slapping my hands together in anticipation as I size you up. My mind was rushing, trying to comprehend what was happening. Hearing Ralph speak with my own ears in the room and not from a television made the virtual reality even more apparent. "R-Ralph?" I could only muster his name. He was enormous, at nine feet standing. Even with the room being spacious, I still felt cramped with his presence. Luckily for him, the ceiling was rather high, otherwise his head would be rubbing up against it. I gave a hearty chuckle one massive finger scratching under my nose bashfully "Yep In the flesh Bud. Welcome to the game" I replied my arms spreading out wide as l loomed closer and closer, overshadowing you before snatching you up in a big bear hug."Never thought anyone would pick up this game" I had your head nestled into my chest as you could hear me walk around the spacious barren room. "W-Why am I here? What's happening?" The sensations were beginning to stack. I could even feel the warmth of Ralph's embrace, gently holding me in his massive arms. When I turned to look up, I could see his grin, his eyes glaring down at me all droopy with content. For a moment, I felt calm. "What do ya mean, 'Why am I here?' You bought the game right?" I replied, gently putting you down before stepping back slightly to give some room to breath but still looming over, doing some warm up stretches. Then there was a sudden slap as l brought my hands on my knees crouching down slightly a big smile spread across my face looking you up and down. A thick finger cupping under your chin steadying your head before my lips kiss your forehead softly "You're here to play." l added "In any way possible." My face must have been flushed red. If this was a game, I imagine I've walked in on some kind of dating sim with a well known video game icon. I'm not sure how or why this game exists, but I was enchanted by the affection that radiated from Ralph. It was so real, so new. I'll admit, Wreck It Ralph was quite the charmer. Lightly guiding you to step back l soon had you against the wall , rising back up l braced one tree trunk arm against the wall leaning over you. "You're familiar with some games with affection mechanics right?" I asked one hand idly rubbing your shoulder as l took up your view, looking down on you, breathing getting heavier. "How about you try some experimenting." l smirked. "L-Like what?" The soft and sultry tone of his voice had me anxious at the giant's intentions. It seemed obvious what he was suggesting yet I couldn't help but act oblivious. A second lumbering arm set over your head, my leg sliding forward to your side. "Like I bet you always wanted to feel a man that dwarfs you like I do " I teased, my chest pushed forward as I try to pop a button. Never did I imagine wanting such a thing but having Ralph present himself so dominantly made me realize how much I needed it. Sneakily I could feel him gyrating his waist up to mine. Seeing as how I was too weak to make a move, Ralph decided to surprise me, leaning down and pressing his lips into mine. My thick tongue squeezed in as soon you found yourself completely pinned to the wall . My groin sliding up and down your body. A hand slipping down, grabbing and pressing your palm onto my bulge, feeling it seeming to pulsate to your touch My body quivered from being immediately pinned by your body. Your indomitable tongue invaded my mouth and wrestled me into instant submission. I heard you moan quietly as we kissed. Since you invited my hand to your crotch, I went ahead and cupped the denim mass between your legs. You kissed me harder, making me squeeze harder in response, which in turn made you bully my mouth even more. Parting our lips for air, my face was flushed red as I groaned and moaned like a hungry beast. The denim bulge twitching to life under your fingers. My fingers thicker than your wrist slid up your arm, a toothy grin spreading across my face with a heaving breath pushing by huge frame in and out slowly. "Not bad , for your first time little bud" I cooed. Time seemed to pause as the bulge between my legs seemed to pulsate, feeling like it was inflating under your hand, spreading your fingers slightly. Unknown to me, I mistook your growing meat as a simple erection, though rather large. I continued to grope you while you were busy pushing your lower body in and out towards me with my hand still magnetized to your crotch. The junk now was really starting to push out as I could easily cup around its length. Looking down, I gasped, surprised to see the distended bulge bigger than what I had pictured. I quickly used my second hand to encompass the other side while you pushed your clad member in and out between my palms. I let out a low groan as I felt the bulge between my legs getting bigger and heavier squatting and thrusting , my shaft swelling stronger and stronger with each thrust. Your hands splitting apart from the sheer girth. Digging my thick fingers into the stone brick wall crumbling to my power , sweating and drooling as I get swallowed up by the pure euphoria a faint musk starting to linger. Amazing your overalls managed to restrain such a massive size. The prick was already nearing nine inches towards me but oddly enough your crotch, at level with mine, was starting to reach where my stomach was. Looking back up, I saw creases drawing across your shirt. Your chest was widely pronounced now, popping out near my face as it put a strain on your plaid shirt. The blocky shape of your massive arms started to round out as muscles appeared on your figure. I didn't think you could get any bigger but the swelling of your lats made your frame look all the wider. What was happening?! I gave a deep rumbling chuckle "You pick up on con...unf...trols quickly." I commented, bringing my arms up, the sleeves of my shirt riding, trying to retreat up my arm as more and more muscle builds . A fat finger digging under the fabric tearing it slightly showing some ample pit hair poking out . Resting back down, a meaty paw slaps onto your shoulder, my hand stretching down your arm easily wrapping around it with my pinkie. It didn't take long for your erection to reach me at a full foot in length. The entire front portion of the dark red overalls were bending to the will of your meat. After prodding me a few times from your air humping, even you could tell it was getting pretty big but I knew you didn't want to stop. I was too distracted by the enormous shelf of pecs that were growing towards me, straining each button on your shirt as the collar was stretched lower, showing more skin and even some newfound chest hair. Then, I could feel it. Something hot and hard had pressed itself between my legs. The look on your face told me everything as you gave me a smug grin before I was pulled up with the rest of your body. My feet left the ground and I found myself sitting on top of the growing pouch that was your junk. My gap tooth smile said it all. This was a simple taste of what was possible. Both arms raised Into a double bicep flex enjoying how heavy they were starting to feel. The new mounds of a cliff that made my chest now lightly bouncing as I breathed. The strap of my overalls holding strong keeping my new endowment lifted and perky. Slowly bounding them up and down in a mesmerizing pattern, you never realized one of my heavy paws sneaking behind you cupping the back of your head and back lightly pressing you into my new cleavage. Enjoying feeling you dwarfed by my sheer mass, I started to wander the room, my heavy foot steps echoing with deep thumps. I wholeheartedly basked in your manly presence as your rich, hair-filled chest pressed firmly into my face. Up close and feeling your pecs, I could see them visibly growing, pushing my head back ever so slightly. Your stride left me bobbing up and down across your hardened prick with every step you took and it too was slowly pushing out against my legs, clearly growing with the rest of you. You stopped for a moment, breathing sensually before rocking your hips up and down, bouncing me on your dick more and more. A moan found its way out your columnar throat as I watched you grow faster with every drop my body had on my 'meat seat'. Scared to fall off, my legs clung to it tightly which only serviced you more. Buttons were popping off above my head with rips and tears starting to form across your tight plaid shirt. The top was already riding high up, exposing newly shaped, square-like abs with the sleeves barely wrapping around your shoulders. Even under two layers, both of your nipples were prominently pushing against the edges of the clothes, desperate to escape their confines. I pulled myself back in an attempt to keep your torso in sight but the growth was hard to keep up with and the thrusting made it difficult to inch away. Luckily for me, your cock was keeping up almost more than I expected. Although growing longer, it was noticeably widening thicker and thicker from the gains. By now, your overalls were doing all they can to keep your junk in check with one strap holding everything back. Finally your shirt was really coming apart as your chest was too much for the poor clothes to handle. With each heaving breath it was clear how much denser my chest was getting. Hair spreading out, pressed and overflowing from the tears of what remained of my shirt. My cock pulsated under you with trembling power, clearly building up more and more as the shaft bent upwards, forcing the tip to the ground. My arms raised up revealed even more dense hair covering my body with a potent musk lingering inside the sealed room. My meaty paws clapping together flexing my arms over us . Your eyes traveled down, watching sweat slowly cascade over the bulging muscles newly forming and swelling over my body, slipping over the thick vine-like veins guiding your gaze lower. A smug smirk spread across my face. My tree trunk neck fought for room over my expanding frame to not be swallowed by my raising traps. "Tell me buddy, do ya like your new boyfriend being this big, or do ya feel like seeing how big I can be?" I bounced my pronounced chest with a rythmic beat to my heavy sultry breathing, a hand cupping around under it feeling it up for myself; the nip being presented as a treat for you and you alone. The other hand slapping behind you onto my shaft. A shuddering moan echoed in the room as a shiver of bliss shot up my spine. "Well? I'm waiting buddy." I cooed, licking my lips with anticipation. I was too nervous to really reply. Ralph was growing with each passing second, making every league of size more mesmerizing than the last. The final bits of plaid that clung to your glistening skin finally tore off your form revealing your torso in all its hairy glory. With the legs of your pants ripped to nothing, your overalls were now repurposed as an over-the-shoulder pair of briefs which clung from the head of your growing member down into a pouch fitted around your balls and extending back to your waist. That one strap was diligent to keep it contained, digging snuggly into your right trap and extending all the way down your meaty length. What the overalls couldn't cover was the shaft. Pinned to your heavy testicles, your cock bulged upwards into a curve which raised me higher up till we were nearly eye level. The thing was huge, almost reaching a size that matched your own body! Even your chest was capable of rubbing up against it. We exchanged looks for a moment and I suddenly realized I never gave you an answer. All I could really do was say one thing. "Bigger..." That was all I needed to hear to please my little buddy. My cock shuffled under you as I adjusted my stance. Both my massive hands gripped at the sides of my junk, tenderly rubbing up and down as the excess sweat worked as a lubricant. The feeling of all my digits massaging and dragging skin was utter euphoria. My palms were large enough to encompass so much of my meat. I watched you bob up and down as my hips worked to dry humping my massive schlong. I pressed my bulge closer to my body, holding it and shoving as much into my torso, touching more and more sensitive cock-flesh. I could feel my extended arms swell larger, denser, stretching in unison with my horny antics. I started losing my grip slightly as even my meat swelled larger to match and exceed the rest of me. All I could do was grind and grow, filling in more of the room. Now your growth was peaking more than ever before. The sheer width your body had achieved was even greater than your height. You were a living wall with blocky shoulders and massive pecs tripling the span of your frame right before my eyes. I struggle to focus on one part of you, to bring my vision to appreciate your musculature but your physique is an assortment of monstrous hirsute mass with every peak calling me to gaze upon it. Still, if I had to choose, your chest kept me hooked as your stretched out biceps pushed both pillows of beef upwards and into your face. The grind against your manly stubble only served to arouse you further, your hands never resting in their pursuit to satisfy your sexual quenching. The room was definitely getting smaller. I never realized how big it was until your godly form began replacing the fleeting space. I could see your hair nearly grace the ceiling and even I, myself, was getting close to it while atop your manhood. You've had to have reached 20 feet by now, and your cock... good lord. Who knows how big that was. Still, you didn't care or even notice. You were hungry. To keep myself from touching the roof, I laid down belly first, my legs and arms spread against your cock. I rubbed with you, hoping you would get some satisfaction. The room was being filled with my pungent musk, my heavy breathing a mighty boom as I grinded against my mammoth dong. Buckling and shuddering as all the different sensations brought me to my knees. With my hairy chest falling right before you, my arms flexing pressing them into a seductive pose for you. Shoulder rolling as l shimmy closer. With a grunt and a hefty bear hug around my dick, you begin sliding down from the excess moisture into my pecs. I smile, holding back a groan from the mere act of riding down my enormous cock right before giving you a kiss to your lips. The romantic peck didn't last long as you were reaching the apex of your mass. By now you were immobile, pinned to every flat surface of the virtual box we called a room. With no space left to move, all your muscles could do was fill whatever room it could find. Your cock and balls had already eaten half the area, pressed tightly into the walls, ceiling and floor and still eager to fill more with its flesh. Even more surprising was seeing the overalls still actively extended under the package like a pouch. The strap was stretched so far that it looked almost string-like in comparison to the rest of you. And speaking of the rest of you, your traps had surpassed your head and cushioned upwards into the roof. Both shoulders grinded up to each wall with massive arms still swelling below the enormous jugs of your chest. I took one last glimpse at your ruggedly handsome smile before I sank below from the growth of your chest. More and more muscle continued filling my vision until my body was surrounded in it. My entire front side basked in the musky heady expanse of your pecs with chest hair shoving itself into my face. I breathed deep, savoring the fragrance your body provided. Meanwhile, my back was fixed to your dick which had become a pure wall of genitals. I was in heaven, hearing the squelching of sweat being squished between me and the two barriers of meat. My body vibrated as I could faintly hear you moan from above me, the bass from your throat shaking the very room. No doubt you were in utter bliss as your cock was squeezed into every crack and crevice left, all working to masturbate you further which only grew you more, squeezing your manhood tighter, growing and then squeezing and then growing! My new beefy shuddered as you could feel my whole body shake and quiver with every heavy breath dripping with euphoria as each movement of my massive sweaty body teased me in a different way, be it my arm pushing up to adjust for the lack of space resulting in my meaty paw groping my tender cock. Or shuffling my body to relieve pressure from my cock to only have it swell larger to take up more room pressing you closer to me, gyrating my torso to show you just how much you've done so far. A hearty chuckle echoed from on high above you, muffled by the dense forest of hair and muscle around you. "Oh. OH... OOOOHHHH! That's it Buddy! You've made me a real man now!" l praised, swooning over my size gifted by your touch. "This world is too small for me now though, I think yours should be more fun... for the both of us! Get ready Bud, I'm coming to wreck your world!" I continued flexing my body, your surroundings bulging larger and LARGER! hot to the touch, the dense musk coating your body in my scent sweat drenching your clothes, losing more room as l grew all around you. Your head squeezed between my pecs, feeling them bounce thumping onto your shoulders... And then the world went dark, the sensations of my expanding mass and heat still spinning you. *CRASH!!* I had done it, finally meeting someone who could truly appreciate mass at its peak and further beyond. The world around me coming into focus, feeling my body come into being in YOUR world. My traps crashing through the ceiling, my tree trunk neck finally having room to stretch seeing a room formally somewhat tidy now demolished with my huge head filling in a crater. My dick shot gunning forward still contained by my repurposed overalls. The thick head pressing against a door frame blowing out the wall before long resting in the kitchen. A set of bulging lumbering arms with hands easily able to cup a bus reaching out casually blasting through walls to pull myself up. With a heavy *THUMP* one foot smashed on top of your couch, my colossal body raising through the house, feeling your world crumble around me. Bursting free of your fragile house with a hearty cheer, feeling the cool air against my hot body. My dick sling bobbing with the new room at my disposal. Looking around like a giddy child at my new playground, dick and balls swinging wildly as l survey the area bashing against neighboring building, trees and lights. Snapping back to realize there was someone I was forgetting. Two meaty finger diving between my pecs moaning as l fished deeper plucking you out drenched in my sweat. Giving you a toothy smirk, I kiss you passionately in my palm. “Now that you completed the tutorial. You ready for level 1?” I cooed, a faint mist emitting off my body from the mix of hot and cold air.
  16. “I can give you anything you wish for. Just don’t blame me if your wish comes true.” This is a series about a mystical man who shows up to people in despair to offer them what they’ve always wanted. But does he really help them? That’s for you to decide. So be careful what you wish for. You might get more than you wanted.
  17. Yamhead2

    Lost In The Camp

    Hello everyone. This is my first post here in this site. And its also my first ever proper story written so please don't get your hopes up too high. This is part 1 or a 8 part story, maybe more is I have more planned. I also planned to write other growth stories that may link with this one. Currently only Muscle Growth will be in this chapter. But in the next few chapters, expect Hyper Muscle and Hyper Cock, Giant Belly, and maybe a bit of Multiversal Destruction from growing too big... Enjoy! Day 1 Campsite of Paradise Forest A frantic morning pumped adrenaline into my body. I woke up an hour late at 7am. I swore and immediately took a shower. I was late for a camp. I was supposed to arrive in school at 8am. Luckily it only took 30 minutes to reach school. But having some things left unpacked from the previous night made the morning a little stressful. But I managed to get it all worked out, albeit made me super tired. This was supposed to be an outdoor camp to help train students to become leaders for the new freshmen coming to school the next year. It was called Camp Paradise, located in the Paradise Forest. Paradise forest is about 3 hours away from school. It’s roughly 50 thousand square miles, mostly untouched due to preservation reasons. Not much is known about this forest, and yet, many legends surrounds this forest. A lot of sightings of mysterious creatures and giants can be heard. Yet not a single human seems to live there. No whatsoever society or village is found there. The only type of man-made creation is the campsite there. I was always interested in the legends surrounding this forest, but all the information i gathered were all super vague. So you bet your ass I was super eager to go on this camping trip. I arrived in school, excited. I saw a few of my friends who were also attending this same camp. We had a lovely chat and talked about which group we were in. I was the only person in my friend circle in group 7 while my other friends were in group 6. A bit disappointing to say the least. I thought I would have fun with my friends. But we had no choice in this. As more and more people began crowding the school hall, I came to the conclusion that this was a big camp. There were about 200 students here. A lot of them were recognisable as we all went to a different school camp a few months ago for the same purpose of training us to be leaders to our freshmen. 18 year old me was delighted to see all these people again. And excited to have another adventure with all of them in the new camp. The busses had finally arrived to pick all of us up. Luckily, group 6, 7 and 8 were on the same bus, my friends and I were able to chit chat a little bit more. As we journey to the camp, we did a little bit of research on the campsite. The site was something to behold. It’s extremely huge with many, very high quality furnished dorms, high quality amenities and lots of activities to behold. But due to the sheer size, different groups would be situated in different corners of the camp. So unfortunately, I was to be situated my with own group at one site of the camp. We were devastated. We thought the whole squad was going together but nope. Even worse, the guys and girls would be split up. So that would mean the adventure was going to be very lonely. This changed my perspective on the trip in an instant. But still with such a marvelous looking campsite with a forest full of legend, I guess being in a camp with about 10 guys couldn’t be all that bad. As we arrived at the camp, we got off the bus as experienced the scenery. And man was it a sight to behold. A luxurious campsite situated far from the towns. With beautiful forestry as far as the eye can see. A huge waterfall can be seen from afar. Mountains stretched across the landscape. Many camp buildings were scattered throughout the forest. From afar I saw some rock climbing walls, a river for kayaking or canoeing and a zipline that stretches far. I was also sure that there are more activities we could do here. All 200 campers gathered for a huge briefing in the mess hall and afterwards we were dismissed. I said my goodbyes to my friends and we all went off doing our activities. It was going to be a long camp for sure. An 8 day 7 night camp is going to be exhausting for sure. But at least there was something that could keep me company for a while. There was a group 7 camper there who also went to the previous camp. However we weren’t grouped together back then, so I barely noticed him at all. But during this camp, I managed to be able to analyse his figure. Man was I eyeing on him for a long while. His name was Jon. He is from a different course from me but our courses intermingle when it comes to our modules. So I sometimes see him. He is the same age as me at 18 years old and is a year 2 student like me. He was tall about 6'2”, which compared to my height of 5'8”, he was tall. Now I live in a country where tall and buff guys are not common at all. And while I would LOVE one, I grew to be more open to different types of men. So even tho Jon wasn't the buffest guy around, he was huge. He had an adorable tummy that looked hard yet soft to the touch. He has a wide back that was almost twice the length of my own back. He had huge arms that covered the entire sleeve hole. He had huge and hairy legs that looked strong. Now that description may not sound impressive at all and it really isn’t. He was just a big and tall guy with a soft meaty body, but a bit of training would make him a bodybuilder to behold. I bet y'all would have wanted massive bodies that triumph bodybuilders. But where I am from, he was considered huge and i'll take what I can get! Jon had slightly curly and messy black hair. It was slightly long. He had a roundish yet rectangular face. He was Chinese which meant small brown eyes. He was paler in the spectrum of chinese skin colour. He was quite the handsome individual but im getting sidetrack. So onward with the story. I was in Group 7 with Jon along with some other guys. Including us there were about 10 guys in total. Now the groups were scattered very far from each other to allow each group to have a 'unique experience’. While that sounds interesting, it feels very lonely to be with only 10 people. Now the entire camp spreaded far! So the other campers were about a kilometer away from each other. A camp instructor was given to each group to lead the activities. Our instructor was very nice. He told us that he wanted us to treat him like a friend rather than a teacher to make the camp a little more fun. He also told us that we got the best campsite among the rest. In his words, “It's the biggest site with the most amount of available activities.” That sounded interesting. Now our instructor was also very handsome. He had short black spiky hair, his face was rectangular and sharp. He was dark skinned, a brownish colour. He had a small moustache that connected to his slightly thick beard. He had beautiful hazel eyes that sparkled and had a very warm smile. He stood at an impressive 7’2” inches tall. He had a build of a bodybuilder. Strong impressive arms that pulled the seams of his sleeves. Huge pecs that sagged downwards each bigger than my head. He had a wide back that stretched his shirt to no end. His lats were huge too. He had a roided gut that heaved. It was huge and round, like a boulder. Despite the gut, he boasted a huge V-shape body. He had huge shoulders and traps that only accentuate his V-shape stature. He had huge powerful legs as thick as small tree trunks. His whole body was full of thick luscious black hair. He had a huge ass that stretched his jeans. He also had a very noticeable bulge that always caught my guard. It looked to be 8” soft. He was extraordinarily massive. His muscles were so huge it looked bigger than the biggest muscles on any bodybuilder. It was a sight to behold. And a massive one at that. It seemed that he wore XXXL clothing which could barely contain his massive body. While we were walking, the instructor was at the front, talking to Jon. Now while I thought Jon was huge, seeing the instructor right beside him was such a shock. But seeing the two of them together had me hard. Two of the biggest people i know right beside each other. The other 8 guys were behind me, but very far behind me. They were all in their own cliques and were distracted to even notice me or the instructor and Jon. This was my chance, I had to talk to them. So with every ounce of courage I had in me, I braved forward. “H-hi”, i say meekly, like the idiot I was. But even with my soft voice, I managed to catch the attention of the instructor. And with the deepest most sexiest voice I've ever heard, he responded with a “hey”. My entire body shivered and my face turned red. I hope the guys hadn’t noticed. But I had to continue the conversation. I introduced myself and said basic information about myself. He then introduced himself as well. “Well my name is Fajar. Nice to meet ya. So an art student I see. Well you would think from my body that I would be a huge jerkish dude. But I'm actually a nice guy, so don't worry about me biting your head off, “he said in a calm tone. I smiled, embarrassed. “Sorry I'm just a normally anxious person, so I'm a very socially awkward person,'' I replied. “That's okay,'' he said in a warm voice. As he said that he patted my back. “I'll make sure your experience is great here.” His hand felt huge against my back. It literally consumed it. He felt very warm and I was at ease. I then asked why he chose to be a camp instructor. “I always thought that nature is beautiful, and I wanted others to see it too. And what better way to do so than to be a camp instructor. Ever since I was 11 which was about 8 years ag-” “HUH??!” I yelled, “you're 19??!!” He chuckled with one hand on his back. His face turned red. “Yeah I get a lot of reactions from that. But yeah im 19 years old. A lot of people thought I was 30 due to my hulking size which is understandable. But what about ur friend over there” he points towards Jon. “Just look at this hulking beast.” Jon immediately turned red and rebutted “hey i'm not that big at all, i'm just fat and tall, I don't even work out. I mean I wanted to be bigger but school just got in the way is all. I only got tall cause I play basketball is all”. Me and Fajar chuckled at his reaction. “Hey I could give you some pointers. During this whole week I can help you get started. And you don't really need a lot of help, just look at yourself! Hey friend help me convince your dude over here that he can be a huge bodybuilder in no time.” He then proceeded to poke Jon's arm. “Your arms are quite big.” He then proceeded to squeeze his left pec. Your pecs are already quite developed. And your stomach could look like mine with a few techniques of mine.” Fajar said as he poked Jon's stomach. Jon was embarrassed, but he felt proud to be huge. It seemed weird how he’d let Fajar just touch him like that, he didn’t even stop him. God I wish i could touch the both of them, if only- “Come on friend, feel Jon’ body it's great.” We were both in shock. Was he asking me to do something that I have always wanted to do and yet couldn’t. “Aww come on Jon just let him, he needs to know how big you are. You both can feel my muscles too if you want.” I was so shocked. Am i dreaming. Jon sigh and let me at them. I felt his body for a moment. He felt really big and warm. I was in heaven just feeling his body. Fajar's words made Jon motivated about his body. With that, Jon began to flex his flabby muscles all around like the huge jock that he was. I began touching more and more. I noticed that his bulge began to grow slightly, but I must be imagining things. “Yeah! That's more like it Jon. Show the world who is a big guy. Thanks friend for helping me convince him too. I smiled back at him. Jon looked at me with an embarrassed smile. We began to bond with each other for the rest of the walk to the campsite. I knew this camp was going to be great from then on. As we head to the campsite, everyone gasped in awe. It was the most mesmerising thing I've ever seen. To the front was the river which curved away from us with a waterfall to the left of us. Right beside the waterfall was a huge field of flowers. To the northeast of us was a dense forest with mountains are the far back. Surrounding us were the dorms and loads of activities around us. Right in front of us was the camp fire with benches surrounding it. Fajar told us to each pick a dorm as a pair and to meet back at the benches. As he said that he placed his hands onto mine and Jon's shoulders. We immediately knew we were going to be together in the same dorm. I was excited. Now the dorms were placed quite far from each other and far from the campfire. As we headed out to search for a dorm, Fajar pulled us, “Wanna see the best dorm from here?” He said as we moved towards it. It was the farthest from the central part, but it was a nice looking dorm, situated far from the waterfall. It was a quiet looking building. Surrounding it was the forest and some fields of flowers. There was a mountain wall close to our dorm to the left. Fajar told us his dorm was to the right of our dorm. So if we needed his help we should let him know. As we entered our dorm we were in awe. It was bigger on the inside than the outside. It was a nice white house with brick patterns inside. It had a nice wooden flooring. To the left was the kitchen with large cabinets with marble surfaces. To the right was the living room. 2 large red sofas were placed evenly with nicely decorated pillows that said “welcome”. Many paintings were hung around the walls. Large windows showcased the beautiful natured outside. The windows were accompanied with large red curtains. Facing the sofas was a fireplace with a large television hanging above it. Directly in front of us was another door. We entered it to find the master bedroom. It had a huge king size bed to the left. A large closet was right beside it. A huge window with curtains was opposite the door. There was a balcony outside which had nice chairs and stairs that led to a jacuzzi? And a playground? With barbeque pits and really fancy gym equipment? The scenery of the waterfall and mountains were breathtaking. This felt more like a holiday rather than a camp. To the right of the room was a massive toilet. We were in awe and began to unpack our things and headed back to the main campfire. As we assembled, Fajar told us of our plans and set up some ground rules. It was about 10am. There was kayaking across the river till 12pm. Afterwards we would shower till 1pm and have our lunch. Afterwards was a minigame mania till 3pm. Then an amazing race challenge till 6pm. Then dinner till 7pm and the rest of the night we were free to pick random activities to do solo or as a group till whenever. Fajar even said we don't have to sleep if we don't want to. So after the briefing, we headed straight towards the river for the first activity. The first activity was kayaking. As the arrived, we saw a bunch 2 large wooden boats with 5 seats inside. Basically for this activity, it was a kayaking race across the river. The river route was simple. Row across the river. About 5 minutes after rowing, there is a turning point with 2 cross sections, keep turning to the right as it loops back to the direction towards the camp, just keep rowing until we reach the starting point. First kayak to come back wins. I teamed up with Jon immediately with 3 other guys we sat on the kayak. With a blow of a whistle from Fajar, we set off and began racing. Everyone began yelling at the top of their lungs, screaming to row fast and strong. The sound of the waters crashing against the kayak also added to the noise pollution. But other than that the kayaking was such a refreshing experience. The cooling waters splashing on our faces. The chilling breeze. Everything felt nice. I was very motivated to win. Along with Jon’s huge body right behind me, I just felt at ease. This was the best experience of my life. As we arrived at the intersection, many water drops appeared. Slightly jagged rocks appeared as well. We were all afraid, but ready to push on. The breeze also began to pick up. Right in front of us was the huge mountains. Me and Jon saw our dorm to our left. Apparently we saw a cave entrance nearby it. We were intrigued. Moreover, we saw a huge purplish light escaping from the entrance of the cave. Now we were curious. No one else saw because they were still focused. But now we wanted to ask Fajar about this. We finally reached the end of the race and we won! Our team screamed with glee. And afterwards we went to wash up. After that, we had our lunch. There was a lunchroom situated near the central area of our camp. We were in awe with the interior design. It looked like a fancy restaurant setting rather than a beaten up camp lunchroom. Albeit it still looked like a regular lunchroom. It just looked very cleaned and well decorated. Everyone sat on one long table lined with plates and utensils neatly arranged. The kitchen was loud with sounds of pots and pans banging and sounds of sizzling foods. The aroma of gourmet food wafted across the lunchroom. I sat next to Jon and the entire group began to start chatting with one another. All the while waiting for out food to arrive. As we waited, Fajar came by. He stood between me and Jon, one hand on each of our shoulders. He began to whisper into our ears. He said something about meeting him at our dorm later after our activities are over for Jon to start his first workout with him. Now I would like to talk about all the activities we did, but that would take too long. I just can’t wait to talk about the interesting stuff. So it was around 6pm. Fajar announced that we will be having a special dinner today. A campfire dinner! Everyone was stocked. We all sat around the campfire. There were plates of sausages, beef, mutton, all ready to be cook. There were even marshmallows too! We could even make some smores. It was a wonderful meal. We all had great laughs, told a bunch of scary stories and just had a wonderful time there. Right after dinner, Fajar told everyone that we can all go on to do our own activities. But me and Jon stayed with Fajar cause Jon had the bodybuilding training with Fajar. As everyone left, Fajar put out most of the fire and just sat on a bench beside us. I was in the middle of the two guys, enjoying the small fire. But it was really quiet. I asked Fajar why we were sitting here. He had a story to share with us about Paradise Forest. Finally my reason for coming here was being fulfilled. I was all ears. “This place has a very interesting backstory. A past unlike any other. Only known by a few people, and its history was recorded through inscriptions throughout the area. This area was once called the Growing Paradise to those who lived here.. Legend has it its natives were not known by the outside world. The mere name change to Paradise Forest was only a coincidence. They managed to hide themselves very well. We only knew about them through their inscriptions. The inscriptions, only found many centuries later. These inscriptions told us of a tribe of natives of only men. These men were so called the peak of humanity, as they apparently were extremely intelligent, even more so than us, yet only use simplistic tools for reasons unknown to us. The native tribe consisted of about 30,000 men. Their ways of reproduction are unknown. What's really fascinating was how they appeared. They were giants. As the inscriptions says. They are men who grew up till 15 feet tall! It's also said that their bodies were enormous. If you think i'm huge, hear this. Their muscles were so enormous that their pecs were the size of boulders. Their biceps, 3 times the size of their heads. Their stomachs, so roided that they could not even hug their own bellies. Their legs the size of redwood trees. And their cock, so long that the tip reached all the way to their own heads. That's all the description says. All we know is that they are giants with disproportionately gigantic muscle sizes. It was unknown how they disappeared. But those living near the Paradise Forest are said to be the descendents of the forest. But that much I can’t say.” I found it very interesting to say the least. Me and Jon were so intrigued about all of these. What didn’t surprised me was that Fajar here is a local and a descendent of these giants too. He mentioned that he had multiple books that have records of the past by these original beasts. And he has also written new books about the current state of these giants. Fajar began to mentioned how only about a few thousand descendents remained. And most of them don’t even realise that they are the descendents. That was one of Fajar’s quests, to research and find out more of his dying history and to hopefully find anymore descendents. That’s why he was so invested in Jon. Jon appeared to be another descendent. But he needed more proof. He said there is one way, without using genetics, to prove that one was a descendent. Sort of like a magical aura that can be detected if one to be a descendent. Honestly I found it interesting, but Jon seemed scared. What would this all mean for him. Jon asked for more information. Fajar mentions that the only way to determined is that Jon works out. A secret aura must be released from Jon in order to determine that he is a descendent too. Since it was so simple, we decided to try it out too. As we arrived at our cabin, Jon began to drink a special formula Fajar prepared for his workout. He said it was made with native berries grown from here. It was somewhat like a protein shake, but it absolutely does wonders for muscle growth. Jon prepared to do some bicep curls. He was also following Fajar’s method of bodybuilding too. As he did some curls, I noticed Fajar’s face turn from happy to confused. As Jon moved on to different workouts, more of that confused expression came out of him. As Jon stood up, I noticed that something was off with him. He seemed bigger. He began to flex. There was actual muscle definition. He went from a large chubby guy to a chubby guy with at least a month of working out. His arms looked slightly bigger with some muscle definition. So were his legs. His back seemed to widened quite a big too. A V-shaped body was almost visible. He pecs seemed to have jutted more. And his legs widened too. His shirt and pants seemed tighter too and he was much taller as well. While no fats were lost somehow, he appeared more dominating with his added size. But what was off was that his stomach was noticeably bigger, despite him not doing any abdominal workouts. Fajar began to talk, “Jon… You do not exert the aura that the descendents do. However, your muscle growth should have not even began at all.” We were all confused. “Jon, it appears that you have a much different body type than I imagined. You even exert a different aura. It appears that Jon is capable of growing far more than what I thought. Jon, your body is capable of growing to sizes we cannot even imagine. I’m not even sure that there is even a limit to your growth with workouts. It would be even more disastrous if you find the Infini- Oops, don’t mind that-t. Anyways-s I will go first see ya later bye!” And just like that, he dashed off. We didn’t even get to question anything. And what was the infi-something that he mentioned anyways? And what of Jon? What sizes is he capable of. Despite that, Jon began to work out some more. He wanted to see how big he could get. I was getting sleepy at that point so I went off to bed...
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