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  1. clfmql

    Austin's bet

    “I want all your muscles, your stamina, your metabolism, your masculine beauty, your physical potential, your athleticism.” **** A stream of warm water spurted out from the thick shower head. In the steam-filled shower booth, Austin's naked body began to be drenched in water. The tanned, healthy skin became shiny when it touched the water stream. Water cascaded down his broad shoulders and down his massive, deep muscular chest like a mountain range. It soon cleansed the eight-pack abs and moistened the massive cock and testicles between the thick legs. As Austin lazily turned back, the warm water flowed down his deep, bulging, broad muscular back, and soon his firm buttocks could feel the water. Austin enjoyed the warm, wonderful sensation for a few minutes and then took out the shower soap. His thick hands gently massaged his broad chest, brushed down his shoulders, and toned down his 20-inch biceps and deep abs. He then gently stroked his pipe-like 11-inch cock and large testicles, wiping away any traces of the night's fun. He reluctantly moved his hand from his cock to his firm, thick thighs, where his muscles were clearly visible, and rubbed them for a while. He begins to slowly brush his knees and calves, following the lines of those beautiful muscles. While enjoying his shower time, Austin thought about Ted and the 'bet' he had made. Ted was very popular as the best football player in the school, but to Austin, Ted was just a bad student who bullied Austin himself. Austin, who wanted revenge on Ted, decided to use witchcraft he had discovered in ancient books. Everything went according to Austin's plan, and as a result, Austin won the 'bet' and demanded a reward from Ted: his muscles, his physical potential, and his masculine beauty. From then on, as time passed, Ted took Austin's essence and gradually became smaller and more ordinary, and as Austin took Ted's essence little by little, he became bigger and stronger. After taking a shower, Austin returned to his room and put on a white shirt and underwear. Then suddenly, Austin stopped as he felt a huge pain in his testicles. Austin lifted his underwear and looked down to see that his testicles were writhing as if they were being squeezed. Austin finally realized that the final swap had begun. Austin had no time to react to this sudden phenomenon and just moaned and held his testicles in his hands. He felt the last of Ted's original essence being absorbed into his testicles, and it soon began to pump the last of his strength, causing his veins to pulsate throughout his body. "!!" While Austin just let out a moan, his body once again became covered in sweat and began to slowly bulge and grow. The muscles in his entire body twitched and became bigger and stronger, increasing his height to nearly 7ft. The cock and testicles he held in his hand seemed to swell and grow in size. It was too big to hold with one hand, so Austin managed to hold it with both hands. "Aaaah... yes! YES!!" Meanwhile, Austin's vision was forcibly becoming clearer, and he was getting a mild headache as more athletic knowledge flowed into his head. Even that was enough to give Austin an ecstatic feeling. In every way, Austin's body grew bigger and stronger. When Austin finally let out an orgasmic scream, the white shirt he had just been wearing was torn apart. Austin, who had been panting for a while as if after his long workout, checked out his body in amazement. Now he realized he had a muscular body of exactly the same size and shape as Ted had before his bet: biceps approaching 25 inches to prove it. Ted's biceps were the biggest in the school, they were 25 inches, and when Austin measured himself with a tape measure now, they were exactly 25 inches. Austin let out a low laugh, throwing his torn clothes on the floor, cutting off his underwear with scissors and throwing them on the bed. At this moment, a new school athlete was born who would perfectly replace Ted. What was even more pleasant was that this spell modified parts of reality so that no one would notice their changes. In this reality, Ted will always be a small, weak student, while Austin himself will be the dominant school athlete. Well, maybe he's even better than Ted in that he's sincere, humble, and kind. Austin giggled as he looked at the sweaty 7ft massive muscular body and went into the bathroom to wash up again.
  2. Feedback makes me hard - as long as it's somewhat positive. Enjoy My grandpa died recently. He was the most brilliant man I had ever heard of. He won the Nobel Prize in Physics twice and the Nobel Prize in Chemistry once. How does a person do that? I guess that was 6 months ago now. I’m starting to lose track of time as I think back of what my life was before. Sometimes it feels like 2 years, sometimes like 2 weeks. Things are getting fuzzy. When it comes down to it, the first 23 years of my life have been pretty good. I have smarts – I’m no brain trust, but I’m sharp and witty enough. I’m shorter than I’d like to be at 5’ 7’ but it could be worse. People have told me my entire life that I am cute, adorable, etc. I guess I’m OK. I have sharp elf-like features I’ve been told – maybe a bit of Scandinavian mixed with Eastern European – like some Lord of the Rings citizen of Lothlorian, but shorter and more tan. I should get one of those ancestry kits and see what I’m made of. Anyway, ya, I guess I’m cute’ish. Nothing of global significance, but if I were found in a small pond, I’d be attractive. And I’ve been able to stay thin and lean after high school and college. I can’t put on a pound of muscle to save my life, and I have tried. But, I do have a nice high tight round ass, a decent 7” cock when I get really excited, and low enough body fat to have 6 noticeable abs and squared off – if mostly flat – pecs. I wear fitted clothes easily. But enough about me for now. So back to my grandpa and looking back on how this all began for me – he was, no joke, the smartest man on this planet. I idolized him. I still do. Grandma is still alive, barely, and I love her as much as I loved him. She supported him always and never waivered from his side. A few hours after grandpa’s funeral, my grandma delivered a box to me at my small apartment, smaller than a shoebox. I was so sad to loose him. I was devastated. But she grabbed my hand and said, “Trevor, he really wanted you to have this. I don’t know what’s inside, but I think I know. He said it was his most valued possession, other than me.” She pushed the box into my chest, surprising me with her sharp shove. “I need to go take a nap, Trevor. It’s been such a long day.” The funeral had been just a few hours ago after all. “He told me to tell you to read the note first and wait a while to open the rest of the gift.” I watched her waddle away, my nan. What a tough woman to have balanced a force like my granddad. She could hang with the best of ‘em. I looked at the box and decided that I would open it after a well-deserved nap. I was exhausted. ********************************************************* Trevor woke up from his nap wondering whether it was after sunset or if it was the next day. His body stretched like a wakening feline. He could feel his lean body lengthening as he reached behind his head and grabbed the top of the headboard. Again the thought came to him – Is it morning or just a couple hours after going to sleep? He looked over at the clock. 7:59PM. Good. He hadn’t overslept into an entirely new day. There was the box. The box his grandfather left him just to the side of his clock. His curiosity got the best of him. “What would grandpa want to give me?” was the only thing he could think to himself. “Grandma seemed a bit – annoyed – about the whole thing,” he muttered under his breath. He unwound the tape that was holding the box closed and opened up the leaflets to what lay inside. “What the fuck is this then?” Trevor peered into the box and saw a small bottle made of clay. It was so nondescript he thought it looked like a kindergartener may have made it on Arts-and-Crafts Day. There were a few folded pieces of paper on the bottom of the box too. He grabbed the paper with his thick fingers (he did have big hands for his size which he always liked about himself) and started to read the words written on the page in an elegant fountain pen handwriting style. “Trevor, I miss you already. I miss your nan. I miss your brother and sisters. I miss your mother and your cousins. All of them. I need to give you something of great importance. When you read this letter, I want you to resist doing anything else afterward except to take a few hours and contemplate what I have written. That is all I can ask of you. My eldest grandchild, I wish you well. I wish you happiness. I wish your desires granted beyond your wildest dreams. Grandpa Wallace” There was a second sheet underneath, written in the same pen strokes. 1. Ask questions. Ask as many and as often as you need. 2. There are many rules. You will learn them as time goes on. 3. Attempt to anticipate consequences far beyond your normal understanding. 4. Maintain control of your emotions, wishes, desires. It will be difficult beyond any explanation I can give you. 5. Embrace who you are but do not lose sight of reality. 6. Help him go further than he could ever hope. It’s up to you now. That was the entire second page. Trevor sat on the bed wondering what the note meant. It was more than cryptic. It was confusing and frustrating. He remembered his grandmother just before she scurried out of the room telling him to “wait a while” before opening the rest of the gift and the note stating that he should “take a few hours and contemplate.” All Trevor saw was a small clay jar, misshapen, old, and ugly really. What did the words in the note mean? Ugh. He didn’t have much patience for this. But he trusted his grandpa and grandma more than just about anyone so he sat there quietly and alone with his thoughts. ****************************************************************************************** Dantalion waited patiently in his vessel. His consciousness swirled in a tight mist. This would be his 12thand final cycle. He knew that he was surely to be destroyed by one of his elder brothers during this binding. He thought back to the beginning when the djinn were created. They were governed by an immensely complex system of laws, regulations, and norms. Twelve of them had been created and now there were only three left. All of them had started on a quest to fill the Well of their power. Each of the twelve had their own Well. The first of the 12 to fill his Well would ascend to Godhood and then would have the power to crush the vessels of the remaining brothers, destroying them and snuffing them out of existence. The humans always considered the djinn to have godlike powers, but with their restrictions, they were more servants to their Bound and trapped in a labyrinth of regulation. He remembered with apathy his previous Bound. According to his personal opinion, the prior 11 were relatively weak men with little imagination. They all wanted power, control, money, or sex. There was nothing horribly creative about that and Dantalion was often bored. Unfortunately for the Bound, one of the laws was that a djinn could not change his physical self to be that of a woman. He was sure he would have spent his previous cycles in various female forms satisfying sexual urges otherwise. Not that sex with a woman was inherently unpleasant, but he knew that it would be one more thing to be bored by – acting out another fantasy without being able to enjoy it. After thousands of years, he was still a virgin, mostly because none of his previous Bound had granted him the ability to feel sex, feel what it was like, what the big deal was all about. He didn’t really care. Humans were so simple, really. Motivated by four or five base instincts. His 11thand most recent Bound wanted knowledge. He was a very measured, unique man, and never lost control. That was unfortunate for Dantalion. He was unable to extract much mana from him to fill his Well. He was attentive to the man but Wallace was so tight wound and controlled. He never let Dantalion really show the range of his power, not even the smallest iota. But Wallace had from the beginning stated he had mostly what he wanted in life. His desire was for knowledge. Apparently, the acquisition of three Nobel Prizes was good enough for the man. Dantalion would have rather ruled the world with him, but that was not his luck. Dantalion had no moral compass with regard to human interactions. He had always been there to fulfill the desires of his Bound – that was his purpose of existence – at least that is what they believed. He knew that it was far more than that. Three wishes would be offered a selected Bound. Those wishes would allow the potential companion to experience the galactic power of the djinn soon to be at his service. Then if the binding was accepted, and it always was, the ritual would begin and the two life-forces would be joined together. Once a Binding was complete, the djinn would wick a steady flow of mana from the desires and emotions of the Bound. As more wishes, desires, dreams were fulfilled – and with increased power used to fulfill them – the more mana would be wicked into the Well. The more intense the satisfaction of the Bound, the more desire an action of the djinn satisfied, the more mana would be drawn away. Dantalion had been woefully unlucky in his chance pairings with humans. But this was the first selected pairing. His 11thsuggested his grandson, Trevor, to be Dantalion’s 12thand last binding. All those before had been so selfish of their power over this djinn, they had hidden the vessel rather than pass it along to anyone else. This would be his last cycle. None of the brothers had filled the Well yet, but Bael and Asteroth were close, he could sense it. He knew that he was so far behind them in the fucked up game that they were a part of, he would never be able to catch up. He didn’t know how they had found such powerful Bound to link with in prior cycles, but Dantalion was resigned to being destroyed at some point in the next few years, if not sooner. He had been in existence for thousands of years, but now he was on borrowed time. All of these thoughts swirled in his mind as he realized that in a moment, he would meet his 12thand last Bound. It was a bittersweet feeling that he felt in his mind. He would do his duty, obey the law, fill his Well as best he could, and then await destruction. He knew that if he had not filled his Well by the end of the 12th cycle, he would just simply cease to exist. In 11 cycles, his Well was only half full. He would do his best, as always, but there was a sinking feeling deep inside of him. No time for that now. He needed to make a good impression to assure the new Bound would accept his offer. He quieted his mind and continued to swirl in his vessel. ****************************************************************************************** Trevor held the small clay blob in his hand. It was hollow from the lightness of it. There was a small hole in the top, which had been plugged with a stone and sealed with wax. He was confused. What was in there that was so special? Maybe the jar was some ancient relic of museum quality. Maybe there was nothing in there at all. He was curious though. Curious about why his grandfather would think of giving him this and why his grandma was so brusque about it. He got a knife from the kitchen and started whittling away at the wax. He needed to get that stone out. On closer inspection, it appeared to be a green gem set in the hole – a bit cloudy in its clarity, but still lustrous. He kept chipping away at the wax. Maybe he could sell the gem to a jeweler if anything. Finally, he was able to remove the stone. He shook the jar. Nothing inside. He was more confused now than ever. Sitting the jar down, he just shook his head. Weird. He was sitting on the edge of his bed and leaned back to stare at the ceiling. Dantalion emerged slowly from the jar in a wisp of whitish blue mist. He was tentative. He had met the man who would become his 12thBound before and knew that a brash show would just serve to frighten. He was calculated in his approach. The mist became more condensed. Dantalion began to speak softly, gently, and soothingly. “Trevor. Trevor. We need to talk.” Trevor heard his name and sat up with a start. He saw a man, thin, tall…familiar, forming I front of him. The mist increased in density. It almost appeared solid now. Before him stood his grandfather’s diligent and devoted assistant impeccably dressed in a dark suit, mid-twenties, thin, wearing stylish glasses in an attractive boy-next door way. What the fuck? “Trevor, we need to talk.” He soothingly spoke again as he became solid. Real. “What the fuck is this?” Trevor’s voice was shaking and had a terrified look in his eyes. “Trevor, I am here to bind with you like I did with your grandfather. I will satisfy every desire you have, within the confines of djinn law.” Trevor looked at Dantalion with caution, like he was in the room with a hungry lion he did not want to offend. Trevor found shook his head and pinched his arm. He wasn’t dreaming apparently. “I know you. You’re my grandfather’s assistant, Dante. Wait, what do you mean ‘bind’ with me?” He had always thought of Dante as cute, maybe not as cute as him, but pleasant to look at. He’d look better with more muscle. “Have you heard of the djinn? Genies?” “The fuck you are!” Trevor spat out at the man he knew as Dante. “I was able to grant your grandfather’s greatest desires of knowledge. But he did not take full advantage of my capabilities. My power is without measure or your ability to comprehend. I can fulfill your wildest dreams, within confines of djinn law.” Trevor looked at him apprehensively. “You keep saying ‘within the confines of djinn law’. What does that mean?” Dantalion/Dante approached the bed slowly as not to scare the human before him. He had this discussion with 11 men before, and was able to eventually get through their disbelief and explain himself. “I have immeasurable power to give what you desire, but there are regulations and laws that I must abide by…too many to discuss tonight. But I can answer any question that you have as they arise. For now, you can ask three wishes of me before you decide if you would like to bind to me.” The man stood there looking down on Trevor. His eyes, Trevor suddenly noticed, were red-orange like a fire, flickering as a small flame and deep as an endless pit. He felt as if the deep pools of dark flames were hypnotizing him as he stared at the djinn’s countenance. Of course he remembered that the djinn were fire spirits. At least that is what he knew from his college course on Mythology. “So I get three wishes to decide if I want to “bind” with you? We’ll talk about what that means soon I hope.” Trevor paused, “I admit I’m a bit confused.” “Make a wish. I need you to know what I can do for you.” Dantalion used his most soothing calm voice. But there was a pleading quality to it. Trevor couldn’t look away from Dantalion’s eyes. “I wish I had some coffee, black, 180 degrees, 16 ounces in a thermal cup.” A cup of coffee appeared on the bed stand, which Trevor picked up and sipped. It was amazingly perfect. “You can do better than that, Trevor.” Dantalion was a bit annoyed that his new master’s first wish was to make him an errand boy. He would definitely not put any mana into his Well with this sort of imagination. Trevor looked at the coffee. His mind started to run wild. He had imagined this type of power from 6 years old. Reading stories of Aladdin, or the short stories of Middle East philosophy, The Arabian Nights and others, he had been enamored of the idea. But to actually have it manifest in his bedroom was overwhelming. Trevor, for some reason, began to feel a bit aroused. What if this was real? Geez, he’d jacked off to the thought of having an all-powerful genie grant him three wishes. He thought he knew exactly what he would do back then, but most of them involved muscle and sex. His brow began to sweat. He started to feel his cock push against his dark slacks. He was still in his funeral attire. “God, I can’t believe this is happening to me. Today. Now.” But his mind continued to flit across the many dreams, wishes, hopes that he had banked in all 23 years of his life, most of those created with his right hand around his hard cock. He gulped and remembered the words written on the paper his grandfather left him ‘Ask questions.’ “Can you change your body? Can you change my body?” He could barely believe that is how the conversation started. There were certainly many more pressing things to ask. Dantalion took a step toward Trevor and said, “Yes” in a low grumbling tone. “But I cannot assume the form of a woman. It is against djinn law.” “Well, who said I wanted you to be a woman? That’s an odd assumption.” Trevor sat up straight and grabbed the warm coffee on the nightstand. “And you can change my body?” “Only in any way imaginable that you see fit…Master.” Dantalion knew he had to be careful here. Other djinn law forbade him to make himself or his Bound too conspicuous. That is how they had stayed hidden for centuries. “I can change your physical being into anything you can imagine, within the con…” “Ya, ‘within the confines of djinn law.’ I get it. But what does that mean?” Dantalion took one more step toward him. He looked his soon-to-be Bound in the eyes. He could feel the flames licking his eyelids. His weak, thin, form that he had been possessing in his previous cycle was so inadequate for what he needed to show the 12th. But he needed to be patient. “It means, ultimately, that as long as you do not draw too much attention to yourself, you don’t have limits. I don’t have limits. One of the primary laws states that undue attention should not be drawn to the djinn or his Bound. “ Trevor licked his lips and his mind switched gears instantly. “Ok. I wish that you would, without drawing too much attention, as this seems very problematic for you, put 5 million dollars into my bank account. It can be over as long as 6 months – as not to alarm anyone.” Dantalion turned away and rolled his eyes. “Yes, I can do that.” He realized that Trevor, his last Bound would be like all the others. Selfish, yes, he expected that…but also foolish, myopic, and infantile in the ability to understand what power they truly possessed when enlisting his services. He would be blotted out now, he was sure – his Well only half-full and that would be the end of his existence. “You can do that, Dante?” “I have started the process already. I have invested the sum of your meager savings account into stock that I will deftly control over the next 6 months, should I survive that long. You will have 5 million dollars in your investment account before the end of those 6 months.” Dantalion stood tall, still in the dark business suit he wore as Wallace’s assistant. Trevor looked a bit perplexed. He heard every word that Dante had said, but he also picked up on the “should I survive that long” part. He would ask about that later too. He started looking carefully at the djinn. He was so poised, confident but almost shy and thin in a healthy way. Maybe the word was ‘deferential.’ “Is this your true form?” Trevor looked into the eyes of his djinn. He knew that he would accept the binding. He could feel it inside of himself. His grandfather had bequeathed this gift to him. But he wanted to know a bit more – curiosity and all. “No, this is not my true form. I have two actually. The form of the mist and the form of physicality. The form of the mist is how I am able to reside in my vessel for thousands of years on end without outside interactions. It is a distillation of my consciousness. The form of physicality is my true form when I am extended out of my vessel. It is against djinn law to show you my physical form until we are bound.” “Do you have a sense of right and wrong? Standard philosophy or ethics? Things like that?” Dantalion took one more step toward the bed. He was nearly shin-to-shin with Trevor who had remained seated. “I do not have the ethics of a human. Because of that, I can serve every desire you may have. If you wish for me to pull the very continent of Atlantis from the bottom of the sea, I can do that, regardless of ethics, and in such a way that it would be explainable scientifically. I can crush all of the armies of the world in a matter of minutes and make it appear to be self-inflicted or one army pitted against another that could be explained.” Dantalion appeared to be getting excited just thinking about accomplishing these feats of wonder. He wantedto use his limitless power. “I do not have your morals. It allows me to fulfill your human desires whatever they may be. There are no judgments.” Dantalion spoke in a low rumbling purr. Trevor gulped as he stared into the eyes of the man he knew as Dante. His mouth was suddenly dry. The embers of Dantalion’s eyes licked his pupils and bore into the young man sitting before him. In his current form, he appeared to be near the same age. Trevor appeared maybe a bit more muscular. With Dante’s tailored well-fitted suit, he just looked very thin. His mind was racing, darting around to late night jack off sessions on the internet, a thousand morphed photos of different dream men he would love to fuck and be fucked by, stories of strength and muscle growth, and cock growth and …. Beads of sweat continued to form on his upper lip and forehead. His breath became shallow and ragged as his mind spun fantasy upon fantasy. His respectable 7” cock began to push against his well-fitted square cut briefs even more than before. He had imagined this moment in so many of his fantasies. For his third and final wish before accepting the binding, he wanted to know if it were true. Dantalion could not read the man’s mind but he felt that something was coming. Some powerful urge was rising. A heavy-weighted door was unlocking and creaking open in the deepest recesses of Trevor’s mind and Dantalion could see it on his face and see it in his cock. He felt that the next words that were spoken would determine that trajectory of his 12thand final binding. Somehow he just intuitively knew – this one would be different. Trevor hastily formed a wish and he knew it wasn’t going to be perfectly formed and he didn’t care. If Dante could make this come true, he would be able to bind with him and have endless wishes. “I wish that your body grew to 8 feet tall and that your arms became so large with dense, hard, striated muscle that they reached from floor to ceiling. Your skin so thin that a single sheet of paper would think it was too thick in comparison. These are 12-foot ceilings. You think you can do that, Dante?” He could feel his hard dick getting bigger and bigger, pulsing with unabashed curiosity and desire to see his third wish come true. Dante looked at Trevor with perplexity. None of his other Bound had asked him to demonstrate control over his own presentation unless it had been to terrify an enemy. Those before had wanted money, military defeats, the building of great structures…and more recently, knowledge. But this man was different. Something was very very unique as he looked in the man’s eyes and saw the man’s penis growing, throbbing, fighting with his trousers. “Curious,” he thought to himself. He nodded. “Yes, I can do that for you.” ****************************************************************************************** There was a pregnant pause between the two. Dantalion was attempting to read Trevor’s body language. He didn’t know the human well enough yet. “Would you like to instruct me on how to fulfill your wish, or would you like me to take…liberties?” Trevor’s breath caught in his throat. This was actually going to happen. “Can I instruct you for the beginning? Then maybe you can take ‘liberties.’” “You can do whatever you desire. I exist to serve you,” the genie rumbled. Dantalion and his deep flaming eyes looked down at Trevor on the bed. He sensed something close to supplication from the human, near worship. A pleading flicked across his face - A desire that Dantalion probed and where he found great depth. He, of course could not read the mind of the 12thunless granted access, but he could feel the edges of it with his expanded mind. Dantalion had been around humans for thousands of years and knew how to pick up on behaviors. The 12thwas seeping into the wildest recesses of his desires. Fuck, he could feel the energy building as Trevor contemplated how to begin. This one was so incredibly different, he repeated silently to himself. “I want to see you naked, first” Dantalion’s clothes vanished just as the last word left Trevor’s mouth. The djinn’s body was tight, thin, lean, and beautiful in a marathon runner sort of way. His skin the color of a summertime tan and his hair shortly cropped and a light sandy brown. “Over the course of 30 seconds, pleasegrow to 8 foot tall, same dimensions you have now.” Dantalion paused. He had rarely, maybe never, hear the word “please” when directed at him. Another something new. His naked thin body kept the same dimensions as before as he slowly expanded. He stopped thinking about what might be going on in Trevor’s head. He was in the middle of wish-granting and a djinn took that very seriously. He waited for his next command as he reached the 8-foot mark. Trevor, for all of his attempts to remain calm, looked at the tower of man in front of him and realized that this was all real and that his most depraved and wild fantasies could become flesh. His cock began to expel pre-cum into his trousers wicked away by his tight square cut briefs. Dantalion could smell something sweet. The beginnings of sex in the air. He had experienced that with previous Bound as they celebrated victories, defeats, destruction of enemies – but they had all been with harems of women, not directed toward him or when he was alone with his master. He was curious again. After thousands of years, he didn’t know curiosity would be so exhilarating. Trevor’s voice was again becoming ragged, shallow, pressured. He loved arms, he loved forearms, he love pecs, he loved lats and traps, he loved glutes (shit, he loved glutes), he loved quads and hamstrings, he loved delts, and he loved calves. He loved all muscle. He picked one of the many. “Please, increase your biceps and triceps to 30 inches around over the course of 30 seconds. The skin should remain thin and nothing thicker than single ply plastic cling film. And I want veins. Lots of veins on the surface to feed your growing muscles.” Trevor could barely breath. Did he just say that out loud to a stranger – even worse, his grandfather’s assistant now standing in front of him naked. Dantalion and his flame-licked eyes focused on Trevor’s face, on his erection pushing pre-spunk out in a slow stream, on the smell of need and desire in the air around them. He looked at his right arm then left and started growing them. He had never been asked for this expression of his own physicality. It was new and somehow excited him on a profound level. His biceps began to grow quickly and the skin covering his arms became somehow even thinner. Dantalion’s triceps quickly formed multiple bellies with striations so detailed, it appears that they were constructed of thousands of threads of fishing line, all writhing underneath the skin. Dante’s arms were stunning and perfectly symmetrical with a 30” exact diameter. They were the vision of pure raging power. But Trevor’s wish was just beginning. Ok, now to 80 inches in diameter,” he looked with a ravenous hunger at Dante’s arms. The djinn’s biceps grew and blossomed. Trevor, now standing up, reached to feel Dantalion’s growing arms and the djinn humbly leaned forward to allow him access to the change that was occurring. Trevor could feel the muscle fibers dividing quickly. It felt as if he had his hand over a steel morning-bloomed flower who’s petals keep unfurling over and over and over, cycle after cycle. Trevor peered at Dante’s right arm and saw skin so thin, he could actually see the beefy red muscle cells underneath. Veins as delicate as spider’s webs covered the blossoming biceps and triceps. Several thick radiator hose sized veins surfaced slowly, running along the top of the arms and the inside from the elbows to Dante’s armpits. Somehow, veins 3 inches in diameter seemed right…and HOT. “Now, I want to see those fucking arms to go from floor to ceiling,” he spoke softly and with a moan afterward. 10 seconds later and the arms of the god in front of him had grown to a size that Trevor had to back up and sit on his bed again. Dantalion’s arms had grown so much; his monstrous triceps were contacting the floor and causing his still thin, yet very tall, body to rise off of the ground. The twin biceps continued to escalate toward the ceiling, the fibers dividing endlessly without pause, all visible thanks to the paper’s width skin Trevor had requested. The veins of Dante’s arms continued to grow thicker and more plentiful. Trevor could now see them pulsing and writhing pumping growth juice into every individual cell. Dante was taking “liberties” with how he presented himself in this way. He eyed Trevor and saw the smaller man studying the webbing of the vessels, the constant replication of muscle cells, and also saw him rubbing his cock that continued to crawl down the leg of his tight trousers. His new-to-be Bound had said he was 7” when hard. He was clearly 8” now. What did that mean? Dante knew he was doing something right. For Trevor, this was the culmination of so many wet dreams. This was better because it was real. Finally, as the growth slowed, Trevor looked up at Dantalion’s face suspended in mid-air, body elevated several feet off the ground thanks to the titanic triceps bellies writhing underneath and pressing into the floor. The arms that he requested took up more than half of the bedroom. But something was off. “Dante, will you grant me another wish, just so that I can see how glorious you are?” Pulse, pulse, pulse went Trevor’s dick. He wanted to take it out and start beating in right there. “I will grant you one final wish before you decide on your binding to me,” he rumbled while looking down on the man below. “Dante, I wish that your forearms, hands, and deltoids were proportional to your arms. You may take liberties.” Without warning, an eruption of muscle so powerful and swift occurred that Trevor was blown towards the far wall. Just before he collided, he felt the newly enormous right hand of Dantalion catch him more softly and gently than he would have believed. He felt the giant 3 foot wide mitt draw back toward the wall-sized pulsating muscle that had just exploded with mass. “Trevor, have I pleased you?” Dante’s voice was powerful and deep like one million earthquakes but also curious, cautious, submissive. Trevor was beginning to lose his grip on reality. His breath was becoming more shallow. Trevor looked down on the 40” forearms riveted with throbbing arterials pulsating in rhythm with Dante’s heartbeat. WAIT, they were pulsating with Trevor’s own heartbeat, mimicking his pulse rate. Fucking crazy. Dante’s deltoids rose to near ceiling height, just shorter than the unbelievable mountain range of the biceps peaks - jagged, gnarled, but somehow perfectly balanced. “Can I touch you?” Trevor asked in a whisper. “You can do what ever you would like with me, Trevor,” Dantalion breathed into his hand where Trevor was seated struggling to maintain control. “You own this body and everything that it can do.” It was obvious from Dantalion’s innocence that he did not understand the weight of his comments on Trevor’s mind. In and other place that comment would be a proposition. In matters of sex and attraction, Dante was a child. Trevor reached out to touch the throbbing, hard, indestructible wall of muscle in front of him. He made contact and then pulled down his pants. Dante’s skin felt like warm buttery silk. The fibers beneath like steel cables an engineer would use to suspend a bridge. A groan so loud that it actually surprised both himself AND the djinn burst forth from Trevor’s mouth. “FUCKIN YES! Make my dreams come true, you fucking beast!!!” Shot after shot of Trevor’s cum hit Dantalion. His enormous hands and forearms were covered with cum and rivulets of seed collected in the crevices of the djinn’s enlarged hands. A certain quite fell onto the room. Dantalion felt so alive, so energized, so different than he had felt with any other Bound – and they had not made the binding yet. This was all so new and unexpected. Trevor leaned back into the giant paw that held him off of the ground. He was still recovering from the longest, most intense, most reality based orgasm of his life. “Trevor, do you bind yourself to me? I can fulfill this and infinitely more wishes based on your need and desires.” All that Trevor could see was walls of throbbing angry hard dense muscle. “Fuck ya, I want to bind with you. I won’t let your power be wasted.” Thoughts of just a few minutes earlier pummeled his mind. So much power, so much muscle, so much of everything he had beat off to for years. Laws, regulations, and more complicated stuff he couldn’t consider at the moment. “How do we do this ritual?” Trevor’s voice was sure and steady. Dantalion smiled and the flames dancing in his eyes flared and began to burn blue. “You must start by calling me by my true name: Dantalion, not Dante. I will do the rest.”
  3. EnviousGeorge

    Your pleasure account is overdrawn

    Teleportation was not a form of travel Jalveth enjoyed: when expected it was a jarring experience, but when it came out of nowhere it was nauseating. The problem was that the Magisters of the Collective operated on their own schedule with scant regard for others. Jalveth took in the sumptuous furnishings of the Magister’s parlour as he tried to keep the remains of his lunch from adding to the decoration. “I take it you know why you are here?” stated the figure sat at an expansive desk without looking up from his paperwork. “No my lord,” replied Jalveth meekly and with good reason: a Magister’s word was law and they had enough power to administer any punishment they so chose. Childhood stories of what they do to those who wronged them leapt to the forefront of his mind, which he tried to repress as he hadn’t done anything wrong that might justify any form of punishment, had he? A piece of parchment levitated from the cluttered desk and floated in front of his face; it was a fairly long list: ‘Silver Goblin Trading’, ‘Griffin Claw Holdings’, ‘Black Root Alchemicals’ and others were written in a clear hand. “This is a list of accounts I administer.” said Jalveth confused, but in a contrite a fashion as he could muster. “Did you think it wouldn’t be noticed,” said the figure, looking at Jalveth for the first time since his arrival. “A crystal here, a couple of crystals there, not enough for one organisation to really notice but overall they do mount up…” “But I…” Jalveth began before a wave of paralysis suffused his entire being resulting in sudden breathlessness and a stiffness through his muscles, and to his embarrassment a similar reaction from his genitalia. “Do not interrupt,” admonished the Magister, “I am told you have a head for figures, I would have thought you more capable of covering your tracks than this; and so unoriginal, such scams have been around forever, they are even older than I.” Jalveth unable to respond was unsure how he would have if he could: he had known nineteen summers and the figure before him barely looked much older; but this was a Magister and appearances were almost certainly misleading. “We expect our computers to be intelligent, so what made you think you could get away with it?” the Magister asked looking directly at Jalveth. If the rest of his appearance did not bely his age the same could not be said of the Magister’s eyes: the black pools looked as though they had seen stars die and possibly caused them to do so. “There must be some mistake,” Jalveth squeaked, “those accounts were fine, with no crystal unaccounted for.” “Are you saying a Magister is wrong?” the man said in what seemed to be a friendly inquisitive tone. Jalveth knew better than to trust the friendly demeanour; his heart was racing as his body felt like it was betraying him: it felt hot and constrained in his clothes, not to mention he was so hard it was throbbing despite the situation, was there something about the Magister’s voice that made him feel this way? Jalveth couldn’t discount the possibility. Not that his mind was faring much better, it kept speculating on what punishments the Magister may enforce that Jalveth had trouble focusing on the situation he found himself in. “Of course not my lord,” he found himself saying, “merely that you have not been given all the information,” and wondered to himself just how he would justify that claim. “So enlighten me,” said the Magister with a tone that suggested there was nothing he didn’t already know, “who else had access to those accounts? One of your colleagues perhaps?” “No-one at the Counting House could have done it, would have done it,” replied Jalveth emphatically, “they are my friends, my family they have been nothing but helpful since I arrived at the Collective.” “And you are sure of this?” said the Magister clearly showing his view on the matter. “Only one bonded to the accounts would be able to change them.” said Jalveth firmly, “the only one bonded is…” and he trailed off as he realised the implications while the Magister just smiled at him. “Please,” Jalveth begged, “let me speak to my colleagues, maybe they will have some idea how this has happened.” “Oh you won’t be returning to the Counting House.” said the Magister, “By your own admission it is clear you are responsible: either it is deliberate for which you need punishing or accidental which shows you to be a liability; either way you cannot be trusted to look after the finances of others.” “But my smarts, my skill with numbers, that’s all I have,” wailed Jalveth as he prostrated himself before the Magister. Bringing his hands together in a begging gesture caused an audible ripping noise from his tunic and Jalveth looked at his body for the first time since his arrival. The reason for the constrained feeling was now obvious: he was larger than he should be, his slim scrawny build was replaced by a somewhat more athletic one. “There are many ways to serve the Collective,” said the Magister, “and if your suitability is wrong then we can easily change it, there are many positions that require less cerebral acumen and more physical presence such as soldier or labourer or…” “Please don’t make me a pleasure slave!” Jalveth begged crying. “Oh so you know about the pleasure slaves then,” the Magister stated, “just by reputation, or have you partaken?” “My colleagues organised it, they said it was a rite of passage.” replied Jalveth but his focus was diverted by the figure that had magically appeared in the chamber. He was magnificent: large powerful legs supported a strongly defined core, but still with a fairly narrow waist, which in turn were surmounted by a pair of pronounced pectorals that competed for space with a pair of massive arms, but the crowning achievement was the huge organ protruding from his groin. It arced up through the deep valley of the pecs and stopped just below where a beautiful face was waiting. It was only the expression and look behind the eyes that let the figure down for Jalveth: there was little sign of intelligence or even awareness there. The figure had not reacted to its translocation and it seemed was awaiting any sort of instruction for a while, which means it stood motionless for some time. Eventually, whether it finally realised nothing was forthcoming, or more likely just following its baser instincts moved to take the massive head of its member in its mouth and started pleasing itself. Jalveth watched mesmerised as the figure bounced its pecs, together and separately, to stimulate the shaft of its immense penis in complete oblivion to its surroundings. Not that the figure was the only one. “I said what was it like to be fucked by a pleasure slave,” said the Magister testily, completely ignoring the figure’s arrival. “Huh,” said Jalveth distracted, “but I didn’t…” and when his brain caught up to his mouth felt the need to clarify: “I wanted to but it was so large and I got scared and just spent the time worshipping his body.” “You do know they are ensorcelled to provide only pleasure and no pain?” Asked the Magister in a flat tone to which Jalveth gave a slow calculated nod. “Ensorcelled by a Magister, so which is it you doubt, our skill or our power?” Jalveth doubted neither as both were clearly evident in the way his tunic burst in multiple places from the strain, he could feel his bulging biceps resting on his protruding chest, neither adjective would anyone have considered attributing to Jalveth before now. His breeches had so far still remained intact but it was clear they would not remain so if he underwent another growth spurt. The bulge at the front was large and the confined space was beginning to pinch uncomfortably. “Ah I see how it is, this all makes sense,” said the Magister looking at Jalveth who was exploring the changes in his body with his hands, but his eyes were still focussed on the activities of the third person in the room. “It is because you are jealous of the pleasure slaves.” the Magister said as a statement of fact and not a question. “Well who wouldn’t be?” replied Jalveth, “after all they were made by the Magisters as perfect physical specimens. Are you doubting the Magister’s skill? Or their power?” Jalveth groaned internally as he realised what he had just uttered, how stupid was he to rile one who had so much power, Jalveth braced himself for the inevitable consequences. Which never came, instead the Magister just laughed, “I suppose I could have phrased that better, tell me were you happy in the Counting House?” Jalveth nearly blurted out ‘of course’ but thought better of it, “I had a job I could do easily, colleagues that supported me, and it paid enough to meet my needs.” Jalveth eventually said carefully choosing his words. “But did that make you happy?” said the Magister in a tone that was clear that he knew the answer but wanted to hear Jalveth say it. “No,” Jalveth admitted, “the work was dull, I did it because I could and not because I wanted to; my colleagues were friendly because they were my colleagues and not because of me and while my needs were met there was little extra for anything else.” “And then you met a pleasure slave, you thought you would be the superior one in the situation despite his physical attributes you were the free one, the one with the intellect; however, you realised that of the two of you only he was happy with his life and you were envious of that.” explained the Magister. “But he was so stupid,” retorted Jalveth, “all he could do was grunt or talk in a monosyl…, a mono…, in one word answers and only then about his body or sex.” At the mention of the word sex the third person in the room ceased their self-ministrations and moved towards Jalveth seductively; the giant ever-erect penis bouncing back and forth as he moved until he came to a stop in front of Jalveth and took up a pose that showed off his muscular body. Jalveth gulped involuntarily as he forced himself not to lean forward, not to touch and was fighting an impulse to join him in flexing. The Magister continued to act as though the other man was not even in the room. “Really, you were stuck in a role you despised in a life you thought had no meaning, whereas he was someone who really enjoyed his work, who would be thrilled to be in the company of his colleagues and whose needs and desires were both met without his input. That is what you were jealous of, that is why you wanted to be him.” elucidated the Magister. “But I don’t want to be dumb, my intelligence, my skill with numbers is all I have, it’s all I am!” Jalveth exclaimed, tears running down his face. “But has that intelligence ever made you happy, or is it what is holding you back from getting what you really want?” The Magister began. Jalveth opened his mouth to respond but stopped when the Magister raised his hand. “It was your ‘intelligence’ that stopped you experiencing the joys of that pleasure slave. It is the same ‘intelligence’ that is trying to plan a way out of this but is ignoring your desires, it is not even realising they are showing themselves anyway.” Jalveth looked confused and was surprised when the pleasure slave gently wiped the tears from his eyes. The Magister continued, “ You were the one to suggest being turned into a pleasure slave, in fact it is what you have been thinking about since you arrived in my chamber; I wonder if your subconscious forced you to make those mistakes to bring us to this outcome.” “But I didn’t, I wouldn’t…” Jalveth sobbed, “I don’t know what you want from me?” “Simple,” answered the Magister, “I just want you to tell me what you want, what you really want.” Jalveth knew he was stuck, his strategy had been to tell the Magister exactly what he wanted to hear, but clearly what the Magister wanted to hear was what was clearly something that was not intelligent to say; as such his thoughts led in circles as his brain tried to find a way out of the contradiction. In the confusion this meant that his mouth was operating unsupervised, “I want to be a pleasure slave,” Jalveth mumbled quietly. “Sorry what was that?” said the Magister who had clearly heard what he said. “I want to be a pleasure slave!” Jalveth said louder and with more conviction, “I want to be so dumb that I don’t know what a number is, let alone what to do with one! And I want to be so big that anyone who sees me will be awestruck to the point where they can’t think of them either! I want to spend my days having sex with anyone, with everyone! But most of all I want to be happy!” “There, that wasn’t so difficult,” said the Magister, “I think you deserve a reward for your honesty.” and with that the pleasure slave moved behind Jalveth with clear intent. Jalveth was confused, how did that make any sense? Just saying what should have been a bad idea somehow was going to see him receive the sex he had foolishly denied himself in the past? Magisters may have tremendous power but Jalveth wasn’t entirely sure of their sanity. Not that was his most pressing concern: he was harder than he’d ever been before in his entire life; but as his breeches burst from the strain the nature of this ‘reward’ became obvious. His erection was growing at a rate that was clearly visible to the eye and from the heat that pervaded his body that growth was not limited to his sex organ. Jalveth’s mind was not willing to go without a fight, and following his earlier declaration was repeating simple random multiplication to prove it couldn’t be banished that easily. ‘Four by twelve is forty-eight’ The pleasure slave removed the remains of Jalveth’s tattered clothing by ripping them off his body ‘Seven by eight is fifty-six’, the pleasure slave put his hand on Jalveth’s surprisingly hairy rear and Jalveth shot the biggest load of his life which stopped him thinking of anything for a while. When he came to his senses he looked down to see that his cock had reached his large hairy pecs. Jalveth had always been ashamed of his body hair and considering that both the pleasure slave in the room and the one he’d encountered earlier had smooth bodies it was a surprise that he not only retained his body hair, it was not thinned out by the muscle growth, but if anything was denser, thicker and more widespread. ‘Eight by five is fuckty… er forty’ Jalveth thought as he reached down to check on his balls, his stance had widened to accommodate the size of his legs and that gave his balls which were significantly larger, and hairier, more room. Jalveth gave them a squeeze and was rewarded with another large load. ‘Seven by four is… forty?’ Jalveth thought as he flexed a large hairy arm and watched as it grow before his eyes. ‘Six by nine is… six by nine is…, six by… sex…, sex!’ Jalveth thought as his cock was now at a point where he could easily take it into his mouth; which he did so with gusto. What looked up after he shot yet another huge load, this time into his hungry mouth which he slurped up greedily, was in no way bothered by multiplication; with numbers at least. It looked down on the pleasure slave before it and realised he was bigger than the man in all aspects including height. “Me big,” it said eventually. The pleasure slave took the opportunity to caress Jalveth’s furry bulk: gently stroking the soft hair across the bulging muscle. Jalveth wanted to tell him how attractive he found the man, what he wanted to do to him and what he wanted from the man but the words weren’t there. Eventually he settled on a single word that expressed all his feelings: “Fuck” “Fuck?” came the reply from the pleasure slave. “Fuck!” replied Jalveth with a smile and pulled the other pleasure slave into a passionate embrace. “Oh Boys!” called a voice from near a large bed, the only furniture in the room. For some reason Jalveth had a feeling something was wrong about that, but he couldn’t see what would be wrong with a hot guy calling him over to a bed. The Magister moved his hand and his clothing vanished revealing a tight muscular body and what would be considered a large cock in any other company, he kneeled on the large bed pushing his rear seductively in the air. A test for the new pleasure slave, which was on the way to scoring high marks as the Magister felt the tickle of a soft beard before a tongue masterfully worked at his hole. The other pleasure slave was before him and the Magister had no hesitation in taking as much of his manhood into his mouth as he could. In other circumstances the Magister would have grown his body to match them and switched off for a night of mindless debauchery; alas he had other duties that needed attending beforehand, primarily figuring out just who had framed Jalveth in the first place. If the young man had used the intellect he’s claimed to possess to be more suspicious of his colleagues then maybe he wouldn’t be in this position, using his tongue to devastating effect, as his naivety must have played a part in being chosen as the scapegoat. That and his appearance: Jalveth may not have realised with his insecurities but he was a very attractive man; to the extent that the Magister had little to do to his countenance in his transformation, essentially just making sure his face fit with the massive hairy muscle-bound moron he’d become, and frankly the beard had done most of that work for him. People think that magic can do anything, and by and large it can, but it still has its limitations. Even with knowing what was done the Magister could think of seven ways that Jalveth’s credentials could have been faked and was not arrogant enough to consider that to be an exhaustive list. Add to that not knowing who, when or why led to too many variables. The Magister had a spell trying to resolve it but with the lack of information would take a long time to report; it would be very surprising indeed if framing Jalveth was the whole point of the endeavour, so it was a matter of time before the real plot revealed itself and may well do so before his spell had concluded. So the Magister was relying more on a non-magical ploy: Jalveth. He felt the bulbous head of the new pleasure slave’s massive prick teasing his hole and the ecstatic thrill when it pushed home. Once the fate of Jalveth was announced to his colleagues the Magister expected them to lay low for a while, time they are likely to spend enjoying this very position with the new slave. Whether it will be regret about what they have done to Jalveth, or to gloat about it and fooling a Magister the culprit will have no qualms in confessing everything to someone they know doesn’t understand what they are saying. Pleasure slaves have a built-in aura of isolation that protects their clients from attack or interference when they are at their most vulnerable. The feeling of absolution at disclosing their darkest secrets and only receiving pleasure as a response was nearly as big a draw as the pleasure the slaves could bestow. Of course the slaves may not be able to understand but that didn’t mean the couldn’t listen, and repeat everything they heard to any curious Magister, but the populace would rather assume any information was discovered by magic. Jalveth would have his revenge, even if he now didn’t care about it, and his guilty former colleagues would learn there are worse punishments than becoming a pleasure slave. As for Jalveth, the Magister thought as both slaves unloaded in him simultaneously, he was too exquisite a prospect to relinquish. The Magister had considered his personal harem big enough but knew that when this was resolved there would be a place for Jalveth, one where he would have the very happy life he wished for.
  4. adoniss

    Gabriel the Sculptor - Intro

    Hey Folks! I'm here to let you guys know that i'm planning on doing some stories about transformation and muscle gain (in a magic + effort way). So to contextualize, i created this dialogue between the main character and his friend, just for an initial immersion and to give an insight on how things will run. Also i have to mention that i will be using the work from @rstle an awesom A.I creator, who inspired me trought whis images to give them stories to complete the artwork. I hope you guys like it!! -Introduction- - So to be as clear as i can, you need to know how i do what i do and who i trully am. - Stop messing with me Gabriel and explain it already. - OK Chill Carlos, you found my diary logs, and i know seems confuse, but i promisse you everything in there is true. - You say in there, that you somehow has an affect in peoples body, how and why? - Come on let me talk, i can't explaind if you interrupt me all the time, i know is a lot to take but in the end makes sense. - Dude i... i... Wtf man, you did it to mee too? - LISTEN TO ME! Please calm down. ( After Carlos finally is able to focus) - Carlos you remember i went on a site visit on to the old excavation site? - Yeah i do, you even invited me but i thought it was to boring for me. - Exactly, in there i was following the group, and i heard someone calling me behind my back, and i was the last one in line, so i was creeped out, and you know i'm not a fan of ghost stories. - You know they don't exist right? - I thought it too, until i saw myself alone, far from the group, i decide to follow the path in front of me, nothing and no one in sight, so i heard it again, as i turn to the voice i see a face carved on the wall, it looked like an mayan or some other coulture had sculpt it, i decide to get closer.... the face starts to shine its eye wide open, looking straight to me and the voice comes from it saying, "thou who walks upon the rest of your ancestor, shall recieve the blessing of sculpt, shape your warriors as they deserve". - Bullshit - The face shines brighter almost like an flashbang, and when i notice, i'm back to the track, and people are screaming my name, i was so confused that i didn't told anyone, so they don't think i was delusional. - Sounds like a bad trip to me, did you smoke something or inhale a gas? -Carlos sarcastic as always. - Ha Ha so funny, anyway later that night i dreamed with the face again, but this time it was telling me the rules about the "blessing", he refered to me as an sculptor, as you saw on the logs i wrote, i can change a person physic traits, but i cant do it only by my will, requires the person want the changes to happen, and if the person discover or has any sort of suspect i'm the cause of the changes, the "blessing" will stop workin on him. And now that you know it, will stop working on you too. - If what you're saying somehow is true, what did you change in me? cause i don't notice nothing diferent. - Actualy i didn't change much, cause i know you since forever and you're my friend so i just gave you what you wanted. - Oh really? wath did i wanted smart ass? - Before i answer that let me explain a important part of being an sculptor, the gift alows me to shape other persons sort as a combination of what they want and how far i will make it possible. To start the process i need to be alone with the person and all i need is to they answer an simple question, if is a true and sincere answer the process begins, and lasts until i decide they had enough or they get happy with the changes. - And what is the question? - Oh is nothing fancy, they just need to answer: If i could, would you let me mold you? - I KNEW IT! cought you red handed, i don't remember you asking me this. - Page 5. - What the actual fuck? - Page 5 on the diary, read it for me. - No way you set up this shit so hard. - You asked for the truth and i'm giving it. - Ok, so page 5.... it says "it's funny they don't seem to remember the key question to activate the process, i will try asking more direct next time"... how convenient to you huh? - Actualy it really is cause at the person point of view seams an all natural process, you remember the guys on the gym asking you if you was on roids? - i... i do, but they ware just complementing me no? - Sort of, but how do you explain in only four months, you evolved like a god? - Genetics? - haha you do got good ones dont get me wrong, but at this speed, is almost inhuman, i would say it is magic your evolution. - But if so, why you don't chage yourself? we started the same day on the gym, and you ware bragin that youre was gona get huge. - Yeah, i was braggin cause at that time i didn't knew the blessing limts yet, it has an wekened effect on me, i did got more fit as you see, but no near close to what you got. - Dude, are you saying it wasn't my effort that payed? - No no, i said that to the changes happen the target needs to want the change, you said to me that you wanted to be stronger, and i suggested we entered the gym, and in that day that i made you the question, of course i helped a lot, but it was all your work. - So the changes aren't instant? - No, they are accelerated by the persons will and her actions, for exemple i sculped a girl who wanted to be a runner, so i gave her more stamina to endure and some ajusts to make her an axcelent runner. - Wait, Ana from the grocery store? - The one and only. - You gota be kiding me. - Nope, go and ask her..... btw don't she will think youre an wierdo for sure. - Yeah this hole story seams wierd. - You didin't bought it didn't? - You had me on the frist half. - Oh so you want a proof that i can make this stuf? - I was going to ask you for that right now. - We are best friends right? and knowing you since forever let me refresh your mind, once you had a prety embarasing moment, with that girl from highschol. - Don't you dare to brin- (interupting him i proceed) - So you know what i'm talkin about right? Do i need to say that she was no impressed with that 5 ich? - We were teenagers, it was a normal measure for the time. - Come on, you were 20 years old, puberty has long past. - She would be impressed now if i got to her. - Of course now that i got you an help, and oh boy what a help. - You what? - Do you really think you got a late grouth sprout? - But.... - And so if you had one, how would i know that he grow to the exacts 9.5 inch? - WTF..... How? - I just explained to you, you gave me no option, i had to drop this bomb. - Dude if it was really you.... - What? - Can you do more? - Duh, Smart ass, as i told you when the person discovers the trouth, i can no longer help with anything, now you're on your own. - So you made me a prodige in the gym and a horse in bed? - Exactly as you wished my guy. - Thank you. - Why are you mumbling? i can't hear you. - Thank you. - Oh, You're welcome, but don't give me all credit, if you didn't made your part, it would all be a waste. - If you say so. - is that enough proof? - Yeah man i belive you, but now that i know your secret.... - oh, i guess that makes you my personal criter, you can see my work now. - alright, at least i will see the Gabriel the Sculptor in action. - And talking about my work, let's see your before and after, i saw you remade that photo i took from you in the park... - Go ahead. - Here, look at you, i guess we did a great work toghether. And you? Will let me mold, you if i could?

    Liquid Manhood- Chapter Six

    A year long wait for Part Six, sorry, school got ahead of me and when I was finally free I wasn't in any mood to write. This part is mostly filler and some plot, more transformations to come in the next part though. Thanks for reading. Read Part One HERE Read Part Two HERE Read Part Three HERE Read Part Four HERE Read Part Five HERE Liquid Manhood Chapter Six Chris lay awake in bed, staring at the ceiling deep in thought. The room was still dark, but dim light shone through the gaps in the curtains. The light illuminated the cause of Chris’ thinking, a large tent in Melvin’s bed sheet, and two massive feet that hung out the end of that bed. A couple of months ago Melvin had been a small runty nerd who Chris could twist around his little finger, but then Melvin took some of the magical elixir home. Now Melvin was more confident, he was questioning Chris’ decisions more and he was keeping Chris awake with hour-long fuck sessions every single day. The only benefit to being kept up so late is that Chris had the time to think over the events of the past few days. That first day when he found out what had happened to Melvin had been the hardest. Hearing that deep voice over the phone made his heart drop, but he nearly died when he found Melvin. Melvin had directed Chris to come talk to him at some apartment, his nerdy roommate opened the door in just his underwear. He was now tall, built and from the look of the bulge in his briefs, hung like a donkey. Seeing Melvin had only added fuel to the theory that the elixir had a plan of its own, that the changes it caused weren't random. That in fact it mattered on what sort of person you were, an undeserving person would end up as unappealing, but a deserving person, as Melvin appeared to be, would end up owning mouthwatering pecs with big silver dollar sized nipples, abs you could wash clothes on and a bulge that looked like it could feed a small village. The conversation between the two roommates was awkward mainly because Chris could see the four girls who lived in the apartment had been fucked senseless for what must of been several days. From where Chris sat he could see the girls in a sleeping cum stained heap on a bed in a bedroom, the doors having been pulled off its hinges, they all had smiles on their faces. A smile which matched Melvin’s smug smirk, he knew the situation between them had changed. Melvin though didn’t rub it in that he was now a towering stallion compared to Chris, which Chris had expected. Instead he talked about what had happened to him and what he’d thought was going on with the elixir. In the days following Melvin’s marathon fuck session both boys shared their theories on how the elixir affected the user. Chris’ theory that who you were mattered held more water then anything Melvin offered. It was nearly confirmed when Chris and, the now meathead, Melvin found out what happened to the people dosed by the water bottles from the school gym that Chris had tainted. The equipment manager Thaddeus Stern had ballooned into some ebony black beast of muscle and manhood, he was instantly recruited by football team to his own delight. Yuri was also dosed too, and to Chris’ delight he didn't end up huge. Instead the slim swimmer had swelled into some hairy bear. A gut of muscle and fat replacing his toned abs. Melvin didn't think the change was that bad, Yuri looked pretty intimidating, an opinion which seemed to be shared by others. Yuri had been recruited to the football team too. The third person to be dosed had surprised Chris. Coach Peters had changed and it seemed to have knocked him out of the funk that losing his football team had caused. His flabby gut had been sucked in and tightened, his hair darkened and his face lost a good 20 years of wear and tear. The man who now stomped around campus in a sweat suit with a big cigar in his mouth was nothing like the old Coach Peters. Scary was the word that Melvin had used after he'd been cornered and almost forced to join the football team by the new Peters. He was rebuilding the team and taking anyone who even looked like they lifted weights. Chris though was half attracted to the new barrel chested daddy like-coach. He would have expected that Peters to get the bad side of the elixir, but instead Peters’ love and loyalty to the boys on his team had instead made the elixir turn Peters into a better man than he already was. Chris’ reminiscing was ruined by the loud wet slapping coming from Melvin’s bed. The big lug had thrown back his blankets and was fisting his Pringles can cock with both of his meaty fists. Chris just rolled over and buried his face into his pillow hoping Melvin would only jerk off once this morning. ——————————————————————————————————————————— “Good workout today man” Thaddeus’ Barry White-like voice said Both he and Sean were standing in the locker room of the school gym, they had it to themselves as the other patrons seemed to flee the room when they both came in sweaty from their workout and stuffed into gym shorts that looked close to bursting. They'd both showered on the far side of the showers from each other, both trying to sneak in a quick wank, though it was hard to keep two massive muscle men jerking wrist fat monster cocks secret. Neither of them brought it up, even thought they’d both cum at the same time. “Yea, good lift” Sean agreed, pulling on his shirt The two muscle men were both buttoning up their shirts, both having the same issue of pulling the shirt together over their pecs. Thaddeus with his glistening ebony pec pillows and Sean with is fire-red furry slab like chest. Sean and Thaddeus had met soon after Coach Peters had recruited them both for football team and they’d become fast friends. Mainly it was due to them being forced together as they were both of similar size, but they shared an intense interest in video games, so a friendship had blossomed. A tv bolted up to the wall loudly played some sporting news show, the announcer worriedly talking about the removal of some big name athlete from the Dallas Cowboys because of some sort of disease. Sean had seen the guys face all over the internet and he’d even jerked off a fair bit to the guys modeling pics. Sean gave up on closing his shirt, his entire hairy pec cleavage on show. The button just below his pecs barely holding the shirt closed. “You coming round mine tonight to game” Sean asked pulling up the zipper of his jeans again Since his last growth spurt Sean had found a guy on Craigslist who was selling a tonne of clothes in sizes that could actually contain him, but now after a couple of months of actually working out, playing football and slowly growing he was beginning to outgrow them. Thaddeus, was himself just stuffing his overpacked undies into some jeans. He pulled the zipper up and gave his hefty bulge a good grope with a big black hand. “Nah man” Thaddeus chuckled deeply “Got a date tonight” Sean laughed “What again… did last nights go so well” Thaddeus left their gaming session last night with some cheerleader under this arm. The big black stud had been grinning ear to ear earlier when they started their workout, so it must of gone well. “Yea, yea, it did, nearly broke her bed” Thaddeus laughed, doing a little thrusting movement with his hips “But its not the same girl… her friend" “Slut” Sean laughed lightly punching Thaddeus’ shoulder Thaddeus packed up his gym bag and seemed ready to leave, obviously eager to get to this date. “Yea pretty much, I used to be some pathetic virgin” the black stud laughed “But since my growth spurt I've been getting pussy every day… even multiple pussies sometimes” Sean felt his eyes roll, Thaddeus just laughed at his reaction. The two friends said goodbye and the black beast thudded out of the locker room, leaving Sean to struggle to get his clown feet into sneakers that were falling apart because they were at least a size too small. The walk back to his dorm room was quick, but it was a constant barrage of stares as he stomped across campus. He knew his heavy bulge was bouncing from thigh to thigh with each step and his pecs were dangerously close to launching the remaining buttons of his shirt across the path ahead of him. Sean was struggling with his keys at his door, his big meaty fingers fumbling over the tiny, little pieces of metal. “Sean” a quiet voice asked Sean turned to look and just saw an empty corridor. Then he looked downwards. A nervous yet smiling brown haired boy stared up at him. It was the guy he’d brought all the old clothes from. A guy of barely 5ft2 who for some reason owned clothes ranging from XXL to XXXXL, Sean didn’t ask why. “Hey... Ben right” he asked, hoping he’d got the name right Ben nodded as Sean turned away from his door to look down at Ben. The smaller guys eyes widening as he stared at the thick overhang of Sean’s pecs. Thankfully his eyes weren’t looking down to the overstuffed bulge of his pants which was shockingly close to Ben’s eye level. They were silent for a few moments, Ben just watching as Sean’s pecs slowly heaved with each breath. Sean broke the silence “So, why are you here” He knew that Ben didn’t live in the dorm. He loved in one of big frat houses on the other side of campus. Ben muttered something, sounded like he was nervously gathering his words. “Just… just... wanted to see if you wanted to hang out” Ben asked, smiling slightly Sean wondered if Ben had actually wanted to ask something else, but the sight of Sean’s hulking hairy form had knocked all the confidence out of the little guy. Sean chuckled slightly “Sure, I was going play some games, but we can hang out” Sean opened his door, the gust of warm musky air washed over them both. Ben actually squeaked in surprise. “It's only a single-player game, but I’m sure we could find you something to do” Sean said, letting Ben pass into the room Sean followed him in, giving his big bulge a quick rearrange before closing the door and trapping the little guy. ——————————————————————————————————————————— “Do you have any books on witchcraft” Barrett asked up to the librarian Without even looking pass their glasses and down to the runty Barrett, they muttered a floor number. Barrett had gotten used to being ignored since his fall from grace. He quickly headed up the stairs, taking two at a time, which was a stretch for his short skinny legs. Luckily no one would recognize him, he wasn't the Barrett anyone on campus would recognize. A few months ago Barrett had received an email about his campuses links to magic and witchcraft, since then he’d been researching the subject. He’d read more books and written more down in these months then he’d ever done in his life. It had started as a simple way of passing the time and maybe distracting him from his diminished body and from the housekeeper's son cleaning the swimming pool shirtless, but it had become a desperate passion once AJ returned home. The doctors had said that AJ had a muscle wasting disease, the same thing that the doctors has said to Barrett. AJ had lost his position in the NFL and returned him a broken man. AJ was nearly as small and runty as Barrett was and was getting smaller all the time. His personality shift was more dramatic than Barrett’s had been, Barrett regularly could hear AJ crying himself to sleep. When AJ was a towering beast Barrett had never even heard a single word spoken in a unsure tone, let alone seen him shed a tear. The CDC had even visited the house to check it out for any environmental causes, they found nothing. Just like they’d found nothing at the athletic department on campus. Barrett had actually stopped off to see how things had changed. It was just the same as Barrett had left it, without any reminder that Barrett had ever existed. The CDC had even kept an office on campus, but they didn’t seem to be doing anything. Just some guy sitting alone in an office bouncing a tennis ball off the far wall. The suddenly collapse of his brothers obscenely manly physique and the CDC’s continued inability to find a medical cause had only pushed Barrett closer towards witchcraft and magic. It had knocked Barrett out of his depression, he’d become more active, more set on finding an answer. He’d be researching anything and everything that could link to his and AJ’s situation. Quickly moving away from any sort of scientific explanation and focusing almost entirely on the thin hope that something beyond explanation had caused his and AJ’s predicament. He came to the correct floor, wheezing, he was so unfit now. He moved through the cases and desks looking for some sort of sign directing him to his answer. The floor was pretty much empty of students. Just one guy with long black hair sitting at a desk with headphones on. Barrett stopped to stare at his guy, he was well built. Large pecs straining at his shirt and thick arms gripping the table. Barrett bit his lip, muscle really got to him, his little cock hardening in his pants. The guy let out a moan and Barrett could see a hand was beneath his shirt feeling up his pecs. Barrett knelt down to check under the table, having to look between the legs of chairs and desks between him and the big guy. A blond haired head was moving back and forth between the guys massive jean clad legs. Barrett let out a gasp and scurried between some bookcases. He heard a sloppy sounding slap and a guy, probably the blond, taking in deep breaths. “Zach, did you hear something… I think someone is here” one voice said between deep breaths “No one is here” another deeper voice said “Get back to sucking bitch” There was slapping sound and a return to wet sucking noises. Barrett was sitting on the floor, his back leaning against a bookcase. His cock rock hard at the sound of the blond struggling to deepthroat whatever this Zach had between his legs. Down the line of books, Barrett saw a massive ornate bookcase. Leather bound books of various sizes filled its shelves and a sign above in posh looking gold lettering read. “Tiberius J.J. Haber Occult Library” Barrett jumped to his feet, for the first time thankful that he was small, his feet making no sound as he moved. He ran down the aisle towards the bookcase. As he approached he saw how run down the bookcase was. The golden sign was faded, the wood chipped and in placed moldy. The books were covered in thick dust, but Barrett saw a few finger marks. A couple of books on the middle shelf had been touched recently, but only those books. He strained to reach up to them, again hating how small he was now. “Did you see that guy… getting a blowjob in the library” an insanely rich and deep voice boomed from down the aisle “From a guy…” another voice stated sounding annoyed “Damn” the deep voice muttered “I mean, nothing against gays, Chris, you know that…” The other guy, Chris, just sighed loudly. Barrett fell back to another set of shelves and hid behind them as the two men approached. One was tall with strong features, almost model like in his movements. The other was a brute, towering nearly as tall as the bookcases and nearly as wide as the aisle. The massive dude had a hand down his shorts and was obviously scratching at his balls. Chris though was inspecting the occult bookcase. Chris gently lifted the middle books away from shelf and tapped at the wood behind them. “Good, it’s still jammed” Chris said returning the books to their place “Huh” the big guy said, he’d been busy sniffing his hand after scratching his nuts “The compartment where we found the magic book… we jammed it so we’d know if someone else found it” Chris said, trying not to raise his voice at the giant guy The big guy's viking like face made an expression of understanding. His heavy lantern jaw moving to make an ‘oh’ sound. “It’s still jammed so whoever was asking about witchcraft never found it” Chris mused “Wait… how’d you know someone asked about that” the big guy asked “I paid the librarian to call me if someone did, why do you think we even rushed over here” Chris said smirking arrogantly “We don’t want anyone finding out what we did… well not till I’m your size” Chris gave a playful backhanded tap to the big guy’s abs which were showing through his shirt. The two turned and left, Barrett’s head spinning, could magic actually be real, what where they are hiding. He waited for the big guys wide back to vanish around a corner before slowly he started to follow them. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Sean was laying on his front on his bed. It was too small for him. His pecs were hanging off the end and he was awkwardly propping his meaty arms on the edge so he could play his game properly. His big mits pressing buttons and his TV loudly sounding out the gun shots of his character. “You ok back there little dude” Sean asked peeking over his shoulder to Ben Ben was laying between Sean’s legs, the big guys legs bent and pressing down on Ben’s back. Ben’s face was pressed between Sean’s rounded muscle ass and his tongue deep between the cheeks. “Just slap my ass once if yes, twice for no” Sean said, trying not to chuckle Ben’s little hand flew up and slapped the rock solid left cheek of Sean’s ass and then fell back to gripping at Sean’s thigh. “Good boy” Sean said returning to his game “In a bit I’m move across to my gaming chair, you can suck or sit on my dick if you like” Sean’s cock was rock hard and laying between his legs and throbbing against Ben’s tummy. “Well you going suck or ride it either way, I’ll let you choose which happens first” Sean’s let out a deep moan and almost crushed his controller as Ben excitedly assaulted his asshole with his talented and surprisingly large tongue. ——————————————————————————————————————————— On opposite sides of campus, two groups of friends were meeting. One a group of young men who were busy planning the next phase of their Homes for Humanity project. The other a group of young men planning which news agency’s website they were going to bring down with a denial of service attack. They were in similar number and a similar makeup of guys, just different in personalities. But one thing that these groups shared was that the refreshments at their meetings tasted weird.
  6. EtherealGrowth

    A friend like me

    With the new year commencing and fresh ideas churning in my mind, I find it is time I share a story once again. This theme keeps on lingering in my mind and it is just very fitting for this particular audience. I've written a similar story once before but unfortunately it has vanquished into the abyss after the server crash. You could say the story you're about to read, especially it's details, also faded away in time... A friend like me - Chapter 1: It's a BAZAAR world out there The thing with fairytale, myths, and folklore is that the details and often not so happy-go-lucky endings are frequently left out or changed. This story is no exception to that phenomenon, which is why it is definitely worth reading. Now... let's begin our story in the land where caravan camels roam. Dashing through the narrow streets, products rolling of carts, freshly hung laundry falling on the dusty paths, and sweat travelling down his body. A quick, hooded, figure made his way through the busy Bazaar aiming for the outskirts of the city, a bag hanging over his shoulders. Tumultuous sounds heard all over the place. "STOP! THIEF!!!" a buldering voice echoed from behind him. The chasers were surely gaining on him and it was almost over for him. In a split second a little throwing-knife slid from under his sleeve and with a flick of his wrist it dashed toward the inner gate. The knife made a clean cut through the rope and the gate started to lower. The figure dug under the falling gate and a loud crash followed as it hit the ground. He looked back through the gate's bars and saw an exhausted Royal Guard unit; led by THE Razoul himself. "Always fancy seeing you my fellow Agrabahnians and have an enchanting day" the supposed thieve said. Quickly the figure disappeared into the busy crowd of working folk and continued his way onward. While our stranger is continuing his way, I'll shed some light on the time and scenery we're dealing with. This story, as you've probably already guessed, takes place in Agrabah; wealthiest of the kingdoms in the Seven Deserts and most strategically located within the Citadel. It is currently under the rule of the Hamed Sultanate, with its current head of state: Sultan Hamed III. A city of mystery, of enchantment, and the finest merchandise this side of the River Jordan! A real melting pot of social classes. Before I start rambling about this bustling city, let's get back to the story. Our mysterious stranger had made his way to the infamous, Thieves Quarters, a place where crime was the norm and not the exception. Not the safest place to be you'd expect but because of its reputation, not many dared go there. Amidst the Thieves Quarters was the Street of Forty Thieves, where our protagonist reached into the well to grab a key. He walked up to a stack of barrels, inserted the key somewhere on the side, turned it and entered the building through the entrance. He was greeted by the sweet smell of perfume lingering in the room. He looked around but saw no-one, he shrugged and dumped the bag in the kitchen area. "You must be Devi," a female voice said. His heart jumped as he turned around and saw a young woman brew herself some tea. "Fuck, you scared the shit out of me... But you're correct m'lady!" Devi said. The woman laughed softly and said: "I heard you had some rooms available, you know, the of the grid kinda type". "Definitely, however I usually hear about arrivals from my companions beforehand," he replied. The lady apologised and told him she would pay extra for the inconvenience. Devi walked over to a little counter, bowed down, pointing his juicy cakes up to the sky, and reached for a key. He pointed to the stairs and directed her to her room: "This is yours, make yourself at home. It ain't much but you won't be bothered by whomever you're running from". "I'm not running from anyone perse," she said, "I'm merely here for observation; Celeste is the name by the way". "I honestly don't need to know miss, the less I know, the better I can protect you" Devi said. Celeste smiled and handed Devi the money, a bunch of exotic coins, but whatever. Devi left the room and started stocking the cabinets with the products he "brought"... You must know Agrabah isn't the easiest city to live in as a mere street rat, or mice if you're female, but juggling a couple of jobs most can get by. This story however, takes place amidst the hottest summer recorded yet. Most crops had decayed, the harvest was practically ruined and the lower class was starting to crumble. It is still a flourishing city, with all its export of silks and jewels, but the scarce import of food is mainly directed towards the upper-class. All the fault of the cowardly Sultan Hamed. "Challenging times are they not..." Celeste said spontaneously. "By the djinn!" Devi said, "How are you so quiet?! But yeah, this Sultan is really making a mess out of it." Devi continued stocking his supply as Celeste stumbled across the walls of the room. It was incredibly hot in the room, the sweat pretty much streaming from his face. Devi took of his hood, revealing his tan and muscular arms, covered in intricate tattoos. Devi had always been quite athletic and was generally gifted in the muscle department. His height wasn't spectacular at 5'7" but he made up for it in raw, pure muscle strength. His arms were big, sturdy forearms, big begins slithering over them, topped with perfectly rounded, 20-inch, biceps. You could clearly sea the musculature of his upper body through the thin and drenched tanktop he wore underneath. Celeste glanced at him, blushed, and quickly continued scanning the shelves. Devi was finished stocking up and quickly smelled his armpits and they smelled utterly foul, like beyond the musk that would make the average human feel horny. "Who are this?" Celeste asked holding a piece of papyrus. Devi walked over and said: "It's me and my mom, she actually started this safe haven years ago. Initially so my dad could return home because he was falsely accused by some vizier." "And this?" Celeste asked. "That's Al, my bonus brother, and his pet monkey Abu. We took him in as a kid and cared for him, since his parents abandoned him. I was always ready to fight for him, good guy! Haven't seen him in a while though..." Devi said. Celeste looked over her shoulder, right into Devi's amber eyes, then looking at his chiseled chin and dark beard covering his chin, his man-bun sagging from its hairband. Devi also glanced into her light grey, almost white, eyes and quickly announced he was gonna wash himself real quick. He rushed towards the washing room on the patio, where he undressed, and started cleaning himself up a bit. After a while Devi was all cleaned and made his way to his room. In all the commotion he totally forgot that he had a guest over and well before he knew it he heard a clattering sound. Celeste had dropped a little plant in a pot when she saw him walking towards her. There Devi stood, butt-naked, his dark long locks still a bit wet and hanging over his pecs. Celeste was presently surprised by what she saw. A beautiful young man with stunning arms, his pecs also covered in tattoos and bulging outwards, topped with pointy nipples. The kind of pecs that sensually bounce when you walk. Underneath a beautiful 6-pack of abs. His whole body was covered in a musky layer of hair. Devi's legs were also impressive, they were thick, you could clearly point out all the different muscle groups within them. Mostly she was amazed by the 6-inch flaccid cock that was dangling between his legs, promptly pressed forward by a pair of luscious balls the size of eggs. "I'm so incredibly sorry, I totally forgot you were here," Devi stammered, "I'll get you some food on the house as compensation!" Celeste looked at him and grinned. "I know a better way to compensate me..." she said and with a flick of her wrist here beautiful, white, silk dress loosened and fell on the floor. The room now filled with two naked individuals. Devi couldn't control his lust and like an animal he rushed towards Celeste. He lifted her up and pressed her body against the wall. The two started kissing furiously as they made their way to Devi's bedroom. On the way Devi's 6-inch flaccid dick turned into a juicy 10-inch poker with a mushroom head on top. Devi threw Celeste on the bed and carefully started caressing her body. She wore beautiful jewelry and wore a silky cover over her heaving breasts. Devi removed the cover and continued kissing her boobs. Celeste started pounding his muscles while Devi was giving her all the poses. He then flipped her around, grabbed her hair, and pounded her for a good while in doggy-style. "RRRRRrrrrrhaaaa... rrrhhaaaa," echoed through the room with every powerful thrust, making Celeste's boobs jiggle up and down, as well as Devi's juicy ass. Just before he climaxed, he pulled out, and a sweet stream of cum landed on Celeste's breasts. Celeste hadn't had such great sex in a long while but was flustered by what happened when Devi climaxed. His eyes, interestingly enough, flared a bright amber coloured light, almost like a flame, when he did. Without giving it much thought, the two slowly drifted away into the world of dreams, a world of endless possibility... Meanwhile within the inner walls of the city, in the Royal Guard HQ, the mood was quite different. Razoul had returned from the Bazaar with the taxes they'd earned from directing the goods to the right merchants. While the poor despised this system, the rich, and mainly a certain vizier, wazir, alchemist, whatever you wanna call him, benefitted the most from it. Almost as if he had a hand in enforcing this new law, like he planted this idea into the Sultan's mind... "You bunch of second-best imbeciles!" a voice bellowed, "How can you lose all that valuable merchandise to a mere street rat". "Vizier Jafar, we were simply outnumbered..." Razoul lied. "Yeah yeah, 10 guys" ... "At least 30 guys were in on it" two guards said at the same time. Razoul quickly shushed them. "Lying now, are we?" Jafar said, "For that you'll be punished Razoul! Leave us be you two!" With a swish of Jafars cobra-headed staff the doors opened and the two rushed out. "Time to pay, my little servant!" Jafar said with a grinn on his face. Razoul undressed, revealing his big and bulky muscle swine body and a leather jockstrap containing a small and fat cock. Razoul was a big dude, about 300 pounds, bulky muscles all over his body, a real muscle swine kinda body, a thick layer of hair all over. A real jiggly bubble butt portruding from behind. He got down on his knees, pulled Jafar's robe to the side and started caressing Jafar's monster cock. It was long and veiny with a cockring on top. "Choke you useless piece of meat!" Jafar said, grabbing Razoul's head and pressing it firmly on his groin. Razoul gave Jafar an insane blowjob, using all the tricks he had up his sleeve. All the while Jafar was humiliating him for his tiny cock. At the end of the heavenly blowjob Razoul's eyes were starting to tear up from the ginormous stallion. Jafar pulled out and said: "Yes... YES... YEHES!!! Serve me, my little bitch!" as he came all over Razoul's face. Thick streaks of cum still running over Razoul's face as Jafar commanded him to get back to work. Eventhough Jafar knew Razoul enjoyed this punishment, it was still worth it considering the immense pleasure it gave him. Razoul was about to leave when Jafar asked: "Enlighten me, cumface, who stole the goods?" "Don't think we've ever caught him sir!" Razoul answered, "He did, however, have very noticeable tattoos om his hands and chest and his eyes had a very mystical amber kinda colour." Jafar mumbled something as he pulled a book from the shelf, opening a secret entrance to his system of tunnels and alleyways throughout the city, quickly disappearing into the darkness...
  7. clfmql

    A little revenge

    Jake was facing his great fate. He checked the yellow bodybuilding speedo he was holding in his hand. This yellow speedo belongs to Kevin, the bodybuilder who lives next door. Last night, Jake snuck into Kevin’s house to complete the magic. At that time, Kevin was doing laundry, and Jake found a yellow Speedo among Kevin’s laundry. He secretly stole this and quickly returned home. Fortunately, Jake could smell Kevin’s body odor strongly in the speedo: the scent that, like it or not, emanated from Kevin’s genitals. It was a masculine, deep body odor that could never be removed with detergent. Jake placed Kevin’s Speedo in the large jar he had prepared ahead of time. He then filled the jar with the magic potion. After a while, light particles appeared in the potion and began to stick to the yellow speedo one by one. The next day, when Jake woke up, Speedo had absorbed most of the potion. Jake stood in front of the mirror as he waited for every last drop to be absorbed into the speedo. A 5'4", 90 lb. skinny man was in the mirror: wispy chest, skinny abdomen, thin limbs, and a plain ugly face. Jake had lived his whole life as a quiet, lonely nerd. Even now, as a college student, he had no friends. He was rarely there, he was always alone. Even his life as a college student was even worse than when he was in high school: because Kevin started bullying him. ‘Maybe I’ll have to live as a nerd from now on.’ Jake thought. Literally, if he didn’t know about the existence of the magic potion, he might have had a terrible college life, being bullied by Kevin. Kevin’s bullying firstly gave him a desire for revenge, and secondly it taught him a desire for a strong, muscular body. Kevin’s body was the most ideal and perfectly muscular body Jake had in mind. Kevin was a successful 21-year-old athlete and college student who attended the same college as Jake: a 7'3", 500 lb American football player with a huge muscular body. He had even competed in several bodybuilding competitions, and easily won first place in all of them. Naturally, this gave him sky-high popularity. Every boy and girl wanted to be with Kevin. His only flaw was his personality: kind to others, but vicious to Jake. It was just because Jake was a nerd. That was why Jake wanted revenge on Kevin, and it was also why he got a magic potion from some suspicious witch. According to the witch’s explanation, this potion has the power to swap physical traits between two men. It was simple to use. First, soak Kevin’s underwear in the potion. Once all of the potion has been absorbed into the underwear, Jake puts it on. Finally, Jake chants the magic spell, and the magic begins. This means that all of Kevin’s traits (muscles, skeleton, stamina, metabolism, DNA levels, etc.) will be transferred to Jake’s body. And this also means that all of Jake’s traits are transferred to Kevin’s body. Finally, Kevin’s speedo absorbed every last drop of the potion. Soon, just as the witch had explained, it glowed with a weak light and soon returned to normal. Jake instinctively knew that the magic was ready. Now all he has to do is wear it and chant the magic spell and the magic begins. But instead of putting it on right away, Jake made a little plan. First, he took off all his clothes and wore only Kevin’s yellow speedo and gray training pants. The speedo and pants were too much larger than Jake’s thin waist and small thigh, But he did not care. 'Soon these will fit me perfectly. Maybe it will become smaller.’ Jake grinned. He hurried out to the backyard of the house. At that time, Kevin was doing some light warm-up work-out in the backyard. He was wearing nothing except sports pants. He often worked out like this, wearing only pants. There was no shame in him. If has such a big, nice muscular body, who would feel embarrassed to expose it? Well, maybe today is different. When Jake came out to the backyard, Kevin, who was stretching, automatically turned his gaze towards Jake. Kevin immediately laughed when he saw Jake wearing too big and baggy sweatpants. “Ha! Anyone who sees you will think you’re a beggar.” Said Kevin. He flexed his biceps. “Or are you jealous of this wonderf-” “-Your favorite Speedo,” Then Jake said. Kevin immediately noticed something strange. Jake was strangely confident. “What the-” “-has disappeared yesterday, dont you?” “…How do you know that?” “Because I have it.” Jake took off his sweatpants. To be precise, he only let go of his pants. The pants slid to the floor, revealing Kevin’s yellow speedo hidden inside. Jake looked at Kevin, his hand clutching his speedo triumphantly. Kevin’s face was twisted with anger. “You little thief!” Kevin immediately jumped over the fence and charged at Jake like a bull. But Jake was a little faster. Just before Kevin’s hand touched Jake, Jake chanted a magic spell. At that moment, Kevin and Jake’s bodies seemed to stop as if time had stopped. As if paralyzed. The transformation came slowly but surely. As Kevin struggled to move, he noticed something strange. Jake didn’t look small anymore. Their height difference was obvious, so Kevin always looked down on Jake. But now there wasn’t much difference between his and Jake’s eye levels. No, the eye level has become the same. No, Jake started to look down at Kevin little by little…? 'Jake is getting bigger?’ Kevin thought. But he felt like he was missing something more essential. Then he saw his surroundings and realized what he was missing. Although it was not growing as rapidly as Jake, the surrounding scenery was also slowly growing. And through it all he could see his own arm. An arm whose massive muscles are gradually drying out. Kevin finally realized the truth. Just as Jake was getting bigger, Kevin himself was getting smaller! It was exactly as Kevin realized. Kevin’s massive muscles began to dry out quickly. His thick shoulders became as thin and narrow as Jake’s, and his chest, which was as massive as a mountain, became as flat as a dry plain. His proud arms shrank like small twigs. His perfect ten-pack abs disappeared from his abdomen and became thin. The vast back, which was wider than the door, suddenly became as thin as Jake. Both the bulky thighs and thick calves disappeared, and only weak legs remained. As his muscles shrunk, his once thick bones gradually became thinner and shorter. He shrunk to exactly the same height as Jake. Meanwhile, his huge penis, the essence and source of all his masculinity, became as small as Jake’s. Kevin was exhausted and out of breath. The fatigue was such that Kevin didn’t even notice that part of his facial structure was deforming. The fatigue he felt for the first time in his life. Meanwhile, Kevin’s handsome, masculine face has now become a plain, somewhat nerd-like face. Kevin flopped down in his seat. The sports pants he was wearing flowed down Kevin’s slender legs. “what…!” Kevin said. His deep baritone voice has now changed into a high-pitched voice. The star athlete and bodybuilder who once dominated college campuses has become a frail, small man like Jake. At that moment, Jake’s thin and weak muscles began to become strong and massive in an instant. His narrow, skinny shoulders became as wide and thick as Kevin’s, and a huge mountain of magnificent muscle bulged from his flat chest. The two arms, which were thin like tree branches, became thick and huge to the point of being proud. His slim abdomen became firm, and after a while, his perfect ten-pack abs were clearly revealed on his abdomen. The skinny and weak back became as wide and strong as Kevin’s. His skinny thighs became bulky, and his weak calves became strong. As his muscles grew, his thin, small bones gradually became thicker and longer. It grew exactly as tall as Kevin. Meanwhile, Jake felt a hot, tingling sensation in his groin. His testicles twitched as if they were being squeezed, then grew as large as an apple as all the essence of Kevin’s masculinity was injected into them. A thick vein rose from his testicles and connected to his cock, and in an instant, his small dick became as thick and long as Kevin’s. Jake also gasped for air. It was not because he was exhausted like Kevin, but because of the intense and ecstatic sensation he felt for the first time in his life. It was so intense that, like Kevin, Jake didn’t even notice that part of his facial structure was deforming. Soon the plain, nerd-looking face was upgraded to the most manly and handsome version of Jake himself. Jake stood proudly in his place. The sweatpants no longer fit him at all, and the only thing that fit him was Kevin’s yellow Speedo. “Good…” Jake finally said. His high-pitched voice changed into a deep baritone voice. By taking everything from Kevin, the once frail and small man was reborn as a star athlete and bodybuilder who dominated the college campus. “What have you done to-?!” “Shut up.” Jake said. Kevin instinctively closed his mouth due to the overwhelming feeling of intimidation. He had never faced anyone bigger than himself. The fear and awe it brought was much more terrifying than Kevin had imagined. Meanwhile Jake lifted his arms and placed them behind his head. He looked down at Kevin with a satisfied smile. Like a predator looking down at its prey. “Thanks for donating your muscles, idiot. Now it’s time to payback.”
  8. Daladon was on his way home from one of the worst days he’s ever had when he stumbled upon a cart vendor with potions, clothes, and other goods. Daladon is in for a surprise when he meets the owner of the shop and see’s what some of these goods are capable of. From Small Beginnings The bell rang through the halls of the Marian Smith factory as Daladon Pentorn breathed a sigh of relief that the day had finally ended. “Freedom at last,” exhaled the exhausted human. Standing up from his desk, he grabbed his worker’s jacket and headed to the door, “I thought today would never end.” He pushed his way past many factory workers that out sized him, but he ducked and squeezed through the big muscular men in the crowd making his way outside. Walking towards the town square as the sunset painted the sky around him, Daladon rubbed his eyes as the lanterns in town began to light up. “Dal! Wait up!” called a large half-orc stumbling out of the factory. Daladon turned his head and saw his friend Brucelog Gondar running towards him. The 6’3 half-orc had plenty of muscle packed onto his frame, and a sizable midsection poking out from below his white undershirt. “Go away Bruce. I’m not in the mood tonig-HEY!” Daladon was caught off guard as Bruce grabbed his torso and hoisted Daladon up onto his shoulders. “Bruce, put me down! Today sucked and I just want to go home.” “I’m just your giant transport service. We’re going out. We need some drinks after today,” said Bruce as he sauntered off into town with his smaller friend on his shoulders. “And I already heard what happened. My dad let me in on everything. He told me that you might’ve misread a measurement on a giant’s breast plate and now we have to waste a lot of metal remaking it,” said Bruce as he turned right towards the local tavern, Triple B’s. “One, you’re not a giant so stop carrying me around. Two, I’m not in the mood to go out tonight. And three, that 8 looked like a 9,” said Daladon as he steadied himself on his new elevated position. “While I agree with you Dal that it did look like a nine, 80 feet long and 90 feet long makes a BIG difference in what we’re building.” Daladon grimaced a bit and sat back on his friend's broad shoulders as they rounded the corner. “At least take me home and let me change. I don’t want to go out in my work clothes,” said Daladon as he pulled his friend’s black hair. “Ouch, fine. I’ll put you down. But you’d better come back out. No “Oh I’m tired and wanna be alone” crap. Come be with your friends. Kimlen even said he’d come out tonight. Plus Jaren and Siv told me that there’s a private party in the back room that they can get us into.” Bruce grabbed Daladon’s hips and put him down at the entrance to the tavern. “I’d better be seeing you soon,” stated Bruce as the tall half-orc walked through the wide double doors. Daladon looked into the tavern at the candle lights inside, lighting up with energy and the sound of coins clinking against wood faded away as he turned towards a shortcut home. Daladon sat with his thoughts as he walked back behind a few houses with their lights off. Making his way to a dirt path back to his house. Most people were already home in bed at this hour, but his boss made him stay until the final bell of the workday rang due to his performance today. He gazed out onto the mountains on the edge of town and he saw a few torch lights moving up the steep ridges. Despite being many miles away, Daladon could see every subtle move the giant climbing the mountain side made. It helped when the torch the giant was carrying was a tree he plucked from the Earth. As he locked eyes with the flame quickly disappearing over the peak of the mountain in the distance, Daladon’s cheek was met with sharp pain as he ran into the back of a cart. With a loud thud, Daladon hit the ground and rubbed his head. “Damn, where’d this come from?” He sat up and looked at a wooden cart blocking his path home. Daladon stumbled up to his feet and walked to the other side of the cart to where a sales window sat. “Hey buddy, you’re not allowed to park carts on these paths,” said Daladon as he looked inside the window. But much to his surprise, it was completely abandoned. Only a few crates scattered here and there on the floor with dust collecting. “Sorry about that!” called a voice from back where Daladon came. “I’m right here. Sorry, I just put my cart there for a second so I could find where I needed to set up shop. ” Daladon sighed then started walking out to the side of the cart where the voice was coming from. “It’s okay, I just wasn’t paying attention to wher-” Daladon stopped immediately in his tracks and stared at a massive man bounding towards him. Not only was he probably 20 feet tall, he looked as big as a whale with how much fat was on him. His tight blue shirt exaggerated every jiggle and jostle his belly made as he screeched to a stop in front of Daladon. “Yeah, but still, I am parked illegally. I’m a bit turned around. I just got here a few minutes ago and I am already lost,” said the giant as he casually picked up the cart and hoisted it onto his shoulders like it was nothing. “Hi, I’m Sam, the Sizemologist,” said the giant with a smile as he threw his cart like a hammer throw towards Triple B’s. With a light bounce off the ground, the cart landed perfectly next to the tavern. “Bullseye.” “You’re a- a- a-” stuttered Daladon as he looked up and up at Sam as his belly eclipsed most of his view. “Oh yeah, sorry. Forgot this far away from the city, you don’t see many people like me.” The big man waved his hand a bit and suddenly his size started to diminish away. His belly receded into his clothes as his bright blue shirt stayed taut against him. Sam’s face came more into Daladon’s view as he shrunk down in height as well. His elven features became more and more apparent as the fat drained away. His platinum blonde hair stuck out of his hat and curled around his pointy ears as he stopped shrinking himself. Landing at about 6 feet tall with a nice beer gut on him. “And before you say it, no I’m not a giant or a gainer.” Sam walked past Daladon whose face was still frozen with excitement, lust, and fear all at once. “But you were just like 50 feet tall or something. And had a belly bigger than my whole body,” said Daladon as he turned to see Sam walk back towards his cart. “I don’t get my size like most people around here do,” said Sam as he gestured Daladon to his side. “But I am sorry that you hit my cart. I didn’t think I had parked it anywhere that might get hit by someone. But I guess this is a chance for you to see my stock. Here, why don’t you come in and I can show you what I got. Maybe even get you a drink on me,” said Sam as he disappeared and walked behind the cart. “Thanks uh Sam was it? But I really do need to get going. I promised my friends I’d meet them out at Triple B’s after I went home and changed. And I really need to feed my chinchillape. He’s been home all day,” said Daladon as he resumed walking along the path towards his house. “No no no, come in. I insist. Besides, I’m working Triple B’s tonight. I can give you something to wear so you won’t be late. It’s just like you took a bit of a detour. And now your chinchillape will be fed and thinks you’re there with him now,” said Sam with a snap as he quickly walked back to Daladon and put his arm around his shoulder, ushering him behind the cart. “And I might just have something in my shop that you’ll absolutely love.” Even at his shrunken size, Sam easily pushed the 5’5 skinny Daladon into the cart. When Daladon stepped up into the cart, he was apprehensive about going in since the cart didn’t even look big enough to fit Sam’s belly alone inside. But to his surprise, he walked into a room almost bigger than his own tiny home. “Woah, this place is massive.” The ceilings were 20 feet high above his head and there were shelves full of boxes all around them. “Sorry about the mess. I packed up my shop in a bit of a rush earlier so I haven’t had much time to make things look nice,” said Sam as he shut the door behind Daladon. A snap rang through the room and suddenly, the boxes vanished and were replaced with bright shiny jars with various colorful liquids sloshing around inside. Daladon’s eyes lit up with amazement as the room went from an empty warehouse to a lively storefront. Lights began to string along the shelves connecting them as signs fell down from the ceiling reading Eat Me and Does This Make Me Look Big?. “So, are you some kind of magician or something?” asked Daladon as he walked forward and browsed the shelves. “A sorcerer actually. And a pretty good one at that,” said Sam as his smaller, but still substantially sized belly pushed into Daladon’s back as he walked by. “But that’s only a side hustle to my true love. Alchemy.” Sam grabbed a couple of glass bottles off the top of a shelf and an empty glass jar. Daladon looked at the big man now walking behind a bar and watched intrigued as he poured orange and green liquids into the jar. “Aren’t all the sorcerers supposed to be in Sizeopolis? I didn’t know y’all were allowed to leave.” Daladon wandered around the big room as the brown mixture changed colors to a dark purple in Sam’s hand. “Most of us train there, but we aren’t required to stay,” said Sam as he sprinkled little green flecks down onto the drink. “After we complete our apprenticeship, we’re free to travel the world spreading size and magic to everyone. Or at least that’s what the administration says we should do. But many do stay in Sizeopolis after they graduate for all the jobs they offer magic users there.” Sam stirred the mixture as the specs of green dissolved and the mixture turned white. Daladon continued to look around the shop in amazement at all of the different items that must be magical. A jewelry section lined with necklaces and earrings with beautiful crystals sprouting from them. Plenty of rings on display varying in size from a normal sized ring to a hula hoop sized one. “Do you get a lot of giants buying wedding rings in your shop?” asked Daladon. “Uh…sure,” said Sam as he garnished the drink with a pink flower. Sliding it towards the edge of the bar, he grabbed a bottle with a blue liquid out from behind the bar with his other hand. “I have one funergy drink for…sorry, I just realized I never got your name.” “My name is Daladon. Daladon Pentorn,” said Daladon as he walked away from a purple silk nightgown shimmering in the lights. “Nice to meet you Daladon. Consider this one on the house as an “I'm sorry for parking my cart somewhere I wasn’t supposed to” apology drink.” Daladon grabbed the glass from the bar and took a sip. “Mmm, this is delicious!” Daladon put the glass to his lips and started to drink up the white liquid until the glass was empty. “What was that stuff?” “A funergy drink. It doesn’t take magic for me to tell that you’re beating yourself up about something,” said Sam as he waddled around the back of the bar. “Sit a spell. Tell Big Sammy about your troubles URP!” Sam let out a belch before taking another swig of his drink and keeping the bottle in his mouth so he could grab a few crates out from under the bar. “It’s just work. I work at the Marian Smith factory in Grimford and I hate my damn job. I don’t like it, I’m not good at it, nobody there thinks I'm right for the position, it’s just a terrible set of circumstances,” said Daladon as he sat down at the bar. Running his hands through his short dirty blonde hair. “From what I’ve heard, Marian Smith factories change drastically depending on what managers you have. Maybe you could go to a different location,” said Sam as he downed the last bit of his bottle. “I would, but I don’t like the work. I don’t want to be a factory foreman for the rest of my life.” “Then quit. Sounds like you’ll be a lot happier for it. And you won’t need a funergy drink to get you to go out with your friends.” Sam started unboxing the crates to reveal large jugs labeled Big Dick Energy with a cartoonish twink holding a bottle up against his impressive bulge packed tightly into a cyan colored speedo. “I can’t. The job pays too well for me to leave. Especially in this economy,” said Daladon as he massaged the back of his sore neck. “Besides, businesses are shutting down left and right around here. It’s not like there’s a good option to go to if I do quit.” “You could always be a traveling salesman. I’ve found it’s not a boring job in the slightest.” Sam grabbed another crate and unloaded some more jugs. This time labeled Big Ass Energy with a similar twink now turned to the side the bottle perched on his huge ass in a speedo. “Yeah, but I’m not a powerful wizard from the big city who can conjure size from nothing,” said Daladon. He picked up one of the jugs and started to read the small print on the back. “I’m a Sorcerer. There is a difference. Wizards are very cliquey and kind of snotty.” Sam grabbed a final crate and unloaded another set of jugs labeled Big Bara Energy with the same twink on the bottle now looking like a twunk with his big bicep balancing a bottle on it. “And I can’t conjure size from nothing. Like I said before, I’m not a giant or a gainer. I use magic to change my size.” “What’s the difference? All I know is you were like 10 times my size and shrank right in front of me to a normal size. I assume you can grow to that size again if you wanted to. So if it looks like a giant, it is the size of a giant, I’m gonna say you’re a giant Sam.” Sam rolled his eyes a little as he set all of the jugs down on the edge of the bar. “I mean yes, I was the size of a giant, but I don’t belong to the giants. I can’t just grow or shrink my height because I want to. I have to focus on a spell to shrink me down.” “But you didn’t say anything before. You just shrank.” “That’s just because that small of size manipulation can be done with a simple flick of the wrist.” “That’s a small spell? But you were so big.” “I wasn’t THAT big. At least not compared to the giants I’ve seen in Hitclo or Sizeopolis.” “It’s clear you don’t get out around these parts often. We don’t have any giants in Grimford. Or at least any that stay in town for long. Most shrink down to get their deliveries and are off back to Hitclo or wherever they’re going. The tallest guy that stays in town is my friend Jaren and he’s 7’6,” said Daladon as he started to twist the top off of the bottle of Big Ass Energy before getting swatted by Sam. “No drinking these. These are for a private party,” said Sam as he placed a final jug on the bar. “You probably want to set that down by the way. And maybe stand back.” Daladon frantically put the jug next to the others and got up from his bar stool as Sam began to circle his arms over the jugs. “Animatré grandonta meriandé! Animatré grandonta meriandé!” Sam started to chant and Daladon saw yellow sparks forming on Sam’s finger tips before cinders fell down onto the jugs below. Daladon braced himself and rushed behind a display of cakes, cookies, and muffins that read Eat Me in icing on them. When Sam stopped chanting, Daladon watched and waited for something to happen. “You didn’t have to step back like that. Nothing’s gonna explode. Not yet at least,” chuckled Sam. Daladon emerged from his hiding spot looking intently at the jugs. Walking back, Daladon could tell something was different about them, he just couldn’t put his finger on it. “A big light show for better booze for the guests?” “Give it a second. Just watch.” Sam smiled and turned one of the jugs to face Daladon. Looking closer, Daladon saw the twink on the jug now waving at him. “Awe, that’s cute,” said Daladon as he waved back to the tiny label twink. The twink then grabbed the sides of the label and pulled himself out of it. Daladon’s eyes nearly gouged out of his head as he saw more little men jumping out of all the big jugs and onto the floor. “Well would you look at that. Finally, someone who’s shorter than me,” said Daladon with a satisfied smirk on his face, staring down at the little men that were maybe 8 inches tall. “Wanna bet?” chuckled Sam again as he peered over the counter at the 12 little men standing on the ground. “Come on guys. Up and at ‘em.” The twinks all looked at each other and smiled as each one began to grow. Looking down at the twinks, Daladon stared in shock as the twinks that couldn't even reach his knees were now growing up to his waistline. “They get bigger too?” asked Daladon as the twinks swelled up higher and higher. Now level with Daladon’s nipples. “Indeed they do. And you haven’t even seen the best part,” said Sam as the twinks continued to grow. Each one fighting for space near the bar as their bodies expanded up to Daladon’s neckline. Daladon stepped back as they reached his height and didn't stop getting taller. The room was getting more and more cramped by the second as 12 large men started to crowd around the bar. Growing up and up and up until settling at 6’8 towering over Daladon. “Well, I guess I’m the shortest again. That didn’t last long,” sighed Daladon as he admired the big men in their very tight speedos. “And we’re gonna be specific tonight boys so get your best assets ready.” All of the men let out some moans as their bodies started to change again. Daladon looked at all the men surrounding him and realized what Sam meant by assets. Each man started growing differently depending on which bottle they came from. The Big Dick Energy twinks’ speedos started to stretch as their cocks elongated in them. The dick print became more and more prominent until the sides were bowing forward to accommodate the growing python and two orange sized balls under it. Looking at some of the others, one of them was getting pumped full of muscle as his toned swimmer’s body blew up to bodybuilder levels of big. His pecs inflated out towards Daladon’s face. His biceps were getting pushed away from his torso because of their massive size. His legs got separated as his quads swelled into each other. A row of abs appearing right above the defined 6-pack that already was there. He was turning into a mass monster. “Excellent guys. You all look fantastic. Now head in there and you’ll meet, oh what was his name, hold on.” Sam ruffled through a few stacks of paper behind the bar as Daladon gawked at the sexy men around him. “Ah ha! Found it. Go find a guy named Siv Drucian. He’ll help you guys get set up.” The boys all nodded at Sam and then started walking past Daladon going to other parts of the shop to get various bottles and cases of potions. Their big bulging bodies bumped into him as they walked past. Especially the ones whose hips had widened. Daladon turned his neck to watch an ass with cheeks the size of basketballs walk by and he was practically drooling over him. Their speedos looked more like thongs with how much strain they were putting on them. “Wow, they’re gonna be serving us at that private party at Triple B’s? I think I’m now much more willing to go out tonight,” said Daladon as he stared at the big men sauntering out of the shop. “No, that's just the funergy kicking in,” said Sam. “Oh and Ricardo, see me before the event starts for the specialty drinks tonight.” One of the hunks on his way out waved at Sam and ducked out the door. “So will those guys be selling your potions tonight?” asked Daladon, retaking his seat at the bar with a noticeable bulge at attention in his pants. “Indeed they will. They’ll be your cock and tail waiters tonight ready to give out some specialty potions requested by our employer. And if you think that they’re great now, you should see them when we’re hired as performers,” said Sam as the last one squeezed his wide hips out the door and shut it behind him. “Damn. Now I wanna tell my friend not to perform tonight so I can watch them.” “Your friend is working this party?” asked Sam as he looked up from collecting more bottles of potions. “A couple of them actually. Siv, the guy your boys are meeting, he’s one of my friends. Love that guy.” “He’s the one performing?” “No, he’s just the bartender. My friend Jaren is the one performing.” “Oh yes, the giant boy. Well knowing who we’re serving tonight, I’m sure they’ll love a guy that big,” said Sam as he walked out from the bar. “And if your bartender friend needs any help with the drinks, I can make just about anything. And what I can’t make, I can conjure. Now I do believe I also told you I’d get you something to wear for tonight.” Sam wiggled his fingers and the sign that read Does This Make Me Look Big? lit up. “I don’t know Sam. I don’t really have the size to call anything about me big,” said Daladon, looking down at his fairly average body. “Nonsense. Anything can be big. You might feel small right now, but I’ve met men that live life at a fraction of your size. As well as men who live life bigger than entire planets.” Sam pat Daladon on the back and led him through the shop. “But maybe I could give you a little bit of an upgrade if that funergy drink didn’t get you one hundred percent ready for tonight.” Reams of fabric started flying off the walls into Sam’s hands as he occasionally muttered something to himself. “Now what size do you want?” “Well I wear a small shirt and have about a-“ “I didn’t ask what size do you wear, I asked what size do you want?” Daladon stopped in his tracks once Sam sat down at a sewing station. “You could make me bigger?” “That’s what I do. It’s what I LIVE for. Now tell me, what kind of body do you want to have tonight?” Sam started cutting bright blue fabric and mumbling things under his breath again. “Um, I don’t know. I definitely could be taller. Maybe a bit of muscle, but not like aggressive muscles. A bit of fat is fine. Ooo actually a belly would be nice. Maybe not one as big as yours though.” Daladon paced behind Sam and continued to ramble off parameters for what he wanted his body to be. “I’ve got limited fabric here so I can’t do all of that, but I think I’ve got a good snapshot of what you want.” Bright blue fabric started to unfurl around them and sewing needles flew through the air. Sam’s muttering began to get louder and louder into a full blown chant. “Exeto incantrabe god petsha yunn marcotauph!” Sam shouted aggressively and raised his arms into the air again. Scissors started slicing through fabric followed by needles threading in and out, connecting everything together. Daladon watched in disbelief as reams of fabric spun around them creating a vortex. But Daladon’s smile began to fade when a blue singlet formed before his very eyes with a weird patch of yellow fabric on the left pec. “A singlet? Really? Sure, you’ve got your cock and tail waiters that look like they’re models in Sizeopolis, but I don’t think that’s my style Sam.” Daladon walked to put his hand on Sam’s back on the chair while the singlet floated down. “The magic you have to say with words takes a second. Here, go try it on and then tell me if you got anything like it at home.” Sam sat up and handed Daladon the singlet. “It does look like you got the measurements right,” said Daladon as he held it up to his body. “Trust me. I always get the measurements right.” Daladon turned to go to the dressing room where he slid the curtain shut and started undressing from his work clothes. Daladon held the singlet up to him once he was just wearing his underwear. After taking a deep breath, Daladon brought the singlet down to put his legs in. Pulling the singlet up and pushing his arms through the holes, Daladon looked at himself in the mirror. “Maybe a little tight,” said Daladon as he tugged the straps up to be perched on his traps. “Give it a second!” shouted Sam as the yellow patch on Daladon’s left pec began to shine. Daladon let out a small moan as a shiver ran through his body. He felt his cock immediately start twitching as a warmth flooded his system. Daladon’s body began to expand with size. It was very small and unnoticeable at first, but Daladon could feel the sides of the singlet digging into him a bit. Looking down at himself, he saw his pecs blowing up under the blue fabric. Daladon couldn’t help but grope his chest and feel the muscle that was forming on his chest. The straps dug into his shoulders as his traps and neck thickened. He looked to his side and saw the strap of the singlet extending out into a sleeve around his growing arms. As the sleeves formed, he could feel his biceps pushing back against the fabric as they swelled with size. Daladon was pulled away by a new sensation. The fabric around his crotch was getting tighter and tighter. He could feel his dick fighting for space in the singlet as the underwear inside snapped. Unable to hang on due to his widening hips. Daladon moaned again, his cock now free to surge up in size. He looked down at his remarkable bulge he sported now. Pulsing with life, the beast swelled bigger and bigger with every heartbeat. Extending out to 10 inches long with balls as big as eggs and still growing. He also saw the fabric around his legs receding into the singlet. Cutting itself off to look like booty shorts, strangling his massive quads inside them. The last of his underwear sliding down the pant leg in tatters on the floor. Turning to the side and looking in the mirror in front of him, Daladon got a great view of his dump truck ass. Grabbing the big cheek, it felt heavy as he shook it. He couldn’t help but feel himself get hard over how huge he was getting. He smacked his ass and practically moaned when he saw the ripples cascading along the fabric. He stopped admiring himself as the singlet’s fabric started to recede again. This time it moved upwards from his waist, exposing his belly button that started to swell out in front of him. His once flat stomach rounding out as he heard a gurgle emit from his belly. He reached down to pat his swelling orb of a belly and ran his hands along it. Feeling how expansive it was. The fabric stopped just under his textbook sized pecs as the yellow patch of fabric started to fold and morph into an S symbol. And it wasn’t just an ordinary S on the outfit, it sported a curled bicep on the top right tail, a couple of moobs followed by a heavy belly as the curve on the left side, a perfectly round belly on the right curve, and a massive cock as the bottom tail of the S. “Woah,” said Daladon. He couldn’t believe the sight before him. He stood there looking like he was out of his own wet dream. Not only had the singlet made him bigger, it also had heightened his other features. He now sported a nice square jaw line as well as bright blonde styled hair. The singlet itself had morphed into a top that covered Daladon’s chest with long sleeves on his arms that had holes over where the peak of his bowling ball sized biceps were. He could barely see the booty shorts he was wearing below his pecs and belly, but looking in the mirror, they left nothing to the imagination. The blue fabric accentuated his cock and balls perfectly. Making them look absolutely stuffed in the shorts. And after seeing how much size he got in his ass, he guessed the entire outfit was fighting for dear life to contain his size. “Well don’t leave me in suspense! Come out!” called a giddy Sam. Daladon turned and walked out of the dressing room to see Sam smiling up at him. “Damn I’m good,” mused Sam as he let out a whistle looking Daladon up and down. Daladon’s already big smile grew even bigger as he realized he’d grown taller too. Before, he was eye level with Sam’s pecs, but now Sam was eye level with Daladon’s. “This is incredible! Thank you, thank you, thank you Sam!” shouted Daladon. Running up to Sam and crouching down to give the big man a hug only to hoist him up into the air with glee. “You’re welcome, big guy. Now, go have fun with your friends. Enjoy your night,” said Sam as Daladon released him from his tight grip. “I’ll be sure to tell my friends to tip your boys well tonight,” said Daladon as his heavy footfalls shook the whole shop. “Don’t worry about it. We’re already getting paid handsomely by whoever’s throwing this party. But I’ll see you in there.” Sam winked at Daladon and Daladon threw the door to the shop open and ducked out of the shop, but not before squeezing his hips out. Smiling to himself, Sam turned and waddled back to the bar and began making drinks for tonight.
  9. These are stories that I personally really enjoy. It's all about muscle theft. I would like to introduce them to you. Unfortunately, the author of these novels appears to no longer be writing 1. Desperate Husbands https://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/clarence591/desperate-husbands.html 2. My Father's Child https://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/clarence591/my-fathers-child.html 3. Taking the Good https://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/clarence591/taking-the-good.html 4. Second Chances https://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/clarence591/second-chances-00.html
  10. NayarLeng

    The Ascension of the Dragon

    It was the first days of September, summer was giving way to fall, and the summer heat was still being felt, but already some of the trees began to change their green clothes for more ochre and copper. The fruits were ripening, and the harvests were about to start. The crops were coming to fruition while the students returned to the classrooms after a well-deserved vacation. Some were very anxious to go back to school, for they had just started a new period in their lives, such as starting college. Sabrina Spellman was one of those young women who, on this day, would enter the university that, fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, was close to her home. She chose this college because, apart from teaching the usual mortal subjects, it was indeed one of the country's few witches and wizard colleges (a fact unknown to most attendees), as well as the most prestigious. These were the main reasons her aunts were so insistent that she go. Sabrina finally agreed, because deep down she was very fond of them, which did not prevent her from deciding to rent an apartment to live alone, although she managed to do so after swearing a thousand times that she would visit them often. That morning she woke up excited, she didn't loll around in bed much after the alarm went off, she immediately went to get cleaned up, change her clothes, eat some breakfast, grab her backpack, and hit the streets with her skates like she used to do in high school. The area where the town was located was also on the outskirts of the city, but more populated than the neighborhood where she had grown up, with a few buildings here and there, the streets a little busier with passersby walking back and forth and cars following the same behavior. The witch moved briskly but smoothly through this influx of people and streets until she stopped at a small apartment building. She stopped before the door, pulled her cell phone from her backpack, and dialed a number. “Harvey, I'm here," she said, glancing at one of the floors above her, before hanging up and preparing to wait. Her dear friend had also decided to attend the same university as her, which made her overjoyed, it was always good to have a familiar face in new places. “Hello, Sabrina” greeted Harvey a few moments after he came downstairs after Sabrina had called him. He was carrying a skateboard and the backpack on his back, like the witch, a helmet protecting his head. “Ready for a new stage in our lives?” “More than ready, even eager," Sabrina replied, seeing the enthusiasm in her friend's eyes. "As far as I can tell, so are you.” Harvey smiled broadly before answering, "Of course, I want to try something I've wanted for a long time. “What is it?" Sabrina was curious. “You know that the college we're going to has a wrestling team, right?" the boy replied. "Well, I want to try out for it, today is the tryout.” Sabrina couldn't help but be concerned when she heard her friend's wish. Although he had grown a bit since high school, he was far from being considered a robust boy, he was rather thin, of average height. “Are you sure about that," she said worriedly. "Don't you think you should wait a bit, maybe gain some more muscle?” “Ha, don't worry about it," Harvey interrupted her. "I've been training during this vacation and eating an egg-based diet to gain muscle mass, I'm not so weak anymore.” Sabrina's heart shrank when she saw her friend's practically nonexistent biceps when he flexed one of his arms. “Well, if you say so," she continued. “Also," he added, "I bought an amulet to bring me luck. Look, it has a rabbit's foot, a lucky stone, and a feather.” Sabrina knew very well that those amulets sold among humans were completely devoid of magical power, so her worries only increased, but she did not say anything, she did not want to hurt her friend's feelings. “Well, we're late, we'd better go to college," she said trying to change the subject, luckily Harvey agreed, so they both left immediately, she with her skates, he with his skateboard. The trip was not very long, just a few minutes, both of them gliding smoothly through the streets of the city, slipping between the morning passersby, the wheels making a soft sound as they rolled on the asphalt and sidewalks, until they stopped in front of the university gates. The university had a conservative architecture, similar to traditional New England’s one: a rectangular nave formed the main building, with two rectangular extensions, perpendicular to the ends of the nave. Several towers, crowned with pyramidal roofs decorated with pennants and spires, rose imposingly in the center. A large window with exquisite stained glass welcomed students and faculty, and below it was the great gate. Sabrina and Harvey said their goodbyes at the gate and went to their respective classes for the day, meeting again in the afternoon at the indoor stadium where the wrestling team tryouts would be held. It was almost 3:00 p.m. when the selection process began. A few spectators were sitting in the stands, all eager to either see their friends or just to have a good time and have some fun, Sabrina was as close to the field as possible to get a good view of Harvey. On the track were the coach and the competitors of the moment. Harvey told her he would be the fifth match of the evening, so she waited patiently at her post, flanked by two other people. She may have been the only one cheering for Harvey as he entered, not so for his opponent, who from a distance looked much stronger than her dear friend. No sooner had the fight begun that Harvey, who had moved quickly toward his opponent, ended up on the ground, crushed by the other boy, with little chance of escaping the confinement in which the other boy had trapped him. He tried to use some of the techniques he had learned, but to no avail, the other boy did not move an inch, on the contrary, he used more force in his grip. Harvey's face turned red from the effort, and beads of sweat formed on his forehead, he clenched his teeth tightly, tried to anchor his feet to the floor and push himself up, and tried to force with his arms, but it was useless. “One!" the referee announced. Harvey redoubled his efforts. “Two!" he continued. Tears of helplessness threatened to fall from his eyes. “Three!" Harvey already knew he had lost, but he still tried to pull away from his opponent. “Four! We have a winner!" the referee shouted, a chorus of cheers rang out from the stands, Sabrina remained silent, her gaze fixed on Harvey who was still lying on the floor, tears running freely down his face. “Cry outside this ring," the trainer shouted at Harvey. “I don't understand," Harvey said as he stood up. "What did I do wrong? I trained; I ate eggs..." “Some people just aren't cut out for this," the trainer cut him off. You could see that he was holding back a smile, which those who had already been selected and some of the audience were not doing at all "Some are just good at being simple tadpoles.” “You should have been called Shrimpzilla," he openly mocked his former opponent, and the stadium burst into laughter. "Really, Harvzilla? Have you ever looked in a mirror?” Harvey couldn't stand the humiliation any longer and ran out of the stadium, his hands covering his eyes in a desperate attempt to hide the tears of shame. Sabrina immediately got up from her seat and ran after him, trying to comfort him. The rest of the day was just as sad, and it didn't take long for the news to spread like wildfire among the students, Shrimpzilla's nickname flooding the hallways and social networking sites themselves. “I'm done," Harvey said, his eyes downcast as he played with the spoon of his favorite ice cream that Sabrina had given him to cheer him up. “Maybe you can do it later, maybe if you concentrate better and...” “No, Sabrina," Harvey cut her off, his brow furrowed, gripping the spoon tightly. "It's like they say, I'm not good at it.” Sabrina debated what to say next, it hurt her soul to see her friend in that state. It was no less true that his small and thin frame would have to work hard to achieve his goal of becoming a wrestler. Maybe if he got a little help, things would be different. That night, she lay on the bed, pensive. She couldn't stop thinking about how she could help her friend. “If only she could use the Spookypot” she whispered to herself, but not so quietly that Salem, who was lying on the mattress next to her, would not hear her. “What are you going to do now, Sabrina?" the talking black cat asked as he stretched out. “Harvey wanted to join the wrestling team, but due to his constitution it was impossible for him, plus he's the laughing stock of the entire university because of his terrible match," the witch explained. Salem could not contain himself and a laugh escaped his lips, but he quickly controlled himself after Sabrina's curious look. "Don't take me wrong, but I don't need to be an expert to know that he's not fit for that, he's too small!” “I know," Sabrina snorted. "I'd like to help him anyway, but isn't there a spell or something to make a person stronger?” “Of course there must be," replied the cat. "But I don't know any, not even your aunts.” “I doubt they would help me anyway," Sabrina admitted. “But I know someone who will," the cat smiled. “Really, who?” Sabrina's eyes lit up. “A magical newt who lives in the basement of your old house," the cat replied. “There is a newt under my aunt's house," Sabrina was puzzled, "how come I never knew that? “Even your aunts don't know," Salem admitted, putting his paw to his head in embarrassment. "It's something only he and I know, we have... an agreement.” “Well, I don't care what you do or don't do in your private life. You introduce me to him the next time we go home," seeing that her problems were probably solved, Sabrina turned off the light and closed her eyes with a smile on her face. A week later, Sabrina and Salem visited her aunts, who greeted them enthusiastically. After a round of questions about how she was doing in school and some lunch, Sabrina and Salem went downstairs to the basement, taking advantage of a moment when her aunts were distracted. It was like any other basement, dark, dusty, with even more cobwebs than in the entrance of the house, full of old things that had not been used for a long time, but were probably kept there for their possible "usefulness". “Newton!" called Salem as he put his paws on the basement floor, immediately a small but male voice answered from somewhere in the basement. “What do you want?" the voice replied. "You haven't been here for a while.” “That's right, I don't even live here anymore," Salem laughed. "I came to ask you something.” “Oh, that's very strange of you.” “Well, it's not exactly for me," Salem and Sabrina walked slowly through the basement towards the place where the voice came from. “It’s for my friend Sabrina Spellman.” “Spellman," the tone of his voice took on shades of terror by the time both Salem and Sabrina had reached their interlocutor, a small blue-green newt, lacking one of its eyes, a patch covering it. He wore a small conical blue hat, with a few yellow stars, and a red tunic “Did you bring me a witch?” “Easy” Salem tried to calm him down, in fact, he had to stop him because he was already in a race to get out of there. “How can I be calm when you brought me a witch?" the newt kept shouting from the paw Salem had trapped him in. “Oh, don't worry, I didn't come here to hurt you," Sabrina approached Salem and the newt with a comforting smile on her face. "I just came to ask you a favor.” “I won't give you my other eye," the amphibian cried as it wriggled in the cat's paw in an attempt to escape. “Why would I want your eye," Sabrina was a little confused. “Isn't it obvious," Newton asked. "Don't you know that the eye of a newt is a popular ingredient in witches' potions?” Sabrina was about to say something else but decided to remain silent for a moment because the newt was right, she only had to look in her potion book to realize that most of the recipes contained this ingredient. “Well, I didn't come here for that," the witch finally said. "But for you to help me with a friend of mine. The newt seemed to calm down a bit after hearing Sabrina's words, so Salem decided to put him back on the table where they had found him, which resembled a small miniature laboratory, with various flasks and liquids of different colors bubbling due to the heat they were exposed to or the chemical reactions they were experimenting with. “You see," Sabrina continued. "There's a friend of mine who wants to be bigger and stronger..." “Oh, is that all?" interrupted Newton. "Don't worry, I have what your friend needs.” He immediately began to search his downsized laboratory. He rummaged through every inch of it, the shelves, the corners, the trunks until he finally came upon a red clay jar sealed with a cork. “Let me just pour some of this into a perfume bottle," the newt said as he tweaked the knob with his tweezers. "This is very concentrated and, therefore very strong. If you use it once, it will be enough.” He took a perfume button he found in a corner of the lab and poured a small amount of the greenish liquid that was in the bottle into the flask, later he gave the perfume flask to Sabrina. She thanked him and they both said goodbye. Harvey was still depressed about the embarrassment he had suffered the previous week during tryouts for the wrestling team. Sabrina found him sitting on a bench, his head resting on the table in front of him and his arms outstretched. “Hi, Harvey," Sabrina greeted enthusiastically when she found her friend. “Hi, Sabrina," Harvey replied quietly and without much enthusiasm. “I have good news for you," Sabrina continued, not letting her friend's long face affect her in the least. She was carrying the potion Newton had given her in her backpack. Harvey only raised his head slightly in response to what Sabrina said. “Oh, come on, cheer up a little," Sabrina said as she sat down next to Harvey and searched her backpack for the bottle. “How can I do that if I can't fulfill one of my dreams”, Harvey said with some annoyance. “On that note," Sabrina finally pulled the vial of potion out of her backpack. "I think I can help you. I'm going to put some of this lucky perfume on you and you'll see how much better everything gets.” “Sabrina, please," Harvey didn't believe Sabrina's words at all. "Even if it works, the tests are over, there's no way I can get in.” “You may be right," Sabrina said. "But you don't lose anything by trying, maybe you can get in next year or next semester.” Harvey thought carefully, Sabrina was right, he had nothing to lose. “Okay, I accept, just for you," she decided and with that Sabrina sprayed some of the perfume on Harvey's body. A greenish vapor rose a few centimeters from Harvey's head, the strange thing was that the top looked like the head of a dragon. This immediately descended onto the boy's body, which glowed with a faint green light, Harvey's eyes staring at an undefined point in space, as if he were in some sort of trance, only to have a slight green flash appear in his irises. Harvey straightened up completely in his seat, his muscles tense, then relaxed, then tense again. With each passing second, he gave the impression that his sweater was getting tighter and tighter around Harvey's body. His usual slender build took on a bit of toning, even a seductive outline of his chest was sketched under his clothing, not to mention the sleeves were filled with the new thickness of his arms. Harvey smiled mischievously at this slight growth, even flexing one of his arms and enjoying the feeling of constriction as his sweater struggled with the new dimensions of his body. “Pfff," someone behind him snorted. "What the hell are you doing, Shrimpzilla? Harvey turned his eyes to where the taunt came from. There he saw the boy he had fought last week. His brow furrowed in anger. He abruptly rose from his seat and moved to confront him. Sabrina tried to stop him, but just as he was about to utter a few words, Harvey grabbed the other boy around the waist with both arms, lifted him with his weight, bent his lower back backward, and slammed the boy to the ground. He immediately lunged at him and grabbed him with a good hold. The boy tried to break free, but Harvey's grip was quite strong, as was his new body. The coach of the wrestling team happened to be passing by at the time, so he had a chance to watch the fight. He saw the boy struggling with all his might to get free, just as Harvey was holding him almost immobile with little apparent effort. When he saw the boy indicate that he was going to give up. He walked over to where they were standing and announced that Harvey was now part of the college wrestling team, which of course pleased both Sabrina and Harvey. The magic of the potion affected not only Harvey but also the amulet he was wearing. Despite what Sabrina thought, the amulet did have some magical power, very little, almost invisible, but with the influx of magic from the potion, it was activated and a new entity began to brew within it, a consciousness that would gain more power and influence over the boy as the days went by. Despite the strength he gained from the potion, Harvey remained small and scrawny compared to the other members of the wrestling team, so the coach himself put him on a strict training and diet regimen: he had to train in the gym for at least an hour every day. At first, as expected, it consisted of full-body workouts without much weight to avoid injury. Then there were the drills in which Harvey gradually learned different fighting techniques. “More” a month had passed since Harvey had joined the wrestling team, and every morning he woke up and heard the word in his head. It sounded like a whisper, like the words of someone far away or behind an extremely thick wall. He didn't think much of it, he took it as his determination to gain more strength, something that was already well on its way. The roar of his stomach was the third (after the alarm and that voice) thing he heard in the morning. He'd been eating a lot lately; the training sessions had left him exhausted and his body was demanding nutrients to grow. He had already gained quite a bit of muscle mass in that one month, but he was still at light weight. Even so, he didn't overlook his athletic image in the mirror: those toned arms, his firm (though still small) pecs, those three pairs of abs over his belly, his broad shoulders, and those round buttocks supported by a pair of strong legs. “More, much more” he heard that voice again, and he agreed, it was still not strong enough. So, he helped himself to a hearty breakfast, the equivalent of two people's ration. After finishing, he went to the university, as usual, with his friend. Harvey's physique wasn't the only thing that changed after Sabrina poured that perfume on him. Harvey began to become more distant, arrogant, selfish, and violent. It didn't help that he started using steroids. After a month of training with the rest of the wrestling team, Harvey realized that his teammates were using these supplements to increase their performance. At another time, he would have refused to use them outright, but that insidious voice in his head convinced him to use them. “More, stronger, you must be stronger," the reptilian voice in his head kept repeating. "Use whatever it takes to get there. The reflection of each morning in his mirror pushed him more to obey the designs of that voice. He saw the changes day after day, his arms thickened, his chest bulging, his back wider, his legs stronger, and even some veins were outlined on his arms. The first doses were administered by his classmates, but it wasn't long before he learned to administer the doses himself. The injection hurt, but that pain quickly turned to bliss as soon as he loaded the weights. He had become addicted to the feeling of power, of pushing his muscles to the limit with each repetition, of seeing his reflection in the gym mirrors as he did each exercise, flexing his muscles, watching the veins carry precious oxygen to his ever-growing muscles, the sweat pooling on his t-shirt, moistening his skin, making it glisten under the light of the lamps. It was extremely orgasmic, in fact, from each session he always had to have a moment alone to release all the sexual tension that built up with each workout, first with the classic method, but as he acquired a more impressive body, it was common that he always found someone willing to "help" him. Sabrina was not unaware of her boyfriend's increasingly radical changes. She hardly spoke to him anymore, they no longer went to school together, and he was always asleep after all the wild parties he had started to attend. Besides, it scared her. Harvey had turned into a monster. He had already witnessed several moments when he had mistreated other students, it was with people who weren't very cordial or nice, so she didn't make a big deal out of it, once in a while you had to know how to put said riffraff in their place. But it didn't take long for him to do the same, or worse, to other students: from hurtful words and insults to more physical violence, to blackmail or extortion. Harvey had become a kind of master to serve, where everyone was his servant. “Is it normal for a person's behavior to change after using the potion," Sabrina asked Newton one day. “It depends," replied the newt, without looking up from some experiments he was doing. "It is very rare that an adult suffers changes, a teenager on the other hand...". “Well, he is 18 years old...” “What do you mean 18 years old?" the newt shouted, almost spilling the substance he was working with on the floor. "There are still some growth and sex hormones acting in his body, maybe not like in real adolescence, but it's dangerous to link that with the potion.” Sabrina didn't say another word, her face had tightened in a mixture of embarrassment and fear. “You only used it once, didn’t you?" the newt asked. “Yes, only once," Sabrina replied. “Then there shouldn't be any more problems, it will calm down eventually," said the newt and went back to his work. "Keep it somewhere safe and out of reach anyway.” “Understood," Sabrina smiled, relieved. It had been three months since Harvey joined the wrestling team. He was already a middleweight, he had to change his entire wardrobe because his clothes were already too small for him, he was already wearing a size M, with a tendency to be a little tight (not that he minded, he loved showing off his body). His routine had changed almost completely: he got up extremely late because he spent most of the night at parties with his new friends, he barely attended classes, he spent more time at the gym working out, he didn't care much about homework, he'd gotten an entourage of privileged students to do it for him in exchange for not bothering them too much, and he even let them enjoy the occasional hot nights with him. He tended to force them to satisfy his sexual needs, although perhaps due to the mixture of hormones and magic in his body at the time, his "mistresses" eventually gave in completely and became mere bitches, eager for Harvey to bend them over. Perhaps because of the enormous amounts of energy he was expending during the day due to his increasingly long workouts, Harvey also began consuming energy drinks. At first, it was only while he was in the gym, but later he added more cans throughout the day, almost completely replacing water. There were times when he would drink an entire bottle in one gulp, and contrary to what others thought, he had no trouble sleeping. Between the training and his accelerated metabolism, plus the magical influence of the amulet, his body easily processed all the energizing drinks. It helped him concentrate on each of his exercises at the gym and kept him a little calmer for the rest of the day. Another habit he developed during these months was smoking. It was unexpected, but, likely, the Dragon's influence that developed in the amulet during those months influenced this new vice. During one of the many parties he attended, he used an electronic cigarette for the first time. The moment the smoke reached his lungs, something inside him was activated. Perhaps the smoke and taste connected him to memories of the natural habitat of the creature that was developing in his mind, a habitat near volcanoes or other places where there were constant fumes, the fact is that he was instantly turned on. Harvey would start his day with a cigarette in his mouth, he would go out on the balcony of his apartment and vape a little, then another little when he arrived at the university, another one during lunch, another one after his training sessions with the wrestling team and at the gym, the last one just before going to bed. “That’s it, give up your personality and become more like me. You have to be strong, intimidating, dominant, a king,” whispered the voice in his head every time he put his electronic cigarette to his lips and inhaled the vapors, every time he injected his dose of steroids or threw someone against the lockers or intimidated them with his threatening look. “That's right Harvey... no, Harvzilla,” the reptilian voice corrected,” You're not like the others, you're better, you're someone superior, almost a god, the others need to know where they belong.” Harvey smiled evilly at these words as he extorted a few dollars from a nobody to buy some protein bars, his stomach wouldn't stop growling, but he knew the reason, he was still gaining weight, and he wanted to make it to heavyweight by the end of the semester. “Why settle for so little?" the voice asked "You can get bigger.” “That's right," Harvey whispered. "I need to be bigger. “A titan,” the voice suggested. “A god," Harvey corrected. The voice did not answer, just laughed at how much it had corrupted the young man's soul. It was no surprise to anyone when Harvey showed up at school with a nose ring piercing. He had done it one weekend in the interest of completely shedding the good boy image (which he had already achieved with all the pounds of muscle he had put on in the past few months, plus this radical change in attitude), although it was no less true that he now had a more animalistic, brutal, threatening air about him. The student body was divided between those who praised him (and sometimes not-so-secretly desired him) and those who felt intimidated. The new Harvey liked both sides. The mid-semester competitions were coming up. Harvey was selected to compete in the middleweight division due to his outstanding performance. A crowd, both from the university itself and from the other participants, gathered at the stadium to watch the various bouts that would take place that day, which began in the afternoon after most classes were over. Harvey was in the locker room, sitting on a bench, holding his amulet. He was fully dressed in his team's uniform, and in a few minutes, it would be his turn to go out into the stadium and fight his opponent. His heart was pounding in his broad chest with excitement, rising and falling with every breath, pressing his skin against the tight latex fabric. “I have to win," Harvey muttered between his teeth. He was convinced that he would, few people dared to face him after he had acquired that ominous physique, but even so, that voice in his head, from his old self, reminded him of all those insecurities from before he joined the wrestling team. “You just have to get stronger," the dragon's voice suggested. "The strongest always wins.” “How?” Harvey asked, he could already hear the call from the audience to enter the ring, his turn was about to begin. “Search for the potion," the voice replied. "The one that unleashed your transformation. You will become even stronger if you take it again, you will be unstoppable.” “Yes," Harvey agreed. "I must find that potion, I must become stronger.” Harvey got up from the bench and left the lockers in the direction of the school to look for Sabrina's locker, something told him that what he was looking for was there. Luckily it wasn't very far, he would be back immediately and before they declared defeat for non-participation. The corridors were deserted, everyone, or at least most of them, were at the stadium watching the fights, and those who weren't were probably at home or in the library. Harvey went straight to Sabrina's locker, as expected, it was locked, but that didn't discourage him, on the contrary, he threw himself sideways against the door, his developed shoulder hitting the metal door hard and it wasn't long before it bent a little, he threw himself at it again, it bent more, again it was open enough to rummage inside and look for the flask. It didn't take long to find it. It was amazing how much he had grown, the flask looked so small in his huge hands... Harvey sprayed some of the contents over his body, inhaled the scent, and felt the first hit. He thought again and decided to open the lid and pour the entire contents on himself. The moment the liquid touched his skin, his nerves sent waves of pleasure to his brain, his muscles tensed, and his heart sent greater amounts of blood to them. “That's it, grow," the reptile's voice said. A green glow enveloped Harvey's body as he writhed in pain and pleasure. He grunted like an animal as his muscles exploded in size, his skin gradually becoming drier and thicker as small scales began to cover it, scales that were purple at first, but quickly gave way to a more greenish color. His ears grew and became pointed, and his pupils contracted vertically, giving him a more reptilian appearance. His torso expanded with each inhalation, centimeter by centimeter, his shoulders growing farther apart and at the same time bulging and rounding with the muscle that was constantly being added. His trapezius became more prominent, almost turning into a pair of mountains that temporarily blocked his head until his neck grew enough (both in length and width) to move freely again. His Adam's apple grew so much that the growls Harvey emitted began to sound more like roars, so intense that the crystals began to shake. The arms wasted no time in growing to a size proportional to the shoulders. They became as thick as a grown man's leg, with prominent veins adorning their surface, sending enough oxygen and nutrients to make them grow even larger. Each muscle became perfectly defined: the biceps looked like the tops of two mountains when the arms were flexed, the forearms large enough to hide the presence of the bones beneath with their magnificence. The hands grew considerably larger, to the point where they could completely encircle a person's head. The fingers also grew thicker, as did the claws that grew from their tips, where nails previously were, which were so sharp they could easily cut through steel. Deep valleys formed in Harvey's back as he gained more muscle mass. His deltoids expanded to such an extent that it quickly began to look more like a palace wall than a simple back. It took a while for the fabric of the uniform to give way due to its elastic nature, but thanks to the continued growth of his pecs, dozens of tears began to appear in his suit. His chest had grown so large that they threatened to block their view, they were so large that even his new oversized hands could not encompass a single one of his pecs, and even his nipples were forced to almost look down due to the incredible amount of muscle his pecs had gained. His abdominal muscles did not waste any time either, the little fat that remained on them was quickly consumed and transformed into pure muscle, eight bricks as strong as titanium alloy appeared under the monstrous breasts. The legs were next to grow, first in length, then, almost immediately, in width. His glutes became rounder and firmer with the perfect arrangement of fat and muscle. His quads exploded in size; it was very likely that he would have to walk with his legs slightly apart as the muscles came to touch at the crotch. Like his forearms, his calves grew so large that any hint of goosebumps disappeared. Finally, his feet grew rapidly, causing them to feel trapped in the shoes that protected them, but not for long, as the toes immediately cut through the socks and rubber of the shoes with the help of the claws that had also grown to replace the nails. “Harvzilla, Harvzilla," shouted the crowd in the stadium. Harvey heard these shouts and followed in their footsteps, unaware that the effects of the perfume were still upon him. Each step he took added an inch to his height, his teeth became sharp as daggers, and a pair of horny bumps began to grow on his forehead, plus a few small ones along the edge of his jaw. Just above his buttocks, another bulge began to grow. Centimeter by centimeter, this structure pressed against the remains of his briefs: bones, muscles, and nerve endings grew under the skin of the nascent appendage, and it wasn't long before Harvey could move it from side to side as he walked. Harvey had to start bending his back as his horns began to hit the roof of the school. His face had stretched forward, his human features completely replaced by those of a dragon. Two types of scales covered his body: larger, plate-like ones on the ventral part of his torso and tail, of a lighter green, almost white, and another one spread over the rest of his body, of a darker green and smaller in size, but no less resistant than the previous ones. A scream of horror flooded the room where the contestants, judges, and spectators were as they saw this reptilian monster emerge from under the door, well, more than emerge, walk through it. Harvey had grown so large that he could not fit through the doors in the normal way, both his width and height were too large to fit through a normal door. “Weren't you here to see me?" Harvey asked, pieces of brick falling from his shoulders to the floor. His voice had grown low, more like a roar than a human voice. No one answered, everyone was too scared to think of anything but running. They all crowded into the emergency exit, pushing and shoving each other in desperation. The only one still on the bleachers was Sabrina, who, no matter how much Harvey had changed in these months, remained his friend. “Harvey, what happened to you?" she shouted, but her scream was drowned out by the roar of the dragon-turned-human as it clawed at the roof of the stadium, trying to get out. Harvzilla had reached the impressive height of 10 meters and it didn't look like she was going to stop. Perhaps it was the new height he had reached, but the Herculean proportions he had acquired a few moments before had completely disappeared. Harvey looked more like a giant Asian dragon than a human, his body was cylindrical, with hardly any difference between his shoulders and waist. His hind legs looked short compared to the rest of his body, a ridge of horny spines had extended down the centerline of his back to his tail, which ended in a huge tuft of hair the same color as the hair on his head. Harvzilla scanned the horizon for a few moments before lifting one paw over the walls of the building that housed the wrestling match she was about to enter. With clumsy, heavy steps, he moved across the university campus, leaving deep pentad footprints and a trail of destruction and terror in his wake. He walked without stopping to think of the poor people beneath his feet, not of the gardens, benches or cars he destroyed on his way. Sabrina finally made it out of the stadium. She had to summon a broom to fly out of the place. At that moment, she didn't care about keeping a low profile in front of the mortals; besides, they were too busy running for their lives to notice if an 18-year-old girl was flying over their heads on a broom. As he made his way across campus, he watched as some of the professors in the Magic Department tried to stop the dragon's advance, but to no avail; for some reason, spells and incantations did not affect Harvey. “I have to get to my aunts’ house right away and try to fix this mess," the little witch muttered to herself as her broom flew across the city at full speed. “More” Harvzilla roared in his seemingly aimless progress through the city. His mind had slowed down, only a few thoughts were contained in this moment, and most of them had to do with being even bigger and more powerful. Cars stopped as drivers saw the reptilian creature approaching, many crashed into each other and were engulfed in flames, others, less fortunate, were thrown somewhere as they were struck by Harvzilla's long tail. Whole houses collapsed completely; buildings were heavily damaged. Neither the fire department nor the police could keep up with the exponentially growing number of incidents in the neighborhood. The screams and desperate cries of the people were drowned out by the periodic roars of the dragon as it sniffed the air from time to time as if searching for something. There were times when it would lean over a house, lift it as if it were a doll's house, and inspect it, oblivious to the screams of terror from the tenants. “Perfume... I need perfume," the beast struggled to articulate, its mouth still unaccustomed to the new anatomy. Sabrina quickly flew to her aunts' house. As soon as her feet hit the ground, she suddenly opened the door and ran out without paying much attention to her aunts, who were astonished by the unexpected visit of their niece. “Sabrina, what is the purpose of this visit?" asked Zelda, her eyes following Sabrina's figure as she opened the door to the basement and disappeared as quickly as she had come in. “I have a problem to solve," the echo of Sabrina's voice answered her as she ran down the stairs to the basement. “What have you done now, Sabrina?" asked her Aunt Hilda, but before Sabrina could answer, the news came from the television that a giant dragon was ravaging the suburbs of the city, near the university. Both aunts decided to go down to the basement to find out more details about what was going on, only to find their niece screaming for someone. “Newton, I need your help," called Sabrina. “Who is Newton?" asked Hilda. “A newt that lives in the basement,” Sabrina replied, still looking for the little one-eyed amphibian. “A newt lives in our basement?" said Zelda in surprise. “It's a long story, but, yes," Salem's voice appeared out of nowhere to answer the question. “And where did you come from?" the aunts were startled. “I'm a cat, appearing out of nowhere is our specialty," the cat joked. “Now you can explain to me what three witches are doing in my basement," Newton's voice was heard. “Newton," Sabrina exclaimed as soon as she heard it. "I'm so glad I found you! I desperately need your help, Harvey, the friend I used the potion you gave me, has turned into a giant dragon and is destroying the town.” “Is that monster Harvey?” Zelda put her hands to her cheeks in shock. “Sabrina, do you have any idea what you just did?" Hilda reprimanded her. “Hilda, you can punish me for all eternity if you want, but now we have to solve this situation," Sabrina didn't take her eyes off the pensive newt. “Dragons are powerful beings, it is very likely that this boy is now under the influence of the creature he has become," the newt replied. "There is little we can do for him, the only thing I can think of is to get rid of what is left of the potion and that you try to get to the bottom of his being and bring him back.” “I'll try," Sabrina replied determinedly. "Then let's get rid of the potion before it does any more damage.” An earth tremor stopped them just as they were about to pour the potion down the drain. The five people gathered in the basement froze, knowing what was going on out there. “Do you, aunts, know any spells against dragons?" asked Sabrina. “Dragons are very powerful beings whose magic is even more powerful than that of most witches and wizards today," Zelda replied. “I'm afraid not, Sabrina, our magic isn't even enough to tickle them," Hilda added. “That must be why the wizards at the university had such a hard time stopping him," Sabrina mused. A rumbling sound silenced the familiar chatter. Those present heard the walls of the house creak and crackle as a force was applied to them. They saw the walls buckle periodically from one side to the other and even heard cracks appear in the walls and other structures. “This is it," Salem said, still shivering. The warmth of the house was invaded by the cold night air, the moon appeared just above their heads, but its argent light was eclipsed by the titanic shadow of a monstrous lizard watching them closely. Strong gusts of air hit them as Harvzilla began sniffing around the cellar in search of the potion, a process that did not take long as the bottle containing it was tucked away in a corner of the newt's miniature laboratory. Without delay, the titanic reptile thrust one of its paws into the cellar, intent on taking the precious liquid. No one moved to stop it, for all were terrified, watching as the reptile lifted and then pulled the bottle, which looked so small between its claws, but was careful not to break it. “Sabrina," the newt managed to articulate, "as far as I can see, the boy is still in the early stages of transformation. Developmentally speaking, he's still just a baby dragon.” “What does that mean, Newton?" asked Sabrina, not taking her eyes off her best friend. “If you can reach him, talk to him, make him remember his human form, maybe he can return to normal," Newton replied. "That is all you can do, as your aunts said, there are hardly any wizards powerful enough to fight a dragon. Even if it is a baby like this one, the magical power these creatures possess is incredible.” Sabrina nodded at the talking amphibian's words, then gathered all her willpower, raised her arm horizontally to chest height, and summoned her broom, which immediately came out of the room. Sabrina grabbed it and mounted it, then gave a little jump and flew up to Harvey's eye level, who was already about to pour the magic substance on him. “Harvey, stop," Sabrina shouted with all her might for the monster to hear her. With apparent success, Harvzilla stopped for a few moments and focused his gaze on the witch hovering in front of him. It was almost as if he was looking at an insect. “Harvey, have you even seen what you've become?" Sabrina continued, her eyes reflecting concern and pleading. "You weren't like this, you were a good boy, kind, sweet, and you cared about others.” Harvzilla continued to watch without even blinking. Sabrina took this to mean that her words were having an effect, that she might be getting somewhere with her friend, which made her smile a faint smile of hope. So, she did not get discouraged, but just as she was about to continue her speech, Harzilla emptied the entire contents over his snout, which, due to a problem of proportions, hardly looked like he was pouring a drop on himself. But it was enough to make his brain work faster. As Newton had said, Harvey had been turned into a kind of baby dragon, so his intellectual abilities were partially diminished, but with this new influx of magic, his intellect returned, even increased. “I'm sorry, Sabrina," Harvzilla's voice was as deep as the crater of a volcano, his breath burning like fire. "But I'm not going back to being the pathetic creature I was before. Not when I have this power.” Harvzilla did a double biceps pose, showing off his arm muscles. “No, I will definitely not go back to being human, on the contrary, I will embrace this new dragon body and bring it to its maximum splendor," Harvzilla continued, at that moment he began to move his arms in the air and Sabrina could see how magical energy began to escape from his hands. “Oh gods, he has gained power over her magical abilities," exclaimed Newton. "We are lost.” “Harvey, what are you doing?" cried Sabrina in horror. “That amount was minuscule, I need more," Harvey replied. “But you don't know how to make it.” “Ha, Sabrina, I have enough capacity right now to make more potion, enough to become the most powerful dragon that has ever lived in this world. I can even make it better,” Harvzilla boasted. "Now, if you'll excuse me, you're in the way.” With that, he shoved Sabrina away with his paw, just like shooing away an insect. Sabrina was able to regain control of the broom and was unharmed, but it was clear that there was nothing she could do for her friend but watch helplessly as events unfolded. “Well, first I need a cauldron to make the potion," Harvzilla said with a wave of his paws, causing the ground in front of him to eject pieces of rock and houses into the air, which began to swirl around a center in front of Harvzilla. Gradually, the pieces of rock and debris began to collide and coalesce, slowly forming what looked like a giant cauldron. “Good, now, some fire,” with another gesture, Harvzilla had several entire trees uprooted and placed under the cauldron, and with the help of his fiery breath, he set the fire ablaze. People fled in terror as hundreds of objects flew through the air above their heads as Harvzilla gathered more materials. Screams flooded the area. “Oh, shut up already," Harvzilla roared, slapping the ground with his huge tail, the roar echoing through the city and instantly silencing the terrified people, "Don't force me to take you as a snack, so many transformations in one day have made me hungry.” No one said a word or made the slightest sound when they heard these words. “That's the way I like it, insects, be quiet and let me become what I am truly meant to be.” The water pipes ruptured and burst through the whole thing to the surface, their contents floating directly into the cauldron until it was almost filled. After that, almost industrial quantities of certain drugs shot out of the pharmacies (and some people) and fell into the water, which was slowly heating up in the fire of hundreds of trees. “Heh, heh, my addition to the formula, steroids, the more the better," Harvzilla laughed, "I'm also going to add something to make it work only on me, I have no interest in fighting anyone else who accidentally gets exposed to this treat.” Harvzilla used one of his paw claws to cut the flesh of the other one to draw out the blood, which fell into the cauldron and gradually mixed into the potion. To this, he added other elements such as sweat, bull's horn powder, his own scales, lion's mane hair, rhinoceros’ horn, oak leaves, and a little Amanita muscaria. Gradually, the concoction began to change color and smell. Harvzilla smiled slightly as he realized his potion was almost ready. After half an hour of preparation, the potion was ready. The greenish substance still bubbled in the makeshift cauldron, its vapors slowly rising into the air. Harvzilla took a deep sniff, letting those vapors stimulate every millimeter of his nostrils, traveling down his very long windpipe and filling his lungs as its magical properties began to take effect, but not content with just sniffing his handiwork, he grabbed the cauldron with his paws and lifted it over his head with one smooth motion, then poured it all over his head. The still-boiling mixture completely bathed his body from head to toe, seeping through his scales and soaking the ground beneath his legs. Enjoying the intense heat, Harvzilla closed his eyes and waited for the potion to take effect. It didn't take long for the potion to take effect, especially with the immense amount and concentration of it. An intense greenish glow covered his body. Harvzilla closed his eyes tightly and arched his back slightly, his body feeling as if an intense fire was burning inside of him, the fire enlivening every cell. “Yes," Harvzilla murmured. "This was what I needed, this power.” The first thing to be affected in his body were his bones, creaking as they lengthened, especially those in his legs, which had become very short concerning his body with the last transformation. Harvzilla groaned as his lower limbs grew longer and longer, his legs also growing in unison, pushing everything around him due to the force of his growth. “This is not enough, I need more," Harvzilla growled. Next to be affected was his torso, which flattened out dorsoventrally, while his shoulder blades and pelvic girdle widened, especially the shoulder blades, gradually giving his body a V-shape. Then his facial features hardened, his jaw became square and strong, and the upper part of his eye sockets became protruding, giving him an ever more serious and intimidating scowl. The horns on his head doubled in length, adding more ramifications to the antlers, while the number of spines bordering his jaw increased in number, some adding a few inches to their length, a pair of whiskers emerged from his snout and slowly descended until they reached the height of his chest. On his shoulders and back, countless spikes appeared, sharp as blades and almost blackish green. “Yes, more," Harvzilla roared, his brain completely intoxicated by the pleasure of his transformation. His muscles tensed again, his veins bursting at the seams, dilated to get as much oxygen and nutrients to his growing muscles as possible. His neck was the first to be affected by the new wave of growth, his Adam's apple becoming even more prominent, irrevocably turning his voice into a mighty thunder that roared with the fury of a storm. Then it was his shoulders that added more and more mass, rounding out, increasing the width of his shoulders while the trapezoids rose like mountains. His chest, flat as a board a few moments ago, began to gain some definition as hints of pectorals appeared beneath his scaly skin. Gradually, they began to take shape, taking on their characteristic four-sidedness, later gaining mass and protruding forward. They grew in both width and thickness, so much muscle mass had they acquired that their nipples began to practically point downward, looking like a pair of pillows to lean back against. Next were his abs, which quickly came to the surface, growing and hardening into three pairs of bricks as hard as titanium. Then his back, already broad, widened even more, becoming an impenetrable wall covered with sharp spikes and decorated with deep valleys where the muscles were inserted. Then came the buttocks, rounded with the perfect mixture of fat and muscle, upon which rested the ominous tail, waving back and forth, destroying any building within its reach. Finally, the limbs exploded with titanic strength, the veins running through them like mighty rivers of vital fluid. His biceps were the size of a small car, his claws powerful, capable of bending steel itself as if it were the finest paper. His legs became as strong as pillars, with mighty quadriceps and spherical calves. To put the icing on the cake, a trail of spikes grew over his torso resembling what it would have been body hair, from his groin to his huge pecs, where it covered almost the entire surface. Some spikes also grew over his forearms and legs. Once the transformation was complete, Harvzilla roared with satisfaction, a roar that echoed in the distant mountains and struck fear into the hearts of thousands of people nearby. He was so big that the skyscrapers in the center of the city looked like toys compared to him. The titanic dragon took his time inspecting his tale, enjoying every muscle, every valley, every scale, every hair, running his paws over every inch of his being, even tasting himself with his now very long tongue. “Finally," the dragon thundered. "This is the body a god like me deserves. No one will dare challenge me; everyone will have to worship me and pray that I will be kind to them and not destroy their pathetic lives.” With that, he swung his paws in the air again. The ground in front of him suddenly rose like a small elevation, but it didn't take long for it to change its appearance and resemble a seat, a throne. Harvzilla prepared to sit on it, in front of him hundreds of people, so small compared to him, ran from one place to another, always casting a glance at the colossus in front of them, waiting for what might happen, Harvzilla on the other hand just watched, enjoying the terror he inspired and thinking about what he would do from now on. Nayar Leng
  11. spacevlad

    Magic: The Growthering

    Hey everyone! I was inspired to write a short one-off story (as opposed to my usual multi-chapter epics) and I was able to write this all in one go today! I hope you enjoy. Joe goes to his local game store to do a Magic: The Gathering draft and plays against a burly young jock whose spells have an effect on more than just the battlefield... I went to my local game store to do a Magic: The Gathering draft, like I do almost every week. I paid for my entry fee and went to sit down, chatting with the other store regulars about what cards we thought are underrated and what archetypes were good to draft. The bell on the door to the store jingled and suddenly I could smell a sharp, heady aroma of nerd jock BO. I crinkled my nose but a shiver of pleasure went up my spine as well; I had always had a weakness for that musky masculine smell. I looked over to see where it was coming from and saw a guy walking in I had never seen before. He was young, probably fresh out of college, and was built like a football lineman. He was tall, over 6’ for sure, and beefy; wide shoulders, barrel chest, big arms, round soft-looking belly, and thick legs. He had a scraggly, bright red beard and mustache, round, ruddy cheeks, pale skin, and piercing blue eyes. His hair was long and stringy, and he wore a hoodie, jeans, and big heavy-looking leather boots. I guessed he was probably 280lb or so. He looked like the kind of guy who would be great to cuddle with, but maybe only after you fed him and got fucked by him. I got the sense he was usually pegged as a jock football bro because of how he looked but deep down was a serious MTG nerd. He was solid-looking, like he still lifted but also looked like he had let himself go a little since the football season had ended last fall. He sauntered in, the smell of his musk growing more pungent as he walked by me. He smelled like he had just come from the gym but also like he hadn’t left his mom’s basement to shower in a few days: sour, sharp, tangy, and fresh all at the same time. I couldn’t help but huff it in even though it was so powerful it was hard to breath. He paid for his draft and soon enough we got started. The store manager running the draft called out our seats and sure enough I was next to the big ginger. He sat down next to me, a wave of his BO wafting over me. “Hey, I haven’t seen you here before, I’m Joe,” I said. The big guy slumped his backpack down and turned to me, his icy blue eyes looking me over. “Mark, but just call me Red,” he said with a grin. “Red, huh?” I said, raising an eyebrow. “That’s quite a nickname,” I continued, “though I suppose it works for you.” “Heh, yeah,” he said and ran a hand through his straggly ginger beard. It looked like hadn’t trimmed or groomed it in months. “My football buddies gave it to me. I played football up until I graduated last year,” he explained, spreading his shoulders wide. “Just D3 but I liked being able to hit stuff. I’ve had that nickname since freshman year.” “Yeah I thought so, you’re a pretty big guy. You just come from the gym?” I asked, his BO surrounding me like a miasma. “Yeah actually. I still love lifting. Guess I smell pretty strong, huh?” he asked. “It’s kind of noticeable, yeah,” I admitted. “Heh, well people can just deal with it,” he said and lifted his arm up a bit and sniffed for effect. “I kind of like it actually.” I almost admitted that I did too, but decided that would be weird. “Well alright Red, I’m Joe. Pass me some good cards, ok?” I said. “For sure, bud,” he said as we all got our packs. “Hope you open some good stuff,” and we all opened our packs to start drafting. The draft went fine for me, but I found it hard to concentrate with this huge, sexy, smelly fucker next to me. It was impossible to ignore his presence because his BO stink was always in my nostrils, and he would grunt or bump against me every so often when he got a good card. I tried not to steal glances but couldn’t help myself a few times. He was just my type: big, bearded, ginger, geeky, and sweaty. When the draft ended, my deck wasn’t the best because I hadn’t been focusing as much as I should have been. I looked to my right and Red had drafted a green/red deck with some insane bombs. My eyes boggled as I looked at the size of his creatures, especially the big ones at the top of his curve, and backed up by good pump spells. “Jeez you really went big, huh?” I said to him, leaning a bit closer. “Yeah I like playing with big, beefy creatures… kind of like me, right?” he said with a grin and started putting his deck together. “Well the red matches your beard, so I guess that fits,” I said. He chuckled and rose up to get lands, towering over me for a moment, and I tried to focus on building a deck of my own. A few minutes later pairings went up and I went to go play against my first round opponent. Red sat a bit away from me, with his back to me. The chair looked too small for his wide shoulders and beefy ass. I noticed others around me crinkling their noses and keeping their distance from the big jock, but they didn’t say anything. A smelly guy at a local game store wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. I did well during my first game, drawing well and beating my opponent’s cruddy deck easily. During the game I kept looking over at Red. I could hear his deep voice from across the room, and his shoulders and traps really looked big from behind. After his first game he stood up to take his hoodie off – it was getting pretty warm in the store with all these guys playing Magic – revealing that he was wearing just a tank top underneath. His BO stink intensified now that his pits were exposed, and I got a better look at the size of his shoulders and back. He was bigger than I thought, more muscular, with round bulky delts and mountainous traps. I picked up my stuff and went to a quiet corner of the store to zone out looking at my phone for a bit to kill time between rounds. Before I knew it 20 minutes had passed and they were calling time in the round. I went back over to the play area and stopped in my tracks when I saw Red rising up out of his chair. Red looked noticeably bigger than he did just 20 minutes ago. He stood up, and up, clearly several inches taller than he was before, looking at least 6’6” if not bigger. He was thicker all over, not just because he was taller but proportionally as well; his shoulders were bulkier and wider, his huge pecs made his tank top stretch, and a sliver of red fur-covered belly peeked out from the bottom. His arms were massive and much more muscular than before, biceps bulging with mounds of muscle that hadn’t been there before. His jeans strained to contain his big, muscular quads, and a prominent bulge tented the denim. His beard looked redder and thicker, and the power of his BO stink had increased. “Red, uh, did you win your match?” I asked tentatively. Everyone else around eyed him strangely and gave him plenty of space, aware that he had apparently grown. He had to be at least 400lbs of beefy muscle now. His big shoulders had sprouted some copper-colored hair. “Sure did! It was a close one but Giant Growth won it in the end for me,” he boomed, his voice louder and deeper than before. “G-giant growth, huh?” I stammered. He seemed totally unaware of the irony. “Yup, I got lots of combat tricks to make my guys grow bigger. Always love it when my stuff is just bigger than everything the opponent has, that way I can bully him around just like I used to in football,” he said, raising a beefy arm to scratch his scraggly beard. His bicep bulged up obscenely, the red pores of his huge arm standing out as he flexed. “Pairings for round 2 are up!” the store manager yelled, and I looked up to the screen to see who I was playing next. I found my name and then looked over to see who I was playing. It said, “Mark H.” I felt the floorboards vibrate a bit and a shadow fell over me, and smelled a wave of Red’s jock/geek funk. “Looks like we’re playing each other this round, little guy,” Red rumbled from behind me. I turned around and was eye-level with his chest. His tank top was a worn, faded high school wrestling tournament one, with a hyper muscular bear mascot on the front and a list of names of participants on the back. He was stained yellow under the pecs and pits from years of jock sweat. I looked up, my mouth falling open a bit, and Red looked down at me with a smirk. “Y-yeah man, uh, where do you want to, um, sit?” I said, flummoxed and freaked out for a variety of reasons. We found a place to play and I set about getting ready. He sat down heavily, the little wooden chair creaking ominously under his bulk. “So how long have been you playing Magic?” I said, trying to make small talk to be less nervous. “Since I was 12, so like 10 years now,” he said as he started shuffling his deck. His huge, calloused hands made the cards look smaller than usual, and I gulped. It was starting to feel really warm in here. “C-cool. So, you said you like red and green?” I asked as I finished shuffling and we cut each others’ decks. “Yeah man, ever since I was young I loved all the huge, powerful creatures in those colors. Aggressive, strong, big, all the qualities I wanted for myself. Sometimes when I play football I would think about having trample or first strike and just running over my opponent, hehe,” he said as he won the die roll and drew seven. I couldn’t help but get chubbed up as this massive brute told me all this. “Heh that’s awesome, man. Well it seemed to work because you’re huge! Uh, just how big are you anyway?” I dared to ask as I played a land and passed the turn. “6’7” and 425lb or so, though that fluctuates a lot depending on what I’m eating. Always trying to grow bigger,” he rumbled and then played a creature. “B-but you weren’t that big earlier…no way,” I said as played a creature of my own, though smaller than his, and passed. “Well yeah even a year or two ago I was still in the 300s but I just keep growing,” he said as he attacked with his 2/2. “No I meant, when you got here… never mind,” I said, confused – there was no way he was he over 300lbs when I first saw him, much less 400lb. I decided to block his creature as it seemed like a good trade. He tapped his lands and played Boon of Strength, giving his creature two +1/+1 counters and making it bigger. As he played the spell I could see Red visibly bulk up bigger, like he suddenly got a nice gym pump. His traps and shoulders rose up thicker and rounder, his forearms swelled and new veins appeared, and his chest expanded with muscle. Like he had gotten a… well, a boon of strength. “Ha! Gotcha,” he said and my little 2/1 died in to his creature, now a 4/4. “Uh, what just...happened,” I trailed off as I untapped my lands. “Heh, told you my deck had a lot of pump spelled in it,” Red said and stretched in his seat. His massive arms – had to be over 22 inches now – flexed as he stretched, and his tank top rode up until I could see his belly button, his fat belly covered in copper-colored fur. His sweaty pits filled the room with musk, and the entire store soon stank like a football jock’s dorm room. “Yeah, but, you… you look… I mean, did you just grow?” I asked, hardly believing the words coming out of my mouth. “Huh? Uh, my creature did, but I’ve always been this big. Guess this tank is getting a little tight, I’ve been making lots of gains lately,” he rumbled. I nodded, confused, and played a creature and passed the turn. He had no idea what was happening. Red played another bigger creature, and again I could see him grow slightly. He attacked, hit me for 4, and I could already tell I was going to lose this game. A few turns later, with a 4/4, a 5/6, and a 7/7 on the board, and with Red looking close to seven feet tall and pushing 600lbs, he won game one. I looked him over as he shuffled for game two. His red, round cheeks were flushed and his blue eyes were hyponotizing. His beard had grown thicker and longer with him and almost reached down to his pecs, which rose up now like a shelf and stood out from his flimsy tank top. His arms were absurd, bigger around than his head and throbbing with beefy muscle, a round, solid bicep peak erupting from the meat of his upper arm as he shuffled. “S-so you graduated?” I asked, trying to take my mind off of the fact my opponent was growing into the biggest man on earth right in front of me. “Yeah, got an exercise science degree. I want to join a coaching staff or maybe be a personal trainer as a backup option,” he said. “Always loved lifting, even as a kid,” he boomed and lifted up his huge right arm and flexed. Mountains of muscle sprang up on his arm and shoulder, and my mouth dropped open. I’d never seen such huge muscle. The red armpit hair was matted down with slick sweat and a wave of his BO hit me like a punch in the face. “W-wow yeah it really shows. Well that’s cool. You must have been one of the biggest guys on your team?” I probed. “Oh yeah, always been the biggest guy everywhere. I got offers from D1 schools but wanted to stay local. At my size I could do pretty much whatever I want,” he said and my mind took that in ten different ways and my boner swelled harder. I actually won game two because he got mana screwed, unable to play anything except a two-drop creature, which obviously frustrated him. His red cheeks grew redder and I could see, and smell, more sweat erupting on his forehead, shoulders, and chest, dampening his shirt. Game three started pretty evenly, with both of us playing fairly defensive creatures and building our board state. His hulking frame intimidated me across the table, and he slowly but interminably swelled up bigger every time he played a creature or cast a pump spell. I was just barely holding on when he played Growth Spurt, giving all his creatures +1/+1 counters. Red exploded with more size, muscle packing on to his bulky football jock frame and stretching wider and thicker. His chair groaned and cracked under his ballooning weight. His torso was so big it looked like he was wearing football pads. “Oh yeah, a growth spurt just in time!” he rumbled and attacked. I blocked what I could but took a lot of damage. It wasn’t looking good for me. “What are you gonna do, little guy? The beef squad just keeps growing bigger!” he taunted, tensing his pecs and traps at me. I just grumbled and passed the turn. His next turn he tapped all of his mana. “Here comes the big guy!” Red boomed and laid down Hulking Brute, an 8/8 creature with trample. The art of the card showed a massive, muscular, red-bearded giant stomping a house with a huge foot and smashing a hammer into the ground. I looked up just in time to see Red explode with size, his entire body visibly swelling up taller, broader, and more muscular. He took a deep breath and I could hear his tendons popping and stretching to accommodate his new, bigger size. “Oh yeah!” Red bragged, lifting up his arms in triumph, unleashing a new wave of BO stink, and attacked again. I was barely alive and drew another creature to keep me alive for another turn. If I could draw my sweeper I could probably come back, but it was a big if. On his next turn, he drew his card, smirked, and then tapped all his mana. “BOOM!” he yelled and played Unstoppable Growth, a mass-pump spell that gave all his creatures +4/+4 and trample and then attacked with everything. As soon as the card left his hand, Red exploded with size, muscle and fat swelling his entire body bigger and taller. The table shifted towards me as his ball belly pushed it back, and the chair cracked and collapsed under his huge weight. He fell with a heavy “OOF”. Muscles erupted on every inch of his burly body, the football jock going from pro strongman size to borderline giant in just a few seconds. His pale skin was ruddy with exertion and slick with sweat, his beard thicker and longer, copper colored hair sprouting on his back and shoulders and arms. Red laughed as he sat on the floor. He shifted his massive weight, clomped a heavy boot onto the ground, and rose up to his full height. He stood up, taller and taller until he towered over the entire store, his head scraping against the 8 foot ceiling. He breathed deeply, his body filling out with the last moments of growth, and he laughed. He was enormous, like the big brother of the the biggest strongman or powerlifter or football player alive, fat and powerful, muscular and swollen, ruddy and sweaty and huge. His stench intensified as he lifted up his arms until his fists bumped into the ceiling and then he brought his fists together and flexed. “HAHA oh yeah, the goon squad wins! Like a whole offensive line pancake blocking your ass!” he boomed down at me, eyes wide as he let his jock excitement get the better of him. I flinched but couldn’t take my eyes off the massive giant college football jock towering over me. At this point everyone else in the store noticed the hulking brute, clearly bigger than anyone they’d ever seen before. People stared and yelled, pointing and cursing at the size of the ginger giant. Red’s beard bloomed red and thick, reaching down and mixing with his chest hair, his mustache curling broadly into his cheeks, his flowing hair falling down to his shoulders like a Viking god. “Looks like I’m 2-0 and going to the finals,” Red boomed as he cleaned up his cards. Each one looked like a bizarre miniature Magic card in his huge hands. “Can’t wait to smash the next guy. Look at how BIG my creatures got at the end!” he said and swelled his chest up and out. “Almost as big as ME!” he said with a smirk and palmed his enormous gut and jiggled it up and down. “Huhhh, um, whaaa…” I stammered, unable to process the fact my opponent had just grown over 2 feet tall and god knows how much heavier in the last half an hour while playing Magic: The Gathering. “Good games though, squirt, you took me to three, that’s pretty good for a little guy,” he rumbled and extended a hand. I instinctively put mine out and Red wrapped his massive paw around my diminutive digits. His hand engulfed mine up to my wrist and he squeezed hard, the power just in his fingers overwhelming, and he shook me hard. “Bet you never lost to a Magic player this size, huh?” he taunted. “Pairings for round 3 are up!” the manager called, and Red mercifully waddled off to his last match. I sat down for my match, but at this point the whole store’s attention was on Red’s freak show. The brute sat down on the ground to face his opponent; he was tall enough at this point it wasn’t an issue. His round three opponent was obviously terrified and nervous; Red was probably two and a half feet taller and 5 times his weight. “Hey, I’m Red,” he boomed. “Should we roll dice to see who goes first?” he said and swelled out his chest and flexed his traps and shoulders. “N-no no, go ahead, y-you can just go first,” his opponent quavered, and Red just grinned, his big white teeth standing out in the middle of his red beard. “Good, I was hoping you’d see things my way,” the brute said and he shuffled his tiny cards. Red was merciless in his round three match. Every card seemed to be just the one he needed, and just the one to make him grow and grow and grow. He played bigger creatures, pump spells, and massive finishers to punish his opponent, all the while bulking up bigger and heavier and taller in spurts every time he played a card. He would grunt and growl when he grew now, apparently loving the feeling of his body expanding with more and more size, but continued to be unaware that it was unusual. He won game one easily, his huge ass spreading wider and taking up more space, his tank top growing with his height but not with his increasingly wider, thicker, and more muscular proportions; soon it only covered down to the top of massive round gut and his jeans had torn up to his thighs. The beast sweated profusely as he grew and grew, and his jock BO became so powerful that some people started to leave. I huffed it in, standing as close to Red as I could to soak in his funk and watch him swell bigger. He played another +1/+1 counter spell and I got bold, reaching out and touching his huge shoulder to FEEL it growing under my touch. He turned and looked at me and grinned. “Pretty good play, right?” he rumbled, his voice a subwoofer bass that rattled my chest. “Yeah big guy, keep growing your creatures more, it’s great,” I said breathlessly, caught up in the moment. “Ok ready for this?” Red said and laid down his last card. It was a mythic rare, one I had never seen before, a 12/12 creature called Evergrowth Titan. It was the biggest creature I’d ever seen, had trample, haste, and vigilance, and every turn it got bigger and bigger. Red played it and grew, his head thumping against the ceiling in an instant even though he was still sitting, his body swelling wider so fast it made me stumble over. He breathed in deep and then groaned as he exhaled, his chest as wide and thick as three or four people combined, his gut pushing the table back until it pinned his opponent against the wall. The little guy whimpered and conceded. “YEAH WOO HOO I WON!” Red boomed and raised his arms, his BO musk nearly knocking me over again. He grew even more as he sat there celebrating, the aftereffects of the spell still causing his body to pump up bigger and bigger. He scooted around and faced the counter of the store. “I’ll take my packs now,” he rumbled and stuck out his huge hand, which was as big as a cast iron skillet. “Uh, s-sure big guy,” the manager said and handed him his six packs for winning the draft. Red started opening then and the manager waved me over. “Wow, I guess he got the special promo packs that WOTC gave out. The advertising was no joke… I didn’t think they’d have ACTUAL wishing magic in them. Guess he really wanted to be bigger, huh?” he whispered to me, and my eyes grew wide. I looked back at the overgrown hulk ripping open packs, his tank top more like a crop top now and his jeans looking like Daisy Dukes. I slowly realized what had happened. “Yup, lots of +1/+1 counters on that big guy…” the manager said. I packed up my stuff and I left the store without saying anything to Red. I stood in the parking lot for a minute, knowing I should just leave but I couldn’t help but wait to see the big ginger in his full glory. Sure enough, a couple mintues later I heard crunching of walls and the scream of twisting metal and saw Red burst out of the entrance, partially destroying the small 7’ entrance with his hulking, giant frame. He was easily twice my height, and had thick, bulging, bulky muscle hanging off every inch of his body. He saw me and grinned and then lumbered over, his gut jiggling as he waddled, muscles twitching with unspeakable power with every step. “Hey,” Red boomed as he loomed over me. I could see the huge bulge in what was left of his jeans throb and shift as he looked me over. “Wanna come back to my place and keep playing? There’s a BIG creature I want to show you that I think you’ll like…” he intoned and reached down to adjust his massive cock, which was obviously swelling bigger. “I, uh, oh wow, uh—oof!” I breathed as I was suddenly lifted up by his massive hands. Red picked me up like a child and threw me over his enormous shoulders and started waddling back to his apartment. “I saw how you looked at me… you like big guys, right?” he said, his deep voice shaking my chest. “Yeah, I know you do! Well there’s NOBODY bigger than me!” He rumbled. “Ahhh, oh man,” I breathed. I couldn’t believe this was happening! “Mmm hmm, you better get ready for some trample damage because I’m gonna PLOW right through you!” Red boomed as he carried me off, my cock throbbing against his shoulder.
  12. Hi everybody, this story is translate with an AI, because of my laziness Critics and suggestions to improve text quality are welcome! A TRIP IN OMAN (pt. 1 & 2) It's not that I could say I didn't like my life - because on the other hand I had a bit of everything - but if I'm being completely honest, there was something deep inside that I didn't like. I felt I had to give up some things: not because I lacked the ambition to achieve what I wanted, but because I knew I could not have what I wanted in the first place. I had always thought of myself as an extremely average person: average family, average class, average school, average sports results. An average love and sex life: I wasn't particularly good-looking, tall or muscular. I had studied computer engineering and got a job in Italy in a multinational company that makes software for banks. I was 35 years old and had a quiet career. Davide and I had been together for a while: we met by chance on Grindr. At first, we kept in touch just for fun and a few group outings with some mutual friends we had made. Then we finally got together. In reality, things were not going well. David, underneath it all, I always thought he was a bit jealous of what I was doing. And then lately he'd got into fitness and said that I was too sedentary, that I wasn't healthy. In short, he'd told me one day, during the umpteenth argument about never seeing each other: he wasn't happy being with me and, he'd said, my body no longer excited him. I'd taken the blow, but I couldn't say I'd got the hang of it. It was the last straw and so, after the umpteenth outburst, I left his house without speaking to him again. At work I had had a pretty serious breakdown, both in my ability to concentrate and in the quality of my work. I had also tried to reason with a friend who had sent me to a psychologist, a very good one, she said: in fact, apart from the fee, I don't remember much of what he told me, apart from the fact that he thought I was depressed. I actually had quite a lot of vacation time left over, and I should have used it sooner or later. It was the right time for me to decide to pack up and move on. But where to? One day I got a call from my colleague in Human Resources: basically, our bank was going to take part in an international merger for an investment fund whose shares it wanted to acquire; it was a done deal, but there were some problems with the feasibility of the operation. The merger partners wanted to know more about us. Basically, it was a matter of making various information available and making our accounting standards readable in their databases. A technical solution had to be found. One of the parties to the deal was a wealthy sovereign wealth fund from Oman. The owners graciously offered to host a conference to decide what to do. They would pay for all the technicians to be sent. They asked me if I was interested. I was totally against it at first. I mean, I had been to Lebanon and Egypt, but Oman was a petro-monarchy, a very conservative, absolutist state... I didn't like all that. My colleague, with whom I was quite close, explained to me very patiently that the congress would take place in five days, that it was an international event and that I should not worry. If I could get a flight from Oman to another country, I could pay for part of my holiday that way. His comment was just silly. So I decided to take the job: not least because there was a lot of pressure from above to do so. Basically, it had been planned that way. After a bit of back and forth, I had planned to leave Milan on the first Saturday in June. We would have made a stopover in Dubai and then taken a local flight to Mascate. A thirteen-hour flight with a stopover was not a few hours. But then I would arrive at a luxury hotel provided by the company. The meeting would last from Sunday, with a presentation dinner, until the following Thursday. Friday, however, was free: I planned to stay in another hotel in the area, a little cheaper, from Saturday to the following Wednesday, and then return to Italy. If nothing else, this would have guaranteed a certain punctuality in the meetings and we would have had the chance to visit these places a little. I was still curious about this place, so far from our imagination, so exotic... In short, I had decided to go. *** Despite what I had been told, the country was not that conservative. It was not true that you had to wear traditional clothes. The hotel was very nice, if a bit kitschy. The first day had gone quite well, after a very tiring flight. Mostly colleagues more or less my age, some older: several Asians, a few locals, mostly Germans, a few French. I had appreciated the precision of the timetable: all in all, even the meetings were more bearable, the topics well sketched out and the agendas organised. My only regret was that, despite my good intentions, I had seen virtually nothing of Oman. It was Tuesday evening when, at the end of the afternoon working session, I decided to join a table of local colleagues for dinner. There were four men, two in their 50s, one bald and quite tall, one a little fatter and shorter, and two more or less my age. I asked if I could join them, and they were happy to oblige: I had already broken the ice with one of the two contemporaries, a young man with glasses, a bit of stubble, who looked athletic, as I noticed under his shirt and jacket two nice broad shoulders and a rather slim waist. Yussef, that was his name, suggested that I follow him and his colleagues after dinner to try a very nice traditional place to smoke hookah. Eventually I agreed, and in his boss's luxury car, I forget whether it was a Porsche or a Jaguar, we drove into the old city. It was a very warm evening, but there was a pleasant breeze that made the night pleasant on the large terrace of this typically oriental building. We were sitting on some cushions, enjoying a water pipe, when Yussef introduced me to a man in his forties, I think, dressed in the traditional way: a long cassock and a top hat on his head. He also spoke English, but not fluently, so Yussef helped him translate a little. This very distinguished gentleman, who immediately caught the attention of those present, Yussef told me, was considered a real authority: his name was Muhammad, like the prophet, he explained, and he was some kind of soothsayer or something like that. They held him in high esteem because they said all his predictions were always right to the millimetre. Muhammad gave a few card readings to those present while I enjoyed a smoke, then explained the horoscope a little while I looked at him between scepticism and amusement. "But you - he stared at me at one point - you don't believe it? "Honestly - I tried to be a bit distracted - not much, that's not how we do it." I was a big asshole to bring up cultural differences, but it was the easiest thing to do. Muhammad, however, did not believe me - and he was right - that we do not use horoscopes and so on: he explained to me, however, that there are other 'arts'. In what sense? I had just tried to ask, and he gave me a very long lecture about, I don't remember, what kind of 'magic' or something like that existed in the Islamic mystery culture, or something like that, based on looking... Then at a certain point, while I was lost in the conversation, Yussef came in to speak for me and the discussion seemed to be getting lively, but as long as they were speaking Arabic I didn't understand a thing. At one point Muhammad squared a piece of paper and wrote some things on it: I was minding my own business and making small talk with the English-speaking colleagues around me, I didn't want to hear their arguments. In the end, Muhammad and Yussef reconciled and seemed to make peace. He left much calmer. That evening, on the way back to the hotel, Yussef explained to me that he had made a bet with our 'fortune teller': 'There is this practice we call Ilm as-Simiya, a form of magic based on the powers attributed to texts or scriptures that invoke God. I don't really believe in it, but some people get these pieces of paper made by Mohammad and pay good money to get promotions at work, get married and things like that. "Well, cool," I replied falsely. "Not too much, some people spent a lot of money on it and got ruined. Anyway, Mohammad and I made a bet. 40 rials: if it's true that the magic will work tonight. I'm already waiting to collect it." "Ahahah, I think so too... By the way, what kind of magic is it?" "If I can make some of my wishes come true!" he replied enigmatically. I didn't understand much of what he was saying, but never mind, I said goodbye and went to bed, for I was very tired. I retired to my room and as I undressed for bed I thought to myself that Yussef was not so bad, a cool guy too. Yes, I didn't mind his Arabic features, I found them masculine and I don't know, they had something mysterious, something oriental about them. Maybe I didn't mind the guys here, who knows. "Come on, old man, think about it," I said to myself in the mirror, "who do you think you want with this gut?" and I squeezed my navel a little. No way, I wasn't that fat, but my laziness had certainly put me out of shape. So I had laughed about it, not thinking about David's words, which had hurt me and left a bad mark. With this last, sudden, angry perception of myself and my body, I fell asleep, somewhat irritated. The night was very strange. I slept like a rock but had confused and nonsensical dreams, I just remember dreaming of drifting along the sea or something. The next morning I was a bit groggy. Maybe all that smoking hadn't done me any good, who knows. I washed up with lots of ice water before getting ready to go downstairs for breakfast. Almost mechanically, I buttoned my shirt and then tightened the belt on my trousers. Only then did I notice that it was a bit loose around my waist and that the buckle loops must have been tightened a turn... What had happened? I looked in the mirror. Suddenly I realised something, but it took me a while to realise it. My whole body, including my navel, was perfectly flat and slim. Not an ounce of fat: under the skin I could see a slight hint of abdominal muscles. What the hell was going on?
  13. SethClock

    Misplaced gift

    First story here, hope you guys like it . As a small note, while the story involves a father and son there´s no incest btw. (Someone reminded me I hadn't reposted this from the old forums, so here it is again, I should add there were some hot suggestions in the comments previously but I don´t plan to continue this story, if anyone wants to use a similar concept like this one they're more than welcome to do so) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Danny eyed the suspicious box he had received, he could only come up with one person that would send an unmarked and unexpected gift, but he wanted to give his rival more credit than that. At least a little bit. He considered getting rid of it, or just pretend he didn't get it, even if that meant showing he was actually scared of what might happen. "No, Marvin would just love that" Danny muttered under his breath. Both Danny and Marvin were part of a secret group, few select people that unlocked their potential for magic, and ever since Danny joined and showed innate talent, smarts and good looks, Marvin, the previous star member had been a pest for him. It wasn't until a few weeks back that Danny got a higher rank than Marvin that the man actually lost it and stormed out of a meeting, Danny would pity him if he wasn't a goddamn jerk. After that scene Marvin hadn't shown his face near Danny, and now this anonymous box, reeking of magic showed up out of nowhere. (Maybe dad received it, but he always opens my stuff...) Danny thought, he lived with his dad and there was nobody else that could get the box inside. (Whatever, knowing Marvin is probably just a stupid mildly inconvenient enchantment) He gave another look at the medium sized box and decided to leave if alone for now, and do a little research on some dispelling methods to get the *gift* safely, it shouldn't take too long for him. Hours passed and Danny had lost track of time, somewhat losing interest in Marvin's childish behavior and doing some actual important research on the side. He was so focused on his texts and spell components that he didn't hear his dad coming home. Leonard, Danny's father, was a middle-aged man, but still good looking, fit, confident and strong headed, he entered his home as he always did and spotted the box. Leonard gave it a quick look, Danny was already home so that meant this box wasn't for him, so he figured that whatever was inside was meant for him and not his son. Leonard took the box and went to his room before opening it, once he saw what was inside, he couldn't help but chuckle. "This little fucker" Leonard said between laughs. Inside the box, was what seemed to be an ordinary fleshjack, Leonard recognized it instantly and examined it intently. (He must think I don't get laid enough, well not with him still in the house) Leonard thought still amused, the fleshjack even seemed to be fit for his size, but it was probably just an average one, in fact it didn't have any other particular detail. (But why not give it a try?) He wasn't one to squander a chance like this. Leonard got comfortable on his bed, and jerked his cock a bit to get it fully hard, it was already half hard after seeing the toy. His thick 7 inches rose to full mast and Leonard lubed his cock, he was getting more excited to give it a try, having a toy made to fulfill his sexual needs was something that he never thought about, but seemed very enticing now. Leonard gripped the fleshjack and placed it on top of his cock, gently lowering it as his cockhead entered it, he moaned as his cock was enveloped by the toy, slowly and deliciously gripping inch after inch of Leonard's cock. "Fuck..." Leonard groaned, the fleshjack felt perfect around his cock, as it belonged there, as if the toy molded itself around his member. He knew that these things got better as time passed and all that, but he never imagined how good it could feel. Leonard grabbed the toy with one hand and lifted it, feeling the seamless friction in his cock leaving, and then lowered the fleshjack again, the sensation coming back, his toes curled and he stopped for a moment, groaning and moaning, he didn't want to cum just yet, he had to keep fucking this thing for as long as he could... ------------- Danny finally got his stuff in order, and with a potential dispelling method, materials and safeguards, he went back downstairs where the box was, except it no longer was there. "Huh? Where is it?" He was so absorbed in his own feud that he forgot about the potential third party in his own house that could've taken the box. (Is that it? A disappearing box?) He knew Marvin was petty and sort of an idiot but apparently even that was giving him too much credit. Danny examined the living room and any other place that might have been affected somehow by the unknown magic box yet nothing was different. (Whatever, it's not like I was that excited or anything) He examined the table again, no residual magic or any trace whatsoever, angry and frustrated he went to his room, this time to do something actually worth his time. ----- Leonard meanwhile was beyond horny, his pace had sped up and the toy was bobbing up and down on his cock, the man was so focused on his own pleasure, eyes closed and the occasional grunt, that he hadn't noticed the toy was heavier, bigger in fact, not only that, but Leonard's cock was still fitting perfectly inside it. The fleshjack had grown thicker and made for an 8 incher, each time Leonard's cock entered it, the cock came out slightly bigger, before entering the toy and stretching it bigger as well, the cycle being repeated over and over. Leonard wasn't even aware that as horny as he was, as fast as he was handling the toy, he wasn't able to cum even if he wanted to, only abundant precum flowed inside the toy, keeping it well lubed and easy to fulfill its purpose. "Fucking... Fuck... So good..." Leonard said mindlessly, grabbing now the fleshjack with both hands with some space to spare as the toy and the cock inside it had grown beyond 9 inches now. Leonard didn't even think about that fact, his hands pumping the toy as if his life depended on it, faster and harder, speeding up the cycle more and more... ---- Danny managed to calm down after distracting himself for a while, he opened the window and took a deep breath, but he only got to that point before he noticed his dad's car on the driveway and realized that he had completely ignored the possibility that his dad... Danny's phone rang, he angrily picked it up to quickly tell whoever was calling to fuck off. "What?!" He growled, hoping the person got the hint. "Haha! So, I take it you got my *present*" A disdainful voice said, Danny recognized it instantly. "Oh, you mean your disappearing box? Very clever, hope you didn't bust too many braincells coming up with it" Danny figured he could play it cool; his dad might be okay, the magic didn't seem to be that powerful if it didn't leave any trace. "What do you mean?" Marvin quickly bit the bait. "You don't fool me, you sounded pissed off, you must have opened it!" "I'm pissed off because a moron interrupted me after already wasting my time with a useless box" Danny replied. "Or was it supposed to do something worthwhile? Unlike you" He hoped Marvin would give him the information he needed about the gift. "But... You shouldn't be able to... Do anything right now" Marvin said stunned, Danny had to bite his tongue to keep his facade. "I paid a lot for that curse!" "Damn, you can't even make your own curses. Pathetic even for you." Danny regained some confidence after humiliating Marvin for now. "So you're not going to tell me what it was meant to do? It really is the thought that counts with gifts you know." Marvin had to answer now, he had to... "FUCK YOU!" Maybe Danny had pushed him too far. "I know it's there, you must've tried to get rid of it, but let me tell you that you can't. It's going to find you one way or another, even if I have to get involved..." Marvin hanged up. "Damn it!" Now Danny had to expect that idiot to show up any time now, it was pretty late night already, not that he could get anyone else involved. And speaking of anyone else... Danny rushed to his dad's room, preparing to shield himself or fight something off, as he approached, he could hear some noises, but nothing too bad, maybe a light struggle or something just as innocuous. He opened the door and braced himself, not that it was of any use at the sight that greeted him. Leonard was on his back and fucking a now huge fleshjack, holding it firmly with an obvious desperate grip, his hips trusting wildly, his huge cock going in and out of the toy, he was fucking with fervor, the now 11 inches fleshjack welcoming his cock and granting it more size with each trust. Danny stared at the scene completely numb, his dad not only had a huge cock but was fucking a toy completely out of his mind. It took a long while for Danny to come to his senses, his dad just kept fucking the toy, either not caring or noticing that his own son was now in the room, but it was as Danny noticed that the fleshjack was growing along his dad's cock that he snapped back to reality and tried to formulate a plan. "Dad! Can you hear me? Are you alright?" Danny approached slowly, fearing his dad might decide the toy was not enough and decided to go for the nearest person. After getting no response he came close to Leonard's face. "Dad! Come on, say something!" "So... Fucking... Horny..." Leonard said between trusts and heavy breaths, his face was covered in sweat, just as the rest of his body, his face was the picture of pleasure and libido, he slowed down his pace, getting tired after fucking for hours and not being able to cum. "What the hell..." Danny watched as his dad's huge cock had grown even bigger now, easily surpassing twelve inches and with an intimidating girth, the veins in the member were angry and pulsing and the man's balls were definitely bigger too, full and aching for a release that had been withheld for so long. Leonard turned to his side and now fucked the toy slowly, as if making love to it, still drooling and groaning like a madman. "Shit..." Danny was also getting horny but he had to avoid whatever curse this was, he left the room quickly and closed the door. (Think...) Danny paced outside his dad's room, the obscene noises speeding up again as his dad probably started furiously fucking the toy again. (The thing makes your horny just by being near it, no wonder he's gone mad with lust when fucking it...) Danny kept trying to figure out the nature of the magic. (But why is it growing?...) He quickly remembered the dispelling materials and ran to gather them, hopefully he found the right one. ----- Leonard roared in pleasure, his hips and hands pumping with abandon his now 13 incher inside the fleshjack, he somehow wasn't tired yet, his arms still felt strong just like his lower body, in fact they felt even more vigorous now. His heavily inflated balls pulsed with another wave of growth, full to the brim with cum and producing enough testosterone for 2 young virile men, all of it keeping Leonard in his sexual frenzy, yet the toy didn’t let him cum. His enormous cock was dumping precum nonstop, so much that it leaked down to his balls and thighs, keeping the fleshjack lubed as the member expanded, the room reeked of sex and sweat, the toy started creaking as it once again grew to accommodate the now 14 thick incher inside it. Leonard opened his eyes, and could see his own huge member swallowed by the fleshjack, he felt like a bull, like a big virile bull in rut, his fat balls ached for release but he didn't want to stop either. The door to the room was kicked open as Danny entered, he quickly arranged the components and recited the spell. (This has to work) He thought. Seconds felt like minutes as the magic energy flowed and stuck to the cursed fleshjack, both magic energies clashing together. Danny held his breath, hoping to see the purple energy from the toy being vanished by the white dispelling light. He watched in as the energy from the toy seemingly swallowed the other magic and both disappeared, only to watch in horror as the purple energy came back brighter and bigger than ever. "GRRRRR! AHH!" Leonard roared, Danny watched in panic as the fleshjack expanded incredibly fast, inflating his dad's cock along with it, the plastic creaked and groaned as it grew, Leonard let go of it as he braced his hands on whatever surface he could grip, the toy's weight leaning towards his chest, easily reaching his chest now. The roars of pain and pleasure, combined with the toy's sounds of expansion stopped as it got to just above 20 inches, thicker than Danny's arm, Danny saw the parts of the massive cock not covered by the toy, throbbing violently and covered with big pulsing veins. He ran out of the room, hoping his dad was still alright, Leonard had seemingly passed out from the ecstasy he was feeling and Danny didn't know what to do now. Before he could lose his composure, Danny heard some noises coming from outside, he looked out the window and saw Marvin waddling in the yard, his clothes a mess, apparently, he teleported and fucked it up as usual. That gave Danny an idea, Marvin had to cooperate to break the curse together but Danny knew he would need some convincing, or forcing. Danny quickly prepared another spell while Marvin made his way inside the house, he could deal with that after his dad was back to normal. -------- Marvin cleaned up as best as he could and magically opened Danny's door, he was furious, the cursed object was supposed to make Danny into a mess while Marvin just gloated comfortably and now he had to get involved. He looked for the object's magic, his vision more sensitive to his own energy, and followed the trace upstairs, from what he could hear, it seemed Danny had finally fallen victim to the curse. Marvin snickered, he was almost jumping in joy at the mental image of Danny's pathetic state after using the object, but what he saw was definitely not that. A man, Marvin didn't know who, was hugging an enormous fleshjack, tenderly fucking it with what seemed a massively long and thick cock, big orange size balls rested below his massive endowment. Marvin's mind was reeling, this man, he looked... powerful, intimidating, not only was his manhood beyond human proportions but his body looked strong and masculine, his musk was intoxicating, his deep grunts of pleasure made Marvin's knees weak, he radiated masculinity. Marvin was on the verge of jerking off at the image before him, when he heard a voice coming from behind. "You motherfucker" Danny said as hateful as he could. Marvin turned around, his face flush and a bit of saliva dripping from his lips. "Are you seriously getting off at what you did to my dad?" "That-That's your father?" Marvin gulped, still hearing the grunts and trusts the stud made constantly. "What? How?...?" Danny huffed in impatience and anger; Marvin was wasting time with this charade. Danny glared at the man, Marvin looked like an accountant, plain and simple, he was on the shorter side, with a haircut way too groomed, thick glasses and a face that would look attractive if it wasn't constantly sneering. His slim figure didn't help him demand the attention and respect he wanted, especially not with Danny who was trying to find the right words for this sod. "Listen, you sent that... thing and before I knew it my dad was already like that" Not very eloquent but it made his point. "Now you're going to help me break that curse and get him back to normal, because for one, he doesn't even know what magic is, and two, I will make your life a living hell" "But-But..." Marvin breathed heavily, his horniness and confusion were getting the better of him. "That wasn't supposed to happen! Why on earth would I make you into that?!" Danny was now confused too. "So, what was it meant to do?" He asked yet again, clenching his fists. "Well..." Marvin groaned, this was getting worse by the minute. "The fleshjack was supposed to shrink your cock, not make it gigantic! Once you had like an inch left it would stop by itself." "God, you're a sick fuck" Danny was getting angrier. "So when will it stop now? Once his cock is bigger than what? The damn house?" "I..." Marvin turned around and licked his lips, he didn't want to think about it. "I don't know." "What do you mean, you don't know? You're the one that got it! Or at least activated it" "I don't know!" Marvin yelled. "Maybe a dispel or something" "Look, I already tried a dispel and it made it worse." Danny had to go with his original plan now, Marvin had to know, he just didn't want to help. "I want to try another method but I need your help. Now I'm not asking by the way, come with me" Danny went inside the room and Marvin followed suit. ----------- Leonard was now in all fours on the bed, still fucking the toy, which now stretched over his 22 inches of inhumanly thick meat, even his body looked different now, all that testosterone and the nonstop activity made his muscles look bigger and more defined, his body hair seemed thicker too glistening with sweat, his jaw was sharper and squarer, his stubble grown to become a thick beard, he was becoming more masculine all over. He felt powerful, with boundless energy that kept him fucking the toy as if his life depended on it, his enormous cock firing wave after wave of pleasure from every nerve ending in its overdeveloped size. "Fuck yeah!!" Leonard screamed, his deeper voice booming inside his room, he fucked harder and deeper, that's all he wanted to do from now on, use his massive cock the way it was supposed to be used. His mind started drifting, from the initial confusion, fear and uncontrollable horniness, to full acceptance, confidence and willful libido. He was a big masculine bull now, with a cock to match, his balls bounced, their weight heavy against the bed. "So fucking big..." A rush of dominance and an unbridled ego surged in him, this fleshjack was his and his alone, it served only to fit his gigantic cock and make it bigger, his pleasure and growth were the only things that mattered, and once he was satisfied, he was going to find someone to make them into his own personal cumdump... The thought alone caused a testosterone spike in him and he relished in another growth spurt... -------------- Marvin was too busy thinking about that fine stallion of a man to notice the dispel Danny was preparing, only coming to his senses when he felt the energy surge. "Since you had some part in this curse, the spell needs a component from you" Danny was quick and plucked some hair from Marvin's head. "Before you complain... shut the fuck up" Marvin just cursed under his breath, they headed to the room, and he had to hold his composure at the sight. Both men started gathering energy, which flowed into the fleshjack, Marvin got distracted staring again and noticed too late that the energy was only flowing from him now. "What are you doing?" He asked furiously at Danny, who looked smug. "This wasn't a dispel... What the...?" A sharp and deep sensation filled Marvin, he fell to his knees, it was something like he never felt before. And again, he groaned, pain, pleasure, fear, and rage bubbled up inside him, he felt like he was about to burst. "Figured a taste of your own medicine might suit you" Danny laughed, looking down at Marvin. Marvin had to clench his teeth to stop himself from screaming, he managed to look up and see the massive cock entering the toy, the sensation once again filling him up as his insides went in sensory overload, before it subsided as the enormous cock left the toy. "And... You called me... A sick fuck..." Marvin managed to say, before he came inside his pants, the sensation overloading his prostate and milking him from the inside. He was bound to the fleshjack, he fell for the trick and now his body was being split by a 2 feet long monster cock just like the toy, he was being used like an object. "Damn.. You seem to like it" Danny said, looking at how Marvin contorted and moaned, his body wasn't actually getting hurt, but all the sensations were real. "But you still have to tell me how to stop this, before you actually die from this" "I... AH!... I told you..." Marvin groaned and came again, panting non stop. "I don't... know" "Still not telling?! Seriously?" Danny yelled, this had to end already. "Make it...AH!" Marvin screamed, the sight of that mighty cock and the sensation of being filled by it was making his body and mind come undone. "It's... Fuck!" He didn't want it to stop but he felt something happening, he wanted to speak up but only moans came out. "You're a fucking idiot" Danny looked at Marvin's pathetic figure and held back from insulting him more. Danny was now desperate, he didn't want to inform any other magic member, it would ruin him, but now... A deep guttural roar filled the room, Danny turned and saw his father in what seemed a primal frenzy, magic energy brimming from Marvin and being funneled into the fleshjack. Which began pulsing dangerously. It happened fast, Leonard's cock expanded to colossal proportions, stretching the toy along with it, Marvin screamed as his body felt like it was on fire, the toy kept pulsing with growth waves, each one more violent than the last, Leonard's body grew alongside it, his muscles pulsing with power as his frame and skeleton expanded, his balls churning with mass and cum. The magic energy coming from the fleshjack was blinding Danny, as it finally couldn't hold any longer... The toy snapped, beyond 3 feet long and thicker than Danny's thigh, Leonard tried to hold it together as he fucked it with his gigantic cock, getting any more length and girth that he could, before the fleshjack burst and Leonard could finally cum. Once again, a deep primal roar filled the entire house, as wave after wave of cum was shot out of Leonard's massive cock, splashing against the walls and ceiling, covering everything and everyone in the room, the thick cum kept streaming out of Leonard's now 4 feet long cock, which was distended by the sheer amount of cum it kept pumping out. Danny shielded himself to avoid getting caught in the mess, even as more cum kept flooding the room and splashing against him, he managed to see some movement on the floor, Marvin was still conscious but he was moving erratically, for a moment Danny feared he might actually be drowning in cum but after the waves of cum slowed down he could hear desperate slurping and gulping sounds. The jets of cum were further apart now, still shooting powerfully, until it finally streamed a steady flow of cum down the massive shaft, and Leonard fell silent. "Geez..." Danny looked at the state of the room, Leonard was out as a rock, laying om the bed, Danny calculated his dad had grown to 8 feet tall and maybe weighed around 500 lbs with the added muscles, his overgrown body covered in thick cum and taking the entire bed. The humongous cock seemed to be softer but not fully down, just below 3 and a half feet, laying obscenely on top of Leonard's body, melon sized balls laying heavily between Leonard's huge thighs. And Marvin... The man was still licking and slurping all the cum he could, he looked deranged, maybe all the sensory overload had actually affected him beyond what Danny had planned. (At least he's still alive) Danny thought, after the fleshjack came undone he feared Marvin had gone with it. "Marvin, you good?" Danny asked. The man kept licking the cum, then cupping it with his hands and bringing to his mouth like a man that was stranded in a desert after finding water. "Can't... Stop..." Marvin managed to say, he was gone. Danny didn't want to deal with that right now. Danny left the room, he was tired and his mind couldn't begin to comprehend what had actually happened there, his dad seemed to be alright and probably felt better than ever, while Marvin seemed to be enjoying himself and cleaning up at the same time. The entire house reeked of cum and masculine musk, even some residual magic was palpable in the air, Danny went downstairs to get his thoughts in order, spotting a small letter under his door. *Hey Marvin, remember this toy is supposed to drain the target's magic along with their size, you won't be able to reap the rewards but if a non-magic person uses it then they'll get the benefits, in case you have a gentleman in mind ;). Anyhow - * The rest was blurred, Danny groaned in frustration, Marvin probably had the letter in his pocket and dropped it here after ruining it with somehow. "What an idiot" Danny muttered, Marvin was playing with things beyond his power and now this happened. He realized that when he linked Marvin and the toy, it began syphoning Marvin's magic and it was too much to handle. Danny sat on his couch, feeling a headache coming in, he was tired and angry and frustrated and... Before he knew it his eyes started to close and his body felt heavy, he fell asleep on the couch. ----------- *Gulp... Lick... Drink* That was all Marvin could think about, not even in his wildest fantasies he indulged himself like this. He always had to keep the image of a rule abiding and bland member, but now he didn't care about that one bit, all he wanted was to be full of cum from this muscle stud. The cum radiated energy somehow, and it filled Marvin with more lust and fervor, his body seemed to be responding to it but he wasn't even paying attention in his libidinous state. He remembered and craved that sensation of being stretched to the limit so much, to be used and abuse without a care, to be nothing but an object of pleasure, to fully submit both his body and mind totally... Speaking of which, Marvin heard the stallion groan in his sleep, his monstrous cock rising again, Marvin automatically went to him and started worshipping the man, if he even fit that definition still. Marvin licked the huge vascular arms, tasting the sweat and masculine musk, he plunged deep inside the hairy deep armpits and gorged himself on the stud's pits, his hands groped and manhandled the enormous mounds of muscle that were his pecs, his cock rubbed against the inhumanly defined and protruding abs. It wasn't until he clung desperately to that gigantic cock and unabashedly made out with the gaping urethra that the hypermasculine man woke up... "So I heard you did this..." Leonard said in a menacing deep tone, Marvin couldn't even process those words before he was gripped with inhuman strength. ------- Danny woke up stiff and with his head pounding lightly, he rubbed his eyes and unfortunately remembered the night he just had. He was musing on how to solve everything that happened until he realized the pounding wasn't in his head but coming from upstairs, moving slowly he went up, hoping his dad was alright, or at least not worse. Danny was greeted with a completely unexpected and obscene display once again, there was Marvin, except clearly changed, taller, buffer, more handsome and more importantly on his knees being viciously fucked by the muscle titan that Leonard had become. Danny saw that his dad hadn't stopped growing entirely, now bigger everywhere and his monstrous cock somehow pounding fully in and out of Marvin's muscled globular ass, which was entirely split around the sheer girth of the invading member, even with Marvin's own growth spurt the colossal cock was too large to fit naturally, an obscene and obvious bulge forming in Marvin's belly and almost reaching his torso everytime Leonard entered him fully. "Hey, son" Leonard greeted Danny cheerfully, his deep voice was raspy and reverberating in the room. "You like my new toy?" He didn't stop fucking Marvin, who just moaned mindlessly under the massive man. "I see you're alright at least. What... happened to him?" Danny asked, too confused to process that and now with another problem in his hands apparently. "Well I could hear both of you talking while I was *busy* yesterday-" Leonard planted his gigantic cock fully inside Marvin before continuing, Marvin just moaned and rubbed his distended abdomen while the other men kept talking "-and apparently this little guy was the one responsible for making me like this, so I figured I'd keep him" Leonard flexed his enormous arms, which inflated with muscle and power, he then bounced his huge heavy pecs, the muscle mounds responding accordingly. Clearly Leonard was more than happy with his transformation. "You're *keeping* him?" Danny tried to stay focused despite the erotic scene. "Yes, as his punishment and reward" Leonard said with confidence. "I saw him licking up all my cum, with hunger in his eyes, maybe all my thick masculine cum changed him for good, look at him grown up." Leonard manhandled Marvin's muscled body. "As soon as I laid eyes on him, he submitted instantly and begged me to let him worship me. So he's fine with it, right?" "Yes, master" Marvin responded instantly, even his voice had changed but he was also constantly moaning and groaning so his voice sounded raspy. "Lord..." Danny didn't know what else to say or do, so he figured he might as well leave them be. "Look I'll just let you figure this out. Marvin are you like, actually okay though?" Danny couldn't help but feel guilty. Marvin seemed too busy still groping his own body and moaning. "My son asked you a question, toy" Leonard said in a serious tone, even Danny felt a shiver down his spine at the dominant tone. "Yes, master" Marvin responded quickly. "Danny... I fucking love this, body modification magic is so hard and dangerous, yet your father just responded to it so well. He's... something else, I want to stay like this forever." "That's a good boy" Leonard resumed his fucking and Marvin started mindlessly moaning again. "Okay..." Danny just left, they were alright and he didn't see a reason to worry, for now. ----- "Fuck, you feel so good" Leonard growled, his gigantic cock had fully rearranged Marvin's insides, making it fit perfectly and accept Leonard's monstrous cock with little effort. "Do you like the cock you created, the body you gave me, the beast you unleashed?!" Leonard roared, pounding Marvin without a care, the man just took it, his body had turned into nothing but a tool for his master's pleasure. "I love it, master! Use me as you want!" Marvin yelled, this sent Leonard off the edge and his massive balls started releasing torrents of cum, his gigantic cock swelled and shot wave after wave of cum inside Marvin, both men completely lost in the moment as Marvin's abdomen started bloating from all the cum being deposited in him. Leonard rubbed the growing bulging belly with pride and lust. "You're nothing but my cumdump, you hear me?" Leonard said, completely serious and dominant. "Yes, master!" "You live to serve me and my massive cock" "Yes! Fuck yes!" "Good boy. Your alpha will keep you satisfied. But now... You better start finding a new way to make me bigger..."
  14. The Stone of Agios Part One My fifteen years of study, research, and excavation finally led to my discovery of the whereabouts of The Stone of Agios. It had been unearthed in 1928 by an Englishman, Sir Lionel Pherril, who had kept it in his private geological collection without quite knowing what it was. Since the family had now found themselves falling on hard times, they were more than willing to sell the yellow crystal for a song when I approached them with my offer. I found it difficult to hold back my excitement as the mythical stone was placed in my hand. It was larger than depicted in drawings and heavier than I thought it would be, but small enough to fit comfortably in my carry-on that evening. I was taking no chances. After giving the envelope with £50,000 cash to Mr. Pherril, I went right to Heathrow airport and booked the first direct flight home. Several times I opened my bag to make sure the stone was safe, and many times I wanted to trial it’s power for myself, but I strengthened my resolve to wait until I was in the privacy of my own home. I leaned my head back against my seat in Business Class and closed my eyes. As I thought of the stone, a smile appeared on my face and my stubby cock got slightly hard in my jeans. The Stone of Agios. I had first read of its mythological origin during an archaeological dig while an intern in college. An ancient scroll unearthed that fateful day told the legendary tale of The Stone’s origin, how it had given birth to the Ancient Titans at the beginning of time and fueled their power. A crafty prehistoric man stole it and used its power to evolutionary propel themselves further than they ever should have gone. The Stone had granted man power over fire, assisted in the invention of the wheel, and given them victory in battles. From my decade of research, I discovered that the stone was rumored to grant the desires of those who held it. These legends birthed the tales of wish granting genies and other such items around the world. Eventually, I could never find out quite how it came into the possession of a priest who feared its demonic powers. He was t able to destroy it, so he hid it from the world until it was unearthed by a local craftsman who had purchased a rundown abbey. The legends, having long been forgotten, left the stone to an uninteresting life of being a paperweight. I knew it was still in the possession of the Pherril’s after seeing it sitting on a desk in a photograph. Now… it was mine! As I drove home from the airport my hand brushed the uneven surface of the stone. Soon, I thought. Soon I’ll have everything I ever imagined. I parked the car in the driveway and walked into my home. For the past twenty-five years I had lived in this three level Victorian conversion which I purchased several years after I became a professor at the university. Teaching Ancient Greek and Latin studies enabled me to continue my quest for the stone while holding down a fairly easy job that I enjoyed. I had several partners come and go, but none who’s interest ever held me long. My split with my last partner had only been six weeks prior and he had messaged me while I had been in the UK. “Hey, Johnathan. Give me a call when you get back. Thought we might grab dinner or a movie. Hope your trip to England was good. Talk soon.” I’d have to remember to call Steve and see how he was. For now, I was more than interested in the dusty yellow crystal I held in my hand. Walking into the kitchen, I turned on the lights and walked over to the sink. Running warm water, I ran the stone under the flowing tap until it was clean. I then carefully towel dried it and carried it into my library. There, I poured a glass of wine and sat on the leather couch staring intently into it. No time like the present. Clearing my throat, I said out loud: “I wish…” I stopped. I needed to think. I needed to test it before I attempted any elaborate wishes. “I wish… I wish I was the very definition of a stud and my cock was 13 inches when hard and 8 inches thick with a 9 inch thick head that swells to near bursting! ” I felt the crystal begin to throb in my hand as if it were breathing. Soon after, a bright yellow light began to pulse within the heart of the crystal growing brighter and more powerful each second. Suddenly, the light became blinding as the crystal pounded in time to my own heart beat. I found myself turning my eyes away from the blinding glow as it grew in intensity. Then, just as it started, the glow faded and the stone was still. I was shaking as I gently placed the stone on the table. Would the wish be granted just as I had asked? If so… what would I ask for next? I felt butterflies begin to fly wildly within my stomach as I thought of all the possibilities that now lay before me. I could… Fuck… I could be a God… a Titan! My 4” cock began to harden in my trousers. I rubbed the head with my hand as it jumped in its fabric covered prison. Then, with shaking hands, I began to undo my belt and unbutton my jeans. If it was going to grow… and I had every faith that it was going to… I needed to watch! Pulling my jeans and underwear down, my rigid cock slapped against my flat stomach, harder than it had been in years… harder than when I was a horny teenager! Grabbing onto the shaft, I began to slowly stroke it, relishing in the steel-like sensation and sensitivity I was experiencing. I imagined what all of my partners would say when the finally saw the massive cock I had hidden in my pants. How many times hook-ups had told me my cock was too small to be a dominant top? Now, they were going to be in for a massive surprise when I rammed their tight asses over and over and over again with my giant cock! “Fuck yeah! A Giant cock! A real warrior's cock with the sex drive of an army!” I grunted as the head of my cock swelled and began to start leaking a considerable amount of pre-cum. All of my life I had wanted to be one of those guys whose cock leaked their own lube like a fountain, but no matter how hard or aroused I was, it never happened. Now, my cock was actually shooting ropes of pre onto my stomach and leaking down the shaft. Bringing my hand up to my face, I took in the potent musky smell. Fuck!! It smelled of masculinity… of virility…. I hungrily began to lick my own fingers enjoying the powerful flavor. My cock grew even harder, and what had once been pleasurable minutes prior was now a throbbing ache. The flow of pre became an even wilder river as more and more was expelled in larger amounts. The spurts of pre were now so powerful that my abs and then pecs and finally neck was getting pelted by it. From the amount flowing off of my body and onto the leather couch, it looked like I had pissed myself! I laughed and grunted again as an even larger wad was fired at my chest. Pain radiated up from my balls causing me to inhale a shallow breath. The sensation of being kicked in the balls over and over again by a mule grew stronger as the stream of pre shooting out of my cock grew stronger. Soon, there were no longer any spasms or spurts, but a continuous cascade of pre-cum bursting out of my swollen cock head. I found myself stifling a loud groan as the pain grew worse. Instinctually grabbing onto my nuts to calm the pain, I felt them begin to pulse and then proceed to swell in my hands. Moments of pain mixed with orgasmic pleasure passed, and soon I could feel my walnut sized balls swell until they closely resembled two chicken eggs, both fighting for room in my tight sack. Sweat was pouring down my face as my head rested on the back of the couch. I was terrified my ball sack was going to split as my egg sized testicles soon appeared to grow again until they more closely resembled large kiwis. I had been so distracted by my balls swelling right before my eyes that I failed to notice that my cock head had begun to start growing thicker as well. I brought my right hand to the head and stroked it, shocked by how sensitive it now was. I watched in awe as the head flexed and pulsed, growing heftier, fleshier, meatier, and more delicious looking. My head swam as my entire body was overloaded by erotic sensations. I could feel saliva dripping out of my open mouth as I took in the deep red color of my fist sized cock-head. The morphed-looking glans belonged to my own cock, and I was afraid of it. Any ass or orifice it entered would no doubt be stretched to capacity, and I was glad that I would never be the one being impaled by it! “Fuck!!” I cried out as my balls swelled even larger. I lifted the swollen orbs in my hands and was amazed at how heavy they now were. My sack had stretched along with the unbelievable growth of my nuts, but no matter how large it became, the swelling testicles took up more and more room. As the expanded, I began to feel a new and welcomed sensation from within; the creation and churning of gallons of potent cum. The amplification of my balls was turning me quite literally into what I had asked for. I was becoming the very definition of a stud. My balls now felt filled to capacity with sperm, and every second I sensed my cum engines were creating more. I knew that I was now so potent that any woman I fucked would get pregnant with just a drop of my cum, not to mention the gallons that would be shot out when I finally did ejaculate. “Thank… God… I’m fucking… gay!! I’d have a billion kids!! I could repopulate this planet!!” My cock was an open faucet causing puddles of pre to appear on the couch cushions and dripping onto the floor. My fingers stroked the portobello mushroom sized head which caused me to audibly gasp. The shaft now looked ridiculous, like a pencil holding up the roof to a house! “Grow!!” I grunted, willing my shaft to stretch and swell along with the rest of my sex organ! Massaging and lifting the increasing weight of my balls, I felt them pulse and expand past the size of kiwis until they both rivaled ripe peaches. Never in my life could I imagine a human man with such ridiculously sized bull balls, but I was going to become more than the average human male. What I would turn into would be the epitome of the Alpha male… created for sex and pleasure… built to dominate, master, and control. I would be a new form of man that the world would lust for! I spread my legs wider and felt my ball-sack stretch closer to the floor, heaving and heavy with my peach sized testicles. As my balls grew, I noticed that my pre was changing as well… becoming more of a golden color, thicker and stickier like syrup. It was more than just a lubricant… it was the primer coating for fertilization with my sperm! “I… just… wanted to fuck… every guy… I… saw!! Instead… my wish… is transforming me… into… a stud… born to… breed!!” Suddenly, I felt a throbbing in the base of my cock. Looking down I saw that the skin of my shaft had begun to develop a beet red color and when I touched my hand to it, I felt it was hot to the touch. Then, with a loud grunt, I felt a massive push as more blood was forced into my cock causing it to expand. “Starting… to swell… growing… thicker…” I wrapped my hand around it only to discover that my thumb and pointer finger no longer touched anymore, and each time it throbbed, they got even further apart. I no longer recognized the cock I had been jerking and fucking with since I was 14! It was morphing into this angry tool of pleasure mixed with destruction, and I loved it. My shaft continued to balloon wider while my balls grew even more dense. The churning rising up from my sack was easily audible now, and as my balls continued to swell, it only got louder and more hypnotic. My own pheromones appeared to be growing stronger as a new scent rose up from my balls. It smelled of leather… wood… dirt… and primal sex. I found myself being turned on by my own scent. I couldn't imagine what it would do to anyone else. “No one… will be able… to resist… me!” I didn’t know how I knew this, but instinctively I knew that my pheromones would act as a spellbinding opiate, making me even more alluring and magnetic! I could only laugh as the gap between my pointer finger stretched from three… to four… to five inches. Thick veins erupted along the surface of my cock that now looked broader than a Pringles can. Much thicker! My cock had grown to over 5 inches long, but that was only due to the immensity of my cock. To me, it now resembled a fire hydrant; stumpy but meaty! I knew that anyone who saw my cock now would call me a freak, but I welcomed it. All of my life I had been average, but with the stone, all of that was going to change. Soon every man would be jealous of what he was packing in his jeans… and what he had become! Suddenly, I cried out and grabbed both sides of my head as a loud ringing noise filled it. With no warning, my mind was inundated with images, thoughts, ideas, sexual positions, massage techniques, and tongue artistry that could fill hundreds of books on sex! It felt like an unknown source was downloading every possible sexual idea or thought into my brain until I knew everything there was to know about sex with both men and women, and every way to bring pleasure to my partner… or partners. I knew how to watch for changes of breathing pattern, the flush of a chest, the rise in a pulse, or the change in pheromone intensity to indicate what a partner was enjoying or not enjoying. Even with a cock as thick and intimidating as mine, I knew how to bring hours and hours of pleasure to my partners along with myself, making me the most proficient lover in the world!!! I laughed and grunted as I discovered that I now relished every fetish imaginable. Nothing was taboo to me any longer. I could accomplish thousands of positions and pleasure myself or others for days. I opened my eyes and a world of endless sex lay before me. I found I had no other wants or needs but endless sexual pleasures. As my sexual knowledge grew vaster, I found I could now control my own pheromones, strengthening them until every person on earth would serve only me “I am… the definition… of a… stud…” I laughed and found the sound of my own voice entrancingly erotic. Then, a stabbing punch in the base of my massively thick cock caused me to groan. I watched with lustfulness as my cock finally proceeded to inch longer, soon passing six inches… seven inches… and then eight. When my cock grew past nine inches, I even wanted to worship at the altar to it. It was so incredible to look at… so beautiful… so masculine. It went perfectly now with my tight muscular body. All I wanted to do was walk around naked so the whole world could witness the mastery of what the male body could be. Uncontrollably, I began to stroke my cock, but each time I did, I had more area to cover. My entire house reeked of my scent, and the bigger my cock and balls grew, the stronger it became. I knew with one whiff I’d have an army of men at my feet ready to worship me. I felt a slight burning coming from my shaft, and watched as thicker, pipe-like veins began to erupt and snake around my cock. This new network succeeded in forcing more blood to the shaft, allowing it to grow even thicker and longer. Looking down at the rising leviathan, I watched as the head swelled larger and shot denser wads of golden pre further than before. There was barely a surface in the living room that hadn’t been marked by the bombardment of precum fired by my flesh bazooka. I didn’t think it could be possible, but the growth of my cock picked up speed, and in the blink of an eye, it was over ten inches and moving onto eleven. I would definitely need to wish for larger hands as they looked so tiny compared to the flesh cylinder I was currently stroking. I felt a sharp snap and watched the head mushroom further and swell larger than the width of the shaft. I suddenly had the desire to see what the poor souls would witness just before I fucked them. Standing up, I was shocked by the weight tugging at my groin. As I walked towards the bathroom, my enlarging sex organs swung and throbbed, slapping my quads and knees, leaving behind a trail of pre down the hallway. Turning on the light, I finally saw what I was becoming. No longer did I see Johnathan Briggs. I saw a cock that was a deep red, pulsating, buttress of masculinity that needed to be worshiped. I needed to be worshiped myself because I was now much more than a man. A small portion of me screamed out to go back to the stone and reverse the wish… call it off before it was too late. My subconscious knew that something wasn’t right and it was doing its best to figure it out… but my new self shoved it down and stifled it until it could no longer be heard. Looking deep within my eyes, intense carnal knowledge passed through my brain making me aware of the millions of ways I would be pleasuring myself. Most I had never imagined, but each one I was now willing and eager to try. Using both hands to stroke myself in front of the mirror, I watched as my cock grew even longer and thicker and soon it had passed twelve inches in length and was quickly approaching 13! My cock pulsed to the frenzied beating of my heart. Looking at myself in the mirror, I saw what the world would see, my body was now just a base on which my dominant cock existed. I was quickly metamorphosing into the very definition of a stud, a human fuck machine, and I knew that this was exactly what I had always wanted to be. “I will exist… merely to fuck… merely to breed… merely to give myself and others sexual pleasure!” With more determination, I stroked the entirety of my cock. It was now even more sensitive as millions of nerve endings rose closer to the surface granting me more pleasure. My cock had now surpassed the wished upon 13 inches and was quickly gaining on 14, while the shaft had to be over 9 inches thick. I didn’t know how this could be possible. I had been very specific when it came to the dimensions of my cock. I could only groan as my weighty balls began to rise up in my sack. My entire cock felt like it had been edged for days. I could barely think. My only thoughts were about my cock and the mounting pressure now building up in my balls. Suddenly, I began to uncontrollably grunt and groan as my entire body started to shudder and convulse. Soon, a river of my seed began to rise up the mighty stanchion and explode out of the bulbous head! A torrent of cum shot out of my cock like a cannon and quickly began to cover all areas of the bathroom. My cock grew even longer causing the cum to have to flow further and further up my shaft to exit into the world. I grabbed onto the sink to keep falling onto the floor as my orgasm grew in intensity. All I could do was moan and groan loudly as my cock ballooned. I tried to watch as it grew past 13 inches… 14 inches… 15 inches… 16 inches… My cum was no longer coming out in short bursts but in long continuous explosions that forced my entire body to flex. Lights flashed in front of my eyes as my body trampled and thrashed, forcing me onto my knees onto the bathroom floor. Finally, after five minutes of overwhelming orgasm and cumming, it began to fade. I gasped for breath as my cock shot a final eight ropes of cum followed by a drooling and then a dripping. Staggering backwards, I slammed into the wall of the bathroom and slid to the floor. I almost cried out as my sensitive ball sack hit the cold tile floor causing it to shoot one final thick wad of cum. My cock was still hard, and rose up like the monument it was. I couldn’t even comprehend its size. It was just so long… so thick… so monstrous! I grabbed at one of the drawers in my vanity and pulled out the measuring tape that I used to write down my body’s stats. Moving the tape down the shaft, I was dumbstruck as I saw that it was nearly 20” in length and 10” around… not to mention the head that rose up thicker and meatier than the shaft. Lifting my voluminous balls, I could already feel them churning and producing more sperm to be released in another torrential orgasm. I breathed slowly as my cock began to slowly deflate. Finally, at 13 inches, it was completely soft, or as soft as it ever would be. I stood up and walked back into the living room, exhausted but horny once again. Sitting onto the pre covered couch, I picked up The Stone of Agios. “What have you done to me? I wish…” I knew I shouldn’t do it. I knew that I should put the stone down and step away. Maybe return to it tomorrow after a night's sleep, or not even at all. Yet, wasn’t this what I always desired? I was repairing all of the mistakes of my own DNA. I was transforming myself into what I knew I truly was deep down inside. My cock hardened slightly as I gazed deep into the stone. “I wish… my body was like that of 7 foot tall barbarian, weighing over 550 lbs of pure muscle. My power and size are unrivalled in all the world, and my strength is legendary.” The stone began to pulsate and glow, but the words refused to stop flowing from my lips. “No! Not 7 foot tall. 8 foot… weighing over 700 lbs of pure muscle… No… 900 lbs! I’m a mountain of muscle… just muscle on top of muscle on top of muscle.” The stone on my hand glowed so brightly that it was hit to the touch. Pulling my hand away from it, it dropped to the floor and rolled under the table. To Be Continued...
  15. Host: Hello everyone and welcome to another season of "Gainers". I am your host Freddi Fit and you may remember me from becoming the muscle alpha I am today on our very first season just three years ago. *Freddi Fit raises a double bicep flex, stretching his button down short sleeves to their limit. "After all, who can forgot that glorious moment when I was voted to steal everything from Hank The Tank who had been growing massive all season. It was a major upset and the audience was ready to see a new alpha show that brute a lesson. Since then I've been living the dreams as America's hunkiest bodybuilder. Well tonight this dream begins once again with 8 brand new contestants. After twelve weeks, one of them will be left with a hulking body while the others leave smaller than they came. And like always, every week you the audience will decide who gets what. Now let's not waste any time here and meet our contestants. Screen switches to contestant video number one. A nineteen year old college wrestler named Cam. "Hey everyone! The name is Cameron, or Cam for short. I've been wrestling for six years and I can't wait to show the other men who the real jock is gonna be. Maybe if you're lucky you might even see me put some of them in headlocks and drain the muscle from them." Screen switches to contestant video number two. A 39 year old college professor who has been working out for many years. "Hello everyone, it Max here. I've been a health science teach for about 10 years and have always wanted more in life. I'm hoping to win and become the next leading model for muscle god magazine. Either way, I'm hoping to teach the other men a thing or two about what it means to be blessed with muscle." Screen switches to contestant number 3. A 24 year old ex fire fighter who recently begun a modeling career. "If you thought fighting fires was hot, wait till you see me on nothing but my suspenders. Hey everyone my names chad. Make sure you vote for me this season so I can become the muscular flame that makes you sweat." Screen switches to contestant number 4. A 31 year old cop from NYC. "Hey. It's Stu. I've been lifting ever since becoming a cop, but to keep the streets safe, I'm going to need your help to grow my guns and have the fire power needed to intimidate the bad guys and fight crime." Screen switches to contestant number 5. A 27 year old businessman. "Hello everyone, being a businessman keeps me quite busy. So I'm going to need your help building these muscles as big as they can get so I can really fill out my suites nicely! By the way, the name is Dominique." Screen switches to contestant number 6. A 42 year old father. "Hello everyone. My name Ken. Before I had children I was in pretty good shape. However since then I've begun to get out of shape. I need your help to be bigger and better than I was when I was younger." Screen switches to contestant number 7. A 21 year old college graduated pursuing a career in acting. "Hey y'all. Zac here. I've been trying to make it big as an actor but you know they are looking for muscular guys these days. Help me become a jacked up actor." Screen switches to contestant number 8. A 25 year old man living in his parents house. "Hi everyone. I'm Tony, and I've been having a really hard time finding a job. Can you help me you help me out and give me the chance to pursue a career in fitness and get the hell out of my parents house. They'd really appreciate it as well!" Tony is clearly the smallest guy. Although he still has slight hints of muscle, there isn't much for the others to take. Host: "Well don't we just have a great batch this year. The group will be entering the growth cell now where they will spend the next 12 weeks changing. Go online now to vote for your top 4 favorite guys who will receive a special serum boost tomorrow night to start off the game. And don't forget to send in your nicknames for each dude. The most votes will decide what we call each contestant from here on. Anyways. Goodnight Gainer fans! Freddi Fit signing off!" *Freddie fit solutes the camera and transitions in to an archer pose as the credits roll.*
  16. ScottishBodybuilder92

    My Trident Now

    This is a continuation of Ursula's defeat in the Little Mermaid. If someone else got the trident after her... Ursula, the sea witch and I had made a deal where I got the body of my dreams in exchange for a deal. Sadly being young and naive, she tricked me and I became her prisoner after I couldn't hold up my end of the bargain. I lost not only my amazing physique she'd gifted me but any resemblance of my merman form. However, as she was defeated by Ariel and Eric I felt myself turn back in to a merman. No longer the hunk she had made me thoughy but back in to my original stick thin form. At least I was free now, however back to being the frailest creature under the sea. I bet even the crab had most strength than me. The I saw it... the trident... Ariel's fathers all powerful trident that had allowed Ursula to grow in to a giant, that could rule the sea and everyone in it. It was falling back down to it's owner... but I couldn't have that. King Triton who had the powers of a God at his disposal and refused to help me. "Your natural form was the way nature intended you to be" he had said to me. Well maybe he shouldn't be the one making those decisions. I decided then and there to go for it. I kicked my fins as hard as I could swimming towards it, Triton still hadn't noticed me going, that gave me a head start but it was falling towards it's previous owner. As I was getting closer I saw him turn up to see me. "Nooooooo!" He cried. "I will not put the ocean in to jeprody again" And with that he started swimming towards it. His powerful physique(nature intended, yea right) and strong fins were helping him catch up to me... but I was closer. I pushed as hard as I could, feeling him gaining on me but there it was right in front of me. I reached out, wrapped my fingers round it and it was mine! I felt the power at my finger tips - damn. And to think I only wanted to be physically powerful. Snapping back to reality, Triton was almost upon me. He could still rugby tackle it out of my hands as he was far physically superior... at least for now. I whipped round and point the trident at him and froze him in the spot. His face screwed with anger and shock. I grinned. "Sorry old man. It's my ocean now"
  17. Home of the Gods Part Eight-Finale by F_R_Eaky Part One: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13486-home-of-the-gods-part-one-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Two: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13487-home-of-the-gods-part-two-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Three: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13490-home-of-the-gods-part-three-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Four: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13502-home-of-the-gods-part-four-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Five: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13527-home-of-the-gods-part-five-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Six: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14012-home-of-the-gods-part-six-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Seven: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14350-home-of-the-gods-part-seven-by-f-r_eaky/ Fabian woke very late in the morning. Hoisting himself off the floor, he stretched and massaged himself as the unheated concrete floor seeped cold into his body and his new larger muscles and bones ached with a larger amount of stiffness. He nearly fell over and down again, attempting to walk forward, but learning he needed to do a side kick kind of step allowing his burgeoning thighs to roll forward and around one another. Not to mention his arms felt so big and heavy and swung too much weight when he tried to compensate on his balance. It also didn't help that his arms almost couldn't swing back and forth due to the size of his lats and broadness and thickness of his pectorals. He decided to walk to the bathroom and shower, curious as he heard it running and he remembered not finishing it before being... .... ... could one call it an attack? Before being attacked the day before by three of Gabriel's friends. After walking a few steps he spun around and looked at the door. He swore to God he heard someone pounding on it furiously as though trying to break in by breaking the door down. He didn't hear or see anything. Turning to walk back to the bathroom he heard the pounding again, stopped turned and looked... ... ... nothing. He turned away again, but thought before he began to walk and then took off for the bathroom, pausing and smiling when he realized the noise was the sound of his twenty-one inch long, thick, muscular meaty feet slapping the floor when he walked. But then he heard an actual bang. It sounded like pounding on the delivery truck door that went down the wall and finally to the people entrance. A couple of extreme pounds later and suddenly there burst through Gabriel, looking extremely pissed and screaming at the top of his lungs. "You somehow manage to make my boys go mental. Screaming about some giant Olympian bodybuilder. That's it. You may be a little taller than me, Reid, but I am gonna take... you.... .... .... down?" Gabriel had taken a goodly number of steps into the warehouse before he noticed the hulking figure that was now Fabian. Standing at what was a few inches below the point of where Fabian's lats began to flare out from his abdomen and obliques, Gabriel took in the view as Ian loomed over him and did a most muscular, flaring out his neck, traps, and shoulders, while ballooning out his chest and upper arms. Gabriel whimpered just a little and then slowly backed away before making a dash for the door and running out of the warehouse. Fabian chuckled to himself. "I didn't even have to say anything. I actually didn't have to say a word." He turned and began to walk back towards the bathroom, feeling his cock inflate longer and heavier as the thought of just posing at Gabriel made him turn and run. By the time he made it to the bathroom doorway, it was fully erect and his head was preceding him into the bathroom by nearly two feet. Suddenly there was a tug and a pull on his massive member and when Fabian finally walked through, he looked down to see Reid smiling, holding his cock, and standing right at the point where his lats flared out from the rest of Fabian's body. "You know...anything that sticks out two feet or more from the vehicle carrying it has to be tagged with a red flag. That's the law." "It's already got quite the red head. Isn't that enough?" "It is for me" said Reid smiling as he continued to pull Fabian into the shower, which he had finished up when he woke up earlier. Reid had some personal fun as he helped lather Fabian up, groping and cupping all of the new mountainous muscle bellies that covered Fabian's body. Truly, if he was normal height, he'd be one of the biggest built bodybuilders ever with enviable genetics everyone hoped and wished for. Reid then went through and traced every crevice, attempted to massage Fabian's muscles, before he finally tried to help massage any stiffness out of Fabian's muscles due to sleeping on the cold concrete floor. Eventually he took in Fabian's cock head as best he could, licking and stroking it until both he and Fabian needed to stay in for another shower to get cleaned up. Afterwards, they finished putting together Fabian's new make-shift bed and lay down upon it, talking. "You had me a bit worried, Fabe. As the changes occurred you kept going on about strength and power. I thought you were going to become an asshat meathead." "I was a bit overpowered and overwhelmed by the sensation. C'mon, Reid, you can't tell me you never felt good about standing head and shoulders over most males, or that your stronger and better built than them. I've seen you slightly show off. You like it when you can use your size to play the hero." "I try not to be arrogant about it though, and you were just in full self-lust and power-worship as your body blew up and grew. And who plays the hero now?", Reid said despondently. "Some protector I'm gonna be. You stand just over three feet taller than me! And I know you love to top. When your cock first grew it was fine. Felt great. But now.... You're so big and big and BIG! If we're gonna make out... .... I think I'd have to fuck your cock." "Hey....hey..." said Fabian softly. "We'll figure out some way to make it work out. And just because I'm bigger..." "So much bigger..." "That doesn't mean you still can't stand up for me. And out of all the pricks that are Gabriel's friends, only one stands taller than you, and he's definitely smaller built than you. You're almost a foot taller than average males and bigger built than most sports stars. Don't think of yourself as week and useless to me. You remember the first time you actually hefted a really good decent amount of weight?" "Yeah..." "And the pump it gave the body part you were working out?" "Yeah..." "Or how your clothes felt so much tighter, or better yet the time you first ripped out of shirt by accident?" "Yeah..." said Reid now laughing lightly. "Or the time you finally realized you stood taller than your old man, or most of your school mates?" "Yeah...." "Then think of it from my point of view. I was a very scrawny, 5' 2" tall man. Even average guys towered over me. Suddenly I'm growing up and up and up, my muscles are filling out and out and out. I see average men getting smaller, tall men becoming average - child size, and I can feel a power in my body that's growing more and more the bigger I get. It's just like those feelings you experienced, but they were happening all at once and kept going and growing for like so much... ... ... It was just.... such a huge rush. Such a glorious feeling filling me up." "I can tell." said Reid smirking and reached up and gave Fabian's once again erect cock a pull down to the bed top and then allowed it to spring up and smack Fabian in his abs all the way to just below his chest. Both the men chuckled and then with a gleam in his eye, Fabian grabbed Reid and pulling him, Reid's back to his chest and abs, finally rolled over on his side to lay down with Reid engulfed by his body. Reid lay there feeling the heat pulse through Fabian's cock on his back. "C'mon, love. You gotta let me go." "Spoon." "You're going to make me late for work." "SPOON!" "Really, Fabe, someone has to pay for this warehouse." Fabian lowered his voice as deep as it could go and then softly growled in Reid's ear, "spooooooooooooooooooon." The pair lay there until there was just enough time for Reid to get dressed and get to work on time, but they both wished the moment could last forever. **************************************************************************** That night, started one of the worst times in Fabian's life. It was going on 9 p.m. and Reid was at least three hours late getting home from work. At ten after nine there was a loud thump against the regular door, followed by the sound of several people banging on the truck delivery door. This was followed by the sound of many running footsteps and tire squeals. Fabian cautiously went to the regular entrance door and saw the bottom of it had a large dent inwards. Opening the door, he saw the reason, a large cinder block with a note that read: "You're a giant strongman. That doesn't mean you don't have a weakness. You may not venture out because of your size, but your lover does." At twenty after nine, Reid stumbled through the door, low moaning Fabian's name. There was a gash on his brow in between his eyebrows, both eyes were black, his lips were swollen and if he did move them, blood was coming out of his mouth and hiding his teeth. One hand was black and blue and it seemed attached oddly about halfway up the arm. He had trouble breathing, his work uniform was torn, one shoe was missing, once there he couldn't walk, and his delivery van that he drove home in was nowhere in sight. Immediately Fabian went to dial the emergency number, cursing his new size as his much larger digits constantly pressed more than one number every time he attempted to dial on the much smaller cell phone. Finally he grabbed a pencil and began to use that and called an ambulance. The EMT's arrived to discover Reid just lying inside the warehouse. Fabian knew how the scene would look if he had stayed there. Giant bodybuilder - man beaten to a pulp. He would be blamed and arrested. He left running down into a nearby aqua duct and hiding under the bridge where a road passed over it. Reid wound up in the hospital for two weeks. Punctured lung, three broken ribs, concussion, broken ocular bone, one tooth removed, broken arm, sprained ankle. He was released but still laid up for another three months or so while waiting for bones to heal. Fabian had to take care of things for him on his own. He checked his personal account and then had to make friend with a local whom he not only felt he could trust, but, of course showed what man his size could do if the guy just took off with the card and spent his money. They guy helped move in a restaurant sized refrigerator and enough groceries to store in it. Later Fabian used it to buy some building supplies, only he wasn't going to build onto the warehouse structure. Cinder blocks, mortar, I-beams Fabian used to first make a "bench" that could support him, his weight, and any weight he worked out with. Then he began to build walls onto the ends of the I-beams, small ones at first, then medium, and finally some larger ones. Fabian was seeing red. They had beaten up Reid and he couldn't do anything about it. Well, he soon would. Fabian used the wall and beam segments he bought to make something akin to a set of weights and he began to work out... and work out... and work out. He kept his muscles engorged with blood as much as he could, allowing only for proper rest to ensure growth. He ate until he thought his stomach would burst, and hoped he could transfer all of it to his already enormous muscles.... and he did. Fabian watched on the scale as his weight went up and up....ten pounds....twenty pounds..... forty pounds.....eighty pounds.... one-hundred pounds. He had trouble walking before, now he really swayed side to side as he kicked his legs around one another. Just ten pounds over the seventeen hundred pound mark. One-thousand, seven-hundred, ten pounds of pure muscle. But that wasn't all that Fabian did. Shortly after starting his workouts, Fabian began to noticed odd things. The basket he had been presented with on his induction to the tribe had increased in size and now housed his newly sized cock and balls regardless of whether flaccid or erect. He began to wear it most of the time to keep his cock out of his way when lifting. Some of the cinder blocks had been used to make another shallow pool in the bathroom and a very large natural stone had been placed in the back part of said pool. Wild, tropical flowers had begun sprouting and growing in parts of the bathroom, so Fabian knew he had begun chanting again. Mid-spring is when Reid was finally able to come back to the warehouse, still looking a little tired and drained of color. He opened the door and walked in, staring at the odd sculptures that Fabian had made out of the cinder blocks and I-beams not knowing they were new weights for a giant man, and then out of the corner of his eye saw the massive, Titan like frame of Fabian as he stood up from his make shift bed. Reid wasn't sure what to say or to ask. He was stunned by how much larger, beefier Fabian looked. How much heavier he sounded when he walked. But it was the odd look in Fabian's eye that left Reid speechless and motionless. It was a mixture of a blank stare and determination. Fabian reached out and grabbed Reid like he was a child, carried him into the bathroom and then placed Reid in the small pool like area next to the actual shower. He placed Reid with his back against an very tall, thick, stone, the top of which poked up and out of the floor, a smooth round boulder with a crack in the top. Torches were lit everywhere within the bathroom, followed by bundles of incense of some kind, with a very heady and very musky in aroma. Invisible drums began to be beaten and Fabian began to sing chants louder and louder. He made sweeping motions with his feet upon the ground and urged Reid to do the same. Reid began to mimic the movement out of fear of a what behemoth sized, tranced Fabian might do to him if he did. Soon, Reid's legs were as though they were made out of rubber, stretching out instead of being moved in a sweeping motion. His vision began to blur and his head swooned as the bathroom seemed to heave and undulate, warping, skewing in shape and form. Suddenly the floor beneath him began to feel warm, very warm. Warm enough he began to hop dance instead of making the sweeping motion he had been instructed to perform. At this Fabian began to scream, but not in terror, more in ecstasy, as though moaning in orgasm, and in an orgasm so great he might just expel their own soul when cumming. Fabian had been wearing his basket to hold his genitalia and took it off. Reid knew Fabian had become endowed after his last battle with Gabriel's friends, but he still marveled now at the ginormous 16.25 inch, flaccid hung member of Fabian and at how much longer and thicker it became after growing to a 2 foot long erection. Reid knew that Fabian must be spending most of his time walking around nude or in a pair of pants sporting the most obscene bulge ever seen on a man. Erect Fabian's penis didn't stick up like many men's erect penis do, but instead stuck straight out and bobbed as if it was a divining rod made for dowsing. Still hop dancing, his back and arms against the tall rock formation behind him, to help support him in his dance as his head began to swoon more and more, his eyes becoming heavy and tired, Reid began to feel hot and extremely bothered. For some reason he was being turned on. Fabian came forward and removed his shirt, pants, and underwear, and Fabian had already removed his shoes before entering the bathroom. With his small, flaccid cock now flopping around free it began to grow and lengthen to its mighty and full erect status of 7 inches. The heat was growing in him. He felt the heat rising up his body, and felt the heat rising up the stone as well. He thought he felt the air caressing his balls and tugging at his cock. Warmer and warmer he and the rock became, and the hotter they got, the hornier Reid grew. The feeling became so powerful Reid was convulsing more than he was dancing or stomping, the shock waves of pleasure riding over him. Suddenly Fabian let out groans and gasps of ecstasy, his mighty cock having grown even more incredibly long and thick, now spewing forth ribbons and ribbons of cum into the small, wading pool in which Reid was standing. Fabian fell forward upon his knees, taking his hands and rubbing his seed into the ground, groping and massaging, as though fondling some massive muscle or body. The heat kept building and building, Fabian and Reid were sweating profusely. Reid swore he was getting burned on his feet and back as the temperature began to rise higher and higher in the pool floor and the stone. Eventually the ground rumbled and a great gushing sound could be heard followed by a great torrent of water streaming over and down the great rock behind Reid's back. Fabian rose up and backed away as the water cascaded over Reid, drenching him, coating him, and filling up the small wading pool. Striking the pool, part of the water began to hiss, evaporating into great clouds of steam, upon which Reid's head snapped back, he jerked and convulsed, and felt as though someone, something, reached through his dick, into his balls, and pulled out his cum in great strands that felt large enough to be ropes for a sailing ship. Gasping for air, sinking to his knees, Reid saw Fabian approach. "I am Kali'iti'nui no more. I am now, Tanakamaunga - man mountain. We believe that the gods reside in our penis. Although most men of this tribe are raised since birth, being taught exercises and have weights hung to make their penis grow and grow in order to house more gods. You and I were not raised so, but that does not mean you cannot come to greatness, for look what has happened to me. You who so wished to heed the words of the chief and be my protector as he so ordered of you, shall find a way to do so. For your acts of bravery and loyalty, I have made you one of the tribe, and thus at least one god will come to reside in your cock and grant you happiness and prosperity in some form, or so I hope. I thank you. Be blessed, you who have sought to protect me, physically, mentally.... emotionally. You shall take my old name, Kali'iti'nui, meaning small giant, for among most men you are tall and built in stature, and your courage and heart is as big as the men as large as mountains." With that Fabian washed Reid's genitals and groin area with some of the geyser water that erupted from the stone, and then reaching out his hand, grabbed a newly formed basket made by the wild flowers, vines, and ivy growing all around the bathroom. He then placed the basket upon Reid's genitals and tied it around Reid's waist. Reid smiled somewhat punch-drunk like and attempted to say thank you, but fell unconscious into sleep and some of the best fantasy dreams of him and Fabian he ever had of his life. The next morning Fabian woke up to discover the other side of his bed was empty. He could've sworn he had woke from a trance and helped place Reid into bed with him. Walking to the bathroom, he discovered Reid was sitting cross-legged in the ritual pool. His eyes were slightly rolled back, and eventually Fabian could hear a chant coming across Reid's lips. " Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga..." Fabian knew it was not the name of the God of Gods in the Ulpooin pantheon, but he couldn't tell Reid who it was, and Ke'atuka'ine, God of Gods, wasn't communicating any information to him from his cock. Not too long after, Reid simply woke up, took a shower, kissed Fabian and his abs good-bye and reported for work. Around four in the afternoon, Fabian received a knock and a note taped to the entrance door of the warehouse. It was from Gabriel and told him he and his friends were aware that Reid was back to work and that if Fabian didn't meet them downtown, in the back alley behind Reid's workplace, Reid would receive the pummeling of his life, or more likely his death. Fabian was to surrender himself over to Gabriel and his gang for Gabriel to do as he wished, or Reid was through. Fabian nearly broke the door off exiting the warehouse at four-fifteen. Fabian arrived to the back alley and came upon a scene probably similar to what had happened to Reid four months or so before. Reid, as per usual had worked late, making sure he had delivered all his packages and cleaned out his delivery truck. A car was parked behind the delivery van, meaning Reid couldn't leave to go home, other than by foot. That way wasn't an option as Gabriel and his friends had surrounded his way out and had pulled him into the sort of courtyard area created by the loading docks for the delivery service. He had already received a couple of good blows, and being so soon from his recent recovery, he was already swooning from the attack. It was at that moment that Fabian in a very tight pair of hand-made shorts, stepped out of the actually alleyway and its shadows to confront the men. "Ganging up on folks again. With me joining in, I'm pretty sure Reid and I can take you all down." Gabriel spun around to see Fabian and in a flash had pulled out a gun and pulled the trigger. It was an odd sound and sensation happening. It didn't sound like a gun had been fired, and Fabian didn't feel something pierce his flesh and burn going through. Instead it felt like he received an injection, and the world felt as though it was turning and his vision was blurring. "I knew you wouldn't stand by or come quietly and I don't know how you got to the size you did, but I know we couldn't take you, especially when your smaaaaaaaaall boyfriend, who isn't too small to us, except for DeWayne and possibly Fernando, would attempt to join in and take us down. So.... I got an elephant tranquilizer. Figure that'd at least incapacitate you if not make you sleep for the trip I'm going to take you on. But while you're there kneeling in your stupor, my boys and I are going to make sure Reid learns his lesson by sending him back to the hospital again and then he can watch helpless as we carry you away. We've got a tow truck and everything to help hoist you into a truck. Continue, boys." And with that the friends of Gabriel continued their fist-to-cuffs on the already dazed Reid. Arjun kicking Reid in the balls. Michael smacking Reid against the face or boxing his ears. Fernando punching Reid in the gut, while DeWayne bopped him on the head in between Gan Otkai yanking on Reid's hair. All the while Fazzah screamed at him and joined Gabriel in kicking and hit him any way any where possible. Poor Reid was beaten right back to the same condition that they had left him in earlier in the year, and they laughed as they moved to grab Fabian and take him away. But suddenly there was a burst of steam from underground. It came together and made a wall separating the men from Fabian and their ability to exit. The sound of drums filled the air and a chant began to be heard. " Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga..." Fernando turned around to stare at the collapsed Reid, figuring it was his voice doing the chanting.... He was right. "Ga..ga...Gabriel..." He hoarsely whispered. All the men turned around to see Reid currently kneeling on the ground, his mouth barely moving, but his word's clearly audible, although, none of the men standing knew what it was. " Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga..." The men suddenly wished they could back up and out of the area as they began to see and hear Reid's body snapping and coming back into correct position. The cuts on his skin healed up and the bruises went away. Slowly but most definitely surely, Reid began to stand up and did so firmly planting his strong stance. The still connected hose Reid had used to help wash down his van suddenly came to life and stood almost straight out of the nozzle it was connected to. The steam was collecting in the are forming a pool of water beneath Reid. The pounding drum sound became louder and louder filling the air with a rhythmical din. When Reid appeared totally healed, water erupted from the standing hose and fell in a cascade upon Reid's head and washed over his body. "Auugh!" Reid moaned. "Hmmmnff!" Reid blurted again. "Ohhuwah!" And now Reid seemed to be thrusting his hips. Over and over again, Reid thrust his hips and each time the basket of his groin swelled larger and larger and larger. Reid kept moaning and thrusting and his packed kept growing becoming obscenely obvious. His pants grew tighter and tighter in the crotch area. Three mounds were forming, one that looked like an extremely large banana was being carried and underneath were the other two grapefruits. Reid finally let a long low scream out as if he was still growing and couldn't take it, and everyone present watched as Reid's cock tore open the teeth of the zipper on his cargo shorts and then flopped out. And it wasn't just his pecker; his balls helped spread the opening and rip it further apart as they fell and dropped out as well. Reid's cock had grown enormously long and thick and his screams of pain trailed off into a sigh of relief and then a laugh of pleasure. Reid's schlong was growing and getting longer and thicker, and his balls were swelling as well. So heavy...so round.... his prick so long...so thick....so hard.... so veiny. It grew and grew until Reid was just as hung and virile as Fabian ever would be. Reid began to laugh pleasantly at first and then almost a little maniacal, as if some stream of an idea washed over his mind. This was replaced by small gasps and grunts as Reid began to jerk his feet up and down, side to side, stomping and stomping. The seven gentlemen who had just beaten him up stared at his feet to try and see what was happening and then they began to see. The sides of his work boots began to bulge out and curl over the sides of his sole. One large ridge formed in the front of each shoe, soon to become a row of one large and four smaller bulges pushing the front of the shoe over the front of the sole. The heel began to stretch very tightly and Reid's ankles started overfilling the holes that were where the feet entered. In another few moments one could hear and see the straining, exceedingly taut laces snap in surrender, followed by the odd, low, ripping sound of hard leather as Reid's feet out grew his shoes by one, two, four, eight, sixteen, twenty, twenty-four sizes to become thick, meaty, muscular, 21" long man feet. Michael, the man with the giant paws and feet for a man of just 6' 2" or so tall, noticing what might be happening, broke his hypnotized stance of awe and ran to take Reid down. He might of succeeded, but Reid's hands had grown equally as much as his feet had and he swung his arm to deliver his own smack down. Michael was knocked senseless and about half way across the square loading area. Reid's balls had been throbbing, increasing in size and then shrinking, pulling up. Every time they had done so is when Reid's hands and feet got bigger. They started doing so again and as Reid moaned and groaned in greater pain while grabbing a hold of his legs and arms, a small cracking and breaking sound was heard and Reid stood taller....and Taller....and TALLER....and TAAAAAAALLER! His socks which had shrunk from just under his calves with the growth of his feet to just above his ankles shrunk down further to just under his ankles. His shorts moved from his knees to one fourth the way up his thigh, half-way up the thigh, too looking like 1970's sports, short shorts to almost like brief underwear, except despite his trim build his waist snapped the button and now his fly was pulled excessively wide apart. His shirt hem rose and rose above his waist, above his abs, beyond where his lats come in and stopped just under his chest. Not that you could see that because having already been fairly muscular and now three feet taller, every button had been popped off the shirt as his chest stretched the shirt open. The sleeves rode up and up over his mighty upper arms, over his delts, and if the front of the shirt was complete it would've gone from a short sleeve shirt to sleeveless muscle shirt. Swaying a bit as the pain settled from his massive growth spurt, Reid bent forward causing his back to rip the shirt down the back and thus only hang on him via his shoulders. His neck had snapped the collar as well. Shucking the shirt off of his body, he smiled as he noticed that his bending forward had caused his bubble butt to blow out the back of his cargo shorts. He then reached and yanked what was left of his shorts and underwear off of his body as well as using his long toes to pull the now tiny socks off of his feet. He closed his eyes and breathed in a few deep breaths, feeling the cool spring breeze caressing his body. Before any of the now six men could move, Reid began to do small shouts, like power lifters and bodybuilders make before they hoist a weight up. "Uhp..." And Reid suddenly did a side triceps pose. "Ommmph" And into a side chest. "hoop!" Lat spread. "hnngh!" Most muscular, crab shot. "Hup!" Abdominal crunch and front thigh extension. "Hep!" Front double biceps pose. "Hooch!" Back double biceps pose. "HRRRR!" Back, Thigh Bicep, and Calve pose. Over and over and over again Reid kept cycling through the poses and each time he did so, his muscles swelled bigger....larger....thicker....harder....fuller....denser....broader....veinier.... His calves inflated into giant pulsing hearts and finally a throbbing diamond shape. The thighs ballooned and grew into a collection of swollen tear drop shapes like a bunch of water balloons. His abs formed bricks fit for the Great Wall of China, while his obliques bunched and formed such as to look like a great lattice work was plastered on Reid's sides. His lats grew out so wide and thick it looked like he could jump from a plane and join para-gliders without the need for the special winged suits. His arms flared out more and more at greater angles from his body as his upper arms inflated and grew until one swore he had a football stuffed in where his biceps should be. A pair of thick muscular shapes looking like Clydesdale sized horseshoes hanging off the back of the arms. Forearms so thick and powerful they matched the size of Reid's calves. Shoulders that were so full and round and with such density, surely they were world globes stolen off of statues of Atlas holding up the world. His chest barreled so thick and round, so wide and full, he could see nothing standing directly in front of him. Even his erect cock had a hard time sticking out beyond it to be seen. His traps rose and rose like some great range of mountains and his neck swole as thick and round as segments from the Giant's Causway. Reid now strode over to the side of the building, kicking his legs out to the sides in order to move forward. Grabbing a hold of a large iron bar embedded into the brick building, he ripped it free from the mortar and then proceeded to bend it into an arch. He growled as he did so, his voice lowering and lowering in extreme bass tones, while with each degree the bar bent, the hair on Reid grew out and out, thicker, fuller, feathery, until his red hair hung halfway down his back and his hair glistened like glitter all over his body. Throwing the bar in front of Gabriel and his friends, Reid raised his hands above his head and struck a victory pose. At the same time several glowing balls of light came down and anyone watching swore they entered Reid's cock through is piss slit. Once that was done Reid turned and glared with a smirk while bellowing out a name. "GA-BRI-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL!" It echoed throughout the little loading square, and as Gabriel realized he was looking up to Reid as much as he did to Fabian, he actually pissed his pants. "I am not Reid.... I am NOT Kali'iti'nui..... I AM MALSAGAMAUNGA - MEANING TWIN MOUNTAIN!" The god that had inhabited Reid at his initiation by Fabian was Ke'atutel'malsaga, the god of twins and he had chosen to make Reid Fabian's fraternal twin, so to speak, in order for him to be able to protect Fabian, for it takes someone of equal size and strength to protect another man so large. Another spray of water streamed out of the hose, splattering all over Fabian, and the heavy drowsiness he felt began to leave him. His vision cleared, his heavy body, although still feeling heavy, was light enough for him to manage it again. Standing up behind the six men, Michael only just now coming to from Reid's smack down, Fabian growled and struck a most muscular that cause the men to scream and wish for a way out. The drums that had quieted down quite a bit began to pick up their rhythm and loudness. Gabriel's posse began to hold their hands over their ears and look around in bewilderment. Fabian and Reid oohed and moaned in both pleasure and pain as their cocks throbbed so hard, they stuck straight out of their bodies without any bobbing whatsoever. "Friends of Gabriel," Spoke Fabian, "Leave and leave now. Correct your ways or know that we will be here to take care of you. Go.... .... .... NOW!" Fabian's words echoed so loudly it took a good five minutes and several blocks of reverb before the echo faded away. The pair was pretty sure that all six men pissed their pants as they quickly ran away leaving Gabriel all alone. As the drums thundered away, Fabian and Reid began approaching Gabriel, stroking their pricks. Gabriel turned and turned, basically spinning round and round, beginning to whimper and cry. "Two great acts...." "...have been done..." "...in order to...." "...bring us into...." "...the fold...." "....Great acts...." "....do not come...." "....without a cost...." "....some kind of...." "....sacrifice must be made...." "...We will gladly...." "...take a soul....." "...who cannot...." "....be redeemed...." And at that moment, Fabian and Reid stood their ground and suddenly bellowed in ecstasy, and released a load of great, long, strands of cum that spewed in great loops around Gabriel and once coated, as Fabian and Reid moaned and shot off more of their load, Gabriel shrank....as the pair grew....as Gabriel shrank....and the men Grew....and Gabriel became smaller.... and they giants got ever bigger...... For each inch the gods took from Gabriel, they seemed to give two, four, or six inches to Fabian and Reid. By the time all was said and done the hulking forms of Fabian and Reid stood twelve feet six inches tall, twenty seven inch long size US Mens 59 shoe feet, and weighing three-thousand, three-hundred, ninety-three pounds, with cocks that had grown to three feet long. The once decently sized and bullying Gabriel was now only 5' tall, exceptionally thin and week, and just barely stood mid-thigh to Fabian and Reid. The giant pair of men bent at their waist so they could see Gabriel and whispered in growling tones, "You can go now." Gabriel did not have to be told twice. He gathered up his now ill, extremely loose fitting clothing and ran as best as he could back to his apartment where it is said he wept and wept and made a decision never to leave, and especially not to do missionary work. Meanwhile back at the square Reid approached Fabian and the two muscle giants began to grapple and wrestle one another. Eventually the two pulled one another into the other and began to kiss deeply, passionately, frantically. The mammoth manhoods began to rise and become engorged with blood, and they backed off a bit to hoist them up, cock heads between their pecs, and then move back together, holding one another and grinding their hips so their erect phallics began to rub each other up and down. After several minutes of frotting, Fabian picked up Reid by Reid's ass, flinging and wrapping the massively mounding legs and meaty feet of Reid around his waist. In this position he pushed Reid towards Reid's truck, causing the back doors and much of the roof to cave in, followed by the tires blowing out, once almost 7,000 pounds or three and half tons of male muscle collapsed upon the delivery van floor. With the small amount of height difference, Fabian took advantage and plunged his prestigious pecker into Reid's cavernous hole. Reid's neck arched as his head tilted back. He reach up to grab around the driver's seat for support and wound up pulling it, breaking it free from it's stationary position in the van. The two thrust and rocked, twisted and pounded. Whatever part of van's shelving that didn't collapse when the two fell into the van, their motion now knocked, dinged, and bent, deforming the pieces from ever being usable again. Reid pushed on the walls while grunting and moaning in pleasure and pain. And behold, the van's wall's did bulge out in massive mounding bulges with gigantic hand prints in the center. The front of the van was taking a beating as well, for with each thrust Fabian was giving, he pushed the van into the loading bay wall. Headlights, grill work, bumpers, were no more. In what seemed like hours to them, Fabian finally started herky-jerking out of control. The spasm of sexual bliss was washing over him and with one last thrust he shot a load so powerful, so large, that Reid swore it came up into his mouth a bit all the way from his ass. The very thought of which had him spewing over his head to coat the front of the van and shatter the windshield. The pair went home to the warehouse, which was now a bit cramped, but luck was on their side, actually. Six other gods came to reside in the protruding penis of Reid. The gods of: luck in chance, money, plant fertility, crafting arts and technology, stamina, and handsomeness. By the time they were done with Reid, he had the face of a modelesque, GQ man, with the body of a giant bodybuilding, muscle god, and knowledge of electronics and furniture making as well as financial savy. It wasn't long until Reid was financially independent, and then they bought a much larger warehouse and converted it into something that nearly looked like a grand Edwardian mansion with furniture built their size so they looked somewhat normal when they had flex and sex shows on the internet. That proved to make them very rich financially. Which was good, as folks passing by at night in front of their house swear from time to time they still hear the savage beats of the wild jungle drums and that more and more shadows are cast upon windows of very large, tall, and hung men.
  18. Home of the Gods Part Six by F_R_Eaky Part One: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13486-home-of-the-gods-part-one-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Two: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13487-home-of-the-gods-part-two-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Three: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13490-home-of-the-gods-part-three-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Four: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13502-home-of-the-gods-part-four-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Five: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13527-home-of-the-gods-part-five-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Six: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14012-home-of-the-gods-part-six-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Seven: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14350-home-of-the-gods-part-seven-by-f-r_eaky/ In the morning Fabian looked quite the site. His feet having grown and ripped out of his tennis shoes, it was known he wouldn't fit into any of his other shoes, especially his very form fitting bicycling shoes for hobby and work. Thus the morning's part of the day's deliveries were done with Fabian in his courier uniform, but with his feet being in just a pair of socks and a pair of Reid's size 17 flip flops - now only seven sizes too big for Fabian's feet, but the same feet are 4.5 sizes too large for the shoes Fabian owns. A bit of a hassle and exceptionally cold in the winter for his feet, but something inside Fabian kind of liked how his bigger feet looked in Reid's flip flops, especially when thinking how small they originally looked when the shoes were eleven and half sizes too large. A quick stop off during lunch to the bank and a shoe store and soon Fabian was cruising the streets in new size 10 bicycle shoes and a pair of sneakers for at home in his back pack. It was after his last delivery, and after he ran by a local Mexican restaurant to pick up two orders for dinner for him and Reid, yet another attack of the friends of Gabriel took place. Turning to ride down an alley between some apartments and a basket ball court, Fabian was suddenly yanked off his bicycle and thrown into the court. Shaking his head to recover from the throw and thus fall, Fabian looked up to view his attacker and looked up and up and up. It was the seven foot tall DeWayne who now straddled over the body of Fabian. Without wasting a moment, DeWayne picked up Fabian by his clothes and then slammed him, his back into a basketball pole and hoop. Taking the straps of the backpack Fabian wore and attaching them together, DeWayne had Fabian attached to the post. DeWayne then start lobbing basketballs at Fabian, alternating between making a hoop and letting it come down on Fabian's head or throwing them straight at Fabian's head or stomach. There were a couple of balls that made contact before Fabian began to shake the fog from his head and realize what was going on. He then began to raise his hands and bap the balls away from hitting his face or stomach. It wasn't too much longer before Fabian's mind was clear enough to realize what a lame trap this was as he just had to slip his arms out from his backpack shoulder straps to be free. "Oh no you don't!" Screamed DeWayne and he rushed toward Fabian. Fabian stood up with his hands up in a boxing like stance and bounced as though he was willing to take DeWayne on. DeWayne laughed at this sight and upon reaching Fabian went right into a swing to punch Fabian in the face, exactly what Fabian was expecting. Fabian dropped to his knees just before DeWayne's fist would have made contact, which caused DeWayne to punch the metallic pole supporting the basketball hoop. Clang! "YEEEEEOW! MOTHER FUCK! YOU'RE DEAD!" As DeWayne was shaking off the pain from his knuckles, Fabian unhooked and grabbed his backpack and his bicycle as he ran off the basketball court. As this was a frequently used route home, Fabian knew many of the people who lived in the brownstones, condos, or apartment buildings adjacent to the alleyway. Knowing he wouldn't be able to peddle as fast as he normally could, still clutching his stomach from the gut punch, Fabian opened a back gate of a building and tenants he knew well and semi flung his bike in there, able to pick it up later. He then proceeded to head through some open and garden plots on the way home. Sure enough, DeWayne was hot on his heels as the two were running and running. Through one fence line, Fabian ran through, turned and kicked a board to the right sending it across the bottom of the opening. DeWayne thinking Fabian had slowed down, believed he had a chance to catch him. No. Not seeing the board in time, DeWayne's decent sized feet and ankles hooked and tripped over the board with him unawares, sending him sprawling to the ground, which in this particular case happened to be a beautifully herringbone patterned brick walkway. "AUGH! YOU MIDGET SHIT!" bellowed DeWayne after he fell flat faced onto the walkway. Fabian didn't waste a moment and continued through the plot he managed to get to the out the yard and started running down the alleyway to get to another plot he knew, but he was suddenly tripped up by a flung garbage can lid. DeWayne had recovered faster than expected and having found some old can lids began throwing them frisbee style at Fabian. The first one managing to clip Fabian at calves and ankles. "Who the hell still has those style garbage cans?" Thought Fabian as he tried to recover his step. Knowing through the next fence break there was the back of a potting shed and on the side a small crack that only people as lithe and as small as him could squeeze through. It would buy him time. He ran through the break, grabbed a string he knew was secured on the other side, turned to see when DeWayne was coming and WHAM! Fabian went flying backwards into the back brick wall of the potting shed. Collapsing to the ground he looked up to see the looming form of DeWayne just behind the fence. He wheezed and coughed all while desperately trying to hold on to the string he had detached from the fence. DeWayne went off on a little self gloating rant like it was some major feat that his seven foot tall body could out run and catch up to Fabian's five foot two one. Eventually he bowed his head under the fences top frame to come through the space and finish Fabian off. Of course he lead with his head and then had to dip and twist to get his tall and broad frame through the small fence gap. One in that first position, bleary-eyed Fabian let go of the string and CLUNK! down came an 8 foot long 2 x 4 onto the back of DeWayne's head. The affect was instant. DeWayne's eyes rolled to the back of his head, his body went slack and down he went, falling more through the gap and forward his head and shoulders landing right at Fabian's groin area. Fabian lurched forward and swore he was going to hurl everything from today's lunch back to last week's breakfast. His vision became filled with black spots as the pain to his groin and testicles overwhelmed him completely. His ragged breathing from the ab smacking and the accidental groin head shot, Fabian pushed at DeWayne and pulled himself as best he could struggling to get his groin and legs out from under the mega-man. As he continued his slow struggle the slow and low sound of drums beating in rhythm began to be heard. The snow underneath the pair of men began to melt away and puddle in this slightly dipped section of the yard. Soon it began to become so warm wisps of steam was rising from the ground and the same thing was happening in the basin of a bird bath to the right of the two fallen men. The chanting then began to be heard loud and clear. " Ke'atutel'luga... Ke'atutel'luga... Ke'atutel'luga... Ke'atutel'luga... Ke'atutel'luga... Ke'atutel'luga” Right at the moment that Fabian managed to break free from the heavy body of the unconscious DeWayne, the tiny solar powered fountain in the birdbath tilted and began to act as if it was a power-hose connected to both a power station and a dam, spraying jets of water on the top of Fabian's head. Fabian attempted to walk, more like stagger, the new few blocks to his home. Racked with pain he could hardly focus and his head being overwhelmed with the sound of the drums and chanting didn't help. He eventually made it home, in twice the amount of time required, still breathing a little heavily, hurting in his stomach, and shaking cold from being wet. Bumbling through the apartment complex door, he poured himself into the elevator and road it up to his floor. It was a bit of work attempting to stand and work the key and lock of the door and he nearly fell in when it opened. Closing the door he stumbled towards the kitchen. He hoped to get a glass of water and maybe some alka-seltzer, something to calm his stomach. That's when it hit him. The chantting and drumming became louder, but Fabian no longer could hear it. The was this odd noise filling his ears like the sound of breaking twigs, and every time he heard it, his body was racked with pain. "Auuuugh!" His left hand shot for the refrigerator handle, while his right reached out for the center island. After steadying himself, he tried to focus, do some deep breathing to calm himself down, but his heart leapt up into his throat. His shoes were becoming tight. The brand new shoes that he bought this afternoon were beginning to become so snug they were cutting off circulation to his feet. He'd hear the sound of snapping twigs and then he'd feel the rip of fabric and leather. He saw his finger tips extend further into the center of the table, he felt the space between the refrigerator handle and its door become smaller. He felt his toes poking through his shoe front, his heel ripping out the back, the sides of his feet causing the shoe sides to roll over and below the sole eventually ripping and separating from the shoe. He began to feel his hand engulfing the refrigerator handle and taking up the whole space between, his knuckles getting pressed into the door....denting the door! Looking down, he saw his feet extend and extend and extend. He screamed to his self in his head "My feet are becoming skis!" He watched as they grew and grew taking over one whole square foot tile and begin to work fully on the next. He was about actually scream and cry out, with tears streaming down his cheeks when his arms, legs, and torso suddenly lurched and stretched after the twig snapping sound. "WuuuuuAAAAAAUUUGH!" Clinging for dear life to the island and the refrigerator he began to notice the fridge top was coming closer to him. "Oh, no.... no... no no no no no no no no no......" He cried in fear and panic as his vision rose up higher and higher until he knew the top of his head matched the top of the fridge. Looking at this he began to become slightly aroused. The refrigerator is like 5' 7" tall. He's grown 5 inches! He's reaching average height! The pain and stretching returned and as Fabian went into automatic denial mode, still spewing no's out of his mouth, he noticed that the top of the fridge was falling away...lower....lower..... The no's faded to silence. He pulled the door open and grabbed a can of soda. It looked so tiny in his hands. Damn near miniscule. He stood there looking, mouth agape, gasping, sputtering, and as he looked back straight ahead he discovered the top of the fridge met him about the height of his chin. He moaned... "Oh, yeeeessssssssss. ... .... ... Oh yes. .... ... ... " It started again. Twig snapping, stretching, fridge top sinking. He felt the cuffs on his sleeves travelling up, further up his arm: to mid forearm, to elbows. He felt the cargo shorts bottom travel from his knees up his thighs. His courier's form fitting, under armor style, unitard, uniform began to stretch and stretch pulling tighter and tighter against his body, pulling his extra fine body hair as it tried to move and travel up Fabian's body like his cargo shorts did. He watched as the top of the fridge eventually became level with his shoulders, like it did with Reid. His groin became warm. His cock inflated a little. He felt the unitard pull tighter and stretch out more from his expanding cock. "Ooooooh yessssssssss." moaned Fabian and he saw the fridge top sink even lower and lower. He felt runs develop in the tight fabric, allowing more air to pass freely to his body. His ankles had snapped the top portion of his shoes that had still desperately tried to cling on. His cargo shorts were binding at the crotch, becoming stretched by his larger, but tight and taut ass. The top of the fridge dropped to his arm pits..... "Ooooh yes... Yes!.... YES!" It shrunk down to his another few inches under the arm pit. His cargo shorts were ripping at the crotch, busting at the waist band, splitting down the seams, while his courier uniform now actually developed true rips and tears in the fabric. And the fridge top went down....down....down.....middle of his abs...... "OOOOh GOD YEAH!" The clothes ripped their last and fell away from Fabian. The top of the refrigerator now only came up to his waist line or maybe down to the belly button. The can in his hand looked the size of a miniature sample cup to him. There was maybe two to three feet left between the top of his head and the ceiling. He felt so good all over... so big...so powerful.... his cock sprung to life and grew and grew and grew to its full length and heft, having kept proportion to his now much larger body. "YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!" He didn't know why he suddenly felt so good about this....but he did. "Fabe? Is that you hollering out here?" Reid came out into the kitchen from his bedroom, wondering what the commotion was all about. Coming through the kitchen door he stopped and froze looking at the giant in front of him. "Oh....my.....gawd....." Reid approached the towering Fabian now. He only came up midway on Fabian's abdominals. Dumstruck, Reid reached out and grabbed the mighty erect schlong quivering and bobbing in front of him. It felt like a baseball bat. Feeling the touch, Fabian looked down and down and down at Reid. Seeing where Reid came up to on him, seeing how his cock looked like the full length of one's of Reid's arms. How Reid's finger might possibly not be able to wrap around it. He saw how his feet were just a few inches shy of covering two floor tiles in the bathroom. "Oh...yes." And suddenly Reid lifted the humongous head of Fabian's cock to his mouth and began to make love to it and suck on it as if there was really going to be no tomorrow. Fabian snapped his head back, placed his feet shoulder width apart, pushing the island counter a bit further to his right, placed his hands on his hips as if in a great super hero pose and moaned loud and deep. "Yessssssssss. YES! YES!" His big bass voice booming across the apartment rattling all the windows, many of the light fixtures, scaring neighbor doors, and causing many folks to bang and tell Reid and Fabian to turn down their t.v. or radio. Reid attempted to reach out and fondle Fabian's balls, but so long was Fabian's cock, that with the head in Reid's mouth, the best that Reid could do was lightly brush them with his fingertips. This only heightened the experience for both men: Reid feeling like he was stroking some small pumpkins with Fabian feeling light, silky, tickling touches on the underside of his scrotum. Several times did Fabian's cock bounce, almost lifting Reid up off the floor. Eventually Fabian pulled his cock away, knocked Reid backwards and around with a swift poke of it into Reid's left shoulder, and then suddenly a pick up by his cock of Reid, thrusting through Reid's legs and underneath his crotch. Reid slid all the way down to the base, his back resting against the hard brick wall abs of Fabian's stomach. With a simple barked order of, "STROKE!", Reid began to take his massive hands and run them up and down the more gargantuan schlong of Fabian. Several times Fabian staggered round the apartment, dancing on curled tip toes as he moaned and groaned to the pleasure Reid was providing him. Eventually Fabian burst through the bathroom door just in time scream in ecstasy, buck his hips as he fell to his knees, his cock swelling that much larger as his melon sized balls pulled in and up into his body and a nearly geyser like gusher of spoo, spooled out of him and shot across the bathroom, hitting the far wall and splattering across the shower wall, the stall, the tub, the curtains, the faucets, everything. Reid turning to look at the sunken Fabian, his mind finally catching up to what has happened to his friend, his lover, he soon joined Fabian in action and shot his biggest load yet to date onto Fabian's abs and chest.
  19. BarbellWriter

    Maciste and the Muscle Demon

    Here’s an old story I pulled from the archives and recently updated I am working on a few ones. Happy to get comments back here or in PMs especially if you want to see more. I write about superheroes, peplum, magic, muscle growth & theft, & superhero fights & destruction. Btw I noticed the apostrophes and quotes changed to another character in the paste I’ll try to fix that next time. Maciste and the Muscle Demon Maciste after much effort disposed of the muscular warriors who were guarding the path to the cave that was the home to the demon. These guards would have been more than a match for any attacking force. Even the powerful Maciste had to struggle against them. They were men from the village who had been transformed into the demonÕs worshippers. Maciste did not harm the men, only knocked them unconscious. The women of the village had called Maciste to save their men from the demon. Several months ago the village miners had unearthed an ancient tomb deep inside the mountain. But it wasnÕt really a tomb. It was a jail for a demon whom the Ancients had encapsulated in stone there when the human race was young. Once released from his confinement, the demon slowly enslaved the men the village. The men abandoned their village, wives and their children, only to serve the sexual desires of the demon. The women had called upon Maciste to come and rescue their men from the enchantment. With the help of an old wizard, Maciste had obtained a magical, silver dagger with which he could kill the demon and vanquish him from the dimension of earth. As he reached the cave, he saw something in the brush next to the entrance. He paused to look. There was the body of a young man, but it was merely skin and bones on a body as if it had been starved of food. His eyes were still open and his hallowed cheeks and mouth frozen open as if he were still screaming. Maciste put his hands over the young manÕs eyes and closed them. ÒDonÕt worry, son, I will avenge you,Ó he said to the body and he entered the cave. Maciste walked slowly and surreptitiously through the cave hugging the stonewall looking for additional guards. At the end of the passageway, he came to the entry of a large hollowed room. There at the far end were torches on either side of a stone throne. In it sat the demon . ÒI know you are there, Maciste. Welcome,Ó he said. ÒCome closer so we can get a good look at each other. His hiding exposed, Maciste walked closer to the demon and came within 20 feet of him. He stared at the demon. The demon had the body of a tall, lean muscular man with broad shoulders and long dark wavy hair that reached his shoulders. His skin was light brown and he wore nothing but a small loincloth that barely covered his large member. ÒYou stare, Maciste. Do you like this human form that I have chosen? It suits my needs. But you are quite an impressive specimen of manhood yourself, Ó said the demon as he admired MacisteÕs larger and leaner muscular physique. The demon was hungry. “Enough of this,Ó Maciste shouted. ÒRelease these men of the village now from your spells, and I will not harm you!” The demon laughed at the demand. ÒI am sure you are quite formidable. But you are going to meet a challenger whom I think you will find most extraordinary. His name is Sarkus.Ó From the shadows off to the side of the stone throne, a blonde, bronzed man stepped into the torchlight. MacisteÕs eyes turned to the foe. He was the same height and build as Maciste, about 6’ 2” with broad bulbous shoulders that tapered to a 32- inch waist and etched abs. But he had about 20 pounds of more muscle than Maciste had on the same frame. Sarkus smiled confidently at Maciste and slowly raised his right arm and flexed. SarkusÕs right bicep rose and rose and rose. His arm peaked at 22 inches, almost two inches bigger than the village womenÕs hero. “Yes, you see Maciste. Sarkus was the strongest and largest warrior in this village until he joined me. And with the gifts I have bestowed on him, he is now the strongest man in the world! Oh, IÕm sorry. DidnÕt that used to be your title?Ó snickered the demon. ÒI have defeated larger opponents in the past,Ó Maciste answered confidently. ÒSarkus will be no different.” “Well then, Sarkus, why donÕt you dethrone Maciste from his title officially?” Sarkus strode toward the hero. Maciste pulled the magic dagger from its sheath in his belt and lunged toward his larger twin. He planned to push Sarkus aside and head toward to the demon himself. But Sarkus was fast for his size and he quickly stopped MacisteÕs advance. He grabbed MacisteÕs left arm that held dagger and then his right. The two muscle giants were locked hand to hand in a contest of pure strength. As each one pressed upon the other and seemed to gain an inch, his opponent pushed back and recovered the lost ground. The struggle went on and on. Sarkus focused his right grip, which was his stronger side, on MacisteÕs left wrist. His hand pressed like a vise attempting to force Maciste to drop the dagger. Maciste resisted but his wrist contained little direct muscular power to resist the powerful vise. Eventually his wrist gave way and the dagger fell from his hand whereupon Sarkus kicked it toward the edge of the darkness of the chamber. With the dropping of the weapon, Maciste was freer to force back SarkusÕs hand and once again the titans were locked in what seemed like an unending test of strength. “Surprised, Maciste?” taunted the demon. “Never felt this kind of power before, have you? I knew when I made SarkusÕs muscles larger, they would with my help become more powerful than yours!” Yes, Maciste was surprised. No man, no matter how large, had been able to match Maciste in power for this long. A small seed of doubt began to grow in MacisteÕs mind, and where there is doubt, there is weakness. In a battle of near equals, doubt can make a difference. As doubt began to swirl in MacisteÕs mind, the endurance of his powerful muscles began to weaken. As Sarkus pushed, Maciste could no longer recover the lost ground. Sarkus noticed this; his confidence grew and with confidence comes more strength into the body. That confidence made Sarkus push even harder than he ever had before, further weakening Maciste and pushing him back further and down. Maciste looked into the burning brown eyes of this opponent who was slowly overpowering him. Then in those eyes he saw the face of SarkusÕs wife calling Maciste to help her. “Sarkus, think of your wife and children,” Maciste said. Sarkus almost seemed to pause. That gave Maciste an opportunity. Using the force that Sarkus was himself applying, Maciste added his own and pulled both himself and Sarkus backwards. As MacisteÕs back hit the floor, he lifted his feet onto the washboard abdomen of his foe and propelled him backward with such a force that Sarkus was body slammed against the cavityÕs stonewall. His foe fell to the floor unconscious. Maciste leaped to his feet and faced the demon who rose from his chair and slowly approached him, clapping. Maciste needed to stall. He needed to find the dagger on the cave floor. His eyes scanned for it while trying to be watchful of the demon. “Very good, Maciste. You have lived up to your reputation.” The demon and the hero circled each other as they spoke. Unknown to Maciste, the demonÕ s breath contained a chemical that acted like a narcotic that weakened a humanÕs will. As he scanned for the dagger, Maciste decided to engage the demon. “Now release these men before itÕs too late,” Maciste threatened. Again the demon laughed. “Did you know, Maciste, that each one of these men joined me willingly? Yes, each one wanted to be manlier and more powerful, for their women, for their place in their village, for their work. So I gave them the strength and the physiques they dreamed about. As each one saw what I had given them, more came to me asking for the same thing! Their own lack of self worth turned them to me.” ”But you enchanted them. They rejected their wives, and left their families to become your slave.” Maciste ‘s tone was no longer angry like previously. He seemed to become calm as the demonÕs breath began to take effect on him. Then he spotted a flicker of light off the silver dagger on the floor. The two continued to circle each other as they talked but Maciste stopped when he reached the spot where he saw the flicker. “Ha! How little you know! These men asked for the physical gifts I gave them. In exchange, I asked for their love. They experienced an ecstasy with me that their wives could never provide them. Once they tasted my pleasure, no women could satisfy them again. From their love, I grew even more powerful.” ”You care nothing of these men, their village or their families,” Maciste said with conviction. His heart rate was slowing. “In fact, I care for and know them quiet well,” answered the demon. “I even know you, Maciste, better than you do. I know your character. Yes, you are good and true but I know what moves you?” “You know nothing about me.” Maciste began to feel lightheaded. His heart was no longer racing. He began to think about his timing. He needed to step back and reach for the dagger and plunge it into the demon but he needed to lull the demon into thinking he was not a threat. The demonÕs breath though was distracting his concentration. “Oh but I do. You see, your conviction, your courage, your confidence, your goodness, your steadfastness comes not from your inner nature. It comes from your strength, your looks and your body. Without them, your nature is just as weak as everyone elseÕs. I can enhance that body for you” Maciste stepped back and his left foot stepped on the blade of the dagger. He was not ready though. His mind was cloudy and relaxed and he listened to the demon further. “Let me show you. Curl your right arm for me and show me that beautiful manliness of your arm.” Now was the time for Maciste to reach for the dagger but he was confused and susceptible. He secretly enjoyed showing off his physique to the women he slept with and he wanted to show it off now. He did as the demon suggested and raise his arm showing off his 20 inch peaked tan bicep. “Yes, look at it Maciste.”Maciste stared at it. “Oh , it is so beautiful,” said the demon. “Now squeeze it a little harder and watch it!” As Maciste flexed more, he watched his bicep began to grow larger and larger till it was 23 inches. MacisteÕs eyes opened wide. “Yes, I have made it even more beautiful. Now kiss it.” Maciste continued to stare at his right gun and the veins and striations that ran across it. Never had it been that pumped. The demon gently touched the back of MacisteÕs head, pushing his face toward his bicep until MacisteÕs lips reached it and then hesitantly kissed it. “Yes, itÕs beautiful, isnÕt it?” the demon repeated. “Join me, Maciste, love me, and that bicep will be yours forever.” Maciste pondered those words as he continued to stare at his incredible masculine arm. Then from the place where Sarkus was lying, came a moan as Sarkus began to wake up, pressing himself off the floor with his inverted V triceps. Maciste turned his head toward Sarkus. That distraction was enough to break the mesmerizing moment for Maciste. He pushed the demon back and shouted “No. Never!” The demon was surprised but not alarmed. He stepped further back from his prey. “So Maciste. You have chosen. But as I said, who you are comes from that physique of yours. Without it, you are no hero, no moral guardian. You are no better nor more valorous than others, may be even weaker than most.” Maciste stood watching the demon as he spoke. His mind was so dazed, he did not know what to do though the dagger lay at his feet. “Where shall we start? LetÕs start with those arms of yours. Every man notices first another manÕs arm muscles. What if those arms suddenly shrunk and turned to flab?Ó Maciste looked at his right arm. Gone were the leanness, the veins, the bulbous delts, the defined biceps and triceps. Replaced with a mound of flab, straight and smooth and hanging off his arm. “No,” shouted Maciste. By now, Sarkus was standing behind the demon watching MacisteÕs transformation. “And how about those powerful legs of yours that propelled my Sarkus?” As the demon spoke, MacisteÕs defined muscular quads and calves muscles shrunk to bone and flab. “My legs!” He shouted as the demon laughed. ”Let’s turn that six pack into a bowl of jelly.” Our hero’s incredible abdominal armor flattened and disappeared into a small belly of fat. ”No, stop!” He reached and touched his now soft, cushiony stomach. ”And of course, those rounded striated pecs of yours.” His impressive domed pecs deflated and drooped. His once taunt nipples puffed out. His chest looked like old man bitch tits in need of a bra. “No, my chest! My power! My strength! What have you done to me! Give it back to me! Give it back!” he shouted. Maciste fell to his knees and he placed his hands on his now hanging man boobs. Whereas before he had felt his strong hard pec muscles, now he felt only softness like a womanÕs breast. That feeling was too much for him. “So Maciste, where is that confidence? Where is that goodness of yours? Where is that bravery?” The demon laughed. Sarkus smiled. Maciste then felt the dagger at his ankle. He reached down and grabbed it. He quickly jumped up and pointed the dagger at the demon, staring him in the eyes. “Stop, Maciste. If you strike me with that dagger, your present form will become permanent. You will never become the man you were.” Suddenly Maciste froze. Could the demonÕs words be true? Could he kill the demon but be trapped without his strength, power and physique? He had to kill him. He had to save the others. He must do it. He looked down at his fatty chest and his bulging belly. Maciste let go of the knife and it fell to the floor with a clang. He dropped his head to his chest and whispered, I will do what you want so long as you change me back.” The demon laughed. He picked up the dagger and handed it to Sarkus and said, “Destroy it..” Sarkus took the dagger into his hands and began to bend it, breaking it in two. The demon walked around Maciste as he spoke to him. “So our hero wasnÕt really the hero was he? Yes, it was easy before, wasnÕt it, Maciste? You were stronger than everyone, you were more powerful than everyone, you were handsome, you had that physique of yours that every man was jealous of and every woman loved. It was easy to be brave! It was easy to be righteous! It was easy to sacrifice and do the right thing! Because you never had to sacrifice, did you? But now with all that gone, itÕs hard, isnÕt it? In fact, for you, it was too hard. You couldnÕt do it without your power, your strength, your beauty. You were in fact all this time, weak inside. Weak where it counted. Not so wonderful and godlike as everyone thought!” Maciste head was bowed. His wide but now smoothed shoulders slumped forward. He realized all the demon said was true. It was easy for him to be good when he was so powerful. He could never fail. Tears began to well in his eyes. “I’ve agreed to do as you wish, now change me back,” whispered the broken former muscleman. “Give me back my strength,” he hesitated, “please..” ”Go into that room over there and sit on the floor,” said the demon pointing at an opening at the far end of the chamber. “Wait for me there!” he ordered. Two other muscular henchmen escorted Maciste out the large chamber. The demon turned toward the room and Sarkus grabbed his sinewy arm. “ Master,” he said, “please give him to me. Let me have him.” “No,” he replied, grabbing SarkusÕs arm and quickly removing it from his. “His power and strength are enormous. Unlike any I have felt before. I must have it for myself. I do not have much time. I found a weakness in his mind and my little transformation trick will not last long. I must move quickly before he realizes he lost his size but not his great strength.” Maciste entered the room and sat down on the black bear skin rug that covered the stone floor. As he sat, he looked down at his chest. There hung two sacks of fat looking like udders where his massive tight rounded pecs once were. He began to weep. He thought as soon as his strength was restored, he would crush the demonÕs head with it. But he needed to cooperate with the demon for his plan to work. The demon entered the small room alone and stood in front of the weeping Maciste.”So Maciste, do you miss your power? Do you miss your muscles?” “Yes, “ the once confident hero whimpered. “I want them back. I need them. What do you want from me?” ”If I give them back, will you promise to keave this area and never come back?” ”Yes, I will do as you wish,” said the defeated hero. “ I will restore them then But during the spell you must give yourself utterly to me. With all your will and with all your heart. ” I donÕt know if I can,” he said. “You must if you want the magic to change you back. Or do you prefer a chest like this?” And the demon took his hands and lifted each sagging pecs of Maciste and let them fall back onto the warriorÕs chest. Maciste wiped the tears from his face. He knew he had no choice. “.I'll try as you wish.” And his chin sunk lower onto this chest, hoping his moment for revenge would come soon. ”First, you must drink.” The demon knelt in front of the hero and began to massage his own powerful left pec. Maciste raised his head and watched. As the demon pressed into the pec, the pec began to swell. It quickly became bloated and the nipple, once tight, was now puffy. The demon lifted the tumescent chest muscle with his left hand, leaned toward Maciste and with his right hand behind the heroÕs head brought MacisteÕs mouth to the demonÕs nipple and said, “Now drink this milk from me.” Reluctantly, Maciste began to suck as commanded. The milk was both sweet and sour, neither foul nor refreshing. The demonÕs head and eyes looked toward the ceiling as he enjoyed the heroÕs mouth on his areola. Maciste drank until the pec was no longer inflated and had returned to its original shape. ”Now onto your hands and knees, Maciste,”ordered the demon. The warrior complied. Maciste looked down and saw his pecs hanging off his chest with his nipples pointing to the rug like small udders. His pecs no longer grew like cliffs from his sternum. More tears flowed into his eyes. “I must do this,” he angrily said to himself. “I must get my body back and then I will take care of this demon.” Though he was angry, he began to feel a sense of calm, not realizing the DemonÕs pec milk was having a soothing effect on him. The demon ripped MacisteÕs loincloth from him and the warrior was now totally naked. The demon knelt beside MacisteÕs torso and rubbed his hands together. As he rubbed, his pores began to open up and secreted a special whitish oil. The demon began to massage the oil into the warriorÕs smooth back and shoulders. As the demon rubbed, the warriorÕs delts, lats, traps and rhomboids began to grow and reappear. The oil and the rubbing created a warming sensation in Maciste. As the demon rubbed, the warming sensation had a further soothing effect on the warrior. His mind began to feel at ease and adrift either from the warmth or the demon milk or both. Maciste did not know which, but more important, he did not care. He tried to stay angry but began to yearn for the stress relief it provided. That comfort gradually led to feelings of pleasure. He began to enjoy the massage the demon was giving him. The demon extended the massage to the heroÕs sagging glutes. The fattiness of his glutes began to melt away and was replaced with hard firming muscle. He could feel his back and glute muscles growing and tightening. “Yes,” he said to himself, “ My power will be back soon, and I will slay this devil.” Soon his buttocks were muscular and round like they were before. Maciste knew his strength must be returning. These feelings of warmth, pleasure and strength began to spread down his legs and to his arms and chest from his back and butt. More skin and fat retreated across his body, and he could see his chest filling again with muscle. A battle of anger against the demon and the pleasurable feelings battled in his mind and his thoughts flowed back and forth between the two. “How are you feeling, Maciste. Do you want more muscle back?”asked the demon. “Yes,yes” he said, “more.” The demon began to massage the warriorÕs legs and arms and to work the palm secretions into the warriorÕs butt hole. This was a sensation the strongman had never felt before for no man had entered there. A corner of his mind resisted but other parts said no, he must allow it to regain his strength and get his revenge. By now, MacisteÕs mind was entering a daze. All he felt was pleasure. His anger faded even more into a mental whisper. He could see and feel his muscles returning. He lifted his hand off the floor to touch his right pec to feel the hardness and his pec cliffs returning. He thought it was almost time to turn on the demon, but the pleasure was so overwhelming and calming. He paused and thought he must wait till he knew his strength was fully restored. Besides surely the pleasure would subside by then. His member began to swell. “Now, Maciste, it is time to complete your transformation back,” smiled the demon. The demon removed his own loincloth to reveal an organ unlike any human maleÕs. It was long, covered with large pores with smooth but hard edges that encircled the shaft. The demon began to rub it and it swelled to over 12 inches quickly. A black gel began to ooze from the pores on the head and sides once it stiffened. The demon inserted his organ into the dazed strongman. Maciste winced and cried, “Agggh” for nothing had entered butt hole before. There was pain but the gel though smoothed that away. As the demon began to pump the strongman , the secretions eased the rubbing and surged into MacisteÕs body. Volumes and volumes were released with each breeding thrust so much so that Maciste muscled belly began to distend like a time lapsed pregnancy. The black ooze travelled everywhere, to every muscle and to his brain. With each thrust, the demonÕs member vibrated, flooding new sensations into the warriorÕs mind. MacisteÕs member quickly engorged and grew stiff. “Now say it, Maciste, say ‘I am yours, master,’” said the demon. “Agree to give yourself to me.” Even with the pleasure overflowing his mind, Maciste hesitated. The hero though then looked at his arms and as the demon pumped. He admired his muscular beauty. His muscle and vascularity had returned. His member was now taller and tighter than it had ever been. A small voice in his head said he must turn and attack now. “Now say it, Maciste. Say ‘I am yours, master,’” ordered the demon as the pounding sent waves of euphoria through MacisteÕs brain and further filling the heroÕs enlarged belly with more magical ooze. “I, I” Maciste repeated, but his mind was full of conflicting voices and still resisted. The secretions from the demon were transforming not only his body but his mind as well. His anger was gone and his warriorÕs will was weakening. “Now say it. Feel the hardness of your muscles, Maciste. You know you want them. Say you are mine. Otherwise your strength will be lost forever and you will lose the physique that I have returned to you. SAY IT!” His anger growing with impatience. “This is taking too long,” thought the demon. As the thrusts continued, the highs and lows of the euphoria leveled out. Maciste entered a dream state of bliss. He hardly noticed the thrusting anymore and could barely hear the demonÕs voice which sounded faint and muffled in the new state his mind was in. He lifted his left arm and moved his hand across his chest crevice resting it on his right pec. He looked down at it. It felt hard and it showed striations as he flexed it. Touching his hard muscle magnified the pleasure feelings even more. His finger grazed his right nipple and a spike of orgasm flooded his brain. His member began to ache for release. “Do you want your muscles or not?” shouted the demon as he pressed faster and harder into the restored muscleman. “SAY it!” the demon shouted again. Maciste looked again at his restored chest keeping his hand pressing against his hard muscle. Inside his brain, a faint voice called to what remained of his willpower, “Turn now and strike him” a faint voice whispered in his head. As he began to turn his torso and arm toward the demon, his voice whispered “I am yours, master.” Maciste then climaxed with such force that he was close to fainting. His seed shot copiously onto the rug. “Yes!” shouted the demon as he looked toward the caveÕs ceiling in victory. “Give me your power!” he called out hitting his fists on his chest as he continued to breed the muscleman whose belly was so distended full of the demon’s black cum. The demon then climaxed. The spell was now complete. Just then MacisteÕs body began to shutter. Every muscle that had been restored quivered. The body of the demon also began to quiver. Then it was if a vacuum had started inside the warriorÕs body. His muscles began to shrink and shrink. Meanwhile the demonÕs physique began to grow and grow. Larger and ever more muscular, and the demon shouted “Yes, yes, give me all of it!” As the demon withdrew from the hero. MacisteÕs body collapsed face forward onto the floor. There lay a tall, broad shouldered man of only skin and bones like the desiccated male body the hero had found outside the caveÕs entrance. All his muscle stripped from him. The demon raised his arms in a double bicep pose and stared at them. They were larger than ever before! Larger than any man had ever seen. Full of strength and might. Now the power of Maciste had become his.
  20. Philosopher

    To Renounce Nature (Part 2)

    Okay, I'm actually going to continue writing this story, I think I have enough inspiration woo! I changed some stuff from Part 1, so I'm re-uploading it. Part 2 is coming soon Also this story may have some previous elements from my previous series (Beware the Uncorrupted), so if you want to fully understand everything, you can give it a go (though you don't have to in order to enjoy this new series PART 1 The rain relentlessly pelted the forest floor, transforming it into a muddy quagmire. Rivulets of dirty water snaked their way toward the two figures, complicating their task. Above them, the rumbling clouds heralded an approaching thunderstorm of monumental proportions. Though lightning had yet to strike, an air of impending doom hung heavy in the atmosphere. The two men, their faces obscured by hoods, toiled in silence, their shovels biting into the sodden ground. The larger man's progress was far more efficient than his companion's, as he focused on the task at hand. One of the men grunted, barely audible over the sounds of their shovels. "Are we going to talk about it?" The larger man sighed, his concentration unbroken. "There is nothing to say. Just focus on the job. We don't have much time left," he replied, checking his wrist to confirm the dwindling minutes. The first man groaned in protest but begrudgingly picked up the pace. "I know we need to finish before midnight, but couldn't we have chosen an easier location? The university stadium would have been perfect, especially since it's not football season," he complained. The larger man ignored the complaint, his focus unwavering. He shouldered the weight of the bag they had brought and approached the hole they had dug. The putrid odor wafted from the bag, but the first man's question fell on deaf ears. Silence greeted him, and he pondered the mystery alone. "Right, this is beyond nasty." With a forceful grunt, the larger man dropped the bag into the hole, splashing dirty water over the edges. He grabbed the shovel and began burying the contents beneath a layer of dirt. Midnight approached, and he desired to complete the task swiftly. The first man fell silent, contemplating the weight of his thoughts. Slowly, he approached his companion, clutching an object he had picked up from the ground. Without uttering a word, he dropped the charred remains of a human arm into the pit. The limb, burned to the likeness of coal, blended seamlessly with the mud. The larger man glanced at him, a look of acknowledgment passing between them. "That was a close call, Oliver," he whispered, resuming his shoveling. "Come on, I don't want to be late for my date tonight." Oliver remained silent, his actions conveying the weight of his thoughts. He had taken on the responsibility of disposing the grotesque evidence, fully aware of the consequences should anyone discover what they had hidden in the forest. *** A blinding bolt of lightning sliced across the sky, illuminating the room with a brief, intense flash. Sunny awoke, drenched in a cold sweat, his heart pounding in his chest. Nightmares haunted his slumber, and this one felt all too real. Gasping for breath, he glanced around the room as it flickered to life, momentarily brightened by the sudden surge of light. "Sunny?! Are you okay?" Felix, his roommate, rushed to their side, concern etched on his face. He had grown accustomed to these midnight awakenings, a testament to his patience and understanding. Sunny tried to steady his breathing, attempting to dismiss the remnants of the dream that clung to his thoughts. "I'm fine now. Gosh, you must be tired of me waking you up like this every other week," he whispered, a sheepish smile forming on his lips. Felix, ever the companion, dismissed his self-deprecating remark. "Don't worry about it. What did you see this time?" he inquired, perching himself on the floor before him, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. His cheeks flushed slightly, though he hoped the dim lighting concealed his embarrassment. Felix possessed a certain attractiveness—a blend of cuteness and charm that consistently drew others to him. Sunny admired him from afar but didn't dare share his feelings, as was usual with his many previous crushes. "I can't quite recall the details of the nightmare. I think I was drowning, but not in water," he struggled to grasp at fading fragments, the dreams dissipating like mist. "Yeesh, talk about nightmare fuel," Felix remarked, a mischievous glimmer in his eyes. Sunny rolled their eyes, dismissing his pun. "Anyway, I'm going back to bed. Big day tomorrow! The boys and I are heading to a local bar. We found a guy who makes excellent fake IDs, and I can get you one if you want to join us," he offered, slipping back into bed as sleep swiftly claimed him. "Aren't your parents, like, some of the original founders of the university? I'm sure you can afford to come out for a night of fun," he mumbled, drifting into the realm of dreams. Sunny chose not to respond to his assumptions. Instead, he focused on finding his way back to sleep, knowing that the nightmares would likely grant him respite for at least another week. *** In comparison to the intellectual prodigies who populated the university, Belmont University, Sunny hardly stood out as the most studious individual. Nestled amidst an ancient and sacred forest, Belmont University fostered future innovators, influencers, and academics of unparalleled success. Its hallowed halls had witnessed the rise of influential figures, even boasting a former president among its alumni. With an acceptance rate of a mere 0.5%, admission to Belmont proved a grueling endeavor, involving multiple rounds of interviews and extensive essays. There were two paths to traverse this arduous process: tireless dedication to academic pursuits or a legacy connection. Sunny fell into the latter category, a fact that Felix, albeait unconsciously, never hesitated to remind him of. Though he didn't utter his thoughts with malicious intent, his demeanor sometimes suggested he viewed Sunny as undeserving of the opportunities that fell into his lap. Perhaps undestandably so, as while he had fought tooth and nail to secure his place in this prestigious institution, Sunny had his parents to pave the way. Sunny loathed discussing his family, as his father and mother resembled ancient beasts demanding perfection from their offspring, particularly from Sunny. Echoes of his mother's piercing screams and the fear his father's wrath invoked haunted every shared space of this university. To Felix, Sunny was merely a fortunate heir, shielded from the struggles he faced. Sunny may not have agreed with his opinions, but he had learned to dismiss them, as long as Felix left him to his own devices. Now, on a path leading deeper into campus, Belmont Library—a modern marvel of titanium, glass, and stone—loomed before him. Crafted by a renowned alumnus architect, the library resembled a monolithic structure, housing a myriad of books that spanned subjects from quantum physics to the intricacies of mummification. Despite vehement protests against its construction within the ancient forest, the library had emerged five years prior. Sunny couldn't help but feel a strange sense of embarassment whenever he laid eyes upon it, knowing that his family's generous contribution had aided in its realization. Furthermore, his father's "donations" had undoubtedly played a part in securing Sunny's admission to Belmont, an advantage Felix often called attention to. Come to think of it, Felix could sometimes be a bit of an ass, but Sunny's brain cared more about seeing his roommate half-naked most of the time. Passing through the titanium-encrusted doors, a rush of cold air greeted him, causing his blond locks to fall into his eyes. The length of his hair exceeded his comfort level, but his mother insisted on its growth, convinced it added a touch of uniqueness to their appearance. He couldn't fully grasp her reasoning, but he also knew the consequences of defying her desires. Seeking a quick remedy, he hurried to the nearest restroom, determined to tame the unruly strands. "Watch where you're going!" a girl's voice exclaimed as Sunny navigated the bustling corridors. He turned their attention to the source of the outburst—a young woman struggling to maintain balance while juggling a tower of books. "Damn neophytes, always messing up my research," she grumbled under her breath, annoyance etching her features. Apologizing sheepishly, Sunny maneuvered past her, eager to reach the bathroom. Belmont attracted a diverse array of individuals, many of whom fell into the realms of geekery or outcast status. The girl's peculiar manner of speech and almost Victorian mannerisms only solidified her place within this eclectic community. Inside the bathroom, the sterile white tiles did little to hide the exhaustion etched on Sunny's face. The persistent nightmares had taken their toll, and the sleepless nights left him with perpetually tired eyes. Splashing water onto his face, he attempted to salvage some semblance of presentability. Though not conventionally attractive, he liked to think he possessed a certain charm—bright blond hair framing his blue eyes and dimples gracing their cheeks. His nose felt too prominent, but a smile could easily distract from its flaws. Years of enduring braces had resulted in decent lips and teeth, at least. Yet, despite his best efforts, the dark circles under his eyes stubbornly remained, a stark testament to his restless nights. Admitting defeat, he abandoned the quest for perfection, opting instead to fix his hair into a messy bun that somewhat tamed the wild strands. Lost in his thoughts, Sunny failed to notice the entrance of another individual into the restroom. Only when he heard slow, deliberate footsteps approaching did he redirect his gaze, curiosity getting the better of him. And then, time seemed to freeze. The man before them stood tall, towering over Sunny's own height. Clad in a plain denim jacket, he exuded an air of dominance, if that made sense. When he spoke, his voice carried a deep resonance that resonated within him, soft and yet tinged with a hint of danger. "Water isn't going to fix your hair, mate," he remarked, his eyes locked with theirs. Sunny froze, his hand instinctively reaching for the hair tie that held their half-formed bun. Meeting the guy's gaze, Sunny felt a mixture of dread and inexplicable, infuriating stillness. His mind urged him to retreat, but before he could react, words tumbled out of Sunny's mouth. "Excuse you? Who the hell asked for your opinion, idiot?" he retorted, his voice laced with a defiance he didn't know he possessed. And then, realization washed over him, followed by a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. Oh no. It was Trevor Willis. The Trevor Willis—infamous for "The Incident." A figure both feared and revered on campus, Trevor possessed an unruly nature that defied control. Smart, strong, and in desperate need of anger management counselling, he was a tornado that neither the faculty nor the coaches simply could control and guide. He was banned from almost every school extracurricular due to his violent behaviors, but rumors said that the football coach begged the Dean himself to not expel him and to let him in the football team, as he was “the best quarterback he had ever seen in his life”. It was true, to some extent. Trevor was a big dude. Six and a half feet of pure brawn, he had trampled countless football players in his earlier high school days, with injuries ranging from hideous bruises to broken arms. The worst part of the whole package was that he thrived being the bigger guy in almost every circumstance. He would use his size to either intimidate you, if you were a guy, or submit to him, if you were a girl, with a near guaranteed success rate. If you were not intimidated by his sheer size, then he would simply flex his muscles, making them nearly pop out of his clothes, and that would usually seal the deal. Everyone was either amazed or terrified of him, and both worked if he wanted something out of you. In other words, Sunny was fucked. “Who the FUCK did you just call an idiot?” he suddenly closed to him and grabbed his t-shirt, before ramming him to the wall. Sunny was not small by any means, having been a decent runner and putting some lean muslce on his 5'11 frame over the course of high-school. He definitely wasn’t muscular, but toned, which worked for him. Apparently, it didn’t for Trevor. “Fucking useless preppy scum. I would beat your worthless ass if I didn’t have to deal with more important things,” he seethed as Sunny felt bits of saliva hit his face. His brain quickly went into fight or flight mode. Sunny subconsciously knew that Trevor would beat him in a pulp if he dared to land the first punch, so instead he cowered away, choosing to say nothing. His eyes tried not to follow the lines of his angular jaw, the curve of his cheekbones, the shape of his plump lips. He fucking hated his brain. Trevor too, had stopped for a second, seemingly observing him. Perhaps he was considering whether he would send him to the local clinic or not. He must have decided otherwise, as another incident in his file would surely be the drop that broke the Deans’ back. “Grow a damn pair and stay in your lane, got it?” Trevor growled as he released Sunny, making him fall down and slide down the bathroom marble. As soon as he left the bathroom, the adrenaline coursing Sunny's veins left too, and he felt tears well in his eyes. He clenched his fists so hard that he saw them turn white. Sunny hated him. He hated all of this. Painful self-flagellation consumed him as he berated himself for his own cowardice, his own lack of strength. "Idiot, idiot, IDIOT!" he shouted at his reflection, slapping his cheeks in a desperate attempt to regain control. Suddenly, a loud crash shattered the bathroom's silence, drawing his attention to a shattered mirror. Fragments of glass cascaded into the sink, reflecting the flickering fluorescent lights above. What? They searched for the culprit, for the one responsible for the shattered mirror, but the bathroom remained devoid of any presence. Only the hum of the lights reached their ears. And still, the shards continued to fall. With a jolt, Sunny fled the bathroom, eager to escape the disorienting scene. Tears no longer stained his face, but the soreness in his cheeks lingered, a reminder of his own inadequacy. To his surprise, a girl stood just outside the bathroom, her arms laden with books. Braces adorned her grin, and she greeted Sunny with a knowing smile. "There you are," she said, her voice tinged with a mischievous tone as Sunny attempted to sidestep her. Yet, as their shoulders brushed, a surge of vertigo swept over Sunny, as if his very being was somehow unraveling. The world spun, its rotations halting abruptly, leaving him reeling. Silence enveloped him, and he fought against the dizziness, striving to remain motionless. Recalling fragments of first aid classes from high school, Sunny knew that movement was ill-advised for a potential stroke victim. Desperate, he hoped someone nearby would notice his distress and offer assistance before it was too late. "You're in luck, neophyte. If you weren't legacy, I'm not sure you would make it into our secret little club," the girl appeared beside them, her robes whispering against the rough surface of the cave they now occupied. Confusion clouded his mind as he tried to comprehend his surroundings. Dim torchlight flickered, revealing jagged stone walls that stretched into an abyss. The scent of dampness permeated the air, as if Sunny had descended into the depths of the earth. The girl's thick-lensed glasses obscured her face, her forced smile hinting at hidden intentions. “H-help me please,” Sunny begged her. “I need to go to a hospital. C-can you call 911?” he trembled, his voice breaking from the sheer stress he was experiencing. “Jeez, neophyte. It was a simple translocation spell. I didn’t vaporize you out of existence or anything,” the girl responded, now sounding oddly amused. “Though now that you mention it, I could catch up to some disintegration stuff. Offensives are really fun to use,” her voice somehow dropped an octave, and Sunny confirmed that indeed, he was experiencing severe auditory hallucinations. Behind her, a taller figure materialized, his presence commanding attention. "Melissa, please refrain from bullying our newest candidate, or I'll assign you cleaning duty once more," he chided, causing the girl—Melissa—to scuttle away. "Of course, sir. My apologies, Sunny. I was merely testing your mettle. I wanted to ascertain your worth," Melissa offered, her robes trailing behind her as she retreated. Left alone with the masked man, Sunny watched as he sighed and snapped his fingers. Sunny's mind struggled to comprehend the strange events unfolding before him. Melissa simply vanished from his field of vision, leaving him bewildered and nauseous. A sense of unease settled deep within him as he stared into the darkness of the cave, his stomach churning with a mixture of fear and confusion. In front of him now stood the man, clad in formal clothes, like he was interviewing someone in a company. His face was concealed behind a plain mask made of golden material, his eyes the only visible feature, glowing even in the dim light. A surge of questions flooded Sunny's mind, and his trembling voice gave way to his mounting apprehension. "Am I dying? What the fuck is going on?" he managed to utter, his words faltering as he struggled to breathe. The masked man's laughter echoed through the cave, an unexpectedly soothing sound that calmed Sunny's racing heart. It seemed to reassure him, as if assuring him that he was not in immediate danger. "It isn't your time yet, Sunny," the man's voice resonated with warmth and amusement. "I simply used the same spell Melissa used on you, translocating our lovely pupil from the initiation cave to the temple. She can be quite overwhelming for new recruits, and I thought it best to discuss matters privately." Sunny couldn't help but chuckle, his skepticism reemerging in the face of what he perceived as an elaborate prank. He stepped closer to the masked man, a mischievous grin playing on his lips. If this was a trick, he was determined to expose it. "Right! Next, you're going to tell me that you're a wizard and that this is my invitation to join your magical school to fight against dark lords," he exclaimed, his voice laced with sarcasm. As he reached out to grab the golden mask, he expected it to come off easily, revealing the face of a fellow prankster. To his astonishment, the man dissipated into smoke, leaving Sunny grasping at thin air. He stared at his own empty hands, the particles of gray gas dissipating around him. Confusion clouded his mind as he attempted to rationalize the inexplicable. Suddenly, a firm hand gripped Sunny's shoulder, its presence both terrifying and commanding. A voice, calm yet seething with restrained fury, resounded from behind him. "Now, now. Let's make two things clear," it intoned. The grip tightened, digging into Sunny's skin, and a surge of pain shot through him. "Firstly, I am only gentle with you because you have only just begun to fathom the powers at play here." The masked man's words reached Sunny's ears, but they seemed distant, muffled by an unseen force. He struggled to maintain his focus as the weight of his situation bore down upon him. "Secondly," the voice continued, its tone fraught with a combination of menace and dark intrigue, "I really didn't want another pupil for my Institute. We are over-subscribed as it is. Consider this a favor I am returning to your... guarantor." With a snap of the man's fingers, Sunny found himself collapsing to the ground, his body rendered completely paralyzed. The words that followed seemed to echo from afar, their meaning veiled by a haze of disorientation. "Soon, you will understand just how fortunate you are, Sunny. It's time to show you just how lucky you are for being a legacy, and the access you have to reality-altering powers... if you allow us to guide you." A peculiar sensation overwhelmed Sunny, causing him to lose consciousness. The masked man's laughter reverberated through his fading awareness, the promise of an intriguing yet uncertain fate lingering in the air. "Yes, dear Sunny," the man's laughter echoed ominously. "It's time for us to renounce your nature."
  21. RealIn2Growth

    Merry Massmas - Part Four (22-12-22)

    Hope you enjoy the fun Christmas story I've been working on. Merry Massmas Chapter One Daniel Lorca was mopping the front lobby of the gym at 2pm on Christmas Eve when the older man walked in. “We’re closing at 4pm today. That gives you about two hours. That enough time for you to train?” Daniel looked up from what he was doing. As soon as he saw the older man, he knew he had never seen him before because he would definitely would have remembered the body, if not the face. For a guy who was probably in his late 50’s or early 60’s, he had a killer body on him. Of course, since the popularity of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, lots of older guys had great bodies, but none could hold a candle to his guy. Daniel himself was envious of the guy’s bulging pecs, his broad shoulders, his wide lats, and the bulging biceps on display under the tight red compression shirt he was wearing. “Guess it’ll have to be. Won’t it? Can I purchase a day pass?” The guy smiled a perfect smile at Daniel and had a gleeful look in his eye. No, Daniel had never seen him before, but if he had, he definitely would have wanted to see more of him. Upon closer inspection, the guy’s hair and beard might be a mix of silver and white, but his skin and ice blue eyes were timeless. He was one of those individuals who could either be 30 or 300. He was taller than Daniel, around 6 foot 3, with a wide bright smile and and sharp chiselled cheekbones. “Don’t worry about it. My treat. Merry Christmas. If you need longer, just tell me. I’m in no rush. Might train myself again after we close.” Daniel walked over to the counter and grabbed a sheet of paper. “Just need you to fill this out for liability.” The ‘Old Man’ put down his leather gym bag, picked up a pen in his muscular hands, and began to fill out the form. “Not going out tonight?” “Nah. Probably just chill and watch A Christmas Story.” “Great film. Sexy guy like you shouldn’t be watching it alone.” “Thanks. But… yeah. Alone this Christmas.” “What happened to Tristan?” The ‘Old Man’ put the pen down and looked caringly into Daniel’s eyes. “Trist? We… broke up. Three months ago. Said dating a Gym-Rat was cute at 20 but pathetic at 30. He was looking for a ‘Big Man’ who could match him financially. It’s for the best. Honestly. We’d both changed…” “Sounds like it. What about your friends?” “All off visiting family. Damn I sound pathetic!! Daniel laughed and made a valent attempt to change the topic. He hated talking about himself let alone his failed relationship. “What brings you to town?” “Here on business.” The ‘Old Man’ locked eyes with Daniel. His blue eyes were piercing, and Daniel found himself getting hard just from the gaze. “Over the holidays? Damn. Rough.” All Daniel could imagine was the ‘Old Man’ bending him over the bench press and fucking the life out of him. “I’m used to it. Makes for a good change. I work from home most of the time.” Both men stared at each other until the ‘Old Man’ broke the silence. “Do you… want to show me where the locker room is?” The ‘Old Man’ smiled a warm happy smile. “Of course! Sorry.” Daniel walked through the multitude of machines to the stone and silver locker room. The ‘Old Man’ followed close behind Daniel, his large warm body magnetically close to him. “Pretty quiet here today.” “Yeah. Most people worked out this morning. That’s why we’re shutting early. The lockers are right here… and the showers are back there.” The two men stared at each other again. When the ‘Old Man’ breathed in, Daniel could see his shirt straining to hold in his substantial pecs’ “Thanks, Dan. I can take it from here.” The ‘Old Man’ smiled broadly at Daniel. No one had called him ‘Dan’ since his father died four years ago. His father had been a tall and muscular mechanic whose name was also Dan and the name fit his masculine nature. Even when Daniel got in shape and packed on some muscle mass, he never felt like a Dan… only a Daniel. “Oh. Right. Of course. Let me know if you need anything.” “Will do.” Daniel returned to the lobby and resumed mopping the floor. Occasionally, he’d catch a glimpse of the ‘Old Man’ working out. He lifts were insane, and never once did he ask Daniel to spot him, no matter how heavy he went. The only time he came over and spoke to Daniel was in the middle of his bench press when he asked for a bottle of water because he had forgotten his refillable one. The ‘Old Man had taken his shirt off and was mopping his brow with it. His chest was exactly as Daniel thought it would be: Meaty, thick, with a nice coating of slier hair that cascaded over his pecs and over his mountainous abs. Standing close to the ‘Old Man,’ Daniel could feel himself begin to get aroused simply from the powerful aroma he was giving off. The ‘Old Man’ smelled of rich and potent spices. Daniel tried to put his finger on what he smelled like, but all he could come up with was a mix of cinnamon, gingerbread, and leather. Daniel gave him the bottle of water, on the house, and watched him bench for a few minutes before he went back to finishing his closing duties. He had barely realized the time had flown by until the ‘Old Man’ walked up to the counter. He had showered and changed and was wearing a red hoodie over an extremely tight white t-shirt that threatened to split every time he moved. Daniel hadn’t realized how thick and full the ‘Old Man’s’ beard was or how ice blue his eyes were either. His eyes seemed to dance and glow, and when the ‘Old Man’ glanced at you… you felt like he was seeing and caring about only you. Leaning over the counter, his face extremely close to Daniel’s, a cool artic blast of peppermint radiated from his mouth and into Daniel’s nose. “Thanks for helping an old guy out. All the cookies at Christmas aren’t great for my waist.” “Tell me about it. I’ve been trying to be good all month.” “I know you have. Good all year. Very good.” The ‘Old Man’s’ face was inches away from his. His lips were red, and his cheeks flushed from working out. Barely above a whisper he said: “Any other day, I’d be riding that tight as of yours all night… but tonight… just not possible.” The ‘Old Man’ grabbed the back of Daniel’s head, and their lips met. The ‘Old Man’ was a powerful kisser, and Daniel thought he would cum just from feeling his strong and probing tongue toy with his own. Moments later, the ‘Old Man’ let go of Daniel and pulled away. “Fuck it. What happens down here stays down here.” The ‘Old Man’ came around the counter, and moments later the two men were locked in each other’s arms, holding each other tight, and making out. The ‘Old Man’s’ large hand massages Daniel’s cock through his pants as Daniel massaged his thick pecs. Both knew that they didn’t have much time. Daniel watched the ‘Old Man’ undo his black leather belt and let his jeans fall to the floor. Daniel fell to his knees and began to lick the ‘Old Man’s thick cock through the red fabric of his jockstrap. Just as Daniel would have expected, the ‘Old Man’s’ basket was very full with a fat cock and two large balls. Daniel’s hands shook a little as he raised them to the ‘Old Man’s’ waist and pulled the tight jockstrap down, releasing his treasure. The ‘Old Man’s’ cock quickly grew hard, and soon Daniel was face to face with a beautiful uncircumcised 9 incher that he eagerly took into his mouth. The ’Old Man’s’ crotch smelled strongly of his own essence: spice and leather. Daniel tried to get as much of the shaft into his mouth and throat as was humanly possible, but it was impossible to get his mouth down to the curly silver hairs that surrounded the thick root. After a few minutes of eager cock sucking, the ‘Old Man’ grabbed Daniel, forced him up off of his knees, spun him around, and bent him over the counter. No matter how much Daniel didn’t want it to, reality seeped in. He turned his head slightly and said: “the door… need to lock the…” Daniel grunted and moaned as he felt the ‘Old Man’s sturdy hands grab his ass and shove his meaty cock head into him. The ‘Old Man’ thrust again and again and again, filling Daniel up with the longest and thickest cock he had had in a while. Finally, the guy was all the way in, and as he rode Daniel, he said: “No one will come in. Trust me.” Daniel did trust him. The ‘Old Man’ turned Daniel’s head towards him and they began to make out as he rode Daniel’s ass hard and deep. Waves of euphoria washed over Daniel as he felt himself filled up like never before. Skill definitely had come with age. The ‘Old Man’ was the best lover Daniel had ever had, and he never wanted it to end. After fifteen minutes of hard pounding, Daniel heard the ‘Old Man’ grunt several times, and then release a hot load deep inside of him. Feeling the heat as well as the swelling cock so deep within him forced Daniel over the edge, and he began to cum the biggest load of the year all over the paperwork that covered the counter. Daniel’s orgasm shook him to the core, and he found himself collapsing onto the counter. The ‘Old Man’ pulled his half-hard cock out of Daniel’s ass, leaving him feel oddly empty; like someone had given him the greatest gift, and then taking it away. Huffing and trying to catch their breath, the two men grinned at each other. “I hate to tap that and run, but if I don’t, I’ll never get started.” “I understand. That was…”. The ‘Old Man’ grabbed Daniel and kissed him. Then, quick as lightning, he had his jeans pulled back up, threw his red hoody on over his white T-Shirt, and crossed in front of the counter. “You’re a good guy, Daniel Lorca. Here.” The ‘Old Man’ opened his black gym bag and pulled out a glass jar that contained both red and green gumdrops. “Merry Christmas. Now, lock up. You live in the apartment attached to the building, right?” “I… I do…” Daniel still found it hard to speak after such a marathon fuck. “Then go home. Have some fun. It’s Christmas Eve… the one night of the year wrapped in magic.” The ‘Old Man’ closed his leather gym bag, threw it over his shoulder, and in a moment, he was out the door. Daniel found that the room still smelled like the ‘Old Man’ long after he was gone. After downing two bottles of water, Daniel cleaned up the mess and threw the cum coated papers in the trash. After locking the door and turning off the lights, he turned around, and watched as the moonlight hit the jar of gumdrops, causing them to glow. Daniel grabbed the jar and walked to the coded door in the back of the gym that led to his apartment. It was while he was punching in the code that he thought, how did he know my name? I never told him… and how did he know about Tristan and me? Daniel didn’t even know the ‘Old Man’s name. He had gone to look it up after the guy had left, but it had been written on the form that Daniel had let loose his biggest load over, and it had smeared the ink. Ah well. It was a fun Christmas Eve fuck! More exciting left a mystery. Daniel hummed a Christmas carol as he closed the door to his apartment behind him. Surprisingly, Daniel was horny right again after closing the door. He was barely in the tiny apartment before he was tearing his sweatpants off, laying down on the couch in the living room, and jerking himself off quickly to completion. His orgasm was once again unnaturally strong, and he felt ropes of hot cum hitting his pecs and face. Daniel lay there for a while enjoying the afterglow of his orgasm and thinking once again how incredible a lover the ’Old Man’ had been. After breaking up with Tristan and not sure what life held for him, it was exactly what he had needed. He wished he had a way to thank, the mysterious stranger, but deep down he knew that the ‘Old Man’ knew. Then, with a leap, he jumped off the couch and headed into the bathroom to clean up. Looking at himself in the mirror, Daniel was in awe of how large his load had been. He’d been so busy working to cover the shifts of friends and colleagues who had gone away for the holidays, that he hadn’t had time to even think about sex, let alone jerking off. It must have been nearly two weeks since the last time he had orgasm, so it was no wonder the last two times he had nut it had been a deluge! Daniel took a quick shower, enjoying the warm water cascading over his body. He was proud of how he looked. He may not be as big as the ‘Old Man,’ but his body had decent size and symmetry. When he wore tight clothes, he got lots of looks from both men and women, and even if he was thinning a little on top, he knew that he would be classified in the sexy category if asked. He hated that he never went to college, but when his father died, he needed to be the one to bring in the money for his family. Tristan never understood that. He never said it, but Daniel always thought Tristan believed he was just lazy or not very bright, preferring the gym to the classroom. Even when he had gotten his PT certificate, Tristan had acted pleased for him, but deep-down Daniel had felt his ex was never really that proud. Daniel turned the shower off and stepped out into the steam filled bathroom. Rubbing the condensation off the mirror with his hand, something he always regretted doing but did anyway, he took a good look at himself. He stood 5’10, 198 lbs of muscle with a stubborn layer of fat over it. His hair was buzzed short to make up for the areas where none grew anymore and was hiding the fact that some silver was starting to show. Daniel flexed his right bicep and enjoyed the sight of its peak. He couldn’t complain. He may not be the mass monster he always wished he could be, but he was healthy and mostly happy. Sure, he wished his 5-inch cock was longer and thicker, and maybe it would be nice to have bigger, low hanging balls that shot epic loads ever time, but these were the genetic cards he had been dealt. What good did it do to whine about it? After fully drying off, Daniel slipped on a pair of black briefs, left the bathroom, and made his way into the kitchen to reheat his meal. He had originally planned to make a Christmas Eve dinner, but instead he decided to wait and make a ‘feast for one’ the next day. Right now, reheated chicken, some rice, and a veg would do him just fine. He had bought a carton of Rocky Road ice cream as a treat along with some eggnog to eat and drink while celebrating the holidays and watching Christmas lying on the couch. It was a few hours after he had eaten his meal, and in the middle of the film ‘White Christmas,’ when Daniel suddenly began to crave something sweet to eat. He wasn’t in the mood for ice cream yet, and he never kept any other candies or cookies in the house due to his diet. He thought about running out to the gas station get a candy bar when he remembered the Christmas present ‘The Old Man’ had given him. Jumping up from the couch, he grabbed his backpack and opened it up. Inside was the glass jar. Pulling it out, his eyes fell to the printed label: “Make a Christmas Wish! A small gift for Daniel. Make a wish before biting into a green gumdrop, and the wish will come true. Regret a wish, and all you need to do is bite into a red one. Warning, there are far fewer red ones than green ones. Have fun… and be specific! Kris” Daniel laughed at the idea. What an incredible marketing tool! He was sure the company must have sold tons of these this year. Who doesn’t love the fun of imagining their wishes coming true… yet… the label… the instructions and his name were printed directly on it… it wasn’t handwritten… and the label was glued to the glass. There was no way… Daniel turned the glass jar around and looked at the label where the ingredients should be. Instead, there was another message: ‘Believe it, Daniel. Trust me. But remember: once the 25th turns to 26th… the magic in the gumdrops fades away, and what you’ve wished for and kept, will be yours. Nothing like a little Christmas magic! Kris. Oh… they also have no calories! Enjoy!’ Daniel shook his head. How in the world had ‘The Old Man’ done this? He unscrewed the top, and when he took it off, his nose was inundated with the scent of peppermints, cinnamon, and evergreen trees. It was possibly the best thing he had ever smelled in his entire life. Putting his fingers into the jar, he removed a green gumdrop and held it up to the light. It looked exactly how you would expect a gumdrop to look. There was nothing truly magical about how they looked, and yet… Why not? Why not try it. If it didn’t work, no one would know how silly he had been. It wasn’t like there was a hidden camera in his house… right? He looked around but saw nothing out of place where a camera could be hidden. Sitting up, he placed the glass jar on the table and looked at the green gumdrop. Aloud, Daniel said: “I wish I could lose 20 pounds of stubborn fat and be shredded as fuck!!” He put the gumdrop into his mouth and but down. Instantly, his mouth exploded with flavour. The spicy taste of peppermint filled his mouth and then radiated through his entire body. For a moment, he had the sensation he was standing naked in a forest with snow falling all around him. Daniel swore he could smell the pine in the air and the crispness of the winter wind. When the coolness eventually faded away, he was left with the sweet chewy goodness of a masterfully crafted gumdrop. Chewing the rest, he quickly swallowed it. And he waited… and waited… and waited. Soon five minutes had passed and.., The room began growing hot..., or was it Daniel’s own body temperature rising? His face felt flushed, and he could feel tiny beads of perspiration rising all over his body. He went to stand, but his body felt out of his own control, and he fell back onto the couch. Fuck, he thought, that old man poisoned me. He… Daniel felt his body getting more feverish. Sweat was pouring off him now, running over his pecs and down his abs. He stood up again, and although the living room spun around him, this time he was able to stand on his own feet. His stomach had begun to gurgle, and it felt as if steam was rising from the pores all over his body. He stumbled into the bathroom and turned on the lights. When he did, his mouth fell open as he saw with his own eyes the stubborn layer of fat that had always covered his pecs and abs was quickly disintegrating. Daniel could actually feel the fat melting away, and it wasn’t only on his torso. In the small mirror he watched as his face proceeded to grow thinner and sculpted, his neck and chin lost the annoying bulk, his quads slimmed slightly, and his ass lost some of the jelly buy gained a firmness he had never seen. Once the fat had dispersed to who knows where, the skin covering his abdomen began to tighten, and in minutes Daniel had the tight 6-pack he had always dreamed of. Daniel’s body temperature continued to rise and the sweat continued to pour, and the longer this continued, the more shredded his body became. His body fat must have dipped below double digits as his skin began to look shrink wrapped over his musculature. Pipe like veins were now visible circling around his body to feed his muscles, while his face became more angular and chiselled. Eventually, when the extreme temperature began to lower and return to normal, Daniel began to flex his jacked body in front of the mirror. All of the poses he had read about or seen on line or at the gym he began to do. I look like a fuckin fitness model. Hell! I could be a fuckin fitness model!! Daniel flexed more, his cock hardening in his briefs from the excitement. It would have taken more than a year of strict diet and cardio and who knows what else to have gotten these incredible aesthetics… and who could say if I actually could have accomplished this!! Looking at himself in the mirror, Daniel began to grin and stroke his cock. I can have anything I want, he thought. I can become anything I want!! Merry Christmas, Daniel!!! All you need to do is wish it!!! The image of himself at that moment, and the image of what he could become caused his heart to flutter. I can have anything, he thought. I look like a fuckin fitness model. Ha! I could be a fitness model! Daniel flexed a few more times, his cock hardening in his briefs from the excitement. This would have taken more than a year of strict diet and cardio, and who knows if I would have gotten these incredible aesthetics. Looking at himself and grinning, he stroked his cock a few times. The image of himself at that moment, and the image of what he could be caused his heart to flutter.
  22. czechhunter69

    Josh's Smoke Box

    "Josh's Smoke Box" is a story that I recently completed as a commission for HawkShark. Following its initial release, I have made modifications based on his requests to better meet his requirements, resulting in a significant delay. This specific portion has also been revised accordingly. If you have any stories you would like me to write for you, please feel free to reach out to me on Discord at czechhunter69#0839. _________________ The bars cigarette smoke lingered in the air, suspended like a haze, as if time itself had slowed down to match the drift of Josh's thoughts. His watch read barely 2 am, signaling the late hour at which his bar had closed its doors. He surveyed the desolate room, the scattered chairs strewn about like remnants of a chaotic drunk symphony, or as the rest of us would say - a stag party. Normally, he would have taken pleasure in tidying up the mess his left behind - tonight was not the night. Too many drunk fights, short staffed and frankly - done with week. It had been a bachelor party filled evening, and he knew that sending his exhausted staff home early had been a worthwhile sacrifice, despite the disarray left before him. They paid cash for the building, and were generous with the tips and gifts for the staff- the only redeeming aspect. Josh let out a weary sigh, his hand gripping the front door's handle tightly as he turned the key, sealing off the lively atmosphere of the parking lot. Looking through the window in the door, a handful of chipper guys lingered in the parking lot, engaged in drunkenly animated conversations with his staff. The night air was infused with a sense of camaraderie, tailor-made for such exchanges. However, Josh's attention was diverted from the scene before him when his own reflection in the glass caught his eye. He examined himself, noting the juxtaposition of his seemingly slender physique against the backdrop of a pudgy dad-bod hidden just under his clothes. The long hours and late nights had taken their toll, leaving a few beer and sweat stains stubbornly clinging to his shirt. His receding hairline, a testament to the weighty burden of running his own bar, irked him. It wasn't the ideal image he had envisioned for himself, but for the time being, he accepted that it was a visual representation of his commitment and determination to keep his finances afloat. Weary steps echoed through the empty bar as Josh made his way to the back stairs leading up to the apartment, the creaking of the floorboards underscoring his fatigue. As he ascended, he felt the transition from the lively ambiance of the bar to the quieter, more intimate space that awaited him above. With a final twist of the lock, Josh closed the door to his place. As he sank into the comfort of the couch, his weary eyes landed on the array of packages and mail strewn across the coffee table. Among them were gifts from the grooms, a flamboyantly seductive bodybuilder named Derrick. During his shift, Josh had paid little attention to the parcels, but now, in the solitude of his home, he felt deserving of a few indulgent surprises. Most of the packages were mundane—a stack of predictable bills, patiently awaiting his attention. However, one package stood out, an enigmatic anomaly amidst the ordinariness. Curiosity ignited within Josh as his gaze fixated upon the mysterious package. Its wooden exterior emanated an earthy scent, the fragrant essence of tobacco swirling in the air, beckoning with an irresistible allure. Unlike the others, it bore no familiar branding or discernible identification. Its label, boldly declaring "Muscle Growth Tobacco,” as if “bro-science” was worth it’s weight. With anticipation tingling in his fingertips, Josh delicately slid the lid off box. His eyes immediately drawn to a thank you card resting gracefully atop the elegantly packed contents. The paper exuded an air of elegance, its texture smooth and pristine. He couldn't help but admire the craftsmanship before carefully lifting the card to reveal what lay beneath. As the card was unveiled, a captivating spectacle unraveled before his eyes. Nestled within the package lay a meticulously arranged variety pack of smokes, showcasing a splendid array of vibrant colors and intricate patterns that commanded his attention. Cigarettes, cigars, pre-packed pipes, and chewing tobacco—all neatly presented with their distinct labels, each exuding its own unique aura. The packs of cigarettes, swathed in wrappers that seemed to hold the allure of precious gold, stood alongside robust canisters of chewy goodness, reminiscent of the rugged men who relish them. Two pipes, already filled and ready for indulgence, nestled amongst the ensemble, while a collection of cigars added an air of sophistication to the mix. The assortment beckoned to him, extending an irresistible invitation to explore the concealed secrets within each offering. A ballet of flavors and aromas awaited, poised to pirouette upon his palate, delivering a symphony of sensations. The delicate wisps of smoke, akin to ethereal tendrils, whispered enchanting promises of transformation and discovery. Curiosity led him to open the card, hoping to uncover the brand names that awaited within - anything gage the quality. To his surprise, instead of a simple list, he found an enigmatic poem, its words shrouded in mystery, teasing his imagination with their veiled meanings. In a shrouded package, secrets tightly curled, Lay blessed smokes, their mysteries unfurled. Each harbors powers, unique and rare, Promising transformations beyond compare. The first, a stout cigar with confidence ablaze, Its smoke dispels doubts in a confident haze. With each puff, uncertainties take flight, Bestowing poise and a mind shining bright. The second, slender cigarettes, bold and fine, A blend that ignites strength, a power to define. As wisps ascend, reaching for the sky, They shape a stature that defies reason, oh so high. The third, a tobacco fit for a pipe's delight, A potent essence, evoking wisdom and insight. With each draw, whispers of passion ignite, Fanning flames of desire, burning ever bright. And the fourth, a chew, tobacco's rugged embrace, Unleashing masculinity, its primal grace. As fibers intertwine, a tapestry of hair is sown, Crowning with manliness, a regal throne. With each smoke's dance, these elixirs merge, Granting confidence, strength, and passions surge. In their nuanced flavors, transformations take flight, As each tobacco tells a story, in smoky delight. But tread with care, dear seeker of transformation's might, For power unchecked may lead you to the night. Let wisdom guide, as you indulge in this haze, Embrace the gifts, but not lost in its maze. For in each tobacco's essence, a world awaits, Unveiling secrets through smoke's intricate traits. Discover the power within, with reverence and grace, And may your journey be adorned with wisdom's embrace. The allure of the smokes beckoned to Josh, tempting him to indulge in their pleasures. His fingers brushed delicately against the smooth surface of the chosen cigar, already envisioning the tantalizing taste and aromatic symphony that awaited him. The desire to create elegant smoke rings and savor the artistry of a French inhale danced in his mind. Derrick must have known how much he would enjoy, quite well. Even after that rowdy bachelors party. As his eyes traced the elegant words of the accompanying poem, a smile tugged at the corners of his lips. The verses, woven with intrigue and enchantment, reminded him of a whimsical adventure, akin to the tales spun within the pages of Jumanji. With excitement bubbling within him, Josh resolved to savor every moment, to let the smoke swirl and weave its magic around him, transporting him to a realm where time stood still. He knew that this evening held the promise of delightful indulgence, an opportunity to lose himself in the embrace of the cigars and immerse himself in their rich flavors and ethereal smoke. Flipping the card over, Josh's eyes landed on what he expected to be the familiar cancer warning. However, to his surprise, he discovered something entirely different—an even more peculiar warning that caught his attention. “The consumption of these products may result in real-world body changing consequences, with effects that can persist for up to two days. It is essential to exercise caution and adhere to proper storage and usage practices to maintain the desired quality of your experience. Any attempts to augment or prolong the effects beyond their intended use may lead to unforeseen side effects and complications.” Josh scoffed dismissively as he set the box down, his cynicism triggered by the increasingly imaginative marketing tactics. "They really know how to sell a story," he muttered under his breath dismissing it. His fatigued gaze darted towards the clock, its ticking hands emphasizing the weight of exhaustion settling upon him. Faint echoes of laughter and playful banter from the parking lot reached his ears. At this moment, he craved the solace that only a well-deserved cigar could offer. Reaching out, he retrieved the coffee-table punch cutter. His eyes scanned the assortment, instinctively drawn to the one labeled "confidence." As he brought the chosen cigar to his nose, he inhaled deeply, purposefully drawing in the intoxicating essence that radiated from the very leaves. The woodsy aroma gracefully enveloped his senses, weaving a tapestry of nostalgia and serenity. Wherever Derrick got these, they weren’t cheap novelties. Josh deftly wielded the punch cutter and fetching his trusted blue lighter. With a flick of his thumb, a flame emerged, dancing and flickering with a gentle grace. Bringing the flame closer to the tip of the cigar, he took a couple small puffs, allowing the fire to kiss the tobacco and initiate its slow burn. The glow at the end of the cigar began to blossom, casting a warm and inviting radiance. As the tobacco ignited, wisps of fragrant smoke curled upwards, unfurling like tendrils of liberation. The delicate balance of anticipation and satisfaction filled the air, intertwining with the swirling plumes of smoke. Josh's skill in achieving an even burn had always been somewhat elusive, an art he had yet to master. The flame's touch always brought forth an uneven char, with flickers of ember struggling to maintain a uniform path. But in the moment, precision was not his priority. With each puff, the tip glowed brighter, revealing the vibrant core of the cigar's journey. With a sigh of contentment, Josh sprawled out on his couch, his body sinking into its comforting embrace. Taking measured, gentle puffs of smoke, he savored the flavorful essence. The wisps of smoke danced before him, swirling and intertwining, as he relished the momentary escape they offered and felt a subtle shift in his breathing. The rhythmic inhales and exhales began to slow, harmonizing with the soothing cadence of his heart. Each gentle puff acted as a lullaby for his restless mind, inviting tranquility to settle within his weary bones. A faint smile graced his lips as he contemplated shedding the confines of his clothing, embracing the freedom of this late hour in all its unabashed simplicity. In the midst of this serene interlude, a sudden realization crept into Josh's consciousness. He realized he still needed a shower as he could practically taste his soured body oder. With a wearied determination, Josh rose from the couch, his body protesting the movement. He shuffled towards the inviting embrace of the restroom, his steps heavy and laden with fatigue. As he began to undress, his attention was unexpectedly seized by the reflection in the mirror. His eyes widened in disbelief, his cock was longer, he was skinnier but somehow faintly muscled. Detailing every fiber of his body, as if he almost no fat on him. With each drag, he embraced the newfound vigor and self-assurance that radiated from within, he noticed his penis hung a little lower and seemed thicker. Unable to resist capturing the evidence of his progress, he swiftly reached for his phone, eagerly immortalizing the image as a symbol of his triumphant to Growlr in search of a cub worthy of this “confidence”. With the echoes of self-assurance reverberating within him, Josh stepped into the inviting warmth of the awaiting bath, feel the water patter his sore feet, ready to immerse himself in its rejuvenating embrace. Reluctantly extinguishing the cigar, he saved it for later, aware of the pang of guilt accompanying his decision—a travesty in the realm of smoking etiquette. Yet, the allure of these newfound results was too potent to let slip away into the night. He craved to savor this transformation, basking in its intoxicating effects and claiming the promised pleasure. The remnants of his progress held too much value to be squandered in the wee hours. They beckoned to him, whispering of sensual pleasures yet to be embraced and savored. Surrendering these results to the wasteland of a late-night hour seemed inconceivable. With resolute determination, he stepped into the welcoming cascade of the shower, its warm droplets caressing his skin with exquisite tenderness. Water enveloped his sculpted form, tracing the contours of his revitalized physique. Each droplet became an instrument of pleasure, awakening his senses to a delicate dance of sensations. He reveled in the tingling warmth of the water's touch, running his hands over his newly defined abs and marveling at the firmness beneath his fingertips. The ripples of muscle responded to his touch, pulsating with the energy of his newfound vitality. As he pinched his nipples and cupped his balls, he realized his cock was still growing thicker and longer, despite not yet being erect. His fingers glided with practiced grace across his revitalized form, tracing the intricate pathways of his transformation, reveling in the silky smoothness of his skin. A surge of desire coursed through his veins, ignited by the intoxicating blend of his physical metamorphosis and the devilish anticipation of what lay ahead. Unable to resist jerking any longer, he gave in to the insatiable yearning that now consumed him, he set about finishing himself off, his hand moving with a well known rhythm, guided by his own intimate knowledge of what brought him little pleasure alone. A twinge of disappointment mingled with the pleasure, as he longed for another man to revel in his new body. The thought of someone else having that privilege to ignite his passions and bring him to the edge danced at the periphery of his mind. As waves of pleasure washed over him, his body trembled with the culmination of his release. He lay there, breathless and spent, a sense of fulfillment mingling with the bittersweet realization that someone else had been denied the honor of tasting his cum. Josh leaned his wet body against the cool tiles of the shower wall, basking in the climax. A thick explosion of cum adorned his skin, cascading down his body in rivulets that stubbornly gathered into a small, chunky pool on the floor of the bathtub. A triumphant smile curled upon his lips. Every fiber of his being tingled with a newfound vitality. It fueled the fire within him, an insatiable desire for more. Indeed, the taste of accomplishment had only whetted his appetite, fueling a burning desire for more. With a sense of anticipation, he knew that not only did he possess a reserve of his first Confidence cigars, but he also held a couple of packs of the “strength” cigarettes, waiting to be savored. The prospect of indulging in all their potent allure beckoned to him, promising an adventure filled with sensations and pleasures yet to be discovered. After pushing the cum down the drain, he turned off the water and grabbed a towel to dry off as his phone did the familiar chirp - someone was about to enjoy his body again tonight. He was determined to do so.
  23. Hey everyone, I had been posting two versions of this storyfied roleplay but found a way to fuse the alternative version into the orginal one! Enjoy! --------------- Credits to the following (discord) role-player’s I met to create this: JonasCopperwire, lorelollo Copyright disclaimer: I don't own any picture. I link every source if possible. Please contact me or a moderator in case of demanded removal.
  24. musclegin30

    Bigger...Much Bigger

    This is a quick one shot. Synopsis : Liam is a bodybuilder with big goals, and during a late-night muscle worship session, he just might reach them. Up. Down. Up. Down. I lay on the bench, pushing the bar up. It’s loaded with 295 pounds of steel, but it is only slightly challenging. I am stronger than I was last week. Every week I grow stronger and bigger, but it’s not enough. I always want to be bigger. Up. Down. My pecs and tris contract when I push the weight up, expanded against my thin, tanned skin, becoming pumped, engorged with blood. I can feel the sweat run down my forehead, my neck, my arms, my chest, soaking into my tank. I am hot, covered in sweat, though the gym’s AC is blasting cool air. Up. Down. I force out rep after rep, tearing my muscle fibers down so that I can rebuild them later, bigger and more powerful. A protein shake churns in my belly, below a wall of chiseled abs. Test, Dbol, and Tren coarse through my veins. “One more rep,” I tell myself. “One more. Gotta get one more.” I get it and push for another. I’m always pushing for more. My muscles are so pumped they ache, and it feels good. Around me, the din of the other gym goers doesn’t reach my ears. The crowded gym might as well be empty. All that exists is me and the weight, in this moment. Up. Down. Up. I rack the weight, finishing my set. As I rise up to the sitting position my ‘cheerleader’ (I mean spotter) taps me on both shoulders and exclaims “You’re a beast, Liam!” I know. He’s 27, my age, but smaller. His name is Tom and I know he only spots me so he can be close to me, so he can gaze on my bulging muscles. His 150-pound physique pales in comparison to my 195 pound one. My muscles are something to behold, I think, as I stare at my pumped form in the gym mirror. But they aren’t big enough. I imagine myself some time in the future, after a decade of roid use, eating big, and lifting heavy, standing beside the then Mr. Olympia, making him look small. I will not be Mr. Olympia, of course. I will be too obscene, to grotesquely large for that stage. Unjudgeable. An anomaly that no one will understand. Just being so much larger than Mr. Oympia will give me satisfaction enough. Or will it? Probably not. I’ll still want to be bigger. Much bigger. “Hey, look.” Tom taps me on my trap. It must feel like stone to his little hand. He’s a cardio junkie, who runs on the treadmill more often than he pumps iron. He draws my attention to the other end of the room, past the rows of benches, machines, and free weights, to the gym entrance. A Colossal man has entered. He looks like a competitive bodybuilder, bigger than anyone else here, but not as big I one day hope to be. “I bet he can’t even wipe his own ass,” Tom whispers to me. “Yeah,” I say, eying the mass monster with envy. Tom meant his comment to be derisive, but my cock twitched at the thought. Oh, to be that big. So big, I can’t touch my back. So big, I can’t wipe my own ass. Obese with lean, hard, thick, dense, beautiful mounds of muscle, forcing my arms to stick out stiff like the branches of a tree, and making me walk with a waddle. “You’re not planning to get that big, are you?” Tom asks with mock concern plastered on his face. “Not that big,” I say. “Bigger.” I grin devilishly and stare into his brown eyes. Tom looks at me with surprise and scratches his scalp, his hand getting lost in his mop of black hair. “Really?” He says. “It’s just not practical, you know. Maybe another 10 or 15 pounds on you and you’d be perfect.” “Fuck practical.” I laugh. “If I wanted practical, I’d have taken up swimming. I took up lifting because I want to be huge, with a capital H U G and E!” “You’re already pretty huge, dude.” Compared to you. “Nah, this isn’t huge.” I flex my arms, watching as the peaks rise like little mountains. I can see the separation between the long and short heads. They glisten with sweat. If I was home, I would whip my cock out and masturbate to my hot body, but I’m not home and not trying to go to jail (Though half the gym would probably enjoy the show). Instead, I must be content to just look at them, basking in my own vanity. Tom watches me ogling myself and I see him shake his head in the mirror, though he’s smiling, staring at my arms, as well. Tom reaches out quickly and steals a squeeze. His fingers don’t dent the hard muscle. They linger just a little too long, I think, for a straight man. Was he straight? I wasn’t sure. I sure as hell am not. “Pretty huge,” he says and gives me a look. Envy? Lust? Admiration? Sometimes a look can be so hard to read. “Well, I’m done.” I rise up to my full 6-foot height. Two inches taller than Tom. “Gotta go eat.” “See you next time, dude. I’m gonna hit the treadmill.” Tom gives me a pound and we part ways. As I leave the workout area, I spy the massive bodybuilder shoulder pressing with 100-pound dumbbells, His massive muscles swelling up with each rep. One day, I think, one day. In the locker room, I pull a pre-mixed mass-gainer shake from my gym bag and chug it, before leaving. The shake has 1200 calories and 50 grams of protein to fuel my continued growth. I flex in the mirrors near the sink, standing between two smaller men, enjoying the sight of my pumped-up physique and wishing the pump would never go away. I must be standing there too long, because I get strange looks. Look at that vain guy they must be thinking. Meathead. Dumb jock. My cock is rock hard. The pleasure I experience from my own body is magnified by their stares. I stand further back, peel off my sweat-soaked tank, and drop my joggers so my striated quads are on full display. The teardrop in my legs bulges forward, perfectly defined. I love my symmetry, my veins, my leanness. The only thing I don’t love is my size. Too small. I want more. More. MORE! The thought of more fills my head as I drive home. It fills my head as I consume my first of two dinners (Chicken breast, sweet potatoes, and broccoli). As I masturbate naked in front of my full-length mirror. As I inject the syringe of test into my glutes. As I drink my casein shake before bed. And as I check my messages before finally getting some shut eye. I have a message from a potential muscle-worship client. It reads: Hey Liam. My name is Jessie. Tom referred me to you. He’s a friend of mine and said you do muscle-worship sessions. I checked out your picks online and would love to meet up. You’re hot! Tom knows I do muscle-worship. It was never something I tried to hide. Getting big is expensive and I do whatever it takes to pay for it. After I had mentioned it to him months ago, however, he never bought it up to me again. He certainly never referred a client to me. I honestly thought he had forgotten all about it. Me and the potential client message each other back and forth, discussing desires, boundaries, payment, and any other particulars. It turns out he lives nearby, and we agree to meet the following night. I go to bed exited. I love being worshipped. It makes me feel like the muscle god I one day hope to grow in to. The next day I go to my job at GNC, workout, eat, and shower and, when the evening rolls around, I get dressed in a pair of black tapered joggers, white sneakers, and a very tight white henley. I drive to our agreed upon meeting spot, a picnic park near a nature preserve on the edge of town. Jessie had said he wanted to worship me outdoors, under the stars. I admit, I thought it was a little strange, but I had spoken with Tom over the phone during the day and he assured me Jessie was a normal guy (albeit very obsessed with muscle), not a psycho. His words eased my doubts. I swagger across the wet grass of the park; the cool night air is bracing. Jessie stands beside a picnic table, a cone of lamp light illuminating the space around him. I smile. He waves. Jessie’s hair is blonde, made golden by the lamp light. His face is average, but his smile is perfect, big and welcoming. When I reach him, I see that he is very short, maybe 5’ 4’’. He wears blue jeans and a red t-shirt, that drapes his twig body like a sheet. He is 21 but could pass for 16. “Hello,” I say, looking down at him, and extending my hand. “Hey,” he says, his eyes moving over my whole body. He smiles even wider as my large, calloused hands envelope his soft, small ones. I feel a tingle when we touch, like static, a slight electric pulse that starts in my hand, moves up my arm, and courses through my body causing my muscles to twitch. I’ve heard of sparks flying between two people, but I didn’t think it literally happened. “So, little guy. You like muscle, huh?” I ask, smiling cockily as I bounce my thick pecs. “Oh, yeah.” He is eye level with my chest. “Well, feast your eyes-” I go to remove my shirt, but he stops me with a “no”. He wants to worship me with my clothes on. Strange. “Why?” I ask. “No one’s ever wanted that before. Don’t you want to see what’s under this shirt?” I do a double bicep pose. “You’re paying for a full show.” “Oh, I’ll see it soon enough, believe me,” he says. “But it’s more fun for me this way. You’re not attached to these clothes, are you?” “No. Why?” “You’ll see.” He reaches out and feels my arm, squeezing my bicep, as I flex. There goes that electric pulse again. He can’t fit both of his tiny hands around my arm. I find that so hot. I look from my arm to his and can’t believe how much bigger I am than him. It’s like comparing a log to a stick. My arm seems to grow tighter against the fabric of my shirt, stretching the cloth to its limits. “God, you’re big,” Jessie says. “Not big enough,” I reply. “You’ll grow,” he says. “I know.” “No, you’ll grow tonight.” I look him in the eyes. They are piercing. Serious. Sexy. I wonder what he means by ‘you’ll grow tonight’, as he runs his hands from my biceps to my chest. Another pulse. My shirt grows tighter. I feel like I have the biggest pump, like I’ve down 50 reps of bench flies. I perform a most muscular pose and when I look down at my arms, I notice one is bigger than the other. The first arm Jessie touched, my right, is bigger than my left! “Wha-?” I look down at it, concerned, eyes ready to jump from my head. Jessie immediately grips my smaller arm. Electric pulse. It grows to match the size of the larger one. I estimate that Jessie has added 2 inched to both of my arms. Impossible. “What are you doing to me?” “I have a peculiar talent,” Jessie says. “I can fulfill men’s dreams about their bodies by just touching them.” I stare at him, incredulous. It sounds unbelievable, but… I squeeze my arms and they truly are bigger. I’m not imagining it, so… It’s real! “Most men I’ve touched just want to be hotter, a little bigger, a little more defined, a little this, a little that,” Jessie continues “But I’ve longed to touch someone with truly immense goals. When Tom told me about you, I knew I had found my man.” “I dreamed of being much bigger than this,” I say. “Well, I’m not done worshipping you yet. The change doesn’t come all at once.” Jessie reaches up and takes my shoulders in his hands. “Tell me how much you love to grow. I want to hear.” “I love growing bigger,” I say. “It’s the best feeling in the world. It’s all I think about. Bigger. Bigger! BIGGER! So big I have trouble fitting through doorways. So big I brush up against ceilings. So big, furniture crumbles beneath my weight.” “Yes!” Jessie screams. “That’s what I hoped. That’s why I wanted to worship you outside. To give you room to grow, to expand to the full extent of your dreams. Grow for me. Grow!” I’ve grown stiff as a two by four, pitching a tent in my joggers. His cock is hard as well. His jeans show an ever-expanding wet spot. Jessie rubs my shoulders vigorously and I feel them expand, my traps as well, rise up, consuming my neck. I stretch outward, Jessie’s hands moving farther and farther apart with my expanding body. My delts are obscene, literally the size of cantaloupes. And them: Boom! My Henley gives out. It was amazingly stretchy and put up a good fight, but it is no match for my expanding frame. It tears, with a loud Rip! exploding off me in ribbons and drifting to the grass. Jessie moves back to my arms. They expand again. 20 inches. 21 inches. 22. 23. 24. 25…29. They are bigger around than Jessies waist. The bicep alone is the size of his head. The electric pulses coursing through my body with every touch feel orgasmic. I never want it to stop. I raise my arms as jessie is still gripping one of my biceps, raising him off the ground. He lets go, landing on his feet and begins to work over my torso. He grips my lats and they spread out like a cobra’s neck, as he runs his tongue over my sweaty abs. Each ab grows to the size of a fist, with grooves between them, impossibly deep. I can’t help but run my fingers up and down them, over and over again, like strumming a guitar. I must be a queer sight, a real-life Jonny Bravo. My upper body is colossal, yet my legs are the same size as before. I look like I might topple over, but, as though he knows what I am thinking, Jessie goes to his knees and begins to worship my glutes, quads, and calves. My ass juts backward. I hear the seam in back split, yielding to my new bubble butt. My quads and calves grow, expanding outward, but they also grow longer as the bones in my legs stretch out. I am growing taller! Jussie stands up and runs his fingers up and down my spine. It grows as well, stretching my torso out. I rise into the air, now over 7 feet tall. My expanding leg muscles are too much for my jogger and underwear. They suffer the same fate as my shirt and burst to threads, exposing my rock-hard 9-inch cock. The muscles of my inner thigh push my legs apart forcing me to walk with a waddle. I feel a little awkward on my size twelve feet. They weren’t made for this much mass. But once again Jussie seems to read my mind. He places his hand on my feet and they burst through my sneakers. I kick the tattered fragments of leather away, with my knew size twenty feet, which sink slightly into the ground, under my new weight. I can’t imagine how much I must weigh, but it must be well in excess of 600 pounds. I am so wide, so thick. Every muscle is developed beyond reason. I can only lumber forward, stiffly, and hit approximations of the major body building poses. I can’t touch my ass, or my toes. I can barely touch my own head because my biceps get in the way. I love it! As I look down at my shredded body, covered in a web of bulging veins I realize with concern I can hardly see my manhood over my pec shelf. “You can make everything grow, can’t you?” I ask. “Of course. What man’s dream would be complete without making that grow.” Jessie grins slyly and lunges for my throbbing cock. He places both of his hands on it, lubricated by his on saliva and begins to stroke it up and down. I’m in heaven as I feel it thicken and lengthen, growing heavier. When he is done it is 18 inches long and as thick as a gutter pipe My balls have grown as well. They hang low, as large a navel oranges. I don’t care how impractical it is. It’s my dream and it is fulfilled. Wait until Tom and everyone at the gym sees me tomorrow, I think. Jessie, steps back, admiring his handiwork, looking up at the god he created from my fantasy. I am a freak, the most grotesquely muscled being the world has ever seen, so musclebound I won’t be able to work. I will have to hire live in help, just to go about my daily life. The thought arouses me so much I feel my balls churn and cock twitch. I blow my load without even touching them and what a load it is. It shoots out of my cock with such force, that when it strikes Jessie, and it sends him flying back several feet. “Oh my God!” I say, “sorry, little guy.” Secretly I love how powerful my cumshot is. Jessie lies on his back a few seconds, before rising up to a sitting position. His face and torso are dripping with my sticky cum. It dangles in thick ribbons from his chin as he shakes his head and wipes it from his eyes. He smiles widely and licks the cum from his lips. “Are you happy?” Jessie asks. “I know I am.” I flex my muscles, my massive member bobbing in front of me, dripping cum. “I’m happy, but I think I can dream bigger…much bigger.” Jessie rises to his feet and walks towards me, his magic hands outstretched, and I close my eyes, imagining myself bigger and bigger still. There goes that electric pulse again.
  25. xlordwylderx

    Summoning the muscle demon

    I didn’t know if this was going to work. I had just graduated with a completely useless degree in philosophy, and was now back home, applying for jobs. My parents had gone on vacation, and left me to clean the attic. I had found the spell book in my grandfather’s trunk in the attic, written in Chinese. With the help of google translate I figured some stuff out. I spent a day making the preparations. Everything about me was so average. Average height, average weight, average everything. I was the kind of guy who should have been the perfect spy because no one would have ever picked me out of the crowd. I was tired of being like that. If this worked, I would get my deepest desire. I had been in the middle of drawing the chalk circle, using my phone to translate the Chinese. I wasn’t quite sure the tones were right so I mumbled them to myself. And then a wind came from nowhere, knocking me flat on my back. When I sat up, the most handsome ripped gorgeous man I had ever seen, stood in front of me. He was like and ultra-jacked version of Daniel Henney, with insanely carved abs, jutting pecs, mountain range of shoulders, and biceps that put bowling balls to shame. His voice was the sexiest growling bass I had ever heard. “Why did you summon me?” My mind was farting, incredulous, disbelieving that it had actually worked. He glared at me. “Speak, human.” He gritted his teeth, pacing towards me, easily crossing the unfinished chalk circle “Why. Did. You. Summon. Me.” I yelped and backed away. Fuck. I was so utterly fucked. Crap, why hadn’t I been standing near the door? At least then I could run. What the fuck had I done? A wall met my back. A big thick arm reached out to hit the wall my back was up against. He was so much taller than me, I only came up to his pert quarter sized nipples. And now I was trapped between a wall and what looked like 300 lbs of hot angry muscled demon. “Tell. Me. Now.” “I…I…” I couldn’t voice my deepest desire. “I was bored.” He blinked in disbelief. “You were bored?” I scratched my head and laughed. “You summoned a demon. Just because you were bored.” “Ummm.” He shoved away from the wall, and shook his head, muttering to himself. “Humans so fucking stupid.” He looked at me. “Did you even read the rest of the book?” “Ummmm…” He dragged his hand across his handsome face. “Do you even know what kind of demon I am?” My mind raced. I had only thought I was practicing the spell. I hadn’t been prepared for this at all. He rolled his eyes at my silence. “I'm in an Incubus.” I snapped my fingers. “Yes! I knew it.” He gave me a condescending look. “Give the smart boy a prize.” “Ummm, so as an incubus, you do desires right?” He exhaled in frustration. “I ‘do’ desires? Fucking human.” A glow surrounded him, his voice deepening and I suddenly had the deepest desire to get on my knees, and worship him and the thick length I had seen hints of in his gray sweatpants. His hand was on my throat. “I AM desire.” I had never been so close to perfection, never been so fucking hard in my life. He smirked, knowing it. “I can see that little hard on of yours.” His eyes roamed my body. “Fuck it. I know why you really summoned me. He released my throat and I nearly whined at the absence. Holy fuck, what the hell had I gotten into? “There’s only one reason why little boys like you always summon me.” This was it. This was part of the bargain. My mouth felt so dry. “The real reason?” “I want to hear it from your mouth.” He stepped closer, stroking my face so gently. “You humans never want to tell the truth about what you want. You have all these ideas of what you should and shouldn’t do, what you should want and what you shouldn’t.” He leaned forward and whispered in my ear. “Tell me what you want. Now.” “I want — I want to be big like you.” “Is that all.” “I want to be strong. I want men and women to look at me, and respect me, want me, fear me.” “Now that’s more like it. Now you are speaking the truth. And what are you willing to give me.” “What do you want?” “Nothing much. Just your body.” As expected. I turned to look at him, letting my fear and skepticism show. “I haven’t been summoned in over a thousand years.” He looked away, taking a deep breath, his gorgeous chest filling as his nostrils flared. “This world smells fresh and new, and I want to see it. I want to fuck in it. And the only way I can do that is with a willing human host.” He came towards me. “It won’t be so bad. You’ll have exactly what you asked for. You’ll even have riches beyond your wildest dreams.” He placed his hot huge hand, spanning practically my entire chest. “All you have to do is give in to me.” My mind raced, trying to figure out what I had remembered to put all the other things in place. Had I remembered to paint the symbol right? God I was so fucked if I hadn’t. His hand drifted lower, and lower. I sucked in my breath, trembling as he followed the curve of my belly down to my cock. I was totally fucked anyway. “So small,” he said, curling a thick finger around my head. I shuddered at the sensation. “But you can be different. I can make you different. Better.” I knew I had to get the next part right. “S-Show me.” His eyes narrowed, a flicker of surprise that I knew some of the rules. “G-Give me a taste.” He raised his eyebrow. “Very well then.” His pants disappeared. I nearly trembled at the sight. People say that they have monster cocks. But this, thick pulsing tube of veins and darkness, larger than possible on any human man. was truly a monster cock. He stepped forward. “Suck it.” I reached out and wrapped my two hands around him, opening my mouth as wide as I could, even knowing it wouldn’t fit. And yet it must have been magic, because I got my mouth around the head. “Oh fuck. Yes. It’s been too long since I had a human suck my cock. Even if it is a puny fucking human like you. But you won’t be puny for long.” His hands grabbed and pulled at my hair as he thrust his cock into my mouth. I choked, but somehow kept taking it. “Fuck yes.” Thrust. “Oh, fuck yes.” I had never wanted anything more in my mouth than his cock. I sucked harder, faster as the massive man fucked me with his demon cock. With each thrust, I got hotter. Tighter. Harder. I wanted more, more of him more of his delicious cock. And then he shoved me back. I nearly fell backwards, and normally I would have, but I caught myself? He snapped his fingers. A full length mirror appeared next to me. “Watch.” I stared at the image of me in the mirror. Veins pulsed popping forward, pumping me with shuddering vibrations, rising from my skin like roads. And then my body locked up, freezing me in place. I opened my mouth to scream, but I couldn’t move. And then it happened all at once. Hot muscles bulging forth barely contained, biceps surging, exploding shoulders, stretching ripping seams, thick cords of sinew welling up in my legs, bubbling my ass, everything tingling, so much pressure pressure from the inside out pushing forth everything throbbing throbbing, so fucking hard, so fucking good. I fell to my knees, gasping, clutching my thickening chest, rising pecs slabs, getting harder, thicker, heavier, bigger, my groans deepening with each gasping breath, heart pounding, fluttering faster than I ever thought possible. I stared at my biceps bulging into bigger balls than I had ever even dreamed of, watched the vein snake across it. I opened my mouth. “Oh fuck yeah.” My eyes widened at the deep unfamiliar voice. “Holy fuck I’m getting so big.” The demon smiled at me, his hands wrapped around his massive cock, jerking himself off. “Fuck I forgot how fucking hot it was to watch.” The throbbing slowed but continued. Fuck. I stood up staring at the mirror, at the man with huge ripped biceps rising from the remains of shredded shirt sleeves. My arms felt massive. “Fuck that feels good.” The throbbing resumed. Two plates popped forward from my chest, stretching my shirt to superhero tightness. It looked as if there was a superhero chest. “Flex,” said the demon. I obeyed. The shirt ripped, revealing a chest that could rival any superheroes. “Yes!” My hands, my big gloriously veiny beautiful hands ran themselves over my brickhouse abs, the V at my hips. “Oh my god, YES.” I couldn’t believe my fucking muscles, the bodybuilder pecs, the remains of my shredded shirt. “So fucking big.” I flexed feeling my magificent biceps. “And now below.” My eyes widened. “What?” My feet burst forth, sinew thickening my calves, my thighs. “Rip off your fucking pants, boy.” Once more I obeyed. Just in time to see my balls drop. Big fucking balls. And my cock. The demon sucked his teeth. “So fucking small.” I stared at it, waiting for it grow. Needing it to grow. But it didn’t. “Just a taste, just a taste,” he said smiling. I stared at my tiny cock, which now looked so much smaller compared to the rest of me. “You can’t leave me like this!” He came close to me. Holy fuck, I had gotten taller too, because now I could look him in the eyes. “I won’t. But only if you say yes.” I squeezed my eyes shut. “And give my body to you.” “Yes. That is what I said.” I took a deep breath. And spat in my hand. He raised an eyebrow. I slapped him on the shoulder. He blinked. Then froze. I blinked. Holy fuck did it work? Oh my god, no time. I had to say the words now. “Ni Shi Wo de.” I said in Chinese. And Now You Are Mine. He didn’t move. I walked around him. He was as still as a statue. I punched the air. “It fucking worked!” My spit had re-activated a seal painted on my hand. A seal, that placed on a demon such as he, made him mine. With chalk I drew a circle around him. “Now, are you going to be a good demon, and do what I wish?” I knew he could hear and see everything. “Or am I going to have to send you back.” And then I released him. But he merely folded his arms. “Fine. Whatever.” I blinked. I had expected more of a fight. He rolled his eyes. “You humans lead such short lives anyway. It’s just easier to out wait your lifespan. And half the time, you want us to do what we want to do anyway. So fine fine, I’m bound to you, it ain’t my first time on this chariot.” “This was shockingly easier than I expected.” I had done it! I had actually bound a demon to me. “Holy fuck!” He looked at me and gave me a suggestive leer. “Now let’s finish what we started.” “Yes. Grow my fucking cock.” To my surprise, the big muscle demon knelt. “Yes, master.” And then he opened his mouth and took me in his mouth. “Ohmyfuckinggod.” His mouth was utter perfection. “Yes, take it take me. All the way.” “Fuck hell yeah.” I could feel my cock growing, growing. Growing. “Make me a real man. Big fucking cock. Suck my cock.” And so the demon did. And when he finally popped my massive cock from his mouth it was dinosaur demonic as his. “Look at this,” I roared in my incredibly deep voice. “What the fuck did you do to me?” It swung from me like a baseball bat. “How the fuck am I supposed to walk around with this in my pants? “I like it,” he shrugged. “But we can make it more reasonable if you like.” He snapped his fingers and instantly, it became more human-sized. Still way bigger than I ever imagined being but, more reasonable I suppose. “I can change it back any time you wish, Master.” There was something too obedient about him. What was he planning? I walked past him and grabbed the pendant from the drawer. I held it out to him. “Rest now. I’ll call you when I need you.” He shrugged and vanished. Leaving behind the mirror. A gorgeous model of a man stared back at me. Now it was time to do what I had always wanted to do. And finally say something to my best friend who I had had a crush on for years.
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