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  1. Guest

    dominance (Un)even rivals (9)

    Nine Three days had gone since Jeremy had taken the beating from Ted. His heavily muscled, 265 pound body felt better with every passing hour; his recuperation working overtime to repair the damage. He actually felt capable of getting up from the mattress for the first time since his confrontation with the teen beast. A faint sound made him look aside and he saw his smaller former rival, now trainer awake. Chris opened his eyes and looked straight at the huge bodybuilder on the mattress next to his. A faint smile highlighted the muscle god's face and he asked: "How do you feel today, Jeremy?". "Way better, man. My body has nearly recovered", Jeremy replied and sat up. "Is it true that you stole my muscles?", Chris asked as he got up, walked over to the other mattress and sat down, facing the 100 pound heavier man. Jeremy stared down to avoid his former rival's gaze. "I… ehm…", he mumbled. "Is it?", Chris asked again as he put his hand under the muscle god's chin and gently lifted up his head to make eye contact. "Yes", Jeremy muttered ashamed. "Why?", Chris inquired. "I… I was tired of coming in second behind you. I mean, you're a year younger than me and still outclassed me during our competitions. I tried bulking up but lacked the vascularity to even face you in the final. Roids weren't an option. I found a website about voodoo, with a spell to realize my greatest desire: grow freaking huge. You were the only one that stood between me and dominating the sport…", Jeremy told. "And what about my cousin?", Chris interjected. "I needed some body fluid for the spell. Your cousin wanted to get back on you and needed a clean urine sample to get his gym membership. So we made a deal: he would get me a sweat drenched shirt of you and I would hand him one of my urine samples.", Jeremy continued. "That's why he wanted to arm wrestle. And why he stretched the struggle on purpose", Chris shouted in his higher pitched voice. Jeremy nodded. "You know what happened then: I used the spell and grew huge on your size. I even gain muscle more easily from my workouts now." "You probably stole my good genetics too", Chris added, "I always hated working out, but my muscles responded insanely fast. I only train twice a week and got this body. Well, not this one, but you know what I mean". "Can you forgive me, Chris?", Jeremy asked softly. "Off course, man. I no longer have to work out any more. And your body looks way better than mine ever did. Drives me mad just to look at you", Chris said and kissed the muscle god on his lips. The kiss surprised Jeremy, but he instinctively returned it, making his strong tongue snake into the smaller guy's mouth. He put his hands underneath his lover's ass to lift him up but felt the small guy shiver. "What's wrong? I'm not going to hurt you", he said as he broke the kiss. "I know", Chris replied, "It's my cousin. He's been raping my ass the past days. He made me chose between him beating you up every day or dominating me." "You let him rape you just to protect me? He's 200 pounds heavier than you. I'll protect you from now on", Jeremy said and took his smaller lover gently in his arms in a protective reflex. "Would you dare to take him on again?", Chris asked and let his frail hands roam the thick muscles of the wide torso he was pressed against. "I wouldn't stand a chance, but to protect you, yes", Jeremy said, enjoying the feeling of his muscles being groped. "And what if we would even the odds a bit?", Chris stated and wormed himself free from his bigger lover's hold. "How?", Jeremy asked and watched the smaller guy walk over to his own mattress. "My cousin left the papers with your voodoo stuff in here to make me see how you stole my muscles", Chris said as he took the papers from underneath his mattress, "but he forgot to take out the page with the spell on it. I've read and reread the entire text. As I get it, the spell is still active in me but apparently your current size is what you want to be". "I don't want to take any more muscle from you. Not after everything you did for me", Jeremy replied abruptly. "Not what's left of my muscle, I like my current size too. Not having to bother to go to the gym anymore", Chris stated, "But I could use the spell to take tom's muscle and pass them to you through me." "Why not your cousin's muscles? I'ld be freaking massive!", Jeremy asked. "He's too big to control him during the transfer. He would beat you up before you could match him. You're already bigger than Tom so you can easily dominate him. Then you'll be big enough to take on my cousin", Chris said. "Off to the gym", Ted boomed in his deep baritone voice. He roughly pulled Tom's head from his cock and shoved the 205 pound bodybuilder away. He got dressed and strutted out off the bathroom. Tom waited to get up from the tilled floor until he heard the door slam shut and the beastly teen's car race off. He wiped the sticky remnants of the teen beast's orgasm from his face and wrapped a towel around his muscular waist. He walked through the hallway on his way to grab some breakfast when the small Chris emerged from his room. "You have to see this, man", Chris said to the 40 pounds heavier bodybuilder and went back in his room. "What?", Tom asked and stepped inside. "ME!", Jeremy boomed and grabbed the bodybuilder's wrists. Tom struggled with all his might but his opponent outsized him by 60 pounds of pure muscle. He tried resisting but the bigger god head-butted him and he crashed down. "Put him on the bed", Chris said to his huge lover. Jeremy did as he was told and swiftly tossed the knocked out bodybuilder atop his mattress. "Now strip", Chris said. He pulled away Tom's towel and took off his own clothes. He looked at how the nude Tom eclipsed him completely. He looked up and stared at the naked, muscular perfection as Jeremy stood next to the bed and dwarfed the other bodybuilder. "Go stand at the end of the mattress", he said to Jeremy as he laid down and put his head against the naked Tom. Jeremy moved as instructed and looked down on the two smaller men lying on the mattress, his dick plump at the thought of growing even bigger. "What are you waiting for, big guy? Get your cock in me. I want to feel you grow massive", Chris said. Jeremy blinked at the remark but noticed the determined look in his smaller lover's eyes. He slowly sat down on his knees at the end of the mattress and pulled the smaller guy toward him. He gently eased his now fully hard 7 incher inside his lover without removing his gaze from the smaller guy's blue eyes. "Fuck ", Chris grunted in pleasure as he felt the huge bodybuilder's pubes brush against his ass. His back arched up in sheer bliss and he fell back down, his head touching the knocked out Tom's torso. "Ready to grow beastly?", he asked and looked into his already huge lover's eyes. Jeremy nodded, his lust as strong as his smaller lover's one. "Here we go", Chris said, " Gargak Profundis atque venerabilis, Ggrrtjzaku dzedzikoirku! Translatio vigoris mei et essentiae meae, Ggrrtjzaku dzedzikoirku!". A surge of power shot through his 159 pound body as a wave of hotness flowed from the knocked out bodybuilder into him. At the same time a coldish weakness formed in his stomach and a draining feeling formed in his ass. "Yeah", Jeremy grunted as he felt a jolt of hotness tingle along his rock-hard 7 incher and flow into him. The feeling spread across his 265 pound physique. He closed his eyes and threw back his head in pleasure. The mixed feelings of warmth and cold, strength and weakness whirled through Chris. His lust for turning his lover into beastly perfection intensified the spell and he felt the power flowing from his ass into the throbbing cock inside him. Jeremy's eyes were still closed in pleasure as he felt a warm pump flow from his rock-hard 7 incher into his stomach and spreading across his thickly muscled frame. "Mugh", he groaned as he felt his steely muscles harden all over his godly body. . His body surged with growth, powered by Tom's muscles and Chris' desire to make him colossal. Chris' eyes widened in lust and admiration as he stared at the unbelievably hot scene unfolding in front of him: his huge lover evolved into sheer, colossal muscular perfection. Veins exploded across the growing masses of hard, meaty muscles as the 265 pound bodybuilder swelled beyond huge. His already broad shoulders doubled in width as his delts turned into cannonballs; his meaty pecs tripled in size, forming half-watermelon-sized slabs of beef that made his nipples point straight down and formed a rack that obscured half of his developing six-pack; his six-pack evolved accordingly and his abs grew into cobblestone-sized, hard bricks and turned into an armor-hard eight-pack; his 22 inch arms ballooned to 35 inches in mere seconds, turning his thick arms into meaty hams hanging at his sides; his heavily muscled quads that were positioned beside Chris' torso, thickened into tree-sized pillars of muscle and pushed into the smaller guy's sides. Chris' legs, wrapped around his swelling lover's torso, were pushed open as the strong lower back broadened and overpowered them. His ass, stretched tight around the growing cock deep inside it, was pulled up as the huge bodybuilder also grew in height. The sight and feeling of his heavily muscled lover growing in front and inside of him was too much for Chris. His own throbbing 7 incher twitched and smacked against the corrugated landscape that was the beastly eight-pack. "Jeremy!", he yelled out in lust as he exploded against the cobblestone-sized abs, his meager load squirting into the deep ridges between the thick, hard muscles. Jeremy opened his eyes as he felt the liquid rub against his stomach and heard his former rival groan his name. He gazed down and noted how childishly small His lover looked next to him. A grin spread across his face as an idea crossed his mind. "Wrap your legs around me. tight", he rumbled in his deepened baritone. The muscle god's deep voice vibrated in Chris' body and made him blow another load against the steely eight-pack. Instinctively, he did as he was told and tightened his legs around the marble-like hard torso. Jeremy felt the legs tighten against his more-than-hard lower back. He then stood up in a swift motion, his tree-sized quads flexing in the process. With his ham-like arms hanging at his sides, he supported the small guy's weight with his rock-hard cock. The pleasure combined with the look of utter reverence in the small guy's eyes sent him over the edge. He grabbed hold of his lover with his right paw, covering half his torso as his cock exploded hard and violently inside the tight ass. He saw his lover's stomach bloat as load after load of his thick spunk blasted in him. After ten heavy shots, his orgasm cooled down and he slowly pulled the small guy from his cock. His eyes widened as inch after inch of thick, meaty cock appeared from the frail ass. "Like it? I thought your cock should match your colossal muscle. So I adapted the spell a bit", Chris said with a grin and let his hands roam the stony mass of the muscle god's 35 inch right arm. Jeremy simply stared at his now 15 incher that protruded proudly in front of his majestic body. "Yeah! Huge like Ted!", he boomed in his deepened voice and put his lover gently down on the mattress. "But way better looking. Your proportions are perfect. Seems like you grew taller to match your new size", Chris said in utter amazement. Unlike his bulky looking cousin, Jeremy still maintained his perfect symmetry, looking like a colossal, yet capable-of-swift-movements athlete. Jeremy simply looked contest ready: his paper-thin skin was wrapped tightly around his bulging muscles; striations were visible on every mound of hard beef even though he stood fully relaxed. Jeremy threw a few poses to showcase his new physique, his skin stretching to accommodate the new girth of his massive, vein-decorated muscles. "Fuck! Look at my bi's! Boulders of beef!, he said as he raised his arms in a double bicep pose, making the meaty mounds swell into their now 35 inches. He lowered his arms and bounced his pecs. The protruding rack of muscles danced atop his chest, striations and veins undulating across the half watermelons crammed under his stretched skin. He shook his tree-sized left leg, making the incredible mass of his quads role from left to right, and flexed it: deep canyons exploded aside the thick heads of muscle fed by veins snaking over them. His slowly deflating, still half-hard cock jolted and smacked against the steely hard leg. "Thanks man", he said as he relaxed his leg and looked down at his small lover on the mattress, "you made my bigger beyond my wildest dreams. Even after I stole your size. How can I ever repay you?". He gently grabbed hold of the smaller guy's armpits and lifted him off the mattress. "We'll figure something out, big guy", Chris said, enjoying the feeling of being hoisted up by the most beautiful man he'd ever seen. He wrapped his arm around the muscle god, or tried to. His huge lover's back was so wide that his arms didn't make it past the massive, cannonball-sized delts: his frail hands grabbed the meaty mass of the rear delt, unable to dent the hard surface. He leaned into the massive body, the protruding rack of pecs pleasurably pressing against his own weak chest, and kissed the muscle god's lips. Jeremy returned his smaller lover's kiss. He wrapped one anaconda-like arm gently around the 159 pound guy to support him, his free paw grabbed the back of the guy's head and pulled him in; at the same time, his tongue invaded his lover's mouth. Chris was overwhelmed with pleasure and his cock raced back to hardness between his own softened abs and the concrete-like eight-pack. Black dots began dancing before his eyes as the muscle god kept kissing him. He tapped the rear delts with all his might to make clear he was in need of air. Jeremy grumbled at the soft tickles of his small lover against his shoulders. He opened his eyes and noticed the dark red color of the guy's face, realizing he was suffocating. He broke the kiss. Chris inhaled deeply as he let his body rest against the hot, hard surface of the now colossal Jeremy. The sound of the back door slam shut signaled Ted's return. "Yo, Tom!", the beastly teen boomed as he tossed his gym bag on the floor. "Where ya hidding, ya runt?", he yelled as he took a gallon of milk from the fridge, mixed it with an insane amount of protein powder and gulped down the impossibly large drink in three long gulps. "My cousin's bony ass will have to do", he said to himself and strutted out off the kitchen. The sound of the heavy footsteps slowly climbing the stairs vibrated through the house as the teen beast went up. Chris jumped up on his mattress as the door of his room was ripped open violently. He instinctively crawled back against the wall as his massive cousin swaggered inside. A smug grin formed on Ted's lips at his weak cousin's reaction and at the look of fear in his eyes. He slowly walked toward the mattress against the furthest wall of the room. His cock twitched in anticipation inside his boxers. Despite having jerked three times in the shower after his workout, he was ready for another round. "STOP TIGHT THERE!" A deep, booming command filled the room, rolled against the walls and rattled the windows. Ted turned around in surprise. The grin disappeared from his face as a huge man worked his way through the door. "Who the fuck…?", he asked without taking his eyes off the colossal bodybuilder. "Don't you recognize me?", Jeremy asked and stood still just inside the room, "I did get a little bigger since our last meeting". He clenched his right fist, making his forearm ripple with strength as its corded muscles tensed and his upper arm harden in the process. Ted's eyes glistened as he recognized Jeremy. He scanned the massive muscles on the guy's bare torso and noticed he was wearing a pair of his sweatpants that were nicely filled out by his legs. "Let's ditch this", Jeremy said and moved toward the teen beast with one long stride. He grabbed the guy's shirt and tore if off his beastly body in a swift motion, exposing the other giant's torso. Standing 6 feet tall, Ted had to look up to look in the now massive Jeremy's eyes. He took an instinctive step backward. Chris stared at the two giant's. At 6'5, Jeremy towered above his cousin, but the beastly teen's muscles looked bigger on his more compact frame. Coming direct from the gym, his cousin's shoulders and arms were still pumped. "No longer the biggest stud", Jeremy said to Ted and bounced his pecs as he spoke, "Let's go and don't bother us ever again!". Ted looked at the half watermelons dance atop the other giant's chest. He closed his right paw in a fist, pulled back his massive arm and slammed it with all his might into the deeply grooved eight-pack in front of him. Jeremy blinked in surprise: the sledgehammer-like fist had hit his cobblestone-sized abs at full force with a loud smack but the punch had bounced off the steely hard surface without even denting it. "That all you got?", he asked mockingly and returned the favor. Ted couldn't believe that his devastating blow hadn't done any damage. Before he could react, the other giant slammed his own fist into his six-pack. He grunted faintly as he felt his strong abs give in slightly. He threw another punch against the eight-pack, but Jeremy clenched his abs just in time, making the punch bounce off once more. Jeremy saw the look of disbelieve on the beastly teen's face and hit the guy's six-pack a second time. This time his fist encountered a fully flexed brick-like wall, not giving in the slightest. Ted didn't give the huge bodybuilder any time to pull back his thick arm: he grabbed hold of the guy's massive shoulders and pulled him down. Chris saw the two giants slump down and continue their fight on the floor. It was a pile of heaving, sweaty muscle that rolled back and forth, paws locked into each other and straining as the two muscle gods fought for dominance. Ted somehow ended up on top and threw a hard punch in Jeremy's face, bruising his left cheek as the bodybuilder turned his head to avoid the punch. Ted grabbed hold of Jeremy's clawing arms and pushed them down to the floor behind the guy's head. "Not so tough after all", he grunted as he tried to bring down the massive arms completely. Jeremy fought back and managed to block the teen beast's advance. His tree-sized arms shook with effort against the inhumane strength of his opponent. He suddenly gave in and pulled with all his force, making the beastly teen lose his balance and fall forward over him. Ted rolled over the other giant and quickly jumped back on his feet. He turned around and saw Jeremy charge at him. He braced his 367 pound body for the impact but the momentum of the bodybuilder's 365 pound body threw him backward against the wall. The wall cracked with a loud sound and in a cloud of dust, the two giants knocked through it and crashed into the master bedroom. Ted blinked his eyes in mild pain: his back ached a bit from breaking through the wall. He looked around and a hard punch slammed into his six-pack. "Ugh", he grunted as some air was forced out of him and his abs dented in. "Get up!", Jeremy groaned as he withdrew his fist and took a step back. Ted stared up at his colossal opponent. He closed his paw around a thick, wooden beam between the debris from the wall. He sprang up and smacked the beam hard against the massive Jeremy's protruding chest, shattering it to shreds as it made contact with the slabs of muscle. "ugh", Jeremy grunted in surprise and pain at the impact. He stumbled back a bit, more in surprise than in pain. Ted moved in and punched the huge bodybuilder's lower back, hitting him in the kidneys. "Ugh", Jeremy groaned a bit louder and sank down on one knee as a second sucker punch hit him in the kidneys. He felt the beastly teen's hands pass underneath his armpits to take him in a full nelson. He leaned forward, pulling the teen beast off balance. Ted released his grip to regain his balance and his opponent was up in a flash. He reached for the massive Jeremy but the guy made the same move and their hands locked together. Chris didn't dare to move. He followed the fight by the sounds coming from the other room. He knew the two giants would crush him, even by accident, if he got in their way. Jeremy and Ted stood fighting to get the upper hand, their huge anaconda-sized arms straining and bulging from the effort and their hands moving back and forth. Ted threw everything he got into the fight, but the other muscle god did the same. Their faces were red from the effort, their chests heaving and their mounds of muscles pumped with blood. Ted felt his strength fading slightly: he'd worn out his muscles in the gym earlier. His legs started to shake slightly as he summoned more power to stand his ground. Jeremy noticed the hardening strain on the beastly teen's face and felt the faint quiver go through the guy's 35 inch arms. He suddenly stopped pushing. Ted was taken by surprise by the other muscle god's maneuver: he lost his balance and fell forward, smacking into the massive torso in front of him. Jeremy had anticipated this and unlocked his hands from the other bodybuilder's. He wrapped his arms around the beastly teen's torso and applied a bone crushing bear hug. Ted squirmed in the vice-like grasp. He clenched his fist to make his arms swell and harden. He summoned every ounce of strength and managed to loosen the hold. Jeremy felt his hands slide apart as the beastly teen squirmed and flexed in his grasp. The 367 pound guy's power couldn't be denied and he had to release his bear hug. Ted inhaled deeply to refill his lungs with oxygen. He didn't allow his opponent to recover: he quickly wrapped his own 35 inch arms around the bodybuilder's torso and pressed with all his remaining strength. "Ugh", Jeremy grunted more in surprise than pain. Despite the beastly teen's efforts, his own muscles withstood the attack. He could even feel the 367 pound guy's power wear off. "YEAH!", he roared deeply as he broke free from the hold and shoved the teen beast back hard. Ted was caught by surprise as he was overpowered for the first time in years. "No", he blurted in disbelief and fell backward. It felt like juvy all over again: for an instant he was once again the wimpy, skinny boy being picked on by the bigger guys. Jeremy moved in: het grabbed the beastly teen's sweatpants and lifted the 367 pound guy up. "Now leave us alone!", he roared and threw the teen beast through the door, sending him crashing into the bathroom. He felt all powerful after taking down his colossal opponent and began flexing his superb physique in the large mirrors against the furthest wall. Ted shook his head and blinked his eyes. He was lying in the middle of the bathroom along with the contents of the cupboard he'd knocked down when he flew in. He noticed a familiar, black, little box amidst the heap. He opened it with shaking hands and 6 doses of the new designer steroids he was on, rolled in his paw. He grabbed an empty syringe and filled it with three doses. He lowered his skintight sweatpants and overstuffed boxers and injected the thick fluid in his left testicle. He repeated the process for his right testicle. A rush of warmth, energy and adrenaline radiated from his balls into his body. He pulled his boxers and pants back up and got up. He turned around and saw the other colossal bodybuilder flexing in the lengthy mirror inside the master bedroom. Jeremy ogled his majestic physique in the mirror: he couldn't wait to get on stage and crush his puny competitors. He couldn't even call them 'rivals': he would outclass them in every way possible. He closed his eyes as feelings of dominance and victory filled his mind. A hard blow on his lower back made him come back to reality. A second one knocked the wind from him and made him slump down on one knee. In the mirror he saw Ted standing there. "Didn't have enough?", he asked as he got up. Two heavy punches on his upper back made him sink back down. Ted saw the look of pain on the massive Jeremy's face and stepped back, motioning him to get up. Jeremy got up and turned to face the beastly teen. He moved in and once more, their hands locked into each other to fight for dominance. His 35 inch arms bulged and shook as he pushed with all his might. His pumped muscles started to burn from the earlier fight. Ted 's equally meaty arms shivered also but he could feel the designer steroid doing its work: the massive dose injected into his balls was forcing them to produce testosterone beyond human levels. He felt his arms pulse with power as the tremendous amount of testosterone began releasing into his bloodstream. Jeremy felt fatigue and cramp spreading slowly across his bulging arms. He would swear that the beastly teen's resistance was stronger than before he'd beaten the guy and seemed to get stronger with every passing second. Ted saw the increased strain on his huge opponent's face and felt the mild, but now steady shiver go through the 365 pound bodybuilder's massive arms. More energy flowed into his own anaconda-like arms with every surge of testosterone his balls released into his bloodstream. He felt his own strength increasing and the resistance in his grasp grow weaker and weaker. Jeremy couldn't prevent the shaking of his mighty arms: fatigue and cramps tormented his bulging biceps and corded forearms. Sweat was rolling from his forehead over his cheeks from the effort. He flexed his tree-sized quads, his legs hardening into an impressive sight, to summon every bit of strength left inside him. Ted felt the increased power of his opponent against his grasp, but his freshly energized and continually fed arms repelled the attack. Jeremy's entire body was starting to tremble as he fought with everything he had against the beastly teen. He suddenly stopped pushing and pulled to throw the teen beast off balance. Ted's colossal body didn't budge an inch as the 365 pound bodybuilder tried pulling him in. Jeremy knew he was in trouble as his maneuver failed: spasms and cramps shot through his body as he felt his strength waning further and further. "My turn", Ted said in a somehow deeper voice and yanked at his opponent's hands. Jeremy instantly lost his balance and smacked against the rock-hard torso of the teen beast. His head shot back and he groaned in pain as the beastly teen's meaty arms closed around his own hyper-muscled torso. Ted didn't flex his arms or clench them together: he simply held the 365 pound bodybuilder in his steely grasp. By now, the testosterone was flowing rapidly into his muscles, making them swell and harden. Jeremy tried squirming free, but his fatigued muscles protested. He knew he had to let them recover and pretended he passed out to fool his opponent. He felt the steely grasp tighten and harden with every passing second. He inhaled deeply and made his move. He summoned every ounce of strength he could scrape together in his 365 pound body and squirmed with everything he had. Ted felt the massive Jeremy's resistance, but it was no use: it felt feeble and didn't budge his hardening arms a bit. The testosterone coursing through his body and now flooding his muscles had totally refreshed his energy levels. The time Jeremy had taken to make his own muscles recover, Ted had grown 20 pounds heavier. Jeremy opened his eyes and a look of pure horror filled his face: the beastly teen that held him tightly secured in his grasp was clearly growing. He tried resisting, but his own majestic body didn't move an inch inside the vice-like hold. An evil grin spread across Ted's lips at the look on the huge bodybuilder's face. It felt like the guy was getting lighter and lighter in his grasp, but he knew it was his own body that grew beastlier with every passing second. His once 35 inch arms were rounding the 40 inch mark as he felt his growth slowdown. His body now matched Jeremy's exactly in height, but he outsized the 365 pound muscle god by 50 pounds of pure, hard muscle. Jeremy howled in pain as the teen beast hardened his biceps and made the stony boulders dig into his own heavily muscled flanks. "Let's end this once and for all", Ted growled in an insanely deep baritone that rattled the windows and hardened his flex. Jeremy flexed with all his remaining might to withstand the crushing power but it was no use: he passed out as his ribs gave in with a sickening, cracking sound. "Yeah!", Ted boomed as he crushed the 365 pound bodybuilder's ribs. He pulled back his right arm, made a huge fist and smacked it hard into the muscle god's face. The stony fist sank deep into the once epitome of male beauty and now bloody mess that was Jeremy's face. "NO!" The weak cry made the beyond colossal Ted turn around. He saw his puny cousin standing in the opening of the shattered wall. He tossed the now lifeless Jeremy hard on the floor and moved toward his childish-looking cousin. "Ya're next!"… The end?
  2. MuscleAndBulge

    muscle growth The Life Changing Discovery

    This is my first attempt at a story. I wrote and posted it on MetaBods a couple of years ago and then didn't return to it until recently. I hope you enjoy, and look forward to new chapters in the future. This is the story Stew, a short and scrawny teenager. But after he discovers a magical artifact, his life becomes bigger and better. ~~~~~ Stew was a typical teenage guy. He had just started college, but he was off for the summer. He studied at a local school, so he lived with his parents. Stew had only made a few friends in high school, but he was trying to get out of his shell more now that he was in college. He had made a few friends in his program, and he had even gone on a few dates with some guys he’d met online. Stew was trying to be more outgoing, since he had been more introverted in high school and wanted to push the limits of his comfort zone. The sun was setting on a Saturday evening at the beach. Stew’s family liked to drive there and spend the day whenever they could. It was a bit of a family tradition. Stew didn’t want to go swimming after they had finished eating, so he unpacked his metal detector and set out looking for random things around the beach. After spending over an hour searching with nothing more than some broken jewelry and some pocket change to show for his effort, he decided to expand his search. He headed over some rocks away from the main part of the public beach. He figured he’d try some place that hadn’t been picked over by dozens of other metal detector enthusiasts. He got to another stretch of shore, but this one was much rockier and filled with seaweed. This must be why no one bothered with this stretch of beach. He started his sweeping pattern and set to work. After a few minutes, he got another hit. Pulling out his trusty spade, he set to work digging it up. He heard the telltale “ting” of metal on metal, letting him know he had found his target. He carefully excavated it and found what appeared to be some sort of metal lamp with ornate design covering the sides. He stashed it away in his backpack to take a closer look at it later. The sun had almost set now, and he was sure the rest of his family was getting ready to leave. He packed up his gear and made his way back to the parking lot. ***** Later that night, after they got home and unpacked everything from the car, Stew brought his stuff to the basement. Stew was the youngest of his brothers, and the only one that still lived with his parents. So, he had most of the basement to himself, and he set it up like a rec room. There was a couch, a TV, some chairs, and a desk to do homework in the corner. When he set down his backpack, he heard the clank of the things he had found at the beach and it reminded him of the strange lamp he found. He took it out of his backpack and sat at his desk to take a better look. It had some corrosion from being in the wet sand for who knows how long. Stew took out a rag and started to scrub some of the dirt away and get a better look at the designs on the side. Starting on one side, he worked his way around until he was back where he started. He squinted to take a better look and brought it closer to his face, when suddenly, it began to vibrate. Startled by this, he let go of it and it clattered onto the desk. It started to glow and rattle more violently. A plume of smoke started to come out of the opening, and the rattling seemed to slow down. The smoke started to become denser and take shape. A muscled torso of a man started to form before him, and stew noticed how buff and toned he was. It reminded of the men’s fitness magazines he had hidden away when he was too young to have his own computer. The man finally came into view, with teal skin and pointed ears pierced with several earrings. Stew and scooted back several feet during the events and was now staring at the strange new guest in his basement hideout with his mouth agape. “Hello” said the floating figure. “My name is Awah’Toh. I am the genie who lives in this lamp. I am here to grant you three wishes” “Holy shit” was all Stew could manage to come up with. The genie tilted his head curiously and said, “why would you bless feces?” This snapped Stew out of his awestruck lack of words. “Genies are real?” He said. The genie looked down and himself, then to the lamp, and then back to Stew and said “Clearly.” It appears a genie can be sarcastic. “So… you can actually grant me three wishes?” “Yes. However, there are limits on my magic. I cannot bring back the dead. I cannot control other people. And I cannot grant immortality. Besides this, I can give you anything you desire.” “So kinda like in Aladdin?” “Who?” Said the genie, puzzled. “Never mind.” Stew said, as his mind started to race with possibilities of what he could ask for. His mind went over the events of the days and started thinking of the beach. He thought about why he didn’t want to join his family when they went swimming. Stew was a rather small for his age. He hadn’t gotten a huge growth spurt in high school like a lot of his classmates had and seemed to have peaked at 5’6”. And he had little to show in the muscle department. His cock was nothing impressive, maxing out at 4” hard. He hated taking his shirt off because it would show off how thin and small he was. That’s why it had been a few years since he had gone swimming at the beach. Being in the water with nothing but his swim trunks showed off everything he didn’t like about his figure. As though a light bulb went off in his head, he made eye contact with the genie and asked “this isn’t one of those monkey paw situations where these wishes turn out to be curses or something, right?” “I’m not familiar with this, but I can assure you, I wish you no ill will” “Alright then. I wish I could make my body bigger” He said decisively. “Very well” the genie nodded slowly, then pointed his fingers at Stew. There was no light and no sparks. Nothing but some fingers pointed. “Did it work?” asked Stew skeptically. “Why not give it a try? Think of the changes you want and see what happens” After finished his hand motion, the genie crossed his arms over his chest. As he did so, his muscles flexed and showed off their size. This gave Stew all the inspiration he needed. He concentrated on these muscles and thought of how he wanted the same thing. His body felt strange. It wasn’t unpleasant, perhaps even good. As thought a thousand tiny hands were massaging his skin at once. He looked down at himself and saw the changes unfold. His chest started to expand under his loose-fitting shirt. His arms were getting thicker too, making his sleeves tight. His shirt was now too tight for him. Moving his arms made the shirt bunch and stretch in ways Stew was not familiar with. His jeans were also becoming snug around his legs as he filled them out more and more. The changes slowed to a stop. Stew started to touch his arms and chest to make sure they were real, and sure enough they were very real. He looked at the genie and smiled. “This is amazing!” “I’m glad you enjoy my handiwork” he said with another slow nod. Stew’s mind was going wild now as thoughts started jumping around inside his head. “How big can I get?” He asked with an excited tone. “You never wished for a maximum size, so there isn’t one” Awah’Toh said matter-of-factly. This brought on another wave of excitement for Stew. He looked over at his computer and remembered the pictures of morphed muscle men he had seen online. He thought about one of his favourite photos and held the image in his head. But before he did anything else, he ran over to the old full-length mirror that had been stored in the corner of the room after some renovations. Stew was now ready and thought about how he wanted to look like that morphed man with the exaggerated features. He watched in the mirror as his muscles once again started to expand. His shirt got tighter and tighter until the seams started to rip, and his new flesh started to spill out of the tears. He got caught up in the moment and flexed to see how it looked in the mirror. Just then, his shirt reached its limit and fell off in tatters, revealing Stew’s now bulging and growing torso. His muscles continued to expand, his shoulders getting wider and his pecs growing outwards until Stew’s chin bumped into them as he tried to look down. His abs formed a tight eight-pack of fist sized bulbs that each cast their own shadow. His biceps were the size of bowling balls and his triceps looked twice as big as a normal bodybuilder’s would be. After scoping out the changes that happened above his waist, Stew realized that his jeans looked like leggings and the seams were held together by threads. Shortly after he realized how strained they were, he bent over to examine the damage. This caused his muscles to flex. Almost like rip-off pants, they fell away from his legs, leaving him standing there in nothing but his underwear. “Wow” Was all Stew could say. He turned around, inspecting his new proportions in the mirror. He would flex and turn and flex and turn, amazed by the results. He loved how he looked now. The feeling of his new strength felt amazing. But after a few minutes of looking at himself in the mirror for a few minutes, something started to bother stew. He looked at his junk. It was covered by his briefs. He had worn a special spandex pair for his trip to the beach, just in case he decided to go swimming. His cock had felt small before, but with his new swollen muscles grown to huge proportions, it looked comically small under the blue stretchy fabric. “Is something wrong? Are you not satisfied with your wish?” Piped up the genie. Stew felt sheepish all of a sudden. “Does… Does it work on uhh…” his voice trailed off, embarrassed by what he wanted to ask. It was comical how this gargantuan wall of muscle was fidgeting with the waistband on the only piece of clothing he wore. “Can it work on my cock?” he finally blurted out. “You wished to make your body bigger. Your cock, as you call it, is part of your body, is it not?” Stew’s heart began to race with the new ideas coming to mind. This time Stew simply thought about how he wanted a bigger dick. He didn’t think of anything for inspiration. Just simply: bigger. Then, on command just like his previous changes, his underwear began to fill. The change was slow at first. His dick started to show through the fabric, outlining the growing member. It slowly grew to fill the pouch, then it began to push beyond the boundaries of what was normal. It stuck out further and further in front of him, growing to the size of a cantaloupe. Stew could finally see the bulge over his pecs. This was substantial, because of how huge his pecs were now. Looking in the mirror again, Stew surveyed his new addition. He touched the bulge with his whole hand. His bulge jiggled somewhat, then a shock of pleasure coursed threw his cock. This surprised Stew. It was as though the sensitivity of his cock had grown along with the size. He rubbed the front of the pouch, feeling it stretch as he pushed it from side to side, enjoying the sensations that went along with the motions. Stew was beyond excited now. He couldn’t believe that this person he saw in the reflection was actually him. He loved every crevice and curve his body now had.
  3. Dedicated to all the big fat musclepiggys out there and their musclebros! Hunter's Moon by bjort Beef was excited. He could feel the anticipation growing in his mind and his muscles and in his cock as he sat in a First-Class seat west bound. It was hunting season! And that meant he would soon rendezvous with his hunting partner and brother-in-muscle, Brick. He could not wait! Brick was on a similar jet at this minute. He had been away on business for several weeks and they had arranged to meet this way when they had planned their annual hunting trip. They would meet up at the airline's hub and fly on to their destination together, also in First Class as befitted a pair of massive muscle studs. Beef wasn't sure either of them could ever squeeze into what passed for a seat in Coach again! Beef had missed Brick for the weeks his muscle partner had been away. He smiled to imagine how much they had both grown since Brick had made him one of the Brotherhood almost exactly one year ago. He absently stroked his bulging pec and hardening nipple as he thought of the muscleman he had become and thanked providence for the 10,000th time that Brick had found him. It had been an ordinary August weeknight in the gym, rainy and kinda slow. Beef wasn't even called Beef then. He had always loved muscle--been obsessed with it since he could remember really. He had finally decided to do something about it, at least as far as his own body was concerned. He had always exercised from college on, but never gained much real muscle. As muscle lust grew in him over the years, he read up on weight training and joined a convenient gym with good equipment and a minimum of annoying attitude. He had been at it for a couple of years and made some decent gains. He had not, however, gone nearly as far as his burning desire for muscle demanded. He was consumed by thoughts of becoming huge. He wanted others to admire his bulging muscles and strength. He also slowly came to understand that he desired men with muscle--to worship them and to share their masculine power. Thoughts of muscle had occupied his waking hours, almost to the exclusion of everything else. Something held him back around the few true musclemen that frequented his gym though--a fear of rejection or worse, and also a feeling of not being worthy of the attention of men whom he had idolized since first discovering bodybuilding on TV as a child. On this rainy night all that changed. The gym was nearly empty. Beef had just started his workout when he heard a deep voice behind him say "mind spotting me on the bench bro?" He turned and there was Brick--280 pounds of bald hot bear muscle in a stringer and a tight pair of shorts that left very little to the imagination. Beef's brain froze as he stood and ogled in fairly awkward silence. "Yo! Dude? A spot?" The muscle god repeated with just a hint of amusement in his voice, as if he knew the effect his presence was having on Beef's muscle addled brain. "Uhhh sure thing!" said Beef suddenly like an overeager puppy, holding out is hand. "Lead the way big guy!" "You can call me Brick." He said taking Beef's hand and clasping him hard on the shoulder with the other. "And I think I will call you Beef cuz you got some nice meat going on their buddy". As they walked toward the bench Beef new muscle buddy put his arm across Beef's shoulders in a bro hug, all the while keeping his other hand firmly clasped in Beef's. Beef blushed and felt a strange giddiness in his gut and brain. He had never been praised for his muscle before, let alone by a stud like this, ever! Brick smiled and muttered to himself "Oh yeah, prime alpha material…" Beef wondered at that but was too excited to be with this super stud to think much. "Ok Brick" Beef said in an excited voice "Let's lift!" It was an epic workout. They worked chest and shoulders alternately. Brick pushed Beef to new personal records on every exercise and Beef did the same for his new lifting buddy. Beef marveled at Bricks thick solid muscles and had to force himself not to stare, and not to get hard, watching this gorgeous stud pump up. Each time he spotted Brick on bench press he was mesmerized by the rise and fall of his magnificent pecs. Even more difficult, when he was being spotted Brick positioned himself so Beef had an amazing view of his thick quads and his ample package, which if Beef was not mistaken was also sporting half a stiffy! After a workout like no other in his life, Brick finally patted Beef on the shoulder and said, "Ok tiger that's a damn good workout, let's see how we pumped up." He pointed to the locker room and gave Beef a nudge. In they strode and took up side by side positions in front to full length mirrors. Beef made as if to strike a pose, but Brick stopped him. "No way buddy, we are gonna get a proper look at the Beef. Off with that baggy ass shirt." Beef gaped. He had never taken his shirt off in the gym before, let alone in front of a muscleman like Brick. He blushed a deep crimson. "Ah c'mon Beef, show Brick what you got muscleman." He whispered as he leaned over and gave Beef's pec and slight squeeze and his hardening nipple a light teasing brush. Sparks ran up and down Beef's spine and straight to his cock which started to stand straight up! Off came the shirt, followed by Bricks own stringer. Poses followed--side chest, double bi, back double bi and face to face most musculars which bought low growls from both men. They didn't care if anyone else was watching (which they weren't as gym was nearly empty) or for anything else in the world at that point. They were muscle brothers reveling in the afterglow of an awesome workout and a great pump. As they faced front again Brick slid around behind Beef and put his hands on the smaller man's shoulders. "You see this muscle you have Beef?" He asked squeezing it gently. "Yeeesss" Beef whispered, enthralled by Brick's electric touch. Brick moved closer pressing his hard bulging muscles against Beef's back. "Do you feel the power and potential in these muscles?" he asked moving his hands around to stroke Beef's pumped pecs and fully erect nips. "Ohhhh fuuuuck yeeeesss Brick." He whispered in growing ecstasy. He could feel Bricks warm breath on his neck, and he nuzzled Beef traps and shoulders and pressed his hardening cock into Beef's tight muscular ass. Brick turned Beef around to face him, looking deep into his eyes. "I can feel your desire Beef. I felt it from a great long way off." He raised one of his bulging arms and flexed. "You have wanted this for a long time, haven’t you?" Beef buried his face in the proffered arm and said, "Yes Brick, for oh so long." Brick raised Beef's face up and gave him the most passionate kiss he had ever had. "You got it muscleman. I am going to make you a muscle brother." Beef was dizzy with it all- swept off his feet. "But?" he stammered. "No time for butts except this one." Brick said squeezing Beef's ass playfully. "C'mon, let's get cleaned up and get a late supper. I will answer all your questions. We have two months before the Hunter's Moon. Make sure your calendar is clear for the second week in October. We are going to Minnesota." ************** Beef awoke to the announcement that they were on final approach to the airline's hub. He had been dreaming of that magical Hunter's moon the previous October when he had been hunted by his massive muscle lover in the north woods on Minnesota. He raised his seat back and buckled his seat belt around his tight waist. As he caressed his hard and deep cut abs, he felt a judder of excitement travel through him and he knew that could only mean one thing. His muscle brother and partner was near and they were going hunting together for the first time! 20 minutes later Beef entered the airline's club for high end passengers. He and Brick always flew First as there was really no choice. They were just too damn big to fly coach anymore, especially given the way the airlines had shrunk the space allotted to a coach passenger to the equivalent of a postage stamp. What with Brick traveling a ton for work, they had plenty of miles racked up for perks like the ultra deluxe lounge at the airline hub. The attendant took Beef's carry on and jacket as Beef immediately spotted his massive super stud partner in an oversized armchair by the bar. Honestly, it was the only place that would hold his giant frame and humongous muscles. Beef broke into a huge smile as Brick put down his drink and rose to his fill height to greet him. Brick was massive, at 6'5" and 360 pounds with a shaved head and granite jaw he cast a very imposing appearance indeed! They bear hugged and Brick gave a low growl. "Fuck it's good to see your Beefy stud. I think you have muscled up some in the last six weeks." Beef flexed his 6'4" 310-pound frame and growled back "Goddamn right Brickhouse." His nipples immediately hardened, brushing against his shirt material as his mighty slabs of bulging pec meat rose, straining material and buttons alike. "Mmmmmm, with you on the road Behemoth I didn't have much to do but lift like a mad man and jerk off thinking about you and hunting season." Beef whispered. Brick broke the hug and brought his massive bear paws around to squeeze his partner's rising and falling chest. They both thrust their hips slightly forward and felt their cocks greet each other through bulging pants. Brick gave his muscle lover a quick kiss and then asked "We got time. Wanna go for some quick fun in the can?" Beef gave a grunt and grinned. "Do muscle bears fuck in the woods? Let's go." A minute and a half later the two muscle gods were locked in a nicely appointed private men's room in another strong bear hug sharing a much more passionate kiss. "Damn I missed you babe!" said Beef as he gingerly unbuttoned his larger lover's shirt being careful not to muss it too much. They needed to look presentable for their next flight, after all. "Oh god me too!" said Brick struggling to peel his tight wife beater off his 360-pound frame. Brick chuckled, which made Beef's still imprisoned manhood twitch. "Help me off with this damn thing will ya Alpha stud?" That name also made Beef's cock push against his pants. It meant that Brick was in worshiping mode, and there was nothing in the entire sweet masculine universe that Beef liked more that to be worshiped as the muscle god he had become by the giant beast that had made him into one! Beef freed his partner of his undershirt, asking "Why the hell do you still wear these things babe?" Brick answered, "Force of habit." and grinned as they both tried together to free Brick from the ridiculously tight undergarment. "Looks like someone else blew up a bit in the last six weeks! Yum!!!" Beef exclaimed. “Fuck Brickhouse! Dunno if these things even come bigger than 8xl. It’s a mess! Let me toss it?" Brick blushed. "You just wanna see my nips get all perky under my shirt, ya big perv." He was surprisingly modest for such a massive muscle stud--as opposed to Beef who had become the quintessential cocky dom. Brick was right in that Beef loved to show off and never wore undershirts so that his nipples would stiffen when the fabric of his regular dress shirts rubbed against them. Beef liked to give the passers by a show, which is also why he almost always carried rather than wore his jacket. "Ok Alpha stud, go ahead." Brick said as he turned and appraised himself in the full-length mirror like a stock judge looking over a prime bull. Beef yipped with glee and tossed the shirt into the waste basket, turning quickly to survey the mountain of muscle in front of him. Damn, if Brick wanted, he could easily shred and kick everyone's ass on any bodybuilding stage, including the Olympia. But it was just not in him to put on skimpy posers and fake tan and work it in front of a crowded auditorium under hot lights. Not to mention that display of that sort was strictly outlawed by the Brotherhood. "I think I have gained a bit of muscle, as much as hotel gyms and bad food would allow babe." he said raising his arms into one of the most spectacular double biceps poses Beef had ever ogled. Beef ran his hands over bulging mountains that put Everest to shame and whistled with appreciation. Brick turned and reached for Beef's blue Oxford cloth shirt, already showing a pair of very perky nips. "C ‘mere Alpha, I need to see what you have done in the last six weeks." Brick careful unbuttoned and removed the shirt, being sure to tease Beef's already semi-hard nipples until they looked like two missiles emerging from their silos. "Ohhhhh baby!" Beef moaned. "Careful with those nips or you will have me jizzing in my pants… and what would the first-class crew think of that!?" Brick grinned and pressed his crotch into Beef's rapidly hardening and lengthening rod. "Well, they would likely want some and you are all mine Alpha stud! GRRRRR!!!" Shirt and two pairs of trouser were quickly set aside revealing massive bulges, Beef's about to burst out of dazzling hunter green camo posers and Brick's filling out a very hot looking wet look poser in a more traditional camo pattern. Brick wolf whistled "Damn! lookee that huge package all done up for your first-time hunting babe!!!" Brick reached down and stroked his lover's shimmering green clad monster, already straining to escape. Beef moaned and looked down at Bricks sizable and expanding bulge. "Awwwww, that's the same type of camo you wore last year for turning me in Minnesota! You are such a huge sentimental muscle beast!" Brick blushed in completely cute way that should have been impossible for such a huge and imposing looking stud. "These are new, the old ones…" Beef kissed him, interrupting the thought and then said, "I remember lover, now come worship your Alpha before I cream in my new camos!" More passionate kisses ensued which quickly evolved into Brick making his way down Beef's incredible muscle packed torso, nuzzling traps then spending time tongue teasing and squeezing his tremendous pecs and iron hard bullet nipples. "DAAAAAAMN, I have missed you big Brickhouse!!!" Beef moaned as his cock, completely hardwired to his chest and nips, rose to its full thick magnificence. Brick took to his knees, making sure to give proper service to each of Beef's eight pack abs, before landing at the base of his cock. "I have missed you too Alpha stud! Been thinking about nothing but worshiping you and sucking your giant cock and hunting with you for weeks!" As Brick began to stroke and suck Beef with the gusto of a condemned man given his last meal and a reprieve, Beef bent over and kissed the top of his super lover's head and ran his eager hands over his incredible traps, shoulders and arms, which Brick raised into another double biceps pose. Brick began to moan in ecstasy! Nothing made him harder and more excited than the look and feel of his muscle lover's bulging biceps flexing--and Brick new it. "YEEEAAAHHH MUSCLEMAN, YOUR ALPHASTUD IS GONNA CUM FOR YOUUUUUUU!!!" Buckets of pent up jizz spurted from Beef's big cock. Brick swallowed savoring the taste and power of his super stud lover, then eagerly released Beef's dick and rubbed it, still erupting like Mauna Kea, over his biceps and chest--which spurred Beef to produce even more cum. "Oh, fuck you taste like water in the desert baby." said Brick as he raised his head in time to receive another passionate kiss. Beef agreed. He loved the taste of his own manhood on his lover's lips and felt the electric thrill of their brotherly union every time they shared it. Brick rose and they lingered in each other's arms, running hand over each other and savoring slow luscious kisses and the intoxicating scent of their combined ultra-manhood. Finally, Brick looked at his watch. "C'mon babe. no time for more, we have just enough time to get cleaned up before our flight." ****************** They settled into their seats for the last leg of their journey just as the door was being closed for departure. Brick had been correct in that any additional fun in the First-Class lounge would have made them miss their flight. As it was, they arrived looking quite respectable with only the slight aroma of fresh man sex and testosterone laden sweat lingering about them. Both men were smiling to beat the band about being with each other again and could already feel the rising thrill of the pending hunt sparking between them. They were also both still semi- hard, an effect which Beef was sure was not lost on the crew and a few of their fellow passengers who gave looks mostly ranging from appreciative to downright lustful. Damn Beef loved being the object of this attention, and it always amused him that Brick was not nearly as fond of public display of muscle and male power as he was. "Different strokes" he thought as he squeezed his lover's giant hand as they took off. When the seat belt sign was turned off drinks and snacks were forthcoming, brought by a very cute and eager steward. As the couple settled in for the relatively short flight to their final destination Brick asked, "So what can you tell me about the prey?" Beef looked at Brick and saw a flash in his deep chocolate eyes that Beef was sure was fired right back from his own hazel gaze. They could both feel the hunt and the Hunter's moon calling them and the excitement level was already palpable for both. "Ahhhh Piggy…" said Beef to himself thinking of their target for the pending hunt. "Piggy? Really?" asked Brick. "That seems kind of mean Beefy…" Brick was such a kindhearted soul under that intimidating man mountain exterior, and Beef smiled broadly at his lover. "He named himself babe, and he is not wrong. He is physically huge, 450 pounds of fluff on a big solid frame! And he is a self-proclaimed Muscle pig. He lives eats and breaths men with muscle. He wants to be with us and one of us so badly babe you can feel it through the screen when we chat." Brick looked intrigued. "We have never hunted someone that big before. I didn't realize it just from the posts online." Beef smiled again, "He is very self conscious and hides it in what he posts, mostly. He says his people wear their fat well! I got him to open up." It was Brick's turn to smile. No one could turn on and reassure a would be worshiper like his Alpha stud, and Beef had been working on Piggy for a good long while. "I can taste him from long distance Brickhouse and this is going to be epic! You felt it when you just skyped to say hello, and you were a few hundred miles away." It was true. Brick had recently been on a quick layover in a major city a few hundred miles from their present destination, when Beef had asked him to join a three way skype. It was all very polite and friendly with Beef doing much of the talking, but Brick had gotten the sense that this guy they were talking too was ideal for the hunt. He said it felt like the vibes were coming right through his laptop and it had made him even less talkative than usual. It had also made him horny as hell! "So what do you think the results will be?" Beef asked Brick. "Dunno muscle stud, no one has ever hunted anyone that big, or, according to the Brotherhood, anyone who gave that much muscle vibe before." Said Beef. "I checked." Brick smiled at this. "Not even you ya big Alpha stud?" "Nope, my record is shattered." Said Beef with a mock frown and leaned his head against Brick's enormous shoulder and pec. Just then the steward came with a second round of drinks and let them know that they would be landing at their destination in about 20 minutes. "Well, Fuckin' A Beefy!" said Brick raising his glass to his muscle lover, "Here's to Piggy hunting!" ********************* A while later the gigantic couple collected their bags from the luggage carousel and headed out into a clear crisp fall afternoon. They could smell mountain pine and a hint of wood smoke as Beef checked his phone. "Piggy will be here in a minute." "How will we recognize him?" asked Brick. "Well, I doubt there will be too many other 450 lb dudes pulling up in the next while." Said Beef with a smile drawing in a deep breath. "But I can sense him from here!" Brick followed suit and shut his eyes. A jolt of energy hit him, shooting through his muscles. Brick stretched and said "Mmmmmm delicious!" Beef savored the feeling too and felt his big pants bulge twitch in anticipation of the night to come. "Easy big guy." He said to himself as Brick looked down in admiration. "All things in their proper time…" Brick grinned. "Damn right Beefy, no shows for the passersby." Just then a massive extended cab 4x4 pick up hove into view and stopped right in front of them. "Oh yeah, Piggy also drives a massive truck." Said Beef giggling. Sure enough their intended prey emerged from the driver's side of the truck and maneuvered around toward the two musclemen. Piggy was indeed huge. About 6' 2" and very big all over. Brick could see what he meant that he carried his fat well, but even with loose cloths and a plaid flannel over shirt there was no escaping the size of Piggy's gut, legs and ass. He was wicked fat. His face was not unhandsome, with close cropped blonde going salt and pepper hair and blue eyes. As he approached the pair, he suddenly came up short, blue eyes flashing and nearly bugging out of their sockets. He reached out as if the steady himself and managed to choke out only a hoarse "Wow!" Brick, being nearest, lunged forward and grabbed the swooning Piggy by the shoulder, feeling the solid foundation lurking under the fat and receiving another stronger charge of that mystical muscle energy he had been catching whiffs of for a while. "Wow yourself big guy." Brick said in a kindly low voice. "You ok?" Piggy steadied himself, giving Brick's massive arm a definite and appreciative squeeze, righted himself, and stared bashfully at the ground. "Dammit! I had all kinds of clever introduction lines thought up for this moment, an all I can do is get dizzy and say "Wow"…. Sheesh!" He blushed red and then looking back up at Brick said, "Thanks super stud." Brick smiled, squeezed back and whispered "My pleasure Piggy. I felt it too." Piggy beamed and Beef put his arm around Piggy's other shoulder, immediately savoring the energy that both Brick and Piggy were enjoying. "And how about a little musclebro hug for the Beefster?" "Of course, Beef!" chirped Piggy and they were suddenly engulfed in a three way bro hug on the side walk, each feeling the energy growing between them and grinning like idiots. Piggy murmured "Damn I can't believe my muscle gods are here, and hugging me, and it feels sooooo goooooood, and oh shit you guys smell awesome too…" A few of the other travelers were starting to stare at this massive man huddle, so Beef exerted significant self discipline and broke it off saying "C'mon dudes or we will make a serious spectacle of our selves!" All three adjusted themselves and proceeded to put the baggage in the back of the truck. Piggy took the wheel while Brick took shotgun and Beef stretched out in the very ample back seat. "Nice ride Piggy." Beef said as they left the airport access and moved onto a freeway. "Big rigs for big dudes." laughed Piggy as he jiggled his big gut with his free hand. Brick smiled at this "Works for all of us big dudes!" he said and flexed the arm nearest Piggy for emphasis. Once again that jolt of energy surged through all three of them! Beef reached over the seat back and gave his partner an appreciative squeeze while stroking his pec with is other hand “Mmmmm!" he murmured. "Shit fellas!" exclaimed Piggy as he jerked his gaze back to the road. "Ease off before I hit something from distraction, and we don't get there at all!" They all laughed at this, and Beef withdrew to the back seat. "So, what's the plan Piggy?" Brick asked trying to divert the conversation from the obvious. "Are we headed back to your place?" Piggy grinned. "Kinda Brick. We are gonna drive up into the mountains a bit and stop at my favorite old school roadhouse. I hope you studs like steaks!" Brick smiled back "Actually I'm Vegan buddy." He said in a serious sounding tone. Piggy goggled and looked crestfallen. "Oh…uh…" Both of the muscle hunks laughed together. "Don't buy any of the Brickhouse's bullshit Pigster, he could eat the whole damn cow in one sitting, and you would need another for me!" It was Piggy's turn to laugh! "Fuckers!" he said with a gigantic look of relief and happiness on his face. "Oh, you have no idea buddy, and we both could definitely do with a good meal under our belts." said Beef giving Brick a knowing look. "That is perfect because they have the best Prime Rib anywhere and tonight is Prime Rib night. We should get there right at suppertime." It was a lovely fall afternoon, mild with just a hint of briskness in the air. "Will we be coming back to town after?" asked Beef, thinking about moon rise. "Oh no." said Piggy "the family cabin in on a lake very near there. Indian Summer is the best time of year to be there, no one around and the aspens turning color, so I thought we would stay up there. I have been there getting it ready." He smiled again. "Sound good?" Piggy asked hopefully. "Do big muscle bears play in the woods Piggy?" exclaimed Brick “Damn well sounds perfect!" "Hell yeah!" said Beef and they all laughed again. They drove along winding a mountain highway as the afternoon mellowed into evening, chatting like old friends who had not seen each other in a long time. As it got toward evening, they pulled off the highway in front of an log building with an old school neon sign in front complete with martini glass. The place was done up in mountain rustic with heavy log furniture and a large stone fireplace with a cheery fire going in it. They were seated at once by a waitress that seemed to know Piggy and before long, they were having at glorious rare Prime Rib with all the fixings and a very complimentary red wine. "The family that has owned this place for ever… started out with vineyards in the Sonoma Valley, so the wine has always been as good as the beef” Beef and Brick smiled and Beef said "Mmmmm…. Beeeeef…" in his best Homer Simpson voice while bouncing his pecs in appreciation. Brick asked, "They seem to know you here Piggy, have you been coming here long?" "All my life." Said Piggy. "My great granddad logged up here when he was young and later on built one of the first summer cabins on the lake just up the road a piece. We always came here during our time at the cabin." They eventually emerged from the roadhouse very happy and full, but unusually for Piggy anyway, not sleepy. This was a surprise as they had not even had coffee. They piled into the truck as the light was getting softer and the smell of wood smoke added to the feeling of autumn mellowness surrounding them. They drove further along the highway for a few miles and then turned onto a well-maintained gravel road. Some way along they came to an automatic gate with Piggy activated from his phone. They drove on and eventually began to curve along the shore of a beautiful alpine lake, passing occasional cabins which all appeared to be closed up. At the end of the road, they came to a short driveway which curved toward a small cove with a beach. Nestled in the trees near a rocky point on the far side of the cove they came to a large and sturdy looking log structure--much more a house than a "cabin". "Well, here we are." said Piggy as they parked and began to unload. They went up a short flight of steps onto a wide shone porch overlooking the lake. Beef and Brick both stopped and starred at the stunning alpine view. Beef gave a whistle "Damn this is prime Piggy!" Brick just stared. The early evening sun was shimmering off the lake and the enticing small of pine trees and wood smoke tinged the air. "Benefits of being the first ones to stake out a building site." Said Piggy. "Great grandpa's company acquired the land way back and put in the road when the all-weather highway was built during the Depression. He and Grandpa built the cabin during the summers with some of the other loggers when times were slack, and the men needed work. “ Brick stomped his massive leg on the porch floor. "Looks damn solid. Perfect for big guys." Piggy blushed. "Yeah, big runs in the family." He said quietly with a tinge of embarrassment. He quickly moved to the big front door and opened it. "C'mon in." They entered a large main room with a beam ceiling. It was finished in knotty pine and had a log staircase to one side going up to a second floor. Opposite was a large stone fireplace with a banked fire already going. The room was furnished in old rustic casual with large substantial furniture. There were several bookshelves and a bar flanking large windows that overlooked the lake and French doors next to the fireplace that lead out onto a side deck. To the rear of the big room was a dining area with a very large table. Doors lead off from beyond the stairs to what was presumably the kitchen and other spaces. Piggy motioned toward the nearer of these doors. "Bring your stuff this way fellas." They followed him into a large bedroom with a gigantic log bed, matching dresser, nightstands, wardrobe and huge full-length mirror. On the wall was an old-fashioned wedding photo of a very burly looking man with a handlebar mustache in a derby hat and a pretty woman with a long flowing veil. "This was Great grandpa and Great grandma's room. He and Grandpa made all the furniture." Piggy gestured to a door on the interior wall. "The bathroom is through there. Plenty of room for you to stow your stuff in here." He said indicating the dresser and wardrobe. " I’m gonna go unbank the fire. The heater is on the wall if you need it. C'mon out to the big room when you are ready for another drink, and we can catch the sunset from the porch. Always good!" He winked and then trundled out the way they had come in. The minute he had gone Beef was in Brick's arms kissing his lover deeply. After a long interlude he asked "Fuuuck Brickhouse! This is feeling is insane!!! Was it like this when you hunted me?" Brick grinned "It was intense Beefy stud, but the vibe this Piggy is giving off is off the charts mad! I have been fighting the urge to drop pants and start fucking since that first brohug at the airport!" Indeed, both muscle studs were tenting hard as they rubbed up against each other. "Easy baby" Said Brick "We gotta maintain for a bit. Let's change and chill out until it's time and then we can give Piggy the full-on Brotherhood hunting treatment, and you are taking point stud. I wanna see you fucking explode!" Beef flexed his arms as Brick rubbed his lovers bulging pecs. "Fuck yeah!!! All for you Brickhouse!" The kissed again and then stripped down to their camo posers, taking time to flex in the big mirror before putting on tight t-shirts, shorts and flip flops. "And for Piggy too big stud!" said Brick giving his muscle lover a final squeeze. "Oh, hell yeah Bricky!" said Beef flexing for his lover "Our big sweet Piggy is gonna be something else when we get through hunting his big tasty ass!" They joined Piggy in the big room seeing that he had also changed into a voluminous pair of board shorts and a very baggy Superman logo shirt. Beef could not help but smile to himself at that. He was a cute muscle pig for all his flab and quite eagerly sweet to please his guests. "What's your pleasure gents?" asked Piggy as he sidled around behind the bar. "I think we should stick with wine." Said Brick. "Never mix, never worry." He smiled. "Ok by you?" The others agreed and Piggy produced a bottle of very nice Pinot Noir from behind the bar. While he was opening it and letting it breathe, Beef and Brick looked around the big room. One of the bookcases was filled with trophies and photos and what not. Some were of the same man in the photo in the bedroom. These appeared to be lumberjack competition medals from long ago and photos from lumbering days. The next shelf down were photos devoted to a very burly man of the next generation who seemed to be an all-round field athlete and rugby player and had attended a prestigious university. The final shelf was filled with photos and trophies of a very handsome heavyweight bodybuilder of still a younger generation. Significantly there were no photos of Piggy or any other relatives to be seen. "Ah the big guy line up." Said Piggy coming up and handing each of them a glass of red. "The lumberjack is your Great-grandpa, right" Asked Brick. The top shelf was crowded with photos of lumberjack competitions featuring the very burly man from the bedroom. "Yep, this was his favorite place. He came up here with the family every summer. He started as a lumberjack and got into lumber mills and retail. Did quite well." Beef and Brick gave approving noises, especially for the few when Great grandpa was shirtless. Beef's gaze moved down to the next shelf down. It was full of old sports medals and team and individual photos. "That’s Grandpa's shelf. He was a track star and rugby jock. Even played against the All-Blacks once, but they got their asses kicked" Piggy chuckled. Their eyes were then naturally drawn to the last shelf. It was crowded with pictures of a very handsome and well-built bodybuilder. The trophies, mostly from regional amateur competitions, dated from the 1960s and 70s. "Who is the muscle stud on the third shelf Piggy?" Asked Beef "Very old school and woofy!" Piggy gulped and said quietly "That's my Uncle Bob." To their surprise a tear came to Piggy's eye. "He…died." There was an awkward silence. Then Beef reached for Piggy and drew him into a huge Beef Special hug with Piggy's face planted right on Beef's massive pecs "S'ok dude, sorry if I stepped on a sore spot." Brick put his huge arms around them both and the glorious energy enveloped the three of them again. Piggy sighed a happy sigh and said "No it's ok, come out onto the porch and I'll tell you all about Uncle Bob. I think I would like that as we watch the sunset." They took their glasses of wine and moved onto the porch, settling into large Adirondack chairs that were obviously build for large customers. The sun was still above the mountains on the far side of the lake, the temperature was warm enough to not need a jacket, and they had a spectacular view of what promised to be a beautiful cloud laced sunset. They sipped their wine for a few moments in silence, waiting for Piggy to start. Finally, he drew a deep breath and began. "Uncle Bob was my mother's brother, the only two kids in the family. They were very close and loved each other very much. Bob was the younger and was the baby of the family and the golden boy, literally. He went away to Los Angeles for college and got involved in the bodybuilding scene down there. That was in the 60s." "Wow" Said Beef “I bet he knew all the greats from the old days!" "I am sure he did." Said Piggy. But I think a lot of it was also on the QT because Uncle Bob was also gay and very much out of the closet from early on. That is one reason he never went pro or pursued a career in bodybuilding. That was strictly out of the question back then." "I'll bet." Said Brick quietly." "Yeah" said Piggy “It caused a good bit of tension in the family too. Uncle Bob used to come up here every summer and spend time with the family. He was my idol when I was young, and I loved the time we had together” Piggy sighed and another tear formed in his eye. "Bob got a good deal more open about things as time went on. He used to bring friends up here with him when we were here. It never was unseemly, just friendly. He even put in a big redwood hot tub which was all the rage back in the day. It is still here and works great!" Piggy chuckled. "My Mom's family all knew he was gay and really never made a thing of it, but my dad…" Piggy sobbed a bit at this. "I think my old man was afraid his only son was gonna be just like his uncle and didn't want me around him. He was right of course." Piggy sniffed. "It really killed Mom when the old man told her that she could not have Uncle Bob at our house any more or that we would not be coming here if he was here. The son of a bitch even intercepted birthday and Christmas gifts and cards and letters! I was heartbroken. " "Damn." whispered Beef. "Yeah" echoed Brick. "I found out from my mom when Uncle Bob got sick with AIDS and when he died she and I went to LA for the funeral. It was so sad and scary for a young, closeted guy. I think that is when I just shut down and turned it all off. “ Brick looked at Piggy inquiringly. "Turned what off Piggy?" Piggy was really fighting back the tears now. "Awwwww shit guys, all of it, being gay, wanting muscle, wanting to be with big buff muscle men, wanting to be part of a family of muscle brothers, all of it. I just turned off and hid in the closet… eating pizza and jerking off to muscle magazines…for a very long time..." He looked down dejectedly at his wine glass and mumbled "Sorry to spew all this out on you guys… bit of a downer… “ But Beef and Brick were grinning like idiots and on their feet. They each took Piggy by an armpit and pulled him up to his feel and wrapped him into a big bro hug facing the now setting sun. They were once again enveloped in warm muscular energy and masculine scent mixing with pine and woodsmoke. They just stood and let Piggy breath deep. "Brother Piggy" Beef said after a bit "Brick and I are here just for you! But now I think we need to take Uncle Bob's hot tub for a spin!" Piggy smiled and said "Awesome!" Like a kid with a new skateboard. "It is all prepped and ready to go. Just gotta switch it on. You wanna go change and I'll get her fired up?" Brick winked at Beef. "No need. Lead on host with the most!" "Ohhhh kay, grab your glasses." said Piggy picking up his glass and an extra bottle he had uncorked. "This way gents." They followed his billowing board shorts and baggy t-shirt around the corner of the cabin to a side porch. The hot tub was built into the far end of a deck covered by an open pergola and surrounded by low benches. Piggy flipped a switch and the tub roared to life. He flipped another and various lights came on. "There are towels and such in the seats" he said indicating the benches, which were fitted with flip tops. "It will take a few minutes for it to heat up." Said Piggy plopping his bulk down on a bench. Brick looked at Beef. "Let's give our host a little preview of coming attractions big guy!" "Oh, fuck yeah!" shouted Beef as brick reached out and began to peel his lover's tight t shirt off. "Damn this is tight. Hey Piggy, get over here and help me with this,” Piggy did not need to be asked twice. He was at Beef's side like a shot rolling the t-shirt up his tight waist and over his massive bulging pecs. Beef was in muscle spark heaven every time Piggy touched bare skin and Piggy moaned as he slid the shirt up over Beefs up raised arms and bull neck, tousling Beef's dark hair as he drew it down to get it completely off. Piggy just stood there for a second looking at Beef's bulging bare torso grinning like he had just won the sixth-grade spelling bee. He drew the shirt up to his face and inhaled a huge breath. "Fuuuuuuck that sexy man smell… God, I love it!" Brick put a giant hand on Piggy's shoulder. "Could use some help here to buddy." He said quietly, enjoying the sparking energy again. Piggy set Beef's shirt on the bench and turned to Brick. "Yessir!" he smiled and proceeded to raise Brick’s shirt up taking extra care to run his hands over as much of Brick's massive furry pecs. "Ohhh that's real nice Piggy." Brick said as he placed his shirt next to Beef's. "See how you like them flexed” Brick flexed and his pecs immediate jumped up and out causing Piggy to catch his breath. "Ohhhhh my Gaaaaawd…" muttered Piggy as he stroked each mountainous muscle. "Very good choice Piggy." Purred Brick enjoying the sensation of power whizzing through his chest as Piggy fondled and teased his pecs and nipples. Beef was loving the sight of this and notice a rapidly growing tightness in his shorts. He struck a hands-on-hips pose and said "Hey Piggy, Gonna need some help with these shorts too. I think I am just a bit too buzzed." Piggy reluctantly turned away from Brick's mammoth chest, with a wink and a nudge from Brick, and turned to goggle at the sight of beautiful bulging Beef with a major bulge straining his shorts for all they were worth. "Give a brother a hand will ya?" Beef said with a mock plea in his voice. Beef had already kicked off his beach shoes and was standing in anticipation as Piggy approached him a bit cautiously. "Uhhh…" Piggy hesitated. "C'mon Piggy" whispered Beef. Watching you work Brickhouse's huge pecs got me all worked up." He flexed his own giant chest for Piggy and brought his arm down right to Piggy's face and flexed an enormous gun. "Ya see Piggy there is nothing we get off on more than flexing our big sexy muscles and having muscle piggys like you worship them, so let loose and help a bro out, eh?" "OH, FUCK YEAH!" shouted Piggy as he squeezed Beef's flexed bicep with his left hand and ran his right down Beefs carved abs to begin undoing his shorts. "Oh, hell yes Piggy. That's it!" Beef threw his head back and reveled in growing energy and feelings of masculine power. Damn Piggy had muscle worship juice to spare, and it was absolutely what the two muscle studs craved. Piggy succeeded in getting Beefs shorts unzipped and gasped as he slid them toward the ground. There for his lusting Piggy eyes to behold was Beef's semi hard musclecock tenting the shiny pare of custom green camo posers. "Fuck me those are hot!" muttered Piggy as he tossed the unneeded shorts aside. "You like those eh?" asked Brick who was now also short less and sporting an equally large camo clad semi. "Damn…" was all Piggy could say presented with two gargantuan muscle gods thrusting gigantic camo clad baskets in his direction. He staggered back and sat with a thunk on the bench. Beef bounced his pecs at Brick. ""Why I do declare Brickhouse" he said in his best Miss Scarlet voice "I believe we have overwhelmed the gentleman!" Brick drew himself up and said in a corresponding Foghorn Leghorn voice "I say boy, let's give the poor chicken something to really get his feathers in a mess about!" And with that Brick struck and terrifyingly magnificent double biceps pose! "AWOOOOOOOO" Howled Beef as he immediately raised his own mighty arms and flexed, grinning like a man possessed. Beef's green cam posers tented as his bulging cock flexed at the sight of his mountainous muscle lover and Brick immediately moved a step closer so he could rub his own camo clad monster against Beef's growing erection. They met cock to cock, bulging chest to bulging chest with glowing lust and love in their eyes, flexing their gargantuan arms one against the other. Piggy sat in awe, his own meager pig junk rock hard in his board shorts and his brain reeling from the display off muscle and manly passion in front of him. It was all he had ever wanted and dreamt of! Beef and Brick intertwined their massive bodies and began a slow sensuous kiss. It was the kind of kiss that Piggy had only ever fantasized about. He just stared, open mouth, brain frozen, unable to move or speak. After what seemed like an eon, the lovers broke apart. Piggy took a breath. Beef looked at him and spoke. "Is this what you desire Piggy?" Piggy just sat for a second and then he looked hang dog and said very quietly, "Oh, more than anything in the whole world… but.." "But us no buts little pig,” said Brick. "Get that baggy ass shirt off and come join your musclebros in the hot tub." With that Brick eased his bulk into the waiting tub with a tremendous sigh of satisfaction. Beef stood on the deck waiting for Piggy to get up, which he did tentatively. "Shirt…off?" Piggy quavered. "Yep." Said Beef giving Piggy a friendly squeeze on the shoulder. "Were all brothers here, Piggy!" he said, winking at Brick remembering a night not long ago when taking a shirt off lead to a whole new world. Piggy received another jolt of musclebro energy from Beef's touch and in one motion, like ripping off a band-aid, flung off his baggy t-shirt and stood silhouetted by the setting sun. He was indeed a super chub. He had a large frame and there was plenty of muscle underneath the fat, but brother was there fat! It hung everywhere, two big saggy moobs, a massive overhanging gut that completely obscured his junk, big fat saddle bags and ass cheeks a mile wide. He carried fat on his thighs and calves and had it sagged off his upper arms. For all this he was a handsome man, and the hunters saw he was a prime candidate for being hunted! Piggy quickly got into the tub and Beef followed him bringing their wine glasses and the spare bottle. They all chatted and watched the sun set as the last of the wine slowly disappeared. Piggy found himself much more relaxed for having the hot tub do its thing and having consumed most of the rest of the bottle. He was now very closely seated between his two mammoth guests and not feeling nearly as self conscious about it as he had been earlier. It was Beef that made first contact with a now buzzed Piggy, inching closer to him and flexing a huge bulging bicep in Piggy's slightly flushed face. "So, you like big gunz Piggy?" Piggy blushed "You know I do Beef." He whispered, eyes wide at Beefs giant bicep. "Well go-ahead bro, give it a good feel." Piggy needed no further encouragement and was soon caressing Beef's arm and shoulder, sighing with contentment. More muscle juice flowed from Piggy to Beef as skin-to-skin contact was made. "Oh, Piggy that’s lovely." murmured Beef. "It's fucking awesome." sighed Piggy in a breathless voice. "Well, there is a lot more Beef to play with greedy Pig, slide over on to Beefy's lap and get the full treatment." Piggy moved his considerable bulk around so they were belly to belly and crotch to crotch--Piggy's huge gut spilling out on either side of Beef's narrow waist and his face now almost buried in Beef's massive dancing pecs. Each of Piggy's hands were now squeezing a bicep as Beef flexed his arms for his overwhelmed worshiper. Piggy moved his eager tongue back and forth between each of Beef now rock-hard nipples, slurping and teasing like a dying mans at his last meal. "Ohhhhh fuuuuck Piggy!" Beef shouted, "You feel incredible!!!" as more muscle energy began to dance between them, filling Beef with a growing sense of power and strength. His body was alive with erotic sensation and his huge muscle cock was straining against his posers and Piggy's massive gut, hard as steel and yearning for release. God, he loved being a muscle brother! Piggy was in heaven too! He had never felt anything as wonderful as worshiping his Beefy bro. He was so focused on the task that he could not see the tiny sparks of energy zipping back and forth between Beef and himself as they touched and felt each other. All he knew was that this was where he was meant to be, and he never wanted it to end. He was in muscle pig heaven and could not believe that two awesome specimens like this would give a fat lump like him a passing glance, let alone the chance to fulfill his wildest muscle fantasy! Piggy paused in his pec worship to gaze into Beef's ecstatic eyes and say just that. Beef just smiled a 10,000-watt smile and looked beyond Piggy's head. Piggy suddenly felt an even bigger jolt of energy as hands stroked his shoulders. "Do you really love this Piggy? More than anything?" Asked Brick who was now standing like a wall of muscle behind Piggy. "Oh God yes Brick" said Piggy almost desperately "I have never wanted anything more than to be with you both!" He nipped at Beefs left nipple and Beef gave a yip of pleasure. "I love being able to worship you muscle gods!" Piggy declared with gusto! Brick smiled at this as Piggy inched lower focusing his attention of Beef's deeply cut abs. Brick ran his hands down Piggy’s back feeling the hidden muscle lurking under layers of flab, calling to him, begging to be wakened and grown. "And how, little Piggy, would you like to be a muscle god like your big brothers?" Piggy stopped dead. He stood up and did a wobbly half turn to look up at the taller Brick. Beef stood up behind Piggy and said "Awww shit Brickhouse, that was some damn fine worship I was getting!" He reached out and squeezed Piggy on the shoulder sending off a few sparks. Piggy blushed "Geee thanks Beefybro!" Brick looked serious as Mount Rushmore and said quietly "All well and good, but we need to see where this evening is going to go and fairly quickly. ‘ Beef looked around. It was full dark now, the sun having set behind the mountain across the lake some time ago. "Correct Brick" Said Beef with a nudge to Piggy "He is the sensible one." OK then Piggy" Said Brick "We know you love muscle and show every sign of being a Class A worshiper." "Check" said Beef. "We know you come from buff stock as evidenced by the family photos in the cabin." "Check" Said Beef “We know that you are gay and attracted to big muscle." "Double check" said Piggy with a wink. "So here is the big question, would you be willing to become a muscle brother like Beef and me?" Piggy stood silent for a minute. He looked at Brick, serious as a judge. He looked over his shoulder a Beef, who was smiling and winking and popping his pecs eagerly. "You guys are serious?" he said, holding back incredulity and the urge to burst into tears. "Serious as a Deacon." Said Brick still stone faced. Piggy paused and decided they were serious and not having him on. "Believe me Brick I would love nothing more in the entire universe. But how in the hell could this" he grabbed two hands full of his gigantic belly "become anything remotely like that?" he indicated Brick's mammoth physique. "It would take years and years of training. Do you guys have some secret muscle stud haven where you take stray muscle piggys and board them all expenses paid while they slowly reinvent themselves? If so, I am all in!" Brick’s granite face cracked a grin at that. "Not exactly Piggy." He chuckled. "We have a bit more unorthodox method in mind. But there are consequences muscle pig." "Like what?" asked Piggy. "Well, you would be pretty much ruined for any ordinary man. You would be solely and exclusively a member of the brotherhood. You would have to abide by our very minimal rules, which mostly involve keeping the order a secret and not creating too much of a public splash about who and what you become." "Yeah Piggy,” said Beef. "No bodybuilding contests, powerlifting meets, porn star contracts or high-profile social media crap." Piggy thought for a minute. "But that’s how you and I…" "Ahhh there are exceptions sweet Muscle Pig." Said Beef flexing his bicep at Piggy mischievously. "That's why we are here now. You are a fucking huge exception, and we want you for our bro! Haven't you been feeling the energy dancing around us all night? You were made for this Piggy, and we want you bad!" Beef flexed both arms at this last statement and his biceps bulged seemingly even larger than before. "Ohhhhh fuuuuck yeah!!!" Beef moaned. Piggy's little cock twitched in his baggy board shorts, and he quickly turned back to Brick forcing himself to focus. "So, what other restrictions?" Brick gazed off at the far horizon for a minute and then back at Piggy. "That is pretty much it. We meet up regularly in discreet locales for fun and frolic and keep in touch one on one. Occasionally some of us pair up long term. And when conditions are right, we find new recruits. So, what do you say Piggy?" Piggy stood in the bubbling hot tub. He was confused as hell with no real idea what was happening, but in his gut, he knew he wanted what Brick and Beef offered him in the worst way and always had. His entire miserable life he had craved true brothers and muscle, and now here it was offered up in what appeared to be all sincerity. And even if it turned out to be some sort of huge joke, he was still gonna get some serious muscle action! FUCK YES, I WANT IT BRICK! I HAVE NEVER WANTED ANYTHING ELSE!!! BRING IT ON!!!! Piggy yelled at the top of his voice. Brick grinned and gave Piggy and huge bro hug! "Ok Muscle Pig, prepare yourself for the most amazing night of your life." Brick whispered in Piggy's ear and then kissed him gently on the cheek as he turned Piggy to face Beef. Beef let out a giant whoop and leapt out of the hot tub, muscles glistening and gigantic boner straining at his shiny green camo posers. Just as Beef landed on the deck the moon emerged from behind the mountains across the lake. It was a full moon, the Hunter's moon, golden and huge. It bathed the entire deck in a warm light including the still dripping Beef. The moonglow seemed to caress and spread across beefs muscles like lather and he began to massage himself like a man soaping himself in the shower "OHHHH DAAAAMN THIS IS INCREDIBLE…" Beef moaned loudly as he caressed his blossoming pecs and his deepening abs. Piggy could see every muscle fiber in Beef huge body pulse with moon derived energy and his eyes began to glow with golden sparks. Little rivers of energy began to zip up and down Beef, teasing his nipples erect, zinging through his hair and especially concentration of his not ridiculously bulging manhood. ""FUUUUUUCK…" Yowled Beef as he reached down toward his exploding crotch. Before he could release his muscle dick, however there was a sharp crack like a whip as his posers gave way and his massive rod burst out and slapped against his upper abdominals. "URRRGH!!!" Beef grunted with satisfaction and raised in an incredible double biceps pose showing his now much larger torso and arms! Brick grunted with satisfaction and gave Piggy a nudge. "Best get in their sport. You need a good dose of what Beefy is putting out right now brother and no mistake." Piggy did not need to be asked twice and hauled his fat carcass out of the tub. "One thing Piggy." Said Brick and he grabbed Piggy's baggy board shorts and ripped them easily from his lard ass. "You won't be needing these again!" Piggy looked back at Brick and blushed, but he was so taken with the golden image of the growing muscle god in front of him that he barely hesitated. Piggy stepped away from the tub and into the pool of golden moonlight that was engulfing the enraptured Beef. Piggy placed a tentative hand on each of Beef's super huge biceps and felt the ecstatic muscle power that had only been hinted at before flow into his body. "OH SHIIIIIIIIIT BEEFYBRO!!!" Piggy exclaimed as he drew closer, pressing his belly up against Beef's hard abs and his soft moobs against the muscle stud’s ballooning chest. More sparks leapt between the two men and Beef looked down at Piggy with blazing golden eyes. Piggy could feel Beef's steel hard enormous cock pressing against his belly, sending bolts of muscle energy straight into his guts and spine and into Piggy's balls and tiny cock. It was the most amazing thing he had ever experienced! Beef made eye contact with Piggy sending bolts of golden energy straight into Piggy's soul. There Beef spoke in a deep resonant voice without words but heard in Piggy's innermost being. <WELCOME BROTHER. I AM SO VERY HAPPY YOU HAVE COME TO JOIN US> Piggy found he could answer <THANK YOU FOR THIS GIFT BROTHER! I AM TRULY HAPPY TO BE CHOSEN> Piggy felt a new presence behind him and realized that Brick had moved up against him, solid, massive and hard as a rock. He too had become engulfed in the golden energy and now spoke without words. <SHARE IN OUR POWER BROTHER AND WE BROTHERS WILL SHARE IN YOURS> Piggy pondered this. <HAVE I POWER TO SHARE BROTHER?> Piggy felt joy and a surge of the golden energy from a new source from within his own flabby body as he realized that he had started to glow all over like Beef and Brick. <POWER TO SPARE BROTHER! TAKE FROM US AND IN TURN THE HUNTERS MOON SHALL RELEASE YOUR POWER TO US ALL!> Beef then reached out and directed Piggy to first one hard nipple then the other, each time teasing wonderful jolts of muscle energy out of them and into Piggy. Then Beef gently pushed Piggy down over his gorgeous cobblestone abs toward the glowing steel tower that his muscle cock had become. Piggy eagerly ran his tongue over the giant mushroom head already slick with glowing precum and then down along the long thick veiny shaft. He nuzzled the sparks nestling in Beef's bush and sucked each iridescent ball in turn, making Beef groan with pleasure. <PARTAKE OF THE POWER OF THE BROTHERHOOD> Piggy heard in his head as Beef's cock and muscles began to swell even larger. The light now surrounding all three of them intensified and was almost blinding and Piggy knelt down on all fours. Behind him he could hear Brick begin to growl as he stroked Piggy's back and ass cheeks. It was a sublime feeling and he could feel the internal power he had felt earlier begin to expand to include his ass. Brick rubbed against his ass with his own huge muscle cock and for a moment Piggy was worried that his virgin hole would not be able to manage such a large tool. <FEAR NOT BROTHER. THE POWER IS WITHIN YOU> And with that Piggy could feel that it was true and that not only could he handle Brick's big super cock, but that he wanted it in the worst way, that he needed it to be a true brother to this amazing muscle god <I AM NOT AFRAID BROTHER. I FEEL THE POWER WITHIN ME AND GIVE IT TO YOU BOTH WITH UNBRIDLED JOY}. With that he began to suck Beef's hot massive cock in earnest while Brick gently eased his own giant unit into Piggy's now willing and eager ass. The light and energy surrounded all three of them with bolts of golden fire shooting off in all directions. Each man was in complete muscle bliss, enveloped in a haze of masculine power and brotherly love as they reveled in each other and in the power bestowed on them by the Hunter's moon. Harder and faster, they made love, Beef flexing and pumping, Piggy sucking and moving in rhythm, Brick hammering Piggy and stroking his back, all the while the moonlight getting brighter and brighter with more jets of golden energy sparking off the three men as they built toward a simultaneous climax. As sexual release built each man began to groan with animal pleasure. Each convulsing body also began to change. Beef began to grow visibly taller, his frame stretching by several inches up and out. There was the sound of bones creaking as his body expanded and stretched, but instead of pain he yowled in pleasure! Piggy on the other hand began to feel things shifting away, fat disappearing, skin shrinking, muscles growing, and incredible energy coursing through his body! He too felt intense pleasure as the light grew brighter. Brick did not grow taller. He just began to grow denser, adding even more muscle to his already massive frame, howling and feeling intense joy as his cock also expanded as he pounded is new muscle brother's eager and very fuckable ass! Brick leaned over Piggy toward Beef, Drawing him into a passionate kiss. Massive sparks flew between them! <WE ARE COMPLETE! FEEL THE POWER OF THE HUNTERS MOON MY BROTHERS!!!> There was an intensification of both the golden moon energy and the level of pleasure when the circuit was made. Each man was enveloped in a pulsing aura of gold light as the moved and pulsed as one organism, sucking, pumping, growing and shrinking together. Brighter and brighter the light grew as Beef and Brick expanded and Piggy shrank. Each man's cock was now hammering hard and building to an astounding climax, an orgasm more intense than any they had ever experienced before. Light zoomed between and around all three of them, binding them together, transforming them into true muscle brothers. Beef had never felt such energy as was rushing through his manhood and muscles, making them swell with new size and power. Piggy had never felt such energy flowing through his body remaking his flabby self, taking his stored fat as energy for the creation of muscle for himself and his brothers. Brick had never experienced such a rush of masculine fulfillment as his cock expanded inside Piggy's now gloriously muscular bubble butt and his muscles blew up to behemoth proportions. With a blinding flash of moonlight all three muscle studs came, a roar of deep satisfaction issuing from Beef and Brick and satisfied slurping from Piggy as he greedily guzzled Beef load and took all of Bricks. They came for what seemed like ages, each lit from within by the lingering golden light, radiating power and masculine energy from their newly transformed bodies. As the golden light faded, Beef and Brick broke contact and stepped away from Piggy who was now lying face down on the deck. Despite having just come both standing muscle gods were hard as iron pipes and completely taken with their new muscle. They immediately began to flex for each other. "Goddam Beefy stud!" said Brick in awe, reaching out to feel his partner's massive new pecs. "You gotta be packing at lease fifty more pounds here!" he exclaimed giving each big juicy nipple a tweak. "Oh, fuck me Brick that feels sooooo good!" whispered Beef flexing his expanded chest for his gigantic partner to fondle. "And look at you! At least thirty, maybe forty pounds of new Brickhouse!!!" Brick raised his arms in a double bicep pose and Beef gave the mountainous new muscle an appreciative squeeze. "Wow!" said Brick "Piggy zapped my arms good!" His cock gave a nice flex at the thought and Beef reached down to caress it. "And your cock too big stud, Longer and thicker!" "Ooooo that feels awesome!" said Brick. "Say Beefy, are you looking me in the eye babe?" Beef stopped and thought for a moment, then grinned. "I sure as hell am lover!" Beef took Brick's face in his huge hands and kissed him hard. "That’s three inches height that Piggy gave me as well. I think that means I got closer to seventy bounds of new meat here!!! Wahoo!!!!" They kissed each other and hugged feeling all their new muscle for several minutes. Then Beef glanced down and asked, "How's our Piggy?" Brick looked at the prone figure on the now shadowy deck. "Out like a light. We best get him inside." They hoisted Piggy up between them and helped the half conscious musclebro to his feet. Propping him up on both sides they helped him into the living room. "Well, he certainly weighs a lot less than he did." Chirped Beef as they stopped near the bar. "Let's see if a shot of some stimulant will bring our new Muscle pig around, eh?" Brick left Beef to hold Piggy and found a bottle of whiskey and a glass. He poured a measure of brown liquid and offered to Piggy. "C'mon Piggy slurp it up." Said Brick. Piggy took the glass from the massive muscleman, took a gulp, eyed brick with lust in his eye, dipped his fingers in the whiskey, rubbed them across Brick's chest and proceeded to lick it off going "Oink! Oink!" Brick said, "Our Piggy is muscle happy, but he has a very talented tongue!" Both musclemen proceeded to laugh. "Jeez!" said Beef. "Piggy really is out of it." Piggy took another swig and ogled Beef in turn. "You are too!" he said and poured the rest of the booze on Beef's now gargantuan pecs and proceeded to nuzzle them like mad. "Yummy!" proclaimed Piggy. Beef groaned. "Talented does not even begin to cover it! Fuuuuuuck…" "C'mon." said Brick "Let's get him in the bedroom before he has us all on the floor in here. "The each took a side of the now much steadier Piggy and walked him back to the downstairs bedroom. They steadied him facing the big mirrored wardrobe with his back to the massive bed and inched away to see if he could stand on his own. Piggy swayed a bit but managed to remain upright. He straightened himself and suddenly squinted in the direction of the big mirror. "Heeeey… who put up the big poster of Uncle Bob?" he asked staring at the reflected muscle stud in the looking glass. Beef and Brick both laughed. "That's not Uncle Bob bro!" said Beef "That's the new and much improved muscled up Y-O-U!" Piggy gaped and stared at the reflected glory of his new muscle-bound self. Indeed, he did look every bit like his Uncle the heavyweight bodybuilding champion. He tentatively raised a hand to his newly bulging right pec and tenderly felt its smooth curve, yipping slightly as he brushed his now prominent and quite sensitive nipple. He moved his hand lower marveling at his deeply chiseled square cut abs and brought is other hand to stroke his intercostals and rest on his tight Adonis belt. He inhaled, placing both hands on his narrow waist expanding his chest and raising his firm chin. A look if incredible joy emerged on his handsome face as he gazed on his transformed self and his formerly puny cock began to rise out and up with pride and power--reaching a full and thick full staff with a thwack against his newly hard gut. Piggy smiled a radiant smile, blinking back tears of joy, and said (in a canny imitation of Charlie Brown) "I got a cock." "That's not all you got musclebro." Said Beef squeezing Piggy on his now huge delt. "Not by half" echoed Brick rubbing his gigantic thigh against Piggy's now taught bubble butt. Piggy turned to Beef and threw his muscular arms around the bigger man's back and buried his face in his huge pecs. "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you…" he murmured, tears now pouring down Beef's chest. Brick moved in behind Piggy and made him the meat in a Beef and Brick muscle sandwich. "We are the ones to thank you brother." whispered brick in Piggy ear. 'Look at what you have done for us!" Piggy turned and faced his mammoth muscle brother. "I am so happy I could give this to you both and become a muscle brother." He said kissing the larger muscle stud's pecs. "Thank you, Brother Brick!" Brick smiled and bent down, kissing Piggy with great passion. "Thank you, Brother Piggy” Piggy, kissed back, smiled, turned, kissed Beef hard and then said "Not Piggy anymore." He broke their three ways embrace and struck and formidable double bicep pose. "This new muscle brother is now 100 percent Wild Boar!!!" Beef let out a wild "Yeehaw" and Brick growled like a grizzly bear. The Boar flung himself backward onto the gigantic bed with his new cock saluting his muscle bros straight up in the air. "Well, c'mon brothers, who wants some freshly smoked Grade A PORK???!!!"
  4. Muscle Fog Ogre’s Gift Chapter 1 part Eight By Big-Zargo The Last Wizards Ass Logan and his companions ran all through the night as a tidal wave of fog slowly crept up on them swallowing them up one by one. Their protections breaking as the fog magic consumes them. Their bodies quickly grow in height and muscle; There skin turns darker or becomes a shade of orange as it thickens, as body hair begins to grow allover. There cocks and ball grew extremely large but proportional to the new 10 feet tall bodies and finally their minds begin to change as they shoot the last of their humanity from their ogre size cock. The hunted becomes the hunter in this sick game of tag; they to grab new victims and drag them into the fog to transform as well, all in accordance with Owen’s will. Logan panted as he was making his way to the gate. His middle-aged body was not handling the journey well. He needed to warn the Wizards counsel of Owens escape. He needed to get help for these poor people who had lost their humanity, to that creature. He had no idea what Owen was planning in the grand scheme of things, but it was probably not good. He could literally feel the tainted magic push against his own trying to get into his body and corrupted. He grabbed at his cock moaning as pleasure ran through it. With his strong will he stopped touching his cock. “If I stay here any longer, I’ll eventually transform into a horny ogre” he thought to himself. Logan’s eyes got wider as burgeoning hope blossoms in his chest. To the eyes of any mortal the gates look like two tall trees in a clearing, it probably looks a little strange and weird to normal people, but to anyone who can use magic and have the knowledge about it, can use it to fast travel to another gate. “The gate at last,” Logan says out loud while moving his hand across his uncut shoulder length brown hair. As he walks closer to his salvation a voice calls out. “How does it feel to be so close and yet so far away. How does it feel wizard to be the last human in this small, lonely town?” Deep As the mountain, smooth as the wind; the voice came, Power laces every word and through the fog parting for its master Owen appears like a haunted ship through the sea. No tremors no feel of weight only a shadow slowly solidifying coming into focus as he crosses the path for Logan blocking him from the gate and his hope of escaping. The fog parts to reveal a mountain of a beast. Thick skin like leather, but fair as any maiden’s, orange like the sun, hairy as a bear, a huge fat cock, and hairy balls the size of huge grapefruit in-between size bigger than tree trunks attached to thick calves and big feet. A big round belly firm as a bolder with big pillow size pecs on a huge barrel chest twice as wide as a human, mountain-like shoulders with arms so big that a skinny man could hide in them. Brown intelligent eyes underneath hairy eyebrows on a brutish but fair chiseled face with a black fluffy mustache under a big round nose and to sideburns link to his shaved head and smooth square like chin. “Speechless wizard, or is it that you are surprised to see me? A course introduction is an ogre my name is his Owen, and I am in demigod of magic, fog, mists, clouds, illusions, transformations and alterations.” He says while giving him a malicious grin. “So, you’ve come for me,” Logan asked? “Yes, I have, but I’m not cruel, and I am willing to let you go if you relinquish your guardianship of my bindings,” Owen says while holding his hand out in an open Palm. “What will you do with the people you have turned into ogres will you let them go,” Logan asked? “They are my children now I will protect them, and I will not let them go,” Owen calmly says with finality. Logan looks into Owen’s eyes and knows that there would be no argument on the matter. Logan is not sure if he should trust Owen, every time he looks at the big sexy beast, his cock twitches in pleasure. it seems that Owen is exuding a corrupting force that is influencing him. His offer can be a trap; he cannot take that chance if it is so. “I will not give up my guardianship, I can’t trust you to keep your word.” Logan answers. “Then you have chosen battle. If you put up a good fight then I will not turn you into a toilet,” Owen says. Logan starts the fight by making a fireball and throwing it straight at Owen; In response to the attack, a hand shoots out from the fog form from its very essence and catches it, smothering it like fire drowning in water. “Good old reliable fireball it is such a shame that it is such a common spell for wizards, you would think I wouldn’t have found a way to counter that spell,” Owen says sarcastically while moving his head side to side. “Tsk… tsk …tsk.” Logan forms and throws a fireball once more against Owen. As the fog intercepts it spells changes becoming a big flash of light, blinding Owen temporarily. Logan quickly teleports for a short distance away behind a tree, in hopes that Owen would not be able to find him, but the mist surrounds him quickly condenses into the fog as it slowly circles him. “Clever but not good enough. You have gone up from becoming an inanimate toilet to a living toilet you’ll be drinking piss of my ogres for all eternity,” Owen says with a grin. With a clap of Logan’s two-hand, some of the fog parts as a wave of air pushes it. Owen turns around only to get a firebolt to the face momentarily re-blinding him. “Baaa. Cheap parlor tricks won’t save you,” he says as his slowly sight returns to him. Using the distraction to his advantage Logan teleports again. If he did not do anything decisive to win this battle quickly, he would eventually run out of energy and he needs a certain amount of energy to open the gate. This is the point where Logan will have to pull out all the stops if he wants to have a chance to win this fight. Beginning with a bolt of lightning that strikes through Owen’s defenses with its speed and strength. Owen’s roar of pain quickly stops as his muscles lock into place. Continuing with his on-slot Logan switches out lightning for ice shards, shooting his deadly projectiles against Owen’s skin before switching back to lightning because ice shards were not very effective against Owen’s thick skin. Logan keeps moving back and back slowly making his way towards the gate as he shot out lightning after lightning hoping to do lasting damage. Owen begins adapting to Logan’s lightning by redirecting it towards the ground as he starts moving closer towards Logan. With one last lightning bolt, Logan begins to gather his strength; if he can keep on slot going, he would a chance to escape. Wind and lightning form in each hand as he combines them both forming a huge electrical tornado that starts sucking up all the fog nearby leaving the forest temporarily clear from Owen’s influence. Wishing for more time Logan blasts Owen with his attack, knowing that the longer the battle got the more likely it that Owen will adapt to his attacks and overwhelm him with his brute strength. Owen stood his ground for a few seconds before being pushed away by the attack and being knocked on his ass. Logan quickly uses one last teleport to get close as possible to the gate, its mystical properties preventing him from teleporting even closer. With great wisdom and caution Logan starts magically checking for any last-minute traps from Owen. There were a few traps he can see but he quickly got past them on his way to the gate. Before getting any closer to his goal Logan heard whistling as three darts pierce his neck. Grabbing the foreign objects from his neck he discovers three sleeping darts. Logan starts to panic as he falls onto the ground as everything starts fading to black. Logan opens his eyes to find himself in a cave that he recognizes, Owens’s prison underneath Mrs. Parsley’s house. He tries moving his hands only to find them being stopped by some force of magic. A shadow lingers before him blocking the light of the eerily blue flame; Owens’s form appears before him company with his giant sausage-size cock. “Don’t bother speaking wizard, I have you magically silenced. The wizards’ counsel will not know what will happen here, not for a long time anyway, I have made sure of it. Richard shall be reunited with his son soon,” Owen says with a wicked smile. Owen places his big hand on top of Logan’s belly as Owen began pouring power into him. Owen takes his time pouring power into Logan’s body. Logan silently screams in both pain and pleasure as the power slowly spreads through him. Days, weeks, or months of simmering in corrupting magic, all pass in a blur for Logan as he slowly succumbs to Owen’s corrupting power. In and out of consciousness Logan’s body slowly betrays him as his cock becomes painfully hard while it slowly grows and swells with Ogreish girth. Logan is not sure if he is awake or asleep, all he knows is that the voices telling him to submit are getting harder to resist. Sexual Thoughts of beautiful women slowly twist into big hairy men. As he begins moving his hips back and forth in a daze of sexual pleasure. As his swelling balls are demanding attention, and he decides to give it what it wants. No longer shackled by the altars’ magic, Logan grabs his huge fat hard cock and begins rubbing it. Waves of pleasure pass through him as he masturbates; as he squeezes his needy balls, he begins to leak out his humanity through his seed. As he continues his masturbation a huge cock appears before his head casting a shadow on. “F…Fu…. Fuck Ow F…Fu…Fuck me please,” Logan begs as slobber leaks from his lips his nearly vacant eyes looking at Owen. “Partake of my dick and offer your ass to me,” Owen says. Logan leaps upon Owen’s monstrous cock and begins licking at the tip of it. he closes his eyes as he savors the taste of Owen’s cock and the smell of his musk. His leaking cock twitches as he moves towards the shaft of the monster’s cock, at it is so big he cannot swallow it all. He Takes his jolly time as he slowly licks his way to the balls of the beast. One more minute Owen thinks to himself soon Logan will be ready, I can feel the power building up inside. “ooooooowww…...” Owen moans out loud interrupting his thoughts as Logan found the sweet spot while licking and sucking at his balls. Logan’s body begins to shake and tremble with a powerful need for a Big Cock in his ass. Owens’s sensing Logan’s hunger lifts him onto the altar with his Ass facing the heavens, as Owen begins licking it. A Moan quickly turns to a fuck! as Logan comes, shooting out more of his precious humanity through his big fat cock as his skin slowly turns more orange. Owen growls in annoyance and smacks Logan’s ass for coming too soon. Logan cries out in both pain and pleasure from the attack and cries out even louder when Owen stuffs his huge ogre size cock into Logan’s human virgin ass hole. Logan roars like a beast, his canines sharpen, as his ass is being destroyed by Owens’s monster of a cock. Owen starts moving his hips back and forth slowly picking up speed as time passes on. Each thrust from Owen slowly ravages Logan’s internal organs, the Ogreish magic keeping him alive throughout the process. With the roar, Owen came inside of Logan’s destroyed body, bones, muscles, and internal organs mending and changing. Owen took a breath letting the magic heal Logan’s changing body before resuming the fucking. Each re-fucking Logan’s body became bigger and stronger, skin darkening until it became tan-orange color, each timeless and less human cum came out of his orgasm. His body shakes with power as Owen gave one last thrust into Logan’s ass before coming one last time. Logan’s bodybuilder size body explodes with growth and muscles. As his brown hair slowly turns gray while spreading across his body as head hair falls off and his beard grows long. Arms and legs grow massive with huge muscles as they stretch out to compensate for his new Ogreish size. His cock grows into 2 feet long fuck monster as his big ass grows even more until they are like two basketballs trying to break free from his tree trunk size thighs. His waist widens and his belly grows big, round, and jolly muscle gut with white hair peppering it. His chest size quickly swelling and tell it like a barrel, his big hairy pecs grow even further until they are like to condense pillows with big plump nipples the are begging to be squeezed and suckled. Logan’s facial features change becoming more caveman-like as his eyebrow ridges became more pronounced and his eyebrows became thicker and hairier. His eyes turn gray glowing with an ephemeral glow as His nose grew rounder and a little bit redder. Getting up from the altar with his big baseball mitt size hands and slamming the ground with his big feet, he begins to flex his huge biceps. “Fuck Yeah!” Logan says while lightning starts flying around his human head-size biceps. “That’s the Fucking Power!” Logan felt too huge hands around his hairy boulder-like shoulders and looks around to see his master Owen behind him massaging his heavily muscular back. “That’s the spirit my battle mage. Now that all the Guardians are dead or corrupted, I am free to travel the Eons to spreading my gift and gaining more power,” Owen says. Logan turns his face around and smiles. “I am ready to serve you, master,” Logan says. The end of chapter 1 Epilogue A year later on a bright summer’s day two agents in black suits each having a different color tie, knock on a blue door. It is open by a huge man who is panting and sweating his huge hairy chest shines on his half-naked body. The smell of sex permeates the huge man. “Hello there. What can I help you with, Gentleman?” The huge man says. “We would like to ask a couple of questions of you,” one man in a black suit says whose tie is red. “May we come inside?” the other man asks, whose tie is blue. “Come on in,” the huge man says while opening the door wider for his guests to come through. All three men get comfortable in the living room of the huge man’s house. “I think the introduction is in order, you may call me Mr. Red,” the man with the red tie says. “You may also call me Mr. Blue,” the man with the blue tie says. “My name is Pete. I’m sorry for looking so disgruntled, I was just in the middle of some hard work,” The huge man says. Mr. Red and blue look at Pete through their sunglasses on the twin-looking faces. “I shall go first.” Mr. Red says. “You were living at Holmes top borough between…./…/… and …/…./…. date, right?” “Yeah, what of it,” Pete says? “Are you aware that the town was overrun by some sorcery,” Mr. red asked? Yeah, I heard the rumors,” Pete said “why do you ask? It has come to our attention that you move out the town the two weeks before the mysterious fog appeared.” Mr. Blue said. “Thank god, I was able to get out of there in time,” Pete says. “Indeed,” both Mr. Red and blue say in unison. Mr. blue takes something out of his pocket and speaks. “Look Pete’s I think you’re a nice guy, but I have to give you a C….” “Is there a problem Pete,” says the deep voice. A huge Ogreish cock moves in between Mr. red and blue, caring a powerful musk with it. Both men’s eyes widen underneath their sunglasses as both men start drooling as their cocks became erect. “Thanks for the help, at least I now have plausible deniability now,” Pete says. “No problem Pete. What are we going to do with these agents of the Wizards Council,” the ogre asks? “I don’t know. I guess we can hand them over to Owen. His hunger for spell-casters is quite deep,” says with a grin.
  5. I haven't posted a story for a 3 years if my memory is correct. "Synergy" was the last, and before that "The Impossible Discovery." But, I've started writing again and I hope you enjoy the new adventure. I have set the type color to White (I use the dark background option for the site) but if you have trouble reading it due to type color, sent me a PM. I've had trouble with this before and will work on fixing it if needed. Feedback makes me hard - as long as it's somewhat positive. ? Enjoy My grandpa died recently. He was the most brilliant man I had ever heard of. He won the Nobel Prize in Physics twice and the Nobel Prize in Chemistry once. How does a person do that? I guess that was 6 months ago now. I’m starting to lose track of time as I think back of what my life was before. Sometimes it feels like 2 years, sometimes like 2 weeks. Things are getting fuzzy. When it comes down to it, the first 23 years of my life have been pretty good. I have smarts – I’m no brain trust, but I’m sharp and witty enough. I’m shorter than I’d like to be at 5’ 7’ but it could be worse. People have told me my entire life that I am cute, adorable, etc. I guess I’m OK. I have sharp elf-like features I’ve been told – maybe a bit of Scandinavian mixed with Eastern European – like some Lord of the Rings citizen of Lothlorian, but shorter and more tan. I should get one of those ancestry kits and see what I’m made of. Anyway, ya, I guess I’m cute’ish. Nothing of global significance, but if I were found in a small pond, I’d be attractive. And I’ve been able to stay thin and lean after high school and college. I can’t put on a pound of muscle to save my life, and I have tried. But, I do have a nice high tight round ass, a decent 7” cock when I get really excited, and low enough body fat to have 6 noticeable abs and squared off – if mostly flat – pecs. I wear fitted clothes easily. But enough about me for now. So back to my grandpa and looking back on how this all began for me – he was, no joke, the smartest man on this planet. I idolized him. I still do. Grandma is still alive, barely, and I love her as much as I loved him. She supported him always and never waivered from his side. A few hours after grandpa’s funeral, my grandma delivered a box to me at my small apartment, smaller than a shoebox. I was so sad to loose him. I was devastated. But she grabbed my hand and said, “Trevor, he really wanted you to have this. I don’t know what’s inside, but I think I know. He said it was his most valued possession, other than me.” She pushed the box into my chest, surprising me with her sharp shove. “I need to go take a nap, Trevor. It’s been such a long day.” The funeral had been just a few hours ago after all. “He told me to tell you to read the note first and wait a while to open the rest of the gift.” I watched her waddle away, my nan. What a tough woman to have balanced a force like my granddad. She could hang with the best of ‘em. I looked at the box and decided that I would open it after a well-deserved nap. I was exhausted. ********************************************************* Trevor woke up from his nap wondering whether it was after sunset or if it was the next day. His body stretched like a wakening feline. He could feel his lean body lengthening as he reached behind his head and grabbed the top of the headboard. Again the thought came to him – Is it morning or just a couple hours after going to sleep? He looked over at the clock. 7:59PM. Good. He hadn’t overslept into an entirely new day. There was the box. The box his grandfather left him just to the side of his clock. His curiosity got the best of him. “What would grandpa want to give me?” was the only thing he could think to himself. “Grandma seemed a bit – annoyed – about the whole thing,” he muttered under his breath. He unwound the tape that was holding the box closed and opened up the leaflets to what lay inside. “What the fuck is this then?” Trevor peered into the box and saw a small bottle made of clay. It was so nondescript he thought it looked like a kindergartener may have made it on Arts-and-Crafts Day. There were a few folded pieces of paper on the bottom of the box too. He grabbed the paper with his thick fingers (he did have big hands for his size which he always liked about himself) and started to read the words written on the page in an elegant fountain pen handwriting style. “Trevor, I miss you already. I miss your nan. I miss your brother and sisters. I miss your mother and your cousins. All of them. I need to give you something of great importance. When you read this letter, I want you to resist doing anything else afterward except to take a few hours and contemplate what I have written. That is all I can ask of you. My eldest grandchild, I wish you well. I wish you happiness. I wish your desires granted beyond your wildest dreams. Grandpa Wallace” There was a second sheet underneath, written in the same pen strokes. 1. Ask questions. Ask as many and as often as you need. 2. There are many rules. You will learn them as time goes on. 3. Attempt to anticipate consequences far beyond your normal understanding. 4. Maintain control of your emotions, wishes, desires. It will be difficult beyond any explanation I can give you. 5. Embrace who you are but do not lose sight of reality. 6. Help him go further than he could ever hope. It’s up to you now. That was the entire second page. Trevor sat on the bed wondering what the note meant. It was more than cryptic. It was confusing and frustrating. He remembered his grandmother just before she scurried out of the room telling him to “wait a while” before opening the rest of the gift and the note stating that he should “take a few hours and contemplate.” All Trevor saw was a small clay jar, misshapen, old, and ugly really. What did the words in the note mean? Ugh. He didn’t have much patience for this. But he trusted his grandpa and grandma more than just about anyone so he sat there quietly and alone with his thoughts. ****************************************************************************************** Dantalion waited patiently in his vessel. His consciousness swirled in a tight mist. This would be his 12thand final cycle. He knew that he was surely to be destroyed by one of his elder brothers during this binding. He thought back to the beginning when the djinn were created. They were governed by an immensely complex system of laws, regulations, and norms. Twelve of them had been created and now there were only three left. All of them had started on a quest to fill the Well of their power. Each of the twelve had their own Well. The first of the 12 to fill his Well would ascend to Godhood and then would have the power to crush the vessels of the remaining brothers, destroying them and snuffing them out of existence. The humans always considered the djinn to have godlike powers, but with their restrictions, they were more servants to their Bound and trapped in a labyrinth of regulation. He remembered with apathy his previous Bound. According to his personal opinion, the prior 11 were relatively weak men with little imagination. They all wanted power, control, money, or sex. There was nothing horribly creative about that and Dantalion was often bored. Unfortunately for the Bound, one of the laws was that a djinn could not change his physical self to be that of a woman. He was sure he would have spent his previous cycles in various female forms satisfying sexual urges otherwise. Not that sex with a woman was inherently unpleasant, but he knew that it would be one more thing to be bored by – acting out another fantasy without being able to enjoy it. After thousands of years, he was still a virgin, mostly because none of his previous Bound had granted him the ability to feel sex, feel what it was like, what the big deal was all about. He didn’t really care. Humans were so simple, really. Motivated by four or five base instincts. His 11thand most recent Bound wanted knowledge. He was a very measured, unique man, and never lost control. That was unfortunate for Dantalion. He was unable to extract much mana from him to fill his Well. He was attentive to the man but Wallace was so tight wound and controlled. He never let Dantalion really show the range of his power, not even the smallest iota. But Wallace had from the beginning stated he had mostly what he wanted in life. His desire was for knowledge. Apparently, the acquisition of three Nobel Prizes was good enough for the man. Dantalion would have rather ruled the world with him, but that was not his luck. Dantalion had no moral compass with regard to human interactions. He had always been there to fulfill the desires of his Bound – that was his purpose of existence – at least that is what they believed. He knew that it was far more than that. Three wishes would be offered a selected Bound. Those wishes would allow the potential companion to experience the galactic power of the djinn soon to be at his service. Then if the binding was accepted, and it always was, the ritual would begin and the two life-forces would be joined together. Once a Binding was complete, the djinn would wick a steady flow of mana from the desires and emotions of the Bound. As more wishes, desires, dreams were fulfilled – and with increased power used to fulfill them – the more mana would be wicked into the Well. The more intense the satisfaction of the Bound, the more desire an action of the djinn satisfied, the more mana would be drawn away. Dantalion had been woefully unlucky in his chance pairings with humans. But this was the first selected pairing. His 11thsuggested his grandson, Trevor, to be Dantalion’s 12thand last binding. All those before had been so selfish of their power over this djinn, they had hidden the vessel rather than pass it along to anyone else. This would be his last cycle. None of the brothers had filled the Well yet, but Bael and Asteroth were close, he could sense it. He knew that he was so far behind them in the fucked up game that they were a part of, he would never be able to catch up. He didn’t know how they had found such powerful Bound to link with in prior cycles, but Dantalion was resigned to being destroyed at some point in the next few years, if not sooner. He had been in existence for thousands of years, but now he was on borrowed time. All of these thoughts swirled in his mind as he realized that in a moment, he would meet his 12thand last Bound. It was a bittersweet feeling that he felt in his mind. He would do his duty, obey the law, fill his Well as best he could, and then await destruction. He knew that if he had not filled his Well by the end of the 12th cycle, he would just simply cease to exist. In 11 cycles, his Well was only half full. He would do his best, as always, but there was a sinking feeling deep inside of him. No time for that now. He needed to make a good impression to assure the new Bound would accept his offer. He quieted his mind and continued to swirl in his vessel. ****************************************************************************************** Trevor held the small clay blob in his hand. It was hollow from the lightness of it. There was a small hole in the top, which had been plugged with a stone and sealed with wax. He was confused. What was in there that was so special? Maybe the jar was some ancient relic of museum quality. Maybe there was nothing in there at all. He was curious though. Curious about why his grandfather would think of giving him this and why his grandma was so brusque about it. He got a knife from the kitchen and started whittling away at the wax. He needed to get that stone out. On closer inspection, it appeared to be a green gem set in the hole – a bit cloudy in its clarity, but still lustrous. He kept chipping away at the wax. Maybe he could sell the gem to a jeweler if anything. Finally, he was able to remove the stone. He shook the jar. Nothing inside. He was more confused now than ever. Sitting the jar down, he just shook his head. Weird. He was sitting on the edge of his bed and leaned back to stare at the ceiling. Dantalion emerged slowly from the jar in a wisp of whitish blue mist. He was tentative. He had met the man who would become his 12thBound before and knew that a brash show would just serve to frighten. He was calculated in his approach. The mist became more condensed. Dantalion began to speak softly, gently, and soothingly. “Trevor. Trevor. We need to talk.” Trevor heard his name and sat up with a start. He saw a man, thin, tall…familiar, forming I front of him. The mist increased in density. It almost appeared solid now. Before him stood his grandfather’s diligent and devoted assistant impeccably dressed in a dark suit, mid-twenties, thin, wearing stylish glasses in an attractive boy-next door way. What the fuck? “Trevor, we need to talk.” He soothingly spoke again as he became solid. Real. “What the fuck is this?” Trevor’s voice was shaking and had a terrified look in his eyes. “Trevor, I am here to bind with you like I did with your grandfather. I will satisfy every desire you have, within the confines of djinn law.” Trevor looked at Dantalion with caution, like he was in the room with a hungry lion he did not want to offend. Trevor found shook his head and pinched his arm. He wasn’t dreaming apparently. “I know you. You’re my grandfather’s assistant, Dante. Wait, what do you mean ‘bind’ with me?” He had always thought of Dante as cute, maybe not as cute as him, but pleasant to look at. He’d look better with more muscle. “Have you heard of the djinn? Genies?” “The fuck you are!” Trevor spat out at the man he knew as Dante. “I was able to grant your grandfather’s greatest desires of knowledge. But he did not take full advantage of my capabilities. My power is without measure or your ability to comprehend. I can fulfill your wildest dreams, within confines of djinn law.” Trevor looked at him apprehensively. “You keep saying ‘within the confines of djinn law’. What does that mean?” Dantalion/Dante approached the bed slowly as not to scare the human before him. He had this discussion with 11 men before, and was able to eventually get through their disbelief and explain himself. “I have immeasurable power to give what you desire, but there are regulations and laws that I must abide by…too many to discuss tonight. But I can answer any question that you have as they arise. For now, you can ask three wishes of me before you decide if you would like to bind to me.” The man stood there looking down on Trevor. His eyes, Trevor suddenly noticed, were red-orange like a fire, flickering as a small flame and deep as an endless pit. He felt as if the deep pools of dark flames were hypnotizing him as he stared at the djinn’s countenance. Of course he remembered that the djinn were fire spirits. At least that is what he knew from his college course on Mythology. “So I get three wishes to decide if I want to “bind” with you? We’ll talk about what that means soon I hope.” Trevor paused, “I admit I’m a bit confused.” “Make a wish. I need you to know what I can do for you.” Dantalion used his most soothing calm voice. But there was a pleading quality to it. Trevor couldn’t look away from Dantalion’s eyes. “I wish I had some coffee, black, 180 degrees, 16 ounces in a thermal cup.” A cup of coffee appeared on the bed stand, which Trevor picked up and sipped. It was amazingly perfect. “You can do better than that, Trevor.” Dantalion was a bit annoyed that his new master’s first wish was to make him an errand boy. He would definitely not put any mana into his Well with this sort of imagination. Trevor looked at the coffee. His mind started to run wild. He had imagined this type of power from 6 years old. Reading stories of Aladdin, or the short stories of Middle East philosophy, The Arabian Nights and others, he had been enamored of the idea. But to actually have it manifest in his bedroom was overwhelming. Trevor, for some reason, began to feel a bit aroused. What if this was real? Geez, he’d jacked off to the thought of having an all-powerful genie grant him three wishes. He thought he knew exactly what he would do back then, but most of them involved muscle and sex. His brow began to sweat. He started to feel his cock push against his dark slacks. He was still in his funeral attire. “God, I can’t believe this is happening to me. Today. Now.” But his mind continued to flit across the many dreams, wishes, hopes that he had banked in all 23 years of his life, most of those created with his right hand around his hard cock. He gulped and remembered the words written on the paper his grandfather left him ‘Ask questions.’ “Can you change your body? Can you change my body?” He could barely believe that is how the conversation started. There were certainly many more pressing things to ask. Dantalion took a step toward Trevor and said, “Yes” in a low grumbling tone. “But I cannot assume the form of a woman. It is against djinn law.” “Well, who said I wanted you to be a woman? That’s an odd assumption.” Trevor sat up straight and grabbed the warm coffee on the nightstand. “And you can change my body?” “Only in any way imaginable that you see fit…Master.” Dantalion knew he had to be careful here. Other djinn law forbade him to make himself or his Bound too conspicuous. That is how they had stayed hidden for centuries. “I can change your physical being into anything you can imagine, within the con…” “Ya, ‘within the confines of djinn law.’ I get it. But what does that mean?” Dantalion took one more step toward him. He looked his soon-to-be Bound in the eyes. He could feel the flames licking his eyelids. His weak, thin, form that he had been possessing in his previous cycle was so inadequate for what he needed to show the 12th. But he needed to be patient. “It means, ultimately, that as long as you do not draw too much attention to yourself, you don’t have limits. I don’t have limits. One of the primary laws states that undue attention should not be drawn to the djinn or his Bound. “ Trevor licked his lips and his mind switched gears instantly. “Ok. I wish that you would, without drawing too much attention, as this seems very problematic for you, put 5 million dollars into my bank account. It can be over as long as 6 months – as not to alarm anyone.” Dantalion turned away and rolled his eyes. “Yes, I can do that.” He realized that Trevor, his last Bound would be like all the others. Selfish, yes, he expected that…but also foolish, myopic, and infantile in the ability to understand what power they truly possessed when enlisting his services. He would be blotted out now, he was sure – his Well only half-full and that would be the end of his existence. “You can do that, Dante?” “I have started the process already. I have invested the sum of your meager savings account into stock that I will deftly control over the next 6 months, should I survive that long. You will have 5 million dollars in your investment account before the end of those 6 months.” Dantalion stood tall, still in the dark business suit he wore as Wallace’s assistant. Trevor looked a bit perplexed. He heard every word that Dante had said, but he also picked up on the “should I survive that long” part. He would ask about that later too. He started looking carefully at the djinn. He was so poised, confident but almost shy and thin in a healthy way. Maybe the word was ‘deferential.’ “Is this your true form?” Trevor looked into the eyes of his djinn. He knew that he would accept the binding. He could feel it inside of himself. His grandfather had bequeathed this gift to him. But he wanted to know a bit more – curiosity and all. “No, this is not my true form. I have two actually. The form of the mist and the form of physicality. The form of the mist is how I am able to reside in my vessel for thousands of years on end without outside interactions. It is a distillation of my consciousness. The form of physicality is my true form when I am extended out of my vessel. It is against djinn law to show you my physical form until we are bound.” “Do you have a sense of right and wrong? Standard philosophy or ethics? Things like that?” Dantalion took one more step toward the bed. He was nearly shin-to-shin with Trevor who had remained seated. “I do not have the ethics of a human. Because of that, I can serve every desire you may have. If you wish for me to pull the very continent of Atlantis from the bottom of the sea, I can do that, regardless of ethics, and in such a way that it would be explainable scientifically. I can crush all of the armies of the world in a matter of minutes and make it appear to be self-inflicted or one army pitted against another that could be explained.” Dantalion appeared to be getting excited just thinking about accomplishing these feats of wonder. He wantedto use his limitless power. “I do not have your morals. It allows me to fulfill your human desires whatever they may be. There are no judgments.” Dantalion spoke in a low rumbling purr. Trevor gulped as he stared into the eyes of the man he knew as Dante. His mouth was suddenly dry. The embers of Dantalion’s eyes licked his pupils and bore into the young man sitting before him. In his current form, he appeared to be near the same age. Trevor appeared maybe a bit more muscular. With Dante’s tailored well-fitted suit, he just looked very thin. His mind was racing, darting around to late night jack off sessions on the internet, a thousand morphed photos of different dream men he would love to fuck and be fucked by, stories of strength and muscle growth, and cock growth and …. Beads of sweat continued to form on his upper lip and forehead. His breath became shallow and ragged as his mind spun fantasy upon fantasy. His respectable 7” cock began to push against his well-fitted square cut briefs even more than before. He had imagined this moment in so many of his fantasies. For his third and final wish before accepting the binding, he wanted to know if it were true. Dantalion could not read the man’s mind but he felt that something was coming. Some powerful urge was rising. A heavy-weighted door was unlocking and creaking open in the deepest recesses of Trevor’s mind and Dantalion could see it on his face and see it in his cock. He felt that the next words that were spoken would determine that trajectory of his 12thand final binding. Somehow he just intuitively knew – this one would be different. Trevor hastily formed a wish and he knew it wasn’t going to be perfectly formed and he didn’t care. If Dante could make this come true, he would be able to bind with him and have endless wishes. “I wish that your body grew to 8 feet tall and that your arms became so large with dense, hard, striated muscle that they reached from floor to ceiling. Your skin so thin that a single sheet of paper would think it was too thick in comparison. These are 12-foot ceilings. You think you can do that, Dante?” He could feel his hard dick getting bigger and bigger, pulsing with unabashed curiosity and desire to see his third wish come true. Dante looked at Trevor with perplexity. None of his other Bound had asked him to demonstrate control over his own presentation unless it had been to terrify an enemy. Those before had wanted money, military defeats, the building of great structures…and more recently, knowledge. But this man was different. Something was very very unique as he looked in the man’s eyes and saw the man’s penis growing, throbbing, fighting with his trousers. “Curious,” he thought to himself. He nodded. “Yes, I can do that for you.” ****************************************************************************************** There was a pregnant pause between the two. Dantalion was attempting to read Trevor’s body language. He didn’t know the human well enough yet. “Would you like to instruct me on how to fulfill your wish, or would you like me to take…liberties?” Trevor’s breath caught in his throat. This was actually going to happen. “Can I instruct you for the beginning? Then maybe you can take ‘liberties.’” “You can do whatever you desire. I exist to serve you,” the genie rumbled. Dantalion and his deep flaming eyes looked down at Trevor on the bed. He sensed something close to supplication from the human, near worship. A pleading flicked across his face - A desire that Dantalion probed and where he found great depth. He, of course could not read the mind of the 12thunless granted access, but he could feel the edges of it with his expanded mind. Dantalion had been around humans for thousands of years and knew how to pick up on behaviors. The 12thwas seeping into the wildest recesses of his desires. Fuck, he could feel the energy building as Trevor contemplated how to begin. This one was so incredibly different, he repeated silently to himself. “I want to see you naked, first” Dantalion’s clothes vanished just as the last word left Trevor’s mouth. The djinn’s body was tight, thin, lean, and beautiful in a marathon runner sort of way. His skin the color of a summertime tan and his hair shortly cropped and a light sandy brown. “Over the course of 30 seconds, pleasegrow to 8 foot tall, same dimensions you have now.” Dantalion paused. He had rarely, maybe never, hear the word “please” when directed at him. Another something new. His naked thin body kept the same dimensions as before as he slowly expanded. He stopped thinking about what might be going on in Trevor’s head. He was in the middle of wish-granting and a djinn took that very seriously. He waited for his next command as he reached the 8-foot mark. Trevor, for all of his attempts to remain calm, looked at the tower of man in front of him and realized that this was all real and that his most depraved and wild fantasies could become flesh. His cock began to expel pre-cum into his trousers wicked away by his tight square cut briefs. Dantalion could smell something sweet. The beginnings of sex in the air. He had experienced that with previous Bound as they celebrated victories, defeats, destruction of enemies – but they had all been with harems of women, not directed toward him or when he was alone with his master. He was curious again. After thousands of years, he didn’t know curiosity would be so exhilarating. Trevor’s voice was again becoming ragged, shallow, pressured. He loved arms, he loved forearms, he love pecs, he loved lats and traps, he loved glutes (shit, he loved glutes), he loved quads and hamstrings, he loved delts, and he loved calves. He loved all muscle. He picked one of the many. “Please, increase your biceps and triceps to 30 inches around over the course of 30 seconds. The skin should remain thin and nothing thicker than single ply plastic cling film. And I want veins. Lots of veins on the surface to feed your growing muscles.” Trevor could barely breath. Did he just say that out loud to a stranger – even worse, his grandfather’s assistant now standing in front of him naked. Dantalion and his flame-licked eyes focused on Trevor’s face, on his erection pushing pre-spunk out in a slow stream, on the smell of need and desire in the air around them. He looked at his right arm then left and started growing them. He had never been asked for this expression of his own physicality. It was new and somehow excited him on a profound level. His biceps began to grow quickly and the skin covering his arms became somehow even thinner. Dantalion’s triceps quickly formed multiple bellies with striations so detailed, it appears that they were constructed of thousands of threads of fishing line, all writhing underneath the skin. Dante’s arms were stunning and perfectly symmetrical with a 30” exact diameter. They were the vision of pure raging power. But Trevor’s wish was just beginning. Ok, now to 80 inches in diameter,” he looked with a ravenous hunger at Dante’s arms. The djinn’s biceps grew and blossomed. Trevor, now standing up, reached to feel Dantalion’s growing arms and the djinn humbly leaned forward to allow him access to the change that was occurring. Trevor could feel the muscle fibers dividing quickly. It felt as if he had his hand over a steel morning-bloomed flower who’s petals keep unfurling over and over and over, cycle after cycle. Trevor peered at Dante’s right arm and saw skin so thin, he could actually see the beefy red muscle cells underneath. Veins as delicate as spider’s webs covered the blossoming biceps and triceps. Several thick radiator hose sized veins surfaced slowly, running along the top of the arms and the inside from the elbows to Dante’s armpits. Somehow, veins 3 inches in diameter seemed right…and HOT. “Now, I want to see those fucking arms to go from floor to ceiling,” he spoke softly and with a moan afterward. 10 seconds later and the arms of the god in front of him had grown to a size that Trevor had to back up and sit on his bed again. Dantalion’s arms had grown so much; his monstrous triceps were contacting the floor and causing his still thin, yet very tall, body to rise off of the ground. The twin biceps continued to escalate toward the ceiling, the fibers dividing endlessly without pause, all visible thanks to the paper’s width skin Trevor had requested. The veins of Dante’s arms continued to grow thicker and more plentiful. Trevor could now see them pulsing and writhing pumping growth juice into every individual cell. Dante was taking “liberties” with how he presented himself in this way. He eyed Trevor and saw the smaller man studying the webbing of the vessels, the constant replication of muscle cells, and also saw him rubbing his cock that continued to crawl down the leg of his tight trousers. His new-to-be Bound had said he was 7” when hard. He was clearly 8” now. What did that mean? Dante knew he was doing something right. For Trevor, this was the culmination of so many wet dreams. This was better because it was real. Finally, as the growth slowed, Trevor looked up at Dantalion’s face suspended in mid-air, body elevated several feet off the ground thanks to the titanic triceps bellies writhing underneath and pressing into the floor. The arms that he requested took up more than half of the bedroom. But something was off. “Dante, will you grant me another wish, just so that I can see how glorious you are?” Pulse, pulse, pulse went Trevor’s dick. He wanted to take it out and start beating in right there. “I will grant you one final wish before you decide on your binding to me,” he rumbled while looking down on the man below. “Dante, I wish that your forearms, hands, and deltoids were proportional to your arms. You may take liberties.” Without warning, an eruption of muscle so powerful and swift occurred that Trevor was blown towards the far wall. Just before he collided, he felt the newly enormous right hand of Dantalion catch him more softly and gently than he would have believed. He felt the giant 3 foot wide mitt draw back toward the wall-sized pulsating muscle that had just exploded with mass. “Trevor, have I pleased you?” Dante’s voice was powerful and deep like one million earthquakes but also curious, cautious, submissive. Trevor was beginning to lose his grip on reality. His breath was becoming more shallow. Trevor looked down on the 40” forearms riveted with throbbing arterials pulsating in rhythm with Dante’s heartbeat. WAIT, they were pulsating with Trevor’s own heartbeat, mimicking his pulse rate. Fucking crazy. Dante’s deltoids rose to near ceiling height, just shorter than the unbelievable mountain range of the biceps peaks - jagged, gnarled, but somehow perfectly balanced. “Can I touch you?” Trevor asked in a whisper. “You can do what ever you would like with me, Trevor,” Dantalion breathed into his hand where Trevor was seated struggling to maintain control. “You own this body and everything that it can do.” It was obvious from Dantalion’s innocence that he did not understand the weight of his comments on Trevor’s mind. In and other place that comment would be a proposition. In matters of sex and attraction, Dante was a child. Trevor reached out to touch the throbbing, hard, indestructible wall of muscle in front of him. He made contact and then pulled down his pants. Dante’s skin felt like warm buttery silk. The fibers beneath like steel cables an engineer would use to suspend a bridge. A groan so loud that it actually surprised both himself AND the djinn burst forth from Trevor’s mouth. “FUCKIN YES! Make my dreams come true, you fucking beast!!!” Shot after shot of Trevor’s cum hit Dantalion. His enormous hands and forearms were covered with cum and rivulets of seed collected in the crevices of the djinn’s enlarged hands. A certain quite fell onto the room. Dantalion felt so alive, so energized, so different than he had felt with any other Bound – and they had not made the binding yet. This was all so new and unexpected. Trevor leaned back into the giant paw that held him off of the ground. He was still recovering from the longest, most intense, most reality based orgasm of his life. “Trevor, do you bind yourself to me? I can fulfill this and infinitely more wishes based on your need and desires.” All that Trevor could see was walls of throbbing angry hard dense muscle. “Fuck ya, I want to bind with you. I won’t let your power be wasted.” Thoughts of just a few minutes earlier pummeled his mind. So much power, so much muscle, so much of everything he had beat off to for years. Laws, regulations, and more complicated stuff he couldn’t consider at the moment. “How do we do this ritual?” Trevor’s voice was sure and steady. Dantalion smiled and the flames dancing in his eyes flared and began to burn blue. “You must start by calling me by my true name: Dantalion, not Dante. I will do the rest.”
  6. Hey folks, this is something new I will be working on. I hope you'll appreciate it as I aim it to be a slow-burn kind of story Chapter 1 “Wow Jon, look at these gains! You must be killing it!” Jack cheers me on as a smug smile falls over my face. I know I am in fact killing it, and with a swift tap of my fingers, the [Slithering Wyvern] finally falls, disintegrating into crystals and coin for my character to collect. I hear the thunderous cheer of my friends online, with Jack being one of the loudest. He is one of my best friends, and he never loses the chance to lift my spirits. The VR headset buzzes around my head, downloading data into its local files. “Hey guys, you mind if I log out for the day? My eyes are burning from our previous session,” I try to hide a yawn, but it’s impossible. We were playing non-stop together for the past weeks, in order to make most of the free time we had before our first years in college began and we lost touch with each other. It was always just our little band of nerds versus the rest of the world. The guys agree, although I hear their disappointment. I am after all the best player in The Tether Online, at least in our low-ranking guild. Nevertheless, we love the game and we have spent so much time (and money) on it that we don’t care about being the best, just that we can continue having fun on it. Before I leave, Jack screams at me to not forget our online meteor shower watch. “Dude, it only happens every two thousand years! Heck, ancient civilizations witnessed the same event all these aeons ago! Entire crews will be observing it online, we’ve got to see it too! Too bad that you can’t join us today to watch the preliminary shower today, some scientists say that it will be-” he shrieks from the inside of the headset, and I cringe at the volume of his voice, so I lower it a bit. “Calm down, buddy. Isn’t it tomorrow? We will watch it together then, but I have to go now! I haven’t gotten grocery shopping yet, and you know how my dad goes if there aren’t any cheese in the house,” I shoot a quick excuse, and I turn the headset off before I throw it to my bed. I take a good peek outside the window, and a pitch-black sky stares back. Once again, I lost track of time. The perils of being a game addict, I guess. I quickly stumble outside my room, located in the attic, and grab my yellow coat before exciting my parents house. As always, they have taken the Friday night as a romantic getaway and I don’t blame them. The old crones need some time on their own, and I don’t mind the extra freedom of ordering takeaway and playing with my friends all night. Our house is located on a clearing deep inside the forest, surrounded my pine and oak trees. My parents had specifically chosen this location for its ‘air quality’ although I’m pretty sure they preferred the secluded nature of the place. That also meant that the nearest mini-market was at least two miles away, which made me wish I had taken these driving lessons in the past summer. Alas, I spent every day playing with my friends and so I grab my trusty bike and hop on. I wonder if I can squeeze in some lessons between this last week and fresher’s week in the university. The ride through the forest always managed to calm me down, along with the sounds of the cicadas and the night birds happily chirping away. Although for some reason, it is dead silent today. Not a cause of concern I say to myself as summer is ending after all. As I drift into the outer region of the forest, I can’t help but think about me and my friends, and how our new lives are approaching in their distance. Each one of us will be going to different universities and we won’t meet again until next summer. We had been through so much together, be it the constant terrorizing from the pieces of crap ‘athletes’ in our local school or the ostracization of all the popular kids that didn’t have anything better to do with their time other than pick on us. I do admit that I’m not the strongest-looking guy out there. At 5’9 and a soaking wet 150 lbs, I was unfortunately the tallest person in our group. Jack was a tiny 5’5 and stood at 130 lbs and the rest of our group was similar, both in terms of height and weight. I didn’t have any significant physical characteristics that would distinguish me from the rest of the crowd, with black hair and black eyes and a tendency to droop my shoulders down to make myself look smaller and less of a target. Jack on the other hand, was a real looker. With vibrant blue eyes and golden blond hair, he had the face of a slightly underfed model. However, he was deeply insecure about his height and his lack of strength and so he’d never take a chance with anyone in the school. He instead chose to hang out with us, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Needless to say, I was not looking forward from being separated with my friends. After all, there was strength in numbers, and now that I would be alone at the state university, I didn’t want to be the odd one out, the black sheep with no redeeming quality about himself. Well, I was good at maths and intuitive thinking, but that was about it. It surely helped in calculating the exact amount of damage you could do to the boss before he changed modes and patterns, but who would care about that in the future parties that I would never be invited to? It also didn’t help that I was deeply attracted to guys, and not being out to my family made everything slightly worse. I was so invested into my dark thinking that I did not notice a light shining on me. …A light? That’s when I looked up. The entire sky was ablaze with fire. Massive, comet sized objects were splintering themselves on the horizon, slowly but surely coming closer and closer. A deep rumbling was beginning to echo all around me, as if the earth itself was crumbling under its weight. The alien lights grew brighter and brighter as they rampaged closer to the forest. All around me, birds started flying away in primal fear and the forest came into life, with all the cicadas singing their terrible song. Shocked from the explosions of light happening right just above my head, I awkwardly landed my bike into a nearby tree and with a pathetic squeal, I was flung down to the dirty ground. “MOTHERF-!” I screamed at the pain radiating all around my feet and hands as they got scratched by the gravel below me, but I didn’t even have time to think as the lights above me grew stronger. The black night turned into day right in front of my eyes and a blinding white… presence now encompassed the entire sky. Azure bolts of cracking energy were cast mere feet await before me and all the hairs in my body stood in full attention. So this is how you die! I heard my brain laugh in shock and awe. Getting PULVERIZED by a literal METEOR! The light just grew and grew, taking an orange hue as it finally breached the atmosphere and barreled towards me like a gargantuan boulder made of stars and rock. “OH FUUUU-“ I managed to scream just before the orange light engulfed me and everything turned black. *** I advise you to be wary. Learn from the mistakes conducted by the past holders and do not repeat them. For all the power you can instill to your chosen while they are impressionable, there are always those who will take advantage of you. There will always be those rare few who see through your manipulation. Those who will take the power you so gracefully grant on them can always turn their backs on you. Remember this well: A man is still a man, regardless of their smile on their face, of their beauty, of their brawn. The power which flows into them, can easily fly in a different direction. Your greatest weapon will be your greatest liability. Remember this, Jon. *** I woke up a few hours later in the middle of the road. The forest was once again soundless, and the sky was brightening up by the dawn of the sun. What... what just happened? Did I get hit by something? That… light. HOLY SHIT WHAT WAS THAT? I scanned my surroundings. Next to me stood my wrecked bike, its one wheel having bent in an unnatural way. The low grass around me appeared orange and brittle, as if it had been scorched by a fire of some sorts. My head felt dizzy, and my body ached in pain, and I did my best to hold my lunch in my stomach. I barely found the power to get my phone from my pocket to call for help, but I soon found out that it had been completely fried. It was hot in the touch, and it wouldn’t even turn on. I felt my breath quicken and my back sweat. “Hello? Is someone out there?” I shouted at the quiet forest, and nobody answered back. Of course. I… I just fell from my bike and hit my head. That’s it. Nothing else. No aliens. No light. Then… then why did my palm burn so much? As I slowly opened it, I found myself staring at a single orange stone. Its colour was so vibrant, so unique that it could not have belonged in this world. It glowed with an inner auburn light, humming with the same rate as my heartbeat. It was so warm to the touch and as I moved it closer to my eyes, it grew warmer. I stared at this beautiful piece of cut stone, enthralled by the aura it excluded. A nearby screech from a bird shook me awake. Oh god. Nope. It’s real. IT WAS FREAKING REAL! I… I COULD HAVE DIED! As I stared at the stone, my fingers grew numb, and I accidentally let it fall to the ground. With a low thumb it rolled on the burning grass; still glowing. I quickly grabbed it back and stored it in the coat of my jacket. I’ve heard the millions of dollars that a single piece of meteorite costs, and I wasn’t about to leave it here in the wild. Even if it wasn’t a meteorite, I’d still show it to my friends when I told them the insane occurrence that had just transpired. My body was still partially numb as I took the broken bike off the road and began my way back home. Everything hurt, especially my scraped arms and legs but unfortunately, I didn’t have any source of light to check for the extend of the damage. As I awkwardly carried the bike to the garage, I tried to look at the brighter side of this insane conundrum. I didn’t die. The culprit was just a rock… from space. And hell, it could be worth a significant amount of money. Surely more than enough to buy a new bike. But then… what was that voice I heard while I had passed out?
  7. Supercrav

    growth without effort Work in progress

    Day 27. It had been obvious pretty early that the demon was indeed genuine, his allegations were legit, and he was true to his word. Has I had written on day one, if you remember, that was how he had convinced me to sign the pact : I didn't really believe he was what he claimed to be, looking like any random guy, and as he said "You are taking no risk at all. I offer you what you deeply desire, if I'm not a demon nothing will happen and that contract is just a piece of paper, but if it happens you have your dreams come true." When I think back at this moment, I guess that the fact that he didn't look or sound like a demon at all finally turned out to be a contributing factor to my agreement. Had he had taken the appearance of a demon, the way the are depicted in our popular folklore, he would have been more menacing, and that would probably have induced some hesitation from me. But then, I was sure it was just some slightly drunk trying out what was his idea of a joke. I quickly took my decision to sign both because I didn't believe a word he said in the first place, but also because that would get me rid of him. Yet, on my walk home, I couldn't help but hope for my wishes to come true. So, when I woke up the next day and saw my abs for the first time in my life after pushing away my sheets, that was a really good sign, and as you know, each following day confirmed the transformation in progress. Some commented that quitting my job and my girlfriend less than a week into the process was a bold, and risky move. I'm happy to say that to this day, I have no regrets about this at all, I never really cared for neither of them, and they both were taking too much space into my life, when I needed to spend every second focusing on my blooming rise to greatness. That thought occurred to me this morning, because today, when I rushed to the grand mirror to feast my eyes on my body, something snapped. I have reached a milestone today. Today, in the mirror, is the day when I saw a real muscle beast looking back at me, a man with the muscularity and the presence akin to the great, major bodybuilders that I have admired, idolized, fantasized about ever since I was a kid. I was the real deal. That is it, I have reached the dream that I never thought could ever come true. With tears of joy rolling down my cheeks, this morning, my ritual masturbation had a special flavor, a stronger intensity than ever before. As a bonus, my face was also getting stronger and chiseled, with the bone structure getting bulkier, and my widening jaw, the cute boy was turning into a gorgeous, manly hunk. A face radiating pure testosterone in all its beauty. Again, I ate even more food for breakfast. My savings were depleting faster and faster, with all that grocery shopping, plus, the way-oversized clothes I had bought a few days ago were already starting to get tight on my body, so I will have to buy new ones soon, harder to find, and more expensive. I couldn't wait to get to the gym. Yes, I spent more and more time at the gym. I still don't have to do any exercise at all to have my physique growing more muscular and powerful every minute, mind you. Sure at first I just went there to adopt the musclehead lifestyle, get out of the house, and also to make my muscular growth less suspicious to the public eye, but every passing day, my time spent at the gym was more enjoyable than the last. First, it is a great opportunity to overtly flaunt my beloved, massive muscles for the eyes of an appreciative crowd. I could also spend hours contemplating the fascinating dance of my my flexing muscles in the mirrors covering the walls. I was always being more and more revered and respected by people there, as a genuine muscle freak, not only because of that muscle growth of mine that was way off the charts, but also because I grandiosely staged a spectacular weight lifting extravaganza at least once a day, on a different exercise, everybody gathering around me to witness my next incredible feat, me feverishly accomplishing the challenge, although these piles of iron plates weight absolutely nothing for me, and breaking my last record every time. Thunderous applause ensues, followed by a round of guys seizing the opportunity to get a feel of my bloated muscles, pretending to give me friendly pats of congratulation. And also, someone has finally popped the question. Of course at the gym regulars must have been wondering what was the secret behind my staggering muscle growth. Some may have even noticed that I had been getting taller. The other day, someone finally asked. Unsurprisingly, it was Leon who did, a fun and pleasant lad, but he spent almost all of his time at the gym chatting all over the place - his jaw muscles clearly were the only ones doing any significant workout in there - and gossip queen supreme. We were both alone in the locker room, and he swiftly led our conversation to this point in his usual sneaky way. I whipped up a ridiculous story I was sure he'd enjoy. I told him that I was just a normal kid, I had dropped out of high school and fled away from my dysfunctional family, living on the street, my life spiraling downwards, I landed in the northern part of the city like a year ago, and found my begging spot near a 7/11. A man living in the neighborhood was very friendly with me, generous too, and he fell in love with me. I rejected him as I'm not gay. One day that man saw me reading a month-old muscle mag I had found among stuff that the 7/11 had dumped in the trash. He asked me if I would like to be as beautiful and muscular as the enormous pro bodybuilders featured in the magazine, proudly exposing the monstrous mounds of fibers and veins flexed to unbelievable sizes and rock hard density squeezing out drips of sweat rolling down their oil covered, tanned, perfectly sculptural bodies, with that knowing, superior, confident, suggestive look in their eyes, fully aware of the raw sexual power that exploded at the face of anyone lucky enough to be blessed by the sight of their naked body, almost naked as a few strings maintained their genitals snug in a stretched, minimalist pouch of shining fabric. "Of course." I said, mesmerized by the parade of prodigiously muscular freaks on every page. "I would do anything to be half the man they are. But that's impossible, these are extraordinary athletes, defying the laws of nature, real heroes, performing miracles." The man just smiled and walked away. For a few weeks later, maybe like two months, he just said hi when he passed by me every day, coughing up money regularly still, but one day, he crouched next to me with a mischievous smile on his face and made me an offer. He said he was a bio-chemical engineer in a secret army facility. He had unearthed an old abandoned project that he was willing to pursue, on the side, on his own, as a personal task, with my help. The project was about muscular cell modification, and had been cancelled by the army because while the potential increase of physical power was promising, the treated subject would inevitably have to suffer an important augmentation of his muscular cells' size and number. Having enhanced soldiers with excessive size and weight would be costly and problematic. Also, this would come with a significant loss of rapidity, agility, so they would be huge and slow targets on a battlefield, likely to get killed before their superior strength had proven to be of any use at all. So that chemist offered me to be his guinea pig on this experiment, that he would be pursuing in his home. He would provide me room and board, my own, personal room, and everything I need, the only counterpart being that if I was satisfied with the improvement of my physique, and wanted more, I had to be his sexual plaything for him to enjoy anytime. And I agreed. "Really?" said Leon. "So you let yourself at his disposal, in exchange for injections? He made him your sex slave? That's sick, man. - You think so? I'm so glad to have him using me for sex, so happy to have agreed to that deal! Look at me man, I've only been working out for a few months, my muscles are ripped, defined, sculpted, and already large enough to be a world class competitor! I might very well be the strongest man who ever lived! And I'm only twenty one! Twenty one and I'm going to grow even more! I'm living the dream, man, and believe me, I have no problem milking the cock of my savior, the guy dragged me out of the gutter, and turned the useless piece of shit that I was into a superior alpha power male of pure muscle ! - So, now you're gay then... - Forget it Leon, every single drop of my cum and all of my sexual energy belongs to my master. He deserves all of me, exclusively. I want to perform at my very best for him all of the time. - That's too bad. - But hey, Leon, I told you my story because I like you, but it's in confidence. Please keep it between you and me. - Of course, champ, cross my heart and hope to die." Nice little story, huh? Highly improbable, laughingly so, even, yet more believable than my demonic encounter. Convoluted enough to be convincing, including a dark past, a raise from the ashes, a crazy scientist, military secrets and a disturbing deal involving voluntary sex slavery. Dumping that on Leon, I could be sure that within thirty six hours everybody would have heard some version of that story in a three-block radius. In two days Leon will swear to me he never told a soul and that someone had to be eavesdropping on us in the locker room, and if anyone brings it up at me in the future I'll just have to act embarrassed and say that "I don't want to talk about it", problem solved.
  8. Host: Hello everyone and welcome to another season of "Gainers". I am your host Freddi Fit and you may remember me from becoming the muscle alpha I am today on our very first season just three years ago. *Freddi Fit raises a double bicep flex, stretching his button down short sleeves to their limit. "After all, who can forgot that glorious moment when I was voted to steal everything from Hank The Tank who had been growing massive all season. It was a major upset and the audience was ready to see a new alpha show that brute a lesson. Since then I've been living the dreams as America's hunkiest bodybuilder. Well tonight this dream begins once again with 8 brand new contestants. After twelve weeks, one of them will be left with a hulking body while the others leave smaller than they came. And like always, every week you the audience will decide who gets what. Now let's not waste any time here and meet our contestants. Screen switches to contestant video number one. A nineteen year old college wrestler named Cam. "Hey everyone! The name is Cameron, or Cam for short. I've been wrestling for six years and I can't wait to show the other men who the real jock is gonna be. Maybe if you're lucky you might even see me put some of them in headlocks and drain the muscle from them." Screen switches to contestant video number two. A 39 year old college professor who has been working out for many years. "Hello everyone, it Max here. I've been a health science teach for about 10 years and have always wanted more in life. I'm hoping to win and become the next leading model for muscle god magazine. Either way, I'm hoping to teach the other men a thing or two about what it means to be blessed with muscle." Screen switches to contestant number 3. A 24 year old ex fire fighter who recently begun a modeling career. "If you thought fighting fires was hot, wait till you see me on nothing but my suspenders. Hey everyone my names chad. Make sure you vote for me this season so I can become the muscular flame that makes you sweat." Screen switches to contestant number 4. A 31 year old cop from NYC. "Hey. It's Stu. I've been lifting ever since becoming a cop, but to keep the streets safe, I'm going to need your help to grow my guns and have the fire power needed to intimidate the bad guys and fight crime." Screen switches to contestant number 5. A 27 year old businessman. "Hello everyone, being a businessman keeps me quite busy. So I'm going to need your help building these muscles as big as they can get so I can really fill out my suites nicely! By the way, the name is Dominique." Screen switches to contestant number 6. A 42 year old father. "Hello everyone. My name Ken. Before I had children I was in pretty good shape. However since then I've begun to get out of shape. I need your help to be bigger and better than I was when I was younger." Screen switches to contestant number 7. A 21 year old college graduated pursuing a career in acting. "Hey y'all. Zac here. I've been trying to make it big as an actor but you know they are looking for muscular guys these days. Help me become a jacked up actor." Screen switches to contestant number 8. A 25 year old man living in his parents house. "Hi everyone. I'm Tony, and I've been having a really hard time finding a job. Can you help me you help me out and give me the chance to pursue a career in fitness and get the hell out of my parents house. They'd really appreciate it as well!" Tony is clearly the smallest guy. Although he still has slight hints of muscle, there isn't much for the others to take. Host: "Well don't we just have a great batch this year. The group will be entering the growth cell now where they will spend the next 12 weeks changing. Go online now to vote for your top 4 favorite guys who will receive a special serum boost tomorrow night to start off the game. And don't forget to send in your nicknames for each dude. The most votes will decide what we call each contestant from here on. Anyways. Goodnight Gainer fans! Freddi Fit signing off!" *Freddie fit solutes the camera and transitions in to an archer pose as the credits roll.*
  9. hero1000

    magic The Guardian

    The Guardian Nate and Chris came out of the gym. They walked to their car and hugged briefly. Nate's eyes sparkled as Chris kissed him. "Great work out" Nate kissed him back, "Yeah, can't wait til we get home" They started to get in the car, but a loud voice came from behind them, "Look a couple of fags!" Three scrawny boys with scruffy facial hair came from behind a van. The leader stepped up and said, "What a waste. Look at these freaks, Tony." He turned to his friends. Tony sniggered, "A couple of muscly gay ass shit. Who the hell would want all that muscle for..." The third one had his hands behind his back, but he spoke up, "Hey, Curtis, I bet that makes it easier to butt fuck." They all laughed like this was the funniest thing they had ever heard. Nate and Chris stood quietly taking the abuse. Curtis, the ring leader, finally spoke up, "You guys like this shit?" Nate muttered quietly under his breath. Curtis laughed again, "Hey mumbles. I'm talking to you." Nate spoke up, "You might want to stop now before it's too late." Curtis sneered, "Too late for what, faggot?" He turned to the third one, "Bobby, show em" Bobby pulled an aluminum baseball bat from behind his back and swung it menacingly. Chris moved back towards the car, "Hey, Nate, let's just get out of here." Bobby swung the bat at Nate and hit him in the knee. Nate dropped to the ground and mumbled again. A siren whooped in the parking lot and a cop car cruised by. Bobby quickly hid the bat. Tony said, "Man let's leave these two man-queers alone" He and Bobby started to walk away. Curtis waited, "I'll catch up. I have one more thing to do here." Chris was trying to help Nate to his feet. Curtis watched, leering. "We don't need faggy boys like you." Nate looked him in the eye, "Your fate is almost on you." "What are you talking about? You mumbling and all that gross ass muscle couldn't stop you from dropping to your knees." "Your fate is here." A bead of sweat trickled down Curtis' face. "Yea? Yea? What fate?" "You can still stop it, but you must leave right now" "I ain't having no sick muscle fag telling me what to..uhhh" Chris backed up, "Nate you didn't use it did you?" Nate just smiled. Curtis made a grimace as a strange sensation passed through him. Unbidden, images of sucking dicks and the thought of sucking another dick went through his head. He began to feel really odd. "You..you faggots...get..out of my....head...." He shook his head and strange lumps appeared under his t-shirt. It took a moment for him to realize those were his muscles and they were growing. His shirt and his jeans were getting tighter. His eyes widened in horror. "No...I don't want this ....gay....ugggg" Veins raced up his arms as they swelled and first the right sleeve then the left sleeve of the t shirt exploded from the massive biceps and triceps that bulged outward obscenely. "NOOOO! That's so gross! Stop! Stop! Stop!" With each repetition of the word "stop" his voice grew deeper and huskier. He shuddered and his eyes rolled back in his head. His chest swelled outwards and the front of the shirt stretched grotesquely then began to rip in multiple places as massive pectoral muscles made their bid for freedom. HIs crotch swelled out, and Curtis opened his eyes, but they appeared glazed and a spot of drool appeared on his lip. His back flared outwards pushing his arms to 90 degrees and causing the shirt to look like a rag hung from a collar that was stretching from a thickening neck. Traps rose up and bulged against the bullish neck and the collar, too, gave way. The shirt fluttered to the ground and deeper rips were heard. The sides of the jeans burst apart as legs like tree trunks grew out wards. Curtis staggered briefly adjusting his stance. Although he didn't get any taller, the 5'9" youth now weighed close to 400 pounds of muscle and had a foot long dick at full erection. Chris sighed and looked at Nate, 'Really? Let's get him in the car out of sight" The two went to help Curtis into the car, "In here big boy." Curtis muttered then said in his new bassy voice, "Can I suck your dick in here?" Nate smiled, 'Let's wait until we get back to your place." Several hours later, Curtis woke up naked in his bed back to his normal size and with horror remembered the things he had done with Nate and Chris. He jerked up right and saw Nate standing there smiling. "I tried to warn you, but you wouldn't listen. 'Live by the sword. Die by the sword.' as the good book says" Curtis shrank back, "I don't know what you are, but stay away from me. I'll leave you alone. Just don't ever do....that....to me again." He pointed at Nate's dick. "Awww, but a few hours ago you couldn't get enough of my snake" Curtis cringed. "Please, I'm sorry. Just go. I'll leave you alone." Nate waited a beat then said, "Oh. Wow...unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. You see, this is now your fate. Anytime you or your friends bully anyone. I mean anyone, gay, straight, girl, woman, animals, whatever. You will turn into...how did you put it?... a muscle fag....that's right. And you will defend the person being attacked. You see, you are sort of a Guardian now. Against your will, but it is your fate. And I did try to warn you. Have a nice night." Nate turned and left. He found Chris waiting in the car. Nate smiled at him. "I wasn't sure I wanted to do it, but since he....well, let's just say this is so well deserved." Chris shook his head, "I think you have unleashed a monster."

    Liquid Manhood- Chapter Six

    A year long wait for Part Six, sorry, school got ahead of me and when I was finally free I wasn't in any mood to write. This part is mostly filler and some plot, more transformations to come in the next part though. Thanks for reading. Read Part One HERE Read Part Two HERE Read Part Three HERE Read Part Four HERE Read Part Five HERE Liquid Manhood Chapter Six Chris lay awake in bed, staring at the ceiling deep in thought. The room was still dark, but dim light shone through the gaps in the curtains. The light illuminated the cause of Chris’ thinking, a large tent in Melvin’s bed sheet, and two massive feet that hung out the end of that bed. A couple of months ago Melvin had been a small runty nerd who Chris could twist around his little finger, but then Melvin took some of the magical elixir home. Now Melvin was more confident, he was questioning Chris’ decisions more and he was keeping Chris awake with hour-long fuck sessions every single day. The only benefit to being kept up so late is that Chris had the time to think over the events of the past few days. That first day when he found out what had happened to Melvin had been the hardest. Hearing that deep voice over the phone made his heart drop, but he nearly died when he found Melvin. Melvin had directed Chris to come talk to him at some apartment, his nerdy roommate opened the door in just his underwear. He was now tall, built and from the look of the bulge in his briefs, hung like a donkey. Seeing Melvin had only added fuel to the theory that the elixir had a plan of its own, that the changes it caused weren't random. That in fact it mattered on what sort of person you were, an undeserving person would end up as unappealing, but a deserving person, as Melvin appeared to be, would end up owning mouthwatering pecs with big silver dollar sized nipples, abs you could wash clothes on and a bulge that looked like it could feed a small village. The conversation between the two roommates was awkward mainly because Chris could see the four girls who lived in the apartment had been fucked senseless for what must of been several days. From where Chris sat he could see the girls in a sleeping cum stained heap on a bed in a bedroom, the doors having been pulled off its hinges, they all had smiles on their faces. A smile which matched Melvin’s smug smirk, he knew the situation between them had changed. Melvin though didn’t rub it in that he was now a towering stallion compared to Chris, which Chris had expected. Instead he talked about what had happened to him and what he’d thought was going on with the elixir. In the days following Melvin’s marathon fuck session both boys shared their theories on how the elixir affected the user. Chris’ theory that who you were mattered held more water then anything Melvin offered. It was nearly confirmed when Chris and, the now meathead, Melvin found out what happened to the people dosed by the water bottles from the school gym that Chris had tainted. The equipment manager Thaddeus Stern had ballooned into some ebony black beast of muscle and manhood, he was instantly recruited by football team to his own delight. Yuri was also dosed too, and to Chris’ delight he didn't end up huge. Instead the slim swimmer had swelled into some hairy bear. A gut of muscle and fat replacing his toned abs. Melvin didn't think the change was that bad, Yuri looked pretty intimidating, an opinion which seemed to be shared by others. Yuri had been recruited to the football team too. The third person to be dosed had surprised Chris. Coach Peters had changed and it seemed to have knocked him out of the funk that losing his football team had caused. His flabby gut had been sucked in and tightened, his hair darkened and his face lost a good 20 years of wear and tear. The man who now stomped around campus in a sweat suit with a big cigar in his mouth was nothing like the old Coach Peters. Scary was the word that Melvin had used after he'd been cornered and almost forced to join the football team by the new Peters. He was rebuilding the team and taking anyone who even looked like they lifted weights. Chris though was half attracted to the new barrel chested daddy like-coach. He would have expected that Peters to get the bad side of the elixir, but instead Peters’ love and loyalty to the boys on his team had instead made the elixir turn Peters into a better man than he already was. Chris’ reminiscing was ruined by the loud wet slapping coming from Melvin’s bed. The big lug had thrown back his blankets and was fisting his Pringles can cock with both of his meaty fists. Chris just rolled over and buried his face into his pillow hoping Melvin would only jerk off once this morning. ——————————————————————————————————————————— “Good workout today man” Thaddeus’ Barry White-like voice said Both he and Sean were standing in the locker room of the school gym, they had it to themselves as the other patrons seemed to flee the room when they both came in sweaty from their workout and stuffed into gym shorts that looked close to bursting. They'd both showered on the far side of the showers from each other, both trying to sneak in a quick wank, though it was hard to keep two massive muscle men jerking wrist fat monster cocks secret. Neither of them brought it up, even thought they’d both cum at the same time. “Yea, good lift” Sean agreed, pulling on his shirt The two muscle men were both buttoning up their shirts, both having the same issue of pulling the shirt together over their pecs. Thaddeus with his glistening ebony pec pillows and Sean with is fire-red furry slab like chest. Sean and Thaddeus had met soon after Coach Peters had recruited them both for football team and they’d become fast friends. Mainly it was due to them being forced together as they were both of similar size, but they shared an intense interest in video games, so a friendship had blossomed. A tv bolted up to the wall loudly played some sporting news show, the announcer worriedly talking about the removal of some big name athlete from the Dallas Cowboys because of some sort of disease. Sean had seen the guys face all over the internet and he’d even jerked off a fair bit to the guys modeling pics. Sean gave up on closing his shirt, his entire hairy pec cleavage on show. The button just below his pecs barely holding the shirt closed. “You coming round mine tonight to game” Sean asked pulling up the zipper of his jeans again Since his last growth spurt Sean had found a guy on Craigslist who was selling a tonne of clothes in sizes that could actually contain him, but now after a couple of months of actually working out, playing football and slowly growing he was beginning to outgrow them. Thaddeus, was himself just stuffing his overpacked undies into some jeans. He pulled the zipper up and gave his hefty bulge a good grope with a big black hand. “Nah man” Thaddeus chuckled deeply “Got a date tonight” Sean laughed “What again… did last nights go so well” Thaddeus left their gaming session last night with some cheerleader under this arm. The big black stud had been grinning ear to ear earlier when they started their workout, so it must of gone well. “Yea, yea, it did, nearly broke her bed” Thaddeus laughed, doing a little thrusting movement with his hips “But its not the same girl… her friend" “Slut” Sean laughed lightly punching Thaddeus’ shoulder Thaddeus packed up his gym bag and seemed ready to leave, obviously eager to get to this date. “Yea pretty much, I used to be some pathetic virgin” the black stud laughed “But since my growth spurt I've been getting pussy every day… even multiple pussies sometimes” Sean felt his eyes roll, Thaddeus just laughed at his reaction. The two friends said goodbye and the black beast thudded out of the locker room, leaving Sean to struggle to get his clown feet into sneakers that were falling apart because they were at least a size too small. The walk back to his dorm room was quick, but it was a constant barrage of stares as he stomped across campus. He knew his heavy bulge was bouncing from thigh to thigh with each step and his pecs were dangerously close to launching the remaining buttons of his shirt across the path ahead of him. Sean was struggling with his keys at his door, his big meaty fingers fumbling over the tiny, little pieces of metal. “Sean” a quiet voice asked Sean turned to look and just saw an empty corridor. Then he looked downwards. A nervous yet smiling brown haired boy stared up at him. It was the guy he’d brought all the old clothes from. A guy of barely 5ft2 who for some reason owned clothes ranging from XXL to XXXXL, Sean didn’t ask why. “Hey... Ben right” he asked, hoping he’d got the name right Ben nodded as Sean turned away from his door to look down at Ben. The smaller guys eyes widening as he stared at the thick overhang of Sean’s pecs. Thankfully his eyes weren’t looking down to the overstuffed bulge of his pants which was shockingly close to Ben’s eye level. They were silent for a few moments, Ben just watching as Sean’s pecs slowly heaved with each breath. Sean broke the silence “So, why are you here” He knew that Ben didn’t live in the dorm. He loved in one of big frat houses on the other side of campus. Ben muttered something, sounded like he was nervously gathering his words. “Just… just... wanted to see if you wanted to hang out” Ben asked, smiling slightly Sean wondered if Ben had actually wanted to ask something else, but the sight of Sean’s hulking hairy form had knocked all the confidence out of the little guy. Sean chuckled slightly “Sure, I was going play some games, but we can hang out” Sean opened his door, the gust of warm musky air washed over them both. Ben actually squeaked in surprise. “It's only a single-player game, but I’m sure we could find you something to do” Sean said, letting Ben pass into the room Sean followed him in, giving his big bulge a quick rearrange before closing the door and trapping the little guy. ——————————————————————————————————————————— “Do you have any books on witchcraft” Barrett asked up to the librarian Without even looking pass their glasses and down to the runty Barrett, they muttered a floor number. Barrett had gotten used to being ignored since his fall from grace. He quickly headed up the stairs, taking two at a time, which was a stretch for his short skinny legs. Luckily no one would recognize him, he wasn't the Barrett anyone on campus would recognize. A few months ago Barrett had received an email about his campuses links to magic and witchcraft, since then he’d been researching the subject. He’d read more books and written more down in these months then he’d ever done in his life. It had started as a simple way of passing the time and maybe distracting him from his diminished body and from the housekeeper's son cleaning the swimming pool shirtless, but it had become a desperate passion once AJ returned home. The doctors had said that AJ had a muscle wasting disease, the same thing that the doctors has said to Barrett. AJ had lost his position in the NFL and returned him a broken man. AJ was nearly as small and runty as Barrett was and was getting smaller all the time. His personality shift was more dramatic than Barrett’s had been, Barrett regularly could hear AJ crying himself to sleep. When AJ was a towering beast Barrett had never even heard a single word spoken in a unsure tone, let alone seen him shed a tear. The CDC had even visited the house to check it out for any environmental causes, they found nothing. Just like they’d found nothing at the athletic department on campus. Barrett had actually stopped off to see how things had changed. It was just the same as Barrett had left it, without any reminder that Barrett had ever existed. The CDC had even kept an office on campus, but they didn’t seem to be doing anything. Just some guy sitting alone in an office bouncing a tennis ball off the far wall. The suddenly collapse of his brothers obscenely manly physique and the CDC’s continued inability to find a medical cause had only pushed Barrett closer towards witchcraft and magic. It had knocked Barrett out of his depression, he’d become more active, more set on finding an answer. He’d be researching anything and everything that could link to his and AJ’s situation. Quickly moving away from any sort of scientific explanation and focusing almost entirely on the thin hope that something beyond explanation had caused his and AJ’s predicament. He came to the correct floor, wheezing, he was so unfit now. He moved through the cases and desks looking for some sort of sign directing him to his answer. The floor was pretty much empty of students. Just one guy with long black hair sitting at a desk with headphones on. Barrett stopped to stare at his guy, he was well built. Large pecs straining at his shirt and thick arms gripping the table. Barrett bit his lip, muscle really got to him, his little cock hardening in his pants. The guy let out a moan and Barrett could see a hand was beneath his shirt feeling up his pecs. Barrett knelt down to check under the table, having to look between the legs of chairs and desks between him and the big guy. A blond haired head was moving back and forth between the guys massive jean clad legs. Barrett let out a gasp and scurried between some bookcases. He heard a sloppy sounding slap and a guy, probably the blond, taking in deep breaths. “Zach, did you hear something… I think someone is here” one voice said between deep breaths “No one is here” another deeper voice said “Get back to sucking bitch” There was slapping sound and a return to wet sucking noises. Barrett was sitting on the floor, his back leaning against a bookcase. His cock rock hard at the sound of the blond struggling to deepthroat whatever this Zach had between his legs. Down the line of books, Barrett saw a massive ornate bookcase. Leather bound books of various sizes filled its shelves and a sign above in posh looking gold lettering read. “Tiberius J.J. Haber Occult Library” Barrett jumped to his feet, for the first time thankful that he was small, his feet making no sound as he moved. He ran down the aisle towards the bookcase. As he approached he saw how run down the bookcase was. The golden sign was faded, the wood chipped and in placed moldy. The books were covered in thick dust, but Barrett saw a few finger marks. A couple of books on the middle shelf had been touched recently, but only those books. He strained to reach up to them, again hating how small he was now. “Did you see that guy… getting a blowjob in the library” an insanely rich and deep voice boomed from down the aisle “From a guy…” another voice stated sounding annoyed “Damn” the deep voice muttered “I mean, nothing against gays, Chris, you know that…” The other guy, Chris, just sighed loudly. Barrett fell back to another set of shelves and hid behind them as the two men approached. One was tall with strong features, almost model like in his movements. The other was a brute, towering nearly as tall as the bookcases and nearly as wide as the aisle. The massive dude had a hand down his shorts and was obviously scratching at his balls. Chris though was inspecting the occult bookcase. Chris gently lifted the middle books away from shelf and tapped at the wood behind them. “Good, it’s still jammed” Chris said returning the books to their place “Huh” the big guy said, he’d been busy sniffing his hand after scratching his nuts “The compartment where we found the magic book… we jammed it so we’d know if someone else found it” Chris said, trying not to raise his voice at the giant guy The big guy's viking like face made an expression of understanding. His heavy lantern jaw moving to make an ‘oh’ sound. “It’s still jammed so whoever was asking about witchcraft never found it” Chris mused “Wait… how’d you know someone asked about that” the big guy asked “I paid the librarian to call me if someone did, why do you think we even rushed over here” Chris said smirking arrogantly “We don’t want anyone finding out what we did… well not till I’m your size” Chris gave a playful backhanded tap to the big guy’s abs which were showing through his shirt. The two turned and left, Barrett’s head spinning, could magic actually be real, what where they are hiding. He waited for the big guys wide back to vanish around a corner before slowly he started to follow them. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Sean was laying on his front on his bed. It was too small for him. His pecs were hanging off the end and he was awkwardly propping his meaty arms on the edge so he could play his game properly. His big mits pressing buttons and his TV loudly sounding out the gun shots of his character. “You ok back there little dude” Sean asked peeking over his shoulder to Ben Ben was laying between Sean’s legs, the big guys legs bent and pressing down on Ben’s back. Ben’s face was pressed between Sean’s rounded muscle ass and his tongue deep between the cheeks. “Just slap my ass once if yes, twice for no” Sean said, trying not to chuckle Ben’s little hand flew up and slapped the rock solid left cheek of Sean’s ass and then fell back to gripping at Sean’s thigh. “Good boy” Sean said returning to his game “In a bit I’m move across to my gaming chair, you can suck or sit on my dick if you like” Sean’s cock was rock hard and laying between his legs and throbbing against Ben’s tummy. “Well you going suck or ride it either way, I’ll let you choose which happens first” Sean’s let out a deep moan and almost crushed his controller as Ben excitedly assaulted his asshole with his talented and surprisingly large tongue. ——————————————————————————————————————————— On opposite sides of campus, two groups of friends were meeting. One a group of young men who were busy planning the next phase of their Homes for Humanity project. The other a group of young men planning which news agency’s website they were going to bring down with a denial of service attack. They were in similar number and a similar makeup of guys, just different in personalities. But one thing that these groups shared was that the refreshments at their meetings tasted weird.
  11. The fall of the sun stone monastery By Big-Zargo It was a great morning for me and my master Sir Rowan of mourning rise mountain. Sure, it was foggy and gloomy as we made our way to the Sunstone monastery, but we had won a great victory against the witch of the tarnish woods. She was using her file magic to corrupt children and transformed them into red caps who would server her. It was a hard fought battle but the one and were able to save the villages from her tyranny although they were few children who are too far gone to be saved we were able to save most of the children from becoming red caps. I looked at my master he was riding a white horse named Don and currently wearing a light chain mail armor brown leather boots, gloves and helmets. He carried his sword on his waist and his shield on his back his warm brown eyes were looking forward onto the road. We rode quietly for a few minutes as we made our way to the Sunstone monastery and tell Rowan’s face turned around towards me. “Tom my boy, I think it is time to talk about your knighthood. I have watched you grow from a quiet boy into a strong young man, and I think you’re ready for the vowels to the bright one,” Rowan said with a deep kind voice in a serious tone. “I don’t know if I’m ready for my vowels Rowan. I can feel the power of the bright one, but I have not heard one of his messengers speak to me,” I said with sadness in my voice. “I cannot speak for the bright one, but I believe that you’re ready. You just need some more confidence in yourself. I believe you and Theodore should travel to the mountain circle to check on those wizards for me it’s been awfully quiet up there, you two should check on them,” Rowan said with confidence.” “Why must I bring Theodore with me, Rowan? I’ve been Theodore is a nice monk of the Sunstone monastery I don’t think he can make the trip to the mountain circle,” I said with confusion and annoyance at thought talking to the wizards. “I know how you don’t like magic users but not all of them are evil. Magic, power and even our valves to the bright one can corrupt man we may be immune to magical corruption that we are not immune to moral corruption of our mind. I cannot stop you from listening to Sir Gabriel, but his dogged views of magic will lead many innocents to brand the stake of his blind crusade. Sorry about my miniature tirade Tom, I best answer your question. Theodore is needed because a priest of the local Temple to the bright one has died a mysterious death and Theodore volunteered to investigate the matter,” Rowan said. I stayed quiet pondering my master’s wards as in the air way closer to the monastery. As we got closer to our home, we knew something was wrong it was strangely quiet. Rowan had us stop and unmounted from our horses to that we may have on plate mail armor. Remounting on our horses we slowly made our way into the monastery. We heard a shout coming inside the stables. With no hesitation we made our way towards it the horse quickly galloped towards the stables but halfway there the forces began panicking and refusing to go forward. With no hesitation we got off of our horses and began moving forward towards the sound. We heard muffled sounds of it made her way closer. Eventually the fog parted like curtains revealing to us a horrible site. A huge muscular red demon with small red horns pointing up towards the heavens, big beefy arms and huge hands big enough to smother a human’s head in its grip, and his cock his huge monster of a cock… Dear bright one the demon had Thomas up against his cock forcing him to suck on it for that was just too big and meaty for Thomas mouth. With a grunt from the demon huge balls squeezed themselves shooting a load of its demonic cum down Thomas’s throat. He fell to the ground on his butt in a daze. “Speak of the angel and he show up here,” the demon said with a deep to my voice, while turning his face towards Rowan and me. His demonic golden eyes gazing at us with hunger and wrath. “How dare you enter our homes and defile are priests and brothers of the bright one,” Rowan said with such anger that has voice trembled. “What have you done with the other monks and priests,” I asked. I assume that I was not going to get answer from the demon, that he did. Pointing towards the fallen Thomas, we saw how he began to change. His skin had started turning red as curved horns started growing out of his head, both me and my master heard tearing sounds coming from Thomas as we saw his feet new monster feet pop out shoes. Then he had gotten up revealing to us his more changes, his green eyes now glowed like emeralds, his hair had grown back removing his Tonsure hairstyle, his monk’s robes look tight on his body and look now taller. He had quickly removed off his monk’s robes to reveal his new red muscular body, half naked with his pants barely holding on to his muscular thighs. He grinned at us revealing his sharp canines and gear quick flex of his giant muscles. It was if he had lifted boulders and fought off his life. “Who knew falling to evil of this demon… No, my master would be so intoxicating,” Thomas said with a demonic accent. I was in shock father Thomas was a strongly devout man blessed with the power of the bright one, how could he fall to this evil. Then I thought to myself if Thomas could fall to this evil than the other priests of the Sunstone monastery could fall as well or maybe had. Apparently both me and my master had the same thoughts as one each other. Rowan looked at me with a grave face and said. “You must leave this place go to the chapel of dusk-star tell the father Arthur of what happened here gets help get the order of light hammer take the horses and donkey and go!” He yelled out. I wanted to stay fight my master by understood implication, if this demon could corrupt father Thomas and his whole monastery of devout worshipers that might spread like a plague across the whole continent. I cannot let such a thing to happen and definitely since, my master will not allow this to happen now in a fight. I turned around and began running towards the horses, running from my home. But I found my path blocked by other muscular demons, William, Michael, Oliver, and Leo were all blocking my way. These once innocent people were transformed into muscular demons especially Leo, he was big and wider than the rest may be because he was in the blacksmith of the Sunstone monastery. Dammit, I didn’t want to fight these demons especially since they were my family. But I didn’t have to fight them I just had to get past. I brought out my sword and shield and started looking for opening for me to escape. I heard noises coming from behind me and knew that my master was fighting the 15 feet tall muscle demon. “I can’t let you leave here Young squire.” I slowly turned around making sure to keep track of the four demons around me. I saw a man holding a repair, who looked familiar looked to me. Especially with his black mustache and goatee and his Gerrish yellow and purple shirt. I tightened my grip on my sword as I said. “Asher the Bard, I knew something was off about use especially when you play summer sunshine during that girls funeral. That song way too upbeat for a funeral, it was distasteful for such an occasion.” “summer sunshine on the wind was Rose’s favorite songs know. She would’ve wanted me to play it as her funeral,” Asher said while nodding his head. With one lift of Asher’s left finger, I felt my body stiffened and become unresponsive. Against my will I was lifted off the ground and turn facing me to the battle between my master Rowan and the big demon. It looks like my master was winning. Although demon was not bleeding the bunch of slashing burn marks on his skin. That the bright one’s power and my master skills would fail this evil creature. With a burning slash mark on the demon’s hairy chest the fiend was pushed back up against of the stables. “Enough paladin I find myself growing weary of this battle and I find your fighting skills to be lacking,” the big red demon bellowed out. In a flash the demons burn marks healed before our eyes. Empty demonic hands suddenly are equipped with giant demonic sword on his right hand and a short blonde metal rod. Seeing this change from the demon my master switch stances to the warrior’s vigil preparing for the onslaught that was to come. the warrior’s vigil was a defensive posture with my master’s blessed heavy armor and shield by the bright one’s blessing he should be able to handle the big demon’s onslaught. It was a site to seeing my master shield tanking and redirecting the blows of the big demons giant sword while he parried the big demons rod with his sword. Each attack from the demon pushed Rowan back and back. Rowan was pushed to the limit by the demon and forced to use the full powers of the bright one that was bestowed to him. holy light began pouring off of him glowing angelic see-through wings sprouted out of his back, as he began to fight back. The demon switched out the rod for a big plane -looking shield with no adornments and the visible markings. Rowan started his counter with site cut, then a shield batch, then use morning rise technique, then fold up with dusk fall, then fold up with beard taker and a bunch of different types of martial techniques. The demon kept pace with Rowan’s onslaught with his shield and sword. Each attack from Rowan causes the demons shield to glow with the same light as Rowan and as it did so my master started slowing down. With one final cut from Sir Rowen’s sword the demons shield broke crumbling to pieces rather than being slashed in half, but as the shield falls apart my master fell upon the ground in defeat. “NO!!!!!!” I screamed out, in shock. The determination I tried forcing my body to move against Asher’s spell that had restrained me. “Well, that was quite impressive if Great-Z do not have a counter in mind the bright one’s power then Rowan would have had a high chance of winning big Billy. Still, he put up more fight than the other paladins of the Sunstone order. Now what to do with you…Hmmm…. Well at the kill you the bright one might know of our plans for this place, if you keep you just here as a prisoner is a chance you can escape or the bright one might find out. You’re not a paladin of the Sunstone order just the squire…Hmm... Know what I’ll ask Great-Z once I return to the mountain circle. I guess for now it’s best that you just sleep.” With the point of his finger in my word of power everything faded to black. When I woke up, I found myself in a dark smelling dungeon with very few lights in the form of dim torches next to me. When I tried to move, I discovered that was chained up to the wall by my arms. Before I could try to pray for help from the bright one, I heard her clapping sounds. “Clap… Clap… Clap” the torches began to glow brighter before turning blue in the darkness of the dungeon moved away revealing the scene before me. My master Sir Rowan, he was chained up as well with shackles on his wrists holding him up in the air and shackles on his feet preventing him from kicking and or moving and most humiliating of all he was naked. I recognize him by his muscular body his long brown hair that was skewing his face, especially that big scar on his right side of his thigh. I could only see the right side of my master. I turned my face to the right to see the big red demon. Now that was tied up I took a closer at the big red creature called Big Billy, as I thought he was 15 feet tall, extremely muscular big barrel chest he was peppered with black hair allover his red body, his big feet and hands were tipped with sharp black fingernails, he had a face of a brute, with a chin strap beard, no mustache long black hair tied up in a ponytail, two black small horns pointing up to the sky, demonic golden yellow eyes which may be feel fear and something else that couldn’t recognize… Wait… It was lust? That thought brought me down past the demon’s abs to his huge soft cock and big hairy balls. “Well, Well, Well look what we got here. The famous paladin of the bright one Sir Rowan of Sunstone order here to grace and bless us all with his presence,” Big Billy said in a deep sarcastic tone while walking up to the imprison Rowan. With his huge fingers he moved Sir Rowan’s hair away from his face before delicately moving his face up by his chin. “What do you want me, what do you want this monastery and what did you do to Thomas and the other monks of this monastery?” Rowan said with anger and hatred in his voice. “To answer your first question. to you this,” big Billy said. The magical gold ring appeared in his hand. I was barely able to see it, but it clambered in the light. I saw it float down to my master’s cock and slip around his shaft reaching his balls. A sling as the ring slipped on my master cried out in pain. “To answer your second and third question. I took over. With Asher’s help we were able to subvert the eyes of the bright one from this place long me to come in and start corrupting your family, transforming them into muscle fiends things to a combination of my power and great-Z’s. Don’t worry we didn’t corrupt everyone,” Big Billy said while snapping his fingers. More of the dungeon showed revealing the rest of the order of Sunstone, Sir, Kade the clover, Sir Armstrong the mighty, Sir Sam the Swift, and Sir Tybalt the Passionate, all shackled to the wall like me. While the rest of the other brothers and priests were in cages next to the exit. “As you see Sir Rowan, there are very few uncorrupted people left. I could of corrupted this whole monastery by the time you and your squire came back. in fact, I’ll let Thomas out so by the time you got here you can see your feet. To serve the muscle fiend trio as one of our muscle fiends. Great-Z is the most powerful, the most cleverest, wises and smartest of us, of course I would say the one you called Asher would be the more persuasion and charming of us. Well, you can say I’m the muscle of our group,” Billy said while flexing his left arm. “He’ll not be able to get away with this the bright one always finds a way to smite evil,” I said with conviction. “Please with little one, shut up.” with that decoration from the demon, I felt my mouth become numb. The Billy had an evil smile at the idea came to him. “I think I have the fun idea, a sexy idea. I was planning to break your friend first, transforming them into muscle fiends, but I think you be more interesting if I go for, he you first. You’re probably wondering whether that golden ring I clamped around your cock. The special magical item designed by Great-Z to corrupt paladins. Even now it’s subverting your defenses make you more susceptible to demonic corruption in particular to my corruption. By the time last of your friends will have succumbed you have been begging me to stuff my big cock up to your Virgin whole. It would be even funner and more delicious to break you first rather than your friends,” Billy said before giving Rowan a sloppy kiss. At first Rowan resisted the kiss, trying to thrash his head around it but Billy hold on his head was to firm. Eventually Rowan stopped struggling against Billy’s hold and stopped moving relaxing his body. Billy parted with the kiss, Rowan cock became erect. “What have you done to me, you fiend. why am I so God’s Dan horny,” Rowan said Panting out the words? “As we speak the rings power is subverting your divine protection and your strong will. It should take a couple days for the ring to corrupt your spirit but for a little boost from me it should speed up. Great-Z will be pleased at the results,” Billy said with sadistic grin on his demonic handsome face. To me, my master and others horror Billy forced Rowan to swallow his big red cock. My master Rowan struggled and choked on the big meat stick, before Billy let go. Instead of moving his head away Rowan began leaking at Billy’s cock starting from the head and tried making his way to the demon’s balls. I turned my head in discuss and closing my eyes. “Well, Well looks like it took longer than I thought three months rather than a couple of days. How annoying, still either your will is stronger than we thought or the ring is taking its sweet sexy time with you. You must love the taste of my cum by now. You must crave it, every time you see me, and every time you want to worship mine cock more than the bright one. Don’t you Rowan,” Billy said. I turned my face around to see my master and the demon. Rowan was still naked but time has passed his hair was clearly longer and had growing a beard. I realize the disturbing implications of Billy’s statement. If Billy has some form of time of manipulation powers, then we would be in trouble. His power would have to be massive to manipulate time. Clearly Billy was not some dumb brutes the demon had some are a lot of skills magical powers. Whoever this Great-Z that he and Asher mentioned must be very powerful indeed to control a demon with the great power. I pray to myself, hoping that the bright one would answer and sent us free alive or dead. Rowan was doing another round of cock sucking for Billy. I had no idea how many times Billy had force Rowan to suck on his cock but judging by the way my master is pleasing the demon they have been doing a lot. That didn’t know how long it would take for master to break but I pray for strength to him and myself. we Still had hope as long as the bright one lives in our hearts and long as we live, we will make it. “Is time for a test a final test for you Sir Rowan is quite simple I’ll let you leave here a live. It’s quite simple all you have to do is take your squire there and leave. I’ll even sweeten the deal for you if and your squire leave and passed through those stairs up through the monastery I’ll let everyone who has been transformed into a muscle fiend go. Free as a bird, butterfly on the way,” Billy said. With a snap of the demon’s fingers shackles holding me and my master released. I immediately fell to the ground and barely caught myself from hitting the ground face first, but I found that I could barely move as if preventing fall had drain all the strength, I had me. I heard steps coming closer to me. I couldn’t tell if it was my master Sir Rowan or the demon big Billy. All I could do was pray that it was Sir Rowan. I see it be this week if I had the vowels then maybe I could have gone away to get help. I felt myself being turned around and to my delight and horror I saw Sir Rowan; I could see blood red skin spreading across belly and thighs, the golden ring glimmered with demonic energy on my master’s erect red cock. I master easily lifted my body like I was a child in my father’s arm. Each step that my master took I could feel the ring pulse with demonic energy. The closer we got to the stairs the more powerful the forces from the ring became. Each step my body betrays me for my cock began to rise and harden. My master’s breath became more haggard as we got closer to the stairs and our freedom. I silently prayed to the bright one to give my master strength. On the way to the stairs, I heard the others give out encouragement to Rowan in the attempt to give him strength. As Rowan made it to the first step of the stairs in our freedom, we heard the demon make one last temptation. “Would it be fun if you and I plunged are hot cock down your squire’s virgin ass hole and make them squeal like a pig in heat,” Billy said. My master policy before turning around and saying. “No master his virgin ass is mine to take and ravage as I please,” Sir Rowan said in a deep demonic voice. He began walking back into the dungeon and as he did so the others uncorrupted began saying “No” in disbelief. I try to resist but had no strength to get out of my former master’s arms. Each step closer to the rising stone slab made my cock twitch and my ass hungry to be filled by Rowan’s cock. Rowan’s hands trembled as he placed to me on to the stone slab. It was cold as the grave, while in my master’s hands felt hot like the sun. He leaned in close to me and spoke. “You’re like a… Son to me, and I am p…p…pr…oud, proud of you son.” voice changing back and forth from his normal to the deep demonic I heard earlier. “I’m so…so sorry for failing you… You. I am sorry for failing the bri….Uw Fuck boy are you ready to become a real man a real muscle fiend, because I’m stuffing my fat cock down your virgin hole son. Prepare for your knighthood son.” Rowan’s voice completely shifts to the deep demonic tone as his brown eyes turn golden yellow. I knew that I must resist Rowan’s advances but a part of me always wants to obey him a part of the always wants to make him proud and by letting him ravage my ass it would make him happy. Besides I’m about to be knighted by my master. I knew the rings was now effectively, now that it was done with my master. My resolve my resistance broken by a master’s fall from grace. That was pretty hard to think when you Rowan stuffed his fat cock into my ass. at First there was pain then it blossomed in two pleasure as my master’s cock with in deep and the demonic dark magic passed through. In and out and in and out again my master went bringing me pleasure as he did so. We began to transform into our glorious forms. Rowan’s cock started growing inside me, as the dark magic flowing out the ring changing light inside so that I can handle my master’s girth. red began spreading out starting with my cock and where it touched, I changed becoming stronger. Before my eyes I started seeing my cock swelling grow as it turned red. Wherever the red spread to, on our body’s growth followed. Once brown hair became black as midnight on Rowan’s body. Already lean muscles grew and swelled as demonic fire passed through our veins. Starting with my master first, the red started from his belly and thighs and spread-out words. It had crept along reaching his pecs making them swell and grow as they turn red. He started becoming taller and wider as the red reached his neck. It had spread across his shoulders causing them to swell with the strength that could hold mountains. It flowed down into his arms starting with his biceps growing and filling out with strength then reaching his forearm with the veins popping demonic blood through them, reaching hands that’s swell, fingers growing to the size of sausages tipped with black fingernail like clause. Finally, the red had flowed up to his head his teeth sharpen, his face became more masculine, his ears grew point tips, and grew two small cone shape horns on his head. I was so fixated on his transformation that did up in those minds and tell my pecs grew on the tip of my vision. They even notice or know when my hands began massaging my big fat red cock. Unlike my master the red started out spread through my hands rather than shoulders. In fact, I had not even noticed the change in weight into my arms as to the demonic magic that was transforming me ran through my veins. The more had change spread through my body less of the old me remained. The light which would have will let me use the bright one’s power was now turning dark and as it did so, I reveled in it. The whole time as my body was going through these changes, I was feeling hot and tingly. Course I felt all the pain that didn’t matter to me all that did was the power that was flowing through my veins. Even as it had spread to my head. Black body hair started popping out all over my fiendish body peppering my barrel chest, huge arms, mighty back, plump ass, tree trunk thighs, thick calves, and my huge balls. Eventually we had to came and shot are load of cum and sealing our feet. We panted in our afterglow. Rowan moved backwards so that I can get up from the stone slab. I walked forward for a little bit before kneeling so that Big Billy could Knight me, with his big cock. Without even looking I had known that it had grown long as a sword. “I knight thee, Sir Tom Hell Knight of the Fiendish trio. Now suck my cock,” my new master big Billy said. I looked up and saw my master’s long cock shrink and split into two big fat cocks. “Now come my two knights taste your masters seed and rejoice your new freedom from their humanity,” mastered said. We began sucking on our masters’ delicious cocks, and as we did so he bestowed us more power in the form of knowledge and skills. The more we pleasured him the more he grew in our power. My former master Rowan had plenty experience of pleasure in your master and therefore was able to get more knowledge from him. I could’ve have sucked on his cock all day but eventually my master shot his delicious demonic load into our mouths. Rowan and I got up and began examining each other. We have become muscle fiends and we were damn sexy fiends. Rowan was 9 feet tall, big muscular body with the barrel chest, peppered with black hair all over his body a down pointing triangle shaped of further was on his chest, pointing down to a treasure trail that reached his cock and balls. His big muscular body was supported by muscular thighs. I had known without even looking that had the same type of horns as Rowan. I also knew that my body hair was more rounded and spread out like a bear. We both knew that we are stronger, faster, smarter, and more durable than humans, that the powers we once had or potentially could have had, were now enhanced by Fiendish trio’s power. We looked around for our next victims. Rowan could choose from any of the nights and squires from the sun stone order, while I got the priests and monks from the sun stone of order. Brother Theodore’s fat ass was looking nice and plump to me. I made my way to where the monk was held. I could smell the fear coming off of him as I came closer to his cell. Smiling I grabbed the fat pig of a man, his weight being no problem for my new string. Wasting no time, I had him on the floor on all fours. I opened his ass cheeks and with one spit on to his cherry from my demonic saliva he began to moan in pleasure. “I always knew you wanted some dick; you damn fat slut. Does all those vowels of abstinence really give you strength to resist your base urges. Well, it doesn’t matter little fat piggy I’m about to make you into big boar,” I said as I plunged my fat demon cock into his ass. Theodore moaned in pleasure as I was fucking him. Each thrust of my cock triggered him to turn red and grow, starting from his ass. I could feel his back muscles grow tighter getting bigger as his shoulders widening with growth. Red had quickly spread across his body flowing down from his torso to his limbs. His once light brown hair became black as it began spreading across his changing body. Through my connection to Theodore, I could feel his balls swelling growing bigger, his cock becoming fatter and longer dripping the last of his humanity through his cum. Each thrust I was giving him gave was stuffing pounds of muscles into his changing body. Each limb was just as thick as my even a little bit bigger with the fat covering it. When the red spread to his face and to Longhorns grew from his skull, I knew he was ready to come and finish his transformation into a muscle fiend. With the roar from both of us we came, me giving him one last growth spurt as we did some. The smell of sex was in the air as me and Theodore got up. I looked to see the master and Rowan spit roasting Sir Armstrong causing my mouth to water at the sight. Armstrong was turning out to be a big muscle fiend and he was almost done as well with his new massive demonic body. he was going to be 11 feet tall by my estimate and wider than Rowan and me. I decided to look for my next victim among the sun stone order. I found that they were broken or stirring to break, some of the priests and monks were starting to masturbate as our glory some even begging to join us and who am I to say no to that.
  12. redkage

    Voodoo 101: Intro to Voodoo

    Voodoo 101: Intro to Voodoo Ivan was a normal college student. Well, at least he always thought he was normal. He wasn't athletic, but he wasn't skinny or fat either. He wasn't drop dead good looking, but he wasn't ugly fortunately. His grades were C average and he didn't have any special redeeming qualities. There was one thing that did make him "not so normal" however. His eyes, instead of being brown or green like his parents, were a shocking milky white. He wasn't blind or anything, he could actually see just fine. He was getting tired of seeing people freak out whenever they see them however, so he tried to wear sunglasses as much as possible. However, enough people on campus have seen them for him to be labeled as "Zombie," a nickname he'd rather not have. It wasn't as if he asked to be born different. He always wanted to be a normal, regular guy, but because of these eyes of his, he was always made fun of or avoided. After another long day of college, Ivan finally made his way home. Instead of living in the dorms, he lived in a nearby appartment. He had been unlucky and wasn't able to secure a dorm spot, but the apartment was cheap enough to afford and close to the campus. There was only one downside though. As he walked down the hallway, he could already hear the TV in his appartment on full blast. It seemed that his roommate decided to come home early today. Taking a deep breath, Ivan unlocked the door and went inside. In the living room was Austin, his roommate, yelling at the TV like a super fan. It was no surprise though, since Austin was on the football team. There were chips and pretzels all over the floor, a mess he'll clean half assed and then leave to attract ants unless Ivan cleaned it up properly. "Yeah, touchdown!" Austin screamed, jumping off of his chair and pumping his fist, chips flying through the air. One chip actually flew and smacked Ivan on the forehead. Ivan held back his desire to complain about the mess. Austin was the typical jock; big, handsome and aggressive. The football player was 6'5" tall and weighed a good 210 lbs of solid muscle. He was rather good looking, with short brown hair, strong cheekbones and a pair of gorgeous eyes. However, Ivan was secretly more into those muscles of his. Years of training had given Austin a killer body. Large, full and yet shredded, it was a gay man's dream to live with...as long as he didn't open his mouth. Austin more or less left Ivan alone as long as he didn't bug him about it, and even then sometimes the jock gets pissed off about something. And if Ivan tried to complain about Austin's bad habits, he'd get wrestled into submission as punishment. It was the best and worst of both heaven and hell; great eye candy, but a horrible home life as a price. Biting back some choice words, Ivan made his way into his room. As soon as he was in, he dropped his backpack, flopped into his computer chair and shut his eyes. Before Ivan could get comfortable, Austin suddenly entered and dropped a big, musty and beat up looking package on his lap. "Hey Zombie, the mail guy dropped this shit off earlier and made me miss a touchdown!" "Thanks." Ivan rolled his eyes, knowing that the jock couldn't see it through his glasses. With a snort, Austin turned and went back to the living room to continue watching his game. Sighing, Ivan checked the return address on the package. To his surprise, it was from his Uncle Lester from Louisiana. Ivan had never really gotten to know his uncle, and his parents rarely even mention him. Still, there was one thing that Ivan could relate to with his estranged relative, and that was the fact that they shared the same creepy eyes. Tearing off the musty brown wrapping paper, Ivan found a thick old looking book, a wooden box and a card. Picking up the card, he began reading it. Dear Ivan I know this must come as a surprise to hear from your recluse of an uncle. I know I have not been as close like other uncles could be, but there are reasons for why I had not spoken to you. When I first gazed into those eyes of yours, I knew right away you had the gift. Your parents had wanted you to live a normal life, so they forbade me from telling you, but I sensed a great power and natural talent for the mystic arts flowing within you. Rather than letting it go to waste, I have decided to go against your parents' wishes and send you this. I am sending you this book and set as an introduction to the arts. Whether you use it or not is entirely up to you. May the spirits guide you, Uncle Lester Seriously? Mystic arts? Wasn't he talking about voodoo? Did he really expect Ivan to believe all that hocus pocus mumbo jumbo? But...even though he thought that, for some reason he believed it. He couldn't explain why, but when he read that he could use magic, it made...sense, somehow. Like it was as natural as telling him he had a heart or two legs. A quick check inside of the box revealed several small jars, small pouches, fancy looking ornaments and things he couldn't even name. Picking up the book, he read the title. "A Beginner's Introduction of the Secret World of the Ancient Art of Voodoo." Damn, that was a pointlessly long title. Still, one look at this told Ivan that it was the genuine article, for whatever hell the reason was. Everything that he learned should have told him it was completely fake, but it felt as real as the quiz he had on Monday. "I must be going crazy." He muttered even as he opened the book and started reading. * * * For the next few days, Ivan read the book every chance he got. "Intro to Voodoo" held lots of fascinating information. Like the title suggested, it was more like an introductory to voodoo than an actual spell book, though there were a few beginner spells. According to the book, Ivan could use these basic spells as a base and modify them for more advance spells. Out of curiosity he tried one of them out, a simple hex that gave someone a runny nose. He tried it out on several of his classmates to see if it really worked. To his amazement, all of them ended up with a cold, going through a few dozen tissues through class (much to the annoyance of the teacher.) One person with a cold would have just been a coincidence, but ten at the same time? After trying out a few more spells, Ivan had no choice but to accept that this book was the genuine article, even though deep down he already knew that. Perhaps it was this "natural gift" his uncle told him about, or maybe he was just being overly naiive. As his knowledge of voodoo grew, so did his desire to put it to use. There were so many different spells he wanted to try out! Of course, some of the ingredients were a bit...unique. So unique that he had no idea how to get some. One day he was walking home, thinking about his magic studies. He was almost done reading the book, but had only put to practice only a handful of tricks. Oh, if only he could figure out where he could get new books and supplies! Suddenly he felt an odd, tugging sensation pulling at him. Stopping, he looked around, trying to figure out who did that, but there was no one around. Still, the tugging sensation persisted. Well, at least it FELT like tugging, but as far as he knew it, nothing was pulling at his arm or leg or anything. It was more like he was drawn to go in a certain direction. "Ah hell, I got nothing better to do tonight." He said and started following this unnatural sensation. He had no idea where he was going, but was sure of is way somehow. The tugging sensation took him down the street, took several turns and winding paths mixing up his sense of direction completely. Before he knew it, he was standing in front of a shop. It looked normal on the outside, neat and orderly. Through the windows Ivan could see something that resembled a quaint antique shop, but something told Ivan that it wasn't exactly your everyday store. "Well, I've gone this far, might as well enter." He pushed the door open. Above him a bell rang as he entered the store. The inside wasn't nearly as bright or new looking as the outside was. When Ivan looked through the window from the outside, it looked like a nicely organized antique shop, with everyday items. Once inside, that neat shop turned into a crowded mess full of the weirdest, wackiest stuff he had ever seen. There were rows and rows of shelves loaded with all sorts of different things you'd never see in any shop. Chicken bones, crystal balls, colorful gems, ornate chinese lamps; those were just some of the more ordinary objects he could identify. Hanging on the walls and from the ceiling were various dried plants and herbs, dreamcatchers and windchimes, African tribal masks and something that resembled...a shrunken head? "Coming!" A guy's voice came from the back, causing Ivan to jump. For some reason he hadn't expected anyone to be in there. A guy, maybe a few years older than Ivan walked into view, carrying a few dozen books in his arms. When he set them down, Ivan was able to get a good look at him. The guy was pretty ordinary looking compared to his surroundings. In fact, he looked pretty cute. Rich, auburn colored that hung in soft curls, dark eyes that seemed to hold a playful secret behind them. A tall, strong looking body probably built from lifting various heavy objects around the store. He wasn't as muscular as Austin was, but he was still a nice sight for sore eyes. "Thank you for waiting, how may I help you?" The guy greeted him. "Uh, I'm..I'm just browsing."Ivan said. The guy peered at Ivan, making him uncomfortable. "You wouldn't happen to be new at the mystic arts would you?" "Wh-what makes you say that?" Ivan shifted his weight back and forth, not knowing how to react. This guy knew he could use magic? "For starters you look nervous as heck." The guy chuckled. "What if I'm just a regular guy who accidentally wandered in here?" Ivan argued. "Well first of all, you pretty much admitted you were a magic user with that sentence. A regular guy would have said something like 'what? magic?' instead. Second, only people with magic who want to be here can enter." "Is that even possible?" "Oh sure, it's your basic magic shop enchantment..." He trailed off as he looked straight at Ivan. "Your eyes..." On reflex Ivan's hand shot up and checked his sunglasses, but they were securely in place. "Wh-what about them?" "Your eyes are pretty damn awesome!" He said. That wasn't the reaction Ivan had been expecting. "What?" He was surprised more by the fact that they were called awesome and less by the fact that somehow this person managed to see his eyes through sunglasses. "You've got a mystic's eyes!" He remarked. "Those are extremely rare. All of the people who are born with those turn into really powerful magic users." "R-really?" For the first time in his life, someone was actually saying his eyes weren't creepy or weird. Not only that, they were saying it was a good thing. "Yeah, they're pretty respected in the magical community." The guy said. "At one point in time people tried to gouge out those eyes and sell them for quite a lot of money...but that practice has long died out." He said immediately upon seeing the color drain from Ivan's face. "Mystic's eyes lose power the moment they're removed, so it pretty much made them useless to everyone except the person they're born with, so I doubt anyone would be taking yours anytime soon." "Thanks, I feel so much safer than before I came here." Ivan muttered. "Yeah sorry, hey, do you know what kind of special abilities your eyes have given you?" The stranger asked excitedly. "You mean besides give people the creeps?" Ivan felt himself actually relaxing a bit. "Well, since you just started exercising your power it probably hasn't had time to fully develop yet. I'm sure it'll manifest sooner or later...Ah sorry, where are my manners, I tend to ramble on when I find something rare or valuable." He said. "My name is Soloman, owner of this fine establishment you're standing in." Soloman offered his hand. "Ivan." He took the hand and shook it. "So what kind of art do you practice?" Soloman asked. "Um...voodoo?" "Oh that's a fun one." The shopkeeper grinned. "It dabbles in all sorts of different fields. If you become top level, you can even make a zombie or two." "Er, I've seen too many zombiepocalypse movies and video games, so no thanks."Ivan shook his head. Actually it was the fact that his nickname around college was Zombie that ticked him off, but he didn't need to know that. "Hey I just said you can, not that you have to." He laughed. "Well then, back to business. Is there anything in particular you are looking for?" "Well..." Ivan hesitated for a moment, but decided to tell Soloman. It seemed that this person already knew he could use magic, and seemed trustworthy enough. And besides, who knew when he'd get a chance to find another magic shop? "I'm almost done with the book and supplies my Uncle sent me." "Lemme guess, Intro to Voodoo and a basic starter set?" Soloman asked. "Er, the book yes, I'm not sure if it was a starter set." Ivan said. "The two of them are always sold as a bundle." Soloman walked around the counter and to a bookshelf. His fingers glided along the bindings until he found the one he was looking for and pulled it off the shelf. "Here, this one is the next level up from Voodoo 101." Soloman came back to the counter where Ivan was waiting and set it down in front of him. "I also recommend the advanced hex set number two, that's got a bunch of stuff that's used in a majority of the spells. If there are any specialized ingredients or tools you need, just place an order and I should have it ready in a few days time." "Wow. Thanks, you've been really helpful." Ivan looked at the book and set in restrained anticipation. "I wouldn't have any returning customers if I wasn't helpful." Soloman laughed. "Now that'll be forty-nine ninety-five." * * * From then on Ivan made regular trips to the shop. Every time he visited there was something new there to discover. Mostly though, Ivan found he liked talking with Soloman. The guy was very interesting and knowledgeable, teaching Ivan all sorts of things, some of them not even about voodoo. After a few weeks of visiting the shop, though, Ivan began to feel his wallet getting tight. He was after all still a college student, and his new extracirrcular studies weren't exactly cheap either. When he brought the subject up to Soloman, the shopkeeper gave him a solution. "Just sell your work here." He told him. "You're making great progress in your art to the point where you can actually sell some of your stuff." "Can I really do that?" Ivan asked. "Sure, where do you think half this stuff came from?" He waved his arms at all of the items cluttering the shop. "You've showed me a few of the things you came up with, and they're all top quality stuff. Just make a few potions, portable hexes and enchanted objects and I gurantee you there will be a buyer." And Soloman was right. Ivan began supplying the shop with charms, amulets and other items, only to found them sold out the next day. Soon Ivan found himself with enough money to supply his hobby, and then some. One day Ivan went to the fridge to take out his latest work. It was a special salve that would protect a person from curses. It was a very advanced and technical project, but after fermenting it for three days in the fridge it was finally ready to sell. Upon opening the door, however, he found the jar absent. In its place was a pizza box. Not believing what he was seeing, he pulled out the box and looked inside. Three lonely slices sat there innocently, and definetely not his jar. He tossed the box to the side and began rummaging the fridge, searching for the jar. He looked behind every carton, container and junk in there, but there was no sign at all. At that moment Austin walked in, coming home from a day of practice. "Hey Austin, what did you do to the green jar that was in the fridge?" Ivan stepped away from the fridge to confront the jock. "That thing? I tossed it out." Austin said. "You tossed it out?" Ivan felt his anger surge. "I needed that for something!" "Well then you shouldn't have stashed it in the fridge. I needed room to put in the pizza, and it smelled something rank. Do you seriously even eat that stuff?" "It wasn't suppose to be eaten!" Ivan said hotly. "You could have taken the last three slices of pizza and put it on a plate, which would have saved you a ton of room! And not only that, that jar was mine! You shouldn't be tossing stuff that doesn't belong to you!" "Dude, what's your problem?" "My problem is you!" "And what're you gonna do about it, shrimp?" Austin shoved Ivan, causing him to stumble back and knocking his glasses off. "It's your fault for leaving your shit in the fridge, I was doing you a favor throwing it out. Freak." Ivan looked up to glare at Austin. Suddenly as he looked into Austin's eyes, Ivan felt something come over him. All of a sudden he could see things about Austin, personal private things. He could see Austin's desires, his fears, and his secret thoughts. All of it Ivan saw in the blink of an eye. This revelation was cut short when Austin threw his dirty, sweaty towel onto Ivan's face. "Stop looking at me like that with those freaky eyes, faggot." Then he walked away to his room and slammed the door shut. Ivan sat there on the floor for a moment, processing things over. He was furious, yes, but he was also trying to figure out what the hell he saw. Was it some sort of hallucination? No, that wasn't right. It was more like a vision, but loaded with information. Was this what Soloman meant? Was this the power of his eyes? Either way, Austin had crossed a line. Ivan had tolerated that jock long enough, and it was time to teach him a lesson he'll never forget! Marching into his room, Ivan began gathering all of the books and notes he had taken and began devising a suitable punishment for his asshole of a roommate. Austin was a good looking guy, but quite a jerk. Ivan couldn't deny that he thought his roommate's body was hot, but...there was always room for improvement. Lots of improvement, Ivan thought with a broad grin. Besides, Austin was always treating Ivan like shit anyway, so becoming Ivan's guinea pig was fair game. Wasting no time, Ivan began flipping though the pages of his book. With some modifications, there were spells that would produce a very...interesting effect. "This is going to be fun." He cackled. * * * "Damn man, you lookin' swole." Austin looked at his buddy Joey. "Yea, had a good day at the gym, could really feel the pump flowing dude!" Austin flexed his arm for his friend to see. The other jock whistled as a sizable bicep popped out. Joey was pretty decently sized himself at 190 lbs. at 6'3". He wasn't in the same league as Austin, but was close enough to be workout buddies. "Damn man, whatever you're doing, keep doing it." Joey reached out and squeezed the bicep. "Nah, I think I'm going to cut back on the bulking." Austin lowered his arm. "Aw come on, why not?" Joey asked. "I don't want to be too freakishly huge, y'know? And besides, all that muscle would just slow me down." Austin told him. "What a waste, you'd look awesome as the Hulk, minus the green skin of course." Joey laughed, and Austin joined with him. Despite what he said, Austin was a little proud with Joey's compliment. Still, a 5 lbs. gain in less than a week was super impressive to say the least, but he should really cut back. He didn't want to become one of those roided out muscle monsters after all. * * * "I must admit, I've never heard of anyone doing that kind of spell before," Soloman told Ivan, "much less to punish someone for it." "Haven't you ever heard of the term 'too much of a good thing?'" Ivan said. "Besides, if you saw what I did, you'd know this is the perfect thing for him." "I'll have to take your word for it." Soloman laughed. "Let me know how it works out, if it goes well maybe you can make a charm out of it to sell. I'm betting it'll become very popular." "I'll let you know every juicy detail." Ivan smiled. * * * Damn, another five pound gain Austin checked the scale. He checked and double checked the scale, and it still read 220 lbs. Looking into his bathroom mirror, he checked out his reflection. It was very slight, but he could see the difference those pounds had on his body; a little bit thicker, and little bit bigger. He'd really need to start focusing on cutting back soon, otherwise all that added bulk would just get in the way. Already people were giving him looks as he made his way across campus. "Ah well, i'm still pretty hot." He said, running his hand down his sexy 8 pack abs. After a moment of admiring himself, he grabbed his shirt and pulled it on. Once it was on, he tugged at it a little bit, frowning. It felt a bit tighter than usual, but then again, all of his clothes were tight, so it was nothing new. When he drop those extra pounds it'll feel comfortable on him again. * * * Ivan was secretly enjoying watching his roommate slowly swell up. Already the jock's clothes looked tighter, stretching across the growing masses. And yet Austin was oblivious to the real cause. Still, it was a bit slower than Ivan had thought. So, Ivan decided he would kick things up a bit and poured some more power into the spell, right when he saw Austin walk by in a t-shirt that was so tight it looked painted on. "He'll be busting out of that shirt in no time." Ivan snickered to himself, and went to work. * * * Riiiiiip! Austin winced as he heard something give away. Somehow he screwed up with the laundry and all of his clothes shrunk. Now everything was too tight, some of them so tight that they actually tore when he tried to put them on. After much difficulty and destroying a few shirts and shorts, he had finally managed to get something on that morning. However, several hours later his wardrobe was slowly malfunctioning, ripping whenever he reached too far or moved too suddenly. God, how embaressing he thought as he tried to focus on the lecture. However, the teacher was so boring that he felt the uncontrollable urge to yawn. As he raised his hand to cover his mouth, it caused his bicep to bulge and flex past what is sleeve could handle. Riiiip! His bicep exploded through his sleeve. "Mr. Grisman!" Austin jumped in his seat, causing something else to rip. "What?" "You're disrupting the class. If you want to show off your body so badly, do it outside." The teacher pointed at the door. The entire class laughed as Austin's face turned red while gathering his things. As he made his way through the aisles and towards the door, the seams of his pants suddenly gave way to his thich quads, shredding apart at the sides very loudly and making the class laugh again. Fucking hell, I gotta go on a diet right away Austin told himself. But first, he needed to go and buy some new clothes. * * * "He's at the point where he's outgrowing his clothes now." Ivan reported happily to Soloman. "He's that big now huh?" Soloman's hands were busy sorting out a few dozen different feathers into bundles. "One wonders just how far you're willing to take this." "Well, one wonders how far he CAN take this." Ivan said. Soloman paused for a moment to look at Ivan. Whenever he was in the shop, Ivan would take off his sunglasses since the shopkeeper didn't mind them one bit. When their eyes met, Ivan felt a feeling of concern and other thoughts flow into him. Weirdly enough, he felt as if Soloman was also reading him as well. "I'm just concerned that your quest will consume you." Soloman turned away and resumed his task. "I've seen a lot of good men get too wrapped up in revenge and ended up destroying themselves." "Don't worry; I know what I'm doing." Ivan reassured him. "I know you do." Soloman tied a leather string around one bunch of feathers, inspected it carefully, and then moved on to the next one. "Enjoy your fun Ivan, but I suggest having some protection on you in case he ever finds out. You two DO live with one another after all, and if you grow him as big as you say you are, he'll be able to knock your head clear off with one blow." "Don't worry about me; I know how to take him down when the time comes." Ivan reassured him. "In the meantime, I think I'll enjoy watching him blow up." * * * Austin stared down at the scale. It had to be broken. It was the only logical explanation. There was no way he could weigh as much as it said. 246 lbs. "Fucking hell!" He said as he gave the scale a kick, sending it banging against the wall. Now it was REALLY broken. There was no way he could weigh 246 lbs. No absolute freakin' way. His eye caught his reflection in the mirror, and he quickly averted it. He had been avoiding it for the past several days. It was mostly because he didn't want to face the truth. Despite his desire not to, however, he couldn't stop himself from turning and facing the mirror. If the scale was broken, the mirror must've been broken too because the man in it clearly looked like he was 246 lbs. Every muscle on his body was obscenely huge, just like a pro bodybuilder's. His shoulders and lats spread out wide like a barn door, filling the view in the mirror. His chest, which had once been one of his weakest spots, was now as big as two ripe honeydew melons. His arms rippled like pythons, each of them measuring at around 20 inches cold. Maybe I'm just retaining water he thought, that could explain why he looked so big. But in reality, his muscles looked extremely ripped. All of the fat on his body seemed to have been burned off and left him with the best definition he had ever seen. His abs, thankfully, didn't grow bigger, but those 10 packs looked more shredded and defined than they have ever been. "I'll just stop lifting for awhile, that should cut some mass off." He said. If he can cut some mass and keep his current definition, he'd probably be the hottest guy on campus. But that was the main problem. He just kept on adding bulk. It wasn't as if he was lifting harder, and sure his strength gains were amazing, but no one could pack on 35 lbs. of muscle in les than a month! He'll stop going to the gym, plain and simple. He'll just jog and keep to a strict diet, which should work. Picking up his shirt he pulled it over his head and tugged it on. The shirt barely made it halfway when a loud tearing sound filled the air. "SHIT!" He tore the rest of the shirt off and threw it on the ground. It looked like he'll have to go and buy 5XL shirts now. * * * Ivan was ecstatic that his voodoo magic was working so well. He'd hear Austin swear loudly as sounds of ripping clothing filled the air every other day, a sign of his ever growing bulk. Austin was no longer a lean 'super model' nor was he merely athletic. No, now Austin was looking like a full blown bodybuilder, with muscles that could hold it's own in any contest. Soon the jock will reach the same level as a super heavyweight bodybuilder, perhaps even going beyond them. Of course, Ivan made sure that his spells weren't wrecking Austin's health. He may be doing this out of spite, but he wasn't trying to kill him or anything. Austin would be the healthiest musclebound mass monster on campus by the time Ivan was done with him (but that probably wouldn't be anytime soon.) * * * "Fuck man, what the hell is going on with me?" Austin muttered as he looked down at himself...or at least tried to. His chest had grown so thick that it was starting to block his view of anything past them. However, he knew full well what was going on: he was growing bigger. 302 lbs. 302 fucking lbs. He couldn't explain it; it was like his muscles were growing without even trying! He hadn't touched a single weight in a week, and yet every day when he would step onto the scale, he would find the number creeping higher and higher until finally he broke through the 300 mark. He would blame it on the scale being broken again or something, but this was a brand new scale and his reflection in the mirror proved otherwise. Now he was the size of a Mr. Olympia contender, only he was both massive AND ripped. If he took part in the contest, he could probably win easy. "Fucking hell, I'm too big!" Austin reached up and squeezed his chest, trying his best to make it smaller somehow. As his hand squeeze the muscle, his cock within his shorts twitched, prompting him to jerk his hand back. He wasn't...turned on by this, could he? * * * Ivan knew that Austin WAS turned on by what was going on. When he looked directly into Austin's eyes, saw it; a burning desire to grow huge. Despite what he claims, or how hard he denies it, the truth was that Austin liked having a huge body. However, the jock had been brainwashed into thinking that people were disgusted by what he was told as "oversized" and "too huge." Of course, Austin was also worried about losing his speed with all that muscle mass, which was true, but he was never the fastest on the team anyway. And honestly, there were more people who would love to see Austin pack it on than the jock thought. * * * "I don't care how you do it, just stop taking whatever shit you're on and lose all that muscle before the next game you hear me!?" Coach's voice could be heard clear through the building. Fortunetely it was dead at that time so no one else was around to hear Austin get chewed out. It was quite the sight, a 320 lbs muscle giant getting put down by an overweight middle aged man. "Are you trying to get kicked off the team? Is that is!?" Coach yelled. "No sir, I love football, I want to stay on the team." Austin said. Yet somehow it sounded so hollow. "Then stop putting on muscle and start using your head!" Coach banged his fist on the table. "Last game you brought too much attention to you, people are already talking about you taking steroids to boost your game. And you know what? They're probably right." "But coach, I swear I'm not taking-" "Don't give me those excuses! How else does a man gain over eighty pounds in less than two months!?" Coach demanded. Austin was at loss for words. Even he couldn't figure that out. The coach let out a deep breath and sat back down. "Listen, I'm not against you bulking up and all that, frankly it's making you unbeatable on the field. But it's just too much too fast to be natural. If you get any bigger, I'll have no choice but to have to take some tests." "I understand coach." Austin said. "Now get out there and eat a cheeseburger or something else unhealthy." The coach said, dismissing him. Austin sighed as he left the coach's office and stepped out. He had been expecting this for quite some time. Somehow it didn't seem as bad as he thought. It was weird, his spot on the team was in jeopardy, but he didn't seem to care as much as he should have. As he was walking by the gym, he heard a clank. Curious he looked in. Inside was his friend and teammate Joey, having tripped over a barbell. "You okay there?" He asked, coming the rest of the way in. Joey's eyes went wide when he saw Austin...all of Austin. It wasn't the first time someone had that reaction when they say him. Pretty much everyone stared and gaped whenever he walked by, his massive thighs rolling around each other, his clothes appearing painted on his bloated, oversized body. "I, uh, was just, uh," Joey just looked at Austin dumbfoundly. Austin sighed. "I know,you think I look like a freak." "What?" Joey looked at Austin blankly. "Don't try and deny it, you and everyone else think I look like a freak with all these muscles." "I don't think you look like a freak!" "Oh come on, look at me!" Austin grabbed the front of his shirt and tore it off, exposing his body. Joey gasped. Never before had the football player seen anyone so huge and ripped before. Austin's traps and deltoids laid on his shoulder like bowling balls had been stuffed under the skin. Those arms must've been 28 inches around, with biceps the size of Joey's head at least. With every breath, Austin's pectorals seemed to heave outwards powerfully, like two inflating balloons with nipples. Austin's waist was so defined, so shredded he could probably shred cheese on it. Even though Austin didn't take off his pants, there was no hiding those massive tree trunk legs of his, with quads as thick as Joey was and calves the size of hams. "You...want to know what I think?" Joey said softly. "What, that I'm a giant hideous freak?" Austin asked. Slowly Joey looked up, his eyes trailing up those thick calves, the tree trunk legs, the rippling waist, the broad pectorals, the wide lats, the cannonball traps and finally to Austin's face. "I think you look hot." Austin looked at him, not sure if he heard right. "What?" "I think you look hot as hell." Joey said again. "Are you fucking with me?" Austin growled. "Because I'm not laughing." "It's the truth!" Joey took a step back. "I...fuck man, I never wanted to say anything, but I think all those muscles are fuckin' hot. I think the bigger you get, the better you look." "If I get any bigger, I'll be too big for football!" Austin yelled."Coach is right about to kick me off the team because of them!" "I-I know, and that sucks, but I can't help it, I think you look awesome." Joey said. Austin didn't know what to make of this. He wanted to be angry at Joey, he really did. But he couldn't muster the anger up. Joey was his friend, and finding out that he was both gay and into Hulk sized muscles at the same time...well, now that he knew, the signs were so obvious. Joey always was excited whenever Austin showed off his muscles, or bragged about his gains. And those muscle feels, they occured more often and lingered a bit longer than normal. But, all in all, Austin didn't mind it one bit. "Do you...do you really think I look good with all this?" Austin asked. "Oh fuck yeah." Joey said, approaching slowly. "Even if I continue to get even bigger?" Austin could feel the crotch of his pants tighten. "Especially if you get bigger." Joey reached out and placed a hand on a massive deltoid. He attempted to squeeze it, but was met with steely muscle insted. "And...would you be willing to stick around and watch me grow bigger?" "You'd have a hard time keeping me away big guy." Joey said as he pressed his body against Austin's, feeling those hard muscles flex and bulge back. And then suddenly they were kissing. Austin couldn't remember who kissed the other first, but he didn't care. It just felt so good, so...right, that he didn't want it to stop. Soon they were fumbling to take his pants off, peeling the fabric away to expose his colossal lower body. His cock sprang to life from the confines of his boxer, having also exerienced the same growth spurt as the rest of his body, extending to a full 13 inch length. "God it's so huge." Joey gasped as he looked at the massive member. "You don't have to if you don't want to." Austin said, then gasped when Joey lowered his ass on top of it. "Oh I want it. I've wanted it ever since I first saw you in the shower." Joey whispered. "Alright, but don't regret it later." Austin told him, then pierced Joey's ass. Joey cut off a cry that escaped his throat, followed by a deep moan. As Austin began to rock his hips, Joey was worshiping those glorious muscles, his tongue and lips servicing them as best as he could. The more Joey worshiped his muscles, the closer it brought Austin to climax. Soon Austin was flexing his muscles, bouncing his pecs and rippling his abs, and it turned him on even more! Joey couldn't take it anymore and shot his load, cum splattering over those perfect abs. Austin however still kept rocking, flexing and posing, his balls churning and painfully swelling as his seed built up, closer and closer until finally he let out a roar and blew, his cock spewing shot after shot into his best friend. After a full two and a half minutes of shooting, his balls finally emptied and the both of them collapsed onto the gym floor. "That...was...incredible." Joey gasped. Austin looked at him, and listened to those words thoughtfully. "It really was." * * * The bell rang as Ivan walked into the store in high spirits. As Austin grew bigger, Ivan's mood seemed to brighten as well. Who knew turning your roommate into the Hulk could make you...peppy? "Afternoon Ivan!" Soloman greeted him from the counter, a grocery bag already set on the counter. "I've got your usual muscle monster making supplies ready for you." "Thanks Soloman!" Ivan said as he reached for his wallet. "So how big is the giant stud now?" Soloman asked curiously. "Austin is pushing about 360 lbs. now." Ivan reported. "He's gotten so big the people at the big and tall are actually having trouble getting him stuff big enough to fit him." "Geez, sounds like his expenses are just piling up as he grows huh?" "Well he's got a football scholarship and everything, so he can afford it." Ivan said as he handed over the money. "Last game he played he was unstoppable, they just handed him the ball and he plowed his way through all the way to the end zone." Soloman laughed as he handed Ivan his change. "Wish I could have seen it. Anyways, I've got a few people interested in that spell of yours. When you get the chance, enchant a few amulets and charms with it and you'll be making yourself a small fortune." "For now I'll just enjoy practicing it on my roommate." Ivan said as he picked the bag up. "I'll see you in a few days then." "Alright take care!" Soloman said as Ivan left. Ivan got home from another trip to his supply store, his grocery bag filled with ingredients for his spells. So far his work on Austin had gone beyond what he could have ever imagined, and quite frankly he wasn't sure if he wanted to stop. And besides, he already bought the supplies for it, so he might as well put them to good use. As he walked towards his room, he saw that the door was left ajar. He frowned, having remembered closing it before he left. Feeling something was wrong, he slowly opened the door and walked in. Austin was in his room. The360 lbs. behemoth looked positively massive in his small room, taking up much of the space. Around him were his spells books and written notes. All of his drawers were open, revealing his ingredients and tools. "What is all this?" Austin asked. "These books, all these weird stuff, this right here!" He held up the sheets of paper containing all of his muscle growing spell research as well as the pictures and weight readings that he made of Austin. There was no way for him to lie around this. "I've been using voodoo to grow your muscles." He told him. "You did this to me!?" Austin dropped the papers. "You turned me into this...this...THIS!?" He motioned his hand at his body. Every muscle rippled and flexed powerfully. If Ivan wasn't being yelled at, he would have found it incredibly hot. "Call it payback for always being an ass to me." Ivan crossed his arms. Mentally he prepared to throw a hex or two to immobilize Austin as soon as he threw a punch. "You...you..." Austin began to shake violently. Ivan took a deep breath and prepared to take Austin down. Suddenly Austin dropped to his knees, creating a massive THUD that shook the floor. "Thank you." Ivan choked back the activation key. "W-what?" "Thank you...for this." Austin said. Ivan didn't know how to respond. He had expected the huge man to go into a rage and try to kill him or something, but this was the exact opposite of the reaction he had been anticipating. "I...know I was being an asshole to you, treating you like shit cuz of your freaky looking eyes. You probably did this because I was a dick, probably grow into a huge muscle monster. But, I like it. I...I really like it. I like tearing out of my clothes, I like having to squeeze through doorways, I like the stares people give me as I walk by, I like seeing myself get bigger and bigger." "I know you do." Ivan said. "A month and a half ago when I looked into your eyes, I saw everything about you." "You...did?" Austin looked up, flinched slightly as he saw Ivan's white eyes. "And...and you didn't turn me into a tiny wimp instead?" "What can I say, I'm into big guys." Ivan shrugged. "Sure I was tempted, and yeah I did it because I was mad, but honestly I did it because I thought it was the best way to teach you a lesson. And besides, I felt that you needed to figure out what you really wanted instead of going for what other people say." "Thank you!" Austin grabbed Ivan and hugged him tightly. Suddenly the tiny witch doctor found his face being crushed into the valley between two massive pecs, with arms as thick as hams wrapped around him. "Dude, can't breathe..." Ivan struggled to say, but he had to admit he found it hot. "Oh, sorry." Austin dropped his smaller roommate. "I'm still adjusting to being this big. Though, I gotta confess, when I ripped a door off it's hinges the other day, it felt awesome." "I'll bet." Ivan laughed. "Well, now that we've gotten that out of the way, there's something I want to ask you." "Yes? What is it?" "Can you PLEASE pick up after yourself? Your oversized boxers made me almost trip the other day." * * * "It's amazing how much a person could change in so little time. And I'm not talking about the physical changes Austin had gone through." Ivan said, his hands moving through the box of trinkets. "Though a 260 lbs. gain in the span of a two months is impressive enough as it is." Soloman pointed out. "No, what's amazing is how an arrogant jerk could become decent person." Ivan held up a gemstone and inspected in closely. "Who knows, maybe in a few weeks we could actually get along to the point where we could be friends." Finding the stone satisfactory, he set it aside. "That's pretty rare, the subject of a voodoo revenge actually becoming friends with the person who casted it in the first place." Soloman remarked as he placed the rest of the stones back into their box and put them away. "Then again, you are quite the unique individual." "Me? I'm just an ordinary guy with a weird hobby." Ivan smiled as he dug out his wallet. After finishing his trip to Soloman's store, Ivan went back home and was unloading his bag full of spell supplies onto the counter. Now that his roomate knew about it, Ivan didn't have to hide everything in his room (which was a good thing, since it was starting to reek in there.) He was just putting away a bunch of dried herbs when Austin came in. It was quite a sight, watching Austin try to fit his 380 lbs frame through the narrow doorway. Even while turning sideways, his pecs scraped the frame. Once through, he walked towards Austin, his mammoth thighs rolling around each other in a super exagerated bodybuilder waddle. Today he wore a muscle shirt that was true to it's name. The fabric of the 15XL shirt was stretched so tight it was a miracle it didn't tear off when he took a deep breath. "Hey Austin, how was practice today?" Ivan asked as he pulled out a jar of gator teeth from the grocery bag. "I left the team today." Austin reported. Ivan fumbled, nearly dropping the jar he was holding. "You what? Why?" "I just...rather than playing sports, I liked hitting the gym even more." Austin said. "And rather than go through the hassle of getting accused for doing steroids, I thought I should best leave the team before they make a huge deal about it." "And what about your scholarship?" Ivan set down the jar. "I got a bunch saved up," Austin told him, "plus I'll get a part time job. I can probably get one as a bouncer easy with a body like this." He reached out and grabbed his bicep. His hand couldn't even cover half of it, and this was a hand that used to palm footballs. "You're serious about this." Ivan said. "Yea, I am." Austin reached up and scratched the back of his neck. It was an awesome display, his biceps fought with his forearm, his triceps flared out. If he had been wearing sleeves it would have probably burst by now. Ivan looked up at Austin, and Austin met his gaze. For a few brief moments they kept eye contact before Ivan broke out into a smile. "Well I wish you the best of luck roomie." Ivan told him. "Thanks, I know it ain't easy living with me." Austin relaxed a bit. "That's for sure, but you've mellowed out a lot now that you're pushing 500 lbs." Ivan pointed out. "I'm only 380." Austin corrected. "Not for long my friend," Ivan grinned as he took a jar and cracked it open. "Not for long..."
  13. Panaxeth

    magic What Do You Desire (Chapter 1)

    CHAPTER 1 "What do you desire?" the voice asks me. There is red everywhere. The clouds above me have been painted a sinister crimson, while the soil below me is filled with deep, dark cracks caused by extreme drought. There is no life here in the desert, except of me and the voice. It's coming from above, and so I raise my eyes. Rather than seeing the sun, I am left to stare at a massive eye parting the sky in two. Its red iris is fixed straight at my body, and it just observes me as if it expects something. The iris of the gargantuan organ is painted a blood red crimson, and I can't help but scream at the sight. "What do you desire?" the thunderous voice booms all over me. Its so powerful that I can't help but cower in fear. "I WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE!" I scream at it, and the voice stops assaulting my mind. The eye in the sky doesn't blink, but its gaze is broken. "Then you shall have it," the voice says, now barely a whisper, before a sudden darkness envelops me and I'm left falling in the void. . . . I wake up screaming at my small bedroom with so much force that I awkwardly tumble off my bed, bumping my head on the nearby drawer. My brother is startled awake as well on the other side of the room and he instantly gets off his bed to help me. "Jesus Christ, Dylan! What happened?! Is it the nightmares again?" he asks me, but I'm still in too much shock to answer. Usually my nightmares aren't so strong or vivid. This time, it felt as if I was actually in that desert, unable to do anything but listen to the voice. My head has started to hurt as well, surely the result of falling into the drawer. This will probably leave a bruise. I take some time to breathe, and I finally feel the anxiety and fear leave from my body. I get up and smile at my younger brother. He's so much more mature than I was in his age, and it shows. "It's fine, Sammy. You know how it is. Just go to bed, alright?" I say as I grab my pills from the drawer and start to go to the kitchen. It's going to be a long day, and we're off to a bad start already. Twenty minutes later and having made breakfast out of three day old pancakes and jam, I also make sure to get my medicine. These days, I try not to think too much about having to take them. I hear my brother walk over the kitchen too, having gotten ready for school. I take a good look at him and can't help but feel proud. Luckily for him, he managed to inherit our late fathers' tall stature and beefy body, so much that I have to strain my neck to look up to his handsome face. Along with his golden, curly hair and his light brown eyes, and by the many times he has asked me to get out of our apartment because he has company with him, I can tell that he has been taking advantage of his good looks. Along with his workout routine at the near gym, the ladies keep coming for seconds. In my case, it was as if I was born from another father. With black hair and shiny black eyes, I'm by no means above average in the looks department. I try to eat well and keep my fat percentage low and my body lean but I can't compare to my brothers' physique, who has already developed a beefy six pack at the age of eighteen, along with more than enough muscle in his tall and wide frame. His biceps are big and look even bigger when he flexes them, while his school uniform strains to hold the massive pectorals hidden behind him every day, so much that he's been asking me to buy him the XL version of them. Alas, we don't exactly have lots of money to do that. I sip at the black coffee I made earlier. The doctor has said that I should try to avoid taking my meds along with coffee as it can give me nausea, but I'm so tired I feel as if I'll crumble down to dust and evaporate from the globe if I don't fully wake up. "So... final day of school, eh?" I smile at Sammy as he starts wolfing down pancake after pancake. Thankfully he doesn't make any comment about their quality, as he knows that this is what we can afford now, with mother being out of state and all. "I'm sure you can't wait for summer to start!" I add as I continue drinking my coffee. "Yeah, I can finally get into this new routine in the gym. I REALLY wanna start getting even bigger, now that I'm officially in the big man territory. 6'3 with my last growth spurt," he winks at me and my stomach rumbles with the incoming nausea, or perhaps something more bitter. Funny thing is that I'm barely 5'9, and I can't even begin to understand what it feels to be six inches taller. I bet it feels amazing, but I know I should count my own blessings and be grateful for what I have. Besides, he's my brother and I feel happy for him. "I just hope the gym owner can keep giving you the discounted rate. Money is a bit tight, but thankfully you won't have to pay for the bus to go to school now with summer coming up. I ought to take a break as well," I sigh as I put the empty mug in the old wooden table. Despite the pandemic having ended years ago, my university still had the option to operate online, and I just found it easier not having to leave home everyday to run to the other side of town. Combined with my part-time job, we could even start saving up for a weekend trip in Oregon, if the circumstances allowed it. "He's a good man and he loves seeing me around his gym. Don't worry about that," he flashes me a smile before getting up from the table and coming closer for a hug. He's gotten so big and strong that it's a miracle he doesn't just crush me in his arms. "Okay, well, see you in the afternoon!" he grins and exits the kitchen, before leaving the apartment. I'm left alone to ferment in the silence, and I let out a deep, exhausting sigh. "I hate everything," I say at nobody in particular, and then I start doing work in my laptop. I have to catch up to six lectures and two assignments, and the thoughts of a holiday occupy my mind. As I open the laptop, I stare at the family photo in front of me. Me, my brother and my parents, all smiling. Except me. I was always the moody one, the 'nobody understands me' kind of kid with all the angst that came along with being a teenager. My brother on the other side was always the bright, optimistic and athletic kid that all parents secretly wish to have, always trying to make me compete with him at any kind of sport. Behind us was our father, whose wispy blonde, unruly hair seemed to have a life of their own, sitting down next to our mother who appeared to be smiling brightly for the camera. Our dad was so much bigger than all of us, a 6'4 hunk of a man with old but still very strong muscles everywhere in his body, the result of working in a construction company for decades. Sammy used to call him 'Papa Bear' and rightfully so. In the picture, our mother is trying to console me after losing to a basketball game from my brother. Nobody really knew however what hid behind that brilliant smile, until it was too late. I still shiver at the memory of the dark words she said one night to our father. Dark like her hair, dark like her eyes. So evil they were that he literally drunk two entire bottles of vodka to remove them from his memory, and the rest... well the rest is history. After that, our mom literally abandoned us and moved in with her family, only sending us a tiny sum of money every month to pay the rent and so we wouldn't starve. Sometimes, I can't help but think that since my brother took after our father, whether that means that I'm more like my mother. That thought sometimes keeps me up at night. I try to remove the fear from my mind, and I delve into the copious coursework I have to complete this week. I can't wait for summer either. . . . The hours pass fast, and the sound of the main door opening breaks my concentration. It's Sammy, and I forgot to make lunch. Oops. "DYLAN! OH MY GOD YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED IN SCHOOL!" he runs at me like a wild rhinoceros and I casually step out of the way before he splatters me on the ground. "OH MY GOD!" he says again, holding an envelope in his arms. "Let me guess, your crush finally agreed to go out with you?" I say, looking at the envelope in Sammy's big hands. It's decorated with gold sprinkles everywhere, along with a 'CONGRATULATIONS!' written in red in the middle of the letter. For some reason, just looking at it brings me shivers. "NO! She asked me out ages ago anyways," he huffs before extending his long arm to show me the letter. "I WON! I WON THE SCHOOL LOTTERY!" he beams with joy, jumping up and down like he used to do when he was a kid. Nowadays he looked so much older than his age, but I can still see the innocent kid inside that wonderful body. "Wow! What did you win, buddy?" I laugh. "An entire summer experience in Camp Apollo, located in Oregon! It's one of the biggest, most organised camps in the entire country and admissions usually cost tens of thousands for the summer! And guess what, I won TWO admissions to bring anyone I want with me!" he continues to jump up and down, unable to contain his excitement. "Nice! Who's that lucky person, then?" I ask as I move to the fridge to see if there are any leftovers. "YOU, silly!" he starts laughing before grabbing me from behind and lifting me in the air as if I weighed a feather. "We're going together, whether you want it or not!" he cheers, and I struggle to release myself from the iron-like arms surrounding my body, but to no avail. "LET ME DOWN!" I shout at him, and he eventually does, not even looking particularly tired. "Come on, Dylan. You and I both know that you need this, bro. Have you looked yourself in the mirror lately? I can see bags under your eyes, and even white wisps of hair between your black hair. Don't turn salt and pepper yet, bro. Your anxiety is making you so tired, you NEED this vacation," he says and by the tone of his voice, I know he's being serious. "Besides, the camp offers so many physical programs and options, and you need to put some muscle in that lean physique of yours. Sure, you're faster than me, but once I catch you there's no going back," he snickers and he fake-bumps my arm. It still hurts, even though he's not using any real strength. "And so many good-looking guys will be there too..." he adds, while winking at me. "Shut up. Just shut up for a second," I spit out as I start thinking. I look around the tiny apartment, and I suddenly feel claustrophobic. There is unwashed dishes everywhere, and the fridge keeps making these weird sounds, and it's so hot that my entire body is covered in a fine layer of sweat. Sammy is right. I need to get out of here. "Fine. I'll go with you, since you want it so much. But please don't try to be my wingman again, all the guys start wanting you rather than me," I chuckle as I grab the gold letter. It feels heavy, and inside there are instructions of how to sign up online and receive our admission wristbands by mail. The entire prize is worth around 15000$ and suddenly I realize that this might not be too bad after all. I peek at the final paragraph of the instructions. 'Finally, please don't forget to bring a swimsuit with you. If you do not currently possess one, then we will happily supply one for you. From the hearts of everyone working at Camp Apollo, we hope to see you soon. And remember our motto! If you ask for it, then you shall have it!' The final sentence brings me a certain sense of deja-vu, but I'm starting to get excited for the summer too. Something tells me that it's going to be very, very interesting. "Right! So, when are we leaving?" I smile as my brother reaches in for a high five.
  14. And so, with permission from newthirty, the words In the first century BC, the Roman Empire dominated the majority of the European continent including the modern day nation of France and as Caesar made his way to conquer Britain, he would famously state to his generals "Alea Jacta Est". However, what he did not let on was that in the northwestern part of the country, two villages still held out against the Romans. One of them was a very famous village and would become known throughout the world to both Gauls and Romans alike as "that village full of indomitable Gauls", the other village however was less well known but for the Romans that were laying seige to it they knew that it would only take a single word from their chief and they would be facing the wrong end of Pluto's judgement. Legionary Minimus, one of the newer recruits to the Roman army, was therefore bored stiff. Ever since he had arrived from Rome he'd been told to just sit tight and wait for their relief, which was no good at all. He was raised by his father, a former member of the glorious tenth legion, the legion that delivered Hispania into the Roman yoke, to "ensure that the glory of Rome was resisted by nothing" and having to spend all day doing nothing got his wick up. So when he was able to slip out of the camp and do some scouting, he took the chance. However, he hadn't reckoned with how big the forest around the village was and soon had no option but to answer the call of nature and so finding something that resembled a collection of stones, he relived himself. "OI!" shouted a voice behind him, just as he finished and the legionary came face to face with one of the villagers who was clearly in bad mood. "What do you think you're doing?" he bellowed, "Would you let me relieve myself on the steps of the Senate?" The legionary quaked in his sandals. He had never met the villagers before and yet knew precisely who had grabbed him. It was Grobelix, the biggest, strongest and most muscular villager. As the Gaul held the soldier at arm's length, Minimus remembered something one of the soldiers had told him. "Watch out for that Grobelix bloke, he's so strong that he once managed to throw an oak tree as far as you could throw a silver birch!" "WELL" said Grobelix, "I'm waiting!" Minimius was too scared to answer and so Grobelix decided to explain. "This is a dolemn" he said, "it is a place of reverance to us Gauls, legend has it that under these dolemns the gods are buried. This one is dedicated to the god of our tribe, Toutatis, god of thunder and you come along and...and..." and with that Grobelix bent his free arm and as it bulged, Minimus started to plead for mercy. As he did, the Gaul noted the legionary was still showing down below and as he examined it, he couldn't help but burst out laughing. Just to make sure he wasn't imagining, he pinched it and the legionary screamed in pain. Placing the legionary on the ground, the Gaul chuckled as he pulled his own from his breeches and said "That's what we have" and then had an idea. Taking off his breeches, he slammed the legionary against the dolemn and said "Now, let me show you how it really works" Minimus screamed in agony but it was no good and soon Grobelix was having his merry way with him. After several moments, the legionary couldn't stand any more and with a scream of "Mercy" he blacked out. As Grobelix removed himself from the legionary, he tutted, "I've a good mind to write to Caesar and ask for some more" and with that he tossed the legionary away and he landed on top of the dolemn as Grobelix turned around adding, "What I wouldn't give for some of those gladiators I hear about, then I'd have some real fun, by Toutatis!" As soon as he had invoked the god of thunder, there was a rumble in the sky and without warning, a thunderbolt crashed down striking the Roman. Grobelix turned and witnessed the granting of his wish as Minimus screamed in agony as his body started to grow. First, the metal around his chest started to break, then the tunic he wore ripped, and slowly but surely he started to smile. He felt powerful, stronger than Ursus, more muscular than Hercules and as his body broke free of the last vestiges of Roman civilisation he roared. Grobelix, still stunned by the legionary's transformation, gasped "By Toutatis" and almost in answer, the Roman roared "NO, BY JUPITER" as the transformation completed and the legionary, now gladiator jumped to the ground. "So" he said, in a voice now several octaves deeper, "you think you can tackle a gladiator then? Even one with this!" and pointed to his, which was now at least three times as long and twice as thick as it was, "I think not!" and with that punched Grobelix with such force that the now naked giant had no problem placing the fallen Gaul onto his shoulders and chuckling said "Now, what can I do with the strongest Gaul in the world and this monster?"
  15. EclipseWing

    m/m Next Level Love: Jailbreak

    Next Level Love Next Level Love: Location Enabled ============================================ Next Level Love – Jailbreak “What the hell?!” Eros screamed into the mirror. “I’m huge!” The once twunk-ish god was now a foot taller and the size of an amateur bodybuilder. His chiton hugged every curve of his body. His once average cock was now a thick footlong sausage, currently getting manhandled by Ganymede. “Apollo’s gonna be so jealous,” Gan drooled. “Let’s not worry about the how and just let me take you for a test drive…” “Gan! T-t-this is serious!” Eros spluttered and began pacing. “It’s got to be something with the app, right? Some kind of feedback error… ugh! Hephaestus warned me about mixing magic and technology.” “So? Why complain about a gift? I think you’re looking sexier than ever…” Eros groaned. “Can you think with your head instead of your dick, please? This isn’t normal, even for us! I have to shut the app down until we figure out what’s wrong.” “No, you can’t!” “Gan, I know you like this but-” He shook his head. “I’m serious babe, shutting it down could make things worse.” “You’re right… well, at least there’s only two couples with the app, and both of them are total successes. They probably aren’t even using it anymore.” ============================================ “Dammit.” Dylan laughed. “Maybe you should actually read the directions before trying to force pieces together?” He set the directions down for the new bed and scooted over into his massive boyfriend’s lap. Sure, Dylan was big enough for about three men now, but Kyle was enough for five. He got the best of both worlds: being a muscle god amongst men while being small enough o be engulfed in his boyfriend’s arms. “I love you.” Kyle’s frustration with the bed diffused. “I love you too.” He then looked at the clock. “Ah man, I’m gonna be late for practice.” “C’mon, staaaay. Not like you need it,” Dylan quipped, waving his phone. “Yeah and thanks, but it’s about working with the team, not just me. And… isn’t Seth coming over for a study group?” “Yeah, midterms.” Kyle heaved himself up and gave Dylan a deep kiss before gently setting him back down. “Okay, just remember your promise.” Dylan’s impish grin spoke volumes. “Hey, you promised!” “I know, I know. Just saying you seemed to enjoy fucking through the whole team… and you look like you enjoy thinking about it too.” Both of their enhanced libidos and busy schedules necessitated an open relationship sexually, not that either minded. Both got off on the worship of their peers. Kyle ignored his growing bulge and pressed his boyfriend against the wall between his mighty pecs. “Dylan.” Dylan melted between the continental divide on his chest. “Okay, fine! I promise not to use the app on you during practice.” Kyle gave him a pec bounce, a hug, and dashed out the door, gear back in tow. Dylan flopped down on the mattress beside the bed pieces. He idly flipped through his phone. His finger hovered over the app. “No, I promised. Even as a joke…” He paused. “But maybe there’s something for me…” Just then, a knock came at the door. “Seth? It’s unlocked.” At first glance, most would see Seth Morimoto as a yakuza punk. Tall, with a slight slouch, several piercings, he even wore skinny jeans and a leather jacket. The mixed-heritage man had the ultimate resting bitch face, a permanent “fuck you” sneer. Most telling of all was the intricate rose tattoo that started at his neck and crept down his back and chest finishing at his right hand (not that Dylan had seen it all). Dylan only started talking to him when they were paired for an assignment in Statistics a few semesters back. Much to his surprise, Seth was pre-med and had a heart of gold. “Hey man.” “Hey. Where’s your friend? The comp sci guy from the other section? Thought he was gonna come by.” “Yeah, he’s coming, gonna be a bit late though, got stuck with the professor.” He shut the door and sat next to Dylan, playfully grabbing his arm. His sneer melted away into sheer adoration. “I swear you’re bigger than this morning.” “No, what makes you say that?!” Dylan squeaked. His phone flew out of his hands. “Calm down, geez. Never thought a guy your size would freak out.” Dylan sighed. He still had to get used to the reality filter the app created. When he first met Seth, they got to be close friends almost immediately. Later – thanks to accidentally seeing Seth’s secret blog – they discovered they both had a thing for muscle. For a while they drooled over hot guys online, sharing morphs and stories from their favorite sites, but after Dylan grew, things changed. Seth got a lot more handsy with him, only after first asking permission of course. Yet, it was as if the original Dylan was completely wiped from his mind. “I still have some growing to do. Gonna try to add another inch before the end of semester.” Seth salivated at the thought. “You should totally go to that hardcore gym off campus. Y’know, that one the frat king goes to.” “Frat king?” “Yeah, that guy who dumped enough cum into those himbos to fill a silo. Don’t remember his name though… something Russian I think.” “Dude, just because they’re frat guys doesn’t mean they’re himbos.” Seth stared at him. “The ones from Delta Alpha Pi. The house on Clover and University.” “Point taken.” Dylan stretched. “You want a soda?” “Yeah.” Seth smirked, admiring Dylan as he stood and bent over to reach into the mini-fridge. He was distracted however by the strange explosion of hearts on Dylan’s phone. “What’s this? A new game?” “Don’t touch that!” Dylan nearly jumped across the room. Neither knew who, but someone’s hand hit the screen. “Shit…” ============================================ Kyle had to admit, the app made his life a lot more interesting. Ever since the change, the locker room was more of a Billy Harrington set than an actual locker room. “Chris, get Craig’s dick out of your mouth and get dressed. Practice first, sex after.” The lineman sheepishly extracted himself from the water boy turned roid beast with a fist-thick cock. Kyle laughed inside, already making a mental guess list of who would go home with who that night. Some players were already in couples and polyamories while others preferred to, shall we say, play the field. That didn’t mean everyone was happy. Austin, a wide receiver, sighed as he closed his locker. The changes from Kyle’s cum and Dylan’s meddling turned him into a beefcake that was just soft enough around the middle for some heavenly cuddling. Unlike most of the others, he was gay before the “Kyle Shower”, but very deep in the closet. “Are you okay man?” Austin forced a smile. “I’m fine.” Kyle crossed his arms. Austin muttered something under his breath and pulled Kyle to a quiet corner of the locker room. “Okay, I’m worried, I-I-I don’t think he likes me.” “You guys have been on two dates! You barely had a chance to know each other. Besides, Dylan says he’s raving about you.” “You sure?” Austin asked. He looked like a hopeful puppy. A big, musclebound puppy. “I’m completely new to datin’ stuff, I don’t wanna mess up. You and Dyl make it look easy.” “Okay, first, only I get to call him Dyl and even then, he’s not a big fan of it. Second, it’s not gonna happen like magi-” He bit his tongue just as a familiar wave of growth flowed down his cock and into his balls. The warmth swelled inside, snapping his custom jockstrap as his massive balls stretched another six inches in diameter. “Fucking hell!” Austin had it in him to blush, looking away, despite his own jockstrap tent. “You… you good?” “Peachy. One sec man.” He stomped over to his locker and tore the door off the hinges. He angrily opened the app. “Couldn’t keep your promise for five minutes? Fine! Let’s see if you can take it.” Edge of Glory Your soulmate will be continuously edged until the next time you both have sex. As they are edged, their testicles will slowly swell. This perk may be chosen again after the effect wears off. ============================================ “White Gold?” Seth read off the phone. “Your soulmate’s balls have been pumped fuller than… what the fuck, Dylan?” “It’s just a game.” “Really kinky one… would be cool if it was real.” “Yeah… real…” Dylan grabbed a pillow and moaned into it as an invisible hand suddenly grabbed his cock. “H-how… how are you and Austin doing?” Seth didn’t seem to notice but instead lit up the room with a smile. “He’s amazing! He’s so sweet, he actually cooked for me on our last date, and man he’s good on a grill.” He took a sip of soda. “He’s also got pecs the size of a tire; I want to shove my face in them.” “Who said romance is dead.” “Shut up! We’re taking it slow anyway, but damn, last time I had to go beat off in the bathroom. Twice.” “Slow? Kinda surprised, figured he’d be pent up.” “He called himself old fashioned. I don’t mind though, nice knowing he’s not just gonna pump n’ dump. My sweet Texas cowboy…” “Isn’t he from Spokane? He doesn’t even have an accent.” Seth laughed. “Oh… uh, nevermind.” Dylan bit his lip. “Tea. Now.” He stared at the floor. “I might have seen his twitter on his phone when he went to the bathroom?” “Dude, don’t go snooping…” “I know, I know! I wasn’t – wait, not the point. He was on size Twitter.” Dylan dropped the pillow. “Wait, what?!” “Yeah, he likes big guys. Like really big guys. Like every one of his recent likes were on super huge macro guys.” “I thought you weren’t snooping.” “Not the point! You know me, I’m a total top, but there’s no way I’d ever be big enough for him.” He flung himself back on the mattress, nearly spilling the soda. “Wish that app was real so I could be big like you and my friend so I could make him happy.” “Yeah, if only it was- wait, what did you say?” “I wanna make him the happiest bottom in the world?” “No before that.” “Oh, I wish-” He was cut off by a boom of a knock. “Oh hey, speak of the devil.” Seth bounded up and opened the door. Dylan’s jaw dropped. The man on the other side was inhuman – though he felt a stir of pride that he was still smaller than Kyle. Yet, Dylan knew this guy was way bigger than he should have been, even if he was lifting out of the womb. He knew no one else on campus even came close to their size, even that himbo frat king. “Gymshark eat your heart out,” he muttered to himself. “What?” “Sorry, nothing. I’m Dylan!” The big guy seemed a little shy and just as shaken at seeing Dylan. “Hi, I’m Mateo.” ============================================ Kyle scrolled through the phone. “Kinda see how Dylan got addicted to this… time for a little revenge.” “Parker! Stop playing on your phone and get to work!” Kyle looked up to see the Coach walking towards him. Since the change, their coach was a 450-pound daddy with a thick carpet of hair that made him look more like a werewolf on the field and especially on the cot in his office. He refused to wear shirts during practice, and any player on the bench was welcome to worship him. “Just because you’re big doesn’t mean you get-mff!” Kyle simply grazed a hand across his coach’s nipple. He leaned in close and growled in his ear. “Coach, dealing with my boyfriend right now.” “But-” Kyle reached out and solemnly twisted both nipples. As far as the team knew, only the quarterback was able to tame the dom daddy. Like flicking a switch, a thick veiny cock rocketed out from below Coach’s waistband. “Oh god, Kyle… fuck me right now.” “Later Coach. Boyfriend first, but I think Sanchez was hungry for you if you can’t wait.” Kyle went back to his phone, deaf to the gagging sounds from lineman on the sidelines. “Oh, actually that’s a good idea.” Rewired and Streamlined Your soulmate’s nipples and hole are now ultra-sensitive. Brushing against either in the right way is like packing an hour of foreplay into a few seconds. “That’ll give him something fun to do during his study group.” “Is that some kind of kink thing you guys have going on?” “What the?!” He nearly jumped out of his skin. “Christ, Austin! Don’t sneak up on me like that!” Austin shrugged and scratched his pecs. “So, what is it? Looks kinky. Is that how you and Dylan are so good together?” “No, well… yes… it’s complicated man.” ============================================ The study group proceeded with awkward mumbling, with Seth interjecting how worried he was about his upcoming date. Mateo pretended to read while Dylan tried his best not to buck his hips. Finally, with all the confidence of a world leader, he stood and announced, “I have to piss.” As soon as the door shut, Dylan took his chance. “How the hell are you that big?” Even just turning towards Mateo made him groan. Mateo didn’t expect the attack. “I… work out? My boyfriend’s a trainer.” “Bullshit.” “He is! We’re at the gym off campus.” Dylan studied him. There was that gym again… it felt like he had two sets of memories. One world where the gym was the most hardcore bodybuilder’s paradise and another where it was a typical health club. Then it clicked. “The app.” Mateo paled. “What?” “The app! Next Level Love, you have the app!” “How do you know about that?!” He hissed back. Dylan showed him the phone. “Holy… so, you and your boyfriend weren’t always that big?” “Are you kidding? A couple months ago, I was an average guy and Kyle – well, he was always hot as fuck, I just gave him a boost.” He pulled up the list of active perks and they traded phones. Mateo scrolled through, his small grin growing bigger and bigger into a full-on kid at the toy store with a blank check giddiness. “Okay, I’m definitely getting the mega-cum perk for Leon later.” “Wait, you can apply it to places too? That’s not fair!” Mateo shrugged. “Y’know, I could probably update your phone.” “What do you mean?” “Well, I’ve got a copy of the app data, so it shouldn’t be too hard to copy it over. I mean, we could probably copy the whole app to a new phone if we wanted.” The possibilities alone nearly made Dylan’s cock tear through his pre-soaked pants. “Wait, do you think we could put a copy on Seth’s phone?” “Put what on my phone?” Seth asked. ============================================ “You’re telling me this is some kind of magic phone app? Looks like a random game to me.” “No, seriously!” Kyle said. The two of them had gone back to the locker room. “Whatever change you choose really comes true! It could be for anything. After Dylan and I finally hooked up, we even got a perk on his phone to fix mine and my copy of the app.” Austin crossed his arms. “Obviously you picked some fun stuff too.” “Obviously.” He flexed an arm that swelled larger than Austin’s thick waist. The wide receiver let out a low moan, reaching for that veiny peak. Just as Austin was about to lick the sweat out of the crevasse between his biceps and delts, Kyle pulled back. “Sorry, forgot about the hypnotizing effect.” “Shit, that’s really strong,” Austin murmured, pulling back. His cock was painting his abs with pre. “Hey, could… could you maybe choose a perk for me? Something to help me on my date?” “Sorry, doesn’t really work like that. The perks usually only affect the two of us – unless you want another locker room incident?” Austin paled. “Um, don’t take this the wrong way… it was hot and all, but you were kinda my first…” “Wait, really?! Oh man, I’m sorry.” “Don’t be, it was fun, but I want to wait for Seth, y’know?” “Right, but I wonder if we can get a copy of the app to you somehow…” ============================================ “So, it is real! I can change myself however I want?!” “Yeah pretty much.” “And it’s also the reason you’re hard and stretching your shirt?” “That’s more Kyle but yes, basically.” “All done,” Mateo announced, disconnecting the phones. “Each of us has a copy of my version of the app, though you might want to be careful with the location perks. Gets out of hand really easily…” “Sweet!” Seth unlocked his phone and opened the app. As usual there was a burst of purple and pink hearts. The winged hourglass appeared to finish loading and then a blond bodybuilder in a bright pink tank top and teal running shorts popped up. “Wait, Eros is supposed to be a twunk,” Dylan said. Stranger than that, Eros didn’t move. He didn’t say a word, just a fixed creepy smile. “Uh, Mateo, I think you broke it.” “That doesn’t make sense; it should work.” The hourglass appeared again but this time, the glass was cracked. It loaded properly but with crimson hearts falling down the screen. A man with curly black hair and a slight tan appeared. He only wore a crimson bikini poser and cheap costume demon wings. He was cut and sculpted enough to make the most die-hard aesthetic bodybuilders green with envy. “Well, well, hello naughty boys. Someone’s been pirating the game I see.” The pretend demon purred. He floated onto his back, revealing just where the straps disappeared into his supple glutes. “I guess I can’t complain since I get to play the game now.” “Where’s Eros?” Dylan asked. “It’s an app, it can’t talk back,” Seth replied. “Oh please, what part of magic phone app don’t you get?” the man on the screen scoffed. “Oh so you’re like the Chroni-” “LEGALLY DISTINCT!” He stopped for a moment. “Oh wait, public domain, I forgot. Yeah, it’s like a Chronivac.” Seth was nearly drooling, his mind raced with the possibilities. “So, we can still use the app and change stuff, right?” Mateo asked. “Or are you some kind of anti-piracy?” The man laughed. “Anti-piracy? More like pro-piracy! I hid myself in the code. The more the app spreads the better and I want to make sure as many couples get together as possible.” “Yeah right,” Mateo scoffed. “You’re literally dressed like a demon.” “Listen, I was going for a sexy thing that was an opposite of the bubblegum twink look Eros had. Anyway, time for me to get to work.” He blew a heart-shaped ring of smoke and looked Seth over. “Hmmm… your special someone is a lucky guy, you’re really cute. How tall are you? Five-eleven? Six feet?” “Six-two, I slouch!” “Yeah, we’re gonna fix that.” Instantly a perk appeared on screen, followed by a sharp crack of bones. In a ripple of pops, Seth’s spine stretched and straightened. Stand Proud Your spine has been straightened and strengthened. You will always have perfect posture, no matter how you pose. Your next line will be “Wow, that felt good.” “Wow, that felt…” Seth frowned. “Hey, I’m supposed to pick!” “Of course! How about you get your buddies to help out. I’m gonna research your lover. Oh, Dylan and Mateo? Gave you guys admin privileges. Have fun. BRB!” The demon disappeared in a poof of smoke. “Maybe messing with a magic app wasn’t my best idea,” Mateo muttered. “Fuck that, we have admin privileges!” Dylan bit back another moan as his shirt was soaked by a fresh load of pre. “First though, let’s get Seth big.” Seth scrolled through the list of perks. “What should I do first? Height? Muscle? Cock? Oooooo, what if I do a location one?” “No wait!” Growth House All members of this dormitory are men dedicated to becoming as big as humanly possible. A bright flash of light blinded them, yet nothing seemed to happen. “What… but?” Mateo groaned. “It only affects those who actually live in the dorm. Like…” Both of them looked to Dylan who moaned, still grabbing at his pecs. He was fifty pounds heavier with pure lean muscle, distributed a little heavily on his legs. “I need… I need Kyle so bad… right now…” “Okay,” Seth said sheepishly. “At least it could be worse?” Mateo shushed him and held up his phone. It was an Instagram account of a bodybuilder with long hair a la mid-2000s. The slideshow depicted a guy pretty intent to show off, eventually settling on a picture of him and his hipster boyfriend holding hands. “Brett… he’s pretty hot. So what?” “This was a co-ed dorm. And Brett used to be Britney.” “Oh…” ============================================ For the rest of practice, Kyle helped Austin stretch and work up his confidence. “All the other guys said I shouldn’t sweat it. They said if I get an OnlyFans I’d probably make a mint, but… it’s not the point.” “Believe me I get it,” Kyle agreed, thinking back to when he could hardly speak to Dylan without his heart racing. Just then, Austin’s phone pinged and both men turned to look. “No way…” Sure enough there was a notification from Next Level Love. “That’s the app, right? Looks a little different than yours though.” “Must be an update. Take a look.” Just then, they heard the team returning from outside. “C’mon, boiler.” The boiler room off the locker room was a now defunct room used officially for storage and unofficially for hookups. So long as someone left a chalk mark on the door, people knew it was occupied, leaving Kyle and Austin in privacy in the bowels of the old section of the stadium. Austin opened the app to an explosion of hearts and then… nothing. “Strange… there’s usually someone there guide you through the tutorial,” Kyle muttered. “Can’t be that hard right?” Austin opened the store. “Let’s try this one.” OnlyFreaks Your musculature will triple but you will not grow any taller. There will be no extra stress on your organs and you will retain full mobility. Both waited, but nothing happened. “Should… should something have changed by now?” “It’s usually instant. Try another one.” Knee Slapper Your soft cock is so long it dangles past your knees and is thick as your wrist. Your balls will grow to be proportional. Again, nothing. “C’mon! I want to change!” “I thought you were a bottom?” “Yeah, doesn’t mean I don’t want a giant cock!” War of Attrition Your soldiers will hold the line as long as you command! In other words, fuck for as long and hard as you like and ride through multiple orgasms without needing to stop. Austin slammed his fist into the old boiler, leaving a decent dent. “Here, let me try mine.” Kyle scrolled through and saw one that made his slap his chest. “I… I didn’t know we could do that…” He clicked, hoping this hidden fantasy could come to life. Two Things Come from Texas… But why not have both? Your soulmate’s pecs will swell with nutritious milk that they will love to have you drink straight from the tap. This perk will also grant them soft body hair and strong skin. Chocolate, strawberry, and coffee flavored milk still in development. “Did it work?” “Don’t know unless we go see him.” The only thing going through Kyle’s mind was pinning Dylan down and milking him, keeping his cock buried in his lover while listening to every sweet sound he makes… Austin sighed and tried one final perk. Machamp in the Making You are granted an extra pair of arms (and all other necessary muscles to move them). As a bonus, you’ll also be completely ambidextrous. Austin flexed his arms hard, but nothing happened. ============================================ “Okay, I’ll admit I didn’t think this through.” “You think?” Dylan huffed. “First you make me bigger when Kyle already used something on me to-fuuuuuuck…. – to keep me from cumming and now you’ve taken up half the dorm room!” Here We Grow! Like eating a mushroom, you’ll be growing an additional half of your current height. Next Level Love is not responsible for any future attacks from turtles or kidnapped soulmates. “He likes macro…” Seth mumbled. Mateo sighed from another corner. “Yes, and that one alone would’ve been fine, if you didn’t pick that other one too.” Hulk Out! Everything about you doubles in size when you become aroused. Green skin not included. The eighteen-foot giant sighed. All of his clothes were in shreds on the floor. His added musculature however only gave him a swimmer’s build at this point, since it had been stretched across such a large frame. “Guys, I just got excited! Like you didn’t when you first got the app?” “Okay, fair.” “Yeah.” “That’s what I thought.” Seth scrolled on his tiny phone. “There we go!” Through a groan and screech of metal and wood, the room stretched and cracked. Bit by bit they were able to move again. Dylan looked around the new room, which looked more at home in a mansion in the Hamptons rather than a college dorm. The pieces of the bed had assembled themselves and seemed to have grown twice as large too. “What did you do?” “Two things. One got myself a better phone,” Seth said, waiving around a smartphone bigger than some flatscreens. “Second, this.” Fraternal Scholarship You and your close friends now live in a mansion of in a location of your choosing that will be built to meet your current size needs. “Wow, that’s awesome! Thanks!” “Least I could do after you guys got me the app.” Seth then smirked and tapped another perk. LOCC (Low Orbit Cum Cannon) This heavy armament upgrades your output to four gallons of cum. In addition, your cock size is doubled and ball size tripled. With a moan, his manhood swelled like a firehose, and just about as thick. The others could nearly hear the skin stretch and his newly grown balls slosh. Dylan groaned, losing himself to lust again. Mateo was starting to have trouble himself, wondering how Leon would feel with his cock that much bigger. With a little smirk to himself, he hit the perk on his own app, and snuck out back to their apartment. ============================================ “You turned it on and off again?” “Yes! Twice! You’ve been right here!” Austin groaned. He reopened the app for what felt like the twentieth time and got the same message as the first nineteen. Error. Unable to synchronize cloud data. “I don’t get it,” Kyle muttered. “I’ve never seen an error message like that.” “You’re the one who had it first. How do I fix it?” “Dylan would know more than me.” Austin reopened the settings, tried to select perks, everything. Again and again. Error. Unable to synchronize cloud data. Suddenly, it dawned on Kyle. “OH MY GOD, WE’RE IDIOTS!” “The hell are you talking about?” He waved his arms around the room. “We’re in a concrete box! No service! No wonder it isn’t working!” Both of them laughed and headed for the door. As soon as they stepped outside, Austin moaned and fell to his knees, instantly painting his stomach with cum. “Austin?!” “Oh shiiiiit… it’s so strooong!” He panted. “Feels so GOOD!” All at once, all of the perks he chose activated at the same time. Pound after pound of muscle piled on, fighting for space and forcing him wider and wider. He fell onto his back and continued to grow, overwhelmed by each wave washing over him. His lats forced his arms out, only to be forced farther by the new pair of arms and the extra pecs underneath. His thighs squeezed together, barely leaving enough room for his grapefruit sized balls and salami of a cock. He groaned, suddenly feeling a strange slickness in his ass and a deep hunger. He fought the urge to cum, holding himself back through the chain orgasm. Finally, he fell silent. “…Austin?” The extra-wide receiver was packed with so much muscle that it was a miracle he could move. He sat up with a growl. “We’re gonna go see Seth now. I’m ready for my date.” ============================================ “M-my pecs!” Dylan shouted. The overdeveloped chest cast an impressive shadow over his abs. A steady trickle of milk dripped onto his abs, mixing with the flood of pre. A prickling sensation washed over his entire body as dark body hair painted itself across his chest and down his torso. “What the…” Dylan grabbed a towel and tried to wipe up as much as he could. “Okay, Kyle’s getting out of hand…” “Didn’t you do the same to him?” Dylan said nothing, partially out of stubbornness and partially out of holding back his groans. Seth laughed and looked back at the app. “I just need one last change. Gotta grow just a little bit more.” He soon found just what he needed. Reproportioned Chances are that with height changes your other proportions may be out of balance. Choose this perk to rebalance everything. A small table appeared with spaces to insert stats. Seth wasn’t sure what to enter but chose “Aesthetic” out of the template drop-down menu. The table populated with the following. Reference Height – 6 feet Reference Weight – 211 lbs Chest – 57 inches Arms – 21.5 inches Waist – 27.5 inches Thighs – 27 inches Calves – 19 inches Ending Height – 18 feet “Looks good to me. Can’t wait!” The hourglass appeared for a moment before a new chart appeared. New Weight – 5697 lbs Chest – 14 ft 3 inches Arms – 64.5 inches Waist – 82.5 inches Thighs – 81 inches Calves – 60.5 inches Seth grabbed his cock and began pumping, each stroke seeming to add an extra ten pounds of muscle. He growled as his biceps pulsed outward, crowding against his pecs. His tattoos stretched over his new mass, the rose pattern nearly looking like it was blooming and spreading. His waist grew and tightened revealing a wall of tight abs. His taper from his lats was in sharp relief, despite his waist being over six feet around. The biggest change was his legs, exploding outward into sculpted pillars that looked more at home holding up a bridge. “How do I look Dylan?” He smirked with a most muscular pose. “Man, I should jump on a stage! I could probably juggle the competitors!” “Not faaaaaair…” Dylan groaned wanting nothing more than to finally get release. Thankfully, fate was merciful when the door swung open. “Dylan, are you heeee-oly fuck!” Kyle gaped at the giant. “Oh, uh, hey Kyle,” Seth said, a little sheepish at the reveal. “How’d you find us?” “Um, this guy Mateo ran into us and told us to-” Dylan couldn’t take it anymore. “Out.” “What?” “Seth, out. Kyle. Bed. Now!” Seth laughed and grabbed his far-too-small things and ducked out of the special sized door. “Austin’s in your room,” Kyle shouted after him. Kyle turned to his boyfriend. “You look good with chest hair. Is someone a little pent up?” Dylan dove onto his boyfriend, tearing away his pants and swallowed his manhood in a swift gulp. Kyle shivered with pleasure but pulled his boyfriend off. “No, let’s try something different.” He gently pushed Dylan down onto the bed. He ran his tongue along the swollen pecs before capturing a leaking nipple in his mouth. Dylan screamed in ecstasy, sending streams of milk shooting across of the bed. “So, did we learn anything?” “It was an accid-FUCK! Don’t stop!” Kyle finally decided to let up on his teasing, gently prodding Dylan’s waiting hole with his battering ram. “You know, I’m a little jealous of Seth. I think both of us need to grow.” He chose a final perk and tossed his phone aside. Extra Protein You and your soulmate can make the other grow through your cum and/or milk. Kyle began pounding away, still drinking. With each gulp, his muscles rippled, twitching with new growth. Dylan was light-headed, unable to make any coherent sentence after being edged all day. He could feel Kyle’s weight slowly pushing him farther and farther into the bed, the ever-lengthening cock stretching him farther and farther. Dylan clamped down as hard as he could as Kyle drilled him. Neither could hold on any longer, their giant balls overflowing. Kyle flooded Dylan, squeezing him tight as he began to grow. Dylan erupted into the ceiling, chipping the paint with each concussive blast. Each time they thought they reached the end, ten more blasts rocketed out. The two only stopped for Dylan to demand. “Again.” Both were too invested in their own lovemaking to hear what was going on in the next room. ============================================ Austin drooled over the overgrown Seth. A raging fire of desire filled him. His arms could only wrap around part of his mighty thighs, his cock trapped in the deep split near the teardrop. Seth too couldn’t help moaning, feeling the dense meathead against him. “You… you have extra arms?” “Yeah, you like them?” Austin flexed all four, surprised by a worshipping tongue. “God, you’re so big!” “Thought you might like that,” Seth said, a little sheepishly as Austin traced the lines of his tattoos. “So, um, you want to get something to eat or maybe watch a movie?” “Maybe… we could do something more fun?” “Oh?” “Like… we could… you know?” “I-I-I thought you wanted to take it slow?” “You are literally my most twisted wet dream, and this is the third date.” The beefy man flushed a little, grabbing at his towering date. “Please don’t make me beg.” “Don’t have to ask me twice!” Seth shoved his tongue down Austin’s throat. The wide receiver was taken aback, moaning into the kiss and grabbing as tight as possible onto his giant. Seth took Austin in one hand, the 400-pound man feeling like nothing more than a toy. As gently as possible, Seth fingered him open. “God, you’re such a hot little beefcake…” “Nnnng!” Austin groaned out, splattering Seth’s chest with his load. “I-I’m sorry!” Seth gently kissed him. “Don’t be. I know you’ve got more in the tank. Please flex for me.” Austin moaned but managed to arch forward, bringing his arms down into an explosive crab. Seth captured his dick, teasing it with skillful licks. “Too… too much!” Seth backed off while Austin caught his breath. “I’m gonna be shooting dust before you cum once at this rate.” He then reached back and started to warm himself up. “Austin, magic app or not, my cock is as wide as your hips. I don’t want to test the limits.” Austin looked like a kicked puppy, but it soon passed with a little grin. “Okay, how about this?” He pressed his body up against the massive cock. He squeezed his way up, licking along the helmet. “Ooooh yeah little guy.” “Fuck, I love when you call me that.” He wrapped around the giant cock and began to hump and squeeze himself up and down. He lapped up the pre that cascaded down over him, just as Seth grabbed him. The giant hand pumped him up and down. It didn’t take much before Seth began to gasp. “Yeah, cum for me! Cover me in your giant load!” “FUUUUUCK!” Seth roared as gallon after gallon of cum drenched the room. Austin’s own load was lost in the deluge as he too was plastered. Seth plucked him from the sticky mess and kissed him. “Damn… never realized how hot this could be.” “Oh I’ve got a long list of things for us to try,” Austin grinned, snuggling against his giant’s cheek. ============================================ After five rounds, Dylan was finally sated. He fell into a deep slumber, contentedly cuddled into Kyle’s arms. Kyle however couldn’t sleep. After a while, he opened the app, surprised to see his had changed to be just like Austin’s. This time however, someone did appear. “Aww, I’m late! I missed all of the fun. At least they didn’t get to try the admin stuff yet, can always watch that… just need to get them to spread the app a little more.” “You’re not Eros. Who are you?” “Oh, hello there, stud.” The demon gave him an impish grin. “You can call me Ganymede.”
  16. EclipseWing

    m/m Next Level Love

    So, stop me if you've heard this one before: long time lurker, first time poster. With all the free time from the quarantine, I've been trying out some new things. Since I've enjoyed the stories here so much, I thought I'd try writing one of my own. I hope you enjoy it! ============================================ Next Level Love Dylan sighed as he walked back to the dorms. It was the beginning of the new academic year at his university, and everyone seemed to be already paired off. For years he didn’t mind being single, but it was starting to wear on him. It didn’t help that he was relatively average all around. Not big, not small, not thin, not fat. Nothing really to catch the eye. “Oof!” He stumbled for a moment and looked up into the warm chocolate eyes of Kyle. “Oh, hey, sorry about that.” “My fault,” the jock smiled back. “Wasn’t watching where I was going.” Kyle was a jock with the body to show for it who, according to the rumor mill, modeled on the side. Just standing next to him made Dylan nervous, not only from the sheer embarrassment of being a nerdy twig but also from fear of popping wood next to the big man on campus. After the two were paired up for chem lab last year, hardly a night went by where Dylan wasn’t imagining a long steamy worship session. Dylan didn’t just admire him for his body though. Kyle was a great study partner back in class. He always brought snacks when they had to cram for tests in the library. Best of all, Kyle was always the first to say “Hi” to him, and he always asked how his day was. “So,” Dylan ventured, brushing some hair back over his ear. “Heading out to class?” “Football actually. Coach wants one more practice before tomorrow’s game. Our offense could use a little work.” Dylan tried to keep his eyes off Kyle’s solid chest that seemed to bounce on its own. “Oh cool.” He swallowed hard, slowly moving his backpack to cover his crotch. Inwardly he sighed, knowing there was no way to seduce his crush. The guy was way out of his league. “I-I-I need to get going, test tomorrow. So, uh, good luck!” “Thanks, you too!” “Yeah,” Dylan murmured, watching his crush walk away. ============================================ Kyle kicked the ground, grumbling. “‘You too’? Could’ve said anything and just ‘you too’?” He hissed. “C’mon and grow a pair, Parker!” He had his eye on Dylan all last semester, trying to find some way to get close to the little guy. The nerdy twink could calculate molecular weights in his head and made O-Chem is bitch. The way his eyes sparkled when he got excited always made Kyle smile. He was smart, dedicated, nice… really nice. He’d give you the shirt off his back. What did Kyle have? Sure, he had some muscle, but it wasn’t like he was big enough to really turn heads. Nothing like the bodybuilders he idolized. He was a quarterback, sure, but he was only on the JV team. Even the “game” he mentioned was just a team scrimmage. Was that even worth bragging about to a guy like Dylan? It’s not like Kyle ever had problems with getting girls and guys in the past, but the little guy completely disarmed him. When it came to guys, he tended to go for muscle daddies and gym bunnies for hookups, but Dylan was boyfriend material. He never had a boyfriend before, and he couldn’t fuck this up. This was no wham, bam, thank you Sam, he wanted Dylan to be his. Kyle groaned. “Who am I kidding? If I was bigger, I bet he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off me.” He tried to clear his mind before getting to practice but he felt his phone buzz in his pocket. He pulled it out, but it slipped and cracked on the ground. “Shit!” he muttered to himself. The screen was filled with static. It tried to load something but instead buzzed one last time and went dead. ============================================ Dylan sank into his desk chair, trying to will his boner to go away. Lucky for him, his roommate was out of town for the week. His phone buzzed with the arrival of an email. “Perfect, a distraction,” he muttered to himself. It was another request for closed beta test. It was a quick and easy way for him to pick up extra cash, even if the games were usually garbage. This time, the app was a bright pink icon with bubbly teal letters “NLL” pierced by a golden arrow. Upon opening, cartoonish hearts with candy-like shades of pink and purple filled the screen. A stylized cartoon twunk in a bright pink tank top and teal running shorts popped up. “Hello there! Congrats on being picked for the closed beta of Next Level Love. We’re sure you’re gonna love this app. Just give us a sec to finish loading.” A progress bar with a winged hourglass popped up, and Dylan felt his interest start to drain. “This is one of those micro-pay gacha games, isn’t it?” The mascot popped back up. “Hiya Dylan, I’m Eros, your guide here in Next Level Love. Hope you’re ready to have some fun with your new love life. We’ve located your potential soulmate, but it seems like his phone isn’t working at the moment. Not to worry though, you can still use the app.” Dylan groaned. “I swear, ever since Undertale everyone thinks they’re so cool for reading local data.” A greyed-out outline of a vague human shape appeared. “So, where’s my soulmate?” “I bet you’re wondering where your soulmate is. Don’t worry, we’re keepin’ an eye on him. We could tell you, but where’s the fun in that? That’s where the game comes into play. As you do stuff in your own life to take care of yourself, you gain points to find out more about him. When you level up, you can even buy special perks for him.” Dylan raised an eyebrow. “How’d it know I’m gay?” “Let’s try it out! Here’s a point to start. Now tap the store icon.” “Yeah, here we go, you’re gonna ask for my credit card.” Dylan tapped the shopping bag in the top right corner. Eros appeared again, but now in an apron with a heart on the chest. Across the top read “Perks!” with two sub-tabs reading “Soulmate” and “Dylan”. To his surprise, there were no prices. “Here you’ll be able to buy stuff for either you or your soulmate. Love is about giving, so why don’t we give something to your soulmate?” Dylan tapped the “Soulmate” tab and there was one option. Lover’s Embrace Your Soulmate will feel you in their arms each night, helping them get a peaceful night’s rest. “Sounds good to me,” Dylan said, who usually needed three cups of coffee by ten in the morning. He chose the option and suddenly a fanfare played, and confetti fell on the screen. The screen jumped back to the main menu. “Congrats on your first level up! You get experience by completing your to-do list in real life, like working out, getting a good grade, or finishing our tutorial.” Eros winked at him. “Each time you level up, you unlock more options in the store and get more points to buy enhancements and perks for you and your soulmate. You also get a hint to your soulmate’s identity.” “Huh, that’s kinda cool, I guess,” Dylan murmured. He looked at the clock. “Getting late, guess I should sleep for that test.” ============================================ The next morning, Kyle woke up more refreshed than ever. No soreness, no pre-game anxiety, just calm, clear focus. He reached up to his cheek. It was warmer, as if someone’s hand had been resting there. He looked down to see his morning wood harder than ever. “Hey! Did someone come over last night?” he called to his roommate. His roommate called back from the bathroom. “Nope, but you were muttering a bit in your sleep. Seemed really into someone.” “Huh…” Kyle rolled out of bed, unable to shake the uncanny feeling. ============================================ Dylan’s phone buzzed like a hornet’s nest the second he got out of class. The test was killer, but he figured he did a passable job. He fished his phone out of his backpack, seeing a ton of notifications from that game again. “Ah, what the hell, why not?” He opened it up to see a list of the day’s activities preloaded from his to-do list app scroll by. With another fanfare, he leveled up. A whirlwind of text flew by, describing the experience point breakdown for each task from getting up on time to finishing the test. “Congrats on the level up!” Eros popped up again in another shower of confetti. “Since you’re now Level 3, you get to pick two perks! There’s new stuff for sale, and we have some juicy insight into your soulmate!” On the screen, the grey outline was still there, but there was now a little notebook icon. Dylan tapped it and a little note was added: Likes to play sports. “Eros, you and I have different ideas of ‘juicy insight’,” Dylan laughed, but he still wanted to play along. He opened the shop and scrolled through the options, choosing one he thought his supposed soulmate would like. Jock Envy Your soulmate gains a significant boost in muscle. His reflexes are also a bit quicker. “That’ll help him out, right?” Dylan thought aloud. He scrolled through and saw another perk. Medical Miracle Your soulmate will never get sick. Dylan looked back to the experience checklist. Since everything came from his productivity apps… “I wonder,” he muttered. He hurried back to his dorm room to begin his experiment. ============================================ “I swear I caught that stomach flu from Chris. Been feeling like shit all day.” “Dude stay away from me. Kyle, you alright?” “Never better!” Kyle was filled with energy, ready to kill on the field. The only strange thing was that his clothes felt tighter than normal. He shucked his shirt and reached for his pads. “Dude! You look huge!” Kyle looked down. His normally loosely etched abs were now a model worthy six pack. His pecs and arms were swollen like he had just finished a workout, and his quads looked ready to crush with a single flex. Even his calves were starting to show a split. “What the hell?” he murmured to himself. “Hey meathead,” one of the wide receivers snarked, “how about spending more time on the field instead of the gym?” “At least I go to the gym. You call those toothpicks arms?” he called back, tossing up a double bi. A ripple of laughs passed through the locker room and the conversations moved on, but Kyle was still shaken by the sudden growth. ============================================ “Ah-ha!” Dylan shouted in triumph. His level was rocketing up on the screen. A little flaw in the code made it so that each time he checked off an item on his to-do list, he got experience points. If he unchecked and rechecked it after a minute, he still got the points. He filled his list with fake tasks and spent a few minutes grinding his way to infinite experience and infinite perk points. “Okay, let’s have a little fun.” The notebook of his soulmate had filled up with a few more hints. Plays football. Bisexual Has a sweet tooth “Oh, lots of date ideas there then,” he said as he scrolled through the shop. “Okay, what perks are best?” Obviously, the character was fake, right? He just wanted to win the game. “Wonder what the max level is- oh hey! This is perfect!” Move over Montana A new legend is born on the field! Your soulmate is especially gifted in football. He’ll never fumble, and every throw is a perfect spiral, right on target. “Hmm… what else…” He poured over the list. “I guess I could give you the Barry Allen perk for running, but that won’t help much if you’re a center. Maybe it’ll tell me what position you are later. At least you’re a shoo-in for the pros now.” He looked down and snorted with laughter, instantly choosing the perk. Packing Heat Your soulmate gains an extra inch in length and an extra half-inch in circumference on his “weapon” “I mean, what guy doesn’t want a little extra?” Dylan then saw some new notes got added. Average student, but wants to excel Enjoys being on both ends of muscle worship sessions “Okay, you really are Mr. Perfect. Then, hmm, what to choose? Oh, if only you were real…” ============================================ “Down! Set! HIKE!” The center snapped, and Kyle launched it downfield. “Smooth as butter,” he grinned to himself, watching it fly with the best spiral of his life straight to the wide receiver in the endzone. As they moved up for kick, he reached down to adjust his cup. The snug protector was usually a perfect fit, but today it was as if it had shrunk. Suddenly, a tingle passed through his body. The feeling of two worshiping hands passed over every muscular curve. He could feel his waistline tighten and his glutes fatten. His chest pushed out, his pads creaking in protest until finally the string snapped. His tights began to split along the seam near his quads. As his calves pushed his socks to their limits, another tear started along his sleeves. A soft moan escaped his lips. His feet forced the cleats to stretch just shy of the breaking point. Most uncomfortable of all, his jock was definitely now too small. It felt like he was trying to squeeze into his gear all the way back from junior high. “What… the fuck?” He panted. He was living the best pump ever, every bit of him swollen and heavy. He wanted nothing more than to sneak back to his dorm and explore his new body. “You okay, Kyle?” “Yeah, I’m fine.” It would have to wait for now. ============================================ Super Soldier Your soulmate is the envy of militaries across the globe. He’s blessed with perfect proportions and could easily win a Men’s Classic competition. Bonus points, he’s faster, heals quicker, and is hyper-virile with genitals that would make a horse jealous. Note: Proportions may be overridden by other perks. Dylan was proud of that one. “Now if you get hurt playing football, you’ll heal up in no time. Might help your workouts too.” He sighed, scanning the list of perks. “So, you want help with your classes… wish I could tutor you myself, but the Quick Learner should help you out until then. Don’t think you’d want the Himbo perk. I mean, it’d be hot, but that’s kinda the opposite of what you want. I just hope you’re okay, wherever you are.” Dylan stopped and pinched the bridge of his nose. “What am I doing? The guy doesn’t exist. It’s a Friday night, I should be out doing something.” He looked back at the game. “But… I can always dream right?” His heart fluttered as he found a few more perks. Single Digit Club Your soulmate’s fat percentage will never go above 9% regardless of diet Gift of Gab Your soulmate knows just what to say, especially if it is going to turn you on. No rock kissing required. Friend of the World People have trouble finding faults in your soulmate and generally see him for the likeable guy he is. Accidents and weird changes are honest mistakes and won’t affect his relationships with others. T++ Your soulmate produces far more testosterone than most men. Expect a deeper voice, larger muscles, stronger musk, and more body hair. Most of all expect a higher libido. “There babe,” Dylan whispered with a content smile. “Now you can eat whatever you want, and you don’t have to stress about body comp. You can negotiate your way through anything so no one’s gonna question why you grew. Plus, you’re gonna be the manliest guy on your team, no one is gonna mess with you.” He paused and added one more. Contest Ready No body hair below the neck and an automatic tan. “Okay, a little selfish I admit, but I’ll change it if you want! Just come find me.” He looked to the door, hoping for a knock. All that he got was the sound of people heading out to the bars. “Of course, I can dream.” He said again, frowning at his phone. ============================================ The team was in an uproar once Kyle got close. “Dude, did your jersey shrink?” “I knew you were on something, but…” “Guys,” Kyle soothed, as he raced to come up with an excuse. “It’s nothing. I just… I just decided to take up bodybuilding! Guess the gains are starting to show, huh?” His teammates all stared back until the normally quiet tight end nodded. “Seems legit.” “Yeah bro, you’re lookin’ really swole!” “For sure! No homo though.” Kyle faltered, surprised it worked. “Um, yeah. Thanks guys. How about we take a water break?” “Great idea, dude!” Kyle let go of a breath he didn’t know he was holding. As his teammates dispersed, he wracked his brain. Nothing was making sense today! Not that he was complaining of course, but guys didn’t usually just start growing into their fantasy body. “I bet Dylan would know how to explain this,” he muttered, but he barely finished saying it before another ripple passed through him, twice as strong as before. His jersey tore clean down his chest to the top of his abs. His swelling traps and delts double-teamed his pads, cracking the plastic frame. His cleats tore open, letting his feet stretch and spread. He could feel the elastic in jock starting to give up. “God… more, don’t stop… feels so good,” he thought as he bit back a moan. Just as he felt the swelling sausage between his legs start to pre, the coach started to head his way. “Shit!” “Parker!” The coach shouted. “What are you doing playing in a small uniform?” Each step closer, Kyle could feel another stitch on his pants snap to make room for his quads and hamstrings. The coach’s stern look faded and he put a hand on Kyle’s shoulder, leaning in close. “Listen, I won’t get mad. You’re our star player, but you gotta help me help you. What are you on?” “Coach, I swear I have no idea what’s going on.” “It’s okay Kyle, you’re like family to me. I’ll take care of you.” The coach’s other hand made its way to Kyle’s chest. With a mind of its own it started to rub in tiny circles. “Yeah… let Daddy take care of you…” “Coach?!” The coach was not so much speaking as babbling to himself. His eyes were glassy, and a little drool was starting to form. Kyle broke away. “How about I just hit the showers?” That seemed to break the spell. “You’d better,” the coach muttered, red as a rose and keeping his clipboard in front of his shorts. ============================================ “Okay, I might have gone a little far in a few places, but I wanna make sure you’re the muscle god you want to be. Sure, the mind-warping pheromones might have been a bit much, but y’know.” Dylan reasoned out loud to no one, accidentally adding another perk. “Oh shi- oh… yeah that’s fine.” Seizing the Means of Production Your comr- err, soulmate produces and ejaculates five times the amount of a normal healthy adult male. He then hovered for a moment over the Confirmed Bachelor perk but held back. “No, he’s bi, that’s part of him, and it’d be wrong to change. Besides, if we’re soulmates, who cares?” He stopped for a moment. “Should add this just in case something happens before we’re together though…” Woohoo! Your soulmate can only impregnate when they consciously choose to do so. Dylan frowned. “I’m spending way too much time on this.” He was about to lock his phone when Eros popped up, looking more than slightly salty. “You’ve leveled up quite a bit lately. You also seem to not be getting much for yourself…” “I don’t want perks for myself,” Dylan said. “If this guy is mine, I want him to be happy.” “It sounds like you just want to change him to fit your fantasy.” “No, I want him to be happy, seriously!” Dylan shot back, not realizing he was now arguing with an app. “He wants to be good at football, so I gave him those perks. I also made sure he’d be popular, never get sick, eat what he wants…” “Look, I get it. It’s nice you’re thinking of him, but he’ll be happy if you take care of yourself too.” “I guess, but what do I get myself? I want to make sure I get something that he’d like on me. If I could just unlock more of his likes, then I’ll make myself like that!” “That’s not the point! He’s your soulmate, and he’ll like you for who you are, not someone who tries to be perfect for him. I swear, humans today…” “Fine,” Dylan murmured. “Wait, what was that last part?” “Nothing!” Dylan shrugged and scrolled through his side of the store for once. Suddenly, his cheeks burned. “Oh crap, should’ve gotten these a while ago.” Mr. Fantastic You can stretch to accommodate any size without pain, and you will always feel perfectly tight to your soulmate. Fanfiction Logic You never have to prepare to receive during anal intercourse. You are also instantly lubed. Don’t ask questions, we don’t know how it works either. Eros rolled his eyes. “You’re hopeless.” Dylan however didn’t even hear him as he was already trying to decide what to give his soulmate next. ============================================ Kyle stood in the stream, letting the showerhead blast him with ice cold water. It had no effect, he could have drilled a hole in the wall with how hard he was, and he swore the water began to steam as it hit him. “What the hell is going on?!” He slammed his fist on the wall, cracking the tile. “Damn it.” He already tore off a locker door and then ripped the towel rod from the wall, now he was about to punch it down. That said, it’d be a lie to say he didn’t enjoy it a little… He ran his hands down his new shredded eight pack and fondled his monster cock, now just shy of a foot long. His testicles were the size of eggs. He could practically feel them vibrate and churn. All the hair on his body had mysteriously disappeared when he stripped, leaving him smooth as silk. At first, he was mad, but when he caught a glimpse of his reflection, he couldn’t help but beat off to his new body. Twice. Now, here in the shower, his cock hadn’t softened at all. He took a quick peek to make sure no one was coming. Then, he started to stroke again with one hand, letting the other wander across his chest, playing with his downward pointing nipples. He moaned, his normal voice now a deep rumble that only turned him on more. “So big, so manly… so hot… yeah, won’t be able to keep your eyes off me now Dylan… fuck yeah, you can grab whatever you want. Bet you’d love to suck this monster. I’m gonna give it to you. Gonna make you mine and pound you so hard you won’t be able to think about anyone else… FUCK!” A pint of steaming cum splattered against the shower wall. Suddenly, Kyle realized what he had been saying and turned bright red. “Where did that come from? Ugh, and that isn’t gonna wash down, is it?” ============================================ “Why wasn’t this an option before?!” Dylan shouted. Not the Droids You’re Looking For Chances are your changes are going a bit overboard. Not to worry, use this perk to bend reality and no one will question any changes to you or your soulmate no matter how bizarre they are. Of course, both of you will still notice. “Sorry!” He shouted to his phone, again forgetting it was a game. “Hope no one has given you any problems. I’ll make it up to you, promise!” He turned to the notes section and poured over the information he had gathered so far. New bullet points had been added. Main fetish: Muscle Growth, no boundaries Preferred Dom Top “You’re my soulmate for a reason!” Dylan cheered. His cock was at full mast as he imagined the scene about to play out. He began stroking furiously as he scrolled through. “Here you go, my beastly love, I hope you enjoy it! Just please, find me soon.” USDA Grade A Beef Your soulmate has muscles that are the upper limit of what is humanly possible, including with steroids and hormones. His genitals grow to proportionally match. This enhancement is not recommended without perks such as Mr. Fantastic or Porn Physics 101. Rocket 69 Your soulmate’s ejaculation is inhuman and strong enough to shred condoms. Not recommended for casual hookups with women without the Woohoo perk. ============================================ Kyle roared as he pumped out another gallon of cum into the shower. The drain was completely clogged now, but he didn’t care. All he could do was enjoy the ride. “Oh shit… another growth wave?” This time, he could feel his body stretch out, a gentle blissful pull at both ends as the floor got farther and farther away. His head peeked out over the stalls, putting him at seven feet tall. His ass swelled outwards. His tight waist could no longer remain small and trim and inflated out as muscle piled onto his abs giving him a proper thickness, while his chest forced his shoulders out. He looked more like a T than a V, complete with mountainous shoulders and deep splits in his traps. His skin was stretched paper thin revealing all striations and veins. His balls were now baseballs, forced forward by his redwood thighs. Even his calves kept up with the growth, far thicker than his teammate’s arms. Hell, they were thicker than some of their waists! Kyle, now feeling more than a little claustrophobic, knocked out the stall divider into the next shower and stretched. “Fuck yeah! I’m a living hulk!” He flexed as hard as he could, his cock twitching with need, ready to explode. He couldn’t hold back and grabbed it with both hands and repainted the ceiling. He didn’t have a chance to enjoy the afterglow. “What the fuck? Something just dripped on me!” Kyle spun around to see the team in the locker room, half of them covered in his cum. Before he could say a thing, one of them spotted him. “Kyle, hey, did you get something on the ceiling?” The question was surprisingly innocent. “Um… I… don’t know?” Kyle choked out, suddenly noticing his voice had dropped again into a rumbling baritone. He then saw a bunch of hungry eyes looking at him. “Dude, when did you… when did you get so hot?” “Yeah, it’s like I never noticed before… don’t go hidin’ from us now.” One of them tore away the shower curtain. Kyle slowly backed up. “Guys, you’re kinda scaring me.” “Nah man, we’re just enjoying you. We wouldn’t do anything to hurt our boss, our… alpha.” Suddenly, a linebacker jumped on him with a tape measure and a very noticeable hardon. “C’mon let us measure you, please?” Cheers went up and half of the teammates, already naked, were fighting to get closer. Kyle fought to hold back another explosion, but with the team looking at him – no, worshipping him with their eyes, all standing around him – he coated them all in another giant load. A chorus of moans echoed through the room as the mass of zombified teammates moved on him, desperate to touch the massive muscle beast. ============================================ It’s Turning the Frogs Gay! Contact with your soulmate’s cum will convert any straight male to a gay male. “Huh,” Dylan said, looking back at his phone as he wiped the excess spunk off his hand. “Don’t remember clicking that one. Guess I better add this just in case. Don’t want anyone getting hurt.” Porn Physics 101 Class is in session and logic doesn’t matter. Your soulmate can fit in anyone, regardless of size. The receiver may feel some, but manageable, pain without the Mr. Fantastic perk. Your soulmate also cannot catch or transmit any disease, infection, or other health condition through intercourse or related acts. He then popped open the information tab again. This time, the app decided it was time to share some stats. “Oh man, I’m gonna cum again!” Height: 7 feet Weight: 635.2 pounds Chest: 95.9 inches Biceps: 38.6 inches Waist: 47.7 inches Quads: 48.2 inches Calves: 37.5 inches. “But,” he said mid-stroke, “you probably want to be a little bigger…” ============================================ “Fuuuuuck,” Kyle groaned, pulling his still diamond hard cock from the center’s ass. The rest of the team lay in a heap in the locker room, fucked silly and covered with his cum. Even the coach joined in at the center of the dogpile. “What am I doing here? I’m huge! I could totally ask Dylan out now…” he trailed off. “But… what if he thinks I’m a freak?” A shiver shot down his spine, and the air grew heavy. The team began to moan around him, those few who were conscious now worshipping his mighty legs. Suddenly he felt something wash over his mind like a warm bath. All his fears evaporated. A cocky smirk blossomed on his face. “No, Dylan’s gonna love this,” he growled. “He’s gonna be mine. Boys! Make a path!” Kyle stomped down the aisle as the team squirmed out of the way. Without the least bit of effort, he tore a bank of lockers from the wall. He folded the sheets of metal as if they were thin as origami paper into a makeshift belt. He tore the shower curtains and hitched them to the belt into a simple loincloth. “What do you think? Am I presentable for my future husband?” He was answered by a collective moan and a few stray cumshots. “I’ll take that as a yes.” He smashed down the wall and walked out into the night. He bounced his pecs, laughing. “I’m unstoppable! I should take Dylan down to the train station and throw trains for him. Bet that’ll make him cream himself.” ============================================ Alpha Dream Your soulmate has unstoppable confidence and mass-produces pheromones that influence others to follow his will. For you, it is an aphrodisiac instead. Priority over all other perks. Eros glared at Dylan as he scrolled back through the perks he applied. “Okay, okay, I’ll admit, I officially went too far.” “You think?!” “Hey, don’t point fingers, it’s your game!” “I’m not the one who decided to cheat the system.” “You asked me to beta test.” “That’s a good point.” Eros shifted his glare away. “All of this would’ve been fine if jock-boy didn’t drop his phone. You guys would’ve at least traded perks then.” Dylan sighed, looking back at the perks and full stats. Height: 8.2 feet Weight: 1019.2 pounds Chest: 110.1 inches Biceps: 44.2 inches Waist: 54.7 inches Quads: 55.1 inches Calves: 44.1 inches Penis Length: 20 inches The new description of his soulmate sounded more like an oversexed superhero he’d read about online. “Yeah, I guess I should’ve added more for me too. I mean, if a guy like this really existed, he wouldn’t look twice at me.” A thundering knock came at the door. Dylan jumped, nearly dropping his phone. He shoved his dick back into his boxers and yanked up his pants. “Who is it?” “Kyle,” the voice called back, though it really didn’t sound like him. “Hold on a sec,” Dylan shouted back. “You okay? You sound really-” He cut himself off as he threw open the door and looked up… and up... “Hey Dylan,” the beast purred. “Sorry, would’ve stopped by earlier but I got held up.” Dylan made a few noises that didn’t quite approach a coherent sentence. The man before him, if man was even the right word anymore, was far larger than anything he had ever seen, save for morphed pictures. It was as if someone had photoshopped the best assets of the bodybuilding greats together and multiplied it by ten. The quarterback couldn’t stand straight in the hallway. “So, you like what you see? Because I like what I see.” Dylan whimpered, feeling his already sensitive dick shoot again into his pants. The smell… the smell coming off Kyle was foreplay by breathing, each breath a sensual caress down his chest. “May I come in?” Dylan nodded furiously. Kyle somehow squeezed through the door and shut it behind him. His monster was barely concealed behind the shower curtain thong. Dylan sat in his desk chair with a squeak, feeling smaller than ever. Kyle paused for a moment to search for his words when he saw Dylan’s phone on the desk. “What’s this?” “I-I-I…” “Breathe buddy, not gonna hurt you – unless you ask.” He added with a small rumble of a laugh. He picked up the phone and carefully scrolled through the list. “You… you did this?” The dam broke. “I didn’t mean to! Well, I mean… I did but I thought it was a game! It said it was for my soulmate and – well – I guess I chose it because you liked stuff like that, so I wanted to make you happy, but I didn’t know it was you, you know and-” Kyle pressed a finger to Dylan’s lips to shush him. “But you did do it? Can you show me?” Dylan swallowed hard and carefully took his phone back. Kyle sat Dylan on his forearm so he could watch. “So, like… there’s these and…” Dylan quickly tapped three perks, not paying attention, but immediately paled when he saw what he chose. Quick Reload Your soulmate has no refractory period. Missile Silo Your soulmate has a monstrous weapon of “ass” destruction… Not all puns have to be 10/10, y’know. What is a King to a God? Your soulmate has transcended humanity and their physique is beyond mortal capability. His titanic body is completely flexible and does not tax his internal organs to maintain at all. Kyle let out a combination of a growl and a moan as his cock tore through the makeshift poser. It rose proudly like the cannons of a battleship, reaching just below his collarbone. Almost immediately a river of pre began to fall from the tip. Kyle’s growth wasn’t done though, as his body became packed tightly with as much muscle as it could possible hold. He panted, holding in another orgasm and looking at Dylan like a starving man. Dylan remained frozen, unsure of what the muscle god would do. Kyle shut his eyes and focused on breathing. Finally, he managed to ask, “What about you?” “What?” “Why didn’t you use it on yourself?” Dylan tried to manage his babbling, but words were pouring out faster than his brain could process them. “I… I didn’t really want to use it on me when there was stuff I could do to fulfill your fantasies, at least to start. I knew you wanted to be good at football, so I picked stuff for that and… it kinda got away from me. I thought it was a game – not to say I wouldn’t have done it if I knew it was you! You’re were already great to start with though, so it’s not like I had to change stuff. I mean, you’re perfect, or you were perfect, but I think you look really hot now! I should stop talking.” “For me?” Dylan was taken aback by the surprise in Kyle’s voice. “You… like me?” “Of course!” Dylan bubbled. “You’re so talented at sports and you’re really nice! You’re a lot smarter than you give yourself credit for. And… you were always friendly to me, always checking in on me and making sure I’m alright.” Dylan took a deep breath, now looking embarrassed. “It’s why I’ve been wanting to ask you out ever since the beginning of our classes together, but I got scared I’d lose what we already had.” Kyle frowned. In one swift motion, he flipped Dylan into his hands and pinned him – not roughly but firmly – to the bed. “You’re telling me,” he growled, “I could’ve been in here with you every night for the past semester?!” Dylan was petrified. “What?” Kyle suddenly realized what he said. “I… fuck it. I’ve been trying to work up the courage to ask you out for months! But now, this happens.” He laughed. He pushed his face into the crook of Dylan’s neck, rewarded with a symphony of sweet sounds. “But… I…” Kyle silenced him with a deep kiss. Dylan nearly melted in his arms, feeling like his soul was leaving his body. His hands wandered the mass before him, squeezing but not even denting Kyle’s 747 lats. “You’ve got too many clothes on.” Kyle rumbled and before Dylan could protest, they were in tatters on the floor. Dylan wrapped his way around Kyle’s battering ram, kissing the head softly. Now it was Kyle’s turn to be surprised. Dylan curled up and started sliding onto Kyle’s cock. Kyle could hardly resist, all he wanted was to fuck hard, to claim Dylan as his. “How are you taking all that?!” Dylan laughed nervously. “I might have had a few prep perks.” Kyle snorted a laugh as his control crumbled. He began pushing the massive log inside the twink’s perfect ass. Dylan’s tight muscles milked his dick, pulling it in farther. At halfway, he couldn’t hold back anymore. In one swift punch, he hilted Dylan. The twink’s eyes rolled back in his head as he shot across Kyle’s abs. The spasm shook him to his core, sending a little vibration down Kyle as he began to plow hard. With each smack of his hips against his soulmate, Kyle felt his cock swell, already pumping Dylan full of pints of pre-cum. He pressed Dylan into his chest and kept pounding away, shaking the bed. Suddenly, the mattress fell to the ground as the iron frame finally gave way, but neither man noticed. All they cared about was the other. “Gonna… cum…” Kyle finally said. Dylan could only nod, already feeling another load building up. In one final roar, Kyle slammed into Dylan, burying his cock as a tanker load of cum flooded his ass and shot out the sides. He shoved his tongue into Dylan’s mouth, and kept him tight together. Dylan could only moan in bliss, unloading again onto Kyle’s rocky abs. Five minutes later, Kyle finally finished cumming and withdrew. Dylan finally broke the kiss and gasped for air, looking lovingly at the god he created. “Oh my god, that was worth the wait.” “Hell yeah,” Kyle laughed. “Ready for round two?” “Round two?” Dylan groaned. “I need a break!” “Okay a little break, but you’re not leaving this room until you’re milked dry. Give me your phone.” “What?” Dylan squeaked as Kyle tossed him over one arm and lumbered to the desk. “Just a little thank you gift for my man,” Kyle purred in his ear. He held out the phone to show Dylan the new perk. Sharing is Caring All active perks will apply to both of you. Dylan felt his dick shoot back to life as tingles began to spread through his body. ============================================ Eros hammered away at the computer. “I should have expected someone would do that,” he grumbled tapping away. “Ah well, what is it humans say? Find a bug, fix a bug, find twenty more." “That’s why it’s still in beta,” the voice of Ganymede came form between his legs. “Told’ya we should’ve done more bug testing first.” Eros purred feeling the prince’s mouth envelop him. “Hey, at least it worked out in the end. Modern problems need modern matchmaking, right?” Ganymede laughed, teasing the god’s balls. “Yeah, which means you deserve a break.” “Gan, c’mon. If I finish the app, it does my job for me, and we can have all the fun we want. I just need to make a few more cha- oh!” “Later,” came the possessive growl. “My turn now.”
  17. EclipseWing

    m/m Next Level Love: Location Enabled

    After two months of being sick off and on - thankfully avoided the big one - I finally have time to write again. I hope you enjoy! Next Level Love Part 1 ============================================ Next Level Love: Location Enabled “You know Gan, you can type faster if you use both hands.” Ganymede smirked, tightening his grip around Eros’ dick. “Are you really complaining?” “Nah, but I want to get this done.” Eros and his divine other half were spread across their giant bed on a veranda overlooking the gardens of Olympus. Comfy as it was, Eros was still working furiously on the app. “Fine,” the former prince mock whined. “It’s not gonna take much longer, drama queen. I’ve already patched the whole thing with the repetitive task bug. No more task grinding for levels! And for certain tasks, the users are required to check in to areas. No saying you went to the gym without actually going.” “That’s great! So, no more glitches?” Eros frowned “Well, I think… I sent it out for another round of testing already.” “You’re too impatient,” Gan said, pulling Eros into a cuddle, shoving his own laptop away. “Is it too much to ask for time with my husband?! I’m the damn God of Love and Sex; everyone else gets to enjoy it but me.” Gan laughed. “It’s okay sexy, we’ll have our alone time soon. I really appreciate you’re trying to spend more time with me though.” “I know.” His computer pinged. “Oh hey, the test copy is active!” ============================================ Mateo was not happy. Every morning he woke up and stood in his boxers before the mirror, and he’d frown. From an outsider’s perspective, Mateo was blessed. Sure, he wasn’t built like a brick house like his father and the other men in his family, but he had other gifts. He was slender and svelte. His skin was flawless without effort and the only fat on his body was on his rear, leading to no shortage of envy from his sisters and cousins. He was the perfect twink. But that’s not what he saw in the mirror. No, Mateo saw a scrawny nobody. He saw a guy who was too thin, no muscle, and with a small member down below (he was actually average). He was blind to the desperate looks from closeted guys and deaf to the flirting of every top in the university. His self-doubt was only fueled by accidental comments from his Tia that he had eyelashes any woman would kill for – though she, of course, meant it as a complement. Today, he had had enough and marched his way to the gym off-campus. He felt imagined stares as he pushed the door open, his heart starting to race. He relaxed as he saw the tall athletic trainer with his hair pulled back in tight box braids. “Got your text. So, what’s your big emergency?” “Leon, I’m done. I’ve done everything I could, and I’m not putting on any muscle. I need your help.” Leon couldn’t help but laugh. “Matty, you’re a lot better off than like ninety percent of the guys I work with. They’d kill for your abs; hell, I’d kill for your abs.” “I only have abs because I’m skinny; they don’t count.” Mateo huffed. “And don’t call me Matty! We’re not kids anymore!” “Hey, you’re the one who wanted me to call you that back in the day.” Leon gave him a grin bright enough to light up the night. “Okay, fine,” Mateo sighed. “Just, can you help me or not?” “You know I’d do anything for you, man. Everyone knows pinky promises on the playground are for life.” Mateo rolled his eyes. “C’mon, let me get a few measurements so we have a starting point.” Annoyed as he pretended to be, Mateo could never be mad at the walking ball of sunshine. As he stepped up to the scale and let Leon crawl all over him with a tape measure, he couldn’t help but think about the days on the playground. Fate clearly had different plans for them as puberty hit Leon like a truck, turning him into a built man with near golden proportions. Leon jotted down the last few numbers. “Well, best thing I can say is that if you want to be bigger, you need to eat more – a lot more. And by that, I mean decent food.” “You know I get sick when I eat too much!” “Well, I don’t have any magic potion for you otherwise. I’ll cook the chicken for you myself if we have to. Next, we’ll start you on a simple four-day program, basic stuff…” Mateo tuned him out and stared into the free weight area. To be completely honest, there were two reasons he had chosen to use this gym instead of the one on-campus. The first, obviously, was to work with Leon who definitely wouldn’t judge him. Being in front of so many people… well, he needed all the help he could get. The second was because of the man named Dmitri. Perhaps “beast” was a better word than “man”. He came to the United States as a foreign student and instantly made waves. Rumors circulated about how he had to have been on a steady dose of HGH since he was a kid. He was the biggest at the university – well, not counting the quarterback and his boyfriend, but they were in a completely different league and more importantly taken. Dmitri was single and so far, had hardly looked at any women. Mateo (and every other gay guy in a ten-mile radius) waited with bated breath hoping for evidence to whether he was gay or not. Mateo sighed without realizing, watching the living hulk heave plate after plate onto the bar. The man’s neck was thicker than Mateo’s thighs. That was nothing compared to Dmitri’s thighs which were easily as thick, if not thicker, than Mateo’s waist. He fought not to swoon, watching those massive, vein-webbed forearms twist and jump as he made a note in his workout notebook. He tossed the book in his bag and chalked his hands. That’s when he saw Mateo watching him. Mateo felt his heart skip a beat. Dmitri stared back through the mirror with a haughty smirk before heaving the bending barbell up in a clean deadlift. “What’s your goal?” “Dmitri…” Leon leaned in and flicked his ear. “Earth to Matty, you can drool over the meathead later. We need a body goal for you.” “Oh right,” Mateo blushed as he rubbed his ear. “Um… well, I don’t need to be huge I guess, just ‘jock’ status?” “Jock status, we can work with that.” He made a note and stood. “Alright, time to get started!” “Wait, we don’t have to go in there with everyone else right?” “Yeah, but…” he stopped and saw Mateo tremble. “Oh, I get it. How about for this first one we go into the yoga studio. It’s always empty right now.” “Thanks,” Mateo sighed, already feeling better with Leon’s smile. ============================================ The workout was quicker than Mateo expected, but Leon didn’t pull any punches. The upper body workout absolutely destroyed him. After finishing cooling down, Mateo slumped onto a yoga mat. Leon shoved a protein shake his way, but Mateo tried to wriggle away. “You’re gonna drink the shake, or I’m going to get a funnel and force it into you.” “But those taste terrible!” “Do you want to get bigger or not?” Mateo took a reluctant sip, and his stubborn look melted into a sheepish one. “Chocolate peanut butter?” Leon grinned. “Knew you wouldn’t drink it otherwise.” “Thanks, maybe I’ll actually put on weight.” “One step at a time. For now, you’d better rest up. Big leg day tomorrow!” Mateo groaned internally but muttered to himself, “I’m gonna do it this time. I’m gonna get big.” “Yeah man, you’re gonna do it!” Just then, Mateo’s phone buzzed in his gym bag. He fished it out and got a strange notification. “Everything okay?” “Yeah… some weird game advertisement?” ============================================ Back in his dorm, Mateo opened up the strange app. An explosion of pink and purple hearts flew across the screen revealing an animated twunk with a bright pink tank top and teal running shorts. Both left little to the imagination. “Hey there Mateo, my name is Eros and welcome to Next Level Love, the game that brings you closer to your soulmate! You’ve been chosen to participate in the closed beta for version 2.0 of the game. Both you and your soulmate have been given a copy of this app. We won’t tell you who he is just yet; it’d ruin the fun! As you do stuff in your own life to take care of yourself, you gain points to find out more about him. You can even buy special perks for either him or yourself to really take your relationship to the next level.” “Great, my phone got a virus.” He reached to close the app. “Wait a second! This isn’t a virus, I promise! We’re testing out some things, and I can promise you won’t be disappointed. Even with our glitches we have a 100% success rate with our matches! You have nothing to lose.” For reasons he wasn’t sure of, Mateo decided to indulge the app. “Okay, so how do I play?” Eros led him through a quick tutorial, including the simple Lover’s Embrace perk to start. It was then that Eros popped up again. “For completing our tutorial and for finishing all of your tasks today, you’ve leveled up two more times, congrats! You can use those points to purchase more for your soulmate or yourself. We’ve even created new location-based perks, so you can even get a bonus while working on your tasks. Finally, we’ve got some info on your soulmate.” On the note page, a single line had been added: Loves lifting at the gym. Mateo felt a mix of emotions. On one hand, he was happy his soulmate was probably jacked. On the other… he looked in the mirror again and groaned. “Okay, that first one is definitely being used on me. I have a lot of catching up to do.” His finger hovered for a moment over the shop icon. “It’s not cheating, it’s just a little boost.” He skimmed the options before picking one. Hyper Healing When you go to sleep, you will instantly reap the benefits of your workout. Your muscles and joints will be completely healed. It is impossible for you to overtrain, no matter how long you workout, so long as you get at least six hours of sleep. “Perfect, that’ll buy me some time. All I have to do is workout every day, and I’ll be making gains in no time!” ============================================ Mateo bounced into the gym, nearly breaking into song. He’d never felt so rested before. It felt like the stress from school, life, and everything had completely melted away. Best of all, it felt like had been cuddled all night long; he guessed that his soulmate also sent the Lover’s Embrace. He was on top of the world, he even forgot to look in the mirror. “Someone woke up on the right side of the bed,” Leon said, looking Mateo over. “I was a little worried when you didn’t text me back. You’re not sore at all?” “Nope, let’s do this!” Leon let out a shaky laugh. “Oookay, let’s start with some warm-ups. We’re doing a lot of leg work today.” “Alright-” Mateo cut himself off as he saw the mirror. He was going to complain about how far he had to go, but his reflection was different. “Are the mirrors warped?” “No, we’re not about lying to the members.” Mateo stared. He actually had muscle. Not much, just enough to be considered fit, but he wasn’t scrawny. He lifted his shirt, seeing a six pack. It might have been there due to just being thin, but it wasn’t a bad start. “Hey, Narcissus! You can flex on us later, let’s get some work in first!” “Right, yeah, sorry!” ============================================ After the workout, Mateo was a sweaty lump on the floor. Leon shook his head. “Your attitude is awesome, but you might want to take it easy until you get a bit more adjusted to the routine. You don’t know your limits yet.” “My legs are jelly,” he moaned back. Leon shoved another protein shake in his hands. Mateo leaned against the wall in a little ball, slowly sipping. Leon slid down next to him. “How’d I do? Do I have a pump yet?” Leon snorted. “You’re doing fine, but it’s gonna take time. You gotta be patient.” He then got back up to his feet. “Rest day tomorrow, I think you’re gonna need it. My next client is here, so I’ll text to check in on you later. If you’re still feeling like shit, I’ll bring some food by.” “Thanks, see ya,” Mateo groaned into the shake. Everything hurt. It was going to be hell in a few hours, that is, it would be if he didn’t have a magic app on his phone. As soon as Leon was out of sight, he whipped his phone out. “Hey there, looks like you had a really productive-” Mateo cut off Eros, tapping furiously to get to the shop. “Okay, okay, fine! Calm down!” The shop loaded with several new options and a ton of points to use. “Okay, recovery first.” Green Potion Your body is completely rejuvenated, and your stamina recovers at a faster rate than humanly possible. The smell of peppermint filled the air, and he felt a soothing cool flow across his sore muscles. “That’s better… now, what’s next?” “HEY!” Eros shouted from the corner of the screen, tossing on his shop apron. “Slow down, I need a chance to get ready! I get what you’re doing, but that perk is only going to really help you in the short term. How about you try one of the location ones?” “Location?” “If you were listening, you’d know you can apply them to places where you complete tasks.” Eros grumbled. “Like the gym for example. You can use the perk to help you with your tasks and since your soulmate likes lifting here, it could help you guys hook up.” With a snap of his fingers, the shop changed to a new tab and scrolled down to a list tagged “Gym.” “Why don’t you try this?” Senzu Bean Resting and drinking a protein shake from the gym will immediately remove all soreness and restore your stamina. Mateo chose it, but then he saw a different one just below it. Ironworks Your gym is focused on those who want to build muscle. Anyone who works out there will always reap the maximum benefit of their workout as if they had perfect health, sleep, and stress. It is incredibly easy to bulk or cut. “Wait I thought I removed that one…” “What?” “Nothing! Um, maybe you don’t wa- and you clicked it.” Eros groaned. “Okay, but I’m adding this one automatically. You don’t want to deal with their questions.” Reality Filter You went too far, didn’t you? The massive changes you’ve made and will make in the future will not be questioned by anyone. Only you and your soulmate will notice. ============================================ Mateo threw the doors open to the gym, eager to see the changes. It was still busy, but there were less people overall, and there seemed to be more men that usual. While the building looked the same, the racquetball courts had been replaced by an expanded free weight area. The kids area was transformed into extra machine space. Right in the center of that new area was Leon, cranking bent rows on a smith machine. He was soaking in sweat and rocking a crazy pump. “Wow, you’re on fire!” The weights hit the bottom and Leon wiped the sweat off his face. “Today I’ve been feeling great! Add another 25 on that side okay?” “You sure you’re not trying to show off for someone?” Mateo joked, tossing on the plate. “Maybe,” he shrugged back. His back looked ready to tear the sides of his tank top. “Are you seriously working out today? You’re still a beginner, you need to rest.” “Don’t worry, just wanted to do some cardio.” He tried to sneakily look over his shoulder. Leon huffed. “He hasn’t come in yet.” “What?” “Dmitri.” Mateo blushed. “I-” “Don’t play dumb, it’s pretty obvious you’re crushing on him. He’ll be in though; he always trains legs today.” Leon rolled his shoulders and gripped the bar. “Hang around and you’ll run into him. Just don’t do something stupid.” “Thanks.” Mateo wandered for a bit, debating if he wanted to actually do cardio. Going into the free weight section alone? Absolutely not. He settled on a treadmill with a perfect view of the free weights when a commotion caught his attention. A bunch of guys took over the empty benches, earning more than a few annoyed glares from everyone. They were freshmen from the university who all seemed to have TikTok e-boy builds – in other words their personality was that they had abs. Mateo nervously looked at the mirror again. A small flame of pride blossomed in his chest; he was actually slightly bigger than them. The party boys were working arms today, but as far as anyone could tell, it might as well have been a dick measuring contest. They were fighting over who could grab the highest weight. Mateo sighed; it definitely wasn’t the show he wanted. “Hey.” It was a single word, and more of a rumble at that, but Mateo nearly fell off the treadmill. He turned and came face to face with a giant sweaty chest that was torturing the straps of the stringer that barely held them back. His eyes slowly started to crawl downwards over the thick roidgut, but he wrenched himself upward to look into the eyes of Dmitri. “Hey,” he managed to squeak out. “I saw you here the other day, right? You’re gonna put on some good size if ya keep this up. We should work out together some time.” “Y-yeah!” With that they exchanged numbers. Dmitri smiled and lumbered towards the locker rooms. Mateo stopped the treadmill and slumped down, heart racing and trying desperately to make sure his erection couldn’t be seen. ============================================ “I gotta get bigger, I gotta get bigger…” He kept up the mantra as he kept looking between the mirror and his phone. “There’s gotta be a good one here somewhere…” Just then he was interrupted by a text. >> Hey man, are you doing okay? I don’t want you to hurt yourself. Don’t feel like you have to rush or anything okay? He hammered off a quick response to Leon assuring him he was fine. Right as he hit send, a shock rocketed up his arm. He clutched his stomach and watched in shock as the joints of his hand popped and stretched. Suddenly, he remembered his soulmate also had the app. Mateo moaned with each pulse of growth rippling through him. It grew from his abs and moved outward in waves, disproportionately starting with his legs and forcing his upper body to catch up bit by bit. He flexed, forcing the growth into his biceps, watching the peaks grow higher and more cut. “Not… enough…” He growled. His clothes said otherwise, ripping down his pecs and splitting up the side of his quads. He slammed his finger into the phone again, choosing a perk without looking. Gym Leader You might still be on your journey to be the best that ever was, but you’re pretty damn good already. You are one of the biggest guys at your gym and others look to you for advice and motivation. The fire inside him burned brighter and brighter. Each breath seemed to engorge his body a little more. With a roar, he flexed and blasted the clothes to shreds leaving only his boxers. The tortured underwear now looked more like a poser, only holding by a thread. He looked himself over in the mirror. Where once had been a twunk now stood an amateur bodybuilder practically ready for his first show. “That’s good for now, but I’m gonna have to really grow some more to get Dmitri to really fall for me.” He brought his arm up and could practically hear the skin stretch. He flexed in the mirror for all of half a second before the frown returned. “I forgot I need to balance out…” There’s the Beef! The bulge you show off will be noticeably large in proportion to the rest of your body. With a final snap, his underwear gave up the fight and joined the rest of his clothes in tatters on the floor. A ten-inch slab of cock now hung soft from his body with thick balls to match. Almost naturally, a cocky grin spread across his face as he flexed. “Nice to see a bit of confidence on you,” Eros chirped from the app, “but don’t you think you should maybe spread the love a little?” “You’re right!” Eat Clen, Tren Hard Simply training at the gym will give patrons the benefits of being on an aggressive steroid cycle, but with none of the drawbacks. “Humans, I swear to Auntie Hera…” He rubbed his temples. “Okay, listen. I’ve seen a lot of relationships, good and bad. That’s why there’s the app, we’re doing the work for you to make sure the guy on the other end doesn’t just like you, he loves you. Best part of all? He’s gonna love you regardless of what you look like. The app isn’t to make you attractive to him, it’s to enhance and nurture what’s already there. For you both to grow together!” “He already loves me?” “Y’know if you actually read the notes, you’d know that. He’s crazy about you.” Mateo opened the list, more than a little embarrassed. · Gym rat · Fantasizes about you · Wants to get as big as possible · Exclusive top · Can help you relax ============================================ The talk with the app and the notes gave Mateo a lot to think about when he got to the gym, though that last one felt like a call-out. However, all of the other notes were pushing his buttons. He was so deep in thought, he almost walked into the wrong locker room. He shyly backed away, considering skipping. “Walk in the streets with you in your worn-out jeans-Hey!” Leon cut himself off on seeing Mateo. “Holy…” Mateo realized he never considered what that last perk would have done to a guy who worked for the gym and practically lived there. Leon was huge yet absolutely shredded. Despite the app’s magic, his sharp taper and tight core were only enhanced. He was some golden combination of Serge Nubret and Phil Heath, but still kept his usual hairstyle. “See something you like?” “Damn, you’re looking good… wait, were you just singing Taylor Swift?” “Yeah, so?” Mateo playfully shoved him, but this time he sent Leon staggering. “Shit, sorry!” “It’s okay man, guess you don’t know your own strength. You’re really blowing up.” Leon paused for a moment, but Mateo hardly noticed. “Let’s get started. Gonna need to do something intense to tire you out now.” “Bring it on!” They headed over to an open space to do some dynamic stretching when Mateo saw the frat boys again, but they too were changed. All of them looked like they had done nothing but lift through high school and even though their legs were still lacking a bit. They were still rowdy and if anything, cockier than ever. “I hate having to clean up after them…” Leon groaned watching them, but then had a sly grin. “Hey Matty, wanna help me out a bit?” “What do you need?” “We’re just gonna work with a group.” “What?!” Suddenly, Mateo felt small again. “I… I don’t know…” “Just follow my lead, besides you’ve got nothing to worry about. You’re twice as big as them.” Mateo looked in the mirror and realized he was right. He swallowed hard and followed his friend. “Hey guys, you mind if we work in?” It was as if a flock of peacocks all decided to fan their tails at once. All of them were clearly flexing, despite trying to look natural, yet when they saw the two massive men, they all seemed to shrink. “Always fun to work with a group don’t you think, Matty?” “Yeah,” Mateo replied, though he wasn’t so sure. He didn’t have long to think before Leon was shoving dumbbells into his hands. “Matty,” he whispered. “You deserve to be here as much as they do. Show them what you can do. Don’t even think about them, just focus on me first.” Mateo nodded, keeping an eye on Leon’s blinding smile. The first rep felt like the world was watching, but the second came easier. Then the third. Then the fourth. Before he knew it, he completed the set and was sitting on the bench while Leon did his own. Leon was giving out advice as he did, but Mateo could only sit with a smile. The other frat guys were completely hypnotized watching Leon and Mateo, the new targets of their hero worship (and other worship that would happen in their fantasies) but neither man knew it. They were completely focused on their work. “You should be proud,” Leon said at the end of the session. “It’s not so bad being in front of others after all, huh?” “Shut up,” Mateo laughed, but his cheeks burned. He still couldn’t believe he did it. As he left the gym, his phone buzzed. It was Dmitri. >> Wanna workout together tomorrow? Planning on doing a second leg day. Mateo didn’t hesitate to text back. ============================================ The mantra changed the next morning. “Not big enough, not big enough…” He could practically hear Leon telling him he was fine, but yesterday was around normal guys. Dmitri? That was a different story. He could help but feel smaller and smaller the more he thought about it. He gasped for breath, then shut his eyes. He focused on Leon’s warm smile. Slowly his chest released. “Okay… Leon would say I can do this. He’d say I’ll be fine.” His eyes fell to his phone. “Buuuuut… a few extra pounds couldn’t hurt right?” He skimmed through the list, seeing a handful of good ones but nothing seemed to fit what he was looking for. “Wait, if I pick a change to the gym that stacks with the Gym Leader perk… it’ll make me even bigger automatically, right?” Supersize Me Those who go to your gym are absolutely addicted to growth. Everyone is committed to pushing the human body to the limits of what sizes are possible… and thanks to this app they often exceed those limits too. He had barely confirmed his choice before the familiar waves of growth washed over him. He fell to his knees, groping his pecs greedily as they swelled into mountains. The overdeveloped masses stuck far out over his now rounded abs as his shoulders and arms seemed to be in a race to push the most veins to the surface by their swelling bulk. His best assets of course were still his titan legs and shelf-like glutes. He gasped as the growth built in his balls for the grand finale, stretching them to the size of tangerines, then lemons. His cock erected into an eighteen-inch tower. He roared as a massive load unloaded into the bottom of his chest. “Now… now I’m ready…” He panted. He looked into the mirror and small Mateo flickered back for a moment. “Maybe a shower first.” ============================================ The gym had completely changed. What was once a futuristic looking place that was more of a sports club was now a top of the line facility solely focused on bodybuilding and powerlifting. Thanks to the recent changes it was packed with guys trying to get as big as possible. The posters of soccer moms at yoga classes were replaced by signed posters of bodybuilding greats. A whole section seemed dedicated to posing practice with a trainer dedicated to adjusting stances. In the weight section, Mateo had never seen so many dumbbells and plates in one place as there never seemed to be a shortage of any type. “Hey, there you are!” Dmitri waved him over towards the squat rack. “Was worried you were gonna skip.” Mateo meant to say “No way! Let’s get started!” but it ended up “N-n-no way.” Dmitri gave him a crooked smile but didn’t push. “So, I usually do legs today…” His voice faded away as Mateo loaded up the squat rack. He didn’t expect all of the other guys to be so much bigger now! Even the frat boys were ready for at least an amateur classic competition… and judging by the bulges down below as they playfully grabbed each other they seemed to have discovered something along the way. “Hey, are you listening?” “I… I’m sorry, I’m nervous, I don’t usually workout without Leon and…” Dmitri looked at him and grinned. “What?” The hulk laughed. “I’m surprised you agreed without him. Aren’t you with Leon?” “N-no?” “He and I workout sometimes. He won’t shut up about you. Truth is today’s just a pump day for me. I asked you to work out with me, because I wanted to make sure you were the right kind of guy for him.” “What?!” He shook his head and then put his hand on Mateo’s shoulder. “You’re fucking blind. You’re too worried about what you don’t have to see what you already have.” “I’m not with him though, I’m just, no, he’s… He’s like my best friend.” “A boyfriend is just your best friend that you wanna fuck.” Mateo was speechless. Dmitri shrugged and racked the bar. “Okay, who was it you went to for help?” “Leon.” “And who texted you each morning to make sure you were okay?” “Leon.” “And who was your biggest cheerleader, celebrating every little victory? Who’s smile got you to calm down?” “…Leon.” Everything was falling into place. “Oh shit, Leon… Leon has the other app…” “You know what you need to do.” Mateo hugged Dmitri. “Thank you!” “Don’t worry about it,” he grunted. He then saw the frat guys watching his every move. “Y’know, I think I’m wanted. You better get going.” He winked and lumbered to the locker room. While the group of frat guys obediently followed as if hypnotized, Mateo bolted out the door. ============================================ Leon lived off-campus in an apartment down a sleepy street. Mateo hammered on his door, nearly splintering it. The other residents of the apartment peered at him, but all of them were too intimidated to ask him to knock it off. Finally, Leon answered the door in only a bath towel. “M-Mateo?! What are you doing here?” “Leon, please, I’m so sorry! I was so stupid and-” He stopped when Leon started to laugh. “What’s so funny?” “This is just like when you thought you broke my Optimus Prime when we were kids.” “How was I supposed to know the leg bent that way on purpose?” Mateo sighed, but began to blush as he realized the judging stares follow him. “Can I come in?” “Yeah, c’mon man.” He ducked under the doorway and carefully squeezed inside. He was afraid to break the furniture, so he sat on the floor, which was more than a bit of a challenge for him at his new size. Leon sat across from him. “Kinda wish you came a few minutes later man… I just got out of the shower.” Mateo had noticed and was hoping Leon didn’t notice the effect it had on him. “I… uh…” “You good? You look sick. I’ll grab some medicine or something…” “The app!” Leon stopped. “What?” “You’re the other one, right? My,” Mateo swallowed hard. “My soulmate.” Leon held up his phone, showing the familiar pink hearts. “Guilty.” Mateo could see a list of the changes he made, though the one at the top caught his attention first. Eyes Unclouded by Hate Your soulmate might be a bit too hard on themselves and can’t see what’s really there. This perk will show them how you see them. “I didn’t grow that first night…” Mateo murmured. “You just…” “Wanted you to see the you that I saw,” Leon sunk back into the couch. “I hated seeing you beat yourself up. I thought it would help.” Mateo wasn’t sure what to say. For a moment he forgot he was the hulking mass he was and just wanted to cuddle into Leon’s arms. “Though… after you started growing, I did do some of the later spurts…” Leon laughed. “Gotta say, mass looks really good on you. And hey, you did do this to me.” He motioned to his giant pecs that looked like the perfect spot for Mateo to shove his face. “I was a little worried you wouldn’t be interested.” Mateo shook his head furiously. “I’m just sorry it took so long!” Leon knelt down next to him and gave him a gentle kiss. “I waited this long; I was fine with a little longer as long as you figured it out in the end.” One kiss led to another… and another… and another, each slowly deepening. Mateo then felt something jab into his stomach. “I might have made a few personal changes too…” Mateo unwrapped Leon’s massive manhood from the towel, easily several inches larger than his own. He couldn’t help but grab it. The thick pillar was all that was on his mind as he watched his fingers dance along its length. He could already feel Leon twitching in anticipation. He teased the head with his tongue. As much as he wanted to take him deep down his throat, there was something else he wanted more. “Um, Leon… can we?” Leon was nearly drooling. “Hell yes.” Mateo may have been the bigger of the two, but Leon seemed to undergo a transformation all his own. The friendly light in his eyes was replaced with a hunger. Without warning, Leon’s hand smacked Mateo’s copious glutes, eliciting a sweet squeal of pleasure from the larger man. “Taunting me for years with this just isn’t fair,” Leon pushed Mateo to the floor. “How about you flex for me, stud?” Mateo started with a double bi but crumped as Leon’s tongue flicked across him. “Hooooly shit… Leeeooooon…” “Bigger than any guy I’ve met, but it’s easy to make you melt.” His tongue was replaced by lubed fingers. Each touch was a little shock. “Leon, please…” “Please what?” Leon asked innocently, adding another finger. “Oh god… please, I need it…” “You should really use your words, Matty.” The nickname now made his heart flutter as he squirmed on Leon’s fingers. “FUCK ME PLEASE!” “Good boy Matty,” Leon said, slowly working his cock in. Each inch was agony, slowly grinding through all of Mateo’s sweet spots and then drilling into new ones he never knew. By the time he bottomed out, his cock was burbling a river of pre and he was shaking like a leaf in a hurricane. “Oh no, my turn.” With a growl, Leon slammed into Mateo. Each thrust made Mateo cry out, slamming his own hips back. He tried to hold back, knowing the whole apartment building could probably hear him, but each time Leon ground against his prostate, he couldn’t help it. He could feel Leon nip at his neck and one hand was having its way with his chest, twisting and pulling away. His cries became desperate whines. Leon pulled his cock back almost all the way before slamming in once more. “My Leon… more!” Leon lost it with that and began thrusting at a rapid, punishing angle. One final dominating kiss later, both muscle gods came, pleasure blinding them as Mateo was filled and Leon was painted with pints of cum. Leon collapsed onto Mateo without withdrawing, both men gasping for air. He nuzzled into Mateo’s neck. “I can’t believe I finally got to do that with you.” “I shouldn’t have kept you waiting. If I knew it was gonna be like that…” “Guess I owe Dmitri for talking to you.” “You’re the only muscle god I need,” Mateo laughed, curling around Leon. “Tomorrow we’re gonna head back to the gym so I can teach you the right way to use your muscles.” “I was thinking maybe you could maybe… grow bigger than me?” Mateo mumbled. “I like that idea more.” Leon thrust back into him. “In fact, why do we need to wait?” ============================================ Eros sighed. “Okay, the location idea might have been a little too overpowered.” “Yeah, too much collateral damage.” Gan stretched and frowned. “Y’know, Zeus is gonna start asking questions if we keep fucking up this university.” “He’s too busy.” “Trust me, you didn’t date the guy. Anything with sex he’s like a hawk… sometimes literally.” “It’s fine, Auntie Hera owes me a favor, so she’ll keep him busy.” Gan flinched. “Not sure he deserves that.” Eros shrugged and looked at the code. “I’ll patch out the location stuff later. Let’s take a break.” “Fuck yes!” Gan shouted, climbing on top of his lover, but instead of diving into the usual passionate make out session, he stopped and frowned. The question was out of his mouth before the thought even fully formed. “Have you been getting bigger?”
  18. Chapter one is here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/7118-with-a-little-help-from-magic-chapter-one/ With a little help from magic Chapter Two Twelfth Night came and went. Spring semester began. Aram hadn’t seen John for a couple of weeks. During Christmas Break, Aram’s family had went to another city, to spend Christmas with relatives. In order to use the holidays for something useful, Aram had brought books from the public library with him, and he had spent Christmas reading a voluminous handbook on anatomy and a monograph on constitutional matters. The books went far beyond what he was expected to read, from his teachers point of view, but Aram wanted to quench his insatiable thirst for more knowledge, and it wouldn’t hurt his grades for sure. It had been a fascinating experience to follow John’s development during autumn and beginning of winter. It was rather common that beginners at the gym got initial results pretty quick, when their bodies adjusted to something entirely new and unfamiliar, but John’s results went far beyond what could be expected of that usual effect. At the Halloween party he had been lean and defined, but during November and December he had began to fill out and approaching a heavier build. One of the trainers had demanded John to hand in a urine sample, since the gym didn’t tolerate steroid abuse among its members, but it came back negative. Concerning exercise, Aram was slightly disappointed with himself. He hadn’t improved his results at all in October and November. In December he couldn’t any longer lift the weights he was used to. He had got a bad cold then, and guessed that it could have something to do with it, but there was also a nagging suspicion back in his head, that his decreased ability could have something to do with Madame Cremorna – that is, if what she did really worked. His scientifically-inclined mind was of two thoughts when it came to the highly eccentric lady in the shop. He missed Emma. They had been an item for years, and life was suddenly missing someone he had begun to take for granted. He missed her warm presence, the scent of her hair and the funny way she giggled. Just as he thought about her, she happened to coincidentally pass by, on the way to her locker. ’Hey, Emma! How was Christmas?’ She looked surprised. Unusually surprised. ’Aram? Nice of you to ask. It was good, but nothing special. And you?’ She looked at him differently than he was used to. The situation felt odd. ’The thing we talked about in the end of the semester. There is no way for you to reconsider?’ ’Talked about? Reconsider? I am not sure that I understand exactly what you are talking about?’ ’About…’ Then it struck him, that he could remember two different strings of events – two different pasts existing simultaneously, side by side. In one of the pasts he and Emma had never been a couple. He felt strange. ’Do you feel okey?’ ’Yes, just a little bit dizzy. Thank you. See you at math class.’ ’Don’t exercise too much. I think it is so sweet of John to teach you how to exercise at the gym, but you have to take it easy in the beginning.’ * * * John had been able to indulge in two workouts a day during Christmas holidays, and the gym had been unusually sparsely visited during these weeks. He had eaten traditional Christmas dishes for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but then returned to his highly well-planned eating plan. He had risen early the first day of the spring semester, and executed a cardio workout at the gym before school day. When he arrived to his locker he heard Peter’s voice on the other side the row of lockers: ’Oi! Swotter! I’m talking to you!’ ’Right. Now his gaze is penetrating lockers as well.’, John thought for himself, and braced himself for the upcoming troubles, but Peter went on, talking on the other side the row. What was going on? John followed the row, and peeked around the corner. Peter, Anderson and two of their friends stood in a semi-circle around Aram, tugging his laptop. ’What the hell are you doing?’, John shouted. Peter and his friends turned around. ’Oh, hello John. Don’t worry. We are just having some fun with Swotter here. Not your business.’ A feeling of unreality lowered itself over the scene. ’Not my business? After all the hell you have given me?’ ’What are you talking about? Only a fool would mess with you, meathead.’ ’Uh. That may be right, but it doesn’t change what you did just a few months ago, does it?’ ’What the hell are you talking about? We were friends in the hockey team once, if you don’t remember? Why would I roughhouse you?’ The feeling of unreality became more intense. John’s facial expression must have been weird, since Peter loosened his grip around Aram’s jacket, and nodded to his friends to leave, quickly following them. As they left the place, John could hear Anderson say: ’Did you see his face? I don’t know what he is on, but I hadn’t dared to stay in the case he got into roid rage, would you?’ * * * When John bought his winter jacket last winter, it had been considerably too large, but since he was still growing, he had expected it to fit better this winter, and anyhow it was useful to wear a jacket that would permit him to wear a warm jersey. December had been rather mild, and the snow that fell several times had melted away. After Twelfth night the weather had changed, a lot of snow had fallen, and it was now minus ten Centigrades. When he was on his way to the gym this morning, he had found that his jacket was too small, despite it had fit perfectly days before, and his jeans were too short. A lot of weird stuff was going on. His unkept hair had changed into a style with shaved sides and the remaining hair kept in thin braids covering the top of the head. Aram hadn’t believed his eyes when he saw John earlier in the day. It was the first time in his life – as he remembered the past – someone had tried to bully him, and he appreciated John’s help. John’s growth during autumn had been fast, but still within the limits of his physical constitution. It was different now. During the holidays John had grown at least a decimetre in height, and his bones must have restructured themselves. His chest and his shoulders were broader, and his hips and waist were narrower. Although Carl didn’t workout together with John and Aram every time, he had promised to accompany them at the gym today. Carl arrived with melting snow flakes on his black bomber jacket, and it took him some time to untie the shoestrings of his shiny black boots. He began to change into sportswear. John looked good in sportswear. The T-shirt was snug, but the drawstring cotton trousers were baggy enough to hide his obviously big legs somewhat. They all trained legs today, ending the workout with heavy weights in the calf rise machine. ’I feel a little bit strange, today.’, said Aram when they had returned to the locker room. ’Uhuh.’, answered John. ’I have felt strange, too.’, and tried to relieve himself from the sweatdrenched T-shirt. With a ripping sound he involuntarily happened to tear it into pieces instead. ’O shit!’, John exclaimed, distracted from the thought of any strangeness. ’It was the second time this week. I must buy larger training clothes.’ Aram stared at John. It was no surprise that John was muscular now, but the shape of John’s naked torso went far beyond what Aram had expected. Carl stared as well on the perfect traps and shoulders of John. On the perfect roundness of John’s pecs. On the valley between the pecs, continuing in a valley between his abs. Although Aram was the only one of them who knew the words for obliques, iliac furrow and serratus, Carl stared on them just as much as Aram, if not more. Carl sat down on a bench, but immediately changed his mind and left for the loo. When they were alone, Aram could manage to have a word with John. ’It must sound crazy, but it feels like reality is changing.’, said Aram. ’That’s exactly how I feel it. So it’s not only me?’, answered John. In low voices, so that Carl wouldn’t hear their discussion from the bathroom, they discussed their experiences. It turned out that they both remembered last semester – and actually their entire lives before that – in the same way: John had been short, shy, scrawny and interested in wildlife. Aram had been extremely fit, confident and brawny. John had been teaching Aram most of their schoolwork subjects during autumn. But both of them could also remember another, more dimly and vaguely recollected, past, in which John had always been built and interested in sports, Aram always had been thin and achieving good grades, and John had began to teach Aram about exercise. It seemed like the rest of the school only remembered the reality the two of them regarded as less real. They didn’t manage to continue this trail of thoughts. Carl returned from the loo, and interrupted. ’My jacket is suddenly too small. I have to buy a new one in a size that allows me to grow.’, John told them. ’Then I know the perfect store for you.’, answered Carl, and looked at his watch. ’If we hurry, we will get there in time before it close.’ They got on the tram. It was full of people on their way home from work, and the floor was wet of melting snow. John was freezing, since his jacket was too small, and he was only wearing a tight t-shirt, which felt too snug. Some people couldn’t avoid staring. John felt of two minds about this. It was a new experience. They left the tram. ’Is it far from here? I’m freezing.’ ’Who wouldn’t freeze in this weather? Although you have the look of a hard fucker who could endure anything. You know that?’ John felt flattered and embarrassed, but it didn’t change the outdoors temperature. They took left into a cobblestone-paved alley, and soon found the shop John had mentioned. It was still open. Posters for bands, mainly punk rock bands, covered the black painted walls. A clock on the wall looked like the symbol for the British Royal Air Force. From the ceiling hung the symbol of London Underground. When John viewed the room, several styles of clothes hung from rackets or were displayed on shelves, ranging from stylish overcoats and expensive lamb’s wool jerseys to the sort of provocative clothes Emelie used to wear. ’Just tell me if you need any help’, said the shop owner, who sat behind the counter with earphones plugged into his ears. ’It’s fine. I know where to look.’, answered Carl. And so he did. ’You said you need something wide, with room to let you grow. Why haven’t you considered an Alpha bomber jacket like mine?’ ’Oh. Eh. I don’t listen to your music.’ ’Lots of people use bombers nowadays, even the bloody hipsters. You have always dressed like you are shy of yourself, and I haven’t understood why. Which colour do you like?’ ’Uh. Blue.’ Carl handed him a bomber jacket in a metallic blue colour. John tried it on. It felt comfortable, and although it had lot of room for results from the gym, it didn’t look too large. John watched his own reflection in the mirror. The jacket suited him. ’It was perhaps not a bad idea after all. Do they have wide trousers as well?’ ’Most jeans are too skinny for your legs. I would suggest army style cargo trousers.’ ’Don’t you think that would look silly? Or angry? Or nazi?’ ’Last time I checked, a lot of my anti-racist friends wore cargo trousers. It’s not like the 90’s any more. Here, try this pair with city camo. But, of course, you need a pair of boots to match.’ Carl began to evaluate the shelves with boots. John found a pair of boots he liked. He observed himself in the mirror. Although covering his body, his new style accentuated his new physique, and he looked intimidating, in a way he never had before. It felt unreal and like he was doing something forbidden, but it also felt good. John payed for his new winter clothes, and they left the shop. It had began to snow again. His new jacket kept him warm. * * * Emelie sat in the school cafeteria steaming of anger. Her glass of water lay before her, its content running over the table. She tried to stop it with napkins. ’Emelie? What’s happening?’ It was Aram. Absentmindedly he used his two used napkins to stop the water from staining Emelies dress or the floor. ’Oh, sorry for the mess. I just talked to Emma.’ ’Emma? What has happened to her. She’s nice.’ Aram uncomfortably remembered Emma from another reality. Her scent. Her laugh. Sex with her. Her sense of humour. ’Emma has got a new boyfriend, and we quarrelled.’ Aram felt a short sting of jealousy, and quickly realised that he had no reason to – in this reality. ’A new boyfriend? Who?’ Emelie had the expression of an elderly aunt in an acerbic mood when she answered: ’Anderson.’ * * * It was his eating day, he tried to convince himself, when he was on his way home from an evening out with Carl and his friends. It had become a lot of comparatively cheap and unhealthy pub food and several pints of beer. The SHARPS were a friendly bunch, but had tested him initially with a rude sense of humour. John soon fell into the jargon. It was very unpretentious. The winter night was cold. Snow covered the grassy slopes, and frost glimmered from the stairs of stone up to the council-flat neighbourhood. ’It was good, Carl. I want to do it again.’ ’Workouts are good, and I admire your discipline with food – I could never manage to follow rules like that – but you got to have fun now and then, aren’t you?’ John followed Carl home. Carl’s parents had went to bed. Trying to be silent, but laughing loudly, the lads their boots and jackets in the passage, and then went to Carl’s room. ’And as I said before, there’s no hurry to become a skinhead even if you were interested. I hate poseurs just as much as the other lads.’ ’Poseurs?’ ’Yes. Idiots full of themselves, who one day decides to come in from nowhere and adopt the skinhead surface with no content. They usually care nothing about the music, and a few months later they go after another fad. They come in several flavours: There’s the racist idiots, who know nothing about skins before ’82 or about SHARP, and there’s the hipsters, and there’s the gays.’ ’The gays?’ John blushed somewhat, and tried to not blush. ’Believe it or not. Some gays think that we are hot, so they try to look like us.’ John expressed some noncommittal noises. ’Which is rather flattering in a sense, but I don’t want a fifty year old daddy panting me in my neck, if you know what I say. Understand me correct: I am all for LGB rights – I’m a leftie for God’s sake – and I am not against some skins happening to be gay. What people do in their beds is their own business. I just want people to enter the scene out of the right motives. If you hate ska or oi!, can’t take a punch, and lack a sense of style, you don’t belong. Any upper class twat can shave his head, but he will not get what skinhead is about. Nor will the idiots who only want a pretext to pick a fight. They are just poseurs, all of them. And the boneheads have no flair for style: Have you ever seen a bonehead wearing a crombie coat? And they prefer threadbare WP t-shirts before a perfect Ben Sherman.’ * * * ’You will never believe what happened during lunchtime today.’, John told Carl while they helped the melocore club moving the large loud-speakers. ’No? What happened?’, Carl asked. ’Peter asked me if he could join me training at the gym.’ ’You are kidding me. Peter is a racist wanker. I suppose you told him to go to hell.’ ’No. At first, I couldn’t believe it was happening, but he seemed to be honest about it, and it sounded like he didn’t want to hang around Anderson anymore.’ ’What if it is just a trick?’ ’I don’t know. Perhaps this could let us put some pressure on him to stop behaving like an idiot.’ ’It’s easy for you to say, John. You have never been bullied. I have seen what Peter is capable of, and it’s not pretty. For Aram’s sake, you should say no.’ The discussion was interrupted, when Simon entered the room. He gave some directions. The room was soon ready for a concert. ’I hope you stand by our agreement?’, Carl said to Simon. ’We help you with this, and your club will pay for an oi! and ska themed Saturday in two months.’ ’Yes. Yes, of course. That’s the deal. Why do you repeat yourself all the time?’, answered Simon. * * * Aram’s mother didn’t approve of his new look. He was slowly untying the green shoelaces of his boots, when she asked: ’John, you have always been a nice boy. Why, of a sudden, do you look like a nazi?’ ’Sorry Mrs A., but I don’t look like nazi.’ ’That jacket and those boots. I have heard about nazis who look like that.’ ’He’s right, mom’, Aram interrupted. ’There’s a lot of anti-racists who sport that look, nowadays.’ Mrs A. looked slightly confused. ’Back when I was in your age, only nazis looked like that.’ ’The nazis were probably the visible ones, back then. But the roots of skinhead culture goes further back, before the split between racists and anti-racists within the culture. It was originally about Jamaican music. Oi! music was added in the 70’s. The split between racist skins and anti-racist skins took place in 1982. The racist skins are seldom seen anymore, at least in this country. The far right guys went on to wear ties and suits or became rockers or were assimilated by the casuals. Actually, I don’t understand why the far right guys tried to nick a culture about Jamaican music to begin with. And by the way, I’m not a skinhead yet, anyhow. I’ve got hair.’ 'If you call that hair.' Aram’s mother still didn’t look like she knew what to believe, but began putting dishes on the table. ’I’m glad that you help Aram with exercise. He only read books before.’ ’Mum!’, Aram protested indignantly. John recognized the situation too well: What is it with parents who behave like you still are fourteen or something? John continued to chat politely with Aram’s mother, while they ate a salad of parsley and fried breadcrumbs, chicken, chickpea sauce, and olives. After the meal Aram and John went into Aram’s room. It looked different from what John could remember. The posters of hockey players had disappeared. A novena candle similar to John’s own stood in the window. Aram had two bookshelves from IKEA, filled with books about natural science, mostly about biology and medicine. John watched the books confused. He could remember how he once had been able to understand the content of books like these, but he also became acutely aware of that he wasn’t able to digest their content anymore. The world felt weird, like it changed around him. ’Aram, I need to talk to you.’, John said. ’Same here. Carl is always present when we meet at the gym, so I haven’t got any opportunity. Not since our homework Tuesdays ended.’ ’Homework Tuesdays? You do remember them? No one else seem to remember, and no one else seem to remember that you once were almost as big as I am now.’ ’So you remember, too? It sounded like you did at the gym a few weeks ago, but I wasn’t sure.’ ’You will probably not believe me, but it feels like I have lived in two different realities, and now only the better reality is left. It feel so good that the other reality has disappeared.’ ’You seem to like it?’ ’Do you remember the same other reality as I do?’ ’I believe so, but I am not sure. Why do you ask?’ ’There was not much to like in the other reality, so of course I prefer this one. You don’t have to be a genius to understand that.’ ’Oh.’ ’Oh, what?’ Aram’s eyes and eyebrows expressed several feelings, exactly what wasn’t easy to interpret. ’Oh… The thing I liked with the other reality, was my success at the gym and in martial arts.’ ’Yes. I admit that that detail must have been good for you. For you. For me that other reality was hell. Whatever is happening, it is for the better.’ ’I’m glad to hear that. Eh. Uh…’ ’What are you trying to say?’ ’John. I love science. I want to dedicate my life to science, but there seem to be some things that are beyond scientific explanations.’ ’Perhaps there are. I haven’t thought much about it, but generally people would call me a sceptic.’ ’But you can’t explain away what’s happening to us. You know that it is real?’ ’It could have been me becoming mentally ill, but not if the same thing happens to both of us independently.’ ’Precisely. I can’t expect you to believe me, but I think… Eh. Uh. Ehrm…’ Aram rose from the chair before his computer, and reached the window. ’This novena candle. And yours. I bought them from a crazy lady… No, she wasn’t crazy. She was very sane, but very odd. She claimed that you and I could have our highest wishes come true through these, but at a cost.’ ’A cost?’ ’It seems like I became a perfect science student, but losing my muscles, while you became a poorer science student, when you achieved all that muscle.’ John felt suddenly aroused. He had packed on a lot of beef. It felt good, so much better than being like he was before. But losing his skills in biology was the price to pay? To hell with biology. The feel of these… He put his right hand on his left pec and squeezed. It felt good. He rose from the bed, standing before Aram with his full height. ’Are you angry at me?’ John hugged him. Aram could feel the presence of John’s muscular physique pressed against him. Aram could also feel that John’s dick was stiff, which made him uncomfortable. ’Angry? Why should I be angry with you? You have given me a gift. You could have asked first, but then I could have refused it as a bad joke, so probably you couldn’t have asked before. I love how reality has turned out to be.’ Aram looked relieved. ’Oh, another thing. Peter want to join us at the gym, but I wanted to ask you first.’ * * * Chapter three is here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/7668-with-a-little-help-from-magic-chapter-three/
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    m/m (Un)indentical twins (2)

    Sorry for the long delay between parts one and two. Enjoy! Two Half an hour later Brett emerged a totally broken man from the bathroom. His eyes were red from the tears, his agonizing ass prevented him from walking normally and his self-esteem was completely shattered. Where he once strutted around the house, he now cautiously scanned the corridor before slowly exiting the bathroom and walking to his room while glancing behind him. As he passed his brother's room, he felt his heart pounding in fear of seeing the dominant alpha show up even though he knew that his brother would be in the gym by now. He quickly went inside his own room, shut the door and locked it. He spent most of his holiday hiding in his room, hearing his brother's heavy footsteps sounding in the corridor and on the stairs. Only in the evening during the family dinner he had to face his brother, who was always grinning smugly from his side of the table. He decided to leave for campus two days early, pretending that his coach had called in the team for some additional practices. Since his parents had to go to work, they agreed to drive him to the station. The morning of his departure, he descended the stairs joyfully to finally free himself of his brother. He headed with his parents for the door. "Not leaving without saying goodbye are ya, little bro?". The deep remark made Brett and his parents turn around. Jason was standing in the doorway between the living room and the kitchen, radiating masculinity with his skintight tank top. "We'll go the car so you two can say goodbye", their father said and went out with their mother. Brett gulped as his parents shut the door and left him with his brother in the kitchen. His brother’s smug look added to his intimidating aura. "I like the look of awe and fear when ya look at me, little bro", Jason said and closed the distance between them. Before Brett could react, his brother wrapped his arms around him and pulled him in for a hug. He felt his brother's strong muscles press against his own softer ones. 'Ugh", he grunted as the embrace tightened some more and his brother's biceps dug into his flanks. He tried resisting but his weakened body was no match for his brother. "Don't ya forget who's the new top dog, little bro", Jason groaned in his brother's ear while he hardened his embrace some more. He felt his brother's cock harden against his own quad. "Enjoying being close to my muscles", he growled, "I'm looking forward to yar next holiday, little bro. Imagine how much bigger than ya I will be by then". He hardened his hold a final time and then released his brother. Brett stumbled backward as he tried to catch his breath. He rushed out the house totally humiliated and jumped into the car. He looked behind as the car drove away but he couldn't see his brother anymore. A beeping sound made him look at his phone. A shiver went through him when he saw that his brother had texted him. He put his phone in his pants without opening the message and looked at the passing landscape, happy to leave his new tormentor behind. Later that evening when he was alone in his dorm room, he opened the message his brother had sent him. A reminder of the new reality, little bro. Brett opened the attachment. His eyes stared at the screen of his phone as the video appeared on the screen: his shirtless brother was standing in the gym locker room and grinned into the camera. The muscle atop his brother’s torso were rock-hard, vascular, pumped and shiny with sweat. “Watch this”, his brother said and threw a most muscular. Brett’s eyes widened as his brother’s torso exploded into a symphony of striations and veins that filled the screen of his phone. He tossed the phone atop the desk and drifted off to sleep. Brett awoke from a peaceful sleep. The fact that his now dominant brother was hundreds of miles away had given him a state of calmness he hadn’t felt until before the holidays. He got up, ditched the boxers he’d slept in and went into his little bathroom. He turned on the shower and let the hot water rain down on his 212 pound, muscular body. He chased the thoughts of his last shower incident from his mind as he rubbed soap across his meaty chest. Half an hour later, he emerged a new man from the shower. His brother was just a bad memory far away. He grabbed a towel and began drying his body. The sound of his phone made him look toward his desk. He continued toweling his body while he walked back into his room. He grabbed his phone without looking at the screen. "Hello", he said as he finished toweling off. "Sup, little bro." The low voice of his brother sent shivers along Brett's spine and made goosebumps exploded across his entire body. He felt his face go red and quickly wrapped the towel across his midsection to cover his cock, even though he knew that his brother couldn’t see him. "Did ya already check out the video?" "I…euhm…", Brett stammered. "Ya did, didn’t ya", Jason said at his brother's embarrassed tone, "Guess what, little bro, I’m standing in yar room right now. Miring my 215 pounds of pure muscle in their full glory. Ya don’t mind me using yar big mirror, little bro?”. “… “, Brett couldn’t get a reply past his lips as his mind filled with the image of his naked brother. "Ya should see me, little bro", Jason continued, "All pumped from a long session at the gym. My arms are so pumped I can’t even flex ‘em. Fuck man, my bis are so hard. Like fucking rocks crammed under my skin. And the web of veins crossing them…” Brett listened in silence. He felt his cock inflating under the towel. “And my pecs, slabs of thick beef hanging from my chest”, Jason continued, “Fuck, little bro, ya should feel the weight of the shelf of striated muscle. My abs, a wall of eight bricks separated by deep grooves. Fuck. I'm getting hard myself." Brett's cock throbbed violently as he heard his brother describe his muscles. "Ughn", he grunted as he came inside the towel. "Blew yar load hearing me touch my muscles. Ya're pathetic, little bro", Jason said and ended the call. Brett stared at his phone, his rock-hard cock tenting the cum-slick towel. Even miles away, his brother still dominated him and made him feel inferior. The next days more students arrived back on campus and life began going back to normal. Brett kept thinking about his lanky brother's sudden growth. He searched the internet for a muscle transfer curse but could only find some sites with fictional stories about muscle theft curses. He read some of them but didn't find any actual proof of the kind of curse his brother had mentioned. "That prick's just on steroids like I thought", he said to himself as he closed his laptop, "He took advantage of my fatigue after the first semester and his roid-fueled strength to outlift me during our workouts. I can't believe I let myself be intimidated by him." He balled his fist as he thought back at the humiliating scene in the shower. "I'll make him pay", he said to himself. His anger resurfaced and drove him to reclaim his spot as the alpha of the family. The next day, Brett rushed into the university's gym and had the most grueling workout he'd ever had. He lifted until his entire body felt like it was on fire and all his muscles screamed for mercy. After an hour, he stumbled down to the floor as his quads gave out and he threw up in a trash can against the wall. "Got your stamina back, eh". The rumbled remark made Brett look up and he saw Mike, the star quarterback, stare down on him. He nodded, grabbed hold of the man's hand and let him pull him up to his feet. He leaned against the wall for support as he tried to calm down his breath. "Well?", Mike asked. "My… brother…got big…", Brett said in between quick breaths, "Put on… 60 pounds… in one semester. Bigger than me now." "60 pounds in one semester?", Mike replied, "Man, he must be on some powerful stuff. What are you going to do to get bigger than him again?" "Train like a … madman", Brett replied, "Shakes, food, anything to grow." "We both know that won't cut it", Mike stated and looked around to check the gym but didn't see anyone else, "I was stuck around 220 pounds last year. Thanks to some chemicals I'm now just over 260. Shot up 40 pounds in just three months. Enough to give me an edge on the field and not too much mass to arouse suspicion. Check out these guns." He flexed his right arm that hardened into a 23 inch orb of power. "Got some stuff left?", Brett asked without taking his eyes from the heavily muscled arm that clearly dwarfed his brother's arm. A grin formed on Mike's squared face. "I'll make some calls. See you in your room tonight." Brett awaited his teammate eagerly in his room. He had gulped down four thick protein shakes during the afternoon and couldn't wait for the star quarterback to arrive. He would finally have the tools to knock down his brother. His heartbeat jolted up when a loud knock resounded. He rushed to the door and threw it open. He stepped back instinctively as he looked up into the 6'5, 261 pound athlete's eyes. "Mind if I come in?", Mike asked casually. Brett motioned him to enter and stepped back, staring at the man's wide back as he shut the door. "And?", he asked nervously. "Calm down, little man", Mike replied and put his backpack down on the desk. He pulled out several vials and a syringe and put it atop the desk. He grabbed Brett's hands as the guy reached for the goods. "These things aren't free", he said and named his price. Brett blinked at the amount. His mind urged him to bargain but his desire to grow bigger was too much. "I don't have that much on me", he said, "but I'll give you everything I have right now and get you the rest tomorrow." Mike accepted the money and filled the syringe with the liquid from one of the vials. "Drop your pants", he said as he tapped against the syringe and turned to Brett. Brett turned around, dropped his pants and boxers and exposed his ass to Mike. He shivered as he felt the needle plunge into his ass and the liquid being pushed into his body. A faint moan escaped his mouth as the thought of his new growth filed his mind. "There you go", Mike said and pulled back the syringe, "Take one dose every day for a month to start. And I expect my money tomorrow or else…". Mike clenched his fist, making his meaty forearm explode in hardness to emphasize his point. Brett gulped as the large athlete made his point. "Don't worry. First thing tomorrow morning after my workout." "See you tomorrow morning in the gym", Mike said and left. Brett took his phone, dropped his pants and played the video of his flexing brother again. "Enjoy your size while it lasts, little bro", he grunted while he pumped his dick. Once more, he climaxed as his brother hardened his flex to the max, but this time Brett thought of his own superior future size. Three weeks later Brett noticed the first results of his new routine: he was up to 227 pounds, his arms reached 19 inches and felt more energized and stronger than ever. Even his performance on the field improved. That night, he flexed in front of his mirror and jerked off to his own reflection. "Curse my ass", he said to himself and compared his own flexed body to his brother's in the video, "Fuck yeah! bigger than that squirt again. He'll pay for what he did to me". His eyes scanned the new beef on his body while his hand stroked his cock vigorously. "UGHN", he moaned as he exploded and his cum splattered against the mirror. The next weeks flew by: Brett practically lived in the gym, working out two times a day and gulping down massive amounts of protein to feed his now growing body. The steroids combined with his grueling workouts and protein gave him a growth spurt. After a month, when he injected his last dose, he'd put on 28 pounds of meat and now weighed 240 pounds. He once more dominated the other freshmen on the field and had even briefly replaced Mike when the coach wanted to spare his star quarterback for a more important game. "Nice hustle out there, man. You trashed the other freshmen." Brett turned around and saw Mike entering the otherwise deserted shower zone. “I feel unstoppable”, he said while a grin formed on his face. They had just had their last training of the season and as usual this semester Brett had totally dominated his fellow freshmen. Even some of the older players avoided him now out on the field. " Looking good, man. What do you weigh now?", Mike asked and stepped up to the shower next to Brett's. "240", Brett replied proudly and puffed his beefed up chest as he compared their bodies. He was now a big man himself, dwarfing al the other freshmen and most of the older players as well but Mike still had 20 pounds of beef on him and half a foot of height. "You’ll be the new star on the team once I’ve graduated", Mike said as he noted Brett taking in his size. “But smaller than me this year”, he added with a grin and bounced his thick pecs to emphasize his point. “Yeah, but way bigger than my brother now. Can’t wait to show him who’s the real alpha”, Brett replied and flexed his right arm. The 21 arm exploded into hardness and was only 2 inches shy of Mike’s superior gun before he went back to washing his body. Mike nodded appreciatively. “How ‘bout a drink then to celebrate your new top spot in your family?”, he asked and added, “You’re buying”. He turned off the shower and strutted back to the locker room. A month later, Brett returned home for summer filled with bliss: he had somehow managed to pass all his exams, had become the undisputed number two of the football team and knew he would move on to number one next year and he couldn’t wait to get back at his brother and unleash the full force of his beefed up body on the guy that had humiliated him during their last holiday. He felt somewhat disappointed when his father picked him up at the airport ant told him that his brother was out celebrating. The disappointment quickly made room for anger when his father added that his brother now occupied his room and had moved his stuff to the smaller room he had lived in all these years. Brett’s fist clenched and his bicep hardened inside his shirt, tensing the seams of the sleeves. One they got home, Brett greeted his mother, grinned at her remark of how big he’d gotten and walked upstairs to the bedrooms. He tried the door of his former bedroom but found it locked. He then proceeded to his new room and found all of his stuff tossed around on the floor. “I’ve wanted to put your things in the closet, but Jason told me not to”, his mother said as she appeared in the doorway, “He said you could arrange your stuff yourself”. “I can’t wait to get a talk with him”, Brett replied through clenched teeth and began picking up his clothes. “Don’t worry about it, mom”, he added. Deep in the night, Brett was awoken by the sound of his brother walking up the stairs. He heard him slam the door of his room shut. “See ya tomorrow, little bro”, he said to himself and went back to sleep. His dreams were filled with images of him teaching his brother some lessons of who was in charge. The next morning Brett awoke to a quiet house: his parents were already off to work and his brother was still sleeping. He went down and grabbed a quick breakfast. He ended it with a large protein shake from the container of his brother in the kitchen and went into the bathroom for a good shower. His fists clenched as the thought back at how his brother had humiliated him in here last time. “Can’t wait to show that squirt who’s the alpha now”, he rumbled to himself as he turned on the water and let it rain down on his beefed up frame. A good ten minutes later, he turned off the water, dried himself, wrapped the towel around his waist and went back into his room. He froze in his track when he passed the door of his brother’s room. A smirk formed on his face. “Why waste any more time?”, he asked himself and threw open the door. “WAKE UP, LITTLE BRO”, he bellowed as he stormed into the room and pulled open the curtains to let in the light. “What…” The grunts turned Brett’s attention toward the bed. His brother was lying under the sheets and only the back of his head was visible. “GET UP, SQUIRT!”, he yelled again. This time he got more reaction: Jason turned around and opened his eyes. He blinked several times before his eyes settled on Brett. “What the fuck ya think yar doing in my room, bro?”, Jason spat back in anger. Brett blinked as the deep, rumbling voice that filled the room and he took in the square face. His brother’s ones ratty face had somehow evolved into an ubermasculine, face: a strong, angular jawline gave it a squared look and his cheeks were covered with the stubble of a five o’clock beard. His once semi-deep baritone voice was now a deep, rumbling bass that vibrated down the room. He couldn’t see the rest of his brother’s body because Jason had pulled up the sheets over his body. All that Brett could see was the strong, bull-sized neck that supported his brother’s head. He noticed his brother taking in his new size. “Ya look bigger, bro. What do ya weigh now?”, Jason asked casually. “241”, Brett replied and bounced his chest to emphasize his point. He felt some of his old dominant nature return at the compliment. “Yar waist is thicker. Been roiding?”, Jason asked. “So what?”, Brett spat back, “I’m up almost 30 pounds since the last time we’ve seen each other”. He flexed his 21 inch left arm to underline his new status. His thick bicep balled up. He noticed his brother staring at his bicep and felt ready to reclaim his spot as the alpha as testosterone soared through his veins. “Seems like the tables have turned back my way, little bro”, he said and emphasized the word ‘little’. He had dreamed off this moment and knew that his revenge was going to be sweet. A smirk formed on his lip and tension hung in the air while he stared down on his brother. “Time for some payback”, he added cockily and hardened his flex some more to make his bicep swell a tad bigger. Jason didn’t say a word. He tossed the sheets aside and got up from the bed in a swift motion. The arrogant smirk froze on Brett’s lips as he took in his now truly massive brother. His mind noted that his brother had gone to bed fully clothed, but that was the least of the things it perceived. He saw striations ripple across his brother’s wide chest through the tight fabric of the insanely stretched shirt. His boulder-like shoulders pulled the shirt snug around their mass and the sleeves didn’t manage to cover the meaty arms. As Brett’s gaze travelled downward, he saw the lines of an eight-pack pressed against the shirt and he could even see the separation of the quads through the jeans that seemed painted on the tree-sized legs. “Did ya say anything about tables that had been turned, little bro?”, Jason rumbled and emphasized the word ‘little’ like his brother had done seconds earlier. He stepped toward his brother. Jason’s knees weakened as his brother seemed to swell with every step he came closer. He had to tilt his head back more and more to keep looking into Jason’s eyes. As his brother stopped a few feet from him, the massive guy eclipsed him completely: Jason’s 6’8 feet body towered over Brett’s 5’9 body and his brother’s shoulders were at least twice as wide as his own. “Guess what, little bro: I grew too”, Jason growled grinningly, “I told ya I cursed yar ass. For every pound ya gain, I put on 10 pounds of muscle at first. The curse is wearing off and these last few months, it’s only 4 pounds. I’m now 327 fucking pounds of pure muscle!”. His last booming remark was followed by his left paw grabbing his shirt and ripping it into shreds from his body. Brett looked in horror and disbelief at the bare torso of his humongous brother. The wide shoulders formed a strong line topped with thick traps and capped with two bowling ball-sized delts that highlighted the separation between the different heads of the muscle. His ham-sized upper arms hung relaxed but menacingly heavily muscled at his sizes and flowed into meaty forearms crossed with cable-like muscles leading up to his huge paws. His chest looked like someone had stuffed two half watermelons under his skin: the hefty, striation-crossed pecs defied gravity despite their mass and formed a protruding rack of muscle that hid his nipples from view as they pointed straight down to the floor. The top half of his deeply grooved eight-pack was obscured by the shadow of the pecs but the last two rows of brick-sized abs rippled against the paper-thin skin and a dark treasure trail ran across the center of the lowest row of thick abs. Brett blinked at the sight: with every breath his brother took, his abs rippled and his pecs seemed to go burst through the paper-thin skin they stretch to the max. Jason laughed smugly at his brother’s reaction. “So, whatcha think, little bro?, he asked and bounced his chest like his brother had done just minutes earlier. Brett’s eyes widened as the massive rack of muscle atop his brother’s chest danced before him and exploded in a display of striations and veins. He felt a jolt go through his cock beneath the towel as blood began rushing toward it. “Let’s compare our bodies”, Jason rumbled and moved his brother in front of the large mirror. “Some old mirror from the gym I put on here”, he said as he noted his brother’s quizzical look. Brett stared at his reflection that now seemed way less intimidating than before. He saw his brother pull down his pants and noticed how his boxers were stretched tight around his waist and pushed up by the mass of his tree-sized quads. He also noted that the front of the boxers were fully stuffed and stretched by his brother’s package. “Right, let’s check things out”, Jason said and positioned himself a few feet behind his brother. “I think yar invisibly when I’m standing behind ya, bro”, he rumbled with a grin. Brett looked at their reflection and gulped: his body seemed to drown into his brother’s beastly frame. His own well-muscled shoulders ended a few inches shy of where his brother’s canon ball-sized ones began. His own muscular arms were sticks compared to the monster arms of his brother that hung at his sides. He saw a small tent beginning to form beneath his towel as his cock kept hardening. He inhaled sharply as his brother put his hands on his hips and flared his lats: Jason seemed to almost double in broadness and eclipsed him completely. “Flex yar left arm, little bro”, Jason commanded as he relaxed his pose. Brett did as he was told. He raised his left arm and flexed as hard as he could. His 21 inch arm hardened into a fleshy orb of hard muscle topping a thickly muscled tricep. “Remember that last time I only had half an inch on ya? 18.5 inches to your 18 inches. Seems like ya put on some size. How small are yar arms now, little bro?”, Jason asked. “21 inches”, Brett muttered. “Let’s compare then”, Jason said as he took a step closer and he extended his own left arm behind his brother’s flexed one. Brett couldn’t believe the sight: even fully outstretched his brother’s arm looked more defined than his own flexed one. And then Jason flexed… His bicep didn’t just harden, it exploded upward and outward to form a perfectly round hill drenched in veins that eclipsed his own arm like a mountain eclipses a boulder. Even Jason’s low-hanging, titanic tricep was visible beneath Brett’s tricep. “How… euhrm… how big…”, Brett muttered without taking his eyes from the incredible sight in the mirror. “28.5 inches of steely-hard muscle, little bro”, Jason answered. “Just look at how my canon outsizes yar feeble gun”, he added. Jason suddenly lowered his arm and placed his paw atop his brother’s flexed arm. Brett shivered as the hot paw grabbed his upper arm and he felt the fingers dig slightly into his tricep. He hardened his flex some more to resist but his brother’s strong fingers dug into his flexed upper arm as if the hard muscle was pure jelly. He winced in pain as the vise-like grip crushed the ball of muscle atop his arm. “P….please, bro”, he pleaded and his right hand reached for his brother’s wrist. “Jeez. I’m not even trying. Yar so weak, little bro”, Jason replied and hardened his grip a final time before releasing his brother’s upper arm. “Let’s check yar wheels, little bro”, he added. Brett was still inhaling deeply, trying to ignore the pulsing pain in his right upper arm when his huge brother barked his second command. He pulled the towel aside gently to let his left leg appear through the split without exposing his semi-hard cock. He flexed his quad, making the deep lines appear between the mass of hard muscle atop his leg and the prominent tear drop shape form next to his knee cap. His legs had always been one of his best-developed muscle groups. Jason looked in the mirror at the display of his brother’s muscular quads. Without a remark, he closed the distance between them, positioned himself directly behind his brother and placed his own leg against his brother’s. Brett whimpered as he felt his brother’s thick rack of pecs push into his neck and the back of his head. His eyes were drawn down at the image of his brother’s leg. He couldn’t believe the sheer size of the monster leg pressed against his own heavily muscled one. Even though his brother’s leg was still relaxed, it dwarfed his own completely in length and thickness. The hard lines on his own flexed quad were nothing compared to the crevices high-lighting the separate heads of his brother’s still relaxed quad. And then, Jason flexed his quad… Brett blinked as his brother’s quad seemed to explode in size and hardness: the crevices turned into deep canyons as the muscles forming his quad hardened beneath the paper-thin skin. The tear drop shape totally obscured his brother’s knee cap and thick veins snaked across the hefty mass of meat atop the quad. “Wow’, he muttered and his cock jolted as it hardened even more. Jason switched his position slightly so that his two legs were against his brother’s legs and flexed them. Brett felt the superhuman legs flex and dig into his own. He tried resisting but his brother’s thick quads seemed like pure concrete. He felt like he was being crushed. “P…please, bro… you’re… hurting me…”, he pleaded again. “Weak runt”, Jason spat back and released his grip. As he did, the towel wrapped around his brother’s waist got pulled back and dropped to the floor. Brett was too busy rubbing his aching quads to notice his brother’s grin. “Seems like ya enjoy being close to me, little bro”, Jason said smugly as he saw his brother’s rock-hard 8 inches pointing straight at the mirror. “Can’t blame ya: even in the gym most guys can’t keep their eyes off me when I’m working out and sport wood when they share the shower. Hell, even I get turned on by me new bod. All these hard, huge muscles. Feels so fucking good to be the alpha”, he added. The thought of his own muscular superiority and totally dominating and outsizing his beefed up brother filled his mind. In a matter of seconds, his own cock sprang to life inside his boxers and raced to full hardness. With a tearing sound, the fleshy snake ripped away the boxers and reed itself from it’s fabric prison. Brett shivered in fair as he felt his brother’s rock-hard cock slap against his muscular ass. Memories of their last encounter in the shower whirled through his mind. He took a step forward to escape, but his brother shoved him to make him smack with his pecs against the mirror. He placed his hands against the cold glass to get away, but his brother’s paw landed on his shoulder, making him freeze in his tracks. He felt his brother’s breathing in his neck as Jason positioned his mouth next to his ear. “Remember last time? How my 8.5 incher made ya whine like a baby?”, Jason asked. Brett didn’t reply. His hole clenched in a ridiculous attempt to defend himself from his now beastly brother. His mind knew it was useless, but his natural instincts made his hole clench in a defensive reflex. “Guess what, little bro: my cock grew along with my muscles”, Jason went on, “Picture it: soon ya’ll have 14 inches of me inside ya.” Brett shuddered as his brother’s remark raced through his head. Images of an impossibly thick and unusually long cock popped up in his mind. Another jolt shot though his own painfully hard 8 incher. He tried speaking but the words died on his lips. “Have ya been looking forward to meeting again, little bro? Thinking to reclaim yar spot as the alpha?”, Jason asked. Brett nodded in response. He thought back at the countless times he had flexed in front of his mirror in his dorm room, comparing his beefed up frame to his brother’s body in the video Jason had sent him, jerking off at the mere thought of going to physically dominate his brother that had humiliated him. Every hope of realizing his plans made during his long workouts had molten away from his mind like snow in the sun. He knew there was no way he could stand up to his now over 80 pounds heavier brother. “Guess what, little bro: I have been eager to see ya again ever since my body exploded in size. I knew instantly ya had to roiding. Fuck, I gained like 60 pounds of pure muscle in three weeks. And the slabs of muscle only grew more and more on my bod”, Jason said into his brother’s ear, “Energy and testosterone coursing through my veins, feeding my ever growing muscles. Fuck, little bro, ya made me into a tank: unstoppable!”. Anticipation hung in the air for a split second. Then, Brett felt the thick head of his brother’s cock being positioned against his asscheeks. His breathing fastened as he knew what was coming. His brother’s strong paws placed on his left shoulder and right hip made any escape or even movement impossible. He closed his eyes and tried thinking of pleasant things. Images of himself dominating the football field formed inside his head, followed by images of him setting new PR’s in the gym with his grown body. None of Brett’s attempts was enough to prepare his mind for what came next. A loud, pain-filled shriek tore open Brett’s mouth and flew through the room as the thick head of his brother’s cock pushed inside. His tows curled against the floor. His hands clawed at the mirror. His back arched and pushed his neck and head into the thick rack of muscular pecs shoving against him. His breathing froze inside his chest. His heartbeat pulsed inside his ears. No matter what he tried, he couldn’t focus his mind on anything else to relax: the sheer size of his brother’s cock was the center of his entire existence at that moment. “Still enjoying my new size, little bro?”, Jason asked sarcastically into his brother’s ear, “Feeling the difference with last time?”. Brett couldn’t answer: his mouth was torn open in a soundless scream. His knees buckled from a combination of pain and pleasure, sending trembling motions through his 241 pound body. Jason felt his brother’s muscular body shake in his firm grasp. He continued pushing his cock deeper and deeper inside the helpless athlete in his grip. “There we are”, he rumbled inside his brother’s ear as he pushed the final inch of his cock inside him. Brett didn’t know what was happening: black dots danced in front of his eyes and agonizing jolts of pain made his overstretched ass spasm. He was forced to stand on his toes as the entire length of his brother’s manhood filled him. He felt his brother’s trimmed pubes brush against his ass, a scratching sensation that felt somehow pleasant. But the very center of his being, the essence of his entire existence at that moment was the searing hot, thick snaked that filled him unlike anything he’d ever felt. His own cock spasmed wildly into the air. Jason noted the look of pain, pleasure and sheer ecstasy on his brother’s face. He felt the overstretched ass spasm around his thick cock, sending a responsive feeling of electrical pleasure through his rock-hard shaft. “Mugh. So fucking tight”, he growled into his brother’s ear. His left paw released his brother’s shoulder and grabbed on to the 241 pound athlete’s left hip. Brett felt his brother grab his waist tightly. He moaned in relief as he felt the cock withdrawing from his ass. With an audible ‘pop’ the fleshy snake left his ass and he inhaled deeply. His body shivered as his knees buckled again in weakness but the strong paws held him upright. He inhaled loudly and deeply to fill his burning lungs with oxygen. The nerves around his wrecked hole sent painful stabs to his brain. But a feeling of emptiness dominated his mind. After what felt like an eternity to Brett, but were only seconds in reality, Jason’s 14 incher was pushed back in. “Oughnpf”, Brett squawked as the fleshy snake sought its way again inside him. Once more, the thickness of the engorged shaft destroyed his defenses and overstretched his ass. He felt goosebumps brake out cross his body and his back arched him against his brother’s protruding shelf of pecs again. The black dots came dancing before his eyes once more as inch after inch of rock-hard meat invaded him for the second time. “Mugh. A bit less tight, but still a near perfect fit”, Jason said as he buried his dick completely inside his brother. Brett had closed his eyes in complete submission. He stood on his toes, impaled on his beastly brother’s 14 incher, feeling smaller and weaker than ever. His own cock still stubbornly hard. Jason grabbed his brother’s hips more tightly and began thrusting back and forth, plowing his brother’s ass as his cock moved back and forth inside it. He looked into the mirror and saw the striations on his freakishly wide shoulder as the massive delts bulged from the movement. His massive triceps jutted from the sides of his arms. Brett’s face was shoved against the cold mirror, drool leaking from his opened mouth onto the glass. His body rocked under the force of his massive brother’s thrusts. He felt the thick pecs push into his neck as the 327 beast inhaled and the strong breath ruffled his hair when his brother exhaled. The low grunts rumbled into his ears. “Ughnpf”, he groaned as his brother upped the pace and force of his thrusts. His left hand let go of the mirror and reached down. He closed it around his own throbbing 8 incher. He began pumping his shaft as the grunts of his brother got deeper and the breathing onto his hair got faster. “BRO…ughn”, he yelped as he came in long spurts against the mirror. His entire body spasmed and cramped up as his balls blasted out their load with an unprecedented force and violence. Jason felt his brother clamp tight around his cock and heard his cum splatter against the mirror. The thought of totally dominating him sent him over the edge. He buried his dick violently and deeply inside his brother as his lemon-sized balls drew tight and rushed out their load. His cock twitched forcefully as it spewed its hot liquid into the 241 pound athlete. “YEAUGHN”, he roared in a sound that rivaled thunder and rattled the window of the room. Brett’s eyes widened in disbelief as he felt the fleshy snake fill him with cum. The pressure kept building up inside him while his six-pack began bloating and he felt the hot liquid drip along the inside of his legs.
  20. Hialmar

    Professor Schnackenburg's mistake

    I dedicate this story to GiganticBeast, who asked for something similar to this: Professor Schnackenburg's mistake Chapter One He remembered how Ms. Giraud had presented him to his former tutor, Assistant Professor Smith, in the past: "Mr. Schnackenburg – B.A., archaeology student and expert in the occult." They had both watched one of the Indiana Jones films recently, and Josephine ... Ms. Giraud ... already had a sense of humour he had found himself appreciating. Ms. Giraud! Jet black hair, intelligent gaze, great sense of humour. In Schnackenburg's opinion, she had thrown away her excellent talent for archaeology, when she settled for a purely administrative post at the Department for Archaeology. On the basis of the quality of her Masters thesis, she could have been one of the great names in the field, if she had published a PhD thesis. Nor could he understand her preferences, when it came to men. She had never married, and none of her affairs seemed to last or lead to anything enduring, but Schnackenburg had been invited to uncomfortable dinners with her so many times, encountering a string of her several boyfriends: A marine, a builder, a policeman, a sailor. Even a professional bodybuilder once. Not the typical consort to bring to formal university dinners. What was Josephine supposed to speak about with any latest fling? Not strontium analysis of fossil teeth, that's for sure. Hell! Some of these men had upper arms as wide as his legs! It was good for his career, that he had generally hid his personal interest in the occult: It wouldn't have been good for his reputation, if his membership in The Order of the Rosary Cube and Calix Gradalis had been publicly known. Who would trust the scientific rigour of someone, who spent hours in weird meditations? Though the meditation practices had been useful in order to reach heightened awareness, his scholarly sense of critical evaluation had always kept him suspicious of the baseless legends about sunken continents. We now know about plate tectonics: There is no place in real pre-history for sunken continents like Atlantis, or Lemuria in the Indian Ocean, or Mu in the Pacific. After his PhD, he had specialised in two fields: Mesolithic Europe and deciphering unknown scripts, and he now read Linear A, Indus Valley script and Easter Island script fluently. He had never thought, that these two fields would ever converge. The Doggerbank excavation changed all that. Even if he didn't dive himself, he was responsible for the entire project, and he gave the divers – some of them his postgraduate students – careful instructions how to avoid any damage to the finds. When Brock McGurgan, a good-looking blond Canadian student of his, returned to the surface with the tablets and the bronze sword, Schnackenburg understood, that something sensational was going on. It had now been three years since the Doggerbank excavation. He could still remember the scent of the salt sea and seaweed, and he could remember how the hair on his forearms turned into goosebumps when he saw the greenish-gold hints of bronze. He could still remember the sight of the broad-shouldered MacGurgan taking the diving suit off. Doggerland had been a lowland island (but not a continent) that actually was flooded and drowned in the North Sea between Scotland and Norway during the Stone Age, leaving Dogger Bank under the sea level. The hunter-gatherers of Doggerland were not expected to have known farming or metalwork, nor to have any script or alphabet. A bronze sword and stone tablets written with some sort of text turned all expectations on their head. It had now been three years. MacGurgan had assisted him in cleaning the stone tablets, and the lad felt like a son to him. Schnackenburg looked forward to read MacGurgan's PhD, which was soon expected to reach completion: Bronze technology in Doggerland Culture: A revaluation of the Atlantic period. MacGurgan's enthusiasm and cheerfulness lightened up hard work on pollen analysis or dendrochronology. Outside campus, Schnackenburg had once seen another side of MacGurgan, which was hard to reconcile with Schnackenburg's general impression of his student: A drunkard had knocked over MacGurgan's beer by mistake, and the student had over-reacted and beaten the culprit several times. It felt like a block of ice in his gut, when Schnackenburg recollected the image of MacGurgan's undoubtly handsome face disfigured in a grimace of unbridled wrath, his ice blue eyes burning. It was like he didn't know the promising young man he thought he knew so well. Schnackenburg dismissed the memory, and turned his recollection to the hard work and great assistance of MacGurgan in the work on the Doggerland Tablets, as they were now known. Schnackenburg had spent hours upon hours with the tablets. No key to the code. No Rosetta stone. Sometimes, in late hours after worktime it had felt like the tablets spoke to him with ghostlike hollow voices: Howlings of forgotten wraiths and souls adoring long-forgotten unnameable gods. He had checked the results again and again, and forwarded the PDF to MacGurgan, who anyhow wouldn't understand the real-life implication of the translation. Double checked. Triple checked. Was it really possible? Was it decipherable? Could it really mean, what he thought that it meant? "Archaeology professor and expert in the occult". His profession and his hidden hobby merged. The silence of the night hours turned into the sound of his pulse in his ears. Hissing. Throbbing. The city outside the window, lit windows in high rise buildings. Strewn with stars. The weight of millennia resting on his shoulders. Still some scent of seaweed, which didn't seem to go away from the tablets. * * * Brock MacGurgan worked late. He had a deadline on his PhD, and his assistance concerning the Doggerland Tablets took up a lot of his thoughts. Wouldn't it be amazing if Professor Schnackenburg really broke the code of the tablets? What if they were close to the solution? And the sword... There was something with the sword, that spoke to MacGurgan on a deep level. Heroes. Fights. Combat. Victory. Old myths of stormgods battling reptilian elder gods. Old myths of solar heroes protecting mankind. The sort of texts one would expect to find in ancient civilisations. He had seen the Professor staring at the tablets so many times, enchanted by the impossible finds. Similar to the way he himself became more and more deeply enchanted by the sword. Fights. Heroes. With hands covered in gloves, he had taken the sword out of its glass showcase. It now laid unprotected on his writing desk. Bronze sword. Fights. Heroes. Sword of Anghra-Lemur. Wait? Where did that word come from? He wasn't the poetical type of person who invented things, even if he had been an avid reader of sword-and-sorcery novels as a teenager, and watched the children's programme He-Man in primary school. ...Sword of Anghra-Lemur... Stop hallucinating. Stop imagining things. Probably best to stop working late. He needed some coffee. A ping in his computer. Better check it later. After the coffee. Brock MacGurgan took his baseball jacket and walked in the direction of the espresso machine. * * * Schnackenburg trembled. The translation must have turned his rational faculties into a mess. It couldn't be possible. But if it was? His instincts as a trained occultist screamed at him. To avoid the unhallowed relics of unnameable powers. To run. To put the tablets and the sword under lock and key. Or to use it. Use it to prove himself to Ms. Giraud... Josephine. The powers of sunken Doggerland... The powers of Anghra-Lemur! The powers of Kortoth-Gnaah, war god of Anghra-Lemur! When he reached the glass showcase he stared in disbelief. Empty? But the only two having access to the sword were himself and MacGurgan? Frowning, he walked in the direction of MacGurgan's study. A bookshelf with standard works in archaeology. The Bell Beaker Phenomenon. Renfrew. Mallory. Svante Pääbo. Souvenirs from diving expeditions hang on the wall, beside a diploma from a Junior Men's Physique competition. A single task light was lit over the writing desk. The stump of a cigar was lying in an ashtray. MacGurgan's computer was working. The sword was there, but not MacGurgan. Schnackenburg felt as in a fever dream. He picked up the sword, and walked up the spiral stairs. * * * He really needed that espresso. MacGurgan returned to his study. He had to check that e-mail. He opened it. A PDF. A breakthrough. A hypothetical translation: He froze in his position. His blond hair tingled as of fear. He swallowed. He had imagined the word Anghra-Lemur before the e-mail arrived. An atmosphere of unreality lowered itself. Unconsciously and involuntarily he continued: The translation went on and on. The ancient Doggerlendings must have been a warrior culture, similar to the ancient Irish, the ancient Welsh and the Vikings. And they called their island or islands Anghra-Lemur. And the sword... MacGurgan looked for the sword. The sword was gone! MacGurgan had to calm down. What would he do? What would Professor Schnackenburg say? What would happen to his career? He had left the sword unsupervised. And it was gone! He lit a cigar to calm his nerves. No ancient item that could be harmed by the smoke anyhow. He tried to relax, and sat with his faded blue denim jeans in a wide manspread, his trainers resting on the floor. Deep breath. Some cigar smoke. Some espresso. The doors were locked. No one could enter. It was then he heard it. The impossible chanting sound from the spiral staircase leading to the tower room used for honorary social occasions. What in hell was going on? MacGurgan's worry began to turn into irritation. An intruder? Here? His archeological find? He rose from the chair. All his 6 feet 1 inches. He was still wearing his baseball jacket. Some nutcase had to be disarmed and handed over to the police. And Brock MacGurgan was just the right person to do it. * * * The dome gave the tower room a certain atmosphere, and the starry wisdom of the night sky looked down through the circular glass window over his head, but Schnackenburg was deeply in trance while he recited the more than 7000 year old enchantment, invoking preternatural forces which had been left slumbering for millennia. The scent of incense and the flickering light of the wax candles created a mood very far from the sherry imbibing receptions usually held in the tower room. Flickering light. Whisps of incense smoke. Shadows and starlight weavering into something unsettling and unspeakable. "Ye powers of blood and fang! Ye powers of brawn and brutality! Ye nameless ancestors of ancestor-warriors! Ye swordsmen who do not shun the name 'barbarian'! Servants of Kortoth-Gnaah, open ye the gates for the bloodstained war god of Anghra-Lemur, prepare the chosen vessel for divine power, let the ancient powers bestow their gift of prowess and might, as it was foretold! May the sinking of Anghra-Lemur be undone! May the white cliffs of Anghra-Lemur rise over the northen waves! May the last remnant of Atlantis return! May the last remnant of Lemuria the Ancient rise! May the unnameable powers assist me! I invoke Dagon!" One part of Schnackenburg was fully immersed in the powerful invocation. Something happened. The shadows in the room were more dense now. He could sense invisible eyes watching him. The stars shone intensely through the tower window, but not the stars of our time, but the bright night sky of an bygone, lost and forgotten age, far exceeding the 7000 years, that had gone since the sea level rose over Doggerland. Over Anghra-Lemur. Another part of Schnackenburg was silently screaming to him to stop. The dangers, if the invocation really worked, were unforeseeable, and only an insane man would try the attempt to force the elder powers. The cadences of primordial hymns and invocations of another aeon drowned any silent protest in his soul. Primordial hymns reaching out to creatures unknown to modern man. The third part of Schnackenburg's mind was ecstatically excited: He should prove himself to Josephine! He would intimidate any potential boyfriend she may have going for the moment. he would far, far exceed the prowess he secretly admired in young MacGurgan. He would become something beyond human limitations! He would... His pulse murmured and throbbed in his head. Something else throbbed inside his trousers. Arcane power began to tingle in his palms, as he stretched out his hands over the bronze sword on the table before him. Power streaming into the blade, renewing it, empowering it. * * * MacGurgan couldn't believe his eyes. Professor Schnackenburg performed some sort of occult ritual in the tower room, and there was an eerie feeling spreading, more and more intensely. The cigar dangled in his mouth. The baseball jacket couldn't hide his fit – but not extravagantly big – chest. The rubber soles of his trainers caused a squeaking sound on the highly polished marble floor. He braced himself to do something, but the murmuring and droning sound of the witches' rune lullied himself into a trance-like state, and the translation, that had burned into his mind when he had read it on the computer screen, rose from the depths of his memory, as the forgotten creatures of Anghra-Lemur were rising from the maritime depths and the dark abyss of time. Soon, he and Schnackenburg were chanting in unison, and there was nothing MacGurgan could do to stop it. "I invoke Cthulhu! Intervene in dread! I invoke Shub-Niggurath, the goat with the thousand young! Spread the air of revel and ecstacy! I invoke Yog-Sothoth, who is the Key and is the Gate! Open the gulfs of time and space! Cause the powers of ancient Anghra-Lemur to return! May, on the chosen vessel, the powers descend: The powers of Kortoth-Gnaah, war god of Anghra-Lemur!" MacGurgan was out of his mind now. He had a big lump in his throat. He felt very cold and very hot. His pulse was rising. Earlier in the evening he had been absorbed in wordless reverie over the Doggerland sword. It has spoken to him. It had allured to him. Beckoned to him. The sword of Kortoth-Gnaah. Schackenburg was unaware of MacGurgan's presence. "Kortoth-Gnaah! Kortoth-Gnaah! Kortoth-Gnaah!" Schnackenburg was close to the brink of it now. The men of Anghra-Lemur would walk the earth again, and he would be the one who bestowed it to them: The ancient power of the war god. He couldn't imagine how it would feel, how... "Kortoth-Gnaah! Kortoth-Gnaah! Kortoth-Gnaah!" ... how the power of supernaturally endowed stone age warriors would course in his veins, how... "Kortoth-Gnaah! Kortoth-Gnaah! Kortoth-Gnaah!" The next moment, McGurgan snapped the sword away from the table, outside his tutor's physical reach. MacGurgan swallowed. When he came into physical contact with the cold and heavy bronze he could feel a tingling feeling spreading from it into his body. The hair on his head and arms bristled intensely. His eyes widened. He couldn't believe it! He couldn't... "Kortoth-Gnaah! KORTOTH-GNAAH! KORTOTH-GNAAH!" He bellowed the name of the war god, eagerly lifted his sword above his head, and the next second the power of the ancient gods streamed into him. Immaterial thunder bolts rushed through the window in the ceiling. Engulfed him. Absorbed him and formed him anew. Transmuted him. * * * Schnackenburg had been too immersed in the chanting, to react in time to MacGurgans unforeseen action. Staring in disbelief, he could see MacGurgan surrounded by supernatural power beyond imagination, and a cold feeling of fear paralysed Schnackenburg, when he realised, that the chosen vessel was someone else. Remorse, envy and admiration competed within himself when he watched his favourite student become something more than human. Exhausted and destitute of any remaining mental strength, he fell to the floor. * * * MacGurgan couldn't believe it, but the being wasn't entirely Brock MacGurgan any longer, even if they still shared some memories and personality traits. His quads and hamstrings were filled by power from the forgotten Gulf of N'kai. Strength of thousand war gods, thousand thunder gods and thousand solar heroes was poured into his brawn, as if he had been a vessel, and this eager and willing vessel received the blessings, moaning and grunting as his brawn engorged all over his body: Veins spread, his biceps and triceps underwent undreamed hypertrophy, his trapezius deserved the description godlike, and he still expanded in every direction, now far exceeding the height of 6 feet 7 inches. He roared. He bellowed. He demonstrated his superiority to the mere human being who once had been his tutor. He watched the feeble creature: It wasn't worthy to worship him. He became immersed in visions of bygone Anghra-Lemur: Powerful men clad in hides strode over lowland plains proving their valour to each other in combat, and brutal hunters wrestled sabre-toothed cats and mammoths with their bare hands. Some of the same men were bestowed the strength of the gods, by the means once known in Lemuria and Atlantis. The power still accumulated within him. Filling him. Empowering him. Fire-mist descended. Fire-mist enveloped him. Fire-mist penetrated, filled and charged him. He became fire-mist. The immaterial flames of the elder gods reached into his soul, crushed his childhood memories into fragments, but out of the fragments and out of the collective memory of Doggerland, it formed something anew: No subcutaneous fat remained. His now bulging presence was cut and defined beyond imagination. Straps of leather materialised over his shoulders, and formed an X over his V-shaped torso. A leather jockstrap and some furs covering his glutes materialised out of thin air, and he realised that he was wearing pre-historical boots. A belt around his narrow waist carried a bronze buckle with the ancient seal of Kortoth-Gnaah. The thunderbolts increased in intensity. Physical heftiness filled him and became him. In the forge of the divine armourer aggression, dominance and lust melted into one, and he could feel his dick throb inside his leather jockstrap. The god of the barbarians walked the earth anew. The power was his. The might and the force. Brawn beyond comprehension. Mindless orgasmic bliss enrapt him when he felt his physical prowess, and he didn't know for how long he had been entranced. When he returned to any awareness of his surroundings, he watched the mortal on the floor. With a smirk, he performed a double biceps, watching the mortal on the floor. It moaned, spasmed, and a wet stain formed on its leg-clothes. Someone else entered the tower room. The dark silhouette of a woman against the light from the hallway. The mortal looked in her direction. "Josephine? What are you doing here?" "I was returning some files, when I heard thunder from the tower. I..." The female mortal fell silent. The vessel of Kortoth-Gnaah watched her in silence. Then he flexed his biceps again, thrust his hips in a suggestive way, and a current of power crossed the room, connecting the groin of the being and the groin of the female. She moaned loudly, and fell to the floor with a smile, unaware of her surroundings. The being didn't deign to behold any of the mortals, and left the town room. It was on a mission. It would let Anghra-Lemur rise again, and some selected few in this monstrous city of concrete, steel and glass were going to be transformed into warriors of the elder days. When it roamed the streets, it could absent-mindedly hear shouts in panic and rushing steps disappearing. It could hear transport vessels crash into each other, but it was of no concern. It needed the raw material suitable to become warriors of Anghra-Lemur. It found a night-open gym and a leather bar on the same street. It had found its raw material. Soon, the power of Kortoth-Gnaah would enrapt and transform them into suitable servants of Kortoth-Gnaah, war god Anghra-Lemur. The present world was doomed. The elder days would reappear in frenzy, mindless violence and voluptious pleasure. You will find Chapter Two here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13095-professor-schnackenburgs-mistake-chapter-two/
  21. Chapter eight is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13595-professor-schnackenburgs-mistake-chapter-eight/ Professor Schnackenburg's mistake Chapter Nine Jack could still sense the faint voice of Cody’s thoughts and feelings somewhere back in his mind, while he strode through the streets, returning to the Archaeology Department. He had a vague feeling, that something wasn’t entirely aright, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Confidently, but absent-mindedly, he strode through the streets between the alabaster spired and jade domed buildings, and torches burned to lit the streets. A gigantic egg or two floated in the air, close to the full moon, and he could hear the sound of wooly mammoths trumpting somewhere in a distance. A giraffe from the Zoo was slowly burning, without being consumed. An elderly, bearded man, with the look of a homeless man, had taken off his shoes on the pavement, and kneeled in front of the giraffe. Ivy was crawling over the facade of a Tesco, and brownies wearing red, knitted wool-caps seemed to be busy with stocktaking inside. A faint glow inside a antiquities shop revealed that someone worked late: It seemed to be a man in an old-fashioned middle-eastern traditional costume, and he levitated about a deci metre above the floor, while he was polishing an oil-lamp. A ghostly light fell on the pavement from the stained glass of St. Congar's Anglican-Episcopal Cathedral, and he could hear an otherworldly music from the entrance, but he didn't stop to find out the source of this strange singing. In the corner of his eye, he could see a tree stride by, in the direction of the monument in memory of native inhabitants of the country. On the roof of the Indian Cultural Centre, a blue man was playing the flute in a haunting tone. The stone tiles and the asphalt coating of the pavement had broken up at many places, and the trees had grown surprisingly big already: gnarled and winding trees usually become only after many years. A mud-hut with straw-roof emerged out of the earth, and cracked the pavement, as it replaced a night-open convenience store. When he reached the Archaeology Department, the war-god wasn't there, but the old, white-haired, bespectacled man was. Jack towered over the older man, and his naked chest emitted heat in the cold and moist nocturnal air. The voice of the older man trembled in the presence of Jack: "Kortoth-Gnaah and most of the men went to the harbour." "The harbour? Do you know why?" The older man's facial expression changed: "So you are not entirely connected to his thoughts?" "To a certain degree. Now when you mention it, I feel some sort of silent homing signal from the direction of the harbour. But why?" "The Sea Goddess is held hostage, or so he says. Kortoth-Gnaah. I didn't know about her until he asked about her." "Why didn't he change you, too?" The expression of the older man became inscrutable. Perhaps disappointed. "I don't know." For a second or two, Jack entertained the idea to absorb the Professor, but some strange tingling in his head adviced against it, so he dropped the idea. "Who is holding her hostage?" "After using The Book of Eibon, with my help, strange enough, he told me, that she is held hostage by the World Serpent." Jack shuddered. He could feel Cody shudder inside him at the words 'the World Serpent'. A bad omen. A forgotten memory. A dark space lurking in the back of his head, something he ought to know, but didn't. For some reason, he didn't want to ask anything more. Without a word, he left the Archaeology Department and walked in the direction of the harbour. * * * "Absorb them!" Their god commanded it. Lucien could feel the scent of saltwater, seaweed and petrol. The dockworkers were taken by surprise, when the odd-looking crowd of men, in what seemed like an unusually successful and impressing fantasy-cosplay, surrounded them in the harbour. The dockworkers were quite impressive to be modern men: Well-trained and used to heavy lifting, dressed in sturdy nylon jackets and trousers in rough fabrics suitable for their type of work. A few mariners had sprung to their assistance, when a fight seemed to be breaking out, but it had instead turned into a night-mare for the dockworkers and the mariners. The men of the war-god had devoured the modern men by their touch. Lucien could see Chad embrace an impressive dockworker, and he had grabbed another one at his bull-neck, and felt the other man's strength seep into his own. A scream was on its way to arise in the other man's mouth and eyes, but when it was close to erupt, the other man didn't exist any longer, and Lucien's muscles looked even more impressive than before. He could sense an echo of the other man's scream inside his head, and he then felt a pleasant wave of appreciation, when the fragments of the other man relished in what he had become a part of. * * * Jack could see fellow housecarls arrive on the scene at the same time as himself. Their brothers who had followed the war-god to the docklands, had found suitable men to unite with in the harbour, but those who had haunted other parts of the city, had also found suitable prey. The were all much bigger now. * * * "Now! Unite! Unite with me!" The brutal physiques of Lucien and Chad watched each other. They saw their brothers in arms fuse with each other into ever taller composite titans. Lucien felt his cock throb inside his leather codpiece, when Chad watched him lovingly. Then they both approached each other, a hungry glint awakening in their eyes. They embraced each other: Warm, strong arms around wide backs and reliable shoulders. Titanic warriors hugging each others, the leather-clad, steel-hard crotches rubbing each other throbbingly. The could feel the now familiar fusion happen. They kissed each other, and then the mind of both fell out into nothingness and love and desire. A being emerged out of their embrace. It looked like Lucien, and it looked like Chad, and it had the minds of both, and of all the men they had absorbed. * * * There was something ecstatic and something of abandon to it. Jack fused with the other men. The roars of pleasure and power of the men he had fused with echoed in his mind, and he could feel Cody's part of him take especial pleasure in it: "Oh, wow. Bro! Yeah, let us absorb all that attitude and brawn and testo and... OH. YES. JACK. TOGETHER. ALL OF US.!" * * * A few minutes later only three men stood on the pier, watching the sea, and listening to the waves: Kortoth-Gnaah, the man who had been Jack and the man who had been Chad and Lucien. "It's time. Unite with me." Jack and Chad-Lucien took a few steps, touched the chest of their war-god, and, with them, all the men who had experienced the transformation granted by Korthoth-Gnaah fused with the source of their power. So did all the men they had supernaturally devoured during this strange and otherworldly night. A roar emerged. The war-god himself was unflinching in every situation, but the men, whose bodies now built the embodiment of Anghra-Lemur's warrior-god, and whose minds were now drowning in the mind of their war-god, roared in a masculine frenzy none of them had thought possible. The primal and unspeakable power, the instincts, the revelling and ravishment forced the combined minds of almost hundred men to roar, and the last remnants of the person, who once had been Brock MacGurgan, was consumed by the power of Korthoth-Gnaah. Now, the war-god roared, too, but, this time, it was a battle-cry: "I abjure thee, Crawler in the Dark. I abjure thee, Slitherer of stygian depths! I conjure thee, thou Who Gnawest on the Roots of the World Tree! Come, face thy foe! Come meet me again, after Aeons of truce! Come let thy hostage free, thou Foul Defiler! Come forth, Old god of darkness and the Abyss!" The litany of Chaos went on, and on. And something answered the call. Out of the cosmic depths, a Being groped and clawed, crawled and merged. The blabbering and fragmenting minds of mortal men could feel their own fear mix with the courage of the warrior-god, and, as far as they any longer retained any ability to think, they sensed how their enemy rose from the Depths. The strength and the power, the heat of anger and the nobility of courage, primordial instincts and the call of duty pulsated in the veins and the muscles and the mind of Korthoth-Gnaah, and he prepared to meet The Old Snake, The Worm that Gnaws, the dragon out of the cold spaces, the reptile of Nothingness, the embodiment of Chaos. It had been Vritra in the east and Leviathan in the west, but it was older than those names. It had been Tiamat, Iluyanka and Apophis, Veles and Jormungandr, but names are young, and the Old gods were before all the names and words and languages of men. But Korthoth-Gnaah didn't fear, and the mortal minds, that now were going out and emptying themselves into the warrior-god, could feel that the power of St. Michael and Indra was their's, and the strength of Marduk, Tarhuntas and Re-Harachte, and the might of Perun and Thor. The fire of Helios burned in their chest, and the brawn of Cuchulainn was their's. Chronos was ready to topple Ophion anew, and Jupiter readied himself to face Typhon. Apollo braced himself to confront Python, and Hercules would burn the Hydra anew. And yet, all these names and legends were faint echoes of the perpetual and aeonic struggle between the Old gods who existed in unsung ages, before men strode Hyperborea and the Polaric continent: Between Kortoth-Gnaah and The World Serpent. It had happened in the past, and it would happen again, when the stars were right. And now they were.
  22. The beginning of this story may be found HERE Chapter Nine of this story may be found HERE Professor Schnackenburg's mistake Chapter Ten Night! Roaring blackness, reminding humankind of the vastness of interstellar space, and the insignificance of any man or woman in the grand design. Night! Tiny spots of stellar light, veiled by thunderous clouds driven before insanely yelping gales of increasing wind. There was a storm coming, no doubt about that. Watching from the balcony of the Archaeology Department's exterior, and clutching the heavy tome which was the rumoured and dread Necronomicon, Professor Schnackenburg blamed himself. Earlier, the streets surrounding Campus had fallen prey to looting, when everyday normalcy had broken down under the onslaught of the Old Gods' whims, but, now, nightwanderers, far and few between, either ran away from the central parts of the city, or huddled against walls or behind dustbins with eyes wide by fear and incomprehension. Nightmarish panic had the city in its paralysing death-cold grip, and only the disciplined mind of a trained occultist like Schnackenburg was able to withstand the breakdown of all laws of nature, as he knew it. The nocturnal sky over the city, particularly the part of the sky in the direction of the harbour and the beach, flickered in patterns defying the human mind, forming a purple-black brocade of unspeakable spirals and cracks in space itself, flashing by black light and impossible colours, and inverting themselves into dimensions uncomprehended by any sane mind. Schnackenburg felt, like he was slowly going mad under the pressure of the night's development. Roaring against the night-sky, the muscular titan, which was Kortoth-Gnaah, war-god of Anghra-Lemur and one of the Old Gods, could be seen as an outline in the east, towering over cranes and buildings, and the being, which he defied with his battle-cry, was The Old Serpent. There were cracks in existence itself, and unholy denizens of all sorts seeped through the cracks, seen or unseen. There was a hint of scales and fangs, but also mandibles, pseudopods defying human ability to designate or conceptualise. The combatants flickered out and in of existence, moved through spaces unheard of, and their mere movements defied any mortal conception of direction. Increasingly, there was even something wrong with angles of things, as was the four corners of a cube no longer supposed to add up to the sum of 360°. And then there was peace. Any hints of serpentine malice had disappeared. The war-god had triumped over his aeonic foe, and a sound was growing in force, first only as a soft whisper. Louder it became. Louder and louder. Black rain whipped Schnackenburg in his face, as the comprehension slowly dawned. The Sea Goddess! Held captive by The Old Serpent, but now liberated and released. There was truth -- aye, bitter and alarming truth -- in the old adage written in the Book of Eibon and the Necronomicon, and itself a quote from the graven image of Ngranek: "Unseeing eyes and hearts unable to comprehend the limitations of Man do they have -- the Old Gods -- and only the unwise conjure the dance of Powers, that will crush surrounding mortals unknowingly and without intention. Do not evoke the Old Gods, and do not evoke That, which Thou hast no ability to send back." The sound was growing louder. Schnackenburg opened the Necronomicon, inhaled, and prepared himself for the incantation, that would make amends for his foolish mistake. The next second the tsunami hit him and the entire city.
  23. The Great Branch Warren Fan Fiction Fiasco The long-lasting chewing gum losing its flavour was Miles’ first indication that he had been thinking too long. He’d popped a piece in his mouth when he’d first logged on. Which was – what? Hours ago? The second was the message. MACROLOVER433: Well? A single word, but conveying, in its monosyllabic fashion, an intense irritation. Miles typed back: MUSCLEGODWORSHIPPER26: Sorry. I’m just thinking. MACROLOVER433: You’ve been ‘thinking’ for nearly an hour! A fact supported by the flavourless chewing gum and the tone. He spat the gum out into the bin by his bed, where it settled on the crusty corner of a cum-stained tissue, beside a browning apple core, and started to type back. The old mattress squeaked slightly beneath him. It wasn’t that he’d reached a decision. More that he wanted to move the conversation on so that he could go back to watching videos of Branch Warren flexing his huge muscles on YouTube. Which, if he thought about it for a moment, was probably why his ‘thinking’ had gone on for so long. If those freaky, vein-wreathed thighs weren’t a distraction, splitting into grotesque, sinewy, sweaty mass with every leg press, then those hideous 21-inch biceps were. Like impossible iron-hard mountains of superstrong, thickening muscledaddy brawn. MUSCLEGODWORSHIPPER26: OK. I’ll do it. MACROLOVER433: FUCK YES!! Two exclamation marks. A distinct change in tone. Miles was about to switch back to YouTube - MACROLOVER433 (real name Edward) seemed placated enough for now – when those three little dots started twitching, indicating that his partner was typing. MACROLOVER433: So how big are you going to make him? Miles was about to type ‘I’ll think about it’ (which in all probability would have brought the conversation – and the tone – back to Square #1) when Edward chimed in again: MACROLOVER433: Because you and I both know – fan fiction or not – BRANCH WARREN NEEDS TO GROW BIGGER THAN THE EARTH!!! * Miles had never written fan fiction before, though he’d had more than a few requests from members of the MG forum. He felt it was too restrictive, and preferred to create his own stories and characters from scratch. Using real people was too difficult. Sure, he knew Branch Warren’s stats: 45 years old, 5 foot 6, 245lbs, 21 inch arms, 30 inch thighs, a 34 inch waist, a 56 inch chest. He knew that the bodybuilder worked out at MetroFlex Gym in Texas. He knew that the man was a total stud, the object of his (and doubtless countless others’) muscledaddy fantasies. But he didn’t know anything about Branch’s personality. Where he lived. What he liked to do (besides working out). To convey his character properly, Miles envisioned hours of research ahead of him. He feared too that the more he found out, the harder he would find it to somehow squeeze all of his fantasies into the picture. Edward – or MACROLOVER433 as he went by on Discord – had insisted that this was not the case. MACROLOVER433: You can make it all up. He had typed. Then: MACROLOVER433: The entire fan fiction. No-one on the forum will care – so long as there’s plenty of growth. Miles, sceptical, had requested time to think. And research footage of Branch Warren lifting huge weights, his gargantuan, rippling mass pumping up huge and sexy as hell. And fapping. Twice. Before he had been drawn back to the conversation by the dull taste of gum and the ping of MACROLOVER433’s irritation. He could make it all up? He could do anything with the character, so long as Branch retained his greed for mass? He could ignore reality itself? This was like Fake News, only hotter. He returned to the Discord chat with one final line, something to appease Edward until the first chapter of the story was written. MUSCLEGODWORSHIPPER26: Bigger than the Earth? He smirked as his fingers tapped the keyboard. MUSCLEGODWORSHIPPER26: Heh, that’ll just be the BEGINNING! * The fan fiction was easier to type than he had imagined. He prepared the usual way: glass of wine on the bedside table, pile of pillows propped up on the bed behind him, laptop sat on the plump camel-pattern cushion on the duvet before him. Legs crossed. Blinds drawn. Bedroom door closed. Miles knew that other writers had weird rituals like this. Amis, Hemingway, Woolf. It made him feel that – in his own small way – he could count himself among their number. Though the topics he wrote about would probably have curled Hemingway’s toenails. The story started the usual way. Miles preferred gym settings as they allowed him to get straight to the good stuff: a description of the bodybuilder’s bulging musculature straining and swelling with thick mass as he pumped out rep after rep of iron. As for the catalyst for the growth, Miles chose a magic spell. Over the course of his career as a writer of muscle growth stories, he had grown fictional bodybuilders with experimental roids, with science fiction lasers, with genie wishes. Magic was his preferred method. For one thing, nobody picked apart magic in the comments section after he’d posted the story online. One commenter who viewed himself as something of a nanobot expert had written a scathing thesis on why said nanobots were an unrealistic method of growing a bodybuilder, after Miles had published a story where a bodybuilder got his hands on some and proceeded to use them to become bigger than the moon. The thesis had ended up longer than the story itself – and had almost as many likes. Since then, Miles had steered clear of nanobots, and had tried to avoid science in general. Magic was safe territory. Miles’ fingers flew over the keyboard as he wrote about a fan of Branch Warren who happened to be a wizard, who had snuck into the gym to meet his idol. Miles used adjectives such as ‘weak’, ‘frail’ and ‘puny’ to describe the wizard through Branch’s eyes as he trembled before the bodybuilder, stuttering through an explanation of the growth spell he was proposing to cast on the herculean musclebeast. Miles liked size disparity in his stories. He took a sip of wine. Branch Warren finished his set, heaved the monumental weight back on the rack with a clang, and looked down at the little man over his swollen, striated pecs, stretching the material of his muscle vest to breaking point. His thick nipples – visible through the sweat-drenched material – twitched excitedly, belying the casual, steady attitude of the hulking bodybuilder. Yes, that would do. Miles described the little man’s offer, peppering the dialogue with manly grunts from the bodybuilder. The wizard had perfected a growth spell and wanted to try it out. And – as a long-time fan of Branch Warren – he couldn’t think of anyone he’d rather try it out on. Miles would definitely do the same thing in his position. Branch, of course, was greedy. Miles loved growth-hungry bodybuilders. “How big will it make me?” He asked. There was a hungry light in his dark eyes. “Er…I don’t know,” the puny wizard admitted. “I’ve never tried it before. But certainly bigger than you are now.” He shuffled a little, as though uncomfortable in his robes. Again, Miles knew that if he steered clear of specifics, it would build anticipation in his readers. MACROLOVER433 – and whoever else scrolled through this chapter on the MG forum – would be on the edge of their seats at this point, cocks in hand. Branch acquiesced. Miles described the bodybuilder’s cock – eight inches when hard, he imagined (but BOY was it going to grow SO MUCH BIGGER very soon) – throbbing deliciously with the thought of growing even more massive. The two men went into the privacy of the locker room. Miles spent a bit of time describing the smells of Branch’s muscle-sweat now that the two characters were in a smaller, more confined room, and started boning up himself. He always tried to write using as many senses as possible, to make it seem to his readers that they were actually there, experiencing this first-hand. He took a larger glug of wine, impatient to continue the story. And then then wizard cast the spell. A ripple of sinewy power spread through Branch’s clenched physique. The sheer mass of his pecs – already swollen from the workout – threatened to burst free from the bodybuilder’s paper-thin skin as the musclegod’s brawn began to thicken majestically. Within moments, his pectoral shelf had RIPPED through the flimsy material of the muscle vest, revealing the eight squeezing, thickening, symmetrical cubes of his abdominals, covered in veins. And still the bodybuilder got bigger, and BIGGER. Miles topped him off at six and a half feet. Thanks to giantdimensions.com, he could easily calculate Branch’s stats at this new height. 383lbs of muscle. Jesus. 24-inch biceps. Miles spent some time describing Branch greedily flexing both arms in a double bicep flex, admiring the steely mountains of brawn, lost in self-worship. 35-inch thighs, a 39-inch waist, a 65-inch chest. Whoa. Miles reached into his briefs and began working his cock at the thought… …and then paused. Wait, shouldn’t the spell include muscle growth, rather than just size growth? Miles released his cock, which by now was at full mast, and retyped the stats to reflect a surge in muscle growth. A big surge. 483? No - 583lbs of muscle. Fuck! It was good to keep the number odd. To Miles, it felt more realistic. Comparatively. 39-inch biceps, 51-inch thighs, a 63-inch waist…a 105-inch chest. YES! Miles was furiously tugging on his member now, whilst typing with his left hand. His laptop bounced around with the movements as he described the wizard only coming up to Branch’s magnificent pecs. Pecs that throbbed with sinewy POWER. And the cock – he couldn’t forget Branch’s cock! A swollen 13 inches of man now – holy shit – its monstrous outline, like some terrible, twitching arm, was bulging erotically in the bodybuilder’s straining gym shorts. A thick vein, throbbing excitedly, was visible through the material. “Hmmm.” Branch looked down at his grotesquely muscled form, shimmering with sweat. The deep sinews of his bronzed, thickening pecs rippled with every word. The air of the locker room was hot, and thick now with his raw scent. “Is that all?” The thumb and forefinger on Miles’ left hand just managed to hold shift + 2 to close the speech marks before he shuddered into orgasm and nearly blacked out with the force. He didn’t even have time to grab a tissue. He just came violently into his boxer briefs. * Some time later, Miles posted the chapter on the forum, with a blurb at the top in italics dedicating it to MACROLOVER433. He wasn’t one for clever titles; he thought they reeked of desperation. His cum still cooling in his squelching briefs, he gave the story a basic title: Branch Warren Growth, Chapter One. He clicked the tags for muscle growth, magic and macro. He finished the glass of wine. And then, moving his laptop to one side of the bed, chucking all bar one of the pillows on the floor along with the camel pattern cushion, he lay back, switched off the light and drifted off, the mattress creaking faintly beneath him. The ping of Discord woke him. Jesus, had he left his laptop on? He rolled over, head fuzzy, aching (despite the pillows, he had hunched over the keyboard the night before and now his whole spine felt sore) and hit the space bar. The screen swam into life. Through bleary eyes he peered at the message. Edward’s eagerness seemed to echo Branch’s in the story. MACROLOVER433: Just read your story, man. Hot AF. Is he going to grow bigger? Miles chuckled. Of course he was. Hadn’t he promised to grow Branch bigger than the Earth? Part of him wanted to go to the MG forum, to see who else had seen his story and liked it, or maybe even left a comment. But first his eye was drawn to the next tab along – YouTube. He was too drained and too sleepy to fap any more to Branch Warren’s videos, but seeing the muscleman’s huge, striated physique would be a great way to start the day. A sort of cup of coffee for the libido. Miles glanced at the clock in the corner of the screen. Shit, 11.23? He shouldn’t have stayed up so late writing; now he’d missed half the day! Ah, who was he kidding? He sat up and pulled the laptop to him. It was worth it. He took a glug from the water cannister by his bedside to get rid of the sour taste of wine lingering on his woolly tongue. Whoa, a new video? Branch hardly posted at all. Miles usually waited until he was horny with anticipation before checking out new muscle videos, but the title of the video – CRAZY GAINZZZZ – tempted him. He recognised MetroFlex gym, shot through a video phone. The camera was panning around the gym and a loud clanking sound could be heard, reverberating through the room and causing Miles to turn the volume on his laptop down. The screen seemed to shake a little with every clank. There was a roar, the sound of inhuman muscle powering impossible weights. Then the camera stopped panning and settled on a sight that made Miles sit up. Branch Warren, shirtless, was bench-pressing an obscene amount of metal. The thick iron bar bowed in the middle as the massive bodybuilder heaved the great clanking mass up for one slow, shuddering rep after another. There was so much weight on either end of the bar, the sound of the iron rattling about was palpable. The man looked HUGE. The last video Miles had seen was taken only a fortnight ago, and that Branch Warren was nowhere near as big – or as strong – as this one. His pecs rippled magnificently on his naked, bronze chest, undulating as though titanium bands were roiling beneath the surface. Without even touching himself, Miles found himself getting hard again. His cock only got harder when the big man racked the weight – causing another CLANK to shudder through the gym – and stood up. Holy crap. Was he…taller too? The man was a giant. He’d always looked big, on account of his extreme muscle mass. But now, Branch looked freaking TITANIC. He chuckled, looking down contemptuously at the camera, like he knew that his millions of fans would be getting off on his new hugeness. His monstrous pecs twitched of their own accord, like he couldn’t stop them, like they were eager, hungry for more growth. “Weighed myself at 583 pounds this morning,” his handsome face smirked. He clenched his chest, the grotesque mass thickening hideously, and pointed an arrogant finger at the screen. “Now THOSE are some fucking GAINZZZZ, ha ha!” He might have been about to say something else, but Miles clicked pause. 583lbs? Five. Hundred. And eighty. Three. On the dot. Just like his story. What the hell? Reaching into his briefs, hard as steel, perhaps harder than he had ever been in his life, Miles began to stroke his member. Maybe, he thought, his mind caught between trying to rationalise the clip he had just watched and the erotic impossibility of it all. Maybe writing fan fiction wasn’t so bad after all. And tonight he’d begin Chapter 2.
  24. Not my work, but I found a book from the 90's that had some muscle growth in it.
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