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  1. czechhunter69

    Josh's Smoke Box

    A Simple Smoke is a commissioned story I recently completed for an anonymous client. If you have any stories you would like me to write for you, feel free to contact me on Discord. czechhunter69#0839 _________________ The bars cigarette smoke lingered in the air, suspended like a haze, as if time itself had slowed down to match the drift of Josh's thoughts. His watch read barely 2 am, signaling the late hour at which his bar had closed its doors. He surveyed the desolate room, the scattered chairs strewn about like remnants of a chaotic drunk symphony, or as the rest of us would say - a stag party. Normally, he would have taken pleasure in tidying up the mess his left behind - tonight was not the night. Too many drunk fights, short staffed and frankly - done with week. It had been a bachelor party filled evening, and he knew that sending his exhausted staff home early had been a worthwhile sacrifice, despite the disarray left before him. They paid cash for the building, and were generous with the tips and gifts for the staff- the only redeeming aspect. Josh let out a weary sigh, his hand gripping the front door's handle tightly as he turned the key, sealing off the lively atmosphere of the parking lot. Looking through the window in the door, a handful of chipper guys lingered in the parking lot, engaged in drunkenly animated conversations with his staff. The night air was infused with a sense of camaraderie, tailor-made for such exchanges. However, Josh's attention was diverted from the scene before him when his own reflection in the glass caught his eye. He examined himself, noting the juxtaposition of his seemingly slender physique against the backdrop of a pudgy dad-bod hidden just under his clothes. The long hours and late nights had taken their toll, leaving a few beer and sweat stains stubbornly clinging to his shirt. His receding hairline, a testament to the weighty burden of running his own bar, irked him. It wasn't the ideal image he had envisioned for himself, but for the time being, he accepted that it was a visual representation of his commitment and determination to keep his finances afloat. Weary steps echoed through the empty bar as Josh made his way to the back stairs leading up to the apartment, the creaking of the floorboards underscoring his fatigue. As he ascended, he felt the transition from the lively ambiance of the bar to the quieter, more intimate space that awaited him above. With a final twist of the lock, Josh closed the door to his place. As he sank into the comfort of the couch, his weary eyes landed on the array of packages and mail strewn across the coffee table. Among them were gifts from the grooms, a flamboyantly seductive bodybuilder named Derrick. During his shift, Josh had paid little attention to the parcels, but now, in the solitude of his home, he felt deserving of a few indulgent surprises. Most of the packages were mundane—a stack of predictable bills, patiently awaiting his attention. However, one package stood out, an enigmatic anomaly amidst the ordinariness. Curiosity ignited within Josh as his gaze fixated upon the mysterious package. Its wooden exterior emanated an earthy scent, the fragrant essence of tobacco swirling in the air, beckoning with an irresistible allure. Unlike the others, it bore no familiar branding or discernible identification. Its label, boldly declaring "Muscle Growth Tobacco,” as if “bro-science” was worth it’s weight. With anticipation tingling in his fingertips, Josh delicately slid the lid off box. His eyes immediately drawn to a thank you card resting gracefully atop the elegantly packed contents. The paper exuded an air of elegance, its texture smooth and pristine. He couldn't help but admire the craftsmanship before carefully lifting the card to reveal what lay beneath. As the card was unveiled, a captivating spectacle unraveled before his eyes. Nestled within the package lay a meticulously arranged variety pack of smokes, showcasing a splendid array of vibrant colors and intricate patterns that commanded his attention. Cigarettes, cigars, pre-packed pipes, and chewing tobacco—all neatly presented with their distinct labels, each exuding its own unique aura. The packs of cigarettes, swathed in wrappers that seemed to hold the allure of precious gold, stood alongside robust canisters of chewy goodness, reminiscent of the rugged men who relish them. Two pipes, already filled and ready for indulgence, nestled amongst the ensemble, while a collection of cigars added an air of sophistication to the mix. The assortment beckoned to him, extending an irresistible invitation to explore the concealed secrets within each offering. A ballet of flavors and aromas awaited, poised to pirouette upon his palate, delivering a symphony of sensations. The delicate wisps of smoke, akin to ethereal tendrils, whispered enchanting promises of transformation and discovery. Curiosity led him to open the card, hoping to uncover the brand names that awaited within - anything gage the quality. To his surprise, instead of a simple list, he found an enigmatic poem, its words shrouded in mystery, teasing his imagination with their veiled meanings. In a shrouded package, secrets tightly curled, Lay blessed smokes, their mysteries unfurled. Each harbors powers, unique and rare, Promising transformations beyond compare. The first, a stout cigar with confidence ablaze, Its smoke dispels doubts in a confident haze. With each puff, uncertainties take flight, Bestowing poise and a mind shining bright. The second, slender cigarettes, bold and fine, A blend that ignites strength, a power to define. As wisps ascend, reaching for the sky, They shape a stature that defies reason, oh so high. The third, a tobacco fit for a pipe's delight, A potent essence, evoking wisdom and insight. With each draw, whispers of passion ignite, Fanning flames of desire, burning ever bright. And the fourth, a chew, tobacco's rugged embrace, Unleashing masculinity, its primal grace. As fibers intertwine, a tapestry of hair is sown, Crowning with manliness, a regal throne. With each smoke's dance, these elixirs merge, Granting confidence, strength, and passions surge. In their nuanced flavors, transformations take flight, As each tobacco tells a story, in smoky delight. But tread with care, dear seeker of transformation's might, For power unchecked may lead you to the night. Let wisdom guide, as you indulge in this haze, Embrace the gifts, but not lost in its maze. For in each tobacco's essence, a world awaits, Unveiling secrets through smoke's intricate traits. Discover the power within, with reverence and grace, And may your journey be adorned with wisdom's embrace. The allure of the smokes beckoned to Josh, tempting him to indulge in their pleasures. His fingers brushed delicately against the smooth surface of the chosen cigar, already envisioning the tantalizing taste and aromatic symphony that awaited him. The desire to create elegant smoke rings and savor the artistry of a French inhale danced in his mind. Derrick must have known how much he would enjoy, quite well. Even after that rowdy bachelors party. As his eyes traced the elegant words of the accompanying poem, a smile tugged at the corners of his lips. The verses, woven with intrigue and enchantment, reminded him of a whimsical adventure, akin to the tales spun within the pages of Jumanji. With excitement bubbling within him, Josh resolved to savor every moment, to let the smoke swirl and weave its magic around him, transporting him to a realm where time stood still. He knew that this evening held the promise of delightful indulgence, an opportunity to lose himself in the embrace of the cigars and immerse himself in their rich flavors and ethereal smoke. Flipping the card over, Josh's eyes landed on what he expected to be the familiar cancer warning. However, to his surprise, he discovered something entirely different—an even more peculiar warning that caught his attention. “The consumption of these products may result in real-world body changing consequences, with effects that can persist for up to two days. It is essential to exercise caution and adhere to proper storage and usage practices to maintain the desired quality of your experience. Any attempts to augment or prolong the effects beyond their intended use may lead to unforeseen side effects and complications.” Josh scoffed dismissively as he set the box down, his cynicism triggered by the increasingly imaginative marketing tactics. "They really know how to sell a story," he muttered under his breath dismissing it. His fatigued gaze darted towards the clock, its ticking hands emphasizing the weight of exhaustion settling upon him. Faint echoes of laughter and playful banter from the parking lot reached his ears. At this moment, he craved the solace that only a well-deserved cigar could offer. Reaching out, he retrieved the coffee-table punch cutter. His eyes scanned the assortment, instinctively drawn to the one labeled "confidence." As he brought the chosen cigar to his nose, he inhaled deeply, purposefully drawing in the intoxicating essence that radiated from the very leaves. The woodsy aroma gracefully enveloped his senses, weaving a tapestry of nostalgia and serenity. Wherever Derrick got these, they weren’t cheap novelties. Josh deftly wielded the punch cutter and fetching his trusted blue lighter. With a flick of his thumb, a flame emerged, dancing and flickering with a gentle grace. Bringing the flame closer to the tip of the cigar, he took a couple small puffs, allowing the fire to kiss the tobacco and initiate its slow burn. The glow at the end of the cigar began to blossom, casting a warm and inviting radiance. As the tobacco ignited, wisps of fragrant smoke curled upwards, unfurling like tendrils of liberation. The delicate balance of anticipation and satisfaction filled the air, intertwining with the swirling plumes of smoke. Josh's skill in achieving an even burn had always been somewhat elusive, an art he had yet to master. The flame's touch always brought forth an uneven char, with flickers of ember struggling to maintain a uniform path. But in the moment, precision was not his priority. With each puff, the tip glowed brighter, revealing the vibrant core of the cigar's journey. With a sigh of contentment, Josh sprawled out on his couch, his body sinking into its comforting embrace. Taking measured, gentle puffs of smoke, he savored the flavorful essence. The wisps of smoke danced before him, swirling and intertwining, as he relished the momentary escape they offered and felt a subtle shift in his breathing. The rhythmic inhales and exhales began to slow, harmonizing with the soothing cadence of his heart. Each gentle puff acted as a lullaby for his restless mind, inviting tranquility to settle within his weary bones. A faint smile graced his lips as he contemplated shedding the confines of his clothing, embracing the freedom of this late hour in all its unabashed simplicity. In the midst of this serene interlude, a sudden realization crept into Josh's consciousness. He realized he still needed a shower as he could practically taste his soured body oder. With a wearied determination, Josh rose from the couch, his body protesting the movement. He shuffled towards the inviting embrace of the restroom, his steps heavy and laden with fatigue. As he began to undress, his attention was unexpectedly seized by the reflection in the mirror. His eyes widened in disbelief, his cock was longer, he was skinnier but somehow faintly muscled. Detailing every fiber of his body, as if he almost no fat on him. With each drag, he embraced the newfound vigor and self-assurance that radiated from within, he noticed his penis hung a little lower and seemed thicker. Unable to resist capturing the evidence of his progress, he swiftly reached for his phone, eagerly immortalizing the image as a symbol of his triumphant to Growlr in search of a cub worthy of this “confidence”. With the echoes of self-assurance reverberating within him, Josh stepped into the inviting warmth of the awaiting bath, feel the water patter his sore feet, ready to immerse himself in its rejuvenating embrace. Reluctantly extinguishing the cigar, he saved it for later, aware of the pang of guilt accompanying his decision—a travesty in the realm of smoking etiquette. Yet, the allure of these newfound results was too potent to let slip away into the night. He craved to savor this transformation, basking in its intoxicating effects and claiming the promised pleasure. The remnants of his progress held too much value to be squandered in the wee hours. They beckoned to him, whispering of sensual pleasures yet to be embraced and savored. Surrendering these results to the wasteland of a late-night hour seemed inconceivable. With resolute determination, he stepped into the welcoming cascade of the shower, its warm droplets caressing his skin with exquisite tenderness. Water enveloped his sculpted form, tracing the contours of his revitalized physique. Each droplet became an instrument of pleasure, awakening his senses to a delicate dance of sensations. He reveled in the tingling warmth of the water's touch, running his hands over his newly defined abs and marveling at the firmness beneath his fingertips. The ripples of muscle responded to his touch, pulsating with the energy of his newfound vitality. As he pinched his nipples and cupped his balls, he realized his cock was still growing thicker and longer, despite not yet being erect. His fingers glided with practiced grace across his revitalized form, tracing the intricate pathways of his transformation, reveling in the silky smoothness of his skin. A surge of desire coursed through his veins, ignited by the intoxicating blend of his physical metamorphosis and the devilish anticipation of what lay ahead. Unable to resist jerking any longer, he gave in to the insatiable yearning that now consumed him, he set about finishing himself off, his hand moving with a well known rhythm, guided by his own intimate knowledge of what brought him little pleasure alone. A twinge of disappointment mingled with the pleasure, as he longed for another man to revel in his new body. The thought of someone else having that privilege to ignite his passions and bring him to the edge danced at the periphery of his mind. As waves of pleasure washed over him, his body trembled with the culmination of his release. He lay there, breathless and spent, a sense of fulfillment mingling with the bittersweet realization that someone else had been denied the honor of tasting his cum. Josh leaned his wet body against the cool tiles of the shower wall, basking in the climax. A thick explosion of cum adorned his skin, cascading down his body in rivulets that stubbornly gathered into a small, chunky pool on the floor of the bathtub. A triumphant smile curled upon his lips. Every fiber of his being tingled with a newfound vitality. It fueled the fire within him, an insatiable desire for more. Indeed, the taste of accomplishment had only whetted his appetite, fueling a burning desire for more. With a sense of anticipation, he knew that not only did he possess a reserve of his first Confidence cigars, but he also held a couple of packs of the “strength” cigarettes, waiting to be savored. The prospect of indulging in all their potent allure beckoned to him, promising an adventure filled with sensations and pleasures yet to be discovered. After pushing the cum down the drain, he turned off the water and grabbed a towel to dry off as his phone did the familiar chirp - someone was about to enjoy his body again tonight. He was determined to do so.
  2. EtherealGrowth

    A friend like me

    With the new year commencing and fresh ideas churning in my mind, I find it is time I share a story once again. This theme keeps on lingering in my mind and it is just very fitting for this particular audience. I've written a similar story once before but unfortunately it has vanquished into the abyss after the server crash. You could say the story you're about to read, especially it's details, also faded away in time... A friend like me - Chapter 1: It's a BAZAAR world out there The thing with fairytale, myths, and folklore is that the details and often not so happy-go-lucky endings are frequently left out or changed. This story is no exception to that phenomenon, which is why it is definitely worth reading. Now... let's begin our story in the land where caravan camels roam. Dashing through the narrow streets, products rolling of carts, freshly hung laundry falling on the dusty paths, and sweat travelling down his body. A quick, hooded, figure made his way through the busy Bazaar aiming for the outskirts of the city, a bag hanging over his shoulders. Tumultuous sounds heard all over the place. "STOP! THIEF!!!" a buldering voice echoed from behind him. The chasers were surely gaining on him and it was almost over for him. In a split second a little throwing-knife slid from under his sleeve and with a flick of his wrist it dashed toward the inner gate. The knife made a clean cut through the rope and the gate started to lower. The figure dug under the falling gate and a loud crash followed as it hit the ground. He looked back through the gate's bars and saw an exhausted Royal Guard unit; led by THE Razoul himself. "Always fancy seeing you my fellow Agrabahnians and have an enchanting day" the supposed thieve said. Quickly the figure disappeared into the busy crowd of working folk and continued his way onward. While our stranger is continuing his way, I'll shed some light on the time and scenery we're dealing with. This story, as you've probably already guessed, takes place in Agrabah; wealthiest of the kingdoms in the Seven Deserts and most strategically located within the Citadel. It is currently under the rule of the Hamed Sultanate, with its current head of state: Sultan Hamed III. A city of mystery, of enchantment, and the finest merchandise this side of the River Jordan! A real melting pot of social classes. Before I start rambling about this bustling city, let's get back to the story. Our mysterious stranger had made his way to the infamous, Thieves Quarters, a place where crime was the norm and not the exception. Not the safest place to be you'd expect but because of its reputation, not many dared go there. Amidst the Thieves Quarters was the Street of Forty Thieves, where our protagonist reached into the well to grab a key. He walked up to a stack of barrels, inserted the key somewhere on the side, turned it and entered the building through the entrance. He was greeted by the sweet smell of perfume lingering in the room. He looked around but saw no-one, he shrugged and dumped the bag in the kitchen area. "You must be Devi," a female voice said. His heart jumped as he turned around and saw a young woman brew herself some tea. "Fuck, you scared the shit out of me... But you're correct m'lady!" Devi said. The woman laughed softly and said: "I heard you had some rooms available, you know, the of the grid kinda type". "Definitely, however I usually hear about arrivals from my companions beforehand," he replied. The lady apologised and told him she would pay extra for the inconvenience. Devi walked over to a little counter, bowed down, pointing his juicy cakes up to the sky, and reached for a key. He pointed to the stairs and directed her to her room: "This is yours, make yourself at home. It ain't much but you won't be bothered by whomever you're running from". "I'm not running from anyone perse," she said, "I'm merely here for observation; Celeste is the name by the way". "I honestly don't need to know miss, the less I know, the better I can protect you" Devi said. Celeste smiled and handed Devi the money, a bunch of exotic coins, but whatever. Devi left the room and started stocking the cabinets with the products he "brought"... You must know Agrabah isn't the easiest city to live in as a mere street rat, or mice if you're female, but juggling a couple of jobs most can get by. This story however, takes place amidst the hottest summer recorded yet. Most crops had decayed, the harvest was practically ruined and the lower class was starting to crumble. It is still a flourishing city, with all its export of silks and jewels, but the scarce import of food is mainly directed towards the upper-class. All the fault of the cowardly Sultan Hamed. "Challenging times are they not..." Celeste said spontaneously. "By the djinn!" Devi said, "How are you so quiet?! But yeah, this Sultan is really making a mess out of it." Devi continued stocking his supply as Celeste stumbled across the walls of the room. It was incredibly hot in the room, the sweat pretty much streaming from his face. Devi took of his hood, revealing his tan and muscular arms, covered in intricate tattoos. Devi had always been quite athletic and was generally gifted in the muscle department. His height wasn't spectacular at 5'7" but he made up for it in raw, pure muscle strength. His arms were big, sturdy forearms, big begins slithering over them, topped with perfectly rounded, 20-inch, biceps. You could clearly sea the musculature of his upper body through the thin and drenched tanktop he wore underneath. Celeste glanced at him, blushed, and quickly continued scanning the shelves. Devi was finished stocking up and quickly smelled his armpits and they smelled utterly foul, like beyond the musk that would make the average human feel horny. "Who are this?" Celeste asked holding a piece of papyrus. Devi walked over and said: "It's me and my mom, she actually started this safe haven years ago. Initially so my dad could return home because he was falsely accused by some vizier." "And this?" Celeste asked. "That's Al, my bonus brother, and his pet monkey Abu. We took him in as a kid and cared for him, since his parents abandoned him. I was always ready to fight for him, good guy! Haven't seen him in a while though..." Devi said. Celeste looked over her shoulder, right into Devi's amber eyes, then looking at his chiseled chin and dark beard covering his chin, his man-bun sagging from its hairband. Devi also glanced into her light grey, almost white, eyes and quickly announced he was gonna wash himself real quick. He rushed towards the washing room on the patio, where he undressed, and started cleaning himself up a bit. After a while Devi was all cleaned and made his way to his room. In all the commotion he totally forgot that he had a guest over and well before he knew it he heard a clattering sound. Celeste had dropped a little plant in a pot when she saw him walking towards her. There Devi stood, butt-naked, his dark long locks still a bit wet and hanging over his pecs. Celeste was presently surprised by what she saw. A beautiful young man with stunning arms, his pecs also covered in tattoos and bulging outwards, topped with pointy nipples. The kind of pecs that sensually bounce when you walk. Underneath a beautiful 6-pack of abs. His whole body was covered in a musky layer of hair. Devi's legs were also impressive, they were thick, you could clearly point out all the different muscle groups within them. Mostly she was amazed by the 6-inch flaccid cock that was dangling between his legs, promptly pressed forward by a pair of luscious balls the size of eggs. "I'm so incredibly sorry, I totally forgot you were here," Devi stammered, "I'll get you some food on the house as compensation!" Celeste looked at him and grinned. "I know a better way to compensate me..." she said and with a flick of her wrist here beautiful, white, silk dress loosened and fell on the floor. The room now filled with two naked individuals. Devi couldn't control his lust and like an animal he rushed towards Celeste. He lifted her up and pressed her body against the wall. The two started kissing furiously as they made their way to Devi's bedroom. On the way Devi's 6-inch flaccid dick turned into a juicy 10-inch poker with a mushroom head on top. Devi threw Celeste on the bed and carefully started caressing her body. She wore beautiful jewelry and wore a silky cover over her heaving breasts. Devi removed the cover and continued kissing her boobs. Celeste started pounding his muscles while Devi was giving her all the poses. He then flipped her around, grabbed her hair, and pounded her for a good while in doggy-style. "RRRRRrrrrrhaaaa... rrrhhaaaa," echoed through the room with every powerful thrust, making Celeste's boobs jiggle up and down, as well as Devi's juicy ass. Just before he climaxed, he pulled out, and a sweet stream of cum landed on Celeste's breasts. Celeste hadn't had such great sex in a long while but was flustered by what happened when Devi climaxed. His eyes, interestingly enough, flared a bright amber coloured light, almost like a flame, when he did. Without giving it much thought, the two slowly drifted away into the world of dreams, a world of endless possibility... Meanwhile within the inner walls of the city, in the Royal Guard HQ, the mood was quite different. Razoul had returned from the Bazaar with the taxes they'd earned from directing the goods to the right merchants. While the poor despised this system, the rich, and mainly a certain vizier, wazir, alchemist, whatever you wanna call him, benefitted the most from it. Almost as if he had a hand in enforcing this new law, like he planted this idea into the Sultan's mind... "You bunch of second-best imbeciles!" a voice bellowed, "How can you lose all that valuable merchandise to a mere street rat". "Vizier Jafar, we were simply outnumbered..." Razoul lied. "Yeah yeah, 10 guys" ... "At least 30 guys were in on it" two guards said at the same time. Razoul quickly shushed them. "Lying now, are we?" Jafar said, "For that you'll be punished Razoul! Leave us be you two!" With a swish of Jafars cobra-headed staff the doors opened and the two rushed out. "Time to pay, my little servant!" Jafar said with a grinn on his face. Razoul undressed, revealing his big and bulky muscle swine body and a leather jockstrap containing a small and fat cock. Razoul was a big dude, about 300 pounds, bulky muscles all over his body, a real muscle swine kinda body, a thick layer of hair all over. A real jiggly bubble butt portruding from behind. He got down on his knees, pulled Jafar's robe to the side and started caressing Jafar's monster cock. It was long and veiny with a cockring on top. "Choke you useless piece of meat!" Jafar said, grabbing Razoul's head and pressing it firmly on his groin. Razoul gave Jafar an insane blowjob, using all the tricks he had up his sleeve. All the while Jafar was humiliating him for his tiny cock. At the end of the heavenly blowjob Razoul's eyes were starting to tear up from the ginormous stallion. Jafar pulled out and said: "Yes... YES... YEHES!!! Serve me, my little bitch!" as he came all over Razoul's face. Thick streaks of cum still running over Razoul's face as Jafar commanded him to get back to work. Eventhough Jafar knew Razoul enjoyed this punishment, it was still worth it considering the immense pleasure it gave him. Razoul was about to leave when Jafar asked: "Enlighten me, cumface, who stole the goods?" "Don't think we've ever caught him sir!" Razoul answered, "He did, however, have very noticeable tattoos om his hands and chest and his eyes had a very mystical amber kinda colour." Jafar mumbled something as he pulled a book from the shelf, opening a secret entrance to his system of tunnels and alleyways throughout the city, quickly disappearing into the darkness...
  3. Feedback makes me hard - as long as it's somewhat positive. Enjoy My grandpa died recently. He was the most brilliant man I had ever heard of. He won the Nobel Prize in Physics twice and the Nobel Prize in Chemistry once. How does a person do that? I guess that was 6 months ago now. I’m starting to lose track of time as I think back of what my life was before. Sometimes it feels like 2 years, sometimes like 2 weeks. Things are getting fuzzy. When it comes down to it, the first 23 years of my life have been pretty good. I have smarts – I’m no brain trust, but I’m sharp and witty enough. I’m shorter than I’d like to be at 5’ 7’ but it could be worse. People have told me my entire life that I am cute, adorable, etc. I guess I’m OK. I have sharp elf-like features I’ve been told – maybe a bit of Scandinavian mixed with Eastern European – like some Lord of the Rings citizen of Lothlorian, but shorter and more tan. I should get one of those ancestry kits and see what I’m made of. Anyway, ya, I guess I’m cute’ish. Nothing of global significance, but if I were found in a small pond, I’d be attractive. And I’ve been able to stay thin and lean after high school and college. I can’t put on a pound of muscle to save my life, and I have tried. But, I do have a nice high tight round ass, a decent 7” cock when I get really excited, and low enough body fat to have 6 noticeable abs and squared off – if mostly flat – pecs. I wear fitted clothes easily. But enough about me for now. So back to my grandpa and looking back on how this all began for me – he was, no joke, the smartest man on this planet. I idolized him. I still do. Grandma is still alive, barely, and I love her as much as I loved him. She supported him always and never waivered from his side. A few hours after grandpa’s funeral, my grandma delivered a box to me at my small apartment, smaller than a shoebox. I was so sad to loose him. I was devastated. But she grabbed my hand and said, “Trevor, he really wanted you to have this. I don’t know what’s inside, but I think I know. He said it was his most valued possession, other than me.” She pushed the box into my chest, surprising me with her sharp shove. “I need to go take a nap, Trevor. It’s been such a long day.” The funeral had been just a few hours ago after all. “He told me to tell you to read the note first and wait a while to open the rest of the gift.” I watched her waddle away, my nan. What a tough woman to have balanced a force like my granddad. She could hang with the best of ‘em. I looked at the box and decided that I would open it after a well-deserved nap. I was exhausted. ********************************************************* Trevor woke up from his nap wondering whether it was after sunset or if it was the next day. His body stretched like a wakening feline. He could feel his lean body lengthening as he reached behind his head and grabbed the top of the headboard. Again the thought came to him – Is it morning or just a couple hours after going to sleep? He looked over at the clock. 7:59PM. Good. He hadn’t overslept into an entirely new day. There was the box. The box his grandfather left him just to the side of his clock. His curiosity got the best of him. “What would grandpa want to give me?” was the only thing he could think to himself. “Grandma seemed a bit – annoyed – about the whole thing,” he muttered under his breath. He unwound the tape that was holding the box closed and opened up the leaflets to what lay inside. “What the fuck is this then?” Trevor peered into the box and saw a small bottle made of clay. It was so nondescript he thought it looked like a kindergartener may have made it on Arts-and-Crafts Day. There were a few folded pieces of paper on the bottom of the box too. He grabbed the paper with his thick fingers (he did have big hands for his size which he always liked about himself) and started to read the words written on the page in an elegant fountain pen handwriting style. “Trevor, I miss you already. I miss your nan. I miss your brother and sisters. I miss your mother and your cousins. All of them. I need to give you something of great importance. When you read this letter, I want you to resist doing anything else afterward except to take a few hours and contemplate what I have written. That is all I can ask of you. My eldest grandchild, I wish you well. I wish you happiness. I wish your desires granted beyond your wildest dreams. Grandpa Wallace” There was a second sheet underneath, written in the same pen strokes. 1. Ask questions. Ask as many and as often as you need. 2. There are many rules. You will learn them as time goes on. 3. Attempt to anticipate consequences far beyond your normal understanding. 4. Maintain control of your emotions, wishes, desires. It will be difficult beyond any explanation I can give you. 5. Embrace who you are but do not lose sight of reality. 6. Help him go further than he could ever hope. It’s up to you now. That was the entire second page. Trevor sat on the bed wondering what the note meant. It was more than cryptic. It was confusing and frustrating. He remembered his grandmother just before she scurried out of the room telling him to “wait a while” before opening the rest of the gift and the note stating that he should “take a few hours and contemplate.” All Trevor saw was a small clay jar, misshapen, old, and ugly really. What did the words in the note mean? Ugh. He didn’t have much patience for this. But he trusted his grandpa and grandma more than just about anyone so he sat there quietly and alone with his thoughts. ****************************************************************************************** Dantalion waited patiently in his vessel. His consciousness swirled in a tight mist. This would be his 12thand final cycle. He knew that he was surely to be destroyed by one of his elder brothers during this binding. He thought back to the beginning when the djinn were created. They were governed by an immensely complex system of laws, regulations, and norms. Twelve of them had been created and now there were only three left. All of them had started on a quest to fill the Well of their power. Each of the twelve had their own Well. The first of the 12 to fill his Well would ascend to Godhood and then would have the power to crush the vessels of the remaining brothers, destroying them and snuffing them out of existence. The humans always considered the djinn to have godlike powers, but with their restrictions, they were more servants to their Bound and trapped in a labyrinth of regulation. He remembered with apathy his previous Bound. According to his personal opinion, the prior 11 were relatively weak men with little imagination. They all wanted power, control, money, or sex. There was nothing horribly creative about that and Dantalion was often bored. Unfortunately for the Bound, one of the laws was that a djinn could not change his physical self to be that of a woman. He was sure he would have spent his previous cycles in various female forms satisfying sexual urges otherwise. Not that sex with a woman was inherently unpleasant, but he knew that it would be one more thing to be bored by – acting out another fantasy without being able to enjoy it. After thousands of years, he was still a virgin, mostly because none of his previous Bound had granted him the ability to feel sex, feel what it was like, what the big deal was all about. He didn’t really care. Humans were so simple, really. Motivated by four or five base instincts. His 11thand most recent Bound wanted knowledge. He was a very measured, unique man, and never lost control. That was unfortunate for Dantalion. He was unable to extract much mana from him to fill his Well. He was attentive to the man but Wallace was so tight wound and controlled. He never let Dantalion really show the range of his power, not even the smallest iota. But Wallace had from the beginning stated he had mostly what he wanted in life. His desire was for knowledge. Apparently, the acquisition of three Nobel Prizes was good enough for the man. Dantalion would have rather ruled the world with him, but that was not his luck. Dantalion had no moral compass with regard to human interactions. He had always been there to fulfill the desires of his Bound – that was his purpose of existence – at least that is what they believed. He knew that it was far more than that. Three wishes would be offered a selected Bound. Those wishes would allow the potential companion to experience the galactic power of the djinn soon to be at his service. Then if the binding was accepted, and it always was, the ritual would begin and the two life-forces would be joined together. Once a Binding was complete, the djinn would wick a steady flow of mana from the desires and emotions of the Bound. As more wishes, desires, dreams were fulfilled – and with increased power used to fulfill them – the more mana would be wicked into the Well. The more intense the satisfaction of the Bound, the more desire an action of the djinn satisfied, the more mana would be drawn away. Dantalion had been woefully unlucky in his chance pairings with humans. But this was the first selected pairing. His 11thsuggested his grandson, Trevor, to be Dantalion’s 12thand last binding. All those before had been so selfish of their power over this djinn, they had hidden the vessel rather than pass it along to anyone else. This would be his last cycle. None of the brothers had filled the Well yet, but Bael and Asteroth were close, he could sense it. He knew that he was so far behind them in the fucked up game that they were a part of, he would never be able to catch up. He didn’t know how they had found such powerful Bound to link with in prior cycles, but Dantalion was resigned to being destroyed at some point in the next few years, if not sooner. He had been in existence for thousands of years, but now he was on borrowed time. All of these thoughts swirled in his mind as he realized that in a moment, he would meet his 12thand last Bound. It was a bittersweet feeling that he felt in his mind. He would do his duty, obey the law, fill his Well as best he could, and then await destruction. He knew that if he had not filled his Well by the end of the 12th cycle, he would just simply cease to exist. In 11 cycles, his Well was only half full. He would do his best, as always, but there was a sinking feeling deep inside of him. No time for that now. He needed to make a good impression to assure the new Bound would accept his offer. He quieted his mind and continued to swirl in his vessel. ****************************************************************************************** Trevor held the small clay blob in his hand. It was hollow from the lightness of it. There was a small hole in the top, which had been plugged with a stone and sealed with wax. He was confused. What was in there that was so special? Maybe the jar was some ancient relic of museum quality. Maybe there was nothing in there at all. He was curious though. Curious about why his grandfather would think of giving him this and why his grandma was so brusque about it. He got a knife from the kitchen and started whittling away at the wax. He needed to get that stone out. On closer inspection, it appeared to be a green gem set in the hole – a bit cloudy in its clarity, but still lustrous. He kept chipping away at the wax. Maybe he could sell the gem to a jeweler if anything. Finally, he was able to remove the stone. He shook the jar. Nothing inside. He was more confused now than ever. Sitting the jar down, he just shook his head. Weird. He was sitting on the edge of his bed and leaned back to stare at the ceiling. Dantalion emerged slowly from the jar in a wisp of whitish blue mist. He was tentative. He had met the man who would become his 12thBound before and knew that a brash show would just serve to frighten. He was calculated in his approach. The mist became more condensed. Dantalion began to speak softly, gently, and soothingly. “Trevor. Trevor. We need to talk.” Trevor heard his name and sat up with a start. He saw a man, thin, tall…familiar, forming I front of him. The mist increased in density. It almost appeared solid now. Before him stood his grandfather’s diligent and devoted assistant impeccably dressed in a dark suit, mid-twenties, thin, wearing stylish glasses in an attractive boy-next door way. What the fuck? “Trevor, we need to talk.” He soothingly spoke again as he became solid. Real. “What the fuck is this?” Trevor’s voice was shaking and had a terrified look in his eyes. “Trevor, I am here to bind with you like I did with your grandfather. I will satisfy every desire you have, within the confines of djinn law.” Trevor looked at Dantalion with caution, like he was in the room with a hungry lion he did not want to offend. Trevor found shook his head and pinched his arm. He wasn’t dreaming apparently. “I know you. You’re my grandfather’s assistant, Dante. Wait, what do you mean ‘bind’ with me?” He had always thought of Dante as cute, maybe not as cute as him, but pleasant to look at. He’d look better with more muscle. “Have you heard of the djinn? Genies?” “The fuck you are!” Trevor spat out at the man he knew as Dante. “I was able to grant your grandfather’s greatest desires of knowledge. But he did not take full advantage of my capabilities. My power is without measure or your ability to comprehend. I can fulfill your wildest dreams, within confines of djinn law.” Trevor looked at him apprehensively. “You keep saying ‘within the confines of djinn law’. What does that mean?” Dantalion/Dante approached the bed slowly as not to scare the human before him. He had this discussion with 11 men before, and was able to eventually get through their disbelief and explain himself. “I have immeasurable power to give what you desire, but there are regulations and laws that I must abide by…too many to discuss tonight. But I can answer any question that you have as they arise. For now, you can ask three wishes of me before you decide if you would like to bind to me.” The man stood there looking down on Trevor. His eyes, Trevor suddenly noticed, were red-orange like a fire, flickering as a small flame and deep as an endless pit. He felt as if the deep pools of dark flames were hypnotizing him as he stared at the djinn’s countenance. Of course he remembered that the djinn were fire spirits. At least that is what he knew from his college course on Mythology. “So I get three wishes to decide if I want to “bind” with you? We’ll talk about what that means soon I hope.” Trevor paused, “I admit I’m a bit confused.” “Make a wish. I need you to know what I can do for you.” Dantalion used his most soothing calm voice. But there was a pleading quality to it. Trevor couldn’t look away from Dantalion’s eyes. “I wish I had some coffee, black, 180 degrees, 16 ounces in a thermal cup.” A cup of coffee appeared on the bed stand, which Trevor picked up and sipped. It was amazingly perfect. “You can do better than that, Trevor.” Dantalion was a bit annoyed that his new master’s first wish was to make him an errand boy. He would definitely not put any mana into his Well with this sort of imagination. Trevor looked at the coffee. His mind started to run wild. He had imagined this type of power from 6 years old. Reading stories of Aladdin, or the short stories of Middle East philosophy, The Arabian Nights and others, he had been enamored of the idea. But to actually have it manifest in his bedroom was overwhelming. Trevor, for some reason, began to feel a bit aroused. What if this was real? Geez, he’d jacked off to the thought of having an all-powerful genie grant him three wishes. He thought he knew exactly what he would do back then, but most of them involved muscle and sex. His brow began to sweat. He started to feel his cock push against his dark slacks. He was still in his funeral attire. “God, I can’t believe this is happening to me. Today. Now.” But his mind continued to flit across the many dreams, wishes, hopes that he had banked in all 23 years of his life, most of those created with his right hand around his hard cock. He gulped and remembered the words written on the paper his grandfather left him ‘Ask questions.’ “Can you change your body? Can you change my body?” He could barely believe that is how the conversation started. There were certainly many more pressing things to ask. Dantalion took a step toward Trevor and said, “Yes” in a low grumbling tone. “But I cannot assume the form of a woman. It is against djinn law.” “Well, who said I wanted you to be a woman? That’s an odd assumption.” Trevor sat up straight and grabbed the warm coffee on the nightstand. “And you can change my body?” “Only in any way imaginable that you see fit…Master.” Dantalion knew he had to be careful here. Other djinn law forbade him to make himself or his Bound too conspicuous. That is how they had stayed hidden for centuries. “I can change your physical being into anything you can imagine, within the con…” “Ya, ‘within the confines of djinn law.’ I get it. But what does that mean?” Dantalion took one more step toward him. He looked his soon-to-be Bound in the eyes. He could feel the flames licking his eyelids. His weak, thin, form that he had been possessing in his previous cycle was so inadequate for what he needed to show the 12th. But he needed to be patient. “It means, ultimately, that as long as you do not draw too much attention to yourself, you don’t have limits. I don’t have limits. One of the primary laws states that undue attention should not be drawn to the djinn or his Bound. “ Trevor licked his lips and his mind switched gears instantly. “Ok. I wish that you would, without drawing too much attention, as this seems very problematic for you, put 5 million dollars into my bank account. It can be over as long as 6 months – as not to alarm anyone.” Dantalion turned away and rolled his eyes. “Yes, I can do that.” He realized that Trevor, his last Bound would be like all the others. Selfish, yes, he expected that…but also foolish, myopic, and infantile in the ability to understand what power they truly possessed when enlisting his services. He would be blotted out now, he was sure – his Well only half-full and that would be the end of his existence. “You can do that, Dante?” “I have started the process already. I have invested the sum of your meager savings account into stock that I will deftly control over the next 6 months, should I survive that long. You will have 5 million dollars in your investment account before the end of those 6 months.” Dantalion stood tall, still in the dark business suit he wore as Wallace’s assistant. Trevor looked a bit perplexed. He heard every word that Dante had said, but he also picked up on the “should I survive that long” part. He would ask about that later too. He started looking carefully at the djinn. He was so poised, confident but almost shy and thin in a healthy way. Maybe the word was ‘deferential.’ “Is this your true form?” Trevor looked into the eyes of his djinn. He knew that he would accept the binding. He could feel it inside of himself. His grandfather had bequeathed this gift to him. But he wanted to know a bit more – curiosity and all. “No, this is not my true form. I have two actually. The form of the mist and the form of physicality. The form of the mist is how I am able to reside in my vessel for thousands of years on end without outside interactions. It is a distillation of my consciousness. The form of physicality is my true form when I am extended out of my vessel. It is against djinn law to show you my physical form until we are bound.” “Do you have a sense of right and wrong? Standard philosophy or ethics? Things like that?” Dantalion took one more step toward the bed. He was nearly shin-to-shin with Trevor who had remained seated. “I do not have the ethics of a human. Because of that, I can serve every desire you may have. If you wish for me to pull the very continent of Atlantis from the bottom of the sea, I can do that, regardless of ethics, and in such a way that it would be explainable scientifically. I can crush all of the armies of the world in a matter of minutes and make it appear to be self-inflicted or one army pitted against another that could be explained.” Dantalion appeared to be getting excited just thinking about accomplishing these feats of wonder. He wantedto use his limitless power. “I do not have your morals. It allows me to fulfill your human desires whatever they may be. There are no judgments.” Dantalion spoke in a low rumbling purr. Trevor gulped as he stared into the eyes of the man he knew as Dante. His mouth was suddenly dry. The embers of Dantalion’s eyes licked his pupils and bore into the young man sitting before him. In his current form, he appeared to be near the same age. Trevor appeared maybe a bit more muscular. With Dante’s tailored well-fitted suit, he just looked very thin. His mind was racing, darting around to late night jack off sessions on the internet, a thousand morphed photos of different dream men he would love to fuck and be fucked by, stories of strength and muscle growth, and cock growth and …. Beads of sweat continued to form on his upper lip and forehead. His breath became shallow and ragged as his mind spun fantasy upon fantasy. His respectable 7” cock began to push against his well-fitted square cut briefs even more than before. He had imagined this moment in so many of his fantasies. For his third and final wish before accepting the binding, he wanted to know if it were true. Dantalion could not read the man’s mind but he felt that something was coming. Some powerful urge was rising. A heavy-weighted door was unlocking and creaking open in the deepest recesses of Trevor’s mind and Dantalion could see it on his face and see it in his cock. He felt that the next words that were spoken would determine that trajectory of his 12thand final binding. Somehow he just intuitively knew – this one would be different. Trevor hastily formed a wish and he knew it wasn’t going to be perfectly formed and he didn’t care. If Dante could make this come true, he would be able to bind with him and have endless wishes. “I wish that your body grew to 8 feet tall and that your arms became so large with dense, hard, striated muscle that they reached from floor to ceiling. Your skin so thin that a single sheet of paper would think it was too thick in comparison. These are 12-foot ceilings. You think you can do that, Dante?” He could feel his hard dick getting bigger and bigger, pulsing with unabashed curiosity and desire to see his third wish come true. Dante looked at Trevor with perplexity. None of his other Bound had asked him to demonstrate control over his own presentation unless it had been to terrify an enemy. Those before had wanted money, military defeats, the building of great structures…and more recently, knowledge. But this man was different. Something was very very unique as he looked in the man’s eyes and saw the man’s penis growing, throbbing, fighting with his trousers. “Curious,” he thought to himself. He nodded. “Yes, I can do that for you.” ****************************************************************************************** There was a pregnant pause between the two. Dantalion was attempting to read Trevor’s body language. He didn’t know the human well enough yet. “Would you like to instruct me on how to fulfill your wish, or would you like me to take…liberties?” Trevor’s breath caught in his throat. This was actually going to happen. “Can I instruct you for the beginning? Then maybe you can take ‘liberties.’” “You can do whatever you desire. I exist to serve you,” the genie rumbled. Dantalion and his deep flaming eyes looked down at Trevor on the bed. He sensed something close to supplication from the human, near worship. A pleading flicked across his face - A desire that Dantalion probed and where he found great depth. He, of course could not read the mind of the 12thunless granted access, but he could feel the edges of it with his expanded mind. Dantalion had been around humans for thousands of years and knew how to pick up on behaviors. The 12thwas seeping into the wildest recesses of his desires. Fuck, he could feel the energy building as Trevor contemplated how to begin. This one was so incredibly different, he repeated silently to himself. “I want to see you naked, first” Dantalion’s clothes vanished just as the last word left Trevor’s mouth. The djinn’s body was tight, thin, lean, and beautiful in a marathon runner sort of way. His skin the color of a summertime tan and his hair shortly cropped and a light sandy brown. “Over the course of 30 seconds, pleasegrow to 8 foot tall, same dimensions you have now.” Dantalion paused. He had rarely, maybe never, hear the word “please” when directed at him. Another something new. His naked thin body kept the same dimensions as before as he slowly expanded. He stopped thinking about what might be going on in Trevor’s head. He was in the middle of wish-granting and a djinn took that very seriously. He waited for his next command as he reached the 8-foot mark. Trevor, for all of his attempts to remain calm, looked at the tower of man in front of him and realized that this was all real and that his most depraved and wild fantasies could become flesh. His cock began to expel pre-cum into his trousers wicked away by his tight square cut briefs. Dantalion could smell something sweet. The beginnings of sex in the air. He had experienced that with previous Bound as they celebrated victories, defeats, destruction of enemies – but they had all been with harems of women, not directed toward him or when he was alone with his master. He was curious again. After thousands of years, he didn’t know curiosity would be so exhilarating. Trevor’s voice was again becoming ragged, shallow, pressured. He loved arms, he loved forearms, he love pecs, he loved lats and traps, he loved glutes (shit, he loved glutes), he loved quads and hamstrings, he loved delts, and he loved calves. He loved all muscle. He picked one of the many. “Please, increase your biceps and triceps to 30 inches around over the course of 30 seconds. The skin should remain thin and nothing thicker than single ply plastic cling film. And I want veins. Lots of veins on the surface to feed your growing muscles.” Trevor could barely breath. Did he just say that out loud to a stranger – even worse, his grandfather’s assistant now standing in front of him naked. Dantalion and his flame-licked eyes focused on Trevor’s face, on his erection pushing pre-spunk out in a slow stream, on the smell of need and desire in the air around them. He looked at his right arm then left and started growing them. He had never been asked for this expression of his own physicality. It was new and somehow excited him on a profound level. His biceps began to grow quickly and the skin covering his arms became somehow even thinner. Dantalion’s triceps quickly formed multiple bellies with striations so detailed, it appears that they were constructed of thousands of threads of fishing line, all writhing underneath the skin. Dante’s arms were stunning and perfectly symmetrical with a 30” exact diameter. They were the vision of pure raging power. But Trevor’s wish was just beginning. Ok, now to 80 inches in diameter,” he looked with a ravenous hunger at Dante’s arms. The djinn’s biceps grew and blossomed. Trevor, now standing up, reached to feel Dantalion’s growing arms and the djinn humbly leaned forward to allow him access to the change that was occurring. Trevor could feel the muscle fibers dividing quickly. It felt as if he had his hand over a steel morning-bloomed flower who’s petals keep unfurling over and over and over, cycle after cycle. Trevor peered at Dante’s right arm and saw skin so thin, he could actually see the beefy red muscle cells underneath. Veins as delicate as spider’s webs covered the blossoming biceps and triceps. Several thick radiator hose sized veins surfaced slowly, running along the top of the arms and the inside from the elbows to Dante’s armpits. Somehow, veins 3 inches in diameter seemed right…and HOT. “Now, I want to see those fucking arms to go from floor to ceiling,” he spoke softly and with a moan afterward. 10 seconds later and the arms of the god in front of him had grown to a size that Trevor had to back up and sit on his bed again. Dantalion’s arms had grown so much; his monstrous triceps were contacting the floor and causing his still thin, yet very tall, body to rise off of the ground. The twin biceps continued to escalate toward the ceiling, the fibers dividing endlessly without pause, all visible thanks to the paper’s width skin Trevor had requested. The veins of Dante’s arms continued to grow thicker and more plentiful. Trevor could now see them pulsing and writhing pumping growth juice into every individual cell. Dante was taking “liberties” with how he presented himself in this way. He eyed Trevor and saw the smaller man studying the webbing of the vessels, the constant replication of muscle cells, and also saw him rubbing his cock that continued to crawl down the leg of his tight trousers. His new-to-be Bound had said he was 7” when hard. He was clearly 8” now. What did that mean? Dante knew he was doing something right. For Trevor, this was the culmination of so many wet dreams. This was better because it was real. Finally, as the growth slowed, Trevor looked up at Dantalion’s face suspended in mid-air, body elevated several feet off the ground thanks to the titanic triceps bellies writhing underneath and pressing into the floor. The arms that he requested took up more than half of the bedroom. But something was off. “Dante, will you grant me another wish, just so that I can see how glorious you are?” Pulse, pulse, pulse went Trevor’s dick. He wanted to take it out and start beating in right there. “I will grant you one final wish before you decide on your binding to me,” he rumbled while looking down on the man below. “Dante, I wish that your forearms, hands, and deltoids were proportional to your arms. You may take liberties.” Without warning, an eruption of muscle so powerful and swift occurred that Trevor was blown towards the far wall. Just before he collided, he felt the newly enormous right hand of Dantalion catch him more softly and gently than he would have believed. He felt the giant 3 foot wide mitt draw back toward the wall-sized pulsating muscle that had just exploded with mass. “Trevor, have I pleased you?” Dante’s voice was powerful and deep like one million earthquakes but also curious, cautious, submissive. Trevor was beginning to lose his grip on reality. His breath was becoming more shallow. Trevor looked down on the 40” forearms riveted with throbbing arterials pulsating in rhythm with Dante’s heartbeat. WAIT, they were pulsating with Trevor’s own heartbeat, mimicking his pulse rate. Fucking crazy. Dante’s deltoids rose to near ceiling height, just shorter than the unbelievable mountain range of the biceps peaks - jagged, gnarled, but somehow perfectly balanced. “Can I touch you?” Trevor asked in a whisper. “You can do what ever you would like with me, Trevor,” Dantalion breathed into his hand where Trevor was seated struggling to maintain control. “You own this body and everything that it can do.” It was obvious from Dantalion’s innocence that he did not understand the weight of his comments on Trevor’s mind. In and other place that comment would be a proposition. In matters of sex and attraction, Dante was a child. Trevor reached out to touch the throbbing, hard, indestructible wall of muscle in front of him. He made contact and then pulled down his pants. Dante’s skin felt like warm buttery silk. The fibers beneath like steel cables an engineer would use to suspend a bridge. A groan so loud that it actually surprised both himself AND the djinn burst forth from Trevor’s mouth. “FUCKIN YES! Make my dreams come true, you fucking beast!!!” Shot after shot of Trevor’s cum hit Dantalion. His enormous hands and forearms were covered with cum and rivulets of seed collected in the crevices of the djinn’s enlarged hands. A certain quite fell onto the room. Dantalion felt so alive, so energized, so different than he had felt with any other Bound – and they had not made the binding yet. This was all so new and unexpected. Trevor leaned back into the giant paw that held him off of the ground. He was still recovering from the longest, most intense, most reality based orgasm of his life. “Trevor, do you bind yourself to me? I can fulfill this and infinitely more wishes based on your need and desires.” All that Trevor could see was walls of throbbing angry hard dense muscle. “Fuck ya, I want to bind with you. I won’t let your power be wasted.” Thoughts of just a few minutes earlier pummeled his mind. So much power, so much muscle, so much of everything he had beat off to for years. Laws, regulations, and more complicated stuff he couldn’t consider at the moment. “How do we do this ritual?” Trevor’s voice was sure and steady. Dantalion smiled and the flames dancing in his eyes flared and began to burn blue. “You must start by calling me by my true name: Dantalion, not Dante. I will do the rest.”
  4. musclegin30

    Bigger...Much Bigger

    This is a quick one shot. Synopsis : Liam is a bodybuilder with big goals, and during a late-night muscle worship session, he just might reach them. Up. Down. Up. Down. I lay on the bench, pushing the bar up. It’s loaded with 295 pounds of steel, but it is only slightly challenging. I am stronger than I was last week. Every week I grow stronger and bigger, but it’s not enough. I always want to be bigger. Up. Down. My pecs and tris contract when I push the weight up, expanded against my thin, tanned skin, becoming pumped, engorged with blood. I can feel the sweat run down my forehead, my neck, my arms, my chest, soaking into my tank. I am hot, covered in sweat, though the gym’s AC is blasting cool air. Up. Down. I force out rep after rep, tearing my muscle fibers down so that I can rebuild them later, bigger and more powerful. A protein shake churns in my belly, below a wall of chiseled abs. Test, Dbol, and Tren coarse through my veins. “One more rep,” I tell myself. “One more. Gotta get one more.” I get it and push for another. I’m always pushing for more. My muscles are so pumped they ache, and it feels good. Around me, the din of the other gym goers doesn’t reach my ears. The crowded gym might as well be empty. All that exists is me and the weight, in this moment. Up. Down. Up. I rack the weight, finishing my set. As I rise up to the sitting position my ‘cheerleader’ (I mean spotter) taps me on both shoulders and exclaims “You’re a beast, Liam!” I know. He’s 27, my age, but smaller. His name is Tom and I know he only spots me so he can be close to me, so he can gaze on my bulging muscles. His 150-pound physique pales in comparison to my 195 pound one. My muscles are something to behold, I think, as I stare at my pumped form in the gym mirror. But they aren’t big enough. I imagine myself some time in the future, after a decade of roid use, eating big, and lifting heavy, standing beside the then Mr. Olympia, making him look small. I will not be Mr. Olympia, of course. I will be too obscene, to grotesquely large for that stage. Unjudgeable. An anomaly that no one will understand. Just being so much larger than Mr. Oympia will give me satisfaction enough. Or will it? Probably not. I’ll still want to be bigger. Much bigger. “Hey, look.” Tom taps me on my trap. It must feel like stone to his little hand. He’s a cardio junkie, who runs on the treadmill more often than he pumps iron. He draws my attention to the other end of the room, past the rows of benches, machines, and free weights, to the gym entrance. A Colossal man has entered. He looks like a competitive bodybuilder, bigger than anyone else here, but not as big I one day hope to be. “I bet he can’t even wipe his own ass,” Tom whispers to me. “Yeah,” I say, eying the mass monster with envy. Tom meant his comment to be derisive, but my cock twitched at the thought. Oh, to be that big. So big, I can’t touch my back. So big, I can’t wipe my own ass. Obese with lean, hard, thick, dense, beautiful mounds of muscle, forcing my arms to stick out stiff like the branches of a tree, and making me walk with a waddle. “You’re not planning to get that big, are you?” Tom asks with mock concern plastered on his face. “Not that big,” I say. “Bigger.” I grin devilishly and stare into his brown eyes. Tom looks at me with surprise and scratches his scalp, his hand getting lost in his mop of black hair. “Really?” He says. “It’s just not practical, you know. Maybe another 10 or 15 pounds on you and you’d be perfect.” “Fuck practical.” I laugh. “If I wanted practical, I’d have taken up swimming. I took up lifting because I want to be huge, with a capital H U G and E!” “You’re already pretty huge, dude.” Compared to you. “Nah, this isn’t huge.” I flex my arms, watching as the peaks rise like little mountains. I can see the separation between the long and short heads. They glisten with sweat. If I was home, I would whip my cock out and masturbate to my hot body, but I’m not home and not trying to go to jail (Though half the gym would probably enjoy the show). Instead, I must be content to just look at them, basking in my own vanity. Tom watches me ogling myself and I see him shake his head in the mirror, though he’s smiling, staring at my arms, as well. Tom reaches out quickly and steals a squeeze. His fingers don’t dent the hard muscle. They linger just a little too long, I think, for a straight man. Was he straight? I wasn’t sure. I sure as hell am not. “Pretty huge,” he says and gives me a look. Envy? Lust? Admiration? Sometimes a look can be so hard to read. “Well, I’m done.” I rise up to my full 6-foot height. Two inches taller than Tom. “Gotta go eat.” “See you next time, dude. I’m gonna hit the treadmill.” Tom gives me a pound and we part ways. As I leave the workout area, I spy the massive bodybuilder shoulder pressing with 100-pound dumbbells, His massive muscles swelling up with each rep. One day, I think, one day. In the locker room, I pull a pre-mixed mass-gainer shake from my gym bag and chug it, before leaving. The shake has 1200 calories and 50 grams of protein to fuel my continued growth. I flex in the mirrors near the sink, standing between two smaller men, enjoying the sight of my pumped-up physique and wishing the pump would never go away. I must be standing there too long, because I get strange looks. Look at that vain guy they must be thinking. Meathead. Dumb jock. My cock is rock hard. The pleasure I experience from my own body is magnified by their stares. I stand further back, peel off my sweat-soaked tank, and drop my joggers so my striated quads are on full display. The teardrop in my legs bulges forward, perfectly defined. I love my symmetry, my veins, my leanness. The only thing I don’t love is my size. Too small. I want more. More. MORE! The thought of more fills my head as I drive home. It fills my head as I consume my first of two dinners (Chicken breast, sweet potatoes, and broccoli). As I masturbate naked in front of my full-length mirror. As I inject the syringe of test into my glutes. As I drink my casein shake before bed. And as I check my messages before finally getting some shut eye. I have a message from a potential muscle-worship client. It reads: Hey Liam. My name is Jessie. Tom referred me to you. He’s a friend of mine and said you do muscle-worship sessions. I checked out your picks online and would love to meet up. You’re hot! Tom knows I do muscle-worship. It was never something I tried to hide. Getting big is expensive and I do whatever it takes to pay for it. After I had mentioned it to him months ago, however, he never bought it up to me again. He certainly never referred a client to me. I honestly thought he had forgotten all about it. Me and the potential client message each other back and forth, discussing desires, boundaries, payment, and any other particulars. It turns out he lives nearby, and we agree to meet the following night. I go to bed exited. I love being worshipped. It makes me feel like the muscle god I one day hope to grow in to. The next day I go to my job at GNC, workout, eat, and shower and, when the evening rolls around, I get dressed in a pair of black tapered joggers, white sneakers, and a very tight white henley. I drive to our agreed upon meeting spot, a picnic park near a nature preserve on the edge of town. Jessie had said he wanted to worship me outdoors, under the stars. I admit, I thought it was a little strange, but I had spoken with Tom over the phone during the day and he assured me Jessie was a normal guy (albeit very obsessed with muscle), not a psycho. His words eased my doubts. I swagger across the wet grass of the park; the cool night air is bracing. Jessie stands beside a picnic table, a cone of lamp light illuminating the space around him. I smile. He waves. Jessie’s hair is blonde, made golden by the lamp light. His face is average, but his smile is perfect, big and welcoming. When I reach him, I see that he is very short, maybe 5’ 4’’. He wears blue jeans and a red t-shirt, that drapes his twig body like a sheet. He is 21 but could pass for 16. “Hello,” I say, looking down at him, and extending my hand. “Hey,” he says, his eyes moving over my whole body. He smiles even wider as my large, calloused hands envelope his soft, small ones. I feel a tingle when we touch, like static, a slight electric pulse that starts in my hand, moves up my arm, and courses through my body causing my muscles to twitch. I’ve heard of sparks flying between two people, but I didn’t think it literally happened. “So, little guy. You like muscle, huh?” I ask, smiling cockily as I bounce my thick pecs. “Oh, yeah.” He is eye level with my chest. “Well, feast your eyes-” I go to remove my shirt, but he stops me with a “no”. He wants to worship me with my clothes on. Strange. “Why?” I ask. “No one’s ever wanted that before. Don’t you want to see what’s under this shirt?” I do a double bicep pose. “You’re paying for a full show.” “Oh, I’ll see it soon enough, believe me,” he says. “But it’s more fun for me this way. You’re not attached to these clothes, are you?” “No. Why?” “You’ll see.” He reaches out and feels my arm, squeezing my bicep, as I flex. There goes that electric pulse again. He can’t fit both of his tiny hands around my arm. I find that so hot. I look from my arm to his and can’t believe how much bigger I am than him. It’s like comparing a log to a stick. My arm seems to grow tighter against the fabric of my shirt, stretching the cloth to its limits. “God, you’re big,” Jessie says. “Not big enough,” I reply. “You’ll grow,” he says. “I know.” “No, you’ll grow tonight.” I look him in the eyes. They are piercing. Serious. Sexy. I wonder what he means by ‘you’ll grow tonight’, as he runs his hands from my biceps to my chest. Another pulse. My shirt grows tighter. I feel like I have the biggest pump, like I’ve down 50 reps of bench flies. I perform a most muscular pose and when I look down at my arms, I notice one is bigger than the other. The first arm Jessie touched, my right, is bigger than my left! “Wha-?” I look down at it, concerned, eyes ready to jump from my head. Jessie immediately grips my smaller arm. Electric pulse. It grows to match the size of the larger one. I estimate that Jessie has added 2 inched to both of my arms. Impossible. “What are you doing to me?” “I have a peculiar talent,” Jessie says. “I can fulfill men’s dreams about their bodies by just touching them.” I stare at him, incredulous. It sounds unbelievable, but… I squeeze my arms and they truly are bigger. I’m not imagining it, so… It’s real! “Most men I’ve touched just want to be hotter, a little bigger, a little more defined, a little this, a little that,” Jessie continues “But I’ve longed to touch someone with truly immense goals. When Tom told me about you, I knew I had found my man.” “I dreamed of being much bigger than this,” I say. “Well, I’m not done worshipping you yet. The change doesn’t come all at once.” Jessie reaches up and takes my shoulders in his hands. “Tell me how much you love to grow. I want to hear.” “I love growing bigger,” I say. “It’s the best feeling in the world. It’s all I think about. Bigger. Bigger! BIGGER! So big I have trouble fitting through doorways. So big I brush up against ceilings. So big, furniture crumbles beneath my weight.” “Yes!” Jessie screams. “That’s what I hoped. That’s why I wanted to worship you outside. To give you room to grow, to expand to the full extent of your dreams. Grow for me. Grow!” I’ve grown stiff as a two by four, pitching a tent in my joggers. His cock is hard as well. His jeans show an ever-expanding wet spot. Jessie rubs my shoulders vigorously and I feel them expand, my traps as well, rise up, consuming my neck. I stretch outward, Jessie’s hands moving farther and farther apart with my expanding body. My delts are obscene, literally the size of cantaloupes. And them: Boom! My Henley gives out. It was amazingly stretchy and put up a good fight, but it is no match for my expanding frame. It tears, with a loud Rip! exploding off me in ribbons and drifting to the grass. Jessie moves back to my arms. They expand again. 20 inches. 21 inches. 22. 23. 24. 25…29. They are bigger around than Jessies waist. The bicep alone is the size of his head. The electric pulses coursing through my body with every touch feel orgasmic. I never want it to stop. I raise my arms as jessie is still gripping one of my biceps, raising him off the ground. He lets go, landing on his feet and begins to work over my torso. He grips my lats and they spread out like a cobra’s neck, as he runs his tongue over my sweaty abs. Each ab grows to the size of a fist, with grooves between them, impossibly deep. I can’t help but run my fingers up and down them, over and over again, like strumming a guitar. I must be a queer sight, a real-life Jonny Bravo. My upper body is colossal, yet my legs are the same size as before. I look like I might topple over, but, as though he knows what I am thinking, Jessie goes to his knees and begins to worship my glutes, quads, and calves. My ass juts backward. I hear the seam in back split, yielding to my new bubble butt. My quads and calves grow, expanding outward, but they also grow longer as the bones in my legs stretch out. I am growing taller! Jussie stands up and runs his fingers up and down my spine. It grows as well, stretching my torso out. I rise into the air, now over 7 feet tall. My expanding leg muscles are too much for my jogger and underwear. They suffer the same fate as my shirt and burst to threads, exposing my rock-hard 9-inch cock. The muscles of my inner thigh push my legs apart forcing me to walk with a waddle. I feel a little awkward on my size twelve feet. They weren’t made for this much mass. But once again Jussie seems to read my mind. He places his hand on my feet and they burst through my sneakers. I kick the tattered fragments of leather away, with my knew size twenty feet, which sink slightly into the ground, under my new weight. I can’t imagine how much I must weigh, but it must be well in excess of 600 pounds. I am so wide, so thick. Every muscle is developed beyond reason. I can only lumber forward, stiffly, and hit approximations of the major body building poses. I can’t touch my ass, or my toes. I can barely touch my own head because my biceps get in the way. I love it! As I look down at my shredded body, covered in a web of bulging veins I realize with concern I can hardly see my manhood over my pec shelf. “You can make everything grow, can’t you?” I ask. “Of course. What man’s dream would be complete without making that grow.” Jessie grins slyly and lunges for my throbbing cock. He places both of his hands on it, lubricated by his on saliva and begins to stroke it up and down. I’m in heaven as I feel it thicken and lengthen, growing heavier. When he is done it is 18 inches long and as thick as a gutter pipe My balls have grown as well. They hang low, as large a navel oranges. I don’t care how impractical it is. It’s my dream and it is fulfilled. Wait until Tom and everyone at the gym sees me tomorrow, I think. Jessie, steps back, admiring his handiwork, looking up at the god he created from my fantasy. I am a freak, the most grotesquely muscled being the world has ever seen, so musclebound I won’t be able to work. I will have to hire live in help, just to go about my daily life. The thought arouses me so much I feel my balls churn and cock twitch. I blow my load without even touching them and what a load it is. It shoots out of my cock with such force, that when it strikes Jessie, and it sends him flying back several feet. “Oh my God!” I say, “sorry, little guy.” Secretly I love how powerful my cumshot is. Jessie lies on his back a few seconds, before rising up to a sitting position. His face and torso are dripping with my sticky cum. It dangles in thick ribbons from his chin as he shakes his head and wipes it from his eyes. He smiles widely and licks the cum from his lips. “Are you happy?” Jessie asks. “I know I am.” I flex my muscles, my massive member bobbing in front of me, dripping cum. “I’m happy, but I think I can dream bigger…much bigger.” Jessie rises to his feet and walks towards me, his magic hands outstretched, and I close my eyes, imagining myself bigger and bigger still. There goes that electric pulse again.
  5. RealIn2Growth

    Merry Massmas - Part Four (22-12-22)

    Hope you enjoy the fun Christmas story I've been working on. Merry Massmas Chapter One Daniel Lorca was mopping the front lobby of the gym at 2pm on Christmas Eve when the older man walked in. “We’re closing at 4pm today. That gives you about two hours. That enough time for you to train?” Daniel looked up from what he was doing. As soon as he saw the older man, he knew he had never seen him before because he would definitely would have remembered the body, if not the face. For a guy who was probably in his late 50’s or early 60’s, he had a killer body on him. Of course, since the popularity of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, lots of older guys had great bodies, but none could hold a candle to his guy. Daniel himself was envious of the guy’s bulging pecs, his broad shoulders, his wide lats, and the bulging biceps on display under the tight red compression shirt he was wearing. “Guess it’ll have to be. Won’t it? Can I purchase a day pass?” The guy smiled a perfect smile at Daniel and had a gleeful look in his eye. No, Daniel had never seen him before, but if he had, he definitely would have wanted to see more of him. Upon closer inspection, the guy’s hair and beard might be a mix of silver and white, but his skin and ice blue eyes were timeless. He was one of those individuals who could either be 30 or 300. He was taller than Daniel, around 6 foot 3, with a wide bright smile and and sharp chiselled cheekbones. “Don’t worry about it. My treat. Merry Christmas. If you need longer, just tell me. I’m in no rush. Might train myself again after we close.” Daniel walked over to the counter and grabbed a sheet of paper. “Just need you to fill this out for liability.” The ‘Old Man’ put down his leather gym bag, picked up a pen in his muscular hands, and began to fill out the form. “Not going out tonight?” “Nah. Probably just chill and watch A Christmas Story.” “Great film. Sexy guy like you shouldn’t be watching it alone.” “Thanks. But… yeah. Alone this Christmas.” “What happened to Tristan?” The ‘Old Man’ put the pen down and looked caringly into Daniel’s eyes. “Trist? We… broke up. Three months ago. Said dating a Gym-Rat was cute at 20 but pathetic at 30. He was looking for a ‘Big Man’ who could match him financially. It’s for the best. Honestly. We’d both changed…” “Sounds like it. What about your friends?” “All off visiting family. Damn I sound pathetic!! Daniel laughed and made a valent attempt to change the topic. He hated talking about himself let alone his failed relationship. “What brings you to town?” “Here on business.” The ‘Old Man’ locked eyes with Daniel. His blue eyes were piercing, and Daniel found himself getting hard just from the gaze. “Over the holidays? Damn. Rough.” All Daniel could imagine was the ‘Old Man’ bending him over the bench press and fucking the life out of him. “I’m used to it. Makes for a good change. I work from home most of the time.” Both men stared at each other until the ‘Old Man’ broke the silence. “Do you… want to show me where the locker room is?” The ‘Old Man’ smiled a warm happy smile. “Of course! Sorry.” Daniel walked through the multitude of machines to the stone and silver locker room. The ‘Old Man’ followed close behind Daniel, his large warm body magnetically close to him. “Pretty quiet here today.” “Yeah. Most people worked out this morning. That’s why we’re shutting early. The lockers are right here… and the showers are back there.” The two men stared at each other again. When the ‘Old Man’ breathed in, Daniel could see his shirt straining to hold in his substantial pecs’ “Thanks, Dan. I can take it from here.” The ‘Old Man’ smiled broadly at Daniel. No one had called him ‘Dan’ since his father died four years ago. His father had been a tall and muscular mechanic whose name was also Dan and the name fit his masculine nature. Even when Daniel got in shape and packed on some muscle mass, he never felt like a Dan… only a Daniel. “Oh. Right. Of course. Let me know if you need anything.” “Will do.” Daniel returned to the lobby and resumed mopping the floor. Occasionally, he’d catch a glimpse of the ‘Old Man’ working out. He lifts were insane, and never once did he ask Daniel to spot him, no matter how heavy he went. The only time he came over and spoke to Daniel was in the middle of his bench press when he asked for a bottle of water because he had forgotten his refillable one. The ‘Old Man had taken his shirt off and was mopping his brow with it. His chest was exactly as Daniel thought it would be: Meaty, thick, with a nice coating of slier hair that cascaded over his pecs and over his mountainous abs. Standing close to the ‘Old Man,’ Daniel could feel himself begin to get aroused simply from the powerful aroma he was giving off. The ‘Old Man’ smelled of rich and potent spices. Daniel tried to put his finger on what he smelled like, but all he could come up with was a mix of cinnamon, gingerbread, and leather. Daniel gave him the bottle of water, on the house, and watched him bench for a few minutes before he went back to finishing his closing duties. He had barely realized the time had flown by until the ‘Old Man’ walked up to the counter. He had showered and changed and was wearing a red hoodie over an extremely tight white t-shirt that threatened to split every time he moved. Daniel hadn’t realized how thick and full the ‘Old Man’s’ beard was or how ice blue his eyes were either. His eyes seemed to dance and glow, and when the ‘Old Man’ glanced at you… you felt like he was seeing and caring about only you. Leaning over the counter, his face extremely close to Daniel’s, a cool artic blast of peppermint radiated from his mouth and into Daniel’s nose. “Thanks for helping an old guy out. All the cookies at Christmas aren’t great for my waist.” “Tell me about it. I’ve been trying to be good all month.” “I know you have. Good all year. Very good.” The ‘Old Man’s’ face was inches away from his. His lips were red, and his cheeks flushed from working out. Barely above a whisper he said: “Any other day, I’d be riding that tight as of yours all night… but tonight… just not possible.” The ‘Old Man’ grabbed the back of Daniel’s head, and their lips met. The ‘Old Man’ was a powerful kisser, and Daniel thought he would cum just from feeling his strong and probing tongue toy with his own. Moments later, the ‘Old Man’ let go of Daniel and pulled away. “Fuck it. What happens down here stays down here.” The ‘Old Man’ came around the counter, and moments later the two men were locked in each other’s arms, holding each other tight, and making out. The ‘Old Man’s’ large hand massages Daniel’s cock through his pants as Daniel massaged his thick pecs. Both knew that they didn’t have much time. Daniel watched the ‘Old Man’ undo his black leather belt and let his jeans fall to the floor. Daniel fell to his knees and began to lick the ‘Old Man’s thick cock through the red fabric of his jockstrap. Just as Daniel would have expected, the ‘Old Man’s’ basket was very full with a fat cock and two large balls. Daniel’s hands shook a little as he raised them to the ‘Old Man’s’ waist and pulled the tight jockstrap down, releasing his treasure. The ‘Old Man’s’ cock quickly grew hard, and soon Daniel was face to face with a beautiful uncircumcised 9 incher that he eagerly took into his mouth. The ’Old Man’s’ crotch smelled strongly of his own essence: spice and leather. Daniel tried to get as much of the shaft into his mouth and throat as was humanly possible, but it was impossible to get his mouth down to the curly silver hairs that surrounded the thick root. After a few minutes of eager cock sucking, the ‘Old Man’ grabbed Daniel, forced him up off of his knees, spun him around, and bent him over the counter. No matter how much Daniel didn’t want it to, reality seeped in. He turned his head slightly and said: “the door… need to lock the…” Daniel grunted and moaned as he felt the ‘Old Man’s sturdy hands grab his ass and shove his meaty cock head into him. The ‘Old Man’ thrust again and again and again, filling Daniel up with the longest and thickest cock he had had in a while. Finally, the guy was all the way in, and as he rode Daniel, he said: “No one will come in. Trust me.” Daniel did trust him. The ‘Old Man’ turned Daniel’s head towards him and they began to make out as he rode Daniel’s ass hard and deep. Waves of euphoria washed over Daniel as he felt himself filled up like never before. Skill definitely had come with age. The ‘Old Man’ was the best lover Daniel had ever had, and he never wanted it to end. After fifteen minutes of hard pounding, Daniel heard the ‘Old Man’ grunt several times, and then release a hot load deep inside of him. Feeling the heat as well as the swelling cock so deep within him forced Daniel over the edge, and he began to cum the biggest load of the year all over the paperwork that covered the counter. Daniel’s orgasm shook him to the core, and he found himself collapsing onto the counter. The ‘Old Man’ pulled his half-hard cock out of Daniel’s ass, leaving him feel oddly empty; like someone had given him the greatest gift, and then taking it away. Huffing and trying to catch their breath, the two men grinned at each other. “I hate to tap that and run, but if I don’t, I’ll never get started.” “I understand. That was…”. The ‘Old Man’ grabbed Daniel and kissed him. Then, quick as lightning, he had his jeans pulled back up, threw his red hoody on over his white T-Shirt, and crossed in front of the counter. “You’re a good guy, Daniel Lorca. Here.” The ‘Old Man’ opened his black gym bag and pulled out a glass jar that contained both red and green gumdrops. “Merry Christmas. Now, lock up. You live in the apartment attached to the building, right?” “I… I do…” Daniel still found it hard to speak after such a marathon fuck. “Then go home. Have some fun. It’s Christmas Eve… the one night of the year wrapped in magic.” The ‘Old Man’ closed his leather gym bag, threw it over his shoulder, and in a moment, he was out the door. Daniel found that the room still smelled like the ‘Old Man’ long after he was gone. After downing two bottles of water, Daniel cleaned up the mess and threw the cum coated papers in the trash. After locking the door and turning off the lights, he turned around, and watched as the moonlight hit the jar of gumdrops, causing them to glow. Daniel grabbed the jar and walked to the coded door in the back of the gym that led to his apartment. It was while he was punching in the code that he thought, how did he know my name? I never told him… and how did he know about Tristan and me? Daniel didn’t even know the ‘Old Man’s name. He had gone to look it up after the guy had left, but it had been written on the form that Daniel had let loose his biggest load over, and it had smeared the ink. Ah well. It was a fun Christmas Eve fuck! More exciting left a mystery. Daniel hummed a Christmas carol as he closed the door to his apartment behind him. Surprisingly, Daniel was horny right again after closing the door. He was barely in the tiny apartment before he was tearing his sweatpants off, laying down on the couch in the living room, and jerking himself off quickly to completion. His orgasm was once again unnaturally strong, and he felt ropes of hot cum hitting his pecs and face. Daniel lay there for a while enjoying the afterglow of his orgasm and thinking once again how incredible a lover the ’Old Man’ had been. After breaking up with Tristan and not sure what life held for him, it was exactly what he had needed. He wished he had a way to thank, the mysterious stranger, but deep down he knew that the ‘Old Man’ knew. Then, with a leap, he jumped off the couch and headed into the bathroom to clean up. Looking at himself in the mirror, Daniel was in awe of how large his load had been. He’d been so busy working to cover the shifts of friends and colleagues who had gone away for the holidays, that he hadn’t had time to even think about sex, let alone jerking off. It must have been nearly two weeks since the last time he had orgasm, so it was no wonder the last two times he had nut it had been a deluge! Daniel took a quick shower, enjoying the warm water cascading over his body. He was proud of how he looked. He may not be as big as the ‘Old Man,’ but his body had decent size and symmetry. When he wore tight clothes, he got lots of looks from both men and women, and even if he was thinning a little on top, he knew that he would be classified in the sexy category if asked. He hated that he never went to college, but when his father died, he needed to be the one to bring in the money for his family. Tristan never understood that. He never said it, but Daniel always thought Tristan believed he was just lazy or not very bright, preferring the gym to the classroom. Even when he had gotten his PT certificate, Tristan had acted pleased for him, but deep-down Daniel had felt his ex was never really that proud. Daniel turned the shower off and stepped out into the steam filled bathroom. Rubbing the condensation off the mirror with his hand, something he always regretted doing but did anyway, he took a good look at himself. He stood 5’10, 198 lbs of muscle with a stubborn layer of fat over it. His hair was buzzed short to make up for the areas where none grew anymore and was hiding the fact that some silver was starting to show. Daniel flexed his right bicep and enjoyed the sight of its peak. He couldn’t complain. He may not be the mass monster he always wished he could be, but he was healthy and mostly happy. Sure, he wished his 5-inch cock was longer and thicker, and maybe it would be nice to have bigger, low hanging balls that shot epic loads ever time, but these were the genetic cards he had been dealt. What good did it do to whine about it? After fully drying off, Daniel slipped on a pair of black briefs, left the bathroom, and made his way into the kitchen to reheat his meal. He had originally planned to make a Christmas Eve dinner, but instead he decided to wait and make a ‘feast for one’ the next day. Right now, reheated chicken, some rice, and a veg would do him just fine. He had bought a carton of Rocky Road ice cream as a treat along with some eggnog to eat and drink while celebrating the holidays and watching Christmas lying on the couch. It was a few hours after he had eaten his meal, and in the middle of the film ‘White Christmas,’ when Daniel suddenly began to crave something sweet to eat. He wasn’t in the mood for ice cream yet, and he never kept any other candies or cookies in the house due to his diet. He thought about running out to the gas station get a candy bar when he remembered the Christmas present ‘The Old Man’ had given him. Jumping up from the couch, he grabbed his backpack and opened it up. Inside was the glass jar. Pulling it out, his eyes fell to the printed label: “Make a Christmas Wish! A small gift for Daniel. Make a wish before biting into a green gumdrop, and the wish will come true. Regret a wish, and all you need to do is bite into a red one. Warning, there are far fewer red ones than green ones. Have fun… and be specific! Kris” Daniel laughed at the idea. What an incredible marketing tool! He was sure the company must have sold tons of these this year. Who doesn’t love the fun of imagining their wishes coming true… yet… the label… the instructions and his name were printed directly on it… it wasn’t handwritten… and the label was glued to the glass. There was no way… Daniel turned the glass jar around and looked at the label where the ingredients should be. Instead, there was another message: ‘Believe it, Daniel. Trust me. But remember: once the 25th turns to 26th… the magic in the gumdrops fades away, and what you’ve wished for and kept, will be yours. Nothing like a little Christmas magic! Kris. Oh… they also have no calories! Enjoy!’ Daniel shook his head. How in the world had ‘The Old Man’ done this? He unscrewed the top, and when he took it off, his nose was inundated with the scent of peppermints, cinnamon, and evergreen trees. It was possibly the best thing he had ever smelled in his entire life. Putting his fingers into the jar, he removed a green gumdrop and held it up to the light. It looked exactly how you would expect a gumdrop to look. There was nothing truly magical about how they looked, and yet… Why not? Why not try it. If it didn’t work, no one would know how silly he had been. It wasn’t like there was a hidden camera in his house… right? He looked around but saw nothing out of place where a camera could be hidden. Sitting up, he placed the glass jar on the table and looked at the green gumdrop. Aloud, Daniel said: “I wish I could lose 20 pounds of stubborn fat and be shredded as fuck!!” He put the gumdrop into his mouth and but down. Instantly, his mouth exploded with flavour. The spicy taste of peppermint filled his mouth and then radiated through his entire body. For a moment, he had the sensation he was standing naked in a forest with snow falling all around him. Daniel swore he could smell the pine in the air and the crispness of the winter wind. When the coolness eventually faded away, he was left with the sweet chewy goodness of a masterfully crafted gumdrop. Chewing the rest, he quickly swallowed it. And he waited… and waited… and waited. Soon five minutes had passed and.., The room began growing hot..., or was it Daniel’s own body temperature rising? His face felt flushed, and he could feel tiny beads of perspiration rising all over his body. He went to stand, but his body felt out of his own control, and he fell back onto the couch. Fuck, he thought, that old man poisoned me. He… Daniel felt his body getting more feverish. Sweat was pouring off him now, running over his pecs and down his abs. He stood up again, and although the living room spun around him, this time he was able to stand on his own feet. His stomach had begun to gurgle, and it felt as if steam was rising from the pores all over his body. He stumbled into the bathroom and turned on the lights. When he did, his mouth fell open as he saw with his own eyes the stubborn layer of fat that had always covered his pecs and abs was quickly disintegrating. Daniel could actually feel the fat melting away, and it wasn’t only on his torso. In the small mirror he watched as his face proceeded to grow thinner and sculpted, his neck and chin lost the annoying bulk, his quads slimmed slightly, and his ass lost some of the jelly buy gained a firmness he had never seen. Once the fat had dispersed to who knows where, the skin covering his abdomen began to tighten, and in minutes Daniel had the tight 6-pack he had always dreamed of. Daniel’s body temperature continued to rise and the sweat continued to pour, and the longer this continued, the more shredded his body became. His body fat must have dipped below double digits as his skin began to look shrink wrapped over his musculature. Pipe like veins were now visible circling around his body to feed his muscles, while his face became more angular and chiselled. Eventually, when the extreme temperature began to lower and return to normal, Daniel began to flex his jacked body in front of the mirror. All of the poses he had read about or seen on line or at the gym he began to do. I look like a fuckin fitness model. Hell! I could be a fuckin fitness model!! Daniel flexed more, his cock hardening in his briefs from the excitement. It would have taken more than a year of strict diet and cardio and who knows what else to have gotten these incredible aesthetics… and who could say if I actually could have accomplished this!! Looking at himself in the mirror, Daniel began to grin and stroke his cock. I can have anything I want, he thought. I can become anything I want!! Merry Christmas, Daniel!!! All you need to do is wish it!!! The image of himself at that moment, and the image of what he could become caused his heart to flutter. I can have anything, he thought. I look like a fuckin fitness model. Ha! I could be a fitness model! Daniel flexed a few more times, his cock hardening in his briefs from the excitement. This would have taken more than a year of strict diet and cardio, and who knows if I would have gotten these incredible aesthetics. Looking at himself and grinning, he stroked his cock a few times. The image of himself at that moment, and the image of what he could be caused his heart to flutter.
  6. xlordwylderx

    Summoning the muscle demon

    I didn’t know if this was going to work. I had just graduated with a completely useless degree in philosophy, and was now back home, applying for jobs. My parents had gone on vacation, and left me to clean the attic. I had found the spell book in my grandfather’s trunk in the attic, written in Chinese. With the help of google translate I figured some stuff out. I spent a day making the preparations. Everything about me was so average. Average height, average weight, average everything. I was the kind of guy who should have been the perfect spy because no one would have ever picked me out of the crowd. I was tired of being like that. If this worked, I would get my deepest desire. I had been in the middle of drawing the chalk circle, using my phone to translate the Chinese. I wasn’t quite sure the tones were right so I mumbled them to myself. And then a wind came from nowhere, knocking me flat on my back. When I sat up, the most handsome ripped gorgeous man I had ever seen, stood in front of me. He was like and ultra-jacked version of Daniel Henney, with insanely carved abs, jutting pecs, mountain range of shoulders, and biceps that put bowling balls to shame. His voice was the sexiest growling bass I had ever heard. “Why did you summon me?” My mind was farting, incredulous, disbelieving that it had actually worked. He glared at me. “Speak, human.” He gritted his teeth, pacing towards me, easily crossing the unfinished chalk circle “Why. Did. You. Summon. Me.” I yelped and backed away. Fuck. I was so utterly fucked. Crap, why hadn’t I been standing near the door? At least then I could run. What the fuck had I done? A wall met my back. A big thick arm reached out to hit the wall my back was up against. He was so much taller than me, I only came up to his pert quarter sized nipples. And now I was trapped between a wall and what looked like 300 lbs of hot angry muscled demon. “Tell. Me. Now.” “I…I…” I couldn’t voice my deepest desire. “I was bored.” He blinked in disbelief. “You were bored?” I scratched my head and laughed. “You summoned a demon. Just because you were bored.” “Ummm.” He shoved away from the wall, and shook his head, muttering to himself. “Humans so fucking stupid.” He looked at me. “Did you even read the rest of the book?” “Ummmm…” He dragged his hand across his handsome face. “Do you even know what kind of demon I am?” My mind raced. I had only thought I was practicing the spell. I hadn’t been prepared for this at all. He rolled his eyes at my silence. “I'm in an Incubus.” I snapped my fingers. “Yes! I knew it.” He gave me a condescending look. “Give the smart boy a prize.” “Ummm, so as an incubus, you do desires right?” He exhaled in frustration. “I ‘do’ desires? Fucking human.” A glow surrounded him, his voice deepening and I suddenly had the deepest desire to get on my knees, and worship him and the thick length I had seen hints of in his gray sweatpants. His hand was on my throat. “I AM desire.” I had never been so close to perfection, never been so fucking hard in my life. He smirked, knowing it. “I can see that little hard on of yours.” His eyes roamed my body. “Fuck it. I know why you really summoned me. He released my throat and I nearly whined at the absence. Holy fuck, what the hell had I gotten into? “There’s only one reason why little boys like you always summon me.” This was it. This was part of the bargain. My mouth felt so dry. “The real reason?” “I want to hear it from your mouth.” He stepped closer, stroking my face so gently. “You humans never want to tell the truth about what you want. You have all these ideas of what you should and shouldn’t do, what you should want and what you shouldn’t.” He leaned forward and whispered in my ear. “Tell me what you want. Now.” “I want — I want to be big like you.” “Is that all.” “I want to be strong. I want men and women to look at me, and respect me, want me, fear me.” “Now that’s more like it. Now you are speaking the truth. And what are you willing to give me.” “What do you want?” “Nothing much. Just your body.” As expected. I turned to look at him, letting my fear and skepticism show. “I haven’t been summoned in over a thousand years.” He looked away, taking a deep breath, his gorgeous chest filling as his nostrils flared. “This world smells fresh and new, and I want to see it. I want to fuck in it. And the only way I can do that is with a willing human host.” He came towards me. “It won’t be so bad. You’ll have exactly what you asked for. You’ll even have riches beyond your wildest dreams.” He placed his hot huge hand, spanning practically my entire chest. “All you have to do is give in to me.” My mind raced, trying to figure out what I had remembered to put all the other things in place. Had I remembered to paint the symbol right? God I was so fucked if I hadn’t. His hand drifted lower, and lower. I sucked in my breath, trembling as he followed the curve of my belly down to my cock. I was totally fucked anyway. “So small,” he said, curling a thick finger around my head. I shuddered at the sensation. “But you can be different. I can make you different. Better.” I knew I had to get the next part right. “S-Show me.” His eyes narrowed, a flicker of surprise that I knew some of the rules. “G-Give me a taste.” He raised his eyebrow. “Very well then.” His pants disappeared. I nearly trembled at the sight. People say that they have monster cocks. But this, thick pulsing tube of veins and darkness, larger than possible on any human man. was truly a monster cock. He stepped forward. “Suck it.” I reached out and wrapped my two hands around him, opening my mouth as wide as I could, even knowing it wouldn’t fit. And yet it must have been magic, because I got my mouth around the head. “Oh fuck. Yes. It’s been too long since I had a human suck my cock. Even if it is a puny fucking human like you. But you won’t be puny for long.” His hands grabbed and pulled at my hair as he thrust his cock into my mouth. I choked, but somehow kept taking it. “Fuck yes.” Thrust. “Oh, fuck yes.” I had never wanted anything more in my mouth than his cock. I sucked harder, faster as the massive man fucked me with his demon cock. With each thrust, I got hotter. Tighter. Harder. I wanted more, more of him more of his delicious cock. And then he shoved me back. I nearly fell backwards, and normally I would have, but I caught myself? He snapped his fingers. A full length mirror appeared next to me. “Watch.” I stared at the image of me in the mirror. Veins pulsed popping forward, pumping me with shuddering vibrations, rising from my skin like roads. And then my body locked up, freezing me in place. I opened my mouth to scream, but I couldn’t move. And then it happened all at once. Hot muscles bulging forth barely contained, biceps surging, exploding shoulders, stretching ripping seams, thick cords of sinew welling up in my legs, bubbling my ass, everything tingling, so much pressure pressure from the inside out pushing forth everything throbbing throbbing, so fucking hard, so fucking good. I fell to my knees, gasping, clutching my thickening chest, rising pecs slabs, getting harder, thicker, heavier, bigger, my groans deepening with each gasping breath, heart pounding, fluttering faster than I ever thought possible. I stared at my biceps bulging into bigger balls than I had ever even dreamed of, watched the vein snake across it. I opened my mouth. “Oh fuck yeah.” My eyes widened at the deep unfamiliar voice. “Holy fuck I’m getting so big.” The demon smiled at me, his hands wrapped around his massive cock, jerking himself off. “Fuck I forgot how fucking hot it was to watch.” The throbbing slowed but continued. Fuck. I stood up staring at the mirror, at the man with huge ripped biceps rising from the remains of shredded shirt sleeves. My arms felt massive. “Fuck that feels good.” The throbbing resumed. Two plates popped forward from my chest, stretching my shirt to superhero tightness. It looked as if there was a superhero chest. “Flex,” said the demon. I obeyed. The shirt ripped, revealing a chest that could rival any superheroes. “Yes!” My hands, my big gloriously veiny beautiful hands ran themselves over my brickhouse abs, the V at my hips. “Oh my god, YES.” I couldn’t believe my fucking muscles, the bodybuilder pecs, the remains of my shredded shirt. “So fucking big.” I flexed feeling my magificent biceps. “And now below.” My eyes widened. “What?” My feet burst forth, sinew thickening my calves, my thighs. “Rip off your fucking pants, boy.” Once more I obeyed. Just in time to see my balls drop. Big fucking balls. And my cock. The demon sucked his teeth. “So fucking small.” I stared at it, waiting for it grow. Needing it to grow. But it didn’t. “Just a taste, just a taste,” he said smiling. I stared at my tiny cock, which now looked so much smaller compared to the rest of me. “You can’t leave me like this!” He came close to me. Holy fuck, I had gotten taller too, because now I could look him in the eyes. “I won’t. But only if you say yes.” I squeezed my eyes shut. “And give my body to you.” “Yes. That is what I said.” I took a deep breath. And spat in my hand. He raised an eyebrow. I slapped him on the shoulder. He blinked. Then froze. I blinked. Holy fuck did it work? Oh my god, no time. I had to say the words now. “Ni Shi Wo de.” I said in Chinese. And Now You Are Mine. He didn’t move. I walked around him. He was as still as a statue. I punched the air. “It fucking worked!” My spit had re-activated a seal painted on my hand. A seal, that placed on a demon such as he, made him mine. With chalk I drew a circle around him. “Now, are you going to be a good demon, and do what I wish?” I knew he could hear and see everything. “Or am I going to have to send you back.” And then I released him. But he merely folded his arms. “Fine. Whatever.” I blinked. I had expected more of a fight. He rolled his eyes. “You humans lead such short lives anyway. It’s just easier to out wait your lifespan. And half the time, you want us to do what we want to do anyway. So fine fine, I’m bound to you, it ain’t my first time on this chariot.” “This was shockingly easier than I expected.” I had done it! I had actually bound a demon to me. “Holy fuck!” He looked at me and gave me a suggestive leer. “Now let’s finish what we started.” “Yes. Grow my fucking cock.” To my surprise, the big muscle demon knelt. “Yes, master.” And then he opened his mouth and took me in his mouth. “Ohmyfuckinggod.” His mouth was utter perfection. “Yes, take it take me. All the way.” “Fuck hell yeah.” I could feel my cock growing, growing. Growing. “Make me a real man. Big fucking cock. Suck my cock.” And so the demon did. And when he finally popped my massive cock from his mouth it was dinosaur demonic as his. “Look at this,” I roared in my incredibly deep voice. “What the fuck did you do to me?” It swung from me like a baseball bat. “How the fuck am I supposed to walk around with this in my pants? “I like it,” he shrugged. “But we can make it more reasonable if you like.” He snapped his fingers and instantly, it became more human-sized. Still way bigger than I ever imagined being but, more reasonable I suppose. “I can change it back any time you wish, Master.” There was something too obedient about him. What was he planning? I walked past him and grabbed the pendant from the drawer. I held it out to him. “Rest now. I’ll call you when I need you.” He shrugged and vanished. Leaving behind the mirror. A gorgeous model of a man stared back at me. Now it was time to do what I had always wanted to do. And finally say something to my best friend who I had had a crush on for years.
  7. arbotimus

    The All-Seeing Eye

    A spooky story, just in time for Halloween... Anyways, some grey areas of consent coming up. If that's not your thing then its not recommended to keep reading. Otherwise, hope you enjoy Part I As I peered through my mask at the inky black sky littered with dim starlight, I couldn’t help but notice the moon’s absence. For the first time, it struck me as odd how that luminous sphere, our only friend to guide us through the dark and somber night with the thinnest sliver of reflected sunlight, was so utterly and thoroughly vilified in our common mythology, made to transform us into beasts and bound by its very name to the idea of lunacy. A witch with a plastic nose and a ghost in an oversized sheet ran under my feet, pulling me from my thoughts. Their little feet splashed through puddles of muddy rainwater that filled the cracks in the pavement. As the ripples settled, vague reflections of monstrous beings whirred in and out of existence, their forms given life by the saccharine glow of cheap pumpkin lanterns. I placed my own steps carefully, lifting my cape to protect my costume from stains while on my way to the party. Looking up, I was surprised at how little of the festival had changed in my decade long absence. I smiled softly. Somehow the same rickety fair rides and lackluster hay bales still attracted the same number of people as when I was a kid. Families milled about aimlessly, kids pulling them in the direction of candy and stuffed toys. I could see the peeling paint on more than a few booths, atrophied over years of storage in preparation for their lackluster annual debut. One booth, however, caught my attention. The neon outline of a diviner’s palm spilled out incandescent lavender light, illuminating the satin sheets framing the booth’s entrance. A verdant neon eye gazed out from the palm’s center, expressionless and haunting in its dull radiance. Perhaps it was because it had no sign or name, but I couldn’t find it anywhere in my memory. It stood in the formerly vacant plot between Janine’s technicolor House of Sweets and an unattended pumpkin carving station, seeming harshly juxtaposed in spite of matching the overall theme of the festival. A vampire and a minion stood timidly before the cavernous entrance, daring each other to go inside. One braved a single step forward, only to immediately flee in the opposite direction. The other followed after him. Still holding up my cape, I deviated from my path towards the new booth. A thin strip of light emanated from behind the closed curtains. Anticipation and fear knotted up in my chest, although it was hard to say why. Nothing individually about this carnivalesque collection of drapes and neon should have been any cause for alarm. And yet here I was, drowning in autonomic overdrive. My heart pounded vociferously, begging me to listen to my better judgment. I could feel my breath tremble against my mask. I pushed the curtains aside, drawn in almost inexorably. To my disappointment, the interior was somewhat conventionally decorated. Vague collections of stars and moons were plastered against the satin backdrop. A bowl of charred bones sat in a golden dish at the center of the round table. The smoke of candles choked the air. The interior seemed somewhat larger than the outer dimensions would suggest, but otherwise there was nothing even vaguely disturbing to be found. I sighed in relief. A large man swept a certain aside and sat down silently at the table. His deep brown eyes bored into mine as his thick hands and wrists deftly cleared the bones from the tray. A crisp white shirt adorned his frame, with gold edges at the sleeves and collar. His hair was cropped short and his jaw was outlined with stubble. He exuded masculinity, and while the exact shape of his body was hidden by his baggy clothes his silhouette seemed, at least, formidable. “Hello and welcome,” he stated confidently. “Hi,” I muttered. “What would like to learn today?” I stuttered for a moment, taking a seat. “I’m not really sure. I’ve never done this before. Don't I just show you my palm? Or you stare into a crystal ball?” I asked ignorantly. He chuckled. “I have many talents. It works better if you ask what you want from this session. Then I can find the path of divination that works best for you.” Well, might as well give an earnest go, I thought. What is there to lose? “I want to know if I should stay here, in this town, or if it’s time to move on,” I said, attempting not to avert my gaze. He stared at me intently. “Is that all?” “It seems like a big enough question on its own, yeah...” “I meant that people usually provide more information to guide their question, but…” I opened my mouth to respond but he continued, “I guess that will have to do. In which case, we don't need to resort to anything as dramatic as scrying the future or...palm reading,” he said, his voice lightened by a hint of sarcasm. He pulled out an opaque dusty blue crystal suspended on a silver chain. “Here, let me show you how it works.” He held it between his index finger and his thumb. It hung there limply. The entire tent was silent except for the soft sounds of flames flickering and wax dripping from candles. I couldn’t help but blush at his conventionally handsome face concentrating on mine, and decided to focus on the crystal instead. “Show me yes.” Within seconds it swung left and right, slowly at first, but as it gained momentum its route transformed into a figure of eight. My vision started to go hazy and my eyelids felt heavy. My head sunk, and my arms felt like weights attached to my sides. My whole world went dark. It felt like my subconscious had put the rest of my body on autopilot. I heard the snapping of fingers, and I jolted upright. “Are you okay?” he said, my hearing and vision still coming back into focus. “Yeah, I'm fine.” I shook my head, finally gaining a sense of clarity. “Was that it? Trippy…” I paused momentarily, but I was met with silence. “What was the answer?” “No, no, that was just to show you what to do. You were supposed to hold the crystal and ask it the question you desired it to answer.” He paused, a slight curvature forming on his lips. “But, considering your response, I think we should try something else.” He ruffled around under the table to his right and pulled out the base of a pendulum. Attaching the chain at the top, he set the blue crystal in motion and gestured at me to focus on the swinging object. “All you have to do is listen to my voice.” I could feel my head getting heavy already. “Take a deep breath in, and a deep breath out.” My thoughts started to recede into the deep well of my subconscious. A warmth arose in my groin. “Your eyelids are getting heavy” My eyes fell shut. I tried to move my arm to support my head, but I found myself incapable of even lifting my hand. My body sunk like a heavy sandbag, plunging further away from my conscious perception. “I'm going to count backwards from ten, and with each number you will feel yourself falling twice as deep.” I could feel my erection rise as my consciousness fell, but I was powerless to stop it. I blacked out. -- I awoke when to a loud snap right next to my ear. A small amount of drool wicked at the edge of my lip. Suddenly aware of my inappropriate erection, I struggled to adjust the lower half of my costume covertly. “Thank you for participating. Based on the responses you provided while you were under, it’s clear to me that you want to stay,” he said. My mind was too foggy to form a coherent response. He chuckled. He slid a card across the table. “Thanks”, finally mumbling something semi-intelligible. “How much do I owe you?” “Don't worry, this one's free of charge. It's a festival, after all.” Odd, I thought, but hardly odder than anything else since I’ve stepped into this tent. He stowed the pendulum away, and gestured to the exit. “You’re free to take your leave,” he said, disappearing behind the curtain. I immediately stood up and left the tent, thrust back out into the chilly, humid night. I stumbled a little, apparently still getting reacquainted to the autonomy of my own body. There was no one around anymore. I must have spent more time in that tent than I thought, but that hardly mattered to me right now. All I could think about was getting home. I couldn’t escape the horrible feeling that something inside me had fundamentally transformed, and I craved the familiar setting to calm my nerves. Somewhere on the path, stopping in the still darkness, I finally thought to take off my mask. I stared at the blank sky above me, trying to search for what inside me had changed. I could find nothing. If I had been altered, it was too well hidden for me to find it. When I finally got home, I opened up my phone to find over twenty new texts. Shit. The party. I responded to one string of messages that I was still alive but feeling sick, and immediately fell asleep. -- I awoke to the rhythmic hum of rain beating on the roof. I found the steady pitter patter soothing in comparison to last night’s events. The chill of cold, wet air was seeping into my room, and I almost fell back asleep huddled beneath my covers. Instead a sudden burst of energy welled up inside me. Within seconds I was on the floor, doing pushups and sit ups. My body ached with pain after only a few sets. I could barely move, and I fell asleep again on the floor. My alarm woke me up not half an hour later. My body felt tight but was surprisingly not sore. I stretched absentmindedly, the rain now pouring down. I hadn't made any plans for the day, and I shuffled my feet towards the kitchen. By the time I opened my waffle maker I felt a click somewhere in my head. This wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to go to the gym. No one was at this small town gym on an early Sunday morning. The man behind the counter looked like he was about to fall asleep, his scruffy chin falling back into his oversized sweater. I swiped my card and started with some pull ups. My mind felt a little hazy during the lift session. I wasn’t really sure if I knew what I was doing, but my body seemed to be moving on autopilot. An hour later I was drenched in sweat and my chest felt really tight. The man at the counter had fallen asleep. He didn't notice when I left. On the way home I stopped at the nearest restaurant and ordered twice the amount of food I normally do, along with some extra to go home. I was sure the wait staff had a few eyebrows raised watching a guy my size eat so voraciously, but I didn’t even think to feel ashamed. I had worked hard and I was hungry. It felt good to be full after a big work out. The rain had let up some by the time I had made my way back home. I barely had time to shower before I immediately fell asleep again. I awoke 8 hours later in the dark, feeling refreshed. I hadn’t even made it out of bed before I had the urge to hit the gym again. I met the same slumped over employee at the check in counter. "Back again, bro?" He asked, seemingly uninterested in his own question. "Yeah, I...I guess so. Just feeling really into it today, I guess." "Whatever floats your boat, my man. It's been a slow day all around." Huh, that’s weird. How did I end up here again? And on the same day? Well, might as well get a work out in while I’m here… That session was followed by the largest meal I’ve ever eaten in my life, the deepest sleep, and yet another grueling session in the gym. An undetermined number of days passed this way. I turned down any replies for job interviews I had sent out when I moved here. If my friends texted me, I’d just answer, “Busy”. At first I would just eat whatever I could get my hands on, but I slowly found myself only able to eat rice, meat, and veggies. If the local gym was closed when I woke up, I’d drive to the nearest 24 hour gym. In one of the clearer moments, the pale face of the full moon met my upward gaze. Hadn’t I been here before? Wasn’t I supposed to feel something? My mind was blank. If anything used to be there, it had sunk far, far down. Well, no matter. I opened the door to the gym, ready to get pumped. Part 2 coming...eventually, lol
  8. I have a rough outline of what's scheduled in the game (it sat with me as a heap of ideas for a standalone fic) and how it should connect to the main (main, you say?) plot, but there can be circumstances I bail out with a block. Hoping for the best bc I had a blast at the end of this chunk. Please let me know how you found it. Also hopefully my vocabulary is a bit larger than the last time. I'm not practicing writing inbetween making these but I feel now my writing goes a lil bit smoother. Hopefully my characterization doesn't suck too much. But I won't pepper the text with exact measurements though still. If you want more tags pls tell me too. ~~~~~~~~ Luc set off for a walk to ease his mind. Now that high school was over, nothing stopped his mind from filling with anxiety about the future. In short, he was ever unsure where does he want to go next. He haven't yet found a passion for anything except maybe drawing, but he didn't want for that to be his daily job. His drawing was for fun, for meditation, and all that. It was personal. He thought maybe going into software dev wouldn't be too dull but he seemed to muddle his expectations with googling about day-to-day routine. And he was currently mediocre in programming, he even haven't opened an editor in two month. So he mused unsuccesfully about what is there and what are his chances to get there at all, when he stumbled upon a small desk where people seemingly put various garbage for free. Old toys, a washed shrunk jacket which probably no longer fit his owner, a heap of books... one book drew Luc's attention. There was a swollen bicep on its cover, he took it in his hands and saw it was a case for a CD and not a book. "Shifter Pebo against macabre mystiq", was the title. All the letters were in that monospace serif font like a badly translated instruction manual from Far-Eatern countries or somewhere. It seemed this was a visual novel-type game where you watch backgrounds, read swathes of text and talk to characters and date them or what, earn points and discover various endings. It won't come to worse, Luc said to himself. He haven't thought he'd be bad with life decisions when all school activities ended—maybe a slower pace, distracting a half of unfruitful thoughts by this game, he'd think something healthy in a week or two? And it probably will be at least bearable because muscle. Cover text promised something related to muscle progression; hopefully there were some pretty pictures. ~~~~~~~~ Saying hi to gran, Luc went straight to his room, found his old laptop which had a CD drive, powered it on and was welcomed with a password prompt. When he finally remembered what it was, he was welcomed by a wallpaper of badly drawn guys which were meant to look muscular, but he had little experience drawing humans that far ago, so it was kinda embarrassing and bittersweet. He wasn't going to change it right away, though. Instead he inserted the game CD and waited for it to load. The laptop chirped and screeched and almost threatened not to read the CD it was so old and probably all dusty inside, but in the end game files were shown, and Luc clicked on a cheesily named "MYSTMSCL.EXE" having a bicep icon reminiscent of the CD case; there was no other application files on the disk. The game seemed to load forever. Several windows briefly flashed and ceased to be, one like a command prompt. "Probably written in Ruby or something", Luc thought of that. After a minute, he went to take a piss and once more saw a tall scrawny dude in the mirror, with long-ish black hair dyed sky blue to green, badly in need of re-dying at this time, with a scraggly stubble he usually shaved off but now he that he was almost all by himself he didn't bother. At least lifting his tee he could see his abs, flat as they were. And his arms weren't that bad, all because of drawing. Joking here—nope, it didn't work that way, but he often helped his gran to move something about her room or going shopping for the house, as she wasn't too mobile. Nothing to be proud about, mostly some bulk and veins on forearms. Convinient to pump before jacking off. Luc washed his face and returned to the laptop. Now there it was, a title screen and some options. He turned down music volume because it seemed to be picked badly, some k-pop nonsense with untractable melodies and chords changing every half a second. It was a game where you read. why?! ~~~~~~~~ Okay, the game was indeed badly translated. So much for free stuff! The protagonist was seemingly named Pepo and the setting was in rural Braziliz in a tiny town. And maybe it was a game for kids because Pepo was like 13. He lived together with his "friend-brother" Agil and his mother Linnn. Luc selected an option to know more backstory but Pepo answered "Linnn is not home right now". He was light-skinned while the majority of the town, included Agil and Linnn, was darker. The story then went to their school, and apparently some kids liked to take issue with Agil because he, like, really loved astronomy and maths. Luc chuckled, it was pretty cliche. It was said, then, Pepo and Agil were almost always together in school and that prevented most of the stuff from happening, despite they both weren't much out of ordinary. Pepo just apparently was good with words or something. It didn't translate that way though. Ah, a detail slipped inbetween verbal barbs during lunch time: Pepo was adopted by Linnn; she was a friend of his mother but then she died shortly after birth. Oh drama. So, then it was a time skip to a day when Agil and Linnn were to some "Reo" place for half a week, and Pepo was staying. The town was all poor and so they saved instead of bying a ticket for Pepo to come with. It was okay though. They were stocked on staple food as Linnn believed one needed to eat regularly rather than buying vanity. Her ledger was probably why they weren't begging on streets. Welll… Well so there was a long road for this story to go to do something with muscle. It was stated there was no gym in the little town, and there was some gang place where Pepo and Agil weren't allowed. Not that they wanted to go there because some of the harsher types they saw in school were regulars. They had a bar in their house, though—which Pepo used and ushered Agil too. It didn't amount to much as they ate mostly cereal and vegetable type food, and there wasn't much info about how to train. Anyway there wasn't much time, as they needed to make an "infusion" for Agil each day and watch nothing bad happens. So it seems this time Linnn and Agil went to a check up with a doctor as they happened to regularly. Now something was clearing up! There was not just text but wholesome pictures of scenes with the characters. Or not so wholesome regarding the school. Pretty boring, maybe a touch too sweet. Luc went on. So, Pepo was alone for a week and he still was going to school of course. The first day alone, some tougher types which tried to bully Agil approached him. They suggested disclosing to him a secret about Agil and that he would reconsider treating him as brother and said it was importent. Luc was given a choice, go or tell them to fuck themselves. Luc chuckled at the sudden f-word amidst pretty diluted language. He saved the game and picked the option to go with. Figured these were really assholes! So they led Pepo to some wilderness and to a cave entrance and ganged up on him, ridiculing his naivete. They picked off his "photo charm" he seemingly wore around his neck, usually hidden under his shirt, and threw it into the cave, saying some words about it and leaving him on his own. Huh it was interesting. What was that "photo charm" which wasn't mentioned before? Thankfully there was an option for Pepo to go intospecting his life. Luc chose that. Turned out there was a photo of Pepo's father Arepo... duh, translation issues or were they feeling smart? Photo which was the only one he had of him, because Arepo had vanished into thin air before his wife's death. Linnn said that she told something incomprehensible about vengeance of somebody's for him and that he was so special and not only for her alone. So neither Linnn nor Pepo (nor Agil, for that measure) believed he killed her or something like that. No wonder there was no choice in the game besides to go into the cave and look for the amulet. Well, for the better, Luc thought. It was a bit more interesting that way. The cave was dark and damp and went down and down, but after traversing some, Pepo came upon a wooden door. Thankfully the gang haven't thought to fumble in his pocket so he had his "Noita sellphone" and lighted the way. He still almost fell and sprained an ankle before finding the door. Huh that was some mystery here but grans was calling Luc about something. ~~~~~~~~ Night has come; Luc had come for his walk in the evening and three or so hours had passed. He kissed grans good-night and made himself a couple sandwiches and tea, then brought it all to the room and continued with the game. Pepo went through the door to a tiny room and battery in his phone died. It already beeped all the way down before. (But it was told to Luc only now, cheap thrills.) Pepo was left in a complete darkness... not complete. There was some pinkish light in a corner. He reached out and touched a small box which was fixed on a wall with clay and so was easily tugged free as the cave was moisty. Closer to his eyes, the box glowed orange and he managed to acclimate enough to the darkness and little light to find his "photo charm" on the floor. Here it was, a rendition of the small round photo card in very low light. Luc could see a man's head looked at the viewer with a slight confident smile, hair close-trimmed and a bit of... very mighty neck... was visible. Luc started mid-chew and then looked again. Interesting, it was rare to draw someone's neck this thick and encroaching on chin, if he extrapolated out from a small picture correctly. Few real men had such a neck, it probably was thought disproportionate but it looked good. It looked good to Pepo too, it seems. He shuffled out of the cave with the small box and the photo back up, using the box to light the way. At least going up was easier, there being more rocks and crevices visible than looking down-slope. Luc chose for Pepo not to investigate the box until he comes home. Going back was uneventful, the next screen was already about Pepo reading how to help his ankle and then puzzling over the box. It was two-piece with an orange gem on top which was what gave of light in the cave. There was an in-game puzzle for Luc to emulate Pepo's process of unlocking the box. After, inside was a small piece of paper where a phrase was scribbled. "Kelmonzac, cum with me", Pepo and Luc read, bewildered. Nothing happened. It was just said Pepo "remembered he's alone without Agil" and went to sleep exhausted from the trip, with his ankle hurt. Then the game said "Seeing you to-morrow" and hadn't allowed to go on. Luc went to sleep. ~~~~~~~~ There is darkness. He sensed movement far away. Too far away to reach but it'll all come to a stop some day, he'll be sure of it. Sticky webbings of signaling, holding him, constraining his free movement, they'll be an instrument of undoing it all. Luc awoke in the middle of the night with anxiety and something forgotten nagging at him. He couldn't remember what. ~~~~~~~~ Before noon, Luc was done with aiding gran with making her favorite soup and then packed an external battery and the old laptop and went to a lone hill with a tree which he practiced to drew a couple of times. There he nestled a rug on the tree's roots and sat with the game. While it scrambled to load, he heard someone calling him. "Hey Lucas! Is it you there?" Oh, it was Jonah from the gym. The only one who called him "Lucas" so insistently despite a couple corrections. The reason he cancelled it all having barely started. "Coming over!" He was unbearable, was he? As much as goddamn hot. The game loaded when Jonah was up the hill and approached him. "Hey what are you doing? Feeling the sun huh?" Luc just closed the laptop and tried to zip it into his backpack. "Sun's out guns out!" Jonah said and flexed, in his damn tight black tank and smiling with his whitest teeth. "Why no guns here, I talked to you to work out more!" The guy was just obstinate. But he was smart. Just really up his ass. "Hey what's you having here, lemme look!" Jonah aptly snatched the laptop and looked... Pretended to look through a crack and then just held it in his hands, framed by his biceps at the sides as a strange conceptual painting. Luc was starting to fume. Jonah smiled obnoxiously and stood still, waving his hands and, moreso, bouncing his pecs now. As said: obnoxious fuck thinking he's any humor in him. Jonah ceased smiling and placed the laptop on the grass and sat there. "Listen. I wasn't mean to drive you out. Sorry if I'm too all-out, I won't try to excuse myself with that I have ADHD but maybe you'll understand. Finally I see you out there, and, well." He jumped up and tried to snatch the laptop again. "No, no!" Luc cried out. "Okay okay." Jonah said chuckling and gave it back. "But do know it was my place near where you found that CD. See ya!" He ran downhill. "What? Hey, wait!" Luc shouted and Jonah instantly reversed course and sat near him leaning on the tree's bark. "Well? What chapter?" Jonah asked. "Did you had the wierd dream?" "...no? Wait, did you play this game too?" Luc fumbled puzzled. "Figures. Yeah, you should remember from that day we met in the gym that I'm a sucker for muscle!" Jonah said and took off his tank top with one hand while already stroking his blocky abs with another, discarding the top in Luc's lap and curling a hefty bicep with that arm, all in two seconds. Luc just stared at him and then at the tank. It was pretty small when not worn. Luc sensed tightness in his pants. "So, I saw you then and I saw immediately you're like me there, you came just to hulk yourself out and jack off on muscles and brag, well sorry I was so enthusiastic so you probably thought I'm mocking you or what. I didn't think?" Luc was still stunned. It seemed his brain is rusty today. He had no thoughts to think. He looked up at the branches of the tree, at his laptop, at the fucking sweaty tank in his lap, at the... was it? How could it be he was the dumb one all along? He couldn't think but he needed to do something so he placed his arm on Jonah's pec. It was warm and alive with vibrations, dancing around the littliest amount, flexing subtly in the cool air and excitement of the guy. "You like it, yeah?" Jonah asked as if he could still need a validation of his theory. Jonah had a boyish face, with a wide jaw, still, head completely bald, thought the first time Luc saw him he sported an unruly mess of red spikes, and he has a very light but surprisingly dense stubble now, coppery-brown and glowing in sunlight. Luc just wanted to feel it so he drew his finger over Jonah's cheek. "Tickles", he said and flexed his torso. "Uh it was really arousing. And you reminding me. I need to j/o." Jonah nonchalantly tried to go with his meaty forearm into his sweats but Luc grabbed it. "Are you always like this?" he asked incredulously. "Huh? Well?" Jonah waved his arms. "It's not that often I meet someone close to me in... well not that I was a loner... well, you see, condition or not but it's hard for me to be comfortable in large company. I mean, I know I'm pretty hot and I'm not anxious of being like railroaded into something or what, but it's nerves and do you remember nerves are bad for those?" He flexed his pecs and smiled. "Not many folks to hang out with, like no sweat, personal. I mean, some become plain affronted with me being me, me being, well, so I think I liked you and then you come about and remind me..." He pulled his face closer to Luc, then reversed. "Sorry if I'm intense or not making sense, or rhyming it seems." Luc probably wasn't making sense anymore too. He looked downhill, saw everything being far away and reached into Jonah's sweats with his own hand instead of Jonah's. The guy's face seemingly went pink, not that he wasn't already a bit because of the sun and his constant flexing where he seemingly flexed just as hard as he could. To impress Luc? To feel the strength himself, constantly? While he thought and forgot to do anything with his hand, he felt another hand unzipped his jeans and touched then massaged his hard cock. "It's bizarre" Luc only croacked. He located Jonah's own package with ease as it was almost visible through his sweats before, even through there were boxers inbetween. "We'll blow you up Lucas, you can't be this way when your only treasure is your abs. How do you even jack off?" Jonah said in a disapproving teacher's voice while stroking Luc's meat, pumped forearm going up and down through his groin hair. "What?" But he tried to match the pace. Cloud gently moved upon the sun. Luc catched the thought he almost missed. "I have imagination you brute." "Luc please tell me you aren't running from me this time now as you jack me off." "What?!" Eh. Jonah was still impossible. Luc added violence to let his displeasure be known. "I mean do you like me, I need it, I think I was missing something for those seven months since you came into the gym and left right away. I seemingly lived okay but you see I now see I didn't. I do you alright? Please tell me we make something." It was plain painful. This hot warm burly piece of shit being a... a... oh pencil gods no! He’ll stain the jeans and how would Luc go home then? Damn. So good. He felt sitting in a warm pool. "See, you can borrow my gear." Jonah said and took his own cock from Luc's hand and targeted his own emerging cum to land on Luc's jeans too. "I mean take my pants, they seemed to end up clean!" Fucking rowdy imbecile. ~~~~~~~~ There is no moving there. Connections. Disconnections. Curious, it doesn't go as I saw it go. Though sooner or later, fewer or twice more, they all go out by my hand. Freedom is out. ~~~~~~~~ TBC. (Ah I want to met a guy like Jonah too, now—maybe to my utter demise. Also I haven't even planned him here. It's PROVIDENCE.)
  9. Hialmar

    Professor Schnackenburg's mistake

    I dedicate this story to GiganticBeast, who asked for something similar to this: Professor Schnackenburg's mistake Chapter One He remembered how Ms. Giraud had presented him to his former tutor, Assistant Professor Smith, in the past: "Mr. Schnackenburg – B.A., archaeology student and expert in the occult." They had both watched one of the Indiana Jones films recently, and Josephine ... Ms. Giraud ... already had a sense of humour he had found himself appreciating. Ms. Giraud! Jet black hair, intelligent gaze, great sense of humour. In Schnackenburg's opinion, she had thrown away her excellent talent for archaeology, when she settled for a purely administrative post at the Department for Archaeology. On the basis of the quality of her Masters thesis, she could have been one of the great names in the field, if she had published a PhD thesis. Nor could he understand her preferences, when it came to men. She had never married, and none of her affairs seemed to last or lead to anything enduring, but Schnackenburg had been invited to uncomfortable dinners with her so many times, encountering a string of her several boyfriends: A marine, a builder, a policeman, a sailor. Even a professional bodybuilder once. Not the typical consort to bring to formal university dinners. What was Josephine supposed to speak about with any latest fling? Not strontium analysis of fossil teeth, that's for sure. Hell! Some of these men had upper arms as wide as his legs! It was good for his career, that he had generally hid his personal interest in the occult: It wouldn't have been good for his reputation, if his membership in The Order of the Rosary Cube and Calix Gradalis had been publicly known. Who would trust the scientific rigour of someone, who spent hours in weird meditations? Though the meditation practices had been useful in order to reach heightened awareness, his scholarly sense of critical evaluation had always kept him suspicious of the baseless legends about sunken continents. We now know about plate tectonics: There is no place in real pre-history for sunken continents like Atlantis, or Lemuria in the Indian Ocean, or Mu in the Pacific. After his PhD, he had specialised in two fields: Mesolithic Europe and deciphering unknown scripts, and he now read Linear A, Indus Valley script and Easter Island script fluently. He had never thought, that these two fields would ever converge. The Doggerbank excavation changed all that. Even if he didn't dive himself, he was responsible for the entire project, and he gave the divers – some of them his postgraduate students – careful instructions how to avoid any damage to the finds. When Brock McGurgan, a good-looking blond Canadian student of his, returned to the surface with the tablets and the bronze sword, Schnackenburg understood, that something sensational was going on. It had now been three years since the Doggerbank excavation. He could still remember the scent of the salt sea and seaweed, and he could remember how the hair on his forearms turned into goosebumps when he saw the greenish-gold hints of bronze. He could still remember the sight of the broad-shouldered MacGurgan taking the diving suit off. Doggerland had been a lowland island (but not a continent) that actually was flooded and drowned in the North Sea between Scotland and Norway during the Stone Age, leaving Dogger Bank under the sea level. The hunter-gatherers of Doggerland were not expected to have known farming or metalwork, nor to have any script or alphabet. A bronze sword and stone tablets written with some sort of text turned all expectations on their head. It had now been three years. MacGurgan had assisted him in cleaning the stone tablets, and the lad felt like a son to him. Schnackenburg looked forward to read MacGurgan's PhD, which was soon expected to reach completion: Bronze technology in Doggerland Culture: A revaluation of the Atlantic period. MacGurgan's enthusiasm and cheerfulness lightened up hard work on pollen analysis or dendrochronology. Outside campus, Schnackenburg had once seen another side of MacGurgan, which was hard to reconcile with Schnackenburg's general impression of his student: A drunkard had knocked over MacGurgan's beer by mistake, and the student had over-reacted and beaten the culprit several times. It felt like a block of ice in his gut, when Schnackenburg recollected the image of MacGurgan's undoubtly handsome face disfigured in a grimace of unbridled wrath, his ice blue eyes burning. It was like he didn't know the promising young man he thought he knew so well. Schnackenburg dismissed the memory, and turned his recollection to the hard work and great assistance of MacGurgan in the work on the Doggerland Tablets, as they were now known. Schnackenburg had spent hours upon hours with the tablets. No key to the code. No Rosetta stone. Sometimes, in late hours after worktime it had felt like the tablets spoke to him with ghostlike hollow voices: Howlings of forgotten wraiths and souls adoring long-forgotten unnameable gods. He had checked the results again and again, and forwarded the PDF to MacGurgan, who anyhow wouldn't understand the real-life implication of the translation. Double checked. Triple checked. Was it really possible? Was it decipherable? Could it really mean, what he thought that it meant? "Archaeology professor and expert in the occult". His profession and his hidden hobby merged. The silence of the night hours turned into the sound of his pulse in his ears. Hissing. Throbbing. The city outside the window, lit windows in high rise buildings. Strewn with stars. The weight of millennia resting on his shoulders. Still some scent of seaweed, which didn't seem to go away from the tablets. * * * Brock MacGurgan worked late. He had a deadline on his PhD, and his assistance concerning the Doggerland Tablets took up a lot of his thoughts. Wouldn't it be amazing if Professor Schnackenburg really broke the code of the tablets? What if they were close to the solution? And the sword... There was something with the sword, that spoke to MacGurgan on a deep level. Heroes. Fights. Combat. Victory. Old myths of stormgods battling reptilian elder gods. Old myths of solar heroes protecting mankind. The sort of texts one would expect to find in ancient civilisations. He had seen the Professor staring at the tablets so many times, enchanted by the impossible finds. Similar to the way he himself became more and more deeply enchanted by the sword. Fights. Heroes. With hands covered in gloves, he had taken the sword out of its glass showcase. It now laid unprotected on his writing desk. Bronze sword. Fights. Heroes. Sword of Anghra-Lemur. Wait? Where did that word come from? He wasn't the poetical type of person who invented things, even if he had been an avid reader of sword-and-sorcery novels as a teenager, and watched the children's programme He-Man in primary school. ...Sword of Anghra-Lemur... Stop hallucinating. Stop imagining things. Probably best to stop working late. He needed some coffee. A ping in his computer. Better check it later. After the coffee. Brock MacGurgan took his baseball jacket and walked in the direction of the espresso machine. * * * Schnackenburg trembled. The translation must have turned his rational faculties into a mess. It couldn't be possible. But if it was? His instincts as a trained occultist screamed at him. To avoid the unhallowed relics of unnameable powers. To run. To put the tablets and the sword under lock and key. Or to use it. Use it to prove himself to Ms. Giraud... Josephine. The powers of sunken Doggerland... The powers of Anghra-Lemur! The powers of Kortoth-Gnaah, war god of Anghra-Lemur! When he reached the glass showcase he stared in disbelief. Empty? But the only two having access to the sword were himself and MacGurgan? Frowning, he walked in the direction of MacGurgan's study. A bookshelf with standard works in archaeology. The Bell Beaker Phenomenon. Renfrew. Mallory. Svante Pääbo. Souvenirs from diving expeditions hang on the wall, beside a diploma from a Junior Men's Physique competition. A single task light was lit over the writing desk. The stump of a cigar was lying in an ashtray. MacGurgan's computer was working. The sword was there, but not MacGurgan. Schnackenburg felt as in a fever dream. He picked up the sword, and walked up the spiral stairs. * * * He really needed that espresso. MacGurgan returned to his study. He had to check that e-mail. He opened it. A PDF. A breakthrough. A hypothetical translation: He froze in his position. His blond hair tingled as of fear. He swallowed. He had imagined the word Anghra-Lemur before the e-mail arrived. An atmosphere of unreality lowered itself. Unconsciously and involuntarily he continued: The translation went on and on. The ancient Doggerlendings must have been a warrior culture, similar to the ancient Irish, the ancient Welsh and the Vikings. And they called their island or islands Anghra-Lemur. And the sword... MacGurgan looked for the sword. The sword was gone! MacGurgan had to calm down. What would he do? What would Professor Schnackenburg say? What would happen to his career? He had left the sword unsupervised. And it was gone! He lit a cigar to calm his nerves. No ancient item that could be harmed by the smoke anyhow. He tried to relax, and sat with his faded blue denim jeans in a wide manspread, his trainers resting on the floor. Deep breath. Some cigar smoke. Some espresso. The doors were locked. No one could enter. It was then he heard it. The impossible chanting sound from the spiral staircase leading to the tower room used for honorary social occasions. What in hell was going on? MacGurgan's worry began to turn into irritation. An intruder? Here? His archeological find? He rose from the chair. All his 6 feet 1 inches. He was still wearing his baseball jacket. Some nutcase had to be disarmed and handed over to the police. And Brock MacGurgan was just the right person to do it. * * * The dome gave the tower room a certain atmosphere, and the starry wisdom of the night sky looked down through the circular glass window over his head, but Schnackenburg was deeply in trance while he recited the more than 7000 year old enchantment, invoking preternatural forces which had been left slumbering for millennia. The scent of incense and the flickering light of the wax candles created a mood very far from the sherry imbibing receptions usually held in the tower room. Flickering light. Whisps of incense smoke. Shadows and starlight weavering into something unsettling and unspeakable. "Ye powers of blood and fang! Ye powers of brawn and brutality! Ye nameless ancestors of ancestor-warriors! Ye swordsmen who do not shun the name 'barbarian'! Servants of Kortoth-Gnaah, open ye the gates for the bloodstained war god of Anghra-Lemur, prepare the chosen vessel for divine power, let the ancient powers bestow their gift of prowess and might, as it was foretold! May the sinking of Anghra-Lemur be undone! May the white cliffs of Anghra-Lemur rise over the northen waves! May the last remnant of Atlantis return! May the last remnant of Lemuria the Ancient rise! May the unnameable powers assist me! I invoke Dagon!" One part of Schnackenburg was fully immersed in the powerful invocation. Something happened. The shadows in the room were more dense now. He could sense invisible eyes watching him. The stars shone intensely through the tower window, but not the stars of our time, but the bright night sky of an bygone, lost and forgotten age, far exceeding the 7000 years, that had gone since the sea level rose over Doggerland. Over Anghra-Lemur. Another part of Schnackenburg was silently screaming to him to stop. The dangers, if the invocation really worked, were unforeseeable, and only an insane man would try the attempt to force the elder powers. The cadences of primordial hymns and invocations of another aeon drowned any silent protest in his soul. Primordial hymns reaching out to creatures unknown to modern man. The third part of Schnackenburg's mind was ecstatically excited: He should prove himself to Josephine! He would intimidate any potential boyfriend she may have going for the moment. he would far, far exceed the prowess he secretly admired in young MacGurgan. He would become something beyond human limitations! He would... His pulse murmured and throbbed in his head. Something else throbbed inside his trousers. Arcane power began to tingle in his palms, as he stretched out his hands over the bronze sword on the table before him. Power streaming into the blade, renewing it, empowering it. * * * MacGurgan couldn't believe his eyes. Professor Schnackenburg performed some sort of occult ritual in the tower room, and there was an eerie feeling spreading, more and more intensely. The cigar dangled in his mouth. The baseball jacket couldn't hide his fit – but not extravagantly big – chest. The rubber soles of his trainers caused a squeaking sound on the highly polished marble floor. He braced himself to do something, but the murmuring and droning sound of the witches' rune lullied himself into a trance-like state, and the translation, that had burned into his mind when he had read it on the computer screen, rose from the depths of his memory, as the forgotten creatures of Anghra-Lemur were rising from the maritime depths and the dark abyss of time. Soon, he and Schnackenburg were chanting in unison, and there was nothing MacGurgan could do to stop it. "I invoke Cthulhu! Intervene in dread! I invoke Shub-Niggurath, the goat with the thousand young! Spread the air of revel and ecstacy! I invoke Yog-Sothoth, who is the Key and is the Gate! Open the gulfs of time and space! Cause the powers of ancient Anghra-Lemur to return! May, on the chosen vessel, the powers descend: The powers of Kortoth-Gnaah, war god of Anghra-Lemur!" MacGurgan was out of his mind now. He had a big lump in his throat. He felt very cold and very hot. His pulse was rising. Earlier in the evening he had been absorbed in wordless reverie over the Doggerland sword. It has spoken to him. It had allured to him. Beckoned to him. The sword of Kortoth-Gnaah. Schackenburg was unaware of MacGurgan's presence. "Kortoth-Gnaah! Kortoth-Gnaah! Kortoth-Gnaah!" Schnackenburg was close to the brink of it now. The men of Anghra-Lemur would walk the earth again, and he would be the one who bestowed it to them: The ancient power of the war god. He couldn't imagine how it would feel, how... "Kortoth-Gnaah! Kortoth-Gnaah! Kortoth-Gnaah!" ... how the power of supernaturally endowed stone age warriors would course in his veins, how... "Kortoth-Gnaah! Kortoth-Gnaah! Kortoth-Gnaah!" The next moment, McGurgan snapped the sword away from the table, outside his tutor's physical reach. MacGurgan swallowed. When he came into physical contact with the cold and heavy bronze he could feel a tingling feeling spreading from it into his body. The hair on his head and arms bristled intensely. His eyes widened. He couldn't believe it! He couldn't... "Kortoth-Gnaah! KORTOTH-GNAAH! KORTOTH-GNAAH!" He bellowed the name of the war god, eagerly lifted his sword above his head, and the next second the power of the ancient gods streamed into him. Immaterial thunder bolts rushed through the window in the ceiling. Engulfed him. Absorbed him and formed him anew. Transmuted him. * * * Schnackenburg had been too immersed in the chanting, to react in time to MacGurgans unforeseen action. Staring in disbelief, he could see MacGurgan surrounded by supernatural power beyond imagination, and a cold feeling of fear paralysed Schnackenburg, when he realised, that the chosen vessel was someone else. Remorse, envy and admiration competed within himself when he watched his favourite student become something more than human. Exhausted and destitute of any remaining mental strength, he fell to the floor. * * * MacGurgan couldn't believe it, but the being wasn't entirely Brock MacGurgan any longer, even if they still shared some memories and personality traits. His quads and hamstrings were filled by power from the forgotten Gulf of N'kai. Strength of thousand war gods, thousand thunder gods and thousand solar heroes was poured into his brawn, as if he had been a vessel, and this eager and willing vessel received the blessings, moaning and grunting as his brawn engorged all over his body: Veins spread, his biceps and triceps underwent undreamed hypertrophy, his trapezius deserved the description godlike, and he still expanded in every direction, now far exceeding the height of 6 feet 7 inches. He roared. He bellowed. He demonstrated his superiority to the mere human being who once had been his tutor. He watched the feeble creature: It wasn't worthy to worship him. He became immersed in visions of bygone Anghra-Lemur: Powerful men clad in hides strode over lowland plains proving their valour to each other in combat, and brutal hunters wrestled sabre-toothed cats and mammoths with their bare hands. Some of the same men were bestowed the strength of the gods, by the means once known in Lemuria and Atlantis. The power still accumulated within him. Filling him. Empowering him. Fire-mist descended. Fire-mist enveloped him. Fire-mist penetrated, filled and charged him. He became fire-mist. The immaterial flames of the elder gods reached into his soul, crushed his childhood memories into fragments, but out of the fragments and out of the collective memory of Doggerland, it formed something anew: No subcutaneous fat remained. His now bulging presence was cut and defined beyond imagination. Straps of leather materialised over his shoulders, and formed an X over his V-shaped torso. A leather jockstrap and some furs covering his glutes materialised out of thin air, and he realised that he was wearing pre-historical boots. A belt around his narrow waist carried a bronze buckle with the ancient seal of Kortoth-Gnaah. The thunderbolts increased in intensity. Physical heftiness filled him and became him. In the forge of the divine armourer aggression, dominance and lust melted into one, and he could feel his dick throb inside his leather jockstrap. The god of the barbarians walked the earth anew. The power was his. The might and the force. Brawn beyond comprehension. Mindless orgasmic bliss enrapt him when he felt his physical prowess, and he didn't know for how long he had been entranced. When he returned to any awareness of his surroundings, he watched the mortal on the floor. With a smirk, he performed a double biceps, watching the mortal on the floor. It moaned, spasmed, and a wet stain formed on its leg-clothes. Someone else entered the tower room. The dark silhouette of a woman against the light from the hallway. The mortal looked in her direction. "Josephine? What are you doing here?" "I was returning some files, when I heard thunder from the tower. I..." The female mortal fell silent. The vessel of Kortoth-Gnaah watched her in silence. Then he flexed his biceps again, thrust his hips in a suggestive way, and a current of power crossed the room, connecting the groin of the being and the groin of the female. She moaned loudly, and fell to the floor with a smile, unaware of her surroundings. The being didn't deign to behold any of the mortals, and left the town room. It was on a mission. It would let Anghra-Lemur rise again, and some selected few in this monstrous city of concrete, steel and glass were going to be transformed into warriors of the elder days. When it roamed the streets, it could absent-mindedly hear shouts in panic and rushing steps disappearing. It could hear transport vessels crash into each other, but it was of no concern. It needed the raw material suitable to become warriors of Anghra-Lemur. It found a night-open gym and a leather bar on the same street. It had found its raw material. Soon, the power of Kortoth-Gnaah would enrapt and transform them into suitable servants of Kortoth-Gnaah, war god Anghra-Lemur. The present world was doomed. The elder days would reappear in frenzy, mindless violence and voluptious pleasure. You will find Chapter Two here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13095-professor-schnackenburgs-mistake-chapter-two/
  10. Hey everyone, long time lurker here. For those who do not know, I am the MMGArchivist on Twitter and YouTube where I'm creating a living archive dedicated to capturing male muscle growth moments in the medium of animation. And I've decided to throw my hat in the writing ring this year so I hope you enjoy this first installment of The Multiverse of Animated Muscle Madness - where the mechanization of a mysteries Architect leads to some of our favorite men in animation becoming hirsute, hyper-masculine musclegods. With our first unknowing recipients being a certain blonde haired sidekick who loves Bueno Nacho and his best pal Rufus. Enjoy! PART ONE "There we go!" Ron Stoppable said as he slid the last egg into place, a wide grin breaking through the intense concentration. Leaning backwards he folded his arms, admiring with pride his latest creation. It was a towering mountain of food, with the base being a regular extra large Naco, but then piled high with bacon, sausage, eggs. All drizzled with syrup at the top, running down like maple lava rivers to the scattered base of French sticks. A culinary nightmare to some, but sweet, delicious madness to the blonde. Ron ignored the temptation to nibble on his masterpiece and picked it up, wobbling only slightly as he turned from the stove to the island counter. Walking quickly, he deposited the precariously leaning tower of cholesterol onto the counter before Rufus, his small naked mole rat. Not wanting to leave his best friend and pal out, Ron had permanently installed a small table on the counter with its own small chair, where Rufus currently sat excitedly chittering "Ooh boy CHEESE!" while wearing a small white napkin as a bib. "Here we go buddy! My world famous Bueno Nacho Naco Breakfast to tide us over until KP gets back." Ron said, moving to sit in his new favorite chair. After sitting down, Ron stuck his hands into the pile and pulled out a couple of chips covered in eggs, bacon, sausage bits, strings of cheese still connecting them to the rest of the mountain. The syrup had barely rolled off the mess in his hands before Ron had smashed them into his mouth, his eyes closing in joy as he slurped. Not needing to be asked twice, Rufus eagerly threw off his bib before diving headfirst into the nearest side of the pile, practically tunneling himself into the mountain. The duo were acting like starving coyotes going after a fresh meal. Which, to be honest, they were. Starving, that is, and not being coyotes. You see, young Ron Stoppable and his pal Rufus had just spent the last several days refurbishing their new abode in a rush, just days before the upcoming fall semester began at Middleton Community College. When Ron had originally applied to the school a year after graduation, the dean had come to his parent's home in person to accept him, going off on how ecstatic the school was to have a prestige member of team Possible as one of their students and future alumni. This led to a full ride scholarship and flexibility with his teachers to accommodate his mission work with Kim and the best of on student housing. And for the first month of his freshman year, Ron had really eaten up the popularity, and his fellow classmates and teachers were in awe of his adventures. And the jocks and popular boys and the nerds were all in awe of the fact that he - Ron Stoppable- had bagged Kim Possible, the world's greatest action hero, as his girlfriend. But as the semester went on, the administration of MCC learned the hard way why the principal of Middleton High laughed himself into a fit when they called to receive Ron's records to process him as a student. Not even two months in and Magilligan had broken out of prison and had tried to take out the son of a rival clan during a school spirit day, only to learn that Ron attended the school. And after getting his behind handed to a monkey-fu powered Ron and sent back to prison, the Scotsman sang like a lark to all the villains about this development. So began a series of villain attacks on the university to see who would bring down their shared enemy and foe Kim Possible first by going after her achiles heel - the Dweeb. While the Dean had budgeted plenty for Ron's bottomless appetite, his infamous clumsiness, and the occasional rogue experiment from the science department (Dr. Drakken was also an alumnus), the school had not accounted for a global villain network declaring hunting season on Ron. Insurance rates and costs for repairs were already skyrocketing by November, because of Shego's personal motto of "if I can lift it, it's a projectile weapon". The school winter holidays festival had to be cancelled because of a resurrected evil snowman by the Seniors. And everyone refused to even talk about the anthropomorphic horrors D.N. Amy unleashed during Valentine's Day and she hadn't even come after Ron. During solitary, an artist site called Deviancyart had inspired her to recreate her own perfect anthropomorphic OC in real life to marry. The young and mature male victims alone- Amy apparently didn't age discriminate at the university - kept the school counselors busy for weeks afterwards. But while the administration was getting grey hair over the situation, the students loved having Ron and his popularity stayed pretty much the same. Then came the Gill incident in August. Not only was Ron's apartment destroyed in the toxic goo mess, he lost all three of his roommates in the same attack. But they didn't die! One ended up transforming and becoming Gil's hunky shark boyfriend that visits him regularly in prison. They saved another from transforming fully intime and he reverted, dropped out of college and became a famous environmentalist on MyTube. The last one needed extensive psychotherapy and still gets a panic attack when he even sees anything slimy. So for the safety of Ron and Rufus, the school moved them to the old groundskeeper and wood shop teacher's cabin, right on the outskirts of school grounds, right next to Middleton's only forest. "For your safety and no other reason at all!" the Dean had said quickly to Ron and his parents in his office just after the announcement, his now salt and pepper hair and goatee damp from the buckets of nervous sweat pouring off him from the glare Mrs. Stoppable was sending him. And when asked why Ron couldn't just stay in any of the on campus or even close to off campus housing since he was popular with the student body, the Dean had nervously stuttered out how many students current insurance didn't cover villain attacks that occur in private residencies - only public spaces and they didn't want to risk it. So, with that announcement, Ron and Rufus found themselves moved into a rustic cabin near the woods that needed a lot of TLC. When the dean had said rustic, he meant huntsman from Little Red Riding Hood rustic. The wood shop teacher had not only built the cabin himself, but he had custom-built all the furniture, including the queen sized bed in the master bedroom, to accommodate his partner and his much larger sizes. So not only did Ron have beds and couches that could fit two of him in - which made the couches great napping spots - but they were also custom decorated by the groundskeeper, who liked to hunt. That meant Ron and Kim walking into the master bedroom and them screaming in terror at seeing a fully stuffed bear - completely with head in a death roar - staring at them from atop the massive bed. Furs covered all the furniture in the housing from the bed to the couches while the mounted heads and antlers of several prizes dotted the walls wherever the room was available. They had used several pairs of antlers to create lamps, seasoning shelves in the kitchen, and even bath-towel racks in both the guest and master bedroom. All of which Kim, Monique, Mrs. Stoppable and Mrs. Possible all had to go. Which then led to a vote, which was won by the boys. On the condition, however, that their partners could hold veto power over anything that was truly hideous. Which led to the ladies watching with Rufus, sunglasses on and sipping lemonades, while the boys showed them things and they vetoed them, having the dejected man taking the thing to the storage truck to send it all to the owner's new home. It took several days of painting, moving in new coverings for the bed and couches, and patching some leaks in the roof. Yet as Ron looked around at their new living space in the light of day, he could see how much they'd transformed the place. While the kitchen remained "charmingly" rustic with hardwood and oak shelves, the living area was a contrast in relaxing modernity with soft plush grey couches and armchairs circling a coffee table. Directly in front of the coffee table was a fireplace and above that, a nice large-screen television, perfect for movies and gaming. From the living room came the entryway, that was lined with some of Ron's favorite movie posters and a shelf for shoes next to the front door. Everything created a cozy, relaxing atmosphere. "Spekingh off relaxcingh" Ron said loudly to catch Rufus' attention, his mouth full of naco. Rufus peeked his head out of his gooey tunnel, cheeks stuffed, as he looked up at Ron in curiosity. Ron swallowed before giving a belch. "Whoops! Sorry, buddy. Anyway, since we have time to kill before KP gets here in the car, want to play Super Crash Bros after breakfast?" Rufus excitedly nodded his head and chittered, slobber flying from his full cheeks. Ron laughed, taking that for an enthusiastic yes before returning to help demolish the rest of the mountain that was now only a small hill. Yep, Ron thought gleefully, this was the life. He couldn't wait to finish and race with his best bud and once again absolutely cream his cousin Todd online. He had a nice place to stay. His parents and he had set everything up for school in a few days. Kim and he were going strong. Everything was finally going his way. Which is right when the doorbell rang. Ron turned towards the door, cheeks bulging with food. He swallowed, then stood up, stretching his tight muscles as he did. "Oh geez! I'm getting old buddy and I don't like it. But it's so early for the mail woman to be coming by." He said with a frown. Then Ron shrugged. "Ah well. It doesn't matter, anyway. It's not like it's going to be something life changing or mind-blowing." Ron laughed, walking down to the entryway. Little did Ron realize how soon he would quickly eat those words- among other things. For as his hand went to open the door, missing the dark silhouette that blocked all light from entering the glass window, Ron would soon receive something that would change not only his own life. But the entire trajectory of his world and universe as they knew it. But we're getting far ahead of ourselves. Completely oblivious to the dark silhouette, Ron's hand paused on the doorknob as a thought struck him. "What if KP came back because she didn't get our normal goodbye kiss?!" he said, eyes widening in shock. Quickly, that shock faded as a cocky expression replaced it, a smirk crinkling his eyes as he chuckled. "But who am I to not give my girlfriend what she wants?" Still chuckling and shaking his head, Ron opened the door. "Kim, Kim, Kim. If you wanted a goodbye kiss, all you had to do was ask! But that's okay. I'm more than happy to oblige, my lady." He said, eyes closed. Ron puckered his lips and leaned forward, eager to kiss his girlfriend. Silence greeted him. Then a deep, bassy chuckle shattered the silence. "Normally I wouldn't kiss on the job. But I'd make an exception, cutie." Ron's eyes snapped open. "Huh? Who said- AGHAHAHA!" Ron screamed, his hands coming up to his chest as terror and shock filled him as he stared at the massive behemoth standing in front of him. He had to be the biggest man he'd ever seen in real life- and he'd fought a guy possessed by the spirit of Anubis, a turned evil Hego, and a genetically modified Drakken from the future. (The last one, Ron and Kim still weren't sure if that had really happened or not. Gotta love those time travel loopholes!) Anyway, back to the hunk of man towering above Ron's blonde head by several feet. The man wore an expensive, obviously custom tailored black suit over a white undershirt, black dress pants stretched across spread sequoia-thick thighs. Resting right above both tree trunks was a massive gut, a thick round sphere of pure muscle sheathed in the fabric of the black suit. A pair of titanic pecs rose above the man's core, each slab square and tightly packed against the other, wrestling for space between the straining confines of the man's clothing. The visible buttons on his chest were valiantly holding on for dear life, patches of midnight dark skin and coily black hairs as thick as a forest visible within. The barn door sized width of his lats and back also pushed against the sides of his clothing, yet still stressing the man's form, giving him an almost X shape. Ron's eyes couldn't help but dart from the man's boulder shoulders down to the dense muscle threatening to burst through the seams of the suit's sleeves. Round watermelon biceps pressed for space against his monstrous lats and pecs, pushing the stranger's arms at an angle. Meaty forearms pulled his jacket and shirt cuffs tight away from his wrist and closer to his elbows, leaving an enormous expanse of vascular, hairy black skin visible before his hands disappeared into the pockets of his suit. But what truly drew the eye was the black bow tie perched at the bottom of the man's thick neck. Because there was no collar, possibly large enough to go around such an elephantine pillar of muscle. Thickly corded tendons flexed all along the length of the thickest, meatiest neck Ron had ever seen. A literal tree trunk of thick muscle seamlessly rose from boulder shoulders and traps to uphold the man's enormous head. Thick black stubble covered the bottom half of his smirking face and down his neck until it reached the large Adam's apple. Perched atop a broad, enormous nose sat a pair of almost dainty glasses through which two eyes the same shade as Monique's skin looked down at Ron, filled with warmth. A perfectly manicured yet bushy eyebrow rose, giving the man a playful and confident, yet not arrogant, expression. Like the ruling lion of a pride, looking down in fond amusement at a kitten. Just like a lion, a mane of wonderfully intricate interwoven braids framed his face. And as the man tilted his head to the side to better stare at the frozen Ron, the rest of his braids flowed from a knot down to his massive back, giving the man a ponytail woven from beautifully multicolored beaded braids. It was this beauty that robbed Ron of thought, paralyzing him speechless, the fear rapidly draining from him to be replaced with awe. This ruggedly masculine man, the epitome of masculinity, was also the most beautiful human being he'd ever encountered. Even thoughts of Kim's beauty fled from his mind as it struggled to comprehend the being before it. How a person could not only be so enormous and muscular, yet be so captivatingly gorgeous and ethereal at the same time. If Ron didn't know better, he'd think the man before him was some sort of angel or demigod. The man chuckled, a deep rumble rising from his chest. "Leaves you kind of speechless, don't it?" His voice was like a river of caramel, smooth and deep and just as strong and commanding of attention. Ron could only nod, mouth agape and eyes wide. The man tilted his head to the left, amused as he eyed the boyish man before him. He truly was adorable -a skinny yet lithe body clothed in baggy, obviously comfy clothing. A fluffy blonde mop framed a round, brown-eyed face that looked young beyond its twenty years. The freckles didn't help either. He licked his lips, hunger rising sharply within him as he continued to eye Ron. Our Lord is right once again. He will truly be a delicious morsel in the upcoming feast. He thought, his mind flooding with the graphic visuals and visions his Lord had described for Their disciples. Filling the stirrings of a familiar warmth below the belt, the man quickly took his mind from the gutter to the task his Lord had given him. There would be time to indulge in such things much later. As well as the window was shrinking before a certain stick-in-the-mud sensed his presence. Getting back to the task at hand, the man gave Ron a megawatt smile, white teeth gleaming and bright against his skin. "I know these seem terribly rude, but could I come in for just a few minutes? I'm not from around here and not used to this summer heat." the man said, looking at Ron while he willed the young mortal to believe his words. And it was true - his feet were tired after walking around the entire campus, trying to find someone who knew where the blonde man's new housing was. Ron quickly shook himself, realizing how rude he was being leaving this man out in the sun like this. Being absolutely trusting, Ron quickly moved out of the doorway. "Of-of course. Let's go inside so you can cool down. The heat is brutal today!" He said, waving the man indoors. It didn't even occur to Ron that the man could've been an evil minion or someone sent to take him back to the enemy. All he saw was a large man in need of aid, and his aching heat quickly took over. "I'm Ron, by the way. It's nice to meet you." Ron said over his shoulder as he moved down the entryway, the enormous man following behind him. The stranger had to turn sideways and shuffle his way through the doorway before trailing behind the blonde, his wide shoulders brushing against the wall while his head was only a foot or so away from the eight foot tall ceilings. The man nodded. "Nice to meet you, Ron. My name is Mr. Cleido." He answered back as the pair entered the communal area of the home. The towering breakfast mountain was now only a pile of a few cheesy chips. Cradled on top of the pile, Rufus was rubbing his inflated stomach, chittering in contentment. Rufus looked up as Ron came into the kitchen, his small eyes widening and jaw dropping in shock at the beautiful black man coming up behind him. "Take a seat, man, and let me get you some water." Ron said, moving through the kitchen. He picked up Rufus, the rodent still speechless. Rufus turned his head to look at Ron, still dazed, and the blonde laughed. "Same here buddy." he whispered, popping the rotund rodent into shirt pocket while he returned to look for a clean glass. "Oh, I couldn't possibly inconvenience you anymore than I already am! Especially since it looks like I'm interrupting your breakfast as well." Mr. Cleido rumbled, looking at the couches and sofas around the coffee table. Picking the sturdiest one, he slowly lowered himself down, successfully not wincing at the groan of the springs. Or how the chair sunk deeper into the carpet. "Hey man you're not bothering me at all." Ron said, coming into the living room. In one hand he had a large coffee mug full of water, the other hand holding the last bit of his breakfast nacos. He placed them both on the coffee table, the nacos directly in the middle, while he sat on the large sofa next to Mr. Cleido. Once he saw his new guest was drinking, Ron went to town on the chips, popping some into his mouth. "Don't mean to dig or anything, but what's a guy like you doing wandering outside dressed like that?" Ron said around a mouthful of chips, vaguely gesturing to the bigger man's ensemble. "Were you trying to get a job on campus? OH! Are you a bodyguard? Did the school send you to be my bodyguard?! That would be so cool!" Ron said, throwing his arms up in the air in excitement. Though the blonde could more than take care of himself, having a bodyguard was seen as a status symbol of wealth or influence. And it would just make Ron's status on campus even better because he was so sought after by the villain underbelly and was such a threat, he needed protection twenty-four seven. Ron's mind raced, picturing how he and Mr. Cleido would become the best of friends after multiple attempts, flashing through various fanciful scenarios in their completely fictional friendship. He imagined the bodyguard sobbing as Ron and Kim were married, Ron stomping on the traditional cup in a Jewish wedding. Him becoming the godfather to their kids. He even imagined the day he'd grasp hands with the man who'd been his second best friend and secondary father to him for the last time, watching as in a hospital he took a deep rattling breath in his wizened form. While Ron's wild imagination zoomed through decades of a fictional relationship, Mr. Cleido finished his sip, meaty hand dwarfing the mug. Gently bringing it back down on the coffee table, the man gave another chuckle. "Getting into enough trouble to warrant a bodyguard, are we?" he teased. The man's words shattered Ron's daydream - Kim consoling him as they stared down at a ridiculously large grave - and caused the blonde to turn back to the present. Embarrassed, Ron rubbed the back of his head, cheeks flushing red. "Yeah, not necessarily. I'm not the one getting into trouble. It's just more that trouble seems to... find me." He said, not looking at Mr. Cleido. Mr. Cleido nodded. "And when it finds you, it gets everyone around you involved as well, I take it?" Ron looked back at the man, nodding repeatedly. "Exactly! It's not my fault the bad guys want a piece of me finally! They just keep coming for some reason and it's been very annoying! Specially since everyone but Drakken, Monkey Fist, and Gill keeps getting my name wrong." Ron huffed, folding his arms in frustration. He remembered how - just weeks before the Gill incident- Senior Senior Senior had called Ron every name under the sun that ended in "-on" except his actual name. Which was additionally insulting since he'd been the one to request him and Kim's services in the first place! Rufus gave his owner's arm a pat, returning Ron's mind again to the present. Ron quickly unfolded his arms, leaning forward towards the built man now with excitement. "But now that I have a bodyguard with me, they'll HAVE to take me seriously enough to remember my name! And it will improve my street cred even more, which would finally help me get into the frat parties, which are the best parties on campus!" Ron said, looking up at Mr. Cleido with joy in his eyes. Oh, you are such a cutie. Mr. Cleido thought. If this were a different mission, he'd have gladly gone along with the plan if it meant spending more time with the endearing, strange man before him. But even now, he could feel the window shrinking more. Plus, he knew the reward for fulfilling his Lord's will would be far sweeter and orgasmic than what the young man currently could ever reward him with. Mr. Cleido gave Ron an apologetic look. "While I'm very flattered, I am already employed." Seeing Ron wilt in disappointment and embarrassment, he hurried to continue. "Do you remember the Mr. Universe pageant you and Miss Possible saved at the beginning of this summer? The one with the international delegations competing which lost to Junior Junior Senior?" Ron looked back at the man, his disappointment at not getting a bodyguard fading away. Confused at the question, he answered slowly. "Yeah, I remember it. It's hard to forget those male beauty pageants. Especially when everyone's all slicked up and strutting their stuff in man bikinis." Ron said. Mr. Cleido's eyebrows rose at the statement. "Man biki-oh! Haha! They really are kinda of man bikinis!" he said. Throwing his head back, Mr. Cleido exploded with laughter. Ron and Rufus gasped as the power and strength of the giant's laugh shook everything in the room. Calming himself, Mr. Cleido continued to chuckle while he wiped a stray tear from his eye. "Ah, that was good! And male beauty pageants truly are the best way to describe those competitions. Hahaha. Can't wait to tell the others this one, especially Glōōdeal." he said. Still chuckling, the man continued. "But yes. The biggest sponsors of male beauty pageants as you were, especially the Mr. Universe one you saved, are the Male Muscle Growth Agency or the MMGA for short. I'm the personal attendant for the CEO. Think of me like his, um, head of staff." Mr. Cleido said, taking another sip of water. More confused now than ever, Ron spoke again. "So what brought you here, then?" he asked. Concern filled him, worried he'd accidentally offended the mysterious CEO in some way. "Did I tick him off? What did I break - oh gosh, what's it going to cost me? I'm a broke college kid. I don't have that much money to begin with!" Ron panicked, hands flying to his face. Mr. Cleido quickly put a comforting mitt on Ron's arm, his hand wrapping entirely around the limb. "You broke nothing of value at the venue Mr. A, my boss, won't be able to cover. And I'm not here to shake you down for money. In fact, they were so impressed and grateful, they wanted to show their appreciation through a gift. Which I currently have on my person." Releasing the blonde's arm, Mr. Cleido stood up, reaching into his suit pockets as he did so. Fiddling around for a moment, he gave a soft- for him- exclamation as he pulled out a package. Gesturing for Ron to open his hands, Mr. Cleido bent down to place the package in his hands while he explained. "The CEO of another company owed my employer a favor, and they cashed in. And while there is no money in the envelope - don't whine-" he said with a laugh as Ron pouted at the news,"- it is a letter better explaining the gift. Best to read it once I'm gone." Mr. Cleido finished, covering Ron's entire hand as he placed the package there. He truly wished he could stay for a little while longer - just to witness as the scrumptious twink tried on the gift his Lord and Master had given him. But he could feel the brief window was almost gone and that soon unwanted eyes would notice his presence in this universe. So filled with regret, Mr. Cleido drew back up to his full height. Pretending to look at a nonexistent watch, he acted shocked. "Would you look at the time? I must go if I'm to make it back to your campus on time to catch my ride back to work." "Oh for sure, let me just -" Ron said, putting the package down to stand up and escort his guest out like his mom would expect. Before he could fully stand up, though, a large hand came and gently pushed him back down, causing Ron and Rufus to fall backwards onto the couch. "Nonsense! I've already taken enough of your time and hospitality. I can see myself out. It was a pleasure to make your acquaintances." Mr. Cleido said, grabbing Ron's hand to give it a shake that rattled the young man. Properly disoriented, Mr. Cleido scooped back up the package as he walked by, placing it back in Ron's hand. As he elegantly moved past the blonde, he couldn't help but be coy. Right before he reached the entryway, he pretended to stop like he had forgotten something. "How unprofessional of me to forget!" Turning his head over his meaty neck, the man sent a stunning smile back to the rattled Ron. "My employer would prefer you to try on your gift in the mirror. You'll thank us later." Turning back around, his long and powerful legs carried him swiftly through the entryway and out the door. Ron quickly reoriented himself and stood up. "WAIT WHAT DO YOU MEAN-" The front door closed, cutting off his question to the mysterious man. "Try it on. Nevermind." Ron sighed, slumping slightly against the side of the sofa. He and Rufus exchanged looks. "I'd say that was the weirdest thing that's ever happened to us, but we've fought babies." Rufus nodded his head, chittering in agreement. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Ron quickly put the strange departure of Mr. Cleido to the back of his mind as he focused on the package he was still clutching. Unfolding his hand, the duo saw it was a long rectangular box - like one would use to put like a necklace or jewelry in. Tethered to the box was a white envelope tied there by a golden ribbon. The envelope was very plain and unadorned - the only remarkable thing being there TO RON STOPPABLE printed in nondescript gold type right in the middle. Neither Ron nor Rufus knew what to make of the strange gift. "Huh. Wonder what could be in here?" Ron said, standing back up. He ambled back to his bedroom, distractedly unraveling the ribbon, while spitballing ideas to Rufus. "I know he said it wasn't money, but OH, what if it's like a sold gold chain?! I could sell that and get tons of dough for it!" He looked down at Rufus, who looked down at the box, then quickly shook his head. "Yeah, you're right. It would probably be a lot heavier even if it was a necklace. Gold's pretty heavy stuff. But he said to try it on..." Ron said, pausing in the doorway in his room. If it wasn't a solid gold chain, then what could it be? Was it like an experimental smart watch or necklace? One of those foldable VR headsets Wade had been rambling excitedly about? A collar with a virtual picture of me and Kim? Before he could think more about it, Ron felt a claw tapping on his neck. "Hmmm?" he said, looking down at Rufus. "What's up, little buddy?" Rufus pointed at the envelope in Ron's hand, chattering while miming opening the envelope. "Oh yeah, go for it, buddy. Here ya go- whoopsie daisy!" Ron said, handing the envelope to Rufus, only for the box to slide out of his hand. Fumbling quickly, he caught the box, embarrassed. "Oh, boy! That was a close one, hahaha." Ron laughed, lifting his hand to make sure he hadn't accidentally damaged the box. His laughter trailed off, however, as a familiar orange logo caught his eye. "Wait a minute - HenchCo.? HenchCo. made this?" Ron said, bringing the box closer to his face while Rufus was busy ripping open the envelope. Sure enough, his eyes weren't deceiving him. Right in the middle of the box, in bright orange letters, was the HENCHCO logo - the world's pre-eminent supplier of military and scientific hardware and henchmen to evil geniuses worldwide. They'd built the Molecular Transducer and the Attitudinator that had turned Ron evil and Drakken good that one time. They'd even accidentally turned Ron into an orange, hulking brute after he'd fallen into a vat of the experimental Titan Project. But none of those are wearable except- Ron thought, his eyes widening as the realization of what he was potentially holding struck him like lightning. Rufus let out a sharp squeak as Ron suddenly darted toward forwards, leading the rodent to hold tight to the letter in one hand while grabbing Ron's shoulder with another. "Waitaminute-waitaminute-waitaminute," Ron said repeatedly, excitement growing within him as he moved. Entering his large and spacious bedroom, Ron quickly made his way to the opposite end where, between his walk-in closet and the dresser beside his bed, stood a long full-length mirror. Bingo! Ron thought as he made his way closer to the mirror. Still excitedly chanting, he distractedly deposited Rufus onto the dresser alongside the box. "Waitaminute-waitaminute- wait. a. MINUTE! NO WAY!" Ron exclaimed, bouncing back a step. "Rufus, Mr. C. said I was supposed to look in a mirror while I tried it on, right?" He said, hands up and gesturing wildly. Rufus looked back at Ron and chittered in agreement, confused. "And that his boss had asked a certain CEO to make this for me as a gift. Which we now know because HenchCo made it, it means Jack Hench is that CEO, right?" Ron asked the rodent, lifting the box to showcase the label again. Rufus again chittered in agreement. "Mmhm mmh right mmhm mmhm?" Ron dropped the box back onto the dresser, nodding his head excitedly. The blonde was so excited he couldn't help but start pacing back and forth. "So Mr. C's boss had Jack Hench give us something wearable. And they make a lot of wearable stuff like the Tudeinator. But those could only fit in a hatbox and this is obviously not a hatbox. Nor could it be a tiara or crown - though that would look cool with my hair." Ron said, pausing as he thought of how majestic he'd look with a cool crown around his blonde hair and if Kim would like that. Quickly, he shook himself from that daydream and continued to pace as he rambled to his increasingly confused, concerned companion. "Nothing HenchCo makes could ever be small enough to fit in this box. Except one thing." Ron said, stopping with his back turned to the rodent. With a dramatic whirl, he spun to face Rufus, pointing at the rodent. "What is the one thing HenchCo has ever made that is small enough to wear and put in a box, buddy?" he asked, an excited grin on his face. Rufus scrunched his face, concentrating as he tried to think. What had Henchco ever made that was tiny, wearable, and fit in a box? The rodent's eyes widened, his tiny mouth opening in shock. He looked up at Ron and excitedly chittered back at him, "OH mgmmg mgmgm mgmgm!" while miming with his hands, like he was putting something on one of his fingers. Ron excitedly nodded his head again, bouncing now. "Exactly buddy! The only thing HenchCo has ever made that could fit in this box is-" Ron said, grabbing the box and lifting it between the duo. With an ungraceful yank, Ron pulled the top off with one hand while the other dove in and claimed his prize. And with a dramatic flourish, Ron pulled out the tiny item, dropping the box to the ground while, between two fingers, he held the gift. "A MOLECULAR MUSCLE ENHANCER RING BABY!" Ron crowed, throwing his head back as Rufus squealed in excitement. Indeed, held gingerly between Ron's average fingers, was an infamous molecular muscle enhancer ring. Or, as many henchmen, heroes, and civilians now called them on the street, an M.M.E. ring for short. Since Drakken's "acquisition" of them years ago, the M.M.E. ring had become one of HenchCo's most lucrative tech requested by villains and civilians alike. Appearing to be a simple golden twist ring, the powerful tech used powerful energies to manipulate the wearer's body down to the molecular level to give them considerable increases in height, muscle mass, and strength. And since the rings had hit both the public and villainous sectors, many sporting competitions had made rules outlawing their practice while certain sports - such as wrestling and MMA- actively encouraged the usage of the rings as it provided lucrative entertainment options. This had also led to a rise in catfishing on online dating apps, as many skinny men used the rings to create profiles to catch potential partners, only for their scheme to fall apart when the rings fell off their fingers. There actually was a hilarious reality TV show the Possible family and Ron watched where a woman with a camera crew went out to catch these dudes and expose them on air. Catfishing them and then, when they least expected it, yanking off the rings and watching them deflate into skinny dudes drowning in a puddle of clothes. None of that was on Ron's mind as he held the ring, though. No, what was going through his mind was all the potential the ring could bring him. "Do you know what this means, Rufus?" He asked. Rufus shook his head. "It means I can finally not only physically keep up with Kim when we go on missions, but I could start seriously kicking bad guy's butt! Imagine me using my monkey powers while being all manly again. It would totally rock!" Ron said, eyes shut so he could picture it better. Him walking to class, now the size of one of the football players on campus. A bad guy coming - like Gill again - snarky. and confident until they saw the new manly Ron, mighty pecs filling his shirt, his hair spiking as he went into monkey mode. How easily his meaty fists, mystically powered, would easily subdue the threat before Kim and the police showed up. And, with a dirpy chuckle, he imagined how, while annoyed at him using the ring, that wouldn't stop Kim from giving him the best kisses in the world. Nodding, determination filled Ron as he clutched the ring tightly in his hand. "Yeah baby let’s do this!" he said. Ron moved from the dresser to stand before the full-length mirror. He looked down, opening his hand to look once more at the small ring. Ron then looked back at his reflection, taking it in for a moment. He took in his boyish, freckled face, made younger by his shaggy blonde hair. How his jersey-turtleneck combo and cargo pants were baggy on his wiry frame. How his jersey was doing an excellent job to his small gut he had from all the fast food he ate and his monstrous metabolism couldn't rid him completely off. And while, unlike the first time, Ron was incredibly secure in his masculinity and his prowess, he was absolutely sick and tired of not being taken seriously as his girlfriend when he was just as strong and terrifying as she was. But the image staring back at him, combined with his average height, meant no one besides the Possible family - and lord Monkey Fist - rarely took him seriously. Hence why they called him The Dweeb. "Not for long, though." Ron muttered, a cocky smirk blossoming on his face as he picked up the ring with his other hand. And with rising excitement, Ron placed the M.M.E. ring onto his right ring finger. And as his hand lifted, twisting the top part to the right, releasing a familiar series of flashing lights and chirps and whirs between the two bands. A faint warmth surrounded the ring on Ron’s finger while a shiver rippled throughout Ron’s body as the ring scanned and mapped his form, from the tips of his hair down to the ends of his toes swaddled in the plain cotton socks on his feet. As the ring scanned him, the microchips and processors whirred and flared as they moved to the default setting as established by HenchCo scientists. All of this occurring within microseconds, the ring completed its assessment and began the transformation of its wearer. From the ring, it issued a pulse of warmth. A gurgling sound dragged Ron’s attention from the ring to his chest. A tingle rose from the center of his chest, like pins and needles, but somehow deeper. It spread outwards, covering his chest. As he watched, his shirt billowed and undulated like boiling soup, while a gurgling sound emanated from deep within his chest. That faint warmth grew, along with a strange pressure rising, pressing forward against his undulating flesh. Then, with a mighty lurch, his meager chest surged forwards, swiftly swelling outwards and hardening, until Ron boasted a pair of massive pectorals. "Oh yeah!" Ron exclaimed, looking down at the brawny shelf extending from his chest. "I can't see past my pecs!" He said, barely able to see his socks wiggling beneath his heavier chest. Ron's right hand went to touch his pecs, wanting to cup and test their weight and softness. However, another pulse came from the ring, causing the pins and needles sensation accompanied by the warm energy to rise within his chest once again. The warm current of energy bulleted down from his shoulders through his arm, causing it to shoot out away from his body. As it stiffened, the energy rolled downwards, enlarging his entire arm to three times its normal size, the seams in his clothing nearly bursting trying to contain all the new mass. Once the energy hit Ron's hand, it ricocheted back up towards his shoulder, hardening and defining along the way. Ron's thin gamer hand was now thick with brawn, attached to a meaty forearm that wrestled for space with the now massive biceps and tricep filling the sleeve of Ron's jersey and turtleneck. Glancing at his enlarged limb, Ron couldn't help but bring it up for a flex, grinning wickedly at the sight of the clothed mountain peak the size of his head appearing in his vision. It was absolutely massive, brimming with power and strength that could easily lift a desk with a person sitting on it with ease. Ron looked absolutely ridiculous at this point, with a pair of massive muscle knockers pulling the front of his jersey down while having only the right arm of a bodybuilder. And flexing his arm led to the young man wobbling, his balance overthrown by the shifting weight. The ring had expected this, however, and it issued out two pulses, back to back. The warm energy collected in Ron's right shoulder surged forwards through Ron's upper back, causing him to drop the flex and twist to his right as the wave of transformative energy widened and broadened his shoulders until he now was as wide as two of his old self put together. His left arm then shot out to the side as the energy crashed over the limb, broadening and swelling it to be a mirror copy of the other arm. The pins and needles sensation faded from his arms as the energy now centered itself within his shoulders, specifically his traps. The energy swirled within his shoulders, spreading up through his neck. As Ron gasped at the sensation, he felt his neck pulse and puff up, thickening and swelling, until his head rested upon a thick column of sinewy muscle. The energy swirled downwards, broadening his traps until they were three times their original size. Complete with that, the ring then directed the wave of transformative energy down the rest of Ron's back, which was still so skinny that you could see his spine if he took his shirt off. The ring loved nothing more than a challenge, however, and it pushed the energy down the man's back in a cascade. As the energy swept down his spine, Ron's clothes filled out as non-existent muscles emerged and wrestled for space. Soon a mountain range of veiny, chiseled muscle pulled Ron's jersey skin tight against his body. It was so tightly pulled that the planes and ridges of Ron's now Mr. Barkin wide back imprinted themselves against the fabric like a car map. Flaring out from his sides were winglike lats, corded sinew that flared with every breath from Ron's now much bigger chest and lungs and flowed downwards to his equally muscular lower back. And as Ron breathed, the energy within his lower back crawled forwards and spread across his core. With a deep inhale, his stomach ballooned outwards several times its normal size, gurgling and bubbling just like his chest did in the beginning of his transformation. When he exhaled, the bubbling mass rapidly changed and continued to shrink until even the regular belly he had before was gone and Ron's shirt billowed over an impossibly skinny waist. But with the next inhalation, it swelled with sinew and growth, definition appearing on the expanding muscle until, with a deep exhale, the front of his shirt now rested against a defined eight pack. Thanks to his much bigger upper body, Ron's jersey and turtleneck pulled close enough that the wall of abs were clearly visible, the definition and sharpness visible even through his jersey. Pins and needles now rushed from his abs into his lower body, cascading towards and filling his toes. Once the energy filled his toes, the ring issued another pulsed and Ron's toes flexed. As his toes flexed, all of Ron's limbs expanded and lengthened, sending the blonde up several inches in height. Once his height had increased, the energy went into overdrive. The socks covering Ron's feet shivered and twitched, his toes and feet broadening and swelling until, with a series of loud SHRIIPS & RIIPS, his much bigger feet shredded through them. The energy then rolled up from his ankles through his calves, flooding them with energy as they became thicker and broader, swelling into baseball sized diamonds of muscle. The energy rose higher, pouring into the rest of his legs. His thighs quickly packed on several pounds, swelling and thickening the once skinny runner's legs into powerful teardrop trunks of strength and brawn. They were so thick and swollen with brawn that they shoved against one another until, with another pulse from the ring, they grew too big and pushed against the other, giving Ron now a much wider gait, almost a waddle. Looking into the mirror, Ron couldn't help himself as a smirk rose on his face. He looked like an actual professional bodybuilder. A thick barrel chest wrestled for space against his massive biceps, framed by broad shoulders and winglike lats. His back was so girthy and large, he knew he would have to walk sideways through most doorways from now on - he just wouldn't fit through them like normal anymore. He put his hands on his chest and flexed, his muscles flaring against his shirt. "Yeah baby!" he said as his chiseled waist became visible again through his jersey. "Look at me Rufus! I'm hot!" Ron said excitedly, now twisting his legs back and forth. He couldn't help but admire how his once baggy cargo pants were now so tight, the striations and planes of his thighs straining against their fabric prison. And while all his clothes were tighter now on him, it wasn't uncomfortable. And he had the designers of the ring to thank for that, as its original programming kept Ron's body from growing to the point, it shredded his clothes. As long as the designers of said clothing had designed the clothes to not require a certain muscle group to not be above certain dimensions. Such as the gluteus muscles and hips for the seat of their pants, for instance. "Boo-yeah!" Ron said, bringing up both arms into a double bicep pose. Rufus whistled and cheered, letter all but forgotten as he clapped as he looked up at his much bigger owner. Ron was now truly a sight to behold - absolutely massive, as big if not a smidge bigger than Mr. Barkin or even Junior. And Ron relished the strength he felt packed within his body, the power that normally lay dormant deep within now coursing just below the surface. Almost as if his powers had just been waiting for his physical body to match them with might and strength. Ron couldn't wait for Kim to get back to show off his new, manly physique and try to use his powers again. And it was at this moment that the ring sent out a final pulse of energy, completing the transformation of Ron's body. Distracted by his mighty muscles and feelings of manliness, Ron didn't notice the flare of heat within his glutes. As the energy swirled into Ron's glutes, they quickly swelled out, pulling tight against his boxers until two dimpled round globes of muscle pushed against the seat of Ron's pants. And while Ron's boxers could handle his bigger buns, the combination of his wider hips and now broader and rounder rear was too much for the back of Ron's pants as tears formed with every jostle and movement from the blonde bodybuilder. So as Ron moved into a most muscular pose, growling as every muscle flexed tightly against his clothes, a loud RIIIIP cut Ron's growl short. His eyes widened when he felt a cold breeze flow over his hindquarters. "No, no no no no!" Ron chanted as he spun around, turning over his neck to look into the mirror. And he saw that, while the rest of his clothes had survived the transformation, the now blown out seat of his pants had not and the world had a clear window at the now tightly packed back of his blue spotted shorts. "Ah man, my pants!"
  11. VampyVamp

    Little Lab Rats Make Big Help

    “Desco, I need someone to test out this new thing I got on.” Fuka said, growing more and more inpatient. Earlier that day, she had met a prinny earlier, though she questioned if it was really a prinny (just like how she questioned Fenrich’s sexuality in Disgaea 4 LMAOOO) The prinny didn’t answer any of Fuka’s questions, which only raised her suspicions more. However, the prinny gave her the ability to buff up any boy she wanted. To her, the ability felt useless. I mean, how would she be able to get her desired reverse harem by making all her crushes big? Hell, how would she even get ONE of the boys she likes to like her back by making him big? But still, she was curious about her new ability, and wanted to test it out on someone. “You can try it on me if you want, big sis.” Deaco said happily, levitating her way to Fuka’s room. “Thanks.. I would, but I’m pretty this only works on boys,” Fuka sighed, “so, I’ve got to find a boy to test this out on.” “Sighing.. this must be really serious, isn’t it?” Desco put her hand near her mouth, a tint of worry in her voice, “well, why not try your ability out on Emizel? He seems like the best and closest test subject we could get!” “Great idea, Desco!” Fuka smiled before yelling Emizel’s name, catching his attention. “What is it?” Emizel asks, walking into the room with his hands in the pockets of his unique green hoodie. “Emizel, I need you to help me with something.” Fuka put a hand on her hip, looking at the boy. “With what?” Emizel asked, raising an eyebrow, a feeling of something bad to happen lingering inside of him, making him a little anxious. “With this new ability I got!” Fuka revealed, surprising the boy. While Emizel had helped Fuka with things before in the past, said help never come to abilities, so this was rather new, and such a foreign thing was intriguing to him. But still, it still felt risky to say yea. After all, Fuka didn’t even tell him what abilities she was talking about. “Ah, I don’t know-“ “Come on! It’s not like anything bad will happen! After all, this is all just a dream, so you won’t be affected for reals or anything.” Fuka said, trying to persuade Emizel. Ah, dream.. Fuka’s death and failure to become a prinny had caused her to become delusional and believe she was in some sort of dream, and despite how many times she was told she wasn’t, she never let go of her strange belief. After enough nudging and pleading, Emizel sighed and nodded, still not being clued in on what this ability even was and effectively becoming the girl’s lab rat. A few minutes later, Fuka still hadn’t made the ability work, and he began to doubt Fuka, believing she just lied to him. But then he began to feel all warm, and began to sweat, and his unsuspected growth had officially began. Emizel began to grow taller, eventually reaching Fuka’s height. At first, he was rather unamused and confused. “So.. this is your ability? Making others tall?” Emizel asked without a hint of amusement, an eyebrow raise accompanying him. “Ah.. uhm….” Fuka stuttered, stammering and fumbled around awkwardly, growing an embarrassed flush on her face. “You should’ve done this to Desco, she’s super short.” Emizel joked smugly, making Desco angry. “Hey, when Desco becomes a final boss, she’ll make you regret those words!” Desco exclaimed, an angry pout on her face as she spoke in the third-person. “Emizel, Desco is only two years old, of course she’s small..” Fuka sighed, “but that’s not whats important, the prinny who gave me this ability said it was to-“ Fuka was cut off as Emizel’s eyes widened, a new feeling growing inside of him as he grew bigger.. and not just that he was hrowing taller too. His arms grew bigger as his biceps and triceps grew and expanded, becoming bigger and thicker. His shoulders grew too, growing wider and bigger. His neck began to thicken and his chest puffed out, two pecs appearing with a little bounce and a nice row of abs developing quickly as well. The undefinable feeling Emizel began feeling when he started his growth had turned into some sort of pleasure the boy had never felt before. This feeling only became more and more intense as the noises of muscles growing and developing echoed through the room, though luckily no one else besides the three people in said room could hear for reasons unknown. Fuka and Desco were watching Emizel grow, surprised looks on their faces.. though Emizel had one too, and it was certainly justified. I mean, the boy didn’t expect this at all, hell, he didn’t know what to expect, but muscle growth was certainly one of the least expected things. Emizels black shorts became tighter and tighter and began rolling up his legs as they grew taller, wider and thicker. Becoming big and juicy as the two girls in front of him stared. He became oh so meaty all over as his clothes became tight on him, and he wanted to get out of them, badly. The zipper of his hoodie unzipped itself thanks to his chest getting more muscular and his pecs growing fatter and juicier, and his vest and white collared shirt were revealed, along with his red little bowtie, though that was visible even when his hoodie was on. One single button held his vest together, and it was getting closer and closer to just popping right off as he continued growing. Emizel wondered if Fuka was actively using her ability or not, but from her surprised face, it was safe to assume that she wasn’t, and she was caught quite off guard herself. The sounds of muscles expanding continued to fill the room as the boy’s muscle growth continued all over, and soon, the singular button that kept his black vest together had popped right off and flew across the room, aiming right towards Fuka, but it luckily only knocked off her prinny hat. “Jeez, Emizel, watch where you’re aiming stuff!” She scolded the younger boy, a pout on her face as she bent down and picked her hat up before placing it back on her head. “I can’t aim it, it popped off on it’s own, and it was completely out of my control!” Emizel said, crossing his arms, causing his meaty pecs to become even more visible. His remaining clothes were growing to be unbearably tight, but he knew it would be awkward to take them off in front of two other people, especially since one was still just a super little girl, though she probably wouldn’t care either way. But it didn’t change how Emizel get, so he just chose to wait until they ripped themself. After all, he had a bunch of pairs of the same exact clothes anyway, so as long as he could go back to his normal size once his growth was finished, then he would be fine.. it not, then he’d be just a little screwed. Anyway, his shorts rolled up further, essentially becoming booty shorts as both his upper and lower halves grew more and more. His torso grew bigger both in length as well as width as he developed another row of abs. At this point, his vest was cropped and also tight as hell, ready to rip at any moment. And with a sharp and slight growth spurt throughout all his body, it did just that, the sound of clothes ripping replacing the sounds of muscles growing and expanding for a short moment before the sounds of muscle growth took over again. All Emizel had on left were his shorts, his white collared shirt, and his shoes, but all those things were tight on him. His shirt was small on him now, too short to fully cover his torso, revealing his abs which glistened with sweat, some sweat beads running down them. His feet were growing, becoming wider and bigger, too big to fit in his shoes. His toes bursted out of them one by one before his entire foot bursted out of both of them at the same time, ruining his shoes far beyond repair. The boy panted and groaned as his growth continued (he had been making noise all this time, but they intensified somewhere around here), most definitely out of Fuka’s control at this point, leaving none of them knowing just when exactly he would stop growing, but the three could assume that his shirt would rip before his growth came to an end. And the group was right, as his shirt made a loud RIIIP! As it did just that.. rip into shreds. Now his chest was fully revealed, making Fuka blush slightly as she stared at his buff body once more. She wasn’t attracted to Emizel in that sort of way, certainly not, but she couldn’t lie that she found his ripped body rather attractive, and she smirked slightly, knowing that she could easily use her new ability to replicate it on any boy she wanted. Emizel’s body glistened with sweat as he continued growing bigger and stronger, worried that his shorts (which at this point were suuuper short) would rip any moment now, revealing his underwear which was probably rip shortly afterwards, revealing his.. thing, and of course he didn’t want that, no no no! So it created some tension in the room as all three of them (well, mostly Fuka and Emizel) grew tense as they dreaded the moment his pants would rip.. and they did shortly after, leaving him in nothing but his underwear, making the boy blush heavily out of multiple different feelings. Though he grew a bit more, his growth had thankfully stopped shortly before his boxers would most likely rip. Emizel sighed in relief, wiping some of the sweat off of his forehead. “Fuka, is there any way you can make me go back to my normal size?” Emizel asked, crossing his arms again, lifting his pecs along with it, sweat beads dripping down his two meaty orbs. “Umm, I can try and see, but don’t get mad if I can’t do it, alright?” Fuka said before she got back to work. She fumbled around for a few minutes in an attempt to bring the boy back to normal. Desco tried to help her big sis, but she wasn’t much of a help. Luckily, Fuka was able to figure it out somehow and she brought Emizel back to his regular size, all his muscle going away and his underwear loosening up, though they were looser than normal since they bad been stretched out a lot when he grew. “Thanks, now I’ve gotta go to my room to get a new pair of clothes.. as well as take a shower to get all this sweat off.” Emizel said, taking a gukp and silently hoping that no one would see him in the hallways, as they would most likely question why he was in nothing except his underwear, before he left the room, leaving Fuka and Desco all alone again. “Well, that sure was nice, wasn’t it, big sis?” Desco asked, an innocent smile on her face, making Fuka smile back in response. “Mhm,” Fuka nodded, “this ability sure is fun. I’ll see if I can use it on Valzy (Valvatorez) and Fenfen (Fenrich) next.” The two girls giggled, knowing that the couple would be in for a ride next time Fuka spotted them, and eventually their conversation trailed off into Fuka going on another long rant about how much she loved boys.. and sweets, with Desco smiling and happily nodding all the way through. And just like that, the Fuka and Desco show went on, as the two girls prepared themselves for the tricks they would pull tomorrow. // Thank you for reading this! This is only my second or third time writing actual muscle growth fanfic with heavy detail so it might not be all that good. Before I began writing this, I was originally gonna write some valfen muscle growth smut (which I will write soon!!), but I thought of this scenario and it really stuck with me, so I decided to write it instead. Sorry to all the smut lovers out there, I already have muscle growth smut which I may or may not upload onto here sometime. There’s an EXTREME lack of Disgaea fanfics on here anyway so I thought I’d be the first to post some so yeah, have a good day/night/whatever
  12. BigZargo12

    Power tastes like shadows

    Power tastes like shadows I thought I would never return to this building ever again, I figured that I would be off on to my next job by now. But for some reason, the pool of jobs available had dried up. So, when my old boss Bernard Thornton called and offered me some kind of special job, I figured that I would humor him. Especially cents I had nothing better to do, and the way he made it sound so mysterious piqued my curiosity. Mr. Thornton seemed pretty okay, but I do not think he was the kind of guy who would go out of his way to help his employees. Still, he was a fair employer so hearing him out wouldn’t be a problem. Having thought about that I made my way towards one of the reception areas on the first floor. The building had white walls, grayish floor tiles, and the traditional white light panels and the light bulbs; complemented with comfortable-looking chairs with wooden frames and red cushions. Walking up to the receptionist I asked if Bernard Thornton was available? “Your name?” she asked with a smile. “Oh, my name is Tom Blackburn,” I answered her. “Okay, he should be available in 15 minutes,” she said while typing on her computer. “He should be on the fourth floor. There should be a second reception hall there,” she says as she hands me a card. “Taking this guest card, it should let you past through security without any issues.” She says with a smile. “Just. show this to the receptionist and they will show you the way.” I say my goodbyes and thank her for her service, as I quickly make my way to the elevator hitting the button to the four-floor. I was decently familiar with the layout of this building so when I got off of the elevator I knew where to go. Only stopping when I noticed that the sign that said reception area was covered up and had a new direction written all over it. Following these new directions, I found myself entering the role of cubicles where the back of the occupants could be seen. There is next to the door was another person sitting on the desk with the word receptionist plastered all over it. I didn’t recognize him and in return, he probably didn’t recognize me from the time I worked here. “Hey, my name is Tom Blackburn and I have an appointment with Mr. Thornton,” I said to the man. “Okay Mr. Blackburn let me check his schedule,” the receptionist man said. A couple of clicks later and a slight grimace on his face told me that something was wrong. “Okay Mr. Blackburn I have some bad news is that your meeting with Mr. Thornton moved to a different time it had been moved by one hour. Sorry about this last-minute change. I can have it be changed if you want to a new day,” he asked. “Oh, it’s fine, I can wait an hour. Do you know why his schedule had changed,” I asked? “I don’t know some blonde guy in a trenchcoat said he needed to talk to Mr. Thornton badly. he even showed me some kind of badge.” He said, shaking his head in confusion as if he had cobwebs in it. I sat down on a chair, sadly the only available ones were the plastic chairs with metal legs. I sat for 10 minutes on my phone playing Pan-Pan, when curiosity got the better of me. “Hey, do you know what happened to the reception room on this floor?” I asked the receptionist man. For a second, I figured he wouldn’t answer me. “I actually don’t know. When I was moved here, I was told that the room was destroyed and that it was being repaired.” He said while typing away on his computer. I wonder how it was destroyed I thought to myself. But then I felt it a strange feeling, a strange taste on the tip of my tongue, a headache coming on as if two points of my head were trying to push out. Maybe just maybe I could have headed out and done something like maybe ordered some lunch or something. I looked at the receptionist about to get up and ask him…. My tongue tasted of thick shadows as I began to watch the receptionist grow. It was like slow-motion as I watched him begin to fill out his shirt. I saw how his muscles began to fill out then stand out against his clothing. He started loosening up his tie against his thickening neck. Then I blinked but he was still growing, about to tear apart his own clothes with his growth, so I closed my eyes and waited a minute. Telling myself that this wasn’t happening and felt the taste of shadows slowly fade away. I opened my eyes again and the receptionist was still muscular, but he wasn’t growing anymore. His eyes moved from his computer to me. “Do you need something?” the man asked in a deeper voice. “Oh no uuu... Do you exercise?” I asked in desperation. “Well yeah, I do. You don’t get these gains from nothing. The job came with nice health benefits and a free gym membership,” he said proudly flexing a little until one of his shirt buns pop out. “Oops, not again,” he whispers to himself as his face turns red from embarrassment. Something was going on, but I didn’t know what it was. Then that feeling hit me again the taste of shadows and I looked immediately away from the receptionist into one of the cubicles. I couldn’t completely see the man thanks his office chair, but I somehow knew that he was growing. The man’s shoulders began widening and stretching out against his shirt, which was increasingly shrinking against the man’s growing body. Sounds of tearing could be heard as the man’s clothes lost against the growth of his muscles revealing his huge biceps and sculpted back muscles. I blinked and the man has clothed again with the same work shirt just bigger to fit his new huge body. But he was still growing so I decided to look away and close my eyes. Waiting for the taste of shadows to disappear and the strangeness to end. It was then I noticed the strange feeling in my pants, between my legs, and it was my cock, and it was hard. Embarrassment flow through me as I try to keep a level head in this strange turbulent situation. I kept breathing in and out trying to keep the thoughts of the growing men from my mind. “Mr. Blackburn, Bernard Thornton is ready to see you now,” The receptionist said. I looked up in surprise the taste of shadows no longer on my lips. “He is?” I said as I looked at the clock. Time really does fly when you’re beefing up people, I thought to myself as I made my way to Mr. Thornton’s office, after confirming with the receptionist on its location. I probably should cancel the meeting with Mr. Thornton, but I’m already committed, and I don’t like my time being wasted and hate to do it to others. What was so important that he couldn’t say on the phone. I opened the door to his office and saw the man sitting on his chair writing notes on his desk. Bernard Thornton was a small man with a jelly belly which he hides well with his suit. Shorthair's clean-shaven face, weak chin, big round glasses, surprisingly jolly cheeks, and a smile that made everyone feel better, which he hides with a 24-hour neutral expression. an average boss with the potential to be more and a business that had the potential to be more. “Hello Mr. Blackburn, it seems that you are interested in my job offer,” he said in a jolly time. “Normally I wouldn’t have come with the lack of information about the job, but I have nothing better at the moment and I was quite curious about it,” I said honestly. He looked at me with his usual piercing eyes, but I noticed that something was off. They seemed a little off not focused like they were slowly fogging up. “Well Mr. Blackburn I believe LS Waste Disposal could use your services; it will be a similar job that you had with us. They are looking to hire people with similar expertise, and they want to keep this job on the down-low; But they did tell me enough to make a sales pitch to you,” he said and said and said as the conversation continued. I knew I should be paying attention, but I was kind of bored and annoyed. The LS Waste Disposal was shifty as hell; one of my friends said a few weeks before he disappeared. So, if I knew it was the LS Waste Disposal company, I would have never indulged in the idea of coming. Thornton was talking about some of the benefits of the job when I felt and tasted the shadows. Apart from me didn’t really want to change Mr. Thornton while the other part felt it would be very interesting. I watched as Mr. Thornton’s body began to change. First, his jelly belly flattens out, and then his chest expands out. Then his pecs began to expand and rise like bread dough, as his now flat belly begins ballooning out towards the world as one by one abs begin to appear, rising and barely noticeable against his shirt. Then his shoulders began to expand with muscle as the growth spread to his arms slowly filling out his shirt sleeves. So far, his muscular body was contained by his office suit but no longer with the sounds of ripping and tearing the heavily muscled body underneath was revealed as Mr. Thornton’s began growing out of his clothes. He continues to talk not noticing with every breath he destroys his own suit. Eventually, his clothes fall off of his huge chest, as he subconsciously begins removing the torn cloth with his now huge muscular arms. Mr. Thornton began adjusting his tie, loosening it up against his growing bull’s neck. Not even noticing when his big hand began scratching at his newly growing scruff. He probably would have grown even more if it had not been for the fact that his chair broke sending him to the floor. I blinked and Mr. Thornton has clothed again the same clothes only bigger to fit his new body. The taste of shadows disappeared, and I move to help him up. “Are you okay Mr. Thornton,” I asked with genuine concern. “I’m okay,” he said to me as I helped lift him up. “I swore I got the new chair today,” he mumbled to himself. “Thank you, Mr. Thornton. I know you’re going to think that this is superstitious but I’m going to take it as a sign from the universe and decline the job offer. Sorry but I do not think it’s the job for me,” I said. Mr. Thornton grip was stronger than the first time I met him, and I was barely able to lift him off the ground with his new weight. The meeting soon to an end and I was starting to feel, sick and exhausted and I need to go to the bathroom all the same time. I was familiar with this building’s layout which had made it quite easy to head to the restroom, So, I thought. As I began feeling sicker and more drained every second as I made my way to the restroom. The lights became brighter and brighter as my head throbbed were new waves of agony, thump, thump the drums in my head are screaming louder and louder. The next thing I knew I was puking in the restroom stall. The taste of shadows well on my lip as a puked out a dark substance into the mouth of the hungry toilet stall. I… I could feel the shadows inside me, boiling and moving inside me like a living being. I waited for it to calm down, wondering what the hell is going on. Is this, this power inside me, is it the reason why my parents put me up for adoption? Am I a freak of nature, beefing up man until they explode or something? Home, I…I need to go home before something else happens. I found my strength, flush the toilet, and began making my way to the sink to get some water, before making my way back home. The water felt like heaven and tasted of shade as I rinse my mouth out. I took a few sips of water before making my way out of the restroom. But it was then I noticed the man blocking the way to the door of the restaurant. The man had short blonde hair was average in height, a face, and had a body of an action hero with cold blue eyes. He was wearing a trenchcoat with blue jeans and a black shirt holding a katana in his right hand. The man had a smirk on his face as if he caught his prey. “Well, that was anti-climactic. No blood, no destruction, no screams of terror I was expecting a person tied to the dark to do more, instead I find you here puking your guts out. Quite abnormal, an illusions type, maybe, you have the shocked look of a beginner; but I didn’t hear screaming or confusion shout of coming from the other people. You could be a necromancer but you’re not showing the signs of raising the dead, but you may have talked to some spirits. By how pale your face has gotten you probably had talked to some spirits,” The man said. The man began slowly walking towards me, as he monologues. “If you were experienced with your dark power, you wouldn’t have let me interfere with your power pool. This means that you are inexperienced or this is your awakening. One less potential servant of the dark bastion in one less foe to face for the light sanctuary. Now die dark one!” He said with glee. “Wait is it because I’m black,” I asked? “What un no!” he said in confusion and annoyance. At this point, he was a couple of feet away from me which made it easy to kick him in the balls while he was distracted. He roared out in pain but rather than crumbling down, he became angry and began to attack with his sword. I backed away unable to pass him without getting cut to ribbons. Eventually hitting the restroom wall as I ran out of room to maneuver. By looking at the man’s rage-filled eyes I knew that he was going to kill me with no hesitation. With one last powerful slash at me, he committed to the killing blow, and I knew that I cannot dodge left or right, but I could duck letting my ass hit the floor, as a sword was gunning for my head. Rather than hearing the sword bouncing off the wall instead it dug in and got stuck. I quickly realized I wouldn’t be able to get crawl through his legs or past them in time to escape before he pulled the sword out of the wall. I began to taste shadows on top of my tongue, and I began to focus on the man before me. I figured if I could make the man's crotch grow to ridiculous size, he would have a hard time chasing after me and be a suitable distraction for my escape. For the first time, I felt some kind of resistance like it wasn’t taking hold. The man laughed a cruel laugh as he said, “Your dark powers don’t work on me, servant of the dark. My magical items protect me from your dark powers.” I felt the taste of shadows with my tongue in the form of exhaustion hit me. Dammit, I thought to myself I had never tested to see if the powers work on me. Then I felt something deeper darker and more malevolent boil from within me. A hunger that was so primal that it had to be fed. Then I smelt it, fear but not for me but from him. “By the light, Demon blood!” The man screamed out in fear. “Fuck! No wonder your abnormal.” I… I could sense the light in him, so self-righteous, so arrogant and so petty; I wanted to devour it, consume it no I needed it. I felt my canines sharpen as the taste of shadows and infernal fire poured from my mouth. The man began backing off forgetting his sword as fear had claimed his heart. “Boo!” I say in a deepening voice. The man flinches and trips and falls onto the restroom floor, and like a beast, I pounce on him. I grinned as I realize the tables had turned and now, I was on top. But what to do him I wondered? Then a thought hit me my original plan to deal with him. I wonder how much he can grow before he exploded; And as I thought about the plan, I was already acting on it. Waves of pleasure began bombarding my prey causing his screams to become moans of pleasure as I opened up his pants. His cock was hard and already leaking cum as I dove in and began to suck on it. Every second I was devouring it he grew slowly at first, but he grew, nonetheless. I felt as his pants became tight, I heard as his shoes popped off against his growing feet; And how the sounds of tearing fabric as his clothes began submitting to his growing bulk. Second, by second his shaft grew wider and longer, and yet I was able to handle it. More and more I felt his growing balls against my chin as his power and soul gathered there. I stopped to see the results of my work. He was now huge and naked his growth completely destroying his clothes. He had huge tree trunk thighs, huge bowling ball biceps, hands big enough to grab a man’s face whole, a row eight pack abs over a huge muscle gut, round pillow-like pecs, and Boulder-like shoulders on a wide barrel-like chest. The man was drooling all over his stubble jaw as pleasure encircle him. Nearly glazed eyes both hungered and feared for more pleasure which I was happy to give. I resume sucking on his huge cock which was now like a third limb on him. The sweet, delicious taste of his life-filled cum was delectable as I consumed it; Every second I did I could feel his memories were fading away, then his personality, and then instinct as I saw the light fade from his eyes. Then within one instant, the lights in his eyes came back and with a bellowing roar from his throat. A geyser of cum shot from his huge cock and as it did, I drink all of it as if my life depended on it. The man slowly became colder as he began to deflate like a balloon, as I was drinking all of his life force. I drink until his balls were gone, I drink until all that was left was skin and bones and I drink until evening that was gone relishing every second of it. I felt the shadows inside me grow with even more might after my feeding. I felt myself growing in power both physically and mentally. I somehow knew that my body was going to change now and that I should try to remove my clothes. I quickly removed my shoes and tie before my body began to change, But my other clothes were not so lucky. a feeling of both hot and cold passed through my body as I felt my clothes becoming tighter against my body grew. I felt my bones pop and stretch as they began lengthening, growing, and changing. I felt a strange pressure come from the back of my spine and two more on my head. My pants were really starting to become uncomfortable, especially with the strange pressure coming from my back near my ass. I felt the tips hands and feet change is nails became sharper. A quick look at the restroom mirror revealed to me that I was growing two horns and that my eyes were now the color gold that was surrounded by black. My… My pecs were huge and growing before my eyes I would have been in disbelief if I hadn’t seen other people grow today, but I want to have a closer look, so I grabbed my shirt and ripped it off my swelling body as easy as tearing apart paper. The pieces of fabric fell to the floor as I began grouping my pecs. Then I began feeling abs, a nice eight pack to compliment my pillow like pecs. Throughout my body growth, my skin was darkening which was both concerning and exhilarating. I started flexing my biceps watching them and my lower arms grow with every flex. I was no longer in a building in the middle of town now I was here and now watching myself change into perfection into something more. My chest was widening, as my shoulders grew with the strength of mountains. Then I felt a pressure near my ass, and it was becoming unbearable as it pressed against my pants; grabbing the back of my pants I attempted to pull it down, but it got stuck against my thick meaty ass and I ripped it apart destroying my belt in the process. I sighed in relief as I felt a part of myself was free. I turned around to see something swaying around and I grabbed it to find that I had a forked tail, it was still growing and dark as the night. The remains of my pants were losing the battle against my body as more holes start opening up against the seams. Didn’t know how to flex using my legs by began trying, finding the idea of flexing them off to be exhilarating. When the pants were holding on to me by a thread, I yanked them revealing my tree trunk-like thighs and, my huge meaty calves. The only thing on was my destroyed socks and my boxer briefs which were straining against my heavily muscled body and my now huge cock and balls. just think my package was pretty average this morning and now my cock is a mouthwatering 10-inch hard monster in my balls are like two crab apples in a sack. I tore off the remains of my undergarment, and like a Jack-in-the-Box my cock shot out, a display for the whole world to sees if I wasn’t in a restroom. If I thought my transformation was over itching that spread through my skin told me otherwise. The hair on my head and any other hair on my body began falling off my black skin, to my dismay. Looking at the mirror again I saw my face and it had changed. I had two 3-inch white horns pointing upwards, pointy ears and I open my mouth I noticed my teeth were sharper, especially my canines. My facial features had changed to become more masculine and devilish. Then I felt the itching again as a new silver hair began spreading all over my body starting from the bellybutton the growth spring all out words all over my body to my huge meaty pecs to my arms and legs even spreading toward my huge back and ass. Sadly, when it reached my head all I got was a beard and mustache combo and thick bushy eyebrows. Damn, I’m a sexy daddy demon I thought to myself with a grin. If I wasn’t flexing my huge muscles I probably would have been panicking at the whole situation, but I was high on adrenaline and ego and I was horny as hell. I headed to the urinal with my big hard cock leaking pre-cum on the way there. I began feeding my horny desires and started stroking my cock, letting the stresses of today out. Thoughts of heading to Mr. Thornton office and turning him into my sexy buff thrall and having him lure other office workers into my thralled; watching those the weak, the scrawny, the fat, and average transform into big dumb thralls was extremely sexy to me. Sexy enough for me to come and shoot my load into the restroom urinal. I panted for a second thick orgasm so mind-blowing so exhilarating. But I was still horny, still hungry, and eager to try out these new powers. Then I felt it a disturbance, a disturbance of… Something? Then a dark rift opened up and a huge man came through. He was wearing a well-fitted black suit which hugged his body and showed off his huge form. He had long black hair tied up into a ponytail, stubble on his handsome face, and dark eyes that both men and women find alluring. “Well, that was quite entertaining. You hand self pretty well for a newbie. I was afraid I would have to intervene but to be honest I probably should have,” the new man said. “Who are you?” I said with my new deeper voice. “Oh, where are my manners you may call me Logan. And I was sent here to take care of Darren Mcpherson the one you killed. I must be honest with you I kind of didn’t care if he killed you. I was just sent here to take him in. But you had killed him save me a lot of trouble. Who would expect a dark sorcerer to have fiendish blood?” He says sarcastically. “No wonder why they sent me, I always have to deal with the idiots. That might explain why they didn’t order me to save you. Between you and me that’s all I can guess on the council’s part. Now what to do with you? We can’t have you walking out of here like that. But I need your permission to teleport you to my Citadel are could just knock you out and then teleport you to my Citadel. Know what I have an idea.” He said as inspiration hit him. The destroyed pieces of my clothes began reforming and fusing with the remains of Darren’s clothes to form something new, and in a flash, I was clothed in a strange combination. The man looked pleased with himself. “I think I’ll have a representative talk to you and explain a little bit more details of what’s going on. If the researchers and the recruiters are right, then you are a dark sorcerer with fiendish blood; Whose blood was activated when you ran out of normal magical power. Now take these,” he said as he hands over several items to me. “The bracelet will suppress your fiendish blood along you to walk among the normal people; and as a bonus help hides from those who have ill will towards you or agents of the light from checking you. While letting me and those who serve the dark bastion be able to find you. The other is my business card with my number; call me if you need anything, but do not abuse it. And finally, a brochure this is a law of information for you but trust me to read the brochure explains the basics. Now go home and don’t take any other stops unless you have to. All the things that were in your pockets are now in the right pocket of your new jacket, and on your left are the spoils of your victory. I gave it a 30-minute lock so that you would be tempted to open it up in this building,” he said as a dark rift opened up. He turned around and walked through it leaving me horny and with more questions than answers. I decided to take his advice and placed on the bracelet and decided to head home. It’s been a long exciting, frightening, and horny day.

    Liquid Manhood- Chapter Six

    A year long wait for Part Six, sorry, school got ahead of me and when I was finally free I wasn't in any mood to write. This part is mostly filler and some plot, more transformations to come in the next part though. Thanks for reading. Read Part One HERE Read Part Two HERE Read Part Three HERE Read Part Four HERE Read Part Five HERE Liquid Manhood Chapter Six Chris lay awake in bed, staring at the ceiling deep in thought. The room was still dark, but dim light shone through the gaps in the curtains. The light illuminated the cause of Chris’ thinking, a large tent in Melvin’s bed sheet, and two massive feet that hung out the end of that bed. A couple of months ago Melvin had been a small runty nerd who Chris could twist around his little finger, but then Melvin took some of the magical elixir home. Now Melvin was more confident, he was questioning Chris’ decisions more and he was keeping Chris awake with hour-long fuck sessions every single day. The only benefit to being kept up so late is that Chris had the time to think over the events of the past few days. That first day when he found out what had happened to Melvin had been the hardest. Hearing that deep voice over the phone made his heart drop, but he nearly died when he found Melvin. Melvin had directed Chris to come talk to him at some apartment, his nerdy roommate opened the door in just his underwear. He was now tall, built and from the look of the bulge in his briefs, hung like a donkey. Seeing Melvin had only added fuel to the theory that the elixir had a plan of its own, that the changes it caused weren't random. That in fact it mattered on what sort of person you were, an undeserving person would end up as unappealing, but a deserving person, as Melvin appeared to be, would end up owning mouthwatering pecs with big silver dollar sized nipples, abs you could wash clothes on and a bulge that looked like it could feed a small village. The conversation between the two roommates was awkward mainly because Chris could see the four girls who lived in the apartment had been fucked senseless for what must of been several days. From where Chris sat he could see the girls in a sleeping cum stained heap on a bed in a bedroom, the doors having been pulled off its hinges, they all had smiles on their faces. A smile which matched Melvin’s smug smirk, he knew the situation between them had changed. Melvin though didn’t rub it in that he was now a towering stallion compared to Chris, which Chris had expected. Instead he talked about what had happened to him and what he’d thought was going on with the elixir. In the days following Melvin’s marathon fuck session both boys shared their theories on how the elixir affected the user. Chris’ theory that who you were mattered held more water then anything Melvin offered. It was nearly confirmed when Chris and, the now meathead, Melvin found out what happened to the people dosed by the water bottles from the school gym that Chris had tainted. The equipment manager Thaddeus Stern had ballooned into some ebony black beast of muscle and manhood, he was instantly recruited by football team to his own delight. Yuri was also dosed too, and to Chris’ delight he didn't end up huge. Instead the slim swimmer had swelled into some hairy bear. A gut of muscle and fat replacing his toned abs. Melvin didn't think the change was that bad, Yuri looked pretty intimidating, an opinion which seemed to be shared by others. Yuri had been recruited to the football team too. The third person to be dosed had surprised Chris. Coach Peters had changed and it seemed to have knocked him out of the funk that losing his football team had caused. His flabby gut had been sucked in and tightened, his hair darkened and his face lost a good 20 years of wear and tear. The man who now stomped around campus in a sweat suit with a big cigar in his mouth was nothing like the old Coach Peters. Scary was the word that Melvin had used after he'd been cornered and almost forced to join the football team by the new Peters. He was rebuilding the team and taking anyone who even looked like they lifted weights. Chris though was half attracted to the new barrel chested daddy like-coach. He would have expected that Peters to get the bad side of the elixir, but instead Peters’ love and loyalty to the boys on his team had instead made the elixir turn Peters into a better man than he already was. Chris’ reminiscing was ruined by the loud wet slapping coming from Melvin’s bed. The big lug had thrown back his blankets and was fisting his Pringles can cock with both of his meaty fists. Chris just rolled over and buried his face into his pillow hoping Melvin would only jerk off once this morning. ——————————————————————————————————————————— “Good workout today man” Thaddeus’ Barry White-like voice said Both he and Sean were standing in the locker room of the school gym, they had it to themselves as the other patrons seemed to flee the room when they both came in sweaty from their workout and stuffed into gym shorts that looked close to bursting. They'd both showered on the far side of the showers from each other, both trying to sneak in a quick wank, though it was hard to keep two massive muscle men jerking wrist fat monster cocks secret. Neither of them brought it up, even thought they’d both cum at the same time. “Yea, good lift” Sean agreed, pulling on his shirt The two muscle men were both buttoning up their shirts, both having the same issue of pulling the shirt together over their pecs. Thaddeus with his glistening ebony pec pillows and Sean with is fire-red furry slab like chest. Sean and Thaddeus had met soon after Coach Peters had recruited them both for football team and they’d become fast friends. Mainly it was due to them being forced together as they were both of similar size, but they shared an intense interest in video games, so a friendship had blossomed. A tv bolted up to the wall loudly played some sporting news show, the announcer worriedly talking about the removal of some big name athlete from the Dallas Cowboys because of some sort of disease. Sean had seen the guys face all over the internet and he’d even jerked off a fair bit to the guys modeling pics. Sean gave up on closing his shirt, his entire hairy pec cleavage on show. The button just below his pecs barely holding the shirt closed. “You coming round mine tonight to game” Sean asked pulling up the zipper of his jeans again Since his last growth spurt Sean had found a guy on Craigslist who was selling a tonne of clothes in sizes that could actually contain him, but now after a couple of months of actually working out, playing football and slowly growing he was beginning to outgrow them. Thaddeus, was himself just stuffing his overpacked undies into some jeans. He pulled the zipper up and gave his hefty bulge a good grope with a big black hand. “Nah man” Thaddeus chuckled deeply “Got a date tonight” Sean laughed “What again… did last nights go so well” Thaddeus left their gaming session last night with some cheerleader under this arm. The big black stud had been grinning ear to ear earlier when they started their workout, so it must of gone well. “Yea, yea, it did, nearly broke her bed” Thaddeus laughed, doing a little thrusting movement with his hips “But its not the same girl… her friend" “Slut” Sean laughed lightly punching Thaddeus’ shoulder Thaddeus packed up his gym bag and seemed ready to leave, obviously eager to get to this date. “Yea pretty much, I used to be some pathetic virgin” the black stud laughed “But since my growth spurt I've been getting pussy every day… even multiple pussies sometimes” Sean felt his eyes roll, Thaddeus just laughed at his reaction. The two friends said goodbye and the black beast thudded out of the locker room, leaving Sean to struggle to get his clown feet into sneakers that were falling apart because they were at least a size too small. The walk back to his dorm room was quick, but it was a constant barrage of stares as he stomped across campus. He knew his heavy bulge was bouncing from thigh to thigh with each step and his pecs were dangerously close to launching the remaining buttons of his shirt across the path ahead of him. Sean was struggling with his keys at his door, his big meaty fingers fumbling over the tiny, little pieces of metal. “Sean” a quiet voice asked Sean turned to look and just saw an empty corridor. Then he looked downwards. A nervous yet smiling brown haired boy stared up at him. It was the guy he’d brought all the old clothes from. A guy of barely 5ft2 who for some reason owned clothes ranging from XXL to XXXXL, Sean didn’t ask why. “Hey... Ben right” he asked, hoping he’d got the name right Ben nodded as Sean turned away from his door to look down at Ben. The smaller guys eyes widening as he stared at the thick overhang of Sean’s pecs. Thankfully his eyes weren’t looking down to the overstuffed bulge of his pants which was shockingly close to Ben’s eye level. They were silent for a few moments, Ben just watching as Sean’s pecs slowly heaved with each breath. Sean broke the silence “So, why are you here” He knew that Ben didn’t live in the dorm. He loved in one of big frat houses on the other side of campus. Ben muttered something, sounded like he was nervously gathering his words. “Just… just... wanted to see if you wanted to hang out” Ben asked, smiling slightly Sean wondered if Ben had actually wanted to ask something else, but the sight of Sean’s hulking hairy form had knocked all the confidence out of the little guy. Sean chuckled slightly “Sure, I was going play some games, but we can hang out” Sean opened his door, the gust of warm musky air washed over them both. Ben actually squeaked in surprise. “It's only a single-player game, but I’m sure we could find you something to do” Sean said, letting Ben pass into the room Sean followed him in, giving his big bulge a quick rearrange before closing the door and trapping the little guy. ——————————————————————————————————————————— “Do you have any books on witchcraft” Barrett asked up to the librarian Without even looking pass their glasses and down to the runty Barrett, they muttered a floor number. Barrett had gotten used to being ignored since his fall from grace. He quickly headed up the stairs, taking two at a time, which was a stretch for his short skinny legs. Luckily no one would recognize him, he wasn't the Barrett anyone on campus would recognize. A few months ago Barrett had received an email about his campuses links to magic and witchcraft, since then he’d been researching the subject. He’d read more books and written more down in these months then he’d ever done in his life. It had started as a simple way of passing the time and maybe distracting him from his diminished body and from the housekeeper's son cleaning the swimming pool shirtless, but it had become a desperate passion once AJ returned home. The doctors had said that AJ had a muscle wasting disease, the same thing that the doctors has said to Barrett. AJ had lost his position in the NFL and returned him a broken man. AJ was nearly as small and runty as Barrett was and was getting smaller all the time. His personality shift was more dramatic than Barrett’s had been, Barrett regularly could hear AJ crying himself to sleep. When AJ was a towering beast Barrett had never even heard a single word spoken in a unsure tone, let alone seen him shed a tear. The CDC had even visited the house to check it out for any environmental causes, they found nothing. Just like they’d found nothing at the athletic department on campus. Barrett had actually stopped off to see how things had changed. It was just the same as Barrett had left it, without any reminder that Barrett had ever existed. The CDC had even kept an office on campus, but they didn’t seem to be doing anything. Just some guy sitting alone in an office bouncing a tennis ball off the far wall. The suddenly collapse of his brothers obscenely manly physique and the CDC’s continued inability to find a medical cause had only pushed Barrett closer towards witchcraft and magic. It had knocked Barrett out of his depression, he’d become more active, more set on finding an answer. He’d be researching anything and everything that could link to his and AJ’s situation. Quickly moving away from any sort of scientific explanation and focusing almost entirely on the thin hope that something beyond explanation had caused his and AJ’s predicament. He came to the correct floor, wheezing, he was so unfit now. He moved through the cases and desks looking for some sort of sign directing him to his answer. The floor was pretty much empty of students. Just one guy with long black hair sitting at a desk with headphones on. Barrett stopped to stare at his guy, he was well built. Large pecs straining at his shirt and thick arms gripping the table. Barrett bit his lip, muscle really got to him, his little cock hardening in his pants. The guy let out a moan and Barrett could see a hand was beneath his shirt feeling up his pecs. Barrett knelt down to check under the table, having to look between the legs of chairs and desks between him and the big guy. A blond haired head was moving back and forth between the guys massive jean clad legs. Barrett let out a gasp and scurried between some bookcases. He heard a sloppy sounding slap and a guy, probably the blond, taking in deep breaths. “Zach, did you hear something… I think someone is here” one voice said between deep breaths “No one is here” another deeper voice said “Get back to sucking bitch” There was slapping sound and a return to wet sucking noises. Barrett was sitting on the floor, his back leaning against a bookcase. His cock rock hard at the sound of the blond struggling to deepthroat whatever this Zach had between his legs. Down the line of books, Barrett saw a massive ornate bookcase. Leather bound books of various sizes filled its shelves and a sign above in posh looking gold lettering read. “Tiberius J.J. Haber Occult Library” Barrett jumped to his feet, for the first time thankful that he was small, his feet making no sound as he moved. He ran down the aisle towards the bookcase. As he approached he saw how run down the bookcase was. The golden sign was faded, the wood chipped and in placed moldy. The books were covered in thick dust, but Barrett saw a few finger marks. A couple of books on the middle shelf had been touched recently, but only those books. He strained to reach up to them, again hating how small he was now. “Did you see that guy… getting a blowjob in the library” an insanely rich and deep voice boomed from down the aisle “From a guy…” another voice stated sounding annoyed “Damn” the deep voice muttered “I mean, nothing against gays, Chris, you know that…” The other guy, Chris, just sighed loudly. Barrett fell back to another set of shelves and hid behind them as the two men approached. One was tall with strong features, almost model like in his movements. The other was a brute, towering nearly as tall as the bookcases and nearly as wide as the aisle. The massive dude had a hand down his shorts and was obviously scratching at his balls. Chris though was inspecting the occult bookcase. Chris gently lifted the middle books away from shelf and tapped at the wood behind them. “Good, it’s still jammed” Chris said returning the books to their place “Huh” the big guy said, he’d been busy sniffing his hand after scratching his nuts “The compartment where we found the magic book… we jammed it so we’d know if someone else found it” Chris said, trying not to raise his voice at the giant guy The big guy's viking like face made an expression of understanding. His heavy lantern jaw moving to make an ‘oh’ sound. “It’s still jammed so whoever was asking about witchcraft never found it” Chris mused “Wait… how’d you know someone asked about that” the big guy asked “I paid the librarian to call me if someone did, why do you think we even rushed over here” Chris said smirking arrogantly “We don’t want anyone finding out what we did… well not till I’m your size” Chris gave a playful backhanded tap to the big guy’s abs which were showing through his shirt. The two turned and left, Barrett’s head spinning, could magic actually be real, what where they are hiding. He waited for the big guys wide back to vanish around a corner before slowly he started to follow them. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Sean was laying on his front on his bed. It was too small for him. His pecs were hanging off the end and he was awkwardly propping his meaty arms on the edge so he could play his game properly. His big mits pressing buttons and his TV loudly sounding out the gun shots of his character. “You ok back there little dude” Sean asked peeking over his shoulder to Ben Ben was laying between Sean’s legs, the big guys legs bent and pressing down on Ben’s back. Ben’s face was pressed between Sean’s rounded muscle ass and his tongue deep between the cheeks. “Just slap my ass once if yes, twice for no” Sean said, trying not to chuckle Ben’s little hand flew up and slapped the rock solid left cheek of Sean’s ass and then fell back to gripping at Sean’s thigh. “Good boy” Sean said returning to his game “In a bit I’m move across to my gaming chair, you can suck or sit on my dick if you like” Sean’s cock was rock hard and laying between his legs and throbbing against Ben’s tummy. “Well you going suck or ride it either way, I’ll let you choose which happens first” Sean’s let out a deep moan and almost crushed his controller as Ben excitedly assaulted his asshole with his talented and surprisingly large tongue. ——————————————————————————————————————————— On opposite sides of campus, two groups of friends were meeting. One a group of young men who were busy planning the next phase of their Homes for Humanity project. The other a group of young men planning which news agency’s website they were going to bring down with a denial of service attack. They were in similar number and a similar makeup of guys, just different in personalities. But one thing that these groups shared was that the refreshments at their meetings tasted weird.
  14. SethClock

    Misplaced gift

    First story here, hope you guys like it . As a small note, while the story involves a father and son there´s no incest btw. (Someone reminded me I hadn't reposted this from the old forums, so here it is again, I should add there were some hot suggestions in the comments previously but I don´t plan to continue this story, if anyone wants to use a similar concept like this one they're more than welcome to do so) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Danny eyed the suspicious box he had received, he could only come up with one person that would send an unmarked and unexpected gift, but he wanted to give his rival more credit than that. At least a little bit. He considered getting rid of it, or just pretend he didn't get it, even if that meant showing he was actually scared of what might happen. "No, Marvin would just love that" Danny muttered under his breath. Both Danny and Marvin were part of a secret group, few select people that unlocked their potential for magic, and ever since Danny joined and showed innate talent, smarts and good looks, Marvin, the previous star member had been a pest for him. It wasn't until a few weeks back that Danny got a higher rank than Marvin that the man actually lost it and stormed out of a meeting, Danny would pity him if he wasn't a goddamn jerk. After that scene Marvin hadn't shown his face near Danny, and now this anonymous box, reeking of magic showed up out of nowhere. (Maybe dad received it, but he always opens my stuff...) Danny thought, he lived with his dad and there was nobody else that could get the box inside. (Whatever, knowing Marvin is probably just a stupid mildly inconvenient enchantment) He gave another look at the medium sized box and decided to leave if alone for now, and do a little research on some dispelling methods to get the *gift* safely, it shouldn't take too long for him. Hours passed and Danny had lost track of time, somewhat losing interest in Marvin's childish behavior and doing some actual important research on the side. He was so focused on his texts and spell components that he didn't hear his dad coming home. Leonard, Danny's father, was a middle-aged man, but still good looking, fit, confident and strong headed, he entered his home as he always did and spotted the box. Leonard gave it a quick look, Danny was already home so that meant this box wasn't for him, so he figured that whatever was inside was meant for him and not his son. Leonard took the box and went to his room before opening it, once he saw what was inside, he couldn't help but chuckle. "This little fucker" Leonard said between laughs. Inside the box, was what seemed to be an ordinary fleshjack, Leonard recognized it instantly and examined it intently. (He must think I don't get laid enough, well not with him still in the house) Leonard thought still amused, the fleshjack even seemed to be fit for his size, but it was probably just an average one, in fact it didn't have any other particular detail. (But why not give it a try?) He wasn't one to squander a chance like this. Leonard got comfortable on his bed, and jerked his cock a bit to get it fully hard, it was already half hard after seeing the toy. His thick 7 inches rose to full mast and Leonard lubed his cock, he was getting more excited to give it a try, having a toy made to fulfill his sexual needs was something that he never thought about, but seemed very enticing now. Leonard gripped the fleshjack and placed it on top of his cock, gently lowering it as his cockhead entered it, he moaned as his cock was enveloped by the toy, slowly and deliciously gripping inch after inch of Leonard's cock. "Fuck..." Leonard groaned, the fleshjack felt perfect around his cock, as it belonged there, as if the toy molded itself around his member. He knew that these things got better as time passed and all that, but he never imagined how good it could feel. Leonard grabbed the toy with one hand and lifted it, feeling the seamless friction in his cock leaving, and then lowered the fleshjack again, the sensation coming back, his toes curled and he stopped for a moment, groaning and moaning, he didn't want to cum just yet, he had to keep fucking this thing for as long as he could... ------------- Danny finally got his stuff in order, and with a potential dispelling method, materials and safeguards, he went back downstairs where the box was, except it no longer was there. "Huh? Where is it?" He was so absorbed in his own feud that he forgot about the potential third party in his own house that could've taken the box. (Is that it? A disappearing box?) He knew Marvin was petty and sort of an idiot but apparently even that was giving him too much credit. Danny examined the living room and any other place that might have been affected somehow by the unknown magic box yet nothing was different. (Whatever, it's not like I was that excited or anything) He examined the table again, no residual magic or any trace whatsoever, angry and frustrated he went to his room, this time to do something actually worth his time. ----- Leonard meanwhile was beyond horny, his pace had sped up and the toy was bobbing up and down on his cock, the man was so focused on his own pleasure, eyes closed and the occasional grunt, that he hadn't noticed the toy was heavier, bigger in fact, not only that, but Leonard's cock was still fitting perfectly inside it. The fleshjack had grown thicker and made for an 8 incher, each time Leonard's cock entered it, the cock came out slightly bigger, before entering the toy and stretching it bigger as well, the cycle being repeated over and over. Leonard wasn't even aware that as horny as he was, as fast as he was handling the toy, he wasn't able to cum even if he wanted to, only abundant precum flowed inside the toy, keeping it well lubed and easy to fulfill its purpose. "Fucking... Fuck... So good..." Leonard said mindlessly, grabbing now the fleshjack with both hands with some space to spare as the toy and the cock inside it had grown beyond 9 inches now. Leonard didn't even think about that fact, his hands pumping the toy as if his life depended on it, faster and harder, speeding up the cycle more and more... ---- Danny managed to calm down after distracting himself for a while, he opened the window and took a deep breath, but he only got to that point before he noticed his dad's car on the driveway and realized that he had completely ignored the possibility that his dad... Danny's phone rang, he angrily picked it up to quickly tell whoever was calling to fuck off. "What?!" He growled, hoping the person got the hint. "Haha! So, I take it you got my *present*" A disdainful voice said, Danny recognized it instantly. "Oh, you mean your disappearing box? Very clever, hope you didn't bust too many braincells coming up with it" Danny figured he could play it cool; his dad might be okay, the magic didn't seem to be that powerful if it didn't leave any trace. "What do you mean?" Marvin quickly bit the bait. "You don't fool me, you sounded pissed off, you must have opened it!" "I'm pissed off because a moron interrupted me after already wasting my time with a useless box" Danny replied. "Or was it supposed to do something worthwhile? Unlike you" He hoped Marvin would give him the information he needed about the gift. "But... You shouldn't be able to... Do anything right now" Marvin said stunned, Danny had to bite his tongue to keep his facade. "I paid a lot for that curse!" "Damn, you can't even make your own curses. Pathetic even for you." Danny regained some confidence after humiliating Marvin for now. "So you're not going to tell me what it was meant to do? It really is the thought that counts with gifts you know." Marvin had to answer now, he had to... "FUCK YOU!" Maybe Danny had pushed him too far. "I know it's there, you must've tried to get rid of it, but let me tell you that you can't. It's going to find you one way or another, even if I have to get involved..." Marvin hanged up. "Damn it!" Now Danny had to expect that idiot to show up any time now, it was pretty late night already, not that he could get anyone else involved. And speaking of anyone else... Danny rushed to his dad's room, preparing to shield himself or fight something off, as he approached, he could hear some noises, but nothing too bad, maybe a light struggle or something just as innocuous. He opened the door and braced himself, not that it was of any use at the sight that greeted him. Leonard was on his back and fucking a now huge fleshjack, holding it firmly with an obvious desperate grip, his hips trusting wildly, his huge cock going in and out of the toy, he was fucking with fervor, the now 11 inches fleshjack welcoming his cock and granting it more size with each trust. Danny stared at the scene completely numb, his dad not only had a huge cock but was fucking a toy completely out of his mind. It took a long while for Danny to come to his senses, his dad just kept fucking the toy, either not caring or noticing that his own son was now in the room, but it was as Danny noticed that the fleshjack was growing along his dad's cock that he snapped back to reality and tried to formulate a plan. "Dad! Can you hear me? Are you alright?" Danny approached slowly, fearing his dad might decide the toy was not enough and decided to go for the nearest person. After getting no response he came close to Leonard's face. "Dad! Come on, say something!" "So... Fucking... Horny..." Leonard said between trusts and heavy breaths, his face was covered in sweat, just as the rest of his body, his face was the picture of pleasure and libido, he slowed down his pace, getting tired after fucking for hours and not being able to cum. "What the hell..." Danny watched as his dad's huge cock had grown even bigger now, easily surpassing twelve inches and with an intimidating girth, the veins in the member were angry and pulsing and the man's balls were definitely bigger too, full and aching for a release that had been withheld for so long. Leonard turned to his side and now fucked the toy slowly, as if making love to it, still drooling and groaning like a madman. "Shit..." Danny was also getting horny but he had to avoid whatever curse this was, he left the room quickly and closed the door. (Think...) Danny paced outside his dad's room, the obscene noises speeding up again as his dad probably started furiously fucking the toy again. (The thing makes your horny just by being near it, no wonder he's gone mad with lust when fucking it...) Danny kept trying to figure out the nature of the magic. (But why is it growing?...) He quickly remembered the dispelling materials and ran to gather them, hopefully he found the right one. ----- Leonard roared in pleasure, his hips and hands pumping with abandon his now 13 incher inside the fleshjack, he somehow wasn't tired yet, his arms still felt strong just like his lower body, in fact they felt even more vigorous now. His heavily inflated balls pulsed with another wave of growth, full to the brim with cum and producing enough testosterone for 2 young virile men, all of it keeping Leonard in his sexual frenzy, yet the toy didn’t let him cum. His enormous cock was dumping precum nonstop, so much that it leaked down to his balls and thighs, keeping the fleshjack lubed as the member expanded, the room reeked of sex and sweat, the toy started creaking as it once again grew to accommodate the now 14 thick incher inside it. Leonard opened his eyes, and could see his own huge member swallowed by the fleshjack, he felt like a bull, like a big virile bull in rut, his fat balls ached for release but he didn't want to stop either. The door to the room was kicked open as Danny entered, he quickly arranged the components and recited the spell. (This has to work) He thought. Seconds felt like minutes as the magic energy flowed and stuck to the cursed fleshjack, both magic energies clashing together. Danny held his breath, hoping to see the purple energy from the toy being vanished by the white dispelling light. He watched in as the energy from the toy seemingly swallowed the other magic and both disappeared, only to watch in horror as the purple energy came back brighter and bigger than ever. "GRRRRR! AHH!" Leonard roared, Danny watched in panic as the fleshjack expanded incredibly fast, inflating his dad's cock along with it, the plastic creaked and groaned as it grew, Leonard let go of it as he braced his hands on whatever surface he could grip, the toy's weight leaning towards his chest, easily reaching his chest now. The roars of pain and pleasure, combined with the toy's sounds of expansion stopped as it got to just above 20 inches, thicker than Danny's arm, Danny saw the parts of the massive cock not covered by the toy, throbbing violently and covered with big pulsing veins. He ran out of the room, hoping his dad was still alright, Leonard had seemingly passed out from the ecstasy he was feeling and Danny didn't know what to do now. Before he could lose his composure, Danny heard some noises coming from outside, he looked out the window and saw Marvin waddling in the yard, his clothes a mess, apparently, he teleported and fucked it up as usual. That gave Danny an idea, Marvin had to cooperate to break the curse together but Danny knew he would need some convincing, or forcing. Danny quickly prepared another spell while Marvin made his way inside the house, he could deal with that after his dad was back to normal. -------- Marvin cleaned up as best as he could and magically opened Danny's door, he was furious, the cursed object was supposed to make Danny into a mess while Marvin just gloated comfortably and now he had to get involved. He looked for the object's magic, his vision more sensitive to his own energy, and followed the trace upstairs, from what he could hear, it seemed Danny had finally fallen victim to the curse. Marvin snickered, he was almost jumping in joy at the mental image of Danny's pathetic state after using the object, but what he saw was definitely not that. A man, Marvin didn't know who, was hugging an enormous fleshjack, tenderly fucking it with what seemed a massively long and thick cock, big orange size balls rested below his massive endowment. Marvin's mind was reeling, this man, he looked... powerful, intimidating, not only was his manhood beyond human proportions but his body looked strong and masculine, his musk was intoxicating, his deep grunts of pleasure made Marvin's knees weak, he radiated masculinity. Marvin was on the verge of jerking off at the image before him, when he heard a voice coming from behind. "You motherfucker" Danny said as hateful as he could. Marvin turned around, his face flush and a bit of saliva dripping from his lips. "Are you seriously getting off at what you did to my dad?" "That-That's your father?" Marvin gulped, still hearing the grunts and trusts the stud made constantly. "What? How?...?" Danny huffed in impatience and anger; Marvin was wasting time with this charade. Danny glared at the man, Marvin looked like an accountant, plain and simple, he was on the shorter side, with a haircut way too groomed, thick glasses and a face that would look attractive if it wasn't constantly sneering. His slim figure didn't help him demand the attention and respect he wanted, especially not with Danny who was trying to find the right words for this sod. "Listen, you sent that... thing and before I knew it my dad was already like that" Not very eloquent but it made his point. "Now you're going to help me break that curse and get him back to normal, because for one, he doesn't even know what magic is, and two, I will make your life a living hell" "But-But..." Marvin breathed heavily, his horniness and confusion were getting the better of him. "That wasn't supposed to happen! Why on earth would I make you into that?!" Danny was now confused too. "So, what was it meant to do?" He asked yet again, clenching his fists. "Well..." Marvin groaned, this was getting worse by the minute. "The fleshjack was supposed to shrink your cock, not make it gigantic! Once you had like an inch left it would stop by itself." "God, you're a sick fuck" Danny was getting angrier. "So when will it stop now? Once his cock is bigger than what? The damn house?" "I..." Marvin turned around and licked his lips, he didn't want to think about it. "I don't know." "What do you mean, you don't know? You're the one that got it! Or at least activated it" "I don't know!" Marvin yelled. "Maybe a dispel or something" "Look, I already tried a dispel and it made it worse." Danny had to go with his original plan now, Marvin had to know, he just didn't want to help. "I want to try another method but I need your help. Now I'm not asking by the way, come with me" Danny went inside the room and Marvin followed suit. ----------- Leonard was now in all fours on the bed, still fucking the toy, which now stretched over his 22 inches of inhumanly thick meat, even his body looked different now, all that testosterone and the nonstop activity made his muscles look bigger and more defined, his body hair seemed thicker too glistening with sweat, his jaw was sharper and squarer, his stubble grown to become a thick beard, he was becoming more masculine all over. He felt powerful, with boundless energy that kept him fucking the toy as if his life depended on it, his enormous cock firing wave after wave of pleasure from every nerve ending in its overdeveloped size. "Fuck yeah!!" Leonard screamed, his deeper voice booming inside his room, he fucked harder and deeper, that's all he wanted to do from now on, use his massive cock the way it was supposed to be used. His mind started drifting, from the initial confusion, fear and uncontrollable horniness, to full acceptance, confidence and willful libido. He was a big masculine bull now, with a cock to match, his balls bounced, their weight heavy against the bed. "So fucking big..." A rush of dominance and an unbridled ego surged in him, this fleshjack was his and his alone, it served only to fit his gigantic cock and make it bigger, his pleasure and growth were the only things that mattered, and once he was satisfied, he was going to find someone to make them into his own personal cumdump... The thought alone caused a testosterone spike in him and he relished in another growth spurt... -------------- Marvin was too busy thinking about that fine stallion of a man to notice the dispel Danny was preparing, only coming to his senses when he felt the energy surge. "Since you had some part in this curse, the spell needs a component from you" Danny was quick and plucked some hair from Marvin's head. "Before you complain... shut the fuck up" Marvin just cursed under his breath, they headed to the room, and he had to hold his composure at the sight. Both men started gathering energy, which flowed into the fleshjack, Marvin got distracted staring again and noticed too late that the energy was only flowing from him now. "What are you doing?" He asked furiously at Danny, who looked smug. "This wasn't a dispel... What the...?" A sharp and deep sensation filled Marvin, he fell to his knees, it was something like he never felt before. And again, he groaned, pain, pleasure, fear, and rage bubbled up inside him, he felt like he was about to burst. "Figured a taste of your own medicine might suit you" Danny laughed, looking down at Marvin. Marvin had to clench his teeth to stop himself from screaming, he managed to look up and see the massive cock entering the toy, the sensation once again filling him up as his insides went in sensory overload, before it subsided as the enormous cock left the toy. "And... You called me... A sick fuck..." Marvin managed to say, before he came inside his pants, the sensation overloading his prostate and milking him from the inside. He was bound to the fleshjack, he fell for the trick and now his body was being split by a 2 feet long monster cock just like the toy, he was being used like an object. "Damn.. You seem to like it" Danny said, looking at how Marvin contorted and moaned, his body wasn't actually getting hurt, but all the sensations were real. "But you still have to tell me how to stop this, before you actually die from this" "I... AH!... I told you..." Marvin groaned and came again, panting non stop. "I don't... know" "Still not telling?! Seriously?" Danny yelled, this had to end already. "Make it...AH!" Marvin screamed, the sight of that mighty cock and the sensation of being filled by it was making his body and mind come undone. "It's... Fuck!" He didn't want it to stop but he felt something happening, he wanted to speak up but only moans came out. "You're a fucking idiot" Danny looked at Marvin's pathetic figure and held back from insulting him more. Danny was now desperate, he didn't want to inform any other magic member, it would ruin him, but now... A deep guttural roar filled the room, Danny turned and saw his father in what seemed a primal frenzy, magic energy brimming from Marvin and being funneled into the fleshjack. Which began pulsing dangerously. It happened fast, Leonard's cock expanded to colossal proportions, stretching the toy along with it, Marvin screamed as his body felt like it was on fire, the toy kept pulsing with growth waves, each one more violent than the last, Leonard's body grew alongside it, his muscles pulsing with power as his frame and skeleton expanded, his balls churning with mass and cum. The magic energy coming from the fleshjack was blinding Danny, as it finally couldn't hold any longer... The toy snapped, beyond 3 feet long and thicker than Danny's thigh, Leonard tried to hold it together as he fucked it with his gigantic cock, getting any more length and girth that he could, before the fleshjack burst and Leonard could finally cum. Once again, a deep primal roar filled the entire house, as wave after wave of cum was shot out of Leonard's massive cock, splashing against the walls and ceiling, covering everything and everyone in the room, the thick cum kept streaming out of Leonard's now 4 feet long cock, which was distended by the sheer amount of cum it kept pumping out. Danny shielded himself to avoid getting caught in the mess, even as more cum kept flooding the room and splashing against him, he managed to see some movement on the floor, Marvin was still conscious but he was moving erratically, for a moment Danny feared he might actually be drowning in cum but after the waves of cum slowed down he could hear desperate slurping and gulping sounds. The jets of cum were further apart now, still shooting powerfully, until it finally streamed a steady flow of cum down the massive shaft, and Leonard fell silent. "Geez..." Danny looked at the state of the room, Leonard was out as a rock, laying om the bed, Danny calculated his dad had grown to 8 feet tall and maybe weighed around 500 lbs with the added muscles, his overgrown body covered in thick cum and taking the entire bed. The humongous cock seemed to be softer but not fully down, just below 3 and a half feet, laying obscenely on top of Leonard's body, melon sized balls laying heavily between Leonard's huge thighs. And Marvin... The man was still licking and slurping all the cum he could, he looked deranged, maybe all the sensory overload had actually affected him beyond what Danny had planned. (At least he's still alive) Danny thought, after the fleshjack came undone he feared Marvin had gone with it. "Marvin, you good?" Danny asked. The man kept licking the cum, then cupping it with his hands and bringing to his mouth like a man that was stranded in a desert after finding water. "Can't... Stop..." Marvin managed to say, he was gone. Danny didn't want to deal with that right now. Danny left the room, he was tired and his mind couldn't begin to comprehend what had actually happened there, his dad seemed to be alright and probably felt better than ever, while Marvin seemed to be enjoying himself and cleaning up at the same time. The entire house reeked of cum and masculine musk, even some residual magic was palpable in the air, Danny went downstairs to get his thoughts in order, spotting a small letter under his door. *Hey Marvin, remember this toy is supposed to drain the target's magic along with their size, you won't be able to reap the rewards but if a non-magic person uses it then they'll get the benefits, in case you have a gentleman in mind ;). Anyhow - * The rest was blurred, Danny groaned in frustration, Marvin probably had the letter in his pocket and dropped it here after ruining it with somehow. "What an idiot" Danny muttered, Marvin was playing with things beyond his power and now this happened. He realized that when he linked Marvin and the toy, it began syphoning Marvin's magic and it was too much to handle. Danny sat on his couch, feeling a headache coming in, he was tired and angry and frustrated and... Before he knew it his eyes started to close and his body felt heavy, he fell asleep on the couch. ----------- *Gulp... Lick... Drink* That was all Marvin could think about, not even in his wildest fantasies he indulged himself like this. He always had to keep the image of a rule abiding and bland member, but now he didn't care about that one bit, all he wanted was to be full of cum from this muscle stud. The cum radiated energy somehow, and it filled Marvin with more lust and fervor, his body seemed to be responding to it but he wasn't even paying attention in his libidinous state. He remembered and craved that sensation of being stretched to the limit so much, to be used and abuse without a care, to be nothing but an object of pleasure, to fully submit both his body and mind totally... Speaking of which, Marvin heard the stallion groan in his sleep, his monstrous cock rising again, Marvin automatically went to him and started worshipping the man, if he even fit that definition still. Marvin licked the huge vascular arms, tasting the sweat and masculine musk, he plunged deep inside the hairy deep armpits and gorged himself on the stud's pits, his hands groped and manhandled the enormous mounds of muscle that were his pecs, his cock rubbed against the inhumanly defined and protruding abs. It wasn't until he clung desperately to that gigantic cock and unabashedly made out with the gaping urethra that the hypermasculine man woke up... "So I heard you did this..." Leonard said in a menacing deep tone, Marvin couldn't even process those words before he was gripped with inhuman strength. ------- Danny woke up stiff and with his head pounding lightly, he rubbed his eyes and unfortunately remembered the night he just had. He was musing on how to solve everything that happened until he realized the pounding wasn't in his head but coming from upstairs, moving slowly he went up, hoping his dad was alright, or at least not worse. Danny was greeted with a completely unexpected and obscene display once again, there was Marvin, except clearly changed, taller, buffer, more handsome and more importantly on his knees being viciously fucked by the muscle titan that Leonard had become. Danny saw that his dad hadn't stopped growing entirely, now bigger everywhere and his monstrous cock somehow pounding fully in and out of Marvin's muscled globular ass, which was entirely split around the sheer girth of the invading member, even with Marvin's own growth spurt the colossal cock was too large to fit naturally, an obscene and obvious bulge forming in Marvin's belly and almost reaching his torso everytime Leonard entered him fully. "Hey, son" Leonard greeted Danny cheerfully, his deep voice was raspy and reverberating in the room. "You like my new toy?" He didn't stop fucking Marvin, who just moaned mindlessly under the massive man. "I see you're alright at least. What... happened to him?" Danny asked, too confused to process that and now with another problem in his hands apparently. "Well I could hear both of you talking while I was *busy* yesterday-" Leonard planted his gigantic cock fully inside Marvin before continuing, Marvin just moaned and rubbed his distended abdomen while the other men kept talking "-and apparently this little guy was the one responsible for making me like this, so I figured I'd keep him" Leonard flexed his enormous arms, which inflated with muscle and power, he then bounced his huge heavy pecs, the muscle mounds responding accordingly. Clearly Leonard was more than happy with his transformation. "You're *keeping* him?" Danny tried to stay focused despite the erotic scene. "Yes, as his punishment and reward" Leonard said with confidence. "I saw him licking up all my cum, with hunger in his eyes, maybe all my thick masculine cum changed him for good, look at him grown up." Leonard manhandled Marvin's muscled body. "As soon as I laid eyes on him, he submitted instantly and begged me to let him worship me. So he's fine with it, right?" "Yes, master" Marvin responded instantly, even his voice had changed but he was also constantly moaning and groaning so his voice sounded raspy. "Lord..." Danny didn't know what else to say or do, so he figured he might as well leave them be. "Look I'll just let you figure this out. Marvin are you like, actually okay though?" Danny couldn't help but feel guilty. Marvin seemed too busy still groping his own body and moaning. "My son asked you a question, toy" Leonard said in a serious tone, even Danny felt a shiver down his spine at the dominant tone. "Yes, master" Marvin responded quickly. "Danny... I fucking love this, body modification magic is so hard and dangerous, yet your father just responded to it so well. He's... something else, I want to stay like this forever." "That's a good boy" Leonard resumed his fucking and Marvin started mindlessly moaning again. "Okay..." Danny just left, they were alright and he didn't see a reason to worry, for now. ----- "Fuck, you feel so good" Leonard growled, his gigantic cock had fully rearranged Marvin's insides, making it fit perfectly and accept Leonard's monstrous cock with little effort. "Do you like the cock you created, the body you gave me, the beast you unleashed?!" Leonard roared, pounding Marvin without a care, the man just took it, his body had turned into nothing but a tool for his master's pleasure. "I love it, master! Use me as you want!" Marvin yelled, this sent Leonard off the edge and his massive balls started releasing torrents of cum, his gigantic cock swelled and shot wave after wave of cum inside Marvin, both men completely lost in the moment as Marvin's abdomen started bloating from all the cum being deposited in him. Leonard rubbed the growing bulging belly with pride and lust. "You're nothing but my cumdump, you hear me?" Leonard said, completely serious and dominant. "Yes, master!" "You live to serve me and my massive cock" "Yes! Fuck yes!" "Good boy. Your alpha will keep you satisfied. But now... You better start finding a new way to make me bigger..."
  15. Philosopher

    To Renounce Nature (Part 1)

    Hello! This story may have some previous elements from my previous series (Beware the Uncorrupted), so if you want to fully understand everything, you can give it a go (though you don't have to in order to enjoy this new series)! PART 1 The rain splattered on the moist ground of the forest, producing puddles of mud and dirt that fell towards the two figures at a slow pace, forming small rivers of dirty water that were going to make their job a lot more difficult than it should have been. Already, the clouds above the two men were rumbling, a sign that the approaching thunderstorm would be of monumental proportions. Lightning hadn't struck yet, but both could feel that something horrible was brewing above them. “Are we going to talk about it?” one of the men grunted as he continued digging down the potent ground, the mud making it at least a bit easier for him to dig his shovel in it. “There is nothing to say,” the second, larger man sighed as he continued digging his own part of the hole, making much quicker progress than his colleague. “Just focus on the job. We don’t have much time left," he said as he checked his wrist. The first man groaned in protest, but followed the orders and started digging faster. “I know this must be done before midnight, but we could have chosen an easier location to do this. The university stadium is the perfect place, and it's not football season,” he continued complaining, unaware that his friend was busy digging, the combined sounds of the shovels and the rain making it difficult to have a conversation. Eventually, the hole had been dug. Although water was already beginning to seep inside it at an alarming rate, the two men quickly dropped their shovels away and started carrying a large garbage bag towards the hole. “Jesus. This smells awful. Do we have any idea what happened?” the first man asked, but his question was met with silence. “Right. I have not passed the probation test yet, but come on. This shit is just nasty.” With a loud grunt, the second man took almost the entire weight of the bag and threw it in the hole, making a loud splash as it hit the little water that had been accumulated. “Oliver, just shut the fuck up for one time in your life. Do you think I like doing this?” he asked his 'friend' as he grabbed the shovel and started putting dirt in the hole. It was only fifteen minutes before midnight, and he didn't want to be here more than he was required to. Oliver didn’t talk for a few moments, which was unusual of him. Instead, he slowly approached the second man and knelt next to him. “What the hell are you doing?” the larger man started backtracking, but he stopped when he saw what Oliver had picked up from the ground. The entire forest was shaking with powerful gusts of wind now, the rain splattering to the ground in a way that almost felt like nature itself was enraged. Not uttering a single word, Oliver went back to the hole and threw in the charred remains of a human arm that had somehow made its way out of the garbage bag. The entire hand and forearm had been burned inside out, appearing more like coal, which would thankfully camouflage itself with the mud of the forest. “That was a close call, Oliver,” Trevor whispered as he grabbed his shovel, the veins of his huge forearms appearing like cobwebs. “Come on. I don’t want to be late for my date tonight,” he shook his head as both men started shoveling dirt inside the hole, making sure that nobody would ever be able to find what was hidden inside it. * * * A bolt of lighting painted the entire sky white for only a single second, but that was all it took for me to wake up screaming. I had a nightmare again, but this time it felt so real like I was there. I was sweaty, so sweaty. I was swimming in sweat, and this only made me cringe more as I heard the flicking of the lights, the small room being lit up with bright light. “Sunny?! Is everything okay?” my wonderful roommate ushered to my half of the room a few moments after I managed to calm down, my breathing returning to normal as I tried to laugh it off. Felix was indeed a great guy to live with, in the sense that we would never become best friends, but we would tolerate each other to the best of our abilities. “I am fine now. Gosh, you must get tired of me waking you up almost every fortnight like that,” I whispered as I got up from my single bed, and stretched my legs, trying to ignore the sweat dripping down my back. It was almost June now, and I had decided to stay in campus for summer school, along with most of my cohort this year. Our professors had insisted on it after seeing the class average. “Don’t worry about that. What did you see this time?” Felix asked me, sitting on the floor in front of me, rubbing his eyes to expel the tiredness away. I felt my cheeks redden a bit, but I hoped that the darkness in the room would make it unnoticeable. Felix was a good-looking guy. He was more cute than hot, with a toned body and bronze skin that hinted at his Greek heritage, as he had told me. Still, his handsome face and lean build was more than enough to have him beg me to not enter our room certain nights, bringing home more dates than I could have ever hoped to achieve. “I don’t really know what this nightmare was about. I was drowning, I think. But not in water,” I tried to remember as much as I could, but as always, the dreams evaporated like steam. “Yeesh, talk about nightmare fuel,” Felix gave me a sly smile, and I rolled my eyes at the pun. “Anyways, I’m off to bed again. Big day tomorrow! Me and the boys are going down to a local bar. We found a guy who makes excellent fake IDs, and I can give you one if you want to join us,” he pointed out as he threw himself back to the warm covers of his bed. “Aren’t your parents, like, some of the original founders of the university? I am sure you could afford to come with us for a night out,” he mumbled as he quickly drifted away to sleep. I didn’t respond to his questions. Instead, I did my best to drift back to sleep, knowing that I wouldn’t have one of these nightmares again for at least a week. * * * Compared to some of the geniuses attending the university, I was definitely not the most studious person in the campus. Located in the middle of an expansive forest, Belmont University catered to future innovators, spokespersons, and influential figures, with a surprising number of graduates going on to achieve incredible feats of academics success and, more importantly, wealth. Even one of the Presidents had attended here, and she was one of the not famous alumni. As such, Belmont had a horrific 0.5% acceptance rate, and it included at least three rounds of interviews with the board and several extensive essays about your goals. Essentially, there were two ways of passing this grueling process. One, you had to sacrifice your social life, sleep schedule, and will to live, in order to spend countless nights of studying to pass the mandatory introduction exams. Two, you had to be a legacy. I was the latter. Felix was the former, and he never stopped me reminding me. He wasn’t mentioning it in a bad way, but I could tell from his mannerisms that he didn’t really see me as deserving to be here. While he had somehow burrowed his way in this prestigious university through sheer force of will and smarts, I had my parents to take care of me. I hated speaking about my family, no matter how much Felix had grilled me the first few months on it. Call me spoiled, but my father and mother were basically some kind of ancient beasts that expected me to be the perfect child, like my brother was. I still felt the tinnitus from my mother screaming at me to do better, and the sheer terror that my fathers’ angry face would instill on every living being that shared a room with him. According to Felix, I had nothing to complain about. I was 'rich', and I should take advantage of that. He was right, of course. The truth was that life wasn’t fair, and I had to get it through that thick skull of mine so I could finally have some fun and stop hiding myself in the library like some outcast, according to him. I was not a particular fan of his opinions, but I had learned to not care, as long as he left me to my own machinations. Even now, I was making my way towards the library, the only place that felt like home. Not because of the books, but because it was quiet. Now, as I edged deeper into campus, the wonderful scenery of Belmont Library appeared in front of the view. This modern state-of-the-art building had been created by some famous alumni architect, and it was a combination of titanium, glass, and stone. The shape of the library always reminded me that of a giant monolith that housed over a million different books on manners from quantum physics, to the proper steps for mummification. Despite an entire campaign against the construction of the library in one of the most ancient and sacred forests in the state of Washington, it had finally opened its doors five years ago. I always felt a twisted sense of pride seeing it, with my family being one of the few organisations who put forth a generous sum of money to help with its construction. This had oddly produced the interesting side-effect of my father giving a good word to the university about his second son. Me. As soon as I entered through the titanium-encrusted doors, the cold wind of the air conditioner hit my face, and I felt the strands of my blond hair fall in my eyes, nearly blinding me and making me stop. They had grown far longer than I was comfortable with, but my mother always insisted on letting the hair grow out, and that it was the only way I could look impeccable and different than all the others. I never really understood what she meant with these words, but I knew what would happen if I incurred her wrath. Still, I ran to the nearest bathroom and try to fix this mess. “Watch where you’re going!” someone shouted at me as I hastily walked towards the bathroom areas. It was a girl, holding a tower of books on her hands, trying to balance it all. “Damn neophytes, always trying mess my research up,” she grumbled as I mouthed a sorry and found my way towards the bathroom. Belmont attracted a plethora of geeks and outcasts, and that girl seemed to match the part, simply by the odd, almost Victorian way she talked. To my annoyance, the white tiles of the bathroom did little to hide the exhaustion in my face. These odd nightmares had certainly taken their toll on me, though I still pondered on the idea of visiting a sleep clinic. Approaching the mirror, I threw some water on my face and hair, trying to make myself look a bit more presentable. While I wasn’t the best-looking guy in the world, I wanted to think that I was above average in terms of attraction, with bright blond tufts of hair flowing down my head, doing their best to hide my blue eyes and the small dimples I had around my cheeks. My nose was too pointy and long for my liking, though I easily fixed that with a bright smile, showing off my pearly whites and pink lips that were... decent after years of wearing braces. Though today, splashing some water did little to hide the two dark bags under my eyes, which were red with tiredness after another sleepless night. Instead, I tried fixing up my hair and did my best to put some order in the messy bun that the strands had put themselves into. I must have been so invested in trying to make a cool haircut with plain cold water, that I didn’t hear the door open behind me. I did hear the slow, heavy footsteps as they made their way towards the next sink, though. I didn’t want to peek next to me, but curiosity proved to be stronger than my willpower. Wow. This guy was much taller than me, and he was wearing a plain denim jacket that seemed awfully familiar. When he spoke, however, I felt myself turn and look at the deepness of his voice. It was one of these voices that traveled throughout your entire body, deep and yet strangely soft at the same time. “Water isn’t going to fix your hair, mate.” I froze. In many cases, I was the opposite of confronting, but something came over me and I felt my mouth open before my brain could do anything about it. “Excuse you? Who the hell asked for your opinion, idiot?” I turned my attention to him, drilling my eyes in his skull. However, when I saw who I was talking to, my heart fell to the bottom of my stomach, and I instantly wished for the earth to open up and eat me. Oh, fuck me. It was Trevor Willis. The Trevor Willis. Infamous for “The Incident”, Trevor was one of the most terrifying figures on the campus. Smart, strong, and in desperate need of anger management counselling, he was a tornado that neither the faculty nor the coaches simply could control and guide. He was banned from almost every school extracurricular due to his violent behaviors, but rumors said that the football coach begged the Dean himself to not expel him and to let him in the football team, as he was “the best quarterback he had ever seen in his life”. It was true, to some extent. Trevor was a big dude. Six and a half feet of pure brawn, he had trampled countless football players in his earlier high school days, with injuries ranging from hideous bruises to broken arms. The worst part of the whole package was that he thrived being the bigger guy in almost every circumstance. He would use his size to either intimidate you, if you were a guy, or submit to him, if you were a girl, with a near guaranteed success rate. If you were not intimidated by his sheer size, then he would simply flex his muscles, making them nearly pop out of his clothes, and that would usually seal the deal. Everyone was either amazed or terrified of him, and both worked if he wanted something out of you. In other words, I was fucked. “Who the FUCK did you just call an idiot?” he suddenly closed to me and grabbed my t-shirt, before ramming me to the wall. I was not small by any means, as I had put some decent mass in my six-foot frame over the course of the year. I definitely wasn’t muscular, but I was toned, which worked for me. Apparently, it didn’t for Trevor. “Fucking useless preppy scum. I would beat your worthless ass if I didn’t have to deal with more important things,” he seethed as I felt bits of saliva hit my face. My brain quickly went into fight or flight mode. I subconsciously knew that he would beat me in a pulp if I dared to land the first punch, so instead I cowered away, choosing to say nothing. My eyes tried not to follow the lines of his angular jaw, the curve of his cheekbones, the shape of his plump lips. I fucking hate you, brain. Trevor too, had stopped for a second, seemingly observing me. Perhaps he was considering whether he would send me to the local clinic or not. He must have decided otherwise, as another incident in his file would surely be the drop that broke the Deans’ back. “Grow a damn pair and stay in your lane, got it?” he growled as he released me, making me fall down and slide down the bathroom marble. As soon as he left the bathroom, the adrenaline coursing my veins left too, and I felt tears well in my eyes. I clenched my fists so hard that I could see them turn white. I hated it. I hated all of this. I started hitting myself over my own cowardice, my own thoughts mocking me and calling me a chicken, a coward, a loser, for not standing up to degenerates like Trevor. “Idiot, idiot, IDIOT!” I shouted at my own self, slapping my cheeks, and trying to make them sting as much as I could bear. A sudden, smashing noise broke me out of my own self-descending pit of dark thoughts. I looked over at one of the sinks, only to see the mirror above it shattered in a million little pieces, as if someone had struck a hammer on the smooth surface with the intent to do as much damage as possible. The pieces of glasses slowly started falling off one by one, collecting in the sink and reflecting the rays coming from the bathroom lights above. What? I looked around me, trying to see who had broken the mirror. It couldn't have been Trevor, he had already left! There was nobody in the bathroom, and the only sound I could hear was the buzzing of the fluorescent lights. The pieces of the mirror continued falling down, one by one. Without bothering to fix my hair anymore, I quickly ran out of the bathroom, trying my best to forget what had just happened. My tears had long since dried up, but my cheeks felt sore, and the pain was distracting enough that I almost didn’t see a girl waiting for me outside the bathroom. It was that odd student again, now carrying three books on one hand. A braces-littered grin found itself on her face the moment she saw me. “There you are,” she smiled as I desperately tried to avoid bumping into her. Yet, the moment my shoulder contacted her extended arm, I found myself feel the strongest vertigo that ever passed through my body in my entire life. It was as if someone was excavating my organs one by one, and then replacing them in an entirely different position, reconstructing me to their best of their abilities. The lights of the library instantly faded out of existence, and the entire world span around me like a carousel on steroids, before halting abruptly to a stop. I stayed silent for one entire minute. The few things I remembered from first aid classes in high school was that victims of stroke should not be moving, and as I was certainly bleeding from somewhere in my brain, I had to make sure that I moved as little as possible. I prayed that a student nearby would notice me and help me, because otherwise I would surely be dead in a few minutes. “You are in luck, neophyte. If you weren’t a legacy, I don’t believe you would make it into our secret little club,” the girl somehow appeared next to me, and I could hear the acidity in her voice. “H-help me please,” I begged her. “I need to go to a hospital. C-can you call 911?” I trembled, my voice breaking from the sheer stress I was experiencing. “Jeez, neophyte. It was a simple translocation spell. I didn’t vaporize you out of existence or anything,” the girl responded, now sounding oddly amused. “Though now that you mention it, I could catch up to some disintegration spells. The Dark ones are really fun to use,” her voice somehow dropped an octave, and I confirmed that indeed, I was experiencing severe auditory hallucinations as a result of the bleeding in my brain. To my surprise, a second voice appeared out of nowhere. “Melissa. Please stop bullying our newest candidate, or I will put you in cleaning duty again.” The girl, now known as Melissa, produced a sound akin to a kitten being stepped on, and she urgently helped me get up. “Of course, sir. I am very sorry, Sunny. I was being tough on you because I want to figure out your worth,” she said as my eyes adjusted to the low light of the environment. From the musky smell, I deduced that we were somewhere underground. All around me, I saw jagged stone, a few torches lighting the way and revealing a long tunnel going deeper into the earth. Looking next to me, Melissa appeared to be wearing some kind of ritualistic robes, the ones that popes and other highly religious figures usually wore in churches. Her face was partially obstructed by a pair of glasses with the thickest lenses I had ever seen, and the forced smile she was giving me made me understand that she was just playing nice. Behind her, a taller figure made its presence known. He simply stared at us, before clearing his neck, which caused Melissa to scramble out of his way. “Watch your back, neophyte,” she whispered to me, her robes fluttering against the rough surface of the cave as she backed off me. The man sighed and snapped his fingers. Suddenly, Melissa disappeared. She literally disappeared from my field of vision. My brain struggled to comprehend what it had just witnessed, and I felt my stomach grumble as tinges of nausea flood my senses. Now, looking in front of me, the man was also wearing some kind of robes, albeit a different color. His face was also hidden behind a plain white mask in the shape of a hawk, covering all identifiable characteristics. I could only see his eyes, which were somehow glowing, even in the near darkness of the cave. “Am I dying? What the fuck is going on?” my mouth trembled as it spoke, and I realized that I had forgotten how to breathe. The masked man laughed, a kind, rich laugh. Somehow, it instantly made me feel better. Perhaps this was some sort of prank, which would be more than fine with me at this point. “It isn’t your time yet, Sunny. I simply used the same spell Melissa used on you, translocating our lovely acolyte from the initiation cave to the temple. She is more than a handful to new recruits, and frankly, I wish to discuss business without any third parties next to us.” I started laughing, expecting the camera crew to appear from the obviously fake walls behind the man. “Right! Next, you are going to tell me that you’re a wizard, and that this is my invitation to join your magical school and fight against dark lords?" I grinned as I stepped towards him. Now that I had understood what was happening, I would make sure to ruin whatever prank was going on here. “What’s up with that stupid mask, by the way? Don’t you want your YouTube channel to know the secret identity of the man who does silly pranks to innocent people like me?” I rose my voice and reached to grab the hawk mask from his face. The man burst into smoke, leaving me to grab at nothing. I stared at my own hands as the particles of grey gas floated around me. I tried to find a logical explanation for all this, but my mind went blank. I then felt a sudden hand grab my shoulder, a terrifying presence behind me appearing out of nowhere. “Now, now. Let’s make two things clear. Firstly, I am only gentle with you as you have obviously only started to realize the powers that are at play here,” his voice was calm, but I sensed the tranquil fury waiting to erupt. I could feel the tension in my shoulder, his hand digging into my skin, and I nearly cried out in pain. “Secondly, you and I both know that you are not innocent. This is simply a favor that I am returning to your... guarantor.” With that, the masked man snapped his fingers one more time, and I felt myself fall to the ground, completely paralyzed. His words were muffled now, as if they were coming from a long distance. “You will soon understand how lucky you are, Sunny. It’s time to show you just how interesting your life can be, if you let us teach you.” A strange sensation overfilled my very being, and I felt myself lose consciousness. “Yes, dear Sunny,” the man was laughing again. “It’s time to renounce your nature.”
  16. rockhopper

    Nephilim 6: Father Of Us All

    Here is the sixth story in this series. Chapters one through five were originally posted on the old site and are in the Archives on this site. Click my user name to your left and select "topics" to find them and my other stories. I began this story about six years ago. I've come back to it many times, but just finished it. Disclaimer: I don't own the song "Last Night of the World" from Miss Saigon (music by Claude-Michel Schönberg, lyrics by Alain Boublil and Richard Maltby, Jr.). It is a lovely song, and, in fact, is the ringtone on my phone for boyfriend. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I had become quite accustomed to the nomadic life. When distance and money are meaningless to you, you go wherever you want and stay however long you like. Still, it was nice to go back for a short visit to what had been my home city once upon a time. I went into what had been my favorite bar back in the day. It was a piano bar, dimly lit with a mainly older crowd. The pianist was playing lounge style. The sing-along would come later. I sat down and ordered a scotch. It was the same bartender I remembered from when I had been a regular there all those years earlier. He was now middle-aged and, though still handsome, showing some signs of wear. I, on the other hand, had not only not aged a day in the last decade or so, but, indeed, had a face and body such as I never dreamed of back then. The bartender clearly thought I looked vaguely familiar, but couldn't place me. I decided I would just let him think that. There was no reason to try to protect myself and there was also no reason to reveal myself. “It's always best to let the humans be if you can,” sounded a voice for whom I felt some recognition. I turned around and saw Primus Maximus, the first of our kind. He had manifested himself as a fortyish man, slender and wiry, with a beard and a wry smile. He looked a little different every time I had met him, but this should be of no surprise: Primus Maximus, or, has he liked to call himself, Max, was probably the most powerful of all created beings. I can do pretty much anything I want: Others, like Adam, Jake and Lars dwarf me by far. All of us together are as nothing before Max. He is the Father of Us All. Like most of my elders, he is very mysterious about his origins, but I know this much: The giants in the land—the Nephilim mentioned by the author of Genesis—includes Max and by then he was not the only one. “Max!” I gave him a hug and kiss, “How have you been?” Not long ago, I would not be so casual with him, but now that I had Transfigured one myself, I had become much more confident and comfortable. Jeremy, whom I had only a few months earlier brought into our life, was now enjoying his newfound liberty. We had agreed to meet up on a somewhat regular basis, but there was no intent on either of our parts of making anything exclusive. “Peter, you do an old man proud. It seems as if only yesterday you were that timid boy Adam had brought over. Of course, to me, the Industrial Revolution is like yesterday!” “Max, what brings you to this establishment?” “I check in on all my charges from time to time. You were with Adam at first, so I knew you wouldn't need me right away. I was glad you had him to see you through the first few years, but I knew that the attachment wouldn't last. Dear Adam has very romantic notions still. Nearly a millennium and he still hasn't lost all traces of his humanity—a very laudable quality, by the way—but it is not for our kind to have lifelong bonds.” “Why not?” I asked. Max laughed. “We are beings of eternity, my dear. The human notion of a lifelong commitment may work if you have a mere 80 years, but for us it is preposterous.” I nodded. At one time I would have disagreed. I thought Adam and I could spend forever with each other, but now I knew better. Although I would always love Adam, even when we were together, he had no expectation of exclusivity. After I understood that, I realized that the emotional bond would remain whether we were together all the time or not. “You are thinking way too much, Peter,” Max chuckled. I was embarrassed. “I'm sorry. It wasn't all that long ago that I was human.” He chuckled again. “My dear Peter, I could catalogue what I have done in my long time on this ball of mud, but it would be pointless. More than any other being on this planet, I could claim ownership of everything. Indeed, I have been a king. I have been known to history and I have been stealthily along its side. I much prefer the latter.” “I know you were looking forward to seeing this place again, Peter,” Max smiled, “but would you mind if we stepped out to take care of a few things?” “Not at all,” I smiled, knowing full well that Max wanted to greet me properly in the way of our kind. I wondered if he was the one who started it. Of course, for us, “stepping out” didn't involve going out the door. Stepping sideways would probably be a better description. In the next moment, we were out of time and space, out of sight of the other bar patrons, but an eyeblink away. Max put his hand on my cheek. “Ah, Peter!” He looked into my eyes and we kissed. As is custom for the younger partner in the congress our kind enter upon meeting, I found myself looking up at a much bigger, naked Max. In addition to making himself a giant, he had also changed his body to reflect my taste: He had a ripped physique, like a very heavily muscled fitness model. His fuzzy pecs, bouncing as I looked at them, seemed as broad as a meadow. His shoulders and arms complemented his chest perfectly. “Come!” he spoke in my mind and, on his bidding, I soared up to rest on his hand. “Peter, I must tell you, I haven't enjoyed the company of a New One as much as I do yours in centuries. Going back at least to Jacobus—Jake, as he calls himself now. Adam was always a little broody.” “Thank you,” I blushed. “Still can't take a compliment! As I said, it's not at all a bad thing to hold on to some human traits. We move among them. We must be able to interact with them.” Max closed his hand and held me to his chest, enveloping me in his presence. I briefly ceased to be an independent entity and became part of him. Soon, I was back in his hand. “Come back with me to the bar, Peter. I'd love to talk with you over a Scotch. I taught those Scotsmen well. No wonder they call it the water of life!” We were then as we had been, back in the bar. Max and I sat and talked for about an hour. I loved listening to Max's stories. He really had seen and done it all. The pianist who had been playing finished his last number. After a short pause, another pianist started his shift. He was about thirty, of average height and build. His sculpted goatee was dark, as was the hair on his head, which had a slightly receding hairline. The previous pianist had mostly just played with a little singing. This man was sang while he played with joy and enthusiasm. “Of course, my little love,” Max smiled to me, “There is a lot to be said for some mortals.” “You mean the pianist?” “Why don't you go play with him?” “Max,” I began to be a bit uncomfortable, “Even when I was human, I didn't 'play' much. Since Adam Transfigured me, I've only been with our own kind.” “And when you were human, you never thought you were attractive enough. Look at yourself, my dear. No mortal could resist you. And even if they could, if you want them, you can have them.” “Use my powers to attract him? I couldn't. I mean, I guess I could, but I wouldn't.” “All right, then, get him without using your powers.” “What?” “Even before you were Transfigured, you were adorable, even if you never understood it” “Are you going to take away my powers?” “No, silly boy. I trust you. You have the face and body you have now, but don't use any other talents you didn't already have. I'll bet you have no trouble! Now, go!” He did say “talents”, I thought. I always was a pretty good singer. Not like Jeremy, of course, but few are. Even though our kind have no need for money, I always carried a twenty dollar bill in my wallet just in case. I pulled it out and put it in the pianist's tip jar just as he was finishing a song. “Hello!” he said!. “May I take a request? “Do you know “Last Night of the World” from Miss Saigon?” “I sure do. That's a duet, though.” “You sing Chris,” I smiled. “I'll sing Kim,” He played an intro and began singing: In a place that won't let us feel. In a life where nothing seems real. I have found you. I have found you. I replied: In a world that's moving too fast. In a world where nothing can last. I will hold you. I will hold you. He smiled at me. Our lives will change when tomorrow comes. I smiled back. Tonight our hearts drown the distant drums. He nodded and continued: And we'll have music, all right, tearing the night: I swallowed and we harmonized: A song, played on a solo saxophone. A crazy sound, a lonely sound, A cry that says love goes on and on, Played on a solo saxophone. It's telling me to hold you tight And dance like it's the last night of the world. And so it began. For the rest of the evening, Mike, the handsome pianist, and I sang romantic duets from Broadway and the American Songbook. I had a great memory for song lyrics before my Transfiguration and had been in choir and chorus for many years, so I was comfortable with this, even without using my powers. Finally, his shift ended. He said he had never received that many tips in an evening and he had never enjoyed singing with anyone so much. He then asked if I wanted to go back to his place with him. The young human man inside me, newly out as gay and uncomfortable with his own appearance resurfaced and could barely believe this was happening. We left the bar together. Mike said “On a rainy night like this, we'll never get a cab.” “Really?” I asked as one stopped for us. Now that I had landed him, I felt no qualms about using my powers. When we got to Mike's apartment, we began kissing, Mike and I undid each other's shirts. He was quite impressive for a mortal. He had a decent amount of muscle under a nice blanket of hair. “Peter, I've never met anyone like you,” Mike sighed. “I don't think I ever will again.” “That's a pretty safe bet,” I smirked. “I could fall for you really fast.” And that's when it hit me. Even without using my powers, he couldn't resist me. My supernatural nature was driving him to obsession with me. Suddenly, Mike seemed frozen. And there, in Mike's apartment, was Max, standing next to me, grinning. “I told you!” “Max! Why did you tell me to do this?” “It's something all of our kind have to face sooner or later. If we get too close to humans, they can't resist. As I said, we must be able to move among them. Just don't get too close. They're drawn to us like moths to a flame.” I smiled. “I suppose I would be taking advantage of him in one way or another. I think sticking to our own kind is a good idea He sure does want me, though.” “I can fix that!” With barely a twitch of his eyebrow, Max erased that desire from Mike. Mike would remember this great evening singing duets with a mysterious man named Peter, but nothing else. Leaving Mike's place, we returned to the bar for one last drink. I said to Max “Mike may no longer want to do anything, but I...” “Not another word about it, dear one. Jake has agreed to meet us on the moon in five minutes.”
  17. Unionlolol

    Becoming an all-powerful God

    Hi there! Long time lurker, this is the first time I’ve decided to post some content. I know stories have been posted about this topic before, but I wanted to make my own tribute to one of the hottest scenes ever created. Enjoy (and please forgive my English). Jafar felt his body pulsing with magic energy when he was ready to make his final wish. He had become the most powerful sorcerer in the world. But somehow he wanted more. He wanted ALL for himself. He put all his lust for power together into his final wish when he yelled: ‘I wish to become an all-powerful God!’ He was overwhelmed when the ultimate power beam striked him in his chest. Even the most powerful being on Earth wasn’t prepared for the immense amount of power he was about to receive. His body and mind rapidly changing, the Genie’s blue form suddenly shrinking due to all of the power needed for the ultimate wish. ‘Yes! YES! THE POWER!’ Jafar yelled. His body form rapidly changed from that of a monstrously big snake to that of a true God. His face reshaping into a cruel yet extremely handsome face, exuding manliness, beauty and power. His torso quickly inflating, exhibiting insanely growing slabs of muscle conforming mountainous pecs. A brick wall of abs rapidly appearing underneath, with deep cleavages forming between each individual muscle. Huge shoulders spreading to the sides the size of watermelons, then of wrecking balls, then of mountains! Immense muscled arms hanging beneath, solid, veiny and almighty. ‘THE ABSOLUTE POWER!!!’ Jafar was laughing manically, eyes going blank. He moved his head backwards, he inflated his mighty chest while he breathed deeply, he clenched his fists with his godly strength. He was overcome by power. Two immense legs were holding his growing form, the size of tree trunks, and finally the size of towers, every muscle visible, striated and sculpted. Finally an inhumanly big cock appeared between his legs, obscenely growing to meet the size of a god’s. It was hard and veiny, with a mushroom head on top. It was pointing upwards while it continued to enlarge, and was followed by testicles that appeared to be squeezing, beating, as if they were pumping more power into an already godly muscle-bound being of pure power. ‘I HAVE BECOME A GOD!’ His voice boomed. ‘THE UNIVERSE IS MINE TO COMMAND! TO CONTROL!’ His newly formed body was truly that of a god. Jafar felt his muscles pulsating with endless power, and he loved it. He was aroused by it. He knew he had become the ultimate being on Earth. He was so overwhelmed by his own power, that soon he was lost to the ultimate feeling of his sensitive and insanely big godly cock. He started to stroke it frantically with his right powerful hand, while he flexed his left bicep admiring its new mind-blowing size and strength, laughing and moaning while he speeded the process. ‘Al! What are we going to do now?’ Jasmine asked desperately. Aladdin was paralyzed at the sight of such a perfect being, newly formed in front of his eyes. ‘Al, there’s only one way of resolving this. You still have one wish left, remember?’ The Genie continued. ‘You have to become a God’. Aladdin stared at the Genie. ‘But I do not wish power for myself, besides it may kill you!’ Al said, begging for another solution. The Genie stared directly at his eyes and tenderly said ‘You are our only hope’. Aladdin knew there was only one thing he could do. ‘Genie, I wish to become an all-powerful God!’ He wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen. The Genie used the remaining of his powers to make the ultimate wish come true. The beam hit Al in the middle of his torso, clothes disappearing instantly. His young, well-toned, bronze-tanned body was suddenly fed with a such an immense source of power, it was immediately forced to grow with muscles beyond his imagination. It started with his abs, quickly inflating and protruding under his skin, forming a chiselled 8-pack, each individual muscle continuously growing in size and definition. As if the wish was spreading through his body, obliques appeared at the sides, and the most impressive Adonis belt underneath. His pecs were the next part to be empowered, his torso quickly gaining volume and unbelievable mass. His pecs were so massive that they fought for space, forming a deep cleavage between them. His frame was further endorsed with wide lats, then his shoulders were raised upwards and separated from each other while they ballooned with no end in sight. The empowering magic spread to his biceps, now inhumanly big, with muscle appearing over muscle endlessly, and to his triceps, now perfectly visible and striated. Finally his former forearms gained so much muscle they looked rock-hard, veiny and virile. Huge and solid hands seemed to bring perfection to his godly arms, which now Al felt as the ultimate weapons of power. Aaah! AAAHHH! Al yelled while he flexed his biceps and clenched his fists at the sides of his waist. Meanwhile, muscles in his thighs had become to enlarge, size spreading downwards. Even with his legs separated they gained so much mass that they started to push each other away, with diamond calves appearing underneath, and mountainous glutes at the back, also struggling for space and perfectioning his rear view. To complete his enhanced godly body, a mammoth cock was growing while Al could only stare in awe. It was enlarging beyond his imagination, pointing upwards, pulsing veins spreading through its shaft until they reached the throbbing mushroom head. Al’s now perfectly handsome facial features showed pure joy and pleasure. Al had to admit that the feeling of becoming the ultimate male, a pure being of raw power, an almighty muscle-bound God, was pure pleasure. But, unlike Jafar, Al didn’t give in to his overwhelming power, his lust and his godly condition. He was resolved to fight Jafar. ‘NOW I AM READY TO SHOW YOU MY POWER’ Al boomed with a new deep powerful voice. While Jafar was reaching his sexual climax, lost in his own pleasure, Jasmine quickly grabbed the Genie’s lamp and exclaimed ‘I wish that Al overpowers Jafar and becomes the world’s true and only God!’ With the combined powers of Jasmine’s sincere wish, the Genie’s magic and Aladdin’s godly powers, Al forced Jafar’s wreckless being to disappear. He shot a power beam that connected him with Jafar. ‘NO! NOOO! MY POWERS ARE THOSE OF A GOD! YOU CAN’T DEFEAT MEEE!’ Jafar boomed with despair. ‘I’M SORRY JAFAR, THERE CAN ONLY EXIST ONE GOD IN THIS WORLD, AND PEOPLE IN AGRABAH HAVE CHOSEN ME!’ Al confidently replied. ‘Al! It’s a God you’re fighting with!’ The Genie shouted. ‘He can only disappear if you absorb his power! There’s no other way!’ ‘WHAT?’ Said Al, suddenly realizing what to do. He forced Jafar’s immense powers to abandon him and fuse with Al’s already inhuman body. ‘YES! YEEES, I’VE WON! NOW I AM THE TRUE GOD OF THIS WORLD! Al’s voice shouted more powerful than ever. While Jafar’s godly powers were being drained, his once obscene muscles were shrinking, his cock, once the ultimate piece of manhood, disappearing. And at the same time, Al’s body prepared for the incoming godly amount of power being forced into it, his cock pulsing as in anticipation. Al thought nothing could be more powerful than the divine being he had become, but he was just about to be proven wrong. His body started to reshape, evolving, forced to accommodate another god’s powers within him. Muscles exploded all over in newly immense size, looking hard as steel, feeling hot as fire, each muscle fiber visibly striated, veins popping all over, feeding his muscles with endless power, pulsing obscenely. His once human frame was now monstrously deformed. His eyes had gone blank, his jaw looked more square than ever, a fearsome smile appearing on the most virile face imaginable. His mammoth delts almost engulfed his head, his massive pecs protruded onwards, his shoulders were separated even further, wide slabs of muscle conformed his lats, arms became truly almighty, his abs reshaped into a the most impressive 10-pack, his legs were powerful enough to hold the whole world. And his cock grew so disproportionate in size that it now reached his head and almost matched his waist in width, its surface almost entirely covered in thick veins, its cockhead pulsing, beating, while divine seed started to ooze, then drench, then his cock shooting semen like a throbbing cannon. ‘YEEEEES!!! I’VE BECOME PERFECT! LOOK AT ME PEOPLE OF AGRABAH, LOOK AT THIS BODY, I’M THE DEFINITIVE BEING OF POWER! I WILL RULE THIS WORLD AT MY DESIRE, AND THERE WILL BE PEACE, HAPINESS AND ENDLESS PLEASURE FOREVER.’ And with that, Al forced his massive godly body to take a more suitable and human-like form, still unable to hide its endless power, with chiselled, solid, and massive muscles, a perfect manly and beautiful face, and an obscenely big, hard, throbbing cock pointing forward. His imposing frame walked towards Jasmine, with lust in his eyes. ‘So princess, do you want to reign by my side?’
  18. Hey everyone; just finished the latest part of this story series. Link below if you need to catch up on the first chapter; otherwise, all constructive criticism is welcome. Hope you enjoy! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “I thought you said you were going to help us water the crops, Xavier.” “GAH!” I nearly fumbled the bucket in my hands when I heard Cyra’s voice behind me out of the blue, juggling it for a moment before managing to get a firm grip on it. After checking to see I’d taken minimal splash damage, I turned to look back at the massive bull woman looming behind me. Cyra crossed her massive arms over her chest as her brown eyes looked at me with something that looked like a mix of confusion and annoyance. I’m a hair shy of six feet, but she easily had six inches or more of height on me(and given how big her muscles were, she probably had at least six inches on me with a lot of measurements). She was wearing the same thick white cotton shirt that she’d had on at breakfast earlier, though she’d added a thick black apron and brown gloves since then. That and the various tools sticking out of the pockets led me to believe that she’d been working at her forge like she’d mentioned earlier. “Hi, Cyra.” I took a moment to steady my nerves before holding up the bucket in my hands, showing her the water I’d filled it with from the well. “That’s exactly what I’m doing.” “But why are you using my drinking cup to do it?” She responded, her short black hair shifting slightly as she tilted her head. “Your… drinking cup?” I blinked and looked down at the bucket in my hands. “Isn’t this a little big for a cup?” “I get really thirsty.” “But it was tied to the pole above the well…” “I don’t want to lose it.” “But…” My next retort was cut short as I noticed Cyra’s glare narrowing. Fighting down a sigh of annoyance, I gently let the bucket go to hang back above the well. “O.K.; how should I do it then?” The way the well was constructed was a little odd to me at first, or at least the construction around the well had me confused. Sitting atop a hill, the well itself looked like… well, a well. What confused me how the well itself sat in the middle of what looked like a giant stone bowl that was probably about ten feet across and about a foot or so deep. One end of the bowel opened up into a trench that flowed downhill into a massive basin near the field of crops while on the side opposite that atop the bowel a small wooden bridge let me access the well without having to jump in the bowel myself. For the last hour or so I had been drawing water out of the well with the bucket and dumping it down into the bowl surrounding the well. “I told you at breakfast I was going to leave the supplies you’d need by the shed.” Cyra motioned toward said shed at the bottom of the hill. “They’re still sitting there waiting for you.” “I remember you said that, but I didn’t see anything that looked like it would help.” I would’ve asked for help, but Asura had already left for a nearby village and Cyra… well, given her attitude toward me so far, the less I bothered her the better. “For Goddesses sake…” With a heavy sigh and an eye roll she descended the hill while I(somewhat reluctantly followed). Reaching the side of the shed, she grabbed off what looked like a belt that had been hanging on a hook and practically shoved it into my hands. “Here. Now get started; we’re already behind schedule.” “Uh…” O.K., I admit I barely know the difference between a rake and a hoe, but even I was pretty sure the stuff she handed me wasn’t typical farming equipment. I took a moment to assess I wasn’t missing something beyond the sheathed knife and two glass flasks that adorned the belt. Both flasks had simple cork stoppers keeping them closed, one filled with a white liquid and the other filled with something yellowish and was ice cold to the touch. “At the risk of sounding really stupid…how?” I asked, holding up the belt toward her. “With your muscle magic, obviously.” She said it so naturally and plainly I figured she meant it, but that didn’t mean I understood what the hell she was talking about. After a few awkward moments of staring at each other, it seemed to finally click for her that I was totally lost. “I thought you said you had magic in your world. Isn’t that how you got here in the first place?” She asked. “What? No!” I sighed a little; despite her intimidating size and her general dislike of me, I couldn’t help but let a little annoyance slip into my voice as I responded. “I’m sorry, but Asura and I talked about this exact thing at breakfast this morning. You were there with us pretty much the whole time.” “Eh; I stopped paying attention once Asura said you were going to pull your weight around here. Tell me what you said, and make it quick.” “But that was aft-“ Another glare and a bullish snort cut me off, which threw me off a bit considering she still looked largely like a human woman, just a large one with horns and a black bull tail. “Fine. Long story short, there is no magic where I come from. We have the IDEA of magic from fantasy books and whatnot, but it doesn’t actually exist.” “Then what was that weird rectangular stone you were messing around with at breakfast? Looked pretty magical to me.” It took me a moment to realize the rectangular rock Cyra was referring to my smartphone. The waterproof case it was in saved it from getting damaged when I took that dip in the Blight earlier, though it essentially was about as useful as a rock now. Apparently there weren’t any cell towers or wi-fi in this seemingly medieval fantasy based world. Shocking, I know. That meant I couldn’t reach out to Rachel to ask her how or why she’d done this to me. It had to be something she did, right? I don’t think any company would be fine with selling equipment that disappeared their customers to another world, though I suppose that WOULD cut down on customer complaints if the customer was no longer around to complain in the first place. As crazy as it sounded, she had to have done this herself. The only thing even more confounding than the how was the why. I’d spent most of last night in bed thinking over our friendship for the past decade, wondering if I had done something to her that she deemed banishing me to another world justified. As far as I could honestly tell, the answer was no. She was a cute girl, but by time I even started to entertain romantic feelings for her in high school she was already getting scholarships to top colleges when we were more than a year from graduation. Knowing that meant her moving several states away and never picking up on any signs of mutual feelings for her beyond friendship, I set aside any long shot hopes of love and tried to be the best friend I could be. “Well, you must have done something. Or not done something if she wanted you here. Worry about your other world problems later; you got real world problems right now.” Little weird hearing a massive woman with bull horns and a tail tell me to focus on my real world problems, but it was probably best to listen as Cyra continued. “You said you’re familiar with the idea of magic at least. Even you should be able to handle something as basic as muscle magic.” “Yeah, about that. I’m sorry, but when I think magic, I don’t think about muscle.” I responded. “Honestly, quite the opposite.” “Why? Magic is just about forcing your will on reality with some sort of power. Wizards do it with fancy words, clerics do it with their faith in the Goddesses, and males do it with their muscles; at least, they did when they were around. It’s not exclusive them of course, but not too many females are interested in practicing it.” “Present company excluded, I’m guessing?” My question got the first smile I’d seen out of Cyra since coming here. “I guess you’re not totally clueless. Yes, I practice it. It’s pretty much the only way I can keep with the massive amount of work needed for this farm by myself.” Cyra’s smile faded after a moment. “Ah crap…” “What? What’s wrong?” “Well, I’m no teacher, but if you’re gonna be any kind of use around here, someone’s gotta show you how to do it.” She looked me up and down for a moment before sighing. “Damn it Asura; you planned this, didn’t you?” Before I could ask what she meant by that Cyra grabbed the knife off the belt I was still holding in my hands. A brief moment of panic hit me as I expected she was about to plunge it into my chest out of annoyance with me, so I was completely unprepared when she removed one of her gloves and pricked her own finger instead. She passed the knife back to me(hilt first) before telling me to hand her the white liquid flask and step back. Doing as instructed, I stepped back as she stuck out a foot and spun herself around completely, standing center in the middle of what looked like a perfect circle she’d made in the soft dirt. “To be clear, muscle magic sucks in a lot of ways. Pretty much all its good for is moving and manipulating what’s already there, and since your drawing power from your own body it’ll leave you both physically and spiritually exhausted if you go for too long. You’re pretty much begging for trouble if you use it in a combat situation with anybody who can use any other kind of magic.” Cyra held out her pricked finger over the circle, letting a drop of blood fall onto it. “That being said, it does have some benefits…” I just nodded along like I understood as Cyra uncorked and tipped a drop of the liquid on her cut finger, the liquid bubbling not unlike when you use hydrogen peroxide on a wound. Her finger looked good as new as she set the bottle down at her feet and rolled up her sleeves, fulling exposing her ripped arms. Closing her eyes, she held her hands out in front of her like she was gripping an invisible bar. She then began to pump her arms in what looked like a double bicep curl. Though it looked like she was holding nothing, Cyra moved as cautiously and steadily as if she was curling actual weight. By the time she finished the third rep I started to ask what she was doing, but as she started the fourth rep my attention was diverted to her arms. Bright blue lines started snaking their way down from her shoulders to her arms, the pattern looking vaguely similar to a vein structure as it continued to move along. While it seemed to be covering her whole arm, the glowing did seem to concentrate largely on her biceps which looked…bigger? It seemed crazy, but her arms were definitely growing, and not just from the normal muscle pump I’d have expected. Without a tape measure I couldn’t be sure, but she had to have added at least five or six inches to her biceps by the time she hit the 12th rep, the rest of her arms looking a bit larger as well. The majority of the growth did seem to concentrate in her biceps along with the glowing blue lines, so there was obviously some connection there. At 15 reps she appeared to release the invisible bar, then stomped on the edge of the circle. Two things happened almost simultaneously as she stepped on the edge of the circle; the lines along her arms disappeared and I heard a low rumble coming from the well. A moment later water began to shoot from the well like a geyser, shooting four or five feet into the air before falling into the bowl around the well. This continued for about thirty seconds as the water flowed down the trench into the basin below, easily matching if not eclipsing what I had managed to do with an hours work with the bucket alone. I looked back to Cyra in awe, who smiled as she flexed her hugely pumped arms. “Like I said, muscle magic’s sucks in a lot of ways. But just like how your body builds itself back stronger the more you work it out, magic does the same thing. When you mix both of these together, the long term growth effects of both occur much quicker and stronger than they would alone. I’m guessing Asura knew that, and she mentioned how you wanted to get in shape. Well, if have any hope of keeping up around here, you’re going to have to learn it too.” I nodded dimly, three different thoughts running through my head at the same time as I contemplated Cyra’s words. Number 1: “Holy crap, I really hope I can do stuff like that.” Number 2: “Holy crap, I’m not sure if I’m more turned on by watching her grow or the thought that I could grow like that too.” And number 3: “Holy crap, I hope she doesn’t notice how hard that made me.” “Come on; I need to get back the forge eventually.” She motioned back toward the shed. “I’m gonna grab something else that should help you out, and then we need to get started on growing you too.”
  19. EclipseWing

    Next Level Love: Jailbreak

    Next Level Love Next Level Love: Location Enabled ============================================ Next Level Love – Jailbreak “What the hell?!” Eros screamed into the mirror. “I’m huge!” The once twunk-ish god was now a foot taller and the size of an amateur bodybuilder. His chiton hugged every curve of his body. His once average cock was now a thick footlong sausage, currently getting manhandled by Ganymede. “Apollo’s gonna be so jealous,” Gan drooled. “Let’s not worry about the how and just let me take you for a test drive…” “Gan! T-t-this is serious!” Eros spluttered and began pacing. “It’s got to be something with the app, right? Some kind of feedback error… ugh! Hephaestus warned me about mixing magic and technology.” “So? Why complain about a gift? I think you’re looking sexier than ever…” Eros groaned. “Can you think with your head instead of your dick, please? This isn’t normal, even for us! I have to shut the app down until we figure out what’s wrong.” “No, you can’t!” “Gan, I know you like this but-” He shook his head. “I’m serious babe, shutting it down could make things worse.” “You’re right… well, at least there’s only two couples with the app, and both of them are total successes. They probably aren’t even using it anymore.” ============================================ “Dammit.” Dylan laughed. “Maybe you should actually read the directions before trying to force pieces together?” He set the directions down for the new bed and scooted over into his massive boyfriend’s lap. Sure, Dylan was big enough for about three men now, but Kyle was enough for five. He got the best of both worlds: being a muscle god amongst men while being small enough o be engulfed in his boyfriend’s arms. “I love you.” Kyle’s frustration with the bed diffused. “I love you too.” He then looked at the clock. “Ah man, I’m gonna be late for practice.” “C’mon, staaaay. Not like you need it,” Dylan quipped, waving his phone. “Yeah and thanks, but it’s about working with the team, not just me. And… isn’t Seth coming over for a study group?” “Yeah, midterms.” Kyle heaved himself up and gave Dylan a deep kiss before gently setting him back down. “Okay, just remember your promise.” Dylan’s impish grin spoke volumes. “Hey, you promised!” “I know, I know. Just saying you seemed to enjoy fucking through the whole team… and you look like you enjoy thinking about it too.” Both of their enhanced libidos and busy schedules necessitated an open relationship sexually, not that either minded. Both got off on the worship of their peers. Kyle ignored his growing bulge and pressed his boyfriend against the wall between his mighty pecs. “Dylan.” Dylan melted between the continental divide on his chest. “Okay, fine! I promise not to use the app on you during practice.” Kyle gave him a pec bounce, a hug, and dashed out the door, gear back in tow. Dylan flopped down on the mattress beside the bed pieces. He idly flipped through his phone. His finger hovered over the app. “No, I promised. Even as a joke…” He paused. “But maybe there’s something for me…” Just then, a knock came at the door. “Seth? It’s unlocked.” At first glance, most would see Seth Morimoto as a yakuza punk. Tall, with a slight slouch, several piercings, he even wore skinny jeans and a leather jacket. The mixed-heritage man had the ultimate resting bitch face, a permanent “fuck you” sneer. Most telling of all was the intricate rose tattoo that started at his neck and crept down his back and chest finishing at his right hand (not that Dylan had seen it all). Dylan only started talking to him when they were paired for an assignment in Statistics a few semesters back. Much to his surprise, Seth was pre-med and had a heart of gold. “Hey man.” “Hey. Where’s your friend? The comp sci guy from the other section? Thought he was gonna come by.” “Yeah, he’s coming, gonna be a bit late though, got stuck with the professor.” He shut the door and sat next to Dylan, playfully grabbing his arm. His sneer melted away into sheer adoration. “I swear you’re bigger than this morning.” “No, what makes you say that?!” Dylan squeaked. His phone flew out of his hands. “Calm down, geez. Never thought a guy your size would freak out.” Dylan sighed. He still had to get used to the reality filter the app created. When he first met Seth, they got to be close friends almost immediately. Later – thanks to accidentally seeing Seth’s secret blog – they discovered they both had a thing for muscle. For a while they drooled over hot guys online, sharing morphs and stories from their favorite sites, but after Dylan grew, things changed. Seth got a lot more handsy with him, only after first asking permission of course. Yet, it was as if the original Dylan was completely wiped from his mind. “I still have some growing to do. Gonna try to add another inch before the end of semester.” Seth salivated at the thought. “You should totally go to that hardcore gym off campus. Y’know, that one the frat king goes to.” “Frat king?” “Yeah, that guy who dumped enough cum into those himbos to fill a silo. Don’t remember his name though… something Russian I think.” “Dude, just because they’re frat guys doesn’t mean they’re himbos.” Seth stared at him. “The ones from Delta Alpha Pi. The house on Clover and University.” “Point taken.” Dylan stretched. “You want a soda?” “Yeah.” Seth smirked, admiring Dylan as he stood and bent over to reach into the mini-fridge. He was distracted however by the strange explosion of hearts on Dylan’s phone. “What’s this? A new game?” “Don’t touch that!” Dylan nearly jumped across the room. Neither knew who, but someone’s hand hit the screen. “Shit…” ============================================ Kyle had to admit, the app made his life a lot more interesting. Ever since the change, the locker room was more of a Billy Harrington set than an actual locker room. “Chris, get Craig’s dick out of your mouth and get dressed. Practice first, sex after.” The lineman sheepishly extracted himself from the water boy turned roid beast with a fist-thick cock. Kyle laughed inside, already making a mental guess list of who would go home with who that night. Some players were already in couples and polyamories while others preferred to, shall we say, play the field. That didn’t mean everyone was happy. Austin, a wide receiver, sighed as he closed his locker. The changes from Kyle’s cum and Dylan’s meddling turned him into a beefcake that was just soft enough around the middle for some heavenly cuddling. Unlike most of the others, he was gay before the “Kyle Shower”, but very deep in the closet. “Are you okay man?” Austin forced a smile. “I’m fine.” Kyle crossed his arms. Austin muttered something under his breath and pulled Kyle to a quiet corner of the locker room. “Okay, I’m worried, I-I-I don’t think he likes me.” “You guys have been on two dates! You barely had a chance to know each other. Besides, Dylan says he’s raving about you.” “You sure?” Austin asked. He looked like a hopeful puppy. A big, musclebound puppy. “I’m completely new to datin’ stuff, I don’t wanna mess up. You and Dyl make it look easy.” “Okay, first, only I get to call him Dyl and even then, he’s not a big fan of it. Second, it’s not gonna happen like magi-” He bit his tongue just as a familiar wave of growth flowed down his cock and into his balls. The warmth swelled inside, snapping his custom jockstrap as his massive balls stretched another six inches in diameter. “Fucking hell!” Austin had it in him to blush, looking away, despite his own jockstrap tent. “You… you good?” “Peachy. One sec man.” He stomped over to his locker and tore the door off the hinges. He angrily opened the app. “Couldn’t keep your promise for five minutes? Fine! Let’s see if you can take it.” Edge of Glory Your soulmate will be continuously edged until the next time you both have sex. As they are edged, their testicles will slowly swell. This perk may be chosen again after the effect wears off. ============================================ “White Gold?” Seth read off the phone. “Your soulmate’s balls have been pumped fuller than… what the fuck, Dylan?” “It’s just a game.” “Really kinky one… would be cool if it was real.” “Yeah… real…” Dylan grabbed a pillow and moaned into it as an invisible hand suddenly grabbed his cock. “H-how… how are you and Austin doing?” Seth didn’t seem to notice but instead lit up the room with a smile. “He’s amazing! He’s so sweet, he actually cooked for me on our last date, and man he’s good on a grill.” He took a sip of soda. “He’s also got pecs the size of a tire; I want to shove my face in them.” “Who said romance is dead.” “Shut up! We’re taking it slow anyway, but damn, last time I had to go beat off in the bathroom. Twice.” “Slow? Kinda surprised, figured he’d be pent up.” “He called himself old fashioned. I don’t mind though, nice knowing he’s not just gonna pump n’ dump. My sweet Texas cowboy…” “Isn’t he from Spokane? He doesn’t even have an accent.” Seth laughed. “Oh… uh, nevermind.” Dylan bit his lip. “Tea. Now.” He stared at the floor. “I might have seen his twitter on his phone when he went to the bathroom?” “Dude, don’t go snooping…” “I know, I know! I wasn’t – wait, not the point. He was on size Twitter.” Dylan dropped the pillow. “Wait, what?!” “Yeah, he likes big guys. Like really big guys. Like every one of his recent likes were on super huge macro guys.” “I thought you weren’t snooping.” “Not the point! You know me, I’m a total top, but there’s no way I’d ever be big enough for him.” He flung himself back on the mattress, nearly spilling the soda. “Wish that app was real so I could be big like you and my friend so I could make him happy.” “Yeah, if only it was- wait, what did you say?” “I wanna make him the happiest bottom in the world?” “No before that.” “Oh, I wish-” He was cut off by a boom of a knock. “Oh hey, speak of the devil.” Seth bounded up and opened the door. Dylan’s jaw dropped. The man on the other side was inhuman – though he felt a stir of pride that he was still smaller than Kyle. Yet, Dylan knew this guy was way bigger than he should have been, even if he was lifting out of the womb. He knew no one else on campus even came close to their size, even that himbo frat king. “Gymshark eat your heart out,” he muttered to himself. “What?” “Sorry, nothing. I’m Dylan!” The big guy seemed a little shy and just as shaken at seeing Dylan. “Hi, I’m Mateo.” ============================================ Kyle scrolled through the phone. “Kinda see how Dylan got addicted to this… time for a little revenge.” “Parker! Stop playing on your phone and get to work!” Kyle looked up to see the Coach walking towards him. Since the change, their coach was a 450-pound daddy with a thick carpet of hair that made him look more like a werewolf on the field and especially on the cot in his office. He refused to wear shirts during practice, and any player on the bench was welcome to worship him. “Just because you’re big doesn’t mean you get-mff!” Kyle simply grazed a hand across his coach’s nipple. He leaned in close and growled in his ear. “Coach, dealing with my boyfriend right now.” “But-” Kyle reached out and solemnly twisted both nipples. As far as the team knew, only the quarterback was able to tame the dom daddy. Like flicking a switch, a thick veiny cock rocketed out from below Coach’s waistband. “Oh god, Kyle… fuck me right now.” “Later Coach. Boyfriend first, but I think Sanchez was hungry for you if you can’t wait.” Kyle went back to his phone, deaf to the gagging sounds from lineman on the sidelines. “Oh, actually that’s a good idea.” Rewired and Streamlined Your soulmate’s nipples and hole are now ultra-sensitive. Brushing against either in the right way is like packing an hour of foreplay into a few seconds. “That’ll give him something fun to do during his study group.” “Is that some kind of kink thing you guys have going on?” “What the?!” He nearly jumped out of his skin. “Christ, Austin! Don’t sneak up on me like that!” Austin shrugged and scratched his pecs. “So, what is it? Looks kinky. Is that how you and Dylan are so good together?” “No, well… yes… it’s complicated man.” ============================================ The study group proceeded with awkward mumbling, with Seth interjecting how worried he was about his upcoming date. Mateo pretended to read while Dylan tried his best not to buck his hips. Finally, with all the confidence of a world leader, he stood and announced, “I have to piss.” As soon as the door shut, Dylan took his chance. “How the hell are you that big?” Even just turning towards Mateo made him groan. Mateo didn’t expect the attack. “I… work out? My boyfriend’s a trainer.” “Bullshit.” “He is! We’re at the gym off campus.” Dylan studied him. There was that gym again… it felt like he had two sets of memories. One world where the gym was the most hardcore bodybuilder’s paradise and another where it was a typical health club. Then it clicked. “The app.” Mateo paled. “What?” “The app! Next Level Love, you have the app!” “How do you know about that?!” He hissed back. Dylan showed him the phone. “Holy… so, you and your boyfriend weren’t always that big?” “Are you kidding? A couple months ago, I was an average guy and Kyle – well, he was always hot as fuck, I just gave him a boost.” He pulled up the list of active perks and they traded phones. Mateo scrolled through, his small grin growing bigger and bigger into a full-on kid at the toy store with a blank check giddiness. “Okay, I’m definitely getting the mega-cum perk for Leon later.” “Wait, you can apply it to places too? That’s not fair!” Mateo shrugged. “Y’know, I could probably update your phone.” “What do you mean?” “Well, I’ve got a copy of the app data, so it shouldn’t be too hard to copy it over. I mean, we could probably copy the whole app to a new phone if we wanted.” The possibilities alone nearly made Dylan’s cock tear through his pre-soaked pants. “Wait, do you think we could put a copy on Seth’s phone?” “Put what on my phone?” Seth asked. ============================================ “You’re telling me this is some kind of magic phone app? Looks like a random game to me.” “No, seriously!” Kyle said. The two of them had gone back to the locker room. “Whatever change you choose really comes true! It could be for anything. After Dylan and I finally hooked up, we even got a perk on his phone to fix mine and my copy of the app.” Austin crossed his arms. “Obviously you picked some fun stuff too.” “Obviously.” He flexed an arm that swelled larger than Austin’s thick waist. The wide receiver let out a low moan, reaching for that veiny peak. Just as Austin was about to lick the sweat out of the crevasse between his biceps and delts, Kyle pulled back. “Sorry, forgot about the hypnotizing effect.” “Shit, that’s really strong,” Austin murmured, pulling back. His cock was painting his abs with pre. “Hey, could… could you maybe choose a perk for me? Something to help me on my date?” “Sorry, doesn’t really work like that. The perks usually only affect the two of us – unless you want another locker room incident?” Austin paled. “Um, don’t take this the wrong way… it was hot and all, but you were kinda my first…” “Wait, really?! Oh man, I’m sorry.” “Don’t be, it was fun, but I want to wait for Seth, y’know?” “Right, but I wonder if we can get a copy of the app to you somehow…” ============================================ “So, it is real! I can change myself however I want?!” “Yeah pretty much.” “And it’s also the reason you’re hard and stretching your shirt?” “That’s more Kyle but yes, basically.” “All done,” Mateo announced, disconnecting the phones. “Each of us has a copy of my version of the app, though you might want to be careful with the location perks. Gets out of hand really easily…” “Sweet!” Seth unlocked his phone and opened the app. As usual there was a burst of purple and pink hearts. The winged hourglass appeared to finish loading and then a blond bodybuilder in a bright pink tank top and teal running shorts popped up. “Wait, Eros is supposed to be a twunk,” Dylan said. Stranger than that, Eros didn’t move. He didn’t say a word, just a fixed creepy smile. “Uh, Mateo, I think you broke it.” “That doesn’t make sense; it should work.” The hourglass appeared again but this time, the glass was cracked. It loaded properly but with crimson hearts falling down the screen. A man with curly black hair and a slight tan appeared. He only wore a crimson bikini poser and cheap costume demon wings. He was cut and sculpted enough to make the most die-hard aesthetic bodybuilders green with envy. “Well, well, hello naughty boys. Someone’s been pirating the game I see.” The pretend demon purred. He floated onto his back, revealing just where the straps disappeared into his supple glutes. “I guess I can’t complain since I get to play the game now.” “Where’s Eros?” Dylan asked. “It’s an app, it can’t talk back,” Seth replied. “Oh please, what part of magic phone app don’t you get?” the man on the screen scoffed. “Oh so you’re like the Chroni-” “LEGALLY DISTINCT!” He stopped for a moment. “Oh wait, public domain, I forgot. Yeah, it’s like a Chronivac.” Seth was nearly drooling, his mind raced with the possibilities. “So, we can still use the app and change stuff, right?” Mateo asked. “Or are you some kind of anti-piracy?” The man laughed. “Anti-piracy? More like pro-piracy! I hid myself in the code. The more the app spreads the better and I want to make sure as many couples get together as possible.” “Yeah right,” Mateo scoffed. “You’re literally dressed like a demon.” “Listen, I was going for a sexy thing that was an opposite of the bubblegum twink look Eros had. Anyway, time for me to get to work.” He blew a heart-shaped ring of smoke and looked Seth over. “Hmmm… your special someone is a lucky guy, you’re really cute. How tall are you? Five-eleven? Six feet?” “Six-two, I slouch!” “Yeah, we’re gonna fix that.” Instantly a perk appeared on screen, followed by a sharp crack of bones. In a ripple of pops, Seth’s spine stretched and straightened. Stand Proud Your spine has been straightened and strengthened. You will always have perfect posture, no matter how you pose. Your next line will be “Wow, that felt good.” “Wow, that felt…” Seth frowned. “Hey, I’m supposed to pick!” “Of course! How about you get your buddies to help out. I’m gonna research your lover. Oh, Dylan and Mateo? Gave you guys admin privileges. Have fun. BRB!” The demon disappeared in a poof of smoke. “Maybe messing with a magic app wasn’t my best idea,” Mateo muttered. “Fuck that, we have admin privileges!” Dylan bit back another moan as his shirt was soaked by a fresh load of pre. “First though, let’s get Seth big.” Seth scrolled through the list of perks. “What should I do first? Height? Muscle? Cock? Oooooo, what if I do a location one?” “No wait!” Growth House All members of this dormitory are men dedicated to becoming as big as humanly possible. A bright flash of light blinded them, yet nothing seemed to happen. “What… but?” Mateo groaned. “It only affects those who actually live in the dorm. Like…” Both of them looked to Dylan who moaned, still grabbing at his pecs. He was fifty pounds heavier with pure lean muscle, distributed a little heavily on his legs. “I need… I need Kyle so bad… right now…” “Okay,” Seth said sheepishly. “At least it could be worse?” Mateo shushed him and held up his phone. It was an Instagram account of a bodybuilder with long hair a la mid-2000s. The slideshow depicted a guy pretty intent to show off, eventually settling on a picture of him and his hipster boyfriend holding hands. “Brett… he’s pretty hot. So what?” “This was a co-ed dorm. And Brett used to be Britney.” “Oh…” ============================================ For the rest of practice, Kyle helped Austin stretch and work up his confidence. “All the other guys said I shouldn’t sweat it. They said if I get an OnlyFans I’d probably make a mint, but… it’s not the point.” “Believe me I get it,” Kyle agreed, thinking back to when he could hardly speak to Dylan without his heart racing. Just then, Austin’s phone pinged and both men turned to look. “No way…” Sure enough there was a notification from Next Level Love. “That’s the app, right? Looks a little different than yours though.” “Must be an update. Take a look.” Just then, they heard the team returning from outside. “C’mon, boiler.” The boiler room off the locker room was a now defunct room used officially for storage and unofficially for hookups. So long as someone left a chalk mark on the door, people knew it was occupied, leaving Kyle and Austin in privacy in the bowels of the old section of the stadium. Austin opened the app to an explosion of hearts and then… nothing. “Strange… there’s usually someone there guide you through the tutorial,” Kyle muttered. “Can’t be that hard right?” Austin opened the store. “Let’s try this one.” OnlyFreaks Your musculature will triple but you will not grow any taller. There will be no extra stress on your organs and you will retain full mobility. Both waited, but nothing happened. “Should… should something have changed by now?” “It’s usually instant. Try another one.” Knee Slapper Your soft cock is so long it dangles past your knees and is thick as your wrist. Your balls will grow to be proportional. Again, nothing. “C’mon! I want to change!” “I thought you were a bottom?” “Yeah, doesn’t mean I don’t want a giant cock!” War of Attrition Your soldiers will hold the line as long as you command! In other words, fuck for as long and hard as you like and ride through multiple orgasms without needing to stop. Austin slammed his fist into the old boiler, leaving a decent dent. “Here, let me try mine.” Kyle scrolled through and saw one that made his slap his chest. “I… I didn’t know we could do that…” He clicked, hoping this hidden fantasy could come to life. Two Things Come from Texas… But why not have both? Your soulmate’s pecs will swell with nutritious milk that they will love to have you drink straight from the tap. This perk will also grant them soft body hair and strong skin. Chocolate, strawberry, and coffee flavored milk still in development. “Did it work?” “Don’t know unless we go see him.” The only thing going through Kyle’s mind was pinning Dylan down and milking him, keeping his cock buried in his lover while listening to every sweet sound he makes… Austin sighed and tried one final perk. Machamp in the Making You are granted an extra pair of arms (and all other necessary muscles to move them). As a bonus, you’ll also be completely ambidextrous. Austin flexed his arms hard, but nothing happened. ============================================ “Okay, I’ll admit I didn’t think this through.” “You think?” Dylan huffed. “First you make me bigger when Kyle already used something on me to-fuuuuuuck…. – to keep me from cumming and now you’ve taken up half the dorm room!” Here We Grow! Like eating a mushroom, you’ll be growing an additional half of your current height. Next Level Love is not responsible for any future attacks from turtles or kidnapped soulmates. “He likes macro…” Seth mumbled. Mateo sighed from another corner. “Yes, and that one alone would’ve been fine, if you didn’t pick that other one too.” Hulk Out! Everything about you doubles in size when you become aroused. Green skin not included. The eighteen-foot giant sighed. All of his clothes were in shreds on the floor. His added musculature however only gave him a swimmer’s build at this point, since it had been stretched across such a large frame. “Guys, I just got excited! Like you didn’t when you first got the app?” “Okay, fair.” “Yeah.” “That’s what I thought.” Seth scrolled on his tiny phone. “There we go!” Through a groan and screech of metal and wood, the room stretched and cracked. Bit by bit they were able to move again. Dylan looked around the new room, which looked more at home in a mansion in the Hamptons rather than a college dorm. The pieces of the bed had assembled themselves and seemed to have grown twice as large too. “What did you do?” “Two things. One got myself a better phone,” Seth said, waiving around a smartphone bigger than some flatscreens. “Second, this.” Fraternal Scholarship You and your close friends now live in a mansion of in a location of your choosing that will be built to meet your current size needs. “Wow, that’s awesome! Thanks!” “Least I could do after you guys got me the app.” Seth then smirked and tapped another perk. LOCC (Low Orbit Cum Cannon) This heavy armament upgrades your output to four gallons of cum. In addition, your cock size is doubled and ball size tripled. With a moan, his manhood swelled like a firehose, and just about as thick. The others could nearly hear the skin stretch and his newly grown balls slosh. Dylan groaned, losing himself to lust again. Mateo was starting to have trouble himself, wondering how Leon would feel with his cock that much bigger. With a little smirk to himself, he hit the perk on his own app, and snuck out back to their apartment. ============================================ “You turned it on and off again?” “Yes! Twice! You’ve been right here!” Austin groaned. He reopened the app for what felt like the twentieth time and got the same message as the first nineteen. Error. Unable to synchronize cloud data. “I don’t get it,” Kyle muttered. “I’ve never seen an error message like that.” “You’re the one who had it first. How do I fix it?” “Dylan would know more than me.” Austin reopened the settings, tried to select perks, everything. Again and again. Error. Unable to synchronize cloud data. Suddenly, it dawned on Kyle. “OH MY GOD, WE’RE IDIOTS!” “The hell are you talking about?” He waved his arms around the room. “We’re in a concrete box! No service! No wonder it isn’t working!” Both of them laughed and headed for the door. As soon as they stepped outside, Austin moaned and fell to his knees, instantly painting his stomach with cum. “Austin?!” “Oh shiiiiit… it’s so strooong!” He panted. “Feels so GOOD!” All at once, all of the perks he chose activated at the same time. Pound after pound of muscle piled on, fighting for space and forcing him wider and wider. He fell onto his back and continued to grow, overwhelmed by each wave washing over him. His lats forced his arms out, only to be forced farther by the new pair of arms and the extra pecs underneath. His thighs squeezed together, barely leaving enough room for his grapefruit sized balls and salami of a cock. He groaned, suddenly feeling a strange slickness in his ass and a deep hunger. He fought the urge to cum, holding himself back through the chain orgasm. Finally, he fell silent. “…Austin?” The extra-wide receiver was packed with so much muscle that it was a miracle he could move. He sat up with a growl. “We’re gonna go see Seth now. I’m ready for my date.” ============================================ “M-my pecs!” Dylan shouted. The overdeveloped chest cast an impressive shadow over his abs. A steady trickle of milk dripped onto his abs, mixing with the flood of pre. A prickling sensation washed over his entire body as dark body hair painted itself across his chest and down his torso. “What the…” Dylan grabbed a towel and tried to wipe up as much as he could. “Okay, Kyle’s getting out of hand…” “Didn’t you do the same to him?” Dylan said nothing, partially out of stubbornness and partially out of holding back his groans. Seth laughed and looked back at the app. “I just need one last change. Gotta grow just a little bit more.” He soon found just what he needed. Reproportioned Chances are that with height changes your other proportions may be out of balance. Choose this perk to rebalance everything. A small table appeared with spaces to insert stats. Seth wasn’t sure what to enter but chose “Aesthetic” out of the template drop-down menu. The table populated with the following. Reference Height – 6 feet Reference Weight – 211 lbs Chest – 57 inches Arms – 21.5 inches Waist – 27.5 inches Thighs – 27 inches Calves – 19 inches Ending Height – 18 feet “Looks good to me. Can’t wait!” The hourglass appeared for a moment before a new chart appeared. New Weight – 5697 lbs Chest – 14 ft 3 inches Arms – 64.5 inches Waist – 82.5 inches Thighs – 81 inches Calves – 60.5 inches Seth grabbed his cock and began pumping, each stroke seeming to add an extra ten pounds of muscle. He growled as his biceps pulsed outward, crowding against his pecs. His tattoos stretched over his new mass, the rose pattern nearly looking like it was blooming and spreading. His waist grew and tightened revealing a wall of tight abs. His taper from his lats was in sharp relief, despite his waist being over six feet around. The biggest change was his legs, exploding outward into sculpted pillars that looked more at home holding up a bridge. “How do I look Dylan?” He smirked with a most muscular pose. “Man, I should jump on a stage! I could probably juggle the competitors!” “Not faaaaaair…” Dylan groaned wanting nothing more than to finally get release. Thankfully, fate was merciful when the door swung open. “Dylan, are you heeee-oly fuck!” Kyle gaped at the giant. “Oh, uh, hey Kyle,” Seth said, a little sheepish at the reveal. “How’d you find us?” “Um, this guy Mateo ran into us and told us to-” Dylan couldn’t take it anymore. “Out.” “What?” “Seth, out. Kyle. Bed. Now!” Seth laughed and grabbed his far-too-small things and ducked out of the special sized door. “Austin’s in your room,” Kyle shouted after him. Kyle turned to his boyfriend. “You look good with chest hair. Is someone a little pent up?” Dylan dove onto his boyfriend, tearing away his pants and swallowed his manhood in a swift gulp. Kyle shivered with pleasure but pulled his boyfriend off. “No, let’s try something different.” He gently pushed Dylan down onto the bed. He ran his tongue along the swollen pecs before capturing a leaking nipple in his mouth. Dylan screamed in ecstasy, sending streams of milk shooting across of the bed. “So, did we learn anything?” “It was an accid-FUCK! Don’t stop!” Kyle finally decided to let up on his teasing, gently prodding Dylan’s waiting hole with his battering ram. “You know, I’m a little jealous of Seth. I think both of us need to grow.” He chose a final perk and tossed his phone aside. Extra Protein You and your soulmate can make the other grow through your cum and/or milk. Kyle began pounding away, still drinking. With each gulp, his muscles rippled, twitching with new growth. Dylan was light-headed, unable to make any coherent sentence after being edged all day. He could feel Kyle’s weight slowly pushing him farther and farther into the bed, the ever-lengthening cock stretching him farther and farther. Dylan clamped down as hard as he could as Kyle drilled him. Neither could hold on any longer, their giant balls overflowing. Kyle flooded Dylan, squeezing him tight as he began to grow. Dylan erupted into the ceiling, chipping the paint with each concussive blast. Each time they thought they reached the end, ten more blasts rocketed out. The two only stopped for Dylan to demand. “Again.” Both were too invested in their own lovemaking to hear what was going on in the next room. ============================================ Austin drooled over the overgrown Seth. A raging fire of desire filled him. His arms could only wrap around part of his mighty thighs, his cock trapped in the deep split near the teardrop. Seth too couldn’t help moaning, feeling the dense meathead against him. “You… you have extra arms?” “Yeah, you like them?” Austin flexed all four, surprised by a worshipping tongue. “God, you’re so big!” “Thought you might like that,” Seth said, a little sheepishly as Austin traced the lines of his tattoos. “So, um, you want to get something to eat or maybe watch a movie?” “Maybe… we could do something more fun?” “Oh?” “Like… we could… you know?” “I-I-I thought you wanted to take it slow?” “You are literally my most twisted wet dream, and this is the third date.” The beefy man flushed a little, grabbing at his towering date. “Please don’t make me beg.” “Don’t have to ask me twice!” Seth shoved his tongue down Austin’s throat. The wide receiver was taken aback, moaning into the kiss and grabbing as tight as possible onto his giant. Seth took Austin in one hand, the 400-pound man feeling like nothing more than a toy. As gently as possible, Seth fingered him open. “God, you’re such a hot little beefcake…” “Nnnng!” Austin groaned out, splattering Seth’s chest with his load. “I-I’m sorry!” Seth gently kissed him. “Don’t be. I know you’ve got more in the tank. Please flex for me.” Austin moaned but managed to arch forward, bringing his arms down into an explosive crab. Seth captured his dick, teasing it with skillful licks. “Too… too much!” Seth backed off while Austin caught his breath. “I’m gonna be shooting dust before you cum once at this rate.” He then reached back and started to warm himself up. “Austin, magic app or not, my cock is as wide as your hips. I don’t want to test the limits.” Austin looked like a kicked puppy, but it soon passed with a little grin. “Okay, how about this?” He pressed his body up against the massive cock. He squeezed his way up, licking along the helmet. “Ooooh yeah little guy.” “Fuck, I love when you call me that.” He wrapped around the giant cock and began to hump and squeeze himself up and down. He lapped up the pre that cascaded down over him, just as Seth grabbed him. The giant hand pumped him up and down. It didn’t take much before Seth began to gasp. “Yeah, cum for me! Cover me in your giant load!” “FUUUUUCK!” Seth roared as gallon after gallon of cum drenched the room. Austin’s own load was lost in the deluge as he too was plastered. Seth plucked him from the sticky mess and kissed him. “Damn… never realized how hot this could be.” “Oh I’ve got a long list of things for us to try,” Austin grinned, snuggling against his giant’s cheek. ============================================ After five rounds, Dylan was finally sated. He fell into a deep slumber, contentedly cuddled into Kyle’s arms. Kyle however couldn’t sleep. After a while, he opened the app, surprised to see his had changed to be just like Austin’s. This time however, someone did appear. “Aww, I’m late! I missed all of the fun. At least they didn’t get to try the admin stuff yet, can always watch that… just need to get them to spread the app a little more.” “You’re not Eros. Who are you?” “Oh, hello there, stud.” The demon gave him an impish grin. “You can call me Ganymede.”
  20. redkage

    Voodoo 101: Intro to Voodoo

    Voodoo 101: Intro to Voodoo Ivan was a normal college student. Well, at least he always thought he was normal. He wasn't athletic, but he wasn't skinny or fat either. He wasn't drop dead good looking, but he wasn't ugly fortunately. His grades were C average and he didn't have any special redeeming qualities. There was one thing that did make him "not so normal" however. His eyes, instead of being brown or green like his parents, were a shocking milky white. He wasn't blind or anything, he could actually see just fine. He was getting tired of seeing people freak out whenever they see them however, so he tried to wear sunglasses as much as possible. However, enough people on campus have seen them for him to be labeled as "Zombie," a nickname he'd rather not have. It wasn't as if he asked to be born different. He always wanted to be a normal, regular guy, but because of these eyes of his, he was always made fun of or avoided. After another long day of college, Ivan finally made his way home. Instead of living in the dorms, he lived in a nearby appartment. He had been unlucky and wasn't able to secure a dorm spot, but the apartment was cheap enough to afford and close to the campus. There was only one downside though. As he walked down the hallway, he could already hear the TV in his appartment on full blast. It seemed that his roommate decided to come home early today. Taking a deep breath, Ivan unlocked the door and went inside. In the living room was Austin, his roommate, yelling at the TV like a super fan. It was no surprise though, since Austin was on the football team. There were chips and pretzels all over the floor, a mess he'll clean half assed and then leave to attract ants unless Ivan cleaned it up properly. "Yeah, touchdown!" Austin screamed, jumping off of his chair and pumping his fist, chips flying through the air. One chip actually flew and smacked Ivan on the forehead. Ivan held back his desire to complain about the mess. Austin was the typical jock; big, handsome and aggressive. The football player was 6'5" tall and weighed a good 210 lbs of solid muscle. He was rather good looking, with short brown hair, strong cheekbones and a pair of gorgeous eyes. However, Ivan was secretly more into those muscles of his. Years of training had given Austin a killer body. Large, full and yet shredded, it was a gay man's dream to live with...as long as he didn't open his mouth. Austin more or less left Ivan alone as long as he didn't bug him about it, and even then sometimes the jock gets pissed off about something. And if Ivan tried to complain about Austin's bad habits, he'd get wrestled into submission as punishment. It was the best and worst of both heaven and hell; great eye candy, but a horrible home life as a price. Biting back some choice words, Ivan made his way into his room. As soon as he was in, he dropped his backpack, flopped into his computer chair and shut his eyes. Before Ivan could get comfortable, Austin suddenly entered and dropped a big, musty and beat up looking package on his lap. "Hey Zombie, the mail guy dropped this shit off earlier and made me miss a touchdown!" "Thanks." Ivan rolled his eyes, knowing that the jock couldn't see it through his glasses. With a snort, Austin turned and went back to the living room to continue watching his game. Sighing, Ivan checked the return address on the package. To his surprise, it was from his Uncle Lester from Louisiana. Ivan had never really gotten to know his uncle, and his parents rarely even mention him. Still, there was one thing that Ivan could relate to with his estranged relative, and that was the fact that they shared the same creepy eyes. Tearing off the musty brown wrapping paper, Ivan found a thick old looking book, a wooden box and a card. Picking up the card, he began reading it. Dear Ivan I know this must come as a surprise to hear from your recluse of an uncle. I know I have not been as close like other uncles could be, but there are reasons for why I had not spoken to you. When I first gazed into those eyes of yours, I knew right away you had the gift. Your parents had wanted you to live a normal life, so they forbade me from telling you, but I sensed a great power and natural talent for the mystic arts flowing within you. Rather than letting it go to waste, I have decided to go against your parents' wishes and send you this. I am sending you this book and set as an introduction to the arts. Whether you use it or not is entirely up to you. May the spirits guide you, Uncle Lester Seriously? Mystic arts? Wasn't he talking about voodoo? Did he really expect Ivan to believe all that hocus pocus mumbo jumbo? But...even though he thought that, for some reason he believed it. He couldn't explain why, but when he read that he could use magic, it made...sense, somehow. Like it was as natural as telling him he had a heart or two legs. A quick check inside of the box revealed several small jars, small pouches, fancy looking ornaments and things he couldn't even name. Picking up the book, he read the title. "A Beginner's Introduction of the Secret World of the Ancient Art of Voodoo." Damn, that was a pointlessly long title. Still, one look at this told Ivan that it was the genuine article, for whatever hell the reason was. Everything that he learned should have told him it was completely fake, but it felt as real as the quiz he had on Monday. "I must be going crazy." He muttered even as he opened the book and started reading. * * * For the next few days, Ivan read the book every chance he got. "Intro to Voodoo" held lots of fascinating information. Like the title suggested, it was more like an introductory to voodoo than an actual spell book, though there were a few beginner spells. According to the book, Ivan could use these basic spells as a base and modify them for more advance spells. Out of curiosity he tried one of them out, a simple hex that gave someone a runny nose. He tried it out on several of his classmates to see if it really worked. To his amazement, all of them ended up with a cold, going through a few dozen tissues through class (much to the annoyance of the teacher.) One person with a cold would have just been a coincidence, but ten at the same time? After trying out a few more spells, Ivan had no choice but to accept that this book was the genuine article, even though deep down he already knew that. Perhaps it was this "natural gift" his uncle told him about, or maybe he was just being overly naiive. As his knowledge of voodoo grew, so did his desire to put it to use. There were so many different spells he wanted to try out! Of course, some of the ingredients were a bit...unique. So unique that he had no idea how to get some. One day he was walking home, thinking about his magic studies. He was almost done reading the book, but had only put to practice only a handful of tricks. Oh, if only he could figure out where he could get new books and supplies! Suddenly he felt an odd, tugging sensation pulling at him. Stopping, he looked around, trying to figure out who did that, but there was no one around. Still, the tugging sensation persisted. Well, at least it FELT like tugging, but as far as he knew it, nothing was pulling at his arm or leg or anything. It was more like he was drawn to go in a certain direction. "Ah hell, I got nothing better to do tonight." He said and started following this unnatural sensation. He had no idea where he was going, but was sure of is way somehow. The tugging sensation took him down the street, took several turns and winding paths mixing up his sense of direction completely. Before he knew it, he was standing in front of a shop. It looked normal on the outside, neat and orderly. Through the windows Ivan could see something that resembled a quaint antique shop, but something told Ivan that it wasn't exactly your everyday store. "Well, I've gone this far, might as well enter." He pushed the door open. Above him a bell rang as he entered the store. The inside wasn't nearly as bright or new looking as the outside was. When Ivan looked through the window from the outside, it looked like a nicely organized antique shop, with everyday items. Once inside, that neat shop turned into a crowded mess full of the weirdest, wackiest stuff he had ever seen. There were rows and rows of shelves loaded with all sorts of different things you'd never see in any shop. Chicken bones, crystal balls, colorful gems, ornate chinese lamps; those were just some of the more ordinary objects he could identify. Hanging on the walls and from the ceiling were various dried plants and herbs, dreamcatchers and windchimes, African tribal masks and something that resembled...a shrunken head? "Coming!" A guy's voice came from the back, causing Ivan to jump. For some reason he hadn't expected anyone to be in there. A guy, maybe a few years older than Ivan walked into view, carrying a few dozen books in his arms. When he set them down, Ivan was able to get a good look at him. The guy was pretty ordinary looking compared to his surroundings. In fact, he looked pretty cute. Rich, auburn colored that hung in soft curls, dark eyes that seemed to hold a playful secret behind them. A tall, strong looking body probably built from lifting various heavy objects around the store. He wasn't as muscular as Austin was, but he was still a nice sight for sore eyes. "Thank you for waiting, how may I help you?" The guy greeted him. "Uh, I'm..I'm just browsing."Ivan said. The guy peered at Ivan, making him uncomfortable. "You wouldn't happen to be new at the mystic arts would you?" "Wh-what makes you say that?" Ivan shifted his weight back and forth, not knowing how to react. This guy knew he could use magic? "For starters you look nervous as heck." The guy chuckled. "What if I'm just a regular guy who accidentally wandered in here?" Ivan argued. "Well first of all, you pretty much admitted you were a magic user with that sentence. A regular guy would have said something like 'what? magic?' instead. Second, only people with magic who want to be here can enter." "Is that even possible?" "Oh sure, it's your basic magic shop enchantment..." He trailed off as he looked straight at Ivan. "Your eyes..." On reflex Ivan's hand shot up and checked his sunglasses, but they were securely in place. "Wh-what about them?" "Your eyes are pretty damn awesome!" He said. That wasn't the reaction Ivan had been expecting. "What?" He was surprised more by the fact that they were called awesome and less by the fact that somehow this person managed to see his eyes through sunglasses. "You've got a mystic's eyes!" He remarked. "Those are extremely rare. All of the people who are born with those turn into really powerful magic users." "R-really?" For the first time in his life, someone was actually saying his eyes weren't creepy or weird. Not only that, they were saying it was a good thing. "Yeah, they're pretty respected in the magical community." The guy said. "At one point in time people tried to gouge out those eyes and sell them for quite a lot of money...but that practice has long died out." He said immediately upon seeing the color drain from Ivan's face. "Mystic's eyes lose power the moment they're removed, so it pretty much made them useless to everyone except the person they're born with, so I doubt anyone would be taking yours anytime soon." "Thanks, I feel so much safer than before I came here." Ivan muttered. "Yeah sorry, hey, do you know what kind of special abilities your eyes have given you?" The stranger asked excitedly. "You mean besides give people the creeps?" Ivan felt himself actually relaxing a bit. "Well, since you just started exercising your power it probably hasn't had time to fully develop yet. I'm sure it'll manifest sooner or later...Ah sorry, where are my manners, I tend to ramble on when I find something rare or valuable." He said. "My name is Soloman, owner of this fine establishment you're standing in." Soloman offered his hand. "Ivan." He took the hand and shook it. "So what kind of art do you practice?" Soloman asked. "Um...voodoo?" "Oh that's a fun one." The shopkeeper grinned. "It dabbles in all sorts of different fields. If you become top level, you can even make a zombie or two." "Er, I've seen too many zombiepocalypse movies and video games, so no thanks."Ivan shook his head. Actually it was the fact that his nickname around college was Zombie that ticked him off, but he didn't need to know that. "Hey I just said you can, not that you have to." He laughed. "Well then, back to business. Is there anything in particular you are looking for?" "Well..." Ivan hesitated for a moment, but decided to tell Soloman. It seemed that this person already knew he could use magic, and seemed trustworthy enough. And besides, who knew when he'd get a chance to find another magic shop? "I'm almost done with the book and supplies my Uncle sent me." "Lemme guess, Intro to Voodoo and a basic starter set?" Soloman asked. "Er, the book yes, I'm not sure if it was a starter set." Ivan said. "The two of them are always sold as a bundle." Soloman walked around the counter and to a bookshelf. His fingers glided along the bindings until he found the one he was looking for and pulled it off the shelf. "Here, this one is the next level up from Voodoo 101." Soloman came back to the counter where Ivan was waiting and set it down in front of him. "I also recommend the advanced hex set number two, that's got a bunch of stuff that's used in a majority of the spells. If there are any specialized ingredients or tools you need, just place an order and I should have it ready in a few days time." "Wow. Thanks, you've been really helpful." Ivan looked at the book and set in restrained anticipation. "I wouldn't have any returning customers if I wasn't helpful." Soloman laughed. "Now that'll be forty-nine ninety-five." * * * From then on Ivan made regular trips to the shop. Every time he visited there was something new there to discover. Mostly though, Ivan found he liked talking with Soloman. The guy was very interesting and knowledgeable, teaching Ivan all sorts of things, some of them not even about voodoo. After a few weeks of visiting the shop, though, Ivan began to feel his wallet getting tight. He was after all still a college student, and his new extracirrcular studies weren't exactly cheap either. When he brought the subject up to Soloman, the shopkeeper gave him a solution. "Just sell your work here." He told him. "You're making great progress in your art to the point where you can actually sell some of your stuff." "Can I really do that?" Ivan asked. "Sure, where do you think half this stuff came from?" He waved his arms at all of the items cluttering the shop. "You've showed me a few of the things you came up with, and they're all top quality stuff. Just make a few potions, portable hexes and enchanted objects and I gurantee you there will be a buyer." And Soloman was right. Ivan began supplying the shop with charms, amulets and other items, only to found them sold out the next day. Soon Ivan found himself with enough money to supply his hobby, and then some. One day Ivan went to the fridge to take out his latest work. It was a special salve that would protect a person from curses. It was a very advanced and technical project, but after fermenting it for three days in the fridge it was finally ready to sell. Upon opening the door, however, he found the jar absent. In its place was a pizza box. Not believing what he was seeing, he pulled out the box and looked inside. Three lonely slices sat there innocently, and definetely not his jar. He tossed the box to the side and began rummaging the fridge, searching for the jar. He looked behind every carton, container and junk in there, but there was no sign at all. At that moment Austin walked in, coming home from a day of practice. "Hey Austin, what did you do to the green jar that was in the fridge?" Ivan stepped away from the fridge to confront the jock. "That thing? I tossed it out." Austin said. "You tossed it out?" Ivan felt his anger surge. "I needed that for something!" "Well then you shouldn't have stashed it in the fridge. I needed room to put in the pizza, and it smelled something rank. Do you seriously even eat that stuff?" "It wasn't suppose to be eaten!" Ivan said hotly. "You could have taken the last three slices of pizza and put it on a plate, which would have saved you a ton of room! And not only that, that jar was mine! You shouldn't be tossing stuff that doesn't belong to you!" "Dude, what's your problem?" "My problem is you!" "And what're you gonna do about it, shrimp?" Austin shoved Ivan, causing him to stumble back and knocking his glasses off. "It's your fault for leaving your shit in the fridge, I was doing you a favor throwing it out. Freak." Ivan looked up to glare at Austin. Suddenly as he looked into Austin's eyes, Ivan felt something come over him. All of a sudden he could see things about Austin, personal private things. He could see Austin's desires, his fears, and his secret thoughts. All of it Ivan saw in the blink of an eye. This revelation was cut short when Austin threw his dirty, sweaty towel onto Ivan's face. "Stop looking at me like that with those freaky eyes, faggot." Then he walked away to his room and slammed the door shut. Ivan sat there on the floor for a moment, processing things over. He was furious, yes, but he was also trying to figure out what the hell he saw. Was it some sort of hallucination? No, that wasn't right. It was more like a vision, but loaded with information. Was this what Soloman meant? Was this the power of his eyes? Either way, Austin had crossed a line. Ivan had tolerated that jock long enough, and it was time to teach him a lesson he'll never forget! Marching into his room, Ivan began gathering all of the books and notes he had taken and began devising a suitable punishment for his asshole of a roommate. Austin was a good looking guy, but quite a jerk. Ivan couldn't deny that he thought his roommate's body was hot, but...there was always room for improvement. Lots of improvement, Ivan thought with a broad grin. Besides, Austin was always treating Ivan like shit anyway, so becoming Ivan's guinea pig was fair game. Wasting no time, Ivan began flipping though the pages of his book. With some modifications, there were spells that would produce a very...interesting effect. "This is going to be fun." He cackled. * * * "Damn man, you lookin' swole." Austin looked at his buddy Joey. "Yea, had a good day at the gym, could really feel the pump flowing dude!" Austin flexed his arm for his friend to see. The other jock whistled as a sizable bicep popped out. Joey was pretty decently sized himself at 190 lbs. at 6'3". He wasn't in the same league as Austin, but was close enough to be workout buddies. "Damn man, whatever you're doing, keep doing it." Joey reached out and squeezed the bicep. "Nah, I think I'm going to cut back on the bulking." Austin lowered his arm. "Aw come on, why not?" Joey asked. "I don't want to be too freakishly huge, y'know? And besides, all that muscle would just slow me down." Austin told him. "What a waste, you'd look awesome as the Hulk, minus the green skin of course." Joey laughed, and Austin joined with him. Despite what he said, Austin was a little proud with Joey's compliment. Still, a 5 lbs. gain in less than a week was super impressive to say the least, but he should really cut back. He didn't want to become one of those roided out muscle monsters after all. * * * "I must admit, I've never heard of anyone doing that kind of spell before," Soloman told Ivan, "much less to punish someone for it." "Haven't you ever heard of the term 'too much of a good thing?'" Ivan said. "Besides, if you saw what I did, you'd know this is the perfect thing for him." "I'll have to take your word for it." Soloman laughed. "Let me know how it works out, if it goes well maybe you can make a charm out of it to sell. I'm betting it'll become very popular." "I'll let you know every juicy detail." Ivan smiled. * * * Damn, another five pound gain Austin checked the scale. He checked and double checked the scale, and it still read 220 lbs. Looking into his bathroom mirror, he checked out his reflection. It was very slight, but he could see the difference those pounds had on his body; a little bit thicker, and little bit bigger. He'd really need to start focusing on cutting back soon, otherwise all that added bulk would just get in the way. Already people were giving him looks as he made his way across campus. "Ah well, i'm still pretty hot." He said, running his hand down his sexy 8 pack abs. After a moment of admiring himself, he grabbed his shirt and pulled it on. Once it was on, he tugged at it a little bit, frowning. It felt a bit tighter than usual, but then again, all of his clothes were tight, so it was nothing new. When he drop those extra pounds it'll feel comfortable on him again. * * * Ivan was secretly enjoying watching his roommate slowly swell up. Already the jock's clothes looked tighter, stretching across the growing masses. And yet Austin was oblivious to the real cause. Still, it was a bit slower than Ivan had thought. So, Ivan decided he would kick things up a bit and poured some more power into the spell, right when he saw Austin walk by in a t-shirt that was so tight it looked painted on. "He'll be busting out of that shirt in no time." Ivan snickered to himself, and went to work. * * * Riiiiiip! Austin winced as he heard something give away. Somehow he screwed up with the laundry and all of his clothes shrunk. Now everything was too tight, some of them so tight that they actually tore when he tried to put them on. After much difficulty and destroying a few shirts and shorts, he had finally managed to get something on that morning. However, several hours later his wardrobe was slowly malfunctioning, ripping whenever he reached too far or moved too suddenly. God, how embaressing he thought as he tried to focus on the lecture. However, the teacher was so boring that he felt the uncontrollable urge to yawn. As he raised his hand to cover his mouth, it caused his bicep to bulge and flex past what is sleeve could handle. Riiiip! His bicep exploded through his sleeve. "Mr. Grisman!" Austin jumped in his seat, causing something else to rip. "What?" "You're disrupting the class. If you want to show off your body so badly, do it outside." The teacher pointed at the door. The entire class laughed as Austin's face turned red while gathering his things. As he made his way through the aisles and towards the door, the seams of his pants suddenly gave way to his thich quads, shredding apart at the sides very loudly and making the class laugh again. Fucking hell, I gotta go on a diet right away Austin told himself. But first, he needed to go and buy some new clothes. * * * "He's at the point where he's outgrowing his clothes now." Ivan reported happily to Soloman. "He's that big now huh?" Soloman's hands were busy sorting out a few dozen different feathers into bundles. "One wonders just how far you're willing to take this." "Well, one wonders how far he CAN take this." Ivan said. Soloman paused for a moment to look at Ivan. Whenever he was in the shop, Ivan would take off his sunglasses since the shopkeeper didn't mind them one bit. When their eyes met, Ivan felt a feeling of concern and other thoughts flow into him. Weirdly enough, he felt as if Soloman was also reading him as well. "I'm just concerned that your quest will consume you." Soloman turned away and resumed his task. "I've seen a lot of good men get too wrapped up in revenge and ended up destroying themselves." "Don't worry; I know what I'm doing." Ivan reassured him. "I know you do." Soloman tied a leather string around one bunch of feathers, inspected it carefully, and then moved on to the next one. "Enjoy your fun Ivan, but I suggest having some protection on you in case he ever finds out. You two DO live with one another after all, and if you grow him as big as you say you are, he'll be able to knock your head clear off with one blow." "Don't worry about me; I know how to take him down when the time comes." Ivan reassured him. "In the meantime, I think I'll enjoy watching him blow up." * * * Austin stared down at the scale. It had to be broken. It was the only logical explanation. There was no way he could weigh as much as it said. 246 lbs. "Fucking hell!" He said as he gave the scale a kick, sending it banging against the wall. Now it was REALLY broken. There was no way he could weigh 246 lbs. No absolute freakin' way. His eye caught his reflection in the mirror, and he quickly averted it. He had been avoiding it for the past several days. It was mostly because he didn't want to face the truth. Despite his desire not to, however, he couldn't stop himself from turning and facing the mirror. If the scale was broken, the mirror must've been broken too because the man in it clearly looked like he was 246 lbs. Every muscle on his body was obscenely huge, just like a pro bodybuilder's. His shoulders and lats spread out wide like a barn door, filling the view in the mirror. His chest, which had once been one of his weakest spots, was now as big as two ripe honeydew melons. His arms rippled like pythons, each of them measuring at around 20 inches cold. Maybe I'm just retaining water he thought, that could explain why he looked so big. But in reality, his muscles looked extremely ripped. All of the fat on his body seemed to have been burned off and left him with the best definition he had ever seen. His abs, thankfully, didn't grow bigger, but those 10 packs looked more shredded and defined than they have ever been. "I'll just stop lifting for awhile, that should cut some mass off." He said. If he can cut some mass and keep his current definition, he'd probably be the hottest guy on campus. But that was the main problem. He just kept on adding bulk. It wasn't as if he was lifting harder, and sure his strength gains were amazing, but no one could pack on 35 lbs. of muscle in les than a month! He'll stop going to the gym, plain and simple. He'll just jog and keep to a strict diet, which should work. Picking up his shirt he pulled it over his head and tugged it on. The shirt barely made it halfway when a loud tearing sound filled the air. "SHIT!" He tore the rest of the shirt off and threw it on the ground. It looked like he'll have to go and buy 5XL shirts now. * * * Ivan was ecstatic that his voodoo magic was working so well. He'd hear Austin swear loudly as sounds of ripping clothing filled the air every other day, a sign of his ever growing bulk. Austin was no longer a lean 'super model' nor was he merely athletic. No, now Austin was looking like a full blown bodybuilder, with muscles that could hold it's own in any contest. Soon the jock will reach the same level as a super heavyweight bodybuilder, perhaps even going beyond them. Of course, Ivan made sure that his spells weren't wrecking Austin's health. He may be doing this out of spite, but he wasn't trying to kill him or anything. Austin would be the healthiest musclebound mass monster on campus by the time Ivan was done with him (but that probably wouldn't be anytime soon.) * * * "Fuck man, what the hell is going on with me?" Austin muttered as he looked down at himself...or at least tried to. His chest had grown so thick that it was starting to block his view of anything past them. However, he knew full well what was going on: he was growing bigger. 302 lbs. 302 fucking lbs. He couldn't explain it; it was like his muscles were growing without even trying! He hadn't touched a single weight in a week, and yet every day when he would step onto the scale, he would find the number creeping higher and higher until finally he broke through the 300 mark. He would blame it on the scale being broken again or something, but this was a brand new scale and his reflection in the mirror proved otherwise. Now he was the size of a Mr. Olympia contender, only he was both massive AND ripped. If he took part in the contest, he could probably win easy. "Fucking hell, I'm too big!" Austin reached up and squeezed his chest, trying his best to make it smaller somehow. As his hand squeeze the muscle, his cock within his shorts twitched, prompting him to jerk his hand back. He wasn't...turned on by this, could he? * * * Ivan knew that Austin WAS turned on by what was going on. When he looked directly into Austin's eyes, saw it; a burning desire to grow huge. Despite what he claims, or how hard he denies it, the truth was that Austin liked having a huge body. However, the jock had been brainwashed into thinking that people were disgusted by what he was told as "oversized" and "too huge." Of course, Austin was also worried about losing his speed with all that muscle mass, which was true, but he was never the fastest on the team anyway. And honestly, there were more people who would love to see Austin pack it on than the jock thought. * * * "I don't care how you do it, just stop taking whatever shit you're on and lose all that muscle before the next game you hear me!?" Coach's voice could be heard clear through the building. Fortunetely it was dead at that time so no one else was around to hear Austin get chewed out. It was quite the sight, a 320 lbs muscle giant getting put down by an overweight middle aged man. "Are you trying to get kicked off the team? Is that is!?" Coach yelled. "No sir, I love football, I want to stay on the team." Austin said. Yet somehow it sounded so hollow. "Then stop putting on muscle and start using your head!" Coach banged his fist on the table. "Last game you brought too much attention to you, people are already talking about you taking steroids to boost your game. And you know what? They're probably right." "But coach, I swear I'm not taking-" "Don't give me those excuses! How else does a man gain over eighty pounds in less than two months!?" Coach demanded. Austin was at loss for words. Even he couldn't figure that out. The coach let out a deep breath and sat back down. "Listen, I'm not against you bulking up and all that, frankly it's making you unbeatable on the field. But it's just too much too fast to be natural. If you get any bigger, I'll have no choice but to have to take some tests." "I understand coach." Austin said. "Now get out there and eat a cheeseburger or something else unhealthy." The coach said, dismissing him. Austin sighed as he left the coach's office and stepped out. He had been expecting this for quite some time. Somehow it didn't seem as bad as he thought. It was weird, his spot on the team was in jeopardy, but he didn't seem to care as much as he should have. As he was walking by the gym, he heard a clank. Curious he looked in. Inside was his friend and teammate Joey, having tripped over a barbell. "You okay there?" He asked, coming the rest of the way in. Joey's eyes went wide when he saw Austin...all of Austin. It wasn't the first time someone had that reaction when they say him. Pretty much everyone stared and gaped whenever he walked by, his massive thighs rolling around each other, his clothes appearing painted on his bloated, oversized body. "I, uh, was just, uh," Joey just looked at Austin dumbfoundly. Austin sighed. "I know,you think I look like a freak." "What?" Joey looked at Austin blankly. "Don't try and deny it, you and everyone else think I look like a freak with all these muscles." "I don't think you look like a freak!" "Oh come on, look at me!" Austin grabbed the front of his shirt and tore it off, exposing his body. Joey gasped. Never before had the football player seen anyone so huge and ripped before. Austin's traps and deltoids laid on his shoulder like bowling balls had been stuffed under the skin. Those arms must've been 28 inches around, with biceps the size of Joey's head at least. With every breath, Austin's pectorals seemed to heave outwards powerfully, like two inflating balloons with nipples. Austin's waist was so defined, so shredded he could probably shred cheese on it. Even though Austin didn't take off his pants, there was no hiding those massive tree trunk legs of his, with quads as thick as Joey was and calves the size of hams. "You...want to know what I think?" Joey said softly. "What, that I'm a giant hideous freak?" Austin asked. Slowly Joey looked up, his eyes trailing up those thick calves, the tree trunk legs, the rippling waist, the broad pectorals, the wide lats, the cannonball traps and finally to Austin's face. "I think you look hot." Austin looked at him, not sure if he heard right. "What?" "I think you look hot as hell." Joey said again. "Are you fucking with me?" Austin growled. "Because I'm not laughing." "It's the truth!" Joey took a step back. "I...fuck man, I never wanted to say anything, but I think all those muscles are fuckin' hot. I think the bigger you get, the better you look." "If I get any bigger, I'll be too big for football!" Austin yelled."Coach is right about to kick me off the team because of them!" "I-I know, and that sucks, but I can't help it, I think you look awesome." Joey said. Austin didn't know what to make of this. He wanted to be angry at Joey, he really did. But he couldn't muster the anger up. Joey was his friend, and finding out that he was both gay and into Hulk sized muscles at the same time...well, now that he knew, the signs were so obvious. Joey always was excited whenever Austin showed off his muscles, or bragged about his gains. And those muscle feels, they occured more often and lingered a bit longer than normal. But, all in all, Austin didn't mind it one bit. "Do you...do you really think I look good with all this?" Austin asked. "Oh fuck yeah." Joey said, approaching slowly. "Even if I continue to get even bigger?" Austin could feel the crotch of his pants tighten. "Especially if you get bigger." Joey reached out and placed a hand on a massive deltoid. He attempted to squeeze it, but was met with steely muscle insted. "And...would you be willing to stick around and watch me grow bigger?" "You'd have a hard time keeping me away big guy." Joey said as he pressed his body against Austin's, feeling those hard muscles flex and bulge back. And then suddenly they were kissing. Austin couldn't remember who kissed the other first, but he didn't care. It just felt so good, so...right, that he didn't want it to stop. Soon they were fumbling to take his pants off, peeling the fabric away to expose his colossal lower body. His cock sprang to life from the confines of his boxer, having also exerienced the same growth spurt as the rest of his body, extending to a full 13 inch length. "God it's so huge." Joey gasped as he looked at the massive member. "You don't have to if you don't want to." Austin said, then gasped when Joey lowered his ass on top of it. "Oh I want it. I've wanted it ever since I first saw you in the shower." Joey whispered. "Alright, but don't regret it later." Austin told him, then pierced Joey's ass. Joey cut off a cry that escaped his throat, followed by a deep moan. As Austin began to rock his hips, Joey was worshiping those glorious muscles, his tongue and lips servicing them as best as he could. The more Joey worshiped his muscles, the closer it brought Austin to climax. Soon Austin was flexing his muscles, bouncing his pecs and rippling his abs, and it turned him on even more! Joey couldn't take it anymore and shot his load, cum splattering over those perfect abs. Austin however still kept rocking, flexing and posing, his balls churning and painfully swelling as his seed built up, closer and closer until finally he let out a roar and blew, his cock spewing shot after shot into his best friend. After a full two and a half minutes of shooting, his balls finally emptied and the both of them collapsed onto the gym floor. "That...was...incredible." Joey gasped. Austin looked at him, and listened to those words thoughtfully. "It really was." * * * The bell rang as Ivan walked into the store in high spirits. As Austin grew bigger, Ivan's mood seemed to brighten as well. Who knew turning your roommate into the Hulk could make you...peppy? "Afternoon Ivan!" Soloman greeted him from the counter, a grocery bag already set on the counter. "I've got your usual muscle monster making supplies ready for you." "Thanks Soloman!" Ivan said as he reached for his wallet. "So how big is the giant stud now?" Soloman asked curiously. "Austin is pushing about 360 lbs. now." Ivan reported. "He's gotten so big the people at the big and tall are actually having trouble getting him stuff big enough to fit him." "Geez, sounds like his expenses are just piling up as he grows huh?" "Well he's got a football scholarship and everything, so he can afford it." Ivan said as he handed over the money. "Last game he played he was unstoppable, they just handed him the ball and he plowed his way through all the way to the end zone." Soloman laughed as he handed Ivan his change. "Wish I could have seen it. Anyways, I've got a few people interested in that spell of yours. When you get the chance, enchant a few amulets and charms with it and you'll be making yourself a small fortune." "For now I'll just enjoy practicing it on my roommate." Ivan said as he picked the bag up. "I'll see you in a few days then." "Alright take care!" Soloman said as Ivan left. Ivan got home from another trip to his supply store, his grocery bag filled with ingredients for his spells. So far his work on Austin had gone beyond what he could have ever imagined, and quite frankly he wasn't sure if he wanted to stop. And besides, he already bought the supplies for it, so he might as well put them to good use. As he walked towards his room, he saw that the door was left ajar. He frowned, having remembered closing it before he left. Feeling something was wrong, he slowly opened the door and walked in. Austin was in his room. The360 lbs. behemoth looked positively massive in his small room, taking up much of the space. Around him were his spells books and written notes. All of his drawers were open, revealing his ingredients and tools. "What is all this?" Austin asked. "These books, all these weird stuff, this right here!" He held up the sheets of paper containing all of his muscle growing spell research as well as the pictures and weight readings that he made of Austin. There was no way for him to lie around this. "I've been using voodoo to grow your muscles." He told him. "You did this to me!?" Austin dropped the papers. "You turned me into this...this...THIS!?" He motioned his hand at his body. Every muscle rippled and flexed powerfully. If Ivan wasn't being yelled at, he would have found it incredibly hot. "Call it payback for always being an ass to me." Ivan crossed his arms. Mentally he prepared to throw a hex or two to immobilize Austin as soon as he threw a punch. "You...you..." Austin began to shake violently. Ivan took a deep breath and prepared to take Austin down. Suddenly Austin dropped to his knees, creating a massive THUD that shook the floor. "Thank you." Ivan choked back the activation key. "W-what?" "Thank you...for this." Austin said. Ivan didn't know how to respond. He had expected the huge man to go into a rage and try to kill him or something, but this was the exact opposite of the reaction he had been anticipating. "I...know I was being an asshole to you, treating you like shit cuz of your freaky looking eyes. You probably did this because I was a dick, probably grow into a huge muscle monster. But, I like it. I...I really like it. I like tearing out of my clothes, I like having to squeeze through doorways, I like the stares people give me as I walk by, I like seeing myself get bigger and bigger." "I know you do." Ivan said. "A month and a half ago when I looked into your eyes, I saw everything about you." "You...did?" Austin looked up, flinched slightly as he saw Ivan's white eyes. "And...and you didn't turn me into a tiny wimp instead?" "What can I say, I'm into big guys." Ivan shrugged. "Sure I was tempted, and yeah I did it because I was mad, but honestly I did it because I thought it was the best way to teach you a lesson. And besides, I felt that you needed to figure out what you really wanted instead of going for what other people say." "Thank you!" Austin grabbed Ivan and hugged him tightly. Suddenly the tiny witch doctor found his face being crushed into the valley between two massive pecs, with arms as thick as hams wrapped around him. "Dude, can't breathe..." Ivan struggled to say, but he had to admit he found it hot. "Oh, sorry." Austin dropped his smaller roommate. "I'm still adjusting to being this big. Though, I gotta confess, when I ripped a door off it's hinges the other day, it felt awesome." "I'll bet." Ivan laughed. "Well, now that we've gotten that out of the way, there's something I want to ask you." "Yes? What is it?" "Can you PLEASE pick up after yourself? Your oversized boxers made me almost trip the other day." * * * "It's amazing how much a person could change in so little time. And I'm not talking about the physical changes Austin had gone through." Ivan said, his hands moving through the box of trinkets. "Though a 260 lbs. gain in the span of a two months is impressive enough as it is." Soloman pointed out. "No, what's amazing is how an arrogant jerk could become decent person." Ivan held up a gemstone and inspected in closely. "Who knows, maybe in a few weeks we could actually get along to the point where we could be friends." Finding the stone satisfactory, he set it aside. "That's pretty rare, the subject of a voodoo revenge actually becoming friends with the person who casted it in the first place." Soloman remarked as he placed the rest of the stones back into their box and put them away. "Then again, you are quite the unique individual." "Me? I'm just an ordinary guy with a weird hobby." Ivan smiled as he dug out his wallet. After finishing his trip to Soloman's store, Ivan went back home and was unloading his bag full of spell supplies onto the counter. Now that his roomate knew about it, Ivan didn't have to hide everything in his room (which was a good thing, since it was starting to reek in there.) He was just putting away a bunch of dried herbs when Austin came in. It was quite a sight, watching Austin try to fit his 380 lbs frame through the narrow doorway. Even while turning sideways, his pecs scraped the frame. Once through, he walked towards Austin, his mammoth thighs rolling around each other in a super exagerated bodybuilder waddle. Today he wore a muscle shirt that was true to it's name. The fabric of the 15XL shirt was stretched so tight it was a miracle it didn't tear off when he took a deep breath. "Hey Austin, how was practice today?" Ivan asked as he pulled out a jar of gator teeth from the grocery bag. "I left the team today." Austin reported. Ivan fumbled, nearly dropping the jar he was holding. "You what? Why?" "I just...rather than playing sports, I liked hitting the gym even more." Austin said. "And rather than go through the hassle of getting accused for doing steroids, I thought I should best leave the team before they make a huge deal about it." "And what about your scholarship?" Ivan set down the jar. "I got a bunch saved up," Austin told him, "plus I'll get a part time job. I can probably get one as a bouncer easy with a body like this." He reached out and grabbed his bicep. His hand couldn't even cover half of it, and this was a hand that used to palm footballs. "You're serious about this." Ivan said. "Yea, I am." Austin reached up and scratched the back of his neck. It was an awesome display, his biceps fought with his forearm, his triceps flared out. If he had been wearing sleeves it would have probably burst by now. Ivan looked up at Austin, and Austin met his gaze. For a few brief moments they kept eye contact before Ivan broke out into a smile. "Well I wish you the best of luck roomie." Ivan told him. "Thanks, I know it ain't easy living with me." Austin relaxed a bit. "That's for sure, but you've mellowed out a lot now that you're pushing 500 lbs." Ivan pointed out. "I'm only 380." Austin corrected. "Not for long my friend," Ivan grinned as he took a jar and cracked it open. "Not for long..."
  21. EclipseWing

    The Cleric's Infernal Husband

    The Cleric’s Infernal Husband ============================================ So, after a year of being sick on and off, I’m finally healthy enough to crank out a story. I hope you enjoy! This story is inspired by the webcomic “Mage and Demon Queen”. Please support the artist by reading it on Webtoon. ============================================ Agradath the Undefeated – Conqueror of the Seven Realms, Wielder of the Dragonheart Blade, the Infernal Emperor upon the Throne of the Damned – surveyed his empire from atop the highest tower of his keep. Half the mortal lands were now firmly in his grasp along all of the Underworld. Kingdoms fell before him, their petty walls weak as tissue. Only a handful of monarchs dared oppose him still, whilst the rest were already the puppets of his handpicked agents. And yet, all of this considered, he was bored. Incredibly so actually. The fun of it was just… gone. Most of the weaklings they called heroes and warriors couldn’t even breach the first gate of his stronghold. He was the most powerful being in the existence, but all the challenge was gone. Sure, he could always attempt to invade the heavenly realm next, but who wants a bunch of clouds? He growled and sat back on his throne of charred bones, stroking his goatee. The sulfuric embers on his arching ebony horns burned brightly like glittering emeralds and amethysts. In his frustration, he took a forgotten iron sword – a spoil of war – and began bending the blade over and over in his hands. Without even exerting himself, he soon turned the once broadsword into a glowing hot ball of iron. He snorted and tossed it in the corner of the room with a pile of other former weapons, reshaped by his hands. He looked at his own weapon, a mighty claymore of Damascan steel, a proper weapon christened by the bloody heart of a wyvern, thus the nickname. He could only frown as he looked at the mythic weapon; he could barely use it since the “Event”. The “Event” was what his seneschal called it, as calling it the “Undying” would send the demon lord into a rage. It began several weeks ago. These whelps of heroes realized it was better to team up in groups. Finally, they began getting into the stronghold proper, and when they were inevitably killed, they somehow came back to life back in the human capital. Agradath’s wisest mages named the phenomenon, “respawning”. For a time, this “respawning” made things interesting. Soon warriors were actually getting to Agradath’s door and for a time, life was fun gain. He had a challenge! It wore off too soon. The challengers were battle weary and would often be easy to defeat. Soon, they became a chore as to get them to stop. Agradath realized he had to break each one’s will individually until they gave up. Day in and day out he dealt with these invaders, but no one would last more than five minutes against him. He hardly ever broke a sweat. Worst of all, killing them didn’t even give him gory satisfaction; they just disappeared in a burst of light. To make any of it the least bit more entertaining, he kept a journal next to his throne. He tallied up whatever ludicrous speech the holier-than-thou warriors would give him. “Your reign of terror ends here.” The most common. 45,980. “My friends are my power!” Sickeningly naïve. As if demons couldn’t’ have friends. 8,235. “You twisted bastard!” 69. Nice. “I’m gonna marry you!” Ah yes, the good old- wait. What?! Agradath glowered at the newcomer. Surprisingly, this one was alone. Just some shrimpy young man in an ill-fitting white robe trimmed with gold that looked more like a sail on his slight frame. He held a gnarled wooden staff etched with runes that thrummed with holy magic. Clearly, he was some sort of cleric. A cleric! It nearly made the demon lord laugh. A healer, not a fighter, here alone before him! Yet, the whelp’s goofy grin that threw off the demon lord. “I… what did you just say?” “I-I-I said I’m going to marry you!” The cleric stammered. A low rumble started in his chest before erupting into a mirth of laughter. “You! Oh human, I thank you for the joke. But I don’t have room in my court for a jester. Enjoy your respawn.” With that, the cleric was dispatched with a simple fireball. ============================================ The next day, Agradath found himself still chuckling over the cleric’s words while reviewing his new decrees. That soon ended when the doors to the throne room flew open again. There, the cleric stood once more. “Hey, you didn’t even let me introduce myself!” Admittedly, this took the demon lord off guard. Most heroes took at least a couple days to train before attempting again. “Why would I care for the name of some weakling like you?” “I am not weak!” The cleric huffed. He took a deep breath. “My name is Ayden, and by the will of the Holy Ones, I shall defeat you by making you fall in love with me!” Agradath cocked an eyebrow. “Since when do the lazy gods give a shit about love?” The cleric had the decency to blush. “Well, maybe, I might have had the idea… and asked for their blessing.” Agradath smirked. “You are an interesting human at least but not interesting enough to keep around.” He threw a dagger threw the cleric and that was that. ============================================ The demon lord was standing before a mirror inspecting his body post-workout. He flexed his arms, grinning at how they swelled to the size of a man’s head. The door burst open again. “Who dares- ah. It’s you.” “I’m sorry!” The cleric blurted out, averting his eyes. He held out a small pink box. “I, um, brought a gift for you.” “Calm down, it’s not like I’m naked.” Agradath sighed and waved his hand. The box magically floated over to him. He opened it up and frowned. “Macarons?” “Cherry! My father is a baker, so I thought I’d try one of his recipes. The cherries in my village just came into season, and they’re so sweet. Maybe someday we can go pick some together.” Agradath was poleaxed. Never ever had anyone attempted to invite him to something as mundane as picking cherries. He opened his mouth to speak but stopped. The cleric seemed different. He couldn’t quite place it, but it seemed to be something with his tunic. It was the same one, but it looked off somehow. Not to mention, the blush on his cheeks and the way he looked so excited… it was cute. Well, maybe cute in the way a hellhound puppy was cute. Instead, he picked up his sword and hit the cleric over the head with the flat end. As the cleric disappeared in a burst of light, he turned back to the box. He gingerly picked one up between his claws and popped it in his mouth. It wasn’t terrible; the cleric was clearly a gifted cook. He ate another. Demon he may be, but he was also a lord and thus had to follow certain polite obligations. Besides, he couldn’t just let them go to waste. Maybe just one more. ============================================ The empty pastry box burned to ashes in the hearth as Agradath worked through some paperwork. After all, even evil overlords have to balance a national budget. He had just finished totaling the cost of his new weapons purchase when yet again the door opened. “Not now,” he growled. “Um, I can come back later if you want?” Agradath sighed, instantly recognizing the voice. He flung a lazy fireball at the cleric but was surprised when it came flying back. He stared in shock at his enemy, who seemed just as surprised his reflection spell worked. Agradath dismissed the fireball. Suddenly, the changes in the cleric became obvious. The tunic was a little shorter on him. The arm that held his staff was a little more toned, and a little more of his chest poked out. Even the cleric’s calves were a little more sculpted in his sandals, no doubt due to the long climb up the tower. What was his name? Ian? Arden? Ayden? Ayden. “You… you deflected it?” “I-I-I did.” The embers on his horns burned brighter than ever. “No human has ever deflected my fireballs.” An evil smile spread across his face as he leaped over the table. He lumbered straight for Ayden, heart racing in excitement. “You might just be interesting after all. Don’t disappoint me.” He drew his sword. “But I don’t want to fight?” “I SAID FIGHT ME!” A pitiful Banish spell bounced harmlessly off of the demon lord’s hairy chest. He growled in frustration and dispatched the cleric once again. ============================================ The days began to blend together, and Agradath found his patience wearing thin. “How the hell are you getting here earlier each day? I swear upon the fires of Hades, are my generals not even trying?!” Ayden shrugged. “I guess I’m just determined to see you, my lord.” Agradath rubbed his temples. Wait, did Ayden just say, “my lord”? A little zap of arousal shot down his body, but he hardened his resolve. “I am not your lord.” “Not yet, but I wouldn’t mind worshipping you.” The demon lord felt like he was smacked in the face. He fought to think of anything but twunkish cleric before him. “You… you what?” Ayden blushed. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to say that. It’s just that you’re really hot! I mean, I’m a religious man – obviously – but by the gods your body is divine. Not that I just like you for your body, but damn those pecs, those arms! They look like they’re sculpted by angels. Even your man – err – demonhood! I know you’re hiding it, but I know it’s huuuuge-” The embarrassed cleric babbled on and on, and all Agradath could do was sit on his throne agape. He had partners in the past who were really into his body, but this was something else. He then saw that the cleric’s tunic had grown very tight around one particular spot. Not only was Ayden clearly growing more muscular as he fought his way up the tower, but his cock must also have grown too! He looked like he was smuggling a banana in there with a couple tangerines. “Listen,” Agradath said, his voice hoarse. “Perhaps we should just pick this up tomorrow.” Ayden stopped. “You’re not going to kill me today?” “No,” he said, but paused. “I could teleport you back to the human realms?” “I’d appreciate that.” Agradath cast the spell, but internally wondered why he found himself merciful. Was he going soft? Well, there was one part that clearly was not. Agradath sat back on his throne with a huff. The gods might be giving Ayden some kind of power that made him stronger, but if they were going to do it, why not go big? Not to jack himself off, but he was the damned demon lord! Literally the biggest threat to the human realms! Were the gods so pitiful that they couldn’t muster up enough power to help him? The Infernal Emperor then had an idea. This cleric was the best challenge he’d had in a long time, even if the battle only lasted for under a minute. Well then, why send a god to do a demon’s job? Why couldn’t he cast a spell that would… augment the cleric just a bit? He could finally have the challenge he always wanted! And, if the cleric got a little too big for his tunic, he could always take his power back. He could have the perfect sparring mate; he just needed Ayden to grow a little bit bigger. Just a smidge. Okay, maybe a bit more than a smidge – hell knows the guy needed the help. Certainly, he would make sure to grow him just for that extra edge in battle and nothing else. “He’ll be perfect,” he muttered to himself, ignoring his stirring loins. He would do it tomorrow. ============================================ Agradath had barely finished his morning routine by the time he could hear footsteps running towards his throne room. The door burst open. “I’m sorry,” Ayden blushed, holding out a new box of macarons. “I said a lot of things yesterday, you probably think I’m terrible.” Okay, he wasn’t expecting that. The cleric continued. “I started gushing about your appearance – and yeah you’re definitely hot – but I probably sounded really shallow. There’s more that I like about you too. You’re ambitious and driven, even if it’s in a more destructive way than most would like,” he laughed quietly. “But I’ve heard stories of your kindness too. You always directed your armies to take care of any displaced families and you’ve made sure everyone has enough food. Your only punishments have been for the rulers of the kingdoms you’ve conquered, particularly those who ignored the needs of their people.” “How did you hear about such things?” Agradath said with a low growl. He had made sure his treatment of his conquered people was quiet, to keep the threatening aura he worked so hard for. He had laid waste to the kingdoms, but just as quickly made sure to take care of the conquered lands and people. They were now his after all, and he took care of his things. Ayden made a little motion upwards with a soft smile. “They are helping me out after all.” “So, your pathetic gods actually do help you,” the demon lord scoffed. He took the box with a slight nod of thanks and set it on a table. He then walked closer to Ayden, carefully inspecting him. “I will admit they must have helped with your… changes after all.” “You’ve noticed?” Ayden beamed, puffing out his chest a bit. It was impossible not to. His body was beautifully cut, a living statue. Through the folds in his tunic, more and more skin was being exposed. A tight mountain range of serratus and intercostals now rippled down his side, only accentuated by how much wider he was starting to get. His pecs mounded up, making a tent over his abs, which Agradath could only imagine. His tunic stretched over his thicker thighs, and his boots were stretched around his swollen calves. Yet, Agradath couldn’t pull his eyes away from his new arms. His triceps were like horseshoes and his biceps looked like grapefruits with a fat vein running up the side. Agradath gently took his chin in his hand and lifted his face to his own. “Yes… you’ve definitely grown, little human. You might be a challenge for me yet.” His eyes lingered on the cute human’s features, captivated by his lips, plump as ripe cherries and begging for a demon to chew on them. He couldn’t help but lick his own as he backed away. “I’ll make you a deal, Ayden,” he said, savoring how the cleric’s name rolled off his tongue. “If you are so interested in marrying me, then you’ll have to pass my test.” “Anything!” The demon lord’s horns blazed brighter than ever as he smirked. “Then, you will have to conquer me in battle. Do that, and I will concede defeat and become your bride.” “But I can’t do that! What if I hurt you? What if I,” he gulped, “kill you?” “Kill?! A human kill the Infernal Emperor?!” Agradath doubled over in laughter. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You only need to get me to admit defeat.” “Oh,” Ayden murmured, clutching his staff closely. The demon lord recomposed himself, crossing his arms and smiling inwardly as he saw his chance. “Of course, such a thing could be made easier if I were to… grant you a little extra power.” “I’ll take it.” “I know a holy man such as- pardon?” “I said I’ll take the power.” “You aren’t worried about corruption? Angering your gods?” Ayden stood tall. “Nothing corrupted could come from someone like you, my lord. I trust you.” Suddenly, Agradath felt his chest hurt. “If you wanted to hurt me, you would’ve done it by now – arguably something worse than death I’d imagine.” Agradath had to admit he had forgotten about the more… extravagant tortures. “Then,” he swallowed hard, “Take a fraction of my power.” He waved his hand and a runic circle enveloped them both with bolts of black lightning travelling from his own chest into the cleric’s. It was over as soon as it began. Both took a moment to catch their breath. “Is… is something supposed to happen?” Ayden finally asked as he tentatively flex his arm. Agradath frowned. “I expected something a bit more immediate. Maybe it needs some time?” He sat back on his throne. “Perhaps tomorrow?” “Tomorrow sounds good,” Ayden said, still a little shaken. “Um, have a good night, my lord.” “Good night, Ayden.” With another wave of his hand, he teleported the cleric back home. A hunger was growing inside him, gnawing at him. It was one that Ayden’s treats alone would not sate. ============================================ “Sir, are you sure you’re alright?” The seneschal asked. “You seem tense today.” Agradath hunched over a table with a pile of weapons from the spoils of war. He inspected each carefully; any flaws in the metal were unacceptable. The best he carefully stacked next to him. “I don’t understand. I feel… anxious. I have never been anxious.” “Everyone feels anxiety, milord. It’s simply part of being… well, alive!” “It’s more than that. It’s anxiety, but also excitement?” Agradath groaned and turned to the seneschal. “You may speak freely.” The seneschal nodded and relaxed. “I have served you for many years now, and I can tell this is not your usual battle anxiety. This is about that young cleric, isn’t it?” “Perhaps,” Agradath muttered. He took some of the good daggers and began to fuse them together with fire magic and sheer strength. “He is attractive, if I was about fifty years younger…” He chuckled as Agradath shot him a murderous look. “I have to say his body does glow with divine energy. Almost as if the gods are making sure he grows strong enough. Strong enough for what is hard to say.” “This isn’t just some booty call!” Agradath slapped the table. “I mean… I do want to fuck him, but it’s different than that! His body is nice, but he’s quite skilled. His tenacity and dedication… it’s almost admirable.” “Much like how he admires your body and your actions. Has it occurred to you that this could be the start of something deeper?” He chuckled again as the demon lord huffed. “Think about it. Oh, and good luck with the gift.” “How the fuck?” Agradath turned back to the table and realized he had been melding the weapons together into the start of a light armored tunic. ============================================ Agradath paced in front of his throne. “Where is he? He’s late.” He looked up at the newly finished tunic. It was finely detailed, reinforced with plate armor made from the various daggers and swords he had mashed together. He purposely left it loose, just in case Ayden grew again. The door creaked open this time. “Um, hi?” “Where have you- by the fires of hell!” Agradath gulped. Out of instinct, he drew his sword, but lowered it in shock. Where once stood a twig of a man now was a beefy stud, a veritable muscle beast among men. He had grown to six and a half feet tall and absolutely loaded with muscle. Instead of a “V” taper, his shoulders had grown so wide it was now more of a “T”. His tunic was starting to rip at the seams. The front was held on by threads and was painted onto his torso. Agradath could easily see his nipples and his bricklike six pack. His arms were wrapped in a tight web of veins. His thighs were now as thick as his waist had been. His feet and calves were so thick he could no longer wear his boots. Agradath ate him up with his eyes but froze upon seeing the massive bulge between his legs. It looked nearly like a barbarian’s arm, soft! “I’m sorry,” Ayden blurted out, “I was having a lot of trouble with my clothes today and I really didn’t want to-” RI-I-IP! The front of his tunic finally gave way, exposing his sweaty chest. “That. I didn’t want that to happen.” “Consider it forgiven,” Agradath breathed. He cleared his throat. “I made something that might help.” He motioned to the tunic. “Thank you,” Ayden said, a bit surprised. He picked it up. “This is beautiful. You made it yourself?” “I had some free time.” Ayden blushed. “Um so, just wanted to let you know, I’m gonna be taking a few days off. It’s wedding season, and I’ve got, like, five weddings back-to-back. Believe me, some of those brides are witches with a capital B.” “Fine,” Agradath huffed. “But I expect you to return immediately after. You’re the closest thing humanity has to a ‘challenge’ for me.” While he said that, he was glad his sword was before him, as he felt his thick manhood pulse. ============================================ The demon lord walked through the marble hall, removing his loincloth as he approached the bath. Fresh steaming water flowed from the steel gargoyles into the marble bath. He eased himself into the water with a sigh. It wasn’t long before his mind began to wander. He could nearly hear the quiet slap of meaty footsteps approaching him from behind. The hair on the back of his neck prickled as he could almost feel a hand massage his shoulders. He looked down to see the water parting as something thick began to rise. Agradath growled quietly, almost a purr as his hand stroked his battering ram of a cock. He closed his eyes. His imaginary Ayden peeled off that sweaty vestment with a cocky grin, slowly revealing more of his mountainous cleavage. He tossed the robes away, sure to show off just how his lats flared, and his arms bulged. He eased himself into the water. He moved like a stalking panther across the bath until his body pressed against the demon lord. The demon took a staggering breath, nearly feeling the soft puffs of air from the mortal’s mouth as he spoke against the crook of his neck. “You might be the strongest warlord in all the realms, but I’ll conquer you a different way,” the imaginary priest whispered. “You think I’ll crumble that easily?” Agradath growled back. He could nearly feel the priest’s manhood weighing on his own. “Look at that, mine’s bigger, and it’s just going to keep growing bigger. Because that’s what you really want, isn’t it? A big musclebound god to keep a bratty demon like you in your place.” Agradath gasped with a needy moan. The priest gave him a dirty smirk, tweaking the demon’s nipples before grabbing him by the lats and dominating his mouth with his tongue. He repositioned, letting his massive beast nudge up against the demon lord’s virgin, but twitching, hole. Agradath screamed in delight, erupting in a fountain of seed. His pearly cum splattered against the ceiling before dripping down across the demon’s spent body. His muscles twitched with little aftershocks as he gasped for air. As he came down from his high, he realized two things very quickly. One, while one hand was still on his cock, the other had been teasing his ass. He never played with his ass – ever. The demon lord of all realms was a top, damn it! But… it felt so good. Had he been missing out this entire time? Maybe. Possibly. He’d experiment again later, but the only one he’d actually spread his legs for would likely be Ayden. Maybe. He hated how his cheeks burned when he thought that. It made him feel hollow inside, but… it was a good kind of hollow? None of these feelings were making sense. Regardless, the second thing was how hard he still was. Mortal he was not, but even incubi needed time to recharge. He’d never been so hard – painfully hard! All because of that damn human! His cock spurted out a hefty load of pre just thinking about him. His hands weren’t going to be enough. ============================================ The royal guards stood at attention. Though none would show it, they were intimidated by their lord pacing before them. He glared as he appraised them. Finally, he pointed to the largest. “You! You’ll do, follow me. The rest of you are dismissed.” The others hurried out while the large beefy guard trembled slightly, following his lord. “Your majesty, sir, I apologize if I did something wrong. I know I’m new, but I promise to step up my work!” Agradath slammed the door shut and rolled his eyes. Locking the doors to his chambers, he turned on the guard. “Strip.” “S-sir?!” “Don’t act innocent,” Agradath said in a low growl. “I heard from the others you’ve been dreaming about a night with me. I need to relieve some… tension. I see this as a win-win.” Agradath threw off his loincloth, revealing his proud cock, already drooling a thick stream of pre. The guard couldn’t get undressed fast enough. “D-do you want me to get into missionary or- OH!” Agradath grabbed the guard by his ample ass and dove in. He slammed the guard into his bed in a mating press. The tight ass squeezed his cock perfectly as he pummeled the guard. He loved the feeling of the guard’s muscles press against his own. Yet, he couldn’t help but think: Ayden is gonna be bigger. Ayden is gonna be much bigger. These rock-hard arms are mere pebbles to Ayden’s boulders. These squeezable pecs weren’t the giant slabs like Ayden’s. This sexy ass was tight, but probably not as delectable as Ayden’s. His Ayden. The Ayden he helped grow into a mortal god. He pounded relentlessly, deaf to the guard’s squeals of pleasure and the hot splashes of cum as the guard came for the second time across his abs. All the while, the demon could feel a phantom breath on his neck. A voice whispered in his ear… “Not fair, my lord. You started without me.” Agradath could nearly feel hands wandering and groping his chest as a massive rod teased against his hole. “Mmm… I want your cock next, but first, can I top you?” “Yes… yes… take me…” he panted. “Fuck yes, sir, please destroy me!” The guard moaned, but the demon lord didn’t hear a word. He swore he could feel something begin to stretch his hole, but he exploded into the guard below first. The guard’s stomach swelled full of at least a gallon of cum. “Sir, you can breed me like that anytime…” The sex-drunk demon purred before passing out, curled against his leader. ============================================ The Infernal Emperor was losing his goddamned mind. It had been a few days since Ayden said he would return, yet the cleric had yet to arrive again. He paced frantically around his throne room, peering out over his balcony for any sign of him every few minutes. He had forbidden anyone from disturbing him, mostly because he didn’t want anyone to see how undone he had become. He tried to exercise to ease the tension, but the pump only made him think of the cleric’s muscles. He tried to review his treasury, but that only lead to him making more gifts for Ayden. He would have fucked more of his guards… if they hadn’t been ordered to stay away for now. His hand was a poor substitute. The most recent agricultural yield reports sat on his desk. Just looking at them made him think of how Ayden promised to take him cherry picking. He was thinking about seeing if a walk would clear his head, when he heard footsteps approaching. Heavy ones, that nearly shook the tower. It had to be him! The door groaned as it swung open slowly. He turned and prepared himself, but… Ayden hadn’t grown? Not to say he wasn’t impressive still, but he was the same size as the last time they met. That said, Agradath’s demonic heart skipped a beat seeing him wearing the armored tunic, even if he filled it to the bursting point. “I’m sorry to keep you waiting so long. There were some problems with a surprise last minute suitor at the last wedding.” He then reached back and pulled out a heavy zweihänder, but to Ayden it was as light as a dagger. It was etched with glowing blue runes and seemed to be made of obsidian. “I came across this on the way to see you today. It’s not much but…” It was nowhere near as strong as his own sword, but to Agradath it was the most beautiful sword he’d ever seen. “Thank you,” he muttered, “but don’t think this excuses your tardiness.” He gently took the sword and inspected it. “I really am sorry, my lord,” Ayden replied. “You have my full attention now, and I’m ready to fight.” “Music to my ears,” Agradath nearly purred. He set the gift down and turned back to the cleric, yet before he could draw his sword, he was smashed by a spell – no, it was Ayden! The two smashed to the ground as the cleric grappled him. The two struggled for a moment, before Agradath repositioned, tossing the cleric over his shoulder. The demon lord leaped back, flinging a fireball at the cleric to buy him time to ready his sword. “I admit, you caught me off-guard.” “Had to try something new to impress you,” Ayden laughed, knocking the fireball away with a simple spell. He conjured a holy magic sword and clashed against Agradath; his lack of skill covered by his sheer strength. As Agradath maneuvered to deflect, he saw the cleric beginning to grow before his eyes. Each pulse of those thick veins pumping his arms bigger, bit by bit. The distraction was enough for him to get knocked back. Agradath summoned demonic chains from the underworld, which flung themselves over the cleric’s body. “Today,” Ayden huffed, “is the day I win!” He took a deep breath and flexed. His body continued to swell ever larger. Agradath’s jaw dropped as he saw the dark chains beginning to crack. “Bigger… bigger… bigger!” He tightened his muscles as hard as he could, and the dam broke. Suddenly his chest throbbed bigger. His tunic groaned and bit by bit, the plates buckled and broke. He laughed as he bounced his pecs, shattering the chains. His abs swelled into a tortoise shell that broke the chains around his waist. Finally, his now sequoia-sized thighs destroyed the final chains. “Your spell is going to be your undoing, Emperor,” Ayden said in a husky voice that made Agradath’s body yearn for his touch. “How about you try your own trick?” This time, holy golden chains wrapped their way around the demon lord, binding him tight and bringing him to his knees. Ayden huffed as he walked up to Agradath and knocked him to the ground. “Do you give up, my lord?” Agradath tried to remain stoic, but there was a loud rip. His cock flipped up, free of his loincloth and flinging a stream of pre across the cleric’s boulder sized calves. No… not the cleric; his cleric. His Ayden. The chains bound him tightly, but if he could just reach… perfect. He smirked; his plan was still on track. “Make me, human.” A dark look flashed across Ayden’s face. Seeing the Infernal Emperor trapped before him, his hairy pecs pushed out by the chains and his long forked tongue flickering over his plump lips was more than enough to bring out his most primal instincts. He tore away what little remained of his tunic and jammed his staff into the ground, cracking the tiles. His massive cock, dwarfing Agradath’s by more than a small margin, pulsed with need. “Claim your prize,” the demon breathed. Ayden grabbed him by the horns and slowly but firmly fed him his cock. Agradath moaned around the thick man meat. His eyes rolled back in his head. By the fires of hell, he never expected a man to taste so good. The thick, syrupy stream of pre was like the nectar of gods, and the demon lord was more than willing to worship his new human like the divine. He wanted to savor his cleric, but he didn’t have a choice. Ayden’s primal urges demanded not love making, but skull fucking. Ayden snorted, pounding the demon’s throat like a machine. “Who knew the Infernal Emperor would be so hungry for a human? Were you just sitting here thinking of me, like I was thinking of you?” Agradath moaned, not expecting to enjoy being so thoroughly put in his place. He could hardly keep himself from being lost in the waves of pleasure, from every thrust and from his nipples rubbing against Ayden’s monstrous legs. Oh, he was going to enjoy teasing Ayden into another fuck frenzy later tonight. “Swallow every drop,” Ayden ordered, burying his cock inside and shoving the demon’s face into his pubes. Agradath could only groan as what felt like an endless deluge filled his stomach, stretching his tight abs. He let his body go limp, relishing the afterglow and the feeling of being completely destroyed by his lover. “By the gods, if your mouth is hell, I don’t want to know what heaven is.” Ayden barely got a chance to catch his breath, before he was knocked back on his ass. “How?” He looked up and saw Agradath was freed. “You could get out the whole time?!” “Easily, and now I’m claiming my prize. It’s a good thing those chains were loose enough to prep myself while you enjoyed my mouth,” he grinned evilly, licking his lips. Ayden suddenly felt his massive member grabbed and raised, aimed for the demon’s now well stretched hole. “No please!” “Fuck that,” the demon growled. “I’ve waited too damn long.” “You can’t! It’s sensitive, I just came, plea-AHHHH!” Agradath savored slowly sinking down onto the massive cock, teasing every last inch as he slid down. He came instantly, just having the human inside him felt thousands of times better than he imagined. “Ooooooh,” he purred, “my body was made for your cock… or perhaps your cock was made for me.” Ayden couldn’t respond. He was a burbling wreck of incoherent moans, his eyes rolled back, hips twitching wildly as he experienced pleasures beyond anything he had felt before. Agradath slid deeper and deeper, feeling his hunger for more of his titanic lover only grow stronger and stronger. Ayden looked like his soul was being milked out through his cock. Agradath growled, “Mine. All mine.” Ayden’s hips moved on their own, letting the demon king’s weight slam himself. Agradath didn’t want it any other way, shoving himself just as hard back. “Yes, yes, YES! FUCK ME!” The Infernal Emperor cried out as his seed painted his lover’s torso. “Make me into your slut, human. Don’t you want me? Don’t you want to claim me?!” The taunt pulled the trigger, as the cleric hilted the demon lord, letting a flood loose into his tight, needy ass. Agradath moaned, his second load forced out. “I… I submit!” Agradath gasped, falling forward into his mess spilled across Ayden’s abs. “Wh-what?” Ayden muttered, holding him close, still coming down from his haze. “I submit to you,” He groaned again, finally letting his tough façade drop. He nuzzled into his chest. “I submit to you, you win! I surrender completely to you, Cleric.” “Wait, you mean…?” “Yes, I’ll marry you, my Ayden,” he murmured, pulling himself up and into a gentle kiss. “I don’t think I can live without you. That was… amazing.” Ayden kissed him over and over. “I can’t believe… you actually… want to marry me?” “Dominant sexy lover who can actually go toe to toe with me, not to mention someone finally as driven and stubborn as me,” Agradath huffed, with a grin. “No one has ever made me change my mind or bring me to my knees.” His chest tightened. “I might… love you.” Ayden beamed. “I love you, my lord.” “No, no more of that. You’ve more than proven to at least be my equal, Ayden.” He paused before saying the words he never imagined would ever leave his lips. “I love you, Ayden.” Ayden reached forward and kissed his lover deeply. “I wish this moment would last forever.” “Not allowed,” the Infernal Emperor growled. “Just because you conquered me doesn’t mean you get out of your punishment.” “Punishment?” Ayden flustered. “You made me wait for you. As punishment, you have to make love to me all night.” The cleric blushed. “I think I can manage that, my love.”
  22. garrix

    A Big Cheater

    Hey everyone, I've long sort of wanted to create a forced growth story that involved these kind of themes, but never had time to do it before. I thought about breaking it up into chapters, but I decided to go with one long story since this is a one-off anyway. I hope you guys enjoy! _______________________________________________________________________ My boyfriend Aaron cheated on me. I found out the night before our one-year anniversary. I mean, I understand why he did it. He’s been complaining about my new size and my “excessive” body hair, for months. You see, Aaron wants a male model, and I am no longer anything like that. I am “grotesquely” muscular now (I mean, is 250 lbs of muscle on a 6’ guy that huge? I don’t think so) But for Aaron, that’s way too big. I’m way too big for him. He likes men smaller, more submissive. Aaron is a smart man. He’s extremely sharp, witty, funny. He works in corporate giving and has been able to climb a steep career later quickly. All these things drew me to him when we first started dating. The fact that he wasn’t exactly my type didn’t bother me much. He’s very handsome, naturally tanned thanks to his half Mexican ancestry, and after a day or two without a razor, he gets this nice thick designer stubble. The guy totally grabbed my attention when we first started dating. It wasn’t until later I realized how controlling he really was. Aaron likes those Anglo-looking smooth chested Abercrombie model types. He would practically show disdain for other Latino gay guys. He must have had some sort of complex involving his Mexican family. Personally, I don’t understand why. Maria, his mother, is an incredibly loving and caring woman, but he always seemed to act embarrassed by her. For a time, I almost fit the bill for the kind of white boys Aaron fawned over. I used to be pretty thin, 180 or so pounds. I didn’t know this about Aaron at first, but his attempts to control my appearance, to keep me and mold me into his type, became more and more apparent the longer we dated. I’d always been pretty hairy, so I had often been described as an “otter”, which didn’t bother me any. There are some hot guys that identify as otters, but Aaron wanted me to stay shaved and smooth. So I shaved for him. What dope I was. So back to me- I like all kinds of guys. I like big hairy bearish men or thinner handsome guys like Aaron from all kinds of backgrounds, but the type I’ve always really liked the most are those huge weightlifters. Even as a kid I’d lust over those super heavyweight bodybuilders in the muscle mags. Especially the offseason type guys- Big hairy, beefy, powerfully built men, and muscle bears. But who doesn’t like a big muscle bear? Obviously, these kinds of guys are pretty rare in the gay community and they’re thankfully not the only kind of men I am into. I had never actually even dated a big lifter (and I do like them really big). Everyone I’d been with up till then was pretty normal, generally athletic. Roughly same age. In fact, I never really expected to date some bodybuilder either. But eventually, with the ability to make changes in my physique becoming easier, with the certain, shall we say, abilities that I had been blessed with and practiced (as limited as they actually are) I decided to start making changes. The little tricks I could pull, the levitation of small objects or changing the color of cloth, I billed as a magic trick and it made me pretty popular at parties. I enjoyed my reputation as an occasional magician (even though the powers of the council frowned on it). But Aaron never found out about the real spells I could weave into my life, to him it was just parlor tricks. Which is just as well. I had recently began learning and expanding my repertoire, and with much excitement I was getting to the level where I could make the kinds of changes I really desired. Actual changes in the matter and size of an object, and then, of a person. I was starting to learn the spells that for so long had eluded me. I was gaining the technical ability that was going to allow me the body I had always wanted. The kind of body I had always lusted after. First I started to change my appearance with the simple things. Non magical things. I grew out my beard, which I liked a lot, and Aaron didn’t seem to mind at first, but he kept telling me “it’s getting long, you should trim it”. Then, like I mentioned, I let my body hair grow out. Aaron didn’t like this. He said I should shave it or “at least keep it trimmed”. Good lord could he be an asshole. He was so charming most of the time it was easy to forget how obsessed with appearances he could be. His constant preening in front of the mirror should have been my first clue. “you’re getting prickly” he would complain. Once my body hair really started getting thicker after a few weeks I started getting real complaints from Aaron. I told him I was tired of shaving and trimming for him and I liked it and it was my natural appearance and he would get used to it. He didn’t take too kindly to my comments. He thought it was “gross” and needed to be trimmed. Well screw that. Then a month later I began the most serious of grievances. I started my big bulk. With my aforementioned abilities, I’m now able to make physical modifications that can be… rather dramatic. I’d done smaller transformation spells periodically. I’d changed hair color, even dabbled in minor spells that changed weight before. But all that was preparation for bigger things to come. This was going to be the most intense spell I had ever tried to cast, and really stretched me to try something I never thought I’d be able to do. Under the power of my body modification spell my physique began to slowly change. Each day after the spell had been cast I could see my muscles grow fuller, thicker. The gains I made were just slow enough that it might possibly be viewed as steroid induced, but fast enough to provide me with the results I eagerly waited for. Aaron certainly accused me of doing a cycle, which I didn’t mind. Watching my muscles inflated rounder, fuller, thicker day by day turned me on. It was such a rush, and I was getting so much stronger in the gym. In less than three months I grew from 180 to 225. I outweighed Aaron by 30 lbs, and was definitely outlifting him. It bothered Aaron a lot. It’s definitely a power thing, as a top he didn’t care for me becoming bigger and stronger than him. “You’re getting too big” he complained. I got big fast and it freaked Aaron out. He quickly went from being the bigger man to being smaller than me, less muscular and weaker than me. That really upset him, though he tried to hide it. At first he was competitive with me in the gym, but after I started out benching him and out lifting him, he lost interest in working out together and started going in the mornings instead. I know that was because he was embarrassed by how much stronger I was than him. Part of me was sympathetic. Aaron is a control freak and he must have felt like he could control his boyfriend before I started growing. I thought for a time of turning the spell on him and have him grow, but then I figured…He probably wouldn’t want to get that big. It wouldn’t be ethical to change someone without their permission, right? We stopped having sex. I know it’s because I had gotten too big for his taste. I grew to 240 and then some. I loved it. I was benching 275 with ease and with all my chest hair I was looking like a big muscle bear. My muscles budged in all my shirts. My arms were 19” inches around. I began to notice that I was (and am still) getting attention from a totally different set of people, and boy was I getting a lot of attention. The attention was also starting to come from kind of people who I also favored. Other big gay lifters. I had to buy a whole new wardrobe to fit my new size, but I was happy. I couldn’t keep all of my gains totally lean, so my midsection thickened a bit. My face filled out some too, but not too much. I just sort of bulked up into a big guy everywhere. My arms, my chest, shoulders, back, butt, thighs grew beefy and strong. I looked like the offseason bodybuilder, the kind I always wanted. I didn’t care if my abs were defined. My stomach was so hairy I couldn’t really see them anyway. Though, to be honest, I really only feel that big when I see a picture of myself. That’s the only time I really realize how large I am now. And that reminds me of when, a month before our anniversary, Aaron decided he didn’t want me in a facebook photo with him. He said with a half-joking smile “No one is going to recognize you anyway, now that you’re a roided out Sasquatch”. He told me I was “turning into a muscle freak” and that I “needed to stop juicing” so I could look normal in pictures again. I guess part of me knows I should have dropped him right then, or he should have dropped me, but part of me still had this attachment to his charms, which are numerous. And again, he’s also really handsome. For all of his apparent self-hate, I think it’s his mixed ancestry that provided him such stunningly good looks. So then Aaron cheated on me. Apparently he had been cheating on me since I had started bulking up. He was cheating on me before I even really got big! And then, a day after we broke it off, that asshole had the nerve to flaunt his new blond boy-toy in front of everyone on facebook. He didn’t give a shit about me. Now he could bring Elliott out in the open and show him off. The picture he posted of the two of them, with Elliott grinning like an idiot was the last straw. That dumb blonde twink and my idiot ex had really poked the bear, so to speak. He was going to get it. What it was, I wasn’t sure. So I was angry, feverishly thinking about what I could do. I could turn his stupid twink boyfriend into a toad (the council would never let me do that if they found out about it) or maybe I could make Elliot fat, or I could shrink his dick… (again, the council would notice) In actuality, I really couldn’t do any of those things. For one I didn’t know how to and for another, the council monitors the use of spells and especially, especially the use of curses. I think, to be honest, the regular spells don’t receive any attention, but using anything that can qualify as an actual curse lights up their screens like a Christmas tree. It would be seen. And I could get into big, big trouble. So what could I do, then? Something to fuck with Elliott and Aaron, but nothing damaging or hurtful. If I got audited, it would have to be something I could spin as a blessing, as harmless. It also had to be something I knew how to actually do. Something I had experience with. Muscles and hair, naturally. That's what got him to dump me, and well, everyone likes muscle, right? The council could overlook me giving some stupid gay man gigantic muscles, right? What if I made Elliot so big Aaron would be disgusted by him? What if I made Elliot so hairy you couldn’t even see skin on his chest? Or so huge he could barely move? Well , that is exactly what I decided to do. I will be honest, I sort of stalked Aaron and Elliot that week. By the time I cast the spell I had been observing them from afar for several days. I felt like I had to do this to perfect the spell. The greatest thing about my spell, if I do say so myself, is how layered it is. I really did my homework on this one, because Elliott would be oblivious. He wouldn’t notice a hair of his out of place, so to speak. Now that was my masterpiece. That took a hell of a lot of preparation too. Part of me was sure it wasn’t going to work. But sure enough it did. Elliot Zimmerman was soon going to turn into a gigantically overblown muscular furball. ____________________________________ Elliott and Aaron had gone to Palm Springs the weekend the spell took hold. As Aaron drove that Friday evening the first changes began. Dark hair began sprouting underneath Elliott’s shirt. His thin blonde treasure trail began to grow wider, darker and thicker. Oblivious to any changes, Elliott just scratched mindlessly as a fan of short, dark hair began to spread and first over his stomach, then over his chest. Aaron, concentrating on the road, didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. The sun was setting, it was getting dark in the car anyway. Elliott’s beard began to sprout, growing high up on his cheeks where no hair had grown before. It came in thicker and darker than ever, contrasting with the light hair on his head. In the dark car, Aaron didn’t even see his boyfriend’s new stubble. The same dark hair began to spread over his forearms and on the top of his hands. Elliott’s body hair spread rapidly and grew long, soon completely covering Elliot’s thin torso. It rapidly formed a forest on his chest and stomach, all the way to the base of his neck. Black hairs began to poke out from under his collar. The growing fur began wrapping around to his back, spreading out into a striking pattern. It continued to lengthen and thicken until his entire back was covered in the same thick carpet of hair as his front. His chest hair had grown so bushy and dense that it began to poof out his shirt ever so subtly. Soon there was unbroken thick coverage from his beard all the way down to his toes.. Elliott had in the course of about an hour gone from a fairly hairless guy into an exceptionally hairy young man. At the same time, Elliott’s shirt started to get ever so slightly tighter around his lean frame. By the time he stepped out of the car in Palm Springs, Elliot was nearly 10 lbs heavier. He didn’t know that was the amount at the time, but it was apparent on his thin body that his muscles had grown. Aaron, upon stepping out of the car and seeing his boyfriend, suddenly became aware of the changes. First and most obvious was the thick stubble, which Elliott never had had before. Secondly, his arms were completely covered in thick black swirls of hair and his collar showed a thicket of long chest hair. “What the fuck is this?” Aaron exclaimed poking at the hair at the base of Elliot’s neck. “And when did you start growing a beard?” Elliot just shrugged. Nothing really seemed different to him, he didn’t feel any different. “I dunno” he replied This seemed to infuriate Aaron even more. “What do you mean you don’t know? You didn’t look like this when we left LA! Is this some kind of prank? Did someone put you up to this?” With his long fingers, Aaron grabbed some of the long hairs at the base of Elliot’s neck with his hand and pulled hard. “OW!” Elliot cried. “That hurt!” Aaron looked at the almost two inch long chest hairs he had pulled out that were now between his fingers. “Disgusting!” he exclaimed. “What kind of prank is this? Did you glue this on? Where’d you get this hair? This is disgusting Elliott, this is really gross.” “I don’t know what you’re talking about babe. Let's get inside the hotel.” Elliott replied calmly. The two made their way inside and into the hotel room. Aaron kept looking over his boyfriend, shocked to see his bushy forearms, covered in thick black hair. The hair continued up his arms and on the other side of his collar, he saw a thick fan of hair extending down his neck towards his back. Aaron could only guess what hairy mess lay underneath that snug tee shirt. And was it his imagination or did Elliott look bigger too? He couldn’t be sure. When they got into the room, Elliott, not keen on revisiting the strange behavior Aaron was displaying, just calmly set his stuff down and started the shower. Aaron looked on in horror as Elliot stripped of his shirt, unveiling what had to be the hairiest torso he had ever seen. Completely covered in swirling masses of black hair, from his stomach up over his chest and shoulders to his back. Everything was covered in a nearly equally thick distribution. Not only that, but the short beard he sported was looking longer, growing farther down his neck and totally merging with his chest. Aaron was beside himself. “Jesus christ, you’re like a fucking monkey! What the hell has happened to you? This can't be, this isn’t real!” Elliott just looked at him puzzled as he continued to prep himself for the shower, pulling off his socks and taking his braclets off. “I mean, this has to be glued on” He continued. Aaron walked up close, reaching out and touching the thick hair with his hand. It felt real, it looked real, but all that was impossible. How could a blonde guy have sprouted a total rug of black hair all over his body in the span of a few hours? Aaron looked up, in the light Elliott’s hair appeared brown, not blonde. “What is going on?! Is this like hidden camera or something?” Aaron continued. “It’s super gross. You’ve got to take this off.” “OK, I’m jumping into the shower now” Elliott said, ignoring the hysterics of his boyfriend. Aaron watched his boyfriend, now the hairiest man he had ever seen, turned his furry back to him and walked nude to the shower. “I think I’m going to hurl!” Aaron yelled back, full of hyperbole. Aaron started poking around the room, looking for a camera or some sort of indication that this was a prank. He tried to figure out if he was on something, maybe he was high? Maybe they were both high and he was hallucinating. Aaron splashed water on his face and then went to bed. He tried not to think about whatever was happening too much. He dozed off only to woken up a half hour later by the feeling of a beard rubbing up against his neck. Elliott was cuddling with him. Aaron could feel all this hair, pressing up against him as his boyfriend snuggled up close. “Off!” He protested “Off of me until you either take that nasty costume off or shave it off” He protested. Elliott again just shrugged his hairy shoulders and turned to face the other way, cuddling with a pillow instead. The next morning Aaron woke up, having nearly forgotten about the night before. Until he looked over and saw the large, dark haired, heavily bearded furball next to him. The man still had the face of Elliott, but his beard looked to be three inches long. Every inch of his muscular body was covered in a carpet or black hair. Even though he was still laying down, there was no mistaking that Elliott was bigger. “Jesus, Elliott, what has happened to you?” Aaron asked loudly. Elliott’s eyes flickered open and he stretched his long, powerful arms “Wha?” the man groaned in response. “Elliott, wake up. I know this can't all be real. Take this disgusting costume off, stop trying to pretend… “ As Aaron said this he pushed his hands into the powerful hairy expanse of Elliott’s newly muscular back, feeling the rippling cordes of solid muscle. There was no mistaking the feeling of pushing into muscle like that. Aaron moved his hands around to Elliott’s larger shoulders. this wasn’t fake, this wasn’t a costume. This was real hair and real muscle. Aaron’s eyes grew wide as he realized that the man he was in bed with was indeed Elliott Zimmerman. Overnight 40 lbs had piled onto Elliott’s frame. The man had rapidly grown from a twink to a superhairy musclebear. Aaron felt like he must have been losing his mind. He had to be dreaming. His boyfriend looked like he was just inflating with muscle. The man half asleep next to him was over 220 lbs of sculpted, hairy, muscular beef. Elliott groaned again: “I’m starving. Can you get me something to eat?” Aaron decided he’d probably need some fresh air. “I’ll get something.” Aaron said, throwing on a shirt and heading out. He tried to clear his mind, figure out a rational explanation for everything. He tried to reason with himself, figure out why he might be hallucinating or dreaming. By the time Aaron return with some coffee and a bagel, Elliot was up out of bed, a shirtless hulking beast hunched over the table in their hotel suite. He was busy cramming food into his mouth. The man looked absolutely massive now. “Goddamn, what has happened to you?!” Aaron exclaimed again Elliott looked up doe eyed. With food in his mouth. “Huh?” He muttered. “Oh, sorry, I got hungry and you took so long… I ran downstairs and got some stuff.” Elliott had now surpassed 250 lbs and was growing just a little larger with each bite. Aaron stood there, mouth agape. He was watching his now dark haired boyfriend grow beefier by the second. With eat bite there would be a slight swell of his rounded shoulders, or a flex of his thickening traps, or a little twinge on his meaty forearms. Aaron stood there silently, able to see his boyfriend blowing up into a furry behemoth right in front of him. Elliott didn’t seem to mind the changes . He seemed actually to not really be aware of them, except for in the sort of most vague terms. He knew his shirts didn’t fit him anymore, but he didn’t really seem to know why. Even when he looked in the mirror, which now reflected gigantic bodybuilder with enormously broad, bowling ball shoulders and massively meaty, extremely hairy pecs, Elliott didn’t seem to process it. Elliott continued to stuff his mouth full of the pastries, sandwiches and snacks he had found downstairs. He had virtually stockpiled food in the hour that Aaron had been away. And soon he was pushing past 270 lbs of offseason fur-covered muscular beef. Something about his heavily bearded face also made him look different. He looked even darker. “There’s a taqueria next door we should go to!” he said with a near perfect accent. “Stop it! Stop it!” Aaron exclaimed. “You’re turning yourself into a monster! Stop eating!” Elliot stopped, but he just stood there, puzzled. Neither of them really knew what they could do next. As the day wore on the growth continued, it slowed down, but it continued throughout the rest of their Palm springs vacation. Aaron was shaking though, the changes put him on edge. Nothing seemed right. Even Elliot’s face was becoming harder to recognize. His hair was black, his skin was tan. His nose, something about his nose looked different. He sounded the same, he was the same height, but everything else was so totally transformed that Aaron hardly couldn’t believe it was real. Much to his own disgust Aaron had to track down a big and tall shop in town to find clothes for Elliott to wear. At his new size, nothing he owed would even come close to fitting. “Gracias mi amor” Elliott said when Aaron returned with his new clothes. “Te quiero muchísimo”. Aaron just sat there puzzled by his flawless Mexican accent. Elliot didn’t ever speak to him in spanish. Part of Aaron wondered what it would be like to parade around with a huge 300 lbs slab of muscle freak on his arm. It might come with a certain cache to be seen with a giant gay muscle freak who could be seen as “his” boy. At the same time, Aaron was still disgusted by how overly hairy and large he was. In his mind, it was beyond disfiguring. Complete excess.Totally gross. He has never been with a man so big, but at least Elliot seemed as placid and under control. Maybe he could turn out to be a giant muscle slave of his afterall. Watching Elliott walk now would almost be comical if he wasn’t so baffled and shocked by the transformation. The huge man now sauntered with his legs apart, thighs bulging so thick that they inevitably rubbed against each other, his back so broad that it forced his hefty arms up from his sides. Later that day Elliott wanted to go to the pool, but no longer owned swim trunks that would even get past his bulging calves, so regardless of the rules, Elliott went skinny dipping behind Aaron’s back. Staying at a gay establishment proved beneficial for the enormous muscle man. They were quite tolerant of his rule breaking. Elliott attracted a huge amount of attention from the gays around him. Aaron was beyond embarrassed. To him, Elliott looked totally deformed from too much muscle. A body warped into a ridiculously unattractive size, covered in so much hair that he looked more animal than human. Elliott’s beard was wild and untamed, growing down to the top of his overgrown chest. Nonetheless, somehow this huge hulk was attracting choruses of “woofs” from the older men around the pool, all of whom were impressed. “Is that your boyfriend?” one older bearish man asked Aaron poolside. Aaron nodded sheepishly. “Man, you latin boys sure can grow nice and big. What are you feeding him!?” Aaron didn’t even know how to respond. Latin? Was Elliott latin now? Sure enough, the dark tan he had developed, the excessive black hair, the strong prominent nose...long gone was that blond waspy look. Elliott could definitely pass for latino now. As he stood there, disapprovingly watching the whole scene unfold, he heard Elliott use the kind of slang his gay cousin would say. “Aye, papi...” he said to one of the 40 something bearish men flirting with him in the pool. What had happened to his boyfriend? Aaron cursed himself internally. He now had an overblown latino gorilla as a boyfriend. Had Aaron been with this freak the whole time? Had the small twink he had envisioned actually been some massively overgrown hairy cholo? Whatever was happening, this wasn’t for him. How was he going to get out of this? Aaron had enough of the gawking and attention from the rather rambunctious older gay crowd. They wanted a piece of his now enormous boyfriend. Elliott liked the attention, flexing his now 25” inch arms and getting a chorus of ooos and awws. Aaron stormed off, something Elliott didn’t fail to notice even in the crowd of his adoring fans. Elliott went out with his new “friends” from the pool, eating and drinking that evening. Even some fooling around. By the time Elliott returned to their room at midnight, he was shirtless, bigger than ever, and drunk. How 350 lbs man could get that drunk was a mystery. They left palm springs the next morning. Aaron didn’t say a word to the overblown muscle bear next to him on the car ride home. He was passed out anyway. There was hardly room to move in that car, with Elliott's shoulders pushing right over the seat into Aaron. It made for a cramped driving experience. Aaron kept looking over with disgust at the overgrown freak next to him. At least he had trimmed his beard back. He was still so gross though, his muscles so bloated, so covered in sweaty, nasty body hair. And his face- he wasn’t even handsome anymore, with that big nose, huge black eyebrows and beard. Aaron said to himself. A disgusting, ratty mess of hair everywhere. And all that enormous disfiguring muscle. He looked totally deformed to him now. How could any man find this pile of meat attractive? Some guys must be into the missing-link look, he reasoned. Aaron heard his soon-to-be ex mutter something in spanish in his sleep. ‘And now he’s Mexican, of course’ Aaron thought to himself. He had the face of some nasty gay cholo like his cousin and his friends. He cringed at the idea of dating one of them. _______________________________ 10 days after I had laid the spell down on Elliott, I gasped at the beautiful,freakishly large muscle hulk my work had created. He was walking in WeHo, crushing the sidewalk and getting stares from every passerby. His thighs rolled around each other, fighting for space. His shirt and shorts were barely containing all his hairy mass. Dark hair, dark eyes and the biggest muscular build I’d ever seen. Every inch of him bulged with extreme mass. I really didn’t even recognize him. He was like a dream. Gone was that twink I hated, here was a overgrown, hirsute latin mass monster I had created. He really did look latin too. Extremely handsome. I was quite proud of my work. The sheer freaky size and furriness factor was the only way I could be sure I was looking at Elliott. 400 lbs superhairy muscle freaks don’t exactly come along every day. And he was far inconspicuous everyone was staring at him as he sauntered along, his huge mass flexing and bouncing with each step.. And clueless Elliott knew no different. It was as if he had always looked this way. He imagined being 400 lbs of rippling muscle was just as natural for him as having black hair and a furry chest. Although now he found himself single again. After Palm Springs Aaron had stopped talking to him all together. He wasn’t even responding to his texts, even the little love notes he had sent in spanish. Elliott was truly a sight to seen. Every muscle bulged and flexed with just the slightest movement. His traps, his massive rounded delts, his huge furry chest and thick, hair-covered cobblestone abs. The man’s massive back was even covered in a carpet of hair. There just were no bodybuilders who compared to him in size now. XXXL shirts were struggling to hold together on his massive frame. His arms were pushed out far to his sides because of the sheer size of his lats. God, he just exuded testosterone. He just exuded a hyper-masculine, overblown sexiness. So much muscle. So much to flex. And Elliott was totally clueless about why he was so special. Our eyes met on the street. Fuck, I wanted him so badly. I wanted that gorgeous, huge muscle beast. And damn it, I was going to have him. ____________________________________________________________ Aaron was still shaken by the weekend with Elliott. How could anyone transform like that over a few hours? He kept looking at pictures in his phone of the smaller blond man he had dated before Palm Springs. A total opposite of the mexican muscle freak he had left with. He wasn’t crazy, he couldn’t be. There was something going on that caused Elliot and even his previous boyfriend, Kevin, to grow into huge bodybuilders. He couldn’t say how, but it must have connected back to Kevin. Aaron had a new man that weekend. Some hookup from Grindr named Spencer. A cute, shorter recent grad from UC Irvine. Spencer had the lithe little build of the white guys he usually went for. It was in such dramatic contrast to the monster he had just parted ways with, not hairy, not dark, not overgrown. The two jumped in bed together the first chance they could. As Aaron lifted Spencer’s legs up in the bed and began pounding his ass, something strange started happening. The few hairs on Spencer’s chest started spreading, growing a little thicker and fuller. With each thrust Spencer’s body inflated ever so slightly larger, growing more muscular, more defined. Aaron looked down after a moment to see a now hairy chested, athletic looking man who was starting to visibly grow in front of him. He stopped pounding him immediately, freaked out by the noticeable developments. “Ay, No terindas!” Spencer said in effortless spanish. Aaron’s blood ran cold. “Fuck!” was all Aaron could mutter as he watched his Grindr hookup’s dark chest hair grew visibly thicker, spreading over his shoulders. At the same time, Spencer’s muscles started to balloon, becoming heavier, thicker and larger right in front of him. This time, the whole thing was happening even faster.
  23. Hello everyone. Just put the finishing touches on Part 1 of my latest story: the prologue is here if you need to get caught up. Hope you enjoy, and as always all constructive criticism is welcome. “Hey Xavier; thanks again for agreeing to help me out with the alpha testing of our new device!” I re-read the message from my old high school friend Rachel as I stepped into my garage to begin my workout. It’d been almost a decade since we last saw each other in person when she left for one of the top 50 colleges in the country while I’d attended a nearby community college. We kept in touch with each other throughout the years, but while I stayed pretty stagnant after graduating at my crappy retail job, she always seemed to be moving on to a new company or institution. Still, even I was a little surprised when she informed me of her most recent venture; starting her own indie video game studio. “We’re developing more traditional games, but to help with funding we’re partnering with the exercise machine company BigFlex. They’re looking to bring together gaming and exercise to make the former more productive and latter less boring, so they asked us to develop a game for their latest line of products. The tentative name is Magic Mirror.” Pretty apt name, considering it looked just like a massive gold trimmed mirror with a treadmill in front of it to me. It certainly hadn’t taken long for the delivery guy to set up; he came just as I got home from work, and by the time I let him into the garage and changed out of my work clothes he was already packing up to go. I admit I was a little worried that he must have forgotten something, but reading through the paperwork that came with it confirmed that this was it; just a treadmill and the mirror where I assumed all the hardware must have been. “Well, it IS in alpha. Still, I never seen a treadmill without siderails or any kind of display…though I guess all that will be on the mirror?...” Ah well; no point in worrying in about. It’s not like Rachel would send me something potentially dangerous, right? I quickly slipped my phone into the armband case, getting a brief glance of myself in the mirror before I stepped onto the treadmill. I thought I was a pretty good looking guy for the most part; nice soft brown hair, blue eyes, and just a little bit of a gut. I honestly wanted to build a bit of muscle first so I’d have an easier time with getting rid of that gut later so I didn’t look like every other out of shape white guy in America, but there was no way I was gonna pass out on an opportunity to help my friend and try out some new tech at the same time. Rachel’s message said I just had to step on the treadmill and it’ll-whoa! Yup, it’s starting on its own alright. A few seconds of jogging in, two points of light appeared on either side of the mirror and began to trace around the edges until the entire mirror emanated a soft glow. The pace of the treadmill started to pick up a little as the words, “Welcome To Terra” appeared in gold letters across the mirror before a flash of light replaced it with a very lush, lively looking forest. Damn, the graphics on this thing are amazing! As for what happened next… it all happened so fast, but just as the treadmill hit a new speed and I moved to catch up, there was a horrible grinding sound coming from below me. The treadmill went from me almost needing to run to keep up to a dead stop in an instant. My forward momentum didn’t stop, and without anything in front of me I headed right for and ultimately through the Mirror. “…And that’s how I ended up here. I must have tripped on the edge of the mirror as I came through, and by the time I got to my feet the portal I came through was gone. That’s about when you ran into me, and the rest you know.” “Wow; that’s quite the crazy story. Kind of hard to believe, really.” Asura, the woman with canine ears and a tail sitting across from me crossed her arms as she pondered my story. “I know, I know, but I swear it’s tr-“ “I mean, a pathway that moves on its own? Who would come up with such a thing?” …Wait, it’s the concept of a treadmill that’s making her question my story? “Still, it doesn’t seem like you’re lying either. I mean, you’re a male in our world; clearly something extraordinary must have happened to have bought you here.” She motioned toward the now tar covered towel sitting on the table between us. “And you’re immune to The Blight on top of it.” “Yeah; I’m sorry, but that’s the part I’m having trouble believing. Males just… don’t exist in this world? You seem to be familiar with the concept of them so they obviously existed at one point, but they’re all just… gone?” My head started to hurt as I tried to imagine how such a thing could’ve happened. “How?...” “We don’t know. At least, I don’t know what’s the truth and what’s fiction. They were gone by the time I was born, and by the time I was old enough to understand there seemed to be a hundred different stories. Some say it was divine punishment from the gods for their hubris that wiped them out. Some think us women are the one being punished and they were taken to some paradise while we wait our eventual deaths here on Terra. There’s one about a warlock who used dark magic to kill every other male so he could turn the world into his personal harem, then had a heart attack and died as soon as he cast the spell.” I really hope it wasn’t that last one; that’d just be pathetic. “About the only thing that’s pretty consistent is The Blight played a huge part in their end. Any male who touches it transforms into some kind of massive monster, only concerned with death and destruction. Nothing seems to cure or destroy it, and other monsters love to make their nests nearby pools of it, so we mostly just try to avoid them.” Asura thought about that for a moment, then added, “Well, MOST of us try to avoid them. That one I found you near is a great shortcut, and when I’m moving on my own I can dodge pretty much anything out there with ease.” “Well, thank you for that; it sounds like I would’ve been in trouble pretty quick if you hadn’t come along. Thank you, Asura.” “Don’t worry about it; I’m certain you would’ve done the same if it’d been the other way around.” Asura smiled softly, her green eyes looking me over for a moment before sighing softly. “Besides, I’m not exactly sure if I made your situation better or worse.” “Worse?” I tilted my head in confusion. “How could this be worse than being killed by monsters?” “Well, I’ve been thinking about it a bit. There are still some people out there looking for answers, but there are a lot of people who have simply given up and are making the best of the time they have knowing there’s nothing left for them. If suddenly you come along and offer them a potential future they never could’ve imagined, yes, some of them will be thrilled, but there will also be a few who will be angry with you, or think you’re some kind of demon and try to kill you.” That seems a little harsh, I thought. Then again, the more I thought about it the more she had a point. Besides, I know nothing about this world and can’t even speak the language without magical help. Assuming I don’t just get killed the second I try to make it out on my own, where would I go? Who could I trust? Hell, if what Asura’s saying is true and word spreads about the only male in existence, what’s to say I won’t end up as some sex slave, or having women literally fighting and dying just to try and gain control over me?... …Admittedly that does have some appeal from a carnal fantasy perspective, the thought that literally armies might move just to get to me, but I wouldn’t want anyone to actually die over it. Of course, this was all taken on the assumption that Asura was telling me was the truth and not just some lie to keep me here. I couldn’t totally discount that possibility; it did seem unlikely she just happened to run into me within seconds of me appearing in this world. I had no way to prove her words one way or another though, and at least she was helping me right now. Whether it’s genuine or just an act, for now at least I didn’t see much else I could do except take her at her word. “So… what do you suggest I do now?” I asked Asura, who seemed to be as deep in thought as I was. “I don’t want to cause too much trouble, but how am I going to find a way home? That big stone archway we ran through in the forest before popping out here was a portal, right? Do you know of anyway I could use it to get back?” “I wouldn’t say it’s IMPOSSIBLE, but I’ve never heard of portals between different worlds, only different locations in our world. I’m no expert on magic, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin finding someone who could help you with that. That being said… I have a proposal.” “A proposal?” I was a little weary of where this was going, but I encouraged her to continue. “I have a feeling Cyra’s going to absolutely hate this, but…we need help here on the farm. A lot of help. We lost a lot of our last crop to plague, and when it came down to the end of the year we either had to use it to feed ourselves or sell it so we could pay our workers for next season, not both. We ended up doing the former, and after paying out compensation for them we’ve barely got a handful of coins between us, much less enough to hire new workers now.” “Cyra could probably take on most of the load herself, but she’s also falling behind on the extra blacksmithing jobs she took on to try and cover our losses and she’s stretching herself too thin. I help where I can, but my skills are in gathering and hunting, and meal prep. I don’t know what skills you have in terms of farming, but even the most basic manual laborers would be more than we could afford right now normally. So… would you be up for it?” “Me? Work a farm?” I barely know the first thing about tending crops(I was about to make a joke about the only thing I knew about plants was that they liked electrolytes before realizing that it would’ve been absolutely lost on her) or raising animals. Still, it wasn’t exactly like I was rich with alternative options. “If I’m not working for pay, what WOULD I be getting instead?” “Room and board for one; we have a spare bedroom that you could stay in. I’d provide food for you, and on my trips to the nearby villages I’ll try and make some discreet inquiries about travel between worlds. It’s not much, I know, but…” Asura’s eyes suddenly lit up before smiling. “You said you wanted to get in shape, right?” “Right, but what does that have to do with working a farm?” “You see how big Cyra is? That was mostly from farm work. It’s not easy, but if you’re looking to get strong you could certainly do worse. With a good meal plan from me and Cyra’s help, reluctant though I’m sure it will be, we could really help you out. And to be honest, after only hearing about males as things of fiction before having one right in front of me…” I swear her voice actually sounded sultry and I wasn’t just making it up as she continued, “I’d be personally curious to see how close you could get to the legends.” “L-Legends?...” Come on, Xavier; keep your cool. She’s just trying to appeal to your stupid male lizard brain. She’s only flirting with you to get you to agree with her! Just because she’s very attractive looking, and to be honest the ears and tail are kinda things you’re into, and she’s offering to help you get in shape like you’ve been trying and largely failing at the last few years, doesn’t mean you should agree to these terms. Stop blushing like an idiot and say something!... “S-Sure; sounds great!” Stupid male lizard brain…
  24. He was beautiful. That was the first thing anyone who had better than 1000/20 vision noticed about Britton Waverley. He had always been beautiful, from the crib when his eyes took up about half of his cherubic face, but now that he was in college, Britton Waverley was approaching otherworldly status. He was so handsome that he never had to ask twice for anything. His irises were like sapphires inlaid beneath his eyelids, and when he smiled and they sparkled, Britton got his way. A face as gorgeous as Britton’s only had full effect if the body attached was suitable, and Britton’s certainly was. Long hours in the gym had carved the muscles on his 6'3" frame into chiseled perfection. His pecs pushed out in a square shelf, his shoulders were broad and rippling, and his arms were constantly testing the limits of his shirt sleeves. Britton loved clothes, and he was still deciding whether he would allow himself to bloom into a full-fledged bodybuilder. 22-inch arms wouldn’t fit in his crisp shirts and expensive blazers. And yet, he kind of wanted 22-inch arms. His present 18-inchers were nice and got him plenty of action, but oh, to be bigger… Britton was a genuine prep, and came by it honestly. He’d been educated in exclusive, high-priced schools and had spent his summers at his family’s beach house on the East Coast. He knew how to ride horses, play lacrosse and tie a bow tie. His father, Ambassador Waverley, wasn't crazy about the muscles, saying they made Britton look intimidating and unapproachable, but also too much like a common laborer. Then again, the ambassador always was a bit old-world in his thinking. When it came time for him to enter college, Britton Waverley had quickly been snapped up by the oldest and most prestigious fraternity on campus: Alpha Alpha Alpha. Officially the Tri-Alphas, but of course everyone just called them ‘The Alphas.’ It was a nickname that fit. There wasn’t a guy in the brotherhood who stood under six feet tall, and there wasn’t a shirt in the house smaller than a snug size large. The body standards were whispered about on campus, but never officially confirmed, because no Alpha man would talk about it. They could occasionally be seen going on shirtless runs – pecs bouncing, abs glistening with sweat – to the campus recreation center, where starry-eyed lifters would follow them around and try to copy their routines. Even among this pack of top dogs, Britton stood out as a natural leader, but perhaps because he had always found himself to be the automatic object of immediate adoration, he also felt no need to feed his ego and grab the spotlight. This generosity of spirit, combined with an intuitive instinct of charity toward those less fortunate than himself, made him seem just as perfect on the inside as he clearly was on the outside. Upon his initiation to the Alphas, Britton had learned of the fraternity's mystery-shrouded legacy, one which was never to be revealed to outsiders. Unlike the other frats on campus which existed primarily as social bonding groups committed to discovering the best way to consume fermented hops, the Alphas took their Greek roots seriously. As it was told to Britton and the other pledges waiting to be inducted, the Alphas could literally be traced back to the ancient Gods of Greece and were the keepers of the Gods' most incredible secrets. Chief among them was possession of (pause for dramatic effect) the nectar of the Gods! Britton found this all a bit silly, but figured a bit of overwrought showmanship could be expected with any initiation ceremony and was ultimately harmless. In the basement of the frat house, Britton and his fellow newbies were asked to strip naked and kneel in a circle. Britton felt the urge to chuckle at the absurdly solemn rite, but he knew how seriously the frat took its sacred ceremonies and contained his amusement. He glanced around the circle at the other recruits to see if anyone else was daring to crack a smile, but no one dared. It struck Britton just how handsome and well-built all of these young men were. Clearly the Alphas had exceptionally high standards and only recruited those who measured up. From the looks of it, those criteria included a certain required penis length. Inwardly, Britton took a bit of satisfaction in the realization that, even in that category, he was top of his class. Two high-ranking officers of the fraternity stepped to the center of the circle wearing red robes with hoods over their heads and sandals on their feet. One carried a crystal bowl filled with a golden goo the consistency and color of honey. The other dipped a glass ladle into the viscous liquid and brought it to the lips of the new pledges one at a time. In turn, everyone who was given a taste closed their eyes in ecstasy and began to rub their bodies slowly and sensually. Britton was impressed by how willing everyone was to play along with the heightened nature of the ritual. He vowed not to get so carried away, but when his own name was spoken in grandiose tones and the ladle was lifted to his lips, the scent alone was enough to knock him for a loop. The nectar may have looked like honey but it had an intoxicating floral scent that matched no flower he had ever come across. The thick ooze passed through his lips and onto his tongue, where the tingling of his taste buds seemed to trigger a simultaneous flash of fireworks across the back of his eyelids. He discovered immediately that his compatriots had not been faking their joy for the sake of any charade. A comfortable burn shot rapidly through his nervous system, invigorating his entire body, sending waves of energy pulsing through every muscle. Britton groped himself unashamedly before collapsing backwards on the floor. Britton had no idea how long he was out before he became aware of the excited buzz of chatter throughout the room. His eyes opened slowly and he looked around to discover that he was one of the final few pledges who were still lying on the floor. Most of the rest were standing around, still naked, casually drinking beers and having jovial conversations with the upperclassmen. Britton also noticed that the new initiates were unable to go more than a few seconds without checking out their bodies, which had each gained a solid twenty pounds of muscle. Britton pushed himself onto his knees to do a quick self-inspection and discovered that his body too had been morphed by the nectar into something even more spectacular than good genes and hard work had produced. He rose to his feet and joined his fellow Greek gods for a brewski in the buff. -------- The Alphas were even more insular than your typical frat, rarely associating with any other Greeks on campus, let alone the common rabble. The nectar and its effects had given them a special bond which most of the Alphas felt elevated them above the other students. Britton was one of the few who retained a strong connection to the rest of the campus, becoming involved in student government, dining frequently at the student union rather than the frat, working as a math tutor, and volunteering three hours a week at the campus free clinic. He met so many students who were intelligent and good spirited but hadn't gotten the lucky breaks and genetic head-start that he and the other Alphas had, not to mention the mystical boost that had elevated Britton and his fellow frat brothers into almost superhero status. When Britton was unanimously chosen to lead the search committee for prospective new recruits, he was determined to open the process to guys who didn't look like they had stepped off an Abercrombie and Fitch bag. This proposal was met with deep skepticism when he suggested it to the Alpha president, Kip Koenig, whose strong preference was to keep the Alphas as they had always been. But Britton argued that, once a suitable new recruit had been located and given a sufficient dose of the nectar, he ought to fit right in. Despite Kip's serious misgivings, he came onboard with Britton's experiment with one condition. He could only bring in one prospect who didn't match the frat's traditional physical qualifications. If that worked, he might agree to less stringent criteria in the future. With that, Britton was dispatched to find the student most deserving of an Alpha upgrade. He already had someone in mind. -------- It was a tightrope walk. Britton didn’t want someone who was going to become a raging, vindictive asshole as soon as they were given the opportunity to walk the world in a more attractive shell. He thought he had found his guinea pig in Jared, a rotund guy in one of his pre-med courses. Jared got high marks in class, was always on time, asked thoughtful questions and seemed astute and eloquent. But when Britton accepted Jared’s Facebook request and looked through Jared’s page, he found lots of rambling posts filled with crass, sexist jokes and complaints about life. That would not do – an Alpha man carried himself with dignity and fixed his own problems instead of complaining about them. So Jared was out. A little nectar wasn’t going to change a sense of entitlement or a victim complex. At least, Britton was pretty sure it wouldn’t. He and his fellow pledges had slightly different personalities now than before they had joined, but the changes were so minute that it was impossible to tell if they were because of the nectar, or simply due to maturity. Once Jared was eliminated from contention, Britton honed his requirements a little. He didn’t want someone with a woe-is-me attitude. His search became like a fun game for him, although once, when he caught himself tailing a particularly unfortunate-looking guy hoping to somehow suss out his name, he thought he might be crossing the line from recruiting to stalking. After that, Britton resolved to give himself a day or two in hopes that the perfect prospect might just fall into his lap. It happened within hours. Britton was killing time at the Academic Achievement Center, absently flexing his chest to watch the button over it strain, then relax, strain, relax. His last two shifts had yielded no math students. Today, he hoped, would be different. “Britton?” “Yeah?” Caught in mid-flex with his chest puffed out, Britton swiveled his chair around to face his coordinator. “I have Alex here for you.” “Cool, thanks.” Britton stood up, smoothed out his uniform Oxford shirt, and watched as a short, frail-looking boy came around the corner. “Alex?” “Alex Carmichael, yeah,” the smaller guy said, extending his hand. “Nice to meet you, man, I’m Britton Waverley.” “Britton?” “Like the country. Have a seat, have a seat.” Britton extended his palm to the open chair across his desk, and Alex plopped down. Britton sized him up, which didn’t take long. He was a small man, probably 5’5” or around there, and couldn’t be more than 140 pounds. His face was hairless and free from blemishes, but bore some acne scarring. Alex’s facial structure was the polar opposite to his new tutor’s, which was so pronounced, it looked like he had extra bones which weren't allotted to normal folks. Britton’s jawline was a perfect diamond-sharp square; Alex’s was a smooth, round sag of flesh that had no angle to hold up the skin. It gave Alex a vague double-chin, even though he had next to no body fat. Alex’s shoulders weren’t even wide enough to fill his shirt, and the sleeves hung down too low because of this absence. Although only one grade apart, Britton looked almost ten years older than Alex. “Let me just pull up your academic file here,” Britton said in his cheerful baritone, as his muscular fingers clattered against the keyboard. His brow furrowed. “I’m not finding you. You said Carmichael, right? Is that with a ‘C’?” “It’s probably under Cooper,” Alex said as he pulled a large three-ring binder out of his backpack. “Alexander Cooper?” “No, uh, Cooper is my first name. Alex is my middle.” Alex missed Britton’s eyes flashing excitedly. “Your name is Cooper Carmichael? That’s a cool name, bro. Why don’t you go by it?” Alex shrugged. “I dunno, I’ve always just been Alex. Cooper doesn’t really fit me. My mom named me it because she wanted people to think I was rich,” he said with a laugh, and Britton returned a smile. “I’ve just always felt like an Alex. You look more like a Cooper Carmichael than I do.” Britton had to stop himself from smiling like the Grinch. “Now why do you say that?” “I dunno,” Alex said with another shrug, a gesture Britton could tell Alex made often. Clearly, Alex actually did know, but just didn’t want to verbalize it. “I’m just a regular dude, and Alex is a regular dude name.” “Cooooper Alexanderrrr,” Britton said, putting on a haughty accent he’d heard on his father’s associates, “is not a regular dude name. Trust me, I would know. My parents named me after the country I was conceived in.” Alex chuckled. “Well, maybe I’ll live up to it someday. I dunno.” Shrug. “It’s very Vineyard Vines.” Alex quickly looked at Britton’s shirt to make sure it wasn’t the brand he had just insulted. “No offense or anything.” “None taken. I’m more of a Ralph Lauren man. It says here your major is undecided?” “Yeah, I'm not quite sure what I want to do with my life yet. I have time.” “True,” Britton nodded. “Ever play any sports?” Alex smiled wryly. He didn’t look down, though, and Britton liked that. “No.” He didn’t make any excuses. Britton liked that, too. Britton could press that issue later. “Alright, Alex,” he said, leaning forward, pecs resting on top of his desk. “What do you need help with today?” -------- “Dude, we’re playing football in the quad, you wanna come?” Britton turned around and looked at Kip in his maroon tank and Alpha running shorts. Kip, Britton always thought. Couldn’t have a frattier name if he tried. “No, man, I’m doing some research on my big pledge.” “Are yoouuu?” Kip whispered, grinning. “Well, I look forward to hearing your briefing.” “I look forward to giving it.” Britton swiveled to face his laptop screen. He was going through Alex’s Facebook profile pictures – the public ones – and Googling him. There wasn’t a lot about Alex in his hometown paper. Most searches just pulled up the usual honor roll placements, which were high. Britton found an article about the Boys & Girls Club in which Alex was quoted. “It’s really nice to have a place to go,” Alex had said in seventh grade, “because my mom works a lot and isn’t home.” There was never any mention of a dad, not even in the high school graduation announcement. “C. Alex Carmichael, son of Lori Williams, 3.98 GPA.” Britton leaned back in his chair and rested the back of his head in his palms as he stared up at the ceiling. “I think I’m gonna call him Coop,” he smiled. -------- At Starbucks, Alex ordered his usual latte from the cute brunette behind the counter, then shuffled away to pick up his drink. He felt oddly nervous as he took a seat at a small table and waited for Britton to arrive. It would be an understatement to say that Alex was shocked to get a phone call from his math tutor Britton, asking if they could meet for coffee. Besides his mom, Alex never got phone calls from anyone. He was so self-conscious about the fact that he was going to be seen in public with one of the biggest men on campus (by reputation and by muscle mass) that he even put on a dress shirt and the only tie he owned. Alex immediately felt laughably overdressed when Britton casually strolled into the shop in a white polo with three Alpha symbols on the left breast, olive drab shorts and leather sandals. Britton deposited himself in the chair opposite Alex and quickly put him at ease with a friendly smile. After a volley of polite "heys", Britton wasted no time getting to his pitch. He spoke in hushed tones. "How would you like to become an Alpha?" Alex laughed reflexively, spewing latte foam across the tabletop. "Sorry about that, but I don't think I'm quite Alpha material." "Well, I'm in charge of recruitment and I think you are." "I've seen you guys around campus and I am not an Alpha. What is it, you need a token nerd to meet some diversity quota or something?" Britton leaned forward on the table and spoke softly so he wouldn't be overheard. "The Alphas stand for excellence. I've reviewed your records. You're a hard worker and, aside from a little shakiness in calculus that your tutor is helping you with, a high achiever. I think you could only benefit from what the Alphas could provide you, and we would all be richer from having you join us." The thought of joining a frat had never even entered Alex's mind, but Britton was so earnest, he agreed that he would at least drop by the frat for a tour someday. Britton said, "Let's go there now." -------- For Alex, setting foot in the Alpha House was a bit like Gulliver arriving in Brobdingnag, the home of giants. Every guy here was at least eight inches taller than him and built like they had been doing bench presses since kindergarten. Alex felt like he belonged to a different species than these exemplars of physical perfection. They certainly didn't conform to all of his worst preconceptions. Alex had anticipated a ramshackle old building full of booze-soaked fratboys up to zany shenanigans, but throughout the stately building with its dark wood walls and well-maintained fireplaces, the Alphas were either studying, preparing the evening meal or working out in the fully equipped gym. Alex looked at one Alpha curled up on a couch, reading his textbook and taking notes. He looked earnest, with a pair of black glasses perched on his nose. This, Alex assumed, was what the Alphas thought a nerd was. A guy who wore glasses. It didn’t matter that this “nerd” had a bicep about five times thicker than his generously-sized textbook, or that radiant grass-green eyes stared through his lenses. Sure, his glass frames were on his nose, but they also had to rest on cliff-like cheekbones. On the second floor, Britton rapped on the door of the Alphas' president, Kip, who opened the door wearing only sweatpants and deck shoes. Kip extended his hand, which enveloped Alex's slender hand and shook it vigorously. "Nice to meet you. Come on in. Britton can't shut up about you." Behind Alex's back, Kip shot a glance at Britton which eloquently conveyed the sentiment, "This guy? You gotta be fucking kidding me." Britton merely smiled back with confidence. Alex took a seat on a wooden chair and Kip sat with perfect posture in a leather chair opposite him, somehow seeming formal and businesslike despite his almost non-existent wardrobe. Alex followed his example, sitting straight up and adjusting his tie. "Britton has filled me in on your background, your GPA, your extra-curriculars. It's all very impressive. But there's more to life than school, and the Alphas are, as much as anything, a social organization. How well do you think you would fit in with the other guys?" Alex's shoulders slumped in his roomy Oxford shirt. "Honestly? Like a platypus in a cage full of saber-toothed tigers." Kip laughed. He could already tell why Britton liked the kid, but he still didn't see Alpha potential. His eyes roved across Alex's unremarkable face and flimsy body. Finally, more out of scientific curiosity than anything else, Kip looked to Britton. "Why don't you get our friend here a drink?" Britton was surprised to get the request so quickly. Alex shifted uneasily in his chair and cringed. "Actually, I don't drink booze. It gives me migraines." "Oh, this isn't booze," Britton said reassuringly as he poured the elixir from a crystal pitcher. "It's a special concoction, exclusive to the Alphas. I think you'll like it." Kip added, "You should especially like the hangover." Britton handed Alex a goblet full of a thick amber substance. Alex sniffed it to make sure they weren't trying to haze him by making him drink rubber cement, but discovered that the scent was actually very pleasant. His dick hardened in his pants, and his heart began to race. “What is this stuff?” “Take a sip and see.” “I’m not sure if I should…” Alex hadn’t expected to have to make a choice this quickly, and he began to visibly tremble. His leg bobbed nervously and he tried to keep still. “Alex,” Kip said, “this is a gentleman’s fraternity. We’re not going to serve you anything repulsive. You’re our guest. We want you to join us, remember?” “That’s true,” Alex conceded. He took an experimental sip and nearly came in his pants. “Oh my god…” "Go ahead, chug it," Kip encouraged him, leaning forward with intense curiosity about what the nectar would do when administered to such an undeveloped specimen. As Alex took another sip, Britton leaned down and whispered into Kip's ear, "Shouldn't we get him to undress? He's going to ruin his clothes." Kip muttered back, "If this works like you're hoping, those clothes won't fit him any more anyway. How much did you give him?” “One regular serving as an experiment. We’ll see how far it takes him, then he can decide for himself.” Alex was already becoming calmer as the nectar slid across his tongue and down his throat. The feeling was intoxicating. The more he drank, the more he wanted to drink. His skin began to feel like a warm cocoon, perspiration gushing from every pore. His muscles were beginning to feel like...well, like muscles, growing and shifting upon his rickety frame. He loosened his necktie to keep it from choking him. A gloomy fog was lifting from Alex's brain, replaced by a feeling of clarity, as if he was suddenly seeing the world as full of opportunities instead of obstacles. His leg stopped bouncing and he sat calmly, feeling content and satisfied with his beverage, and yet still uneasy with the situation. From Kip and Britton’s perspective, Alex’s changes were subtle, but numerous. His hair gained a new luster and began to shine in the light beaming through the window. His jaw looked a little more square and a lot firmer, and a bump on the right side of his nose straightened itself out with a soft crunch. Slowly, his shoulders rose up and squared off, filling in his shirt like they were supposed to. Soon, the garment was a little snug on him. New, small biceps pushed against the sleeves and pulled up his cuffs too high. He yanked off his tie completely and began to unbutton the sweat-drenched shirt clinging to his widening chest. He struggled to extricate himself from his constricting shirtsleeves, finally tearing them to shreds as the pressure became unbearable. “Britton?!” Alex squeaked out as he stared down at his expanding body. “What have you done to me?!” Kip and Britton didn’t answer, but Alex heard Kip whisper, “How much do you think he’s gained?” Britton whispered back, “I’d estimate forty.” The goblet clattered on the floor as Alex launched to his feet, inspecting all his changes. It took him a few moments to gather himself and realize that the throbbing in his body had stopped and he was done changing. He hadn’t grown in height, but his muscles and facial features were more masculine now, as if he’d been working out and taking testosterone supplements for the last year. He was not nearly spectacular enough to be a true Alpha, not yet, but the change was already dramatic. “What did you guys...” Alex’s voice hadn’t dropped in pitch, but had gained a rich timbre that had been absent before. He clutched his thicker neck as he continued speaking. “What did you guys do to me?!” “That was the nectar of the Gods, Alex,” Kip said, completely serious. “The nectar of the…” Alex sat back down and put his head in his hands. His fingers rested in his hair, and the light hit it just right to reveal that he had blond roots poking out of his scalp. “I don’t understand what’s going on.” “You just took the first step on a journey,” Britton said, in an effort to reassure Alex. “We all drink the nectar in our initiation ritual. It’s the agent that bonds us and helps make us who we are. Think of this as a booster shot to help you on your way, since you didn’t have all of the benefits that men like Kip had growing up.” “What the hell,” Alex breathed, looking at his chest, which his shirt hugged tightly. He’d never even had a chest before – nothing more than a flat board. Britton said. “I’m giving you 24 hours to decide if you want to complete your initiation. If you do, your life as you know it will completely change. Your body will transform. You may even develop new tastes, new interests and new personality traits. We’ve never given more than one dose of nectar before.” “Oh great, I’m a guinea pig,” Alex said. “What if it kills me?” “It won’t kill you,” Kip said reassuringly, although he honestly had no clue what giving more nectar would do to a non-Alpha. “We can't be sure how dramatically you'll change. The nectar can be mercurial. However, your resilience to this first dose is impressive.” Britton said encouragingly. Kip smiled wryly. “Britton blacked out when he drank his dose, you know.” Alex’s wide eyes had flecks of blue that hadn’t been there when he walked into the building. “I’m going to think about it. Can I talk to my mom about it?” “No. And if you attempt to, the nectar will mute you and garble your words," Kip said in an ominous tone. "Be back here at the same time tomorrow with your decision. But fair warning, the ritual is not for the faint of heart," Britton said. Alex gulped. “Can I at least get a change of clothes to walk back to my dorm? Please?” “Of course,” Britton said, gesturing. “Follow me.” ------- Alex wasn't sure what was making him more aroused: the startling changes to his body or the fact that he was wearing some of the Alphas' fashionable hand-me-downs. The purple polo with the popped collar was a size or two too large, and they needed to punch a new hole in his belt to hold up the baggy chinos he'd been given. Even so, he had never looked so stylish. He couldn't resist checking his reflection in every window he passed. Compared to the Alphas, he was still a skinny runt, but compared to who he was when he woke up this morning, he was the friggin' Hulk. When he entered his dorm, Alex figured his changes would draw immediate attention, but since his dorm mates had never noticed him much in the first place, they weren't likely to realize how much he had changed. He snaked his way toward his room, keeping his head down as always, trying not to interfere with the Nerf football game that seemed to be in progress 24/7 in the hallway. He unlocked his room and discovered his roommate Roach on his bed, his arms wrapped tight around his girlfriend Rachel and his hands firmly gripping a bong. Roach's real name was Rich, but he'd earned his nickname honestly due to his prodigious consumption of marijuana. Roach stared through bleary pink eyes as his roommate crossed to his own bed. "Hey, you get a haircut or something?" Alex turned to Roach and said, "Or something, yeah." Roach nodded and his attention drifted. That was the typical length of any conversation with Roach. Rachel kept staring at Alex and smiled. "It looks cute." "Thanks," said Alex, blushing immediately. It may have been the first compliment he'd ever received from a female who was not his mother. As Roach and Rachel returned their attention to each other and their pipe, Alex grabbed a bathrobe, toothbrush and toothpaste and walked down to the community bathroom. There, he got his first chance to do a complete inspection of all the ways he had changed. His face seemed largely the same, only refined, as if a talented sculptor had chiseled away the less flattering features. Unless the fluorescent lights in here were playing tricks on him, his hair seemed to have taken on a golden glow and his hazel eyes had a slight blue tinge. Even the scars from his zits seemed to have smoothed out somewhat. Pulling the borrowed polo over his head, he marveled at the muscles that now gave his body some actual heft. He was still slim, along the lines of a long-distance runner, but a far cry from his former skeletal self. He couldn't help but wonder what was really in that so-called "nectar" and whether he should be worried about imbibing something that could generate such immediate changes to his body. He decided to go to the free clinic tomorrow and get his blood tested, to make sure he hadn't been slipped something toxic. Alex returned to his room, where Roach and Rachel had dozed off. Alex removed the bong from Roach's hand to prevent the pungent water from spilling onto the carpet. Alex slipped into bed, wearing only boxers and a white tee that Britton and Kip had given him. Alex chuckled at the notion that he even knew people whose names were "Britton" and "Kip". Then again, he had a roommate named "Roach", so having friends with preppy names would definitely be a step up. And that elegant Alpha House sure was a far more appealing place to live than the cinder-block prison cells of his uninspiring dormitory. Too bad he couldn't imagine ever living up to the demanding standards of the Alphas. He drifted to sleep, absent-mindedly pushing up the bottom of his t-shirt and brushing his fingertips across the faint beginnings of ab muscles. All night he dreamt of being in ancient Greece, watching the Olympics and listening to orations by some of the great names of history. Plato, Aristotle...and was there a Kip? -------- Alex woke in the morning, energized and clear-headed. His first glance in the mirror took him by surprise, as the events at Alpha House seemed like they had been part of his odd Greek dreams. His hair looked even blonder as beams of sunlight caught it through the window, and his cheeks were coated with a slight amount of stubble which his baby face had never previously been able to grow. He quickly pulled on his borrowed clothes and rushed to Starbucks. While waiting, he saw a tall, handsome jock enter and edge his way subtly into the front of the line with his buddies rather than taking his proper place at the end of the queue. "End of the line's back here," Alex heard someone say in a firm confident voice, becoming aware as the words rolled out that they were actually coming from his own mouth. He could feel the rest of the line collectively inhale as the jock pivoted slowly. Alex's eyes darted about, as if he too were looking for the dimwit who unwisely said those words. The jock zeroed in on Alex and walked toward him. His eyes glared down darkly from their perch a foot above Alex's. "You got something to say to me, shorty?" Alex felt an instinct to cower and cringe, but a comfortable feeling spread through his body as he realized he was in the right, goddammit. "You got a problem with taking your turn like the rest of us ordinary humans? Or are you just an entitled prick?" Alex honestly didn't know where this was coming from, but he was warming to it. He stood to his full height, such as it was, and squared his meager shoulders in defiance. The tall guy looked at him disdainfully, but then noticed other eyes in the shop glancing at him to see what he would do next. If he continued to argue or raised a hand in anger to this little guy, he knew that he WOULD look like an entitled prick, and a bully on top of it. He decided to laugh it off and swaggered to the end of the line as if he had won something. When Alex reached the front of the line and ordered his latte, the cute brunette barista refused to take his money. She whispered with a grin, "That a-hole Devin comes in here every day and does that. You're the first person who was ever brave enough to tell him off." Alex shrugged sheepishly, noticing the name "Jennifer" on her nametag, then looked up and got sucked in by her deep brown eyes. He had no idea what to say to her. Jennifer noticed the restlessness of the waiting customers and whispered to Alex, smiling sweetly, "You better step aside, you entitled prick." Alex moved along and got his coffee, with his name and a heart written on the side, and another heart shape formed in the foam. As he walked to the exit, he raised his cup victoriously at the jock, who was still steaming at the rear of the line. Alex didn't notice the front door swinging toward his face, but his reflexes kicked in at the last second and he managed not to spill a drop. Throughout the day, Alex felt a growing sense of well-being and self-worth. Problems that had previously baffled him in calculus class were now easier to work through. He felt much more fluent in first-semester French and actually raised his hand twice to offer opinions in his American Literature class. On top of that, he could swear that women were looking at him more than ever, although maybe he just noticed them because he was actually holding his head up more confidently today, rather than slumping and staring at his notebook. On his way out of Lit, Alex felt a light tap on his shoulder. He turned around to discover Jennifer, the cute barista from that morning, grinning down at him, making both of them acutely aware that she was a good three inches taller than him. "Hey, you. I never noticed you were in my Lit class," she said, playfully punching him lightly on the shoulder. "I'm not surprised. There's not much to notice," Alex said, more to his shoes than to her face. He peered up at her through hanging bangs, realizing she was more pretty than cute. "I thought what you said in there about 'The Great Gatsby' was really insightful. You must be a big reader." Alex shrugged. "No bigger than most. I guess I just felt inspired today." Jennifer shifted uneasily from one foot to the other, waiting for Alex to say something. When he didn't, she said, "Maybe we could study together sometime." Alex found this suggestion astounding. "Uh, yeah, sure. Or maybe we could get together and grab a..." "Please don't say coffee," she laughed. "I used to love coffee until I got that job. Now I can't stand the smell of it." "Okay, no coffee." Alex felt his face rising, his eyes connecting with hers. He might have to upgrade his categorization of her to "beautiful". She asked for his number, which she typed into her phone. "And your name is... Alex, right?" Her lopsided grin made Alex's chest feel tight. "Yeah, wow, I'm amazed you remembered." "Well, it helps that you say the same name every day." "I suppose. And you," Alex said with certainty, "are Jennifer. I noticed it on your..." He attempted to point to where she usually wore her nametag and accidentally poked a finger into her left breast. Alex turned crimson with embarrassment and lowered his head, but Jennifer merely stifled a chuckle. Still too flustered to look Jennifer in the eye, Alex felt a vibration in his pocket. He pulled out his phone and discovered a text from Jennifer. It read: "I like your eyes, Alex." He looked up and saw her smiling brightly. Jennifer noticed the time. "Oh, crap, I gotta get back to work for my afternoon shift. Promise you'll text me, okay?" With a grin, she turned and dashed down the hall. Alex's eyes stayed riveted to her long tan legs until she disappeared around the corner. No way would a girl like that want to date a shrimp like me, thought Alex. Today was just getting weirder and weirder. Crossing the campus, Alex heard someone bellow, "Hey, you little asshole!" Without even looking, he knew it was Devin, his nemesis from the coffee shop. Alex kept walking, eyes straight ahead, acting as if he hadn't heard a thing. He felt the pounding of sneaker-clad feet on the cement behind him, which slowed as an absurdly long shadow stretched down the sidewalk beside him. A monumental hand tapped on his shoulder, then wrapped around Alex's still spindly forearm and yanked him between two brick buildings. Alex noticed that the jock was now wearing sweatpants and what looked like an official basketball jersey. Could this dick actually be on the varsity basketball team? Devin bent down, nose-to-nose with Alex, his spittle flying from his lips as he spoke. "Listen, you little shit. I don't ever want to look like an idiot again." Once again, words emerged unexpectedly from Alex's mouth. "That's kinda up to you, isn't it? I can't really be blamed for your idiocy." Alex tried to take the edge off with a belated "just kidding" grin, but Devin had already placed a strong hand on Alex's right shoulder to hold him in place. He pulled his right arm back and pounded it into Alex's left temple. Alex was dazed, but began to thrash at his assailant erratically, his stumpy arms flailing in the air, unable to make contact. Devin dismissively shoved Alex backwards into a thorny hedge and sauntered away, satisfied that he had gotten his revenge. When Alex straggled into the campus free clinic, the bump around his left eye was already inflating and deepening to purple. His face and arms were scratched and bloody from the hedge, with many snags in his borrowed polo shirt. As he walked to check in, he felt yet another tap on his shoulder and turned around warily, unsure what to expect this time. There stood Britton, on one of his three hours of weekly volunteer work at the clinic. "Jesus, man, what happened to you?" Britton asked. "Some giant prick punched me out, and it's all your fault." Britton pulled Alex over to a plastic chair and sat beside him, speaking softly. "How is this my fault?" "That shit you gave me last night," Alex whispered. "I want to get a blood test to find out what it's doing to me. It made me act all weird today." "Weird how?" "Like weird...ly confident." Britton smiled. "Don't you like feeling confident?" "Not as much as I dislike getting my ass whooped." Britton pulled some strings to get Alex seen next. His black eye was bandaged, his scratches daubed, his blood sample taken. Enough of the Alphas were on the football team and underwent regular drug testing that Britton was confident the nectar would not show up as a foreign substance in Alex's blood test. Britton waited beside Alex while the blood sample was evaluated. As they waited in silence, Alex's phone vibrated. He pulled it out and saw that Jennifer had sent him a photo. She had drawn a revolver on a Starbucks cup and was holding it next to her head with a "please kill me" expression on her face, her tongue hanging dopily out of her mouth. Alex chuckled and Britton glanced down to check out the picture. "She's cute," Britton said. "Your girlfriend?" Alex snorted. "Yeah, right." Despite the changes he had undergone last night, he still acutely felt the difference between himself and the Platonic ideal of manliness seated beside him. Jennifer deserved better than Alex. She deserved an Alpha. She deserved a Cooper. A doctor emerged from the lab with the results of Alex's blood test. Alex waited nervously, but was relieved to hear that everything looked fine. "Better than fine, I'd say," the doctor said. "Ideal." -------- When Britton's shift ended, he and Alex walked out of the clinic. "You wanna go get a pizza or something?" he asked Alex. "Actually," said Alex, "you got any more of that nectar?" Britton raised an eyebrow and looked at his watch. “You’ve got a few more hours, buckaroo.” “No one under the age of seventy uses that word,” Alex snarked. Britton stopped dead in his tracks. “How did you know?” Alex turned around, suddenly nervous. “Know what?” “How did you know I’m ninety-two years old? Shit, did ‘buckaroo’ really give it away?” Alex looked for a hint of sarcasm, but Britton’s expression was completely genuine. “Alex, I haven’t told you everything. That nectar is more powerful than you could possibly imagine. I’ve been an Alpha for more than seventy years.” Alex took two steps backward. The blood drained from his face, and even his black eye looked paler. “Wha-what?” Britton’s voice was an eerie whisper. “And I’m the youngest Alpha. Kip is more than two hundred years old. Hell, we have one guy who fought in the Civil War. For the Union, don’t worry.” “Jesus Christ…” Alex had a far-away look as he contemplated this stunning new information. Britton stood still for a moment, then exploded with laughter. “Your face! You shoulda seen your FACE!” He doubled over and put his hands on his knees, laughing to the point of tears. “Oh MAN, that was good. I totally had you!” “Asshole!” Alex stomped his foot petulantly. “C’mon, man, today’s already been confusing enough for me! With everything you’ve thrown at me already, immortality didn’t seem that weird.” Britton was still wiping tears from his eyes. “Whooo, I should do that more often.” Alex eyed the gleaming timepiece on Britton’s wrist. “How much did that watch cost, ya jerk?” “An Alpha would never ask such a question, it’s unbecoming,” Britton scolded, half-sincere. “But to be honest, I actually don’t know. It was a gift from my parents for high school graduation.” “Your parents got you a Rolex for your high school graduation?”, Alex grumbled. “My mom took me to Applebee’s.” “Hey.” Britton took a large step and put himself in Alex’s path, stopping them both. Britton’s jaw locked and he squared his shoulders. It emphasized how much bigger than Alex he was. “I don’t want to hear any more of that, you understand?” “What?” Alex leaned back, surprised. “Jealousy. Jealousy is bullshit. It fucks with your head and ruins friendships. I’ve dealt with it before, from both sides, and it’s painful, and it’s sad. Don’t let it in. Don’t let it mess with you.” “I’m sorry,” said Alex, a hint of incredulity in his voice. “I was just kidding.” “I know you were, but I saw a seed of something, and I’m stamping it out right now. Once we go inside that house, you’re going to change. You’re going to change a lot. Not even I know how radical it’s going to be. And if all parts of you get magnified, that’s one thing that shouldn’t be.” Alex felt embarrassed, and he didn’t like being scolded by a person he now considered a friend and, he hoped, a peer. But he did understand Britton’s point. “Thank you,” he said. “I…I appreciate that.” “You’re welcome, buddy.” Britton moved back next to Alex and they started walking again. “The Alphas have to keep each other in check. I expect you to do the same for me one day. That’s what brotherhood is all about.” “I never had a brother.” “Well, looks like you’re stuck with one now.” They walked a block and took a right. It was only when they rounded the corner that Alex realized they were en route to the Alpha house. His heart began to race. It was really happening. “So,” said Britton, “what made your mind up?” “I don’t think it was one thing. It was a lot of things,” Alex mused. “I just felt like if I say 'no' now, I'd go the rest of my life wondering "what if?", while I watched you become a Senator or win a Nobel Prize or whatever.” He sighed. “I know it’s not something to take lightly, but I think this is really the only choice. A man should do his best to be a success in all things, and now that I have this option…why would I turn it down?” Britton nodded. “I thought you were going to say because of the Starbucks hottie on your phone.” “Her too,” Alex smiled boyishly. “A girl like that has never given me the time of day before.” “Isn’t that funny?” Britton said. “You don’t even look THAT different yet. It must just have been the way you carried yourself that made her take notice of you.” “You’re super inspiring today, man. You’re a preppy male Oprah.” “Thanks, I try.” They walked into the yard of the Alpha house and up the steps. “Are you nervous?” “Yes.” Just the question made Alex even more twitchy. He could hear the implication in Britton’s question: you should be nervous. They opened the front door and walked in. Britton checked his hair in a mirror on the wall. “I’m going to go get Kip. You can just hang out here for a little bit.” He bounded up the stairs two at a time and went around the corner. Alex heard him knock on Kip’s door, but after that, silence. Alex looked at the grand front hall of the Alpha house. It was painstakingly maintained, with ornate carvings in the wood and a beautiful chandelier. This place was pure opulence, like something out of a movie. Alex tried to keep himself calm, but he was growing more scared by the moment. Scared of what he was doing, scared of what he could become, scared of the unknown. He thought about sprinting through the door and never coming back. Part of him said running away would be a good idea, but he couldn’t make himself do it. He looked at pictures of Alpha classes throughout the years. Each year’s portrait was like a model convention. All the brothers had perfect faces, smiles, hair, bodies. Broad shoulders lined up in rows, clad in the clothes of the era. Alex was amazed that the Alpha men of the 1920s looked just as handsome and buff as the brothers now. The men in the more recent photos were huge and handsome, but at least bodybuilding wasn't uncommon these days. A hundred years ago, though, the Alphas must have been seen as genuine freaks of nature. A brother walked through the main hallway, wearing nothing but Alpha-emblazoned sweat shorts that clung to his thighs. Alex reached out to get his attention. “’Scuse me?” The guy looked up. He looked like a GQ model. “Yeah?” Alex was tongue-tied. “Uh, I, uh…where’s the bathroom?” “There’s one down that hall,” the guy motioned, flicking his head to move a lock of glossy hair off his forehead. “Thanks.” Alex tried to lock the guy’s face in his mind. They were going to be frat brothers. He couldn’t believe it. Alex’s stomach was in knots. It was a single bathroom, no stall, so he locked the door and looked at the toilet. Then he lurched forward, fell onto his knees and vomited into it. His hands gripped the toilet seat and made it shake. He barely got his mouth wiped before he heard a rap on the door. “Alex?” Britton said through the door. “That you in there?” Alex gulped so he could talk. “Uh-huh.” “Are you throwing up?” Too long of a pause. “No.” “Yes, you are, man, I heard you. Let me in.” Alex shuffled over to the door and sheepishly unlocked it. On the other side stood Britton, and behind him, Kip, in a beautiful shirt and tie. “I’m fine,” Alex maintained. “Really? ‘Cause you have vomit on your face.” Alex quickly walked to the sink and washed his mouth. “I’m fine,” he said once more. “Maybe we shouldn’t do this today,” Kip said. His lip curled when he looked at Alex and saw the black eye and scratches. “What the hell happened to you? Britton, he looks like hell.” “No, please, I want to do it. I want to do it now. I’m just scared, okay? I’m really scared, but I know it’s what I want to do.” Britton and Kip exchanged looks, and everything was quiet for a moment. “You’re the president,” Britton finally said to Kip. Kip stood still, then nodded and tightened his lips together. “Alright, then, it’s time.” Alex exhaled and followed the two bigger men down the steps to the basement. He expected it to be unfinished with a concrete floor, but it was far from it – even more outrageously opulent than the front hall, in fact. The walls were red, the floor was marble, and everything was covered in gold leafing. “I feel like I’m in a Kanye West video. Are you guys Illuminati?” Neither Britton nor Kip answered, and Alex knew that was his cue to cut the snark. He didn’t say another word. They arrived at a large gold circle in the floor and Kip pointed for Alex to stay where he was. “Disrobe.” “Wh-what?” “Take your clothes off.” “All of them?” Britton nodded. “Underwear too.” Alex pulled his shirt over his head, because that was the easy one. Being shirtless wasn’t weird. It was like going to the beach. But when he unbuttoned his pants, he wanted to throw up again. He tried to imagine he was back in the locker room after gym class. He hated gym class. Alex shut his eyes and pushed his underwear down, and his dick bobbed out for the world to see. After he tossed all his clothes into a pile nearby, he cupped his hands over his genitals and looked up. Britton and Kip weren’t there. Alex kneeled down, assuming that was what he was supposed to do. He wished he had other recruits around him to make him feel less alone. Having an initiation by oneself was a painfully conspicuous position to be in. Britton and Kip walked back into view – at least, Alex assumed it was Britton and Kip. They were wearing red robes that hid their faces, and they’d both either rolled up their pants or taken them off, because all Alex could see was bare ankles and sandals below the hem of their robes. One of them – Alex assumed it was Kip - was holding a crystal bowl filled with the sacred nectar. As soon as he locked eyes on it, Alex couldn’t look away. He was shaking like a leaf, but his mouth was watering. The other red robe, presumably Britton, had a glass ladle that he dipped into the bowl and brought carefully over to Alex, who was pale with fear and excitement. No one in the room missed his erection. He felt shame that he was probably the least-hung male to ever set foot in these hallowed chambers. The ladle was lifted to Alex’s mouth and the scent of the nectar twirled up and around inside his nostrils, nearly knocking him out with its thorny beauty. His lips trembled violently and he had the full-body shivers. The ladle hooked inside his upper lip and and pulled up, forcing Alex to tip his head back. His mouth dropped open and the nectar poured down his throat. Two droplets spilled down the sides of his mouth, and he quickly got them with his thumb, which he stuck into his mouth and sucked. He didn’t want to miss a single drop. Alex had told himself pre-drink that he just needed to remember to breathe and it would all be fine. But suddenly, he didn’t have any breath at all. It felt like something punched him in the lungs and pushed out every ounce of breath. His teeth smashed together so tightly that he was lucky his tongue wasn’t in the way of them. He doubled over and fell onto his hands with a loud cry, body convulsing until he had rolled up into a ball on the floor, with two tears coming out of each eye. “It hurts! Oh, JESUS.” He felt like he was on a medieval rack and it was stretching him. He could hear his spine popping and his joints cracking as they were reset. It hurt like hell. He heard a soft “Alex?” and looked up to see Britton lowering his hood, looking terribly concerned. He’d gotten them mixed up – Britton had been holding the bowl, and Kip had administered the ladle. Kip took his hood off too and he and Britton both knelt next to Alex, laying a comforting hand on him. It was definitely a deviation from the standard ritual, but Kip didn’t want someone to die unattended in the basement under his watch either. Fearing that the nectar may have proved too much for Alex to handle, Britton pulled out his cell phone and dialed "9-1", holding his breath and watching closely. If he saw the agony becoming too great for Alex to bear, Britton was prepared to dial the final "1" and get the paramedics over here. He knew that would risk exposing the Alphas' rites to public scrutiny, but he felt responsible for Alex's safety above all else. Alex rolled onto his back and threw his hands over his head, which allowed his rib cage to open up wider so that he could suck in some air. His eyes were buggy and his mouth went as wide as it could go, and with a desperate, guttural noise, he inhaled as much oxygen as he could. He clutched his temples as the nectar seemed to be rewiring his brain, giving him a new sense of clarity. His head rolled back until it pushed him off the floor in a neck bridge, and two small pecs burst out of the front of his frame. Alex’s eyes darted down and looked at them as they swelled a little bigger. His whole face lit up in a huge smile and he looked at Britton, who smiled back. Alex’s head was snapped back as a halo of golden curls exploded out from his scalp, growing down messily to his shoulders. He rolled back onto his stomach and curled up as he hit another growth spurt. Accompanied by a crunch like the shattering of a lobster shell, Alex's torso and legs elongated, pushing him over six feet tall. His hands and feet were stretching out to fit his frame, and his back got broader, bigger. Shoulder blades shifted out and his skeleton altered to the mesomorphic ideal that all Alphas had. The painful-sounding noises of the transformation slowly faded out until the basement was silent again, save for Alex’s loud wheezing. He coughed and sputtered, then found the strength to push himself up off the floor, where Britton and Kip were standing to greet him. The first thing Alex noticed was how much further away the floor appeared. He teetered forward, losing his equilibrium, and Britton grabbed him. “Easy there, buddy. You’re a baby giraffe right now.” Britton steadied Alex, who broadened his stance and gradually acclimated to his new center of gravity. Alex flipped his long hair out of his face and looked at Britton, then over at Kip. Both the Alphas started laughing in silence, looking at each other, then back at Alex, then back at each other, their laughter growing louder until their muscular bodies shook. “Holy shit,” Britton finally said. Alex's face had been reconfigured into a sharp and symmetrical arrangement of angles. The shiner he'd sported had been almost healed completely, except for a small patch of purple below his perfectly shaped eyebrow. His cheekbones had moved closer to his eyes and grown out like cliffs, aristocratic and elegant. The same could be said for his nose, now a perfect angle with a square tip. His chin even had a small cleft in it now. “You need a haircut,” Kip said. “I need clothes,” Alex stammered, then clutched his throat. “My voice!” His voice had dropped an octave to a smoky baritone which was a better match for the brawny beast standing naked before Britton and Kip. His muscles were still less pumped than theirs, giving him a leaner and less intimidating look. “How tall am I?” Britton stepped forward and looked eye-to-eye with Alex. "Well, I'm six-three." He glanced at the profusion of Alex's curly blond locks and placed his hand atop Alex's head, pushing downward until he felt Alex's skull. "I'd say we're the same height. You just look taller because of your new 'fro." Alex looked at his shadow which the overhead lights cast on the marble floor and could clearly see how much his hair had blossomed during the transformation. "Hey, look, I got an Alph-ro," he wisecracked and looked back at Britton and Kip, expecting a chuckle at least. He was met with stony stares. Kip spoke solemnly. "Britton, haven't you impressed upon our new friend the dignity and honor we expect of an Alpha? How his words and actions from now on will reflect not just on his own character, but that of all Alphas? How we have gone against years of tradition in order to bring him into our circle?" Britton nodded. "Yes, I have, Mr. President." Placing his hands on Alex's shoulders and staring into the bright blue pools which his eyes had become, Britton said, "The nectar wouldn't have affected you as it has if you were not deserving. Remember, you must always be respectful of and appreciative for the blessings you have been bestowed and behave accordingly. And if you stumble, know that your Alpha brothers will always be there for you to help ensure that you live your life to its fullest potential." Alex stood at his full height, shoulders back, chest forward. "I understand. I promise I won't let you down." Kip nodded back. "Excellent. Now put some clothes on before your boner puts somebody's eye out." Alex looked down, embarrassed to discover that the incredible rush of the transformation had given him an erection -- and stunned by the size of the thing. Of all the radical changes he had undergone, his penis clearly had the greatest growth proportionally. Britton cocked an eyebrow, then clapped Alex on the shoulder. "Well. Apparently the nectar REALLY likes you," he said with a grin. "Let me go grab you some clothes." Britton dashed upstairs, leaving Alex and Kip alone together for the first time. They stood in silence, with Alex painfully aware that Kip was sizing him up skeptically. He figured Kip must still be unsure of Alex's suitability for the Alphas, so he knew he would need to work extra hard to prove his worth. "When do I meet the rest of the guys?", Alex asked. "Tomorrow night, when we bring in all the new pledges. Eight o'clock. Don't be late. The nectar doesn't like to be disappointed." Kip held up the bowl and ladle with the dregs of the nectar, then carried it into an antechamber. Alex stood alone in the room, still in disbelief whenever he saw any part of what was now his body. The room had no mirrors, so checking himself out thoroughly would have to wait. He heard heavy footsteps bounding down the stairs and saw Britton returning with a stack of clothes. "This ought to be enough to get you through the next couple of days. I'll help you shop for a new wardrobe once you've reached your final size." Alex froze. "Final size? THIS isn't my final size?" "Right now, you've reached the level that the rest of the pledges are naturally. You'll meet them tomorrow night at the initiation. We found a good crop this year. You'll fit in nicely." Alex's mind reeled at the thought of growing even larger. Alex pulled on a sleeveless workout shirt, sweatpants and size 14 Pumas for the walk home, with extra clothes in a Hollister bag. He felt like testing out his new muscles and began to jog, which his powerful legs quickly turned into a sprint. He had never felt so exhilarated, with his heart pumping fast and his long blond curls streaming behind him in the breeze. He reached his dorm in no time and wasn't even panting. Stepping off the elevator on his floor, he towered above a group of freshman guys playing hacky-sack in the hallway. Needing to get past them, Alex rumbled, "Excuse me, fellas," in his commanding new voice. The hacky-sackers stepped aside as if responding to a direct order and watched this unfamiliar jock stride down the hall. Alex unlocked his room and peeked around the door, relieved that Roach had already dozed off in bed. Alex did his best not to make noise as he closed the door, but the slight click of the lock was enough to awaken Roach, who screamed at the mammoth shadow looming in the middle of the room. "Who the hell are you???" Alex gestured with his hands, trying to calm down Roach, but wasn't sure how to convince a paranoid stoner that he was actually his meek little roommate who had been transformed into a strapping stud by a secret ancient potion. Actually, thought Alex, a stoner might be the only person who WOULD think that made sense. "Chill, Roach. It's just me, Alex." "Who the fuck is Alex?" asked Roach, his brain a permanent fog. Alex figured this was pointless. "I'm just gonna take a few things with me, okay?" "Shit, dude, grab whatever you want. Just don't hurt me, man!" Alex took a pillow, blanket, toothbrush and toothpaste, then headed into the bathroom. He paused a moment to compose himself before rounding the corner and gazing into the bathroom's full-length mirror, but he still wasn't fully prepared for what he saw. The man staring back at him was astoundingly handsome and powerfully built. He stripped off the sleeveless shirt and admired his physique, nearly forgetting the short-lived but excruciating pain it had taken to achieve these impressive gains. Alex took a step closer to examine the details of his new face. Although he could see no resemblance to who he used to be, it nevertheless felt oddly familiar, as if this were the way he always imagined he SHOULD. His blue eyes were piercing, yet sympathetic. As his fingers explored the sharp new contours of his bone structure, they stroked across abundant bristles on his cheeks that he knew would need to be shaved every day. He tossed his head and laughed at the way his shoulder-length blond hair rearranged itself. He could see why Kip felt he needed a haircut, as he looked more like the singer of an '80s metal band than the preppy ideal of the Alphas, but he thought it made him look dangerous and sexy, two words that had never before been associated with Alex Carmichael. Hearing the door swinging open, Alex quickly abandoned his self-inspection and stepped over to a urinal, uncoiling his new cock from inside his sweatpants. Despite the bathroom being empty, the newcomer walked up to the urinal immediately next to Alex's. Alex glanced down and recognized the kid, another freshman whose height and weight were about what Alex's had been before the nectar came into his life. "How's it goin'?" Alex asked, his resonant new voice echoing off the ceramic tiles. The kid muttered something unintelligible and Alex noticed that the kid's eyes had gravitated over to check out Alex's enormous dick. Grinning mischievously, Alex backed away from the wall several inches in order to give the kid a better look. The kid was overcome with sudden pee-shyness, flushed his urinal and exited the bathroom swiftly. This made Alex feel bad – and gave him a glimpse of just how fearless he was becoming. Not even the thought of strutting across campus stark naked made him nervous. The idea of his beauty being celebrated was so foreign that it felt like a dirty turn-on, a fetish. Alex strolled to the common area by the elevators and pushed two couches together to create a bed for the night. They were uncomfortable and too short for his expanded frame, with his stockinged feet dangling off the end, but it didn't really matter. There was no way Alex could fall asleep tonight. His adrenaline was too high, and his mind was abuzz with thoughts of officially joining the Alphas and moving into their elegant mansion. He kept wondering how he would explain to his mom how her "little Hobbit" had grown so massive. Most of all, he kept feeling his muscles, just making sure they hadn't gone away. -------- At dawn, Alex returned to his room for his backpack and a change of clothes, relieved that Roach was snoring soundly. In the bathroom, he pulled on the new outfit Britton had given him last night and watched himself transform into a preppy, one item of clothing at a time: a crisp white shirt, a striped tie, a cardigan, a pair of white slacks. (Alex doubted he had ever thought of pants as "slacks" until that very moment. He was already thinking like an Alpha.) Slipping his bare feet into tasseled loafers completed the ensemble, with his rock-star locks now looking wildly inappropriate. He brushed the longer strands behind his ears as best as possible. He decided to leave his stubble unshaven for now. After years of lamenting that he couldn't manage even a decent mustache, it felt wrong to chop down this forest of fresh growth. Despite his sleepless night, Alex was refreshed and alert. Still, he knew he'd better get his morning jolt of caffeine or he would be suffering later. It felt strange to be entering the familiar Starbucks in such an altered form, like he was there as an undercover spy. His flesh tingled as he saw Jennifer working the counter. He waited until she looked his direction and waved at her. She nodded, slightly confused, and only then did it hit Alex that she wouldn't have a clue who he was. As he took his place at the back of the line, Devin ducked in. He spotted his friends near the front of the line and was about to join them when he started checking out the other customers cautiously. Alex was amused to realize that Devin was actually scared that the little twerp from yesterday might call him out again for line-cutting. Seeing no twerp in sight, Devin wormed his way in with his friends. Alex had hoped that another customer might be inspired by his behavior from yesterday, but no one spoke up. Alex guessed he would have to handle it himself again. But instead of shouting and calling him names, today Alex felt there must be a subtler, classier way to deal with the interloper. Alex left the end of the line and walked calmly over to Devin, amazed to discover that they were now roughly the same height with approximately the same build. Alex tapped Devin gently on the shoulder and murmured, "Not cool, dude." Devin spun around, ready to say "Fuck off," but when he saw that he was facing someone of impressive stature, he became less confrontational. Shifting into a conspiratorial whisper, he told Alex, "I'm running late, man. I just want to get my coffee and go." Alex wasn't letting him off the hook, speaking softly and continuing to grip Devin's shoulder. "You don't think any of these other people are running late? Why should they let you ahead of them? What makes you so special?" Devin clearly thought he WAS special, but when confronted with Alex's unblinking blue eyes, the guy turned into a two-bit weasel from a black-and-white film, all shifty eyes and shoulder shrugs. How could this happen to him two days in a row? Unfortunately, it wouldn't be so easy to inflict revenge on this big prep. Better to concede defeat. Devin left his friends and walked to the back of the line with Alex, who generously gestured for the jock to go ahead of him. "Please. I know you're running late," Alex said with a smile. Devin nodded his thanks and noticed the faint traces of a bruise around Alex's left eye. "How'd you get the shiner?" "Some asshole punched me," said Alex. "But I know how to deal with him now." Eventually they reached the front of the line, where Jennifer forced a fake smile when she saw Devin's face. She took his order, scrawling his name on a cup. To Alex's surprise, Devin turned to him and asked, "What can I get you?" "Seriously?" "Yeah. My treat. To make up for being such a dick before." Part of Alex wanted to turn him down out of spite, but he didn't want to discourage an act of generosity. Alex smiled at Jennifer and ordered a latte. She barked, "Name?" In the millisecond before "Alex" was about to tumble through his lips, Alex stopped himself. How would he ever explain to Jennifer that he was the same guy she took a liking to yesterday without revealing the secrets of the Alphas? Noticing her impatience, he blurted out "Cooper". And for the first time in his life, he felt like the name fit him. Jennifer wrote something vaguely resembling "Cooper" on the cup and slid it along, then looked at the line and smiled to the next customer. Alex, or rather Cooper, moved toward the "pick-up" location, sad that he had been unable to make a connection with Jennifer. When Devin got his drink, he slapped Cooper on the back and said, "See ya 'round, dude," then ambled out the door and joined his buddies, clearly in no rush despite his claims that he was running late. All morning, Cooper did his best not to draw attention to himself in his classes, sitting in the rear of the classrooms, slumping in his seat, not offering any input. Better to give his teachers a buffer period in which they could totally forget the utterly forgettable Alex Carmichael before acquainting them with the remarkable Cooper A. Carmichael. His plan only worked to a minor degree, as he could feel himself being checked out by the hungry eyes of students (of both genders) and professors (ditto). The only class he was eagerly anticipating was American Lit, as it would offer him a chance to speak to Jennifer. He entered the lecture hall and noticed her immediately. She was checking her makeup in a mirror and was wearing a white silk blouse and a short plaid skirt that showed off her gorgeous legs. It was obvious she had put some effort into looking this good. Oh my god, Cooper thought, did she actually dress up like this...FOR ALEX? If she was that taken with his old wimpy self, she was going to go apeshit for Cooper. Cooper edged his way down Jennifer's row, leaving a gap of two empty seats between them. He leaned back, feigning casualness, relishing the feeling of his powerful arms as they stretched out behind him. With a confidence he could only have dreamt of two days earlier, he glanced over and, as casually as possible, said, "Hey, you're the girl from Starbucks. Jennifer, right?" Jennifer heard the booming voice and glanced over. She responded with a quick nod and said, "Yeah, hi," before turning back to her cell phone. Cooper stared blankly. She didn't seem intimidated by him. She just seemed totally uninterested. He puzzled over what to say next, desperately hoping that tonight's final dose of nectar would improve the part of the brain that regulates small talk. "Hey, how about that 'Great Gatsby', huh?" Jennifer paused her typing, and glanced over. "Yeah, it's a good book," she said flatly, then scanned the rest of the room as more students filtered in. Cooper's brow furrowed. Before he could say anything more, his cell phone vibrated in his pocket. He pulled it out and saw he had received a text. From Jennifer. He held the phone so she wouldn't notice it, although she wasn't looking his direction anyway. The message read: ALEX HOPE UR OK. U DIDNT GET COFFEE THIS AM & NOW I DONT SEE U IN CLASS. WISH U WERE HERE TO RESCUE ME. SOME PREPPIE DOUCHEBAG IS HITTING ON ME. HOPE 2 CU SOON. <3<3<3 Cooper lowered the phone, stunned. Why does she think I'm a douchebag?, he wondered. He thought she would be bowled over to attract the interest of someone as spectacular as he was now. He had to find out, but how? Then he realized the answer was right in the palm of his hand. He scrambled to text Jennifer before class began, unaccustomed to typing with his new meaty fingers: SORRY J. BEEN CRAZY BUSY. WHAT MAKES THIS GUY A DOUCHEBAG? Cooper realized it was something of a non-sequitur for Alex to exhibit such curiosity about a stranger's douchebagginess, but he had to know. He saw Jennifer's phone skitter across her desktop as it vibrated. She picked it up and smiled with relief to see that Alex had replied. Her fingers whizzed across the screen. Cooper watched his phone and saw her response pop up: HES BEST BUDS WITH THAT AHOLE DEVIN THAT U TOLD OFF YESTERDAY. WHEN CAN I SEE U? Wow, so just because Devin had bought him a coffee, she assumed he was Devin's friend. Cooper could understand the confusion. He was trying to think of a way for Alex to break it to Jennifer that she would never see him again when the professor entered the room. Cooper barely paid attention to the discussion as he wrestled with how to resolve this romantic triangle in which he was two of the sides. He fidgeted a lot, discovering that the lecture hall's seats were even more uncomfortable for a 6'3" stud than they had been for a 5'7" shrimp. In an awkward seated dance, he shirked off his cardigan, giving Jen an unimpeded view of his bicep coiled up in his tight, thin shirtsleeve. When she didn’t even look over, he brushed his hair back, loosened his tie and popped open his collar, knowing that he must look rakishly gorgeous. When class ended, Cooper trailed after Jennifer, but could only get out the word, "Hey," before she spun around and confronted him. "What is with you?" she demanded. "I saw you looking over at me all through class. Not used to someone not being into you, pretty boy?" Inside his head, Cooper was screaming: SHE THINKS I’M PRETTY! Outwardly, he tried to remain cool. "I just...I like you. You seem really cool. I thought maybe we could go out for...not a coffee sometime." Her knees buckled slightly as he unleashed a toothy grin, but she stood her ground. "That's very flattering, but I'll pass. Okay?" "Is it because of Devin?" he blurted out. She found it a little spooky that he had read her mind like that. Cooper scrambled to make that seem like less of a logical leap. "'Cause I know you saw me with him this morning, but seriously, we are not friends. At all. Today was the second time we’d ever talked. Honestly..." He dropped his voice into a confidential whisper. "He's kind of a d-bag." Jennifer was flustered, feeling more unsettled the longer she talked to this fusion of a Disney Prince and Thor and gazed up at his beautiful blue eyes and his cleft chin and his neck muscles and his perfect... She shook her head, bringing herself back to her senses. "I need to be going." Cooper watched her walk away, mesmerized by the swaying of her hips in that short skirt. Crossing the quad, lost in his thoughts, Cooper heard someone yell, "Hey, Coop! Think fast!" Before he could think anything, a football slammed into his left temple, exactly where he had been punched by Devin the day before. Cooper fell to the ground, the back of his head thwacking the sidewalk. As he lay there dazed, two blurry faces merged into a single image of Devin looking down with concern. "Sorry, bud. I thought you heard me." He offered his hands and helped pull Cooper to his feet. "You alright?" Rather than running to the free clinic in a panic, Cooper discovered how resilient he had become. He shook it off, realizing he felt fine. "Yeah, no problem." "Wanna play? Our team is one short." Cooper attempted to beg off. "I'm not really much of a football guy." "Please? We're getting slaughtered. We need a big guy like you." Cooper found it crazy to be called a "big guy", but he looked at the guys assembled on the quad and realized that he was now the physical equal of -- if not superior to -- all of them. Curious to see whether his body had gained any athletic prowess along with the other changes, Cooper set down his backpack and joined the game. To his delight, he quickly discovered how agile he had become. For someone who had never been known for hand-eye coordination, he was suddenly throwing and catching the football like he had been doing it for years. His brain was even thinking strategically, processing the movements of a dozen bodies at once. With the impromptu game tied, Devin flung the ball to Cooper, who powered his way to the designated end zone with no pursuers even close to him. Devin rushed over and leapt up, wrapping his arms around Cooper's neck and his legs around Cooper's waist. "Not a football guy, my ass!", shouted Devin victoriously. As they fell to the grass, Cooper heard a woman yelling from the distance. "What's this? The Douche Bowl?" Cooper turned his head and saw Jennifer watching from across the quad, her hands cupped around her mouth for amplification. She shook her head and walked the other direction. As Cooper tried to untangle himself from Devin so he could chase after her, Devin noticed Cooper's desperation. "Is that the stuck-up bitch from Starbucks? Don't tell me you're into her." “Uh…” Cooper didn't know what to say. He expected this transformation to change his life, but he hadn't envisioned that he would end up charming Devin and repulsing Jennifer. Devin slapped Cooper’s back. A week ago, this friendly gesture would have knocked Alex down. Today, it didn’t even rattle Cooper. His bulging back muscles absorbed all the impact. “You’re really good. Are you on the team?” “I…I’ve never…” Cooper’s tongue fumbled with the words. He had no idea what to say. He’d always wanted to play football, but he’d never had enough strength to even be the waterboy. “I gotta go.” He grabbed his backpack and headed to Starbucks, ignoring Devin’s “Did I say something wrong?” Cooper had hoped Jennifer would be back for an afternoon shift, but she wasn't working today. He sat at a table, typing and retyping various texts to her from Alex, but nothing seemed right. He composed one that said: JEN I JUST MET THIS AWESOME GUY COOPER. HE'S THE COOLEST GUY EVER. He laughed at how absurd that would be and backspaced it into oblivion. “You’re a fuckin’ idiot, Coop,” he muttered to himself. Instead, he typed up a text to his mom, trying to lay the groundwork for her acceptance of the new person he was becoming. He told her that he had been befriended by a bunch of cool guys who asked him to join their frat and that they already had him working out and eating healthier. "NEXT TIME YOU SEE ME YOU PROBABLY WON'T RECOGNIZE ME HA HA," he typed, hoping that she’d be ignorant enough about working out to accept that her son had gained about a hundred pounds. And ten inches. And blue eyes. And a new face. When the sky began to darken, he realized he needed to get to Alpha house for the initiation. He dashed across campus, still marveling at the effortless grace of his new body. Running kept him distracted from his growing fear. In truth, he was even more afraid than he’d been the day before. -------- He knocked on the door of Alpha Alpha Alpha and could hear commotion inside. He assumed a kegger was in progress, but when he dared to open the door, he found harried Alphas roaming the house, most on their cell phones in urgent need of information. He ventured past the entry hall and found the other pledges already seated on antique furniture in the den, stripped down to their undershorts and wearing blindfolds and noise-cancelling headphones. It looked like some sort of brainwashing ritual, but they were clearly not listening to anything, because if body language was an indicator, the pledges were bored out of their minds. Britton hadn't been kidding about how Cooper would fit in: you could cast "Magic Mike 2" from this bunch, and none of them had taken a single drop of nectar. Cooper marveled at the flawlessness of their physiques. How did he have peers who looked like this naturally? He was glad he’d been allowed to cheat a little. Make that "a lot". Cooper snagged the arm of one of the Alphas, who he realized was the same devastatingly handsome model-in-the-making he'd spoken to last night. "Is Britton around?" The other guy looked up at Cooper and pointed toward the staircase while continuing his phone conversation. "Okay, well, if you do see him, tell him to call Alpha house immediately." Cooper walked up the stairs, baffled. He noticed that the door to Kip's room was ajar and rapped on it. "Hello?" An eye poked through the open gap. "Oh, cool, it's you," said Britton, swinging the door wide and dragging Cooper inside. He closed and locked the door. Quite obviously, someone had been rifling through all of Kip's belongings. Like the other Alphas, Britton looked uncharacteristically frazzled. "What the hell's going on?" Cooper asked. Britton stared into Cooper's eyes. "Kip is missing. No one has seen him since last night." "What? It's not eight yet, I'm sure he'll show." "He's in charge of the initiation ceremony. We've needed him here all day. Nothing’s ready because there are certain things only our president can do. It's completely unlike him to flake like this.” Britton pulled Cooper close and spoke in a hushed tone. "You're the only one I can tell about this. After you left last night, I think Kip drank the rest of the nectar." Cooper looked concerned. "Why would he need to take more? What would it do to him?" Britton shook his head and shrugged. The expression on his face was grave. He rubbed his temples. “Wait…he drank all of it?” Cooper’s eyes went wide. His first emotion was sympathy for Kip. “That must have hurt so badly. I think you guys would have heard something. He would’ve screamed his head off.” “That fuckin’ prick,” Britton seethed, gritting his teeth together. “Fuckin’ piece of shit prick.” “So what happens if there’s no more nect-“ “I don’t KNOW, okay?!” Britton snapped before regaining his senses. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Listen. I don’t know much about the nectar, but there are a few things I’ve heard. For one thing, it can regenerate. It's not like we have thousands of gallons in a tank underground or anything. It’s just a barrel in the basement and it has never ever run out...until now. We probably – hopefully – aren’t out forever, but I don’t know how long it takes for it to come back. It kind of has a mind of its own.” “The nectar? Has a mind of its own?” Britton nodded, his face betraying his concern. “It definitely has sentient properties. It seems to have its own rules and whims. I don't think even Kip understands what all it can do.” Cooper examined Britton's face, desperately hoping for any indication that this was yet another gag, like the one where Cooper had said Kip was really 200 years old, but Britton's anguish was too real. “Listen, I don’t want to overstep my boundaries,” Cooper said, “but I’d like to help get everyone involved in finding him. Even the pledges. They’ll just think it’s part of initiation anyway.” “You’re talking about them like you’re not one,” Britton grinned. “Kip would kill me if he knew that you weren’t down there blindfolded right now.” “What do you think happened to him?” “I don’t know,” Britton shuddered. “I’m scared to think about it. We’ve searched every inch of the basement and he’s not down there. The cellar door was smashed to bits, so it looks like he broke out. But where he is now...?” His head slumped. “What a fuckin’ dumbass. He ruined everything. I can’t even think straight right now, I’m so mad.” He pounded a fist into Kip’s mattress. “FUCK!” Cooper loomed over Britton. "Get yourself together, man. You think Kip would want to see you losing your shit like this?" Britton shook his head, chastised. A plan flashed through Cooper’s mind, and he stood up. “Do you have a printer?” “In my room," Britton said listlessly. Cooper stood up and talked down to Britton, not even thinking twice about assuming a leader’s stance. “Alright. On the school’s freshman orientation website on the main homepage, there’s a map that divides the campus into a bunch of different sections. We can use that to assign search areas to groups of guys so we get an even spread across campus. Print me out forty copies. I’m going to get everyone to huddle up and tell them the plan.” “Wait!” Cooper was already halfway into the hall when Britton pulled him back. “I’ll talk to the brothers. They won’t know who you are. You deal with your fellow pledges.” “Can’t I talk to everyone?” “When did you turn into a Kennedy? No, that would alienate you from the group. They’d think you were just an uppity pledge.” Cooper’s broad shoulders slumped in disappointment. “Fine.” He couldn’t believe it was now a letdown to not get to do a little public speaking. “Did you call campus police already?” “Yeah, they’re on the lookout for him, but I described him as he normally looks. He could look completely different right now. I don’t know.” Britton addressed the brothers from over the balcony, while Cooper spoke with the pledges in the living room and pretended that he was just as clueless as they were. Brothers paired up or took a pledge with them. Cooper, of course, went with Britton. They assigned themselves the area between the Alpha house and the football stadium, which contained two streets and a long, grassy hill. None of the Alphas seemed to have any hope as they left the house armed with flashlights and cell phones. The pledges, assuming this was a planned part of initiation in which they were being tested, were like puppies following behind the brothers. The assumption was that there would be some prize for finding this mysterious “Kip.” Cooper yanked off his tie and wrapped it around his hand as he walked next to Britton, who was still visibly angry. “Hey man,” Cooper said, as their eyes scanned sidewalks and trees. “I just want to say that, even if there’s no more nectar, I’m really grateful for what you did for me. It’s the nicest thing anyone has ever or will ever do for me in my life, I know that.” They walked on a few more yards and Cooper said with an emotional quiver in his voice, “I’m grateful for you. Ugh, that sounds dumb when I say it out loud.” Britton managed a smile. “We’re going to find Kip, and we’re going to turn you into an Alpha.” “That’s not what this is about. I’m not trying to find him because I want to get bigger. I’m trying to find him because he’s my brother now. As far as I'm concerned, I’ve already HAD my initiation. I already am an Alpha. I might not be a super-mega-deluxe Alpha, but I’ll have a great life like this. AND I’ll get a lot of ass.” For the first time this evening, Britton laughed out loud. "Fuckin'-a right you will." He hung a brotherly arm around Cooper's neck. Just then, they both heard a rustle from a nearby bush. They stopped in their tracks. Cooper crept slowly toward the bush, with Britton lurking close behind him. Cooper flipped on the flashlight of his cell phone. Its beam was reflected in two beady eyes which stared back from near ground level. A raccoon was nibbling on a piece of white bread it had pulled from a nearby trashcan. It scampered away with its bread. "Well, unless the nectar reincarnated Kip as a raccoon, I think we need to keep searching," Britton said. As Britton began to walk away, Cooper heard a strange noise from behind the garbage cans. He reached over and grabbed Britton's arm. "Did you hear that?" Britton listened but could only hear autumn leaves rustling. Then they both heard it. A guttural groan, like nothing either of them had ever encountered. It sounded like a strangled animal caught in a trap and begging for help. As Britton and Cooper glanced at each other in the darkness, they heard it again, more distinctly. "Breeeunnh." Cooper took a cautious step toward the trash cans. Britton remained on the sidewalk, watching nervously as whatever it was moaned eerily again with greater urgency, "Breeee-uuuuunnnnh." Cooper rounded the corner and yelped in surprise. Britton rushed over to see what had happened. Cooper was frozen in position, staring at something lurking behind the garbage cans. Britton followed Cooper's gaze but was unprepared for what he saw. Squatting on the ground was something vaguely human, or at least some kind of primate, yet Britton had never seen anything resembling this in his biology classes. It was huge, with muscles upon muscles upon muscles, freakier than even the most hard-core steroid-abusing bodybuilder. Greasy black hair straggled across its bulging brow and down past its gargantuan shoulders, with matted hair coating its face, chest and legs. Its grotesquely huge jaw hung slack as it breathed heavily through its mouth. "We better call animal control," Britton whispered into Cooper's ear. "That's no animal," said Cooper as he flipped on his cell phone light again. The creature flinched and howled at the bright light, lifting its enormous filthy hands to shield its dull, tear-filled eyes. Something shiny glinted in the light from Cooper's phone, something metallic squeezing tightly on one of the monster's bloated fingers. It took a moment before Britton recognized the item. It was very familiar, since Britton was wearing one too. It was an official Alpha Alpha Alpha ring. "Briiiii-tuuuuun," cried the creature desperately, stretching one mighty mutant arm toward Britton and Cooper, who both jumped back in fear. "Holy fucking shit," Cooper whispered, his eyes wide and mouth agape. “What the fuck is wrong with you?!”, Britton shouted at the beast which Kip had become. Kip unleashed a horrible cry and hid his face as he rocked back and forth. He was shaking twice as badly as Alex had the day before. Britton marched over toward him, furious. “What were you thinking, you STUPID FUCKING IDI-” Cooper reached forward and yanked Britton backwards as Kip's arm swung out angrily. "You're the stupid fucking idiot!", he barked in a squelched voice at Britton. "You want him to tear your head off? Can't you see that he's terrified?" Cooper pressed a hand against Britton's chest and pushed him a safe distance away, feeling Britton's heart pounding violently. Cooper then stepped calmly toward Kip, his voice oozing confidence and betraying no fear, taking control of the situation. "Hey there, Kip," he greeted the monstrosity in as offhand a tone as he could muster. "I'm so glad we found you. Everyone was worried sick about where you had gone." The mountain of flesh made an abrupt noise which, to Cooper's ear, sounded like Kip was scoffing, but he couldn't be sure if Kip was even comprehending a word he said. "No, really, I mean it. Can you come with us?" Kip grunted something vaguely resembling "Nnnnooooo" and cowered in fear as Cooper extended a hand to him. Britton watched, amazed at how bravely Cooper was dealing with this. "Don't worry. We're not gonna hurt you." Britton leaned forward and whispered into Cooper's ear. "Where the hell we gonna take him, the zoo?" Cooper shot Britton a quick glance and whispered back, firmly, "He's still our brother, brother." Cooper stepped forward with both arms out. "Please, Kip. Let us help you. That's what Alphas do for each other." Kip's dark eyes widened, his rubbery lips attempting to smile. He placed one of his mighty paws into Cooper's hand and stood awkwardly. Britton and Cooper watched in amazement as Kip rose higher and higher, his immense body looming over them by at least a foot. Not surprisingly, not a stitch of clothing remained on the towering figure. "Make sure the coast is clear," Cooper commanded Britton. Britton nodded, then asked, "Wait, where are we taking him?" "Do you have a key to the clinic?" They were fortunate there was no moon, which helped them skulk across campus with a naked seven-foot titan in tow. They stuck to back alleys and shied away from street lights en route to the clinic. When they got there, Britton unlocked the back door, switched on the lights and led Cooper and Kip to an examining room. Kip was barely able to squeeze through the door, and snarled and shielded his eyes as the fluorescents flickered to life. The lights also gave Cooper and Britton their first well-illuminated glimpse of just how grotesque Kip had become. Britton directed Kip to have a seat on an examining table. Kip eased himself down, seemingly worried that he would crush it. "I'm just gonna take a few vitals. Is that okay?", Britton asked in a loud stress-filled voice as if addressing an 800-pound child. Kip nodded suspiciously. Britton tried to wrap a blood-pressure cuff around Kip's massive biceps, but the strap was too short to stretch all the way. He placed a stethoscope to Kip's immense hairy pecs. "Looks like we're gonna have to schedule you for a wax," Britton quipped, trying to lighten the mood. Kip chortled, a deep phlegmatic noise churning upward through his chest. Britton listened, then spoke to Cooper. "Considering his size, his pulse doesn't seem out of whack. It's hard to know what would be normal for him now." Behind Kip's back, Britton prepared a hypodermic and moved stealthily to give him a shot of sedative, but as he attempted to inject Kip, the needle broke off, unable to penetrate Kip's thick hide. Kip noticed this and took an angry swat at Britton, knocking him to the floor. Britton lifted himself back to his feet and was ready to charge at Kip, but Cooper got in the way, using his considerable strength to hold Britton back. "Chill out! Are you really stupid enough to want to fight...THAT?" He jerked his head to indicate Kip, who was now standing and seething, the top of his head grazing the ceiling. Cooper turned to Kip with a soothing smile and asked, "Can you sit back down? I just want to talk." The fury in Kip's eyes abated as he looked into Cooper's cool blue eyes. Kip fell back onto the examining table with a crunch. Cooper scooted a chair over, took Kip's hands and stared deeply into the hulking figure's haunted eyes, hoping he could connect with the old Kip, assuming he was still in there somewhere. "Are you able to talk at all? Can you tell us what happened?" Kip's heavy brows lowered and his eyelids narrowed. He cleared his throat, sounding like a garbage disposal, and Cooper caught a whiff of his ghastly breath. Noticing the filth and slime clinging to Kip's fingers and rubbery lips, Cooper deduced that Kip must have been scrounging food out of trash cans to keep this gigantic body fueled all day. It took Kip enormous effort to speak, but through a combination of words and gestures, he tried to convey his story. He pointed to Cooper and said, "Big." Pointed to himself and said, "Bigger. More bigger." He lifted his hand to his mouth, suggesting drinking the nectar. Then he made a loud explosion noise, flung his arms wide and gestured to his new musculature. Cooper nodded calmly. "Uh-huh. So you wanted to get...more bigger." Britton chimed in with the subtlety of a chainsaw. "Mission fucking accomplished, bro." Cooper kept his eyes locked on Kip. "But why? You were already so amazing. Why did you need to be more bigger?" Kip pounded his hairy chest with his fist. "Alpha." He then gestured dismissively at Cooper with one hand while holding his nose with two fingers of the other. Cooper's heart sank as he discovered how Kip really felt about him. As Cooper leaned back to sulk, Britton stepped forward, furious. "You fucking egomaniac. You've had every advantage your whole life, and you still weren't half the man Alex is." Cooper could see that he wasn't going to be able to stop Britton this time. He also made a mental note to tell Britton later that he'd like to be called Cooper from now on. Britton kept on ranting, getting closer and closer to Kip. "You didn't realize how good you had it. None of the Alphas do. We all think we were born to be the strongest, the handsomest, the most successful, like it was fucking ordained. And we think that the nectar proves our greatness because it makes us stronger and handsomer and more successful. But you just couldn't handle that a dweeby little nobody like Alex had just as much inherent virtue and strength of character as any of us, and that the nectar could enhance him so he was just as good as any Alpha. Maybe even better, because he could appreciate the benefits it gave him, instead of just taking it for granted as what he deserved." Kip was slumping in the face of Britton's tirade. Britton had no idea if his precise words were sinking in, but he could tell that his message was getting across. "So you were so jealous and so threatened that some 'mere mortal' might become as good as you that you selfishly drank all the rest of the nectar? Did you think it would make you more perfect? Did you think it would make you a god? Well, how'd that work out for you?" Kip looked down at his massive hairy arms. The big brute looked sad and dissatisfied. "Meanwhile, Alex here was the most concerned of anybody about your well being. He organized the search parties. He was cool under pressure. He forced me to get my act together when I was losing it. You know why? Because he's your brother. And he cared about you as a brother. He's an Alpha. He was an Alpha before he had a drop of that fucking nectar." Britton's chest was rising and falling rapidly and his forehead was covered in sweat, but he was satisfied that he had said his piece. He retreated to a neutral corner and tried to regain his composure. Kip's head was lowered, his heavy jaw resting on his gorilla-like chest muscles. When he raised his eyes, they were flooded with tears. He dropped to his knees, shaking the building. Groveling before Cooper, he looked up and cried, struggling to speak. "Sssssssss...." His body quaked as he sobbed. "Ssssss...orrrrreeeeee." Cooper stared at the brute as he blubbered, his massive shoulders heaving with grief. Kip looked at Cooper again, pounded a heavy index finger against Cooper's sternum and strained to say, "Aaaalllll-phaaaaa b-b-bruuuu-ther." Kip collapsed forward, his head falling into Cooper's lap. Cooper was unsure how to react, then gently brushed a hand through Kip's slimy, matted hair. In a soft tone at odds with the depth of his new voice, Cooper whispered, "Thank you.” Britton watched this peculiar scene with tears in his eyes. Kip's sobbing seemed to increase dramatically, as his muscles shook violently. Then Kip raised his head with a look of terror on his face. He wasn't crying now and, from the look in his eyes, he knew something was happening to his body, some extraordinary force was buffeting it. Britton had seen this plenty of times, but even Cooper's limited experience was enough to tell him that the nectar was gearing up for yet another metamorphosis. All three men braced themselves, fearful of how much bigger and more hideous Kip might become. “Nuh!” Kip shook his head in terror. “Nuh! NUH!” Britton felt a knot in the pit of his stomach. Whatever was about to happen, he hoped he wouldn’t have to make a call to Kip’s parents when it ended. As Kip's body vibrated, his face looked sickly and his hands trembled. He opened his mouth wide as if he had something urgent to say. Cooper leaned closer, hoping to catch it...and a gusher of viscous goo shot out of Kip's mouth like water from a firehose, drenching Cooper. Cooper scooted back, his chair skidding through the nectar-laden puke that now coated the floor. Britton reached over frantically and grabbed Cooper's hand. "Don’t open your mouth! Don’t breathe! Don’t breathe don’t breathe don’t breathe. We gotta wash that shit off you. The last thing we need is another Kip." He dragged Cooper into another room which had a shower and shoved him in, fully clothed, blasting him with hot water. To his relief, the slime was washing off quickly and sliding down the drain with no evidence that it was affecting Cooper. Once his face was completely washed clean, Cooper inhaled desperately, having held his breath for more than a minute. Britton shut off the water and slumped to the floor, exhausted. Cooper looked down at his soaking-wet white shirt and pants which were clinging to every sinewy curve of his body. He looked down at Britton wearily and sighed. "Is every day this dramatic for the Alphas? Don't you ever just, like, sit around and drink too much beer?" Britton let out a cathartic laugh. "Tomorrow night. I promise." A loud moan emerged from the next room. Cooper and Britton looked at each other with dread. They crept to the door, then peeked into the examination room, expecting it to be filled to bursting with Kip. To their relief, he had not grown. In fact, he was shrinking, his super-steroidal muscles deflating back to more conceivably human dimensions. He remained as hairy as he had been in his expanded size, with the hair on his head dangling down to his nipples and a mangy growth of beard on his cheeks. He was struggling to stand, his bare feet slipping in the gallons of sticky vomit he had unleashed. Cooper and Britton stepped apprehensively through the puddles, having trouble keeping their footing. Kip draped one arm around each of their shoulders and they carried him gingerly into the clinic's waiting room. Cooper and Britton deposited him in a chair, then collapsed onto the floor. All any of them wanted to do for several minutes was breathe. Kip was the one to finally break the silence. His frail voice sounded awed and haunted, like someone who had emerged from a near-death experience. "It spoke to me." "What did?", Britton asked. "The nectar. After I took it last night. I could hear this voice. It was in Greek but I knew what it was saying.' Cooper leaned up on one elbow and looked at Kip. "And what was that?" "It said I would learn a lesson. Maybe now it's decided that I have." He slumped in his chair and lowered his arms to his sides. His ring dropped from his finger, making a sharp clang on the tile floor. Britton, Cooper and Kip all stared at the ring as it rolled across the floor, wondering if it was an omen. Kip looked down at his body, flexing his muscles and inspecting his dick. All in all, a very impressive specimen, but Kip realized something. "I'm too thin for the ring. This is my old body. From before I became an Alpha." "Bullshit," Cooper said. "You've always been an Alpha." Kip grinned back and said, "You too, brother." Then his face twisted up like he was about to cry. Kip hated crying. His lips knotted and his eyes welled up with what looked to be a gallon of water, but no tears fell. “I was so scared. I couldn’t talk! I was so, s-s-so scared…” “You just had a trauma.” Cooper reached out to put an arm around Kip, but Kip took the gesture further and yanked a surprised Cooper up into a big bear hug. Britton smiled at the reconciliation, then had an abrupt realization. "Shit, we need to call off the APB so everyone can stop searching for you!" Britton pulled out his cell phone to dial campus police. Cooper pulled his own phone from the pocket of his wet slacks and realized the phone had gotten soaked and was inoperable. Britton told him not to worry about it. He'd take care of the phone calls. He directed Cooper and Kip to the staff locker room where naked Kip and soggy Cooper could slip into some scrubs. When they returned to Alpha house for a triumphant welcome, Kip stood before the Alphas and the pledges, looking hairier and more disheveled than anyone had ever seen him. Kip related the story of his mugging and amnesia which had landed him in the hospital -- a tale he had cooked up with Britton and Cooper on the walk back from the clinic to explain his abrupt disappearance. He promised to reschedule the induction ceremony and thanked everyone for their concern. After the pledges had departed, Britton and Kip decided they needed to check on the status of the nectar barrel in the basement. As they started downstairs, Cooper heard someone say, "Pssst!" He turned and saw Kip motioning him over and whispering, "Aren't you coming?" Cooper smiled, delighted at being included. They reached the claustrophobic antechamber where the ancient barrel sat in a golden frame. They all braced themselves as Kip gently pried open the lid and peeked inside. He looked up and grinned. "It's flowing again." Britton and Cooper leaned over and discovered that the barrel was about one-tenth full of golden nectar. Every few seconds, the surface would ripple as if a new drop had fallen into it, yet those new drops didn't seem to be falling FROM anywhere. They were just...appearing. Cooper asked Kip and Britton, "How is that possible? Where does it come from?" Kip spoke sagely. "The Gods work in mysterious ways. Believe me, I know." Cooper was exhausted and asked if he could just crash somewhere in the frat for tonight. Britton let him sleep in his room, as long as he left early enough in the morning that no one else would see him. The other brothers would see it as a major breach of protocol if a mere pledge had been allowed to stay at the frat before induction. Since some of the Alphas rowed crew and had to get up before dawn, that meant Cooper was up and out of the frat by 4am. Britton loaned him another outfit even preppier than the one he had worn the day before, with a white cable-knit V-neck sweater over a gray Oxford shirt, coral shorts and deck shoes. He pulled his long blond hair into a ponytail and stared with awe at the short blond beard he was now sporting. He kept catching himself sticking his tongue out to run it over the whiskers around his mouth. He just couldn’t believe that they were there. Starbucks was not open yet, so Cooper killed time outside, wondering how he might convince Jennifer to give him a chance. His phone was now fucked up, so he couldn't send her a text. He decided to pull out a pen and sheet of paper, then pondered what to write. When Starbucks opened, Jennifer was at the counter and Cooper was the first in line, but he graciously allowed others to go ahead of him. He wanted to catch Jennifer when she had a breather between customers. When he finally reached the counter, Jennifer looked up and put on an obligatory forced smile. "Can I take your order?" Cooper leaned down, elbows on the counter, so that his eyes were even with hers. "Good morning. A friend of mine gave me a note for you." She looked at him suspiciously, expecting it to be some lame coerced apology from Devin. Cooper handed her the paper, which she unfolded. She looked at the bottom first, and her heart lifted when she saw that it was from Alex. Her delight was short-lived. "Dear Jennifer, I wanted to let you know that you won't be seeing me around anymore. It's too complicated to explain, but I've experienced some very big life changes in the past few days. Before I go, I asked my good friend Cooper if he would give you this note." Jennifer glanced over, surprised to discover that Cooper would be a good friend of Alex. She looked back at the note. "Although we barely met, I will always remember how you immediately could see the real me and didn't judge me by my outward appearance. That's a rare gift, and I hope you will continue to extend the benefit of the doubt to anyone you meet. People can really surprise you if you get to know them. Don't worry about me. I expect to have a great life. I hope you will too. Your friend, Alex" Jennifer lowered the letter and saw Cooper staring back. She didn't see the cockiness he had exhibited yesterday. She saw a friend. "Are you really friends with Alex?", she asked. "We couldn't be closer." She pursed her lips and looked him over. Maybe he was worth giving the benefit of the doubt. A line was beginning to form again, so she shifted back to business with a genuine smile. "Okay, Cooper, what can I get you?" Just as Cooper ordered his latte, Jennifer noticed Devin arriving. He wasn't in a hurry for once and immediately went to the rear of the line to wait his turn like a civilized person. Cooper spotted him too, pleased that Devin had changed his selfish ways. Devin grinned when he saw Cooper and gave him a friendly wave. Cooper leaned back to Jennifer and said, "I swear he's not my friend. I just keep running into him. Turns out he's not as bad as I thought at first." Jennifer nodded, thinking it over, then looked back at Cooper. "Yeah, I hear that can happen." As Cooper waited for his drink, Devin called over to him. "'Sup, Coop. How's it going?" "Had a rough night last night, but things are good today. So far." "Awesome, dude. Hey, listen, I hope you don't mind, but I told my basketball coach about how good you were at football, and he said he would talk to the football staff about getting you a tryout." Cooper thought this was absurd. Yesterday was the first time he had ever played football with this new body. It had felt good, natural, but he found it unfathomable that he might be able to play at college level. Then again, he'd seen a lot of unfathomable things these past few days. "I can't imagine I'm good enough." "Don't sell yourself short, buddy. You're awesome." Gradually, Cooper was starting to accept that he might actually be awesome. "Thanks, man." "Sure thing, bro." Cooper had a light schedule that morning and found himself unable to concentrate in the couple of classes that he did bother attending. He blew off his afternoon classes entirely, stripping off his shirt and sweater and lying on the grass in the quad to catch some rays. His mind drifted over the events of recent days, marveling over how his thoughts about life in general and his own life in particular had changed so drastically. He was drifting off into a pleasant dream when he heard someone bark, "Hey, you! Get a haircut!" Cooper's eyes popped open and he saw Kip looking down at him, still with straggly black hair and a moth-eaten beard. He extended an arm to lift Cooper to his feet. They headed to a male-focused hair salon with old-fashioned barber chairs and men in gleaming white uniforms. Kip had made appointments for them ahead of time. The place smelled like peppermint and musk. It was a whole new world to Cooper. Kip asked his stylist for "the usual" and instructed Cooper's barber to give him the same cut. Their chairs were reclined so they could each get their beards shaved off with straight razors, which freaked Cooper out because he’d never had one before. He had to admit, it felt amazing. The barber was a master at navigating the jutting bones that composed Cooper’s chiseled face. Hot towels were placed on their faces and their chairs raised upright for the unveiling. Cooper stared at the clean-cut, clean-shaven preppy poster child in the mirror. His shiny golden hair was clipped short on the sides and an artistically-gelled tangle on the top, identical to Kip's in everything but color. Without the distraction of his long hair, Cooper's knife's-edge cheekbones and chin cleft were even more eye-grabbing. He stared for a long time at himself, watching his big chest rise and fall under the smock. He looked over to Kip, who gave an approving thumbs-up. Then Cooper looked back at the mirror, eyes wide in complete amazement. Cooper ran his hands through the perfect wave of blond hair. “Wow,” he whispered. “You okay?” Kip reached over and laid a hand on Cooper’s shoulder. “I’m great. I’m just getting used to him. Uh, to me. That reflection.” “I can’t imagine how strange that must be.” Kip paused. “Well, actually, I can kind of imagine, now.” Kip needed a body wax to remove all traces of the were-Kip from last night, but Cooper declined to join him, even when Kip offered to pay. "Okay, man, see you tonight at eight," Kip said. Cooper was surprised. "Oh, so it's on?" "Yeah. We'd been trying to call you but your phone is still fucked." "Is there, you know, is there enough…" Cooper coughed a little. “Did you buy enough BEER? We wouldn’t want to have a party if we don’t have any BEER,” Cooper asked, not wanting to mention the nectar where non-Alphas could hear them. Catching the code, Kip grinned and spoke confidentially. "I checked this morning and we’re fully stocked. The barrel is full of beer. Good thing beer is forgiving even when I don’t deserve to be forgiven, huh?” “You deserved to be forgiven. Sometimes when you drink too much, the hangover is a monster.” That night, all the pledges including Cooper were gathered in the basement of the frat, kneeling naked in a circle. He was positioned all the way to the right at the end of the semi-circle, so that he would be the last to drink. Every other pledge was flaccid with anxiety, but Cooper’s long dick stuck straight up in front of him. He was the only one who knew what was coming. Cooper knew this ceremony would seal his membership, but he already felt like he belonged. Two men in red robes and sandals entered with the crystal bowl of nectar and brought it to the lips of the pledges, who as usual were overwhelmed with the powerful sensations that spread through their bodies. Some of them passed right out, others masturbated themselves into a coma, so when it came to be Cooper’s turn, he was the only conscious pledge. When the ladle was brought to his lips, he heard Britton intoning his name solemnly: "Cooper Alexander Carmichael. Alpha name: Coop." Britton enunciated the ‘p’ with a loud pop of his lips. Cooper glanced up and could just make out Britton's features in the murky darkness of his hood. He could swear that Britton gave him a wink. As the ladle reached his mouth, Cooper eagerly cupped his hands around it and guided its contents down his throat. A dribble rolled out of the corner of his lips, and this time it was a robed man – Kip – who caught it with his thumb, which Cooper wrapped his mouth around sucked off. “UNGH!” If a punch in the stomach could feel good, that was what Cooper got. Hot pleasure shot through his nerves and he splattered a load of cum right onto the bottom of Britton’s robe. Cooper fell forward onto his hands, spraying his seed underneath him. He moaned loudly. Britton stumbled back to avoid getting doused again, managing to avoid laughing. The two robed men carried the nectar into the back room, with Britton whispering to Kip. "You sure you don't want a little?" Kip told him, "No, I'm good." Even handling the nectar made him nervous now. He played with the Alpha ring on his finger, which he had gotten resized to fit on his slimmer finger. Cooper could tell he would normally be feeling terrible, but his tolerance for pain had increased so radically in his new form that he felt almost nothing. This final dose wasn't nearly as shocking to Cooper's system as either of the prior two, more like a Ben-Gay body rub than the bone-wracking agony he had experienced before. But he could still sense that something was changing. While the rest of the pledges had been shrieking and groaning and passing out, Cooper mostly had a sensation of the room growing ever so slightly smaller. He could feel the sinews in his chest vibrating. Heat rushed through his arms up to the tip of his fingers. Thicker and bigger he grew. His butt swelled out, his thighs pulsed with growth. The shapes of his muscles grew more improbable with each throb of his body, as his physique reshaped into something Herculean, with proportions most professional bodybuilders could only dream of. It was chiseled beauty blown into its biggest human form. Cooper’s shape could never be achieved with chemical concoctions. It was just something you had or you didn’t. And if you weren’t Cooper, you didn’t have it. He felt the angles of his jaw shifting again, the bottom of his face a collection of 45- and 90- degree angles that no surgeon could replicate. His beard blasted back through his skin as his hormones surged. A sweet, masculine aroma wafted out from him, filling the basement with his manly scent. Britton and Kip noticed Cooper's changes immediately upon their return, and both could do nothing but gasp. Cooper's muscles were filling out beautifully, exquisite in every contour, and his already stunning face achieved perfect symmetry – almost inhuman to behold, as if he were the next stage of man. As the other inductees rose from their blackouts, they naturally inspected themselves first, but their eyes were all quickly drawn to Cooper's magnificence. He had become the Alpha-est Alpha of all. He stood, arms out in angles at his sides, his hips naturally cocked, his dick standing straight up and oozing cum. He pulled his biceps up into a pose and moved to kiss them. But his shoulder had grown so broad, his neck so thick, that he couldn’t stretch to his bicep. Instead, he pulled his arm over to his face and Frenched the muscle, as more cum spurted onto his 10-pack. When he felt the sticky moisture, he looked down and grinned from ear to ear as his cock smiled back up at its master. He wrapped one hand around his shaft and cupped his balls with the other, dropping to his knees and playing with himself until he finally fainted. -------- He woke up in the basement, his demigod body glazed by his own sperm. Britton was sitting nearby, playing with his phone. “God, I thought you’d never wake up.” “Why am I still down here?” His voice had changed again. It was a pleasant bass now, booming out of him like a shout. He had to consciously work to scale back the volume. With his massive chest, there was just so much space to project from. “It took three of us to pick you up instead of the usual two, and we couldn’t fit all three of us and you in the stairwell.” “Awesome,” Cooper grinned, laying on his back and tapping his abs like they were piano keys. “Shit, I feel huge just here on the floor.” “You got…really big. You’re the biggest I’ve ever seen.” Britton stood up and clapped his hands together, flinging a pair of XXL Tri-Alpha shorts at him to wear for now. “First thing tomorrow, we’re getting you clothes.” After shaving again – he cut himself twice because he wasn’t used to the angles of his face - Cooper was taken shopping the next day by Britton and Kip. Alex had never been much of a shopper, but Cooper was discovering that he loved it. The only problems were finding fashionable clothes big enough for his jacked 6'6" frame and deciding what to buy, since he now looked good in practically anything -- although he looked best wearing nothing at all. He really liked dress shirts now, but he couldn’t close the collars. Britton, as a welcome gift, ordered Cooper three custom shirts so that he’d be able to wear a tie with them. They picked out a lot of sweaters, because sweaters stretched. They were still skintight, with cable knit warping over his arms and chest, but Cooper sort of dug that look. They had to buy his pants huge so that his thighs would fit inside of them, and Kip called in a favor with a girl he knew at Tri-Delt who could resize the waists to fit Coop. Shoes were a big problem too – Cooper had to wear flip-flops for four days before his online shoe order arrived. No physical stores had his size. Luckily, other Alphas had had the same problem, and had a list of places for him to look on the Internet. Cooper needed to retrieve some final items from his dorm room before moving into the frat. The threesome had to walk single-file down the hallway, their broad shoulders nearly scraping the opposite walls. Roach was not in the room when they got there, so the guys quickly gathered Alex's belongings, boxing up his old clothes to donate to charity. Cooper, Britton and Kip were just about to leave when the door opened and Roach entered with his girlfriend Rachel. Rachel's eyes nearly exploded from her head at this triptych of male pulchritude, while Roach skittered to the corner of the room. "Shit, now there's three of them. I told you the other night, just take what you want and leave." Cooper smiled ingratiatingly. "Just letting you know, Roach, that Alex is moving out." Roach stammered in confusion, "Who's Alex?" Rachel took an annoyed swat at Roach. "He's your roommate, you dope." She turned back to the three guys, grinning. "So is one of you moving in to replace him?" "No," replied Cooper. "We're Alpha men." The three hunks left the room and headed toward the elevators. Rachel followed into the hall to watch them walk away. Roach sidled up to her, annoyed. "Whatta they got that I don't?" Rachel turned to her boyfriend with annoyance. "Are you fucking high?" To thank Britton and Kip for their help, Cooper offered to treat them to something at Starbucks. Jennifer was working the counter and was startled when she looked up and saw the men. Her peripheral vision could grasp that the two guys bookending him on either side were remarkably beautiful, but she couldn't take her eyes off Cooper in the middle. He had cleaned up nicely, losing the long hair and the scruff, and his blue eyes were even more mesmerizing than she remembered. She had never seen a face structured like his. He looked like a painting in motion. He was wearing a V-neck t-shirt that barely held in his chest. She attempted to ask if she could take their order, but only a few random dusty syllables tumbled from her mouth. "Hello, Jennifer," Cooper said, his deep voice enchantingly musical. He clapped a hand on the shoulder of each of his companions. "These are my friends, Britton and Kip." The guys said hello, and Jennifer grinned back, stupefied. Imbued with pure confidence, Cooper looked at Jennifer and said, "We're having a party at the Alpha Alpha Alpha house tonight, and I would like you to accompany me." It wasn't a question, it wasn't a request, it was a statement of fact. She finally got a word out. "Definitely." -------- When senior year began, Cooper started his term as president of the Alphas, succeeding Britton who would still drop by periodically when not swamped by med school. Cooper didn't have much free time either, between classes, the demands of the frat, and the grueling schedule of the football team for which he was now starting quarterback. In a way, he was happy so much of his time was taken up with these other activities, so he could cede all planning of their upcoming wedding to Jennifer. All he insisted on was that his groomsmen have tailored tuxes, nothing baggy. Off-the-rack didn’t work for Alphas -- not even for Kip, who would be proudly displaying the thirty pounds of muscle he’d finally gained back through rigorous training. As frat president, Cooper did have one important task to carry out which he could not delegate. After the success of what became known in hushed tones as "the Alex experiment", the Alphas established a tradition of scouring the campus each fall for one unlikely looking but thoroughly deserving freshman to receive the nectar. This was a closely-kept secret, known only to the president, his second-in-command and, obviously, the previously nerdy recipients of this gift. It was important that the other frat brothers remain unaware of the procedure, so that they wouldn't think any less of the new recruit who hadn't arrived at college with their natural physical advantages -- and so that none of the brothers would get the crazy idea of taking extra nectar to improve themselves further. After an exhaustive search, Cooper had targeted Milo, an overweight physics student with wispy red hair and a fondness for classical music. Cooper had been as vague as possible in his previous discussions with Milo, so that if he backed out, he wouldn't know enough to expose the Alphas' secrets. But now that Milo was in the basement of Alpha house, eager to receive his first dose of the sweet nectar that would forever alter his life, Cooper spoke with foreboding from beneath his red hood. “Milo Hayes Reynolds, this nectar is more powerful than you could possibly imagine. One of our members is more than two hundred years old. Another fought in the Civil War. But for the Union, don’t worry.” In the shadows of his cloak, Cooper grinned mischievously, revealing his absolutely perfect teeth.
  25. MuscleAndBulge

    The Life Changing Discovery

    This is my first attempt at a story. I wrote and posted it on MetaBods a couple of years ago and then didn't return to it until recently. I hope you enjoy, and look forward to new chapters in the future. This is the story Stew, a short and scrawny teenager. But after he discovers a magical artifact, his life becomes bigger and better. ~~~~~ Stew was a typical teenage guy. He had just started college, but he was off for the summer. He studied at a local school, so he lived with his parents. Stew had only made a few friends in high school, but he was trying to get out of his shell more now that he was in college. He had made a few friends in his program, and he had even gone on a few dates with some guys he’d met online. Stew was trying to be more outgoing, since he had been more introverted in high school and wanted to push the limits of his comfort zone. The sun was setting on a Saturday evening at the beach. Stew’s family liked to drive there and spend the day whenever they could. It was a bit of a family tradition. Stew didn’t want to go swimming after they had finished eating, so he unpacked his metal detector and set out looking for random things around the beach. After spending over an hour searching with nothing more than some broken jewelry and some pocket change to show for his effort, he decided to expand his search. He headed over some rocks away from the main part of the public beach. He figured he’d try some place that hadn’t been picked over by dozens of other metal detector enthusiasts. He got to another stretch of shore, but this one was much rockier and filled with seaweed. This must be why no one bothered with this stretch of beach. He started his sweeping pattern and set to work. After a few minutes, he got another hit. Pulling out his trusty spade, he set to work digging it up. He heard the telltale “ting” of metal on metal, letting him know he had found his target. He carefully excavated it and found what appeared to be some sort of metal lamp with ornate design covering the sides. He stashed it away in his backpack to take a closer look at it later. The sun had almost set now, and he was sure the rest of his family was getting ready to leave. He packed up his gear and made his way back to the parking lot. ***** Later that night, after they got home and unpacked everything from the car, Stew brought his stuff to the basement. Stew was the youngest of his brothers, and the only one that still lived with his parents. So, he had most of the basement to himself, and he set it up like a rec room. There was a couch, a TV, some chairs, and a desk to do homework in the corner. When he set down his backpack, he heard the clank of the things he had found at the beach and it reminded him of the strange lamp he found. He took it out of his backpack and sat at his desk to take a better look. It had some corrosion from being in the wet sand for who knows how long. Stew took out a rag and started to scrub some of the dirt away and get a better look at the designs on the side. Starting on one side, he worked his way around until he was back where he started. He squinted to take a better look and brought it closer to his face, when suddenly, it began to vibrate. Startled by this, he let go of it and it clattered onto the desk. It started to glow and rattle more violently. A plume of smoke started to come out of the opening, and the rattling seemed to slow down. The smoke started to become denser and take shape. A muscled torso of a man started to form before him, and stew noticed how buff and toned he was. It reminded of the men’s fitness magazines he had hidden away when he was too young to have his own computer. The man finally came into view, with teal skin and pointed ears pierced with several earrings. Stew and scooted back several feet during the events and was now staring at the strange new guest in his basement hideout with his mouth agape. “Hello” said the floating figure. “My name is Awah’Toh. I am the genie who lives in this lamp. I am here to grant you three wishes” “Holy shit” was all Stew could manage to come up with. The genie tilted his head curiously and said, “why would you bless feces?” This snapped Stew out of his awestruck lack of words. “Genies are real?” He said. The genie looked down and himself, then to the lamp, and then back to Stew and said “Clearly.” It appears a genie can be sarcastic. “So… you can actually grant me three wishes?” “Yes. However, there are limits on my magic. I cannot bring back the dead. I cannot control other people. And I cannot grant immortality. Besides this, I can give you anything you desire.” “So kinda like in Aladdin?” “Who?” Said the genie, puzzled. “Never mind.” Stew said, as his mind started to race with possibilities of what he could ask for. His mind went over the events of the days and started thinking of the beach. He thought about why he didn’t want to join his family when they went swimming. Stew was a rather small for his age. He hadn’t gotten a huge growth spurt in high school like a lot of his classmates had and seemed to have peaked at 5’6”. And he had little to show in the muscle department. His cock was nothing impressive, maxing out at 4” hard. He hated taking his shirt off because it would show off how thin and small he was. That’s why it had been a few years since he had gone swimming at the beach. Being in the water with nothing but his swim trunks showed off everything he didn’t like about his figure. As though a light bulb went off in his head, he made eye contact with the genie and asked “this isn’t one of those monkey paw situations where these wishes turn out to be curses or something, right?” “I’m not familiar with this, but I can assure you, I wish you no ill will” “Alright then. I wish I could make my body bigger” He said decisively. “Very well” the genie nodded slowly, then pointed his fingers at Stew. There was no light and no sparks. Nothing but some fingers pointed. “Did it work?” asked Stew skeptically. “Why not give it a try? Think of the changes you want and see what happens” After finished his hand motion, the genie crossed his arms over his chest. As he did so, his muscles flexed and showed off their size. This gave Stew all the inspiration he needed. He concentrated on these muscles and thought of how he wanted the same thing. His body felt strange. It wasn’t unpleasant, perhaps even good. As thought a thousand tiny hands were massaging his skin at once. He looked down at himself and saw the changes unfold. His chest started to expand under his loose-fitting shirt. His arms were getting thicker too, making his sleeves tight. His shirt was now too tight for him. Moving his arms made the shirt bunch and stretch in ways Stew was not familiar with. His jeans were also becoming snug around his legs as he filled them out more and more. The changes slowed to a stop. Stew started to touch his arms and chest to make sure they were real, and sure enough they were very real. He looked at the genie and smiled. “This is amazing!” “I’m glad you enjoy my handiwork” he said with another slow nod. Stew’s mind was going wild now as thoughts started jumping around inside his head. “How big can I get?” He asked with an excited tone. “You never wished for a maximum size, so there isn’t one” Awah’Toh said matter-of-factly. This brought on another wave of excitement for Stew. He looked over at his computer and remembered the pictures of morphed muscle men he had seen online. He thought about one of his favourite photos and held the image in his head. But before he did anything else, he ran over to the old full-length mirror that had been stored in the corner of the room after some renovations. Stew was now ready and thought about how he wanted to look like that morphed man with the exaggerated features. He watched in the mirror as his muscles once again started to expand. His shirt got tighter and tighter until the seams started to rip, and his new flesh started to spill out of the tears. He got caught up in the moment and flexed to see how it looked in the mirror. Just then, his shirt reached its limit and fell off in tatters, revealing Stew’s now bulging and growing torso. His muscles continued to expand, his shoulders getting wider and his pecs growing outwards until Stew’s chin bumped into them as he tried to look down. His abs formed a tight eight-pack of fist sized bulbs that each cast their own shadow. His biceps were the size of bowling balls and his triceps looked twice as big as a normal bodybuilder’s would be. After scoping out the changes that happened above his waist, Stew realized that his jeans looked like leggings and the seams were held together by threads. Shortly after he realized how strained they were, he bent over to examine the damage. This caused his muscles to flex. Almost like rip-off pants, they fell away from his legs, leaving him standing there in nothing but his underwear. “Wow” Was all Stew could say. He turned around, inspecting his new proportions in the mirror. He would flex and turn and flex and turn, amazed by the results. He loved how he looked now. The feeling of his new strength felt amazing. But after a few minutes of looking at himself in the mirror for a few minutes, something started to bother stew. He looked at his junk. It was covered by his briefs. He had worn a special spandex pair for his trip to the beach, just in case he decided to go swimming. His cock had felt small before, but with his new swollen muscles grown to huge proportions, it looked comically small under the blue stretchy fabric. “Is something wrong? Are you not satisfied with your wish?” Piped up the genie. Stew felt sheepish all of a sudden. “Does… Does it work on uhh…” his voice trailed off, embarrassed by what he wanted to ask. It was comical how this gargantuan wall of muscle was fidgeting with the waistband on the only piece of clothing he wore. “Can it work on my cock?” he finally blurted out. “You wished to make your body bigger. Your cock, as you call it, is part of your body, is it not?” Stew’s heart began to race with the new ideas coming to mind. This time Stew simply thought about how he wanted a bigger dick. He didn’t think of anything for inspiration. Just simply: bigger. Then, on command just like his previous changes, his underwear began to fill. The change was slow at first. His dick started to show through the fabric, outlining the growing member. It slowly grew to fill the pouch, then it began to push beyond the boundaries of what was normal. It stuck out further and further in front of him, growing to the size of a cantaloupe. Stew could finally see the bulge over his pecs. This was substantial, because of how huge his pecs were now. Looking in the mirror again, Stew surveyed his new addition. He touched the bulge with his whole hand. His bulge jiggled somewhat, then a shock of pleasure coursed threw his cock. This surprised Stew. It was as though the sensitivity of his cock had grown along with the size. He rubbed the front of the pouch, feeling it stretch as he pushed it from side to side, enjoying the sensations that went along with the motions. Stew was beyond excited now. He couldn’t believe that this person he saw in the reflection was actually him. He loved every crevice and curve his body now had.
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