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Found 2 results

  1. Hey, y'all! It's been a while since I've written a story on this site. I miss writing, so, here is the thing: Gimme a picture of a nice, buff guy, or a morphed up guy, or something, and I'll write a story for the picture! It'll be a short story, but I'll do it! Cause I feel like it would be fun! So, don't hesitate to share!
  2. mczapl


    Chapter 1 His name was @SupremeAlpha. I found him on Instagram and immediately felt his alpha radiation coming from his pictures. He was young, in his mid-20. Tall, muscular and handsome. He loved to work out and pose in the gym and in the locker, showing his pumped muscles to his admirers. He had great wide and massive pecs which stood out after each of his heavy workouts. His smile was charming, but showing authority. A real Alpha. He had curly blond hair. Rather short. Sometimes he even shaved them off completely, which made him look more like an army recruit. He probably would look great wearing a uniform. Pity there was no pics of him like that. On other pics he let his hair grow longer. On those he resembled Adonis - a mix of a ancient Greek superhero and god of love. His skin was dark, as he loved to be tanned. Something between olive tan and golden brown. This was a great combo with his blond hair. His eyes were blue. Deep Ocean blue. On the pics where he looked straight into the camera, these eyes pierced through you, immediately took command of you. They were saying - I am better than you. Stronger. More virile. He was 6'1 (1m85). His legs were pretty muscular, but not huge, because he liked to run. I watched his instastories from his morning jogs. When he was sweaty, short of breath explaining his lifestyle. Wow! Amazing! His confidence was pouring out of these stories. Watching his Instagram profile over and over again, I instantly felt weak and beta. Which is completely normal, as I am a beta fag. A looser. I exist to serve. Serve supreme Alphas. The ones who dominate. Who are born to rule. I dared to write to him. I wrote how supreme he is to me. How his alphaness makes me shiver. But also how it makes me horny. I begged for his forgiveness for being so honest. After a few hours he replied. I was extremely nervous when I opened his message. What is he going to write to me? Maybe he will be crossed at me, he will block me and I will not be able to see his pictures anymore? That would make me extremely sad. Luckily his answer was different. It was short. Very Alpha-style. He wrote: "I was born to make weaklings like you feel insecure." Wow! He bothered to discover my existence and he even replied to me! I was so overwhelmed and horny that I had to jerk off! I replied to him immediately after I cleaned the floor of my room of my cum. "Yes Sir. I exist to serve you." That's how our insta-chats begun. I discovered he lives not far from me, around 1 hour drive by car. He demanded my nude pictures. I've sent him my insignificant body and my ass. I also sent him a pic of my dick, which was rock-hard when I shot the picture, but he scorned me and told me that my dicklet is irrelevant to him and completely useless. He liked my ass though. He said he likes it when it is plump and mine fits his tastes. I was overwhelmed with joy. I never dared to ask him for nudes and he never sent them on his own account, so I never have seen how endowned is he. I never asked about his size either. I assumed he is big, as any Alpha is. Today is a special day. He allowed me to visit him for the first time. I received precise instructions. He lives outside of town. I am to drive to his mansion (yes, he lives in a mansion! He is rich!) up until his gate. I am to be naked when I ring the gate bell. Then I will be allowed to enter his premises and drive till the main door. Unless he is unhappy with how I look or he will be busy with another faggot. Then I will be sent back. I am to leave all my belongings in the car, including my mobile, wallet and the car keys. I am to stand in front of his door completely naked. I am to be fully shaved from neck downwards and covered with a thin layer of oil to make me even smoother and shiny. I am so excited! I really can't wait! It will be an epic day! And night of course! I do hope I will be able to please him! To be continued…
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