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  1. Chapter 1: "Dusk of One Day, Dawn of Another." After a couple of failed attempts to write something half decent, I’m delighted to finally share with you the opening chapter of “The Devil By My Side”. Originally posted on another site, I decided to share it here. It's not entirely about muscle growth, but it does play a part in several chapters. It was co-written with a wonderful and talented friend of mine who; working together we've attempted to come up with a story we think is exciting, compelling and entertaining, and so, we hope you enjoy reading chapter one as much as we enjoyed writing it. All teenage characters are at the late stages of puberty, use of the word “boy” or “child” as a description is used to signify the advanced age of a demonic entity. Most of the individuals that call upon my kind often do so seeking something. A prize, a reward, a deal. They expect of us, try to make bargains and deals, but this… I could tell from the second he began reading the incantation that this was different. I suppose you could describe it as someone lightly tapping against a windowpane, not that my domain has windows; that’s how it started. But from the instant I felt him calling to me, I could feel that he wasn’t really seeking… anything. A grin crossed my face and I pondered internally: “A summoner without cause, how unusual”. Of course, many have tried to bring forth me and my brethren throughout the years - doubtless you may have read the stories told of people who succeeded, but none have ever done so with such a lack of direction; a lack of desire or need. And it was that that made me curious to answer his call; he’d barely even considered the requirements for a summoning; the rituals and pageantry, but those are the requirements we set for those who place requirements on us. This, was an unconditional invitation to the human world. The words tumbled lazily and mispronounced out of his mouth, but even if he was unable to pronounce my name correctly at the moment, I was certain that given time, it would be carved into his mind. And so, ever the courteous guest, I decided to answer the call. A blinding flash of light poured into my eyes and instinctively I held my hand above my face to shield them; within moments I adjusted to the glow of the late evening sun dappling through the trees. “What the fu… where am I?!” I heard a voice cry, I lowered my gaze to see the Mortal facing away from me. He turned in position trying to find his bearings and as he did, our eyes locked. A look of horror as he took in my visage; from the charred grass circling my feet up my sculpted body and back to my face. His breath quickened. “Are you…?” He quizzed, the words failing to leave his mouth. I remained staring at the youthful male, he seemed as confused as I was. “Why did you call me to this place” I rumbled. “Wait… what?!” He stammered. “I….. I didn’t. I was just reading. Who are you?! And where are my friends? A minute ago, I was in the basem… I didn’t summon you… I don’t even know how to…” The panic rose in his voice as he continued to speak - I took a step forward. And he instinctively took one back. “Please don’t kill me! Please… I’ll just leave…” he cried. I took another step. He jolted backwards, his back pressing against one of the towering trees surrounding us. “I won’t tell anyone.. you certainly don’t need to hurt me.” I stepped forward once more, narrowing the gap between the two of us. “Please!” He wailed, his eyes becoming glassy. “Whatever you want… I…” “Silence, child!” I roar. “Are you always so quick to cower?… it sickens me.” I sneer I take the final step towards him, leaving only inches between us. He flinches, pushing himself as far away from me as he can. Fear flushes through him; and I relish in being so fearful. I snap my fingers and behind me, the ground rumbles and groans. Grass and soil shifting upwards and hardening into a coal-black seat. Sitting down I maintain eye contact. “Seems to me, young one, we’re in an unprecedented situation.” I murmer. "Please Sir… err… Mr. Demon, Sir… don’t kill me. I don’t want to die. I’ll do anything you ask of me. Just please, spare my life!” He nervously pants. I stare at him continually, then I begin to chuckle. “You are in no position to make any demands of m…” The words catch in my mouth, it’s typical to lie when entering into a contract with a summoner. But this time, there’s no need. “Yes…” I allow myself a moment to consider the situation; my mind gleefully races. He looks at me, fear his your eyes but a look of confusion. “If there is no contract… then I am unbound.” I muse to myself. Thoughts continue to rush through my mind. Suddenly I snap my attention back to the youthful Mortal and laugh a hearty, deep sinister laugh. “You made no demands. No requests. No bargains or deals.” I summarise. “As such, I owe you nothing. And so, you are of no use to me.” My eyes flare with an infernal crimson light. I fix my focus into his eyes… my intent is to destroy him, to engulf his brain with flames inside his skull. Destroying the one witness of my arrival and only creature in this realm who might know of a way to banish me. But, the second I try I feel a shooting pain across my skull and cease immediately. ‘Wh… what just happened?!” The mortal asks, stunned. I grasp my brow and rub the surface “The pain…” I groan. Inside the mortal’s head, a thought compels him to start running. “Go you moron! Don’t just stand there! Run! Run for your life!” But as his inner voice screams at him, he finds himself moving forward. “Why am I moving forward?” He questions his actions. “Why am I not running away?” But his curiosity has taken over and he continues inching closer and closer towards me. As he nears me, I once again feel the urge to harm him, before he harms me. I sharply extend my arm and wrap my hand firmly around his neck. A smile of triumph painted onto my face. But, as I squeeze, I feel the pressure within my own throat - the harder I force myself, the less I’m able to breathe. As my lungs start to burn, I drop the boy. We both collapse to the ground, coughing and spluttering; gasping for air. I manage to choke out the words “If I were you, mortal. I would run.” The voice in his head urges him to heed the creature’s warning and go, try to save his life. But for some reason he simply didn’t want to move. He should have feared for the safety of his friends, he should have been at least a mile away by now, but he simply couldn’t ignore a second voice in his head which had been teasing him for some time now: “Why can’t he hurt me? Why does he feel what I am feeling? When he tried to squeeze the life out of me, he nearly succeeded in killing himself”. He couldn’t go. He was too… curious to go. He’d almost died on the spot when the Demon had tried to choke him, but one thing was clear to him. The Demon couldn’t harm him. "You can’t hurt me demon!” The Mortal shouted. “There’s nothing you can do to me.” “Perhaps not physically, boy.” I snapped back. “What?!” He froze “What do you mean?” I stare at him.. my healed and pain-free mind is literally racing. I have never encountered a human who can’t be harmed. Mind you, I’ve never encountered a human… in this domain. Which reminds me… there’s a whole world out there for me to explore now! And so I grin at the small mortal. “In time, you and the rest of your kind will witness precisely what I mean. But for now, you’re not worth my attention, child. So take your good fortune, flee and be thankful for it.” I turn from him and begin striding away. The soil beneath my feet a welcome reminder of my newly found freedom. But as our distance widens, I begin to feel as if I’m wading through the river of Styx. Each step becomes more and more of a vigorous effort. I look back over my shoulder and see him continuing to stare at me. With every ounce of strength in my powerful body, I take one further step and in the corner of my eye, I see him stumble forward. With each energy sapping footstep I see his body dragged across the ground in my direction. Nearing exhaustion I stop. “No.” I groan. “No it can’t be.” The realisation is dawning on me. “YOU!” I snap at the boy “What hex have you cast upon me?!” As he watches the Demon trying to leave in vain, the human heard him yelling and he thought about the situation quickly. His mind tried to rationalise: ”He can’t run away from me. He can’t harm me. I summoned him. Accidentally, yes.. but he made it out of Hell just because… I called him out. I told him to come here…” A crazy idea pops into the boy’s mind. He raises his head and locked eyes with me. “Hey you! Demon!” The boy cried. “Kneel!” A wave of anger flushes through me “I KNEEL FOR NO ONE!!!” I roar back. But, in the darkest parts of my being, as he spoke the words… I did feel a compulsion. The boy, without even thinking, opened his mouth and yelled once more: "Oh you will kneel for ME! YOUR master! I summoned YOU! You are here thanks to me!” He bawled.” Now you have to do as I command you! I know you’re unable to harm me, which means I must have some sort of power over you! So when I say kneel. YOU - WILL - KNEEL!” As he howled the last word, I felt the earth shudder beneath my feet. The idea enters my mind. Not from my own will… but I can feel it… his anger, his desire, his will pushing into me. And so I resist. I fight the overriding desire to kneel to him. But I feel my body quiver. In horror I watch as my legs fold under me. I fight again. Pushing my obvious supremacy back against his request. But I sink lower. Before I can take stock of the situation, I am on bended knee. Eyes to the ground. I raise my head and am instantly shocked at what I see. The boy was kneeling too. In that instant, we are a physical mirror of each other. And he appeared just as shocked as I was. A smile crosses my face again. “That didn’t seem to work as you intended, did it… ‘Master’?” “What is happening?!” The boy panicked internally. "Why am I kneeling? That shouldn’t be… What has he done to me?”The fear flashing across his eyes. “Seems to me, ‘Oh Glorious Master,’” I smirk, “that you and I, are bonded.” “What the hell does that mean?!” The Mortal snaps. I take a second to consider the question and the grin on my face slowly fades. “Honestly…? I don’t know.” “How can you not know?!” He blurted. “As I said earlier, young one, we are in uncharted territory here.” I begin. “When a summoner calls upon a demon, they do so with intent…. so what did you intend, boy?” The boy stops. His memory trying to recall. “When I read what was on the paper, I didn’t have any intent whatsoever.. I didn’t even know what it was!” He cried. “I simply came here tonight with my friends because the guys said this place was abandoned - I like spooky tales… I wanted to go on an adventure and explore the supernatural with the guys.” “That! There!” I realise. “That’s it.” “What’s it?!” He quizzes. “I don’t understand.” “You… desire to belong.” I ponder. “These ‘guys’, you desire to be in their company?” The boy breaks my gaze. He looks awkwardly at his feet. “Well… yes… I do… I really do… but it’s… not so simple.” I look blankly at the youthful mortal. “Calling them ‘friends’… isn’t accurate.” He continues. “They’re actually bullies - they’ve mistreated me since I started high school. Always said that I was weak, a ‘pussy’.” He grumbled. “Today, when they dared me to go there, I thought ‘well, tonight we are gonna see who’s the pussy!’ I was sure a bunch of muscle-heads like those guys were all tough on the outside, but in reality had issues and complexes as every other person on earth!” I looked at the pitiful boy, “You thought that would win their friendship?” I chuckled. “You wanted…. a friend?” “To be honest, I wanted to be more than just a friend to those guys…” He replied as I shifted from kneeling to sitting on the ground. “Go on…” “Well… you see… I have realised for sometime now that… I’m not interested in women… I’m attracted to men. Those guys played a major role in that. Since I can remember, they’ve treated me like shit, as if I was their inferior - as if I was someone who simply should worship them - for they were the prime males of their world, the top dogs, the alpha men. They have been calling me faggot for years now, humiliating me in front of everyone in the school: In front of my classmates, in front of the teachers. They have been accusing me of ogling, staring at their muscles and their… packages.” The truth poured out of the young human. “To be honest, I tried to become like them, do some sports, put on some muscle, but the coach didn’t believe in me and put me in the locker room cleaning up after his boys’ mess. And there was the first time I felt it. They were always showing off their muscled bodies, accusing me of being a faggot looking at them, desiring them, wanting to suck their cock and clean their sweaty muscles with my tongue… well… that was my world, and, if you spent year after year waking up and going to sleep having all this in your head playing over and over again, I assume even if it weren’t true, eventually it becomes your reality. And that’s how I started falling in love with them, looking at them undress in the lockers, smelling their pungent stink after every practice, seeing the sweat dripping off their shirts and compression shorts…. I wanted to be everywhere they were. After a certain point, I stopped caring about their insults, I simply didn’t care as long as I was close to them, seeing them, smelling them… And that’s how I ended up here, tonight, sitting…. wherever the hell we are…. talking to a demon.” I took a moment to look at the boy from head to toe. Most people who had disclosed what he had would do so with a sense of self-pity or shame… but in him… it was almost like he was indifferent to it. Like he had accepted his role as an inferior so entirely… and it didn’t sit well with me. “So, that’s what the whole ’kneel’ matter was about? You trying to dominate?” I pondered.“I still don’t see how that would bond us.” I mused aloud. “Perhaps I’m not supposed to.” I rose to my feet; and offered the young Mortal a hand up. “He works in mysterious ways.” I smiled. “God?” He asked. “No… the other guy.” I grinned, pointing a thumb down. The boy stared at my two softly glowing eyes as he extended his hand towards the demon. “So you don’t want to kill me now?” “Something tells me it would be best for us both for me to not.” I take a chance to breathe deep. “Besides, it might be best to have someone who knows much of the human world.” I smiled. “Especially if I’m going to claim it.” The colour seemed to drain from the boy’s face “’Claim it’?! You mean, you want to own the world?!” “Well now, see here’s the thing. As you summoned me without condition… I have no need to return… down there.” I stroke a hand tenderly down the young mortal’s face. “And I’m going to need a helping hand to make myself comfortable here. You’ve told me what you want with your ‘friends’, that’s well within the scope of possibility.” I stretch as if waking from a deep sleep. “But you’re thinking awfully small, little mortal.” “What do you mean?!” The young human asked. “A couple boys who’ve bullied you? I can look into what awaits… a whole existence of being second best; beat down, ignored and belittled.” I grasp his shoulder. “But now; the two of us… we can make this world whatever we want.” “I don’t understand. How can I, a human, help a supernatural being as you? I have no powers, no influence as a person in this world.” He speaks, panic and nervousness quickened his speech. “And why should I help you? After all you’re a demon, you say you want to ‘claim’ the world. Why should I be the one to bring damnation on the entire human race?” “You’re not getting this, are you? Little one.. you and me. We’re stuck together. Joined at the soul for the rest of eternity. And as you say - you have no power, no influence. So I guess what I’m saying is this; you’re along for the ride whether you want to be or not”. I grinned wildly.
  2. The Passion Of Flames by big-Zargo Authors note: This story was inspired by an old story I made for a contest, to be more accurate my first story I need for a contest. I decided I could re-look at the story again because I felt that I could do more with it. And as I mulled it over, I felt that I could expand it and its ideas. Embers of a burning rainbow Patrick was hiking in the woods making his way across a trampled dirt path. He thought to himself, just three more hours and he will soon be off the trail and back into civilization. He rubbed his hand over his sweating pale white face moving some of his shaggy brown hair off of his glasses. His nose twitched as the smell of burning wood filled his nostrils. Nostalgic memories of the campfire passed through his head as he stood there basking in the flavorful aroma. His thoughts were interrupted as the world began to rumble from around him. Losing his footing Patrick fell onto the ground as it began to move before his very eyes, rather than a mouth opening it was as if the earth was becoming erect and was growing towards the sky. A small hill was being born right in front of Patrick’s eyes. In another dimension outside the barriers of multiple realities laid a massive red Titan of cosmic fire and passion, glowing so brighter and larger than a star. With giant rippling muscles bigger than the biggest continents on Earth, a forest of grayish body hair that a man could live on, balls the size of huge planets squished together, a ridiculously huge cock that can reach the Titans head. He along with wild grayish hair and a beard that reached his massive hairy pecs attached to a chest. A square-ish head with a strong jaw and prominent forehead and eyebrow ridges. This entity was So massive with muscles that the giant could not even move its limbs. Massive pillars of Flames had surrounded and wrapped around the Titan’s ridiculously big dick, stroking, and squeezing it in a form of masturbation. For unknown eons, this cosmic giant had rubbed at its huge fuck stick, with a blank look of pleasure on his face as time passed by; For its prison hold him well. But sadly, nothing lasts forever, and eventually, the cosmic giant came, and like a geyser erupting his hot cream cum had shot across the boundaries of reality and laid the beginning of the end for a lucky/unlucky world. When Patrick got up, he had found himself next to a new miniature hill, that appeared across his path. He had felt a strange compulsion to explore it. He quickly climbed up on top of the new hill to find a miniature crater reminding him of the pictures they found of books and the Internet. To Patrick, it looked more like a freshly dead miniature volcano, with its rough and smooth black glass all over it. He suddenly felt horny as the smell of a campfire had passed through his nose. The compulsion to enter the crater had been un-resistible to Patrick. He grabbed his crotch and began rubbing it in pleasure as he made his way deeper into the hole. A moan escaped his lips as thoughts of masturbating over right in any sense of fear or curiosity. He had taken off on his backpack and sat down opening up his pants and, grabbed his fuck meat, and began rubbing it, moaning and drooling all over his stubble-covered chin. All he wanted to do is fuck all needs to do is fuck. All that mattered to him like the embers of passion began burning inside his soul. He closed his eyes as he basked in his pleasure, a vision of a giant red man whose muscles block the sky, whose dick could crush the earth with its girth, whose breath could ignite the passion of men. The flames could destroy the world and remake in the giant’s image. Patrick roared as his cum shot out of him. This act echoed the cosmic Titan across space and time, creating a link between them; allowing the Titans power to bleed through the dimensional barriers and both blessed and cursed the man. Patrick’s eyes opened up as fire passed through his veins. His body began to feel warm as fiery passion had made its way through his expanding muscles; Causing the hiking clothing meant for an average man to quickly become tight and uncomfortable as Patrick’s body filled it in and then exceeded its limits; at that point, it began to tear and rip apart revealing his skin which was slowly being peppered with his brown body hair. Huge hairy pecs busted through his shirt company with a muscle gut. His thick thighs had destroyed his blue jeans. His shoes had burst off against his big feet as sleeves from his jacket had completely fallen apart on being able to contain his huge biceps. Huge meaty arms quickly removed any last shreds of clothing on his changing body. Patrick’s average size cock had grown into a huge fat fuck monster, with a need for immediate attention. His balls had grown into the size of apples filled with primal testosterone. The stubble on his face quickly grown into a beard as his forehead had become blunter and his jaw become squarer. His eyes had become a rainbowish gray as his psyche began to shift more in line with the cosmic Titan’s. Patrick’s meaty ass sat there on the ground and began masturbating again. The cosmic Titan felt a soul through the ether whose passion now burned like his. Slowly at first but Patrick’s memories passed through into the giant mind causing his attention to slowly focus on the earth. Patrick roared as he came, shooting his load out again onto the ground where a small puddle of steaming semen was growing. Patrick had come so many times after his transformation that he cannot count; Hours had passed, and it was dark. Patrick was no longer completely blinded by his lust and got up with his 8 feet tall muscle bear body. His breath stood out against the cold night air as his bearish body felt warm against the night air. Patrick was no longer hindered by the darkness and giving his hard cock one last squeeze Patrick began setting out towards civilization bringing the passion of flames with him.
  3. Hello, everyone. This story is inspired by "A Bet" by @pasidious, to whom I offer my thanks. It is meant to be a continuation/expansion of sorts. I hope you will find it enjoyable! The sun had been bearing down on the college quad all Sunday, but now it was hanging low enough in the sky that being out and about was tolerable, even enjoyable, so that's what we were doing. My best friend was relaxing on the bench, arms draped on the backrest and legs spread apart. I arguably had an even better sitting arrangement: lying on the seat with my head resting on his left thigh. He'd flex it occasionally, just to mess with me. I couldn't care less, of course. For one, I was busy enjoying the June sky, magnificently blue and clear but for a few wispy clouds that were just starting to turn golden. For another, the tiny bounces of my head against my friend's restless quad kept reminding me of how well his new leg day regimen was coming along. I tried to come up with a good pun about college quads and quad muscles, but either I couldn't think of any or none existed to begin with. "Quad-terback", maybe? Ugh, pass. Neither of us even played football, anyway. Giving up, I refocused on how good my head felt against his leg, and thought about how lucky I was. I've always considered myself rather lucky. Come to think of it, fortunate might be a better choice of word. Luck is mere random chance, while fortune is something you can have a hand in. For example, I had been lucky to be in the same class as my future best friend, but fortunate to get to sit next to him. I owed it to luck that his genetics gave him a cute face, a warm smile and a great body, but I had fortune to thank that fitness was among out shared interests. Falling for him, though, that had nothing to do with luck or fortune. On the contrary, it felt inevitable. From the very beginning, whenever I was with him, the world seemed to lose its rough edges and make more sense. Obstacles turned into exciting challenges. Embarassments became funny stories to retell over months to come. Fears and worries melted away before his casual yet near unshakeable confidence. At the same time, he threw himself into pursuits with an infectious passion. A walk outdoors turned into an adventurous expedition. A snowball fight became a day-long epic stuggle. Every moment of leisure spent with him was an experience. And then, of course, there were his looks to consider. Simply put, my friend started out handsome and graduated to HOT. A piercing pair of eyes framed by thick, expressive eyebrows, an easy, inviting smile, and a rockin' body that never lost its tone, even as it slowly gained mass over the years. Yeah, my friend was sexy and he knew it. He moved with the self-assuredness of a cat, completely comfortable with himself, turning heads left and right. One might think my infatuation is causing me to exaggerate, but the scores of girls flirting with him on a weekly basis would beg to differ. I'm sure there were many closeted dudes desperately pining after him, too. After all, I was one of them. And even though I alone had the privilege of being so close to the guy of so many people's dreams on a daily basis, this tantalizing closeness, bereft of the escalation I so deeply desired, gradually tightened itself into a shackle that eventually threatened to choke the life out of me. My heart had room only for him, but that space remained achingly vacant. In retrospect, I should have been more open with him. He was, after all, my best friend; we shared practically everything else between us. But by the time I acknowledged my feelings, our relationship had been pretty set in its ways. While I was certain he wouldn't mind me being gay, I was terrified that he would be weirded out by me being into him. I dreaded that things would never be the same between us again, and that we'd end up drifting apart or, even worse, breaking things off. This unthinkable possibility was one of the two things that kept me going. The other was that my friend, despite the aforementioned constant attention from the fair sex, never seemed to occupy himself with girls all that much. Sure, he'd have a number of one night stands and even a fling every now and then, and he seemed to enjoy it all, but he never pursued anything stable. It could have just been him sowing his oats, but I kept secretly hoping his true interests lied elsewhere. Not that I did anything to ascertain this, though. While we discussed his many conquests and prospective hookups, I never dared to steer the conversation to guys, and he in turn was very discreet when it came to my own sex life, which was restricted to cyberspace. Graduation came and went, and we both applied for the same out of state college. Naturally, we roomed together. In this exciting new phase of our lives, we wanted to try all sorts of new experiences, and my friend came up with an odd way to encourage that: bets and dares. "Betcha you can't do a kegstand for half a minute." "Betcha you can't smoke this without coughing." "Betcha you can't pull an all-nighter." Coming from anyone else, these could be recipes for disaster, prime plots for PSAs on the perils of peer pressure. My friend knew me and what I was capable of well, however, and never dared me to attempt anything I couldn't handle. What's more, he knew that I'd never take a bet unless I stood to gain something, win or lose. Fortune, not luck, remember. Freshman year wore on pleasantly enough. My friend, naturally, thrived, quickly establishing himself as the big man on campus, a charming and affable figure. Even this newfound fame failed to affect our bond - we still spent as much time as possible together. As for me, the change of scenery did me a world of good. I began to feel more at ease with myself and stepped up my workouts as a result, starting to catch up with my friend's progress. I'd always been more or less in shape, but it felt really good to dodge the Freshman's Fifteen and instead see my body slowly transform under the daily struggle. Plus, I got to spend even more time admiring my bro sweating and grunting his way into a buffer, bigger bod. Seeing every one of his muscle groups flex and bulge over and over again was almost too much to take, though. By Spring Break, I had started to entertain the idea of coming clean. A previously unspeakable prospect, but if I didn't go for it now, I was certain I never would. But then came the dare that would change everything: "Betcha mine's bigger." I'd stolen many furtive glances at my friend's dick over the years, of course, and had formed an excellent impression. In fact, his cock looked as if it might be nearly as big as mine, which at 8 inches was no mean feat. I'd spent countless nights abusing my tool, fantasizing that I was holding his instead. To finally see it in full display would be a dream come true. So, after offering some token "no homo" caveats, as had become second nature, I agreed. I figured that, win or lose, I only stood to gain. The only thing was, I couldn't have imagined just how much I'd gain that day...Ever since then, my BF had become my BF. It's true I had been very lucky that he, too, was gay and into me. But I was fortunate that he had finally decided to bite the bullet and suggested that bet to set things in motion. It was a bit of a shame that it had taken both of us that long to acknowledge our feelings, but at least we had done our very best to make up for lost time over the past year. Such were the thoughts I was entertaining, lying on my love during a warm summer afternoon, when along came about half a dozen senior-looking guys, swaggering their way across the quad lawn. I recognised most of them from the gym, although we had never exchanged a word; they tended to keep their distance from us and even avoided looking us in the eye, except to scowl. I hadn't wanted to apply any labels to their conduct, but now, seeing them surrounding us in the largely deserted and definitely faculty-less quad with stormy expressions, one came readily to mind: "Homophobe". Poorly veiled sarcasm soon gave its way to crude jokes and finally to outright slurs. It was then that I made a serious mistake: I assumed that these bullies must have extremely low intelligence and therefore would not understand a witty barb even if it kissed their ass. In my defense, it probably wouldn't make a difference no matter what I'd said; just daring to open my mouth seemed to be enough. The closest bully lunged at us even before I had finished my quip, eager for any excuse to justify his craving for violence. My bro, having greater presence of mind, had already geared up for a sucker-punch, delivering it to the guy's admittedly bulky midsection with such force and skill that he crumpled mid-swing and doubled over in front of the bench. His cohorts gathered round to check on him, shocked. That was all the diversion we needed. My friend leaped off the bench and started sprinting towards the main building, and I followed close behind. Bellows of rage soon followed us, but for now, at least, we had the advantage; these guys had clearly never paid much attention to cardio. We dashed madly through the double doors and down the hallways, looking for help but unsurprisingly finding none. Most of the students had already left on break, and those that hadn't were probably tripping in their rooms or hitting the town. As for the professors, any self-respecting member of faculty wouldn't be caught dead working on a summer Sunday's afternoon. The time we lost in out fruitless search was gained by our pursuers. The echo of their yells reminded me of the hunting calls of wolves as it reverberated in the empty corridors. It sounded as if they were approaching us from everywhere. Sure enough, three silhouettes appeared at the end of the corridor we were currently in, and triumphant cries from behind let us know we were trapped. My friend grabbed me roughly with one hand and opened the nearest door with the other, flinging me inside. As I scrambled to keep my balance, I saw him scrambling with the doorknob. "Yes!" he exclaimed breathlessly, and then I heard a sharp click. Trying to catch my breath, I took in some of my surroundings: a dusty glass cabinet showcasing an ancient sound console; a worn bookcase housing a portable radio/casette player, a small collection of CDs and a handful of instruction manuals; a cork board drowning in pinned pieces of paper and post-its, a couple of them on the floor; tarps covering a family of boxy shapes, with a mess of cables protruding underneath; a desk with a computer and a rather modern microphone on a stand; black foamy material covering all the walls except the large, thick window facing the hallway. This was the PA Room. The Public Announcement Room, or PA Room for short, was a place of many uses, the official one being, of course, the broadcasting of campus-wide announcements. Otherwise, it served as our college's radio station whenever anyone from the A/V club could be bothered to wander in, as a recording studio any time students needed one for a project or a promo, and in one memorable occasion when the Music Room had flooded, as a very cramped substitute practice space for the college band. There was, however, another use for it. Its soundproofing, combined with the fact that the key was kept on the inside to avoid any recording-ruining intrusions, made it a great spot for a quick fuck. No-one could hear you, but anyone might see you if you didn't keep low to the floor. It was especially favoured by couples who wanted to feel the thrill of getting it on in a public place without risking too much exposure. If the staff knew about it, they certainly hadn't made any indication of it. Who knows? Maybe they took advantage of it themselves from time to time. I certainly had a few likely candidates in mind. I turned to my friend, about to congratulate him for thinking of this shelter, when a cascade of loud bangs came from the door. The shapes of our hunters filled the window frame, glowering down on us. They took turns trying to break the door or window open, fortunately to no avail. Those resting between attempts would scream and gesticulate at us. I couldn't hear them clearly, but the context was easy enough to grasp. I took my phone out of my pocket, my fingers numb. As I did, I remembered that the room was also equipped to block cell signal; wouldn't want a careless student's errant ringtone to ruin a recording, after all. Just as I feared, the screen showed no bars, and from the look of consternation on my friend's face, neither did his. I turned to the computer next, haphazardly tapping at the keys and moving the mouse. The screen came to life, and I groaned in frustration as I saw a log-in screen, requesting a user name and password combination I couldn't begin to guess. I clicked on the textbox, hoping a dropdown of memorized credentials would appear. No such luck. This ruled out both the PA System and internet access. Great. I looked to my friend again. Contrary to my frantic movements, he seemed to stand rather still, looking intently at his toes. "What are we gonna do?" I asked, realizing to my embarassment that my voice was shaking. "Are we trapped?" My friend swallowed with some difficulty before answering, "Seems like we can't easily call for help. The door and window are durable...but not indestructible. They prolly know that, seeing as they haven't fucked off yet. If this keeps up..." he paused, not wanting to give shape to the future that awaited us with words. He turned to me, and I was shocked to see his eyes shine with tears. "I'm sorry," he muttered. "No, don't, please," I said, holding him by the shoulders gently. I tried to say something more, something reassuring and encouraging, but instead my voice caught in my throat. I felt tears prick my eyes in turn. No matter whether they were 21 years old or lived in the 21st century, it seemed some people were still far from mature when it came to accepting love. To want to hurt something harmless and beautiful...I couldn't wrap my head around it. If not for the firm shoulder under my palm, I'd be feeling very alone at that moment. "I can't think of anything...all we can do is hope we'll get lucky somehow," said my friend, muttering now more to himself than me. But just then, his expression shifted. He repeated, softly, "Get lucky..." and his eyebrows rose in surprise. "That's it!" he exclaimed, startling me off him. "Huh?", I asked, totally lost. "D' you know what we should do?" "No, what?" "We should jack off." It took me a moment to process what he had just said, as well as its implications. "What, here? Now? Right NOW?!" "Yah," he said as matter-of-factly as possible, though I could tell that even he was unsure of what he was proposing. Still, it seemed that my incredulity only served to strengthen his resolve. "Yah," he said again, his voice louder. "We should take a stand. Show 'em what we're really made of." "Are you out of your mind? Do you seriously think we can get a hard-on while we're about to get our ass kicked?! And even if we can, you want them to see...y' know! Everyone'll freak -" "I know we can do it, man," he cut me off, his voice low and urgent. "You know how I know? Because when I'm with you, I feel like I can do anything. I bet it's the same for you. I can feel that, too. I've been waiting so long for us to be together, and I'm not about to let anyone ruin it for us." "But..." He leaned in and placed his hand behind my head, our foreheads resting against each other. His gaze was so intense the words died in my throat. "C'mon, dude. Let's grow hard. Let's grow huge. Let's grow...together." His warm breath washed over me as he whispered these last words, and something inside me snapped. Was my friend's sex appeal so irresistible as to override my very instinct of survival? Or had he, perhaps, convinced me that this was indeed the best course of action? Then again, maybe I just wanted to spend my final moments of safety in defiant provocation of those who were threatening it. Regardless of reason, the result was the same: I leaned forward and kissed him. He responded immediately, his lips pressing down on mine, our tongues soon wrestling for control. His hand remained on my head for a bit, tousling my hair, before moving to my back and pulling me into an embrace. I wrapped my arms around him as well, pressing myself against him, feeling as much of his body with my own as possible. A couple more fruitless bangs echoed around the room. My eyes opened, darting to the window. Two of our besiegers had unhooked the nearest fire extinguishers and were trying to batter the door down. A couple were yelling at us, angry veins showing on their throats and foreheads. Next to them, one guy was staring at us with such hate, you'd think his eyes would shoot flames at any moment. The last one had turned away from the window and was apparently fighting the urge to vomit, his large body trembling in disgust. Paying them no more heed, I closed my eyes and continued grinding against my friend, losing myself in the moment as my hands roamed all over his hot body. Unbidden, his words from that fateful day flowed into my mind. "Let's see 'em hard. Hard. Get hard. Let's see them at full size. You're already starting to bone up..." I felt my dick respond to the call, steadily plumping up and rising, twitching in pleasure as it grazed my man's thigh under my shorts. At the same time, his hardening cock rubbed against my own leg, tracing an upward path. As our erections reached their full, glorious size and height, we broke our embrace and grinned at each other, he cockily and I sheepishly, a bit embarassed at how unfounded my earlier objection had turned out to be. "See? This wasn't so hard after all. A sentence which otherwise has no place in this room!", he said, trying to keep the laughter out of his voice. He turned towards the window, facing the gang for the first time since we entered the room, and I followed suit. "Ok, count of three, whip 'em out." He always liked to kick things off with these words, a callback to that first time. Bit of a goofy catchphrase by this point, but still, it was helpful. "Even professional bands have the drummer count off the beat, so we might as well beat off on a count, right?" he had later commented, earning a hearty groan and eyeroll from me. "One...two...THREE." I dropped my shorts, the elastic band snagging only for a moment on my swollen cockhead, and my dick bounced back sharply, standing proudly at attention. The bullies grimaced and winced, as if someone had kicked them in the balls all at once. I glanced to the right and was greeted with the more welcoming sight of my bro's balls and cock, exactly as long and hard as my own. Any last reservations I may have had for what was about to happen evaporated. I looked down at my tool as my fingers curled around it, appreciating its girth and heft. I tightened my grip momentarily, giving it a squeeze, and it pulsed in response. Then, I started stroking. I immediately felt the telltale difference. I had experimented a couple of times, jerking myself off when my bro wasn't around, hoping to surprise him with the results when he came back. It had felt exactly the same as a normal wank and resulted in nothing out of the ordinary, no matter how vividly I pictured him being there with me. It seemed like my dick would accept no substitutes. But this time, we were both here, stroking together, just like on the day of that bet, just like we'd done on many occasions since. And as I stroked myself, it felt as if my whole body was being stroked too, getting teased and played with by a giant, invisible hand. Although by this point I had experienced it a fair number of times, it still felt as unbelievably amazing as it did on the day of that fateful bet. I honestly don't think I will ever get tired of it - and who could blame me? It began, as it always did, slowly. Today time was of the essence, of course, but some things simply can't be rushed. Besides, we both knew the pace would pick up soon enough, in all manner of ways. A trickle of warmth started radiating from my burning cock. It spread lazily, like a sunrise, across my torso, caressing my stomach, then splitting into two waves that crossed my chest, gathering steam within my shoulders, before finally shooting along my arms and from there back into my dick. It then travelled the other way, through my swelling balls across my taint, wrapping itself tighly against my ass cheeks, then snaking around my slightly trembling thighs, and down to my calves, seemingly vanishing into the earth. But then, this warmth spread all over my body again, only quicker and stronger. And then it happened again. And again. And again. Faster and faster it pulsed, even as my stroking stayed slow and deliberate. It wasn't long before it became impossible to follow. Instead, it was as if an electric current was coursing through my entire form, making it stand as rigid as my rod. What had started as a welcoming hearth was now a roaring furnace centered within my junk, giving off unrelenting heat which suffused every inch of my body and grew still more intense by the second. Beads of sweat formed on my creased forehead and rested for a moment on my furrowed brows before falling on my veiny shaft, lubricating it for the benefit of my ever-pumping fist. My breath grew more shallow. I raised my head and turned it sharply to the right. Despite the intensity of the moment, I could take in every detail with perfect clarity, as if time itself had slowed down. My peripheral vision told me, therefore, that he had made a simultaneous mirror movement, jerking his head upright and turning to the left. Our eyes met as we both stood up straight, facing each other. His dark brown eyes were mesmerizing. Rivulets of sweat were running down his toned body, and I could pick up his scent: powerful, yet not unpleasant. He smelled like home to me. His muscles looked like they had just had a great pump at the gym; his skin appeared stretched over them, as if barely able to contain the growing power within. His mouth split into a wicked, cocky grin, and I felt my smile widen to match it. Then, finally, my gaze came to rest on his throbbing dick, standing tall and proud, and, of course, exactly as big as mine. As expected, he was stroking it at the same speed as me. Oddly enough, we hadn't given much thought on why this happened to us or, at least, we hadn't had the opportunity to really talk about it. It seemed like every time we mentioned it to one another, it was swiftly followed by a fierce joint desire for a practical demonstration, which precluded any intruding thoughts. Still, there were a few nights where I had idly mulled it over in my head, lying with his arms wrapped around me as sleep drew near. It seemed to me that it all came down to our cocks. Something about the realization that they were exactly the same size, both soft and hard. It must have unlocked some kind of deeper connection between us, an unspoken yet shared conviction that, thus united, we could both be so much more than either of us could ever be individually. That was the way I felt at this moment too, as I admired our twin dicks being pumped at the same steady, hypnotic rhythm. ("Me and him...we're two dudes in one".) I thought, proudly. ("We are...") ("...together...") Was that...? ("...we will...") His voice, too? ("...ΒΕCOME...") A deluge of power engulfed my entire body. A bolt of lightning might as well have struck me where I stood. I gasped and doubled over slightly as I got the wind knocked out of me. My chest, however, seemed to move less compared to the rest of my body. That was because it had just swelled outward, almost doubling in size in an instant. As I watched it filled out even more, pumping up faster and faster to the rhythm of my accelerating heartbeat, forming a nice pec shelf. The sweat on my newly grown muscles darkened the fabric of my light grey shirt, outlining them against it. My dick gave a powerful twitch at the sight, but I kept it under control. After all, the fun was just getting started. I wouldn't keep looking at myself for long, though. The best part about this thing, see, is that it's happening to another dude at the same time. I can feel the change within me while watching HIM transform as well and react to it. It's unspeakably hot. No two men on earth have ever experienced what we do in these moments. The outline of my friend's ballooning chest was clearly visible under his black tank top, the pecs growing thick and hard against the already taut fabric. The outline of his nipples appeared, pushing at first outward, then downward, as the slabs of muscle became too heavy for them. The tank top dipped under the weight, further exposing the developing crevice between the pecs. His dogtag accessory, which had been previously resting at an angle against his chest, jerked this way and that as he excitedly bounced his massive mounds of muscle, grunting softly with every step of that uniquely masculine dance. I decided to play a little as well, but instead of bouncing my pecs, I rolled them slowly over and over. I could practically feel the striations appear and disappear as my muscles undulated in an unparallelled display of control. "Awww yeaaahngh" I heard, and for the life of me I still can't tell which of us uttered it. Perhaps it was the sum of our combined ecstatic moans, celebrating the return of our shared muscle. For a moment, my eyes caught sight of the guy who had tried to grab at me. Although I couldn't hear him, his lips moved slowly and were easy enough to read: "Holy shit!" I looked back to my friend. His free hand eagerly lifted his top, exposing his flat belly. Just in time, too; the slight but distinct grooves, a product of years of dedicated hard work, were already deepening, filling with shadow as a pack of solid muscle bricks rose into prominence. As if the sweat dripping off them wasn't enough, my friend, now keeping his tank top raised with his teeth, rapidly swapped hands and proceeded to feel his abs with his formerly occupied palm, slathering them with precum. "Ohhh, fuck yeah..." he whispered, and a chuckle of pure delight escaped his lips as he caressed, poked and prodded to his heart's content; I knew that out of all his muscles, he was proud of his abs the most. As for me, the sight of the glistening beef was maddeningly inviting. It all but begged for my attention; I longed to wipe the precum off with my tongue, or perhaps to add to it. I was sure that, no matter how cut my friend became, I'd still be able to fill all available space between his abs with my cum. The thought nearly drove me wild and my dick throbbed alarmingly. I decided to turn my attention back to myself for the moment, and check out if my own six-pack had emerged yet. However, by this point my pecs had become rather too big, or perhaps my stomach too sucked in, or maybe even both. At any rate, I found it hard to see my abs properly just by looking straight down. I slowly rotated my torso this way and that, getting a better view of my shredded obliques. I ran each hand over my stomach, switching them between my cock and my body without ever breaking the rhythm. Sure enough, my palm rose and fell gently as it roamed over the cobblestone surface of my packed muscle. "Oh man, oh FUCK, this feels sooo GOODGHHH!" moaned my friend, throwing his head back and shutting his eyes tight, his teeth gritted in a savage grin. A moment later I realized why. The tank top's straps were sliding down the slopes of his rising traps, no longer dividing his shoulders into equal thirds. His frame was widening so quickly I almost expected to hear him creaking. Groaning, he rolled his shoulders forward, once, twice, three times, bucking his hips as he went. His delts rippled and bulged with every thrust, moulding themselves into veritable boulders of corded muscle fiber. I braced myself for the same sensation, but instead I felt my arms being inexorably pushed away as my lats started flaring up. Out and out they grew, as slow and unstoppable as a glacier. For a few moments, it seemed like they'd keep growing forever. Then, suddenly, it was as if a jet of flame shot up from each, rocketing up and out in a V-shape which blazed all over my back and shoulders. Then I, too, started to grow wider and thicker. Truthfully, it wasn't as bad as it looked from the outside. There was some pain, yes, but it only served to amplify the overwhelming waves of pleasure that accompanied it. Rather than the sensation of getting deformed or stretched, it felt more like I was being fitted into a mold, one that had been meant for me all along. I let out a long moan as my once loose sleeveless t-shirt rode up my rows of abs, hugging my sweat soaked body tighter and tighter. A feeling of belonging and contentment washed over me, and I briefly wondered if that was how bodybuilders felt when they had finally reached their dream stats. "Unngggnngghh!!" My friend's guttural grunt snapped me out of my brief reverie. Had it been my imagination, or was his voice just then deeper than he could have possibly made it himself? He gasped and swung his head forward, causing droplets of sweat to fly off his hair. His eyes were wild and unfocused. I could now see clearly his bulging traps, rising and falling with every breath...but mostly still rising. I have a soft spot for traps; since they're rather difficult to build compared to other muscles, I've always thought that a dude with nice developed traps is buff on a whole 'nother level. And now, I could feel my own traps emerging as well, my neck thickening between them. I cracked my neck to either side, feeling the satisfying snap and taking a good look at my own shoulders. FUCK they looked huge up close. I was sure that I could charge the door at that moment and take it off its hinges as if it were made of wet tissue paper. As if wanting to draw my admiring gaze back to him, my friend hunched over, letting loose another bestial growl and giving me a good view of his tapered back. He flexed it, hard, and waves of muscle undulated across it, making his skintight tanktop look like a dark sea ravaged by a storm. A short, sharp ripping sound, and then an island, a mountain, a volcano of muscular flesh erupted from the rift, rippling and then hardening like lava. I felt the incredible power he displayed welling up in the centre of my being, as well, building and building until its demand for expression became irresistible. I pulled my shoulders back and out, bringing my shoulderblades close, and for a moment my pecs stretched super tight against my shirt, scarring it with stress lines. "AH..." I moaned loudly, then: "UNGH!!!" as I reversed the movement, flaring out my back as much as possible. As I did, I could feel it wildly grow wider, straining but for a moment against my shirt before that, too, was anticlimactically ripped in two by my sheer size and mass and strength. The grey rag fluttered to the floor, leaving now both of our heaving torsos in full, glorious display. Incredibly, our legs had been able to support our top-heavy bodies all this time. Maybe it was the adrenaline we were no doubt soaking in at the moment? It seemed that even supernatural muscle growth had a tendency to overlook leg day. But now, they, too, were awakening. My legs started to inflate and bulge. Each individual muscle came to the fore, fighting with its brethren for space. I could feel the inside of my thighs starting to press against each other and I adjusted my stance. I shook my left leg, looking at the newly formed muscles from multiple angles. The ample mass of my quads jiggled and swayed. Then I abruptly stopped and flexed them, and they instantly popped, hard as diamonds. It's a good thing I had lowered my shorts to my ankles, or that would have been their end right there. Looking back at my bro, I saw that the gently rolling hills of his thighs had given way to granite mountain ranges, rivers of sweat running down them. Defying that well-known stereotype, my arms, despite the workout I had been giving them, largely felt and looked the same size as ever, now standing comically small next to my jacked upper body. That was just fine, though. The comparison emphasized even better just how big I'd gotten over the last few minutes and besides, they wouldn't be staying like that for much longer. Already I could see a vein protruding in each one, steadily pumping my heart's blood through them, just like I steadily kept pumping my fist over my steel rod of a dick. My thoughts strayed to the countless hours we had spent at the gym, and the natural, honest gains we'd earned as a result. That was all well and good, of course, but there was a lot to be said for growing so much, so quickly, as well. I mean, having an erection is awesome, but imagine always having just the one ever since adolescence, never experiencing the feeling of getting hard again. Knowing that I could feel myself transforming this way over and over, and that our real, hard-gained muscle would result in ever larger and more ripped bods whenever we felt like changing - well, that almost sent me over the edge. I summoned all my willpower, and with a muffled "Ngh!" I went back to edging with some difficulty. "How you doin', bro? Hangin' in there?" My friend's voice, strained and broken up by his panting as it may have been, was unmistakably deeper than before. Its sexy timbre and casual tone were making an admirable job of playing it cool, but one look at his eyes betrayed his concern for me. "Yeah", I shot back, amazed at my own husky voice. Had our voices changed in the past? At that point I was too horny to remember. "Fuckin' A..." he trailed off, the last syllable almost turning into a moan. "Ughhh...I love this!" he yelled. "Yeah!" I chimed in, emboldened by his sudden outburst. "I love this SO MUCH!" "I love it almost as much as I love you, dude!" he practically screamed. "Ι love you too, man!" I shouted back. We both knew that getting verbal was a sign that we were close to cumming, so we needed all the support we could get from one another to keep going, and finally grow each other's arms. While my bro favoured abs and I traps, arms was our common ground. As if they somehow knew this, our arms had started resisting growing too early during our sessions, leaving us with the best for last. They'd never held out this long before, though. We came closer slowly, eating up every inch of each other with our eyes. When we were next to each other, we stopped for a moment. Then, in one smooth motion, we both grasped each other's cock with our right hands. Our left hands grabbed each other's dick-stroking arms, and started feeling the muscles that had already started exploding all over them. Indeed, "explosion" is the only word that comes close to describing it. Waves of muscle erupted furiously, piling on top of one another, hardening into eye-watering definition, only for still more muscle to emerge, packing itself tighter and tighter, denser and denser, bigger and bigger. Our biceps doubled in size, then tripled, then grew beyond what I could be bothered to estimate. Our forearms flexed and twitched as we stroked and squeezed, fully expressing the awesome strength they now possessed. It was becoming too much to take it all in. Our bodies were starting to run out of growth space, but the growth itself still flowed forth from our cocks. With no place left to go, it started to work its magic there. My grip suddenly felt unfamiliar. My bro's junk shifted within my palm as it thickened and gained an inch, then another. I could feel my cock spasming with overwhelming power. Then, as I knew he would, I heard him voicing my thoughts: "Aw shit, dude. This - ahh, g-goddd! - this's it. I'm gonna - ohh fffuck - 'm gon' cum!" I threw my head back and my arms flew up into a double biceps. I could feel my peaks rising up, and up, and further up still. I tensed, flexing myself as hard as I could. A deep, primal roar sprang from within my chest, rising in volume and tone as it went. It was met by another roar, different but harmonious to my own. The two voices resonated, their vibrations almost visible in the air. It seemed to me that the very room started to tremble and shake. My eyelids fluttered open and I saw him there in front of me, flexing into a most muscular, every part of him huge, hard and cut. Our eyes met. Reflected within his I saw me. I saw both of us at the same time, each contained within the other, inseperable, two equal and complementary halves of perfection. And that's then we came. ... When we finally came to our senses, you won't be surprised to know that the room was a mess. About half the black foam had been soaked white, making it look a little like a cow had exploded all over the bare walls. The tarps had proven woefully inadequate in protecting the sound equipment, and no-one was going to leaf through any of the instruction manuals ever again. The hallway outside the PA Room was empty, our would-be assailants presumably having fled in terror quite a while ago. Although I didn't think they would share their story with anyone, much less that it would be believed, I still felt confident word would get around that we were not to be fucked with. I was still taking in the scene of devastation when my friend pointed at me, exclaiming, "Bro, what the fuck?!" With a pang of panic, I checked myself all over, noticing nothing out of the ordinary. Ok, fine, nothing unexpected. As I straightened my head, though, it hit me. My eyes were level with the top of the bookcase. Up until a few minutes ago, they had been level with the top shelf. I hadn't noticed it because my friend had grown taller by the same amount. And the fact that our muscles still looked the same meant that they must have all grown proportionally at the same time. They'd never done that before. We looked at each other excitedly, fascinated by what this implied. After all, regular exercises made your muscles bigger and stronger as you kept at them. Why wouldn't this function in a similar way? Could it be that our ability to grow was...growing itself? My train of thought was interrupted by a jolt from my cock. I had to remind myself it had grown, too, since it looked proportionate to my now taller and larger body. It seemed as hard as ever. Of course, even in the past it could stay hard for quite a while after the fact, giving us ample time to enjoy our muscles in peace. But this time...it felt as if my boner would last quite a bit longer, if I was so inclined. In fact, it kinda felt even harder now. This realization was swiftly followed by one that had been screaming for my attention for a while. "Fuck, I'm...still horny." "Me too." "...Come on, let's really take care of these." "Thought you'd never say so."
  4. I hope this story is okay to post here. One of the replies to Silver's "Horse Crusher" story really got me going and I wrote this. Its about a powerful young superhero trying to get off. He eventually does it (lovingly) with a female horse. Powerboy stomped around his room at the Alliance base. He was still fully pumped from nearly 24 hours of non-stop sustained combat, his massive 550 lb body bulging hugely with impossibly strong steel-hard muscles. The gorgeous young hero had single-handed wiped out nearly half of the Alien invasion force by himself, using his immeasurable strength to literally crush over a hundred massive combat robots that had been sent to conquer Earth. Fighting his way to their command ship, Powerboy had leapt on it and tore it apart, using his beefy 30 inch arms to literally peel back the meter-thick armor. The ship had opened fire on the young hero with it's devastatingly powerful energy cannons, but the superheated plasma was like a soft breeze against Powerboy's mighty frame. He smiled when he remembered how he had ripped the AI command brain from its housing and squashed it between his monstrous thighs, blunting the invasion force and sending the Aliens into a desperate retreat. Nothing turned Powerboy on like crushing steel and performing other incredible feats of strength. After a day of doing just that his mind was overwhelmed with horniness and lust. The mega-hunk effortlessly ripped his battle-uniform to shreds, his fingers shredding the stronger-than-steel fibers with ease. Now completed naked, he admired his gorgeous hard body in the foyer mirror, the vast array of musculature clearly visible now. His spectacular body was simply bigger, hotter, and more defined than any bodybuilder who had ever walked the planet, and what was before you took into account his earth-shattering strength. His massive penis was the only soft part about him, but that was quickly changing as he posed and flexed for his own enjoyment, thrilled by the sight of his incredibly sexy naked body. Powerboy grabbed one of his sex dolls that were hanging from the rack. He had to use these things since any real women would be pulverised by the full force of his lovemaking. He admired how much larger his huge body was than this busty 90 lb piece of silicone. He remembered how his huge pumped-up muscles had crushed those robots, their armored super-steel skeletons compressing like taffy under his titanic strength. Alien steel had proved to be no match for his massive body, the metal squealing and shrieking as he forced it to run like treacle under his grip. His mighty cock got harder and harder as he remembered just how weak they were compared to him, how Alien technology was no match for brute musclepower, his incredible body exerting literally thousands of tons of force as tore them apart, turning them into huge 400 ton blocks of crumpled scrap. He ran his hand up his tightly muscled waistline, bulging with hyper-thick muscle, until he cupped his gorgeous huge pecs. Soon he was fully erect, his behemoth cock pointing up towards his pretty face. He looked down at the devastatingly thick shaft, the veins raised as if they were angry. He bent over and easily gave himself a soft, slow lick around the edges of his flared head. He straightened up and admired himself in the mirror. Still watching and lusting after himself, he bent the sex doll over and began aggressively fuck it doggy-style. No sex doll had ever survived a single session with the young stud, and this one was no different. The poor sex doll was being split apart by every foot-long thrust as the mighty teenager tried to find some sexual relief. Thoughts of power and strength filled the horny boy's lusty mind as he relentlessly power-fucked it, holding it off the ground with no effort at all. Within a minute it was nothing more than a mangled lump of piece of silicone, having been easily shred by a cock harder than steel and thicker than a baseball bat. Ripping the what remained of the doll in two he proceeded to stomp around his room again, the all-to-brief fucking having only increased his lust. Needing further relief he grabbed the mattress off his bed with one hand and folded the giant object in two. Again he inserted his mighty cock in the groove and began thrusting himself against the soft folds. Using a king-sized mattress as the world's biggest fleshlight, he began fucking it like crazy, moaning and groaning as he admired his huge, rippling muscles in the mirror. Thrusts that would kill a normal person were starting to shred his mattress, the huge flared head of his mighty penis carving deep holes into the fabric. Eventually the mattress split in two, having been fucked apart by the horned up stud's powerful body. Still full of unreleased sexual energy, Powerboy turned to the window of his room and leapt straight through, the armored glass shattering around his beautifully bronzed curves, the puny material posing no resistance to his flawless body. He quickly accelerated passed the sound barrier, enjoying the cool feeling of the freezing air against his nude muscled body. After several minutes of aimlessly flying he stopped, having spotted some beautiful muscles that weren't his own. Horses... wild horses. With his eagle-eyed vision he could clearly see a small herd of them that were grazing far down below. Powerboy gracefully landed near them and admired them. They were majestic, nicely muscled and just as naked as himself. The young hero's muscles rippled in unison as he walked towards them. A large brown male horse, the leader of the harem, trotted up to challenge this strange creature. It reared up on its beautiful thighs and kicked Powerboy square in the face. The naked muscle-boy didn't even flinch, choosing instead to admire this magnificent creature as it tried in vain to hurt him. Again the male horse reared up and kicked the boy in one of his titanic pecs. This time, Powerboy choose to react, moving faster than the horse's eye could track. He flew up and grasped the horse by the neck and began firmly squeezing it in a front choke. It bucked wildly, but it could no more resist the muscle-teen any more than an ant could resist a steamroller. He gently but powerfully choked out the strong horse, his nude body floating slightly above the ground. Soon the strong male horse slipped into unconsciousness, starved of oxygen by Powerboy's massive arms. The hyper-buff muscle-man gazed over the frightened herd. A beautiful chestnut mare with lovely musculature caught his eye. The two majestic animals locked eyes before the mare turned to run, her magnificent hindquarters rippling as she ran. Powerboy chased after her, licking his lips with anticipation. He could easily outrun a cheetah but his strides were somewhat slowed as his titan megacock grew harder and harder, carving great swaths in the air as it whipped from side to side. Soon he was sporting the biggest erection of his life, his turgid member swollen to a breathtaking 15 inches long and devastatingly thick. He easily caught the wild horse and held it firm by those beautiful thighs. It bucked and thrashed with all its strength but Powerboy held 1000 pound animal still as easily as if he were holding a newborn kitten. The immense strength disparity was immediately obvious to both of them, thrilling Powerboy even further. He wasted no time, floating up slightly and grasping her by those lovely muscled hips. Slowly, he inserted his huge, throbbing stallion cock into the animal, gasping at the feel of warm animal wetness. This felt so right, so correct to him. Finally he could penetrate and fuck like he his body was built to! His mighty cock somehow swelled even further as his excitement grew, expanding and rubbing against the vaginal walls of this beautiful mare. He started fucking the horse with wild abandon. The chestnut mare realized it had no chance of escaping this impossibly strong creature. The powerful cock of this strange human filled it's muscular cunt with incredible length and girth. The boy bodybuilder was overwhelmed with thoughts of strength, power and domination as he raped this big, beautiful girl horse. He was utterly in control and loving every second as he thrust in and out, over and over again. Soon Powerboy realized that he mare was actually getting into it into the sex. He could feel the mare's powerful vaginal muscles ripple and contract over his inhumanly large penis. The lovely horse couldn't believe the strength of this young man and soon surrendered to his power. It began to enjoy the forceful, powerful thrusts of this mighty Human, his awesome girth stimulating her horse pussy in ways no other actual horse could have done. Soon the two wild animals were fucking each other like a team, moving in unison, the mare braying in animal pleasure and pain. Powerboy's muscles swelled just like his cock had done, his beautifully pumped pecs pressing together urgently as he used his now impossibly huge 32 inch arms to hold his mare firm. Strong, forceful, rhythmic male thrusts stimulated both of them like neither had ever experienced. Finally after several minutes of super-strong fucking, the two majestic creatures orgasmed in unison, Powerboy yelled in triumph and the mare brayed in ecstasy. The pumped-up super-teen's engorged nuts and titanic cock emptied a huge load deep inside the pulsating cunt of this strong female horse. His load was the size of 30 normal men, and Powerboy felt 30 times the pleasure as well. Stars filled his vision as he ejaculated over and over, having just enough presence of mind to be gentle with his grip, the boy's vast super-strength being easily enough to accidentally crush the large animal if he wasn't careful. Panting and heaving more than when he had defeated a literal army, he slowly pulled out his gorgeous cock, marvelling at his still incredible size and hardness, the wet coating of horse juice and his own boy cum making it so slick and shiny. Now this was sex! Powerboy staggered over to the front of the horse, grasped it firmly, and strongly nuzzled his own pretty face against the mare's lovely head. The two nude, powerful creatures stood like this for several minutes, the mare licking this oh-so strong Human while Powerboy gently planted kisses on its nose. The two muscular creatures, one Human, one horse, sharing a deep moment of bonding after their wild animalistic fucking. But Powerboy needed more release, and only more fucking would do. His titanic cock was even bigger now, engorged with blood and harder than steel as it sought more relief. He decided to fuck more lovingly this time. Realizing he was falling in love with his mare, he now wanted to fuck this beautiful creature missionary style. He used his tremendous strength to easily lifted the 1,000 pound animal under one brawny shoulder and exerted his flying power, lifting them both off the ground. Manhandling the creature with ease, he gently placed her backside down on the grass. He held her firm and straddled her now, slowly reinserting his mighty cock, ever so slowly penetrating it inch by inch until all 17 super-girthy inches were lodged firmly in place. Powerboy began fucking gently now, performing the age old mating press against a creature that was several times his size but had only the tiniest fraction of his awesome strength. Using his flying power and incredible strength to hold the animal firm, he proceeded to gently fuck her over the course of half an hour, gradually increasing his speed until he was strongly jackhammering the creature again. His bare glutes, hard and striated, didn't tire in the slightest as he pounded the female horse into submission. The mare couldn't believe what was happening but the feeling of penetration by this God felt oh so good. The big horse again submitted to this mighty boy and thrashed its lovely head around in enjoyment, knowing that it was completely pinned and helpless. Soon they were both cumming together again and again until Powerboy collapsed overtop the big animal, his lust having finally been satiated.
  5. lasergaser14

    growth CREO Pt. 2

    And here's part 2! No growth in this section, but a little more exploration and clarity--and don't worry, there's growth in part 3! Do feel free to leave a comment--I can't tell you how great it makes an author feel! Jimmy couldn’t keep his hands off himself. He had spent his life lusting after handsome, muscular men, jealous of them and the charmed lives they seemed to lead--and here he was, finally one of them. The remnants of his orgasm were still on the mirror when he started fondling himself again, fisting his dick and sliding his free hand up and down his abs. The temptation was simply too great: who could blame him for wanting to worship himself for a little while, after having finally emerged from the tunnel of self-loathing into a bright new reality? Embarrassingly, though, Jimmy wasn’t getting hard again. He was breathing heavily, and he felt as eager to jack off and cum as he had been mere minutes ago--but perhaps his stamina, always on the lower end, hadn’t increased with his new body. “Creo,” he asked, “what’s my sex drive?” “A sex drive is hard to measure,” the app said, “But at the moment, you have a higher sex drive than five percent of men in your demographic.” Ouch. Five percent. That...didn’t feel great. “And you can increase it?” he asked. “Of course. How would you like to compare?” “I wanna be better than all of them,” he said quickly. Then: “Wait. Actually…” he thought for a moment. “Do you have like...a list of sexual stats I can look at?” “Of course.” The screen clouded over for a moment, and then a series of stats with moveable bars and option toggles appeared. The first bar was for libido. It was currently set at 5/100. Jimmy quickly put his finger on the screen and dragged it all the way to the right. The phone’s screen turned red, and a warning dialog appeared: “Warning. Sex drive in excess of 90/100 might cause several dysfunction in everyday life. Not recommended.” That did seem reasonable, Jimmy decided--he slid the bar back down to 80. That was still pretty good. The next bar was for control. It was set far to the left. Jimmy pursed his perfect lips, then bit his lower lip, tapping the bar. An informational dialog appeared: “Sexual control dictates how much control subject exerts over sexual activity. Value of 0 (left) is no control; value of 100 (right) is complete control (erections and orgasms at will). CREO recommends between 25-75.” Jimmy nodded: that seemed reasonable. He moved the indicator to 50--then, smirking, pushed it closer to 70. He wanted to be in control. He liked the idea of getting spontaneously hard when he saw himself in the mirror, but he also wanted the option of defusing the situation, or cumming on command. The final bars were for volume of precum and semen. Jimmy set them both to the higher end: he didn’t want to deal with literal buckets of his own cum, but he liked the idea of being able to easily fill up a glass if he wanted to. Licking his lips, he scrolled to see if there were any more bars: there weren’t. “Okay, Creo. That should do it.” “Adjusting,” Creo said, with a gentle chime. There wasn’t any pressure this time: just a sort of cool wave that swept over Jimmy’s body. He looked down at his dick, wrapping his hand around it, and gave it an experimental tug. It responded almost instantly: despite just having dropped the orgasm of his life onto the mirror, it looked like he was ready to go again. Hell yeah. Jimmy loved his new dick. It was long, uncut, and thick, with a powerful vein running along the top; after a couple strokes, it was rock hard, and if he let go, it stood up straight, smacking against the middle of his eight pack, leaving a dribble of precum in the crevice. He grabbed it again, rubbing his thumb over his leaking slit and rubbing the clear, sticky liquid down his throbbing length in lieu of lube. “God, look at my arms,” he grunted, his eyes falling on his bunching and flexing bicep as he began to pump his dick. “How am I this fucking hot?” He met his own gaze in the mirror, and it all became too much for him: he came a second time, bare minutes after his first, shooting a much more substantial load over the mirror. Jimmy’s third orgasm in his new body was less than a minute later: he put his hands behind his back, looked down at his still-hard cock, and thought about cumming. He was back at full mast in ten seconds, and as soon as he looked in the mirror again--yet another load. Finally satisfied and feeling pleased with himself, Jimmy grabbed the shorts Creo had supplied him with, pulled them on, and fell onto his bed with his phone. “Okay, Creo,” he said once the shorts were on. “So what kind of stuff can I do with you?” “CREO is a consensual reality alteration app,” the phone said in the same pleasant, androgynous voice. “Our capacities are limited to personal circumstances, and must be agreed to by the subject affected.” Jimmy chewed his beautiful lower lip. “So I can’t just ask you to change my roommate,” he said. “I’d have to tell him about this, and get him to agree to it.” “That is correct.” That was probably a good limitation, although it certainly put a damper on some of the fun that Jimmy could have. In thinking about his roommate, though, another thought occurred to him. “When my roommate shows up, will he notice that something’s changed? Or will he just go with it?” “Default is for reality alteration to be noticed by proximate entities, but you can alter that in the settings.” Jimmy nodded. He’d have to remember to change that setting. “And is it just body stuff? Or can I like...ask you to make me rich?” “Of course you can. How much money would you like?” Jimmy didn’t immediately answer, and instead began asking the app questions about its limitations. He was beginning to realize that he had an enormous amount of power at his fingertips, and that it would be useful to have a better sense of how it worked, rather than just...going crazy with it. He learned a couple of important things. The first was that he couldn’t change anyone’s feelings or personalities. He couldn’t make someone love him, couldn’t make an asshole less of an asshole, couldn’t make someone who was angry with him suddenly forget their rage. It seemed that his powers were more or less limited to the physical, material world. When it came to those physical, material changes, the boundaries were a little bit fuzzier. Jimmy learned that he could change a general situation: he could, for example, make things so that he and his roommate were students at a prestigious institution, rather than the local college they were attending. He couldn’t, however, change his roommate’s major, or even make him into a better roommate. Changes that supported other changes were possible: for example, Jimmy could make himself wealthy, in the process making his parents billionaires, but he couldn’t make a separate change that affected only his parents. By the time he was done thinking through his questions, he was scratching his head, the beginnings of a headache beginning to form. Figuring that he had to be organized about this--at least to a degree--Jimmy groaned, reached across to his desk with a newly long-and-jacked arm, and grabbed his laptop. He pulled it open, loaded a new Word document, and typed “JIMMY’S BEST LIFE” at the top. He was about to start listing things he wanted to have happen in advance of formulating the changes for the app when he heard the front door of his apartment open. He quickly checked the time--it was close to midnight, and it sounded like his roommate was coming home. “Happy birthday, dude!” a voice called from the kitchen. “Made it just in time! You like your gift?” “Yeah, thanks!” Jimmy called before clapping his hand over his mouth. His voice had changed dramatically--there was no way Seth wouldn’t notice. He’d completely forgotten to change that setting--the one that would keep his roommate from noticing any changes--and now he didn’t know that he could do it in time. He grabbed the phone, and started frantically tapping it, hoping to find the app’s settings, and failing. He heard things go silent outside in the apartment. “Everything okay in there?” “Yeah, just getting ready for bed!” Jimmy’s heart was pounding. Where the fuck were they? Why was this so hard? Wouldn’t it be easier to just ask the app to change its own settings? But Seth would hear... “You don’t sound like Jimmy,” Seth said, his voice getting closer. His footsteps were outside Jimmy’s door. “I’ve got a cold,” Jimmy lied weakly. “Bullshit,” Seth said, opening the door--and then stopping to gawk at the teenaged fitness model sprawled on Jimmy’s bed. “Dude, what the fuck?! Where’s Jimmy?”
  6. Muscle fog ogre’s gift Chapter 1, part 7 By Big-Zargo House Trap The blue sky was clear, and the sun light was shining upon the land of Holmes top borough dispelling the curse of fog that had ensnared it. In a neighborhood full of empty houses three men are making their way towards an empty looking house, hoping to hide from the ogres. With The fog gone the ogre are in high alert their patrols to be increased to discourage from trying to run out of Holmes top borough. Most of humans seek to leave the town heading towards the woods believing it to be their salvation, but Owen knows where the people are running to, and he has a surprise for them. The door opened slowly and quietly as three men enter the seemingly vacant house. sunlight was passing through the windows bringing light to the dim house revealing a living room and kitchen attached to it, in a twilight of light and shadows. It both smell stale and sweet and had a layer of dust everywhere. Martin was the first one to enter the house checking to see if it was clear; not being complacent like the groups last leader who led most of the men in his charge into becoming ogres. Martin was the skinniest of the group, his live pale skin and short blonde hair giving people the impression he had Nordic ancestry. Cluster was the second coming his bulky fat, short black curly hair and dark brown skin was a sharp contrast to martin, and finally there was Darian whose heavily build olive skin body pass through the door. Sweat had spilled all over his own skin body creating wet spots on his T shirt. Cluster quickly sat placing his fat ass onto the dust covered couch and remove his backpack placing it on the ground next to his leg for quick reach in case of an emergency, before yawning in exhaustion. “You shouldn’t get too comfortable Cluster; we rest here for an hour or two. The sun has cleared most of the fog from the town. We cannot let this opportunity go to waste. Most of the people who have been transformed into ogres are dumb and horny; they’ll soon move on, when they get bored or they begin to start fucking each other giving us the opportunity to pass through them,” Darian said. “I know Darian, it will just take us four more hours to reach the forest and another day in theory to reach the gate,” Cluster said with exhaustion tinting his voice. “Hey guys I found a glass of brandy and it hasn’t been opened,” Martin said with excitement. Both men turned around to see Martin holding the glass of brandy it’s golden amber colored content clear to see through its glass container. All three men had gathered into the kitchen next to the counter. Each man mouth had begun to moisten at the sight of the brandy. Darian quickly finds 3 empty cups in the kitchen cabinets. He places the surprisingly clean cups on the kitchen counter, while Martin opens the bottle of brandy. With a clicking sound coming from the glass bottle the smell of apple brandy permeates the air. The three men all close their eyes letting nostalgic memories pass through their heads as the sweet smell of the apple flavored alcohol permeates the air. Cluster eyebrows narrow for a moment before saying. “Our luck can’t be this good. Maybe we should not drink it,” he says with concern. “Don’t worry about it, Cluster. You’re just being paranoid. How would the dumb horny brutes be able to open the bottle with their big burly hands, let along be able to close without one of us noticing it.” Martin says with belief in his words. “Look Cluster, we do not have all day for you to decide if you’re going to have some brandy with us or not. This is a delicacy that should not go to waste,” Darian says. Martin begins filling the cups with Apple flavored brandy. Before anyone could drink Cluster says. “Martin if you believe that brandy is safe to drink then you should go first.” “I think I will,” Martin says with a smile. With that statement all three men say their cheers as they clink their cups together. Martin took the first sip when nothing happened the others begin drinking their glass. “Thank god,” Darian says with pleasure. Days of drinking water had made the taste of the apple brandy like nectar, like a gift from God. “Poor me another one,” Darian says. All 3 cups were refilled and emptied again as time passed eventually finishing off the apple brandy. Each of the three men had faces of contentment as they finished drinking the apple brandy. “It’s been so long since I have some brandy. I wish we had some ice to cool it down,” Darian said with longing for a cool drink. With their thirst satisfied they began checking and clearing out the rooms of the house for anything useful to them; They had suddenly found themselves back on the first floor, drinking apple brandy again. “Didn’t we already have some apple brandy,” Darian says, while looking confused. “I…I think we did not,” Martin says well looking confused. “Something is not right here, this seems disturbingly familiar,” Cluster says before eating an apple. “Where did you get the apple, Cluster,” Darian asked? With a nonchalant shrug, he points at a basket on one of the counters tops. This basket is filled with different types of fruits and berries like bananas, apples, blueberries, cherries, strawberries and pineapples. The Three men begin devouring the fruits in the basket like starving animals. As they did so their bellies start swelling out specially for Darian and Martin whose bellies became more pronounced. “I…I think something’s wrong. I’m still hungry and…and I want more,” Darian says while rubbing his belly. Suddenly they hear the back door opening and see a huge ogre making his way in. “Come young cubs your dinner is ready,” the mysterious ogre says. This huge ogre was wearing a white apron, had woodish brown skin covered in a peppering green hair, with long hair on his head and a short goats beard, green eyes and the usual Ogreish features like big round nose, strong square jaw, a pronounced eyebrow ridge on a cave man like face, big round nipples, a 9 feet to a 11 feet tall body, complemented with a wide body barrel chest, huge muscular limbs, with big feet and huge hands big enough to grab a whole man’s face and cover it. At first all three men had scared looks on their faces; there in front of them was an ogre. “What the Fu….” All three men said before their eyes came blank. There, Perception of the world changed for the three men. A clever illusion was placed on all three men. Gone was the living nightmare they were in, instead a nostalgic dream. It was if they are all kids again and their big strong daddy was going to protect them from the world. “Aren’t you guys hungry? we have grilled food in the back your,” the green haired ogre says. In a daze all three of them nods their heads in response and speaks “Yes, sir daddy” Each man walks into the backyard of the house and quickly sits down on the grass. The green haired ogre hands out plates full of fruits and vegetables to the three men. Unnoticed by the three men but known by the green haired ogre were two big-bellied ogres’ butt naked sleeping on the ground. With a yawn the two ogres began to wake up and get up. One was dark skinned with black curly hair while the other one was pale orange with red hair. Their big bellies jiggled as they got up. When they got up on their two big feet that is when their big bellies began to rumble, like deflating balloon their bellies began to recede, both ogres belching out air through their mouths as their bellies began to recede. When the black-haired ogre belly receded, it revealed that he had abs under his once big belly. While the red-haired ogre on the other hand had a muscle gut when his big belly receded. The ogres had the glazed look of those who were recently turned, as they stood there waiting for commands from the variance ogre with the green hair. “Good, you guys are awake. go into the basement and get Oz. We have three more people to turn,” the green haired ogre says. The two ogres quickly obey, heading into the house to finish their task. Green haired ogre smiles as is the three men have already started eating the food he gave them. Before the ogres very eyes the men belly begins spending and two out of the three were now rocking jelly bellies while the other one already big belly became more pronounced. “What’s going on here? Why do I feel so full and yeah I feel so hungry?” Cluster moans out. Looking at the clean plate the green haired ogre says. “That was fast. You really must be the pig of your group.” Cluster turns his head around and spots the green haired ogre. He tries to scream but what comes out is a moan of pleasure. “Don’t bother, it’s too late you’ve already had some of our food and now that you done with your first plate it’s now time for second,” the green haired ogre says with a grin. He quickly pulls out another plate full of exotic fruits and vegetables of the Ogreish variety from a ridiculously big box. It didn’t take long for the other two men to break out of their trans. All three trying to get up and run away only to find out that they cannot because their bodies will not get up from the ground. They can move their arms and they can move their legs, but they can’t let off the ground and neither can they crawl away. “They must be really hungry to eat your food so fast. Bacopa,” Oz says with smile. Oz was standing next to the sliding door with the two other ogres behind him. Oz had a white pale skin for an ogre, baby blue eyes that would make the men and women swoon, long curly pink hair with pink body hair peppering his body, a sweet-smelling body odor and the usual Ogreish features. “I wonder if they’ll be thirsty after they are done eating,” Oz asked with a smile. “I believe if there anything like last the two men they’ll be insatiable. I hope you’re up to the task milk maker,” Bacopa says with a smile. Oz’s face turns into a grimace as he says. “I’m tired of making milk.” He says while rubbing his huge pecs. “But don’t worry I found the way to make some more without milking myself dry. Bacopa hand me the two Hydro pills. There is a cool trick I want to show you.” With the confuse face Bacopa switched out plate he was holding for a big pill bottle. Oz made a full jester before saying. “Okay let me show you, my trick. As you know one of my powers are that I can make supernatural milk from my pecs, and I recently discovered that I could make other ogres do the same. I love humans and ogres sucking on my nipples, but I can’t do this all day, I eventually get tired, and my nipples become sore.” Oz turns around placing his hands on the pecs the two ogres behind him. He starts rubbing his hands over the two ogre’s pecs, both ogres starting moan as pink light makes contact. When the two ogres start becoming aroused, he stops and remove his hands from their pecs. “Now hand me the two pills,” Oz says. Bacopa quickly gave Oz the pills so that he can feed the two ogres then. Both mindless ogres swallowing the pills that Oz had gave them. “Now watch,” Oz said with a grin. Before their very eyes two erect ogre’s pecs begin expanding and swelling, both ogres moaning as the process was happening. The two ogre’s pecs had triple in size. “Damn that’s awesome did you give them a flavor,” Bacopa asked? “For this demonstration no, but we can try on the new three recruits for tomorrows entertainment,” Oz said with a grin. Each of the two variants ogres grabs a bunch of oversize cups and with the flick of each swollen nipples from the two mindless ogres, milk begin to lactate out of their nipples like soda coming out of a dispenser; placing each filled up cup back onto the bench. Now happy with the number of beverages they had the two ogres began grabbing a bunch of magical plates and placing food on it. “Are you guys preparing food without me how rude of you,” a voice says coming from the door of the backyard. “Nick,” both variants’ ogres yell out in excitement.” “What is Fucking adapt doing out here,” Bacopa asked? “Well, my job here is done. By midnight, all humans left in the town will transform into ogres, Like a silent nuclear explosion. By the time that wizard find out we’ve done it be too late he will have no more allies to turn to and if were even lucky still be caught by the spell’s radius, crippling him at worst and totally transforming at best. Who do we have here three more humans?” Nick says. Jack walked into the backyard. He had the usual Ogreish features in skin color. He had black hair shaved into a mohawk and a mutton chops that were connected to his mustache, Gorgeous Amber eyes, and had tattoos circling around his wrists and feet like shackles and he moved his body with swagger like he was owning the place. Jack looks at the two variants’ ogres and asks. “What are you guys planning?” “Well, we were going to place the food in front of them and just watch them eat and fat up before the change,” Bacopa says. “Magically infused food and drink are more energy-efficient for Lord Owen at this time,” Oz says. “Is that so,” Jack replied. “Interesting I know right. Now come closer and let me explain my plan. It’s going to make your mouth water. The three ogres quickly huddled up, has Oz explains the plan to them. The three conscious ogres begin huddling around the three humans, bringing plates of food and drinks. “Look at these pesky human clothes, let’s us remove these,” Oz says with a smile. Is ogres strips their human partners before laying there by his next to them, making humans look like small children to them while they were sitting lap, ass next to hard ogre cocks. The humans moan at the contact with the ogres. “You guys can make a show of fucking for us.” Bacopa says. With those words that to the standing ogres begin fucking. As the three men watch the two ogres start fucking, their cocks became hard as steel. Resisting the temptation to eat the curse Ogreish food was the hardest thing the humans have ever done. “We neeeedd to resiiists the ogres. Wwwee need to escape.” Darrian says. “I eat, I grow big and strong. I eat, I grow big and strong. I eat, I grow big and strong,” Martin says in between bites of food. In front of the two men’s eyes, Martin’s skinny body minus his new jelly belly that is now starting to grow. Each bite and each sip of his drink causing him to grow with fat starting with his belly. Within three minute the ones skinny twig became a round fat plump. When his plate became empty, still wanting more the magic plate refills itself, to fulfill its owner’s gluttonous desires. Three more times the two men watch this cycle, each time Martin became more faster each time hair grew on his fat body. Hair became more wilder and longer as his fat body grew body hair allover starting out as stubble than before long becoming carpet like. His fat clean-shaven chin slowly grew a bushy beard. The two men watching this scene have been slowly eating the Ogreish food and have been becoming fat as well. “This one is eager,” Jack says while playfully smacking Martin’s ass. Martin was now so fat he could not walk, was now ready for Jack’s big cock. “Are you ready to become an ogre, are you ready for my cock,” Jack asked Martin. “Me become ogre. Me want cock,” Martin says in a slow and dumb voice. first Jack starts rubbing Martin’s whole with his cock before plunging it in; causing moans to come from both human and ogre as their rough sex begin, backwards and forwards with each thrust causing Martin’s skin to start turning orange. Starting from his fat ass, the orange quickly spread across his body, turning semi smooth pinkish human skin into rough leathery orange colored ogre skin. Jack can feel the human taking his cock, so close to transcending into an ogre, that he can smell the Ogreish musk on him. With every thrust the human’s ass felt more firmer and tighter. Martin’s cock and balls having been grown twice its size and now beginning to finally seep the last of his human seed. A building pressure and his huge balls made him moan as he begins shaking. The fat all over Martin’s body begins deflating and is quickly replaces with muscle as he starts growing taller. His Shoulders grow out words as much he grew taller. His chest grew into the size of a barrel. His abs grew even with a layer of fat on his hairy stomach. Pecs growing so big that the fat nipples were pointing downwards. Arms and legs grew into the size of huge tree trunks huge hands and feet to go with it. Martin’s facial features quickly succumb to the Ogreish transformation, gaining their facial features in the process. With a final roar from Martin, he came shooting the last of his humanity onto the grass, but he still wants more. “Harder pounded harder,” the ogre Martin yelled out enjoy. Jack grabs Martin’s muscular back for a better grip, as he is obliging him by starting to pound the new ogre’s ass even harder. Darian’s eyes having begun watering at the sight of his friend’s transformation. looking towards his friend Cluster for strength to help resist his corruption; Only to discover his is being spit roasted by the one called Oz and the dark skin ogre with a black curly hair. His blank eyes over his ridiculously obese body that shock and shakes with an energy as the first and final sign, the point of no return as he become an ogre. Then shadow covers his sight the redhaired ogre with a large container filled with unknown liquid and a tube connected to the container. Darian’s mouth opens against his will as the redhead ogre places a tubelike straw next to his mouth. He begins slurping down the contents of the container as he rediscovers the taste of the cursed apple brandy. Each chug of the alcohol makes Darian’s resistance shrink and whether as his mind slowly succumbs to intoxication and pleasure. Eventually the container and plate of food becomes empty and yet he still wants more. Darian’s drooling mouth blank eyes and red blushing face shows off how helpless he is, especially with his now morbidly obese body lays on the grass ready for any ogre to come and stuff his cock into his hungry ass. Cluster roars as he orgasms shooting the last of his humanity. With his newly Ogreish body he gets up from the two ogres spit roasting him. He starts rubbing his newly sensitive nipples as milk leaks from them, as he watches Bacopa making his way towards the back of Darian, causing Cluster’s cock to re-hardening in anticipation to what is to come. With a lick to the back of his neck Bacopa spoke to him. “I hope you’re ready for it, big boy.” Darian spits out the tube and says drunkenly. “Fuck. Fuck you all. Fuck you monsters for taking my town. Fuck for stealing my friends and family humanity. Fuuuucckk,” Darian yells out as Bacopa’s plunges dick into his ass. A single thrust from Bacopa causing orange and hair to start spreading across Darian’s entire fat body. Bacopa takes his tantalizing time as he pounds Darian’s ass. The Ogreish food and drink making Darian belly turn and jiggle as it begins to react to the ogre’s seed. Some of the ogres like Cluster, Oz and the redhead ogre starts or had begun masturbating as they watch Darian start his transformation into an ogre while the rest continue fucking each other. The fat on Darian’s body starts melting away as fuel for his changing body. First his hard cock grows and doubles in size in length and circumference then his balls swell to the huge size of grapefruit. Then his fat on his belly is quickly eaten up by his growing abs, as his flab pecs firm up and swell with hard muscle over his big hairy stomach. His Biceps swell in sizes reaching the girth of huge bowling balls as thighs reach the size of tree trunks. Fingers growing as large as sausages, hands becoming the size of baseball mitts. Back muscles grew until they can be felt by Bacopa’s hands. Facial features shifting and turning as they became more Ogreish and parent giving him a caveman especially with his beard. With another thrust from Bacopa on to Darian’s Ogreish fat ass, he came and shot the last of his humanity. Darian felt so much pleasure as Bacopa kept pounding his Ogreish ass and tell Bacopa eventually came. When they were both done with their sex they got up, Darian wobbles a little bit as he does so, not used to his new body. Then he notices Cluster masturbating next to him. Darian makes his way towards Cluster and begins licking and sucking on Cluster’s nipples, tasting the milk that comes out. Cluster moans in pleasure liking the way that Darian is teasing his nipples. Then Martin grabs Cluster’s shoulder and give him a big sloppy kiss before they all three restarts having sex with each other. In a house across the street, an ogre in a room of his house, watches and masturbate at the sight of the orgy, with his torn-up clothes strewn across the floor while a changing man sits on his lap masturbating as well, clothes starting ripping and tearing at the scene of his growing body. “Once you’re done changing, I think we should join the party,” the ogre says with a smile at the changing man. Underneath the house of partying of ogres. In the basement strange symbols of magic glow, a femoral blue. On a mat on the floor of the basement laid two ogres in the act of sex from which they have been doing it for hours. These actions feeling the corrupting powers of the house trawling humans and spitting out ogres. As the ogre’s orgy of sex and destruction spread around the city the foggy guy starts turning into clouds as they to stir.
  7. He was minding his own business. Private Roger, just finished his meal, and was preparing to retire to his dormitory. Crossing a path, he was struck by some drops of rain, I better hurry inside, he thought. Arriving at his destination, and about to take off his uniform, it happened. He didn’t know, then, but it weren’t drops of rain who have fallen into him. Something special was spilled in his skin, and it triggered something massive. He started to contort in pain, and with his arms pending, he shouted in pain. It was happening. No turning back. Roger felt a terrible feeling in his guts, and desperately prayed to be spared from whatever was going on with his body. With tears in his eyes, he started to grow. Growing faster by the minute, Roger wanted it all to be over, but his transformation was only beginning. His uniform, who fitted him very well, already started to tighten around him, his muscles were growing, he couldn’t notice, as he was focused in the pain that his body was immersed in. As he screamed, his voice started to get deeper. The change on his tone was but one small change on the metamorphosis happening in him. His uniform was tearing apart now, revealing more and more of his ever more muscular body. He was covered in sweat, and the artificial lights were being reflected on his skin. His pectoralis got thicker, stronger, more robust, more incredibly powerful as seconds ran by, and his abs were thickening also, deep ravines between each one, at the end, this strong piece of muscle got fully exposed. And as he got more muscular, with ever thicker, ever more muscular arms and shoulders, tearing his clothes apart, something internal was happening. He started to feel a strange sort of pleasure with the pain. Strange and in massive waves. His cock awoke and was now expanding fast, tearing through his already shredded trousers. He tried to keep himself together, but his face was deformed by pain, and also by pleasure, he groaned and roared, uncertain what to feel, as his manhood dropped precum on the floor. After waves of strong transformation, it momentarily stopped. He could see the changes in his body more attentively now. He saw his dogtags glued to his left chest by a thick cover of sweat, with a strong smell of testosterone. He saw his pec ravines, his nips pending down in such a powerful, even sexual way. He saw his face, remodeled, a deep strong jaw he had, all his muscles developed to the max. His arms, so big, so veiny, so elegant yet so brute. His shoulders, that were now pressing his equally thick neck, competing for space, his abs, his legs, his... cock, yes, even his fucking cock was developed to levels he only dreamt of. ”Fuck. Roger is... I mean... I’m huge.” Before he could think, his strong sexual urges spoke louder, and he had to relieve himself. He played with his cock, caressing the exposed helmet, the body of it, hard as stone, his sensitive veins about to blow up. He played with his whole body, caressing himself, licking the sweat, touching his strong nips, so big, so beautiful, so sensitive! His whole body was a machine of pleasure, and he fucking loved it, was the only thing he could think about. Finally, after this frenzy, he came, jets and jets of cum hit the walls, the ceiling, formed gooey puddles on the floor. It seemed like things were done for him. But they weren’t. Claiming the strength of the Gods to himself, he teared what was left of his uniform and stroke his dick even further. As he was embedded by pleasure, his changes deepened. He got horns in his head, that got passed his skull. He got strong spikes of bone going through his back. His eyes turned red and black, and his voice devolved to a growl. Grunting, roaring, begging for more. The creature once known as Roger was ready to claim his place with the Gods. And still, he could only say in the end. ”Fuck. Roger so Big.”
  8. A normal day would have a phenomenal ending for Tyler. Walking to work, suddenly he was struck by a viscous liquid, it dropped in him with the power of a waterfall, and it didn’t stop falling from the sky. The goo was hot and burnt his skin, causing him to suffer greatly. He screamed, but no one could listen to his pleas, quickly the sound of his voice got muffled by the primordial soup that was covering him. The more he tried to free himself, the more the goo glued to his body, he tried, but it made matters worse, until he fell on the floor and got immobilized by that thing. He thought he was going to die at any moment: the pain was excruciating, and yet, he didn’t. What’s more, he was still conscious. He kept feeling the pain, and yet he couldn’t move or scream anymore, he was powerless to prevent what happened next. The goo started to corrode his clothes, layer by layer. Feeling baffled by seeing his coat, his shirt, his pants, being reduced to ash, slowly but surely, he prayed that no one could see him in such a sorry state. Finally, his trousers were destroyed, and he was naked. And then, in free contact with his skin, the goo started another chain reaction, one that made him grow. The chemicals his body was infused in changed his composition step by step. He started to grow, his chest expanded and got more and more robust, dense, strong. His abdomen was flat before, now was starting to reveal itself more and more sculpted. As his skin kept on burning from the contact with the goo, his arms grew stronger, bigger, and so did his shoulders, that would slowly compete with space and prominence with his ever more powerful neck. His face hardened, his jaw was reformed, so were his eyes, that acquired a tough expression. His cock was awake, stimulated by the composite, and as he felt pain, he also felt an incredible pleasure. He was experimenting something indeed prodigious. He was being remodeled, his arms so veiny and thick, his skin being hardened by the formula, he could barely see beyond his strong pectorals now, when looking down, he couldn’t see the spectacle that were his abs, but he could see his cock, big as it was, dripping pre that was mixing itself with the solution. Tyler was changed, so much he wondered if he could still call himself Tyler, so muscular, so... powerful, was he even a human at this point? “Fuck, I’m huge” was the first thing he said when he could start moving again. His strength allowed him to awake, even if he was still covered in a cocoon of goo. He contorted several times, adjusting himself. Pain no more, was pure pleasure and raw male power, the goo, from an enemy, was now a dear friend, covering him like a blanket of power, that primordial soup was a soup indeed, providing him with nutrients to grow ever stronger. He forgot about his work entirely, the only thing he could think of was of how strong he was, how his muscles were hot, how he wanted to fuck. His deeply sensitive dick needed not many stimulus to arouse to its fullest, and yet the blanket was a whole new experience, he playfully shook his cock and ass, contorting, moving frenetically just to improve his momentum. He caressed his cock with his now muscular strong hands, moving his fingers in the head, growling and roaring in absolute bliss. As he roared, he noticed his voice deeper, like a growl of a monster that he now was. He was growing more and more conscious of the fact indeed he was a monster now, a creature of powerful muscles and raw primitive strength. He was not sure of his name, he could only vaguely remember his old life, his focus was on his body, his cock and the streams testosterone flowing inside him. At the end of this extraordinary process, the goo, now soaked with his seed, got absorbed by his body, making him grow even further, making his skin get a silver hue. This was his rebirth. Tyler no more.
  9. Trio

    transformation Topher's Big Day

    Topher got lost in the forest of that odd planet, if he could call it that way, and was starting to get very concerned. Even if he was born in this foreign place, he never got used to its surroundings, to its miasma, and wanted to change that when decided to be a part of the corps of his colony. It turned out to be a bad idea, being at the bottom of the hierarchy, he was put in menial tasks. This was supposed to be his first true mission, to just explore the region, but things went terribly wrong, and there he was, lost. Had his armour, but nothing could shield him from hunger and the dangerous nature, he had to go home. He walked and walked, Not paying attention where he was stepping his foot on caused him to fall on a deep hole. It was fast, didn’t even have the time to think about it. At its bottom there was a lake, but not of water. It had a different name: Xenomass. Green and thick. His armour absorbed the impact, but his weight was too much for it to float on that piece of substance, even if it was thick. He sank into it. His despair was visible, as no human ever was exposed to the xenomass, and as the miasma, it was supposed to be toxic and deadly, it had no use to no one, and yet he was immersed in it, protected only by his armour. He was scared, but didn't scream, as he figured the armour would keep him safe. After a bit, he started to try to move his body, trying to reach the surface of the lake. Again, bad idea, the substance started to damage his equipment, to corrode it, and then layer by layer he was getting more vulnerable. Finally, it reached the last sheet before entering in contact to his skin. It was a matter of time before Xenomass would touch him. It happened, pain, pain. He screamed, drowning on it, scared and feeling his skin burn, as the xenomass started to invade his last layer, it was quick, all his body was exposed to it, he soon went unconscious. Something happened, Topher didn't die, but his body was offered to the planet, as a sacrifice, but the planet was benevolent. Exposed to the weird chemicals, he started to grow in size and in muscle, he was, before, a skinny awkward boy, but that started to change. Slowly, Topher was becoming more muscular and thicker, taller. His pecs soon started to grow, inflating, becoming large, defined, robust, hard. His abs came to life and were sculpted by the substance, 6 hard packs came to the surface, his shoulders would greatly expand, becoming round, thick, huge and large, strong, enough to support a great deal of weight. His arms expanded, becoming huge and as muscular as ever, and so did his legs. Skinny awkward boy no more, he was getting big. The chemicals changed his DNA and the mutation became deeper, his burnt skin transformed, being covered by metalic scales, his teeth grew and sharpened, his feet and hands metamorphosed. His two feet became paws with 3 huge fingers with claws, and his hands were formed by 4 fingers with claws in it, his eyes were covered by a multitude of lenses, becoming transformed and superior. All his hair was gone, and a group of horns appeared on his head and shoulders. His heart was obsolete, giving place to a strong plasma producer that would supply his body with his new needs. His lungs were transformed, and he could breathe through his skin, but his nose was kept. He was no human anymore, Topher gave in to a magnificent creature, that was about to come to life. The armour had disappeared, everything merged into him, his dogtag was now where his heart once was. The creature came to life and opened his changed eyes, coming to the surface quickly and roared. But he was still human on his mind, so the roar made him extremely scared, Topher soon realized the changes in his body and was desperate, he cried for help and begged for mercy, and then he had a need to drink the xenomass, he did it like an animal. Confused and worried, he had no idea he had no need for anything, anymore, that this was a blessing. He could still talk but his voice was changed, similar to a growl, even if he still was the awkward guy in his mind, what was left of him. The self discovery journey was a long one, he spent weeks in the cave, learning that he needed xenomass now like a human needs water. He discovered how strong he was when he had to open passages through the walls, so frustrated he was by coming into dead ends. He discovered how powerful his vision was when he could see creatures hiding beneath the rocks. He slowly started to like his changes, to find beauty in it, seeing his new muscles made his cock awake. He was only vaguely sexually awaken by then, as a human, let alone as the creature, but his new powers made his cock hard, and since he was alone, he decided to relieve himself, he jerked off, first very timidly, then more confidently and finally he was enjoying a pleasure he never felt. He felt so many things when he came, felt aggressive, felt in charge, felt like he was meant to be the creature, he licked the cum in his hands and roared of satisfaction, this was a new beginning for him. This cave was his new home now, as he found out he needed no one anymore, he spent a month living in it after finally discovering a way out. That cave was his home, but he decided to pay a visit to his former brothers in arms. Not as Topher, but as Genesis.
  10. Trio

    muscle growth Reborn a soldier

    I walked towards the chamber, I had to trust my instincts to keep on going forward, as I walked I could hear my shoes tapping on the floor of steel. ... Suddenly, when I moved to a certain point on that dark room, the lights turned on, revealing a grey room filled with desks and gadgets, I was surprised I could move without bumping into them. I kept on moving, then suddenly I stopped, as an object caught my attention, a dogtag, soaked in some gooey liquid was above one of the desks, almost falling on the floor, it was silver and had an engraving in it saying: Ξαναγεννιέμαι στρατιώτης Είμαι μυς Ζω για να προστατέψω I could tell it was greek, though I couldn't say the meaning of those words. My curiosity got the best of me, I caught it by its small ball chain, and started studying it more closely, I kept on walking, but now slowly, as I analyzed what I had in my hands. The object was light and captivating, at least for me. In the end, I decided to keep it, passed the chains through my head and carefully put the dogtag inside my clothes. I started to feel a tingly feel, started in my hands, that had some of that gooey liquid present on the dogtag, and then it spread towards my chest. I kept on going, but I started to feel worse and worse. I ignored the burn in my body as I could, as I wanted to keep exploring that desert lab. Then I saw a chamber, in the corner. I walked towards the chamber, I had to trust my instincts to keep on going forward, as I walked I could hear my shoes tapping on the floor of steel. I saw it was large enough for a couple of men to be there one next to the other, but overall nothing than a weird elevator, so I thought, and as I started to move outside it, the doors closed. I was surprised, and then a gooey liquid started to rain above me, covering me into it, what a stinging substance, I started to panic and cried for help, but none was around, none came. My skin burned and the liquid started to flood the place, I was desperate, crying for help, and as I did, more and more of the substance poured above me, quickly inundating the chamber. Before I realized, I was floating in the middle of the chamber. My body was absorbing the liquid, and I screamed in pain as I tried to understand what was happening. Slowly, I realized I was growing taller, not only that, but I could feel my clothes tightening across my body. "How could this be?" I thought as I stopped screaming, even if the pain was still overwhelming. My body grew, my muscles expanded, slowly first, then faster and more aggressively. I felt my chest inflating, my pectoral becoming wide and robust. My screams started to thicken and becoming deeper, I could sense my abs growing inside me, carving its ways into the surface, aggressively and sharply. I could see the progress as my shirt finally started to gave in, revealing more and more of my strong pecs, with each nipple further and further away from each other, I was growing wide, my abs were expanding fast now, my scream was a roar now, and I felt pleasure in the pain, more and more. Not only my shirt, my pants also gave in, starting to reveal my strong legs, thicker and with every single muscle being sculpted into it, my trousers also gave in, revealing that my... my penis was growing too, it was thicker and bigger, and was hard. I could taste my pre-cum mixed within the substance. The smell was overwhelming, and more and more came from my body, I was transforming. And it didn't end there, as I was naked, exposed, with my arms standing beside me, my strong muscular arms, my shoulders, my heroic shoulders, wide and robust, that could sustain so much weight. As I was naked, exposed, I was rushed with a urge to fuck, I had to stroke, I was turning into a monster, and the thought of it invaded my mind, washing away every other thought I had before, I was a soldier, I was a big, thick, muscular, wide soldier, and I felt the urgent need to release my newfound power, I grabbed my cock with my strong veiny hands and violently masturbated, with a strong vigor, the pleasure was blinding, I was moaning and bellowing and roaring, my gutural noise was transforming me even further, I stroke furiously, as my abs grew wider, my nipples were wide apart from each other as my pecs were huge, and the dogtag was there, shining in my chest, feeling my strong heart beating, its sound mixing it with everything else. The dogtag was there beside my body, glued by the musk, the musk that mixed with the formula, that mixed with the pre-cum. I reached the peak of my existence and I came in so strong jets that the chamber started to break down, the cum started a different reaction within me, it was the missing link for my departure to the human race. I grew even thicker and wider, stronger and now my skin was mixing itself with the formula, with my own musk, with my cum. It was solidifying around me, becoming my shield, my new skin, I could feel every cell of my body boiling, and the formula washed away my blood, replacing it. My hair was no more, a strong cover of horns was in its place, I was roaring in octaves so low I wondered if anyone could actually hear me if they could. Not only roaring, but letting my pleasure escape through my words. "Fuck, I fuck, uhhhh, transform me, transform me more, me want more" My older being was lost. I was a creature beyond this world now, my pecs insanely wide and muscular, my thick abs, impenetrable. My strong cock was mutated beyong recognition, evolving beyond my control, not that I wanted to control it, I wanted to unleash my new power. I was transforming, stronger and stronger, and I want more. The liquid was no more, my body had absorbed it all, I opened my way out the chamber with my bare muscular hands, and as I did, again I jerked off, it was the only thing I could do, the only thing I wanted to do. I was reborn a soldier, a voracious one. I am reborn a soldier. I am muscle. I live to protect.
  11. Trio

    muscle growth Solidifying

    Before we begin with the new story, Id like to thank Hialmar for all his contribution to it and for all the great conversations. You are great! ... "Test Subject 1505 waited inside the Chamber. He couldn't remember ... couldn't remember his own name. Who he was ... before he was recruited to the experiment ..." I suddenly don’t feel so good, barely can stay erect. The pain spreads all over my body, the pain, why God. I get on my knees and extend my arms shaking, begging for mercy. I cry for help. My muscles are contorting, I feel taller now, why are my clothes getting so tighter? I am... growing! Ow! What is happening with my arms? My chest, is it getting bigger? It appear it is! My legs grow inside my trousers, I feel that. My dogtag trembles in my expanding pecs, my expanding pecs! How is that possible! O Lord! I am growing... Muscular.. Stronger.. My expanding pecs My heart beat intensifies, I feel my penis awakening thinking about my growing body. How is it possible that I’m enjoying this? My body is, changing, transforming. My shirt starts to tear itself apart, revealing my body covered in a thick musky sweat. My pecs are growing faster now, but I can still see bellow them, and I see my abdomen transforming, I see my abs being sculpted, surging bellow my skin, hard as steel. Hard as steel. My... cock, ugh fuck, my cock is so hard now I can see it too, it’s breaking free from my trousers, hard as steel, trembling with blood. I roar, my voice is deeper now, thicker. I roar louder, Fuck, it feels good. I want more. I am transforming, being blessed with the body of a warrior. My arms, so big, so... strong, yes... bigger! Bigger! My shoulders, it’s getting hard to move my head. Ugah, my jaw is being reformed, feels better now, stronger. Yes, Stronger. Why am I still dressed? I tore my clothes apart and get on my feet once more. My trousers are the next to go: I stay naked, my cock throbbing precum on my body. I need to release it, my hands, I can barely touch my own fucking cock, but I do it, and I jerk off, and while I do, wow, what is happening now? Yes! Bigger! War... defend! Serve! I am a soldier now, I live to fight, to glory. Fuck, my voice, so deep now, feels good, more, I jerk off faster now, and I release jets of cum. They cover my body and solidify, changing my skin. The heat of pleasure changes me further, fuck! More! I demand more! Transforming so good! Fuck so good! So strong. Bigger, yes, Bigger! I'm turning into a God, power surges through me. A War God! I live to fight, to glory! Fuck, I demand more! So strong now, I can barely look bellow my huge pecs. Fuck! I touch my abs, covered in sweat and solidified cum, I feel the body of the warrior. This is the new beginning This is the rebirth.
  12. Muscle fog ogre’s gift Ch 1 part four by Big Zargo Every Ogre Lord needs his court wizard When Samuel woke up, He thought he was in a stinky locker room, for all he can smell was musk; But then the memories hit. All Samuel can do was moan in exhaustion. “By the beard of my master I have failed.” He moaned in exhaustion. In all of Samuel’s life he thought being a guardian for some old forgotten entity, would be an easy career choice. No wizard politics, no demons, no Eldridge abomination and, no agent God’s just him, his wife, his three children, and one bumbling apprentice. Now more than half the people in town are missing. The town is covered by a mysterious fog generated by the entity and, his apprentice is off taking his magical exam. All that he can remember was leaving his house and he tries to remember how he got into this dark room. “Fuck! My bag he thought with donning horror.” Samuel’s bag is where he holds all magical supplies. On instinct he tries to recall it, only to moan in pain as he feels his pool of magic was near empty. Samuel would have tried to draw in the surrounding magic, but it was contaminated with something. He remembers how one of his allies to demon contaminated magic and got possessed by it. He feels that all the magic being used up trying to protect him and 2 others from the contaminated magic he guessed. All Samuel knows is that he erases some of his own mind with his own spell on purpose. Getting his bearings while in the room he discovers that, he is trapped in a magic cage with two other people. The contaminated magic forming an outline on the cage, thanks to his magic site letting him know. In order for Samuel to escape he would have to remove spell protecting the other two with him, but it will most certainly lead to their deaths if he do so. “That smell again,” he thought to himself. Samuel stops his thinking as the small musk became stronger and as he starting to hear some noises coming outside of his cloth cage. With no ceremony the cloth covering the case have been removed form Samuel’s and the two other men’s cages. “Time to wake up some sunshine’s,” deep mysteriously voice said. The light blinding Samuel as he regains his site. He and the other two men found themselves brought to a clearing filled with huge gray camping tents. It’s village of gray tents was next to the main library of Holmes top Borough letting Samuel know that they must be somewhere downtown, in the early morning. Samuel was disturbed site of huge hairy muscular caveman to round 10 feet tall like creatures; Most if not all were bare chested and they were wearing kilts, thong, loincloth, and some were just completely naked. Smell of sex is permeating the air as Samuel could literally see some of the creatures having sex. There have been place next to the largest tent among the village of tents; this large had a golden symbol of circle with two wavelike passing through it and one line passing vertically. Then Samuel noticed the creatures in leather arm and among them was the entity named Owen sitting on a huge chair reading a book with his huge hands. Samuel just knew that Owen was the one sitting on the chair he also discovered that he, for he was naked. Like the other caveman like creatures Owen had a pelt of black body hair, a 11 feet tall body with refilling muscle that reminded Samuel of the incredible hulk, a big cock, with a pair of huge hairy balls. As Samuel got closer, he could see that Owen had a strong square jaw, a bushy black mustache, a big round nose, a sideburn, brown eyes under a pronounce eyebrow ridge, with thick bushy eyebrows, a bald orange head. Owen marked and closest to the book he was reading. Owen smiles at the site of his three prisoners. the wizard was a fat middle-age short white man with black graying hair, grayish blue eyes and a round nose. One of other man had average body type and an average height tan skin, short graying hair black, sternum brown eyes, hawkish nose, a mustache, and a triangle face. While the other man had an average body type as well but was little bit taller than all three of them and had white skin, short hair black, thin mustache, green eyes, and the average nose. “It was a shame that the fourth person died he would have the made a great ogre. Still though why in the world would this wizard try to kill his allies, he didn’t know? Maybe the wizard thought that he was a powerful demon so decided to give his friends a swift death rather than being tortured by a demon. Still it took a lot of power to capture all three of them, he would have to send a couple ogres to pick up the body and all the other dead humans in Holmes top Borough. A few hours does wonders for him and his magic. With this pool of power being nearly full he should be to turn this Guardian into his ogres; Especially sense the wizard pool power was low to nonexistent. He must subconsciously had protected the other two men from my muscle fog with his magic,” Owen thought. “Now having his prize, a guardian Owen just have to locate the other Two guardians before he can be completely free from his magical shackles. He could have gone with making the wizard watch as he turns his two friends into ogres, but he might be able to escape while he was distracted. No, the wizard must be the first to receive his blessing, he will make a fine court mage.” Owen thought to himself. “Grabbed the wizard and hold them down on his back.” Owen commanded. With the snap of his fingers the part of cage holding the wizard vanish before re-appearing around the other two prisoners, as the wizard fall on his fat ass. Owen - “Let me see the key on you.” Before the wizard could try anything, Samuel was quickly grabbed by one of the Owens ogres in leather armor, before he can escape. With no prompting from Owen another ogre quickly stripped off the wizard’s clothes leaving him butt naked. “There is no key my Lord.” The other ogres said. “Seems I misplaced my key.” the wizard said. Lesson learned Owen thought secure the key first then attempt to corrupt them after. Owen smile did not waver at the news of the key’s disappearance. “You still going to tell me where it is, even if your dead. Once you die the protections on this key slack in and I could track where is, am I’m correct with this assumption?” All that Owen got for an answer for was a grunt from the wizard. “Of course, I’m not planning to kill you. Otherwise you would already be dead.” He says with a toothy grain. Owen got up from his chair, walking towards the restrained wizard. The ogre who had stripped the wizard of his clothes having begun to move back giving his lord plenty of room. “You may kill me or break me for your sick purposes, but the Council will seal you monster and banish all your friends back to whatever dimension they came from.” The wizard said with hatred. Owen - “Those are tough words coming from a fat powerless wizard. Although now you have my curiosity about this Council. When I’m done with you, you’ll tell me everything you know about this Council of yours.” Owen Places his huge hand on to the wizard’s fat belly and said. “Nice to meet you Samuel.” Samuel’s face pales as he felt Owen’s mind break through his defenses; Like a burglar breaking through his house breaking and stealing Samuel’s stuff. Samuel’s throat quickly became rough from screaming. “Don’t worry Samuel this won’t take long, you’ll be good as new when I’m done with you, no! even better than your old self.” Owen said in delight. If Samuel had his pool of magic filled, he would be able to resist Owen’s power. But as it stands now the absence of power in Samuel’s body allows Owen’s corruption to seeped through. Samuel could literally feel his humanity being washed away by Owen primal magic. Richard and Joseph slowed woke up because of Samuel screaming. “What the hell is all that noise?” The short black hair man said, whose name was Joseph. “When the world hit me.” The man with short grayish hair with some black in it said whose name was Richard. Both of them quickly woke up with the noise of Samuel screams. Each of them getting up and turning their faces to Samuel’s location. “Dear God.” Richard whispered in horror. At the site of Samuel’s apparent torture. Eventually Samuel stopped screaming and just lay there with his blank gray blue eyes and his mouth hanging open and saliva leaking out of it. The man known as Samuel was now a blank vessel for Owen to fill with power and manipulation. “Like breaking old chair to make the new stool. Now here’s the fun part.” Owen said. Owen starts to fill Samuel’s body with primal power. Forcing his once less than average pool of magic to grow. Samuel’s broken mind starting to repair at Owen’s direction. With Courage he did not know he had Richard said. “What in hell are you doing to Samuel, you giant Beefed up roid monster.” “I'm remaking him into a sexy ogre.” Owen said. Owen looks at Richard for a second then his gaze moves towards Joseph where he meets Joseph’s eyes and where he quickly loses the contest of wills. Samuel’s fat body grew wider and taller, right in front of Richard’s and Joseph’s eyes. His arms and legs grew with huge muscle. His hands grew into huge mitts with sausage like fingers. His biceps grew into huge bowling balls. His shoulders grew into huge boulders. His back grew muscle as his neck swelling up giving him a bull’s neck and deeper voice. His pecs grew into beefy pillows. His sagging belly grew straighter until it became tough gut. His ass grew into two huge soccer balls. His thighs grew larger than tree trunk. His calves grew into huge cannonballs, as his feet grew into huge pads with thick toes. His cock grew into a fat 12-inch-long monster, as his balls grew into huge oranges. His round jaw became a square jaw, his pointed nose having swells and rounds out. His eyebrows ridge became more pronounce giving them a caveman look. His slightly hairy body grew more hair as his face grew a huge-long beard going down to is now hairy pecs. Seeing that Samuel’s rebirth, it’s now complete Owen lifts his hand off of Samuel’s big tough gut. Backing off to see Samuel the ogre. Owen -“That a Hot daddy, you turn out well. With your slightly peppered long beard, a mustache and bald head.” The ogre that was still holding Samuel’s help lifted Samuel’s 10 feet tall orange ogreish body off the ground. Owen sat back in his chair looking a little bit drained. While the other ogres around him had hard dicks at the site of Samuel’s rebirth. “Come suck off daddies’ cock.” Samuel said to the ogre who stripped his clothes off. The ogre kneeled down and starts licking and sucking Samuel’s thick cock, while the other one who was holding him starts rubbing his cock near Samuel big ass. “This fat ass is your reward,” Samuel says in hunger. “Serving Owen is my reward daddy wizard. Besides your ass just looks so lonely and I figured my cock could keep it company.” The ogre behind him said. “You’re a good-looking cub. You’re welcome it in my ass.” Samuel said. “Thank you, sir, but don’t call me cub.” the ogre behind Samuel said. With those words the ogre behind Samuel plunges his fat cock into Samuel’s ass and starts moving his hips back and forth. Both Richard and Joseph stood there in shock, seeing Samuel a wizard be broken then turn into a sex crazed daddy ogre, filled them with dread. “Joseph, we need to find a way out here and a need to find it quickly. We need one of the other guardians and tell what happened here. Look for a weak spot in his cage while they’re all distracted.” Richard said. “Damn that ogres pounding Samuel’s ass real hard. I wonder if I can have sloppy seconds on Samuel’s plump ass.” Joseph said while rubbing his crotch. Joseph’s mind already succumbing to Owens influence. Richard slowly turns towards Joseph and whispers. “No.” Joseph is starting to look taller and a little bit wider, his white skin beginning to turn oranges. Richard see that Joseph muscle on body starts to grow while his clothes starts to become tighter. “No, no, no,” Richard repeated as he backed away from the changing Joseph. As he begins moving away to a corner of the cage Richard tries looking for an exit. The Smell of sex was in the air as the guard ogres start to masturbate when ogre Samuel starts is three-way with the two other ogres. The familiar smell of sex having been making Joseph feel a live. His cock and balls for the first to grow; they serve out slowly but as they grew so did his body. This feeling of primal energy going through his body was intoxicating to Joseph. so, he was himself go. Letting the power of Owen’s gift pass right through. His memories of his wife fade away as he changes into an ogre. He knew as an ogre that he would be strong that his libido would be fire that would help Ignite his soul burning away his humanity. Joseph was a man ruled by his libido, making Owens gifts so in resistible to him. Some part of his very soul urine for Owen’s touch. Joseph grew and grew stretching out his clothes with his growing muscles. His pants and shirt gain tears before falling off his growing body. “Oh yeah.” Joseph moaned out as his body grew. His now big bodybuilding’s body starts to rumble with ogreish might, as once human skin tone completely turning orange. “Fuck Yeah!” Joseph yelled out, while rubbing his growing cock. Joseph’s body grew taller and wider as his head eventually reach the ceiling of the cage. “This is getting too tight.” Joseph said while forcing to hunch his head. Now feeling the cage was being too small he stopped his masturbating with his growing body he began destroying the confining cage with his growing arms. With a mighty roar from Joseph, the top of the cage was forced out words as it was smashed to pieces. The once straight bars that were holding the cage now bands like metal hangers against Joseph’s growing ogreish body Cage that was hold them. The now 10 feet tall Joseph resumed his masturbating as he got out of the remains of the destroyed cage. His once clean-shaven face, with thin black mustache and short black hair was now covered with a 5 o’clock shadow with a big bushy mustache and wild black hair. His once average body was now like the other ogres big, wide, and tall, brimming with muscle and sharing the caveman look with hair peppering his huge body. Joseph masturbation began to pick up pace as well the other ogres, because of Samuel’s three-way sex was near its climax. Unscathed by the destruction of cage and seeing the ogres were distracted by Samuel’s three-way sex, Richard tried to escape. Richard was in a forest of huge giant man, each masturbating to site of Samuel’s three-way sex, but one the master of these creatures Owen. Sadly, for Richard he made the mistake of gazing at Owen’s eyes. “Oh yeah that’s hot,” one ogre said. “Fuck I’m about to bust my nuts,” another ogres said. With a single glance of Owens piercing brown eyes Richard froze like a deer in headlights. Within that second of eye to eye contact Owen challenge Richard to a contest of wills, Owens will be being like a tidal wave of lust and domination, compared to Richards Sandcastle of will. Richard’s mouth starts to drool, his cock becomes erect and his mind becomes foggy with lust. All that he can see is Owen’s fat juicy erect cock, beckoning to him to come and taste it. Owen- “Come take of my seed.” Samuel had never felt this good in his life. The primal magic flowing through his veins was making his three-way feel extremely good. “FUUUUCK!” Each thrust of the ogre that was behind Samuel gave a jolt of energy and pleasure to him. He felt the magic power inside him swell and swell with each thrust. Knowing that the excess energy is being sent to Owen, gave Samuel great joy. The ogres around Samuel starts to pick up their pace with their masturbating, as they felt Samuel’s climax coming near, some even coming early with a roar of pleasure, starting a chain reaction of coming. One by one each ogre offers their tribute to master and tell eventually Samuel and his two partners came. Each of the ogres drenches their seed across the clearing pelting the ground with their come. None of this ogreish rain spills upon Owen, but sadly for Richard he is soaking with the stuff. Each drop of white ogreish cum stains Richards skin oranges, like a bad chemical reaction to his skin, as he makes his way towards Owen. Slowly stretching his clothes to the breaking point by the time his tongue starts licking at Owen’s meat. One taste of Owen’s cock is enough for Richard to lose it. Licking and slipping at Owen’s cock, he starts to swell like a muscle balloon. From slightly standing to kneeling on all fours Richard body grew bigger and hairier as his became an ogre. His humanity fell as quickly as his clothes fell off his growing body. Richard Quickly grew into a huge 10 feet tall monster with freakishly huge well proportion muscles and his skin quickly and completely turns to an orange hue. Within the first minutes of sucking off Owen’s fat cock Richard became a musclebound ogre, With a caveman look with his hairy body, cum drenched graying black beard, wild hair and his big hairy ass up in the air just begging to be plowed. Richard’s fat cock is leaking out the remains of his humanity. Padding and rubbing Richard’s head Owen took great delight at Richard’s blow job. Owen thought, how easily they fall when the leader succumbs to my power. I must admit that that possums spell that Samuel cast was pretty clever for a ritual type mage. If I just had killed them instead of making them into ogres, he may have gotten away with it. Now that key that Samuel had will begin to deteriorate because of his transformation. Now that Samuel is mine, he will lead me to Noah and other two guardians, and when I turned them into ogres this prison, this town will become my sanctuary, my fortress. Looking down at Richard, Owen said, “you’re good cock sucker aren’t you? Let me reunite you with your son.” In answer he knew and felt Richard come, shooting out the rest of his humanity and signify the of his transformation into an ogre. A couple of seconds later after Richard came, Owen felt his climax coming as well. Closing his eyes Owen enjoys Richard’s work on his fat cock. Eventually Owen came shooting down ogreish cum through Richard’s throat. Unexpectedly Richard’s body grew with a nether growth spurt as if turning into an ogre again. He got up revealing to Owen his now 11feet tall ogreish body. “Did I please you, my Lord?” Richard said with cum and slobber drooling from his mouth. Richards once kind stern brown eyes now became a harsh glowing gray. He was much bigger than the average ogre, and much more loyal. His hawkish nose was blunted down, his triangle chin was smashed into a square jaw and he was now mist leaked from his body as if he were constantly sweating. With a nod of Owen’s head, the huge hulking Richard left Owens site; following his will Richard went to Owen’s tent. “Come to me Samuel we must talk.” Owen commanded. Walking towards Owen with Joseph behind his heels, Samuel bowed at Owen’s huge feet, a good sign of loyalty Owen thought. Owen -“First we need to find the other guardians as soon as possible. When that task is complete come and find me and tell me where they are. Joseph, I have a task you as well. You will find Jacob tell him to find the specialists as soon as possible, I can feel the deterioration of your brother’s minds. You two are dismissed.” I’m was looking for ways to improve my work. Feel free to leave your opinion down below. Constructive criticism is always welcome.
  13. Droz

    m/f 90 is the new 30

    So my latest idea/story. Feed back appreciated, please leave a comment in this thread Thanks __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Max Powers in 2020 is 90 years old. Born in 1930 he has seen the tail end of the horse and carriage used as transportation, he’s seen a global war, he’s seen a man on the moon, he watched as the internet took over the world and revolutionized everything. Max powers is also the world’s wealthiest person with an estimated net worth of 800 billion dollars. He is a father, grandfather and great grandfather. Max has lived a life most people could only dream of. Too young to join the military for World War II, he then served ten years in The Marine Corps right out of high school, ten years as a Marine at the start of the cold war, from 1948 to 1958. Stationed initially in Europe, then transferred to Japan and Korea. Shortly after retiring from The Marines, he used the contacts he made to start a new company selling products to the Military. From basic supplies to communication equipment. That business quickly flourished and led to Max investing in the burgeoning telecommunications industry. From there Max invested in new companies looking to cash in on The Space Race, aviation and the medical field. By 1975, Max Powers had reached the top ten list for wealthiest people. By 1985 he was at the top of the list and had amassed a fortune twice that of the next person on the list. From there he only grew richer, more influential, and more powerful in the business world. Max had married a beautiful woman while he was in The Marines, a longtime acquaintance from high school. They bumped into each other while Max was back home on leave. Max was shocked to see the young girl he knew in high school looking much like Jayne Mansfield, only taller, Suzie was a statuesque 5’10” and complemented Max’s 6’2” very well when she was in heels. They had four children together, two boys and two girls. Max earned enough money even early on, that his family had everything. Houses around the world, cars, the kids had toys, his wife Suzie had dresses and jewelry. His family wanted for nothing. Except their father and husband himself. Max travelled often and was usually away from home for weeks at a time. Suzie often argued with Max about his time away and always asked him to stay longer, spend time with her and the kids. Max simply said to her “I have too much work, I’ll make it up to you, I promise”. Max would lavish his family with gifts from around the world. Send them on vacations to exotic locations. But rarely spent more than two or three months time a year with his family. The time he did spend with them was precious and he did the best he could to “make things up” to them. In the end though, his kids never really knew their father, only that his business and money were more important to him. The love of his life, Suzie was a very lonely wife and mother. Yet she and Max remained faithful to each other for the 55 years they were married. She couldn’t really complain, she had a life most people could only dream of, Max was a good husband and father when he was around. Just, rarely present with his family. Suzie died in 2010 at the age of 80, Max was at her side, he too feeling the ravages of time, meant that he was home more and spent time with Suzi before she died. Now 90 years old, bound to a wheelchair, Max is weak, frail, and despite his sharp mind and mouth. He’s on Death’s door, his failing health, failing body, the end of his life is near. He’s spent the last six months looking for a new Executive Assistant. Yes, Max still works, as CEO and Chairman of Powers Inc. He still maintains control of his company and oversees the day to day. His last assistant, Pamela, had been his assistant for the last 45 years, faithful to him to the last. She died of natural causes at the age of 85, Max of course paid for everything for Pamela’s services. Gifted her family a generous amount of money and set aside ten million dollars in a trust fund for all of Pamela’s family members to use to send their children to college. Max needed a new assistant and spent as much time as he could interviewing candidate after candidate. Most of them only looking to work for him in the hopes that they would get to cash in on his death and have the prestige of having worked for him on their resume. While Max was resigned to his fate long ago, that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to go out fighting. Max was looking for someone that was intelligent, educated and had the experience to work for a high powered CEO, help him manage his company and also work his schedule to keep up with Doctor appointments, his medical needs and anything else that might come up. Enter Denise. A 35 year old professional woman. All 5’4” 120 pounds and 34F-22-32 of her. Max took his time interviewing the young woman. Mostly due to his medical needs and having to stop and rest throughout the day. Over the course of two weeks, speaking with her a total of eight days. She had an impressive background. Finished high school at 16. Finished bachelor’s degrees in biology, chemistry and physics by 24 at UC Berkeley. She completed her master’s in business by 26 at Stanford university. She spent the last ten years working at various companies in various capacities for management and executive support. Max had his company’s investigative team verify her background. All of it checked out. All of her references gave her very positive comments and both universities confirmed her degrees and GPA to be very high. As a final test, Max had Denise sign an NDA and gave her full executive access to her company. He asked her to analyze all subsidiary companies and their intellectual property and report on any IP that has potential. Max gave her one week. A week later, Denise had a 300 page report written up for him. Detailing profits and losses for every division, every subsidiary. In those reports she detailed where money had gone and how different projects, patents and departments were performing in relation to the value of their work and/or products. During her research, Denise came across several projects and patents that would interest Mr. Powers. She made an outline for each, highlighted key points and had them in different colored folders for him to review. The most interesting projects she put on top of the pile of course. “Homosapiens Supremis” was the name of the project, summary described a method of genetic enhancement that no one had ever thought of. Even with Max’s limited knowledge of bio-tech, he could tell that this was something that just needed modern technology to succeed. The project was part of a military R&D with ideas that were ahead of their time having been conceived and explored in the 70’s and 80’s and forgotten about, due to them being from acquisition companies that had long buried them as being unviable. This showed how thorough and persistent Denise was. Not even Pamela, his last assistant managed to dig deep enough for these projects to surface. After spending a week going through things. He sent instruction to the head of his biotech group to start work immediately to resurrect the project and keep all access secured to a small team with their new quantum encryption technology. If what Max read in the report from Denise, all with all the preliminary work done decades ago. This could be a revolution in medical science. Max hired the brunette busty bombshell. He knew she was the one to be his right hand. Within six months, the head of bio-tech that Max contacted had given him an update that shocked him to his core. “Sir, we have a viable process for reversing aging. The information in the records from the original scientists is revolutionary. It turned what we know of genetics on it’s head and makes so many more things possible. Whoever he was, was a geneticist beyond compare. I would like to discuss with you the process for doing our first human trial on you, Sir.” The next day, Max has the scientist and his entire genetics team and their equipment flown to his house on Mercer Island. It was another month before they were ready to start the experimental process on Max. Denise of course was with her boss every step of the way. She was curious to see how he would change, given that she had clued him into this whole idea. Maybe he could be able to walk again and live a few more years. By the end of the first week, everyone was shocked to see the changes in Max. He looked 20 years younger. He was able to walk unassisted, his hair had grown back, he was stronger and had more energy. The team of scientists and doctors were all amazed at the results. Denise was especially shocked, she felt genuinely happy for Max. He was one of the world’s greatest men and deserved to be able to accomplish so much more. Max no longer needed his wheelchair, he could eat normal food again, he didn’t need dialysis anymore.He could use the toilet on his own again. By the end of the second week, Max had again lost another 20 years to his appearance. He was absolutely loving the changes happening to him. He was dancing, he was singing, his mind was racing with all that was now possible for him. He felt better than he looked, he never felt this way at 50. He had a full head of hair again. He could run! He didn’t even feel any pain in his joints like he did 40 years ago. His time in the Marine Corps was rough on his body. But now, he felt better than ever. By the end of the third week of Max undergoing the gene therapy process... Denise had walked in on Max in the bathroom. He stood there, looking like a God. His body was nothing but pure muscle. He stood there, looking at himself in the large floor to ceiling mirror of the bathroom. Tensing his arms, then his legs, his abs, his pecs. She could see his cock slowly growing larger and larger, he was getting turned on by his own size and muscles. What started as an almost comically tented pair of posing trunks, guessing that Max was in the 8 inch neighborhood in length and about soda can in diameter when she walked in on him. His cock was now easily double in length and looked to have the same diameter as a wine bottle. His balls were the size of grapefruit and she could see them slowly swelling larger. His posing trunks having been torn through and fallen to the floor. The head was a little wider than the shaft, it was rounded at the tip and flaring out wider at the bottom. The tip was nearly touching the bottom of his pecs, it throbbed visibly with his heartbeat. Denise stared at the most massive, magnificent and powerful looking cock. No porn star had a cock like this, not even with those ridiculous prosthetics. Max took hold of his cock in his left hand, Denise noticed that his fingers could not wrap all the way around it. Max started to stroke his cock slowly, from just under the head down to the base and back up. Did he not notice her at all? Denise stood there, unable to move. Watching her boss, who in the last week had turned into the biggest, most muscular bodybuilder she had ever seen. With a shockingly huge cock to go along with his jaw dropping muscularity. Just a month ago, Max was a 90 year old wheelchair bound man practically on Death’s door. She tried to move, but her legs wouldn’t respond, it was like they were locked in place. She tried to say something, but her lips wouldn’t open. All she could do was watch as Max stroked his huge cock and curled his right arm, flexing so hard she could see his arm tremble from the exertion. His bicep was simply massive. With her straight on angle looking at his raised arm, she could see the muscle on the upper half of his arm, bulge out forwards and backwards as it was commanded to flex. “So much fucking MUSCLE!” Max exclaimed “Never in my life had I ever imagined being a bodybuilder. Now I can see the appeal. GOD DAMN!!! I’M FUCKING HUGE! … THE MUSCLE! …..THE STRENGTH!” Max let go of his cock and lowered his arm. He did the best most muscular pose he could, having seen it done before. He leaned forward, put out his left leg for balance. Then he flexed, his whole body erupted as his muscles obeyed his will and erupted into life. His muscles doubled in size, striations and veins came to life, he looked like a pro bodybuilder only bigger, better, more powerful. Denise’s eyes bulged, her jaw dropped as she watched him flex. Max kept up the flex, he stared at himself in the mirror. His cock was throbbing harder and harder, pushing up against his pecs as he leaned over. He relaxed the flex for a few moments, then flexed even harder, he roared like a beast. His heart was pounding in his chest, his cock was pounding just as hard and became painfully hard. He pushed himself more and more, flexing every muscle as hard as he could. His cock exploded, it blasted out cum like a fire hose. The first powerful shot was several seconds long. Max was still bent over flexing, pumping his muscles. He came again, the shot again several seconds long. He grunted and roared again, holding his flex as hard as he could. Staring at himself in the mirror. His cum shots arcing into the air, going farther each time until they were hitting the mirror, nearly 8 feet away. He could feel his huge balls jump and contract powerfully. Each shot made his cock surge bigger and harder. He stood there for nearly five minutes, holding the flex and cumming harder than he had ever before in his life. He finally relaxed and stood up straight. He was breathing hard, he sounded like a racehorse during a race. His torso heaved up and down, in and out with every breath. He couldn’t see himself in the mirror anymore. It was dripping with his thick cum, the consistency was like cold honey and even the thinnest layer of it was nearly opaque on the glass. He looked down, seeing his cock was still fully erect and painfully hard. Then he turned his head and looked over at Denise and smiled. “Did you enjoy the show Denise? I do have you to thank for my…”, he stopped and looked down at himself, holding his arms out in front of him a little, giving them a slight curl and a hard flex “…for my…amazing recovery from all my ailments. I’ve never felt this good before in my life! Not even when I was a strapping young man in The Marines! HAHAHAHA!” Max laughed powerfully, clearly reveling in his new body. Denise just stared at him in abject awe and a tinge of fear. “M …Muh…Max…I…I….I mean…Mister Powers! You look…” she swallowed hard “…you look INCREDIBLE!” Denise could barely tear her eyes away from Max’s massive cock to look at his muscles. But as she slowly studied every bulge, striation, separation. All she could think about was pure power. Max is the wealthiest man in the world, runs a multi-billion dollar corporation and is now the most muscular man on earth. [To be continued]
  14. I am transforming, it begins, my clothes are ripping apart, my body is being exposed, my pectorals are violently exposed, a dog tag is pending in my chest. I am embracing this change, I transform. My arms are expanding and becoming immensely powerful, my shoulders are broader and ever more defined, the chain of the dogtag is being stretched, as my back broadened. My abs, the 6 plates of stone become steel, and I feel them with my hands, as my body is remade. I am remade. I transform, the testosterone flows on my body freely, I feel my fucking cock growing fast, throbbing pre-cum, it is erect, and I delicately play with it with my ever changing hands, roaring with the pleasure that the gestures bring me. My heart beats strongly, and my muscles expand. I transform, I am remade, my mind is dominated by war, duty, but also the hormones make me a sex beast. I play with my cock, delicately caressing it as it grows with the rest of my fucking body. I transform, I am remade, I swear to fight for the sake of my brother in arms, I swear to destroy my enemies with my bare, muscular hands. My ever growing hands. I am naked, hard and strong, a God is born, a soldier ready to serve. I no longer play with my cock, as my instincts overwhelm me, I grab the meat with my both hands and I stroke fast, I grunt and bellow, almost forgetting how to talk, lost the track of my thoughts, I cant express myself with words, I just stroke, grunt, roar, explore my body, feel every inch of the monster I became. I transform, and as I do I am reformed. I transform. My glorious muscles covered in cum and sweat, the strong scent of testo in the air, the dogtag washed by the sweat. My whole being washed. I am reborn.
  15. Trio

    m/m Anídeos: Chapter 4

    Zeus, formerly known as Anthony, contacted his former fellow scientists, telling them about the experiment. All of them were shocked by this discovery: that a formula was developed capable of transforming humans into powerful war machines, what happened to Genesis, happened to one of them, to their whole family. They were transported to the main barracks of the colony in secrecy, in a regular truck to not raise any eyebrows from the public, hidden deep in the cargo, everyone was oriented to deal with everything “business as usual”, as Saturn, Apolo and Zeus were transferred to the place they were going to be in fact studied by the other scientists. They were stored in a huge grey room, containing only two beds and a bathroom, on the underground of the facility. They soon made the place their home. Saturn quickly transformed one of them into weight to lift, leaving them three with a single bed, which was never used. They had a highly active routine, and as brother-in-arms, the atmosphere around them was of fellowship. The physical demonstrations of force were abundant, with constant fights between them, specially between Saturn and Zeus, but they were friendly ones, and it would usually end up with both hugging and, at moments, even masturbating each other. Their appetite for physical activities were endless, doing each one many sit ups and pushups, posing and flexing for each other, feeling each other constantly, checking every muscle. The place had a distinct smell of testosterone, and masturbation sessions were frequent, highlighting their need for spreading the seed, something the scientists did not interpret too well, they were still grasping at their discovery. They didn’t mind being watched, in fact they enjoyed it, flexing as well for the scientists. It was hard to control their instincts and to think that only a thick wall separated them from people they could spread their seed into. They distracted themselves with exercising and feeling each other, the scientists were failing to consider this, and would think that they would just enjoy doing those activities. This would cost them dearly. A couple of days after they were in the facility, a scientist, named Noah, was sent there to collect data from the soldiers. He went gladly to the lion’s den. Arriving there, a dialogue happened between them: Good day, gentlemen, I’m here to collect sample for our studies, it should not take too long. Noah, It is good to see you, my former colleague. You must be… I am Zeus, but you used to know me as Anthony. Anthony! Even with the names, it is hard to recognize you! Look at the monster you became, our savior! They kept on talking as Noah collected samples from them, what should be painful for regular humans was not at all for Zeus, Apolo and Saturn. After that was taken care of, Noah kept on talking with former Anthony. He did not realize that Apolo and Saturn went to the door and crossed their muscular arms, waiting, standing guard. When Noah went to the door, he asked for them to move, which they did not. Come on, Gentlemen! I have a very busy day, it was good to meet our saviors but I must be going. You see, doctor. It is so good to catch up with you, that I have a gift to give you. How come? Nodding his head to his brothers, Zeus embraced Noah, attitude that puzzled the scientists, on the embrace, soon Apolo and Saturn joined them. What happened next happened fast. Start. With those words, needles dropping with the seed came from Zeus’s nipples, and from his cock, quickly going inside Noah’s body, he screamed in pain. The same happened with Apolo and Saturn. The scientists outside knew something was wrong and became concerned. What are they doing? Stop! Quick, soar the alarm! Take from our seed, Noah, and become our brother! What… is… happening You shall transform. Noah fell on the floor and trembled after the “saviors” let him go. The Scientists debated on what to do. No one wanted to go face the monsters, and from the lack of options, they decided to sit and watch. Doors were closed, Noah was abandoned at his own fate. Noah started to transform, he became taller and his muscles came to life, his pecs emerged from his clothes, ripping them apart, as did his abs, his coat also ripped with his growing biceps and triceps, of his becoming powerful arm. His shoulders arose like mountains, and his now thick neck struggled to keep itself relevant between them, every muscle of his back came to life, and he roared in such a way the walls trembled. The scientists observed in awe as one of their fellow colleagues became a sublime soldier. In his mind, Noah went from pain to confusion, from confusion to anger and betrayal, and from that to absolute pleasure. His mind was invaded by thoughts of war, physical struggle, and a huge sexual lust surged in them, in a way that made him roar laughs of pleasure just thinking about pleasing their fellow brother-in-arms. Between the grunts of primitive communication, he managed to say, with a very deep voice: I’m… one of you… transform! TRANSFORM! RAAAAAAAAAAAH His nipples became huge and a couple more arose. He was deeply being modified. His skin became covered in metallic scales, his eyes were transformed, his whole body crumbled in lust and rage. MORTALS SHALL REVERE THE DAY THAT ENOK WAS BORN! The transformation ended, and immediately Noah, now Enok, immediately grabbed his thick huge cock and started stroking. Oh Fuck, ROAR. He masturbated vigorously, he stroke and squeezed his huge balls with the other hand. When he came, Zeus licked the head and the others hit their ape-like chests with vigor, crying Augh! Brothers, receive me as one of you. We receive you, Enok, welcome to the family. The scientists could only observe. They were complexly clueless.
  16. Trio

    m/m Anídeos-Interlude

    “What have you turn me into, son” said Zeus, in the arms of Saturn, recovering from the mast session. ”We are more than father and son now, Zeus. Deeper bonds connect us. We are brother in arms, no longer humans. I transformed you into a God.” ”Years of research have come to this, son.” ”It was time well spent, but I missed you, dad” ”I missed you too, son.” The new brother in arms embrace each other again, and as they embraced, they realize even further how their bodies were transformed. ”I did a good job, didn’t I, Zeus? For your body is the embodiment of what it is to be a true Man. Your abs are as deep as the canyons surrounding the colony, your chest, so vigorous and powerful” “I like your tattoo, where did you get it?” ”I never had it before, it was another gift from the change, father.” They observed each other, Saturn was emotional and proud to have transformed his father, his new brother. Zeus was thankful and loved his new monstrous being. The need to feel each other invaded their minds, Saturn touched Zeus’s pecs, feeling his strong Modified heart beating. Then he played around with his dog tag, pending on his chest. Zeus touched Saturn’s shoulders, feeling them with proud. Saturn then flexed for his brother, making him even harder. ”You are a magnificent creature, son.” ”You made me like this, and in return I have remade you, father” They were uncontrollably touching each other, flexing and bellowing and soon, father and son were masturbating each other, with vigor. “Fuck” said Zeus “I fucking love you, brother” ”Your need for cumming grew with the transformation, brother, you need this” ”You deserve something too” ”I can feel the need to spread our gift” said Saturn, while caressing the cock of Zeus delicately, They were having the most filled with pleasure moment of their lives. When they came, they softly roared. ”Oh Fuck, growl” After a long and fulfilling masturbation session, they were seen by Geoffrey, a confused Geoffrey. ”What is going on here? Who are both of you?” ”Ah, Geoffrey, welcome” ...
  17. Trio

    m/m Anídeos: Chapter 2

    His father returned to the lab and saw the creature he unwillingly created. The creature then said, on a deep thick voice: "Hello father". "WHO ARE YOU?" "I am your son, Grant, or I used to be Grant, I'm not sure of my new name, now, I can't possibly go as Grant after this change, this metamorphosis. Thank you, Father, you did this to me, and I, in return, will transform you" "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT" "I must spread my seed, and you are bond to become my father and brother. I will transform you and you will become like me, only then can we become a family again. Only then can we be as equals. This research project is over, is a success, we will have long years to catch up, and this will be a new beginning, prepare yourself." Anthony first instinct was to run, and run he did, but Grant was faster. Grabbing his father, he gave him a hug, as if prepping his father for the upcoming transformation. Grant roared and siringes came from his nipples and into the body of Anthony. Much to his horror, the cock of Grant also injected his seed on Anthony's scrotum. It was painful and Anthony felt many things at once, as betrayal, confusion, anger, disgust. He wanted this to be over. It was a long minute, after that, Grant released his father, and said "It is done, you shall transform" And he did, Anthony couldn't handle the pain and went on his knees, crying, begging for mercy, asking why this was happening to him, Grant observed proudly. "You will enjoy this. Embrace your new being, father, you and I will be one!" The muscles of the man came to life, his pecs inflated, becoming like balls of so big, so strong, so powerful, so did his abs, every single ab enhanced and sculpted in a raw masculine way. He was roaring now, feeling pain, and resisting the pleasure. "FEEL THIS, FATHER, BECOME A GOD, EMBRACE THE TRANSFORMATION" The muscles of the man were a wonder to behold, his clothes were ripping now, slowly revealing an extremely powerful body, even more powerful than of his son. He was roaring, resisting as he could, but he knew it was a lost battle. His dogtag was revealed in the change, was hidden beneath his disappearing clothes, ripping sheets covering his powerful muscles. "YOU SEE THIS TAG, ANTHONY YOU ALWAYS WANTED THIS, EMBRACE, BECOME ONE WITH YOUR SON, WE ARE BROTHERS" "AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! UHHHH UGAH!!!!!!!!!!! I AM BEING REFORMED, I CANT RESIST ANY LONGER" "YOU WILL BE TRANSFORMED" "I WILL BE TRANSFORMED, SON" "DONT CALL ME SON, WE ARE NOT FATHER AND SON ANY LONGER, WE ARE SUBLIME SOLDIERS! CALL ME SATURN" "I WILL BE ZEUS" "YOU WILL BE REMADE" "I WILL BE REMADE" By each passing sentence, the voice of Anthony became octaves low. "YOU WILL IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE" "I WILL IMPROVE MY PERFORMANCE" "YOU WILL SUBMIT TO THE ENHANCEMENT WITHOUT WORRY" "TRANSFORMATION, I DEPOSIT MY LIFE IN YOU, CHANGE ME, I WANT MORE" "YOU WILL SUBMIT TO THE ENHANCEMENT WILLINGLY" "I SHALL TRANSFORM" "YOU ARE EAGER TO BECOME AN ENHANCED SOLDIER" "I AM A SUBLIME SOLDIER, AND I AM ZEUS, UGAH!" "YOU ARE PROUD TO BE ENHANCED" "I KICK MY CHEST WITH PRIDE, AND I EMBRACE YOU, SATURN" "YOU WILL SPREAD THE SEED" "I WILL SPREAD THE SEED" "YOU EMBRACE THE CHANGE WITH PASSION" "I EMBRACE IT WITH PASSION" "YOU WILL ROAR" "GROOOOOOWWWWWLLLLLLL" "ROOOOOAAAARRR" He tried to resist but he could not, and Anthony turned into Zeus. The transformation was over, and former father and son first bumped their chests in salutation, then hugged each other. They were reunited. Saturn knew Zeus had to release himself, so he dedicated of turning this into a rite of passage for his former father. Grabbing his huge cock, he masturbated his father with vigor, as he roared almost breathless, when he came, he licked his father seed, feeling stronger with every gulp.
  18. Trio

    m/m Anídeos: Chapter 1

    PREFACE: He was just getting out of his teenage years, but still was on his youth, Grant. Was young and had a delicate face. His life on the planet was an average one. Most people are homeschooled in this new world, so was he, and he grow to be quite the smart kid. Of course, with the father he had, the scientist, a brilliant one. But he didn't know much about his father's work. Anthony worked in the military facility of the Colony, there was much to be done. The human soldiers were powerless on this new environment, and the sooner the leaders of such colony realized that, they decided that only genetic engineering could save them from the hostile alien fauna, the miasma, and the other colonies. For many years, the project was based on creating enhanced humans from scratch. Since they were babies raised to be special soldiers, with special abilities. Anthony was from day 1 involved in the project, so he settled in the military district with his family. It was an irony that Grant and his brother grew on such environment, they could be further from soldiers, his father didn't want them to go on his direction, neither his mother, neither Both of them, dedicated to knowledge and culture from the Old Earth. Such was life for them. First the scientists tried to raised the would-be-enhanced-soldiers, but that turn to be extremely expensive for the colony, only 3 specimen survived the childhood, and neither of the 3, with their strong free will, wanted to go on the military path. This was not a dictadorship, so the enhanced humans grew to be scholars such as their "parents", the scientists. Then they decided to harvest them like crops, the enhanced humans, to skip childhood and teenage years, straight to mature soldiers ready to serve. This was more successful, though still incredibly expensive, and that didn't bare many fruits, something was missing, Anthony knew that. After many trials, for him, an idea started itching his mind, a dangerous one: to turn regular humans into super soldiers, sublime ones, even. He brought the idea to the council, and it was vividly debated. But even if it was being considered, something was missing: how to transform one into such creature, flawlessly? Genesis was the missing link. When Anthony heard of the story of the creature that came to visit its old base, that claimed to be the soldier once known as Topher, but that suffered such a transformation it became unrecognizably powerful, more than a man, a God, he had to go there and study the creature. Anthony quickly traveled to the location and talked to him, to Genesis. They had a revealing conversation, where Genesis told him that he was blessed by the planet on such way he was forever changed. The more they talked, the more Anthony gathered information, and a plasma sample from the God amongst them. It was revolutionary. The missing link provided the scientists with precious information for their studies, everything was held in secrecy, with key scientists being the head of teams of research. Anthony was one of them, his house became a secret lab, while Grant and his Brother lived there, the mother was gone at this point, she unfortunately was deceased at this moment in time. Anthony dealt with the grief by focusing even further on the studies. Thanks to his dedication, everything was advancing very fast, and by each passing week a milestone was reached. At one point, one prototype, a very delicate and secret machine, was brought into Anthony's lab, and entrusted to him. This is where this should end. But it's now that the story begins. CHAPTER 1 Life shifted for Grant when his mother died and his father became further and further invested into the secret project. Anthony became increasingly alienated from his family. Grant and his brother, a younger version of him, called Geoffrey, were friends, but they missed their father. Once upon a time they were allowed to visit the lab and even to study there, a couple of years have passed and that was not the case any longer. Grant and Geoffrey missed their father. They were living under the same roof, but they barely could see each other. The situation was weird, and became unsuferable for Grant, who decided to investigate why such secrecy, even if his brother Geoff told him not to put his finger on stuff that could be potentially dangerous, Grant didn't listen to him. One day, for whatever reason, his father had to leave the laboratory, and forgot to close the doors. He wasn't expecting what happened next. As soon as Grant discovered that, he knew this was his chance to start investigating, he went to the lab and saw how things changed there, it was a darker place, packed with papers and formulas that he didn't want to touch, of course. Too much information for him at the same time. Then he saw it, the machine. It was glowing a blue light, and it consisted of a very heavy cilinder of the size of a grown man, it was begging to be analised closer, Grant, still studying the papers, went for the machine, he put the papers on the bureau closer and entered in it, studying it. He didn't know, slowly, the doors of the machine were shut, and he was trapped. He was a calm guy and didn't panic, but he tried to break free, and he could not, he could do little, anyway, as soon as the doors were closed, a voice said "specimen detected, starting process". More curious than scared, his scientist side were at a hundred miles now, he observed as the chamber was filled with a very thick liquid. He was properly dressed, but when the substance reached his skin, it hurt like hell and he screamed. Now his scientist side was shut down, and he started to scream for help, beg for mercy, and to cry of panic, the liquid was rising slowly, and the process was agonizing for Grant, as he slowly observed the chamber being filled with the liquid and he skin burning with it. It was like the hair of his body was on fire with the contact with the liquid. When he was fully covered, Grant was convinced he was doomed, he was preparing to die. But he didn't die, even if it was still burning, he noticed, once the chamber was filled with the liquid, that he could breathe in the substance. Also, he couldn't see the exterior surroundings any longer, being like in front of a huge mirror. He could see himself and his clothes floating, and started to notice that his clothes were starting to dissolve, very slowly. It was like the machine was trying to convince him to be calm. Then it happened. A strong voice filled the chamber and a text was displayed on the "mirror", the voice said as it follows, over and over, louder and louder: YOU ARE AN OBEDIENT SOLDIER YOU WILL BE TRANSFORMED YOU EAGERLY ACCEPT THE CONDITIONING YOU WILL BE REMADE YOU WILL IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE YOU WILL SUBMIT TO THE ENHANCEMENT WITHOUT WORRY YOU WILL SUBMIT TO THE ENHANCEMENT WILLINGLY YOU ARE EAGER TO BECOME AN ENHANCED SOLDIER YOU ARE PROUD TO BE ENHANCED YOU WILL SPREAD THE SEED YOU EMBRACE THE CHANGE WITH PASSION YOU WILL ROAR ... Meanwhile, electric shocks stroke Grant over and over and he transformed, too much information at the same time, he screamed in pain, in anger, in reject to every sentence the voice said, and he was being transformed, he felt pain as his muscles came to life, his weak body was slowly but surely replaced with the body of a monster. His pecs inflated vigorously, becoming enhanced by every minute, they became strong, large, imposing, defined, sculpted, and so did his abs, all 6, no, 8, no, 10 abs came to life, begging to come out of his skin, his burning skin, he smelled flesh as he was reformed, all of his body was enhanced by the transformation, his arms became huge and powerful, like the arms of the strongest soldier, his shoulders came to life too, becoming rigid and gigantic, his neck had to fight to survive on this environment, being swallowed by its pecs and shoulders. His face became enhanced, his delicate completion was no more, being replaced by a strong chin, powerful nose, vibrating eyes, square jaws. His hair did burn, and was reduced to a buzzcut, a very rudimentary one. Even his penis grew, because his production of testosterone was dramatically increased in order to sustain such body. His clothes were gone, he was a powerful machine of war now, in everything but his mind, as he refused to let the program in. But to his surprise, it was not his instinct who capitulated to the transformation, but his intelect, he thought: I am transformed. I am remade, I am no longer Grant, whether I like it or not. Look at my body, this is not what I wanted, but it's a gift from my father nonetheless. Look at my body, wow, look at the abs, at the pecs, at the arms, at the biceps! I'm not even flexing! Fuck, yes, fuck, I am a soldier now, I can swear all that I want. I feel... free! Look at my fucking cock, look at my fucking manhood! My balls, they tremble with sperm, my seed, ready to be released. I will spread the seed, since there is no way I can resist this change, it is done, forever, engraved, I shall embrace it with passion! In order to maximize my performance I should be an obedient soldier, I should be proud to be enhanced! Yes, this is my destiny, this is who I am now! I accept you, transformation, turn me into the beast I'm destined to become! And I will transform others too, I have the power to do so. The transformation ended, the liquid was absorbed by his body and a new strong skin was formed, covering his body like a soft blanket. The chamber was opened, and he roared in satisfaction, and not being able to contain himself anymore, he grabbed his cock and slowly masturbated, masturbated like he never had done in his life, he was free to do whatever he desired. He was thinking only of his new body and his vigor, his horniness, he was transformed, he masturbated, and then he came, gush after gush of cum came out of his cock, covering his body and the lab, the gush was strong, and the cum was thick and silver, he roared and licked the cum, as if believing that would enhance his new powers. His father returned to the lab and saw the creature he unwillingly created. The creature then said, on a deep thick voice: "Hello father".
  19. Trio

    m/m Becoming 0605

    Hello to you who may read this story, first of all I would like to thank Hialmar and DieselMass for the wonderful pieces and for inspiring me to write this homage to their style. Second, I was torn between making the story a full dialogue or fully description based, this is the final result, let me know if it is confusing, but well, hope you enjoy it ——————————————————— He wakes up on this cylinder, naked and there is this dog tag posing on his pec, with the number 0605. Panic rises fast.. -Hey? What is this? Why am I trapped here? What is this on my neck? Why am I naked? Let me out! LET ME OUT! PLEASE! SOMEONE!- The place appears to be desert, he keeps on screaming for help even so. Soon the cylinder starts to be filled with a thick liquid, the contact with his skin hurts him. -UGH! AAH! THIS BURNS! LET ME OUT LET ME OUT! He keeps on screaming and the liquid slowly fills the chamber. This one is dense, at a certain point it becomes hard to move, the substance slowly burns his skin and he keeps on screaming until the chemistry on the substance makes him quieter. The room is quiet now, he is floating on the center of the cylinder. It’s like he’s back into sleeping, but he’s wide awake. It all happens on his mind, where his ears start to capture sounds. -INTERNAL DIALOGUE- ”You have been selected for the program”. What do you mean, selected? I want to get out. ”Negatory, you will be made useful by the process.” Process? ”You will obey” I don’t want to obey. ”You soon will obey” I doubt that. Ah this hurts! “The process is being felt by 0605, it begins” This hurts so much! Agh! What is happening to me? My whole body, I feel stronger! My muscles, I feel them. ”You will be made present” What do you mean? Ahh! My pecs! They burn! My skin! If I could just move! Ugh! Ah! ”You will be remade” My abs! What is happening? What is this?! It hurts! Ahh! ——————————————————— He feels pain as his body transforms, and the voice keep on going. He feels pain, as his pecs expand, his abs come to life, his traps are remade, his quads become stronger. He is transforming. Ah! This hurts so good! Aahh!!! Aaaaahh!! Aa augh ”You enjoy the procedure” This is starting to feel good! Agh! My pecs, they are getting bigger! If only... Ah! My abs! I wanna feel them! ”You become the soldier” I become the soldier? ”Reprogramming your mind” Agh! This is getting better! I must... I must fight this! I need to return to... my life! Ugh! Such... pleasure! My penis is getting... is it expanding too? Ugh! It feels... stronger now! I am... a soldier! With a body like this... I should... Gah... indeed be a soldier... it’s getting... It’s getting better! Must... fight... Look at my arms! My arms! So big! So strong! Ugh! Ugah! Oh... I am... a soldier! Oh Fuck! Look at my... cock! It’s huge! I want to... fuck! My abs! My fucking cock! I need to... transform. My body! Ugah! Uhh! Uhh! UHH! I WANT MORE! I WANT TO GET BIGGER! I’m becoming... a fucking God! Tremble... humans! YES! I WANT MORE! I WANT... 0605 WANTS FUCK!!! LET ME FUCK! ”iniciating metamorphosis” WHAT THE... AAGH!!! FUCK! MY SKIN! BURNS! AGHHHH!! BOILS!!! Reform. My bones, AGAH! Expanding! Must, be, more. Must, be, monster! 0605 wants fuck! ——————————————————— He is transformed, his body is expanded, his muscles are glorious, his horns are powerful, his metallic skin increases his potency. Only one desire on his mind now: to masturbate, and masturbate others. The liquid soon is absorbed by his body and the cylinder opens, he is able to move. He jerks off furiously and groans on a thick dense voice. UGHH UGHHH FUCK MORE! 0605 A GOD! UGH UGAH! He masturbates strongly and when he comes he roars vigorously, after that, he licks every drop of cum he can, like a starving beast. He is reformed, and ready for action. He is Soldier 0605
  20. Trio

    m/m Birth of Caesar

    Lo! He comes to the encampment of the sublimes. Its leader, Genesis, come to receive the man. ”You, human, what do you want here?” The man feels intimidated by the enormous creature and his powerful deep voice. His muscles so strong not even Atlas, the one who carries the planet, can compete. His metalic skin is glorious, and he has a number of handmade tags in his chest, proudly being worn, symbol of the sublime soldier. Even intimidated, though, he speaks: ”My life as a human is meaningless. I lost my family in the war and I seek revenge, against this planet, against the enemy, my heart pulses with rage, I want to turn that into fuel to something bigger. I ask to be transformed, to join the sublimes.” There are at least dozen of muscular creatures there, their strong jaws looking downwards to the puny human. Their eyes are compassionate though, lucky man, the sublime soldier, even if ever disciplined, is always looking forward to spread its seed, to transform men into their fellow equal. Genesis speaks: ”tell me your name, mortal” ”I am Lazarus” ”Lazarus, your life is about to change, for good. Saturn will inject the seed into you and you shall become one of us. Should you survive, your existence will be forever changed, and peace will be brought to your mind. You will by DNA be tied to us, you will become a brother and a son, our creation.” Genesis tell Lazarus to come to the center of a plaza made of dirt, Saturn comes and greets the human by beating his right hand against his chest, emitting a metalic sound, also causing his dog tags to bounce. “This is not going to be pleasant, Lazarus, the process is painful.” All the soldiers, naked and with their cocks fully erect, sit to watch the transformation. Genesis speaks. “Transform him”. Lazarus has its pants and trunks stripped down violently by Saturn, who proceeds to penetrate his ass with his cock, and starts fucking him. Lazarus feels nothing but pain, but he screams bravely and resists as he can. Soon, a warm liquid penetrates his body, it begins. All the soldiers shout “BROTHER” and beat their hands against its chests. They watch in respect as the transformation of Lazarus begin. ”AGH!” He shouts as his body is transformed. His shirt rips apart as his pecs become huge, his shoulders become large and dense, fighting against the bull neck of his, stronger and stronger, refusing to be submitted. His abs come to life, the man used to be skinny, now he is like a bull, ready to charge, his screams become deeper and thicker, he stands still and screams braverly. “TRANSFORM!” ”AUH” the soldiers scream. And soon they start to scream “TURN INTO A GOD!” “IS THIS THE BEST YOU CAN DO? YOU STILL LOOK HUMAN” “SATURN, YOUR SEED IS WEAK, I SHOULD HAVE TRANSFORMED HIM” As Lazarus listens to the screams, he laughs in a powerful laughter and screams back. ”I AM TURNING INTO ONE OF YOU! TREMBLE!” ”AUH” His soul is also reformed, his vices and flaws are redeemed, as he turns his back on humanity and turns into a sublime soldier. His skin is covered by metallic scales, his hair is gone, and modified bones make his head and shoulders filled with powerful horns. He screams of pain and pleasure, he transforms. It is over, at last. Genesis comes to greet him. “You by now shall be called Caesar!” ”Caesar I am, I bow to your will, brother” Soon, Caesar receives his dog tags, handmade by the soldiers themselves. What happens next is a celebration, a frenesi of posing muscles, masturbation and working out, an incredible modified masculine scent, filled with testosterone fills the place, Caesar is received well by his brother in arms. He is one of them.
  21. BigZargo12

    m/m Metal muscle 2

    Metal muscle part two breaking and entering Samuel Fornes woke up from the sounds of his wife Grace Fornes screaming. Causing Samuel to send up, he might be Old, but no one will hurt his Grace. Samuel saw three pairs of malevolent red eyes and suddenly he knew fear. Before he could muster up the strength to act, he was grabbed and yanked off of his bed. The vice like grip on his shoulder hurt like hell, as he felt a huge cold hand grab his left arm crushing it. Samuel cried out after felt his bones from his left lower arm break. His shoulder was not spared as well as he heard the snapping sound. He heard deep grunts of laughter at his pain. Samuel thought what kind of monsters have invaded my home. Then he felt two hands grab both of his legs, slowly crushing them. Samuel screaming in pain as his bones were being crushed, nearly passed out when he felt a jolt. Then he was lifted up by two arms, belly facing the ceiling and his back facing the floor, failing to use his good arm to escape. When he felt himself crashing down on his assailant’s knee breaking his back with a loud snap. Grace started to scream when she heard her husband’s back being broken. She couldn’t see anything as she tried reaching for the lamp, only to find that the lamp did not turn on when she twisted the knob. Then suddenly she a felt a big hand grab the back of her neck lifting her off her bed, she could barely breathe. Then slowly the room began to light up as the monster who was holding the back of her neck and her lifted up in the air had a glowing lightbulb and its other hand. She saw two huge extremely muscular metal skin man with red eyes completely bald and had wicked grins on their strong faces. Then she saw a broken Samuel on the floor ignoring the fact that the metallic skin men’s huge cocks were erect. To her horror she saw metal slowly covering her husband’s skin. When the metal completely covered Samuels skin he began to grow with metallic muscles. First his body became more defined and trim melting away his jelly belly. Then he began to swell all over with muscle causing his nightgown to tighten and stretch showing off the growing muscles beneath. Eventually his nightgown began to tear showing off his new metal muscular back, then his pants legs showing off some of his huge muscular thighs. Then his striped nightshirt’s sleeves completely burst off showing off his huge veiny biceps as he slowly got up from the floor. With a deep roar he completely destroyed his favorite nightgown. When he turned around Grace saw her husband was now 8 feet tall had, huge beefy pecs, was erect, had Mental skin and had glowing red eyes with a strong square jaw. Samuel walked slowly towards his wife reaching out with his new huge metallic right hand cupping her right cheek. Samuel saw that she was scared with tears in her eyes and a look of pleading hope for her husband to recognize her. Samuel gave her a warm smile and a look of recognition. Grace calm down a little at the site of her husband’s signature smile but her face turned to horror as she felt herself getting stabbed by Samuel whose left hand form into a giant mental knife. Rather than bleed to death she felt metal slowly crept all over her body devouring her and slowly flowing back into Samuel. When Samuel was done consuming his wife, he felt powerful. His hand returned to normal and as one of his new brother who is holding the ones glowing lightbulb crushed it with one hand. The three sons of maximum came up to Samuel and began to feel his new huge metal muscle body. Closing his eyes, he felt his body being fondled. He felt every lick, every squeeze and he liked it. He loved the look in grace’s eyes as he stabbed her. He loved how his bones were broken and reformed. he going to love breaking the bodies men with his muscular arms and legs and see them be reborn as the sons of maximum. He began to masturbate grabbing his huge hard metal cock with his huge right hand and began to rub it. Moaning and grunting at all of the worship of his new metal muscular body. He felt a thick tongue on his muscular back, his huge thigh and left flexing bicep. Eventually he came shooting his thick metallic cum from his huge fat veiny cock. Then all of them heard the voice of the Crystal heart.” They are four more men around to the east of here. Conquer in the name of Emperor maximum.” All four of them could see in the dark all four them could sense life in the unchanged.
  22. BigZargo12

    m/m Metal muscle

    Metal muscle part one The crystal heart Theodore Copper and his friends/roommate Jackson Stars were just returning home with their nerdy friend, Miles Towers with a heavy chest, that they found in the woods. Once they made room on their table. All three of them lifted the heavy chest onto the table and as they did the old rusty lock fell apart, allowing them access to its contents. Jackson out of blatant curiosity open the chest, to the exhausted protests of Theodore and Miles. Inside the chest was a red crystal heart, not a crystal in a 2-D heart-shaped, it was a literal crystal in the shape of a human heart with veins. The beauty of this crystal heart enthralled, all three of them, who simply stare at it, even while it started to glow and beat, and as it did their hearts began to beat and rhythm with it. Every second Theodore, Jackson and Miles began to feel their hearts crystallize. Each of them falling on to the floor as blood no longer flew through their veins. Then like magic, there newly crystallize hearts began to beat and as it did a metal substance began to flow in their bodies. There veins darkened as the magic of Emperor Maximum started to change them into his metal men, his soldiers, his servants, his children. All three of their souls were heated, crushed and remade, in the image of Emperor Maximum. Every beat of the crystal heart pump liquid metal in their veins, which eventually led into their internal organs. Anything that the liquid metal blood touched became living metal. When it reached their bodies muscle system then the magic started to kick into gear. Each of their right pec was the first to swell with new growth as the skin slowly turned into a type of flexible silver metal. Each beat of their hearts causes them to grow with metal muscle. There shirts and pants started to become tight as patches of skin turned into metal. Each of them grew taller until they each reached 8 feet. Their bodies widening and growing to compensate for the new growth. There once flat chest began to balloon with muscle. There left pec quickly caught up to the growing right pec as both kept growing with size and girth. All three of their bellies began to develop abs, but Miles belly was already fat, so it simply ballooned out. While Theodore and Jackson’s belly developed a hard eight pack abs of steel while Miles was developing a metal muscle gut. Their legs and arms were already started to tone as their wastes widen and trimmed. There thighs swell with muscle like growing tree trunks. Their strain clothes began to rip and tier, revealing their swelling muscular metal skin. There shoes burst from their huge growing metal feet as their shredded shirts and pants completely fell off of their huge hard muscular metal bodies. With Veins full of liquid metal pumping into the huge biceps and lower arms, making them grow freakishly huge. Eventually their metallic blood reached their cock and balls, causing their cocks to become hard, as its swell with girth as liquid metal covered their cocks and growing balls. Their jaws squared out; their noses became more blunt, there eyebrows became more pronounced, and their faces became more harder. All their hair was gone, and their eye became red and the white of their eyes turned black. The three son the maximum got up from the floor using their new strength. Each of them trying to remember who they are. “Is that you Miles” Theodore said as he began to walk towards the changed Miles, who was now huge, like a heavyweight bodybuilder with a case of muscle gut. Theodore placed his right huge metal hand on one of Miles huge muscular metal shoulder. Miles shoulder felt strangely soft, hard, firm and strong. Theodore came closer to Miles as he so did, so he begin to fondle miles huge metallic pecs. Meanwhile, Jackson began to walk towards Theodore’s huge muscular metallic back, with swagger. Miles love the feeling of Theodore rubbing his huge pecs. He loved it when Theodore started touching and rubbing his metal nipples. Miles hands drifted towards the sides of Theodore’s huge thighs, eventually drifting towards Theodore’s muscular metal ass. Jackson began to feel Theodore strong back, feeling all of crevices of Theodore’s back muscles. Theodore stopped fondling miles pecs as miles began to fondle Theodore’s huge metallic arms starting with his shoulders. Miles,” with those metal guns you can properly bend metal.” “More like breaks some bones.” Theodore said with an evil grin eyes glowing red. Miles had a look of concern for a second then his eyes glowed as well, and then he had an evil smile, he said.” With this tool,” Miles pointed to his thick hard metallic cock. “I could spit roast a man to death. Better yet I could break his back with a thrust of my cock, and with my balls, I could smash a person’s ass to dust.” All three of them stopped and looked confused. Their actions didn’t feel normal or like themselves. But as the influence of Emperor maximum grew their attitudes change. Jackson did a double bicep pose and said. “With these guns, I bet I could probably rip a man’s arms off all by myself.” Theodore with enthusiasm said,” I could probably rip a man in half, with mine,”. Miles grabbed his hard metal cock and began to rub it in pleasure at the thought of his masculinity at the thought of crushing things with his huge metallic muscles at the thought of men being broken by his muscles. Living, dead and broken men will become the sons of maximum. This world will belong to Emperor maximum. Theodore and Jackson also began to masturbate. As the thoughts of Emperor maximum completely took hold over all three of them. Eventually miles came, then Theodore and finally Jackson spilling their hot metallic seed everywhere. The thoughts of conquest on their minds.
  23. Weremuscle

    Behind the Badge Part 2: Under Arrest

    Wyatt: ‘Ahh shit! I’m sorry Mr. Abrams. You have to know I didn’t mean to hit your assistant like that.’ Corbin: ‘This is it for you Wyatt! That policeman said you deserved another chance, but he was wrong. You are fired and in fact I am calling that precinct right now!’ *picks up office phone and dials precinct* Wyatt: ‘WHAT!? NO? SERIOUSLY, I DIDN’T MEAN TO HIT HIM!’ Corbin: ‘You sit your ass down in that chair young man right now. They will be here shortly.’ *puts phone down and stands in front of his office door* *silence* *several minutes pass and someone knocks on door* *Abrams opens the door* Corbin: ‘Ahh officer, I gave him another chance like you said and he failed miserably. He assaulted my assistant Monroe.’ *points at Wyatt* King: ‘I see. Well I will take care of this then.’ *walks over to Wyatt and pulls him up from his feet* King: ‘Put your hands behind your back…..I SAID BEHIND YOUR BACK!’ Wyatt: ‘Alright, alright I get it. Sheesh!’ *puts hands behind back and King pulls them tight to cuff him* King: ‘No attitude, this isn’t on the freeway genius.’ *pushes Wyatt out of the room* ‘He won’t be a problem anymore.’ Corbin: ‘Well he isn’t coming back here anyway.’ *slams office door* Wyatt: ‘Seriously I didn’t do…..’ *King cuts him off* King: ‘Man, you really need to try and behave yourself. You are going to get yourself in a lot of trouble you know.’ *goes down elevator with Wyatt in front of him* *puts arm on his shoulder* *Wyatt moves forward* King: ‘WYATT, GET THE FUCK BACK WHERE YOU WERE RIGHT NOW!’ *Wyatt rushes back* *King puts both arms on his back* King: ‘DON’T YOU FUCKING MOVE YOU SEXY MANBOY!’ *Wyatt sweats as the gargantuan officer pushes all 300 pounds of him on top of the 175 pound man* *elevator opens and the two men slowly walk out the front entrance of the building* *King opens the side door to the same cruiser as before and pushes Wyatt inside* *he closes the door and gets in the driver side door* King: ‘NO FUCKING TALKING WYATT, YOU HEAR ME?’ Wyatt: ‘Uhhh yeah…..’ *King interrupts* King: ‘WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST SAY?’ *reads Wyatt his Miranda rights* *they arrive at the precinct and King yanks Wyatt out of the car**he directs him inside and takes him into an interrogation room* King: ‘SIT DOWN DUMBASS!’ *pulls a chair up for Wyatt and plops him in it* *he undoes his handcuffs* King: ‘PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE TABLE.’ *Wyatt does it quickly* ‘Now I want to know why you would assault your boss’s assistant.’ Wyatt: ‘He was making fun of me because I was always getting yelled at by my boss so I decked him.’ King: ‘You know you can’t do that Wyatt. You end up sitting him in front of me. Now I have to charge you with assault.’ Wyatt: ‘Aw come on, can’t we do what we did last time?’ *smiles and then winks at King* King: ‘And what did we do last time exactly little man?’ *nods his head at Wyatt and gets him to notice the camera* *Wyatt realizes what he means and shuts up* *knock on the door* Broughton: ‘Officer King, the assistant is here for questioning.’ King: ‘Okay, give me a minute. You don’t move a muscle little man, I will be back shortly.’ *gets up and leaves the room* *thirty minutes pass as Wyatt nearly falls asleep* *King opens the door and pounds on the table* King: ‘HEY DON’T YOU SLEEP ON ME!’ *smiles and takes his uniform jacket off* *he unbuttons the first two buttons which expose his mammoth pecs* *Wyatt stares straight at them* ‘EYES ON ME MANBOY!’ *Wyatt has trouble concentrating but manages to look into King’s eyes* King: ‘So, he told me everything and I think he has a case…..but I also think we can resolve this somehow. This Monroe fella is a bit douchy, but I still don’t see a reason for you to punch him like you did. You left a major bruise on his face.’ Wyatt: ‘Don’t I get a say in this? I mean geez…..’ King: ‘Sure, but I figure you will embellish it so give it your best shot manboy.’ Wyatt: ‘Well like I said…..’ *King stops him and gets behind him* *he whispers something in his ear* King: ‘The camera is off now. You can make a deal with me if you want, but I will make the final decision Wyatt.’ *Wyatt turns his head and smiles* *King walks over to a corner and stands with his arms crossed* King: ‘So what will it be there sir, want to make a deal or not?’ Wyatt: ‘I don’t know what you mean by deal? Is this another favor?’ King: ‘Well it could be, but you will have to sacrifice a little bit of freedom. Are you willing to do that man?’ *Wyatt goes to stand up but King motions for him to remain seated* *The young man looks bewildered* *King winks at him and bounces his pecs strained in his shirt* King: ‘Well, what’s it going to be little man? Deal or no deal?’ Wyatt: ‘I am going to say yes, but I don’t know what you are up to officer?’ King: ‘You said yes, so I am going to cuff you again.’ *gets his cuffs out and makes a motion for Wyatt to put his hands behind his back again* *Wyatt does so as King walks over and cuffs him again* King: ‘GET UP! FOLLOW ME WYATT.’ *King takes him down the hall to a room with a double-sided mirror* *He shows Wyatt that the people in the other room can’t see them* *Wyatt recognizes the guy being interviewed as Monroe* King: ‘Yep, that is the assistant you assaulted. Looks pretty banged up too, but you did something bold. You gave up something you didn’t have to man and I like that.’ Wyatt: ‘Why is he still here anyway? I thought you were done with him?’ King: ‘Well Wyatt, I’m not just a traffic cop, I’m also in charge of the SVU here, so I can tell my partner in there, Jamison, to offer him a deal to drop charges against you.’ Wyatt: ‘Whoa really?’ *ponders for a few seconds* ‘Wait, what is the catch?’ King: *smiles and tenses his arms* ‘You have already done part of it Wyatt. You will be spending a few days here in the jail. I will take you down there in a few minutes, but first I want you to hear the deal.’ *King opens the com system to the other room* King: ‘Jamie, I want you to offer him a deal.’ Jamison: ‘I’ll get to it now boss. Just give me a few moments.’ *opens his folder and pulls out the contract* ‘I am willing to offer you a monetary reward in exchange for dropping charges.’ *Monroe grabs the document and skims through it* *his eyes get really large and he grins* Monroe: ‘WOW, I am really surprised. He didn’t even break any bones and I could get this amount of money? Where is the pen, I am sold?’ *takes pen and signs off on the contract* Jamison: ‘It is a done deal boss. Looks like this case will be over very soon.’ King: ‘Thank you kindly Jamie, you can take Mr. Monroe to the courtroom now please.’ *turns com off and turns to look at Wyatt* Wyatt: ‘So I serve a few days and…..then what?’ *looks confused* King: ‘Then you will be free of course, but the money is substantial and you will have to volunteer for a program of your choice, see it as a type of community service.’ Wyatt: ‘Hmmm okay, well since I am not working now it might not be a bad thing.’ King: ‘Sure, you may even enjoy it a lot. I need to take you down there now.’ *grabs Wyatt’s arm and pulls him along* *they walk through the precinct down the stairs into the jail* *Wyatt looks a little scared but King keeps him close by* King: ‘It’s alright man, you won’t be alone much. I’ll be by sometimes to talk to you, but that guard down on the end, Roberto, will have to suffice for now.’ Wyatt: ‘Umm okay, I hope I am by myself.’ King: ‘Yes you will, no sharing cells here.’ *gets to Wyatt’s cell and opens the door* *takes his cuffs off and pushes him inside* *closes the door behind him and stands there* King: ‘Now I will be back in a bit, I have paperwork to do so in the meantime Roberto will keep you company. BEHAVE!’ *walks back the other way as Wyatt looks on* *Wyatt stares at the stone-faced Puerto-Rican who* *starts whispering to himself* Wyatt: ‘UGH! How did I get myself into this and what is he going to do with me I wonder? Oh well, I guess I will sleep for a bit.’ *lays down to sleep* *two hours pass and Wyatt is awakened by Roberto* Roberto: ‘HEY YOU, FEEDING TIME!’ *he hands Wyatt a menu which surprises him* Wyatt: ‘Wow, I get to choose the food? Cool.’ Roberto: ‘Count yourself lucky muchacho. You have friends in high places.’ Wyatt: ‘I’d say, I wonder if officer King did this?’ *chooses the chicken with rice meal* Roberto: ‘I will bring you the food shortly. NO SLEEPING!’ *he walks down the hall and hands the order to another guard* *Wyatt sits and waits* *Roberto returns to stand across from his cell* Wyatt: ‘So can I talk to you?’ *silence* ‘Great no conversation.’ *silence* ‘How long is this…..’ *Roberto talks* Roberto: ‘SHUT UP MUCHACHO AND WAIT OKAY? YOUR FOOD WILL BE HERE SOON.’ *after a few more minutes Roberto walks away and is holding a tray* *it is steaming as Wyatt catches the aroma and sighs* *he hands it to Wyatt* Roberto: ‘Here I suggest you savor it because it will probably be the only good meal you get here.’ Wyatt: ‘I will Roberto.’ *he starts eating slowly* *Roberto turns his head in the other direction as he eats* Wyatt: ‘Come on talk to me, I need something to do besides eat.’ Roberto: *groans* ‘I am not allowed to talk to you muchacho. Officer King will be here soon, why don’t you just hold your tongue until he gets here again.’ Wyatt: ‘You are no fun. I guess I will wait, at least I know he will talk to me.’ *finishes eating and hands the tray back to Roberto* *the guard walks off and disappears around the corner* *there is no guard around at that moment which makes Wyatt a little uncomfortable* *he finally gives up and goes to lay down for a bit* *the sound of a door opens* *Wyatt dozes off* Wyatt: *dreaming* ‘Wha…..errrr…..uhhhh…..I don’t want to drink it, it tastes bad. Ewww…..stop doing that….no I don’t want it. *makes shoving motion as he sleeps* Please……stop….’ *King shakes him to wake him up* Wyatt: *jumps up* ‘AHH, oh sorry officer.’ King: *looks concerned* ‘You okay man. I could hear you down the hall and wondered what the hell was going on.’ *Wyatt notices that King is wearing a tight tank showing off his bulging muscles and little black shorts* King: *sits beside him and puts his arms around him* ‘See something you like little man. Why don’t you tell me about your dream first?’ Wyatt: ‘Well…..I can’t remember now sorry.’ King: ‘It’s okay Wyatt, why don’t you lay on my lap for a minute.’ *Wyatt leans over and lays his head directly on top of the officer’s huge rod laying in his shorts* *Wyatt feels it throbbing wildly and reaches to pet it* *King moans as Wyatt rubs his face on it* *King pulls his shorts off and pushes Wyatt’s face on it* *He gobbles it down and starts sucking rapidly* King: ‘Mmmmm feels good man, I am really starting to like you a lot Wyatt.’ *Wyatt feverishly sucks making King start to growl as he pulls the young man’s stripes off* *King picks him up from his legs and turns him so he can swallow Wyatt’s cock* *Wyatt moans deeply as the officer moves slowly but steadily back and forth getting a rhythm going* Wyatt: *stops sucking* ‘OHH GAWD OFFICER, FEELS SO AMAZING.’ *goes back to sucking again* King: *feels his cum starting to move up into his cock* ‘YEAH WYATT MMMMM KEEP GOING MAN, KEEP GOING, ALMOST THERE, OHH FUCK, RIGHT THERE MAN, RIIIIGGGHHHTTTT THERE, YES!!!!!!!’ *spills his seed down Wyatt’s face and deep inside his throat* Wyatt: *licks his lips* ‘OH officer, it tastes so good.’ King: ‘Call me Marc Wyatt, we are beyond just acquaintances now. Now fucking feed me you sexy man.’ Wyatt: ‘I’ll try Marc.’ *feels it building in his balls as Marc increases his intensity two-fold* King: ‘Mmmmm yeah come on little man, I know you have a big one in there somewhere. *rubs Wyatt’s balls* Let go hot stuff, I want your hot cum in my body.’ Wyatt: ‘I….uhhh….shit….here it comes…..’ *King stops sucking and sticks his tongue out as Wyatt’s thick cum shoots directly into his throat* *King growls and pounds the bed as he swallows his spunk* *Wyatt moans slowly as the officer swallows every drop of cum* *He turns Wyatt around and kisses him on the lips and holds him tightly* *Wyatt pulls King’s tank off and kisses his chest* King: *looks into Wyatt’s eyes* ‘I do believe you are starting to get comfortable with me little man. I know I like spending time with you.’ Wyatt: ‘I can’t seem to help myself Marc. You are insanely hot and I just want to continue having sex with you.’ King: ‘Then have sex with me Wyatt. Do what you want, I won’t stop you.’ *Wyatt goes back to worshipping King’s swollen pecs* ‘He bounces them as Wyatt licks each one* *The young man toys with King’s nipples which makes his growl again* *His cock starts bouncing uncontrollably* King: ‘Wyatt…..man…..you are making want to fuck you really bad.’ *pauses for a few seconds, grabs Wyatt and pushes him down on his cock* *Wyatt squeals as King’s thick cock spreads him wider* *The sensation is so amazing that Wyatt sprays King’s chest* *King reaches down and spreads his finger in the cum before putting it on his tongue* *he smiles and moans as he picks up speed on Wyatt* King: ‘OHHHHH FUCKKKKKK YEAHHHHHH MANNNN *moves even faster* I WANT TO FUCKING SHOOT IN YOU SO BAD.’ *King feels it building in his balls and slows his tempo down just enough to squeeze each jet into Wyatt’s intestines* *Wyatt moans long and deep as King thrusts jet after jet inside him holding him tight to his chest* Wyatt: *sighs* ‘Ohh officer, feels so good. I haven’t felt like this in ages. Thank you for making me feel like a man again.’ King: *holds him tight* ‘I feel a connection with you Wyatt. I don’t quite know what it is, but I can feel it.’ Wyatt: *rubs King’s thick arms and kisses the peaks on his biceps* ‘I am beginning to fall for you I think. I don’t really know why either.’ *leans into his chest as King rubs his head* King: ‘I promise you won’t be in here long. I need to get out of here before someone catches me fraternizing with the inmates. I will talk to you soon man.’ *waves goodbye and races out of the cell in just his underwear that he just put on* Wyatt: *talks to himself* ‘What is going on in my head? That dream earlier seems to be resonating somehow now.’ *puts his stripes back on* ‘I guess I should try to sleep again. Not going anywhere anytime soon.’ *lays back down* ‘I am afraid to sleep, but I am tired.’ *closes his eyes* ‘I feel….so….funny…..’ *passes out*
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