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  1. Broody

    POP, part 5 added 3/MAR

    Trying something a little different here. Basic synopsis: A powerful, dominant serial killer is murdering massive bodybuilders with his bare hands, and a police detective (himself a massive bodybuilder) must track him down while fighting his own lustful attraction to the uber-masculine perpetrator.] Warnings: Snuff, Gore, Horror POP “You’re supposed to wear a coverall, like me,” said Dr Stain, the medical examiner, who in his white head-to-toe gear, contrasted sharply with the slimy red gore that covered the entire apartment. “And look like a cumshot in a uterus, like you?” said Detective Carnitas. “Not likely, chum. ‘Sides, they didn’t have one in my size.” “They don’t have doors in your size, Detective.” “True. Guess I’m just too much man for this world.” Carnitas did have to turn sideways to fit his 6’6” 450 lbs of swollen muscles through the door of this crime-scene-cum-abattoir. “This guy was too. Now literally, I guess. So be careful what you wish for.” The giant detective looked at the body. It looked like a skeleton wrapped in a bag of oversized skin. “What the fuck are you on about? This was a fat dude that had some kind of weight-loss surgery.” “Very sudden weight-loss surgery.” The doctor extended a pair of stainless steel forceps and pulled up the skin of the ragged corpse’s chest. “Weird.” Carnitas grabbed the second tool offered by the pathologist and together they raised the pec skin, which had enough area to cover a 60 inch chest. “And this surgeon needs to sharpen his scalpel, look here.” Jagged rends broke the skin at the top and sides of the chest. “It’s like the fat just burst outta him,” said the dumbfounded cop. “Not fat.” The doc pointed at the ceiling, walls and windows. “Look around at all this tissue, it’s pure red meat, no adipose.” “Are you telling me some perp exploded an Olympia-sized, fully-conditioned bodybuilder in his own apartment? What kind of weapon could do that? There’s no grenade shrapnel or burns.” Det. Carnitas felt his heart racing. “No weapon.” “So he took it with him.” “Nope.” Carnitas looked askance at the doctor. “No need to tax your brain overmuch, Detective. There’s video.” The doctor stood and crossed to a desktop computer with a webcam and used his gloved hand to wipe gore off the screen. Carnitas took a sharp breath. It was a freeze-frame shot of a red explosion that was surely the moment of death. But the red burst had a milky-white center. He found himself holding his breath, his heart fluttering as he looked closer. It was a man’s back. Though the man was half the size of the victim, he had the most densely muscled back Carnitas had ever seen. The groove of the spinal erectors in his Christmas tree was deep enough to trap a man’s fingers up to the third knuckle. His lats looked like twin wine barrels tucked under his brawny arms. His massive, tenticular traps formed a monstrous Kraken that seemed to pin Carnitas’ brown eyes with a burning glare. “What the fuck?” The doctor grabbed the mouse to click the symbol to back the vid up ten seconds. Carnitas gasped when primal sounds erupted from a fully equipped stereo system. The video showed a bloated mega-heavyweight bodybuilder who could have been Carnitas’ twin, held aloft and practically vibrating with lust in the concrete arms of the muscular perp. A high-pitched sexual whine ululated out of the bodybuilder’s cum-covered lips as the perps lats spread to eclipse their view of the vic’s mid-torso. The dominating bear-hug compressed the middle of the massive victim’s physique, swelling the top half of his pecs so much they pushed up into his chin, forcing his neck back til his whole head was obscured by deformed pec-meat blistered with stretch marks. Beastly basso-profundo grunts shot out of the subwoofer as that inhuman back rippled and flexed with incalculable strength. “Fucking hell.” Carnitas was finding it hard to breathe. The grunts got longer, louder and deeper, a counterpoint to the rising tone of the vic’s squeal, which sounded like air leaking out of a balloon. “No…” burbled the helpless vic, just as his body became a crimson supernova. Red flesh burst in all directions out of distressed skin as muscles built over years of obsessive workouts splattered like bugs on a windshield against vastly superior brawn. Carnitas was shocked and bewildered, but what happened next truly turned his world upside down. The perps wordless grunts slid into consonants and vowels as a long lingering… “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH!!!!” … vibrated the floorboards. The sheer manly amplitude of the perp’s ultra-deep voice traveled the distance to where Carnitas stood, thundered up his shins, crossed in an X across his 38” quads and locked his groin in a vice. He couldn’t have taken his eyes off of the screen if he wanted to, as the perp turned to the side. The massive arms dropped casually to his sides, and the crushed torso slumped, but still clung goo-like to granite pecs shaped like Atlas stones that now filled the vic’s ribcage where vital organs once pulsed. A pec bounce jiggled the deformed corpse like a macabre marionette, which the perp found amusing. “HUH-HUH-HUH.” His lewd, rumbly chuckle reached out to Carnitas’ bloated prick and blasted the cum out of it like toothpaste from a tube crushed by a fist. Another pec bounce loosened the vacuum of the vic’s collapsed lungs and the sodden necrotic mess slid to the floor. As those insanely pumped, veiny boulder pecs approached the camera, the perp wiped the victim’s blood from their curvature, revealing a massive chest-and-abs tatt that penetrated the bodybuilder cop’s brain like an ice pick: GONNA POP U BITCH Carnitas blacked out as he heard the perp’s final words: “WHO’S NEXT?”
  2. BarbellWriter

    The Unmaking of Powerman Part 4 added

    This is a fictional story. Any semblance to any person, thing or concept in the particular multiverse in which you live may not correspond to the universe of this story or may be purely coincidental. PART ONE “So did you measure it to make sure it’s as big as he claims?” asked Dr. Piro. “Yes, sir. And it’s as long and wide as he said it was,” answered Simon, his lab assistant. “And he agreed to do it for the price?” “Yes. He said that he felt erotic just thinking about it. He said it was the chance of a lifetime to use his great prowess to take down a superhero,” replied Simon. Rubbing his hands together, Dr. Piro said, “Now we are ready.” The 6 -foot three, 245 pound, brown haired alien with bulging muscles in his skintight suit known as Powerman had long been a thorn in the side of right wing, libertarian, coke-addict billionaire Lonnie Mucus. “Too much all-American, goody-two shoes for my taste,” he was quoted as saying to a magazine about Powerman. When Powerman offered to take a new communications satellite into Space for the US Government to replace an old one that had suddenly failed, Mucus saw a superhero that was now competing with his new Space launching satellite business that the American government had become dependent on. He decided Powerman had to go. So Mucus hired Dr. Piro, a scrawny but brilliant scientist, to do whatever it takes to disable Powerman as a threat to his own values and businesses. “Kill him if you must, but if you can preserve him for lab study, that would be even better,” he told the scientist. With almost unlimited funding, Dr. Piro began his task but after five years of hard work, the scientist had been unable to discover a way to kill or disable the superhero. During that time, Powerman had become more outspoken in terms of promoting the values of truth, justice, and community and against the “freedom to say and do whatever you want” attitude of the billionaire, anti-regulation, laissez faire libertarian philosophy of the billionaire further angering him. Powerman received a secret message from an FBI agent, who was secretly on the payroll of Mucus, that an informant in the campaign of the presidential candidate that Mucus was helping to bankroll, was willing to pass on damaging information about the candidate and Mucus. But he would do it only if Powerman met him secretly and alone at a powerplant, which just happened to be owned by Mucus. Powerman agreed to meet the informant at the powerplant and flew there for the meeting. Powerman scanned the industrial building on the plant site from the sky and saw a large room with a lot of electrical equipment and then an adjacent room which contained four burly men and a smaller man. “Humm,” thought Powerman, “everything looks safe and nothing seems unusual for a pwoerplant.” Following the instructions he was given, Powerman landed outside the front entrance of the building and entered through large metal door. Once inside the main, well-lit room, he saw large disks of what looked like heat lamps all over the walls and ceiling of the room. He stepped deeper into the room and shouted, “Hello, I am here.” Suddenly, he heard a loud humming noise. Then the lights lighting the room went out and it was dark. Unbeknowst to Powerman, at that same moment there was blackout in the city surrounding the powerplant and for about 5 seconds all the energy created by the plant was directed into those disks that surrounded Powerman. The light created by that energy filled the room bathing Powerman with it. “Uggh,” cried the super strong hero. Never before had he felt so weak and drained. He suddenly face-planted onto the floor unconscious. Watching the entire event through security cameras from the adjacent room, Dr. Piro and the four muscular men then entered the main room. Looking at the prostrate, white-costumed superhero with his bubble butt protruding into the air, he said, “It worked just as predicted. Now boys, carry our friend down the stairs to the laboratory underneath this building. His transformation has just begun!” PART TWO Dr. Piro’s mobile rang. It was Mucus. “How is it going, my good doctor?” “Just as I planned, sir. Powerman is currently unconscious and we are set up to start the process," Dr. Piro responded. “Good. Good. I like your plan. Humiliation and captivity are even better than death.” “Well, if all goes as planned, you’ll have a new breed of bodyguards and henchmen at your service.” “There is no if, good doctor. There is no fail,” retorted Mucus. “You had better make this happen.” Mucus then hung up. Powerman was stretched out on his stomach spread eagle in some device that looked something like a flat operating chair used for colonoscopies. His legs were separated, each one strapped in with metal bands. His thick bulbous ass pointing slightly up with his torso slightly raised making a slight arch in his muscular back. Each powerful arm was flared out from his body and slightly bent at the elbow while being held on place by metal bands. His head was secured inside a metal cage attached to the device but his face was open and visible but the head harness permitted only his mouth to move. The device hinged at his hips and torso permitting it to move if he were to hip thrust or arch his back further. The arms did not permit movement except to move slightly forward with this torso and the leg braces also permitted some abduction but not much. His red and white suit remained intact except it had been stripped off his back and his ass leaving him naked there and revealing a back of tan rippled muscles like waves on a sea. Slowly Powerman began to return to full consciousness. Groggy, he began to mumble, ”Where, what, how.” “Well, my favorite alien is beginning to wake up and join our party, Simon,” mocked Dr. Piro to his assistant. Powerman tried to raise his head but the metal straps held it down. His muscles swelled as he struggled to free both his arms and legs but the device held him firmly. He felt so tired and exhausted. He could see his super strength was gone. He decided he needed the stall Dr. Piro and recover from whatever he did to him. “Simon, let’s make our guest more comfortable so we can talk. Raise the chair.” Simon pressed several buttons on a wireless controller. The device holding our superhero raised Powerman higher from the floor and tiled his body vertically so now he was face to face with his captor. PART THREE Powerman was now eye to eye with the old, short, bald, eyeglass-wearing doctor and his assistant, the young, brown-haired bespectacled Simon. “I suppose my caped spandex hero is wondering how you got in his predicament. Well, I am going to tell you my soon to be neutered muscleman. It goes to my own ingenuity and brilliance and that of humankind in general over your alien race. You see, Powerman, it seems you would occasionally connect your computers in your mountain liar to the satellite Internet network owned by my employer, Mr. Mucus. Yes, your Internet defenses were very strong and my Russian hacking friends were frustrated after trying to penetrate them. But with some additional help from Chinese hackers and AI we were finally able to get in. From there we were able to download the history of your society and all the biological information about your alien race. Although written in your alien language, our AI was able to decipher it in less than three months.” Powerman listened carefully to Dr. Piro. He wondered if he could have really penetrated his systems. How then did he manage to neutralize his superpowers? He then noticed he was feeling less tired and the grogginess of his mind had cleared. “And what an interesting history and biology it is!” continued the scrawny doctor. “I learned your society is divided into three castes—the female caste whose primary purpose is reproduction, a eunuch working class whose role is to serve as workers for the entire society and finally the super powerful male warrior class, of which you are a prime specimen! The females seem to be 300-400 pound, essentially immobile creatures who have a lust for sex constantly except during the 13-month period of pregnancy. So they are basically sex slaves cared for by the eunuchs. Meanwhile the warrior class men rule your society where everyone serves them and they maintain the harmony and order. Might not seem all that interesting at first given human history but then I learned that all members of your race are genetically hermaphrodites! Apparently whether a female gives birth to another female, a eunuch or a warrior is determined by what foods are given the female during her pregnancy. By controlling the nutrition of the captive pregnant females, the warriors control what type of person is born based on the warrior class’ needs.” Now Powerman was getting worried. He realized that Dr. Piro had been successful in obtaining information from his liar. But with each passing minute he was feeling less and less exhausted. Perhaps his superpowers were returning, and he would eventually be able to break free. He needed to stall whatever Dr. Piro planned next. “But….” interrupted Powerman. “Shut up! No interruptions!” shouted the doctor and he slapped Powerman across his face. Powerman winced in pain with the blow and decided it was best to keep quiet for now. Simon looked pained seeing Powerman slapped. He admired the superhero’s chiseled jaw and straight narrow nose. He had a handsome face as well as a well-proportioned muscled body. The epitome of human maleness in his view. Now trapped in the clutches of his ugly old boss. He found Powerman’s helpless predicament sad but yet wildly erotic and exhilarating at the same time. His member stirred. “Now where was I?” Dr. Piro queried. “Oh yes. While your warrior class with their superpowers kept your planet peaceful once in a while a warrior or two would rebel and would need to be neutralized. But given those superpowers that was not easy to do. Fortunately, it appears that there is a biological failsafe mechanism built right into your genetics.” To be continued
  3. I don't do a lot of writing, but this one has been a little vivid for me, and I thought I'd share it. There is an incomplete part 2 I'll get out sometime in the future. THE SHORT ONE “Yeah, Mike! Drive that UUUUP!!!!” Yelled Rick, as Mike, the squat, broad, bearded, powerlifter, drove the four-hundred-pound loaded bar upwards again. “Good man!” Rick continued, smacking the shorter fire hydrant-like man on the back. “Good one! Six reps, that’s a new record for you!” Breathing heavily, Mike huffed out between breaths, “Yeah..(huff)...new one…(huff)...took me…(huff)...forever to get…(huff)...there.” Mike, a young guy of 30, standing 5’6”, weighed in at almost 270 pounds of bulky powerlifter beef. The last two years of heavy lifting and training - and all the gear he could handle - had made him a sight at the gym. Looking at Mike you knew he was a powerlifter. He had become a brick all the way from his traps to his waist, and his legs were thick enough that he had developed a waddle. He had no neck left to speak of, just traps that made a mountain range from his skull down, then out to his ultra-wide shoulders. Mikes’ thick back was complimented by a bulging turtle-shell stomach and spinal erectors you could lose your hand in. He had an obvious squatters-butt which went down to thick thighs and bulging calves. Stairs were sometimes a problem for Mike - his breathing wasn’t the best, but he didn’t care. Just what he could squat, bench, deadlift. That was his life and he had become totally dedicated to it over the last two years. Rick, his coach, was part of his drive. Encouraging him, and making sure every day at the gym was a good one, and every meal, and every shot of gear, drove him forward to his goal. “Rick, what do you think, am I there yet?” Mike eventually huffed out. “Man, this is great. You’re definitely at the top of your weight class, and you’ll bring this one in for sure!” “Yeah, but what then?” “What then? After the state competition, the regional, just like we talked about.” “No man, I mean how do I go up in weight from here? The next class up!” Rick frowned and furrowed his brow, “Buddy, we talked about this…. You’re amazing, but that next class up, it’s not something you’ll do well in. You’re huge, and at this height you’re as big as you can get,” “Gotta get bigger, Rick. You know that!” Rick sighed. “Man, I didn’t know the monster I created.” He laughed, “Okay, let’s just call it a day and see what we can do this next session tomorrow, OK?” “Ok man. But, if I were bigger - you know, taller, and all - you could move me up a class, right?” Rick waved his hands and looked up at the ceiling, “Yeah, but man, it ain’t gonna happen! You have to work with what you’ve got! You’re big, huge! You’re doing fine in your class!” “Okay Rick, I got it. No worries, OK? I’ll get taller, got it handled!” “Right man, I know….” Rick, thinking he must have misheard Mike, just brushed off the comment. “I’m headed out for dinner. Catch you Wednesday for training!” Rick nodded back & waved Mike off. LATER THAT NIGHT. Greg put five ounces of chicken into the twelfth meal container just as the doorbell rang. He rinsed off his hands and yelled “One second, Mike! I’ll be right there!” Leaving behind for a moment the kitchen-manufacturing lines of rice, chicken, and vegetables, the big bear went to the door and let in his short, squat powerlifter buddy, Mike. “Thanks man, I’m starving!” Growled the dumpster-like short brick house powerlifter. “You always do the best for me, man!” They shared a typically off-balance greeting hug: Mike, phenomenally strong and powerlifter-thick, was 5’6”. Greg on the other hand was a towering 6’10”. Greg had broad shoulders from time in the gym, but he wasn’t an iron-addict like Mike. Greg smiled. “Hey, I love supporting my best friend. I’ve almost got 2 days worth of meals put together for you, just finishing up. Hang on, I’ve got dinner for us both. You start & I’ll join you in a sec, I want those covered & in the fridge before I call it done.” He gestured to plates with huge portions of chicken, pasta, and vegetables. “Take those over & I’ll be there in a moment.” “You know just what I need!” Mike took the food to the dining table, helped himself to utensils, and set out the meals for both of them. After putting lids on meal containers and putting them in neat stacks in the fridge, Greg joined Mike and sat at the table. Eating for a few minutes quietly, Greg reflected on what a funny pair they were. Good friends, and occasionally with benefits, they had a lot of interests in common. Mike turned thoughtful for a second, fidgeting with a ring on his right ring finger. “Greg, I gotta ask you something serious.” “Ok, what’s up?” Mike leaned in and put his right hand on Greg’s right hand. “You know how you’re so supportive of my powerlifting?” “Yeah bud, of course! I know how important it is to you. I love seeing you conquer those lifts!” Mike smiled. “Yeah, you’re always ready to help me in any way, right?” “Yes, that’s why I’ve got the meals together for you, and help keep you on schedule.” “I know, and you’d do anything to help me, right?” “Yes. Isn’t that what I just said?” “Yeah, it is. I just really need to know.” Mike leaned in towards the bigger man. “You’re totally on my side, happy to help me any way you can, right?” Greg looked confused. “Bud, I don’t know why this is so big a deal to you. Yes, I am. I’ve told you a bunch and I still mean it. Now, what’s up?” Mike let go of Greg’s hand with a big smile and sat up solid in his chair, hands on his thighs. The ring on his hand showing a soft glow before fading away. “You know how Rick, my trainer, has been down on me, right?” Greg scowled a little. “No, I know how you have been down on him because he can’t move you up a weight class. He’s telling you, like he has for a while, that you’re going to have a hard time packing on weight to compete with those guys. They run sixty to eighty pounds more, and have the taller frame to carry it.” “Yeah, but if I could be that big I’d be able to compete there!” Greg said, “I know...but...look, where is this going?” Greg and Mike had joked once or twice that they were born at the wrong heights. If Mike were Greg’s size - sixteen inches taller - he’d be spending all his time adding two hundred pounds to his frame, and many more hundreds to his lifts, working on being either the world champion of powerlifting or strongman competitions. But life doesn’t always deal those cards the way you wanted. Mike looked at him squarely and said “Since you’re up for helping me with anything, I need you give me half your size and strength.” Greg laughed, “Man, I’d love to, I just don’t know how!”. “Well, I solved that problem”, said Mike. He raised his right hand and wiggled the ring finger. “I found this charm at a Chinese magic shop. I didn’t believe it, but I tested it and it worked. If you agree to help me three times while I hold your hand...you can help me in any way, including by giving me your size. Stand up! I’ll show you. It takes some time.” Mike stood up. Greg looked skeptical, but smiled. “I don’t know what you’re smoking, but I’ll run with this little scene if you’re up for some playtime tonight. It's not like we haven’t started some fun with that as a scene before.” Greg stood up and stepped closer to Mike, looking down at the thick fireplug. Only...he wasn’t looking down as much as he expected. “Mike, are you on your toes?” “No big guy...I’m getting bigger. And, you are getting smaller.” “No way! It can’t be!” Greg moved right up to Mike, and put his hands on Mike’s shoulders, looking down into Mikes eyes and paying attention to his hands & shoulders. After just a moment he could tell his perspective was shifting down, and his hands were moving up. He could feel Mike’s shoulders slowly growing bigger under his hands. “Fuck! No way!” Greg shouted! They had actually role-played something like this a few times. Greg had fantasies about being a smaller guy, not always being the biggest guy in a room, the focus of attention for men, and women. Being in the spotlight, every time and always, just because of his towering height. Mike, meanwhile couldn’t want anything more than to have exactly that. He craved it Both the attention...and the frame to put on all the size he wanted. To be the biggest guy in any room. He dreamed of never having to look up, at anyone, ever. Mike grinned as he and Greg locked gazes, knowing that at least for one person, he wouldn't be looking up at him again...very soon. “For real man, you’re gonna be half your size, maybe less, in a few minutes. And I’m going to be a goddam giant, bigger than you ever were! Biggest, strongest man in the world, coming right up!” Greg was too entranced by what was happening to think about what Mike was saying. The danger in the words was blocked by having his fantasy of being smaller really happening. Mike brushed Greg’s hands off his shoulders, then reached down and pulled his shirt off over his head. This revealed his thick pecs, broad on his chest, covered with fur. He looked up (but not as far as before) into Greg’s eyes, and brought both 20” arms up into a double bicep pose, spreading his thick legs apart to keep him steady. His bulging shoulders and traps crowded his head, his big turtle shell belly pushed out as he arched his back keeping his arms up. “Lick that big, growing arm, shrinking bear!” he ordered Greg. Having played this before, Greg closed his eyes, leaned down, and started licking Mikes’ right biceps, stroking Mike’s chest with one hand, while running the other back and forth from Mike’s right shoulder to fingertips, squeezing the strong, solid powerlifter muscles from time to time. He aggressively made love to the muscles in front of him, loving their hardness, the soft cover of fat and fur over them. Mike groaned in pleasure, sometimes taking his left hand, reaching up, and rubbing Greg’s scalp, squeezing Greg’s traps or shoulders, as Greg kept worshipping Mike’s muscles with his eyes closed.. But something was different this time. After a couple more minutes Greg realized he wasn’t leaning down so much anymore to suck & lick on that meaty bicep bulge in front of him. Just a few inches down where before he was bending way down - from six-ten! - now, they were closer in height, and moving closer still. Mike loved it. Mike hadn’t gained as much height as Greg had lost. Apparently the charm thought of “size and strength” as related. Much of Greg’s strength came from being so tall a guy - he was strong, but a lot came from his raw size. Meanwhile, Mike was a weight-trained tank. He was much stronger than his height would suggest. Every inch he grew taller was hugely more strong than the inch that Greg lost. Mike kept his eyes open the whole time. He saw the perspective of the room changing around him. Saw Greg leaning down less and less. The man who had started at 5’6” was now an even six foot tall, and Greg was just a little taller, about 6’2”. “Keep those eyes closed a little more, Shrinking Bear. I am going to have a surprise for you in just...another...minute! Keep making love to that big arm. Does it feel bigger to you?” Mike’s 19” arms had grown to at least 21” as he took in size and strength from Greg. “Yes, Big Bear! It feels so big!” “Yeah, little Shrinker! It is. It is sooo much bigger. You can’t get your hands around it now, can you?’ “No, Big Bear, I can’t! I used to, and I can’t now!” It was true. At six-ten, Greg’s huge hands could make a circle covering 20”...but now, being smaller, and that arm bulging bigger, he tried, and he couldn’t. Greg loved the proof that he was getting smaller. After another minute of being stroked and adored, Mike spoke again. “Okay, Shrinking Bear...you can open your eyes.” He opened his eyes to find he was looking just slightly down into Mikes eyes. Greg was just an inch taller than Mike. Mike smiled broadly. “See, ‘big guy’...? I’m getting bigger than you! You’re going to have to really mean it now when you call me Big Mike! Keep looking at me right now. Look straight into my eyes….” Greg’s cock was already solid. Now it has turned to iron. He was looking just a little down into Mike’s eyes. Mike had expanded proportionally in every way, with his muscles expanding more than his height, growing in strength. About six inches taller, he was about a hundred or more pounds heavier and his muscles were all bulging out more than before. His arms were definitely 23” by now. Mike could feel how much heavier he was getting in his limbs, he could see his perspective change as Greg shrank and he grew to his rightful size, thicker and bigger than before. “I love seeing you bigger, bud! You have always been Big Mike to me - but now it;s gonna be a different thing!” Greg noticed the room around them. “Are we both six feet tall now?!?! Fuck! Things seem bigger to me from here!” He looked around a little “I’m used to seeing the top of the fridge all the time...and now I can’t see it at all!” “I’ll let you know what it looks like in a few minutes. See Greg? Are you looking right at me?” Greg returned to looking right at Mike’s eyes. “Yes Big Bear! Right at you!” “Good. Now keep looking at me….there! Do you see it now?” Greg took a moment, looking in Mike’s eyes. It took him an extra second or two. “Holy crap! I’m looking up at you! I can’t fucking believe it! I’m looking up at you!” “That’s right, Shrinking Bear! You’re going to keep shrinking until I have half of what you were carrying around on you! I wonder how small you’ll be by then?” Mike smirked, loving his new stature over his formerly towering friend. “Okay Shrinker, look at that arm you’re supposed to be licking.” Mike hoisted his right arm up to shoulder position again, bulging more out than before, his thick mass of muscle, fat and fur right in Greg’s face. Or, as Greg now noticed...just above his face. “No...way….” Greg started. Noticing that Mike’s arm was slowly rising above his own eye level. “Better lick it soon, Shrinking Greg. Big Mike will only want to lean down for a little while to help you….” Mike grew warm inside from dominating Greg and having it be real. In the past, he had said those words but had to rely on Greg to play along. “Not today,” he thought to himself. “Not again, ever. Now is the time for Big Mike! Maybe even Big Big Mike!” “Lick that arm, Shrinking Bear! While you can!” Greg got up on his toes and resumed kissing and caressing Mike’s massive arm, licking the biceps and triceps. He stood more and more on his tiptoes as he worshipped the burgeoning, growing arm. His own hands and mouth shrinking away with time, everything about Mike seemed bigger and bigger to him. Lost in the thrill of it, he distantly wondered if this is how Mike had felt about him, when Mike looked up and almost a foot and a half separated them. Mike kept flexing his muscles for Greg. After another minute even all the way up on his toes, stretching to his limit, his mouth couldn’t make contact with Mike’s raised biceps any more. Greg stopped, breathing hard, catching his breath, and leaned against Mike’s massive, hard gut for a moment, the flesh still growing up slowly. Mike’s body is still very slowly expanding, getting bigger, stronger, all over. Growing more full, round, padded muscle on top of his already large body. Mike leaned forward, his huge chest looming over Greg’s head, and put his big hands on Greg’s back, pushing him inwards against his massive, sweaty gut. “Yeah Little Bear, clean up this big, sweaty lifter...lick me clean...I can just feel those little hands of yours rubbing around my big, solid, belly. Can’t even reach around to my waist, can you?!? Yeah, you little fuck...let’s see how small you are now….” Greg moved back a little, momentarily shocked out of his focus on his sexual energy and worship of Mike’s growing body. Mike looked down at him and took stock of the room. Mike could see the top of the fridge now, looking down on it easily. And he was at least twice as wide. He had grown into a massive bull of a man, vast traps and shoulder width. Thick pecs that blocked his sight down, and a solid turtle-shell gut that blocked even more. His arms and legs were thick with muscle and padding, the shape of the muscles still seen, and becoming pronounced when he moved. He weighed almost 400 pounds and guessed his height at about 6’5”, almost a foot taller than he had been. Greg craned his head way back and looked up at Mike’s face so far above. Greg stepped in just a little and rested his chest against the top of Mike’s massive barrel, his arms reaching up and resting on Mikes’ power belly. Mike guessed Greg was about 5’ tall now, getting close to Mikes’ gut. Greg was slim. “You...you...you are a real giant to me - you’re like twice my size!” “Yeah little man, and maybe ten times your weight! HA HA HA!!!” Mike lifted his arms again into a giant double bicep pose, lording his massiveness over Greg, turning his head to see his own flexing 25” arms. “Yeah you little fucker! Look at that arm! Bigger than your head!” Mike looked down at Greg. “No, you can’t see it from down there. Let me fix that!” Mike crabbed down into a most muscular pose, his great shaggy head just a foot away from Gregs face, his arms on either side of Greg’s tiny body. “BOOM!” Mike said. Mikes’ watermelon sized arms flexed inwards at Greg, his chest almost knocking the tiny man over being flexed in front of him. Greg put one hand on each pulsing bicep, stroking and mumbling. “So big...so thick..surrounding me….” “Yeah buddy! I’m BIG Mike! And that’s just my arms!” Greg looked up at Mike, towering almost half again his size - something no one had done to him since early childhood! Greg was stuttering. “So...big...so...massive….” Mike: “Feel that leg now, Tiny Bear! Feel my calf while you’re there! Get on your knees!” Greg dropped to both knees, his head now just bumping into Mike’s bulging crotch. “Big Bear...I think you grew somewhere else too!” “Yes! Hadn’t planned on it...but a big man can use a big cock! But, you’ll get that dessert later, Little Bear.” Mike grinned the way only a man with a giant cock does. “Right now...lick those quads. I’m not as clean as I want to be. BOOM!” Mike flexed one leg closest to Greg, every head of the quadriceps bulging and separated hugely before him. “Lick those lines clean Little Man!” Greg started licking, loving being smaller than ever, being dominated for real by a giant man, bigger than him, overpowering him, making him do whatever the bigger man said. As a tall man he had never truly given in before...now he was. He licked and stroked the massive thigh in front of him. His hands moving over the muscle were so tiny in comparison. Greg had not had to look up at someone in years and intimidated most men he met. Being in front of a man who must be at least four times his weight, and 25% taller, was entrancing. “Now my calf. Clean it boy!” Mike lifted the flexed leg up on toes, making the massive calf ball up and bulge out even more. “Yes, my Big Bear Master! Yes!” Greg’s cock was as hard as it could get, dying for release. He licked the two heads of the calf in front of him, all of his attention focused on pleasing his Big Musclebear Master. “Sir, may I come? I so want to come! You are so big over me...so...so..so..strong.!” “Shrinking Bear, I’m going to pick you up, and you can come when I tell you. It’ll be soon. Now, stand up again.” Greg stood up, Mike leaned forward over him again, making Greg move back just a little in shock of the man so much bigger than him. “I bet you don’t weigh a damn thing Little Bear. Let’s see!” Mike grabbed Greg around the waist with both hands and picked him so his arms were straight out in front of him. Greg’s head was just a little above Mike’s. “So light, you’re just so fucking LIGHT!!!! YES!!!!” Greg’s cock was sticking straight out as he looked down, some, at Mike. The 6’5” powerlifter was inhumanly vast from his growth, at least four feet across the shoulders, and two from front to back. Mike’s shoulders were legitimately bigger than basketballs. “Little bear, I’m going to suck your cock just like this while I’m standing here, and you’re going to come right then, so you please your Musclebear Master, yes?” “Yes sir! Ye-” Before Greg could finish his sentence Mike opened his big mouth and took Greg’s cock and balls inside, sucking on Greg’s cock, teasing his balls. Greg came in less than ten seconds, screaming in pleasure instantly. “YEEEEESSSSS! YESSSSSSSS!!! AUGGGHHHHH!!! OH GOD, AUUGGGGGHHHHH! YES!!!!!!!” It felt like Mike had sucked his balls totally dry right in that moment...but Greg knew he had more, just not yet. Greg dropped limp in Mikes grasp, totally spent. Mike lowered Greg down, back to shoulder height, and gradually made his way over to Greg’s oversized couch nearby. Being so tall, Greg had a lot of “big guy” furniture. Mike wasn’t yet the height Greg had been, but he was far heavier and thicker. Mike lay out on the couch in his gym shorts, his right leg up on the couch, his left foot on the ground, with the five foot tall Greg stretched out against him, his back against Mike’s torso, legs up on the couch. Greg was still dazed and spent, happy in the strongest afterglow he had ever been in. Mike’s giant right arm held Greg against him. With his left hand, Mike stroked Greg slowly. “Yes little bear, rest a moment. You’re going to need it. There you go...rest a bit….” Greg, naked, shrunken, and spent, actually fell asleep against Mike. Mike - Big Mike - just watched the little man against his chest. Sometimes flexing his own arm or moving his hand, feeling happy about how massive he was, and how small his formerly towering friend felt against him. About a half hour later, Greg slowly woke up. He took a moment to realize the massive arm across him was real. In his own mind, he was still an almost 7’ tall man. For a moment, he was in the arm of a ten foot hill of fur and muscle, holding him tight. Then he realized that the couch and everything else were bigger, and that what had happened was real. “Mike.” “Yes, Greg.” “Can we get up?” “Yes. But you’re not getting ‘up’ as much as you’re used to!” Mike lifted his arm, and Greg swung himself around and stood up on the floor. Mike stayed seated on the couch, but swung around to sit up, facing Greg. Greg, standing, was only a handful of inches taller than Mike, seated. Greg was just staring at Mike for a moment, reaching out and rubbing Mike’s massive shoulders. “Damn, you are so big, Bear! So wide!” “Yeah, buddy! But I think I’m still not as tall as you were.” “I think you might be right, but man, you have to understand what it’s like to be looking at you like this.” “Like this? How about like THIS!” Mike stood up. Greg was staring into the bottom of Mike’s thick chest. Greg got instantly hard again. “Yeah big man, that’s definitely it. Damn, your arms are the size of my head!” “Yeah, they are”, Mike brought them up for a big bicep flex which took Greg a moment back, “but I think it’s time for me to find out just how big I’ve grown in the shorts, know what I mean?” Mike dropped his hands to his gym shorts and underwear, shoved them down, then kicked them away. His cock was starting to rise up. Mike had been below height, but about average on his dick. Now, having grown almost 20% bigger, his cock was also bigger in proportion. “Greg,I think it’s time to bury this big cock somewhere, little buddy!” Bury it somewhere before it’s too big for you to take it anymore, Mike thought to himself. Greg looked at the 9” cock in front of him, seeming much larger than he would have taken it just a day ago. “Yes Big Mike! Let’s go for it!” Greg opened an end table drawer next to the couch, pulled out a bottle of lube. “Go for it big man!” Mike threw the cushions from the couch onto the floor in a pile, and pushed Greg, surprised, down onto them. Mike was forceful, but never this much, when they’d played around before. “Flip over, little man. I want you face down.” Greg turned over as the big, naked, musclebear squirted some lube into his hand, then onto Greg’s hole, and his own cock. Mike’s 9” cock slid easily into Greg’s hole, and his arms readily reached around Greg’s chest from behind. Mike was surprised that Greg wasn’t a tighter fit, but remembered what a size queen Greg was, for both toys and men. Even at this size he wasn’t really tight, but Greg was definitely having a good time. It wasn’t bad for him, but he had tighter, and bigger, plans. “Buddy”, Mike said,”This is great, but how about you give me whatever another six inches of your height and strength are?” “What? Mike, you’re already inside….wowowohhhh fuuuuuuuccccckkkkk!” As Mike kept Greg stuffed from behind and held across his front, Greg felt what seemed to be Mike’s cock growing inside him, bigger every moment, and pulsing differently as Mike pumped his ass, alternating with twitching his cock inside the smaller man’s butt. Mike only grew an inch or two from this new “gift” of Greg’s, but to Greg, the world was getting a lot bigger. In one specific way, the way he was wrapped around what seemed to him to be a steadily growing cock, Greg’s world was getting just a little smaller. “Yeah, that’s it Shrinking Bear, getting tighter all over my cock, just what I wanted! YES!” he kept slowly pounding in and out of Greg’s ass, his now smaller body tight around his cock. “YES! Just what I fucking wanted! Pounding your little, tiny ass, Shrinking bear! So small now!” Mike kept pumping Greg, revelling in his size over this man who was now approaching two-thirds his size. He was just as turned on by the feelings in his cock as the feelings in his head, knowing the man he’s pounding right now used to be the tallest man he’d ever met. That idea built and built in Mike’s mind, and in a few moments the dam broke against the moving water-wall of fuck-energy and Mike came, yelling, and Greg came again, yelling in pleasure. After a few moments of both men shouting, Greg coming and Mike shooting inside Greg’s hole, Mike pulled out and they both rolled over onto their backs, momentarily spent and breathing hard. Mike turned his head towards Greg. “Bud, that was the best fuck I’ve had in a long time, and it was all due to your shrunken ass, Small Bear.” “Big man, that was one of the best I’ve ever had!”
  4. clfmql

    Austin's bet

    “I want all your muscles, your stamina, your metabolism, your masculine beauty, your physical potential, your athleticism.” **** A stream of warm water spurted out from the thick shower head. In the steam-filled shower booth, Austin's naked body began to be drenched in water. The tanned, healthy skin became shiny when it touched the water stream. Water cascaded down his broad shoulders and down his massive, deep muscular chest like a mountain range. It soon cleansed the eight-pack abs and moistened the massive cock and testicles between the thick legs. As Austin lazily turned back, the warm water flowed down his deep, bulging, broad muscular back, and soon his firm buttocks could feel the water. Austin enjoyed the warm, wonderful sensation for a few minutes and then took out the shower soap. His thick hands gently massaged his broad chest, brushed down his shoulders, and toned down his 20-inch biceps and deep abs. He then gently stroked his pipe-like 11-inch cock and large testicles, wiping away any traces of the night's fun. He reluctantly moved his hand from his cock to his firm, thick thighs, where his muscles were clearly visible, and rubbed them for a while. He begins to slowly brush his knees and calves, following the lines of those beautiful muscles. While enjoying his shower time, Austin thought about Ted and the 'bet' he had made. Ted was very popular as the best football player in the school, but to Austin, Ted was just a bad student who bullied Austin himself. Austin, who wanted revenge on Ted, decided to use witchcraft he had discovered in ancient books. Everything went according to Austin's plan, and as a result, Austin won the 'bet' and demanded a reward from Ted: his muscles, his physical potential, and his masculine beauty. From then on, as time passed, Ted took Austin's essence and gradually became smaller and more ordinary, and as Austin took Ted's essence little by little, he became bigger and stronger. After taking a shower, Austin returned to his room and put on a white shirt and underwear. Then suddenly, Austin stopped as he felt a huge pain in his testicles. Austin lifted his underwear and looked down to see that his testicles were writhing as if they were being squeezed. Austin finally realized that the final swap had begun. Austin had no time to react to this sudden phenomenon and just moaned and held his testicles in his hands. He felt the last of Ted's original essence being absorbed into his testicles, and it soon began to pump the last of his strength, causing his veins to pulsate throughout his body. "!!" While Austin just let out a moan, his body once again became covered in sweat and began to slowly bulge and grow. The muscles in his entire body twitched and became bigger and stronger, increasing his height to nearly 7ft. The cock and testicles he held in his hand seemed to swell and grow in size. It was too big to hold with one hand, so Austin managed to hold it with both hands. "Aaaah... yes! YES!!" Meanwhile, Austin's vision was forcibly becoming clearer, and he was getting a mild headache as more athletic knowledge flowed into his head. Even that was enough to give Austin an ecstatic feeling. In every way, Austin's body grew bigger and stronger. When Austin finally let out an orgasmic scream, the white shirt he had just been wearing was torn apart. Austin, who had been panting for a while as if after his long workout, checked out his body in amazement. Now he realized he had a muscular body of exactly the same size and shape as Ted had before his bet: biceps approaching 25 inches to prove it. Ted's biceps were the biggest in the school, they were 25 inches, and when Austin measured himself with a tape measure now, they were exactly 25 inches. Austin let out a low laugh, throwing his torn clothes on the floor, cutting off his underwear with scissors and throwing them on the bed. At this moment, a new school athlete was born who would perfectly replace Ted. What was even more pleasant was that this spell modified parts of reality so that no one would notice their changes. In this reality, Ted will always be a small, weak student, while Austin himself will be the dominant school athlete. Well, maybe he's even better than Ted in that he's sincere, humble, and kind. Austin giggled as he looked at the sweaty 7ft massive muscular body and went into the bathroom to wash up again.
  5. kurisupei

    Suck and Grow

    This is a story which I posted on the wrong section (archive). Rome is a collegiate athlete. For the last 3 years of his college life, he has been training hard and it really shows. At 22, 6'3 and 250 lbs, he has a body that rivals those big YouTubers you see online. This body of his earned him the title of team captain of the football team. Not only that, with his fair skin, thick eyebrows, and thick brown hair, he is deemed as the campus' heartthrob. One night, after training and working out with his team, Rome really had the urge to fuck someone. After cockily putting his body on display to the team in the shower room, he put on some baggy pants and a tight black tank top that showcases his thick arms and really highlights his huge chest. He decided he'll go to the bar and pick a fuck buddy for the night. After all, he could get anyone with his looks. Arriving at the club, his body alone is already enough to get him looks and turns. On his third drink, someone sat next to him. "That one's on me!", the man said. Rome looked and saw a short Asian man. The man looked young, almost like a college freshman. At around 5'5, Rome dwarfs this guy. "Aren't you a little too young to be here?", Rome asks with a smirk. "Haha I'm 21, today's actually my birthday, see?" the man replies, showing Rome his ID. "Hmm, so your name's Evan." Rome said, returning Evan's ID to him. "What do you want from me?" Rome then asks. "I always see you at the campus gym, and frankly, you really turn me on. What do you say we hit it up?" Evan says with a smile. "I don't think you can handle me." Rome replies, once again with a smirk. "Come on, you know you wanna do this. Besides, I can give you an experience of a lifetime." Evan teases, touching Rome's arms. Rome really wanted to release his load tonight, so he reluctantly agrees. Evan brings Rome to his dorm. They both take off their clothes. Rome strips down, revealing his powerful body and his 10 inch cock. Evan takes his jacket off, showing a skin tight white shirt, revealing some definition in his body. He's not big by any means, probably 135 lbs, but he's got some definition. He then removes his pants, revealing his own 4 incher. Just as he was about to take off his shirt, Rome cannot wait and pulls him to the bed and started fucking him. Evan was caught by surprise. But his moans and groans of pain turned into moans of pleasure as he sees the view while he's getting rammed. "Ugh fuck, you're so hot!" Evan said as reaches and caresses Rome's pecs. His hands explore Romes torso. "Ugh, dude you're gonna make me cum!" he replied back. Rome posed a double bicep and showed off his bulging arms to Evan. He's so big that it turned Evan on even harder. "You're so hot man- ughh! Sh-shit! Ughh!" Evan cums to the sight of Rome's flexing. Evan's cum shot up to Rome's mouth as he was moaning harder. "Ughhh fuck I'm gonna cu- UGHHH!" Rome moans and whimpers as he ejaculates into Evan's ass. Cum fills Evan after load after load is released by Rome. All while Evan continues to rub Rome's muscles. "Ugh fuck that was good" Rome pulls his cock out. Their moans die down and all that's left are their heavy breathing. "My turn..." Evan says. "What?" Rome confusely asks. “I'm gonna fuck you now, baby," Evan said while Rome licks his lips. "And I'll make sure you feel every inch of my cock." "Huh? You? What w-" Rome cockily says before getting interrupted. Evan grabbed Rome by the waist and pushed him down onto the bed, switching their position. Rome cockily chuckles, looking at Evan's 4 inch cock compared to his own 10 incher. "What are you gonna do, huh?" Rome cockily teases while flexing his muscles in front of Evan's scrawny frame. Rome's 6'3, 250 lbs frame completely dwarfs Evan's 5'5, 135 lbs. Evan ignores Rome's teases and grabbed the base of his 4 inch shaft and started pumping in and out of Rome's tight hole. The feeling of having another man's cock inside his body made him moan louder than ever before. "Fuck yeah, baby! You're so fucking hot!" Evan moaned as he continued to pound Rome's ass. "Ughhh! Dude what the fuc- ugh" Rome moans as he feels Evan's cock throbbing inside his ass. "Oh god, oh god, oh god!" Evan moans as he continues to thrust his cock deep inside Rome's ass. "Ughhh shit!" Rome moans loudly as he felt Evan's cock pulsating inside his ass. "Ughhhhh! Oh god, I'm gonna cum!" Evan moans as he starts to spurt his load all over Rome's insides. "Ughhh! Ughhh! Ughhh!" Rome moans as he feels Evan's cock spurting his seed inside his ass. Evan smiles, knowing a step of his plan has been enacted. After a few minutes of rest, they both got up from the bed and went for a shower together. They were still naked and their dicks were hard. They both got into the shower and began to wash each other, Rome not knowing Evan's plan. While showering, Evan kneels in front of Rome. "Okay, here goes nothing," Evan thought to himself. He grabbed Rome's dick and started sucking it like a pro. "Mmmmmm, mmmmm!" Rome moans as he feels Evan's tongue sliding along his shaft. "Oh fuck, ughh!" Rome moans as he grabs Evan's head and pushes it deeper onto his dick. "Ughhh! Mmmmmm!" Evan moans as he continues to suck Rome's cock. "Damn, you're really good at this!" Rome moans as he starts to feel his orgasm building. "Ughhh! Fuck! I'm gonna cum!" Rome moans as he starts to shoot his load into Evan's mouth. "Mmmmmm!" Evan moans as he swallows Rome's load. "Mmppphhhh!" Rome moans as he feels his cock spasm and start to spew more cum into Evan's mouth. "Fuuuck! Mmmmm!" Evan moans as he keeps swallowing Rome's load. But Evan continues to suck even harder. "Ughhh! Fuck! I'm cumming again! Okay, enough..." Rome moans as he continues to pump his load into Evan's mouth. "Mmmmmm!" Evan moans as he continues to swallow Rome's load. He continues to suck HARDER. "Man, I said enough..." Rome whimpers. But Evan sucks harder. Rome starts to feel a bit weak. "No, I said stop!" Rome whimpers. But Evan keeps sucking harder. "UGHHHHH! FUCK PLEASE! STOP!" Rome screams. "ugh I'm cumming again!" Rome yells as he shoots his load into Evan's mouth. "Mmmmmm!" Evan moans as he continues to forcefully suck Rome's load out. Rome tries to push Evan away, but to his surprise, Evan is not moved by this. He seems stronger "Mmmmmmm!" Evan moans as he continues to suck Rome's load out. He feels himself getting bigger and stronger. Evan starts feeling his arms and chest be filled with more mass as he swallows more of Rome's seed. "Ughhhh, dude please!" Rome cries out in pain as he feels his cock spasm and start to spew his load into Evan's mouth. "Mmmmmm!" Evan moans as he continues to swallow Rome's load. Evan feels his cock grow an inch or two, he also feels Rome's shrink in his mouth. "Ughhh! Ughhh! AAAAAAAAH!" Rome screams as he feels his cock spasm and shoot his load into Evan's throat. Evan swallows it all and stops. Evan then stands, looking Rome in the eye. Rome opens his eyes and notices how he isn't looking down at Evan that much anymore. "Fuck dude, that was hot!" Evan breaks the silence. Rome is still too stunned to speak. Rome begins looking at Evan's body, noticing how muscled Evan is. Evan then proceeds to inspect his now 8 inch cock and brags about it to Rome, "Wow, this is huge, thanks for that!". Rome looks at his own cock and sees his shrunken 6 incher, also noticing his own body. "WHAT THE FUCK?! MY COCK! M-MY BODY!"
  6. ChurchOfHarvey

    Slim + Tiny

    I walk through the party, past cousins and other relatives. I don’t really like family reunions, but I do love reminding everyone that I am the biggest in the family. I enjoy making my younger cousins I grew up with squirm. I push past the crowd and bump into one of my uncles I almost didn’t recognize. “Yo, Uncle Dave? How have you been? You look skinny!” I’ve only known my uncle as absolutely jacked. Rough and chiseled from working in construction for 30 years. His sleeves used to hug his biceps and his chest would never let his top buttons close. He was the one other person in the family who could almost size up to me. Now his shirt hangs loosely off his skinny shoulders. “Hey, Petey. Yeah, I lost some weight,” he sighed. “I gotta get you in the gym, Unc. Put some meat back on those bones. I’ll get you looking huge like me again in no time!” I snickered. I spread out my arms and curl my biceps. My thick muscles pack my shirt tight and my sleeves stretch around my girthy arms. I’ve always been a muscle head since I was a kid. I played football and started powerlifting at 13. I was a beast growing up and now I’m twice the size of anyone else in the family, especially now that Uncle Dave is skinny. Fuck, seeing how big I am compared to him now is feeding my ego well. “Of course, you’ll still be tiny compared to these veiny pythons! But it’ll be a start,” I laughed. “Speaking of, have you seen Slim and Tiny around anywhere? Need to find those twigs and put them in their place!” “Slim and Tin—? Oh... Go out and check the shed. I’m sure they’ll find you…” • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • I walk out into the backyard and make my way past the circles of cousins and uncles all chatting over some beers. In the back corner of the yard by the shed, there are stacks of 45 plates, a bench press, a squat rack, and even some cable rigs to make a rough prison yard gym. Bet those two nerds went all out to try and start working out. I need to go put those boys in their place and show them how a real man lifts! I flex my pecs in anticipation. From the shed, I hear deep grunts and metal plates clanging. Rep after rep, the grunts transform into barks. I turn the corner and my jaw and flex drop as I see what is inside the dark shed. An absolute behemoth of a man stands in a too-small stringer and leggings that squeeze the definition out of his massive quads and put his near-absent bulge on display. He carries a barbell at his chest and reps out more military presses. Three plates are stacked on either side of the bar. His monstrous delts ripple as he barks and lifts. On the bench against the wall sits another hulking beast hunched over with his haunches of forearms resting on his knees. He grunts out in a deep voice, calling out the rep count of his giant friend. Twenty-seven, twenty-eight… He turns and catches a look at me. “Well, shit… look who it is, Tiny!” he growls in a mocking tone. “Looks like little big-shot Petey decided to show up!” Tiny? No, that can’t be. And that would make him… Slim... No, these aren’t my cousins. They had to be actors hired to play a prank on me or something. These can’t be those same little nerds I used to tease back in high school. They’re too fucking big! Tiny drops the barbell to the mat with a clang and turns to face me with a smile. His veiny, pumped-up delts protrude off of his shoulders cartoonishly. His monstrous arms hang out to the sides with his meaty lats grown too big for his ribcage. He is a brick wall of muscle. “You know, I used to remember you were bigger, Pete,” Tiny grins. “Have you lost weight or something? You look skinny!” The two behemoths approach me and I can finally see the tight definition of their terrifying size in the sunlight. These two goliaths tower above me. Must be nearly 7’ feet tall. My eyes are level with their chiseled pecs that squeeze against the tanks they have so clearly outgrown. Slim flexes his pecs intimidatingly and his massive tits free themselves from beneath his tank as the fabric stretches and is squeezed between his pecs. His shirt rides up and reveals his chiseled Adonis belt and I see the thick bulge threatening to fall out from his shorts. “No… no, this isn’t right,” I stammer as I step back from these two behemoths. “Where are my actual little cousins? You’ve got to be fucking with me…” “We’re right here, Petey…” Tiny grins as he approaches and wraps his arms over my shoulders. “We got pretty big, huh, Tiny?” Slim groans with another flex. “Oh, bigger than that… You see Pete, we got tired of ego-fueled meatheads like you walking all over us. Calling us small and weak and pathetic…” “And so we decided to grow… and grow…” “Oh, we fucking grew…” Tiny flexes and crushes my neck between his forearm and chiseled bicep. “Now we’re fucking giants and it’s all thanks to cocky gym rats like you,” Slim pokes into my sternum and pushes me back. “No, this can’t be…” I feel powerless. “What are you gonna do to me? “Hey, Ma! Come take a picture of us and Petey!” Slim roars out across the yard, avoiding my question. “Yeah, we want you to remember how big you used to be before we drain you…” Tiny growls in a whisper. I gulp and try to think of a way out of here. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • After getting a picture, it’s just the three of us again all sitting on the bench in the shed with the two of them crushing me between their massive shoulders. The smell of their musk is overwhelming as they wrap their arms around me and squeeze me between their lats. Their ripe stench stuffs my nose full and for some reason my dick twitches. The two titans stand up, carrying me with them, and pin me into a tight circle between them. Slim looks down and sees my dick jumping against my will. “Oh, ho! Looky here…” Slim chuckles as he flicks my bulge. “Looks like the little man loves being crushed between two superior alphas!” “No wonder little Petey was in the gym all the time,” Tiny guffaws. I had truly never been attracted to men. The thought repulsed me. Even now, the stench of their ripe musk was sickening, but my penis throbs despite my opposition. Slim raises his arms and the wafting musk hits me like a wall. He crunches his thick, bullish abs and flares out his lats to put his pits on display. “Think it’s time for the pit crew!” Slim creaked a smile. Oh shit… Before I can react, Tiny grabs me and forces my face deep between Slim’s muscles and into his hairy pit. Same move I used to pull on them growing up. But fuck, my eyes roll back and I can’t help but moan out. Fuck, this isn’t right. Something about his scent is hypnotizing me. I can’t control my own dick. It twitches and hardens. I remember doing the same thing to Tiny and Slim growing up. I would sneak up behind them and call out for the pit crew before pulling them into a headlock under my arms. Kept them locked in to force them to huff my pit sweat until they squirmed under my superior arms and begged for me to let them go. Never wore deodorant to family gatherings just to really torture them. Fuck, I never expected them to ever get me back for it all. “I can feel his dick getting hard against my quads!” Slim lets out a belly laugh. Fuck, I am getting a boner. I can’t help it. I feel my dick growing and slipping between the muscle definition of his quads. So thick and hard pressed against my boner. Tiny keeps pushing me into Slim, forcing my dick to grind and press against his rock-solid muscle. I feel Slim flexing his quad on purpose to tease my erection. Fuck, I’m so hard… And then I feel something else press into me. A long, thick piece of meat squished against my abs. Oh, fuck… Is that his dick? It’s fucking massive too… I feel it press into my belly button and hang down next to the base of my shaft. It’s still only soft too… What fucking happened to him? “God, he’s so fucking horny! Look! He’s still huffing my pits!” Slim laughs. I didn’t even realize that Tiny had stopped holding my face into it. His pits were a fucking trap I couldn’t pull my nose out of. Fuck, I don’t know if I even wanted to. “Think this little guy is gonna cum off my alpha musk alone, Tiny!” Slim teases. “All right Slim, you’ve had your fun,” Tiny sighs as he let go of me. “I’m hungry and I want to feed while he’s still got those extra inches…” Fuck, what are they going to do to me? Slim grabs the back of my head and pulls me out from his armpit. He cricks my neck back and forces me to look up at him. He just smiles and looks down to scan my physique. There is a hunger in his stare. “Y’know what, I think little Petey has grown a bit since we last saw him,” Slim chuckles. “Not like us muscle freaks,” he flexes, “but I see some extra size on those biceps now. Check him out, Tiny!” I can’t tell if they’re still fucking with me. “Why don’t you flex for us, Pete?” Tiny asks in a stern tone. I step back, but Slim blocks me with his massive body. “Tiny gave you a command, Petey…” I take a heavy breath and follow their orders. I raise my right arm and curl my bicep. My peak pops out and my veins pump. I felt more than satisfied with my muscle and size just a few minutes ago, but now as I stand here beneath my two younger cousins with a boner I can’t control, I feel so weak and small. “Look at that peak! There’s some good meat there,” Tiny smiles. I bring up my other arm and curl it as well. I puff up my chest and flare out my lats to make myself as big as possible, but I know it’s useless. I’m puny compared to them. My cock throbs harder as I flex my muscles like a toy for these two behemoths. “Definitely some good meat…” Slim laughs slowly. Slim steps closer as I hold my flex. He wraps his hand over my bicep, holding my entire peak in his palm. He runs his thumb into the valleys of my muscles and works his thumb into the meat of my arm. He’s so strong… I feel my bicep grow numb as he gropes my muscle. “Oh, yeah… This’ll make me grow nice and big…” What the fuck did he say? Oh, shit… Fuck, my muscles are twitching and flexing compulsively. My bicep aches. And then I turn and see what’s happening. My arm is shrinking! Oh, fuck… my arm deflates with all its muscle mass, looking tiny compared to the rest of my body as Slim keeps groping and squeezing the muscle from my bicep. I look up to Slim with fear in my eyes as he drains me. Slim only chuckles under his breath. Then he begins to grow. His thick chiseled arm throbs even bigger, growing muscle in waves. As my biceps shrink, his swell bigger and bigger. Fuck, his arm is getting so huge… It expands faster and outsizes the rest of his body. Then he takes his other hand and does the same to my deteriorating bicep. He uses every ounce of muscle from my arm to grow two gorilla-huge arms that hang lankily compared to the rest of his body. My right arm is a twig hanging from my still-chiseled torso. It hangs as the drained husk of what once was a 19-inch python of an arm. And then I feel Tiny latch his hand around my left lat and squeeze the muscle up into my pit. “Don’t hog all the good meat, Slim,” Tiny teases. “There’s plenty of him to share.” Tiny squeezes the muscle from me. Stealing pound after pound of muscle from my back. My body shrinks and topples slightly as my balance is thrown off by the mass being stolen from me. My pecs feel too heavy hanging from my chest now. All my mass flows into Tiny’s back and his lats stretch wider with every pulse. He lets out a deep groan and growls as he expands. His lats push his arms further out from his body as they swell. He throbs bigger and bigger until I can hardly see around him. His little tank top stretches and begins to tear as he outgrows it with the muscle he takes from me. Tiny moans in pleasure as his body expands and his shirt is torn to shreds that fall from his chest. His bare torso is chiseled with pure muscle that churns as he steals my mass. Waves of size ripple up his lats and visibly surge with more and more muscle. “Ohh, fuuckk yeahhh… Make me fucking grow, Petey,” Tiny whines. “God, I’m getting so fucking huge!” My two cousins continue to grope and use my muscles to grow. They play with me and steal my size in no particular order, leaving me an asymmetrical mess of muscle as they moan and grow happily. A quad here. A pec there. Taking and taking to fuel their insatiable lust for growth. They stack bigger and bigger above me as I fall more and more powerless to their whims. My clothes drape over my shrinking frame as they take and take. “Oh yeah, this is even better than draining Uncle Dave,” Slim huffs. “It felt so good to finally be bigger than him so we could drain that old man of all that useless muscle. Got fucking huge off of him.” “But Pete has that thick and defined muscle, little body fat, perfect for fucking growing…” Tiny growls. “Oh fuck, look at us… We’re getting so much fucking bigger off him alone.” The two behemoths stretch bigger and bigger, outgrowing everything. Their muscles surge with seemingly endless mass. Slim’s tank begins to tear as his stomach inflates into a gut of pure muscle. He chuckles and flexes his pecs proudly and his shirt is torn apart by his swelling chest. Tiny’s quads pump and swell asymmetrically, practically fighting for dominance as his legs are crushed together by their size. His leggings stretch across his quads and eventually begin to rip. Tears spread across his legs and reveal the throbbing muscle beneath. The elastic of the waistband finally gives and there’s a loud crack as his leggings explode and he’s stood naked above me. His cock throbs, but even hard it barely pushes out past his surging quads and muscle gut. It looks tiny in comparison to his powerful muscles. Slim’s ass expands and overwhelms his shorts much quicker. The fabric tears and falls to reveal much more. As the shorts fall, Slim’s cock unfurls from its hiding spot and swings down his legs. It’s fucking monstrous. 13 inches of veiny cock hangs lazily. And then it starts to grow… It inches bigger as the veins throb. Slim lets out a deep rumbling growl as his cock expands further and further down. He humps forward and makes it rock up and swing under its immense weight. It surges faster. 17 inches. 20 inches. It throbs and bounces on its own, drooling out a thick stream of precum as Slim moans in deep pleasure. His cock grows massive to match his pulsing muscles in contrast to Tiny’s little dick which is dwarfed by his muscles. They tower bigger and bigger above me. Naked behemoths with surging mass. They both hit the ceiling as I shrink down below their hips. Slim’s gargantuan cock hangs in front of my face, drooling like a hungry animal. My clothes drape off my shrunken body. “Fuck…” I mutter under my breath. “I’m fucking puny…” Then Slim grabs me around my entire waist and lifts me off the ground. He brings me closer to eye level with them as they hunch to fit inside the shed. They must be fucking 9’ feet tall… They are fucking freaks of muscle mass. Meanwhile, I’ve been shrunk down to barely 4’ feet of skin and bones. “Puny?!” Slim laughs. “Oh, I fucking love that!” He shakes me in his hand and my shorts fall off of me and down to the ground. My cock springs out, rock hard. My 9” inch dick hangs down in front of me. I had always been proud that my cock was big to match my naturally muscular frame. Now it looks freakishly oversized hanging from my now scrawny frame. It throbs against my will and swings itself between my knees. I’ve always wanted a bigger cock to outsize my build, but not like this. Fuck, it’s too big for my weak body… It feels too heavy swinging from my waist. I can feel it weighing down and pulling my skin tight. My cock is too fucking big… “Hey, Tim,” Slim smirks. “Looks like Puny here has got some last extra meat for you to take!” “About time,” Tim chuckles. “You always take the dicks first, Slater.” Tim takes my throbbing dick in his hand and squishes the shaft. He lifts it up from where it hangs and it feels like a huge relief. Even my 9” cock barely fills his giant hand. It’s so sensitive that even just his crushing grip makes my cock spit up precum. I can’t hold back my moans. My dick spits precum and throbs as he takes my inches from me. Precum pools into his hand as my cock shrinks into his fist. My vision goes blurry from the stimulation, but I can see Tim’s cock expanding. Pushing longer and fatter from behind his muscle gut. It throbs bigger and bigger, hitting double digits as he groans from the growth. It surges and throbs with more girth. It keeps swelling thicker and thicker. Inches pack onto his pulsing cock. Tim moans and laughs as he throbs. He’s growing so big from my cock… “Oh… fuck yes!” Tim groans. “Oh, yeah… my cock is getting so heavy… fuuckk… more!” My dick shrinks until he is just barely holding it between his giant thumb and forefinger. It feels like such a relief to have all that extra weight taken off of me. He rubs my puny cock between his fingers and I can’t take it anymore. I try to hold back my moans, but it’s useless. I whine and moan and beg to cum. My cock spasms between his fingers. Tim smiles and slides his hand under my taint and uses his middle finger to push into my hole. My cock throbs happily. I didn’t think having my ass penetrated could feel so good… My dick looks like a tic tac in his giant palm. It flexes against my will and then it starts to squirt. Shooting my load into his hand as it bounces around. I moan and heave to try and catch my breath from my orgasm. My cock spurts its load across his palm and starts to pool in the middle. My exhausted penis hangs over my balls as the last bit of cum spills out. Tim just chuckles under his breath as he brings his palm up to his mouth. With one lick, what felt like a huge load was slurped up with ease by his giant tongue. With my head starting to clear, I could now see the monster cock he used me to create. It was thick and veins pulsed all along the shaft. The head throbbed to size up to his overwhelming girth. Thick beads of precum oozed down his tip. Then another surge of growth shot up his cock like an aftershock. My cum was giving him even more size! I watched his girth throb bigger and stretch his skin tight. It pulsed past 14” inches and shot up to 19” in just three big spurts of growth. Tim moaned and his cock just began pouring precum. It spasmed on its own and slowly the precum grew milky. “Get ready, Puny,” Slater laughed as he placed me back onto the ground. “Agh, fuuck…” Tim roared. His surging cock jumps and shoots out a thick jet of cum that splatters across my body and onto the wall behind me. His creamy white cum paints my naked body. His cock continues to erupt hands-free. His cock bounces with each shot and swings back and forth on its own accord. Long white ropes spurt over and over as he climaxes. The overwhelming sensation of growth forced him to erupt without warning. The cumshots slow down, but his dick remains rock hard. It continues to ooze precum as it hangs above me. I stand in the aftermath of his orgasm and look up at the two behemoth cocks looming above me and the brutes connected to them. Tim and Slater face each other and their dicks press together. I thought Tim’s 19-inch dick was enormous, but now it was dwarfed beneath Slater’s hulking 27-inch beast of a cock. Slater’s dick was as thick as his arm and just as veiny with his foreskin spilling out precum as well. I stare in awe at their size. I fantasize about how it must feel to be that fucking huge. It must feel fucking amazing to be so big and powerful. I grab my puny 2-inch cock between my fingers and stroke my cock. They are gods above me. I don’t know what I want to do, but I know I wanted their size. Slater looks down and sees me touching myself. “Nuh-uh, Puny,” he smiles. “You won’t be needing that anymore.” He bends down and pinches my dick between his fingers. He groans as his dick pulses once and expands slightly from the last bit of my cock. He releases and flicks my precum off his finger. And my dick is gone. All my inches, all my muscles, my height, everything has been taken from me. I was nothing and they were gods. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • They poke me out of the shed with my clothes draped across my body and send me back to the party with my new size while they enjoy theirs. “Wow, they really got you, huh, kid?” Uncle David says as he approaches me. “Yeah…” I sigh. “They’re fucking massive now.” “They did the same thing to me last month. I’m only just now starting to get some muscle mass back.” “I don’t think anything is going to be able to stop them now.” “They won’t stop until… fuck, I don’t think they’ll ever stop.” And then the shed begins to bulge and crack and collapse as Slater breaks through the ceiling.
  7. #Recording file M - 2908 "I... i can't help but moan. Orgasm... with some pain." "It happened every time my body got bigger, which then activated my orgasm more intensely. First of all, the legs." "Oh my goodness! The thin, wrinkled legs I once had were no longer there, and in their place were healthy legs with huge, muscular thighs and calves. Huge muscles work in harmony to show off each other's greatness, and snake-like veins stand out on the legs. My skin was as smooth as when I was in my 20s. No, it was much healthier and softer than my skin was in my 20s!" "This transformation wasn't just about my legs. Every time the red power essence of the young man in the bathtub flowed into my bathtub, and each time it was absorbed into my skin, my body became hotter and bigger. My chest grew and bulged, and my slim abdomen became thicker and firmer, soon revealing strong ten abs. My shoulders and back suddenly became wider and stronger, and my pale skin became healthy and smooth. My body gradually began to resemble the giant muscles of a young man. Yes, in just a moment I will be an 8 foot tall muscular bodybuilder." "And I felt my power essence flowing out of my body and into the bathtub next to me. It was blue and so fragile. Each time it was absorbed into the young man's body, the young man's body gradually became smaller. His chest, which was bigger than anyone else's, dried up and his abs disappeared. His shoulders and back narrowed, and his healthy tanned skin turned pale. The young man will soon be five feet tall, thin and frail, just like I used to be." "As you can see, we are exchanging each other's power essence. This was possible thanks to my research results. However, the unfortunate thing is that we cannot change our age. That is, my body from the neck down was young and strong, like that of a young man, but my head and face were still the same as those of a man in his 90s: a wrinkled white beard and an old face full of hair. Still, there were some good points. The healthier my body became, the more changes I noticed in my old hair and face. The wrinkles remained the same, but the tanned skin became firmer, healthier, and more attractive. My once sparse white hair has now grown voluminously, long and even shiny, covering my back. "There are no more helpless, useless old scienti-" *Crack!* *Crack!* "Ugh! Argh!" *Crack!* *Crack!* … ... "Ah… haha… I'm sorry, I suddenly got bigger again." "Okay, now I'm pretty close to 8 feet. The experiment will end in exactly 3 minutes. And I will become a perfect elder bodybuilder…" "So just a little more…"
  8. clfmql

    A little revenge

    Jake was facing his great fate. He checked the yellow bodybuilding speedo he was holding in his hand. This yellow speedo belongs to Kevin, the bodybuilder who lives next door. Last night, Jake snuck into Kevin’s house to complete the magic. At that time, Kevin was doing laundry, and Jake found a yellow Speedo among Kevin’s laundry. He secretly stole this and quickly returned home. Fortunately, Jake could smell Kevin’s body odor strongly in the speedo: the scent that, like it or not, emanated from Kevin’s genitals. It was a masculine, deep body odor that could never be removed with detergent. Jake placed Kevin’s Speedo in the large jar he had prepared ahead of time. He then filled the jar with the magic potion. After a while, light particles appeared in the potion and began to stick to the yellow speedo one by one. The next day, when Jake woke up, Speedo had absorbed most of the potion. Jake stood in front of the mirror as he waited for every last drop to be absorbed into the speedo. A 5'4", 90 lb. skinny man was in the mirror: wispy chest, skinny abdomen, thin limbs, and a plain ugly face. Jake had lived his whole life as a quiet, lonely nerd. Even now, as a college student, he had no friends. He was rarely there, he was always alone. Even his life as a college student was even worse than when he was in high school: because Kevin started bullying him. ‘Maybe I’ll have to live as a nerd from now on.’ Jake thought. Literally, if he didn’t know about the existence of the magic potion, he might have had a terrible college life, being bullied by Kevin. Kevin’s bullying firstly gave him a desire for revenge, and secondly it taught him a desire for a strong, muscular body. Kevin’s body was the most ideal and perfectly muscular body Jake had in mind. Kevin was a successful 21-year-old athlete and college student who attended the same college as Jake: a 7'3", 500 lb American football player with a huge muscular body. He had even competed in several bodybuilding competitions, and easily won first place in all of them. Naturally, this gave him sky-high popularity. Every boy and girl wanted to be with Kevin. His only flaw was his personality: kind to others, but vicious to Jake. It was just because Jake was a nerd. That was why Jake wanted revenge on Kevin, and it was also why he got a magic potion from some suspicious witch. According to the witch’s explanation, this potion has the power to swap physical traits between two men. It was simple to use. First, soak Kevin’s underwear in the potion. Once all of the potion has been absorbed into the underwear, Jake puts it on. Finally, Jake chants the magic spell, and the magic begins. This means that all of Kevin’s traits (muscles, skeleton, stamina, metabolism, DNA levels, etc.) will be transferred to Jake’s body. And this also means that all of Jake’s traits are transferred to Kevin’s body. Finally, Kevin’s speedo absorbed every last drop of the potion. Soon, just as the witch had explained, it glowed with a weak light and soon returned to normal. Jake instinctively knew that the magic was ready. Now all he has to do is wear it and chant the magic spell and the magic begins. But instead of putting it on right away, Jake made a little plan. First, he took off all his clothes and wore only Kevin’s yellow speedo and gray training pants. The speedo and pants were too much larger than Jake’s thin waist and small thigh, But he did not care. 'Soon these will fit me perfectly. Maybe it will become smaller.’ Jake grinned. He hurried out to the backyard of the house. At that time, Kevin was doing some light warm-up work-out in the backyard. He was wearing nothing except sports pants. He often worked out like this, wearing only pants. There was no shame in him. If has such a big, nice muscular body, who would feel embarrassed to expose it? Well, maybe today is different. When Jake came out to the backyard, Kevin, who was stretching, automatically turned his gaze towards Jake. Kevin immediately laughed when he saw Jake wearing too big and baggy sweatpants. “Ha! Anyone who sees you will think you’re a beggar.” Said Kevin. He flexed his biceps. “Or are you jealous of this wonderf-” “-Your favorite Speedo,” Then Jake said. Kevin immediately noticed something strange. Jake was strangely confident. “What the-” “-has disappeared yesterday, dont you?” “…How do you know that?” “Because I have it.” Jake took off his sweatpants. To be precise, he only let go of his pants. The pants slid to the floor, revealing Kevin’s yellow speedo hidden inside. Jake looked at Kevin, his hand clutching his speedo triumphantly. Kevin’s face was twisted with anger. “You little thief!” Kevin immediately jumped over the fence and charged at Jake like a bull. But Jake was a little faster. Just before Kevin’s hand touched Jake, Jake chanted a magic spell. At that moment, Kevin and Jake’s bodies seemed to stop as if time had stopped. As if paralyzed. The transformation came slowly but surely. As Kevin struggled to move, he noticed something strange. Jake didn’t look small anymore. Their height difference was obvious, so Kevin always looked down on Jake. But now there wasn’t much difference between his and Jake’s eye levels. No, the eye level has become the same. No, Jake started to look down at Kevin little by little…? 'Jake is getting bigger?’ Kevin thought. But he felt like he was missing something more essential. Then he saw his surroundings and realized what he was missing. Although it was not growing as rapidly as Jake, the surrounding scenery was also slowly growing. And through it all he could see his own arm. An arm whose massive muscles are gradually drying out. Kevin finally realized the truth. Just as Jake was getting bigger, Kevin himself was getting smaller! It was exactly as Kevin realized. Kevin’s massive muscles began to dry out quickly. His thick shoulders became as thin and narrow as Jake’s, and his chest, which was as massive as a mountain, became as flat as a dry plain. His proud arms shrank like small twigs. His perfect ten-pack abs disappeared from his abdomen and became thin. The vast back, which was wider than the door, suddenly became as thin as Jake. Both the bulky thighs and thick calves disappeared, and only weak legs remained. As his muscles shrunk, his once thick bones gradually became thinner and shorter. He shrunk to exactly the same height as Jake. Meanwhile, his huge penis, the essence and source of all his masculinity, became as small as Jake’s. Kevin was exhausted and out of breath. The fatigue was such that Kevin didn’t even notice that part of his facial structure was deforming. The fatigue he felt for the first time in his life. Meanwhile, Kevin’s handsome, masculine face has now become a plain, somewhat nerd-like face. Kevin flopped down in his seat. The sports pants he was wearing flowed down Kevin’s slender legs. “what…!” Kevin said. His deep baritone voice has now changed into a high-pitched voice. The star athlete and bodybuilder who once dominated college campuses has become a frail, small man like Jake. At that moment, Jake’s thin and weak muscles began to become strong and massive in an instant. His narrow, skinny shoulders became as wide and thick as Kevin’s, and a huge mountain of magnificent muscle bulged from his flat chest. The two arms, which were thin like tree branches, became thick and huge to the point of being proud. His slim abdomen became firm, and after a while, his perfect ten-pack abs were clearly revealed on his abdomen. The skinny and weak back became as wide and strong as Kevin’s. His skinny thighs became bulky, and his weak calves became strong. As his muscles grew, his thin, small bones gradually became thicker and longer. It grew exactly as tall as Kevin. Meanwhile, Jake felt a hot, tingling sensation in his groin. His testicles twitched as if they were being squeezed, then grew as large as an apple as all the essence of Kevin’s masculinity was injected into them. A thick vein rose from his testicles and connected to his cock, and in an instant, his small dick became as thick and long as Kevin’s. Jake also gasped for air. It was not because he was exhausted like Kevin, but because of the intense and ecstatic sensation he felt for the first time in his life. It was so intense that, like Kevin, Jake didn’t even notice that part of his facial structure was deforming. Soon the plain, nerd-looking face was upgraded to the most manly and handsome version of Jake himself. Jake stood proudly in his place. The sweatpants no longer fit him at all, and the only thing that fit him was Kevin’s yellow Speedo. “Good…” Jake finally said. His high-pitched voice changed into a deep baritone voice. By taking everything from Kevin, the once frail and small man was reborn as a star athlete and bodybuilder who dominated the college campus. “What have you done to-?!” “Shut up.” Jake said. Kevin instinctively closed his mouth due to the overwhelming feeling of intimidation. He had never faced anyone bigger than himself. The fear and awe it brought was much more terrifying than Kevin had imagined. Meanwhile Jake lifted his arms and placed them behind his head. He looked down at Kevin with a satisfied smile. Like a predator looking down at its prey. “Thanks for donating your muscles, idiot. Now it’s time to payback.”
  9. These are stories that I personally really enjoy. It's all about muscle theft. I would like to introduce them to you. Unfortunately, the author of these novels appears to no longer be writing 1. Desperate Husbands https://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/clarence591/desperate-husbands.html 2. My Father's Child https://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/clarence591/my-fathers-child.html 3. Taking the Good https://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/clarence591/taking-the-good.html 4. Second Chances https://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/clarence591/second-chances-00.html
  10. kurisupei

    A Donation From Big Bro

    Happy New Year, growers! Here's a new story that I wrote, probably the longest one. I took inspiration from "The Lockerroom Thief" by CockTFBoi. I hope you find this good. If this gets good reviews, I'll add pictures. I just reposted this here in the stories section since I accidentally posted it in story archive. Without further ado, here it is. A Donation From Big Bro Having been left by their father since they were kids, half-brothers Jason and Blake grew up separately. Jason, 26, the older of the two, chose to leave the house 10 years ago to try and live independently. Meanwhile Blake, 18, the younger brother, was left to grow up with his mother. Jason got a small job when he left and when he had his first pay, he invested in a gym membership. His investment obviously paid off. Seeming to have gotten some of the best genes, he grew up to be 6'2 and 260 lbs of muscle. His body, partnered with his chiseled face, tan skin, and jet black hair could really make many heads turn whenever he walks by. Blake on the other hand, chose to focus more on his studies. In fact, he just finished high school and is now an incoming college freshman. After moving in his dorm and unpacking, he lied down and scrolled on social media and that's when he saw it, his older brother's profile. He looked through Jason's photos and he was wowed by how his brother looked. At 5'5 and 130 lbs, he was nowhere near the looks of his brother. They do look alike but besides their body, Blake's wavy brown hair separates the two. Blake continued scrolling on Jason's profile and he discovered that Jason is now a personal trainer and is actually the owner of the gym near his college campus. Blake put some thought into it and decided that he wanted to turn his body around in college, he wanted to be the heartthrob of the campus. Jason was about to sleep when his phone suddenly vibrated. He checked and saw that someone had messaged him. He immediately recognized the name and photo, it's his little brother and he wants to meet with him. Tomorrow morning came and Blake was nervous as he's about to meet his older brother after 10 years. He looked around and saw huge figure of a man. The man was wearing sweatpants paired with a tank top. His shoulders were wide, his arms defined, his back tapering into a V shape, his legs shaped like boulders. "J-Jason?" Blake called. The man looked behind him and down at Blake. Blake was met with the man's portruding pecs. It was Jason. "Blake? Hey little bro. Wow, you've really grown, young man!" Jason said to his brother. "I can say the same thing to you. Wow, you're huge, man!" Blake replied. "Thanks man, I've put a lotta work into this body" Jason said, flexing his biceps in front of his brother. "So why did you want to meet after all this years?" Jason followed. "I want to be built and jacked, and I think you're the one that can help me." Blake answered, touching his thin arms. "Well, I'm flattered, little man..." Jason smirks. "So, what do you say?" Blake followed up. "Let’s make you huge, lil bro!" Jason exclaimed. Jason really stayed true to his word. He began training Blake intensively. To Blake's surprise, he started gaining weight and really noticed changes happening on his body. After training for 6 months, his weight went from 130 lbs to 150. He saw his abs being visible, his chest starting to portrude, his bicep having a bump. Blake enjoyed these changes. One night after training, Jason and Blake went to the shower room, going into separate cubicles. They were both pumped after working out and Blake was really feeling his body. But Blake wanted to see how Jason looks, so he peeked into Jason's cubicle as Jason was busy showering. Blake saw Jason's wide V tapered back leading down his ass, but the biggest treat was when he saw what was at front. Jason turned, eyes closed, and Blake saw his thick, monstrous 10 inch cock. Blake immediately felt his own cock harden. Blake couldn't help it, he took a picture of his view of Jason and went back to his cubicle. The brothers finished showering. Blake put some shorts on and before he put on a shirt, he flexed a bit in front of the mirror, admiring his progress. Jason enters the room to change, with only a towel on his waist, when he sees Blake flexing. "Feels great huh? Seeing your progress in the mirror." Jason says while smiling. "Yeah but now with you beside me, damn I'm dwarfed." Blake answers. "You'll get there lil bro." Jason says while raising an arm into a bicep pose. Jason flexes his other arm, posing a double bicep. He puts them down and proceeded to flex a couple more poses. Meanwhile Blake can't help but stare at his brother, admiring his frame. Jason sees Blake staring and he smiled. "It's okay bro, you can touch." Jason says to his staring brother. Blake almost instantly reaches for his brother's pecs, feeling the size of it in his small hands. Blake can't help but let out a sigh of amazement. His hands then move to Jason's rounded shoulders, going to his biceps. "Chest is 58 inches, biceps are 24 inches." Jason proudly states, flexing them. He then raises his towel a bit. "Calves 21 inches, Thighs 30 inches" He adds. Jason feels his ego rise, with his little brother admiring his body that he put a lot of effort into. He flexes his abs while Blake rubs his hands on the rock-hard surface, feeling the crevices. Jason turns around, flexing his wide back, tapering into a V-shape. Blake touches the wall-like back of his brother. Blake feels himself getting aroused and his cock starts to harden. He almost let out a moan, but he suppressed it upon realizing. He becomes afraid his brother will see so he stopped and put his shirt on. "I need to go, I gotta pack for the winter break." Blake blurts out. "See you in two weeks, I guess?" He says. "Actually, make that a month. I'll be going out of the country to collaborate with other gym influencers" Jason answers. "Oh, okay then..." Blake says back. "Continue your workouts huh lil bro. I don't want you getting smaller when I get back." Jason cockily teases as Blake leaves. Blake gets home to his dorm, taking his shorts off and letting his hard 4 inch cock out. He takes out his phone and opens the photos he took earlier, looking at his brother’s huge body and monstrous cock. He begins stroking his cock, feeling more and more aroused as he zooms in on his big bro. "Ughhh Jason fuck" He moans. He begins touching his body sensually, making his breaths heavier. He imagines his big bro's enormous pecs, larger-than-grapefruit biceps, washboard abs. He feels himself get closer and closer. "Ughhh sh- shit" "Oh fuck uh- huge" "Ugh ughh" "oH- UGHHHNN!" With a wave of pleasure, he cums. His cum shoots everywhere. "Ughh uhh" Blake moans and breathes heavily. He then passes out. That's when he realizes, he wants Jason's size. He wants his height. He wants his body, from his strong arms, thick legs, to his heavily muscled torso. He wants all of Jason to himself. Immediately, he went looking for a way to gain what he wants to take. He searched books and the web and after three days, he found one. He got it and he was excited to make his fantasies real. But in the meantime, he followed what Jason told him and he continued his workouts extensively. He chased for growth. Finally, a month has passed. Blake was excited to see Jason again. He was thrilled to show how consistent he has been. In a month, he added about 10 lbs. Not just that, being in his teenage years, he grew an inch in height, making him 5'6 and 140 lbs. He might not be as big and lean as his brother, but he is filling out his frame quite nicely. His chest now pushes out his shirt, his abs more fuller looking, and his biceps now fit his sleeves perfectly. But beyond all of that, he was excited for his plan. He knew that in a short period of time, his biggest desire will be reality. Blake went to the gym before the sun could rise. He knew that Jason has arrived and that he would be working out. Blake was right, he saw his brother right away. Jason was even bigger than last time, making Blake want him more. "Hey Jason" Blake greeted. "Hey lil bro! Long time no see. Damn bro, you're filling out quite nicely." Jason greets back. "You're not getting any smaller either... By the way, I got us this sports drink." Blake gives his brother one. "Thanks bro, perfect timing, I'm about to start my workout." Jason takes a few sips and went on to start his workout. "Great, I'll join you then." Blake drinks his own sports drink and grins, following Jason to the weightroom. Jason starts doing push-ups for warm-up. As he approaches 30 reps, he started feeling off. He felt a strange sensation throughout his body, kinda like the feeling when having an orgasm. "Ughh- oh" Jason groans as he stops his push-ups and falls to the ground. "Hey, you okay, big bro?" Blake asked. "I'm fine, I think it's just my amount of sleep catching up on me." Jason answered unsure. "Here, drink up." Blake handed Jason's sports drink to him. Blake made sure Jason drank of all of it, grinning as he does so. "Alright then, let's help you get bigger. Let's do bench press." Jason said to Blake. "Careful with this one, lil bro" Jason loaded 155 lbs plates on the bar and spotted Blake. Blake lifted it and did 10 reps with it. "Too easy!" he said. Jason was surprised. "My turn, little man!" Jason said, loading 460 lbs on the bar. Jason lifted the bar and started repping. As he was doing so, his mind was flooded with sexual images. He started to get turned on. "Ughhh" Jason started to moan and groan with every breath everytime the bar descends. He feels his cock getting hard so he put the bar back into place. "H-hold on a little" Jason stood up, and went to the locker room to avoid Blake from seeing his hard-on. But blake already noticed it, he smirked. Jason went into the locker room, his mind all over the place. He feels so sensitive. All that's in his mind makes him wanna orgasm. Little does he know, Blake's the one behind it. Blake followed into the locker room and saw Jason. "Hey big bro, what's going on? Come on let's continue." Blake said to his brother. "Blake, oh uhm. I- I'm just..." Jason explains, trying to cover his hard-on. Blake gets closer to Jason. "Come on big bro..." Blake said, touching the tent on Jason's shorts. "Ughhhh" Jason lets out a whimper. Jason doesn't understand what he's feeling, he's not gay, but what Blake is doing is really turning him on. Blake took Jason's shirt off and started lowering Jason's shorts. "You want to help me get bigger, right?" Blake said to his brother. "Y-yes" Jason staggeringly answers. "Good, bro" Blake said as he takes Jason's shorts off, revealing Jason's hardened masculinity, growing into 11 inches. Without any warning, Blake put Jason's cock in his mouth, making him moan. Blake started sucking, working his way on Jason's cock. Jason can no longer suppress his moans. Jason feels this sinking feeling as he nears his orgasm. The pleasure was wild and he feels closer and closer as Blake moves up and down his shaft. A shudder ran down his body and his balls start churning. "Ughhhh fuuu-" Jason cums. Blake made sure to swallow every bit of it as it shoots hard into his mouth. Jason was overwhelmed with pleasure. He fell into the bench behind him, eyes closed. Blake felt himself get taller, he felt his limbs extending and his view getting higher. As his body gets lengthier, the bulk he had put on disappears, his muscles adjusting into his body. Meanwhile, the opposite happens to Jason. He feels his spine shorten and retract. With that, his muscles enlarge, adjusting to his shortening frame. His pecs and arms bulged out, his legs grew thicker. "Wh-what did you do to me?" Jason said upon opening his eyes and seeing his short frame. "You helped me grow, isn't that what we wanted?" Blake answered. "Y-yes" Jason said, but he felt something was wrong. Seeing his brother's enlarged muscles made Blake more and more excited, so he proceeded to the next step. "I'm gonna get so massive with what we will be doing." He said. Blake lays Jason down the bench and grabbed his brother's still hard cock. He rode it and lowered himself onto it. Blake moved up and down, filling Jason with pleasure. Jason's cock started to spew pre-cum. Blake's body started reacting to it. He felt his body start to swell with muscle. Blake touched Jason's hard pecs and squeezed it as he bounces on his cock. Blake feels his body expand outward as he absorbs more of Jason's precum. His pecs start to form, his biceps tensing into a ball, his abs forming crevices. Jason feels Blake get heavier. "Fuck I'm gonna cum again- ohhh!" Jason finally shoots his load inside Blake. Jason's bulk slowly shrank into him. His biceps slowly thinned out, his treetrunk legs became weak, his torso got drained of its size, his chest on which Blake is grabbing on to lowered slowly from being mountains to a flat surface. "Ohhh fuck- ughh!" Blake can't help but groan as he feels his body fill up. He flexes a double bicep pose as his arms expand into mounds of rock. Meanwhile his legs got thicker and thicker, proportioning into his new height. His pecs grow into boulders, rivaling melons, he touches them and squeezes them. "Fuck, yes!" Blake exclaims as he poses his muscles. He went to the scale and measured his height and weight. "6'4 and 270 lbs, damn. Only one thing left." Blake says to himself as he gets back to Jason. Blake stands Jason up and turns him around. "Hey bro, just one last thing and we're done." Blake said to Jason's ear, caressing Jason's cock in his hand. Jason's cock immediately springs back up to life. Jason whimpers as he feels pleasure build up with Blake stroking his cock. While doing so, Blake slides his 4 incher into Jason's hole. Jason moans as intense pleasure fills hin again, but he can't cum. "You're gonna help me grow right?" Blake says. "Y-yes, anything for you ugh-" Jason answered. "Even my cock?" Blake follows up. "Yes, take it. Take my fucking cock." As pre-cum comes out of Jason's cock, Blake feels it slowly dwindle into his hand while his own cock grows and more and more enters Jason's ass. Blake starts thrusting, making Jason feel more pleasure, all as he strokes Jason's cock. Blake's cock grows and grows inside Jason, going into 12 inches. Jason's, however, retracted into Blake's hand, it shrank into 3 inches. "Ughh, please Blake... I need to cum" Jason whimpers. "Not until I do. Ughhh!" Blake cums into Jason's ass the largest he has ever cum. "Ughhh- shi- ughh!" Jason moans as he experiences being cummed in the ass for the first time. The two brothers experience their greatest orgasm, but one while experiencing his fantasy and one while experiencing loss. Jason shoots cum from his now 3 incher, moaning and passing out in the process. Blake pulls out his brother and admires his new 12 incher shooting more load on his passed out brother. He flexes on the mirror he once flexed on with his brother a month ago, but now being the superior one. "Thanks for the donation... little bro." He said as he leaves his brother in the locker room. Jason gains consciousness and snaps out of the drink's effects, realizing what had just happened.
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    A Donation From Big Bro

    Happy New Year, growers! Here's a new story that I wrote, probably the longest one. I took inspiration from "The Lockerroom Thief" by CockTFBoi. I hope you find this good. If this gets good reviews, I'll add pictures. Without further ado, here it is. A Donation From Big Bro Having been left by their father since they were kids, half-brothers Jason and Blake grew up separately. Jason, 26, the older of the two, chose to leave the house 10 years ago to try and live independently. Meanwhile Blake, 18, the younger brother, was left to grow up with his mother. Jason got a small job when he left and when he had his first pay, he invested in a gym membership. His investment obviously paid off. Seeming to have gotten some of the best genes, he grew up to be 6'2 and 260 lbs of muscle. His body, partnered with his chiseled face, tan skin, and jet black hair could really make many heads turn whenever he walks by. Blake on the other hand, chose to focus more on his studies. In fact, he just finished high school and is now an incoming college freshman. After moving in his dorm and unpacking, he lied down and scrolled on social media and that's when he saw it, his older brother's profile. He looked through Jason's photos and he was wowed by how his brother looked. At 5'5 and 130 lbs, he was nowhere near the looks of his brother. They do look alike but besides their body, Blake's wavy brown hair separates the two. Blake continued scrolling on Jason's profile and he discovered that Jason is now a personal trainer and is actually the owner of the gym near his college campus. Blake put some thought into it and decided that he wanted to turn his body around in college, he wanted to be the heartthrob of the campus. Jason was about to sleep when his phone suddenly vibrated. He checked and saw that someone had messaged him. He immediately recognized the name and photo, it's his little brother and he wants to meet with him. Tomorrow morning came and Blake was nervous as he's about to meet his older brother after 10 years. He looked around and saw huge figure of a man. The man was wearing sweatpants paired with a tank top. His shoulders were wide, his arms defined, his back tapering into a V shape, his legs shaped like boulders. "J-Jason?" Blake called. The man looked behind him and down at Blake. Blake was met with the man's portruding pecs. It was Jason. "Blake? Hey little bro. Wow, you've really grown, young man!" Jason said to his brother. "I can say the same thing to you. Wow, you're huge, man!" Blake replied. "Thanks man, I've put a lotta work into this body" Jason said, flexing his biceps in front of his brother. "So why did you want to meet after all this years?" Jason followed. "I want to be built and jacked, and I think you're the one that can help me." Blake answered, touching his thin arms. "Well, I'm flattered, little man..." Jason smirks. "So, what do you say?" Blake followed up. "Let’s make you huge, lil bro!" Jason exclaimed. Jason really stayed true to his word. He began training Blake intensively. To Blake's surprise, he started gaining weight and really noticed changes happening on his body. After training for 6 months, his weight went from 130 lbs to 150. He saw his abs being visible, his chest starting to portrude, his bicep having a bump. Blake enjoyed these changes. One night after training, Jason and Blake went to the shower room, going into separate cubicles. They were both pumped after working out and Blake was really feeling his body. But Blake wanted to see how Jason looks, so he peeked into Jason's cubicle as Jason was busy showering. Blake saw Jason's wide V tapered back leading down his ass, but the biggest treat was when he saw what was at front. Jason turned, eyes closed, and Blake saw his thick, monstrous 10 inch cock. Blake immediately felt his own cock harden. Blake couldn't help it, he took a picture of his view of Jason and went back to his cubicle. The brothers finished showering. Blake put some shorts on and before he put on a shirt, he flexed a bit in front of the mirror, admiring his progress. Jason enters the room to change, with only a towel on his waist, when he sees Blake flexing. "Feels great huh? Seeing your progress in the mirror." Jason says while smiling. "Yeah but now with you beside me, damn I'm dwarfed." Blake answers. "You'll get there lil bro." Jason says while raising an arm into a bicep pose. Jason flexes his other arm, posing a double bicep. He puts them down and proceeded to flex a couple more poses. Meanwhile Blake can't help but stare at his brother, admiring his frame. Jason sees Blake staring and he smiled. "It's okay bro, you can touch." Jason says to his staring brother. Blake almost instantly reaches for his brother's pecs, feeling the size of it in his small hands. Blake can't help but let out a sigh of amazement. His hands then move to Jason's rounded shoulders, going to his biceps. "Chest is 58 inches, biceps are 24 inches." Jason proudly states, flexing them. He then raises his towel a bit. "Calves 21 inches, Thighs 30 inches" He adds. Jason feels his ego rise, with his little brother admiring his body that he put a lot of effort into. He flexes his abs while Blake rubs his hands on the rock-hard surface, feeling the crevices. Jason turns around, flexing his wide back, tapering into a V-shape. Blake touches the wall-like back of his brother. Blake feels himself getting aroused and his cock starts to harden. He almost let out a moan, but he suppressed it upon realizing. He becomes afraid his brother will see so he stopped and put his shirt on. "I need to go, I gotta pack for the winter break." Blake blurts out. "See you in two weeks, I guess?" He says. "Actually, make that a month. I'll be going out of the country to collaborate with other gym influencers" Jason answers. "Oh, okay then..." Blake says back. "Continue your workouts huh lil bro. I don't want you getting smaller when I get back." Jason cockily teases as Blake leaves. Blake gets home to his dorm, taking his shorts off and letting his hard 4 inch cock out. He takes out his phone and opens the photos he took earlier, looking at his brother’s huge body and monstrous cock. He begins stroking his cock, feeling more and more aroused as he zooms in on his big bro. "Ughhh Jason fuck" He moans. He begins touching his body sensually, making his breaths heavier. He imagines his big bro's enormous pecs, larger-than-grapefruit biceps, washboard abs. He feels himself get closer and closer. "Ughhh sh- shit" "Oh fuck uh- huge" "Ugh ughh" "oH- UGHHHNN!" With a wave of pleasure, he cums. His cum shoots everywhere. "Ughh uhh" Blake moans and breathes heavily. He then passes out. That's when he realizes, he wants Jason's size. He wants his height. He wants his body, from his strong arms, thick legs, to his heavily muscled torso. He wants all of Jason to himself. Immediately, he went looking for a way to gain what he wants to take. He searched books and the web and after three days, he found one. He got it and he was excited to make his fantasies real. But in the meantime, he followed what Jason told him and he continued his workouts extensively. He chased for growth. Finally, a month has passed. Blake was excited to see Jason again. He was thrilled to show how consistent he has been. In a month, he added about 10 lbs. Not just that, being in his teenage years, he grew an inch in height, making him 5'6 and 140 lbs. He might not be as big and lean as his brother, but he is filling out his frame quite nicely. His chest now pushes out his shirt, his abs more fuller looking, and his biceps now fit his sleeves perfectly. But beyond all of that, he was excited for his plan. He knew that in a short period of time, his biggest desire will be reality. Blake went to the gym before the sun could rise. He knew that Jason has arrived and that he would be working out. Blake was right, he saw his brother right away. Jason was even bigger than last time, making Blake want him more. "Hey Jason" Blake greeted. "Hey lil bro! Long time no see. Damn bro, you're filling out quite nicely." Jason greets back. "You're not getting any smaller either... By the way, I got us this sports drink." Blake gives his brother one. "Thanks bro, perfect timing, I'm about to start my workout." Jason takes a few sips and went on to start his workout. "Great, I'll join you then." Blake drinks his own sports drink and grins, following Jason to the weightroom. Jason starts doing push-ups for warm-up. As he approaches 30 reps, he started feeling off. He felt a strange sensation throughout his body, kinda like the feeling when having an orgasm. "Ughh- oh" Jason groans as he stops his push-ups and falls to the ground. "Hey, you okay, big bro?" Blake asked. "I'm fine, I think it's just my amount of sleep catching up on me." Jason answered unsure. "Here, drink up." Blake handed Jason's sports drink to him. Blake made sure Jason drank of all of it, grinning as he does so. "Alright then, let's help you get bigger. Let's do bench press." Jason said to Blake. "Careful with this one, lil bro" Jason loaded 155 lbs plates on the bar and spotted Blake. Blake lifted it and did 10 reps with it. "Too easy!" he said. Jason was surprised. "My turn, little man!" Jason said, loading 460 lbs on the bar. Jason lifted the bar and started repping. As he was doing so, his mind was flooded with sexual images. He started to get turned on. "Ughhh" Jason started to moan and groan with every breath everytime the bar descends. He feels his cock getting hard so he put the bar back into place. "H-hold on a little" Jason stood up, and went to the locker room to avoid Blake from seeing his hard-on. But blake already noticed it, he smirked. Jason went into the locker room, his mind all over the place. He feels so sensitive. All that's in his mind makes him wanna orgasm. Little does he know, Blake's the one behind it. Blake followed into the locker room and saw Jason. "Hey big bro, what's going on? Come on let's continue." Blake said to his brother. "Blake, oh uhm. I- I'm just..." Jason explains, trying to cover his hard-on. Blake gets closer to Jason. "Come on big bro..." Blake said, touching the tent on Jason's shorts. "Ughhhh" Jason lets out a whimper. Jason doesn't understand what he's feeling, he's not gay, but what Blake is doing is really turning him on. Blake took Jason's shirt off and started lowering Jason's shorts. "You want to help me get bigger, right?" Blake said to his brother. "Y-yes" Jason staggeringly answers. "Good, bro" Blake said as he takes Jason's shorts off, revealing Jason's hardened masculinity, growing into 11 inches. Without any warning, Blake put Jason's cock in his mouth, making him moan. Blake started sucking, working his way on Jason's cock. Jason can no longer suppress his moans. Jason feels this sinking feeling as he nears his orgasm. The pleasure was wild and he feels closer and closer as Blake moves up and down his shaft. A shudder ran down his body and his balls start churning. "Ughhhh fuuu-" Jason cums. Blake made sure to swallow every bit of it as it shoots hard into his mouth. Jason was overwhelmed with pleasure. He fell into the bench behind him, eyes closed. Blake felt himself get taller, he felt his limbs extending and his view getting higher. As his body gets lengthier, the bulk he had put on disappears, his muscles adjusting into his body. Meanwhile, the opposite happens to Jason. He feels his spine shorten and retract. With that, his muscles enlarge, adjusting to his shortening frame. His pecs and arms bulged out, his legs grew thicker. "Wh-what did you do to me?" Jason said upon opening his eyes and seeing his short frame. "You helped me grow, isn't that what we wanted?" Blake answered. "Y-yes" Jason said, but he felt something was wrong. Seeing his brother's enlarged muscles made Blake more and more excited, so he proceeded to the next step. "I'm gonna get so massive with what we will be doing." He said. Blake lays Jason down the bench and grabbed his brother's still hard cock. He rode it and lowered himself onto it. Blake moved up and down, filling Jason with pleasure. Jason's cock started to spew pre-cum. Blake's body started reacting to it. He felt his body start to swell with muscle. Blake touched Jason's hard pecs and squeezed it as he bounces on his cock. Blake feels his body expand outward as he absorbs more of Jason's precum. His pecs start to form, his biceps tensing into a ball, his abs forming crevices. Jason feels Blake get heavier. "Fuck I'm gonna cum again- ohhh!" Jason finally shoots his load inside Blake. Jason's bulk slowly shrank into him. His biceps slowly thinned out, his treetrunk legs became weak, his torso got drained of its size, his chest on which Blake is grabbing on to lowered slowly from being mountains to a flat surface. "Ohhh fuck- ughh!" Blake can't help but groan as he feels his body fill up. He flexes a double bicep pose as his arms expand into mounds of rock. Meanwhile his legs got thicker and thicker, proportioning into his new height. His pecs grow into boulders, rivaling melons, he touches them and squeezes them. "Fuck, yes!" Blake exclaims as he poses his muscles. He went to the scale and measured his height and weight. "6'4 and 270 lbs, damn. Only one thing left." Blake says to himself as he gets back to Jason. Blake stands Jason up and turns him around. "Hey bro, just one last thing and we're done." Blake said to Jason's ear, caressing Jason's cock in his hand. Jason's cock immediately springs back up to life. Jason whimpers as he feels pleasure build up with Blake stroking his cock. While doing so, Blake slides his 4 incher into Jason's hole. Jason moans as intense pleasure fills hin again, but he can't cum. "You're gonna help me grow right?" Blake says. "Y-yes, anything for you ugh-" Jason answered. "Even my cock?" Blake follows up. "Yes, take it. Take my fucking cock." As pre-cum comes out of Jason's cock, Blake feels it slowly dwindle into his hand while his own cock grows and more and more enters Jason's ass. Blake starts thrusting, making Jason feel more pleasure, all as he strokes Jason's cock. Blake's cock grows and grows inside Jason, going into 12 inches. Jason's, however, retracted into Blake's hand, it shrank into 3 inches. "Ughh, please Blake... I need to cum" Jason whimpers. "Not until I do. Ughhh!" Blake cums into Jason's ass the largest he has ever cum. "Ughhh- shi- ughh!" Jason moans as he experiences being cummed in the ass for the first time. The two brothers experience their greatest orgasm, but one while experiencing his fantasy and one while experiencing loss. Jason shoots cum from his now 3 incher, moaning and passing out in the process. Blake pulls out his brother and admires his new 12 incher shooting more load on his passed out brother. He flexes on the mirror he once flexed on with his brother a month ago, but now being the superior one. "Thanks for the donation... little bro." He said as he leaves his brother in the locker room.
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    I want everything from you

    Ha! I'm a genius scientist, so I knew my experiment would be completed successfully, but I never expected it to be this perfectly beautiful. Chase's muscles, bones, stamina, metabolism, and even his genetic levels are all mine! Chase...My younger brother has everything I don't never have: giant muscles, handsome faces, tremendous power, superior alpha DNA! Just a high school student, he's already 7ft tall, a perfect muscular body, and even smart. It's made him one of the most famous star athletes in the area, including high school. He even won overwhelmingly in local bodybuilding this time. As an older brother, I've always been jealous and hate Chase. I was only 5ft tall, and my body was as thin as a branch. I was ugly and didn't get anyone's attention. Even from my parents. I wanted to be like Chase. But no matter how hard I worked out or tried to be recognized by people, I realized it was just an unachievable dream. That's why I decided to take Chase's muscles. There's only one thing that makes me better than Chase: intelligence. Even I had incredibly high intelligence. It's not surprising that I got interested in science and started researching the human body. At first, I worked on body swaps. Yeah, I wanted to be like Chase. But unfortunately, even with my high intelligence, I couldn't find a way, and I just found out that body swap are absolutely impossible. It's impossible to transfer a person's consciousness to another body in any case. So I set the direction of my research a little different. What if I transfer material, not consciousness? For example, what if I transfer Chase's massive muscles, thick bones, powerful stamina, high metabolism, superior genetic levels to my body and at the same time my small muscles, thin bones, weak stamina, low metabolism, inferior genetic levels to Chase's body? What if I and Chase had a one-on-one exchange of muscle-to-muscle, bone-to-bone? I've worked on it, and surprisingly found out it's possible. If it's the only problem, this one-on-one exchange has to happen in less than a nanosecond. That way, we can proceed absolutely safely. But I'm a genius scientist! It's very easy to solve that problem. Still, there was something disappointing. Another thing, this experiment did not promise a perfect body swap. Because our appearance will remain the same after the experiment. Still, there was one hope. Because our genetic levels are also swapped, my appearance will be the most idealized version of myself, while Chase's appearance will be the worst version of himself. Well, I'm very satisfied with just that. I immediately built two glass, cylindrical chamber-shaped machines in the basement. Then I tricked Chase into locking him in. And… yeah, my experiment succeeded. Can you believe that the biceps and bones in my arms are the ones that were in Chase's body just now? I mean, in cells and tissue units. I can feel it, the power and heat of it… in my massive chest, in my 10 pack abs, in my thighs and calves, even in my thick, long cock. Is this something Chase has always felt 24/7? And, yeah, not just the muscles and bones. I take Chase's stamina and metabolism. And Chase's superior genetic levels too. With this I can keep these muscles and bones very easily. It's fantastic. Plus, Best of all, as I expected, Chase's genetic levels gave me the best-looking, idealized version of myself. ..... Oh, don't you wonder where my original muscles and bones went, Chase? It's in your body now, of course. My small muscles, thin bones, weak stamina, low metabolism and inferior genetic levels… I don't need them anymore. I can't let them stay in my body and damage my perfection. So I dumped them all on your body. That's why I thought of a one-on-one exchange. Yes, Chase. From now on... I'm a heavyweight bodybuilder at 7ft and a college student. And you're now a 5ft skinny nerd high school student. I have finally become a real man! And you... Chase, you are nothing now.
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    Hero of Mordac Added all chapters 12/12/23

    Another old story of mine involving myth and ancient strongmen who battle Crime moments welcome especially if you want to see more of my work THE STRENGTH CHRONICLES

(c) 2023 All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced or posted without author's permission. 

Hero of Mordac
 Part I

 The oracle raised her eyes to the small glowing blue orb of clouds, which was suspended in the air above her whereupon she called out, "My Lord, your people in Gloth cry out for your deliverance from their evil Queen Lynya and her oppression. Will you not send Goliath to liberate them?"

 The orb began to rotate quickly and flashed brightly as it spoke to her slowly with a deep and commanding voice. "I, Mordac, have heard these pleas. Their liberation will come at a great sacrifice but the time is upon us. Summon Goliath here, for this task will fall to him and it will be his greatest challenge."

 "As you command, my Lord."

 Goliath upon receiving the message from the oracle quickly journeyed to her temple. It had been six years since the god Mordac, the First among the gods and Goliath's benefactor, had given him the gift of super strength to end injustice in the mortal world. He was before the gift a tall, solid framed but ordinary man. With the gift, he grew into a muscular figure; with a height of 6 foot one (186 cm), 220 lbs (102 kg) of muscle and power. His hairless chest was 51 inches (129 cm) and he had biceps of 19 inches (48 cm) and off his 30 inch (76 cm) waist were quads of 26 inches (66 cm). Mordac had chosen Goliath for his moral goodness and bravery and had made him his servant. Since the gift, Goliath had already performed many tasks for the supreme god, helping the armies of the weak overcome their oppressors and had traveled far. But he was weary from his last labour and had sought a rest. That rest was short lived.

 " Come Markus, come Estus, it is not much farther," Goliath shouted to his pupil and servant. Estus watched Goliath as he climbed the steep steps up to the oracle's temple. He was always in awe of him. Of his power. Of his strength. Of his physique. Of his masculine beauty. We watched his broad lats that grew widely out of his waist and as each foot of the giant hit the stone step, his gastroc and soleus flashed at him. But Estus knew all that beauty and power came at a price imposed by the god. He also knew his admiration and love of his mentor would never be returned.

As he reached the entryway, Goliath said "Estus come with me and you Markus wait here." Markus was a short and thin man, limited in mind and will, but always eager to help his two masters. He rarely complained about the carrying burdens placed on him in their long and dangerous journeys. However, he did not share in the full knowledge of Goliath's tasks and burdens nor his secrets. He wanted to join his friends inside the temple to see what they and learn what he learned of their new quest but he knew he had to obey. Yet he peered and tried to look inside from behind a bush at the entrance of the stone temple.

 Estus and Goliath entered the temple where the oracle was waiting for them. 
Without a greeting, she addressed them. "You face a most difficult challenge in Gloth against Queen Lynya and her henchmen," she said. "She is a sorceress and a follower of Lardac."

 Estus shuttered. Lardac, the most feared and hated god, was the female twin sister of Mordac who had overcome her to become the First among the Gods. Following that struggle, she had turned to doing great evil among the mortals to gain revenge on her brother and the world he protected. It was said that she was almost as powerful as her divine twin. While Estus and Goliath had faced many of the minor gods and their servants, not one was as powerful as Lardac.

 “You must go to Gloth and rally the rebels who oppose her for there is much fear in their hearts. But remember your oath, Goliath. And if you break your oath, your gift will pass." 

Goliath nodded as did Estus. He remembered the two promises he had to make to Mordac to receive the gift. "Fear not," he said to reassure the oracle, "I have kept my vow and have not fulfilled my lust for any woman that I desired.” "

Mordac knows of the strong lust that lies within your heart and he is pleased with you," said the Oracle. "You shall travel to Gloth for the Festival of Arkyll. During the festival, you will issue to the Queen the Gordarian Challenge. Go now to the home of Areleus outside of Gloth and prepare your plan!"

 Goliath bowed his head and he and Estus left the temple and joined Markus outside for their long journey to Gloth. "What is the Gordarian Challenge?" asked Estus. "During the festival, any man can challenge the rule of the Queen. Both sides pick a warrior to represent them in the arena for a fight. Whosever's warrior wins becomes the ruler of the kingdom. The custom was used in Gloth for centuries to avoid civil wars." Goliath explained. "It will save many lives if the Queen cooperates?."

 Queen Lynya and Yamin entered the Temple of Lardac to consult the High Priestess. The Queen was not a beautiful woman, shapely but plump yet with fair skin and long dark hair. Her servants worked hard to give her what beauty she had. She wore flowing robes of the finest silk and covered herself with jewelry bought from the spoils of her rule. Yamin, the Queen's personal bodyguard and commander of her security guards, accompanied her and was often acted in her stead. He was handsome with a physique that rivaled that of Goliath. She found him very attractive and often just gazed at his beauty with his curly dark hair and deep blue eyes with grapefruit-sized delts, his massive 50 inch (127 cm) chest with square pecs, and 18 inch (46 cm) biceps, down to his 29 inch (74 cm) waist, rock hard abs and huge quads, all rapped in his olive, hairless skin. He was known as the strongest man in her kingdom and he was cunning. It was said that he once pushed over a stone building to crush a rebellion in the marketplace against the Queen's rule.

 "I seek the help of Lord Lardac," said the Queen as she came upon the priestess.

 "Lord Lardac knows why you are here," said the priestess. "Your rule faces its greatest danger for Mordac has sent his servant Goliath to overthrow you."

The Queen knew what this danger meant and she beseeched the priestess. "I beg Lord Lardac to help me against this threat. What greater delight would Lord Lardac have than to see the servant of Mordac defeated? Will she not help me overcome him?"

 “Golaith is a powerful man and has the gift of strength from Mordac. And like all of Mordac's gifts to mortals, it comes with a vow for its use."

 “Tell me, what is this vow and how will this help me?" she begged.

 “Not even Lord Lardac knows, for Mordac shields this knowledge from her. However, that is what Lord Lardac says you must discover. You do not have much time for even now the rebels plan against you. You will face the Gordarian Challenge during the Festival of Arkyll."

 Realizing she would get no further with the priestess, the Queen returned to her chambers in the palace with Yamin. She pondered her next move. She spoke aloud, "If the knowledge is hidden from even Lardac, my sorcery will not reveal it from the Fates." Yasmin replied, "But Goliath must have this knowledge and perhaps one of his servants also knows and if we can get it from them, we will victorious," said Yamin. 

 Golaith and his men reached the home of Arellus and knocked on the door. His servant, Morus, let them in. "Welcome Goliath," said Arellus. "I heard that you were coming to help us, thank the Gods! With you at our side, I know now the people will rally and the Queen's rule will come to an end."

 “Let us hope so. Now we must plan," he replied.

 Golaith, Arellus and Estus made their plans to attack if the Queen did not surrender following Goliath's win in the Gordarian Challenge, while Morus served them food and drink. Later that night, Goliath said, "Ah our plans are now complete. I will go to the palace tomorrow to issue the challenge to the Queen."

 "You must be careful Goliath. Her warrior will be Yamin who is said to be the strongest man in Gloth. It will not be an easy fight," advised Arellus.

 ”Don't worry. No one has ever bested my strength. Golaith flexed his huge lean bicep to show its size to Arellus while the veins around it exploded. "You forget Mordac's power is within me."

 "I have no doubts my friend" as he padded Goliath on his ripped back. "Once your victory in the contest is complete, our forces will attack if the Queen does not go peacefully into exile. We will be hidden around the coliseum awaiting the result and will have a victory march to the palace upon your victory."

 As the men went to sleep, Morus slipped out of the house that night and headed toward the palace. At the Palace, Yamin listened to Morus and gave him 18 pieces of silver.

 To be continued THE STRENGTH CHRONICLES Hero of Mordac Part II The next day, Goliath, Estus and Markus entered the city. The city was crowded with visitors who came to celebrate the Festival of Arkyll. The men approached the palace gate. The gatekeeper recognized Goliath from just looking at the size of his build and let them in and said, "Our Queen is awaiting you Goliath. I shall take you to her." The men entered the throne room. The Queen sat on her throne at the end of the room with Yamin standing at her right side akimbo at her side with two bulging hairless tan pecs above them. He dropped his arms as Goliath approached. Estus gaped and could not believe the size of Yamin. He had never seen any man come close to Goliath in size or shape. His 17-inch (43 cm) gastrocs poked out from behind his lower legs, his quads were large, lean and hung down like he had a second knee cap. His six pack abs were large and cut. His forearms showed all his vascularity and his triceps and lats hung wide. He had 25-inch (63 cm) shoulders with bulging delts and an 18 inch (46 cm) thick neck. His eyes traveled up to Yamin's deep blue eyes. Yamin's cold eyes caught Estus's staring at him. Estus's heart leaped and his eyes jumped away from Yamin's piercing glare. Yamin smirked and understood. "Goliath" said the Queen. "We heard of your pending visit and we welcome you to Gloth for the Festival of Arkyll." "Then you know I am here not to celebrate, your Majesty, but to present the Gordorian Challenge to you. Your rule has been cruel and it must come to an end." "Hubris does not become you, Goliath. If this were not the Festival of Arkyll, I would have my guards cut you down as you stand before me. But I am bound by the rules of the Gods and I accept your challenge. Who is your sponsor Goliath or do you plan to rule my kingdom yourself if you win?" "My sponsor is Arellus, former head of the Senate. Name your challenger." "Yes, Arellus. I should have known. Remind me to have him killed when this is over. Well, my challenger shall be Yamin who stands here at my side. You will find him a formidable opponent." Goliath eyed Yamin who tightened his muscles and flared his lats to show off his size. Goliath was unfazed. "As is the custom, you and your friends shall stay here tonight. As you know no harm will come to you and your Sponsor for we respect the rules of the challenge. You will attend a dinner in your honor tonight but without your man-servants." "So be it," said Goliath and the guards showed Goliath and his two companions their separate palace rooms. After Goliath left his room for evening banquet, guards came to the room of Estus. Estus let them in expecting supper. There at the door was instead stood the husky muscled Captain of the Guard, Axus, and his men. "Come with me, Estus." "Come where?" asked Estus. "You will see?" replied the captain as he turned around to leave. "I am not going anywhere with you," snapped Estus. The captain swung around and landed his fist across Estus's jaw knocking him out. Estus was a well developed man of about 5 foot 10 inches (178 cm) in height and 180 lbs (82 kg). He was broad shouldered and lean and muscular like an athlete. But the punch surprised him and the guards carried him to the dungeon where his limbs were hung from chains. The captain threw water in Estus's face to awaken him. Estus stared at his captor. "Let me go," he said. "This is a violation of the rules!" "Well, not quite," said the captain. You see the rules only protect the warrior and the sponsor, not any of their friends." Estus's eyes narrowed in anger. "Now Estus, we know that there is a vow Goliath gave to Mordac and we need to tell it to us." Estus's eyes widened with surprise, then he realized he needed to control his expressions. "What are you talking about”! I know of no such vow. Just wait till your Yamin meets Goliath in the arena tomorrow. He will be crushed." "Ha!" laughed the captain. "If you don't cooperate with us, that man over there is going to make you cooperate." In the corner of the cell was a large, fat, hairy bear-chested man carrying a hot glowing steel rod. "I will never tell you anything because there is nothing to tell," said Estus. In his mind he knew he would not betray the man he loved. His torturer approached. At the banquet, the food platters were immense and numerous. Wine flowed freely to the guests. Goliath was hungry but regretted that he did not insist that Estus and Markus be able to attend. Yamin did not eat with the guests. He stood by watching Goliath's every move and pondering. He scanned Goliath's physique to compare it to his own. He admired how Goliath's biceps moved so smoothly and visibly under his thin skin as he drank his wine. Yamin thought he looked slightly smaller than Goliath. Would he be able to overpower Goliath in the contest? Clearly Goliath had a physique that rivaled his own. But he knew larger does not always mean stronger, for he had taken down giants many times larger than he was with his own strength. And what was this super strength that Mordac had given him? How powerful was it? Why was it given to him? The Queen had been giving Yamin a brew from the creatine plant over the past week which she said would increase his strength. Would it be enough? If Goliath were to lose the gift, would he still be strong or would he be a weakling? These and other thoughts ran through his head. As Yamin was pondering, Axus came up to him from behind and whispered in his ear. Yamin grinned widely. The Hero of Mordac Part III As Yamin was pondering, Axus came up to him from behind and whispered in his ear. Yamin grinned widely. He went over to the Queen and whispered in her ear. “Excuse me,” the Queen said to Goliath. “There is something I must handle. I will be back shortly.” Goliath and the Queen went to her chambers. “This is amazing,” said the Queen. “It is too easy.” “Well, don’t be so sure,” cautioned Yamin. “He must have very strong will power and we cannot be sure the information is totally correct. It seems too incredible.” The queen fumbled around the draws of her bureau as if looking for something while Yamin watched. “Here it is!” and she pulled out a black, shiny girdle and she held it up in the light and it glistened. Yamin laughed. “You are looking for underwear at a time like this?” “Yes but a potent one. This is the Venusian girdle. No man who is the least attracted to me can resist my overtures while I wear it! Goliath himself will fall to my seduction!” Yamin looked skeptical. Reaching for a vial filled with red fluid from the shelf, the Queen told Yamin, “Put this special portion in Goliath’s wine tonight. Be sure you deliver it at the end of the meal in the final toast. The wine will help weaken his will power and this potion will make him sleepy and when he sleeps it will cause him to forget everything that happened after he drank it.” Yamin nodded. They returned to the banquet room which has grown boisterous with music and dance. Goliath ate and drank heavily that night, and toward the end of the banquet, Yamin signaled to the head waiter to deliver the wine glass with the Queen’s special potion in it to Goliath. Following the closing toast, the Queen quickly returned to her quarters while Axus showed Goliath to his room. In her chambers, the Queen undressed and slipped into the black girdle. She gazed at herself in the mirror and her plumb figure. Suddenly the girdle seemed to warm up. Then as she watched, her skin seemed to be absorbing it. Soon the girdle had disappeared into her hips. She looked at herself nude in front of the mirror. She became warm all over and her skin began to glow. It started in her hips. They smoothed out and her excess fat melted away leaving her butt smooth, round and toned. Then the changes traveled down her legs and up into her chest. Her waist shrunk and became tight and small. Again her body fat melted leaving her belly flat, firm and smooth. Her nipples rose and her breasts became firm, rounded and erect, hanging like two plump grapefruits from her chest with cleavage between them. Meanwhile, her legs grew shapely. Her arms thinned and toned while her shoulders grew slightly wider. She gazed at her new body and moved her hands along her new curves. She was amazed at the beauty. She quickly put on her silk nightgown and called to Axus who was outside her door to bring Goliath to her. Axus knocked on Goliath’s door while he was getting ready for sleep. “Goliath, the Queen requests you to meet her now.” “What for, at this hour?” asked Goliath for he was feeling sleepy. “She wants to discuss a way to avoid this fight in the arena tomorrow,” said Axus. “Well, may be now she has come to her senses,” said Goliath. “Lead on.” Axus left Goliath in the Queen’s chambers. From behind him, the Queen called him and said, “Goliath, we have important matters to discuss.” Goliath turned around and there he saw the Queen leaning against the wall in a semi-transparent nightgown. Othertimes she had been wearing her heavy, stately robes. He stared at her. Her shape was smooth, her breasts full and succulent. He had never examined her shape this way before but now the girdle was working its magic. His heart began beating faster. She approached him and touched his arms gently, running her fingers up to his massive triceps. “You know,” she said, “when I saw your handsome face before me, I thought there must be another way to resolve our quarrel and I must find it.” Goliath just stared at her admiring her beauty, her words almost sounding musical to him. “I never wanted this challenge for you or for me. Maybe there is way I can change and we can avoid all this. You know, Goliath, running a kingdom is hard. Decisions are not easy to make, especially alone, and sometimes we make the wrong ones,” she said as she massaged his shoulders. “Yes, if you change, we could avoid all this,” he answered meekly as her kneading relaxed his muscles and thought and his eyes began to close. She took him by the hand and led him to a silk covered ottoman and they sat down. She leaned back on the pillows and held her chest up and Goliath gazed at her full and round breasts. He had become aroused now and then he remembered his vow and looked away from her and cleared his voice, and said firmly. “If you give up your throne and restore the Senate, this would all end. Arellus would agree to this. All you have to do is announce it to the people.” She reached out gracefully with her finger and touched his square jaw to turn his head toward her face. He resisted but she said, “Look at me, Goliath, I need to see the sincerity in your eyes when we speak about such important things.” So Goliath turned his face toward her and he caught his gaze in the beauty and firmness of her large, erect nipples. “I could agree to this but I am frightened,” she whispered. “I know many people hate me. If I give up my guards, my throne, how do I know I won’t be killed? Who will protect me?” she cooed. She sat up and drew her face close to his as he raised his eyes to hers. He was now fully erect and she could see the bulge in his loincloth. His voice said to himself, “I am only looking at her. I have kept my vow. Nothing will happen. I will walk away soon once we have made a deal. I need to be here now to settle this.” She gently stroked his cheek with her smooth palm. “While…I….” he stammered, “will make sure no one hurts you if you make this bargain. You have the word of Goliath,” he whispered. “I must thank you,” she said and pressed her lips against his. He pulled his head back but she placed her hand behind his head and forced their lips together again. The sensation exploded in his brain. It had been six years since he felt this way. His reason seemed suspended in air as the voice of his will began to fade inside his head. He embraced her. After their kiss, she whispered “Oh to touch you this way!” and kissed him again and began stroking him between his legs while he placed his hand on her breast. Her breast swelled with his touch and she stood up bringing his face into her bosom. Fragrant, clear drops of an aphrodisiac formed on her nipples. He smelled their sweetness and brought his lips to suck on them. “Come to me for I am yours tonight,” she said. The drops worked quickly and all remaining reason left him and his inner voice was silenced. He mounted her on the bed and they made love. With each thrust, his man juice flowed and flowed eventually overwhelming her. It leaked out of her over the bed and onto the floor. He kept pumping her and their ecstasy grew. She never felt such power from a lover and he seemed unable to stop, like a dam bursting with an endless supply of raging water. After an hour though, he finally weakened and collapsed on top of her exhausted. As Goliath lay deep asleep, the Queen signaled Yamin who was waiting. His cum was everywhere. “Take him to his room now. The potion will keep him asleep and he will remember nothing of this night.” Yamin hoisted the slumbering giant onto his shoulders and carried him to the guest quarters. He placed the naked muscleman down onto his bed and left his clothes nearby. He saw the cum on Goliath’s legs and scooped it up into his hand. He looked at it and wondered if it contained Goliath’s super strength. Gathering as much of it as he could and rubbed it into his own pecs and biceps hoping it would bring him the strength that Goliath was said to have. He then left the giant to his dreams knowing he would remember nothing of that night. The Gordian Challenge---Next! Hero of Mordac Part IV The Gordian Challenge With Goliath taken away, the Queen removed the girdle for she knew its dangers if it were worn too long. She placed it back in her drawer and went to bed to rest from the exhausting night. Estus's body hung from the chains in the dungeon. Half alive, half dead. He could barely see with his left eye and his right was swelled shut from the beatings. Tears of blood from his head left dried tracks on the side of his face. His body was battered, bruised and bleeding from the whippings, kicks, burnings and punches. His chin rested on his dirty and bloodied chest as he barely had any strength to hold it up. The room was partially lit from the torches that hung in the walls. The iron door to his cell was closed but the barred window at its top let more light in from the flaming urn in the hallway. Suddenly the door swung open but Estus made no effort to look up for he did not wish to see the next round of torture he felt was coming. Axus walked in, smiling at the tortured man before him. "Estus, wake up!" he shouted. "I bring you good news. Your torture is over for we have learned what we needed to know about Goliath!" Estus weakly raised his head to look at him with his left eye. "I have told you nothing, you pig" Estus hissed with defiance. "Yes, yes. But unfortunately for Goliath, someone else did," answered Axus who snapped his fingers at Estus's cell door. In came three guards, two of whom were carrying the broken and wounded body of Markus. Estus opened his left eye as wide as he could to see who it was. Markus slowly lifted his bloodied, swollen face and looked up at his friend and barely able to speak whispered, "I'm sorry, Master Estus. They promised to stop if I told them. I overheard Goliath at the temple speaking of his vow." Estus said in fright, "No you didn't Markus. You didn't hear anything. No!" "I had to tell. Forgive me. The pain… " and Markus's head went limp and he expired. As the guards began to take the body away, Estus shouted, "No, it's lies! Markus doesn't know anything. It's all lies!" and he began to cry. As the dawn arrived, Yamin awoke. He got up and looked in his mirror. He could see the caked cum on his arms and chest. He stared at himself. Were his biceps and pecs bigger? He flexed his right bicep. It rose high, round and large. Could the cum have changed him? Could he have Goliath's power now added to his own? He wasn't sure. No matter, he thought. Goliath could not have that god-like strength anymore and he was confident he could overpower him. He undressed and bathed in the hot springs tub next to his sleeping quarters. As he rose from the tub, his tan muscles glistened in the morning sunlight. He looked again at himself and rubbed his hands across his inflated pec wondering what it would be like to have a god's strength. An hour after the sun rose, a palace guard knocked on Goliath's door and entered his room. "Awake, Goliath! It is time for you to prepare for the Gordian Challenge!" The muscle titan slowly opened his eyes. He grabbed his head with his hands as it pounded with a headache. "Awake!" shouted the guard again. "I heard you!" shouted back Goliath, "Now leave me before I crush you!" The guard quickly retreated. The giant slowly stood up and staggered over to a basin of fresh water where placing his arms on the side of the table to told himself upright, his inverted v-shaped triceps jutting out. He bent his arms and dipped his face in the cool water. He shook the water from his head and raised it looking in the mirror in front of him. As the water dripped down his face back into the bowl, he saw that he looked tired. He noticed his arms looked smooth and not as defined as usual but they were still large though not as pumped. As he stood up, he noticed his pecs were not as full. "Too much wine," he thought to himself. He quickly bathed and got dressed and ate the bread and berries that were in his room. He remembered nothing of the night in the Queen's sleeping quarters as the elixir Yamin had put in his wine was still working its magic. Axus then arrived and escorted him to the arena floor where Yamin was waiting for him. The Queen had filled the arena seats with her supporters, many of whom were to be paid for their attendance and cheering. She sat in front wearing her regalia. On her right as is the custom for the Gordian Challenge was Arellus who was the challenger. "So glad you are here, Arellus," she said, "so you can see the death of your friend at the hands of my Yamin who is, no doubt you have heard, the strongest man there is." "I am glad to be here today, your Highness, so I can see Goliath bring an end to your rule," Arellus replied unemotionally. Axus raised his hands before the crowd and it grew silent. "Today is the day of the Gordian Challenge," he shouted. "Senator Arellus, through his challenger Goliath, challenges Queen Lyvna, who is defended by Yamin. Each challenger may pick a weapon which if lost may not be used again. What do you pick, Goliath?" "I pick the whip." "And you Yamin?" "The sword." "So be it" answered Axus and each man was handed their weapon of choice and they were placed twenty feet apart. Axus clapped his hands and shouted, "The Gordian Challenge has begun!" Each man slowly began to move toward the other. As Yamin and Goliath grew within range of Goliath's whip, Goliath snapped it and Yamin jumped back. Goliath charged and using his whip, snapped the sword from Yamin's hand which then fell to the ground. Stopping, Goliath snapped the whip again and it wrapped itself around Yamin's mighty forearm. It stung but Yamin grabbed the whip with both hands and yanked it hard. Goliath was pulled forward and landed face down on the ground with the whip pulled from his hands. As Yamin quickly removed the whip from his arm, he ran toward Goliath raising his left fist but Goliath was too quick and recovered to his feet where he grabbed the left arm of the charging Yamin and with his leg kicked him in the abs. As Yamin bent forward, Goliath slammed his clasped fisted hands into Yamin's wide lats sending him to the ground. As Yamin came up, Goliath wrapped his mighty right arm around Yamin's neck and began to choke the Queen's defender from behind. "Surrender now, Yamin or you will meet your end," he said. Yamin groaned and grabbed Goliath's right wrist and tried to pull the arm away from his throat. At first Goliath's arm did not move but slowly Yamin began to pull it back. Goliath pulled harder making his bicep even larger and once again his arm was squeezing Yamin's neck. Yamin brought up his right foot to the ground so he was now only kneeing on his left knee. Yamin's triceps began to tighten and swell more and again slowly Yamin began to move Goliath's arm away from him. Goliath could not understand this. He called upon more of his strength. He saw his bicep's muscle fibres dance under his skin but his arm did not respond with greater power as it had in the past. "How can this be?" he thought and he tried harder but Yamin slowly pulled Goliath's arm away. Goliath began to wince in pain as his bicep fibres began to tear. Yamin slowly rose up while jabbing his left elbow into Goliath's abs sending the former super powerful muscle god back hunched over in pain. Now Goliath was having doubts. Where was his strength and unlimited power? Could Yamin be stronger than he was? Why did his muscles not respond when he called upon them? How could Mordac have allowed this? Maybe he was still just tired from last night. His thinking and doubts distracted him and helped Goliath. Both giants rose and faced each other but Yamin turned around too quickly for the distracted Goliath and with his right leg Yamin gave Goliath a swift kick across his jaw turning it left. Then like lightening Yamin with his other leg's kick, hurled Goliath's jaw to the right, stunning him. Using his great tan quads, the Queen's muscular champion jumped off the ground and slammed both feet into Goliath's muscular chest sending his body against the stone wall of the arena. With the now stunned Goliath up against the wall, Yamin pounded his fists into the titan's six pack abs. Goliath instinctively tightened them when the first fist struck, making them rock hard as his mind attempted to clear. However, the fists continued to pound his strong abdominal muscles. With each pounding, one right then one left, Goliath's abs began to weaken. Once again Goliath tightened them making them harder than before and once again they began to weaken. He tried harder but his abs tightened each time less than before. The pounding continued and the muscle fibres began to give way to the continued strong onslaught of Yamin's relentless fists of power. Soon, no six pack was visible any more as the fibers became soft. As his mind began to clear, Goliath used his arms to shove Yamin away and out of the reach of the defender's fists. Goliath hunched over in agony fell onto one knee in pain wrapping his arms over his abs. The crowd cheered. While the push was powerful enough to move the 220-pound Yamin back, it did not send him far or to the ground as Goliath had expected. Goliath knew now that something was seriously wrong, his power was failing him and he did not understand why. "Lord Mordac, do not abandon me in this time of need," he whispered. Having heard his whisper and looking down at the kneeing giant, Yamin taunted him. "What is the matter mighty Goliath? Where is your great strength? Your broke your vow and don't even know it! You are a weakling compared to me now! You should worship me!" Goliath was shocked. How could Yamin know of his vow? Then Yamin said, "Maybe this will help you remember," and the towering muscleman repeated the magic words that the Queen had taught him that would break the spell of the elixir that had suppressed Goliath's memory. "Marrock boc sheeji." Goliath grabbed his head as his mind exploded with a visualization of all the events that happened last night in the Queen's bedroom. A look of horror and then anger filled his face. "Lord Mordac, please forgive me and help me one more time," he prayed. Yamin looked up at the cheering crowd. Meanwhile Goliath summoned all his power and strength into his left arm, back and leg muscles and quickly swung up from his kneeling position like a discus thrower and as Yamin turned toward him, Goliath pounded his mighty fist into the other giant's jaw turning it and sending the man stumbling to the right. Goliath thought Yamin seemed to be woozy from the blow. Yamin turned his face back to look at Goliath and smiled with all his beautiful white teeth. "Is that all the power you have left, weakling?" he said. Goliath swung his left again at him but Yamin put up his thick striated right arm and blocked the swing. Then using his left fist, Yamin swung it into Goliath's jaw and then hit him again with his right. The once mighty Goliath just stood there not able to move or regain consciousness fast enough to counter or escape. Yamin's fists pounded Goliath's head. Then the Queen's champion raised his fists overhead and pounded Goliath on his broad shoulders sending the stunned giant down onto his knees. As Goliath began to teeter, Yamin went around Goliath's wide back and grabbed the semi-unconscious victim's head and with a sharp powerful jerk, twisted it around to the back snapping his neck. The lifeless body of Goliath then fell forward into the dirt. Yamin stood up and flexed his huge arms in a double bicep pose as the crowd cheered at his victory. Axus shouted, "The contest is over and the Yamin has won. The Queen wins the Gordian Challenge!" Arellus had the look of shock and fright on his face. The Queen turned to him and said mockingly. "I am so sorry but it looks like you have lost. Now guards please take Arellus to the dungeon where he can join Goliath's other friends. Oh, did I forget to mention? As we speak, your rebel friends are being rounded up this very moment outside the arena in case you were thinking they might rescue you." Hero of Mordac Part V Enter Mordac Hanging from his chains in his dungeon cell, Estus could hear the roars of the Queen's spectators. He knew the more they roared, that Goliath was in trouble. "Would Goliath still be strong enough to defeat Yamin?" he worried. "How could he help him?" He closed his eyes and prayed to Lord Mordac. While he was praying, a small, glowing blue orb of clouds appeared in front of him. "Estus," said the orb, "I, Lord Mordac, have heard you." Estus raised his head and opened his eyes as best he could. "Goliath has broken his vow and has been defeated by Yamin in the arena. The Queen has won the Gordian Challenge," said the deep and strong voice from the orb. Estus's head and heart sank but the news was not unexpected to him. Just then the door to his cell unlocked and Axus entered closing the door behind him. He looked up and saw Estus looking at the orb. Axus drew his sword and raised it to slice the orb but what looked like a wave of clear power emanated from the orb and hit Axus in the chest, throwing him against the door, closing it and stunning him. He slid down the door onto his ass. "But all hope is not lost for the people of Gloth, Estus," the orb continued, "Will you take up Goliath's fight and with it, the risk of your death?" Estus was surprised. He was no hero. He loved Goliath, worshipped him and served him tirelessly knowing his love would never be returned. But become a hero? How could he? Meanwhile, Axus began to regain consciousness. "How could I, Lord Mordac? I am not even a solider and look at me. I can barely see or stand." Axus stared at the two in awe and fright. "Do not doubt my power!" said the god sternly. "For I will heal your wounds and pass the power of Goliath onto you if you will take the vow freely and so long as you abide by it." Confused, tired and in pain, Estus tried to think. A thousand thoughts and feelings raced through his mind. That strength! That physique! That sacrifice. Maybe for a short while. Just to avenge Goliath and to help here. But what of Yamin? "You will need to use all your willpower to succeed in this task and you must focus on the Queen and her death. Your strength will be greater than Yamin's!" assured the orb. Estus said, "Yes, I accept and take the vow." Part VI The Test and the Choice The orb began to spin faster and a green beam shot out of it hitting Estus in the chest. The beam then spread over the skin of his entire body making him glow. Feelings of solitude and serenity filled his mind as he still hung from the chains. He felt as if he were floating. His heart beat slowed; he was relaxed and calm. His wounds began to heal. The swelling of his face deflated. His bleeding cuts scabbed and then cleared. His whip burns melted away. His body was restored to its youthful, athletic, and healthy appearance. Then the color of the beam changed to red. Estus began to feel warm, then hot like he had a fever. He began to sweat. Suddenly he felt sharp pains in his bones all over his body. He screamed loudly but no sound left the red glow that surrounded him. His bones began to expand. His modest frame size grew. His wrists, which used to be 8 inches (20.3 cm) around, grew to 9.5 inches (24 cm). His legs and shoulders too. His entire frame was being enlarged and his skin and muscles began to stretch to fill it. He was now 6 ft 1 tall (183 cm). When his bones stopped growing, his muscles began to thicken. His pecs grew full and deep, so heavy that his quarter-sized nipples pointed down to the floor as they hung from his now huge chest. His quads grew to 25 inches (65 cm), his biceps to 19.5 inches (49.5 cm). His forearms, delts, neck, back muscles, and calves followed suit. Axus now fearing for his life upon seeing the growing muscle god before him, rose from the floor and ran out of the cell, locking the cell door behind him and knocking over a flaming urn in the hallway in his haste. Smoke from the now fallen urn began to fill the hallways of the dungeon and the remaining guards, fearing a fire had erupted, fled as they saw Axus in panic. Axus, who was always fiercely loyal to only Yamin, ran to warn him. Panting and out of breath, Axus came upon Yamin and the Queen in her sitting room and told them all he had seen. The Queen said to Yamin, "Mordac must be a fool. I will just seduce Estus as I did Goliath." "It may not be that easy," answered Yamin who was becoming lost in thought. "Estus may have more willpower than Goliath," Axus said to them. "Yamin, you must trick Estus into coming to my chambers and I will handle it from there," said the Queen as she reached for the Venusian girdle in her drawer. Almost not hearing her, Yamin said "Yes, I have a plan." Estus breathed heavily from the pain and the stress causing his six pack abs to contract and expand quickly. His skin again stretched further accommodating his new mass for he was now 215 lbs (97.7 kg) of muscle with 7% bodyfat. The pain began to subside as did the heat. The red glow began to recede back into the orb. The flickering flames from the torches on the wall of his cell danced on Estus's new sweaty musculature. He felt relaxed now that the pain had ended and surprisingly energetic given his ordeal. "It is done now," said Mordac. "Now go Estus and heed my advice." The orb then faded away. Estus, still hanging from the chains, looked down at his new massive physique. He went to put his right hand on his chest and, without realizing it, yanked the ceiling chain. It broke off at his wrist. Realizing what had happened, he then pulled down his left hand, easily snapping the other chain and leaving him with two black iron collars around each of his large wrists. He brought his hands to his hard pecs, feeling his sternum cleavage. Then he brought them down to his rock six pack abs feeling each one as they rose and fell in his torso. He flexed his now 19.5 inch (49.5 cm) biceps admiring their size, vascularity and leanness. He extended his leg and pointed his foot, tightening his quads and watched his large intermedius and medialis dance before him. What beauty, he thought, what manly perfection, what power. He wanted to test it. He walked over to the door of his cell and grabbing the bars, with a hard pull, the door came off its iron hinges. Holding it, he stared at it almost not believing what his new strength had done. Now, he thought, he was ready to find the Queen as Lord Mordac had commanded him. He stepped into the smoky hallway. As he looked down the hall toward a hazy light, he could see someone walking down stone stairs towards him. As the figure came closer, he saw its large muscular frame. Given the person's size, he first thought it was Goliath as it strode with that bodybuilder's gait. But he noticed the waist was smaller than Goliath's and the height slightly shorter. He realized it could only be Yamin. He stared again at the physique. Yamin looked even more handsome than he remembered him in the Queen's throne room. That small waist, those broad shoulders, bubbled delts, powerful pecs and biceps and olive skin. Estus's heart began to pound. As the muscular being came in sight through the smoky haze, Estus slowly walked backwards into his cell, planning to confront the queen's champion there. As Yamin walked down the hall toward Estus, he first spotted the outline of a very powerful man. At first Yamin could still not believe it was Estus but it could be no one else based on Axus's description. This above average athletic man was suddenly as muscular and large as Goliath had been. Yamin marveled at the power Mordac must have. "But was that strength really greater than his own?" he wondered. He wanted to test it and find out yet he was afraid. He wondered if that power could be drained from Estus, why could he not make it flow into him instead? Yamin stepped into Estus's cell. Estus raised his forearms like a wrestler. Consciously keeping his hands at his sides, Yamin spoke. "Estus, listen to me. I come here not to fight you ...." "Better for you!" snapped Estus interrupting Yamin. "For the power of Mordac is in me and I will defeat you and your Queen." Estus reached down to the floor and picked up one of iron pokers that was used to torture him. With his two hands, he bent it into a U and threw it at Yamin's feet. Yamin stared at Estus thinking of the display of strength he just saw. Estus stared back into Yamin's blue eyes. He became distracted and scanned Yamin's body noticing every muscle, its size and shape. He blinked back into focus. "I have come here to ask for you help. Together we can defeat the Queen and her soldiers if we join forces. I will help you kill her," said Yamin. "Ha!" laughed Estus. "Do you think me a fool?" Looking down, Yamin answered, "No Estus. You are no fool. I never wanted to fight Goliath but I had no choice. I have seen the Queen's cruelty for many years now and I have had enough. Now is my chance to make amends. Our chance to do it together." He lifted his head and looked at Estus sincerely. "You are different. I noticed you when you first walked into the throne room before I even noticed Goliath. I saw the love in your eyes when you looked at him. A love we all now know could never be answered due to Mordac. I admired it and was jealous of it." Estus could not believe what he was hearing. He could smell Yamin's testosterone. There was a powerfulness to him that attracted him. He felt it in the throne room and he felt it now, much stronger. Yamin was beautiful. Estus's heart beat even faster and he became aroused. He wanted to touch Yamin, to feel his rock-hard muscles. He felt a pull toward him. Estus cleared his mind of these thoughts and shouted "Enough lies!" as he swung his fist at Yamin knocking the muscle god to the ground. On the ground Yamin shook his head and quickly came back into consciousness. Never had he felt a punch like that before. He realized he had met more than his match. Estus was surprised at what he had done. He looked at his fist almost not believing its power as he let Yamin rise to his feet. Yamin faced the young muscle god and like two wrestlers they circled each other. "I won't fight you, Estus," Yamin said. "I can't?.." Estus began to doubt his convictions. He began to think that perhaps Yamin has changed He began to want to believe him. He was so handsome. Yet Estus leapt forward toward the titan. Yamin was surprised but with a quick move he raised his hands to meet Estus's and their fingers were laced in a test of strength. Estus pressed hard. His arm muscles ballooned. Yamin met the force with an equal amount. Estus pressed harder and Yamin again matched him. Yamin's veins popped up wildly across his arms and chest. Again Estus pressed pulling up his reserves of power and strength. Their faces were close and each gritted his teeth. Slowly Yamin's hands began to bend backward as Estus's strength began to show its superior power. Yamin did not know what to do. His strength for the first time in his life was being overpowered by another. He was no longer the greatest power. Their eyes met as they struggled. Estus again could not help but notice Yamin's powerful deep blue eyes. He also found his overpowering of the muscular champion strangely erotic. Now he was the muscle god he thought worthy of another's attention just as he had worshipped Goliath. Estus became even more aroused. Yamin brought his face closer to Estus and place his lips on Estus's. Estus could not believe the feeling inside him. How he longed for the touch and feel of Goliath. Now here he was with a muscle god as handsome if not more so. Could this be true? Could his dreams finally be answered? But what of his vow? Estus was now fully erect. Yamin had said he would help him end the Queen's rule. Estus slowly released the pressure on Yamin's hands and each titan wrapped their arms around the other and continued their embrace. Yamin released one arm and brought it down between them and began to stroke Estus in his groin. Slowly the giants lowered themselves to the floor and Yamin removed Estus belt and loincloth and continued his stroking. Estus placed his hands on Yamin's pecs and felt their hardness. Yamin said, "You are so beautiful, Estus" and before Estus could stop him, Yamin moved his mouth down to Estus’s member for he wanted Estus to break his vow and for Mordac's power to flow out of Estus. With that touch, Estus lost all his resistance and his mind exploded in sexual sensation. And flow it did and Estus succumbed to his never fulfilled dreams of love with a muscle god. With each thrust, Yamin swallowed more and more, hoping he could absorb the greater strength that had bested him. When it was over, the two muscle gods embraced again and kissed. Yamin stood up and helped Estus up and whispered to the young man. "One more, my love before we end the Queen's rule." Estus placed his lips on Yamin's wrapping his arms around his dream. Yamin brought his ripped arms around Estus's lower back. They hugged. Yamin however continued to squeeze. Estus cried in pain. Yamin squeezed the once powerful giant once more even harder. Estus began to pound his fists into Yamin's chest and front delts. But the blows simply bounced off the champion's large muscles for the power of Mordac had left Estus and his strength was no longer any match for Yamin's. Then Estus fainted and grew limp as Yamin's powerful arms crushed Estus's back. Yamin placed the unconscious former muscle god down on the floor of the cell. His plan had worked and taking his fingers to his hips, he pulled down and the once invisible Venusian girdle reappeared and Yamin took it off and threw it next to the now paralyzed body of Estus. As he starred pathetically at Estus, suddenly Yamin noticed a red glow around his hands. The glow grew along his arms and soon covered his whole body. He began to feel warm and as he looked at himself his large muscles began to grow even larger. He became larger than any pump he had ever had and larger than even Goliath. He reached up to the ceiling with his arms admiring their beauty. "Yes!" he thought. He had found the secret and it had worked. He had swallowed Mordac's power and his muscles were now incorporating it into his own! He flexed his bicep and it grew to 22 inches (56 cm), hard, lean and peaked. He needed to test his strength to be sure and in the corner of the cell was an iron torture rack that weighed over 1000 lbs. (450 kg ). He tried to lift it. At first he struggled but then he raised it two inches, then six, then a foot off the ground! Yes, power was now his! He felt exhilarated. Then the blue orb of clouds materialized before him. "Yamin," said the orb. "You have proven yourself to be a remarkable opponent." Yamin starred in awe of Lord Mordac. "Your superior mind, cunning and perception allowed you to overcome my two stronger champions but now it is time for you to choose." "I need nothing from you, Mordac," shouted Yamin. "I have taken your power from Estus and now it is mine to do as I wish," pounding his fist on his chest in defiance. "Foolish mortal" said Mordac calmly. "You thought your act with Estus gave you his power? No, my Yamin. I willed it so. I wanted you to feel the strength and size that you have craved for so long. The effects are only temporary. Even as we speak the gift is leaving you. Look at your arm." Yamin looked at his right arm and flexed it so that his giant biceps reappeared again. He noticed just as Mordac had spoken it was slightly smaller that just a few minutes ago. "But now you must choose Yamin whether to become my servant or not. To keep the gift that I have given you, you must take the vow and do my bidding for the rest of your life. And your first task will be to kill the Queen and bring Arellus to power." Yamin climbed the stairs out of the dungeon and the soldiers cheered him. He was tired. He conferred with Axus outside the Queen's chambers. Axus patted him on his shoulder as Yamin entered the Queen's private room. The Queen, having already heard the news of his defeat of Estus, approached him with a loving embrace and they kissed. While they embraced Yamin brought his large boned hands up and placed them around the Queen's neck. She tried to pull away and scream but the muscle god quickly tightened his grip and crushed the Queen's neck. He laid the dead Queen down on the floor. He turned to Axus whom he had briefed before he entered the room. "Go Axus, release Arellus from the dungeon for he, as the former head of the Senate, is now the new King of Gloth. The people of Gloth will now be free. Then pack your things for we have other tasks to perform for Lord Mordac." End
  14. kurisupei

    Siphoning Stepbro's Hot Bod

    Nick and Brandon are stepbrothers. The two brothers never really bonded with each other due to their differences in basically everything, not just their environment. Nick is the older brother, 24 years old, 6'3 tall, and 250 lbs. Brandon is the younger one, 18 years old, 5'4 tall, and 120 lbs. Nick always acts cockily around his younger brother. He would always bully and beat Brandon. Although Brandon is turned on by his brother’s size, he wishes he can be of equal match to him at the very least. One night, after working out, Nick saw himself at a mirror in his own room. He admired his pump. He flexed and worshipped his body and it gave him pleasure. He rubbed his pecs that were the size of melons. He moved his hands to his perfect washboard abs. He flexed both his arms which were bigger than grapefruits. He continued to touch himself. The feeling felt so good that he slipped his hand in his shorts and started caressing his cock, he started moaning and breathing heavily while his other hand touches his big body. Brandon heard his brother moan and sneakily peeked at the door. He secretly watched his brother pleasure himself and it turned him on. He continued to watch as Nick moaned louder and harder. He was getting close to cumming. Brandon could not help but feel aroused seeing his brother masturbating. He wanted to do something to his brother. He decided to take action. When Nick is finally asleep, Brandon went to his brother’s room and took off all Nick's clothes. He then proceeded to grab his brother’s body. He started with grabbing his brother's huge biceps and flexing them. He moved to his chest and grabbed his brother's washboard abs. Then he reached down and grabbed his small cock. It was about 4 inches long. He wrapped his fingers around it and stroked it. After a few minutes, he noticed Nick's tight asshole and noticed that he is sleeping heavily. He put his cock in his brother's ass and started thrusting into him. After a couple of minutes, he felt his brother wake up. He felt his brother’s massive cock start to get hard. Brandon started moaning and pumping harder in his brother. His orgasm started to build up inside him. When Brandon was nearing release and was moaning hard, Nick woke up. As Nick opened his eyes and saw what was happening, Brandon busted his load inside Nick. "Ughhh! Fuck yes!" Brandon shot several loads of cum deep in his brother's ass, not knowing Nick is now awake. Nick grunted as he felt his brother's hot jizz filling his hole. Brandon then pulled out his cock and shot another load of cum on Nick's face. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" Nick is enraged. He grabs Brandon and starts beating him. "You fucking bastard! I'm going to kill you!" Nick grabs his brother and pushes him against the wall. Nick begins beating his brother up until he feels a weird sensation inside him. His body seems to be reacting to his brother’s cum. Nick becomes dizzy for a split second and he looks back at Brandon. Nick then notices he is not looking down at Brandon as much as before. “What the fuck?" Nick utters in confusion. Nick sees his body has shrunken. He is still big but he is no longer the giant he was before. He is now about 5'10 and 200 lbs. Nick didn't realize his cock is hardening, but Brandon did. Busy contemplating what just happened, Nick didn't notice Brandon kneeling in front of him and started sucking his massive cock. "Uhh, oh fuck!" Nick moaned. Brandon had been dreaming about this moment for years. He always wanted to suck his brother's cock. He never got the chance to do so because Nick always humiliated him. Now that he finally gets the opportunity, he takes advantage of it. Brandon continues to suck his brother's cock while touching Nick's hot body. Nick was in heaven. The feeling of having Brandon's mouth around his cock is indescribable. He felt so much pleasure that his knees weakened and he lied down. Brandon sucked harder. “Oh god, Brandon, stop." Brandon kept sucking his brother's cock. He then reaches under Nick's body and gropes his huge balls. Brandon started sucking his brother's dick faster. He could tell Nick was close to cumming. He wanted to make sure he shoots a lot of sperm in his brother's mouth. Nick was getting closer to orgasm. "Shshhit! Ughh ohh ughhh"He moaned loudly and started shooting his load in Brandon's mouth. Brandon swallowed every drop of his brother's cum, while sucking harder. Change started to gradually happen to both of them. Nick's cock was shrinking and getting smaller. Brandon's body was growing bigger and stronger. He feels his pecs growing bigger and juicier as he squeezes Nick's shrinking ones. While still sucking hard on Nick's cock, he poses a double bicep. Brandon's cock grows longer and thicker as he feels Nick's cock shrink in his mouth. He feel his limbs lengthen as he grows taller. At this point, the 24 year old Nick is about 5'5 tall and 170 lbs, he still has the muscle mass of a model, but not big as before. The 18 year old Brandon, on the other hand, is now about 6'2 and 250 lbs. Nick's cock shrunk from 10 inches to 4 inches and the opposite happened to Brandon. Nick had begged him to stop, but Brandon didn't. "Can you still beat me up, little guy?!" Brandon exclaimed. Brandon swallows and he stood up, looking at both his and his brother's bodies. He comes to the mirror and worships himself, like he saw Nick do earlier. He cums on the mirror. "Fuck that's hot! I get why you like doing that now." Brandon says. Nick stares in disbelief. "But you know what would be hotter? If I were bigger. I see you have more size I can take, I want it." Brandon says, glancing back at Nick. Brandon starts to rub and suck on Nick's now smaller body. "No please, no more, I'm too small now, please!" Nick protests and attempts to fight back but Brandon is stronger. Brandon begins squeezing every muscle he can feel. Nick feels his limbs retracting as he gets shorter. His muscles start to condense in his smaller frame. He is now about 5'3 while Brandon grows into a towering 6'4. Brandon then proceeds to knead his now thicker muscles. As he squeezes his Nick's juicy chest, it slowly transfers onto him. He works his way around his other muscles, taking it all, leaving but a faint outline of abs. Brandon checks out his body now, he is now bigger than Nick ever was. As Brandon was distracted by his own body, Nick feels a build up of pleasure churning inside him and his cock started to harden from seeing how big Brandon got. Nick started stroking his 4 incher and he started moaning. Nick's moans got Brandon's attention which made him look at Nick. "I'm gonna need that as well to complete the look." Brandon said. As Nick was about to cum, Brandon placed his hand on Nick's cock. Nick's cock began to dwindle in size while Brandon's grew into a full 12 inches. "Ughh oh fuck uh" when Nick's cock had shrunken into a little nub, he finally cums on Brandon's hand. Brandon licks his palm and smears the cum on his face, making his face more chiseled. "That's better, thanks for the donation, little bro." Brandon tells his emaciated brother as he leaves the room.
  15. Hammster

    The Factory

    First story, so feedback wanted Part 1 Max quickly perked up as he heard the knock on the door. Ever since he heard that his neighborhood was next, he sat right on view of the front door; not wanting to waste any second. Why wouldn't he be excited? Class president, captain of sports teams, volunteer, and of course, tall, buff, and handsome. If someone's a lock to be an enhanced, it's him. "You're one, where's the other?" The buff officer said as he taps on his tablet. Max's look of excitement falters a little as he's hit with worry. He had hoped a clerical error or a stroke of luck hit, and his brother didn't have to go through the procedure. Who'd want to see the one he cares the most fall to the bottom rung of society? But now that the officer specifically called for him, Max has to cooperate. With hesitation, Max points towards a door on the of the hallway. =================== 10 deaths, 11 deaths, 12 deaths Timmy bangs his desk in frustration. Seems like the only thing he's good at is failing. School, romance, family, and now, games. Not that he'll quit gaming though; at least not until the government assigns his place. He knows he's destined for the lows, unlike his brother. That's why he's pouring everything into gaming; there might not be time to play when the only thing he's allowed to do is serve the enhanced. Max, that fuck. Always pretending to care. Always pushing me to go to the gym. Always inviting me to volunteer and shit. Probably wants me there to laugh at me. At least I wo... Suddenly Timmy's door breaks. Two imposing men here to collect the new shit-scraper. They look at Timmy with disgust. A smelly, short and pudgy mess, a pig sty for a room, and practically no achievements of note. Even if Timmy was never someone of note intelligence wise, he still knew what was going on. He knew this was inevitable, but he's not going down without a fight. ================ From the truck outside, Max hears screams coming from inside the house. Then, just a minute later, out come Timmy trying his best to hold back his tears. "YOU BROKE MY PC!" He screamed as he angrily stomps towards the truck. In his haste, he sat right in front of Max, the person he hates the most. Max tried to calm him down, but it was only met with silence. Max knew he had to do something to fix this. On the horizon they saw the machine. As wide as factories, as tall as skyscrapers. The motor of modern society, the factory. ======================= What started out as an idea thrown around pre-war, it quickly gained steam after the great war. Famine, deaths, and lack of skill made it hard for society to rebuild, so they turned to an old idea as a solution. A machine to determine and set ones role in society. One who gives or takes intelligence, skill, and size according to ones role. Within the first few runs, it was clear that the machine creates a clear social ladder. The rich, beautiful, and powerful, and the meek, stupid and poor. All determined by weights and algorithms of the machine. At first people protested, although once the enhanced people gained power, resistance got slowly squashed. And once the social ladder was set for the whole society, no one dared to question the continuation of the program. ====================== "Get your card and Lineup!" Max stood right in front of Timmy as the group they're in slowly enters the chamber underneath the machine. The pattern was obvious. The accomplished gets enhanced, the failures gets devolved, while the average ones are more of a crapshoot. In the line itself, there were two clear outliers. Max, who towered above everyone in both accomplishments and physicality, and Timmy, who is towered above by everyone else in both accomplishments and physicality. Timmy nervously fidgets and Max sees it. Max couldn't help but hate the thought of Timmy being so far underneath him while he becomes a leader among leaders. Max then did the unthinkable, switching both of their cards without Timmy knowing. His thinking was that the card holds the information for ones accomplishments, and if Timmy's body was combined with Max's accomplishments he'd also be enhanced. Max didn't care if he was just a regular enhanced, he just wants both of them to be equal. ==================== A project lead once realized a problem. A person's current body may not hold the true potential of themselves. Either through issues ranging from socio-economic, accidental, even to an unexpected disease. It is not uncommon to see someone not hitting their physical potential. Thankfully, the enhanced age has brought a new realm of science. Now, ones genetic potential is coded into their cards. No longer must the machine slowly scan ones body. All they need is ones card to acquire all their genetic information and their complete real-life resume. ================ Finally, the line arrived at Max. Timmy's card in hand, he entered the tube.
  16. BarbellWriter

    Maciste and the Muscle Demon

    Here’s an old story I pulled from the archives and recently updated I am working on a few ones. Happy to get comments back here or in PMs especially if you want to see more. I write about superheroes, peplum, magic, muscle growth & theft, & superhero fights & destruction. Btw I noticed the apostrophes and quotes changed to another character in the paste I’ll try to fix that next time. Maciste and the Muscle Demon Maciste after much effort disposed of the muscular warriors who were guarding the path to the cave that was the home to the demon. These guards would have been more than a match for any attacking force. Even the powerful Maciste had to struggle against them. They were men from the village who had been transformed into the demonÕs worshippers. Maciste did not harm the men, only knocked them unconscious. The women of the village had called Maciste to save their men from the demon. Several months ago the village miners had unearthed an ancient tomb deep inside the mountain. But it wasnÕt really a tomb. It was a jail for a demon whom the Ancients had encapsulated in stone there when the human race was young. Once released from his confinement, the demon slowly enslaved the men the village. The men abandoned their village, wives and their children, only to serve the sexual desires of the demon. The women had called upon Maciste to come and rescue their men from the enchantment. With the help of an old wizard, Maciste had obtained a magical, silver dagger with which he could kill the demon and vanquish him from the dimension of earth. As he reached the cave, he saw something in the brush next to the entrance. He paused to look. There was the body of a young man, but it was merely skin and bones on a body as if it had been starved of food. His eyes were still open and his hallowed cheeks and mouth frozen open as if he were still screaming. Maciste put his hands over the young manÕs eyes and closed them. ÒDonÕt worry, son, I will avenge you,Ó he said to the body and he entered the cave. Maciste walked slowly and surreptitiously through the cave hugging the stonewall looking for additional guards. At the end of the passageway, he came to the entry of a large hollowed room. There at the far end were torches on either side of a stone throne. In it sat the demon . ÒI know you are there, Maciste. Welcome,Ó he said. ÒCome closer so we can get a good look at each other. His hiding exposed, Maciste walked closer to the demon and came within 20 feet of him. He stared at the demon. The demon had the body of a tall, lean muscular man with broad shoulders and long dark wavy hair that reached his shoulders. His skin was light brown and he wore nothing but a small loincloth that barely covered his large member. ÒYou stare, Maciste. Do you like this human form that I have chosen? It suits my needs. But you are quite an impressive specimen of manhood yourself, Ó said the demon as he admired MacisteÕs larger and leaner muscular physique. The demon was hungry. “Enough of this,Ó Maciste shouted. ÒRelease these men of the village now from your spells, and I will not harm you!” The demon laughed at the demand. ÒI am sure you are quite formidable. But you are going to meet a challenger whom I think you will find most extraordinary. His name is Sarkus.Ó From the shadows off to the side of the stone throne, a blonde, bronzed man stepped into the torchlight. MacisteÕs eyes turned to the foe. He was the same height and build as Maciste, about 6’ 2” with broad bulbous shoulders that tapered to a 32- inch waist and etched abs. But he had about 20 pounds of more muscle than Maciste had on the same frame. Sarkus smiled confidently at Maciste and slowly raised his right arm and flexed. SarkusÕs right bicep rose and rose and rose. His arm peaked at 22 inches, almost two inches bigger than the village womenÕs hero. “Yes, you see Maciste. Sarkus was the strongest and largest warrior in this village until he joined me. And with the gifts I have bestowed on him, he is now the strongest man in the world! Oh, IÕm sorry. DidnÕt that used to be your title?Ó snickered the demon. ÒI have defeated larger opponents in the past,Ó Maciste answered confidently. ÒSarkus will be no different.” “Well then, Sarkus, why donÕt you dethrone Maciste from his title officially?” Sarkus strode toward the hero. Maciste pulled the magic dagger from its sheath in his belt and lunged toward his larger twin. He planned to push Sarkus aside and head toward to the demon himself. But Sarkus was fast for his size and he quickly stopped MacisteÕs advance. He grabbed MacisteÕs left arm that held dagger and then his right. The two muscle giants were locked hand to hand in a contest of pure strength. As each one pressed upon the other and seemed to gain an inch, his opponent pushed back and recovered the lost ground. The struggle went on and on. Sarkus focused his right grip, which was his stronger side, on MacisteÕs left wrist. His hand pressed like a vise attempting to force Maciste to drop the dagger. Maciste resisted but his wrist contained little direct muscular power to resist the powerful vise. Eventually his wrist gave way and the dagger fell from his hand whereupon Sarkus kicked it toward the edge of the darkness of the chamber. With the dropping of the weapon, Maciste was freer to force back SarkusÕs hand and once again the titans were locked in what seemed like an unending test of strength. “Surprised, Maciste?” taunted the demon. “Never felt this kind of power before, have you? I knew when I made SarkusÕs muscles larger, they would with my help become more powerful than yours!” Yes, Maciste was surprised. No man, no matter how large, had been able to match Maciste in power for this long. A small seed of doubt began to grow in MacisteÕs mind, and where there is doubt, there is weakness. In a battle of near equals, doubt can make a difference. As doubt began to swirl in MacisteÕs mind, the endurance of his powerful muscles began to weaken. As Sarkus pushed, Maciste could no longer recover the lost ground. Sarkus noticed this; his confidence grew and with confidence comes more strength into the body. That confidence made Sarkus push even harder than he ever had before, further weakening Maciste and pushing him back further and down. Maciste looked into the burning brown eyes of this opponent who was slowly overpowering him. Then in those eyes he saw the face of SarkusÕs wife calling Maciste to help her. “Sarkus, think of your wife and children,” Maciste said. Sarkus almost seemed to pause. That gave Maciste an opportunity. Using the force that Sarkus was himself applying, Maciste added his own and pulled both himself and Sarkus backwards. As MacisteÕs back hit the floor, he lifted his feet onto the washboard abdomen of his foe and propelled him backward with such a force that Sarkus was body slammed against the cavityÕs stonewall. His foe fell to the floor unconscious. Maciste leaped to his feet and faced the demon who rose from his chair and slowly approached him, clapping. Maciste needed to stall. He needed to find the dagger on the cave floor. His eyes scanned for it while trying to be watchful of the demon. “Very good, Maciste. You have lived up to your reputation.” The demon and the hero circled each other as they spoke. Unknown to Maciste, the demonÕ s breath contained a chemical that acted like a narcotic that weakened a humanÕs will. As he scanned for the dagger, Maciste decided to engage the demon. “Now release these men before itÕs too late,” Maciste threatened. Again the demon laughed. “Did you know, Maciste, that each one of these men joined me willingly? Yes, each one wanted to be manlier and more powerful, for their women, for their place in their village, for their work. So I gave them the strength and the physiques they dreamed about. As each one saw what I had given them, more came to me asking for the same thing! Their own lack of self worth turned them to me.” ”But you enchanted them. They rejected their wives, and left their families to become your slave.” Maciste ‘s tone was no longer angry like previously. He seemed to become calm as the demonÕs breath began to take effect on him. Then he spotted a flicker of light off the silver dagger on the floor. The two continued to circle each other as they talked but Maciste stopped when he reached the spot where he saw the flicker. “Ha! How little you know! These men asked for the physical gifts I gave them. In exchange, I asked for their love. They experienced an ecstasy with me that their wives could never provide them. Once they tasted my pleasure, no women could satisfy them again. From their love, I grew even more powerful.” ”You care nothing of these men, their village or their families,” Maciste said with conviction. His heart rate was slowing. “In fact, I care for and know them quiet well,” answered the demon. “I even know you, Maciste, better than you do. I know your character. Yes, you are good and true but I know what moves you?” “You know nothing about me.” Maciste began to feel lightheaded. His heart was no longer racing. He began to think about his timing. He needed to step back and reach for the dagger and plunge it into the demon but he needed to lull the demon into thinking he was not a threat. The demonÕs breath though was distracting his concentration. “Oh but I do. You see, your conviction, your courage, your confidence, your goodness, your steadfastness comes not from your inner nature. It comes from your strength, your looks and your body. Without them, your nature is just as weak as everyone elseÕs. I can enhance that body for you” Maciste stepped back and his left foot stepped on the blade of the dagger. He was not ready though. His mind was cloudy and relaxed and he listened to the demon further. “Let me show you. Curl your right arm for me and show me that beautiful manliness of your arm.” Now was the time for Maciste to reach for the dagger but he was confused and susceptible. He secretly enjoyed showing off his physique to the women he slept with and he wanted to show it off now. He did as the demon suggested and raise his arm showing off his 20 inch peaked tan bicep. “Yes, look at it Maciste.”Maciste stared at it. “Oh , it is so beautiful,” said the demon. “Now squeeze it a little harder and watch it!” As Maciste flexed more, he watched his bicep began to grow larger and larger till it was 23 inches. MacisteÕs eyes opened wide. “Yes, I have made it even more beautiful. Now kiss it.” Maciste continued to stare at his right gun and the veins and striations that ran across it. Never had it been that pumped. The demon gently touched the back of MacisteÕs head, pushing his face toward his bicep until MacisteÕs lips reached it and then hesitantly kissed it. “Yes, itÕs beautiful, isnÕt it?” the demon repeated. “Join me, Maciste, love me, and that bicep will be yours forever.” Maciste pondered those words as he continued to stare at his incredible masculine arm. Then from the place where Sarkus was lying, came a moan as Sarkus began to wake up, pressing himself off the floor with his inverted V triceps. Maciste turned his head toward Sarkus. That distraction was enough to break the mesmerizing moment for Maciste. He pushed the demon back and shouted “No. Never!” The demon was surprised but not alarmed. He stepped further back from his prey. “So Maciste. You have chosen. But as I said, who you are comes from that physique of yours. Without it, you are no hero, no moral guardian. You are no better nor more valorous than others, may be even weaker than most.” Maciste stood watching the demon as he spoke. His mind was so dazed, he did not know what to do though the dagger lay at his feet. “Where shall we start? LetÕs start with those arms of yours. Every man notices first another manÕs arm muscles. What if those arms suddenly shrunk and turned to flab?Ó Maciste looked at his right arm. Gone were the leanness, the veins, the bulbous delts, the defined biceps and triceps. Replaced with a mound of flab, straight and smooth and hanging off his arm. “No,” shouted Maciste. By now, Sarkus was standing behind the demon watching MacisteÕs transformation. “And how about those powerful legs of yours that propelled my Sarkus?” As the demon spoke, MacisteÕs defined muscular quads and calves muscles shrunk to bone and flab. “My legs!” He shouted as the demon laughed. ”Let’s turn that six pack into a bowl of jelly.” Our hero’s incredible abdominal armor flattened and disappeared into a small belly of fat. ”No, stop!” He reached and touched his now soft, cushiony stomach. ”And of course, those rounded striated pecs of yours.” His impressive domed pecs deflated and drooped. His once taunt nipples puffed out. His chest looked like old man bitch tits in need of a bra. “No, my chest! My power! My strength! What have you done to me! Give it back to me! Give it back!” he shouted. Maciste fell to his knees and he placed his hands on his now hanging man boobs. Whereas before he had felt his strong hard pec muscles, now he felt only softness like a womanÕs breast. That feeling was too much for him. “So Maciste, where is that confidence? Where is that goodness of yours? Where is that bravery?” The demon laughed. Sarkus smiled. Maciste then felt the dagger at his ankle. He reached down and grabbed it. He quickly jumped up and pointed the dagger at the demon, staring him in the eyes. “Stop, Maciste. If you strike me with that dagger, your present form will become permanent. You will never become the man you were.” Suddenly Maciste froze. Could the demonÕs words be true? Could he kill the demon but be trapped without his strength, power and physique? He had to kill him. He had to save the others. He must do it. He looked down at his fatty chest and his bulging belly. Maciste let go of the knife and it fell to the floor with a clang. He dropped his head to his chest and whispered, I will do what you want so long as you change me back.” The demon laughed. He picked up the dagger and handed it to Sarkus and said, “Destroy it..” Sarkus took the dagger into his hands and began to bend it, breaking it in two. The demon walked around Maciste as he spoke to him. “So our hero wasnÕt really the hero was he? Yes, it was easy before, wasnÕt it, Maciste? You were stronger than everyone, you were more powerful than everyone, you were handsome, you had that physique of yours that every man was jealous of and every woman loved. It was easy to be brave! It was easy to be righteous! It was easy to sacrifice and do the right thing! Because you never had to sacrifice, did you? But now with all that gone, itÕs hard, isnÕt it? In fact, for you, it was too hard. You couldnÕt do it without your power, your strength, your beauty. You were in fact all this time, weak inside. Weak where it counted. Not so wonderful and godlike as everyone thought!” Maciste head was bowed. His wide but now smoothed shoulders slumped forward. He realized all the demon said was true. It was easy for him to be good when he was so powerful. He could never fail. Tears began to well in his eyes. “I’ve agreed to do as you wish, now change me back,” whispered the broken former muscleman. “Give me back my strength,” he hesitated, “please..” ”Go into that room over there and sit on the floor,” said the demon pointing at an opening at the far end of the chamber. “Wait for me there!” he ordered. Two other muscular henchmen escorted Maciste out the large chamber. The demon turned toward the room and Sarkus grabbed his sinewy arm. “ Master,” he said, “please give him to me. Let me have him.” “No,” he replied, grabbing SarkusÕs arm and quickly removing it from his. “His power and strength are enormous. Unlike any I have felt before. I must have it for myself. I do not have much time. I found a weakness in his mind and my little transformation trick will not last long. I must move quickly before he realizes he lost his size but not his great strength.” Maciste entered the room and sat down on the black bear skin rug that covered the stone floor. As he sat, he looked down at his chest. There hung two sacks of fat looking like udders where his massive tight rounded pecs once were. He began to weep. He thought as soon as his strength was restored, he would crush the demonÕs head with it. But he needed to cooperate with the demon for his plan to work. The demon entered the small room alone and stood in front of the weeping Maciste.”So Maciste, do you miss your power? Do you miss your muscles?” “Yes, “ the once confident hero whimpered. “I want them back. I need them. What do you want from me?” ”If I give them back, will you promise to keave this area and never come back?” ”Yes, I will do as you wish,” said the defeated hero. “ I will restore them then But during the spell you must give yourself utterly to me. With all your will and with all your heart. ” I donÕt know if I can,” he said. “You must if you want the magic to change you back. Or do you prefer a chest like this?” And the demon took his hands and lifted each sagging pecs of Maciste and let them fall back onto the warriorÕs chest. Maciste wiped the tears from his face. He knew he had no choice. “.I'll try as you wish.” And his chin sunk lower onto this chest, hoping his moment for revenge would come soon. ”First, you must drink.” The demon knelt in front of the hero and began to massage his own powerful left pec. Maciste raised his head and watched. As the demon pressed into the pec, the pec began to swell. It quickly became bloated and the nipple, once tight, was now puffy. The demon lifted the tumescent chest muscle with his left hand, leaned toward Maciste and with his right hand behind the heroÕs head brought MacisteÕs mouth to the demonÕs nipple and said, “Now drink this milk from me.” Reluctantly, Maciste began to suck as commanded. The milk was both sweet and sour, neither foul nor refreshing. The demonÕs head and eyes looked toward the ceiling as he enjoyed the heroÕs mouth on his areola. Maciste drank until the pec was no longer inflated and had returned to its original shape. ”Now onto your hands and knees, Maciste,”ordered the demon. The warrior complied. Maciste looked down and saw his pecs hanging off his chest with his nipples pointing to the rug like small udders. His pecs no longer grew like cliffs from his sternum. More tears flowed into his eyes. “I must do this,” he angrily said to himself. “I must get my body back and then I will take care of this demon.” Though he was angry, he began to feel a sense of calm, not realizing the DemonÕs pec milk was having a soothing effect on him. The demon ripped MacisteÕs loincloth from him and the warrior was now totally naked. The demon knelt beside MacisteÕs torso and rubbed his hands together. As he rubbed, his pores began to open up and secreted a special whitish oil. The demon began to massage the oil into the warriorÕs smooth back and shoulders. As the demon rubbed, the warriorÕs delts, lats, traps and rhomboids began to grow and reappear. The oil and the rubbing created a warming sensation in Maciste. As the demon rubbed, the warming sensation had a further soothing effect on the warrior. His mind began to feel at ease and adrift either from the warmth or the demon milk or both. Maciste did not know which, but more important, he did not care. He tried to stay angry but began to yearn for the stress relief it provided. That comfort gradually led to feelings of pleasure. He began to enjoy the massage the demon was giving him. The demon extended the massage to the heroÕs sagging glutes. The fattiness of his glutes began to melt away and was replaced with hard firming muscle. He could feel his back and glute muscles growing and tightening. “Yes,” he said to himself, “ My power will be back soon, and I will slay this devil.” Soon his buttocks were muscular and round like they were before. Maciste knew his strength must be returning. These feelings of warmth, pleasure and strength began to spread down his legs and to his arms and chest from his back and butt. More skin and fat retreated across his body, and he could see his chest filling again with muscle. A battle of anger against the demon and the pleasurable feelings battled in his mind and his thoughts flowed back and forth between the two. “How are you feeling, Maciste. Do you want more muscle back?”asked the demon. “Yes,yes” he said, “more.” The demon began to massage the warriorÕs legs and arms and to work the palm secretions into the warriorÕs butt hole. This was a sensation the strongman had never felt before for no man had entered there. A corner of his mind resisted but other parts said no, he must allow it to regain his strength and get his revenge. By now, MacisteÕs mind was entering a daze. All he felt was pleasure. His anger faded even more into a mental whisper. He could see and feel his muscles returning. He lifted his hand off the floor to touch his right pec to feel the hardness and his pec cliffs returning. He thought it was almost time to turn on the demon, but the pleasure was so overwhelming and calming. He paused and thought he must wait till he knew his strength was fully restored. Besides surely the pleasure would subside by then. His member began to swell. “Now, Maciste, it is time to complete your transformation back,” smiled the demon. The demon removed his own loincloth to reveal an organ unlike any human maleÕs. It was long, covered with large pores with smooth but hard edges that encircled the shaft. The demon began to rub it and it swelled to over 12 inches quickly. A black gel began to ooze from the pores on the head and sides once it stiffened. The demon inserted his organ into the dazed strongman. Maciste winced and cried, “Agggh” for nothing had entered butt hole before. There was pain but the gel though smoothed that away. As the demon began to pump the strongman , the secretions eased the rubbing and surged into MacisteÕs body. Volumes and volumes were released with each breeding thrust so much so that Maciste muscled belly began to distend like a time lapsed pregnancy. The black ooze travelled everywhere, to every muscle and to his brain. With each thrust, the demonÕs member vibrated, flooding new sensations into the warriorÕs mind. MacisteÕs member quickly engorged and grew stiff. “Now say it, Maciste, say ‘I am yours, master,’” said the demon. “Agree to give yourself to me.” Even with the pleasure overflowing his mind, Maciste hesitated. The hero though then looked at his arms and as the demon pumped. He admired his muscular beauty. His muscle and vascularity had returned. His member was now taller and tighter than it had ever been. A small voice in his head said he must turn and attack now. “Now say it, Maciste. Say ‘I am yours, master,’” ordered the demon as the pounding sent waves of euphoria through MacisteÕs brain and further filling the heroÕs enlarged belly with more magical ooze. “I, I” Maciste repeated, but his mind was full of conflicting voices and still resisted. The secretions from the demon were transforming not only his body but his mind as well. His anger was gone and his warriorÕs will was weakening. “Now say it. Feel the hardness of your muscles, Maciste. You know you want them. Say you are mine. Otherwise your strength will be lost forever and you will lose the physique that I have returned to you. SAY IT!” His anger growing with impatience. “This is taking too long,” thought the demon. As the thrusts continued, the highs and lows of the euphoria leveled out. Maciste entered a dream state of bliss. He hardly noticed the thrusting anymore and could barely hear the demonÕs voice which sounded faint and muffled in the new state his mind was in. He lifted his left arm and moved his hand across his chest crevice resting it on his right pec. He looked down at it. It felt hard and it showed striations as he flexed it. Touching his hard muscle magnified the pleasure feelings even more. His finger grazed his right nipple and a spike of orgasm flooded his brain. His member began to ache for release. “Do you want your muscles or not?” shouted the demon as he pressed faster and harder into the restored muscleman. “SAY it!” the demon shouted again. Maciste looked again at his restored chest keeping his hand pressing against his hard muscle. Inside his brain, a faint voice called to what remained of his willpower, “Turn now and strike him” a faint voice whispered in his head. As he began to turn his torso and arm toward the demon, his voice whispered “I am yours, master.” Maciste then climaxed with such force that he was close to fainting. His seed shot copiously onto the rug. “Yes!” shouted the demon as he looked toward the caveÕs ceiling in victory. “Give me your power!” he called out hitting his fists on his chest as he continued to breed the muscleman whose belly was so distended full of the demon’s black cum. The demon then climaxed. The spell was now complete. Just then MacisteÕs body began to shutter. Every muscle that had been restored quivered. The body of the demon also began to quiver. Then it was if a vacuum had started inside the warriorÕs body. His muscles began to shrink and shrink. Meanwhile the demonÕs physique began to grow and grow. Larger and ever more muscular, and the demon shouted “Yes, yes, give me all of it!” As the demon withdrew from the hero. MacisteÕs body collapsed face forward onto the floor. There lay a tall, broad shouldered man of only skin and bones like the desiccated male body the hero had found outside the caveÕs entrance. All his muscle stripped from him. The demon raised his arms in a double bicep pose and stared at them. They were larger than ever before! Larger than any man had ever seen. Full of strength and might. Now the power of Maciste had become his.
  17. tegalus

    Kyle, the bully God

    Commissioned from SaltyCat56 on FurAffinity It was his first 10k Story and first Commission https://www.furaffinity.net/user/saltycat56/ A thanky to @Kymuscleboy for helping with the Tags . All characters are +18 Kyle eagerly walked down to the science lab, pushing aside any nerds and bitches that got in his way. Normally he'd be down in the cafeteria shaking people down of any food with protein in it, but he had skipped lunch in order to talk a bunch of nerds about making a machine that could make his brains match his brawn, something he needed in order to pass his classes and not be held back a year. He'd threatened the nerds a week ago that he would steal their girlfriends if they didn't have the machine ready by Monday lunch, assuming any of them could get girlfriends in the first place. When he reached the science lab, he barged in with barely any effort. The pathetic nerds jumped at his presence, working on something with two chambers big enough to put groups of people in. Kyle walked up to the machine, using his tail like a whip to firmly smack the ass of a nerd burying their head into a book. Their fault for having their back turned to their better. He eyed up the machine, unsure of what he was looking at. He used his tail again, this time wrapping it around a frail-looking nerd like a lasso and pulling him closer, pressing him to his bulky, muscled body. To the poor nerd it probably felt like he was being pushed up against a wall. "Hey Nerd, the fuck am I looking at?" Kyle asked while looking down at him, the nerd in question at eye level with his nipples. He stammered before finally answering the question. "Ba-basically, it's, uh, a conversion chamber. One steps into the intelligence donor chamber and the person in the intelligence recipient will inherit the intelligence being donated." The nerd squeaked out, surprisingly not speaking in annoying science lingo. "Al-fuckin-right then! Who's volunteering to help me pass my college level math class?" Kyle shouted eagerly. He started to get annoyed though when no nerds volunteered and the one he pulled close to him spoke up. "W-well, actually, we think their might be some negative neuropsychological ramifications for the donor, not to mention unwanted-" was all the nerd got out before being given a wedgie by Kyle, yelping as he dangled a solid foot off the ground before being swung in the direction of one of the chambers. "That right there's the donor chamber, right?" Kyle asked demandingly. The nerd nodded. "Y-yes Kyle!" The wedgie got more intense. "I think ya meant to say 'yes, sir', bitch boy." Kyle corrected the pathetic nerd. "Y-yes, s-sir!" The nerd desperately yelled out before being shoved into the donor chamber. The nerd desperately adjusted his junk as Kyle pulled another nerd up to the machine. "Run the machine and no funny shit or I'm beating down all of y'all!" Kyle demanded as he stepped into the other chamber. The other nerd complied as he started up the machine. The doors locked by the time the first nerd managed to readjust himself and tried to get out. He pounded on the chamber door, pleading to be let out as the machine started to work on the intelligence transfer. The nerd's pleading and pounding grew quieter until nothing. After about a minute, the machine rang and the doors unlocked. Kyle stepped out of his chamber a bit bigger than he used to but he hadn't seemed to have noticed. He looked around at the other five nerds in the room, all of them looking at him. "Alright, someone get me a trigonometry book, that shit was the worst for me." He ordered before noticing that he was a bit taller than before, by about half an inch. Another nerd handed Kyle a trigonometry book and he started to skim through it. Some concepts that were hard for him to process before were now relatively quick and simple for him to understand. Kyle chuckled in delight as he started to think of what he could do with this machine. He opened up the donor chamber to see the nerd he shoved in now being more meek than he was before. The nerd crawled out as if he had neither the muscle nor the brain capacity to walk, collapsing face-first onto Kyle's sneaker. Kyle looked down at the emaciated weakling as the once nerd looked up and had a look in his eye akin to a dog acknowledging its owner before it started licking at Kyle's sneaker. "The hell happened to him?" Kyle asked, pointing down to the pathetic husk at his feet, noticing he was short a nerd but didn't say anything about it. "Well, it had to do with the negative neuropsychological side effects he was talking about earlier." A nerd started explaining. "More or less, it completely drained him of the intelligence necessary for many basic functions. I think it's safe to say he's incapable of much speech or critical thinking. However, this seems to have impacted physicality as well. It ended up not just donating intelligence but also muscle mass. If you haven't already noticed, you came out just slightly bigger than when you came in." By the time the nerd pointed that out, the one missing nerd returned with a full body mirror, probably getting it from the theater class. As the other nerd put the full body mirror in front of him, he noticed his body was a bit bulkier. Probably about 5 pounds of muscle mass had been added to his already muscular body. He couldn't help but flex and groan in satisfaction with the results. Especially looking down to see the husk of his donor still practically worshiping his feet. But he clearly wasn't done just yet. Hegrabbed the nerd who explained the situation to him, pulling him into a headlock. "So what do you think would happen if I sapped all of y'all of everything? Would I be able to improve the machine?" Kyle asked sadistically, looking down at the nerd with a wicked smirk. He pathetically tried to squirm free to no avail, Kyle’s bicep squeezing down on his neck as he started rounding up all the other ones before they could even think of leaving. The nerd would just struggle even harder before being shoved into the donor chamber along with all the other nerds, Kyle forcing the door shut on them. "Only one way to find out then, would be my guess." Kyle said nonchalantly as the nerds pounded on the door while letting out pathetic pleas. Kyle proceeded to pick the nerd husk off the ground, away from his feet, and got the former nerd to sit in the teacher's chair which he pulled in front of the control console. "Start the machine when I go into the other chamber, understand?" Kyle instructed the husk very slowly, unsure admittedly of its capacity to understand, let alone its ability to turn on the machine. The husk nodded in response, looking up at Kyle. "Yes master." The husk responded slowly and almost absent-mindedly. Hearing the husk refer to him like that was a bit of a turn on as he stepped into the other chamber, feeling a bit more confident about his decision. As the door closed behind Kyle, the machine started up once again. This time Kyle ended up feeling a massive amount of pressure while in the chamber. Enough to make it painful but only for a short while. It actually got him a bit hard after a few seconds. When the machine rang once again, Kyle had to squeeze his way out. His muscles were definitely bulking up, a few veins now visible on his biceps. When he went to observe himself in the full body mirror, not only had his body almost outgrown all of his clothes, all of it barely able to contain his massive body to the point to where just flexing along could probably rip the clothes off, but his noggin also grew, not close to how his body grew but enough to be noticeable, especially a small, visible vein on the left side of his forehead. He opened up the donor chamber to see all the other former nerds pathetically fumble out of the chamber, all of them mindlessly clamoring around Kyle to worship him, kissing his sneakers and hugging onto his muscular legs, one of them getting a visible hard on as he kissed the tip of Kyle's sneaker. He chuckled before snapping his fingers twice, making them all stop and sit like dogs, all of them looking up at Kyle. He then flexed his massive body, the clothes around him ripping as exposing some of his body, veins forming on his biceps and pecs, bouncing them to entice the husks beneath him, all of their puny dicks twitching as they looked on in awe of their alpha. "You puny bitches like what you see?" Kyle asked his new slaves teasingly, fully knowing what their answer would be but wanted to hear it anyway. They all nodded, some drooling, one letting out a pathetically horny whimper. Of course they loved it, it was in their nature as dull-brained squirms to admire their better. He slowly stripped down to his jock to entice his new slaves to make them more susceptible to his will. Small visible veins were scattered throughout his muscular body. "You pathetic horn dogs want your master bigger and smarter? Go get more people for me to drain while I work on improving this little toy you dumbasses made. Y’all couldn’t even get this thing to maximum efficiency, but I bet I can now. Go." Kyle ordered all the husks cowering beneath his towering body, which was only emphasized when compared to their small, puny frames, so thin you could practically see their skeletal structure. They nodded as they scrambled up to their feet and started shambling out of the classroom. Kyle playfully tail whipped the last husk to leave before grabbing some of the nearby tools and getting to work on improving the haphazardly put together chamber, the task now easy for him to manage. A good few minutes passed by before some of the husks came back with some of their friends, just in time for Kyle to expand both the donor chamber and the recipient chamber. He’d also remade the recipient chamber out of sturdier metal so they could handle potential overgrowth from Kyle. He has also allied the interior of both chambers with multiple full body mirrors. Not only so he can watch himself grow and bulk up but also his victims could watch all their muscle mass be drained from them, hopefully learning their fate as they become more dull-brained husk slaves, now only living to serve their better. He had also created a remote activator so he could activate the machine from inside the recipient chamber. Kyle lassoed the soon to be victims, a group of 7, with his tail and wrangled them into the donor chamber. He slammed the donor chamber door shut, chuckling at the pathetic resistance of the people brought in. The best part of creating the remote activator was that Kyle could simply activate the machine himself and didn't have to rely on a husk to activate it and risk something going wrong. He activated the machine and felt a jolt of painful pleasure surging through his body. Now he also had the opportunity to see the progress in the mirrors. His muscles rapidly throbbing and writhing under his skin. Even his forehead started to do this as well, though it was harder to notice. Kyle groaned pleasurably as he watched his body expand once more. As the jolt started to subside, his muscles started to settle down but still ended up bigger than before, more veins visible on his body and the ones from before became more prominent, his biceps and thighs being most veiny. Another vein appeared on his forehead, this time on the right side. More husks to serve and worship Kyle, crawling out of the chamber, crawling to his feet. "More, bitches!" Kyle shouted demandingly before the new husks could even begin worshiping his body. He got tired of how long it took for them to scramble to their feet so he helped them up without intending to. By some force, the husks got quickly elevated to their feet. It took Kyle only a second to realize he did it with his mind. He chuckled as he toyed with one for a bit while the rest of the husks left to get more puny humans for the practical living God that Kyle was becoming. He used his telekinetic abilities to wiggle the meek husk around a bit before pulling the puny thing into the cleavage of his massive pecs. Chuckling as the pathetic husk groaned as he got pressed as much against Kyle as was possible. Effortlessly flexing his pecs to make it bounce against the husk, pushing its head further into his cleavage much to the husk's pleasure. Feeling a rush of pleasure too, the semi-hard on making the jockstrap make an audible rip, he decided to keep the husk around a bit while waiting for the rest to come back. "Worship your God's pecs, bitch!" Kyle demanded of the now horny husk, not that its puny dick was noticeable any more. The husk moaned as it caressed Kyle's pecs while he groaned and flexed more, admiring all the visible veins and muscle mass he accumulated. The pleasure amplified more as the husk wisely decided to start licking and sucking on his pecs, hitting Kyle's magic spot that completely gave him a hard on. "Oh yeah, just like that, slave bitch!" Kyle shouted eagerly as he pinned the husk to the wall with his towering body, now starting up a sweat from being in heat, his dick throbbing in between the husks legs, making it more clear to the husk that Kyle was his better, his dick now big enough for the husk to ride like a horse, especially now that it was fully hard. After just minutes of worshiping Kyle's pecs the husk apparently had already come, Kyle feeling a pathetic squirt that was mostly covered by the husk’s pants, but was still damp enough against Kyle's prominent 6-pack for Kyle to tell what happened. "Seriously, not only do you come to your new God without approval, but you let out such a pathetic fucking load?" Kyle asked disappointedly. Backing up from the wall but telepathically keeping the husk pinned to the wall, giving up on the idea of wearing any clothes by ripping off his jockstrap and kicking off his shoes, completely forgetting that he was building up foot stink for an eager to pay foot freak who he was meeting up after school. The freak would most likely be gathered up anyway so decided to forget about the whole arrangement. He forced the husk to his knees, Kyle's massive, throbbing cock in front of his face. "Suck, bitch!" Kyle shouted in a horny fit as he practically pushed his dick against the husk's face. The husk groaned as it started to suck Kyle off. Kyle groaned in pleasure as his dick throbbed and hardened more. He was very tempted to just skull fuck the puny husk, using it's body like a fleshlight but he decided to spare the pathetic thing from potentially being completely broken. After all he didn't quite want to break his toy, as now its only purpose was to serve him anyway. The husk started to get past the tip of Kyle's dick, groaning as it throbbed against its mouth. Kyle started to sweat more as he used his telekinesis to get the husk to fully deepthroat from the husk, the husk's body flinching as a reaction to being penetrated from Kyle's girth. As he started to thrust his dick inside the husk's mouth, apparently more people clamored into the science lab. Kyle turned towards them while he fucked the husk but was a bit confused when he saw that they weren't brought in by the other husks that he sent out. It wasn't until he noticed some flustered faces and tents in guy's pants that he figured that his body was emitting intense pheromones, apparently making everyone nearby mindlessly horny for Kyle. It was practically a form of hypnosis. He grinned deviously as he saw the gym coach among the growing crowd, along with some of the gym kids, getting an idea to take the steroids that they were taking, an unspoken thing in this school. "Hey, gym bitches, gimme your steroids!" Kyle shouted to them. They left, presumably to get them from their lockers. Kyle started to get close, almost forgetting about the lucky husk below him. He panted and groaned as he grabbed the head of the husk, deciding to skull fuck the husk anyway, as the husk wasn't doing enough to get him fully off. He played gently through, trying not to break the puny, pathetic fucker. He got his dick as far into the husk's mouth before finally coming, panting heavily. Just in time for the gym bitches to come back with their steroid doses, all of them using pill forms. The husk had to retract his body and gag out about two gallons worth of load onto the floor. Kyle looks down at the pathetic thing, raising one of his feet and pushing it down on the husk's body, pushing it into the pile of load onto the floor. "Lick it all up, dick taster." Kyle ordered, taking the steroids afterwards. Taking a large dose but not enough to induce an overdose. Even though at his size, he could probably take all of them, he didn't want to take the risk. He then used his telekinetic abilities to stuff as many people into the donor chamber as possible. Stepping down a bit more on the husk as it licked his load off the floor before walking off toward the recipient chamber, his dick still dripping a bit. He got into the chamber after cramming in about 20 people into the donor chamber, looking back to see everyone at the school now clamoring around the classroom. He grinned as he closed the donor chamber and stepped into the other chamber, closing it behind him and turning it on. The jolt is now really intense, making Kyle fall to his knees. Panting as he felt the muscles writhing, expanding and contracting under his skin. It expanded more rapidly as he groaned in a mixture of absolute pain and absolute pleasure. Not only were his muscles expanding, but his brain was well, his head swelling in the multiple reflections in the chamber. His head flooded with an immense amount of knowledge and comprehension. He figured if he used up the entire school, he could dominate and drain the world with ease. His nails scratching the floor of the chamber as he endured the pain, all worth it for practical God-hood. The chamber rang, giving Kyle an indication that it was over. He slowly got up, the floor of the chamber creaking a bit under his weight. He opened the door and slowly squeezed himself out of the chamber. He had to bend the door frame a bit just to get his broad, veiny shoulders fully out. He eventually managed to pop himself out. He sized himself up, noticing that he was now at least a foot taller than he last was. His pecs were so big now, he can't look down enough to see much of his torso. He noticed his biceps were about half covered in veins, mostly covered when he flexed them. He groaned in absolute delight, flexing before his horny, soon to be slaves. "You bitches and bitch boys love what you see~? Wanna see your new God get even bigger and brighter~?" Kyle asked his crowd teasingly. Flexing as a way to maximize his pheromone output. Sweat glistened across his whole, muscled-up body. The sunlight from the window poked in and bounced off the beads of sweat in a way that would make him look like the living, breathing God he knew he would become in a matter of days. What the final results would be according to Kyle's calculations, would make the muscular Gods of myth look like pathetic, tiny twinks compared to him. It seemed like the show was enough to get the crowd eager to give themselves to Kyle, even after seeing the aftermath of donating their muscle and mind to him as the 20 husks crawled out of the donor chamber. The crowd cheered and gathered around the donor chamber, already getting in, already knowing the process and eager to give themselves to him. Kyle chuckled as he squeezed himself back into the recipient chamber. After hearing the donor chamber close, he closed the recipient chamber and turned it back on. There was less pain and more pleasure this time, his body now getting used to the process. He groaned as his body grew once more as he watched in the mirrors. His pecs now sprinkled with veins along with the rest of his body and even his head, his head getting bigger, by centimeters with each series of processes. Each time the machine rang, people helped the husks vacate so they could get into the donor chamber, Kyle not even bothering to leave the chamber. Though eventually he had too, each expansion making the chamber creak and groan more and more around him. He had to start crouching just to try to buy the chamber more time. Around the 6th process, the chamber was too tight for comfort. With a tired and slightly frustrated grunt he stood up and flexed, destroying the chamber the same way a baby bird breaks out of an egg. The crowd looked on in awe, about 1/10th of the school now turned into husks. He towered over the crowd, his head now grazing the ceiling of the classroom. He didn't quite know if the gym would be able to properly accommodate his projected size if his calculations were correct, which was most likely. He weighed the odds in his head, the veins getting more prominent as he thought about it. Ultimately, it didn't matter much was his conclusion. He stomped past the clamored group in the science lab, uncaring of those he knocked down with his feet and even stepped on. He effortlessly tore down the wall, scooting the debris aside with his feet to make a clearer way "Alright, you lot, I want that machine moved to the gym in the next hour! If it's not there by…" He quickly glances down the hall to see that it's 2:52 in the afternoon. "3:45, I'll charge you all to be my servants and it'll cost y'all EVERY CENT you do and don't have!" He chuckled as he walked down the hallway towards the gym. The ground shook slightly with each step, every door frame along the way breaking like Styrofoam. He could have moved the machine himself but he wanted to see how much these dopes were committed to the whole arrangement. After a few minutes he burst into the gym, or at least, that's what it may have looked like to a puny person. For Kyle, he just casually walked in, not even bothering to try to open the doors. Waste of effort and energy when his body could simply break anything that got in the way. He reclined in the bleachers in his usual spot, the bleachers creaking a bit under him. He reclined and relaxed though. He thought about the chances of them actually bringing the machine on time. He side-eyed the clock over on top of the basketball scoreboard. 3 on the dot. While it would be impressive if they did bring it on time, he knew they realistically wouldn't. The machine would be difficult to get on a trolley and they would have to carefully maneuver it down the hall even if they did find enough trolleys that could handle all that weight. He mostly now contemplated on how to degrade them as he had to probably do the work for them. Maybe chew out the roided-up lifters for being weak betas while also making them cling to his arm to feel what true muscle felt like. He dismissed the latter half of the idea. Bit too…"dad literally picking up kids from school" vibes. Though he did like the idea of them all referring to him as "daddy", make them look and even feel more puny and pathetic along the way. Time passed by until the clock struck 3:45 and just as he thought, no machine in the gym yet. He got up, letting out a groan of expectancy mixed with disappointment and walked his way back to the science lab. The more muscular people were trying to nudge the machine up a small ramp onto a trolley that was made of a bunch of smaller trolleys put together by duct and scotch tape. Honestly, pretty pathetic that they haven't even started moving it down the halls yet. Even back at his smaller size, he would've had the machine on the trolley about half an hour ago. He whistled loudly, getting everyone's attention. "Y'all seriously haven't even gotten this thing rolling yet?" He asked, not really expecting a response as he approached the machine. He made sure to tower over all of the gym bros as he casually held the machine under his arm and pressed to his side like you would hold a basketball. He caught quick glances of the wannabe bodybuilders. One of annoyance, most impressed and awe-inspired, some got visibly turned on. "Fucking pathetic." He said dismissively, walking down the hall with the machine, making sure to tail whip the dissatisfied guy in the crotch. Kyle heard him groan and buckle down onto the ground, not even paying much attention. His dick was gonna have no value to it soon anyway, assuming it had any to begin with. The crowd followed him down the hall, still hooked on his pheromones. "Since it's past 3:45 and you dumbasses couldn't even get the machine into the hallway, y'all are getting the locker cramming treatment once I make adjustments to the machine. Y'all still owe me ALL of your money, by the way. I expect all of your wallets with your bank information in them, including your accounting and routing numbers." He remarked to the crowd as he walked to the gym. He noticed some of them getting on their cell phones and some walking into classrooms they would pass by, probably to get papers and pens. Upon getting into the gym, he gently set down the machine and started making modifications, making the donor chamber bigger as well as making a brand new recipient chamber from scratch and hopefully big enough to endure draining the whole school. As he did this, he telepathically made nearby plastic bins float around people. "Wallets in the bins, people. Don't have your wallets, strip down to your birthday suits so everyone knows you for being a broke loser." He shouted to ensure everyone could hear him. He tinkered with the machine as if this marvel of medical technology was nothing more than a Lego set to him. By the time he was finished, everyone had already deposited their wallets into the plastic bins, except about a sixth of the crowd who were completely naked. "Alright, since there were more broke bitches than I thought, paying customers, front of the line, birthday suits, go to the back of the line and crawl on all fours like the useless mutts you are!" He announced before all of the students and staff got into their places, chuckling as he grabbed a group of six puny humans with ease while watching the wave of ass cheeks flood to the back of the line. He forcibly cramed the worthless people into his machine, not even bothering to make sure there was much room for them to move. He slammed the door shut before stepping into the donor chamber, having shoved about 40 or more people in. He closed the door and looked up at the mirrors he installed after taking them from the locker rooms. His muscles practically bulged under his skin which developed stretch marks. He smirked and flexed, seeing more veins appear on his body. An already perfect body that would have professional bodybuilders revere and worship every prominent vein, knowing they could never obtain what he did with ease. He turned on the machine that he also had to rebuild to account for his size. A familiar but welcoming jolt of pain and pleasure courses through him, making him harder than any partner in lingerie could. He buckled down as if to bow before his new body, even more perfect and godly than what he has now. Writhing, stretching and tearing, practically bubbling under the skin would be the best way to describe this transformation into the next stage of evolution. A being of absolute perfection that everyone, every being, was born to worship. He chuckled as he just now noticed that his ego was growing along with the mind and body. Who cared though? He deserved this, to become the most perfect God in all of myth. Everyone and everything only had a fraction of value compared to just one of his stretch marks. Little pissants whose only value was in giving themselves to his might and worship. Once the machine rang, steam had fogged up the mirrors, his body in intense heat. He opened the door and wiped the fog off the nearest mirror, his forehead now having five visible veins on it, not including any that would be covered up by his hair, his forehead almost 1.5 times its usual size. Getting hard from the absolute monster he had become now compared to how he was mere hours ago. And got harder upon realizing this was just the beginning for him. He stomped out of the chamber, the floor creaking from his admittedly overly eager showcasing to the others. He even left a foot indentation on the gym floor, the same way as you would by walking barefoot through mud. Enjoying the brief "crunch" sound under his weight. He then started briefly showing off his body, flexing and bouncing his pecs as well as letting out a loud, dominant growl. "You want more from this muscle God~?! Lemme hear how much y'all want more!" He shouted into the crowd before getting the shouts and applause he wanted. Of course these bugs wanted more, that's their whole purpose. Even pheromones wouldn't drive up this much enthusiasm, this was something more. This was more than bee-like pheromones that make workers serve a queen. This was absolute divinity they were witnessing. A true God of muscle and might appearing before their puny, fragile bodies. He walked up to the donor chamber and telepathically scooped out the husks before replacing them with more people than last time, still wanting to experience that jolt of growth and pleasure. Scooping people up with his muscular arms and practically tossing them in haphazardly. Once it got to absolute maximum capacity, he stepped into the recipient chamber once more and flipped on the switch after closing the door behind him. This process would continue for a few rounds before he got to the broke crowd, towering before them like a titanic mass of muscle and musk, the constant growth making his body sweat with each process. He tried to look down at them but his pecs became so big it impacted his ability to look down effectively. Still able to see the tips of his toes but nothing beyond that. He looked down at them, thinking about the best way to degrade them further for a second. "Bark if you dogs think you're worth serving me." He spoke, stalling a bit for time. A good chunk of the crowd barked, only a few barking continuously. He brought up a foot and dropped it down on one of the barkers, silencing all the ones who did bark, except the one under his foot who let out a grunt like someone who accidentally dropped the bar on his chest during bench presses. "The few who didn't bark were smart. None of you broke bitches are worthy of even licking the beads of sweat off my balls, let alone serving me truly." He corrected the dogs, instinctively looking down to check on the dog under his foot to see the guy's head poking out from under his heel. Still seemed fine so he playfully grinded his foot on top of the dog's back as the rest looked pitifully up at him. He pressed the foot down further before finally letting off and backing off to look down at the runt, his back coated in dirt and sweat. "As one of the dogs who barked, foot rug, it's up to you to beg me to forgive the rest of them for their arrogance~" Kyle chuckled at the demand, intrigued to see how the foot rug of a man would beg. He had already forgave them like the merciful God he is, but still wanted to see at least one of them grovel before draining them. The man slumbered into a low bow while still on his knees. "Please forgive us, our walking God." The man started pleading, to Kyle's delight. "We were just so eager to serve, we forgot our place and why we were the last in the school to give our whole selves to you, master. Please, I will serve as a rug for you to wipe the dirt off your feet on, I will lick up every bead of sweat off your balls like it's the savory liquor of the Gods. Just please, let us serve, master." The begging and bargaining was so pathetic and submissive, it made Kyle's dick twitch a bit. Either this guy was a submissive little bitch with plenty of begging experience or they really have started seeing him as a type of God. Amusing him to make him chuckle a bit at the idea of "Kyleism" soon becoming the religion of the planet soon. But a devious idea of completely absorbing all of these broke bitches entered his mind and it leaked out into a wicked smile. "Alright, since you begged so well, I've forgiven you dogs like the benevolent God I am. However, such arrogance doesn't come without consequence. Give me a few minutes to make some adjustments to the machine and you will get what you deserve and seek~" Kyle spoke to the crowd before turning his back to them, letting down his hefty tail onto the back of the groveling dog. It crushed the puny human with a loud grunt and maybe a soft crack. He didn't even flinch at the sound. They would obtain a great fate anyhow. Kyle grabbed his tools and tinkered with the machine. Creating an "absolute absorption" feature that would completely absorb every single atom, molecular, microscopic and nanoscopic organism inside the donor chamber. Now these formally worthless people will finally put themselves to some use. Maybe if that one groveler was lucky, maybe his atoms would go to his feet or balls. Unfortunately for them, their consciousness would evaporate as there would be no mind or brain remaining to retain it. Some would probably relish the idea of being fused to his flesh, understandably so. Who wouldn't want to be a part of his perfect body? He soon finished mere minutes later, even installing the new mode to be an option on his remote via a dial. Wiping some sweat off his forehead, he looked back at the crowd of dogs, chuckling as he knew what would soon come of them. "Alright you worthless mutts, get the fuck in there where y'all belong~" he told the dogs as he started to stuff and shove then donor chamber, more an order of compliance than a statement. He made sure to save the groveller for last, cramming all the dogs in, to the point to where the metal would creak around them. He then wrapped his tail around the ankle and dangled the pathetic bug in front of him. Making it so that way the main thing that the puny insect sees is Kyle's dick and balls, Kyle's flaccid shaft half as big as the insect's body. His dick throbbed at the thought of what he was about to do next. "Now, what do you say, foot rug?" Kyle asked, looking down at the puny man, manipulating his tail to make the human's body sway while being dangled like a pendulum. "Th-thank you, master Kyle." Kyle chuckled and brought the human's face right up against the tip of his dìck. The human's head was actually a bit smaller than the head he was pressed up against. "Good, now kiss your God's dick like a good rug" Kyle ordered, his dick throbbing once more, bumping more into the human's face. The human would surprisingly hesitate before finally giving in to Kyle's order, his lips making contact with Kyle's urethra as much as it could. This made Kyle groan and get hard a bit. "Good little bitch. Don't be afraid to use your tongue while you're at it~." Kyle moaned while the human whimpered in a bit of disgust. Though maybe it might've been that one thing that bottoms do when they pretend like they don't like something when they clearly do. He didn't care whether the bitch boy actually liked it, it felt good to him and as far as this insect should be concerned, that would be the only thing that mattered. A few minutes would pass by, the bug disappointingly not using tongue at all. Kyle would use his tail to toss the man into the donor chamber before slamming the door on them. Chuckling as he set the machine to "absolute absorption" mode before stepping into the recipient chamber. Closing the door behind him, he turned on the machine, an instant shock overwhelming him. A feeling of an explosion pouring over his body as every inch of his body pulsed and throbbed rapidly. As if there was some resistance from where his strength and mind enhancement was coming from. Thoughts that were not his own appeared in his mind. Pleads and begs of the pathetic dogs flashing in and out of his mind as Kyle dropped to his knees, slamming his knuckle into the floor of the machine. "Shut up and accept your fates. Y'all know this is what you deserve. You should be grateful little bastards. Y'all get to be part of something bigger, better. You get to be a part of a God! Now submit as you were meant to and let yourselves be one with your God." Kyle shouted at the stream of other's consciousness flowing into him, mentally straining a bit for complete dominance. The veins on his forehead became more prominent as his head grew in size. The stream was losing strength as Kyle was shown moments of other's memories and knowledge flowing into him. His muscles bubbled under his scales as they stretched and expanded far more than the normal process. The knowledge of other people's lives converted to knowledge of all probable lifeforms in this universe and the next. Knowledge of all known languages. How to completely bend the minds and wills of all life to his will. He grimaced with knowledge of how to conquer all life in this universe. His body steamed and sweated profusely, fogging up the chamber and it creaked and groaned around him. His body kept expanding as Kyle mentally declared himself the king of this universe for all will submit to him! At this thought, he ended up bursting out of the chamber yet again. Each one acting as an egg for his proverbial rebirths. His body had stopped expanding by this point, good thing too as he noticed that he and his husks were standing in complete darkness, not even any light from the sun emerging from the windows. The big gym clock stopped at 8:56. The power most likely went out from all the electricity used to perform the absolute absorption mode. Kyle opened the donor chamber to see nothing in there. Not a single speck of dirt or dust in there from what little Kyle could see. He flexed his muscular body once more. All those puny little bitches now became nothing more than the muscles on his body. He got hard at the thought as he flexed. Admittedly wishing there was a way to keep them conscious so they could mentally worship him. Feel every flex of his muscles in what used to be their bodies. Feel every step from their God, get to enjoy the flow of blood into his dick which, when fully hardened, could easily tower over a whole person. Probably about 6 feet in length by now. It made him curious how it would feel to be remade into a sperm cell swimming in the balls of a God. He would probably obtain this knowledge later on during his conquest of the universe. But merely serving as part of his ever-expanding muscles was surely a fitting enough reward for a bunch of worthless bitches. He laid rest on the floor, not really caring if he crushed a husk to death under his body or not. Their lives were made to serve him, after all. Speaking of which, his dick throbbed as he telepathically lifted up the puny insects and pressed them to his towering body. "Worship and caress your God till he falls asleep. You all may sleep when I am fully asleep first." Kyle ordered the husks. They unreluctantly worshiped the muscled-up God. Kyle relaxed on the floor, resting his forearms behind his head with a bit of strain, all the muscles on his body making it a bit harder than usual. He relished in every action of his husks, from all the caressing and massaging down to each lick of his body. Some were worshiping his dick and balls, making it admittedly a bit difficult to fall asleep but eventually sleep came for the massive dragon as he was slowly lulled into slumber. Great visions of glory and God-hood would play out in Kyle's dreams. Him towering over Skyscrapers, his very knees piercing the clouds above. Him laying on a lavish chariot made of the planet's finest and studier materials and luxuries. Him gulping down a custom made glass of ocean water, "accidentally" consuming little specks that were once to him recognizable as humans without care or thought. Thousands crushed under a single step from the uncaring God as they would be absorbed into his body either way. Him sitting on the Earth reshaped into a throne, using the moon as a footrest. All alien life cowering as he absorbed them without any effort at all. The begging, whines, and pleads as he absorbs damn near everything with a pulse. Planets drained of all life repurposed into beads on lavish looking jewelry. All would be one with his glorious body and worship him! The dream, possibly a vision of things to come for him, would slowly fade as his eyelids slowly drew open. Instead of upon his throne, he was back laying on the floor of the gym. Still being worshiped by the insignificant bugs that he let bugs worship him. A thought would come to the awakening giant. He didn't need these insects or that puny machine they made for him. Through his telekinetic abilities, he could simply extract all beings his own damn self. Cut out the middleman and just drain them himself. He felt a pathetic insect dare to squirt over by his left armpit. Getting him to eventually acknowledge all the other insects that were still awake, still worshiping him. Annoyed with this particular insect he telepathically pulled the bug up to his face, his eyes tiredly looking up in disgust towards this insect. "Did you really just come on your God, while he was just waking up and without approval?" He asked the pathetic being that he now recognized as the first nerd he shoved into the machine. His puny, muscle depraved body was honestly not that different from how he looked 24 hours ago. Only difference now was the absence of clothes and glasses. He waited tediously long for the bitches response. "Master smell good…" was slowly sputtered by the pathetic thing as he still leaked, dripping down onto his lower lip. Kyle simply rolled his eyes before licking up the bit of seed that dripped onto his lip. Setting the bug down onto his chest. Of course these bugs couldn't help but to come to him. He was a living example of perfection. The whole flock of insects could come now and it wouldn't be more than a mere inconvenience. He groaned as he got up, the very gym shaking underneath him. What was left of the wooden floor beneath him anyway. Several indentations in the floor from where he walked and laid down. He walked to the exit of the gym, feeling at least a few of the husks cushion each step he took. He didn't even slow down or walk cautiously for them. If they didn't want to be stepped on, they would've gotten out of his way. By the time he got to the exit, at least 3 bugs got peeled off his godly feet. With barely any effort, he broke down the wall leading outside. This ended up being beneficial for the insects to follow him. They served no purpose without him so of course they followed their new God that they gave everything to. This flock of insects were cute but not nearly enough for a God. He walked out into the city with his goal already in mind. He needed all of humankind, no, ALL LIFE to submit to him. He walked into the more populated parts of the town. Leaving behind foot prints on whatever he walked on. Grass, concrete, cars, people who would not walk out of their God's way. Each step announcing his arrival to his servants like the bells and trumpets that were spoken of when the concept of a rapture got explored. His pheromones got caught on the wind and spread far and wide across the town. Like a skunk being run over, people could smell it for miles away but they were naturally drawn into the scent of a God. All who got a whiff, inevitably started to follow the scent and the stomping sounds made by their God. Many followed him throughout the downtown area. Some tried, and even succeeded, to cling onto their God. Most clung to his broad, muscular ankles, some clung onto his balls and shaft which were close to dragging across the floor. Some merely wished to kiss his feet or balls. The fools got trampled over, especially the ones trying to kiss the soles of his feet. Whatever spots weren't being covered by the mortals anyway. By the time he got to the center of the town, his feet were completely cushioned by both husks and humans. He looked out onto the crowd that followed him, thousands at minimum, ensuring him that there was not much difference between husk and man. They were all made to serve him after all. "ATTENTION ALL MY SERVANTS! YOU'RE GOD IS NOW HERE AND DEMANDS ALL OF YOU PRESENT!" He shouted into the air, his voice booming and far reaching. The message echoed across the town and even a few miles out further. He sat down on the roof of a nearby parking garage. An inadequate place for a God to sit but it was enough to sit and wait for his subjects to arrive. As he waited, his servants would bow to their new owner. This got a chuckle out of Kyle before he curiously looked at the sole of one of his feet. About 8 mortals were stuck to their God's foot. Actually upon closer look, they were clinging onto his foot. Not that it mattered much anyways. They should be thankful to serve their God in such a way, even if it was completely unwilling. Within an hour, all his servants appeared before him. Hundreds of thousands of indistinguishable insects looking up at their God in reverence. His pheromones had definitely spread far enough to get every one of them hooked to his powerful will and eager to serve. Seeing some cameras of various types pointing at him, he decided that he probably needed to perform…less casually, at the very least. He actually had not thought about what kind of God he was going to be when it came to addressing his servants. He always degraded, bullied and humiliated others back when he was mortal so might as well keep going with what was natural. He slowly stood up, indifferent to the crunching of bones underneath him from the servants basking in his glory. "As pathetic as this flock is, it surely will do for how you all may help your God. Your God is a powerful one as you all can see." He says before performatively flexing his body. The muscles and shadows being emphasized by the sun set above him like a spotlight. "But…this is not enough from your God. Your God has ambitions. Far higher than any of you puny insects ever could have. What you all need to know is that your God demands power. As much as possible, you will no longer need any. All y'all will need is to surrender yourselves to me and worship me. That shall be your lives purpose from now on. So I expect all of you to work together to build a ray gun to surge all of the Earth's power into your God. Do this and your species will be rewarded very well, this is my promise to you, my lowly, insignificant servants." He finished before sitting back down. All the insects below taking that as their cue to get to work on this ray gun. He relaxed as his message spread not just to the bugs in front of him but also because of the bugs with the cameras, all the insects across the planet got to work as well. All his servants heard their God's word, his pheromones apparently speaking across the planet. They all now work together, finally truly unified as one to serve their God's will. The utopia that has been discussed and debated for centuries will all soon be theirs once their God ascends further and all will be able to truly bask in his glory very soon from the sounds of it. Could he have made it himself? Realistically yes but this was a test of this lower species' devotion to their better. After a few hours the ray gun was finally constructed. Kyle was semi-impressed. Took longer than if he would've built it but that would've taken just the power of the whole continent. These insects managed to arrange things so all the electrical, solar and nuclear power on the planet would all surge into him. He stomped in front of the ray, truly uncaring of who or what he stepped on and demanded that the mortals turned it on. A glow of pure light from the ray guns tip was all Kyle saw before he got an intense burning engulf him, making him send out a massive wail of pain, making him buckle down onto his knees. Each cell in his body breaking down and duplicating at speeds faster than the speed of light. The scream from their God made the mortals turn on the machine in naive fear that this would even so much as hurt their God. This was just part of his ascension. His body steamed and pulsed within the scales on his body as he was at least 4 times bigger than when he approached all his servants. His whole being glowing in pure, radiant light before revealing his red hot, scorching body. With a raging hard-on that had collapsed a few buildings around him, he looked down at the mortal furiously. "I DIDN'T SAY FOR YOU TO TURN IT OFF, YOU WORM! TURN IT BACK ON AND DON'T TURN IT OFF AGAIN!" He shouted furiously at the beetle sized mortal who dared to blue ball him at the beginning of this glorious moment. The demand was so loud it was heard from the other side of the planet. The insect of a man trembled and pathetically begged his God for forgiveness as it turned the ray gun back on. The same flash of light before the overwhelming pain surged through the living God. He rapidly grew more quickly than ever before. His expansion was akin to an un-bursting balloon being hooked up to a thousand air machines. His screams turned into moans of triumph and dominion over all that exists, the feelings of pleasure converted into feelings of pure pleasure, bliss and ecstasy. He grew to tower the whole land, able to see past the horizon on the planet as all conceivable knowledge flowed into his mind. The timelines of this dimension and galaxy along with all other ones. Not only could he know of them, he could control them by mere thought alone. With this, he altered all dimensions and galaxies to worship him and him alone. Not even other versions of himself in other dimensions. Those pathetic versions of himself should've obtained true God-hood and dominion of all that is, isn't and isn't yet before he could. Once all the power got drained from the planet, he took his stand. His foot alone was the size of a small island. Each step creating a deep indentation in the puny lands beneath him. His musk and pheromones had replaced all the oxygen in the air, making it the only thing any of his servants could smell. He looked down to barely be able to see his lowly servants anymore. His cock throbbed with might, dripping some pre down onto a city that got blessed with their God's seed. He bellowed in triumph and might as a wicked way to reward his servants popped into his mind. His mind was certain now what kind of rapture his subjects would experience. "MY SERVANTS CALLED HUMANS, YOU HAVE SERVED YOUR GOD WELL AND HAVE REDEEMED ALL LIFE ON THIS PITIFUL, LOWLY PLANET! SO THUS, ALLOW YOUR GOD TO REWARD YOU WITH WHAT YOU ALL SHALL TRULY DESIRE!" He yelled to all his servants below. He held up his right hand over the planet and started to telepathically lift up all life on Earth towards them. Every man, every animal, every insect, every virus and multi-cell organism joined together to be pressed against the mighty hand of their God. He proceeded to take all the creatures and used their bodies to create a fleshlight that would barely be capable of handling his eclipsing shaft. He then put it to work, jamming his massive, throbbing cock into the writhing collection of life on this planet. He didn't go gentle on the insignificant specs, thrusting in and out rapidly as he started to absorb all the lifeforms. This was their purpose fully realized. Their heaven would be becoming a conscious addition to their God. He grew and grew even more. The usual sensation was more of a tingle this time around. He was so damn close, he had hoped that some of the pathetic life forms would survive long enough to experience their God coming. As a being outside of him that is. They would have all of eternity to experience being both their God's cock and the load he shoots out at the same time. He groaned as his mighty body and cock expanded far outside the stratosphere making him able to see all of space before him, the continent cracking under his weight. He screamed gloriously as he squeezed his dick tightly, unleashed his load that would've replaced the very oceans of the planet off into space. This would crush and press any remaining specks of life into his cock. He panted tiredly as all of life would get absorbed into his glorious, perfectly Godly form. Then in his maniacal state where he didn't want the smallest risk of his rule being undone, he absorbed all the Kyle's in the other dimensions. Some were stupid enough to think they were safe from his grasp and all begging to be spared. Even one that was close to finishing using his dimensions servants just as he had finished seconds before he did. He should've gotten that taken care of a few seconds earlier. He didn't even get a bit of mercy from his better self as he was just on the edge of climaxing before he and all of his servants in that dimension were all absorbed. Not only were all the other Kyle's absorbed but all of their blasphemous followers. There was to be nothing worshiped as God other than him. As they got absorbed, jet black ram-like horns rapidly grew along his head along with spikes on his back and his tail. All the colors of each spike were that of each Kyle absorbed. His eyes changed color as well, becoming a dimly glowing deep purple color. Giving the God a cold, cruel stare even though he himself grew indifferent and it showed in his face. As a result of this, he had grown to the point that the Earth would no longer be able to withstand his size so he had to step off of the lifeless planet. His body had become coated in veins, every vein his body bulging out and competing with his muscles for which would be more prominent. Also, he had become all knowing, knowing of every thought and action across all the dimensions, even before they occurred and this was showcased by his bulbous forehead which was as long, if not longer, than his abdomen. He could feel all the life he had absorbed coursing through them. Not only that, but all the intelligence and malicious, evil intentions of the other Kyles. All their thoughts, all their praises and prayers, all their begging and pleading for release.it was decided through absorbing all the other Kyles and their evil, however, that he would not rule as a benevolent or indifferent God, but one that was more cruel and punishing than any devil to exist all because he merely could. All life was far too beneath him to hold any maliciousness towards them. All was solely to remind them every second of their lives knowing their place. He dismissed all the voices and feelings equally to work on shifting the very planets and the various dimensions to his will. Pressing the planets in his dimension together and breaking them down to forge a throne worthy of his rule. He then proceeded to make all the other dimensions pay for not aiding in his ascension by giving them form, pressing them against each other to create his new garments: a pair of gladiator sandals, forced to have some of the foulest part of his body be the very thing they breathed in with no reprieve whatsoever. As he sat down on his throne, his servants and selves from other dimensions all now relishing in becoming a part of their God, he then grabbed the very sun itself and broke it in two. One half forged onto a crown and the other half served as a cock ring to keep the deity forever erect. He needed to repay his lowly servants after all and being in a constant state of sexual arousal which they all could feel was the very least this God could do for them. I would appreciate feedback in the comments section I'm always open to collaboration if anyone needs ideas for a corrupt story where the evil tyrant wants to get even stronger. Just write me a private message if I have aroused your interest.
  18. Tim and Josh had just finished their workout and were changing in the gym locker room. Tim had been working out for months, trying to bulk up and impress Josh, who was always the biggest and strongest guy in the gym. But Josh seemed to barely notice him, always focused on his own workout and his own physique. As Tim approached Josh, his heart was pounding in his chest. He had been rehearsing what he wanted to say for weeks, but now that the moment was here, he was suddenly nervous. "Josh, I need to tell you something," Tim said, his voice barely above a whisper. Josh looked up from his locker, surprised by Tim's sudden seriousness. "What's up, man?" he asked. Tim took a deep breath and said, "I...I have feelings for you, Josh. I've had them for a long time now, and I just couldn't keep them bottled up anymore." Josh's face turned red with shock and confusion. He tried to back away, but Tim was too quick. He lunged at Josh, wrapping his arms around him and pressing his body against Josh's. Josh struggled, but Tim was surprisingly strong. He seemed to have a new power coursing through his body, and it was growing with each passing moment. As Josh tried to pull away, he suddenly felt a strange sensation. He looked down and saw that his legs were merging with Tim's. He tried to scream, but his mouth was pressed against Tim's chest. He could feel his own muscles shrinking as Tim's grew bigger and more defined. Tim's body was now towering over him, twice his original size, with Josh's body parts sticking out of him like a grotesque Siamese twin. Tim reveled in his newfound power, feeling each muscle in his body grow bigger and stronger. He could feel Josh's body parts merging with his own, becoming a permanent part of him. He felt a rush of pleasure as each muscle fiber expanded, filling him with a sense of power and dominance. As Josh disappeared completely into Tim's body, Tim let out a deep sigh of satisfaction. He was now a completely different person, a giant among men, with Josh's body parts as a constant reminder of his newfound power. He flexed his biceps, feeling the power coursing through his veins. Tim felt a rush of energy coursing through his veins. He could feel the power of Josh's muscles, merged with his own, pulsing through his body. Tim had never felt so strong, so powerful, so alive. He reached up and touched his biceps, feeling the hard muscle under his skin. It was a sensation he had never experienced before. As he explored his new body, Tim realized that he had become a completely different person. The body he had been working so hard to build before seemed small and weak compared to the massive, muscular form he now possessed. He flexed his arms, watching the bulging muscles ripple under his skin. He felt a sense of pride and satisfaction, knowing that he had accomplished something that few others could ever hope to achieve. He took a deep breath and tightened his chest muscles, feeling them bulge and contract under his skin. Then, he let them loose, bouncing his pecs up and down. It was a sensation he had never experienced before, the feeling of his muscles moving on their own accord. He laughed in delight, feeling like he was in control of his body in a way he had never been before. As he continued to bounce his pecs, he realized that he was drawing attention from the other guys in the locker room. They were staring at him, some with envy and others with admiration. Tim felt a sense of pride in himself, knowing that he had accomplished something that few others could ever hope to achieve. He bounced his pecs a few more times, enjoying the sensation of his muscles moving under his skin. Then, he relaxed, feeling a sense of satisfaction and contentment. He knew that he was now a different person, someone who could take on the world and win But it wasn't just the size and strength of his muscles that made Tim feel good. It was the sense of power and dominance that came with them. For so long, he had been the small, weak guy that no one paid attention to. But now, he was a giant among men, with the body to match. He knew that he could take on anyone and win, that no one would dare to challenge him. As he stood there, admiring his new body, Tim felt a sense of euphoria wash over him. He was no longer the same person he had been before. He had been reborn as something new, something better.He was no longer the small, weak guy he had been before. He was now a force to be reckoned with, and he knew that no one would ever be able to stand in his way. And he knew that he would never go back to being the small, weak guy he had once been.
  19. Dostille


    *This is my first story ever – please feel free to critique + add suggestions!* Zap! Once upon a time, there was a man named Jake. He had always been self-conscious about his body, growing up he was bullied for being overweight and never felt comfortable in his own skin. However, he had always been attracted to men with big muscles and strong bodies, and he had always dreamed of having a physique like that. He had always wanted to have bigger muscles, to feel more confident and to be able to defend himself. He spent hours at the gym, trying to achieve his dream body but never really seeing the results he desired. One day, while browsing through an antique shop, he stumbled upon a tiny ray gun. The shop was dimly lit, with old dusty items scattered about, and the smell of musty wood in the air. The ray gun was an ancient-looking device, with intricate engravings and a strange arm symbol on the handle. He had no idea what the ray gun did, but he was intrigued by its unique design and decided to buy it. As he was leaving the shop, he saw a gym across the street and decided to check it out. Inside, he saw a guy with huge arms and chest lifting heavy weights. The guy had biceps that were so big they looked like they were about to burst out of his skin, his chest was also impressively massive, and his pecs were perfectly defined. He was lifting weights that Jake couldn't even dream of lifting, each dumbbell easily weighed at least 50 pounds each. The man’s body was dusted in a light coating of hair, glistening sweat running down his rippling muscles and had coursing blood flow of testosterone filled veins popping out of his arms like pythons. Jake couldn't help but feel a rush of arousal as he watched the guy flex and lift. He decided to try out the ray gun and aimed it at the guy's arms. The ray gun made a tiny electrical buzz but the beam was completely invisible. Nothing happened for a few minutes and then, to his surprise, the guy's strength slowly began to fade, making it harder for him to lift the weights rep by rep. His first set had started at an easy set of 12 but the second set he could barely lift the dumbbells for three reps before failure. Jake couldn't believe what was happening, but he couldn't deny the feeling of power and excitement it gave him. As he continued to watch the guy struggle with his lifts, Jake's own muscles began to grow and his clothes started to stretch. He could feel the power coursing through his body, and he couldn't stop himself from staring at another gym-goer with huge quads. Jake: "Wow, look at those quads on that guy. I bet he's really strong." Jake said in a noticeably deeper voice Friend: "Yeah, he's been working out for a long time. You should talk to him, maybe he could give you some tips." Jake: "Yeah, maybe I will." As the second gym-goer was doing squats, Jake zapped him with the ray gun and watched as his strength slowly began to fade. The guy had legs that were massive, his quadriceps were bulging out of his shorts, and his muscles rippling as he lifted the weights. He was lifting weights that Jake couldn't even dream of lifting, the barbell was loaded with plates that weighed at least 600 lbs. Jake couldn't stop grinning as he felt his own legs growing bigger and stronger. He could see his own quadriceps bulging out of his shorts and his muscles rippling as he flexed. His calf muscles became round and firm, his thigh muscles rippling with power. As he continued to use the ray gun, Jake noticed some changes in his body. He had more body hair and a slightly deeper voice each time he used the ray gun. His muscles were getting bigger and harder, and previously barely-there chest hair was becoming coarser, slightly catching on his tight workout shirt as he stood up. Jake's boyfriend couldn't help but notice the changes in his body. He kept commenting on how the gym was paying off, and she couldn't get enough of his growing muscles. Jake felt a surge of testosterone as he flexed in front of him, showing off an impressive physique. Jake: "I can't believe how much stronger I'm getting. I've never felt this good before." Boyfriend: "I know, it's amazing. Your muscles are getting bigger and bigger every day. I can't keep my hands off of them." "I don't know how you're doing it, but it's working. Keep it up." Jake knew that he had found a secret weapon that would help him achieve his goals faster and more efficiently. He continued to use the ray gun every time he went to the gym and he saw his muscles grow at an alarming rate. His biceps bulged out of his sleeves like he had always dreamed, his chest became more defined and his legs became bigger and more muscular, filling out his shorts like tree trunks. He had never felt so confident and attractive. He was addicted to the feeling of power that came with the ray gun, and he knew that he would never give it up. He was determined to become the most muscular and attractive man in the gym. Jake's newfound confidence and muscle mass attracted attention from other gym-goers, and some of them even asked him for tips on nutrition and how to use machines properly. He couldn't help but feel powerful and in control as chose victims to “borrow” a bit of their strength. However, Jake kept the secret of the ray gun to himself, enjoying the feeling of power it gave him and the attention it brought him. One day, after a hard workout set that left him feeling pumped and energized, Jake decided to head to the sauna to relax and unwind. As he entered the sauna, he felt the heat envelop him, and he couldn't help but feel invigorated. He slowly stripped off his shirt, revealing his hot, glistening body, and as he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, he couldn't believe what he saw. He saw a man with an Adonis-like body staring back at him. His muscles were perfectly defined and rippling, his chest was impressively massive and his pecs were perfectly defined, his abs were like a washboard, his biceps were like bowling balls. He couldn't help but admire his physique, he felt like a Greek God, he flexed his muscles and felt the power coursing through his veins. He knew that he had finally achieved his dream body, and he felt proud and accomplished. He was built like a tank, he had shoulders as broad as a door with every muscle perfectly defined. He turned around to check out his back, he was impressed by the way his lats flared out and his traps stood out like mountains. He was truly a sight to behold. He couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement and arousal as he admired his own muscles in the mirror, he knew that he had worked hard to achieve this physique and it was all worth it. Then, just after Jake was finishing up in the sauna, a new guy walked in that caught his eye. He was tall, with globe-like boulder shoulders and a chiseled chest. Clearly, he had been working out for years, dedicating himself to achieving such an impressive physique. Jake couldn't help but stare, shoulders were always his weak point, and he had never seen such a massive set before. He felt a rush of arousal as he watched the guy walk by, the way his muscles flexed and bulged with each movement, it was like watching a work of art in motion. He smiled mischievously and introduced himself as he offered to help spot his new gym buddy. The guy looked at Jake with a smile and said "Sure, I could use a spotter."
  20. anondog

    Hulking Husband

    Author's note: So basically I wrote a little story about the incredible hulk told in a first person perspective. Just the typical growth thing. I posted it to the discord and one of the Mods encouraged me to post it to the forum as well, so here it is. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PART 1: We were both working late at night in the lab. It was storming out and rain could be heard outside. I was a medical researcher and pseudo nurse for our government funded agency and you were another research working with certain chemicals to make a super soldier. Although we were paid well, we were still on overtime and having a coffee break over our rut with the new chemicals. During coffee we chatted about our personal lives and plans. Although we didn't say it, there was a spark and a bit of a mutual crush going on. You accidentally spilled fresh hot coffee on yourself, because of our ramping exciting banter. I help dress the burn wound on your hand and we lock eyes with each other. A bull necked general comes in and barks that its time to get back to work. We begrudgingly get back to our stations. You are mixing chemicals in a flask, while I am doing theory crafting on a white board. The broad shouldered general continues barking down our throats and breathing down our necks. We are short staffed and the only ones here, with him as our supervisor. He tells you to speed it up and shoves you before making his way over to me. Chemicals spill onto where you were burned with coffee. Something about the chemicals, the stressful atmosphere, the coffee even, made you turn. You hunched over and began groaning. Slowly you put on more and more size, you're skin turning jade green. The general backed away slowly his mouth wide open. You legs grew first, calves becoming rock hard and massive diamonds. Your quads and hams beefed up so much that you would put Olympic cyclists to shame. Then your back packed on slabs and slabs of muscle. Your back made you resemble the wideness of a king cobra. Your abs grew in slowly at first. Rising to the slowly to the surface like ice in a vat of water, before exploding to the surface of your skin, shortly followed by your pecs which had the same growth process. They swelled and ballooned which caused you to growl. The last thing that grew was your soon to be might arms. I couldn't measure them with my eyes but they had the general's beat by a landslide. We were both there in awe and terror. You flexed your arms in a most muscular that tore off the remainder of your lab coat with a mighty tearing sound. You looked at the general and growled, rushing him, as he pulled out his gun and fired at you. The bullets made contact with you skin and at first dented it, like a child poking holes into play dough, however the bullets didn't penetrated you skin. I could tell it stung and that made you even more irritated. The general continued firing, but now the bullets didn't even dent your skin because of how dense and thick your muscles were. Thanks to your new height you were upon him immediately; the muscle in your legs and size of your stride made you close the distance incredibly quickly. You ripped the guns from his hand and crushed it in your hand so quickly and easily there was a horrendous sound of screeching metal and heat coming off of the now paper weight sized fire arm. You then picked the general up surprisingly gently into a hug. He whimpered and pleaded for you not to hurt him. You smiled, your eyes with a green blaze. Slowly you increased the pressure of your bear hug, causing him to scream out, but soon his screams were muffled as you crushed him into your chest. You removed your arms and faced me with a satisfied look on your face, he was being slowly dragged, kicking and screaming into your body... merging and feeding your growth. I was overwhelmed but tried to process all that was happening... You locked eyes with me and I was too afraid to look away, however I already had my hand on the exit door. You raised your hand and pointed at the general that was about 25% merged into you and kicking and screaming, albeit muffled. You tensed your body and he couldn't move, and when you relaxed it he was dragged deeper inside of your slowly growing muscles. I looked at the process in horror as you repeated it several times and then had a a satisfied grin on your face. After merging with our supervisor you had a grin akin to someone who had a hearty meal and rubbed your massive hand across your abs and pecs as if to show off that he was gone. You still had smirk on your face as you sauntered over to me, swagger in your step, with your foot steps thundering and crushing the ground beneath them. You didn't roar, you didn't growl, you didn't say anything. You simply crouched down to be at eye level with me. I was afraid I was going to be absorbed next and my heart raced as you were face to face with me. You leaned in and inhaled deeply and then exhaled. Your breath was hot and knocked me back a bit. I winched and you laughed a little. You knew I was completely under your thumb and control so there was no point in trying to intimidate me. You tore off my lab coat and sniffed it, before stuffing it into the pockets of your pants that somehow still survived this entire ordeal (albeit they were now purple). I was confused and then pieced together and asked if you were going to track me. You simply smiled. I reached for my lab coat and began crying. You kept me away gently and shushed me, you brought my hand onto where your coffee burn was and smiled. I fell to me knees. I didn't know how much of my old crush was in there, but enough was there to tell me I was safe. I would have to live knowing a monster was on the loose. You stood up and walked through the door way your head scraping against the 6'9'' frame. I heard your foot steps grow faster and more distant and the screech of gun fire in the distance. I got up and collected my thoughts. I had no idea what to do, but for now I would go home until you inevitability tracked me down.
  21. I want to start off by apologizing for being away for so long. I have written and re-written this chapter so many times. Never quite sure which way I wanted to take it and who I wanted the story to focus on next. Hoping to write some more chapters to this and eventually get to a conclusion in this story line. I have quite a few others I would like to get started but not until this one is done. So without further ado, I give you.... Blue Pill Part 21 Sarah headed into the showers after hearing the running water. The showers were private stalls that held a curtain at the front for privacy. Sarah pulled back the first curtain to find an empty stall. As she approached the second stall, Sarah could hear a wet slapping noise. Like the sounds of sex. She grabbed a handful of the curtain and pulled back just enough to peek inside. What she found in the private shower stall left her speechless. It was the most muscular back of a man she had ever seen. Even bigger than Chris after draining her size. He was easily as wide as the shower, his shoulders almost touching on either wall of the stall. She watched as his right arm made long back and forth motions, producing the slapping sound that had drawn her to his stall in the first place. Mesmerized by the sight of his muscles bunching and rippling across his back and triceps, Sarah had hardly noticed the man had turned and was reaching for a bottle of lube on the shelf behind him. A baritone voice filled the shower “well if you came for a show, then i’m going to need a volunteer.” The tall black man slowly turned around and Sarah watched as the water cascaded down to enormous pecs the size of dinner plates with big perky nipples. Which led to a deeply etched eight pack. Sarah’s eyes nearly bugged out when she saw the massive erection he was holding with his right hand. It had to be every bit of 13 inches and it was as thick as a beer can. Sarah swallowed hard, “I would be more than happy to help you out. It’s the least I could do for you since you gave me a show.” The tall behemoth reached forward and pulled back the curtain to allow Sarah entrance. Sarah slid in past the curtain and closed it behind her. Sarah turned back around and found herself eye level with the biggest pair of pecs she had ever seen. They jutted out several inches from the man's rib cage. Sarah brought a hand up and placed it on his massive upper arm. The man then flexed for her, making his arm jump up several inches as it hardened into a solid flex, causing her to stand on her tiptoes to keep ahold of the enormous bicep. “What’s your name big guy?” She asked as she leaned forward and pinched one of his nipples between her fingers. “Names Damien. Why don’t you put that mouth to work and don’t ask any more questions.” So Sarah latched onto his left nipple and gave it a playful bite. This drove the man wild. He grabbed Sarah by the waist and lifted her up. He turned them around so his back was again facing the shower curtain and he rested Sarah between his colossal cock and his ripped abdominals. Damien lowered Sarah down until she felt the curve of his dick along her taint and ass crack. Sarah couldn’t believe how hard this man's dick was. Speaking of hard dicks, Sarah could feel hers pulsing away inside the bike shorts that she was still wearing. Damien took notice of the fabric flexing beneath his abs. So he reached down and grabbed both sides of the bike shorts and pulled, the shorts stood no chance of staying together. They shredded apart like they were made of paper, freeing Sarah’s six inch raging hard on. Sarah began sucking on Damien’s nipple again while she reached behind her and began stroking the head of his massive cock. Her job was getting easier as Damien began pumping out precum into her hand. Once coated, Sarah pulled her hand back and brought it up to her mouth. She stuck one finger at a time in her mouth, sucking all the pre-cum off and moaning as she did so. Sarah then felt a warmth surge through her and Damien could swear she felt ever so slightly heavier resting on his dick. Damien leaned Sarah’s back against the tile wall under the shower head, which was several inches from the top of her head. He brought both of his hands under each ass cheek and lifted until the head of his cock nestled and the entrance of her ass. Sarah reached up and put both her arms around Damiens thick neck for support. She then felt herself slowly being rested on top of his bulbous cock head. Sarah leaned forward and took a nipple back in her mouth and gave it a nibble. Damien moaned and she could feel his cock flex and felt a big glob of pre-cum pulse into her hole. Sarah could feel the head of Damiens cock sliding into her a bit faster now thanks to the pre. This was taking too long for Sarah’s liking so she bit down hard on Damiens nipple and brought a hand down from behind Damiens neck to twist the other. Damien threw his head back and let out a deep moan as he clenched his massive ass cheeks, driving the head of his dick right into Sarah's ass. Sarah had thought she had made Damien cum because his cock was flexing like crazy and she could feel him shooting inside of her. “Oh, that’s how it’s gonna be huh?” Damien said with a smirk on his face. Sarah realized he hadn’t cum yet and that was all just pre. Sarah began to feel a warmth spreading through her body as the pre began feeding her body's growth. She watched as new veins snaked their way up her forearms and hair began sprouting up in places along her arms it had never been before. “Oh this is going to be fun.” Sarah thought. Sarah watched as Damien moved his hands under her arms and wrapped his thick fingers down on her shoulders from behind. “I can play dirty too.” Damien then began pulling Sarah down with his hands. Forcing more of his colossal dick inside of her. With each inch he was inside her Damien swore it was getting tighter. He’d never fucked anyone so tight before. Sarah could feel the dick sliding further and further into her, causing her own raging erection to push up against Damiens rock hard abs. Damien was about halfway in, he brought one of his hands around and placed it over Sarah’s mouth. He flexed his glutes, driving the rest of his dick inside of her, causing her eyes to roll back in her head and a long loud moan rumbled in the small shower. Damien stood there for a moment. Fighting off the urge to cum and to give Sarah a chance to adjust to his size. He could feel his cock throbbing inside, pumping tons of pre into Sarah’s ass. Sarah could feel what could only be described as a small fire growing inside of her. She felt her muscles expanding ever so slightly and she could feel her cock pulsing, each pulse bringing the head of her cock slightly further up Damiens abs. At the same time, she could feel a little less pressure inside of her as Damien’s cock shrank down to match what Sarah had gained. “I can’t have him figure out what’s happening till I take more from him.” Sarah began pulling herself up the length of his dick and dropped herself back down. This sent a moan through Damiens throat as Sarah milked another load of pre out of him. Damien swore he could feel Sarah getting heavier in his arms, but he was sure it was just because he had blasted his arms with an intense workout before hitting the shower. Damien looked down at his arms and he noticed the pump he had when he entered the shower was now gone. His arms were looking somewhat flat. Still extremely massive and very impressive, but flat in his eyes. Sarah noticed Damien taking inventory of his muscles and so she picked up the pace of her thrusts. Every time Sarah came back down on Damien’s dick she got a little bigger and he got a little smaller. This was because Sarah was milking the pre right out of his dick. Damien decided to take control. He reached behind Sarah and pulled her into him forcing her against his body and began pistoning his dick in and out of her. When he did this it forced Sarah’s cock between his rock hard abs and her six pack. In this new position, he knew he had easy access to her g-spot. Sarah felt like her world was dissolving all around her as Damien pounded her G-spot with a barrage of hard hits from his flared cock head. She was seeing little white spots on the edge of her vision and there were sounds escaping her mouth that she didn’t know she could even make. Damien could feel the tell-tale signs of an impending orgasm coming from Sarah, so he leaned Sarah's back against the shower wall again and gripped her cock in his hand. He began pumping her cock and fucking her with the same rhythm. Sarah couldn’t take anymore, She let out one deep long moan and clenched her ass hard onto Damiens dick. Damien continued stroking Sarah’s cock as he felt it flex in his hand. The first shot went so hard and so fast it hit the ceiling of the shower with a loud “SPLAT”. The next one landed right on Damiens face. The several that followed, painted his pecs and abs in a glaze of jizz. Damien could taste Sarah's jizz as it ran down his face and into his mouth. The taste was indescribable. It was doing something to him though, he felt his whole body tense up and his balls began to ache like he hadn’t cum in days. He knew what was about to come, he was. Damien drove his dick into Sarah one last time and threw his head back letting out a deep yell. Sarah came to her senses as she realized what was about to happen. She felt Damiens cock swell inside of her. A torrent of cum flooded her insides. Damien began sliding his cock in and out of her as if to milk out every last drop. Sarah felt like a furnace had just been ignited inside her. The heat was so intense. She began to feel her muscles swell and expand. Her cock began swelling in every direction as if she was about to erupt again. Damien, no longer able to hold her weight post orgasm, pulled Sarah up and off his dick and lowered her down till her feet rested on the tiled floor. Damien then hunched forward under the shower head with one arm rested against the wall just under the head. Sarah took this chance to make a quick escape before Damien began shrinking. She knew she was going to get quite a bit bigger, but she didn’t think she would be able to fend off Damien if he were pissed about his loss of size. She quietly pulled back the curtain while Damien was still in his post orgasmic bliss. She then closed the curtain and turned around, realizing she was completely naked. Sarah could feel herself getting bigger by the second as her body fed off Damiens cum. She could feel her lats pushing out, making her arms flare out further. The gap between her legs was filling up with muscle, making it awkward as she tried to continue walking. Sarah headed out into the locker room in search of something to wear, or maybe in search of some more muscle…. As Sarah exited the showers, the last shower curtain slid back and a man poked his head out. Seeing that she had left, the man slipped out of his shower wrapped in a towel and opened the curtain to the shower that Sarah had just left. “Looks like someone could use a hand in here…”
  22. NewGuy71

    Potential (Re-Posted)

    Apparently, this got deleted in the forum transfer, so I'm re-posting it. Enjoy! Potential You stomped out of your 10-year high school reunion furiously. Things never change. No matter how much time passed, Brett Davidson, Kyle Jackson, and Greg McKenzie would never grow up. They would always be the nasty bullies they were as children. Even as they approached their 30s, they were still rude, abrasive, and frankly disgusting to be around. "Hey! W-wait up, Matt!" a deep voice called from behind. You turned to see Ted Williams jogging up to you. Your grimace softened as he approached. Ted was friends with Brett and the others, but he was always nice to you growing up. You didn't understand how such a nice guy could be friends with such jerks, but they were all jocks in high school, after all. Ted stopped at your side and smiled down at you warmly. "Hey... I'm glad I caught you before you left, man. You alright?" He asked. Your lips curled upward into an almost shy smile. "I'm fine." You replied. "I mostly just wanted some space for now." He rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. You almost chuckled. For such a big guy, he was always so unsure about himself. "Look..." he began cautiously, "I just wanted to apologize for what the guys did-" "Save it." you cut him off, your smile fading. "We're not children anymore, Ted. You can't keep apologizing for your friends' terrible behavior forever." You waved at him dismissively as you turned away. Ted's face fell slightly. "Well, that's true," he said quietly. "I'm sorry." You sighed, the anger leaving you quickly. You looked back and gave him a wry grin. "It's not your fault. Like I said, you have nothing to apologize for." The handsome blond nodded. "It's just... it was nice seeing you again, Matt." he admitted. "We haven't really talked since high school." "Yeah? Well... maybe another time." you said, "I'm not in much of a mood for conversation right now. I just want to go home." Ted's eyebrows furrowed and he looked like he was going to say something else, then finally decided against it. "Alright then. Good night, Matt." he said with a wave goodbye. You walked away quickly, not seeing the sad, yearning look Ted gave you as you left. *** You tucked your hands into your jacket as you walked home. Honestly? You wanted to stay longer and catch up with Ted... but you knew it wouldn't matter. Ted would always choose his friends over you. You were too different. Ted was big and brawny... and far too handsome. And you? You were a skinny gamer geek that only weighed a hundred pounds wet. It wasn't fair. It wasn't fair that guys like Brett and Kyle and Greg had all the advantages in life. Big, strong, masculine, confident... and what did they do with it all? Push people around, mock others, bully everyone who dared stand up to them. Assholes like them didn't deserve the gifts they had been blessed with... "I wish..." you muttered under your breath, "I wish that I could change things. I wish I could make things different." Suddenly, you heard a strange, metallic ping echo through the air, and the world seemed to swirl and distort around you. You looked around in surprise and fear, with a cry of, "W-what the-?!" A wave of dizziness hit you. You stumbled, closing your eyes as you winced in pain. Then... the pain vanished. You opened your eyes and stared around in shock. Just moments ago, you were walking home in the dead of winter. Yet now... it looked to be about mid-summer! The hot sun blazed overhead. The trees were green and the flowers in full bloom. What the hell was going on? "S-stop it!" You heard a distant, high-pitched whine from behind you. You turned around, only for your eyes to grow even wider. In front of you was a scene that had been etched in your memory...only now you were seeing it from a very different point of view. There... just a few dozen yards away... was you. Or rather, your younger self... surrounded by equally young versions of Brett, Kyle, and Greg. This was when you had first met the boys, and when they decided you'd make a great punching bag. Your younger self, barely even 10 years old, sobbed from his seat on the dirty ground. A smug Brett stood over him, cracking his knuckles menacingly. You narrowed your eyes at the scene and moved to intervene, when suddenly... everything seemed to... stop. The world fell silent around you, and you paused in trepidation. 'Make things right.' You jolted at the words. They seemed to come from everywhere at once. Turning back to the frozen scene before you, your eyes widened at what you saw. Blue light shimmered at the core of each boy. Potential. Pure, masculine Potential. The very essence of manhood that would allow Brett, Kyle, and Greg to grow into the big, strong men they were as adults. It glowed brightly in each of their younger selves. Turning your gaze to your own past self, you noted that your own Potential was much, much dimmer. If Brett's Potential was a wildfire, yours was a tiny candle sputtering in the wind. It wasn't fair... you had to change it! Not fully understanding what you were doing, you held out a hand, palm up. Even as time was stopped, a howling wind seemed to blow, drawing sparks of the bullies' Potential out of their bodies. Their essences swirled around you before coalescing in your hand. When the wind finally died down, you held what looked like a tiny blue sun. The combined masculine Potential of three men. You glanced back at Brett and the others and saw that their cores were now faint and dim, much like yours. You knew they would never be able to grow up into the hunks they were meant to be. Turning back to your younger self, you thought, 'What if... what if I gave this Potential to my younger self...?' The idea made sense. After all, if you could take Potential away, surely you could give it to someone else. You could save yourself the heartache of watching them become the assholes you knew they were destined to be and change your own fate in one fell swoop. So, you did. You gently pushed the tiny blue sphere towards your childhood self. It floated gently, almost lazily, until it touched his skin and sank into his body. His core of Potential flared to life. Brilliant, blinding... like a dying star that had been reignited. And then... everything started shifting again. Another wave of dizziness struck you, and everything faded to black. *** You blinked as a cold wind buffered your face. You jolted awake and looked around you. You were back! Back in your time! But you felt... strange... different. Your usually baggy clothes felt oddly tight on you, especially around your arms and chest. You looked down and gasped in awe. Huge, muscular pecs pushed out the front of your shirt! You reached up and patted your chest in disbelief. "Is this... is this for real?" you asked aloud and paused. Your voice was different! Much, much deeper. You cleared your throat and tried to speak again, your voice coming out as a low, rumbling bass. "Wha... what the fuck?" you breathed. You looked down at your hands... they were huge! And your forearms... your biceps... they bulged obscenely! You couldn't stop staring at them. You flexed your muscles experimentally, trying a few poses that seemed to just come to you. Your jaw dropped open in wonder. "I... I'm... huge!" You exclaimed. You glanced up and realized that everything looked strangely smaller. Were you... taller? You looked for something to compare yourself to, trying to gauge how tall you actually were. You looked at a nearby street sign with a growing smile. "Holy shit... I think I'm over six feet tall." You murmured, "I'm... six..." A sudden pain lanced through your head, and you pressed a hand to your forehead with a groan of pain. Flashes of memory flickered before your closed eyes. You remembered growing up. Rapidly. By 8th grade, you were already 5'10"... and by the time you entered high school you were over six feet tall! And you packed on muscle with ease! You remember having to cut down on your workouts in high school so you wouldn't bulk up so much. Not every sport benefited from having over 200 pounds of muscle... Wait... sports? That's right! You were on the football, basketball, water polo, and wrestling teams, and even joined the weightlifting club! You chuckled at the memories. You’d been huge for teenager... so much bigger than everyone else. By senior year of high school, you were 6'7" and nearly 260 pounds of pure muscle, bigger than some pro bodybuilders! You could've played sports at any college you wanted to, but you chose to stay local. Why? So you could stay close to... Ted... your... boyfriend...? Your eyes opened wide in shock. "Ted is my boyfr-" You were interrupted by your cellphone ringing in your pocket. You fumbled with your phone for a bit before you opened it and saw Ted's name pop up on the screen. You smiled and answered it, "Hey, Ted!" You heard some muffled sounds and then a familiar, husky voice came across the line. "Matt? Babe? You headed back yet?" You smiled, a warmth pooling in your chest, and said, "Yeah, yeah. I just needed a bit of fresh air. I'm headed back now." "Oh, okay. Well... I'll see you soon. Love you," he said. Your heart fluttered at how natural that sounded. "Yeah. I'll see you in a bit. Love you too, Ted." you hung up, and put your phone away before making your way back to the reunion venue. It was strange. You had two sets of memories: one from your original timeline and one from this new timeline. In this timeline, you and Ted had come to your 10-year high school reunion together. You started dating in college and planned to get married next year. You smiled softly as you thought of your boyfriend. You remember helping him bulk up for football and cheering him on during tryouts back in high school. As a result, the Ted of this world was much happier and more confident, now that he wasn't under the shadow of his horrible friends. In fact, you weren't sure what had happened to Brett or the others. They avoided you once you started getting bigger and stronger than them, and none of them had come to the reunion either. You had to admit... this Ted was a lot better than your old, insecure Ted. A part of you would always miss the sad, puppy-like Ted from before... but you were happy with the confident and suave Ted you had now... especially considering how the man could deep-throat your massive... You stopped, mouth falling open. Without looking, you reached down and grabbed your crotch. Even soft, you could tell the dick in your pants would put any porn star to shame... and at this rate, it wouldn't be soft for much longer... "Fuck." you whispered with a moan. Was this the result of having the combined masculine Potential of three men? You grinned and stroked your cock, feeling your thick shaft throb and harden in your pants. Maybe you should take a detour into the woods before you head back...
  23. If you enjoy this story, please consider subscribing to my GrowManGrow Patreon page for more like it: https://www.patreon.com/growmangrow Almost everyone in Morningstar, Colorado, knew Nick and Sophia Jones. For starters, it was not a very big town – only about 2,000 people lived there. But mostly they were known for running a popular restaurant: the Olympia Café. Both Nick and Sophia were 100% Greek, so don’t let the last name fool you: it used to be Ioneus, but Nick’s grandfather changed it to Jones to better fit in after he emigrated to the US back in the 1920s. The food served at the café was also 100% Greek – authentic recipes handed down from Sophia’s grandmother to her mother and then to her. The meals were tasty, the portions were generous, and the prices were affordable – and to top it all off, Nick and Sophia were incredibly hospitable and did everything possible to ensure their guests had a memorable dining experience. Both restaurateurs were also known for their support of the community, and they were always ready to host a benefit or cater an event for any local cause. Nick and Sophia’s eldest child, their daughter Athena, inherited their incredible kindness and always did her best to help others. Now 30 years old, Athena ran a successful public relations firm in nearby Denver and was constantly doing pro bono work to assist those in need. She also served on the board of several charitable organizations, and of course, made frequent trips back to Morningstar to visit her family. The other child, Hercules, was two years younger than Athena and was given all the same love and attention she received from her parents, but instead of possessing a giver’s heart and wanting to bring kindness to the world, Hercules instead was cursed with something that no other member of the Jones family had: a massive ego. He only truly loved himself, and he only spent time on activities which benefitted him. Hercules did receive two things from his parents, however – the first was a strong Greek profile, with his dark wavy hair, thick beard and mustache, and olive skin. If you saw him walking down the street, you would be 100% confident in his ethnicity and heritage. And second, both his mother and father were above-average in size, and they passed those genetics onto him. Hercules stood 6’4” tall and weighed 180 pounds when he graduated from high school a decade earlier, but thanks to rigorous weight training at the local gym, he had buffed up to 280 well-sculpted pounds and now resembled the demigod he was named after. He loved pumping up his muscles and growing his physique, and he was hoping to get up to 300 pounds before he turned 30 in two years. One look at him, even covered up in a coat or bulky sweater, and you knew you were looking at a stud. What did he want to do with his amazing body? Teach others how to get in shape? Nope. Become a famous powerlifter or bodybuilder? Nope. Get work as an actor or model? Nope. All Hercules wanted to do was use his muscles to demonstrate his superiority over other men AND get women to sleep with him. Both of those activities thrilled him as much as weightlifting, and with the generous allowance he received from his parents, he didn’t need to waste time on a job or do anything he considered to be frivolous. As a result, Hercules ended up spending most of his time at the town fitness facility, Morningstar Muscle, where he could lift weights, make fun of weaklings, and flirt with hot women whom he could take home and fuck. The gym was, at least for him, the perfect second home. The owner of the gym, a big-bellied ex-jock who was a good friend of the Jones family and received free food at the café, looked the other way at what he considered Herc’s relatively harmless frat-boy activities. The other members of Morningstar Muscle also didn’t do anything to stop him. The women who hadn’t been with him yet of course assumed they could eventually change his bad boy ways once they slept with him (they couldn’t), and the women who had been seduced and tossed aside were hopelessly devoted to the idea that the big man (and yes, he was big all over) might pick them again in the future (he would not), so they continued to flirt and do anything he wanted (“Baby, go get me another protein shake. Daddy needs a boost.”). The men did their best to give Hercules a wide berth so they didn’t become targets of harassment, and so the bad behavior of the Greedy Greek went unabated for a long time. But things finally began to change one August afternoon. It was 92 degrees outside, and the gym’s air-conditioning was struggling to keep the weight room cool. Hercules was there, as usual, and decided to work out shirtless due to the sweltering conditions, plus he figured it would also help him better attract some new lady friends for the evening. He was right about that – Herc possessed an amazing upper body, and everyone around stared as the sweat cascaded down from his massive pecs into the crevices between his well-defined ab muscles. He peacocked around the equipment to make sure that nobody missed out on the glory that was his physique. The big man had just finished up a set of bench presses – he was getting close to pushing his personal best to 500 pounds – when a voice spoke to him from behind. “Excuse me, can you please clean up the bench?” Herc turned to see who had spoken. It was a smaller man – well, everyone was small compared to him – but this guy was particularly tiny. He was no taller than 5’2” or 5’3” and couldn’t have weighed more than 100 pounds. “What are you talking about, shrimp?” he asked. The man repeated his request: “Can you please clean up the bench?” He then pointed to where Hercules had just been laying, and indeed a layer of sweat from his back had pooled there. Hercules laughed. “What are you, the fuckin’ sweat police?” The smaller man then pointed to a sign on the nearby wall that read: All Members Must Clean Equipment After Use. “It’s just common courtesy,” he added. “Well, nothing about me is common, dipshit. If you’re such a baby that you can’t deal with a little sweat, maybe you should work out at home?” “Really, name-calling?” said the man. He was a new member named Tanner Cross, who had just moved to town a few weeks earlier and didn’t know Herc’s nasty reputation. “Wouldn’t your time be better spent following the rules?” Hercules had had enough by this point; not only was the little man interrupting his pump, but he was also way too confident for his size. “Listen up, fuckstain, I don’t know who you think you are, but let me tell you who I am. The name’s Hercules Jones, and I do whatever the fuck I want to do, or don’t want to do, in this town. I don’t give a shit that the bench has some sweat on it, and there’s no fuckin’ way I’ll be cleaning it up. That is fucking woman’s work, and I ain’t no fucking girl, got it?” Tanner was shocked at the outburst. He was about to apologize, but Hercules didn’t give him a chance to respond. The bodybuilder placed his big hands under Tanner’s armpits, picked him up, and shoved him hard against the wall where the “Clean Equipment” sign was posted. “Anyway, why the fuck are you so interested in my sweat, pervert? Let me guess, you think I’m hot and you’d you want a taste, right? You want to lick my body all over, huh?” “Please…put me down!” said Tanner as he tried to wriggle free of Herc’s grip, but he was unable to do so. “Look at the little man now. Too weak to get away. Maybe you *should* lick up some of my sweat – I bet it’s full of protein and could help you grow some much-needed muscle. Would you like that, wimp? To have big muscles like mine? To have 20-inch arms and be able to lift anything in your way? To be able to do anything you fuckin’ want because everyone is either too turned on or too scared to stop you? Look, I got a bunch of sweat right here on my chest…right there on my big ol’ pec, just dipping down. You can just slurp it right up. Go ahead, lick my nipple, boy.” Tanner continued to struggle but was making no headway. Hercules laughed again and took his right hand off his target. He then swirled his index finger across his pecs until it was wet with his perspiration. “Jesus, you can’t even get free when I hold you with one hand. But that’s OK, baby, ‘cause I got some muscle sweat for you to gobble down. Hercules pressed his sweaty finger against Tanner’s lips, and the smaller man did his best to look disgusted. But deep down, he was turned on, and thankfully his somewhat loose pair of sweatpants hid his erection (granted, it was only 4 inches long when hard, so it’s not like there was much to see). Tanner had moved to town a few months for a new job, and he figured his new life in a new place would be the perfect opportunity to pursue his secret desire: to finally put on some real muscle. He had always been the smallest and weakest guy wherever he went, and his masturbatory fantasies involved himself growing huge muscles like Hercules. Sure the man was a bully, but it was difficult to ignore his super sexy brawn and the swagger that accompanied it. Tanner tried not to stare, but Herc’s massive left arm was only inches from his face, and it was bigger than any he had ever seen before. He would give anything – his money, his brains, his eventual firstborn – to have that kind of raw power. He realized at that moment just how badly he craved muscle for himself, and he was more determined than ever to get it. After a few seconds of trying to get the little man to suck his finger, Hercules gave up, released his grip, and let his victim slump to the floor. “Fuckin’ pussy! Stay out of my way from now on, or you’ll really regret it.” Tanner looked up and watched Hercules walk away, all the while licking the sweat the big man had rubbed on his lips. As he stared at the Herc’s juicy ass bouncing up and down in the tight gym shorts, his cock couldn’t take it anymore and spewed forth a stream of cum inside his own shorts.
  24. GrowManGrow

    Taking on the Big Dog

    If you enjoy this story, please consider subscribing to my GrowManGrow Patreon page for more like it: https://www.patreon.com/growmangrow Aaron could not believe what he stumbled onto at the gym: an actual strength challenge between two of the biggest bulls there. He had finished his time on the treadmill and had taken a seat on a bench near the free weight area to rest when two muscleheads walked by: a dark-haired man named Max, and a blond named Hoyt. The studs had been friends since they met in high school ten years earlier. They both were around 6’3 and between 280 and 300 pounds – Max was a little taller and leaner, and Hoyt was a little shorter and heftier. And sometimes, when jacked up on pre-workout and supplements (plus all their natural testosterone), they would compete to see which of them was the strongest. This time it was Max who started the taunting with a crack about Hoyt’s smaller quads, and Hoyt responded with some good-natured ribbing about how his arms were bigger. A few minutes later the joking escalated into a friendly argument, and then soon they decided to settle the fight with an intense full-body workout involving 15 different lifts. “And what does the winner get?” asked Max. Hoyt looked around and spotted Aaron on the nearby bench. The cute little man in the too-big tank top was around 5’6 and maybe 100 pounds, with short brown hair and soft brown eyes. He had been keenly listening to everything the bigger man were saying, and his dick was tenting up through his shorts. “How about the winner gets to have some fun with our audience over there?” asked Hoyt. “I think he would happy to spend some time with either one of us.” Max agreed and shot a quick smile over to Aaron, who smiled back at the thought of being the prize in this competition. The big men went over the rules – they would lift the exact same amount of weight on each exercise, and who ever could do the most amount of total reps without cheating would be the winner. They shook hands, and then started loading up their bars and pumping an incredible amount of iron, which caused their muscles to fill with blood and surge in size. "I would love to be that big!" thought Aaron to himself. He flexed his left bicep and looked at the tiny muscle, and then started flexing it harder and harder to see if it would grow. But try as he might, his arm remained small and puny-looking. Hoyt caught sight of the display, laughed, and pointed it out to Max. Before Aaron could feel too sorry for himself, however, Hoyt came over and ordered him to serve as his spotter while he was bench pressing. Aaron leaned over and watched the stud pump out rep after rep of the insane poundage, and then made sure the bar was properly re-racked when he was done. Hoyt stood up and was dripping with sweat, and Aaron couldn't help but get aroused by the manly odor. The bigger man then took off his shirt to reveal his bloated torso, and then tossed it over to Aaron. "I know a puny guy like you couldn't possibly handle that kind of weight by yourself, but at least you can hold my shirt, right?" Aaron nodded, took his seat back on the bench, and played with his erection as he took in another whiff from the shirt. Finally after almost two hours of intense lifting, Hoyt ended up beating Max by a total of three reps. The defeated man took the loss in stride, thanked his friend for pushing him so hard, and vowed to make a comeback: "I'm going to have my lover fix me nothing but red meat for the next week, Hoyt, and next time you're going down." Hoyt laughed and replied, "Keep dreaming, little Max. You'll never top the Big Dog." Max then headed for the shower, and Hoyt turned to look at Aaron, who had stood up from the bench after the competition. The Big Dog walked up to him and put his huge, sweaty muscle gut right up against Aaron's shirt. "I'm feelin' so virile and manly today, Puny. That workout made me feel like a fuckin' stud!" Aaron stared at Hoyt's outrageously huge upper body and took a deep whiff of Hoyt's musky odor. "Ever seen an arm that big, little guy?" Aaron just shook his head to answer. Hoyt then flexed his left arm and put his bicep right in Aaron's face. "Look at the size of this motherfucker, Puny! That is a fuckin' man's bicep – 24 inches cold...and growing every day." Aaron put his hand on the Big Dog's hard bicep. He tried to squeeze the muscle, but Hoyt's arm was just too strong and it wouldn't budge. "That's it, little guy, feel the results of my hard work. Bet you never had a workout like mine, right? You probably do your Jazzercise or jogging and tell everyone it's because you just want to 'tone up,' but secretly you want to pump the big weights like me, right? You would kill to be a real muscleman, right? But instead of giving you tons of muscle and strength like I got, God decided to give you weakness and frailty and delicateness, right?" Aaron nodded meekly. "Yeah, he gave me these great big pythons and he gave you toothpicks. It's just not a fair world for someone like you, is it? I mean, you can take all the pills and protein powders and supplements and vitamins, and work out every day for a year and gain maybe two or three pounds of muscle, while I gain that from just a couple of lifting sessions here with Max. Hoyt unflexed his arm and reached down to grab his crotch. "But I tell you what, Puny. I'm gonna try to help you out a bit, OK? Would you like me to help you?" Aaron nodded again meekly. Hoyt smiled. "Good! I'm going to help you by letting you suck some of the protein out of me...special protein that will help you grow.” Hoyt knew his cum was different than other guys. It somehow not only made it easier for him to get big and strong, but when ingested by others, they would get a temporary muscle increase as well. Usually it was only 5 or 10 pounds of muscle, but sometimes it was as much as 25 or 30, but it was enough to toughen up his lovers so they could keep up with him in bed. Hoyt loved to be dominating and aggressive in the bedroom, but he didn't want to permanently damage his conquests during their lovemaking, so would have them suck him off first so they could improve their strength and stamina. And no matter what was taken from him, the change was always temporary – the guys would revert to their former slightness within an hour or two. And more importantly, Big Dog was never affected – the receiver of the cum would grow, but he always stayed the same size. The two men decided to skip the shower and instead hopped into Hoyt’s truck for a short drive back to his house. Within a minute after arriving, they were on the bed completely undressed. The big man laid his head on the pillows and the smaller man took his position closer to the foot of the bed. Hoyt closed his eyes and enjoyed how Aaron was working on him down there. “That little man can suck. He’s so much better than the others. He’s so much more intense.” He tried to form other thoughts, but became lost in the euphoria. Aaron was definitely going to town on Hoyt’s cock. He loved to give blowjobs, and he loved big musclemen, so he was in heaven. But as he licked and suck the 10-inch cock in front of his face and gazed upon Hoyt’s mighty physique, Aaron also repeated his wish from when he was on the bench at the gym: “I would love to be that big!” Everything Hoyt had said to him had been true: it wasn’t a fair world, and God gave some men pythons but had given him toothpicks. Aaron desperately wanted to be a muscle stud, but he could never put on the weight. But that all changed with Hoyt’s cock erupted and the magic cum rushed past Aaron’s lips and down his throat. As it entered his body, Aaron continued to suck and suck and suck. He didn’t want to miss a drop. As he did so, he could feel his body changing. It started in his chest. It was getting bigger, wider, and fuller, and his nipples grew hard as the beef piled on. Then he felt more muscle streaming into his arms, growing his biceps and triceps into those worthy of the Big Dog…worthy of someone who could flex and make other hard with his power. Somehow Aaron knew the gains were meant to be minor and temporary, but he was determined to change that narrative. “I want it all…I want all the muscle…and I want it forever,” he told himself. He could feel abs forming where his skinny-fat belly had been, tightening into the core of a bodybuilder. And then he felt his ass harden, growing massive glutes that would look so delicious in the tight short-shorts he was going to wear from now on. “It’s not enough!” thought Aaron. "Give me more!" His body responded by pumping up his shoulders and back, as if he had done hundreds of pull-ups every day for a decade. After that the growth started to slow, but Aaron refused to let that happen. He sucked harder and harder to Hoyt’s cock, drawing out more of the magic cum. “I’M NOT FUCKING DONE!” roared inside his brain. “I WANT MORE! I NEED MORE!” And just like that, the growth restarted. He could feel his legs growing longer and stronger. Thankfully he had completely disrobed or his pants would be choking the muscle, but they were free to reshape into those of a powerhouse. DeMayo in his prime would have wept at the sight of Aaron’s freaky new stems. He could feel his feet enlarging as well, going from a measly size 7 up to size 17 – perfect for a man who was no longer 5’6” but 6’6”. His weight was shooting up as well – from 100 to 150 to 200 to 250. He eventually topped out at 350 pounds of beef, bigger than both Hoyt and Max ever dreamed they could be. Aaron wanted to be a god among men, and he wasn’t willing to settle for ordinary. “I’m fucking in control,” he thought. “And I want more! I want everything he can give!” Aaron sucked and slurped on Hoyt’s shrinking cock and took every last ounce of cum he could get, and sure enough, he got his wish. Not only did he take size and strength, but he sucked out confidence and swagger. He sucked out the desire to be seen, noticed, and pleasured. He sucked out the good looks, the cleft chin, and the blond hair. He sucked out the porn star dick. He sucked out everything Hoyt knew about pleasuring other men. He took everything he wanted! Finally, Hoyt was left drained and he opened his eyes. He gasped as Aaron stood up from the bed – gone was the puny man who had been sucking him off, and instead he completely transformed into a hulking bruiser. He looked like a morphed version of a bodybuilder, with gigantic arms, chest, shoulder, and legs, and a huge erect cock sticking out from under his shredded abs. Additionally, the man he had gone to bed with had a cute face with brown hair, but this man had wavy blond hair and a face so handsome and sharp that any movie producer would beg him to star in their picture. “What happened?” asked Hoyt. “My cum only changes guys a little.” Aaron bounced his beefy pecs. “Most guys don’t know what they want, but I did. I wanted to become a fuckin’ real man. A fuckin’ perfect man. And thanks to your cum, little guy, it happened.” Hoyt wasn’t sure what Aaron meant at first, but then he raised his head to see the changes to his own body. Gone was the big, beefy physique he had built up over the past few years, and it was replaced with a lanky torso, thin arms, and spindly legs. All the muscle he had used to intimidate people was completely gone. He flexed his left arm and only a tiny little ball of weak muscle appeared. Even worse, his cock had shrunk down from its previous heft to a small one-inch nub. “No!” the former bodybuilder cried. “I can’t be this tiny. Please don’t leave me this way!” Aaron laughed, and then picked up his old shirt from the floor and tossed it onto Hoyt’s newly frail body. "I know a puny guy like you couldn't possibly handle me in bed, but at least you can hold my shirt, right?" Hoyt remembered saying something similar to Aaron earlier in the day. “C’mon, you know I was just kidding, right? You need to give me a chance to get my muscle back from you.” “Look, I’m sorry, but it's just not a fair world, is it?” said Aaron, hitting a double bicep pose. “God decided to give me these mighty pythons and left you with toothpicks. I got tons of muscle and strength, and you’re left with weakness and frailty and delicateness. That’s just how it’s fuckin’ gonna be.” The huge naked man then picked up the set of keys from the bedside table. “I’m taking the truck, too. It’s too big for you now, so I’ll send over my crappy Celica for you to drive later. And I’m taking all the cash and credit cards in your wallet – the Big & Tall and supplement stores should still be open, and I need a few things.” Hoyt stood up, wobbled from the weakness, and sat back down on the bed. “Please. Please leave me with something. It will take me time to grow my muscles back, and I’m defenseless right now.” “How ‘bout I leave you with a kiss?” Aaron knelt down so his face was in front of Hoyt’s, and then he jammed his tongue inside his mouth. The big man immediately began to suck as hard as he could with his giant lungs and managed to inhale quite a bit of Hoyt’s saliva. In doing so, he also sucked out Hoyt’s ability to grow muscle mass quickly and easily…something he had forgotten before. He then thought about himself working out in the gym and easily growing bigger and bigger, and how everyone was going to be jealous of his superman body. After fantasizing about it for another 15 seconds, Aaron wordlessly stood back up and headed out the door to his new and improved future.
  25. MuscleTheftEnthusiast

    Potion Commotion

    L I get up for the day, I went on yet another date last night, with a girl I thought had an absolutely banging bod. But… once she saw me in real life, she was not interested. She got up to go to the bathroom like… 30 minutes into the date and I didn’t see her again. So embarrassing! I’m hot too… it’s just my height. Whatever. I turn over in my bed, grabbing my phone. I can tell Chase is up, he’s out in the living room making coffee. Ugh, he’s probably going to ask about the date… he’s always a little too invested in my dating life. I get out of bed, and look at myself in my mirror, a thin, short body, just 5'6. Not much fat…. But not much muscle either. I have abs, but a skinny type of abs, nothing any girl would write home about. I go to my drawer and pull out a shirt and some shorts, wanting to cover up before I go into the kitchen to say hi to Chase. I mean, he’s a sweet guy, but he’s a little too interested in me, as many times as I have told him I’m straight too. I’m sure he’ll be wearing next to nothing out there too… Trying to get me to match. Classic. As I step out of my room, I walk down the hall, and see Chase with his wide back turned to me, dorito shaped, down to a tiny waist clad in equally tiny briefs. I swear, as he’s gotten bigger and bigger he’s bought smaller and smaller underwear. When we first moved in together a few years back, I remember he was just a lanky 6’6 gay guy, who was looking for someone to help him split the mortgage costs of the house. He took to me right away on meeting me, and I have to say I like him too, aside from his incorrectly placed attraction to me. As soon as I moved in and helped him relieve the financial burden of the house payments, he started spending his extra cash and free time at the gym, absolutely blowing up in size, now with the body of a model-turned-bodybuilder, and hung like a porn star. Not that I’m ever looking, but the way he describes himself. When he talks about his grindr dates, or even when I happen to run into his conquests when they stay over, they can’t stop blabbing about his body. “Good morning sleepyhead!” Chase says, turning around from the coffee machine, grabbing two mugs down from the high cabinets, the ones I need to use a step stool to reach. An unfortunate embarrassment when I end up in the kitchen. He pours a cup of coffee for each of us, and sets one up at the countertop stools, and keeps his in his hand, leaning back against the counter. “How was the date last night? Do I need to make a third cup for a little lady who might have followed my hot little Alex home?” Chase winks, ready to grab another mug. “Sadly, she wasn’t interested.” I say, trailing off, frustrated at the feelings of belittlement from the date. “I tried to tell her about my height, I’m up front about it in the apps, but the ladies, as soon as they show up, especially in heels, just want to bail. Nobody wants to date someone shorter and smaller than them!” Chase holds a finger up to my lips. “Not true, cutie! Maybe no ladies, but I know 100 gay men who would jump at the chance to get in those little pants! My standing offer is always here next time a date goes bad!” “Thanks for the offer, but for the 1000th time, not interested Chase! Plus, you’ve been keeping busy with the boys lately! You don’t need me!” I laugh, grabbing his finger and pushing it to the side. I then move to change the subject. “You got a busy day today?” “Not much really, going shopping, texting back a few of the dudes blowing up my phone, getting some clothes from the tailor. It’s movie night tonight, yeah? Got something picked out?” Chase and I have had a weekly standing movie night for the household. We watch a silly action movie, mostly for each of us to ogle the full spectrum of stars, but also to just hang out. Outside of his constant flirting, I really do like Chase. “Yeah! I got something with the rock tonight, I’m sure you’ll be into it!” I laugh, as you jokingly drop your mouth cartoonishly, making a train whistle noise. “I’ve got a bit of work to do this afternoon though, so I’ll just see you tonight. You wanna be in charge of cocktails this time?” “Sure! I’ll pick out something while I’m out! And if I find anything that would look good on you while clothes shopping, I’ll pick that up too!” He finishes his coffee, rinses it off, and puts it in the sink, as he walks off, getting ready for the day. I finish shortly after him, and move to my room, opening my laptop and getting to work. I hear Chase finish up showering, quicker than usual, and he peeks into my room, clad in an incredibly tight tank top and shorts, like a gym goer who suddenly hit a growth spurt. “See you later, Alex!” Chase says, seeing I’m in the thick of my work, and leaves me be, heading out the door. Chase hits up his errands throughout the day, picking out some clothes for me while shopping, sending me pictures of the potential outfits from the changing room, next to some bigger outfits obviously for him. Surprise surprise, Chase is barely clothed and just in frame of these pictures, purposely so. I text him back, saying the clothes look good, but to chill out a bit. He just texts back a winky face. I roll my eyes and flip my phone back around. ** Chase’s perspective ** I sigh at Alex’s lack of response, and heads to his tailor. Next to the storefront is a new shop, “Mystic Solutions”. I have the day free, why not explore. *It's probably just some incense shop or the like,* I think as I head inside. Once in there, it seems to match my thoughts, a new age wiccan shop or similar with things for smells, cleansing, and so on. Rolling my eyes and chuckling, I come across the potion isle. Looking at them, I'm startled by the clerk coming up behind me and asking if I need help. "Well, do you have any love potions?" I ask with a laugh, making her giggle a bit. "Not exactly sir, but we do have something similar. Let me guess, a boy you like isn't into that? It's pretty common in this town," she says, leaving me to blush that I was that readable. Nodding in response, she moves to a dark bottle and picks it up. "Now, this is just a guess, but I'm thinking you want him nice and eager for you? Open to being your man? This should do the trick, it just...relaxes their inhibitions, lets them realize how good things feel. He'll be putty in your hands, just make sure to follow the directions. Too much can have side effects!" She warns as she hands it to me. I had stopped listening after she said it would open your mind to me, already deciding that even a 1% chance was worth the money. Nodding along, I pay her and head out, eager to get home and make us some drinks. *Oh god, if this works...* I think, wincing a bit as my cock pushes against my tight pants, my excitement obvious to anyone who looks. ** Alex’s perspective ** I hear Chase finally come into the front door, around 5 PM, long day out! I decide to close my laptop and head out of my room, finding him already in the kitchen, whipping up some drinks in a frenzy. “Doing ok there dude? Need any help?” I ask, watching him rush around, and he snaps his neck up, waving me off. “No way! Hah, just a complicated drink recipe, go ahead and start that movie up! I’ll order some pizza or something! It’s my cheat day.” Chase says, as he looks at the label of some vial, clearly just scanning it, and dumps the full thing into one of the cups. I shrug and walk over to the couch, turning on the movie, just hitting play, he’ll be over in a second. Not like you miss much with these dumb movies. He finally heads over, little martini glasses in hand, passing me the one in his left hand. “Cheers!” We say in unison, clinking our glasses and taking a sip. Fuck! This is delicious! I immediately take a few more sips. Chase always makes the fruitier drinks I would never have ordered for myself, but are always incredible. “Dude this rocks!” I say, after a few minutes, the movie getting to a scene where the Rock, for some reason, is fully shirtless and running through the woods. “You like it?” Chase asks, a weird cryptic tone in his voice. “Yeah it’s fucking great! I might ask you for another here in a few!” I say, guzzling down the last few sips after I say so, setting my drink down. Damn, this is strong though, I’m feeling almost… woozy. I look at you in the face, your chiseled jaw and sharp blue eyes studying me intensely. A feeling I’m used to having from you, but…. Right now it feels nice. I look down, and see your big arms, bunching up into a sizeable muscle as you take a sip. “You’ve really gotten big lately, huh?” I ask, noting how tight your tank top looks, outlining your pecs and each individual ab muscle, a perfect six pack. “Yeah.. uh… I have started a new routine recently!” Chase says, surprised at my interest, quickly darting his eyes to my completed drink then back to me. “You…. You… you wanna feel?” He says, flexing his sizeable bicep as he leans back onto the couch. “I actually would love to!” I say, uncharacteristically enthusiastically, as I scooch closer to you on the couch, smelling your manly scent from your huge body, loving it. I reach up and feel your bicep, not even able to get both of my small hands to circle the muscle. “Holy shit dude, these are gargantuan. You have been looking incredible lately!” “Uhh yeah!” Chase says, excitement entering his voice. “I’m bigger pretty much everywhere. That’s why I’ve had to get my clothes tailored recently. My pecs are really growing too.” Chase bounces his pecs under his tank top, moving the fabric. He grabs one of my hands and guides me to cap his pec, feeling the muscle rolling under my touch. “Can… can I take off your shirt?” I ask, almost pressed fully against you. “Sure you can, but maybe we take this to my room?” Part two coming soon!
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