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  1. Part 1 – The High School Hero Chapter 1 I’ve never embraced the spotlight. I’ve had many chances at having the center of attention all to myself, but that’s not who I am as a person. I like to be just on the outskirts of the spotlight—close enough that I can feel its warmth and people can see me, but not so close that it blinds me. If I wanted to be magnificently famous, it would have happened. I had many opportunities. Instead, though, I stayed on those outskirts. My life has changed drastically depending on whose outskirts I was staying on. The high school hero, the college con-artist, the West California wild card, the Hollywood hunk—they each changed me in very different ways. But I don’t want to tell my whole life story—every grocery trip, every load of laundry, every DMV line. I do want to give the highlights, though. Because, oh, have I had some highlights. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. I guess I should really start by explaining my nickname. My name is Gerald P. Vaughn, but it’s my most intimate nickname that really matters. I’ve had many casual nicknames throughout my life, but only a select few have ever called me The Repository. My high school boyfriend gave that particular nickname to me. I didn’t know then why Gregg picked me. He was the hunky hero of the football team. I was the editor of yearbook who spent my weekends writing fan-fic of Spider-man and The Hunger Games. He had firm, taut muscles and dazzlingly blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. I had a somewhat slight frame, and mud-brown hair and eyes. He was well over six feet tall. I was a slightly more than average 6’, my only really distinguishing feature being my height. He came from money and was super popular. I worked at a deli part time to help the family expenses and had a small but tight-knit circle of friends. Gregg and I only met because we had the same AP English class. I’d noticed him freshman year, but I don’t think he even knew my name until we had that English class together. At our little high school in Illinois, any student taking an AP class senior year had to take a special one-day seminar at the end of their junior years to give us our summer assignments so we could hit the ground running come September. That’s where Gregg and I officially met. He asked me out, and we dated in secret all summer. He was still closeted, so we couldn’t date openly, but I was still a teenager—so I didn’t really care. I liked having him as my secret. We would spend muggy summer afternoons in my attic bedroom in each other’s embrace. We didn’t do a lot of talking, but we spent a lot of time together. I couldn’t get enough of his athletic torso and pert pecs. He couldn’t get enough of my kisses. Gregg told me I was an amazing kisser. He wouldn’t be the last. A few months into our relationship, a week after my 18th birthday, we finally decided it was time to go beyond the heavy petting and hand jobs and try some serious sex. After the dance of condoms and lube, Gregg prepared to top me. He pounded me dutifully with his girthy 5 inches, but lasted all of two minutes. Apparently, Mr. Football Hotshot was a virgin before he started dating me. He’d had girlfriends, he'd told me, but I guess none of those girls had gotten as far with him as I had. I wasn’t going to hold it against him; I was a virgin before I started dating him too. When he finished, he told me it was my turn. My head was so filled with stereotypes about gay sex and who tops who that I actually didn’t expect he’d give me a turn topping, and I was so excited to try. I put the condom on my eager (and perfectly average) 6 inch dick, and I began working myself into him. I wanted to fuck him hard and good, but given the disparity in our bodies, I didn’t think I could. Then, instinctively, it occurred to me. “Lend me ten pounds,” I said. “What?” he asked in a fog of sex and confusion. “Lend me ten pounds of muscle,” I repeated, adding, “Please.” Perhaps thinking it was some kind of role play, he meekly said, “Okay. You can borrow ten pounds of muscle.” As soon as he said it, his muscles diminished a little. He was still firm and big, but nowhere near as big as he had just been. At the same time, I felt my body become more solid, stronger, taking up more space. My flat chest blossomed a little, my arms thickened, my abs tightened, my ass firmed. His ten pounds were in my body, and I used them to start fucking him harder and more thoroughly. Gregg looked at our bodies, and a look of joy spread over his face as I picked up the pace of my fucking. “You can borrow another ten, as long as you fuck me senseless,” he said, giving into the passion. Ten more pounds melted off his physique. He still looked fit and healthy with a trim midsection, but he looked more like an up-and-coming football player rather than a football star. I, meanwhile, now looked like I’d been working out for years, building my body up to teenaged muscular perfection. My chest was thick and proud, my arms were strong and solid, and my ass flexed into round relief as I plowed Gregg thoroughly. He came for the second time before I came once. But when I did climax, the might I had in my borrowed muscles flexed and tensed, drawing up close to the surface. Looking down at my reduced boyfriend, my body was thicker and meatier than his, a realization that spurred my orgasm to greater heights. I pulled out and rolled over so we could spoon, and as soon as he had his arms around me, I said, “Okay. You can have them back now.” When I said it, my form returned to its normal state, and the arms around me grew strong and burly, Gregg’s arms as I had come to know them.
  2. JadeDragon

    m/m Cheaters Never Prosper

  3. Guest

    Be prepared for the new you

    Lowering my mirrored sunglasses down my face, my eyes gazed upon the shop sign as I breathed heavily. I had made the extra effort to cover my face as much. Didn't want anyone to find out about me. Pushing the huge metal door I carefully walked into the room. Surprisingly it was bright and spacious, in total contrast to the dark slummy street outside. I looked onto the walls filled with pictures of handsome muscular young men. Some were wearing clothes that showed off a certain part of their body, others dressed smartly in designer clothes while some didn’t even have clothes at all. Then I looked at another part of the brightly lit room filled with more pictures. These pictures however were titled <Before and After>. On one side of the photographs were pictures of naked dangerously overweight, terribly skinny, old, balding, ugly men with penises so small you swear they didn’t have one. While on the other side were naked young men with broad shoulders, full thick hair, huge arms and handsome masculine faces with their huge assets hanging between their ripe sacs as they posed, flexing and showing of their muscles. On the bottom of the pictures their stats such as weight and height were also compared. I was terribly nervous. But I kept telling myself that it was all for the better. As I looked at the pictures I knew this was going to be a huge step for me and my lifestyle was definitely going to change. But I knew it was going to change for the better. “You must be Dan I assume” I turned around and saw a young looking man, not much older than me. “Lenny?” I asked He proceeded to me while staring at various parts of my body. “Lenny at your service. I hope our chat last night calmed you down Don’t worry, at the end of the process you will get what you want, as stated in the contract. And pertaining to the question on the phone last night. Don’t worry, this system is extremely safe. Men like you is why this business can thrive and carry on.” I nodded. Being prepared for this day I quickly replied “So sir. Can we start right away?” Lenny laughed out loud. “So eager are you? Well you’ve just arrived in time. Your swap partner just came 10 minutes ago. I changed out of my stinking clothes, took off my shoes, jeans and other small accessories and was told to place them on a table labeled “Matthew”. I looked to the left and saw another table labeled Dan which had some unfolded clothes lying on it. I was told once the swap ended I would wear the clothes my partner had and vice versa. I had sweat a lot on the walk here but as I looked back at my smelly old clothes I felt sad that I was going to wear them for the last time because after the swap my body would definitely not be able to fit these clothes anymore. Yet a smile crossed my face knowing how much better my life is going to change. Walking across to examine my partner’s table more carefully I was quickly asked by a nurse to enter a different room. A nurse helped me onto a table and properly placed my arms and legs in position. Oh, how cold the table felt against my naked skin. It was uncomfortable and somewhat awkward. But Lenny assured me that I would finally get what I wanted soon. The technicians connected an apparatus over my groin area, securing my scrotum and cock shaft into the machine extraction device. Following that, other tiny tubes and sensors were placed around major muscle groups and sweat glands around my body. As I closed my eyes an unbelievably amazing sensation made me moan and move my head from left to right. I felt as if I was climaxing non-stop without control. My breathing got harder as I raised my hips up slightly. I could feel my body changing. I felt my muscles moving vividly and my bones shaking violently. Never in my life had I felt something as amazing as this. I finally reached a point where I could take it no longer. I gave out a loud primal yell as I climaxed and unloaded every drop of semen I had in my body. For a minute I just breathed heavily in a motionless state. Too exhausted to even fidget. The sensation of an extended climax would leave any man too high in a state of euphoria. I finally opened my eyes when I heard lenny’s voice. My vision was terribly blurred and I moved my hands around trying to feel something. “Here you go stud boy! The process was a success. As promised here’s what you’ve wanted” I felt something pressing into my face and moving behind my ears as my vision got clearer. I squinted my eyes alittle as I focused my vision. Before me was a piece of paper, or to be exact a cheque labeled <$500,000> “Thanks man!” I grabbed the piece of paper as I adjusted my new glasses. Guess my swap partner wore glasses.” “We’re starting on transferring your liquids and oils into your partner” Lenny said as he casually pressed some buttons on his computer. I moved towards the nearest mirror and I can’t say I wasn’t surprised with what I saw. My face was now filled with acne marks and scars. My nose was crooked and overall ugly. My shoulders sloped downwards and my body looked more like a skinny malnourished boy. I looked at my stats and saw that my height was now 5’3. I took some time observing my new body and reading my new stats. For example Lenny said I wouldn't have as much sex drive as I use to have. I proceeded to wear my new clothes which were small to begin with but still hung down from my much smaller shoulders. I noticed however that i had unknowingly left my mirrored sunglasses on his table and decided why not wear them back out. I mean my body might be different, but my heart is forever a sexy stud. My confidence came back quickly as i wondered what i could do with my new found wealth. I swapped my new spectacles with my mirrored sunglasses from my face. Damm i look good already! The door in the room suddenly opened as a shadow appeared. A man walked into the room as I looked up at him. Tall, good looking, dirty brown haired. Completely naked. His body was strong hairless and well-defined. Looming shoulders, bulky arms, his abs created an eight pec and his chest and back formed a 'V' from his tiny waist, curving out to chunky-muscular legs and thighs. Even I couldn’t take my eyes of his large penis, dangling flaccid between his legs. With his wide chest and shoulders, big arms and pectorals, and inspiring abs, he was a man, like something out of the football team at school. He was impressively cut and well built. His face, was marked with fine features, an impressive nose, full lips, strong chin and sparkling clear blue eye, more expressive and beautiful than anything I’ve ever seen before. And his brown hair too, framed around his head and coming down to a short fringe and around his ears. His body simply oozed masculinity and yet strangely I recognized this body. It’s my body. No It was my body I stood there for a while just looking at him while he stared at me too. The man then gave a cheeky grin as he flexed his right biceps. His huge muscular bicep nearly burst his veins out as he proceeded to kiss his big piece of flesh before winking at me. “So you're my doner.” In an intimidated state, I looked up at his now 6’2 body completely in shock. I never realised how fucking sexy I was. I watched as he wore my former clothes. He put on my XXL dark V-neck top that accentuated his now broad shoulders and defined chest. Watched him wear my stinky underwear that now seems to instead give out a sexy pure jock scent. I sniffed the sweat coming from my former clothes as I looked without motion at his huge bump rising out of his underwear. He noticed me and gave me a smirk before approaching. “Don’t you think these would look better on me now?” He lifted his meaty arms and tapped on my sunglasses. “Lets complete the swap….. little man” His eyes moved to direct me to the pair of spectacles that i had on my right hand. It was at that moment that i realized something had gone terribly wrong. I had been spending too much money clubbing and living the high life. I was born good looking and physically strong. But I was heavily in debt and i thought there was no harm in giving up this body for more cash. My heart pounded harder as I humiliatingly took my sunglasses of my face and passed it on to him. My last vestiges of stud-hood was suddenly completely erased. My cocky confidence that came with my looks all disappeared as he put on the shades and replaced me completely. Putting on my new geeky spectacles I too had replaced him. In that instance i felt something change. I was no longer the muscled jock. I was no longer the cocky stud. I had sold my signature smirk and wink for an acne filled face and a crooked face. I had sold my high life in the popular crowd to be the skinny virgin who never got a girl. I had sold my greek god supermodel body to be the short weakling that would get picked last for any game. He must have noticed that i was acting differently and something told me he was enjoying it. He licked his lips and striked a few cocky muscle poses leaving me standing at the corner looking at my own skinny arms and legs. I hate to admit it. But for the first time in my life a horrible sense of humiliation swept across me. It was too much to bear, looking at my own body gloriously glistening under the bright lights as i saw my own reflection on his mirrored sunglasses. “Its all for the best man. Good luck on Tinder bro!” He laughed with that sexy deep voice i knew so well.. I watched as he walked out leaving me in this state, thinking how sexy my body used to be. How defined my muscles were. How impressive my tall height used to make me look. And how perfect my face was. Was this really what I wanted? I thought to myself. Yea sure I was now half a million dollars richer but to what advantage if I didn't have the killer looks and body? I used to take for granted my own smelly stinky sweat which I now realize actually smells like pure sexy jock scent to another person. I looked up at the nearest mirror and saw a terribly unattractive face But all i could so was to tell myself under my breathe. “Be prepared for the new you…….”
  4. GainsWorshipper

    m/m Draining my Friend (Six Chapters Total)

    I tried my best not to show that I was excited, but my heart pounded in my chest as I began massaging Cris's shoulders. I know he asked me to do it because I was the farthest thing from a sexual being he could imagine: large, doughy, and friendly. (And, I suppose, because I had some degree of untrained skill at massage.) But I did it anyways, just for the opportunity to put my hands on him. The massages were always just his back, shoulders, neck, and occasionally his scalp. In my fantasies, though, he always asked me to follow it up with his biceps, his chest, his legs. What I really wanted was to get him on a massage table or bed, and convince him that it should be done naked. I had never seen him naked, and had only ever seen him without a shirt one time. The image had remained fixed in my mind, like the one lucid moment of a dream otherwise forgotten. His body was mostly hairless - although I wasn't sure if that was natural or the result of manscaping. I suspected the latter, if only because he also shaved his head. His body had been gorgeous then, and although he had gained a little weight in the years since, I still found him to be intensely attractive. I felt like being able to touch him, even in this non-sexual way, in front of friends, was an honor beyond anything I could hope for. As for myself, I was rather hairy. I had formerly had a solid, but lean musculature, although years of stress and bad diet decisions had literally weighed on me. I had recently decided to turn things around, but my progress was slow and hard-earned. I had spent many a morning at the gym, and the rest of each day wondering why increased exercise and an improved diet were giving me such slow results. I'd have done anything to improve faster. As the party we were at wore on, Cris turned to address me. "I should probably get home. Gotta be up early tomorrow." He raised his eyebrows as he did so. I knew for a fact he had no reason to be up early the next day, but I took the eyebrow raising as a request not to question it in front of friends. "You're my ride," I reminded him. "So wait for me to get my shoes on." We said our goodbyes to the hostess and other friends, then Cris watched, somewhat impatiently, as I pulled on and tied my shoes. As his car pulled out of the driveway, he told me, "I actually wanted to grab a drink tonight. Want to come with?" "Sure," I shrugged. I had no other plans, and hanging out together would be more fun than going home alone. We got to his place and took a rideshare to the bar. I wasn't really a fan of the taste of alcohol, so I only had two cocktails whose fruitiness disguised a fairly high alcohol content. After an hour or two or nursing our drinks and chatting, we caught a ride back to his place. "You can stay at my place tonight," he said. "You shouldn't drive, you had like... two drinks." He laughed. When we got inside, he brought out some pillows and blankets, laying them on the couch. "Are we going to bed already? It's only eleven-something." "No," he answered. "Just getting things ready for you." He then settled down on the couch beside me and turned on a comedic cartoon we had watched a few episodes of prior. Ten minutes in, he asked me, "Can you massage my neck again? What you were doing earlier felt great." "Okay," I said, and I positioned myself on the couch so that he could sit right in front of me, between my legs, spread wide. My cock, already half hard, stiffened as he accidentally grazed my package with his knuckles. The massage lasted through that episode and most of another before I suggested we move. "Want to do this lying down? On your bed?" He was tired, and we were both still pretty buzzed. I'm not sure if that's why he agreed, but he seemed eager to get his knots worked out. When we reached the bedroom, he retreated to his bathroom, closed the door, and came out moments later with gym shorts on. It was clear to me that he had taken off his underwear as well as his pants; his flaccid penis swayed as he walked, and I couldn't see an underwear line where the shorts clung to his firm, round ass. As he crawled into bed, I stopped him. "Shirt off. I'll grab lotion." He was leery of removing his shirt in front of people, an artifact of having gained some weight. He clearly didn't consider himself to be as attractive as I did. With some gentle prodding though, he removed the shirt. As I remembered, his chest was hairless. He had a faint happy trail leading from his belly button to his waistband, and dark underarm hair. His chest, while not as defined as it had been when we met, was more muscular than it had been a few months prior. It was clear he had been hitting the gym - he was getting some impressive results. He didn't quite have abs again yet, but his abdomen was much closer to flat than mine had been in a long time. My mouth watered as I took in the sight of him. Truth be told, it was not the only body part producing fluid as an involuntary reaction to seeing him. My dick, which had deflated back to a semi, throbbed again, squeezing a large bead of precum into my boxer briefs. Luckily, Cris had turned away and not noticed the visible bulge as he lied down on the bed. I grabbed the lotion and rubbed it between my hands, warming up a bit. As soon as he was flat, I straddled him and began working from the neck down. His neck had to be about 17 inches. Even his back was gaining definition. I couldn't believe that I was even allowed to touch this man. Around the time I reached the small of his back, I realized I was sweating through my shirt. Cris was so engrossed in the massage that I figured it wouldn't bug him for me to take off my shirt, so I told him I was going to. He mumbled an indistinct affirmative back at me. I continued massaging. As I reached his waistband, I silently debated what to do next, then moved back up to his arms. His biceps looked huge. I could feel my own arms beginning to burn from the effort of massaging him, but I kept up the massage through the soreness, my sweat and adoration a sacrifice to this demigod. As I worked out a knot on his left triceps, he groaned in pleasure. The sound of it made my semi awaken once more. I knew he could feel my erection against him, so when I finished his arms, I moved on to something I had never massaged before: his legs. I started with his calves, which were rock hard and as hairy as mine, but paler. I was quite proud of my calves, as they were the only part of my body that were still beautifully muscled. His were hard and well-defined with muscle, although slightly smaller than mine. As I moved up to Cris's thighs, I became conscious of the burn of exertion in my own thighs. At first I thought I merely needed to reposition myself to distribute my weight from my thighs, but then I realized that they were very much at rest where I was. There was no reason for my thighs to feel exertion right now. I looked down at them, pausing the massage for a moment and standing. My thighs looked leaner. I couldn't explain it. It felt as if I had just done an hour on the stairmaster. I stared at myself dumbfounded for a long moment, hands resting on his upper thighs, perhaps an inch or so below the bunched-up hemline of the shorts that stretched tight across the firm, twin mounds of his ass. I was broken out of my reverie by Cris, who groaned out, "Fine, I'll take them off. But keep going." As I looked at him, I realized he also looked slightly smaller, but instead of looking more lean, he somehow just looked deflated. As he slipped off his shorts, though, I got a great look at his meaty glutes and my mouth began to water. They were as pale as his legs, but where his thighs and calves were covered in dark hair, his ass was lightly dusted with fine colorless hairs that brought peach fuzz to my mind. I dropped my pants, leaving me wearing nothing but boxer briefs. They were loose on me at the waist. They never had been before. I felt the burn as I moved up his thighs and began to work the pale mounds of his ass. They were firm and taut, and as full of knots as his back. I could feel my own glutes tightening up as I kneaded his. I didn't understand why it was happening, but I wasn't going to quit. Maybe I was just hallucinating it in my drunken state. I had had two drinks, after all. After I finished his ass, I drummed on it a little and told him, "Lemme get your chest." He rolled over placidly. His cock was soft, but still fairly large. He was definitely a show-er, not a grower. His happy trail extended down to a dark patch of trimmed pubes. He was circumcised, with a visible difference in shade on either side of the scar. The inch between his head and the scar was much lighter than the dark scar, as were the five inches between scar and base. I tore my eyes away from it to return to his shoulders, then his pecs, and back to his arms. I moved my way down his abdomen. As I worked each area, I felt my body lighting up as if the muscles were on fire. I was shaking as if approaching muscle failure. I avoided looking at myself as much as possible, but there was no way to not see my forearms looking corded, or the way my abdomen was bulging less with each passing moment while I pressed into his. I could practically feel my love handles melting off as I put pressure on his hips. I returned to his legs. Here it was easy to keep my eyes off myself: I could stare at his cock instead. As I kneaded his thighs again, I brushed it a few times. It began to visibly harden, surprising me by growing a bit more anyways. He had to be seven and a half, nearly eight inches fully hard. And he was throbbing, leaving a puddle of precum across his lower abdomen. I felt warmth and growth in that region of my body as well, but I was pretty sure it was just the normal reaction. After I finished his thighs, I got up from the bed. "I'll be right back," I told him. "Bathroom." I willed my dick to soften up, then took a piss. My body was much leaner. I looked like I had never gained that weight. I kicked off my underwear and looked at myself in the mirror on the bathroom door. Without a doubt, I was in great shape. I stepped onto Cris's scale. One hundred seventy-five pounds. I had been two thirty-five when I weighed myself at the gym twelve hours ago. I couldn't help but say aloud, "what the fuck." I returned to Cris's bedroom, only realizing when he looked at me that I had forgotten to put my underwear back on. Cris's dick, which had begun to soften in my absence, gave a visible jump before landing back on his midsection with an audible plap. I froze there, then said, "let's get back to that massage." "What else is there to do?" Cris asked apprehensively, a look of utter confusion on his face. My guess was that he was confused by the sight of me: his fat, unsexual friend no longer either of those things. I looked at his stiffening cock. "Looks like just the one thing." Then I lied down between his legs, grasped the base of his cock with one hand, and began covering his cock with my saliva, kissing and licking my way up one side and down the other. My tongue found the puddle of precum on his abdomen and cleaned it off of him. He tasted musky, but clean; salty, but sweet. My own six-and-a-half inches began leaking, pressed against the soft, loosened muscles of his calf. I deepthroated him for a good twenty seconds before I came up for air. Even so, I just exhaled and inhaled through my nose, never letting his cock leave my mouth. After a few minutes, he pushed me off, gasping for breath. I looked up at him, disappointed that he wanted me to stop, until I realized why. He had retrieved a bottle of lube from his bedside table drawer, and was rubbing it into his hands as I had with the lotion. He sat up and grabbed my firm, muscular ass with both hands, pulling me onto him. He kissed me as his fingers began to find their way to my hole. As we made out, he slowly inserted a finger into me. His hands were large and rough. The sensation was mind-blowing. After working a second finger into me, he aggressively flipped us over so that he was on top. He looked somewhat deflated, but he was still as muscular as I was now. Cris lined his cockhead up with my hole and slowly pushed in. I moaned in pain as his length - and girth - filled me up. He stroked and groped my hairy pecs and biceps, leaned down to worship one of my armpits for a moment before deciding that the angle wasn't optimal for pounding my ass. Then he dedicated himself to that task while holding me by the throat and looking into my eyes. I didn't bottom often, and his rough fucking was not immediately pleasurable to me, but the look of pure lust in his eyes more than made up for that. I stroked my cock furiously as he picked up the pace, and within a few minutes I had stretched - and been lubricated by the combination of lube and precum - enough that his thick cock was gliding in and out of me. Even though he only fucked me harder and faster, the way he was hitting my prostate caused me to shoot my load before he even warned me he was close. The first shot hit his hand on my throat, and splattered onto my face. The second landed on my chest. The third hit his arm. The rest ended up on my abdomen. As my orgasm washed over me, I clenched and unclenched my ass. Cris scooped up the cum off my face and fed it to me without relaxing his pace. He grunted loudly as I tightened on his cock. Then he licked the cum off the back of his hand and said, "I'm about to bust, where do you want it?" "Keep fucking me, keep going." We were both on PrEP, and I had actually never had someone cum in my ass before - at least, not bare. He bent down to kiss me again, and thrusted hard. An intense amount of pressure hit my prostate, triggering a dry orgasm from me as he unloaded inside me. We kissed a few more times, but it wasn't long before he passed out. I cleaned myself up in the bathroom, then brought out a warm, damp rag to clean Cris up before I pulled his blanket over him and went out to the couch, to sleep there in my shirt and boxers. The shirt was large enough on my that it could pass for a nightgown. The boxers were precariously close to falling straight to the floor. I wasn't far from passing out either, and welcomed sleep. In the morning, my body seemed to be back to normal. I felt my own midsection, disappointed that the fat deposits there had returned. I had begun wondering if perhaps the previous night's events had been some drunken fantasy my imagination had played out, but then Cris came stumbling out of his room, bleary-eyed and naked. His heavy cock was pendulous without his usual underwear holding it in place. He froze when he saw me - overweight and undesirable. He was shocked; I can only assume because he expected me to look as I had the night before, when he had fucked me. "Forget I was here?" I chuckled as he covered his package with one hand. I sat up and inspected him. His body looked almost back to normal - he was still slightly smaller than usual. I hoped he didn't just seem smaller because he was naked. "Uh, yeah, I guess. I just had a weird dream last night," he said evasively. "Good weird?" I asked, more certain now that it hadn't been a dream at all. Cris looked uneasy, but nodded. "Really good." I smiled at him. "Must have been, you slept pretty soundly." He nodded, then retreated without turning his back to me. He showered, and I took a shower when he finished, wondering all the while what had caused that temporary transformation. After drying off, I stepped on the scale, peering down over my protruding belly to look at the weight there. Two twenty-five. I guess I hadn't gained it all back. I smiled as I began planning how to initiate the next massage.
  5. anonymous90

    m/m The Thief Among Us (2019 Redux)

    I sincerely apologize for the fact that I let this story go so long without a new chapter. I'm trying to be better! New deadlines and all that, so hopefully I'll have a new chapter up by at the latest, next month. (at the latest, promise lol) So, here's the story with more than a few changes. Not sure how long this will end up being, but with any luck, it'll be a good bit, at least as long as SeventhWaves Symbiote War. Without further ado, my story: ~~~ This all started when I moved in with my roommate, John. For starters, I was pretty well off, but since my parents had decided it was time for me to get a place of my own for college, I was pretty much kicked out until my four years were up. They said that they would pay my way into whatever place I chose, but there were to be no issues, “Or else.” My father had said. So I moved into the dorms with him. He was on the wrestling team, same as me, according the the receptionists in the lobby of the building, so I figured we’d get on decently. Rather, as well as most roommates do. I’d known that the start of move in day was going to be awkward; classes starting by noon for most of us, so we had little time for chit-chat, making what little conversation I’d be able to have with the guy would be even further limited. I was the first of the two of us to get to the dorm, and chose the desk to the left side of the bunk, as opposed to the one on the wall opposing the bunks. I figured it would just be easier, not having to listen to someone bitch about a light being on right next to their face. The dorm room was minimalistic, and everything served a purpose: the walls were bare and off-white; there was a small kitchen, and a bathroom just the right size for cleaning up after wrestling practice. I emptied my shit into one of the closets, throwing most of my underwear and spare gear into one of the drawers beneath my bunk. John arrived just as I was about to hop in the shower before my run of the campus began. It had been a long drive from the Nevada homestead to California, and my car’s a/c had very recently gone out. While the dorm room WAS cold, I was still hot and sweaty; due for a hosing off. I stripped off my t-shirt after I had put my clothes and bags away, and just as my shirt landed in the hamper, the door opened to reveal a guy built just big enough to be considered possible competition. All of maybe 175lbs, He was a hot, boy-next-door kinda guy. Blond hair, small-but-fit build, tan complexion, pale blue eyes. As I looked him over, he gave me a wolfish grin, looking me over in turn. Raising his eyebrows slightly as his eyes roved down the rows of chiseled muscle, I could tell he was impressed…with a touch of jealousy in the way his eyes narrowed at the edges. I took a look at his bags, happening to have a wrestling singlet sticking out of his sports duffel. He dressed in a tank top and shorts, complete with what looked like brand-new running shoes. My best guess, he was probably just about to scope out the gym himself. At 6’3”, dark haired, and a fair bit bigger than he was in muscle mass, I safely dwarfed him, my frame resting at a good 210 lbs. comfortably. Being that I had him on definition to boot, there was no denying who was the bigger man. He put his bags down by the door and walked over to me, scoping out the new digs but keeping most of his focus on me, stormy eyes that felt like they were boring holes into my skull from the intensity of his stare. “Hey man! Name’s John.” He said, giving me the official bro-hug, not letting his faux team cheer slide despite how obviously he envied me the current standing. “’figured coach would work with housing to get me in with another wrestler. Always trying to get me to make friends.” As he said this, he tightened his hold around me, demonstrating his crushing ability by pressing our bodies a little tight for friendly comfort. His entire front pressed against mine, the hug lasted just a little too long. Not one to be outdone, I returned with greater force, causing him to elicit a cross-breed between a moan of pleasure and a groan of pain. I assumed the latter. “I’m Nick.” I said, untangling myself from the sadistic hug. Immediately I felt kinda bad for not waiting on him to pick bunks. I look to my already made bed, navy blue sheets already neatly tucked in. “I kinda picked my bunk already, so I guess you can be on top?” “Works for me. I’m used to being on top.” He said with a wink, throwing everything but his duffle into his closet, setting an odd-looking black figurine on his desk before taking off, door slamming behind him. Puzzled and somewhat turned on by the cryptic behavior, I walked to the bathroom, stripping the rest of my clothes off on the way. . . . Since we attended an all-boys college, the nearest town, and girls, were about thirty minutes away. The college wasn’t particularly strict about dress code, so naturally, most of the guys wore whatever, but it being California, and the middle of July, we wore the bare minimum. Most of the guys on campus were either playing Frisbee, football, or catching up on summer work that hadn’t gotten finished between the semesters. Despite the sun shining, the school had a bluish hue in the very air around it. As I made my way across the quad, I shouted hellos to at least twenty of the guys, most being my friends having found this place on the scholarship roster in town after I applied myself; Room, board, tuition, all covered under some crazy donor program. I hadn’t exactly been worried about price when I’d applied myself, but even I knew the cost of admission was up there with the Ivy League schools. Finally hitting the biggest building on the campus, I make my way to the gym, four separate sections all devoted to letting loose and showing off your full physical potential. This was where I most excelled. Class didn’t start ‘til 12, so I figured it’d be a good time to practice, maybe do a few warmups with the guys before hitting workout room. The mats were down already, and the other wrestlers were already in the middle of practice. I walk past my teammates, two of them already looking a little worse for wear, and hit up the coach, making small talk about the improvements from some of the new guys. Carter and Benjamin were our “new talent” apparently, having gotten a late start into the sport but were steadily working their way up the roster as two of our best. Looking down at the growth charts, it’s amazing how much these guys have gained in so short a time. Impressed as I was, I was a bit skeptical, until coach shook his head, a knowing smile coming across his face as he addressed my exact concerns. “I know what you’re thinking, no, they’re not juicers. I’ve got them on strict watch. A little fruitier than I’d normally let on the team, but talent is talent, and we’re gonna need it to beat the teams from the rival schools.” He sighs, gazing off into the distance, presumably looking over at the trophy cabinet on the far wall. “You just don’t find raw talent like you used to anymore.” He gives me a look, a smile returning to his lightly bearded face. “But that’s why we pushed so hard to get you involved. Talent, Charisma, that’s what this team needs. I’ve never been so sure of a team captain in my life Nick.” He claps me on the shoulder, shoving me off toward the lockers. “Get dressed. We’ll get you warmed up and then you can be on your way.” As I make my way into the shared locker rooms, I passed half the swim team, the lifters, and the few teammates that hadn’t made it to the main floor yet. Mist throughout, I went to my locker to drop off my duffel and dress. I stripped my shirt, undoing the drawstring of my shorts, when the clank of a fist on steel alerted me to a presence on my right side. Deciding my attention was better spent preparing for my opponent, I let my mind drift until needed, until a pair of vaguely familiar sneakers appeared in my line of sight. “Sup dude?” “Hey John…” I looked up at him, trying to return his smile, the same smirk from earlier still on his face as I got out my singlet. I pulled it up, I watching from the corner of my eye as he appraised my body again, pulling off his clothes as he did so. “I’m not queer you know.” I said. Now in just his boxers, he stopped and turned fully to me with a cold glare. “What makes you think I’m queer, asshole?” He spat through clenched teeth. “You’re half hard bro, and you keep looking at me like I’m a steak or something.” My eyes narrowed. “I might be fine with guys checking me out, but you’re getting pretty creepy with the way you’re eyeballing me.” He pulls his boxers down past a modest-looking ass, and brandishes his dick toward me. “Does this look like a semi?” His dick filled his pouch to the waistband, but it was still completely flaccid. He was twice my soft length, and a little less than my girth. My guess was about 6 inches. Hard, he'd probably add two inches at least. He walks over to the mirror behind me, giving himself a once over before packing himself up, pulling his singlet taut over his chest, outlining the muscle. At my awed expression, his glare became a cruel smile. “As for how I’m looking at you…not that you’re hard on the eyes, but I wanna see just what my competition looks like.” He pulled his boxers and singlet up, “so I can figure out what needs taken care of.” “Forgot your cup, bro.” He struts past me, making a grab for my balls, forcing me to feign away, eliciting a chuckle. “Seeya out there, roomy.” . . . Practice ended about forty-five minutes later, and everyone was mostly packed up, leaving just me and John on the floor with coach. “Alright boys, you know the drill, last two to leave packs it in. And Nick, I’m expecting you here early tomorrow to pick up where we left off getting the new guys trained up, ya hear?” Without waiting for a reply, coach grabs his own bag, heading off to the showers to lock up his office. “Hey Nick.” John called from across the floor, most of the mats already set off in a neat pile. “How about a little friendly one-on-one? Winners pick for a prize later tonight.” I hesitated. I knew he’d ask for something ridiculous if he won…something degrading. However…I could see this working to my advantage. Humiliating him ought to get him off my back. Even if neither of us followed through, I could still walk away with my dignity. “You’re on-” I had barely started out when he barreled at me, knocking me on my back and straddling my chest. As he sat atop me, my frame seized up slightly. I didn’t feel capable of movement, though his cold-heat hands were not so much restraining my arms to the mat as caressing my biceps. “Told you that I liked being on top.” He smirked, his light blue eyes going dark, hungry. Feral. As he sat atop me, a feeling of intense violation rolled through me, like he was groping me intimately through the fabric of both the singlet and my underwear, though I could see both of his hands. His body rippled for a second, and as I felt waves of pleasure shoot through me, I could see a slight shift of his body. I felt cold chills, but his embrace was hot. His patronizing grin widened, and I watched from beneath him as he seemed to get more substantial. It had to just be my imagination, but I could swear that he actually GROWING… Though I claimed deceit from my eyes, his body seemed to stretch longer in his singlet, the fabric audibly stretching with the sound of the elastic being pulled too taut as he gained several inches in height. His arms, though barely flexing to support himself above me, flexed as his biceps mounded with strength, veins and mounds of muscle appearing where only small indents had existed previously. My eyes roamed his chest, his abs and pecs becoming more visible through the singlet with every passing moment. His four pack finally gaining enough size to qualify as a true 6 pack, tone and definition abound as the crevices ran deeper, his pecs becoming a decent shelf above them, ballooning with size and nearly ruining the straps keeping his singlet in place. As quickly as he’d pinned me and tapped me out for the ten second win, the exchange ended. “I’ll be back for the rest tonight.” He leaned down and whispered, his lips brushing against my ear. Patting my abs as he rose to a height that was just barely larger than before, but definitely larger, he walked off to the locker room, leaving me on the ground, sweaty, confused, and with a surprising amount of cum in my boxers. I lay there in a puddle of my own making and watched as he rose to a height just slightly taller than before, patting my abs before walking away, leaving me there, shell-shocked from our little encounter. His ass now perfectly filling out his singlet, my eyes lingered just a little too long as he turned one final time, smirked, and left the room. After a few moments I managed to peel myself off the floor and onto my feet, feeling very off-kilter, as if the ceiling had been raised. My own body felt foreign to me. I turned to faced one of the mirror walls along the sides of the room, and though I still looked impressive, subtle differences were apparent to me as my hands explored my previously immaculately chiseled body. Where I used to be ripped and defined seemed a little rounder, softer than before. Creases separating the tiles of mirror along the walls seemed more out of reach than before. I tried to shake the buzzing thoughts from my mind, trying to convince myself it was all in my head as I undressed and stepped into the showers after making sure John had gone. I started massaging the soap into my sweaty mass, thinking about how he seemed to just, expand on top of me. The vision of him made my length harden, and I couldn’t help but start to stroke myself under the steamy water. That same feeling of confusion took full focus once more when something felt a little different about my strokes. I looked down, and realized that my cock isn’t up to its usual eight and a quarter inches. “Fuck me, this can’t be happening…” The thought of being having lost size has me finishing all over the tiles beneath my feet, soap and cum washing down the drain as I finish rinsing off, stepping out of the shower and toweling myself dry. I look up at the clock by coach’s office, realizing I’m already thirty minutes late for my first class, shoving my clothes on, which aren’t near as snug as they’d been when I’d changed out of them not an hour earlier, and run across campus. I can barely concentrate for the next five hours, but by the time my last class ends I’ve finally convinced myself that I’d just let the little punk get in my head. I stop by one of the bathrooms in the cafeteria as I finish my dinner, flexing to my reflection, hyping myself up before walking back to the dorm Fuck yeah I think to myself, anyone would kill to have this body! I enter the dorm room confident, relieved to find the room empty. I peel my clothes off, exhausted after a long day, nothing but my boxer briefs on, closing my eyes as I fold my arms behind my head, drifting dreamlessly until I’m suddenly awoken by the door creaking open. I blink blearily up at the top bunk, the sheets around me soaked. I look at my wall-mounted alarm clock in the dim moon-light from the windows, looking at the clock: 11 at night. I hear the water running in the bathroom, and my heart starts pounding. John. I get up quickly, trying to make as little noise as possible while stumbling around trying to put on clothes that didn’t quite fit right anymore. Everything around me felt taller than I remembered them. My clothes looked slightly oversized where just this morning they had looked almost TOO snug. I look down, puzzled. I’m supposed to have an eight-pack, right? Where eight hard bricks of muscle had once occupied, six, less impressive bulges took their place. My pecs, also, didn’t quite obscure my view of them, as they usually did. I think back to today’s events, the feeling of dread I felt at being defeated by John in an area I should have creamed him in…and I can’t quite remember what happened after that. I remember John bragging to one of our teammates about his win against me in the lockers afterward, and then, my memories of the day skip to class. Brent, my lab partner caught me up on some of the new terms (I’d slacked on summer reading in favor of training, not my best decision, as I’d plateaued in my gains) and I’d tried my hardest to not fall asleep during the lecture. All day after the match I’d been exhausted and lethargic… “Hey bro.” John’s voice startled me out of my memories, and looking at him reminded me why I was trying to hurry out the door so quickly. John stood completely naked in the doorway, a wicked grin on his face, muscles slick with water droplets from his shower, hair combed back, and every carved muscle deeper than when I’d first encountered him. “Glad you didn’t bail on me.” He said, drying his hair and then tossing his towel to the ground. “We’re gonna have a lot of fun tonight.” My real memory swiftly returned to me, leaving me damn near breathless. He’d sat on me, pinning me to the mat. He’d grown. But something still seemed off. I’d been much bigger this afternoon. Now, I looked up at him now a couple inches taller and ripped beyond comprehension. It was hard to believe that in the course of a day, he’d outpaced me by such a wide margin. His abs were chiseled, his pecs jutted out in a hard shelf above them, and something I hadn’t quite noticed before, a small tattoo on his neck that looked like the outline of a diamond. It was stark against his now tanned skin, a marvel that I hadn’t noticed it before. His whole face had transformed into something more rugged. His blond hair and boy next door looks were giving way to something far darker, masculine, and powerful. His jawline was sharper, his blond hair darkening at the roots, and the stubbly beginning of a real man’s beard growing on what was once a baby-smooth face. His body hair seemed to have thickened also, the place between his pectorals sprouting a neat tuft that caught the water from his shower, a neat trail disappearing to meet his length, now even more massive soft than it had been earlier today. Six inches? Closer to seven now, and easily 9 inches hard. John knocked me out of my daydream with a clearing of his throat. “Well, you didn’t bail out on me. I believe our wager was winner’s pick for prize…” He looks at me with eyebrows raised and a smile that could get men thrice my size on their knees. “But-” I stuttered, trying to come up with the words to describe the reality of our present situation. “Doesn’t matter. A deal’s a deal when you’re playing a stranger’s game Bud. I learned that the hard way.” At his words, the lights flickered, the loud rumble of thunder resounding from outside, and sudden draft chilling the room. I tried to make myself move, but pure fear had me frozen to the floor. He walked up to me, his chin in my direct line of sight, thick veins protruding from his vascular neck, tracing into his arms and down his chest. He brings a hand to my waist, slipping it beneath the waistband, and grabs my right ass cheek, his other hand moving across my stomach, teasing my abs, running his thumbs across my pecs, before finally deciding where to start. His left hand grips my trap, squeezing down and applying as much force as necessary to get me groaning in pain. The worst part about the whole thing was not being able to struggle against it. My whole body had locked up, just like the wrestling match, my upper body strained as he squeezed down, until my will gave. I could feel everything slipping. My ass took up less of the space in his hand, finally making him adjust to the small of my back. His other hand, losing the ability to squeeze my trap as it disappeared into my shoulder, found purchase on my arm, squeezing my shoulder, moving down to caress my dwindling biceps as they too slipped out of my grasp. The sensation of falling, shorter and shorter, my eyes having to look farther up as I lost inches, and then feet of height to him. Knots had begun to curl my stomach as the theft robbed me of my core, each remaining brick from our last encounter now smoothing over, my pecs following shortly after. My legs that I’d poured so much effort into over the summer were half the size they’d been to begin with. And my cock, which had stuck with me thus far, dwindled, shrinking to 7, then 6, then 5, all the way until I was left with nothing but a nub. As I kept dwindling in height, I got closer and closer to his cock, which was now impossible to measure with just my eyes. It had to be at least a foot long now, and nearly as my old arms. His abs, as they absorbed my size, pushed farther outward, each mound standing out against the others. His pectorals engulfed some of my view of his face, my new stature completely beyond the capacity to see that far up his body without standing back. Looking up at him, he seemed to revel in my loss of power. His hungry eyes roved around each part of my body as it gave up its mass to feed his ascent to power. He made a show of testing out each muscle as it grew on him, jacking his cock as he looked on at me, like his personal slut. I felt the drain cease as my legs gave out, my newly minted twink form starved of almost all muscle tone. It almost hurt to breathe. As I looked over my body, even the air around me felt painful. But god, my fucking cock...it was about the only thing on me that hurt in a good way. A strange way. My balls couldn’t be larger than marbles, but they ached to blow one...more.... I moaned, convulsing, as my last, final jock load exploded out of me, blasting cum on both of us, pooling on my stomach and making a mess all the way up his body, even catching in his stubble. My final view as I passed out was John posing in victory; He flexed his new, massive biceps, veins running the length of his arm, his foot smooshing into the puddle of cum on my chest as he held me down on the floor, where I belonged. He smirked, leaning forward and licking a large splotch of my load off his bicep. “Much better.” Coach. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had just been tidying up the office, getting ready to head off for the day, when what could only be the biggest troublemaker I’d ever had the displeasure of tutoring walked through my door, shutting it closed behind him. “So…it worked.” John folded his arms in front of me, raising an arm and demonstrating his newly minted gains. I clear my throat, looking up at him. “When I said you need to be serious about gaining, taking from other students was not what I had in mind. I paired you with him so you could mimic him, not use him.” He snorted, leaning up against the wall. “Some star pupil. Definitely no genius. He was so easy. Hell, I’m fairly sure he has the hots for me.” He waggles his brows. “I freed you from the rest of the rabble on that god forsaken rock so you could help me do my research, not make my students your food. Do you know how hard it’s been, writing off all my grant money to pay for all of this?” John gives me a look, his eyes going completely black before he shifts into his true form, a tan, dark haired twink of a demonic being now standing just below my height. His voice echoed weirdly, as if there were three different men speaking at once. “I am not ungrateful for your services rendered to me. I simply…want for a few more liberties. My existence has been barred to this one, singular place of existence. This “campus” is as far as my power reaches, for the moment, shrouded from the rest of the world. I crave more.” He saunters closer, his near nakedness in just a loincloth making me a little less than comfortable. “Stay back.” I command, pulling a white, opalescent rod from my pocket, earning me a glare. “You know I don’t partake of a man that will not have of me.” “I’d still feel better if you give me some distance. Especially after seeing what you did to Nick.” He chuckles, a darker, single deep rumble ringing out rather than his usual echo. “He’s but one king-turned-pawn in the grand scheme at work here. “Just… how badly will this affect him?” “He won’t remember much of what’s happened today. No one will ask questions while they’re in my domain. After all, my word is law.” We both hear the showers going, Nick finally having gotten off his ass to clean himself up. It was strange, knowing this’d be the last time I see the kid this size. “Well, I’m off to finish my meal.” I see the guise of ‘John’ re-emerge, muscles still as full as they had been a moment ago, his playful eyes the golden ambrosia of the Lex I’d freed, rather than the blue he’d worn today. “Catch you later big guy.” As he fades into the shadow, I put on my jacket and make myself scarce, locking the office and further horrors away behind me. It was far too late to have doubts. To be Continued...
  6. Guest

    The New Waterboy

    I was surprised, the locker room was filled with so many mirrors around to the point where it could get confusing but i had a feeling i was definitely going to like this place alot. Pulling my arms up I stretched my triceps while making a loud groan. Oh god I loved stretching. Not only did it feel fucking good as i felt my tense muscles pulling and getting bigger. But as i looked at the mirror and saw the alpha beast that i was with my cap turned backwards frat boy style and my flashy sunglasses adorning my handsome face i couldn’t help but congratulate myself on being such a muscle stud. I knew i was vain but can you really blame me? When you’re born with such looks and such a strong body it would be an absolute sin not too admire yourself in the mirror all day while i did my stretches. I think i’ll just squeeze in a few bodybuilding poses while i’m at it too. Perhaps i was too busy to notice but the door leading into the locker room opened as i was gazing into the mirror. In walked a much smaller guy as he turned his gaze to me. He smiled politely before asking “You must be the new Quaterback?” I smirked to myself while relaxing my bicep pose “Junior Quaterback. My name’s Clayton. And i assume your the new waterboy too?” He nodded his head and bit his lips as his eyes shifted from my left bicep to my right. Not a surprising thing considering most people liked admiring my muscles. He replied while flashing his eyes over my pecs which were almost completely exposed by my skimpy gym stringers. “Yep same as you. Lance here, first year in college as well.” Staring up at my face i caught Lance trying to look at my eyes which were shielded by my mirrored sport sunglasses. “I have been told one of my duties were to assist you. And seeing your shoes look muddy, might i ask if you would like me to clean them for you before practice?” I looked down at the much shorter boy who might even be older than me. “Well sure, go ahead. Don’t mind them being really stinky as i did a jog yesterday in them. But since its your job i think you’ll just have to get used to my manly stink from now on.” I kicked back on a bench and let Lance do all the work. He knelt before me like a servant attending to his master and calmly removed my shoes as its stink filled the room. I would like to say I felt embarrassed by the smell but i like to think of it as a manly trait to have. He turned the shoes around and noticed the shoe’s size. “Hey Clayton i was thinking of buying some new shoes. Mind if i try wearing your shoes to test out your feet size?” I lifted my brow and twisted by head alittle to let him know it was fine. While he tried on my shoes I looked at the mirror and did a double bicep pose. Man it felt good to look at my own godly image. Lance must have noticed me from below and smiled to himself. “You do like to admire yourself in the mirror huh Clayton? But I don’t blame you. In fact if i were you, I would do the same” I snicked to myself while passing a look of agreement to my new serf waterboy. Before putting my arms down I accidentally pushed my cap of from my head. With his quick reflexes Lance lunged out and grabbed my cap just before hitting the wet ground. I breathed a sign of relief as i knew the water on the ground would have stained my white cap just before Lance spoke again “Hey this is a nice looking cap. May I try it on?” I turned my head towards Lance “All yours buddy!” He fitted my cap snuggly on his head and turned it around fratboy style as well. As i stood up to continue stetching, Lance also stood up from the ground. I was surprised how tall he was. Well he was still slightly shorter than me but i did not realised when i met him the first time how tall he actually was. Maybe it was my sport shoes that made him taller. I shrugged to myself and looked directly into his eyes knowing he could not see mine. For some reason i enjoyed looking at him wearing my cap. It was like looking at myself in the mirror. And you know how vain i was when it came to my own reflection. He smiled at me before lifting his arms as if to gesture me. But before it could reach higher than my waist i felt a cold spill of water all over my thick muscular thighs. I looked down to see that Lance had accidentally spilled some water from the bottle i was carrying over my red shorts. “I’m so sorry Clayton! If you don’t mind i can swap my shorts with yours. I’m really sorry!” It all happened so fast but i was just eager to remove the soggy shorts from myself and have a good training later when it started. So we both stripped our respective shorts and traded them with each other. Pulling up my new pants I was so enthralled to see the reflection before me in the mirror. I looked up and saw the powerfully muscular man as he smiled back at me. I always knew i was good looking but damm. My smile today was incredibly charming! If there was one thing that did not lie, it was your own reflection. I did a few poses but my reflection did not look as good as it was supposed to. Most likely because it was wearing a shirt. So i traded my my gym stringers with it hoping that i could reveal more of my glorious muscles in the mirror. As my reflection pulled the stringers down his incredibly sexy body I marveled at every inch of his bulging aesthetically pleasing muscles. He turned to me and flashed a smile before lifting an arm and flexing it. It was incredible. To see that huge bulge gaining in mass as he played with it. This was why i loved posing in the mirror. Looking at my own reflection was the best thing in life. I lifted my sunglasses on my forehead to better see the beautiful mass before me. But looking at it without the tinted lenses of my sunglasses something felt weird. It felt like this was not my reflection at all. Before i realized it a hand swept across my face and took my sunglasses of my forehead. My “reflection” put the sunglasses over his eyes and continued charming me with his smile. No longer able to look into his eyes through his mirrored sunglasses now, I turned my head away and faced a different direction and looked at the scrawny guy infront of me. I looked closer Taking my shirt off i was shocked to see that he had taken his shirt off as well and was mimicking my every move. I whispered to myself “Who is that?” A hot breathe came upon my neck and whispered into my ear in a deep sexy voice “Its the New Waterboy” -------------END------------- What would you do next if you were one of them?
  7. Thedemon1906

    Cambio de planes (cap2)

    Hola! Decidi contintinuar esta historia como un reto personal pero aun asi se los agradecería si me pudiesen dejar ideas en los comentarios y si le diecen un votopara arriba. En la parte de abajo voy a poner la foto en con la que me inspire para el papa. Atte, Thedemon1906 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Me desperté bien temprano en la mañana recordando lo que me había dicho la vieja mujer. “La poción de amor es peligrosa, usa solo una gota o el efecto cambiará. Pon un pelo tuyo dentro de la solucion y haz que tu víctima la ingiera” Después de cumplir con su encomienda me diriji al baño. Mirándome en el espejo saque la posición de activo. Sacudí el líquido rojo dentro del frasco y sentí el poder que emanaba de él. Para mi suerte el frasco venía con un gotero en su cuello que me permitía medir exactamente lo que iba a echar. Coloque la solución sobre mi boca y deje caer una gota. Al notar ningún efecto aparente me metí en la ducha desilucionado. Sentí el agua correr por mi rostro y caer sobre mi flácido pecho. Note mis brazos , gruesos como alfileres salir de mi cuerpo y una tristeza inmensa me lleno. Cerré el agua después de enjabonarme el pelo y baje a la cocina. Ahí me esperaba mi papá preparando el desayuno. Muchos no nos creian cuando les decíamos que estábamos relacionados. El era un gigante a comparacion mia. Media dos metros y su cuerpo era musculoso aunque no tallado por la grasa que lo cubría a causa de la edad. Tenía un rostro muy masculino siempre cubierto por una negra barba. Sus hombros y espalda eran inmensos al igual que su cuello que parecía capaz de levantar el mundo. Sus biceps cubrían toda mi cara y solía andar con unos boxers que resaltaba su enorme bulto. Delante suyo caminaba con miedo porque cualquier cosa que hiciese podría desatar su ira la cual llevaba a sus famosos golpes. Esto me dio una idea. Saque de mi mochila el frasco de pasivo y me acerque a donde estaba su café. Sabía que el otro no había funcionado pero quise probar de todas formas, solo por soñar. Coloque una gota de la sustancia y despues pense en todo lo que me habia hecho y deje escapar otra, total igual no le afectarian y para terminar agregue dos de la de amor, tal vez eso compensa su odio hacia mi. Guarde todo de nuevo en la mochila y me fui a sentar en mi lugar. “Al fin te despertaste” grunio “No fue gracias a vos…” conteste “Podes levantarte vos solo” dijo mientras tomaba de un solo tirón su cafe y se sentaba al frente mio. Comimos el desayuno callados unos minutos lo que me dio tiempo de apreciar el lento movimiento de sus pectorales al respirar. De repente el flexiono y me miró con una sonrisa que después se cambió por una cara de anonadado por lo que había pasado. Justo llegaba el transporte escolar asi que agarre mis cosas y partí dejando a mi extrañado padre dentro de la casa. -------------------------------------------------------------Transcurría normalmente la hora de matemáticas. En el fondo se podían escuchar la risa de Javier que tenía estiradas sus largas piernas sobre su banco. Me di vuelta y me estaba mirando, murmurando algo y riendo. La sangre se me subió a la cabeza y empecé a sentir mucho calor. El ruido de la campana me salvo. Todos se retiraron de la clase incluso Javier, no sin antes darme un pequeño golpe a mano abierta en la parte posterior de la cabeza, seguido por una risa. “Nos vemos en la hora de gym” Una vez se había ido recobre la compostura. Me levanté de mi silla y me acerque a su banco. Inspeccione su mochila y pertenencias y casi grito de alegría con lo que encontré. La botella que siempre llevaba a clase de gimnasia llena de sus proteínas. Abrí la tapa y vertí dos gotas del la pócima pasiva en la bebida. El ruido de la campana me sobresalto y se me escaparon tres gotas más. Mire aterrorizado la solución, pero debía apurarme porque su dueño podía llegar en cualquier momento. Puse la tapa en su lugar y guarde la botella en su mochila y prosegui a sentarme en mi silla como si nada hubiera pasado. La clase continuó normalmente pero el calor no dejaba mi cuerpo, sentí mi pene endurecerse debajo de mi pantalón y supe que no podia mas. “Profesor, ¿puedo ir al baño?” “ Señor González sabe muy bien que no puedo dejar que salga de clases” “Es que… emm profesor no entiende NECESITO ir al baño” después de decir esto resonaron unas cuantas risitas en el curso. “Bueno… supongo que no me deja otra opción. Pero si va tendrá que quedarse a la tarde a limpiar los vestuarios” “Si…si profesor gracias” exclame y me dirigí rápidamente al baño. Al ser mi pene de dos centímetros no me incomodaba en los pantalones así que pude correr tranquilamente. Entre al baño y trabe la puerta. Abrí mi pantalón y deje mi pene caer. Sentia mi cuerpo en llamas. Me calme un poco y fui hasta el espejo. Desagradado por la vista que tenía saque la poción de mi bolsillo. Su contenido rojo que me había inspirado confianza en ese momento me decepcionaba. Como último intento de fe tire cuatro gotas más en mi boca y lo volvi a guardar. Pasaron las horas normales hasta la salida del colegio. El calor había ido incrementando a lo largo del día y ahora parecía sobrenatural. Deberían ser como 70° pero extrañamente en vez de estar muriendo, no me sentía mal. Me dirigí con un balde y unos trapos que me había dado el profesor al vestuario. Por dentro era un cuarto chiquito. Una banca gruesa se encontraba en el medio y en las paredes unos lockers de metal pertenecientes a los alumnos estaban pintados. Una puerta en la derecha que llevaba a las duchas se abrió. De ella salió con su torso desnudo y solo una toalla Javier. Su rubio pelo y celestes ojos eran solo la parte de arriba de el cuerpo de un adonis. Sus seis abdominales marcados brillaban por el agua y las gotas llevaban a una pelvis esculpida con un camino de pelo que se dirigía al no discreto bulto que levantaba la blanca toalla. Sus duros pectorales eran solo el principio para unos largos y musculosos brazos que hacían gran parte de su cuerpo de 1,90. “¿Que haces aca? No tengo tiempo para vos.” Dijo en una voz que denotaba enojo “¿Porque seguis aca?” “Tuvimos un partido de mierda. Hice calentamiento pero lo unico que logre es enfriarme. Acabo de darme una ducha con agua casi hirviendo y no subo de temperatura. Me puse el termómetro y me da dos grados. Osea que estoy muerto. Pero esto igual a vos no te incumbe.” Hizo una pausa mientras se miraba a sus manos que ahora que notaban estaban prácticamente blancas “¿Y vos que haces aca?” Dijo acercandose a mi. Tartamudee intentando de explicarme y en unos segundo estaba en el aire. Me había levantado del cuello de mi remera hasta que nuestros ojos se encontraban y de pronto sentí el calor en mi de forma inaguantable, como si me estuviese quemando. Juraría que en ese punto mi cuerpo llegó a los 90°. Vi su cara cambiando también, como sufriendo. El dolor se hizo muy grande y lo tomé con fuerza del brazo. En ese instante sentí mi calor aliviarse. Javier me soltó asustado y nos alejamos uno del otro. Mi cuerpo seguía muy caliente, tal vez 60°, pero ahora era soportable. Nos miramos los dos a los ojos y había algo diferente en cada uno de nosotros pero no nos dimos cuenta en ese momento. “Se que va a sonar raro pero cuando me tocaste…” “Tu temperatura se aclimato” conteste yo completando su frase. “Sí…” dijo pensativo “crees que podríamos, nose, para volver a la normalidad. Asentí con mi cabeza y nos acercamos el uno al otro lentamente. Sentia mis pasos un como mas pesados y también un poco más alto. Con un metro de distancia entre nosotros note que le llegaba un poco más arriba a Javier, justo a su barbilla. Incómodamente abrimos los brazos y nos abrazamos. Sentí su cuerpo mojado contra el mio y tambien mi temperatura bajando. Pero rápidamente las cosas cambiaron. Sentí ambos de nuestros cuerpos siendo propulsados en direcciones opuestas. Pronto estabamos mirandonos a los ojos y poco tiempo después yo le estaba mirando la parte de arriba de su cabeza. Vi su cara de horror al darse cuenta de lo que pasaba y como intentaba zafarse de mis brazos. Su fuerza era más que la mía entonces empeze a ceder. Sentí un nuevo impulso de energía y lo agarre contra mi cuerpo. Mis pectorales crecieron rápidamente y los siguieron mis brazos. Mis bíceps se inflaron como globos hasta quedar del tamaño de pelotas de tenis. Donde antes se encontraba una pequeña pancita se hundió la grasa que fue rápidamente reemplazada por 6 abdominale marcados y unos dos más apareciendo. Mis piernas pronto se vieron afectadas desgarrando mi viejo pantalón. Musculos salían de ellas y las hacían ver mas poderosas. Mis boxer ya tensionados por la presión de mis glúteos se partieron cuando mi pene creció de manera agigantada hasta terminar en los 24 centímetros. Tomo mi cuerpo se lleno de pelos negros y desgarro lo que quedaba de mi remera para dejar espacio al crecimiento. Una risa grave y poderosa salió de mi garganta de la cual destacaba mi nuez de adán. Mire hacia abajo y en el piso vi a Javier o al menos lo que quedaba de él. Su cuerpo se había visto disminuido a una altura de 1,50 que no se comparaba con mis recién ganados dos metros. La toalla que cubría su cuerpo se había caído y dejaba ver su pequeño pene de apenas medio centímetro. Sus facciones masculinas habían casi desaparecido pero aún se dejaba ver que era hombre. Sus brazos y piernas eran ridículamente chico a comparacion de los míos y su cara de terror me miraba fijamente. Lo único que no se había achicado de su cuerpo era su culo que ahora yacía enorme en el piso. Sin esperar ni un segundo más el pequeño Javier se levantó del piso e intentó escapar por la puerta. Con mis largas piernas no me fue difícil alcanzarlo y con el peso de mi cuerpo lo aplaste contra los lockers. Podía ver lágrimas salir desde si cara mientras presionaba su espalda con mi cuerpo desnudo. “Porfavor… no” Acerque mi boca a su oreja y le pase mi lengua haciéndole sentir su impotencia. Luego tomé mi enorme pene y penetré rápidamente su culo. Javito liberó un pequeño gemido de dolor y placer. Rápidamente me ajuste y con lapsos de un segundo metí y saque mi pene de su interior. Presione su cuerpo con mi brazo mientras que con mi mano agarraba su cadera roja por los golpes. Cada impulso de mi pelvis iba con fuerza y hacía que su cuerpo choque contra los lockers. Sus frágiles piernas se habían agarrado a las mías y su voz a hora aguda no paraba de gemir. No paso mucho cuando litros de cemen indundaron su culo y se chocaron con mis abdominales. Apenas acabe lo solté y cayó al piso. Cansado por todo me acosté en la banca ahora cubriendo casi toda. Con las pocas fuerzas que le quedaban levantó sus brazos y se arrastró hacia mí. Puso una mano sobre la banca y levantó un poco de su cuerpo. “Yo...yo...yo no, no soy gay” dijo mientras limpiaba con su lengua el semen de mis abdominales y pene. Toque una vez mas mi duro cuerpo y sonreí al imaginarme lo que me encontraría al volver a casa. “Buena suerte papi” --------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Thedemon1906

    Cambio de planes (cap1)

    Primera historia que posteo en español espero que la disfruten. Si quieren que la siga por favor muestren su apoyo Hace mucho tiempo que estoy enamorado de mi compañero de clase heterosexual, pero no fue hasta hace unos días que decidí tomar cartas en el asunto. Joaquín es de los deportistas del colegio, juega un juego famoso aca llamado Rugby. Muchos lo deben conocer por sus jugadores fornidos y masculinos y él no era la excepción. Aunque no tan grande como los de la televisión, Joaquin a sus dieciséis años ya medía un metro noventa y sus músculos empezaban a notarse. Tenía unos ojos negros impresionantes que combinaban con su pelo y el tono oscuro de su piel latina. Joaquín y yo nunca fuimos amigos cercanos, aunque algunas raras veces vino a mi casa. Pertenecemos a mundos diferentes, él era deportista y yo todo lo contrario. Aunque solo tenía quince mi cuerpo estaba fuera del promedio. Conocía que eran los bíceps y abdominales solo por verlos en otros hombres pero por mi parte nunca los tuve. Media un metro ochenta ,y aunque no era bajo, me mantenía en el promedio. Mi pelo era marrón y mis ojos verdes, pero lo que más destacaba de mi era mi casi inexistente pene de dos cm y mi culo mas que prominente, monstruoso. Fue hace unos días buscando por internet porno, una pagina de publicidad se me abrio. “Pócimas para el amor y la vida Avenida libertador 386” Fue en ese momento cuando decidí en ir a investigar. Un dia despues de clases me desvie un poco de mi ruta normal para ir a mi casa. Mientras caminaba recordé el incidente que había tenido devuelta hoy en el vestuario. Las risas de mis compañeros al ver mi paquete desnudo se había hecho costumbre, junto con los golpes y empujones que siempre lo acompañaban. Javier era el q mas me molestaba. De casi un metro noventa y ocho y un cuerpo bien tallado yo siempre era su presa. Todo se calmaba cuando llegaba Joaquín a separarnos. Cuando me conecte otra vez con la realidad me dí cuenta de que había llegado. El negocio en cuestión consiste en una puerta muy chiquita y cero ventanas. Empuje la puerta para encontrarme en una habitación circular con aspecto muy lúgubre. Estantes de lo que parecían ser líquidos de colores se encontraban a lo largo de las paredes. En el centro una mesa redonda se erguía y en la cima una bola de cristal con una campanita de hotel al lado. Toque la campana y me senté a esperar en uno de los cojines de la mesa. “Ya lo atiendo” gritó una señora que a juzgar por su voz cargaba muchos años de vida. Una puerta q se encontraba detrás mío se abrió y de ella salió una mujer de por lo menos ochenta años vestida con una túnica negra hasta el piso y unos collares con gemas que parecían antiquísimos. -¿Qué es lo q desea?- -Necesito una poción para volver gay a mi amigo heterosexual- -JAJAJAJAJAJAJA- Rió la vieja mujer - eso es lo que todos los homosexuales de tu edad quieren. Ven, toma, pon tu mano encima de ls esfera primero veamos tu destino- Hice lo q la mujer pidió incrédulo y por dentro de la espera un humo empezó a salir. Ahí es cuando lo vi todo. Yo era alto y estaba jugando al rugby con Joaquín. Mis músculos se notaban a través de mi uniforme transpirado. Era heterosexual y tenía una novia. Pero de repente pusieron la decisión de ser capitán del equipo entre Joaquín y yo. Joaquín sabia que yo ganaría entonces vino a la misma bruja que yo y le compró dos pócimas. Una para que yo y el resto de personas no se den cuenta de mi cambio y otra para volverme lo que soy un estúpido, débil y sumiso pasivo quien nadie recuerda quien era antes. Cerré mis ojos y los volvi a abrir, no creyéndome los flashes de memoria que recien habia experimentado. -¡El me lo robo todo solo por ser capitán!- grité mientras mi percepción de mi compañero cambiaba. Me sentía frustrado y dolido, especialmente defraudado. - Es verdad, pero estas en suerte querido porque con la poca plata que poseía tu Ex amigo no llegó a comprar el seguro. Por un módico precio te puedo vender la poción para convertirte en un viril activo y la pocion para convertirlo a el en un pasivo y si quieres tambien te regalo una para enamorarlo. La única que te saldría cara seria la que utilizarias para que nadie se de cuenta de los cambios.- Me quedé unos segundos absorbiendo toda la información y contesté. -Me llevo todas menos la del olvido, no la voy a necesitar- Una sonrisa se marcó en los labios de la mujer al entregarme las pocimas y la sonrisa suya se me contagió a mi. “Cambio de planes”
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