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  1. No one was quite sure who started the Alpha Alpha Alpha fraternity. It kind of came up out of nowhere without a clear origin or history on the outskirts of the Groff College campus, its members taking up residence in a kind of run down fixer upper type three story house. Marcus wasn't even sure if the college recognized it as an actual fraternity because there were never any advertisements during rush week, but that didn't stop Alpha Alpha Alpha from making waves on campus. You could spot any of the brothers from damn near a mile off. Because they were fucking huge. Each frat brother was a sculpted mound of muscular perfection. To say each one was jacked would have been a tremendous understatement. Each man had some insane muscle definition that would make any man jealous. Marcus himself had a good build being a mountain biking enthusiast, but the muscle bros of Alpha Alpha Alpha took everything he had and made it look tiny. With just a little polish each one could easily pass for a competitive bodybuilder if that was what their true aspiration was, and these were just college guys mind you. It was impossible to understand how the fuck they looked like that outside of occupying most of their time at the campus gym where it seemed like each frat brother worked out seven days a week. There was always at last one brother working out at any given but during prime hours the entire student body got to ogle and marvel at the display of walking beefcake men in peak physical form. There was one particularly large guy, which is kind of an absurd term to apply because they were all large, that Marcus would watch every time he could get the chance too. His name was Thor which was fitting because he could easily give Chris Hemsworth a run for his money. It was always a sight seeing the muscles in his body ripple as he did squats with at least five times the weight of his own PR. The way he raised and lowered the immense weight was fucking hot and, no lie, it sometimes gave Marcus a stiffy that had to be taken care of in the shower room afterwards. That kind of shit was happening a lot in the past couple months and it wasn't easy trying to figure out why. It didn't really feel weird to get erect while watching these guys lift, hell it kind of felt natural in a sense, but it was odd having the urges to seek them out on campus and catch more glimpses whenever the occasion presented itself. What was kind of strange was watching how quickly a new pledge would become a walking muscular god. Marcus knew this one freshman named Richy who became a pledge the second he heard about the frat. He was a kind of a nerdy skinny red head kid that Marcus' got to know his first week of school during the social events. The kind of dude who might wear a pocket protector during bio lab or something. He was a total dweeb when they first met but after six months of pledging at Alpha Alpha Alpha, Richy had easily gained fifty pounds of muscle! The dude turned himself into a fucking fitness model with broad shoulders and toned abs that Marcus would stare at like he was a horny teenager. It didn't seem physically possible that he would have bulked up to that extent so fast without juicing up, and maybe he was, but it didn't seem to make sense. Richy was one of the smaller members of the frat but he still had lots of beef on his frame that just didn't seem possible to do in under six months. The whole scenario made no sense but that didn't stop the frat from getting pledges left and right. Richy still seemed friendly enough and still recognized him on campus when they saw one another in passing. He could swear that he smiled when he noticed Marcus checking him out. What shocked Marcus the most about the former dweeb's transformation was his sexual prowess, not that he had the chance of banging Richy himself, he could only dream of that shit, but because of Richy's sudden desire to bone anyone that breathed. Turned out the little red headed nerdy virgin was now a fucking stud with a big donkey dong between his legs. Yeah, Richy had an eight-inch pecker swinging between his newly toned legs and was apparently good at using it too. That had to be the benefits of the cocktails or whatever shit the frat members were getting plied up on to look like super studs. And it was legit fucking eight inches of dick. Marcus stole a glance once in the showers after a workout when Richy was waiting for the next stall to free up. Even in repose it was just dangling there like a meat lollipop. What the fuck did those guys eat to get those sorts of huge proportions? Was it some steroids concoction, a shot of HGH, maybe a batch of an experimental drugs... fuck, whatever it was they were really putting it to use as far as making their new members more hulking and muscular. The thing is... the thought of growing muscle like that kind of sounded... nice. Marcus always enjoyed going to the gym but he wouldn't really consider himself a gym rat or anything and his work outs were all kind of routine. The thing is the brothers in Alpha Alpha Alpha looked and had bodies of fitness models, that wasn't an overstatement or over blown hyperbolic description, those frat meatheads did legitimately look like their bodies were photoshopped. All he wanted was a piece of the pie, something that could help him put on some muscle and feel the sort of hard rock definition that all those Greek behemoths were rocking. It would do wonders for his dating life and it would look good having muscle instead of fat on his body when he was vacationing on summer break. So one faithful day Marcus saw Richie and Thor taking turns spotting each other during leg day and he figured if he could somehow slip by and strike a conversation, talk to them, maybe there'd be a chance they'd tell him what was actually going on. Before he could casually slide into their vicinity the two studs had left for the showers. Without much to lose, and with only his curiosity pushing him on, Marcus decided to follow after them and try and snoop on their conversations, or maybe even spy through the window at what they looked like soaped up in the shower. So off he went hoping his hunch wouldn't end up blowing up in his face. Marcus crept into the locker room and stood just outside the hallway to the showers were he heard the voices of the two studs. "Man, you were really hammering away at that weight. Nice job today bro." Thor boomed and Richy replied "Yeah I finally think I might be catching up to you dude. That set was no joke, but I didn't even feel a drop in strength till the fifth set. I used to really struggle with that weight." Thor nodded and casually undressed, slipping out of his tank and basketball shorts. The naked muscled behemoth casually stretched a bit before sauntering into the nearest shower stall in a way that told Marcus he was absolutely showing off for the red head. The blonde's body looked ridiculously well sculpted with a fat cock to boot. His massive torso was perfectly proportionate to the bulky muscles that topped out his biceps, shoulder caps, lats, glutes, quadriceps, calves, the whole fucking works. Every single inch looked to be corded and cut muscle that made the blonde guy's ass so bouncy and firm, Marcus had a real hard time prying his eyes away as the dude rubbed soap all over that thickly muscled frame. The guy's package, heavy and low hung with huge testicles, had him outright gawping. What the fuck had he been eating to get that large. Jesus he was huge. Ten fucking inches. Soft. "You about done checking out my ass Richy, or should I do another flex?" "Fuck yea bro!" Richy blushed, fumbling over himself to get to the larger jock and placed his hands right atop the jock's round mounds of bubbly beefy muscle. "Fuck you're so firm. Dude I love your ass so fucking much. Do a pose bro." Richy quickly backed away with his penis quickly reaching full erect height as he watched the giant blond hulk get back under the shower, raise up his leg and stick out his ass so the muscles popped up beautifully. Marcus was just frozen watching the spectacle, his penis aching at the thought of feeling how hard and muscular the blonde was there. Richy grabbed two big handfuls and tugged the cheeks apart, the water trailing down between the blonde's huge, thick, round ass. Slowly, Thor bent over and spread his hands against the wall, giving Richy (and unknowingly Marcus) a display of his enormous back and shoulder muscles, as well as his colossal bulging deltoids and thick, long muscular arms. The sexy bulging traps rose, and fell, with his steady breathing and arms flexed hard as he braced himself, showing thick veins running over the peaks. Richy simply couldn't stop staring at all that, he was like a dog salivating in front of a steak. Thor’s cock was pumping up with each beat of his heart as well, working the flaccid rod to a half erect state. Richy on the other hand was fully erect, his body almost humming with tension. All he could focus on were Thor's thick muscular buttocks, each one seemingly perfectly balanced on his spread legs and lightly swaying when he wiggled them, a slight bounce accompanying the motion. With both hands gripping tightly, the studly ginger placed the tip of his throbbing cock at the firm ass of his frat bro. “Watching you lift got me fucking hard, man. I worked my ass with those squats to get ready for this man. I know you want to fuck me, Richy. That cock looks like it’s hard as steel and ready to go. C’mon man, plow my hole. Fuckin’ give it to me, bro.” With no further preamble, the formerly nerdy redhead eagerly slid forward with his throbbing cock clutched firmly in one fist, pressing the head of his slick pole into his frat buddy's tight anus. Thor grunted appreciatively at the welcome feeling of fullness his friend's thick meat was giving his huge hard body, clamping his anal walls tight around it. “Oh god. Fuck. Holy shit. You’re so tight, man. Squeezing my cock fucking HARD, man. You’re so fucking hot man, making me so hard. Your huge fucking body is so sexy, so strong. God your so fucking big, man.” Richy leaned forward and pressed his body against the hulking blonde underneath him, his big arms encircling the muscle stud’s torso and feeling up his huge muscles. He caressed each bulging slab of meat he could get his hands on and squeezed everywhere he could, especially the blonde’s sensitive nipples. Thor moaned heavily, leaning his head back and letting his long golden locks shower his hard back. He grunted as he relished the stimulation he was getting from his frat bros delicious dick filling him. The feeling of the hard cock filling him was intense and erotic. He loved the sensation of being penetrated and the blonde god leaned back into Richy's thrusts, driving the smaller man to directly slam into his prostate. Richy gasped in disbelief as the angle of his strokes was forcibly changed but rose to the challenge and stood on his tiptoes to push his rock-hard meat all the way in, balls deep. The intense fucking began in earnest, their sweaty, muscled bodies slapping together loudly, echoing throughout the small shower room. "Yeah man," The huge blonde jock encouraged, bucking his hips backwards and forwards with increasing desperation, "Fuck my huge ass. I know you're close bro. Come on, give it to me man. Fill me up!" The combination of Richy’s hands on his massive muscles, a strong cock pounding his prostate and the hot and sweaty friction of the fuck sent the blonde over the edge and Thor roared out as his seed burst from the tip of his fat meat, covering the wall before him with over a dozen voluminous volleys of his fertile spunk. Feeling his bro’s anus clench and spasm around his hard meat set Richy off and with one last deep thrust he went as far as he could, clutching his hips hard around the blond giant and released his cum deep up the jock's anus. "GODDD YEEAAAAHH!!" Richy exclaimed, his hips jerking through his orgasm as the blissful euphoria of sexual satisfaction rippled throughout his studly physique. Marcus felt a ping of jealousy as he saw the look of unimaginable pleasure that adorned Richy's handsome face as he shot his hot virile semen deep into Thor’s ass. He unleashed so much hot jizz that it began seeping out of Thor's well-plowed anal passage and down the brute's muscular thighs, leaving a thick pool on the bottom of the shower. But just as Marcus thought they were finished; Richy began to moan. The smaller ginger was obviously feeling a newfound source of bliss as his hands were roaming all over his body, groping and squeezing his muscles. Richy's looked like he was bouncing his pecs, thickening his already large chest up and as his pecs popped out in stark relief. His arms seemed to be getting bulkier as well, filling out his body nicely. His entire torso seemed to have gotten harder and more chiseled, becoming a lot thicker than it ever was before. The muscles in his abs rippled and shifted and became more prominent and then his waist tightened up to complete the hot look of an Adonis. His ass plumped outward with each thrust of his hips and the legs keeping him steady swelled and rippled with new cords of muscle. Marcus stared in slack jawed disbelief. This wasn't a trick, or someone pranking him or some other bullshit. That sexy little dweeb had just had his muscles swell and grow after dumping his hot load into some other dudes ass. What the fuck was he looking at? It made no sense. Yet the more Marcus watched his former friend play with his growing muscular form and worship himself, the hotter he felt. Seeing those muscles swell in the blink of an eye and seeing Richy’s body get even bigger with rapidly growing slabs of beef made his mind start thinking of what it would feel like to grow his own muscles. It looked amazing, it was probably the hottest sight he had seen, and his body was heating up the more he watched the ginger transform. Richy, still moaning, slowly removed cock from Thor’s tight hole and Marcus’ jaw hit the floor when he noticed. Richy's dick was bigger, longer, harder, and covered in throbbing veins. It looked like it had added almost another solid half-inch of girth and at least one inch in length. Now his semi-limp member swung like a salami, looking about nine inches in length with a sizeable girth that would match the average mans wrist. Thor didn't seem surprised and only grinned back as the shorter man continued to feel himself up and moan like a bitch in heat. “You’re a fucking stud now, Richy. You’re bigger, stronger, more pumped , and an even better fuck. Shit man, you look like you’re about to unleash the beast all over again.” Thor chuckled as Richy slowly came down from his high and held the man’s gaze, his cock still throbbing with need. "Yeah man. Wow it feels fucking incredible. I feel so damn sexy dude, like I could lift for hours. Fuck for days. I'm fucking hot as shit bro. Is this what you feel all the time?" Thor only grinned in response. The gargantuan blonde left his muscled redheaded frat brother to adjust to his new body. Stepping out of the shower the blonde's fat member swung between his powerful thighs and his sculpted ass bobbed with each step as he strutted out of the shower. Without thinking , Marcus tore his eyes away from the studly ginger and quickly ducked down into a private changing stall to avoid being seen. He watched Thor drying his statuesque body with a towel, grinning his stupid sexy blonde grin in the reflection as he rubbed down his swollen muscles. They hadn't seemed to change, the same thickness, the same sharp chiseling of each muscle group. It was Richy that had ballooned up with sexy new muscles, but Thor seemed to have enjoyed it all the same. As the stud finished toweling himself off and dressing from his locker, he suddenly stopped with his back to Marcus. "I know you want it. I wanted it too. Come visit us at the house and we'll open the door to your new life." The muscular blonde spoke loud enough that there was no doubt his words were directed toward him. Without a moment's delay he was walking out the door whistling and without a backwards glance. *** More parts in the works as I finish editing them. I'm really shit at editing so it might take some time. If there are any glaring grammatical errors please point them out and i'll fix them quick. Hope you all enjoyed.
  2. MrDream

    A Bull Of A Man

    1 The faint sound of thudding footsteps drew closer, then the doorbell rang. Steve knew who it was, there was only one other person who shared apartment in his home since the private gym had been set up in garage. He eagerly opened the front door and made way for the muscular gym fanatic to enter in a hurry. "Remember, big guy, yesterday was your last rest day. From now on we need to keep you pumping iron and eating non stop" The pair of young men stood and looked into each others eyes for a moment as the door closed behind them, automatically locking and sealing the chaos of the outside world away from their isolated slice of heaven. The newcomer smirked back and ruffled his crew cut hair with one hand "I already am a bodybuilder, it you who need to be told to force feed me lock me in the gym" They kissed once, and with arms around each others slender waists, they strolled to the kitchen to view the dinner that steve had prepared for himself being totally overshadowed by the massive feast Steve had also prepared for his best friend Brad. It was a bodybuilders feast of high protein and carbohydrate healthfood topped off with a huge jug of protein shake. Brads mouth watered at the smell and sight and his belly audibly made some grumbling. "Shush you! First we are going to take the first before photo of your progress shots and weigh you while your still just skin and bone, then we are going to juice you up with growth hormone, theeeeennn we can start your first anabolic steroid laced gainer meal" said Steve with a paternal tone in his voice. Brad undid all the buttons on his shirt and sucked in his six pack gut while inhaling. *Click* *Click* . The first of his many progress pics of Brad the bodybuilder were taken. He looked like a skinny model all covered in obviously gym hardened ripped muscles, but starved of any layer of fat at all. With the supple curve of his stomach sucked in farther than usual, he looked like a starvation victim, even though according to the scales he was a decent 75kg. "Come on Steve" Brad protested "juice me up, then we can start turning me into a bull of a man" "Coming dear" said Steve, as his friend took his place at his end of the table. Steve handed the hungry man who had not eaten a thing all day, a handfull of appetite enhancer pills. They would make his stomach churn...and chrun...and churn with excessive amounts of digestive juice, and simply demand that its muscular owner fill it up. Brad did everything as was aggreed on and planned as he swalled every single one ready for the next step. Meanwhile, steve prepared Brads massive dosage of growth hormone to be administerd into the growing boy. they both knew what it would do to him - his muscles would swell, but so would his gut on the inside. By this time tomorrow, his belly would be bigger and hungrier than before as the size of his stomach and intestines would swell up. the steroids in his food would come next, digesting the boys protein into new muscle, them pumping all that nutrients into his athletic body making him even bigger and more powerfull than ever. His muscles would swell up and bloat all over his body, making brad one hell of a dashingly handsome stud indeed. Once the chemicals were in him, Steve reclined at the other side of hte table, slowly muching away on his appetisers to temp Brad. He knew he was getting hungrier and desiring food now. The desire must be burning more than his urge to build up his muscles. Brad watched in silence except for the tender muching from Steve and the slight grumble from his own tummy. He remember how they first met and the local gym desiring to improve thier bodies above what nature had given them. They became lifting buddies, then casual freinds, then good friends...then they opened up to each other. They had a lot in common, but he desire to build up thier msucles was high in these young men. They both desired the roided up look in their favourite bodybuilders too. those bronzed bodies in the magazines bulging with veins and sinew were no also bulging with massive midsections of muscle too. "My God...how do they pump those things up so big?" as the years had gone by, compedetive bodybuilders measurements had increased too. Biceps went from 16-18 inches, now bulged like canonballs at 20-25! Men had thighs thicker than a normal mans waist! Chests were so overdeveloped they could balance a glass of milk on the upper pectoral! Shoulders were so broad, male athletes as young as 17 were unable to reach the other deltoids with thier own hands! And thier waists...Ohhh the expanding waist lines...the ever expanding, pumping, bulging, bulking bellies of sexy studly solid muscle! And all of this eye candy was being fueled by growth supplements you simply cant buy over the counter. The boys made a deal, they put thier money together and had enough for one of them to turn into a professional roid fueled bodybuilder over the course of a year or so plus other expenses. Steve decided that he wanted Brad to indulge himself. Wanting everyone to know he was high on steroids, carelessly bulging and stretching his clothes, letting everyone stare, and showing off hte sideeffects of a massive roidgut like beachball on his lap...Brad didnt take much convincing to be talked into it. By now, the first line of chemical enhancements were coarsing through Brad's veins. He was salivating, he was concentrating on his yummy food laying out tantilising before his eyes. He knew steve had drenched it in steroids and an inumeral amound of growth enhancers too. and it wall all going to be fed into him like a big fat prize pig. Steve finished eating. He got up and strolled over to his human pet science project. Brad licked his lips as he knew it was time while he leaned back in his chair and held his hands behind his head to stretch out one last time. "GRRRRRR" Brads skinny six pack grumbled loudly as if aware of the approach of its owners feeder encourager. Steve placed his hand over the muscular belly and rubbed it affectionaly, then spoke to it in a silly patronising tone - "Awwww, just look at you. Brad hasnt been feeding you enough, and now your just a skinny little girls waist. Well, your uncle Steve will fix all that now that your both in my house, because we are going to pump you right up, little belly. Youre not going to be a skinny little six pack, we are going to blow you up into a big muscly roidgut, youre going to get real big, strong, and handsome. "GRRRRRRR" the digestive juices inside Brad were overflowing and churning inside the empty stomach. "Ohhh Yeah! Your going to be a real bloated musclegut, then when your nice and big, you can digest all of daddys protein, and pump his muscles up even bigger too" Brad could not take it anymore! He leaned forward and obeyed his hunger by grabbing the nearest platefull of food. As the night went on, Brad would weigh more and more, as his body filled up with the super nutritious healthfood saturated with anabolics. He always dreamed of being a steroid abusing freak and that dream was becoming a reality.
  3. Bigrowinggod

    Making big bro a god

    Chapter 1 (mark pov) after years of working on it I’ve done it mixing magic and science If everything goes right I can make anyone a god. Now time for testing, I grabbed one of the vials and walked to his room where my big bro ray was sleeping. He must have been dreaming about something nice his oversized cock rock hard and leaking as he slept. I slowly poured the vial over him until he was covered in it then dumped the remainder on his cock and waited. I smiled as his skin was absorbing the solution it wouldn’t do much for now but the “security” cameras I installed would record everything anyways. 3 hours later I was putting the rest of the vials in storage as I heard moaning I finished storing them and checked the cameras. Ray had changed so Much In just a few hours all fat on his once out of shape body was gone leaving a small amount of muscles behind but what was really shocking was his cock still passed out he was thrusting in his sleep and his cock must have been over a foot long now with some massive balls to match. Maybe he was becoming a god of sex or something too early to verify. On closer inspection his muscles were still growing will have to take measurements later. Ray pov what the fuck” is all I could think as I looked down at my body I had passed out hard after a 12 hour shift and wake up in a body I don’t recognize a very hot one though. I started feeling myself up running my hand over these new muscles my cock just kept getting harder and I knew I would have to measure it I moaned as I saw my dick extend past the ruler and keep going till it hit 18 inches fuck I doubled in size. I ran into the bathroom and started jerking off at the sight of myself it was me but perfected no flaws or blemishes. ASI got close to cumming my balls swelled bigger “god yesss” I moaned as I came and just kept Cumming the tub filling with my seed clogging the drain I finally stopped after a few minutes but the tub had been filled and I was still horny. mark pov stage 1 complete” my computer said. But I was barley listening as I had just came hands free knowing that each stage would only get more intense I wasn’t sure if I was worried or excited.
  4. Daladon was on his way home from one of the worst days he’s ever had when he stumbled upon a cart vendor with potions, clothes, and other goods. Daladon is in for a surprise when he meets the owner of the shop and see’s what some of these goods are capable of. From Small Beginnings The bell rang through the halls of the Marian Smith factory as Daladon Pentorn breathed a sigh of relief that the day had finally ended. “Freedom at last,” exhaled the exhausted human. Standing up from his desk, he grabbed his worker’s jacket and headed to the door, “I thought today would never end.” He pushed his way past many factory workers that out sized him, but he ducked and squeezed through the big muscular men in the crowd making his way outside. Walking towards the town square as the sunset painted the sky around him, Daladon rubbed his eyes as the lanterns in town began to light up. “Dal! Wait up!” called a large half-orc stumbling out of the factory. Daladon turned his head and saw his friend Brucelog Gondar running towards him. The 6’3 half-orc had plenty of muscle packed onto his frame, and a sizable midsection poking out from below his white undershirt. “Go away Bruce. I’m not in the mood tonig-HEY!” Daladon was caught off guard as Bruce grabbed his torso and hoisted Daladon up onto his shoulders. “Bruce, put me down! Today sucked and I just want to go home.” “I’m just your giant transport service. We’re going out. We need some drinks after today,” said Bruce as he sauntered off into town with his smaller friend on his shoulders. “And I already heard what happened. My dad let me in on everything. He told me that you might’ve misread a measurement on a giant’s breast plate and now we have to waste a lot of metal remaking it,” said Bruce as he turned right towards the local tavern, Triple B’s. “One, you’re not a giant so stop carrying me around. Two, I’m not in the mood to go out tonight. And three, that 8 looked like a 9,” said Daladon as he steadied himself on his new elevated position. “While I agree with you Dal that it did look like a nine, 80 feet long and 90 feet long makes a BIG difference in what we’re building.” Daladon grimaced a bit and sat back on his friend's broad shoulders as they rounded the corner. “At least take me home and let me change. I don’t want to go out in my work clothes,” said Daladon as he pulled his friend’s black hair. “Ouch, fine. I’ll put you down. But you’d better come back out. No “Oh I’m tired and wanna be alone” crap. Come be with your friends. Kimlen even said he’d come out tonight. Plus Jaren and Siv told me that there’s a private party in the back room that they can get us into.” Bruce grabbed Daladon’s hips and put him down at the entrance to the tavern. “I’d better be seeing you soon,” stated Bruce as the tall half-orc walked through the wide double doors. Daladon looked into the tavern at the candle lights inside, lighting up with energy and the sound of coins clinking against wood faded away as he turned towards a shortcut home. Daladon sat with his thoughts as he walked back behind a few houses with their lights off. Making his way to a dirt path back to his house. Most people were already home in bed at this hour, but his boss made him stay until the final bell of the workday rang due to his performance today. He gazed out onto the mountains on the edge of town and he saw a few torch lights moving up the steep ridges. Despite being many miles away, Daladon could see every subtle move the giant climbing the mountain side made. It helped when the torch the giant was carrying was a tree he plucked from the Earth. As he locked eyes with the flame quickly disappearing over the peak of the mountain in the distance, Daladon’s cheek was met with sharp pain as he ran into the back of a cart. With a loud thud, Daladon hit the ground and rubbed his head. “Damn, where’d this come from?” He sat up and looked at a wooden cart blocking his path home. Daladon stumbled up to his feet and walked to the other side of the cart to where a sales window sat. “Hey buddy, you’re not allowed to park carts on these paths,” said Daladon as he looked inside the window. But much to his surprise, it was completely abandoned. Only a few crates scattered here and there on the floor with dust collecting. “Sorry about that!” called a voice from back where Daladon came. “I’m right here. Sorry, I just put my cart there for a second so I could find where I needed to set up shop. ” Daladon sighed then started walking out to the side of the cart where the voice was coming from. “It’s okay, I just wasn’t paying attention to wher-” Daladon stopped immediately in his tracks and stared at a massive man bounding towards him. Not only was he probably 20 feet tall, he looked as big as a whale with how much fat was on him. His tight blue shirt exaggerated every jiggle and jostle his belly made as he screeched to a stop in front of Daladon. “Yeah, but still, I am parked illegally. I’m a bit turned around. I just got here a few minutes ago and I am already lost,” said the giant as he casually picked up the cart and hoisted it onto his shoulders like it was nothing. “Hi, I’m Sam, the Sizemologist,” said the giant with a smile as he threw his cart like a hammer throw towards Triple B’s. With a light bounce off the ground, the cart landed perfectly next to the tavern. “Bullseye.” “You’re a- a- a-” stuttered Daladon as he looked up and up at Sam as his belly eclipsed most of his view. “Oh yeah, sorry. Forgot this far away from the city, you don’t see many people like me.” The big man waved his hand a bit and suddenly his size started to diminish away. His belly receded into his clothes as his bright blue shirt stayed taut against him. Sam’s face came more into Daladon’s view as he shrunk down in height as well. His elven features became more and more apparent as the fat drained away. His platinum blonde hair stuck out of his hat and curled around his pointy ears as he stopped shrinking himself. Landing at about 6 feet tall with a nice beer gut on him. “And before you say it, no I’m not a giant or a gainer.” Sam walked past Daladon whose face was still frozen with excitement, lust, and fear all at once. “But you were just like 50 feet tall or something. And had a belly bigger than my whole body,” said Daladon as he turned to see Sam walk back towards his cart. “I don’t get my size like most people around here do,” said Sam as he gestured Daladon to his side. “But I am sorry that you hit my cart. I didn’t think I had parked it anywhere that might get hit by someone. But I guess this is a chance for you to see my stock. Here, why don’t you come in and I can show you what I got. Maybe even get you a drink on me,” said Sam as he disappeared and walked behind the cart. “Thanks uh Sam was it? But I really do need to get going. I promised my friends I’d meet them out at Triple B’s after I went home and changed. And I really need to feed my chinchillape. He’s been home all day,” said Daladon as he resumed walking along the path towards his house. “No no no, come in. I insist. Besides, I’m working Triple B’s tonight. I can give you something to wear so you won’t be late. It’s just like you took a bit of a detour. And now your chinchillape will be fed and thinks you’re there with him now,” said Sam with a snap as he quickly walked back to Daladon and put his arm around his shoulder, ushering him behind the cart. “And I might just have something in my shop that you’ll absolutely love.” Even at his shrunken size, Sam easily pushed the 5’5 skinny Daladon into the cart. When Daladon stepped up into the cart, he was apprehensive about going in since the cart didn’t even look big enough to fit Sam’s belly alone inside. But to his surprise, he walked into a room almost bigger than his own tiny home. “Woah, this place is massive.” The ceilings were 20 feet high above his head and there were shelves full of boxes all around them. “Sorry about the mess. I packed up my shop in a bit of a rush earlier so I haven’t had much time to make things look nice,” said Sam as he shut the door behind Daladon. A snap rang through the room and suddenly, the boxes vanished and were replaced with bright shiny jars with various colorful liquids sloshing around inside. Daladon’s eyes lit up with amazement as the room went from an empty warehouse to a lively storefront. Lights began to string along the shelves connecting them as signs fell down from the ceiling reading Eat Me and Does This Make Me Look Big?. “So, are you some kind of magician or something?” asked Daladon as he walked forward and browsed the shelves. “A sorcerer actually. And a pretty good one at that,” said Sam as his smaller, but still substantially sized belly pushed into Daladon’s back as he walked by. “But that’s only a side hustle to my true love. Alchemy.” Sam grabbed a couple of glass bottles off the top of a shelf and an empty glass jar. Daladon looked at the big man now walking behind a bar and watched intrigued as he poured orange and green liquids into the jar. “Aren’t all the sorcerers supposed to be in Sizeopolis? I didn’t know y’all were allowed to leave.” Daladon wandered around the big room as the brown mixture changed colors to a dark purple in Sam’s hand. “Most of us train there, but we aren’t required to stay,” said Sam as he sprinkled little green flecks down onto the drink. “After we complete our apprenticeship, we’re free to travel the world spreading size and magic to everyone. Or at least that’s what the administration says we should do. But many do stay in Sizeopolis after they graduate for all the jobs they offer magic users there.” Sam stirred the mixture as the specs of green dissolved and the mixture turned white. Daladon continued to look around the shop in amazement at all of the different items that must be magical. A jewelry section lined with necklaces and earrings with beautiful crystals sprouting from them. Plenty of rings on display varying in size from a normal sized ring to a hula hoop sized one. “Do you get a lot of giants buying wedding rings in your shop?” asked Daladon. “Uh…sure,” said Sam as he garnished the drink with a pink flower. Sliding it towards the edge of the bar, he grabbed a bottle with a blue liquid out from behind the bar with his other hand. “I have one funergy drink for…sorry, I just realized I never got your name.” “My name is Daladon. Daladon Pentorn,” said Daladon as he walked away from a purple silk nightgown shimmering in the lights. “Nice to meet you Daladon. Consider this one on the house as an “I'm sorry for parking my cart somewhere I wasn’t supposed to” apology drink.” Daladon grabbed the glass from the bar and took a sip. “Mmm, this is delicious!” Daladon put the glass to his lips and started to drink up the white liquid until the glass was empty. “What was that stuff?” “A funergy drink. It doesn’t take magic for me to tell that you’re beating yourself up about something,” said Sam as he waddled around the back of the bar. “Sit a spell. Tell Big Sammy about your troubles URP!” Sam let out a belch before taking another swig of his drink and keeping the bottle in his mouth so he could grab a few crates out from under the bar. “It’s just work. I work at the Marian Smith factory in Grimford and I hate my damn job. I don’t like it, I’m not good at it, nobody there thinks I'm right for the position, it’s just a terrible set of circumstances,” said Daladon as he sat down at the bar. Running his hands through his short dirty blonde hair. “From what I’ve heard, Marian Smith factories change drastically depending on what managers you have. Maybe you could go to a different location,” said Sam as he downed the last bit of his bottle. “I would, but I don’t like the work. I don’t want to be a factory foreman for the rest of my life.” “Then quit. Sounds like you’ll be a lot happier for it. And you won’t need a funergy drink to get you to go out with your friends.” Sam started unboxing the crates to reveal large jugs labeled Big Dick Energy with a cartoonish twink holding a bottle up against his impressive bulge packed tightly into a cyan colored speedo. “I can’t. The job pays too well for me to leave. Especially in this economy,” said Daladon as he massaged the back of his sore neck. “Besides, businesses are shutting down left and right around here. It’s not like there’s a good option to go to if I do quit.” “You could always be a traveling salesman. I’ve found it’s not a boring job in the slightest.” Sam grabbed another crate and unloaded some more jugs. This time labeled Big Ass Energy with a similar twink now turned to the side the bottle perched on his huge ass in a speedo. “Yeah, but I’m not a powerful wizard from the big city who can conjure size from nothing,” said Daladon. He picked up one of the jugs and started to read the small print on the back. “I’m a Sorcerer. There is a difference. Wizards are very cliquey and kind of snotty.” Sam grabbed a final crate and unloaded another set of jugs labeled Big Bara Energy with the same twink on the bottle now looking like a twunk with his big bicep balancing a bottle on it. “And I can’t conjure size from nothing. Like I said before, I’m not a giant or a gainer. I use magic to change my size.” “What’s the difference? All I know is you were like 10 times my size and shrank right in front of me to a normal size. I assume you can grow to that size again if you wanted to. So if it looks like a giant, it is the size of a giant, I’m gonna say you’re a giant Sam.” Sam rolled his eyes a little as he set all of the jugs down on the edge of the bar. “I mean yes, I was the size of a giant, but I don’t belong to the giants. I can’t just grow or shrink my height because I want to. I have to focus on a spell to shrink me down.” “But you didn’t say anything before. You just shrank.” “That’s just because that small of size manipulation can be done with a simple flick of the wrist.” “That’s a small spell? But you were so big.” “I wasn’t THAT big. At least not compared to the giants I’ve seen in Hitclo or Sizeopolis.” “It’s clear you don’t get out around these parts often. We don’t have any giants in Grimford. Or at least any that stay in town for long. Most shrink down to get their deliveries and are off back to Hitclo or wherever they’re going. The tallest guy that stays in town is my friend Jaren and he’s 7’6,” said Daladon as he started to twist the top off of the bottle of Big Ass Energy before getting swatted by Sam. “No drinking these. These are for a private party,” said Sam as he placed a final jug on the bar. “You probably want to set that down by the way. And maybe stand back.” Daladon frantically put the jug next to the others and got up from his bar stool as Sam began to circle his arms over the jugs. “Animatré grandonta meriandé! Animatré grandonta meriandé!” Sam started to chant and Daladon saw yellow sparks forming on Sam’s finger tips before cinders fell down onto the jugs below. Daladon braced himself and rushed behind a display of cakes, cookies, and muffins that read Eat Me in icing on them. When Sam stopped chanting, Daladon watched and waited for something to happen. “You didn’t have to step back like that. Nothing’s gonna explode. Not yet at least,” chuckled Sam. Daladon emerged from his hiding spot looking intently at the jugs. Walking back, Daladon could tell something was different about them, he just couldn’t put his finger on it. “A big light show for better booze for the guests?” “Give it a second. Just watch.” Sam smiled and turned one of the jugs to face Daladon. Looking closer, Daladon saw the twink on the jug now waving at him. “Awe, that’s cute,” said Daladon as he waved back to the tiny label twink. The twink then grabbed the sides of the label and pulled himself out of it. Daladon’s eyes nearly gouged out of his head as he saw more little men jumping out of all the big jugs and onto the floor. “Well would you look at that. Finally, someone who’s shorter than me,” said Daladon with a satisfied smirk on his face, staring down at the little men that were maybe 8 inches tall. “Wanna bet?” chuckled Sam again as he peered over the counter at the 12 little men standing on the ground. “Come on guys. Up and at ‘em.” The twinks all looked at each other and smiled as each one began to grow. Looking down at the twinks, Daladon stared in shock as the twinks that couldn't even reach his knees were now growing up to his waistline. “They get bigger too?” asked Daladon as the twinks swelled up higher and higher. Now level with Daladon’s nipples. “Indeed they do. And you haven’t even seen the best part,” said Sam as the twinks continued to grow. Each one fighting for space near the bar as their bodies expanded up to Daladon’s neckline. Daladon stepped back as they reached his height and didn't stop getting taller. The room was getting more and more cramped by the second as 12 large men started to crowd around the bar. Growing up and up and up until settling at 6’8 towering over Daladon. “Well, I guess I’m the shortest again. That didn’t last long,” sighed Daladon as he admired the big men in their very tight speedos. “And we’re gonna be specific tonight boys so get your best assets ready.” All of the men let out some moans as their bodies started to change again. Daladon looked at all the men surrounding him and realized what Sam meant by assets. Each man started growing differently depending on which bottle they came from. The Big Dick Energy twinks’ speedos started to stretch as their cocks elongated in them. The dick print became more and more prominent until the sides were bowing forward to accommodate the growing python and two orange sized balls under it. Looking at some of the others, one of them was getting pumped full of muscle as his toned swimmer’s body blew up to bodybuilder levels of big. His pecs inflated out towards Daladon’s face. His biceps were getting pushed away from his torso because of their massive size. His legs got separated as his quads swelled into each other. A row of abs appearing right above the defined 6-pack that already was there. He was turning into a mass monster. “Excellent guys. You all look fantastic. Now head in there and you’ll meet, oh what was his name, hold on.” Sam ruffled through a few stacks of paper behind the bar as Daladon gawked at the sexy men around him. “Ah ha! Found it. Go find a guy named Siv Drucian. He’ll help you guys get set up.” The boys all nodded at Sam and then started walking past Daladon going to other parts of the shop to get various bottles and cases of potions. Their big bulging bodies bumped into him as they walked past. Especially the ones whose hips had widened. Daladon turned his neck to watch an ass with cheeks the size of basketballs walk by and he was practically drooling over him. Their speedos looked more like thongs with how much strain they were putting on them. “Wow, they’re gonna be serving us at that private party at Triple B’s? I think I’m now much more willing to go out tonight,” said Daladon as he stared at the big men sauntering out of the shop. “No, that's just the funergy kicking in,” said Sam. “Oh and Ricardo, see me before the event starts for the specialty drinks tonight.” One of the hunks on his way out waved at Sam and ducked out the door. “So will those guys be selling your potions tonight?” asked Daladon, retaking his seat at the bar with a noticeable bulge at attention in his pants. “Indeed they will. They’ll be your cock and tail waiters tonight ready to give out some specialty potions requested by our employer. And if you think that they’re great now, you should see them when we’re hired as performers,” said Sam as the last one squeezed his wide hips out the door and shut it behind him. “Damn. Now I wanna tell my friend not to perform tonight so I can watch them.” “Your friend is working this party?” asked Sam as he looked up from collecting more bottles of potions. “A couple of them actually. Siv, the guy your boys are meeting, he’s one of my friends. Love that guy.” “He’s the one performing?” “No, he’s just the bartender. My friend Jaren is the one performing.” “Oh yes, the giant boy. Well knowing who we’re serving tonight, I’m sure they’ll love a guy that big,” said Sam as he walked out from the bar. “And if your bartender friend needs any help with the drinks, I can make just about anything. And what I can’t make, I can conjure. Now I do believe I also told you I’d get you something to wear for tonight.” Sam wiggled his fingers and the sign that read Does This Make Me Look Big? lit up. “I don’t know Sam. I don’t really have the size to call anything about me big,” said Daladon, looking down at his fairly average body. “Nonsense. Anything can be big. You might feel small right now, but I’ve met men that live life at a fraction of your size. As well as men who live life bigger than entire planets.” Sam pat Daladon on the back and led him through the shop. “But maybe I could give you a little bit of an upgrade if that funergy drink didn’t get you one hundred percent ready for tonight.” Reams of fabric started flying off the walls into Sam’s hands as he occasionally muttered something to himself. “Now what size do you want?” “Well I wear a small shirt and have about a-“ “I didn’t ask what size do you wear, I asked what size do you want?” Daladon stopped in his tracks once Sam sat down at a sewing station. “You could make me bigger?” “That’s what I do. It’s what I LIVE for. Now tell me, what kind of body do you want to have tonight?” Sam started cutting bright blue fabric and mumbling things under his breath again. “Um, I don’t know. I definitely could be taller. Maybe a bit of muscle, but not like aggressive muscles. A bit of fat is fine. Ooo actually a belly would be nice. Maybe not one as big as yours though.” Daladon paced behind Sam and continued to ramble off parameters for what he wanted his body to be. “I’ve got limited fabric here so I can’t do all of that, but I think I’ve got a good snapshot of what you want.” Bright blue fabric started to unfurl around them and sewing needles flew through the air. Sam’s muttering began to get louder and louder into a full blown chant. “Exeto incantrabe god petsha yunn marcotauph!” Sam shouted aggressively and raised his arms into the air again. Scissors started slicing through fabric followed by needles threading in and out, connecting everything together. Daladon watched in disbelief as reams of fabric spun around them creating a vortex. But Daladon’s smile began to fade when a blue singlet formed before his very eyes with a weird patch of yellow fabric on the left pec. “A singlet? Really? Sure, you’ve got your cock and tail waiters that look like they’re models in Sizeopolis, but I don’t think that’s my style Sam.” Daladon walked to put his hand on Sam’s back on the chair while the singlet floated down. “The magic you have to say with words takes a second. Here, go try it on and then tell me if you got anything like it at home.” Sam sat up and handed Daladon the singlet. “It does look like you got the measurements right,” said Daladon as he held it up to his body. “Trust me. I always get the measurements right.” Daladon turned to go to the dressing room where he slid the curtain shut and started undressing from his work clothes. Daladon held the singlet up to him once he was just wearing his underwear. After taking a deep breath, Daladon brought the singlet down to put his legs in. Pulling the singlet up and pushing his arms through the holes, Daladon looked at himself in the mirror. “Maybe a little tight,” said Daladon as he tugged the straps up to be perched on his traps. “Give it a second!” shouted Sam as the yellow patch on Daladon’s left pec began to shine. Daladon let out a small moan as a shiver ran through his body. He felt his cock immediately start twitching as a warmth flooded his system. Daladon’s body began to expand with size. It was very small and unnoticeable at first, but Daladon could feel the sides of the singlet digging into him a bit. Looking down at himself, he saw his pecs blowing up under the blue fabric. Daladon couldn’t help but grope his chest and feel the muscle that was forming on his chest. The straps dug into his shoulders as his traps and neck thickened. He looked to his side and saw the strap of the singlet extending out into a sleeve around his growing arms. As the sleeves formed, he could feel his biceps pushing back against the fabric as they swelled with size. Daladon was pulled away by a new sensation. The fabric around his crotch was getting tighter and tighter. He could feel his dick fighting for space in the singlet as the underwear inside snapped. Unable to hang on due to his widening hips. Daladon moaned again, his cock now free to surge up in size. He looked down at his remarkable bulge he sported now. Pulsing with life, the beast swelled bigger and bigger with every heartbeat. Extending out to 10 inches long with balls as big as eggs and still growing. He also saw the fabric around his legs receding into the singlet. Cutting itself off to look like booty shorts, strangling his massive quads inside them. The last of his underwear sliding down the pant leg in tatters on the floor. Turning to the side and looking in the mirror in front of him, Daladon got a great view of his dump truck ass. Grabbing the big cheek, it felt heavy as he shook it. He couldn’t help but feel himself get hard over how huge he was getting. He smacked his ass and practically moaned when he saw the ripples cascading along the fabric. He stopped admiring himself as the singlet’s fabric started to recede again. This time it moved upwards from his waist, exposing his belly button that started to swell out in front of him. His once flat stomach rounding out as he heard a gurgle emit from his belly. He reached down to pat his swelling orb of a belly and ran his hands along it. Feeling how expansive it was. The fabric stopped just under his textbook sized pecs as the yellow patch of fabric started to fold and morph into an S symbol. And it wasn’t just an ordinary S on the outfit, it sported a curled bicep on the top right tail, a couple of moobs followed by a heavy belly as the curve on the left side, a perfectly round belly on the right curve, and a massive cock as the bottom tail of the S. “Woah,” said Daladon. He couldn’t believe the sight before him. He stood there looking like he was out of his own wet dream. Not only had the singlet made him bigger, it also had heightened his other features. He now sported a nice square jaw line as well as bright blonde styled hair. The singlet itself had morphed into a top that covered Daladon’s chest with long sleeves on his arms that had holes over where the peak of his bowling ball sized biceps were. He could barely see the booty shorts he was wearing below his pecs and belly, but looking in the mirror, they left nothing to the imagination. The blue fabric accentuated his cock and balls perfectly. Making them look absolutely stuffed in the shorts. And after seeing how much size he got in his ass, he guessed the entire outfit was fighting for dear life to contain his size. “Well don’t leave me in suspense! Come out!” called a giddy Sam. Daladon turned and walked out of the dressing room to see Sam smiling up at him. “Damn I’m good,” mused Sam as he let out a whistle looking Daladon up and down. Daladon’s already big smile grew even bigger as he realized he’d grown taller too. Before, he was eye level with Sam’s pecs, but now Sam was eye level with Daladon’s. “This is incredible! Thank you, thank you, thank you Sam!” shouted Daladon. Running up to Sam and crouching down to give the big man a hug only to hoist him up into the air with glee. “You’re welcome, big guy. Now, go have fun with your friends. Enjoy your night,” said Sam as Daladon released him from his tight grip. “I’ll be sure to tell my friends to tip your boys well tonight,” said Daladon as his heavy footfalls shook the whole shop. “Don’t worry about it. We’re already getting paid handsomely by whoever’s throwing this party. But I’ll see you in there.” Sam winked at Daladon and Daladon threw the door to the shop open and ducked out of the shop, but not before squeezing his hips out. Smiling to himself, Sam turned and waddled back to the bar and began making drinks for tonight.
  5. Ultrabeef

    Julian Makes a Wish

    Julian Makes a Wish by Ultrabeef Julian Rostand couldn’t believe what he was seeing in front of him. It was an actual freaking genie! When Julian had bought the strangely shaped turquoise bottle at the antique market, he had just been looking for something to complete his fireplace mantle. But after wiping the dust off of the old bottle Julian found his neat living room filled with a bluish haze and a large muscular man appeared before him. “I will grant your deepest desires, master” the beautiful hunky genie smiling in his deep, rich voice. Julian thought long and hard about his first wish. Then his mind wandered to his secret crush at the local gym. A short beefy African-American bodybuilder named Jamaad Hynes. Hynes had really blown up over the past year and was planning on trying for his pro card this year. Julian had secretly been drooling over the past year and had been irritated by the fact that Jamaad was straight. His fitness model girlfriend was always hanging all over his big hard muscles at the gym. “What a waste” Julian muttered under his breath. “I wish that pro bodybuilder Jamaad Hynes was gay”. Suddenly there was a flash of lightning outside the gym, even though it was a clear sunny day. “That was weird” Julian muttered to himself. As he turned back to see what Jamaad was up to in the free weights area. Julian gasped. Jamaad was there all right, curling big heavy weights. But his girlfriend was nowhere to be seen, even though she had been standing next to him a moment earlier. The most shocking thing was what Jamaad was wearing. Gone were the baggy basketball shorts and sweat-soaked t-shirt that he had been wearing only minutes earlier. Instead Jamaad was wearing tiny, tight jean cut off shorts that could barely contain his big, round butt. He was wearing a small black halter top with a rainbow on it and thick work boots on his feet. A diamond stud graced each ear. “Oh shit!” Julian muttered under his breath. Then Julian remembered the genie and his three wishes and realized that the wish he had made under his breath had actually come true. “I’ve got to be more careful with what I say” Julian muttered to himself as he ogled Jamaad one more time before getting off the treadmill and heading home. As Julian drove home he couldn’t get the image of Jamaad out of his head. He was so big, and thick, and cute. Julian could feel himself getting hard just thinking about the soon-to-be pro bodybuilder. As Julian pulled into his garage, he started to have a devious idea. If Jamaad Hynes was actually gay now, because of Julian’s wish, then his girlfriend was definitely out of the picture. So, why not make himself a part of this new reality? “Let’s see what this magic can do” Julian thought to himself carefully formulating his wish. Then Julian clearly spoke aloud “I wish that Jamaad Hynes was my boyfriend and that we are madly in love with each other”. A flash of lightning filled the sky as Julian entered his house and immediately he noticed things were very different. Julian’s nice neat classy decor was gone. His house was now furnished with ultra modern black leather and shiny metal furniture. The Edward Hopper print of the sofa was now a black & white print of two hunks kissing. “What the hell?” Julian muttered taking in the strange living room. As he went into the kitchen and dropped his car keys on the counter Julian noticed tubs of protein and bottles of pills and supplements everywhere. The place was a total mess. The sink was full of dirty dished and plastic food containers. Julian opened the fridge to see it stacked full of prepared meals of mostly grilled chicken and rice, all pre-portioned out. There were also a big collection of vials on the fridge shelf and a sharps container on the counter. Suddenly a searing pain coursed through Julian’s body, causing him to grab the fridge door before dropping to his knees. “Arrrrghh…fuck!” Julian moaned in agony as it felt like every muscle in his body was tensing beyond anything Julian had ever felt before. As Julian gripped the fridge door he watched in horror as his forearm widened, thick purple veins pushing toward the surface of his skin. “What’s…happening?” Julian muttered through clenched teeth as he felt his t-shirt pulling tight as his shoulders widened. Within second Julian couldn’t see over the mounds of hard pec-flesh that were swelling from his body, pulling his shirt even tighter in a new direction. Julian heard a tearing sound as his shirt gave way, exposing his swelling muscles to to cool air from the open fridge. Julian could feel his body lifting up as his quads and glutes under him swelled bigger before tearing through his gym shorts. Just as suddenly as it had started, the pain stopped. Julian pulled himself up and shut the fridge door. How big were his hands now? he thought to himself as he lumbered to the bathroom. He could feel that he was much heavier and wider as the floor creaked under his body and his shoulders practically touched the walls of the hallway. Julian’s thick quads rolled around each other struggling for room as he walked, giving him a bodybuilder’s gait. His thick meaty pecs bounced as he walked down the hall. Julian flicked on the bathroom light and gasped, “oh!”. Staring back at him was a huge naked bodybuilder with his face. Julian flexed in the mirror in amazement. Julian couldn’t believe how much more space he was taking up in his small bathroom. He was so insanely wide and thick. Huge, heavy pecs hung off his body, as Julian cupped them with his big hand he marveled at the weight and hardness of his new pec flesh. Julian ran his hand over his cobblestone abs, feeling the bumps and ridges before taking his huge thick cock into his hands. Julian rolled his fingers around his sensitive nipple while jerking his big dick with his free hand, moaning deeply. Julian caught a glimpse of his huge shelf-like mass in the mirror and shot his load all over the bathroom. Julian grabbed a wad of toilet paper and started to clean himself and the bathroom up, still buzzing from his jerk session. Just then there was the sound of a car pulling up in the driveway. Julian quickly waddled to his bedroom and opened a bureau drawer. His clothes were gone, instead the drawer was full of posing trunks. Julian grabbed a purple pair and squeezed into them. His big dick barely fit into the pouch and his big bubble butt pulled them tight, but they held. Julian noticed that his queen bed had been replaced with a California King sized bed and his bedroom ceiling was covered with mirrors. “What the fuck?” Julian muttered as he heard a key turning in the lock and his front door opening. For a moment Julian was scared, someone was breaking into his house! Then he caught a glimpse of himself in the bedroom mirror. “So what?” he thought to himself and smirked, “no one is going to mess with the me looking like this!” “Hey babe! I’m home” a pleasant rich voice called from the kitchen. As Julian entered the kitchen he came face to face with Jamaad Hynes, still wearing the same outfit from the gym that Julian had seen earlier. Julian had never dreamed of being this close to his crush Jamaad and yet here was Jamaad, all huge and cute and sweaty and standing in Julian’s kitchen. Jamaad looked up from the protein container he was holding and smiled. “Hey big boy, want a shake?” Julian gulped and felt his dick getting hard and flop out of his poser. Jamaad was much shorter than Julian, in fact the top of Jamaad’s head only came up to Julian’s big muscular chest. Jamaad looked at Julian’s big leaking cock and grinned, “damn bae you always ready to go, ain’t you?” Julian staggered as a flood of memories rushed into his brain. He remembered dating Jamaad for years and felt a deep, powerful love looking at the shorter man. “You just really turn me on, stud” Julian heard himself say as he wrapped his powerful arms around Jamaad and reached into his lover’s shorts, running his finger around Jamaad’s sweaty crack. “Uh, fuck Julian!” Jamaad sighed as he big his lips, “you know how to get me going too”. Jamaad started rolling his tongue around Julian’s big nipples and muscle tits, causing Julian to moan. “Let’s get these clothes off” Julian mumbled fumbling with Jamaad’s tight shirt and shorts as Jamaad kicked off his boots. Julian was in heat as he took in Jamaad’s thick muscular mocha frame. Julian cupped Jamaad’s big naked bubble butt before slapping it playfully. “Fuck daddy, you like my big ass don’t you?” Jamaad purred. Julian just growled, “get in the bedroom babe”. “Dreams really do come true” Julian smirked as he contemplated his final wish.
  6. Bigrowinggod

    Stud camp

    I’m working on updating and fixing my other stories don’t worry just wanted to get this idea out of my head. It starts out kinda sad and slow you have been warned a lot of this is just stream of consciousness so it will probably be a bit messy dad (mark) pov are you sure you want to do this once you sign there is no going back he’s gonna be a almost completely different person by the time he’s done here”. Steven said. He’s my friend and partial owner of stud camp a highly controversial place for men to change themselves. I didn’t want to do this but my boi needs help and I’ve tried every other option from therapy to spiritual stuff a to z but he still isn’t better so time for the nuclear option. I quickly signed the waiver “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t understand” he seemed to understand “we will pick him up tomorrow make sure he has what he needs as you won’t see him for a awhile” I get home a few hours later poking my head into his rays room “how are you feeling bud” “ok” he mutters. ever since the crash that took his mom he’s been trapped in his own head and I get it I lost her too but it’s been 2 years he needs to accept it and move forward.At first I just wanted the kind boy I was proud to call my son back but now I just want him to live his life. “Your going to be going on a trip for while ray I really think this could work this time so I’ll help you pack enough stuff ok” I give him a tight hug “I love you now get washed up so we can go for dinner” ray pov I step out of the shower looking at myself In disgust if I wasn’t in the car she wouldn’t have tried to protect me. Well time to put on a smile so dad thinks I’m feeling better. dinner goes by quickly on the way back I ask” what are you gonna do while I’m gone dad I’ve been such a mess” he interrupts me “stop insulting yourself please ok I’ll probably just work on the house been wanting to get a pool and fix some stuff too” ending the conversation there. the next morning comes quickly a truck comes by and dad and a massive man quickly load my stuff “get in” the new man says I hop in and for the first time in awhile i feel small I’m 6’2 so it’s a feeling I haven’t felt in awhile but this man is almost 8 feet tall and it seems the truck was custom made for him “bye dad hope the pool is done by the time I’m back” waving as we drive off. “I get the your trying to be nice but your father but he isn’t dumb son he can tell that your not well”. I was going to say something but he was right if a guy I haven’t even met before could see through me i know dad has been “I just want him to focus on himself” I mutter “and now he can so just focus on you for the next few months” instead I focus on him for now other than his impressive height he is shredded beyond belief I see why the Truck was so Huge, he needs the room for his muscles. Looking lower I realize his pants do nothing to hide his bulge it seems impossible but it’s like hes 9 inches soft he chuckles “ I’m a grower to” he has to be joking. after a few hours of on the road I pass out. i wake-up In a cabin with a note next to me “ head to the main building” . chapter 2 As I walk in a doctor is waiting” huh you actually got marked to be one you lucky bastard “ the doctor chuckled “what do you mean?” Ignoring me he says “I’m just going to check your height and weight quick 6’2 290 pretty chunky” then he mutters “not for long “ “Now that I got your measurements you should head to the gym chief is waiting for the newbies” as I make my way to the meeting I see a few huge guys not as big as the guy that picked me up but still big surrounded by a bunch of other guys maybe it’s a gay camp I mean im bi maybe dad thought a boyfriend would help me. As I walk-in there’s a decent amount of guys waiting the guy that picked me up starts talking as he sees me walk-in “ for those of you unaware welcome to stud camp your gonna end up a stud or a bitch it’s all up to luck” he winks at me in a way the others can’t see One guy wearing nicer clothes speaks up “what do you mean chance I’m meant to be a stud” chief’s eyes roll as the guy continues to whine “shut it kid your dad signed the contract knowing it was up to chance if you got a problem being treated like everyone else leave” rich guy was going to say something but the guy sitting next to him mutters something in his ear and he calms down sitting back down. Chief thinks for a second before walking over talking to both of them rich guy and his boyfriend both look panicked for a a sec before quickly nodding “see I can be reasonable” “anyways you all are free to explore the camp or just relax in your cabins the real first day is tomorrow can’t wait to meet the new yous I’ll see tomorrow” as I leave I see him still talking to the couple. I get back to my cabin confused stud camp what was he talking about looking at my self in the mirror it was even funnier like I was in terrible shape well whatever I think I’ll head to bed early. The last thing I heard was the sound of my door locking itself and a deep masculine smell hit me
  7. RealIn2Growth

    Doing It! Complete Chapters 1-11(01.11.23)

    Hi there. Hope you're all doing great. Had some time on my hands so started out writing a story for fun. I have the whole thing finished, so I thought I would post some of it here. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think. I'll post some more in the next couple of days. Doing It! “Are we really doing this?” “Yes! We really are going to do this!” Cody pushed the large silver syringe towards Grant. “This is really happening. It isn’t a game?” Grant picked up the metal syringe and took a look at the cylinder that lay within. “It’s not a game. You asked for the shit, and I got it for you. Now it’s up to you.” Cody’s cock was hard in his jeans from him just imagining what the rest of the day held. Sure, he could go to jail for stealing a top secret formula from a lab he was interning at, but he didn’t care if it meant Grant got what he deserved, and what he deserved was ultimate size. he two had met at the gym. Cody had always been an avid gym goer, but he was more used to places like Peak Fitness or Ultimate Gym, not The Metalworks that was ten minutes away from the lab he had recently started at right after grad school. Being self conscious at first about working out at a gym that catered more towards serious lifters, he hadn’t really paid Grant much notice besides glancing at his built physique in passing. No. Six months would pass before the two men would even speak to one another. When they did, it wouldn’t even be in the gym, but the parking lot. Cody had been at the lab late and decided that before he went home to sleep, he would get a quick workout in. After having gone through a routine set out for him by his online personal trainer, he changed into his trousers and shirt and was back in his car an hour later. The problem he had was that the car refused to start. Banging his hand on the wheel several times out of frustration, he popped the hood and exited the car in hopes that it would be an easy fix. Looking into the dark cavernous expanse that held his car’s engine by the light of his cell phone flashlight, Cody knew that he had no clue what the issue was. It could be anything! “Problem?” Cody looked up to see a tall, muscular, hunk of a man standing next to him. He had a grin on his face and a twinkle in his eye that Cody couldn’t help seeing even in the semi darkness of the parking lot. “I… my car. It’s dead.” “You call for a tow?” The larger man leaned on the car and looked under the hood. Cody wondered how old the man was. His hair was dark and full, but there was a hint of silver at the temples. His face was tanned yet only slightly lined, while the energy he was giving off let Cody know that he had seen and done a lot in his life. “No. Not yet. I thought… I don’t know. I thought that just by looking at it it would let me know what was wrong!” The man turned his head and smiled up at Cody. “Want me to give you a jump? I have cables in my Jeep.” “Yeah! That would be great. Think that will fix it?” “Can’t hurt.” The man walked away from Cody on large and muscular legs with glutes to match. Cody estimated he had to be about 6’3 and over 200lbs of thick muscle. A few minutes later, he had driven his black Jeep over to Cody, jumped out of the drivers side door and was hooking jumper cables up to both of their engines. “Try turning it over.” Cody looked dumbfounded at him. “Turn on your car.” “Oh! Right!” Cody hopped in the front seat, turned the key, and was rewarded with his car coming miraculously to life. “Thank you so much!” “No problem.” The man unhooked the jumper cables, lifted his arm so that his bicep jumped to attention, and began to wind them up around an elbow and meaty hand. “You saved my life. Not sure if towing comes with my insurance.” Cody felt his cock harden slightly as he watched the man finish winding up the cables, and wished it was being manhandled by such large hands. “You should check that out. Have a good night.” With that, he hopped into his Jeep and drove off into the night. From then on, whenever Cody went to the gym, his mysterious hero seemed to be there. Cody would secretly watch him lift, in awe of his brute strength and dedication to muscle. Cody must have been staring for too long before the guy walked over to him and broke him out of the X-rated fantasy that was playing on the screen in his mind. “Take a picture. It will last longer.” The guy slapped Cody on the ass and walked past him. Cody went through the motions of the rest of his workout, embarrassed at being caught staring, but also slightly turned on by the feel of the man’s hand on his ass. It was in the parking lot that night that he caught the guy standing next to his Jeep checking his phone. As Cody walked to his car, he called out: “Hey Tom!” “Tom?” “Peeping Tom. What I call you since I don’t know your name.” “It’s Cody. I wasn’t staring…” “No?” “No… I was thinking.” “That’s too bad. I’d hoped you were staring.” The man turned around and opened his Jeep door. “You… hoped I had been staring?” “Yeah. I’ve stared at that hot ass of yours plenty of times.” Cody was thankful it was dark so that the guy couldn’t see him blush. “You… have?” “Yeah. That okay?” “Sure. That’s… fine with me.” “Good. I’m Grant.” “Cody. Nice to meet you.” The two shook hands. Electricity passed through Cody as Grant gripped him tight. “I’m going to grab something to eat at my restaurant if you want to join me.” “Your restaurant?” “Best steaks in the 50 states. You do eat meat, right?” “Yeah! I love meat!” “Good to know. Follow me.” That night had been the beginning of months filled with excitement and passion. The two men, so very different, found that their differences made them perfect for each other. Soon, Cody was moving into Grant's large home, and the two were thinking of each other as a serious couple. It was while they were working out five months later that Cody brought up the project he was slightly a part of at work. “In a way… it’s going to help with your businesses. Imagine cows twice or three times the size. Imagine the steaks!” “So… this formula… it’s going to grow bigger cows?” “Not just cows. Pigs, chickens. Bigger animals… more food.” “Fuck the cows. Give it to me!” Grant laughed as he began curling a 50 lbs dumbbell. “Let’s grow this beast!” “Yeah right. Imagine! I’ve seen the trials on rats. Fuck they got huge. Twice the size.” Cody lifted a 15 lbs dumbbell and began curling as well. “I’m not joking. Let them know if they want a human trial… they can have me!” Grant laughed as he dropped the dumbbell to the floor and went off in search of something heavier. Cody knew Grant wasn’t joking. He was obsessed with size and muscle, and to have something that could get him even bigger would be a dream come true. Cody wanted to be the person that could give him that. He had made Cody happier than he had ever been in his life, and he could think of no better way to thank him. It was a month and a half later before Cody found himself left alone in the lab to lock up. The solution had been handed to him by his superior and told to log how much they had given to the test subjects and locked away. It was easy enough to pull up an entire syringe full, drop the large vial on the floor, and write in the log that it had been lost due to an accident. He walked out of the lab with the syringe in his coat pocket imagining the possibilities. Now, they were both in the bathroom of the gym. Cody couldn't wait to let Grant know of his theft, causing the larger man to grab him and drag him into the bathroom. “I just… what… inject it?” Grant looked up at Cody. He was hard in his sweatpants and began rubbing his cock with his other hand. “I’ll do it. It will go in your glute.” “Right. How much?” “Well… that’s the issue. I have no clue. It’s only been tested on rats.” “And I’m a pretty big rat.” “You are. I drew up an entire syringe because I imagined that would be the dose you would need.” “Then, let’s go with the syringe.” Grant pulled his sweat pants down and faced away from Cody. “Let’s do this!” Without even thinking twice, just happy he could give this to Grant, Cody drove the needle of the syringe deep into the muscle, pulled back to make sure there was no blood, and then pressed the dark liquid home. “Fuck! It burns!” “Almost there!” 40 seconds later, the solution was in Grant and Cody was pulling the needle out. “How long does it take?” “It’ll be about a week to two weeks before we notice any changes.” “Right. How much you think I’ll gain?” “Estimate… about a hundred to a hundred and twenty-five pounds of muscle.” Grant's cock jumped just hearing that. He pulled Cody towards him and the two began to kiss. The next day, at the lab, Cody was disciplined severely for his ‘accident’ with the formula, but nothing else came about the theft. He was happy he had gotten away with it and still felt sore from the multiple times Grant had fucked him that night after their workout.. It was 3:00 in the afternoon when Cody’s cell phone went off. It was Grant. “Hey, Babe! How’s the restaurant?” “I’m driving home.” “What’s wrong?” “Nothings wrong. It’s working!” “What?” “I’m growing!” “That’s not possible. It’s just your imagination.” “You tell that to… oh fuck! You tell that to my body!” “I’ll be right there.” After a quick lie about severe diarrhoea, Cody was on his way home. He called Grant once he got in the car, but his boyfriend didn’t pick up. The house was only twenty minutes away, but he seemed to catch every light possible. It wasn’t possible that Grant could be showing signs of muscle growth already. It usually took ten days before any difference was noted, and about six months before the rat had grown to its largest size. It had only been a day since Grant had been injected… not even 24 hours! Cody drove up to their house and parked in the driveway next to Grants Jeep. The first thing Cody noticed as he walked up to the house was that the front door was wide open and Grant’s keys were still in the lock. Walking into the house, he called out to Grant but didn’t receive an answer. Moving into the living room, he noticed the clothes Grant had been wearing were scattered around on the floor with both the shirt and trousers having rips and tears in the fabric. Moving into the kitchen, he found both of Grant’s sneakers, but the front near the laces as well as the sides of them had been destroyed as if something had unexpectedly exploded out of them. Cody’s heart began to beat faster as he heard several deep grunts and groans coming from the master bedroom. Crossing into the room, he audibly gasped at what he saw. Standing in front of the large mirror was Grant, but it was nothing like the Grant he had kissed goodbye that morning. The Grant that was flexing one arm while jerking his cock with the other hand while admiring himself in the mirror was a brute… a muscle beast. Everything about Grant was now… bigger. Every muscle group on his body was swollen way beyond any pump he had ever had. It was obvious that Grant must have not only gained 50 plus pounds of muscle mass in the last couple of hours, but he now stood several inches taller than the 6’ 2” he had been that morning. Cody couldn't take his eyes off of his boyfriend. He looked so huge and primal standing there in front of the mirror posing and flexing various muscle groups for himself; turning himself on in the process. Cody looked downward at Grant’s cock, rising up like a monument to his virility. Where it had always been above average at 8”, it now stretched to what had to be a thick 10 incher. Grant caught Cody’s eye in the mirror. “What do you think?” Grant pulled a most muscular pose for Cody forcing every muscle group to swell even larger. “I don’t understand.” “If you don’t understand… how do you think I feel!” Grant moved closer to Cody who now felt so much smaller in his presence. “It shouldn’t work this way. You look like you've been on it for 5 weeks now… not one day.” “Imagine me in 5 weeks!” Grant's cock swelled, releasing a wad of precum. “Maybe this is it. Maybe on humans the growth occurs all at once.” “No. This is just the start. I can feel it.” Grant ran his large hand over his pecs and down his abs. “What do you mean?” Grant moved closer to Cody until he was nearly on top of him. Grant had always been larger than Cody, but now the phenomenal growth he had gone through made it seem as if he were the size of two men combined. “There’s a new energy in me.” Grant grabbed Cody around the waist and pulled him to him. “I felt it this morning. At first, I didn’t know what it was, and grew worried when I felt it fill my body, becoming more and more powerful.” With his right hand, Grant caressed Cody’s face. “Throughout the morning into the afternoon, it kept getting stronger and stronger until I thought I was going to either have a heart attack or explode due to high blood pressure. I was sweating… my heart was racing… and then the cramps began.” Cody could feel Grant’s hard cock pressing against him as Grant told the incredible story of his growth. “All the air escaped from my lungs as if I was punched in the stomach. I staggered into a bathroom at the restaurant and locked the door. The pressure seemed to be focusing on my chest, but it wasn’t my heart. It was my pecs… and they had both started to swell!” Grant leaned down and brought his face closer and closer to Cody’s until the two began to kiss. Grant's tongue was welcomed as it slid into Cody’s mouth. He released a slight groan as Grant held him with more strength than he had possessed before. Cody could feel the much larger and more muscular body pressing against him, and was marvelling at how thick Grant felt as he wrapped his arms around him. The two kissed even deeper as they became more and more aroused. Cody was shocked when Grant pulled away, but from the wild look in his eye, Cody knew Grant wanted more. Lifting his considerable hands to Cody’s shirt, Grant started to massage the smaller man’s nipples. Cody groaned again, feeling his cock straining for release against his trousers. “I could feel muscle mass building on top of muscle mass… dividing… replicating… until my pecs began to swell and press against my shirt much more than they had minutes before. Then it began to spread to my abs… my quads… my lats… my biceps. My entire body was exploding with new and powerful muscle.” As if to demonstrate his new strength, Grant grabbed onto Cody’s shirt, and with a powerful tug, tore it from his body. Cody nearly came as he watched buttons and fabric fall to the floor from his light blue dress shirt. Grant then lifted Cody off of his feet and carried him to the bed where he proceeded to throw him on top of it. “I knew I had to get out of there. My clothes had begun to look painted onto my body and I had no doubt they would soon start to tear… and to be honest… I wanted to see that happen in front of a mirror! I told the head chef I felt sick and raced to my car. As I went to unlock it, my hands began to shake and spasm, and the fob fell to the floor.” Grant grabbed the waist of Cody’s pants and dragged him closer to the edge of the bed. “As I leaned down to pick it up, my ass exploded outwards; my glutes thickened with muscles until the seat of my jeans split. I can’t tell you how incredible it feels to have your muscle mass bursting through your clothes! What I failed to take into account was that it wasn’t only my muscles that were starting to grow. Everything about me was joining in.” With that, Grant tore off Cody’s trousers with a grunt, shredded his briefs, and with a grin on his face, lifted Cody’s legs up in the air and ploughed his monumental cock into Cody’s waiting hole. Cody screamed in agony and ecstasy. It wasn’t simply that Grant’s cock head had grown thicker than he had been used to taking. It was the fact that Grant’s cock seemed harder and more rigid than it had ever been in the past. Feeling the shaft being forced further and further into him felt like he was being fucked by a flesh and blood steel girder. Finally feeling Grant’s balls, which had also grown marginally, slapping against his ass, Cody opened his eyes just so he could watch the beast Grant had grown into fuck him. Grant was staring down at him, and smiled when he caught Cody’s eye. Leaning in further, he raised Cody upward with one arm and the two proceeded to kiss while Grant continued his frantic rhythm. “I was growing, babe,” Grant grunted into his ear as he fucked him harder and deeper. “As I drove… feeling my shoes getting tighter… feeling my hands and spine lengthening… all I could think was… it was you who gave this to me!” Cody looked deep into Grant’s eyes, feeling the pressure of a coming orgasm rising up within him. “Finally… fuck! You’re still so fucking tight!” “I’m not… tight! You’re… much… bigger!” Cody felt his balls begin to rise up in their sack as the strong orgasmic feeling enveloped his body. Soon, his hard cock began shooting rope after rope of cum. As Grant lowered him back onto the bed, he was still buried deep within Cody. Watching Cody cum, he knew he was only moments away from it himself. Grabbing onto Cody’s waist, he began to pound himself deeper into Cody’s ass. “It’s still… with me… Cody. I can… feel… it. Every minute… it’s getting… stronger! Soon… I’ll grow again… and again… and again! Soon… my body… will be… just massive… throbbing.., pulsating… flexing… muscle!!!!!” Grant growled the last word as he began unleashing load after hot load of cum into Cody. Feeling such liquid fire in his bowels caused Cody to erupt again. His body spasmed as Grant began to slide his cock out of him, and proceeded to drop several more thick loads onto Cody’s stomach and chest. Both of their seeds mixed on Cody as they fought to catch their breaths. “Damn… you shot a lot!” Cody grinned. “Yeah. Never had an orgasm like that one. Really strong. Like me.” Grant bounced his weighty pecs. Grant proceeded to grab a towel to clean Cody up with, but instead of a washcloth it now took a hand towel! The two men then showered together as best as they could since Grant now took up much more space. After they had dried themselves off, Cody began to get dressed, but Grant remained naked. He suddenly seemed on edge, pacing the room like a caged animal. “Anytime now… anytime now…” “Can you really… still feel it?” Cody slipped his left sock on, but stopped to look at Grant. “The growth?” “Yeah. It’s there. Gotten much stronger in the last couple of minutes. You’ll be able to witness your gift in action!” “Aren’t you… aren’t you nervous? This is happening so fast.” “Fuck no! I love it. Since I was a kid I wanted to be huge… powerful… built like Superman in the comics.” “You’re built like him now!” “I know! So just imagine what I’ll look like next… or the time after that… or the time after that. Fuck! I want you to do me a favour.” Grant moved quickly to his dresser and began digging through a drawer. “What?” Grant pulled out a measuring tape and handed it to Cody. “Measure me. Before I grow again.” “Okay.” Cody wrapped the tape around Grant’s right quad. “Your quad is 35 inches.” “Fuck yeah. Go on.” Cody moved the tape to Grant’s waist. “Your waist is 36 inches” “Go on.” “Your chest… it’s… 70 inches.” “Go on!” “Your bicep is… 25 inches.” “Neck?” “Your neck is 20 inches.” “My cock? Measure my cock.” Cody did as he was told. He took Grant's hard cock in his hands, running the tape down the length of it. “Your cock is 10.5 inches long and 5 inches thick.” “Fuck yeah! How tall?” Cody could hear Grant’s heart pounding in his chest. “That’s going to be harder. Go against the wall.” “Quick. Quick! I can feel it.” Grant leaned against the wall while Cody drew a line with a pencil. When Grant stepped away, he moved quickly into the bathroom, leaving Cody to take the measurement. When he crossed back into the room, Cody was waiting for him. “You’re 6’5… up 3 inches from what you used to be.” “I’ve also gained 110 lbs in muscle. Up from 220 to 330. Isn’t that crazy! You thought I’d gain 100 lbs in 6 months! I've done it in a day! In a day!” Grant grabbed Cody and started to kiss him. “Grant… I…” “Don’t be nervous! It’s all good! It’s what I want. It’s a dream come true! When I hit 220, I was at my biggest, and now look at me. 330 lbs of muscle! 6’5 inches tall! I got a fucking 70 inch chest… and the cock of a horse… and my balls… always full… always churning…. I’m strong as hell now… but…” Grant pulled away from Cody with a grin on his face. “Any second, Cody! Any… second!” Cody could see beads of sweat erupting on Grant’s forehead. Lifting both arms, Grant flexed them. He then flexed his pecs… his lats… his quads…. “Much stronger than before, Cody. Much… much stronger. Cody’s heart raced as he watched Grant flex and relax every muscle group on his body over and over again. His eyes were closed, and his head had fallen back slightly on his bull neck. That was when Cody realized that Grant wasn’t flexing his muscles in preparation of a growth spurt. His body was doing it under no control of Grant’s. Cody stepped backwards, and ran into the bed. Unsure what was about to happen, Cody sat down on the soft mattress, never once taking his eyes off of Grant. “This is… it… Cody! This… is…”
  8. dangerdanger

    Grow S.R.L [ESPAÑOL]

    Estimados, sepan disculpar mi ausencia. Hace tiempo que no subo nada y extrañaba hacerlo. Pero bueno, acá estoy de vuelta y espero poder darle mayor continuidad a esta nueva historia. Mi idea es que sea algo bien largo y que disfruten leer capítulos extensos. Es un poco ambicioso, pero espero poder sentarme de forma regular para avanzar con esta idea que me excita bastante. Ojalá les guste. Espero sus comentarios, ideas y sugerencias. Grow S.R.L. 1. La idea de Grow no era nada revolucionaria; tan solo una aplicación online para la administración de todos los procesos de HR de una empresa. El objetivo era vender el servicio de la app, soporte, mejoras y desarrollo custom para cada uno de los clientes. Eso fue lo que me contó Juan la tarde en que me invitó a tomar un café. Llegué quince minutos antes de la hora pautada y me senté junto a la ventana a esperarlo. Hacía poco que yo había cumplido 40 años y me encontraba en un momento de mi carrera laboral en la que me estaba replanteando cosas. Hacía varios años que trabajaba en la misma empresa y de repente la idea de cambiar de trabajo me había interesado. Por eso había aceptado la invitación de Juan. —¡Nano! —me llamó Juan sonriendo ni bien entró en el café. Ese había sido mi sobrenombre durante la época en la que habíamos trabajado juntos, Nano. No es muy difícil imaginar de dónde venía y más considerando mi metro sesenta de estatura. No es que Juan fuese demasiado alto, pero con su metro setenta ya quedaba afuera de esa categoría. Juan y yo nos habíamos conocido hacía algunos años en una empresa de software en la que trabajamos juntos durante un tiempo hasta que él decidió encarar un proyecto personal. Juan era un chico extrovertido, que le gustaba hablar y hacerse amigos. Era pelado y usaba anteojos. Nunca había entendido qué me gustaba de él, quizás su actitud un poco goofy sin serlo del todo. Nunca lo tuve en claro, porque no se parecía en nada a los hombres que yo solía mirar. Tampoco es que Juan me gustara, pero había algo de él que me calentaba. También es verdad que siempre me habían calentado los hombres heterosexuales. Nos dimos un abrazo y para mi sorpresa me dio un beso en el cachete. Sentir su cuerpo más grande que él mío me hizo sentir cosquillas en la entrepierna. Eso es otra cosa que siempre me calentó: la diferencia de tamaño. Encontrarme cerca de alguien más grande siempre me producía un estremecimiento. Juan no era ni gordo ni flaco, tampoco tenía lo que se dice un buen cuerpo. No hacía deporte y yo solo había logrado que me acompañara al gimnasio durante menos de un mes hacía varios años. Tener más músculos no era algo que le interesara. De todos modos sentir su cuerpo junto al mío me provocó esa inconfundible sensación de querer tocarlo un poco más. —¡Que lindo verte! —me dijo y sonriendo me preguntó— ¿Te achicaste? —Callate, pelotudo —le dije empujándolo suavemente. Nos sentamos y nos pusimos a hablar. Volví a sentirme un poco hipnotizado como hacía años y me volví a preguntar qué era lo que me gustaba de él. Igual sabía que no era solo que algo me gustaba de él, había algo mío en juego también, como cierta competencia entre hombres. Eso era algo que me calentaba y me producía rechazo a la vez. Quizás por esa competencia implícita entre nosotros que yo sentía, nunca me había permitido fantasear demasiado con él. Me contó de la empresa que había fundado cuando renunció al proyecto en que trabajábamos juntos y qué después la había vendido y que ahora estaba arrancando un nuevo proyecto. Automáticamente me pregunté cuánto debía haber hecho con esa venta. ¿Se había forrado en guita? No sé porque me importaba tanto eso, pero era algo que también me producía una inquietud: ¿cuánta guita tenía Juan? —Me encantaría que trabajaras con nosotros —me dijo—. Creo que el proyecto te puede gustar, además vos sabés bastante de todos los procesos de recursos humanos y creo que podrías aportar un montón de valor. —¿Nosotros? —Somos dos socios, Javi y yo. Javi está orientado a ventas y yo a desarrollo. Necesitamos alguien que sepa más de los procesos y por eso pensé en vos. En un principio no vamos a contratar a nadie más así que vamos a ser solo vos y yo desarrollando y Javi encargándose de las ventas. Javi es un amigo mío de la infancia. Es un león en los negocios, te puede vender lo que sea y tiene algunos contactos con empresas a las que les interesaría un sistema como el nuestro. Tengo algo desarrollado, pero todavía le falta un empujón a algunas de las ideas. —Suena interesante, pero la pregunta que tengo es… —¿Condiciones? —Te imaginarás que no estoy para ser desarrollador raso… —Mirá podemos ofrecerte un buen salario y darte un bono atado a ventas. Si mal no recuerdo los números de cuando laburábamos juntos creo que podemos mejorar tu salario mensual y quizás duplicar el bono anual. —¿Vacaciones? —Cuando quieras irte de vacaciones te vas y listo y si me copa el lugar nos vamos juntos. Sonreí y no pude evitar sonrojarme un poco ante la idea de irnos de vacaciones los dos. También era verdad que la idea de que Juan fuese mi jefe, que me pagara mi salario me producía algo entre el erotismo y la humillación. —¿Horario? —pregunté. —No esperes que yo entre antes de las diez. Y a las seis ya no me vas a ver. Así que no espero que nadie que trabaje en la empresa haga otra cosa. Quiero que sea un ambiente relajado. Después me contó un poco sobre las tecnologías y sobre el proyecto en sí. Al final me dijo: —La verdad que me dan muchas ganas de volver a trabajar juntos, extrañaba codear con vos. La pasábamos bien. En un segundo volví a imaginar ese mismo encuentro, pero con Juan unos diez centímetros más alto, con su camisa a cuadros intentando contener un pecho enorme y musculoso y un jean apretado para semejantes piernas y una pija más grande que mi antebrazo. Lo imaginé acercándose mientras yo me daba cuenta de la diferencia de tamaño que ahora había entre nosotros. Me lo imaginé sonriendo desde arriba de sus musculosos pectorales antes de flexionar sus increibles brazos y decir: “¿Te gusta lo grande que me puse, enano?”. Supongo que ese pensamiento fue el que me hizo tener ganas de aceptar su oferta y ver qué pasaba. —Lo voy a pensar… —le dije. A los pocos día Juan me mandó el link al perfil de Javier de Linkedin y me metí para ver su foto. Era un pibe fachero y un poco canchero, pelo cortito y barba al ras. Tenía diez años menos que yo y claramente había hecho su carrera laboral mucho más rápido. Copié su nombre y lo busqué en Instagram. Descubrí que su perfil no era privado. Siempre me había llamado la atención las personas que ponían su perfil de Instagram público para que cualquiera pudiera verlo. Ni bien vi las primera fotos entendí por qué lo tenía público: a Javier le gustaba mostrarse. En casi todas las fotos estaba en la playa, sin remera con un cuerpo bastante trabajado y siempre acompañado con alguna chica diferente. Por las fotos supuse que debía ser un poco más alto que Juan. Se notaba que hacía deporte y se cuidaba. No es que fuese Mr. Musculo, pero se veía una pequeña sombra de sus abdominales y de sus pectorales. Pensé que definitivamente Javier se vería bastante mejor con unos músculos más grandes. Lo necesario para que su pecho sobresaliese un poco bajo su camisa y para que sus brazos estiraran las mangas de la remera. Algo que le diera un empujón a ese aspecto viril que ya tenía. Un cuerpo musculoso y grande para alardear en redes sociales. No voy a negarlo: me pasé el fin de semana viendo los perfiles de Instagram de ambos. Y me pajeé imaginando como sería trabajar con ellos y hacer “de las mías”. El lunes por la mañana le mandé un mensaje a Juan y a modo de chiste le dije: —Buen día, jefecito, ¿cuándo arrancamos? Me mandó un y me dijo que me llamaba más tarde. El día que conocí la oficina me pareció un lugar demasiado grande para una empresa de tres personas. Tenía cuatro mesas para con ocho sillas cada una, dos oficinas, una sala de conferencias para diez personas y un baño con dos duchas. Cuando le pregunté a Juan porqué habían alquilado un espacio tan grande, me guiñó un ojo y dijo: —Tenemos muchas ganas de crecer. En ese momento escuché el inodoro y del baño salió Javier. En persona era mucho más atractivo que en las fotos, solo su forma de caminar emanaba una presencia masculina y dominante. Recordé que Juan me había dicho que era un león en los negocios y de pronto entendí exactamente a lo que se refería. Había algo en la forma de moverse de Javier, una confianza y una forma de mirar que lo volvían eso: un león. —Javi, te presento a Nano. —Bienvenido —dijo mientras me daba un fuerte apretón de manos—. Juancito me habló muy bien de vos. Espero que te cope lo que vamos a estar haciendo. —Lo mismo digo —dije yo un poco incomodo y excitado a la vez. De cerca parecía todavía más alto que en las fotos, supuse que debía medir alrededor del metro setenta y cinco. Sus manos eran grandes y sus antebrazos hacían parecer a los míos como dos fideos. Con solo verlo me di cuenta que iba al gimnasio de forma regular. Quizás no se mataba en hacer crecer sus músculos, pero de seguro quería cuidar su figura. ¡Y qué figura! Por un segundo me lo imaginé sacándose la remera y tuve que pestañear varias veces para disimular que estaba mirando su hermoso cuerpo. “¿Cómo se vería con 5 kilos más de músculo?” El primer día solo charlamos. Me mostraron la aplicación y me contaron sobre el estado actual del sitio, las funcionalidades que le faltaban y todo lo que tenían pensado agregarle. Después me contaron el estado de la negociación con algunos potenciales clientes. Javier tenía las cosas muy claras, sabía dónde estaba y a donde quería ir. Cuando te miraba a los ojos sentías esa determinación a convertirse en algo mucho más grande de lo que era. En algún momento, mientras hablaba pensé “definitivamente necesita 5 kilos más de músculo”. Después fuimos a un restaurante a comer. Cuando nos sentamos a la mesa, Javier nos contó sobre una mina que había conocido hacía unos días. —Tiene unas tetas así de grandes —dijo mostrándonos con las dos manos sobre sus pectorales—. Está para comérsela toda. Lástima que la muy turra solo sale con chabones con mucha guita o jugadores de rugby. El último chabón que se garchó de seguro pesaba el doble que yo, el muy hijo de puta tenía unos tubos más grande que mis piernas. Mientras hablaba Javier se desabrochó el primer botón de su camisa y se empezó a acariciar el pecho cubierto de una fina capa de pelos. No tardé en darme cuenta de que era uno de esos pibes hiper sexuales a los que les gusta tocarse y tocar a las personas. Hablar de los cuerpos y resaltar sus atributos físicos. Después le preguntó a Juan si se seguía viendo con una chica con la que había estado saliendo y él sonrió y le respondió que sí. —Ah, vas para el celibato —dijo Javier. —No sé —dijo Juan con su hermosa sonrisa—, estamos bien. Le gusta que le cocine. —Boludo —dijo dándome un codazo—, este es igual a mi vieja —y mirando a Juan agregó—. ¿Le cocinás? —Sí, ya sabés, me gusta pasar tiempo con ella. No recordaba que Juan hubiera estado en pareja. Probablemente le habría conocido después de cambiar de trabajo. —¿Y vos, nanito? —me preguntó Javier de repente con un brillo en la mirada—. ¿Te estás garchando a alguien? —Ahora estoy soltero —dijo sonriendo y echándole un vistazo a Juan. Juan sabía que yo era gay, pero no tenía idea si él le había contado a Javier. —Podés estar soltero y garchándote a alguien sin problema —me dijo con una sonrisa. —Nop, en este momento, estoy solari. Me miró a los ojos y sonrió. —¿Y cómo te gustan? —preguntó. —¿Qué cosa? Javier sonrió y se estiró hacia atrás. —A mí me gustan las minas con las tetas y el culo bien grandes y cuanto más putas mejor. A este —dijo dándole un golpe a Juan—, a este le gusta cocinarles. ¿Y a vos, qué chabones te gustan? Ah bueno… eso resolvía el misterio de si Juan le había contado. —Eeeehhhhhh… —Sos un pelotudo, Javi —dijo Juan riéndose—. No le hagas caso, Nano. De lo único que sabe hablar este es de sexo. —¿Qué tiene de malo? —le dijo a Juan y agarrándome el hombro me preguntó— ¿Te molesta? —No, no, no, está todo bien. Es solo que no suelo hablar de eso con chabones heterosexuales. Javier se pasó una mano por el pelo y dijo: —Esa boludez de heterosexuales. Acá el único 100% heterosexual es doña Juancita la cocinera y mirá las boludeces que te cuenta. Yo me acosté con algunos chabones, fue hace tiempo, pero esas cosas van y vuelven. Su confesión me sorprendió. La verdad que no lo hubiera esperado de alguien como él que emanaba una virilidad sin rajaduras. —A vos te gustan grandotes, ¿no? —dijo de repente. —¡¿Lo qué?! —pregunté más sorprendido y desconcertado. De pronto sí me sentía incómodo. —A los chiquitos como vos siempre le gustan los hombres grandotes bien musculosos, esos que tienen unos tubos todos trabados y las tetas que les estiran la remera. De pronto el calor se me subió a la cabeza y su voz resonó en mis orejas mucho más grave de lo que era. —Dale, boludo, cortala —le dijo Juan—. No quiere hablar de eso. —Bueno, chabón, era solo algo para charlar. Si yo no saco tema ustedes se quedan callados —dijo y me guiñó un ojo—. Además no me parece nada raro, para mí un chabón musculoso es lo mismo que una mina con tetas grandes. Si hubiera sido gay me habrían gustado los chabones todos trabados esos con el pecho bien pero bien grande y que no pueden bajar los brazos de lo inflados que están. El calor se me expandió al resto del cuerpo y un segundo después sentí la espalda fría. La única razón por la que me quedé sentado en mi lugar sin moverme era porque no quería que pensaran que Javier me había intimidado con sus preguntas. Intimidado era poco. Me había calentado como loco. Esa forma tan dominante y despreocupada, así tan directo y sin vueltas de pronto me había arrasado. Cuando se fue al baño levanté la mirada de mi plato y lo vi alejarse mientras pensaba “definitivamente necesita 10 kilos más de músculo”. Esa tarde ni bien llegué a casa abrí el Instagram de Javier y me masturbé imaginándolo apretándome contra la pared mientras su cuerpo se inflaba y me decía “¿Te calientan mis músculos, enano? Mirá el tamaño de mis tetas…” La verdad es que no sé qué tengo con los chabones musculosos, pero me calientan. En parte seguro es por los músculos. No hay nada que me caliente más que unos pectorales bien trabajados, grandes y duros. Me encanta cuando tienen esos brazos que parecen árboles gruesos llenos de nudos. Pero en parte también me calienta pensar qué clase de perversos son que quieren que todos vean su cuerpo super desarrollado. Me encanta que quieran andar sin remera o con ropa bien suelta para que todos vean lo trabados que están, lo enormes que son sus brazos y lo ancho de su espalda. Es algo que me vuelve loco, esa cosa exhibicionista y medio de prostituto que tienen los chabones musculosos. Me encanta como se mueven así como robots, para resaltar lo duros que están. Y me copa la ropa que usan toda apretada. También me excita pensar lo fuertes que son y siempre me la paso preguntando cuánto levantarán de banco plano… Y supongo que algo de esa obsesión debe tener que ver con mi condición… Perdón… Me estoy adelantando… Ya aprendí hace tiempo que no tiene sentido que intente explicarlo, es algo que simplemente no tiene explicación, al menos no una que yo conozca. Estas cosas siempre es mejor mostrarlas. La cuestión es que el miércoles antes de llegar a la oficina les mandé un mensaje al grupo de wasap que teníamos con Juan y Javi. —Muchachos, estoy en Starbucks, ¿alguno quiere algo? —Traeme un late —dijo Javi. —Lo mismo —dijo Juan. Mi corazón saltó de alegría. Pedí tres late: —Uno para Nano, otro para Javi y otro para Juan. Cuando me los dieron me metí en el baño, puse la traba y le saqué la tapa al café que decía Javi. Lo apoyé sobre el inodoro, me bajé el cierre del jean y me empecé a masturbar. Cerré los ojos y me imaginé a Javi recostado sobre la silla frente a mí con la camisa entreabierta dejando a la vista unos pectorales enormes y peludos. Lo imaginé pasándose la mano por uno de ellos disfrutando lo grande, duro y redondo que era mientras decía “me calienta tener las tetas tan grandes”. Acabé en un segundo y vi el semen hundirse en el café. Lo mezclé con el dedo para que no quedaran grumos y me limpié en el lavamanos. Cuando llegué a la oficina Javier estaba hablando por teléfono y Juan estaba en el baño. Le dejé su café a Javier y él me agradeció con un beso al aire. Cuando Juan salió le dije que le había dejado el café en su escritorio y me senté frente a la compu a ver las noticias. Javi cortó el teléfono y le gritó al aparato: —¡Viejo puto soltá la guita! Juan se sentó sobre la mesa y le pegó en el hombro. —La concha de la lora, boludo, ¿no se puede putear tranquilo? Después se fue al baño y cuando volvió se paró frente a su escritorio y dijo: —¿Y mi café? Yo levanté la vista como si hubieran disparado un tiro en algún lado. —Ah, perdón —dijo Juan después de darle un sorbo al café y ver que en su escritorio había otro. Lo agarró y se lo pasó—. Me tomé el tuyo —dijo sonriendo mientras señalaba el café que decía Javi y le daba un largo trago. El jueves me levanté mareado. Había tenido una pesadilla de la que solo recordaba partes. Recordaba estar sentado en una silla demasiado grande y escuchar pasos detrás de una puerta, pasos que hacían retumbar las paredes. Recordaba sentirme demasiado pequeño, una persona inservible y muy humillado. ¿Qué clase de hombre no llega con sus pies al piso sentado en una silla? Un hombre demasiado pequeño… El incidente del día anterior todavía me daba vueltas en la cabeza. La idea de lo que podría llegarme a encontrar en la oficina me asustaba y excitaba a la vez. De pronto entendí algo que no me había dado cuenta antes: yo no había querido darle mi semen a Juan por algo y ese algo era por la rivalidad que había entre nosotros, al menos la rivalidad que había de mi parte. Ya me resultaba humillante que él fue mi jefe… Pero… Entonces, ¿por qué mierda había aceptado trabajar para él? ¿Cómo me había equivocado tanto? De pronto sentía que había hecho todo mal. No tendría que haber renunciado a mi trabajo. Una cosa era dejar flotar mi imaginación y otra cosa era que esas cosas ocurrieran de verdad. De pronto recordé todo lo que había pasado con mi ex novio German y tuve miedo. Por primera vez agradecí que “mi condición” no funcionara con heterosexuales. Ya había probado con más de un chabón hasta que entendí que si no le gustaban los hombres entonces lo que fuera que tuviera mi semen no tenía el más mínimo efecto. En ese momento me dio pena, pero ahora viéndolo desde esta perspectiva quizás fuera para mejor. Decidí volver a intentarlo con Javier, esta vez iba a ser más cuidadoso. Me vestí y pasé por Starbucks. —¿Café alguien? —mandé al grupo. Para mi alegría Javier respondió que sí. Fui al baño con su café y le agregué un extra shot de mi leche. Eran las diez cuando empujé la puerta de la oficina. —Buenas —saludé. —¿Qué hacés, Nanito? —respondió Javi. Me acerqué a él y le pregunté por Juan. —En el baño —dijo Javi. Le di su café y con un poco de alegría malévola lo vi tomar un trago largo viendo como bajaba y subía la nuez en su hermoso cuello. En ese momento escuché la cadena y vi la puerta del baño abrirse lentamente. Juan salió del baño, aunque ya no era el mismo Juan. Incluso desde lejos, el cambio se veía bastante claro. Las mangas de su remera se habían vuelto más cortas y la tela ahora se estiraba alrededor de sus bíceps y su pecho. Supuse que había ganado uno o dos kilo de puro músculo. Incluso su forma de caminar era diferente. ¿Estaba más alto? —Boludo, ¿empezaste a ir al gimnasio? —le preguntó Javi. —¿Eh? —respondió Juan—. ¿Por? ¿Te parece que estoy más grandote? Hoy a la mañana tuve la misma sensación. Quizás estoy reteniendo agua o algo por el estilo… Pero me siento bien… En verdad me siento muy bien, como energizado… Quien sabe… Quizás es algo que comí… Incluso la forma de encogerse de hombros resaltó su nueva forma de triángulo invertido que había ganado. Sus hombros se habían vuelto más grandes y se habían separado el uno del otro. No había perdido nada de grasa, pero esa grasa ahora cubría una considerable nueva cantidad de músculo. —Sí, boludo. Estás groso —dijo Javier acercándose a él—. ¿Qué decís, Nanito? Míralo al musculoso de Juan. —dijo mientras le tocaba los brazos y le pellizcaba el pezón que empezaba a asomar de sus nuevos pectorales. Juan no se intimidó en lo más mínimo y flexionó un brazo para que Javi se lo apretase. —¿Por qué no me avisaste que estabas yendo al gimnasio? —le preguntó. —No estoy yendo al gimnasio, boludo. Pero quizás debería ir, ¿no? —Dale, forro. ¿Me estás diciendo que te pusiste así groso de la noche a la mañana? —le apretó el brazo y le tocó el pecho con ambas manos acariciando sus pectorales y dijo—. ¡Boludo, mirá las tetas que tenés! Estás todo duro —y mirándome a mí me dijo—. Ey, Nano, vení a tocarle las tetas a Juancito. Mirá los músculos que pegó este hijo de puta. La idea que yo fuera a tocarle los pectorales hizo que Juancito sonriera y un brillo le apareció en los ojos. De todos modos algo en mí prefirió quedarse sentado frente a la computadora. Además había algo que me hacía ruido. ¿Qué significaba lo que había pasado con Juan? ¿Le calentaban los hombres? Jamás lo hubiera creído. Javier terminó el café de un largo trago y lo tiró al tacho. Seguía mirando a Juan y sus nuevos músculos sin poder creer lo grande que se había puesto. —Boludo, dale, venite conmigo al gimnasio —le dijo—, a ver cuánto levantás con este lomo que tenés. —Te apuesto que levanto más que vos. —Ya quisieras, gil. No solo se trata de tener músculos grandes, también hay que saber usarlos. —Nano, ¿querés venir con nosotros? —preguntó Juan y otra vez un brillo cruzó su mirada. —¿Eh? —Eso, Nanito —dijo Javi y pude ver la misma ilusión en sus ojos—, venite con nosotros al gimnasio, ¿qué decis? Yo voy martes y jueves al mediodía. Nos vamos los tres y después comemos afuera. Invita la empresa, ¿qué decis? —Dale, arranquemos la semana que viene —insistió Juan mientras se sentaba frente a mí. Se reclinó para atrás sobre el respaldo de la silla y sonriendo dijo—. Venite así ves lo groso que me puse —y para enfatizar flexionó sus dos enormes brazos. No pude evitar sonreír al escuchar en boca de cada uno esa forma de llamarme: Nanito. —Ok —dije. Pobres, en pocos días ambos iban a tener que comprarse ropa nueva. El viernes me desperté con la pija dura como una roca levantando la sábana como una tienda. Hacía mucho tiempo que no me despertaba con ese nivel de energía. Me senté en la cama dejando atrás el sueño y recordé la noche en que entendí “mi condición”, como me gustaba llamarlo. Quizás es hora de que explique algo de “mi condición” o al menos lo poco que entiendo que sucede con mi semen. Para decirlo en pocas palabras, hace algunos años descubrí que mi leche tiene un efecto anabolizante. Suena genial, ¿no? Pero no se apuren, porque no es tan así… Ojalá fuera así de sencillo… No lo tengo super claro, pero el asunto que pasa con mi semen parece seguir ciertos patrones. Uno, es que lamentablemente no funciona conmigo. Lo probé más de una vez, pero nunca dio resultado. Sé lo que están pensando: ¿tomarse tu propia leche? Lo que quieran, pero de haber estado en mi lugar de seguro cualquiera hubiera hecho lo mismo. Un cafecito, una buena pajota y a volverse un macho musculoso. Y todo sin siquiera ir al gimnasio y casi sin side effects… Digo casi porque de alguna manera las personas que prueban mi semen (solo tres, debo admitirlo) desarrollan una especie de atención extraña hacia mí. Digo extraña porque no tengo del todo claro qué les pasa en la cabeza conmigo, sobre todo después de lo que le pasó a mi ex novio German. Lo que puedo decir es que al principio mi semen les genera alguna especie de interés por mi persona, quizás incluso algo parecido a un enamoramiento. En pocas palabras me quieren y tienen ganas de estar conmigo, lo cual resulta increíble cuando esa persona que quiere estar con vos se está volviendo un hombre con músculos cada vez más grandes y duros. Supongo que dirán que todo eso suena demasiado bien. Pero en la vida no todo lo que brilla es oro, porque por lo que pude comprobar hasta ahora existe un problema. Esto es algo que solo puedo intuir dado que no hay forma de que esté seguro si funciona así, es algo que ocurrió con mi ex novio German y que yo intuí que era producto de mi leche. El asunto pareciera suceder cuando toman demasiado de mi semen. El problema es que no podría decir cuánto es demasiado dado que no tuve y no creo que nunca tenga forma de medirlo. De cualquiera modo, por lo poco que sé, con esto tengo que ir con mucho cuidado si no quiero volver a sufrir lo que sufrí con mi ex novio German. Me vestí rápido y salí de casa. Poco antes de subir al subte Juan mandó un mensaje al grupo. —Muchachos, no van a poder creerlo… —¿Estás reteniendo más agua? —le mandé para tirarle de la lengua. —Boludo, no. No sé qué es, pero me levanté más musculoso que ayer. Posta, es una locura, pero tengo los músculos más grandes. Casi ninguna de las remeras que tengo me entran. —Te dije que dejaras los postres —le seguí diciendo a modo de chiste. —Boludo, te digo en serio. Ya vas a ver cuando me veas, no lo vas a poder creer, estoy hecho una bestia. Incluso creo que tengo menos panza. Me pesé y descubrí que gané como cinco kilos. Y eso no es todo. —Quizás pegaste un estirón tardío… —Bueno, hoy me medí también porque mis pantalones me quedan cortos. Mido un metro setenta y tres. —Eso es por las zapatillas ridículas que usas con plataforma. —No boludo, te juro que estoy más alto. Antes estaba clavado en el metro setenta. —Si seguís creciendo lo vas a pasar a Javi —mandé para que el otro picara. Su nombre apareció debajo del chat, estaba escribiendo. —Vamos a ver quién se pone más grande… —dijo haciéndose el enigmático. Fui el primero en llegar a la oficina. Me senté en la compu y me puse a ver las noticias para distraerme un rato. Estaba excitado, pero también estaba tranquilo. Sentía que tenía la situación en mis manos. Algo en mí se preparaba para disfrutar de los cuerpos de dos hombres cada vez más musculosos que iban a querer mi atención. Cuando se abrió la puerta giré sobre la silla y lo vi entrar a Javier. Su transformación era inocultable. A diferencia de Juan, Javier siempre había sido más flaco. Pero ahora con el nuevo tamaño de sus músculos parecía haber perdido un poco más de grasa. La definición de sus músculos lo hacía parecer más fuerte y más musculoso. Pero no era solo eso, también estaba más alto y algo me decía que había crecido más que Juan. —¿Y? ¿Qué me decís? —preguntó dejando caer la mochila y extendiendo los brazos antes de flexionarlos para que admirara sus nuevos e increíbles músculos. —Boludo, ¿estás más alto? —pregunté haciéndome el tonto y poniéndome de pie. —Vení, acércate —dijo con media sonrisa. Caminé hacia él y me detuve a dos pasos de distancia. De cerca pude notar que en el escote de su camisa asomaba el principio de sus definidos y enormes pectorales y una capa de pelo más espesa. —Vení más cerca… —dijo él y dio un paso adelante hasta quedar a centímetros mío. Mis ojos estaban a la altura de su grueso cuello. Estaba claramente más alto. Me miró desde arriba de su nuevo cuerpo musculoso estirándose para parecer más alto. —¿Cuánto decís que mido? —Ni idea, un metro setenta y seis. —¡Ya quisieras! —dijo y levantó ambos brazos flexionando sus bíceps que estiraron la tela de la camisa—. Mido un metro setenta y ocho. —¿Puedo tocar? —pregunté con mi tono más inocente. —Obvio, papá, mirá lo duro que estoy. Es una locura. Nunca tuve los músculos tan grandes. Apoyé mi mano sobre su bícep y pude sentir como se alzaba duro y redondo debajo de la camisa. —Wow, tenés el brazo re duro. —¿Viste? Es una locura, mirá, tócame el otro. Me siento re fuerte, es como si me hubiera tomado un shot de café con speed y viagra. En ese momento se abrió la puerta y vimos aparecer a Juan. De ayer a hoy su crecimiento se había acelerado. Estaba más alto aunque no tanto como Javier, lo que sí había pasado es que sus músculos se habían vuelto mucho más grandes. Llevaba la remera más holgada que tenía y sin embargo estaba más estirada que la del día anterior. Su espalda se había ensanchado para darle ese aspecto de tener alas en lugar de músculos dorsales y sus hombros habían adquirido un tamaño increíble, lo mismo sus bíceps y tríceps que ahora le daban ese aspecto de tener árboles en lugar de brazos. Su pecho sobresalía como dos pequeñas montañas. El jean que se había puesto resaltaba el tamaño de sus muslos haciendo parecer que llevaba calzas. Juan dejó su mochila en la entrada tal cual había hecho Javier y se acercó a nosotros con una sonrisa confianzuda. Javier se dio vuelta para quedar frente a él y Juan se detuvo a su lado. Los pectorales de ambos quedaron a un centímetro de tocarse. Juan era más ancho y tenía los músculos más grandes, pero Javier era más alto y al tener menos grasa su definición lo hacía parecer un poco más grande de lo que verdaderamente era. —¿Qué hacés, flacucho? —dijo Juan. —¿Qué hacés, enano? —dijo Javier. —¿Todavía tenés dudas de quien es más musculoso? —dijo Juan flexionando un bícep enorme en su cara. —Dame dos días y vas a ver —le respondió Javi. Me acerqué a ambos tan solo para sentir lo grandes que eran. Ambos se miraban a una altura de la que yo quedaba totalmente excluido. A esa distancia ambos tenían que bajar la mirada para verme sobre sus increíbles hombros. —¿Cuánto medís, Juancito? —le pregunté tocando su brazo como quien solo busca llamar la atención. Sin embargo al instante sentí como Juan tensionaba el brazo para que sintiera el tamaño y la dureza de sus nuevos músculos. Me sonrió y se miró el brazo que yo estaba tocando. —Estoy en un metro setenta y tres. —Eso no es nada —dijo Javier—, yo estoy en un metro setenta y ocho. —¿Quién decís que tiene los músculos más grandes, Nanito? —preguntó Juan. —Dale, mirá esto —dijo Javier—, agarrame el brazo a mí también. Un segundo después tenía mis dos manos sintiendo el enorme tamaño de sus bíceps y lo fuertes que estaban. Ambos estaban haciendo esfuerzos por impresionarme. Juan fue el primero en cambiar de postura y con su mano llevó la mía hacia su otro bícep mientras lo flexionaba. —Mirá los tubos que tengo. Javier hizo lo mismo. —Mirá la definición que tengo yo. En cada uno de mis manos tenía dos enormes brazos de dos hombros cada vez más musculoso que de pronto tenían unas ganas irrefrenables de que yo los tocara. Tuve que disimular mi deseo de manosear sus dos cuerpos y sentir lo duros que estaban. En ese momento sonó el teléfono de Javier. —Es el viejo puto del cliente —dijo y se fue a hablar con él a la sala de conferencias. Juan se quedó parado frente a mí sonriéndome como si yo fuera su persona favorita en el mundo. —¿Qué me decís? —dijo todo contento y flexionó ambos brazos. —Estás enorme —dije apoyando sin querer mis manos en su cintura. Pude sentir lo duro que estaban sus abdominales debajo de una capa de grasa que lo hacía parecer más ancho de lo que era. Juan admiraba sus propios brazos sonriendo mientras yo lo sostenía con mis dos manos de la cintura. Estaba a centímetros de su increíble pecho musculoso y no pude evitar imaginar lo que sería enterrar mi nariz entre sus pectorales. De todos modos algo me decía que todavía no estábamos en esa instancia de afecto. Juan parecía querer tenerme cerca y que tocara su musculoso cuerpo, pero eso era todo. No había todavía signos de nada sexual, al menos no en el sentido estricto de la palabra. En su entrepierna no había signos de que se le estuviera parando la pija y dado que la tela apenas podía contener el tamaño de sus muslos le hubiera sido imposible ocultar una erección. —Vas a tener que comprarte ropa nueva —le dije viendo como las mangas de la remera se retiraban descubriendo sus enormes bíceps. Recién entonces noté su cuello mucho más grueso. Sus hombros ahora no solo eran mucho más anchos sino que bajaban a ambos lados como una poderosa lomada. —¡Ah, sí! —dijo Juan bajando los brazos—. Te quería decir eso. ¿Te copás acompañándome a comprar ropa? —Tengo que ver si puedo. ¿Cuándo tenías ganas? —Pensaba ir mañana sábado, ¿qué decís? —Mmmmm mañana se me complica —dije haciéndome el ocupado. —¿Domingo? —preguntó casi con miedo. —Puede ser, ¿a qué hora? —dije y pude ver como se le iluminaban los ojos. —¿Tipo once? Te busco yo y después te invito a comer, ¿qué decís? —Bueno, dale —dije logrando una tranquilidad que me resultó incluso sorprendente. Juan sonrió y me dio una palmada en el hombro que casi me tira al piso. —Uh, perdón —dijo agarrándome con ambas manos para sostenerme—. Todavía no me acostumbro a la fuerza que tengo. —Me doy cuenta, casi me matás —dije sintiendo sus poderosas manos que me sostenían. —Sí, es que posta me doy cuenta que tengo mucha más fuerza que antes —me soltó y flexionó su pecho—. Hoy a la mañana me puse hacer flexiones y me sorprendió lo fácil que me resultaba. —Se ve que hiciste mil porque tenés el pecho enorme. —¿El pecho? —dijo mirándose los pectorales—. Ahora no es nada, cuando hice las cien flexiones sin parar parecía ser el doble de grande. Lo tenía todo duro. Cuando vayamos al gimnasio te muestro lo grande que se me pone. —¿Me vas a hacer un show privado? —pregunté haciéndome el gracioso. —Sí, querés sí —dijo con una sonrisa. Un segundo después se puso colorado y dijo—. Digo, porque vos sabés… A vos te gustan los cuerpos de los hombres y bueno… Me imaginé que quizás te gustaría… No es que quiera algo, pero digo… Porque vos… Vos sabés cómo se ven los hombres así… Con músculos digo… Otros hombres digo… Pero si no querés no pasa nada… —Jaja, tranquilo, chabón —le dije y le di una piña a su increíble hombro—. Me podés decir lo que quieras, no me vas a asustar ni nada. —Ja, perdón, no sé qué me pasó, soy un boludo. En ese momento Javi salió de la oficina y se acercó a nosotros. Apoyó una mano sobre el hombro de Juan y dijo: —Tenemos una entrevista con el cliente. Parado a centímetros de sus cada vez más musculosos cuerpos me sentí más chiquito y débil que nunca. Ambos emanaban una virilidad potenciada por el nuevo tamaño de sus cuerpos. Y yo, junto a ellos, tan solo llegando a la altura de sus cuellos, viendo sus pechos inflados y duros me sentí nuevamente eso que era: un hombrecito flaco y debilucho.
  9. Ienjoisk8ing

    THE HIMs Virus Part 02 Added 7/19/23

    This is not my First Rodeo, have written other stuff before, just have not written in a few years... This will prob only be a total of 3 parts. Read the original female version of this story, as well as the All male version which can be found on this site also. I wanted to take the story into a new direction. Growth will be more focused on Part 2. Enjoy, and let me know how you all think! THE HIMs VIRUS Part 1 DREW'S POV: I've seen the news stories and the warnings in the tabloids about the Virus that has finally been contained and the levels of it being out in the world have been drastically removed from society, but let's take a step back so I can explain what had gone on. Over the last 3 years a lot of men, but not all, had come in contact with this very rare disease that has literally turned them into actual GIANTS… One of the last recent outbreaks that had happened by accident where an older gentleman actually got it from some of the virus being on a napkin that was bought on the dark web. This guy apparently got to 12 feet tall and then some other trigger happened later or something and it was reported he found a way to get even Larger! Well, that happened about a year ago… And now it supposedly actually is contained as there has not been any more of these outbreaks since that incident… That is until hopefully today… when something actually showed up for me on a deep web auction trade… One of these giants felt they had a relapse and claimed he grew another foot in height almost instantly and managed to possibly get some of the virus collected to possibly reopen this pandemic across the world again. Not wanting to think of this to get out deeper than what it should, the auction went up and was only up for 6 hours… there was three people bidding on it including myself and I'm sure the people who found the listing were either not of wealth or young like me, early college student who felt there was more in life to continuing education (The men who grew after contacting the original virus never had to ever work again as it distracted the rest of society and made them solely want to give these men the pleasure they "deserved"). As the bidding was running out of time, with only a minute to go, I watched as it hit $450, and with 10 seconds left I slammed in $1000… it was a blind auction and nobody saw my bet and I watched the others go frantic…. $500… $600… 5 seconds left $650…. $800… I threw another random bid to play it safe… $1050 $900… $950… 2 seconds left… I was nervous as I pushed it to $1100 when I saw another bid hit for $1000… 1 second $1050… At 0 my eyes went wide as the last bid hit and it was $1100… but I miraculously tossed another at $1101… "I fucking did it… I.. I just got a One Way ticket to fucking Giant Town…" I sent the seller all the information they needed… address… payment… with this type of sale they didn't want a name attached… So I waited two long and grueling weeks… I had the shipment actually shipped to my home since I was away at university and I'd be home for summer break by then, and I actually was lucky because it had not arrived until I was home… The mail came on a Wednesday morning, rather earlier than usual… I was expecting none of my family to be home that day, but my mom, dad, and 18 year old younger brother, Tyler, were all home. I managed to get the mail though and raced it up to my room. My younger brother was playing on my PS5 the new Final Fantasy 16 game that I bought while at school and I decided to set it up for him to try out while I was on break. "What's in the package, Drew?" He asked me a bit curious as I seemed to be shaking with nervousness and excitement. "Nothing bro, just a school project I have been working on for the last couple weeks. I couldn't take it home with me cause I had too much to bring back as it was." Tyler looked me straight in the eye, knowing something was up "OK dude, whatever… something that small and flat of a package I'm sure could have fit in your bag. Better not be some like porn magazine or something dumb, I'm sure the rents wouldn't care at your age." He rolled his eyes and continued to play the game. I noticed the package however was pretty sealed tight… a lot of tape and it was in a plastic envelope… I was gonna need something to open this shit then just my hands. "Hey, Tyler… I need to go to the kitchen to get some scissors, I'll be right back." He watched me intently as I made my way to the door normally and as soon as I was out of his vision range I walked faster… earshot of him, I sped up more down to the kitchen. "Hey mom, do you have a pair of scissors I can use…" TYLER'S POV: I watched my bro looking a bit strange.. he got this package in and slapped it down on his bed behind me, while I played on the PS5… He was making Hella-A-Lot of noise for some weird thing that just arrived with no warning to me or the rest of the family that something was on the way. The package was in a plastic envelope with tons of tape and zip ties around it, so of course anyone was going to need something else to open it. "Hey, Tyler… I need to go to the kitchen to get some scissors, I'll be right back." I watched him with a bit of a stare as he left before turning back to the TV as he hurried out of the room like a bat out of hell… Something was definitely up… I left the game running so in case he did come back or to try to check on his room he'd not come in fully and to think I'd be still playing, as I got up from the floor where I was sitting and made my way on top of his bed. "Alright, bro… let's see what your fucking hiding from us…" I had worked earlier that day at my local supermarket… love having a 6am shift and being off by 10am… and still had my box cutter in my pocket… Drew was in a mad rush… he looked super excited and overly nervous about this package… I think it would be better to just open it fast and quickly… I jammed my box cutter into the side, cutting through the plastic… I wasn't caring about the packaging so If I didn't need to have much of it opened to get to the contents on the inside then that was my goal… I sliced 2 of the zip ties off and then dug the box cutter in again, managing to open the plastic envelope just wide enough to see a piece of a zip lock bag… with two fingers I managed to pull the plastic through and with the box cutter I managed to slice just enough more to pull out what looked to be an old dirty sock and a note inside of it… the note was clearly visible on what it said… "Used Cum Sock while I grew 16 extra inches in height instantly…" My face lit up… "Possible HIMs infected…" I slowly made my way to my brother's bedroom door… closing it so it was only partially opened… walked back to his bed… dropped my shorts… and hopped back on his bed… leaning my body back against the head board… DREW'S POV: Mom found me the scissors and then her and Dad went out to catch an early matinee at the theater… Well that saves me two people from not being here with what I was about to have happen… I knew of the protein rations the government handed out to families during the pandemic… 5 for each male in the household in case someone was exposed it was just enough to help them with their calorie intake to grow into full fruition… Dad had stored them in the garage after they managed to contain it so there are a total of 15 in the house… As I made my way back up to the room I heard some moaning and ruffling… I didn't really catch on till I saw my door partially closed… I felt the blood leave my face… please for the love of god I hoped and prayed he did not open it… "Ty… " I pushed the door open and there sat my 5'4" not even 130 lb little brother with what appeared to be a dirty stained yellow sock over his dick as he stroked it with his eyes closed… curling his little toes that didn't make it even ½ way to the edge of the bed. His eyes opened and he stared at me with a sinister smirk… "Whats up BIG Bro… or soon to be LITTLE Bro… maybe I should start calling you that now…" "Wh-wh-what have you done?" I was literally shaking… first with rage… but now nervousness? fright? There were so many emotions going on in my head as I saw him kicking back on MY bed with a sock wrapped around his cock… I started to move towards him… "I wouldn't take one more step… you see… this sock… you were hiding it not just from me, but from mom and dad too… You know how fucking hard they tried to keep that virus out of our house… Dads younger bro.. BOOM huge… his boss at work… BOOM, he blew up to a giant… he was exposed twice and even self contained himself to make sure he didn't grow…" He continued to stroke his dick up and down in that yellow colored sock that obviously used to be a normal white knee high… "You… you need to remove that off you bro… look I'm sorry I didn't tell mom, dad, or you but I wanted to be infected…" "And you fucking think I didn't want to be infected either? watching a few classmates literally break their desks in class and be rushed out as they began to get huge right in front of me? Seeing 4 guys in gym class blow up to mass monsters and get escorted and expelled and I never got to see them again? Guess what, fucker, I tried getting involved every time and someone else got in MY way and they later got infected… Well not this time, Little Andy…" "Take it off!" As I reached for the sock I heard him moan…. in his boyish voice as it dropped an octave almost instantly and whatever dick size he had in that sock, it literally began to grow and crawl up the material… "To fucking late, BRO… Infection rate is one per person, and I don't know if you remember or not but you were TRIPLE VAXXED and I was too young to receive not even one… Better go get me some food and Growth Canisters cause Mommy and Daddy will be pissed fucking off if they come home and I'm dead!" I ran out of my room as fast as I could and went to the garage, grabbing 2 large gallon jugs, rushing back to my room with them as quickly as possible, not knowing what I was going to return to…
  10. It's been a while since I've written a story, and my first time posting on here! Let me know if you guys enjoy this so far and what you're looking forward to! Thank you! Chapter 1: “Banks, why are you always being so pushy? I already told you I’ll be coming over tonight to play that game you keep begging to play.” “Sorry I know I know, I’m just tired of having to play scrabble with my dad on game nights alone. Especially parcheesi. You know how he gets about that.”, Banks grimaced at the thought of having to spend another game night alone with his father. Sure, he loved his step-dad like any other son would, but sometimes, he needed his space. His father had become more clingy in the last couple years since Banks had gone to college. Being that his mother was no longer with them, and the old man did not really date (or mention that he did?), he most often than not wanted Banks to spend as much time with him as he could. That is partially the reason why he went to community college as well, so he would be closer to his father. Alessandro, was also another reason. Both boys had gotten along in their last year of high school, talking about the sports they played, Alessandro to lacrosse as Banks was to swimming, and overall had many similar hobbies. Not to mention, both guys being gay didn’t help. Sure the two fooled around a couple times when they were extra horned up after practice and didn’t have any dates lined up, which two gay guys didn’t? It was mutual friends with benefits. “You’re gonna have to go over the rules again when I go to your house. Your stud of a dad is going to keep distracting me while I play. You know that.”, Alessandro sighed. “I got ya covered old buddy ol’ pal. Besides, I went out thrifting and found this new board game so we wouldn’t be stuck in the same loop of playing the same stuff all the time. I already told my dad I got a new game.” “And? What is it called?”Alessandro opened up his can of monster energy drink and began to gulp it down bit by bit. “The box called it the Simulated Universe. I didn’t really pay attention to the back but the box looked cool. It has little pieces inside that make us move around a board and we pull cards. Ya know, the basic stuff in any board game. Now hurry your bubbly ass up!”, Banks reached over, placing all his weight on his sturdy friend's shoulder. Nearly choking, “Let me have this! I’m gonna need all the energy I can get after that practice. No fair you get to do your sport in the pool and I am forced to slave away on the hot field all day.” ===================================================================== Alessandro carpooled with Banks on the way home to good ol’ suburbia. The hill ranges could be seen as they took the freeway back from their community college. It was still a bit humid this July, in typical summer fashion. Most people were used to the dry heat here, but this year decided to throw everyone for a loop. The boys were sweating even with the AC blasting in the car. Alessandro had already taken off some of his sports gear showing off his defined upper body and larger arms. He still had a little bit of a gut, but still quite sexy, as Banks would always tell him. His lightly brown skin was coated in some dark hairs. Not too wiry, but more straight and tamed. You could see the trail down his stomach from where his shirt stopped. A little bit of chest hair poked out the top of his tank-top too. Banks was already shirtless. His upper body was covered in a cool, drying sweat. His swimmer pecs glistening, the sweat reflecting the sun’s rays. His tight core was donned with a nice six pack, and of course, smooth. His arms were nicely defined and had some nice mass in his biceps, alongside his thighs. He was a bit more muscular compared to the other swimmers who were leaner. He took to weight lifting before swimming with his step-father in high school, and fortunately, the rewards of that hard work did not fully disappear off the young stud's body. Although Banks was smooth from below the neck, he did ordain his cut jaw-line with some brunette facial hair. He decided to grow it out in high school to not look so boyish. It was a hit with the guys. Pulling into the driveway, Banks pulled his car up next to his step-father’s larger SUV. His was a similar model, but smaller. The two young guys grabbed their belongings and rushed inside to avoid the harsh sun rays and the humidity. Both were hoping that Chad, Banks’ father, had already been home for a while. Usually, he is the first to put on the AC. “Right on schedule boys, how was practice? Looks like you two had your asses beat!”Chad howled. Chad was a handsome middle-aged man. He recently had a birthday putting him at 45, but he looked damn good for his age. Taller than both boys, he stood at a solid 6’2. His step-son Banks stood at 5 '10, which created a slight complex for the young stud in high school. Alessandro on the other hand, looked up to the two taller men as he was still above-average 5 '8. Chad, like his step-son, had a similar chiseled jaw-line, except he had a cleft-chin where Banks did not. He had nice thick black stubble coming in from a recent shave he had done the night prior. Chad was no slouch in the body department, similar to the two boys. He had done football in high school and some weightlifting in his college years. He still had a strong upper body and lower body, especially a nice pair of big pecs that pushed against any shirt he wore.Like Alessandro, he had body hair pushing out the top of his current maroon shirt. You could see a slight little bit of a gut on the older gentleman, but he still had the adonis belt leading downward from the few glances the boys had seen in the past. His head was still full of a thick black coif of hair, with some slight graying here and there. The salt and pepper look only added to his pure sex appeal. Alessandro was already beginning to drool, setting eyes on the older stud standing before the two boys upon entering the home. Alessandro had been attracted to Banks’ step-father since as long as he could remember. He was pretty sure the man was the catalyst for his gay awakening and one of his favorite types of men, daddys. Banks already knew Alessandro had a thing for his step-father and did not really mind it. It’d be a lie at first if Banks said he didn’t find it kind of weird, but he could see the appeal his step-father has. Hell, if he weren’t his step-son, he’d probably be attracted to him too! Even though Banks and Alessandro had fooled around a couple times here and there, they both had their types of guys that they were interested in. After putting their school stuff away the two boys changed into some more comfortable clothes since it was already evening. Alessandro still wore his tank top but borrowed some extra gray sweatpants from Banks. They were a little long since he was not as tall as Banks, but his waist and bubble butt held down the fort. Meanwhile, Banks decided to remain shirtless and exchanged his denim pants for some basketball shorts, similar to his step-father. Chad was already waiting for the boys at the dining room table with some snacks. His muscles were the ones wearing that maroon shirt, meanwhile he lounged around in some light gray basketball shorts, like his step-son. “Alright boys! It’s game night time. Thanks for joining us once again Alessandro,” Chad leaned over putting his large hand on the drooling boy's shoulder, Chad’s biceps bulging. If Alessandro could keep time still, now would be one of those times. Banks did a silent laugh watching at how hopeless his friend looked when seeing someone he was attracted to. Thankfully, his step-father was oblivious to the effects that he was having on his buddy. “So Banksy, what is this game you found? I’ve been looking forward to playing something new with you guys!”Chad reached over for one of the crackers he had prepped on the charcuterie board. “Alright men, let’s see.”, Banks pulled off the top of the box labeled “The Simulated Universe”. The blue-ish white graphics seemed reflective in the light of the dining room. The inside of the box was coated in an indigo-velvet texture where lay a simple board. To the right of the board was a separated section that had a slot for cards, little game pieces, and most importantly, the instructions. The board lay out on the table, loads of squares lead to a path toward the center of the game. In the center was a planet that was purple-greenish in color surrounded by stars of different shades, ranging from yellow, white, blue, and orange. Around the board in a spiral-esque pattern were the squares going planet to planet. On one side of the board were constellations being strung up in the sky with a clear outline of a rectangle shape, meaning the placement of cards should be placed there. Removing the little game pieces from the box, Banks placed them down at the starting line which was laid out in a cosmic type of font. Pulling out the instructions, Banks read, “Welcome to the Simulated Universe! A board game where the players simulate different changes to themselves to reach the center of the universe. As trailblazers of the universe, you must proceed through this simulated universe to reach the end goal, Planet XXX. On your way, you will roll the dice provided. Depending on the color space you land on, you will need to pull a matching colored card. These cards have been blessed by the Aeons of the Universe! Depending on what card you pull, the player who pulls that card will be augmented through the gifts of that Aeon. Each card will have a number determining the value. The Aeons are: The Trichology, Harrisford (Brown) The Mus-Trophy, Massus (Red) The Spongiosum, Priapi (Orange) The Gigantism, Giantilli (Yellow) The Spermiah, Shooteric (Green) The Distendent, Guzzlit (Blue) The Posterior, Gluteha (Indigo) The Virility, Libidon (Purple) The Ascendancy, Dominor (Black) The Acquiescent, Subservoros (White) The Impromptu, Randromeda (Pink) “The Aeons are always willing to give boons to the trailblazers that pass through the universe, as long as they are able to enjoy their boons to the fullest potential. The winner of the game is dictated by who is able to reach the center of the universe first. However, all players must continue to work toward the center after the first player finishes. No trailblazer left behind!” “Sounds simple enough boys! The theme reminds me of some sci-fi games or shows. It looks neat”, Chad enthusiastically reached over for the blue looking astronaut. Alessandro grabbed the purple one while Banks settled on the red one. “So who should go first? Should you pull up that handy wheel Banks?”Alessandro turned his attention to his buddy who was already pulling out his phone. In typical fashion and to make it fair, the group always put their names into a wheel to dictate the order of the turns. “Alrighty, the results are in. First up will be Alessandro, then myself, and lastly, the old man.” “Old man my ass boy!”Chad leaned in to ruffle Banks’ hair, using his knuckles. Alessandro took hold of the dice and noticed it only was shaped similar to a prism. However, the only numbers that could be rolled were either a one, two, three, or four. Looks like the group has a lot of spaces to conquer. Shaking the dice in both hands, Alessandro began to roll. The prism scattered across the box that once held the board game and other components. After hitting the wall and sputtering about, it landed on a two. Alessandro moved his trailblazer forward. “Let’s see…the space is indigo. Let me just reach over.”, Alessandro grazed his hands over the multiple colored backs of the cards until finding the one resembling indigo. Pulling out of that deck and reading it, “The Aeon of Posterior, Gluteha grants you a boon of 2. Cool.”. Alessandro handed the dice over to Banks. He had to readjust himself in his seat since he felt like the sweatpants he was wearing felt a little tight. “I’m going to roll something better than you did dude,” taking his turn Banks rolled a three. His trailblazer moving forward on the board past his buddy landed on the color green. Similar to his buddy, he looked around until his eyes laid on the green backing of a card. “The Aeon of Spermiah, Shooteric grants you a boon of 3. What kind of name is that?”, the group chuckled. “Sounded like sperm to me.”, giggled Alessandro. “Yeah yeah keep chuckling you two. At least I am ahead on the board.”, Banks reached his hand down toward his crotch, giving it a little rub. He felt a tad bit horny since he hadn’t had the chance to jerk off yet after practice. He squeezed his thighs against his package, feeling the nice little tingle of his sac pulsing. Banks made note that he was going to need to jack off after the game finished, and when Alessandro returned home. “Look out for your, how you put it, old man son.”Chad with a flick of the wrist rolled the prism. It landed on one. “Wah wah wahhhhh,” both boys chimed in unison. Chad just scoffed and chuckled before moving his trailblazer. The space he landed on was yellow. “Alright let’s see here, ah yellow! The Aeon of Gigantism, Giantilli grants you a boon of 5. Looks like I got the highest value out of this round boys! Ha!”Chad slammed his card down near where he was sitting. Chad made a grunt as he slammed the card down, receiving a slight wave of dizziness. The doorbell had rung. The pizza he forgot they ordered arrived. “We’ll go get it. Wait here pops.”, Banks left the dining room with Alessandro following behind him. The dizziness spell continued as Chad sat still. He couldn’t tell what had gone over him. His body felt a little sore, but that was probably from his workout this morning right? As the spell of dizziness was beginning to waver the boys returned with the box of pizza. Making room on the table the three got up and grabbed plates for their feast. Taking a swig of water and standing up, Chad was feeling better. Being nimble, he went in to grab a slice of pizza before the two gluttons got to it first. As Chad was reaching over for a slice, Alessandro noticed that the maroon shirt was being lifted up slightly on Chad. The adonis belt he had was exposed alongside a treasure trail. Not only that, but the gym shorts that were once near his knees were riding up to his thighs. Confused, Alessandro kept taking glances before leaning over to Banks. “Hey dude, is it just me, or does your dad look a little taller? I’m not tripping right? His shirt fit him earlier?”, Alessandro whispered. Whispering back, “What middle aged man grows taller? You’re the shortest out of us three so we always look taller to you. But, you’re right, I could have sworn his shirt didn’t expose part of his gut.” “You don’t get it dude, I always ogle your step-dad, he definitely looks bigger somehow.”Alessandro paused to bite into his pizza. Chad was getting some more beverages from the fridge in the kitchen. As Chad returned from the kitchen to put down a variety of soda from the fridge, Banks took note of his step-fathers appearance. He sure looked the same, but Alessandro may have been on to something. Something was off. As his dad continued to walk back to his seat, his head was closer to the top of the doorframe than it normally was. No way, was he actually taller? How much taller though? Banks couldn’t believe it. Chad was taller! As the man sat down his head and torso definitely was higher than it had been when the two boys had gone out to grab the grub. “Alessandro dude, you may be right. But how?”Banks couldn’t stop stealing glances at his father in the most inconspicuous way possible. “Fuck if I know but he looks even better! You don’t think it had to do with that oh so special boon that this game you found gave him, right?” “What did he pull again?”, while the group remained on pause to eat their grub, Banks pulled up a search on what was Aeon's thing again? Gigantism? Through a quick google search, Banks had an answer. He turned his phone over to Alessandro acting like he was showing his friend a meme. Alessandro nodded and did another glance over. “Sounds legit enough. But if he, you know, hypothetically got taller, what the hell did our draws mean?”Alessandro glanced over at their colored cards worried.
  11. It's been a while but I've been working on a new story. For this one, I decided to revisit an older character from my story, Sweet Revenge. This is the first story where the main character begins as a massive freak of nature and it's been a fun challenge to make him grow even more obscenely huge. I hope you like. Bruce's Humanity Chapter 1 It had been six months since Bruce’s mind-boggling displays at Mitch’s gym. He had bested Andy’s enormous 452lb body at every test. He toyed with the deadlift competition and nearly broke Andy’s arm when they arm wrestled. Even being tied up and suspended by industrial chains couldn’t restrain his inhuman power. His final display of power when he squatted Mitch’s 6,000lb pickup truck still caused Bruce to organism at the thought. The incredible orgy of muscle-fuelled lust that followed was still seared into Bruce’s brain. Bruce’s superior mass and power had both huge men begging to worship every inch of his pumped physique. He lost count at the number of times each massive man had came. He should have been content with how things had worked out but the next morning as he stared at the exhausted, hulking bodies sleeping next him, Bruce knew he needed to leave. His journey for more mass and power was stronger than ever. He didn’t have time for others, this was his solitary quest. He remembered a momentary pang of regret as he looked at the gym in the rearview mirror as he drove away but a quick glance at the writhing mass of muscle that comprised his forearm, gripping the steering wheel, refocused his commitment and he accelerated, speeding towards his next chapter. Bruce had been driving for hours and his rumbling stomach only intensified at the sight of the rundown diner. He came to screeching halt in the deserted parking lot. The truck’s frame groaned in relief as Bruce exited. He lumbered through the front door, the ding of the bell over the door signalled his entrance. “Be right there.” A voice from the kitchen shouted. Bruce made his way to a table by the front window, inspecting the heavy, metal chair before lowering himself. He didn’t look up when he heard the all too familiar gasp of shock as a person emerged from the kitchen. With his head still inspecting the menu, Bruce began listing off meal after meal only looking up when he had finished. The old woman was writing frantically on her order pad, trying to keep up. She gave Bruce a frightened look before scurrying back towards the kitchen. Bruce used to dwell on his aggressive and sometimes downright demented behaviour but the last six months had taught him that he didn’t need to waste his time thinking about his affect on others. He used people for his own selfish purposes and how they felt about that meant nothing to him. Everyone Bruce encountered served one of two purposes, they had something he needed to grow bigger, or they were an obstacle in his way to gain more size. He took what he needed from the previous and ran through the latter. Being the only customer, the food started to arrive quickly. As Bruce started to devour what would have easily fed multiple families. After half an hour, his hunger pangs started to subside but he continued to gorge himself. He could feel his muscles swell in appreciation. The bell over the diner door suddenly rang as someone flew into the diner. “Maggie! Ben!” the person shouted not surveying the restaurant. The old woman, Maggie, appeared from the kitchen, shooting Bruce a quick glance. “What’s wrong?” “My western fence collapsed, one of the bulls got loose! I need Ben to help get it back inside.” “Where?” Bruce said as he slowly stood up from the table. “What the FUCK!” The man said, trying to comprehend what he was seeing. “Where did the bull go?” Bruce asked in a stern voice. The man couldn’t take his eyes off Bruce, he could only raise his hand and point to the farm fields across the road from the diner. Bruce started to move towards the front door. “Where are you going?!” Maggie yelled. Bruce didn’t answer, he made his way towards the fields. Bruce started to climb the sloped hill and saw the broken fence. He turned towards the field and saw a fast-moving animal in the distance. While he was unable to sprint at his current size, Bruce still moved with impressive speed. The large bull, seeing Bruce approach, stopped moving and starred. Bruce squatted down slightly, anticipating the bull’s next move. “Show me what you got.” Bruce muttered. The bull, lowered its head, let out a loud snort and stomped its front hoof. Bruce stood perfectly still and waited. Like lightening, the bull started to charge. Its thick muscles bulged and flexed as its considerable bulk quickly closed the gap between it and Bruce. Bruce, filled with adrenaline and excitement, started to emit a low grumble but his body did not move. The bull, now just a few feet away, showed no sign of slowly and lowered its huge head and prepared to ram into Bruce’s body. The sound of the impact was deafening and surly echoed for miles. Bruce’s feet skidded across the ground, his boots digging deep groves into to the dirt until they came to a stop. The bull let out a noise as Bruce wrapped his arms around the thickly muscled neck of the animal. He had been wearing a comically oversized flannel shirt that looked more like a blanket than a shirt but the fabric instantly stretched to its limits before splitting in multiple places, exposing only slabs of inhumanly massive muscle. “YOU’RE NOT GOING TO WIN!” Bruce snarled as he adjusted his grip willing his arms to connect around the bull’s huge, powerful neck. The bull’s lower body started to flail, trying to wiggle itself free. With stunning speed, Bruce twisted his enormous body, crouched lower and gripped the rear legs of the huge animal. With a loud grunt, Bruce hoisted the bull off the ground and laid it across his massive shoulders. The bull tried to twist itself free but Bruce held the over 2,000lb creature secure. Feeling the massive weight of the bull now under his control caused Bruce’s cock to harden instantly. His already massive muscles swelled from the weight and powerful movements of the animal. The feeling was one of complete arousal for Bruce. The two diner employees and the farmer were slowly making their way up the hill when they saw Bruce appear on the horizon. The shock of what they saw caused them to stop moving. The most outrageously massive creature they had ever seen had the bull draped across his shoulders like he was wearing a tower after taking a shower. Bruce’s tattered shirt was no more than a few stings of fabric, his pants were completely gone, exposing just skin-tight underwear and massive hard-on. He didn’t resemble anything remotely human, he was nothing but pulsing, outrageously pumped muscle. A thick sheen of sweat covered his pale, smooth skin, further exaggerated his outstanding mass and while also accentuating his nearly non-existent body fat. Maggie collapsed immediately, the others unable to look away, offered her no assistance. “OH MY GOD!” The cook yelled. Bruce didn’t register their presence. Instead, he carried the bull through the broken part of the fence and lowered it to the ground. As soon as its feet touched the ground, the mighty beast took off at full speed, wanting to be as far away from Bruce as possible. Bruce stood up, barely breathing hard and looked around for something to close the broken part of the fence. His gaze focused on a large tree not far away. It stood over 20 feet tall but had a thick trunk. Bruce licked his lips and waddled towards the tree, every muscle on his body tensed in anticipation. He reached the tree and quickly wrapped his arms around the trunk, interlocking his fingers on the other side. “THERE’S NO WAY!” he heard someone shout from behind him before planting his feet and flexing his arms. He let out a bellow that shook the ground and started to pull. At first nothing happened to the tree but Bruce’s body essentially mutated. Every muscle flexed and grew to a staggering degree. The amount of power he was exerting was evident from his head to his toes. As the first drops of sweat started to appear on his brow, a loud crack echoed across the field. The sound only made Bruce apply more pressure and suddenly the sound of wood cracking became louder, like fireworks going off. Leaves from the tree started to fall and Bruce’s body vibrated with superhuman strength. With one final, terrifying scream, the huge tree was broken into two pieces, large chunks of wood flew in every direction. The tree should have fallen to the ground had it not been under Bruce’s complete control. Like carrying a flag in a parade, Bruce turned and walked the decimated tree towards the break in the fence. He tossed it to the ground, using the many branches at the top to seal the opening shut. Bruce dropped to one knees, breathing heavily and looked towards the others. Maggie was still on the ground. Ben couldn’t handle Bruce’s appearance and bent over and vomited. While the farmer had a familiar look of shock on his face, he retained most of his composure and slowly approached. “A-a-are you okay?” He asked. Bruce looked up, finally noticing the rugged good looks and sturdy build the farmer hid under his baggy flannel shirt and overalls. He slowly stood up, causing the farmer’s eyes to dart from each of his outrageously massive body parts. “I’m Bruce.” “K-k-keith.” “You got any prepared beef that doesn’t require a fight? This really worked up an appetite.” Keith shock his head as if to break the spell Bruce had put on him. “Yeah. The least I can do for what you just did.” Bruce patted Keith on his sturdy shoulder, almost knocking him over as he started to walk towards his truck, still parked in the diner’s lot. “I’ll give you lift.” He said. Keith stumbled but started to follow. Bruce dropped a wad of cash at the diner door, Ben was helping a now conscious Maggie across the road, both unable to look in his direction. He got in the truck and opened the passenger door for Keith who hesitated for a moment before climbing in. Keith directed Bruce towards his farm. As they approached, the sun was starting to set and the huge farmhouse was shrouded in dark shadows. “You live here alone?” “Yeah. Just me.” “A farm this big must be a lot of work for one person.” “I manage.” Keith said as they both exited the truck. “Let me grab some food from the shop.”Keith said leading Bruce towards a huge barn by the main house. Keith pushed the large barn door open. Along the left-hand wall was a state-of-the-art butcher facility, including a huge walk-in freezer which Keith walked towards. Inside countless animals were strung up on huge hooks. “SHIT!” Keith yelled noticing one of the slabs of meat had fallen. Bruce moved to lift it from the floor but Keith stepped ahead of him. “I got it.” Keith grabbed the frozen piece of meat that looked to weigh at least 500lbs and with a small grunt hoisted it off the floor and slung it over his shoulder while reaching for one of the hooks. With one fluid movement, he secured the slab and with his hands now free, Keith started to pull on a nearby chain, raising it off the ground like the other animals in the freezer. Bruce couldn’t help admire Keith’s large arms flexing through his shirt with each pull of the chain, growing from impressively solid to muscle-packed peaks. “Impressive strength Keith.” Keith secured the chain and tuned to face Bruce. “Thanks, I normally don’t show off around strangers, they tend to overreact. Someone my size shouldn’t be able to do that but after today, I doubt you are easily shocked.” Keith said. “That’s true. I can’t deny you have a great body but I wasn’t expecting you to do that.” Bruce said as he followed Keith out of the freezer and scanned the far side of the barn. A smile crept across his face as he noticed the familiar look of gym equipment. “Your set-up?” “Yeah, the farm is hard on the body but I need some additional resistance to build my body.” Keith said. Bruce sauntered over to the equipment. He was impressed by the quantity of equipment, stopping at the bench press and ran his hand over the still-loaded bar, counting four 45lb plates on each side. “You bench 405lb?” “For warm up.” Keith said, unable to hide his pride for the impressive number. Bruce moved behind the bar and gripped the bar and slowly lifted it off the rack. Keith let out a loud gasp when Bruce started to curl the bar. “You shouldn’t be shocked that I can curl this much, you saw what I did to that bull today.” Bruce said as he continued to curl the weight. “FUCK!” was all Keith could say. His eyes settled on Bruce’s already massive arms as they visibly swelled with each rep, thick garden-hose thick veins appearing on the surface his barely-there skin. Bruce nonchalantly stopped curling the bar and pressed it over his head before slowly lowering it behind his neck. Keith stumbled back and covered his mouth to stifle a scream. Bruce only smiled and started to perform overhead tricep extensions with 405lbs. His biceps were so massive, they pressed against his face. His triceps expanded so far from the sides, they looked like a regular bodybuilder’s lats. The sight was made even more extreme by Bruce’s flared lats and granite-hard abs. His entire upper body swelled from incomprehensibly large to something straight out of a science fiction movie. “You don’t have to hide your shock Keith. I know you’ve never seen anyone even remotely this fucking massive; hell, I bet you never imaged a freak like me even existed.” “FUCK! How is this even possible! Y-y-you’re so-“ Keith said as he trialed off. “So HUGE, so MASSIVE, so POWERFUL, SO UNBELIEVABLY MASSIVE AND FREAKY YOU MIGHT PASS OUT FROM THE SIGHT?.” Bruce bellowed as he moved the bar back to a curling position before lightly cradling it back on the bench like it weighed nothing. “I-I-I s-s-should get some food ready.” Keith stuttered and darted into the freezer, returning with his arms full. “I’m fucking starving.” Bruce said as the two men made their way back to the farm. While the farm house looked old from the outside, the inside was quite modern and well maintained. Keith went to work in the kitchen, setting out a number of platters full of uncooked meat on the large stone island. You mind if I take a shower while you do that?” Bruce asked. “Sure, down the hall to the left.” Bruce emerged wearing just a towel, that around his frame looked more like a rag. Keith stopped what he was doing and just stared. Bruce’s attention was however, on the piles of meat now cooked and spread out on the counter. “Oh fuck yeah!” Bruce didn’t even grab a plate, he stood over the food and started to devour it using just his hands. Keith nibbled some but couldn’t stop glancing at Bruce. “I have to ask; just how huge are you? I can’t even come up with a guess.” Bruce wiped a stream of beef juice from his chin and swallowed his mouthful of food. He took a few steps away from the counter and squared his shoulders. The dim kitchen lights highlighted every inch of body perfectly. “Glad you finally asked. First, I’m 34 years old and 5’11”.” Bruce said as his body started to slowly inflate. His shoulders visibly swelled and solidified even more. “My neck is 32 inches.” His biceps hardened and split into their individual muscle groups while his triceps splayed from either side of his body. His individual pec muscles inflated so they pressed his chin higher, each one comprised of hundreds of deep, razor-sharpe striations. “My arms are 40 inches, forearms are 34 inches and my pecs are 102 inches; that’s over 8 feet.” Bruce’s arms started to rise as his lats started to grow, when done, his arms were just shy of 90 degrees from the floor. Thick veins ran from his armpits across each lat and travelled across his tightening abs. “My waist is only 36 inches and looks even smaller because my body fat is never above 2%.” Keith lost count at ten of the most dense, perfectly developed abs he’d even witnessed before casting his eyes down to Bruce’s legs. With a small pivot of his hips, Bruce made the towel fall away, revealing his throbbing, thick cock. Keith swallowed and managed to look lower, at the quads. Their sheer mass and thickness made him question how Bruce could even walk with so much mass fighting with each other. The smallest movement of Bruce’s upper body caused visible waves of muscle to erupt from his waist to his ankles. “These quads are 58 inches and my calves are 38 inches.” Bruce said as he methodically started to move his balled up fists towards the centre of his body. Keith doubted they could even meet in the middle because the massive slabs of muscle between them. As if sensing his thoughts, Bruce let out a moan of exertion as he willed his fists to touch. What appeared as massive, pumped up muscle shifted and morphed itself into a staggering wall of pulsing meat. With gritted teeth and obvious struggle, Bruce managed to say, “I weigh 512 motherfucking pounds!” Keith stumbled back both a the sight and that astounding number. He thought he knew what huge was but now his brain was breaking trying to comprehend what he was seeing. “NO!” He screamed. “STOP!” Bruce smiled, not from happiness but determination. Seeing Keith falter was intoxicating. He willed his herculean body to flex harder, swell larger and become even more extreme. To his surprise however, Keith appeared to regain his composure. With his eyes squarely on Bruce’s sickening display of mass, he reached up and unfastened his overalls, letting them fall to the floor, exposing his own rock-hard cock stretching his boxers tight. With a quick motion, he ripped open his flannel shirt, buttons flying across the kitchen, and stepped out of the pants, finally giving Bruce a view of his large and powerful looking body. He placed one hand on his throbbing cock and the other reached out and touched Bruce’s left pec. “OH MY GOD! You are so hard!” He exclaimed as he began to caress Bruce’s body. “MMMMM, that’s right Keith, take in all this muscle.” Bruce said finally relaxing the pose so he could pull Keith closer. He ran his hands up Keith’s thick arms and shoulders, marvelling at how much smaller the large man was compared to him. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had someone appreciate me, and even longer since I’ve met someone strong enough to have some fun with.” Keith’s mouth moved but no sounds came out, his eyes and hands roamed from one mass of muscle to another, completely entranced by Bruce’s presence. “It’s probably suicidal but I need you to fuck me.” Keith said with a trembling voice. Bruce smiled and wrapped one arm around Keith’s waist and lifted him off the floor, sweeping some of the food off the counter and placing him down. He leaned in and kissed Keith’s lips roughly as his hands tore his boxer’s in two, causing Keith to let out a low moan. “Be careful what you wish for.” Bruce said as he gripped Keith’s ankles and pried them apart, moving his own rock-hard cock towards Keith’s waiting ass.
  12. Natural Nathan, part 7 - New Beginnings By Ultrabeef Neil Lindy and his two best friends Harry Madron and Tony Teo peered cautiously from the upstairs balcony down into the dusky, dimly-lit warehouse below. Neil has followed his older brother Nathan to the warehouse because he needed some answers as to exactly what was going on. Months ago, Nathan Lindy had been an average college student who worked as a personal trainer and fitness vlogger on the side. Then suddenly one day Nathan had blown up into a massive, bloated muscular freak and cut off his entire family. Neil had been heartbroken to lose his brother and best friend to Nathan’s newfound obsession with muscle. Neil had followed his older brother’s vlog until Nathan’s sudden change when his vlog changed from helpful fitness tips to raunchy gay-for-pay sex and posing. Neil was sure that by following Nathan, he would finally have the opportunity to find out what actually happened to his brother and actually get him back. “What are they doing?” Harry whispered to Neil & Tony. “Shut up dude! Do you want to get caught?” Neil shot back in a tone that made clear to Harry that he meant business. “Jesus! They are all so fucking big!” Tony gasped as the coven of massive bodybuilders waddled toward the circle of chairs set up in the center of the dimly lit warehouse and began their meeting. Neil, Harry, and Tony were all athletic and freshman on the local college lacrosse team, but the men assembled below were in a totally different category of muscle and strength. Neil had short brown hair and a cute dimpled face. Harry was African-American with short dreads, and the most muscular of the three friends. Tony was a thin but toned lanky Asian with floppy black hair that hung over his eyes. The three jocks weren’t used to being so close to guys that so clearly outclassed them. “Alright gentlemen, let’s begin” Nathan intoned, his deep rich bass echoing through the empty warehouse. The other behemoth bodybuilders sat in the circle of chairs causing them to creak and groan under their weight. “What’s this about anyway? I got better shit to do than hang out with you dudes” a short, thick black bodybuilder wearing skin tight surgical scrubs and black horn-rimmed glasses grumbled. “Jesus Ethan, just let him talk” a pale ripped hunk in a tight v-neck t-shirt and tight black jeans grumbled back as he brushed his longish brown hair out of his eyes. “Fuck, Tyler…” Ethan grumbled back at his boyfriend. “All will be revealed boys” Nathan rumbled as he shot the grumpy couple a dirty look. “Go ahead babe, we’re all listening” an especially eager balding Latino hunk wearing a stringer tank top and tiny compression shorts glanced up at Nathan. Nathan paused, smiled at the hulking Latino, took his hand and kissed it. “That’s my sweet Zacky, always got my back”. Zack Vasco could be seen breathing heavily as his massive gut heaved and his tiny dick started to leak and stain his shorts because of the positive attention of his lover Nathan. Nathan, noticing the effect he had on Zack, smirked and turned to a massive blonde bodybuilder wearing a harness and pink jockstrap. “Lukas, why don’t you explain what we have?” The blonde brute stood and held up a vial of bright teal liquid “this, nentlemen” he purred in a deep German accent, “is the solution to all our problems”. Nathan cut him off, “the formula Lukas holds will finally give us what we all need so badly”. Lukas continued, “as you know. The formula we took gave us incredible muscle growth and masculinity but left us with just a tiny nub of a cock”. The circle of hulks nodded sadly, some crossing their legs. “This new formula will allow us to transform someone into a huge muscle bull with a massive cock as well”. The circle of men started to mumble to each other. A huge young guy in tiny black cut-off shorts who was sitting on a bald older guy’s lap started to get excited. “I want a big dick again daddy! Can I get a big dick?!” The older guy, Jeff, cupped the younger guy’s massive ass and growled, “ daddy likes your tiny little cock and this big juicy booty boy”. Damien blushed as his former professor Jeff patted his former student’s enormous ass. Nathan interrupted, “unfortunately the new formula won’t work on any of us…our transformation is complete.” More murmurs came from the crowd. “But, there is one person who was with us from the beginning, who hasn't been transformed yet.” The circle of bodybuilders looked at each other and mumbled “Who does he mean?” Who is it?” “Bring him in babe” Nathan nodded to his boyfriend Zack who waddled toward the door and wheeled in a big black muscular hunk who was strapped to a surgical gurney. The restrained hunk only wore red posers and a white stringer tank top. He was insanely handsome and a beautiful specimen of manhood. “Gentleman, I present to you IFBB Physique Pro Kendal Kenyon!” A round of applause echoed from around the group. “ It was Kendal’s idea originally to transform me into the bloated freak you all know and love”. A smattering of laughter erupted among the group as Zack playfully slapped Nathan’s juicy ass. Nathan smiled, “He wanted to teach me a lesson; To see what being a chemically enhanced hulk was really like”. Nathan sauntered over to Kendal who thrashed wildly trying to free himself, glaring with silent rage at Nathan Lindy. “And now Kendal, I’d like to repay the favor”. Nathan spoke with a coldness and matter-of-factness that was chilling. “Lukas, prepare the formula”. Zack and Ethan raised the gurney into an upright position and Kendal’s eyes roamed wildly among the assembled muscle hulks. Lukas entered the crowd with a big syringe of bright teal liquid and approached Kendal. Lukas tenderly brushed Kendal’s toned pec with his free hand, “Ever since you started us all on this journey to hugeness, I’ve thought of you, stud. You abandoned us all to pursue your pro card and start a new life. Well, Kendal, your new life is about to start now”. Kendal pleaded to be released, “please guys…Lukas…you know me…let me go. I’ve got a life, I got my pro card dude… don’t do this!” Lukas smiled and gently twisted Kendal’s exposed nipple, “the only thing you are going to be a “pro” at is fucking all of us!” Lukas jabbed the needle into Kendal’s arm and emptied it into the ebony muscle hunk. “You sick fucks! I’ll kill you! I’ll… oh fuck! What’s…happeni… FUCKKK!” Kendal thrashed as obvious pain racked his ripped body. Damien started to get excited again, “look daddy! He’s growing!” The group gasped as Kendal’s formerly fit body started to swell with massive slabs of muscle. Within seconds Kendal’s growing arms allowed him to tear free of his restraints. Kendal was quickly swelling into a total muscle freak. There was no way he could ever compete in the physique category ever again, in fact he was quickly surpassing super-heavyweight bodybuilder proportions. “Oh shit! Look at his cock!” Ethan moaned as the group gasped. Kendal’s bulge was growing and soon tore free of his poser. A thick, long, veiny, ebony rod supported by two huge swollen balls. “Now, that’s what I call a donkey dick” Jeff moaned, his eyes growing wide at the sight of Kendal's huge cock that hung like a third leg. Thick curly black hairs started sprouting over Kendal’s widening jaw, chest, and arms. Even his neatly trimmed dreads started to grow longer and wilder. The group stepped back as Kendal staggered away from the gurney, his enormous pecs heaving and his club-like cock swaying between his massive quads. “Wha…what the fuck…did you do to me?!” Kendal groaned, his rich deep bass reverberating through the warehouse. “We gotta get out of here!” Neil gasped, his eyes wide at what he just witnessed. “Not yet man!” Harry shot back, his own dick hard in his jeans. “Yeah, I gotta see this dude!” Tony moaned under his breath, his eyes wide at the spectacle happening below. Kendal was at least twice as big as any of the other men. He advanced on Lukas who was still holding the empty syringe. “You! You did this!” Kendal growled as Lukas backed away in fear. The other men were scared of the new beast they had just created and backed away from Kendal. Kendal grabbed Lukas around his thick waist and pulled him closer. “No! Leave me alone! Jesus!” Lukas cried. Kendal ripped Lukas' thong off with his free hand and bent Lukas over in front of him. Kendal’s eyes were almost glazed over with lust. “So…fucking horny…must fuck…now!” Kendal growled as he slapped Lukas’s ivory bubble butt causing the round cheeks to sway. Then Kendal rubbed his massive rod against Lukas’ crack covering it with ropey pre cum. With a grunt, the massive Kendal parted Lukas’ big pale glutes with his monster cock. Lukas screamed at the others “help me!” but they just watched in shock as Kendal roughly shoved his now rock hard massive tool into Lukas’ ass. Lukas screamed in pain and then moaned loudly as immense pleasure overtook him. Kendal pumped back and forth into Lukas as the German hunk squealed in pleasure. The other guys were starting to get hard and leak pre-cum from their tiny dicks as they watched the scene unfolding before them. “FUUUCCKK! YES!” Kendal roared as he sprayed his massive load into Lukas’ ass. There was so much cum that it leaked out of Lukas and caused his already thick gut to swell even further. Kendal, backed away from Lukas, dripping with sweat, his huge cock still half-hard and swinging between his quads. Kendal’s eyes were glazed over as his brain seemed totally overwhelmed by his massive cock. “Oh…shit! Something’s…something’s happening…” Lukas moaned as Kendal’s cum spread throughout his body. “He’s growing!” Tyler gasped as Lukas started to swell up from the effects of Kendal’s seed. “You’re right!” Zack gasped. Lukas was swelling up at an incredible rate. Pound after pound of thick, smooth muscle was being added to his frame, stretching his pale skin to the limit. Dark red stretch marks started spreading out across his skin as the muscle mass increased. Within minutes Lukas was practically immobile with thick, powerful muscle. It wasn’t ripped muscle though, but bulky, beefy muscle covered with a layer of fat. Even Lukas’ face had filled out with chubby cheeks replacing his formerly sculpted cheekbones. As he tried to reach around his huge muscle tits and grossly distended gut Lukas could feel that his own dick had gotten even smaller and was just a wet nub. “Ohhhh…fuuuucckk!” Lukas moaned in an even deeper voice than before as the huge muscle heifer tried to move. “Oh my god! What the fuck! We gotta go…NOW!” Neil jumped up and grabbed Harry by the wrist. The two boys ran toward the stairs when a huge shadow blocked their path. “Going somewhere boys?” a deep voice rumbled. Meanwhile, Tony yelled as a huge guy grabbed him from behind. Damien led the younger guys toward the group while Jeff carried Tony over his powerful shoulders. Lukas lay nuzzling at Kendal’s big chest as the two hulking men caressed each other. “Look what I found Nathan – a couple of twinks enjoying the show”. Damien shoved the boys into the center of the circle while Jeff dropped Tony onto the ground.
  13. QuoteTheRaven

    Simb Bakkani Super Heavyweight (Completed)

    Mossano inherited Muscle Pride Rock Gym in Bangkok. He became an IFBB Pro, then Mr. Thailand, and then opened Muscle Pride Rock Gym 2. At 21, Simb was born. Muscle Pride Rock Gym sang with celebration. Patrons — thin and lithe to well-muscled hunks in string tanks and hoodies — gathered around he and his wife Sarai. Mossano’s pharmacological coach held Simb aloft. The gym speakers played joyous music filled with rhythms and flutes. As a kid, Simb spent his time running around Muscle Pride Rock with his best friend Naylon. Everyone knew them. All treated them with joy. Simb had no thoughts about his place in the world. CHAPTER ONE — BETRAYAL Now, on a day in Simb’s eighteenth year, Simb and Naylon lounge near the juice bar. As they lounge, Simb’s Uncle Scarab shows up. Scarab is seven years older than Simb, and devotedly bodybuilds. He is outwardly obsequious toward Simb while also giving off a resentful vibe. Simb thinks that’s the way for uncles on diets, restrictions, and heavy lifting schedules. Scarab talks to the teens. He asks them what kind of music they like. When they mention a local group, he tells them it’s a huge coincidence that that group is playing at a place called Parrot Bar. He says he has passes to that bar and that they can see their favorite band if they leave to go now. The guys can’t believe the coincidence and want to go and so they do. The whole thing is a lie. When they get there, instead of saying Parrot Bar it says Parrot Gay Bar. This gives pause, only because they are not into sexual things yet. But they want to see the band. Inside, there is no band. Instead two twenty year old hoodlums pay attention to them. The hoodlums are so skinny ribs show through their tees. They are as heavy-headed as hyenas with open-hanging mouths. “We are Shen and Ban,” the jackally two snigger, “You are the son of the best muscle man in Thailand aren’t you? We recognize you. Are you here because?…. because you like sex with males, no?” Simb and Naylon feel uneasy, more uneasy even than from the dancers grinding crotch-packed near-naked muscles. Simb and Naylon try to pretend they are cool as it is important to accept all people. That is what Mossano and Simb’s mother Sarai always teach. The manager at the Parrot Gay Bar notices the youth and suspects something is amiss. He calls the MRP Gym and the manager, Zazar, answers. Zazar, who is homosexual himself and expressive in his personality, flaps off to tell Mossano right away. Mossano goes to the bar and rescues the boys. Mossano is upset with Simb for going to a drinking place and one that focuses on any kind of sex. He scolds Simb and Simb feels bad about his judgment. But Mossano forgives Simb. Mossano also explains to Simb that some of Mossano’s best friends are gay. He adds, “with the genetics you have from me and mom, I want you to end up my size and condition. If you do as I do, eating, the heavy iron lifting, the gear.” Mossano continues, “What I want to say is when you grow up and become as I am, you will play a special role — pedestaled by men and women, wanted by all.” Simb says ok. He doesn’t know what that all means or whether he wants that. He’s still a kid. Drives can be dormant until nature fully spigots testosterone and awakens a man to his real wants. However, meanwhile, during Mossano and Simb’s conversation, Scarab has found the 20-year-old shady fag beanpoles. You might think he is there to berate them and force them to understand more about what is appropriate with people of different ages. But Scarab has a nefarious character and only self-serving purposes in mind. He has designs — designs of no longer being lesser in his brother’s shadow, to usurping his brother’s titles, to gaining his brother’s businesses and all that his brother has. As part of his plan to do that, he makes an overture to the youth Shen and Ban. He will freely service them at MRP Gym. But they must help frame Mossano for a crime. The two are alarmed at the idea of doing something of the kind. But then they feel Scarab’s enlarged biceps that rise as balls, hard as rock. Scarab talks dominant fetished stuff about how swollen his pecs are, how his ass jacks and how intensely good he feels. He tells them he must grow bigger, dominating little fucks, that he’ll make his brother seem fucking small. He wants to transform the two weasels too. He thinks they could all fuck each other as big muscle men. The two hypnotized fags both are almost orgasming as he makes their dicks so hard with his dreams. They agree to help Scarab. In the setup to the framing scam, Scarab goes to Simb the next week. Scarab dishonestly tells Simb that Mossano wants Simb to take a package of steroids (legal in Thailand) to the other branch of the gym. Simb is only 18 and never been given a task like this before so he is uncertain at first. But Scarab is convincing. Simb heads out in the streets with the messenger bag unaware. What it really contains is cocaine, heroine and drugs heavily punishable even for someone his age to possess. As soon as Simb has left, Scarab gathers up Shen and Ban and they go to Mossano. Scarab acts as though he’s collared the gay twenty year olds, physically showing his superiority to the pimpled scarecrows, manhandling them with true get-off brawn, and acting as though he’s threatening them and forcing them to confess what they will say. They almost give the whole thing away because Mossano’s muscles are so beautiful. His abs rise and fall, coil and fold as he talks. They have never seen the great Mossano, champion of all of Thailand and seventh place finisher in the Olympia of the world. Mossano is bigger than they imagined a person could be. They’ve never seen someone of such impossibly increased size — shoulders that mountain and arm girth 20+ inches around. In front of the steroid-massed giant, scrawny little undeveloped Shen and Ban suddenly stiff solid ones in their pants. But Mossano is so familiar and used to that kind of thing that it doesn’t register as a warning flag. Shen and Ban tell Mossano, as though confessing, that they have given Simb an illegal package, using Simb as an unsuspecting mule. But, they explain, he has to be “saved” for they’ve heard a police trap is set for the other gym. Mossano is furious. He will charge to help his son. He roars at the scum that have come to him. Scarab sneers and growls at the scum too. He enjoys the chance to act vile towards anyone, even his own accomplices — getting a charge always to be superior where he can be. He holds each of the guys hands behind their respective backs, lusty with the comprehension that he literally has the physical power to restrain them simultaneously each with a single fist. The muscles in Scarab’s shoulders flex in displaying expression as he shifts to subtle poses — pose after pose — while he holds them. Scarab then says aloud to Mossano, “Have no fear, brother, these two drug dealers will join us and I will force them to play their role.” Then Scarab smiles with a truly carnivorous look. His traps pop definitionally around his neck. Mossano says “good.” And then before they leave MRP GYM, he gives the keys for both gyms plus the code for the wall safe to Scarab. Mossano says, “I’ve never given these to you before, but I’m not sure how long resolving this will take at the other gym, and at the police station, and in the court…. Plus I have to see about getting these two young drug runners into some kind of reform. It’s best that someone in good trust has control until I am back.” Scarab thinks quickly, “Can you text that quickly to my phone as well?” he says slyly, “In case it does take you a long time and anyone asks if you left me in charge.” Mossano suspecting nothing, sends the text. They thunder across town as a group on motorbikes. Heads whip tracking the massbeast of Mossano hulking upon his machine. The pure masculinity of such massive muscularity has those passed by gaping. As they go, Mossano doesn’t spot Simb anywhere. As they near MRP II Gym, his concern grows. When they get to MRPII Gym, they still haven’t found Simb. They head across the parking lot, Mossano in the lead. Scarab falls purposefully behind. Scarab pulls the two scum surreptitiously aside and tells them in a quick, low sinister growl “Get lost. I will take it from here.” He pulls one of their heads into his juiced pecs and lets the pup nuzzle there briefly in the Dianabol-responsible cleft, even allowing him to lick quickly and wantingly at his nipple. Scarab whispers, “This is nothing, you fag. I’m going to have you tit fuck mountainous monster pecs that are inhuman when I’m 100 pounds bigger and more dominant than a god.” Then he gives the guy a command, “make sure that sniveling little boy Simb… never comes around MRP Gyms again.” Scarab races after Mossano and catches up just past the door. Inside, there are seven cops. Eighteen year old Simb is in their grasp. Simb is so young and fragile —flustered, lanky, rattled, distressed. The currier bag sits emptied of its illegal contents on the counter. The head cop, a commissioner, turns and says to those arriving, “This is tremendously serious. This delinquent will be going to jail for a long time.” Mossano does not recognize that the scum have not come in. He says, “No no, once you have the explanation of who is really responsible you will let him go.” The commissioner says, “Yes if we are given another responsible we will let this one go.” He says this because earlier the two scum had come to the police station claiming to be informants who could help them capture Mr Thailand who they said had been behind illegal drug running for a long time. The police officers on duty had all chorused, “THE Mr. Thailand? Mossano Bakkani? He who has a vee taper to a thirty two inch waist and weighs 278 pounds with arms that are 21 inches around?” Each officer knew the most famous muscular body in Thailand. So famous no one else had a fraction of the same public recognition. It is ubiquitous what the hypersexual, hypermighted silhouette of Mossano Bakkani looks like. All those overly male police officers are familiar with how the small posers of the king lounge over his ass and wrap atop his horse cock. “Yes,” the scum had said, “that is the one.” The pulse rates of those officers back at the station had gone up at even the mention of a man so self-endowed and huge. Now here in front of many of those officers, is the actual Mr Thailand. He is a man who simply can’t be real. His shoulders simply stretch too far and aloft from his neck. His torso circles at every level with immeasurability. He is too rockishly dense, too cord-thewed, and too beefily enlarged. He has muscles with more muscles on top. Mossano turns like an aircraft carrier, his legs like temple columns. He looks to have the scum confess but sees Scarab standing all alone in his stringer with his little roid-hungry physique on display. “They got away,” mouths Scarab syrupy and with what he hopes looks like a pained shrug. “Why are you looking around?,” the commissioner says to Mossano, “why don’t you just tell us the truth so that your son here can be let go?” Mossano sees the situation and walks to Scarab. His championship bodybuilder body imposes in on Scarab. Mossano’s monumental excess presses predatorily over Scarab’s lesser swole. Mossano whispers to Scarab, “I am going to explain to the officers that this crime was really done by the two drug runners. You will back me up, right?” he says warningly, “I need to know.” Scarab whispers back, “I don’t know what you are talking about. If you insist on such stories you are probably sending your son to a certain long time in jail.” “That would be a very unfatherly thing to do,” Scarab adds in a cold purr. Mossano understands now that he has been betrayed but must save his son. He turns to the commissioner and says, “It was not my son, it was me. I lied to him about what was in the bag and told him they were legal anabolic drugs.” The cops descend on Mossano and handcuff him. He is as powerful as Hercules. Reflexive at being confined, he explodes open the chains. He swings his enormous guns. Officers bowl over backward in every direction. The police ogle from the floor, all truly in awe. He is definitively the greatest and one of the most massive men that has ever been in Thailand and currently is one of the top ten most muscular men in the entire world. The commissioner says, “we will handcuff you again, and If you do not cooperate we will also take the boy.” Mossano turns to look at Scarab. He flexes his might body into a double bicep pose and snorts and growls. He is 40% bigger than Scarab. His torso heaves. His legs thunder with their gargantuan magnitude. It is imposing to behold. But then Mossano submits to the handcuffing and is taken from the gym. As soon as they leave, Simb runs crying to his uncle. “This can’t be! We have to help get my dad free.” Scarab puts his fists on his hips and raises his chest and shoulders inflating and flexing the mass he has even as it pales to what his older brother just showed. He is going to change that now. He knows he‘s going to grow so much much much bigger than he’s been. He’s the one who will use Mossano’s drugs and money and resources now. The world will see what truly wild use of all three can really do. He won’t restrain himself in any temperate way he thinks his brother has. He looks at the weak boy and seethes, “You incompetent weakling! You did this! Your father has been dealing like this for years and never gotten in trouble. It was the source of all his ability to pretend who he was and gain the mass and might that won him awards. You have ruined it and have sent him to jail. I will bring you back to the gym now and tell everyone what you have done. They love your father there.” Scarab is in full sleazy condescension now and continues, “You will have destroyed him and yourself in their eyes. But maybe if you disappear I can save his reputation and explain it was you. His imprisonment will be forever on your pathetic thin puny weak girlie shoulders but at least the love and reverence of his people can be preserved and you won’t destroy that love.” It is lies all lies, but Scarab is filled with festering wile and narcissistic need. Simb sputters. The tears flow. His breathing comes in racking sporadic gasps. He has a scrawny body and is gangly tall. But, mostly in that moment he is just a bereft son, almost a little boy. The moaning continues as he says, “But…. I didn’t mean…. It was all an…… I can’t leave my mother…. Can’t leave Naylon…” Scarab turns from the boy, bored. He has eyes in the mirror then only for himself. He pulls his stringer down low and pushes his workout pants off his bunched underwear. He admires his torso lean though it is, as defined as it is. And his arms and legs. Yes. He is defined. And has muscular definition. But he will grow grotesquely massive now. Sickly so. And then even far more disgustingly when he wants. Thailand is to have a true new bodybuilding emperor. One taller and more unrestrained in becoming as impossibly gargantuan as he can. He anticipates tapering to an even crazier narrow vee — he’s always had the blessing of narrower wolf hips than Mossano’s hasn’t he. And shoulder skelature just a little broader naturally. He knows in his gut his genetics hold that in store. God he wants to hulk and pose. “This is all your fault,” Scarab says firmly again to Simb not bothering even to turn around. Simb’s blubbering peters out until finally Simb simply sniffles, “Yes, I will go.” Simb gathers his wallet and comb from the counter. The police say Simb has to go to protective services until they can sort things out about his home. Two of the officers leave with Simb in tow. Scarab is alone with the commissioner now. The commissioner is in his mid-50s. He looks like he lifted a weight or two in his glory days. Just the kind of “straight” authority figure who looks susceptible to a transaction he-man to he-man. The commissioner tells the other officers they can leave. Once the gray-haired commissioner is the only remaining official, Scarab leads him to the gym’s office and closes the door. Scarab looks at the older man’s height of about 5’9”. “I thought I might be able to tell you a little bit about my nephew’s home.” Scarab says low and hard. “That would be completely appropriate to know,” says the commissioner. “I don’t like to say this about Mossano because he is my brother,” hisses Scarab, “but his wife and he can’t stay clean.” “Is that right,” says the commissioner, “Heroine and Cocaine?” “Yes?… Yes, of course. Those two drugs and so many more….you should think of them as using whatever would keep a couple permanently in jail, would keep a teenage son from returning home.” Scarab leans back on the edge of the desk. His legs splay in the loose-crotched fitness pants but he knows his thighs are developed enough and muscular enough for the dominant twenty five year old that he is. He balls his hands into fists and slowly raises them up in front of himself as though doing a preacher lift. His biceps curl into 17.75” swells. He eyes the commissioner and then each veiny bi in turn. And then he eyes the commissioner once again. The commissioner says, “Of course, we’d need to be doing blood screenings of Mr and Mrs Bakkani to confirm what you say is true.” “Tests of their blood you say?” says Scarab. Scarab slowly swings his left fist from where it is curled in front out to the side and then up. His right fist mimics it next. He is widening his lats until they show they are suggestive of small barn doors. His shoulders mount into miniature boulders. “Is the use of a blood test very necessary?” Scarab coos. “It is,” says the commissioner — he is tough in some ways, experienced at the way of the world. Scarab is not concerned. He is certain he can get his way. That’s all that matters. He doesn’t care what he does. He says to the commissioner, “I have a session to practice my posing in a few minutes. I’ll only be ready if I change as we talk. You understand that don’t you?” “Yes. Of course. We all have schedules.” “I take off my stringer first, don’t you agree?” “No, preparing to pose, one would take off their training pants first. Isn’t that right?” “Oh yes,” says Scarab, “You are completely correct.” Scarab pushes the pants down to his ankles. He wriggles each foot free. The pants get kicked to the side and he stands there in just his oversized boxer underwear. “You see, I work out,” Scarab says. He splays his legs. Individual cords of muscle rope atop his twenty nine and a half inch thighs rising and falling. “Hmmhum,” says the commissioner. Scarab crosses his hands to the front hem of his stringer. He lifts it over his head and off. He lets it dangle from the fingers of his left hand before dropping it to the floor. He stands in “relaxed pose”. His pecs cast the shadow of someone who’s cycled a number of times. His nipples are dark brown. “I workout lifting weights,” Scarab says looking slowly at each of his body parts in a choreographed show. “You know resistance exercise is an important path to virility, to being more and more strong, to making a true man, to being desired. Resistance exercises make a man’s muscles toned.” The commissioner says, “Very important” “Of course I don’t just keep my muscle toned do I?” says Scarab. “No.” “That may be the way of some, right?” Scarab says. “Yes.” “But that’s not mine, is it?” Scarab says. He steps forward. He’s about eight feet from the lawman. He pulls up the bottom hems of the boxers and shows his thighs more fully. They are rippling and corded. Then he smiles cruelly and pushes the boxers down and free from his legs, discarding the boxers atop the rest of his clothes. The commissioner looks at Scarab’s groin. “No, I don’t like that. You should turn around.” The commissioner hasn’t liked the undersized penis or the absent balls. Scarab turns and the Commissioner looks at the young pterodactyl back. It’s veined and knotted. Below, the ass fills beautifully. The sphincter chasm holds like a sculpted gate. The commissioner sees a bin of posers on a shelf. He pulls an especially skimpy neon orange one from the top. He throws it against the muscle back that Scarab has. “You have posing practice,” the commissioner says, “oughtn’t you put that on?” Scarab bends and reaches behind. His asshole opens. His hamstrings look like cuts flayed of skin. Scarab puts one foot into a tiny leg hole and then switches to put his other foot in the other. He drags the stretching fabric up over the maple tree trunks of his legs. He shimmies the poser onto his ass and snaps it into place. The fabric expands. The waistband threads over and around his sculpted hips. The stretching is barely scanty. The leg hems climb the freshness of his thighs and curve away past his hips toward his front. Scarab turns and his penis is now vacuumed up into a miniature but meated blatantly outlined mound. “Better?” Scarab asks. “Yes,” the commissioner replies. Scarab takes another three steps toward the commissioner. “I believe you may have had some experience ‘working out’,” Scarab says. “Yes,” comes the commissioner’s reply. “But you are nothing compared to me, Right?” Scarab asks. “Yes.” Scarab tightens into a most muscular and then inflates to an impressing double biceps, lats flared and legs on display. “I’m big aren’t I?” he says. “Yes. Yes you are.” Scarab is forcing his displaying arm in the worshipper’s face. “I’m only going to get bigger.” He snorts as he goes to a back flare. “Can you imagine that?” Scarab brags. He flows to a right side bicep pose and a left after that. “Yes. oh. Yes you are.” “Can you conceive how I feel?” Scarab drawls, stomping his left foot to explode his thigh, “Conceive how I will feel?” The commissioner says, “uurrr.” Scarab swings his left foot forward and then his right. His thighs already wobble some with weight. The flesh on them echoes to a stop after each step. He approaches the commissioner moving a juvenile bull’s size with each slow step. He brings his porny-ness right to the commissioner’s face. His lips are inches from the commissioner’s eyes. “Do you have any conception of how dripping this all is? Do you? Of how I feel? Of what it is to be endowed this way? Do You?” His breath oozes masculinity. The commissioner responds. Perhaps it is a “no” but more it is hard to tell and just sounds like a moan. Scarab says, “I don’t think there needs to be any bloodwork to know that Mossano and Sarai have been using the illicit cocaine, heroine and meth that they have polluted our city with, do you?” And the commissioner pulls himself together and says clearly, “No.” And then Scarab puts his tongue in the commissioner’s throat and moves the commissioner’s hands onto his rock hard sexualized body. “Fondle, Lick, Worship, Enjoy, you puny fucker,” croaks Scarab, “don’t even think about the fact that you will have to deal with me after I’ve executed my plan to get 70% more huge — you’d probably like that wouldn’t you, you fuck? A dom that massive? muscle that grotesque and obscene bearing down on you? Dominating you? Making you a fucking fuck toy? You’re such a pansy, puny fag man. It’s my pleasure to fully destroy fuck drip like you.”
  14. Sizemologist

    Supersized (Part 2 Updated 11/9/2023)

    Two perspective job candidates go head-to-head when presenting their experiments that could help solve world hunger. Max had graduated from college with a masters in biochemistry. He had been looking for a job for months and finally had made it far in the hiring process for a job at a stem cell laboratory that was leading the charge on fighting world hunger. For the last step in the hiring process, two candidates were meant to demonstrate to the board of directors their competency within biochemistry and how they will further the research of the laboratory. “Geez. I’m really nervous for this man. I can’t believe it’s come down to just the two of us,” said Max as he paced back and forth waiting for them to be called in. “Hey don’t worry man. I’m not surprised it ended up coming down to the two of us. We were both leagues ahead of our other classmates when we were in school,” said Ethan as he patted Max on the shoulder. Ethan and Max had gone to the same university for grad school and they were the brainiacs of the class. They had always gotten a kick out of the friendly competition they had between each other, but it was always in good fun for the furtherance of science. They became good friends and were happy that the respective other had made it so far in the interview process. “Ethan, Max, they’re ready for you,” said the receptionist as she poked her head out of the door. The two walked into a large room. There were two tables set up on opposite ends of the room and a table at the front where five people in lab coats were sitting and waiting for the two men to walk in. “Hello gentlemen. Congratulations on making it this far in the hiring process. We have looked at your accomplishments within academia, we’ve interviewed both of you and found that both of you are passionate about this field, now we would like to assess what you two have to offer this research group. We’ve set up your experiments as instructed by the two of you and have read your procedures. Mr. Burk you will be conducting your experiment first. Good luck and take it away when you’re ready,” said the scientist as she sat back down in her chair. Max walked up to the table and saw his experiment materials: five lab rats, a syringe, a beaker of a green liquid, a scale, a wire, and two double A batteries. “Hello distinguished members of the board. My name is Max Burk and today I will present you with my solution on curing world hunger. As you have read from my thesis, I have discovered a way to harness electrical energy and turn it into calories.” Max took out three lab rats from the cage. “This is Charlie, Delta, and Echo. Genetically identical lab rats. I administered my formula to Charlie and Delta one week ago today while Echo has not received the treatment. As you can see, Charlie and Delta are significantly larger than Echo. Charlie is 43% larger and Delta is 87% larger. The discrepancy in sizes are due to the diets we had them on. Echo is currently on a strict dry food diet. I fed him once daily and he has not increased in size at all in the past week. I placed Charlie on a strictly electric diet. I gave him access to 1.5 volts of electricity a day and as you can see, he has gained significant size. Delta’s diet was both an electric and caloric one. I fed him the same amount as Echo and gave him the same volts as Charlie. I’ve discovered through administering both treatments, the specimen will grow twice as much than when it was just the electric access.” “And just to prove that these results are true, allow me to give you a demonstration.” Max set the three lab rats back down in the cage and picked up a new one. “This is Foxtrot. He has not been exposed to the formula and is also genetically identical to the others. He currently weighs 403 grams and after I administer a dose of the formula and expose him to this simple double A battery, he should increase to approximately 420 grams.” Max grabbed the syringe on the table, extracted 10mL of formula from the beaker, and injected it into Foxtrot. The rat spasmed as the formula worked its way into his bloodstream. “To give you a description of what is happening, enzymes are being added to his digestion system that are able to accept electricity as a resource to be converted to energy. He is feeling a small bit of pain at the moment, but the process is brief.” As fast as it started, Foxtrot’s reaction stopped. Max picked up one of the batteries and connected the wire to it. He placed it in front of the lab rat and Foxtrot immediately went to observe it. He began to suck on the exposed part of the wire. Slowly but surely, the scientists in the room watched as the rat steadily increased in size as he continued to suck on the wire. Once Foxtrot had consumed all of the voltage stored in the battery, Max grabbed him and put him on the scale. “422 grams. In just one short session, the rat has gained 5% of its original size.” “This is clearly a phenomenal discovery that you’ve made Mr. Burk, but this is only a small dosage and it has gained a significant amount of size, what will happen when a user has gained enough size and can’t stop gaining size?” asked one of the scientists. “Excellent question Dr. Washington.” Max turned around and retrieved another lab rat from the cage. This rat was larger than both Delta and Echo. “This is Beta. I administered the formula to him 40 days ago. Watch what happens when he is exposed to the same amount of voltage as Foxtrot just was.” Max replaced the battery that Foxtrot had drained with a fresh one. He placed Beta in the cage with the exposed wire and he did the exact same thing as Foxtrot did. But he didn’t gain size like the previous rat. “The formula has now worn off within Beta so therefore he no longer converts the electricity into energy.” “Excellent job Mr. Burk. I do have a question as well. You’ve clearly used the NATO phonetic alphabet to name your rats. So I must ask, what happened to Alpha?” “He was the first rat to be administered the formula. Unlike the other lab rats, he had a larger dose of 50ccs. He grew much larger than the other rats much faster and he had to be terminated. But with your funding, I hope to be able to begin moving to human testing. Thank you.” The room clapped for him as he sat down in the chair next to Ethan. “You were really good. I don’t know how I’m ever going to top that,” said Ethan as Max sat back down. “I’m sure you’ll find some way to top me. Good luck.” “Mr. Rogers. If you’ll present us with your findings?” “Yes ma’am.” Ethan scurried his way to the table to find his own beaker with a red liquid inside, 5 lab rats, a miniature treadmill, a syringe, and a scale. “Ladies and gentlemen of the board, I’d like to present you with my growth hormone.” Ethan turned around and picked up a very large lab rat. It looked to be almost the size of a housecat. “This is specimen 6. I administered my growth formula to him 50 days ago and as you can see, he has grown approximately 600% bigger than his original size. This was not done with any other special food. He received the same food that this rat was fed.” Ethan pulled out a second lab rat that was normal sized. “This is specimen 7. He was given the same amount of food that specimen 6 was. However, specimen 6 did receive 25ccs of my growth hormone as well as an increased amount of exercise.” Ethan set specimen 6 back in the cage and grabbed a rat that was smaller than specimen 6, but bigger than specimen 7. “This is specimen 8. He was given the same amount of food and formula as specimen 6, but he did not receive an increase in exercise like specimen 6. I believe I have found a way for the muscle tissue to break down and rebuild itself sooner than the average specimen.” “Pardon me Mr. Rogers, but FDA will not approve of most steroids that are injected with an animal for purposes of growth. And it is not the best thing for PR at livestock farms.” “That is true Dr. Khan. However, my growth hormone meets the criteria of the FDA. It is nontoxic and does not affect the meat of the animal. And just like Mr. Burk, I’d like to demonstrate this formula so all of you can witness it firsthand.” Ethan picked up a new untouched lab rat. “This is specimen 9. He weighs 396 grams. Once I inject him with the hormone and put him on this treadmill, he will begin to show signs of muscle growth.” Ethan did just that. He took 25ccs of the hormone into the syringe, shot it into specimen 9, and placed him on the treadmill. The rat began scampering across the treadmill. The room anxiously anticipated the rat to grow with minimal results. After 10 minutes of the rat running on the treadmill, there was no visual growth that happened within the rat. Ethan took the rat off the treadmill and placed him on the scale. “Now you probably can’t see it like you could with Mr. Burk’s example, but there was muscle growth within specimen 9. He is currently 409 grams. My hormone is meant to be administered over a longer period of time. I hope to sell this product to the meat manufacturing industry in order to revolutionize how meat is sold and hopefully increase the meat supply.” “That is quite wonderful Mr. Rogers. If you both could leave the room while we make a final decision, but good work, both of you. Even if we do not hire you, each of you have a fulfilling career in the field of biochemistry,” said the head scientist. The two men quickly left the room as the scientists began discussing. “You were great man. That hormone will definitely be a game changer in the meat industry,” said Max as he patted Ethan on the back. “It will, but I messed up my presentation. I was hoping for my demonstration to yield more results like yours did. Your product even cancels the need for food all together. It’s truly incredible,” said Ethan to the smaller man. “Thanks. Hopefully, the research team agrees.” The two of them waited for what felt like an eternity until the receptionist came out again to get them. The pair walked in and stood in front of their respective experiments. “Gentlemen. Both of these experiments are amazing feats of science. But we only have the funding for one new study. So the individual who will be receiving funding is-” A man abruptly cut off the scientist as he barged into the room “Everyone, we must evacuate now! The substance in lab number 6 has become unstabl-” But the man didn’t get the chance to finish. There was an explosion that came from the room next to them. Everything in the room was blasted to the opposite room. Max hit the wall and heard glass break above his head. Liquid poured down his body as a support beam landed on him and knocked him unconscious.
  15. RoseConspiracy

    Insatiable ( Chapter 2 NEW! 11/5)

    In somewhat strange but related news, federal authorities are still looking into the disappearances of multiple bodybuilders across the country. The deputy director has declined to make any further statements, citing that no new evidence has been uncovered. At this time, all six men are still missing and their fates unknown. The State Department is uncertain if a group or a single individual is to blame and they advise that all large, muscular men be cautious and on alert. Any tips that could help investigators in this case can be called in or texted to the number at the bottom of the screen. Incredible artwork done by the very talented @HardbodyVideo
  16. thisba

    Incredible transformations

    Hello I would like to write a series of stories. Sorry for my poor command of English sometimes. All can be read independently. some of them will perhaps follow one another. Tell me if u should continue, and thank you for your feedback. 1. A new Superhero in the city 2. Ethan and John: - New arrival at school - Ethan nightmare 3. Hicham the paraplegic man A new Superhero in the city Jérôme and Max, a couple of police officers, shared not only their work but also their life. Their relationship had withstood the test of time, becoming a pillar of mutual support. It was a hot summer day, and they had taken a day off to relax and enjoy the sunny weather. Their car trip had taken them on a picturesque road, far away from the concerns of police work. Jérôme, 25 years old, was a tall, blond man, standing at 1.83 meters and weighing 80 kg. His blue eyes reflected his determination to make the world a safer place. Max, his partner and lover, was 23 years old. He stood at 1.78 meters, weighing 75 kg. His blue eyes shone beneath his thick brown hair, and he proudly sported a neatly trimmed short beard. Max harbored a heavy and extraordinary secret, a gift passed down through generations in his family: he was a muscle-wolf. This unique gift allowed him to transform into a powerful bodybuilder of nearly 140 kg, endowed with superhuman strength. However, this transformation was a complex and painful process that involved a series of remarkable physiological changes. As they traveled down the winding road, their peaceful day was abruptly disrupted by the sound of a collision. A woman behind the wheel had crashed into an electrical pole, and her car was on the brink of catching fire. Trapped in the vehicle, the driver was severely injured, and a glimmer of despair filled her eyes. In her state of shock, she was not even aware of their presence. Alarmed, Jérôme immediately grabbed his phone to call for help. He knew that every minute counted in such a critical situation. However, he could sense that time was running out, and the emergency services likely wouldn't arrive in time to save the woman. It was at that moment that Max, with unwavering determination, made a decision that would change the course of their day. He knew it was time to reveal his secret to Jérôme, even if it meant exposing his uniqueness. Max's transformation began slowly, but the process was painful and arduous. His muscles swelled rapidly, and his veins became increasingly visible through his stretched skin. The pain was intense as his clothing's seams strained, ready to burst at any moment. The clothes could no longer contain the extraordinary force that now inhabited Max. His veins pulsed, carrying an increased flow of blood to the rapidly growing muscles. Max's breathing intensified as his lungs worked hard to supply his developing muscles. His once thin arms became massive and powerful, tearing the sleeves of his shirt to shreds. His shoulders broadened, bursting the seams of his shirt, and his chest took on an impressive size. The buttons on his shirt flew in all directions, and scraps of fabric rained down like confetti. Jérôme, initially in shock, was overwhelmed by the incredible transformation unfolding before him. His breathing quickened, and he stuttered, unable to find the words to express his surprise and fear. Max's legs gained size, tearing his pants into pieces. The leather of his shoes burst under the pressure of his growing feet. Each of his muscles became more prominent, creating waves of power throughout his body. During the transformation, his body also became very hairy, with thick and dense hair forming an additional layer of protection and fierceness. The injured woman, in a coma, was unaware of the incredible transformation taking place before her. She had no idea that her fate would be disrupted by a hero with extraordinary powers. Jérôme, astounded and overwhelmed by the situation, abandoned his phone, forgetting about the emergency services. Max, with a voice transformed by the metamorphosis, declared, "Jérôme, it's time for you to know the truth. It's my inherited gift, and I use it to protect others, even at the risk of my own life." The injured woman, in a coma, couldn't hear the conversation. She was oblivious to the hero standing before her. Without further delay, Max used his superhuman strength to clear the wreckage, extract the injured driver, and place her in safety. Flames threatened to spread, but Max acted quickly and decisively, extinguishing the incipient fire and saving the woman's life. Jérôme, astonished, realized that his partner and lover was a genuine hero with an extraordinary gift. Max, exhausted from the superhuman effort, slowly returned to his usual form, breathing heavily, and with his body glistening with sweat. He now stood naked, except for his underwear, as all his other clothes had been destroyed during the transformation. They had succeeded in saving the woman, but now, Jérôme faced a difficult choice: to protect Max's identity and escape before the emergency services arrived, fearing that his secret would be discovered. They discreetly moved away from the accident scene, and Max hid behind a tree, gradually returning to his initial form to avoid drawing the attention of the finally arriving emergency responders. Their future was uncertain, but their love and devotion to each other were stronger than ever as they walked away together to safeguard Max's secret. Their future was uncertain, and the weight of Max's secret hung heavily between them as they walked away from the scene. Jérôme's mind raced with a whirlwind of emotions and questions, but he knew he had to protect Max's identity at all costs. As they found a secluded spot, Max, now back to his usual self, dressed only in his boxer briefs, turned to Jérôme with a mix of anxiety and relief in his eyes. "Jérôme, I know this is a lot to take in," Max began, his voice trembling with uncertainty. "I've kept this secret my whole life, and I've used my abilities to help others, to save lives. But I've never shared this with anyone, until now." Jérôme, still reeling from the shock of witnessing Max's incredible transformation, managed to find his voice. "Max, this is... this is unbelievable. I mean, I've heard of superhero stories, but I never thought..." Max interrupted gently, "I'm no superhero, Jérôme. I'm just a guy who happens to have this unique ability. I've always wanted to protect you, but I also want to protect us." Jérôme's face softened as he looked into Max's eyes, realizing the depth of their connection. "Max, I love you, and I will do everything I can to keep your secret safe. But we need to be careful. We can't risk anyone discovering this." Max nodded, relief washing over him as he pulled Jérôme into a tight embrace. "Thank you, Jérôme. I knew I could trust you." They stood there for a moment, their love stronger than ever, before reality intruded once more. The sound of approaching sirens reminded them of the accident scene they had left behind. "We need to go, Max," Jérôme said, breaking the embrace. "The authorities are arriving. We'll figure out how to deal with this, but for now, let's get away from here." They hurried back to their car and drove away, leaving behind the events that had unraveled their day. As they put distance between themselves and the accident scene, Max couldn't help but think about the fragile balance they had to maintain. He knew that, with Jérôme by his side, they would face the challenges together, and their love would guide them through the uncertainties of their extraordinary life. In the days that followed, Jérôme and Max remained on edge, constantly aware of the secret that now bound them even closer together. They were back on duty, patrolling the city streets, but their lives had taken on a new layer of complexity. Jérôme, true to his word, was determined to protect Max's identity. He used his influence within the police department to ensure that the details of the accident and the mysterious hero who had saved the woman's life were kept under wraps. He knew that any inquiry into Max's abilities could lead to unwanted attention and scrutiny. Meanwhile, Max continued to use his unique gift to help others, always under the cover of darkness and away from prying eyes. He had saved lives and prevented disasters, but his actions left no trace of his involvement. Their love story had taken on an even more profound significance. The unspoken understanding between them, the shared secret, only deepened their connection. They found solace in the safety of their love, a sanctuary amidst the chaos of their extraordinary lives. But as time passed, a new challenge emerged. Rumors of a masked hero with incredible strength began circulating in the city. People started talking about the mysterious savior who seemed to appear out of nowhere, saving lives and averting danger. Max's actions were drawing attention, and Jérôme knew they needed to be even more cautious. One evening, as they sat in their quiet apartment, Jérôme spoke up. "Max, the rumors are spreading like wildfire. We need a plan, a way to protect your identity more effectively." Max nodded, his face etched with concern. "You're right, Jérôme. We can't continue like this, with people getting closer to discovering the truth. But what can we do?" Jérôme thought for a moment and then said, "I have an idea. What if we create a fictional character, a superhero persona, to divert attention from you? We can ensure that this persona is always at the right place at the right time to perform extraordinary feats, while you remain in the shadows." Max considered the suggestion. "It's risky, but it might work. What would we call this fictional hero?" Jérôme smiled, a spark of excitement in his eyes. "How about 'Silver Guardian'? It's mysterious and heroic, just like you." And so, the plan was set into motion. Max would continue to use his abilities to help others, but now, he would do so while disguised as the Silver Guardian. With the help of Jérôme's inside information and connections, they ensured that the Silver Guardian became a legend in the city, a symbol of hope and protection. As the city's residents celebrated the hero in silver, Max and Jérôme kept their secret safe. Their love story had evolved into a tale of two heroes—one hidden in the shadows, the other wearing a silver mask—and together, they would continue to protect the city and their love, forever intertwined in an extraordinary journey.
  17. Sizemologist

    Let's Play a Game

    Prologue Four men wake up in spandex bodysuits with a familiar board game laid out in front of them. Only to mind a masked man willing to fulfill their wildest dreams if they're willing to play. You stirred in your seat as you started to awaken. Your mind felt cloudy and hazy as you woke up from your deep slumber. Your eyes fluttered open and you groaned from pure exhaustion. You brought your hands up to rub your eyes of your sleepiness. As the cobwebs of your mind began to fall away, you started to take in what you could see. You weren’t lying in bed as you thought you would be. Instead you were sitting in a cold metal chair. The room you were in was extremely dark and it was only lit by a single light over a floating metal table in the middle of the room. Looking down at your body, you weren’t wearing your normal clothes either. You were in a skin tight blue spandex bodysuit that hugged every inch of your body. “Good morning players.” A low robotic voice spoke from the darkness around you. The light above your head flickered until a hologram of a man appeared hovering over the table. The man was clad in a similar skin tight spandex bodysuit to yours, only his was black and he wore a ghost face mask. The hologram’s muscles were bodybuilder levels of huge. His pecs created a shelf with how far they stuck out from his body. His arms were pushing the confines of the bodysuit to their limit with the cannonballs he had inside. His abs looked chiseled into the suit and his legs were bigger than most people’s waists. “I am your host, the Banker.” The hologram had lit up more of the room and you could see three other men sitting around you. Each one wearing a similar bodysuit of a different color. “Where are we? What is this place? What are we wearing?” asked the man in the purple body suit sitting to your right. “All will be revealed in time, player,” came the voice. The Banker waved his arms and the table below him lit up. As the banker balled his hand into a fist, all of your chairs were pulled in close to the table. With a closer view, you saw a game board projected onto its metal surface. You all looked at the board and saw that it looked very similar to a common household game, but all of the pieces on the board looked different than any version you had ever seen. “So you brought us here to play Monopoly? What the hell dude?” shouted the man in green from across the table. The man had stood up from the table and his impressive body came into your view. He was almost as big as the banker as the body suit accentuated every movement of his big muscles. “I’d advise you to sit down if you want any of the rewards that might come with the game,” said the Banker as he turned to face the man in red, giving you a nice view of his supple bubble butt. “No way! Fuck this! I’m out of here!” shouted the man in green as he started to stomp away from the group. Despite his massive muscles, you could tell he was one the shorter side compared to the rest of you. “Sit Down!” yelled the Banker in a lower demonic tone. The man froze in his tracks and fell backwards as his chair honed in on him and caught him then brought him back to the table. “As I said before, all will be revealed in due time. You all will leave here as changed men once this game is over.” The four of you all looked at each other and then down at the game board. “What kind of rewards will we be getting?” asked the man in red to your left. Getting a better look at him, you could tell he had some definition in his muscles, but nowhere close to the guy in green or the banker. You also noticed that you had to look down at him when he was speaking. “Good question!” came the banker as his body swiveled to face him. “I have chosen the four of you because all of you share one common goal. To gain size and power.” Everyone’s eyes shot open as you all looked around at each other again, now sizing each other up. “The winner of the game will be bestowed with size and power beyond their wildest dreams.” “How?” you asked and the hologram turned to face you. “Let me explain the rules of the game and you will find out.” The game board wooshed upward beside the Banker and enlarged itself. “The player in green wasn’t that far off from his assumption that this is Monopoly, but it does have a twist to it. Unlike in Monopoly, you won’t be buying the properties using your money. You will be using your size as currency. Allow me to demonstrate.” A black figurine in the shape of a chest appeared on the game board as well as a floating pair of six sided dice. “I will roll my dice and move to the respective tile on the board. This much you know.” The banker grabbed the dice and threw them out onto the board. He rolled at 3 and 5 giving him 8. The game piece then hovered from the start and landed on Bulging Bicep Building. “Now I’m given the option to either buy this property or skip it. In this case, I’ll buy it.” As soon as those words were uttered, a black circle appeared on the Bulging Bicep Building property and each of you saw the Banker’s body suit begin to glow. Flexing one of his arms for you all to see, you watched his bicep swell and stretch the fabric of the body suit as it got bigger. His suit emitting a low hum as you saw the bicep *BWOOMP* bigger with every second. Inflating even bigger than the Banker’s own head. “The cost for buying these properties is the size you already possess. As you buy properties, the rest of your body will shrink.” As he spoke, the rest of the Banker’s body began to shrink. “But it is much harder to see since the loss is distributed across my entire body.” “And once we own a property, can we steal other people’s money? Or size I guess?” asked the man in purple. Now closer to him, you could see that the man was on the heavier side. He had some muscle to him, but there was a healthy layer of fat sitting on top of the muscle that stretched the body suit. He was also the only person that you, at 6 feet tall, could look directly in the eye. “Another great question! Yes you will. Let me show you.” The Banker waved his hands and another figurine appeared, this time a purple dildo. “If you were to roll an 8 and land on Bulging Bicep Building,” the figurine moved forward to where to black one was placed, “then you would pay me with size.” As he said it, the Banker’s biceps began to glow and grow again. This time inflating to the size of beach balls as they grew. “Wait, stop!” The rest of the group turned and looked at the man in purple to see his arms withering away. There was a similar glow on his body suit as his meaty arms had gone from beefy to twigs in only a few seconds. The Banker basked in the embrace of his massive biceps and hit a double bicep pose to prove his point. “As you can see, depending on what spot you land on determines what size you’ll lose. If you are out of the necessary size to make the payment, size will be taken from either your overall body size or another specific part,” said the banker as he flexed his bicep again. “When being paid in size, you’ll always get the size of whatever the property is designated as. But any excess size you might have on one body part can always be transferred to another.” “What do you mean by excess size?” asked the man in red. “Excess size refers to how much more size you have above what is required. To maintain a property, you must keep a certain amount of size in that part of your body. If it ever drops below the minimum value, you could lose it to any power hungry players who land on that tile. Here watch.” The banker grunted as his giant bicep began to shrink back down. You all stared in disbelief as the Banker’s chest lit up and began to inflate until they stuck out almost a foot away from him. “I transferred some of the size I acquired from the purple player to my pecs, but still kept the minimum required size for my bicep.” The Banker brought his arms up and showed you that his arm had gone back down to the beach ball size. “Hey, can I have my arms back so I don’t start off in the negative though?” asked the man in purple as he was still looking down at his arms in annoyance. “I’ll do you one better. In order to make this fair, all of you will start off with the same size.” The Banker snapped his fingers and all of your bodysuits started to hum and glow. Feeling at first like your body was getting shocked from every part of you, you all let out a moan as your muscles tensed and flexed themselves. Looking down at yourself, you could see your pecs swelling out in front of your eyes. Obscuring the view of your stomach as you felt your core tightening and growing into abs. Looking to your left, you see the guy in red let out a low moan as the bulge in his pants swelled out from him. Before, you couldn’t get a good view of any of the others’ packages, but now you could see his dick slowly crawling up his washboard abs. With his massive balls sloshing beneath it as well. “Now this is what I’m talking about!” shouted the purple man as he grunted with strength as he flexed his renewed biceps. He reached over to one of them and squeezed the ball of muscle inside the fabric. “It’s all real!” he cried in awe as he let out another moan and continued to swell. “Fuck yes…” you heard someone utter under their breath. Before, the Banker had obscured your view of the man in green, but now it was almost like the Banker eclipsed him as the green man’s frame grew wider. His shoulders extended out to rival a door frame’s width. You now didn’t need to peer down at him as his head bucked up and up to meet your eyes. All of your legs under the table running into one another as they elongated and thickened. Once the transformation had finished, all of you were audibly panting as your chests heaved up and down with new size. Your bodysuits stopped humming and you saw a light flickering from your wrist. You reached down and fiddled with the light only to see a screen light up in front of you when it did. On the screen, it read as follows: Player: Blue Total Size: 225 Back: 25 Arms: 25 Core: 25 Chest: 25 Legs: 25 Cock: 25 Height: 75 “Gentleman, now that you’ve gotten a taste for some of the prizes that can be won in this challenge, let’s play a game.”
  18. seebobsee

    The experiment - short text game

    I thought I would try out Twine, just to see what it could do. Here is the result: https://ambiantbob.itch.io/the-experiment Some of the writing isn't the best, as I was more focused on playing around with the development tools. Hope you find it fun!
  19. RoseConspiracy


    "Fuck, I hope this works," you mutter as you slam the now empty syringe on the table next to your laptop. At least ten vials of CompoundX litter the floor around you. You know I'll be pissed, but you don't care. You had seen enough when you stumbled into the venue where I worked by accident. You flip open your laptop and quickly find what you're looking for on Pornhub. A few seconds later you had unzipped your pants and pulled out your semi hard cock. If you had bothered to look at the warnings on the vials, you'd have read that sexual arousal was strongly advised against while under the effects of the neon purple liquid now coursing through your veins. You were also supposed to just start with one. Your head rolls back against the chair as you start to stroke yourself and watch the video. You swore you heard it creak, but a glance down at your still flat chest confirms you're the same size. Growling you stroke harder. You just want to be so goddamn big! Scratch that. You want to be gigantic. And then suddenly you feel it. Like a fever flushing across your skin. You could feel it in your feet first, which was odd. Shouldn't it start closer to the injection site? Maybe you should have waited for me. Your toes start wiggling uncomfortably in your boots. You think about trying to take them off, but your eyes are glued to the laptop screen. Watching the toned back muscles' on the fitness model, sashaying hips wrapped in a mesmerizing green silk– "Oh shit!" You blush as you blurt out rather loudly in the kitchen. Your toes bursting through the leather of your shoes. You dig your toes into the cold tile as they continue to grow and stretch across the floor. But it didn't stop there as your calves started to balloon as well. The fabric grows so tight around them before they simultaneously start to ride up and rip. Goddamn. You're getting taller too. Your filling ass cheeks have your entire body lifting upwards while your thighs also start to swell. It was like watching a can of biscuits explode as the seams on your navy uniform pants rip up the sides. The hard, veiny tree trunk sized legs that get revealed cause you to groan with pride. Your eyes dart back up to the screen, a glob of precum oozing down the tip, coating your hand. But you weren't done. Not even close. That's when you notice your shirt is starting to get tight. "Fuck," your voice dropping in timbre sends shivers down your own largening spine. It isn't abs, but it isn't a muscle gut either. You actually smile as you look down and rub your belly with your free hand. "The true belly of a monster," you growl. This can only mean one thing. You are definitely going to grow huge. Your hand trails up to your chest just as the buttons on your shirt start to fly across the room. "God yes. Bigger!" You roar. "Give me some fucking beefy, powerful pecs!" As if the CompoundX listens to your command, you growl in absolute ecstasy as they swell and overtake your still growing hand. It's then that you hear me. My heels clip across the tiles as I scurry down the hall. The sound of my keys jingling as I unlock the door has your eyes snapping away from the computer screen. Finding out that the Atlantis Gentlemen's Club was where I worked had led up to you doing this– pent up anger and rage, coupled with a twinge of jealousy. You growl loudly, deeply, as you continue to watch the laptop in front of you. Zipper down and dick out, your big, thick fingers struggle to wrap fully around the fleshy monster on display. "What the fuck?" I gasp. My eyes quickly dart from all the vials on the floor to your now herculean frame hanging over the sides of the chair you're sitting in. Goddamn. You seem to dwarf the entire room if possible. You glance at me and smirk, but only for a minute. "What-- what the hell is this?" I curse. "You grew without me?" I could feel my eyes narrow as I dropped the keys on the little table by the door. Your standard issue gun and leather holster laid atop it as well. You spare me another quick glance and your Adonis-like muscles flex as you continue to stroke your impressive length. You know your silence will only add to my anger, so you turn back to the screen. Hopping around on one foot while I wrench my shoes off, I finally move through the apartment towards you. Without even looking, you can sense my betrayal intensify at the sight of thick, pearly colored ribbons oozing down over the top of your hand. Heavy eyes turn upwards towards me and smugness pulls at your lips. You reach out for me but I pull back with a disgusted snarl. As I step between you and the table, I viciously snatch up the laptop. I had wanted to be jealous– or pissed. But it's my own routine on Pornhub that you are watching. I set the computer back on the table before slamming down the lid. "Tell me, who should be angry now?" You challenge. Your voice has taken on a deep animalistic tone that I'm certainly not used to. I shiver as you slowly start to stand up behind me. "You have over a million views!" You roar. Oh fuck. Goosebumps break out across my flesh– you tower over me and you still continue to rise. Heat envelopes me. Your shadow falls over me. I don't have to turn around to know you're smiling at the sound of my ragged breathing as your enormous shaft presses against my curvaceous back side. You can practically feel the electricity charging through the air as the tiny hairs along the back of my neck stand straight up. And without a shadow of a doubt, you're sure my nipples are standing at attention too. "I had no idea," I quietly confess. As I slowly turn around to face you, I now have to lean back just to make eye contact with you. "It's all over the internet," you growl. "And at least four other sites are playing your 'Queen of the Damned' act." As one of your large hands grabs hold of my ass, you roughly press me against yourself, my hands splaying across your massive chest for balance. "I don't like to share," you snarl. "And now–" you pause as you flex one of your gigantic vein riddled arms into a hard, massive mountain. "Now I won't have to play well with others either." Bending over, your mouth slants over mine-- your tongue swiping against my lips before forcefully demanding to explore every crevice. As you claim me with a new, savage possession, you can feel my tiny arms snake tightly around your thick neck. With a slight moan into your mouth, you know I've gone weak in the knees. Your massive arm snakes around my body, the peak of your impenetrable bicep digging into my soft flesh. "You want to dance on stage with a snake around you? Fine. I'll show you exactly what it's like to tango with a python." I pull back a little and you watch my eyes sweep down over every vein– every hard, bulging muscle. You bounce one of your pecs as you rub a giant hand across it. "And trust me baby. I only just started growing without you." As if on cue, your chest starts to swell further into my hands. I can't help myself, I bite down on my lower lip before tugging on your nipples. "Oh god babe. That feels so good!" Your voice deepens even further, causing me to shudder and gush between my legs. Within seconds my fingers move on to the waistband of your pants. I slowly slide the ruined dress slacks down over your muscled thighs. You can feel my arms reach behind you. My fingers greedily groping your rock-hard and still swelling ass. "Fuck yes," you groan. "I want you to feel every growing inch of me. I want you to feel me as I swell and grow too damn big." I lick my lips as your heavy balls churn with the thoughts of what could happen next. I begin massaging them with my hand, then I use two. Soon enough they're too big for me and I moan as your growing hand grips my pony tail. You tug on my hair, drawing my eyesight upwards. My god, can you even see me over those two monstrous pecs? Your manhood gives a slight twitch. The unbelievable pressure of your cock muscles being swollen so hard has you feeling like you could burst at any minute. You let out another growl before grabbing me by the back of my neck, pulling me to a standing position. "I want to see you. All of you," you snarl before easily and single handedly shredding my dress. Your strong hands excitedly cup my ample breasts before your beefy fingers roll my nipples between them. I can't help but moan and gush as you tease them till they’re hard enough to cut glass. Suddenly, my fingers delicately begin sliding along your enormous shaft. You hiss as your body swells and grows larger– even more powerful– your cock responding to my touch. The feeling of absolute dominance and strength, the thickness, and the pulsing need of desire all rests in my grasp. Shifting your weight back and forth on your feet, it's all you can do not to thrust yourself through my hand. You want to fuck my tiny fingers with your massive, powerful member. Your entire body quivers, his ever thickening prick looks so angry, huge and red. I attempt to palm your enormous balls with one hand, while my other slowly pumps the length of your monster shaft. You can feel your blood rush south as the stiffness gathers, coming further alive, getting hotter– harder. Your cock thickens impossibly as I stroke up and down, the length shooting up between us almost to your pecs. I lazily gaze up at you as your monster cock strains against my palm. As the head grows darker, I tease your tip-- the veins swelling all throughout your shaft. The pleasure is beginning to show on your handsome and relaxed face. I lick my lips for the hundredth time before glancing down at your prick standing straight up at full attention. "That gushing little cunt of yours will never be able to take me." You're probably right. I can't even grip you fully around the thick, muscular base. "Tell me just how wet you are," you demand. But I don't answer. I'm too busy smearing the globs of precum dribbling from your slit into your hard sensitive flesh. I let out a gasp as your strong fingers shove my lace panties aside. "I'll just find out for myself then," you growl. I tremble as you dip one thick finger inside me, then two. Oh god, they're so big. And you keep separating them stretching me out. I gush right into your palm. "Good girl." I whimper at the loss of your fingers, but you lift your monstrous hand to your mouth and drink. "Oh fuck," you moan. Your body violently shudders and you step back before letting out a roar. I try to pull away but you're too big, too powerful. Your hand locks around my wrist, keeping my fingers gliding up and back down your cock. Your traps rise, nearly devouring your neck as your head brushes against the ceiling. The floor under me shakes as you take a step, adjusting your stance as your thighs, cock and balls fight each other for space. You chuckle deeply as you lean forward. Your chin resting against your monstrous pecs. I see you bite down on your bottom lip, but the groan still escapes. One of your huge hands roams all over me, pinching my tits, grabbing my ass– while the other explores the broad expanse of your own hairy chest. You had underestimated how good it would feel. To have my tiny, delicate hands on your body, on your nipples. You let your hand travel down the happy trail of your hard stomach before grabbing a fistful of your own thick and powerful cock. I have you so fucking tense, shivering with desire. But you want more. Your mouth attacks mine again as you thrust your hips slightly, running your pole forcefully between my curled fingers. I stroke you faster, my hand caressing you from the incredibly thick base to the drooling tip. The thought of my fingers slick with your own sticky precum makes you growl. You lean down with one hand and grab a fistful of my breast so hard that I wince. "Worship me." You snarl as you raise the other gigantic arm right in my face. "Fucking worship these huge, powerful muscles." I lean forward, my tongue darting out to lick the veiny peak. "Yes! Fuck!" You growl the obscenities as your massive hand grips my waist. I feel my feet leave the ground, my eyes widen in shock at your power– your immense strength. You don't stop lifting me till your mouth is level with the stiff peak of my breast. Your lips curl around the sensitive tip and you can't help but smile when I let out a gasp in pleasure. With renewed frenzy my hand starts gliding faster. Your shaft writhes as I add a second hand and your chest coats with a sweaty sheen. As your pulse races through your cock, a deep masculine moan that rattles the windows tears from your chest. "Fuck, yes. Oh god. Fuck!" Your cock grows hotter and hotter-- your balls start to draw up. The pressure is building, hot power oozing as a precursor from your tip. As the sweat pours from your body, you know you're almost there. "Fuck!" You shout, every muscle in your monstrous body tenses up. Writhing– gasping– moaning– thrusting. All of a sudden, your cock gives a mighty jerk and a hot surge of cum rockets between us. It explodes and continues gushing forever before splashing down your gut. With another tremendous quiver, the flexing cock shoots out a second stream, this one landing between your bulging, sweaty pecs. As you moan and wiggle your ass, at least four more blasts of cum explode over my hand. You move with my ass in your hand to go grab a towel and wipe yourself off but I stop you. I look up at you, eyelashes fluttering over hooded eyes. Suddenly my tongue swirls down and laps up the cum that had pooled along your muscled body. When I'm finished, you grip my chin. "That was fucking incredible." Your deep voice vaults about the room. You look down and my eyes widen as they follow your gaze to the still rock hard monster pulsing between us. "We don't have to have sex," you smirk, "but I at least want to see if it fits." ☆ Don't forget to like and follow! Twitter: @hstrikes3 ☆
  20. I - El día que conocí a Nico Y resultó que un día, después de seis meses de estar en cuarentena por la pandemia, volví al gimnasio. Había estado intentando hacer deporte en casa, pero luego de los primeros meses el encierro me había vencido y había perdido gran parte de lo que había ganado con entrenamiento consistente y buena alimentación. Acababa de cumplir treinta y ocho años y había decidido que quería volver a estar en forma. Así que me anoté en un gimnasio cerca de casa al que sabía que no iban muchas personas y fui durante el mediodía de lunes a viernes sin faltar un día durante dos meses. Ordené mis comidas como me había enseñado mi nutricionista y después de dos meses de trabajo duro había recuperado la masa muscular que había perdido y bajado un poco la panza. Por esos días creía que estaba en forma, pero eso cambió hasta que conocí a Nico. Ese lunes, por temas de trabajo, no había podido liberarme para ir al mediodía así que decidí ir a las tres de la tarde. Descubrí dos cosas. A esa hora el gimnasio estaba practicamente vacío. No había ningún entrenador y solo quedaba la chica de recepción que estaba en la planta de abajo, así que se podía decir que tenía todo el gimnasio para mí. Bueno, no todo, porque la segunda cosa que descubrí fue a Nico. En verdad no era la primera vez que lo había visto. Algún que otro día me había cruzado con él en el gimnasio, pero se notaba que no iba al mismo horario que yo y por eso solo aparecía cada tanto. Lo que también se notaba era que entrenaba duro. No era gigante. A decir verdad era bastante flaco con una cinturita delgada y unas piernas de palo, pero había pegado una buena espalda y en los brazos (a falta de grasa) se notaban unos tremendos triceps que se marcaban con cada esfuerzo que hacía. Siempre llevaba una remera con cuello en V por lo que solo pude ver parte de sus musculosos brazos, pero notaba lo desarrollada que tenía la espalda. Era bastante blanco y tenía el pelo oscuro. No era feo de cara, pero lo que me llamó más la atención fueron sus músculos. Él era un poco mas alto que yo, me debía sacar media cabeza. Lo cual me hacía pensar que debía medir un metro setenta y cinco o algo así. Las veces que lo había visto me daba cuenta que entrenaba con fuerza, que levantaba pesos más altos que los que yo levantaba y que le gustaba entrenar duro. Lo que no me daba cuenta era si se daba con algo, algún anabólico. Se encontraba en el limite de algo que podría ser conseguido con esfuerzo y dedicacion más buenos genes o algo logrado rapidamente con alguna pastilla. Esa tarde en que lo vi en el gimnasio lo saludé y descubrí que ambos estabamos entrenando pecho. Él acababa de sentarse y solo estaba calentando, subía y bajaba la barra sin agregar peso. —¿Te molesta si hacemos una y una? —le pregunté. —No, dale —me dijo. Yo calenté como él acababa de hacer. —¿Con cuanto arrancás? —me preguntó. —Con cuarenta kilos, ¿vos? —no crean que subía mucho mas que eso, pero un amigo entrenador me había recomendado que luego de calentar no desperdiciara series con mas peso que eso. —Perfecto —dijo y cargó la barra con veinte de un lado mientras yo hacía lo mismo del otro. La subió y bajó sin problema unas quince veces y de pronto tuve miedo de hacer el ridículo dado que yo no podía hacer tantas repiticiones ni tan rapido. —¿Vas solo? —me preguntó. —Si, gracias —dije un poco nervioso. Hice mis doce repeticiones y dejé la barra. —¿Cuanto le subís? —le pregunté. —Vamos con diez kilos mas. —Dale —dije y me arrepentí ni bien lo escuché. Cargamos la barra y él se acóstó. —¿Te ayudo? —le pregunté. —No, está bien, gracias. Esta vez hizo veinte repiticiones sin demasiado esfuerzo. Eran cincuenta kilos. —Con este peso me vas a tener que ayudar —le dije. —Dale. Se puso detrás de la barra y me ayudó a terminar mis diez repeticiones con esfuerzo. —Bien —dijo—, casi sin ayuda. ¿Vamos con cinco más de cada lado? Yo todavía no había recuperado el aire. —Para levantar mas que esto voy a tener que llamar a una grúa. —No te preocupes, yo te sigo. —Si vos lo decís. Cargamos diez kilos más y él acostó debajo de la barra. La levantó e hizo veinte repeticiones sin problema. Ya podía ver sus tremendo triceps abultados del esfuerzo. Cuando se sentó me di cuenta que su pecho se había inflado bastante. Fue mi turno y él se puso detrás de la barra. Me ayudó a levantar y después me dejó ir solo, pero me tuvo que ayudar a la cuarta. —Vamos, bien —dijo—, una más, dale. Hice una quinta. —Una más, vamos, dale, fuerza. Hice una sexta con algo de ayuda. —Una más, dale. Hice una séptima con un poco más de ayuda. —Vamos, la última. Así llegué a la ocho aunque él tuvo que practicamente levantarla solo. De todos modos me sentí bastante bien, nunca había llegado a levantar sesenta kilos. —Bien, bien —me dijo—. ¿Diez más? —Uh, boludo, me voy a morir. Perá que me interno en el hospital y cuando salgo lo hablamos —dije yo mientras respiraba por la boca. Me puse en cuclillas. Sentía que el pecho me iba a explotar de lo duro que lo tenía. Me puso una mano en el hombro y me preguntó si estaba bien. —Todo lo bien que puede estar alguien que acaba de ser aplastado por una topadora. —Jajaja, dale que no es tanto. Cargó diez kilos más y se acomodó debajo. Yo todavía respiraba por la boca. ¡Eran setenta kilos! —¿Te ayu... do? —dije todavía respirando con dificultad. —Dale —dijo. Me puse detrás de la barra y desde ese lugar pude ver su pecho sin problema. Por la remera y lo flaco que era no me había dado cuenta pero tenía un pecho mucho mas grande de lo que yo pensaba. Hizo quince repeticiones y lo ayudé apenas para llegar a las veinte. Ya me empezaba dar cuenta que el pibe era mucho más fuerte que yo y eso me encantaba. Tenía una actitud de macho fuerte que me hacía querer acercarme y tocar su pecho y sus brazos. —¿Hace mucho que entrenás? —le pregunté. —Hace cuatro años —me dijo mientras se masajeaba el pecho con una mano. —Ah, hijo de puta. Yo entreno hace ocho y nunca llegué a levantar tanto. —¿Cuantos años tenés? —me preguntó. —Treinta y ocho. ¿Vos? —Veinte. —¡Ah, hijo de mil puta! Con razón. ¿Qué comés? ¿Bulones de desayuno? —Jajaja, siempre me gustó hacer deporte. —Se nota, hijo de puta, yo a los veinte años me levantaba para ir al colegio y ya me agitaba. —Vamos, ¿la última? —Me querés matar ¿no? —Dale, te sigo. Se paró detrás y me tuvo que ayudar para hacer la primera. A la segunda ya me quedé sin fuerzas. Pude ver sus enormes brazos inflarse para levantar la barra practicamente solo. —Bien, ahi lo quemaste todo —me dijo. —Boludo, me mataste. Mañana no voy a poder ni mover los brazos. —Eso significa que entrenaste bien —me dijo mientras cargaba diez kilos más—. ¿Me seguís? —Dale. Levantó la barra solo y llegó a las diez repeticiones sin que lo ayudara. Después lo ayudé un poco y llegó hasta quince. Hizo cinco más y para las últimas tuve que hacer un poco más de fuerza, pero no demasiado. —Ojalá yo hubiera entrenado así a mis veinte años —dije. —¿No hacías mucho deporte? —Poco y nada. Me picó el bicho del gimnasio a mis treinta. —Mejor tarde que nunca —dijo mientras descargaba la barra; después se acercó y dijo—. La clave está en hacer el movimiento lo más largo posible y apretar fuerte el pectoral al final. Mirá —me dijo que apoyara mi mano en su pecho—. Largo, bien largo y al final apretás con todo el pectoral. ¿Ves? ¿Sentís ahí como apreta? Su pecho era mucho más enorme y duro de lo que había pensado. Ese día entrenamos juntos e hicimos pecho y triceps. Cuando terminé yo estaba sin aire. Nunca había entrenado tan fuerte. Sentía el pecho todo duro y que apenas podía bajar los brazos. Me sentía gigante (obviamente no lo era y menos al lado de él). El pibe se había inflado mucho más. Cuando terminó sus triceps parecían el doble de tamaño. Podía ver que su pecho y sus brazos se habían inflado hasta marcarse debajo de la remera. —Boludo, me mataste —dije. —Jajaja, estuvo muy bien. —Nunca entrené tanto en mi puta vida. —Cuando quieras —me dijo—. Me llamo Nico, ¿vos? Le dije mi nombre y nos saludamos con un puño. —Un gusto —me dijo y se alejó caminando con los brazos enormes y marcados de tanto entrenar.
  21. foker

    Sonja, the Pec Queen. Part 1

    First chapter of the story in which you are going to help Sonja work on her mega shredded, rippling with muscle mass pectorals till she or you can't no more... ___________________________________________________________________________________ I descended to our basement gym, anticipating to see Sonja. Images of her brutally muscular physique have been running over my head the whole day. We’ve been dating for almost three months and I simply couldn’t think about anything else rather than this young beautiful muscle beast. Being in her 20s, Sonja has taken quest for bodybuilding perfection into completely otherworldly level, and I was lucky to be a part of this process. From the veryfirst days she has totally blown my mind by her torturous workouts and mega-raw, neverending training sessions. She loved me to watch her gut-wrenching sets of absolutely impossible reps with really insane amounts of weight, which usually made me doubting her very humanity, as well as admiring her cosmic will power. Will power that allowed Sonja to pack and stuff her body with utterly unbelievable amounts of pure, undiluted muscle mass. She always was more than happy when I had a chance to assist her in those agonizing training sessions, which intensified progressively; especially in the last weeks she started to ask me to push her further, way over the limits, and demanded more and more from all the huge she-beef she has packed. I found it extremely erotic and couldn’t agree more in providing her some additional motivation, watching and admiring Sonja sculpting her body bigger, harder, and more unnaturally, disturbingly ripped and strong in her insane pursuit of monstrous muscle mass and strength. This time, after noticing my presence in the gym, Sonja let go of the bar for pull-ups, landed heavily on the concrete floor and dismounted two heavy kettlebells from her waist. My eyebrows jumped up as I read the marks “50-kg” engraved on each of the heavy pieces of iron. “Gawd, that’s one hundred kilos you’ve been hanging with…”, I exclaimed in awe. My admiration always has been the best way to say hi. I looked straight at her. Sonja’s bulging frame was only covered by a very thin black thongs and yellow sports bra, and it was painfully stretched by her rhythmically heaving up and down massive pectoral pistons. They sheer volume seemed to be close to the size of those two heavy kettlebells! Her young beautiful face was largely contrasting with the massive radiating musculature most world class bodybuilders would die for. Taking time to reply with the look full of determination and after-workout exhaustion, Sonja was just gazing upon her impossibly shredded body in the mirrored wall. And I could read in those lovely eyes how every copious, overdeveloped fibre of Sonja's being, the very core of her existence and will power, was singularly focused on bulking up her young body with as much abnormally huge, vein-popping muscle she-beef as possibly. And then… even more… “Hi sweetie”, Sonja voice was soft like silk as she continued nonchalant “Not just hanging… I needed… some extra weight for my warm-up set of pull-ups…”, she licked her lips still starring at the muscle goddess in the mirror with the look full of insatiable addiction for more and more ridiculous muscle mass. I found it extremely erotic how Sonja openly lusted after her own monstrous musculature. She then brought her arms up into a skin-bursting double biceps pose and those bloated, awesomely engorged slabs of muscles solidified into a screaming flex. Football-sized bulges grew upward, and horseshoe-masses grew downward. Her arms inflated to well over twenty-two inches of vascular, hard beef. As Sonja held the flex, she finally turned to me. Gawd, how stunning her physique was with all the insane erupting muscle mass. “Glad you made it today honey… because this time… I want you to help me and push these babies really, really hard…”, Sonja sensually caressed her quivering biceps tops with her own fingers, then uncurled her arms and brought them up again, flexing harder. This time I noticed an apple-sized bulges bloated on top of her already huge biceps, pushing her fingers apart and meaning she has developed peaks on top of her biceps peaks!; her upper body was nothing far from a bulging muscular Adonis. Then Sonja released her double biceps flex and crunched her abs, which exploded into a stack of billiard-balls-sized bulges, complemented on each side by super defined striated serratus and obliques. With her eyes on me she held the flex and grunted slowly, “I am ready… to go truly hardcore for you today…”, she crunched more and billiard-balls-sized bulges grew into ripe-orange-sized ones! Another crunch and finger-sized veins appeared on each of them. In awe I watched how Sonja’s waist expanded by inches due to the increasing girth of her abdominal wall. I swear I could let my pinkie finger fully disappear in the depth between those insanely shaped abs-cubes! “Gnnhhaaa…”, hell knows how has she developed those huge, killing abdominal cubes. While my brain was processing this fact, and to my great shock, she suddenly grunted louder, crunched forward more and her black, lacy thong sprang up, being pushed by yet another pair of lower abdominals! “Gawd… your abs… never seen them so big…”, I mumbled to myself. Sonja only smiled, licked her lips again and whispered sensually, “Yess… I know… I’ve worked really hard on them recently… but today I will push your favourite muscle group… to the limit… and then… with your help… even over it…”. Seeing how my eyebrows jumped up, she took a step closer to me and flexed into an incredible most muscular pose. A wave of bulging sinew cascaded down from her shoulders, into her man-shaming pecs, then down into her already trembling abdominals. Her biceps crashed at the expanding mass of her chest, audibly scratching at each other! “Uuuhhh… yesss… my… pecssss…”, Sonja breathed out heavily, indulging herself into the agape feeling to her extremely shredded muscle body. With that her very well-tanned calves, then her thighs, too, blew up in definition and size as well. Thick veins engorged around her neck and went down, disappearing under her stretched to the max sports bra as her traps climbed higher and her pectorals pushed forward, testing the humble material to its limit. It seemed to be my lucky day, I just couldn’t wait any longer and encouraged the hyper- muscular beast right away, “Ohh… babe, do you think you can flex that tiny chest of yours a bit more for me?”, I always loved to lease her that way. Fire lit up in Sonja’s eyes, she straightened her back up, put her hands on her hips and thrust out her already massive chest right at me. I watched in awe those radiating pecs strained the stretchy fabric of her top near to bursting. A muscle cleavage almost 4 inches deep formed in between those bulging Scylla and Charybdis-like rocks of perfect she-beef. I was more than impressed, but kept it cool and said, “Now I see something, but still, it isn’t enough I guess…”. The sound of my voice failed to hide my complete admiration and surrender to probably the biggest, fullest pair of pectorals ever seen. “Nhhaa… honey… I will… burn myself… so hard… for you today… Gnnghaaa…!”, Sonja groaned deeply, flexed some more and amazingly, her chest expanded further! The muscle cleavage grew to 5 inches in depth and in shock I watched how her trembling in effort pecs started tearing the sports bra apart, as her chest muscles gradually bloated with more and more bulging mass and vascularity! “Uuuhhhh… fuuuuck…!”, Sonja groaned as her pecs grew in volume and her top tore apart right down the centre, exposing the sexiest, most freakish pair of pecs, which were at least five inches thick! Her nipples were almost 2 inches long and pointing straight forward at me like bullets. Before I managed to say something, Sonja gazed me and purred, “I know… it’s not enough…”, she then picked up a big 25-kg weight plate and lifted it to her chest level. “Let’s do… a chest warmup before we start the real thing…”. In a feat of wild muscle control, Sonja began to spread her pectorals apart, enlarging the gap of her cleavage and inserted the heavy plate right into it and then brought her pecs together again, locking the weight between them! Incredibly, her chest engulfed half of the plate’s diameter. She let it go with her hands and starred at me, proud of what her overdeveloped musculature has just achieve. Her breathing became more rapid, more thicker veins ran all over those huge slabs of pectoral flesh as she held that flex and secretly urged me to push her further. Dumbstruck by this crazy feat of strength I came to my senses and went on, yet with some uncertainty in my voice “Nnn… not enough… show me… more…”. After hearing those words Sonja’s thongs got even wetter. Still holding that chest flex, she threw her head back and I saw her bulky legs sliding slowly apart, until she landed into a perfect 180-degree split. Such kind of flexibility was almost the last thing to expect considering all the bulging muscle meat on her tree-trunk thighs, yet Sonja wasn’t even close from stopping to surprise me. After resting her hands on those amazing quadriceps, she hardened the grip of her chest on the 25-kg plate, flexed her left pec and said as the muscle fibres bulged, jutting her left pectoral even more forward, “Bring… those…”, she then flexed her right pec, it bulged, blasting all the she-beef also forward and continued, “…kettlebells… closer… nghaa…”. It has taken almost all of my strength to drag those big 50-kg iron bulbs one by one and place them in front of this muscle angel. “You want… mmooorreee…?”, she sighed smiling seductively and encircling her fingers over the grips of those big kettlebells still keeping the perfect split form and a 25-kg locked firmly between her mammoth pectorals. Then Sonja grit her teeth grunting, lifted the two kettlebells over her chest level and literally rested them on the upper surface of her monstrous pecs! “Ghhnnghaaa…!!”, more blood surged to her overdeveloped chest, as her pectorals grew so big they formed two solid platforms to accommodate the five inches in diameter kettlebells bases!!! As she put her hands back to rest on her chiselled rock-hard glutes, I was speechless, watching Sonja’s chest transforming into something that would shame any most hardcore male bodybuilder. Her hypertrophied chest muscle literally supported 100 kilograms, and at the same time their criss-crossed with thick veins inner sides were pressing tuff at each other for holding a weighted 25-kg plate! “Uuughhh… ghaaa… do… you… nhaa… like it…”, her breathing became heavier as her pecs were turning into two huge, striated, phone-book-sized blocks of angular mass. I couldn’t say a word so she went on, “And I’ve… ghaa… only… started… nghuuu…” While Sonja held this torturous weighted flex, I saw something that both sickened and infatuated me at the same time. It looked like the expanding muscles of Sonja’s chest caused her nipples to come alive and they got thicker and even longer, reaching 2,5 inches in lengths. My mouth dropped open at the moment she reached with her hands further back behind her ripped glutes, picked up two 10-kg plates and brought their openings over her vibrating with power and love nipples… _______________________________________________________________________ For the Part 2 and some other stories check www.patreon.com/foker
  22. plasmatic20

    The Growth (part V)

    The Growth (Part V) “Impossible.” Dr. Matton muttered as he gazed through the microscope again. There was nothing to compare to Jake’s ejaculate. The sperm cells were dividing and growing at rapid rates, with some even consuming each other like little pac-man figures. They were mutants of their own. How mutation like this could occur gripped the Doctor’s thoughts as he impulsively scratched his neck. Though a sudden urge of curiosity over came him. He went back and grabbed a sample of bovine skeletal muscle from the refrigerated container, dabbing the goo on top with a pipette. He moved the slide back, already suspecting what’d he see. He waited just several minutes before observing the new combination. “Holy shit.” Matton whispered, leaving his mouth agape , seeing the freakish sperm invade the muscle cells, causing them to rapidly expand the cross-fiber link. He leaned back still shocked, looking down at the unassuming slide. It was clear he was dealing with a new life form. So many questions to answer with many more that would arise. A discovery like this only comes seldom in science, if ever. He needed to bring this to the Academy Board, even his colleagues within the medical freighter would need to see this, the research labs would need totally change up their priorities…but the excitement suddenly waned as he looked around, realizing how eerily quiet the ship had become. Familiar faces nowhere to be seen. Almost as if people went back to their rooms and never came back. Matton left the lab, headed directly to Jake’s chambers. The cadets were still getting around in the main corridor, passing with minimal words, mostly grunts and groans. Concerning were their appearances, becoming just as grotesque as Jake’s. They were beyond big, bloated with a ridiculous amount muscle. Some were still able to fit into their clothes, holding on by threads, ready to pull apart with the slightest reach or flex. The others had muscle bound bodies too big to cover, casually moving down the corridor expose and free. Their enlarged, pumped bodies making it difficult to walk right as they moved with a prominent waddle, their arms winged out from the excessive tissue. The cheeks of their huge muscle butts bouncing with each step, all while their big floppy cocks would slap back and forth between their massive thighs like pendulum clock. Though a good share had their members full mast and leaking pre, remaining petrified nearly all day. Their size was so immense that achieving full mobility looked to be an absolute chore, though you’d hear no complaints. The massive bookshelf pecs would be sitting past their chins, losing sight of their feet, only able to see the hard gooey tips of their fat dicks. No coincidence Matton knew, Jake and the cadets growth were the same. Size and growth had taken over. What had become of this place? Once a powerhouse of academics and battle training, now a seedy bath house. Cadets did nothing but train, sleep, eat, and fuck…and with no female cadets aboard, it was no surprise to see a cadet moving like a penguin down a hall with cum dripping out his used hole, his meaty cheeks covered in glaze. There were no stones left unturned, if there was a way to suck and fuck, the cadets had it fully explored. Everything from having their dicks sucked while heavy bench pressing, barbell squatting down balls deep onto a hard and ready dick, spontaneous kneeling down to suck one off in the hallway, and a fan favorite - a multi-cadet dick-to-ass human centipede in the showers, the entire vessel had become a hyper sexualized zoo. Matton finally made his way getting through the heavy scent of muscle sweat and cum, trying not to step in the wide sticky puddles. He got to Jakes huge door, sliding the panel lever as it slowly began to open. Matton could suddenly hear the sounds of a gooey physical struggle within the dark room. It was hard to see with just a stale red lamp glow in the far corner, but in that little bit of light Dr. Matton saw the outline of a horrific thing. A massive, tubular, and meaty like creature on the floor, pulsing lively with what looked like a muscular pair of legs sticking out of the stretched wide fleshy tip, the legs still twitching. The floor was covered in a familiar goo as he could see it gushing out of the disgusting figures opening. Matton froze feeling his heart pounding. “Good evening Doctor, I’m glad to see you’re still here.” Jake’s deepened voice broke the pause. “I was hoping you’d stay for bit…I can always go for seconds.” Matton stumbled as he tried to turn out of the room, tripping on what felt like a squishy hose. He looked down to see a veiny penis tethering up his leg like a snake. “Fuck!” Matton yelled out, slipping on the film of cock goo on the floor. He felt it start to wrap around his ankle, easily moving further up the leg. He was able to get to his knee and push himself up, tugging his leg back several times as he freed himself. He went into a long sprint, not looking back, gasping for breath as he went directly back to the lab. “Don’t go too far Doctor, we have some catching up to do.” Jake’s voice boomed down the hall. Matton slid back into the lab, slamming the door shut behind him. He struggled to get enough air in has he leaned against a countertop, panting like he had just finished his first marathon. He stood up, looking around with overwhelming dread. He darted to the emergency locker, looking for weapons of any kind but finding nothing expect first-aide kits and small tools. The Armory was on the side of the ship, past Jake’s quarters. Just then he heard a thunderous boom with a rancorous groan, feeling the ship shake. He was coming. Matton stopped, looking down at the microscope with the sample dish of goo. He picked it up and opened the lid, staring at it. He could hear another loud groan. Panicked, Matton licked up the entire sample, grimacing from the horrendous taste as he downed it all. He waited…nothing. “Shit.” Matton heavily exhaled in frustration. He could hear the sounds in the hall getting closer. But then he felt it, his entire body painfully spasmed as he let out a cry. His clothes started to feel constricted, tightening at every seem. He could see his chest heaving with each breath, pushing further out with each. The sleeves of his shirt and coat were beginning to tear as softball sized biceps and football width triceps grew inside. He grimaced feeling his back thicken, making him wider than the lab door, finally tearing his shirt in two as his swollen pecs popped out with an assertive bounce. Matton looking down at his forearms as they expanded to the size of his previous calfs and legs, his hands even growing. Feeling like his entire body was pulling apart and groaning in pain, clutching a tube rack as it cracked into pieces from his herculean grip. He caught a glimpse of himself in the reflection of the lab window - a stranger looking back, an enormous beast that looked beyond bigger than any creature should be. A set of massive arms, a bountiful chest, and lats so big they were pushing out his upper extremities out to the side. Shoulders that become so boulderous that they made him wider than three men standing side by side. Matton couldn’t resist, he struck a double bicep, tearing to shreds any fabric left on his torso as it fell to the ground. He made side chest poses and squeezed his hands into tight fists, seeing his forearms bulge with a roadmap of veins. His heart pounded in shock over his change. His daze shaken as he suddenly felt twitching in his thighs, looking down and seeing his quads blow up like balloons, spreading out until his pants fell to the same fate as his shirt. Each head of his quads flaring out as if they were creating their own continent. “Fuck yeah.” Matton groaned, giving his right swollen thigh a good slap. The back of his legs and ass tensed up, looking back to see his hamstrings bubbling out as his glutes expanded into two massive mounds of hard dense slabs. No other clothing left on him except his briefs which were forced into g-string. Impressively, even his boots tore apart as his feet grew in proportion to his gigantic frame. His massive muscles glistened, so huge and perfectly developed. Taking in huge breath volume as he looked over his godly physique. But it wasn’t done just yet, he could hear his make shift thong start to stretch with a quick ‘SNAP!’ it shot off like a rubber band, allowing a large plump cock between his legs to come pouring out. “Ohhh shit!” Matton gasped, looking at his freakishly growing manhood, it lengthened as it thickened, growing down past his knees and just a thick as his forearms. It was smooth and veiny, but began to swell even more as he felt an uncontrolled arousal swirl through him. His nuts expanded into two huge wrecking balls at the base of his shaft. His engorged dick filled to full mast as it painfully throbbed with globs of pre-cum oozing out. It felt amazing, so much power and might within - he started to flex again, pumping and tensing every muscle he could. His cock started to violently throb until finally it stiffened maximal tension, shooting a volley of white creamy cum that coated the lab, causing shelves and equipment to come smashing to the floor. The ball juice kept churning out, hosing down nearly everything. Matton’s face red as his huge chest flared with a heavy gasp. Smaller strings of jizz firing out as his cock as it settled back down. Hearing just the sound of warm cum raining down from the ceiling with a deep and satisfied moan. Everything happened so fast Matton forgot of the monster trailing for him. He could hear the growing groans and grunts down the main hall, so inhuman like. Matton waddled over to the door as his cock fully deflated down, slapping his powerful inner thigh. A sense of extreme confidence flowed through him as he felt a powerful rage blind him. He smashed the large metal door completely out of its frame with one swift kick - striking the floor with a mighty BANG!. He stomped out of the lab with his naked feet, as he rounded the corner to see Jake starting directly at him with defiant sneer. Matton didn’t hesitate and sprinted towards the commander, slamming his thick chest and shoulder into the huge pile of muscular redundancy. Jake fell completely back, his tremendous mass causing an indent in the metal floor as room windows cracked and shattered down the hall. Despite Jake’s strength, his size made it laboring to get up. Looming over the top of the huge pile of meaty flesh, Matton reached down with his giant hand, gripping jakes large central dick, squeezing at the neck like a captured snake. Showing his power he began to drag the seemingly helpless Jake down the corridor - heading straight to the air lock. He grunted and pulled, pulling up closer to the control panel. Jake angrily moaned, trying to swing up at his captor. “It’s over, Jake.” Matton huffed, pressing the interior door release button, but no sooner then he did, he felt a gooey hard pull on his hand. Snapping his head back he saw his hand was submerged inside Jake. He was sucked in even further, now mid forearm deep inside the distended plump cock. “The fuck…” He muttered. “Over? Agreed.” His rich voice hissed back at Matton. Matton tried desperately to free himself, but the intense vacuum pressure on his meaty forearm wouldn’t let go. It started to tug back, pulling his arm deeper yet, all the way up to his shoulder. “You fuck!” He yelled as he grunted and strained to hold himself. “This couldn’t have gone any other way. This ship and everything in it is MINE!” Jake roared as a violent pull from his dick yanked Matton in, clear past his pec and now up to his chin. “You’re weak and undeserving of that size.” Jake added as Matton gasped, trying to keep his head up as if he were about to sink beneath the waves. “But don’t worry, I’ll put it to good use.” Jake fiendishly grinned. The doctors entire body flexed and bulged from the struggle. It wasn’t enough, another pull slid his head into the huge sticky slit. Only muffled moans could be heard from inside. It was downhill from that point, Matton’s huge pumped up body was easily sucked in further, his other arm slapping and waving around until it awkwardly pulled in at an angle. Jake grunted with delight as he rested back, waiting for his huge meal to work its way down. Matton’s torso was still exposed at the navel, moving in further until just his huge legs writhed around, then rapidly pressing together as they plunged down until just the feet were hanging out, the toes still wiggling. It only took a few seconds until they were gone. Jake felt a few twitches inside his massively distended balls as the huge beefy body settled. Resting his head back again with a smile. “Good bye Doctor.” —————————————————————————————————————————— It was hard to say if hours of even days went by since, but Jakes insides finally absorbed the mammoth muscle treat it devoured. The post growth he’d usually experience from such consumption was tremendous, making the cadets seam like Hors D’oeuvres. His body grew so much he was finally immobilized into a huge beef mountain. It was paradise. The size, the power, more intoxicating than any elixir known to man, or at least it was for Jake. Nothing else could compare, thus nothing else mattered. Nothing could make him go back, never to return to the past meaningless he once endured. Outside of Jakes’s bliss bubble, it had became increasingly quiet inside the large vessel. The usual sounds of weights clanging, cadets groaning, and huge loads busting had all faded. But not to self-limitation. The silence was paired with increase of movement as long tentacles slithered down the vents and through the corridors. Copious amounts of slime and goo dripped from the ceilings and vent covers, eventually flooding the floors. Tentacle sizes from pipe to pen size worked their way around the ship, finding their desired prey. A cadet was lathering up in the shower just as he felt something pierce deep past his cheeks and into his hole, the lubricating slime making for a quick and easy entry. The cadet only had time to yelp just as another long gooey cord shot across into his mouth, muffling the big lad. Others found themselves wrapped from toe to waist in their bunks, waking from what they thought was a dream, only to be easily silenced just as they came to realized their predicament. It didn’t take long for the remaining cadets to find a similar fate. Jake wasn’t the wiser. Jake was in his own reality, with just thoughts of flexing, growing, pumping, and cumming occupying his mind. The intensify of these thoughts hadn’t diminished either, just as much from when they first overtook him. It would be the perfect way to live out the rest of his life. If anyone could see inside his mind they would be stricken with awe and then envy. But nothing good can truly last. It all came to a halt as a sudden intrusion caused Jake’s eyes to spring open. It was a feeling, a familiar voice, with a horrendous flashback. “Yes Jake, you remember.” A voice said, swirling around his head. “How could you forget.” He felt a sliding movement across his feet as the tentacle began to wrap around each, tightly together, or as close as a massive pair of legs could get. He tried to reach only to feel his hands were stuck in a gooey grip as well. “You knew we’d return, and you know what for.” The voice echoed in his head. He felt a much thicker tentacle rifle right up his asshole, making him gasp like he’d just taken his first breath in minutes underwater. It kept snaking its way deeper inside him, foot after foot of length, filling his guts to the brim. Jake grunted and moaned, helpless. “Good Jake, you’re coming back to reality now.” The voice becoming clearer. With each expression Jake gave, the tentacles throbbed, as if they were getting off on his plight. He wanted to pull himself free, but the strength wasn’t there. The motivation to get away was dimming, as the sensation was actually starting to feel…pleasant. The only way to describe would be like getting deep into a good fucking, but past the point of no return, nothing you could or want to do to stop it. He felt another tentacle begin to coil around his giant central dick, and then the others. A whimper was let out as he then felt yet another slimy hose push pass his dick slits, sliding down the inside of the shaft and coiling up in his ball sacks, stretching the skin out. The other tentacles worked their way up his limbs, wrapping all along his torso. He was fully covered up to his neck and trap muscles. He was panting, partly due to the constricting pressure and the other from the shear erotic energy flooding his mind. There wasn’t much else he could do. Any intelligent thought faded as the primitive areas of his brain took over - just enjoying the deep release of dopamine. “Your species by far make the best crop to utilize. Creatures that have the capacity to make such vast civilizations, yet require so little effort to distract and break you. Just one seeding and the rest was taken care of - your desires of lust and greed far exceeded our expectations. There’s so much here it may be years before we need to feed again. I applaud you.” The voice said. Another tentacle plunged into Jakes mouth as he gasped, having to desperately adapt to nose breaths. The tentacle racing down his throat to fill the rest of his innards. “Though don’t feel yourself inferior for said desires, the end result is a true delicacy.” Jakes breaths relaxed as the tentacle finally moved its way up, covering Jakes entire head as his eyes rolled back in complete ecstasy. His body left mummified in a massive pile of pulsing tentacle flesh and goo.
  23. RealIn2Growth

    Merry Massmas - Part Four (22-12-22)

    Hope you enjoy the fun Christmas story I've been working on. Merry Massmas Chapter One Daniel Lorca was mopping the front lobby of the gym at 2pm on Christmas Eve when the older man walked in. “We’re closing at 4pm today. That gives you about two hours. That enough time for you to train?” Daniel looked up from what he was doing. As soon as he saw the older man, he knew he had never seen him before because he would definitely would have remembered the body, if not the face. For a guy who was probably in his late 50’s or early 60’s, he had a killer body on him. Of course, since the popularity of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, lots of older guys had great bodies, but none could hold a candle to his guy. Daniel himself was envious of the guy’s bulging pecs, his broad shoulders, his wide lats, and the bulging biceps on display under the tight red compression shirt he was wearing. “Guess it’ll have to be. Won’t it? Can I purchase a day pass?” The guy smiled a perfect smile at Daniel and had a gleeful look in his eye. No, Daniel had never seen him before, but if he had, he definitely would have wanted to see more of him. Upon closer inspection, the guy’s hair and beard might be a mix of silver and white, but his skin and ice blue eyes were timeless. He was one of those individuals who could either be 30 or 300. He was taller than Daniel, around 6 foot 3, with a wide bright smile and and sharp chiselled cheekbones. “Don’t worry about it. My treat. Merry Christmas. If you need longer, just tell me. I’m in no rush. Might train myself again after we close.” Daniel walked over to the counter and grabbed a sheet of paper. “Just need you to fill this out for liability.” The ‘Old Man’ put down his leather gym bag, picked up a pen in his muscular hands, and began to fill out the form. “Not going out tonight?” “Nah. Probably just chill and watch A Christmas Story.” “Great film. Sexy guy like you shouldn’t be watching it alone.” “Thanks. But… yeah. Alone this Christmas.” “What happened to Tristan?” The ‘Old Man’ put the pen down and looked caringly into Daniel’s eyes. “Trist? We… broke up. Three months ago. Said dating a Gym-Rat was cute at 20 but pathetic at 30. He was looking for a ‘Big Man’ who could match him financially. It’s for the best. Honestly. We’d both changed…” “Sounds like it. What about your friends?” “All off visiting family. Damn I sound pathetic!! Daniel laughed and made a valent attempt to change the topic. He hated talking about himself let alone his failed relationship. “What brings you to town?” “Here on business.” The ‘Old Man’ locked eyes with Daniel. His blue eyes were piercing, and Daniel found himself getting hard just from the gaze. “Over the holidays? Damn. Rough.” All Daniel could imagine was the ‘Old Man’ bending him over the bench press and fucking the life out of him. “I’m used to it. Makes for a good change. I work from home most of the time.” Both men stared at each other until the ‘Old Man’ broke the silence. “Do you… want to show me where the locker room is?” The ‘Old Man’ smiled a warm happy smile. “Of course! Sorry.” Daniel walked through the multitude of machines to the stone and silver locker room. The ‘Old Man’ followed close behind Daniel, his large warm body magnetically close to him. “Pretty quiet here today.” “Yeah. Most people worked out this morning. That’s why we’re shutting early. The lockers are right here… and the showers are back there.” The two men stared at each other again. When the ‘Old Man’ breathed in, Daniel could see his shirt straining to hold in his substantial pecs’ “Thanks, Dan. I can take it from here.” The ‘Old Man’ smiled broadly at Daniel. No one had called him ‘Dan’ since his father died four years ago. His father had been a tall and muscular mechanic whose name was also Dan and the name fit his masculine nature. Even when Daniel got in shape and packed on some muscle mass, he never felt like a Dan… only a Daniel. “Oh. Right. Of course. Let me know if you need anything.” “Will do.” Daniel returned to the lobby and resumed mopping the floor. Occasionally, he’d catch a glimpse of the ‘Old Man’ working out. He lifts were insane, and never once did he ask Daniel to spot him, no matter how heavy he went. The only time he came over and spoke to Daniel was in the middle of his bench press when he asked for a bottle of water because he had forgotten his refillable one. The ‘Old Man had taken his shirt off and was mopping his brow with it. His chest was exactly as Daniel thought it would be: Meaty, thick, with a nice coating of slier hair that cascaded over his pecs and over his mountainous abs. Standing close to the ‘Old Man,’ Daniel could feel himself begin to get aroused simply from the powerful aroma he was giving off. The ‘Old Man’ smelled of rich and potent spices. Daniel tried to put his finger on what he smelled like, but all he could come up with was a mix of cinnamon, gingerbread, and leather. Daniel gave him the bottle of water, on the house, and watched him bench for a few minutes before he went back to finishing his closing duties. He had barely realized the time had flown by until the ‘Old Man’ walked up to the counter. He had showered and changed and was wearing a red hoodie over an extremely tight white t-shirt that threatened to split every time he moved. Daniel hadn’t realized how thick and full the ‘Old Man’s’ beard was or how ice blue his eyes were either. His eyes seemed to dance and glow, and when the ‘Old Man’ glanced at you… you felt like he was seeing and caring about only you. Leaning over the counter, his face extremely close to Daniel’s, a cool artic blast of peppermint radiated from his mouth and into Daniel’s nose. “Thanks for helping an old guy out. All the cookies at Christmas aren’t great for my waist.” “Tell me about it. I’ve been trying to be good all month.” “I know you have. Good all year. Very good.” The ‘Old Man’s’ face was inches away from his. His lips were red, and his cheeks flushed from working out. Barely above a whisper he said: “Any other day, I’d be riding that tight as of yours all night… but tonight… just not possible.” The ‘Old Man’ grabbed the back of Daniel’s head, and their lips met. The ‘Old Man’ was a powerful kisser, and Daniel thought he would cum just from feeling his strong and probing tongue toy with his own. Moments later, the ‘Old Man’ let go of Daniel and pulled away. “Fuck it. What happens down here stays down here.” The ‘Old Man’ came around the counter, and moments later the two men were locked in each other’s arms, holding each other tight, and making out. The ‘Old Man’s’ large hand massages Daniel’s cock through his pants as Daniel massaged his thick pecs. Both knew that they didn’t have much time. Daniel watched the ‘Old Man’ undo his black leather belt and let his jeans fall to the floor. Daniel fell to his knees and began to lick the ‘Old Man’s thick cock through the red fabric of his jockstrap. Just as Daniel would have expected, the ‘Old Man’s’ basket was very full with a fat cock and two large balls. Daniel’s hands shook a little as he raised them to the ‘Old Man’s’ waist and pulled the tight jockstrap down, releasing his treasure. The ‘Old Man’s’ cock quickly grew hard, and soon Daniel was face to face with a beautiful uncircumcised 9 incher that he eagerly took into his mouth. The ’Old Man’s’ crotch smelled strongly of his own essence: spice and leather. Daniel tried to get as much of the shaft into his mouth and throat as was humanly possible, but it was impossible to get his mouth down to the curly silver hairs that surrounded the thick root. After a few minutes of eager cock sucking, the ‘Old Man’ grabbed Daniel, forced him up off of his knees, spun him around, and bent him over the counter. No matter how much Daniel didn’t want it to, reality seeped in. He turned his head slightly and said: “the door… need to lock the…” Daniel grunted and moaned as he felt the ‘Old Man’s sturdy hands grab his ass and shove his meaty cock head into him. The ‘Old Man’ thrust again and again and again, filling Daniel up with the longest and thickest cock he had had in a while. Finally, the guy was all the way in, and as he rode Daniel, he said: “No one will come in. Trust me.” Daniel did trust him. The ‘Old Man’ turned Daniel’s head towards him and they began to make out as he rode Daniel’s ass hard and deep. Waves of euphoria washed over Daniel as he felt himself filled up like never before. Skill definitely had come with age. The ‘Old Man’ was the best lover Daniel had ever had, and he never wanted it to end. After fifteen minutes of hard pounding, Daniel heard the ‘Old Man’ grunt several times, and then release a hot load deep inside of him. Feeling the heat as well as the swelling cock so deep within him forced Daniel over the edge, and he began to cum the biggest load of the year all over the paperwork that covered the counter. Daniel’s orgasm shook him to the core, and he found himself collapsing onto the counter. The ‘Old Man’ pulled his half-hard cock out of Daniel’s ass, leaving him feel oddly empty; like someone had given him the greatest gift, and then taking it away. Huffing and trying to catch their breath, the two men grinned at each other. “I hate to tap that and run, but if I don’t, I’ll never get started.” “I understand. That was…”. The ‘Old Man’ grabbed Daniel and kissed him. Then, quick as lightning, he had his jeans pulled back up, threw his red hoody on over his white T-Shirt, and crossed in front of the counter. “You’re a good guy, Daniel Lorca. Here.” The ‘Old Man’ opened his black gym bag and pulled out a glass jar that contained both red and green gumdrops. “Merry Christmas. Now, lock up. You live in the apartment attached to the building, right?” “I… I do…” Daniel still found it hard to speak after such a marathon fuck. “Then go home. Have some fun. It’s Christmas Eve… the one night of the year wrapped in magic.” The ‘Old Man’ closed his leather gym bag, threw it over his shoulder, and in a moment, he was out the door. Daniel found that the room still smelled like the ‘Old Man’ long after he was gone. After downing two bottles of water, Daniel cleaned up the mess and threw the cum coated papers in the trash. After locking the door and turning off the lights, he turned around, and watched as the moonlight hit the jar of gumdrops, causing them to glow. Daniel grabbed the jar and walked to the coded door in the back of the gym that led to his apartment. It was while he was punching in the code that he thought, how did he know my name? I never told him… and how did he know about Tristan and me? Daniel didn’t even know the ‘Old Man’s name. He had gone to look it up after the guy had left, but it had been written on the form that Daniel had let loose his biggest load over, and it had smeared the ink. Ah well. It was a fun Christmas Eve fuck! More exciting left a mystery. Daniel hummed a Christmas carol as he closed the door to his apartment behind him. Surprisingly, Daniel was horny right again after closing the door. He was barely in the tiny apartment before he was tearing his sweatpants off, laying down on the couch in the living room, and jerking himself off quickly to completion. His orgasm was once again unnaturally strong, and he felt ropes of hot cum hitting his pecs and face. Daniel lay there for a while enjoying the afterglow of his orgasm and thinking once again how incredible a lover the ’Old Man’ had been. After breaking up with Tristan and not sure what life held for him, it was exactly what he had needed. He wished he had a way to thank, the mysterious stranger, but deep down he knew that the ‘Old Man’ knew. Then, with a leap, he jumped off the couch and headed into the bathroom to clean up. Looking at himself in the mirror, Daniel was in awe of how large his load had been. He’d been so busy working to cover the shifts of friends and colleagues who had gone away for the holidays, that he hadn’t had time to even think about sex, let alone jerking off. It must have been nearly two weeks since the last time he had orgasm, so it was no wonder the last two times he had nut it had been a deluge! Daniel took a quick shower, enjoying the warm water cascading over his body. He was proud of how he looked. He may not be as big as the ‘Old Man,’ but his body had decent size and symmetry. When he wore tight clothes, he got lots of looks from both men and women, and even if he was thinning a little on top, he knew that he would be classified in the sexy category if asked. He hated that he never went to college, but when his father died, he needed to be the one to bring in the money for his family. Tristan never understood that. He never said it, but Daniel always thought Tristan believed he was just lazy or not very bright, preferring the gym to the classroom. Even when he had gotten his PT certificate, Tristan had acted pleased for him, but deep-down Daniel had felt his ex was never really that proud. Daniel turned the shower off and stepped out into the steam filled bathroom. Rubbing the condensation off the mirror with his hand, something he always regretted doing but did anyway, he took a good look at himself. He stood 5’10, 198 lbs of muscle with a stubborn layer of fat over it. His hair was buzzed short to make up for the areas where none grew anymore and was hiding the fact that some silver was starting to show. Daniel flexed his right bicep and enjoyed the sight of its peak. He couldn’t complain. He may not be the mass monster he always wished he could be, but he was healthy and mostly happy. Sure, he wished his 5-inch cock was longer and thicker, and maybe it would be nice to have bigger, low hanging balls that shot epic loads ever time, but these were the genetic cards he had been dealt. What good did it do to whine about it? After fully drying off, Daniel slipped on a pair of black briefs, left the bathroom, and made his way into the kitchen to reheat his meal. He had originally planned to make a Christmas Eve dinner, but instead he decided to wait and make a ‘feast for one’ the next day. Right now, reheated chicken, some rice, and a veg would do him just fine. He had bought a carton of Rocky Road ice cream as a treat along with some eggnog to eat and drink while celebrating the holidays and watching Christmas lying on the couch. It was a few hours after he had eaten his meal, and in the middle of the film ‘White Christmas,’ when Daniel suddenly began to crave something sweet to eat. He wasn’t in the mood for ice cream yet, and he never kept any other candies or cookies in the house due to his diet. He thought about running out to the gas station get a candy bar when he remembered the Christmas present ‘The Old Man’ had given him. Jumping up from the couch, he grabbed his backpack and opened it up. Inside was the glass jar. Pulling it out, his eyes fell to the printed label: “Make a Christmas Wish! A small gift for Daniel. Make a wish before biting into a green gumdrop, and the wish will come true. Regret a wish, and all you need to do is bite into a red one. Warning, there are far fewer red ones than green ones. Have fun… and be specific! Kris” Daniel laughed at the idea. What an incredible marketing tool! He was sure the company must have sold tons of these this year. Who doesn’t love the fun of imagining their wishes coming true… yet… the label… the instructions and his name were printed directly on it… it wasn’t handwritten… and the label was glued to the glass. There was no way… Daniel turned the glass jar around and looked at the label where the ingredients should be. Instead, there was another message: ‘Believe it, Daniel. Trust me. But remember: once the 25th turns to 26th… the magic in the gumdrops fades away, and what you’ve wished for and kept, will be yours. Nothing like a little Christmas magic! Kris. Oh… they also have no calories! Enjoy!’ Daniel shook his head. How in the world had ‘The Old Man’ done this? He unscrewed the top, and when he took it off, his nose was inundated with the scent of peppermints, cinnamon, and evergreen trees. It was possibly the best thing he had ever smelled in his entire life. Putting his fingers into the jar, he removed a green gumdrop and held it up to the light. It looked exactly how you would expect a gumdrop to look. There was nothing truly magical about how they looked, and yet… Why not? Why not try it. If it didn’t work, no one would know how silly he had been. It wasn’t like there was a hidden camera in his house… right? He looked around but saw nothing out of place where a camera could be hidden. Sitting up, he placed the glass jar on the table and looked at the green gumdrop. Aloud, Daniel said: “I wish I could lose 20 pounds of stubborn fat and be shredded as fuck!!” He put the gumdrop into his mouth and but down. Instantly, his mouth exploded with flavour. The spicy taste of peppermint filled his mouth and then radiated through his entire body. For a moment, he had the sensation he was standing naked in a forest with snow falling all around him. Daniel swore he could smell the pine in the air and the crispness of the winter wind. When the coolness eventually faded away, he was left with the sweet chewy goodness of a masterfully crafted gumdrop. Chewing the rest, he quickly swallowed it. And he waited… and waited… and waited. Soon five minutes had passed and.., The room began growing hot..., or was it Daniel’s own body temperature rising? His face felt flushed, and he could feel tiny beads of perspiration rising all over his body. He went to stand, but his body felt out of his own control, and he fell back onto the couch. Fuck, he thought, that old man poisoned me. He… Daniel felt his body getting more feverish. Sweat was pouring off him now, running over his pecs and down his abs. He stood up again, and although the living room spun around him, this time he was able to stand on his own feet. His stomach had begun to gurgle, and it felt as if steam was rising from the pores all over his body. He stumbled into the bathroom and turned on the lights. When he did, his mouth fell open as he saw with his own eyes the stubborn layer of fat that had always covered his pecs and abs was quickly disintegrating. Daniel could actually feel the fat melting away, and it wasn’t only on his torso. In the small mirror he watched as his face proceeded to grow thinner and sculpted, his neck and chin lost the annoying bulk, his quads slimmed slightly, and his ass lost some of the jelly buy gained a firmness he had never seen. Once the fat had dispersed to who knows where, the skin covering his abdomen began to tighten, and in minutes Daniel had the tight 6-pack he had always dreamed of. Daniel’s body temperature continued to rise and the sweat continued to pour, and the longer this continued, the more shredded his body became. His body fat must have dipped below double digits as his skin began to look shrink wrapped over his musculature. Pipe like veins were now visible circling around his body to feed his muscles, while his face became more angular and chiselled. Eventually, when the extreme temperature began to lower and return to normal, Daniel began to flex his jacked body in front of the mirror. All of the poses he had read about or seen on line or at the gym he began to do. I look like a fuckin fitness model. Hell! I could be a fuckin fitness model!! Daniel flexed more, his cock hardening in his briefs from the excitement. It would have taken more than a year of strict diet and cardio and who knows what else to have gotten these incredible aesthetics… and who could say if I actually could have accomplished this!! Looking at himself in the mirror, Daniel began to grin and stroke his cock. I can have anything I want, he thought. I can become anything I want!! Merry Christmas, Daniel!!! All you need to do is wish it!!! The image of himself at that moment, and the image of what he could become caused his heart to flutter. I can have anything, he thought. I look like a fuckin fitness model. Ha! I could be a fitness model! Daniel flexed a few more times, his cock hardening in his briefs from the excitement. This would have taken more than a year of strict diet and cardio, and who knows if I would have gotten these incredible aesthetics. Looking at himself and grinning, he stroked his cock a few times. The image of himself at that moment, and the image of what he could be caused his heart to flutter.
  24. DreamerLuxan

    Big Wishes, Bigger Changes

    Hey Guys, it was time that i write a Growth-Story myself... and i think that i should post it here. I hope it isn't too bad, in grammar AND story, because 1: I am German but i write in English and 2: i am a bit hesitant what to write in a story because i don't want to drag the chapters XD Big Wishes, Bigger Changes Chapter 1: A Change It was a Friday like any other. Tyler Howards, an average Nerd was working his normal Routine in a Restaurant he got a job a year ago. He thought that the work was hard, but he didn't mind, since he had nice and funny coworkers that he was already friends with and could relate to. Hours passed until he was called by his Boss. Tyler went to the Office of his Boss directly. [Tyler]: „Mr Goodman, you wanted to see me?“ Tylers Boss looked at him with a mix of sadness and confidence. [Mr. Goodman]: „Yes, please take a seat, i need to talk to you now…“ Tyler took a seat on a chair and his heart started to beat faster and faster. [Tyler]: „Oh, everytime someone says that, its something bad… so Boss, what‘s up?“ His Boss let out a sigh before he started talking. [Mr. Goodman]: „It's… i dont know... if I need you in our Restaurant anymore… you aren't slow or lazy in any way, dont get me wrong here. But I think you don't… represent our Business that well, you know?“ Tylers eyes became wide in shock and sadness. [Tyler]: „You… are fireing me? Why? I worked overtime every day since i got here… and now you tell me that i don't represent the Business? For Real?“ Tylers Boss looked at him. [Mr. Goodman]: „I can understand that you are mad… but i have to do this…“ Tyler looked tot he ground and responded in a cold and sad voice. [Tyler]: „Oh don't worry i get it… somehow i had the feeling this would happen… since a few weeks you looked at me… like a father would look at his son when he made a mistake… dissapointed…“ Tyler stood up and signed the papers his Boss prepared and headed back to his Workmates. He let out a sigh and tried not to start crying, but his feelings did get the better of him. His Workmates and Friends Ronald and Stacy ran to him immediatly. [Stacy]: „Tyler! What the hell happened?!“ Stacy shouted in a worried and caring tone. [Tyler]: „I… i guess we don't see each other that often anymore… Mr. Goodman just fired me… Because he thinks i dont represent the Business…“ Ronald and Stacy looked at each other and then back at Tyler. [Ronald]: „This Asshole! He always thought that Guys that don't fit in this „Manly Stereotype“ arent worth it. I heard he wants his Workers to are Buff, Handsome and all that… it's only a matter of time untill he fires me as well.“ Tyler looked at his Buddy. [Tyler]: „Oh, yeah… THAT… i heard it as well… good to know that im not good enough for him…“ Tyler chuckled. [Stacy]: „Ty, don‘t say that. You work overtime every day, and when you are gone, no one would do that anymore, i think Mr. Goodman will see that he needs you in no time…“ They gave each other a Group Hug and went to their lockers. [Ronald]: „Hey Man, why dont we three go on a party this weekend? To cheer you up and all that…“ Tyler noded with a bit of a blush on his face. Suddenly Stacys Voice was hearable through the entire Room. [Stacy]: „Did i hear that correctly?! Party? I’m IN!“ The three laughed and parted fort he evening. Tyler arrived at home and threw his Bag in the nearest corner of his bedroom. [Tyler]: „F that Guy… just because im not as strong or handsome as other Guys…“ Tears started to fill his eyes once more. He looked on his smartphone and opened Instagram. He chuckeled to himself as he thought about something, [Tyler]: „Yeah, i have nothing to lose so, yeah, i make a Post about this day…“ He made a Post about everything that happened and put his phone away. He lay down in bed and soon after he fell asleep. The next morning he woke up with a smile on his face and he blushed. [Tyler]: „Oh My… that was a dream… all these Buff Guys and…“ Tyler noticed that he got hard just by thinking of his dream. He grabbed his Phone and opened a Picture of a very handsome and muscular guy and jerked off. He felt so good during it, so he didn't notice that he got a message from Ronald. After 10 Minutes he saw the message. [Ronald]: „Hey Ty, we meet at the Club at 9 p.m. See you there!“ Tyler chuckled and answered. [Tyler]: „Great, see you there Guys! Thanks for that… im very happy to have you.“ Ronald and Stacy answered with some happy Emojis. The Day passed and in no time it was time fort he party. Tyler left his house and arrived at the Club half an hour later. [Ronald]: „Hey Man, great that you really arrived here!“ They hugged and entered the club. The Three spent the evening together and parted around midnight. On his way home Tyler got lost in thought. [Tyler]: „That was an amazing evening, they really managed to cheer me up…“ He got home and lay down in bed, not tired at all. He let out a sigh and looked at the ceiling. Until he saw a new Message, of someone he hasn‘t texted with in months: His old Friend from High School, Rex...
  25. Will be posting the pages of the third comic shortly! It’s based on a story by Big Wishes - go check him out here: https://www.tumblr.com/bigwishes For now, here's the cover page Feel free to check out my Twitter as well https://twitter.com/GDSMuscleFreaks Cheers, GD
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