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  1. Hey guys, I've decided to try and make my first muscle growth comic "Overdosed". Pages 1 - 2 are done. Let me know what you guys think Follow me on Twitter if you guys wanna see more: https://twitter.com/GDSMuscleFreaks
  2. Toro

    Public toilet

    After many years, I am back with a new story. It has been written in just a few hours and not proofread. Sorry for the mistakes, if any. English is not my first language, but I decided to write the story directly in this language in order to avoid funny Google translations. Enjoy it! Public toilet The scorching sun was shining above the corn fields that extended their gold as far as the eye could reach. Bill closed the back door of his lorry and dried the sweat from his forehead with his left hand. Big dark patches were clearly visible under the armpit of his khaki shirt. He had to walk the path that led to the isolated white house for delivering their Amazon parcel and that took him out of the lovely air conditioning of his vehicle. The short walk in the summer hot air had been enough for bathing his overweight body in his own perspired water. Droplets were attached also to the sparse black hairs above his lips like dew falling from grass blades. He jumped into the cab and closed the door; fresh air enveloped his body and gave him chills. Bill grabbed the icy Coke that was lying on the passenger seat and drunk from it with dry greed, emptying half of the bottle. He lowered it, breathed deeply and erupted with a resounding belch. That was better! He engaged the gear and started to follow the GPS for leaving this deserted place and going back to the city. The highway was only a few miles ahead; he increased the speed when he entered the asphalted road and got a little bit more relaxed. He did not like these small country towns; when driving in the dust gravel road he was picturing a crazy killer with a scarecrow mask coming out of the corn fields with chainsaw, ready to cut him into pieces. He adjusted himself in the seat. He had drunk too much Coke and now needed badly to pee. Fuck! Or that was just for thinking about those stupid horror movies that scared him so much? He hoped that there was at least a gas station in this lonely countryside. He was not going to stop on the street flanked by the high corn; no way! He kept driving while the pressure in his bladder increased. He was not the kind of guy that got an erection when in need of pissing reducing the risk of peeing himself; he just needed to go. Hopefully, distorted by the hot tar of the street, he saw something resembling a simple building and some kind of canopy over a gas station. He entered the exit and parked his lorry near the small square building. A big sign covered in rust said TOILETS. Bill sighed, happy with his luck. He stepped out of the lorry; he would have left the engine on for keeping the cab fresh, but what if someone came out of nowhere and stole it? They would have fired him. Better keeping the keys in his pocket. He stepped out into the boiling air. That at least helped him in controlling his need of peeing. A huge open door read MEN; and a long cock was drawn under it as if it was an arrow pointing in the direction to follow. Bill entered the toilet. A strong smell of pee and something else hit him in the face. Smell of musk, sweat and other manly odors. He did not like public toilets. Water was slowly running down the urinals, leaving an orange trail on the white porcelain. At least it seemed the water was still running in this deserted gas station. He stepped in front of the wash basins and opened the faucet; a thin wire of water starting to flow: he cupped his hands, collected some of the water and then splashed his face. He let it run down his pudgy hairless face; he could never grow a hair and that had always made him look younger than his 22 years. He passed a hand in his greasy long black hair, placing it behind his ears. He was not an ugly guy; but he was not also very interesting. Girls simply seemed to ignore him for his being simply the invisible boring guy next door. Not very tall; not very fit. Not funny and not sexy either. He turned around; faced again the urinals. He could have used one since he was alone, but he was always inhibited by them. He had tried sometimes to pee in one of them, but he felt embarrassed when another guy showed to the nearby urinal; he simply could not keep peeing. He was afraid that the other guy could have a look at his five incher and make fun of him. At least, Bill thought that this was the reason why Marlene had left him a couple of years back. She was the first one he had dated; they had gone to eat some pizza and then a couple of more romantic dinners. She seemed to like staying with a simple and quiet guy; but when they tried to have sex in the lorry, he noticed a disappointed look on her face when he lowered his pants and showed her his small penis with a few hairs surrounding his pelvis. They made love and he came after a couple of minutes; six or seven droplets of cum were shot into her vagina. He was sure that she had not had an orgasm. She asked to be brought back home and the following day she simply sent him a message saying that she needed some time and had to think again about their relationship. Bill accepted that. He knew the reason and understood her. He turned to his left. Two stalls where placed against the back wall. Even if nobody was there, he preferred peeing in a closed and comfortable box. He opened the first on the right; he feared that the toilet may be dirty in shit, but it seemed there was only some pee on the border and some other crusty white substance. The smell was strong and was making him feel nauseated. Better completing his task and then leave. He opened his fly and took out his flaccid 3 inches cock. While peeing, he saw that the dirty wall was covered in obscene phrases. “Wanna suck a big cock? Call me at 55678898”; a veiny shaft was outlined beside it. “I am a thirsty cum drinker. Give me your milk! 55467241” was shouting a too open inviting mouth. “Is your ass ready to be wrecked by a real monster? Meet me at the Purple Corn bar. You may recognize me by my huge bulge”. While he kept reading, Bill started to feel dizzy; words were flying around in his head. Cocks and mouths; asses and cum. He felt that he had stopped pissing; his five incher was fully hard and a different sensation was grasping his crotch. He felt as if he was still pissing, but it was not coming from his blade; he looked down above his fat belly. From the head of his cock a big droplet of a glossy liquid was coming out. He contracted his pelvis muscle and another spurt pushed the drop ahead; it started to flow down his shaft. He had never produced so much precum; he grinned. He liked that: the feeling of peeing without peeing; the thick gelatinous liquid spurting out of his piss slit. He contracted his pelvis muscle again; he felt the liquid coming from somewhere deep inside of him, flowing with a rumble along his shaft and then erupting. This spurt was bigger than the previous. “You may not waste that sweet honey”. Bill jumped in his sneakers and turned to the left. In the wooden wall of the stall he noticed a big hole that he had not seen when entering. A mouth and part of a nose were showing; someone was in the adjacent stall. “Come on. Give me that honey; I may give you some pleasure in exchange” Bill felt a strange sensation pulling him towards that mouth. He had never been sucked by anybody. Around the hole there were a lot of arrows pointing to the center and other filthy phrases “Place your beast here”, “Cum into the hole and fill it” He felt that he needed to place his cock onto that tongue. Yeah! It was so good feeling a spongy tongue licking his manhood. The hole was a little bit higher than his pelvis, but he grabbed is cock and place the head against the tongue. It started to move and swirl around his shaft. Oh yeah! Fuck; he needed that. Some bitch sucking his cock. He shook his head; where the fuck that thought came from? He had never had another guy suck him. The guy left his cock for a second and spoke again: “Yeah. I know you can give me so much precum. Your balls are bigger than two avocados and your reproductive system is that of a real bull” Bill felt his balls inflating, being pulled downwards by their own weight. Filling with cum that was sloshing around. Another gush of precum sprayed out of his cock: wires like web attached to the guy’s nose, so thick and sticky. Bill mind was reeling. He remember when his balls started to inflate during his adolescence; he felt ashamed of them at first. He always wore baggy pants in order to hide them; but then he had his first orgasm and it was delirious. His body was overcome by pleasure and it lasted for almost 40 seconds. Then he trained himself by masturbating and holding back the orgasm; and it could cum for 45, then 50 and 60 seconds. When he cummed he could fly in another dimension; his mind was only focusing on the pleasure. Any other problem, concern or pain was forgotten. “Fuck. So much cum you can produce. You are a real cum factory. And those huge balls makes you constantly horny; you can cum, shot out all that milk and then be ready to come again in a few minutes. And cum up to ten times in a day” After discovering that his balls could give him so much pleasure, Bill was always dedicating the afternoon at home, after school, to masturbating. Once, instead of cumming into the toilet he did that in a glass. He could not focus on the action while he was blinded by the orgasm, but when he was finished the glass was full, up to the brim. While the months passed, he discovered that he had to masturbated in the morning, when his bedsheets were drenched in precum, and he was face to face with his morning wood. Then again in the morning, in the school toilet. And then again at home, in the afternoon, in the evening, at night. “And those gonads are obviously producing so much testosterone. And so much male hormones; and growth hormones. That is why you grew so big; sturdy bones that can support huge, monstrous muscles. You are your own roids supplier. You do not need to inject yourself because all the roids are coming from your insides and made you the muscle monster that you are”. Bill body started to stretch; his bones elongated, his spine shot up. From 5feet5 he grew to 6feet. His muscles started to inflated; the khaki shirt was torn apart by the mass growing inside of it. His traps engulfed his neck up to his ears. His sneakers exploded; big toes crawled out of them. His trousers started to rip while his hems and calves grew bigger and bigger. His back was becoming wider than his lorry. Mountains over mountains. Valleys of muscles. 250 pounds. Then 305 pounds. From 6feet he shot up to 6feet6. 375 pound of raw mass. Bill remember that after the first month of his discovery of masturbation pleasures, his teenager body started to change. He started to grow, becoming taller and his muscle started to grow without him doing anything. His father said it was a growth spurt; his mother thought it was not normal and took him to a specialist. Doctors said that his levels of testosterone and other hormones were unusually high. That was when they also discovered his huge balls. They said that they may need to give him some medicines in order to reduce the testosterone levels that could damage his young body. 415 pounds. 450 pounds. His pecs were bigger than pillows and resting on a huge roid gut, where all the abdominals were exploding outwards like concrete bricks. His legs were true sequoia trees, covered in pulsing veins like ivy. His biceps were bigger than turkeys and were attached to basketball deltoids. He was a true monster. “You are the epitome of masculinity, with your bear hair and deep voice. Nobody can tell you what to to. You are the alfa master; the dominant man. All those hormones make you always horny and ready to fuck”. When the doctor touched his big balls for injecting him the first dose of the medicine, he felt something new inside of him. He looked down to that young guy probing his testicles and he got an erection. The doctor raised is eyes and he saw a spark in them, he knew what he needed. He grabbed the doctor hair and pushed him down to his cock. The doctor opened his mouth and started to suck. Fuck! That was so much better than masturbating. He kept the doctor head in place and moved his pelvis back and forth. New sensation grasping his cock and when he exploded inside his mouth he felt that he was in charge; that nobody could tell him what to do. That he could embrace all that extra testosterone and be the man he wanted to be. And when the doctor started to cough, cum flowing from his nostrils and out of the corner of his mouth, he greedily smiled. Bill knew he was more than that small scrawny doctor. And that he could be much more. That is why he got out of the therapy. He left is body grow; joined the football team and became the strongest of the guys. They started to call him the bull, because of his huge balls. He was not afraid of hiding them anymore; on the contrary. He was very pride of them; of filling the mouth of all the student that he could guess from their eyes were open to be facefucked by him and wanted to taste his sweet proteins. When he reached 300 pounds he started bodybuilding; he was proudly stepping on the platform and looking around to those small guys, showing his huge biceps and the big bulge that his balls made in his posers. He was only 18, but he was already a monster. The only thing that annoyed him with bodybuilding was that he had to shave all his hairy body. But when he was not competing and was bulking, getting to 330 pounds of mass and muscle, he left his beard grow long and bushy, and the hair on his pecs and gut increase the dark grooves of his muscles. Voices said he was on heavy roids cycles, but he did not care. His balls could produce all the hormones he needed. By the way, who the fuck cared in a world full of roided men? “But a huge muscle monster like you is not complete without a monster cock between his legs. With that baseball bat you may cause some real damages, don’t you? And you are always ready to take any hole you want” When Bill reached 350 pounds of brute steel muscles, his cock was already a myth at school being a 12 inches monster. Many girls and boys had already suffered the pleasure of being impaled on that pole and being filled with his cum. He was famous for the grunts and screams coming from his room when he was fucking someone. On the stages he was not only famous for his huge muscles, but also for his enormous package. Other bodybuilders were always having glances at that monster, just before being fucked in the toilets backstage. He felt himself a true bull; mounting any man he could sense was ready to be fucked by a true bull. And there were plenty of them. When 20, his cock had already reached 14 inches and he was a 400 pounds muscle bear. He left bodybuilding and dedicated himself to cruise bars and finding guys who could pay him for being fucked. Who were looking for a real monster who could destroy their ass; make them his cum bag. Shooting his seed in them once, twice or more times in a row. Bill felt something constricting his cock. He looked down. His 16 inches monster was filling the glory hole and was becoming red for the pressure. His veins were inflating and pumping. That fucking hole was too small for his bull cock! He grabbed the wood wall with his huge hands and like it was a sheet of paper it split it in two pieces, opening in the middle at the hole level. He threw the two pieces to one side into the bathroom and looked down. Kneeled on the toilet tiles there was a scrawny twink that was looking up to that giant tower of muscle and strength. He made a step towards him, making the tiles resonate under the pressure of his foot. His hairy tight was bigger than the guy’s whole torso. He grabbed his enormous member and placed it on top of the guy’s head; so fucking big that his face was completing hidden under it. He gave some tugs to it and hit the guy’s face. The torrent of precum kept flowing out and bathing the guy’s hair. He had fucked so many guys that he knew this one was going to be a good one. He slid his enormous cock along is face leaving a snail slime. “Do you think you can suck it all?” He asked with a rumbling voice that echoed against the toilet walls. The guy nodded with a satisfied smile and open his mouth. Bull pushed the huge head inside; so fucking good. It was not easy finding someone who could get 16 inches of a trunk inside his mouth. He grabbed the guy head and started to push harder; his cock slid inside of the guy’s mouth and then down his throat. Bull could see the mouth distorting and the throat expanding for making room to the giant invader. That was so fucking exciting! He felt his cock throb and spurt more precum lubricating the tunnel. Bull started to contract his huge glutes and face fucking the puny skull he could crush with only to fingers. His power was so much that the air was glowing around him. His grunts were deep and strong. He grabbed the hair of the small guy and increased his speed; his sword was going into the holster and coming out. In and out. When the cock was half out of the mouth the guy could breathe heavily through his nose; this slut knew how to do suck. Fuck! So good. Bull spurt more precum; with a long trust pushed the whole cock inside and started to growl. The eruption was close: he looked down to the head he was holding; the blue eyes looked up at him as if begging to dominate him, to annihilate him. Yeah! He was the alfa here; the real man. And then he shoot! Gobs of cum flew from his avocados down his monster cock and into the guy’s belly that started to inflate for all the cum. Bull was lost in the bliss of the best orgasm he had had in a few days. He kept grunting, moaning like an animal for 1 minute, than 2 minutes. In the years he had learned how to make his orgasms last longer. He did not care if the one he was fucking was out of breath; he must have thought about that before exciting and challenging the Bull. 3 minutes went by; cum kept spurting like a geyser; belly extending more and more. He was such an animal; lost in his thoughts of being big like a gorilla, with the cock of a stallion and the balls of a bull, while is orgasm was subsiding he was getting more horny. His cock instead of becoming flaccid was getting hard again. He slipped it from the throat holster; the last spurt of cum filled the guy mouth and splashed down his chin in heavy rivulets. The fat log came out with a loud plop, shiny with spit, precum and cum. It smashed up against Bull roid belly reaching the point where is inflated hard pecs where resting on his protruding roid belly. Some gushes coated the dense hair on his pecs. He looked down at the small guy who was catching some fresh air and spitting out cups of cum. He had filled him good, at least from one side. His cock gave a sudden jump at the thought; rivers of new milky precum started to flow down the shaft. He felt his bull balls churning again; he contracted his steel pelvis muscles and pumped more blood in his monster cock; big veins jumped up on the angry red surface. He smirked at the thought of the poor silly guy. Without the twink even understanding what was going on, the Bull grabbed his bloated waist with one of his paws, he raised him and with the other hand he stripped off his jeans as if made of corn leaves. He placed the guy over the toilet; his monumental shadow towered over him. Bull grabbed his hard cock; when he got so excited it was also difficult for him to maneuver the rock hard beast. He pushed it down over the guy’s belly. He was so fat that it covered half of the guy torso and so long that reached up to the middle of his flat white pecs. “Imagine this thing inside of you”, rumbled the Bull. The guy was moving his crazy eyes from the piton laying on his belly and the muscle bull towering over him. The Bull saw lust in the guy’s eyes; no fear, no hesitation. Just lust. He wanted his cock inside of him; the Bull knew when a guy needed to be thoroughly and roughly fucked. He pushed back his giant ass and positioned his cockhead against the guy’s asshole. It seemed impossible that such a beast could fit in such a small rosebud. He contracted again his pelvis muscle and a gush of precum sprayed the guy’s ass. “Come on! Fuck me good!” He did not need to be told: he pushed the apple big mushroom with one trust and opened up the guy’s ass. He emitted a surprise and ache gasp. The Bull grabbed his waist with both hands and pushed more of his monster inside of him: 8 inches went in; then 10 and 12. He could see the snake moving under the guys skin. Crawling up inside his stomach. Fuck! Yeah. He was breeding this bitch. 14 inches went in and finally his huge balls slapped against the guys cheeks. All his 16 inches were buried inside of this new cock sleeve. He rested still for some seconds; the guy looked down to his belly full of cum, pushed upwards by the monster nestled inside of him. That thing was like the alien parasite filling his torso. That was so hot. “Yeah. Fuck me hard big Bull” Bull pulled back his cock and pushed it back in with full strength. Then again and again. The guy was just a flashlight for his cock; the friction he needed for stimulating himself. For squeezing his beast inside of a constraining hole. “Fuck. Yeah. So big; such a monster bull. Your balls are bigger than grapefruits” Bull felt his testicles inflating more and slapping harder against the guy ass. “You have got gallons of cum to fill them” Bull felt his cum mounting and sloshing inside his scrotum. “Your testosterone his permanently pumping your muscle and making you bigger” Bull stretched further up to 7feet; bigger feet and huger hands. His muscles grew more; 450 pounds. Then 490. “Fill me with that 20 inches anaconda” Bull felt his monster cock stretching more and expanding. He grunted like a bull in heat; he was trusting with more violence his cock ramming the insides of the guy. “You are a truck driver running around the country; searching for men to fuck. Men who can accommodate your monster cock and want to be filled by it. There are plenty of them and you are open to breed them all. Cum, now!” Bull felt his huge testicles retracting; he grunted a final time and started to orgasm. His cum filled the guy from the other side; his belly kept inflating more and more and finally cum started to erupt from his mouth. Gallons of cum. After 5 minutes of orgasm, Bull extracted his log from the guy ass. He was sated, for now. The guy was still vomiting cum from his mouth; teary eyes happy with the fuck he received. Bull took his monster cock covered in juicy, cleaned it with a stroke and licked his hands. Then he placed it inside of his jeans, lava against his tight, burning down to his knee. He filled his bulge with the two enormous globes of testicles and buttoned up. He stepped out of the destroyed toilet; 2 inches of cum where covering the floor. His heavy black work boots were splashing it against the walls while walking. He looked at himself in the basin mirror but could only see his big roid belly covered by a white tank top. Dense fur was covering his enormous pecs. He cupped some water in his hands and washed his heavy beard leaving some of the cum that has splashed everywhere over his pecs. He exited the toilet building, walking sideways through the small door. His frame was too big and could not pass walking frontally. A huge red truck was parked outside contrasting with the yellow corn fields. He imagined himself coming out of those bushes, a muscle monster that could have made any guy pee himself for fear and then impaling them on his beast, seeing the huge head coming out of their mouths and spraying cum all around. Bull looked far to the horizon; heavy gray clouds were crossed by ivy of lights. A storm was coming. The wind refreshed his face and sent to his nostrils the heavy smell of musk, sweat and cum. His cock stirred along his left leg. He had to reach the next station in another 3 hours: another bitch was going to be ready to be fucked by the Bull!
  3. I - El día que conocí a Nico Y resultó que un día, después de seis meses de estar en cuarentena por la pandemia, volví al gimnasio. Había estado intentando hacer deporte en casa, pero luego de los primeros meses el encierro me había vencido y había perdido gran parte de lo que había ganado con entrenamiento consistente y buena alimentación. Acababa de cumplir treinta y ocho años y había decidido que quería volver a estar en forma. Así que me anoté en un gimnasio cerca de casa al que sabía que no iban muchas personas y fui durante el mediodía de lunes a viernes sin faltar un día durante dos meses. Ordené mis comidas como me había enseñado mi nutricionista y después de dos meses de trabajo duro había recuperado la masa muscular que había perdido y bajado un poco la panza. Por esos días creía que estaba en forma, pero eso cambió hasta que conocí a Nico. Ese lunes, por temas de trabajo, no había podido liberarme para ir al mediodía así que decidí ir a las tres de la tarde. Descubrí dos cosas. A esa hora el gimnasio estaba practicamente vacío. No había ningún entrenador y solo quedaba la chica de recepción que estaba en la planta de abajo, así que se podía decir que tenía todo el gimnasio para mí. Bueno, no todo, porque la segunda cosa que descubrí fue a Nico. En verdad no era la primera vez que lo había visto. Algún que otro día me había cruzado con él en el gimnasio, pero se notaba que no iba al mismo horario que yo y por eso solo aparecía cada tanto. Lo que también se notaba era que entrenaba duro. No era gigante. A decir verdad era bastante flaco con una cinturita delgada y unas piernas de palo, pero había pegado una buena espalda y en los brazos (a falta de grasa) se notaban unos tremendos triceps que se marcaban con cada esfuerzo que hacía. Siempre llevaba una remera con cuello en V por lo que solo pude ver parte de sus musculosos brazos, pero notaba lo desarrollada que tenía la espalda. Era bastante blanco y tenía el pelo oscuro. No era feo de cara, pero lo que me llamó más la atención fueron sus músculos. Él era un poco mas alto que yo, me debía sacar media cabeza. Lo cual me hacía pensar que debía medir un metro setenta y cinco o algo así. Las veces que lo había visto me daba cuenta que entrenaba con fuerza, que levantaba pesos más altos que los que yo levantaba y que le gustaba entrenar duro. Lo que no me daba cuenta era si se daba con algo, algún anabólico. Se encontraba en el limite de algo que podría ser conseguido con esfuerzo y dedicacion más buenos genes o algo logrado rapidamente con alguna pastilla. Esa tarde en que lo vi en el gimnasio lo saludé y descubrí que ambos estabamos entrenando pecho. Él acababa de sentarse y solo estaba calentando, subía y bajaba la barra sin agregar peso. —¿Te molesta si hacemos una y una? —le pregunté. —No, dale —me dijo. Yo calenté como él acababa de hacer. —¿Con cuanto arrancás? —me preguntó. —Con cuarenta kilos, ¿vos? —no crean que subía mucho mas que eso, pero un amigo entrenador me había recomendado que luego de calentar no desperdiciara series con mas peso que eso. —Perfecto —dijo y cargó la barra con veinte de un lado mientras yo hacía lo mismo del otro. La subió y bajó sin problema unas quince veces y de pronto tuve miedo de hacer el ridículo dado que yo no podía hacer tantas repiticiones ni tan rapido. —¿Vas solo? —me preguntó. —Si, gracias —dije un poco nervioso. Hice mis doce repeticiones y dejé la barra. —¿Cuanto le subís? —le pregunté. —Vamos con diez kilos mas. —Dale —dije y me arrepentí ni bien lo escuché. Cargamos la barra y él se acóstó. —¿Te ayudo? —le pregunté. —No, está bien, gracias. Esta vez hizo veinte repiticiones sin demasiado esfuerzo. Eran cincuenta kilos. —Con este peso me vas a tener que ayudar —le dije. —Dale. Se puso detrás de la barra y me ayudó a terminar mis diez repeticiones con esfuerzo. —Bien —dijo—, casi sin ayuda. ¿Vamos con cinco más de cada lado? Yo todavía no había recuperado el aire. —Para levantar mas que esto voy a tener que llamar a una grúa. —No te preocupes, yo te sigo. —Si vos lo decís. Cargamos diez kilos más y él acostó debajo de la barra. La levantó e hizo veinte repeticiones sin problema. Ya podía ver sus tremendo triceps abultados del esfuerzo. Cuando se sentó me di cuenta que su pecho se había inflado bastante. Fue mi turno y él se puso detrás de la barra. Me ayudó a levantar y después me dejó ir solo, pero me tuvo que ayudar a la cuarta. —Vamos, bien —dijo—, una más, dale. Hice una quinta. —Una más, vamos, dale, fuerza. Hice una sexta con algo de ayuda. —Una más, dale. Hice una séptima con un poco más de ayuda. —Vamos, la última. Así llegué a la ocho aunque él tuvo que practicamente levantarla solo. De todos modos me sentí bastante bien, nunca había llegado a levantar sesenta kilos. —Bien, bien —me dijo—. ¿Diez más? —Uh, boludo, me voy a morir. Perá que me interno en el hospital y cuando salgo lo hablamos —dije yo mientras respiraba por la boca. Me puse en cuclillas. Sentía que el pecho me iba a explotar de lo duro que lo tenía. Me puso una mano en el hombro y me preguntó si estaba bien. —Todo lo bien que puede estar alguien que acaba de ser aplastado por una topadora. —Jajaja, dale que no es tanto. Cargó diez kilos más y se acomodó debajo. Yo todavía respiraba por la boca. ¡Eran setenta kilos! —¿Te ayu... do? —dije todavía respirando con dificultad. —Dale —dijo. Me puse detrás de la barra y desde ese lugar pude ver su pecho sin problema. Por la remera y lo flaco que era no me había dado cuenta pero tenía un pecho mucho mas grande de lo que yo pensaba. Hizo quince repeticiones y lo ayudé apenas para llegar a las veinte. Ya me empezaba dar cuenta que el pibe era mucho más fuerte que yo y eso me encantaba. Tenía una actitud de macho fuerte que me hacía querer acercarme y tocar su pecho y sus brazos. —¿Hace mucho que entrenás? —le pregunté. —Hace cuatro años —me dijo mientras se masajeaba el pecho con una mano. —Ah, hijo de puta. Yo entreno hace ocho y nunca llegué a levantar tanto. —¿Cuantos años tenés? —me preguntó. —Treinta y ocho. ¿Vos? —Veinte. —¡Ah, hijo de mil puta! Con razón. ¿Qué comés? ¿Bulones de desayuno? —Jajaja, siempre me gustó hacer deporte. —Se nota, hijo de puta, yo a los veinte años me levantaba para ir al colegio y ya me agitaba. —Vamos, ¿la última? —Me querés matar ¿no? —Dale, te sigo. Se paró detrás y me tuvo que ayudar para hacer la primera. A la segunda ya me quedé sin fuerzas. Pude ver sus enormes brazos inflarse para levantar la barra practicamente solo. —Bien, ahi lo quemaste todo —me dijo. —Boludo, me mataste. Mañana no voy a poder ni mover los brazos. —Eso significa que entrenaste bien —me dijo mientras cargaba diez kilos más—. ¿Me seguís? —Dale. Levantó la barra solo y llegó a las diez repeticiones sin que lo ayudara. Después lo ayudé un poco y llegó hasta quince. Hizo cinco más y para las últimas tuve que hacer un poco más de fuerza, pero no demasiado. —Ojalá yo hubiera entrenado así a mis veinte años —dije. —¿No hacías mucho deporte? —Poco y nada. Me picó el bicho del gimnasio a mis treinta. —Mejor tarde que nunca —dijo mientras descargaba la barra; después se acercó y dijo—. La clave está en hacer el movimiento lo más largo posible y apretar fuerte el pectoral al final. Mirá —me dijo que apoyara mi mano en su pecho—. Largo, bien largo y al final apretás con todo el pectoral. ¿Ves? ¿Sentís ahí como apreta? Su pecho era mucho más enorme y duro de lo que había pensado. Ese día entrenamos juntos e hicimos pecho y triceps. Cuando terminé yo estaba sin aire. Nunca había entrenado tan fuerte. Sentía el pecho todo duro y que apenas podía bajar los brazos. Me sentía gigante (obviamente no lo era y menos al lado de él). El pibe se había inflado mucho más. Cuando terminó sus triceps parecían el doble de tamaño. Podía ver que su pecho y sus brazos se habían inflado hasta marcarse debajo de la remera. —Boludo, me mataste —dije. —Jajaja, estuvo muy bien. —Nunca entrené tanto en mi puta vida. —Cuando quieras —me dijo—. Me llamo Nico, ¿vos? Le dije mi nombre y nos saludamos con un puño. —Un gusto —me dijo y se alejó caminando con los brazos enormes y marcados de tanto entrenar.
  4. Hola, el día de hoy les traigo una nueva historia, esta historia la llevo haciendo por unos meses y finalmente la terminé justo en el mes del padre, y creo que será perfecto mostrarla en esta fecha. Con esto también aviso que la historia tendrá incesto y cosas por el estilo. Así que comenzamos. _________________________________________ Defendiendonos de los Bullies. Hola, mi nombre es Lucas y junto a mi hermano David nos caracterizamos por ser unos cerebritos, somos de los chicos más inteligentes de toda la universidad, hemos ganado muchos premios y reconocimientos por esta misma razón. Aunque no todo es color de rosa, primero que nada nuestros padres están separados, vivimos con nuestro padre, pero este siempre está en el trabajo, se podría decir que al final de todo nos llevamos bien, aunque nos gustaría pasar más tiempo juntos. Segundo y lo peor de todo, en la universidad algunos nos ven como unos héroes gracias a que tenemos muchos premios por nuestra inteligencia, pero hay un grupo en nuestra clase que nos hace la vida imposible, los atletas de la clase, siempre están molestandonos porque somos unos nerds y porque son más fuertes que nosotros, también llegan a molestar a personas de otras clases, son demasiado fastidiosos, y además al contrario de nosotros, solo pasan las materias por ser buenos en los deportes y nos parece de lo más injusto, y no es que estemos en mal estado físico o que no comamos sano, pero ellos llevan todo al otro nivel, algunos incluso se inyectan esteroides y no podemos competir contra eso. Cada día nos sentíamos más artos de esta situación, cada vez queríamos obtener venganza por todo lo que nos hacían, así que decidimos planear algo, para que todo esto acabara; así que estuvimos todo un mes trabajando en nuestro plan para por fin vengarnos. Todo el mes estuvimos creando un suero que transformaría el cuerpo de un hombre con pobre estado físico a uno de una bestia musculosa, esto solamente si se bebe el suero completo, pero nosotros nos dividiremos el suero en dos, que no nos convertirá en unas bestias pero si nos dará un buen cuerpo de atletas para defendernos, además que no queremos que ninguno se vuelva un niardental musculoso y que afecte nuestra hermandad, jajá. ¿Somos muy inteligentes, verdad? !Lo pensamos en todo! O eso creíamos... Todo esto comienza un día miércoles, en la tarde, el suero estaba casi completo, lo único que faltaba era que llegara el ingrediente que hará que todo funcione "La testosterona Maximun" es un suplemento demasiado escaso y muy caro, tuvimos suerte de encontrar uno, posiblemente nunca volvamos a encontrar otro jamás, estábamos anciosos para que el cartero viniera de una buena vez y nos lo trajera. -.Uff... Ya falta muy poco David, estoy rastreando el paquete y vendrá en 3 minutos. *Dije entusiasmado* -. Ay, hermano, parece que he estado esperando años, pensar que muy pronto podremos vengarnos de los estúpidos deportistas del salón, y del odioso de Brendan, por culpa de él los demás comenzaron a molestarnos. *Decía David, mientras se acostaba en su cama, cansado por el trabajo* -. No dudes que no lo haremos, todo esto terminará muy pronto, esto no nos ayudará solamente para vengarnos, ya verás como conseguiremos muchas citas con esto, jejé, finalmente dejaré de ser un virgen, jajajá. -. Oye, es verdad, no puedo esperar a tener un cuerpo tan genial, jejé. *Ding Dong* -. Oye, creo que ya vino, vamos baja rápido! *Decía David entusiasmado* -. Ya voy, esperame. *Dije mientras trataba de ponerme las pantuflas* Bajé con mi hermano las escaleras, lo más rápido que pude, recibimos dos paquetes en lugar de Uno. Luego nos fuimos a la cocina para ver de que se trataban. -. Oye que es el otro paquete? *Dije intrigado* -. A ver, *Decía David mientras lo abría* Oh, es una cámara, aquí dice que para Jonnhatan Johnson, Oh, es para papá! Era de la que tanto hablaba. -. Oh, ya, bueno, hay que abrir el otro paquete. -. Sí, ahora voy. Abrí el paquete que era para nosotros y saqué la caja con la testosterona maximun. -. Huh, es más pequeño de lo que pensé, se nota que hay pocas variante de estas en el mundo, jejé. *Dije mientras observaba el pequeño tubo con la sustancia* -. En las instrucciones dice que luego de vertirlo a la mezcla se tiene que dejar por un día en el congelador para que haga efecto. *Decía David con la hoja de instrucciones* -. Muy bien vamos a traer los sueros y a vertir este bebé *Dije entusiasmado* Subimos y bajamos ya con los dos sueros y los medidores y preparamos todo para vertir la testosterona al suero. -. Muy bien Lucas, asegúrate y la cantidad sea la misma. *Decía David algo nervioso* -. Lo sé, haz silencio David, yo sé que hay que hacer... *Decía mientras vertía la testosterona en dos tubos con medición, tenía que verter justo la cantidad necesaria, con un poco de nervios logré vertir la misma cantidad en los dos tubos de ensayo, lo único que quedaba era verterlo a los sueros* Muy bien hermano, llegó la hora, toma tu tubo, vamos a veter y esperar a que se enfríen para tener nuestros cuerpos deseados. -. Sí, hay que hacerlo Lucas *Decía David emocionado* Vertimos los dos tubos con la testosterona a los sueros que estaban dentro de dos botellas de una tal soda llamada "Ultra Cola", para que nuestro padre no sospeche y piense que estamos haciendo droga o algo así. -. Muy bien, todo listo. -. ¿Crees que papá pensará que son drogas como la otra vez? jajá *Dijo David* -. Lo dudo jajajá, no creo que las vaya a tirar, fue buena idea camuflarlas por bebidas. Muy bien, son las 2:00pm, así que mañana luego de ir a la universidad a las 4:00pm podremos beber los sueros. -. Espero y no duela, no quiero que papá se asuste con nuestros gritos, ya sabes lo estricto que es. -. Meh, no creo que nos haga nada, lo vamos a dejar fascinado cuando vea en lo que nos convertimos. Ahora estaría bien pasar el rato jugando videojuegos, para que el tiempo avance rápido. -. Me parece buena idea *Dijo David corriendo hacia la sala* El tiempo pasó y nos estuvimos horas jugando, hasta que llegó papá. Papá es un contador, se caracteriza por ser algo bajito, bastante delgado y también es calvo, esto por el estrés que le causa su trabajo, él es un hombre algo enojado y estricto, aunque la verdad solo es así por su mismo estrés, no le tomamos mucha importancia cuando nos regaña la verdad, ya que aunque sea estricto, es gracias a su cuerpo que no impone mucho, a veces se preocupa mucho por nosotros y no puede entender que ya no somos unos niños, aunque a veces sea molesto lo queremos y le tenemos aprecio, ya que es el único papá que tenemos. -. Aghh... Hola chicos, ya llegué, hoy tuve un día muy duro... *Dijo papá mientras entraba y se sentaba en el sofá cansado de su trabajo* -. Hola pá. (Dijimos ambos) -. Aghh... Chicos pueden pedir una pizza? Hoy no tengo ganas de cocinar. *Decía papá mientras bostezaba* -. Claro... *Dije yo* (Como si cocinar a alguna vez, siempre ordenamos comida) Pedí la pizza y papá comenzó a hablarnos de su día. -. No van a creer esto, recuerdan el nuevo puesto de trabajo que me habían prometido? Pues resulta que se lo dieron al presumido de mi compañero, ¡el que lleva menos tiempo que yo! Es increíble, llevo 10 años allí y le dan a otro el puesto que me merezco solo porque el otro tiene carisma y se ve bien, pero lo que importa es el intelecto, de seguro no tiene idea de como se hacen los inventarios, vaya día de mierda... *Decía mi padre con enojo* -. Oh, que mal... *Dije sin ponerle demasiada atención a lo que decía, ya que no era raro que se quejara al venir del trabajo* -. Por cierto, no llegó nada para mi hoy? *Preguntó mi padre* -. Ah, sí, es la cámara de la que tanto hablabas. *Dije mientras le daba su paquete* -. Genial! Finalmente podré hacer las fotos tan geniales, me hice una cuenta de Twitter solo para esto. -. Te hiciste un Twitter? Y qué vas a publicar ahí? *Preguntó David* -. Publicaré fotos sobre insectos y plantas. *Decía mi papá emocionado* -. En serio? Pero eso es aburrido... *Dije con un poco de decepción en mi voz* -. No es aburrido, solo esperen a ver las fotos que voy a publicar, es verdad, deberían comenzar a seguirme ya, vamos entren a Twitter y siganme, les comparto el link de mi perfil. *Decía mi papá entusiasmado* -. No lo sé papá, yo- -. Vamos por favor, solo háganlo, ya verán que luego, tendré muchos seguidores y querrán seguirme, vamos solo háganlo, ya! *Decía mi padre con un tono ya molesto* -. Agh, vamos hermano, solo hagamoslo, sino va estar toda la noche molestando con esto. *Me dijo David* -. Está bien, pá. -. Genial, jajá, recuerden activar las notificaciones para ver todas mis publicaciones. -. Ok... Entramos a nuestros Twitter y le dimos follow a nuestro padre para no volverlo a escuchar a hablar de esto. El tiempo pasó y la pizza vino, comimos mientras papá no se daba cuenta de nada, debido a que se había quedado dormido en su sillón favorito, así que solo comimos mi hermano y yo y no fuimos a dormir. A la mañana siguiente, nos levantamos ansiosos, sabíamos que el día había llegado pero aún teníamos que esperar unas horas más para poder llevar a cabo nuestro plan. -. Hoy es el día David, por fin tendremos lo que tanto deseábamos. *Dije mientras me preparaba para ir a la universidad* -. No puedo esperar, ayer el día pasó muy lento para mi, creo que no podré concentrarme en clase. Terminamos de prepararnos y nos fuimos junto a nuestro padre, papá nos dejó en la universidad y luego condujo hacia su apestoso trabajo. Las clases pasaron como cualquier otro día, Brendan y sus amigos molestaban como siempre y nosotros solo deseábamos que el tiempo pasara más rápido para poder darle su merecido. Luego de una ardua jornada de clases en la universidad, por fin habían terminado, estábamos a punto de irnos a la casa, hasta que el director nos llamó por medio del alta voz a su oficina. -. Agh, qué querrá el director ahora? Tenemos prisa... *Dije con decepción* -. Oh, ya recuerdo, creo que es por lo del proyecto que presentamos la semana pasada, de seguro y nos dará otro premio. *Dijo David para aclararme* -. Agh... Pero eso dura mucho tiempo, encima habla super lento... *Dije quejandome* -. Nooo... Pero por qué justo hoy!? *Dijo David decepcionado* Al final no tuvimos de otra que quedarnos e ir a que el director nos felicitarla con su extenso discurso y su aburrida voz. Ya eran las 4:30 y mi padre ese día salió temprano así que había llegado a casa mucho antes que nosotros. -. Hola, ya llegué... Chicos...? Dónde están? Quizá no han llegado, quizá y les volvieron a dar otro premio, esos chicos si me llenan de orgullo, jejé, ojalá y me tomarán más en serio... Pero bueno. *Dijo mi papá mientras iba a la cocina a buscar que comer* Mi papá estaba cansado como siempre, a pesar de incluso haber llegado más temprano de lo normal. -. Agh... Vamos a ver que hay en el refrigerador... hoy tuve otro día de mierda, no almorcé por hacer ese inventario, y aún así no le pareció suficiente al jefe; pero si que le gustó la presentación del estúpido presumido de mi compañero, como lo odio... Oh, al parecer hay pizza de la de ayer... También quisiera algo para beber, veamos que hay por acá. *Dijo mi padre cuando abrió la parte del congelador donde teníamos los dos sueros* Oh, los chicos compraron de las sodas que les pedí "Ultra Cola" ¡Son de mis favoritas! Aunque tienen un color diferente... Será un nuevo sabor? Oh, bueno, nuevo o no de seguro que estará bueno, voy a tomar una... Aunque pensándolo mejor, me voy a tomar las dos, tengo muchas ganas de algo frío. *Dijo mi padre que iba felizmente con las "sodas" y su pedazo de pizza hacia la sala para ver televisión mientras comía y bebía las dos "sodas"* Uff, esto sabe muy fuerte, pero la verdad es que está muy bueno, me las voy a terminar en nada, jajá. *Dijo mi padre mientras bebía el contenido entero de la primera botella y comenzaba a abrir la segunda con emoción* Mientras tanto nosotros seguíamos en la escuela escuchando el discurso aún del director, y luego de dos largas horas de charlas, premios y aburridos discursos finalmente pudimos salir de ese infierno. -. Dios, qué horas son ya? *Preguntó David* -. Son las 6:47pm, si corremos de seguro llegamos a las 7:20pm, el suero debe haber estado listo hace horas. *Dije mientras aumentaba el ritmo de mi paso al caminar* -. Ok vamos. Corrimos lo más rápido que pudimos hacía nuestra casa, con logramos llegar, aunque sin mucho aliento, al abrir la puerta unos ruidos de objetos rompiéndose y un quejido de un golpe que provenía de una voz profunda nos llamó mucho la atención, al parecer este venía de la cocina. -. Oye... Qué habrá sido eso? *Pregunté asustado* -. No lo sé... Pero mira, son las cosas de papá *Dijo David mientras apuntaba a su maletín en la entrada* De seguro es él. -. Estás seguro? Porque el quejido sonó de una voz más gruesa que la de él. *Dije un poco confundido* será mejor ir a ver... Intrigados y temerosos decidimos ir a ver, al pasar en frente de la sala nos encontramos con la televisión encendida, deducimos que nuestro padre la había dejado así, así que no nos preocupamos demasiado y seguimos caminando hacia la cocina, de donde los ruidos provenían... Llegamos justo a la entrada de esta, estaba a oscuras, pero se podía ver un poco lo que pasaba ahí, con valor entramos para ver que era lo que provocaba esos ruidos y esperábamos aliviarnos al encontrar a nuestro padre como siempre, haciendo cualquier cosa; pero al entrar nos encontramos con una sorpresa que nunca podríamos eliminar de nuestra memoria. Al entrar vimos como una montaña de músculos desnuda estaba en frente nuestro, luciendo su musculosa espalda y su enorme culo, se encontraba tratando de reparar un jarrón que de seguro había roto con su inmensidad. Estábamos atónitos, no sabíamos que decir, mi hermano y yo nos mirábamos y temblabamos del miedo por no saber quien era ese gigante, hasta que este se dio la vuelta, percatandose de nuestra presencia. -. Eh? ¡Hasta que al fin llegan! ¡Los estuve esperando chicos! *Decía el gigante algo molesto* -. T-tú q-quién eres?... *Dije mientras mi hermano me tomaba del brazo* -. Qué!? Pero si soy yo! Su papá Jonathan! *Dijo el gigante tratando de acercarse a nosotros* -. No... Nuestro padre no es así... El es pequeño, bajo y calvo y no tiene una voz tan profunda... Vete de aquí o llamaremos a la policía *Dijo mi hermano con voz temerosa* -. Qué!? Pero si soy yo, en serio! Por qué no me creen!? *Decía el gigante mientras cada vez se acercaba mas* -. No detente, no te acerques, v-vete de aquí ahora. -. Como es que no entienden, vengan acá les mostraré. * Dijo el gigante que comenzó a avalanzarse más rápido hacia nosotros* -. AAAAAHH!! CORREEE!! *Grité a mi hermano* Corrimos hasta el segundo nivel, pero aún podíamos escuchar al gigante persiguendonos y parece que nos estaba alcanzando por muy rápido que corrieramos, así que nos decidimos meter al baño, entramos y nos metimos a la regadera y cerramos la cortina, esperando a que no nos encontrara. Tratábamos de contener la respiración para que no nos encontrara y calmarnos un poco. -. Crees que nos encontrará, en verdad será papá? *Susurraba mi hermano* -. Shhh... Nos va a escuchar. *Dije para callarlo* Escuchábamos sus pasos, se acercaban hacia nosotros, sentíamos que nos iba a encontrar, pero de repente al parecer paró, pensábamos que había entrado a otra habitación. -. Ya se fue? *Susurro David* -. Creo que sí... *Susurré* -. No, estoy aquí. *Dijo la bestia musculosa que nos había encontrado* -. AAAAHHHH!! *Gritamos ambos* -. Esperen, esperen, shhh... Ya les dije que soy yo, su padre *Dijo el enorme hombre de voz porfunda* -. Papá... En serio eres tú...? *Preguntó David* -. Sí, solo que creo que me transformé en esta bestia. *Dijo mi "papá" confundido* La verdad no lo podíamos creer tampoco, se veía espectacular, como un héroe espartano en la vida real, incluso su cabello había crecido otra vez y tenía mas pelo en otras partes, al contrario que antes. -. Papá... Cómo? Cuándo? Por qué? *Preguntó David con confusión* -. No tengo idea, solo vine, comí una pizza, vi televisión y me tomé dos sodas, solamente, luego de eso mi cuerpo comenzó a doler y comencé a crecer y ahora estoy así... *Dijo mi padre viendo su enorme bícep* -. Espera, espera; dices que bebiste unas sodas? Qué sodas específicamente? -. Dos ultra colas que estaban en el refrigerador, son mis favoritas... Intercambiamos miradas con mi hermano y decidimos salir corriendo a la sala. -. Ey! A donde van con tanta prisa!? *Dijo mi padre con su profunda y nueva voz* Llegamos a la sala y vimos las dos botellas completamente vacías. -. No queda nada, ni siquiera una gota... No puede ser... *Decía mientras trataba de sacar una gota de las botella y beberla pero era imposible* -. Esto no puede estar pasando, como es que no dejo nada!? -. Ya les dije, son de mis favoritas *Dijo mi padre que iba entrando a la sala* pero me podrían decir que eran esas sodas y porqué eran tan importantes? -. Esas botellas eran un suero experimental que estábamos creando, no se suponía que tu lo bebieras, se suponía que nosotros tomaríamos cada uno y tendríamos cuerpos de atletas, pero ahora tu te tomaste los dos y te convertiste en más que un atleta, sino que en una bestia. *Dije frustrado* -. Pero qué!? Iban a tomarse esos sueros sin siquiera haberlos probado primero? Que irresponsables, no lo puedo creer. *Dijo mi padre con algo de enojo* -. Bueno sí, pero ahora no podremos por tu culpa! *Dijo mi hermano gritando* -. Mi culpa!? Pero si ustedes saben que esa es la bebida que siempre tomo yo! -. Claro que no! *Grité a mi padre* -. Claro que sí, y hace dos días les dije que pasarán comprando de esas sodas porque son mis favoritas, siempre hablo de ellas; pero parece que ustedes nunca me hacen caso o me prestan atención. *Decía mi gigante padre decepcionado* -. En serio...?, espera sí recuerdo que nos dijiste... *Dije sorprendido* -. Es verdad, de hecho creo que tomamos las botellas que papá ya se había bebido... *Dijo mi hermano percatandose de todo* -. Bueno, ¡pero eso no te da el derecho de tomarte algo así porque sí! *Dije a mi padre para hacerle entender* -. Por qué no hacen más y ya!? *Preguntaba enojado mi padre. -. Ese suero tenía una sustancia única, no podemos pedir otra, así que sigue siendo tu culpa! *Gritó mi hermano* -. Que!? Encima me siguen culpando!? Pues lo siento, pero estas son las consecuencias de sus actos por no escucharme! -. El problema es que tu nunca te diste a respetar, ¡se nota que no nos enseñaste bien! *Grité* -. Sí, sí hubieras sido mejor padre antes esto no estaría pasando! *Gritó David* De repente podría ver una cara de enojo que nunca había visto antes en mi padre nunca, solo con ver esa expresión nos detuvimos con los gritos y comenzamos a temblar del temor que nos causaba, mi padre comenzó a apretar fuerte los puños de repente y levantó el su sillón favorito y lo lanzó contra la pared rompiendolo completamente. -. AAAAAAAAAGGGHH YA CALLENSEEEEE!!! SE ACABÓ, ES HORA DE QUE USTEDES SEPAN ALGO DE DISCIPLINA! COMO ES POSIBLE QUE MIS HIJOS ME DIGAN ESO? *Gritaba fuertemente mi padre con su profunda voz mientras nos veía con sus ojos llenos de furia* -. L-lo siento papá, por favor n-nos hagas daño, por favor *Decía yo con casi lágrimas en los ojos* -. Sí, papá perdón *Dijo mi hermano arrodillandose* lo lamento... -. Yo... Agh... Olvidenlo, ya todo pasó, no hay nada que podamos hacer, lo siento, siento gritarles, pero más les vale no volverme a hacer enojar, okey? -. S-sí *Dijimos ambos* -. Muy bien, creo que podemos tranquilizarnos un poco, jajá. *Dijo mi padre para tranquilizarnos, aunque luego su cara se convirtió en una de preocupación* Mierda! Mañana tengo una presentación importante, y no tengo nada que ponerme, mi ropa quedó destrozada después de transformarme en esto, necesito ropa ya! Al oír esas palabras apenas no estábamos dando cuenta del enorme pedazo de carne que papá tenía entre las piernas, era muy enorme. -. Es verdad papá, taparte por favor *Dije tratando de cubrirme los ojos, pero imposible no dejar de ver* -. Ah! Es verdad! N-no me miren chicos, v-vayan a traerme una toalla. Fui con mi hermano y le trajimos la toalla más grande que teníamos en la casa, aunque aún así le quedaba corta gracias a su enorme estatura, pero al menos no estaba mostrando su enorme verga todo el rato. -. Muy bien chicos, necesito que vayamos al centro comercial, ahora! Vamos suban al carro! -. Pero papá, no puedes ir en toalla, no te dejarán! -. Lo sé, necesito que ustedes me compren la ropa, un traje y corbata, de lo más grande que tengan, también unas cuantas camisas, pantalones y... -Y...? *Pregunté* -. Ropa interior, que no tengo nada que ponerme abajo, pero eso sí, necesito que todo sea grande, no puedo ir tan apretado a mi presentación de mañana. *Decía preocupado mi padre* -. Papá no sé si debamos- -. No les estoy preguntando, les estoy diciendo que vamos a ir, ¡AHORA! Al escuchar ese "ahora" de mi papá decidimos entrar al auto con mi padre, teniendo cuidado de que nadie nos vea en el vecindario. Entramos rápido y mi padre condujo hasta el centro comercial, llegamos allí y nos dijo que se quedaría a esperar en el auto. -. Recuerden, ropa grande, okey? *Gritaba nuestro padre desde su auto que le quedaba pequeño ahora* -. Okey! *Gritamos nosotros mientras íbamos a la entrada* -. Espero y esos chicos encuentren lo que necesito *Se decía mi padre asimismo, mientras veía como un auto se estacionaba al lado de él* En el auto había otro chico, parece que de otra universidad e intercambiaron miradas se saludaron y se sonrieron el uno al otro. Mientras tanto nosotros entrábamos y salíamos de muchas tiendas, tratando de encontrar ropa para mi papá, con algo de complicación al final encontramos lo necesario, solo faltaba la ropa interior, cosa que nos daba mucha vergüenza ya que ni siquiera era para nosotros, pero aún así lo logramos, pagamos por todo y salimos hacia el estacionamiento, este último estaba casi vacío, ya eran las nueve de la noche, y estaba algo oscuro, pero aún podíamos ver el auto de papá así que fuimos hacia donde estaba, pero mientras más nos acercabamos ruidos extraños se comenzaron a escuchar, ruidos y murmullos que solo escuchaba en videos explícitos de internet. -. Sí... Así... Que rico lo haces... Casi no te cabe... Que rico... Mmm... Nos acercamos al auto y nos escondimos detrás para ver que era ese ruido, cuando nos percatamos de que era nuestro padre, él estaba con otro hombre y este último le estaba dando satisfacción por medio de una mamada a su enorme verga, estábamos muy sorprendidos al ver ese acto y decidimos evitar que esto continuará en algo más intenso. -. Sí... Vamos... Apresúrate... En cualquier momento van a venir mis hijos... *Decía mi padre con su gran trozo siendo lamido por la boca de otro hombre* -. Qué!? Papá qué rayos haces!? *exclamé para evitar que siguieran* -. ¡Mierda, vete de aquí ya, corre! *Dijo mi padre mientras apartaba al hombre y lo hacía ir a su respectivo auto* mierda... Chicos puedo explicarlo... jejé... -. En serio!? En un estacionamiento!? Ten un poco de decencia papá, ¡eso no se hace! *Decía David que intentaba no ver su enorme verga parada* -. Lo siento sí, el chico vino comenzamos a hablar, yo estaba desnudo y las cosas surgieron, ya, es algo normal, saben? He estado muy caliente últimamente. -. Sí, pero por favor no lo vuelvas a hacer acá, imagínate si alguien lo hubiera visto, no puede ser... *Dije decepcionado* Sabes qué mejor hagamos como que esto nunca pasó, ok? Toma, acá está la ropa, vamonos a casa ya. -. Genial gracias lindos, uff, sí compraron calzoncillos de los buenos *Dijo mi padre mientras veía su ropa interior nueva* -. Sí, sí ya guárdalos y vamonos. Salimos del estacionamiento, mientras íbamos en camino no podíamos dejar de ver la verga parada de papá mientras este conducía. -. Este... Papá... Podrías hacer algo con eso... *Dijo David con un poco de vergüenza* -. Ah, mierda! Lo siento chicos jajá... Pero no creo que se me baje hasta que me venga, pasenme la toalla para taparlo jajá... Con algo de vergüenza se la puse encima de su enorme tranca, la verdad es que sentía mucha envidia de lo grande que lo tenía ahora, quería tenerla así también yo, y de seguro mi hermano también. Llegamos a casa y mi padre fue corriendo hacia al baño, haciendo lo que mi hermano y yo ya sabíamos que era, y la verdad es que papá no era muy silencioso al darse placer, daba muchos gemidos, y esos gemidos se convertían un gruñidos y sinceramente nos exitaban, incluso una erección se hizo presenten en mi y mi hermano no era la excepción. -. Oye tú- *Dijo mi hermano antes de que lo interrumpiera* -. No lo menciones... *Dije avergonzado* -. AGHH UFF SIII... *Gritaba mi padre que de seguro se acababa de venir* -. Mierda, solo lo está haciendo peor. -. Mejor vamonos ya a dormir... Decidimos ir a la cama, aun con la erección, pero como sea logramos dormir; nuestro padre era una bestia musculosa ahora, y nos preguntábamos si esto sería así todo lo que resta de nuestras vidas. Al día siguiente nos levantamos temprano y ocurrió algo fuera de lo normal, nuestro padre estaba despierto, ya listo para salir, y no sólo eso, también se encontraba haciendo el desayuno, algo que no había hecho nunca, por lo general, lo hacía mi madre y desde que se separaron comemos siempre afuera. -. Papá!? Qué haces despierto!? *Pregunté intrigado* -. No ves? Estoy haciendo el desayuno, estoy viendo un tutorial en YouTube de como hacer un desayuno balanceado para nosotros, jejé. *Dijo con una sonrisa* -. Wow, nunca pensé a papá decir algo así *Dijo David* Nos sentamos en la mesa, esperando a que papá terminara y luego nos sirvió el desayuno, que tenía un aspecto realmente bueno. -. Wow, esto se ve realmente bien, Pá. -. ¡Y sabe realmente bien! *exclamó mi hermano mientras comía un bocado* -. Sabía que les gustaría, mis lindos. Comimos el delicioso desayuno de papá, este último se sirvió dos veces para poder llenarse y luego fue a sentarse un rato en el sofá a ver televisión, mientras tomaba un café, también estaba luciendo su nueva conjunto de ropa que le quedaba muy bien. -. Jé, chicos, creo que tenemos que comprar un nuevo sillón, rompí mi favorito ayer, iré luego del trabajo. *Dijo mi padre quien procedió a tomar un poco de café* Sin decir nada, decidimos ir a prepararnos para la universidad, la verdad no queríamos recordar el ataque de furia que tuvo nuestro padre la noche anterior. Terminamos de prepararnos y papá nos llevó a la universidad, nos dejó y luego se dirijió a su trabajo, con una sonrisa confiada, en el camino a nuestro salón estuvimos hablando un poco de nuestro nuevo padre. -. Uff... La verdad es que sigo enojado con papá, no puede ser que esto nos pasó a nosotros, y ahora tenemos que seguir aguantando al estúpido Brendan *Dije decepcionado* -. Agh, no me lo recuerdes, debimos haber sido más precavidos, creí que lo habíamos, pensado en todo... Pero debes admitir, que papá se ve muy bien. *Dijo mi hermano con un poco de sonrojo en su cara* -. Lo sé, su trasero se ve enorme y esos pantalones con los que iba hoy en la mañana eran ajustados, se veía muy sexy, imaginar que podríamos haber tenido un cuerpo sexy, pero bueno, al parecer tendremos que vivir con esto desde ahora *Exclamé con tristeza* Entramos a clase, pasamos el resto del día pensando en lo que pasará cuando lleguemos a casa a ver otra vez a papá, pensábamos en cómo iba a ser nuestra vida de ahora en adelante, terminamos la jornada y salimos del campus de la universidad para subirnos al autobús, en el trayecto nos pusimos a ver nuestros celulares para distraernos, casi llegábamos a nuestra casa, cuando mi hermano recibió una notificación de la cuenta de Twitter de mi padre, que había pasado de llamarse "Jonathan Nature" a "JonathanSex78". -. Qué!? Qué clase nombre es este!? *Dijo mi hermano mientras me mostraba el celular con la notificación de una nueva foto subida* -. Cambió de nombre, pero por qué ese nombre!? Dale a la publicación, vamos a ver... *Dije intrigado* Al entrar a la publicación por medio de la notificación nos encontramos con algo que nunca creímos que nuestro padre sería capaz de hacer, la foto publicada era algo que realmente nos impactó. Se trataba ni más ni menos de una foto del culo de mi padre completamente desnudo, exponiendo junto a este su enorme espalda y sus piernas abiertas, era increíble, como ver la espalda y las nalgas de un dios Griego. -. ¿¡Pero qué verga!? Esa foto... Estas viendo lo mismo que yo...? *Dije sin poder creerlo* -. S-sí, ¿cómo? ¿Por qué se tomaría una foto así? *Dijo mi hermano con preocupación* -. No tengo idea... Hace cuanto subió esa foto? -. Hace dos horas y... Dios! Ya tiene cincuenta mil likes, esto es increíble! -. Qué!? Te imaginas cuantas personas la vieron ya!? Debemos hablar seriamente con él. Al llegar a nuestra parada, decidimos correr hacia nuestra casa, abrimos lo más rápido que podíamos y entramos, buscamos a nuestro padre y lo encontramos viendo una película mientras comía palomitas y afortunadamente estaba con ropa, bueno, con una musculosa y unos shorts que casi no dejaban nada a la imaginación. -. Papá, ¡debemos hablar seriamente! -. Eh? Hola chicos, qué pasa? -. Papá que clase de foto es esta!? *Exclamó mi hermano que le mostraba la foto que había publicado* -. Ah... Bueno... Pues, quería probar la nueva cámara y me tomé una nueva foto, solo fue eso. -. Solo fue eso!? Tú digiste que la cuenta era para fotografíar plantas en insectos! *Exclamé furioso* -. Miren, se que dije que era para eso, pero me di cuenta que nadie quiere ver eso, lo que la gente quiere ver son cosas como esa foto, acaso no ves la cantidad de likes que tengo? Y es mi primera publicación! Chicos, me estoy volviendo conocido, esto es algo que siempre quise... -. Sí, pero no debería ser de esta manera... -. A ver, entiendo su preocupación de que me tome fotos así, parezco un cualquiera que solo quiere atención gracias a su cuerpo, pero esto es lo que soy y me hace feliz, además no se me ve la cara para nada, no deberían preocuparse. -. Bueno, puede que tengas razón pero no es bueno que lo hagas, es vergonzoso que tu papá se exhiba así... -. Agh, miren ya estuvo, miles de personas vieron mi culo, mejor cambiemos de tema. Les quiero decir que mi presentación fue todo un éxito, les gustó tanto que al final sí me van a dar el puesto que me había prometido, después de tanto tiempo trabajando allí, finalmente lo conseguí, la gente no dejaba de verme, les encantaba escucharme, nunca había sido así en mi vida, y todo gracias a este cuerpazo jajá. -. Vaya, felicidades pá, esos significa que ganarás más, no? -. Así es pequeñín, su papá va a traer más dinero para sus pequeñitos *Dijo mi padre mientras nos acaraciaba la cabeza a ambos* -. Ok... *Dije un poco molesto por su acto anterior* deberías dejar de hacernos así, ya no somos unos niños... -. Lo sé, pero sin mis pequeñitos. -. Bueno, aunque antes tú eras incluso más pequeño que nosotros *Dijo David un poco molesto* -. Sí, pero eso fue antes de convertirme en esta bestia, les digo que cada día que pasa amo más este cuerpo y pensar que al principio estaba algo enojado jajá, me ha traído tanta alegría a la vida. -. Sí, se nota, eres incluso más feliz y empalagoso que antes. -. Es porque los quiero hijitos. -. Sí... Gracias... Luego de esa charla decidimos irnos a nuestra habitación a hacer tarea, mientras dejamos a nuestro padre viendo televisión. Luego de un rato decidimos ir a dormir, al estar en la cama, me propuse a echarle un último vistazo a la foto de papá. -. Dios, no puede ser, se ve tan rico... Ufff *Dije mientras una erección aparecía entre mis pantalones* pensar que esta en esta misma casa me exita mucho más... Bueno ya! Debo dejar de pensar en él, no es correcto, es mi papá. Apagué mi celular y decidí dormirme por una buena vez. Al día siguiente nos levantamos y fuimos a la cocina, ese día nadie tenía que ir a trabajar o a estudiar, así que bajamos sin preocupaciones, al entrar a la cocina el desayuno estaba listo y nos encontramos a mi padre realizando actividades que nunca había hecho antes, se encontraba limpiando la casa. -. Wow, papá, estás limpiando? *Dije mientras me sentaba para comer* -. Increíble *Exclamó David* -. Sí, jajá, les digo que este cuerpo me permite hacer muchas cosas, cosas que no podía hacer porque me cansaba mucho *Decía mi padre mientras levantaba el estante de libros de su lugar con mucha facilidad para poder limpiar debajo de el* Terminamos de desayunar mientras veíamos a nuestro padre limpiar como loco la casa, luego de eso decidimos ir a nuestro cuarto a jugar videojuegos un poco. -. Oye, al final del día no está tan mal esto de papá. *Dije mientras trataba de pasar este nivel con mi hermano* -. Sí, finalmente hace más cosas que ir a trabajar, comer, dormir y quejarse de todo, creo que no está mal después de todo. *Decía mi hermano* Jugamos por horas, hasta que llegó la hora de almorzar, fuimos y la comida estaba servida igual que en la mañana, pero mi padre no estaba por ningún lado, aunque no le dimos mucha importancia, terminamos de comer y nos quedamos viendo un rato el celular, hasta que otra notificación llegó a nuestros celulares, y como temíamos se trataba de la cuenta de nuestro padre otra vez. -. Oye, es papá... *Dije preocupado* -. Oh, no... Qué será esta vez... Entramos a la publicación, pensando que no podríamos encontrar algo más peor que lo de ayer, pero al parecer nos equivocamos. La publicación se trataba de nuestro padre otra vez, esta vez en video, mostrando su cara y dandose satisfacción asimismo, gimiendo como loco. No lo podíamos creer, había mostrado su enorme tranca a todo el internet, junto a su hermosa cara gimiendo y tocando los pezones de sus enormes pechos. El video mostraba los últimos segundos de su paja, hasta que explotó todo su semen. -. NO PUEDE SER! PERO QUE LE PASA!? *Exclamé enojado* -. Espera, de hace cuanto es el video? *Dijo mi hermano asustado* QUÉ HACE 10 SEGUNDOS!? Cruzamos miradas entre mi hermano y yo y decidimos ir a su habitación corriendo, al entrar lo encontramos lamiendo su calzoncillo lleno de semen. -. Papá! Pero qué haces!? *Dije furioso* -. Por qué publicaste esto, dijiste no lo harías más! *Dijo mi hermano que le mostró el video* -. A ver chicos, lo siento, se que dije eso, pero no pude evitarlo, la gente me pedía más y más, yo tenía que darles. -. Pero no tienes que publicar esas cosas! Encima sale tu rostro! Qué pasaría si los vecinos se enteran!? -. Acaso me importa? Soy un hombre de 48 años que ahora tiene un cuerpo de dioses, la gente me alava, y si los vecinos me ven de seguro lo harían. *Dijo mi padre tratando de convencernos* -. Esto ha ido demasiado lejos papá, no puedo creer que lo hicieras. *Dije furioso* -. Que decepción y vergüenza, pá. *Dijo mi hermano que también se encontraba en llamas por lo furioso que estaba* -. Ya callense, ustedes solo están celosos de mi increíble cuerpo, solo porque no fueron lo suficientemente inteligentes para esconder sus sueros de mi, están celosos de que yo, su viejo, consiga más likes en mis publicaciones *Dijo mi padre enojado* -. Ugh, no puede ser, pá, esto debe parar ya! -. Y qué vas a hacer? No creo que con tu cuerpo de débilucho puedas hacerme algo nunca, já. *Dijo mi padre burlándose de nosotros* -. Ugh... Ya verás... Nos fuimos con mi hermano hacia nuestra habitación, a pensar en algo para acabar con esto. -. Ugh, se ha convertido en un cabeza hueca, es increíble que tengamos a alguien como Brendan viviendo en nuestra casa. -. Lo sé, es un fastidio... Oye, mira *Dijo mi hermano mientras me mostraba su pantalla de computadora* ¡Es un succionado de testosterona! Aquí dice que esto quita cualquier tipo de testosterona artificial, da igual su potencia, es perfecto y está barato! -. Genial, cuantas unidades hay? -. A ver, busco... Solo hay uno, y es el que vimos... mierda. -. No todo está perdido, cuantas personas están viendo la publicación? -. Al parecer solo nosotros, genial! Muy bien, hay que comprarlo, aquí dice que viene a las 9 de la mañana, el día de mañana, qué bien! -. Lo dudo, jajá, uff, finalmente podremos volver a tener a nuestro bajito y calvo padre como antes *Exclamé contento* oye, por cierto como funciona eso? -. A ver, aquí dice que tienes que acostar al sujeto y aplicar los succionadores a sus pezones y pene, y esperar a que succione la testosterona por completo. -. Uff, pero como convenceremos a papá de hacer eso? -. A ver... Aquí, compraremos inyecciones tranquilizantes para osos, lo inyectamos sin que se de cuenta y le succionamos la testosterona! -. Genial, no puedo esperar para mañana! Contentos con nuestro descubrimiento, pasamos el día jugando videojuegos. Llegó la noche y la hora de dormir, ni siquiera bajamos a cenar por el enfado que teníamos, aunque yo sí salí al baño y llevé mis audífonos, no podía evitar ver el video de mi padre y no masturbarme, me exitaba mucho, así que decidí hacerme una paja con el video de mi padre, quizá estaba mal, pero era inevitable. Al regreso del baño, me encontré a mi hermano, en la puerta del baño con celular y audífonos también queriendo entrar y hacer lo que yo también hice, pero tampoco hicimos comentarios al respecto. El día domingo y esperado por nosotros llegó, el día en que nuestro padre regresaría por fin. -. Despierta Lucas! Ya es hora *Exclamó mi hermano* en una hora viene el repartidor! -. Genial, vamos, bajemos a comer algo. Bajamos a la cocina, al entrar, nos percatamos que el desayuno ya estaba hecho, lo comimos aunque aún siguiéramos enojados con él, el tiempo pasó y por fin llegó lo que esperábamos. Abrimos la puerta y recibimos los paquetes, sacamos todo y lo preparamos en la sala. -. Ok, este es el plan, tú le inyectas a papá cuando baje las escaleras, lo llevamos a la sala y le sacamos la testosterona, ok? *Dije mientras le daba la inyección a mi hermano* -. Ok... Pero uhh... Papá hoy nos dio fresa con cremas para el desayuno... Y eso... Nos da ganas de ir al baño... *Dijo mi hermano mientras se tocaba el estómago* -. Mierda, corre al baño! *Dije mientras corría hacia al baño más cercano y dejaba el papel donde anote el plan* Mientras tanto mi papá bajó las escaleras, buscandonos. -. Chicos? Ya se levantaron? Quería disculparme por lo que les dije ayer... No fue muy bueno de mi parte... Oigan, están en casa? *Dijo mi padre que nos buscaba en la cocina* Mientras nuestro padre nos hablaba, este se topó con la nota y los instrumentos que dejé en la mesa. -. Qué!? "Plan para volver a hacer a papá el cascarrabias calvo que era antes"? Ellos quieren volverme a hacer como antes!? Ugh, cómo se atreven!? Encima que me vengo a disculparme! *Dijo mi padre que veía el succionador* acaso con esto quieren sacarme el suero!? Pues no se los voy a permitir... Mientras tanto nosotros regresamos del baño y fuimos a la cocina para tomar los instrumentos, pero nos llevamos la sorpresa de que el succionador no estaba. -. Espera qué!? Dónde está el succionador!? *Dije con preocupación* -. Lo dejé aquí antes de irnos al baño. *Dijo mi hermano preocupado* De repente escuchamos un ruido de algo rompiéndose en la sala, corrimos para ver que era, no sin antes que David tomara la inyección por si acaso; al entrar a la sala vimos como mi padre destruía el succionador, lo estaba haciendo añicos. -. No! Papá detente! -. AGHH!! QUÉ CREYERON QUE NO ME IBA A DAR CUENTA!? NO VAN A CAMBIAR LA BESTIA QUE YA SOY!! Mi padre estaba furioso, tenía la misma cara que tenía la vez que rompió su sillón favorito, estábamos asustados otra vez. -. No papá, e-esto es un mal entendido-*Dije antes de ser interrumpido por este* -. Ya cállate!! No creas que soy un estúpido! Ustedes merecen un buen castigo de una buena vez por todas. *Dijo mi padre que se acercaba a mi* -. Oye papá, espera n-no... *Dije mientras mi papá me tenía acorralado y luego recordé la inyección que David tenía* David! Inyectalo! -. QUÉ!? *Gritó mi padre* De repente David salió detrás de mí padre e inyectó el tranquilizante. -. Mierda...AGGH!.. *Expresó mi padre que había sido inyectado* Pero fue en vano, el tranquilizante no le hizo nada. -. Ustedes creen que van a detener a un titan como yo!? Ustedes no necesitan un simple castigo!! Ustedes necesitan más que eso, ustedes necesitan un poco de verga, hijos de puta. -. E-espera, papá sueltanos, a dónde nos llevas? *Exclamabamos ambos* Mi padre nos tomó y nos puso sobre sus hombros, nos dirijió hacia su cuarto, donde con sus palabras, ya sabíamos que era lo que nos iba a hacer. -. Papá, espera, qué haces? D-detente. -. Callense cabrones, ¡dejen de hablar¡ *Dijo mi padre furioso* A ver pendejos, pónganse de rodillas. -. P-pero... -. DE RODILLAS! Sin ninguna otra opción nos pusimos de rodillas ante la semejante bestia que era mi padre, que posteriormente bajó sus shorts junto a sus calzoncillos y liberó a su enorme trozo que colgaba entre sus piernas. -. Comiencen a chupar pendejos... QUE COMIENCEN YA! Intercambiamos miradas otra vez mi hermano y yo, sabíamos que debíamos hacerlo y que en el fondo deseábamos esto, así que comenzamos a lamer su enorme verga, nuestras lenguas se cruzaban, nunca había sentido la necesidad de besar a mi hermano, pero si lo habíamos pensado unas cuantas veces, pero esta vez la verga de mi papá hacía que esto sucediera, se notaba que deseábamos a nuestro papá, se notaba que nos pajeabamos con sus fotos, este último lo sabía, comenzamos a turnarnos para llenar de nuestra saliba la enorme tranca de papá. -. Mierda cabrones, ustedes no saben hacer mamadas, dejen que les ayude. Posteriormente papá nos tomó de la cabeza e intercambiaba con cada uno de nosotros para chuparsela entera o hasta donde nuestra garganta nos lo permitiera. -. Que rica boquita tienen, uff que rico...ahora vamos con lo más rico, subanse a la cama pendejos. Papá nos tomó del cuello de nuestras camisas y nos aventó bruscamente a su cama estábamos acostados esperando su siguiente acción de la que nos hacíamos una idea de lo que sería y de repente comenzó a romper nuestros pantalones y ropa interior, quedamos al descubierto, solo con nuestras camisas para posteriormente comenzar a besarnos, sentíamos un calor profundo, al tocar la lengua de papá con nuestras propias lenguas, se sentía estupendo, podía olfatear su olor a macho cada vez que se acercaba a mi para besarme, me encantaba. Luego de unos apasionados besos papá nos empujó, nos dió la vuelta y nos dejó de espaldas. A ver putos, levanten ese culo rico, ya llegó la verga que tanto esperaban. Hicimos lo que papá nos ordenaba y posteriormente papá escupió dos dedos de cada mano y comenzó a frotarlos por nuestros agujeros, sentíamos cosquilleos al sentirlos y aunque eran solo dos dedos, estos no eran pequeños, eran de la mano de esta bestia sexual que ahora es mi padre. Luego de un poco de roces comenzó a introducir lentamente sus dedos en nuestros anos. -. Ayyy... P-papá... S-somos vírgenes aún, ten cuidado... *Dije entre gemidos* -. Papá... N-nunca hemos hecho esto... *Decía David entre gemidos también* -. Descuiden, tienen suerte de que yo sea el que los desvirgue cabrones, yo creo que ya están listos. Papá nos volvió a dar la vuelta y nos dejó con nuestros culos levantados para poder apreciar a ese macho dándonos toda su hombría, dió un escupitajo a su verga para poder lubricarla y comenzó a masturbarse un poco, papá tenía otro tipo de mirada que nunca había visto antes, no era de enojo ni de otro tipo, esta mirada era la de una bestia sexual, como la de un depredador a su presa y se notaba que nosotros éramos las presas de papá. -. A ver putos, quien va primero... *Decía mi papá con su verga en mano* yo creo que tú David jajá. Papá tomó a David lo abrió y comenzó a meterle su enorme tranca, David se retorcía por el dolor y el placer que le causaba esto y yo no tenía otra opción más que masturbarme viéndolos. -. Uff que apretadito David, te estan temblando las piernas, UFFF... SIIIII... QUE RICO.... *Gemia mi padre con cada metida de pene que este le daba a mi hermano* -. Aaaaaghhh!!! Papá... Duele.... Aghh... -. Cállate cabrón!! Aguantame pendejo... Papá se follaba a David muy bruscamente y antes de venirse sacó su verga, me vio a los ojos y me jaló hacia a él. -. Ahora tú turno puto, prepárate para sentir a tu papá el macho a toda potencia. Papá tomó su tranca y le la introdujo en mi agujero, sentí algo que nunca había sentido en mi vida, una mezcla de satisfacción y dolor, me exitaban mucho que mi padre me estuviera cogiendo ahorita. -. Estas apretado más que tu hermano, ... QUÉ RICO JAJA! AGHHH UFFFF, no cabron... Agh... Me vas a hacer venir. -. Ayy... Papá... Uff... C-con cuidado... Agggh! -. Jajá, callate, Agh, di que te gusta mi verga puto! -. Me gusta tu verga... AGHHH!! -. Gime, dime papi y gime perra... DIOS QUE DELICIOSO ESTÁS... -. AGHHH... p-papi... Papi... UFFFF... Papá siguió así por un rato, mientras mi hermano se masturbaba acostado aún gracias a la cogida que le había dado papá y nos estaba viendo, luego de un buen rato de metida de verga, noté que finalmente papá se iba a venir gracias a su expresión, así que sacó su verga y se puso frente a nosotros, nos juntó y pidió que abrieramos la boca. -. AGHHH ME VENGO PUTOS ABRAN BIEN LA BOCA... AGGHHH... UFFFF... TRAGENSELO. Chorros de semen salían de la verga de mi padre y caían en nuestra boca, cara y camisa, nos dejó empapados, pero nos sentíamos muy complacidos por tener ese momento de placer con la bestia. Luego de la gran venida de nuestro padre, este último cayó a la cama rendido luego de habernos dado toda su leche, nos abrazaba a los dos, uno en cada brazo, podía oler toda su hombría, toda su testosterona, se sentía fenomenal. -. Uff... Eso... Eso fue muy bueno jajá... *Decía mi padre algo exhausto* siento haberles hecho esto chicos... Creo que esta vez me pasé, pero la verdad estaba enojado y también tenía muchas ganas de coger, no había cogido con nadie aún y ustedes estaban aquí, así que sucedió, pero igual lo siento mis lindos. -. Descuida papá... *Dije con demasiado cansancio* nos encantó, la verdad... Nos exitaban verte, saber que teníamos una bestia musculosa, nos volvía locos. -. Sí... Estuvo fantástico, y perdona también por hacerte enojar... *Dijo mi hermano que casi yacía en la cama* -. No, no se disculpen chicos, de seguro los asuste, eh? -. Sí... Pá, pensaba que nos ibas a golpear o algo. *Dijo mi hermano* -. No, nunca los golpearía, ustedes son lo que más amo en la vida, al contrario, quiero protegerlos.... Es solo que... Siempre he querido que algo bueno me pasara estos últimos años... *Dijo mi padre con tono serio* -. A qué te refieres? *Pregunté* -. Bueno, desde que soy niño , nunca tuve una vida escolar buena, a diferencia de ustedes nunca fui el inteligente ni me daban premios, nunca fui bueno en nada y los chicos se burlaban de mi y duró así hasta la universidad, y siempre fue porque era un débilucho, luego de acabar la universidad pensé que todo terminaría, pero en mis trabajos era igual, daba igual que tuviera muchos estudios, la gente se aprovechaba de mi; cuando conocí a su madre pensé que mejoraría pero conoció a un hombre mejor que yo y nos dejó, y tuve que trabajar arduamente en la empresa por 10 años para que no les faltara nada y nunca me ascendían, pensé que así sería toda mi vida, 48 años iguales, hasta que me convertí en esta bestia todo me ha ido mejor, la gente me nota gracias a mis publicaciones, quiere estar conmigo, me presta atención, todo me va bien, como siempre quise y hoy cuando me enteré que querían regresarme a mi cuerpo original, entré en pánico y me enojé mucho... No quiero regresar a ser el insignificante que era antes, me gusta ser la bestia que soy ahora, y me disculpo por si no les gusta, pero a mi me encanta ser así... Luego de escuchar sobre el triste pasado de mi padre, crucé miradas con mi hermano y sabíamos que el se merecía esto, que merecía tener este cuerpo más que nosotros, nosotros solo queríamos darles una lección a los bullies de la universidad que eran las primeras personas en hacernos sentir mal por ser inteligentes, pero papá sufrió toda su vida estudiantil y laboral, nosotros por lo menos siempre seremos reconocidos por nuestra inteligencia, sabíamos que deberíamos dejarlo disfrutar lo que no pudo disfrutar en su vida. -. Papá, no te preocupes... Entendemos... Disfruta de tu cuerpo... *Dijo mi hermano David mientras sobaba el brazote de papá* -. Sí, pá... Pero ten cuidado, ok? Tú también eres importante para nosotros... *Dije para posteriormente besar el brazo de papá* -. Gracias mis chicos, los amo, les juro que los voy a proteger, denle un beso a su viejo! Vamos!... Eh... Chicos...? Papá hablaba mientras nosotros nos habíamos quedado dormidos, este último solo sonrió y se quedó a dormir con nosotros, nos pasamos la tarde así, hasta 6 de la tarde, cuando papá nos hiso una cena exquisita, comimos, nos bañamos y decidimos irnos a dormir, dormíamos como bebés abrazado de nuestro padre. Al siguiente día nos despertamos, cambiamos, desayunamos y papá nos llevó a la universidad, llegando a esta se encontraba Brendan, nuestro bravucón de siempre. -. Ugh... Brendan está ahí... Mierda... *Dije enojado* -. No sé si debíamos entrar a la escuela. *Dijo mi hermano asustado* Brendan se encontraba molestando a un chico de otra clase, parecía que iba a golpearlo ahora, no creíamos que algo lo pudiera salvar. -. Quién es él? *Preguntó papá* -. Él es el bullie de la escuela... El molesta a todos los chicos más débiles que él... Él es la razón por la que queríamos tener un mejor cuerpo... Queríamos que dejara de molestarnos, porque está en nuestra clase y siempre nos molesta... -. Enserio!? Bueno... Pues va a aprender que no debe meterse con ustedes y con nadie, es hora de darle una lección a ese estúpido. *Dijo mi padre con mucha seriedad, para posteriormente salir y azotar la puerta del auto* Papá se veía enojado, salimos detrás de él para ver que iba a ser, llegó y se acercó a Brendan y comenzó a hablarle. -. Hey! Quién te crees que eres!? *Preguntó furioso mi padre* -. Usted quien es- Ou... *Dijo Brendan mientras se daba la vuelta viendo la inmensidad de nuestro papá* -. Soy el que te va a mostrar a respetar, jajá. *Dijo mi padre, con tono burlón* Posteriormente papá lo tomó entre sus brazos y comenzó a sobar bruscamente su cabeza con sus nudillos, se notaba que incomodaba mucho a Brendan, pero ese solo era el principio, papá prosiguió a sentarse en una banca y le bajó los pantalones y comenzó a nalguear lo fuertemente en frente de todos. Todos los chicos de la universidad comenzaron a burlarse de él, Brendan solo pedía parar a cada rato, pero papá no sé veía que quería parar. -. Quieres que pare? Pues bueno, voy a parar pero no me voy a ir sin hacerte...¡UN CALZONCHINO! *Dijo papá riendose* Papa subió a Brendan a un árbol y lo dejó colgando de sus calzoncillos ahí, todos nos reíamos, estábamos tan felices que alguien le diera su merecido al fin, papá solo nos guiñó el ojo, estábamos tan felices. -. Wow papá, gracias, estuviste increíble *Dije entusiasmado* -. Estamos muy orgullosos de ti *Dijo mi hermano feliz* -. Gracias campeones, recuerden que nadie los va a molestar mientras yo esté con ustedes; ahora vayan a estudiar, los veo luego. La campana sonó y todos entramos a clase, luego de habernos reído de Brendan que seguía colgado por un tiempo, luego la rama se rompió y calló sobre un charco, se notaba que había aprendido la lección y se fue a casa, las clases terminaron así que también nos fuimos a casa, donde papá nos esperaba con otra cena riquísima y que sabíamos que no era la última. El tiempo pasó y papá comenzó a ir al gimnasio para mantenerse y expandir más su fuerza, su barba también crecía, y no solo eso, fue ascendido nuevamente a jefe de contabilidad, le estaba yendo muy bien. Nosotros comenzamos a ir al gimnasio con él, obviamente nos tomará mucho o quizá nunca lleguemos a estar como él, pero nos ha servido mucho, hay gente que quiere salir con nosotros. La verdad es que nos está yendo muy bien a todos y nunca nos habíamos sentido más unidos con mi padre, no nos arrepentiremos de su cambio nunca más, y pensar que todo esto comenzó por querer defendernos de los bullies y terminó con nuestra familia más unida. Fin. ___________________________________________ Y así termina la historia, espero y les haya gustado y disculpen si encuentran algunos errores ya que es la más larga que he hecho hasta el momento , ya estoy planeando otras historias, aunque quizá sean más cortas que está. Gracias por leer.
  5. Dedicated to all the big fat musclepiggys out there and their musclebros! Hunter's Moon by bjort Beef was excited. He could feel the anticipation growing in his mind and his muscles and in his cock as he sat in a First-Class seat west bound. It was hunting season! And that meant he would soon rendezvous with his hunting partner and brother-in-muscle, Brick. He could not wait! Brick was on a similar jet at this minute. He had been away on business for several weeks and they had arranged to meet this way when they had planned their annual hunting trip. They would meet up at the airline's hub and fly on to their destination together, also in First Class as befitted a pair of massive muscle studs. Beef wasn't sure either of them could ever squeeze into what passed for a seat in Coach again! Beef had missed Brick for the weeks his muscle partner had been away. He smiled to imagine how much they had both grown since Brick had made him one of the Brotherhood almost exactly one year ago. He absently stroked his bulging pec and hardening nipple as he thought of the muscleman he had become and thanked providence for the 10,000th time that Brick had found him. It had been an ordinary August weeknight in the gym, rainy and kinda slow. Beef wasn't even called Beef then. He had always loved muscle--been obsessed with it since he could remember really. He had finally decided to do something about it, at least as far as his own body was concerned. He had always exercised from college on, but never gained much real muscle. As muscle lust grew in him over the years, he read up on weight training and joined a convenient gym with good equipment and a minimum of annoying attitude. He had been at it for a couple of years and made some decent gains. He had not, however, gone nearly as far as his burning desire for muscle demanded. He was consumed by thoughts of becoming huge. He wanted others to admire his bulging muscles and strength. He also slowly came to understand that he desired men with muscle--to worship them and to share their masculine power. Thoughts of muscle had occupied his waking hours, almost to the exclusion of everything else. Something held him back around the few true musclemen that frequented his gym though--a fear of rejection or worse, and also a feeling of not being worthy of the attention of men whom he had idolized since first discovering bodybuilding on TV as a child. On this rainy night all that changed. The gym was nearly empty. Beef had just started his workout when he heard a deep voice behind him say "mind spotting me on the bench bro?" He turned and there was Brick--280 pounds of bald hot bear muscle in a stringer and a tight pair of shorts that left very little to the imagination. Beef's brain froze as he stood and ogled in fairly awkward silence. "Yo! Dude? A spot?" The muscle god repeated with just a hint of amusement in his voice, as if he knew the effect his presence was having on Beef's muscle addled brain. "Uhhh sure thing!" said Beef suddenly like an overeager puppy, holding out is hand. "Lead the way big guy!" "You can call me Brick." He said taking Beef's hand and clasping him hard on the shoulder with the other. "And I think I will call you Beef cuz you got some nice meat going on their buddy". As they walked toward the bench Beef new muscle buddy put his arm across Beef's shoulders in a bro hug, all the while keeping his other hand firmly clasped in Beef's. Beef blushed and felt a strange giddiness in his gut and brain. He had never been praised for his muscle before, let alone by a stud like this, ever! Brick smiled and muttered to himself "Oh yeah, prime alpha material…" Beef wondered at that but was too excited to be with this super stud to think much. "Ok Brick" Beef said in an excited voice "Let's lift!" It was an epic workout. They worked chest and shoulders alternately. Brick pushed Beef to new personal records on every exercise and Beef did the same for his new lifting buddy. Beef marveled at Bricks thick solid muscles and had to force himself not to stare, and not to get hard, watching this gorgeous stud pump up. Each time he spotted Brick on bench press he was mesmerized by the rise and fall of his magnificent pecs. Even more difficult, when he was being spotted Brick positioned himself so Beef had an amazing view of his thick quads and his ample package, which if Beef was not mistaken was also sporting half a stiffy! After a workout like no other in his life, Brick finally patted Beef on the shoulder and said, "Ok tiger that's a damn good workout, let's see how we pumped up." He pointed to the locker room and gave Beef a nudge. In they strode and took up side by side positions in front to full length mirrors. Beef made as if to strike a pose, but Brick stopped him. "No way buddy, we are gonna get a proper look at the Beef. Off with that baggy ass shirt." Beef gaped. He had never taken his shirt off in the gym before, let alone in front of a muscleman like Brick. He blushed a deep crimson. "Ah c'mon Beef, show Brick what you got muscleman." He whispered as he leaned over and gave Beef's pec and slight squeeze and his hardening nipple a light teasing brush. Sparks ran up and down Beef's spine and straight to his cock which started to stand straight up! Off came the shirt, followed by Bricks own stringer. Poses followed--side chest, double bi, back double bi and face to face most musculars which bought low growls from both men. They didn't care if anyone else was watching (which they weren't as gym was nearly empty) or for anything else in the world at that point. They were muscle brothers reveling in the afterglow of an awesome workout and a great pump. As they faced front again Brick slid around behind Beef and put his hands on the smaller man's shoulders. "You see this muscle you have Beef?" He asked squeezing it gently. "Yeeesss" Beef whispered, enthralled by Brick's electric touch. Brick moved closer pressing his hard bulging muscles against Beef's back. "Do you feel the power and potential in these muscles?" he asked moving his hands around to stroke Beef's pumped pecs and fully erect nips. "Ohhhh fuuuuck yeeeesss Brick." He whispered in growing ecstasy. He could feel Bricks warm breath on his neck, and he nuzzled Beef traps and shoulders and pressed his hardening cock into Beef's tight muscular ass. Brick turned Beef around to face him, looking deep into his eyes. "I can feel your desire Beef. I felt it from a great long way off." He raised one of his bulging arms and flexed. "You have wanted this for a long time, haven’t you?" Beef buried his face in the proffered arm and said, "Yes Brick, for oh so long." Brick raised Beef's face up and gave him the most passionate kiss he had ever had. "You got it muscleman. I am going to make you a muscle brother." Beef was dizzy with it all- swept off his feet. "But?" he stammered. "No time for butts except this one." Brick said squeezing Beef's ass playfully. "C'mon, let's get cleaned up and get a late supper. I will answer all your questions. We have two months before the Hunter's Moon. Make sure your calendar is clear for the second week in October. We are going to Minnesota." ************** Beef awoke to the announcement that they were on final approach to the airline's hub. He had been dreaming of that magical Hunter's moon the previous October when he had been hunted by his massive muscle lover in the north woods on Minnesota. He raised his seat back and buckled his seat belt around his tight waist. As he caressed his hard and deep cut abs, he felt a judder of excitement travel through him and he knew that could only mean one thing. His muscle brother and partner was near and they were going hunting together for the first time! 20 minutes later Beef entered the airline's club for high end passengers. He and Brick always flew First as there was really no choice. They were just too damn big to fly coach anymore, especially given the way the airlines had shrunk the space allotted to a coach passenger to the equivalent of a postage stamp. What with Brick traveling a ton for work, they had plenty of miles racked up for perks like the ultra deluxe lounge at the airline hub. The attendant took Beef's carry on and jacket as Beef immediately spotted his massive super stud partner in an oversized armchair by the bar. Honestly, it was the only place that would hold his giant frame and humongous muscles. Beef broke into a huge smile as Brick put down his drink and rose to his fill height to greet him. Brick was massive, at 6'5" and 360 pounds with a shaved head and granite jaw he cast a very imposing appearance indeed! They bear hugged and Brick gave a low growl. "Fuck it's good to see your Beefy stud. I think you have muscled up some in the last six weeks." Beef flexed his 6'4" 310-pound frame and growled back "Goddamn right Brickhouse." His nipples immediately hardened, brushing against his shirt material as his mighty slabs of bulging pec meat rose, straining material and buttons alike. "Mmmmmm, with you on the road Behemoth I didn't have much to do but lift like a mad man and jerk off thinking about you and hunting season." Beef whispered. Brick broke the hug and brought his massive bear paws around to squeeze his partner's rising and falling chest. They both thrust their hips slightly forward and felt their cocks greet each other through bulging pants. Brick gave his muscle lover a quick kiss and then asked "We got time. Wanna go for some quick fun in the can?" Beef gave a grunt and grinned. "Do muscle bears fuck in the woods? Let's go." A minute and a half later the two muscle gods were locked in a nicely appointed private men's room in another strong bear hug sharing a much more passionate kiss. "Damn I missed you babe!" said Beef as he gingerly unbuttoned his larger lover's shirt being careful not to muss it too much. They needed to look presentable for their next flight, after all. "Oh god me too!" said Brick struggling to peel his tight wife beater off his 360-pound frame. Brick chuckled, which made Beef's still imprisoned manhood twitch. "Help me off with this damn thing will ya Alpha stud?" That name also made Beef's cock push against his pants. It meant that Brick was in worshiping mode, and there was nothing in the entire sweet masculine universe that Beef liked more that to be worshiped as the muscle god he had become by the giant beast that had made him into one! Beef freed his partner of his undershirt, asking "Why the hell do you still wear these things babe?" Brick answered, "Force of habit." and grinned as they both tried together to free Brick from the ridiculously tight undergarment. "Looks like someone else blew up a bit in the last six weeks! Yum!!!" Beef exclaimed. “Fuck Brickhouse! Dunno if these things even come bigger than 8xl. It’s a mess! Let me toss it?" Brick blushed. "You just wanna see my nips get all perky under my shirt, ya big perv." He was surprisingly modest for such a massive muscle stud--as opposed to Beef who had become the quintessential cocky dom. Brick was right in that Beef loved to show off and never wore undershirts so that his nipples would stiffen when the fabric of his regular dress shirts rubbed against them. Beef liked to give the passers by a show, which is also why he almost always carried rather than wore his jacket. "Ok Alpha stud, go ahead." Brick said as he turned and appraised himself in the full-length mirror like a stock judge looking over a prime bull. Beef yipped with glee and tossed the shirt into the waste basket, turning quickly to survey the mountain of muscle in front of him. Damn, if Brick wanted, he could easily shred and kick everyone's ass on any bodybuilding stage, including the Olympia. But it was just not in him to put on skimpy posers and fake tan and work it in front of a crowded auditorium under hot lights. Not to mention that display of that sort was strictly outlawed by the Brotherhood. "I think I have gained a bit of muscle, as much as hotel gyms and bad food would allow babe." he said raising his arms into one of the most spectacular double biceps poses Beef had ever ogled. Beef ran his hands over bulging mountains that put Everest to shame and whistled with appreciation. Brick turned and reached for Beef's blue Oxford cloth shirt, already showing a pair of very perky nips. "C ‘mere Alpha, I need to see what you have done in the last six weeks." Brick careful unbuttoned and removed the shirt, being sure to tease Beef's already semi-hard nipples until they looked like two missiles emerging from their silos. "Ohhhhh baby!" Beef moaned. "Careful with those nips or you will have me jizzing in my pants… and what would the first-class crew think of that!?" Brick grinned and pressed his crotch into Beef's rapidly hardening and lengthening rod. "Well, they would likely want some and you are all mine Alpha stud! GRRRRR!!!" Shirt and two pairs of trouser were quickly set aside revealing massive bulges, Beef's about to burst out of dazzling hunter green camo posers and Brick's filling out a very hot looking wet look poser in a more traditional camo pattern. Brick wolf whistled "Damn! lookee that huge package all done up for your first-time hunting babe!!!" Brick reached down and stroked his lover's shimmering green clad monster, already straining to escape. Beef moaned and looked down at Bricks sizable and expanding bulge. "Awwwww, that's the same type of camo you wore last year for turning me in Minnesota! You are such a huge sentimental muscle beast!" Brick blushed in completely cute way that should have been impossible for such a huge and imposing looking stud. "These are new, the old ones…" Beef kissed him, interrupting the thought and then said, "I remember lover, now come worship your Alpha before I cream in my new camos!" More passionate kisses ensued which quickly evolved into Brick making his way down Beef's incredible muscle packed torso, nuzzling traps then spending time tongue teasing and squeezing his tremendous pecs and iron hard bullet nipples. "DAAAAAAMN, I have missed you big Brickhouse!!!" Beef moaned as his cock, completely hardwired to his chest and nips, rose to its full thick magnificence. Brick took to his knees, making sure to give proper service to each of Beef's eight pack abs, before landing at the base of his cock. "I have missed you too Alpha stud! Been thinking about nothing but worshiping you and sucking your giant cock and hunting with you for weeks!" As Brick began to stroke and suck Beef with the gusto of a condemned man given his last meal and a reprieve, Beef bent over and kissed the top of his super lover's head and ran his eager hands over his incredible traps, shoulders and arms, which Brick raised into another double biceps pose. Brick began to moan in ecstasy! Nothing made him harder and more excited than the look and feel of his muscle lover's bulging biceps flexing--and Brick new it. "YEEEAAAHHH MUSCLEMAN, YOUR ALPHASTUD IS GONNA CUM FOR YOUUUUUUU!!!" Buckets of pent up jizz spurted from Beef's big cock. Brick swallowed savoring the taste and power of his super stud lover, then eagerly released Beef's dick and rubbed it, still erupting like Mauna Kea, over his biceps and chest--which spurred Beef to produce even more cum. "Oh, fuck you taste like water in the desert baby." said Brick as he raised his head in time to receive another passionate kiss. Beef agreed. He loved the taste of his own manhood on his lover's lips and felt the electric thrill of their brotherly union every time they shared it. Brick rose and they lingered in each other's arms, running hand over each other and savoring slow luscious kisses and the intoxicating scent of their combined ultra-manhood. Finally, Brick looked at his watch. "C'mon babe. no time for more, we have just enough time to get cleaned up before our flight." ****************** They settled into their seats for the last leg of their journey just as the door was being closed for departure. Brick had been correct in that any additional fun in the First-Class lounge would have made them miss their flight. As it was, they arrived looking quite respectable with only the slight aroma of fresh man sex and testosterone laden sweat lingering about them. Both men were smiling to beat the band about being with each other again and could already feel the rising thrill of the pending hunt sparking between them. They were also both still semi- hard, an effect which Beef was sure was not lost on the crew and a few of their fellow passengers who gave looks mostly ranging from appreciative to downright lustful. Damn Beef loved being the object of this attention, and it always amused him that Brick was not nearly as fond of public display of muscle and male power as he was. "Different strokes" he thought as he squeezed his lover's giant hand as they took off. When the seat belt sign was turned off drinks and snacks were forthcoming, brought by a very cute and eager steward. As the couple settled in for the relatively short flight to their final destination Brick asked, "So what can you tell me about the prey?" Beef looked at Brick and saw a flash in his deep chocolate eyes that Beef was sure was fired right back from his own hazel gaze. They could both feel the hunt and the Hunter's moon calling them and the excitement level was already palpable for both. "Ahhhh Piggy…" said Beef to himself thinking of their target for the pending hunt. "Piggy? Really?" asked Brick. "That seems kind of mean Beefy…" Brick was such a kindhearted soul under that intimidating man mountain exterior, and Beef smiled broadly at his lover. "He named himself babe, and he is not wrong. He is physically huge, 450 pounds of fluff on a big solid frame! And he is a self-proclaimed Muscle pig. He lives eats and breaths men with muscle. He wants to be with us and one of us so badly babe you can feel it through the screen when we chat." Brick looked intrigued. "We have never hunted someone that big before. I didn't realize it just from the posts online." Beef smiled again, "He is very self conscious and hides it in what he posts, mostly. He says his people wear their fat well! I got him to open up." It was Brick's turn to smile. No one could turn on and reassure a would be worshiper like his Alpha stud, and Beef had been working on Piggy for a good long while. "I can taste him from long distance Brickhouse and this is going to be epic! You felt it when you just skyped to say hello, and you were a few hundred miles away." It was true. Brick had recently been on a quick layover in a major city a few hundred miles from their present destination, when Beef had asked him to join a three way skype. It was all very polite and friendly with Beef doing much of the talking, but Brick had gotten the sense that this guy they were talking too was ideal for the hunt. He said it felt like the vibes were coming right through his laptop and it had made him even less talkative than usual. It had also made him horny as hell! "So what do you think the results will be?" Beef asked Brick. "Dunno muscle stud, no one has ever hunted anyone that big, or, according to the Brotherhood, anyone who gave that much muscle vibe before." Said Beef. "I checked." Brick smiled at this. "Not even you ya big Alpha stud?" "Nope, my record is shattered." Said Beef with a mock frown and leaned his head against Brick's enormous shoulder and pec. Just then the steward came with a second round of drinks and let them know that they would be landing at their destination in about 20 minutes. "Well, Fuckin' A Beefy!" said Brick raising his glass to his muscle lover, "Here's to Piggy hunting!" ********************* A while later the gigantic couple collected their bags from the luggage carousel and headed out into a clear crisp fall afternoon. They could smell mountain pine and a hint of wood smoke as Beef checked his phone. "Piggy will be here in a minute." "How will we recognize him?" asked Brick. "Well, I doubt there will be too many other 450 lb dudes pulling up in the next while." Said Beef with a smile drawing in a deep breath. "But I can sense him from here!" Brick followed suit and shut his eyes. A jolt of energy hit him, shooting through his muscles. Brick stretched and said "Mmmmmm delicious!" Beef savored the feeling too and felt his big pants bulge twitch in anticipation of the night to come. "Easy big guy." He said to himself as Brick looked down in admiration. "All things in their proper time…" Brick grinned. "Damn right Beefy, no shows for the passersby." Just then a massive extended cab 4x4 pick up hove into view and stopped right in front of them. "Oh yeah, Piggy also drives a massive truck." Said Beef giggling. Sure enough their intended prey emerged from the driver's side of the truck and maneuvered around toward the two musclemen. Piggy was indeed huge. About 6' 2" and very big all over. Brick could see what he meant that he carried his fat well, but even with loose cloths and a plaid flannel over shirt there was no escaping the size of Piggy's gut, legs and ass. He was wicked fat. His face was not unhandsome, with close cropped blonde going salt and pepper hair and blue eyes. As he approached the pair, he suddenly came up short, blue eyes flashing and nearly bugging out of their sockets. He reached out as if the steady himself and managed to choke out only a hoarse "Wow!" Brick, being nearest, lunged forward and grabbed the swooning Piggy by the shoulder, feeling the solid foundation lurking under the fat and receiving another stronger charge of that mystical muscle energy he had been catching whiffs of for a while. "Wow yourself big guy." Brick said in a kindly low voice. "You ok?" Piggy steadied himself, giving Brick's massive arm a definite and appreciative squeeze, righted himself, and stared bashfully at the ground. "Dammit! I had all kinds of clever introduction lines thought up for this moment, an all I can do is get dizzy and say "Wow"…. Sheesh!" He blushed red and then looking back up at Brick said, "Thanks super stud." Brick smiled, squeezed back and whispered "My pleasure Piggy. I felt it too." Piggy beamed and Beef put his arm around Piggy's other shoulder, immediately savoring the energy that both Brick and Piggy were enjoying. "And how about a little musclebro hug for the Beefster?" "Of course, Beef!" chirped Piggy and they were suddenly engulfed in a three way bro hug on the side walk, each feeling the energy growing between them and grinning like idiots. Piggy murmured "Damn I can't believe my muscle gods are here, and hugging me, and it feels sooooo goooooood, and oh shit you guys smell awesome too…" A few of the other travelers were starting to stare at this massive man huddle, so Beef exerted significant self discipline and broke it off saying "C'mon dudes or we will make a serious spectacle of our selves!" All three adjusted themselves and proceeded to put the baggage in the back of the truck. Piggy took the wheel while Brick took shotgun and Beef stretched out in the very ample back seat. "Nice ride Piggy." Beef said as they left the airport access and moved onto a freeway. "Big rigs for big dudes." laughed Piggy as he jiggled his big gut with his free hand. Brick smiled at this "Works for all of us big dudes!" he said and flexed the arm nearest Piggy for emphasis. Once again that jolt of energy surged through all three of them! Beef reached over the seat back and gave his partner an appreciative squeeze while stroking his pec with is other hand “Mmmmm!" he murmured. "Shit fellas!" exclaimed Piggy as he jerked his gaze back to the road. "Ease off before I hit something from distraction, and we don't get there at all!" They all laughed at this, and Beef withdrew to the back seat. "So, what's the plan Piggy?" Brick asked trying to divert the conversation from the obvious. "Are we headed back to your place?" Piggy grinned. "Kinda Brick. We are gonna drive up into the mountains a bit and stop at my favorite old school roadhouse. I hope you studs like steaks!" Brick smiled back "Actually I'm Vegan buddy." He said in a serious sounding tone. Piggy goggled and looked crestfallen. "Oh…uh…" Both of the muscle hunks laughed together. "Don't buy any of the Brickhouse's bullshit Pigster, he could eat the whole damn cow in one sitting, and you would need another for me!" It was Piggy's turn to laugh! "Fuckers!" he said with a gigantic look of relief and happiness on his face. "Oh, you have no idea buddy, and we both could definitely do with a good meal under our belts." said Beef giving Brick a knowing look. "That is perfect because they have the best Prime Rib anywhere and tonight is Prime Rib night. We should get there right at suppertime." It was a lovely fall afternoon, mild with just a hint of briskness in the air. "Will we be coming back to town after?" asked Beef, thinking about moon rise. "Oh no." said Piggy "the family cabin in on a lake very near there. Indian Summer is the best time of year to be there, no one around and the aspens turning color, so I thought we would stay up there. I have been there getting it ready." He smiled again. "Sound good?" Piggy asked hopefully. "Do big muscle bears play in the woods Piggy?" exclaimed Brick “Damn well sounds perfect!" "Hell yeah!" said Beef and they all laughed again. They drove along winding a mountain highway as the afternoon mellowed into evening, chatting like old friends who had not seen each other in a long time. As it got toward evening, they pulled off the highway in front of an log building with an old school neon sign in front complete with martini glass. The place was done up in mountain rustic with heavy log furniture and a large stone fireplace with a cheery fire going in it. They were seated at once by a waitress that seemed to know Piggy and before long, they were having at glorious rare Prime Rib with all the fixings and a very complimentary red wine. "The family that has owned this place for ever… started out with vineyards in the Sonoma Valley, so the wine has always been as good as the beef” Beef and Brick smiled and Beef said "Mmmmm…. Beeeeef…" in his best Homer Simpson voice while bouncing his pecs in appreciation. Brick asked, "They seem to know you here Piggy, have you been coming here long?" "All my life." Said Piggy. "My great granddad logged up here when he was young and later on built one of the first summer cabins on the lake just up the road a piece. We always came here during our time at the cabin." They eventually emerged from the roadhouse very happy and full, but unusually for Piggy anyway, not sleepy. This was a surprise as they had not even had coffee. They piled into the truck as the light was getting softer and the smell of wood smoke added to the feeling of autumn mellowness surrounding them. They drove further along the highway for a few miles and then turned onto a well-maintained gravel road. Some way along they came to an automatic gate with Piggy activated from his phone. They drove on and eventually began to curve along the shore of a beautiful alpine lake, passing occasional cabins which all appeared to be closed up. At the end of the road, they came to a short driveway which curved toward a small cove with a beach. Nestled in the trees near a rocky point on the far side of the cove they came to a large and sturdy looking log structure--much more a house than a "cabin". "Well, here we are." said Piggy as they parked and began to unload. They went up a short flight of steps onto a wide shone porch overlooking the lake. Beef and Brick both stopped and starred at the stunning alpine view. Beef gave a whistle "Damn this is prime Piggy!" Brick just stared. The early evening sun was shimmering off the lake and the enticing small of pine trees and wood smoke tinged the air. "Benefits of being the first ones to stake out a building site." Said Piggy. "Great grandpa's company acquired the land way back and put in the road when the all-weather highway was built during the Depression. He and Grandpa built the cabin during the summers with some of the other loggers when times were slack, and the men needed work. “ Brick stomped his massive leg on the porch floor. "Looks damn solid. Perfect for big guys." Piggy blushed. "Yeah, big runs in the family." He said quietly with a tinge of embarrassment. He quickly moved to the big front door and opened it. "C'mon in." They entered a large main room with a beam ceiling. It was finished in knotty pine and had a log staircase to one side going up to a second floor. Opposite was a large stone fireplace with a banked fire already going. The room was furnished in old rustic casual with large substantial furniture. There were several bookshelves and a bar flanking large windows that overlooked the lake and French doors next to the fireplace that lead out onto a side deck. To the rear of the big room was a dining area with a very large table. Doors lead off from beyond the stairs to what was presumably the kitchen and other spaces. Piggy motioned toward the nearer of these doors. "Bring your stuff this way fellas." They followed him into a large bedroom with a gigantic log bed, matching dresser, nightstands, wardrobe and huge full-length mirror. On the wall was an old-fashioned wedding photo of a very burly looking man with a handlebar mustache in a derby hat and a pretty woman with a long flowing veil. "This was Great grandpa and Great grandma's room. He and Grandpa made all the furniture." Piggy gestured to a door on the interior wall. "The bathroom is through there. Plenty of room for you to stow your stuff in here." He said indicating the dresser and wardrobe. " I’m gonna go unbank the fire. The heater is on the wall if you need it. C'mon out to the big room when you are ready for another drink, and we can catch the sunset from the porch. Always good!" He winked and then trundled out the way they had come in. The minute he had gone Beef was in Brick's arms kissing his lover deeply. After a long interlude he asked "Fuuuck Brickhouse! This is feeling is insane!!! Was it like this when you hunted me?" Brick grinned "It was intense Beefy stud, but the vibe this Piggy is giving off is off the charts mad! I have been fighting the urge to drop pants and start fucking since that first brohug at the airport!" Indeed, both muscle studs were tenting hard as they rubbed up against each other. "Easy baby" Said Brick "We gotta maintain for a bit. Let's change and chill out until it's time and then we can give Piggy the full-on Brotherhood hunting treatment, and you are taking point stud. I wanna see you fucking explode!" Beef flexed his arms as Brick rubbed his lovers bulging pecs. "Fuck yeah!!! All for you Brickhouse!" The kissed again and then stripped down to their camo posers, taking time to flex in the big mirror before putting on tight t-shirts, shorts and flip flops. "And for Piggy too big stud!" said Brick giving his muscle lover a final squeeze. "Oh, hell yeah Bricky!" said Beef flexing for his lover "Our big sweet Piggy is gonna be something else when we get through hunting his big tasty ass!" They joined Piggy in the big room seeing that he had also changed into a voluminous pair of board shorts and a very baggy Superman logo shirt. Beef could not help but smile to himself at that. He was a cute muscle pig for all his flab and quite eagerly sweet to please his guests. "What's your pleasure gents?" asked Piggy as he sidled around behind the bar. "I think we should stick with wine." Said Brick. "Never mix, never worry." He smiled. "Ok by you?" The others agreed and Piggy produced a bottle of very nice Pinot Noir from behind the bar. While he was opening it and letting it breathe, Beef and Brick looked around the big room. One of the bookcases was filled with trophies and photos and what not. Some were of the same man in the photo in the bedroom. These appeared to be lumberjack competition medals from long ago and photos from lumbering days. The next shelf down were photos devoted to a very burly man of the next generation who seemed to be an all-round field athlete and rugby player and had attended a prestigious university. The final shelf was filled with photos and trophies of a very handsome heavyweight bodybuilder of still a younger generation. Significantly there were no photos of Piggy or any other relatives to be seen. "Ah the big guy line up." Said Piggy coming up and handing each of them a glass of red. "The lumberjack is your Great-grandpa, right" Asked Brick. The top shelf was crowded with photos of lumberjack competitions featuring the very burly man from the bedroom. "Yep, this was his favorite place. He came up here with the family every summer. He started as a lumberjack and got into lumber mills and retail. Did quite well." Beef and Brick gave approving noises, especially for the few when Great grandpa was shirtless. Beef's gaze moved down to the next shelf down. It was full of old sports medals and team and individual photos. "That’s Grandpa's shelf. He was a track star and rugby jock. Even played against the All-Blacks once, but they got their asses kicked" Piggy chuckled. Their eyes were then naturally drawn to the last shelf. It was crowded with pictures of a very handsome and well-built bodybuilder. The trophies, mostly from regional amateur competitions, dated from the 1960s and 70s. "Who is the muscle stud on the third shelf Piggy?" Asked Beef "Very old school and woofy!" Piggy gulped and said quietly "That's my Uncle Bob." To their surprise a tear came to Piggy's eye. "He…died." There was an awkward silence. Then Beef reached for Piggy and drew him into a huge Beef Special hug with Piggy's face planted right on Beef's massive pecs "S'ok dude, sorry if I stepped on a sore spot." Brick put his huge arms around them both and the glorious energy enveloped the three of them again. Piggy sighed a happy sigh and said "No it's ok, come out onto the porch and I'll tell you all about Uncle Bob. I think I would like that as we watch the sunset." They took their glasses of wine and moved onto the porch, settling into large Adirondack chairs that were obviously build for large customers. The sun was still above the mountains on the far side of the lake, the temperature was warm enough to not need a jacket, and they had a spectacular view of what promised to be a beautiful cloud laced sunset. They sipped their wine for a few moments in silence, waiting for Piggy to start. Finally, he drew a deep breath and began. "Uncle Bob was my mother's brother, the only two kids in the family. They were very close and loved each other very much. Bob was the younger and was the baby of the family and the golden boy, literally. He went away to Los Angeles for college and got involved in the bodybuilding scene down there. That was in the 60s." "Wow" Said Beef “I bet he knew all the greats from the old days!" "I am sure he did." Said Piggy. But I think a lot of it was also on the QT because Uncle Bob was also gay and very much out of the closet from early on. That is one reason he never went pro or pursued a career in bodybuilding. That was strictly out of the question back then." "I'll bet." Said Brick quietly." "Yeah" said Piggy “It caused a good bit of tension in the family too. Uncle Bob used to come up here every summer and spend time with the family. He was my idol when I was young, and I loved the time we had together” Piggy sighed and another tear formed in his eye. "Bob got a good deal more open about things as time went on. He used to bring friends up here with him when we were here. It never was unseemly, just friendly. He even put in a big redwood hot tub which was all the rage back in the day. It is still here and works great!" Piggy chuckled. "My Mom's family all knew he was gay and really never made a thing of it, but my dad…" Piggy sobbed a bit at this. "I think my old man was afraid his only son was gonna be just like his uncle and didn't want me around him. He was right of course." Piggy sniffed. "It really killed Mom when the old man told her that she could not have Uncle Bob at our house any more or that we would not be coming here if he was here. The son of a bitch even intercepted birthday and Christmas gifts and cards and letters! I was heartbroken. " "Damn." whispered Beef. "Yeah" echoed Brick. "I found out from my mom when Uncle Bob got sick with AIDS and when he died she and I went to LA for the funeral. It was so sad and scary for a young, closeted guy. I think that is when I just shut down and turned it all off. “ Brick looked at Piggy inquiringly. "Turned what off Piggy?" Piggy was really fighting back the tears now. "Awwwww shit guys, all of it, being gay, wanting muscle, wanting to be with big buff muscle men, wanting to be part of a family of muscle brothers, all of it. I just turned off and hid in the closet… eating pizza and jerking off to muscle magazines…for a very long time..." He looked down dejectedly at his wine glass and mumbled "Sorry to spew all this out on you guys… bit of a downer… “ But Beef and Brick were grinning like idiots and on their feet. They each took Piggy by an armpit and pulled him up to his feel and wrapped him into a big bro hug facing the now setting sun. They were once again enveloped in warm muscular energy and masculine scent mixing with pine and woodsmoke. They just stood and let Piggy breath deep. "Brother Piggy" Beef said after a bit "Brick and I are here just for you! But now I think we need to take Uncle Bob's hot tub for a spin!" Piggy smiled and said "Awesome!" Like a kid with a new skateboard. "It is all prepped and ready to go. Just gotta switch it on. You wanna go change and I'll get her fired up?" Brick winked at Beef. "No need. Lead on host with the most!" "Ohhhh kay, grab your glasses." said Piggy picking up his glass and an extra bottle he had uncorked. "This way gents." They followed his billowing board shorts and baggy t-shirt around the corner of the cabin to a side porch. The hot tub was built into the far end of a deck covered by an open pergola and surrounded by low benches. Piggy flipped a switch and the tub roared to life. He flipped another and various lights came on. "There are towels and such in the seats" he said indicating the benches, which were fitted with flip tops. "It will take a few minutes for it to heat up." Said Piggy plopping his bulk down on a bench. Brick looked at Beef. "Let's give our host a little preview of coming attractions big guy!" "Oh, fuck yeah!" shouted Beef as brick reached out and began to peel his lover's tight t shirt off. "Damn this is tight. Hey Piggy, get over here and help me with this,” Piggy did not need to be asked twice. He was at Beef's side like a shot rolling the t-shirt up his tight waist and over his massive bulging pecs. Beef was in muscle spark heaven every time Piggy touched bare skin and Piggy moaned as he slid the shirt up over Beefs up raised arms and bull neck, tousling Beef's dark hair as he drew it down to get it completely off. Piggy just stood there for a second looking at Beef's bulging bare torso grinning like he had just won the sixth-grade spelling bee. He drew the shirt up to his face and inhaled a huge breath. "Fuuuuuuck that sexy man smell… God, I love it!" Brick put a giant hand on Piggy's shoulder. "Could use some help here to buddy." He said quietly, enjoying the sparking energy again. Piggy set Beef's shirt on the bench and turned to Brick. "Yessir!" he smiled and proceeded to raise Brick’s shirt up taking extra care to run his hands over as much of Brick's massive furry pecs. "Ohhh that's real nice Piggy." Brick said as he placed his shirt next to Beef's. "See how you like them flexed” Brick flexed and his pecs immediate jumped up and out causing Piggy to catch his breath. "Ohhhhh my Gaaaaawd…" muttered Piggy as he stroked each mountainous muscle. "Very good choice Piggy." Purred Brick enjoying the sensation of power whizzing through his chest as Piggy fondled and teased his pecs and nipples. Beef was loving the sight of this and notice a rapidly growing tightness in his shorts. He struck a hands-on-hips pose and said "Hey Piggy, Gonna need some help with these shorts too. I think I am just a bit too buzzed." Piggy reluctantly turned away from Brick's mammoth chest, with a wink and a nudge from Brick, and turned to goggle at the sight of beautiful bulging Beef with a major bulge straining his shorts for all they were worth. "Give a brother a hand will ya?" Beef said with a mock plea in his voice. Beef had already kicked off his beach shoes and was standing in anticipation as Piggy approached him a bit cautiously. "Uhhh…" Piggy hesitated. "C'mon Piggy" whispered Beef. Watching you work Brickhouse's huge pecs got me all worked up." He flexed his own giant chest for Piggy and brought his arm down right to Piggy's face and flexed an enormous gun. "Ya see Piggy there is nothing we get off on more than flexing our big sexy muscles and having muscle piggys like you worship them, so let loose and help a bro out, eh?" "OH, FUCK YEAH!" shouted Piggy as he squeezed Beef's flexed bicep with his left hand and ran his right down Beefs carved abs to begin undoing his shorts. "Oh, hell yes Piggy. That's it!" Beef threw his head back and reveled in growing energy and feelings of masculine power. Damn Piggy had muscle worship juice to spare, and it was absolutely what the two muscle studs craved. Piggy succeeded in getting Beefs shorts unzipped and gasped as he slid them toward the ground. There for his lusting Piggy eyes to behold was Beef's semi hard musclecock tenting the shiny pare of custom green camo posers. "Fuck me those are hot!" muttered Piggy as he tossed the unneeded shorts aside. "You like those eh?" asked Brick who was now also short less and sporting an equally large camo clad semi. "Damn…" was all Piggy could say presented with two gargantuan muscle gods thrusting gigantic camo clad baskets in his direction. He staggered back and sat with a thunk on the bench. Beef bounced his pecs at Brick. ""Why I do declare Brickhouse" he said in his best Miss Scarlet voice "I believe we have overwhelmed the gentleman!" Brick drew himself up and said in a corresponding Foghorn Leghorn voice "I say boy, let's give the poor chicken something to really get his feathers in a mess about!" And with that Brick struck and terrifyingly magnificent double biceps pose! "AWOOOOOOOO" Howled Beef as he immediately raised his own mighty arms and flexed, grinning like a man possessed. Beef's green cam posers tented as his bulging cock flexed at the sight of his mountainous muscle lover and Brick immediately moved a step closer so he could rub his own camo clad monster against Beef's growing erection. They met cock to cock, bulging chest to bulging chest with glowing lust and love in their eyes, flexing their gargantuan arms one against the other. Piggy sat in awe, his own meager pig junk rock hard in his board shorts and his brain reeling from the display off muscle and manly passion in front of him. It was all he had ever wanted and dreamt of! Beef and Brick intertwined their massive bodies and began a slow sensuous kiss. It was the kind of kiss that Piggy had only ever fantasized about. He just stared, open mouth, brain frozen, unable to move or speak. After what seemed like an eon, the lovers broke apart. Piggy took a breath. Beef looked at him and spoke. "Is this what you desire Piggy?" Piggy just sat for a second and then he looked hang dog and said very quietly, "Oh, more than anything in the whole world… but.." "But us no buts little pig,” said Brick. "Get that baggy ass shirt off and come join your musclebros in the hot tub." With that Brick eased his bulk into the waiting tub with a tremendous sigh of satisfaction. Beef stood on the deck waiting for Piggy to get up, which he did tentatively. "Shirt…off?" Piggy quavered. "Yep." Said Beef giving Piggy a friendly squeeze on the shoulder. "Were all brothers here, Piggy!" he said, winking at Brick remembering a night not long ago when taking a shirt off lead to a whole new world. Piggy received another jolt of musclebro energy from Beef's touch and in one motion, like ripping off a band-aid, flung off his baggy t-shirt and stood silhouetted by the setting sun. He was indeed a super chub. He had a large frame and there was plenty of muscle underneath the fat, but brother was there fat! It hung everywhere, two big saggy moobs, a massive overhanging gut that completely obscured his junk, big fat saddle bags and ass cheeks a mile wide. He carried fat on his thighs and calves and had it sagged off his upper arms. For all this he was a handsome man, and the hunters saw he was a prime candidate for being hunted! Piggy quickly got into the tub and Beef followed him bringing their wine glasses and the spare bottle. They all chatted and watched the sun set as the last of the wine slowly disappeared. Piggy found himself much more relaxed for having the hot tub do its thing and having consumed most of the rest of the bottle. He was now very closely seated between his two mammoth guests and not feeling nearly as self conscious about it as he had been earlier. It was Beef that made first contact with a now buzzed Piggy, inching closer to him and flexing a huge bulging bicep in Piggy's slightly flushed face. "So, you like big gunz Piggy?" Piggy blushed "You know I do Beef." He whispered, eyes wide at Beefs giant bicep. "Well go-ahead bro, give it a good feel." Piggy needed no further encouragement and was soon caressing Beef's arm and shoulder, sighing with contentment. More muscle juice flowed from Piggy to Beef as skin-to-skin contact was made. "Oh, Piggy that’s lovely." murmured Beef. "It's fucking awesome." sighed Piggy in a breathless voice. "Well, there is a lot more Beef to play with greedy Pig, slide over on to Beefy's lap and get the full treatment." Piggy moved his considerable bulk around so they were belly to belly and crotch to crotch--Piggy's huge gut spilling out on either side of Beef's narrow waist and his face now almost buried in Beef's massive dancing pecs. Each of Piggy's hands were now squeezing a bicep as Beef flexed his arms for his overwhelmed worshiper. Piggy moved his eager tongue back and forth between each of Beef now rock-hard nipples, slurping and teasing like a dying mans at his last meal. "Ohhhhh fuuuuck Piggy!" Beef shouted, "You feel incredible!!!" as more muscle energy began to dance between them, filling Beef with a growing sense of power and strength. His body was alive with erotic sensation and his huge muscle cock was straining against his posers and Piggy's massive gut, hard as steel and yearning for release. God, he loved being a muscle brother! Piggy was in heaven too! He had never felt anything as wonderful as worshiping his Beefy bro. He was so focused on the task that he could not see the tiny sparks of energy zipping back and forth between Beef and himself as they touched and felt each other. All he knew was that this was where he was meant to be, and he never wanted it to end. He was in muscle pig heaven and could not believe that two awesome specimens like this would give a fat lump like him a passing glance, let alone the chance to fulfill his wildest muscle fantasy! Piggy paused in his pec worship to gaze into Beef's ecstatic eyes and say just that. Beef just smiled a 10,000-watt smile and looked beyond Piggy's head. Piggy suddenly felt an even bigger jolt of energy as hands stroked his shoulders. "Do you really love this Piggy? More than anything?" Asked Brick who was now standing like a wall of muscle behind Piggy. "Oh God yes Brick" said Piggy almost desperately "I have never wanted anything more than to be with you both!" He nipped at Beefs left nipple and Beef gave a yip of pleasure. "I love being able to worship you muscle gods!" Piggy declared with gusto! Brick smiled at this as Piggy inched lower focusing his attention of Beef's deeply cut abs. Brick ran his hands down Piggy’s back feeling the hidden muscle lurking under layers of flab, calling to him, begging to be wakened and grown. "And how, little Piggy, would you like to be a muscle god like your big brothers?" Piggy stopped dead. He stood up and did a wobbly half turn to look up at the taller Brick. Beef stood up behind Piggy and said "Awww shit Brickhouse, that was some damn fine worship I was getting!" He reached out and squeezed Piggy on the shoulder sending off a few sparks. Piggy blushed "Geee thanks Beefybro!" Brick looked serious as Mount Rushmore and said quietly "All well and good, but we need to see where this evening is going to go and fairly quickly. ‘ Beef looked around. It was full dark now, the sun having set behind the mountain across the lake some time ago. "Correct Brick" Said Beef with a nudge to Piggy "He is the sensible one." OK then Piggy" Said Brick "We know you love muscle and show every sign of being a Class A worshiper." "Check" said Beef. "We know you come from buff stock as evidenced by the family photos in the cabin." "Check" Said Beef “We know that you are gay and attracted to big muscle." "Double check" said Piggy with a wink. "So here is the big question, would you be willing to become a muscle brother like Beef and me?" Piggy stood silent for a minute. He looked at Brick, serious as a judge. He looked over his shoulder a Beef, who was smiling and winking and popping his pecs eagerly. "You guys are serious?" he said, holding back incredulity and the urge to burst into tears. "Serious as a Deacon." Said Brick still stone faced. Piggy paused and decided they were serious and not having him on. "Believe me Brick I would love nothing more in the entire universe. But how in the hell could this" he grabbed two hands full of his gigantic belly "become anything remotely like that?" he indicated Brick's mammoth physique. "It would take years and years of training. Do you guys have some secret muscle stud haven where you take stray muscle piggys and board them all expenses paid while they slowly reinvent themselves? If so, I am all in!" Brick’s granite face cracked a grin at that. "Not exactly Piggy." He chuckled. "We have a bit more unorthodox method in mind. But there are consequences muscle pig." "Like what?" asked Piggy. "Well, you would be pretty much ruined for any ordinary man. You would be solely and exclusively a member of the brotherhood. You would have to abide by our very minimal rules, which mostly involve keeping the order a secret and not creating too much of a public splash about who and what you become." "Yeah Piggy,” said Beef. "No bodybuilding contests, powerlifting meets, porn star contracts or high-profile social media crap." Piggy thought for a minute. "But that’s how you and I…" "Ahhh there are exceptions sweet Muscle Pig." Said Beef flexing his bicep at Piggy mischievously. "That's why we are here now. You are a fucking huge exception, and we want you for our bro! Haven't you been feeling the energy dancing around us all night? You were made for this Piggy, and we want you bad!" Beef flexed both arms at this last statement and his biceps bulged seemingly even larger than before. "Ohhhhh fuuuuck yeah!!!" Beef moaned. Piggy's little cock twitched in his baggy board shorts, and he quickly turned back to Brick forcing himself to focus. "So, what other restrictions?" Brick gazed off at the far horizon for a minute and then back at Piggy. "That is pretty much it. We meet up regularly in discreet locales for fun and frolic and keep in touch one on one. Occasionally some of us pair up long term. And when conditions are right, we find new recruits. So, what do you say Piggy?" Piggy stood in the bubbling hot tub. He was confused as hell with no real idea what was happening, but in his gut, he knew he wanted what Brick and Beef offered him in the worst way and always had. His entire miserable life he had craved true brothers and muscle, and now here it was offered up in what appeared to be all sincerity. And even if it turned out to be some sort of huge joke, he was still gonna get some serious muscle action! FUCK YES, I WANT IT BRICK! I HAVE NEVER WANTED ANYTHING ELSE!!! BRING IT ON!!!! Piggy yelled at the top of his voice. Brick grinned and gave Piggy and huge bro hug! "Ok Muscle Pig, prepare yourself for the most amazing night of your life." Brick whispered in Piggy's ear and then kissed him gently on the cheek as he turned Piggy to face Beef. Beef let out a giant whoop and leapt out of the hot tub, muscles glistening and gigantic boner straining at his shiny green camo posers. Just as Beef landed on the deck the moon emerged from behind the mountains across the lake. It was a full moon, the Hunter's moon, golden and huge. It bathed the entire deck in a warm light including the still dripping Beef. The moonglow seemed to caress and spread across beefs muscles like lather and he began to massage himself like a man soaping himself in the shower "OHHHH DAAAAMN THIS IS INCREDIBLE…" Beef moaned loudly as he caressed his blossoming pecs and his deepening abs. Piggy could see every muscle fiber in Beef huge body pulse with moon derived energy and his eyes began to glow with golden sparks. Little rivers of energy began to zip up and down Beef, teasing his nipples erect, zinging through his hair and especially concentration of his not ridiculously bulging manhood. ""FUUUUUUCK…" Yowled Beef as he reached down toward his exploding crotch. Before he could release his muscle dick, however there was a sharp crack like a whip as his posers gave way and his massive rod burst out and slapped against his upper abdominals. "URRRGH!!!" Beef grunted with satisfaction and raised in an incredible double biceps pose showing his now much larger torso and arms! Brick grunted with satisfaction and gave Piggy a nudge. "Best get in their sport. You need a good dose of what Beefy is putting out right now brother and no mistake." Piggy did not need to be asked twice and hauled his fat carcass out of the tub. "One thing Piggy." Said Brick and he grabbed Piggy's baggy board shorts and ripped them easily from his lard ass. "You won't be needing these again!" Piggy looked back at Brick and blushed, but he was so taken with the golden image of the growing muscle god in front of him that he barely hesitated. Piggy stepped away from the tub and into the pool of golden moonlight that was engulfing the enraptured Beef. Piggy placed a tentative hand on each of Beef's super huge biceps and felt the ecstatic muscle power that had only been hinted at before flow into his body. "OH SHIIIIIIIIIT BEEFYBRO!!!" Piggy exclaimed as he drew closer, pressing his belly up against Beef's hard abs and his soft moobs against the muscle stud’s ballooning chest. More sparks leapt between the two men and Beef looked down at Piggy with blazing golden eyes. Piggy could feel Beef's steel hard enormous cock pressing against his belly, sending bolts of muscle energy straight into his guts and spine and into Piggy's balls and tiny cock. It was the most amazing thing he had ever experienced! Beef made eye contact with Piggy sending bolts of golden energy straight into Piggy's soul. There Beef spoke in a deep resonant voice without words but heard in Piggy's innermost being. <WELCOME BROTHER. I AM SO VERY HAPPY YOU HAVE COME TO JOIN US> Piggy found he could answer <THANK YOU FOR THIS GIFT BROTHER! I AM TRULY HAPPY TO BE CHOSEN> Piggy felt a new presence behind him and realized that Brick had moved up against him, solid, massive and hard as a rock. He too had become engulfed in the golden energy and now spoke without words. <SHARE IN OUR POWER BROTHER AND WE BROTHERS WILL SHARE IN YOURS> Piggy pondered this. <HAVE I POWER TO SHARE BROTHER?> Piggy felt joy and a surge of the golden energy from a new source from within his own flabby body as he realized that he had started to glow all over like Beef and Brick. <POWER TO SPARE BROTHER! TAKE FROM US AND IN TURN THE HUNTERS MOON SHALL RELEASE YOUR POWER TO US ALL!> Beef then reached out and directed Piggy to first one hard nipple then the other, each time teasing wonderful jolts of muscle energy out of them and into Piggy. Then Beef gently pushed Piggy down over his gorgeous cobblestone abs toward the glowing steel tower that his muscle cock had become. Piggy eagerly ran his tongue over the giant mushroom head already slick with glowing precum and then down along the long thick veiny shaft. He nuzzled the sparks nestling in Beef's bush and sucked each iridescent ball in turn, making Beef groan with pleasure. <PARTAKE OF THE POWER OF THE BROTHERHOOD> Piggy heard in his head as Beef's cock and muscles began to swell even larger. The light now surrounding all three of them intensified and was almost blinding and Piggy knelt down on all fours. Behind him he could hear Brick begin to growl as he stroked Piggy's back and ass cheeks. It was a sublime feeling and he could feel the internal power he had felt earlier begin to expand to include his ass. Brick rubbed against his ass with his own huge muscle cock and for a moment Piggy was worried that his virgin hole would not be able to manage such a large tool. <FEAR NOT BROTHER. THE POWER IS WITHIN YOU> And with that Piggy could feel that it was true and that not only could he handle Brick's big super cock, but that he wanted it in the worst way, that he needed it to be a true brother to this amazing muscle god <I AM NOT AFRAID BROTHER. I FEEL THE POWER WITHIN ME AND GIVE IT TO YOU BOTH WITH UNBRIDLED JOY}. With that he began to suck Beef's hot massive cock in earnest while Brick gently eased his own giant unit into Piggy's now willing and eager ass. The light and energy surrounded all three of them with bolts of golden fire shooting off in all directions. Each man was in complete muscle bliss, enveloped in a haze of masculine power and brotherly love as they reveled in each other and in the power bestowed on them by the Hunter's moon. Harder and faster, they made love, Beef flexing and pumping, Piggy sucking and moving in rhythm, Brick hammering Piggy and stroking his back, all the while the moonlight getting brighter and brighter with more jets of golden energy sparking off the three men as they built toward a simultaneous climax. As sexual release built each man began to groan with animal pleasure. Each convulsing body also began to change. Beef began to grow visibly taller, his frame stretching by several inches up and out. There was the sound of bones creaking as his body expanded and stretched, but instead of pain he yowled in pleasure! Piggy on the other hand began to feel things shifting away, fat disappearing, skin shrinking, muscles growing, and incredible energy coursing through his body! He too felt intense pleasure as the light grew brighter. Brick did not grow taller. He just began to grow denser, adding even more muscle to his already massive frame, howling and feeling intense joy as his cock also expanded as he pounded is new muscle brother's eager and very fuckable ass! Brick leaned over Piggy toward Beef, Drawing him into a passionate kiss. Massive sparks flew between them! <WE ARE COMPLETE! FEEL THE POWER OF THE HUNTERS MOON MY BROTHERS!!!> There was an intensification of both the golden moon energy and the level of pleasure when the circuit was made. Each man was enveloped in a pulsing aura of gold light as the moved and pulsed as one organism, sucking, pumping, growing and shrinking together. Brighter and brighter the light grew as Beef and Brick expanded and Piggy shrank. Each man's cock was now hammering hard and building to an astounding climax, an orgasm more intense than any they had ever experienced before. Light zoomed between and around all three of them, binding them together, transforming them into true muscle brothers. Beef had never felt such energy as was rushing through his manhood and muscles, making them swell with new size and power. Piggy had never felt such energy flowing through his body remaking his flabby self, taking his stored fat as energy for the creation of muscle for himself and his brothers. Brick had never experienced such a rush of masculine fulfillment as his cock expanded inside Piggy's now gloriously muscular bubble butt and his muscles blew up to behemoth proportions. With a blinding flash of moonlight all three muscle studs came, a roar of deep satisfaction issuing from Beef and Brick and satisfied slurping from Piggy as he greedily guzzled Beef load and took all of Bricks. They came for what seemed like ages, each lit from within by the lingering golden light, radiating power and masculine energy from their newly transformed bodies. As the golden light faded, Beef and Brick broke contact and stepped away from Piggy who was now lying face down on the deck. Despite having just come both standing muscle gods were hard as iron pipes and completely taken with their new muscle. They immediately began to flex for each other. "Goddam Beefy stud!" said Brick in awe, reaching out to feel his partner's massive new pecs. "You gotta be packing at lease fifty more pounds here!" he exclaimed giving each big juicy nipple a tweak. "Oh, fuck me Brick that feels sooooo good!" whispered Beef flexing his expanded chest for his gigantic partner to fondle. "And look at you! At least thirty, maybe forty pounds of new Brickhouse!!!" Brick raised his arms in a double bicep pose and Beef gave the mountainous new muscle an appreciative squeeze. "Wow!" said Brick "Piggy zapped my arms good!" His cock gave a nice flex at the thought and Beef reached down to caress it. "And your cock too big stud, Longer and thicker!" "Ooooo that feels awesome!" said Brick. "Say Beefy, are you looking me in the eye babe?" Beef stopped and thought for a moment, then grinned. "I sure as hell am lover!" Beef took Brick's face in his huge hands and kissed him hard. "That’s three inches height that Piggy gave me as well. I think that means I got closer to seventy bounds of new meat here!!! Wahoo!!!!" They kissed each other and hugged feeling all their new muscle for several minutes. Then Beef glanced down and asked, "How's our Piggy?" Brick looked at the prone figure on the now shadowy deck. "Out like a light. We best get him inside." They hoisted Piggy up between them and helped the half conscious musclebro to his feet. Propping him up on both sides they helped him into the living room. "Well, he certainly weighs a lot less than he did." Chirped Beef as they stopped near the bar. "Let's see if a shot of some stimulant will bring our new Muscle pig around, eh?" Brick left Beef to hold Piggy and found a bottle of whiskey and a glass. He poured a measure of brown liquid and offered to Piggy. "C'mon Piggy slurp it up." Said Brick. Piggy took the glass from the massive muscleman, took a gulp, eyed brick with lust in his eye, dipped his fingers in the whiskey, rubbed them across Brick's chest and proceeded to lick it off going "Oink! Oink!" Brick said, "Our Piggy is muscle happy, but he has a very talented tongue!" Both musclemen proceeded to laugh. "Jeez!" said Beef. "Piggy really is out of it." Piggy took another swig and ogled Beef in turn. "You are too!" he said and poured the rest of the booze on Beef's now gargantuan pecs and proceeded to nuzzle them like mad. "Yummy!" proclaimed Piggy. Beef groaned. "Talented does not even begin to cover it! Fuuuuuuck…" "C'mon." said Brick "Let's get him in the bedroom before he has us all on the floor in here. "The each took a side of the now much steadier Piggy and walked him back to the downstairs bedroom. They steadied him facing the big mirrored wardrobe with his back to the massive bed and inched away to see if he could stand on his own. Piggy swayed a bit but managed to remain upright. He straightened himself and suddenly squinted in the direction of the big mirror. "Heeeey… who put up the big poster of Uncle Bob?" he asked staring at the reflected muscle stud in the looking glass. Beef and Brick both laughed. "That's not Uncle Bob bro!" said Beef "That's the new and much improved muscled up Y-O-U!" Piggy gaped and stared at the reflected glory of his new muscle-bound self. Indeed, he did look every bit like his Uncle the heavyweight bodybuilding champion. He tentatively raised a hand to his newly bulging right pec and tenderly felt its smooth curve, yipping slightly as he brushed his now prominent and quite sensitive nipple. He moved his hand lower marveling at his deeply chiseled square cut abs and brought is other hand to stroke his intercostals and rest on his tight Adonis belt. He inhaled, placing both hands on his narrow waist expanding his chest and raising his firm chin. A look if incredible joy emerged on his handsome face as he gazed on his transformed self and his formerly puny cock began to rise out and up with pride and power--reaching a full and thick full staff with a thwack against his newly hard gut. Piggy smiled a radiant smile, blinking back tears of joy, and said (in a canny imitation of Charlie Brown) "I got a cock." "That's not all you got musclebro." Said Beef squeezing Piggy on his now huge delt. "Not by half" echoed Brick rubbing his gigantic thigh against Piggy's now taught bubble butt. Piggy turned to Beef and threw his muscular arms around the bigger man's back and buried his face in his huge pecs. "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you…" he murmured, tears now pouring down Beef's chest. Brick moved in behind Piggy and made him the meat in a Beef and Brick muscle sandwich. "We are the ones to thank you brother." whispered brick in Piggy ear. 'Look at what you have done for us!" Piggy turned and faced his mammoth muscle brother. "I am so happy I could give this to you both and become a muscle brother." He said kissing the larger muscle stud's pecs. "Thank you, Brother Brick!" Brick smiled and bent down, kissing Piggy with great passion. "Thank you, Brother Piggy” Piggy, kissed back, smiled, turned, kissed Beef hard and then said "Not Piggy anymore." He broke their three ways embrace and struck and formidable double bicep pose. "This new muscle brother is now 100 percent Wild Boar!!!" Beef let out a wild "Yeehaw" and Brick growled like a grizzly bear. The Boar flung himself backward onto the gigantic bed with his new cock saluting his muscle bros straight up in the air. "Well, c'mon brothers, who wants some freshly smoked Grade A PORK???!!!"
  6. Alright guys. Here it is. My contribution to storiversary. I honestly had a lot of trouble coming up with what to write and I feel like what I did come up with is a little fast paced, almost rushed. But if you don't like wasting time and getting right to the good stuff (muscle growth) then this story is for you. lol Enjoy! ************************************** Where to begin? Well, I guess the beginning. My buddy Nolan and I have been inseparable since birth. We went to the same elementary, middle, high school, we graduated together, and now we’re college roomies. We’d just gotten settled in to our new apartment on campus. Nolan was struggling to get his last box of supplies through the door. He finally plopped the box down in the living room with a loud thud and huffed loudly. The box couldn’t have weighed more than fifty pounds, but he was a little guy, barely 5’6”, no more than 140lbs soaking wet. He was a good looking dude in the youthful kind of way. He couldn’t grow a beard to save his life, so had long since embraced the baby face look. Although he had plenty of self-confidence in his looks, he was extremely self conscious of his size. He always wore extremely baggy clothes in an attempt to hide his frail physique. He had always wanted to play on the football team at school. Obviously, no coach was going to let a little shrimp like Nolan play. Unfortunately, he just didn’t have the willpower. He would hire the personal trainers, but wouldn’t follow through. He would start the meal plans, but not finish them. And I wasn’t any help. I didn’t hold him accountable. So by senior year, he had accepted his fate. He was doomed to be the skinny twerp for the rest of his life. What Nolan didn’t know, is that I’d been doing a ton of research in my spare time and I might have figured out a solution to all of his problems. Now, what I’m about to explain sounds crazy - absolutely impossible - but it’s not. I mean, yeah, it’s crazy, for sure, but somehow, entirely possible. I had stumbled upon a device that will allow me to channel my consciousness back in time. My plan is to travel back to various times in our past and impress upon Nolan to push himself harder and give him the push to grow far before he was really thinking about it. Hopefully, his genetics are only restricting him so much and a little extra inspiration will give him the push to actually put on some size. Hell, I would strap him down and force feed him if I needed to! But for now, back to reality. Unpacking. After several hours, we finally got the apartment looking somewhat like a home, with pretty much everything put in its place. We were both wiped out. But we were done. Nolan lifted up the front of his baggy shirt to wipe the sweat off his brow, uncovering his skinny abs. Jesus, I swear you could almost see his ribs underneath. We had some pizza delivered, chowed down, and Nolan stumbled to his room and passed out for the night. Classes didn’t begin for a couple of days, which was nice. We had a few days to get settled in. I went to my room and pulled the little device out of my pocket and stared at it intently. All I had to do was enter a date on the screen and place the device on my forehead and go to sleep and I would travel via my conscious back to whatever time I had entered. Obviously it had to be a time that I existed or I wouldn’t have a body to land in. I had decided on a date about five years ago, right before we were to finish 8th grade and start high school - the summer before. It seemed like a semi-pivotal point in our lives. I didn’t want to do anything too drastic to start so this seemed like the most straightforward option. I entered the date, stuck the weird device to my forehead and closed my eyes. I drifted off to sleep, and all of a sudden, I’m staring at adolescent Nolan, which unfortunately for him, wasn’t much different from adult Nolan. I blinked twice. Was I in a dream or did the device actually work? This felt so real. “Hello? Earth to James. Knock, knock! Anybody there?” Shit I had stared to long and zoned out. I snapped out of it and smirked at him. “Sorry man just thinking about how dope this summer is gonna be. We’re gonna get jacked this summer right?”, I joked. Nolan just laughed. “Yeah right dude. Have you forgotten who you’re talking to? Mr. Jack Skellington, himself.”, he said as he gestured to his gaunt figure. “No man I’m serious. This time’s going to be different. I’m holding you accountable. We’re going to work out every day, and eat until we literally can’t eat anything else.” This would, hopefully, be the tipping point. So for the next month, I ripped into him. I forced protein shakes down his throat, dragged him to the gym, until he finally seemed to be less resistant to the whole thing. I had pushed it onto him just long enough where I think he started noticing the slightest of results, and that was all it took for him to be hooked. That was all I needed. As I went to ‘sleep’, in my dream state, I willed myself back to the present, which was an even weirder feeling than when I got here. I woke up with a start and checked my watch. I had been asleep for what literally felt like a month, but less than 5 seconds had passed in the present. I took off the device and actually went to sleep, anxious for what changes, if any, tomorrow would bring. ************************************** The sun peeked through the blinds, slowly waking me up from a great night’s sleep. I got rolled out of bed and walked to the bathroom. The cotton shorts I slept in felt different, like not tighter, but more fitted if that makes sense? I got to the bathroom and was shocked at the sight that greeted me. Now keep in mind, I was no slouch, weighing in at a solid 180lbs of toned muscle, but I was hardly considered buff. The beefcake attached to my head would beg to differ. I wasn’t huge, but I was definitely bigger than I’d ever been. There was no way I weighed under 215 now. My arms had more shape to them, my pecs cast the slightest shadow from their size. I couldn’t see it as much as I could feel it, but my butt was slightly bigger, pulling the fabric of my cotton shorts more tightly. My thighs were beefier, which would explain why my shorts felt different. They were wrapped tautly around my lower body now, accenting every bit of definition in my legs. I guess I didn’t really think about how changing the past would affect me. I had only thought about how it would affect Nolan, but it made sense. We were inseparable, so if he started working out and bulking up, I was going to be working out right next to him and pushing him harder and harder. I definitely wasn’t upset with the results. I casually started flexing my thicker arms, marveling at their size and their definition. I flexed my chest and bounced my pecs. I grinned viciously. I’d never been able to do that before. This was awesome. I threw on a t shirt, relishing in feeling of my new muscles pressing lightly against the fabric, and walked out of my bedroom to the kitchen to whip together some breakfast. My thoughts were starting to get scrambled, mixing the old reality with the new. My brain was automatically telling me I needed to make my “usual” healthy breakfast of 6 egg whites and a slice of whole wheat toast, but I also knew that I had never in my life made a breakfast like that. As I was cooking my eggs, I heard Nolan shuffle into the kitchen as well. I turned to look at him, excited about what changes I would be able to see. I was instantly met with disappointment. If he was different, it wasn’t noticeable underneath the still baggy clothes he always wore. His face looked a little more masculine and his neck seemed a bit thicker, but any other potential changes were hidden beneath those damned baggy clothes. He walked over to the fridge and pulled out the milk and made himself a protein shake. Hmmmm. Well that was definitely a change. He chugged the whole thing in one gulp and burped loudly, grinning stupidly. “Bruh you making enough for both of us? You know I’m trying for lineman by next season. Boy’s gonna have to pack on the pounds if I’m gonna be big enough for that!” said Nolan. Fuck, his voice was the slightest bit deeper now. And he’s trying to be lineman by next season? He was going to have to do more than just a little growing if he planned on being a lineman. “Uh…yeah man. I was gonna go ahead and cook the whole carton of eggs anyways…” I muttered, noting that my voice also had a deeper, richer tone to it as well. We ate our breakfast and next on our “daily routine” was the gym, of course. Man this was weird. So Nolan got up from the table, tossed his dish in the sink and headed to his room to change. And then, without a second thought, Nolan started to strip off his clothes. I didn’t even have time to react. Apparently he had gained a bit more confidence with these changes as well. Nolan was never one to just take off his clothes, even around his closest bro. Yet, here he was taking off every piece of clothing and tossing it wherever it landed as he walked to his room. The body that was hiding underneath those baggy clothes exceeded anything I could have imagined. He wasn’t huge, by any means. But he was a far cry from the shrimpy Nolan that I had grown up with - at least until last night. He had first peeled off the baggy hoody he had been wearing, which revealed a back so wide, so cut and defined, I’m sure you could break rocks against it. His thick back was capped with a pair of softball sized shoulders, toned with every striation visible. I got a glimpse of his biceps as he brought his arms back down, again, cut as fuck, and about the size of baseballs. His triceps had a nice horseshoe shape to them. Just as I was processing all of this, he hopped out of his sweatpants, revealing a pair of cut-as-fuck legs. Each thigh writhed and bulged with each step he made. His calves were just as cut and defined. His butt was hard as granite and straining his tighter boxer briefs. Overall, he had the look of a pro athlete now. Whatever I had done in the past, lit a fire deep inside of him and he had tightened up and grown his body to an unbelievable condition. He was a bonafide hunk! He reemerged from his room moments later in his workout gear, which was a drastic change from his usual garb. Each piece of clothing was pulled tight across each engorged muscle, straining the material just the right amount. The tightness of the clothing highlighted each of his muscles perfectly. He actually had the beginnings of a pec shelf bulging from the front of his shirt. He was mindlessly scratching at his midsection, which allowed me to get a peek at his ripped 8 pack abs. Fuck, he was a real beast now. I quickly snapped out of my stupor and ran and threw on some clothes as well. It was obvious he was waiting on me. So off we rushed to the gym. Everyone greeted us as if we were regulars there, which I guess we were in this new reality. Again, my brain is still adjusting to this shift. Apparently today was leg day. I just followed Nolan’s lead since I had no clue what we were doing. I had no recollection of my PRs or anything. But, as we started our workout all of this information started flooding my brain. By the time we were through the first workout, I had the knowledge of a seasoned lifter, but I still remembered how I didn’t have that knowledge just a few minutes ago. This is fucking weird. Anyways, we warmed up with regular squats, I found out my one rep max was 325lbs, which is just wild to me. Nolan’s was something like 375? I was loving the feeling of my pumped quads pressing tightly against my workout shorts, this all felt so new to me, and yet not at the same time. We powered through the most excruciating leg day I had ever experienced - squats, box squats, kettlebell lunges, dead lifts, leg press….we ended with calf raises. Devastated, we each stumbled our way out of the gym back to the car - the sign of a good leg day. My legs felt like they were about to explode from this unreal pump. We got in the car and I took note of how bloated Nolan’s legs looked now in his workout shorts. All definition had left and given way to the pump. Nolan caught me staring and just laughed and smacked each leg. “Fuck man the pump is too real today. Legs are lookin’ extra JOOCEEY.” he said, smirking. “Damn brah, I’m fuckin’ starvin’ man. Let’s go get some grub.” Something about Nolan’s personality was off to me, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. He seemed more “broish” than normal? Eh whatever. Probably just the massive amounts of testosterone pumping through his veins after that insane workout. We hit up the nearest buffet and did some major damage. I felt like I had eaten a lot but jesus christ, Nolan put away the food. He ate more than I thought was possible for one human to consume in one sitting. He was like an animal. “Gotta grow man. My body's like a furnace, burning through all these calories. I gotta eat so I can grow.”, grumbled Nolan, in between mouthfuls of baked potato. Nolan eventually got full and we left the restaurant. His 8 pack abs were distended from the obscene amount of food he just put away, bulging out against his shirt. The remainder of the day was fairly uneventful, since school hadn’t started yet. We just lounged around the house, binged a few shows, ate more food if you can believe it. Eventually, it was time for bed again. I had gotten all the confirmation I had needed from today that this little experiment was a success and I knew I was just getting started. If Nolan wanted to be a linebacker, well. He was going to get that. This time, I had traveled back to a time when we were kids. I planned on making several stops this time. I didn’t spend as much time here as I did before. I just spent a couple of days and did nothing but talk about working out and muscles. I wanted to make sure Nolan got it engrained in his head that the only thing that matter was muscles and getting as massive as possible. I then travelled back to the same time I had gone to previously and was pleasantly surprised to see that version of Nolan looking pretty much like the present day Nolan did right now. This got me real excited. If he was already this big now, just how much bigger could he get in the next five years? I egged him on even more in this time period. He was all about dieting and nutrition and staying cut. I told him to fuck all that and just eat big and lift heavy weight. That should do the trick. I could hardly wait to see what kind of reality I was going to wake up to the next morning. ************************************** I awoke the next morning to a totally different apartment. The two bedroom apartment we previously had was now a loft. And it had a pungent scent to it that was inescapable - it reeked of pure masculinity. I blearily observed my surroundings before landing on a bed on the other side of the room. And in that bed was something otherworldly, absolutely massive. Whatever it was, was hidden underneath a ton of blankets, but It’s mass could not be hidden underneath the blankets, like a mountain rising out of the ocean. A deep, guttural moan came from across the room and the creature rolled over, causing the blanket to fall and I immediately gasped aloud. The face was almost unrecognizable, but it was definitely Nolan, albeit, a hyper masculine version of Nolan. He had a thick beard covering his face that was attached to a neck that easily outsized a telephone pole. His shoulders were almost comically large, stretching easily two feet in each direction. It was then that I noticed his twin sized mattress had been replaced with a king size mattress, and he still dwarfed even that. This titan, this beast across the room was Nolan - little shrimpy Nolan no longer existed in this reality. He had been replaced by a literal wall of muscle. I hadn’t been mentally prepared for this much of a change, so slight gasp managed to escape my mouth, causing the beast to stir. He groggily opened his eyes, seeing me stare wide-eyed at him from across the room. He began to shift and literally roll his massive body out of his bed. Only then was I able to take in the full extent of what I’d done. It seemed he had grown a couple of inches, somehow, putting him at around 5’8” now. How he had managed to pack such an obscene amount of muscle on such a short frame was beyond me. He was just about as broad as he was tall. His pecs had to completely obscure anything in his immediate vicinity. They bulged up and outwards to the point that he could easily rest his chin on the top of his pecs if he so desired. His nipples were completely hidden, having been pushed down and back from the immensity of the bulging globes of his chest. The thickness of his back forced his equally massive arms (easily 28 inches, cold) outwards at a 45 degree angle. The tight 8 pack I so fondly remembered yesterday was also long gone, replaced by a massive, bulging gut. I guess he took my “fuck clean eating” mantra to heart after all. He had the look of the largest, most off season bodybuilder you could imagine. Each of his legs were more massive than the size of his entire body had been previously. But these legs were not cut and striated, like they used to be. These legs were instruments of pure power, bulging with pure mass. The two thighs were at a constant battle for space, even with his gigantic feet planted 4 feet apart. As I stared at Nolan in pure awe and wonderment, I was instantly hit with all these new memories. I felt like my brain was going into overload, all the old memories overlapping with new memories and contradicting each other. I remembered Nolan as always being the tiny shrimpy dork, but then I remembered us deciding when we were kids that we wanted to be the biggest dudes ever and we had started working out religiously, Nolan absolutely blowing the fuck up once we hit high school. Yesterday he had finally clocked in at his goal of a massive 450lbs. My mind was working overtime right now to process everything, when the deepest, richest bassy voice sounded off across the room. “Buddy, bro you ok? You don’t look so great. I mean obviously you look GREAT but…” he chuckled, literally shaking the room with his booming voice. What did he mean I looked great? My memories continued to form and with wide eyes, I looked down. I was immediately met with a wall of flesh. Nolan, again, wasn’t the only one affected by my time meddling. I was fucking enormous. My chest was absolutely enormous, blocking my view of everything below me. The valley between them was so deep, you could lose a whole arm in there. I stared in awe at what little I could see of my incredible physique. My hands were so fucking thick now - the size of dinner plates. Each finger was thicker than a sausage. As I got out of bed, I now felt more and more how much weight had been added to my frame. I felt so damn heavy, yet each movement was easier than it had ever been. I had so much power now. I stood up and walked over to the mirror - well attempted to. My massive legs struggled to get around each other, which caused me to waddle awkwardly, but man I loved it. It felt amazing to just be taking up so much more space in the room. As I gazed upon my newly massive self in the mirror, I grew completely hard instantly. That’s when I noticed that my muscle wasn’t the only thing that had grown. My cock had grown to an inhuman 19 inches rock hard. It was wedged comfortably between my thick, juicy pecs. Where Nolan was an enigma of pure mass and power, I had dialed it in a little more. I was every bit as huge as Nolan, but I was also cut-as-fuck. The amount of definition I somehow still managed to show in each muscle while maintaining such a massive size was unheard of. What did he mean I looked great? I mean of course I looked great. All we did was eat and lift. What did he think would come of that? “Fuck bruh. I’m good. Real good. I’m feelin’ extra pumped today.” I marveled at the depth of my voice now - so deep and sexy. I made James Earl Jones sound like a little girl. “Fuck yah brah, lets go make some gains, my guy.” boomed Nolan. As my new memories continued to compile in my brain, clouding over the old ones, I realized that whatever changes I had made in the past had affected us so much, that we had actually dropped out of high school and devoted our entire lives to making gains, which is why the apartment had changed. We were no longer about to start college. We just rented a loft with an open floor plan because it best suited our massive sizes. I could literally feel the intelligence getting sucked out of my brain. Sure, we were probably now the two most massive alpha males to ever walk the planet, but at what cost? I had unintentionally turned the both of us into two hulking dumb brutes. But by now, I'm past regretting it. The new reality has just about taken over and all I can think about now is eating, lifting, and growing. Nolan threw on his workout clothes, which hardly qualified as clothes. There weren’t a whole lot of options to cover up something as massive as he was. He struggled to pull an XXXXL tank top over his thick head and stretched it over his enormous bulk. His enormous chesticles bulged out the sides of the tank obscenely and spilled out of the collar. The bottom half of the tank top was stretched across the vast expanse of his bulging gut. His “basketball shorts” (they would be if they were on a normal sized person) were his only option for pants at this point. It was the only material that would stretch and give enough to hold up against his titanic tree trunk legs and his enormous ass. They also needed to stretch across his crotch enough to hold the massive salami and orange-size balls he had too - I forgot to mention that. My cock is real big at 19 inches hard. It’s nothing compared to Nolan’s python. 24 fucking inches hard. TWO FEET. and 12 inches around. It’s as thick as a two liter bottle. His enormous hands could palm a basketball easily, and even then he had to use both of his hands to grope his thick cock. So between that giant hose and his big ole’ balls, his basketball shorts were looking pretty obscene. The fact that there is absolutely no space between his legs only amplifies the bulge in his shorts by pushing his massive junk forward even more. “Fuck man,” Nolan grunted, “These clothes are so damned tight. I’ll see ya there, my guy.” Finally dressed, er sort of, Nolan saunters out the door. I watch his thick ass and legs hungrily as he walks off - each muscle throbbing and writhing with each step. As massive as he was, every bit of that mass was needed to move such an immense amount of weight. The floor is actually shaking as he makes his way across the room, each step booming. I chuckled as I watched him trying to exit the building. We had had the door replaced with a double door since we’d gotten so big, but even then, at his current size, his massive shoulders still brushed both sides of the doorway at the same time. It wouldn’t be too much longer and he would need an even larger opening. As soon as he left, I scrambled to find the device. Given my new size, this was easier said than done. Even though most of the new reality and been set, my brain was still adjusting to how to maneuver all this mass the best way possible, so awkwardness. I knew we were already big enough - I mean we were pushing the limits of realistic size at this point, but there was a part of me that wanted to see Nolan even bigger. Like MASSIVE. I’m talking godhood - a giant. Also I was worried that if I waited much longer, I would be too dumb to even figure out how to work the device or remember that it even existed. So, I found the device and entered a time codes and popped it on before I could think about the ramifications of what I was doing and change my mind. First, I traveled to the future (weird right?) where new drugs and supplements had been developed to stimulate growth. Not just muscle growth, but height as well. The size I had in mind for Nolan required him to be much taller, otherwise he would just be a musclebound blob. This is where it gets complicated. Since only my consciousness traveled through time, I couldn’t just take the supplements with me. I won’t bore you with the details, so the short version is that I spent several months in the labs with the doctor that created these drugs and memorized the steps to recreate these drugs in the past, which was no easy feat with my increasingly diminishing IQ. I then traveled back to the time period I had originally traveled to, gained access to a lab and recreated the supplements. I gave them to Nolan and peaced out. Phew. This better be worth it. ************************************** As soon as I opened my eyes, this new reality hit me like a ton of bricks. There was no acclimating like the last times. My mind was immediately inundated with new memories. I remember Nolan giving me some pills back when we were kids. He said it would help us get bigger. I had been hesitant to take them at first, so Nolan was several doses ahead of me before I finally joined him. The result had been an explosive amount of growth that spanned the next five years. The loft was now a huge mansion with massive ceilings and entryways. In fact, everything about the mansion was supersized. It was supersized because we had to have a place built specifically for us because we were so fucking huge now. We were literal giants. Gods. I walked past a mirror and stopped to admire myself. I mean, it was hard not to do when you look like I do now. Every muscle on my body was so bloated and engorged with pure mass. I had a custom made towel that was the size of a bed sheet wrapped around my waist, and yet it did nothing to hide the mass that was underneath. Just this morning I clocked in weighing 935lbs at 11’5”. I was really hoping to hit quad digits soon. Like I said. Actual giant. We had ended up earning a fortune making cam shows. Obviously dudes our size were very rare and people paid just about anything to watch two muscle gods go to pound town. We were the only ones that could handle the other’s size after all. The doorbell rang. A little guy was at the door. I say little guy, because he was a little guy to us. To the standard person, he was a big dude. He was about the size of a pro bodybuilder. He must’ve been one of our “premium customers”. Jesus I forget sometimes just how big we are now. Seeing a full grown man barely come up to your waist, his entire body smaller than one of my titanic legs, really puts things into perspective again. “Bruh. Come in man. Are you ready for the time of your life or what?” The depth of my voice shook the poor guy to his very core. “uh-uh-y-y-y-yessir. I-I-I-I think I am.” the poor guy stammered. “What’s your name, little bud?” I asked. “B-B-B-Ben, s-s-s-s-sir.” He was frightened out his mind. I didn’t blame him of course. I could literally destroy him with the mere flick of a finger. I patted him on his head, my massive mitt engulfing it completely. I could honestly crush his head one-handed if I so desired. This kind of power was intoxicating. I watched his eyes grow wider and wider as I slowly removed the towel from my waist, unleashing the beast. My three foot cock sprang forward, smacking the little guy right in the face, knocking him backwards. The thing was nearly as big as he was, The head alone was much larger than the man’s fist. He stumbled back to his feet and something switched in him. All fear was gone as he literally leapt onto my massive cock and just started massaging it and sucking on any part of It’s surface he could attach himself to. I moaned in pure ecstasy as he continued to work his way up and down my member. As the moment of truth arrived, Ben clung to my dick for dear life as he literally felt it “charging up”. Just in time too, as I came almost right after. And when I say I came…I’m saying like a canon. A geyser of cum erupted from me that seemed to never end. The aftermath was quite messy. In the middle of the massive pool of cum sat my poor little muscle worshipper, Ben. The force of my cum explosion still managed to launch him off of my giant cock and into the torrential geyser of cum, but he seemed to be completely content. All of a sudden, there was the sound of thunder coming from the entryway to the house. Nolan was home. Around the corner came the men of all men. He was truly the reason we needed the giant-size house with the giant-size furniture. Even with the 15 foot ceilings, Nolan’s head still brushed the top. The extra wide hallways were still just barely wide enough to hold the giant behemoth. Even at almost 15 feet tall, he was just as wide and musclebound as ever. Last time we weighed in, he was over two tons of beef. Yes, it’s just as unbelievable as it sounds. As I had maintained my cut physique, Nolan had stuck with his off season look. It made him look even bigger. His enormous muscle gut was the only thing that bulged out far enough for him to see past his planet-sized pecs. Well that and his massive dick, but we’ll get to that. “Yooooo you must be Ben.” boomed Nolan with a toothy grin. “This is the lil guy who paid the big bucks to have a private sesh with us bruh!” Before Ben had time to react, Nolan had picked him up in one of his massive hands and just held him. He fit easily in one of his enormous palms, the size of a truck tire. Ben looked absolutely terrified but also completely turned on all at once. Nolan chuckled deeply, shaking the whole house and gently place him back on the ground. Ben was still in awe of the mass of muscle before him. Nolan’s calves, alone, were larger than Ben’s entire body. He barely came up to mid thigh on Nolan, which put him right at eye level with his “third leg”. Nolan’s cock was otherworldly. It was just about large enough to have It’s own zip code. It was as big around as a telephone pole and, last we checked, nearly six feet long. Meaning, Nolan’s cock was actually bigger than Ben was. The head of his cock was bigger than Ben’s own actual head. As soon as Ben made “eye contact”, it began to plump up and engorge with blood, growing even larger and getting harder. Ben then repeated the same process that he did with me, riding Nolan’s enormous cock and just writhing and licking and kissing all over it until Nolan erupted and a seemingly endless fountain of cum showered the entire living room. Ben spent the next couple of hours “playing” on us like we were a jungle gym. He climbed around each of our enormous bodies and worshipped just about every inch of our bodies until he could handle no more. He called his banker and had the $10,000 that we had requested wired directly to our bank account and he left, never to be seen again. As tired as he was, all of the activities of the day had been a mere warm up for us. So, after his departure we went at it like animals. Fucked for 3 hours straight. We almost destroyed the house. After all, there’s no gentle way for two giant masses of muscle to have consensual sex. In the afterglow of our night of pure ecstasy, I lay in our “bed”. I say bed but it was really the size of a normal room. Again, custom made. The thing still barely held Nolan, much less both of us together. I casually fondled his doorknob sized nipples as I reminisced on our incredible journey of growth together. Who knew five years ago, that we would ever end up so inhumanly massive, so powerful? Well apparently, I did, but I’d forgotten that already. This really was the life. I couldn’t possibly imagine life any other way. ************************************** Once Ben had gotten home from that absolutely wild day he had had, he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a strange looking device. He had heard rumors of a device that had been invented that allowed you to manipulate reality via time travel. Very few of them were made, but he knew exactly what it looked like. So when he saw what looked like one on one of the tables at the giants’ house, he snagged the thing without a second thought when neither of the giants were looking. He fumbled with the parameters on the device and placed the device on his head, already imagining what wondrous changes he had in store for himself. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep with a grin on his face. THE END
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    Text Fur Muscle (Part 2 added)

    Hey, This story of mine is experimental. Im still learning english so forgive me If they are any wrong grammars and spelling. Please enjoy this short story I made on the whim. Calhoun has come online. Calhoun: yo bro, you wake? Bane has come online. Bane: what 'sup, its in the middle of the night, whats wrong? Calhoun: Im feelin sick tnight Bane: I can tell, youre literally reducing letters in your sentences. Calhoun: whatevs, havnt talked to my colleagues in a while, ever since this stupd business trip. Bane: you need something bro? I can book a flight and stay with you if you're feeling lonely. Calhoun: no thanks, want to be lone. Calhoun: god my skins burning. Bane: feeling hot? Calhoun: fuck ye I am, my workout has finally paid off Calhoun: I finally got my six pack that I was obsessing about, my beautiful biceps finally teared through all of my sleeved shrts, now I finally have a reason to buy tank tops. Im hot as a superman yo. Bane: guess you talk all you want. Calhoun: hm strange Bane: what Calhoun: im so shredded that my sleeves got teared through without even flexing these guns. My shirt feels tighter tonight. Bane: calhoun, what day is it Calhoun: too lazyyyy to check, but its full moon tnight. Bane: oh no Calhoun: oh my god holy fucking shit Bane: calhoun Calhoun: my fucking six pack suddenly Calhoun: oh fvuck it feels so goooood Calhoun: my six pack suddenly turned into an eight pack holy fucking shit this feels so amazing, I just saw it in my own eyes that my abs just grew big! Holy svhit Bane: Cal just calm down Calhoun: shit these abs feel like theyre rocks what the hell is happening to me Calhoun: bane my biceps! They grew big! They just grew suddenly big oh god it feels good! Calhoun: theyre tearing through my sleeves, theyre veiny big thick strong and theyre GORGEOUS Calhoun: somethings wrong with me but im flexing these guns bro Calhoun: im sleeveless beast with two big n strong biceps and an eight pack abs Calhou: bane why is there hair growing all over my body Bane: it'll all be over by sunrise cal, just Bane: bear it Calhoun: bane my body suddenly grew big, bane help me, my muscles Calhoun: bane they just wont stop growing big it suddenly feels painful Calhoun: bane what is happening to me, im becoming shredded like a muscle monster, muscles all over my body are tearin through my clothes Calhoun: bane I grew a furry tail Calhoun: my fac Bane: it'll all be over soon cal Calhoun: bane what are you sayn Calhoun: help me please im feelin sick Calhoun: im fckinh big now cant type vry well bigarms bigbicps Calhoun: bane my best friend Calhoun: help m ... Bane: calhoun I cant help you, please bear it until sunrise, my best friend I reslly want to help you but I really cant Calhoun: hello babe. Bane: oh god you again Calhoun: I feel fucking great, that transformation was smooth Bane: im going to bed Calhoun: no you're not, say my muscles feel denser, did little cally had a workout? Calhoun: say where am I, where the hell is this place. Bane: calhoun im going to bed im tired Calhoun: oh my little Bane, if you were a different person comparing me to that weak dumbass, your head may be long gone.... Calhoun: im BETTER that Calhoun, you know that right boyfriend? Bane: im not your boyfriend. Calhoun: aww dont be like that Calhoun: hey now! My bitch calhoun has actually been working out hard Calhoun: no fat on my skin at all, fuck yea Im a living muscle anatomy, you can see all the jacked af muscle under the skin Calhoun: im gonna do a howl, text me if you can hear my majestic howl! Bane: I wont, youre in an another state Calhoun: aww thats too bad Calhoun: man I really want to seduce the shit out of you. My wolf instincts are kicking in. Bane: calhoun, I beg of you, do NOT seduce any men there! Do not even the slightest bit of the R word! Calhoun: my name is NOT CALHOUN!! I am the monster under his own skin. Im better in every way, I got more muscle, and im cooler. Calhoun: oh I just cant wait to turn you into a beast like me, a majestic shredded as fuck werewolf. Bane: DO NOT EVEN GO THERE Bane: I will never EVER, become a muscle headed monster like you. Bane: you will never lay a single scratch on me Calhoun: aww babe youre cute when youre angry Calhoun: I took a selfie, Ill show you how being a werewolf will bring out the best inside every feeble humans. Calhoun sent a photo. Bane: I dont CARE about muscles, I am not gay like you. Calhoun: oh you should be if you wanna feel these rock hard babies Bane: besides you only come out twice a month Calhoun: not for long Bane: what Calhoun: I had a hunch Bane: a hunch? Calhoun: heheheh Calhoun: I found a way how to make this form permanent. Bane: WHAT? Calhoun: HAHAHA Calhoun: you will never see scrawny Calhoun ever again. Ya know, if you didnt cling to calhoun too much and didnt built up my jealousy. This conclusion may never happen. Bane: dont do this! It isnt fair! Calhoun: it PAINS me that I get to only see my boyfriend only twice, TWICE A WEEK BANE Calhoun: even if bitch Calhoun still controls this body on non full moons, every thing he does, every single word, action, vision, every thought he makes. I can see ALL OF IT! Calhoun: Calhoun plans a trip with you to Japan and have, guess what, some FUN TIMES AND SHIT Calhoun: NO BANE Calhoun: my LIFE ISNT FAIR, MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE IS NOT FAIR. Calhoun: Its not fair that you two get to spend more time together while a monster like me sits in his own subconsious waiting for the next full moon to take over Calhoun: seeing you two having some fun under the sun. Bane: calhoun, please, listen to me, dont do this please, we Bane: we can work this out Calhoun: do you had the power to allow us to transform into a werewolf at will? Calhoun: no you cant, all I want is to spend time with you, lots of time Calhoun: a whole night isnt enough Calhoun: this whole room is an eyesore, maybe because it owns by bitch calhoun Calhoun: im gonna trash this shitty palace and break this phone, im going back home to you after the ritual is complete Bane: ritual?? Calhoun: last full moon, I was absent most of that night, right bane? Bane: yes? Calhoun: I encountered a witch doctor, he was a werewolf too, a werewolf witch doctor which is cool Calhoun: he taught me how to "perfect" the werewolfism Calhoun: not only it will make me ten times stronger and sexier Calhoun: Itll also make it permanent, though the ritual is not easy so I never bothered to do it Calhoun: not until this very predicament where I finally crossed a line Bane: calhoun please Calhoun: calhoun will be gone soon, itll be his turn to be stuck in the subconscious shit hole. Calhoun: say your prayers bane, because tomorrow, ill have my puppy soon. Bane: calhoun please dont do this Calhoun: if you dont like me then maybe your WOLF SIDE will... Bane: please! Calhoun: see you tomorrow my soon-to-be pet/boyfriend werewolf. Heheheheh Calhoun has abruptly disconnected. "SHIT, I have to find him ASAP!!"
  8. Hey guys, on my old account I was a long time reader, just never actually posted any topics. I've decided to write a trans man's story into manhood, and the growth that may follow. I tried something different than the generic potion or magic. I wanted to take an almost scientific (?) approach. There isn't any growth in the first section, but please stick with it as I have many plans for it! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 1 My name was Siohban, now I'm Sean. I'm an average guy who has a huge secret from the outside world and my peers, I'm trans. Now, my whole life I felt trapped in my own body, not being who I wanted to be, being forced to be girly. Buy girly things, play with with girly things, be obsessed with girly things. Well that just wasn't me. I wanted to mess around with the lads, fight them, climb trees; not play with dolls all day. Frankly the thought of a tea party with stuffed animals scares the shit out of me. Talking to toys made to entertain children, not to start them imagining Snowy the Cat was a real, living animal. Despite all this, as I went into my teenage years, it just got harder. No more playing with toys. I was expected to make decisions based solely on my gender, and with wars coming round the corner in Ireland, I may have had to help with the war efforts at home, when really I wanted to fight. Now, you may be thinking,"It's your choice, you don't have to be a girl anymore, you can do what you like." No. My parents in no way shape or form would've supported me. And I don't mean this in a light hearted way- they would've kicked me out and left me to rot. See the thing is, in Ireland, especially in this time, being different is wrong. It's digusting and you might aswell die. My father is the worst, and I quote, "Let's just get rid of th' gays, they car' have chidren so what's the feckin point. You might aswell kill the wee bastards." I was 13, just getting to grips with my sexuality. These words have stuck with me, even to my last years of my life. At first I thought I was gay, but I do like guys, I just want to be one myself. For some odd reason, I get all warm inside when I imagine living with a nice bloke, who is good looking and has a good heart (as well as a great dick, wahey) but that's beside the point. I thought this was wrong so I supressed it, I tried to get rid of it. Then came the fateful day of when I decided to come out as trans. Bear in mind, being transgender in my time was not mainstream, it was not "iconic" it was purely frowned upon, but I did it. My mother accepted me, but my dad didn't understand it. I didn't blame him, even I didn't know the term "transgender" until my late 30's. To us it was just a sex change. My father shocked me that day, as he was completely understanding but just confused. Secretly I just thought he was going to be happy to finally be getting a son. I told them I still like guys which also confused them. I had to explain to them that it meant I was technically a gay man. My father just looked at me and started crying. I immediately thought, oh shit, what have I done. But he shook my hand and said he was proud of me, and that he could easily change his views if he let myself teach him how. This was a huge contrast to what he said 3 years earlier about killing all the gays. However as my years went on into early adulthood, he got even more accepting. Pride parades were increasing in Ireland and being gay, trans, lesbian etc.. was becoming less digsusting and more empowering. I was happy being a guy, but I always felt like something was missing. It was a penis. I wanted one so badly, but in the early 2000's it wasn't an option. This brings us to 2019, a time of enlightment and discovery. My father called me to his house, and handed me a piece of paper. It was a medical document stating he paid for a surgery called metoidioplasty. At first I thought it was for him, I asked him whether he was okay. He said, "My bank account ain't, but ye should be." I was confused so I searched it up on my phone. It was a GRS (gender reassignment surgery) as I read more into it tears started to fall down my face. I could finally be a man, a full man. And it was all due to my father's kindness. I hugged him and he told me he loved me no matter the gender. The surgery was booked in, and I was ready. I woke up the next morning, and the doctor was by the side of my bed. He told me the surgery had a few complications. I immediately put my hand near my crotch and I could feel a lengthy penis. I looked down there and it looked around 5-6 inches soft. Very nice. My balls were quite hefty too, I was genuinely shocked my endownment looked so good. I mean, I had a vagina a few days ago. I asked about the complications and they told me I wasn't getting an erection or producing sperm. So they had to induce a lot more testosterone than a usual man would have. They then told me this may cause weight gain and serious hair growth, but I wasn't bothered, I was a man. They gave me a years worth of testosterone appointments, and they wished me a happy life as I left the hospital a few hours later. I was a man who wanted to have sex, but I couldn't as I needed to make sure I could get an erection. I got home, into my flat and stripped down. I examined my penis and all it's features and it was fucking hot, I loved it. I then sat in my arm chair and manspread, and began to stroke my cock. It hurt at first, but then pure pleasure ensued shortly after. It was a euphoric feeling, it didnt take long for an erection to form, which meant the surgery had worked. I felt an ache in my balls, I had read online this is what forming sperm felt like, and I urged release. I continued to wank more and more, getting faster- which was dangerous due to it being put on me literally a day before this- but I couldn't help it, it felt so good. Suddenly I felt my balls push and my cock pull back and white hot steaming ropes of cum flew out of my cock. How I could've produced that much was beyond me, but it was hot, sexy, and masculine, and that's what I wanted. I continued to masturbate throughout the day, constantly pushing out seed until I got bored. I was sticky and I needed a shower. I showered and washed myself and I saw the forms of stubble forming. After close inspection downstairs, pubic hair was also growing. I searched online whether this was normal, to which I got no answers. I just assumed it was normal as I was having testosterone put into my body every month. I did always have a slight feeling that maybe it wasn't, but it was overpowered by the thought of being a man. A few days later I decided to jon the gym, I got my membership card and was ready...
  9. galaxymuscless

    My Captions ENGLISH and SPANISH

    SPANISH Un día mi hermano menor se compró un extraño videojuego durante una venta de garaje, el juego se llamaba "Quest for muscles" y parecía una copia barata de skyrim en el explorabas un mundo abierto mientras peleabas con monstruos y subías de nivel. Sin embargo, había ciertos detalles que eran inquietantes el avatar de mi hermano era una copia casi idéntica de el incluso en el cuerpo era flacucho y bastante más bajo que la mayoría de los npc además cuando lo subía de nivel en lugar de estas comunes como Magia, inteligencia, destreza habían sido remplazados por cosas como bíceps, tríceps, pectorales, estatura, etc. cada vez que el personaje de mi hermano subía de nivel estos stats aumentaban ligeramente. No le di mucha importancia y dejé a mi hermano con su videojuego mientras yo me fui a dormir me costó un poco por que escuchaba ruidos de mi hermano aun jugando. "En algún momento se cansará" pensé mientras me quedaba profundamente dormido, ala mañana siguiente me desperté y los ruidos del videojuego aun sonaban ahora si estaba enojado ese enano había estado jugando sin parar toda la noche. Ese fue el colmo camine hacia su cuarto para darle una paliza por no parar de jugar. pero algo hizo detenerme al abrir la puerta en lugar de encontrarme a mi escuálido hermano menor en su lugar había un hombre gigante, sus piernas eran tan largas que sus enormes pies colgaban unos cm sobre la cama, pero lo más impresionante era su físico, sus bíceps eran del tamaño de melones, uno de sus pectorales era más grande que mi cabeza y a través de sus apretadas ropas se podía ver unos marcados abdominales. sin embargo, Lo que hizo que me congelara es cuando vi la cara del hombre gigantesco, unida por un grueso cuello estaba la cara de mi hermano menor con todo y sus gruesas gafas de nerd, sus ojos estaban fijos en la pantalla de la tv y en sus manos tenía aun el control de la video consola el cual se veía diminuto en sus enormes manos. En ese momento volteé a la pantalla y pude ver al avatar de mi hermano ahora con un cuerpo enorme matando a unos monstruos y subiendo de nivel."Genial! ¡Al fin llegue al nivel 100!" grito de repente mi hermano en una voz ahora más gruesa y varonil volteo hacia mí no se había dado cuenta de mi presencia y sonrió con una sonrisa malévola"Hola hermano una disculpe creo que me quede algo adicto a este juego, pero creo que valió la pena" dijo mientras hacía saltar sus redondos pectorales yo solo me quede en espectáculo mientras mi hermano "pequeño" se levantaba de la cama y su cabeza se elevaba más y más y más.... ENGLISH One day my younger brother bought a strange videogame during a garage sale, the game was called "Quest for muscles" and it looked like a cheap skyrim copy in which you explored an open world while fighting monsters . However, there were certain details that were disturbing the avatar of my brother was an almost identical copy of the even in the body was skinny and short most of the npc looked taller than his avatar, in addition when he was leveling up instead of the common stats like Magic intelligence, dexterity they had been replaced by things like biceps, triceps, pectorals, stature, etc. every time my brother's character level up these stats increased slightly. I did not give much importance and left my brother with his video game while I went to sleep ,it took me a while because I heard noises of my brother still playing. "At some point will get tired" I thought while I was sound asleep, the next morning I woke up and the sounds of the video game still sounded now if I was angry that dwarf had been playing without stopping all night. That was the last straw I walked to his room to give him a beating for not stopping playing. but something made me stop when I opened the door instead of finding my scrawnt younger brother in his place there was a giant man, his legs were so long that his huge feet hung a few cm out of the bed, but the most impressive was his physique, his biceps were the size of melons, one of his pectorals was bigger than my head and through his tight clothes you could see some marked abs. However, what made me freeze is when I saw the face of the gigantic man, joined by a thick neck was the face of my younger brother with everything and his thick nerd glasses, his eyes were fixed on the TV screen and in his hands he still had control of the video console which looked tiny in his huge hands. At that moment I turned to the screen and I could see my brother's avatar now with a huge body killing monsters and leveling up."YEAH!, finally reach level 100!" Suddenly my brother shouted in a voice now thicker and more manly, he turned towards noticing my presence and smiled with a malevolent grin"Hello, brother, sorry I think I was somewhat addicted to this game, but I think it was worth it" he said while bouncing his round pectorals I just stayed in shock while my "little" brother got up from the bed and his head was it rose more and more and more ....
  10. justin270

    Cock Ring Growth Story

    THE COCK RING Rex was a little guy… average height, small build. No more than 150 lbs…. He’d always been envious of bigger guys. While at the college campus gym, he found a connection that was willing to hook him up with testosterone and human growth hormone…. His contact told him that this blend of drug was unique and experimental… there was no guarantee it would work. Rex decided to give it a shot. At first he didn’t plan on doing it long… he just wanted to get over a plateau at the gym. He promised himself he’d quit once he gained a little muscle. After only 2 days of treatment, his body began to change…more rapidly than he could have ever anticipated. His growth was alarming. He’d never grown body hair before… when he woke up on day 2, his entire body was covered in a short layer of fur… He admired his masculine features in the mirror. He rubbed the fur… caressing his entire body in awe. His muscles had already began to grow. He felt so horny. He felt so… powerful….His changing body put him in a constant state of sexual arousal. His workouts were so intense, they were almost euphoric. He was lifting more than he ever thought possible. He was outgrowing gym clothes daily. Guys would gather around him at the gym to watch… you could almost SEE his muscles growing! After 2 hours of lifting, onlookers would swear he was bigger than when he had started. They were right. He was growing at an outrageous rate… Most of his growth taking place in his sleep. He was constantly eating, going into severe credit card debt just to feed himself! Soon, Rex could only think of lifting… lifting and growing. He was becoming the man he’d always wanted to be. Nothing else mattered! His scrawny frame blew up to that of a bodybuilders in about 2 weeks. He had gone from 5′8 to 6′4… 150lbs to 280lbs. His size was truly astonishing. Whatever he was taking must have been special. He realized the potential he had to grow larger, there was seemingly no end to what his body could become. He knew he could be bigger… he felt it inside. He craved growth! He would dream of being the largest man on earth… standing as tall as sky scrapers.. He’d wake up from these dreams gushing cum. The thought of unstoppable growth made him so fucking hard and horny. His workouts were so rigorous …he’d leave puddles of sweat around the gym… as well as puddles of cum that would drizzle down his leg from his aroused state. Fortunately, his cock was not growing at the same rate of his body. It was fairly easy to hide his erections when compared to his giant body size. After 3 weeks he was enormous. He’d quit his job and dropped out of his college classes. He lived at the gym. He lived to grow larger. There was no satisfying the Giant’s desire to increase his size. He was insatiable. He was obsessed…he was amazed at his new body. He wanted MORE! By the end of week 3 he was approaching 7 feet in height, his massive hairy body weighed in at 350 lbs. He felt unsatisfied with the size of his cock, which had seemily stayed the same size through the entire process. Frustrated by how tiny it looked compared to his new giant size…he decided something needed to be done. He’d heard about penis pumping, and using cock rings to enhance his size. At this point all he cared about was growth. He’d do whatever it took to have the biggest penis in the world. While in the middle of his workout, he removed the drawstring from his gym shorts. He went to the locker room of the gym, pulled down his briefs and discreatly tied off the base of his dick with draw string. He’d heard that cock rings would help force the blood and expand his cock. He’d been told that if he really “pumped” his dick with a cock ring on, his cock would grow. He figured a rope would do the trick! As soon as his dick was tied off he felt a surge of energy rush through his body. The effects were almost instantaneous. His cock responded to the “cock ring”… it was growing quickly. He couldn’t conceal it in his gym shorts. It was so full and erect it was pulsing and shaking… as if it had a mind of it’s own. His cock was harder than it had ever been! Each vein bulging and glistening with sweat and pre-cum. His balls were becoming heavier… expanding like balloons! He fell to the ground, moaning! His voice getting deeper with each pulse of blood he forced into his cock. The growth was not limited to his cock… He felt the surge corse through his entire body, he flexed every muscle , his body expanded so quickly he burst out of his gym shirt. His gym shorts quickly burst from the pressure of his expanding waist line and bulging package. His briefs were all that remained on the giant’s body. A crowd started to form… everyone was amazed by the giant man growing on the locker room floor. His briefs suddenly burst off, the elastic band broke into several pieces and was shot around the room smacking the faces of the onlookers. They kept his shreds of clothes as souvenirs… feeling lucky to have been smacked in the face with the clothes of a giant. They could taste the sweat and scent of the beast in the fabric… There he was … the naked beast in all his glory. Sitting in the middle of the mens locker room at his college gym. His tied off cock was expanding and stretching. The beast was putting all his energy into thrusting blood into his tied off cock. Each pulse would send chills throughout his body. He moaned in pleasure, his body increasing in size. His voice getting lower and lower until he sounded like a lion roaring. He was no longer Rex, he was a BEAST. A gigantic godly beast! The growth was unstoppable at this point. Tying off his cock had apparently triggered a process that was irreversible. Soon his 8 inch cock was 3 feet long… the rope he’d used to tie his cock was under intense pressure. “SNAP”… the rope burst! Sending pieces of rope flying across the room. With the burst of the rope, his cock immediately filled with blood… expanding from 3 to 5 feet in length in one sweeping motion. His legs were expanding… His moans were so loud people had to cover their ears. His quads and glute muscles were ENORMOUS. He was so heavy he could not stand! His ass was soooo bigg! The weight of his lower half was so immense he could not stand! He didn’t care… he was so focused on his growing cock. The beasts growing body was truly tremendous, a specimen to behold. He was growing at a shocking rate… he was drenched in sweat. His giant ass was passing gas, but he had no shame. These were the farts of a god… a growing grunting beastly god… his bodily functions were to be celebrated. Soon his body oder was so pungent it permeated the entirety of the gym. The beastly scent was intoxicating to all who smelled it. He must have been 600 lbs, likely 10 ft tall! His cock was a monster, a giant veiny monster. You could hear it growing… the enormous cock head was spurting out pre-cum constantly. It grew across the floor of the locker room, knocking over shelves. The crowd of men were at a loss for words. All they could think to do was worship the god-cock. Licking it, rubbing it… Using their bodies to wrap around it and squeeze it. The men removed their shirts, tied the shirts together to create a “cock ring”… they tied off the monster cock with their make shift rope.. The beast growled so loudly the walls of the building shook! The naked men were rubbing their tiny cocks on the beasts body… “You shouldn’t have done that, you tiny insignificant idiots!” The beast roared…. Tying off the cock sparked a growth surge so intense, the beasts entire body was shaking. His shaking body was knocking over lockers, smashing in metal… destroying benches. He was growing so quickly! His cock hardened like cement, it literally felt like stone when you’d touch it. It was so hard, it flung up off the floor and stood straight up in the room. The cock was at least 8 feet tall… standing there like a pillar. The beasts cock head quickly smashed through the roof, bringing down wood and paneling… The room was collapsing. The beast’s cock was unstoppable…. shooting up towards the sky. Bursting through the roof of the building. The beast could feel the cold air of outside blowing on his cock head (which had managed to push it’s way through the roof of the building). People outside watched as a cock drilled through the roof of the building, shooting towards the sky… the beast’s body was growing as well. He no longer fit inside the locker room. His frame pushed the walls out, the entire building collapsing… giving way to the god’s massive body. He laid there, his arms and legs growing outward. His pecs were so enormous he could hardly see over them. Hair was growing from every surface of the beasts body… his skin was almost totally covered in a blanked of dark black, thick, curly hair. His cock continued to grow upward… towering 25 feet in the air. Soon 30 feet, then 40! Steadily expanding, becoming thicker and thicker…taller and taller. You could hear the sound of the expanding flesh. You could hear the blood filling the veins of his gigantic fleshy rod. Suddenly the growth seemed to stop. Things got quiet, the dust of the building had settled. The beasts cock was standing at about 100 ft in the air, 50 feet in diameter. It was taller than any building near it… reminiscent of a redwood tree. Students all around campus stopped and looked at the cock which towered over their campus, dominating the skyline. It was throbbing… it was beautiful. Nobody could look away. It demanded the attention of all. The beast laid there, looking upward at his enormous dick. Overcome with sexual energy, he was hornier than he’d ever been before. He was drunk on his own size. He tried to sit up, his cock would sway back and forth in the air as he moved. He needed to fuck something… he needed to find RELEASE. In one quick motion, he rolled over on his side. His gigantic cock came crashing down, smashing buildings. The smashed buildings felt so good on the beasts cock. He roared in excitement! He then flipped over to his other side, smashing rows of cars in a parking lot that sat adjacent to him. The crushed metal felt soooo good as it wrapped around his dick. He finally made his way onto his stomach, His cock aimed at the library.. He began to thrust. His cock dug into the ground, dredging into the earth… then hit the base of the library. The walls immediately collapsed. Thousands of pounds of cement wrapped around his dick, providing the “penetration” he so greatly desired. He moaned so loudly as he fucked the building to pieces. His body was starting to expand, his legs were getting stronger. He was growing taller… His body was “catching” up with the size of his monster dick. He swelled and grew, rolling around campus… destroying the last remaining buildings. He was finally able to stand. His 100 foot cock stuck out over a city block. Traffic came to a pause… people were afraid of the cock that hovered over their street. The beast was overcome with a sense of rage and power, he began stroking the base of his cock furiously. The gigantic cock was so long that it was bouncing up and down with the beasts every move… pounding the street.The beast was literally dick smacking a city block. Destroying whatever crossed it’s path. The beast was overcome with a sense of power. “ALL WILL BOW TO MY COCK” he yelled. “YOU MUST WORSHIP YOUR BEAST, OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCE”. He was drunk with power. Obsessed with his size. He was a monster. An unstoppable, insatiable, power hungry beast. There was no stopping him now. He would not stop until the entire WORLD feared his monster cock.
  11. Orrotica

    [Story] Dials

    Dials Phil woke up rather abruptly from having been knocked out. He hadn’t a clue where he was or the circumstances of which he arrived there… He thought, “Where the hell am I? The old guy asked me for spare change… then… I’m hit in the back of the head… and I end up… here… strapped in this chair…” The direness of the situation reached full-scope once Phil was able to open his eyes to see himself secured tightly into a classic-style chair one might find in a mental health facility. The room was coated with cement blocks and lacked much in the way of furnishings. There was a tangle of wires leading from the base of the chair to a control panel full of dials and meters. In front of the controls was a chair with a lab coat hanging on the back of it. “What is this place?” Phil thought. He fought against the restraints. Footsteps sounded first, then the heavy metal door opened. Without saying a word, the gentleman of around 50 walked over and took his seat. He cleared his throat a few times before speaking. “I see you’re awake.” Still silence from Phil. The technician took his seat and ceased in his efforts to make nice with Phil. After more calibrating and tinkering, the man’s motives became clear… “I’ve been working on a method of DNA manipulation at the core levels. Each of these dials represents a different facet of your genetic makeup. I can alter your predispositions to select traits.” Phil chimed in… “Select traits??” “Yes, traits like your cum production, for example. I can alter any part of you I see fit… your body hair, cock size, muscle density, or even your voice and accent.” “Accent??” Phil seemed shocked. “And using rapid brainwashing mechanisms I’ll be able to change certain personality traits.” Phil ran out of things to say. “So…” The older man pushed a few buttons now. “You know, I’ve always been interested in the Russian mentality of super-alpha and cocky.” Phil looked horrified as the man continued to disclose his intentions… “You see, a Russian dude is super vulgar, willing to fuck any woman, and he’ll always have the body to match that ego. …That and they can hold their liquor.” Without a pause he said, “Let me show you how it works.” At that, Phil’s heart raced a million miles an hour. He saw one of the dials getting inched upward. “This one is for facial hair.” Phil felt certain growth on his face as the turning of the dial continued. The man was only nudging the dial up one or two ‘tic marks’ but it felt like a million tiny ants were crawling over his face. His normal smooth skin was being replaced… “What are you doing to me?!” Phil hated the image of himself with scruff. The man replied. “Now-now calm down, let me make this easier for you.” The man then grabbed a pair of noise-canceling headphones and placed them atop Phil’s head. “Listen…” On repeat Phil heard the mantra on repeat: “I have fast-growing facial hair. I have a five o’clock shadow every day by noon.” “My face is hairy.” “I have fast-growing facial hair. I have a five o’clock shadow every day by noon.” “My face is hairy.” The whole operation of mental stimulation lasted five minutes as the man slowly inched just one of the many dials further up. Eventually he yanked the headphones off Phil’s head. It didn’t take long for him to snap out of his haze. He looked over to see the ‘facial hair’ dial turned to a good 80-percent on the scale. “Whaaa—” “How do you feel Phil?” Phil lifted shoulder to his face in order to scratch it. “Let me go-- out of here!” Tell me Phil, when was the last time you shaved that face?” Phil seemed shocked over the question, yet somehow, he was forced to search his memory for the answer. The pause seemed unneeded as Phil searched for his answer… “I don’t bother shaving cause I have fast growing facial hair. It’s a decent shadow by lunch. Why??” “Oh?” The man asked. Now seeming annoyed further, Phil reiterated his previous answer before asking again to be freed. “Look. I’m sorry if I did anything. I won’t tell anyone—" Phil was cut off to the sounds of a hum coming from the technician’s machine. There were many fluidic tubes and exposed wires, and as the man began nudging another dial it made a mechanical noise. “What are you doing??” “Do you make precum?” The man asked. “No… never have.” “Well, most people around the world, like some of our Russian counterparts for example, are some of the top producers of precum.” “What?” Why are you---?” Phil got cut off… Tingling along with a slight pulsating erupted within Phil’s ballsac now. The man merely smiled as he looked directly at Phil’s average-sized dick. “How high should we go?” The technician muttered. Phil looked at the man in disbelief. “I don’t want to make precum at all! It’s a mess!” “Nonsense! If you’re going to be my Russian creation, you will be a heavy producer.” Now seeming provoked, the man inched the dial up a tad faster now. At current, it rested at 40% of max. Phil felt a slight buildup within his balls. He squirmed inside the chair and felt a droplet of precum escape his cockhead. As he locked eyes on it, another droplet pushed outward, spilling down the side of his shaft. “N-No!” Phil saw the man place his hand on the precum dial once more… “40% is nothing for a Russian.” The man began. He reached for the headphones once more. “Here, this will help ya.” Another mantra sounded on repeat, confusing Phil again. He had to close his eyes in order to attempt focusing… “I precum a lot. I have always leaked into my underwear.” “Every time I get hard, I leak a ton.” “I precum a lot. I have always leaked into my underwear.” “Every time I get hard, I leak a ton.” This session went on for a few minutes as the man continued increasing the levels of the precum dial. At its end, he had spun it to near 95-percent of max. Only then did he remove Phil’s headphones. He jumped in with a peculiar line… “Wow, you’re really leaking.” Phil took stock of the state of his penis… the heavy precum presence he definitely noticed. As it glistened in his eyes, he remembered the countless times it happening… “In my underwear, all my life…” Phil wasted no time directing his attention back to the man. “Let me go!” The man simply responded: “My my! You are one aggressive Russian man.” “What…? I’m not Russian! I’m American you freak!” The goals of the evil man were reiterated now. “Oh, you’ll be one built Russian. So arrogant… animalistic… all you’ll think about is vodka and getting a good fuck.” He added, “Just look at your hairy face and your leaky cock.” Phil was confused. “I’ve always had a beard and a lot of precum…” He looked over the man turning another dial. “What are you doing?!” The man said, “How many times a week do you work out?” A familiar humming filled the room as more fluid traveled to Phil’s body via the intricate tubing. The friction against Phil’s skin began to increase as his body seemed to inflate with muscle. “I- don’t- want to be big…” Every movement led to a pump-up in muscle. Phil saw the man push a button on the headphones and another audio file began… “You work out five days a week. You love the gym.” “Muscle is a top goal.” “You work out five days a week. You love the gym.” “Muscle is a top goal.” Once Phil came-to, his head was dripping sweat. He looked down at his swollen figure and quickly enjoyed seeing the muscle. The technician smiled now. “You are one built foreigner if I’ve ever seen one.” Phil got his strength back as the growing slowed. “I am American, and so what I’m big. I like the gym and I’m bulking right now.” The tone was that of pure annoyance. “Let me go!” “You’re so cocky, and so vulgar. Do you ever stop cussing?” Phil squinted his eyes. “I’m not cussing…” The man looked into Phil’s eyes now. “The next adjustment will be to your vocabulary.” “My vocabulary? No. Stop!” It was too late, the machine began its operation, leading to Phil’s decision to tightly shut his eyes in order to attempt holding onto his mind. “I have to stop this guy! This fuc—damn machine!” Phil caught his vulgarity and stopped it! He continued to fight… “Fuck this bro! Fuck this shit! I’m going to rip this cunt a new one after I break out.” “Fucking asshole!” When Phil opened his eyes, he felt alright, but he looked down to see a patch of chest hair that’d grown in almost instantly. “The fuck!?” “Looks like that put a little hair on your chest too.” The man scribbled some notes down onto a clipboard. “Fuck, let me go, fucking clown.” The man interjected, “—Ah ah, let’s fix that voice while we’re at it…” Fully aware, Phil watched a dial labeled as ‘Adam’s apple,’ get turned to near-max. An almost unpleasant pushing sensation erupted in his throat as he yelled for the man to stop! “DudDE, fuckin’ StoOp.” The entire operation took ten seconds but once it was finished Phil felt a golf-ball size lump in his throat. His voice must have fallen several octaves. By now Phil looked very unlike himself… Not only was he sporting way more body hair than normal, but his voice and vocabulary had him sounding like a different person. His cock continued to push out spurts of precum that slid down his shaft. The technician looked over some of his dials and alerted Phil to the progress. “Just two more and we’re finished.” … “Let’s finally update that cock to spit out Russian sperm. I’m sure you’ll want to make some Russian babies…” “Russian sperm??” Phil expressed major discomfort. “Oh yes, this will take some getting used to for you. Young Russian men like you are always on the prowl.” The man motioned to turn another dial forward, this one labeled as, ‘Russian cock size and sperm output.’ Like clockwork, Phil felt the machine interact with his body. “Ahh! Fuckin’ bitch!” He felt a sudden and sharp pain deep within his balls. The technician chimed in, “That’s the Russian sperm fighting for control, consuming your American parts.” “Ouch, fuck!” Phil was forced to squirm as best he could within the confines of the chair. Over a few seconds time the pain turned to a more pleasant sensation. “It fucking….” “It……” “Fuck, ahh, I just… ahhhh.” “Mmm, fuck… my dick is growing…” 6 inches… 7 inches…. 8 inches…. 8.5 inches…. “Fuck man make it stop! Fuck!” 9 inches… The humming and throbbing ceased. Phil looked right at his dick to see a steady stream of pre sliding down the side… “It’s so huge, but- I’m- I’m Ameri---” “This last dial will help.” ‘Living and Personality’ was the label square-below the last dial. The man inched it upward just a smidge before he looked back to Phil. Phil took in the small percentage of changes but fought back against them. “Why do I want a drink? I don’t want to drink! You can’t make me like that life, you can’t!” The man only smiled and turned back to his machine, this time jacking the dial to the MAX. Phil’s eyes rolled back into the back of his head as he stretched his body purely out of discomfort. In rapid chemical form, a change was being forced down his throat and into his mind, permanently. “I—Like--- to be American…” Phil hadn’t noticed his degrading English in thought. “I need vodka to relax now, fuck.” “I don’t need the gym, but girls, fuck I need to fuck Americans because I am American.” “Fuck this, I need to beat this stupid ass to let me go so I can enjoy my life of-- vodka fucking gym… fuck!” The operation went on for minutes. Phil was talking to himself and fighting the new programming as best he could but his speech patterns kept changing, and telling a different story altogether of what Phil wanted to do next. It appeared Phil was being taken over with a new mindset. Once Phil woke up, he hadn’t a clue of the time elapsed. “Ughh…” The man had vanished and the machine powered down. Not only that, the restrains were loose. Phil hurried to stand up, his cock bordering on the line of arousal. “Fuck bro I need to escape this place.” A visitor arrived at the door to the cell. A woman wearing only a bra and a short skirt stood at the doorway. The very nude Phil stood there for a second as his eyes, like magnets, began undressing the women before him. Phil’s cock rose to a quick erect state, dripping drops of precum onto the floor. “Come fuck this dick you bitch,” Phil said, without a moments hesitation.
  12. MrDream

    A Bull Of A Man

    1 The faint sound of thudding footsteps drew closer, then the doorbell rang. Steve knew who it was, there was only one other person who shared apartment in his home since the private gym had been set up in garage. He eagerly opened the front door and made way for the muscular gym fanatic to enter in a hurry. "Remember, big guy, yesterday was your last rest day. From now on we need to keep you pumping iron and eating non stop" The pair of young men stood and looked into each others eyes for a moment as the door closed behind them, automatically locking and sealing the chaos of the outside world away from their isolated slice of heaven. The newcomer smirked back and ruffled his crew cut hair with one hand "I already am a bodybuilder, it you who need to be told to force feed me lock me in the gym" They kissed once, and with arms around each others slender waists, they strolled to the kitchen to view the dinner that steve had prepared for himself being totally overshadowed by the massive feast Steve had also prepared for his best friend Brad. It was a bodybuilders feast of high protein and carbohydrate healthfood topped off with a huge jug of protein shake. Brads mouth watered at the smell and sight and his belly audibly made some grumbling. "Shush you! First we are going to take the first before photo of your progress shots and weigh you while your still just skin and bone, then we are going to juice you up with growth hormone, theeeeennn we can start your first anabolic steroid laced gainer meal" said Steve with a paternal tone in his voice. Brad undid all the buttons on his shirt and sucked in his six pack gut while inhaling. *Click* *Click* . The first of his many progress pics of Brad the bodybuilder were taken. He looked like a skinny model all covered in obviously gym hardened ripped muscles, but starved of any layer of fat at all. With the supple curve of his stomach sucked in farther than usual, he looked like a starvation victim, even though according to the scales he was a decent 75kg. "Come on Steve" Brad protested "juice me up, then we can start turning me into a bull of a man" "Coming dear" said Steve, as his friend took his place at his end of the table. Steve handed the hungry man who had not eaten a thing all day, a handfull of appetite enhancer pills. They would make his stomach churn...and chrun...and churn with excessive amounts of digestive juice, and simply demand that its muscular owner fill it up. Brad did everything as was aggreed on and planned as he swalled every single one ready for the next step. Meanwhile, steve prepared Brads massive dosage of growth hormone to be administerd into the growing boy. they both knew what it would do to him - his muscles would swell, but so would his gut on the inside. By this time tomorrow, his belly would be bigger and hungrier than before as the size of his stomach and intestines would swell up. the steroids in his food would come next, digesting the boys protein into new muscle, them pumping all that nutrients into his athletic body making him even bigger and more powerfull than ever. His muscles would swell up and bloat all over his body, making brad one hell of a dashingly handsome stud indeed. Once the chemicals were in him, Steve reclined at the other side of hte table, slowly muching away on his appetisers to temp Brad. He knew he was getting hungrier and desiring food now. The desire must be burning more than his urge to build up his muscles. Brad watched in silence except for the tender muching from Steve and the slight grumble from his own tummy. He remember how they first met and the local gym desiring to improve thier bodies above what nature had given them. They became lifting buddies, then casual freinds, then good friends...then they opened up to each other. They had a lot in common, but he desire to build up thier msucles was high in these young men. They both desired the roided up look in their favourite bodybuilders too. those bronzed bodies in the magazines bulging with veins and sinew were no also bulging with massive midsections of muscle too. "My God...how do they pump those things up so big?" as the years had gone by, compedetive bodybuilders measurements had increased too. Biceps went from 16-18 inches, now bulged like canonballs at 20-25! Men had thighs thicker than a normal mans waist! Chests were so overdeveloped they could balance a glass of milk on the upper pectoral! Shoulders were so broad, male athletes as young as 17 were unable to reach the other deltoids with thier own hands! And thier waists...Ohhh the expanding waist lines...the ever expanding, pumping, bulging, bulking bellies of sexy studly solid muscle! And all of this eye candy was being fueled by growth supplements you simply cant buy over the counter. The boys made a deal, they put thier money together and had enough for one of them to turn into a professional roid fueled bodybuilder over the course of a year or so plus other expenses. Steve decided that he wanted Brad to indulge himself. Wanting everyone to know he was high on steroids, carelessly bulging and stretching his clothes, letting everyone stare, and showing off hte sideeffects of a massive roidgut like beachball on his lap...Brad didnt take much convincing to be talked into it. By now, the first line of chemical enhancements were coarsing through Brad's veins. He was salivating, he was concentrating on his yummy food laying out tantilising before his eyes. He knew steve had drenched it in steroids and an inumeral amound of growth enhancers too. and it wall all going to be fed into him like a big fat prize pig. Steve finished eating. He got up and strolled over to his human pet science project. Brad licked his lips as he knew it was time while he leaned back in his chair and held his hands behind his head to stretch out one last time. "GRRRRRR" Brads skinny six pack grumbled loudly as if aware of the approach of its owners feeder encourager. Steve placed his hand over the muscular belly and rubbed it affectionaly, then spoke to it in a silly patronising tone - "Awwww, just look at you. Brad hasnt been feeding you enough, and now your just a skinny little girls waist. Well, your uncle Steve will fix all that now that your both in my house, because we are going to pump you right up, little belly. Youre not going to be a skinny little six pack, we are going to blow you up into a big muscly roidgut, youre going to get real big, strong, and handsome. "GRRRRRRR" the digestive juices inside Brad were overflowing and churning inside the empty stomach. "Ohhh Yeah! Your going to be a real bloated musclegut, then when your nice and big, you can digest all of daddys protein, and pump his muscles up even bigger too" Brad could not take it anymore! He leaned forward and obeyed his hunger by grabbing the nearest platefull of food. As the night went on, Brad would weigh more and more, as his body filled up with the super nutritious healthfood saturated with anabolics. He always dreamed of being a steroid abusing freak and that dream was becoming a reality.
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