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Found 4 results

  1. Maloney2

    Vito Bianchi

    Originally written, with some assistance from Perchance.org's Story Generator -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rome, the Eternal City, and also eternally boring for Vito Bianchi. The young celebrity bodybuilder/supermodel, who relaxed on his luxury hotel bed and took in the view of the sunset, didn't find Rome itself to be boring obviously. He loved it here and wanted to see everything the city had to offer before he was on the move again, but that was the problem... He couldn't go out. He wasn't allowed to. A sportswear company had hired Vito to be the face on a few promotional pictures, and the only reason they were in Rome was because they were going to use the tennis courts at Fort Italico as a backdrop. Pietro, his agent, had made it clear that he had "no time for silly caffetteria stops and giro turistico" despite them staying overnight. Right now he'd be content with some peace and quiet until the morning, but not even Vito could afford that luxury, as Pietro swung open the suite's door with force, eyes glued to his phone and giggling with glee. "Pietro, diavolo?!" Vito cursed in Italian, spooked by the doors banging. "Ever heard of knocking?" Unsurprisingly, the salt-and-pepper haired agent ignored him, simply saying: "Hah, this is great!" Vito sighed, putting a hand on his forehead. "And what exactly is 'great'?" he asked. Pietro grinned, his off-white teeth glinting in the soft light of the room. "I managed to convince those Kappa idiotis to pay us double what they offered before! Can you believe it? I'm a miracle worker, Vito mio!" He slapped his hands together, his eyes shining with delight, whilst the young celebrity rolled his eyes and grinned, leaning back on his pillow and grabbing a book to read. "Ah! Not too late up with that book, okay?" He ordered in that almost-forced tone of constant joy he put on. "The car's coming from 7am sharp, so be downstairs and ready by then, va bene?" "Va bene." Vito sighed, and with not another word Pietro laughed heartily and left the suite in a rush. The door closed with a loud click, and the room fell silent aside from the ticking of a clock and the ambience outside. The Italian man leaned up to check the door quickly, assuming for a moment that his agent would barge back in with the most pointless news, but he didn't. Vito got up, locked the door, then darted for the antique wardrobe to snag some clothes from his bags. The hunk stripped down, quickly taking a moment to admire his muscular physique teetering on the edge of extreme bodybuilding, and rub over the lump in his underpants that was his gigantic package. Vito barely suppressed a moan and got semi-hard, but resisted touching himself more until later. Reaching into his baggage, Vito pulled out a pair of denim jeans and pulled them on, struggling to get the waistband past his bulge and ass due to their size. He also grabbed a plain button shirt and barely managed to slip it on, looking down at how wide the button gaps were. "Oh yeah." Vito muttered to himself, grinning a little as he listened to the shirt creaking when he flexed. "Così buono." Vito quickly shut the curtains in his suite, then went into the bathroom and did the same. Being such a luxury room, it had plenty of big windows that gave him a great view of the city, but those outside a great view of him. He reached into the walk-in shower and turned it on, already feeling the heat blast from it making him sweat. Vito stepped beneath the cascading water, enjoying it run down his toned figure and soak into his clothes, then reached for a bar of soap to lubricate his hands. Now all set to have a little fun, the Italian stud quickly got to work pleasuring himself. *CREEAAAK* With one arm Vito flexed, feeling the sleeve bunch and strain against his immense bicep, while his other went down and grabbed at the spherical mass pushing at the front of his jeans, gently shaking it. He moaned and arched his back, thrusting his hips forward slightly as he did so, the jeans growing tighter around his cock. His muscles flexed and glistened with water, his six-pack abs visible through his shirt. Feeling his erection grow, Vito brought his second arm up to flex. *POP!* Went one of the shirt's buttons off his chest, further stretching the others. A seam on his left sleeve began to open itself, and the fabric bunched up above his bulging shoulder. The Italian man's bodybuilder physique was practically glowing, his veins standing out prominently against his taut skin as he flexed. He threw his head back, letting out a low growl as he arched his back, causing his abs to tense and his cock to further tent his jeans, the zipper of which bust open as well. "Cazzo..."He grunted as he flexed harder, the shirt stretched impossibly tight over his lats and biceps, the seams almost ready to pop. Vito was already so close to exploding... Grabbing the ripped fabric and yanking it off with all his might, Vito's godlike upper body was left exposed to the hot water. His muscles flexed and pulsed with power, his biceps bunching into cannonballs. After what remained of his pants' zip broke apart, his log and nuts were only held back by a soaking pair of briefs which struggled to contain them. Pre-cum drooled out the tip of it, forming a tiny pool on the floor as he continued to pleasure himself. "I'm so close..." Vito panted, massaging his engorged manhood as he flexed his other arm. The thick veins on his bicep pulsed with power, the muscle flexing and straining against his glistening skin. He could feel his orgasm building, pressing against the last barrier of his wet briefs. He groaned, arching his back as he thrust his hips forward, the water splashing around him. Now came the part of this he loved the most: the building pressure before an ejaculation... A strange but welcoming thing that always happened with Vito when he was going to cum was a rapid expansion of his privates - and boy, did they grow! His cock stretched impossibly long, as if reaching for something just out of his grasp, and its girth grew as well, filling his struggling briefs to their breaking point. His balls swelled bigger than ripe peaches and tightened. Gripping his shaft and feeling something hot run up it from inside, Vito knew it was time. "ARGH CAZZO!" The Italian hunk yelled out as he buckled. His erect éclair exploded, with hefty douses of Bianchi cream spilling from it. The tip of his briefs filled up a little, then started to leak what it couldn't hold onto the shower floor, where the running water pulled it along to the drains. Vito, meanwhile, was catching his breath as he took in and glowed over how intensely he came. In fact, the pleasure of that orgasm was so amazing that no sooner had he reached towards the shower handle to switch it off, there came another rising up his shaft, and at breakneck speed! "Ohh- oh my god!" Vito gasped out. "A-anothe- AAH!" His second orgasm, while certainly not as powerful as the first, was none the less satisfying for Vito. Another thick rope erupted out through the drenched fabric, making his gigantic cock throb again. The warmth spreading through his body and the feeling of release couldn't be described as anything less than intoxicating. He craved for more, but knew that wasn't possible right now. "Okay... that was fun..." He chuckled almost childishly, standing up and flexing whilst a strand of seed hung off the tip of his clothed erection, whiffing in the arousing scent of musk on his figure. As he left the shower, Vito looked down at what remained of his button shirt scattered all around him, while peeling off his sodden jeans gently and grinning smugly at them. "Not bad, man..." He dumped the torn clothes in a bin, then he covered them with some more trash to be positive they wouldn't be spotted if any maids came to tidy the place while he was gone. The supersized supermodel reached for some toilet roll and wiped the hanging cum strand from his flaccid dick, then flushed it and dried himself off quickly, donning nothing but his still-soaking wet underwear. Vito left the bathroom and strolled towards his bed, a satisfied smirk across his handsome face. "Ugh, cazzo..." He once again cursed, exhausted but euphoric as he got under the sheets and closed his eyes. "I can't wait to just go home." Vito couldn't help but chuckle as he thought about how much fun he had in the shower. All of his body tingled with pride, and the damp briefs still clinging tightly to his waist beneath the covers made him a little pent up again - albeit not enough for a second round. With that, the celebrity's eyes finally shut and he drifted to sleep, where a pleasurable wet-dream already awaited him...
  2. BarbellWriter

    Hero of Mordac Added all chapters 12/12/23

    Another old story of mine involving myth and ancient strongmen who battle Crime moments welcome especially if you want to see more of my work THE STRENGTH CHRONICLES

(c) 2023 All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced or posted without author's permission. 

Hero of Mordac
 Part I

 The oracle raised her eyes to the small glowing blue orb of clouds, which was suspended in the air above her whereupon she called out, "My Lord, your people in Gloth cry out for your deliverance from their evil Queen Lynya and her oppression. Will you not send Goliath to liberate them?"

 The orb began to rotate quickly and flashed brightly as it spoke to her slowly with a deep and commanding voice. "I, Mordac, have heard these pleas. Their liberation will come at a great sacrifice but the time is upon us. Summon Goliath here, for this task will fall to him and it will be his greatest challenge."

 "As you command, my Lord."

 Goliath upon receiving the message from the oracle quickly journeyed to her temple. It had been six years since the god Mordac, the First among the gods and Goliath's benefactor, had given him the gift of super strength to end injustice in the mortal world. He was before the gift a tall, solid framed but ordinary man. With the gift, he grew into a muscular figure; with a height of 6 foot one (186 cm), 220 lbs (102 kg) of muscle and power. His hairless chest was 51 inches (129 cm) and he had biceps of 19 inches (48 cm) and off his 30 inch (76 cm) waist were quads of 26 inches (66 cm). Mordac had chosen Goliath for his moral goodness and bravery and had made him his servant. Since the gift, Goliath had already performed many tasks for the supreme god, helping the armies of the weak overcome their oppressors and had traveled far. But he was weary from his last labour and had sought a rest. That rest was short lived.

 " Come Markus, come Estus, it is not much farther," Goliath shouted to his pupil and servant. Estus watched Goliath as he climbed the steep steps up to the oracle's temple. He was always in awe of him. Of his power. Of his strength. Of his physique. Of his masculine beauty. We watched his broad lats that grew widely out of his waist and as each foot of the giant hit the stone step, his gastroc and soleus flashed at him. But Estus knew all that beauty and power came at a price imposed by the god. He also knew his admiration and love of his mentor would never be returned.

As he reached the entryway, Goliath said "Estus come with me and you Markus wait here." Markus was a short and thin man, limited in mind and will, but always eager to help his two masters. He rarely complained about the carrying burdens placed on him in their long and dangerous journeys. However, he did not share in the full knowledge of Goliath's tasks and burdens nor his secrets. He wanted to join his friends inside the temple to see what they and learn what he learned of their new quest but he knew he had to obey. Yet he peered and tried to look inside from behind a bush at the entrance of the stone temple.

 Estus and Goliath entered the temple where the oracle was waiting for them. 
Without a greeting, she addressed them. "You face a most difficult challenge in Gloth against Queen Lynya and her henchmen," she said. "She is a sorceress and a follower of Lardac."

 Estus shuttered. Lardac, the most feared and hated god, was the female twin sister of Mordac who had overcome her to become the First among the Gods. Following that struggle, she had turned to doing great evil among the mortals to gain revenge on her brother and the world he protected. It was said that she was almost as powerful as her divine twin. While Estus and Goliath had faced many of the minor gods and their servants, not one was as powerful as Lardac.

 “You must go to Gloth and rally the rebels who oppose her for there is much fear in their hearts. But remember your oath, Goliath. And if you break your oath, your gift will pass." 

Goliath nodded as did Estus. He remembered the two promises he had to make to Mordac to receive the gift. "Fear not," he said to reassure the oracle, "I have kept my vow and have not fulfilled my lust for any woman that I desired.” "

Mordac knows of the strong lust that lies within your heart and he is pleased with you," said the Oracle. "You shall travel to Gloth for the Festival of Arkyll. During the festival, you will issue to the Queen the Gordarian Challenge. Go now to the home of Areleus outside of Gloth and prepare your plan!"

 Goliath bowed his head and he and Estus left the temple and joined Markus outside for their long journey to Gloth. "What is the Gordarian Challenge?" asked Estus. "During the festival, any man can challenge the rule of the Queen. Both sides pick a warrior to represent them in the arena for a fight. Whosever's warrior wins becomes the ruler of the kingdom. The custom was used in Gloth for centuries to avoid civil wars." Goliath explained. "It will save many lives if the Queen cooperates?."

 Queen Lynya and Yamin entered the Temple of Lardac to consult the High Priestess. The Queen was not a beautiful woman, shapely but plump yet with fair skin and long dark hair. Her servants worked hard to give her what beauty she had. She wore flowing robes of the finest silk and covered herself with jewelry bought from the spoils of her rule. Yamin, the Queen's personal bodyguard and commander of her security guards, accompanied her and was often acted in her stead. He was handsome with a physique that rivaled that of Goliath. She found him very attractive and often just gazed at his beauty with his curly dark hair and deep blue eyes with grapefruit-sized delts, his massive 50 inch (127 cm) chest with square pecs, and 18 inch (46 cm) biceps, down to his 29 inch (74 cm) waist, rock hard abs and huge quads, all rapped in his olive, hairless skin. He was known as the strongest man in her kingdom and he was cunning. It was said that he once pushed over a stone building to crush a rebellion in the marketplace against the Queen's rule.

 "I seek the help of Lord Lardac," said the Queen as she came upon the priestess.

 "Lord Lardac knows why you are here," said the priestess. "Your rule faces its greatest danger for Mordac has sent his servant Goliath to overthrow you."

The Queen knew what this danger meant and she beseeched the priestess. "I beg Lord Lardac to help me against this threat. What greater delight would Lord Lardac have than to see the servant of Mordac defeated? Will she not help me overcome him?"

 “Golaith is a powerful man and has the gift of strength from Mordac. And like all of Mordac's gifts to mortals, it comes with a vow for its use."

 “Tell me, what is this vow and how will this help me?" she begged.

 “Not even Lord Lardac knows, for Mordac shields this knowledge from her. However, that is what Lord Lardac says you must discover. You do not have much time for even now the rebels plan against you. You will face the Gordarian Challenge during the Festival of Arkyll."

 Realizing she would get no further with the priestess, the Queen returned to her chambers in the palace with Yamin. She pondered her next move. She spoke aloud, "If the knowledge is hidden from even Lardac, my sorcery will not reveal it from the Fates." Yasmin replied, "But Goliath must have this knowledge and perhaps one of his servants also knows and if we can get it from them, we will victorious," said Yamin. 

 Golaith and his men reached the home of Arellus and knocked on the door. His servant, Morus, let them in. "Welcome Goliath," said Arellus. "I heard that you were coming to help us, thank the Gods! With you at our side, I know now the people will rally and the Queen's rule will come to an end."

 “Let us hope so. Now we must plan," he replied.

 Golaith, Arellus and Estus made their plans to attack if the Queen did not surrender following Goliath's win in the Gordarian Challenge, while Morus served them food and drink. Later that night, Goliath said, "Ah our plans are now complete. I will go to the palace tomorrow to issue the challenge to the Queen."

 "You must be careful Goliath. Her warrior will be Yamin who is said to be the strongest man in Gloth. It will not be an easy fight," advised Arellus.

 ”Don't worry. No one has ever bested my strength. Golaith flexed his huge lean bicep to show its size to Arellus while the veins around it exploded. "You forget Mordac's power is within me."

 "I have no doubts my friend" as he padded Goliath on his ripped back. "Once your victory in the contest is complete, our forces will attack if the Queen does not go peacefully into exile. We will be hidden around the coliseum awaiting the result and will have a victory march to the palace upon your victory."

 As the men went to sleep, Morus slipped out of the house that night and headed toward the palace. At the Palace, Yamin listened to Morus and gave him 18 pieces of silver.

 To be continued THE STRENGTH CHRONICLES Hero of Mordac Part II The next day, Goliath, Estus and Markus entered the city. The city was crowded with visitors who came to celebrate the Festival of Arkyll. The men approached the palace gate. The gatekeeper recognized Goliath from just looking at the size of his build and let them in and said, "Our Queen is awaiting you Goliath. I shall take you to her." The men entered the throne room. The Queen sat on her throne at the end of the room with Yamin standing at her right side akimbo at her side with two bulging hairless tan pecs above them. He dropped his arms as Goliath approached. Estus gaped and could not believe the size of Yamin. He had never seen any man come close to Goliath in size or shape. His 17-inch (43 cm) gastrocs poked out from behind his lower legs, his quads were large, lean and hung down like he had a second knee cap. His six pack abs were large and cut. His forearms showed all his vascularity and his triceps and lats hung wide. He had 25-inch (63 cm) shoulders with bulging delts and an 18 inch (46 cm) thick neck. His eyes traveled up to Yamin's deep blue eyes. Yamin's cold eyes caught Estus's staring at him. Estus's heart leaped and his eyes jumped away from Yamin's piercing glare. Yamin smirked and understood. "Goliath" said the Queen. "We heard of your pending visit and we welcome you to Gloth for the Festival of Arkyll." "Then you know I am here not to celebrate, your Majesty, but to present the Gordorian Challenge to you. Your rule has been cruel and it must come to an end." "Hubris does not become you, Goliath. If this were not the Festival of Arkyll, I would have my guards cut you down as you stand before me. But I am bound by the rules of the Gods and I accept your challenge. Who is your sponsor Goliath or do you plan to rule my kingdom yourself if you win?" "My sponsor is Arellus, former head of the Senate. Name your challenger." "Yes, Arellus. I should have known. Remind me to have him killed when this is over. Well, my challenger shall be Yamin who stands here at my side. You will find him a formidable opponent." Goliath eyed Yamin who tightened his muscles and flared his lats to show off his size. Goliath was unfazed. "As is the custom, you and your friends shall stay here tonight. As you know no harm will come to you and your Sponsor for we respect the rules of the challenge. You will attend a dinner in your honor tonight but without your man-servants." "So be it," said Goliath and the guards showed Goliath and his two companions their separate palace rooms. After Goliath left his room for evening banquet, guards came to the room of Estus. Estus let them in expecting supper. There at the door was instead stood the husky muscled Captain of the Guard, Axus, and his men. "Come with me, Estus." "Come where?" asked Estus. "You will see?" replied the captain as he turned around to leave. "I am not going anywhere with you," snapped Estus. The captain swung around and landed his fist across Estus's jaw knocking him out. Estus was a well developed man of about 5 foot 10 inches (178 cm) in height and 180 lbs (82 kg). He was broad shouldered and lean and muscular like an athlete. But the punch surprised him and the guards carried him to the dungeon where his limbs were hung from chains. The captain threw water in Estus's face to awaken him. Estus stared at his captor. "Let me go," he said. "This is a violation of the rules!" "Well, not quite," said the captain. You see the rules only protect the warrior and the sponsor, not any of their friends." Estus's eyes narrowed in anger. "Now Estus, we know that there is a vow Goliath gave to Mordac and we need to tell it to us." Estus's eyes widened with surprise, then he realized he needed to control his expressions. "What are you talking about”! I know of no such vow. Just wait till your Yamin meets Goliath in the arena tomorrow. He will be crushed." "Ha!" laughed the captain. "If you don't cooperate with us, that man over there is going to make you cooperate." In the corner of the cell was a large, fat, hairy bear-chested man carrying a hot glowing steel rod. "I will never tell you anything because there is nothing to tell," said Estus. In his mind he knew he would not betray the man he loved. His torturer approached. At the banquet, the food platters were immense and numerous. Wine flowed freely to the guests. Goliath was hungry but regretted that he did not insist that Estus and Markus be able to attend. Yamin did not eat with the guests. He stood by watching Goliath's every move and pondering. He scanned Goliath's physique to compare it to his own. He admired how Goliath's biceps moved so smoothly and visibly under his thin skin as he drank his wine. Yamin thought he looked slightly smaller than Goliath. Would he be able to overpower Goliath in the contest? Clearly Goliath had a physique that rivaled his own. But he knew larger does not always mean stronger, for he had taken down giants many times larger than he was with his own strength. And what was this super strength that Mordac had given him? How powerful was it? Why was it given to him? The Queen had been giving Yamin a brew from the creatine plant over the past week which she said would increase his strength. Would it be enough? If Goliath were to lose the gift, would he still be strong or would he be a weakling? These and other thoughts ran through his head. As Yamin was pondering, Axus came up to him from behind and whispered in his ear. Yamin grinned widely. The Hero of Mordac Part III As Yamin was pondering, Axus came up to him from behind and whispered in his ear. Yamin grinned widely. He went over to the Queen and whispered in her ear. “Excuse me,” the Queen said to Goliath. “There is something I must handle. I will be back shortly.” Goliath and the Queen went to her chambers. “This is amazing,” said the Queen. “It is too easy.” “Well, don’t be so sure,” cautioned Yamin. “He must have very strong will power and we cannot be sure the information is totally correct. It seems too incredible.” The queen fumbled around the draws of her bureau as if looking for something while Yamin watched. “Here it is!” and she pulled out a black, shiny girdle and she held it up in the light and it glistened. Yamin laughed. “You are looking for underwear at a time like this?” “Yes but a potent one. This is the Venusian girdle. No man who is the least attracted to me can resist my overtures while I wear it! Goliath himself will fall to my seduction!” Yamin looked skeptical. Reaching for a vial filled with red fluid from the shelf, the Queen told Yamin, “Put this special portion in Goliath’s wine tonight. Be sure you deliver it at the end of the meal in the final toast. The wine will help weaken his will power and this potion will make him sleepy and when he sleeps it will cause him to forget everything that happened after he drank it.” Yamin nodded. They returned to the banquet room which has grown boisterous with music and dance. Goliath ate and drank heavily that night, and toward the end of the banquet, Yamin signaled to the head waiter to deliver the wine glass with the Queen’s special potion in it to Goliath. Following the closing toast, the Queen quickly returned to her quarters while Axus showed Goliath to his room. In her chambers, the Queen undressed and slipped into the black girdle. She gazed at herself in the mirror and her plumb figure. Suddenly the girdle seemed to warm up. Then as she watched, her skin seemed to be absorbing it. Soon the girdle had disappeared into her hips. She looked at herself nude in front of the mirror. She became warm all over and her skin began to glow. It started in her hips. They smoothed out and her excess fat melted away leaving her butt smooth, round and toned. Then the changes traveled down her legs and up into her chest. Her waist shrunk and became tight and small. Again her body fat melted leaving her belly flat, firm and smooth. Her nipples rose and her breasts became firm, rounded and erect, hanging like two plump grapefruits from her chest with cleavage between them. Meanwhile, her legs grew shapely. Her arms thinned and toned while her shoulders grew slightly wider. She gazed at her new body and moved her hands along her new curves. She was amazed at the beauty. She quickly put on her silk nightgown and called to Axus who was outside her door to bring Goliath to her. Axus knocked on Goliath’s door while he was getting ready for sleep. “Goliath, the Queen requests you to meet her now.” “What for, at this hour?” asked Goliath for he was feeling sleepy. “She wants to discuss a way to avoid this fight in the arena tomorrow,” said Axus. “Well, may be now she has come to her senses,” said Goliath. “Lead on.” Axus left Goliath in the Queen’s chambers. From behind him, the Queen called him and said, “Goliath, we have important matters to discuss.” Goliath turned around and there he saw the Queen leaning against the wall in a semi-transparent nightgown. Othertimes she had been wearing her heavy, stately robes. He stared at her. Her shape was smooth, her breasts full and succulent. He had never examined her shape this way before but now the girdle was working its magic. His heart began beating faster. She approached him and touched his arms gently, running her fingers up to his massive triceps. “You know,” she said, “when I saw your handsome face before me, I thought there must be another way to resolve our quarrel and I must find it.” Goliath just stared at her admiring her beauty, her words almost sounding musical to him. “I never wanted this challenge for you or for me. Maybe there is way I can change and we can avoid all this. You know, Goliath, running a kingdom is hard. Decisions are not easy to make, especially alone, and sometimes we make the wrong ones,” she said as she massaged his shoulders. “Yes, if you change, we could avoid all this,” he answered meekly as her kneading relaxed his muscles and thought and his eyes began to close. She took him by the hand and led him to a silk covered ottoman and they sat down. She leaned back on the pillows and held her chest up and Goliath gazed at her full and round breasts. He had become aroused now and then he remembered his vow and looked away from her and cleared his voice, and said firmly. “If you give up your throne and restore the Senate, this would all end. Arellus would agree to this. All you have to do is announce it to the people.” She reached out gracefully with her finger and touched his square jaw to turn his head toward her face. He resisted but she said, “Look at me, Goliath, I need to see the sincerity in your eyes when we speak about such important things.” So Goliath turned his face toward her and he caught his gaze in the beauty and firmness of her large, erect nipples. “I could agree to this but I am frightened,” she whispered. “I know many people hate me. If I give up my guards, my throne, how do I know I won’t be killed? Who will protect me?” she cooed. She sat up and drew her face close to his as he raised his eyes to hers. He was now fully erect and she could see the bulge in his loincloth. His voice said to himself, “I am only looking at her. I have kept my vow. Nothing will happen. I will walk away soon once we have made a deal. I need to be here now to settle this.” She gently stroked his cheek with her smooth palm. “While…I….” he stammered, “will make sure no one hurts you if you make this bargain. You have the word of Goliath,” he whispered. “I must thank you,” she said and pressed her lips against his. He pulled his head back but she placed her hand behind his head and forced their lips together again. The sensation exploded in his brain. It had been six years since he felt this way. His reason seemed suspended in air as the voice of his will began to fade inside his head. He embraced her. After their kiss, she whispered “Oh to touch you this way!” and kissed him again and began stroking him between his legs while he placed his hand on her breast. Her breast swelled with his touch and she stood up bringing his face into her bosom. Fragrant, clear drops of an aphrodisiac formed on her nipples. He smelled their sweetness and brought his lips to suck on them. “Come to me for I am yours tonight,” she said. The drops worked quickly and all remaining reason left him and his inner voice was silenced. He mounted her on the bed and they made love. With each thrust, his man juice flowed and flowed eventually overwhelming her. It leaked out of her over the bed and onto the floor. He kept pumping her and their ecstasy grew. She never felt such power from a lover and he seemed unable to stop, like a dam bursting with an endless supply of raging water. After an hour though, he finally weakened and collapsed on top of her exhausted. As Goliath lay deep asleep, the Queen signaled Yamin who was waiting. His cum was everywhere. “Take him to his room now. The potion will keep him asleep and he will remember nothing of this night.” Yamin hoisted the slumbering giant onto his shoulders and carried him to the guest quarters. He placed the naked muscleman down onto his bed and left his clothes nearby. He saw the cum on Goliath’s legs and scooped it up into his hand. He looked at it and wondered if it contained Goliath’s super strength. Gathering as much of it as he could and rubbed it into his own pecs and biceps hoping it would bring him the strength that Goliath was said to have. He then left the giant to his dreams knowing he would remember nothing of that night. The Gordian Challenge---Next! Hero of Mordac Part IV The Gordian Challenge With Goliath taken away, the Queen removed the girdle for she knew its dangers if it were worn too long. She placed it back in her drawer and went to bed to rest from the exhausting night. Estus's body hung from the chains in the dungeon. Half alive, half dead. He could barely see with his left eye and his right was swelled shut from the beatings. Tears of blood from his head left dried tracks on the side of his face. His body was battered, bruised and bleeding from the whippings, kicks, burnings and punches. His chin rested on his dirty and bloodied chest as he barely had any strength to hold it up. The room was partially lit from the torches that hung in the walls. The iron door to his cell was closed but the barred window at its top let more light in from the flaming urn in the hallway. Suddenly the door swung open but Estus made no effort to look up for he did not wish to see the next round of torture he felt was coming. Axus walked in, smiling at the tortured man before him. "Estus, wake up!" he shouted. "I bring you good news. Your torture is over for we have learned what we needed to know about Goliath!" Estus weakly raised his head to look at him with his left eye. "I have told you nothing, you pig" Estus hissed with defiance. "Yes, yes. But unfortunately for Goliath, someone else did," answered Axus who snapped his fingers at Estus's cell door. In came three guards, two of whom were carrying the broken and wounded body of Markus. Estus opened his left eye as wide as he could to see who it was. Markus slowly lifted his bloodied, swollen face and looked up at his friend and barely able to speak whispered, "I'm sorry, Master Estus. They promised to stop if I told them. I overheard Goliath at the temple speaking of his vow." Estus said in fright, "No you didn't Markus. You didn't hear anything. No!" "I had to tell. Forgive me. The pain… " and Markus's head went limp and he expired. As the guards began to take the body away, Estus shouted, "No, it's lies! Markus doesn't know anything. It's all lies!" and he began to cry. As the dawn arrived, Yamin awoke. He got up and looked in his mirror. He could see the caked cum on his arms and chest. He stared at himself. Were his biceps and pecs bigger? He flexed his right bicep. It rose high, round and large. Could the cum have changed him? Could he have Goliath's power now added to his own? He wasn't sure. No matter, he thought. Goliath could not have that god-like strength anymore and he was confident he could overpower him. He undressed and bathed in the hot springs tub next to his sleeping quarters. As he rose from the tub, his tan muscles glistened in the morning sunlight. He looked again at himself and rubbed his hands across his inflated pec wondering what it would be like to have a god's strength. An hour after the sun rose, a palace guard knocked on Goliath's door and entered his room. "Awake, Goliath! It is time for you to prepare for the Gordian Challenge!" The muscle titan slowly opened his eyes. He grabbed his head with his hands as it pounded with a headache. "Awake!" shouted the guard again. "I heard you!" shouted back Goliath, "Now leave me before I crush you!" The guard quickly retreated. The giant slowly stood up and staggered over to a basin of fresh water where placing his arms on the side of the table to told himself upright, his inverted v-shaped triceps jutting out. He bent his arms and dipped his face in the cool water. He shook the water from his head and raised it looking in the mirror in front of him. As the water dripped down his face back into the bowl, he saw that he looked tired. He noticed his arms looked smooth and not as defined as usual but they were still large though not as pumped. As he stood up, he noticed his pecs were not as full. "Too much wine," he thought to himself. He quickly bathed and got dressed and ate the bread and berries that were in his room. He remembered nothing of the night in the Queen's sleeping quarters as the elixir Yamin had put in his wine was still working its magic. Axus then arrived and escorted him to the arena floor where Yamin was waiting for him. The Queen had filled the arena seats with her supporters, many of whom were to be paid for their attendance and cheering. She sat in front wearing her regalia. On her right as is the custom for the Gordian Challenge was Arellus who was the challenger. "So glad you are here, Arellus," she said, "so you can see the death of your friend at the hands of my Yamin who is, no doubt you have heard, the strongest man there is." "I am glad to be here today, your Highness, so I can see Goliath bring an end to your rule," Arellus replied unemotionally. Axus raised his hands before the crowd and it grew silent. "Today is the day of the Gordian Challenge," he shouted. "Senator Arellus, through his challenger Goliath, challenges Queen Lyvna, who is defended by Yamin. Each challenger may pick a weapon which if lost may not be used again. What do you pick, Goliath?" "I pick the whip." "And you Yamin?" "The sword." "So be it" answered Axus and each man was handed their weapon of choice and they were placed twenty feet apart. Axus clapped his hands and shouted, "The Gordian Challenge has begun!" Each man slowly began to move toward the other. As Yamin and Goliath grew within range of Goliath's whip, Goliath snapped it and Yamin jumped back. Goliath charged and using his whip, snapped the sword from Yamin's hand which then fell to the ground. Stopping, Goliath snapped the whip again and it wrapped itself around Yamin's mighty forearm. It stung but Yamin grabbed the whip with both hands and yanked it hard. Goliath was pulled forward and landed face down on the ground with the whip pulled from his hands. As Yamin quickly removed the whip from his arm, he ran toward Goliath raising his left fist but Goliath was too quick and recovered to his feet where he grabbed the left arm of the charging Yamin and with his leg kicked him in the abs. As Yamin bent forward, Goliath slammed his clasped fisted hands into Yamin's wide lats sending him to the ground. As Yamin came up, Goliath wrapped his mighty right arm around Yamin's neck and began to choke the Queen's defender from behind. "Surrender now, Yamin or you will meet your end," he said. Yamin groaned and grabbed Goliath's right wrist and tried to pull the arm away from his throat. At first Goliath's arm did not move but slowly Yamin began to pull it back. Goliath pulled harder making his bicep even larger and once again his arm was squeezing Yamin's neck. Yamin brought up his right foot to the ground so he was now only kneeing on his left knee. Yamin's triceps began to tighten and swell more and again slowly Yamin began to move Goliath's arm away from him. Goliath could not understand this. He called upon more of his strength. He saw his bicep's muscle fibres dance under his skin but his arm did not respond with greater power as it had in the past. "How can this be?" he thought and he tried harder but Yamin slowly pulled Goliath's arm away. Goliath began to wince in pain as his bicep fibres began to tear. Yamin slowly rose up while jabbing his left elbow into Goliath's abs sending the former super powerful muscle god back hunched over in pain. Now Goliath was having doubts. Where was his strength and unlimited power? Could Yamin be stronger than he was? Why did his muscles not respond when he called upon them? How could Mordac have allowed this? Maybe he was still just tired from last night. His thinking and doubts distracted him and helped Goliath. Both giants rose and faced each other but Yamin turned around too quickly for the distracted Goliath and with his right leg Yamin gave Goliath a swift kick across his jaw turning it left. Then like lightening Yamin with his other leg's kick, hurled Goliath's jaw to the right, stunning him. Using his great tan quads, the Queen's muscular champion jumped off the ground and slammed both feet into Goliath's muscular chest sending his body against the stone wall of the arena. With the now stunned Goliath up against the wall, Yamin pounded his fists into the titan's six pack abs. Goliath instinctively tightened them when the first fist struck, making them rock hard as his mind attempted to clear. However, the fists continued to pound his strong abdominal muscles. With each pounding, one right then one left, Goliath's abs began to weaken. Once again Goliath tightened them making them harder than before and once again they began to weaken. He tried harder but his abs tightened each time less than before. The pounding continued and the muscle fibres began to give way to the continued strong onslaught of Yamin's relentless fists of power. Soon, no six pack was visible any more as the fibers became soft. As his mind began to clear, Goliath used his arms to shove Yamin away and out of the reach of the defender's fists. Goliath hunched over in agony fell onto one knee in pain wrapping his arms over his abs. The crowd cheered. While the push was powerful enough to move the 220-pound Yamin back, it did not send him far or to the ground as Goliath had expected. Goliath knew now that something was seriously wrong, his power was failing him and he did not understand why. "Lord Mordac, do not abandon me in this time of need," he whispered. Having heard his whisper and looking down at the kneeing giant, Yamin taunted him. "What is the matter mighty Goliath? Where is your great strength? Your broke your vow and don't even know it! You are a weakling compared to me now! You should worship me!" Goliath was shocked. How could Yamin know of his vow? Then Yamin said, "Maybe this will help you remember," and the towering muscleman repeated the magic words that the Queen had taught him that would break the spell of the elixir that had suppressed Goliath's memory. "Marrock boc sheeji." Goliath grabbed his head as his mind exploded with a visualization of all the events that happened last night in the Queen's bedroom. A look of horror and then anger filled his face. "Lord Mordac, please forgive me and help me one more time," he prayed. Yamin looked up at the cheering crowd. Meanwhile Goliath summoned all his power and strength into his left arm, back and leg muscles and quickly swung up from his kneeling position like a discus thrower and as Yamin turned toward him, Goliath pounded his mighty fist into the other giant's jaw turning it and sending the man stumbling to the right. Goliath thought Yamin seemed to be woozy from the blow. Yamin turned his face back to look at Goliath and smiled with all his beautiful white teeth. "Is that all the power you have left, weakling?" he said. Goliath swung his left again at him but Yamin put up his thick striated right arm and blocked the swing. Then using his left fist, Yamin swung it into Goliath's jaw and then hit him again with his right. The once mighty Goliath just stood there not able to move or regain consciousness fast enough to counter or escape. Yamin's fists pounded Goliath's head. Then the Queen's champion raised his fists overhead and pounded Goliath on his broad shoulders sending the stunned giant down onto his knees. As Goliath began to teeter, Yamin went around Goliath's wide back and grabbed the semi-unconscious victim's head and with a sharp powerful jerk, twisted it around to the back snapping his neck. The lifeless body of Goliath then fell forward into the dirt. Yamin stood up and flexed his huge arms in a double bicep pose as the crowd cheered at his victory. Axus shouted, "The contest is over and the Yamin has won. The Queen wins the Gordian Challenge!" Arellus had the look of shock and fright on his face. The Queen turned to him and said mockingly. "I am so sorry but it looks like you have lost. Now guards please take Arellus to the dungeon where he can join Goliath's other friends. Oh, did I forget to mention? As we speak, your rebel friends are being rounded up this very moment outside the arena in case you were thinking they might rescue you." Hero of Mordac Part V Enter Mordac Hanging from his chains in his dungeon cell, Estus could hear the roars of the Queen's spectators. He knew the more they roared, that Goliath was in trouble. "Would Goliath still be strong enough to defeat Yamin?" he worried. "How could he help him?" He closed his eyes and prayed to Lord Mordac. While he was praying, a small, glowing blue orb of clouds appeared in front of him. "Estus," said the orb, "I, Lord Mordac, have heard you." Estus raised his head and opened his eyes as best he could. "Goliath has broken his vow and has been defeated by Yamin in the arena. The Queen has won the Gordian Challenge," said the deep and strong voice from the orb. Estus's head and heart sank but the news was not unexpected to him. Just then the door to his cell unlocked and Axus entered closing the door behind him. He looked up and saw Estus looking at the orb. Axus drew his sword and raised it to slice the orb but what looked like a wave of clear power emanated from the orb and hit Axus in the chest, throwing him against the door, closing it and stunning him. He slid down the door onto his ass. "But all hope is not lost for the people of Gloth, Estus," the orb continued, "Will you take up Goliath's fight and with it, the risk of your death?" Estus was surprised. He was no hero. He loved Goliath, worshipped him and served him tirelessly knowing his love would never be returned. But become a hero? How could he? Meanwhile, Axus began to regain consciousness. "How could I, Lord Mordac? I am not even a solider and look at me. I can barely see or stand." Axus stared at the two in awe and fright. "Do not doubt my power!" said the god sternly. "For I will heal your wounds and pass the power of Goliath onto you if you will take the vow freely and so long as you abide by it." Confused, tired and in pain, Estus tried to think. A thousand thoughts and feelings raced through his mind. That strength! That physique! That sacrifice. Maybe for a short while. Just to avenge Goliath and to help here. But what of Yamin? "You will need to use all your willpower to succeed in this task and you must focus on the Queen and her death. Your strength will be greater than Yamin's!" assured the orb. Estus said, "Yes, I accept and take the vow." Part VI The Test and the Choice The orb began to spin faster and a green beam shot out of it hitting Estus in the chest. The beam then spread over the skin of his entire body making him glow. Feelings of solitude and serenity filled his mind as he still hung from the chains. He felt as if he were floating. His heart beat slowed; he was relaxed and calm. His wounds began to heal. The swelling of his face deflated. His bleeding cuts scabbed and then cleared. His whip burns melted away. His body was restored to its youthful, athletic, and healthy appearance. Then the color of the beam changed to red. Estus began to feel warm, then hot like he had a fever. He began to sweat. Suddenly he felt sharp pains in his bones all over his body. He screamed loudly but no sound left the red glow that surrounded him. His bones began to expand. His modest frame size grew. His wrists, which used to be 8 inches (20.3 cm) around, grew to 9.5 inches (24 cm). His legs and shoulders too. His entire frame was being enlarged and his skin and muscles began to stretch to fill it. He was now 6 ft 1 tall (183 cm). When his bones stopped growing, his muscles began to thicken. His pecs grew full and deep, so heavy that his quarter-sized nipples pointed down to the floor as they hung from his now huge chest. His quads grew to 25 inches (65 cm), his biceps to 19.5 inches (49.5 cm). His forearms, delts, neck, back muscles, and calves followed suit. Axus now fearing for his life upon seeing the growing muscle god before him, rose from the floor and ran out of the cell, locking the cell door behind him and knocking over a flaming urn in the hallway in his haste. Smoke from the now fallen urn began to fill the hallways of the dungeon and the remaining guards, fearing a fire had erupted, fled as they saw Axus in panic. Axus, who was always fiercely loyal to only Yamin, ran to warn him. Panting and out of breath, Axus came upon Yamin and the Queen in her sitting room and told them all he had seen. The Queen said to Yamin, "Mordac must be a fool. I will just seduce Estus as I did Goliath." "It may not be that easy," answered Yamin who was becoming lost in thought. "Estus may have more willpower than Goliath," Axus said to them. "Yamin, you must trick Estus into coming to my chambers and I will handle it from there," said the Queen as she reached for the Venusian girdle in her drawer. Almost not hearing her, Yamin said "Yes, I have a plan." Estus breathed heavily from the pain and the stress causing his six pack abs to contract and expand quickly. His skin again stretched further accommodating his new mass for he was now 215 lbs (97.7 kg) of muscle with 7% bodyfat. The pain began to subside as did the heat. The red glow began to recede back into the orb. The flickering flames from the torches on the wall of his cell danced on Estus's new sweaty musculature. He felt relaxed now that the pain had ended and surprisingly energetic given his ordeal. "It is done now," said Mordac. "Now go Estus and heed my advice." The orb then faded away. Estus, still hanging from the chains, looked down at his new massive physique. He went to put his right hand on his chest and, without realizing it, yanked the ceiling chain. It broke off at his wrist. Realizing what had happened, he then pulled down his left hand, easily snapping the other chain and leaving him with two black iron collars around each of his large wrists. He brought his hands to his hard pecs, feeling his sternum cleavage. Then he brought them down to his rock six pack abs feeling each one as they rose and fell in his torso. He flexed his now 19.5 inch (49.5 cm) biceps admiring their size, vascularity and leanness. He extended his leg and pointed his foot, tightening his quads and watched his large intermedius and medialis dance before him. What beauty, he thought, what manly perfection, what power. He wanted to test it. He walked over to the door of his cell and grabbing the bars, with a hard pull, the door came off its iron hinges. Holding it, he stared at it almost not believing what his new strength had done. Now, he thought, he was ready to find the Queen as Lord Mordac had commanded him. He stepped into the smoky hallway. As he looked down the hall toward a hazy light, he could see someone walking down stone stairs towards him. As the figure came closer, he saw its large muscular frame. Given the person's size, he first thought it was Goliath as it strode with that bodybuilder's gait. But he noticed the waist was smaller than Goliath's and the height slightly shorter. He realized it could only be Yamin. He stared again at the physique. Yamin looked even more handsome than he remembered him in the Queen's throne room. That small waist, those broad shoulders, bubbled delts, powerful pecs and biceps and olive skin. Estus's heart began to pound. As the muscular being came in sight through the smoky haze, Estus slowly walked backwards into his cell, planning to confront the queen's champion there. As Yamin walked down the hall toward Estus, he first spotted the outline of a very powerful man. At first Yamin could still not believe it was Estus but it could be no one else based on Axus's description. This above average athletic man was suddenly as muscular and large as Goliath had been. Yamin marveled at the power Mordac must have. "But was that strength really greater than his own?" he wondered. He wanted to test it and find out yet he was afraid. He wondered if that power could be drained from Estus, why could he not make it flow into him instead? Yamin stepped into Estus's cell. Estus raised his forearms like a wrestler. Consciously keeping his hands at his sides, Yamin spoke. "Estus, listen to me. I come here not to fight you ...." "Better for you!" snapped Estus interrupting Yamin. "For the power of Mordac is in me and I will defeat you and your Queen." Estus reached down to the floor and picked up one of iron pokers that was used to torture him. With his two hands, he bent it into a U and threw it at Yamin's feet. Yamin stared at Estus thinking of the display of strength he just saw. Estus stared back into Yamin's blue eyes. He became distracted and scanned Yamin's body noticing every muscle, its size and shape. He blinked back into focus. "I have come here to ask for you help. Together we can defeat the Queen and her soldiers if we join forces. I will help you kill her," said Yamin. "Ha!" laughed Estus. "Do you think me a fool?" Looking down, Yamin answered, "No Estus. You are no fool. I never wanted to fight Goliath but I had no choice. I have seen the Queen's cruelty for many years now and I have had enough. Now is my chance to make amends. Our chance to do it together." He lifted his head and looked at Estus sincerely. "You are different. I noticed you when you first walked into the throne room before I even noticed Goliath. I saw the love in your eyes when you looked at him. A love we all now know could never be answered due to Mordac. I admired it and was jealous of it." Estus could not believe what he was hearing. He could smell Yamin's testosterone. There was a powerfulness to him that attracted him. He felt it in the throne room and he felt it now, much stronger. Yamin was beautiful. Estus's heart beat even faster and he became aroused. He wanted to touch Yamin, to feel his rock-hard muscles. He felt a pull toward him. Estus cleared his mind of these thoughts and shouted "Enough lies!" as he swung his fist at Yamin knocking the muscle god to the ground. On the ground Yamin shook his head and quickly came back into consciousness. Never had he felt a punch like that before. He realized he had met more than his match. Estus was surprised at what he had done. He looked at his fist almost not believing its power as he let Yamin rise to his feet. Yamin faced the young muscle god and like two wrestlers they circled each other. "I won't fight you, Estus," Yamin said. "I can't?.." Estus began to doubt his convictions. He began to think that perhaps Yamin has changed He began to want to believe him. He was so handsome. Yet Estus leapt forward toward the titan. Yamin was surprised but with a quick move he raised his hands to meet Estus's and their fingers were laced in a test of strength. Estus pressed hard. His arm muscles ballooned. Yamin met the force with an equal amount. Estus pressed harder and Yamin again matched him. Yamin's veins popped up wildly across his arms and chest. Again Estus pressed pulling up his reserves of power and strength. Their faces were close and each gritted his teeth. Slowly Yamin's hands began to bend backward as Estus's strength began to show its superior power. Yamin did not know what to do. His strength for the first time in his life was being overpowered by another. He was no longer the greatest power. Their eyes met as they struggled. Estus again could not help but notice Yamin's powerful deep blue eyes. He also found his overpowering of the muscular champion strangely erotic. Now he was the muscle god he thought worthy of another's attention just as he had worshipped Goliath. Estus became even more aroused. Yamin brought his face closer to Estus and place his lips on Estus's. Estus could not believe the feeling inside him. How he longed for the touch and feel of Goliath. Now here he was with a muscle god as handsome if not more so. Could this be true? Could his dreams finally be answered? But what of his vow? Estus was now fully erect. Yamin had said he would help him end the Queen's rule. Estus slowly released the pressure on Yamin's hands and each titan wrapped their arms around the other and continued their embrace. Yamin released one arm and brought it down between them and began to stroke Estus in his groin. Slowly the giants lowered themselves to the floor and Yamin removed Estus belt and loincloth and continued his stroking. Estus placed his hands on Yamin's pecs and felt their hardness. Yamin said, "You are so beautiful, Estus" and before Estus could stop him, Yamin moved his mouth down to Estus’s member for he wanted Estus to break his vow and for Mordac's power to flow out of Estus. With that touch, Estus lost all his resistance and his mind exploded in sexual sensation. And flow it did and Estus succumbed to his never fulfilled dreams of love with a muscle god. With each thrust, Yamin swallowed more and more, hoping he could absorb the greater strength that had bested him. When it was over, the two muscle gods embraced again and kissed. Yamin stood up and helped Estus up and whispered to the young man. "One more, my love before we end the Queen's rule." Estus placed his lips on Yamin's wrapping his arms around his dream. Yamin brought his ripped arms around Estus's lower back. They hugged. Yamin however continued to squeeze. Estus cried in pain. Yamin squeezed the once powerful giant once more even harder. Estus began to pound his fists into Yamin's chest and front delts. But the blows simply bounced off the champion's large muscles for the power of Mordac had left Estus and his strength was no longer any match for Yamin's. Then Estus fainted and grew limp as Yamin's powerful arms crushed Estus's back. Yamin placed the unconscious former muscle god down on the floor of the cell. His plan had worked and taking his fingers to his hips, he pulled down and the once invisible Venusian girdle reappeared and Yamin took it off and threw it next to the now paralyzed body of Estus. As he starred pathetically at Estus, suddenly Yamin noticed a red glow around his hands. The glow grew along his arms and soon covered his whole body. He began to feel warm and as he looked at himself his large muscles began to grow even larger. He became larger than any pump he had ever had and larger than even Goliath. He reached up to the ceiling with his arms admiring their beauty. "Yes!" he thought. He had found the secret and it had worked. He had swallowed Mordac's power and his muscles were now incorporating it into his own! He flexed his bicep and it grew to 22 inches (56 cm), hard, lean and peaked. He needed to test his strength to be sure and in the corner of the cell was an iron torture rack that weighed over 1000 lbs. (450 kg ). He tried to lift it. At first he struggled but then he raised it two inches, then six, then a foot off the ground! Yes, power was now his! He felt exhilarated. Then the blue orb of clouds materialized before him. "Yamin," said the orb. "You have proven yourself to be a remarkable opponent." Yamin starred in awe of Lord Mordac. "Your superior mind, cunning and perception allowed you to overcome my two stronger champions but now it is time for you to choose." "I need nothing from you, Mordac," shouted Yamin. "I have taken your power from Estus and now it is mine to do as I wish," pounding his fist on his chest in defiance. "Foolish mortal" said Mordac calmly. "You thought your act with Estus gave you his power? No, my Yamin. I willed it so. I wanted you to feel the strength and size that you have craved for so long. The effects are only temporary. Even as we speak the gift is leaving you. Look at your arm." Yamin looked at his right arm and flexed it so that his giant biceps reappeared again. He noticed just as Mordac had spoken it was slightly smaller that just a few minutes ago. "But now you must choose Yamin whether to become my servant or not. To keep the gift that I have given you, you must take the vow and do my bidding for the rest of your life. And your first task will be to kill the Queen and bring Arellus to power." Yamin climbed the stairs out of the dungeon and the soldiers cheered him. He was tired. He conferred with Axus outside the Queen's chambers. Axus patted him on his shoulder as Yamin entered the Queen's private room. The Queen, having already heard the news of his defeat of Estus, approached him with a loving embrace and they kissed. While they embraced Yamin brought his large boned hands up and placed them around the Queen's neck. She tried to pull away and scream but the muscle god quickly tightened his grip and crushed the Queen's neck. He laid the dead Queen down on the floor. He turned to Axus whom he had briefed before he entered the room. "Go Axus, release Arellus from the dungeon for he, as the former head of the Senate, is now the new King of Gloth. The people of Gloth will now be free. Then pack your things for we have other tasks to perform for Lord Mordac." End
  3. MUSCLE MATING SQUIRT "I should have never taken that bet at the gym" Oliver, a 300-pound bodybuilding male deer, thought to himself. "Come on Oliver. What are you scared of? Big bucks like yourself can't be scared of a challenge!" It's my fault for listening. I could have left that locker room long before I dug myself into a hole almost as deep as this monster is digging into me. But I just had to prove I was bigger than Magno. That half-orc half manotaur hybrid beast was huge, but I didn't think he'd be bigger than me. Bucks like me are huge, our male figures are seen as thick veiny trophies to all who lay down with us bucks. I guess I'm not the biggest after all. SQUIRT 15 inches was 3 inches too short. When Magno and I agreed "smallest would bottom" I never expected any man to ever pack an 18-inch cock between their legs. I guess that orc manotaur mix got both specie's huge dick genetics. SQUIRT Now he's at my house... stuffing me like a jelly donut. What makes this worse is that even his loads are bigger than mine. This male has already squirted 10 squirts in me and hasn't stopped thrusting his 18-inch dick into me yet. I don't even think Magno has slowed down. It hurt at first, I felt like a telephone pole was being shoved up my core, but all that lubrication from his 10 squirts has made things a lot easier. SQUIRT 11 now. That squirt had to be the biggest yet. I felt that squirt up in my chest that time. I want Magno to think he's only a little more manly than me but even I couldn't breed like this. I'm sure I would have cum all the water in my body by now and this stallion still has cum to spare. I can't lie to myself any longer, he makes me look like a twig. SQUIRT. That one hurt. That squirt drizzled the back of my throat. I only felt a few drops splash against my throat but I didn't know his load would go that deep into me. Things are about to get a lot worse, aren't they? He's grunting a lot more now. His hands just tightened their grip on my legs. I can feel his cock throbbing faster now. These 12 squirts were only pre? Ok, he's slowing down now, what does that mean? Wait, I can feel his rod shaking, why is it shaking so much? WOSH It felt like all of the cum he had left blew out of his dick in one burst that was strong enough to shake my bed. I don't know how much cum he dumped into me but It was enough to make me feel like I gained 50 pounds. His sperm swam through every limb and every joint. Magno's seed is basically my blood now. I wouldn't be surprised if my body has more of his seed than my own blood. This doesn't worry me though, I can't imagine how much pure protein and testosterone I just soaked up. By this time tomorrow, my male hormones will be through the roof. This much male milk might even help me gain a few inches. It would be amazing if this cum can all swim down to my own cock and swell me up. Maybe next time Magno can dock me and make my balls bigger than my head. If I soak up this genetically gifted male's seed regularly I bet I could gain some of his genetics. I bet his protein could make my muscles unstoppable. "That was fun," Magno said holding my legs above me. "Are you done already," I said teasing him. "You couldn't dump half that much cum if I hooked you up to a milking machine!" I laid there for a few seconds to catch my breath before I clapped back. "Maybe I can if you keep filling me up like this," I told Magno winking. "I might have to," he told me winking back. Magno set my legs back down so that my knees were on the edge of my bed and he leaned down. Magno put both arms under my shoulder blades, put his head down next to mine, and squeezed my chest into his. He gripped my muscles into his muscles like my buff body was his new body pillow. I was exhausted from being flooded with his seed, but I managed to build up the strength to hug Magno back. "I'm glad you took up that challenge," Magno whispered. I thought he was being sweet until he said "I knew I was bigger and you proved it. Now all the guys in the locker room will stop asking!" "You're only bigger by three inches," I reminded him. Magno laughed and gripped my body again. I gripped him back. We fell asleep in that position. As I laid there under Magno's boulder-like body, I felt trillions of sperm tails swimming around my body... all swimming towards my chest. The liquid from the seamen felt like it was soaking into my muscles as the muscles extracted the protein and testosterone from Magno's slimy meal, but I could very clearly feel the sperm migrate to my chest. The muscles that absorbed the liquid felt mostly normal when they swallowed his gooey flood, but my chest felt like it was swelling up. There were so many sperm cells piling up in my chest that it felt like his seed was fertilizing my chest muscles. A noticeable lump began to form on either side of my chest that grew bigger as more sperm swam up my body to join in. Did Magno impregnate me? Was this alpha male's sperm so strong that it planted his offspring in me? As I laid there, feeling his sperm grow bigger in my chest and countless sperm cells travel through me, I thought about why they would gather in the chest. Then I realized that the chest, especially one as solid as mine, was actually the perfect spot on a male's body to grow offspring. The chest muscles are huge and can swell up without getting in the way of the male's daily life. Multiplying in the arms or legs would strain a male's body too much, and the abdominal muscles were too small. The chest made the most sense, and it was where Magno's sperm gathered. As Magno laid on top of me, wrapping his stiff muscles around me like a warm blanket, his solid body reassuringly held my muscular body. If Magno did impregnate me, this massive male was ready to multiply with me. He liked me, that was obvious, or he wouldn't be holding me so close. He probably would have at least pulled his cock out before he slept on top of me, if not slept next to me instead of on top, for that matter.
  4. Original Story: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/36778138/ Follow my main FA Account for more stories like this: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/lionbuff/ Audio: HANGING HERC Homul walked down a dark path behind the town's pub towards a cave deep in the mountains of Greece. The path leads to a farmer's house on the other side of the mountains, but there was a special spot along the trail Hormul was after. A dimly lit cage-like door with the words "Firen Flight" greeted him. The door was covering a cave entirely lit by touches that were at least half burned out. A tall man in a Greek shoulder uniform holding a clay tablet guarded the gate door. "May I come in," Homul asked. The intimidating man looked at his tablet to think about his answer. Homul was worried that the Firen Flight wasn't as secret as he hoped and that he would be told to leave thanks to the crowd. He desperately hoped this wasn't true, he desperately needed a break. A friend of his told him how to get to the secluded Firen Flight deep in the mountains and told Homul that it was his favorite way to relax his mind. The man looked down at his tablet and saw that the Firen Flight was well below capacity. "It's pretty slow tonight, go ahead," The guard told Homul. Homul was so excited that he almost tripped over himself walking in. He walked down the dim cave and turned a few sharp corners before walking into a small room. The room had a wooden stage held up by clay on the further end of the room. Between him and the stage was about 6 round tables with no more than 4 men at each. This room was even dimmer than the cave leading to it, the only bright light came from a single hanging lamp on stage. The rest of the light came from tiny torches on the tables. Homul sat down and ordered his food and drink while he waited. Soon, an announcer walked onto the stage and told the room of men that a special guest was going to appear shortly. Homul's order came, and he enjoyed it... at least half of it. Homul was just a little over halfway done with his meal when Hercules himself walked on stage, looking even more muscular than usual! Hercules was wearing a cloth outfit that looked like a traditional Greek warrior's outfit with everything but the helmet on. Hercules' orange hair swung around in front of his face as he walked to the center of the stage. Homul noticed how little the covering worked when he saw a dim outline of Hercule's abs and chest. When Hercules was comfortable with where he was standing, he rested his unnaturally large arms beside him. "I spend all day using this body to fight off enemies," Hercules said bouncing his chest. "All-day, all I do is fight fight fight." Hercules lifted his arms and flexed his biceps while his chest continued dancing. "Well, gentlemen, this body isn't just built to fight." Hercules lowered his arms and rubbed his abs. The creases in the fabric stretched over every curve on his stomach. "These abs aren't just pretty, they can thrust my waist forwards so fast that my pelvis can pound into solid rick and shatter columns holding up the greatest temples." Hercules spent the next minute or two exaggerating his strength. He said that his chest could squeeze a lemon dry in the deep muscular valley, his legs can squat buildings and that his arms could pull a boat on land. As Hercules described his power, Hormul's mind was filled his visions of Hercules thrusting into buildings. The thought of his pelvis crashing and banging into things made him zone out. Hormel's visions faded when Hormul heard a tearing sound. The tearing was so loud that Hormul almost thought the cave was falling. Something else was falling instead Hercules' hands were resting behind his head, his elbows sticking out in a position that displayed everything below them. Hercule's hands were nowhere near his waist, yet the cloths around his waist were tearing off like an invisible hand was yanking it towards them. The fabric stretched outwards and split open as it did its best to keep the growth contained. Hercules wasn't just getting hard, he was sprouting a golden tree coated with wide and long veins. Hercules closed his eyes and clenched his teeth to help him concentrate on flexing his godly cock. The covering became a useless pile of thread resting along the top of Hercule's dick. The fabrics that remained were shaken off thanks to the golden and veiny rod dancing and throbbing, shaking everything off. Anyone with blurry vision would have assumed a snake was slithering out of Hercules' body. "It's getting a bit warm in here," Hercules cried out. He grabbed the top of his top covering with his right hand and the bottom with his left. He stretched both arms out away from the shirt, the left arm stretched down and the right stretching up. His hands brought the shirt with them. The ripping noise was a battle cry challenging any man to a battle of manhood. Seam by seam gave way to Hercule's strength. The shirt was like a curtain drawing back to reveal a gorgeous new sculpture honoring the gods. Only, Hercules was more muscular than the statues. His abs popped more, along with every other fiber of testosterone Hercules possessed. Pre was already dripping onto the floor into a white puddle. "It's so hot in here, I'm even sweating through my cock," Hercules joked. The crowd chuckled, unable to take their eyes off of the swinging utter of sperm hanging from Hercules. "anyways," Hercules spoke in a low and steady soft voice, "I'd rather show you what this body can do. Talking means nothing with a body beating this much testosterone in its veins." That line was the cue for a boulder to be rolled out on stage by thee assistants. "Let's lighten the load for the fine boys," Hercules suggested walking over to the boulder. TO BE CONTINUED...
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