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  1. DawnFire98

    Posing with love and heart

    POSING WITH LOVE AND HEART ( or: A birthday gift from the heart) Hello, everyone! DawnFire98 here. Wrote a little something. What’s included? Heartbeats and muscular dudes, my two favorite things. This took way longer than I expected (might have been two years). It’s not perfect at all, but it’s done. Also: English isn’t my first language. So, if you guys have any tips (pertaining either the story or language like grammar, tense, or spelling) write me in the comments. Feedback/Constructive criticism is welcome. But without further ado: to the story! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * “Come on, you’ve got this! Six more reps!” “ARGH!” “Again!” “URGH!” “One more!”, Milo encourages. Duke snarls and pulls the cables forward. Pecs explode into a writhing mass of veins and thick muscle fibers. “Three…two…one!” “Shit!”, yells Duke, and the weight stacks of the cable crossover machine crash down with a loud clang. Tipping his head back in exhaustion, the shirtless bodybuilder closes his eyes and gropes the burning slab of beef he calls “pec muscle”. His heart slams relentlessly against the palm of his hand. A smile forms on his lips. He loves it. The veins throbbing under his tight skin. Blood rushing through his ears. Sweat running down his back. And all that for his sweet honey pie Milo. This late evening, the two are alone in Duke’s home gym. Today was Milo’s 23rd birthday, so they threw a little birthday party with their best friends. After the guests left, Duke (older by one year) lured him into their little oasis of iron and announced, that he had a surprise for him. Now, “Big Bear” pumps himself up as part of his own personal gift. “Awesome job, man!”, applauds Milo and gives him a towel. “Fuck, that was a good workout!”, pants Duke and wipes the sweat off his face, his black crew cut twinkling under the lights. The strawberry blond leans towards his boyfriend and rubs the giant’s shoulders. “And it was nice to look at, too.” Feeling the solid mass under his fingers makes his dick judder. With a hungry smile, Duke places his huge paws on the shorter guy’s butt. Pulling him closer, he growls: “What do you say? Ready for your gift?” “Yes…” Getting sucked into dark eyes, Milo hugs the big bear’s bulging traps and strokes his neck. It doesn’t matter that Duke is hot and sweaty or that his musk surrounds him like a cloud. Being so close to his massive hunk always sends him to cloud nine. Eager hands trail down a heaving, furry, barrel-like chest. One simple flex turns squishable beef into solid rock. Usually, Milo would bury his face in the big guy’s pec ravine and lick every inch of it. And yet, he knows something even hotter. Letting his fingers wander lower, he stops underneath the overhang of Dukes left pec, right between his ribs. And there he feels it: the big bear’s enormous heart, shaking his chest with each forceful beat. Sometimes, Milo wishes he possessed x-ray vision so he can see how the heart muscle works. But for now, his sense of touch would suffice. Duke leans down towards his lover’s ear and whispers: “If I hadn’t planned this surprise a few days ago I would do you right here on this bench.” Milo shudders as something long and thick rubs against his thigh. But before he can say anything, his lovely boyfriend heaves him over his boulder-shoulder. “Next stop: our bedroom!”, Duke exclaims, as he carries him through the door and upstairs. “Let me down, you goofball!”, Milo protests under laughter. “Sorry, but you’re just too cute”, the giant says after putting the birthday boy down, and kisses him. Milo presses his lips against Dukes. “So, what’s the big surprise?”, he asks and sits down on the edge of the bed. But Duke stays quiet and positions himself in front of it. With a sly grin, the beast of a man pulls a little, red disc out of his shorts. Two short black ribbons stick out on the sides. At first glance, you would mistake it for a watch or a toy. Milo’s jaw drops. Mesmerized, he watches how the off-season bodybuilder places the equipment under his left pec. “H-How did you…get this?”, he stammers. “Had a favor to cash in”, Duke answers absentmindedly while tapping away on his phone. The little red speaker next to him chimes. He looks up with a grin. His honey pie has no idea, what he’s about to get into. “You are so going to love this.” BA-DUMP, BA-DUMP, BA-DUMP, BA-DUMP. Loud and deep thumps echo through the room. Milo’s neck hair stands up at the sound. His eyes widen. “Fuck me sideways.” Duke chuckles, as he pulls down his black gym shorts to reveal night blue posing trunks. “Maybe later.” With a thick finger, he points towards Milo. “Happy birthday, my love. This is for you.” Slowly, the bodybuilder raises his arms and flexes. Monumental arms explode into beefy, hard mountains. The biceps? Solid rocks. Pencil-thick veins spread out across thick, hairy forearms like spiderwebs. One of the veins climbs up the right bicep peak before plunging into the bulging mass of the anterior delt. The red-blond pinches his wrist. No, this isn’t a dream – this is really happening. His most personal fantasy coming to life. To hear that bloodpump work in real-time is surreal. “What gave you the idea for this?”, Milo wants to know. Duke relaxes the pose. “Every time we watch bodybuilding competitions, your eyes light up”, he huffs. “So why not give you a personal show, one-on-one?” Accompanied by the constant thud of his heart, he sets his hands on his hips. As he takes in a deep breath, his chest shelf bumps against his chin. Solid lats stretch out further and further. It’s like watching a flower bloom. “You always say this is one of my best poses”, Duke comments. “It still is”, the redhead mutters under his breath with rosy cheeks and his dick throbs in agreement. Making a quarter turn to the right, Duke slides into his next pose: the Side Chest and Biceps Pose. He clenches his hands together next to his waist. Pecs don’t just flex; they blow up into mounds of hard beef. Lifting the heel of his foot? BAM! Calves hard as diamonds. Instantly, his heart thumps harder against his ribs. Looking down, he sees his left pec surging forward with every beat. BA-DUPP, BA-DUPP, BA-DUPP, BA-DUPP! “Fuck yeah!”, Duke hisses and throws a cheeky grin at his audience. But how can he tease him even more? Suddenly, his chest bounces in time with the massive ticker powering his whole body. The effect is immediate. “Ughn…SHIT!” Before Milo knows it, precum spills into his grey shorts. His mind goes back to the night he told Duke about his fetish. Third time they had sex, both of them in bed. To this point, the college student didn’t tell anyone about his fascination with buff guys and their gigantic, strong hearts. The fear of losing his newfound love wrecked him. But instead of being weirded out, Duke reacted understanding and enthusiastic. “UFFF!” A sharp exhale snaps Milo out of the memory. Tanned, burly hills and valleys spread out and transform into the hairy wall that is Duke’s back. Milo’s legs tense, ready to jump up. To carry him towards his Hercules, so he can run his hands over every inch of that godly body. But where would he even begin? Should he knead the traps first? Or massage his lats? How would the ginger even be able to walk with that boner? Not knowing what to do, he clenches the bed sheets. The dark-haired stud looks over his hulking shoulder. “Do you like your birthday gift so far?”, he purrs as he lifts his arm in a one-armed Rear Biceps Pose. Milo’s lips only let out a hoarse “Yes…”. Turning around and looking over towards his red-blonde Adonis, Duke notices him clenching the sheets. Once his eyes veer down further, the big bear’s smile widens. He made him do this! Knowing that sends a jolt of arousal through his dick. Placing his two bazookas behind his head, Duke crunches his body together in an Abs and Thighs Pose. Six cinderblocks, stacked on top of each other, fight their way through the slight layer of fat. Then, there are those legs. Those big, hairy legs. “Columns of power”, as Milo loves to call them. Teardrop-shaped quads bulge into all four directions. Even if they don’t possess the craziest definition, they’re overflowing with mass. “And now, for the big finale!”, Duke bellows. Roaring silently, the big man leans forward and squeezes his vein-covered arms together in front of his waist. Trap muscles rise but stop just two hairs short of tickling his ears. Pecs surge into a tsunami of muscle, while the core stays tight. Veins run over the kegs, that are Dukes quads and calves, like drops of beer over a cold glass. Meanwhile, the hard-working cardiac muscle gives its best performance. BADUPPBADUPPBADUPP! The muscles. The veins. The heartbeat. It’s all too much. Milo pulls his dick out of his shorts just in time, before he topples over the edge. “OH FUCK!” Everything goes white. Bursts of cum spray out of the birthday boy’s dick, as he convulses in euphoria. Sparks of pleasure light up his body, before he falls back on the bed. As he comes back to life, he pants: “Best birthday gift ever!” Duke laughs, his arms crossed over his chest. “Glad you enjoyed it. But now I need a shower.” He stops at the door, his hairy back glistening from the sweat. “Wanna come?” Milo looks down at his soaked shorts and blotches of cum on his tank top. “…Yup.” And so, the bear and his honey pie wander into the bathroom, as their night of lust comes to an end. THE END
  2. hotmuscle101

    Frank's Gym Part 3: Lusty and Busty

    Through the haze of lust that Frank was feeling, he caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of his eye. Turning to see what it was, he was taken back by his own reflection. In the mirror stood a man in the prime of his life. No longer the man who looked aged and soft from years of steroid abuse. No this was the vision of health. Frank brought an arm up and flexed. It mounded into a solid orb. No bigger than before his contact with Damien, but now it was rock hard and covered in veins. He noticed his pecs were firmer and more square than before, coated in a thick dusting of hair that traveled all the way down his solid 6 pack abs. Nestled just below his abs in a nice bush was a much heftier cock and balls. Grunting and straining through pose after pose, admiring his younger harder looking body, Frank began sweating from the exertion of it all. He could smell a musky aroma emanating from his pits. Giving his pits a sniff caused his eyes to roll back in his head with lust as his already hard cock began to throb, which started a stream of precum flowing from the bulbous cock head. Unbeknownst to Frank, his musky aroma had made its way across the room and had begun affecting Damien. Laying back on the bed, Damien had been feeling up his fuller pecs, running his fingers over his nipples as little moans escaped his mouth. They were much more sensitive than he remembered them being. When Frank’s musk hit Damien it caused an overload in his brain, and all coherent thoughts escaped his mind as his hard cock throbbed with excitement. With each throb of his cock, his balls surged slightly larger, as his cock and muscles slowly shrank. He was grasping his nipples when the aroma hit him and when he finally came to, he noticed his hands were soaked. Damien brought his hand up to his face so he could inspect the mystery liquid. He gave his hand a sniff. It smelled a little tangy, almost like sour milk. He watched as a bead of the liquid ran across his palm and down to his finger tip. Curious, he brought the finger to his mouth and stuck out his tongue, allowing the fluid to wash over his palette. Damien was pleasantly surprised to find the sour smelling fluid tasted sweet. He licked his palm, trying to sample more of the mystery fluid. Damien brought his hand back down to his thick pec and grabbed his nipple between his thumb and forefinger and gave it a squeeze. A small moan escaped his mouth from the pleasure of it, but it was what filled his hand that gave him a real shock. Bringing his hand up to validate what he thought to be true, his hand was filled with a milky white liquid. The liquid was coming from him. Damien, now seeing through the lust, realized something wasn’t right. He shouldn’t be leaking from his pecs. It was at this moment that it also dawned on him how much he had shrunk. His physique no longer resembled that of an IFBB offseason bodybuilder, but more an amateur one, and that was tipping the scales in his favor. “I need to get out of here and figure all this out.” Damien whispered to himself as he slowly slid off the bed and onto his knees, trying to find anything to wrap himself in so he could get out of there. He looked around the room for anything, and saw the towel he had come to the office in by the desk. Frank was standing on the opposite side of the room by the weight equipment, still admiring his physique in the mirror. As Damien stood up and began to walk towards the desk to grab the towel and run, he was interrupted by another wave of Frank's pheromones filling his nostrils. His eyes glazed over as he turned towards the wall of mirrors and began walking towards the smell like a sex crazed zombie. Part of Damiens mind is telling him he shouldn’t do this and that he should try to escape while Frank is occupied with his own body in the mirror. The other part of his mind can’t stop looking at Frank’s glutes as they ripple with each flex. The striations and sinewy muscle that makes his back look strong and intimidating. The lust to have Frank’s massive log between his legs shoved inside of ass balls deep filled his mind as well. Damien reaches Frank and reaches a hand up onto his trap to feel the muscle. Frank begins flexing wherever Damiens hands land. “Your muscles are getting so hard!” Damien said as his hands roamed the ripples of muscle along Frank’s backside. Frank put his hands on his hips and did a lat pose for Damien. He heard a light gasp escape Damiens lips as his hands began feeling the hardness of the muscle Frank was flexing. “That’s not the only thing that’s hard.” Damien peered around Frank’s wide muscular pose to see him smirking in the mirror, but his attention was quickly brought downward to the python that was flexing and bobbing up and down in front of Frank. He had incredible control over it as it flexed harder and smacked into Frank’s hard abs with an audible “THWACK”. Every time the cock head slapped against his abs, it left a wet shiny patch on his midsection. Pre-cum was constantly streaming from Frank’s balls now, thanks to his much larger nuts and the increased amount of testosterone flooding his body's system. Damien’s head began to clear a little more, as he faltered while reaching for Frank's dick. Shaking his head as if to clear cobwebs, Damien took a step back and then another. The smirk faded from Frank’s face as he realized that his scent was no longer driving Damien’s lust. Damien turned around and headed straight for the desk where the towel was sitting. Frank turned around and faced Damien as rage began to compete with lust as he watched the globes of Damiens ass shift back and forth with his wide gate. Damien heard a low growl coming from behind him. He turned to see that Frank was no longer worshiping himself in the mirror. Instead he was looking blankly ahead with his hand stroking his cock. He watched as the growling grew deeper and ropes of pre shot from Frank's cock as a long low moan escaped his throat. What Damien didn’t see was that when Frank turned he had accidentally trapped his balls between his now harder thighs, causing his nuts to release even more hormones into his body. This forced more blood into his dick, making it larger. His body began sprouting more hair as his face started to change shape slightly, it was getting more angular and his eyes looked more sunken into his skull. Then it hit him. Damien was hit with more pheromones as he doubled over the desk in pleasure. What felt like minutes, was actually just seconds, but in that time Frank had raced his way over to Damien and spread his legs wide from the inside with his own. This forced Damiens fat globes of ass meat apart. Frank held is cock steady as it shot out more pre all over the puckering hole. Due to all the hormones racing through his body, Frank was no longer in control of his own thoughts. His dick seemed to have a mind of its own as it continued belching up pre as his body pushed him forward, impaling Damien on his dick. Damien began to moan out loud, having never taken a dick this big before. Surprisingly it was almost all pleasure and no pain. It must have been a combination of the pheromones and Frank’s pre-cum. It wasn’t long before Frank was buried balls deep inside Damien. Frank had been lost in lust, but as he bottomed out into Damiens ass some clarity came back into his mind. “Fuck, what am I doing, I ain’t fucking gay.” Frank began sliding his cock out of Damiens ass, but before he could completely pull out, his balls began to tingle. Then all of a sudden they felt tight in his sack. Frank's eyes glazed over with lust. His own balls had constricted without any outside force being applied to them. They had hijacked Frank’s body. Frank began sliding his dick back in as it swelled slightly inside of Damien. His ball constricted again, doubling the hormones inside of him. This sent Frank into a frenzy as he slammed his expanding cock all the way into Damien. Frank began thrusting hard and fast as pre cum shot like crazy inside Damiens hole. The entire time Frank’s body was going through a metamorphosis, Damiens was going through one of its own. From the first time Frank had hit Damien’s prostate, he had finally found release as cum lunch from his cannon. It sounded like someone had turned a hose on every time jizz launched from his cock head. His balls were contracting with each load, making them slowly lose size. But Damiens balls weren’t the only thing losing size, his whole body had begun shrinking down as it was all being transferred to his balls and then coming out in his jizz. Damien can feel his body being shoved further and further across the desk with each one of Frank’s thrusts from behind. Damien doesn’t know how much more he can take as he feels his orgasm begin to diminish. He reaches down to jerk the last bit of his load from his cock, only to find that his cock was nothing more than a tiny nub now. His balls were also nowhere to be found. Instead his fingers were greeted with flaps of skin where his sack once was. Damien encountered yet another surprise as he looked down to inspect what his hands were feeling, he was instead greeted with a huge pair of bulbous tits. They were no longer pecs, he had full blow breasts and they were huge. Damien let out a gasp as a pair of huge hands reached around him and grabbed hold of his newly minted tits. Frank began grunting more and thrusting even harder as he felt the now large breasts that Damien possessed. Damien felt himself being lifted up by the hands underneath his breasts until his feet left the ground. Damien could still feel the cock inside of him expanding as he was lifted up the thickening shaft and then lowered back down until his thick juicy ass cheeks rested on Frank’s balls.. Damien was now nothing more than a fuck doll for frank. “BIGGER!” The low growl came from behind Damien as he felt the cock beneath him flex and expand and then contract. At first Damien thought Frank was talking about his cock getting bigger, but then he realized that wasn’t the case. Damien could feel the flood of jizz inside his gut as Frank’s cock pulsed with load after load. Damien could feel Frank’s legs shaking beneath him with the force of his orgasm. The hands grasping under Damiens breasts began squeezing as his breasts began to throb and expand, forcing more flesh into Frank’s hands. The nipples slipped between his fingers as they thickened and began shooting out liquid. Frank could smell a sweet fragrance fill his nostrils. He brought a hand back to inspect the liquid, realizing that’s where the sweet smell was coming from, he shoved his finger into his mouth to taste it. Frank took his other hand still on the breast and milked the nipple into his cupped palm. He brought his hand back to his mouth and slurped up the liquid. Damien heard a rumbling moan from Frank as he was being lifted up and off Frank’s cock. He was swiftly turned around and then lowered back down. Damiens eyes rolled back into his head as Frank's cock slid back into him, except this time it wasn’t inside his juicy ass. Damien reached down and felt around the base of Frank’s cock and found that it was pushing into his body where his ball sack once was. Damien wasn’t given much time to register the changes as Frank dove mouth first for his right breast. Frank latched onto the nipple making hard draws of the liquid. This in turn caused slight pain for Damien which quickly turned to pleasure. Frank couldn’t get the milk fast enough as he kneaded the breast, forcing the milk to gush into his waiting mouth faster. His tongue danced across the nipple, savoring the sweet flavor of the milk. Damien took notice that the hands kneading his breast were getting rougher. Damien looked down at Frank’s hands, and was shocked to see that Frank's forearms were slowly getting larger with each draw of milk he took. It wasn’t just his forearms, it was his entire body growing larger by the second. Before long the first tit was empty and Frank, not missing a beat, switched to the other nipple and began sucking hard. All the while growing larger with each passing gulp of Damiens milk. Damien could feel Frank's dick slightly expanding inside of his newly grown pussy. It was filling him up and almost becoming unbearable. Not realizing he had been completely drained, Frank had lowered Damien back to lay on top of the desk. It was then that Damien finally saw Frank’s face, I mean really saw it. He looked almost like a neanderthal, his brow protruded forward and his eyes looked even more sunken into his skull. He had a look of bliss across his face. Something caught Frank’s attention because he looked up from staring at Damiens tits and brought his hands up to his midsection, feeling up his abs and his thicker pecs as he did. He was watching himself in the mirror as he fucked Damien. Frank brought his arms up and flexed, sending both arms into hard balls the size of softballs covered in veins. Frank then brought his arms down in front of him and did a most muscular pose, but as he held the flex he lost control. He threw his head back and roared, still holding the flex as his cock lurched inside Damien, pumping him full of cum. Something inside Damien changed and he knew from this point on, he would forever be a woman. Frank’s seed caused permanent changes to his body as his breast inflated again. His ass began lifting off the desk as it filled up with more meat to take Frank's deep hard thrusts. Frank's body was glistening with sweat as he began to come down from his orgasm. The room was clouded with his pheromones. It reeked of cum now as it began to spill back out of Damien as his body could no longer contain the vast amounts of jizz. Frank stepped back from the desk, causing his cock to pop out of Damiens pussy, still firing volley after volley of jizz as his cock lodged itself under the ledge of his desk. Both Damien and Frank were startled back to reality as a loud buzzing emanated from the phone next to Damiens head. Frank pushed the intercom button with a cum coated finger. “Sorry to interrupt sir, but the police are here to see you. Something about a man they’re searching for.” To Be Continued.
  3. czechhunter69

    Mike the Gigantic Beast

    This writing is a new style for me as it's my first time writing in first person. If you're curious about where the name comes from, it's inspired by him (Gigantic Beast). Unfortunately, his content is no longer available on YouTube (but is loads of other places) and I don't believe he's creating any more growth audios. However, I hope this piece captures his attention. Please enjoy, and if you would like to commission me for a writing project, I would be happy to discuss it with you. ------------------------ Finally, I have the house all to myself! The feeling is absolutely amazing. It's been years since I've had the chance to be alone like this. The last time I had the house to myself, I can't even remember when that was. But today, I have the day off and I was really looking forward to a relaxing day of doing absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, my husband had other plans for me. As he was leaving for work this morning, he handed me a list of chores that needed to be done before I could indulge in any pleasure. I know it's a kink, but I have to respect it. I have to all of it before he got home. If I couldn’t get it done, I would enjoy a cat of nine tails, and if I did, I got to chose what I wanted. Really, it was him and his beefy body. He loved flexing for me, drying out every couple weeks before fucking my brains out. At first, I was a bit annoyed. I mean, it's my day off, shouldn't I be able to do what I want? But then, as I started to work through the list, I found a strange sense of satisfaction in crossing off each task, knowing he was at work restraining himself as I texted him increasingly naughty photos. It was almost like I was earning my reward or my punishment. I scrubbed the bathroom tiles until they shone, washed the dishes until they sparkled, and dusted every surface in the house. By the time I finished, I was exhausted but also strangely proud of myself. I had earned my right to indulge in some self-care, and I couldn't wait to get started. The only obstacle in my way was the attic. The last chore, to simply clean it up. I wasn't quite sure why my husband wanted me to go up there. He usually keeps his science stuff up there, and I try to let him have his own space to tinker around in. But every time he comes back down from the attic, he's ripped and hornier than a toad. Those were the best nights, he was commanding and aggressive, and I felt safe in his beefy arms. It's like something up there just sets him off. I couldn't help but wonder what was up there that could have that effect on him. With a deep breath, I climbed up the stairs and opened the door to the attic. It was musty and dark, with boxes and old furniture piled up all around. I had to navigate my way through the mess, one item at a time. Disorganized boxes were strewn about haphazardly, and the dust was thicker than snow. It was clear that this task was not going to be completed in just a couple of hours, it would probably take a couple of days, even with my husband's help. I couldn't believe he had given me this chore, it had to be some kind of joke. He usually made his missions fair for us both. As I was surveying the mess, trying to figure out where to start, something caught my eye. In the corner of the attic, there was a strange machine churning out a chunky, gelatinous fluid into a basin next to some cups. One cup in particular, was one I had bought him last Christmas. The machine was unlike anything I had ever seen before. 1 label read: GB-Remake Version XLG My curiosity had gotten the best of me, and I cautiously walked over to the machine, hearing the old floorboards creak and groan beneath my feet. As I approached, I wafted the smell to my nose. It didn't smell like anything in particular, but it was clear that my husband had been drinking this stuff. Despite my initial hesitation, I decided to give it a shot, trying my best to avoid the floating chunks. Surprisingly, the taste wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. After a few minutes, the aftertaste made it a little more palatable, though it was still strange. I downed a couple more glasses' worth as I laughed to myself about the absurdity of the situation. A machine making drinks in the attic, what could be more absurd? There was no way this task was actually about cleaning; it was all about my husband showing me his latest creation. He had a knack for making me find his achievements rather than show me like he would when he makes his pecs dance. But, I had to admit, it was good. Or at least good enough for me to lie and say it was delicious. As I continued to drink the gelatinous concoction, I felt a rush of energy course through my body. Now it was my turn to show off, I thought, as I raced down the stairs and loaded up some muscle-bear porn. With my skinny hairless body, it was a major turn on to see men like my bear, getting absolutely plowed. With a sense of excitement, I whipped out my dick and began to enjoy the scene, feeling grateful for the day off and the chance to indulge in some much-needed self-care. I earned this. I earned every second of this, I reminded myself as I let out a low moan. It was the perfect end to a perfect day, and I was determined to savor every last moment. As I neared the point of no return, I snapped a quick picture of my erect cock and sent it to my husband, thanking him for the drink and stroking his ego as I stroked myself. "I can't wait to taste yours tonight," I texted with a devilish grin. I knew Julius would be thrilled, and it was just another way to express my gratitude for his unique kinks. In response, he messaged me back that he was on his way up and that his little bitch, me, better not finish without him, or he would be angry. The pressure was mounting, and I was half-tempted to give in to the sensation and cream myself. Getting off the couch, I was grateful that my pants were mostly off. My rock-hard 4-inch cock was pulsating, but there wasn't even a drop of pre-cum to celebrate with. I decided, I needed a cold shower to calm down, so I began my walk of shame to the bathroom. It wasn't shameful, but it was a shame I hadn’t cum yet, but it was almost painful. By the time I made it to the door, was back to my floppy 1” self. As I stood there, my heart racing and my body feeling electric, I couldn't help but wonder what was going on with me. Maybe it was just the excitement of seeing Julius again after a long day, or maybe it was something else entirely. But as I stretched and felt my hands, I couldn't deny the feeling that they were slightly larger than before. I pushed the thought out of my mind, focusing instead on Julius and his amazing physique, something to get me excited. I felt myself stay chubbed up at the thought of him flexing his smooth pecs, pushing my head down his body, sucking his tits, licking his firm stomach, humming on his dick like it a harmonica. But before I could even make it to the shower, I heard the sound of Julius's keys in the front door lock. My heart skipped a beat as I ran to the door, throwing it open and pulling him into a passionate embrace. It was like a rush of energy had taken over my body, and I couldn't get enough of him. And to my surprise, he seemed just as into it as I was. I don’t know where the energy came from, but ran to the door excited to greet him, throwing him against the wall, passionately starting challenging him. I don’t know what it was, but I liked it. He liked it. I could feel his boner pressed against his pants. “Mike… what’s gotten into you…” Julius said. He was right, it wasn’t like me to take control, pressing him against the wall, and making out with him. In all actuality, I wanted to rip his shirt down the center, if I was strong enough - something I knew I couldn’t do. “I don’t know…. But I want….uhhh” I growled, my voice getting a light deeper, as I moved my hand behind his head pushing him closer. He pushed me away. “Mike, are you taller?” I was almost too focused on finally getting what I wanted. And I wanted him. “Baby… let’s just have some fun.” I said stepping closer and sending my hand up his shirt, grabbing his pec, teasing a nipple and leaning in for another kiss. I don't know where the sudden burst of energy came from, but I ran to the door, my heart pounding with anticipation. As soon as Julius stepped in, I couldn't resist throwing him against the wall, challenging him with a passionate kiss. It felt so intense, so raw, so unlike me. But damn, it felt good. And judging by the way he was responding, he was into it too. I could feel his hard-on pressed against his pants, which only fueled my desire further. I wanted him, and I wanted him now. But before I could take it any further, Julius pulled away. "Mike...what's gotten into you?" he asked, looking at me with a mixture of confusion and concern. "I don't know," I growled, my voice deeper than usual. "But I want...uhh..." My words trailed off as I moved my hand behind his head, pulling him closer. He pushed me away. "Mike, are you taller?" he asked, his eyes widening in surprise. I was almost too focused on the primal urges that were coursing through me to even register his question. "Baby, let's just have some fun," I said, stepping closer and sliding my hand up his shirt, teasing his nipple. I leaned against him pressing my cock against his waist. My body still buzzing with energy and desire. He pushed me away again, his eyes narrowing with suspicion. “Did you drink that juice upstairs?” he asked, his tone laced with concern. It was as if he was finally piecing it all together. I couldn't contain my devilish smile as I nodded, reveling in the thrill of it all. “It tasted great.” “How much did you have?” he pressed, his expression now a mixture of worry and anger. “A couple glasses,” I replied, my voice laced with a hint of lust. I couldn't wait to experience the full effects of the mysterious juice. “Now, let me have some sugar honey,” I begged, dropping to my knees and eagerly ripping open his pants. “It was...uhhh…” I trailed off, consumed by desire. But Julius wasn't having any of it. He pushed me away, his grip firm on my shoulders. “No, Mike. You're about to get fucking huge. When you see me ripped, that's from a couple of drops,” he warned, his voice laced with a sense of urgency. I didn't need to think twice - I knew that those were the nights I got the best dick. “Look at you,” he said, his eyes tracing the contours of my body. I paused, taking in my own reflection. Every bit of sinew down my arms was more pronounced, my body growing bigger by the second. I laughed, my voice now deeper than before. “I feel great,” I said, almost giddy with excitement. “It's like my whole body is...uhhh... feels like my whole body is having an orgasm, and you better make me orgasm before I get too big.” I laughed. I had a lot more than a couple of drops. With each groan and growl, I felt my body expanding, stretching outwards in all directions. As I stood up, I towered over Julius by at least four inches. The feeling was incredible. I couldn't help but smile. I exclaimed, barely able to contain my excitement. Julius tried to calm me down, but I was too far gone. I wrapped my arms around him and pinned him against the wall, the rush of power surging through me. "I have to enjoy this," I gasped, my breaths coming in ragged pants. I felt my biceps swelling, my chest expanding. I couldn't resist the urge to kiss him again, my hands exploring his body as mine continued to grow. My cock was throbbing in my pants, and no amount of cold showers could have fixed it, not when I was going to cum, and probably cum a couple more times. I couldn't wait to show Julius just how much stronger I was getting. Laughing, I lifted him off his feet and carried him to the bedroom. I was growing stronger by the second, the muscles in my arms and legs pulsing with newfound energy. "My god, look at me," I said, admiring myself with him lifted up in front of me in the mirror. It was a struggle, but one that was quickly getting easier to bear. My shirt was tight across my chest, and my armpits were sweaty and musky. I could hardly stand the scent, but the pleasure was too great to ignore. “I’ve been waiting for this for so long, Julius,” I said, my voice now deeper and commanding. “And you’re not going to stop me now. You’re going to worship me, massage every crack and crevasse. Uhhnnn, and you’re not going to stop.” The color drained from his face. I flexed my biceps, feeling the power coursing through my veins. With each step, the floorboards creaked under my added weight. Julius looked up at me, his eyes wide with a mix of fear and arousal. “You don’t know what you’re doing, Mike,” he pleaded, but I wasn't listening. I was too focused on the sensation of my growing muscles, the power surging through me. I grabbed Julius by the shirt and pulled him close, feeling the fabric strain under my growing muscles. “You're going to help me grow, Julius,” I said, my voice low and dangerous. “You're going to worship my muscles and help me become the ultimate muscle daddy.” Julius hesitated for a moment, but I could see the lust in his eyes. He reached out a hand and touched my bicep, feeling the hard muscle beneath my skin. I let out a low growl as he licked my bicep, his tongue tracing over the bulging muscle. His looking up to me, as if to say. “Is this what you wanted?” My muscles continued to grow as he worshipped me, my body expanding in size and strength. I could feel the power coursing through me, the sensation of growing more and more intense with each passing moment. As Julius licked my biceps, my body felt like it was on fire. As the hem began to rip open. “There you go, nice and…. Uhh bigger for you.” I grunted. Every lick sent a jolt of pleasure through me, causing my muscles to twitch and expand even more. “My arms alone have to be 15” and growing.” I could feel my pants straining against my growing quads and glutes, threatening to rip at any moment. But I didn't care. All I cared about was the rush of power I was feeling as I grew bigger and stronger with each passing moment. “Looks like you’re finally getting chest hair” Julius teased, trying to hide his concern, staring at the deep gaping v-hole in my shirt as the hair began to spread. The shirt slowly stretching out further and further, before the back of the shirt simply ripped open. “God this feels so good,” I said enjoying him climbing on me. “Every inch of me is getting so thick and strong.” As my chest expanded, I could feel hairs on my chest starting to grow - I wasn’t just growing stronger, I was becoming more of a man. No more being this hairless short weakling. It was like my whole body was transforming into a massive, muscle-bound beast. And I loved every second of it. “Uhhh …. God damn this feels fucking great.” I put him on the bed, grabbing the hems of his pants and ripping them open. His cock standing at attention. "Daddy's hungry," I said, my eyes roaming over his sculpted chest, the ripples of muscles drawing my gaze downwards. His tight physique was a sight to behold, and my body tingled with anticipation as I ran my hands over his hardly visible abs. Julius looked up at me with a mixture of fear and arousal in his eyes. He knew that he had unleashed something powerful and unstoppable in me, something that he couldn't control. But I didn't care about that either. All I cared about was pushing my body to its limits, growing bigger and stronger with each passing moment. And as I looked down at Julius, I knew that he was going to help me get there, whether he wanted to or not. I looked down on him, before going to town on his cock. It felt smaller in my mouth, strangely. I knew I was growing, but this, this was amazing. It only took a minute or two before his moaning, groaning, and eventually climaxing. The secret was humming while rolling the tongue around the head and sucking. “Holy fuck… that was… that was intense.” He said out of breath. “Yeah, now it’s time you start…. Uhhhh… doing the same before I get too…. Big.” I growled, now nearly 8” taller than him as my body continued to grow. And as Julius continued to worship my muscles, I knew that I was just getting started. I didn’t want to give him any other option though, I could tell he was scared, but even more scared to stop. My shirt began to untuck as the cuffs of my pants began to tighten around my calves, my feet filling the shoes. Looking down, I was getting huge. It looked like I had spent 5 years in a gym, bathing in Tren and Dbol.
  4. Hi everyone, like alwaysm thanks to Frealoman2 and Mczlapl for the help! And as alwaysm if you don0t like snuff stories, please loook for another of the great stories, If you like these kind of stuff, please enjoy. The Secret Snuffers Society Part 15- Sicilian defense The next two months were uneventful, the Interviewer was on the main base, as usual Wolf was with him and at his side there was Igor, Buck, Brian, Connor, Felipe and Carlos. Formed like in on the military. “Paolo sent us the last report of the southern base…seems thing begun to change, we need to stay ready, you’ll be deployed on the bases…seems our time is up.” Wolf bounced his pecs and Buck responded in kind, then Brian followed, followed by Igor, soon, for the Irritation of the Interviewer all begun to flex his muscles, “Ok, ladies, you’re all pretty, so stop the bouncing…Wolf Stop provoking!” He said in irritation. Wolf smirked. The Interviewer tapped his PC, “until this moment, we see that the Latins and the Japanese are fighting between them for the control of the drugs business that we left” the Interviewer said. “Too bad, that seems that we won’t kill them” Wolf said, all the others smiled. The Interviewer sighed in irritation, “yes, we won’t kill them directly but anyway we should expect them attacking us.” The Interviewer said. “Any plan you have?” Carlos asked. “Not yet”. “Why? Igor said. “We still are waiting, Michal is preparing the soldiers on the secondary base and Ricardo and Tony are already with him, I don’t think the southern base has any strategic value since we already transferred the controlling assets from that base to our base here, so that is essentially a cover building and we expect Paolo coming back soon, then we will need to transfer our best soldiers to both bases, we can be attacked here, or on the secondary base…the worst case scenario is that we receive an attack on both fronts”…the Interviewer stood silent for a second…”Unfortunately that’s the most likely case” the Interviewer said. “Why is that?” Igor asked. “Because that’s how I would attack” the Interviewer said. Soon after Michal was on the big office in the secondary base, he was already using Dario’s services. Darios’s mind was already broken and Michal had him always waiting on the office just in case he need some kind of release. A call came from the Interviewer so Michael tossed Dario at the sofa and took the call. “You really need to use Dario all the time?” The interviewer said with slight irritation. Michal just smirked. “Did you find any info on the Japanese and the Latins?” Up to this moment, they are still fighting on the streets, they are wearing down each other”. Michal said. “What do you think? How much time can happen until one prevails?” The Interviewer asked. Michal went serious…”Our estimates are that they can fight for one month more…”; “I think that when one of the mobs weakens they will look for our resources thinking we are weaker…or they get too desperate that they look for our resources…we should reinforce our defenses ands specially we need to strengthen our forces…”; “OK boss, I’ll do It, Tony is already on special training, Ricardo too”. “Where’s Lorenzo?” He’s practicing his martial arts out side” Michal answered. “I will send you Igor, he already knows the terrain, he can be of use” the Interviewer said, “ no need” Michal said, the Interviewer sighted…nodded and hung up the call. “Dario, come here” Michael ordered and begun to use Dario again. The Interviewer closed his PC, he sighed. “This could be more difficult than I thought”, he was alone with Wolf, he looked at Wolf and said “what do you think?”. Wolf smiled and said “you have one Wolf, I could destroy them all”. The Interviewer laughed “Yes Wolf, but we still to keep the SSS intact, you know how much time we will need to rebuild?”. Wolf smiled “So, well need to do It your way”. “Thanks buddy” the Interviewer said. The Interviewer then went out of the office and walked with Wolf outside the warehouse, Igor soon came and Buck too. “We will need to reinforce or defenses, but the business needs to continue”. Igor said. The interviewer thought and looked at Wolf. “I don’t want to split our forces…but we still don’t have much information…it’s frustrating… Igor do we know something yet?”. “Nothing yet” Igor said. The Interviewer took his phone and tapped a message. “Igor, as soon as Paolo get’s here you’ll go first to the southern base, look for any critical detail we need to take care of, computers, camera recoding and that stuff, then you go to the secondary base, It’s already weak, we will stay here, Michal will lead the defense there In case of attack…be careful, I’m still worried about their movements”. “Could be a possibility that they don’t attack?” Buck said. “very unlikely… the first possibility is that they wear down each other, the second, they will fear that we could try to take back that business”. Buck stood silent. “So far we will need to continue, are you ready for your fight?” The Interviewer asked. “Yeah!” Buck said while flexing his muscles… “tonight you and Connor have fights”. Wolf growled. “Sorry buddy, you already had too much kills recently” the Interviewer said while patting gently his arm. That night the SSS guards were standing on the arena, the Interviewer this night was among them with Wolf at his side. “Come on Buddy, tonight let’s do this from the upper level” the Interviewer said. Wolf growled. The Interviewer knew he was starving from blood but he also wanted to give Buck an opportunity on the arena and to pay his debt to Connor. That night was the opportunity. On the arena already was one of the spared bodyguards of the now defeated Nuovi Imperatori mafia. The bodyguard seemed bigger than before, he was already shirtless and in joggers, he was bouncing like a MMA fighter, Buck entered the arena and the guard roared, Buck already where popular with his SSS colleagues, Buck has “dressed” with a small short pants very well adjusted, he was barefoot so he looked that he was on a bodybuilding exhibition more than in a fight arena. Buck made a deviously proud smile and flexed his arms, he was excited, and kept showing his muscles at the audience, almost ignoring his opponent. The guard grew angry at Buck’s showoff and decided to kick Buck in the back. Buck received the hit but he barely moved. Buck looked at him and smiled deviously. “Hit me again asshole” Buck said. The guard was astounded but tried to kick Buck again In the face, then in the chest and in the legs trying to destabilize buck. However all the hits were ineffective, Buck grew so strong that even the hardest hits the bodyguard made barely had an effect on Buck. The bodyguard tried to kick Buck again with his right leg in an upper karate kick but Buck grabbed his leg and with his right leg he kicked the bodyguard left shin, the leg broke and the guard fell to the ground in pain, holding the leg with his arms. Buck flexed his biceps and legs yelling “yeaaaah”, then bounced his pecs at the audience that grew wild. Buck walked to the bodyguard and stomped the good leg of the bodyguard at the left thigh. The leg couldn’t resist Buck’s strength and shattered, the “crack”was muffled by the guard’s ovations. Buck flexed again his legs showing them at the crowd. And making goofy faces. The guard crawled to the door, but Buck grabbed him from the shattered right leg and dragged him to the arena center. “NOOOOOOOOO, I surrender!!! Have mercy” the bodyguard yelled while trying to contain his pain. Buck was having non of that and kicked his ribs cracking them, the kicked the arms and shattered them, Buck enjoyed himself kicking the bodyguards body. After some minutes he stopped moving. A “Penalty, Penalty, penalty” scream sounded from the crowd Buck flexed his biceps and dragging the bodyguard to the center of the arena he put the bodyguard body over his back and the head looking at his left side. Buck took some steps back, so the bodyguard was looking at Buck. “Penalty, penalty, penalty” roars sounded and Buck jumped a little, his pecs bounced and his quads where marked, Buck was excited then Buck took impulse and like a football player he kicked the head. The head was ripped from the body with the kick, the body trembled and the head flew over the arena and one of the eyes flew out of his socked hanging to the head by the nerve and blood vessels. Blood poured from the ripped neck and the severed head, the head flew meters until it fell on the ground. The crowd went wild and Buck flexed his biceps, he walked to the head and stomped, crushing it like a bug, blood flew in all directions along with brain tissue. Buck roared in victory and left the arena with a devious smile. “He’s stronger now” the Interviewer said. “So he’s not that a bug now” Wolf answered but still growling. Buck left the arena and som SSS guards dragged the bodyguard body away. After some minutes, Carlos appeared dragging the second bodyguard “No, no, no, I don’t want to”, Carlos lifted the bodyguard over his head and threw him at the center of the arena, the air was forced out from the bodyguards lungs “Ooomphf” the Bodyguard muttered. Carlos left the area and Connor entered. Connor was a light heavyweight bodybuilder, with dazzling green eyes and a round face that had a masculine dark blonde beard with dark-blonde hair and a light layer of fur over his body. Connor entered absolutely naked like we was making an statement of power over his victim, he stroked his hung dick two times while walking to the bodyguard. “He’s bigger now” the Interviewer said”. Connor didn’t even waited for any signal and grabbed the bodyguard on the ground from the left foot with his left hand. He crushed the foot. The bodyguard twitched his head silently from the pain, he then got his breath and yelled at the top of his lungs. Connor enjoyed the pain, he grabbed the other foot without releasing the left foot and using his fingers he first crushed the foot and then ripped it from the leg. “Yeaaaaaah” Connor yelled, he then lifted the bodyguard over his head and threw ant the wall. Blood poured from the footless leg; Connor walked to the bodyguard and grabbed the left ankle compressing it and cutting the blood loss for a moment. Connor yanked the body and in a circular motion he flung the bodyguard at the wall. The Bodyguard tried to contain the hit with his hand but he barely could contain any of Connor force, he hit at the wall and fell to the ground. Connor decided to experiment a little and grabbed the left arm with both arms, he then using his foot he pined the bodyguard to the ground and yanked hard, the flesh and bone couldn’t contain Connor’s strength and he ripped the arm from the body, Connor yelled in victory and using the ripped body he swung it like a bat, soaking some guards with blood. The guard was rolling on the floor so Connor decided to go for the kill. Connor grabbed the bodyguards head and put it between his tights. He squeezed the head, first the head went red, Connor face begun to show sweat drops. The guard yelled but Connor squeezed harder. Big drops of sweat begun to roll on Connors face and the bodyguard face was deformed, soon the head caved in, making a sickening cracking sound. Connor yelled in victory and kept squeezing until the head had the form of his closed thighs. Connor opened his legs and the crushed head flopped to the ground. Connor flexed his biceps and bounced his pecs. Wolf growled “still too weak, heads are easy”. Connor kept flexing for some minutes. The Interviewer received a message on his phone. “It’s Ivan” he said. “Connor left the arena and all the guards were beginning to leave, the Interviewer tapped his phone, after some messages he put his phone on his pocket. The Interviewer stood on the arena after all the guards left. Wolf kept growling, and each grow was more menacing than the one before. “Please Wolf, be patient” the Interviewer said. “I want to put these to work” he said while bouncing his pecs. “Put what?” The interviewer said, teasing Wolf while recognizing that sometime Wolf could be very unpredictable. Wolf yelled angry and ripped his shirt “do you want to mess with me?” He said menacingly. The interviewer stood up and said “Ohhh, these?” He said poking his fingers at Wolf pecs. Wolf regained his calm “are you messing me isn’t you?” The Interviewer smirked, “yep, don’t worry Wolf, Ivan is already here”. The colosseum doors opened and Ivan entered, he was already shirtless, his muscled bear body was coverer by his characteristic fur, he was holding a small man dressed in a jacket way too big for his size and some oversized denims. “Let me go or else!” He yelled. Ivan smirked, he then tossed him at the center, then Ivan stood at his side. The Interviewer stood up and put a hand on Wolf arm. “Ivan, why you bring this man here?” Ivan put his right hand on his pocket and threw at the Interviewer a small bag of white powder. Wolf din’t waited for an answer and jumped to the colosseum. He grabbed the thug and ripped his jacket and pants leaving him only in his underwear, the tug was in shock from the sheer strength in which Wolf ripped all his clothes. “What the fuck?” The tug said, he was skinny and had a tanned skin. But even his skinny body showed he had some muscle on it, but comparing to the size of Ivan and specially, Wolf he was too small for both SSS men. Wolf growled, “this is all they send there to die?” Wolf said in disappointment. The Tug felt the offense “weak your mother” he said and hit Wolf in the face. Wolf smirked, “even for a weakling you seem to have guts” he said. “Let’s confirm that” Wolf said he yanked the tug and grabbed him from behind, holding with his big hands the shoulders and clavicles of both sides. Wolf lifted the tug a little so his feet dangled In the air. “No, no señor!” The Tug begged. But Wolf was already focused, he slowly but unrelenting begun to yank both shoulders at his sides. The tug begun to feel the pressure on his chest and sternum has Wolf was slowly dislocating his ribs from the sternum “AAARRRGGGHHH SEÑOR! POR FAVOR!” The tug screamed at the top of his lungs. Wolf kept yanking the shoulders. Wolf smirked “SIN FAVORES PARA TI DESGRACIADO” he said in a perfect Spanish, suddenly the ribs dislocated from the sternum and the vertebrae, the Body begun to tear apart upside down, the neck ripped to the right side of the body as the chest begun to tear itself apart, the lungs and airways tore down and where splitted in half so in each halve was a lung, the heart broke loose from the arteries and hanged from the left half. Wolf kept spreading his arms apart showing a monstrous back and triceps while tearing the body apart; Wolf kept tearing and the diaphragm tore up, the abdominal wall was ripped in half letting the guts fall to the ground, Wolf kept spreading his arms until the pelvis ripped in half ripping the bladder spreading blood and urine over the colosseum and that moment Wolf had the two halves of the body one in each arm. The head was limp and lifeless from the right side. Wolf turned at the Interviewer who was looking at him with a smirk “are you better buddy?” Wolf dropped the two halves and using his right hand he grabbed the head, and using just his fingers he slowly compressed the head until it imploded in Wolf’s hand. Wolf smiled devilishly and kept closing his fist until there was nothing mucho to compress. “Much better” Wolf said, he then jumped back at the side of the Interviewer leaving Ivan behind with his face in complete awe at Wolf’s strength. “Latins” the Interviewer said. “They are trying to sell drugs on the neighborhood, Ivan did anyone bought those?” Ivan negated with the head, “the neighbors are loyal to us, he quickly passed the word and we could trap him before any damage was done” Ivan answered. “Anyway, they are too stupid to allow someone to try sell drugs on our territory, or they underestimate us so much that they think we would not do anything.” The Interviewer thought for himself. Wolf was bouncing his pecs and caressing himself with the tug’s blood so his pecs and biceps were painted in red. The interviewer looked at him in surprise “How can you even do that in these times?” He shook his head in an amused disbelief. “You have me…no need to worry” Wolf said. The interviewer stood up and signaling to Wolf and Ivan, they left the arena while some guards entered to clean Wolf’s mess. The Interviewer took his phone and called Michal. The next day Michal was on his seat, Dario was already servicing him with his mouth. Michal was coldly looking at him but moaned in a controlled pleasure. Dario was forcing himself in and out. “What happened?” The Interviewer told him about the eating tug and how they where trying to sell drugs on the neighborhood. “I’ll send scouts more quicker” Michal said and hanged the call. “Then he grabbed Dario’s head and held it agains his shaft, Dario gagged and tried to break free from Michal’s hand to no avail. After some minutes, Dario was cyanotic, at that point Michal released him and threw him away, he stood on the ground gaping for air, then he stood at the ground waiting for his master to call him again. Tony entered the room “Sir, you have to look something” he said. Michal asked “what?” “Ricardo found somebody spying outside the base”. Michal lifted and eyebrow, stood up and put some drill shorts and left with Tony, Dario left behind, he was still broken, in servitude, . Outside the base Ricardo was holding a man. The man was an asian guy, medium build and was trying to kick Ricardo to break free. Ricardo was serious, he held the man, then Michal arrived. “Who are you?” The man refused to answer, Michal frowned “who are you?” The man stood silent, Ricardo released him but the man stood there silent. Michal grabbed his right hand and took a finger. “Who are you?” The man still refused to answer and then Michal broke one of his fingers. The man yelled in pain “Oh, so you can speak” Michal broke another finger, “Screw you” the man said, “Wrong answer” Michal said and begun to grind the hand causing enormous pains until he crushed the man’s hand. The man fell on his knees yelling in pain, “Who are you?” Michal said. The man looked at Michal’s face, then at Ricardo, Tony and Dario. The man grabbed his own hand that stood lifeless on his palm. Michal made a step in front. “Who are you?" Suddenly the man stood up surprising Michal, Dario tried to grab him but the man jumped hight and kicked Dario in the face. Dario yelled in pain, his mind being broken he couldn’t use any strength to defend himself, just to serve his master but his nose bleed. Michal ran behind the man, his face was in complete rage. Michal was so fast that soon Michal got him and grabbed him from the back of his head lifting the man that was dangling his feet on the air. Mitchal walked with his prey lifted up on his right hand. The man was yelling and kicking Michal pecs but they were so hard that they didn’t even made a red spot. Mitchal was silent but enraged. “You Ok?” He said to Dario who nodded with his head slowly but trembling. Tony tried to help Dario but Michal kicked him and launched him far, Ricardos stood still unfazed. Michal then turned the man on his hand and while looking directly at his eyes he said while grinding his teeth “I’m the only that can touch my sub” Then Michal grabbed the man arms and ripped both arms and the same time, the man yelled in pain and fell to the ground revolting ion the floor. Michal stood in front of him and bent over his pelvis, he then cracked the pelvis and cracked it open. He bend over his chest, and grabbing him, Michal bear-hugged the man, slowly enjoying as every rib cracked. The cracks sounded like popcorn, Michal released the man’s body who fell to the ground, Michal aimed his feet over the head and stomped the head, Michals calves and quads flexed showing all his strength, exploring the bead and sending everywhere blood and brain bits. Michal twisted his feet and then kicked the rest of the corpse away. “Unworthy piece of shit” he said. “Dario, I need cleaning he said”, Dario begin ti lick Michal’s body. Tony arrived, he had bruises all over his body. “Call the Interviewer, tell the asians seems to be spying here, now” Michal said while Dario was serving him. Michal begun to moan while Ricardo and Tony left the place. Ricardo took a phone and tapped it, “Japanese spy, killed quickly, didn’t got much information”. On the base the Interviewer saw the message he tapped a brief “OK” and left the phone. “What a shame” he thought before leaving to his bed. The next week the Interviewer received messages from the secondary bases and the souther base. “that’s odd”, he muttered. Wolf was at his side, “what?” Wolf said. “You killed a latin mafia member last week, and Michal found an asian’s member on the secondary base”. The Interviewer walked out of the office in silence, Wolf walked at his side. He was silently walking through the aisles. There were a lot of men training there, suddenly Paolo appeared in front of the Interviewer, he was sweating from the training, his piercing blue eyes stood out from his rounded but friendly face, he was tall and had broad shoulders, his body wasn’t that big, but he was very proportionate. “Hello Sir” he said then he looked at Wolf and said “Wolf”, Paolo made a quick salute with his head. “Hi Paolo, any news?” Paolo face showed some worries. “So far, the Japanese and the Latins are still fighting, there are reports of skirmishes all over the city, but they seem to be getting sparse, the police is trying to control them but they haven’t been able to achieve that.” The Interviewer nodded “the secondary base?” He asked. “The odd news is that there are no news, the southern base was evacuated and the soldiers were sent here, we evacuated all the operational stuff, but so far, nothing happened there.” Paolo said. “It’s like they still know that that building has no strategic value he thought for himself… “thanks Paolo, keep training, your getting stronger?”, Paolo flexed his biceps and smirked “These guns are getting stronger by the day” he said. Wolf bounced his pecs in response, the Interviewer made a slight smile. Wolf, come here, let’s go to a quiet place. They walked for some minutes they left the warehouse and went to a quiet place, the guards left the place at the sight of Wolf. “Wolf, I’m afraid we have a mole…” Wolf bounced his pecs “I shall kill him” he said. “If we find him here it’s all yours” the Interviewer said his eyes went reddish, “I hate traitors” he said. Michal was on the secondary base, walking with Dario behind, he was talking over his phone with the Interviewer. “I’ll be careful with that…yes, Ricardo, Tony and Lorenzo are here….Dario is nothing and he never leaves my place” he said. After some quick words he said “We have not much soldiers here, they are mostly there”, then he hang up the call. Michal was dressed with small shorts, tank top and flip flops, his legs were big and strong, he was walking deliberately so his quads and calved danced and showed every fiber of them just to show at the base who was the alpha. Michal went to the gym space it was mid morning so that twas training time, he entered to the gym. Tony was already there training with Ricardo, both men were getting stronger, Tony grew in size and barely fit on his clothes, Ricardo’s body wasn’t growing but he was getting more defined by the day. Michal decided to train with them, he looked at Dario “go train, I need your ass stronger to take me” he ordered. Dario silently went and begun to lift weights. Michal used all the weights on the rack, his strength was incredible for a man of his size. Tony and Ricardo were awed by the sheer weight Michal lifted, Michal grunted, Dario was in fear since Michal usually got horny after his training and the results would be disastrous for him. After two hours of training Michal, Ricardo and Tony finished his workout, so did Dario. “That was a good workout” Tony said, Ricardo nodded. Where’s Lorenzo? Tony answered “he should be practicing his martial arts outside”, then Michal ordered “go look for him”. Dario walked close to Michal and begun to clean his sweat with his tinge and hands. Tony walked out of the gyn and out for the training grounds, there were few soldier, the ones of the Old Red’s that weren’t sent yet to the main base. Tony kept walking until he saw a familiar figure outside the base…it was Lorenzo. He begun to walk toward Lorenzo who was looking at the distance and his back was towards Tony. Michal was receiving Dario’s attention, Ricard was rolling his eyes and looking frequently at the door, suddenly a call ringed on his phone, Ricardo took the phone “Ricardo? Is that you?” It was Igor, he was speaking at a frantic space “Michal’s there?” Ricardo put the phone on speakerphone, “We have been infiltrated!, the secondary base information has been leaked!” Michal took the phone, Ricardo was livid. Tony walked to the familiar figure, there was Lorenzo, shirtless, at the first time Tony tought that Lorenzo was making some martial arts moves, but something was amiss, Lorenzo was looking far away, very concentrated, with a phone on his hand. Tony walked slowly, trying to not make any noise “come now, they don’t suspect Lorenzo said. “Traitor!” Tony yelled, Lorenzo jumped back in surprise, then he hardened his face and launched a lateral kick with his left leg to Tony. Tony blocked the kick with both arms. “BOOM” the hit sounded hard and powerful, Tony didn’t remembered that Lorenzo was so strong while training with him on the Nuovi Imperatori base for the tournament”. “What?” Lorenzo launched another kick but Tony decided to dodge the hits since his arms felt the pain. “What did you do?” Tony said. “The training here really works” Lorenzo said, then he launched a frontal kick that landed on Tony’s abs. Tony fell back and his face twitched because the pain, Lorenzo jumped to Tony and took impulse to kick down Tony on the floor. Tony recovered and rolled on the floor evading the kick that crushed some rocks. “You’ve betrayed us” Tony said, “And we betrayed the Nuovi Imperatori before” Lorenzo answered without a hint of remorse. Lorenzo relaxed his composure and walked casually in an almost cocky way. His abs glistened with the sun, his pants were fit to his big and well defined legs. “But we decided to join the SSS; this was our place” Tony said in an almost begging voice. “Not mine” Lorenzo answered. He jumped and did a round kick that hit Tony’s face. Tony spited blood, the blood painted some rocks on the floor, as soon as Tony saw the blood he raged and decided to take the fight more seriously, Lorenzo was going to kill him at this pace, so he stood at guard, his face hardened and Lorenzo put himself in a fighting stance too. Tony launched some punches that Lorenzo evaded easily, he then launched a kick that hit Tony’s ribcage. Tony tried to counterattack with a kick but Lorenzo evaded it with a quick turn. Lorenzo turned back and launched a kick aimed at Tony’s head. This time Tony was prepared for the attack and stopped the kick with both hands cushioning the blow with his strength, he took the opportunity given by the sudden Lorenzo’s surprise. Tony grabbed the leg, then he lifted Lorenzo over his head in a circling fashion and hit Lorenzo against the ground, Lorenzo spat blood. Lorenzo counterattacked by kicking Tony’s leg dislocating his knee . Tony saw a cloud of dust from the distance and panicked. “No!!!” he said panicking, he then threw himself over Lorenzo, pinned him to the ground using his weight and hit his face several times until Lorenzo fell unconscious. Michal was speaking with Igor on the phone, “a hacker have been sending information” Michal “how do you know?” Michal demanded an answer “I’ve checked all the SSS communications, the hackers here monitored the outgoing information and a large amount of information was send, apparently from the secondary base to a remote server…” Michal compressed the phone and the screen begun to crack. “The information was encrypted, we investigated and some of it were the blueprints of the base” Igor said. At that moment Tony entered limping with an unconscious Lorenzo over his shoulders. “What?” Ricardo said. “They are coming…Lorenzo betrayed us” Tony said in exhaustion and let Lorenzo fell to the ground. “What happened” Michal said. “He was speaking with the enemy, they are coming to the base” Tony said with a painful voice. “Michal grabbed Lorenzo from his arm pits and shook him violently” Lorenzo woke up to find Michal’s wrath face. “Speak” Michal said and begun to used his hands to pierce Lorenzo armpits. Lorenzo’s face twitched but he barely made any sound, that revealed how well he trained under the SSS methods, Michal understood that he was beginning to develop pain tolerance. Michal pressed harder. “They’re coming” Lorenzo said, “who’s coming?” Ricardo said. “The Japanese, you will be wiped out from this place”. Michal grabbed both Lorenzo’s arms and begun to pull them apart “how?” Lorenzo yelled in pain. Michal decided to reduce the pressure “How?” He repeated, “they paid me, they promised…I suppose it’s all gone” Lorenzo said he looked at Tony “I won’t be as string as you, or you Michal…they promised more power, than the Italians or the SSS…”. “How did you?” Michal said while pulling both arms, Lorenzo gasped fro the pain “I’m also a hacker!” Michal released Lorenzo who fell to the ground. “I’m a hacker, Luca recruited me because my abilities, I hacked fro him, I tried to send the information from the main base but unfortunately I was transferred here, anyway I penetrated the base systems and sent them to the Japanese…they didn’t trust me, or else this place would be theirs before, so they send the spy that you killed last time…now they are sending a large force to wipe you all” Lorenzo said. Ricard was livid. “The soldiers!” Ricardo said, at that moment a large amount of gunshots sounded at a distance. Michal stomped Lorenzo’s right leg shattering the femur. Lorenzo yelled and tried to grab his leg but Michal grabbed him from the arms. He pulled both arms from the body ripping them and tossing them at the sides. Michal wasn’t even going for the torture, he kneeled over Lorenzo and punched with heavy blows that made the ground tremble, Michal’s fists crushed bones, pierced the skin, the muscles, the internal organs. Lorenzo’s yells combined with the guns sounds outside, when Michal realized that Lorenzo was about to die he stood up and stomped the head with his barefoot, he twisted the head. “Treacherous Bug…you got easy” Michal said. Michal walked to the door. He turned towards Tony and said “Tony, you think you can fight?” Tony nodded with his head,”I’ll try but he dislocated my knee” Michal didn’t even responded, he grabbed Tony’s leg and with a quick movement he fixed the leg. “Ok you’ll go with us” Michal looked at Dario “you ‘ll come behind me but don’t join the fight understood?” Dario nodded silently, Ricardo left the room first, followed by Michal and a limping Tony…Dario left last but at a far distance. Inside the aisles four soldiers entered, Michal ran toward them and when they saw the behemoth of a man that was running to them they fired his guns like possessed men. The bullets ricocheted from Michals body but his shirt was torn by the bullets. Michal reached one of the men from the chest grasping the sternum with his fingers, he lifted the soldier on high like he was a dumbbell, Michal hit the ground with the soldier dislocating the sternum and crushing the heard between his hand and the ground. The soldier just made a silent OOOMPPH and grasped for air. Michal ripped the heart’s remains from the body, closed his fingers and hit the head crushing it and mixing the hearth with the brain, the other soldiers stood still in shock from the sheer brute force display. Ricardo seized the opportunity and grabbed one of the soldiers neck with his left hand and using his right hand he punched the face, the punch smashed the face and yanked on the cranial cavity, killing the soldier almost instantly. The third soldier aimed at Michal but he was fast and ripped the weapon from his hands, hands included and the soldier fell to his knees. Michal kicked the soldier in the chest crushing his chest and sending the soldier flying to a wall where he crashed head first and the neck snapped by the impact. Michal was enraged but the only signal of this rage was the fact that his jaw was tense and that he wasn’t excited about the kills this time. The space outside the base was in chaos, there were at leas 20 Japanese soldiers heavy armed, the soldiers were on the floor, all dead, blood where everywhere the lifeless soldier’s faces were surprised. “Oh man” Ricardo said. “They will be avenged” Michal said.“Ricardo, go to the office and tell the news to the headquarters, look at the terrain from the office’s windows and then come here!” Ricardo took the cracked phone and somehow he could made a call, “Sir, we are being attacked! Lorenzo was a mole and the Japanese are already attacking…the soldiers are mostly dead” “Ricardo? Explain!”. The interviewer demanded over the phone, then Ricardo gave the most detailed explanation that he could make given the circumstances. The Interviewer hanged the phone…Wolf was at his side “Lorenzo was the mole…he passed the info to the Japanese…but has Igor told us recently, they knew the information of the secondary based but weren’t able to infiltrate the info of the main headquarters….” The Interviewer closed his eyes and put his hand on his head “I’ve been played again” he muttered. “What are we going to do?” Wolf said. The interviewer face went rigid, he looked at Wolf, his eyes were angry and sad at the same time. “We stay here, Michal is strong, so Ricardo and Tony…I will trust them… we won’t be able to help them anyway, the secondary base if a lot of hours from here…we have to thrust them…” the Interviewer was clearly worried, angered, sad. All the work he and Wolf did…Ricardo, Michal…even Tony, the soldiers… All those images and possibilities crossed his mind, he hated to be in the dark, he covered his face with his hands. Wolf walked to him and put his hand on his shoulder, “they’re not weak, they’ll be fine”. He said. The Interviewer held Wolf’s hand and forearm like it was the only anchor he still had to the world and put his head over it closing his eyes. “Thanks buddy” he said in a soft voice. Wolf growled in response. Meanwhile Ricardo ran at Michal said “three cars here, their soldiers are armed with machine-guns , but far away seems that there are two vehicles approaching, I assume they’ll be here in 10 minutes or less” Ricardo said. Michal raised and eyebrow, so we need to be quick, Tony nodded, Ricardo looked at the Japanese guards coming. “There are 20 of them, so that makes 6 or seven for each”. Tony was still reeking from his previous Fight with Lorenzo but he stood at the challenge. “Ok he said, so we go now”. Michal stood up and begun to walk to the nearest group of guards. The men shot every weapon at his disposal but Michal’s skin was so strong that the bullet’s didn’t made any effect. “Is he able to resist those?” Tony said in amazement. “Yes he does” Ricardo answered with a smile. “You’re able to resist those too?” He said in amazement. “I’m stronger than most bullets but not at his level” Ricardo ripped his shirt revealing his swimmer’s body with his hairy torso. “Let’s go” Ricardo said and ran to the nearest group of guards too, Ricardo caught with Michal, the nearest group were three soldiers that kept shooting Michal but didn’t noticed Ricardo’s running at them since all their attention where directed at Michal. Michal nodded and grabbed the nearest enemy soldier. He ripped the machine-gun from his hands and folded it like a pretzel. Then he grabbed the soldier and quickly ripped his arms. The guard yelled and his closet companions opened his eyes in surprise. Ricardo held the opportunity and bear-hugged another soldier. The remaining soldier shot at Ricardo but he put the soldier’s body between him and the shooting soldier like a shield who took most of the shots. The soldier gasped for air and looked at the sky in surprise. Before the Soldier died Ricardo hugged the soldiers ribcage with all his might., so any rib that remained intact was cracked. The soldier spitted blood and blood was sprayed from all the bullet wounds. Ricardo laughed at how easy crushing this soldier was and how easier the effort was getting for him, but he kept his concentration. The third soldier panicked and threw his gun, he tried to run away but Mitchal grabbed him, lifted over his head and threw to Tony’s place “all your’s”. From behind of a box five soldiers appeared shooting at Michal and Ricardo, bullets rebounded from his muscles and Ricardo and Michal walked to them, bullets ricocheting from his muscles. Tony stood up and grabbed the soldiers head, he held with both hands and he hit the soldiers face with his knee, the soldier nose shattered, Tony hit again with the knee and he kept hitting the soldier with his knee until the face caved in. Tony released the soldier who fell dead in front of him. “Just in case”, Tony said and aiming he lifted the foot on his good leg and and stomped the head as hard as he could, the head caved in and blood splashed in all directions. “That’s good but don’t get carried away” Michal said, while kicking one soldier smashing his ribcage and sending him flying away. Tony limped “Stupid leg” he said but tried to keep the pace but he was already been left behind. Ricardo already grabbed another soldier and punched his head so hard his punch appeared from the other side of the head. Ricardo ripped the head from his fist his fist of the head and grabbing the soldier’s corpse he threw it at two of the nearest soldiers that fell to the ground, an opportunity that Michal too to stomp the soldier’s head and grabbing another he ripped the head off. Ricardo grabbed the last soldier of the second group and grabbing him from the throat he yanked the head ripping it off from the body that trembled and fell to the ground with a thud. Michal found the soldier with the crushed ribcage and palmed his head, he crushed it like an eggshell. “Damn, I need some release, I’ll need Dario later”. Ricardo and Tony crouched behind some boxes, Michal, as resistant as he was, was at their side standing up and getting al the shots, he used his advantage to see the soldiers coming at them. “5 at my right, 3 at the left, 2 on the center” Michal said. In fact 5 soldiers were hiding behind one of the cars and the others were behind some boxes. I’ll go right, you go left and center, Michal ordered. Michal walked casually to the left side and 5 Japanese soldiers were among his weapons and firing furiously, meanwhile Ricardo ran to the right. Michal grabbed the first from the lift shoulder and ripped the arm off, he then used the severed arm and used like a bat hitting the nearby soldiers. He dropped the hand and grabbed two of them by the necks and lifted both of them, he crashed their head together crushing both skulls at the same time, he used the bodies to hit both remain guards that tried to run but Michel kicked one so hard that he shattered his spine making him and instant paraplegic, he caught the other, lifted him in a gorilla press and then he broth the guard down on his knee cracking his spine. The three soldiers were still alive, Michal looked at them in contempt, their companions tried to help shooting Michal but he didn’t care, they dared to attack the SSS secondary base, HIS base, he walked to each of the soldiers and stopped the head of the one with the severed arm, he walked to the first paraplegic one and grabbing him from the neck with the right hand he lifted him to his eye level and with the left hand he grabbed the body and yanked ripping the head from the body. He walked to the third one and putting his foot on his head, he slowly crushed the head. Michal enjoyed the mix of the horror yells of the dying guard and the desperate yells of the helping soldiers that tried to rescue him to no avail. These soldiers were so distracted by Michal that they didn’t realized that Ricardo was behind them, Ricardo quickly punched through the sternum and ripped the heart of one, kicked the second’s balls in am movement unworthy of the colosseum buy highly effective at this moment because he cracked the soldier pelvis who fell to the ground holding his balls. Ricardo grabbed the third soldier’s head and yanked the head to the left cracking the neck and making the soldier look 180 degrees back. The guard with the cracked pelvis was howling in pain. Ricardo palmed the head and in a swift movement he crushed the head, his pecs striations were visible and suddenly the pecs turned red from the sprayed blood. Michal saw Tony and knew that Tony will not be of much help so he ran to the remaining two soldiers. Soon Michal reached the soldiers place, they looked upside and saw Michal raging face, they kept shooting at them but Michal was in no “play mode”. He grabbed both guards from the neck and lifted them, he looked at the two vehicles that were still far away and he calculated they won’t be of any help. He smiled. “Ricardo, this one is your’s” he said shaking the soldier at his right hand. Ricardo came near and said “hold him pleas” then Ricardo held the soldier from the shoulders and yanked the body beheading the soldier in one quick movement, Michal looked at the severed head and dropped it. “You were too hasty” he said. “Sorry sir, but we can’t take risks” Ricardo answered. “Nosense, we almost destroyed them, I have time for a quicky” Michal said then he ripped the soldier’s clothes and prepared him to be raped. Michal ripped his shorts and rammed the soldiers ass. The soldier yelled in pain and tried to get out of the impalement but he was too tight and Michal also held him in place. Dario appeared and walked next to Michal and saw the soldier in resentment. Michal thrusted hard and quick, Michal lost himself on the feeling, he moaned in pleasure and begun to caress his nipples, Ricardo tried to reason with Michal but Michal animal instincts took over him. This was a near new experience, the soldier was too small, too tight…Michal cummed inside the soldier but he didn’t realized that while he was enjoying the rape the Japanese cars were already at the base frontiers, Michal realized too late that there were 4 remaining Japanese soldiers aiming at him with RPGs. Michal grabbed the soldier and crushing his neck with his right hand he ripped him from his body at the same time that the soldiers fired the first RPG. Michal used the body like a shield, the body exploded and all the corpse remains splattered to all side so much for Dario’s joy. Ricardo yelled, “Run”. The second RPG was shot aimed at Ricardo. Ricardo tried to cover but suddenly Tony appeared and threw him at his side. The RPG hit and it exploded, Tony flew backwards and fell to the floor on his back. Ricardo ran to him and saw his lifeless expression, his eyes were now without any light, his well rounded and beautiful chest was burned and without movement. He was dead, his last heroic feat was to save Ricardo and his face showed a tint of proudness. Ricardo yelled in rage and pain. Michal looked at Ricardo and then a Tony lifeless body. He went in rage, his eyes tainted red, he screamed like a beast at the same time that the third RPG was shot, it hit Michal but Michal resisted, his skin was reddish but otherwise intact. He ran to the Soldiers there still one RPG to be shot, Michal reached the soldiers and punched the head off the body from the first soldier, then he punched with the back if his hist the second soldier cracking his neck. He ripped the heart from the third soldier and tossed the heart at the side. The last soldier panicked and tried to suicide-fire the last RPG, Michal grabbed the RPG at the same time the soldier pull the trigger. The RPG was launched upside, Michal grabbed the head and with his pecs he quickly dispatched the last assault soldier crushing his head with both hands. The rocket flew to the skies, then it begun to fly down, Michal and Ricardo looked at first time with curiosity, then with fear, then with terror when they saw the rocket falling over a small but big Gas pipeline of the base. They saw in small motion how the rocked exploded, then the gas ignited, the gas exploded and the explosion made a rippling explosion, suddenly all the pipes exploded at once, sending debris in all directions, Ricardo grabbed Tony’s body and run away from the base. Michal stood still, Dario tried to move him but Michal was paralyzed. The explosions chain destroyed all things at their pace, soon the chaos erupted in a fiery explosion that destroyed the base, the hangars, the warehouses, suddenly the explosions reached the former Old Red’s armory igniting the powder and all the weapons stashed there, the ones never destined to be used but somewhat destined to destroy his owners, they exploded, crashing down the base and sending debris in all directions. Soon the base was only a blazing hot space, the buildings were all destroyed and in the ground there were only random debris and the fallen bodies of the killed soldiers. The SSS received the heaviest blow from their history and Michal was at the center of it. Michal stood there, like a soldier in the middle of a war, he was in shock, Dario tried to move him but Michal refused to move…suddenly he walked…to were Ricardo stood, at his feet Tony’s lifeless body was looking upside, and the dark clouds, Ricardo was stoic but there were tears marked on his dirty face, Michal never bothered to say nothing, he turned and saw the soldier’s corpses, some were burning, the burned meat smell made him surprise, he never killed someone by burning, that was odd. But those thoughts suddenly flew away, the secondary base was lost, and they needed to inform the SSS. Michal felt heartache for the first time in his life, he always thought that the defeat would come with his dead, but this time he was defeated alight nobody could won over him. This confused mess of feeling came crashing over him like an avalanche. Michal stood still, Dario walked trembling at his side “master…what do we do?” He answered. Michal din’t answered. “Sir, we should go to the headquarters but… What to we do with the bodies?” Ricardo said. Michal just nodded with the head, he didn’t even answered, Ricardo then begun to pile the bodies Dario left his master side and took some bodies and then they piled them in a straight line inside a trench were the soldiers used to train. In front of them they put Tony’s corpse. Ricardo looked around some gasoline tanks inexplicably survived, he brought the tanks and wet the corpses with gasoline. He used all the gasoline tanks on the corpses while Michal was only looking at Dario an Ricardo arraign the corpses. Ricardo then grabbed one of the flaming remains and stood at Michal said. “Come on, we need to honor the bodies” that showman of leadership from Ricardo’s was kinda surprising, in other circumstances Michal would be offended he could even kill Ricardo, but Michal was still processing all the feelings that where crashing on his heart. “Companions, you fought for the SSS until the end, we will avenge you”. Ricardo said in a stoic voice, then he threw the flaming remains that ignited the gasoline in a fiery blaze that begun to consume the bodies. Ricardo sobbed once and then he returned to his stoic face, Ricardo looked at Tony’s corpse. “Thank you” he muttered. They stood in place until they felt that there were no use to be there anymore. Michal looked for something to cover up his body and then the three remaining SSS members took one of the Japanese cars and left the place. The first conquest of the SSS was now a useless mountain of flaming debris and a line of calculated corpses that were like a memento of the first heavy SSS defeat. The Interviewer was on his office, Wolf was at his side, Wolf was strangely quiet ant the Interviewer was clearly worried but remains at an unfazed expression, but his small twitch was noticed by Wolf who knew that he was worried. Two days have passed since the last time Ricardo communicated. The Interviewed haven’t slept since and he was using all his remaining strength to remain stoic for the SSS guards, elites and trainees. Suddenly his phone sounded. “They’re here” The Interviewer said. Wolf raised an eyebrow. “Let’s go”, the Interviewer said and both men left the office. After some minutes they walked to the parking space where Michal, Ricardo and Dario were standing firm like soldiers. The interviewer sighted and ordered “report”. Michal then explained in great detail all things that happened, Michals retelling of the history were met with an unfazed expression from the interviewer and Wolf too. Wolf bounced his pecs but not in the playful way he usually made but in the raged way, Michal kept telling the events that let to the base destruction. How the Japanese killed the remaining soldiers at the base and how they counterattacked, Michal told the Interviewer in painful detail how Tony died and how his foolishness let the enemy come closer and hoe they accidentally destroyed the base, and clarifying that that accident shouldn’t happened because if he just waited for some more minuted they could kill the remaining Japanese before they could use any of the RPG’s that caused Tony’s death and the SSS secondary base loss. The Interviewer walked next to Michal and looked him at the face. Michal pain soared again, he felt he betrayed the SSS, he felt heartache for the first time in his life, he expected an slap, a slap that clearly would be barely felt since Michal was too aware of the strength difference between the Interviewer and him, but he new that that slap would destroy his soul because he was devoted to the organization that let him be as free as he could be his cockiness let them destroy the SSS secondary base and he knew that he have just let down there Interviewer and in some sense Wolf. Michal hated the feeling and in someway, he hated himself for that. The Interviewer moved to Michal, Michal closed his eyes expecting the first time someone would inflict pain on him but suddenly he felt a Hugh. The Interviewer hugged him in a somewhat ridiculous gesture since Michael was so big that the Interviewer barely could cover his size, “I’m Glad you’re fine buddy” the Interviewer said in a a tender voice that only Michal could hear. Michal closed his eyed and lowered his head “your stupid idiot, that was the worst thing you could do to me now”. The Interviewer released the hug and quietly said “I know” and he looked at Michal’s eyes with a bittersweet smile. “You make sure that this won’t happen again, now go and rest, we will need to plan our strategy from here and I need you”. Wolf face was stoic but it relaxed a little. “Ricardo, thanks, go rest.” the Interviewer said. Ricardo relaxed and it seemed that all the exhaustion he was holding was released in a way that he barely could stand still and left the place stumbling. Michal left with Dario behind. The interviewer looked at Wolf “you should rest” Wolf said, but the voice tone was almost an order. “Yes buddy, I know I should rest but we still…” Wolf put a hand on the Interviewer shoulder, and closed his head near the Interviewers ear and he whispered: “I know we still need to find a mole on the headquarters, let me do it, I won’t fail”. The Interviewer tapped Wolf’s big and rounded shoulder and leg to his quarter. Wolf then walked to the office warehouse and said “now I have a mole to track down”.
  5. Hi everyone, as a friendly warning this story is very heavy on violence, if you don't like snuff stories, please stop reading and go one of the more suitable stories on the page. As always, thanks to Freakoman2 and Mczapl for their inputs, inspiration and critique (hope you're still enjoying). The Secret Snuffers Society Part 10-Clearing the Board The Interviewer was on his bed, he was completely worn out from exhaustion. One month have passed since the police station take over but he still felt worn out. He was on his bed looking at the ceiling. “Did he made the right call?, would he have gone too far?, which repercussions would be?, did he calculated right?” All those revolving thoughts were at his mind, racing one before the other. “You did the right call” Wolf said, Igor nodded his head. The Interviewer smiled, since the fainting Wolf has grown out somewhat “worried” if that word could exist in Wolf’s dictionary, so Wolf decided strictly that the Interviewer take some time off each night. “We still need you here, I won’t administrate this” was the continuous argument from Wolf at the nagging of the Interviewer, so Wolf and Igor took over some of the activities. Michal could not come back since he was on charge of the rebuild of the Old Red’s former base since many of the Old Red tugs came back to the base and Michal was training them on the SSS ways, but if they would get any status on the SSS ranks, that was to be seen. Igor on other hand became also a Wolf’s lackey he underwent on a brutal training and it showed, Igor was packing muscles at an amazing speed even for the SSS standards. He seemed to be forgotten his former Old Red’s status and embraced his rank has an elite candidate for the SSS. But he plainly refused to enter the colosseum if the Interviewer would not see his advances. Wolf tolerated him in the most part because he had administrative experience, so he could counsel Wolf about how to proceed with the SSS. The Interviewer stood up and went to the bathroom after 15 minutes he came out ad took his usual clothes. The Interviewer felt better, his mind was still racing from the thoughts but the bet was already made and they needed to prepare for the consequences, whichever they could be. There were some issues still waiting to resolve, Ricardo’s discharges, The Old red’s quarters renewal, and Bucks introduction to the SSS. Buck was quite something, he was a big tall and bald bodybuilder, he had brown eyes, well defined muscles covered in a tick layer of grayish fur and had a white/grey bear. He was almost in his mid forty’s. Buck was quite happy to enter the SSS, he had became a training zealot, but he was more akin to Michal’s ways than Wolf’s. However he trained hard and asked also to enter the arena fights, we was already big when he joined the SSS but was getting more defined, and his looks went fiercer. The Interviewer thought that he would be a savage on the arena. But his overall reach was something to be seen. Ivan and Adam were opposite sides, Ivan was getting better with his training but he was clearly surpassed by Buck and Igor. And Adam lagged in his training, so this issue needed to be solved. Those issues took his toll on the Interviewer since no-one could else could help and he needed to solve them. Wolf walked at his side “so, you’re ready?” He asked, “Yes, thank you, other more day and you might think that I’m weak, I won’t die yet” The interviewer said. Both men walked to the Interviewer office, there was a new door already. Ricardo was waiting outside, he was nervous, and to be on the office alongside Wolf was getting him even more nervous. “I, I,” Ricardo tried to mutter some words while entering the room. “Ricardo, what have you been doing all this time?” “I’ve trained hard this time so I can perform even better” Ricardo said with a trembling voice while looking nervously at Wolf. Wolf bounced his pecs casually, but he knew that he could be terrified if someone really knew that there was a possibility of a punishment from him. The Interviewer looked at Ricardo, he kept that swimmers body but he looked more defined, his abs were marked even relaxed and his pecs were messing against the shirt. His legs were covered by a swimmers shorts that let a well rounded and defined legs and a flip flop. He looked more like a beach lifesaver than an SSS guard. The Interviewer thought that Ricardo was deliberately choosing that outfit to make a better impression, maybe that was the case. He looked at his desk, “Ricardo, you know we don’t tolerate any kind of failure do you?” Ricardo looked terrified at Wolf, Wolf turned to him and slowly his hand pawed Ricardo’s head. Ricardo stood silently waiting for the bitter end. “Unfortunately, we are short on personnel since we are taking care of the neighborhood security and I can’t affair to lose an elite guard”. Wolf released Ricardo’s head. “However that doesn’t mean that you’re forgiven, you’ll go with Michal and help him on rebuilding the new SSS subsidiary, we will need the former Old Red’s tugs to become SSS guards to help to establish the safety of the surroundings”. Ricardo nodded his head. “Prepare your things and we will send you to Michals…now go!”. The Interviewer ordered. Then he opened his laptop and begun to tap on the excel. “We got good numbers…but Wolf, you really need to destroy your gym at this rate?” Wolf smiled playfully, “you know pal, I’m getting stronger” he said while flexing his arms, making a crab pose and for a new thing he lifted his shorts and flexed his quads and calves. The Interviewer looked amused. “That’s new” he said. “I’M BIGGER” Wolf yelled playfully. “Also, Igor and Buck destroy a lot of equipment” Wolf said. The Interviewed tapped his laptop. “ from what I’ve heard, Buck is a total killer, Igor is learning quickly”. He tapped more on his laptop. “Ivan is a good, element, he is very capable to organize the guards for the security rounds, he was able to solve the drug dealers problem…with Carlos and you”. “Well…they were fun to crush, we even competed in who crushes more” Wolf said with a grin. “Obviously you’ll win” The Interviewer responded, “I only played with my legs…don’t nag at me!” Wolf said. “Oh yes Wolf I’ll nag” The Interviewer said irritated, “you stomped them so hard that at least two warehouses had cracked walls since you stomped them so hard that the ground trembled, and also I know that it was your Idea to bring them here” The Interviewer tapped his laptop again. “You also destroyed the pavement…I hate to bring construction workers here…if they are not very good candidates we need to dispose of them and I don’t like to do that” the Interviewer kept nagging to Wolf for the increased costs but Wolf ignored most of them. He knew that the Interviewer was pissed because he didn’t let the Interviewer see those executions or that he didn’t do it on the colosseum. He smiled. “I’ve tapped it for you” Wolf said playfully and kept silent waiting for the desired response. The interviewer crossed his fingers in from of his face and his face softened. “Next time you do that on the arena I’ll add the budget here” the Interviewer said in serious tone but Wolf knew that he nailed it for him and grinned. “Buck” the Interviewer said. “What?” Wolf responded. “Buck is strong has I see, he’s is less strong than Michal but he is as vicious as him, I think we need to keep him here”, the Interviewer said. Wolf flexed is pecs “Good, he will be a good training companion” Wolf said. The Interviewer made a video call on his laptop. After some rings Michal appeared on the screen. He was on some open space, like a big parking. Behind him the Interviewer could see a training grounds, a lot of homemade weights and a lot of people training frantically. Near him a battered soldier was on his knees, Michal walked next to him and the Interviewer saw Michal’s hard on. The interviewer covered his face on irritation. “Michal” the Interviewer said, Michal smiled and flexed his biceps “Hi boss” the Interviewer was unfazed but made a light, almost unnoticeable smile. Wolf flexed back “Hi” Both men smiled at the growing irritation of the Interviewer. “So Michal, how the rebuild is going” The Interviewer said. “The construction is going fine, Igor had a good construction teams support, so we could fix the walls and the spaces quickly” Michal said. “The equipment have been bought and it should arrive shortly, the former Old red’s guards have been preselected and they have been training at a neck breaking pace so we can use them to guard the Warehouses surrounding and the neighborhood” Michal reported. “How’ the training going?” The interviewer asked. “Michal walked next to the trembling guard, he stood behind him and palmed his head, then in a sudden movement he crushed the skull, the other guards jumped in fear, Michal wiped his hands agains his tank top “they are still too easy to break, this one was weak, he stopped training and said he was exhausted, so I just gave him a rest” Michal said while rubbing his crotch. “Good” The Interviewer said unfazed. “You should’t kill them too quickly, we still need people here” he said. “I’ll send you good people, I don’t want to give wolf too much toys” Michal said in a teasing tone that Wolf answered with a grin. “Any news on the ‘issue” there?” The Interviewer said. “Maybe I’ll need some help if that happens” Michal answered in a serious tone, Wolf kept his cool but the tone of the conversation suddenly went from a playful tone to a serious one, the soldier corpse was still pouring blood from the head remains, The Interviewer looked at the corpse and then to Michal. “Do you have any problem if I keep Wolf with me?” Michal went serious, “No problem, I think he’s better with you, we still don’t know if we will be attacked here or there, but if you send heavy muscles we will be able to hold better without them destroying our advances in the construction. The Interviewer smiled, he got his response, now he knew that even if the SSS could be attacked, in Michals view, he thought that he could destroy any incoming attackers, but his top priority was to keep the construction repairs up, even he refused to let Wolf go there. Also there was a possibility that they would be attacked not only on the new subsidiary /the old Red’s former base) but on the main HQ. The Interviewer pondered how to place his pieces. “I will lend you two heavy pieces one of my bishops and a knight, use them wisely” the Interviewer said. Michal frowned. The Interviewer knew Michal was confused, “I’ve decided to send Ricardo, he still need training, but he can help you there, Carlos can be of help there; I’ll stay here with Wolf, and Igor, Ivan will be on charge of the safety net outside.” “Would you be able to send me Adam?” Michal said. The interviewer pondered. Adam, he, for some reason was slipping down, he could be a good SSS elite, but he was wounded on the last operation, he recovered, but he plainly refused to train. The Interviewer decided to wait until the right moment appears but unfortunately, then moment have arrived and the Interviewer understood that he could be needed. “I’ll send equipment, and has said Ricardo and Carlos, I still have to decide on that rook… your help will be sent tomorrow morning” Michal nodded, then the Interviewer hung up. “What are you going to do?” Wolf asked. The Interviewer closed his laptop. “Call Adam and Buck…they need to go to the colosseum, while they arrive, let’s go to walk”. He said. Wolf and the Interviewer left the office, the went out of the office warehouse and went to the restaurant, The Interviewer got a coke and Wolf got a beverage can, has usual, he crushed it over his mouth drinking directly from the crushed can and letting the beverage liquid drip to his white shirt, so his muscles adhered to the shirt , the Interviewer let his eyes enjoy the spectacle but kept cool. “Showoff” The Interviewer said, Wolf grinned and bounced his pecs. “Should I rip it?” Wolf asked playfully. “Don’t let that get into your head” The Interviewer said with slight irritation. Wolf just laughed loudly. He loved to tease the interviewer since the first time. They walked to the arena. “What are you going to do?” Wolf asked. “Let’s see” the Interviewer said. I just hope I can get a good result from this mess. The Interviewer was quietly enraged. Wolf saw the Interviewer back, he knew that the Interviewer rarely gave second opportunities like he did for Ricardo, but Adam…he knew exactly that he had an order not to intervene and he was nearly killed. For some reason he managed to only get his leg injured, but Wolf was puzzled about what Buck had to do with this thing, also even he didn’t knew what he would do. After some minutes they entered the arena, Adam and Buck were standing in front of the Interviewer seat. The Interviewer entered silently, he sat on his seat and looked at the space between Buck and Adam’s feet. “So Buck, the Interviewer said, have you been treated well?” Buck nodded, his pecs were big and rounded, his grayish fur were sexy in it’s own way. He liked to bounce his pets and harden his biceps from time time so he looked like a kinda smaller version of Wolf, but he also liked to be on shorts and barefoot, so he looked also like at a stellar version of Michal. “Do you still want to be part of the SSS?” Buck nodded again smiling widely. “Good, you’ll become a warrior, you’ll start on the colosseum, stay alert, we can call you on any moment”. Buck bounced his pecs and flexed his pecs with a “yeaaaaaah yell”, the Interviewer smiled “maybe I got a rook”, he thought to himself. Then he returned to his calmed meditative demeanor. “Adam” he said. “What’s happening to you?” Adam stood there, his eyes were filled with rage. “I thought I will get real power but all you demand is training after training…then the cop’s takeover, I was wounded, I can’t stand the shame” Adam said with a resentful voice. “So you acted recklessly during the mission even If you had clear orders to not intervene? The Interviewer said. Adam stood silently. “You even stopped training even if you know it’s part for all our recruits…do you have anything to say?” The Interviewer was cold, he was on his seat with his hands crossed in front of his face. “I’m sick of this, on the Old Red’s I was a commanding officer, but here…I don’t even have a rank, all you ask me is too train, and train for what?” Adam took his shirt of, the was big and tall but standing in front to Buck and specially with Wolf, “I’m already strong, I don’t need you” Adam said. The interviewer stood silent. “Let’s see Adam, first you where afraid to fight Michal, so you basically surrendered betraying your former companions…then you went to the SSS operation and tried to ‘help’, but when you screwed up, your facade busted isn’t it?” Adam face was in shock, he felt like the Interviewer saw through him. “At least Igor tried to fight using that good for nothing formula but you decided you were too weak, and you are too weak for the SSS, you’re not even worthy of a low guardian for the streets Adam”. The Interviewer stood and clearly said what he thought of Adam. Adam breathing became heavy, he walked next to the Interviewer, Adam was tall, the Interviewer kept looking at Adams face even as Adam was taller and bigger than him. “You’re not so thought…you’re weak, I could kill you at anytime” Adam said sputtering words. “Maybe you can kill me…but you are now and always will be weak”. Adam closed his fist and launched a punch that landed to the Interviewer. “You’re weak small one” Adam said. The interviewer fell on his seat with a thud and moved his hand to the chest where the punch landed. His breathing was profound, he didn’t emitted any pain sound. Wolf walked next to the interviewer “Shall I kill him now?” Wolf asked, the Interviewer took his time, then, after some seconds where he felt the pain, he assessed his own thoughts and emotions, he evaluated the pain. Then he stood seated in a comfy stance “you’re big…but for someone of your size…you don’t hit that well” The Interviewer said. Wolf ripped his shirt and begun to bounce his pecs. “Now you’re mine” Wolf said. Wolf felt a hand on his arm. The Interviewer looked at him and with his hand he made a wait sign. “Adam, I’ll ask you for the last time…want to be part of the SSS?” Adam was dumbfounded, his punches were hard, he even could break bones with them, Igor respected his strength, but this weakling was berating him on his strength?. Adam looked at Wolf, his muscles and understood that he was now in big trouble, he dared to touch one of Wolf’s precious things and he was going to pay the price. Adam tried to run to the open doors but buck tackled him. Adam and Buck stood up, Adam punched Buck chest with all his might but Buck pecs received the punch with only a flex. “You’r really weak” Buck said. Adam punched Buck more in frustration but Wolf reached him. “Now you’re mine” Wolf said. His eyes were red, Adam saw pain and death on his eyes. Wolf was speaking slowly, but there was a hidden rage on his voice that made Adam piss on himself. “Buck, you take care of him” Wolf said pointing at the Interviewer. Buck slowly walked next to the Interviewer, he put a hand on his shoulder and asked “You’re good?” The Interviewer noted with his head. “Adam…now that I have your answer, I’ll give you mine…” The interviewer stood up with his hand over the area he was hit. “You’re not invited anymore to the SSS, even more, you are rejected… Wolf will decide what to do with you” The Interviewer said, then Buck helped him to seat but the Interviewer rejected the gesture. “No offense Buck, but I won’t be a good leader if you treat me like some royalty member” he said with a slight smile that was cut by a small wince of pain. Wolf walked near to Adam. “Hit me…” Wolf ordered. Adam knew that Wolf’s strength were legendary, he saw all the destruction he caused on the police station, Adam wept “So sorry man…” then he fell on his knees and begged for mercy. “Your coward” Wolf said kicking Adam on the stomach, Adam flew backwards and fell over his back, he coughed blood. He stood up stumbling while Wolf slowly walked to him, Adam squirmed back, Wolf grabbed his ankle and the he grabbed Adam’s right fist with his right hand. “You really need to respect those stronger than you” With that said Wolf closed his fist crushing Adams hand. Wolf kep pressing until his own fingers became reddish from the pressure. Blood oozed from between his fingers then Wolf ripped the hand from Adam’s arm. “That’s better” Wolf said. Adam yelled In pain…he tried to squirm free but Wolf was not releasing his bloody forearm stopping the blood flow. “Buck, stop this bleeding” Wolf ordered. Buck took Adam’s shirt from the ground and ripped in in seams, then he used to to make a tourniquet, then Wolf released the forearm. Adam fell on his butt and tried to run again, but this time Wolf simply pushed him to a Wall, Adam flew yelling in horror, his yells where suddenly muffled when Adam hit the wall, the hit forced the air out of Adam’s lungs. Adam revolved in pain on the ground. “You really stepped out of your own league…bug”. Wolf said he then stomped the left ankle with his right foot. “Now you’re a crushed bug, you won’t be able to run, but I still haven’t got all my fun” Wolf said in a quiet, enraged voice while twisting his foot over the crushed bone. Buck walked next to the Interviewer but was excited, he have never been able to see Wolf using his strong against another human being, Buck loved the domination, he even killed the rapist on the police station, but he never saw this kind of brutality, even, when they left the police station he never put too much attention to the scene, since he thought that some red group took over the place. Now he understood that the SSS destroyed the place no the sheer brute strength o his members. His excitement grew and he got a hard on by looking at Wolf’s might. Wolf din’t even cared, he was so focused on Adam that he lost his perception of the place. Wolf then grabbed Adam’s good ankle and yanked Adam in half circle, Wolf was so strong that Adam’s weight didn’t represented any difficulty for Wolf’s. Adam felt like he was on a sick thematic park ride, excepting that theme parks aren’t meant to be painful, or deadly. Wolf kept circling Adam in circles from his good Ankle until Adam almost lost conscience. Wolf flexed his free biceps for show, but kept his grab controlled so he don’t crush the ankle. After some time where Wolf used Adam’s body like a rag doll or a duster, he yanked Adam up so Adam flew upside and went slamming down. Adam coughed blood and tried to squirm using his good left hand and ankle. Buck was in complete awe. “Will I be able to do that?” He asked. “Maybe, with proper training…” The Interviewer said, unfazed, his pain was slowing down so he kept concentrated on Adam’s punishment. Wolf grabbed bot Adam’s knees and yanked them dislocating the femur from the pelvic bones but still not tearing his legs apart. “Kill me your coward” Adam yelled in defiance. “Such empty words” Wolf said while walking next to his head. Then Wolf grabbed Adam’s yaw and pressed a little. “I could just rip your jaw…the pain would be unbearable but I still want to hear your cries and your yells”. Wolf then flipped Adam down like a pancake and put his lefthand over one of Adam’s lower ribs. Wolf pressed one of his thumbs cracking the rib, Wolf pressed the thumb even more until he ripped part of the flesh, the fractured rip protruded from the skin, Wold clipped it using his index and his thumb and ripped it from the body . Adam yelled in pain. Wolf tossed the ripped rip with part of the flesh in front of Adam’s face. Adam was terrified. Wolf sat on Adams ass, like if Adam’s was a horse. If it where for the gory scene they could me seen playing a child’s game, Wolf then leaned in front, just to whisper on Adam’s ear. “Now you’ll feel what my muscles can do”. Wolf then using his legs pinned Adam’s pelvis and grabbed both legs and yanked them forward so Adam could see the crushed ankle and the good one from the side of his eyes. “Oh my, let me give you a better view” Wolf said then he grabbed both legs from the knee and ripped them from Adam’s body. The sudden jolt of pain made Adam scream, Wolf tossed the legs in from of Adam who yelled in agony. Then Wolf pinned what’s left of the lower limbs and grabbing the torso he ripped Adam in ‘half’ so Wolf was seating over his still intact pelvis bone. Buck precumed from Wolf’s brutality and he couldn’t help but grab his dick and stroking slowly while trying to see every second of Adam’s punishment. Wolf adjusted his position over the still ‘intact’ pelvis while still holding Adam’s torso. Adam was still alive…barely, so Wolf decided to add more terror for him, grabbed the libs and in one movement he ripped both arms, the movement was so strong that one of the libs tore from half of the humerus and other from the shoulder. Adam managed a yell. Wolf grabbed Adam’s remaining torso holding from the neck. He stood up and looking at Bud and The interviewer he moved the torso that looked like some kind of bloody and sick marionette. Wolf closed his head to Adam’s ear, he moved his hand and put his fingers inside the jaw. Adam barely tried to bite Wolf’s fingers he only could say “MPFHHHHHH”. Then Wolf whispered to Adams ear “Now you go” Wolf ripped the jaw, Adam opened is eyes in surprise and pain, he tried to move his head but Wolf’s grab was strong. Then Wolf hugged the Torso and crushed it, blood exploded from the lower abdomen and arm remains swell as his destroyed mouth. Wolf released the crushed chest and Adam felt limp, lifeless to the floor. Wolfs put his left foot on Adam’s head. “Insect” Wolf muttered and then he flexed his quads crushing the head on one swift movement. Blood, bone and brains exploited at the Wolf’ foot sides. Buck was already jerking off uncontrollably “Wolf then walked in front of the interviewer, grabbed Buck and tossed him at one side, Buck was so mesmerized on his own pleasure that he didn’t stop even when he fell to the side. Wolf snickered, then turning his head to look at the Intervewer. “Got easy” Wolf said. “We have more important things to do” the Interviewer said. “You’re good?” Wolf asked. “I’m not weak” the Interviewer answered while standing up and walking to the door with a blood soaked Wolf at his side, the Interviewer tried to hide a weak tremble on his hand. Buck reached orgasm and yelled, after some seconds he stood up stumbling, still excited and walked slowly behind Wolf’s back. He found some new excitement in life and was going to enjoy it until the last minute. “Let’s call Carlos and Ricardo, we shall send them to Michal’s place…I lost a bishop, I need to replace it” The Interviewer said leaving the place. Some days after, On the Old Red’s former quarters Michal was standing in front of the training soldiers. “Too weak” Michal said. He was alone, no one there could be a challenge for him and he got bored from that. He tried his hardest to make those weaklings get up but unfortunately the advances were slow. Two months have passed since Adam’s brutal death at Wolf’s hands. Carlos and Ricardo reached the subsidiary base two days after, Carlos was sent to help with the training and Ricardo was on probation, that meant that Michal physically abused him but until this point Ricardo was still alive and his training was more brutal than ever. “You’ll need to learn your place” Michal related to Ricardo at every opportunity, Ricardo was getting stronger by the day but he couldn’t imagine when his “special training” would stop. Carlos was supportive and sometime they trained together at the same pace so they both grew in size and strength. Michal remembered the events following Igor’s defeat and the take over of the Old Red’s headquarters. He sent Igor barely standing on his legs, with his ass almost splitted in half. Michal smiled at the memory, however, somehow Igor resisted it, maybe because the serum worked, of that Igor had a strength he still haven’t found. Adam and Ivan where also good additions, but unfortunately the rest of the former Old Red’s guards where weak They crawled back, many of them where on the nearby cities when Michal recalled all of them, in part thanks to Igor’s already good communication network he stablished when he was the leader. Most of them returned . However most of them were disappointments. Michal sighed. “Not even a good ass” Michal said. after some days of the recovery the diagnosis was bleak some of them where tugs, some junkies that were there only for a quick access to any kind of illegal drugs. Michal tried to rehabilitate some of them, the others were dispatched quickly from this world. Michal tried to made a good selection but even so, there were few good elements, at least for the SSS standards. Igor blushed when the Interviewer confronted him to this but he knew that the SSS was another level, he still had to learn but even so, he had a good level of practical experience that helped find some low level recruits that could be quickly trained for the new security mission on the Neighborhood. But Michal was impatient, so he forced his way on the recruits. The Interviewer had to calm him down before he started to kill the new recruits. They were reinforcing the organization from the consequences of the Old Red’s destruction and the Police Station takeover. The Interviewer soon encountered himself short on personnel, they tried to find people but there were some unexpected difficulties, since there were no cops, and the cleaning of the streets were harder than initially thought. Another raising issue and the main one was the power vacuum, the Old Red’s fall generated made other mobs try to recover the Old red’s remains. Italians, Japanese, and even Latins. Some of those mobs tried to recruit the Old Red’s members, many of them were already too afraid of Michal to defect, others fled before even reaching the base. Michal discussed with the Interviewer what to do, but things were difficult, mainly because the lack of manpower to cover all the fronts. Because of this, they decided to focus on the training on the ranks, fortify the headquarters and the subsidiary base for now. Until this point no other mob tried to make a move, they even kept dealing with the SSS on the warehouses business so they kept playing along until they knew that they needed to act. Michal left the sauna, he walked to Igor’s former office and walked to a window, he looked at the trailing camp, he put his posing strap and tank top as usual, he pondered how much time he could take to train the next bunch of recruits. They stabilized the lower ranks but has he already discussed with the Interviewer, they needed to reinforce the guards before even trying to get more elites or warriors for the colosseum. Michal walked to the training camps, Ricardo was already there lifting weights, he was benching press, Carlos was behind him. Michal saw from the distance that the equipment was on the very of collapse. The weight was so big that the barbell was already curving and the bench itself was creaking from the weight. Michal walked next to them and took the weights from Ricardo’s hands with only one hand and lifted. “So tell me, this is all you’re capable off?” Michal said with a smirk. Ricardo blushed. “For now yes, but it’s unfair to compare us to you…same goes for Wolf”. Michal smirked. Then tossed the weights at the side. Suddenly a bang sounded and something hit Michal’s forehead at the side. Carlos jumped looking at at the sides, the soldiers scrambled and ran in all directions aimlessly, Ricardo stood up and covered Michal and begun to see in all directions. Michal recovered his sense and then he felt a drop of blood from the side of his head and a big deformed mass of metal that resembled some big bullet. Michal recognized it has a snipper rifle bullet, but it was so big that it must have been a vehicle special rifle. Michal tried to look at the side of the shot, suddenly Carlos screamed “there” pointing at a nearby mountain where he was with Ricardo before the Old Red’s base takeover, Carlos begun to run to the point, so Ricardo. Michal stood there pondering what to do and decided to get a vehicle. Carlos and Ricardo ran quickly, they were so laser focused that they pushed sone of the soldiers so hard that they flew at the sides, one was so unfortunate that Carlos pushed at the front and then stomped his head while running. Carlos and Ricardo almost flew by the mount, after some ,intros of running they found a sniper running while carrying a big Sniper rifle that was too heavy to be carried by just one man. They quickly caught the man and took his rifle. Carlos lifted the man over his head and walked to the base. Ricardo, took the gun. “There” Ricardo said pointing at Michal who was driving a jeep. Michal stepped down from the jeep and walked casually to the snipper. The snipper jaw dropped at Michal’s size he begun to mutter some things that seemed prayers with some words in a strange language like “volo” and “pieta”, or something like that. The snipper struggled to no avail to get free from Carlos, he lifted him and tossed into the jeep rear and Ricardo jumped into the car, he held the snipper. Where we go? Carlos said. “To the basement”. Michal said. He drove silently, his breathing was slow, controlled but his face was hardened. When they reached the base, Michal left the car and Carlos noted that the steering wheel was dented on the places Michal held it. He begun to walk to the main building with Carlos and Ricardo following him with the snipper and the rifle. After some minutes the three man and the snipper got to the basement Carlos was holding tight the snipper and Ricardo carried the rifle on his hands. They entered the basement and then Michal took the rifle and tossed the sniper at the basement interior. “Leave” Michal ordered, Ricardo and Carlos stood at his side dumbfounded. “What?” They asked in unison. “go and train more, leave” Michal said in a cold voice that made very clear that if they said something, Michal could retaliate in a very nasty way. Michal walked with the rifle in his hand, he spun it like some majorette but the show was clearly to show his strength. “Who are you?” Michal said. The sniper looked in fear and muttered “M…Mario”. “So tell me Mario, who sent you?” Michal asked while spinning the rifle. Mario looked at his rifle and was wondering how this man could spend his rifle like it was a toy, a toy he wasn’t able to carry at enough speed to scape, a rifle that could’t kill his target even if the same rifle could destroy an armored car. He trembled in fear but dnd’t answered. Michal took the rifle and twisted it like a pretzel. “Who sent you?” Michal asked again. Mario looked at Michal’s arms and pecs, he then lowered his gaze to his legs and he saw a bulge growing inside Michal’s pants. “This can be very enjoyable or very nasty…you decide” Mario tried to run but Michal threw the Rifle that hit Mario on the back and threw him to the floor. Michal grabbed Mario and ripped all his clothes. He pinned Mario to the ground and then, Michal ripped his shirt and posing strap he was huge, angry and horny. “That was my favorite, so you’ll pay it dearly”. Tell me Mario…who sent you? Michal asked, Mario refused to talk. So Michal ripped all his clothes. Mario struggled but Michal was so strong that he handled Mario like he was a doll. Michal breathing became heavier and flipped Mario so Mario was able to see Michal’s face. Michals eyes were cold his nudeness showed a perfectly balanced body with big legs and a big shaft that looked like a third leg. Michal purred “Tell me Mario…Who send you?” Mario kept himself quiet but hugged himself like that could offer some protection. Michal explored Marios’s body, he was a fit tall twink. His white skin was very cared and on his right shoulder he had a tattooed flag with three vertical stripes that Michal didn’t recognized at first. Michal breathing went heavier…he would not be able to contain himself. Michal pinned Mario to the ground and while holding his arms and caressing his abdomen with his hardened cock he approached his mouth to Marios right ear, Michal bit lightly Mario’s right ear like he was caressing him and whit a whisper he said “Who send you?” Mario yelled..”Fuck you” and squirmed to scape, Michal continued bitting Mario’s ear. “Bad choice” he said in a low, almost pleasing voice. Michal bit off the ear and chewed it like it was bubble gum. Mario yelled in pain and squirmed trying to free himself but Michal had him pinned. Michal took Marios leg and spreader them to his anus was exposed. Michal then in a soft calmed voice asked “Who send you?” Mario was in pain so he didn’t answered. Michal rammed Mario’s anus in a slowly deliberate fashion so to cause more pain, the tissued tried to hold but Michal was already an unstoppable ram inside. The tissues begun to tear apart at the trunk that was entering and the pelvis creaked. “Who sent you?” Michal asked, Mario stubbornly and painfully didn’t said nothing. He tried to grab the floor looking for something that could help him but the floor was empty exception fr Mario and the behemoth over him. Michal begun to thrust, slowly, enjoying the pain, the squirms, the punched Mario tried to hit, but all his efforts where futile, Michal was enjoy taking the virgin ass and destroying it slowly and deliberately so he kept control of his movements. From time to time Michal asked “Who sent you?” But he didn’t got an answer, however the flag tattoo already gave him an idea. Michal thrusts went harder, the muscles and ligaments gave pace the Michal’s cock so Michal begun to thrust faster, Mario squirmed, Mario tried to bite, to tear to make a dent on Michal arms but Michal was harder than anyone he could see. For some vague moments Mario forgot the pain, he thought how futile were his efforts when a tank designed bulled barely damaged him. The other thrust forced him to come back to the place his body was. Michal begun to lose himself on the pleasure, he spread the legs too hard and the pelvis broke apart. Michal got furious, he wanted more, but now the pressure on his glans suddenly stopped so Michal decided to thrust even harder, “I’ll get my pleasure one way or another” he said. “You could be a good soldier boy” Michal said and then he begun to thrust faster, harder, stronger, he begun to rip the skin until he reached the abdomen, every thrust Michal con ripped more skin, muscles and guts. Michal went wild, his threes when deeper that his glans felt the vertebrae, Michal lost himself on the carnage and forgot the space and time, there was only pleasure, Michal crushed the vertebrae with his dick forcing the bone against the floor. Blood poured from Mario’s body at every thrust, the basement echoed at the sounds of “Mpfff”, “splooosh” and “aaahhhhh”, Mario barely exited any sound from his mouth, but Michal barely noticed. Michal kept tearing Mario with his cock. Michal grabbed both Mario shoulder ho have a grip and yanked with all his force tearing the limb from his body, Mario was already death, his horrified face with an opened mouth an eyes. Michal feasted n his face while ripping apart the sternum. Michal grabbed the heart and crushed it against his cock. Michal used the blood has lube, Michal stood over his prey. He continued jerking off and put his feet on Mario’s head like a gladiator over his defeated opponent. Michal reached orgasm and the extasis made him crush the head like an eggshell. His cum flew and he yelled in entasis and victory YEEEEEEAAAAHHHH” and fell on his back, breathing heavily as he regained control of himself. Michal grabbed the tattooed arm and left the basement, he walked next to Ricardo and Carlos that where training, the soldiers stopped their training at the sight of Michal’s bloodied body. Carlos and Ricardo stopped his training and stood at attention like they where on the military. Michal tossed the arm at Carlos. Carlos caught the arm in the air, and examine it, then he saw the tattoo. It was a flag with vertical strips, three in total red, white and green. Mexicans, Ricardo said. “No your idiot” Carlos rebuked. “Italians” he said. Michal nodded. “Seems that I need to make a call to the headquarters, the Interviewer needs to hear this”. Some days after the sniper incident Wolf was n the Interviewers office flexing his biceps and feeling his pecs while hearing at the Interviewer. “We’ll need to reinforce our defenses here or we could be attacked by all the other mobs at the same time” The Interviewer said while playing chess on his office with Igor. Wolf smiled “you have me”, “I know Wolf, but you’re strong, not omnipresent..nor does Michal” the Interviewer said with a smirk. “I have one rook, one bishop, one knight and a bunch of pawns” the Interviewer muttered almost to himself. “But you have two queens” Igor said. “I don’t need two queens on the same board” the Interviewer said. He moved his queen and took a rook from the board. “Checkmate” The Interviewer said, then while storing the pieces he said “two mismanaged queens can lead to a stalemate… That’s why I needed to create a new board, so I can make a better use of my stronger pieces so the SSS gets stronger instead of having them competing” The interviewer wondered for some seconds “Maybe later we’ll need them here, but until that time comes, I prefer to reinforce my two boards”. The Interviewer said while storing the game on his desk… and as we did with Adam, sometimes you need to clear the board so you can move more freely. “For know, I’ll need to get more candidates”.
  6. I've written my first story, to accompany one of my drawing sequences. I hope you enjoy and be kind and leave feedback! Warning, contains unwilling transformation and some bro on bro action. If you enjoy this then please consider me for commissions! Message me for rates - open to all kinds of transformation. You can also support me on Patreon to see exclusive work and vote on future works: patreon.com/user?u=63775323 Oh and also - I would LOVE for other people to write kinky stories to go with some of my sequences! Or write me a new story so we can collab hehe ************* A Tale of Two Brothers: Donnie & Marco There was nothing particularly remarkable about brothers Marco and Donnie Diaz. Born to a mixed white and Latinx family they were raised predominantly by their father, Mr Diaz, after their mother walked out when Marco was just 6 and Donnie was 2. Mr Diaz worked for a local private science group and their lives were perfectly normal and respectable – they went to church every Sunday, Donnie studied hard and Marco hardly studied now he’d graduated high school and dropped out of community college after a couple of years. Out of the two brothers Marco, the older, was definitely the less inclined to hard work and study. He enjoyed gaming, drinking and sleeping in until well past midday – oh and masturbating of course. He was handsome, and had broken more than a few girls hearts with his tanned skin and thick dark chestnut-brown hair. He favoured sportswear and silver jewellery such as his fine silver chain necklace. If there was one thing he hated though it was his glasses and he swore to get laser eye surgery when older. The one thing Marco did put effort into was sports and he particularly enjoyed basketball, despite being only 5’9’’. Younger brother Donnie on the other hand was adorable, but more in the way that you just wanted to take care of him. His skin tone was paler but his thick tousled hair darker and he was even shorter than his brother at just 5’6’’. Like Marco, he too wore glasses, though they complimented his bookish personality. Whereas Marco liked dark clothes, Donnie favoured bright, peppy colours and a silver crucifix hung around his neck. Donnie studied hard and clearly had a similar mind to his father, fascinated by science. He was shy though and kept his head down, he did not have his brother’s confidence. Donnie and Marco didn’t exactly along and were prone to arguing or fighting, usually provoked by Marco when he was bored or restless. This was worse during the week when their father would leave them to look after themselves now they were both of age. Recently his work had meant he was frequently away until late at night leaving the boys to look after themselves. Though Marco was in technically in charge, it was unsurprisingly Donnie who took up most of the cooking and cleaning. “What are you working on, dad? What’s the top secret project?” Donnie would ask excitedly, his scientific brain whirring with possibility. But Mr Diaz would only chuckle and say it was more than his pay grade to tell Donnie that. After Mr Diaz left the room, Marco would snigger and flick balls of paper at Donnie calling him a “nerd”, though he too was privately curious. Over weeks the brother’s curiosity would lead to them trying new methods to getting their dad to share what his work was – Marco believed it must be some sort of secret FBI technology, whereas Donnie felt it must be a project for sustainable energy. Mr Diaz however never gave anything away. The brothers didn’t even know the name of the company their dad worked for! Their routine continued unremarkably until one week where Mr Diaz abruptly announced he would be away the full week for work – it was a crucial time for the project and he needed his sons to look after themselves. That same Monday morning he loaded up his car with his briefcases, laptop, loading cases and other paraphernalia and gave his sons a big hug goodbye. “You look after your little brother, now – you’re the man of the house after all” he joked, tousling up Marco’s hair to Marco’s annoyance. Donnie smiled resignedly, knowing it would be a week fo Marco doing sweet fuck all, whilst Donnie tried to keep on top of things, all the while that Marco would either be in his room jerking off, off out drinking with mates, or existing purely to wind him up. They watched their father drive away before Donnie headed back up to his room and study. Marco however wasn’t going to waste a minute. Although Donnie was the one always asking about his father’s work, Marco was dying to find out. He might be lazy, but he wasn’t stupid and his father’s secrecy was more than enough to raise his suspicions. Hell, if it was some Musk level science shit their might be some serious money! So as soon as his dad was out of sight and Donnie was in his room, he snuck into his dad’s study. The room was called a study but was more like a home laboratory with multiple screens, fridges, freezers, centrifuges and test tubes. And it was a bombsite. Marco stared in shock – it looked like it had been raided, or that Mr Diaz had left in a hurry. Cupboards were open, scraps of paper everywhere, lights flashing. Marco held his breath as he looked across the notes and logs and calculations – only nothing made sense to him (he was not a natural scientist after all). For a full half hour he carefully searched for some hint of what the project was when he discovered two vials in the smallest fridge, filled with bright green liquid. They were labelled differently: “H1-M80 formula: premium. Masculinity and Virility certain.” “H1-M80 formula: unbalanced, Effects uncertain.” Now, he may not be bright but he knew what masculinity and virility meant. He looked again at the notes strewn around him – phrases jumped out at him, now making more sense: “increased libido”, “significant mesomorphic growth”, “testosterone output exponential”. He also knew that his future didn’t lie in hard work and study. He grinned as he pocketed the two left over vials – he knew what he planned to do with one but it would be a shame to waste the other. He chuckled softly to himself as he looked up to a framed photo of him and his stupid, dorky brother Donnie… *** “But you never make dinner?” Donnie said suspiciously as they sat down for Marco’s home made curry that evening. “Well bro, I realise I’ve kinda been a dick to you and… well I just wanted to make it up to you this week. Now – eat up!” said Marco, uncharacteristically sweetly. The curry in fact didn’t taste half bad! Though there was something about it which tasted… different to any other curry Donnie had tasted before. “Marco, what exactly did you put in this curry?” “oh just some… buffalo sauce… secret recipe tip” Marco lied, quickly and efficiently. “Well, I guess it did the job!”, Donnie hesitated a wary smile at his brother before tucking into the rest of his meal… *** The next morning Donnie woke up feeling like his head was full of fog. As he stretched he didn’t notice that his bones seem to click and pop a little more than usual. He winced as his watch felt like it was digging in, so he loosened the strap. Wearing just his pyjama pants he frowned at his more-persistent-than-usual boner. He chanced it and hesitated before heading into the corridor to head to the family bathroom. He let himself in and gasped suddenly as he saw himself in the mirror, pyjama bottoms tented. Firstly – his previously slightly doughy body was toned now – he had a flat stomach and even a slightly proud pair of pecs. A dusting of dark hair worked up his abs and he gingerly touched the growth of small dark hairs on his top lip. “Looking butch, bro” chuckled Marco’s voice and Donnie span round to see his brother – once taller, now a similar height, stood in nothing but bulging boxer shorts. He too looked buffer – he had always been lean but now he looked like an actual gym-jock. Donnie’s eyes couldn’t help but rake over the broad tanned chest and impressive bulge before he yelled and shoved his brother out the room before he washed and hurriedly shaved his face smooth again. Later, as he was forcing his way into a now too-tight t-shirt which now revealed an inch of belly and those pesky trail hairs and showed off his new lean body shape, he noticed with horror that the upper lip hairs had grown back, thicker and darker than before. He tried to spend the rest of the day as normal, but he couldn’t help the looks he got in the coffee shop (was the nerdy, twinky barista actually checking him out?) or the librarian asking if he was feeling okay, as he could feel his clothes getting tighter. Donnie just nodded his head, stifling a groan at the pain in his stomach. As soon as he got home to his room he tore off his clothing and, shocked at his own pent up horn, jerked off over his bed before passing out to sleep as, unbeknownst to him, Marco grinned and watched through the door crack, gently rubbing his own package… *** The next afternoon Marco grinned himself in the mirror as he hauled his naked ass out of bed. His small pecs have increased in size and his arms ache as his forearms look thicker and meatier. His biceps swelling a little as his hands too look broader. Marco can feel every bit of pain in his transformation as his spine lengthens his back making him just a little taller. His feet have grown outward, by a couple inches, as his butt stands pert, round and proud. His cock and balls begin to swell and grow more as his balls fill with new fluids of a man growing. His legs feeling heavy as his calves bulge out. Marco doesn’t even feel the changes, only the fresh breeze on his exposed now cock and balls which he fondles. Sexy stubble peppers his chin but unlike Donnie he doesn’t seem to have grown any body hair – if anything it’s starting to retreat. What was once a thick bush is now stubble around his thick cock. He fingers a drop of pre as he hears his bro yell in shock as he too wakes up late and stumbles to the mirror. Donnie stands before his mirror, hands clutching his body as his pecs bounce as they slowly swell. His arms even larger than the day before. His legs getting more muscular, years of intense workouts can’t even compare to what his legs seem now. His abs have pushed out of his flat stomach forming a nice 6-pack. His Adam’s apple too has grown and is now quire prominent as his groans get deeper. His facial hair growing at a faster rate then before giving him a clear developing moustache as well as stubble across his jaw. His skin tight as his acne starts to fade away. “What the actual fuck” he whispers, before gasping at his new, lower voice. He runs to his brothers bedroom and stops in the door as he sees Marco reclined on the bed stroking his thick, uncut cock. “Sup bro”, Marco winks. Donnie runs out the room, scrambling to pull on some red joggers. He stocks up on food from the kitchen and returns to his room, locking the door, only he can’t get the image of his muscled up bro stroking his cock out of his head, he curled up in bed and slipped into an anxious sleep. Meanwhile Marco spent the afternoon switching between jerking and sending pics of his new body and cock to all his snapchat contacts – male, female, he just didn’t care – he wanted to show off! Many didn’t believe him, but it didn’t matter. He just liked the attention of it all. Donnie woke up that evening to his head having this painful throbbing sensation. He ran into the bathroom to see if there was anything to treat the headache, but there wasn’t. The pain got worse gradually. He clutched his head as his deep groans filled the room. The ache was too much. His tears ran down his face, he wanted it to stop, but it didn’t. In fact, the headache start to feeling it was changing him. He tried to think, but found it difficult to even think of a solution. Usually, whenever he had a problem, he could figure it out in the matter of seconds, but now this was a problem he couldn’t solve. Tears stung his eyes as the pain of his head felt worse, his thoughts all foggy and uncertain, unable to think much. The one thing he could think of was that image of his brother on the bed. Slowly, almost unwillingly, he released his thick cock from his red sweatpants and grabbed one hand around his dick and started stroking. He had never been like this. Each stroke was making him feel better in many ways. Donnie jaw dropped allowing saliva to fall on his dick. Thoughts of his bros body and cock filled his head and he liked it – he imagined his brothers butt jiggling and cock swinging as he felt pressure build up in his dick. He was going to release. Donnie was ready and didn’t care where it would land as long as the dumb headache would go. And it did. Donnie let out a white stream of cum as he laughed dumbly as the stream splattered up his abs and his pecs… wait his pecs!? He scrambled to his feet and the panic returned as he noticed those tight pecs had grown… only now they were round and bounced as he panted… hell they were almost like breasts. A cold sweat broke over him as he muttered to himself, “What in the name of God is happening to us…”. “We’re becoming Gods bro” came a voice from the door, and Donnie looked over to see Marco flexing as he winked once more – “oh, and thanks for the show.” *** The next afternoon Donnie woke up in a big sweaty mess as he grunted and grown – a mix of plain and erotic pleasure. He starts grinding on the bed not being able to control himself at all. He tries to stop but it feels so good. His body producing an odor of a heavy sweat. He can feel his body swelling again. His pecs bulging and becoming rounder. His arms becoming bigger as more dark hair sprouts over his body. His genes are rearranging. He doesn’t even realize how big he is getting, since he is too busy fucking his bed. His balls growing larger as Donnie moans, nipples growing wider. He uses one hand to rub them as he moans louder with each thrust put into the bed. He can feel his head aching again as he needs to release his cum. He needs to breed. He needs to fuck something. Donnie is terrified but at the same time he secretly loves it. His feet grow larger as they hang off the bed, also sprouting dark hair. He is so big now. Donnie’s face changes as his face matures, looking older – more like a man in his 30s now. . The pressure is building up and too much to hold and the bed sheet are filled with sweat and pre cum. He moans loudly one last time as thick cum spurts over his round chest, face and headboard. Donnie rolls into the big mess he has made with his mouth open and tongue out, trying to lick up anything he can. Donnie can’t control himself anymore. He just needs cum now. He doesn’t want anything else. All the times studying wasted when he could have been jerking his cock. Donnie walks up to his mirror, noticing how big he is and how much different he looks. He fucking loves it as he flexes his huge hairy arms. He loves how big and bouncy his balls are. Even if he shaved the monster of hair on his balls would grow back in the matter of hours. The drool on his face is wiped as he rubs his large nipples. He loves the feeling and so he rubs more vigorously, vaguely wondering where his hot brother is. *** Meanwhile Marco is already out – he got up early and hard as a rock, his height has shot up overnight as had his muscle mass and cock size. Pulling on some tightly stretched active wear he ventured out into the world in search of some release. He found it when he swaggered into the coffee shop his bro would always go to – and there he is, that nerdy, kinda cute barista that is clearly gay – nametag reading ‘Joel’. As he ordered a latte he leaned forward and whispered into the nerdy twink’s ear to meet him round the back in 10 minutes. 10 minutes later Marco’s moans echoed round the back of the building as gagged and tried to take in his huge cock in his mouth. Between slobbering and sucking the twink would marvel at Marco’s tanned huge muscles and Marco would just laugh and cock slap the barista. Joel used both his hands to rub the huge dick and inhaled the sweat from Marco’s hot hairless body. He bathed the huge balls with his tongue as pre spurted and stained his apron. He was so taken up with his task that he barely noticed Marco’s dick getting larger and fatter, or even that the foreskin seemed to fade into his fat, long, dick. Marco’s head hair remained full though it receded slightly up his forehead as his face matured more – jawline pushing out and lips plumping up. His swollen pecs and abs become more noticeable as they bulge yet bigger. It wasn’t long before Marco roared and shot thick, gloopy cum over Joel’s face. Joel collapsed spent and stared up at the God. “Are you free this evening?” he panted? Marco just laughed cruelly and took a long piss just feet away from where Joel lay. “Not for you, nerd” he scorned before tucking his bulge back in his sweatpants and walking away. Joel just lay their in the cum in a daze – why did he always fall for the big douche men, why couldn’t he find a nice guy – like that Donnie guy who always comes in. Thinking of which, he hadn’t seen Donnie in a few days now… *** The two brothers stare at each other in the kitchen. Both have changed so much they start to look unrecognisable. Marco’s stubble has pushed out into a goatee as his bodybuilder sized bronzed mahogany body ripples. He once again stands over Donnie, who looks significantly older than his bro now – lines across his face as a moustache bristles over a heavily stubbled chin. They are both stark naked – both cocks well over a foot long. In a brief moment when the fog has lifted Donnie stares at Marco with sadness and fear as he whispers “what did you do to us?”. He then gasps and clutches his round pecs as they inflate and grow bigger than his head, his bubble butt swelling out real thick as specks of grey appear in his dark hair. Thick dark hair not only covers his pecs, surrounding wide saucer sized nipples, but also his ass, shoulders and lower back. Abs push out, softened by the layer of paunch in top. Marco too feels his mind fading as his massive square pecs push out, obscuring his view of his feet. His lips swell as his eyebrows get thicker and untrimmed as his face aged up too – grey streaks through his thick dark chestnut hair. His brown nipples swell wide too, though nothing compared to Donnie’s tits. He plays with his smooth pecs and huge nipples as he feels his once younger little bro, step closer, breathing heavily. Marco moans as he feels Donnie’s hand encircle his heavy cock. Marco moans and nods in encouragement, maintaining intense eye contact with Donnie. Donnie lowers his eyes and starts to suck on Marco’s big brown dark nipples. His veins swell and flex as the taller man’s muscles expand even more, his height creeping up. His feet swell disproportionately large for his body, as do his hands, giving him an almost primal look. His cock spurts pre violently as it swells like a balloon, balls hanging lower. Donnie bites his lip and seductively turns round and bends over revealing what was once a tight pucker is now a throbbing, swollen donut ring of a hole between two hairy globes. Marco licks his lips… *** SOME WEEKS LATER ‘NastyPig’ was one of the most famous leather and kink clubs in the USA. Men of all sizes and tastes gathered from across the states to descend into debauchery, and tonight was a special night. On the raised stage was a banner with bright red letters encircled on a black background: “D&M”. Onto the wipe-clean stage strode two Gods of men. One, aged maybe mid 40s, was a 7 foot, ultra tanned, goateed muscle god. His shoulders so wide revealing a barrel chest with two brown nipples the size of dinner plates. A thick cock, at least two feet long, swung below his meaty thighs. The other man was mid-late 50s and was shorted but wider. He had a kind friendly face with a salt and pepper moustache. But the most remarkable thing about him were his colossal bouncing tits, with enormous nipples the size of dinner trays. A silver crucifix on him looked absurd on clearly such a pig of a man. Both men wore leather harnesses, and also glasses. It was an unorthodox choice for two such virile, masculine men, but their fans felt it gave them a unique look – like nerds gone butch. The two men on stage faced each other and started sensually making out, the taller one reaching round and unmistakably slipping a thick finger inside the other’s puffy hole. One musclebear leaned to the man next to him and whispered: “Y’know, I heard they’re secretly brothers?” Mr Diaz smirked and nodded as he watched the show escalate until the shorter man with the breast like pecs was on all fours, panting and moaning like a slut as the taller muscle man pushed his whole hand in his ass, right up to his elbow. “I know.”
  7. Warning: This story is very violent and very snuiff oriented, if this is not your think please stop reading. Version 1,1 Thans to Freakoman2 for the ideas and mczapl for the suggestions and editing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Secret Snuffers Society part 3: Choosing your customers After the last pretty uncomfortable but somewhat satisfying episode with the two former cops (or beings) things went somewhat normal on thew SSS headquarters. Al the warehouses were normal from the outside with the only difference on the interior of one basement, a pretty compact and irregular ovoid figure that was there had a strange resemblance with the colors of a cop’s car. On the outside furnace there weren’t signs of smoke today and no one dared to try to break on the warehouses in the last weeks. The Interviewer was seated on his desk, looking as always at his computer, the numbers where good, excepting for the ever growing line for Wolf’s needs, new gym equipment, more protein, more shirts, more shoes, more underwear, and the growing number of things that Wolf broke, the walls, the colosseum doors. Fortunately, he gladly helped with the cop´s car so it was never found since it was so dense that nobody would believe it was formerly a car. The interview looks at the door, Wolf wasn’t there, he could be training, eating, snuffing out some weakling unfortunate enough to cross his path when he was training, I the last case the Interviewer would be pissed since he love to see Wolfs creative kills. The Interviewer was pondering this issue when Wolf entered to the office, he was soaked in sweat, he flexed his pecs and showed his biceps to the Interviewer before ripping his shirt of his body and tossing the remains aside, before caressing his pecs and arms. “Do you know how big I am?” Wolf said. “Do you know how many shirts have you ripped this week?” The Interviewer said. “Even since you dispatched those two cops you have been ripping clothes like crazy, you’re going to sip all our profits on shirts!” He said with a slight smile. Wolf laughed, you know I love to rip my shirts! He said while flexing his biceps. They barely contain these guns, and you also love them I rip them like tissue paper. The Interviewer sighted “Got me” was the only answer he could made and begun to Tapp on his keyboard. Wolf smirked, he loved to be the alpha, the uncontested force of nature reigning over the place, he went to the showers ripping the rest of his clothes, the slow “riiiiiiip” was followed by a “Hey!!! Those cost!” Yell from the Interviewer and a loud laugh from Wolf “Wait for me” Wolf said while going to the showers in his big, wonderful and uncontested nakedness, fortunately there wasn’t anyone near the office because there where very few, or maybe only one that saw Wolf naked and still lived. Because of this, only the Interviewer could be near Wolf when he finished his training. They knew each other when they started the SSS that they were close in their own strange style and they talked almost like buddies, or even friends. But Wolf rarely talked to anyone, maybe excepting when they were about to die at his hands and muscles. After few minutes since Wolf left, a guard came, he was tall and big, and the uniform was barely covering his muscles. He was more or less the average guard of the SSS, muscled, and fearsome, but not for the Interviewer, he knew that if one of the guards got out of line, Wolf would make sure that that would not happen again in the most gruesome way. And after the last one was killed with one slap, the word quickly was spread out from the cleaner staff that got to clean the walls, the floor and even the ceiling from last Wolf snuffs. “Sir, we have a situation” The guard said. The Interviewer looked at him. “Speak” he ordered. “Sir, It’s the 12th warehouse”, we found something that could need your attention.“ “Someone unauthorized access in the warehouse?” “No Sir, unauthorized goods where sent to be stored” the guard answered. The Interviewer went silent, he tapped on the PC, the 12th warehouse was assigned to the Old Reds, the Old Reds were a Russian mafia know in the SSS has one of their most problematic clients. The Interviewer had his own reservations about this mafia has a client. They payed handsomely, and always at the specified times. But they usually caused some problems with some of their shipments. “Leave and wait outside the warehouse” The Interviewer said and the guard quickly left. The Old Reds usually used the warehouses to store their weapons and some things they trafficked, or needed to keep out from public eyes, corpses, human organs, alcohol, and money. According to the SSS rules, no drugs were allowed, Wolf despised them, so did the Interviewer. In facto, any candidate that would like to enter to the SSS would need to be drug free or they would be snuffed out by Wolf, no exceptions; but the old Reds always scoffed at this rule, they just didn’t wanted to abide by any rules, and also didn’t comprehend why the SSS was so adamant to not allowing drugs while having the best storage service for any mafia in the world. But those were the rules and if you wanted to do business with the SSS, they needed to accept, or be rejected. The interviewer was pondering what they could be sending this time so to make the guard make a report on that, could be nuclear fuel from an old Russian decommissioned submarine?, chemical weapons?, the Wolf came in just a towel that barely left something to the imagination, bounced his pecs and while looking at the Interviewer he said “What’s up?”. The Interviewer looked at his bouncing pecs, arms and Wonderfull torso, then saw at that handsome face and his lovely smirk, he delights himself on the Wonderfull look before remembering to keeps his cool and said “seems we have a problem on the 12th warehouse”. Wolf went to a side room and dressed himself, he putted a Superman logo t-shirt, shorts and shoes. The clothes were struggling to fit those muscles. “Let’s go” Wolf said and the Interviewer left with him, he was silent. The Old Reds were problematic, usually the SSS didn’t asked what there would be stored, but some shipments would attract the army and that could compromise the Secrecy, something that he, nor Wolf would accept. After some minutes of silently walking the reached to the 12th warehouse. The Guard was already there, he was nervous. “Speak” Wolf commanded. “Sir, the client sent some goods to their assigned warehouse as accustomed…..I didn't wanted to look sir” he was babbling, he was terrified at Wolf’s presence, Wolf was serious, them he entered at the warehouse and after him, the Interviewer entered, and then the guard entered at the warehouse and locked the door. The warehouse was big, the where a lot of wood boxes, some small, some so big that they could hold a thank inside them, the Interviewer and Wolf walked in the warehouse aisles, the guard was trembling behind them. “Sir, it wasn’t my intention, I just tried to lie the box to put it in a stable place but I fell, and the box broke….I couldn’t avoid to look”. Then they found and aisle where there was a medium size broken box, there was a lot oh some white powder scattered on the ground. Wolf grunted, the interviewer took a handkerchief and covered his mouth and nose. “Lets leave this aisle” The Interviewer said. The guard was trembling in fear, “Sir, I swear I didn’t wanted to” The interviewer lifted his hand commanding silence, the guard went silent but it was visible shocked. “The Old Reds” Wolf said “About this situation, Didn’t we sent an operative long time ago?” Wolf asked “Yes, I thought we sent our best operative but he hasn’t made contact, neither we have any news of him, I was about to dispatch our special recovery team”. Wolf looked at the Interviewer and then he walked next to the guard. “Sorry pal, but you should have more care with our clients goods” The interviewer said, the guard trembled expecting some kind of news from the Interviewer. “I recognize that your clumsiness helped us to detect a breach on our contract terms, but unfortunately we can’t allow a filtration about the fact that we have an operative within the ranks of the Old Reds…Wolf!” Wolf smirked and forced the guard to face him with a strong yank, then he put his hands on the guard head, “no sir please” The guard yelled but at the same time his survival instinct and forced his body to do the stupidest thing possible, to try to fight. The guard hitted wolf in the hard pecs but there where no use, Wolf’s pecs went hard and repelled the guard´s punches. Wolf kept squeezing and the guard hitter harder. “Hit like a man” Wolf muttered with a smirk on his face, Wolf was squeezing very slowly, enjoying the kill, the guard accidentally ripped Wolf’s shirt exposing his wonderfully hard pecs muscles, then Wolf released his grip, the guard fell on his ass, the Guard was confused, maybe Wolf decided to spare him? He were´nt going to wait for an answer, Wolf ripped his shirt off at the same time the guard stood up and turned to scape. The interviewer was in front of him , amused, “MOVE” the guard yelled but he couldn’t make any step before Wolf took him from the left arm with his left arm the guard cried in pain but, although Wolf grip was hard, the bone didn’t break. “Let me gooood” the guard yelled and by his training he tried to kick Wolf’s knee to not avail. Wolf laughed “imbecile and weak” he said, while using his right hand to grip the right arm of the guard, the guard was looking with fear at the Interviewer “please sir, please”. “Wolf, what to you think?” The interviewer said, Wolf lifted the guard while gripping both arms “I hate incompetence” He said while pulling both arms from the guards body, there was a sickening “riiiip” followed by the the sound of bone and flesh tearing. The guard body fell to the floor, he was screaming in pain and squirmed in the floor. “Did you really thought that you could make this mistake and live within the SSS?” Wolf flexed is biceps, “my justice is absolute” he said and then he grabbed the guard by his head, he put the head between his hands and biceps like an apple, and slowly he begun to crush the guard’s head. Wolf arms, biceps, pecs and triceps worked in unison, but in slow motion, Wolf was smirking at the thought of his unrelenting strength that didn’t had and equal on the entire world, Wolf enjoyed his absolute power and total disregard of any weakling life. The guards opened his mouth to yell, Wolf hands crushed the jaw against his arm before adjusting his grip on the head, then, the head begun to deform, the eyes popped out oh their sockets and then Wolf released all his might and in one swift motion the crushed the head that exploded soaking Wolf biceps and pecs with blood, and brains that oozed to the floor leaving red staining on Wolf muscles. Wolf took the body remains from the neck and pelvis, lifted the body over his head and brought his hands together breaking the former guards in half and then ripping the body in two halves while making blood spoil all over the place. “Seems I’ll need to shower myself again” Wolf said broadly smiling and breathing like a savage, enjoy the easy kill he got. “Let me go first” the Interviewer said has he covered his head to not let too much blood to soak over him “next time i’ll need an umbrella” he tought to himself. “Let´s go” the Interviewer said. Then Wolf, looked at the mess he just made, “We will call the cleaners later”. They walked out of the warehouse, some guards looked at Wolf and figured the rest when the guard that entered didn’t made out and Wolf was still dripping blood while getting out of the warehouse. They where mesmerized by his strength, but at the same time, they knew the price of failure, the punishment Wolf always gave to any grave mistake, but the power they received was very well worth the risk. “We will have to call the Old Reds to a meeting” The Interviewer said, “hate to say, but we will need to make our rules clear, and without our operative information we are unable to know what to expect” The Interviewer said. “You have me, what else do you need?” Wolf said smiling, then they both went to the showers. Some weeks later, The Interviewer was at his desk looking at the clock. Wolf as flexing in the office, somewhat excited but the Interviewer looked slightly pissed. “They’re late” he said, Wolf smirked “Maybe they don’t want to mess with these” he said while flexing his biceps and ripping open his sleeves and laughing. The Interviewed looked ad the ripped sleeves and the monstrous biceps that tore them open and said “I don’t think they are that smart, they don’t even understand what SSS stands for”. “If they’re that stupid, they soon will understand” Wolf answered, a bearded guard came to the office, he had a typical swimmer body, not too big, but quite fit and said “They’re coming”. “Thanks Ricardo”, the Interviewer said, “please prepare the elite guards to receive our…guests…then put the others on alert, the warehouses should never be unguarded” he said, he valued the confidence that their clients put on the SSS and these unpresentable should not jeopardize the SSS operations or affect the normal course of the business, he and Wolf will make sure of that. Ricardo left the room, the Interviewer stood up, went near Wolf, put a finger on his pecs that instantly bounced “Let’s go, seems the will need to make use of these again”. Wolf bounced back and smirked “I hope so” he answered. The Interviewer and Wolf got out of the warehouse, Wolf was aroused, he felt the smell of the next conflict and knew that maybe he could get a kill or two. The Interviewer was serious, he would have thought that the Old Reds would accommodate to the rules but this time it was the last straw, He didn’t liked the option to lose such a profitable client. If possible he would try to negotiate them to abide by the rules, but the next option would be the Wolf’s way. After some minutes of walking they got to the parking, there where at two cars, and SUV, the Old Reds´s guards where already down, they didn’t looked like the cliched mob minion, they where dressed in sport clothes and had miniuzis hanging of in their hands, some of them where wearing baggy pants and tank shirts some of them where very fit, some where fat, but all had tattoos in red ink; they gazed menacingly at all sides, there where some guard close to them, they where serious, but until this point, there where no signs of a violent attempt on part of the OldReds. The SUV was still occupied when The Interviewer and Wolf arrived. The Interviewer saw the guards with their weapons and despised them. “Weapons” He said, “So unworthy, so unclean” The Interviewer had even deeper regret that this mafia was a SSS client, He looked at the size of Wolf and sighted in relief “they have all his weapons but we have one Wolf” he thought. Wolf could take all them out easily, but he needed some guards to help in case anything goes awry. Wolf gazed the guards in contempt, “So weak” he muttered, “even all them attacking in unison would not make any difference” he thought to himself. He bounced his pecs and some of the OldRed´s tugs noticed their size and feared the behemoth of man in front of them. One of the fattest tugs walked in front of Wolf and the Interviewer. “Yo, are you the boss here?” He asked. “Kinda” the Interviewer said, he was pondering how much ruckus these people would make and what kind of unwanted attention they would bring. The tug then said “Our boss wants to talk with you, get on the car?”. Wolf walked with his fist closed the Interviewer just managed to put a hand on Wolf’s arm, “Wait buddy, please” Wolf looked at him there was a contained rage on his eyes, these unworthy beings where desecrating the sacred soil that the SSS terrains represented for him, with his weapons they were almost begging for him to take these out of their hands with hands and arms attached, no one on the SSS had any weapon aside of their well build bodies and sadistic thoughts, but these weaklings needed to hide behind their guns. “I feel the same Wolf, please wait a little” the Interviewer said but he also was clearly enraged too. Wolf was breathing heavily, closed his eyes and then released his fist. “Ok, I´ll go your way…for once”. The Interviewer nodded and then looked at the tug. “No, thank you” The Interviewer said politely but harshly. “If your boss wants to talk, you play on the SSS rules, or you stop playing”. The tug loaded his gun but he could not aim it before Wolf right fist went with unrelenting strength to his head and his fist ran through it. The tug body twitched from the sudden decerebration and was only standing because Wolf forearm was holding it on the air. “You piece of shit, you got extremely easy” Wolf said. The tugs, terrified, loaded their guns, the SSS guards quickly stood in front of the Interviewer protecting his body, Wolf ripped the twitching body from his forearm and tossed it aside and begun to look at his next victim but suddenly a loud authoritative voice yelled “STOOOOOOOP”. The tugs stopped in his tracks and looked at the SUV, the SSS Guards stood in their positions, and Wolf raised an eyebrow and looked at the SUV. He smirked and looked amused. “Well well, that son of a bitch is still alive”. Wolf said, he turned his head and looked at the Interviewer who walked past the SSS guards looking unfazed, he stood at Wolf’s side. The SUV doors opened, in the side that was nearer to Wolf and the Interviewer a tall man stepped down from the car, he was dressed in some of the most luxurious brands, he had a designer suit, gold clock and designer shoes. He had a drink in his hand and was clearly high from drugs. The Interviewer despised him at the sight, he believed that all that ostentation was more a sign of weakness than from true leadership. And looking at that “stereotypical mob boss appearance” made him despise him more. The other side of the car opened, then a tall man man stepped down of the car, and then a bodybuilder in suit stepped down the car he was just a little short from the other man but he was heavily muscled. The Interviewer fixated his gaze on him, “Michal” the interviewer muttered, Wolf smirked cockily, “seems they have somebody to entertain myself” he said in low voice that was only heard by the Interviewer. Michal was big, even with his suit it was clearly evident that he barely fitted on those clothes, he was bald but that made him even more respectable and somewhat attractive and his pecs and arms looked like they where going to rip all his suit and break free. His legs where big, and the calves where almost ripping the suit. Michal smiled cockily, like he felt he was strong enough to claim a place within the SSS but he was on the OldReds side. At his side the other guard was also suited, he looked tall, but Michal looked just impressive, he looked somewhat like the way that Wolf would look if a suit could hold him. Michal was also fearsome, he, in a natural way looked more dangerous than all the other tugs together with their boss. Ricardo thought that he could be easily a SSS elite guard, or even give Wolf a run of his money. It was clear that Michal was the force behind the OldReds authority. The boss looked so weak at his side that Ricardo wondered why Michal didn’t took over the mob. The mob boss walked next to Michal and the other guard. “Thanks Michal, your opinions where right, seems that that monster is the hardest guard”. Michal nodded silently and bounced his pecs. The boss stood ad a safe distance and said “Well, seems we got a small impasse with my bodyguard”. “You should be Nikolai” the Interviewer said. Yes, I’m Nikolai, the leader of the OldReds, I went here because we lost here some goods sent a while ago. I want to recover it. “If you were coming just to recover you box you would just sent us a message, but you came with a small army and some bodyguards, so, excuse me if I don’t buy it…What to you want?” The Interviewer said in a cold voice. Wolf bounced his pecs and was fixated on Michal. “Well, they say that you’re a man of few words” Nikolai Said, “I’m also a man of action” The mob boss said while sipping his drink. “I really would like if you get to the point so we can get past this bump on our commercial relation” the Interviewer said. “Look, we sent a box, I’ll like to recover it” Nikolai said “You knew that that box violated the SSS rules, the very rules you swore to abide so we can take care of your needs, so we did with that box the same thing we do with those that doesn’t abide by our rules” the Interviewer said. “And that is?” Nikolai asked “we destroyed it, the rest of your goods are in your warehouse” the Interviewer answered. Nikolai became red, his breathing accelerated and his hands trembled “you did what?” He threw his drink that smashed to the floor “that box contained a very important OldRed´s treasure. “How you dare? How could you?” “Would you mind to cut the crap Nikolai?” The Interviewer said, he was extremely quiet, but that coldness was hiding a silent but grown rage caused by the fact that Nikolai had second intentions, the OldReds had enough money so they can easily absorb the box loss, he was hiding something “What is exactly what you want Nikolai?” He asked, “Why you came here when you easily could send some other person to speak about that box”. Nikolai pondered his answer but he decided to open his hand. “You have a very good place here, the warehouses, the subterranean spaces, the operations…we want them, and you’ll hand them right now to the Old Reds, or you can die defending that from us, anyway, the OldReds will possess this place and it will be our operations base”. Wolf smirked, looked at the Interviewer “told you so”, the bounced his pecs. On the other side of the place Michal was standing but unfazed, the other Nikolai guard smiled, the other tugs begun to walk towards the place where Wolf and the Interviewer where. They where so sure of themselves so sure that they would just handed the business that they got somewhat bemused when the Interviewer just put his hand on the head, he looked irritated. “I just don’t have time for this” the Interviewer said “Ricardo, bring me a coca cola…and a seat”. Ricardo left the place in a hurry. “I really don’t like to hand out my toys, nor my business” he said. Nikolai looked at the interviewer and said: “you’ll hand us your toys or you’ll die” , “And I told you that I don’t like to hand out my toys, nor my business, nor Wolf’s pack members” the interviewer answered defiantly, Ricardo arrived with a can of coke and a seat, one in each hand he put the seat next to the Interviewer who seated and then took a sip of his coca cola. “Also, I don’t like to see kids playing with my toys with my permission and seems you have toyed with one of ours”. The interviewed said while pointing to Michal. “Hi Michal, why you didn’t communicate with us?” He said almost ignoring Nikolai. Michal smirked, Nikolai looked surprised “Did you knew them?” He asked, “I worked for them” was the only answer given in a deep, masculine voice. Michal bounced his pecs, his calves were about to rip his pants off. Wolf grunted “worked…” Michal looked at him, they both stared directly in the eye, they seemed to be fighting a wits challenge. At this point they were ignoring all what was happening at their surroundings. Nikolai was amused but kept looking at Michal and Wolf in turns, then he looked at his other bodyguard “Grigory, don’t you think this is fun?” Grigory nodded. Grigory walked in front of Michal but Michal didn’t broke eye contact with Wolf. They kept looking silently for some minutes, the rest of the SSS and the tugs looked silently at the two titans preparing to fight. “Nikolai, are you sure that you want Wolf and me to hand over the SSS to you?” The interviewer said breaking the silence, Nikolai stood defiantly “Yes, you will hand this place to me, and your guards ill make sure I’ll pay the, handsomely” then he spoke in a very low way so everyone could hear “I’ll be your new boss, you’ll be loyal to me and I’ll take your business, you will be part of the Old Reds and I’ll even expel this brute from this place” he said while pointing to Wolf. Wolf smiled “I really want to see how you try to steal my pack from me”. He said bouncing his pecs and looking at Michal. Nikolai went near Wolf, not realizing the stupid risk he was facing, Wolf looked at him and bounced again his muscles, the sudden movement stopped Nikolai in his tracks. “Why you don’t to go speak with my pal over there and survive…for a little more time?” Nikolai tied to act thought but decided not to force his luck with Wolf, Nikolai walked next to Gregory. “So what’s your answer?” He asked. “I thought that we where clear, first, I really dislike to have my toys stolen from me, Wolf already said that you could try to steal his pack, that is a clear no”, The Interviewer said, he Tok a sip of his can “I really despise people that doesn’t abide by the rules they accepted, and the SSS despises anyone that tries to overstep their boundaries and they make sure that they get punished”. The Interviewer closed his eyes from a second and then stared to the floor, pondering the next move, his strategic position, Wolf could destroy all the tugs, Gregory looked respectable, he could be a good candidate for the SSS, he could even be on the colosseum, but Michal was on another level, he could give Wolf a run of his money, maybe Wolf would be victorious but the tugs could hurt him with his guns. Even Gregory could possess some challenge, Nikolai seems to trust in him a lot, he seemed the confidant of Nikolai in some level but the Interviewer knew Michal. The interviewer remembered hot Michal could tear gladiators apart like they where made from jelly, he was widely know in the colosseum, the Interviewer knew how easily he stomped flat heads with those legs and how his magnificent quads and calves danced on the air before stomping the head of his unfortunately victim and making blood, bone, eyes and brains fly explosively over the place in one stomp how he easily could crack heads with his hands and arms and how he enjoyed that. Then, one faithful day the Interviewer sent him on a espionage mission, an operative, the SSS was suspicious of the Old Reds, they tried to smuggle drugs from time to time, but they usually where small quantities, so the SSS sent warning messages until they got so frequent that the Interviewer knew that the SSS would need to do something before the situation would get out of hand. So they sent Michal, the Interviewer pondered to send Wolf but Wolf was too big, too latin, and too vicious, Michal was vicious too, but he had that eastern European charming looks and that made him better for the mission, The Interviewer also needed Wolf at is side to keep the business going. At the first week Michal tried to make some contacts on the Old Reds ranks, he kept contact with the SSS, he even sent videos of hims, in posing tricks killing his informants who spitted all the info Michal needing before spitting his guts and being savagely crushed to death on a vicious bearhug where Michal’s arms snaked over the rips of his victims and sometime he even palmed his head while laughing and crushing their heads. Then the communications were too sparse, then suddenly stopped. The interviewer pondered to send somebody to look, but he knew that Michal mission was critical, but after some months, he thought that the only way Michal stopped communication was that he was killed. That even possessed some crucial questions, if he was killed how the old reds could manage to achieve that and why they kept silence. The SSS kept silence and has the Old Reds kept sending their stuff the Interviewer pondered the possibility that Michal renounced the SSS and his mission, but betrayal…that was another matter. While the interviewed pondered this issues in silence while looking at the floor Nikolai spoke, “you might despise those who break the rules, but I want to make this a freer organization, we can give you guns, we can give you power, we will make this town kneel before us, we can be their sole governors, you only have to pledge your loyalty to me and kill these two, so, what do you decide?” Nikolai challenged the crowd, the tugs shot their guns to the air. “You really were too stupid, too unworthy, and even you toyed with one of us, you replay think that our pack will follow you?” The interviewer said calmly, “Our pack is loyal to the SSS and to Wolf, and the only thing that keeps you alive is that I wanted to know what exactly where your plans, so the answer is still no, and you better leave with all your unworthy tugs before you all get snuffed out of this world”. The Interviewer stood from his seat. “Michal, I´m very, very disappointed” Nikolai just laughed, first in a low volume that good louder and louder until it became a burst of laughter. “You think that that brute will help you?” Michal took out his suit, he flexed his biceps that burst out of his sleeves and then ripped the shirt off his body showing his chiseled pecs. He walked next to Gregory. Wolf responded ripping off his shirt and bouncing is pecs, Wolf was strong, big and all his muscles showed, Wolf smirked and made a double biceps posed, then he kissed his biceps and caressed his big, strong, hypermasculine pecs. Nikolai went from laughter to seriousness, “That always said that you where cunning, but I see you’re just a cunt, lets see what you do once your precious Wolf dies at the hand of my best man, Gregory, take him out!” He ordered. Gregory walked towards wolf but at the first step he made a bloody hand appeared in front of his chest, Michal punched him from behind and then he looked his bloody hand, he was amused. “Seems that you’re only looks asshole” he said while he was moving his hand, then he took out the hand from the wounded body, Gregory fell to the floor while he used his hands to try to cover the hole on his chest. Gregory breathed heavily, Michal bend in front of Gregory and with his right hand he took Gregory’s neck and lifted him, Gregory looked in terror the face of the big man that was lifting him barely making an effort. Wolf looked amused at the spectacle Michal was offering, he enjoyed looking at some strong man snuffing another human being. Michal the just ripped the head of the body and while holding the head from the neck he tossed in front of Wolf who stopped it like it was a soccer ball. The head was looking lifelessly to Nikolai who was horrified at the bloody spectacle, the tugs where confused by this sudden act, Wolf looked at the head bellow his foot and the he slowly pressed the head against the ground, first, his calves came to life, the monstrous string of his calved were followed by the super strong quads. The the foot came down squishing the head agains the floor, a sickening squish sounded while Wolf simply crushed the head like it was a bug. Michal smiled while Nikolai looked at him. “What did you doo your idiot?” Nikolai yelled. “Well, seems that I never left” Michal said. The hell broke loose the tugs aimed at Michal and Wolf, they instinctively knew that Wolf and Michal where the biggest threats on the place and fired their guns, the bulled rebounded on Wolfs and Michal bodies like they were from styrofoam so they just ignored them. Nikolai squirmed on the SUV and yelled to the driver “Get out of here!!!!” But Michal went to the driver’s side and punched over the armored glass the cracked like it was only a cracker, then Michal yanked the driver out of the car so hard that his body ripped in half letting only the lifeless legs inside the car. Then Michal dropped the body and crushed the head with his knee, and after that, he smashed the car’s roof so heavily that the car tires exploded and the roof went down trapping Nikolai. Michal smiled cockily while feeling the bullets bouncing on his body, he was ecstatic. “I missed this” he thought to himself and flexed his biceps, then he ripped his pants only to stay in positg trunks and revealing his Wonderfull legs. The SSS guards silently watched the carnage while providing a human shield to the Interviewer, they where the elite guards, so when some bullet reached to them it bounced or some was trapped between the dense muscles, but they didn’t flinched. They were well trained by Wolf and the enjoyed the spectacle Wolf and Michal were giving. On the other side Wolf already reached the tugs he then took one by the arm with the gun and lifted,”even with that gun you’re a useless piece of crap” he angrily muttered and then swung the body to the ground with all his might. The torso was instantly crushed by all the strength applied to it and the limbs dislocated all at once. The head only remained round because the angle of the hit only dislocated it but was loosely held by the neck skin, Wolf crushed the head with his feet and ripped the arm from the remains of the body. The tug next to Wolf emptied the magazine and in shock, he tried to hit Wolf with the gun. Alf smiled and tossed him the former tug arm. The tug in reflex tried to hold the arm before seeing two strong hands clapping his head that was crushed like it was a fly, the decerebrated body fell to the ground twitching but Wolf, unsatisfied by the quick kill took the body from the legs and in one with motion he ripped the body vertically in half. The body sprayed blood in all directions, the ribcage got almost intact so Wolf flipped the body and bear-hugged the body remains while screaming in pleasure that imploded spraying more blood to the floor. Wolf release the body. HEHEHE Wolf proudly smiled at his utter superiority. Wolf kissed his biceps and bounced his pecs, he was clearly enjoying the carnage he and Michal were making. But he didn't wanted to hand Michal most of his preys, so he decided to kill even more tugs. Wolf and Michal seemed to silently compete, they both where lighting like maniacs while mangling the tugs. The Old Reds eventually ran out of bullets so they tried to use the Miniuzis like bats, one tug tried to use the gun to hit Michal on his groin, but the weapon bounced against Mitchal muscles that took the Miniuzi and ripped it with such force that the tug hand ripped out. Mitchal laughed “so easy he said” then he took both arms and ripped them from the tug body who yelled so hard but amazingly he tried to run, Michal reached him and pushed hit to the ground, then he clawed the leg with his right hand and pinned the rest of the body to the floor and then he ripped the leg of the body. The tug yelled like mad, Michal took the leg with both hands and while looking contemptuously at the dying tug, he said “this is how you use a bat” then he, using the leg like a bat crushed the tugs head with the leg, the bloody remains of the tug just twitched. Then Michal tossed the leg and kicked the body that crashed near there. Wolf looked at the creative ways Michal was killing his victims and decided he could not be left behind. He reached with his big hand on a tug chest just over the sternum, he clawed hard the sternum but not that hard to dislocate it from the ribs. He brought the card next to him and bear-hugged the tug but not to crush his ribs but from his abdomen. At first, Wolf just pressed hard, but not too hard while he accommodated, another tug tried to hit Wolf to help his friend but Wolf was not feeling any pain, he felt a little annoyed by the tug but he concentrated on his actual victim. After he had the tug on the place he wanted he begun to crush the body, the tug yelled and tried to hit Wolf’s head but his skin didn’t even got red. Wolf kept the pressure, the he opened his hands and clawed on the skin. Wolf laughed at the thought of what would happen. Wolf turned and saw the hitting thug who pissed himself. “You’re next” Wolf said and then he used all his might crushing the body, but then, he clawed the body and opening his arms he ripped the tug in half from the abdomen, the blood accumulated in the tug’s abdomen sprayed on all directions. The ripped tug legs fell on one side of wolf and the other half fell to the ground with a loud AIEEEEEEEEEEE. The tug tried to crawl out of his fate but Wolf would reach the body, he ripped both arms of the body easily, Wolf flexed his biceps and bounced his pecs at Michal and then with just one hand he crushed the head agains the floor while flexing the biggest triceps ever existed. Mitchal just smirked and reached another yelling tug, the lifted him from behind in a bearhug and crushed the body with a swift motion, then before the body fell to the ground he put the tugs head between his legs, and then in a quick flex, Mitchal applied full pressure to the head and the head imploded soaking Mitchal´s legs with blood, brains and bone. Mitchal was aroused by the kills and bounced all his muscles, he then tossed aside the body with his leg and signaled Wolf to snuff the last tug. The last tug tossed his weapon to Wolf’s head, the gun bounced back, Wolf smirked “not so tough now isn’t you?” The tug tried to run but Wolf kicked the leg breaking it in two, the tug fell to the floor. Then Wolf bent and took the tug with one hand. You’re so skinny, lets see if I can help you to get in shape”. Wolf crushed the feet, the tug tried to kick wolf in the face with his good feet while desperately yelling from fear and pain. Wolf took the other feet with his free hand and crushed it swiftly has if the tugs feet was not made of bone but from jelly. Wolf kneels down in front of the crushed feet while smiling devilishly, then, beginning from the feet, Wolf began to roll the feet over the ankles, then the ankles over the shin, then he rolled the tibias over the knees fro, the front, every fold that was a sickening sound of cracked bone followed by a yell and a laugher. Mitchal was looking amused at the spectacle, Wolf kept folding the body and breaking the bones, when Wolf already broke the legs, he begun of roll the legs over the abdomen, the volume of if made that a little harder but for Wolf’s strength it was barely an issue, Wolf filed the tugs legs in a knot breaking the boned in more parts that could be counted and then rolled the legs over the abdomen, the tug yelled where muffled when Wolf crushed the abdomen and begun to fold the rest of the torso over itself breaking easily all the ribs. The were only a Head and a rolled body and the arms just hanging from the flattened body. Wolf was ecstatic while feeling al the bone crushing on his unfathomable strength, when he reached the head he just rolled the head over the neck with his hand breaking the neck and crushing the head against the rest of the body, the bloodied body was now a gruesome human flesh mass that looked like some kind of sick sausage with human arms on the side, Wolf then ripped the arms of the rest of the body and crushing all the bones with his hands he flattened the arms and used them to make a knot on the rest of the body so it wouldn’t unroll. Then he tossed jokingly the body to Michal ho amused just let it fell to the floor “I don’t what that!” Mitchal said. Then Wolf and Michal looked at the mangled and crushed bodies at their side, the floor was filled with blood and bodyparts, they smiled, but Nikolai was still alive, Mitchal and Wolf got next to the SUV and Michal with his hand ripped the SUV roof and then Wolf hold Nikolai. The Interviewer went next to them. “So, this is how it ended…you really underestimated the SSS” The interviewer said. Nikolai was shocked, horrified by the onslaught. Two people were able to destroy Nikolai’s personal guard without any weapon but their own unfathomable strength. “Well destroy you” Nikolai said, the interviewer calmly said “From now on, the Old Reds aren’t our clients anymore” Nikolaid yelled defiantly but the horror was clear on his face. “It’s no use talking to you” the interviewer said, ”what do you think Wolf?, maybe his head could held ore ideas if you help to open it a bit?” The Interviewer said. Wolf laughed like a maniac, “Seems you’re pretty closed to new ideas, maybe if I open you head a bit” With that Wolf gripped his head, and nailed the head with his fingers. Nikolai tried to hit Wolf to no avail, Wolf smiled, “this excuse of a man thought he was strong, next TO ME” Nikolai thought that Wolf would crush his head, but Wolf had other plans, eh gripped his head with his fingers and then with is monstrous string we begun to slowly tear open Nikolai’s cranium, Nikolai yelled in horror, Wolf devilishly laughed, louder and louder Wolf laughed while opening Nikolai’s cranium, Wolf flexed his legs, his pecs, his back, Wolf was just enjoying the laughs, the more Nikolai yelled, the more Wolf you enjoy the kill, the bone was not able to put any more resistance and when Wolf felt that he just pulled the head in both directions opening the cranium and face, splitting the head in two, uncovering the brain in a shower of blood, Michal grabbed the brain with his hand and ripped if off of the body and then Wolf palmed the remains of the head and with quick flex of his monstrous pecs he crushes the head, Michal got the remains of the body and ripped in half leaving just a lifeless, headless torso on one side of the SUV remains and a pair of lifeless legs on the other side. Wolf flexed his biceps in a double biceps pose and Michal responded with the same pose, they where almost competing to see the biggest of the two although Wolf was the alpha of the pack they both got an understanding, but that didn’t meant that the issue was settled between Michal and the SSS. “Please relax gentlemen, Ricardo, bring water so they can get somewhat clean” The Interviewer said while looking at Wolf and Michal bodies dripping the tugs coagulating blood, brains and bone rests. “Good work Wolf, flawless as always” Wolf just responded with an excited smile and pecs bounce that let some blood drops fell to the ground”. Michal bounced back, he was aroused too. “Michal, the fact that you helped here doen´t mean that everything is settled within the SSS” Michal made double biceps pose, flexed his legs and nodded. Wolf also flexed his quads. “Let´s talk”, the Interviewer said. Ricardo came with two buckets of Water the both Wolf and Michal tree over their bodies to get somewhat cleaner but it was only for a little comfort from the unworthy blood that soaked them. The three went to the SSS office where the Interviewed seated, tapped on his PC and said “this ruckus will make a dent on our profits” Wolf and Michal smiled clearly proud of their recent carnage. “Michal, tell me why you disappeared” The Interviewer asked. “Michal knew that if he answered wrong he would be fighting Wolf and he was not sure of thee result”. “I killed too many guards so they begun to feel suspicious of me.” Michal answered while bouncing his pecs. “Seems you improved your strength while on mission” Wolf said “yes” was the only thing Michal said. “Why the Old Reds tried to take the SSS from us? They don’t ave anything to gain from this”. The Interviewer asked. “They lost influence, I killed a lot of their guards but they believed it was be a competitors mafia, they needed a stronghold and thought that if they get this space has their Headquarters, they could dominate the city and maybe recovering their influence” Michal answered. “So they think we are weak, first the cops, then the Mob” The Interviewer thought. “We need to fix that, but first, we we need to make sure this scandal doesn’t affect us”. The interviewer said “Mitchal, can you destroy what´s remaining of the Old Reds?” Michal broadly smiled “yes sir” He proudly said flexing his muscles like in a bodybuilding competition. “I´ll destroy everyone” Michel said “then I expect you to prepare yourself”, but, Michal, if you disappear again, I’ll make sure that Wolf goes to track you, we don’t like lone wolves within the SSS” Michal bounced his pecs again and said “Yes”. “Then go was the only answer he got from the Interviewer. The interviewer spoke to Wolf who was caressing his body and flexing. “These tugs certainly made a ruckus and with the two disappeared cops…seems that we will need to make sure no cop tries to come near here again” The interviewer said. “What are you saying?” Wolf asked excitedly. “We will need to take care of the police station on the zone” The Interviewer said, “Wolf howled excitedly” in anticipation of the massacre that would ensure next. “How many do you need that I kill” The interviewer sighted and after some hesitation he said “all of them”.
  8. 228lbs

    John and Martin 350lbs Vs 210lbs

    John was a 50 year old musclebear who, at 6ft2 inches tall, weighed 350lbs, had a 23 inch neck, 62 inch chest, 38 inch waist, 34 inch quads, and 23 inch calves. He had just finished working out and had gone to the changing room to flex his hard, muscular body in front of the mirror. As he watched himself, he felt a thrill of pleasure, and his huge, 8 inch cock stirred in response. John reached down and started playing with his balls, his semi hard cock growing to 10.5 inches in length when fully erect, and 7.5 inches thick. With one hand on his cock and the other playing with his bullet sized nipples, John started stroking himself, feeling the pleasure of his own touch as he watched himself in the mirror. After a few minutes, John started to feel his orgasm coming on, and it soon wracked his body as he blasted a huge load of spunk over the mirror, his cum bubbling out of his cock and splattering over the glass. It was then that John noticed someone else in the room – a smaller musclebear. Martin was 5ft9 inches tall and weighed 210lbs, with an 18 inch neck, 47 inch chest, 36 inch waist, and impressive 18 inch biceps and 28 inch quads. He was hairy, with a tight stomach in comparison to John's bulky belly, and had 18 inch calves. Most strikingly, he had an 8.5inch x 6inch uncut cock, and fairly large balls. Martin was standing there watching John pleasure himself, and John noticed him soon enough. With a jolt, he commanded Martin to lick up every thick glob of spunk on the mirror. Martin complied, enjoying the salty, sweaty taste of John's cum. After licking the cum off the mirror, John knelt down and grabbed hold of Martin, pushing two of his thick digits into Martin's tight ass. Martin usually topped, but John's monster cock was too big to not feel delicious. John pulled out and, turning Martin around, bent him over and pushed his monster cock in with one long, powerful movement, pushing in to the base several times. Both men moaned in pleasure, and Martin felt John's huge cock fill him up and stretch him to his maximum. After 30 minutes of hard, fast and slow fucking Martin felt John exploded inside Martin and pulls out, allowing some of his cum to run out of Martin's hole. Martin then knelt down and took John's monster in his mouth, pleasuring it until he ejaculated a third time. John then collapsed in blissful post-orgasmic pleasure. After a few minutes, John tells Martin from now on he is his cumdump and should have his phone and ass lubed up ready for anytime John needs his balls emptying, he told Martin it was okay for Martin to top other guys but he is the only one allowed to fuck him, unless it is one of John's even bigger more well hung buddies and John is there to watch the activities.
  9. AlphaLustSean


    Brad lost consciousness against Taranis’ billowing, heaving, and granite-hard chest and beneath his thick and powerful arms. His dreams were filled with images of his hulking creation of biological and genetic manipulation using his power in demonstration of his destructive and brutal superiority. He awakened to the inviting Hawaiian sun streaming through the windows and a note from Taranis on the bed next to him. “Good morning, Uncle B!” it read, “That will be the last time I call you that. I will now refer to you, and introduce you, as my dad, and you will refer to me, and introduce me, as your son. Thank you so much for hosting me on my visit to the University. I’m sure you’re worn out from our initial meeting yesterday. LOL! I want to reiterate how much I love you and how appreciative I am that you created my embryo and agreed to implant me into El. Kai and El were a perfect choice to be my adoptive parents and, for your sake, I am sorry that my realization of what I am resulted in their demise, troublesome to you as it may be. Take solace in the fact that, even had they not been consumed with desire for me to unveil my true nature as they beheld what I am, their lustful craving to be ravaged out of existence by me radiated from their core. They both ravenously yearned for what happened to them in that basement, Dad, believe me. They both died rapturously happy and thankful, praying for the ways in which their endings were granted.” The lengthy note continued, “Also, please know that how I treated you after we arrived at the hotel was purely to feed that deep-seated hunger for what I am which I know you have repressed and hidden your entire life. You know there is no purpose for me to spare you from my desire to expunge such puny insects from the face of the earth, nor to please one so pathetically insignificant as you truly are, but I choose to do so, Dad. This choice is in appreciation for your bravery in creating me and your insatiable, worshipful lust for me to be, well, the titanic muscle monster you have spawned!” Brad began stroking his spent dick as he continued reading. “Obviously, I will not be returning to the mainland after this week, Dad. I will stay here and live with you. The time for me to reveal my true nature will transpire solely for my enjoyment and pleasure. My lustful desire to feel worshipful awe and instill terrifying fear within puny humanity pulses powerfully through my veins and is growing constantly, as I have no doubt you had hoped it would when you created me, my loving and faithful little power-slut! I know that you are incapable of denying the worshipful devotion you are feeling towards me even at this very moment. You are so piteously incapable of resisting me, you weak little bug! Rest assured I am feeling your desire for everything Taranis at this second. Be VERY thankful how pleased I am with you right now, Dad. Thank me, Dad . . . NOW!” Brad gushed lovingly and prayerfully, “Taranis, thank you, my godly and perfectly malevolent, living conception!” Taranis, just entering the admissions building, heard his dad’s voice thanking and praising him. He grinned broadly and licked his thick, sexy lips hungrily as his cock twitched and pulsed. Instantly, Brad heard Taranis’ powerful voice in his head, “Mmmmm, yes, good, dinky Dad. Your obedience pleases your brutally powerful and beastly son!” Brad jizzed powerfully at the inaudible sound of his son’s omnipotent voice. His dick rocketed cum with each of his son’s words. “Oh, GOD! He knows even my THOUGHTS!” burst into his brain, more a reverential thought than a fearful exclamation. “That I do, Dad . . . ” Taranis’ voice lovingly thundered in Brad’s head, “. . . and I also know something else you have always longed for. That which I now bestow upon you, favored little insect.” Brad immediately felt a heat in his crotch as his dick lurched, pulsing with painfully pleasing hardness, almost feeling like the long, thick and muscular pleasure slab would explode. The heat quickly pulsed throughout his body and his muscles tensed, hardened, and began to swell. Soon each beat of his heart felt like the eruption of a full-body orgasm. Muscles rippled and rolled, swelling larger, harder, more defined. As quickly as it began, it subsided. Brad got off of the bed and walked into the bathroom. He felt disoriented, but enjoyed the feeling of walking, muscles hardening to larger masses than he could ever have dreamed of, rolling against each other, rippling and venous. He looked down and grinned. “Thank you, Son!” His formerly respectably-sized package was now befitting a bull. He looked in the mirror and his jaw dropped. His former size was enviable, but now! FUCK! He was massive and GORGEOUS . . . and looked more bodybuilder than scientist. His new long, thick, and venous cock detonated in spasmodic explosions of orgasmic bliss at the sight of his body’s new Taranis enhancement. Brad’s now large hands roamed the expansive ranges of thick, hard muscle encasing and rolling over his incredibly stunning body. “Oh, Taranis! I am not worthy of your kindness to me!” he cried in joy. “That you are not, pathetic little bug, yet you please me.” Taranis projected. “And, Dad . . . I need you sturdy enough for me to fuck mercilessly without being torn apart. You want me to fuck you, boi, don’t you . . . to stuff you full of my brutally destructive muscle-cock, splitting you apart with my size and power?” Brad fell to his knees. “Oh, yes!” he drooled lustfully, “I am yours to use as you please, my son, my GOD!” ____________________ Taranis smiled broadly and stepped into the Student Services building, enjoying his Dad’s complete acceptance and submission and, also, drinking in the astonished stares of everyone in the office as he entered. He rumbled down to the girl at the receptionist desk, “I am Taranis here to see Mr. Kekoa.” The receptionist drooled back, “First or last name, sir?” “I am Taranis.” Taranis answered, “That is all.” “Uh. Okay. Whatever you say, stud.” the receptionist responded blankly, flustered that her thoughts escaped her lips. Her hungry eyes devoured the muscle barely constrained by the fabric stretching tightly across the boy’s arms and torso. “My, you’re absolutely huge, Mr. Taranis!” she stammered as her brain practically screamed, “GOD! I want to see what’s under that shirt!” she thought as her mind continued to undress the muscle-bound boy smiling down at her. Her eyes landed on the prodigious bulge of the boy’s crotch, mushroom cock-head clearly outlined at the end of his thick tube of cock-flesh snaking down his tight shorts. Her pussy gushed with desire and she began to pant. She fumbled at the phone and finally pushed the intercom button, “Mr. Kekoa. A ‘Taranis’ is at the front desk to see you.” “He should be here in a moment, Sir.” Olani told Taranis as he grinned at her and implanted a picture in her head of him flexing nude over her, bulging obscenely in all his glory as his arm-sized phallus basted her in his ever-flowing, steaming, masculine nectar. Olani looked into his deep blue eyes and panted out in orgasmic ecstasy under her breath, “Oh, fuck!” as she rubbed her wet, hungry pussy. She didn’t know where such a sexually charged and pornographic thought had come from, but basked in the overwhelming feeling of lustful horniness. Taranis grinned knowingly, “Tell Mr. Kekoa I’ll be checking out the Warrior Recreation Center, would you, Olani?” He turned and walked out, revealing his muscular, barn-wide lats, bowling ball shoulders, massive triceps, and solid, mounds of rippling, rolling ass muscle, all flexing powerfully, rising and falling, inflating and solidifying, as he left. “Now, HE could protect me from Makoa.” Olani couldn’t help but think. Makoa was her abusive boyfriend. She imagined the colossal and obviously powerful boy dominating and overpowering the pathetic bastard, totally destroying him so he would never abuse anyone again. Taranis’ mind absorbed that thought as he walked away and made a mental note to give her whatever she desired. Olani whimpered as Taranis left the building. Before she jumped up and rushed to the restroom to clean up and compose herself, Mr. Kekoa appeared at her desk inquiring where Taranis was. She pointed to the door. “Heading to the Rec Center to wait for you.” she muttered, seemingly out of breath. He looked out the door and saw the massively muscular teen heading over to the Rec Center just across and down the street. Taranis strode towards the Warrior Recreation Center on Campus Road, enjoying the stunned looks he received as he walked up the street. He stepped off of the road towards the Rec Center when he felt a small hand on the outside of his bulging and rippling triceps and biceps. ____________________ Mr. Kekoa caught up with Taranis on Campus Road. As he approached, he realized that, even having absorbed the massive muscles the boy had, he had misjudged the truly colossal size of this colossal and, obviously, powerful student. The triceps rippling off of the back of the boy’s arms were larger than the counselor's head. They fought barn-door wid lats for space that tapered down to a rounded, muscular ass. The thick torso was held up by legs rivaling the smaller man’s chest in circumference. Thick, pulsing, deep-blue veins mapped over every visible muscular surface, exuding pure power and supreme superiority. The flexing mass of the split calf muscles left no doubt as to the incredible strength this muscle-boy must wield. The counselor reached out (and up) and placed his palm on the boy’s arm. “Holy SHIT!” escaped from his lips as his palm contacted Taranis' hot, hard muscles. His palm stretched out on the outside of the boy’s massive arm. His fingers didn’t even reach the top of the mountainous split biceps of Taranis’ mighty arm. “Jesus CHRIST, this kid is MASSIVE!!” he thought to himself as he felt his dick twitch appreciatively. “Taranis, I’m Mr. Kekoa.” the stunned and unabashedly admiring counselor bleated, clearing his throat. The veritable mountain of teen muscle slowly turned and grinned down to the man touching his arm. He flexed slightly, causing his arm to expand and harden even further beneath the astonished counselor’s hand as the expanding flesh covering the powerful muscles slid beneath his touch. “Nice to meet you, Sir.” Taranis boomed, feeling the smaller man’s shock and awe being in the presence of the powerfully muscular and breathtakingly handsome young titan. Suddenly there was a screeching of tires, a loud CRASH, and the squealing of tortured metal on the street. Taranis shoved Mr. Kekoa behind him and stretched out his massive palm as a car, sliding on its roof, slid towards them. The front of the car crumpled upon impact with Taranis’ unmoving hand, his mighty body unmoving and bringing the car to a dead stop. The other car jumped the curb and came to rest as the passenger side crumpled into a tree. Mr. Kekoa, now on his back from Taranis’ saving shove, witnessed Taranis’ tight t-shirt shred from his torso as the boy’s muscles exploded with immeasurable power, stopping the car as if it had hit a concrete wall. Being a straight homophobe, his brain couldn’t process the instant blood-engorging erection that sprang to salute ultimate masculinity in action. The terrifyingly transcendent Taranis’ dominant supremacy was tangible in that moment. The now sexually confused man began to drool as Taranis stepped to the overturned SUV, slipped the fingers of one hand beneath the car and effortlessly flipped it over as unstoppable brawn and sinew erupted beneath every inch of his his dark, smooth, and perfect skin. ____________________ Makoa had been driving to the Rec Center when he saw the most massively muscular student talking to one of the University’s counselors. Being distracted by someone so young having attained a body beyond anything he could ever hope to achieve by working out, he crossed into the oncoming traffic lane and collided with another car. He saw the herculean boy put out his hand and stop the flipped car’s slide. He was sure that he was in shock when he thought he saw the bare-chested behemoth slip his massive hand under his SUV and flip it back onto its wheels with just one barrel-sized arm. ____________________ Tarnanis placed his hand on the crumpled door of the SUV and clenched his fist, fingers piercing the metal door like it was butter before simply tearing it off of the body and dropping it on the street. All Makoa could see was rippling, writhing muscle ballooning through the hole left by the door’s effortless removal at the hands of the giant teen now addressing him. “I’m Taranis, sir, are you okay? What’s your name?” the muscle-boy boomed. “M-M-Makoa is my name. Thank you, young man.” Makoa responded weakly even as the sensual aroma of testosterone charged male superiority accosted his nostrils. Tiranis stood and turned his head on his thick, sloping trapezius muscles to ask his counselor if he was okay. Mr. Kekoa nodded yes, mouth agape in disbelief. Makoa gawked at the arm-sized fuck muscle stretching this boy’s shorts out and into the side of the vehicle. He could clearly see the thick, venous shaft and mushroom head outlined beneath the stretched shorts. Hefty, churning nuts were also clearly visible. The all-powerful boy’s fingers then pierced the roof of the vehicle and peeled it back like it was nothing but tin foil. He looked up to see the dark, angry face of the most stunning man he’d ever seen, planetary pectorals flexed and rippled with a power that couldn’t be imagined. Bricks of abdominal beef larger than Makoa’s hands ground together hypnotically. “Makoa, eh?” Taranis growled, “Olani asked me to give you a message, you pathetically weak little abusive pussy-boi. I see you’re impressed with a REAL man’s cock, pencil-dick, and its going to fuck you up, litteraly as well as figuratively.” With that, Taranis flexed his colossal cock and his short’s began to tear with the pressure his slight flex elicited. Sirens could be heard approaching. Makoa pissed himself as he looked up at the gorgeous titan stating his sentence matter-of-factly. He passed out even as blood flooded his worthless little dick in the presence of real manhood. ____________________ Taranis looked around and it appeared that no one had witnessed what had transpired. The woman in the other vehicle appeared to be okay, but was unconscious. Taranis turned back to Mr. Kekoa and said, “Okay, Mr. Kekoa, let’s get back to your office before the cops arrive and begin asking questions. We’ll grab me something to cover my torso from the Rec Center, first. You okay with that?” “Yes, Sir.” Mr. Kekoa responded obediently as he drooled with worshipful desire. Taranis had allowed his counselor the privilege of seeing his plans for Makoa, a glimpse of what true, unrestrained power can do. His homophobia was forevermore eradicated and his desire for sexual satisfaction from his wife, and for women in general, was replaced with desire and devotion towards only one.
  10. The Tusk Wars show By Big-Zargo Dash and Lucius were both laying on the couch setting up to watch the fifth episode of Tusk Wars. “Here we are Lucius, bacon-flavored popcorn,” Dash said with a smile. “Thanks, man, I’ve been having a craving for these ever since I watched the first episode,” Lucius said with a grin. “Me too,” Dash said. “Maybe will be able to finish the whole season by the end of the weekend,” Lucius said. “Well let’s try,” Dash said, grabbing the remote and turning on the TV. He quickly brought up the show, and they began watching the fifth episode. The powerful orc wizard’s staff lays broken on the ground as one of the mighty heroes stands before him. The orc wizard tries to grab one of the pieces of his broken staff, but the hero simply kicks it away while holding a gun up to the orc's head. “Not so fast monster, any more movement from you, and I put a bullet in your head,” the hero says with cold determination. The orc stops moving his body and looks at the hero with rage in his eyes. “Now tell me where is my brother you bastard. His name was Tom strong Holland, short black hair, clean-shaven, average build,” the hero demanded at the fallen orc wizard. The orc wizard Snickers at the hero for saying. “The one you look for is not dead, for he is behind you. “What trick is this,” the hero demands. “No trick, Hans,” the deep voice says. The hero Hans turns his face around to find a huge orc that barely resembled his brother. As both Dash and Lucius watched the scene on the TV it blanks out. Both men are annoyed at the strange blackout when they hear…. Thump… thump…. Behind them. The sound of two huge feet hitting the floor had been felt by both men, as the dark fog begins slowly creeping from behind them and from the TV they were watching. Both men cursed as they got up from the Couch. A strong smell passes both men’s noses, at first, they gag at the strange smell, but they quickly begin to love it. Before Dash or Lucius could do or say anything a huge muscular Orc appears behind them dispersing the couch like a mirage. Before their very eyes with the orc from the Tusk Wars; the one that they just saw. The orc was naked, his huge body had a sprinkling of black hair, a huge chest with plump nipples, a big round muscle gut stroked with a thick carpet of here that both reached and covered to his big round meaty pecs. His huge muscular arms and legs were attached to his big bulky body as complements to his girth. The orcs big around hairy balls and thick fat cock was a testament to being well endowed. The orc was both beastly and handsome at the same time with its sort spiky hair, sexy mustache, and his stubble jawline reminding both men of an action hero where his yellow animal-like eyes, green skin, protruding eyebrow ridge, and big tasks and probably sharp teeth gave the beast a paradox feel. Before Dash and Lucius can do anything, the orc lifted his two meaty arms in a double bicep pose revealing to both men the beast’s hairy armpits. Their mouth watered and their bodies moved out of their control towards the beast. Each man’s silent screams of horror were very palpable to the orc which made him smile for what is to come. Both men planted their faces into the orc’s armpits. The men’s hardening cock rubbed against the orcs muscular body, as the human’s minds slowly succumb to the orcs will. Lucius was the first to partake orc’s nipple, while Dash’s hands began moving across the orc's muscular body. Both men slowly worshiped and grouped at the beast’s body, feeling strong back muscles, groping thick thighs, rubbing big around biceps and pecs. All the while two men were slowly turning green as the orc. They tried returning to sniffing at the armpits, but the orc stopped them. The orc began to flex his huge muscles while the two changing humans were completely enthralled by the sight and smell of him. Both Dash and Lucius's mouths lay open like panting dogs as tusks began growing from their lower canines. Dash and Lucius' completely green-skinned bodies slowly swelled with height and muscle as they watched and masturbated at the sight of the flexing orc. Their clothes slowly became tight against their growing flesh. Sweat poured off of the changing men staining their tight clothes as their huge muscles began ripping and tearing against their confines. If they were paying attention to their cock and balls, they would find that they were growing in size. Orcish hormones pass through their veins as they slowly became hairier and beastly. Sounds of tearing ripping could be heard as they grew beyond the clothes’ limits to contain as muscle monsters were being born. They swell and swell necks thickening and tell they were like bulls, and tell their shoulders were twice as wide as a heavyweight bodybuilder, there biceps flow with the power to bend steel, their hand grew big and meaty mitts attached with forearms with the power to crush human’s skulls, with huge meaty thighs that could run for hours, and big feet that could crush a man’s spine. Their asses were big round and meaty, their big balls were filled with Orcish testosterone and corrupting seed, their bellies grew abs of hard steel softened pelt of hair which reached and covered their huge beefy pecs. The smell of musk intensified as Dash and Lucius began producing their Orcish musk from their hairy armpits and body. Their long fat cocks dripped with corrupting seed as they kept stroking them. Their human faces changed becoming more beastly, with the strong square jaw to hold tusks, pointed ears to hear better, beastly eyes to see into the dark and big noses for smelling to the sexy Orcish musk. They were no longer looking at the flexing orc they were now smelling each other, kissing each other, fucking each other. Their humanity was now completely gone leaving beasts behind. The now Orcish Dash laid on top now Orcish Lucius’s pounding his ass, while Lucius drools and slobbers in pleasure. With two passionate roars, both newly changed orcs hit the peak of their orgasm one after the other. They continue like sex-crazed zombies as their Orcish hormones flow through their veins. Tom the orc was no longer flexing his muscles instead he was masturbating, as the two orcs were fucking each other. Once Tom was done pleasuring himself and the two other orcs were done with their sex, he walked to them. “Stand hut, recruits,” Tom commanded. Immediately the two orcs broke away from each other and stand at attention with their semi-hard cocks. Tom - “Is your duty to serve…” “The great master. To conquer in his name. To turn all humans into Horny Orcs and to obey.” Dash and Lucius said, at the same time. “Excellent,” Tom said with a tusk-filled smile. Hans sees his corrupted brother standing before him, but before he can do anything he is blasted from the side and back to the ground. As he gets up, he discovers that his orc brother and two more orcs have surrounded him each having cruel smiles on their faces.
  11. TonnyGiant

    They are always bigger

    This is a quick story about the little son's reunion with his giant daddy. ************************************************************************************************************************************ Everything is complicated in the life of a person my size. Simple everyday things like grabbing something off a shelf becomes hard work. Being only 4'9” tall is like being a dwarf, almost an ant, when I'm around my dad and my little brother. (Yes, my little brother is much bigger than me). Every time I visit them on the farm, I'm the target of weird jokes like John's and the beanstalk. My dad is the biggest giant and I hear his deep voice echo through the house. "FE ... FI ... FO ... FUM ... I'm smelling daddy's puppy" I left my Big Papa's house to work after I graduated high school. Then I graduated from a community college and today I'm a good accountant in a small business miles away from my family giants. It's embarrassing to live around people who are more than twice their size, so I preferred to live away from them. My dad can't understand that I needed to get this far. He calls me every day asking if I have eaten and slept well and if I'm taking a coat when I leave for work. I am still a baby to my Big Papa. For him, the family has to be united. It had been a while since I had spoken to them. Almost 4 months without news and refusing my father's calls. My dad was upset and sad with me, and I even understand how he feels, but everything is complicated for someone my size. I feel so emasculated beside them and it's like my manhood goes down the drain when I'm close to both of them. So I regained some of my courage and decided to go visit them for the holidays. I locked the door of my little apartment, an apartment adapted for someone 4'9” tall, and went down the stairs of the building. The taxi is already waiting for me. With some difficulty, I got in the car. I don't do very well getting on high cars. The driver looks at me strangely, as if to understand my small size. I'm used to getting those looks already, so I don't care. I point forward and speak at once. “For bus station please” I inform the driver. *************************************************************************** It was almost eight hours and travel from the city where I live to the city where my father's farm is. I got off the bus right in front of the entrance to the dirt road. Now it would be a thirty minute walk to the farm. I looked at the sign and saw the name of the farm carved in wood with the drawing of a flexed muscular arm that read: "Rhodes Family Farm." Yes, my last name was Rhodes, like the colossus. This is so ironic when it comes to me, a little human. For my brother this surname is more appropriate as it is a 9'5” tall colossus. Walking along the path, past big trees, with my backpack on my back, I decide to rest a little under a shadow. I pull out my canteen and drink some water. I close my eyes and keep feeling the warm breeze of the place, at least I'm under a tree. I rest my head against the tree trunk and take a deep, relaxing breath. Minutes pass and I hear the rustle of fallen leaves on the ground. I open my eyes and realize I'm looking at the biggest, most swollen bulge I've ever seen. I quickly get up, grabbing my backpack and stepping back. I needed to look closely, to see exactly who it was. I swallowed hard when I saw the size of that man's thighs. They were huge thighs about the size of the tree trunk I was lying on. I looked up at the groin and something pulsed from inside the man's jeans. (How can there be any clothes that contain that huge thing?) He wore jeans, torn and dirty, at least he looked dirty. From the cracks in my pants I could see that his massive thighs were covered with thick hair and his groin gave off a strong smell, and a tuft of thick hair also protruded from his pants, a masculine smell of sweat from working all day. I looked down at the man's feet ... I don't think I can call this man anymore ... man. He was huge and above world average for a big man. He was a monster, a titan, a colossus. His feet were so large that my two feet together were still insignificant near those furry, strenuous odor feet. He flexed his toes and crushed some dry leaves and ants that walked unaware and unaware of the giant. I swallowed hard when I saw his huge toes. Panting, I almost gave in to the urge to throw myself to the ground and sniff his foot. It was all so strong that I almost gave in to my macrophilic instincts. "Hey, little buddy... are you lost?" The hairy colossus bowed, its great mass descending from the heavens straight to me. Your hairy pecs filling my vision more. His face framed in a thick, black beard. His eyebrows shot up in surprise and his brown eyes almost jumped from his giant head when he recognized me. The same thing happened to me ... I mean, my eyes almost jumped when that manly square-jawed face stared at me closely. The giant stepped back without taking his eyes off me. He tried to say something but couldn't. Approaching his thick index finger, thicker than a sausage, he touched my forehead and gently brushed my hair. “OH SHIT! BEN is that you? My big bro is back! ” The giant's expression began to change. From a surprised face a smile full of tenderness sprang to his manly face. I watched as massive, protruding vein arms wrapped around me and lifted me into a hug. I touched his biceps, and they were bigger than basketballs. His forearms, larger than hams and still a thick layer of dark hair covered his arms. It was hot. I felt my head being pressed against something that was so hot and smelled strongly of sweat. You pair of huge hairy pecs. My head was buried in the crack, or rather, my head was buried in the valley between the hairy giant's pecs. His sweat slipped into the cleavage of chest soaking all over my face. It was inevitable not to taste a little of the hairy giant's sweat. "Hmmmm ... please ... hmmmm" I tried to say but I'm useless. “Awwww… my little brother is back! I LOVE YOU SO LITTLE BEN ” That was when my chip dropped and I began to realize that in fact, that hairy giant, with hard jaw, manly face, hairy and sweaty pecs, thick and hairy thighs and calves, with giant feet was nothing more than my little brother, Brock I was hot from the heat that Brock's massive body emanated. He squeezed me for a few more seconds before pulling my head away from the cleavage of his hairy chest. Still lifting me in the air as if I weighed less than a packet of cookies, he caresses my hair and with eyes full of happiness, bent and kissed my forehead. His thick beard brushed my nose as his thick lips curled into a kiss that almost swallowed my head. “Arrgg… Brock… is that you? Damn… you're huge, ” I choked out. “Hahahaha! This is your little brother, Ben. What do you think of me?” He flexed a biceps that was bigger than a basketball when flexed, bigger than my head. “Holy fuck, Brock! Your arms are thicker than my head. ”I touched his biceps. “I have worked a lot outside. On the farm there is a lot of weight to carry and I can always have a pump at the end of the day. ” He stopped talking, and with his eyebrows together he stared at me for a few seconds. "Why are you here? You didn't come to fight Dad or me, did you? ”His voice was hoarse and dark. "Oh God! No, Brock, of course I won't fight. I want… well… I want to apologize for so long without talking to you ” I shrugged and lowered my gaze. I was embarrassed and still raised in Brock's massive arms, I was far from the ground, but when I swayed my feet I felt something hit me. I tried to look down past Brock's pecs and saw that my feet were on top of the bulge that inhabited Brock's groin. It was fat and large and throbbed under torn jeans. This was even bigger than a rainforest snake. "Jesus Christ," I whispered, scared. “Good!” He smiled happily again. “Dad will be happy to have his eldest son back. The old man is kind of sad missing you ” Brock set me down, but then thought it would be better to carry me. Each step of Brock was like six steps of mine. He had a point, even though I felt terrible about being a made man, but having to be carried by his younger brother like a baby just to keep up later. I didn't fight, but was frustrated when Brock carried me into his arms along the farm access road. “Brock… I'm so sorry,” I swallowed. “I didn't want to spend so much time talking to you guys… I love daddy, but I was feeling suffocated… with all your size… and fuck! Look at the size of the thing you have between your legs. ” I covered my mouth quickly knowing I had said a big bullshit, but Brock smiled and flexed his big cock. He really wanted to show me how big he was and that I could do nothing but accept the fact that he and Dad were giants everywhere. He looked at me like he wanted to prove that point ... and he did it. “We're big, Ben… it's our nature. We are HUUUUGE ” Brock let out a short roar and flexed his pecs, arms and ... cock. His cock almost tore at his pants. I wasn't ready to see, at least not then, my brother's titanic mast. We walked in silence along the way. Sometimes Brock would stop for some fruit and ask me to put it in my backpack. Well, it wasn't so hard for him to get the fruits almost in the crown of some trees. After a walk that lasted at least twenty minutes, we arrived at my father's farm. A very green place, an orchard stuffed with green apples, a great pasture for cows and for Lance, the farm's breeding ox. The barn was in the background, almost on the small hill. The farmhouse was big, huge, to fit my father and brother inside. Made of oak logs, the house resembled Paul Bunyan's storybook. Brock set me down on the porch of the house and said he would call Daddy. Brock stepped back, his footsteps sending little tremors across the porch as he left and went near the barn. I approached the porch guard, climbed on one of the logs so I could better see where my brother's giant was going. That was when he entered the barn and quickly left with my father. They both looked like a younger version of each other, my father actually looked like a more mature and taller version of Brock. He wore a black and white flannel shirt, like a chessboard. Her leather boots were worn and his jeans were faded. With the sleeves of his shirt folded, his hams-size, fur-covered forearms were visible. Dad had a shiny bald head, a thick gray beard, a gray hairy chest. His tired, manly face gave way to a happy smile as he spotted me on his porch standing on one of the logs. His heavy steps quickened. He spread his arms as he approached the porch and at 12ft he covered more space with his quick steps. Within seconds he descended the barn hill and climbed onto the porch. My jaw almost dropped when I saw Dad in front of me. Its bulge was almost three feet above my head. If near Brock I looked like a child, near my father I was like a little doll. I could smell his strong smell from one day hard work on the farm, which came from his swollen groin. The balls were struggling to stay in my jeans and I swear I saw them fluttering as he approached me. His leather boots gave off a strong odor that almost made me pass out. I swallowed hard as I lifted my neck to try to see past the beer gut and the pair of massive hairy pecs that were on the bridge making the shirt burst. How are there clothes to contain so much mass without breaking? "D-daddy ... I ..." I gasped and before I could, my dad leaned over and took me in his arms. Tears were in his eyes as he squeezed me in his embrace. And just as it was with Brock, my face was sticking in the valley of my father's pecs, but now they were bigger, more massive and hairier and sweaty pecs. I had a lot more of Dad to admire, but what I remembered. He was huge. “OH SHIT HOLY! My little boy is back home. Let's have a party with everyone in town ... I want everyone to know how good it is to have my puppy back. ” Dad hummed with me in his arms, his pecs flexing in my face as he spoke. I was beginning to choke on all that hard, hairy mass squeezing my face. I think he had noticed that he was choking me because I just grunted. He lifted my head from the valley of his pecs and met my eyes. Dad had brown eyes, almost honey-colored, and with tears welling up in the corners, he sniffed his nose and stared at me for a while before kissing me. And with your kiss, I say that half of my head went into your mouth. "Dad ... it's hard to breathe ..." I choked. "Oh ... sorry ... hehehehe ... I'm excited to have my son back" He called Brock and with me still in his arms, we entered the house. Dad sat on the couch, and I swear I heard the couch creak with its weight. Brock sat in an elk-horn armchair in front of us and I was sitting on my dad's lap. His thigh was so big that I could sit there all day. With a giant hand behind my back to protect me if I dared to fall, Dad began to talk about how he missed me. I tried to apologize, but he wasn't interested because he said there was nothing to be sorry about and that everything was fine again. I stared at my dad for a few seconds as he tore up in happiness and realized that I missed him too and everything in that place. "I love you, Daddy" I snuggled into his massive hot torso. “Awww… I love you too, puppy. The giant daddy will always be here for you, my little boy. ” "And the giant brother too." Brock nodded and smiled. I was at home, not only for New Year's parties, but because I loved how big they were always, massive, imposing and affectionate. I felt back home where everything is big and I'm a squirt, but I'm protected by two muscle beasts, two loving giants. THE END
  12. pasidious

    Becoming an Alpha - Part 3A

    There's a certain level of difficulty returning to a story that hasn't been touched in over a year. I reread the first parts of this story and realized there was much more I could do with it, so here's my attempt at continuing it. I don't know why I decided to break a third part into two sections, but let's see how it goes! __________________________ Part 2 I'd always heard dudes talking about the greatness of getting a blowjob. I mean, not literally always, but often enough that I got the impression that a dude is not truly a man unless he's had one. But it was also always clear that the dudes who DID get blowjobs were always jocks. Alpha males. Something I was not. I spent most of my life envying those guys. Now, standing in my dorm room in front of the mirror with a shirt on that was once too big on me and now a bit tight, I got the feeling I was becoming an alpha. A jock. Without having ever played a sport. I smirked at my reflection, admiring how my new pecs were outlines beneath the fabric of my plain shirt. My arms hugged by the sleeves, veins running up and down my forearms. It even felt tight in my armpits, a sensation with which I was entirely unfamiliar. But it felt really cool. That feeling of my shirt trying to contain my body. If I raised my arms, my shirt would ride up and expose my abs. Abs! I never had those before except the faint outlines of what lay beneath my skin thanks to having almost no fat. But those don't count. All guys who claim they have "abs" just because they're skinny rails get made fun of. But, as I raised my arms to enjoy the sensation of a too-small shirt, my sexy abs came into view, along with another part of me I never thought I'd ever see. An actual Adonis belt. It wasn't prominent, but still visible. Not yet, anyway. I smirked again, thinking of the growth still to come. Was this why other jocks were so big? Growing after a blowjob? No. No fucking way. If this were accepted fact, it'd be readily available information. Something taught in sex-ed. All the years I'd spent ogling sexy muscular models on the internet and browsing forums would've yielded such a fact. No. This was something unusual. Something that had to be unique only to me. It would seem I'd won some sort of genetic lottery. I raised my right arm and flexed. My bicep rose up into a hard ball of muscle that tightened the sleeve around it, a sensation that sent shivers down my spine. "Fuck yeah," I said aloud to myself. I took my other hand and caressed the hard muscle, feeling its hardness. And it was hard. Harder than my muscles had ever been. I couldn't help but wonder if I was looking at my real body or if this were some sort of fantasy I was playing out in my brain that was going just a little too far. But I pinched myself and felt the sting. Nothing dissipated. As my arms fell to my sides, I flexed my chest just to see the shirt jump. What a feeling! Not only just to even be able to flex pecs I never had before, but to even see them through my shirt! My stomach growled. I felt the all-too-familiar pang of hunger that came from not paying attention to the time. A sensation usually that came from my constant studying and not allotting breaks for food. But this time it was because I was ogling myself for too long. It suddenly occurred to me that this is probably what jocks do, too. Actually, it's definitely what jocks do, considering the massive number of photos on the internet of dudes flexing in mirrors and taking photos of themselves. The countless gym selfies. But my stomach growled again and I had to shake myself out of this reverie. Time for food. It was still summer, so I didn't need to wear warm clothes or anything. I just kept on what I was wearing, the same t-shirt and shorts, and left my dorm to head over to the campus cafeteria. As I was walking under the still-hot sun, I realized my legs had gotten thicker. I mean, I already knew they had, but the sensation of my thighs rubbing together as I walked was brand new. I had to adjust the way I was walking. I wanted to stop and lift my shorts to get a better look at my quads, but I felt that might draw too much attention from others. It'd be weird. But, I could still just glance down and see my new thicker calves bulging as I walked. It was so cool. My lower legs no longer looked like they belonged to an anorexic dude. Well, maybe they never did look like that, but I never had any real shape to my legs. Just long limbs with no curves or anything. But now I had calves that were bulging as I walked, clearly shaped, like I spent lots of time jogging or biking or whatever. I wanted so bad to lift my shorts and get a look at my quads, something that never occurred to me until now. But, I guess when you spend your life as a weakling, it's hard to remember there are other muscles than just pecs, arms, and abs. Now I wanted to get a good look at my back, too. I often loved seeing pictures of muscled dudes flexing their backs, their lats flaring out, and my cock throbbing in my hand as I jerked it. A wide back with that coveted V-taper is something I always loved to see. The cafeteria doors came into view much sooner than I remembered, but I was distracted the whole walk by my new body. How could I pay attention to anything else? My tight shirt was still digging into my pits. Weird feeling. Slightly uncomfortable. But still felt good when I considered the reason. I sat down, alone as always, with my tray of food. I usually nursed small portions, slowly nibbling away until I felt sufficiently full, but for the first time ever I was actually hungry enough that I couldn't wait to get nourishment. I had more food than usual to start, and before long the tray was already empty. And I still felt hungry. So I went and got more. Thankfully I was on a meal plan and didn't have to worry about paying for it. I shoveled the food into my mouth and couldn't believe how much I was consuming. I wasn't blind to the change in my usual amount, but, I also wasn't stupid. I knew it had everything to do with my increased size. And as I ate, I absolutely loved glancing with my peripheral vision at my own arms as I moved food into my face. My forearms would writhe as I rotated my wrist, veins protruding with my increased vascularity. My biceps flexed and bulged just from the simple motion of lifting my fork and moving my hand towards my mouth. The sleeve around my biceps was wrapped nicely around them, and it was such a rush to feel the cloth digging into the muscle as it flexed. By the time I finished, and felt full enough, I sat back in my chair and realized my cock had grown into steel hardness, pushing out the front of my shorts in a sizeable bulge, thankfully hidden beneath my table. Knowing I was eating more because of my new muscles, on top of seeing my arm flexing while I ate, made me hard. I had a sudden feeling my cock was going to be hard a lot more often. "Nice arms." I snapped my head in the direction from where the voice originated. A very pretty girl I'd never seen before was passing by my table, and she was eyeing my face with a grin as she continued walking. Her eyes glanced at my arm, then back to my face. I honestly didn't know how to respond to her comment. She turned and faced forward as she moved farther away before I finally found my own voice and responded shakily with "Th-thanks!" I mentally kicked myself for being so slow. How would a jock respond? I glanced down at my empty tray and realized immediately that a confident jock would have flexed for her and said something like "Thanks baby, wanna feel 'em?" I laughed inwardly. Maybe something less awkward, but still a cocky comment. And the girl would most likely have been drooling over him and soon after in the bathroom or some utility closet fucking. Who was I kidding, though? I'm gay. I wouldn't want a girl, anyway. I'd want another dude to compliment me. I'd probably have a much better response in the chamber for a cute guy. And maybe we'd be fucking in the closet or bathroom afterward... Whoa. These are thoughts I never had before. I mean, yeah, I often had fantasies involving myself feeling up a sexy muscle guy, but I rarely had daydreams of myself actually being that muscle guy. "Whoa dude when did you get so buff?" Another voice snapped me out of my thoughts and this time it WAS a dude. "Uh, I dunno," I sheepishly responded, feeling my face turning red. 'Wow, way to have a better response in the chamber,' I thought to myself. I looked up into his face and realized he was in one of my classes. I didn't recall his name, though. "You don't know?" he smiled then chuckled a bit. "Don't be modest, dude, you're looking good." He put his hand on the edge of the table as he stood there, looking down at my face, but I watched his eyes as they also took in the rest of my body, as much as he could in my seated position. Fuck, he was cute, too. Now or never. I mustered the nerve to finally say "Thanks, bro." And then I still awkwardly brought my right arm up and flexed, my bicep bulging into my sleeve as the cloth tightened around it like a second skin. I looked at my flexed bicep, admiring its new size, and then I almost expected this dude to start laughing at me or something. I was in very unfamiliar territory right now. "Fuck. It's so big!" Truthfully my arm wasn't that big, but it looked incredible thanks to my low fat and tight shirt. I instantly wanted to lower my arm and retract into bashfulness, but I had to keep this going. For once someone was in awe of my muscles. He didn't laugh. "Wanna touch it?" I asked, flexing even harder. Instantly his hand reached out and rested upon the peak of my hard bicep. He didn't even say a word. I felt confidence creeping throughout my body as this dude was feeling my muscle. His hand started squeezing it, feeling it, and he moved his palm across it. Then his fingers started poking at it. "It's so hard," he said. "That's not all that's hard." Wait a fucking second. Did I just say those words? Time seemed to stop as I felt my heart sink. I was only meant to have thought those words, not say them. My cock was definitely throbbing hard under the table. It's almost like I wanted this dude to know exactly what was going on right beneath the cheap wood of the table surface. "Oh really?" he asked. His fingers continued gliding along the skin of my bicep, but now continued their trek along my forearm as well. Fuck it. I DID want him to know what was happening under the table. He continued "I guess I should've known there was more. Looks like your pecs are hard, too." His hand reached farther out and poked my chest. "And those shoulders look pretty hard." He grasped my shoulder and squeezed. "Very hard." And then he knelt down and reached right under the table and grasped my hard cock through my shorts. I gasped. "Hot body with a hard cock," he said quietly. Thank GOD I was seated in a corner and no one could actually see what he was doing. But my concern with onlookers was rapidly depleting as my cock was guiding my brain, now. I stood up out of my chair and didn't even care about my empty tray. My bulge was tenting my shorts like there was an actual campsite happening. I didn't care who saw it, though, because my cock was throbbing too hard and eager for some action. "Come with me," I said, and grabbed his hand. My heart was pounding in my chest. This dude wanted my cock, and I was going to give it to him. And I'd leave this building even bigger than when I entered.
  13. Zombies and Gods Chapter 1: Arthur The desolate street of a once vibrant city lay in ruin. Burnt-out and rusted husks of vehicles littered everywhere, with vines and plants overgrowing features like trash cans and nonfunctional street lights. Cracked concrete, boarded up windows, crumbling buildings; the age of man was edging closer and closer to extinction. All that roamed the city now were animals...and zombies. Mindless savages, once human, wrapped in rotting flesh, meandering their way around. Waiting to be excited and enthralled by stimuli. Preferably a tasty human survivor. Hoards just wandering, waiting to run into an unlucky person by pure luck. The human population was in scarce supply these days. Most were zombies, the rest of what was left were dead. Only a scattering of humans settlements remained; holed up behind fortified walls and armed protection. Most settlement believed themselves to be the last. Such was the reality of how few remained. And yet, for all the zombies and all the survivors, there was another faction. A one-man faction. Or rather, a one-god faction. Arthur came soaring in from nowhere, having leapt from several dozen miles away. His unbelievably muscular legs came crashing down on a woefully unprepared zombie. Not that there was anything it could ever have done to save itself from him. The creature was pulverized into a puddle of blood and gore as Arthur's beautiful feet, diamond-like calves, quads akin to tree trunks, all wrapped in smooth, silky, immaculately clean skin came bearing down on it. The it was the road's turn. Cracks sprang forth from the point where Arthur's feet made contact with the concrete. A small crater formed. Arthur stood perfectly balanced at the center. His arms folded, as the had been for the entire jump and landing. It had all been so effortless for him. The zombies blood stained the lower halve of his legs. Above this, above his godlike quads, were two things; a 9-inch flaccid penis on one side, and the most beautiful, plump, fantastically shaped ass on the other. Moving up we come to the most sculpted, most ripped, most muscular eight-pack set of abs one could imagine, flanked by similarly built obliques. Arthur loosened his arms, revealing a jaw-dropping pair of titanium pecs. Two massive, bulbous, striated pecs with a deep crevasse in-between. His nipples were perfect too; the right color, the right size, and so inviting looking. On either side of his pecs were lats so big that even unflexed they were clearly visible and noticeable. To the sides were arms so big, so constantly pumped, that they looked more like concrete than the actual concrete. Below these were obscenely muscular forearms and hands. From the biceps to the hands was a level of vascularity that liked like lightning. Boulder-like shoulders supported these arms, with traps large enough that a normal-sized human hand couldn't cover even half of them. The zombies behind Arthur had the honor of gazing upon this back; a topological map of rippling muscle tapering down to an enviously narrow waist. Plus a decent view of his insanely build triceps. Topping everything off was his head; a beautiful, masculine, charming face. Deep blue eyes, perfectly aligned teeth that dazzled when he smiled, a sexy as fuck jawline complete with its own rippled cheek muscles (yes, that's right; Arthur has cheek muscles!). Clean shaved with a head full of perfectly groomed, thick, lush, jet-black hair. The icing on the cake was his skin; smooth, silky, free of hair, and not a single blemish of any kind anywhere. At a height of 7' 5'', his looks and physique alone made Arthur a god. And that's not even mentioning is actual superpowers. When the dust from Arthur's landing settled there was a brief moment of silence. The hoard of zombies were briefly caught off guard by Arthur's arrival. But once they realized what was happening, their barbaric instincts took over. Howling and growling like animals, they charged towards Arthur from all directions. Arthur smirked; this was going to be fun and easy. The zombies immediately tried jumping him. Their razor sharp claws and teeth thrashing. Of course not one of them made even the smallest mark on Arthur's body. Arthur just looked down at them and smiled in amusement at their futile effort. Their small fragile hands just bouncing off of his statuesque physique. Arthur put his hands on his hips and adopted a sexy pose. It was just natural for him to always look so damn good. After letting the zombies enjoy their last few moments by letting them think they were going to actually make a meal out of him, Arthur began to casually stroll forward. Of course the zombies couldn't do anything to stop him. He just started walking slowly and the zombies were simply pushed aside. Arthur laughed at how easy it was. Suddenly, Arthur grabbed one zombie by the head and lifted it clean off the ground, holding it over two feet in the air (only then was it at eye-level with Arthur). Arthur looked at it. He felt sorry for it. Or rather he felt sorry for the human it had once been. Whereas that human had been transformed into a monster by a simple bite, another bite saw Arthur somehow ascending to godhood. While lost in thought, Arthur simply crushed the zombies head, popping it like a grape, drenching part of himself and the other zombies in its blood. Shaking the thoughts of pity for long dead humans out of his head, Arthur refocused on the zombies. Grabbing another, he flung it over his shoulder, send it flying for possibly hundreds of miles. Another he simply picked up and then tore in two at the waist, spilling entrails and blood. Arthur laughed. "Time to bring out the good stuff!" he declared, giving a double bicep pose, as if the zombies were a crowd of admirers waiting to see such beauty. But first, he closed his eyes and focused. His super-hearing immediately blocked out all sounds from the zombies and the surrounding environment. He was zeroing in on human heartbeats; heartbeats he could hear from a hundred miles away. He didn't detect any. "Good" said Arthur, talking to himself as he normally did. "I can let loose without have to worry about any little humans getting hurt" he said to one of the still attacking zombies, as if it could understand him. Arthur poked it in its head. His finger went straight into the things skull and directly to its brain. The zombie was killed instantly. For Arthur it felt no different than poking thin air! Taking a deep breath, Arthur began to whistle. His superhuman vocal chords began unleashing vibrations of such an intense level that all zombies caught in their path were liquified. Aside from them, glass shattered, stone cracked and crumbled, metal deformed, and any poor and unfortunate animals in the way got liquified too. By the time Arthur finished whistling (after about ten seconds) half of the area immediately in front of him for about a hundred feet was heavily damaged (more so than it already was) and about a third of the hoard were now just red puddles. "Too easy" muttered Arthur, smirking. A zombie had run up to the right of Arthur and began thrashing at his arm. Arthur felt nothing of course, and so grabbed the thing by its neck and lifted it right into the air, one-arm style. He brought it closer to his face. The zombie clawed at Arthur's hand and forearm in vain. Letting out an exhale, Arthur breathed superheated air right at the creature's head, barbequing it at a temperature of hundreds of degrees. The things head melted like ice-cream. Dropping the lifeless corpse, Arthur turned to the rest of the hoard and let out another, larger exhale. Zombies left and right burst into flames, the remains of vehicles exploded, metal bars and posts began to melt and deform, and some of the closer building were set ablaze. The air was full of ash, smoke, and the smell of burning flesh. Arthur then pursed his lips and started blowing, unleashing air colder than even the depths of the Arctic. The buildings that had caught on fire were instantly saved. Arthur didn't want to cause too much damage to them; human survivors might one day have a use for them. Only a handful of zombies from the hoard now remained. Deciding to take care of them the old fashioned way, Arthur charged. Five were crushed to pieces as Arthur knocked them down and then casually walked over them. Two were lifted by the backs of their necks and then slammed into Arthur's pecs. One was just crumpled like a sheet of paper by Arthur's fingers. Arthur then sank his fingers into the remains of a larger delivery truck. With only one arm he hoisted it so easily into the air above his head. Taking aim, he launched it at a group of about a dozen zombies. All of them were flattened. With only one left, Arthur tore a large chunk of the road out with a single hand, and then proceeded to throw the three hundred pound chunk at the zombie with such speed and force that it took the creature's head right off and then kept going for another few feet before smashing into an old storefront. The decapitated corpse stood for a few more minutes before tipping over. And that was it. Now there was just silence. Nothing but the sound of the wind and a few birds. The occasional crackle of a flame from the still-burning zombie corpses. Arthur felt quite pleased with his work. Another hoard taken care of. The world was now that bit safer thanks to what he just did. I might not have made a huge difference, but it was something. Arthur felt like this was his purpose. After miraculously gaining superpowers from a bite that was supposed to zombify him, Arthur resolved to killing these things off as best he could for the good of the human survivors. Arthur looked down at his flawless naked body. Well...almost flawless. He was covered in blood, soot, dust, and dirt from his couple of few minutes of fun. "Time to find a river or something" he said. "Want any help?" said a voice from behind him. Turning around, Arthur looked up to see a man perched on the top of a ruined bus. But it wasn't a man. He was tall, like Arthur. Muscular, like Arthur. Beautiful, like Arthur. The man smiled an absolutely gorgeous smile. His vibrantly green eyes practically glowing. He exhaled, and Arthur felt superheated air all around him. He wasn't at all affect as he was totally invulnerable, but the road beneath him cracked and then slowly began to liquify. The man stopped exhaling as Arthur looked back up at him. "Yeah, I thought I was the only one too" he said, registering the look on Arthur's face.
  14. Ziel


    Russel had never felt more out of place. He was a shrimp in a hall of ripped muscle gods. It seemed like everyone at this gym had been going regularly for years, and here he was entering a gym for the first time since P.E. class in middle school. It didn’t help that his work out shirt was comically huge on him. Russel was half tempted to go home and change… or maybe just go home altogether, but he had promised his pal he would at least try to start a gym regimen. In many ways it was only because of Russel’s friend that he was even here today. Russel had long said he was going to start working out. He had always dreamed of having a big, buff body like he saw in the magazines, but he just never seemed to put on any muscle when he tried lifting weights at home. He doubted even having access to professional lifting equipment would help his case at all either, but Russel’s pal, Kurt, was insistent he at least try. Kurt even went so far as to give Russel a new set of workout clothes, a shirt and jockstrap, for Christmas to help him kick off his fitness journey, and it was that outfit that Russel was wearing to the gym this very afternoon. The shirt was a seemingly standard muscle shirt with the caption “Loading Muscles…” on the front as well as a comical loading bar underneath the text. The loading bar was actually completely empty which seemed almost like a cruel joke to the poor, puny Russel. To make matters worse, the shirt was so huge that it hung loosely off of Russel’s wimpy frame. Russel still wasn’t sure if he was wearing it because it was a gift from a cherishes friend, or because he was just too cheap to buy something for himself, or even if he was just motivated by sheer spite, but that hardly seemed to matter at this point. His oversized shirt just made him feel even punier than ever, and his shirt wasn’t the only spacious part of his attire. His jockstrap was a little extra roomy around the Netherlands as well. Russel’s painfully average cock just wasn’t up to the task of filling the ample pouch of the “Enhance” brand strap. Fortunately, he had an old pair of jogging short on over top of the strap so nobody else had to know about his shortcomings in that department. Figuring that even the longest journey begins with a few steps, Russel made his way over to the treadmill. He might not know much about lifting weights, but he did at least know how to jog so the treadmill seemed as good a place as any to get the ball rolling. Russel quickly settled into a routine of jogging along at a reasonable pace while scrolling through a beginner’s guide to working out on his phone. It was strange. He expected to get winded pretty easily since he had never been the most athletic dude, but the more he jogged, the more energized he felt. He felt like he could run nonstop for days! But before he even realized the timer on the treadmill dinged to alert him that he had done a respectable warm-up. Russel hopped off the treadmill and decided to put the newbie guide to weightlifting he had been perusing to good use and made his way towards the weight room. The weight room had tons of mirrored walls all around the place. Try as he might, Russel couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of his own reflection. When he saw himself, he did a double take. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but something seemed different. He wasn’t what he would call fit by any stretch of the imagination, but he was looking healthier than when he had walked in. He chalked it up to the rush of endorphins from the jog and the slight sheen of sweat which had settled onto his skin, but there was something else afoot that he had not yet begun to realize. Russel quickly adjusted his oversized shirt and went back to focusing on his next workout, completely missing the fact that the loading bar on his shirt now had an almost imperceptibly small bit of blue filling the otherwise empty loading bar. The first exercise on his to-do list was a few simple bicep curls. Russel figured he’s be ahead to start light and grabbed one of the smallest set of dumbbells he could find, but after a few experimental curls he quickly realized that five pounds was far, far too light. He quickly moved up to ten and then fifteen pounds and found that those were too light as well. He was surprised to say the least. The guide he was reading didn’t suggest going above fifteen pounds for a lightweight beginner like himself, but here he was hefting a thirty pounder like it was nothing. Perhaps even more surprising was the bulge of a bicep the poked out when he reached the highest point of his curls. Russel was amazed by what he saw. It was a muscle! He had an actual muscle! It was small, sure, but everyone had to start somewhere, and the fact that he actually had some sort of muscle definition to show off on his first day at the gym was beyond a miracle. Perhaps he had not given himself enough credit. He tended to carry a few heavy books around campus. Maybe his nerdery was good for something after all. Russel was not about to rest on his laurels just yet though. If anything, this newfound discovery spurred him on to work out even more. If just a few bicep curls could bring out his latent muscles, just imagine what a regular routine could do! He could be buffed like those babes on the cover of Men’s Health in no time! After what he assumed to be a suitable amount of reps, Russel put up his barbells and made his way towards the bench press station, completely unaware that his loading bar had gained a few more pixels in the past few minutes. Russel loaded the bar on the weight rack with what he thought would be a safe and easy starter weight, and laid down to do a few reps. To his surprise, the bar was incredibly light! He wasted no time in adding more weight to it and trying another few reps. Again, the bar was too light. Before he knew it, he had doubled and then tripled the starting weight before he began to feel even a little strain from lifting. He was so amazed by the amount of weight he was benching that he almost didn’t notice the bulges forming in front of him… almost… Russel’s jaw dropped when he caught sight of the mounds in front of him. From where he was lying he had a front row view of his own chest and could see two very clearly defined pectoral muscles. He had pecs! Sure, they weren’t he hugest pecs he had ever seen. They would even be classified as fairly small by most of the muscleheads at the gym, but they were there, and they were his! He couldn’t believe his eyes. He quickly got up from the bench and turned to check himself out in one of the mirrors on the wall. There was no denying what he was seeing. He was cut! He wasn’t bulky by any stretch of the imagination, but he had some honest-to-god muscles on his body. He had a lean, lithe, swimmer’s build. Russel could barely fathom what he was seeing. He had gained a noticeable amount of muscle since he had arrived, but how!? As if to answer his question something caught his eye. A slight movement down below… Russel glanced down at the reflection of his shirt, and for the first time he noticed the additional blue on the loading bar. “Loading Muscles…” indeed, and from the look of things, he had a long way left to go! The loading bar had barely even begun to fill in. If he was this cut with just a little bit of bulking, he could hardly imagine how huge he’d be when he was done! The sheer thought of it sent a shiver of excitement up his spine and surge of excitement down his groin. Russel quickly adjusted himself down there. His chubby was feeling particularly cramped in the confines of his running shorts, but he paid it no mind. He was far too enthralled by his muscles to worry about a little thing like that. Russel couldn’t wait for more muscles to stack on. His mind was racing with ideas of just how huge he’d grow and how to speed up the process. Was there some sort of catalyst besides the shirt? Did pumping the old irons cause him to bulk up faster? He didn’t know for sure, but he knew there was no harm in trying. If nothing else the rush of endorphins and the pump that came with a good rep was starting to go to his head. He couldn’t wait to really test the limits of what his body was capable of. Russel glanced around the gym for the next station he would try out. There were so many options. He was like a kid in a candy store. Eventually his eyes fell upon the simple, unassuming bar attached to the far wall. A pull up bar. Such a simple device, and yet so full of promise. Russel had never in his life successfully performed a pull up. He was shaking with anticipation as he placed his hands on the bar, and then with the greatest of ease he pulled himself up so that his chin was over the bar. It felt so effortless that he might as well have been picking up a tissue. He could scarcely believe that the pull up bar had been the bane of his middle school existence. He remembered struggling and straining for half an hour to accomplish even a single chin up, but now he was effortlessly doing a chin up and beyond. He could pull himself all the way up until the bar hit his chest. Russel was so caught up in the rush that he did another pull up and another and another. He was a well-oiled pull up machine. He kept going up and down like a pistol, completely unaware of how his body was changing. His muscles were thickening all around him, and weight was packing on elsewhere as well. By the time the rush finally died down and he dropped down from the push up bar, he was feeling something very strange indeed. It was tough for him to put his finger on it at first. It was a strange pressure around his legs and groin, but all it took was a look in the mirror to put two and two together. His shorts were getting incredibly tight on his bulking frame! Russel was amazed at what he saw. During his brief stint on the pull up bar he had gone from twink to twunk! He went from a lean, cut, swimmer’s build to having a thick body that would grace the cover of a fitness magazine. He had quads that would amaze a quarterback! His formerly airy running shorts now dug into his thick thighs, but it wasn’t just his muscles that were filling his briefs to the brim. It was plain to see that his dick had grown as well. Russel could only stand and stare in awe at the outline of his own cock and balls that now pressed so hard against the front of his shorts that he could see the very shape and size of them. He could scarcely believe that thick set of sausage and eggs was his! He had a schlong that had to be closing in on a foot long and every bit as thick as his wrist and a pair of softball sized stones to match! It was hard to believe that just mere moments ago he had had trouble filling out his jock strap. Now he looked like he’d be spilling out in the very near future. Russel couldn’t wait to work out more and grow even larger. He already had the body of his dreams, but still, he wanted to be even bigger, and if the loading bar was any indication he had a ways to go yet. Russel didn’t want to waste any time moving onto the next exercise and getting any bigger. He turned and set up shop at the very next station his eyes fell upon – the pull downs. Russel sat down on the seat and glanced up at the bar above his head. Despite how swole he was looking, he was still pretty much a newbie when it came to working out so he was glad to see that there were guide marks on the bar telling him where to place his hands for ideal results. Russel wasted no time getting to work. He placed his hands where the marks said to and began to pull down on the bar until his hands were even with his thick pecs. He was amazed how easily the bar came down. He hadn’t even bothered changing the weights on it before he began working out, and the guy who had been using this station before him was one of the biggest bros at the gym! Russel could now hit the weights with the best of them and then some! And at the rate things were going he was soon going to dwarf even the biggest musclehead the gym had ever seen. Just imagining what it would be like to be so huge got his huge cock to stir to life in his undersized shorts. His semi was straining hard against the fabric of his too-tiny running shorts. He could already tell that one way or the other something was going to have to give. His shorts were reaching their breaking point in more ways than one, and as he pulled down on the bar over and over again he could actually feel himself getting bigger and thicker by the moment. He could actually hear the sound of his shorts straining against his thickening brawn. The sound of straining fabric just spurred him on to work even harder and reach new amazing sizes. He couldn’t wait to see what he would look like when he finally filled the loading bar. Russel was so fixated on his pull downs and his shorts that he hadn’t even noticed what was going on with his shirt. By the time he finished his reps on the pull-down station and returned once more to the mirrors to check his progress he was in for quite a shock. His once far-too-huge shirt was now looking a few sizes too small. The fabric of his muscle shirt strained across his thick pecs and his sculpted abs. The straps of the shirt now rested firmly in the groove between the thick mounds of his delts around his neck and the bulging mass of his traps around his shoulders, but perhaps what was even more amazing was how much his thick lats spilled out the sides of his open-sided muscle shirt. His wings had grown so thick that they would have shredded clean through the sides of his shirt had his shirt not already been open on the sides to accommodate it, but as amazing as his torso had become, it was hard for him to keep his eyes off the improvements below the belt. Russel’s cock was beyond huge at this point. He put even the most ridiculously hung porn star to shame. His dick was looking more like a third leg which each passing moment. His junk was so massive that it didn’t even fit in his shorts anymore. His package rested on the fabric of his shorts as if using them as a hammock instead of actually fitting inside his shorts. Only the tip of his melon-sized cock head actually fit inside his shorts, and his basketball sized stones were even less contained. With how huge his dick had become it was a miracle that any of it could fit in his shorts, and that was saying nothing of his jock strap. His strap had been a bit roomier than his shorts to begin with, but it was still a miracle that it held his bait and tackle in place as well as they did. The red fabric of the front pouch of his jock strap was so strained that it had taken on a sheer, pink texture. The color of his cock and ball flesh was starting to show through. Russel didn’t waste too much time ogling his new size in the mirror. If the loading bar on his shirt was any indication, he still had plenty more growing to do. He was already larger than the biggest bodybuilder in the gym, and he was still just shy of the 50% mark on his loading bar. Russel next made his way over to the squat rack to do some squats. He loaded the bar down with every weighted plate he could get his hands on. The bar was so heavily loaded by the time that he was done that the metal bar actually started to bend and warp under the sheer weight of the plates. Russel figured that that would be a good enough starting point and proceeded to load the bar onto his shoulders and squat down low. He made it halfway through the first squat when a loud, rending sound split the air. His over-stuffed pants had reached their limit and then some. His body was already too big for his britches, but bending down was the final nail in the coffin. His shorts split open clean down the back leaving his big, beefy ass exposed to ass to see. Russel quickly stood back up and set the weight bar back on the rack. The sheer weight of the bar caused the entire gym to rumble. Russel glanced at his reflection once again in the mirror and realized that his shorts were beyond ruined. They were doing more harm than good at this point, and it’s not like he was ever going to fit into them again, so he reached down and unceremoniously ripped them clean off. The waistband snapped with ease leaving him clad in just his shirt, his strap, and his sneakers. With his shorts no longer interfering, Russel once again set to work on his squats. He once again shouldered the weighted bar and squatted down low. He was amazed at how light the bar felt. He had apparently packed on even more muscles during even just the short interlude. The lightness didn’t bother him though. If anything, it spurred him on to work out even harder to grow even larger. He squatted down low and stood back up over and over again while eyeing his reflection in the mirror. He was enamored with how his muscles flexed and rippled with each rep, but there was something else that caught his eye too. With each squat, his hefty nuts came ever closer to touching the floor, and it wasn’t because he was squatting lower. He could actually see his cock and balls getting bigger with each rep! He soon reached the point where he squatted down low and his nuts touched the floor, but he didn’t stop there. He went again and again, squatting down and standing up, and each time he watched as his nuts reached the floor sooner and sooner in each rep. He soon reached a point where his beachball sized nuts were so massive that they reached the floor halfway through his squats and sat there as he finished his motion. Russel was amazed that his strap had held on so long. The fabric was so strained that it had become nearly see-through. Rips and tears had spread through the fabric giving large, uninhibited glimpses as the bare cock and ball flesh tucked away beneath. By the time Russel had finally had his fill of the squat rack, his jockstrap had more than had its fill of his cock and balls! The fabric of the front pouch split wide open, causing his cock and balls to spill out. Russel stared in awe as his dangly bits spilled forth. He had known his junk was huge, but the pouch had hidden just how huge they really were! His beachball sized nuts dangled down to his shins, and the head of his cock rested solidly on the ground at his feet. He had more than a third leg! His cock was not only longer but thicker than his impressively thick thighs as well. His dick nearly rivaled his thick, sculpted midriff for sheer girth! Russel placed the bar back on the rack one final time and took another moment to admire how huge he had become. His torso was sur burly that his muscle shirt was having trouble adjusting. The front of the shirt had become nearly completely swallowed by the dense chasm between his massive, meaty pecs. Only the loading bar, which was now stretched taut across his top row of abs, could be seen. Russel smirked at his progress. He was already so massive, and yet he was barely 60% done? He couldn’t wait to see how much larger he would become. Russel grabbed a pair of the largest dumbbells he could find and took a seat at one of the benches near the free weights. The bench groaned under his massive, muscular bulk, but held its ground. Russel glanced down and smirked at his bare cock and balls which now rested solidly on the ground at his feet before he hoisted the pair of dumbbells up over his shoulders and began to lift them above his head. He quickly settled into a routine of lifting the dumbbells up over his head and then bringing them back down to around his shoulders, but there was something slightly offer. He was getting so massive now that his muscles were getting in the way! The bulge of his traps around his shoulders made it hard for him to raise his arms straight up, and the bulge of his delts around his neck was so thick that the dumbbell kept bumping into it when he returned his arms to the low position. Eventually his traps got so huge that the his could only lift his arm to a 45-degree angle. He figured by that point that it was time to move onto a new exercise. When Russel stood up to move onto the next exercise he was in for a shock… two shocks, actually. First of all, his lats had grown so much during his brief stint doing shoulder presses that he couldn’t even lower his arms all the way! He lowered his arms as low as they would go, and he looked like he should be saying “Welcome to Chili’s”, but the lack of mobility didn’t bother him. If anything, it got him even more worked up. His already semi-boned cock got even harder than before which brought his attention to the second thing which shocked him. His cock had grown even more! He had sort of assumed that once he had lost the pouch of his jockstrap the growth would stop. After all, his jock strap was now less of a strap and more of a belt that barely wrapped around his swelling hips, but the Enhance brand strap hadn’t stopped enhancing his junk! Even now that he was standing straight up, his nuts rested heavily on the floor at his feet, and his semi-boned cock jutted a few feet out in front of him. He could scarcely believe his eyes. His semi was as thick as his midriff, bulging obliques and all! Even as awed by his own body as he was, Russel couldn’t help but notice how eerily quiet the gym had become. For the first time since he had started growing he looked around the room at the others who occupied the gym with him. All eyes were glued to him and his massive muscles and cock. There were a wide range of emotions displayed in those eyes. Jealousy. Wonder… Lust. Just seeing how hot and bothered the other gym-goers were got Russel even more worked up than before. His semi soon reached rock hard status and then some. His massive cock was so hard it was dribbling pre onto the rubberized floor of the gym weight room. Russel was already so massive that it was getting tough to move, but he couldn’t quit now – not when he was so close to maxing out his download bar, and definitely not when he had such an eager audience to please. The question was, what to do next? He had already gone through every exercise on his list, and he doubted he could even fit on most of the gym stations. That was when an idea popped into his head. At his size, he didn’t need gym stations. He was his own station. All he needed was himself and the two barbells he still had in his hands. All eyes were on him as he moved his massive, nearly-nude form into position. He leaned forward so that his enormous cock was resting on the ground in front of him and then laid down directly on top of it. His dick was so massive that while straddling it as he currently was, his feet could barely reach the ground below him and the tip of his dick reached so far forward that his chin rested comfortably on the puffy glans. Once he was happily in position, Russel set to work on his next exercise. He dropped his hands as low as they could go until he was nearly hugging his fat cock and then raised his arms back up until his arms were spread wide by his sides. The murmur of approval from the crowd made it clear they were enjoying the show. Russel could only imagine what they must be seeing though. With his body as exposed as it currently was, there was no doubt his enormous muscles were rippling with each motion, but that wasn’t all. Russel could feel his cock getting thicker between his legs. He could feel the head of his dick poking further and further forward with each fly he completed, and that was saying nothing of his nuts and muscles. He couldn’t see his nuts to check on them, and he had no way of checking his loading bar either. He just had to trust the invigorating rush that was flowing through him to prove that he was still getting larger and larger. Soon Russel reached a point where his chin no longer rested on the spongy head of his cock. His dick had grown so massive that the tip of it poked out past his own head by several inches, and yet it was still growing. As Russel continued his reps he became aware of something interesting. It was getting tougher and tougher to complete a fly. His arms just wouldn’t go all the way back down. At first, he chalked it up to just his cock getting too fat for him to wrap his arms around, but he eventually began to realize that there was something else at work. Part of him wanted to continue his reps, but the curiosity was getting the better of him. He had to see with his own eyes and verify his suspicions. He awkwardly propped himself up and hopped off of his own cock and turned to stare into his own reflection. Sure enough, it was just as he had suspected. His pecs were now so massive that they impeded his ability to bring his arms together. Russel couldn’t believe how massive he had become. He couldn’t believe that he had been a stick when he had walked into the gym this afternoon. Now he was easily five times wider than he had been before. His broad shoulders were so wide he wouldn’t be able to get through a normal doorway without shifting his weight around, and that was saying nothing of his cock which was every bit as thick as his broad, barrel chest, and then there were his nuts which were each about as large as a Lay-Z-Boy recliner. His pecs were the size of mattresses. His individual abs were so huge that each one bulged out like basketballs. His biceps alone were bigger than his whole head, and his quads were as thick as oak trees! And yet, as massive as he was, he could still see himself steadily creeping up in size. Russel knew he had to be reaching the end of his growth. He was already so massive that he was having trouble moving, and yet he didn’t want it to end just yet. Unfortunately, he couldn’t read the loading bar on his shirt. His shirt had been completely swallowed by his pecs. He awkwardly fumbled as best he could with the fabric and tried to pull his shirt out from underneath his pecs so he could read the loading bar, and to his surprise, when he finally did get a chance to read it, the bar was nearly complete! This was about as big as he would get? On one hand he was glad he wouldn’t grow to immobility, but on the other hand, the rush of getting larger and larger was too great to be ignored. Part of him wanted to keep going. Part of him wanted to get even larger than before. He didn’t care if he outgrew the whole gym! A telltale ding came from his shirt to alert him that the download had been completed. For better or worse, this was his new size. Russel wasn’t too bummed out about it though. He was bigger than he ever dreamed possible. He couldn’t wait to show his new bulk to all his friends on campus, but first things first… he needed to rinse off some of the funk from the powerlifting he had done. He put up the barbells and made his way towards the locker rooms for a quick shower. Russel stopped off by his locker briefly to put up his clothes. He had to pull and tug at his shirt to get it unstuck from between his massive muscles, and when he finally did remove it he had to chuckle at what had become of it. The shirt was so badly stretched out that it looked more like a series of spaghetti straps than an actual shirt. Next came the jockstrap, or what was left of it anyway. That part came off much easier than the shirt. All he had to do was shimmy it down across his thick thighs and then step out of them. With that off, all that was left was to kick off his shoes, which he did with ease. It was strange. He had been pretty much bare-assed naked for half of his gym set, but somehow shedding the last few tatters of his clothes left him feeling awkward and exposed. He never was the most outgoing guy, and he had always been afraid of showering in public like this. He had to remind himself that he was no longer a little shrimp with something to hide. He was massive! He had the muscles of a god and the cock of a whale! He had nothing to hide anymore. It didn’t take long for him to psyche himself up and make his way towards the showers. He was not too surprised to find that he was too large to fit into any of the stalls. He was so huge that he couldn’t even get just his dick into one of them! Still, he wasn’t so quick to be discouraged. There was a showerhead on the side of the wall that was out in the open. It was obviously designed for those who were going to hit the pool and just needed to hose off real quick while still in their suits, but it worked just fine for Russel’s purposes. He shimmied his bulk towards the showerhead, turned the knob, and then did his best to soak up underneath the flow, but he was so massive he could only get small parts of him wet at a time, and that was saying nothing of lathering up. There was no way he could reach his arms around his cock to wash it, and his backside was even harder to reach! Fortunately, he didn’t have to worry about what to do for long. He soon felt the warm touch of a wet washrag against his bare skin. Russel glanced over to see one of his admirers from the gym had made the journey into the showers with him. It was hard to believe how tiny the guy looked. He was without a doubt one of the burliest bros Russel had ever seen before, but even this guy looked puny next to Russel’s new mass. Russel didn’t know what to say. Part of him wanted to thank the guy for stepping in to help out, but at the same time he felt kind of weird having someone rubbing him down like this. Fortunately, the new arrival didn’t seem to be too keen on conversation. His eyes were glued to Russel’s enormous pecs. The guy ran the soapy cloth across Russel’s massive pectoral muscle and sensually stroked the thick mass of brawn. Russel’s pecs were so massive that the guy couldn’t even reach all the way across to wash both pecs. The best he could do was focus on the one closer to him. He’d have to walk around to the other side if he wanted to have any hope of washing Russel’s another pec, but for the time being he was content just to wash half of Russel’s front. The suds cascaded down Russel’s pecs and coursed through the deep trenches of his sculpted cum-gutters before reaching his crotch and dripping off his cock and down his immense nuts before splattering onto the tiled floor below, but soapy water wasn’t all that was splattering onto the floor. Russel was trying to keep a level head as he focused on soaping up the parts of his body he could actually reach, but the sensual rubbing from his new friend was getting him even more hot and bothered than he already was. His rock-hard cock was drooling pre so fast that it rivaled the showerhead for sheer output. Pre oozed out from the tip of his supersized cock head and down onto the floor, and things were only going to get even steamier in the showers. Another set of hands soon found their way towards Russel’s enormous body. This time the hands fixated on his backside, and Russel could only assume that the owner of said hands was just as enrapt as the Russel’s first helper. Try as he might though, Russel could not catch a glimpse of the guy behind him. He just couldn’t turn around enough to look behind him, but he was fine with letting his new helper remain anonymous. The mystique just added to his arousal. Russel soon found himself so hot and bothered that his cock was shuddering with joy as the new arrival soaped down his backside. By the time the newcomer had reached down low enough to start massaging Russel’s massive ass, Russel was so close to cumming that he had to try his hardest to tune out the sensations that were overcoming his senses. Having two helpers was almost more than Russel could take, but soon he had yet another newcomer working over his enormous mass. This guy didn’t seem interested in Russel’s muscles though. Russel could only watch in awe as another cute gym jock strode towards him. Even before this newcomer began soaping down a part of Russel’s enormous brawn, Russel knew exactly where he was going to focus his efforts. The guy’s gaze never left Russel’s enormous cock even for a second. The look in his eyes was even hornier than Russel felt! Russel half expected the guy to start washing his cock with his tongue, but instead the guy soon joined in the other two helpers in lathering up Russel’s body with a washcloth and soap. Russel stared in hormone addled awe as the guy stared down Russel’s enormous cock head, a cock head which eclipsed the dude’s entire torso! The guy silently went about his business as he soaped up and stroked down the spongy tip of Russel’s cock. Just feeling how tiny the dude’s hands felt against his cock drove Russel even crazier than before, and the feeling of the dude’s hands sliding under his foreskin to stroke around the fringes of swollen cock head. Russel almost came right then and there. It was only by sheer force of will that he kept himself from dousing the new arrival in a torrential spurt of spunk. Although, judging by the devious glint in the guy’s eyes, Russel wouldn’t doubt that the dude was hoping for just such a shower. Russel’s mind was almost as foggy as the steamy showers as the three guys works over their respective portions of Russel’s colossal body. Guy A had shifted sides and was now working over Russel’s other pec and the other half of his abs and occasionally even dropping a hand low enough to caress Russel’s inner thigh – the guy’s hand wedged tightly between Russel’s thick quads and enormous cock and ball sack as he did so. Guy B had gotten more adventuresome in his worship and cleansing of Russel’s backside and was now giving Russel’s meaty ass a washing he would never forget. Russel was a very hygienic guy, but even had never spent so much time scrubbing the crevasse between his butt cheeks before. Russel was sure he had even felt a tongue in there amidst the lathers and strokes of the washcloth. Meanwhile, Guy C had gotten even more hands on than he was before. He had climbed onto Russel’s cock as if it was a roadhouse mechanical bull. The guy used his entire, soap-covered body to rub and lather Russel’s cock which dwarfed the dude in terms of sheer girth. Even in terms of length, Russel’s dick had a few inches on the guy’s whole body. It was all too much for Russel to take. Dude A stroking his muscles so tenderly, Dude B massaging his ass, balls, and taint so fervently, Dude C gyrating and grinding his whole body against Russel’s cock so erotically, it all worked together to send him over the edge. Russel tried to hold back, but all he managed to do was forestall the coming torrent long enough to let out a loud, low groan. His moan echoed through the misty showers, and then cum erupted from his colossal cock. Russel was so lost in the ecstasy of his own colossal climax that he couldn’t even comprehend what was happening around him. For all he knew everything faded away into the fog of the steamy showers, but he wasn’t the only one in the throes of orgasm. His three attendants had cum as well. Each one without so much as laying a hand on their own cocks. The group came and came again and again, but the trio of attendant’s loads seemed inconsequential next to the flood of spunk that erupted from Russel’s gigantic cock. After a mere two spurts, there was a standing pool of spunk up to Russel’s ankles, and he was nowhere near done draining his nuts. By the time he was finally spent, the thick layer of spooge had seeped out of the showers, into the locker room, and even out into the gym lobby. The four guys slumped down in an exhausted, post-coital haze and basked in the afterglow and the warm sprinkle from the showerhead. Eventually, Russel’s attendants had recovered enough to continue their work, but Russel took much longer to come to his senses. He was only vaguely aware that the three of them were still rubbing him down, and by the time he had mostly come to his senses, his body had been once more washed and was free from spunk. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for much of the locker room. Russel staggered his way back towards the locker room and over towards his locker. He soon realized a small problem that he had not taken into account during his growth – he now had no clothes to wear! His gym shorts were a tattered wreck. They were useless to him even if he wasn’t too huge to wear him, and he hadn’t brought anything else to wear home – not that anything he owned would even fit him anymore. Even the muscle shirt he had been given by his friend which had once been the largest garment he owned was now far, far too tiny for him. He figured he could maybe force it on over his bulky brawn, but what then? The thing would be so stretched out that it would appear to be little more than spaghetti straps. Russel stared down at the stretched-out garment in bemused fascination. He could hardly believe that this little bit of fabric had completely transformed his life and his body. He had gone from the smallest shrimp to the biggest bodybuilder in the span of an hour! He was even bigger than the biggest bodybuilder by a huge margin! Russel was just about to shove the stretched-out ribbons of a shirt back into his locker when he noticed something odd. The loading bar had vanished! It instead had been replaced by what looked to be a pop-up window. Russel unraveled the shirt as best he could and stared in awe at the new message on the fabric. “A New Update is Ready to be Installed” it read.
  15. BrutalPowerDemon


    WARNING! This story contains violence, snuff, and religious content that will be disturbing if such is not your "cup of tea". Please do not read if you find such content distasteful or offensive. Following is the entire Brye series as I originally published on CoiledFist, but without chapter breaks. Should there be a continuation in the future, it will be posted as "Brye 2". Comments and criticisms are welcomed and encouraged. If the warning above is ignored, however, and you are offended by snuff and other content, then please keep your comments to yourself. Thanks . . . and enjoy! “Damn, Brye!” David shouted as he came down the basement steps into my favorite space: the weight-room I had created for myself. “You’re a BEAST, Dude!” he continued as he jumped from the last step to the floor. I racked the barbell and sat up, flexing my taught, hard pecs and bringing my arms together in front of me, the rounded bulk of my flexed biceps further crushing my powerful chest together and up to my chin. I stood, shirtless in my extra-large gym shorts stretched taught over my ample cock and ballsack as my thick, rounded glutes flexed. I just turned eighteen, but at six feet, nine inches tall, I towered over Dave (and everyone else I’d met in this small, Midwestern town). I crunched out a most muscular pose, my entire body exploding with full, mature muscle. Dave reached out and ran his comparatively small hand over the thick crevices of my abs. My friend as long as I could remember, he always encouraged me to get bigger from the moment he noticed me growing faster than he was. “You like what you see, little man?” I boomed, teasing Dave. He blushed slightly as he pulled his hand back quickly. “Shit, Dave, I’m just messing with you, you little pussy.” I teased as I placed my large hands around his thick lats and beneath his armpits, effortlessly lifted him and tossed him onto the couch halfway across the basement. “Damn! You’re lighter to me every day, man!” I thundered as I pumped out an inhuman double biceps pose, the thick mountains of vein-encased muscle peaking just below my clenched fists. Dave grabbed a cushion and placed it in his lap as I walked over to him, lowered my fists to my thin waist and spread my wide, thick lats as I loomed over him. “Holy, FUCK, you’re huge, Brye . . . and you’re bigger every day, dude!” he whimpered. “If I was as big and strong as you . . . I would fuck some shit up, man!” He looked up at me and seemed to be gauging my reaction. “Have you ever heard of a website called Coiled Fist?” “No, man . . . why?” I asked as I relaxed and began to rub my freshly pumped muscles. “I came across it last year and, well . . . it’s got stories and pictures and shit. I can’t help but think of you when I’ve read some of the stories. You should check it out!” “What kind of stories and pictures?” I asked, my interest piqued as to why he’d be telling me this, but knowing we had the same interest in a lot of things. He looked at me as if he wasn’t sure what to say and then, haltingly, eyes down, he asked if I’d ever heard of Macrophilia. “No, but I like the sound of Macro, man!” I grinned as I, once again, flexed over him. He looked up and blurted out . . . “CHRIST, Brye! It’s about size, power and shit . . . and it’s sexual, too! I’m SO sorry, man . . . there’s this one story called ‘Justin’ and another called ‘Wong’ and images of you fill my mind as I read . . . and it fucking turns me on!” He slowly moved the couch cushion from his lap and I saw his shorts tented and a small, wet spot forming at where the tip of his rigid cock held his shorts off his waist. “I think I’m gay.” He whimpered. As I mentioned, I’ve known Dave all my life. We’d double dated, done chicks . . . the whole nine yards. I was stunned and my face darkened. I don’t know what came over me, but I reached down and wrapped one massive hand around his throat and lifted him, kicking and sputtering, from the couch. As I did, something unleashed within me and I growled in a deep, menacing voice, “You fucking little shit! You’re queer for THIS?” I boomed as I flexed my other arm hard, forearm thickening and solidifying as my biceps rounded to rock-hard peaks of powerful muscle. Dave stopped struggling as he grabbed hold of my wrist to relieve the pressure from hanging at arm’s length from my fist was placing on his puny little neck. I felt adrenaline pumping through my body, my cock twitched and began to inflate, fighting for space in the constraining shorts plastered on me. “Don’t you know I could crush your neck to paste in my fist and snap you in two without even trying?” I felt my cock pulse and pre-cum shoot through the fabric just before the sound of ripping fabric echoed in the basement and my shorts were ripped from my body by my flexing, bobbing fuck pole, pre-cum roping to the floor. “What the HELL?!?!” I boomed as I released my grip and dropped Dave to the couch. “Holy FUCK!” Dave almost whispered as he rubbed his sore neck. “Look at you! You’re GROWING!” At that moment, my step-dad opened the door to the basement. “What the hell is going on down there?” he yelled as he came down the steps. When he got to the floor he looked up . . . and up . . . and up ! He fell back on his ass as he beheld . . . ME! Twelve feet of nude, powerful, rippling teen bodybuilder beef. As I turned to face him, my thick, thirty-inch cock came in to view, erect and issuing torrents of pre-cum onto the floor. “Oh my GOD, Brye! What’s happened to you?” I had always suspected he wanted more of me than he let on . . . now it was obvious. I could read his body language and face. He was shocked, yes, but he was drawn to me. . . the epitome of masculinity. I saw his little cock raise in his slacks, saluting all that I was becoming. How far would he go, I wondered. “Come here, ‘Dad’,” I beckoned, pushing my hot, throbbing and leaking cock down towards him. “You’ve always wanted a piece of me, haven’t you?” He looked terrified, conflicted. He scooted back towards the steps, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of me. “Brye!” I heard Dave call to me. “What are you feeling, man? Did I cause this? Are you angry with me?” I turned back to Dave and as he beheld me, he blurted out, “Oh, GOD, Brye! Unnngh . . . oohhhh . . . SHIIITT!” he screamed as he fell to the floor in orgasm, jerking uncontrollably. I grinned. “Davey, I feel GREAT! So fucking POWERFUL! I should be worshipped by smaller creatures, man!” I turned back to my “Dad”, now with his puny little dick out of his pants and stroking at the sight of his powerfully muscular and godly ‘son’. I pointed to my leaking, mushroom cockhead almost the size of my dad’s head, and grinned and evil grin. “Eat me, man! But first, treat me as I should be treated by one as pathetically weak as you!” “Brye!” he stuttered, “You are my son, I can’t . . . “ In one swift movement, I grabbed the groveling little thing from the floor, my hand encircling his waist, and shook him like a ragdoll. “You will do what I say, you worthless piece of shit. I’ve heard you smack Mom around, and now it’s your turn to get fucked up!” My anger began to boil. At the same time, Dave crawled up to my feet and looked up at me as he spoke: “Brye, you are more powerful than any human. Look at you! Look how you hold a full-grown man in your hand as if he was nothing but a worthless little bug . . . worth nothing but for your pleasure . . . and if it pleases you, to be crushed out of existence!” “FUCK, Dave! What are you doing to me?!?!” I felt power course through my herculean body, every cell bursting with lustful desire. My cock twitched, bobbed and shot pre-cum with such force, it cracked the block wall across the room. “Mmmm! More, Davey, more!” I boomed as I tightened my grip around my struggling little ‘Dad’. . . I felt a CRACK as two of his ribs broke and he screamed. My cock jumped with desire. “JESUS, Brye . . . you are a GOD among mere mortals now! The world is a mere plaything to you, to do with as you please. Nothing can stand in your way!” Dave was stroking his once again rock-hard cock as he looked up at me. He crawled over to beneath my cock and coated himself in my steaming pre-cum, lapping some of the slimy nectar from the roping stream issuing from my hungry tool. He pleased me . . . my anger with him was gone. Of course he went gay for me! How could he not? Everything was falling into place. I lowered my whimpering ‘Dad’ to my pre-cum issuing cock and pressed his face into the slit. “This is what you always wanted, bitch, so drink up!” I flexed my cock, forcing more and more pre-cum to flow, more than his protesting little body could handle. His beating on my cock-head stimulated me more until, after a short time, it stopped. He had drowned in my pre! What a weak, worthless little waste of skin! I looked Davey in the eye and grinned as I flexed my arm, closed my fist and squeezed, crushing ‘Dad’s’ useless little corpse to paste. As I tossed his pulped body aside, Dave shot his load high into the air. “Time to introduce the world to their new God, Davey.” I boomed as I reached down and lifted my friend from the floor. I crouched and jumped up, crashing through the first floor and exploding through the roof coming to land in my driveway. Mom was just getting home and gawked up at her godly son holding his friend close to his heaving chest. I awoke with a start, fist hard against my chest as my eyes shot open and I felt the hot, fresh cum flowing over my thick, solid abdominals and soaking the sheets. “FUCK!” I muttered as I pulled the cum-drenched sheet covering me off of my body, admiring the deep ridges of my solid bricks of abdominal muscles, my spunk squishing from the deep crevices that slammed shut as I flexed them to sit up in my bed. My mind took me back to that dream and my still rigid, cum drooling cock lurched, spurting another wad of cum onto my pectoral shelf. “That was one HOT wet dream!” I thought as I stood and stretched my heavily muscled, six feet, nine inches tall frame, my large hands easily palming the almost ten feet tall ceiling as my calves, quads, abs, lats and biceps bulged obscenely from my immense teen frame. I heard my step-dad walking towards my room while saying, “Damn it, Brye! You’re going to be late for school again!” As he reached my door he, without knocking, threw my bedroom door open and started to continue, but stopped dead in his tracks, one hand on the door-frame and one on the door knob. His jaw dropped as he beheld my hyper-muscled body flexing before him, thick, dripping twelve-inch cock pointing to the ceiling in front of my cobblestone abs, large testicles laying like grapefruit on my rippling quads. “Shit!” I rumbled, “I thought I took care of you for good!” I seethed as I flexed hard to intimidate, turned, ripped the sheets from the bed and wiped myself down seductively. “Like what you see, Pops!” I taunted him as I gyrated my hips, cock swaying from side to side like a skyscraper in a hurricane in front of my flexing abs. I knew he lusted after me – I figured a few years ago that he only married my mom to get close to me – horny, fucking little size-queen. “If only dreams could come true.” I fumed as, without uttering another word, Pops turned, grabbed his crotch and, visibly trembling, closed the door and quickly headed down the hall. I heard the bathroom door slam shut and grinned as I heard the muffled “God – so HUGE! UNNNGGH! Oh, NOOOOO! Not – a – GAIN! NUH! FFF-UUUUU-KKKK!!!” emanating from the bathroom down the hall. “Fucking pussy!” I bristled as I stripped the sheets from the bed, finished wiping myself down, as well as the water-proof mattress pad, grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist and deflating fuck rod. I remembered, in the dream, holding “Dad’s” puny little face against my cock-head as he fought and the memory caused my cock to twitch and I realized how much strength, power and control really turned my on! Just then my Mom knocked lightly and pushed the door open, “Brye, what’s wrong - with – your ---- father?” Her eyes looked towards me as she stuttered through her sentence, taking in not only the sight of all that I am, but the masculine, viral scents of sex and cum that filled the room. Her eyes lodged on the towel being pushed forward and out by my beginning to, once again, awaken cock, the full, round head and flange clearly visible beneath the fabric. She remembered how, one night, after “Dad” and she had been drinking and he passed out, she came into my room, pulled the sheet from my hulking, nude body and begged me to fill her with my manhood. Being a young, horny teen, I had no inhibition about giving my mom whatever she wanted. I impaled her on my steely sword and ravished her until morning, cumming into her at least a half-dozen times before she begged me to stop, her orgasmic screams muffled by a pillow she held to her face. Still remembering that night, I’m sure, she walked towards me as if in a trance and rubbed her little hands over my abs, up and over my heaving chest and out to my full, rounded and hard biceps before lowering her hands and removing the towel. My always hungry teenaged cock immediately flooded with blood, inflated and rose to full attention. “Mmmmm! Son!” Mom hissed as her mouth latched onto one of my silver-dollar sized nipples as she began to stroke my now throbbing member. “Can you help me, Mom?” I purred as I guided he mouth down, over my abs and out to the throbbing head of my freshly leaking cock-head. As her mouth covered the slit, a jolt shot through me and I remembered the unbridled power I felt in my dream. “Fuck YEAH!” I boomed as I grabbed her head and pulled hard, my cock roughly sliding down her throat, the sheer girth of my beast splitting the corners of her lips as she tried to protest, beating on my hot, hard flesh, further fueling my new, dream-inspired lust for power and control – over anyone and anything. As I looked down at her and saw blood dripping from each side of her mouth, my cock immediately spasmed in ejaculation, rapidly shooting wad after wad of semen directly into my mom’s rapidly distending gut. As I began to stop cumming, I slowly withdrew my whale from my mom’s throat, the ridge of its head getting stuck on her teeth as I tried to pull out. Grabbing her head firmly between my palms, I pulled back hard, an audible “POP” bouncing off my bedroom walls as my cock broke free from Mom’s hungry, bleeding pie-hole. She fell back on the floor looking up at me fearfully as she wiped the cum and blood from the sides of her mouth. “Oh, FUCK yeah - Thanks, Ma!” I sneered down at her as I threw on sweatpants and sweatshirt, and walked to the bathroom. Pushing the door open with one hand (splintering the door frame as I effortlessly exerted pressure), I saw Pops, cleaning up, his flacced, little dick springing to attention as her turned and saw me filling his field of vision. Grabbing him by the throat with one hand, I lifted him from the floor and carried him, at arm’s length, to my room, flailing and kicking the whole way – my cock twitched and spurt some pre into my sweats. I tossed him onto my mom, stood over them and raised my arms in a double-biceps crunch, stretching the fabric tight over my rippling muscle. I looked my mom in the eye and she quickly shoved her fist between her legs and pumped. I grinned, looked my “Dad” in the eye and flexed harder. His eyes glazed over and his hard little cock began spewing cum in every direction without him even touching the worthless little organ. “Weak, uncontrolled little fucks.” I thundered and left the house. I headed over to my best friend’s (David’s) house to start the walk to school together. As I walked up to his door, my thoughts went back to the dream. It had seemed so real! Was it possible that David secretly lusted after me? And, more importantly, why had I grown larger in the dream. I had tasted true power and I wanted it – BAD! My cock twitched as I thought of manhandling David’s muscular little body. SHIT! I’d never thought of him in that way – but, HELL, why not? I've always been bigger, stronger, smarter - why shouldn't I have my way with ANYONE! “I’ll have to tell him my dream and see how he reacts.” I mused as I walked up to his front door and rang the bell. As David opened the door, his face went pale and he fell backwards. "Damn, Brye! You're a BEAST, Dude!" Remembering that line from my dream, I grinned and evil grin and stepped into the house. "Let's go down to your basement gym, Davey!" I thundered as I walked past him and to the basement door, my cock already twitching in anticipation of what was to come. I ran down into David’s basement with him not far behind. I went over to the workout bench and saw five candles arranged around a picture of me pumping out a most muscular pose that Dave had taken of me at the beach several months earlier. In the picture, in one clenched fist, I was holding my step-dad and in my other fist was Dave’s dad. There was a piece of paper beneath my picture with writing on it. I heard David shut the basement door, start down the steps and stop about half-way down as I picked up the paper and began to read: As my best friend, Brye, Is built like a bull, Fill his body with strength And size to the full David bounded down the steps and ripped the paper from my hand. “Davey, what the FUCK?” I boomed, but, looking at the photograph and candles, along with the beginning of that incantation, I couldn’t help but wonder if this had something to do with my dream the night before and the feelings of power I was having. David looked up at me and tears began to fill his eyes. “Brye, man . . . I’m sorry. I came across this website called ‘Coiled Fist’ a while back, and ever since, I can’t help thinking of you as . . . more.” “Like the guys in the stories ‘Justin’ and ‘Wong’?” I asked. His eyes widened and, as he wiped his eyes, he asked excitedly, “You know the site, too?” “Well,” I said, “No . . . and yes. I dreamed you told me about it last night and then things happened in the dream. Strange things, wonderful things and it awakened something in me . . . and I want more. Did you do this incantation last night, Davey?” “Yes, Brye.” David stated flatly. “I’m sorry . . . I didn’t think anything would really happen.” Looking David in the eyes, I kicked my shoes off, slipped my hands beneath my sweatshirt and lifted it over my head before tossing it on the couch and flexing hard. “Well, something DID happen, Dave. You like this, don’t you, Dave?” I reached down and cupped my ample cock and balls and shook them, “and this, too, right?” “Brye, I – I – I” he stuttered. “It’s okay, David. But I want you to light the candles and do the incantation NOW, okay?” I said. David shook his head no. “Please, Brye . . . don’t make me do this in front of you.” Tears welling up in his eyes again. I went over to him, placed a finger under his chin and lifted his head as I leaned down and kissed him hard on the lips, my tongue probing his mouth. He hungrily reciprocated until I pulled away. “See . . . it’s okay. I’m not mad.” “We both have to be nude before the incantation is spoken.” He said fearfully, but I had shed my sweats before he finished speaking. “Strip, Davey boy.” I commanded. He didn’t take his eyes off of my rippling body as he stripped, his tight, muscular frame was also bulging with thick, powerful muscle, just nowhere near what I have. We walked over to the bench, he lit the candles and he chanted: As my best friend, Brye, Is built like a bull, Fill his body with strength And size to the full As his muscles inflate And his stature will surge To the size of my thoughts Bug-like men he will purge As his body ignites With the strength of an ox, Endow on his frame The largest of cocks As a God among men As his attitude grows May he crush those beneath And all who oppose May he feed off the small ones The awe and fear he instills And use all that power As those worthless bugs he kills Before the last syllable was spoken, I felt every muscle fiber tense and begin to burn with heat. I could actually hear the muscle fibers and skeletal structure expanding, hardening, thickening. David stood staring at me, his mouth agape. His cock quickly rose to full mast as he blurted, “Oh, my GOD, Brye! You’re growing! Oh, SHIT, Brye! It WORKED!” As I reached a herculean twelve feet of bone crushing muscular power, I thundered, “David! Stop thinking of me growing!” He shook his head as if coming out of a trance. “Brye! You are a muscle beast . . . you’ve gotta be the most powerful being on the planet!” as he walked up to me and placed a trembling hand on my flaccid, impossibly thick, yard long cock covered with ropes of veins pulsing blood to the monstrous sex organ. “You want me to take care of our step-dads, don’t you?” I asked, drawing from the picture he had made. “Call my dad and have him meet your dad in your barn.” He called my dad with some lame excuse about his dad wanting to talk to him about us skipping school and my dad said he’d be right over. “Okay, Dave. We’ll give them time to get together out in the barn and then WE’LL show up to ‘chat’ with them.” I promised with a light flex of my cock that sent him sprawling. “DAMN! I’m strong EVERYWHERE!” I grinned. My massive cock twitched with anticipation of what was to come. “So, Dave, you want to make me even bigger?” I grin as I lift my oaken arms and flex, huge cannonball biceps hardening into peaked masses beneath my massive fists as the thick, striated triceps solidify to even larger blocks of muscle clinging beneath. From my relatively thin wrist, forearms flare to broad, vein encased columns and battle my biceps for space. I roll my head from side to side, showcasing wide traps descending from behind my ears over to my rippling, rounded shoulders, my massive, protruding pectorals casting a large shadow over my rib-cage thick with bulging intercostals. The lats spread inconceivably wide, beginning beyond my armpits and tapering down to my waist where brick sized abdominals stack and grind almost audibly. David scoots back against the wall fearfully as I display the all-powerful being whose emergence he has triggered. “I - I - I’m SORRY, Brye! I really didn’t think this would work! I just kept dreaming of you as a - as a - I - you’re a - oh, Brye! PLEASE don’t hurt me!” he begs, knowing what he’s dreamed of, and the spell to make me an absolutely BRUTAL and RUTHLESS, LUST-FILLED MUSCLE GOD. I sneer down at him and growl, “Davey! You’re a smart little fuck! I listened to the incantation you spoke. You linked my size and power to YOUR thoughts, as well as the fear and idolization I can beckon and captivate from others. For me to continue being what you’ve dreamed of, and what I am destined to be, I need you. You WILL help me grow into what I am meant to be, Dave - a brutal, sadistic and depraved MUSCLE BEAST - a merciless, cold-blooded GOD to you and the rest of you powerless and inconsequential little humans!” “Ha, ha, ha!” I thunder, “Thanks for awakening this in me . . . I guess, deep down, I always knew this would come.” I notice David’s eyes are glued to my pulsing, heavy cock. “Come on over and see what a REAL man feels like, Davey.” I purr as he crawls over and places a hand on my cock-head. With an involuntary flex of my fuck-pole at his touch, he is sent flying back across the basement. Drool runs from the side of his mouth as he picks himself up, rubbing his own now throbbing, dripping tool. I smile at the realization of how powerful I really am! “Think of me at my more ‘normal’ size, Davey. Our ‘dads’ should be together in the barn by now.” I see - almost feel - the conflict within David as he fights within himself to obey me and bring my size back to its previous state or, instead, to continue to think of my as a massive, giant muscle-god and causing me to just explode from the basement, destroying his house in the process. “NOW!” I boom, rattling the confined basement with the power of my voice. David backs up and pushes himself against the wall as he closes his eyes so as not to see what I’ve already become; to be able to visualize me as I was before he cast his spell. I immediately feel the change and see the wall appear to rise around me as I reduce in height. “Good boy!” I purr in a deep, guttural voice, “Now get us some sweatpants to throw on before we go to the barn.” ---------------- Sam, Brye’s adoptive dad, had just recovered from Brye’s domineering outburst before Brye hastened out of the house when he received the call from David. Fearful of what might have happened at David’s house and sensing from David’s voice that something wasn’t quite right, he quickly threw on jeans and a t-shirt, checked in on Brye’s mom (who remained curled up in the corner of Brye’s room, seemingly in a trance, moaning and slowly fisting her hungry pussy). Seeing nothing had changed with her, he left and ran over to the David’s family’s large barn where he found David’s dad, inside, working on a tractor. Looking up, Joe (David’s dad, also having adopted David after marrying his mother), greeted him, “Hey, Sam! What brings you over this morning?” Sam walked over to Joe, “I thought you wanted to talk to me about the boys, David called me a bit ago and -” ---------------- Sam stops talking and both men turn as they hear the large barn doors close and the space darkens slightly with the morning sun being shut out by the closing of the doors. As they look towards the barn entrance, they see both of their unusually large and incredibly muscular sons clad only in tight-fitting sweatpants, slide the board on the inside of the doors into place to keep the doors from opening (or from being opened). “What the hell are you boys up to? I thought you went to school!” I hear Joe blurt out, his eyes adjusting to the reduced light As David and I walk up to our adoptive dads, they are completely dwarfed by our size, but, even with that comparison, I tower over David and I see the realization register in Joe’s face that I have grown larger than when he had last seen me. “DAMN, Brye, you’ve grown, son!” he states flatly as his eyes roam our young, virile frames, our full, rounded muscles rippling on our torsos, bouncing, flexing and bunching with every step. Sam stands by Joe, trembling as both men’s eyes are drawn down to the straining fabric stretching over the bulging crotches of our sweatpants which leave absolutely nothing to the imagination as to the prodigious size of our manhoods, further emasculating our puny and useless little dads. I grin as I hear my dad blurt out, “Brye, you’re not in trouble. Your mom and I talked and -” his eyes continue to roam my magnificently powerful form. “How is it possible that you are even larger and more defined than when you left the house?” he whispers. His voice, trembling, questions, “Brye?” as I glare down at both dads. Sam reaches up and places his small hand on the cliff of pectoral beef that looms over him. I sneer down at the reverential, becoming frightened little men, grab each around the throat and lift them from the ground as if they weigh nothing at all. They sputter, choking, as they claw at the solid wrist and forearm of astonishing circumference easily suspending them kicking in the air. I walk over to the wall, lift each man and slipp their belts onto large hooks on the barn wall, suspending them there, unable to do anything but kick and curse. “Brye! What the FUCK are you doing?” I hear David’s dad scream. “David, get me down from here this instant or I’ll -” “Our you’ll WHAT, Dad?” David booms as he peels the tight sweatpants over his huge quads and calf muscles and kicks them aside, his long, thick cock already pulsing to life from seeing me so effortlessly toy with the two men. “I shoulda known!” my dad blurts, “Our boys are a couple of FAG’S!” immediately regretting his outburst and futile attempt to cover his own desire for what David and I are. His jeans are already tented and showing a dark spot spreading at the tip of where his rigid cock is throbbing. “Oh, FUCK, yeah, Davey! This IS going to be fun!” I boom as I grinn down at David, my initiator. “Let’s show both of these fucking little assholes how well they’ve raised us.” Dave grins, looks at me and begins to envision the beast that he always knew that I AM. He lowers one hand and begins to slowly stroke his expanding cock as he sees me close my eyes and hiss, “YEESSSSS!” as every muscle on my frame bulges and swells to new dimensions. My sweats fill, strain and finally explode from my body as I grow, hundreds of pounds of rippling, granite-hard muscle covering my mountainous body. My already thick cock inflates and lengthens down to my knees. My balls churn, resting atop these inhuman quads with muscle fiber rippling beneath the thin, vein-covered skin. David’s dad screams to him as he watches him seemingly worship the expanding creature I am becoming, not realizing it is David, and his desire, growing me. “You fucking, muscle-bound FAIRY!” he blurts to his son. Without taking his eyes off of me and still slowly stroking his pre-cum leaking cock with one hand, David backhands his dad with enough force to knock out 3 teeth and causing blood to gush from the man’s busted lips and mouth, immediately swelling and changing color. As I reach 15 feet in height and open my eyes, I look down and focus on David’s dad and grin a wide, toothy grin. “My turn to rule the roost, little man!” I reach down and wrap my massive hand around a small tractor, encircling it with my long, powerful fingers, and lift it in front of his trembling little dad’s pale face. My arm explodes with muscle and the screeching of tortured metal fills the barn as I effortlessly crush the tractor into a worthless ball of scrap. “Hmmmm - I wonder what I could do to you, little man.” I muse as I reach down and tug at my inflating sex trunk. Hefting it up, I slam my bulbous cock head into my dad’s head (much smaller than my huge, pre-pouring, mushroom head!). The blow momentarily knocks my dad unconscious, his face swelling and turning black and blue. “Well, David - let’s start our fun with these two.” I thunder as I grab and lift my dad from the hook and shake him like a rag-doll to try to awaken him. David grabs his own dad and lifts him from his hook and rips the clothes from his body before impaling him on his steel-hard shaft. His dad awakens with a start, face swollen and lips bleeding, and begins screaming from the pain and from beholding me, now a giant, muscle-bound beast, trying to awaken his neighbor by shaking the puny little body like a broken toy. Tossing my still unconscious dad to the ground, I grab David’s dad and pop him from David’s cock, lift him to my face an growl, “Shutup, you little cunt - I’m gonna give you something to REALLY scream about!” Holding his struggling, bleeding little body in one fist, I insert my middle finger, larger than his puny little forearm, into his worthless, already stretched little ass. His pleasure-filled moans of agony spur me on as I rearrange his organs by moving my finger around inside his weak little body. I use my massive middle digit to rape him mercilessly. As the tip of my finger reaches his racing heart, he renews his screaming at feverish pitches. I lower him down to David, my furiously stroking little pet, and order him to use his pulsing pole to face-fuck the screeching little thing on my finger to shut him the fuck up. Grinning up to me he thanks me, grabs his dad’s head and rams his thick cock down the pathetic little bug’s throat, pulling the blubbering fool’s face all the way into his crotch, moaning, “Oh, YEAH, you fucking piece of shit! Take this muscle cock down your throat like you always wanted! Choke on it, man! This is for everything you’ve done to me and my mom, fucking little bastard!” David bellows as he rams his own massive member down that cock-stretching throat over and over again, his dad unable to breathe, trying to grab onto his David’s massive thighs as that huge, churning nut sack rhythmically pounds against his throat with each thrust David’s making. I pluck my finger from Joe’s bleeding ass and turn my attention back to my own little toy, now conscious and trying to crawl away, unseen. “Where you going, Dad?” I taunt as I reach down and pluck him from the ground by his ankle with two fingers. I lift him up so that he is before my face. “SO fucking fragile.” I state as I smirk and slowly squeeze my fingers together, his flesh, muscle, tendons and bones having no chance against such power. The tissues are simply liquified and squish from between my fingers as he wails in pain and he drops from my now bloodied fingers. I catch him by his other leg in my other hand as I lick my bloody fingers clean. He looks up at me in horror, in too much pain to continue screaming, as my eyes darken and an evil smirk forms on my face. I lift my arm and flex my massive bicep, turn and lick the pulsing, cable-sized veins mapping its surface before looking back at my dad, “All this fucking muscle needs a lot of protein, Dad.” I whisper as I lick my full lips with my long tongue, then run that thick taste-tool over my large, sharp, pearly-white teeth. My dad’s body convulses in orgasm, mixed with piss, soaking his jeans and shirt. Satisfied with the fear instilled into my “dad”, I grin as I hang his trembling little body from the hook on the barn wall, blood dripping from his one completely smashed-flat ankle, his little dick still spasming, squirting out its last drops of jism. I reach down and grab David’s “dad” and pluck him from David’s thrusting, throbbing cock. David just looks at me and begins to stroke his slick dick at the sight of my giant, muscular being holding his whimpering “dad” in one massive fist. I lower David’s dad down to my hungry cock, issuing pre-cum by the gallon. He inadvertently further stimulates me by beating his little fists against my sensitive mushroom crown. “Oh, YEAH, you little fuck!” I boom as I look over at Dave and begin to force my massive cock-head into the feeble little man’s way-too-small mouth, his teeth snapping off and his jaw dislocating with just my piss-slit barely passing through his stretched-to-the-limit lips. “Awww, FUUUCK!” I thunder as I push further, my fuck-toy’s entire head and skull fracturing into small pieces attempting to contain the mass of just the bulbous crown of my throbbing cock invading the pathetically small space. “DAMN, Davey - so much power!” I grin as with one flex of my oaken arms, his dad’s head simply reduces to a red concoction of flesh, brain and bone dripping from my cock and palms, the body spasming from the tip of my cock-head as I attempt to shove my trunk through the neck-hole and into the warm, quivering torso. Drooling, and cock pumping out ropes of pre-cum, David chant’s: As my dad was a dick, Nothing more than a worm, May Rye’s cock just ingest him As food for his sperm More power does hold, Rye’s bloodthirsty cock, Than the bodies of mortals Whose souls it will dock Upon David’s uttering of those words, I feel my cock jump and its pulsing begins to pry my fist open. I can feel the blissful pleasure of the large slit beginning to suck! The orgasmic feeling flows through my colossal frame as David’s dad’s body begins to implode, my hungry cock sucking the internal organs, sinew and bone into my thick, throbbing shaft. “Mmmmmm, CHRIST! Oh, SHIT!” I whisper as the body is completed consumed by my ravenous fuck-beast. I feel the decimated body in my shaft and squeeze my fist hard, further crushing the valueless thing, once a human, to liquid within my monstrous manhood. I feel so POWERFUL, UNSTOPPABLE, VICIOUS and SADISTIC. David runs over, pulls my cock down and laps at the bloody cockhead, relishing the taste of his dad’s blood mixed with my deific, hot and salty pre-cum. “Oh, yeah, Davey, you sick little fuck! Enjoy what you’ve created - and what I was ALWAYS meant to be!” David looks at me and chants: Rye’s bloodlust ignited, His stomach does growl, His hunger unsated, He must eat something - NOW! I look over at my own dad, visibly shaking in fear after witnessing the gruesome demise of his neighbor in an impossible way by - ME - his hyper-swole, giant and brutal step son. My cock spontaneously flexes at the attention David is giving it, sending him sprawling as I turn and step towards my dad. He is attempting to release himself from the hook from which he helplessly hangs. Standing before him, I flex slowly, allowing the mass of muscle fighting for space on my frame to slowly ripple, expand and solidify before his eyes. Having witnessed the savage power the creature filling his vision holds, and hearing David’s last chant, he renews his futile efforts at release. “DAD!” I state, the sound causing him to cease struggling and look into my eyes. “Remember last night at dinner when I called you a worthless limp-dick and you blurted back, “You can just EAT ME, Rye!”? I grin and, once again, lick my huge, pearly-white teeth with my tongue. “Rye! No! Please!” he erupts in wild movements trying to escape hanging from the hook. Even with that fear coursing through his veins, his cock inflates, slaps his stomach and salutes as he takes in all that I am. “Well,” I state coldly, “I’m hungry,” I flex my cock and it slams into my rippling abs, blood and pre-cum splashing from it’s head and seeping into the deep ridges between each flexing muscle paving my midsection, “and my cock’s still hungry!” I raise my huge hand to his crotch and place his throbbing cock and balls between my thumb and forefinger. His little dick immediately spasms, shooting cum onto my thumb. “Oh - unnn - fuuck! RYE! I - I - NOOOOO!!!” he squeals as he feels pressure building on his pleasure center. “Sick little bastard!” I growl, “Hope you enjoyed that! You won’t be needing these where you’re going, you damned, puny worm!” I then increase the pressure between my thumb and index finger, quickly pulping and mashing his penis and testicles into nothingness between his legs as “Dad” wails. I lick my thumb and finger clean of Dad’s cock and ball mash before lifting him from his hook. Grabbing the leg with no foot left, I tell him, “Well, this is of no use anymore.” before ripping the leg from his body, the sounds of bone snapping and flesh ripping fueling my sadistic lusts for more power over EVERYONE. I toss the leg in my mouth, chew and swallow as he begins to pass out. I shake him, flapping about like a stuffed toy, to try to keep him awake. “As you wish, Dad - eat you I will!” I lower his foot to my now sucking cock head and his foot is sucked in, quickly followed by his waist. “MMMMMMM! Good!” I purr as I begin to pull on his torso and my cock continues to suck in his lower portion. With a jerk of my cock, his body is torn in two. I lift his torso to my salivating mouth, bite off an arm, chew and swallow - bite off another arm, chew and swallow - and then, position his head between my molars and grind his skull into more nourishment for my solid muscle-encased body before chowing down on what’s left in my hand. At the same time, my other hand is wrapped around my cock-head and I squeeze, further crushing the lower portion of Dad’s body as it’s sucked down into my thick, pulsing shaft - and beyond. I look over at David, who is worshipfully staring up at me, slowly stroking his steely-hard shaft, pre-cum bubbling from his piss-slit and roping to the ground. “FUCK, yeah, my friend! I knew we were alike, and yet - different, somehow. I didn’t know how much you desired me to be what I desired to be, man! Can you get me back down to closer to your size?” Again, I noticed the internal struggle he has making me less than what he knows I am. He closes his eyes and concentrates - I see my surroundings seemingly rise as my form diminishes in height. David opens his eyes and runs up to me, throws his arms around my shoulders, looks up to me as he leans up and thrusts his tongue into my mouth and kisses hard, sucking at what was left of my dad’s remains still coating my tongue. As he does, he lifts his body up against me, repeatedly grinding his cock against my abs, humping me as we share a deep, hungry kiss, our tongues probing the depths of our inhumane, merciless desires. As we break our lip-lock, I feel David thrust against my abs hard as volley after volley of steaming cum coats the underside of the overhang of my boulderous pectorals and drips and runs down over my abs, cock and balls. David and I look each other in the eye and, in unison, speak: “MORE” Now I hear my mom at the barn door asking if I’m alright. “Alright, David, grab a couple of sheets from the stall and we’ll wrap them around us and open the door.” “Sounds good, Brye.” David responds as he goes over and grabs a couple of sheets. As we wipe the blood and shit from our bodies, we hear sirens in the distance. We tie the sheets around our waists and unlock the barn door. My mom runs in. “You’re dad was on his way over here and I just wanted to make sure everything is okay, Brye.” she blubbers, not noticing David by the door, then she notices the sheet wrapped around my waist. It didn’t matter, at that point, what she was thinking before - my bare, muscle-bound torso entrances her immediately and she walks up to me, reaches up and places her hand on my massive chest, then slowly runs it down and over my rippling abs to the top of the sheet. “Brye, son, baby . . . I need that massive cock of yours in me, again! Fuck me one more time, PLEASE? I won’t do this to you again, I promise!” At just hearing the word “fuck”, I feel my cock twitch and it floods with blood, rising and lifting the sheet. I snatch the sheet from my waist. “You just can’t get enough of this, can you, you fucking dick dock.” “I’m sorry, Brye! I know it’s wrong, but you’re built just like your biological father - I was addicted from his first fuck - the rape that produced you. I must have you again.” She disrobes immediately, cooing as she strokes my quickly rock-hard, vein encased monster cock. Standing there, I place a hand under each of her arms and lift her. She feels like she weighs nothing at all as I position her wet, hot pussy over my slick, steaming cock head and lower her. She moans as the tip of my flared cock head touches her dripping slit and begins to spread her open wide and enter. As the cock head pops in, her hole clamping around my ridge, she shudders and I pull her further down, my cock pushing - rearranging her insides as I creep up up inside her. “Awwww, FUCK, yeah, David, grow me slow, man!” I growl, my mom not even noticing as I slowly stroke her like a fleshlight up and down my vibrating cock. I begin to notice her feeling tighter and tighter around my throbbing manhood. She opens her eyes and sees that I am larger; she feels herself stretching to accommodate my girth and begins to scream and thrash about on my hungry cock. “Mmmmmm, BABY!” The feeling is incredible. I look down into her fear-filled eyes as I state flatly, “Yes, you son fucking mother, this IS the LAST time I fuck you, you worthless fucking CUNT! I’ll fuck you to PIECES, bitch.” “BRYE! NOOOO! Get out of me! Please! Take me off your cock you - unngh - MMMMM - Oh, GOD! MORE! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUUUCCKKK MEEEEE!” she breathes raggedly as she orgasms over and over again. My johnson juices, mix with her blood, flowing from her pussy and down my shaft. I grin down at her as I see the distinct outline of my mushroom shaped cock head, followed by the pumping shaft, stretching her abdomen. “Mmmmmm!” I purr as I grab one of her ankles in each hand and pull her further down on my cock, her screaming and thrashing about, arousing me even more. I feel bones dislocating and snapping on my sensitive glans, then the beat of her heart against my pre cum spurting slit. Her mouth is open in a silent scream as pre cum begins to jettison from her mouth. Her skin begins to simply shred from my expanding cock as her pleading, green eyes pop from their sockets from the building pre cum pressure. “More, David - MORE!” I boom. As he views me as more, her body simply explodes and disintegrates from around my expanding, throbbing cock and falls to the dirt at my feet, my pre-cum quickly coating the shredded remains. David and I are so engrossed in my little fuck-fest that we don’t notice the cop car pull in and two cops approach the open barn door. They stand there, mouths agape, seemingly frozen in place, as they gaze upon me: A hyper muscled giant standing in the middle of the barn with a broken, bloodied corpse at my feet and my rigid, man sized cock pouring pre-cum onto the pile of worthless, discarded flesh. “Problem, officers?” I rumble as I lower my hand to the base of my gore dripping cock. I slide my huge hand up the thick, throbbing shaft, pooling the bloody mess into my palm before raising it to my lips and grin. Looking them in the eyes, I extend my long, thick tongue and seductively, lap the iron and protein rich remains into my waiting mouth and swallow. Out of the corner of my eye, I see David walk up to me. He reaches up and places a hand on my rippling quad and speaks another chant: Those who wear uniforms Are nothing but toys, To the Muscle God Brye, Such bugs He destroys. With their bodies so puny, Such fun Brye can make, Before dispatching their souls, And nourishment take. Immediately, a fresh flood of contempt for all that would seek to constrain what I am, and a unquenchable hunger, flows from my core and pulses throughout my swelling, mountainous muscles. “KNEEL!” I thunder to the two bewildered cops as I place my fists on my hips and flex hard. I spread my barn wide lats and overshadow them as my pectorals grow and puff out and up like two solid, massive blimps overshadowing my enormous, thick and undulating boulders of abdominal muscle. To further emasculate the beefy little law men, I flex my titanic cock, mapped with firehose thick veins pulsing blood around my pre cum pumping death dick swaying, pec high, in front of me. I see one puny cop’s little cock visibly salute me through his slacks as a dark spot spreads from his crotch and he falls to his knees mouthing, “Oh, my GOD!” The other pisses on himself, draws his weapon and, fires up at me, emptying his clip. All rounds are deflected by my diamond hard cock head and I rumble, “Oh, yes, you stupid little fuck!” at the pleasant stimulation. My cock takes a shot of its own and soaks both little cops in my salty pre cum. They stare up at me, mouths agape. Their vision is enveloped by my muscle encased and indestructible supreme being. The cop that fired drops his weapon and turns to run, but slips from the slimy pre cum in which he is covered. David runs over, shuts and locks the barn door as I order the trembling cop that fired, “Stand up and strip, you irrelevant, powerless excuse for a man.” “N-n-n-oooo! Please!” he squeals like a pig as he scoots away and back into David’s nude, powerful form. He looks up in horror as David reaches down and grabs him by the collar, easily lifting him to his feet. Stroking my cock, I reach down and lift the remains of my mom from by my feet. I make sure the quaking cop that stimulated me with his ammo is watching. I sneer as I exhibiti my huge, pearly white teeth before I take a bite into the ragged corpse, I tear flesh from the remnant of mom in my fist, chew loudly and swallow. ‘Hmph! I need fresh meat.” I grin as I toss what’s left of mom against the wall with a loud SPLAT.” “I said STRIP!” I boom as I eye the little man. “GOD! NO! I’M SORRY!” he blubbers as David tosses him to the ground and rips all the clothes from his body, exposing a well muscled specimen. The cop on his knees, observing all this, stands and disrobes before falling back to his knees, now stroking his own rigid cock in unison with me. The cop now at David’s feet begs his partner, “What the FUCK, Jeff?! No! Help me!” I look down at the worshipful little cop named Jeff as I squeeze a shot of pre cum from my edging cock, roping down onto him and coating his muscular little body. “So, Jeff - do you want to TRY to help your partner? The partner whose back you’re always supposed to have?” He watches me raise my other arm and wipe mom’s blood from my mouth as I grin. Looking me in the eye, he opens his mouth and drinks in my pre cum as I see his rigid little cock rapid firing cum into the torrents of pre cum I am raining down on him. “I’ll take that as a ‘NO!’, Jeffy.” I purr as I turn my attention back to the other cop. “Looks like it’s just you and me, fuck wad.” I grin as I run my tongue over my teeth, once again, for emphasis. At that moment, David and I hear sirens and cars skidding to a halt outside “FUCK YOU, you muscle bound freaking FAGGOT!’ he screams up to me, his voice trembling, “I called for backup!” He looks over at Jeff. “You are THROUGH, Jeff - DONE!” He smirks up to me as if he is now winning. “You stupid, ignorant little parasite. The only thing you’ve done is provide more insignificant little worms, like yourself, for my wanton, sadistic entertainment and gratification!” I bellow as I snatch him from the floor. As I lift the cursing, struggling cop to my face, he seems to realize that he’s made a fatal mistake, but my focus on the miserable, feeble little creature in my fist is interrupted as I hear David begin another chant: With Brye as a God, It’s stoked my desire His cock to invade me, Partake of His fire. May my form not be split By the size of his mast, As I take Him within me, Desiring His blast. A fleshlight I’ll be To His brawn and His might So that mortals may foresee Their imminent plight I look down at David and grin. “Oh, FUCK, yeah, little bro! I guess I’ve always known you were into me, man! We are gonna be linked in more ways than your thoughts, I’m thinking!” My cock throbs and pulses out a few more ropes of pre cum onto the already soaked little cop at my feet. The thought of David’s tight, muscular little body always being available to me and being able to take all that I am - and him being TOTALLY into what I am - and what I want - floods me with even more sadistic arousal. “Davey, MORE!” I growl, “Let’s blow the roof off this fucking little barn!” I see David back up to a wall, glance out a window at cop cars coming to a halt in the yard and grin as he begins to, once again, stroke his throbbing cock. As I feel the growth begin, I reach down and pick up the precum covered cop. My broad, muscular back cracks through the roof with the force of an explosion, scattering wood and debris onto the three cop cars in the yard - a half dozen cops gape up through their windshields to observe a massive beast - a veritable mountain of rippling, rolling teen muscle grinning down at them. I lift my hands so that they can see two of their comrades, stripped nude and dangling from my fingers, one in each hand. Without a word, I lower the bad cop to my cock head while, at the same time, I lift the precum dripping (and still worshipping) little cop to my grinning lips. “Jeff, my pathetic little pet, what should I do with your insolent partner?:’ I whisper to the cop dangling before my face. His little body goes rigid and cum, mixed with blood, shoots from his overworked, hard little cock. He appears to pass out at the sound of my deep, rumbling voice addressing him. I see David come out of what’s left of the barn and look up at my magnificent form, cock protruding through the side of the barn at the roofline in front of the thick blocks of my defined, flexing abs. “Well, I’m hungry, guys.” I state as I place the insolent cop on my cock head, and it immediately begins sucking him in, kicking, punching and screaming. I close my eyes as waves of pleasure emanate from my towering cock. I lower the unconscious cop to my lips and slurp him in as the last of the bad cop disappears into my cock. I reach down and squeeze my cock hard, assuring that I crush the brazen cop in my cock to paste for his journey down my shaft. At the same time, I grin a toothy grin, slowly clench my jaw and crush the worshipper between my teeth, blood spurting from my lips and shooting out onto the windshields of the cars below. I wipe the blood from my chin on my thick, massive bowling pin forearm, lift my other hand and lick some bloody precum from my fingers. I raise a foot and step through the barn, the structure crumbling and falling to the ground as I stomp my massive foot down over the driveway blocking the three cars now trying to quickly exit the scene unfolding before them. David screams up to me, “Oh my GOD, Brye! I always wanted to be like YOU, but to be like you now, FUCK! The FUN we could have in this world of living playthings!” The cops jump out of their cars and draw their useless weapons as I hear David chant: As I expand Brye Just by my own thought, As he wishes me so I will grow on the spot. I will never exceed The God that He is. I am here just to please Him, I am totally His. I grin and envision David as a huge, muscled teen beast. Immediately David’s muscular form expands into a massive muscle monster. As his head reaches just below my throbbing, vertical cock head, he bellows, “Oh, FUCK, Brye! I feel so - so -” He notices the cops scurrying about his feet and snatches one from the ground. “ - so fucking POWERFUL!” With his eye on my pulsing, dripping cock, he takes the struggling man in his hand and inserts him up his ass as he moans, “I want you, Brye -” he coos and shoves the doomed creature further into his dark, muscular chute. “Unngh - SHIT! THANK you, Brye! Ahhh - Brye - FUCK ME!” he booms as he flexes his ass and the muffled crunching of bones resounds. David’s human dildo succumbs to tons of pressure from his flexion, reducing it to a gelatinous goop. Horrified, the remaining five cops empty their guns, bullets bouncing harmlessly off of our smooth, tanned and impenetrable skin. They turn and run to their cruisers. I grab the cruiser with the cop whose partner was just liquified in David’s ass and lift it to my face. The flimsy metal begins to crumple in my grasp as my cold, dark eyes peer in. I hear the cop inside frantically screaming into the radio’s mic, “GIANtS! We need backup! Send the military!” He sees me grin and lick my lips. “Oh, my GOD - NOOO!” he bellows. I peel the roof of the car back and expose his trembling little body. I lower the car slowly so the little thing can take in the expanse of my muscled torso. I want to see not just fear, but terror from this worthless little bug. I alternately flex my pecs over him as he sees my thick abs before him and, in his peripheral vision, my towering cock appear to rise behind him as I lower the car and set the it at the base of my twitching cock. “STRIP!” I thunder over my pecs and down to the terrified being. I see him stand in the car seat and, as the car teeters on my crotch, he quickly strips. Without any prodding he quickly jumps from the car, onto the base of my massive, precum slick cock and begins kissing, rubbing and grinding. I lift the car, crumple it into a ball in my fist and drop it in front of the other two cop cars. Those four cops just stare up and out of their windshields blankly. I reach down and lift the naked little cop from the base of my dick and deposit him on my cock head. I reach down, wrap my hands around David’s waist and lift him. As he faces me, grinning, I position his hungry ass over my cock and slowly lower him onto my godly cock head, The screaming little cop disappearis up David’s ass as I impale the friend who created me to be all I ever wanted to be.. “Is this what you want, little man?” I taunt David. In silent response, his ass alternately flexes and relaxes, sucking my cock in and messaging my rigid, vein covered cock, instatly obliterating the doomed cop against my sex trunk. David reaches up and places his hands on my mountainous pecs and looks into my eyes, “”Yes, Brye! Fuck me - please! Oh, God! FUCK ME HARD!” he thunders and pleads as he wraps his legs around my waist and slowly jacks his cock while milking my head with his ass. As I impale the grateful David further, I look over at the remaining cops. All of them have exited their vehicles as if in a trance, dropped to their knees and whipped out their own drooling cocks and started stroking feverishly at the sight of two massively muscled teens - boy gods - effortlessly snuffing the life out of their comrades and then beginning to give in to sexual lust for each other.The little creatures inhibitions, their very wills, seemed to evaporate and they were caught up in the palpable, sexual frenzy accosting their senses. “Who said you could join, you pathetic little bugs?” I sneer as I take one step, my massive foot covering and instantly crushing all four worthless insects under my sole, I grind them into paste in the dirt as I begin to piston fuck David, jerking his tight little body up and down my long, thick shaft. “Brye, you are a GOD!” David breathes raggedly as I pummel his ass with my throbbing, hungry cock. “Mmmmff! How - Uh! - are you - FUCK! - going to introduce - YES, Brye! - yourself to the world? - OH, MORE, BRYE - FILL ME WITH WHAT YOU ARE!” I thrust hard and David thunders in ecstasy as he is lifted from my cock with the first hydraulic blast of the volcanic cum jettisoning from my cock. He lands at my feet, cum pouring from his ass, and is covered with my godly jizz rocketing from my beast as he jerks himself to climax. He never takes his eyes off of the godly form towering over him. I flex hard and grin down at him as I remember the one cop calling for backup - and the military - before he was snuffed. The sounds of sirens and choppers could be heard in the distance as a news helicopter came into view. “Our introduction in at hand, Davey.” I grinned as he stood to his feet and smiled broadly. “FUCK, yeah!” he thundered. “Dave, bring me down to 6’5” before that news copter is close enough to make us out - I’m taking you to 6’4.” I bellow down to David. In seconds, we are standing in the yard within indentations the size of our feet just moments before. We grab a couple of sheets off of the clothesline, wrap ourselves and run back to my house, leaving David’s house and yard (the house of our initial meting out of death and destruction) empty for the authorities to ponder over. Once we got to my house, David closes the front door behind us, turns and looks up at me, disappointed, “Brye, what are you doing? I thought you were going to introduce the world to, well - YOU!” As I let the sheet slip from my hyper-swole and rippling, flexing body to the floor, Dave falls to his knees as he beholds the 6’5” teen muscle god standing over him, packed with thick, hard masses of brawn. Without a word, he reaches up and grabbs my cock, which is hanging down by my knees, and slurps the head into his mouth, tonguing and sucking in earnest. My cock responds to the stimulation immediately, engorging with blood, thickening and lengthening as I reach down and roughly pull Davey’s head in to my crotch, forcing my mammoth cock to grow directly down his tight, slick throat. The feeling is incredible. He doesn’t even gag or choke as I begin to piston fuck his stunningly handsome face (why hadn’t I noticed that before?). His bulging eyes begin to tear up as they roam the vast expanse of my godly form. He claws at my thighs and abs as I relentlessly ram my cock down his throat, my large, full balls crashing into his chest and throat with each savage thrust. Noticing him beginning to have trouble breathing, I finally flex my ass hard and tense as my balls raise into my sac. My cock begins to buck uncontrollably as it unleashes torrent shots of cum directly into his stomach as he chokes and purrs in thanksgiving. I slowly withdraw my sex log, relishing the feel of his teeth catching on the corona as I slide out, the head popping from his mouth, still spurting cum. “Thanks, bud!” I smile down to him. “No, thank YOU, Brye!” he smiles up to me with his stretched lips as he wipes his cute little mouth clean with his thick, corded forearm. He stands and lets his sheet drop to the floor. I stand there, stunned. My friend is now a massive, godly teen in his own right. “FUCK, Davey! You’re a fucking muscle BEAST, dude!” I exclaim, somehow having forgotten that he had created a spell for me to grow him, as well as he growing me - and I had grown him, hugely! All the years of pent up sexual energy between the two of us is finally being unleashed with the advent of our imposing, deified bodies. I throw him to the floor as my cock reinflates and throbs at the sight of his mammoth, nude and rippling form. He lifts his hefty, muscle-bound legs and locks them around my comparatively thin waist. Looking down at his tremendous, powerful and chiseled features, I touch my, once again, pre cum flowing cock head to his waiting and hungry ass hole. Taking my rigid cock in my hand, I slap the head against his ass several times, spreading pre and lubricating his cave for the coming assault. After positioning the pulsing crown upon his hole, I shov just hard enough for the corona to pop past his sphincter. He shudders in ecstatic pleasure as the invasion begins. I push further, the crown crowding his prostate and causing his cock to shoot pre cum onto his abs as he begis to thrash about, pounding the floor. “Holy FUCK, Brye! UNGH! FUCK ME - PUH-LEEEZE! Oh, FUCK! My GOD, Brye! More, MORE!” David thunders. Inch by inch, I feed his ass more of me, watching my bulbous mushroom cock head push his thick abdominals out as he struggles to flex them tight on my dick within him. I pull back, my corona stimulating his quivering body as it drags back through him. He growls, “NOOO! Brye! FUCK ME - HARD!” I sneer down and cram my cock into his guts until his ass is flush against my hips. I began to fuck him like a jackhammer. He moans - beats and claws at my hard, muscled body until I shov into him one last time, hard, clenching my ass and roaring like a beast. My cock explodes within him and bathes his insides with gallons of hot, steaming cum from his god. Large puddles of cum shoot from around my shaft and out of his pummeled ass and onto the floor. As I pull my still bucking cock from his tight ass with a loud POP, he grabs his own ample sex trunk and begins to pump. “Guess you’re getting what you always wanted, Davey, and I’m just a fucking perpetual cum factory looking for someplace to unload!” I laugh. Dave gets up, still stroking his rigid, hungry rod, and looks at me, “Brye, PLEASE! I need release. I need to fuck your perfect, god like body. Let me fuck YOU, Brye! Let me rape that round, hard, muscular ass of a god!” “Shit! Why not, Dave? What the fuck! Have at it!” I chuckle as I lay on my back and lift my massive legs, exposing my asshole as a target for Dave’s long, thick spear. He wastes no time driving his hungry cock into the object of his desire. I clinch, giving him exquisite pleasure and pulling his cock in further as he moans and thrusts into me in rapturous sexual intoxication. “Oh, FUCK, Brye! UNGH! SHIT!” he moans as I flex and release ass and abdominal muscles I didn’t even know I had, pleasuring both him and myself in ways never imagined. My ass sucks, massages and milks his cock until he is screaming for release. With a final rippling of those muscles in my ass, his cock explods in an orgasm that goes on for minutes as I continue milking with just the controlled movement of my wonderfully enhanced ass muscles. “GOD, Brye! How? Fuck - THANK YOU!” he moans in totally ravished delerium, collapsing on the floor. There is a loud knocking at the door. “Police! Is anybody home? We’re doing a neighborhood check.” My cock twitches in anticipation at the sound and I look down at Dave who, noticing my dick dance upon hearing a cop’s voice, grins back at me before answering, “Hold on a sec. I’ll be right there.” He jumps from the floor and grabs his sheet and wraps it around his waist as he walks to the door and peers through the peephole to see two uniformed officers waiting. Dave motions “2” to me as I step behind the foyer wall and, while stroking my rising shaft, wait to follow Dave’s lead in having fun with the cops at the door. As Dave opens the door, the cops are immediately staring into two balloons of granite hard pectorals rippling in front of them. They both stumble back before regaining composure, looking up into the stunningly handsome teen’s face and asking if he’d heard anything from outside over the past couple of hours. “No, officers, but come in and let me throw some clothes on and you can ask whatever questions you’d like.” Dave booms in his new, deep, bass voice. Dave lets them walk past him towards the base of the stairs, closes and locks the door behind him. As soon as both cops are in the house, their nostrils are filled with the scent of musk, sex and cum - they notice the huge puddle of whitish liquid on the floor and turn in time to see Dave’s sheet drop to the floor and an even larger, more muscular teen step beside him stroking his fully erect, long, thick cock. I notice both of the cops' eyes roam our herculean bodies and dilate. Stunned, they both mouth, “Holy, FUCK!” as their jaws drop. “Double bi, Davey!” I command and we both raise our arms and flex hard. At the same time, Davey’s cock inflates like a CO2 cartridge has detonated in his shaft as the monstrous organ slaps up into his thick, grinding abdominal wall. “On your knees!” I thunder to the cops as I lower my bulging arms, place one fist around my thick cock and begin to stroke the massive, pre cum slick apendage. I step towards the two astonished men and they fall to their knees, drawing their weapons and pointing them towards me and Davey. “Bad move, you stupid little fucks!” I bellow as I snatch both guns from their grasp in one swift movement of my free hand, still stroking my hungry cock with the other. I open my palm before the trembling cops so they can see their weapons before I slowly close my powerful fingers around the pathetically weak metal and form a fist, the guns simply being merged and molded into a single, useless ball of steel by my limitless power. As I drop the metal ball to the floor, both cops stare up at my heaving mass, drooling, and begin to fumble at their belts and zippers, their own cocks now painfully solidified, throbbing and saluting Davey and me - Gods of power whose mere presence elicits an irresistible worshipful and sexual response from both men, their supposed masculinity and illusion of control and power immediately stripped away by merely being in the presence of such godly creatures. “Go ahead, little slaves, strip before your Gods!” I rumble as I push my cock down towards them and motion Davey to join me in front of our newest toys. “But first, radio for back-up.” I grin as I flex my cock, causing pre cum to flow and coat both trembling, but apparently grateful, little men. Turning to Davey, I smirk: "Time to grow, Bro!" We both close our eyes and I feel the orgasmic bliss of muscle and sinew stretching, growing, and expanding all over my powerful body. I hear Davey thunder, “Oh, YES, Brye . . . become a GOD!” and I open my eyes to see his huge hyper-muscled body seemingly drop away from me as I grow. He remains at a swole size larger than any other human, but I explode with muscular size and sinew as I rise. He turns and runs out the front door to see my thick, muscle-bound torso explode through the roof of the house. As I continue to grow, I lean forward and look over my jutting pectorals and down to my feet. Our two worshipful little cops simply popped and smeared to an unrecognizable paste as my feet expanded in the wreckage of the house. The two bugs did not have a chance to escape. I lift one bloodied foot, place it on top of their pulped remains and grind them to a liquified paste unrecognizable as anything that had once been human. I grin, halt my expansion at about one hundred feet of thick, swole, bone crushing muscle as sunlight glistens off of my inhumanly thick, powerful frame. My flaccid cock, twice the size of a man, hangs, twitching, at twelve feet of thick, pulsing vein covered meat. I crash through the remains of the house and plant my feet on either side of Davey who gazes up at me in awe and lust. He falls to his knees and screams, “You ARE a GOD, Brye! THANK YOU for leaving me this size so that I can behold you in reality as I always have envisioned you to be in my head. Oh, FUCK!” He grabs his saluting cock and squeezes. “I just KNEW it!” he gushes. I grin at his recognition and adulation, reach down and lift my cock and wag it over his head as it begins to inflate and lengthen at his worshipful stance and words. “HA! HA! HA!” I thunder as I taunt my tiny friend, “Now I KNOW you’ve always worshipped me, bug! Thanks for believing enough in those spells to awaken the titanic fucking BEAST that I truly am.” I instinctively know what he longs to hear and I continue in my deep, booming voice, “You will now SERVE me the way you have always wanted to, Davey . . . as my pathetic little BITCH, boy! Do you understand me, you worthless little muscle-faggot?” (He doesn’t realize, yet, that I want a companion and that I will, again, make him a massive muscle giant to be with me as I did earlier.) Davey’s shocked and frightened look at hearing my pronouncement surprises me, so I soften my face and smile, the yards of gleaming white enamel sparkling in the sunlight. The ten feet tall muscle beast, which I allowed him to remain, relaxes realizing that I am just rewarding him for the gift of Godhood which he bestowed upon me . . . I am treating him as he longed to be treated by me. He crawls up to my feet and begins licking the cops’ blood from my toes. “Oh, YES, my God!” he responds as he looks up, his eyes slowly roaming the vast expanse of my terrifyingly large and bulging, rock-solid musculature. His eyes hesitate as he sees my hardening, now two-story long cock, thicker than a bus, with pendulous balls churching beneath its base in the man-sized nut-sack resting on my expansive, rippling quads. “I have ALWAYS been, and will always be, your fucking little bitch-boy. I exist only for you, Brye . . . you ARE my GOD!” Neighbors have poured out of their houses and into the street witnessing what is unfolding. Most are frozen in fear seeing and hearing what has transpired. Some have run to their cars and are backing from driveways to try to get away from such a titan. Others, like three college jock bodybuilders that live two doors down, have cautiously approached me, THE Alpha Male, the embodiment of the muscle and power they long for and spend countless hours in the gym trying to attain. I focus on the three respectfully sized and muscled men and slowly lower down on one knee. I notice a car with four occupants driving on the street between me and the little bodybuilders as I lower. My cock slaps into the street as my knee obliterates the road just a little further down the street. The car collides with a large, immovable object: my cock head. The car is stopped dead in it tracks. My cock pusles larger with the light stimulation of the crash. “Davey, come out and meet our three little admirers.” I boom to Dave who walks around my nutsack, setting on the ground, and around my cock and wrecked car in the street. He continues across the street to tower over the more than six feet tall bodybuilders. “How the fuck?!?!” one of the muscled little creatures blurted out as he saw super stacked and hung Dave approach, towering over them. “We know both of you kids! How can this be happening?” At the same time, I boomed from above, “You can see all of our lust inspiring bodies, little muscle-sluts, but we can only see your arms and legs. Only fair if we can compare, don’t you think?” I can hear people screaming for help from within the car that clocked my cock, apparently unable to open their doors. My cock twitches, lifting from the pavement and coming down on the hood of the vehicle, compressing the engine and causing the rear tires to lift from the pavement. The high pitched screams of the occupants increases. The three bodybuilders just stand there, drooling and dripping, unable to comprehend what is happening, but their internalized and lustful desire for what I am is obvious. I thunder, “Strip, NOW, worthless little fucks!” To emphasize their fate if they don’t obey, I form a fist and, with one swift movement, flatten another car full of bugs trying to turn around in the street and escape. The force of my blow instantly splatters the puny humans in the car as it entombs their remains in the pancaked vehicle. All three immediately strip as quickly as they can and just stand there. I examine them. All in great shape, endowed with above average cocks, now semi-hard after my little demonstration of superiority. “Any of you lust after guys?” I ask as I flex, all of my elephantine muscle bulging obscenely. Almost in unison I hear them sputter, “No, Sir! Oh . . . H-H-Holy. FUUUUUCK!” as their little cocks spring up, slapping their abs and saluting their object of desire. David, of course was already drooling, rock-hard, and pre-cum flowing. “Davey, flex for them.” I command and David hits a mind blowing double bi, his cock proudly pointing up to his thick chest overhang, and dripping pre-cum. They all fall to their knees before us. “Any of you lust for real power?” I sneer as I flex my two story long, cock, hold it over the car of screaming people. “Having REAL Power, little bugs,” I continue, “is being able to mindlessly flex your cock and snuff out four full-grown men without lifting a finger!” I relax my cock and it smashes down directly on top of the wrecked vehicle full of screaming bugs. The screaming stops abruptly as the car flattens beneath the bulk of my hardening cock. Glass, metal shards, and blood spray from beneath my tool as it twitches and vibrates with the stimulation, pre-cum flowing onto the sidewalk on the other side of the street. Cum rockets from the three throbbing little cocks with the sound of the snuff-by-cock and car demolition. ”I see you ALL totally lust for what I am, as it should be, my little toys. It can be no other way. You three little worms lust after something you can never have nor attain. How incredibly pathetic you are!” I spoke to them. “It would be cruel to allow you to live in such turmoil and agony!” The smaller of the three stands and turns to run as he is overshadowed by my massive hand reaching to lift him from the ground, screaming and kicking. The other two grab their cum slick dicks and stroke at the sight of their friend being handled like nothing but a worthless little toy at the hands of a muscle-bound giant! With that, David prostrates himself and chants so that I and all others present can hear. I close my eyes as he begins to speak. With the world as His playground, All mankind will know Brye’s unlimited power, His carnage to show Of these weak little humans, Worshipful service he craves, Or this beast will destroy them, His insolent slaves. As his powerful muscles, Unrivaled in size, Cause all life to tremble, His lusts will arise. No power can stop The desires he fulfills, As with bloody rampages, He destroys and he kills. I open my eyes when he finishes and growl as I clench my fist containing the struggling little insect. He is reduced to a crimson goo dripping from my fist as I state matter-of-factly, “Willingly or unwillingly, all human infestation on this planet will serve me as their God and are only useful for my purposes and pleasure.” Everyone gathered and gawking begins scream and stampede towards a church at the end of the street, except the two remaining bodybuilders staring, slack jawed, at the remains of their friend dripping from my fist. I grin, lift my fist to my lips and lap the iron-rich snack from my hand. I know the remaining two are mine. To the larger of the two, I speak, “I want you to understand what happens to you, weak little man. Grab a lizard from the grass.” He obeys immediately with a quick snatch and holds the wriggling, squirming little lizard in his hand. “Now, close your eyes and hold the weak squirming little thing against your cock.” I order. He does and I hear him moan as he begins to slowly stroke. “Now imagine he is your friend that is kneeling next to you. He is now small, weak, and INSIGNIFICANT! The power you have over this struggling little form is intoxicating, isn’t it? You long to CRUSH him against your hard cock, don’t you, little man? To be powerful, in control? You hold his PATHETIC and WORTHLESS life in your hand!” I taunt as I see him squeeze hard. He feels the snapping of the little creature’s bones and the warm blood on his cock as he strokes and crushes his little sex toy against his cock and begins to cum. His eyes shoot open in horror. He looks over at his friend who stares at him with a look of betrayed disgust. They both see my hand approaching to scoop them up. They scream, raising their feeble arms in an attempt to fend me off. I snatch the larger one from the ground and he recognizes the sickening feeling of a quick ascent before being pressed against a musky, hard and hot, fleshy surface, slick with some hot, salty slick substance. It throbs painfully against him as he begins to slide up, then down, slowly, at first. The speed picks up, as does the pressure on his puny body from the fist in which he is trapped. “Oh, FUCK!” the doomed little powerhouse thinks to himself, “He is going to crush and smear me on his giant cock to get off! Oh, GOD, no!!!” But there is no one to hear his thoughts or respond to his futile plea. “NNNPH! NO!” the doomed little bodybuilder tries to yell, but his face is being crushed and rubbed against my massive penis, pleasuring me as the lizard had stimulated him. He knows what is coming and knows there is nothing he can do to stop it, but struggles anyway, just as his lizard had done in a pathetically futile attempt to survive. As I squeeze harder, he can’t help but cum again as he succumbs to pure power. I stand as I snatch the worthless little muscle-slut from the ground and begin brutally stroking him on my solid, godly cock. The one smaller bodybuilder left watches my muscles flex and balloon as I stroke his friend up and down my gigantic cock and screams up to me, “You ARE a GOD! Thank you for sparing me . . . I will do ANYTHING! I am YOURS, Master!” Still stroking, I reach down and lift this sniveling worm from the ground and lift him to my face. “You want to help my godly muscles grow even larger and more powerful, worthless worm?” I grin evilly. He begins to struggle to no avail. “How can I help a God grow?” he whimpers despondently knowing the answer will spell his demise. “Protein snack, bug!” I state flatly as I tilt my head back and lift him over my open, cavernous mouth. I let him dangle there, briefly, letting his fear and terror crescendo along with his shrieks before dropping him in. I move him around my mouth with my tongue, kicking, screaming and punching in the hot, moist darkness, before positioning him between my molars. I relish the slow snapping of bones and pops of organs as I slowly clench my jaws shut. I am rewarded with the delicious spurt of his exploding body flooding my taste buds. “Mmmmmm.” I purr. Davey runs up to my feet and screams up, “Please, Brye, let me feel you crush him against your powerful cock meat!” I grin at Davey’s lust to feel power and lift him to my stroking death fist and place him on the outside while carefully wrapping my other palm around him to hold him in place. He is now sandwiched between the stroking fist and my other palm holding him against the death fist so he can feel the vibrations of the cock-kill. I slowly stroke with both hands while increasing pressure with the death-fist wrapped around my throbbing cock and toy. Davey can hear the screams and cries of the compressing little bug, then the snapping of bones and, finally, the explosion of the puny sack of flesh against my more powerful cock as the weak little thing succumbs to becoming my cock lube. I feel Davey’s cock jettison his load on the back of my death-fist as his body reacts to the feel of the little toy’s explosion against my shaft and the pressures of being contained within a virtual cocoon of my massive and powerful fists. He knows my dark desires and that I could just as easily decided to obliterate his puny body at the same time. What he doesn’t know is the tremendous self-control it took for me not to squish him against the back of my hand and ingest his remains. I remove my palm containing Davey and lift him to my face. “Oh, GOD! THANK YOU, Brye!” he pants. He doesn’t know why I am drooling and licking my lips as I set him on my shoulder and turn to walk to the church at the end of the street. That’s okay. Let him assume I am thinking of the church as an all-you-can-eat buffet. As booming, quaking footsteps arrive at the church, I imagine the fear of the little people huddled in side and reach down to stroke my gory cock in anticipation. I set Davey down in the cemetery before turning around and knocking the steeple off of the building. With that done, I reach on either side of the building, pierce it below the roofline with my trunklike fingers, and lift the entire roof from the building. I toss that to the side and peer in to the sanctuary. I only see the priest cowering at the front and praying feverishly. I know the whole neighborhood came in this building. Where could they be? I can hear the priest babbling, “Oh, God, help me in my hour of need and protect those in your care.” “Are you talking to ME?” I bellow as his eyes remain closed and he keeps repeating the same thing. I slowly stroke my cock, throbbing in anticipation, over the now open building. “LOOK AT ME!” I roar to the trembling priest. The priest, clinging to his book, opens his eyes and looks up. His eyes behold bulging, rippling muscle as the new ceiling to his church. All that swole man-beef blocking the sky rippling and bulging in use to stroke a massive phallus leaking into his sanctuary, pre-cum pooling and running in different directions. The hyper-masculine scent accosts his nostrils as he looks further up to see the massive, angry face of a teen that used to attend. “B-B-B-Brye?” he squeaks to the muscled deity looking down at him. “I prefer how you were addressing me before.” I spit in revulsion. I lower my hand towards him and press him back against the wall. “Tell me I am your GOD or I will splatter your worthless little body against this wall.” I order. I can feel his cock lurch and throb. “I know you always worshipped my godly body when I came here. I could always tell, ‘Father’. You wanted me. You want me now, but I’m WAY too much for a mere human to handle, I always have been.” I jeer. I release him from the wall and grab the organ by him in my fist and lift it like it weighs nothing. I raise my fist containing the massive instrument and squeeze, flexing my planetary biceps and forearm as I crush that organ to little pieces. It crumbles and little pieces bounce off of my hardened muscle, falling back into the sanctuary. “Oh, my GOD!” Father screams unable to hide his arousal and desire. Pre-cum continues to bubble from my slit and rope to the pews below. “Much better, ‘Father’!” I continue. “Now, where is everyone hiding?” I ask. “No! Brye! I can’t.” he responds fearfully. I take my finger and swirl pre-cum around the massive, almost glowing, mushroom head of my cock before flicking the pulped, unrecognizable remains of my previous cock-toy off of my shaft and into the sanctuary, landing by the priest. “Oh, God! What have you done, Brye?” the priest asks in a shaky voice as he looks upon the puddle of what is still obviously human remains. As he looks back up, I flex my arm over the sanctuary again, turn my head, extend my long tongue and lick the cable sized veins pulsing just under the surface of my skin, almost worshipping the powerful biceps muscles. I then lower my fist and extend the pre-cum coated finger to my lips and suck it in before removing it from my mouth and licking my lips slowly, sensually. “‘Father’, I can grant you your desires. Just tell me where everyone is.” I coax. “I know what you long for, what you lust after. Would your former god give you this if you do what he asks of you?” I taunt as I reach over to the cemetery, grab David and bring him to the sanctuary, setting the nude, massively swole Adonis before the priest. “Tell me where they are, ‘Father’, and he will let you do whatever you want to him, or he to you. Just tell me where they are, and he’s yours!” I grin to the conflicted little man. “David, flex hard for your little admirer.” David flexes his teen bulk to obscenely striated and thick, granite hard orbs of muscle, his cock, once again, rising to salute Brye’s voice and herculean presence. The priest looks up at Brye, then back to the massively muscled boy flexing just for him. “You ARE a God! But, what are you going to do to them?” he whispers longingly as he reaches out his hand and runs it over Davey’s thick, hard body. “Look at me, ‘Father’.” I order and he looks into my dark eyes. I shake my godly cock over his head. “I think you’d like to watch what I’m going to do them, insect. I’m going to use this train sized god-cock to give them all what they desire, as well. I will rape and fuck them all until they are just bloody smears upon this godly alter.” I shake my throbbing cock over him. “MMMMMM! FUCK, yeah, BUG! There will be NOTHING left of them” “Oh, God, YES! They are all hiding in the basement, my God! Use them to bring you pleasure, my Master! Take them all as a living sacrifice and use them as you will, my terrifying King and God!” he bleated, salvia spraying from his mouth. “Good, boy, ‘Father’.” I commend. Turning to Davey, “David, fuck this self-serving little bug.” David grabs the priest and rips off his robes like they were tissue. He pushes him face down onto the alter and roughly impales him with his long, thick fuck pole. The priest screams out, “OH, GOD, YES! FUCK ME!” as David begins to brutally rape his ass as he continually whimpers, “More, please, God, more!” After David finishes piston-fucking the little bastard and fills him with his spunk, I reach in and pluck the priest from David’s tool. “Now, ‘Father’, I know what you have really always wanted . . . ME! Why settle for a substitute.” I hold him up to one flexed arm. “WORSHIP ME, YOU PATHETIC FLEA!” I boom, loud enough for the basement dwellers to hear. He is now so far lost in lust that, even with his torn and bleeding ass, he begins licking, kissing, and sucking at the sweaty flesh of my biceps, his little cock bobbing hard before him. “Who is your God, little man?” I ask loudly. He now screams, almost in ecstasy, “YOU ARE, BRYE! YOU are my GOD and I will serve and worship you all the days of my life!” I take his little body and place it on one hard, boulderous pectoral, I drag him over the vast surface and down to my head-sized nipple and under the overhang of my pec, then down over the massive bricks and ridges of my abdominals, battering him against my hard body the whole way. I lift him and hold his bruised and bleeding body in front of my pulsing, leaking cock head. “I baptize you into ME!” I growl as I thrust him against my cock and let my steaming pre-cum cover his body. “You WILL worship me all the days of your life, you minuscule little fuck wad!” I simmer as I position his rigid little cock over my slit and lower him until he is laying across my crown, licking, kissing, humping and crying uncontrollably. I envelope my cock head with my fist, with the worthless bug splayed beneath it, and squeeze slowly. I hear his faint cries as I begin to twist and squeeze, but his words are not what I expect. “I have always been yours, my perfectly muscled and powerful boy. You have always been my God of muscle and power. Use me as you will. Crush me with your power and make me yours forever!” “Oh, FUCK, YEAH!” I bellow at his self-sacrificial worship. I clench my fist on my cock head and relish the feel of such a puny little body crushing and pulping under my power. I twist his flattened corpse across the sensitive glans and moan. I lift my hand and look in my palm. Mixed with my pre-cum are the bloody, flattened remains of the little prick. I grin, lap the mess from my hand and swallow. “Your prayer is answered, fucking freak.” “Now, for the neighbors.” I rumble to Davey as I reach in, extricate him from the sanctuary, and set him back in the cemetery. I reach down and around to wrap my bulging arms around the roofless church. With a light flex of my chest and arms, I cause the puny structure to implode upon itself, sealing the basement exit for good. Assuming a push-up position, my upper body exploding with muscular power, I position my massive famished cock as a ramrod into the basement of the church. With a slow flexion of my incredibly rounded ass, I slowly drive my cock into the earth until I feel the solid block wall of the basement. I grin as I flex a bit more, feeling the block give way to the impossible pressure of my cock’s slow grind forward. I stop when I feel my cock head punch into the basement, the rough, broken block on the flared ridge of my crown a pleasant, lust building stimulation. I can feel the pre-cum pumping from my piss slit and a brief pounding sensation that quickly ceases. -------- Inside the basement, the people who thought they had fled to a safe refuge hear the events that take place above them. Fear strikes terror in their hearts as they hear their spiritual leader succumb to desire and confess the titanic muscle beast as his GOD. They hear their former priest offer them as an offering to the behemoth and then openly worship the titanic beast. A period of silence and then they hear the terrible crash of the building coming down as it was smashed by Brye, then . . . more silence. Someone tries the basement exits, but they are all jammed tight. They murmur amongst themselves in the room lit with flashlights. How could this be happening? Wasn’t this there neighbor’s boy? Hadn’t they watched him grow into a strapping young man? Suddenly, they seem to feel the ground trembling. People against one wall hear cracking sounds and see fractures appear on the wall. Then the wall explodes inwards and part of the basement is filled with a massive, pulsing flesh with steaming, slimy liquid pulsing from a large, gaping slit in its center. They immediately all know what this is as the pre-cum begins to cover the floor mixing with the blood. An intoxicatingly strong, masculine aroma fills the space . . . they can actually smell sex, lust, and power and know that they are doomed. Two men lay trapped beneath the massive cock-head, screaming and beating upon it. This proves to be a fatal mistake as the stimulation causes it to swell, crushing the two bodies until they POP, spraying the remaining puny humans with blood and gore as they scream and beg for mercy. -------- I slowly begin a rhythmic fucking, pushing my cock further and further into the basement until it touches the back wall. Every time I connect with the back wall, I feel some POPS and bask in the thought that my mild fuck is exploding bodies with each thrust.. As I slide my fuck pole back and forth in the basement, I can feel tiny hands, feet, arms, legs, and bodies stimulating my crown and shaft. SO intoxicating, this new feeling of fucking a crowd! Even with that, it is such a loose fuck space! I dig my hands into the earth and begin to compress the basement space in around my lust filled log. As I do, I begin to feel a warm, gritty lube upon my shaft as the pressure of my crushing the basement in towards my bucking cock progresses. My muscles bulge with powerful, crushing forces as I close my eyes and imagine all those fucking bugs clamoring to escape the inevidable. Mmmm . . . those puny little bodies cracking, snapping, popping, and squishing against my blood thirsty cock just to pleasure their God. I squeeze both my hands together around my cock-containing basement and flex my ass hard in a final thrust as the volcanic eruption of the release of my godly seed floods any remaining spaces beneath the church and fountains from any exit from the earth above.. I have kept my promise to that fucking priest of what I would do with his offering! -------- Inside the basement, the people are screaming at the grisly death of two of their own beneath just the dickhead of this massive teen creature. Then the monstrous appendage begins to move in and out, deeper and deeper into the basement, leaving streams of pre-cum coating everything it slides by. The flashlights are smashed and all is dark. Every time the massive crown hits the back wall, there are muffled screams and SPLATS as blood rains throughout the dark tomb. There is more rumbling and cracking, the side walls begin to crack and cave in, forcing everyone closer to the appendage rhythmically raping the space in which these doomed little insects try to hide. Both men and women come to the realization, to late, that this titanic, virile, teen is, indeed, a God and their minds snap. They rub, kiss, and hump the deity’s monstrous cock in an effort to appease the beast. They die in painful ecstasy as they are pulped and crushed against God’s cock before it stops moving, swells, and explodes with white-hot jiz. The pressure of the ejaculation of such volume and pressure in such a confined space thoroughly mixes the bloodied remains with Gods seed before shooting from the ground above at any fissure and outlet. -------- I pull my still-hard cock from the hole in the ground and stand, dripping, onto the wreckage of the church. Davey runs up to the hole left by my cock, not a pond of crimson cum, dips his hand in and drinks hungrily of my gory seed. I look up as I hear sirens in the distance. I can see not just several police cars heading our way, but several military vehicles, as well. “Well, Davey, time for more fun!” I smile down to David as I stroke my satisfied cock and squeeze out the last voluminous squirt of cum. “Wanna grow?” “FUCK, yeah, Brye!” David gushes as he lifts his thick, muscle-corded arm and wipes the bloody cum dripping from his lips. I grin down to him and whisper, “Not yet, my insatiable and blood-thirsty little friend. Let’s have more fun at a more ‘normal’ size. How about being a couple of seven feet tall, thick, striated and unstoppable muscle-bound teens . . . the only survivors of the beast that obliterated this pathetic little town and then vanished before our eyes. At least that’s our story!” Davey grins and closes his eyes as he quietly chants: We must now diminish In position and size, Our true power and stature To others disguised. In brawn and in might As gods still we appear, Though more human in form Our supremacy clear. As we toy with these insects Instill them with dread, They will cum in pure worship, As their blood we will shed. I feel a slight vertigo as I witness the ground appear to rise and my height comes down to seven feet of thick and bulging muscles. I look David in the eyes and grin. Now the same height, I pull his rock-hard and powerful body into mine and invade his mouth with my long tongue, a deep, passionate kiss for my “creator” as reward. I can taste the bloody pre cum still in Davey’s mouth and swirl the smooth, warm liquid within our mouths. Both of our cocks surge and we grind them into our thickly bricked abdominals as our massive hands cup each others rippling globes of ass muscles and pull in close. Our thick pectorals fight for space between our behemothic bodies. I break our lip-lock and Davey runs his hands over my jutting pectorals, down my abdominals, and wraps his fist around the base of my cock. I grab his wrist and pull his hand away. “We need to find a couple of sheets to wrap around our waists before the cops and military arrive.” I boom as I slap his ass, lingering on the hard inundating ball of muscle and begin walking to a house across the street from the demolished church. Davey follows, no doubt admiring my wide, rippling back and my tight, muscled ass rising and falling with each step I take. When we reach the house, I effortlessly rip the door out of the frame, duck, and walk into the house. I find a couple of sheets in a bedroom and we wrap them over our shoulders and cover our bodies, hiding, for the time being, our Herculean musculature from the soon to be arriving squads of officers. “Come on, Dave.” I say, “Let’s go sit on the curb . . . no reason to alert them to our true size before they arrive. About that time, two State Trooper cars and two military vehicles come around the corner and stop in front of us. Two cops get out of each car and about a dozen soldiers leap from their vehicles, rifles at the ready as they start to run over to what’s left of the church, but stop and sniff the air. I hadn’t noticed until then the intensely musky and masculine scent of sex and cum that permeates the air. I notice the officers faces begin to flush as they reach down and adjust their crotches. The military sergeant comes back to the policeman and states flatly, “I’ve never seen anything like this. The church is completely destroyed and the basement is a crater full of hot and thick white, blood laced liquid containing bits and pieces of mashed bodies. There are MASSIVE foot and hand prints in the area. I know the priest called, but there’s no sign of him or anyone else around . . . just these two boys.” The remaining soldiers come up behind their sargent as all the men gather around Davey and me. The police sergeant comes over to us and asks, “What happened here, boys? Where is everyone?” David looks up and responds, “We hid, sir, when we saw a giant muscle-man come into town. He brutally snuffed some people and the rest of the town ran to the church for protection. My friend Brye here and I hid in this house until everything became quiet. We came out just before you arrived” “A giant, huh?” the cop mutters in disbelief. Eyeing both of us, he asks, “Where are your clothes, boys? Why are you wrapped in sheets? Here . . . let me help you up.” With that, he steps over and places his hand on Brye’s upper arm to assist help him from the curb. His hand doesn’t even reach partially across the expanse of Brye’s inhumanly bulging and solid triceps rippling beneath the sheet. The cop pulls his hand back, “DAMN, son! You boys are fucking HUGE . . . and solid!” “We do work out, Sir.” I respond as I look at Davey and we both stand and walk over to the closest police car. Almost in unison we hear the crowd of about sixteen stocky men exclaim, “Holy FUCK!” in a whisper as their necks crane to look up at our hulking, thick, and wide seven feet tall forms. I can almost feel their eyes roaming our bodies and trying to figure out what the sheets draping over us are covering. I see all of their eyes bulge from their sockets as they scan down and see massive diamond shaped calves the size of their heads, mapped with pumping veins, flexing over feet that must be at least a size twenty. I see most men adjusting their awakening manhoods at the sight of two massive teens . . . seeing us, the musky aroma of cum and sex permiates the air from the fucked-to-pieces church. I look the cop closest to me in the eyes and grin. As I lift my arms and throw my shoulders back, the sheet falls to the ground behind me. My thick, foot long cock drapes over my grapefruit sized, churning nuts nestled atop my mounds of obscenely massive quads. Pre-cum ropes to the pavement and pools. The cop’s mouth drops open in disbelief. “Oh my GOD!” he exclaims as he gasps at the enormous muscle-teen flexing before him. Still covered by his sheet, Davey falls to his knees looking at me. I see all crotches begin to bulge as little dicks began to salute the true alpha prime. The police sergeant who had felt my arm earlier shuffles up to me and places his hand on my biceps which are larger than his head and tries to dent the granite hard sinew. I flex and he pisses himself, even though his little dick is hard and throbbing at the sight of such titanic masculine perfection. I feel myself growing and expanding as Davey begins his worshipful thoughts of me as a brutal and beastly deity. All eyes are on me as I flex and my sex-thirsty cock inflates. “I am the giant, you pathetic little fucks.” I raise my arms and flex as I reach a height of thirty feet of dancing, diamond hard muscle. The military sergeant draws his pistol and empties his clip, all bullets bounce harmlessly off of my impenetrable flesh. I scowl and snatch him from the ground, easily encircling his torso in my fist as he sputters and struggles uselessly in my grasp. The four cops back away cautiously as the troops raise their rifles and aim at me, trembling. “Drop your useless weapons.” I thunder. They all hesitate and look at each other, their commander squeezed in my fist and unable to bark any commands to his men. The cops run and jump in their cars, locking their doors. I see them frantically fumbling with their radios. With my free hand, I reach down and slowly stroke my man thick cock, cable like veins pulsing the steely hard shaft. I lift a massive foot and place it on top of one of the cop cars as I sneer, “Fucking insects!” My quads explode with size and power as I slowly lower my foot, the two cops raising their arms to the roof inside as the tortured metal squeals. The car begins to compress as the cops in the other car and the soldiers watch, stunned by my incredible size, power, and brutality. “This is you bugs alive,” I thunder, “This is bugs dead!” I drive my foot to the ground, flattening the car beneath my sole instantly and cratering the pavement. Blood and gore shoots from beneath my foot as the car and living beings it contains are pancaked flat. “Do you really want to piss off a god that can snuff you without a second thought, worms?” I continue,“Drop your weapons and strip . . . NOW!” The eleven soldiers immediately comply and I grin to the sergeant in my fist. I speak to the trembling sergeant with disgust, “They obviously take orders from me, now, so what use are you?” I lower him to my cock-head pulsing pre-cum continuously. “You’re not a man! You’re nothing but a pathetically weak little toy to the titanic and godly alpha beast that I AM.” I coat his little head with my steamy pre-cum as he spits, sputters, and coughs. The little thing is only about the size of my overpowering god-cock. I chuckle. He whimpers and begins to lap at my slit, kissing it and drinking of my nectar. “Good little bug!” I grin.
  16. TonnyGiant

    Big Date

    It was a pleasant night despite the heat at this time of year in the southern hemisphere. The city center was busy, with nightclubs, restaurants and many other places where you could relax a little. Crossing the main avenue, Manny Gorgan, a 20-year-old who is still at university, entered a restaurant to wait for one of his friends. He thought he could start a deeper relationship, something that went beyond friendship, with this classmate of his. Manny was gay, he never hid his condition and fetishes since he was very young, already 16 years old. He always liked big, huge men, what we might call real giants. Manny was small compared to other men, was 5'6" tall, weighed 90lbs, had green eyes, black hair and tanned skin, liked going to the beach, but only when college studies gave him a break... anyway, Manny sat and waited. The waiter approached with a bottle of water. The slight young man with the beautiful features, he waited, always looking at his watch and there were still several minutes before his date appeared. He lifted his head to look around and saw the image of his great friend pointing at the restaurant's door. A large man, dimensions considered abnormal for many humans. He had hair so dark and curly it spilled past the back of his neck, his skin was fair, and he had intensely piercing brown eyes. His toothy grin appeared as he approached where Manny was sitting, and standing up, he lifted his head to get a look through the mega bulged pecs. The man in turn tilted his head slightly to look at the little boy. “Hello little friend. Am I late?” said the big man frowning. "O-o-oh, no...you're on time," Manny said, impressed by his friend's deep tone. Tonny Reymans was known in college as Big Tonny, his muscles were always jumpy, and there was no comparison to someone his age in his 20s, even top athletes, professional bodybuilders couldn't compare to him. He was the tallest of all on the teams, the strongest in the gym. He was a mysterious young man who didn't tell much about his family, but was very nice to his peers and especially Manny. Measures of it were considered superhuman. He was 7’5” tall, was 18 feet and his sneakers were ordered by a company that sponsored the university football team, and most amazingly, he weighed no less than 550lbs of massive, radically defined, pure muscle. Once, the medical board and several university scientists tried to study Tonny's body and found him to be in nothing but impeccable health. Several toxicology tests, blood tests, and even his enzymes and glands were studied, and nothing abnormal was found. Overcome by fatigue, the scientists, after a lot of brainstorming trying to find something in the muscle and bone composition of Tonny, left him alone, got used to his full size and no longer bothered him. Big Tonny had more than 48 inches of biceps, an 85-inch pectoral, and thighs so big that three cheerleader girls sat on each of them, slack. He always helped the little ones with everything, especially protecting them from other bigger guys, only the biggest one on the entire campus was him, without a doubt. "Have you ordered dinner, or are you just going to stay on the sparkling water?" Big Tonny smiled at Manny. “What do you wish…it's like…I don't know…” the little guy stuttered again and scratched his head. Tonny gently, yes he had control of his strength, took Manny's right hand and stroked his tiny fingers. "Manny, first of all I wanted to thank you for accepting the invitation to go spend the holidays with me at my house and meet my family" "Me me..." “Hahaha” Tonny's laugh echoed throughout the restaurant and made everyone's eyes turn to him. “You're funny, Manny. I think I made the right choice” he winked and the little guy blushed. "So what do you want to eat, Tonny?" “Hmm” he took the menu and looked “They don't have hamburgers or fries. Why did you choose this place?” Tonny dropped the menu onto the table and crossed his mighty arms that looked more like tree trunks, puffed out his chest, and glared at Manny. His shirt, which was extremely baggy, was already too tight, but he still managed to wear it without any major problems. "I like this place, Tonny...they have a shrimp risotto that's delicious..." "Shrimp cooking other shrimp" the giant let out another deep laugh and stood up "Come on..." held out his hand to the little boy "I'll take you to a place where there's real food, and where I can be shirtless" he jumped the pectorals. Manny took his giant friend's hand and was escorted from the luxurious restaurant. Hand in hand, the two friends crossed the main avenue and walked to the last corner of the bars. A cafeteria was working at full speed, many people were in and out. They entered and soon several waiters, yes the cafeteria was made only of waiters, no waitress, they came to meet Tonny, who imposingly took off his shirt and his shirt and flexed each one of his mega pecs. Each nipple was bigger than Manny's palm. “Big Tonny! Will you want the usual?” said one of the plump, bear-haired waiters, hugging Tonny. "Rick my friend, bring your usual and with plenty of sauce..." he looked down at Manny "What's it gonna be honey?" The waiter named Rick also leaned over to Manny and smiled showing his yellow teeth behind his thick red mustache. “Yeah…I think…” the little boy was interrupted by the noise of glass being broken and a thick voice uttering a curse. "Must be Hugo, this Italian always breaks something" Rick said wiping his hands on his greasy apron "Guys feel free, I'll check out what the hell went down this time" He turned towards the kitchen, where the screams and screams of the great men were heard. "What place is this?" Manny commented, smiling sheepishly, looking around. The clientele was mostly made up of men, all large in various dimensions. Muscled and bald, muscular bald and tattooed, fat hairy and tattooed and tattooless too, muscular and furry and hairless. Little Manny felt like one of the snacks that was served in that place, he noticed all the eyes on him, but none of the big guys dared to approach, because Manny was next to the biggest man inside that bar. "So, little one, what are you going to ask?" said Tonny stroking Manny's narrow back. "The same as you..." He was interrupted by deep laughter. “Impossible, little one. You couldn't stand to eat the same amount as me…watch,” Tonny said pointing to her order that three waiters were bringing. A platter of 35 hamburgers, 6 pounds of fries, a whole apple pie, and 5 gallons of orange juice, this was Tonny's dinner. The incredible big guy was cheered by every other big guy in the diner as he started wolfing down his food. He looked like a crusher. He belched in such an impressive way that the windows in the place shook, and with each belch, he was applauded and everyone shouted his name. He smiled and then looked at his little friend saying: “Like I said, little guy, you couldn't stand to eat all this. But Rick can bring you something so you don't get hungry.” He smiled and went back to devouring his mountain of sandwiches. The waiter with a large abdominal circumference, approached again and asked, leaning: "What do you want, little boy?" he smiled and his red mustache rose. "A hot cheese..." ******************************************************************* Tonny's movements were strong, intense and endlessly brutal. He had his twelve-inch-long cock, thick and veined, buried in his little friend's ass who begged for more, and more force in his thrusts. After they left the cafeteria that night, Manny went to Tonny's apartment, and the two of them couldn't resist their feelings for each other. Big Tonny was an alpha male, a born dominator, and his immensity of body, as well as his immense masculinity, made any powerful man kneel before him. And there was Manny, completely dominated by a giant, muscular morphed who didn't have proportions consistent with any human being. He was wrapped in his friend's muscular arms as he was thrust mercilessly. His ass, beautiful and tight, was the most desired and appreciated dessert by the giant after he ate 35 hamburgers. Tonny's hair was wet with sweat from the back and forth movements he was making inside his friend. He felt his cock separate his little boy's insides, so he gripped Manny's frail body and rose from the bed. Standing, Tonny impaled his friend, gripping his waist with both hands and beginning to lift and lower the poor boy's thin body onto its big shaft. The giant was ecstatic, immersed in the lust of having a thin, fragile and delicate body impaled on his enormous cock. His vision blurred with excitement, the big Tonny pulled the little guy closer and kissed the back of his sweaty neck as he thrust harder into his ass. “I can't stop, little guy…” he gasped “But I have to or I will kill you with a growing cock inside you” continued to penetrate harder and even his coconut-sized balls slapped Manny's ass. “P-please…d-don't stop…” His eyes were rolled up and the pain gave way to the pleasure of being impaled by a muscular giant. At his friend's wish, Tonny didn't stop, he thrust his big cock harder inside that tight ass. The movements accelerate, after much holding his cum, the giant dropped a torrent of hot and viscous cum inside his fragile friend, it was 10 strong jets. The smell of sex was so thick inside the room it could have been cut with a knife. Their deafening roars rattled the windows and the walls of the room shook. Panting, the giant grabbed his friend, still impaled, and lay down on the bed. Caressing that tiny, softened body, he kissed the back of her sweaty neck and said: "I made the right choice...I'm sure" The little boy, did not argue about that declaration of the giant, who had once again said that he was right to choose him, he could not speak. He felt his insides crushed, his belly swelled from being filled with so much hot cum. His body tired, still impaled, he fell into a deep sleep. The giant felt his new lover fall asleep, but he couldn't get his cock out of him, it was still too hard and could hurt him even more. That little being in his domain was an antithesis, fragile in stature in body structure, but at the same time strong in receiving much pleasure. In fact, Big Tonny had been right in choosing his newest lover, and he would take him to his family, his father and brothers would be proud of him. ****************************************************************** Dawn after being impaled by a big man over 7'5" tall, and with morpehd muscle, wasn't what Manny had expected, he didn't think he could wake up after enduring the full extent of pulsing masculinity in Tonny's veins. inside her little ass. He felt his life would end there, after getting so many jets of hot cum. He groped on the bed beside him, and found nothing but a huge puddle of cum coming out of his ass. He looked over and saw that he was almost swimming in that nectar of the giant god he had madly fucked.Legs limp, weakened, he rose from the bed and cum still trickled between his spindly legs. He walked out of the bedroom, down the hall to the kitchen and living room, and saw nothing. He found it all very strange. He went back to the bedroom and opened his giant lover's wardrobe and found nothing. Was it a dream? A delusion? A hallucination? He thought Manny as he considered the situation he was in. He sat back down on the cum puddled bed, shrugged his shoulders and saddened, he began to think he was going crazy. Where would your giant lover be? He looked at the nectar on the bed, and on his legs, took some with his fingers and brought it to his nose, where he inhaled deeply that strong, virile-smelling semen. “Why did he leave and leave me here…” Tears welled up, but his sadness could wait. The sound of a cell phone notification snapped him back to reality. He held the device in trembling hands and read the message. “In the back of the first wardrobe drawer, there's your ticket and some cash for the taxi. I want you to leave this apartment, stop by your house and pick up only what is necessary. Meet me at the pier in 1 hour. Do not be late. Your Big Tonny" Taking a deep breath, controlling the mingling emotions, Manny got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. He put on his clothes, took the ship's ticket from the place indicated by his lover, and headed towards his apartment. Everything was very strange, mysterious, and even so, he was not intimidated. Her stubbornness to get to know more of her giant lover was greater than her fear of stepping into a leaky boat, literally. Arriving at the pier, he saw the crowd boarding. Some people were saying their goodbyes to the beach town, others were arriving for a vacation, but Manny still didn't know where he was going, or which boat to take. He walked further through the crowd and approached the ticket counter. He showed his ticket and was immediately taken by one of the dock workers to a luxury boat, a cruise. Everything on the ship was very tasteful and exquisite. Manny felt out of place, as he wasn't dressed up to these doughy people. He looked down at his jeans and white T-shirt, and shrugged in embarrassment. One of the receptionists, who had been notified of his departure, approached and informed him that the main cabin of the cruise was waiting for him. Manny thought it was a joke, the receptionist's mistake. "I think I'm in the wrong place..." "Manny Gorgan, isn't that your name?" he said looking at the note. "Yes but..." "Well then, the main cabin is reserved for you" The receptionist guided little Manny through the exquisite corridors of the ship. In awe of the artwork hanging on the walls, the lush chandeliers, he reached the main cabin door. When he opened it he was impressed, thinking he couldn't be impressed anymore, he was wrong. Wearing only a pair of blue nylon shorts, which were tight around his legs that looked like tree trunks, and with his erection nearly sticking out, the giant appeared. His muscular sovereignty was undeniable and breathtaking. He walked deliberately, majestically, until he came to a stop in front of Manny and leaned forward so that he could get a better look at his slight lover. “I'm glad you didn't run away. Now I know more than ever…you're the one.” The big man bent down and scooped Manny into his arms, carrying him to the stately cabin bed. “Let's relax, little friend. Our trip will be long” cradled Manny in her powerful arms and there they enjoyed the trip to the island.
  17. canon

    Destination XXL (m/m)

    (This story plays in the same universe as Muscle Daddy. Just wasn't able to link them together, yet.) Part 1 Daddy Rent went out to the Big and Tall Men’s Clothing store DESTINATION XXL to buy some new clothes for work. He had heard about this store opening and was intrigued by its name. From afar he could clearly see the big letters XXL. Rent parked his big truck and walked to the store. At the entrance their slogan read “Nation's first men's big and tall clothing store for top brands in XXL sizes and up.” There were not many people in the store and the only visible worker turned out to be a tall cute twink. On walking in, the twink waved and said “Hello Sir and welcome to Destination XXL”. He was busy unboxing some items but kept looking my way. I walked around the store and also went a bit closer to him to check him out. He was wearing a store labeled shirt with the letters XXXL on it. Weird, didn’t the store only have XXL on it, Rent thought to himself. But looking at the rather skinny jeans, which left no imagination to how big his bulge is, he assumed it must have been a department joke or his lucky day. Rent walked through the aisles and ended up in the underwear section. The store sold extra large posers and underwear, exposed on overly muscled mannequins. Their muscles and monster bulges were visible to the shoppers and taking a better look at three mannequins standing closest to him he could clearly see the outline for their cock heads, the heavy balls and what looked like veins popping out. There was also a sign next to each mannequin with the size of the underwear and the cock. How strange Rent thought. He never saw a store portraying their clothes that way. “6ft 8, 7.5 inch cock, size XXL”, said the first one. The mannequin was of an amateur bodybuilder, big veins on his biceps and a really huge ass and legs. The second mannequin was shorter but more muscled and also more hung. The label read “6ft 1, 8.5 inch cock, size XXL”. But Rent couldn’t focus too much on the second, as the third mannequin took away his breath. “5ft 11, 10 inch cock, size XXXL”. Due to its normal height, the muscles looked even more ridiculously huge. A pro bodybuilder type with even bigger legs, huge chest and massive arms. But what really caught Rent’s attention was the bulge. It could have literally been considered a third leg due to its thickness and length. A big vein and a huge mushroom head were visible through the bulge. That’s all Rent had to read and see and see to tent up and somehow embarrassingly hide his really large erection. The owner of this store must be very conscious of bulge sizes and maybe also has some bulge or cock fetish. Once slowly gaining some self control again he keeps on walking through the aisles and ends up near the register. On the wall they had big condoms in several sizes. And they also had an open jar with the label “Try me on”, with several of the brands in it. Damn, where am I? How is this supposed to work. I am getting really aroused here. That’s when the hung twink worker comes around the corner and wakes Rent from his trance. “Can I help you with anything sir?” he said with a wide smile and absently adjusting his bulge, which Rent noticed right away. Damn this kid is definitely packing some serious meat. “Ah, no thank you. I just heard about this place from a friend and was just looking around a bit. Also saw those rather large mannequins. Never seen anything like that.” He waved at the mannequins in the underwear aisle but was secretly looking at the twinks bulge seemingly growing bigger. The twink looked at the mannequins he put up there yesterday, smiled, looked back at Rent and saw him checking him out. “Oh yes, it is one of our specialties. We specialize on XXL clothing and everything that comes with living a large life.” He smiled his killer smile again and almost looked like he winked with his eyes a bit when he said everything. “And judging by your size you seem to be in the right store all along. Our store is designed for extra-large male customers. Let me know if I can help you with anything in particular. I am here for you. Especially as there don’t seem to be other people here today. It was way busier on our opening day. My boss had trouble finding coworkers on such short notice so he had to come help out himself. Told him he shouldn’t be so picky on choosing new employees, but he is very selective. Lucky me. I totally fit his desired description.” Absentmindedly rubbing his bulge again. Rent had to stop starring or else he would grow hard again. “Well, I was looking for some new clothes for work and maybe some speedos for the beach, but I couldn’t find the beach aisle. I also have no idea what my actual stats are. Maybe you can help me out?” ... ______ As always feedback is welcomed. Any help continuing or contributing to the story line PM me.
  18. fleetking

    Ultimate Fuck

    Not mine but id be happy to chat about it, if you are the author please let me know so I can credit you The Ultimate Fuck by [email protected] It was a hot, steamy afternoon. Two of my pals, Shane and Glen, wanted to head over to the beach. I agreed, and we were off. The beach was a secluded one, with lots of rocks where the mountains met the sea. It was a common spot for the gay crowd to strut their stuff. Shane was clad in a ripped pair of jeans; Glen had taken off his shorts, revealing his pocket thong. I was a bit more conservative, unveiling a black string bikini. I was getting hot at the sights of my friends. I suggested that we climb to the top of one of the rocks, and enjoy a massive, unending orgy up there. Shane and Glen agreed, and equally welcomed the challenge. Once atop the rocks with a reddish sunset upon us, Shane, Glen and I commanded the heavens to unleash the ultimate gay power upon us as we all came together. The reddish hue of the skies suddenly blackened as a powerful storm appeared. We dismounted from the apex of the rocks, and headed for shelter. We ran for a nearby church as thunder approached. The massive storm hurled huge bolts of lighting down, hitting the steeple of the church repeatedly. Eventually, the cross caught fire and fell to the roof below. The old, wooden roof of the church began to burn and within minutes much of the roof was ablaze. Seeking shelter, Shane, Glen, and I approached the entry of the church and took a brief look inside to see what was happening. We saw the burning rafters collapsing down upon the altar, setting the interior on fire. Immediately behind the altar on the back wall was a life-size replica of jesus, crucified to a wooden cross. Under the intense heat, the flames began to lick at the base of the cruciform, setting it on fire too. We watched intensely as the replica of jesus became engulfed in the inferno. Just as we were all about to turn around and go, an fiery upheaval erupted from the floor of behind the altar . A massive column of fire burst up from the basement. The heat was so intense that deep within the orangish, red hues of the flames we thought we saw black fire. The blackened fire rose higher, and higher and took the form of what appeared to be three snake-like creatures thrusting upward from below. Eventually, the python-sized serpents began coiling around the blackened cruciform of jesus on the back wall. "Holy shit", Shane exclaimed, "something weird is going on here." Alas, within the coil of the snake-like creatures, the charred jesus began to transform. Shane, Glen, and I watched in amazement.... Huge reddish muscles began to form: giant pecs exploded from the upper torso, ripped abs grew below. Massive legs arms and legs, bigger than some tree trunks, began to grow and were equally muscle bound. The face was well chiseled, with a strong jaw and cheekbone. The hair was unkept, blowing in the fiery updraft, as pair of phallic horns emerged. A pair of wings began to emerge from behind the broad back and shoulders, and grew to nearly the full width of the altar area. The wooden cruciform, under the intense heat, began to give way. The being began to awaken, revealing intensely red, piercing eyes. "Dear God!" Shane exclaimed, "The Beast has been ressurected." The Beast, now unleashed from the restraints of the cross, flew out of the flames toward us. He landed in the central area of the church, several yards before us. He must have stood 10 feet tall; His wings nearly spanned the full width of the church. He began to flex His muscles as He became aware of His newfound being. The three serpents continued to coil around His incredible muscular build. One by one, He uncoiled the snake-like creatures and lowered them down between His legs where they hung flaccid, reaching down to the floor and beyond. We watched in awe... He arched His back and thrust His legs and hips forward. Three massive bolts of lightning thundered down from the heavens, striking each serpent, endowing it as a penis upon the Beast. His penises began erecting, one rising upward toward the ceiling, must have been nearly 20 feet long! His other two cocks grew long and thick below the pews. As these two penises began to rise, His erection was so powerful that it ripped out several rows of pews. Flaming precum began spewing from His thrashing penises. The fire department finally arrived at the church. A pair of firemen charged in the front door, carrying fire hoses, followed by the pastor with a garden hose. Aware of the immense being before them, the firemen aimed their hoses upon the reddish Beast. The intense water pressure aroused the Beast so much that His fiery precum ignited His penises into flamethrowers. The fiery ejaculation was so hot that it overpowered the hoses, turning all of the water into steam. Within the Hellish inferno, the Beast coiled His penises around the firemen and pastor. Shane, Glen and I each maintained a hard-on through the event. Our dicks were quivering with the unknown of what was to come. A deep voice echoed from the Beast, commanding us to kneel. "Thou shalt feel the ultimate gay power to have ever existed - SATAN!" "In return, I will command your souls for eternity." Shane, Glen, and I dropped to our knees in awe. We assumed a prayer position, and felt Satan's temptation. We looked at each other and agreed. "Fuck us, almighty Satan," Shane exclaimed. "Give us the ultimate gay experience and our souls are yours," Glen pleaded. "Endow us," I prayed, "as is thoust!" We watched in anticipation... Satan's three penises grew toward us, wrapping around each of us, encoiling us. I felt one wrap around my ankle, turning around my thigh, until it rose up between my legs. The head was still hot - a small series of sparks rose from within it, charring my shorts. The heat felt good against my penis, making it grow even harder. Within minutes, my dick had broken free from the burnt fabric! His penis continued it growth around my torso, up over my shoulder and around my neck. Shane and Glen were equally engulfed in Satan's other two penises. Satan began flexing His wings upward, ripping the roof wide open. He began to fly, lifting Shane, Glen and myself airborne as well. The feeling as I dangled below Satan flying, encoiled within His massive serpent penis, was incredible. We paused briefly over two spots below, where some sort of fiery accident had occurred. I watched in awe as Satan extended His penis, the one that was wrapped around me, down into the flames. As it emerged ablaze, Satan howled in ecstacy, with His newfound possession. My cock pulsated in wonder over what I had just witnessed. Soon, we came up upon a huge mountain, rising from the land below. As Satan approached the top, I could tell that this was no mountain, it was a damn volcano. Satan continued up and flew us into the open top of the volcano. We landed on the soft, barren surface of the dormant volcano. Satan released us from the restraints of His dicks, with no possibility of escape. Standing before us, He commanded: "Prepare to receive my fury as I endow thee!" Shane, Glen, and I stood before the God of Hell. An enormous phallic tail rose from Satan's ass, and proceeded to grip Shane within its coil. Satan lifted Shane with ease, and drew him closer and closer to His ass. Glen and I watched in wonderment as Satan pulled Shane's body toward His ass, head first. At the same time, Satan unleashed two of His cocks upon Glen. Each one wrapped around every one of Glen's appendages. Satan enlarged one of the two penises so large, that its head came down, and clamped itself over Glen's erect dick. The second penis grew into Glen's ass. I watched as its never-ending growth continued into Glen. Satan's third penis wrapped itself around me, as during the flight, and drew me up off the ground. His hand reached out, and wrapped itself around my erect cock. Within minutes, Shane, Glen, and I were in ecstacy. The ultimate power of the best gay lover was upon us, simultaneously no less. But, the price for this needed to be paid. Satan's tail pulled Shane's face fully into His ass, completely engulfing it, as He ripped the soul from Shane. I feet Satan's penis throb at the moment when Shane was transformed. Glen was next... Satan drew out Glen's soul from both ends: the cock clamped down over Glen's penis and the cock growing ever-longer in Glen's ass unleashed a massive, fiery ejaculation, fucking out Glen's soul. The penis that was wrapped around me grew intensely longer, thicker, and hotter as Satan enjoyed Glen's newfound being. Alas, my turn came: Satan's penis drew me up before the mighty Beast. His penis grew so hot that I could not resist its flaming fury. I could feel His incredible power, weakening me, with each throb of His dick. As I came, I felt the blazing glory of His red eyes cast their vision upon me, searing my soul into His eternal possession. The Ultimate Fuck! As Shane, Glen, and I rose from our demonic transformations, we had grown into massively muscular built beings. So incredibly hot and sexy, that no man would be able to resist our temptations. Our cocks could grow to whatever size we desired. In fact, we too could enjoy the same pleasure as Satan, and fuck the souls of those willing to give. Satan unleashed us from His serpent penises. He was not done yet. He erected all three penises, and drove them down into the belly of the volcano below us. Each of us followed with our newly bestowed endowments, driving them down, deeper and deeper. We felt the orgy as Satan's cocks, intertwined with ours in a molten pot of lava below us. What a fucking feeling! The volcano was weakening under the intense pressure of our flaming cocks. A massive eruption ensued, spewing our blazing semen upward, setting the heavens ablaze, and molten lava flowing down the sides, consuming everything in its path Satan returned back into the flaming Hell that created Him, leaving us to enjoy our demonic powers over mankind.
  19. dangerdanger

    Tomás [ESPAÑOL]

    UNO Conocí a Tomás durante las vacaciones de verano. Yo acababa de recibirme de profesor de Matemática y como el resto de mis amigos había tenido que ingeniármelas dando clases particulares. Por suerte para mi frágil economía el asunto resultó bastante bien y en poco tiempo, gracias a la ayuda del boca en boca y la suerte de encontrar al "Peor Curso de la Historia de la Humanidad", en poco tiempo me encontré dando clases particulares todos los días. Así que cada día visitaba una casa diferente donde encontraba los mismos chicos y chicas que no entendían nada de nada, que si les hablaba de ecuaciones podían llegar a decir que ellos no querían estudiar química y que si por casualidad se me ocurría preguntar que era lo que no entendían largaban respuestas del estilo: —De mitad de año en adelante nada. Así fue como una tarde particularmente calurosa conocí a Tomás. Su mamá me había contactado por recomendación de la mamá de un amigo de él. Tomás tenía diecisiete años y al parecer las matemáticas no eran su fuerte. Lo que primero me llamó la atención fue el tamaño de la casa. Mi padres no eran pobres, ni mucho menos. Tenían su departamento y su casa de fin de semana en el country, pero yo nunca había visto una casa de semejante tamaño en medio de la ciudad. ¡Ocupaba media cuadra! La madre le pidió a una de las mucamas (tenían mas de una) que me llevara al estudio del fondo y se fue ella misma a buscar a su hijo al segundo piso. Atravesamos la casa y salimos al jardín más grande que vi en mi vida. Tenían una pileta olímpica y una cancha de tenis que solo ocupaba menos de la tercera parte e todo. En pocas palabras: una mansión. La mucama me abrió la puerta del estudio y me pidió si me podía traer algo para tomar. Le pedí una limonada. Lo que sucedió después me resulta medio confuso ya que no estaba preparado. Había dado clases a chicos de esa edad y más grandes también. A mis treinta y cinco ahora me daba cuenta de los chico que había sido a mis veinticinco aunque yo en esa época no me daba cuenta. Quizás por eso no asocié lo que estaba viendo con nada más. Un hombre salió de la cancha de tenis después de hacer frontón durante un rato. Llevaba puesto solo un pantalón debajo del cual asomaban unas piernas enormes, largas y musculosas que se tensaban con cada paso que daba. Se podían ver la forma de los músculos con cada movimiento, así como la casi inexistencia de grasa. Eran unas piernas propias de un hombre... y que hombre. Por sobre el pantalón comenzaban los abdominales más grandes y perfecto que hubiera podido imaginar sobre los que sobresalía un pecho enorme y poderoso que brillaba con cada rayo de luz. Todo ese cuerpo de hombre era coronado por unos hombros del tamaño de melones de los que salían dos brazos más poderosos que había visto. Era un cuerpo que emanaba una fuerza impresionante. Una musculatura que parecía estar empujando por crecer todavía más. Se tiró al agua antes de que pudiera ver su cara. Nadó hasta el extremo cerca de donde yo estaba y solo con la fuerza de sus poderosos hombros se elevó hasta salir. Fue la muestra de lo que un hombre era capaz si se proponía crecer, volverse fuerte y solo eso: seguir creciendo. Se elevó en toda su increíble altura y pude ver el rostro de niño de diecisiete años. Agarró una toalla y se acarició apenas cada parte de su enorme y poderoso cuerpo. Todos sus músculos exhalaban juventud, fuerza y una potencia sexual de la que yo ni siquiera había tenido una pizca. Me tendió la mano. —Vos debés ser Diego. Su mano era enorme y fuerte. Sus dedos eran los dedos de un hombre desarrollado y poderoso. Tomó mi mano entre las suyas y al saludarnos pude ver el imposible bicep de su brazo marcándose con el menor movimiento. Yo estaba tan anonadado que un hombre pudiera ser tan joven y tan musculoso que no pude decir nada más que: —Si. Tomás me sacaba más de una cabeza de altura. Era un hombre joven y poderoso. Lo más parecido a un semental salvaje y brillante. La cercanía con sus músculos enormes brillando cerca de mí me hizo perder el hilo de la historia que me había estado contando. Se puso la toalla sobre el hombro y se fue a buscar una remera. Yo quise ser esa toalla.
  20. The fall of the sun stone monastery By Big-Zargo It was a great morning for me and my master Sir Rowan of mourning rise mountain. Sure, it was foggy and gloomy as we made our way to the Sunstone monastery, but we had won a great victory against the witch of the tarnish woods. She was using her file magic to corrupt children and transformed them into red caps who would server her. It was a hard fought battle but the one and were able to save the villages from her tyranny although they were few children who are too far gone to be saved we were able to save most of the children from becoming red caps. I looked at my master he was riding a white horse named Don and currently wearing a light chain mail armor brown leather boots, gloves and helmets. He carried his sword on his waist and his shield on his back his warm brown eyes were looking forward onto the road. We rode quietly for a few minutes as we made our way to the Sunstone monastery and tell Rowan’s face turned around towards me. “Tom my boy, I think it is time to talk about your knighthood. I have watched you grow from a quiet boy into a strong young man, and I think you’re ready for the vowels to the bright one,” Rowan said with a deep kind voice in a serious tone. “I don’t know if I’m ready for my vowels Rowan. I can feel the power of the bright one, but I have not heard one of his messengers speak to me,” I said with sadness in my voice. “I cannot speak for the bright one, but I believe that you’re ready. You just need some more confidence in yourself. I believe you and Theodore should travel to the mountain circle to check on those wizards for me it’s been awfully quiet up there, you two should check on them,” Rowan said with confidence.” “Why must I bring Theodore with me, Rowan? I’ve been Theodore is a nice monk of the Sunstone monastery I don’t think he can make the trip to the mountain circle,” I said with confusion and annoyance at thought talking to the wizards. “I know how you don’t like magic users but not all of them are evil. Magic, power and even our valves to the bright one can corrupt man we may be immune to magical corruption that we are not immune to moral corruption of our mind. I cannot stop you from listening to Sir Gabriel, but his dogged views of magic will lead many innocents to brand the stake of his blind crusade. Sorry about my miniature tirade Tom, I best answer your question. Theodore is needed because a priest of the local Temple to the bright one has died a mysterious death and Theodore volunteered to investigate the matter,” Rowan said. I stayed quiet pondering my master’s wards as in the air way closer to the monastery. As we got closer to our home, we knew something was wrong it was strangely quiet. Rowan had us stop and unmounted from our horses to that we may have on plate mail armor. Remounting on our horses we slowly made our way into the monastery. We heard a shout coming inside the stables. With no hesitation we made our way towards it the horse quickly galloped towards the stables but halfway there the forces began panicking and refusing to go forward. With no hesitation we got off of our horses and began moving forward towards the sound. We heard muffled sounds of it made her way closer. Eventually the fog parted like curtains revealing to us a horrible site. A huge muscular red demon with small red horns pointing up towards the heavens, big beefy arms and huge hands big enough to smother a human’s head in its grip, and his cock his huge monster of a cock… Dear bright one the demon had Thomas up against his cock forcing him to suck on it for that was just too big and meaty for Thomas mouth. With a grunt from the demon huge balls squeezed themselves shooting a load of its demonic cum down Thomas’s throat. He fell to the ground on his butt in a daze. “Speak of the angel and he show up here,” the demon said with a deep to my voice, while turning his face towards Rowan and me. His demonic golden eyes gazing at us with hunger and wrath. “How dare you enter our homes and defile are priests and brothers of the bright one,” Rowan said with such anger that has voice trembled. “What have you done with the other monks and priests,” I asked. I assume that I was not going to get answer from the demon, that he did. Pointing towards the fallen Thomas, we saw how he began to change. His skin had started turning red as curved horns started growing out of his head, both me and my master heard tearing sounds coming from Thomas as we saw his feet new monster feet pop out shoes. Then he had gotten up revealing to us his more changes, his green eyes now glowed like emeralds, his hair had grown back removing his Tonsure hairstyle, his monk’s robes look tight on his body and look now taller. He had quickly removed off his monk’s robes to reveal his new red muscular body, half naked with his pants barely holding on to his muscular thighs. He grinned at us revealing his sharp canines and gear quick flex of his giant muscles. It was if he had lifted boulders and fought off his life. “Who knew falling to evil of this demon… No, my master would be so intoxicating,” Thomas said with a demonic accent. I was in shock father Thomas was a strongly devout man blessed with the power of the bright one, how could he fall to this evil. Then I thought to myself if Thomas could fall to this evil than the other priests of the Sunstone monastery could fall as well or maybe had. Apparently both me and my master had the same thoughts as one each other. Rowan looked at me with a grave face and said. “You must leave this place go to the chapel of dusk-star tell the father Arthur of what happened here gets help get the order of light hammer take the horses and donkey and go!” He yelled out. I wanted to stay fight my master by understood implication, if this demon could corrupt father Thomas and his whole monastery of devout worshipers that might spread like a plague across the whole continent. I cannot let such a thing to happen and definitely since, my master will not allow this to happen now in a fight. I turned around and began running towards the horses, running from my home. But I found my path blocked by other muscular demons, William, Michael, Oliver, and Leo were all blocking my way. These once innocent people were transformed into muscular demons especially Leo, he was big and wider than the rest may be because he was in the blacksmith of the Sunstone monastery. Dammit, I didn’t want to fight these demons especially since they were my family. But I didn’t have to fight them I just had to get past. I brought out my sword and shield and started looking for opening for me to escape. I heard noises coming from behind me and knew that my master was fighting the 15 feet tall muscle demon. “I can’t let you leave here Young squire.” I slowly turned around making sure to keep track of the four demons around me. I saw a man holding a repair, who looked familiar looked to me. Especially with his black mustache and goatee and his Gerrish yellow and purple shirt. I tightened my grip on my sword as I said. “Asher the Bard, I knew something was off about use especially when you play summer sunshine during that girls funeral. That song way too upbeat for a funeral, it was distasteful for such an occasion.” “summer sunshine on the wind was Rose’s favorite songs know. She would’ve wanted me to play it as her funeral,” Asher said while nodding his head. With one lift of Asher’s left finger, I felt my body stiffened and become unresponsive. Against my will I was lifted off the ground and turn facing me to the battle between my master Rowan and the big demon. It looks like my master was winning. Although demon was not bleeding the bunch of slashing burn marks on his skin. That the bright one’s power and my master skills would fail this evil creature. With a burning slash mark on the demon’s hairy chest the fiend was pushed back up against of the stables. “Enough paladin I find myself growing weary of this battle and I find your fighting skills to be lacking,” the big red demon bellowed out. In a flash the demons burn marks healed before our eyes. Empty demonic hands suddenly are equipped with giant demonic sword on his right hand and a short blonde metal rod. Seeing this change from the demon my master switch stances to the warrior’s vigil preparing for the onslaught that was to come. the warrior’s vigil was a defensive posture with my master’s blessed heavy armor and shield by the bright one’s blessing he should be able to handle the big demon’s onslaught. It was a site to seeing my master shield tanking and redirecting the blows of the big demons giant sword while he parried the big demons rod with his sword. Each attack from the demon pushed Rowan back and back. Rowan was pushed to the limit by the demon and forced to use the full powers of the bright one that was bestowed to him. holy light began pouring off of him glowing angelic see-through wings sprouted out of his back, as he began to fight back. The demon switched out the rod for a big plane -looking shield with no adornments and the visible markings. Rowan started his counter with site cut, then a shield batch, then use morning rise technique, then fold up with dusk fall, then fold up with beard taker and a bunch of different types of martial techniques. The demon kept pace with Rowan’s onslaught with his shield and sword. Each attack from Rowan causes the demons shield to glow with the same light as Rowan and as it did so my master started slowing down. With one final cut from Sir Rowen’s sword the demons shield broke crumbling to pieces rather than being slashed in half, but as the shield falls apart my master fell upon the ground in defeat. “NO!!!!!!” I screamed out, in shock. The determination I tried forcing my body to move against Asher’s spell that had restrained me. “Well, that was quite impressive if Great-Z do not have a counter in mind the bright one’s power then Rowan would have had a high chance of winning big Billy. Still, he put up more fight than the other paladins of the Sunstone order. Now what to do with you…Hmmm…. Well at the kill you the bright one might know of our plans for this place, if you keep you just here as a prisoner is a chance you can escape or the bright one might find out. You’re not a paladin of the Sunstone order just the squire…Hmm... Know what I’ll ask Great-Z once I return to the mountain circle. I guess for now it’s best that you just sleep.” With the point of his finger in my word of power everything faded to black. When I woke up, I found myself in a dark smelling dungeon with very few lights in the form of dim torches next to me. When I tried to move, I discovered that was chained up to the wall by my arms. Before I could try to pray for help from the bright one, I heard her clapping sounds. “Clap… Clap… Clap” the torches began to glow brighter before turning blue in the darkness of the dungeon moved away revealing the scene before me. My master Sir Rowan, he was chained up as well with shackles on his wrists holding him up in the air and shackles on his feet preventing him from kicking and or moving and most humiliating of all he was naked. I recognize him by his muscular body his long brown hair that was skewing his face, especially that big scar on his right side of his thigh. I could only see the right side of my master. I turned my face to the right to see the big red demon. Now that was tied up I took a closer at the big red creature called Big Billy, as I thought he was 15 feet tall, extremely muscular big barrel chest he was peppered with black hair allover his red body, his big feet and hands were tipped with sharp black fingernails, he had a face of a brute, with a chin strap beard, no mustache long black hair tied up in a ponytail, two black small horns pointing up to the sky, demonic golden yellow eyes which may be feel fear and something else that couldn’t recognize… Wait… It was lust? That thought brought me down past the demon’s abs to his huge soft cock and big hairy balls. “Well, Well, Well look what we got here. The famous paladin of the bright one Sir Rowan of Sunstone order here to grace and bless us all with his presence,” Big Billy said in a deep sarcastic tone while walking up to the imprison Rowan. With his huge fingers he moved Sir Rowan’s hair away from his face before delicately moving his face up by his chin. “What do you want me, what do you want this monastery and what did you do to Thomas and the other monks of this monastery?” Rowan said with anger and hatred in his voice. “To answer your first question. to you this,” big Billy said. The magical gold ring appeared in his hand. I was barely able to see it, but it clambered in the light. I saw it float down to my master’s cock and slip around his shaft reaching his balls. A sling as the ring slipped on my master cried out in pain. “To answer your second and third question. I took over. With Asher’s help we were able to subvert the eyes of the bright one from this place long me to come in and start corrupting your family, transforming them into muscle fiends things to a combination of my power and great-Z’s. Don’t worry we didn’t corrupt everyone,” Big Billy said while snapping his fingers. More of the dungeon showed revealing the rest of the order of Sunstone, Sir, Kade the clover, Sir Armstrong the mighty, Sir Sam the Swift, and Sir Tybalt the Passionate, all shackled to the wall like me. While the rest of the other brothers and priests were in cages next to the exit. “As you see Sir Rowan, there are very few uncorrupted people left. I could of corrupted this whole monastery by the time you and your squire came back. in fact, I’ll let Thomas out so by the time you got here you can see your feet. To serve the muscle fiend trio as one of our muscle fiends. Great-Z is the most powerful, the most cleverest, wises and smartest of us, of course I would say the one you called Asher would be the more persuasion and charming of us. Well, you can say I’m the muscle of our group,” Billy said while flexing his left arm. “He’ll not be able to get away with this the bright one always finds a way to smite evil,” I said with conviction. “Please with little one, shut up.” with that decoration from the demon, I felt my mouth become numb. The Billy had an evil smile at the idea came to him. “I think I have the fun idea, a sexy idea. I was planning to break your friend first, transforming them into muscle fiends, but I think you be more interesting if I go for, he you first. You’re probably wondering whether that golden ring I clamped around your cock. The special magical item designed by Great-Z to corrupt paladins. Even now it’s subverting your defenses make you more susceptible to demonic corruption in particular to my corruption. By the time last of your friends will have succumbed you have been begging me to stuff my big cock up to your Virgin whole. It would be even funner and more delicious to break you first rather than your friends,” Billy said before giving Rowan a sloppy kiss. At first Rowan resisted the kiss, trying to thrash his head around it but Billy hold on his head was to firm. Eventually Rowan stopped struggling against Billy’s hold and stopped moving relaxing his body. Billy parted with the kiss, Rowan cock became erect. “What have you done to me, you fiend. why am I so God’s Dan horny,” Rowan said Panting out the words? “As we speak the rings power is subverting your divine protection and your strong will. It should take a couple days for the ring to corrupt your spirit but for a little boost from me it should speed up. Great-Z will be pleased at the results,” Billy said with sadistic grin on his demonic handsome face. To me, my master and others horror Billy forced Rowan to swallow his big red cock. My master Rowan struggled and choked on the big meat stick, before Billy let go. Instead of moving his head away Rowan began leaking at Billy’s cock starting from the head and tried making his way to the demon’s balls. I turned my head in discuss and closing my eyes. “Well, Well looks like it took longer than I thought three months rather than a couple of days. How annoying, still either your will is stronger than we thought or the ring is taking its sweet sexy time with you. You must love the taste of my cum by now. You must crave it, every time you see me, and every time you want to worship mine cock more than the bright one. Don’t you Rowan,” Billy said. I turned my face around to see my master and the demon. Rowan was still naked but time has passed his hair was clearly longer and had growing a beard. I realize the disturbing implications of Billy’s statement. If Billy has some form of time of manipulation powers, then we would be in trouble. His power would have to be massive to manipulate time. Clearly Billy was not some dumb brutes the demon had some are a lot of skills magical powers. Whoever this Great-Z that he and Asher mentioned must be very powerful indeed to control a demon with the great power. I pray to myself, hoping that the bright one would answer and sent us free alive or dead. Rowan was doing another round of cock sucking for Billy. I had no idea how many times Billy had force Rowan to suck on his cock but judging by the way my master is pleasing the demon they have been doing a lot. That didn’t know how long it would take for master to break but I pray for strength to him and myself. we Still had hope as long as the bright one lives in our hearts and long as we live, we will make it. “Is time for a test a final test for you Sir Rowan is quite simple I’ll let you leave here a live. It’s quite simple all you have to do is take your squire there and leave. I’ll even sweeten the deal for you if and your squire leave and passed through those stairs up through the monastery I’ll let everyone who has been transformed into a muscle fiend go. Free as a bird, butterfly on the way,” Billy said. With a snap of the demon’s fingers shackles holding me and my master released. I immediately fell to the ground and barely caught myself from hitting the ground face first, but I found that I could barely move as if preventing fall had drain all the strength, I had me. I heard steps coming closer to me. I couldn’t tell if it was my master Sir Rowan or the demon big Billy. All I could do was pray that it was Sir Rowan. I see it be this week if I had the vowels then maybe I could have gone away to get help. I felt myself being turned around and to my delight and horror I saw Sir Rowan; I could see blood red skin spreading across belly and thighs, the golden ring glimmered with demonic energy on my master’s erect red cock. I master easily lifted my body like I was a child in my father’s arm. Each step that my master took I could feel the ring pulse with demonic energy. The closer we got to the stairs the more powerful the forces from the ring became. Each step my body betrays me for my cock began to rise and harden. My master’s breath became more haggard as we got closer to the stairs and our freedom. I silently prayed to the bright one to give my master strength. On the way to the stairs, I heard the others give out encouragement to Rowan in the attempt to give him strength. As Rowan made it to the first step of the stairs in our freedom, we heard the demon make one last temptation. “Would it be fun if you and I plunged are hot cock down your squire’s virgin ass hole and make them squeal like a pig in heat,” Billy said. My master policy before turning around and saying. “No master his virgin ass is mine to take and ravage as I please,” Sir Rowan said in a deep demonic voice. He began walking back into the dungeon and as he did so the others uncorrupted began saying “No” in disbelief. I try to resist but had no strength to get out of my former master’s arms. Each step closer to the rising stone slab made my cock twitch and my ass hungry to be filled by Rowan’s cock. Rowan’s hands trembled as he placed to me on to the stone slab. It was cold as the grave, while in my master’s hands felt hot like the sun. He leaned in close to me and spoke. “You’re like a… Son to me, and I am p…p…pr…oud, proud of you son.” voice changing back and forth from his normal to the deep demonic I heard earlier. “I’m so…so sorry for failing you… You. I am sorry for failing the bri….Uw Fuck boy are you ready to become a real man a real muscle fiend, because I’m stuffing my fat cock down your virgin hole son. Prepare for your knighthood son.” Rowan’s voice completely shifts to the deep demonic tone as his brown eyes turn golden yellow. I knew that I must resist Rowan’s advances but a part of me always wants to obey him a part of the always wants to make him proud and by letting him ravage my ass it would make him happy. Besides I’m about to be knighted by my master. I knew the rings was now effectively, now that it was done with my master. My resolve my resistance broken by a master’s fall from grace. That was pretty hard to think when you Rowan stuffed his fat cock into my ass. at First there was pain then it blossomed in two pleasure as my master’s cock with in deep and the demonic dark magic passed through. In and out and in and out again my master went bringing me pleasure as he did so. We began to transform into our glorious forms. Rowan’s cock started growing inside me, as the dark magic flowing out the ring changing light inside so that I can handle my master’s girth. red began spreading out starting with my cock and where it touched, I changed becoming stronger. Before my eyes I started seeing my cock swelling grow as it turned red. Wherever the red spread to, on our body’s growth followed. Once brown hair became black as midnight on Rowan’s body. Already lean muscles grew and swelled as demonic fire passed through our veins. Starting with my master first, the red started from his belly and thighs and spread-out words. It had crept along reaching his pecs making them swell and grow as they turn red. He started becoming taller and wider as the red reached his neck. It had spread across his shoulders causing them to swell with the strength that could hold mountains. It flowed down into his arms starting with his biceps growing and filling out with strength then reaching his forearm with the veins popping demonic blood through them, reaching hands that’s swell, fingers growing to the size of sausages tipped with black fingernail like clause. Finally, the red had flowed up to his head his teeth sharpen, his face became more masculine, his ears grew point tips, and grew two small cone shape horns on his head. I was so fixated on his transformation that did up in those minds and tell my pecs grew on the tip of my vision. They even notice or know when my hands began massaging my big fat red cock. Unlike my master the red started out spread through my hands rather than shoulders. In fact, I had not even noticed the change in weight into my arms as to the demonic magic that was transforming me ran through my veins. The more had change spread through my body less of the old me remained. The light which would have will let me use the bright one’s power was now turning dark and as it did so, I reveled in it. The whole time as my body was going through these changes, I was feeling hot and tingly. Course I felt all the pain that didn’t matter to me all that did was the power that was flowing through my veins. Even as it had spread to my head. Black body hair started popping out all over my fiendish body peppering my barrel chest, huge arms, mighty back, plump ass, tree trunk thighs, thick calves, and my huge balls. Eventually we had to came and shot are load of cum and sealing our feet. We panted in our afterglow. Rowan moved backwards so that I can get up from the stone slab. I walked forward for a little bit before kneeling so that Big Billy could Knight me, with his big cock. Without even looking I had known that it had grown long as a sword. “I knight thee, Sir Tom Hell Knight of the Fiendish trio. Now suck my cock,” my new master big Billy said. I looked up and saw my master’s long cock shrink and split into two big fat cocks. “Now come my two knights taste your masters seed and rejoice your new freedom from their humanity,” mastered said. We began sucking on our masters’ delicious cocks, and as we did so he bestowed us more power in the form of knowledge and skills. The more we pleasured him the more he grew in our power. My former master Rowan had plenty experience of pleasure in your master and therefore was able to get more knowledge from him. I could’ve have sucked on his cock all day but eventually my master shot his delicious demonic load into our mouths. Rowan and I got up and began examining each other. We have become muscle fiends and we were damn sexy fiends. Rowan was 9 feet tall, big muscular body with the barrel chest, peppered with black hair all over his body a down pointing triangle shaped of further was on his chest, pointing down to a treasure trail that reached his cock and balls. His big muscular body was supported by muscular thighs. I had known without even looking that had the same type of horns as Rowan. I also knew that my body hair was more rounded and spread out like a bear. We both knew that we are stronger, faster, smarter, and more durable than humans, that the powers we once had or potentially could have had, were now enhanced by Fiendish trio’s power. We looked around for our next victims. Rowan could choose from any of the nights and squires from the sun stone order, while I got the priests and monks from the sun stone of order. Brother Theodore’s fat ass was looking nice and plump to me. I made my way to where the monk was held. I could smell the fear coming off of him as I came closer to his cell. Smiling I grabbed the fat pig of a man, his weight being no problem for my new string. Wasting no time, I had him on the floor on all fours. I opened his ass cheeks and with one spit on to his cherry from my demonic saliva he began to moan in pleasure. “I always knew you wanted some dick; you damn fat slut. Does all those vowels of abstinence really give you strength to resist your base urges. Well, it doesn’t matter little fat piggy I’m about to make you into big boar,” I said as I plunged my fat demon cock into his ass. Theodore moaned in pleasure as I was fucking him. Each thrust of my cock triggered him to turn red and grow, starting from his ass. I could feel his back muscles grow tighter getting bigger as his shoulders widening with growth. Red had quickly spread across his body flowing down from his torso to his limbs. His once light brown hair became black as it began spreading across his changing body. Through my connection to Theodore, I could feel his balls swelling growing bigger, his cock becoming fatter and longer dripping the last of his humanity through his cum. Each thrust I was giving him gave was stuffing pounds of muscles into his changing body. Each limb was just as thick as my even a little bit bigger with the fat covering it. When the red spread to his face and to Longhorns grew from his skull, I knew he was ready to come and finish his transformation into a muscle fiend. With the roar from both of us we came, me giving him one last growth spurt as we did some. The smell of sex was in the air as me and Theodore got up. I looked to see the master and Rowan spit roasting Sir Armstrong causing my mouth to water at the sight. Armstrong was turning out to be a big muscle fiend and he was almost done as well with his new massive demonic body. he was going to be 11 feet tall by my estimate and wider than Rowan and me. I decided to look for my next victim among the sun stone order. I found that they were broken or stirring to break, some of the priests and monks were starting to masturbate as our glory some even begging to join us and who am I to say no to that.
  21. geektofreek

    A Conversation with my Son

    I don’t usually like to talk about these sort of things. Personal problems and such. But my son, Aidan.... He’s just growing so out of control! You would think at nineteen-years old he would have stopped or slowed down a little. But no, not him. It’s almost as if his growth just keeps on increasing. Taller, wider, bigger. This never ending factory of testosterone! Especially his muscles. 270-pounds now. I’ve honestly never felt so small and inferior around another man before! “M-“Maybe it’s time you get a girlfriend or something, Aidan...“ I couldn’t help but stutter one night. Right at the dinner table. Watching him obsessively flex between each few bites. So in love with own increasing prowess. His own muscles. He could barley take his eyes off himself. “Meh...” Aidan, grunted in response. Finishing off every last bit of meat. *BURRRPPP “No ones really captivated my attention...” He continued. Giving his mammoth muscle arm a couple of pumps next. 24-inches of hulking teenage bicep. Seeming not even the slightest bit interested in the conversation. No girls. Not even guys. I honestly wouldn’t have cared if he was gay. But it was always just about his muscles. Nothing more. “Plus, I honestly just want to focus on getting bigger...” Aidan, stated like always. Pumping the Everest-sized peak of freaky bicep, right up against his face. Staring at it obsessively. “Bigger?” I stuttered. Actually dropping my fork to the floor. And yet the topic of conversation held me completely captivated. With my curosity finally at a tipping point. I just had to know... How big did my son want to grow? “Well, like... How much bigger...?” So I finally just had to ask. Seeing a bit of surprise in his face. The big wheels in his small head, slowly began to turn. With his face even turning a little red. It was almost as if he was embarrassed to admit. “It’s ok, son... We’re all friends here.” I tried to comfort him. But even my own curiosity wasn’t prepared for the magnitude of my sons muscle lust. “I don’t know, Dad...” Aidan, finally spoke up. “I’ve honestly been having the craziest dreams...” He continued. Already making me gulp. Watching him bring down one his arms. Adjusting himself in his seat. Pulling and tugging at his skintight bulging gym shorts. “Muscle growth dreams, I guess you could say...” He even bit his lips a bit. “Muscle growth dreams?” I questioned. “Yeah, Dad...” Aidan, gulped a bit. “Except sometimes, well... I don’t ever stop growing!” He shockingly continued. “Bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER!” Groaning with this insatiable lust. Cringing the words through his teeth. “J-Jesus, Aidan...” Leaving me to stutter in even more disbelief. Especially as I watched his huge nipples began to harden up. Adjusting himself so much in his chair, it began to creak and crack. Almost as if he was getting horned up. “400... 500-POUNDS of muscle!!” Aidan, unexpectedly snarled. This untamed beastly muscle lust. Suddenly flexing into a most muscular pose. blowing his tank-top apart like paper. Right at the diner table. *RIIIIPPPP* “F-FUCK!!” Making me squeal like some school girl. Shrink into my chair. Suddenly overshadowed by these two absolutely monstrous blimps of muscle-breast. Pecs bigger then watermelons. Twice as hairy as my own. “But you’re already so big, son...” I blubbered in confusion. Feeling as if I had opened up the biggest can of worms. And yet he was nowhere near finished describing his fantasy. “More... and more... AND MORE!” He shamelessly continued. “800-pounds... 900-POUNDS! Urrghhh!” Aidan, really groaned. Grossly bucking his hips, his huge dick, a couple times against the underside of the table. “1000-pounds...” Aidan, shuttered. Whimpered. As if that was the ultimate number. This big ungodly muscle goal. “Unnghh... I’m so sorry, Dad...” Aidan, cringed. looking down at his foot-long boner. Actually lifting the table off the floor. Trying to stop himself. Control himself. “The big pussy crusher”, I heard his friends once refer to it as. “I just get so excited...” Aidan, admitted. Rubbing his gigantic shirtless muscle chest. Flicking his huge rock hard muscle nips. Even though he was embarrassed. But then again, this wasn’t the first time this had happened. Seeing my son uncontrollably horned up was becoming an increasingly awkward event. Usually occurring after a heavy workout. But never so randomly like this. “It o-ok, Son...” I tried to be supportive. “That’s quite the hungry appetite you got there...” I stated admiringly. With his cock still raging out of control. Sliding the dishes slowly towards me. My unsatisfied curiosity drove my ignorance to whole new playing field. “Is it even possible for someone to grow that size!?” I don’t know why I asked. Obviously it wasn’t possible. And yet I just couldn’t seem to stop myself from feeding back into my sons insane fantasies. “I don’t know if it’s possible, Dad... but I want it SO BAD!” Aidan, groaned with unbearable lust. Cringing and biting his teeth helplessly. With his cock suddenly throbbing, raging, what appeared to be a whole inch bigger. I thought he was going to cum! Remembering all those times I had to change his sheets the past couple months. All the wet dreams he was having... Were they really all just about him growing!? “Jees, son... At that size, you’d be squatting semi-trucks.” I chuckled jokingly... *RIIIPPPPP* “SEMI-TRUCKS!? Unnnghh, DAD!!!” Aidan, roared with embarrassment. As he finally cummed uncontrollably. “My LEGS would have to be ENORMOUS!!” He roared with wonder. As if I exploded his imagination. Watching his gym shorts actually blow apart. With his huge horse crushing cock emerging. Engorging to a whole new level of monstrosity. Gushing like a fire hydrant. So much cum I didn’t even think it was possible! Rope after rope of thick warm semen all over the chair, the table, his feet... his gigantic ape-sized hairy muscle legs. “YOU shouldn’t SAY such things, DAD!!!” Aidan, had totally lost it. Groaning in totally agony. A big rumbling pleasure explosion. Tilting his neck back helplessly. What a fucking beast. With his eyes closed in cringing embarrassment. I shamelessly peeked underneath the table... “Oh god...” I weeped even more. How was this my own creation? My own flesh and blood? My own son? Never seeing a cock so big in my life... Not even in the wildest of pornos! And he just couldn’t stop cumming. Leaking so much man-juice all over the floor. Even his shoes. Draining his big bull-sized testicles down to the very last drop. Like he hadn’t had released himself in months. Rumbling our tiny house as he helplessly bucked his huge car crushing muscle butt. “Dad... Please...” Aidan, choked up a bit. Knowing I must have been caught. “Please don’t look...” He even begged me a bit. I didn’t know how else to respond. Raising my head up. Seeing him still panting with his tongue sticking out. His face stuffed around nothing but muscle. Suffocated by his traps and pecs. Drooling helplessly down his colossal hairy chest. “I swear, I’m not gay!!” Aidan, unexpectedly continued. Looking beyond perplexed. “I just really... REALLY like MUSCLE!” He shuttered a bit more. Shooting out one last throat choking load. All his muscles bulging, tensing. “Jesus fuck, son...” Was all I could seem to say. “I guess I better start buying you more chickens then...”
  22. TonnyGiant

    Married Life - The Series

    This series will show what life is like for a couple. A 92ft giant and her normal-sized husband. I hope to continue if I have a good acceptance from readers. I also hope you enjoy reading and forgive me for my bad English. *********************************************************************** "Where's my tie?" I cursed Derek for hiding my new tie. “Don't be dramatic, little man. I just took your new accessory to wear on my thumb. ”His voice boomed over my head. He was lying on our bed adapted to his 92ft size. In fact, our house was built for him and adapted for me. I am a 28 year old man and I’m 5’10” tall. I'm a bank manager right here in Fort Collins, Colorado. Although I'm from NYC, I decided to live in that city to be closer to Derek after his drastic change in size. Derek Theler, actor and model who became known for his role in the comedy series "Baby Daddy". To tell you the truth, I was never a fan of this series, but I could only see that bullshit for one reason: the scenes that Derek showed his abs. He was always a big guy, a giant for many, for most people. Now, after the transformation, he has become a titan. We've been married since he grew up. When it was still in its normal size of 6’5”, Derek and I had a hidden case. But, this is past. He plays with my new tie tied to the tip of his thumb. He drew, two eyes and a crooked mouth on his fingerprint and started to imitate my angry voice. He at least tried to imitate my voice. With his deep voice it was comical to hear him imitating a voice ... squirt. “Where's my tie, you stupid giant ?! Oh, your brain didn't keep up with your body growth! Comedy actors should be banned from growing up ... oh, don't do that. Oh, don't do that and blah blah blah blah ... you need to relax little man ” Derek snorted and smiled. He leaned on his side, and his hand came towards me. I was on the platform that was placed beside our bed. On that platform was a kind of relaxation room, almost like a second bedroom for me. I asked them to build this for my privacy. I only use that space to change clothes, and in those moments when I want to be away from Derek. It's nice to have some extra space for me besides my playful husband's humongous chest. Trapped in his index finger and thumb that catch me by the edge of my shirt, I was placed sitting on his forehead. It was hot. He had just woken up. He frowned and my fingers were caught between the folds of soft skin on Derek's forehead. I tried to let go, I made a lot of effort, which caused the deep laughs. He smiled and shook his head. "It is very funny to see that the wrinkles on my forehead caught your hands ... HAHAHAHAHA ... you are so small!" “Or are you the one who's too big. Realize that it was with you that things changed. I am still normal ” After speaking the normal word, I swallowed. I just passed a fine line to Derek. Ever since gigantized men began to emerge, they were soon labeled freaks. Aberration was the mildest adjective they used. Some gigantized men have managed to overcome this aggressive treatment by us “normal” size people. There were support groups for giants, which helped them to overcome the rejection by the normal population, and also helped them to control the desire for rampage and the acceptance of the new size. When you are 92 feet tall, physical superiority makes the giant feel entitled to decide on the life of those who are underage. This has already cost many people their lives. These help groups were for giants, as alcoholics anonymous are for us. And Derek, my playful giant, attended giant aid group meetings. He humorously dubbed the group AA for giants. And in this group, giants were taught to control their feelings towards small people. They helped them to see everyone as normal people, and the word aberration was permanently discarded from the vocabulary of the giants. The two other times I used that word in relation to Derek, it was devastating, so we promise never to use it again, or anything that resembles that word. He took me from his forehead, placed me on my private platform and handed me the tie. His smile was gone. Derek got up from the bed. He started to act normally, but I saw in his face that he was offended. As he walked around the room, doing simple things like choosing what clothes to wear, I admired his now titanic body. His bubble butt, round and big as two mountains, was wrapped in the cotton fabric of his underwear. Its broad, massive back could easily be used as a running track for a small person. I had already run a lot on those backs. He turned to face me and caught a glimpse of his toned abs, a perfect six pack, broad chest, massive and defined, pink nipples as big as my head, a trail of little hair that ran from his navel to his groin. The treasure trail. Derek was already a God to me in his old days, and now ... it exceeded all expectations. He leaned down with his hands on his knee and looked at me. I smile sideways, but without any grace, a mechanical smile. “Your tie is beautiful. I'm sure your boss will love it ”his voice boomed. “Honey ... I'm sorry. I didn't mean what I said ... ” “You will be late, Timothy. You don't want to be late on your first day after your vacation, do you? ” he walked away towards the kitchen. I took a deep breath, put on my tie and got off the platform by the ramp. It wasn't tiring, sometimes I went up and down with Derek's help. I followed his thunderous footsteps around the house. The ground shook as Derek walked through the house. I tried to draw your attention to an apology, but it was in vain. He didn't even look at me. Defeated, by the hour, I turned and walked out of the full-size door built for me that was next to the 110-ft door made for Derek. "Until the night, dear" I gave him a kiss before leaving, but he didn't turn to look. Derek was stubborn, sentimental and sweet, but he knew how to throw a tantrum and break someone's patience like any naughty child. He was my giant child, and I loved him, and I know he loved me. And because I knew he loved me, I was upset with myself for implying that he wasn't normal. How stupid I was! ####### I arrived at the bank and greeted all my co-workers. I went into the office of Kevin, the bank manager, who for some reason praised my tie. I remembered Derek. I pushed the sad thought away and smiled at Kevin. “Tim, I have great news! And when I say big, it's because I'm talking about something big. Our new client is a famous guy ... maybe he's friends with your husband ... and speaking of Derek ... how's that big guy doing? Hahaha ... I remember the day I invited you to dinner ... my Camaro is still flat ” Kevin had the ability to speak non-stop. It was annoying and Derek calls him a Hyena. I smiled at the memory of how Derek smashed Kevin's car. My giant husband feigned concern and regret. Kevin cried when he saw the pet car flattened like a cookie. "That was funny ..." I said through laughter, but I stopped myself. "Well ..." Kevin rolled his eyes and went back to talking about our new client "He may be friends with Derek from Hollywood ..." "Kevin, not all actors are best friends in Hollywood, not even giants ..." "But, Mr. Cavill said he knew Derek and that he always watched his show ..." I widened my eyes in fright when I heard our new client's last name. Wouldn't it be possible that Henry Cavill, now a 92ft titan, would be our new client? Yes, he would be. Fort Collins became the destination of many giants after the giantization took place. Perhaps because the mayor and the governor of the state were also giants and ended up welcoming their peers ... in short, Henry Cavill, would be our client and every new renowned client, famous, vip, received a welcome dinner given by me or by Kevin. “It would be interesting for dinner to be at your house, for very obvious reasons. These monsters know each other ... I mean, sorry ... I didn't mean that ... shit " "It's okay, Kevin" I raised my right hand to interrupt him "I'm going to have dinner at our house. Friday, can it be? ” "Perfect" Kevin noticed my irritation and agreed to have dinner on Friday at my place. ####### “Baby, everything will be fine. I will cook. I'll make the best macaroni and cheese in all of California. ”He did a double bicep pose. "Honey ... you know we're not in California, do you?" "Of course I know. Still my macaroni and cheese is still the best. Now, come here little man ... ” He leaned over and wrapped his hand around my body. Lifting me up to his face, Derek looked at me with a sly look that showed how much he wanted to play with me, but I was still ashamed of how I treated him earlier. “I'm sorry, big guy. I didn't mean those things ... ”I closed my eyes and shrugged. "Do not worry. I was pissing you off and you just shot back. I won't let you love me because of nonsense ... I talk a lot of nonsense ”he shook his face imitating a dog. "Sometimes, I don't think I deserve you" smiles. “And yet we have been together for five years. Now, I need to relieve my lust. Come with KING DEREK ROOOOAARR ” He imitated King Kong by carrying his gift. Derek came into our room and sat on our bed still carrying me in his fist. He only wore underwear while I was still wearing the work suit. He placed me among the valley of his powerful pecs and looked at me with a lustful, calculating, penetrating and threatening look. It was the look of a predator. “Take off your clothes, little man. Today I will degrade you until my lust is no longer a problem ”he squeezed his pecs on me, making me almost choke. We agreed that in our room, during sex, Derek was completely free to show his superiority, so he could use words like: bug, pathetic, ant, and others that showed how big, strong and powerful he is and how much I am only a weak human close to him. This “humiliation” excited me. Don't judge me, if you had a giant like Derek Theler, you would know how I feel. I started to undress and quickly I was naked. My clothes were thrown over the length of Derek's magnificent chest. Skillfully, he took each tiny piece of clothing between his fingers and stared. He kneaded the clothes into a ball. “Clothes of pathetic little human” threw the ball of clothes on the floor “Now, walk to my groin and start working on my cock. Be a good boy and satisfy your master, OK? ” "Yes Master" With my heart pounding, my small, erect cock giving me over to Derek. I had no way to hide. I was there, stripped of any shame, given the luxury of my giant husband. More and more as I approached his giant mast, I felt the warmth of his skin on my soles. Walking on his abdomen, I tripped over Derek's incredible and ripped 6 pack. His deep laughs still helped to make me fall, as I couldn't stand. Gathering my strength, I approached the crevasse of the giant stick. That thing was bigger than my whole body. A viscous, translucent liquid spilled from the crack that pulsed every time I got close, It was like I was hungry and I was the meal of the day. Taking a deep breath and containing my own orgasm, I hugged the tip of the stick and bathed with pre-cum. It served as a lubricant. Derek's cock was hard and his veins were as thick as one of my legs. His heavy cock was lying on his divine abdomen. I slid down and lay under the big cock. I hugged as much as I could, but my hands couldn't quite wrap Derek's cock. Using his pre-cum as a lubricant I started to massage and sending shivers down Derek's titanic body I heard his deep throaty moans coming from above me. I massaged with more density and strength than I could apply. While massaging, my own dick was in contact with the hot meat of Derek's dick. I was almost reaching a climax. A huge hand hovered over me and wrapped around my body and Derek's big cock. He pressed me against the hard, oiled wall of his cock. His moans increased as Derek rubbed me up and down on his cock. At first it was slow, but soon it was gaining strength and a fast pace. I was getting exhausted when he roared. "OHHH FUUUUUUUUUCK SHIIIIIT" Derek fired charge after charge, like a giant-sized geyser. His cum flew all over his abdomen. He picked me up and down my body to his balls, with his right hand he continued to squeeze his cock that kept spurting cum and with his left hand he squeezed me between his balls that looked like wrecking balls. I kissed, massaged and stroked Derek's titanic balls to the fullest. And then the shaking stopped and I cum on his balls. I was tired. My sweat was mixed with your pre-cum. I was lifted by Derek's skilled fingers. He lifted me up to his mouth and sucked greedily as if he were sucking the best candy on earth. He drank my pathetic cum and wiped me off with his saliva. After that orgasmic bath, he pulled me out of his mouth and smiled as he looked at me. "I love you, little man" "I ..." I took a deep breath "I love you too, big guy" We still had to plan the next Friday's dinner for our famous giant guest, but that was only after I slept among my titan husband's pecs.
  23. BrandedX2

    Tuck Wants a Loan

    by Brandedx2 (Like this story? Find more tales of huge guys getting taken down a peg at my tumblr and if you have a custom tale you want me to spin up for you, let me know! I do commissions.) People could tell, Rob knew. He had clients to train, he still had a workout to get in himself (if it even mattered, now), so he was stuck there at Global Gym. He had a reputation at Global as the biggest bodybuilder in a gym full of heavy competitors. He was also known as one of the most approachable guys in the gym, imposing in stature but by all means a gentle giant. He had a number of fans in the gym’s clientele, as well as the gym’s owner Clem and his idolizing son Terry. Everybody cheered when he got his pro card the previous year, all in agreement that there wasn’t a more deserving athlete around. Rob was used to having all eyes on him. But after what Tuck had done to him that day, those eyes made his veins cold. Between clients Rob eyed the scale outside the locker room. He’d been avoiding it all day, terrified of what it was going to tell him. He tried to let his eyes, the way his body felt, be enough, but he had to know. He hopped on the scale and looked down: 240. That morning, when he’d weighed himself after getting out of bed, he’d been 284. He’d walked in the gym that size. And then, standing in the locker room, he heard the shrill laugh of his least favorite “client” and turned around to see skinny, tattooed little Tuck in his usual tight wife-beater and cargo shorts, cracking his knuckles and looking Rob up and down with a look that always made the big bodybuilder shiver. “…just a little bit?” Rob said, side-eyeing Tuck, wishing he could get away from the little guy who was inching closer to him. “…just for a little while?” “Big fella!” Tuck said with a laugh. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you didn’t like having me around. Yeah just a little, yeah just for a little bit.” Rob looked around quickly to make sure no one was around when it happened (Tuck probably didn’t even care—he didn’t care about much) and then Tuck, wiggling his fingers wildly, reached out and poked him. He felt a sudden chill, and just like that, the size drained right out of Rob and into Tuck (forty-four pounds, he would find out later). His shorts fell to the ground and his tank top hung down like a dress without the rest of his bulk to fill it out. By all accounts he was still a big man, but nowhere near the massive size he’d been a moment before. Tuck looked like a heavy-weight prize fighter with all of the extra mass, and he’d even got taller. He shadow-boxed a bit, flexed his new muscles while Rob sadly examined his own diminished form. Tuck gave him a shove (he stumbled forward, not expecting the sudden force and his own lack of mass) and then took off. Rob had clothes he kept in the bottom of his gym bag for the times that Tuck “borrowed” from him; they were his old workout clothes from several years before, back before he’d gained the mass that made him a terror to the superheavyweights onstage. He remembered being that size and feeling big, but going back to it was too much. What was worse, the smaller shorts and t-shirt still looked baggy on him. Rob was used to stretching XXXLs to the limit, and he couldn’t even fill out an XL. Tuck had taken more that day than ever before. There was nothing Rob could do to fight it. Tuck had all the power. He had to play nice and wait until Tuck was done playing around with his mass, until he decided to give it back. That feeling of weakness was almost too much for Rob to bear. “What’s up big man?” said Leon, a big powerlifter and Rob’s occasional lifting partner, taking a break from his heavy squats. Leon used to say Rob was the only guy big enough to spot him. Rob nodded back as they passed each other, terribly aware of the difference in their sizes. Rob hadn’t felt that small next to somebody in awhile. Later on his client Carlos turned to him during posing practice, while holding a front double bi, and smirked in his direction. “Hey, Big Rob, my guns are looking big as yours, no?” Carlos took a step toward him to compare. Rob backed away and swatted at him. “In your dreams, buddy,” he said. “You’re good. Hit the locker room.” Meanwhile across the gym, Tuck was curling a loaded barbell with sloppy form, showing off for a few spandex-clad ladies doing lunges nearby. Girls had always been the core of Tuck’s objectives in stealing size from him, Rob noticed. At the end of the day, Rob paced around the locker room, a little panicked. He hadn’t seen Tuck in a couple of hours, and after searching the entire gym Rob couldn’t find him. “Oh, hey Rob,” Clem said, walking through the gym about to lock up. “I didn’t know you were still here. I can leave you the keys if you still want to work out.” Rob felt a pit in his stomach. What if Tuck took off this time? It would take years to build all that size back, if Tuck’s power even allowed that possibility. “Uh… Thanks, Clem, I think I’m gonna hang out here for a bit if you don’t mind.” Clem smiled and tossed Rob the keys. “You in a heavy cut phase or something?” Clem said, looking him up and down. “You look like you dropped some pounds.” “I’ll be bulked back up again soon enough,” Rob said, praying that was the truth. Tuck strode in with a loose swagger over an hour later. Rob would’ve knocked the kid out if he wasn’t so terrified of the kid. “Sorry, Bobby,” Tuck said, scratching his crotch. “I was plowing this chick out in the parking lot just now. She could not get enough of this!” he said, gesturing to his physique. “Oh, man, what’d you think I wasn’t coming back? Bobby, you wound me, buddy. You really wound me.” Rob shrugged and feigned a smile. “Naw, I knew you were coming back.” “I suppose you want to go back to normal,” Tuck said. Rob bit his lip and clenched his fists. “Man, you are such a big baby sometimes, Bobby. You’re lucky I love you.” Then he flicked Rob right in the forehead. Rob’s mass returned in an instant, and he felt a sudden pain all over as he burst through his clothes. They fell to tatters and Rob stood there, massive and naked, his posture finally relaxing after a brutal day. Tuck burst into riotous laughter at the sight of the giant man exploding out of his clothes. “Bobby, you are ridiculous, buddy!” said Tuck, once again five feet and a hundred pounds. He walked out of the locker room and Rob patted himself down, thankful to be himself again. That was all Rob heard of Tuck for awhile. Usually he could count on a visit from Tuck every month, whenever the little guy was itching for girls at the gym, but several months passed and Rob was relieved to find that Tuck didn’t come around. His career started turning up, as well: he got a huge sponsorship deal, a photoshoot with Flex magazine, and Clem asked him to be the face of Global gym. The first day it was unveiled, Rob looked humbly at the larger-than-life size poster of himself, twenty-feet tall, outside Global gym. He couldn’t believe where his hard work had taken him, and he couldn’t have asked for a better place to do work. Terry, Clem’s beefy son, greeted Rob at the door. “Your picture looks awesome!” Terry said with stars in his eyes. “Thanks Terry,” Rob said warmly. “One of these days you’re gonna be up there.” “There’s Big Hollywood!” Leon said and punched him in the shoulder. All eyes in the gym were on Rob. He couldn’t feel prouder, until he walked into the locker room and saw Tuck standing there. “Bobby! You’re a big deal now, aren’t ya!” Tuck said, arms crossed, a sly grin on his face. “Aw, Bobby, you always clench up when you see me. If I didn’t know better I’d think you weren’t happy to have me around!” Rob looked around quickly to make sure the locker room was clear. “Uh… Tuck, I… what do you… doing?” Tuck smiled. “Relax, big Bobby.” He pulled out a wad of cash. “This time we’re gonna train. Regular. Big man teaches little guy how to lift weights. Deal?” He extended a hand. Rob, relieved, shook it. “Finally want to start adding some mass of your own, huh?” Tuck handed over the cash. “Look, Tuck, if you’re really serious, I can take over your diet, your supplementation… Hell, I can get you juice if you want it. Just say the word, buddy.” Tuck started stripping out of his clothes, stood there naked, a little awkwardly close to Rob. “See, thing is, Bobby, there’s this chick out there right now who will blow your MIND. Huge tits, ass like heaven, body that looks like it was built to fuck… Man, she’s got me DROOLING, Bobby, but she’s only into massive guys. Like big giant freaks your size.” Rob grinned as he put his gym bag in the locker. “Don’t worry, Tuck. I won’t steal her from you.” Tuck, still naked, bounced his eyebrows. “Oh, I’m not worried about that one bit, big Bobby.” Then he grabbed a handful of Rob’s big back. It hit Rob hard this time, like needles everywhere. His body compressed so fast everything was a blur, and he found himself stumbling around, his arms and legs suddenly tangled up. His head ached for a moment, and he felt like he was going to throw up… then the vertigo passed and he looked around, shocked at how much bigger the locker room had gotten. His tank top and compression tights were tented around him, and as he stood he watched his whole body slide through the neck hole. His body—that couldn’t be his body! Still tan, but tiny all over, a size he’d never been even in adolescence: shoulders, arms, legs, chest, all so narrow and bony. Even his dick was tiny now, and he put one tiny hand down to block it. He felt exhausted, and like he was moving in slow motion. Then he noticed the huge shadow cast over him. “Fuck YEAH!” roared a low, bovine voice. The sudden eruption scared Rob so much he tumbled over, his little heart pounding rapidly at the sight before him: Tuck was ENORMOUS, every part of him bloated with massive muscle, skill covered in tattoos which made the presentation all the more intimidating. Tuck aggressively hit a crab shot and grinned at the mirror—Rob had never seen anybody so big! Terrified, he scrambled backwards, eager to get away from the giant man stomping and flexing and growling. “Where do you think you’re going?” Tuck said, tossing his old wife-beater and shorts at Rob. “You agreed to a training session. Only it’s gonna be me showing YOU how to move weights, little man! Get dressed little guy. I’m gonna borrow your old clothes—seeing as you couldn’t use them for anything but a circus tent!” Tuck gave his now-massive cock a swing. “Hopefully I can fit all this in there,” he laughed as he pulled on Rob’s clothes, which fit like skin. “Let’s go little guy.” Rob felt like he was going to be sick as he walked out on the floor. He had to take two steps just to keep up with giant Tuck’s long stride. All eyes were on them—or rather, they were on the massive tattooed beast Tuck had become. Rob was shaking. He was terrified that someone would recognize him, but as he walked out, he realized nobody was even looking at him. That was almost worse. “Grab some dumbbells, little man,” Tuck barked. “Time to do some curls.” He crossed his arms and smirked down his chest at Rob. Rob headed over to the weight rack—how much would he be able to lift? He looked toward the smaller weights. He reached for the 20s, but a young guy—a guy who had asked for Rob’s autograph and some lifting advice the day before—elbowed him out of the way and grabbed them himself. Rob grabbed the 15s and walked over to Tuck, who tilted his chin at him. “What are you waiting for? Curl!” Tuck growled. Rob strained. He couldn’t believe he could get his arms to bend. “I… I can’t…” he said quietly, shocked at how soft and high-pitched his voice was now. Tuck laughed and slapped his knee. “Are you serious? You can’t even curl those?” He walked over and grabbed some 80s. “Lemme show how to curl, little guy!” His form was sloppy but his massive physique still impressed everybody around. Tuck winked at a blonde fitness model nearby. Her name was Catherine, Rob knew; she did only go for monsters. She’d been flirting with him a lot that week, and he’d thought about giving her his number. “Go get some water,” Tuck said, racking his dumbbells and heading over to Catherine. Rob was stunned by the height of the water fountain, which was now at about eye-level to him. He stood on his tiptoes to reach it, barely getting water in his mouth. He turned around and ran into what felt like a brick wall—it was Leon, who looked GIGANTIC to Rob now. “Watch where you’re going,” Leon said politely, yanking little Rob to his feet with one hand. Rob glanced across the weight room and saw beastly Tuck, now making his pecs dance while he chatted with Catherine. He had a little time, he figured, so he quickly headed to the locker room. His gym bag felt massive to him as he fished it out of his locker—it was bigger than he was now! He had to text his clients and reschedule before they showed up. As he struggled with the zippers, he felt a hand on his shoulder. “That doesn’t belong to you, sir!” A strong hand yanked little Rob away from the bag, and another yanked the bag away from him. It was Terry, who was now twice the size of Rob. Terry gave little Rob a shove. “Theft is grounds for termination of membership.” “I-I wasn’t stealing!” Rob pleaded. “I was just… I thought it was mine.” “What’s your membership number?” Terry asked with an eyebrow raised. “0-1-6-1-1,” Rob blurted out, suddenly realizing Terry had no doubt memorized his number. “Uh-uh,” Terry said, grabbing Rob forcefully. “You’re outta here.” Rob begged him to stop, told him he could explain (even though he had no idea what he would say) but still Terry very easily dragged little Rob to the door while everyone in the gym stared at the scene. “My coach!” Rob begged, pointing at Tuck, who was too wrapped up in Catherine’s admiration of his giant body to notice. “He’ll explain!” “Nope,” said Terry, shoving Rob hard. “Beat it, or I’m calling the cops, reporting you for theft and trespassing.” Flat on his back outside Global Gym, Rob stared up at the giant image of himself at full-size and burst into tears. It was too much. He looked up and saw Terry on the phone inside and quickly pulled himself to his feet and walked to his car. He tried the locked doors, realizing that his keys were inside, in a bag that belonged to someone he didn’t look like anymore. He walked around to the opposite side of the car and crouched down as it began to rain. Everything would be fine, he told himself—as soon as Tuck set things back to normal, everything would be fine. Hours later he saw Tuck strutting from the gym, holding Catherine’s hand. Rob stood up and sprinted for the two—but they were on Tuck’s crotch rocket before he could get there. Tuck sped away, never even acknowledging little Rob, stood there in shock, wondering if he was ever going to see Tuck again.
  24. LionBUff

    Breeding Barn

    Breeding Barn By: LionBUff Part 1: The Beast of the Bull Brutton, a 4,000 lbs breeding bull, looked out into the pasture of cows. He leaned on the wooden fence wearing tight jeans and an even tighter sleeveless shirt with both elbows behind his chest and observed the stomach of every female cow in the field. He had impregnated every last cow on his farm, at least he thought. Brutton examined every female to make sure none of their stomachs were too flat. Every stomach of every female looked noticeably bigger to him. Even if they weren’t carrying a heavy load of his calf, they were carrying buckets of his heavy seed that hadn’t fully digested. Looking at all of the females he had impregnated reminded his testicles how much seamen they held which made his body want to dump the load he was currently carrying. His jeans hugged his stiff rear as they seemed to move towards the front of his body. His cock looked more like an arm trying to rip through. Brutton felt the seams give way to his growing shaft. He looked down at the bulge about to burst and grabbed the tip. He lowered his left hand to squeeze the tip of his cock as a way of telling his body to calm down. He used his other hand to squeeze his balls like he was preventing an explosion of sperm from bursting out of his pants. The skin-tight shirt rose and fell with his muscles as he breathed slowly to relax his body and hormones. "You've stuffed every hole here," he whispered to his bulge as if it were alive. "They can only handle so much cum at one time... you'll be back to breeding before you know it! If there was anyone else you could breed you'd already be flooding their body." Brutton did his best to force his bulge back down but his testosterone was too powerful. A beast like Brutton can never truly ignore his sperm's desires. Knowing his bulge was only a few throbs away from jumping out of his pants he walked back to his private stall. He walked into the barn, made sure the farmer wasn't around and slipped his shirt over his head. There was a water bucket for him in the corner. Brutton walked over to take a large sip but got distracted by his reflection. His muscles alone weighed more than a car. Every inch of him was a blanket of veins and bulging beef. Any human bodybuilder wouldn't stand a chance against this bull that made even the most muscular superheroes and gods look like a regular man. Brutton loved his unstoppable body, but he thought it was a little funny. All of this testosterone dripping from his body and yet he didn't like to fight. He had scared off other bulls at other farms by simply groaning at them and bouncing his chest. He has encountered many bulls who wanted to fight him, but Brutton never wanted to fight any of them. He just wanted to breed the farm with them, and maybe see what his kind felt like. He hated being the only bull on a farm because he has secretly wondered what another male crawling up his holes and flooding his guts with seed felt like. He didn't think another bull would ever want to do anything but fight, but he wished that he could spend time with one. Just long enough to feel the other bull make his belly sag with thick milk. He thought getting pumped full of another bull's milk would feel better than any female. He was so lost in his imagination that he almost ripped his jeans open dreaming of another bull. Thankfully he snapped out of his fantasies before his jeans ripped and he was able to unzip them and drop them to the ground. He looked back at the water hole and imagined a bull just as big as him cramming a veiny cock up his guts. He could see the shape of the other male's breeding beast sticking out of his belly and throbbing visibly. He caressed his own cock and was fully erect in seconds. The pulse in his shaft was throbbing so hard that his waste was starting to feel sore. His cock was so hard that it was almost cramping. His veins breathed like his meat was a thick lung hanging out of his pelvis. Brutton's sperm erupted out of his towering cock and splatter all over his stall. The eruption was so powerful that Brutton thought he had emptied his balls in only three explosive pumps. He sat there with splashes of his slimy seed dripping down his muscles and thought about what that would feel like on the other end. He wanted an explosion of seed even bigger to make him look as pregnant as the cows in the field. Brutton started to feel thirsty and walked over to the bucket of water in the corner. He drank all of it without taking a breath, then sat back down. His testosterone had only gotten stronger as the water seemed to flow right to his testicles... the water instantly flooded his balls with a load even bigger than the last. He felt more pent up than ever. The thought of being impregnated by another beast like him made almost all of the water from the bucket turn into cum. His balls felt heavier than when he started stripping down. Brutton sat there and sprayed three more rounds of cum, each felt like he hadn't jacked off in years. His balls couldn't stop making more sperm... even after four bursts of seed. When Brutton finally ran out of seed, he laid down in the pool of cum in his stall and fell asleep.
  25. LionBUff

    Quality & Quantity

    Quality & Quantity By: LionBUff (part one) Duncan Heftfield walked into the fancy-looking science building through the glass double doors. The doors were labeled with a white decal that read "Seed Studies." He walked in wearing denim jeans that fit but still displayed his strong stiff body and a casual short-sleeve button-up shirt with shadows along his chest and one down the center of his stomach. His cowboy boots suggested that he wanted to show off his cowboy side while still looking nice. Duncan was told not to release any sperm for the past week for the study of his seed he scheduled. He wanted to get his official breeding license to become a professional horse breeder. He wanted a license to prove he would keep his horse farm full of foals. This was a little more than obvious in the bulge that waved as if it were a boulder behind his zipper. He checked in as if it were another doctor's office, waited, and eventually walked back to meet the sperm specialist. The room he was taken too looked like any other doctor's office except that it had more than one poster of the male organ. As Duncan stared at these maps of the male body, a slim male human walked in with the standard doctor's outfit and clipboard. "Duncan Heftfield, I am Dr. Sporos," the young 26-year-old human told him. He took a quick peek at his clipboard and said "so... you're a 3,000 pound Clydesdale bodybuilder. That alone makes you sound like a god of mating, to be honest," Dr. Sporos said growing a blushing tint on his cheeks. Duncan laughed quietly thinking Dr. Sporos' reaction was adorable and flattering. "The mares always say the same," Duncan pointed out arrogantly. Dr. Sporos looked at Duncan and said he would be surprised to hear otherwise. Dr. Sporos looked down at the bulge in Duncan's jeans to inspect his size and was frozen with lust and amazement to see just how big the lump was under his zipper. Duncan flexed his meat as soon as Dr. Sporos looked down. The golden zipper line seemed to crack a smile at Dr. Sporos, the zip itself jingled as if it were talking. "Anyways," Dr. Sporos said regaining his focus, "you've excelled at all our previous tests. You can shoot your seed at almost twice the distance of the average horse, your cock is more than heavy enough to get the mare to ovulate, the only thing we need to test now before you get your breeding license is the volume and quality. We need to know how much sperm is in your seamen and we need to know how much seamen you can produce in general. Basically, you need to demonstrate the Quality and Quantity of your seed." "Sounds fun," Duncan said smiling. His bulge turned into what looked like a small head breaking free from his jeans. Dr. Sporos noticed the bulge growing and said; "First, I need to check that you're physically healthy for the test. But honestly, I think you're ready!" Duncan stood up and stripped down. Dr. Sporos secretly wished Duncan was a little more dramatic with his undressing as he fantasized Duncan on a pole in a cheetah pattern jockstrap. "Take your time, I don't mind," Duncan said trying to make Dr. Sporos feel more relaxed. For ten minutes, Dr. Sporos' hands squeezed Duncan's heavy sperm sack like he was tenderizing it. He rolled his fingers around each testicle carefully, each individual musky orb was bigger than both Dr. Sporos' fist combined. He squeezed the scrotum the sack hung from as if he were milking an utter. Dr. Sporos felt how pent up Duncan's balls were. The heavy and slimy load slapping against the walls of his testicles felt like a bag of warm slime. Duncan grinned at how carefully the doctor under his cock was examining him. Duncan was half-hard when the doctor reached his cock. Like his sperm sack, the doctor squeezed his thick shaft as if he were milking it. Each inch of the 20-inch veiny pipe was squeezed carefully. After Dr. Sporos confirmed what was already obvious from Duncan's bulge alone he gave himself time to calm his meat down then put his coverings back on to be taken to the lab. It wasn't long before Duncan was in the "Seed Study" lab. This lab wasn't like anything Duncan had imagined, it was instead nothing short of a wet dream of a room. There was a heated seat on one end with a tv on the other end. in the middle was the machine that would extract his seed, a tube with a pipe held up by an industrial tripod with a clear tube on the end closest to the tv that attached to a bucket on the ground. "The bucket is about the size of a mare's womb, it tells us how full your partners will be," Dr. Sporos told him through a speaker on the ceiling. "Any questions?" Duncan looked at the black reflective tv screen and asked: "what's that supposed to do?" Dr. Sporos laughed and said; "Motivate you. When you're ready the tv will turn on and from there it's self-explanatory." "Got it," Duncan responded. "Ready?" Dr. Sporos asked in a slow and deep voice. Duncan unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. The sound of him stripping down in that small room echoed loud enough for Dr. Sporos to hear it over the mic. Dr. Sporos blushed to this sound and did his best to stay professional. "If anything goes wrong just yell, I'm going to be listening the whole time for safety reasons. Is that ok?" "Yeah it's fine," Duncan said dropping his pants. Duncan grabbed the bottom of his shirt and guided the fabric around his muscles. Duncan threw his shirt on the ground beside the stand and walked around the machine with nothing on. His heavy, full, musky balls swung around freely as he walked around. He wanted to see every last inch of this breeding machine before he made a mess out of it. He had used almost as many breeding mounts and cum collectors as actual mates but this one looked much nicer. He hadn't even heard of a bucket designed to hold the same volume as a mare's womb but there it was. Duncan remembers the size of every mare he's been with. Each time he finished their stomach was always noticeably inflated, shrunk back down as the mare absorbed all his seed, then grew to be only slightly bigger the day the foals were born. He wondered if the bucket could handle his load. Duncan knew there was only one way to figure that out as he inserted himself into the machine. His mushroom tip was a fraction of an inch away from the tip connecting to the bucket. His cock pushing against the tube turned the tv on in front of him. A logo popped up that read "The Best of Breeding." The top of the logo had a "stream of cum" that splashed out of the "hole" the cock was in and filled the screen with solid white before fading into black and revealing a menu screen. A logo popped up that read "The Best of Breeding."
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