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You now have until July 1st to download and move any content from the old forums to the new forums. It may be visited at old.musclegrowth.net where you can login with your previous login credentials. The forum is in a read-only mode and no future postings will be allowed or migrated over. Once the timer hits zero all content will be erased indefinitely and no backups of that version will be kept. If you have any issues please open a support ticket and we will try to help you.

The countdown has finished!

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Found 6 results

  1. At this point I can firmly say the forums are back up and running. It has been a long past couple of months but we are excited to announce that all the content that was lost four months ago is finally back it its proper place. It has been a difficult past couple of months with dealing with a pieced together broken database import, and moving hundreds of gigabytes around. What is here? Everything is here, this forum is a recovery from January 4th, 2022. Any content posted from January 5th, 2022 to May 4th, 2022 does not exist on this forums. If you had gallery images, blog posts, stories posted, clubs joined - everything is here right where you left it. This version of the forums even has a lot of bug fixes from the previous forums where embedded images were broken or simply not displayed. I want to give a huge shoutout to MassiveMuscleMass in the Discord server for giving me a helping hand testing everything and helping bring this version of the forums back online. What is not here? Like I stated before, the only things not here is any content posted between January 5th to May 4th, 2022. Can I recover my content between January 5th and May 4th, 2022? Yes you can, however you must do it quick. Due to enormity of the costs it burdens to host hundreds of gigabytes of data we can not keep the old forums up and running for very long. From the publishing of this post, you have just over 7 weeks to go to the old forums and download any images or content that is not here. After July 1st I will destroy the server and the object storage server hosting the website and images. Where is the old forums? You can visit the old forums at old.musclegrowth.net. If you can't login try resetting your password. If you still need help see the next question below. What if I need help? We can offer limited support help through opening a support ticket. So how is this new infrastructure better than the old? We are doing it "right" this time. For all you tech nerds out there, the forums is now hosted on a virtual server that is backed up weekly, our database is now in a managed MySQL cluster with automated failure protection and daily backups to a replicated host, additional all images are now hosted in a content delivery network (CDN) which takes the burden of serving images from the virtual server and distributes it among a global infrastructure. All of this combined ensures we have multiple redundancies and no single point of failure. And if we were to go down it would only minutes to be back up and running with nearly zero data loss. In closing I want to thank all the wonderful beta testers on the forums for all that they did to help out, especially MassiveMuscleMass! I've learned a lot from what happened and I am committed to not letting it happen again.
  2. CMiller

    A Holiday Announcement

    On behalf of the admin and moderator team we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Festivus, a Great Kwanzaa, an early Boxing Day, or whatever you celebrate (or don't) during this time of the year. We thank you for making this a great supportive community and reflecting back on this year we've been through a lot and have come a long way. Take a moment to relax, celebrate, and surround yourself with the people you love. All The Best!
  3. CMiller

    Increased Forum PM Spam

    Everyone, we've seen a dramatic increase of forum spam through private messages today. We are doing what we can to combat it, our existing anti-spam filters are catching most of it but there are a few falling through the cracks. Please be diligent and do not click on any links that you have not solicited, and please report the messages if you do get one. We are working on additional measures to combat this issue. UPDATE: We've added some additional steps before a user is able to send private messages.
  4. CMiller

    Major Updates

    Our forum software provider just pushed a major update to the forums adding upon an already great platform. We've waited a few days for the bugs to be worked out and are satisfied with the results. As such you might find some features in different locations and the user experience slightly changed. We also pushed a major update to the look and feel of the forum, this is a unified experience that enables a "light" and "dark" look to the forum while visually using the same elements. Please use this forum post to report any bugs or any features that seem out of place.
  5. CMiller

    Facebook Login Disabled Indefinity

    I've got to say that Facebook is by far one of the worst companies to work with. We've been running years with Facebook login enabled and this week during a standard review they disabled our ability to allow you to login with your Facebook account. Effective immediately we can no longer support Facebook logins, you will need to transition to another social login provider or use our strong encrypted local login. If you had an account linked to Facebook and are now unable to access your account please open a support ticket with our help desk and we can transition your account and data. Sorry for this unfortunate event that Facebook has put us in.
  6. Some of you have been asking for the old Evolution Forum backup. This is a full raw download of the site, no stories removed. It's just like it was available to anybody before the site went down. This download was taken about one day before the site shutdown for good. Browse it online: http://archive.musclegrowth.net/ Download here: http://musclegrowth.net/downloads/archive-2014.zip Thanks to jman250 for putting together the archive.
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