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  1. Omeganomicon

    The Dark Age of Brewler

    Chronicles of the Fungi Kingdom [So for the 5th anniversary thing, I went for a classic video game parody with more sinister and greedy nature] The Dark Age of Brewler Mateo looked up at the sinister castle once more, quaking in his shoes. It had been six weeks since the raid of Fungi Castle. A villainous terrorist attack by the neighboring kingdom, which had killed the king and queen and kidnapped their only daughter, Princess Pear. Mateo had no idea if the Princess was alive, but he had to try. He had to stand up to this clan of evil bastards who defiled every treaty and refused to engage in any discussion of peace. All they cared about was their master’s bidding… And quite frankly Mateo didn’t blame them… Their king, a fearsome alpha dragon, the first born in over 300 years, a beast known as “Brewler”... He struck terror into the very eyes of those that dared witness his powerful form. He was a monster, whom devoured kingdom after kingdom in his endless pursuit of dominance and power. Nothing can stop him. Over the years, tensions with Brewler’s kingdom grew higher and higher with the Fungi kingdom. While the Fungi Kingdom pursued scientific studies, tactics, and mathematics, Brewler’s kingdom was always one step ahead utilizing dark magic and forbidden ancient powers sealed away from the mortal world. Eventually once Brewler himself was trained and educated by a dark cult of mages and dark devotees, Brewler’s small kingdom almost overnight devoured every one of the neighboring kingdoms. It made sense that eventually, he would come for the Fungi people… It was just a matter of time… It was the height of the mycelium festival when they struck. For most of the kingdom the day started as a day of peace. A day of celebration. Then the beast appeared on the horizon. Followed by legions of airships led by dastardly crews of specialized fighters and notorious traitors of the former kingdoms conquered by Brewler. The battle was over in minutes, it was too sudden, too much too fast. Brewler simply laid waist to the castle, the town, and the walls, then sent in his head mage, a cruel and twisted bastard by the name of Kane. Kane knew the job he was sent in to do, and he liked it. He walked straight in, stole the soul of the former king, and imprisoned him in stone with an eternal unbreakable curse. He then allowed his men to take turns fucking the corpse of the former queen while he himself took their 23 year old daughter with them back to Brewler’s Castle. For Kane he took pleasure, not in the abuse dealt to the victims, but in the knowledge that the king’s soul will forever be trapped as witness to his wife’s murder and daughter’s abduction, unable even in death to find peace in the further… When Kane left, the few survivors of the slaughter convened and sought out every able body available and willing to help. Mateo, together with his cowardly brother Luis, and a legion of patriotic Fungi residents were tasked with the herculean task of recovering the princess and defeating the monster. They all knew it was a death march, but for them, the idea of turning their back on their country was more pain than being crushed by any dragon. Or so they thought… Mateo looked back at his squadron now… Four… Only four people were left. Himself, his brother, a young adul… no… a child, a fucking teenager by the name of Toah, and his older sister Toahanne. Mateo looked back at his crew and gritted his teeth. “This is it… This is the castle. We… We made it here... I… I don’t know how we did… I don’t know why we were spared while… So many more of us didn’t…” This made Luis snap. “What was the point?! What’s the fucking point of any of this? We can’t stop that monster! There was thirty of us when we left the castle Mateo, THIRTY! WE HAVE NOTHING! Even if we knew where the princess was in that massive death-lined stronghold, even if we got her out and back to the castle safe and sound just the four of us…. The fucking bastard will just destroy our whole kingdom again before….” “SHUT UP!” Toah screamed, glaring into Luis hard. “You going to tell me next Josh died for nothing? Or Jenny? DID MORTIMER DIE FOR NOTHING WHEN HE SAVED YOUR COWARDLY ASS FROM THAT BOMB TRAP?!” Toah ran away into the mist and brimstone. Toahanne glared at Luis: “Nice job asshole. TOAH get back here!” But before Toahanne could catch up to Toah, the ground cracked, and Toah shrieked as he began to fall deep into a subterranean cavern beneath, followed by the other 3. Mateo, for a long time, assumed he was dead. He must have been. That was a 100 foot fall into what must be rocks. But alas, in total darkness, he still felt… Alive. He moaned as he came into consciousness. Luis called out in the dark: “Mateo?! Mateo is that you?! Are you awake?!” “Luis? Is that you?!” “Not just him, Toah and Toahanne too. It seems we all survived the fall, but… We’re stuck.. Somethings sticking to us!” Mateo pulled out his personal lighter and lit it, upon doing so, the surrounding environment lit up in a dazzle of pseudo photosynthesis. Toahanne spoke up: This is a giant mushroom cave. It must be thousands of years old. These must be insanely prehistoric species… Mateo, do you think you can burn yourself out of that mushroom? I wouldn’t recommend touching these things in any way you don’t have to! Mateo, Luis, and Toahanne were all stuck on a northward facing mushroom close to each other, so it was easy for them to release each other. “How the fuck are we going to get out of here?” Luis wondered out loud. “Lets focus on freeing Toah fi….iiiiirrrrsst the FUCK!?!” Toah, whom just earlier today looked like this: 5’4”, scrawny build, almost no muscle. Was now towering over the other 3 as a 10’8 beast rippling with power. “WOAH LITTLE BRO!” Toahanne “Mah...ma… mia!” Mateo said in bewilderment. Luis simply fainted. “What… What did this to you?!” Mateo asked. Toah, somewhat dazed but mostly just distracted by the erotic sensation of feeling the power his body can exert, mumbles something about chewing. “What?” Toahanne barks, annoyed at her “little” brother. “OH..Uh… It was the mushrooms I think, I tried to chew myself out, then I felt this weird stomach ache, and now I’m….. Really…. Really big…. FUCK!” Toahanne examined the mushrooms closer. “I wonder… It’s been theorized the reason we’re known as the “Fungi” kingdom is because hundreds of years ago, it was said mushrooms of that era were able to provide vast sources of power. The school and rest of the world always assumed this was a metaphor to show that a connected consciousness like teamwork and communication would be the strongest ally… But now… I wonder if they were literally just growing stronger from exotic molds….” “Is it going to wear off or something?” “It likely will. We should likely do some testing.” -------------------------------------------------------------------- Mateo, Luis, Toahanne, and Toah would spend the next two weeks in this cave of wonders, testing, experimenting, and documenting their finds. Luis namely searched for food outside while Mateo and Toah took turns being a guinea pig and being a watchman for enemy troops. Toahanne discovered 4 notable facts about the mushrooms in the cave. 1- All mushrooms will double one’s default size and mass upon first consumption. A 150lb man will become 300lbs for example. 2- The effects of eating a mushroom appears to only last a few hours. You’ll retain the size difference until a mushroom is completely passed through your digestive system. 3- The mushrooms do not change effects based on volumes of present material. One mushroom of any size will make you X times as tall or strong. 4- The mushrooms seem to multiply rapidly, but will only occupy muggy or damp areas with little or no light. Mateo peered over the notes and looked at Toahanne. “Do… Do you think this will work?” Toahanne sunk her head. “Its hard to say… there are four of us and if we’re all massive we might stand a chance against a one on one with Brewler… But with his legions of magic and militaristic forces growing by the day…. I can’t be certain of anything.” Luis returned from running errands outside the cave and spoke for the first time in days. “...If you can get us all as big as Toah… I think I might have a plan to kill that monster.” And with that, our four heroes drank in celebration of their new plan, regained hope, and powerful new bodies. Mateo. Luis Toah And Toahanne ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- King Brewler drank viciously from the chalice of wine in his hand as the new prisoner was brought forth. “Who is this?” He asked menacingly. “This is princess Lilly, of the Sandafarian Kingdom overseas. A token of how far your power reaches now my lord….” Some sniveling underling answered. Brewler extended his massive muscular arm and inspected the princess with his claws. “Ugg… Is this really all they have to work with in Sandafaria? What a pathetic excuse for a princess. Flat chested, covered in makeup… Honestly how am I going to skewer this bitch across my cock?” Lilly gasped in fear as she gazed at the beast’s massive swinging package. That thing was easily four times the size of her own body. “Please… Please don’t do that…” she whimpered in fear. “Oh… well you have nothing to worry about then… As I was saying you’re ill fit to provide me with a new generation of children…. I suppose you’ll make a nice appetizer instead!” The bastard laughed with the rest of the room as the princess was effortlessly pulled from her steel shackles and dangled above Brewler’s reptilian jaws… And dropped. However, before she could be eaten, a hunky man in green swooped down from the roof and caught her mid-fall. “Woah there, can’t have a fine flower like you becoming an orderve.” Lilly was mesmerized by the situation, but before she knew it she found herself kissing any part of the mysterious stud she could and repeating “THANK YOU! THANKYOU! THANKYOU!” over and over as she did. “I ah… I gotta go save my kingdom and kill this lizard bitch and you should try to get out of here… And if I survive… Hit me up Ok? Name’s Luis.” Lilly starred in bewilderment at her green knight before turning to escape the castle. Down below, Luis saw Toah and Mateo speaking with the beast as Toahanne got into position. “Ah ha ha ha ha…. I must admit… Mateo… Your reputation precedes you… Stopping my tanks, infiltrating my supply lines… You’ve been quite the thorn in the side of my operation into the Fungi kingdom… Although I must admit I see why… You’re much more a king than any of those other losers who stood in my way… I offer you one chance and one chance only. Join me now, and bask in the riches, women, and power I can offer you as one of my generals, or continue this ridiculous idea of challenging me, and perish where you now stand.” Mateo spit at the thought of betraying his home like that. “Then you will die.” The dragon king said as he grinned evilly. Toah and Mateo looked at one another one last time, then bolted in separate directions. Brewler turned to his forces: “kill the other one, he’s of no entertainment for me, but none are to lay a finger on Mateo… That’s my kill. Absorbing his strength by consuming him seems… Delectable.” Before leaping and bellowing after Mateo. Mateo ran from hall to hall as fast as he could, with the relentless monster always hot on his trail… That’s when he saw it… Two days prior, Luis ran a perimeter on the castle, in doing so, he found one particular chamber filled with lava from the outside volcano, suspended right over a sturdy but destroyable bridge. And now, after running for quite a while, Mateo turned and looked the beast square in the eyes. “So long you fucking turtle.” Mateo pointed behind the beast as it stared at him in confusion, there stood Toahanna, with a pair of gardening shears clasped firmly around the bridge’s support. And with one easy thrust, snapped it in two. With an angry roar, Brewler fell into the molten abyss beneath him. As he struggled against the lava, it hardened across him and melted his flesh. Mateo couldn’t believe it… He’d done it! The beast was dead! That’s when he saw a sight that would haunt him most of all. The bones below him turned to him and smiled. “You think you’ve won? HA! You may have defeated me, but you’ve won nothing. The Dragon clan will rule this world long after you and your pathetic Fungi kingdom have given up all hope! Soon, my reborn body will reside on a throne sculpted from the remains of your loved ones! Enjoy the calm before the storm…. “Hero of the Fungi Kingdom… Muahahhahaaaa.aaaaaaaaaaaaa…………” They finally finished as the bones themselves turned to ash. That was it. The Beast was defeated. Mateo and Toadanne quickly ran back to the throne room. Inside Luis and Toah were surrounded by a pile of unconscious minions. A few of the remaining generals turned towards Mateo with surprise. “Wh… Where is lord Brewler?!” “Dead.” Mateo said with a chilling firmness. There was a laugh in the audience of minions until they realized their master was not appearing to challenge Mateo. Suddenly, a lieutenant stepped forwards. “Well fuck this! I only enlisted because that monster said he was going to kill me if I didn’t join him! Fuck the Dragon Clan!” Soon the whole room was in thunderous applause as the few native Dragon clan members were taken prisoner. Mateo looked around the dungeons as he searched for Princess Pear… But he couldn’t find her… Luis finally caught up to Mateo, embraced him and then gave him an update: “With the exceptions of a few legions of deployed minions, and Kane’s personal squadron, we’ve destroyed or captured all of Brewler’s minions and weaponry.” “And what of the princess?” Mateo asked. “The only place left to check is the southern Tower, where the monster himself resided.” Mateo dashed to the tower and raced up to the top. Inside was a grisly scene, demonic ritual elements, chains, whips, and suspended against the far back wall above Brewler’s giant bed, was Princess Pear. “PRINCESS!” Mateo shouted as he ran to rip the chains binding her from their bolts. As his immense strength shattered the last iron run in one pull, the princess leapt forward into Mateo’s arms. Kissed him, disrobed him, and soon… Explored the rest of his body. “The Reign of the Fallen Princess” Six weeks earlier* Princess Pear kept her eyes shut as she was lead into the throne room. This had to be a dream. IT HAD TO BE! The sinister snickers of Brewler’s minions sent shivers down her spine from across the room. When she finally worked up the courage to open her eyes, she saw she was accompanied by four other women, each one a captured royalty from a neighboring land. The wicked bastard who kidnapped Pear, Kane, was inspecting the princesses with weird measuring instruments. Eventually he got to Pear. “My my… The royal bloodline of the famed Fungi kingdom does not disappoint. Such sturdy hips, such tender legs, such a flexible torso… This is wondrous. I had no doubt the Fungi kingdom’s royal family would serve as a perfect incubator for the future of the Dragon Clan.” Kane snapped his fingers and the guards surrounded the four girls. “Only she is worth anything to us, do as you will with the others.” Kane snapped his fingers again, and thorny vines descended, clasping around Princess Pear forcing her to her knees to watch as her fellow royalty were beheaded and their corpses desecrated before her. The princess wasn’t sure when she lost consciousness, but awoke much later in a small dungeon. A cot, a latrine, a bowl of slop and a single mirror stood on one side of the room, and on the other side was the exit, guarded by a trio of snarling metal beasts. The beasts continuously lunged at the princess, but couldn’t seem to extend far enough to reach her, despite their apparent hunger for her flesh. Pear spent two days in that room, alone, with no contact. She eventually had to resort to drinking from the latrine as she’d grown too thirsty, thankfully she hadn’t used it yet. At sundown on the second day, the door to the princess’s chamber opened to reveal Kane. “It’s time to meet your new master my dear.” He said evilly as he commanded a pair of troops to restrain her as she was carried down out of her tower and lead into a dark ritualistic room illuminated by a series of glowing symbols on the floor In the shadows of the darkness she heard an evil voice she’d never forget…. Brewler… “Ah yes… I’ve been looking forward to this one... Kane, if you would.” Kane bowed and raised his robed hands, commanding the symbols on the floor to creep up the princess’s body, tearing her clothes and zapping her violently, enveloping her in an odd energy force. Brewler laughed menacingly before kane spoke again. “She is now protected by our magic sir… Her body, while no stronger, is now more elastic and resistant to tears. You may now begin your consummation… My lord… “ Brewler grabbed Pear violently and dangled her in front of him as he stood erect off his throne, giving her a birds eye view of his colossal member. However, in the very next minute, Princess Pear was horrified to see the massive member begin to rest between her legs. She screamed and tried to run, but couldn’t. “Good. Scream in terror. I love the feeling I get when I see someone cowering before me.” Brewler grinned. The magic did its job, and soon, princess Pear found her whole body being stretched over the king’s 20ft love muscle, being bucked wildly. The princess was lost in oblivion as her mind had been shattered. Such force, such size, such power. Ripping into her over and over at such violent speeds. Her body, immortally restrained, was in traumatizing pain. She begged for death. She couldn’t take it. It was as if a small car repeatedly filled her insides over and over. No mortal was meant to withstand such a feat. Her brain went into shock, refusing to let her lose consciousness, forcing her into a fever dream like trance where she could no longer move her body. This proceeded for hours, long into the night, until one of the timing candles from the corner fizzled out. Kane spoke up finally: “My lord. The magic is soon to wear thin upon the stroke of midnight, I suggest you wrap things up quickly.” Brewler smiled and flexed his body all over, his cock throbbing as it erupted with energy. The petrified princess lost track of the world around her as a vivid hallucination of a dark endless void consumed her vision. In her dream, Pear was alone in a white oblivion. The only thing she could see was a dark sphere in the center of the room, pulsating with odd noises. “Come to me…” The void hissed at the princess. The princess, frightened, ran from the figure, but found she could gain no distance running away from it. “I will set you free….” The void hissed again as bells began to chime quietly. “I will give you everything you desire…” The void echoed once more. “Just join meeeee…..” Was the last thing it spoke before Pear was snapped back into reality. The princess was alone, it was magic, and Brewler had left the room. Kane now stood before her. “Get up swine.” He commanded. The princess, wobbling, managed to crawl to her feat before Kane snapped her fingers and had the two guards escort her back to her tower. Two weeks later. The princess stared at herself in the mirror. Every day was exactly like the one before. She’d wake up, early, to the sound of Brewler leaving the castle. He’s return the following evening, and from after dinner to midnight, he’d fuck Princess Pear savagely like the monster he was. Pear’s mental health was gone by now. Her last shred of hope torn asunder. She’d felt that monster more than any other victim in his path, over and over. Nothing could stop him. This was her hell. The magic refused to let her die, and there was no escape. Pear had always lived a sheltered life, away from adversity. She wasn’t raised to receive this much stress, ever, much less repeatedly every night with no end in sight. Pear grasped the bloody remains of a former guard she’d pulled from the chained beast while it slept and moved its jaw up and down. “I’m going to do it.” She whispered to it. She giggled and kissed the skull, rubbing the top of it’s mouth with her tongue before whispering to it again. “I’m going to go to the void tonight. I’m going to let it into me. I mean… WHY NOT RIGHT?! IT’S NOT LIKE IT’S GONNA CHANGE ANYTHING AHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!” She began to shout. Kane began to open the door behind her, triggering Pear to go into another laughing fit of madness as the guards carried her to the ritual chamber. Once more, Brewler decimated Pear’s body. And in the final moments, once more, Pear appeared before a sphere of darkness. “Let me in…” It called out. The princess’s eyes widened with madness. “YES! YES I LET YOU IN!! I ACCEPT! FILL ME WITH YOUR PRESENCE!” Suddenly the void reached out with demonic tendrils and absorbed itself into Princess Pear’s soul. Pear didn’t know what happened after that but awoke in her bed room. She arrose and walked to the mirror. She couldn’t explain it but somehow. She was different. Something… inside her had changed. She was more confident. But mostly, more accepting. “Ha… HA HAH HA HA HA! Yeeesss….” She moaned as she began to touch her aching sore body. I feel….Stronger today… the princess said to herself with a smirk. This confidence startled the three chained beast which growled, barked, and snapped at her repeatedly. She normally avoided this, but today she felt… In control of these beasts, and slowly began approaching the metal abominations. Kane came at the same time as always to fetch the princess, but when he entered her chamber today.. He was startled by what he found there. The princess was holding one of the metal beasts and standing over another. She caressed them both and whispered : “Mamma’s gonna be back soon, you two behave, or you’ll end up like your brother.” Before swaggering over to Kane with her hips popping with each step. Kane noticed that one of the beasts was missing. But upon closer inspection saw the beast’s teeth were dislodged and arranged into a small crown upon the princess’s head. “Coming Kane?” The princess beckoned as she proceeded to the chamber without him. The following days were much more pleasurable for Pear. She still detested Brewler for what he was, but began to enjoy the ride (literally). The void didn’t appear to her again. Nor did she expect it to. She knew where it was. The void was herself. Once she learned to love this dark side of her, she began to grow stronger against Kane’s magic bit by bit. He still could force her to do as he pleased, but his abilities seemed to favor Pear more. Vines would sprout more vampiric buds to lick her body. Golems and minions that would be summoned by magic took a more feminine form. But perhaps the most noteworthy change was Pears sudden encouragement to fuck the various minions of Brewler in addition to just the king himself. She would occasionally hurt or maim one or two, but inside she began to develop a thirst for their touch. Six weeks had passed sense she’d become Brewler’s prisoner now. She sat atop her bed, covered in the viscera of an unlucky guard, touching herself. She reflected upon her new life and frowned. “What’s the point? I may be finding the silver lining but it means nothing as long as I’m Brewler’s slave… But one day… Someday… I’ll break free of this prison… And when I do… I will make them all…. PAY!” ------------------------------ Mateo awoke to the sound of construction work outside. Figures they’d be repairing everything, what with all the damage to the town Brewler caused. It had been a glorious four days. Returning to Castle Fungi to a hero’s welcome, riches, liquor, women, and of course, the superhuman strength of the mushrooms they collected. Luis had become incredibly enamored with Princess Lilly whom he met during the raid on Brewler’s castle. Toah had risen to head of the mushroom guard. Toahanne had spent all of her time in the cave studying the ruins and mushrooms. As for Mateo himself, he enjoyed the princess’s “gift” to her rescuer, but afterwards she made it clear that Fungi Royalty wouldn’t allow her to “mingle” with the common folk, beith they a champion or not. Mateo spent the rest of his return in various pubs, but today, he would begin his new job as an elite guard of the military directly protecting the princess. He’d never be ready for what he would be asked to do. At first it was basic training, training in special weaponry, advanced protocols, and learning the various tactics of the castle’s defenses. Then, at the end of the day, the new recruits were all brought into a room in the back of the castle, deep in the dungeons. The princess herself attended as she lead in a group of 30 people in chains. Some of them were people knew, who grew up with him. The princess addressed the room: “New recruits, these traitors are charged with high treason by not fighting off the armies of Brewler with their last breath. The heinous loss of faith, will not be tolerated for as long as my bloodline rules this land. As a final test today, you all must execute these traitors. Fail, and you’ll be seen as a traitor yourself, and will join those with lesser faith.” The gagged prisoners begged and pleaded to the very end, and Mateo would never forget the look in their eyes that they gave him pleading for mercy. It haunted him at the core of his soul. What could he do? Hero or not, he couldn’t speak out against the princess. That night, Mateo met with Toahanne for the first time since the defeat. “Mateo! It’s late! I didn’t expect you.” Toahanne said with her muscular form hidden behind a thin robe. Mateo was quick and to the point: “I don’t want the princess finding out about those mushrooms… Look… Today I was forced to do some dark shit. I had no idea the princess was so ruthless. Toahanne nodded. “I think that’s for the best, what I found in the ruins isn’t good either. Apparently, mushrooms are just the first step in an even more powerful process to achieve what the elders referred to as “Nirvana”. “Nirvana?” “Yes, I… I don’t fully understand what that means or what you need to get there, but apparently it grants powers akin to that of one of the old gods. A power far beyond mere strength.” “We can’t let her get anything like that!” “I agree. We can’t let ANYONE get ahold of anything like that. Thankfully, the other components, a flower from the far east, and stardust aren't’ common items. And even if you had either of those, they won’t react with you unless you have the power of the mushroom.” ------------------------------------ Luis woke up again from a peaceful bliss in his princess’s arms. He’d made up his mind and discussed things with Mateo thoroughly. He would immigrate to Sandafaria, marry Lilly, and establish his legacy there. All he needed now was the signature of the royal family to start his new life. Luis was eager to get moving and so started off towards the castle alone. When he arrived, he was immediately brought into the Princess’s chambers. “Hello Luis, I don’t think we ever formally met, but I thank you for your dedication to the family and this kingdom.” The princess opened. “And I trust you know I’ll always be ready to defend my home kingdom, but I have a favor to ask…” “Then ask you may.” “I wish to immigrate to Sandafaria, I have fallen in love with a princess I rescued from Brewler and I want to start a life with her.” The princess frowned. “A pity…. But for a hero of the Fungi kingdom, how can I say no?” Luis smiled and took a knee to say “Thank you Princess” “But… Before I do.. I must ask you something Luis… How did you do it?” “Do what your highness?” “How did you beat Brewler? How did you have the strength to oppose that… beast? Don’t tell me it was blind courage.” Luis swallowed. He knew telling the princess was against Mateo’s wishes, so he had to rely on the discussed fib. “Gadzook’s lab recently developed a top secret serum for the war effort! Unfortunately the team that made it was killed by Brewler’s magic force.” The princess stood up and walked over to a crypt in the corner of the room, she opened it slowly and motioned Luis to approach her as she moved the heavy lid, exposing the insides. Luis’s heart stopped. Inside the crypt, rolling around on it’s own with no body… Was Toah’s severed head. “See it’s funny… This kid said that same thing a few days ago… But Gadzook’s lab has no record of a super steroid…. Now… I know you don’t want to join your former friend her would you? Because surely you know lying to the royal family is a sign of treason... “ The princess said with an ice cold stair. Luis could have ended it there. He could have just refused and maybe stopped this whole thing… But he was a coward, and instead decided to lead the princess to the cave of mushrooms. The princess eyed the truffles before consuming one eagerly. She felt an immense power growing within her pulse by pulse bigger and bigger, after a few minutes she looked down and saw her dress was torn asunder by the power of her muscular growth. The princess chuckled deeply as she explored the power of her new body. Beastly trunks that could lift whole vehicles. Breasts fit for a queen. An ass to match, errotic legs, and a rock-hard core. With this new sensation of power the princess re-emerged from the cave and grinned as she began to give orders. “Have my elite squadron start testing on this stuff immediately. I want this shit fueling the fungi military by the end of the week. The neighbors might think they’re safe now, but they’ll soon find Brewler was a tame puppy compared to the Queen of the Fungi Kingdom.” From the raptors above, waiting in silence, Kane grinned evilly to himself. ---------------------------------------------------------- “Fate is a fickle bitch isn't’ she…” Kane thought to himself. “The seed is planted properly, it will manifest soon…” Kane observed as he teleported away. “I must prepare for the ceremony before that thorn Mateo or his friends obtain the other two ingredients I used on Brewler. I expect it won’t take them long to located the burn blossom, Luis has already fallen smitten with the princess of its native land. That being said…. Obtaining stardust is much more difficult…. Hmm… I wonder if I can use them to my advantage…” ----------------- Mateo, Toahanne, Luis, and Lilly peaked out from their cabin briefly before looking back across the waters to their former home. Toahanne finally put down a paper from that morning. “New Fungi Kingdom Regime Launched, “The world will kneel before the Queen” chants an army of muscular super soldiers seen marching out of the castle.” “Those super soldiers are fueled by those mushrooms… They’ll destroy everything!” “There’s nothing we can do, even with our reserve supply, there’s hundreds of them and four of us…. And… Well… YOU SAW WHAT THEY DID TO TOAH!” Lilly crouched and hugged Toahanne as she sobbed, lamenting her brother’s death. Lilly finally spoke up: “We’ll reach Sandafaria in three days. When we get there I know of the exact garden Toahanne speaks of, it is hidden in the bowels of my castle. I am quite familiar with the flowers that grow there, but they don’t have any magical effect I’m aware of.” “You need to be under the effects of the mushroom to use the power of the burn blossom.” Toahanne explained. “I see…” Luis just stared into the abyss… “How did we fail… We saved our Princess, and now she turns her back on us… I wonder… If maybe… Brewler was meant to kill our Princess….” “Luis we couldn’t have known…” “Look, all I know is we started fucking with power untold and now it’s come back to reap revenge. That’s all…” Mateo hung his head and spoke: “We need a plan… A long term one…” Toahanne answered fiercely: “Simple, get the flower, get the stardust from somewhere, then use that power to kill that bitch. She needs to be stopped at all costs.” ------------------------------------------------ As the boat finally docked in Sandafaria, the group wasted no time in uncovering the power hidden in the burning blossoms. Mateo was the first trial subject. First, the flower seemed to stick to his skin, but quickly, Mateo realized this wasn’t the flower, but fire. A warm glow enveloped Mateo’s body as he felt every muscle twitch By the time the transformation was finished, Mateo was heaving as the pressure and heat building in his chest constantly. This build up was progressional, and eventually Mateo relieved himself by expelling fire from his fists. He felt relieved. It felt good to expend his power like this, to expel fire like if it were a normal daily task like taking a piss. Toahanne ran some tests will Lilly on Mateo and made some deductions: The mushroom’s effects in addition to increasing effectiveness, also have stabilized entirely, meaning muscle loss is no longer a threat. The subject appears to have the ability to convert kinetic energy from one’s muscles into heat energy, this appears limited based on the energy within a subject. The fire itself seems to act as a total negative substance to the flower however. Burning a subject will release the flower and mushroom energy inside. Regular fire does not have this effect. Luis, Toahanne, and Lilly all decided it’d be best to all be equipped with flower abilities, improving their bodies and sculpting them towards the path of power. Toahanne Luis Lilly: *Clap… Clap… Clap..* Was heard in the distance as Lilly finished her transformation. Finally Kane emerged from the shadows. “I must say I am astounded you few found the secret to the flowers… And before the new Queen I must say I am impressed.” “What the fuck is this psychopath doing here?! I thought he was in prison with the rest of Brewler’s goons!” Kane bowed his head. “You mortals are so simple. You with your infinitesimal lifespan, completely blind to the world of those who live beyond yourselves. It would make my life so much easier if you just gave up now…” Luis attacked, but Kane simply melded into the shadows and appeared on the other side of the room. “The world isn’t suited for such insignificant beings as you. Even your own princess understands that. Even now she perseus you, desperate to reach for more power however she may take it.” “Wait what?!” Toahanne shouted. “Oh yes yes… I’m afraid she and a small fleet of guards will arrive here tomorrow. God knows what she’ll do to you after she finds this place... Hmm… For me it matters not…” “Mateo, we gotta prepare the castle! The kingdom!” “That being said though, you’re real issue is finding stardust now isn’t it?” Toahanne glared angrily at the wizard. “Why are you here?” “Well I needed to scout some samples of this devine plant, and to offer an advantage.” Luis’s eyebrow raised “What’s the deal?” “I can take one of you to the woman who rules the stars. The proprietor of the whole cosmos. It will be up to you to convince her to help, but I can only do so much.” “What’s in it for you?” “I get to pick which one of you four goes, as I only offer one passenger. The others will be forced to wait for the star festival, in about a month, on the lunar solsis, where a portal to the world of stardust will appear in the sky above star hill, a mountain to the north.” “I… I don’t know Mateo… This guy’s fucking insane. How can we trust him?” “I don’t think we have a choice…” Mateo said glaring into Kane’s soul. Mateo walked up and extended a hand to Kane, which he shook in delight. “Now…. Eninee meaniee, miniee, YOU!” Kane laughed with glee as he grabbed Lilly and pulled her into the shadows. “LILLY!” Luis shouted. Kane then began to dissolve himself into the darkness, but not before shouting out “GUARDS COME QUICK, THE PRINCESS HAS BEEN MURDERED!!!” with an evil grin. --------------------------------------- "The Siege of Sandafaria" Now locked inside a jail cell, Toahanne, Luis, and Mateo stared out into the world outside the bars of their cage. The three of them with despair on their faces as they stared out over the horizon to the approaching fleet of Fungi ships. Pear would surely kill them if they remained in this cage… They had to get out and defend the tomb of the burning blossoms from that power hungry dictator. Meanwhile Lilly had arrived in a vast cosmic void, and stood before a figure composed of the cosmos itself. “Hello Lillian, Princess of the Sandafarian people, I am known as Roxanne, the keeper of the stars.” “Oh...OH! Hello! Uh… Where am I?” “You are in the break between space, the void. It is my home, where I can observe and influence every inch of the galaxy. I am sorry for the confusion, I was not expecting guests.” “I was brought here by some wizard who used to work for a beast named Brewler… There is a grave race for power and control happening soon in my home kingdom, and soon it will follow me here to your doorstep!” Roxanne chuckled softly, shaking the vast emptiness around Lilly. “I am not worried about being attacked here Lillian. Many foes stronger than you could imagine have attempted to reach me here, and acquire the invincible power held within stardust. But their efforts are futile. They can not reach me here.” “I got here! If I can get here, so can Pear!” “It is complexing… How did you manage to get here?” “I was brought here by a wizard… His name was… Kane. I think..” Roxanne’s eyes flashed at the word “Kane”. “Did… Did you just say… Kane? Oh my gods…. Kane was my apprentice! He learned the art of space magic from… from me… I thought he was killed so long ago….” “YOU KNOW HIM!?!” ----------------------------------------------- As Pear stepped foot upon Sandafarian soil for the first time, she inhaled deeply and smiled “Ahhh yes… Fresh land to conquer….” The Sandafarians had assumed the ships to be messengers or simply in tranzit, after all what little Sandafaria had was nothing to kill for…. And yet the next few days were brutal as the whole capital city was destroyed by artillery fire. Eventually, Pear made it to the castle, and had the prisoners brought forward from the dungeon. “You deserters really are pathetic aren’t you? To think, you had a place here… Working for me… And instead you try to run away? You can’t run away from me you BITCHES!” Pear screamed at Mateo, Luis, and Toahanne. The three looked at her in fear, when Toahanne stepped forward. “Run away? You think we ran from you bitch? HA! I’ll take your spoiled little bitch ass right here!” Pear jumped back, but was struck by Toahanne’s flames. The result was the loss of her fungal strength. Panicking, Pear called out to her guards to help her while ducking behind a wall. Toahanne and co. blasted guard after guard until… The princess’s lust for power truely reared it’s head. “COME ON!” Demanded Toahanne. “WHO ELSE YOU GOT?!” But the last soldier sent in was not a fierce warrior or powerful weapon…. It was a child, half of Toah’s age. Toahanne stepped backwards as the little boy approached her with a long knife. “Wha… WHat are you… YOU’RE JUST A KID!” “TOAHANNE BEHIND YOU!” But it was too late, Pear had snuck up behind Toahanne while she was distracted, and severed her throat. Mateo and Luis screamed into nothing as darkness enveloped them. A hopelessness they’d never felt just overtook them as they dropped to their knees. Meanwhile, Pear had discovered the burning blossoms, plucked one and took a seat upon the Sandafarian castle throne to embellish the thrill she got from the transformation. A passionate heat rose within her, swelling her powerful arms and imbuing her body with the power to control fire. Her clothes turned black as ash afterwards. Pear clenched her fist in ecstasy. “This power…” She grinned evilly. “IS MINE!” as she released a series of powerful fire blasts onto the city below the castle, and began to laugh maniacally as the people beneath her burned. In her fit of madness, a dark voice called out to her from the shadows. “Shame that’s the last of it though…” Pear turned to Kane and sassily placed her hand on her soft, tender hips. “Long time no see.” Pear glared at her former captor. “Soooo…. Hear you’re looking into Mushroom magic… aye aye aye… That’s powerful magic. I know it well.” “You know of this power?” ‘That I do, it was I who initially bestowed that great strength into Brewler. I see you’ve already acquired both the priming fungi and the stabilization herb. All you need now is the dust of the heavens and you’ll amass the same power Brewler once held.” Pear slammed her powerful hand into Kane’s boney collar. “You will tell me where this dust is immediately” Kane smiled and said “Oh I’ll show you… But first I think there’s something else you want to see first.” As he revealed a small vile from under his sleeve. ------------------------------------------------------------------- "The flames of battle" Luis had seen enough. Toah and Toahanne…. Both crushed under this psycho bitch’s evil heels. The love of his life, lost in space… He did the only thing he knew how to do. He grabbed his brother’s collar and yanked him as he retreated out of the castle. Pear noticed the two getting away and yelled “GUARDS! SEIZE THEM!” However, with the power of the Burning Blossom, and their mushroom strength, the two brothers powered through the minions blocking the exit. Kane smiled. “Not to worry, my Queen, I’ll have both of them captured shortly… In the mean time I suggest you prepare for our assault on Star Hill.” “And… you’re sure this vile will ensure my victory?” She asked with a cold stare. “Absolutely.” ----------------------------------------------------- Mateo and Luis fled from the Sandafarian kingdom as fast as they could. What could they do? Even with their newfound strength, how could they stand up to an army? “Star hill… That’s where we’re going…” Mateo said shaking, his voice withered from despair. “Mateo… Even if we aren’t captured… We have no idea where this Hill is! We’ll never find it in time!” Mateo and Luis stared at each other, stricken with sorrow. Until a sound unlike anything the brothers had ever heard before arose in the distance. The fungi super soldiers had acquired burning blossoms. And under the queen’s orders… Had begun burning Sandafaria to the ground. In the chaos and panic, Mateo saw an opportunity. “Luis… This… This may be unpleasant… But I think I see a way to ensure we get to the Hill with Pear… We can take out one of those super soldiers… And replace them. Look they’re wearing gas masks. No one will even expect it’s us!” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next few days hiding amongst Pear’s army were brutal. The officers were ruthless, and the underlings worked to the bone. But the two were never found, and after the sun set two days later, Mateo and Luis gazed forward onto the beauty which must have been Star Mountain. As agreed upon, the two brothers stole a rowboat and ferried ashore ahead of the main ship. The mountain was dark and rough, but eventually, the two found a crystal shrine fixated at the summit of the mountain. Inside was a large blue crystal, and upon approaching, Luis gasped. Within the crystal was Lilly! Blurry and unfocused, but slowly clearing up as the connection from Roxanne’s plain and the crystal shrine neared completion. As the sun appeared on the horizon, the connection completed, and Lilly jumped forth into her man’s arms. Luis sobbed softly into his woman’s hair as he told her about the loss of Toahanne. Lilly cried too at the news, then looked Luis in the eyes and said. “We’re going to make that bitch PAY!” Roxanne stepped forward into the corporeal world. “Hello, Mortals. My name is Roxanne. Lillian here has told me much about you…” “She holds the stardust Mateo, with that, the burning blossom, and the muscle fungi, you’ll be unstoppable.” Mateo’s eyebrows narrowed as he said “Well then… LETS GO!” Roxanne pulled forth a small pouch containing small star-like candies. And Mateo ate the first one. All of sudden, his senses were heightened, and time seemed to slow down a bit. From around the world, light and sound seemed to bounce around him, until he realized the light and sound were emanating from him. Luis and Lilly were next. https://64.media.tumblr.com/06219b4c5aecc03823323cbd4ffb026c/tumblr_otvzeo104q1uo8he5o1_500.gif Roxanne then took a physical form before them. It wasn’t strong or powerful like Mateo, Luis, or Lilly, but she emitted a regal energy that seemed to effect reality around her. “The star candies each contain roughly twelve minutes of invincibility. You need to eat more to retain your immunity from harm. We can’t risk even a single candy getting to Pear or one of her minions, so I will hold them stockpile. It means you’ll only have twelve minutes to kill Pear, afterwards, you’re just another trio of super studs.” As Pear’s ships docked on the shoreline, Mateo saw clearly his former lover strolling onto the mountain dressed in the sexiest attire he’d ever seen her wear before. . “Lets get her.” Luis growled. As Mateo, Luis, and Lilly charged, the princess grinned evilly and waved her hand. A legion of twenty fire-powered guards rose up and charged at the trio. However, they were no match for the rage and power centered within the team. Pear gasped in shock at how easily her elite guards had been dispatched as she sent another. And another. And another. Soon there was no men left… Just herself, and Mateo’s group. Mateo stared at the evil witch with no mercy in his eyes as he prepared to eviscerate her. That’s when she started chuckling. Then laughing. After her fit, she smiled, and tossed an empty vile at Mateo’s feet. Roxanne, who was watching the battle from afar gasped and attempted to call out to Mateo, but she was surprised and muffled by Kane from behind. Mateo, Luis, and Lilly all united and began to burn the evil witch to cinders. But the laughing didn't’ stop… And amidst the flames of her opponents, the queen of the fungi kingdom rose up and began absorbing the energy, transforming her body. From behind she grew a powerful alligator like tail, as her arms legs swelled with power, ripping her charred clothes as the flames fused into the princess’s hair. Kane grinned as he gripped his former master’s neck firmly. “I knew you recognized that potion… Naughty girl. It allows the user to absorb energy and use it to upgrade their body. Your most powerful attack, has now been completely flipped! Soon, the darkness within Pear will break free, and everyone, even you my little vixen…. Will witness the next form of the Eternal Brewler, my most perfect specimen! Mateo and Luis looked up at Pear after the ash settled, she was now over four foot taller, and thicker than they’d ever seen with a powerful dragon tail, and horns just like Brewler. She eyed her prey maliciously as she grabbed the three in one hand and headed for the crystal shrine. -------------------------------------------------------- "The Dark Age of Pear" “Why are they keeping us alive Mateo…?” Luis asked his brother. “I… I don’t know…” Mateo and Luis stood in separate cages, suspended over fire and brimstone. Across the way was a separate chamber, where Lilly and Roxanne were kept, chained to the wall and relentlessly fucked by Pear’s underlings at every opportunity. The crystal dimension where Roxanne used to reside transformed after Pear and Kane walked through, now instead of a minimalist calming void of stars, it was a burning hellscape full of fire and brimstone. On one wall, constantly playing, was a tv screen showing city after city either submitting itself to Pear’s new regime, or burning to ashes, on another was a map of every conquered city now under control of Pear. And the remaining wall, was just the cage where Roxanne and Lilly would slowly lose their minds. After a few days of abuse, Kane and the supersized half-peach, half-Brewler hybrid approached the girls, sat them down, and revealed her new three meter long monster cock. Lilly looked at the beast before her in tears. Roxanne stepped inbetween the two and said “Leave her alone…” Pear extended a thick veiny arm and clasped her deformed claw-like hands around Roxanne’s throat. “... Or else what?” she said with a chuckle. “Hmm… I guess I should start with you, being an immortal and all…” Pear grasped Roxanne by the jaw and ripped it open savagely. Her jaw did not break but rather was forced wide open, forming a massive hole to which Pear extended her mighty shaft into repeatedly. For hours, Pear fucked the two girls savagely, leaving them unconscious and gasping for air. It continued long after that. For over two months the duo were fucked out of their minds every night for hours, all while the beast grew larger and stronger. Mateo and Luis were numb by that point, forced into a fathomless pit of despair at the sight of what their princess was doing to the love of Luis’ life and a powerful space witch. Luis had gone way off the deep end. Listening to Lilly and Roxanne converse every morning about what that monster would do to them, and some “Void” thing that they started worshiping in their intense madness. Mateo hung onto hope though. It was strong against all odds! All he had to do was get out of here, get a star, and fuck that bitch up! Then he could escape! Luis and Lilly could start a life together! Things could go back to normal! That was the last thing Mateo thought to himself before the night the duo were taken away for several days. Three weeks passed, and Mateo and Luis were on their last legs, starved from nearly no food, weak, tired, and unwilling to go on, Mateo and Luis were suddenly jumpstarted, briefly, back into sanity by the sudden appearance of Roxanne and Lilly in the entrance to their cells. They were ecstatic for a brief moment until they saw the guards bowing to them. “Hurry girls! It’s almost time for the resurrection!” Boomed a thunderous voice down the hallway, to which Mateo and Luis looked and saw, to their horror, the largest form they’d ever seen. It was Pear, supercharged and blazing a path of destruction in her wake, relishing in the undeniable power of her own strength. Luis approached Lilly and begged. “Lilly, this isn’t you! I KNOW THERE’S GOOD IN YOU!” And in one clean slash, Luis was gutted in half and left to die by his own fiance’s hand. “No… I belong to the new master now. We belong to the new master now. We all will once he’s returned to us! Mateo, kicking and screaming was dragged out onto an island of lava, and left as Pear approached. In the distance, the moon rose high in the sky, only it wasn’t a normal moon… It was a blood moon. Kane appeared next to Pear and handed her a bag of stardust. Once the light of the blood moon shown down on Pear, she consumed the stardust and began burning with energy and power. “YES YES YES! I AM HERE! I HAVE RETURNED! MY NEW FORM GIFTED TO ME BY ROYAL BLOOD! YOUR KING! BREWLER!” Pear’s skin turned jet black as her eyes burned with flames as every muscle in her powerful body stretched larger and larger, swelling to the size of a giantess’s. The beast grabbed Mateo and held him up to the sky for the last time and spoke. “AND NOW, AS THE FINAL STEP OF MY REBIRTH! I CONSUME THE BODY OF THE ONE WHO SLAYED ME BEFORE!” She shouted as she consumed Mateo, whole, in one snap of the jaw. The shadowy might that was Pear-zilla began to crumble, amidst the rubble laid two figures, the first was Pear, bare naked, with no strength left. The other was unmistakingly Brewler, passed out on his back enjoying the brisk bloodmoonlight. “Oh it’s good to be back! Now that pesky bitch Mateo and his weak little crew are gone forever, leaving me alone to fuck these fine bitches until I resume my worldwide conquest.” Brewler chimed as he was led to his throne room, filled with the riches stolen from conquested kingdoms. Atop the bed in the center was Pear, Lilly, and Roxanne dressed in color coordinated fishnet stockings and bikini tops. “My king… Are you proud of us? Did we never lose faith in our master?” Brewler grinned and laughed. “You bitches did alright, I already feel power returning to my body! Now why don’t you let me complete you in the ways you seem so thirsty for.” Brewler extended his tongue into each member of his new harem, awakening them, and sprouting demonic horns from their heads. End Scene: Brewler leaned in and began fucking his women properly. Brewler sat back as his sluts had taken over most of the work, and placed his arms behind his head. “MMM IT’S GOOD TO BE KING!” Pear leaned in closer with her legs behind her head and begged to Brewler ‘Oh master… Please… Let me call you daddy.” “OOoooooh… I like that… Why doesn’t my little servicer tell me what she can get from “daddy”? Pear bit her lip as she started to take Brewler’s monster cock. “Oh daddy…. DADDY YES! DADDY MORE! DADDY! DADDY! ///…. DAD! DAD WAKE UP! WAKE THE FUCK UP DAD!” “DAD WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING UP HERE SLEEPING!” Bowser Jr. cried. “IT’S ALREADY NOON! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO PICK UP MORTON JR. FROM BEING TRASHED BY LUIGI THREE HOURS AGO!” Bowser suddenly snapped back into reality with a stinging pain knowing he was no longer an immortal king surrounded by a harem of princesses, but rather a single father of eight with the responsibility of an entire kingdom that can’t even keep a princess away from an overweight plumber. With a groan of understandable dismay, Bowser rolled over and started planning for his revenge against his old nemesis.
  2. Hialmar

    An attempt at realism

    An attempt at realism Until that day, John Smith was an ordinary but shy twenty year old studying chemistry, but he was bullied by the college jocks. He was averagely built on the slim side, and his time spent before his computer had given him "office-neck". He lived in a two-bed room at a college dorm, but his room-mate had moved to a flat of his own in the beginning of the term. He didn't know the identity of his new room-mate, who would move in after Christmas, and he felt slightly worried, that it may be some boisterous jock. Last night, he had been in contact with a mysterious stranger online with the nickname "hulkyou1000", and they had agreed to see each other at a local bar next night. That morning, he had received his first package of Jockabolic Xtreme 3000 Gro Pro Bro Turbo – a supplement in its testing-phase, with unknown effects, but he had agreed to participate in the testing, because Dr. Sonderweg-Untergang at that supplement company had sounded so trustworthy. On his way over one of the college lawns, he stumbled over an object buried in the ground. It looked like an ancient pendant of unknown age, but without any chain. It didn't look like anything crafted the last 400 years. It didn't even look like ancient native craftsmanship. It didn't look like anything he had seen in any book, museum or at TV, and there was a nimbus of eldritch and forgotten aeons surrounding it. Foreboding feelings briefly filled him, and the word "QRUM" briefly echoed in his soul, but all these feelings swiftly faded in the humdrum sunshine, and he became distracted by something else. Absent-mindedly, he put it in his pocket. During lunch, he had read news online. It seemed like the Armed Forces drafted young men randomly recently, and an investigative journalist had tried to dig up the truth about a restricted area somewhere in Nevada, but his colleagues had been unable to contact him in the last few days. Strange. He had spent afternoon in the lab, writing a report with deadline next day. He had been bitten by a radioactive guinea pig, cleaned the wound with some iodine and put a plaster on it. On his way home, he passed by a tailor's shop he hadn't seen before. He spent a few minutes there, and the decidedly weird but persuasive shop-assistant talked him into buying a tank top and a jock strap, pieces of clothing not normally a part of his wardrobe. Immediately after leaving the shop, he asked himself, why he had allowed himself to be persuaded to buy something he would never wear. He passed by the river. There had been protests against the unknown chemicals a local business allegedly dumped into the river, but he hadn't followed the news particularly well. He didn't feel well. He didn't know, if it was the supplement he had ingested that morning or the wound, but he felt dizzy. He took a few staggering steps, fell over a rail, and fell into the river. The authorities found him dead next day.
  3. Omeganomicon

    Gyro's Bizzare Abdominals

    Prelude: This story is the third tale in my "Omeganomicon" series, there will be appearances of some characters later on that will source from this material as well some rules and world-building described in both the first two stories, but you will not have to read either to get into this story. Recently I've become hooked on the popular show/manga "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" (great stuff) so I decided that sense I'm establishing a new world system anyways, I'd try it in the writing style of Jojo's with a similar set of world rules as well, namely stands, corpse parts, overly explained standoffs, and certain character types and abilities, but modeled for muscle growth. Feel free to add your own suggestions for future chapters or even your own chapters! I plan to do quite a few of these, hence this is a continuous post rather than a normal one. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chapter 1: Gyro's Little Brother Gyro Ghonson lived a blessed life in a loving family, with a very caring mother, and an absolute unit of a father. He was a massive dude with a sexdrive to match, even in his early 50s. Gyro was nowhere near as motivated to be in shape, and lived a lazy life of peace and tranquility... Or so he did until the week after Gyro's birthday. His dad had returned home early from work with a child about Gyro's age: Theodore "Who's this dad?" Gyro asked. "That...er... well son... ah..." his dad stuttered. "I'm his son that he abandoned." The kid said coldly. !!!!!!! I... I'M SORRY?!?! THE WHO?!?! Soon my father explained that fifteen years ago, the week after Gyro had been born, his mother was in great pain and was unable to provide their dad with the sexual release he needed.... (Gyro slapped him at this point.) And so he went out and fucked some slut at a bar. Nine months later Theodore was born, and left in care of the prostitute, whom recently died of an unknown illness. They took a dna test and found Gyro's dad was the biological father. "Theodore huh? I'm going to call you Theo!" Gyro started, but as he finished his sentence, Theo's leg shot out, knocking Gyro over. "Do not refer to me as any less than my full name Gyro." Theo said in response before turning around and heading upstairs. Gyro's Dad turned to Gyro and said "He grew up hard and life was difficult for him, I'm sorry if he's rude but cut him some slack... You didn't see the whorehouse I found this guy in, he has seen some shit, yet maintains absolute composure, it's quite remarkable. Over the next few years, life only became harder and harder for Gyro. Before now Gyro had never really compared himself to someone on a regular basis, but he could tell Gyro was clearly more muscular than Gyro. Gyro didn't take envy in this, but rather found it as a source of motivation to start working out, but never the less, Theo was still bigger for quite some time, causing all kinds of hell for Gyro. He had homework assignments destroyed, he was viciously mocked by practically everyone in his class, and was regularly dealt lessons as to whom was in charge, reducing Gyro to nothing internally. By age 19, both boys lived in Gyro's five bedroom apartment in Metroio city. For obvious reasons Gyro's Mom, Linda, was no longer married to his dad and was Gyro's only source of home away from Theo, never the less, as she was a busy woman, Gyro was left alone most of the time with Theo. Gyro, still having worked out regularly despite Theo's crushing tactics, was almost ready. He'd been keeping record of how much Theo was lifting at his gym in secret. It was pretty fucking impressive seeing the 200lbs of weight be lifted by such a relatively small kid. Theo almost always wore a thick hoodie and baggy pants, but despite this, he looked menacing as hell. 220. That's what he had to beat. 220. Normally Theo would go to the gym for a few hours everyday, but seeing as he was gifted a trip on a smaller cruise line by my mother for his birthday a few days ago, (he scoffed at it saying he expected no less than the smaller cruise selection from "that whore") He walked up to the bench and loaded up the weights marked with Theo's carved writing about his claim to them. He took a deep breath. Lifted the bar. A huge amount of force on his chest. He pushed. And with some effort, he lifted the weights. He was overjoyed, ecstatic! He'd done it! He was stronger than Theo! He could stand up to the beast now! Not only that... But he had four more days to improve more! He was sure he could get up to 235 in that time! ---------------------------------------- The night before Theo returned, Gyro had moved his blanket onto Theo's Second bed and cleared the room of his things. He was making a statement. They were equals from now on. Theo barged home with two of his buddies, Nick and Kyle (complete meathead drones used for grunt work and sexual pleasure alike), and turned to see all the stuff outside his primary bedroom. Enraged he screamed "GYRO YOU LITTLE BITCH, WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY ROOM! I'll RIP THAT LITTLE TWINK NECK OFF YOUR...." but before Theo could say anything else, Gyro appeared, confident in the hallway. "I'm taking your second bedroom Theo. You may not have noticed, but I've been keeping track of your progress in the gym, by my account, I now have an advantage on you by at least 15 lbs, give or take. I'm stronger than you now." Theo stopped and laughed at him before winding up a bitch-slap. However Gyro caught it, and now had Theo by the wrist, which showed Gyro a face he'd never seen on Theo before: Fear. "I've never seen that look on you Theo, but never the less, from it I can already tell I've won this fight, stop now before you get hurt." Gyro said confidently. "You did worry me quite a bit there... But none the less, I couldn't agree more... NICK! KYLE!" Theo responded with an evil grin. Within seconds Gyro had been restrained and kicked repeatedly by the three Jocks. "You need a lesson in discipline bitch." Theo said. "You think these two bozos do what I say because of how much I can deadlift? HA! I'll fucking SHOW YOU WHY THEY WORSHIP ME!" he continued before whistling. On command, both Nick and Kyle stripped to their bare skin and nealed on the floor at the base of Theo's bed to watch. With his hands restrained by ductape from behind and on the verge of blacking out from injouries, Gyro struggled to free himself as Theo started stripping slowly, eventually revealing an impressive 9 inch cock. Gyro wenced and tried to get away, but soon found himself with a fat cock between his teeth and cheek. Theo had a firm grip on Gyro's jaw as to keep him from biting down, and it all seemed hopeless to Gyro, when suddenly, as if by pure chance, Theo pushed hard enough to knock Gyro across the thin shag carpet, causing Gyro to fall forward, headbutting Theo square in the balls. Gyro backed away into the far corner of the room. "You little bastard! Big mistake doing that! We have you cornered now! You can't run!" Theo shouted. "Run? I didn't plan on doing anything of the sort." "Huh?" "If THAT is why these two worship you, I have a surprising bit of information they might fight just a bit interesting." Gyro said with his hands now free from ductape. "He can't possibly mean..." Theo thought as the face of fear appeared a second time as Gyro dropped his pants willingly. "Oh wow!" Nick and Kyle said together as they bore witness to Gyro's 10 inch cock with balls twice the size of Theo's Theo glared at his former minions as they sat in awe and approached the naked specimen. "Woah... It's even thicker than Theo's..." Nick said. Infuriated and humiliated, Theo landed a final blow on Gyro, knocking him (but not his erection) out cold. No further harm befell Gyro that day, Theo left in a fit of rage and anger to go drink downtown with his fake ID (which would later be found out and confiscated, leading to him spending two nights in jail. Gyro woke up in Theo's second bed with a sexy letter from Nick and Kyle begging to "hang out" sometime. He would spend the next few days adjusting his life back from the tyrannical rule Theo could no longer impose. It was a good day. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As Theo roamed the streets after his release, he vowed to destroy Gyro at any cost. He knew a guy up the road who sold steroids reasonably, he could get bigger and destroy that little cockroach! "I'll get fucking huge!" Theo laughed to himself (or so he thought) in a back alley. "If it's power you want... I think I can provide exactly what you need." Said a mysterious voice from behind the corner. "Who the fuck asked..." Theo began, but then the stranger stepped out of the shadows and Theo realized he was in no position to make demands. Theo was huge for his age, but he was still only a mere 19 years old, not even finished with puberty yet. The man behind the corner was gigantic, even for a full grown adult. "Well little boy? Do you want the kind of power I can offer or not?" the hulking mass said sternly. Biting his lips in fear, Theo replied "Yes. Yes I do. I want it all. " "Hungry beast aren't we.... Tell you what... I'll get you started... " the man said as he opened the large case he was carrying with him, removing one of the loose items in the bottom. "Here..." said the figure as he handed Theo a round object about the size of an orange within a completely sealed leathery sack. "What is this?" Theo asked. "Power, raw power, solidified into to solid mass." "How does it work?" Theo pried. "First you study it. Know it. The smell. It's presences. Know it well. Like the back of your hand. Then, when you can be sure you know this object and all others like it, place it into your bare lap... Now leave... It's getting late...." The man instructed firmly before turning the corner. When Theo rounded the same corner however, he found the man to have disappeared. Thats when he felt it. The warm pulse of the ball in his hand, and the power it commanded, with this, Theo knew in his soul, he would have no issue reclaiming his throne from Gyro! Chapter 1: Complete! Chapter 2: Theo's Return After the incident, Theo disappeared for weeks before returning with a green wristband he claimed was for his rehabilitation program and "explained" how attacking Gyro came from a steroid addiction, and after accepting Gyro had surpassed his ability without cheating, he became "enlightened" by Gyro's determination and wanted to workout properly with Gyro to learn from him. Skeptical, Gyro questioned the proposition and weather or not to take Theo up on his offer, but eventually complied. Week after week, Theo treated Gyro like a proper brother, and worked out in stride bringing out a new strength in both brothers as they worked out together. However, despite his appearances, Theo was putting on a farce of malicious intention. Nine months later, gyro had begun noticing a lot of strange circumstances. Mostly the difference in strength between Gyro and Theo. Gyro had been dead set on maintaining his figure and building muscle as effectively as possible, and had definitely put more time in, whereas Theo would mostly spot Gyro and spend most his time encouraging him, only working out for twenty minutes or so each session while Gyro would workout the full thirty five. However, you would expect the exact opposite considering the size difference in both. Gyro hadn't gained a pound... But Theo had nearly doubled in size. It made no sense... Furthermore he knew Theo couldn't be cheating, as he had attended regular drug tests to check for a reaction to any steroid or steroid-like substance. What was even weirder was Gyro's progress was consistent. He had moved up in weight significantly (moving from curling 40lb weights to 60lbs) while Theo was still satisfied with just 45lbs. One day after the workout Gyro was alone with Theo in the back locker room of the gym. Gyro joked about his concerns considering this odd speculation. Theo simply laughed as Gyro expected him to and claimed to have no idea why this was happening, and suggested the two take a trip to the steam room in the back. The two had been to the steam room before, but the two always wore their towel to hide their junk, but today, after a few minutes, Theo confidently dropped his towel, and took a wide seat exposing his dick to the world. Gyro was flabbergasted, his cock was far larger than it had been a year ago, and if Gyro had fallowed suit, he would definitely lose any sort of competition. "Damn bitch, can't believe you fit that whole thing in my mouth." Gyro laughed awkwardly. Theo smirked lightly and said "Steroids man, they shrink your dick to baby size." But in the back of his mind Theo was laughing maniacally knowing Gyro would never catch on. How could he? What he saw was impossible to accomplish by mere common folk. This power was unique to him and as it grew, he would rake Gyro through the weeds for everything he could as he gripped his lemon sized testicles and smelled his musty fingers afterwards. When the two arrived home, they each retired to their separate bedrooms, where Gyro would go to bed, tired from working out to exhaustion, and Theo relaxes in his bed and massages his balls. "Tonight's the night.... It's been over a year but I'll finally do it tonight...." Theo said as he began rubbing himself all over. "That fool Gyro will break mentally like a twig, maybe even injure himself trying tomorrow... All I need to do now... Is release the power I've built up and claim it as my own.... Gah... These arms are so weak... They can barely lift the muscle that dipshit spent so much time refining for me." After a few minutes of exploring his body, Theo gripped the shaft of his cock and began to stroke it savagely. After a few minutes, for the first time in a year, Theo released his massive testicles and began screaming internally at the ecstasy flowing through him. It was his. Theo stood up, more easily than he had done for quite a while, and explored the body he'd worn for the past few months, as now, he had unlocked the strength that came with it too! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gyro tried to lift it again, and again, but he couldn't.... He'd started every workout session for the past two months with some curls with the 60lb weights, but now... He couldn't lift them. Its as if they weighed 90lbs. He couldn't understand it. "Don't worry Gyro, I'm sure you'll catch up one day" Theo said with an evil smirk on his face as he finished his minimalist workout utilizing the second pair of 60lbs weights. "How are you able to lift thoses dude? I've never seen you be able to lift more than 45s..." Gyro questioned but stopped abruptly as it was clear Theo was preoccupied, staring at the muscular body builder fitness trainer's hot and sweaty body working with a team in the back. "Uh Theo?" Gyro asked to get his attention back. Theo turned to Gyro,frowned, and said: "Look Gyro, I didn't want to say anything but I'm at my wits end. I'm getting really sick of your jealousy towards my body. I really don't think your toxic nature is good for my improvement, that's why I think I'll continue my workout with someone I can learn from rather than teach." With that Theo went and spoke with the bodybuilder he'd been eyeing. Gyro tried every workout he could, but like magic, all the progress he'd obtained over the past year had vanished into thin air! What was going on? Was he losing it? Eventually Theo finished his workout and nonchalantly left his number for the body builder while Gyro went and hid in the back room. Suddenly, against his sobs, Theo realized he was in someone's presence. "Is your name Gyro?" boomed a deep thunderous voice. It was the bodybuilder Theo had been eyeing. What was he doing here and what did he want with Gyro and why did he know his name? 'Yeah it is... I'm sorry, am I in your way? I'm just a bit confused right now because..." "Because your brother has stolen the physical progress you've made over the past year. I know." Gyro was stunned. A wave of questions and emotions hit him at once. First was relief, now knowing he wasn't' crazy and somehow Theo had managed to steal his power. Then came anger as he realized that Theo HAD In fact been plotting against him and stolen even more from him. Then came dumbfoundedness as to what was going on. "So... What's going on here then? I'm completely lost." Gyro asked the behemoth. The man sat down and pulled out a large suitcase from his locker and placed it on the table in front of Gyro. "If I am to tell you more, it may put you at risk. I have it on high authority that I can trust you in my personal goals, but I must confirm that you as well want to accept the burden that comes with the mystery surrounding what's happened. " Gyro didn't care what dark secrets this hulk held, he needed to know what Theo had done and was willing to swim oceans to find out. "I accept." he said firmly. "Very well.... Then Gyro, I welcome you to the Ranks of Jackovia's Knights. My name is Connor." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End of Chapt. 2 But I've got the time to go ahead onto Chapter 3 so enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 3: Connor's Corpse. Connor stood up and locked the gym door before returning to the suitcase to open it. "I should tell you before hand Gyro, do not be alarmed by what you see in this case. If you want to know Theo's secret, you must remain calm no matter what." Gyro raised an eyebrow but conceded to the demand. "Gyro, if you've chosen to walk this path, I must inform you that your half-brother is now in possession of an incredible power, gifted to him by merging with a piece of my master." "Your master?" "Aeons ago, my master, a man named Jackovia, used old magic in conjunction with advanced sciences to obtain an ultimate form of power and connection to the ethereal plane that networks the divide between time and the multiverse itself. For billions of years he's sculpted reality into the unique form of today, that while not idealistic to us, was virtually perfect in Jack's eyes. Upon his ascension however, he left behind the conduit he'd inhabited for all his life up till that point, his body, in his home universe. The body has no bearing on Jackovia's presence, power, or health, but it does have unique properties. Connor at this point finally opened the case. What was inside startled Gyro, as he did not know if he should be in awe of the perfect specimens laid out before him, or if he should be horrified by the severed arm, leg, and other body parts. Gyro stepped back away from Connor. Connor sighed. "I figured this part would freak you out, I guess it's best if I just show you...." he said as he ripped the chunk of abdominal flesh off the torso and shoved it against Gyro's stomach. Gyro is scared shitless at this point and tries to run out of the room, but as he does everything slowly fades black and he passes out. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gyro awakes on the bench with Connor standing over him. "Good you survived the bonding process." Gyro groans, sits up, and clutches his chest. It burned, hotter than it had ever burned before after any workout. As he looked down he noticed that, while lacking definition, Gyro's abdominals had flattened and improved tremendously. However upon sitting up, Gyro fell backwards at the sight standing before him, as some kind of athletic ghost was standing right beside him. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING?! Gyro screamed. "That is the power of the Omega's body bonding with you. Giving you access to the old magic of the alphas and the ability to twist reality in accordance to one's personality. This particular fusion, is called "PLANK, ACT ONE!"" Gyro sat in awe of the creature but began to notice, the humanoid shape of the creature and the reactions it made to Gyro's observations.... This ghostly figure in front of him was himself, down to the last nail. "These abilities are called "Strengths", and they come in many forms, each granting their user untold power and abilities. Right now Plank here is limited to simplistic combat that all humanoid Strength's possess, but eventually it will sprout root and evolve into something greater.... Like your brother's..." "Theo has one of these things too?" Gyro said mesmerized by the situation. "Indeed. He possesses the right testicle of the Omega granting him the Strength: BLUE BALLS!" "Blue balls?" "It is a leaching Strength. It latches to a person and transfers their physical status to it's user, Theo. While the physical changes will occur normally, the actual strength won't transfer until Theo breaks the bond by jacking off. When that happens, you'll be free to resume control over your physical status, but everything you've gain will have been stolen. I'm sorry I had to wait so long to get to you, but I had to wait until the Strength's effect wore off, least I imbue you with your own Strength, only to have it be stolen by Theo." "How can you be sure I'm not still under his spell? He could have put it back on me..." Connor smiled. "I happen to know he didn't, as I know for a fact now that Theo has attempted to use his abilities on me... If he knew who I am he'd know this attempt to be fruitless... But eventually he will realize his ability isn't working on me, and will simply find another body builder to steal strength from... Worst case scenario he runs into the thief again... Greedier and cockier than before.." "Who's the thief?" Gyro asked. "I don't know. but whomever they are they managed to steal half of Jackovia's Corpse five years ago, and sense then have been traveling this world, spreading the parts around to the evilest bastards he can find in an attempt to overwrite the domain Jackovia has defined with his own body. So far I've only found a few pieces, but as I find more, I continue to combat deadlier and stranger abilities, and now I grow fearful my power alone will not be enough to accomplish my goal." Gyro sat down and processed this for a bit. "Ok... So how do I defeat Theo before he manages to get too strong to stop?" "I don't believe Plank act one is mature enough yet to combat Blue Balls. Blue balls is what's considered a supportive Strength, meaning it has no material figure to attack, rather the only method of defeating blue balls, is to defeat it's user. My own Strength is similar." "What's your strength?" Gyro asked. "My supreme ability, Fantasy Figure, allows me access to anything holding information about my body. If you take a picture of me, I'll know whats in your phone, if you put a picture of me in a book, I'll have access to everything in that book. But mostly, I use my ability to take control and access the minds of people fantasizing about me. " "That's scary." Gyro stated calmly, unaware if his calm nature was his own choice forged from trust in Connor, or if it were the effect of Connor's ability, not giving him the choice. "You will come to accept it." Connor said plainly. "Hmm... It's already 7 o'Clock... It's getting late. You'd better get home before Theo suspects something's amiss. I'll meet back up with you tomorrow at five in the back training room. Get yourself some rest tonight and don't worry about Theo, I've seen deep into the twisted recesses of his mind and while I can't predict what he'll do if he finds out you have a Strength, I do know he knows very little about the situation as a whole and believes the power he holds is unmatched. Simply act normal and see if anything about him changes. " Gyro nodded in understanding. "Oh and one last thing. While normal people can't see Strengths, other Strength users can, so it's best if you keep Plank retracted until you need him, as to not draw enemy attention onto yourself. Likewise it would send a red flag to Theo immediately. I know you've only had your ability for a short while, so I've taken the liberty of attaching the Strength retraction command in your brain to the clapping actions. Simply clap twice to hide your Strength, and say its name to bring it forth. I wish you well sir Gyro, and hope to see you alive and well tomorrow for your training." Gyro thanked Connor and finally left the building. However as he crossed the gym to leave, he received an odd chilling sensation from a guy with jet black hair in the far back of the room staring while using a medicine ball.... End of Chapter 3! Hope you're all enjoying! If anyone is confused as to the Strength/ability explanation, you should review "Stand abilities" from Jojo's bizarre adventure, which will work virtually the exact same way. Otherwise feel free to express what you'd like! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter Four: Alan's Spotter As instructed, Gyro returned to the gym the next day at the same time, but couldn't spy Connor anywhere. After a few minutes Gyro began doing some basic exercises to occupy himself. However he quickly found that a lot of exercises he would have to adjust for after what Theo had done. On top of this, Theo no longer acted as Gyro's Spotter for heavy lifting, and without Connor, it simply wasn't safe to guesstimate his own strength. All of a sudden a voice spoke from behind Gyro. "Noticed you're eyeing the weight-bench there... You need someone to help lift up?" Gyro turned to see a young adult, no older than 22 but nothing special, staring down at him. Gyro smiled and said "Yeah I could! My normal workout buddy didn't come in today." "Well that's too bad. Name's Alan, I just started working out here a couple weeks ago, great place, I love the marble fountain out front, really pulls the place together." "I'm Gyro. I've been going here a while but lately things have just gotten a little bizarre...." Alan helped Gyro through their first set, afterwards Gyro placed another 5lbs on each side. "No no no no man, that last set was way too easy for you, load another 20lbs on there, you can lift it." "Well I planned on doing quite a few sets so..." "Nonsense, your whole workout has been explained to me with that single set, you have a ton of gusto kid but you lack form and discipline, observe." Alan said confidently and as nice as he could before lying down under his bar. "Watch my arms, how they oscillate and move as I go down... And up.... And down... And up...." Gyro was impressed and loaded his own rack back up with the suggested 20lbs as requested and hopped under the bar. "Now I'm going to walk you through this one, just do exactly as I say." Gyro began by lifting the 220lb bar and slowly bringing it to his chest. "Good use of your arms, but you're now shifting all the weight onto your shoulders when it should be distributed through your chest, correct this by repositioning the bar higher up your chest on your next rep." Alan said. Gyro did. "Alright much better, but your left index finger lost a bit of grip there upon your decent, it's minor but it'll throw off the whole distribution, quell this by spreading youre other fingers further from it slightly...." Alan continued offering small tidbits of insanely accurate advice with each of the other 9 reps. Gyro's eyes lit up, this was a significantly better workout! How was it possible for Alan to know every little error with his form? With the focus and direction he supplied, Gyro felt he could lift twice as much! Gyro counted "10" and attempted to rack the bar, but Alan stopped him. "Woah there big shot, that's only 9 reps. First one never counts. Come on you can do this." Gyro smiled, he'd never gotten this kind of support from Theo! And so Gyro complied and brought down the bar to his chest one more time for one last rep. But then it stopped. Gyro looked up and to his horror, he saw Alan standing above him, glaring with both hands on the bar, forcing it down as hard as he could. Gyro panicked and began to try and throw the weights off of him, but he couldn't! He was already extremely exhausted from lifting so much already! Now with considerably more weight, he couldn't lift the bar off his chest! "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Gyro yelled trying to get the attention of anyone else in the gym (Which was oddly deserted). "I think I'll be asking the questions here dirt-bag, starting for what the fuck you think you're doing with a piece of the Omega corpse?" Alan spoke plainly. "I... I..." Gyro tried to explain but was too freaked out to form thoughts. Alan continued "That's right asshole, I know all about it, you're looking at the holder of the left eye of Jackovia, which grants me my Strength: "Spotter". Using spotter I can see through anything, which is how I knew immediately that you were holding the abs, as well as your innermost muscular mechanics during your workout." "But... But why?" Gyro wheezed. "Because I know where you got that piece from. My mentor, Connor. He had that piece just yesterday, now he's gone, and some punk ass is wearing a piece of his most cherished treasure?" "What?" Thought Gyro to himself. "He works with Connor?! This is just a big misunderstanding! Just let me up for moment!" Boomed in his mind, unable to escape his winded mouth. "Now what did you do to him? I don't know what kind of power you stole to be able to combat Fantasy Figure, but I won't give you the opportunity to activate it! Alan shouted. Gyro was scared and in a great deal of pain when the memory of what Connor told him flashed in his oxygen deprived brain. To Alan's surprise, Gyro dropped the bar from his hands willingly, allowing the bar to start to crush his chest. "OH NO YOU DON'T!" Alan cried as he tried to pull the bar onto Gyro's neck, which the force of said weight would easily crush. BANG! "AH!" Alan said in surprise. "The bar can't be pulled back because the rack is in the way! Damn it! If I hadn't corrected his form I could finish him off, but now he's! CLAP And with a single clap from Gyro, Plank Act 1 emerged. "PLANK! Help!" screamed Gyro internally. "SURE THING!" It replied, landing a swift punch between Alan's front teeth knocking him back and destroying the mirror behind him. Seizing the opportunity Gyro released himself from under the bar, but due to the time he was under the bar, couldn't breathe or speak yet. Alan returned to his feet. "A humanoid Strength huh? Bring it on." he said as he picked up a fragment of the mirror and wielded it like a throwing knife. "While Spotter may just be a support Strength, it's more than enough to defeat you!" He said winding up to throw. Gyro attempted to dodge, but Alan still nailed him with shards over and over. "He's noticing the muscle movements within my body! He practically knows what I'm going to do as I'm doing it! " Gyro thought to himself. "Vision is mankind's greatest asset! And my Spotter elevates that power to levels you'll never be able to see coming!" Alan said as he donned a pair of glasses. Gyro dodged the best he could, but he couldn't stop the edges from cutting him significantly. Alan smiled as he assumed Gyro to be defeated, but then quickly felt a chill run down his spine. Gyro had turned the flash on his phone and flashed Alan. "I put it together once I saw you put on those glasses, they're transition lenses, like my mothers... Your Spotter does allow you to see through things, but like transition lenses it adapts to the environment's light level. Disrupt that lightlevel, and Spotter can't see a thing." Alan steps back as a feeling of fear envelops him. "But don't worry, I'll make sure you have the best view in the house for this ass-kicking you're about to receive." Gyro said angrily. And in a flurry of punches Gyro knocks Alan to the floor and beats him repeatedly. "That's enough Gyro." said a voice from behind. It was Connor. "I can't believe all it takes is a mere 45 minute delay for both of you to start killing each other! This is absurd! We're doomed already if you think this kind of behavior will get you revenge on Theo or Madison. To the treadmills BOTH of you! We're running double as far now!" "Sir... please... we're in no condition to..." Connor stared down at him menacingly. "Er... Yes sir... Right away sir...." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After the ruthless workout, Connor obtained the truth from both of them. "I see... I guess I too have a hand to play in this, as I did not inform either of you about the existence of the other. I do apologize, I was a bit preoccupied yesterday with tracking down some leads on supernatural occurrences. I should have at least informed one of you." Connor said bowing his head slightly. "I wouldn't' say that. I still think the blame rests mostly on the guy who attacked me before knowing all the facts." Gyro said angrily. "Thats enough Gyro, it was an accident. You may not know it but Alan has been through far worse than you, and without a physical Strength, he relies on attacking the fastest to survive." Connor explained. "None the less, the reason I was so late today was because I struck gold with my source." He continued. "Wait... Does that mean?" Alan asked. "Unfortunately no Alan, I've confirmed this part is neither the left nor right shoulder-blade. I'm sorry but it's not Sara." Alan's eyes fell to the floor in disappointment. Why Gyro didn't know, but he wasn't given the opportunity to find out. "The subject in question is a forty five year old Shaman from the Amazon Jungle. Investigators from the foundation have spotted this man apparently clocking in at over 65 miles an hour, on foot." "On foot?!" "Indeed. This is obviously the work of an enemy Strength ability. We need to corner him, question him, and if necessary remove the part from him. We leave immediately, so go home and grab what you'll need." "Understood" Alan said standing up. "Wait... Where will we be going?" "He just told you G-Zero" Alan answered mockingly. South America. End of Chapter 4! Chapter 5: Theo is Hungry Theo sat in his room puzzling to himself, plotting. dfgh\ He'd secretly tailed his pathetic cuck brother to his "Friend's campsite" he claimed he'd be staying at for the next few days... But instead found him at some random airport.... He didn't know what his brother was being so seceretive about... But he didn't like it. Leaving his brother to his own devices is what brought challenge to the will of Theodore already once, and he was determined to keep it from coming again. Theo was already paranoid, as the professional body builder he'd latched onto had apparently produced no new muscle for Theo to exploit. This was concerning as no one else at Theo's disposal seemed to be able to resist his Blue Balls.... But what more he was hungry. From the unfathomably dark recesses of Theo's mind came an itch that'd picked and picked at Theo's mind from the moment he released Blue Balls from its grip on Gyro. The sudden embuement of power with his body was euphoric. And the more Theo felt and understood the sensation, the more he wanted more of it and the more he understood that it was his right to claim such a thing. Theo believed in his soul that he was a god among men, destined to rise above and command all whom gazed upon his infinite power, as soon as he could control it. As soon as he can grow into it. The world was his to conquer. The next day Theo decided to scout out a new gym to try and find a new host to feed off of if that oaf from before was a dry well. He decided to try the northtown gym, as it was one of the more expensive ones, used mainly by professionals. From the window, Theo eyed the selection like a hungry farmer about to select which cow he'd lead to the slaughterhouse. Finally he settled on the one in the far back: "This specimen will serve my needs well... Even if it isn't as close to the hulk from before, he's still several times stronger than I... For now..." Theo said to himself internally. He followed the tatted forearms of his prey into the back room at the end of his workout to bathe in ice. He sat in the large ice tub by himself, humming "Cold as Ice" lyrics under his breath. Theo's Blue Balls required him to touch the subject before he could latch on, and if Theo wanted to be conspicuous, he'd have waited until the man had left the ice bath, but drunk on the sensation of power gleaned so effortlessly to him, Theo had a newfound sense of entitlement in his breath. With this, Theo would attempt to enter the bath with the man. "What's up dude?" Said the man as Theo entered the room as he finished undressing and had sunk into the pool. "Hello." Theo replied coldly. "Uh... Sorry man this bath is going to be occupied for a while... There's two more down the hall if you'd like." He continued. "I believe this one will do nicely." Theo said unwavered by the man's objection. Becoming somewhat agitated, the man started to glare at Theo from the tub. "Well I'm using this one, so I'm afraid you're going to have to reconsider." "This bath will do" Theo says again as he begins to strip down as well. With the now looming threat of another naked man entering his small tub pressed against him, the man sits up. "Look man, my name's Reggie. I'm starting to get a bit agitated in your insinuation that you're getting in this tub." But as Reggie finished, Theo had finished undressing, and stepped into the tub, still standing to assert dominance over this man. "ALRIGHT THAT IT!" Reggie barked finally, and as he did, Theo found himself unable to move his legs. Looking down, Theo found that the water had frozen right up his legs! "What is this madness?" Theo demanded from Reggie. "You like that bitch? I call that "CoolDown!" It's this amazing ability I got a few months ago from some ripped guy in a cape. It gives me the ability to freeze anything I want!" "Impossible!" Theo thought to himself "He has a body part too?" Reggie then gracefully removed himself from the ice as Theo struggled with the entrapment of ice as it slowly crept up his legs. "Now look here bitch. I've been pleasant with you, but now you've forced my hand..." Reggie said menacingly. The ice grew heavy against Theo's back and legs, forcing his body into an arched position. "And if you're a big enough bastard to invade my own bath, then I think we need to get to know each other better... The ice now began to encircle Theo's face, forcing his mouth open, silencing him. It didn't take long for Reggie to progress onwards. Theo's mind was enraged that this mere commoner would treat him in such a way! This bastard had no right to force his way upon his lordship THEO! And this humiliation would not go unpunished... But for now, Theo had already accomplished his goal, as the muscular hunk would soon become Theo's own personal muscle factory as Reggie pounded Theo's cold ass with his throbbing cock and strong muscular hands. Eventually Reggie give up and lets the poor sack of shit go, and as he leaves Theo says "Things wouldn't have gone this way if I'd been a little stronger... How about a rematch Reggie?" Reggie was confused and tired. "Yeah sure kid. Keep fucking quiet before I turn your mother into my own personal fucktoy too." "I have to confess Reginald, I too have met that man who bestowed incredible power upon me as well. Albeit my power is far less useful." "What part did you receive?" Reggie asked, suddenly concerned. "Just the left ball" Theo said clutching his crotch "It doesn't do much other than make my dick the size of my ego." Reggie smiled "Then you won't mind if I take it then do you?" "From what I've discovered the body parts will only release from their host once the host has been defeated and is deemed "Unworthy".Theo started. Theo then shrugged. "Then its settled. This time, four months from now, each of us will train to our maximum, and the winner will go home with both body parts." "That's a dumb bet!" Reggie said laughing. "Even without my amazing Cooldown ability, I'm still much stronger than you brat!" But fine. This time, 120 days. BE HERE." He shouted as he finally left the building. Later that night, Theo smiled maliciously as the familiar pulse he'd feel when Gyro was working out began to stimulate his chest for the first time in weeks. ----- End of Chapter 5! Chapter 6: Amazon. Gyro could hardly believe how easy it'd been to get all the way to Brazil with Connor. Using fantasy figure, Connor was able to push past any guard or checkpoint in the way, they didn't even need passports or tickets! After arriving, Alan began using Spotter right away to scan everything as fast as possible. It wasn't long before he'd located the anomalous person to have last been seen roughly 50 miles north of the town the three now occupied in a small fishing village. With Spotter and Fantasy Figure combined, it wasn't long until the group stood before the man they were searching for. "Wait a second... I know you!" Gyro said abruptly upon seeing the figure for the first time. "You're that Actor whom live in uptown! I thought you just secured another deal with the studio, what are you doing here?" "My name is Percy" the Man said. "Hello Percy, tell us, have you been given anything strange recently?" Alan asked eagerly. Percy frowned as he spoke to the group, "Last year I was diagnosed with terminal complications in my lungs, and unfortunately I couldn't even make it onto the donor list due to the nature of my disease... And up til four months ago I'd come to terms with my life being over, you know, not having a tomorrow.... But fate had other plans. I was confronted by a jacked man in a dark cloak late one night, and he presented me with this weird mummified set of lungs. I didn't think anything of them at the time, but soon after he shoved those weird lungs into my chest... I began to get better. Now... I'm at the height of my own health, and can perform tasks I'd thought inhuman just weeks ago... Connor leered at Percy's chest. "The lungs of Jackovia" are a powerful piece indeed, granting the user nearly infinite stamina. Percy continued: "My ability.... "Marathon" allows me to control oxygen absolutely in close proximity to myself, granting me the ability to maintain a normal state while exerting every last cell of my body so long as I have energy to burn." "Thats how you managed to obtain such a fast speed! We have you clocking in at 65kmh!" Alan deduced. "Indeed. It is strange, in a fair race, the fastest animal on earth, the Cheetah, will win any race against any man, so long as the race is long enough. Truth be told, the amazing speed of a Cheetah actually stems from its ability to maintain it's speed, rather than the actual max speed being enough to carry it. Thus, if you were to remove a man's need to catch his breath, as well as exhaustion, it is far easier for a man to win a race with a Cheetah." Connor finished perusing Percy's mind before turning to his team. "It's just as I feared." Connor said reluctantly, staring at the floor. Percy turned to Alan and Gyro. "Your friend has already discovered the dark truth I hold I see... " "What dark Truth?" Gyro asked. "The cycle is beginning anew. That is why this dark figure has appeared now, granting untold power to mere strangers. He wishes to draw out a successor to the throne of reality. Whomever this is, he's motivated by one goal and one goal only: Overwrite Jackovia out of existence, and to reshape the world in his own image." "How?" "Simple, he just needs to assemble the corpse parts. Once a soul has command of the entire body of Jackovia, it is expected that a new age will arise, and even time itself will unravel for whomever controls such might." Percy continued with a sigh. "That is why I ran as far from Metroio. I don't know why but somehow, all the unaccounted-for body parts are destined to appear within that city, even those kept securely elsewhere in the world. Something is drawing in Jackovia by a force on par with FATE to Metroio, and I'm doing everything in my power to stop this power from falling into the wrong hands." "Did... Did you say all the body parts are in Metroio?" Gyro asked nervously. "Indeed". "Alan, Connor, we need to get back... Theo's been left by himself in a city filled with supernatural objects granting untold abilities! God knows the damage he'll do if even one more piece falls under his control!" Gyro began to panic. "Relax Gyro. Even I couldn't find but a handful of corpse parts on my own with my Fantasy Figure, I doubt Theo will even be able to get a hold on one before we return. Besides, Percy here has just reassured me the four pieces I'm most concerned about are most certainly not tangible to him." "What four parts?" "While many of the corpse parts are fantastic and awe-inspiring, there are four that would spell travesty for all mankind if collected: 1: The left hand - A powerful ability, allowing one to transform anything that one touches into different forms of energy, effectively allowing one to transform anything into sudden bursts of kinetic energy, blowing anything around that object away with it. 2: The vocal cords - May hold an ability to even rival Fantasy Figure in mind control. 3: The skin - This would allow Theo complete control over his outward appearance, even allowing him to hide his size, shape, and if need be, even turn invisible. 4: The shaft and Balls - While the shaft does nothing on its own, when combined with both Blue Balls and the right testicle, it unlocks the ability to reset the world, changing everything from the dawn of time to the end of a new universe as the user pleases. If anyone, much less Theo, got ahold of these three parts, their next climax would re-write the basic foundations of reality, gravity, laws of physics, commonly held beliefs and instincts, everything, would be at the complete mercy of the shaft's wielder. We can not allow this at ANY COST!" Gyro stepped back in fear at the thought of such limitless power at the finger tips of his evil brother and what he would do with it. Alan chimed in "We can't allow this, we must return to Metroio now!" Percy stopped Alan as he attempted to leave. "No Alan, they will return to Metroio, you will come with me." "And why would I do that?" Alan said quizzically. "Because we are headed to Antartica... Where your sister is being held." -End Chapter 6. Chapter 7 : Alan's Backstory Alan and Gyro stared back at each other as Alan and Percy's plane started off towards Antarctica. Alan was nervous, but that fear was squandered by his anger. As a child, Alan's mother and father died abruptly in a car crash, leaving both him and his sister alone in foster care. The two were scared senseless of losing the other, as in their eyes they had nothing left in the world but each other. When they learned they'd be separated by the foster system, they were traumatized. Jessica, Alan's sister, was raised by a harsh, cold, but wealthy household in the northern region of Metroio. Alan was raised by a kind and caring household, but lived in constant debt and at the center of conflict in southern Metroio. Neither had any idea the other was living just on the other side of the metropolis for eight years. But as fate would have it, the two were destined to eventually meet. One day, while amidst a regular street brawl with a local gang, fending for himself against four people by exploiting weaknesses he'd trained himself to identify, Alan was knocked hard with an unexpected electric shock from a hidden taser. The four thugs proceeded to kick the poor kid relentlessly as his body seized on the floor from repetitive electric shocks. As it so happens, Jessica, whom happened to change personal trainers recently, happened to be walking by, and immediately came to the unknown boy's aid, knocking two unconscious with one blow with a nearby 2x4, and holding the third hostage with an armlock. As the fourth attempted to shock Jessica as well, Alan tripped him from the floor, knocking the taser out of reach. Alan and Jessica would then demolish the remaining two conscious thugs with ease. As the two began to speak to one another, and discovered the others identity, they were ecstatic and for a brief moment, felt happier than they had ever felt before. However, as the two discussed their vastly different pasts and the troubles they worked through on their own, it quickly became a light-hearted, but insanely motivating pissing match of who suffered more and who was stronger as a result. This sparked an arms race between the two siblings that would push them to train against each other in all categories. Strength of course, but also reflexes, stamina, intelligence, social comfort, BMI, wealth accumulation, and everything else. Despite all the conflict however, neither saw the other as outdoing the other out of spite or dominance, but rather as and endless source of motivation. All of that changed roughly a year before Alan met Connor, when Jessica met a woman called Misty. Misty was a recent transfer to the twin's gym, and quickly pissed Jessica right off. She made it a point to mimic the strongest woman in the gym's workouts, same time, same sets, same weights, same lengths. There was just one difference.... Her mammoth fucking perfect titties. Jessica had spent years sculpting her ass to a perfect heart shape thinking beauty would somehow win her cold parent's approval, but there was nothing to be done about her breasts, which were normal B cups. No amount of exercise helps breasts unfortunately. Potentially one could gain weight and then lose the fat elsewhere, but even if Jessica were to match Misty's size... She couldn't match her perkiness. They were just perfect. Everything about Misty seemed to compliment Jessica almost identically, yet what it always came down to was the tits. And if you think Jessica should just ignore Misty and be confident in herself... Well... Misty wouldn't let her. When Jessica first asked Misty about her mimicking, Misty got angry in retaliation as she claimed Jessica was copying HER. Jessica alone just looked puzzled as anyone who'd been watching the two knew Jessica came in first and had her own routine. But then Misty called over a bunch of guys from the other side of the gym, and asked them who was copying who, to which Misty, like a succubus, lulled into a trance like state with a seductive voice and some not-so-subtle hand holding, followed by just placing their bare hands on her breasts and ass. As if she'd changed the rules of reality itself, the group of boys all joined together and asked Jessica to leave Misty alone. This continued to escalate until eventually, a Gym representative was called in, who promptly asked Jessica to leave. This shocked Jessica the most, as she knew the representative quite well, and from his social media posts, it was clear he was VERY MUCH gay. Alan comforted Jessica, but rage built up inside her like a volcano as EVERY day, even if she'd change up her routine, Misty would be there, turning everyone in the gym against her in any way she could. Then one day, as the twins left the gym on a particular rainy day, they were stopped in an alley way by a mysterious jacked stranger in a dark cloak. He offered Jessica a chance to become more than Misty and beat her at his own game. Jessica, being quite smart, initially ignored this offer, until the man continued. "You really should take my offer though, after all, look what it did for Misty..." Jessica stopped dead after hearing this. "What did you say?" "Oh? Interested now? Yes, Yes, That sexy seductress struck a deal with me too a few months ago. You might not think she matched your abilities overnight, but no. She simply shook my hand, and two days later she showed up and started copying you..." Alan looked for a quiver in the man's barely visible lip, a reach to scratch his chin anything that would denote he was lying in some way subtilty. But he didn't. He was stone cold. Either this man was the most disciplined person on the planet, or he wasn't lying. "What do I give in return? My soul? Kill for you? WHAT?" Jessica growled. "A hefty price... A steep one I don't think you're ready for...." The man started. Alan chimed in "She's not interested in any of your demonic games..." "One thousand US dollars." The man finished plainly. The three stood in silence for a brief period. "You.... You're kidding right?" Alan eventually said. "Do I look like I'm kidding boy?" Jessica, as you may recall, not only lived in a wealthy family, but also worked hard in competition with her brother for molentary gain. 1000$ to her was a mere two weeks salary, and so easily obtainable she had half the amount in her bag right then. "Uh... Ok.... So, I only have 500$ now... Can I pay you back the rest later or?" "Jessica we aren't trusting this guy!" "Tomorrow at this exact time I will be waiting in this exact alley, if you fail to show I will reclaim the trade and return the 500$ down payment. Seem fair?" "Deal." Is all Jessica said against Alan's pleas. The man pulled a long rectangular box out from behind his cloak and opened it, revealing what looked like a human bone and pressed it against Jessica. Alan attempted to stop the man, but was quickly kicked to the ground, passing out in the process at the foot of the cloaked man. Alan woke up in Jessica's guest room at her home, and quickly started looking for Jessica. He found her in her personal gym, and was astonished at what he saw. It was Jessica, but something was.... Bigger. "What the... What the fuck happened to you?" Alan said alarmed. "Oh good you're up! It totally worked! Look at these!" Jessica giggled as she fondled her new E cups. "What happened to you?" "So after you passed out, I passed out too. When I woke up, there was this thing standing above me." "What thing?" "Oh right, you can't see Strengths.... Ok, so anyways this thing you can't see taught me how to use the power imbued in me from that guy. They called it "Hot Flash". It basically allows me to control heat in my body, and so I can use my chest to store heat. Not only that but I can move heat that would otherwise limit my ability to run or lift, and move it to my chest, making them even bigger the more I work out." "Alan, who was completely lost at this point just stumbled back and sat down for a bit." "I know it's a lot to take in, but trust me, I got a plan now for taking care of that BITCH Misty! Afterwards I'll give that guy his shoulder back! (Or maybe I'll keep this new power ;P) She said to Alan (and whispered to herself)" Alan didn't like this, and explained to Jessica exactly why he didn't like it, but she was so lost in her vengeance fantasy, he couldn't do anything to stop her. The next day, Jessica went to the gym, turning heads as she walked in. "Sup boys? Just got some work done ;} " was how she responded to this. Shortly after, like clockwork, Misty walked in. "Oh whats this? The little copy cat went out and got some big ole fake tittys like momma? What a poser." "Oh no bitch. They're real. Unlike that off-brand fake-ass handbag of yours." Eventually Jessica challenged Misty to a run. First one to stop sprinting loses. Loser has to leave the gym forever and admit the other is a copy cat. Alan spectated the match as well to catch on to any underhanded trickery that might arise, alongside a crowd of buff guys and a few gym representatives. The crowd thought the race would be over in a few minutes, but no. Jessica sprinted continuously for over three hours. Burning over 3000 calories. And somehow, Misty kept pace. Jessica was getting concerned. She was running for inhuman amounts of time, but Misty wasn't even breaking a sweat! Alan, whom was watching the whole thing play out stared in wonderment, but then noticed something. Jessica had knocked her water bottle off the treadmill in frustration, and Alan's eyes followed it down to Misty's legs. That's when he saw it. And he couldn't believe he didn't notice this. Misty wasn't running. She was just standing there on the edges of the treadmill, letting the machine run continuously while she just stood. Why had no one noticed? Why was no one calling her out on this? Then another thought hit him. "Why am I not calling her out on this?" Alan tried but despite his best efforts, he couldn't bring himself to even signal to his own sister in any way that Misty was cheating. He stood there for an hour, trying his best to just will himself to do anything about what he was staring at. But he couldn't. Misty then took a look at the clock and finally said "Ok, that's long enough." And stepped off the treadmill. Jessica screamed in success. "YES BITCH! HA! YOU GAVE UP! YOU'RE DONE! NOW GET LOST YOU COPYCAT BITCH!" Misty however just smiled wickedly. "But... Jessica baby... You lost the race." Jessica stared at Misty in confusion and alarm. "Bullshit! We all saw you stop just now!" "Huh? Really?" Misty said as she walked towards the crowd of (Very patient) spectators. "Who stopped running first big guy?" She asked one of the larger guys in the front. "Uh... Her, obviously. Saw it with my own two eyes." Misty then turned to the gym representative and asked "Well membership is likely your call daddy. Who do you think won?" "Well... You obviously Misty." But what she did next was outright evil. She approached Alan and asked: "You're her own bestest brother. Surely you're on her side right? Surely you'll say she won the match fairly?" Alan started to speak and to his horror spoke: "Uh no.... Unfortunately you blatantly lost Jess." This broke Jessica. She ran out of the gym crying her eyes out, melting the door and several walls as she ran in rage and tears. Alan turned to Misty, who stared evilly down at him and whispered "Shhh... Don't worry kid... I know you want to tell her the truth... But I'm afraid the truth just doesn't matter to people near me... I wouldn't worry about it.... After all... You're never seeing your sister again anyway... Alan's face was one of fear, and as Misty left the gym he finally snapped out of his trance and ran out the back door to find Jessica. However, in the doorway blocking the alley, was the man from yesterday, wearing the same dark hoodie. "Oh good... Here's the 500$. I am a man of my word after all." "Wh... Why are you giving me this? This is Jessica's money!" "Well... Now that she's encroached on her debt to me, I have the right to reclaim my property. And considering my property is fused with her..." Alan looked up at him in more fear than he'd ever experienced in his whole life. "Where.... Where is my sister?!?!" The man simply smirked in the darkness, and turned to walk away. Alan chased after him, but was met with a swift punch to the face, knocking him to the ground. Since that night, No one has seen or heard from Jessica. A few months later, Alan met Connor at a gym, and with Connor's Fantasy Figure, Connor agreed to help Alan in his quest to find his sister, in the process bringing him in on the secret underworld of Jackovian Corpse parts, Strengths, and bestowing upon him the left eye of Jackova. Somewhere on that big frozen expanse of snow and ice before him, laid Alan's sister. And Alan would stop at nothing to get her home safe. End of Part 7. Part 8 : The Cold Shoulder Blade Alan stepped off the biplane in the blistering cold, confused, and deafened by the howling winds. Percy didn't speak much as he led the pilot and Alan inside a small metal outpost. "What is this place?" Alan asked as he entered the comforting 70 degree room. "This is one of Connor's outposts. His travels and ability have helped him immensely and allows him to control and orchestrate large groups even from the other side of the globe. This base was not here yesterday. And it will not be here next week either." "I see... So where are they keeping my sister?" Alan spoke. "At least two of our adversaries are holding what we presume to be your sister on the other side of that mountain on the horizon. We strike it at dawn. " "Presume?" Alan pegged further. "Your sister's ability, granted to her by the shoulder of Jackova is heat based yes? Well as it happens, people in the arctic pick up pretty fast when a two kilometer region suddenly heats up by over 30 degrees Celsius." "That's all we're going off of? What if it's some other strength?" "Then I'd be wondering how and why they'd be all the way out here at the south pole...." Alan seemed unconvinced by this logic. "Calm yourself Alan. Your mind needs to be clear and clean by the crack of dawn, as I want to be clear: We are walking headfirst into a trap." Percy said menacingly. "A trap?" "Indeed. These adversaries are cunning, clever, and ruthless. My guess is they planned on luring Connor out here with the intent to trap him. As you can likely guess, it's Connor that's their main target at any given time. His ability and drive is the largest and most difficult challenge for these bastards to outwit. They take numerous precautions to ensure fantasy figure isn't manipulating any of them, including developing neuro technology capable of erasing or distorting Connor's figure directly from their mind. " "Jesus..." "Exactly. This is why we were sent and not him. If we fall, it's of little or no consequence. We are pawns meant to protect the queen so to speak." Shockingly, this pep talk didn't motivate or calm Alan in the slightest. The following morning, after the two crossed the icy tundra in the cold and dark, they found themselves staring down at a large facility, who according to Alan's spotter, was set up identically to a large cooling tower, and at it's core, was something holding a sweltering 240 Celsius temperature. "If my sister is in there, she's at the core." "Not so fast kid, look. See that down there." Alan looked where Percy pointed to see one of the most bizzare things one could possibly expect to find in an arctic valley. A large pool, surrounded by fake palm tress, where a guy and a woman sat in sunglasses acting as if they were at a Mexican resort on vacation! Percy glared down. "I can't recognize them from here, any chance Spotter can see a bit further? "Uh... Yeah, the guy is asian, roughly six foot two, small scar on his upper lip..." "That's Bonno.... I haven't met him personally yet, but from what I hear he has a strength called "JackKnife" that excels at short range combat, allowing him to exert kinetic force at extreme velocities when striking poses. That's Dula Ann, her strength "PHOTO SHOOT" is quite a fearsome one. She can teleport herself or other people into photos that she touches with her bare feet. "Why feet?" "The Strength sources from the large left toe of Jackova." Percy surveyed the scene. "It's doubtful anyone else is here... But I think I've put together what they planned on doing here..." "So what's the plan?" "Easy... Walk right into it." Percy smiled as he slid down the mountain side to the poolside. "You take out Bono, I got Dula Ann." Was the last thing he said to Alan as the two arrived. "What up fucks?" Percy shouted "OH SHIT... OH SHIT THEY'RE HERE MRS. DULA!" Bono cried as he quickly fell to his side striking a sturdy yoga pose. As he remained stationary, Alan could detect a wall of force projecting from the muscles he flexed, creating a barrier between the two. "Ah yes.... You must be Alan and Connor..." Dula sneered as she slowly stepped up from behind Bono's wall. "And you must be the pair of cunts left to guard one hot mama inside that core over there." Percy replied as he approached the barrier. "And did you expect us to hand her over? Ha! You've played right into my trap darling!" As she approached Percy, Bono flicked a large polaroid photo down at Percy's feat, to which Dula promptly stepped on with her bare feet. Percy looked at the photo and realized he made a calculation error, and couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the photo. IT WAS THE SURFACE OF MARS! "BUAHAHAHAA! YOU FELL FOR IT DUMBASS! MY STRENGTH, PHOTO SHOOT!, ALLOWS ME TO TELEPORT ANYTHING INTO ANY PHOTOGRAPH! EVEN IF THE PHOTO WAS TAKEN ON ANOTHER PLANET! HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!" Percy flailed for a moment before grabbing onto Dula's leg. "I know your immense strength and power over mental fortitude will allow you to survive and still pursue us from any point of the globe, but now that you can't breathe, you'll be dead in a few measly seconds!" Dula lectured. Bono also laughed as Percy's head disappeared into the photo, only leaving a single arm grasping to Dula's Leg. "That loser will lose his grip any second now as his brain is deprived of oxygen! " Bono speculated. .... "Any.... Second now..." Bono followed up. Suddenly, Dula's face turns white. "Wha... WHAT THE HELL?!!?" As she looked down she found that the photo had managed to actually begin to consume her own leg! "St...STOP THIS NOW CONNOR!" From the other side of the photo, Percy spoke back clearly. "Sorry Dula, but I'm afraid I can't do that... Not until Alan finishes taking out Bono anyways." "WHAT?!" Bono quickly looked behind him, having momentarily been distracted by Dula's leg issue. Alan, who immediately recognized every potential weapon in the room, had already picked up, angled, and tossed a nearby fire extinguisher closer towards the reactor side of the room, where heat exceeded over 300 degrees, and when the extinguisher handle hit the floor. *Bing. BOOM* BONK! Not expecting to be attacked from behind, and with no time to change his stance, Bono was knocked out cold from the resulting projectile. Dula was now panicing. "GET UP! GET UP YOU STUPID BITCH! YOU GOTTA GET THIS FUCKER OFF MY LEG! HOW IS HE SURVIVING ON FUCKING MARS FOR SO LONG?!?" Alan entered her field of view: "Simple, you seem to be under the impression the man you sent to mars is Connor. It isn't. The man you actually sent has an ability called "Marathon" which allows him to control oxygen in a small field around himself. I'm not sure if he can last down there forever... But certainly long enough to drag you down in there with him." "Buh! But..." "I should also mention that marathon enables his joints and cells to be constantly supplied with an ample amount of oxygen, meaning he's not even in danger of letting go for a LONG WHILE!" "I... I..." "The way I see it toots... Is the only way you're not getting dragged off onto the next furthest rock from the sun, is if you bring him back immediately. Hell, I'll even let you live if you do so." Dula glared at Alan before reluctantly pulling her leg out of the photo, bringing Percy back with her. As the two were reunited, Dula stepped on Bono and disappeared into another photo. "That seems like that's all they had in them.... Honestly it was quite a feeble effort. Here I was thinking it was going to be the MOON they were sending me to. Ha HA! What predictable scum...." Alan smiled and looked around the room before messing with the operation panel, opening the door. Suddenly, the immense heat coming from the area seemed to disappear as the icy winds returned. Slowly, from inside the door, someone emerged. Alan's face lit up like a christmas tree. "JESSICA!" It was undoubtly her, wearing the same outfit she was wearing when she disappeared, only singed. Alan's joy was quickly cut short however, when he received a swift jet of fire to the face. "YOU ASSHOLE!" Alan, who was knocked into the pool, was now wet and suffered from minor burns on his face. "What was that for?" "THAT WAS FOR SIDING WITH THAT LYING BITCH MISTY!" "Calm yourself Jessica" Percy spoke. "Your brother was being manipulated by a similar power that gave you control over heat." The two exchanged a brief session of explanations before setting back out for the base. While Jessica forgave Alan, she was now deadset on finding and punishing Misty if it was the last thing she did. As the three arrived at the base they were startled by a small flash. What was that? Jessica asked. "I... I don't know." Percy answered as he approached the source. "Its... Some kind of ... Camera?" Percy said. Suddenly it clicked. He quickly turned back around in horror to find Alan and Jessica being pulled into some kind of invisible field by an oversized foot. IT WAS DULA! SHE'D BEEN WAITING FOR THE TWO TO RETURN SO SHE COULD CAPTURE THEM IN AN AMBUSH! In horror, it was clear Percy couldn't do anything. "OH NO YOU DON'T BITCH!" Jessica yelled as she began to be pulled through the wall, as she did, she severed her assailant's foot by melting it off. Percy, now left alone, had no course of action to pursue the two... And while he knew they'd not be able to use Photo Shoot's abilities again, he knew not where Alan and Jessica were... Meanwhile. Alan and Jessica arrived in a dark room with a screaming Dula flailing on the floor as Bono, with his injuries' treated, began sealing the wound with his poses. "DEAD! YOU FUCKERS ARE DEAD! HOW DARE YOU! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU BURN OFF MY PERFECT FUCKING FEET! I'LL KILL YOU I'll!" "Silence Dula." And despite the pain, Dula immediately closed her mouth and bowed her head. Alan and Jessica looked behind them to find a face they never wanted to see again leering over them. Dula... You have pleased me. As while you failed to bring me Connor.... I see bringing me his protégée as a satisfactory bait.... For that... I will repair your wounds... The dark figure ran his hand over Dula's melted stub, and within moments, a new, more muscular leg had taken shape. Dula revelled in this sensation and quickly bent her body in a series of impossibly flexible poses as the rest of her body swelled with power as she hulked out from merely touching the mysterious man. Dula, admiring her new features, bowed before her blesser. "The strength I've bestown upon you is temporary, unlike the Strength which has been taken from you forever, which is why you must dedicate every ounce of this lone of power to retrieving your ability daughter Dula.... Immediately." The dark figure said carressing her cheek. "Thank you my lord." Dula said as she retreated into the shadows of the room. "Now... What are we going to do with you two...." The dark figure said as he turned towards Alan and Jessica menacingly. Slowly, he removed his hood and stepped into the light, revealing his face for the first time to Alan. "You've likely never heard of me before... But be prepared to tell Connor on the other side.... "Tom is back."" End of Chapter 8!
  4. While working on the next chapter of Next Level Love, I had a bit of a fun idea for a muscular pastiche/parody of one of my favorite novels. Given we’ve officially entered the spooky month I took it in a bit more of a Halloween monster B movie direction. I hope you enjoy it. ============================================ Disappearance on the Overland Limited ============================================ Cast of Characters The Detective Ted Ward – Private Investigator from Sacramento, California on business to Chicago The Muscle Mack Simmons – Former Army Ranger and Detective Ward’s faithful companion and bedfellow The Conductor Mr. Orville Hubbard – Conductor employed by the Southern Pacific to serve the Overland between San Francisco and Ogden The Valet Ollie Sorenson – A young valet aboard the Overland with secrets of his own The Farmer William “Billy” West – Newlywed husband from Green River who plays his emotions close to his chest. The Wife Lucille “Lucy” West – A beautiful young lady ready to live her happily ever after The Widower Nancy Halverson – A frequent traveler aboard the Overland whose nervous demeanor belies a buried past The Socialite Delilah Johnson – An heiress from New Orleans with a sharp tongue and deep pockets The Beast – The mysterious creature rumored to roam the Nevada desert ============================================ Part I: The Facts ============================================ ~October 1901~ It was one o’clock that afternoon in Sacramento. People milled about and paced along the platform of the Southern Pacific depot. There was a nip in the air; winter was coming early. Snow already capped the Sierra Nevada and all traffic had slowed to a crawl. On the tracks was a splendid sight. The proud Atlantic class locomotive hissed contentedly before the line of well-polished Pullmans. The Overland Limited may have already been five minutes late for departure waiting on the slow freight to arrive, but it was still the height of luxury travel west of the Mississippi. Created by a partnership of three railroads, the Overland Limited was the fastest train of its day from the San Francisco Bay to the Great Lakes. Standing on the steps of one Pullman was a man, a bit scruffy and weathered in appearance. He was decently built but more of a runner than a fighter. The corners of his eyes crinkled as he watched the clock, lost in his own thoughts. He only stirred when another man, this one barrel-chested and balding but with a fiery beard and moustache arrived. “Stationmaster said the snow on Donner Pass is fallin’ fast as they can clear it,” the brawler of a man grunted. “No way we’re getting’ to Chicago on time, Ted.” “More time for us to relax then, Mack.” Ted Ward grinned. “Besides, I figured a man of your caliber wouldn’t be so worried about a little snow. Who ever heard of a soldier complain about something children love?” Mack Simmons shook his head and pushed past his partner. “Cuba didn’t have any snow.” Ted laughed and followed his assistant into the car. This time of year combined with the cold snap meant fewer travelers. They had the only occupied Pullman sections in the car. The young valet quickly made a few final touches to the cleaning of the car. His fitted uniform made it clear he was rather slim, but he had an ample behind like a succulent peach. He turned and jumped. “Oh, I’m sorry! I thought I was alone!” He blushed, very apparent on his pale Scandinavian skin, and stashed away the rag. “My name is Oliver Sorenson, though everyone just calls me Ollie. I’ll be your valet up to Ogden. You must be Mr. Ward and Mr. Simmons.” Despite an attempt to be surreptitious, Ted caught the young man’s eyes carefully crawling over him and Mack. Before he could comment, the conductor strode in. “I hope you’re not bothering the guests, Ollie.” The conductor was a solid man in his late forties, salt and pepper starting to show in his moustache. He might not have been a barrel-chested many like Mack but years on the railroad had given him a strong build and the soft bulge in his trousers was very telling. “No trouble at all,” Mack chimed in, clasping a hand on Ollie’s shoulder, only making the valet blush harder. “Mr… uh?” “Orville Hubbard,” he replied. “And we’re likely to be an hour late into Reno with the snow, but we should make up the time between Winnemucca and Promontory. In the meantime, we will be serving complementary drinks in the dining car. Please enjoy yourselves and we’ll do what we can to get caught up.” He snapped his pocket watch shut as another whistle blew outside, and a manifest freight rumbled by. “Gentlemen, please excuse me, that’s our cue.” Ollie nodded. “I’d best make sure your bags have been loaded. Please let me know if you need anything!” As soon as the two were out of earshot, Mack whistled. “You didn’t mention the sights on the train were better than the scenery.” “Rein it in you horndog.” “Don’t act all high and mighty,” Mack said, grabbing the bulge in Ted’s slacks. “I know this ain’t your gun. You were thinkin’ the same thing.” “Guilty as charged,” Ted smirked, thumb pressing against the thick nub poking through Mack’s shirt. Mack bit back a little groan. “Now, I think we best calm down before we end up making a mess in the vestibule. Best not put on a show, eh?” Mack released him. “We’re finishin’ this later.” “Sure thing,” Ted replied, swatting Mack’s muscle ass and swinging the door open. As to be expected of the luxury train, the dining car was immaculately decorated with intricate wood carvings, etched glass, and even small crystal chandeliers. As Ted had noted, the train was very light this evening. “Oh dearie me, I thought we were all that was left aboard tonight.” A lady in her late-twenties put out her cigarette and approached them. She was dressed in the finest of eveningwear that seemed to be straight from 5th Avenue. She cocked her hip slightly. “Miss Delilah Johnson of the New Orleans Johnsons, how doooo you do?” “Ted Ward and Mack Simmons, ma’am. The pleasure is ours,” Ted replied politely taking her hand. She frowned, expecting a little more. “Well, yes. It is. I have to say I can’t believe this train is late again. My daddy invested a lot in this railroad, and I doubled our shares. I’d expect a little better. I’m a busy gal.” “You can’t pay the sun to move,” a man piped up. “Not yet,” she huffed and went back to her table. “Pay no attention to her,” the man said. “She’s been talking everyone’s ear off since we left Emeryville. I hope she didn’t bother you Lucy.” “Oh Billy, nothing’s ruining tonight,” the man’s wife said snuggling into his arms. She proudly showed off a shining ring to the two. “Congratulations!” Mack shouted. “A round for the new couple!” “Just coming back from our honeymoon actually,” Billy grinned. He was the definition of a cornfed country boy. His arms stretched his sleeves and Ted swore he could hear seams popping near his shoulders. His wide legs were clearly squeezed into his pants. “Headin’ home to Green River to start our new lives.” “We’ve got an adorable little homestead,” Lucy gushed, “but our parents gave us a little weekend out in Santa Cruz to ourselves.” By the way she beamed, Ted figured it must have been a very productive weekend. Of course, her hand slowly inching up Billy’s thigh was a good clue. She was dressed in a simple homespun outfit, but somehow made it elegant by the gleam in her eye and the dazzle in her laughter. Mack brought a few drinks from the bar when he almost collided with the last passenger. “I’m so sorry, ma’am. I didn’t see you there.” “That’s alright. You remind me of my husband, dearie,” an elderly woman said, patting Mack’s hand. “Such a handsome strong man.” Mack floundered for a moment, unsure of what to say. “Oh dear, where are my manners. Nancy Halverson, a pleasure to meet you.” “The pleasure is ours Mrs. Halverson,” Ted said. “What two handsome men…” She said again, with a faraway look in her eyes. “You best be careful… you don’t know what could happen… that monster likes handsome men…” She wandered off, a little lost. “You understand a word of that?” Mack whispered. “She’s not playin’ with a full deck if you ask me.” “Perhaps not,” Ted replied. The train lurched into motion; the engine bellowing smoke as it began to climb out of Sacramento. The whistle cried as Mack set the drinks on the newlywed’s table. They toasted the happy couple and began the first of many drinks. Ted watched the city roll by but couldn’t help but feel a slight sense of unease. ============================================ A cry pierced the night, rousing him from his sleep. In a heartbeat, Ted was on his feet, hand on his Colt. He bolted down the coach knowing his companion was hot on his heels. He took only a brief moment to make sure his activities with Mack that night weren’t overly apparent. He threw open the vestibule, leapt the gap, and charged into the next car to find a group of people had already gathered around the Pullman section. “Please, keep calm and return to your beds. We will sort this matter out shortly,” Mr. Hubbard said, gently trying to ease the passengers away from the sobbing woman on the lower berth. “I’m sure we could be of service,” he said as he and Mack drew near. “I’d certainly appreciate it, gentlemen,” the conductor whispered, “and so would Mrs. West.” He motioned to the sobbing lady, revealing it to be Lucy. She clutched a handkerchief to her bosom, hiccupping through her wails. Ted caught a glimpse of Mrs. Halverson as the conductor sorted the other passengers away. He ignored her for now and knelt next to the sobbing bride. “Lucy, dear God, what happened?” It took several minutes for Lucy to gather herself. “Oh Mr. Ward, it’s awful! I can’t find Billy! He’s gone missing.” Ted shot a look over to Mack. “Lucy, perhaps Billy just went to, err, use the facilities or stretch his legs. We did have quite a bit to drink after all.” “No, no! I saw him! He was being taken away by,” she paused to blow her nose, “by the Beast!” She now broke down in a new wave of sobs. Ted scanned over the berth, but there was nothing strange. The sheets weren’t torn off the bed, just moved to the side as anyone would when getting out of bed. The only thing of note was a couple missing shirt buttons. Just then the conductor returned with some whiskey to help her calm her nerves. “We’ll do our best to find him, don’t worry.” Ted stood, knowing that it was best to let her rest for now. Suddenly he stopped. “Do you smell something Mack?” “No, should I?” “I thought I smelled something… almost like smoke.” “We’re on a train, boss.” Ted glowered at him. “Not like that, like cherry wood.” Ted and Mack headed back to their car with the conductor. “Do you think she’s delirious? It could’ve been some nightmare that woke her? Surely, you’ve found Mr. West?” The conductor shook his head. “I’m sorry but I haven’t. I directed the staff to search top to bottom. Mr. West is no longer on board.” Ted pursed his lips. “How’s our schedule looking?” “We’re behind, but so’s everything else on the line. All that snow back on the Sierras has everyone behind schedule. Even with Dispatch giving us priority, we should’ve been in Winnemucca hours ago.” “Have we passed anywhere that Mr. West may have jumped off?” “Doors have been locked tight ever since we snagged mail in Lovelace and we haven’t stopped once since then, only slow orders.” “Any chance of him jumping off between stations?” The conductor chortled. “Well, I suppose they could’ve but where would they go?” He waved his hand towards the window. “There’s nothing but sand and rock as far as the eye can see. Desert is mighty cold this time of year. If he went wandering on his own without protection, he’d be dead in minutes. Closest civilization from here is either Imlay down the line or the Lassens’ Ranch about a half-day horse ride away.” “And this beast?” “An old superstition in these parts. Same old story about some wild hairy man you hear west of the Rockies. Believe me gentlemen, there’s nothing like that Sasquatch fella anywhere near here.” The conductor left as Ted and Mack sat down on the beds. “So, what are you thinkin’?” “I don’t know Mack,” Ted muttered. Once he was sure they were alone in the quiet sleeper, Ted rested his head on Mack’s thick shoulder. “It’s strange…” “Of course, but you’re workin’ on an idea.” “How’d you know?” “Only two reasons you ever reach for my cock. You’re horny or you need somethin’ to play with while you think.” Ted stifled a laugh. “You kiss your mother with that mouth?” “You didn’t have any complaints about my mouth a few hours ago.” Ted shoved him with a grin, stood, and began to pace. “Y’know, when you promised me a trip on the Overland Limited, I wasn’t expecting to work. Then again, I’ve never known you to turn down a case.” “Never can in this business. You ever hear of that beast thing?” Mack scratched at his beard. “Nothin’ worth mentioning. All I’ve heard is that it’s some monster that appears every now and then. Miss Lucy probably just had a nightmare like you said. With all the spirits she took I’m surprised she’s not seeing more than monsters.” “Details, Mack, details.” “Fine, fine. Folks say it’s a gigantic man, not so much Sasquatch. Old railroad workers say they saw entire trees knocked to the ground with the imprint of a fist in their bark. Other folks say it can carry a Texas Longhorn over one shoulder. Stories go back long before the good ol’ U.S. of A. moved out here. Honestly, nothin’ more than tall tales to tell around a campfire.” He studied his partner’s face. “You aren’t seriously considerin’?!” “No, no… well, yes. But it’s definitely far-fetched. There’s a billion other possible reasons, say he decided he wanted out of the marriage? I’m more interested in why that was Mrs. West’s first response. There’s no such thing as monsters like that, and certainly none that would attack a train!” Suddenly, the floor jerked and a terrible screech filled the air. Ted flew up into the air and crashed against Mack while bags and parcels were flung around the car. “What in tarnation?!” “The emergency brake,” Ted muttered. “You alright?” “Me?! You’re the one who did a somersault!” “Good,” Ted grinned. “Let’s go see what the fuss is about.” They dashed outside with several other passengers and made their way up along the tracks to the locomotive. The engineer and the fireman were already out of the cab of the hissing Atlantic. The headlamp shone brightly across the dark desert, but it made the problem all too clear. One of the rails had been bent a good two feet out of the way. “I’ve never seen a thing like it!” The engineer roared. “We’ve had warped rails before, but this is some kind of madness.” Ted walked up the ties and ballast and stared at the rail. He motioned Mack over. “What do you see?” “It’s not possible!” “My thoughts exactly.” Ted motioned to the heads of the railroad spikes, bent in half and torn from the wood. “It was intentional. Sabotage.” “That’s all well and good, but I’m more worried about that!” Mack hissed. Ted looked closer at the rail and his jaw dropped. Clear as day, he could see four indentations in the metal. Four indentations as if grabbed by a mighty hand. ============================================ Part II: The Evidence ============================================ “That’s it, we can’t keep going tonight,” Mr. Hubbard said. “We’re heading back to Lovelace so we can telegraph ahead to stop all trains.” He began to shoo the passengers back inside while Ted and Mack stared at the rail. “It can’t be,” Mack murmured. “It can’t… can it?” “Tell me you know of some machine that can do that. A machine that can be assembled, used, disassembled, and moved without so much as a trace!” Ted motioned wildly to the desert sand, seemingly undisturbed. As he turned to Mack, he stopped. There was something strange on the wind… something familiar… “Gentlemen, inside please!” Ted and Mack relented, but Ted was still frowning as the train began to move again. “Tonight just keeps getting stranger…” They boarded the train, just in time to hear Miss Johnson complain again. “I swear, I’m going to sell my shares as soon as I can tell my broker!” Ted fought the urge to roll his eyes before taking a seat in the lounge car. Everyone else had gone back to bed, leaving only the two of them. Mack eased himself onto a sofa. “There was a funny smell out there. You smelled it too, right?” Ted nodded. “I can’t place it though. It’s like some kind of cologne or perfume. Cherry wood smoke… earth after a rain… new leather boots… Same thing I smelled near Lucy’s bed.” “That’s not what I smelled. Smelled like cigars and pine to me. Smelled… good.” Ted settled back in the chair. For a second, he frowned. His pants felt a bit small, and his shirt sleeves a bit short. “Strange, very strange. I definitely didn’t smell anything like that.” Just then Ollie snuck out of a small storage room. “Oh, I’m sorry to bother you.” “No, no Ollie, no trouble at all.” Ted paused. “Say, you haven’t smelled anything strange around here lately?” “Well, um, I…” He shook like a leaf. “C’mon and sit down with us,” Mack said warmly motioning to the spot next to him. Ollie quietly obliged. Mack placed his arm behind him. The young man looked like a scared rabbit but slid backwards ever so slightly to let Mack’s arm touch his back. “So, anything strange?” “I… shouldn’t say. The railroad has been fine, nothing weird…” “Nothing?” Mack said again, now gently letting his hand drape onto Ollie’s shoulder. At the same time, the buttons on his shirt seemed stretched to the limit, ready to snap. “I… I…” Ollie stammered, eyes mesmerized. Ted rolled his eyes though he did enjoy seeing the cute man squirm. “Mack, please, don’t torture him. Though, I’m sure we’d be willing to indulge him if he were to talk…” Both men sent a smirk to each other as Ollie became very focused on the floor, but his pants had a very noticeable bulge. “Promise not to tell?” Mack paused just long enough to undo the top button of his shirt. “We’re not gonna say anything unless you do.” His other hand drifted down and gave the valet’s bulge a gentle squeeze. The telltale sign of pre stained the pants punctuated by a needy groan. “Hmm, we’re your first huh boy?” “Y-y-yes sir,” Ollie mumbled. “I was too scared to- EEP!” Ted’s hand snuck down into Ollie’s pants, groping his supple cheeks. “All you gotta do is tell us.” He moaned into his fist. “Someone’s gonna see!” “Not if you hurry up. Now spit it out.” He nodded. “Mr. West wasn’t the first to disappear. At least one man disappears around Imlay on every trip I’ve been on.” Both Ted and Mack looked at each other. “Every time?” “Yeah, but the big wigs’ve been paying people to keep quiet. I… I saw one of them get taken away. I peeked in from the door and saw one burst outta his clothes, slowly tearing through them. It was so…” The valet moaned, openly switching between grinding on Mack’s hand and trying to let Ted grope as much of him as he could. “You should’ve seen it! He was huge! After he finished growing, he broke open the door and leaped off the train. Last thing I saw, he was painting the desert white and stomping off after a giant shadow north.” “Good boy,” Mack growled in his ear, before capturing his virgin mouth in a passionate liplock. Ted teased his hole as he left a little love bite on his neck. Ollie cried out like a Reno whore and soaked his uniform in his seed. The bliss on his face soon melted into embarrassment. “I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t’ve-” Ted and Mack squeezed him between them. “Nonsense. How about you come by a little later and we’ll finish what we started.” Embarrassment morphed to sheer excitement, stars in his eyes. “Really?” “Yeah, but we need to work on this case for a bit first.” “Oh, right… yes!” With that, the valet skittered away to change into a fresh uniform. Mack grinned and pulled Ted into his hairy chest. “We better hurry up, otherwise you’re gonna have to deal with this.” Ted grinned. “Then you better hurry up with the case.” “That’s easy! If the railroad is covering it up, then they probably have something to do with it.” Ted chewed the thought over. “That’s excellent reasoning, but you’re forgetting one little thing.” “What’s that?” “Why would the railroad want to scare away potential customers? Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t put it past them to do something shady, even with that old bastard Huntington six feed under, but it doesn’t make sense.” He scratched at his scruff. “No… they’re covering it up, because they don’t want a scandal; protect their profits at all costs. The question is, are they reacting to it like we are, or do they know and can’t stop whatever it is that’s happening? “The way I see it,” Ted continued, “there are three possible solutions. Number one, Mrs. West got rid of him. I admit it’s very simple, but sometimes the simplest answer is the truth. We know the door was unlocked. It wouldn’t have taken much for her to push him out. Number two, our southern belle is actually a beast – though I don’t mean that literally. She sure tried to make a scene. Could be purposely trying to drive down the stock price of the railroad.” “Why would she do that?” “Lots of companies want a piece of the pie in the Southwest. There’s lots of money to be made out of California. That then leaves us with solution number three.” Ted frowned. “And what’s that?” “The Beast is real.” Mack crossed his arms. “You’re kidding. You actually believe that children’s fairy tale monster is real?” “It’s crazy I know, but there’s definitely something driving the stories. That said, a man growing out of his clothes and going out into the desert in a sex driven frenzy? I don’t know if we can count Ollie as a reliable witness. We need more evidence, but it’s clear the stories exist for a reason.” Mack snorted. “Kid’s stuff. Though I gotta say, wouldn’t mind growin’ like that.” “Oh really?” Ted pressed with a crooked grin. “Are you saying you’d want to get even stronger? Grow so big that you tear your clothes to tatters? Have a cannonball for an arm?” Mack’s breathing grew shallow. “You’re a fuckin’ tease, you know that?” He flipped Ted onto his back and pressed him into the sofa. “Maybe I’ll grow carry you around on my cock. Just flex and I’d make you cream yourself. I’d… I’d…” Mack trailed off. “Aww, come on, whisper more sweet nothings to me,” Ted snarked, but he saw Mack grow pale as he looked out the window. “Heaven’s sake, look at that!” There, just outside the window was a monstrous silhouette running alongside the train. “We’ve got to tell the conductor. Whatever that thing is we’ve got to get away!” Instead, the emergency brakes came on and the train screeched to a halt. The shadow reared back for a moment but stopped next to their car. Ted hardly had time to duck as a boulder smashed into the side of the car. Upon closer inspection, it wasn’t a rock, but a fist. That same scent stronger than ever hung heavy and humid in the air. Before Ted could react, he was smashed back by a flying chair as the hand scooped up Mack and made off into the night. ============================================ Part III: Ted Ward Sits Back and Thinks ============================================ With one car practically destroyed, the passengers were more than frightened. The force of the blow had knocked not only the first car but several others off the rails. After long deliberation, Mr. Hubbard arranged with a passing ranch-hand to help ferry the passengers back to Lovelace. Ted sat on the ballast, sipping down whiskey from the dining car. He tried to think, but panic kept filling his mind. Mack was gone… Mack was gone… Every so often, he’d stagger to his feet, swearing to go find his companion but the other waiting passengers would shush him and set him back down. “Don’t worry Mr. Ward,” Ollie would say sweetly. “Mr. Simmons is strong, I’m sure he’ll be alright.” Sure, Mack was strong, but strong enough against whatever that fist belonged to? Ted nursed his whiskey as he thought. On the bright side, he knew unequivocally that the Beast existed. On the other, he had no idea what the Beast actually was, nor what it’s purpose was in attacking a train. No, wait… he thought back. It wasn’t attacking a train, but rather the train. It only attacked the Overland Limited, or at least the missing people were on the Overland Limited. None of the local trains were attacked. So, what was the common factor? He tried to think, but the combination of Mack’s abduction and the whiskey only made him sluggish. The night seemed colder and darker than ever. “Darkest before the dawn,” Mack would have said. “Dearie, are you okay?” Ted looked up. It was Mrs. Halverson. “Just shaken ma’am.” The old matron sat down next to him and gingerly patted his shoulder. “I lost my husband to the Beast long ago…” Ted looked up in surprise. “Why didn’t you say something?” “Because I… I didn’t want to say something when I wasn’t sure.” She paused. “You see, the night my husband disappeared, there was something strange I noticed. For one, that terrible stench.” Ted nodded, though he wouldn’t call the odor terrible necessarily. “But there was another thing. You see, I always suspected, but I never wanted to say for sure just in case. After all it’s difficult to come to that conclusion, and everything is really a guess in the end if you can’t ask the person yourself.” “Ma’am please.” “Oh, you’re right,” she smiled weakly as she wrung her hands. “Well… when the Beast took my husband, he was… smiling.” “The Beast was smiling?” “No, my husband. Absolute happiness and for the longest time I ignored the rather obvious answer. I did my own research on the disappearances you know and they all seemed to have something in common.” She looked up at Ted. “All the men that have been kidnapped have been… um… sharing the company of other men.” Ted stared back. “You’re positive?” “Seven of the ten I heard about for sure. I’m afraid I can’t say for Mr. West but consider it my intuition.” The cart returned then and she got up with the last of the passengers. “I imagine you’ll want to investigate Mr. Ward, but I have a feeling this may be the last time we see each other if you stay. The Beast will be coming for you next. Good day, Mr. Ward.” Ted couldn’t form words as the cart trundled away, but he was more determined than ever to find Mack. “One final shot. A race against the clock.” He climbed back into the ruined cars. He took his handkerchief and soaked it in perfume from a broken bottle in the barber’s room. The intense aroma made his eyes water, but it drove away the scent that clearly had an effect on Mack. He tied it around his nose and mouth and walked through the cars. It wasn’t long before he could hear a sound from the lavatory. Someone panting and groaning. He kicked open the door. “Mr. Hubbard?!” The conductor had shucked his jacket and pants, standing only in his underwear, shirt and vest, groping at himself. He was growing before Ted’s eyes at a tantalizingly slow pace. Each breath slowly stretched the threads a little farther… a little tighter. His underwear was soaked in a never-ending river of pre. “Detective…” he said huskily. “So glad you could join us for the final trip.” “The final… what are you talking about?” The conductor laughed, licking pre off of his hand. “The final trip. Master promised to reward me for all of the men I delivered to him. He promised to fill me until I pass out and make me one of his special men.” “You’re insane!” “No, you just haven’t submitted yet. Submit to him and grow!” Ted slammed the door shut and slid a chair in front of the latch. It wouldn’t hold the growing brute for long, but it was enough for him to escape. “It’s true, Ollie was right- shit! Ollie!” He spun on his heel and ran back through the train, looking for the valet. Each car was empty, boxes and parcels overturned, sheets and clothes left strewn about in the panic to escape. Finally, there was only one place left, the car Mack was taken from. He kicked open the door. It was that smell again, but it was even stronger than before. The car was empty except for Ollie who was on his knees clutching at his crotch. “What’s wrong?” Ted asked, holding the perfume-soaked handkerchief to his face. “Oh… Mr. Ward… it feels so good…” Ollie moaned. “I’m so scared but – OOOOOH – it’s so GOOD.” Ted watched in shock as he saw Ollie’s pants stretch and fill with a mountainous bulge. The young man’s voice cracked as he continued to moan, his uniform starting to grow tighter and tighter around his growing body. “Please Mr. Wa-AA-rd… don’t let it stop!” His voice was now a solid timber as he flexed the sleeves off of the jacket. “Oooh yeaaaah… I feel so big. Mr. Ward, feel how solid I am!” Ollie walked towards him, each step forcing another ripple of growth through his body. His pecs exploded through his shirt as his spreading lats finished destroying the vest. Ted could nearly hear Ollie’s heartbeat, seeing the skin stretch and muscles writhe just below, weaving into new massive cords. Ted felt his back hit the wall. “Mr. Ward, please, don’t you want to be like me? I want you to grow too.” He flexed his pecs. “You can grow and make me your boy. I want a monster of muscle to have his way with me. Someone sexy like you.” The massive leaking cock trapped him against the wall, dousing him in a steady stream of pre. “Maybe you and Mr. Simmons can take turns… put a young’un like me in his place under two muscle beasts.” Between everything, Ted felt his head begin to swim and he began to fall to the ground. The world spun and everything grew dark. ============================================ Part IV: The Culprit Revealed ============================================ Ted’s head throbbed as he slowly came too. He groaned and wrenched himself up off the dirt. The world swam for a moment, but when it focused, he could see he was in a small forest clearing next to a creek. He was in a chalked circle near a roaring campfire that kept him warm that freezing night. At three equally spaced points in the circle was a bowl filled with flaming sage. The smell was completely overpowering. Ollie in his fully grown glory was knocked out on the ground. Ted’s heart sank but it was soon clear he hadn’t been hurt, far from it actually. A colorful smattering of hickies on his bull-neck and traps and a slowly softening tower of a cock revealed Ollie was drunk in bliss. Right next to him was Billy… or at least it was Billy. Now it was Billy times one hundred, far larger than any man could ever be with a massive turtle shell of a stomach and mountainous pecs. Ted couldn’t tear his eyes away from how large he was. His forearms alone were thicker than Mack’s thighs had been. Not to mention the anaconda and boulders he had that made even a stallion look as small as a blade of grass. “Ollie! Billy!” Ted hissed as loud as he dared. “C’mon pull yourself together!” He crept to the edge of the chalk circle. “I wouldn’t cross that line if I were you.” A voice like thunder rumbled through the room, shaking inside Ted’s chest. “It’s the one thing keeping you from going into a frenzy.” Ted scrambled back toward the second and looked around the shadows. “Who are you?! Show yourself!” He reached back for his gun, but it was missing. “Don’t worry, I’ve put it away for safekeeping. Beautiful weapon, but who needs that when you’ve got your fists.” “Where am I?” The voice chuckled. “Detective, I thought you would have figured it out. You’re at my little homestead. My ranch, as some of my men have come to call it.” The voice paused. “Don’t worry about them, they’re just tired. Burned a lot of energy in the transformation.” “Show yourself!” “Demanding, aren’t we?” Out from the shadows emerged a massive, hairy foot. Ted looked up and up and up. A twelve-foot giant, easily over a ton of pure muscle stood tall and proud before him. The new monster made Billy look like a child. His calf alone was nearly as wide as Ted was tall. If the other two had mountains for chests, the man before him had the entire Rockies. Ted couldn’t help himself as his eyes drifted to this monster’s cock, but he soon realized it was planted firmly up the newly grown Mack’s ass. Mack was massive, but his face was swallowed between the monster’s hairy, sweaty pec cleavage. With each breath however, Mack was growing bigger and bigger. A steady stream of cum dripped from the monster’s abs as Mack continuously unloaded, locked in a bottomless sea of lust. He was twice as big as Billy and becoming more and more like the Beast with every passing breath. “So, am I everything you expected, Detective? You seem to approve.” His features were so sharp, even behind his thick beard and long wild hair, his face looked carved from stone. Ted had to take a moment to find his voice. He then noticed he came without touching himself. “Who… who are you?” “People have called me the Beast… turns me on.” A flood of cum dripped out of Mack’s ass, unable to be contained. “A massive Beast who can make mere men grow into his pack simply by being near them. I don’t need a name anymore.” “H-h-how?” “Inheritance. The original made more Beasts that could make men grow and so on and so on. No one’s sure who the first was or how, but when you’re built like a battleship with a five-foot cock that never goes soft – well, you tend to have bigger things on your mind.” Ted looked at Mack again, who was greedily licking up the sweat on the Beast’s pecs. The overpowering sage made it clear. “Your musk…” “Fuck, I love the smart ones,” The beast knelt down and grabbed Mack with one of his massive hands. Without ceremony, he pumped the man up and down on his cock as if he weighed nothing more than a feather. Ted was mesmerized watching the dense veins and muscles in the bicep bunch and release. “You’re drooling, Detective.” Ted blushed but didn’t make an effort to stop. He only thought about how he wanted to see the Beast really go toe to toe with a locomotive. The thought of him curling it with ease or pushing it with a finger was enough to make him want to rush across the circle. “The transformation makes men not much use for anything but fucking for about a month. Not to say afterward we don’t fuck like rabbits but we can at least have an intelligent conversation.” The Beast smirked. “Can’t say no, can you? I bet you want to take your friend’s place, don’t you?” “But I give all of my conquests an out.” The Beast stopped leaving Mack and Ted both groaning for more. “You’re left with a choice, detective. Go back into the world and hide or submit to me and live free.” Ted Ward did not need to decide. Before he knew it, he had crossed the line and felt the glorious burn in his muscles as he breathed in the Beast. Just like Ollie, his cock tore free first, suddenly expanding to a two-foot log. Ted screamed in a mixture of agony and bliss, covering himself in his own cum; his balls growing and filling faster than they could be emptied. “Yes,” the Beast rumbled, fucking Mack in a frenzy while watching the show. “Feel that blood rushing through your body, pumping every last bit of you bigger and bigger. You have no choice but to grow!” Ted screamed, not even attempting to hold back. The delectable smell of smoke and leather was his whole world as he felt his body throb with energy. It was like a tank filled to the brim and ready to explode, to completely exceed his humanity and fly straight into beastdom. His muscles writhed below the skin as rivers of veins rose to the surface. His limbs jolted with each pulse of growth flooding into him, knocking him onto his back. He could feel his arms swell and fight against his thickening lats for space. His pecs thickened into heavy slabs hanging over a tight wall of abs. He trembled as his glutes pushed him off the ground, growth flowing into his massive legs and stretching feet, all the while his orgasm continuing unabated. When all the muscle had nowhere left to go, his body forced him taller, only to pile on more muscle anywhere it could fit. As waves of pleasure and spasms slowed, Ted stretched and flexed his now eight-foot tall mass. With a lustful hunger in his eyes, he turned towards the Beast. Their howls echoed across the desert.
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