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  1. The Unexpected Opportunity Today started like any other day. Blue sky, bright sun, mid 70s to low 80s just perfect. I took my pre-workout and protein shake and began to head to the gym for a nice and long workout. Today was going to be chest, shoulders, and traps. I’ve been going to my gym for a couple of years to workout for the health benefits but recently started talking to more and more people there and started to really look at my physique. It wasn’t really the way I wanted to look so I decided to really focus on my workout and diet after listening to the advice of some of the IFBB pros that attend the gym too. But there was 1 guy there that didn’t really say much to anybody and honestly, his build was like something I’ve never seen before. Toned legs but nothing to write home about, a roid looking gut but it couldn’t be because the rest of him didn’t match someone taking gear. Huge arms, shoulders, and traps that are halfway up his neck but his back wasn’t that wide and his chest wasn’t much larger than my own. In short, he looked like an action figure with mixed matched body parts but the parts that were big were very defined and prominent. I would purposefully look for him when it was my day to work any of those particular muscle group. I’d always look to see if he was in the gym as sort of a motivational factor to get that extra rep or one more set. Some of the regulars started noticing changes in my physique of course I couldn’t see it. Probably because I see myself every day but even through the baggy sweats and big t-shirt they were able to notice. That’s a little bit of a motivational factor to keep on pushing. Today, while sitting on the bench getting ready to workout, I was talking to one of the regulars. He was trying to talk me into cutting with him so I could see what my body could really look like when it’s lean and tight. I told him let me think about it because I honestly I like the size but I just want to have a flat stomach not abs just flat. No sooner did I say that, HE walked by in mid-conversation to the water filling station and my buddy saw my eyes move towards him as he walked by. When the guy walked back by and started his workout, I was told his name was Jason. Apparently, he is one that doesn’t know the proper way to build a body according to the professionals. But I countered to say that he is big as shit and it looks like he is trying to bring up the weaker areas. After a few more minutes of conversation, we wrapped up our conversation and I began my workout. Since it was pretty warm in the gym which is basically a refurbished warehouse that became a gym quite a few people started to workout shirtless. I wasn’t that confident in my own appearance to workout shirtless, but it did provide for more motivation and opportunities to see what it would potentially look like if I were to start cutting with the rest of them. I could see what they were talking about with being able to see what you could look like leaned out. My guy well Jason, now that I know his name, essentially read the room and began working out shirtless soon and seeing him changed my perspective. Yeah his shape was a bit off but he was working arms like some of the pros and while you could see the perfect separation of the bicep as they were flexing in the mirror. Jason’s bicep and peak was just huge. Not fat but kind of like an offseason type of look which wasn’t bad looking. If could workout like that and make sure I don’t slack in other areas I’d be a bad man. After I finished my set, I made up my mind. I told the guys I’m not trying to compete or anything so I don’t see an issue with just focusing on getting huge. I said that within earshot of Jason who heard me, smirked, but didn’t break his current set or stride. The guys understood and we kept working out today as planned but after that there wasn’t much conversation with them anymore. You would have thought I talked about their mother or something. But either way I just kept focusing on my goal of just getting bigger. I’ve started to notice some changes in how clothes fit but nothing too drastic. Over the next several days, I was working out on my own with no interaction from my old friends and Jason was nowhere to be seen. However, a few days later Jason showed back up but he looked different, I don’t know how and really don’t care but his chest and back had grown very large to match his arms and traps. I again, don’t know how it happened but one day I will work up the nerve to talk to Jason but for now I will get on with my routine now that my walking motivation is back I will push a little harder today. [To be continued...]
  2. Hey all, I have had a long hiatus from story writing and am getting back into it, so I thought id share my last story I wrote, which was over ten years ago, reposted from the old forums Please feel free to leave some tips and feedback, and let me know if you would want to see this story continue IN LEAGUE WITH SATAN THE PACT BY SHINJI86 Frank Defoe was your standard gym rat. Been steadily going to the gym for the last 4 years and he looks the part, wide shoulders, well formed chest, large arms, well shaped calves and thick quads, and walked around at about 15% body fat. For most guys this would be amazing, just 4 years ago he had next to no muscle, close to if not more than 50% body fat and absolutely no self esteem. No girls and guys looked at him and his strong body as he walked through the gym. But inside, he wasnt near satisfied, if anything he felt cheated. You see he started training with 2 of his buddies, Max and Neal, all starting from nothing, constantly pushing each other to the next level. It became quiet clear that out of the 3, Frank was defiantly at a disadvantage gene wise. He was at the same level strength wise, but fell behind physique wise long ago, and the gap has been growing larger and larger ever since. Max and Neal were pictures of muscular perfection, monster arms, tree trunk quads, calves the size of most mens quads, wide as hell shoulders with traps taking away there necks, wide v taper and mutant pecs. They could easily take out any local bodybuilding contest, and took every persons attention as soon as they walked in the room. The thing that really got to Frank was that he did everything the same, if not better than the other two. Diet, form, supps and even there anabolic protocols, he followed all of them perfectly, but his genes just let him down. His frustration was very evident, and the other two picked up on and exploited this. In the last year they had taking too making him feel small and insignifigent. After every set they would pose and flex there pumped bodies, asking Frank to compare them "Hey Franky boy, whose arms do you think have a better peak, mine or Neals?" Max would ask while him and Neal were both doing double bi shots. "Come on Fran, no reason to be upset, this is a priviledge getting to see these godly pysiques on a daily basis, you should eat this up" Neal taunted him. Even in the locker room, Frank never used to have a problem changing in front of his friends, but once there size difference had become clear the taunting had got to him so much that he would retreat to the stalls to change. While they were all on test, gh and a massive aray of pharmaceuticals, the other two had also had growth in other appendages that Frank still fell into what he felt was mediocrity. "Yo bitch boy, feast your eyes on a real man, 22 inch arms, 8 inch soft cock, and my partner in crime with 23 inch arms and 7 soft cock. Let me see what your working with kid?" Neal said bullying "Man you know that pussy is only working with 17's on a good day, and like a 6 inch hard" taunted Max before he erupted into a solid belly laugh "Fuck you guys are cunts, why dont you guys just leave me alone, maybe go suck each other off" fired back Frank as he turned toward the stalls "Nah thats for your Mum to do bitch, you wanna see what she is gonna be working with?" And with that Neal starting pumping is thick snake to life, and Max sortly followed suit, bringing them selves to full hardness. "Frank, look and what your new step Dads are working with" flaunted Max "Fucking monster roid cocks mate, if you wernt some dredge cunt with pussy genes you would have a beer can thick 11" beast too" boasted Neal "Fucking horse cocks ae, im sitting at 11 and a half, and i will be fucking destroying some slut tonight while you sit in your room at your Mums house researching how not to be a puny bitch hahahah" Max burst out into a diabolic laugh With this Frank could take no more, and stormed out of the change rooms, and power walked right to his car, and sped out of the car park in a solid rage. Why do such terrible people get such wonderful gifts he thought to himself. How the fuck does the world fuck himself over so much, he does everything right, gives to charity, attends church every Sunday, never broke the law or did anything mean or underhanded, while these assholes got all the results and all the trappings of them. Both Neal and Max have a Youtube channel and have so many subscribers that they dont have to work, they get all the girls they want, they just seem to get everything they want, while Frank does all the hard yards and then some and cant get ahead. He has even snuck in a extra cycle or two that the other two havnt had and dont know about, still nothing. In a huff, he stormed into his house and straight into his room, without saying a word to his Mum and two sisters and slammed the door behind him. He flopped on his double bed and looked at all the posters on his wall of the best pro bodybuilders and bikini clad figure women. He used the massive Dorian Yates poster as his biggest inspiration, Often jerking off while looking at it thinking of himself having that physique, and thinking of all the stares he would get, both of woman and men, they eyes longing to see him fully pumped, wanting to fuck him. He all of the sudden got hard at this thought that had come into his head very often. He stroked himself while steering at the poster, imagining himself that big, bigger, with a monster muscle cock to match, so big he would make Neal and Max look like tiny bitches. Oh he would do anything , absolutely anything for that. Then as he was coming close to climax said to himself, "i would sell my soul to Satan for that chance, god hasnt given me shit. I do everything the bible says, and i get absolutely nothing. Satan Lucifer, hear me, i will do anything for that chance, to make me the biggest fucking muscle beast in the world, with a beast cock to match, fucking dooooo ittttttt, YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH" and with that he shot his load all over the poster. While he regained his composer after one of the most intense spite filed orgasm's of his life he started feeling like he was being watched, then he heard the deep baritone voice that made James Earl Jones sound normal. "Franklin my son, turn and face me, i want to answer your call" smoothly said the inhumanly deep voice said As Frank turned he was greeted by a sight out of a muscle comic. A hugely developed man, larger than Marcus Rulh, with red skin, a face that was the definition of manly beauty, clad only in a cape and a posing strap, which seemed to be close to breaking stuffed with what looks to be the biggest cock in existance "I am the dark lord, Satan, Lucifer if you would, pleased to meet you mr Defoe" the beast reached out his humongous hand, Frank trembled and reached his hand and shaked the master of hells hand. "Pa...pa...plllleassed to meet you sirrrr" he finally was able to get out "Well, seeing as your request is formed with the most purest hate that i have felt in a long time, i felt it was my duty to give you what you want. There is alot of people who atepmt to conjure me, but all of them just want it to get girls, or to win something, purely selfish pursuits, in which i will see no entertainment. With the level of pure aggression, animosity and hatred i feel from you i know you will cause some shit that i will enjoy. " "What do you want in return, my soul?" "No my young friend, in my thousands of years since my descension from heaven, i have taken many a mans soul in return for something stupid, and they can never fully enjoy it cause they will have a deep emptyness inside them. But i have only giving a handful of people the power to use with nothing in return, just so i can watch the destruction they cause. Atilla the Hun, Napolian, Hitler, Ted Bundy, the form of pure hatred is hard to find, and your comtempt for everyone else in the world, and the hatred for the privileged is incredible. So i will give you a fluid to inject that will make you a absolute animal, but first you need a massive load to get you started, this is your sacrifice" Wait, im no Hitler or Bundy, im not gonna kill or anything, i just want my fantasy. And what kind of sacrifice?" "Well, sometimes I enjoy people taking whats theres and humiliating the bullies, i love a underdog, plus as you can see i love muscle" He said doing a incredible most muscular, "Your sacrifice is to get this fluid, you have to perform felatio on me" he said with a devilish smile "Ummmmm, ok i guess, if it will give me what i need ill do anything" said Frank uncertainly " Well come here then" said the unholy beast seductively Frank slowly walked over to him. Always turned on by huge men, he had never ever touched or kissed a man before, now he slowly locked lips with this crimson behemoth. To his surprise he started to really getting off on this, starting to open mouth kiss, then his tongue started darting in and out of the dark lords mouth, while his hands explored the vast expanse of this olympia grade physique. Shit if he competed he would destroy everyone. His hand finely worked his way down his back to the monstorus striated glues. His cock was completely hard by the overwhelmingly massive body of the fallen angel. He then came around the front , working his way down his brick work abs, stopping just shy of the posers "Come on son, you know what you are, i can read your mind, you love fucking girls, but you've always wanted to suck and fuck a massive man, so unleash the monster and do it" he whispered passionatley With that Frank dropped to his knees and started pulling down the strap. "Holy fucking shit!!!" gasped Frank Out fell a 10 inch soft, already 8 or so inches thick monster "Come on son it wont bite" The red snake start to swell with Franks touch, till it got to its full magnificence, 15 mind blowing inches of muscle cock. Frank pulled back his foreskin and kissed the beast, then he opened his mouth to take it in. He got about a 5th of it in his mouth and started, then after a few minutes the monsters hand started guiding him deeper and deeper "Thats it son, ahhhhh, just like that, agggghhh, yep, I KNEW YOU WERE A COCK HUNGRY SLUT, AGGGGGHHHHHHHH" Frank was in the zone, he was oblivious to the world around him. Its like this was what he was born to do. He caught a look of himself in his mirror, the site of a well built jock sucking and gagging on a red muscle monster was the most erotic image he'd ever seen. "Here it comes, swallow all of this, dont spill a drop, HEAR IT FUCKING COMES, AGGGGGGGHHHHHHH YEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH' the beast roared as he came , and came hard Frank swallowed every bit, then he felt a rush of endorphines into his brain, then he orgasmed harder than he'd ever before, then he blacked out As he came to, he wondered if it was all a dream. Such wild outlandish things couldn't be true, could they? He then caught a look of himself in the mirror, his whole body looked like it had the most insane pump ever, and he looked a little bigger than before. No, this cant be real, then he raised his arms for a double bi shot, and they were easily a inch or 2 bigger. "Holy shit, this must be real" He continued exploring his pumped up body, feeling new size, hardness and vascularity across his whole body, he started to get really turned on by this. Thats when he noticed that his cock had grown a inch, and was thicker "Woah, this is crazy, and fucking hot" he said stroking his new meat Then he saw out of the corner of his eye a 2 litre bottle of pale blue liquid and a note. The note said Hi Frank, This bottle of liquid is to be used in place of a steroid, you will have no need for all the other chemicals you have, this will make your dreams come true If you havnt worked out, it is the same liquid you so greatly sucked out of my cock, that first shot was to take care of the loading phase. Just inject 1cc of this twice a week, and within the next few weeks you should gain more than what you usually would in years. I look forward to seeing you in your new muscle stud body in a few weeks, and get a bit more of that hot mouth of yours around my monster, by then you might be bigger than me Yours truly Your Dark Lord Frank took a step back, then thought to himself, bigger than him in a few months, fuck that hot, then he stroked himself to a intense orgasm
  3. RealIn2Growth


    I was sitting around a lot on location in Paris so I had plenty of time to write. I got this idea from a 'Celebrity Trainer' I used to work with. I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think! SUBLIMINAL APPROPRIATION Bored. So fucking bored. Nothing worse than lying on the couch and bored on a Friday afternoon. Could hit someone up on Grindr, but during the day there’s only fats, femmes, and old people on, and besides, need to get back to the gym in two hours. Need to remember to bring my tripod. Maybe I should go put it in the car so I don’t forget it. Fuck it. Hey, Alexa, remind me to bring my tripod in 2 hours. I could always make some more content for OF or another story for Insta, but I already did that today. Don’t want to oversaturate. Maybe I should just jerk off again. Only did that twice this morning. Fuck it. I’ll just scroll Instagram. Looser. Ugly. Small. Not bad. Need to remember to hit him up. Pathetic. Copycat. Looser. NOTIFICATION. Email. Open my account. Email from The Erotic Occultist. Open email. No text. Just a link. Should just close and delete this. I click on it. I know I shouldn’t… but… I do. A video pops up. It’s a picture of me… from one of my own videos… Damn I look good. Why does this asshole have a picture of me on one of his videos? His voice. He’s talking. HEY BEHEMOTH B! HOPE YOUR DAY’S BEEN GOING WELL. REMEMBER ME? YOU FEATURED ME ON ONE OF YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS ABOUT A MONTH AGO. YOU CALLED ME OUT… BY NAME. YOU SAID MY GUIDED GYM HYPNOSIS WAS AS FAKE AS TURKESTERONE AND JUST AS USEFUL. YOU ALSO SAID ALL OF THE SUBLIMINAL MUSCLE GROWTH VIDEOS I WAS PEDDLING WERE BULLSHIT AND THAT YOUR ‘FANS’ SHOULDN’T WATCH THEM ANYMORE. THIS RING ANY BELLS? Fuck! This guy. I remember. Pathetic. Need to report this asshole… using my pic without permission. Need to close this and… GUESS WHAT, BEN. TODAY’S YOUR LUCKY DAY. I’M GOING TO MAKE ALL OF YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. I’M GOING TO HELP YOU GET EXACTLY WHAT YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED. THE ONLY PROBLEM IS… I KNOW… WHEN YOU GET IT… YOU’RE NOT GOING TO BE SATISFIED. PEOPLE LIKE YOU NEVER ARE. YOU ALWAYS WANT MORE AND MORE AND MORE. AM I RIGHT? OF COURSE, I’M RIGHT. I’M THE EROTIC OCCULTIST. I KNOW EVERYTHING. SO, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO GET. FROM THE MOMENT YOU HEARD MY VOICE, THIS VIDEO CURSED YOU TO GROW INTO A GIANT MUSCLE MASS MONSTER. What the fuck??? THAT’S RIGHT. FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO EXIST AS A TOTAL MUSCLE FREAK OUTSIDE OF SOCIETY. YOU’RE GOING TO BE SO BIG… SO MASSIVE… THAT THE REST OF YOUR WORLD WILL FOREVER BE OUT OF YOUR REACH. No. That’s not want at all! I just want to be huge… to be followed by millions of viewers… to be envied at the gym… to be a fucking force of nature! I'VE ALSO BURROWED A SUGESTION INTO YOUR BRAIN THAT NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU WISH TO... NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY... YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO STOP THE SOUND OF MY VOICE UNTIL YOUR TRANSFORMATION IS COMPLETE. Need to turn it off now. Need to… I can’t! I can’t turn it off! Holy fuck! I can’t turn it off! THIS VIDEO IS ONLY 28 MINUTES LONG… SEE… THERE’S A COUNT DOWN IN THE CORNER. BY THE TIME THE LAST WORD IS SPOKEN… YOU’LL BE SO IMMENSE THAT ALL YOU ARE GOING TO HEAR ARE THE SCREAMS OF YOUR FANS AS THEY TRY TO RUN AWAY FROM YOU. Need to stop this. Need to stop this. Knock the phone to the floor. No. It keeps on playing. It won’t stop playing. ARE YOU READY BEN? Fuck this shit! I SAID… ARE YOU READY? Ready!!! What the fuck? Why did I say that? WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A WHOLE LOT OF FUN, YOU AND ME. I CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR ABOUT YOU ON THE NEWS. YOU’LL BE STOMPING AROUND… SO HUGE… SO HORNY… AN UNSTOPPABLE FORCE OF MUSCLE MENACE. SHOULD I GIVE AWAY HOW HUGE YOU ARE GOING TO GROW? SHOULD I TELL YOU OR LET YOU FIGURE IT OUT AS IT HAPPENS. I CAN’T DECIDE. LET’S JUST SAY… YOU CAN LOOK FORWARD TO BEING QUADRUPLE FEET TALL. HOW DOES THAT GRAB YOU? Quadruple feet tall? Come on! He’s bullshiting! No one wants to be a thousand feet tall! I don’t want to be a thousand feet tall! OH, BEN. THE FIRST DIGIT DOESN’T START WITH A 1. THAT WOULDN’T BE MUCH FUN, WOULD IT? NOW. STOP PANICKING AND LISTEN TO THE SOUND OF MY VOICE. I try to block out the sound of his voice, but I can’t! YOU’RE NOW TOTALLY FOCUSED ON THE SOUND OF MY VOICE. JUST LISTENING TO ME… HEARING ME MAKES YOU WANT TO LISTEN AND OBEY EXACTLY WHAT I AM SAYING. YOU’RE LISTENING AND OBEYING ME, AREN’T YOU BEN. Listening and obeying. GOOD. NOW I NEED YOU TO GO DEEPER AND DEEPER WITH ME. THE DEEPER YOU GO, THE MORE WILLING YOUR BODY IS TO LISTEN AND RELAX AND TRANSFORM. Listen and relax. Deeper. Transform. TODAY IS THE DAY YOU MAKE A REAL CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE… IN YOURSELF. TODAY IS WHEN YOU TRANSFORM INTO EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT THE WORLD TO SEE WHEN THEY CATCH YOU ON INSTRAGRAM AND YOUTUBE OR SUBSCRIBE TO YOUR ONLY FANS. YOU SAY YOU’RE A BIG GUY… A STRONG GUY… A DOMINANT ALPHA. YOU WANT TO BE THE BIGGEST. AM I RIGHT? THE MOST POWERFUL. The biggest. WELL, AS YOU LISTEN TO ME, YOU WILL FIND YOU CAN NOT RESIST OR FIGHT THIS TRANSFORMATION FROM HAPPENING. YOU’RE ENTIRE FORM WILL CHANGE. YOU WILL NO LONGER RECOGNIZE YOURSELF. YOU WILL BE BIGGER AND STRONGER THAN ANY OTHER HUMAN ON THIS PLANET. Bigger and stronger than any human on the planet. THAT’S RIGHT. AREN'T YOU EXCITED? My cock is hard just thinking about that. No! I need to stop this. I need to shut it off. YOU CAN NOW BEGIN TO FEEL YOUR BODY START TO CHANGE, ALMOST AS IF YOU ARE GOING THROUGH PUBERTY ONCE AGAIN. REMEMBER PUBERTY? I remember. GOOD. WELL NOW YOU GET TO EXPERIENCE IT A SECOND TIME. REMEMBER WHEN YOU BEGAN GETTING HAIRIER IN DIFFERENT PLACES? Puberty… body hair… My body… burning… itching… I look down at my arms and see dark stubble sprouting like I’m watching a time lapse movie. Dark hair. Not the sandy blonde I already sport. My chest! Hair growing on my chest… down over my abs. My crotch. Dark hair growing longer and thicker on my balls and around the shaft of my cock. Fuck! Look at how hairy my legs are becoming… even down onto the top of my feet and the back of my hands!! Itching on my face! Stubble… erupting on my face! The hair on my chest growing longer… darker… cascading over my pecs. My pits!! Long dark hair. Hair on my ass! I never had hair on my ass before!!! Coating my ass… circling my hole… Always… hated… body hair… JUST LET IT HAPPEN BEN. DON’T FIGHT IT. YOU CAN’T STOP THE CHANGES ONCE THEY BEGIN TO OCCUR. YOU CAN’T CHANGE WHAT’S YOUR DESTINY TO BECOME. YOUR BODY CAN’T RESIST DOING EXACTLY WHAT MY VOICE SAYS. THERE IS NOTHING IN THE WORLD YOU CAN DO TO STOP THIS PROCESS. DIDN’T YOU SAY IN ONE OF YOUR VIDEOS YOU ALWAYS FELT LET DOWN IN THE GENETICS DEPARTMENT? THAT IT WAS YOU WHO BUILT YOURSELF UP IN THE GYM AND WITH SUPPLIMENTS TO BECOME WHAT YOU ARE NOW. WELL… THIS IS THE PUBERTY YOU ALWAYS WISH YOU WOULD HAVE HAD, AND YOU’RE GETTING IT NOW IN ABONDANCE! I have a beard! How can I already have a beard? I tug at it. My eyebrows… I feel my eyebrows… so much bushier than they ever were before! Even the hair on my head… growing longer. LIKE I SAID BEFORE, BEN, AFTER LISTENING TO THIS VIDEO… YOU WON’T RECOGNIZE YOURSELF. YOU’RE BECOMING EXACTLY WHAT YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO BE BUT DIDN’T DARE ADMIT IT EVEN TO YOURSELF. Dark hair falling to my shoulders. My beard… so dense and thick! Trying to run my fingers through it. This is insane!!! This can’t be happening! YOUR PENIS. REMEMBER WHEN YOUR PENIS STARTED TO GROW? Oh fuck! So hard. IT GREW LARGER AND LARGER, LONGER AND THICKER. Cock… so hard. So hard. Never been this hard before. Head so engorged with blood. IT’S GROWING AGAIN NOW, ISN’T IT? I KNOW YOUR SPORTING A FAIRLY DECENT SIX INCHER RIGHT NOW, BEN… How does he…? … BUT THAT WAS NEVER BIG ENOUGH FOR YOU. WAS IT? NO! YOU WANT IT BIGGER! YOU NEED IT BIGGER! Bigger. YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO BE ONE OF THOSE GUYS SPORTING A TEN INCHER. Fuck yeah! Ten inches. BUT… I’LL TELL YOU WHAT. FORGET ABOUT INCHES. FORGET ABOUT THEM. Forget about inches? YOU NEED TO START THINKING ABOUT YOUR COCK IN FEET! THAT’S RIGHT! FEET!!! THREE FEET… FOUR FEET… FIVE FEET… Cock Leaking so much pre. Cock spasms and seems to fill further with blood. WRAP YOUR HAND AROUND YOUR COCK, BEN. I do it. I wrap my hand around it and it seems… thicker. I try to stifle a groan as it growing longer… AS YOUR COCK GROWS BIGGER, YOUR BALLS GROW HEAVIER… WEIGHTIER… FILLING WITH MORE AND MORE POTENT SEED AND TESTOSTERONE. Holy fuck! Both swelling larger… filling my sack. Now the size of XL eggs. Now more like kiwis! How is he doing this? I’M NOT DOING ANYTHING, BEN. ITS ALL YOU. YOU’RE DOING THIS BY LISTENING TO THE SOUND OF MY VOICE. LOOK AT YOUR COCK. HOW BIG IS IT NOW? Looking… fuck… seven inches… eight inches? My balls… doubling in size in my sack… My cock nearing nine inches long and so fat! Hell yeah!!! I can’t wait to fuck with this cock! Guys are going to be on their knees just to suck me off!! The head… so bulbous… so fat… Fuck yeah, buddy!! I can’t wait to fuck ass after ass with this cock!!! I’m gonna have a fuckin orgy!! Won’t be able to get enough… Fuck!! More blood being forced in to make it even longer! Has to be ten inches long and so fuckin thick!! I can’t even wrap my hand around it! It’s like… a fuckin Pringles can!! My balls… like two baseballs now! My cock… it has to be 11 inches long!! Okay!!! That’s enough!! I don’t want any more. I don’t need anymore! WE CAN’T STOP NOW, BEN! WHERE WOULD THE FUN BE IN THAT? LET’S GROW THAT COCK BIGGER! BIGGER!!! BIGGER!!!! I WANT IT TOWERING ABOVE YOU! FEEL THE WEIGHT OF IT! FEEL HOW HEAVY IT IS RIGHT NOW! IMAGINE HOW THAT’S GOING TO FEEL SWINGING BETWEEN YOUR LEGS! Cock… 12 inches long! It has to be over 12 inches long! I’ve never seen anything like it. Its so huge. Its thicker than my own arm! Please… stop!! 13 inches!!! I have a 13 incher!! Head thick as my fist… shaft thick like my arm… Who’ll ever let me fuck them with this? I HATE TO BREAK IT TO YOU, BEN… I KNOW HOW MUCH YOU LOVE IT… BUT… YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO BE FUCKING ANYONE EVER AGAIN. YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO TOUCH ANYONE AGAIN… OR KISS ANYONE AGAIN. PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE RUNNING AWAY JUST AT THE SIGHT OF YOU. THEY’LL LOOK LIKE LITTLE ACTION FIGURES…. WELL… AT FIRST. THEN MORE LIKE ANTS. THEN… I DON’T KNOW IF YOU’LL EVEN BE ABLE TO SEE THEM. Cock… 15 inches… Have to open legs even wider… Head… so fuckin mammoth with a gaping piss slit. Leaking a constant river of pre onto my softball sized balls. Hair surrounding my cock is so dark… so dense… No gaps of skin between beard… chest hair…abs… crotch… legs… LET’S JUST LET YOUR COCK KEEP GROWING, WHY DON’T WE. PUBERTY WASN’T JUST ABOUT GETTING HAIRY AND GROWING A LARGER COCK, WAS IT? NO. NOT AT ALL. REMEMBER WHEN YOU ACTUALLY HAD THAT FIRST TASTE OF GROWING PAINS? I grunt. A dull ache erupts at the base of my spine, radiating… upwards. Twist my torso to the left… to the right… I can hear my vertebrae pop as I do this. Maybe I should stop doing that… NO MATTER WHAT YOU DID… THE PAINS JUST NEVER SEEMED TO GO AWAY. THEY ONLY SEEMED TO GET WORSE…. AND WORSE… Throbbing… at the base of my spine… moving up towards my head and down my arms. Opening and closing my hands. I feel like a stranger in my own skin. LET THIS SECOND PUBERTY TAKE YOU OVER, BEN. GIVE IN TO IT. IT WILL BE SO MUCH EASIER IF YOU DO. THIS BODY YOU POSSES RIGHT NOW… THE ONE YOU SHOW EVERYONE ON SOCIAL MEDIA… IT’S MERELY A COCOON FOR YOU TO SHED. YOUR REAL FORM… THE ONE YOU’LL HAVE BY THE END OF THIS VIDEO. THAT WILL BE THE REAL YOU. Terrified. Terrified of his words. I don’t want this. I don’t want this. I don’t want this… but… maybe… maybe I do! Maybe I do want it! No!!!! My body tenses. My eyes get wider as I… FUCK!! Body… expanding in all directions! Can’t… breath… Expanding!! Growing!!! It’s actually happening!!! How the fuck is this actually happening???? AS YOUR TORSO STRETCHES LONGER… YOUR SHOULDERS STRETCH WIDER. Oh.. My… God!! Arms… legs… growing longer… I grab onto the couch with my hands as I pull my legs onto the floor. The phone… the phone falls onto the floor… slides under the couch. I can’t… I can’t reach it!!! My body won’t allow me to reach for it. I can hear it but I can’t reach it! All I hear are his words mixed with the sounds of my bones breaking… lengthening… and my skin stretching… THERE’S ALREADY SO MUCH MORE OF YOU BEN THAN THERE WAS JUST A MINUTE BEFORE. YOU’RE NOT 5’8 ANY LONGER, BEN. YOU’RE 6’4. NO SORRY! 6’6. NOPE. MY BAD. 7 FOOT! 7 foot… and growing! My shoulders… so wide! Stretching out my arms… trying to relieve… throbbing ache that runs up and down them. Ugh!! Both growing even longer!! Shoulders… wider than my doorway. Will need… will need to go through… sideways. WHAT SIZE FEET ARE THOSE, BEN? DAMN! YOUR FEET LOOK LIKE FLIPPERS! THEY SIZE 20’S? 25’S? Trip over my massive feet. I can only grunt as I shoot upwards again. My living room… shrinking around me. GOOD THING YOU HAVE HIGH CEILINGS, BEN. WHAT ARE YOU? 8 FEET TALL? DAMN!! THIS SECOND PUBERTY HAS BEEN GOOD TO YOU! SO HAIRY… SO BROAD… YOU’RE COCK… SO IMMENSE… SO TALL… YOU HAVE IT ALL NOW, DON’T YOU, BEN. MAYBE WE SHOULD STOP. SHOULD WE STOP? Yes! Stop! Stop this now! NAH! WE’RE NOT GOING TO STOP TILL YOUR OVER 9,000 FEET TALL. OOPS. DID I JUST GIVE THAT AWAY. SORRY. MY BAD. 9,000 feet tall? I GUESS I RUINED THE SURPRISE. RISING UP NEARLY 10 EIFEL TOWERS TALL. TOTALLY CUT OFF FROM SOCIETY IN YOUR GIGANTISM. THIS IS WHAT YOU ALWAYS WANTED. ISN’T IT? No!!!!! Need to get my phone. Need to destroy my phone. Need to stop his voice! YOU CAN FEEL YOUR BODY CHANGING WITH EVERY WORD I SPEAK, CAN’T YOU BEN? YOUR BONES GROWING THICKER AND STRONGER IN ORDER TO CARRY YOUR IMEASURABLE MASS. YOU’RE GOING TO GROW SO MAMMOTH… SO TITANIC… THAT EVEN NOW… YOU CAN’T COMPREHEND IT. YOU’RE ALREADY NEARLY 9 FEET TALL. GOOD THING YOU BOUGHT A HOUSE WITH HIGH CEILINGS WITH THAT INFLUENCER MONEY. WHAT ARE THEY, 10 FEET? Yeah. NOT THAT YOU’LL BE LIVING HERE MUCH LONGER. YOU WON’T BE LIVING ANYWHERE MUCH LONGER. WHERE DOES A GIANT MUSCLE MASS MONSTER LIVE, BEN? WHAT DO THEY EAT? HOW WILL YOU SURVIVE? ITS GOING TO BE FUN WATCHING AND SEEING. Need… phone… ARGH!!! Jaw… popping as skull grows bigger. Eyesight… blurring… eyes grow larger… refocusing again. Raise my hands up to hold my skull together… but can’t stop looking at them. My hands. Are they really my hands? They’re… they’re more like… hands of a Grizzley bear! The palm so wide… the fingers… so long and thick… Like my cock… now over 16 inches long and… growing. Want to run. Need to run. No! Can’t have anyone see me like this! What will my fans think of me now??!! TAKE IN YOUR WORLD, BEN. TURN AROUND AND WATCH EVERYTHING FAMILIAR GROW SO MUCH SMALLER. WASN’T THAT THE COUCH YOU WERE JUST LYING ON? DAMN. YOU’D NEVER FIT ON THAT NOW! YOURE GOING TO NEED TO BEND DOWN TO GET THROUGH THE DOORWAY. FUCK! YOUR CEILING FAN. IT’S IN THE WAY! Grab onto the fan. I pull it down. It crashes to the floor shattering the glass coffee table. Fuck! It came down with only one tug! I’m… so… fucking… strong!!! I flex my arms and watch my much larger bicep jump. Maybe this isn’t so bad after all! I pull a most muscular and watch my muscles swell. Fuck yeah!! He has to be joking about 9.000 feet. He’ll stop soon. He has to. I laugh and flex again. No one can be 9.000 feet. NO ONE BUT YOU, BEN. NO ONE BUY YOU. AREN’T YOU LUCKY? Cock throbs. Grows thicker. Need to clear my head. Need to stop thinking about strength and muscle Need to stop this. Need to stop this. Flip the couch over. Fuck that was easy. Lean down… so far down. Grab the phone. Tiny in my hand. Screen is locked. Trying to recognize my face. Doesn’t recognize my face!! Try to type in my PIN. Fingers too fat. Too big. Growing… oh fuck!! Growing… Have to be nearly 9 feet tall. Taking up so much of my living room. Not just tall. I’m wide as hell. I’m the size of three people rolled into one and I keep getting bigger. My body spasms… I crush the phone in my hand. SILLY RABBIT!! YOU CAN’T GET AWAY FROM ME THAT EASILY!! His voice!! So loud. It’s all around me. It’s in my head!! Oh fuck!! So big!! Too big!!! Just stop! Now! It’s not funny anymore!!! YOU THINK YOU’RE BIG NOW? THAT’S FUNNY. FUCK!! LOOK AT THAT COCK OF YOURS! HOW… HOW HUGE IS THAT THING? THAT HAS TO BE NEARLY TWO FEET LONG! FUCK!! BETTER YOU!! YOU CAN’T EVEN REACH THE HEAD WITH YOUR HANDS! GO ON. TRY. Fuck! FEEL THE FRUSTRATION AS IT ALWAYS GROWS JUST OUT OF REACH. ALL OF YOUR LIFE YOU WANTED A MASSIVE COCK… AND NOW YOU HAVE IT… AND YOU’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO USE IT ON ANYONE! WHO CARES THOUGH, RIGHT? IT’S THE SIZE THAT’S IMPORTANT! IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SIZE… AND THE VIEWS… BUT MORE ABOUT THE SIZE. Cock… so hard… so long… stroking the shaft with my hands. Both of my hands!! Force the head towards my mouth. Ill suck my own cock!! I’ll give myself a blow job. Fuck!!! Head too fat!! Can’t… can’t get it in my mouth!!! I CAN’T TELL YOU HOW MUCH FUN IM HAVING BEN. HOW ABOUT YOU? Fuck you! NEARLY 10 FEET TALL. HEAD ALMOST UP TO THE CEILING. BUT THIS IS NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO EXPERIENCE. YOURE ON THE CUSP OF A GREAT ADVENTURE. YOU CAN FEEL IT. CAN’T YOU? IT TERRIFIES YOU. YOU KNOW THAT AS SOON AS I SAY THE WORDS… YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. ALREADY YOU’VE GROWN INTO A FREAK… BUT THIS IS NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT I HAVE IN STORE. MAYBE I’LL TAKE PITY ON YOU. Please!! MAYBE ILL JUST LEAVE YOU LIKE THIS. Yeah. Just leave me like this. I can work with this. I can deal with this. OH BEN. IF YOU ONLY WOULD HAVE SAID YOU WERE SORRY. I WOULD HAVE. IF YOU ONLY WOULD HAVE BEGGED ME TO FORGIVE YOU FOR DOUBTING MY WORK. I’m sorry. Really. I’m sorry. I’ll pull the video down. I’ll put up another video with me this big… proving how powerful you are. ITS NOT ME THAT’S POWERFUL, BEN. ITS YOU. I BET YOU NEVER KNEW JUST HOW STRONG YOUR OWN MIND WAS, DID YOU? HOW HEARING MY VOICE IN CONJUNCTION WITH YOUR OWN MIND COULD REPROGRAM YOUR BODY. YOUR MIND IS THE MOST POWERFUL THING IN THE WORLD, BEN, AND NOW… IT’S GOING TO BUILD THE MOST POWERFUL BODY IN THE WORLD. A REAL MASS MONSTER. ISN’T THAT WHAT YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO BECOME? A ROIDED MASS MONSTER THAT LIVES FOR SIZE AND VIEWS AND LIKES AND NOTHING ELSE? ON YOUR INSTAGRAM YOU SAY YOU LIVE AND EAT AND BREATH MUSCLE. WELL GUESS WHAT, BEN. YOUR WISH… Don’t say it. IS MY Please stop! COMMAND! Oh fuck!! Shoulders… stretching even wider. I can’t think. I can’t breathe. My heart beats a mile a minute as my upper body stretches larger and larger. My ribcage cracks forcing my upper torso to extend outwards. I look down… and all I see is my chest expanding and expanding and expanding. What the fuck are you doing to me??!!! WHAT AM I DOING? EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT! CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE HOW MUCH LARGER YOU ARE GOING TO GROW? GO ON. IMAGINE IT. AS EACH SECOND PASSES… AS EACH MINUTE… YOUR ENTIRE BODY GROWS LONGER AND THICKER AND DENSER. YOUR BODY IS CAPABLE OF ANYTHING WITH THE RIGHT SUGGESTION… Ceiling… getting closer… to my head. Growing… so massive. Shoulders… crack again… stretching even broader. My body… taking up… so much… of this… room. Don’t worry, Ben. It’ll stop soon. You’ll wake up and this will all be some fucked up dream. FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, YOU ARE GOING TO WISH YOU COULD WAKE UP FROM THIS DREAM OF YOURS. BIGGER, BEN! GROW BIGGER! My foot… upending the sofa side table. My ass connects with a bookcase… it… collapses… to the floor. Shit… everywhere. All I can do is laugh. I’m a fucking menace! OH… YOU HAVE NO IDEA, BEN. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. YOUR GROWTH SPURT… YOU CAN FEEL IT START TO SLOW DOWN, BEN. Yes!!! Thank you! Thank God! Thank God! I can feel it… slowing down. Just about to hit the ceiling. YOUR BODY NEEDS TO DIRECT ITS ENERGIES ELSEWHERE. YOUR MIND WILL NOW DIRECT ITS ENERGIES TO MAKING EACH AND EVERY MUSCLE GROUP GROW THICKER… DENSER… FULLER… STRONGER… AND MORE ENGORGED. FEEL YOUR CHEST, BEN. My hands fly up to my pecs, trail down over my abs… THAT’S IT. TOUCH YOURSELF. STROKE YOURSELF… WILL YOURSELF TO GROW EVEN BIGGER THAN EVER BEFORE. IMAGINE YOURSELF WORKING OUT AT THE GYM… AND EACH REP CAUSES YOU TO GROW. Stop thinking that, Ben. Stop… thinking… that… FUCK!!! Lats! Lats flare out. Arms fly away from my sides. I groan. Pecs thickening… expanding. I grab onto them… feel my already sizable chest swell into mighty slabs of muscle. IN YOUR VIDEOS… YOU SAID YOU WORKED OUT SINCE THE AGE OF 16. HOW OLD ARE YOU BEN? 28? 28. SO… IMAGINE THAT ALL OF THE TIMES YOU WORKED OUT AT THE GYM… EVEN ON YOUR WORST DAY… EACH REP EQUALLED 1 INCH OF GROWTH. 1 inch of growth… 1 INCH OF MUSCLE GROWTH. HOW MANY DAYS DO YOU WORK OUT? 6 Days a week. 6 DAYS A WEEK. AND EACH REP EAQUALS ONE INCH. IMAGINE THAT. IMAGINE HOW HUGE YOU’LL BECOME. I can’t… even… imagine that. I’ll be… A BEAST, BEN. A FREAK. THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO BE. JUST IMAGINE. Lats flare out again into muscular wings. Shoulders stretch to an unheard-of degree. Traps… rising up… higher. Deltoids… swelling and rounding… resemble basketballs shoved under the skin. Lats spread out further. Arms… arms will… forever hang… at an outwardly angle. Never again… will they rest… at my side! Someone! Please! Help me!!! IMAGINE YOUR MUSCLES, BEN, GROWING LARGER AND THICKER. YOU’RE AT THE GYM AND YOU CANT STOP WORKING OUT. YOU PUSH OUT REP AFTER REP AFTER REP TILL IT FEELS LIKE YOUR MUSCLES WILL EXPLODE. YOUR DRUNK ON SIZE AND POWER. Drunk on size and power!! I am. I’m drunk on size and power! I want to strut around. I want to show off. Need to flex my pecs. Look at that bounce… causing them… to swell… even larger. So massive… they look like tits!! Fuck!! Neck… muscle growth… spreading to my neck… down to my abs. Head… shakes as my neck… swells fatter… with muscle. I laugh. Never again will someone be able to strangle me! They’ll never ben able to fit their hands around it!! Fuck! Head… forced up higher as my buttress of a neck… grows denser still. YOUR SUCH A GOOD STUDENT, BEN. I JUST SAY IT AND YOU RUN WITH IT. FOCUS YOUR MIND ON GROWTH, BEN. FEEL YOUR BODY CHANGING AS EVERY SECOND PASSES. FEEL EACH AND EVERY MUSCLE GROUP ON FIRE WITH GROWTH. I can’t stop thinking about growth and muscle. It’s all I exist for. Muscles in my face thicken. The skin pulling tighter. Features more defined. My abs… each… erupting… into… mountain range… of muscle! My core has always been… tight… but now… abs…rise up higher as the crevices in between grow deeper. Never have I seen… abs as developed… and as huge… as mine. AND THEY’VE ONLY BEGUN TO GROW, BEN. THEY’VE ONLY BEGUN. IN LESS THAN 15 MINUTES… YOUR ABS WILL BE AS HIGH AS THE ROCKIES! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THAT! Fuck me!!! Make it stop!!!! Please!! My voice!! Deeper! Even deeper still. Bass. YES, BEN. PICTURE YOUR SECOND PUBERTY FORCING YOUR VOICE TO DIVE DEEPER STILL. SO STRONG… SO MASCULINE… EVERYTHING YOU PORTRAYED YOURSELF TO BE. SOON… IF WE’RE LUCKY… AND IM SURE WE WILL BE… IT WILL BE NOTHING BUT A THUNDEROUS ROAR. Fuck!!! Lats… forcing upper back to stretch wider. Shoulders… now as round… as exercise balls. Biceps. Holy fuck! Biceps… stretching longer… longer and higher! FLEX THOSE ARMS. BEN. WATCH THE PEAK RISE. The peak! Look at that bicep peak! Watch it swell higher… fatter… more bulbous. I’ve never seen a bicep peak like it. It’s fucking huge! I lean down… and I actually lick my own bicep. I flex over and over to watch it swell larger. Muscle… stretching down… to my forearms. My forearms… growing thicker… hands… becoming… wider and longer… My bicep… it looks… oh fuck… it huge… thick… like my… quads! I can’t have a 35 inch bicep! I can’t! I can’t!! How… how did it get so big! Happening… too fast!! DON’T FORGET YOUR LOWER BODY, BEN. PICTURE YOUR LOWER BODY GROWING. IMAGINE THAT EVERY DAY IS LEG DAY! He says it… and it happens. Just like… he says. My quads and glutes… swelling. My stance… need to widen… my stance. Need to widen it over and over and over again. Pelvis cracks… bones growing wider… enable me… to widen… my legs… Just like my biceps… my quads… growing out of proportion. Growing beyond… anything… humanly… possible. Quads… thick as the pillars of a pier… no… thicker than tree trunks. Fuck! Swelling further!! Thicker… than… my old chest!!! QUADS 50 INCHES BEN. 55 INCHES. 60 INCHES… 65 INCHES. 70 INCHES!!! YOUR QUADS ARE NOW BIGGER THAN GREG KOVACS CHEST! THAT MAKES YOUR CHEST… HOT DAMN, BEN! YOUR CHEST IS NOW 8.25 FEET WIDE. I feel sick. Can’t… cant be that big! THAT BICEP PEAK YOU LUST AFTER… FLEX FOR ME, BEN. I flex. THAT PEAK IS… 2.53 FEET EACH Fuucckk!! Peak jumps and swells. NO. SORRY ABOUT THAT. 3.18 FEET EACH! THERE’S NEVER BEEN ANYTHING LIKE YOU BEN… AND THERE NEVER WILL BE AGAIN. IF ONLY ALL OF YOUR FANS COULD SEE YOU NOW! TV! TV on the wall turns on… by itself! Its me. Holy fuck!! Its me!! With my hair… and my beard… and my size… I look like… a fuckin barbarian! I lift my arm and flex. My nearly 4 foot bicep jumps. Yep. It’s really me. My head… fuck… it’s immense!! It has to be 3 times its original size!! I open my mouth wide. Fuck!! The opening of my mouth has to be a foot round!!! My traps… my neck… My chest… so broad… don’t completely fit in the frame. My arms… my biceps…rising up like tire wheels!! My quads… can barely move… need to waddle to walk… I look… I look even bigger than… the biggest… morph… What the fuck am I becoming!!! Comments… Comments popping up. Fuck!! I’m live!!! I’m… live!!! On Youtube… Instagram… Only Fans… Facebook. I’m live!!! My growth is live!!! Someone… please help me. Please stop this. I’ll be good. I promise. I’ll be good. I grunt and swell even bigger. Every muscle bulging till they look like they will explode! Comments. Comments scrolling up… ‘What the fuck are you on, bro?’ ‘I always knew he wasn’t natural.’ ‘Fuck!! What the hell?!’ ‘Is that really Ben? You think Ben’s been hacked?’ ‘That can’t be real!!’ ‘Look at those bi’s! Why you injecting Synthol now man?’ ‘I think I threw up in my mouth!!’ ‘He looks even hotter than usual!!’ Cock… rising up higher. Its just a fucking massive flag pole now… with immense nuts swinging between my redwood sized legs. Balls so fucking heavy. Growing even weightier… filling up with… more and more potent seed. With more and more testosterone. Balls… doubling… tripling in size. Sack… being… pulled… down. Filled to capacity. Soooooo horny!!!! Cock… more blood being forced in. Swells thicker. I’m starting to pant. Watching myself. Cock head swells… firing wad after wad of precum into the air and onto the TV and the floor. Comments. ‘This is a fucking train wreck!’ ‘Um… okay…’ ‘Must have OD’d on roids!!’ ‘Look at that thing!! That’s… damn!!!’ ‘Sure hope you’re a bottom, bro!! No getting near any ass with that thing!!!’ I laugh hysterically. So many men begged to take my cock every day. If they could see me now. They’d fucking run! My cock head swells again releasing more pre. The room stinks. The air stinks of pre. My cock is like a tap being turned on. Pre… flowing like a river. Coating the floor… and the walls. Reach out my arm… grab for the TV and pull it from the wall. I toss it into the corner like it’s a paperback book. Fuck you!! Fuck you all!!! You can… all go… fuck… yourselves!!! My chest… as it swells… blocks me from seeing… my own… balls. I can… only… feel them! SADLY, BEN, YOU’LL NEVER SEE YOUR BALLS AGAIN. EVER. HELL. YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE A REAL PROBLEM EVEN SEEING THE GROUND OVER THOSE IMMENSE PECS. WHY NOT JUST GROW THEM BIGGER FOR ME, BEN. GO ON. DO IT. BIGGER! GROW BIGGER!! Stop!! Please!! Stop!! Every… muscle… exploding with size! Muscles… swelling… beyond… my… imagination. Chest… so heavy. Hard to… hold it… up. Hard to… Oh fuck!!! Getting… taller… again! Torso… cracking in multiple places. I’m expanding… in multiple… directions. Growing broader. This is… too much! It’s all… too… much. I’m… I’m the size of… five me… rolled… into… one… and still… growing… bigger!!! FUCK!!!!! THE LONGER YOU TAP INTO THE POWER OF THE MIND, BEN, THE STRONGER IT BECOMES. SOON. SOON THERE WON’T BE THIS STARTING AND STOPPING. SOON ALL YOU WILL DO IS GROW. DON’T YOU FEEL INCREDIBLE? I… I don’t… feel… human… What the fuck are you doing to me? I’M NOT DOING ANYTHING, BEN. IT’S ALL YOU. ALL YOU. Back muscles… bursting with more size. Muscle mass… doubling… in an… instant. SHOULD I TELL YOU HOW MUCH YOU WEIGHT NOW, BEN? CAN YOU GUESS? RIGHT NOW YOUR 5,832 LBS OF PURE MUSCLE. INCREDIBLE! A DAY AGO YOU WOULD HAVE GIVEN YOUR EYE TEETH TO BE a lean 245 LBS AND NOW YOUR… WELL… NOW YOU’RE 6,229 LBS. NOPE. SORRY. 6,987 LBS. DAMN YOU GAIN QUICKLY!! FUCK YEAH, BEN! 7,172 LBS OF BULGING, FLEXING MUSCLE. I’m a brute… a beast. Feels like I’m gaining 10 lbs a second. My cock… stretching… and swelling… to match what I’m becoming. Hands search for my cock. I wrap them around the throbbing monster. Every time… it flexes… it sends out another enormous rope of precum. Each second it grows… longer… and thicker. I’m panting feeling it swelling larger… becoming… more sensitive… to my… touch. Stroking it with both hands. Bucking my hips. Fucking the air. One shoulder slams into one wall and then the other. My body takes up the entire living room! I’m wider than I am tall. I’m over 15 feet wide!!! I can’t turn around anymore. I can’t turn! I’m stuck in this room!! Help me! Please!! Someone!! Help me!! My voice!! It’s so deep its hard to understand. Oh my god! My neck! My neck is thicker than I am tall!!! YOU ARE GROWING A LITTLE BIT OUR OF PROPORTION, AREN’T YOU, BEN. LET’S CHANGE THAT! Head and traps slam into the ceiling. Pieces of drywall fall. I crouch down… Again… my head and traps… ram themselves… against… the ceiling. CONGRATULATIONS, BEN! YOUR 15,000 LBS OF MUSCLE!!! THAT’S 7 TONS OF MUSCLE!!! I can’t. I can’t be. I can’t be 15,000 lbs! I can’t!! I just can’t. Need to… crouch down… further. Ass explodes through the wall into the dining room! Clouds of dust rise into the air. My left shoulder slams against the wall to the bathroom. The force is tearing the wall down! My head and traps slam into the ceiling again!! My left arm is in the bathroom. My ass is in the dining room! GUESS WHAT, BEN. YOU’RE 23 FEET WIDE AND 14 FEET TALL. YOURE ALSO 25,000 LBS OF MUSCLE. DON’T YOU THINK ITS TIME, BEN. DON’T YOU THINK THE ENTIRE WORLD NEEDS TO SEE YOU? YOUR FANS ARE WAITING!!! WELL… THE ONES YOU HAVE LEFT… No! Can’t be seen… like… this! I fall onto my knees causing two craters to appear in the floor. The weight of my own cock and balls pulls on me. The massive meat… rising up over my pecs. My eyes grow wider. It’s… its grown beyond immense…. Beyond elephantine. I’ve never seen anything so colossal. The piss slit alone… A human could… fit their entire…. Hand… into it. I have no clue how big… IT’S 8 FEET LONG, BEN. IT’S TIME, BEN! ITS TIME FOR YOU TO RISE UP AND OUT OF THIS HOUSE. JUST GIVE INTO IT THE GROWTH. IF YOU CAN’T… I’LL HAVE TO FORCE IT ON YOU. Go to hell!! SO BE IT. Muscle… grows on top of muscle… on top… of muscle. I grow bigger… heavier… and more powerful. Never has there ever been a human let alone a comic book hero as muscular as me… and I just keep growing. Growth in overdrive. Body quakes as I grow more monstrous. Pecs rise up and connect with my chin. I’m now forced to look slightly up and can see nothing below me. Biceps… so mountainous that when I bend my arms… forearms… smash into them and I can’t bend them any further. I’m on my knees, but my quads keep swelling thicker. My ballsack.. drags on the floor. The floor… it’s cracking… complaining… It’s going to give way soon. It cant take much more of my weight. Make it stop!! Please! Make it stop! I want it to stop!!! You’re going to far!!! ARGH!!! MAYBE WE HAVE GONE TOO FAR, BEN, BUT THERE’S NO TURNING BACK NOW. WE NEED TO MARCH AHEAD TO COMPLETION. THE ONLY WAY IS FORWARD. Shoulders… tear through the outer wall of my house and into my backyard. Sunlight bursts in. I’m over 30 feet wide. My glutes explode entirely into the dining room with my lengthening legs and feet following in afterwards. My cock and pecs… pressing… against wall… forcing it… to crack… split… break… Breathing harder. Panicking. This musculature… this body… I feel claustrophobic. I want to scream. What the fuck is happening to me!!! GIVE IN, BEN. GIVE IN AND GROW LIKE YOU HAVE TO. LIKE YOU NEED TO. LIKE YOU WANT TO. GIVE OVER TO THE POWER OF YOUR MIND. Falling backwards into the dining room. Table and chairs explode under my mountain of muscle. My shoulders tear through walls. My arm reaches out and grabs for the ground outside, digging it up like a steam shovel. Other hand reaches out to steady myself… goes right through the wall and through piping like paper. Water comes flooding into the room. My body… destroys… everything it comes in contact with. My strength… risen to insurmountable heights. GROW FOR ME, BEN. GROW!! GROW!! GROW!!! I scream as my head smashes into the dining room ceiling. The foundation of my house shakes. I can hear several other walls collapsing. Shooting up in all directions now. With each inch of height I gain… my muscle mass gains… hundreds of pounds. HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF POUNDS. SHOULD I TELL YOU HOW BIG YOU ARE NOW, BEN? Shut the fuck up! YOU’RE 16 FEET TALL AND WEIGHT 55,389 LBS OF MUSCLE!! THAT’S NEARLY 28 TONS, BEN. THINK ABOUT THAT. YOU’RE 28 TONS OF MUSCLE!! THAT SHOULD GET YOUR COCK GOING! It does. My cock is so hard I don’t think it will ever be soft again. My house. My house is shrinking around me… just like the living room. DO IT, BEN. DO IT. My body… its just a mountain range of pulsating and throbbing musculature. Each muscle group… so engorged… so distended… its virtually impossible to appreciate such size… such… majesty. I feel… a rocket… going off… inside my body… and I explode with size. My head and traps are catapulted into the second floor followed by my shoulders, ripping apart everything in their path. DO IT, BEN. DO IT!! One arm rips down the exterior wall while the other demolishes the kitchen. Please make it stop. Please make it stop. DO IT!! DO IT!! BRING THE HOUSE DOWN AROUND YOU. THEN YOU’LL BE FREE!!! Still on my knees… I tower up through the second floor… through the attic. Walls… and beams… and wiring… and furniture… everything torn apart… on contact with my body. Nothing cuts me. Nothing can hurt me. My body is a battling ram come to take down everything around me. My house falls apart around me. It explodes outwards like a bomb. Wood and brick is flown everywhere. The sound is deafening to human ears. I begin to stand. YES!! BEN!! SHOW YOURSELF TO THE WORLD!! DO IT!!! I stand. The earth quakes beneath me. The sun… so bright. I’m naked… I’m outside… I’m on display… I’m growing… FUCK, BEN. YOU’RE 27 FEET TALL AND WEIGHT OVER 100,000 LBS OF MUSCLE MASS. LET YOUR AUDIENCE TAKE YOU IN. I hear it for the first time. I hear a scream. I try to look down, but I can’t. My head is encased in my traps and my pecs completely block any view. It’s a woman voice. She’s screaming. NOW THAT YOU’VE HEARD THE SCREAMS, BEN, YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. Dogs are barking. Out of impulse… I lift my foot… and I slam it down. The tremor silences her… sends her flying. Then I hear others. Its a mixture of people… and they’re all… screaming. At me. I’m… I’m a monster. YES! BEN!! THE ENTIRE WORLD WILL KNOW YOU NOW!!! I rise up higher… and my muscle mass bulges out more and more… I hear car crashes… I hear people running… I hear more screams. I’m frozen where I stand. I can’t move… but as I grow… I begin taking down trees and fences around houses all around me. THIS IS IT, BEN! THIS IS WHAT YOU’VE WANTED YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. YOUR NAME ON EVERYONES LIPS. I just want it all to go away. I want to wake up… back on my sofa… I want to go to the gym. 50 FEET, BEN. 60 FEET. 70 FEET. 80 FEET. I want to block out his voice. I want to block out everything that is happening to me. Why? Why would he do this? What does he gain? PLEASURE, BEN. PLEASURE WATCHING YOU RISE… AND FALL. 100 FEET. 120 FEET. 130 FEET. I close my eyes but I can feel myself, like a weighted elevator, going up and up and up and also going outward. My muscles continue to grow larger and more extreme as I grow. I can no longer bend my arms. The peak of my bicep is too high. 200 FEET. 240 FEET. 270 FEET. FASTER AND FASTER YOU GROW, BEN. My growing body begins taking down entire blocks around me. Police sirens. I’m told to cease what I’m doing or they will shoot. I wish I could, boys. I wish I could. They shoot. I feel nothing. Just my foot rising up off of the ground and slamming itself down onto police cars and officers. YES, BEN. YES!!! WALK!! WALK!!! My feet destroy everything they come in contract with. I don’t know what I’m destroying since I can’t see below me… I’m the embodiment of destruction. 520 FEET. 570 FEET. 610 FEET. 640 FEET. Not even 1,000 feet. So many more to grow. Less than 30 minutes ago… I had a house… a car… I had fans… I had money… I was fuckin built… I was hot. I was envied. And now… Fuck!!! My body is pulled in so many directions as my growth goes into overdrive. I’m so heavy with muscle I can barely walk. I look out and see the landscape moving further and further away. 2,189 FEET. 2,528 FEET. 3,219 FEET. Only 3,000 feet and already everything is so small. Planes and helicopters whiz around me. I try and swat at them, but my arms, being so muscle bound, are difficult to use. I want it to stop!! I call this to them, but it comes out sounding like a roar. I try to speak again… but it comes out like thunderous grunts and groans and roars. You’ve taken my power of speech, asshole! YOU WANTED TO BE A GIANT MUSCLE BEAST. NOW YOU ARE ONE. I’m shot at again…. This time with machine guns… Now with missiles. A plane dive bombs my chest and explodes on contact. Barely felt it. Nothing can stop me. I want to cry. I want it to stop… but all I can do is grow even more immense. 6,170 FEET. 6,666 FEET. 7,256 FEET. ALMOST THERE, BEN. ALMOST THERE. Almost there. Then what? Muscle mass just keeps piling onto my body. How can anyone be so muscular? It’s all me… and I just keep growing and growing. ROAR AGAIN FOR ME, BEN. GO ON. DO IT. I WANT TO HEAR IT. ROAR LIKE THE MONSTER YOU ARE. My roar topples buildings and shatters glass for miles around. AMAZING, BEN. YOU’RE AMAZING. TIME TO START MOVING, BEN. TIME TO START DESTROYING EVERYTING THAT COMES NEAR YOU. YOU CAN BARELY SEE IT FROM HOW HIGH UP YOU ARE… BUT THERE ARE FIRES DOWN BELOW YOU… PANIC… PEOPLE RUNNING IN ALL DIRECTIONS. YOU’VE ALREADY KILLED THOUSANDS JUST BY GROWING TO THIS SIZE… AND NOW YOU ARE GOING TO TRAMPLE SO MANY MORE. I hit my target height. It all just… stops. It stops. I breath in the air and look out at the blue sky in front of me. YES, BEN. YOU’RE HERE. YOU MADE IT. YOUR 9,999 FEET TALL WEIGHING 155 BILLION POUNDS OF MUSCLE. YOUR BICPS… THEY’RE NEARLY A MILE HIGH! YOUR CHEST… OVER 2 MILES. AND YOUR COCK… IT STRETCHES A HALF MILE LONG! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? I’m a beast… a monstrosity. YOU’RE A GIANT MUSCLE MASS MONSTER. EMPHASIS ON MONSTER. Why did you do this to me? Why? I KEEP TELLING YOU, BEN. I’VE DONE NOTHING. IT’S ALL YOU. ITS ALL THE POWER OF YOUR MIND, AND SURPRISINGLY, YOU HAVE ONE OF THE STRONGEST MOST IMAGINATIVE MINDS I’VE EVER ENCOUNTERD. JUST REMEMBER… AS DAYS TURN INTO WEEKS TURN INTO MONTHS TURN INTO YEARS OF LIVING LIKE THIS… THIS IS WHAT YOU REALLY WANTED. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU SPOUTED ON INSTAGRAM AND YOUTUBE THAT YOU WANTED TO BE. THAT’S IT, BEN! START WALKING! START RAGING. DESTROY. I don’t move. I refuse to move. If I don’t leave this spot… it can’t be real. I’ll wake up. DON’T TEST MY KIND NATURE, BEN. FINE. IF YOU REFUSE TO MOVE… THEN YOU’LL JUST HAVE TO GROW BIGGER FOR ME. No!!!!!!!!! I’ll move!! I’ll move!!!! Rising up even faster. Muscle piled on top of muscle. Bigger and bigger I grow. Heavier. More vascular. I just keep growing and expanding and growing and expanding and growing and expanding. 20,500 FEET BEN. FUCK! IVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE YOU. THIS HAS GONE EVEN BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS! YOU CAN’T KNOW HOW PROUD I AM! YOU KNOW WHAT… I THINK YOU STILL HAVE A LITTLE MORE IN YOU. DON’T YOU. YOU WANT TO GROW EVEN MORE MASSIVE… DON’T YOU. Please!! Stop!!! Growing and expanding. Growing and expanding. Growing and expanding. I cant think. All I can do is grow. I WANT YOU BLOATED WITH MUSCLE. I WANT MUSCLE FIGHTING FOR MORE ROOM TO GROW ON YOUR FRAME. Every muscle group… swelling… bulging… ballooning with power. There isn’t a millimetre on my body that isn’t throbbing with muscle. I’m know I’m not human anymore. I’m just muscle on top of muscle on top of muscle. Flexing and pulsating muscle that seems to grow more mountainous with every second. Veins travel over my body like highways to feed my bloat. THAT’S IT, BEN. GROW FOR ME. GROW EVEN BIGGER. GROW UNTIL YOUR JUST ON THE VERGE OF YOUR SKIN SPLITTING. ON THE VERGE OF EXPLODING. GROW TILL THERE’S MORE MUSCLE MASS THAN PERSON! I WISH YOU COULD SEE YOURSELF, BEN. YOU’RE… FUCK!! YOU’RE A MASTERPIECE. FEEL YOUR GROWTH SLOW DOWN AND THEN STOP. YOUR 35,350 FEET, BEN. YOU’RE THE MOUNT EVEREST OF MEN. JUST AS LARGE AND JUST AS HEAVY. I THINK I’M SATISFIED NOW. ARE YOU? Help me. Please. ARE YOU SATISFIED, BEN? ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU’VE BECOME? Help me. IF YOU’RE NOT THANKFUL… I CAN ALWAYS MINE YOUR BRAIN FOR MORE! I’m thankful. Fuck! I’m thankful! SAY THANK YOU. Thank you. GOOD BOY. NOW FLEX. FLEX FOR YOUR FANS. So heavy with muscle. I blot out the sun to all down below me… turning day into endless night. My bicep peak alone… taller than 25,000 Empire State Buildings. I can barely lift my arm… but I’ve got to. I need to flex for my fans below. Flex my biceps. Front lat spread Back lat spread. Quad stomp. Most muscular. Is that… is that the ground shaking beneath me or am I going to grow again? I can’t… I can’t take anymore. Please!! I can’t grow anymore! I’ve grown enough! I’ve grown enough! Please!! ARE THOSE TEARS OF JOY? OH BEN! YOU DON’T KNOW HOW THAT FILLS MY HEART. Wind blows around me. Long black hair whips around my head. Beard and body hair protecting me a little from the cold… but not enough. Still fucking cold. Clouds fucking wet. So quiet up here. So silent. It’s just me. Me and my muscle mass. THAT’S RIGHT, BEN. ITS JUST YOU. I TOLD YOU YOU’D BE SEPERATED FROM THE HUMAN RACE WHEN I CHOSE YOU TO ASCEND TO THE GREATNESS YOU ARE NOW. THAT’S THE SACRIFICE YOU HAD TO PAY. WAS IT WORTH IT? WAIT TILL IT GETS DARK. THEN YOU’LL REALLY FEEL ALONE. I stroke my cock. That’s all I can do. Stroking and jerking a cock that is nearly 2 miles long and nearly as thick as my bloated with muscle arm. Cock and balls so heavy. They have to weigh 3 tons if not more. Close my eyes. Jerk harder… faster. Think about all the ass you could have had. Think about all the men that wanted to worship you. Think about the life you had just an hour ago. When you were king of the world. NO, BEN. NO. THAT WAS AN ILLUSION. NOW YOU REALLY ARE KING OF THE WORLD. LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVLY. Ass… cock… lick… suck… muscle… After some time… cum comes shooting out like an ocean… drowning all below me. DID THAT MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER? I grunt. I HAVE AN IDEA. KNOW WHAT YOU CAN DO? I grunt. WHY DON’T YOU DESTROY EVERYTHING DOWN BELOW THAT YOU’LL NEVER GET TO BE A PART OF AGAIN. IF YOU DESTROY IT… MAYBE YOU WON’T MISS IT. Destroy… Everything. THAT’S RIGHT, BEN. THIS IS YOUR LIFE FOR NOW ON… AND IT’S GOING TO BE A LONG… LONG… LONG ONE. YOU MIGHT JUST BE IMMORTAL. Immortal. YOU LIKE THAT, BEN. DON’T YOU? YOU LIKE HAVING TO LIVE LIKE THIS FOREVER? Immortal. FOR THE REST OF EXISTENCE YOU GET TO LIVE LIKE THIS. SAY THANK YOU. Thank you. GOOD BOY. I NEED TO LEAVE YOU NOW, BEN. OUR TIME IS UP. No! Don’t leave me. Don’t leave me like this! Please!!! I’ll give you anything you want!! ITS NOT WHAT I WANT, BEN. ITS WHAT YOU WANTED. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED. SAY IT. What I wanted. THIS IS WHAT YOU ASKED FOR. What I asked for. GOOD BYE, BEN. Don’t!! Don’t leave me!! Please!! Don’t leave me. Quiet. Voice gone. I walk… I flex… I jerk… I destroy. This is my life. This is what I wanted. I wanted to be a giant muscle mass monster… and that is just what I got. THERE YOU GO. ANOTHER SATISFIED CUSTOMER WAIT A MINUTE. YOU! YOU READING THIS TRANSCRIPT OF MY LATEST CLIENT. DID YOU ENJOY WHAT YOU READ? SAY YES. GOOD. NOW… MAYBE… OH YES. I THINK IT’S… MAYBE… TIME FOR YOU TO GROW AS WELL.
  4. Links to parts: Part 2 --------------- The room is lit, barely, by the idle signal of the long forgotten TV, and what little of the streetlamp’s glow makes it past the curtain. It’s a sticky night, and sleep evades Jack as he lies in the gloom on the sofa, staring blankly ahead. Not that the heat mattered much; sleep and Jack never got on much. From down the hall, at the other end of the apartment, he hears the distant snore of Bradley, curled up and at peace. He wished he could join him in that moment, safe and calm and unconscious, but he knew it would be some hours before he finally became exhausted enough to pass out. How he envied his boyfriend. Snap. Pain, which quickly subsides, but fades instead to extreme dizziness. His vision is a blur of creeping grey shadows, his ears filled with white-noise ringing. Am I dying? he thought, some aneurysm caused by years of insomnia catching up with him? His stomach lurches, he tries to cry out but a slur staggers in his throat, barely audible. He rolls off the sofa and stumbles to his knees, then feet. His movements are slow, jerking in awkward motions as he stumbles forward across the room, hand grasping at the door frame. Something is… off. Not just the dizziness, but the room itself seems different. Or is it just the shadows? The dim gloom of the room, brought to life by his vertigo, making the top of the door frame seem just a little bit closer. The hallway feels endless, a black corridor that seems to stretch two steps forward with every one that he takes. He falls sideways with one misplaced foot, bouncing off the wall, knocking a picture to the ground. His stomach lurches. He’s gonna hurl. The bathroom door bursts open as he charges inside, flicking on the light which buzzes angrily as it blinds him. On instinct he continues forward, his eyes scrunched tight as his fingers grasp unsteadily in front of him, finally coming into contact with the basin. He retches once, but nothing comes. It's cool here. He’s steadied. He slowly becomes accustomed to the light, and as the dreadful feeling dissipates, he turns on the tap and brings cool water over his skin. Then he opens his eyes. The person staring back in the mirror is not him. It looks like him, vaguely - his skin is flushed pink and his expression a mask of dumbfound disbelief, but otherwise the person’s face is more or less like his. But there the similarities stop. His usually sandy hair, cropped short around the sides, is instead a shaggy brown mop. He stands tall - much taller than Jack’s 5’11”, the top of his head reaching up past the mirror, and likely the doorframe he’d just stepped through. And he is an adonis - his body packed with thick muscle, stocky like a rugby player but on a frame tall enough to be in the NBA. His arms look bigger than his head, fed by thick veins, two of which spread from there to the sides of his thick pecs, which are dusted with a thin layer of fur. Beneath them a set of abs is visible despite the bulk of the stomach beneath them, stretching his underwear almost to breaking point. Ah. That’s not where the similarities stop. He’s wearing the same boxers… Shocked out of his fugue state, Jack looks down, and sees the same colossal body from the mirror. What the fuck was happening? He moves his arm, flexing it to yet more absurd degrees, studying every detail of it from the shoulders down to the thick fingers. He runs his hands over himself. Seconds ago he thought he was dying, but he was fairly sure this - whatever it was - was not an aneurysm. His heart still pounded like a drum with fear - this was terrifying! It was insane! It was fantastic. The thought catches him off guard, but it was true, wasn’t it? Look at me, he thought. Look at this body. I’m fucking huge, I’m amazing! And if I’ve had so much already, couldn’t I have more? He senses something deep in his chest, but it’s not the same horror from before. It feels like he’s been tethered to something, and as he focuses on the idea of more, it’s like he’s pulling against that rope. It resists him, but he overcomes it, and with each excruciatingly slow pull he feels himself getting bigger. Here his arm swells, there the seam of his pants pops, now his face is completely above the top of the mirror. Yes! More, give me more! Give me - “Jack…” The voice from behind him makes him jump, but nothing can prepare him for the sinking feeling of dread when he turns around. Propped up against the doorframe, barely remaining vertical, is an emaciated figure. His eyes are sunken into his skull which is sparsely covered with a sprinkling of white hair. He can’t be more than four feet tall, and that tiny frame looks about ready to crumple under its own meagre weight. Jack wouldn’t have recognised him, if it wasn’t for the tattoo of a Swallow on the tiny man’s shoulder. When Jack responds, despite his newfound size, his voice is barely even a whimper. “Bradley?!”
  5. Hi folks. Just found this on an old cd disc from 2004. Don't know who the author is/was,but thought some of you might like to read it? Jasen with an E Jake was a short nerdy looking kid. He liked music such as classical and The Beatles which no cool jock liked… it also didn’t help much that he was in his School Orchestra and he was as skinny and as tall as a rail. He was always picked on and had a few friends but they were all in the Orchestra or Chorus. One day he was walking into his gym class (aka. His least favorite class) he got pined on the ground by someone big but he really didn’t see whoever it was because he got blindfolded pretty much right after he was pinned. He felt himself being carried somewhere. After about five minutes he finally heard a door close. He got sat into a chair and got his blindfold taken off. When he got in off it looked really bright in the room, even though it was quite dark, he couldn’t see anyone though. Finally he saw someone, he really couldn’t distinct him though. “Jake… Jake…” Jake could hear the person talking to him but he was talking very quietly. Jake… You are getting very relaxed and obedient…” Right before Jake’s vision blurred away he could see it was the star Quarterback for the football team. They hadn’t won in three years and they were always complaining how they needed a good football player. After every thing went black became tried and fell asleep but still could hear the person talk. He kinda thought it was strange. “Jake you will listen to my every command and shall obey my every word…” *All of a sudden I feel very in-tune with this person’s voice.* “I want you to listen, your name from now on shall be Jasen with an E. J-A-S-E-N and when anyone spells it or says it wrong you get real mad” *Jasen… but my name is Jake wait no it isn’t it is Jasen with an E and I get pissed of when anyone spells in wrong. * “I also have never been in the Orchestra in fact you hate the Orchestra because they are all nerds, dork, and gay. You have been in the football team instead for as long as you used to be in Orchestra. But for four years after second grade you were in the swim team…” *On the swim team… football… I was never part of any of those things or was I? Yes I was on the swim team till Fifth Grade and on the Football team for three years when I entered High school… ya! I am a real jock.* “Jasen… when you woke up this morning you didn’t look like an Orch Dork you looked like a swimmer and a football player. You had big strong arms and thick legs and calves for swimming. You had an eight pack. And you were so tall you couldn’t see your face in the mirror. You had to bend over to see your face because you are 6’ 7” and you have all the muscles to match. When you saw your face you had handsome features… big strong square jaw. And you had big Aquamarine eyes that any girl would die for. You had puffy cheeks and a rather large but fitting nose.” After he was done saying this Jasen (Jake) felt a large burning all over his body. First he felt and heard his arms and legs growing. It hurt so bad he wanted to scream but he couldn’t. It was like all his work to get those muscles was happening to him in five seconds. Then he felt the same pain I his abs. He could almost feel each ab forming as the pain increased. He again felt pain in his legs and torso but it was different. It was like he was being reshaped. He knew what was happening as he felt the back of his chair become lower. Then he felt extra muscles form from swimming under his football muscles. Then he felt a burning in his eyes and face as his face rearranged. “Lastly Jasen you are growing to have your hair grow longer and with each 1/2 of an inch of hair you will gain 1 inch to your Cock. It will stop after 3 inches are added to your hair.” Jasen felt a large sensation in his head and penis… no wait cock… and felt his pants get tight, really tight. “I see you are about to burst out of those clothes, so take them off” Slowly Jasen took of his clothes and when he got it all off. He could feel a difference in the way his parts moved. “Know we need to change your grammar… okay you are an honors student at the moment and you are really smart. Now I want you to take ¾ of that knowledge and change it into football knowledge. You know everything there is about football but you don’t know any thing about your academics.” Jasen could feel a difference from that one but not much. “Know Jasen I want you to open your eyes and look at your self. Also you can talk” Slowly Jasen opened his eyes he looked at himself and saw a huge difference. His perspective was much different in everyway. Everything seems smaller and farther away. He guessed it was from growing seven inches. He then looked at his arms. They were huge he could tell he had done both swimming and football because of how huge his arms were compared to other football players. He then looked farther down and saw his fuckstick which was also huge he had a seven incher soft but now it was at least 13 inches soft, 18 inches hard and 3 inches thick. He then looked at his abs and saw a thick stab of perfectly carved metal. It looked like an 8 pack but he could see two more forming making an almost ten pack. He then looked farther down and saw his feet, which were a size 14 before now they had to at least be 17. Then he saw his legs… oh the legs… the most perfect thing he had ever seen. Perfectly sculpted in every way. They were beautiful. “Man… this is fucking awesome!” Oh my god He had never said fuck in his life, what is going on, “Holy fuck, why am I fucking talking like this?” “Ok Jasen, what ….” The quarterback asked a bunch of football questions and a bunch of science and math questions. He got all the Science and Math questions wrong and all the Football questions right. “What the fuckin’ hell is happen’ to me!?!?!” he screamed, “I hav’ n’ver talk’d like tis befor’!” “Now Jasen I would like you to go back to sleep. I want you to now start thinking you have always been like this and that you think changes have never happened to you. And I will make sure that everyone else thinks you were always like this…” “You will now wake up in 5…. 4…. 3…. 2…. 1…. Awake!” “Sup homey, Paul, I haven’t fuckin’ seen you since a week ago!” “I’m Good Jason” “Hey! Fuck You Paul my NAME is JasEn with a fuckin’ E! Never get it wrong again!” “Hey it’s time to got to football practice, Jasen, now go and don’t be late… you’re the new quarterback this year and you can’t be late on coach will be Fuckin’ mad! I can get there late because I’m the Center.” “Fuck you and see you later. Oh and hey where the fuck is my clothes!?” “On the Ground” Jasen picked up his clothes and looked at them… they looked too small but when he put them on the fit perfectly. On his way to Football practice he got looks by the ladies. That felt somehow strange for him but all he did was nod and say “What the Fuck up, whore?” and kept on walking as Jasen with and E!
  6. Here's another adventure of The Erotic Occultist. It's an idea that's been brewing for a while and I thought I would pound it out while I'm working on the last few parts of Food of the Gods. Hope you enjoy! PART ONE Tim waited in the virtual waiting room for the Zoom call to start. He admitted to himself that he was nervous and excited… well… nervous… excited… and slightly scared. He had been at the gym that morning when the email arrived, letting him know that his request for a meeting had been accepted. As soon as he read the text, his cock was hard. He tried to go back to lifting, but his mind was no longer on it. Sitting on the bench, he opened the email again and checked again the time the meeting would take place. He even tested the Zoom link to make sure that it was real. The link went directly to Zoom, but having used Zoom all through the pandemic, Tim knew that anyone could set up a Zoom call. It didn’t necessarily mean that it was really The Erotic Occultist reaching out to him. It had been eight months since he had written his first email asking the mysterious YouTuber if they could talk. Tim had come upon the muscle growth subliminal videos in his feed, and at first he didn’t even bother to listen to them since he wasn’t into that sort of stuff. Then, he hit a frustrating tableau in his quest for muscle. It seemed that no matter what he did, his stats and personal bests remained the same. When a month went by and everything was still exactly the same, he became desperate. He tried natural testosterone boosters, he hired a new trainer, he changed the way he worked out, but he still remained at 6’1 and 196 lbs of tight muscle. Then he tried steroids. Tim’s first cycle went well, and he found himself not only going up in weight and size but in his lifts as well. Strutting around the house and flexing for himself, he loved how his new muscle mass felt when he was both naked and clothed. When he hit 209 at the end of his cycle, he celebrated by going online and finding a twink to worship his muscles as he flexed. He was on top of the world. That is, until less than a week later, he watched as his gains slowly began to disappear. Each day he weighed himself, he was less and less. His mass crept away, and all of his clothes, including his underwear, felt baggy. He also began having trouble getting his cock up, which was something he never had an issue with before, and the hair on top of his head had begun to thin. A month after his first cycle, Tim was 6’1 and 196 lbs again. Tim looked in the mirror and hated what he saw. He wanted serious size. He wanted serious mass. He wanted people to look at him in awe when he walked into a room. He yearned for people to fear him when they saw him walking down the street at night. He craved to feel what it was like to find it nearly impossible to buy clothes off of the rack. He needed his body to match what he knew he really was inside. When he closed his eyes, Tim saw himself as a hulking mass of flexing muscle unlike any that had lived before. Bigger than any bodybuilder. Much bigger. Lying in bed, unable to sleep, Tim began scrolling first through CNN… then through Facebook… then through Instagram… and then finally in a fit of boredom, he landed on YouTube. At the top of his feed was the all too familiar muscle growth subliminal video he had been seeing for the past month and a half. Willing to give anything a try, he pressed play. Listening to the deep, masculine voice speak had Tim instantly hard, and as the video progressed, he found himself having one of the most intense orgasms he had ever had, and he hadn’t even touched himself!! Not even bothering to clean himself up, Tim fell asleep while the video continued. The next day was Tim’s best at the gym in weeks. He found himself lifting far beyond what he had been able to a few days prior, and when his hour and a half session at the gym was complete, he was shocked by how swollen his muscles looked in the mirror. Standing on the scale, he watched as the dial went up, eventually stopping at 199. 199! 199!! He was 199! He had gained 3 lbs of muscle after one workout! At first he wanted to take all of the credit for his gains, how he had pushed himself harder than he ever had before, but as soon as he saw the video again at the top of his YouTube feed, he knew that he had definitely gotten some supernatural help. Tim didn’t care if it was all in his mind, the placebo effect, or the Devil himself helping him. All he knew was that he had gained 3 lbs after one workout, and he was determined that there would be more where that came from. He listened to it again that night… and the night after… and the next. He listened to it at work. He listened to it on the tube, he let it play in the background no matter what he was doing. And soon, the gains began to pile on. Within 7 weeks, Tim stood even larger than he had after his first cycle. Much larger. He was now 245. He was still 6’1, but his stats were staggering! He had a 31 waist, 32” quads, a 55” chest, and 24” arms. He still continued listening to the video every chance that he could, but soon, Tim plateaued again, and no matter what he would do, he could never rise above 245. Even on another cycle, his weight and muscle stayed astonishingly the same. It was unbelievable. That night, he hunted down the email for The Erotic Occultist and wrote to him. He was desperate to be bigger. He craved it. It was a physical need that was eating him up inside. It was the third email that was eventually answered and had him sitting in the virtual waiting room at 11 am that day. He had called in sick to work, something he rarely did, but he didn’t care if he was missing an important meeting. If he could get everything that he wanted from The Erotic Occultist, he didn’t care about work. HIs body and muscles would be his work from now on!! He’d probably quit… maybe become a professional bodybuilder or make crazy money on Only Fans! What happened next was totally in The Erotic Occultist’s hands. Tim sat forward as the screen of his laptop changed. Suddenly he was no longer in the waiting room and on screen sat before him a fairly unassuming looking man. To Tim, The Erotic Occultist looked to be about 48 years old, was maybe 5’6 or 5’7, had an obvious slim frame beneath his buttoned up shirt, thinning blonde hair, and glasses which partially hid piercing blue eyes. Tim didn’t know what he was expecting, maybe some sexy, powerful figure, but he hoped the disappointment didn’t show on his face. This was The Erotic Occultist? This was the man with the deep, orgasm inducing voice behind the video? “62.” “I’m sorry?” “You guessed I was 48. I’m 62.” “62. Wow. I never would have guessed. You look great. Hope I look that great when I’m 62.” Slow down, Tim. Take a breath. “Moisturizer.” “What?” “Moisturizer. It’s the only way to keep your skin looking young without surgery. That and sun block. And some peptides. What kind of moisturizer do you use?” “Um… I don't know. I think… Kiehls.” “Kiehls? Not bad.” “Yeah.” “So… tell me… why summon me? Five times no less.” “You received my email?” “I did. Each one. But… why don't you tell me again.” “I love your video. I watch and listen to it all the time. I know I’m the size I am right now because of it.” “So you said in your emails. But… each time you wrote… I could sense that there was more. Some… deep desire hidden behind the words. Why don’t you share with me exactly what that desire is.” The room Tim sat in seemed to grow warmer. Grabbing the glass of water that sat next to his laptop, he took a sip. Just speak, Tim. Just tell him exactly what you want. An image exploded in his mind, but he quickly buried it down from the depths it had sprung up from. “I… I love the size I am. I really do. It suits me. Lots of guys would kill to be this size. It’s just…”. His cock was hard. Why was his cock hard? Why the fuck was his apartment so hot? “Say it.” The Erotic Occultist’s eyes seemed to gleam in the light. Tim looked deep within them and felt himself fall. “I want to be big.” “That’s it, Tim. Let it all flow.” Fuck he was hard!!! “Not just big. Huge. I don’t think I can fully tell you how huge I want to be.” “Tell me everything. I want to hear even the minutest detail.” His cock was leaking. The room was sweltering. His head was spinning. “I… Humongous. That’s the right word. Titanic. That’s an even better one, I… I fucking hate hitting plateaus. I want size… but no more fucking limits.” “Say it again. This time with some balls behind it.” “I want size but with absolutely no limits.” “Yes, Tim! Yes!! That wasn’t so hard now, was it?” “No… I… I’ve just never said it out loud before.” He rubbed his crotch with his hand, massaging the jeans covered shaft. “It feels good… doesn’t it… saying exactly what you want? Most people are afraid to do it… to claim what they feel is rightfully theirs. You can have anything you want if you just ask for it. The universe barely ever says no. Look at Taylor Swift.” “You helped Taylor Swift?” “Do you see the universe telling Taylor Swift no?” “I guess I don’t.” “No. You don’t. Tell me again what you want. I love hearing you say it. I love hearing the passion in your voice.” “Limitless growth. Limitless size. Limitless power.” “There it is. I knew there was more.” “I want to be immense. Ridiculously immense. Like… People would think I was crazy when they see me.” “And with that size comes… what?” “Comes… I don’t know… ummm…” “Do you remember Behemoth B?” “I don't think so. Should I?” “No. You shouldn’t. He was some of my greatest work, but my supervisors didn’t approve. They said I had put my needs above what he truly desired..” “You have supervisors?” “Everyone has supervisors. What they didn’t see was that I grew him to the size I knew he truly wanted. Deep down… he craved the size he got! Sure, it wasn’t the size he asked for… but I know… if he hadn’t been afraid to just admit it… So, my supervisors decided to jettison him.” “They killed him?” “No. He’s still around. He’ll be around forever… just… in a different place and time. I visit him every once in a while. Damn, he’s happy. You would love Ben. You two have a lot in common.” “Oh yeah?” “Your quest for size… you both share that need. Anyway. You can see why I need for you to spell it all out for me. Can’t make upper management mad. Need to dot all of the i’s and cross all of the t’s.…” “I bet.” “So… what does you size come with?” “I guess it comes with…” Tim stared deep into The Erotic Occultist's eyes once again, and he swore that he saw them start to dance… spin… Taking his hand, he slowly began to rub his right pec… toy with the nipple. “Respect. It… it comes with… respect. And awe.” “What else? Say it!” Tim’s cock jumped as he pinched his nipple tight. “It comes with fear. Lots of fear. Mostly fear. I want the world to fear me and my size.” Tim couldn’t stop himself. He was surprised by what he was admitting, but it felt so incredible to say it out loud. Of course he had thought these things. Who hadn’t? But, he never would have admitted them to someone he didn’t know. But, The Erotic Occultist wanted to help him. Didn’t he?” “Fear. Yes. What a beautiful word. So much energy comes from people’s fear. It’s like… currency to someone like me.” Tim’s skin was so hot now… nearly burning. He pulled his shirt over his head and threw it on the floor. He sat there, in front of his computer, panting and sweating and hornier than he ever remembered being. “Beautiful. Just beautiful. That’s an epic chest you have there, Tim… but I see why you contacted me. Why limit yourself. Why not grow to what you were truly meant to be.” “Yeah. Thanks. Exactly. No more plateaus. Just… growth. Limitless growth.” “I imagine you want a huge cock and balls too? Right?” Tim laughed. “Well… if you’re offering….” “Of course. Everyone always wants a huge cock. Hyper masculine?” “Oh yeah.” Tim unbuttoned his jeans and shoved his hand into his briefs. “I knew you were one of those! Super hyper masculine… massive cock and balls… and the immense size that the world will… What was that word? Ah yes… My favorite word. Fear.” “Fear. Yeah. Fear. The world… it will fear the sight of me!! I’m just… too huge!” Tim needed to cum. He desperately needed to cum. “How much is it worth?” “How much?” “Yeah. How much are you going to give me to make it happen?” Tim hadn’t thought about payment. “I… I don’t know. My… soul?” The Erotic Occultist let out a long and deep laugh. “Too cliché.” “What does something like what I want go for?” “It always varies. How much do you have right now in your checking account?” “Exactly? I don’t know.” “Check. You have your phone there. Stop playing with yourself for a minute and check.” Tim picked up his phone and clicked on the bank’s icon. Soon, after the system analysed his face, he was in his account. “I have… 328,363 dollars.” “That sounds good. I’ll take that.” “All of it?” “All of it. But… to be fair… the money wont be removed from your account until after what you’ve requested is fulfilled. How does that sound?” 328,363 was all he had in his checking account… but he did have a savings account with much more in it. If he got what he wanted… it would definitely be worth every penny. “Sure. That’s fair.” “So… I can have 328,363 after your request is fulfilled?” “Yeah. Let’s do it.” “Amazing. Now… tell me again… what is it you want? Tell me it all.” The room grew quiet again. The Erotic Occultist looked deep into Tim’s eyes, and the words flowed out of him like water. “I want to be… I want to be immense. Gargantuan. I want my muscles to be so massive that they should each have their own zip codes!” “Yes!” Tim dropped his phone and grabbed his cock once again. “Every muscle on my body… they’re so beyond swollen that if I was studied… they’d find muscle growing on top of muscle growing on top of muscle! I’m a genetic freak!” Tim pumped his cock faster. “More!.” “Like my size… my strength is beyond words and comprehension. I mean… I bet I could lift cars with my pinkie… and even would be like lifting a piece of dust. I could… oh fuck… I could move mountains if I wanted to.” Pre was free flowing, coating his cock and running onto the floor. “More!!!.” “My cock… It’s just as insanely big and thick as I am. I mean… guys… they run from it, it's so huge. And my balls… I’m so virile I could impregnate the world with one orgasm.” “I need more!!!!” The Erotic Occultists eyes seemed to fill the screen and burrowed into Tim’s soul. “I’m so titanic that… honestly… no one should be that big… yet I am. I’m actually bigger! I’m a menace to society. I'm so huge! My strength… oh fuck… it destroys everything I touch! Nothing’s safe when I’m around. People fear even the thought of me!! I walk and the ground beneath me shakes. I walk… and people run! And the worst thing for all of them? I just… keep… growing!!!” “Say it, Tim!! Now!!” “No limits!!! I want to live my life with no limits!! I want to be a fucking monster!! I want to be so huge that I’m all there is!” “YES!!!” Tim's cock erupted, sending ropes of cum shooting onto the desk, the laptop, and onto the floor. Just when he thought he had released all of his load, more and more poured out until his balls began to ache. Tim felt like the orgasm went on and on forever, draining him of every ounce of cum he possessed, but still more flowed. He wanted to scream. He wanted to beg his cock to stop cumming, but he couldn’t find the words. Then, just when he couldn't take anymore, the orgasm faded, and Tim collapsed into his chair, exhausted. “It’s done, Tim. You’re all set to receive exactly what you asked for.” “It… Really?” Tim looked down at what seemed like a gallon of cum coating everything around him. “Oh yeah, Tim. And your down payment has already been made.” “It has?” “It has. But, don’t worry your pretty head about that. “When will my muscles start to grow?” “That, my friend, is all part of the fun. But don’t worry. Within the week… you won’t be living the boring life you live now. You’ll be something… extraordinary.” “When it happens… then I’ll pay you?” “Yep. When it happens, the money will be transferred to me.” “I’ll need your account information.” “No need. I’ll get it.” “Oh. Okay.” “One word of advice. Do everything that you can that you think you’re going to miss when you’re… gargantuan. Don’t worry. You’re going to love everything you receive… it just… as time passes… you’ll find that some of the simplest things are beyond your grasp.” “Oh. Okay. Right. I see what… FUCK!!” Tim’s chest felt like it was on fire. His pecs had never felt so sensitive. He looked down, and watched as both began to slowly flex, pump up, and then inflate. Soon… hit fat pecs were thickening… inflating… expanding. The weight of his pecs was extraordinary. Like flesh covered balloons… they just kept growing and growing. Soon, both muscular mounds slammed together and created an extremely tight crevice. “Oh my god!! This is incredible!” Tim’s nipples were soon forced to point down as his chest became more than super sized! When they did, the growth stopped. “Holy fuck!!” Tim’s eyes were wide as he looked down at the most massive and incredible set of pecs he had ever seen. Flexing them, the heavy masses jumped at his command. “You have a 73” chest now. How does that feel?” “Incredible.” “Don’t lie!” Tim grunted again as the wave of growth passed through his chest once again and he watched the mounds start to thicken again. He leaned back in his chair as his pecs continued to gain more and more incredible size. Looking down, all Tim could see was pecs! His chest was all pecs!! When he grabbed them with both hands, he groaned again. “Feels… so… good!!” Vince twisted his nipples and nearly came again. How was he ever going to find a shirt to cover these things?! Did he ever want to cover them?” Wait till the guys in the gym saw him!! “Enough!!!” The Erotic Occultist fell forward against the table he was sitting behind. Automatically, Tim’s chest stopped growing. “That's 83 inches now, Tim How does that feel?” “I… I have no words!!” “Just a taste Tim. Just a taste. You’re never going to see me again, Tim… but I’ll be watching you. Have fun. Make me proud.” The Zoom call ended. The room spun. Tim felt nauseous. He gagged several times and was afraid he was going to vomit. Then, just as quickly as it started, the wave of nausea faded. Looking over his pecs… Fuck! Looking over his pecs!! Tim saw that his computer was dark and looked like it wasn’t even on. Standing up, Tim saw that his jeans were still buttoned, containing his painfully hard cock. The mess he had made when he came, was gone. There was no sight that he had even orgasmed at all. He picked up his phone from the floor and looked at it. It was 11 am. No time had passed. He would have thought the conversation had all been a dream, but when he looked down… all he could see was the biggest set of pecs in the world. Tim shuddered as he massaged his pecs. He had made a deal with… he didn’t know what. The idea of that slightly scared him, but it also turned him on. He tried replaying the conversation in his head, but it all seemed hazy. He knew he had asked for size, that much he knew. And if his pecs were any example of what was to come… if what his body was going to be like when it grew to match his gargantuan pecs… Tim couldn’t wait!!
  7. tegalus

    Kyle, the bully God

    Commissioned from SaltyCat56 on FurAffinity It was his first 10k Story and first Commission https://www.furaffinity.net/user/saltycat56/ A thanky to @Kymuscleboy for helping with the Tags . All characters are +18 Kyle eagerly walked down to the science lab, pushing aside any nerds and bitches that got in his way. Normally he'd be down in the cafeteria shaking people down of any food with protein in it, but he had skipped lunch in order to talk a bunch of nerds about making a machine that could make his brains match his brawn, something he needed in order to pass his classes and not be held back a year. He'd threatened the nerds a week ago that he would steal their girlfriends if they didn't have the machine ready by Monday lunch, assuming any of them could get girlfriends in the first place. When he reached the science lab, he barged in with barely any effort. The pathetic nerds jumped at his presence, working on something with two chambers big enough to put groups of people in. Kyle walked up to the machine, using his tail like a whip to firmly smack the ass of a nerd burying their head into a book. Their fault for having their back turned to their better. He eyed up the machine, unsure of what he was looking at. He used his tail again, this time wrapping it around a frail-looking nerd like a lasso and pulling him closer, pressing him to his bulky, muscled body. To the poor nerd it probably felt like he was being pushed up against a wall. "Hey Nerd, the fuck am I looking at?" Kyle asked while looking down at him, the nerd in question at eye level with his nipples. He stammered before finally answering the question. "Ba-basically, it's, uh, a conversion chamber. One steps into the intelligence donor chamber and the person in the intelligence recipient will inherit the intelligence being donated." The nerd squeaked out, surprisingly not speaking in annoying science lingo. "Al-fuckin-right then! Who's volunteering to help me pass my college level math class?" Kyle shouted eagerly. He started to get annoyed though when no nerds volunteered and the one he pulled close to him spoke up. "W-well, actually, we think their might be some negative neuropsychological ramifications for the donor, not to mention unwanted-" was all the nerd got out before being given a wedgie by Kyle, yelping as he dangled a solid foot off the ground before being swung in the direction of one of the chambers. "That right there's the donor chamber, right?" Kyle asked demandingly. The nerd nodded. "Y-yes Kyle!" The wedgie got more intense. "I think ya meant to say 'yes, sir', bitch boy." Kyle corrected the pathetic nerd. "Y-yes, s-sir!" The nerd desperately yelled out before being shoved into the donor chamber. The nerd desperately adjusted his junk as Kyle pulled another nerd up to the machine. "Run the machine and no funny shit or I'm beating down all of y'all!" Kyle demanded as he stepped into the other chamber. The other nerd complied as he started up the machine. The doors locked by the time the first nerd managed to readjust himself and tried to get out. He pounded on the chamber door, pleading to be let out as the machine started to work on the intelligence transfer. The nerd's pleading and pounding grew quieter until nothing. After about a minute, the machine rang and the doors unlocked. Kyle stepped out of his chamber a bit bigger than he used to but he hadn't seemed to have noticed. He looked around at the other five nerds in the room, all of them looking at him. "Alright, someone get me a trigonometry book, that shit was the worst for me." He ordered before noticing that he was a bit taller than before, by about half an inch. Another nerd handed Kyle a trigonometry book and he started to skim through it. Some concepts that were hard for him to process before were now relatively quick and simple for him to understand. Kyle chuckled in delight as he started to think of what he could do with this machine. He opened up the donor chamber to see the nerd he shoved in now being more meek than he was before. The nerd crawled out as if he had neither the muscle nor the brain capacity to walk, collapsing face-first onto Kyle's sneaker. Kyle looked down at the emaciated weakling as the once nerd looked up and had a look in his eye akin to a dog acknowledging its owner before it started licking at Kyle's sneaker. "The hell happened to him?" Kyle asked, pointing down to the pathetic husk at his feet, noticing he was short a nerd but didn't say anything about it. "Well, it had to do with the negative neuropsychological side effects he was talking about earlier." A nerd started explaining. "More or less, it completely drained him of the intelligence necessary for many basic functions. I think it's safe to say he's incapable of much speech or critical thinking. However, this seems to have impacted physicality as well. It ended up not just donating intelligence but also muscle mass. If you haven't already noticed, you came out just slightly bigger than when you came in." By the time the nerd pointed that out, the one missing nerd returned with a full body mirror, probably getting it from the theater class. As the other nerd put the full body mirror in front of him, he noticed his body was a bit bulkier. Probably about 5 pounds of muscle mass had been added to his already muscular body. He couldn't help but flex and groan in satisfaction with the results. Especially looking down to see the husk of his donor still practically worshiping his feet. But he clearly wasn't done just yet. Hegrabbed the nerd who explained the situation to him, pulling him into a headlock. "So what do you think would happen if I sapped all of y'all of everything? Would I be able to improve the machine?" Kyle asked sadistically, looking down at the nerd with a wicked smirk. He pathetically tried to squirm free to no avail, Kyle’s bicep squeezing down on his neck as he started rounding up all the other ones before they could even think of leaving. The nerd would just struggle even harder before being shoved into the donor chamber along with all the other nerds, Kyle forcing the door shut on them. "Only one way to find out then, would be my guess." Kyle said nonchalantly as the nerds pounded on the door while letting out pathetic pleas. Kyle proceeded to pick the nerd husk off the ground, away from his feet, and got the former nerd to sit in the teacher's chair which he pulled in front of the control console. "Start the machine when I go into the other chamber, understand?" Kyle instructed the husk very slowly, unsure admittedly of its capacity to understand, let alone its ability to turn on the machine. The husk nodded in response, looking up at Kyle. "Yes master." The husk responded slowly and almost absent-mindedly. Hearing the husk refer to him like that was a bit of a turn on as he stepped into the other chamber, feeling a bit more confident about his decision. As the door closed behind Kyle, the machine started up once again. This time Kyle ended up feeling a massive amount of pressure while in the chamber. Enough to make it painful but only for a short while. It actually got him a bit hard after a few seconds. When the machine rang once again, Kyle had to squeeze his way out. His muscles were definitely bulking up, a few veins now visible on his biceps. When he went to observe himself in the full body mirror, not only had his body almost outgrown all of his clothes, all of it barely able to contain his massive body to the point to where just flexing along could probably rip the clothes off, but his noggin also grew, not close to how his body grew but enough to be noticeable, especially a small, visible vein on the left side of his forehead. He opened up the donor chamber to see all the other former nerds pathetically fumble out of the chamber, all of them mindlessly clamoring around Kyle to worship him, kissing his sneakers and hugging onto his muscular legs, one of them getting a visible hard on as he kissed the tip of Kyle's sneaker. He chuckled before snapping his fingers twice, making them all stop and sit like dogs, all of them looking up at Kyle. He then flexed his massive body, the clothes around him ripping as exposing some of his body, veins forming on his biceps and pecs, bouncing them to entice the husks beneath him, all of their puny dicks twitching as they looked on in awe of their alpha. "You puny bitches like what you see?" Kyle asked his new slaves teasingly, fully knowing what their answer would be but wanted to hear it anyway. They all nodded, some drooling, one letting out a pathetically horny whimper. Of course they loved it, it was in their nature as dull-brained squirms to admire their better. He slowly stripped down to his jock to entice his new slaves to make them more susceptible to his will. Small visible veins were scattered throughout his muscular body. "You pathetic horn dogs want your master bigger and smarter? Go get more people for me to drain while I work on improving this little toy you dumbasses made. Y’all couldn’t even get this thing to maximum efficiency, but I bet I can now. Go." Kyle ordered all the husks cowering beneath his towering body, which was only emphasized when compared to their small, puny frames, so thin you could practically see their skeletal structure. They nodded as they scrambled up to their feet and started shambling out of the classroom. Kyle playfully tail whipped the last husk to leave before grabbing some of the nearby tools and getting to work on improving the haphazardly put together chamber, the task now easy for him to manage. A good few minutes passed by before some of the husks came back with some of their friends, just in time for Kyle to expand both the donor chamber and the recipient chamber. He’d also remade the recipient chamber out of sturdier metal so they could handle potential overgrowth from Kyle. He has also allied the interior of both chambers with multiple full body mirrors. Not only so he can watch himself grow and bulk up but also his victims could watch all their muscle mass be drained from them, hopefully learning their fate as they become more dull-brained husk slaves, now only living to serve their better. He had also created a remote activator so he could activate the machine from inside the recipient chamber. Kyle lassoed the soon to be victims, a group of 7, with his tail and wrangled them into the donor chamber. He slammed the donor chamber door shut, chuckling at the pathetic resistance of the people brought in. The best part of creating the remote activator was that Kyle could simply activate the machine himself and didn't have to rely on a husk to activate it and risk something going wrong. He activated the machine and felt a jolt of painful pleasure surging through his body. Now he also had the opportunity to see the progress in the mirrors. His muscles rapidly throbbing and writhing under his skin. Even his forehead started to do this as well, though it was harder to notice. Kyle groaned pleasurably as he watched his body expand once more. As the jolt started to subside, his muscles started to settle down but still ended up bigger than before, more veins visible on his body and the ones from before became more prominent, his biceps and thighs being most veiny. Another vein appeared on his forehead, this time on the right side. More husks to serve and worship Kyle, crawling out of the chamber, crawling to his feet. "More, bitches!" Kyle shouted demandingly before the new husks could even begin worshiping his body. He got tired of how long it took for them to scramble to their feet so he helped them up without intending to. By some force, the husks got quickly elevated to their feet. It took Kyle only a second to realize he did it with his mind. He chuckled as he toyed with one for a bit while the rest of the husks left to get more puny humans for the practical living God that Kyle was becoming. He used his telekinetic abilities to wiggle the meek husk around a bit before pulling the puny thing into the cleavage of his massive pecs. Chuckling as the pathetic husk groaned as he got pressed as much against Kyle as was possible. Effortlessly flexing his pecs to make it bounce against the husk, pushing its head further into his cleavage much to the husk's pleasure. Feeling a rush of pleasure too, the semi-hard on making the jockstrap make an audible rip, he decided to keep the husk around a bit while waiting for the rest to come back. "Worship your God's pecs, bitch!" Kyle demanded of the now horny husk, not that its puny dick was noticeable any more. The husk moaned as it caressed Kyle's pecs while he groaned and flexed more, admiring all the visible veins and muscle mass he accumulated. The pleasure amplified more as the husk wisely decided to start licking and sucking on his pecs, hitting Kyle's magic spot that completely gave him a hard on. "Oh yeah, just like that, slave bitch!" Kyle shouted eagerly as he pinned the husk to the wall with his towering body, now starting up a sweat from being in heat, his dick throbbing in between the husks legs, making it more clear to the husk that Kyle was his better, his dick now big enough for the husk to ride like a horse, especially now that it was fully hard. After just minutes of worshiping Kyle's pecs the husk apparently had already come, Kyle feeling a pathetic squirt that was mostly covered by the husk’s pants, but was still damp enough against Kyle's prominent 6-pack for Kyle to tell what happened. "Seriously, not only do you come to your new God without approval, but you let out such a pathetic fucking load?" Kyle asked disappointedly. Backing up from the wall but telepathically keeping the husk pinned to the wall, giving up on the idea of wearing any clothes by ripping off his jockstrap and kicking off his shoes, completely forgetting that he was building up foot stink for an eager to pay foot freak who he was meeting up after school. The freak would most likely be gathered up anyway so decided to forget about the whole arrangement. He forced the husk to his knees, Kyle's massive, throbbing cock in front of his face. "Suck, bitch!" Kyle shouted in a horny fit as he practically pushed his dick against the husk's face. The husk groaned as it started to suck Kyle off. Kyle groaned in pleasure as his dick throbbed and hardened more. He was very tempted to just skull fuck the puny husk, using it's body like a fleshlight but he decided to spare the pathetic thing from potentially being completely broken. After all he didn't quite want to break his toy, as now its only purpose was to serve him anyway. The husk started to get past the tip of Kyle's dick, groaning as it throbbed against its mouth. Kyle started to sweat more as he used his telekinesis to get the husk to fully deepthroat from the husk, the husk's body flinching as a reaction to being penetrated from Kyle's girth. As he started to thrust his dick inside the husk's mouth, apparently more people clamored into the science lab. Kyle turned towards them while he fucked the husk but was a bit confused when he saw that they weren't brought in by the other husks that he sent out. It wasn't until he noticed some flustered faces and tents in guy's pants that he figured that his body was emitting intense pheromones, apparently making everyone nearby mindlessly horny for Kyle. It was practically a form of hypnosis. He grinned deviously as he saw the gym coach among the growing crowd, along with some of the gym kids, getting an idea to take the steroids that they were taking, an unspoken thing in this school. "Hey, gym bitches, gimme your steroids!" Kyle shouted to them. They left, presumably to get them from their lockers. Kyle started to get close, almost forgetting about the lucky husk below him. He panted and groaned as he grabbed the head of the husk, deciding to skull fuck the husk anyway, as the husk wasn't doing enough to get him fully off. He played gently through, trying not to break the puny, pathetic fucker. He got his dick as far into the husk's mouth before finally coming, panting heavily. Just in time for the gym bitches to come back with their steroid doses, all of them using pill forms. The husk had to retract his body and gag out about two gallons worth of load onto the floor. Kyle looks down at the pathetic thing, raising one of his feet and pushing it down on the husk's body, pushing it into the pile of load onto the floor. "Lick it all up, dick taster." Kyle ordered, taking the steroids afterwards. Taking a large dose but not enough to induce an overdose. Even though at his size, he could probably take all of them, he didn't want to take the risk. He then used his telekinetic abilities to stuff as many people into the donor chamber as possible. Stepping down a bit more on the husk as it licked his load off the floor before walking off toward the recipient chamber, his dick still dripping a bit. He got into the chamber after cramming in about 20 people into the donor chamber, looking back to see everyone at the school now clamoring around the classroom. He grinned as he closed the donor chamber and stepped into the other chamber, closing it behind him and turning it on. The jolt is now really intense, making Kyle fall to his knees. Panting as he felt the muscles writhing, expanding and contracting under his skin. It expanded more rapidly as he groaned in a mixture of absolute pain and absolute pleasure. Not only were his muscles expanding, but his brain was well, his head swelling in the multiple reflections in the chamber. His head flooded with an immense amount of knowledge and comprehension. He figured if he used up the entire school, he could dominate and drain the world with ease. His nails scratching the floor of the chamber as he endured the pain, all worth it for practical God-hood. The chamber rang, giving Kyle an indication that it was over. He slowly got up, the floor of the chamber creaking a bit under his weight. He opened the door and slowly squeezed himself out of the chamber. He had to bend the door frame a bit just to get his broad, veiny shoulders fully out. He eventually managed to pop himself out. He sized himself up, noticing that he was now at least a foot taller than he last was. His pecs were so big now, he can't look down enough to see much of his torso. He noticed his biceps were about half covered in veins, mostly covered when he flexed them. He groaned in absolute delight, flexing before his horny, soon to be slaves. "You bitches and bitch boys love what you see~? Wanna see your new God get even bigger and brighter~?" Kyle asked his crowd teasingly. Flexing as a way to maximize his pheromone output. Sweat glistened across his whole, muscled-up body. The sunlight from the window poked in and bounced off the beads of sweat in a way that would make him look like the living, breathing God he knew he would become in a matter of days. What the final results would be according to Kyle's calculations, would make the muscular Gods of myth look like pathetic, tiny twinks compared to him. It seemed like the show was enough to get the crowd eager to give themselves to Kyle, even after seeing the aftermath of donating their muscle and mind to him as the 20 husks crawled out of the donor chamber. The crowd cheered and gathered around the donor chamber, already getting in, already knowing the process and eager to give themselves to him. Kyle chuckled as he squeezed himself back into the recipient chamber. After hearing the donor chamber close, he closed the recipient chamber and turned it back on. There was less pain and more pleasure this time, his body now getting used to the process. He groaned as his body grew once more as he watched in the mirrors. His pecs now sprinkled with veins along with the rest of his body and even his head, his head getting bigger, by centimeters with each series of processes. Each time the machine rang, people helped the husks vacate so they could get into the donor chamber, Kyle not even bothering to leave the chamber. Though eventually he had too, each expansion making the chamber creak and groan more and more around him. He had to start crouching just to try to buy the chamber more time. Around the 6th process, the chamber was too tight for comfort. With a tired and slightly frustrated grunt he stood up and flexed, destroying the chamber the same way a baby bird breaks out of an egg. The crowd looked on in awe, about 1/10th of the school now turned into husks. He towered over the crowd, his head now grazing the ceiling of the classroom. He didn't quite know if the gym would be able to properly accommodate his projected size if his calculations were correct, which was most likely. He weighed the odds in his head, the veins getting more prominent as he thought about it. Ultimately, it didn't matter much was his conclusion. He stomped past the clamored group in the science lab, uncaring of those he knocked down with his feet and even stepped on. He effortlessly tore down the wall, scooting the debris aside with his feet to make a clearer way "Alright, you lot, I want that machine moved to the gym in the next hour! If it's not there by…" He quickly glances down the hall to see that it's 2:52 in the afternoon. "3:45, I'll charge you all to be my servants and it'll cost y'all EVERY CENT you do and don't have!" He chuckled as he walked down the hallway towards the gym. The ground shook slightly with each step, every door frame along the way breaking like Styrofoam. He could have moved the machine himself but he wanted to see how much these dopes were committed to the whole arrangement. After a few minutes he burst into the gym, or at least, that's what it may have looked like to a puny person. For Kyle, he just casually walked in, not even bothering to try to open the doors. Waste of effort and energy when his body could simply break anything that got in the way. He reclined in the bleachers in his usual spot, the bleachers creaking a bit under him. He reclined and relaxed though. He thought about the chances of them actually bringing the machine on time. He side-eyed the clock over on top of the basketball scoreboard. 3 on the dot. While it would be impressive if they did bring it on time, he knew they realistically wouldn't. The machine would be difficult to get on a trolley and they would have to carefully maneuver it down the hall even if they did find enough trolleys that could handle all that weight. He mostly now contemplated on how to degrade them as he had to probably do the work for them. Maybe chew out the roided-up lifters for being weak betas while also making them cling to his arm to feel what true muscle felt like. He dismissed the latter half of the idea. Bit too…"dad literally picking up kids from school" vibes. Though he did like the idea of them all referring to him as "daddy", make them look and even feel more puny and pathetic along the way. Time passed by until the clock struck 3:45 and just as he thought, no machine in the gym yet. He got up, letting out a groan of expectancy mixed with disappointment and walked his way back to the science lab. The more muscular people were trying to nudge the machine up a small ramp onto a trolley that was made of a bunch of smaller trolleys put together by duct and scotch tape. Honestly, pretty pathetic that they haven't even started moving it down the halls yet. Even back at his smaller size, he would've had the machine on the trolley about half an hour ago. He whistled loudly, getting everyone's attention. "Y'all seriously haven't even gotten this thing rolling yet?" He asked, not really expecting a response as he approached the machine. He made sure to tower over all of the gym bros as he casually held the machine under his arm and pressed to his side like you would hold a basketball. He caught quick glances of the wannabe bodybuilders. One of annoyance, most impressed and awe-inspired, some got visibly turned on. "Fucking pathetic." He said dismissively, walking down the hall with the machine, making sure to tail whip the dissatisfied guy in the crotch. Kyle heard him groan and buckle down onto the ground, not even paying much attention. His dick was gonna have no value to it soon anyway, assuming it had any to begin with. The crowd followed him down the hall, still hooked on his pheromones. "Since it's past 3:45 and you dumbasses couldn't even get the machine into the hallway, y'all are getting the locker cramming treatment once I make adjustments to the machine. Y'all still owe me ALL of your money, by the way. I expect all of your wallets with your bank information in them, including your accounting and routing numbers." He remarked to the crowd as he walked to the gym. He noticed some of them getting on their cell phones and some walking into classrooms they would pass by, probably to get papers and pens. Upon getting into the gym, he gently set down the machine and started making modifications, making the donor chamber bigger as well as making a brand new recipient chamber from scratch and hopefully big enough to endure draining the whole school. As he did this, he telepathically made nearby plastic bins float around people. "Wallets in the bins, people. Don't have your wallets, strip down to your birthday suits so everyone knows you for being a broke loser." He shouted to ensure everyone could hear him. He tinkered with the machine as if this marvel of medical technology was nothing more than a Lego set to him. By the time he was finished, everyone had already deposited their wallets into the plastic bins, except about a sixth of the crowd who were completely naked. "Alright, since there were more broke bitches than I thought, paying customers, front of the line, birthday suits, go to the back of the line and crawl on all fours like the useless mutts you are!" He announced before all of the students and staff got into their places, chuckling as he grabbed a group of six puny humans with ease while watching the wave of ass cheeks flood to the back of the line. He forcibly cramed the worthless people into his machine, not even bothering to make sure there was much room for them to move. He slammed the door shut before stepping into the donor chamber, having shoved about 40 or more people in. He closed the door and looked up at the mirrors he installed after taking them from the locker rooms. His muscles practically bulged under his skin which developed stretch marks. He smirked and flexed, seeing more veins appear on his body. An already perfect body that would have professional bodybuilders revere and worship every prominent vein, knowing they could never obtain what he did with ease. He turned on the machine that he also had to rebuild to account for his size. A familiar but welcoming jolt of pain and pleasure courses through him, making him harder than any partner in lingerie could. He buckled down as if to bow before his new body, even more perfect and godly than what he has now. Writhing, stretching and tearing, practically bubbling under the skin would be the best way to describe this transformation into the next stage of evolution. A being of absolute perfection that everyone, every being, was born to worship. He chuckled as he just now noticed that his ego was growing along with the mind and body. Who cared though? He deserved this, to become the most perfect God in all of myth. Everyone and everything only had a fraction of value compared to just one of his stretch marks. Little pissants whose only value was in giving themselves to his might and worship. Once the machine rang, steam had fogged up the mirrors, his body in intense heat. He opened the door and wiped the fog off the nearest mirror, his forehead now having five visible veins on it, not including any that would be covered up by his hair, his forehead almost 1.5 times its usual size. Getting hard from the absolute monster he had become now compared to how he was mere hours ago. And got harder upon realizing this was just the beginning for him. He stomped out of the chamber, the floor creaking from his admittedly overly eager showcasing to the others. He even left a foot indentation on the gym floor, the same way as you would by walking barefoot through mud. Enjoying the brief "crunch" sound under his weight. He then started briefly showing off his body, flexing and bouncing his pecs as well as letting out a loud, dominant growl. "You want more from this muscle God~?! Lemme hear how much y'all want more!" He shouted into the crowd before getting the shouts and applause he wanted. Of course these bugs wanted more, that's their whole purpose. Even pheromones wouldn't drive up this much enthusiasm, this was something more. This was more than bee-like pheromones that make workers serve a queen. This was absolute divinity they were witnessing. A true God of muscle and might appearing before their puny, fragile bodies. He walked up to the donor chamber and telepathically scooped out the husks before replacing them with more people than last time, still wanting to experience that jolt of growth and pleasure. Scooping people up with his muscular arms and practically tossing them in haphazardly. Once it got to absolute maximum capacity, he stepped into the recipient chamber once more and flipped on the switch after closing the door behind him. This process would continue for a few rounds before he got to the broke crowd, towering before them like a titanic mass of muscle and musk, the constant growth making his body sweat with each process. He tried to look down at them but his pecs became so big it impacted his ability to look down effectively. Still able to see the tips of his toes but nothing beyond that. He looked down at them, thinking about the best way to degrade them further for a second. "Bark if you dogs think you're worth serving me." He spoke, stalling a bit for time. A good chunk of the crowd barked, only a few barking continuously. He brought up a foot and dropped it down on one of the barkers, silencing all the ones who did bark, except the one under his foot who let out a grunt like someone who accidentally dropped the bar on his chest during bench presses. "The few who didn't bark were smart. None of you broke bitches are worthy of even licking the beads of sweat off my balls, let alone serving me truly." He corrected the dogs, instinctively looking down to check on the dog under his foot to see the guy's head poking out from under his heel. Still seemed fine so he playfully grinded his foot on top of the dog's back as the rest looked pitifully up at him. He pressed the foot down further before finally letting off and backing off to look down at the runt, his back coated in dirt and sweat. "As one of the dogs who barked, foot rug, it's up to you to beg me to forgive the rest of them for their arrogance~" Kyle chuckled at the demand, intrigued to see how the foot rug of a man would beg. He had already forgave them like the merciful God he is, but still wanted to see at least one of them grovel before draining them. The man slumbered into a low bow while still on his knees. "Please forgive us, our walking God." The man started pleading, to Kyle's delight. "We were just so eager to serve, we forgot our place and why we were the last in the school to give our whole selves to you, master. Please, I will serve as a rug for you to wipe the dirt off your feet on, I will lick up every bead of sweat off your balls like it's the savory liquor of the Gods. Just please, let us serve, master." The begging and bargaining was so pathetic and submissive, it made Kyle's dick twitch a bit. Either this guy was a submissive little bitch with plenty of begging experience or they really have started seeing him as a type of God. Amusing him to make him chuckle a bit at the idea of "Kyleism" soon becoming the religion of the planet soon. But a devious idea of completely absorbing all of these broke bitches entered his mind and it leaked out into a wicked smile. "Alright, since you begged so well, I've forgiven you dogs like the benevolent God I am. However, such arrogance doesn't come without consequence. Give me a few minutes to make some adjustments to the machine and you will get what you deserve and seek~" Kyle spoke to the crowd before turning his back to them, letting down his hefty tail onto the back of the groveling dog. It crushed the puny human with a loud grunt and maybe a soft crack. He didn't even flinch at the sound. They would obtain a great fate anyhow. Kyle grabbed his tools and tinkered with the machine. Creating an "absolute absorption" feature that would completely absorb every single atom, molecular, microscopic and nanoscopic organism inside the donor chamber. Now these formally worthless people will finally put themselves to some use. Maybe if that one groveler was lucky, maybe his atoms would go to his feet or balls. Unfortunately for them, their consciousness would evaporate as there would be no mind or brain remaining to retain it. Some would probably relish the idea of being fused to his flesh, understandably so. Who wouldn't want to be a part of his perfect body? He soon finished mere minutes later, even installing the new mode to be an option on his remote via a dial. Wiping some sweat off his forehead, he looked back at the crowd of dogs, chuckling as he knew what would soon come of them. "Alright you worthless mutts, get the fuck in there where y'all belong~" he told the dogs as he started to stuff and shove then donor chamber, more an order of compliance than a statement. He made sure to save the groveller for last, cramming all the dogs in, to the point to where the metal would creak around them. He then wrapped his tail around the ankle and dangled the pathetic bug in front of him. Making it so that way the main thing that the puny insect sees is Kyle's dick and balls, Kyle's flaccid shaft half as big as the insect's body. His dick throbbed at the thought of what he was about to do next. "Now, what do you say, foot rug?" Kyle asked, looking down at the puny man, manipulating his tail to make the human's body sway while being dangled like a pendulum. "Th-thank you, master Kyle." Kyle chuckled and brought the human's face right up against the tip of his dìck. The human's head was actually a bit smaller than the head he was pressed up against. "Good, now kiss your God's dick like a good rug" Kyle ordered, his dick throbbing once more, bumping more into the human's face. The human would surprisingly hesitate before finally giving in to Kyle's order, his lips making contact with Kyle's urethra as much as it could. This made Kyle groan and get hard a bit. "Good little bitch. Don't be afraid to use your tongue while you're at it~." Kyle moaned while the human whimpered in a bit of disgust. Though maybe it might've been that one thing that bottoms do when they pretend like they don't like something when they clearly do. He didn't care whether the bitch boy actually liked it, it felt good to him and as far as this insect should be concerned, that would be the only thing that mattered. A few minutes would pass by, the bug disappointingly not using tongue at all. Kyle would use his tail to toss the man into the donor chamber before slamming the door on them. Chuckling as he set the machine to "absolute absorption" mode before stepping into the recipient chamber. Closing the door behind him, he turned on the machine, an instant shock overwhelming him. A feeling of an explosion pouring over his body as every inch of his body pulsed and throbbed rapidly. As if there was some resistance from where his strength and mind enhancement was coming from. Thoughts that were not his own appeared in his mind. Pleads and begs of the pathetic dogs flashing in and out of his mind as Kyle dropped to his knees, slamming his knuckle into the floor of the machine. "Shut up and accept your fates. Y'all know this is what you deserve. You should be grateful little bastards. Y'all get to be part of something bigger, better. You get to be a part of a God! Now submit as you were meant to and let yourselves be one with your God." Kyle shouted at the stream of other's consciousness flowing into him, mentally straining a bit for complete dominance. The veins on his forehead became more prominent as his head grew in size. The stream was losing strength as Kyle was shown moments of other's memories and knowledge flowing into him. His muscles bubbled under his scales as they stretched and expanded far more than the normal process. The knowledge of other people's lives converted to knowledge of all probable lifeforms in this universe and the next. Knowledge of all known languages. How to completely bend the minds and wills of all life to his will. He grimaced with knowledge of how to conquer all life in this universe. His body steamed and sweated profusely, fogging up the chamber and it creaked and groaned around him. His body kept expanding as Kyle mentally declared himself the king of this universe for all will submit to him! At this thought, he ended up bursting out of the chamber yet again. Each one acting as an egg for his proverbial rebirths. His body had stopped expanding by this point, good thing too as he noticed that he and his husks were standing in complete darkness, not even any light from the sun emerging from the windows. The big gym clock stopped at 8:56. The power most likely went out from all the electricity used to perform the absolute absorption mode. Kyle opened the donor chamber to see nothing in there. Not a single speck of dirt or dust in there from what little Kyle could see. He flexed his muscular body once more. All those puny little bitches now became nothing more than the muscles on his body. He got hard at the thought as he flexed. Admittedly wishing there was a way to keep them conscious so they could mentally worship him. Feel every flex of his muscles in what used to be their bodies. Feel every step from their God, get to enjoy the flow of blood into his dick which, when fully hardened, could easily tower over a whole person. Probably about 6 feet in length by now. It made him curious how it would feel to be remade into a sperm cell swimming in the balls of a God. He would probably obtain this knowledge later on during his conquest of the universe. But merely serving as part of his ever-expanding muscles was surely a fitting enough reward for a bunch of worthless bitches. He laid rest on the floor, not really caring if he crushed a husk to death under his body or not. Their lives were made to serve him, after all. Speaking of which, his dick throbbed as he telepathically lifted up the puny insects and pressed them to his towering body. "Worship and caress your God till he falls asleep. You all may sleep when I am fully asleep first." Kyle ordered the husks. They unreluctantly worshiped the muscled-up God. Kyle relaxed on the floor, resting his forearms behind his head with a bit of strain, all the muscles on his body making it a bit harder than usual. He relished in every action of his husks, from all the caressing and massaging down to each lick of his body. Some were worshiping his dick and balls, making it admittedly a bit difficult to fall asleep but eventually sleep came for the massive dragon as he was slowly lulled into slumber. Great visions of glory and God-hood would play out in Kyle's dreams. Him towering over Skyscrapers, his very knees piercing the clouds above. Him laying on a lavish chariot made of the planet's finest and studier materials and luxuries. Him gulping down a custom made glass of ocean water, "accidentally" consuming little specks that were once to him recognizable as humans without care or thought. Thousands crushed under a single step from the uncaring God as they would be absorbed into his body either way. Him sitting on the Earth reshaped into a throne, using the moon as a footrest. All alien life cowering as he absorbed them without any effort at all. The begging, whines, and pleads as he absorbs damn near everything with a pulse. Planets drained of all life repurposed into beads on lavish looking jewelry. All would be one with his glorious body and worship him! The dream, possibly a vision of things to come for him, would slowly fade as his eyelids slowly drew open. Instead of upon his throne, he was back laying on the floor of the gym. Still being worshiped by the insignificant bugs that he let bugs worship him. A thought would come to the awakening giant. He didn't need these insects or that puny machine they made for him. Through his telekinetic abilities, he could simply extract all beings his own damn self. Cut out the middleman and just drain them himself. He felt a pathetic insect dare to squirt over by his left armpit. Getting him to eventually acknowledge all the other insects that were still awake, still worshiping him. Annoyed with this particular insect he telepathically pulled the bug up to his face, his eyes tiredly looking up in disgust towards this insect. "Did you really just come on your God, while he was just waking up and without approval?" He asked the pathetic being that he now recognized as the first nerd he shoved into the machine. His puny, muscle depraved body was honestly not that different from how he looked 24 hours ago. Only difference now was the absence of clothes and glasses. He waited tediously long for the bitches response. "Master smell good…" was slowly sputtered by the pathetic thing as he still leaked, dripping down onto his lower lip. Kyle simply rolled his eyes before licking up the bit of seed that dripped onto his lip. Setting the bug down onto his chest. Of course these bugs couldn't help but to come to him. He was a living example of perfection. The whole flock of insects could come now and it wouldn't be more than a mere inconvenience. He groaned as he got up, the very gym shaking underneath him. What was left of the wooden floor beneath him anyway. Several indentations in the floor from where he walked and laid down. He walked to the exit of the gym, feeling at least a few of the husks cushion each step he took. He didn't even slow down or walk cautiously for them. If they didn't want to be stepped on, they would've gotten out of his way. By the time he got to the exit, at least 3 bugs got peeled off his godly feet. With barely any effort, he broke down the wall leading outside. This ended up being beneficial for the insects to follow him. They served no purpose without him so of course they followed their new God that they gave everything to. This flock of insects were cute but not nearly enough for a God. He walked out into the city with his goal already in mind. He needed all of humankind, no, ALL LIFE to submit to him. He walked into the more populated parts of the town. Leaving behind foot prints on whatever he walked on. Grass, concrete, cars, people who would not walk out of their God's way. Each step announcing his arrival to his servants like the bells and trumpets that were spoken of when the concept of a rapture got explored. His pheromones got caught on the wind and spread far and wide across the town. Like a skunk being run over, people could smell it for miles away but they were naturally drawn into the scent of a God. All who got a whiff, inevitably started to follow the scent and the stomping sounds made by their God. Many followed him throughout the downtown area. Some tried, and even succeeded, to cling onto their God. Most clung to his broad, muscular ankles, some clung onto his balls and shaft which were close to dragging across the floor. Some merely wished to kiss his feet or balls. The fools got trampled over, especially the ones trying to kiss the soles of his feet. Whatever spots weren't being covered by the mortals anyway. By the time he got to the center of the town, his feet were completely cushioned by both husks and humans. He looked out onto the crowd that followed him, thousands at minimum, ensuring him that there was not much difference between husk and man. They were all made to serve him after all. "ATTENTION ALL MY SERVANTS! YOU'RE GOD IS NOW HERE AND DEMANDS ALL OF YOU PRESENT!" He shouted into the air, his voice booming and far reaching. The message echoed across the town and even a few miles out further. He sat down on the roof of a nearby parking garage. An inadequate place for a God to sit but it was enough to sit and wait for his subjects to arrive. As he waited, his servants would bow to their new owner. This got a chuckle out of Kyle before he curiously looked at the sole of one of his feet. About 8 mortals were stuck to their God's foot. Actually upon closer look, they were clinging onto his foot. Not that it mattered much anyways. They should be thankful to serve their God in such a way, even if it was completely unwilling. Within an hour, all his servants appeared before him. Hundreds of thousands of indistinguishable insects looking up at their God in reverence. His pheromones had definitely spread far enough to get every one of them hooked to his powerful will and eager to serve. Seeing some cameras of various types pointing at him, he decided that he probably needed to perform…less casually, at the very least. He actually had not thought about what kind of God he was going to be when it came to addressing his servants. He always degraded, bullied and humiliated others back when he was mortal so might as well keep going with what was natural. He slowly stood up, indifferent to the crunching of bones underneath him from the servants basking in his glory. "As pathetic as this flock is, it surely will do for how you all may help your God. Your God is a powerful one as you all can see." He says before performatively flexing his body. The muscles and shadows being emphasized by the sun set above him like a spotlight. "But…this is not enough from your God. Your God has ambitions. Far higher than any of you puny insects ever could have. What you all need to know is that your God demands power. As much as possible, you will no longer need any. All y'all will need is to surrender yourselves to me and worship me. That shall be your lives purpose from now on. So I expect all of you to work together to build a ray gun to surge all of the Earth's power into your God. Do this and your species will be rewarded very well, this is my promise to you, my lowly, insignificant servants." He finished before sitting back down. All the insects below taking that as their cue to get to work on this ray gun. He relaxed as his message spread not just to the bugs in front of him but also because of the bugs with the cameras, all the insects across the planet got to work as well. All his servants heard their God's word, his pheromones apparently speaking across the planet. They all now work together, finally truly unified as one to serve their God's will. The utopia that has been discussed and debated for centuries will all soon be theirs once their God ascends further and all will be able to truly bask in his glory very soon from the sounds of it. Could he have made it himself? Realistically yes but this was a test of this lower species' devotion to their better. After a few hours the ray gun was finally constructed. Kyle was semi-impressed. Took longer than if he would've built it but that would've taken just the power of the whole continent. These insects managed to arrange things so all the electrical, solar and nuclear power on the planet would all surge into him. He stomped in front of the ray, truly uncaring of who or what he stepped on and demanded that the mortals turned it on. A glow of pure light from the ray guns tip was all Kyle saw before he got an intense burning engulf him, making him send out a massive wail of pain, making him buckle down onto his knees. Each cell in his body breaking down and duplicating at speeds faster than the speed of light. The scream from their God made the mortals turn on the machine in naive fear that this would even so much as hurt their God. This was just part of his ascension. His body steamed and pulsed within the scales on his body as he was at least 4 times bigger than when he approached all his servants. His whole being glowing in pure, radiant light before revealing his red hot, scorching body. With a raging hard-on that had collapsed a few buildings around him, he looked down at the mortal furiously. "I DIDN'T SAY FOR YOU TO TURN IT OFF, YOU WORM! TURN IT BACK ON AND DON'T TURN IT OFF AGAIN!" He shouted furiously at the beetle sized mortal who dared to blue ball him at the beginning of this glorious moment. The demand was so loud it was heard from the other side of the planet. The insect of a man trembled and pathetically begged his God for forgiveness as it turned the ray gun back on. The same flash of light before the overwhelming pain surged through the living God. He rapidly grew more quickly than ever before. His expansion was akin to an un-bursting balloon being hooked up to a thousand air machines. His screams turned into moans of triumph and dominion over all that exists, the feelings of pleasure converted into feelings of pure pleasure, bliss and ecstasy. He grew to tower the whole land, able to see past the horizon on the planet as all conceivable knowledge flowed into his mind. The timelines of this dimension and galaxy along with all other ones. Not only could he know of them, he could control them by mere thought alone. With this, he altered all dimensions and galaxies to worship him and him alone. Not even other versions of himself in other dimensions. Those pathetic versions of himself should've obtained true God-hood and dominion of all that is, isn't and isn't yet before he could. Once all the power got drained from the planet, he took his stand. His foot alone was the size of a small island. Each step creating a deep indentation in the puny lands beneath him. His musk and pheromones had replaced all the oxygen in the air, making it the only thing any of his servants could smell. He looked down to barely be able to see his lowly servants anymore. His cock throbbed with might, dripping some pre down onto a city that got blessed with their God's seed. He bellowed in triumph and might as a wicked way to reward his servants popped into his mind. His mind was certain now what kind of rapture his subjects would experience. "MY SERVANTS CALLED HUMANS, YOU HAVE SERVED YOUR GOD WELL AND HAVE REDEEMED ALL LIFE ON THIS PITIFUL, LOWLY PLANET! SO THUS, ALLOW YOUR GOD TO REWARD YOU WITH WHAT YOU ALL SHALL TRULY DESIRE!" He yelled to all his servants below. He held up his right hand over the planet and started to telepathically lift up all life on Earth towards them. Every man, every animal, every insect, every virus and multi-cell organism joined together to be pressed against the mighty hand of their God. He proceeded to take all the creatures and used their bodies to create a fleshlight that would barely be capable of handling his eclipsing shaft. He then put it to work, jamming his massive, throbbing cock into the writhing collection of life on this planet. He didn't go gentle on the insignificant specs, thrusting in and out rapidly as he started to absorb all the lifeforms. This was their purpose fully realized. Their heaven would be becoming a conscious addition to their God. He grew and grew even more. The usual sensation was more of a tingle this time around. He was so damn close, he had hoped that some of the pathetic life forms would survive long enough to experience their God coming. As a being outside of him that is. They would have all of eternity to experience being both their God's cock and the load he shoots out at the same time. He groaned as his mighty body and cock expanded far outside the stratosphere making him able to see all of space before him, the continent cracking under his weight. He screamed gloriously as he squeezed his dick tightly, unleashed his load that would've replaced the very oceans of the planet off into space. This would crush and press any remaining specks of life into his cock. He panted tiredly as all of life would get absorbed into his glorious, perfectly Godly form. Then in his maniacal state where he didn't want the smallest risk of his rule being undone, he absorbed all the Kyle's in the other dimensions. Some were stupid enough to think they were safe from his grasp and all begging to be spared. Even one that was close to finishing using his dimensions servants just as he had finished seconds before he did. He should've gotten that taken care of a few seconds earlier. He didn't even get a bit of mercy from his better self as he was just on the edge of climaxing before he and all of his servants in that dimension were all absorbed. Not only were all the other Kyle's absorbed but all of their blasphemous followers. There was to be nothing worshiped as God other than him. As they got absorbed, jet black ram-like horns rapidly grew along his head along with spikes on his back and his tail. All the colors of each spike were that of each Kyle absorbed. His eyes changed color as well, becoming a dimly glowing deep purple color. Giving the God a cold, cruel stare even though he himself grew indifferent and it showed in his face. As a result of this, he had grown to the point that the Earth would no longer be able to withstand his size so he had to step off of the lifeless planet. His body had become coated in veins, every vein his body bulging out and competing with his muscles for which would be more prominent. Also, he had become all knowing, knowing of every thought and action across all the dimensions, even before they occurred and this was showcased by his bulbous forehead which was as long, if not longer, than his abdomen. He could feel all the life he had absorbed coursing through them. Not only that, but all the intelligence and malicious, evil intentions of the other Kyles. All their thoughts, all their praises and prayers, all their begging and pleading for release.it was decided through absorbing all the other Kyles and their evil, however, that he would not rule as a benevolent or indifferent God, but one that was more cruel and punishing than any devil to exist all because he merely could. All life was far too beneath him to hold any maliciousness towards them. All was solely to remind them every second of their lives knowing their place. He dismissed all the voices and feelings equally to work on shifting the very planets and the various dimensions to his will. Pressing the planets in his dimension together and breaking them down to forge a throne worthy of his rule. He then proceeded to make all the other dimensions pay for not aiding in his ascension by giving them form, pressing them against each other to create his new garments: a pair of gladiator sandals, forced to have some of the foulest part of his body be the very thing they breathed in with no reprieve whatsoever. As he sat down on his throne, his servants and selves from other dimensions all now relishing in becoming a part of their God, he then grabbed the very sun itself and broke it in two. One half forged onto a crown and the other half served as a cock ring to keep the deity forever erect. He needed to repay his lowly servants after all and being in a constant state of sexual arousal which they all could feel was the very least this God could do for them. I would appreciate feedback in the comments section I'm always open to collaboration if anyone needs ideas for a corrupt story where the evil tyrant wants to get even stronger. Just write me a private message if I have aroused your interest.
  8. RealIn2Growth


    A pulse was sent through every universe. The Controller, who had begun it all, was fading away and needed another to take their place. To set this in motion, a hard restart would need to take place… this meant total destruction and rebirth of every universe. Sometime in the Twenty-first Century a pulse was sent through every universe. The pulse selected one individual in each universe to bring this event into being… This individual, named Frank Alberta in every universe, had been heard by The Controller, and through him The Appropriation would take place. This is just one of many stories… Appropriating Infinity Dr. Frank Alberta shivered slightly as he felt the cool crimson liquid enter his vein. Looking up at the drip line, he had to grin just at the sheer insanity of what he was doing. Maybe he should have acquired a Guinea pig to test out his theory on, but there was no way that Frank would allow someone else to experience what he had only dreamed of. This was his destiny, and only his. For the past twelve years he had labored away on his theory of using nanobots to alter and remap a subject’s DNA, and soon he would either see success…or possible death. In his gut, he knew success was going to be right around the corner. The Program, funded each year by a dark division of the US Military that, after ten years had forgotten Frank even existed so left him totally alone, was easy to comprehend. The thousands of nanobots that were now entering his bloodstream by means of the infused drip would flood his body, invading his DNA using a strong virus. From there, the computer system he had designed would analyze every square inch of his unathletic, balding, 5’6, 143 lbs. body. Then his bots would go to work… altering his DNA from a cellular level… rewriting his entire being… transforming him into the man he had designed over the many years. Soon, Frank would be the walking example that his theory worked. “35 percent infusion complete. Subject FA001 vitals slightly high… yet within normal range. Subject FA001 comfort level?” “Subject FA001 feeling great, COLIN. Thanks for asking. You?” “COLIN is attentive to Subject FA001’s needs.” “Nice to hear, COLIN. Nice to hear.” Moving his head slightly, he could see COLIN (Conversion Organic aLteration Innovation in Nanotechnology), a massive bank of computers and monitors that were analyzing and processing the data the nanobots were collecting and transmitting back the new DNA they were to rewrite. The voice activation system, although unnecessary, enabled Frank the feeling of companionship in his lonely endeavors. The Program had started out with a large bank of assistants, but once it came closer to fruition, Frank decided to go it alone. This enabled him to work night and day without prying eyes. Sure, he found himself talking to COLIN more often than he should, but now the loneliness would prove worthwhile. “Infusion 65 percent complete.” What Frank had come up with wasn’t anything that would label him as a freak or monster when the process was complete. No, what he had designed was the body he felt Nature should have given him from the very beginning. The only difference between him and the rest of humanity would be his height. When complete, he would stand at 9’4, and his musculature, cock, and balls would complement a man of this size. All his life he had been embarrassed by his diminutive size, often the butt of jokes by classmates or overlooked when it came to potential sexual partners. All of that would soon change. No one would be able to overlook him again. “Infusion 97 percent complete. Nanotechnology entering phase one in 4.08 minutes.” “Thanks, COLIN.” Soon, Frank thought, soon my whole world is going to change. But, to enable himself plenty of time to prepare for the coming changes, he had programmed the new DNA to have a completion time of eighteen months. Throughout the year and a half, he would slowly transform and evolve; a man going through what might look like a second puberty. This window of time would allow him to buy new clothes, a new house, new furniture, and all the other necessities a man of his size would require. Frank could feel his cock hardening at the thought of how he would look in 18 months. Of course, he wanted his new body now, but he simply needed to remind himself that the time would fly by, and it would enable him to study and evaluate all the changes he would be going through. “Infusion 100 percent complete. Phase one initiated. Subject FA001 vitals slightly high… heart rate elevated. “Yours would be too if you were contemplating your future like I am, COLIN.” “Subject FA001 will bring on a new future.” Frank laughed. “Thanks for having so much faith in me, COLIN. To infinity and beyond! Right, COLIN?” “To infinity, Subject FA001.” Standing, Frank rolled down the sleeves of his dress shirt, removed the cannula from his hand, and tossed it and the rest of the tubing and bag into the trash. He grinned thinking that he was now walking around with a couple billion dollars’ worth of nanobots in his body. This was truly his tax money hard at work, and for once, it was going to benefit him. The US Government could afford the loss, in fact, most likely they would never even notice it gone. Moving over to COLIN, he stood and watched as the computer began the process of transmitting the newly mapped DNA to the nanobots. This process would continue through the night as his old DNA was invaded and rewritten. Once completed, it could never be undone. That was the reasoning for sticking with 9’4 and 830 lbs. of muscle. He wanted to be big, but anything above that would border on the impractical side, and this was something Frank didn’t want. Sure, he’d always fantasized standing above the world, but he wanted to enjoy his new size. He wanted to still be able to fuck a guy with his new massive 10.8-inch cock and not tear him apart! Feeling a shiver of excitement pass through his whole body, Frank grabbed his coat and keys. “I’m going home now, COLIN. Will you be fine without me till tomorrow?” “Phase One in process. Nanotechnology online and receiving.” “Don’t stay up to late!” Frank turned off the light and closed his laboratory door. As he was driving away from the building, he missed witnessing COLIN’s program pause for 73 seconds and then reboot itself. Perhaps an electronic surge had flooded the system or maybe it was a long hibernating computer virus, or perhaps COLIN was too good of a listener… too good of a friend… but when restarted, the DNA being transmitted to the nanotechnology in Frank’s body was constantly in a state of flux. One moment it was 9.4 feet, then it was 15.8 feet 25.6 feet… 68.4 feet….99.7…146.3… 299.2… 378.7… 558.9… each moment going higher and higher and higher. The rest of his stats continued to evolve as well… growing in proportion to his ever-expanding height. By the time he was halfway home… the nanobots were receiving COLIN’s signal to grow Frank’s body, in eighteen months, larger than The Empire State Building… and then 45 seconds later… even larger… and being good little soldiers… they obeyed. * A wave of sudden tightness and nausea washed over Frank as he slammed his car door, and he found the need to stop for a moment and hold himself steady against the vehicle. Despite the cool night air, Frank broke out in a sweat. Seconds later he had a sudden feeling of vertigo and leaned onto the hood of his car before moving to sit on the curb. It must be the virus carrying my altered DNA hitting me, he thought. The nausea was starting to fade, but his whole body had begun to ache. Yeah… this is feeling just like the flu. Frank tried to stand but felt himself stumbling into a tree like he was drunk. “Frank! Hey, man! You, okay?” Frank lifted his heavy head to see a fuzzy figure coming toward him. As it got closer, and his vision began to clear, Frank recognized the figure of his next-door neighbor, David. “I’m good… thanks David… Think I might just be coming down with the… Fuck!!!” As Frank began to stand, his body was suddenly racked with the worst whole body cramp he had ever felt. Despite trying to hide his agony from his next-door neighbor, he fell back to the ground with David quickly kneeling next to him. Frank's body spasmed once… twice… three times… but just as suddenly as it had started, the pain ebbed away. Relief appeared on Frank’s face as it completely disappeared. He looked up into David’s face and tried to smile. “You sure you’re okay, Bro?” Frank stared into David’s dark blue eyes. Damn, his neighbor was beautiful. It wasn’t fair! Serving seven years in the marines and then working as a personal trainer had given the 34-year-old David Kingston a tight, broad-shouldered, muscular build. At 6’3 and 223 lbs. of bulging muscle, David was everything Frank wished he could be. Frank felt his cock stir slightly until a wave of embarrassment forced it down. Look at me… kneeling in the grass. I must look so sickly… so pathetic and weak to him. Sure, I’d love to be on my knees before him… but not like this. “I’m doing fine… thanks. Just had an odd dizzy spell.” Frank began to get to his feet and was quickly aided by David. “Didn’t eat too much today… too much work.” “Never a good combo! Need to always get your calories in! Probably was your sugar dropping. You sure you’re feeling alright now?” “I’m feeling fine. Never better. Thanks for helping me out.” Frank smiled at David, the usual longings running through him whenever he saw him. Frank assumed David was straight, but even if he wasn’t, there was no way such a fine specimen of masculinity would ever be interested in him. I’d give anything to see him naked… just to have him fuck me for three seconds… Frank felt that pressure in his body begin to form again. Taking a deep breath and hiding it as much as possible he said: “Much better. Really. Much better. Thanks.” Frank opened and closed his hands, feeling tightness there more than any other area. It didn’t hurt so much as it caught him off guard. Why did it have to be David who found me crawling on the ground? Why couldn’t it be Mrs. Graham from across the street. David had only moved into the neighborhood nine weeks ago, and besides the few moments of small talk, the two had never spent so much time together. I’m so close I can smell him… slight mix of cologne and testosterone! Frank was pulled from his few seconds of thought by the odd tightening sensation getting stronger… and the sudden snap of his leather watch band. Both men watched the broken watch fall to the ground, and David was quick to pick it up. “Here you go.” David grinned as he held out the watch to Frank. “Thanks.” Frank took the watch from him and placed it in his pocket. The tightness had faded once again, and all Frank could think of was getting away from the one person he thought was the sexiest man in the world. “Well… guess I should go inside and eat. Get my sugar up.” “Yeah. Don’t want you passing out on me again! Might have to do CPR!” “Right! Exactly!! Thanks again for the help.” “Anytime!” Frank smiled, turned, and began to walk toward his house. As he did… as he tried to appear as normal as possible, he was aware of his shoes pinching his feet more than they usually did. “Oh man, Frank! Don’t tell me you’re turning hipster!” Frank stopped and looked curiously back at his neighbor. “What?” “Hipster. Your pants. You’re wearing short length pants like a hipster!” David laughed at his own comment. “I’m wearing…?” Frank looked down at his pants for the first time and noticed the fabric of the legs had ridden up at least three inches above his shoes… pants that this morning had reached down to the laces! “Yeah… right… hipster… short pants…”. Frank felt the odd grip of tightness rack his entire body. Remaining on his feet, Frank grit his teeth as he felt a slight swelling… a thickening… hit his body once again. My shoulders… getting broader? My neck… it feels like it’s getting thicker… Frank stretched out his arms and gasped as he watched them inch out longer from his shirt sleeves. “Fuck!!” The words escaped his mouth as a sudden orgasmic rush flooded his body. He felt his feet swell slightly in his shoes; the last amount of space they had left before the leather began to tear. “Frank, man, are you sure you’re okay? Want me to help you inside?” David had moved closer to him as the pressure rose higher than ever before, and then quickly dissipated. My feet… I felt my feet grow… I’m growing, he thought, but it shouldn’t be happening like this. My feet are so tight in my shoes… hands much longer… I feel… bigger…. Frank sensed the handsome neighbor was close and was shocked when he felt David’s hand on his shoulder. Looking up, Frank saw a real look of concern in his eyes. Damn, he’s beautiful. “I’m fine… really… I’m fine. I just need to eat…” Frank moved quickly away from David and walked up his walkway to the front steps of the old four-story Gothic building which was his home. The house, which slightly resembled the Addams Family mansion and was so called by local kids, had been in the family for generations, first built by his crazy great-great grandfather. He had been an inventor but had disappeared from the basement at the age of 66; never to be seen again. Future generations had grown up in this house, but now Frank was the last. With no children, the house would eventually pass on to a new family. As Frank made his way up the ten steps to his front door, the leather of his shoes threatened to tear apart with each step. Due to his new longer hands, Frank had some difficulty opening the door, but finally he was able to maneuver the key into the lock and turn the handle. Slamming it behind him, he made it halfway down the hallway before he was gripped by another sudden spasm. A rush of heat flooded his whole body as a new orgasmic feeling took hold. It keeps getting more powerful… it feels so fucking good. Fuck me!!!!! Frank could hear himself grunting and huffing as felt his feet tear through his leather shoes with a loud rip. Parts of the shoe was still tied to his ankle, but his toes were inching their way beyond the sole. As he was contemplating this revelation, he began to feel his dress shirt and pants grow significantly tighter. Looking down, Frank watched as two mounds began to rise on his chest, threatening to tear out of their confined quarters. Pecs… swelling… muscle growth… A new energy began to raise in Frank… something that felt powerful… primal… like nothing he had ever sensed before. Lifting his much heavier hands, he attempted to unbutton his shirt, but wave after wave of a growing sense of delirium made the maneuver virtually impossible. Fingers so long… so… thick! It was true. The dainty fingers he had possessed only hours ago had been replaced by thick, beefy sausage fingers. Frank could only stare as he opened and closed his expanding hands. Palm… becoming rougher… more sizeable… veins growing thicker and more prominent… hair… dark hair… stubble erupting from the back… With a newfound strength possessing him like never before, Frank grabbed the fabric of his constrictive shirt between his meaty hands, and in one vigorous motion, tore it open. Buttons flew around the hallway as the material he had once worn turned to shreds in his hands. Looking down, Frank was astounded to see two hills rising from his chest. Pecs… look at… I have pecs!! I can flex them! Fuck yeah!! He was in awe of the heaving mounds, but as he ran his hands over them, he began to feel sharp stubble erupting from the smooth skin. I’ve never had much body hair… but guess I’m making up for lost time! The heat from his own body was rising as he felt his quads begin to balloon in his trousers. Although covered, Frank could feel his quads grow thick and swollen, pushing his legs further apart. Moments later, Frank heard the loud shredding of material as his quads and calves began to force their way out of their prison. Bow legged, Frank began to try and walk down the hall to the bathroom that had a 6-foot mirror attached to the wall. Moving legs that seemed to weigh more and more each second was proving to be a new experience. Taking labored steps, Frank felt his glutes explode out of the seat of his trousers. Laughing, simply imagining how he would look to an observer, Frank pushed his way to the bathroom. Raising his arm to turn on the light, he was shocked by how bulky it felt. His limb was becoming a topography of rising mountains, deepening valleys, and forests of erupting dark hair. Hitting the switch with a brand-new strength, the light ignited the entire room, enabling Frank to glance at himself for the first time. Taking in his still growing body, Frank began to sweat and nervously laugh as the realization hit him of what was happening. My entire body… a mass of swollen… convulsing… flexing… muscle… and it keeps swelling even larger… and larger!! He was in awe of his newly engorged abdominals, an erupting six pack thick and tense as brickwork. Dark stubble crawled over his newly exposed abs and swirled down into his tight yet still intact white briefs. He had always wanted to have abs… and now he watched as they flexed, expanded, and peaked right before his eyes. Looking down from his abs to his legs, he smiled gleefully at the sight of the two hairy pillars of muscle. Hair… growing in thick… but it can never hide the extreme musculature my legs now possess!! Frank proceeded to flex his leg muscles which only propelled them to grow even thicker. Taking in the view above his abs, he stared in reverence at the sight of his new mountainous pecs. Every minute they seemed to heave even larger and squarer, taking up more area on his body. Like his abs and legs, there was a dusting of hair covering his pecs that seemed to grow thicker and darker as the time passed. My testosterone levels must be rising to an insane level to produce such quick hair growth, he thought as he took in his face and the new growth that was pushing out into a dark 5 o’clock shadow. Liftin his arms, he witnessed hair tear through this skin of his arm pits and grow longer along with the further coating of his thickset arms, and legs. Frank turned to inspect his ass but was finding his rising traps and thickening neck was making it somewhat difficult to turn his head how he was used to doing. Glancing as much as he could, he was astounded to see that his expanding glutes also had a light dusting of hair coating each globe. In the mirror he took himself in. He stood… what… nearly six feet tall… almost as tall as the mirror… and what had to be about 180 lbs. of dense muscle. Keeping with his original lean frame, there was not an ounce of fat covering his body, which caused his skin to vacuum tightly to his muscles. Just when he was becoming comfortable seeing his newly grown body, he would feel the orgasmic pressure rise again from within him, forcing every muscle to flex and swell. What had once been about 180 lbs. of muscle quickly rose to 190… and then possibly 200 pounds of muscular bulk. Frank could only moan as he felt an intense wave of growth wash over him more powerful than before. The sharp cracking sounds coming from his own body echoed around the bathroom and he proceeded to grow taller and wider Grown over six inches in barely any time… must be over six foot by now…maybe 6’1… 6’2… Feet growing so long and thick…I’ll never fit in my shoes… will this night end with me hitting my desired 9 feet? It’s too fast… much too fast… though I have to admit I’m loving the new me! I feel so virile… so powerful! Suddenly, Frank felt a new wave of pleasure engulf him… but this time coming from his crotch. Looking down at the white thinning material, he could see the mark of a pre-cum stain begin to form. Perhaps he was imagining it… but as he watched the covered mound… he could see it shift… swell… and become filled with a larger amount of mass then had been there seconds prior. He wasn’t getting hard… but he could feel every inch of his penis growing longer and thicker. Soon he was able to see the outline of a cockhead that must have doubled in size! Sweat coated him as he felt another wave of growth hit every inch of his body, but especially focused on his cock. Needing to see it in all its growing glory, Frank took his sizable hands and in one quick motion ripped the BVD’s from his body. A grunt was expelled from Frank's throat as he felt the new weight of his cock and balls. Seeing that it was beginning to get hard, Frank moved his hand to the shaft, and began to stroke it. What had once been 4 inches must now be at least six… moving up to seven… head swelling thicker… shaft pumping fuller… thick veins rising to the surface to feed it… precum leaking from a much larger slit and puddling in the floor. My balls… the must have doubled in size… hanging so low in my growing sack… dark hair erupting… FUCK… cock growing even longer… thicker… must be at least eight inches long… ARGH… body inching taller again… Look at me!! I must be over 6’4!! I must be at least 260 lbs. of thick muscle! As I stretch taller… filling my mirror and outgrowing it!! Cock… stretching longer… thicker… its girth forcing my grip to widen… balls hanging like two large plums… my whole body… FUCK!! Whole body stretching… swelling… growing bigger… and bigger… AND… Frank’s whole body was seized in one giant spasm as it stretched even larger… and then was rocked with the most powerful orgasm he had ever felt. He could barely remain on his feet as he watched his new firehose of a cock send ropes of cum onto the mirror. Stumbling backwards, his cock now spraying the walls and floor, his muscular arm made contact with the window, shattering it instantly. After enduring an earth-shattering orgasm that lasted nearly a minute, Frank began to gain his senses. Looking around, he was shocked to see that cum coated most of the mirror and had landed in massive puddles on the floor. His thick cock began to soften, but not before he took in the immense 10 inches he now possessed. His whole body… he could barely see the whole thing in the full-length mirror! I… I must be 6’6 and over 300 lbs. of Grade A Muscle!! Frank lifted his arms and flexed his massive guns! “Fuck yeah!! Look at me!! I’m fuckin massive!” His own voice shocked him by how deep and masculine it was. Just looking at himself got his cock semi hard again. Rubbing his hands over his pecs, feeling both muscle and hair that had never been there before, he groaned. So much of me… so much… Frank’s whole body shuddered as he heard the familiar cracks and snaps of his body growing taller and wider. The growth was not as intense as the first time, but it was distracting enough not to hear knocking coming from his front door. Still getting bigger… denser… stronger… He could see the hair of his 5 o’clock shadow grow longer and thicker as it grew in around his mouth. Moments later, Fred’s body towered over the 6-foot mirror. 6’8… fuck! I must be 6’8!! Frank had begun to stroke his lengthening cock when through fog of growth heard: “Who the fuck are you?? Where’s Frank?” David… what’s David doing here… I’m… I need to look down to see him! He only comes up to my neck! He’s smaller than me!! So much smaller than me!!! With this realization, Frank’s cock grew instantly rock hard. “Answer me! Where’s Frank?” David tore out of the bathroom calling: “Frank! Frank! Answer me! Are you okay?” When Frank reached over 7 foot and over 380 lbs. of muscle, the growth slowed to a halt again. With his cock leaking pre, Frank tried to clear his mind and handle the shouting David. “Frank! Frank! Just answer me, man!” David tore into the hallway again, coming face to face with the muscle monster. “What the fuck have you done to him?” “I didn’t do anything to him, David…” He only comes up to my shoulders now!! Fuck!! “How do you know my name?” “It’s… It’s me. Frank.” So small… “You think I’m crazy! What the fuck have you done to him?” David raced toward Frank, attempting to restrain him, but Frank now found he could easily lift the punching personal trainer up off the floor. “Listen to me! It’s me! It’s Frank!” David tried to fight again, but he was no match for the naked mountain of muscle. “Calm the fuck down!” Frank shook David until he was finally still and could listen “I’m a scientist… working on gene modification. I experimented on myself… but something’s gone wrong.” Wrong? Has it gone wrong? It feels too good to be wrong. By this time, David had calmed down enough that Frank could set him down again on his feet. “How do you think I can believe something like that? You think I’m crazy?” “I’m telling you the truth. You met me outside tonight… I wasn’t feeling well… you handed me my watch… You called me a hipster because of my short pants… but they weren’t really short. I was just growing. It’s true. I exper…. Fuck… here it comes again… stronger… “ David stood there with his mouth wide opened as he watched the man who called himself Frank begin to grow! David was in awe as Frank's pecs swelled larger than before… growing more mountainous, the space between them growing tighter. Franks whole body was keeping in proportion as he filled the hallway, his head inching closer to the ceiling. His cock! David nearly gasped as he watched it grow even thicker and longer than before. So small… so puny compared to me now! I dwarf him! I… I need to fuck… I need to fuck him! I deserve to fuck him!! I’m the alpha now! As his cock gained more inches in length, Frank tried to calm his thoughts. I… I can’t think like that… It’s the growth… testosterone… changing me… When the episode eventually finished, Frank stood before him, panting. “You… you were so big less than 45 minutes ago. You only come up to my pecs now.” Using his knowledge of anatomy, David took stock of what he saw. “You… you have to be over 7 and a half feet tall and… nearly 500 lbs. of muscle.” Lick my pecs now, David. Suck on my nipples. “The growth is getting stronger each time.” “Fuck! Your biceps… they must be bigger than my head! Your quads… bigger than my waist…. Your cock…”. David looked at his own arm. “Nearly. Nearly as thick as your arm… but not quite.” David was so close… so close Frank could smell the sweat coming from his pores. I could grab him… take him now… who could stop me. “I’m going into the living room. I’m starting to feel kind of constricted in this hallway.” Frank let out a deep bellow. “Never thought I’d say that!” David had to press himself tightly against the wall to let Frank pass. The lamps and ornaments shook as he waked into the living room. Changing… I can feel myself changing each time… I’m scared… but… FUCK!! I feel so alive!!! I’ve grown nearly too large for my hallway!! Even the living room seems so confining with its 15-foot ceilings. Staring at one of his bookcases, Frank lifted his sizable leg and slammed it down onto the floor. This simple movement caused nearly twenty books to fall onto the floor. Just a taste of what I can do. As if brought on by this display of power, Frank began to feel another growth surge grip him. Moving around the room as he proceeded to grow further, he was in shock to witness items like chairs and sofas and floor lamps becoming smaller and smaller. How impractical his four story house was becoming. Frank reached up his arms and found that even with them bent due to his massive biceps, he could nearly touch the ceiling. Almost… almost touch the 15-foot ceiling… just a few feet more… just a few more!!! David heard a low bass chuckle come from within his growing neighbor. It was like a film's special effects. How was it possible that a man could gain so much mass so quickly… grow inches in seconds? I wish it were me, he thought. I wish I could feel this rush of power! What it must feel like to have pecs the size of pillows… a neck thicker than my quad… an 8 pack that looks more like bricks than the human anatomy… even his smell is getting more powerful… his pheromones… his cock… growing even longer… his whole body even hairier… more masculine… A few minutes later, after an orgasm that forced Frank to let out a bellow that rocked the windows, the growth stopped. The smell of both Frank’s cum and musk were filling the room. Catching his breath, Frank called out: “How big do you think I got this time?” “Fuck if I know… eight and a half feet… maybe nine… it’s so hard to tell… you’re just so wide!” Frank moved closer to David, using him as a frame of reference. “You only come up to my abs. If you’re 6’2… I must be nearly nine feet tall. If I am, we should be in luck. There might be only one more growth spell after this. I programmed my DNA for a height of 9.4 feet.” “I feel so tiny next to you! Besides how tall you are, you have to be over 500 lbs. of muscle. Probably closer to 700! Damn!! One of your feet is nearly longer than both of mine end to end!! Amazing!” “I am bigger than I imagined… more muscular than my hypothesis… but remarkable for the first human test.” Frank couldn't help but flex his different muscle groups for his neighbor and couldn’t help seeing the tenting in his pants. Maybe he is gay! Even straight, who could resist this! Using knowledge from a lifetime of being a spectator of bodybuilding and physique shows, Frank went into a most muscular pose. David had to stand back as the massive wall of muscle nearly hit him. “Beautiful!” “Yes! I feel stronger than I ever have in my life… more powerful… more…FUCK!!!” As if brought on by his flexing, Frank began to grow and swell again. This time… the force came more powerful than ever before. From within… Frank could hear his muscle fibers ripping… healing… and strengthening. His bones were snapping and reforming bigger… longer… and stronger. “This… so… powerful… the… last… one…” David watched as Frank rolled his head back, but his rising traps prevented it from going very far. Bigger… larger…weightier… taller… and more immense Frank grew. Frank tried to take stock of each body part’s augmentation, but he kept getting lost in the euphoric waves that came with the growth. Drool fell from his mouth into his thickening and lengthening beard as Frank grew. Finally, just as it started… it began to fade away. David felt the first rope of cum hit him in the chest like a slap. The second, third, and fourth soon followed, dousing him in thick cum. After about the thirtieth explosion from his cock, Frank began to speak “How big?” “I… I only come up to your cock now! You… you have to be at least ten feet tall and a thousand pound of muscle!” Just saying the words caused David to cum in his own pants. Seeing this, Frank grinned at the power the sight of his body now had. “Much bigger than anticipated… but that last surge has to have been the last. It was the most powerful yet.” “You’re nearly as wide as that wall!” “Nearly. Having trouble seeing over my own pecs! How’s it looking down there?” Frank grinned as he watched David take in his body again. “Simply… incredible! I… I can’t get enough of it!” Moving forward, as if under a spell, David raised his arm and reached out to touch Frank’s body for the first time. As flesh touched flesh, David pulled his hand away as if burnt. “I’m… I’m sorry…” “Don’t be. Go on. I was enjoying that.” Once again, David stepped towards Frank and extended his hand. To David, the skin was so smooth, yet so rough. He had touched other men in the past… and other women… but this man… he was nothing like the rest. He was new… improved. “I love your body hair. I love how it grows… so thick on your face… down your neck… coating your chest… your abs… Tentatively, he ran his hands over the muscle beast’s abs, stroking the ridges and dips of such plated perfection. “You’ve become so… enormous…” David took his hand and could actually fit it between Frank’s abs. “I… I never imagined someone could make me feel so pathetic… so weak…” David looked up at Frank. “You should be worshiped… I feel like I need to worship you…”. David moved his hands over Frank’s abs, down his massive quads, and toward the elephantine cock that was hard once again. More commanding than he ever assumed he could be, Frank said: “Do it! Worship me. I deserve to be worshipped! It was my intellect that enabled me to grow larger and more powerful than any human. My theory was right… and soon the world will look at me in awe… just like you right now.” Inhaling deeply, David took in the strong scent of Frank’s musk. “You… you smell like a real man… you smell of power… strength… might… stronger than a group of men in a locker room.” Frank lifted his arms up and flexed his biceps. The hair in his pits had grown like a dense forest… so thick and dark. Frank licked his lips as he felt his cock reach its full state of erection. A large glob of precum squeezed itself out of this slit and fell to the floor. Moving his hand to Frank’s cock, David felt how hot and hard it was. The scent rising up from Frank’s balls caused a hunger to grow within David as he moved his mouth over to Frank’s 13-inch cock and began to lick it. Frank groaned loudly as he felt the tongue rub up against his sensitive flesh. “Lick my balls.” Filled with an untapped desire, David did as he was told and kneeled down till he was in position to where the massive sack was in front of him. Hungrily, David began to lick and massage Frank’s baseball sized balls. David was shocked that being so close he could actually hear them churning… so filled with cum. “Suck it.” “I… can’t… I… It’s so big…” “Do it!” Tentatively, David moved himself in front of Frank’s bobbing cock, and proceeded to open up wide and take titanic member into this mouth. Knowing David might need some coaching, Frank took his hand and placed it on the back of his head; forcing David to go further down on his cock. David gagged, but he refused to give up such a trophy. Frank, feeling a fever rise up from within him, began to buck his hips back and forth, forcing his cock deeper and deeper down David’s throat. Looking down again, Frank watched as David took his own hard cock out and began to sporadically jerk himself off. Tiny. Probably only seven inches! Pathetic. As David took more and more of Frank, he began to hear a deep rumbling coming from Frank’s body once again. As if aware of what David was thinking, Frank said: “No… can’t be… it should have run it’s course… But… Growing… Growing again…” Frank’s sudden surge forced his cock deeper into David’s throat. David could feel it begin to lengthen and thicken in his mouth. I must be asleep, he thought, I must be dreaming. There’s no way this can actually be happening!! Suddenly, without touching himself, David began to cum when he realized he could feel Frank’s growing cock, of its own accord, extend further down his throat. Just as powerful… growing… larger… hairier… more primal… something… something must have gone wrong… growing much more than any calculations… Frank felt David sucking on his cock… worshiping him… Will the world worship… or fear me? Do I care? “Neck… column of muscle… shoulders… broader than any door… beard so thick.. power… fire… filling whole body… filling every vein… feeding every muscle… igniting every bone… gaining more and more mass and size!!! So… much… POWER!!!” As the top of Frank’s head smacked into the ceiling above, he began to fuck David’s face with more and more vigor. Another growth spurt forced Frank to bend his neck against the hard expanse of the ceiling. Over 15 feet tall. I’m taller than my living room!! Frank felt his balls rise up in his sack. Grabbing David’s head with both hands, he began to feed the personal trainer rope after rope of cum. David bucked and tried to pull away, but he was no match for Frank’s strength. It was not pity that forced Frank to let go of David, but another surge which sent his head up and through the ceiling, and into the bedroom above. Frank roared as David fell onto his ass, rope after rope of cum coating his chest and face once again. Frank ‘s head tore further into the bedroom, followed by his shoulders. Large portions of the ceiling rained down on both Frank and David, forcing the neighbor to take cover. Still, he grew… into the guest bedroom his head rose… and only began to fade once his neck and shoulders had torn through the ceiling, taking down lamp fixtures and some of the heating duct of the old house. A few moments later, both the growth surge and Frank’s orgasm began to subside. As his cock deflated, Frank had to laugh. Gently bending his knees, Frank pulled his expansive shoulders, his thick neck, and his gargantuan head out of the fissure in the ceiling above him. Then, with a crash that shook the foundation, Frank sat down on his knees “That’s the most you’ve grown so far in one go! You have to be… I’d say… nearly 19 feet tall and over 3500 lbs of muscle! I… I only come up to your knee now!” David observed the gargantuan man, taking in biceps that had to be over 3 feet around… a chest over 10 feet wide… his quads and waist… both thicker than David was tall! His cock… that alone had to be over 14” and thicker than a beer can! Heat and musk radiated from the giant, and all David could think of was having the massive man grab him and fuck him. “I need your help.” Frank’s voice had gotten much deeper and louder. It sounded to David like it was attached to a speaker, but he knew Frank was just talking in his normal voice… he was just so big now…. “I need you to go upstairs into my bedroom… it’s the one on the right at the top of the stairs. Go and bring the laptop back that has COLIN printed in black on the cover. It should be next to my bed. GO!!” David ran out of the room. What could have gone wrong with my calculations? The rats only grew to the height we specified, but I’m almost 10 feet taller than my input. I’m nearly as tall as a house! FUCK!! A house!! David was quickly back with the silver laptop. “Good. Turn it on. You’ll need to hold it up to me for a retina scan.” David did as he was told, still amazed that he wasn’t dreaming. The retina scan didn’t work at first, but after trial and error with David standing closer or further away, they were in. “Now… when prompted… type: 8849 m 27.9881 N 86.9250E.” David followed orders and was rewarded with the black screen turning blue. The program went through a few minutes of a boot-up process before arriving at his virtual lab computer. “Let me see the screen. Fuck!! It’s too small. You’ll have to do it. Read to me the stats that are being transmitted to the nanobots.” “It says… it keeps changing. Umm… 985,432,573 feet… 998,764,457 feet… 1,174,432,567 feet.” “Enough!” A cold sweat began to coat Frank’s naked body. “COLIN, explain… argh…”. A wave of growth slammed into Frank again forcing his kneeling body to take up more and more room. His head inched up again as his upper body filled the wall of the living room, knocking the wide screen TV to the floor. As his back grew closer to the hole in the ceiling, Frank crouched down further to prevent himself taking down the entire thing. Just as he was prepared to tear through the ceiling, a shuttering and cracking was felt beneath him as the floor disintegrated around him, dropping him 10 feet into the unfinished basement. As Frank’s body slammed into the ground below, the whole foundation of the house shook. The house fell into darkness. Moving as carefully as he could to the giant filled crater in the floor, David approached the mammoth man. Where he had been immense before… now Frank crouched down below, an imposing, gargantuan figure. Breathless, Frank called out, “COLIN. Current stars of Subject FA001. Height and weight.” “Current stats of Subject FA001 are 24 feet and nine inches. Weight is 17290.84lbs.” David wasn’t sure if he was more in awe of Frank’s body, that was now nearly taking up two stories, or the computer voice that sounded nearly human. “Why such variance from initial height/weight input.” “No variance.” “Initial input was 9 feet and 4 inches with body muscle mass of 830 lbs. with growth over 18 months. Why the variance?” The computer took a few moments to speak again: “No variance. Subject was analyzed to match subjects’ intents.” “Subject FA001 input was 9’4 and 850 lbs. of muscle. Therefore, this was subjects’ intent. I am questioning this logic.” “Subject’s input was illogical compared to subjects’ true intent. The room was still. “List Subjects projection is 18 months.” “Subject projection… 1,985,468,758 feet. 2,105,437,558 feet. 2,476,375,889 feet. 2,756,556,8345 feet.” “That’s… that’s further from Earth to the moon.” David’s words rang in Frank’s ears. “3,374,364,765 feet. 3,667,375,775 feet.” “COLIN. Halt list. That’s why I’m growing so fast. The transmission to the nanobots… it’s constantly changing… and they keep altering my DNA to keep... FUCK!!” David watched as Frank’s whole body tensed and flexed… the burning filling all bone and muscle fibre. As each second passed, Frank felt more and more mass piling onto his body. In his hands, he felt his cock grow even longer and thicker… his entire body filling up the entirety of the basement and now moving once again closer to the ceiling. David almost had to cover his ears to handle the sounds of bones breaking, stretching, and lengthening as his body became more titanic. Frank nearly lost all track of time as he was embraced by the fire of growth. The sensation was now stronger than it had ever been. All he could feel was the sensation of his body gaining more and more mass. To David, all he took in was Frank’s mandible cracking and squaring off, all the hair on his body grew longer and thicker, and his eyes became deeper set. As Frank’s head and back erupted through the ceiling, bedroom furniture began to fall into the room below. The whole house shook as the living room was torn to pieces. Frank’s foot ripped one wall down, while his upper body demolished the ceiling. The whole house was falling apart around David, but he protected himself and the computer by running to the bathroom. After several minutes, all David could hear was Frank’s panting breath and heart beating loudly. David moved through the rubble to the incredible sight of Frank’s crouching body taking up the entirety of the basement, the living room (which was the largest room in the four-story house) and expanding up to the room above. “SUBJECT FA001 STATS: HEIGHT AND WEIGHT.” Franks voice was now hundreds of decibels louder than before.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 39.9 feet in height… 71,143.74 lbs.” “Your foot… your foot’s bigger than me, Frank. 40 feet tall. Fuck! One more growth spurt… I don’t think this house will be able to take it.” “HALT…HALT TRANSMISSION TO NANO TECHNOLOGY.” “Transmission cannot be halted.” “HALT TRANSMISSION TO NANO TECHNOLOGY!!” “Transmission cannot be halted. Subject does not desire transmission to be halted.” “SUBJECT WISHES TRANSMISION TO NANO TECHNOLOGY TO BE HALTED!” Frank could feel the surge brewing once again within him. “SUBJECT DESIRES TRANSMISION TO NANO TECHNOLOGY TO BE HALTED! SUBJECT WISHES… AWW FUCK…” Frank felt his body flex and swell, growing more massive by the second. His shoulder knocked down the wall between the upstairs guest bedroom room and the hallway. Barely felt that. This house won’t keep me prisoner for long…. Soon the world will see me… They’ll know me and they’ll fear me! Thinking this fact turned Frank on more than he imagined. When he was worshiping me…. It felt right… I deserved to be worshiped… Imagine hundreds of David’s worshiping me.” Frank opened his eyes, his body gripped in the throws of a power greater than himself, and he witnessed David so far below, cowering in the bathroom… looking so insignificant… so weak… All I’d need to do now is grab him and I could break him into pieces with one hand. Thoughts like these flew through him as his head approached the ceiling right below the attic. After that… there would only be 8 more feet before his head smashed through the roof. When he grew up in this house as a child, he had always through it so massive… so over whelming. Now it was like a dollhouse to him. Who would have thought that one day his body would be tearing it to the ground. A final surge of growth took down most of the electrics in the house, plunging it and David into total darkness. All David could now see was a shadows massive mound of limbs, ass, torso, and cock. Hair grew from the body like high grass grows off a mountain. There was now simply too much of Frank for David to even think of him as human. When he spoke again “SUBJECT FA001 STATS: HEIGHT AND WEIGHT.” Frank spoke and the very walls shook. Brickwork began to crumble from the exterior of the house, and shingles fell from the gabled roof. “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 55.2 feet in height…188,380.82 lbs. Phase Two will begin at 75 feet in height.” “EXPLAIN STAGE TWO… THERE IS NO STAGE TWO.” Frank tried his best to look at the tiny figure of David holding the computer down below, but his pecs were too large now to give him the desired view. “Stage Two was devised out of necessity. Stage Two will enable full metamorphosis.” “Full metamorphosis? What does it mean, Frank.” David spoke, but Frank could now barely hear him… he sounded so small and far away. From within, Frank’s heart began to beat faster. The pounding caused the very building to pulse. “LIST SUBJECTS PROJECTION 25 MONTHS FROM NOW.” “Subject FA001 Projections in 25 months.” The computer was silent for nearly a minute… Frank’s heart beat the only sound echoing through the house. “Subject FA001 Projections in 25 months is 38 billion light years across.” The room was silent. David was the first to speak. “38 billion light years across? There must be something wrong with this thing’s calculations! There’s no way…” “NOTHING’S WRONG WITH COLIN’S CALCULATIONS. IN 25 MONTHS, I WILL BE LARGER THAN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE. ISN’T THAT CORRECT, COLIN? MY GROWTH WILL TAKE UP… EVERYTHING. “That is correct. In 26 Months… Subject FA001 will take up 43 billion light years. In 27 months… Subject FA001 will take up 51 billion light years.” “PHASE TWO. DESCRIBE PHASE TWO.” “Subject FA001 will experience full evolutionary objective.” “AND THE OBJECTIVE?” “To exist as infinity and beyond. This was subjects’ intent since The Program…” “COLIN. STOP. “That’s not possible… there’s no way someone can just become infinity.” David’s head swam. This was all becoming too much for him to comprehend. “COLIN… VOICE DEACTIVATED. I PREFER NO SPOILERS WITH MY ASCENSION.” Frank took a deep breath and took in his view… and imagined the view in 10 minutes… 30 minutes… 30 days. He was soon to experience what no one could even imagine. “WOULD YOU CALL ME IMPOSSIBLE? TO ME NOW… YOU ARE THE IMPOSSIBILITY. HOW DOES MANKIND CONTINUE TO SURVIVE BEING SO SMALL… SO FEEBLE… SO HELPLESS? ALL JUST ANTS… CRAWLING AROUND ON THE SURFACE OF…” Frank could feel the familiar rumbling of a growth surge hitting his body. “DID YOU EVER THINK THAT… OH YEAH… HERE IT COMES AGAIN… THAT TONIGHT… YOU WOULD WITNESS THE BIRTH OF SUCH POWER???” David was amazed how deep Frank’s voice grew as the surge took hold. “MY BODY… EVERY ORGAN… GROWING LARGER… MORE TREMENDOUS… MIGHTIER… NOW THAT I’VE ACCEPTED IT, DAVID… YOU CAN’T KNOW HOW MUCH I WANT THIS!!! Frank laughed as his entire body began to shake causing the house to begin to fall apart around him. Frank’s head rose closer to the wooden beams, his massive form filling the entire attic. David had to cover his ears as the booming fracturing sounds of bones came from Frank’s body. Shoulders that were already broader than anyone could imagine, began spread even broader. Through gritted teeth, Frank called down to David: “HITTING 57 FEET… 58…” Frank let out a loud moan as his lats grew even wider, forcing his arms to rise up, knocking down walls in their path. Grabbing COLIN, David ran for the front door. How long had it been since he had naively crossed that threshold. David didn’t even think twice about being half naked and covered in dry cum as he ran out into the cold night. Believe me, he thought, the world will have much more to worry about than me in a few minutes! Running across the street, David opened COLIN and was glad to see that it was still working. The ground shook as the Gothic house began to rupture. As Frank’s enormous quads began to grow even thicker, they began to tear down the foundation. Tired of existing in such an awkward position for so long, Frank began to stand. This motion propelled his rising body through the attic… through the roof… and into the dark night sky. Frank continued to grow as he took stock of the tiny world around him. “I KNOW YOU’RE STILL HERE, DAVID! I WANT YOU TO KNOW HOW INCREDIBLE IT ALL LOOKS…THE NEIGHBORHOOD... LIKE A MINATURE TRAIN SET. SO… FRAGILE…” David could see Frank’s trunk slowly growing longer, forcing his entire body to inch up further and further. Although still trying to speak, Frank was wrapped up in a mix of pain and pleasure as his spine and backbone stretched… cracked… and then proceeded to grow larger vertebra. At the same time, Frank’s abs grew even thicker and more immense than anything David could imagine was humanly possible. He’s growing beyond human comprehension…. his anatomy changing to accommodate his future… Frank roared as his abs ballooned even further and modified themselves into an explosive 12 pack. He looks like a Barbarian God come to destroy us all! David looked down at COLIN to take in Frank’s stats. “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 76.8 feet in height…507,343.04 lbs. Phase Two initiated.” The ground shook as Frank began to walk. Sally-Anne Worth who lived a few houses down came out of her front door, took stock of the mountainous Frank, and screamed. Frank simply laughed, but his cock hardened at the sound of such terror coming from a simple view of his new form. Frank wondered how much time had passed since this journey had begun. It’s only taken less than five hours for me to become the formidable beast that stands before the world. How colossal I must look… how immense. “TONIGHT… YOU ARE WITNESS’ TO ABSOLUTE… YES!!! MORE!!!” Frank flexed every muscle in his body for the people below. As he held this, his body began to quake once again. Within seconds… his neighborhood… his world… was growing smaller and smaller. As his body grew larger and more and more like a living skyscraper, Frank stroked his hefty cock. Filled with ecstasy, Frank began to destroy everything that was below him. I can feel deep within me a change is happening… soon… very soon… in less than a day I will grow so humongous… so mountainous that I care less and less about the world. Stomping on everything below, leaning over and using his hands like a steam shovel, Frank went into a frenzy demolishing everything that lay before him. Every couple of minutes he would stop and continue stroking his lengthening cock, laughing, and relishing in the panic and terror his destruction was causing the people below. Just when David thought Frank couldn’t get any bigger, he exploded with more and more size. He had now grown so large… his cock so titanic… his body covered with a roadmap of veins… Looking at COLIN, David took in Frank’s new stats: “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 92.8 feet in height…895,080 lbs. I need to get out of here… but where would I go? Soon… he’ll be everywhere. David took a breath and sat down on the ground, whipped out his cock, and began to jerk off watching Frank grow more monstrous. Hell… might as well be here at Ground Zero!!! Frank stoked his cock, feeling every part of his body reshaping and retooling themselves for his journey into infinity and beyond. Every nerve ending in his body was setting off wave after wave of euphoric pleasure as if he now existed as one mighty cock. That appendage had now grown so long and thick, and sent elephantine drops of pre below. Suddenly, panting harder and harder, his whole body shook with an orgasm to rival Mount Vesuvius, letting loose hundreds of gallons of cum onto the ants below. “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 113.6 feet in height…1,641,923.87 lbs.” “FINALLY!!! FINALLY, I KNOW WHAT I WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE!! NONE OF YOU CAN IMAGINE HOW INCREDIBLE IT FEELS TO BE THIS HUGE… HOW FREEING… HOW… YES!!!! WATCH ME GROW EVER MORE EMMENSE. THIS WILL NEVER STOP… AND I AM GLAD! SO… GLAD!!!!!!” Frank’s voice had gotten so deep that the sounds that were now emanating from his throat resembled more of a thunderous rumbling than a human voice. Just by speaking, Frank now caused everything below to tremble Frank speaking caused everything below him to shake. Growing further, Frank was going beyond the pure masculinity he possessed… going deeper into something new. “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 122.5 feet in height…2,058,857.50 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 129.9 feet in height…2,454,965.97 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 136.6 feet in height…2,854,763.40 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 142.9 feet in height…3,268,245.88 lbs.” “GROWTH… MORE INTENSE… HAPPENING FASTER THAN BEFORE… AGH!!!" “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 157.4 feet in height…4,367,492.89 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 168.7 feet in height…5,377,287.67 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 177.5 feet in height…6,263,442.50 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 184.6 feet in height…7,045,520.98 lbs.” FADING… FOR THE MOMENT… CLEAR MY HEAD… SO MUCH POWER… SO MUCH STRENGHT… SO GODLIKE! I NEVER IMAGINED IT WOULD FEEL LIKE THIS… HOW WILL I FEEL… WHEN I FILL ALL OF THE KNOWN UNIVERSE… AND KEEP GROWING AND GROWING FOR… YES!!! GROWING… FOR… INFINITY… “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 223.9 feet in height… 12,571,303.27 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 347.1 feet in height…46,836,222.84 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 496.3 feet in height…136,914,942.47 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 531.1 feet in height…167,782,602.66 lbs.” SHOOTING UP LIKE AN ELEVATOR. MUSCLES SWELLING EVEN THICKER AS I GET TALLER… LATS… TRAPS…DELTS… SO WIDE… MORE LIKE A HUMAN SHELL THAN A BACK… FEET TAKING UP BLOCKS… CARS… TRUCKS… PEOPLE… LIKE DUST… NEED TO PISS!! FORCE OF STREAM CAUSING TRUCKS TO TOPPLE BACKWARD OVER EACH OTHER…STREAM TAKING DOWN HIGHWAY AND BRIDGES BELOW…MY PISS… DROWINING PEOPLE… MY PISS… A MEANS OF DESTRUCTION… I AM A MEANS OF DESTRUCTION!!!! “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 618.2 feet in height… 26,4609,251.84 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 707.4 feet in height… 395,623,053.32lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 819.3 feet in height…615,952,024.86 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 1013.9 feet in height…1,167,356,193.49 lbs.” GROWTH SLOWS… STOPS… TAKE A DEEP BREATH… FIND I DON’T NEED TO… NO LONGER NEED TO BREATH… MUST BE PART OF PHASE TWO…HOW MANY PHASES DID YOU PLAN, COLIN? WHEN I REACH INFINITY…. WHAT WILL I BE? I WALK… MY FOOTSTEPS KILL HUNDREDS… MY COCK HARDENS… I MUST BE AS TALL AS THE EMPIRE STATE BULDING NOW. WISH I DIDN’T LIVE IN SUCH A RURAL AREA…. WOULD LOVE TO DEMOLISH A LARGER CITY. BEARD TRAILS DOWN OVER PECS… HAIR ON TOP OF HEAD… DOWN TO SHOULDERS… THERE MUST BE A BETTER WORD FOR MAN SINCE I AM BEYOND BEING JUST A MAN… UB…UB… FUCK YES… TAKE ME… GROW ME… UBERMENSCH…. SUPERMAN. “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 1,199.6 feet in height… 1,933,425,285.05 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 1,274.7 feet in height… 2,319,754,255.53 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 1,419.8 feet in height… 3,205,527,730.04 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 1,620.3 feet in height… 4,764,357,245.12 lbs.” GROUND CRACKS AND BUCKLES BENEATH MY FEET. HOW MUCH MUST I WEIGHT… TRY LOOKING UP… HEAD MOVES BARELY AT ALL… PRISONER OF MY TRAPS…. SMALL FLIES BUZZ PAST MY HEAD… THEY HAVE COME TO FIGHT BACK… TO TRY AND DESTROY ME. THEY SHOOT PINS AT ME WHICH BOUNCE OFF AND FALL TO THE GROUND. I LEAP UP IN THE AIR AND BACK DOWN… I WATCH EVERYTHING COLLAPSE FOR MILES… FIRES BURN… I GROW. AGAIN… “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 1,890.6 feet in height… 7,568,624,919.99 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 2,200.1 feet in height… 11,927,386,313.92 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 2,551.9 feet in height… 18,612,682,898.16 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 2,847.3 feet in height… 25,853,402,467.0 lbs.” I’LL NEVER FUCK A MAN… BUT I WILL FUCK PLANETS… MY BALLS ARE CHURNING MORE… MAKING ME HORNIER… HOW DID I EVER DENY MYSELF THESE FEELINGS OF SUPERIORITY… ALL OF MY LIFE I LIVED AS A TINY NOTHING…. NOW I WILL BE EVERYTHING… QUADS HAVE GROWN SO MUCH LARGER… BOWLEGGED NOW WHEN I WALK… I LOVE HOW IT FEELS… WITH EACH SURGE… BODY ADAPTING ITSELF… FEET GROWING THICKER… WAIST EXPANDING… MUSCLES SO DENSE… PECS… PECS SWELLING… YOU WOULD…. YOU WOULD THINK I WOULD BE USED…USED TO THE SURGES… BY… NOW!!!!!!! “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 3982.8 feet in height… 70,759,298,390.54 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 5173.4 feet in height… 155,076,574,368.69 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 7833.2 feet in height… 538,313,992,171.61 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 10190.9 feet in height… 1,185,374,670,180.30 lbs.” I AM A GOD. I STAND AMONG THE CLOUDS. DELTOIDS GROWING ROUNDER… THICKER… FULLER… MORE DEFINED… MY SHOULDERS STRETCH ON FOREVER… NECK… MY NECK… IT IS JUST A PIECE OF MY CHEST NOW… AS THICK AS MY TRAPS… DIFFICULT TO MOVE MY HEAD… MUST TURN WHOLE BODY… CAN NO LONGER SEE BELOW… I DON’T CARE… BELOW IS UNIMPORTANT… ALL THAT IS IMPORTANT… IS… THE… GROWTH... “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 13288.1 feet in height… 2,627,886,996,620.3 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 22449.7 feet in height… 12,672,130,832,269.9 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 58229.6 feet in height… 2.213,080,486,533 E+14 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 99191.3 feet in height… 1.0,930,468,301,992 E+15 lbs.” FACE… CRACKS… SPLITS… MUSCLES IN MY FACE… EXPANDING… REFORMING TO KEEP IN PROPORTION TO MY BODY. I WANT TO GRAB MY FACE… BICEPS… BICEPS SO COLOSSAL IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BEND MY ARMS VERY MUCH… I TRY TO TOUCH MY FACE… MY BODY… ALL I AM IS MUSCLE… BULGING…. FLEXING… TREMORING MUSCLE. BODY… BODY SHAKING AGAIN… LATS SWELL… ARMS RISE UP FROM MY SIDES… SO MUCH MASS BEING ADDED TO MY FRAME… ARMS WILL NEVER REST AT MY SIDES AGAIN… RIBS!!! RIB CAGE EXPANDING… BREAKING… EXPANDING… ADDING MORE LANDSCAPE TO GROW MORE MUSCLE ON… MY PECS SWELL EVEN MORE TITANIC. “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 140,330 feet in height… 3.095937468094 E+15 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 188,556 feet in height… 7.5082563545736E+15 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 237,,992 feet in height… 1.5097502100459E+16 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 380449 feet in height… 6.1674745121538E+16 lbs.” DARKNESS IS FALLING ALL AROUND ME. BELOW ME… NOT IMPORTANT… ABOVE ME… I WILL DISCOVER SOON… IN FRONT OF ME… TURNING FROM BLUE…. TO WHITE… TO GREY… I AM STANDING ON THE EARTH… AND MY HEAD IS RISING INTO SPACE. I AM UNABLE TO COMPREHEND THE MAGNITUDE OF HOW IMMENSE I AM… I AM A MOUNTAIN… TALLER THAN A MOUNTAIN… THERE CAN BE NO NAME FOR WHAT I AM. AM I A GIANT… NO… IVE GROWN BEYOUND THAT… I BREATHE IN MY OWN TESTOSTERONE FUELED SCENT… I CAN FEEL THE SURGE COMING AGAIN… INCHING CLOSER… I FEEL MY BALLS…. PULLING DOWN ON MY SACK… MY WHOLE BODY COVERED IN THICK DARK HAIR… MY BEARD… SO DENSE… SO LONG… “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 590,845 feet in height… 2.3101422167891E+17lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 680,330 feet in height… 3.6685932407291E+17 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 991,558 feet in height… 1.0918736645073E+18 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 2,477,991 feet in height… 1.7041923692805E+22 lbs.” MY WHOLE BODY BEGINS TO PULSATE… I THINK THIS IS IT… CAN IT BE… AM I ARRIVING TO CONTINUAL GROWTH FOREVER. THIS MORNING… I AWOKE AS FRANCES ALEXANDER ALBERTA… I WAS 5’6” IN HEIGHT…I WEIGHTED 147 LBS… MY ARMS AND LEGS WERE LIKE STICKS… AGE HAD TAKEN ITS TOLL…NOW I… YES… THIS IS IT… THIS IS WHAT I HAVE WAITED MY LIFE FOR… CONTINUAL GROWTH… FOR ETERNITY… FOREVER IN THIS ORGASMIC RUSH OF GROWTH… IT IS BLACK AROUND ME… BUT AS I SWELL I CAN SEE THE STARS… YES… IT IS STRONGER THAN IT EVER WAS BEFORE… TAKING UP SO MUCH SPACE… TALLER… HEAVIER… BALLS GROWING LARGER… COCK GROWING LONGER… EVERY MUSCLE PUSATING… EVERY MUSCLE ALIVE… I CAN FEEL THE EARTH BEGINNING TO CRUMBLE BENEATH ME… MY CHEST… SO BIG… SO WIDE… SO HAIRY… CONTINUAL GROWTH… I HAVE REACHED IT… NEVER WILL I STOP… IN 18 MONTHS I WILL REACH INFINITY… I WILL BE INFINITY… AND BEYOND… “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 58,118,338 feet in height… 2.1986575008015E+23 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: 99,417,558 feet in height… 1.1005437117003e+25 lbs.” “Subject Fa001 Stats, height and weight: GROWTH TOO CONSTANT TO MEASURE. And still… forever… Frank grew.
  9. NTMuscle

    Big Mick (pt.16 1/18/23) Completed

    Had this idea for awhile, I think I may continue it but I hope you all like it! Big Mick I couldn’t believe it. My favorite muscle guy, the source of many jerking sessions, the person I desired to build towards and look like in my own city just suddenly vanished without a trace. His posts just stopped on social media, his only fans page went dark everything surrounding Big Mick just vanished. Luckily I saved and downloaded a lot of content so my sessions and lust for this behemoth of a man of muscle can continue. They didn’t call him Big Mick for nothing either. He stood 6’4 and weighed closed to 400lbs of muscle. Last recorded weight he did showed he was at 393.5lbs and he was eagerly awaiting until the scale tipped that 400 mark. He had less than 10% bodyfat so he was for the most part pure muscle. If you were able to see my favorite photo of Big Mick you would see why I just love everything about him. He is standing in front of a doorway not even flexing but is wider than the doorway with no shirt on. Traps rising up to the bottom of his ears, back and lats so wide that for him to be able to walk through the doorway it would need to be two and a half times wide but even then, I think his massive shoulders and triceps would still brush up against the doorframe. Then there are his biceps with a thick vein running down the middle of each feeding his meaty forearms. Again remember he isn’t flexing he is just standing there with a smirk on his face and a look in his eyes knowing that you are jerking off to him. Then his pecs, man listen you wanna talk about a pec shelf, in other photos I have he placed an entire 6 pack of soda along his pec shelf just to show how large he was and they also cast a shadow on two and a quarter of his solid 8-pack abs but in this photo he really has a 10-pack but it is hidden. I will get to that in a minute though. His pecs also were sporting 2 large fat nipples that you could see pointing downward but you could see some of the areola but if his pecs got any larger then you would only be able to see them from below. Mick was also sporting calves so large you could see them bulging from both sides of his lower legs each with a thick vein running on the side of them. They probably would touch if his quads weren’t so massive which caused him to have to stand in a wide stance as they stretched the fabric of his shorts to the max exposing all the striations in his legs which leads me to his massive balls that would also prevent him from walking normally. Funny he had his shorts on just right so you could see them perfectly almost as if they were exposed. Now you can’t really see his last 2 abs because they are pretty low near the crotch area and the fact cock was at full attention and slightly tilted to the side with his cock head brushing up against one of his fat nipples leaking precum. Again, probably my absolute favorite picture of him and actually I need to take just a minute to clean up because it’s just so enticing. There is another of him turning sideways trying to fit through the doorway and he stops in the perfect spot where the doorframe is digging in his muscled ass crack and the cleavage of his pecs while fighting his massive back and quads just amazing. Yes, there are videos too of Big Mick having worship sessions, showing off feats of strength, flexing out of clothes, as he continued to grow bigger and stronger. All of that greatness just gone. Some say it was because of all the roids and other things he took to get that big because it was just unnatural to be so big. Of course there is no such thing as too big. Granted I’m not as tall as Big Mick and not even half his size but hell I wouldn’t mind having a body like that or participating in a session but he is just gone. A couple of die hard fans found where he was “last seen” to go see if there were any clues about his whereabouts and found nothing. Some even when to his last known address and saw nothing but an abandoned house. After some time they gave up but when I saw the address of the house I had to go see where it was especially since it wasn’t that long of a drive just to be in the area of his presence even if it was formerly. I made it to the house and true to form, it was abandoned, and pretty quiet around so I figured why not see what’s inside maybe there’s something left in the house that they didn’t take. I walked in and it was pretty dusty even after all this time it had the smell of musk and cum like it was fresh. I looked around and saw empty bottles, some syringes, and pills. Guess he did take some enhancements but again who cared clearly it didn’t have a negative impact on him because his still had a big cock and was massive so no harm no foul. I went down the hall and into what I presume was his bedroom which was a treasure trove of mementos. I recognized the tank tops from some of his videos, some jockstraps, posers, all sorts of things. Made me wonder why nobody even looked in here until I heard something move. Then a faint sound of something enough to make me wanna just drop everything and leave which is probably what everyone else did and probably said the place was haunted. Haunted yeah right but leaving did sound like a good idea but curiosity got the better of me. The sound stopped so I shrugged it off and continued to grab things I wanted to remember Big Mick with. Even went into other rooms and noticed a sign next to a door that said gym. Hell since I’m the only one here I just put everything down that I had on a chair and was ready to explore this gym. I opened the door and was immediately hit with an extreme smell of musk and cum looking at the stairs to go down. As I started to descend the stairs I heard the sound again but paid it no mind because the entire basement was a gym for the ages, I was so distracted that I didn’t notice the sounds growing louder until eventually something fell over in a corner. I moved back a few steps to readjust to what I was seeing. It looked like a large entryway but blocked by something. Of course I see a back door to leave and act like this never happened but once again curiosity got the better of me. I slowly move closer to the blocked off area and as I did the whole house shook like it was struck by an earthquake. As I moved closer to the blockage I noticed it was moving and touched the wall. As soon as I made contact, a loud and deep rumble of a voice said “Who’s there” that I felt in my chest. I froze in place speechless. The voice said “I know someone is there I felt your touch, listen I’m Big Mick, I had a freak accident of an overdose of a cocktail and got stuck, please please go upstairs and make a hole where you hear me thumping.” Still in somewhat of a shock I went upstairs and did what Big Mick asked. I couldn’t believe that Big Mick was still alive, but I was curious as to how, its been awhile but I’m sure that will come soon enough. I made the opening where I heard the thumping. He must have been trying to do this for awhile because it didn’t take much effort. Soon the opening was big enough to see his face and it sure was Big Mick but way bigger and sadly fatter than I remember. He thanked me for this and figured I had a ton of questions and I had time so explained everything. Big Mick was in fact not natural, he made a concoction for himself years ago. Apparently he used to be close in size to me when it all began. This concoction accelerated his growth and essentially gave him another puberty if you will where started growing taller but lankier. He then started working out and saw that he put on muscle pretty easily and then started taking protein powders, creatine, and even roids to see how they would impact him and the results were phenomenal as we all know. He was raking in tons of money, making appearances, loved worship sessions everything. He loved it all so much he was no longer content with just trying to be 400lbs he just wanted to be more than everything a modern real life Hercules or Incredible Hulk. Then the idea hit him why not take another mix of his concoction, he had the recipe still and if one instance did this he fantasized what another dose would do. He wrote down everything he did to get to his current size even after he took his concoction so it shouldn’t be hard to replicate. Big Mick told me of how he dreamed of outgrowing his car, his house, and eventually just becoming a muscle god to all of us and that’s where it all went wrong. He took a second dose and instantly things started to change. He was inching up taller and started swelling. He went downstairs to the room he was stuck in now to see himself change in all the mirrors. But then things went south. His increased mass soon started to turn soft and flabby. His balls grew to reach the floor as did his cock grow over his pecs. He was amazed at the sight and feeling of that but soon felt his once 10-pack abs turn into a big glob of fat and push against his now growing cock and figured he needed to do something about it but couldn’t move like he thought as he wasn’t used to his new size and girth. He tried to turn himself but his once muscular and powerful legs became a pile of fat that forced him on his ass. The force of the crash must have broken the windows I saw. He kept growing and swelling to the size he is now. I was still curious how he sustained himself all this time and he told me drinking his own cum kept him alive for now and is still causing him to grow but much slower now. This explained all the sounds and smells. He figured his true fans would find him and call for help but as quickly as they came they ran away thinking the house was haunted. At this point he doesn’t want any of his fans to see him like this because he is ashamed of what he has become. I told him this isn’t a way to live and because he has been gone for so long without a trace people legit thought he was dead. He didn’t want to eventually die like this and asked if I could help him. I thought about it and he just looked at me with his blue eyes. I could still see the guy of my fantasy underneath all that fat and mass. Big Mick broke my concentration with an idea. He asked me if I liked his shows and things he did in the past. “Of course I did!” He came up with an idea about me becoming like Big Mick II. My eyes widened and my dick got hard at the prospect of actually being able to be like Big Mick. He saw my hard dick and knew that was the answer. He told me where the concoction, books, and notes were that made him who he was. The agreement was I had to come back periodically during the “growing days” to feed him and check on him. Once I had the funds I had to basically dig him out and put him in a decent place to live out his days. Hell that was simple enough to agree too, I’m going to be like Big FUCKIN MICK well the way he was. I found everything and started reading through it all and had a devious thought. If the concoction is what caused all of this and you essentially could only take it once, I wonder what would happen if I modify it. Fortunately Big Mick took very detailed notes about himself prior to this and after and true to form he was the same height as me about 5’10”, I weighed more than he did prior with more bodyfat but all good. I’m not a simpleton so I adjusted his concoction to fit my body type now. Now he didn’t realize until later that he wanted to be like the Hulk and all those other guys. Me on the other hand I know I want to be like that off the rip if not larger. At first I was only going to double the ingredients in this here cocktail but I saw that he had plenty of the ingredients available so I made it 4x as potent as the one he took. While waiting for the mixture to settle like the instructions said I was fantasizing about all of the things I was going to be able to do like Big Mick plus some. He was starting to lift small cars, doing domination sessions, having smaller guys do pullups on his cock like I was just ready. I also read through his notes of what happened next, when it happened, and everything. Doesn’t look like changes didn’t start until the next day. I grabbed another notebook for my own notes to compare. Fortunately I had a duffle bag in the car. Went to get it and put the notes in there along with all the bottles, syringes, powders, and pills. I even grabbed some of the clothes that I took from his room because I wanted my future fans of Big Mick to see me outgrow their former muscle mans own clothes. But those would be posted later because they would probably come to the house and see him. After a few more moments it was ready, a nice amber color. Big Mick called out and asked if it were ready and I said it was so I walked back into the room where he was. Big Mick told me he could wait to see what Big Mick II had in store. I downed the mixture in front of him thinking the same about what was to come next. I told him I would be back in a couple days so he could see my progress. Deep down Big Mick was going to watch me ascend to the throne he wanted but couldn’t have and I can’t wait to enjoy every moment of change to come. I left the room, grabbed my duffle bag with everything in it. I made sure I left no trace of this concoction or his supplements, gear, or anything in case someone did come through here rummaging I would be the only one hell the last one to take this mixture. As I drive back home my mind wonders off into space. Soon I won’t be able to fit in this car, I make it to my apartment, and think soon I won’t be able to fit through these doors, through the elevator, the shower, these clothes, everything. The thoughts of this made me cream my pants hard. First night was to rest and take measurements the next day. Can’t wait for tomorrow especially with the enhanced mixture I took.
  10. RealIn2Growth


    Hi there. As I was writing a sequel to this story, I realised that it wasn't on the new page. I also found that I couldn't get into my old account... so new account... old story. The sequel should be arriving by the end of this week. Hope you enjoy this one. APPROPRIATING DESTINY Master Sergeant Frank Alberta sat at his wooden desk and extracted the large Havana cigar from the Stirling silver case that had been hand crafted to hold it so many years ago. After ceremonially removing the Zippo and cigar cutter from the drawer, he lifted the dark brown leafy tube, snipped the rounded end, enfolded the other end with his full lips, brought flame to leaf, and once fully lit, inhaled deeply and satisfyingly. With the rush from the decades-old nicotine entering his bloodstream, he moved his gaze downward to the top of his desk and stared intently at the three vials he had recently set down there. The liquid in each vial was crimson in colour and seemed to reflect the light from the nearby lamp. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a colour so beautiful in my life, he thought, as he carefully moved his large hand to pick the delicate vial up. He could feel his cock harden in his trousers as he looked carefully at the future he held. This is my destiny. This has always been my destiny. Alberta set the vial down with its compatriots, inhaled deeply once again from the cigar, placed it in the glass ashtray, stood up from his chair, and proceeded to pull his T-shirt up over his thick pec shelf and the tight black and silver high fade. Nearly four years ago… had it really been four years… Alberta had been assigned to Doctor Timothy Logan. His duty was part bodyguard… part informant. The US military was shelling out millions to this diminutive man for the supposed knowledge he held in his head. What Alberta had thought was going to be the lamest mission of his life turned out to be one that would have him jerking off several times a night just thinking about it. “By this time next year”, Dr. Logan had bragged, “our military will be filled with a superior race of soldiers that no nation will be able to comprehend, let alone fight against.” This was spoken to Alberta one week after he had begun his assignment, and fifteen minutes after he had successfully fucked the tight, virgin hole of the easily seduced nerd. Not many men or women could deny Alberta… but the doctor had been easier than most. It only took a few times of Alberta flexing, accidentally tearing his shirt while stretching, or being caught naked while changing, to tempt him into submission. The night Alberta first took him… Logan had actually cried… he was forty two and had never been touched. Over months of such liaisons… Alberta lead Logan down a path of pure sexual bliss that the Doctor couldn’t live without. He would tell or give Alberta everything he wanted… and Alberta gratefully took. The information he was given over time made the muscular soldier’s mouth water and cock leak. “This formula will produce the most muscular men and women in the world… Each will be their own army… Each will be nearly invincible… Each will basically be the closest thing to a superhero ever seen on this Earth.” Alberta grinned as he inhaled again from the cigar. Running his hand over his pecs, Alberta flexed. The two mountains rose up and tightened. How right you were, he thought. Alberta would rush to his quarters at night and frantically stroke his thick, nine inch cock until he came all over just thinking about becoming a super soldier. The strength… the power… the pure might of such a man got him hard again seconds after he came. He was determined to become such a soldier… It was his destiny. “How does it work?” Alberta asked Logan one afternoon. “We know so little about the brain… its capabilities… it’s strength… its abilities if properly tapped into. My formula… to simplify matters… amplifies your essence… your wants… your desires. To put it very simply for you since I’m sure this might be hard for you to comprehend… it takes what you truly are deep down inside and manifests it on the physical plain.” Yes… Alberta grinned at merely the thought of all of that power… this was indeed his fate staring him right in the face. Logan had other ideas. “You’re in amazing shape for your age, Frank… I’d never known you were 53 except by the couple of wrinkles around your eyes and the silver in your hair… but the trial needs to be performed on a younger man… one more likely to survive his ascension.” Alberta had every intention of surviving his ascension… but for the first time the doctor refused him. Never had Alberta begged for something that he wanted… yet over and over he was denied. He was too old. The intense sex session became less frequent after that night… just a taste every now and then to keep Logan under Alberta’s control. Alberta pulled his trousers down over thick quads and thought back to seven hours prior. That evening was the trial on the first human subject. It had been simple for Alberta to plant the seed in Logan’s mind that no one but he, The Subject, and Logan himself should be there in case the trial was a failure. The Doctor would never allow witnesses to his own defeat, and agreed wholeheartedly with Alberta’s recommendation. So… in a laboratory fitted within an old warehouse at the edge of town, Doctor Logan stood looking through the shatterproof glass at The Subject sequestered in the adjoining room. Alberta looked over the doctor's shoulder to the naked Marine alone in the smaller room. He looked to be around 25. His build was nothing to ignore with broad shoulders, thick square pecs, and the hard cobblestone abs only the young or genetically lucky could have. Alberta had to work everyday to keep the fat away from his abs, leaving him with a thick, strong, hair covered, and intimidating core area. Alberta had never met this Marine until today… he didn’t even know his name since for the purpose of the experiment he was only a number. Gazing deep into his eyes, Alberta knew that 187665-AN might be young and fit, but he was also cocky, wet behind the ears, and not worthy of the gift he was going to be granted. Alberta knew the type, and hated him on sight. Alberta intently watched Logan walk over to the biometrical retinal scanner sealed refrigerator, gaze into the heart of the blue laser lock, smile at the hiss of the refrigerator as the door popped open, and ceremoniously remove and carry the white tray that contained the four crimson vials to the table. Three he left on the desk… the other he placed carefully in a metal drawer that connected the white lab to the Marine occupied smaller room. “So you are aware, all of the following proceedings will be recorded. Before we begin with the trial, state your identification number for me.” The cocky marine grinned. 187665-AN.” What was he thinking, Alberta wondered. How could he be so calm when such a gift of power was going to be bestowed on him? “Please state if you are aware of what is about to happen to you.” “About to become a real life Captain America, sir. Ready to serve and defend my country with all of the muscle and super strength you can give me.” The Marine grinned again and scratched an itch right above his average sized cock. “More or less, that is accurate. Now, please state you are aware of the possible consequence.” “I’m ready to live and to die for my country. If I die getting us one step further to a super solider, at least I played my part.” Alberta rolled his eyes as the Marine stood at attention and saluted the doctor. Stupid grunt, he thought, takes commands but will never truly lead. Apparently content with the answers given, Dr. Logan placed the crimson vial in the drawer and slid the contents into the other room. “Remove the vial from the drawer.” The Marine did as he was told. “Pop off the plastic seal… and drink the entire contents of the vial.” Again, without question, the Marine did as he was told. When he was finished, the Marine placed the glass vial back in the metal drawer. “We now wait. Relax as much as you can.” Logan walked away from the glass and settled himself at his computer and began to type. Alberta looked at the clock. 22.13. Forcing himself to move closer to the doctor, Alberta lifted his large hands and began to massage his shoulders. Quickly Alberta felt him relax under his touch. “I know you wish that was you in there.” Doctor Turner groaned under Alberta’s strength. “Not everything is meant to happen.” “You know why I didn’t choose you?” “Too old. You told me.” “Yes… but if it worked… if you ascended… you’d have to leave me. You wouldn’t be mine any longer. I couldn’t bear that.” Alberta felt himself grow pale hearing Logan’s words. Slowly Alberta’s hands slid to the doctor’s neck… he could be dead in minutes… and he would have been if the sound of the fuckin grunt laughing hadn’t been heard over the intercom system. In a flash, Logan was out of Alberta’s hands and facing the Marine in the other room. “Subject 187665-AN… Look in the mirror and tell me what you see.” The Marine slowly walked over to the mirror, giggling as he went. “Fuck me, Doc!! This shit is amazing!! I’m fuckin flying!!! Never felt so incredible in my life!” The Marine began to laugh again which forced the doctor to lose his temper. Screaming into the microphone, he said; “Soldier!! Focus and listen to me. Look in the mirror and tell me what you see!” It took a few moments for the Marine to focus, but once he did, he couldn’t take his eyes off of the image he saw before him. “Fuck, Doc, look at me. I’m the sexiest fucker I know. I’ve always been good looking… got me far in this world… I’ve never been very bright.” “Keep looking at yourself. Take it all in.” Alberta could tell from the bulge in the Doctor's pants that he, just like Alberta himself, was getting hard by just the idea of what was about to happen to the Marine. “My skin… perfect. My eyes… no wonder no one can resist me… my hair…” “Look deep within 187665-AN. What are you?” “What am I?” “Deep down… locked inside… what are you?” The Marine concentrated on the image before him, going deeper and deeper into his reflection, when he saw it. Alberta watched as the Marine’s average sized cock quickly became hard. As he listened to the Marine talk, Alberta began to detect a subtle change: the more the Marine spoke… the more sure of himself he became… the more powerful his words sounded. Was this the formula at work… dragging from him what he truly was deep down? “I’m unstoppable. I’m unbreakable. Fuck me!! I’m electric!! I’m like a fuckin superhero! I tower above every man… bigger… stronger… faster… the most powerful man… NO!! the most powerful Marine to ever have lived! When I walk… the ground shakes… men piss themselves when they see me. Fuck, Doc, I’m huge.” As soon as Alberta heard those words, he could feel his cock let loose a large wad of pre. “Go on…” The Doctor moved close to the glass. “Tell me what you are.” “So fuckin big… so fuckin strong… never seen a man so massive in my life… I… I can’t actually exist!” “But you do.” “I do. Fuck!!! Getting bigger and bigger… stronger… the ultimate Marine. YES!!! That’s what I am! Finally I’m the Ultimate Marine. I’m a Corp of one, but I live for my brothers. I always do as commanded. I live, eat, sleep and survive for the Corp. Even when I fuck… which is all the time… I fuck with the Corp in mind!!!” Alberta stroked his cloth encased hard on as he listened to The Marine. “I’ll live forever for the Corp. I’ll live and die for the Corp! I’ll be a killing machine for the Corp! With the strength of thousands of my brothers… I will be The Corp! I will…” The Marine stopped speaking. Alberta moved closer to the glass and watched The Marine grit his teeth. As he did so, Alberta could swear that he saw The Marine’s neck muscle flex and swell… flex and swell… until soon his neck was thicker than it had been seconds prior. “I can feel it… getting bigger… stronger…. FUCK!!!!” Alberta watched as The Marine shut his eyes tightly and began to loudly grunt and moan, breathing quickly as if he were in pain. His breathing began to get faster and faster until he suddenly let out a loud groan, flexed his back muscles… and forced them to grow even larger and thicker. “Back…” was all the man could say as his traps, delts, and lats all exploded with size at the same time… his back becoming an immense barrier of muscle. His traps began to inch their way up his neck toward his ears as that too started to expand. The marine could feel the formula radiating from his stomach into every one of his muscles. Alberta thought he was imagining hearing the sound of every muscle fibre in The Marine being ripped apart and growing at a rapid rate, but as his body began to swell with new and more powerful muscle, Alberta knew that it was real. As The Marine crossed the small room toward the glass partition, his quad muscles began to quake, pulse and expand. Within minutes his quads were larger than his own chest had once been… and still they continued to expand. “MY BODY’S ON FIRE!!!”. The Marines voice had dropped several octaves and was so loud that it made the unbreakable glass convulse. “Such power…. Such strength fills my body”. Just as his calves were swelling even larger than his quads had once been… both of his pecs began to tremble and thicken. While Alberta was watching the Marine’s musculature miraculously doubling in mass, he soon became aware of another sound mixed in with the miraculous augmentation of the muscle fibres in his abs balloon. It was the crunch of The Marine’s bones breaking and refusing themselves over and over again as his body proceeded to grow taller and wider. “You can’t believe how incredible this feels… ARGH!!!” The Marines shoulders expanded further and became more rounded with new and improved muscle. The explosion of muscle growth on his arms was nearly deafening as his bi’s and tri’s blew up larger than Alberta’s meaty quads. New muscle never seen in an anatomy book kept piling on The Marines frame forcing him larger than the second before. Alberta nearly came in his pants as The Marine pulled a double bicep pose causing his lats and upper back to flare out bigger than a garage door and his arms into two mammoth peaks never before seen in a human. “Becoming the Ultimate Marine…. Getting even Bigger!!” The Marines whole body shook as his legs heightened while simultaneously inflating to an unfathomable size…his feet expanding and stretching to support his burgeoning form. Out of the corner of his eye, Alberta saw the clock and was shocked to see that only twenty minutes had passed since The Marines transformation had begun. Neither he nor the Doctor had spoken, each in awe of the human-like creature of pure brute strength being born in the other room. Standing over what had to be ten feet tall, the Marine continually gained additional muscle mass on his frame. Even his head had grown larger to keep his whole body in proportion. His new cock and balls could only be described as monumental as it had grown just like its owner into a thick, long, and veiny appendage that rivalled Alberta’s own arm. Testicles the size of softballs swung low in their sack fuelling a massive wave of testosterone through his bloodstream. Blonde chest hair now covered what had once been a bare canvas, coating his enormous pecs and travelling down over his mountainous abs, and merging with his pubic hair below. In the pits of his arms, a forest grew while his arms and legs now had blankets of hair. Just watching the Marine growing into this icon of brute force had caused Alberta to cum several times in his trousers. This should have been me, he thought over and over. Imagine what I would have become! This needs to be me! No one deserves it more! Alberta turned his head and saw the three additional vials sitting on the table. Was Logan planning on using them to force the Marine even larger… even more powerful that what he was becoming? Could Alberta not just grab one and down it before he could be stopped? While he had been wandering in his own thoughts, the Marine had suddenly grown quiet. His eyes were closed, sweat coated nearly every inch of his body, and a flow of pre cascaded constantly from his cock. Breathing heavily, every muscle flexed as his body moved. The room became eerily silent, until even through the impenetrable glass, both the Doctor and Alberta could hear the deep rumble of a laugh coming from the Marine. “YES!!!!” Alberta felt the ground begin to quake slightly beneath him as the lights in the laboratory and adjacent room began to flicker. An instant later, arcs of electricity began to flow from every power source and into The Ultimate Marine. The Marine laughed louder as his whole body became engulfed in a whirlwind of lightning like electricity. “BECOMING MORE THAN THE ULTIMATE MARINE!!! BECOMING SO MUCH MORE!!!!” “What the fuck is happening, Doc?” Alberta crossed quickly to the Doctor just as he watched a tattoo of an Eagle, Globe, and Anchor being burnt into the skin of The Ultimate Marine’s left pec, etched supernaturally from an arc of the electricity hurricaning around him. When he looked within… he saw a superhero… his mind, fuelled by the formula, is causing that to be what he becomes.” The Doctor seemed oddly calm to what was going on in front of him. “Did you think this could happen?” “I had my suspicions.., my hypothesis… I didn’t think mentally he would be strong enough… imagine what could happen if the formula was met with a more determined mind.” Like mine, Alberta thought. “I WILL BE STRONGER AND MORE POWERFUL THAN EVERY ONE OF MY BROTHERS!!! WITNESS THE BIRTH OF THE CORP!!” From his fingertips, electricity shot across the small room and into the adjacent wall, a massive smoking crater left in its place. “SO MUCH POWER… STILL MORE TO BE HARNESSED!” Holding his two humongous arms pointing toward the floor, The Corp forced energy out of his fists, propelling him upward. Hovering near the ceiling for several seconds, The Corp carefully brought himself down to the floor again. The logo of The Corp glowing red on his chest, the light burning brighter and brighter. Turning his head toward the glass wall, The Corp propelled red streaks of electricity from his fingertips until the entire wall shattered into slivers. Both The Doctor and Alberta were knocked to the floor as the lights flickered menacingly around them . Having the wind knocked out of him for a brief moment, Alberta tried to stand, but was knocked down again. The floor below him shook as The Corp walked slowly toward them. Looking up, Alberta came face to face to leg with The Corp. He was even more immense up close, waves of electricity flowing around his body radiating an abundance of heat. As he looked up further, he found himself in awe of The Corp; his pure strength and size… his power… his beauty… never had another man made him feel so inferior. His initial instinct was to submit to someone who was his ultimate superior, to glorify him, to let The Corp be the first man to dominate him, but Alberta pushed this quickly down. No one would ever be superior to him. No one. “MY CREATOR.” Alberta looked over and saw that Logan had been knocked unconscious when the glass wall had exploded. He could tell that he was still breathing, but blood was flowing from a deep cut on his temple. With a mere glance, The Corp sent a small wave of electricity out from his hand and cauterised the wound. “THE CORP WILL PROTECT THIS WORLD. THE CORP WILL HEAL THIS WORLD. FOR THIS… THE CORP WILL BE WORSHIPPED… BEGINNING WITH YOU.” Avoiding looking at The Corp, Alberta carefully brought himself to his feet. He could feel the heat radiating off of the massive presence standing before him. Looking at the naked figure fully for the first time, Alberta was surprised to see that he only came up to The Corp’s hairy abs. This has to make him over thirteen feet tall, he thought, his mind quickly debating every option that he had. He finally decided to go head first into his destiny. With a massive hand The Corp grabbed onto his cock and began to stroke it. “THE CORP PREFERS A WOMAN… BUT YOUR MOUTH WILL DO JUST FINE. KNEEL AND OPEN UP!” Hard, The Corp’s cock was longer and thicker than Alberta’s own leg, with a head that rivalled two of his fists. From the piss slit, what appeared to be a form of liquid energy pre-cum dripped, quickly burning and eating through the cement floor. Alberta, still fighting the urge to submit to a beast that looked like twelve Chris Hemsworth’s combined, smiled up at The Corp. “You might want to get that shit checked out. Looks like it burns. I know a good clinic…” An eruption of energy flew from The Corp’s chest, knocking Alberta onto his ass. “THE CORP IS HERE TO PROTECT YOU. FOR THIS, THE CORP WILL BE WORSHIPED!!” “The Corp should stop referring to himself in the third person. But, what can we expect. We gave all of this power to a big… stupid… grunt.” Alberta began to stand again, but was knocked down once more by an even stronger wave of electricity. “THE CORP WILL BE RESPECTED! NO ONE WILL DENY THE CORP. WHO IS MORE POWERFUL… A SINGLE HUMAN OR…”. Six shots were quickly fired directly between The Corp’s eyes, bursting open a large part of his cranium. With shock in his eyes, The Corp fell backward and was still. “I guess the one with the gun is more powerful.” Alberta quickly took stock of the room. The three vials had remained on the table despite the destruction around them. Carefully grabbing them with his hand, he set them in the safety of his coat pocket. Looking over at the Doctor, his first impulse was to leave him behind, but he couldn’t deny himself one more small pleasure. Picking Logan up, Alberta carried the man and deposited him on the passenger seat in his jeep. Pulling the keys from his pocket, he could feel the three vials calling to him. “Soon. Very very soon.” Alberta drove his jeep away from the warehouse and into the night. From within, what Alberta did miss was seeing The Corp’s wound miraculously begin to heal. * With his thumb, Alberta popped the top off of each vial and poured them one by one into a scorch glass. As he was gazing deeply into the half full tumbler of crimson liquid, he looked over at the Doctor lying on the couch across from the desk. Several times he had groaned and Alberta thought he was going to wake up, but annoyingly he continued to remain unconscious. Alberta glanced at the clock… it was 5.40 am; time to get this show on the road. He had waited too long. Taking the tumbler with him, Alberta strutted over to the sleeping Doctor, stood right above his head, grabbed his soft cock, and proceeded to piss on Logan's face and head. After a few moments of the intense flow hitting him, the Doctor woke from his unconsciousness. Alberta grinned. He had had to piss for a while, and it felt so amazing releasing into the face of one who had denied him his destiny. “What the fuck!!!” The Doctor quickly sat up and frantically tried to mop the hot urine off of him. Alberta continued urinating onto the floor for about twenty seconds more. He suddenly realised he didn’t care anymore about his house or any of his possessions. He now knew what he was about to become, and when that occurred, he would have no need for any of them. He shook the remaining urine from his bladder and looked the Doctor directly in the eye. “Wakey Wakey, Doc. Time you joined my little party.” Albert raised the tumbler to his lips and took his first fateful swallow of the formula. “Bitter, tastes like old pennies. Not great… but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.” “Where are we?” Logan was trying to take stock of his surroundings while dealing with one of the worst headaches he’d ever had. “My place. You like it? Remodelled it myself. Old… but I could see the potential; the high ceilings sold me. Brought you back here after that whole thing went to shit.” Second sip. Rich… biting... “What happened? What happened to the Subject?” Logan tried to stand but Logan pushed him backward so that he fell onto the sofa, the world spinning around him. “The Corp, as he called himself? Dead. Went fuckin crazy. Nearly killed you. Couldn’t let that happen. Couldn’t separate us, could I?” Alberta looked right in the Doctor’s eyes and took an even larger gulp. “This shit has quite a bite, Doc. Guess you weren’t going for taste though, were you?” Alberta lifted the tumbler to his lips once again and drained the entire glass dry. When he was finished, he walked over to his desk, set the glass down, and picked up his still lit cigar. Alberta took a couple of quick puffs to strengthen the cherry at the tip and crossed back to where the Doctor sat, the smoke trailing around his head like a halo. “What you were drinking…” “Yep. The other three vials. Shame to waste them.” Logan looked at the grin that had settled over the naked Alberta’s face and tried to stand again, but was once again pushed back by Alberta’s large hand into the urine soaked cushions. “What’s the rush? The party’s just starting!!” Alberta took a large inhale from the cigar, let it settle in his mouth and throat, and then sent the pungent smoke flying out into the room. “Three vials… that could kill you.” “I’m willing to take that chance. I’ve a feeling it won’t though. I have a feeling it’s going to make me into something very very special. Something more powerful than even you ever imagined.” Alberta’s cock thickened slightly at the words. “What happened to The Subject?” “The Corp. He referred to himself as The Corp. Shot. Between the eyes. Six times. He wanted the world to worship him. That’s more my role… don’t you think? Can’t be two of us.” Alberta stroked his cock a few times feeling it get harder. Soon, he thought. Soon. “You see this cigar?” “What about it?” “Seventeen years ago my father left this cigar to me in his will. That was it. Just this cigar. Left the house, money, and everything else to my other brothers. But to me, he left this cigar. See… he originally bought this cigar in Havana. Paid a lot for it. He decided he would only smoke it when he felt he should celebrate that moment in his life when everything fell into place… when he felt life had given him the winning hand… when he had it all.” For a brief second Alberta felt the room spin. A brief smile formed on his face. “My father never had a chance to smoke it. Died before he could. So it was passed to me. Tonight… tonight was the night. Tonight I now have everything.” The room shifted again. Alberta let out a deep moan. “The asshole used to beat the shit out of me at least once a week. Finally got away from him when I was 18… when I joined the service. When I became a man… a leader. See… that’s what I am Doc. The difference between me and that thing you created… he was a stupid grunt… I’m… I’m superior. In every way I am superior to every person on this planet. Every single person…. Far superior than any being imagined!!!” The room was really spinning now. Waves of hot and cold were spreading out on his body. Sweat was starting to form on his brow as the hair on his arms stood on edge. “It’s starting, Doc. I can feel it. Didn’t even take fifteen minutes. Aren’t you going to ask me to look in a mirror… see what I truly am?” Alberta stumbled, his vision doubling, the world swimming in a crimson spiral. I finally feel free, he thought. Finally I’ll be in the body and form I was always meant to be in. “Energy… swirling all around me… entering every pore.” Alberta tried to hold on, but he fell to his knees. His cock was achingly hard and leaking, every sensation magnified. Hearing Alberta moan and roll his head back, Logan had every impulse to run out the room but found himself rooted to the spot. This isn't going to end well, he thought as he watched drool fall from Alberta’s gaping mouth, this never should have happened. Trying to clear his foggy mind of the orgasmic sensations attacking his entire being, the naked Alberta crawled over to Logan, positioning his face mere inches from the doctor’s own. When he spoke, Logan could smell the metallic scent of the formula coming from Alberta’s mouth. “I don’t need a mirror, Doc. I’ve always known what I’d see. When I fucked you, you used to shout it. Remember? You called me a god… and that’s exactly what I’m going to be.” The Doctor's blood ran cold when he heard those words. “FUCK!! I can feel it!” Alberta stood up and began to pace around the room. “It feels like termites are burrowing into my brain… hunting… searching for something… latching on to images… each more intense… more extreme… Me… each moment bigger… stronger… more virile… more primal…yet tactical… a god… a god of war… a god of vengeance… all power flowing..”. Alberta groaned as the Doctor watched every muscle on his body flex and swell. “All power… flowing into me… through me…THE BURNING!!!” Alberta groaned again as every muscle flexed and became even more swollen than before. Alberta stopped pacing, stared directly at the Doctor, his eyes open wide, and ejaculated a massive wad of cum onto the floor. As he orgasmed, between deep moans, he spoke, but barely above a whisper. “I’ve seen it, Doc. I’ve seen myself… what I am… what I’ve buried deep down…not a god… not a god as you imagine it… or those guys on Scruff imagine it… No… FUCK!! No… not as they imagine it at all. Not A God… THE GOD!!” In an instant, Alberta stopped orgasaming, and the entire world fell still. The Doctor watched Alberta squint slightly, contort his face as if he was hiding the fact that he was feeling some degree of pain, and in the silence of night heard what could only be described as an egg slowly being cracked open. Alberta grinned at Logan as a trickle of blood began to flow down from his hairline. “What I see, Doctor… what I have always been destined to become…. My body will begin to grow taller… wider… more and more powerful and muscular by the minute…” A second crack, this one even louder, instinctively sent Alberta’s hands up to his head as he felt his cranium begin to pulsate and fracture. “My… my… body grows bigger than this house… larger than a skyscraper… more formidable than a mountain.” Alberta’s eyes widened. “I see it all, Doctor. I can’t look away as I watch myself… as I grow… as I mutate… into… pure destruction!!” Worried that something had gone terribly wrong, the Doctor attempted to move to the opposite side of the sofa; further away from whatever Alberta was quickly becoming. Alberta looked at Logan with a grin on his face as his skull loudly cracked for a third time and proceeded to expand like a balloon being filled with helium. “This is it… Doc… what I’ve waited...planned for my entire life…. My body will grow and grow… evolving… ridding myself of my humanity… Planets revolving around me… Universes born and destroyed simply because of my desire… and still I grow and transform into the true Alpha and Omega… I will be there in the beginning and end of time… my form, larger than all existence… becoming every second… every piece of matter…” Alberta winced again, welcoming each explosion of pain. Opening his mouth wider than possible, Alberta’s jaw began to broaden and lengthen, keeping in proportion to his expanding head. Continually forcing his mouth to open more and more, blood began to flow over his lips and onto the floor as his human sized teeth were extracted from his mouth by much larger ones growing in below. The Doctor stared in shock at the growing maw as Alberta began to cough, blood hitting the Doctor like a Pollock painting. At first Alberta feared that he was choking, had truly poisoned himself by drinking the contents of three vials, but as a massive tongue slithered from his mouth, he realised it was just this new monstrous appendage growing and fighting for room. His nose gave off a sickening crack and blood flowed freely from it as it too began to alter and grow. The fire in his head continued to increase exponentially as he felt his entire head stretch, split, and swell even larger. “Somethings gone wrong!!!” The Doctor watched in shock and awe as Alberta’s face began to mutate… expanding larger with the passage of each second. “Not-ting wong !!” Alberta tried to speak, but his larger lips, tongue, and teeth were making it almost impossible. Another deafening crack, and his mandible grew larger and more pronounced; squarer than it ever had been. As his cranium quadrupled in size, explosions began to go off within the terrains of his brain. Unseen, Alberta’s frontal lobe began to blossom as new and improved zones were being created. Soon his brain produced far superior lobes than were humanly possible. These then evolved even further… each minute gaining greater strength. The lights began to flicker as the horrid image of Alberta’s mushrooming head filled the room. Large fissures in his cranium began to form from which the Doctor could see emitted an inhuman crimson light. “Head… brain… larger… stronger… soon I’ll…. AAARRRGGGHHH!!” The Doctor had to cover his ears as Alberta screamed, his voice suddenly sounding several decibels louder than it had been before. “My brain… taking in… downloading… everything!!!” The Doctor watched as the crimson light with Alberta’s skull grew brighter. Alberta simply laughed as if he were growing drunk on whatever knowledge the universe was feeding him. “Oh Doctor… What have you created?? My intellect doubling... no tripling... Ha!!! Quadrupling!!!” Alberta’s eyes grew wider at the realisation, “I’m now smarter than any man alive!!! My brain... taking in so much information at once… so much knowledge … downloading it… YES!!!! Smarter than any human… No! Now smarter than any computer. Brain… thinking thousands of thoughts at one time!!!! Gaining knowledge of… everything!! More powerful than any human... more supreme than any human!!!” Alberta screamed out again as his cranium began to pulsate. “This… this has always been my destiny… I’ve known about it since… knew what one day I would become… my brain… becoming even stronger… faster… and as the usage of my brain capabilities expands… my ability to control it...AAAAARRRRRRGGGHHH!!!!!! Alberta fell onto his knees and screamed. As his face contorted and as he gritted his teeth, Alberta’s cranium proceeded to enlarge even further. The Doctor could only stare in horror as Alberta fell into convulsions and fits of agony on the ground. The Doctor wanted to run from what he had a part in creating, but he found that his feet simply wouldn’t move. Alberta screamed again as all the bones in his face cracked and reformed even larger. His head was now twenty times larger than it had been and its growth didn’t show any sign of stopping. His brow ridge had significantly distended, and his cranium was much larger and rounder than the average humans, giving him a primal alien appearance. As Alberta convulsed on the floor, The Doctors own head rang out in agony as it was suddenly bombarded with new sounds. From somewhere deep within, he felt as if a massive hand was tuning his brain like a radio, the sounds becoming clearer and louder and turning fitfully into words. “I…. I… I… I will.. will… will… I will become…” The Doctor felt the words burrow into his brain… the voice now unmistakably Alberta’s. “I will… I will have… I will have absolute power!!!” Alberta began to laugh, the sound now magnified as it hit both Logan’s ears and mind. Alberta attempted to raise his gargantuan head, but his own thick neck muscles which had once appeared ox-like on his original form now were unsuitable for the task. The glowing fissures in Alberta’s cranium had healed with new bone and hair growth, yet it still looked as if it were made of putty as it pulsated, swelled, and expanded. “Trying.. to silence and organise … the thoughts of every… every creature in existence. Yes, Doctor! Just as you can hear me… I can hear you… though your mind and concepts appear to me as simple as a field mouse. What is he becoming, you wonder. Will he save us or destroy us? Will he…. AAARRGGHH!!!” Alberta gritted his teeth again and clawed at the ground, his mind expanding further, his consciousness now existing on multiple planes at the same time. With the feeling of being hit by a truck, both Doctor and sofa were lifted six feet off of the ground, upended, and thrown backward into the wall. Cowering behind it, Longan felt himself lose all control of his bladder. “Difficult to… control… all of existence… starting to revolve… around me!!!! Synapsis shooting faster than ever intended… becoming something unheard of…. Feels like lightning coursing through my… AAAARRRGGGHHH!! Alberta’s scream could be heard for blocks both in The Doctor’s head as well as with his ears. The noise was deafening and cut deep down to his soul. Several of the walls of Alberta’s residence began to crack and crumble while a large fissure broke open in the floor. “Becoming something… even God would fear!!” From beneath the sofa, The Doctor heard a loud splinter and snap of bones, and watched as Alberta’s shoulders began to slowly stretch wider. Alberta grinned. “Yes!!! What I have seen… what I shall become…I am a creature of pure power… of pure might… of pure muscle… of pure masculinity… what I will become is all that on a colossal scale!!! An unthinkable scale!! The world has never truly understood what I’ve always been deep down inside… I…. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!” As Alberta clenched his new much larger and thicker teeth, the muscles in his neck proceeded to swell and expand. This seemed to please him, because as it developed further, he was soon able to hold his head up higher and with greater strength. “You will witness my birth…” Logan couldn’t fathom if Alberta was in agony or total bliss as he cried out in orgasmic lust while his neck swelled thicker into a Grecian column of muscle. Alberta’s collarbone and scapula made gruesome cracking noises as they fractured and expanded… growing wider, his arms moving further away from his body. In a different situation, Logan would have laughed as he watched Alberta’s hand’s reach toward his massive cranium but found it too far out of reach and too short to even reach his nec.The Doctor watched as Alberta’s entire body pulsed larger and tensed up. Moaning loudly, Alberta felt every molecule in his body cramp and swell, propelling his body to a larger size. “… evolution… happening… faster… more complex… down to a… cellular… level. Louder cracking and grinding as Logan watched Alberta’s arms begin to lengthen, his bicep and triceps becoming even more engorged than they had been minutes prior. Lifting his hand up to his face, Alberta watched in awe and self-lust as his hands proceeded to grow thicker and longer. The agony he felt from his growing hands was only intensified as his arms proceeded to grow as well. As Alberta lifted his elongating limbs, Logan was in shock to see how quickly they had grown in such a brief period of time. They were now currently as long as Alberta’s own legs and proceeding to grow even longer. Alberta looked closely at his hands from every angle. They had to be nearly four feet long and just as thick. Marvelling at the sheer beauty of how monumental they were becoming, Alberta thought, Every story has an origin… and this will be mine. Hearing the bidding of its Master, Alberta’s whole body began to quake and trob. Filled with more unexpected agony, Alberta first felt and then heard every one of the bones in his body cracking, repairing themselves, and breaking again, only to grow more immense. Alberta laughed at the pain as he welcomed what was to be his future. He knew that not only were his bones growing longer… they were also transforming into a material unheard of in heaven or earth. This material would be unbreakable… his own inner armour… a small piece of what would make him indestructible. Alberta's whole body pulsated in time with his heart beat, every muscle in his body becoming engorged with blood. It was impossible not to hear his skin stretch, his bones snap and lengthen, and his muscles grow from where The Doctor hid. As his pecs began to thicken and swell, The Doctor watched an upper body that had once already been of highly developed proportion from endless years of working out… but now grew even more titanic. A sudden burst of deep guttural laughter erupted from Alberta’s throat. “My time being merely a man is almost over, Doctor… Soon something new will take my place…” The Doctor nearly bolted from behind the sofa as he heard an inhuman scream come from Alberta as his powerful abdominal muscles began to cramp and spasm. “Changing… Doctor. Evolving… mutating… your formula burning through my whole entire body… perfecting me… but it is my strength… my will… my desire transforming me into what I know I should always have been.” Sonic booms seemed to come from Alberta’s abdomen as all of his muscles proceeded to expand. Moving his immense hands to his abs, Alberta was shocked to find his once fat covered core replaced by a well defined six-pack that was already growing larger and tighter. Soon slabs of thick abs began to erupt from his lower torso. As each one burst with larger size, Alberta could only whimper, not able to even vocalise what he was experiencing. All he did was drool and beg his body for more. Seconds flew by as Alberta felt each abdominal muscle grow more dense and begin to fight for more space on his body. The crevices between each segment grew deeper and deeper until soon Alberta could stick nearly all of a finger in them. His Adonis belt, something he had never been able to produce on his own in a gym, became even more enhanced as his waist fought to stay tight yet gain more size at the same time. Alberta welcomed each time a muscle group cramped… lusted after every single sensation… begged for more as his new improved abs expanded into what could only be described as titanium bricks of muscle. “Tell me Doctor… how massive do you imagine I’ll grow?” Logan peaked from behind the couch. From where he hid he had only heard what was occurring to Alberta, but now that he saw it… saw his legs and torso growing longer and longer… watched his body filling the entire room… “Answer me, Doctor!! How massive do you imagine I’ll grow?” These words now clearly echoed in Logan’s head as if Alberta had spoken them aloud “I don’t know… twelve feet… fifteen feet… This needs to stop now, Alberta!” “I WILL NEVER STOP!!!” Logan hid behind the sofa again as his head nearly exploded from the psychic assault. “I will grow, dear Doctor, until I fill all of space… until my body and mind conquer all of time!!! I will grow until I am the only thing that exists, and even then I’ll continue to grow! I have seen a world where there is only me.. Forever living in the ecstasy of pure growth… size… and power!!” Like his hands before, Alberta’s feet began to swell fatter, longer, and wider. In only moments, his feet had begun to take up so much of the living room that he easily kicked his wooden desk through the wall and into the kitchen beyond. The old ranch house shook as its structure was compromised. As Alberta stretched taller and wider, his head rose up over the sofa, his breath hitting Logan like a high power fan.. Holy fuck, Logan thought, He’s wider than the sofa! He’s gonna be wider than this whole room! Any doubt that Alberta was exaggerating what he was going to become was now gone. Logan knew he was telling nothing but the truth: Alberta was evolving into God!. Joining in with the rest of his body, Alberta’s balls proceeded to swell even more monstrously, until they were the size of… Logan’s head swam… were there comparisons…? In one word, they were immense. Logan could hear them loudly churning now, hundreds of gallons of pure unbridled testosterone building up inside each testicle. With nowhere to run, Logan watched as Alberta’s balls grew larger and larger, churning louder and louder until the immense orbs began to rise up in his sack. At first the Doctor thought Alberta was going to cum, but he was mistaken. Instead, Logan watched Alberta begin to quake as massive waves of testosterone exploded throughout his entire body. Above him, in mere moments, Logan could hear and then see jet black pubic hair erupting all over Alberta’s once shaved ball sack. Soon, more hair began to burst from every pore and all Logan could hear surrounding him was the collapse of more of the building. Fuck, he thought, I need to get out of here, as he took in a massive whif of Alberta’s musk which was becoming even stronger as it seeped from each of his pores. Alberta’s quads and calves ballooned thicker as The Doctor heard Alberta's leg bones loudly crack as they too began to stretch even longer. Still on all fours, Alberta attempted to balance his immense head on a neck that now resembled an obscene pillar of muscle. As his neck enlarged further, The Doctor watched as Alberta’s entire body swelled and expanded to what had to be ten feet tall. If he hadn’t been crouching down, he most definitely would have exploded through the ceiling, yet even on his hands and knees, his back continually inched closer and closer to destroying a ceiling that stood over twelve feet tall. As each second passed, every muscle and limb gained new size. Quickly, his once monstrously sized head was in proportion to the rest of his Herculean body, and together Alberta’s entire form proceeded to grow even more gargantuan. “Face me, Doctor!!” The Doctor watched as the couch that hid him quickly disintegrated into a pile of dust around him, every atom that had created the once strong structure simultaneously destroyed. Now there was nothing standing in the way of him and the immense beast Alberta was becoming. “Yes, Doctor. In minutes I will tear out of this pathetic dwelling and reveal myself to the world. Tell me, do you feel like a proud parent witnessing the birth of something you had a hand in creating?” Just speaking, Alberta caused the ground to tremble. As each moment passed, he was not only psychically becoming stronger, but mentally as well. It was hard to concentrate… hearing trillions of thoughts at one time… but as minutes passed, he was finding it easier and easier to block it out and discover how to use the burgeoning powers at his disposal. “As I change… as my mind expands… as my body grows… I know now why you feared testing the formula on me. Originally I thought it would only make me bigger… stronger… more powerful... but you knew it’s true…” The Doctor fell to his knees as Alberta released a scream that echoed simultaneously through every mind around the globe. In an instant, over 1 million people burst into flames as the new God’s bellow forced every atom in their bodies to explode. As the roar grew even louder and deeper, Alberta’s pecs swelled with muscle. Larger and more defined, the two hairy mountains became, until they both fought for more room on the growing Titans chest…and still he continued to grow. Alberta groaned, welcoming the agonising pain of what felt like hundreds of hot nails being hammered into his traps as they increased in height and depth on either side of his neck. He could hold his mammoth head up easily now, but moving it from side to side was becoming more difficult as it swelled larger. It was so dense and muscle bound that it didn’t resemble any neck ever seen in humanity. As his traps continued to rise up higher and higher, fusing with his neck, and as his lats continued to widen, soon Alberta’s upper body resembled that of an immense morphed cobra head. As it surged even wider, Logan still thought in a rational sense: there’s no way possible he’ll ever be able to walk through a normal door again… his body is becoming simply too wide! “HOW DARE YOU THINK OF ME ON A HUMAN SCALE!!!!” With an explosion that rocked the very foundation he stood on, Alberta’s lats began to swell, pushing his arms even further from his body. The flooring beneath Logan splintered and split, then erupted into a smoke and flame filled crevice before him. “IN THE DARK I’D MASTURBATE… IMAGINING… FANTASIZING OVER THIS VERY SCENARIO… YET NOTHING COULD PREPARE ME FOR THE ACTUAL FEELING OF THE UNBRIDLED POWER WELLING UP INSIDE MY OWN BODY… THE POWER FUELING MY ASCENSION TO GODHOOD!”I As he spoke and as every bone in his body stretched longer and thicker, Alberta’s shoulders extended, becoming nearly as wide as the room. From them, his shoulder muscles merged into his traps creating a muscular peak unimaginable until now. “MY SHOULDERS… MY DELTS GETTING SO ROUND… SO THICK… SO HEAVY! MY WHOLE BODY STRETCHING WIDER AND WIDER… MY UPPER BACK… INUNDATED WITH MUSCLE… WITH STRENGTH… MY TRAPS GETTING SO CONCENTRATED… TELL ME LOGAN… STILL WANT ME TO FUCK YOU? STILL TURNED ON BY MY MUSCLE AND SIZE? LOOK AT ME, ANT!!” Logan burst into tears as Alberta’s stare tore into his soul. “SOON YOU WILL BE THE FIRST TO WORSHIP ME, DOCTOR, AND YOU WILL BE REWARDED!!! NEVER ON EARTH WILL THERE EVER HAVE BEEN ONE TO RIVAL MY SIZE OR MASTERY.” Moving with a force that shook the entire dwelling, Alberta attempted to stand for the first time. His legs were so long and hadn’t developed in musculature the way the rest of his body had, so at first he found it difficult to control his balance, especially being so top heavy. Slowly and with purpose he eventually stood crouched over before Logan, his immense wall of a back brushing the 13 foot ceiling. As he took in his new, though limited view of the world, his form nearly filling every inch of the room, a deep grumble of amusement came from Alberta’s diaphragm. “I COULD EASILY DESTROY THIS CEILING WITH A MERE THOUGHT, BUT I WILL RIP FROM IT AS I WAS TORN FROM MY MOTHERS WOMB. ALL WILL WITNESS MY BIRTH!!” As if hearing Alberta’s words, his legs and feet began to lengthen and expand along with the rest of his growing frame. The whole globe shook as with a mighty roar Alberta’s whole body spasmed and he shot even taller, his inhumanly wide back tearing through the plaster ceiling as easily as if it were wet tissue. Forcing himself to stand fully erect for the first time in a while, his shoulders ripped through more of the ceiling until the very foundation of the old ranch house began to tremble and collapse around both giant and man. Lifting hands that were nearly half as large as the Doctor was tall, Alberta ripped a huge chunk of the ceiling out, exposing beams and electrical wiring. Finally finding the strength to run, Logan dodged falling timber and plasterwork in an attempt to find an exit. The flooring beneath his scurrying feet burst apart, but Logan continued with even more determination. Looking back for a moment as he neared what he hoped was a back door, he could only now see Alberta’s lower torso as the rest of him had burst into the early morning light. Reaching the door, the Doctor grabbed onto the handle, turned it, and to his despair found it locked. Turning to retreat, Logan was halted once more by the falling of a large mass of sparking electrical wires. Whipping wildly around, the wires connected with the wallpapered wall, setting it ablaze. Stepping back, Logan smacked into the locked door and thought to himself: This spot will most definitely be my grave. * With a groan of pleasure and agony, Alberta’s torso loudly began to elongate even further. The snapping and pulling of his body appeared so excruciating that his screams filled all existence with the feeling of pure terror. As his body developed taller and longer, Alberta laughed through his pain as the ground fell further and further away. Looking around him, he took in his new world, and his hunger for power grew exponentially. Large pieces of wood and plaster fell onto Alberta, but none could penetrate his thickened skin. In fact, Alberta would never have known anything was falling on him if hadn’t seen it happening. Lifting his foot… his now car sized foot… he slammed it down on the house he still owed money to the bank on. What had been left of the building was demolished in one swift blow. Alberta laughed deeply as he breathed in the cool air around him. I know I don’t need to breathe any longer, he thought, but old human habits die hard…. Though I know humans will die very easily!! His whole body itched as hair multiplied, forced its way out of his body, and grew even thicker over his pecs, abs, arms, and legs. The hair now coating him was thick and a silky jet black colour. As if he hadn’t been hairy before, additional hair follicles erupted out of the available spaces and grew longer and thicker. Even the hair on his head had grown longer, jet black hair falling into his eyes and tickling his neck. Alberta took a look at himself the best he could. He was out of proportion as different body parts grew at various speeds with his arms and hands still unnaturally long and his feet growing to be larger than trucks. As he was aware of everything everywhere now, Alberta knew that he now stood forty feet tall and was continuing to grow. A new sensation hit him causing him the need to scratch his face. He could feel the thick hair bursting from his face for the first time in nearly all of his human years. He had never been a huge fan of body hair, but now as it grew on him he knew this was the form he was always meant to have. He moved to scratch his face, but his titanic flared lats made the impossible. Alberta knew that he could instantly shut off all sensations in his body, ridding himself of this irritating response to hair growth, but he knew this was something he would never do. Forever he wanted to feel everything associated with his metamorphosis and ascension. Alberta lifted his growing hand and marvelled at the sheer size of it… the sheer weight of it. Each finger was longer and thicker now than some buildings, and the palm could easily hold several tanks at once. He was nearing fifty feet. The more his torso stretched, the quicker his arms and hands, legs and feet began to look in proportion to his body... but his own body was so out of proportion to every human on earth!!! That is because I am no longer a mere human anymore, he thought, I am a God!!! The thickness of his neck and traps made it virtually impossible for him to turn his own head, and soon he needed to manoeuvre his entire body if he wanted to look around him. As he grew to sixty and then seventy feet, Alberta saw shapes that could only be crowds of people and cars coming to a halt below him. Using his voice, though he now thought of it as an antiquated concept, he spoke to his people below. “YOU GAPE AT ME IN AWE AND FEAR AS YOU SHOULD! BEAR WITNESS TO THE BIRTH AND EVOLUTION OF YOUR NEW GOD! WORSHIP ME NOW AS SOON YOU WILL ONLY BE DUST BENEATH MY FEET!” To his own ears, Alberta’s voice sounded so thunderous… so deep… so sexual. He could only imagine how he sounded to those below. If he only knew that when he spoke, his voice was filled with such bass that it sounded like thunder rumbling. Alberta tried to scratch his face again. His beard now was coming in long, dark, dense, and impenetrable. When he attempted to look down, he could feel the thick curls of his beard again his upper chest for the first time. His own chest… now completely covered in a thick pelt of black hair Just looking at it, he thought, just seeing hair like this growing on my body… I wish I would have let it grow out long ago. If my muscles weren’t so massive they would be hidden behind the thick hair… but nothing can hide my musculature… not ever. To those below… I know I look so masculine… so testosterone fuelled!!! Alberta laughed when he noticed the thick overgrowth of hair visible from his armpit. He lifted his arm to look further and remarked how heavy it felt… the jet black hair growing from his pit as dark and thick as the rest of the hair on his body. He was now hairier than he ever could have wished, yet like the rest of his body, it proceeded to grow and flourish. When he hit seventy feet, another wave of testosterone exploded from his balls and flooded his body. All of my life I have wanted to be a true Alpha… and now I am far beyond that. I am masculinity personified. Alberta began to walk, his truck sized feet easily knocking down buildings below him. Soon he would tower over every building… every mountain… and still he grew. When he hit over ninety feet tall, Alberta began to feel an itching rising in both of his pecs. The itching became an irritant… and quickly progressed into stabbing bolts of pain. Forced to grunt and sputter in pain, Alberta screamed out again, as with an explosion his already meaty pecs burst with even more size. Looking down as much as his neck would allow, Alberta’s head span as he watched these massive globes coming to life, taking over the top half of his chest. He salivated as he felt his already mammoth pecs grow firmer and rounder. He rubbed his hand over the right one, and stumbled into a neighbouring building as his hand brushed over his nipple. Nipples… so sensitive… never been very sensitive… now I finally understand nipple play!!! With each beat of his heart, his pecs swelled larger and larger. Using both of his hands, He grabbed his nipples and squeezed them. Colours formed in front of Alberta's eyes as his head spun with ecstasy. Squeezing them again and twisted them at the same time while releasing a low moan from his throat, he sent out a wave of lust to each creature below causing them to spontaneously orgasm. Smelling the multiple ejaculations from the crowd below, Alberta grinned as he came to terms that along with his body and mind, his senses were growing in power as well. He took in a deep breath to welcome the first of many offerings from his worshipers. Suddenly, both of his legs began to tremble and quake. His feet quickly grew longer and thicker as they too grew even more muscular. Moving up from his swelling feet, Alberta’s calf muscles began to take on mammoth proportions. They swelled up so thick that the diamond shape of the two heads began to expand outward on all sides and take up more room over his ankle until it appeared to those who could take it in that his foot form right from his calf. Stretching upward from his swelling feet, both his calf muscles began to take on mammoth proportions. They swelled up so thick that the diamond shape of the two heads began to expand outward on all sides and take up more room over his ankle until it appeared that his foot formed right from his calf. As Alberta’s calf muscles stretched toward his kneecaps, a titanic rumbling sound announced the birth of his new elephantine quads. Alberta cried out in exhilaration, the psychic energy coming from him shattering windows in a four mile radius, as each muscle simply erupted in size. He could only drool over how massive they quickly were becoming. The lateral and medial muscles of his quads immediately became so swollen that he had to widen his stance. Each time Alberta did, and created a little more room for his balls, they would quickly take up all available space. In no time at all the rectus emerged as two massive teardrops that dipped over his kneecaps and required him into a bow-legged and crouched position for comfort. Alberta was now resigned that for the rest of his existence he would be forced to walk this way, and it made him supremely happy. A human desire filled his head, and even though he knew he never had to do this, Alberta decided he needed to piss. For an instant his human memory took over and he wondered where he would piss, but then the brain of a growing God told him he could piss anywhere he wanted. This globe was his playground now. As he let go, pissing and drowning the curious below him, he thought of it as a gift.. a baptism to their new God. As he pissed… as he grew… he tried to turn his head and could see the long hair that had grown from his dead and down past his shoulders. Only hours ago he had a high skin fade and now… now he must look the image of a Greek God… of Zeus. His beard had also grown in length and thickness… the sensation of each follicle growing longer and denser caused his cock to harden and throb. As another wave of dizziness hit him… another massive burst of testosterone rocking his body… Alberta experienced another round of orgasmic pain. His quads had begun to swell and exploded with serious mass. As a human, he had once had difficulty gaining size in his legs… but now… ballooning with size… legs were never going to be his problem again. Even with the thick black hair coating every inch, it was impossible to miss every striation of his growing quads. As his quads took up more room… as they grew beyond the size of Redwood Trees… as blood fuelled his muscles… Alberta revealed in the thought that his growth was never going to stop. His hard cock began to leak pre as he felt his own growth and power growing stronger. He knew he stood 100 feet and it was here that he finally embraced his own destiny. “I AM YOUR GOD!!! GROWTH… MUSCLE… MASCULINITY… POWER… I AM ALL COMBINED. WORSHIP ME AND LIVE… REFUSE AND CEASE TO EXIST!!! His words swam in the consciousness of every living creature through all of time. Looking up, his worshipers watched as Alberta’s pecs fought to find more room to grow on his upper torso, rising up while being forced down at the same time. The crevice between his pecs was now so deep, but also grew tighter as he felt the pressure being forced upon his chest by the two powerful mountains. “MY POWER WILL FUEL AND DEVOUR YOU!!” Alberta’s abs and lower back began to explode muscle to prevent his upper body from collapsing upon itself. As his back, lats, and traps gained more mass, he wondered how he looked to those below. Piercing deep into their minds, he saw what he had become… more bullish than man. His traps rising up above his ears giving him the guise of either having no neck at all… or one so massive that it simply grew up from his chest. All that found his form disgusting painfully ceased to exist. Alberta could feel the cold surrounding him as he grew past 500 feet. His abs exploded one by one, but there was to be no simple six-pack with this evolution. With his hands he felt, since he couldn’t see anymore below his growing pecs, that his own body was mutating and he now possessed a 15 pack running down his elongated tirso!! With Alberta’s knowledge of the male anatomy, he was aware that most humans have, at most, eight muscle bellies but here he was with an abdomen becoming thicker and as dense as the ground he stood upon. From below, worshippers attempted to catch a better glimpse of their new God. Alberta’s neck, larger than his own waist, was barely visible, as his pecs and deltoids simply covered it up. When they did catch a rare glimpse of his head, they saw that his eyes had begun to glow a deep crimson. The more they worshipped, the more their new God appeared to grow; his lats causing his upper body to curve away from his body, but taper back in. Licking his feet, the worshipers took in what they could of his form. Each ab alone was a testimonial to muscle, and jointly together created a pure work of mastery. Each crevice in the wall of abs, along with his deep Adonis belts was so dark and filled with jet black hair. His waist… no matter how thick it became, it was tight compared to the massiveness of his chest which gave him the ultimate wasp waist. Below, worshipers ejaculated over and over again merely thinking of the majesty of their God. By the eighth time Alberta had spread his legs as far as they possibly could go, he heard a familiar cracking noise, and moaned when his pelvis broke and healed in order to enlarge his stance. This caused his already massive waste to broaden, which only forced his upper body to grow even more to keep that tapered perfection. Alberta clenched his jaw and grit his teeth as he felt the agony of his pelvis bone breaking and growing again, extending his waist more and causing his stance to become far more unnaturally bowlegged. His legs were now so muscle bound, so massive, and so engorged, that some might say they bordered on the grotesque, but he only cried out for more. Every time he stepped now, the entire ground cracked from his insurmountable weight. As Alberta felt his glutes grow, He cried out in ecstasy. He had been evolving for nearly an hour now… and with each metamorphosis and alteration his body went through ,the more orgasmic it felt. Alberta moved his hands to try and feel his swelling ass since there was no way for him to ever see it, but with his ever widening lats, he had difficulty moving his arms to even touch it. Every muscle on Alberta’s body was growing thicker and more dense. As he flexed his arms, he found that his bi’s and tri’s were nearly as thick as his own quads. Feeling the orgasmic rush of blood, Alberta felt the muscles of his arm triple in size. He was glad that his arms had grown so long as now there was more room for the eruption of muscle. As he flexed, the peaks rose higher. He flexed again… and they rose higher still. Another flex… the muscles grew to feel stronger… more powerful… more like metal than muscle. As he flexed, the hair on Alberta’s head blew in the wind. It had grown past his shoulders and was reaching the middle of his back. His own beard… it was now so full and long that it travelled over his pecs until he could no longer see the end. More beast now than man, he thought, that is what all men should be… more beast than man. As Alberta grew past 1200 feet tall, he felt his growth suddenly pick up speed. His forearms bulked up in size… his hands… how huge and muscular his hands appeared now… stronger and more rugged… each finger now larger and thicker than any Redwood. Alberta’s head spun as he tried to comprehend his own size. “MY BODY… NOW A THING OF PURE DOMINANCE… PURE MASCULINITY. AS I KEEP GROWING… HOW CAN I COMPREHEND THE MAGNITUDE OF MY OWN IMMENSITY?” Below, every human fell to the ground as they experienced their own orgasmic rush. Above, Alberta grew even more mammoth… more titanic… “I STAND… A HUMAN FORMED MOUNTAIN… MY HEAD BURSTING THROUGH THE CLOUDS. A PLANE FLIES CLOSE TO ME… YET IT IS AS SMALL AS THE SMALLEST MOSQUITO! I LOOK AT IT… AND IT TURNS TO DUST BECAUSE i WILL IT!!!” With another rush, Alberta shot like a bullet higher into the size. Each second now he was gaining millions of pounds of muscle. His feet sunk into the ground due to such immense weight.. Attempting to walk, Alberta destroyed everything below, not that he cared since everything below was insignificant compared to him. Alberta tried to remember a time before he was a God… but found that he could not. He had been born growing and would continue growing until the end of time. Only a small piece of him remembered the time when he had been a mere human… and that piece forced his cock to start to grow. He could feel his cock pulsing in time to his own heartbeat. As more and more blood was forced into his hardening cock, a sensation grew within him that was almost too much for him to bear. For so long his body had been the apex of his growing orgasmic sensation, but now it all centred around his cock. Drool dripped from his open mouth as thick veins erupted over the surfice of what he had once called his ‘fuck stick’ in order to supply more blood to it. His cock grew so hard… harder than it had ever been before… harder and thicker… so much thicker… Alberta lusted after his own growing penis. Grabbing with his hands, he finds that his hands can’t even go around it anymore. Each time it swells thicker, Alberta feels like his is going to cum, but he never does. It just keeps growing thicker… and thicker… longer… and longer…. Finally Alberta watches as the immense bulbous head comes into view over his pecs. The piss slit is so long and wide… so cavernous. He grinned as he watched his own cockhead swell to such an immense size. LIKE ME, he thought, MY COCK IS A MONUMENT TO POWER!!! More veins erupted over the surface of his body. Once again he forced his consciousness into the worshipers below in order to see what he looked like. He watched as monumental veins erupted over every surface of his body… thicker… longer… What he saw when he looked at himself was a brute of pure muscle… pure testosterone… huge… bloated with muscle… covered in hair… His cock grew so big that his pelvis had to grow larger to accommodate its size. Alberta was now and would forever be a leviathan of power. Returning to his form… he erupted even larger. For once, Alberta had no concept of size. All he experienced was the rush of growth. As he grew through the Stratosphere… through the ozone layer… through the Ionosphere, Alberta begins to stroke his own cock with his hand. Glancing out at the blackness and the stars, Alberta shook off the last of his humanity and stepped fully into the realm of Godhood. Through every plane of existence, all one could hear was: “I WILL GROW LARGER THAN THE COSMOS. MY MONUMENTAL FORM WILL STRETCH THROUGH ALL OF ETERNITY. I WILL BREATH AND SOLAR SYSTEMS WILL CEASE TO BE. PLANETS WILL REVOLVE AROUND MY COLOSSAL BODY. ONLY THROUGH MY WILL CAN EXISTENCE GO ON. NOTHING NOW OR EVER WILL BE AS HUMONGOUS AS I… AS MONSTROUS AS I… AS MAMMOTH AS I!! I AM YOUR GOD AND FOREVER THE VASTNESS OF MY BODY WILL GROW!!!”
  11. 75.010 pne, Eden In the midst of tall snow-white modern buildings with gardens full of greenery on the rooftops moved a naked woman with porcelain skin, long black hair and blue eyes. Her body showed veins beating pure white, and her figure caused no doubt about her beauty. Full of vigor, she ran between the streets holding a mysterious ball in her hand, glowing with golden energy from within, until she saw a guard in front of her. She momentarily turned in the opposite direction, but there another one was approaching. Both guards, dressed in silver-white armor, were approaching the woman trapped in the alley at a fast pace. She without hesitation began to climb the buildings in order to escape from them. As she climbed, she saw through the glass windows Beings in similar robes to the guards, using similar spheres to the one she had, to control the minds of the people, working without rest or leisure in the factories. When she reached the top of the skyscraper, she saw a garden full of trees and plants. With all her speed, she hid in the bushes from the guards who followed her. The guards went on, and the woman came out of hiding and heard a voice behind her back. "Who are you? Shouldn't you be here?" - said the unknown naked man. "I'm Eve, I'll explain everything to you just don't call the guards, please." - replied the woman. The man with a frail, skinny body stood confused waiting for the woman's explanation. He looked like the person taking care of the garden they were in, his fingers was dirty from working in the dirt, his hair reaching almost to his shoulders and wet with sweat. Eve approached the man calmly and, looking straight into his blue eyes, asked - "What is your name?" "Adam." - replied the man then continued as if he had woken up - "I shouldn't say it, I have to call the guards and get back to work." The man turned away from her and was about to go after the guards when she grabbed his arm and said - "Please, you have to listen to me, you could hold this". She held out her hand and showed a glowing ball. "What is it? - asked a concerned Adam "One of the apples of Eden, which must not enter the wrong hands." The man, looking at the apple, felt something draw him to it, as if it was speaking to him, and he wanted the same thing. He grabbed the apple from Eve's hands and felt the energy overflowing, filling him to the brim. His fear and anxiety instantly disappear from his face and are replaced by a mocking smile of joy and desire for what is coming. He looks at the apple in his hand and sees the golden glow of the apple penetrate and fill his veins with pure power, his forearms grow thicker, filled by his muscles. He then flexes his free hand, watching his biceps and triceps grow simultaneously with the highlighted veins on his now paper-thin skin. He felt his heart speed up to keep up with the growth and, spreading his arms behind him, he let the energy fill his chest with the muscles he craved, fiber by fiber. "Ooo I love it" - he said as his nipples, now pointing down at his larger breasts, took on a surface, delightfully stimulating Adam's neurons. He then bent as he felt discomfort in the abdominal area where brick by brick a perfect six-pack was growing. Adam suddenly fell to his knees as he felt the powerlessness in his legs and the wonderful energy filled his buttocks, thighs and calves with rock-hard muscles. "It's fucking gooood" he said as he stood up using legs the size of tree trunks, filled with pure muscle. He then flexed both arms flexing his towering biceps to the limit. "Ohhh yes, more" - he said as the energy and strength of the Eden's apple filled his back and shoulders with pure power, bulging them to the limit. Unexpectedly, Adam began to scream at the top of his lungs as pain began to shoot through his face. A golden glow of pure energy shone from his eyes. His jaw took on a square shape and a neat, thick beard began to appear on it, and the hairness traveled to his arms, lower down between the mounds of his large breasts, through the muscles of his abdomen, down to his vitals, ending at his toes. "OHHHHHH FUCK!" - shouted Adam, but in a much lower tone of voice, as his penis stood at full mast erect and ready to grow. The golden glow from the man's eyes traveled down his veins and congealed on his growing, full-blooded penis. Being in blissful ecstasy, the man, feeling that he was at his limit, surrendered to the paradisiacal energy and succumbed to it, cumming in front of the woman he had just met. Coming back to reality, the man looked at the woman standing before him in a completely different light than before. He saw her stunning beauty and figure that he had not been aware of before. He realized that he was under the control of the Beings ruling Eden, the apple told him - The Truth. "Let's run away, they must have heard us, let's go" Eve said as fast as she could. "Certainly" - replied Adam with embarrassment in his voice and ran after her. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Eden" "Eve" "Adam"
  12. MY GRANDAD’S MUSCLES [Omnibus Edition with a new instalment coming soon] My father’s father became a recluse after his wife died. I never saw much of my grandparents growing up, but Grandad had a good reason for not showing up for Granny’s funeral. It was because my deadbeat father was there, and that was enough of an excuse. They’d hated each other. My father was never sober for more than a few hours at a time. My mother was just as bad, only her poison of choice were prescription painkillers chased down with as much weed as she could get hold of. So yeah, Grandad sold his business in the city and moved west to run a farm. It had always been his dream to completely get out of the rat race and live off the grid. We wrote to each other after he moved away. To be honest, I’d not seen much of him as a kid. He was always busy running his gyms. He had four of them. Once he’d even offered my father an olive branch by giving him his own gym to manage, if only he’d get off the booze. But dear old Anthony Ridge was too far gone, and his liver was on its last legs. Alcohol doesn’t just destroy your body and mind. It also wrecks family units. Speaking of ‘units’, we lost our home in 2010 because our mortgage arrears were crazy, so we had to move into a unit in a trailer park after the bank took back what was theirs. I didn’t really mind. There was just the three of us. And the unit was small enough not to accumulate too many possessions that could be thrown around during drink-fuelled rows. At least my father never raised his hand to me. He fell asleep one night with a lit cigarette in his mouth. My mother had already collapsed into bed, high from her cocktail of back pain meds and weed. I was staying over at my friend Rod’s place, which was what saved my life. By the time the fire brigade got the fire under control, the unit was just a smouldering shell of its former self. After my parents were laid to rest, at a modest ceremony attended mostly by my mother’s side of the family, I got a letter from my Grandad. He wasn’t one for using phones, so letters were his thing. He asked me how I was doing. I was staying at Rod’s; he’d been my crush since early secondary school, and for a time it was just me and him. But now he’d gotten Cindy Fleming up the duff, and both of them just just gone 18, so things weren’t good between Rod and his folks. Too many arguments. And since the unforeseen pregnancy Rod and me started quarrelling more than I cared for. When I told this to my Grandad in a letter, the reply I got back inside of a week said simply: “Come and live with me.” The letter came with train fare and a map on how to reach the farm. I had just finished my final exams at secondary school, so it was either get a job at a fast food place, or go live with my hermit grandparent. I really didn’t have great prospects, and Rod and me were drifting in different directions anyway. I decided to accept my Grandad’s offer. I took with me only what I could carry. Rod’s dad wanted to drive me to the station, but I declined. I needed to stand on my own two feet anyway. Besides, the train station was only a few minutes away by bus. The train ride took three hours. I arrived in the quaint village of Dundrevan just when it started to rain. It was a little after four in the afternoon. I took shelter in a tavern not far from the station. It was a poky little place; only two customers, one an elderly man nursing a pint in a corner. The other was a guy about my age, very handsome, but clearly drunk. Just as I entered, the barman was advising him he’d had enough to drink and to stop tearing up beer mats and flicking the pieces everywhere. “Do you do hot food?” I asked the barman. Only toasted sandwiches were served here, but I hadn’t eaten since breakfast at Rod’s, so anything would be welcomed. So I had a toasted cheese and ham sandwich and pot of tea. I never touch alcohol; I vowed from an early age never to turn into my father. When the rain stopped I decided to follow the map route to the farm. It was about a mile outside the village, but I didn’t mind the walk. The sun had come out and it even started to get a bit warm. I considered taking my shirt off; we Ridge men are blessed with really great genetics. I didn’t work out at all, but I looked like I did. Although my skin was a tad milky, my chest and abs were quite defined. I had a bit of muscle on me, and I wasn’t afraid to show it off. But this place was really deserted, so no one would see me. Or so I thought. I made my way down a narrow laneway with honeysuckle bushes to my left, and seemingly endless wooden fencing with the bark left on, to my right. At the end of the lane I was about to pass a phone box, when someone stepped out of it and looked at me as though he’d known me all his life. “Fuck me, lad. If you’re not related to big Gordie Ridge, then I’m a monkey’s uncle.” The man was in his forties, a bit overweight, with a comb-over to hide his bald patch. His shirt looked like it hadn’t been ironed, ever, and he smelt of onions. But he seemed jolly, and at least he wasn’t carrying a knife with intent to rob me of my duffel bag. “Er, he’s my Grandad. I’m going to stay with him at his farm,” I said simply. He was right in the sense that facially I looked more like my Grandad than my father. “Well now, this is the thing. You’ve got quite the walk ahead of you, lad. And you might want to cover yourself up there. You have to pass the convent and you’ll give the nuns heart attacks with all those muscles on ya!” I liked this man immensely. “I’m not really that muscled,” I said, feigning bashfulness. Like I said, I didn’t work out. What I had on me was a natural thing passed down. Pity my late father decided to abuse his body rather than maximise on what nature gifted him with. “Well no… no you’re not, if you don’t really mind me saying. But the folks around here are somewhat in awe of Gordie Ridge. He’s like a folk legend around these parts. But you can tell you’re a chip off his block, definitely. My name’s Silas, by the way. Silas Brandywine at your service.” “I’m Stephen. Stephen Ridge,” I said, putting my shirt back on. I didn’t want any nun fatalities on my conscience. “Why are people in awe of my Grandad?” I thought back to when I last saw him. I was seven, so ten years ago. He was big, then, but nothing jaw-dropping, although back then I viewed him through the eyes of a kid. I remember seeing weight-lifting trophies at his house, but I’d only been there a couple of times. Silas eyed me with a twinge of curiosity that made his eyes gleam and his ruddy complexion to bloom as he concentrated his visual summary of me. “Haven’t seen him recently, have we, Stephen Ridge?” The community police officer in an archaic Fiat Panda trundled past, sounded the horn at Silas, who summarily waved back. This was the kind of place where everyone knew everyone, and was about two decades behind the rest of the world. “Not since I was a nipper, Silas,” I chirped, trying to be pleasant. I was tired from the journey, but I was grateful for not having a short fuse. “Oh well then, I might give ye a bit of advice, kiddo.” Silas drew closer to me as though he were about to reveal the secret to life itself. “When you faint at the sight of him, make sure you land on something soft, lest you crack your head right open to let out the shock.” “Er, okay… I think.” I decided to continue on my way. I stopped just before the convent. A mischievous thought ran through my mind in which I was topless once again and flirting with the nuns working in their apiary, causing them to come over all flushed and taken by my boyish good looks. I decided against it. Did they even have an apiary? For some reason I believed that all monks and nuns kept bees. After the convent the map told me to cross a field as a shortcut. I walked for another fifteen minutes, maybe. Then I came to a red iron gate, recently painted by the looks of it. A sign nearby said: “Ridge Farm. Keep Out!” So I’d arrived. I wondered how many acres of land my Grandad owned. It was the only farm for miles around. I couldn’t see any livestock, but maybe he wasn’t that kind of farmer. Then I saw the out-buildings beyond a range of oak trees. There were three white, rectangular sheds; obviously these were the nucleus of Grandad’s farming enterprise. Beyond that nothing but trees, trees, and more trees. The house itself was typically rural, probably a hundred years old or more. There was a barn and a pen in the courtyard with six pigs in it. So maybe he was a pig farmer. But if so why did he only own six pigs? My Grandad was in the barn. I could hear him singing, although I couldn’t put a name to the tune. There was a lot of clanking of metal, and grunting to go along with the singing. I didn’t want to frighten him by just appearing at the door; he was in his sixties, after all. Isn’t it dangerous to sneak up on an old person? Then I noticed an old-fashioned bell sitting on a windowsill up at the house. I opted to use it to announce my presence. The grunting, singing, and clanking noises ceased. I’d gotten my Grandad’s attention. He came out of the barn. I looked at him. My breathing seized up. Silas Brandywine had been right about one thing. I fainted. *** When I came to I was lying on a couch in what could only be the living room of the farmhouse. I immediately noticed the renovations; the door frames were taller and wider than standard door frames. The ceiling, too, looked higher than you’d expect a ceiling to be. The interior furnishings were rustic and old fashioned. A painting of a milkmaid milking a cow hung over a spartan mantel. A grandfather clock in a corner ticked somnolently. Shafts of dying sunlight permeated the room in which dust motes seemed to hang, fixed rigidly in time itself. I instinctively felt my head for evidence of injury, but there was none. I was thankful for that. As my senses grew more attuned to my surroundings, my nose picked up the delicious smell of… was it beef stew? I got up from the couch, a little wobbly on my feet, but I soon regained my balance. I followed the smell of the stew to the large kitchen at the rear of the house. It needed to be big, because my Grandad was, well… HUGE! He was shirtless, save for an apron which he let hang untied at the back. His back was the widest, most muscular back I’d ever seen. And there wasn’t a hair on his back or shoulders, unlike my dad who seemed to have gotten the hairy gene from my grandmother’s side. He wore khaki cargo shorts and was barefooted. I gauged his height to be between 6’ 10 and 7’; the Ridge men had always been tall. I myself stood at an impressive 6’ 4”. At 18 I probably wasn’t done growing yet. My dad had stopped growing at 6’ 5”, the waster. He could have been impressive, instead of a deadbeat. Gordon Ridge wasn’t a weight-lifter; well, maybe he was in his younger days. But now he was utterly a bodybuilder, and the biggest, most muscular man I’d ever seen. “Uh...Grandad?” “Hope you’re hungry. My beef stew is the best in the world, Stephen. You’re probably famished from your trip.” My Grandad turned around. I feel terrible for admitting this, but my dick instantly firmed up at the sight of him. Yeah, I know we’re related, but I wasn’t prepared for what he had built of himself. I blamed my stiffy on a chemical impulse in my brain, or something like that. He was incredibly handsome. So what if he was sixty-four? He’d been stunning-looking in his youth, as I recall. Time had been good to his brand of handsomeness, with lines of age in his face that would look destructively hampering on others. But on him they gave him a wisdom that commanded respect, along with his obvious size and strength. Thank heavens I hadn’t tucked in my shirt; it hid my arousal well. I really didn’t want Grandad to get a ‘pervy’ vibe from me. I didn’t want him to know I’m gay, not yet anyway. I had no idea what he thought of such things. I hoped he wasn’t a homophobe like my father was. “I could use a hot meal, thanks.” I tried not to stammer. But he could clearly tell I was astonished by how he looked. He was overwhelming. “You’ve grown up well, Stephen. You were only a bean when last I saw you. What are you, six three, six four?” “Four,” I replied shakily. Grandad’s smile was warm and reassuring. I had nothing to fear here. “I was shorter than you at that age. But as you can see, a lot of growth came later.” He wasn’t smug, or modest, so when his arm raised up to form a single bicep pose, I think he did it without realising. A huge, melon-ball bicep formed and bulged upon his command. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. He picked up on this and played it down with a chuckle. All he said was: “Thirty-one inches. So far.” He winked proudly and went back to tending to the stew. He suggested I wash up before supper. He told me where the bathroom was. I was so relieved to get up there so that I would masturbate, get that over with, and, hopefully, keep my arousal to a minimum. This is purely chemical with me. There is no way I would allow myself to develop an unhealthy attraction to my own progenitor. When I returned to the kitchen, there was a big bowl of stew waiting for me. Grandad was already seated on the other end of the big oak table. He tore off a chunk of bread from a sizable loaf before handing it over to me. “I like to dip the bread in and use it like a spoon. Then I just drink down the remainder out of the bowl. I don’t get many guests up here,” he said between chews. A quivering smile formed on my lips, so I decided to copy his method, and dipped some bread into the stew. It was very tasty, and he didn’t skimp on the beef either. The obvious elephant in the room was his physique, but he didn’t seem interested in bringing it up during our first meal together. “Thank you for taking me in, Grandad. I was at a bit of a crossroads,” I said. I can’t remember ever eating a meal this good. My mother had never been one for cooking. Dinner had almost always been take-out back then. Living at Rod’s had been better, but because both his parents worked, dinner was usually more convenient than nutritious. This was new to me. I ate three big hunks of bread and finished all the stew in my bowl whilst Grandad helped himself to seconds, and then thirds. “Sorry, but I have to eat big to stay big,” he said, after demolishing the third bowl. He let out a very loud and very manly belch, then leaned back in his big farmhouse chair and patted his cobbled belly. He still had the apron on. I really hoped he’d remove it. But sitting opposite him gave me plenty of time to take in the enormity of this man. He really was a super-human in every sense of the word. His rugged, handsome head was supported by the thickest bull-neck I’d ever seen. It just seemed to widen as it sloped down to his mammoth traps, and they in turn sat on shoulders capped with thick, rippled deltoids. He had to be at least five feet wide at the shoulders, maybe more. His chest was just beautiful; thick, bloated pectoral masses that made the neck of the apron look like a length of yarn threaded through a handkerchief. I loved the way he had to lean forward and hunker down over his bowl so as not to get any stew on the table. This position highlighted his shoulders best, for he flexed and bulged his muscles without thinking. His biceps and forearms looked powerful enough to snap concrete blocks in two (I had no idea as to feats of strength he’d demonstrate for me later). “Um, you don’t wear shirts then?” Oh why did I go and ask that? I could’ve asked him about the farm, and what he did here, but I had to let my dick do the talking instead. I hope he didn’t take offence. He smiled and ran a finger around his bowl to pick up the last dregs of stew, which he then sucked clean. His bad manners at the table made him human. His muscles made him a god. “I mostly wear just jockstraps when I’m alone here. I get them specially made. Really comfortable and with just the best support a man can get. But the shorts are out of respect for you being here.” Oh my god, I felt myself thinking. That is the hottest thing I’ve ever heard. I think I needed to wank again. My Grandad was not only super-huge, he was super-sexy. I had to think about the nuns at the convent I’d passed earlier, running around in only their knickers whilst chased by swarms of angry bees. That helped with my arousal a little. “I wear jocks sometimes. Rod and me were on the school rugby team, but we sucked at it.” I just wanted to keep the subject of jockstraps alive. “Who’s Rod?” “My best friend. I was living with him and his family for a bit after the… you know.” I didn’t want to bring up the subject of the fire. I knew enough about Gordon Ridge to know that he never discussed anything to do with his son. “It was good of them to put you up like that. But I’m kin. Your place is with me now.” Grandad got up to clear the bowls into the sink. He emptied what was left of the stew into a plastic container and placed it in the fridge. I helped by washing up. Later Grandad said he was going back to the barn. “What do you get up to there?” I asked, as if I didn’t already know. “Bodybuilding,” said Grandad with a smirk. He took off the apron and chucked it into a basket he kept for dirty laundry. I could finally get a proper look at his torso. Every muscle was just popping out of him. He was ripped beyond belief, but carried immense size also. I couldn’t begin to guess at his weight, but he was at least three times as big as a Mr Olympia super-heavyweight competitor. Why the hell did he shy away from public life and waste all this muscle on a lonely farm in the middle of nowhere? If I looked like him I’d be all over the internet, doing talk shows, winning trophies, being fucking amazing and loving every moment. I guess he had his reasons. “Oh Grandad, you’re enormous,” I couldn’t keep myself from mouthing. He smiled warmly, his face creasing up with wrinkles that only complimented his good looks. “One day, maybe,” he said simply. My erection bloomed under my shirt. The thought of this white-haired behemoth actually getting bigger than he was now almost made me bust a nut there and then. “You… you, don’t think you’re… er… big enough?” I stammered. My cock hurt inside my shorts. It needed adjusting. “Nope… not by a mile, Stephen.” And to illustrate his point he flexed a most muscular which caused alarmingly defined muscularity to burst from his skin. Every last part of him heaved with muscle clarity, and as he grunted and groaned — leaning into the pose with rising force — his face and neck flared red from the effort. He kept flexing, demanding more blood to course into his muscle fibers. I felt my own blood coursing as I witnessed this incredible spectacle. “I’ll never be big enough,” he grunted, this time changing to a full lat spread pose. His upper body widened and thickened; his pecs heaved upward and deep striations cracked across their mighty surfaces. He partially rolled up his shorts before lifting his arms to clasp the back of his head with his hands. He then pulled his abs taut. They almost crunched with definition. He rolled his mighty thighs one after the other, and the clusters of muscles there boiled with size and ferocious power. He relaxed and flexed, alternating between the two in order to give me quite the show. I don’t think he was aware of his own erection, but I could see the tenting happening in the front of his khakis. It didn’t feel weird. We were two guys hanging out, right? Then he said: “Come to the barn. Watch me lift.” My mouth formed an aghast “O” shape. I was related to probably the biggest bodybuilder in the world, and now he was inviting me to watch him lift. I had two choices: I could accept his invitation, and, hopefully find some way to ‘relieve’ myself again without him noticing, or I could run for the hills back to Rod’s place and put all this out of my mind. But Grandad had shown me nothing but kindness, so it would have been wrong of me to run out on him, especially now that night was fast approaching. Once the pigs were put into their night enclosure, Grandad and me went into the barn. It smelt a little of pig-shit, but he filled his lungs with a great deal of it and it seemed to energise him a little. I supposed I’d have to get used to the smells of farm life. It was as typical a barn as barns come, although there was a squat rack, bench, and free weights present. As he lit oil lamps I could see more things, specifically a leg press machine and another for doing lat pull-downs. He pretty much had his own gym here; he used to be in the business so he used what he needed to isolate every muscle-group. But there was nothing magical about the set-up here. How, then, did he get so big? There was also a scale in the barn, one you see at livestock fairs. Obviously a standard human scale was too small for my Grandad. He stepped out of his shorts and flung them over his shoulder. It was as though he was suddenly unaware that he had a guest. He went over to the scale and stood confidently on the pressure pad. “Hunngh! Only five up from yesterday,” he grunted. He looked disappointed. “Five… pounds?” I couldn’t believe what I’d heard. But then he’d just eaten a lot of food, so the scale was obviously picking up on that. “I gained fifteen pounds on Wednesday. That was a good day. Only five since yesterday. Gotta lift now, Stephen”. Oh well, at least he was aware of me again. The jockstrap looked amazing on him. It was white and black; the thick black waistband married well with the white pouched front and supporting straps at the rear. He was beautiful to look at. Every last inch of him was manliness exaggerated beyond belief. And as he muscle-waddled over to the bench to begin his evening presses, his dick meat and weighty gonads bobbed and swung heavily before him. He was very hung, but then, so was I. Well, not as much as he was, but I had a dick worthy of a porn-star. Those Ridge genes again. Fifteen pounds, did he say? But such gains so quickly were impossible. Maybe there was something in the water. But if that were so, then the few people I’d so far met from the village didn’t reflect this theory. It had to be something else. I couldn’t chalk it up to just genetics alone. If that was the reason, then… did it mean that I, too, had the potential to look like Grandad? I was stunned to silence as I watched him deftly load up the bar with crazy amounts of weight. I did a quick count of the plates and added the weight up to be… fuck… a metric tonne? Could a bar really hold that much? Maybe this gear was specially reinforced for Grandad. Didn’t he need a spotter? He positioned himself correctly on the bench, and gripped the bar firmly enough to make his knuckles glow white. He eased it off the rests and took the strain. It wobbled a little at first, but as his confidence grew, so did his strength. He let the bar come down near his enormous pecs. Then he pressed up, slowly at first, but once a rhythm kicked in, a man/machine synergy came into effect. I watched Grandad own the iron, play with it like it was a toy, and press it repeatedly, over and over. It was as if his chest grew with every inhalation, every measured, controlled movement. And when he exhaled, it was audibly masculine in its output. By the time he’d hit his seventieth or eightieth rep, he was screaming like a man possessed. I actually felt a little scared of him at this point, but I was as rigid as my erection, now, transfixed to the spot and unable to stop myself from being ‘blown away’ by the power of my father’s father. He got up from the bench when he was done, and flexed his pecs a few times. Then he cupped each one firmly and felt up their combined mass. “Good pump there,” he said simply. He pounded them a little, like the way gorillas sometimes do with their chests. It was so manly. I turned around to adjust my junk in my pants. Grandad didn’t seem to notice. He’d already moved over to the leg press. The machine was set to two tonnes. I couldn't believe the numbers. “Climb on up, Stephen. I could do with the extra weight,” Grandad said with a smirk. “Oh, er….I,” I didn’t know what to say. I suddenly felt awkward. And I really wanted to shoot another load. “I hope you’re not afraid of heights, lad. You’ll be helping me out around the place, and some of the work will involve climbing. You’ll have to get used to it.” His tone was more adamant-sounding now. I was fine with it. I wasn’t one for freeloading off my generous grandfather and had every intention of pulling my weight and doing my fair share (whatever that turned out to be). “Er, okay. I’ll get right up there, Grandad,” I responded. I gingerly climbed up onto the carriage of the machine. Not the most comfortable thing to sit on, I must add. I had to somehow wedge my arse between the weights and the foot plate, although my feet occupied the side of the foot plate opposite where Grandad’s feet were positioned confidently and correctly. Looking down at him from this angle — where he was seated at an incline — he was all chest and groin, both of which bulged almost obscenely. He was clearly erect himself, but that was fine. We were two guys hanging out, right? He was just showing off, getting me to climb onto the carriage. I mean, I only weigh about 225, so my weight on top of two fucking tonnes was negligible. “Ready? Hang on to your britches,” said Grandad. And he began to take the strain. At first I thought he was going to tear some muscles and lose to the weight. I had visions of tumbling off the thing. But this didn’t happen. He began to push the colossal weight; it barely looked as if he was straining. His face showed only determination; other than that it was devoid of emotion. He almost looked disappointed at how easily his juggernaut legs pushed both the weight and his grandson upwards, over and over. I held on as best I could, but after thirty or so repetitions, I began to feel seasick. Grandad sensed this and decided to let me off. “The machine is maxed out. I'll need a new one designed. Maybe there's a way to lash two together, one for each leg.” He suddenly seemed lost in thought. “Your legs definitely got a good pump there,” I remarked, and this seemed to please my progenitor to the point where he blasted out one pose after another. I wanted to ask him what his secret was. But I decided it could wait. I needed to use the toilet in order to ‘rub one out’ again. But before I could leave the barn: “So you like your old Grandad’s physique, huh?” Grandad bounced his hefty pecs over and over. I couldn’t help but notice how his cock was so swollen and hard, it had pushed the waistband of the jockstrap away from his body. I felt inwardly disgusted for allowing my gaze to linger there. If he noticed, he didn’t seem to care. “You’re like nothing I’ve ever seen before.” He came over to me and ruffled my brown hair, like he did when I was seven. I didn’t mind if he still saw me as that little kid from ten years ago. “Ever thought about bodybuilding?” I shrugged. Sure, I had inherited the best genetics a guy could ever hope for. Maybe I could do more with my body. “Not really. I just try to focus on not ending up like dad!” SHIT, I shouldn’t have mentioned him in Grandad’s presence. “That alcoholic piece of CRAP!!!!!” Grandad’s temper erupted. From what I knew of him, I’d always seen him as an easy-going, never angry type. But now… He swelled up in size; was it my imagination or did he really have the power to ‘hulk out’? He did that growling “Incredible Hulk” pose you often saw the character do on the show just before the Hulk ripped off the remains of his shirt and after Bixby changed into Ferrigno,. Muscles and veins bulged hugely under his skin. There was the back half of a broken tractor just outside the barn. He jogged over to it and began to lift it off the ground. How much did half a tractor weigh anyway? Seething with anger, my grandfather lifted the machinery over his head like an average human might lift a toddler onto their shoulders. Then he ripped it to pieces and flung the pieces far and wide. I prayed they wouldn’t hurt someone. “I did everything for him,” he barked, and the pigs nearby began squealing and adding to the ruckus. I think Grandad needed to calm down. I was genuinely scared now. He made a most muscular pose and more and more huge muscles bulged insanely all over him. Was he… growing? Snarling like a slavering beast, he tore up a length of fencing, posts and all, and hurled them into a far field. Then he muscle-bounded around to a garage area, and I almost wet myself when he single-handedly ripped the door off the garage and then dragged a four-wheel drive outside where he could better pick it up. My Grandad was lifting a fucking jeep like is was made of balsa wood. “I even gave him his own gym. But what’d he do? Got fucking wasted again. Didn’t even try the 12 steps. Well I’ll give him 12 fucking steps alright. GRRRRRAAAAAWWWWRRRR!!” I’d never seen a jeep do an impersonation of an aircraft before. How high did he throw it anyway? I listened for a crash sound. After thirty seconds, nothing. A minute passed. Maybe it came down in a lake. Who was to say? I was terrified of my Grandad now. I shouldn’t have mentioned my father to him. I plucked up the courage to leave the barn where I’d been standing just inside the entrance. My Grandad was rampaging about the farm, looking for more things to destroy. Out of sheer desperation, the pigs broke out of their enclosure and ran for their lives, squealing noisily. Grandad made eyes at the house itself. If he could throw a jeep so far, then he could easily demolish a house with his fists. Where would we live then? I needed to intervene. “Grandad… stop… please. Anthony’s dead, remember? I promise I’ll never mention him again. Just please don’t smash anything else.” That seemed to calm him down. My Grandad was even bigger now. I couldn’t believe such a thing was possible. He was totally naked since his ‘hulk out’ had caused his junk to grow to humongous proportions. Somewhere about the farm, his jock lay in tatters. His mighty chest heaved with every exerted breath. It looked as though he was still pumping up. It’d been a crazy day. My massively muscular Grandad was a giant of a man, and completely naked before me. Strangely, my erection had subsided, and I was glad I could think with my brain again. He was silent for a time. Then: “I’m sorry about that, Stephen. I’ll go put some clothes on.” A kind, warm smile returned, replacing a face of pure malice and rage. “Just a jockstrap will do, seeing as you’re used to that and all,” I remarked, trying to further lighten the moment. Then I took my shirt off, just because it seemed right. I left my pants on, though. That would have been weird. Grandad gave me the once-over and nodded his approval. “You should lift, lad. You remind me of myself when I was your age. Although, I had a good fifty pounds on you. Come inside. I have an apple pie in the fridge. I always eat pie after a workout.” And so that was how my first day went living with my super-strong, massive bodybuilding Grandad. I’d probably spend the night beating off in my new bed. Turned out the pie tuckered me out and I decided to turn in. Grandad was bigger now, so he struggled in places around the house that weren’t designed to accommodate his new size. He’d have to make more renovations. But at least there still was a house to renovate. *** I suppose it was to be expected Grandad would have me up at the crack of dawn; it was the farming way, right? Despite his massive size, I hadn’t heard him come into the bedroom to open the curtains, leave a cup of tea on the nightstand beside my bed, and also a special gift next to it. But he’d been in and out without waking me; the first rays of glorious morning sunshine permeating the room was enough to rouse me out of a somewhat restful sleep. I swung my feet to the floor, rubbing sleep out of my eye with one finger, whilst taking the teacup up to my lips with the other. The tea had sugar in it; I normally took it just with milk. But I didn’t mind. It was a nice gesture. An even nicer gesture was the other gift he left me: a brand new jock-strap; I guess these were now my ‘work clothes’. Anyone else might have been creeped out by this, but I didn’t feel that way. My Grandad was an exceptional person, and I liked to think this was his way of bonding with his grandson. It was all good in my book. I decided to ‘break it in’ immediately. This helped to waken me up and begin acclimating to my new life at Ridge Farm. It was so comfortable and it made my package look awesome. I looked at myself in the mirror (yup, the room came with a full-length mirror). The jock really did my body justice. I felt so manly, and looked so athletic. Had my first night at the farm caused changes to my body? I thought I looked more muscular, but maybe it was wishful thinking. I was tall, therefore any additions to my muscularity would have to be significant ones, right? Still, I found myself ‘making muscles’ to my reflection, and within a couple of minutes I was erect as fuck. I wondered how long it would take my milky skin to get tanned as I worked outdoors. Grandpa’s skin tone was so healthy. He really didn’t look sixty-four. I decided to take a quick shower and beat off under the spray. I would probably be horny for the rest of the day anyway, so maybe it was best I ‘milk’ myself as early as I could. When I went downstairs — wearing only my new jockstrap plus the sneakers I arrived in — Grandad was slaving over the stove again. This time he didn’t wear the apron. That pleased me. He, too, wore only a jockstrap. I will admit to the guilty pleasure of sprouting a semi at the sight of his massive delta-back supported by a waspish waist, which itself drew its foundation from the biggest, juiciest muscle-butt I’d ever seen. It bulged gorgeously out of the straps of the jock which framed it perfectly. The muscle dimples that popped in and out of the glutes as he worked on breakfast were a sight to behold. His legs worked clumsily against each other for space, but he had it nailed down. There was something so arousing to see a bodybuilder get so huge that it made walking look awkward. But there was nothing awkward about Gordon Ridge. He was truly magnificent. “Good morning, Grandad,” I said simply. He turned around, looking huge. He smiled at me, noticed I was wearing the gift he’d left me, and then nodded his approval. “I hope you like porridge,” he said, “It’s very nutritious. This is my special recipe, lad. A healthy body is required for labouring on the farm.” A healthy body? In his case that was an understatement. He beckoned me to sit at the table where there was a place set out for me. Next to my bowl was some sort of milkshake in a tall glass. I gingerly sniffed at it. “What’s this?” I inquired. “My morning shake. It’s full of all the essentials. I rounded the pigs up single-handedly. But you’re going to help me repair the fence I smashed last night.” He appeared somewhat rueful. His rage of the night before actually seemed like a dream to me now. He ladled a hearty two dollops of porridge into my bowl. The breakfast had an ‘earthiness’ to its aroma. I couldn’t put my finger on it, though. Still, I was as hungry as a growing 18 year-old can be, so I dug into my breakfast, and was pleased when it came with two rounds of wholemeal buttered toast. Grandad sat down opposite me to eat. His appetite was as massive as he was. He was already through his first bowl of porridge by the time I’d taken my fourth spoonful. I must admit that he was a really good cook. “Your strength is incredible, Grandad,” I couldn’t wait to say. He smiled gratefully. I think he was glad I was here. A guy like him shouldn’t spend so much time alone. Although, I had yet to learn how he associated with the local village folk. Silas from yesterday mentioned he was a legend to the people around here. “I could be stronger,” he said simply. I had to comment: “Is that, like, a curse to a bodybuilder?” “What do you mean?” He eyed me through air that could have been sliced apart with a knife. Did I say the wrong thing? Oh, I really didn’t want to piss him off again. I liked this house. I didn’t want it reduced to rubble. “Er… um… I didn’t mean anything sinister, Grandad.” I chose my words carefully. He remained silent. I nervously dry-swallowed and felt my stomach churning up butterflies. My bottom lip started quivering. I spoke slowly, carefully. “I mean… do you feel, sometimes, that you can never be big enough? Are there limits to how huge you’d like to be?” Please, please, please, don’t hulk out on me, I thought to myself. Did I mention Anthony this time? I hoped that my Grandad didn’t isolate himself from society because he couldn’t control his temper. He broke the ensuing silence by chewing a piece of toast noisily. Then he knocked back his morning shake before getting up to refill his porridge bowl. After what seemed like a small age, he answered my questions. “Yes to the first question; no to the second.” Then he opened a kitchen drawer and took out an old newspaper. He handed it to me. “Turn to page four,” he instructed. I opened the newspaper. The date at the top was from two years ago, not long after Granny’s funeral. The main article on the page read: “CHILD LABOUR RING FOILED BY FLYING TRACTOR” In the early hours of Monday morning, an organised syndicate of illegal child labourers had their operation destroyed by a tractor when it struck their base of operation, a hitherto abandoned creamery near the village of Dundrevan. Five of the six men, all non-nationals, suffered minor injuries, whilst one remains in a critical condition in hospital. Police who shortly after arrived at the scene discovered twenty-two children — also non-nationals, with ages ranging between 8 and 14 — wandering about the area in a state of apparent confusion. The children are currently being cared for at the Sisters of Mercy convent where they are being treated for shock and malnutrition. Examination of their living conditions revealed that the children were being used to manufacture narcotics intended for sale both here and abroad. Police are keen to question the men involved, and it is not currently known how a tractor happened to fall from the sky with precision enough to end this brutal crime against innocent children. I was a little confused, not sure what Grandad was expressing by showing me the newspaper. He then opened up: “The nuns tipped me off about the place. This fucking place. Honestly, one police man, and he’s close to retirement, too. He couldn’t investigate a pimple on the end of his nose. So the Mother Superior came to me. She said she was passing there one day and heard what she thought was a child getting beaten. And where was PC fucking Plod at the time? Playing cards and drinking gin with Silas Brandywine. No wonder those human trafficking bastards set up shop here. Perfect place to get away with all kinds of shit.” Grandad paused to flex his muscles. He brought both arms up to a double biceps. When he said his biceps were thirty-one inches yesterday, they looked thicker than my waist now. Veins popped out of his skin and seemed to help him inflate himself bigger. I was hard as a rock again, but I was seated at the table, so he didn’t notice. “So I did what any father would do. I saved those kids. The tractor was here when I bought the place, but it was shot. I’d staked out the creamery myself, getting the layout and all that. My hearing is pretty good, and I could tell that the children weren’t in the main house, but in one of the outbuildings, probably used to store the dairy products prior to shipping when the place was operational. It was heavily padlocked, which wouldn’t have been a problem for me.” He paused to crank out a most muscular. OMG, he looked bigger — way bigger — than yesterday. That could only mean his strength was increasing by the hour. I had to ask another question: “Why didn’t you just bust the kids out there and then?” “I guess I have a flair for the dramatic, Stephen. Plus, I couldn’t tell if those wankers had guns or who they were connected to. Was it a localised operation, or was there something bigger behind it?” He shrugged, causing his massive pecs to heave and flex. Veins erupted across his shoulders and chest. “I planned to demolish the entire house, but my aim was off. Fortunately the tractor hit the part where most of them were sleeping. It’s a disappointing miracle only one of them was seriously injured. But he lived. They all were extradited back to whatever shit-pile they crawled from. The kids were all orphans, but I hear they’re doing well in foster homes and such.” “That part of the tractor from last night. Was it…?” “Yup, the very same. After the police were done with their investigation, they just up and left. The buildings were demolished for safety reasons and what was left of the tractor was just lying there when I returned a few weeks later. I decided to keep it as a memento.” “Aren’t you worried the cops will connect you to the incident through the tractor remains?” Then I remembered: he completely destroyed what was left of it last night. “Pimple on the end of his nose,” Grandad reminded me, referring to the local constabulary’s incompetence. I had to ask another question: “What does your heroic deed do with how huge you want to get?” Oh I hoped this question wouldn’t set him off again. I silently cringed and my erection subsided. Grandad didn’t answer immediately. For a moment he was lost to his flexing. He performed weight-free bicep curls before me, his attention rapt on the bulging balls of muscle that erupted out of his arms as he flexed and pumped them. He grunted with something akin to minor satisfaction. “Back then I weighed less than half of what I do now, which of this morning is one hundred and twenty-five stone.” He paused to allow me to take that one in. Wait, he said ‘stones’. I had to do some mental arithmetic. I couldn’t believe the number. “You’re over 1700 pounds. Grandad… that’s… it’s…” I didn’t have the words. “I plan to weigh over a tonne before the week is out, lad. See what I did back then to free those kids? I must be way stronger now. I moved here to get away from shit. I was stressed out trying to keep my businesses afloat. Too many gyms completely saturated the market and my profits were diminishing. Before I knew it I was taking out second mortgages on the properties, but haemorrhaging capital faster than new bills get printed. And your grandmother’s cancer was so hard to bear.” He didn’t elaborate. I hadn’t known Granny all that well; you can blame ‘dear old dad’ for that one. But Grandad was opening up to me, now. And that was a good thing. It helped me to acquire a better understanding of the person he is, and the events that led to him looking the way he does. But there was more to learn, and I’m sure he’d tell me when he was good and ready. “But I have to get stronger, Stephen. If those fuckers — or their associates — ever come back here, I want to be so fucking strong, they’ll shit out of their windpipes in fear when they see me. No child will ever again unduly suffer on my watch.” He performed a full lat spread. Fuck, he was huger than when he last did that pose. His muscles opened up and expanded in all directions. His upper pecs seemed to suck his head down into them. He liked the feeling so much that his junk swelled massively into the biggest boner I’d ever seen. He was hung like a horse; no… his made horse dicks look small. “And then there’s the… wall,” he said, sombrely. My eyebrows peaked with curiosity. I was already tugging my pud with one hand beneath the table. If Grandad noticed, he didn’t respond. We were just two guys hanging out, right? Perfectly natural for blokes to get off to one another’s manliness. It’s only hormones and chemical exchanges, nothing more. Okay fuck it… I fancied the shit out of him. My own grandfather. But it’s not like he’d been in my life much prior to this. We’d been pretty much estranged because of the bad blood between a father and his son. Couldn’t I just pretend that we weren’t related, simply to make masturbating less awkward? Wait, what was this about a ‘wall’? “Wall?” I’d been close to coming, but I was glad I didn’t. My curiosity got the better of my libido. Was he speaking about a real wall or a figurative one? I had to know more about what was going on here, especially now that I’d put down roots. In fact, I’d yet to learn about how important a role ‘roots’ played in all of this. “If you’re done with breakfast, I’ll show you around more of the farm,” said Grandad. Then he did a side-chest pose and his muscle-tits gobbled up a huge amount of space. Dimples and striations erupted across their masses. My dick went from semi-flaccid to rock hard in a heartbeat. “Oh shit,” I groaned, my words emerging as a panicky croak. I leapt up from the table, my jockstrap hugely tented out in front of me. I cupped all that I could of the bulge with my hand and made a beeline for the stairs. I had to get to the bathroom. But before I got to the upper landing, I came swiftly, my body and organ convulsing in unison. I staggered on the landing as the orgasm overwhelmed me. Once in the bathroom I locked the door and massaged my dick further where it poked out of the jock pouch. Sticky creme coated my dick and my pubic hair was slick with it. I needed to take a shower. Then I noticed that one of Grandad’s jockstraps had been left in the well of the shower. I guess he’d forgotten to chuck it in the laundry. I think I did a bad thing then, but you can decide for yourself. I picked up the jock and attempted to wear it. It was wet from the shower, but I didn’t care. It was a kinky thing to do, right? But fuck it, this new life of mine was exceptional, and full of the unexpected. Of course, I was lost inside the jock. The pouch was huge; it had to be for Grandad. The straps at the back hung loosely below my arse, hardly touching it at all. The waistband was also loose around me. I had to hold the jock with one hand to keep it up. I finally gave up and let it fall to the floor. Then I picked it up and took a little sniff. It smelt of the extremes of bodybuilding. It reeked of manly musk. It cooked in the juices of sweat and precum coaxed into being by the heavy lifting of massive weights, over and over again. It sang of strength and power and ever-increasing mass. It shone with magnificent, masculine muscularity that showed no signs of ever stopping. It was the garment of a god. I wasn’t worthy to hold it, much less attempt to wear it. I stepped into the shower and turned on the warm spray. Then I wanked again… and again. How I came three times in just a few minutes was a mystery. But there was power in this place. And I think it was rubbing off on me. I wanted it to. I wanted to be just like Grandad. *** In less than half an hour my Grandad brought me on a tour of the farm. I hate to say this, but there really wasn’t much to see. The pigs were the only livestock he owned. I asked him about this as he led me from one utility shed to another. He showed me where the generator room was. It was hooked up to several solar panels, plus a single wind-powered turbine some ways off. I hadn’t noticed the tall propeller on a stick when I’d first arrived the day before. Together the devices gave the farm all the power it needed. Grandad was off the grid and didn’t owe shit to anyone. Another building housed nothing but composters, which Grandad said was great for the soil and helped him get rid of household waste with little pollutants. He went on to explain that his toilets drained into a tank that fed into the compost. Nothing was wasted. I guess a big man produced a lot of crap. “The pigs aren’t for eating, but they serve their purpose. Although… lately I haven’t needed to use them much.” He didn’t elaborate until he took me to the field farthest from the farm. It was populated primarily by oak trees. Each tree was a mighty old thing, with a presence that felt ancient. Grandad perhaps sensed my curiosity and explained. “Last year one of these old girls got struck by lightning. Only quick reflexes from your old gramps here stopped the entire plantation from burning down. Still, wasn’t much left of her when I pulled her remains right out of the ground and cut away a cross-section.” “Don’t tell me, you didn’t use any equipment to pull up the remains, right?” I think Grandad liked the fact that I was interested in how things operated here. “Well, I used a saw to cut through the stump, but I used my strength to rend the stump from the earth, yes.” He bounced his huge pectoral masses with lofty pride. Then he added: “I wasn’t as big then as I am now. It took me a good ten minutes to get the stump out of the ground. The roots went down a mighty ways. But I won through in the end.” “You’d probably do it in half that time now. You’re huge.” I didn’t need to remind him. “Halve that time again, then lop off another minute,” he said with a smirk. “So you examined the age of the tree from its rings, yes?” There was a keenness in my voice now. He heard it and it pleased him. “Indeed. The lifespan of oak trees can vary. The really old ones can live for over five hundred years. But these babies… they’re far older. I needed a really strong magnifying glass to count those rings from the cross-section. Each ring counts for one year of growth. I gave up at seven hundred and fifty.” “Wow… so they’re something special then.” I wondered where this was going. “Not just the trees themselves, Stephen.” He hunkered down to dig for something between the roots of the nearest oak. In less than a minute he produced something round and dirty, like a clump of soil matted with leaf clutter. He tossed it to me. “What do you make of that?” I don’t know why I did it, but I immediately brought the object close to my nose. It’s odour was familiar. It was the same ‘earthy’ smell I’d gotten from the milkshake he’d made for me earlier. “What is this?” “You’ve never seen a truffle before?” “Aren’t they fancy chocolates?” “No… real truffles are fungi. But unlike regular mushrooms, they don’t put up parasols to spread their spores. They reproduce underground, amidst the root structures of trees. Different trees can produce different types of truffle. There are white ones, black ones, red ones, and so on. And some of their names are associated with the trees under which they spawn. I’m not going to go all scientific on this. I’ll keep it simple.” The truffle I held felt like it weighed about a half pound. I cleaned off the soil and revealed its somewhat greenish-purple hue. It looked like it was faintly glowing, too. Grandad had more to say on the subject. “They spread their spores via animals that dig them up and eat them. Pigs are great at this, although dogs are better. I’m not overly fond of dogs, and I picked up those pigs for a pittance. I originally had twelve. But four died of either old age, or twisted guts. Don’t worry, I didn't waste the meat. A man’s got to grow, right?” A lat spread just for the fun of it reminded me that I was in the presence of a muscle giant. “So you just let the pigs wander amongst the oaks and they dig up the truffles for you?” Grandad nodded enthusiastically. “Well, I need to be present, else they’ll scoff them up real quick. I usually just clap my hands when they find one and they obediently drop the booty. That one you’re holding in your hand — even though it’s a small one — will fetch about two hundred quid. I once unearthed one that weighed over eight pounds, but it’s quality was way beyond what you’re holding. It bought me that jeep I flung into the air last night.” He paused to frown and lament his questionable actions of the night before, but he chirped up quickly enough. “I hope it didn’t kill anyone, although I think we’d have heard something by now. I no longer fit inside cars, so it’s not really a loss.” After a short pause: “Try some,” he insisted, indicating I should eat the smelly fruiting body. “Seriously? You want me to eat this?” “Yup, just rub off the excess soil and start chewing. It’ll do you good to try it. I want to test a theory.” So I was to be my Grandad’s guinea pig. Speaking of the pigs; he said some of them died from twisted guts. I hope that wasn’t from eating the truffles. “Well, you obviously know best,” I said, but I really wasn’t fond of the idea. “You had some in your shake this morning. It’s fine. Truffles are an expensive addition to cooking, highly prized in top restaurants the world over. These ones… well, they’re special.” I decided to trust my Grandad. I cleaned the tuber as best I could and then tentatively sliced some off with my teeth. It was like chewing a really dry potato, or what I imagined that would be like. There wasn’t really any flavour; more an aroma than anything else. So I chewed, and chewed, and finally forced the bolus down my throat. I coughed a few times and my eyes watered up. Grandad grinned broadly, then he slapped me on the back, hard enough to leave a red patch. I almost went flying; I guess he sometimes forgot how immensely strong he is. “Oh grow a set of balls, lad. Now tell me if you feel any different.” I didn’t feel anything. Not at first. But then… something happened. I felt a tightness all over. It started beneath my arms. I wasn’t sure I cared for the feeling at first, but then I realised I was growing. That feeling under my arms came from my expanding lat muscles. The tightness was followed quickly by a warm, tingling sensation. “Oh fuck… is this really happening?” “It sure is, Stephen. You think I got this way just by bodybuilding?” The feeling continued. My muscles were growing, expanding, gaining more dominance over the rest of me. My neck thickened, along with my traps and delts. My shoulder bones widened to better accommodate the new muscle mass. My — oh fuck — I was getting pecs… better than the modest ones I sported before. Slabs of manly chest muscles sprouted from my front and hung weightily; okay, nothing like Grandad’s, but hey, I shared much of his genetics, and now he’d revealed to me something about this place that turned men into gods. My abs and obliques tightened and toned up, sprouting bulges that made my midsection look beautiful. I looked down at myself and watched as six bellies popped out of my abdomen and became ripped and hard. My six-pack was better than it had ever been. I fanned out my arms to better accommodate my new lats. I couldn’t wait to see myself in the mirror. I felt tickled by the muscles that sprouted from my back, and I instantly shot up in the dick department. I didn’t care about having a boner. I didn’t want this feeling to end. My legs, too, gained size, with defined cords of muscle that stretched my skin tight. My calves grew big and hard and I marveled at the veins that effortlessly popped out of them. I brought my arms up to form a double biceps pose. I looked at each taut but prominent upward bulge, and my dick got harder and harder. “Fuck, Grandad. This is… it’s… it’s… incredible,” I exclaimed, completely in muscle-growth reverie. Was it okay to be this self-absorbed? I didn’t care. I never wanted this feeling to end. But it was over all too quickly. Maybe this was a dream. I pinched myself to see if I would wake up. The pinch itself was interesting. I could barely grab any skin. My body fat was far less than it had been. I’d gained quality muscle, nothing else. “Huh,that’s it?” “For now, lad. But you’ve proven something to me. The truffles work best at the beginning. The more we eat, however, the less effective they are. To get to my size you have to put in serious training. Lately I’ve been spending most of my waking hours just bodybuilding, and bodybuilding, and body-fucking-building. But it’s not enough. To achieve my ultimate goal, which is ultimately endless, I guess… I’ll need help to fully unlock the potential of these truffles.” I was now hooked on a feeling. That feeling was muscle-growth. “I want to be huge, Grandad. It’s got to happen,” I almost barked anxiously. I flexed my left bicep over and over, twisting my wrist and squeezing my fist so as to make my forearm pop like crazy. With my other hand I cranked one off, not even realising I was masturbating in front of my Grandad. He didn’t seem to mind. “You’ll get there. After all, you’ll have the best trainer. But it’s not going to be easy. When I first grew after tasting a truffle, I gained a little more than you did. I was already big from weightlifting. But I wasn’t a bodybuilder; I’d never had that kind of conditioning. But a few more truffles changed that.” To emphasise, he matched me pose for pose. We growled and goofed about for a bit, enjoying our muscles and our erections. Grandad really felt and behaved younger than his years. I wanted him to be a pal as well as a mentor. “Next time I found a better quality truffle. I ate it all, but gained a little less muscle than before. This has been going on for almost two years. Of course, I don’t always find good quality truffles. I tried experimenting with different varieties. I’d go out into the wilderness and uproot whole trees: poplar, spruce, ash etcetera. I replanted them here. I hoped, somehow that if their root structures produced truffles, that I could sort of mix the spores about, to create new strains. But the supplanted trees didn’t thrive. The oaks always overwhelmed them. So I’m basically left with one variety of truffle.” “But all we need is one variety, right? These things are magical,” I added. He nodded. “Well there is an exact science to it. I contacted a scientist colleague of mine from way back. I’ve been supplying him with truffles for over a year now. The results have been mixed, but he’s been working to isolate the muscle-growth properties of the truffles using radiation and various refining techniques. So far the results have been promising. I’m waiting for him to get back to me soon so I can get a concentrated dose. But he moves around a lot, due to the somewhat unethical nature of his experiments.” He paused to lose himself to his thoughts again. I could tell he was dreaming of getting absolutely HUGE! But if muscle-enhancing truffles weren’t enough, there was more to discover at Ridge Farm. He took me to one of three rectangular white outbuildings, the ‘sheds’ I’d seen upon my arrival the day before. Each one was devoid of windows, and the only way in was through a single, heavily padlocked door. There was also a thumb scanner (very fancy). He unlocked the padlocks and placed his thumb on the scanner. A red light on the panel turned green and there was a little ‘beep’ sound. He showed me in. There was nothing inside but a stairwell that led underground. Overhead a fluorescent light hummed more loudly than I cared for. He led me down a passageway that seemed to go on forever. His shoulders scraped the sides of the passage and he commented on this: “I’ll have to widen this passage. Getting too big for it. I like the feeling.” Eventually we stopped. There was nowhere else to go. The passageway ended, opening out into a roundish space, and dominated by what appeared to be a large, black metal wall. Track lighting along the ceiling of the shaft gave us plenty of illumination. “I found this quite by accident. I was clearing some trees to make land for ploughing, shortly after I bought the farm. I didn’t know at the time I would become a truffle farmer. I just wanted to get down and work the land and see what inspired me. It helped me with the grief process, I guess. “I wasn’t anywhere near the size I am now; I’d not yet discovered the truffles. But the building above is where a sinkhole once formed beneath my feet. I fell twenty feet into this shaft, although back then I had to crawl through it. I’ve widened it since then, and put in the lighting. I thought I was done for, but I could see where I was going, when really I should have been blind in the darkness. There was something down here emitting light.” He paused to allow me to take it all in. Suddenly he had me thinking of spacemen. “Feel the ground. It feels warm. And somewhat soft. At least when I fell I didn’t break anything, although I’d dislocated my shoulder. And it hurt like hell. But I was made of tough stuff, even back then. Here, feel the metal wall, too.” I did just that, and I could feel vibrations and a little heat emanating from the wall. “Where we are now is directly below the field of oak trees where the truffles grow. Something beyond that wall is providing them with the muscle-growth properties. Something I’m determined to discover. There’s only one problem.” I looked at him with all the incredulity I could muster. This was so much to take in; it bordered on surreal. “I can’t get through that wall. I’ve tried everything short of blowing the shit out of it and risking destroying the oaks above. No more oaks means no more truffles. There is only one way to get through that wall,” said Grandad somberly. I said nothing, but I already knew what his answer would be. “We’re going to bodybuild. We are going to build our fucking bodies to gigantic proportions. That’s the key to getting through this wall. Brute strength. Enough of it will reap the ultimate reward. Forget everything about yourself that came before this day, lad. From now on Stephen Ridge is a bodybuilder. And may we both be damned if you don’t become as big as me… or even bigger.” I was reeling from this. I actually felt light-headed as my cock got harder still. And it felt huge when I held it in my hand, rubbing it gently as I quietly got off to my Grandad’s plan. “Oh fuck… I’m gonna come. Grandad, I can’t fucking hold it in. Suh-sorry for… this… unnnnnghhhh!!!!” I just about managed to get my dick out of the jock pouch before shooting a big, salty load at the very wall we were now both determined to breach. Grandad didn’t mind. We were both men; NO! Not men. We were bodybuilders. Grandad soothed me with nothing but fondness and conviction. He believed in me. So much had happened in less than a day, but my path in life was now set out before me. I had to ask something: “What if we do get through that wall — when we’re both big enough and strong enough — what then? What if whatever’s behind that wall is locked in there for a reason?” “We’ll never know unless we try. It’s a mystery I need solved.” And as if to emphasise his point, Grandad pushed against the wall. He pressed with all of his strength, grunting noisily as he channeled every last ounce of his incredible might. His body exploded with size and power. His skin almost burst apart from the strain of new muscles bulging, getting impossibly bigger. Veins erupted all over him, carrying blood to every muscle fiber. “WHY WON’T IT FUCKING MOVE?????” For the first time since I’d been here, his exertions got the better of him. But his body looked beautiful beneath a patina of sweat that made his muscles glisten. “Hey… it’s okay, Grandad. Give it time. When I’m as big as you, we’ll both bring it down.” I placed a reassuring hand on his bicep. I felt its power and its hardness. It was mind-blowing. I had another question. “You said that each time you eat a truffle its effects are lessened. But if that’s so, how come you look like you’re growing right in front of my eyes?” A valid question, I thought. “Let me show you the next building to this one,” he said simply. At that we headed back to the surface, leaving the ancient mystery of the metal wall behind. The next building was locked the same way as the first. Grandad soon had us inside. My jaw dropped. The interior was about sixty feet by thirty. And it was crammed full of bushels of truffles, all of which had been cleaned thoroughly. They were bigger and smelt mustier than the one I’d eaten earlier. “They’re better quality truffles. I’ve been stockpiling them. They’re worth hundreds of millions of pounds. Occasionally — maybe one out of several thousand — I find an absolute pearl. A truffle of extremely high quality. I’ve found ten of them so far, each one weighing about six pounds. I sent two to my colleague for his research. The other six… well, this is why I’m the size I am today. And bodybuilding, of course. It’s how I continue to make massive gains. The better quality truffles reap the greatest rewards. Then I grow, so I can lift heavier weights and eat larger amounts. Rinse and repeat, lad.” I was held aghast by this revelation. “Please tell me you have more of them left. I want to grow huge so badly, Grandad.” My appeal didn’t fall on deaf ears. “I kept one for you, yes, lad. However, I’m a little reluctant for you to try it just yet.” Panic rose in me. I had been bitten by the muscle-growth bug, and now I was addicted. I wanted more, so much more. “But if I get huge now, we’ll be able to get through that wall sooner. What if there are even greater ways to grow our muscles beyond that wall? It could be a spaceship that crashed here thousands of years ago. Or… or… it could be the meaning of life or shit like that. Grandad, don’t hold back on me now. Not after showing me all this.” If I sounded frantic, I couldn’t help it. I was a kid denied sugar all of his life who’d suddenly discovered a lollipop. “It’s the best quality I’ve ever found. I could have easily used it on myself, to maybe pack on another five hundred pounds or more. But I’m sixty-four years old. You, however, are still going through puberty. That means you still have elevated levels of growth hormone in you. You’re not done growing yet. I’m a little scared to give you such a hefty dose so soon. You need to be introduced gradually to such potency. You could potentially grow to thousands of pounds. Your height would be incalculable. And if you consider my hulk-out rage from last night, and the damage it did, you could be out of control with testosterone- and truffle-fueled outbursts you may not be able to suppress.” He stopped talking, but rubbed my shoulder soothingly. “We need to do this right,” he said after a time. “You just need to trust your Grandad.” I calmed down and nodded my understanding. I then asked: “What’s in the third building?” “Something you need to see. I warn you… it’s not for the faint of heart,” my Grandad cautioned. “I need to see it. Please.” I had my cool head back. I was thinking clearly. Grandad nodded and so we went to the third building. It was just a big refrigerator. I felt instantly cold, but it didn’t seem to bother Grandad. It looked like a room where autopsies are carried out. And I wasn’t wrong. There was a large reinforced table in the centre of the room. A hulking mass lay on it, covered with a shiny, metallically-woven blanket. “One of the pigs was pregnant when I got them. She was the first to ingest what I believe might have been a high-quality truffle,” my Grandad said. He removed the blanket from the elephant-sized mass. The thing underneath was quite dead. It was the biggest pig I’d ever seen. It was also hugely muscled. “She died giving birth to it. She had three in all; two females. This was the male. I think the effects of the truffles only affect males. That’s why the mother and its siblings weren’t affected. It grew to this size in three days. But the critter was brain-damaged and couldn’t use its legs; a mercy, I guess. Had it gotten loose, there’s no telling what damage it could have caused. I euthanized it with poison to stop its heart. It took a lot to kill it, too.” “Why do you keep it here?” I was a little horrified. I suddenly wanted to take Grandad’s advice and be careful where the truffles were concerned. “I know… I should be rid of it. My colleague, Dr. Weiss, took plenty of tissue samples for his research. He was based here, for a while. But he likes to move around for reasons I won’t go into.” “We should burn this to the ground, and everything in it. It doesn’t feel right having this here, Grandad”. “I agree. We’ll do that after we fix the fence and then have lunch.” I was eager to get to work doing chores around the farm, so I could test out my new muscles. I weighed myself on the regular bathroom scale. The readout said “277”. I was amazed. I’d gained over fifty pounds, just from chewing on a low-quality truffle. I couldn’t wait to break that scale and have to use the big one in the barn. Then I thought about the dead monster pig. But I trusted my Grandad. He was experienced in the use of the truffles — and learning more about them all the time — so I knew I would be fine as long as I followed his advice and learned all I could from him. I knuckled down to work, eat, learn… and grow! ONE YEAR LATER Rod came in a massively long spurt as his dick responded to his third time eating a truffle, each one of better quality than the last. It never got stale to watch him engulfed in the throes of orgasmic muscle-growing bliss. His response to the truffles had been even better than mine. Okay, he didn’t share the exceptional Ridge genetics, but he’d already packed on more than one hundred pounds of muscle after just two truffles. We had to respect the potency of these miraculous, earthy fruits. Too much too soon could be catastrophic. I had my ‘little’ Mr Olympia in Rod, now. But he wouldn’t be little much longer. His growth was phenomenal so far, as was mine and Grandad’s on a daily basis. “Are you ever done jizzing?” I laughed when his body shuddered near the end of his climax. Even though I outmuscled him by nearly three thousand pounds, seeing him react to a growth spurt of his own, always made my dick super-hard. At thirty-six inches long, and twenty inches thick, my dick was beyond formidable. I couldn’t wait for Rod to get big enough so I could fuck him without ripping him a second arse hole. “I’m a major jizz machine, Ste,” said Rod, cupping as much spunk as he could so he could give it to me as a tasty treat. I loved to taste all that my boyfriend could provide. Today marked our sixth month as a couple, so it was an anniversary of sorts. A lot had happened in a year, but I’ll keep it brief. Grandad continued to bodybuild and grow bigger and bigger. I benefited from his mentoring so well, and also from controlled but consistent doses of high-grade truffle. It so happened that only the best quality truffles didn’t perish, so most of what Grandad had stockpiled in the second white building eventually turned to mush. But they made great compost, as Grandad hated to waste anything. When his height reached twelve feet and his weight close to eight thousand pounds, Grandad decided we needed to move. I was fast approaching eight feet in height and I weighed just over three thousand pounds. We needed a third body to help bring down the mysterious underground wall. So far Grandad and me could only dent it, but it proved that we were getting stronger and eventually, one day, we’d get beyond it and find out the secret to the truffles. But we were too big now to avoid eventually drawing unwanted attention. Okay, living pretty much in isolation helped, and the good folk from the village nearby were okay living near two amazing giant muscle men (with a third well on the way to massive ‘muscledom’). They would keep our secret. Still, though, Grandad felt somewhat exposed. With help from Doctor Weiss, we moved in secret to an isolated island off the west coast (airlifted by helicopter inside a metal cargo container under cover of darkness is no way to travel, believe you me). There we could live a happy life, build another farm and continue to bodybuild our incredible physiques. I went back to see Rod three months after moving to Ridge Farm. By then I looked bigger and better than any Mr Olympia winner. Rod couldn’t believe it was me, and when he popped an instant boner at first sight of me, I knew then what I’d secretly suspected all along. He was as gay as I am. Okay, he’d accidentally got Cindy Fleming pregnant, but they split up when he admitted this to her, and she didn’t want the baby anyway on the grounds she was too young to be a mother. So she put the tyke up for adoption. This left Rod a free agent. When he saw the bodybuilder I’d become after just three months, he had plenty of questions. So he listened when I told him my amazing secret. He wanted in, although he was cautious. I talked it over with Grandad, and he agreed that Rod should come live with us. I craved a boyfriend, and we needed a third huge bodybuilder to help bring down that wall. Grandad was now very rich after investing some of his monies earned from regular truffle farming in the stock market. He could afford to employ a permanent security team to guard Ridge Farm on the mainland. As soon as we were big enough — and we needed to get Rod up to a massive size, too — we’d return secretly to the underground shaft to work on the wall. Grandad wanted Rod and me to have a special day, just to ourselves. So he packed us a hefty lunch of about a million calories to get us through the day. We were down on the beach on the south side of the island. The spray from the ocean felt delicious on our naked muscle-bods. It was a strikingly beautiful summer afternoon. This place really was a paradise. It was the ideal habitat where muscle-gods could grow in private and not give a shit that we’d outgrown the regular world in favour of our own veritable Olympus. “We should have asked Gordon to join us, you big bodybuilding bulge-monster,” said Rod, and I loved it when he called me playful names like that. Then the truffle kicked in, and he began to grow. It wouldn’t be as much as the last time, as the effects of the truffles diminished with each use, so he’d have to hit the weights big time if he was ever to catch up with me. But he got more and more beautiful with every pound of muscle gained. I, too, had a lot of catching up to do with Grandad. He really was something to behold. Today he was tending to the oak saplings and truffles he’d salvaged from the mainland plantation. He’d decided to raze the original oaks to the ground and destroy any chances of truffles falling into the wrong hands. A muscle-growth epidemic would prove disastrous. Now that the oaks were no more, he decided he’d nothing to lose trying out explosives on the wall. As he’d suspected, the C4 did nothing. But the new oak plantation on the island was doing well, so far. Thanks to the compost formed of the spoiled batches of stockpiled truffles, the new oaks grew at an extremely accelerated rate. Within a year they were already nurturing new truffles in their root structures. Now and again Grandad would find a high-quality one, and he was only too happy to share it with me and Rod. His desire to grow bigger and stronger would always be with him, and we had the power to grow forever, if we so desired. But he usually took a slightly smaller dose of truffle than he provided to me and Rod. We needed to grow, and get bigger and stronger. So much bigger. We never wanted this feeling to end. Rod packed on even more muscle as we rolled around on the beach making love. I let him enter me often, and soon he’d be big enough for me to fuck him. I really couldn’t wait for that day. Later we ate a lot of food, then made love again. We went for dips in the ocean and tested our strength by hurling boulders around. Rod got a great pump out of lifting weights he couldn’t even attempt prior to his latest growth spurt. “One day we’ll get through the wall, all three of us,” I said to him as we lay on the beach, tired from our exertions. He was small compared to me, but I loved to engulf him in my massive musculature whilst cooing softly to him in his ear. “I hope the power to grow even huger is in there. It has to be if it’s been feeding the roots supporting the truffles all this time,” said Rod. “Yeah we need to get huge. I’d love to one day make Grandad look like a baby standing next to me,” I quipped. “He won’t like that,” came back Rod’s jovial remark. I loved him so much. I kissed him over and over. “But what’ll he be able to do to me? I’ll be the biggest bodybuilder ever. He’ll have to step aside and let a real man take charge. GRRRRR!!!!” I made a huge single biceps pose. At my command sixty-six inches of rock hard, steel muscle flexed and bulged, big enough to almost blot out the sun. Rod grew instantly hard again. Then we fell asleep in each other’s arms and only when the rising tide lapped at our exceptional muscle-bods, did we rouse ourselves awake and head back to New Ridge Farm. It had been a good day. But it could only get better. Grandad was making beef stew. Even MORE amazing muscle growth to come, and will the secret of what's behind the wall eventually be revealed?
  13. ZFerrari

    Part of the "Special forces"

    I run back to the captains office. "Capt Aqua" why couldn't she pick a cooler name? i open the door to her flowing water streams all over the place in the room. The streams are so elegant and beautiful. in short shes a water bender. "Congratulations on your last mission, Christine" she says so calmly but sternly. She always intended to bolster us but her tone said otherwise. "Thanks captain. Taking down the criminals wasnt easy" i say back politely as i could. though she says a lot of things with authority, her looks says otherwise. Imagine is Cetrion was human and had light brown skin and long black hair. "I could tell, but because of your recent achievement, you finally get yourself some partners to work with." "i- whaaaaa.....?" now that usually would be a good thing but I'm a lone wolf. I prefer to work alone "You got yourself partners to take people down now. C'mon out yall" i look to my right to see 2 young men both look like they just turned 19 come out. WTF did i just get myself into?
  14. Here we go. It's been a while since I've written anything. Ive been so busy in the world of finance as well as trying to enlarge and perfect my own body. Now, for two weeks I'm on vacation in Florance, Italy staying in an incredible villa that has a pool, a vineyard right next door, an amazing view... and several hot guys!!! Lying here, I've let my mind start to wander, and came up with this story. Hope you all like it. I've really missed you all!! Comments are always welcome. The Vessel Chapter One: The Water Christophe looked into the pool with wild eyes taking in its sheer size and beauty. How could no one have discovered this before, he thought. It’s huge!! It’s more of a lake then a pool…. The closer he got to the water, the clearer he could hear it calling to him. Was he ready? Was he truly going to take the plunge not at all sure what the results would be? This journey of body and souls had begun 15 years prior. Christophe had always been an attractive man… a confident man… a man who always got who he wanted and what he wanted… a man who took care of his body, his wardrobe, and his mind. In a move of sheer genius, he decided to leave his banking job behind and focus on teaching others to be more like him… the man at the top of the food chain… The Alpha. It started out as some badly edited YouTube videos that only a few people watched, but Christophe persevered, knowing that men needed what he had to offer. After about a year, his videos began getting more and more hits, and as he continued making these, he began offering personal one-on-one consultations and classes. This was where the business took off. By the third year, Christophe was bringing in 2 million a year and knew that if he wanted to grow his empire, he would need to bring on a business partner. A surprise encounter at the mall brought him face to face with Neil Hamilton, a friend and frat brother from University. Neil was everything Christophe was not: he was quite, book smart, overweight, balding, and not at all physically active. What he did have going for him was an amazing sense of humor, a keen business sense, and an amazing imagination. Together they brought Christophe’s business to the next level, and then higher. Soon there were books, speaking tours, TED Talks, clothing lines, magazines. If you could imagine it… Neil would make it come true. By no means an Alpha in the physical sense, he was definitely one in the mental capacity. Now they were both forty-five and living the dream of mansions, yachts, sports cars, and vacations anywhere in the world. Everything was within their grasps that money could buy… almost. As he had grown older, Neil’s had become obsessed with the ‘Fountain of Youth.’ What had once been simply a laughable hobby, over the years became a worrying obsession. When not working on a deal or promotion for Christophe,, Neil had been conducting research in ancient texts, consulting brown and crumbling maps, and flying to distant lands to follow leads. Two weeks prior, Christophe was far from amused when Neil burst into his personal gym with a small package. ⁃ This just arrived!! I Wanted to share it with you. The older man was winded by his race through Christophe’s house, and beads of sweat were dripping down his forehead and onto his face. Although Christophe might not have been in the incredible shape he had once been in, he was far healthier than his overweight friend. Neil stood in front of Christophe who was sitting on a bench,, smiled, and carefully shook the box at him. ⁃ I can’t believe it!! I honestly can’t believe it!! Neil began to tear into the box. ⁃ What is it? ⁃ Exactly what I’ve been searching for!! The box revealed a wooden exterior. With careful hands, Neil slid the lid off and removed the contents: a vial of clear liquid no bigger than a test tube. Neil held it up to the light and looked at it. ⁃ After all this time... ⁃ That isn’t... ⁃ It is! Water from THE fountain of youth!! ⁃ How much did this cost you? 500,000. ⁃ You’re insane. ⁃ I thought so too... but I’ve seen the proof... recordings, etc. ⁃ Fakes! ⁃ No! I watched a man de-age right in front of me on Skype. He lost nearly 30 years in ten minutes. ⁃ Where did it come from? ⁃ The secret has been in this South American mans family forever. You should see him... so fucking hot, and he’s nearly 170!! He looks 30! He’s never allowed it out of his family until now. He’s the last survivor and eventually wants to cover the pool up and retire wealthy. ⁃ What happened to the rest of the family? Why aren’t they living forever? ⁃ I asked that very question... and he tried to explain how after living for hundreds of years... everyone eventually wants a rest. ⁃ So he’s selling this at 500,000 a pop? How much has he sold? ⁃ Only to seven people so far. ⁃ Have you talked with them? ⁃ All purchases are anonymous. ⁃ Of course. ⁃ Come on, Chris!! I brought this from home to share this moment with you. I want you to witness it. Neil took out two latex gloves and slipped them on his hands. ⁃ You can never let the water touch your skin. ⁃ But it’s okay for your insides With a smile Neil unscrewed the cap of the test tube and smelt it. ⁃ I’m hard just thinking about this!! ⁃ If this does work... and that’s a big if... how are you going to explain to the world how you suddenly got younger? ⁃ I’m not. If this works... I’m gone. I have to disappear... just like everyone else. ⁃ What? ⁃ We’ve made enough money to last us four lifetimes. It’s time for me to enjoy it... and I know the business is in capable hands. Neil took a breath and then smiled. ⁃ Wish me luck. ⁃ Wait!! How much do you drink? ⁃ It’s been measured to take twenty years off of me. I’m going to be 25 again. ⁃ And if it doesn’t work? ⁃ A foolish dream of an old man. Before Christophe could stop him, and without thinking twice, Neil downed the entire contents of the test tube. Gently he placed it on the desk, never losing eye contact with Christophe. ⁃ Well? ⁃ Tasted like water... very expensive water. Both men began to laugh, when a sudden look of shock covered Neil’s face. Reaching both hands up to his neck, he proceeded to sputter and cough and fall to the floor. Christophe jumped up from the bench and ran to Nei who wasl lying on the floor and smiling. ⁃ You do care! ⁃ You’re a fucking asshole! ⁃ You should have seen your face! ⁃ I was only concerned with what to do with your body! ⁃ Wouldn’t want anyone to think you mmm... murr... you... something’s... happening... ⁃ What? ⁃ It feels... so good... an orgasm... that keeps... building... and building...FUCK!!!! Christophe watched his friend writhe on the floor in ecstasy. In awe he could see Neil’s bald pate suddenly begin to blossom with dark stubble. Within seconds his hair was gaining length, beautifully covering the top of Neil’s head. Christophe found himself getting aroused watching and listening to his friend in absolute ecstasy, and at the same time seeing the hands of time being reversed. Everywhere on his body his skin was becoming taught and youthful. Even the fat all over Neil’s body was being burned away leaving a skinnier and healthier version of its predecessor in its wake. The hair on top of his head had continued to grow, and was soon joined by the hair on his face. Absolutely swimming in the clothes he was wearing, Christophe couldn’t believe the sight of the thirty... and then twenty-five year old form of his friend. Still he continued to get younger, until suddenly Neil’s entire body went stiff... a load moan escaped from his body... and he collapsed entirely onto the floor, breathing quickly but with a smile on his face. A few moments later the twenty year old version of Neil opened his eyes. ⁃ Fuck!!!!! That was the most intense.... Fuck!!!!! Neil laughed heartily on the floor. With a sudden leap, he was on his feet, his clothes pooling around him. ⁃ Mirror. I need a mirror. Quickly Neil moved to the side of the room that held a full-length mirror, and came face to face with himself. ⁃ It really worked!!! I can’t believe it!! Look at me!! Using hands that felt new and alien to him, Neil tore his clothes from his body until he stood naked before the mirror and before Christophe. Where once a severely overweight man had stood, a swimsuit model had taken his place. With just a dusting of dark hair trailing over his abs and down to his cock, the rest of his chest was smooth and tight. Trying to take it all in, Neil ran his hand over the new mound of his pecs and massaging his nipples. With the other arm he flexed, and watched his bicep and tricep swell. ⁃ I feel so strong!! I’ve never felt like this in my lifel! Raising is other arm to a 90 degree angle, he proceeded to flex this one as well, both arms swelling with power. ⁃ I look a thousand times better now than I ever did in my twenties! It’s like it perfected me! Neil simply couldn’t get enough of his new body. Exploring it from every angle, Christophe had to agree that he was indeed an ideal specimen. ⁃ Look at my cock!! So much longer and thicker than before... and foreskin!! I never had foreskin!!! Neil’s hand grasped onto his soft cock and began to massage it. As if on command, the organ began to lengthen and thicken. Christophe looked on in awe as it grew to an impressive 9” with a fat head even thicker than the mighty shaft it sat upon. He had only been hard for a few seconds when a river of pre began to flow, dripping onto the floor. ⁃ So fucking horny!! Haven’t been this horny since I was a teenager... even then... I was never this horny!! As he continued to stroke himself, Neil looked over at Christophe with a huge grin. ⁃ Suck it. You know you want to. In their business relationship, Christophe has always been the alpha, but now with this youthful stud standing before him, he couldn’t help falling to his knees, and proceeded to lick the sweet lubricant leaking from the swollen head. Shocked, Christophe felt Neil’s hand pushing his head from behind. No sooner had he brought Neil’s cock into his mouth, the new-born man began to face fuck him. Christophe stares intently at the pool remembering the rest of that night. Neil had proceeded to cum a massive load into Christophe’s waiting mouth. No sooner had Neil ejaculated, he was hard again. In a frenzy, he tore the clothes from Christophe’s body and proceeded to plunge his huge cock into Christophe’s ass. When it came to fucking men, Christophe had always been the dominant one. Now he couldn’t help but let Neil take complete control. That night, Neil fucked him over and over again until the older man begged him to stop. Unsatisfied, but yielding to his friend, Neil jerked himself off, another massive load splashing onto his pecs, face, and even above his head. The two lay in silence until finally Neil spoke. ⁃ I need to leave soon. No one can see me. ⁃ Where will you go? ⁃ Who knows! I’ll have to get a new passport... a new identity... but I have plenty of money to buy what I’ll need. Neil sat up and looked at his best friend. ⁃ Join me. Email The Keeper and get your own vial. Let’s live the life we always should have. That night, wearing clothes still to baggy on him, Neil disappeared into the night. He had made several phone calls, set up several meetings to get new paperwork, and had moved nearly all of his money into a new account he had opened a week prior under a new name: Gerald Grey... a distant relative that in a surprise change of his will... everything was left to. Kissing Christophe goodbye, Neil... now Gerald... handed over all he would need, which included signed documents handing over 95% of their holdings to him as well as the contact information for The Keeper of the water. ⁃ Don’t waste time. Join me. Still in awe of what had occurred that night, Christophe walked around his house trying to take it all in. If this could be bottled… if this could be created in mass… he would be even richer than he was now! He could make billions!!!! Arriving in the gym, Christophe saw the vial lying on the floor. Picking it up, Christophe saw one small drop at the bottom. He tipped it slowly over so the water flowed to his waiting palm. As soon as it hit him, colours flashed before his eyes, his cock went hard, and he was ejaculating all over the floor. Falling to his knees, Christophe cried out as more and more cum flowed from his penis. In minutes, it was over. That night he slept fitfully, dreams of the water… him… muscle… youth… power… He awoke with a voice in his head calling to him. He had wasted no time contacting The Keeper, and after three weeks of waiting, had finally received a response. The Keeper wanted the same 500,000 in exchange for a vial of the water that would give Christophe his youth back. In his reply, Christophe had a counter offer: £5 million, but he gets the vial as well as seeing the pool for himself. A strict refusal came minutes later, but a second counter offer was made... then a third... and finally a fourth that was accepted: 12 million in exchange for a vial and a glance at the pool. Met in Montevideo by a pilot working for The Keeper, Christophe was blindfolded and quickly brought onto a small plane. Once settled, the pilot quickly injected him with a sedative that had Christophe asleep before he could even protest. Unbeknownst to the pilot or The Keeper, Christophe had expected such measures, and had a small GPS implanted in an area right under his armpit. This GPS was constantly monitoring both his location as well as his heart rate. If his heart was ever to stop, all the information on where he was and what he had been doing would instantly be released. Also hidden away, sewn discreetly into the lining of his jacket was a small and lightweight pistol, undetectable by any sensor, and even if frisked, it would be confused for a piece of his clothing. Christophe refused to let anything fall to chance. If The Keeper didn’t want to do business with him and share in profits from the pool... he would just have to take it. While he slept, the dreams returned even stronger than before. Muscle… mountains of muscle… power unimaginable… it all could be his... From the darkness Christophe heard what could only be a deafening rumble of thunder. ⁃ Wake up!!! Christophe tried with all his might to pull himself out of the dark waters of sleep that held him in their embrace. ⁃ I said wake up!!! A hard kick in his side which felt like it propelled him several feet assisted in Christophe finally opening his eyes. Trying to focus, Christophe found himself face to face with The Keeper. The man... could this actually be a man... was naked because obviously no clothes could ever cover him. Standing nearly 8’ tall and weighing what Christophe could only gather was 1,000 pounds of pure muscle, The Keeper was a sight to behold. Tanned to a dark brown, jet black hair fell to the middle of his back and covering half of his face was a thick black beard that ended right before the massive plates of his pecs began. Staring deep into The Keepers piercing blue eyes, Christophe’s cock became erect, and he found himself convulsing in a fit of pure ecstasy as he orgasmed over and over. This man... this beast... this god was the epitome of virility... of masculinity. His body... forged in an artist's wet dream, put every bodybuilder to shame. His hairy legs were larger the tree trunks, his chest wider then several men, and his immense soft cock fell down to his knees. The only piece of clothing The Keeper carried was a belt that held a large canteen. The strangest thing of all... if any of this could get stranger... was that The Keepers wide and thick dark nipples leaked a drop of liquid every minute or so that fell and got lost in his chest hair. With one large paw, practically the size of Christophe’s own chest, The Keeper grabbed him by the head and twisted it fiercely to the left. ⁃ Is this what you wanted to see?! His voice, heavy with a Spanish accent, was a rumble that Christophe could feel deep within his own chest. Like a rag doll in the massive mans control, Christophe took his first glimpse of the pool. The pool was actually much wider than he had imagined. Though possible to swim from one bank of the deep blue water to the other, it would take some time and great strength. There was a breeze on the air, yet every inch of the water was still. Strangest of all, unlike most bodies of water, not one bird or animal graced its shores. At first glance it looked like a picture postcard... completely undisturbed.. yet there was something definitely supernatural... otherworldly even. In deep awe and reverence to the waters, Christophe was shaken once again by the massive man and lifted off of the ground. ⁃ Why does the pool want you here??? What does it want of you???? The Keeper gave Christophe a second to answer before shaking him again... his own body feeling as if it could be torn apart at any moment. ⁃ In my dreams I’ve seen you!!! Why??? What does the pool want??? ⁃ I... I... I don’t know... what you’re talking about... ⁃ How did you find me? ⁃ A friend. You sent the water to a friend!! ⁃ Who??? The beast began to shake him roughly again. ⁃ Neil Hamilton! His name is Neil Hamilton!! When The Keeper heard the name he stopped shaking Christophe, lifted him over his head, and hurled him to the ground. The mountain of a man took four mighty steps and was standing once again over Christophe. How small he must appear to this giant... how insignificant. Christophe hated feeling that way, and was quickly trying to figure out how to handle this beast before he was killed. Lifting Christophe with only his left hand, The Keeper brought them face to face. ⁃ When you found me... when you sent your message... I did as always and came to the bank of the pool to ask if it accepted you. Barely had I spoken your name when it screamed out for you... over and over and over!! Never had I seen the waters so agitated. I ran from the bank... hearing your name screamed from behind me. For weeks I stayed away from the water... wanting to refuse you... but screams only got louder!!! Louder and louder. Christophe attempted to grasp the gun that was attached to his coat, but The Keepers agitation grew to such a frenzy that he threw him once again to the ground. ⁃ To stop the screams, I accepted you... but then you requested to come here!! Here!!!!! Why did you want to come here!!!! I refused... but then the dreams came. Your face! I saw your face!!! The longer I refused you, the worst it became until I finally had to allow you to come... but on my terms!!!! My terms!!! Moving toward him again with steps that shook the earth Christophe lay upon, he tried to back away, but a foot as large as most of his torso pinned him to the ground. ⁃ Now for once the pool is silent... and now you have to die. Removing the canteen from his waste, the man proceeded to unscrew the cap that held the contents within. ⁃ It will all be over so quickly. You’ll drink and grow younger and younger until you cease to be. Don’t worry... it’s painless... my family never knew what happened to them... The Keeper moved his foot higher till he was standing on Christophe’s neck causing him to open his mouth, gasping for air. Lifting the canteen, he began to pour the liquid in the area of Christophe’s lips and nose.. Unable to breathe, Christophe was still able to move his head from side to side, not allowing the water to enter his mouth, but to fall on his face. As each drop hit his skin, Christophe felt a new strength invigorate his body giving him more will to survive. ⁃ No!!! You must never touch the water!!! Only I could touch the water!!! The man took his foot off of Christophe’s neck and leaned down to lift him up by his shirt. ⁃ The pool called me to be it’s Keeper... so I walked in to my waist, and this is what I became. The pool now wants you... but it never will!!! It’s mine!!! The Keeper lifted the water close to Christophe’s mouth, but stopped suddenly when the gun went off, and the bullet entered his chest. Dropped to the ground... Christophe watched The Keeper stagger backwards and try and look down at what had happened... but his immense pecs didn’t allow him to see below. Using his hand, he lifted some of the flowing blood to his face... and began to laugh. ⁃ You think a bullet can harm me?! I’m immortal!!! I’ve lived for over 500 years!!! In awe, Christophe watched the bullet be pushed from the open wound and then quickly close and heal. Christophe fired again... this time hitting The Keeper’s stomach... and the same thing occurred... the creature laughing even harder! ⁃ More!! I can do this all day!! Knowing there were only three bullets left, Christophe lifted the gun once again, and like David with Goliath, hit The Keeper directly in the eye. Startled, the man fell onto his ass with a thud. Watching the Keeper maniacally claw at his eye to remove the bullet, Christophe could see that it was already beginning to heal. Wasting no time, he approached The Keeper with speed given to him by his brief contact with the water, and shot him in the other eye. A scream that shook the trees erupted from The Keepers mouth. With one bullet left, he directed the gun right to the top of the massive cranium and fired, blowing off a small portion of his head and skull. In shock the mountain of a man fell backward onto the ground with a thud. Seeing that his wound was already beginning to heal, Christophe reached into the hole and began to frantically rip at The Keeper’s brain... pulling pieces of it out. Seeing that this was futile since it would only begin to grow back, Christophe did the next best thing. Taking the canteen, he brought it to The Keepers mouth and emptied the contents, forcing him to swallow. Within minutes, just as all of the wounds were nearly healed, The Keeper began to moan... and then quickly de-age. Quickly the beast shrunk down to the size he had once been before he stepped in the water... a skinny teenager... then a boy of ten... then five... four... three... two... a baby... then a fetus... then nothing. Falling to the ground in exhaustion, Christophe came to terms with what he had done... and a smile crept onto his face as he realised the pool was his. Only he knew where it was... what it did... and he would make trillions from it. Every rich person would pay greatly for a chance to live longer... and they would keep returning to him for more and more!! The business was endless... and he controlled it all!!! Standing, Christophe walked on shaking legs to the pool and looked at its wondrous depths. It looked so cool in the heat of the sun... so welcoming... On the wind he heard it again… calling to him… It wants me, he thought. It has always wanted me. Christophe took a step closer but stopped himself. Was this what he wanted? Was he to be the new Keeper? Would he allow the waters to alter him so that he became a mountain of power? He had always been an Alpha of a man… and now the pool wanted to give it all to him… to live beyond the life of an Alpha. In his mind… images of strength and power unimaginable were projected. His fingers moved quickly over his shirt as he began to unbutton it, swiftly removing it and his jacket. Is this what I want? Is this what I’m to be? Removing his trousers and underwear, he stood before the water naked, his 5” cock harder then it had ever been. If I am to be the next Keeper… I want so much more than you gave to him!!! I want you to propel me even further!!! I have never accepted half-measures. I want it all. A warm wind blew onto him and caressed him. Yes, he thought… but what is everything? Is it what I truly want?? As the new Keeper… what will I be? Refusing to turn back, with one step, his feet entered the pool, and he let out a loud moan. Even slightly covered... less than an inch... he could feel a source of power entering his skin and propelling itself through his body. Wanting more... craving more.. he continued to walk... trying to stay conscious as wave after wave of power coursed through his body. Within moments, as the water covered his chest his body began to spasm continuously from the onslaught of power that was swiftly flowing into him. This feeling is intoxicating... I can’t get enough. This was never what I had intended to happen... yet I was called to be the new Keeper and must take on my new mantle! Moving out still further from the shore, Christophe submerged his entire body into the waters... something even the original Keeper has never done. Screaming beneath the water, electric currents began to enter every pore causing the water to bubble around him. No longer in control of his own body, his mouth opened up, and Christophe drank deeply. The same current that was invading the exterior of his body found another passage as he continued to feed on more and more water. As he ingested more than any had ever drunk before... Christophe felt his entire body filling with new life. Not only was his body getting younger... but his skin, bones, and muscles had begun to throb... Still drinking more and more, and still fully submerged in the pool... Christophe feared he was overdosing on the power that was ravaging him. He felt sick to his stomach as his abdomen expanded and tightened... but still he took on more. Just when he thought his body couldn’t take any more power, he found that the onslaught was getting more and more powerful. Fearing yet welcoming the unknown of what he soon would become... Christophe’s 5” Cock went rigid, and he felt that at any moment his entire body was going to cum. As the power continued to gain strength, Christophe had a sudden realisation... he was never meant to be the new Keeper. The pool had no need for a Keeper… No!! It wanted more! It wanted him to become The Pool itself! With this realisation, Christophe’s body began to tense up and become rigid as his back muscles began to swell and grow. Larger and more defined they became... and showed no sign of stopping anytime soon. Beneath the water Christophe screamed as his scapula and collarbone began to expand and fracture, making horrid cracking noises as they grew wider. Watching in shock as his arms proceeded to move further and further away from his body as his back continued to grow wider, he realised that he could now breathe safely under the water as the two were merging together. The pain was agonising but Christophe desired this as he knew his body was being made mighty to hold all of the power the pool had to offer... more then anyone had ever understood or had been a part of. Christophe moaned in ecstasy as his shoulders proceeded to expand wider than any entranceway, and the growth showed no sign of stoping. The bones in his shoulders proceeded tobecome thicker and longer as his trap muscles became further developed. Already much wider than the original Keeper, Christophe knew he would never be able to hold himself upright unless held by the mighty hands of the pool. His delts were becoming thickened and rounder...his upper back packed fully with bulging muscle... his traps mountainous and permeating with strength. ⁃ What am I becoming??? Already My back has surpassed that of The Keeper... Never again will I be able to walk down a hallway built for human’s as I’ll be way to wide!! I can barely turn my head now my traps are so high... my back more muscular than that of a bull’s! With an eruption that rocked the whole pool, Christophe’s lats began to swell, pushing his arms even further from from his side ⁃ It is like 8 bodybuilders were used to form my back... and still I’m growing!! My back is now beyond any human comprehension… and I love it!!!! I can’t believe how quickly my upper back, shoulders and traps had become so monumental!! The pool is propelling me far from the realm of human possibility. Taking more of the water within himself, Christophe screamed for the entire power offered to him by the pool. He was willing to lose his humanity... willing to rise above all other human and be used as the pools tool. With the intake of more of the pool, Christophe’s neck began to bloom into a Roman column of muscle. Each moment he felt it grow larger... it became more difficult to move his head from side to side. Soon his neck was two columns shoved together... then three... As his neck grew further, his traps rose up higher until they fused with his neck right behind his ears. As his lats proceeded to swell even greater, Christophe knew his back must resemble that of an enormous cobra!! If watching from above, one would noticed that the water in the pool was slowly going down as if by evaporation. The bank began to grow larger as more and more of the pool’s essence was fused with Christophe. Soon, the calm lake began to slowly begin to rotate to the left, creating the beginnings of a whirlpool. The sound of cracking that resembled trees being split in two could be heard in the Amazonian rainforest. Far from the destruction of trees... this was the creation and growth of Christophe’s hands and arms as they began to lengthen. Within minutes his arms had surpassed his legs and continued to grow. ⁃ How massive... am I... to become?! The pool no longer needed to be ingested through Christophe’s mouth as his body had begun to mutate to enable the water to flow directly through every pore and orifice. Not to be outdone by his own arms, Christophe’s legs and feet began to elongate as well. To his surprise, it was his hands and arms that hit the bottom of the pool first, and then his legs, enabling him to stand for the first time. Attempting to look up and down, Christophe concluded that the entire pool was nearly 60 feet deep, and he was floating perhaps fifteen feet from the bottom. If he had been on land, he would have been towering above the ground... nearing the height of trees. With his feet planted firmly on the floor of the pool, Christophe proceeded to get taller and wider, his back so filled with peaks and valleys that it resembled a mountain range. The thickness of his neck and traps made it virtually impossible to turn his head anymore, and the human part of Christophe began to be inundated with thoughts of how impractical his size was becoming, yet he was calmed by the pool and began to comprehend his future life as a creature of power and muscle... of instinct... of brute strength. He was becoming new for the world to worship. Lifting his own hands in the water, Christophe marvelled at the sheer size. His palm... fuck... it was becoming wider then his own chest, and each finger... they were quickly surpassing the thickness of his legs!! Above Christophe, the whirlpool was beginning to gain speed and strength... it’s core the man named Christophe the pool was evolving. From above, a muffled scream could be heard as his torso began to snap, pull, and lengthen. As his body became taller and longer, Christophe could see that he was slowly being propelled to the surface. How tall am I now, he thought. Have I reached twenty feet yet? Will my head ever hit the surface, or will I need to crawl out of this pool? Christophe did his best to raise his arm over his head and found that if he were ten feet higher, his fingers would have been breaking the surface... and still he grew. As his back proceeded to grow even wider and more packed with muscle, Christophe began to feel the start of swelling in both of his pecs, and soon after, they were joining the rest of his body exploding with size. Like two king size mattresses growing from his body, Christophe’s pectorals grew firmer, larger, and rounder. The sensation of blood being pumped through his body, feeding his growing muscles made him feel light headed yet free. Stretching his neck forward as much as he could, Christophe smiled as his pecs gained complete control and mastery over the top part of his chest. Moving his immense right hand over his pec, Christophe let out a lewd and guttural moan as his fingers brushed over his nipple. Having never felt such a sensation in his life... Christophe began exploring his nipples more, grabbing onto both and squeezing them first tentatively... then tighter. His cock... so tiny and so far away from his pecs, got harder still and shot a massive wad of precum into the pool. Just as his pecs and chest grew bigger still, so did his nipples; larger, thicker and with wide brown areolas. Fuelled on by his intense nipple play, Christophe’s pecs continued to expand, growing feet after feet from his chest. The chasm between his pecs was now so deep, and as his pecs competed for more and more space, it grew tighter and tighter. Taking his hand, Christophe tried to force his way into the deep canyon, but found it was impossible as his own body fought him. These are the pecs that will soon topple mountains just by my flexing, he thought. Never had the world seen a man so massive... a man so mighty... a man with so much power!! Out of all of the world, I was chosen! Me!!! Since his traps, back, and lats were still getting larger, this new growth brought him more ecstasy and fantasies of his future. The pool was creating a vessel far larger more immense then even Christophe had ever thought. If he knew the plans the pool had for him… how gargantuan…. how colossal he was to be… would he have stopped? The pool promised strength and power… and now it was giving it to Christophe a million fold. As Christophe became lost in thoughts of the creature he was to become, his lower torso and abs began to inflate with muscle. One by one his abs exploded with size, but The Pool had no need for The Vessel to have have a simple six-pack. As his body grew and mutated, it would need more muscle mass to control it, to hold it up, so now he possessed an astronomical sixteen pac, each flexing and fighting for rooms. As the whirlpool grew stronger, and more and more water was sucked into Christophe, he continued to grow. As his head inching up toward the surface, his pecs began fighting each other to find more room in which to grow, both so weighty with mass that his nipples had begun to point down. While his chest expanded, his internal organs and ribs began to swell as well. Since Christophe’s head had only grown a small bit compared to the mountain his body was becoming, it began to become bound between his traps, which now grew mightily past his ears. Barely visible since both his pecs and his deltoids were eclipsing it, his neck had grown thicker than his own waist. Christophe’s top half was now so immense with lats wider than he could imagine. How wide am I now, Christophe wondered as there was no way he could comprehend his size in mere inches or meters. My chest has to be larger than a car... and getting bigger every second!! His abs and waist had proceeded to grow in leaps and bounds. Compared to his chest, no matter how wide and thick his waste became, it would always be the ultimate wasp waist. Each continued to grow wider and thicker forcing Christophe’s Adonis belt to sink in deeper and deeper. When his head was only five feet from the surface, Christophe’s legs started to quake as his feet began to thicken with muscle. Taking on mammoth proportions, both of his calf muscles stretched up and out, swelling so much that the diamond shape of the two heads began to expand outward on all sides and take up more room over his ankle until it appeared that his foot formed right from my calf. Christophe cried out in rapture as each muscle group erupted in size, and a titanic rumbling sound announced the birth of his new elephantine quads. Finding it impossible to hold onto his tiny cock with fingers so massive, he moved again to his other source of pleasure, his nipples. As Christophe pinched, squeezed, and stroked his nipples, he found that he quickly had to widen his stance as the medial and lateral muscles of his quads swelled. With each widening of his stance, it was only moments later that he could feel his quads fighting against each other for room. For a moment, Christophe thought he was shrinking as he realised he was suddenly getting further away from the surface. With a relief, he realised that it was simply his amassing weight that was forcing him to sink into the soill, and that he was still increasing in size. By the third time of spreading his stance wider to allow his quads more room, Christophe realised he could no longer stretch any further. With and exclamation of relief, his pelvis broke and grew, enlarging his stance. As his waist got broader and broader, his upper body was forced to widen even further to maintain his tapered look. As his pelvis cracked and grew three more times, Christophe felt the muscles in his ass start to grow. How long have I been underwater, he thought... how long have I been growing... how much more will I grow? The more I grow, the more magnificent I feel... and my confidence grows to rule this globe... I am becoming pure power... Wanting to feel his massive ass, Christophe tried to touch it with his hands, but soon discovered that his last were spreading so wide that it was virtually impossible for his arms to even reach his backside. Once again, trying to widen his stance even more to accommodate his inflating quads, his rectus burst forth, emerging as two massive teardrops that dipped over his kneecaps and forced him into a bow legged position for comfort. With happiness and resignation, Christophe knew that from now on he would be forced to walk with a crouched gait. Christophe’s legs were now so massive, so engorged, and so muscle bound that they were nearing redwood proportions. My existence as a mere human is ending, he thought... This was never what I wanted but now I can only beg for more. ⁃ Enter me fully!!! I give you this body as your vessel!! Fill me completely that when I walk... this insignificant world quakes beneath my feet!!! With those words, Christophe’s metamorphosis went into overdrive, and he gritted his teeth in both agony and ecstasy as his pelvus broke and grew for the sixth time, extending his waist even more and forcing his stance to be forever bowlegged. Within seconds of gaining hundreds of pounds more of mass... Christophe’s head burst out of the pool like a fetus leaving the womb. Laughing hysterically, Christophe realised that he now stood nearly 65 feet tall. Around him he could see the water spinning faster and faster with him as it’s focal point. With a cry that scattered every bird for miles around, Christophe’s arms began to shudder with a welcomed burning sensation as finally his upper arms joined the rest of his body in its symphony of growth. Lifting his arms out of the water and flexing, Christophe grinned as he watched his upper arm quickly bloat with size and strength… his biceps and triceps becoming thick and dense. A second shout of delirium erupted from Christophe as his clavicle fractured and enlarged to create more room for upper body growth. The prominence of his upper muscles made it difficult to bend his arms even to flex, forcing them to fall slowly down. As the strength and size of his arms continued to grow, Christophe knew that now he could destroy a building with his very hands, pound a mountain into sand… throw a tree miles away… and his strength only grew as his forearms surged with new size. Even the muscles of his hands would easily be able to pulverise the strongest substance to dust. What will the world see when they finally look upon me, Christophe thought as he grew further out of the pond, his pecs now leaving the water behind. I’ve allowed myself to become a total freak… a human monster… a creature of unstoppable strength! The water was soon touching his first set of abs as he surged even larger, his muscles becoming more grotesque with size. I must be 80 feet tall now and still there is so much water to enter me… to fill me! Throughout his growth, Christophe’s head had become only slightly larger then when the day had started. As the water began to enter him faster and faster, and as he proceeded to get even larger, the bones that formed his head began to fracture, stretch, grow, and re-fuse again larger than before. Trying to hold onto his head but finding the size of his lats and his traps made it impossible to reach, Christophe could only feel every aspect of his face getting larger to match his body. Larger and larger and in the throws of agonising bliss… Christophe’s neck muscles grew thicker to support the new weight of his cranium. As his eyes tripled and then quadrupled in size, his cheekbones, mandible, and nose grew as well. Finally, as his chin grew and squared off, and his brow ridge became more prominent, his traps burst larger and more massive than before and fused once again to just below his ears. Looking around at the world, the shrinking pool seemed so far below him as it barely covered his cock. Then, just as his whole body surged even taller… even bigger… Christophe knew this was the moment he had been waiting for, and he cried out as a massive wave of ecstasy hit him. He could feel his cock getting harder than it ever had been before, but it was his balls he really felt it in. He could feel them constantly filling up and churning… filling up and getting heavier. Soon, although he couldn’t see them over his pecs and abs, he could feel his balls swelling… growing larger… and as they grew, Christophe began to get hornier. Very soon his testicles were pulling down on his sack, blowing up like a water balloons Christophe began to pant as he felt his balls become even more hefty. I can barely concentrate, he thought. My mind… so full of lust.. of cock… of fucking… of muscle… MY MUSCLE!! While his balls tripled again in size, Christophe’s penis begins to squirt pre-ejaculate in larger and larger amounts, continuously throbbing and flexing, and getting noticeably thicker. Taken over by pure animal lust, Christophe closes his eyes tight, scrunches his whole massive face, and he could feel the mounting pleasure as his penis began to swell nearly to its bursting point. Smiling, Christophe could hear and feel the flesh of his cock ripping and repairing itself as his cock began to grow thicker… and thicker… longer… and longer… his heart beating faster as more and more blood was pushed into his cock. The weight of his own cock and balls was getting so vast that he could feel them starting to pull on his groin. His balls, growing at the same rate as his mighty shaft could be heard audibly churning more and more seed. Instinctually, Christophe wrapped his hand around his cock and found it was now so thick that he could barely get his own hand around it. As he stroked, pre flowed freely mixing with the remaining water of the pool. Another wave of intense pleasure hit him as blood was forced more into the head causing it to swell and give Christophe the impression that it just might rip in two. Feeling it with his hands, never had he felt a head so thick and meaty and with such a massive piss-slit!! Soon Christoph was using both hands to stroke himself as his cock and balls grew even more titanic. Every second his whole body was growing, but now it seemed it was all mostly focused on his cock. Grunting, Christophe tugged on his cock, feeling it stretch in his hand. - Need… to… fuck!!! Even when I cum…. I know I won’t be satisfied!!! I’m never… going to… be satisfied!!! I’ll live forever… constantly horny!!!! My whole body… so hard… so colossal! Christophe’s cock quickly became as thick as his own forearm, and together his whole body joined in a symphony of growth. As he stroked harder and faster, he realised that his cock was now becoming more sensitive as his body evolved to have thousands more nerve endings embedded throughout it. Opening his eyes, Christophe could finally see his cock over his pecs… so thick and long. Looking around as he stroked, he could see for miles over the trees. I must be at least 80 feet by now and still I grow… the pool only up to my ankles now… soon I will be completely filled… As his balls grew more and more immense, he began to grow even faster, adding on hundreds of pounds of muscle each minute. Christophe’s whole body flexed and grew as his newly evolved testicles sent massive amounts of testosterone flooding into his body and his final evolution went out of control. Like The Keeper, hair erupted all over his body, growing thick on his face and chest. So out of control was his evolution that, where one follicle would once have grown, he now had five or six, making his growing beard thick and dark. Within minutes, Christophe had a full beard that lengthened as he grew. His pecs, now coated in a pelt of jet black hair, grew even more immense so that no matter how much hair he had in his chest… no matter how thick… nothing would ever hide the musculature. Christophe could feel the hairs on his arms and legs growing as well, trailing down onto his hands and feet, and within minutes his underarms had a forest of long jet black hair. With his hands he could feel his pubes growing denser as they covered his pubic mound and ever expanding balls. Veins thicker than pipelines erupted all over his body to further feed his musculature. As this new body needed larger amounts of blood for his elephantine heart to pump, new arteries and veins were formed to send more blood coursing to his muscles. Christophe’s cock, now longer then his arm grew even thicker as pipe-like veins took root, crisscrossing the entire surface and feeding it. So immense was his cock that it stood out as a monument to all things muscle… to all things masculine… to all things powerful. Joining in the constant leaking of precum, Christophe’s nipples began to leak as well. Moving his hand from his cock to his nipples and then moving it as close as he could to his face… he realised that what was flowing out of him were waters from the pool. I am now the pool… he thought. The smell of the water was intoxicating as it emitted the most intense musk of masculinity and sex. The final waters of the pool was quickly being sucked into his feet, and Christophe felt all of his senses become heightened… as he screamed out in one last surge of evolution… his voice became deeper… a rumble of thunder… His body surged even larger as Christophe became the man he always wanted to be… Shooting up taller and thicker with muscle, Christophe let out a roar. Completely filled now with the water, his intellect also grew… the history of the pool… the history of this globe… now resided within him. Taking in his kingdom, Christophe knew he stood larger than 100 feet and weighed as much as a mountain. He was now more powerful than anything on Earth. He was indeed the true Alpha Male… more supreme than anything to come before or after him. As he began to walk, leaving behind an empty crater, he breathed in and discovered he could smell everything… every plant… every tree… every creature. What have I done, Christophe thought. What am I now? What does the pool have instore for me? This is too much even for me to handle. As I walk, the ground shutters… I tower even above the tallest tree… my musculature… nothing has ever existed such as me. Calming his sudden human fears, the wind of his new world blew through his long black hair and caused his titanic nipples to harden and to leak more of his waters. I am now the Vessel, he thought. I am now beyond the Alpha. Soon the chosen would flock to him… soon the chosen would drink from him… soon he would have an army to command… soon he would fuck… - YES!!! SOON I WILL FUCK!!! THE WATER WILL MULTIPLY GROWING EVEN STRONGER… EVEN MORE POWERFUL. The Vessel… which had once been the human Christophe DuPres, stopped walking for thirty minutes to stroke himself to orgasm, his roar echoing for miles as he showered the world down below with his water… with his seed. He was beyond anything imaginable. Soon the world would see him and worship… and what had begun millions of years ago would finally come to fruition. Smelling the air, The Vessel turned in the direction of the Ocean. Yes… it thought… soon we will merge and I will be complete once again!!!
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