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  1. Missed Opportunity Dave a is 24-year-old college meat head who’d known nothing other than being handed everything to him in his life thanks to his charming, good looks and blessed genetics giving him the body that most guys spent their whole lives building, while he only spent a year in the gym and blew up to incredible size. He’d grown accustomed to being the top dog everywhere he went, and it certainly went to his head as many that were around him would certainly tell you that Dave was a *bit* of a douche. Yet even with all his size and charm it just wasn’t enough for him he needed MORE. So, when he stumbled on some new experimental protein shakes that were hitting the market in very limited quantities, he thought why the hell not and bought the last pack that was in stock before the site was mysteriously taken down a day later. A few weeks later all he could think about was the effects that the new shakes could have on his body and the package was scheduled to be delivered to his dorm that very day. He was ready to sprint like mad to get home and down one of the four shakes before or after his workout. But as he would soon find out it wasn’t just the shakes that he would find waiting for him when he got back home. ---- After his workout he excitedly rushed home heading down the hall ready to improve his gains even further. But as he drew near the door, he could hear noises coming from inside. His two dweeb twink roommates were surely there which already made him angry. He wanted to enjoy his post workout pump alone with no distractions. His roommates Adrian and Michael were both gay and he knew how bad they wanted him from day one, but he didn’t swing that way, although that didn’t stop him from soaking up all their adoration and teasing them with the body of a god they could never get with. Opening the door, he was met with a scene out of his worst nightmares. Adrian and Michael were grinding up on each other fully nude and they were both HUGE! “What the fuck dweebs! What happened to you two?!” The two former twinks were laid out on the couch each of them man spreading their mammoth legs completely filling the couch as their thighs pressed against each other, both of their impressive manhood’s now over 9 inches long leaking pre while the two kissed previously. The both of them had to be over 6’2 looking massive even compared to himself. “Oh, hey Dave didn’t hear you come in.” Adrian said in a luscious deep voice. “Bro thanks for those shakes they were fucking GOOD!” Michael said licking his lips as he looked at Dave with a hunger in his eyes. More terror filled Dave’s mind as he realized his roommates had opened his delivery and take the shakes for themselves. “Please fucking tell me you dweebs didn’t drink them all.” “Don’t worry were not monsters of course we left you one.” Adrian said. Without a second thought Dave’s body moved on its own scouring for the shake in the kitchen seeing the pack torn open with only one bottle of the four left by itself. He quickly twisted the cap off and chugged it down eager to see the results it would have on his body since his small scrawny twink roommates blew up to monstrous sizes. Adrian and Michael watched in horny anticipation as they were waiting to watch the guy, they’ve been pining for grow into a god. The process was already starting. His stomach bubbling as the shake slid down his throat. His muscles growing fuller at a slow rate as he was painfully aroused his average 6 incher tenting in his shorts as his body started pumping itself larger. But like most of his advances in bed the growth that came finished within seconds his cock exploding in his shorts as Adrian and Michael watched in disbelief. Dave had never been more embarrassed in his life as he felt like he had only added a measly 10 pounds of muscle and not an inch of height to his body as his godly roommates looked at him with disappointment in their eyes. “What the hell did you dweebs do why didn’t I grow like you two?!” “Dunno man we just drankem like you did.” Adrian responded. Michael chipped in “Guess you shouldn’t have been so proud of those genetics after all huh Dave!” Dave was appalled by Michaels observation, it filled him with a sense of humiliation and need to lash out, but as he looked at the much larger man in front of him, there was nothing he could do but accept his fate. Just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse a guttural moan escaped Adrian’s cum ridden mouth. Bracing himself against Michael “OH FU- … IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN!” “oh god….PLEASE NO!” was all Dave could think as every single muscle in Adrian’s body rippled with strength as he grew once again now becoming inhumanely large as he bucked against Michaels body. In all his euphoric torment Adrian was at the mercy of Michaels touch as he pleaded for sweet release. “please bro….help!” was all he could mutter as Michael quickly understood and proceeded to help his friend out Taking his large head into his mouth he put his skills to good use as Adrian quickly blew his load into his mouth as his growth subsided. Michael struggled to chug down the copious amounts of cum being blasted down his throat almost choking as he savored every drop that was being shot into his stomach. Minutes pass as Dave was left mortified, glued to the ground he stood on unable to look away as Aiden had become the very thing, he so desperately craved for himself. As he got control of his body again Adrian pulled Michael off his 13 incher and sat him on his lap his head now over a foot taller than Michaels. He then turned his hear upwards muttering out a thank you before planting a kiss on his lips as thanks for his help. Breaking the kiss, he looks back at Dave seeing the man that was once huge to him looking up at him with awe and jealousy. “Don’t look so glum bro maybe you just didn’t grow enough the first time…well for your sake I hope there is a next time.” Adrian’s words cut into him like a knife destroying his confidence so easily for the first time in his life. He couldn’t even get a word out trying to respond as he watched the two gods enjoying their new bodies together. That’s when Michael chipped in with his own thoughts. “Oh, maybe there’s hope for you yet. Your dad swung by earlier and he took one of the shakes with him before we got into them.” A chill ran down Dave’s spine hearing Michaels words now only thinking one thing. “I’ve got to get home and pray that dad hasn’t drunken that shake.”
  2. There's been a big slowdown in new content so I thought I'd try to inject some activity. This story will contain similar themes from my other stories, but it will be a lot more lighthearted, I believe. Hopefully you'll find some enjoyment out of it as well. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ My Roommate Rivals CHAPTER ONE: “So, Rory, are you gonna live on your own now? Enjoy the bachelor life a little?” Amy questions me as I help her box up her things. Amy is my roommate, my soon to be former roommate to be exact, and also great friend from college. “I don’t think so, I’ll probably get another roommate. Maybe even two. I’m only 24 so that extra income really helps with the mortgage.” “I would guess, I still can’t believe you were able to get a house like this.” “Yeah, perk of living in the Midwest and buying in a down market. Big houses that are cheap. You’re not going to get that out in Denver.” “Oh trust me, I know,” Amy rolls her eyes in exasperation. “I’ll have to get used to a 400 sq ft apartment. You got it lucky here.” I purchased my home a little under three years ago when I was just out of college. I like my city and knew I had a very safe position in my job even back then, so I bit the bullet and bought my first home. Certainly no mansion, but as Amy mentioned it had a lot of space for a starter home. Two bedrooms and 1-1/2 baths upstairs with a fully finished walkout basement with two more bedrooms and another full bath downstairs. A little of 2500 square feet, no too shabby, even though half of that is a basement. That being said, purchasing a house so young I knew I some assistance with the mortgage would be needed. So since I bought my house I’ve had a handful of roommates over the years and it had worked out great. The house was perfect to rent rooms out with the walkout. It gave me my privacy upstairs when I wanted it and it’s hard to argue with the extra income. Plus, I was still young and more than happy to stay connected as much as I could to my college friends, many of whom were still undergrads. With a big open backyard as well, my home made for a good place to have the occasional shindig as well. Amy offers a lead as I carry some boxes upstairs, “Well if you don’t have anyone lined up yet, my cousin just graduated and is looking for a place. He’s a business major, works for the air conditioner manufacturing plant across town.” “Oh yeah? That’s cool. I already put out a feeler among my buddies on Facebook. I’d much prefer to find roommates from friends like you rather than sift through the weirdos on Craigslist and such. Then if he sucks I can blame you." Amy giggles as we load the boxes into her car. “He’s cool. He’s a frat boy, Theta Chi.” I give her skeptical look. “I know, I know! But he’s alright. Yeah, a little bit of a tool but all fratties are. If he gives you shit let me know and I’ll kick his ass.” We share a laugh and Amy tells me she’ll get me in touch with him. “Sweet, I’ll let Grif know.” “Grif? Really?” “Shut up!” Amy then gives me a devious look, “Plus Rory, regardless of their personalities, don’t act like you haven’t told me that you think frat guys are hot.” I smirk back at her, “Ok, you sold me. As long as he wears a polo. If he’s ok living with a gay dude then I could give it a try." - Seven days later I’m sitting at a BWW’s reading a menu when I see a hand reach out to me in my peripheral vision. I look up and see a stunning young man smiling down to me. “Are you Rory?” I nod. “Hey bro, I’m Griffin, nice to meet you.” I shake his hand and my eyes trace up the defined forearm, past his elbow to nicely pumped biceps which are encased in snug sleeves. I take in his torso…oh yeah, he’s even rocking a polo. I laugh inwardly wondering if Amy told him to do so to make a good impression on me. Either way it’s working. I can make just out his pecs through the polo and note how his waist is still hiding in the loose fabric, indicating its tightness. He has very broad and round shoulders, perhaps he was a swimmer back in high school. Standing there I judge him to be about 5’10 with a nicely gym built body. Far from huge, but he definitely uses the weight room on a regular basis. I look up to his face. Oh yeah, typical frat boy, but I can’t deny I’m temporarily smitten. Strong jaw, full lips, Roman nose. His face is a perfect combination of masculinity mixed with a still maturing, yet boyish face. On top of his head is neatly styled dirty blond hair contrasting his bright blue eyes. My stomach flutters as I attempt to regain my voice. “Hi Griffin. Have a seat, I already ordered a beer, the waitress should be back soon. You like wings?” “Hell yeah man, who doesn’t! The hotter the better.” We chat and I do my best to get a feel for the guy. The waitress comes by and takes our order and Griffin orders himself a beer as well. “So I guess that means you’re 21?” I ask. “Yep, just turned two months ago.” “Are you a big drinker, Griffin?” “Call me Grif, bro. I’m not a huge drinker, but I like to party, yeah.” Grif chuckles, sensing my apprehension. “But I promise I’m not one of those alcoholic frat boys. I like to party, but I keep it reasonable. Only the weekends. Plus, too much booze is bad for the abs.” Griffin smiles, leans back and pats his stomach. The fibers of his tanned forearms undulate as he does. Inside I’m wishing he would pull up the shirt and give me a glimpse. As we chat more I quickly catch on that he has the frat boy charm. He’s a guy who is used to getting what he wants, but it also becomes clear he’s worked for what he has too. He came to college with minimal scholarships and worked part time for most his undergrad. I can respect that. He lets me know he’s got a typical 8-5 job so our work schedules would be the same. We are both into watching sports even though I’m not nearly as athletic as him. It seems like a good fit, and I trust Amy’s judgement. “Well, Grif, I think this could work out if you still want to rent out my room?” “Sweet, dude! Yeah man, if those rates you told Amy are still good then I’m in for sure. Amy told me about the basement and I trust her. Sounds like you got a great setup.” “Great! Oh…um…I don’t know if Amy mentioned this, but-” Grif cuts me off “You’re gay right, bro? Amy already told me.” “Um…yeah. Is that a problem?” Grif smiles and takes a drink of his beer. “Fuck no, dude. Some of my favorite guys from Theta Chi were gay. Is it gonna be a problem that I’m a breeder?” I laugh out loud and Grif raises his glass to mine and we cheers. - It’s just three days later when Grif starts moving in. He has a couple of his frat bros helping him and I’m swooning at all the hot young men in my home. They are all boisterous and playful but I can tell they are good dudes. And their muscle definitely comes in handy and not just for my eyes and spank-bank. All the bros are wearing cutoff shirts exposing their rock arms and giving me glimpses of pecs. Their strong bodies easily handle the big items. I’m not sure I would’ve been able to help Grif move in his dresser, the thing was massive. Luckily I got to stand by and hold the door open as these jacked frat boys move Grif’s stuff in. Grif and his bros are impressed with my house as well, which I take pride in. I can tell Grif is excited, “Damn dude, Amy didn’t do this basement justice. This living room down here is HUGE! And you even got a bar down here? With fridge and microwave? This is awesome!” Grif throws his meaty arm around my shoulder, “Whenever you bring over a hot stud I got all I need to stay down here and let you have at him!” I laugh and reciprocate, “Yeah Grif. And if you have a chick down here you got all you need.” “Not ‘IF’, Rory-boy. WHEN!” Grif squeezes my shoulder and pats me on the back. I reward the guys with pizza and beer which only cements my endearment to Grif’s buddies. They ask if I ever host parties and I tell them occasionally. “But you guys can certainly come over anytime you want to hang with Grif.” Grif smiles and adds, “And to hang with you too, buddy!” Late that night after Griffin’s friends have left I leave him alone to get settled in. As he does I notice a new message on my phone from my mother. [Hi Rory. My coworker Wendy has a son who is looking for a room. He’s in his last year at the University. He was always a good kid in high school. Here is his Facebook page if you’re interested. Love you!] [Thanks mom. Give me a few days to think about it. New guy seems cool. I prefer one roommate but let me think it over. Love ya too.] The next day the decision becomes easier. I find out that all annual merit raises as work have been frozen since business is down. I grumble but I suppose I should be thankful that I wasn’t one of the 15% who were laid off last month. All of sudden the income of another roommate is very enticing so I let my mother know I’ll set something up. I bring it up with Grif too. “That’s up to you, Rory-boy. I’m good with another roommate if you are. I lived in a frat house with 40 other guys, just 2 other roommates is a huge improvement. Just please don’t bring in a weirdo.” “I won’t Grif. He’s a bartender, I’m meeting up with him tonight.” “A bartender, huh? Well that’s a good sign. Plus if he can get me free or reduced drinks at his bar then I’m in for sure!” I’ve arranged to meet up with the new prospect at his bar. He works most nights so this was the only way I could see him during my normal hours. Being a college town and with it still being summer, the bar shouldn't be too busy so he assures me via text that he’ll be able to talk. I ask the woman behind the counter, “Excuse me, is Osbourne here?” She looks at me before shouting down the bar, “Oz! Someone’s here for you!” A man comes from behind the wall of booze wiping his hands on a towel and approaches me. His is a fine specimen of man I must say. He is long and lean with dark complexion that goes perfectly with his short black hair. He either has some Mediterranean genes or he has spent a considerable amount of time tanning this summer. I take in his dark piercing eyes, he is one of those guys who looks like they are wearing eyeliner. He’s a got a couple small tattoos on his forearms which look like black flames but I don’t look too closely. His has a very tight and lithe body, sort of like a male runway model. I can tell he has some power in his taut muscles, he gives me the impression of a compressed spring. A man with a lot more power than he looks. I peg him at about 5’11, maybe 170 lbs. He’s wearing a snug black shirt which gives an impression of the firm muscles underneath. The dark jeans he’s wearing show off a surprising ample ass, which no doubt gets worked a lot, either in the gym or with the women he picks up. All in all, the guy is smoldering. The type of guys that gives ‘dark and mysterious’ its appeal. He smiles at me, “Hey man, are you Rory? I’m Oz. What can I get you, it’s on the house.” “Top shelf it is!” I joke and he grins. “Kidding, any hefeweizen will do.” “Got just the thing for ya, man.” Like any good bartender he is charming and engaging. He makes me feel like he genuinely interesting getting to know me, even if he isn’t. I certainly want to get to know him better, especially sans clothes, but I keep this to myself. “Just got a few classes left before I can graduate with my business degree,” he lets me know. “This bartending job pays pretty well so I’m not in a huge hurry to get my degree, honestly. So instead of one tough final semester I’m going to stretch what I have left over two semesters and graduate next Spring.” “Smart man. So I already have one roommate, is that cool?” “If it’s not a problem with him its not a problem with me. I just gotta get out of my current place. I currently live with four other dudes. Five guys in one big house is way too many. The place is a pigsty and I’m a very clean person.” “I like hearing that, Oz. So you’ll still be bartending for the next year then?” “At least. I’d be a great roommate. We wouldn’t even really cross paths too often. I work afternoons and nights until closing and my normal days off are Sunday and Monday. So most of the time I won’t see you. We wouldn’t be in each others way too much.” This revelation gives me conflicting feelings, I love the idea that the second roommate will almost be invisible…yet at the same time I WANT to see as much of this gorgeous man as I could. “One last thing, Oz. I don’t know if your mom told you, but I’m gay, I hope that’s alright.” Oz chuckles as he smiles at me. “She didn’t tell me but honestly I pegged you as gay right away.” “You did? How!?” Oz smirks at me, “Because I’m hot, dude. And Erica, the girl who called me over. She’s smokin’ hot too, but you were only looking at me.” I hide my face, embarrassed and Oz laughs. “No worries man. It wasn’t obvious. It’s a skill I’ve picked up being a bartender. And to answer your question, I don’t care at all that you’re gay. Love is love, man. Here, have another free beer since I embarrassed ya.” He sets a new bottle down on the bar in front of me and gives me a smoldering wink. - The following weekend Oz pulls into my driveway on Saturday morning with the back of his pickup full of of his belongings. I welcome him inside where Grif and I have been eating breakfast. Grif and Oz lock eyes for the first time in my home. Grif drops his cereal spoon, rolls his eyes and moans dramatically. “Awww man, Rory? You’re letting this loser live here?” I’m taken aback by Grif’s rudeness but turn to see Osbourne smirking at Grif. “I take it you two know each other?” Oz approaches Grif and slaps him on the shoulder with a grin. “Griffin of Theta Chi! How’s it going man? Still salty about how we beat you guys for the flag football crown?” Grif huffs, “That was a lucky fuckin’ fluke play and you know it!” “We still won!” Oz grins brightly. “So you two do know each other.” “Yeah, Grif and I here were in the top two frats at the university. Our frats were big rivals. My frat, Phi Delta Theta has won the most intramural Greek trophies in the last few years. We usually beat the little Theta Chi boys here like Grif. But hey man, 2nd place is still pretty good,” Oz says patronizingly. “The Phi Delts always got the calls by the refs, some shady shit if you ask me,” Grif grumbles. “But my frat was known for having WAY better parties with MUCH hotter girls. Can’t deny that, Oz! Sorry you guys were never invited.” The two continue to banter and I watch them close. While it’s clear they are both proud members of their frats and both extremely competitive, I don’t get the sense that they hate each other. They seem to have a frenemies relationship. Regardless I decide I better make sure this is the case. “So boys, is this gonna be a problem? You two are going to start coming to blows are you? Because you guys are both a lot bigger than me, I can’t stop you.” The two laugh and Grif answers, “Naw boss, we’ll be fine. Plus, if we fought, Oz here would be in trouble since I’m clearly bigger and stronger.” Grif smirks and quickly throws up a single arm flex. A well developed biceps muscle pops up. Oz grins and turns to Grif. He stands right up to him, “Are you sure your bigger, Grif? I’ve got a couple of inches of height on you, little guy.” “Couple of inches my ass! You are maybe an inch taller, bro. I still weigh more than you, skinny.” “Barely. Well I’m still taller!” “And I’m still bigger!” - Oz takes the day to get settled in. He is wearing a sleeveless shirt as we hauls his stuff in and I enjoy his caramel skin which is stretched tight over his very lean muscles as I suspected. Oz is much more vascular and lean than I previously thought. He’s not as bulky as Grif but has that wiry look, almost like a wrestler. I catch a glimpse of his abs through he side of his very loose cutoff tank…and it’s very nice. By that evening Oz is settled into his room in the basement next to Grif’s. With a big sigh Oz joins us on the couch in the living room. “No plans tonight, Grif?” he asks. “Did you lose all your friends or what?" “No, twat. Just a low key Saturday tonight. I went out last night.” “Got it. No friends.” Oz teases and Grif chucks a pillow at his face. Later that night their intensely competitive streak comes out again as I hear screaming coming from the basement living room. I tromp down the stairs to find the two studs playing Call of Duty. “What the hell are you guys doing down here?” “Well, Oz here is fucking CHEATING, that’s what’s happening.” Oz just laughs, “Sorry, boss. Grif here just can’t handle losing to the better man. You’d think he’d better at coping by now, poor guy.” “Fuck off!” Grif slams his controller down and stomps to his room. I laugh as I watch him sulk off, “It’s not that big of a deal, Grif,” but he just huffs as he walks by. I may have underestimated the intensity of their rivalry.
  3. My Roommate’s a Were-Hulk: Halloween Edition Summary: Noah and Zach are approaching Halloween and are pumped up for a costume party. But when Zach gets second thoughts at the last minute, the two discover something within them that unleashes their inner beast for Halloween. A longer one-shot, quickly written. It’s been a while since I’ve written a story, so I took some liberties with my style here. (I don’t know if it works lol.) I wanted to separate this from my other thread since it’s a bit of an “event” kind of story. This might be the longest muscle growth story I’ve ever written and the fastest I’ve ever written one. Enjoy some more Hulk shenanigans from yours truly. The Incredible Hulk is a copyright of Marvel. I claim no ownership. --------------------------- “Hurry up, bro! You’ve been in there for 20 minutes!” I was getting annoyed. I didn’t get this dude an invite just for him to get cold feet at the last minute. I knew someone in ATO, so it’s not a big deal for me, but Zach didn’t. Mark fuckin’ grilled me, and I had to convince him that Zach will be chill and that he’s a ride or die. Now I’m standing here in just my purple shorts, half naked, half painted, and the rest of my green body paint still sitting in the bathroom. “They’re doing the costume contest at like 10:30. We’re gonna miss it if you want a chance, Zach!” I looked at my phone, and it was already 8 and we were gonna pregame at my girl’s place in half an hour. And my paint job was gonna take longer than that. Trying not to tear the door down, I tried to wait patiently outside the bathroom door, hearing the whirr of the vent inside. I pulled out my phone, idly switching between apps hoping that my roommate would finish. As I was scrolling through my notifications, my phone buzzed and a text from her — Jen — popped up. Where are you? dont forget we’re taking pics, it read. “Shit!” I hissed. I texted a quick reply — something fell off of Zach’s wizard costume and he had to fix it. I turned back to the bathroom door and started knocking like I have been for the past 5 minutes. In the middle of my knocking, the door swung open and there stood Zach: 5’9”, short and neat dark brown hair, pale skin, scrawny stature. He was just wearing his vest and some shorts as he walked out. “Finally, bro!” I called out. But there was a weird glum, anxious look on his face. Zach was always a sensitive dude, but the look I was seeing right now wasn’t anything I’d ever seen from him before. Like there was something heavy weighing on him. Ever since the party got pushed forward a day, Zach’s been acting like he didn’t wanna go anymore, even though he said he did. He was so excited before, but now… “Dude, are you okay?” Zach sighed and stopped in his tracks beside me. “I’m… I’m fine. I don’t know, I just don’t really feel like going out tonight anymore.” He looked kinda scared, to be honest. I didn’t know why though, and I couldn’t understand what was up with him. We’d been roommates for almost a year now and despite how different we were, I really felt like we could tell each other anything. But now he’s giving me this weird, blocked off attitude that I’d never seen before and it was honestly making me upset. “Why not?” I asked him. He clearly had a good reason to say, but all Zach said with a simple defeated look on his face was, “I’m just a little tired.” I huffed and wrapped my unpainted arm around his shoulders. “Come on dude. It’s our last Halloweekend of college, bro.” I said to him, trying to study Zach’s expression. I hung over him trying to reach his height. “Look, I know you’ve been stressed and exhausted all week, but that’s just more of a reason to go out. You deserve this.” Zach seemed hesitant. His brown eyes kinda just fixated on a point on the ground to avoid looking at me. You could tell there was clearly a lot going on in his head but I wanted to convince him to take a real break and hang out for once. “I just… Well, you just never know what can happen sometimes,” he said quietly. “What could happen? I can promise you, it’s not like we’re going to some stranger’s house. We — I know these people. It’ll be chill…” I could tell Zach was feeling super tense. “There’s… a blue moon tonight.” “Is that it?” I said. I wasn’t super sure if he was serious or not. “I didn’t know you were superstitious about full moons.” “I’m not, but I just…” “Need to chill! You need to hang out and take the edge off,” I said taking my arm off Zach. “You promised that you’d come out tonight. Plus, you’ll get to meet some new people and it’ll be fun.” Zach just stood there in silence. I couldn’t tell whether I made things better or worse, but the dude sighed and finally looked up with me, with an awkward smile on his face. “You’re right. Yeah, I’ll go,” he said. I was relieved, but there’s something about his tone of voice that made me question whether or not he knew something I didn’t. “Hell yeah,” I said. “We gotta finish up soon though, Jen’s waiting on us.” I wasted no time to head into the bathroom where I could finally resume putting my costume together. I positioned myself in front of the mirror and looked real quick. I chuckled as I took in my incomplete sight. Basically everything about me was still the same — 6’2”, shaggy messy dark blond hair, blue eyes behind my glasses — but I was shirtless and my left arm was painted green. I wasn’t as scrawny as Zach at all, and I had a good lean build going on since I started working out, but I was still a long way to go til I become the next CBum. I adjusted my glasses right before hitting a quick bicep pose just to check myself out. Yeah, Zach was the nerd but I’m the four eyes here. I went to work painting the rest of my torso green, glancing at the light up Hulk mask laying on the counter. Yeah, I was going to be the Hulk. Was I going to win the costume contest for creativity? Nah. Am I the biggest dude in the room? Also no. But I started getting serious with lifting six months ago, and I planned all summer to make my gains, my costume. I figured it would be easy and simple, and there’d be a good joke in there about me acting like a douche just to show off my biceps. Simple was true, but easy was not, considering I can’t wrap my arms around to actually paint my back green. “Zach? Could you help me paint my back?” “Yeah, sure!” Zach turned the corner and I saw him at the bathroom door once more, this time decked out in his cool ass wizard gear — robe, hat, vest, accessories, everything. I clowned on him for basically putting together some nerdy cosplay, but I couldn’t deny that his costume looked legit. Like, genuinely good. Like this dude really hand painted fake wands! The only thing that was amiss was the corny fake beard, but I think it works out for him. Meanwhile, I had patchy green paint that already looked rushed. I handed him the body paint and the messy sponge I was using. “Sorry, I should’ve told you to wear gloves or something.” “It’ll wash out,” he said in his signature candid tone. He went to work, and I kept fidgeting as he applied the paint to my skin. “The Hulk, really?” he asked in a playful tone. “Well it’s so I can show off my gainz, you know?” I shifted into a teasing tone, mocking those dumb roided out bodybuilders. Respect to them, though. “What gains?” Zach teased back. “You really think that gym helped that much?” “I don’t know, you tell me,” I said to him. In a quick motion, I jumped to do a quick bodybuilding pose, trying to show off my biceps and lats once more. I knew he was gay, but I liked teasing him with a quick flex or two sometimes. It was always in good faith, considering Zach was the one that would suggest it half the time. I must have shocked Zach though. He kinda jumped, and so did some paint from the small body paint jar, landing all over the bathroom and me. We apologized to each other at the same time: me for scaring him, him for causing a mess. But I realized the one that had it worse at this point was… him. “We can just clean this shit tomorrow,” I said, thinking he was frozen ‘cause he thought he just inconvenienced me. But looking over him I realized, “Yo there’s some paint on your…” “I know. Shit!” A bunch of paint splashed all over his robe and vest. That was half of his costume! “It’s ruined,” he whispered to himself. I rushed to grab a towel. “Chill, don’t freak out,” I told him. I tried wiping the paint off his costume, but ended up smearing it. I tried to tell him to shift, but his eyes were instead fixated on the bathroom window behind me. “Hey, you good?” When I got no response, I decided to look around and see that the full moon was in full view. Damn, did I just confirm his superstitions? “Yo… Earth to Zach… Are you good?” I noticed his breathing was starting to get heavy, like he was about to get into a panic attack. He shook himself out of it though, literally shaking his head. But he was starting to seem disoriented. “I… Oh fuck. Shit. My costume,” he muttered, as if he forgot what had just happened. He looked dazed and confused. “I just need to…” “Zach?” “I need to… calm down,” he said. It sounded like he was out of breath. He clumsily stepped out of the bathroom like he was already drunk. “Need to… calm down…” “Hey? Zach? Are you good?” I left everything behind to go after him. I watched him stumble into his room and slam the door. “Let me get you some water, bro!” “S-stop it… Noah, just go without me…” I heard him call out. His voice sounded all weird… Like deeper or something. Maybe pained? “Nah, you made a promise, bro. Let me help you, I swear it’s fine,” I said to him as I rushed to the kitchen to get a glass of water. “Seriously, Noah… Listen to me… Just go.” I came running back to Zach’s room. “Look, I’m not going —” “Noah, STOP.” I stopped myself right at Zach’s door frame, hearing him put bass into his voice that I’d never heard before. I saw Zach on the floor, holding his head, bathing in the moonlight pouring through his room’s windows. He was shaking. “Just go, Noah. I’m serious. I’m gonna wreck you if you don’t…” His voice was wavering and inconsistent. I slowly stepped in, placing the glass of water on his desk and kneeling down beside him. “Zach, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pressure you, I…” “It’s too late for that, bro.” The sound of his voice made me jump. I sprung up and took a step back. Zach’s voice was never really high pitched, but right now it was bassy, it was powerful. It didn’t sound like him — or at least not the guy putting paint on my back a few minutes ago. “You wanna know why I didn’t wanna go… I tried to fight it… But I’ll show you instead.” “Zach what are you…” The scrawny dude stopped shaking and looked up suddenly from his prostrate position. I started crawling back though, as my little, usually-tame roommate locked his gaze onto me with a strangely confident smirk and… And… “Bro your eyes… They’re… green!” “And that’s just the start of it, bro.” Zach slowly straightened his back, the moonlight coming from behind and casting a light outline around him. It felt like the air inside had gotten thick, and I had no idea that my roommate was about to become the living, best personification of my costume. With a blue moon just a few days before Hallowee, I felt like I was living in a horror movie! (Or a story on some niche internet forum.) Zach’s eyes rolled up as he closed them, shuddering like he just orgasmed. I swear, he even moaned. Then I noticed it, a large bulge in his pants as he hunched over and shrugged his shoulders… which seemed to be… widening? “Fuck… I…” Zach’s normal voice cried out for a little bit, and it sounded like he was trying to suppress what the fuck was happening. “F-f-f-fuck yeah, it’s happening.” He opened his eyes again and glanced at me before it looked like every muscle he had twitched, a full-body involuntary flex of what were currently nonexistent muscles. With the lights in his room being out, the only things that helped me see anything were the moonlight and the light from the hallway behind me. I could only just barely see Zach clenching his hands into fists, his fingertips going green. It began to click for me that Zach was more than human when his costume caught some light, the loose black sleeves of his costume tightening and expanding around some seriously muscled arms. “Zach, you’re… You’re… What are you…” I couldn’t find the words, and I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. There was something, like, stirring inside me, bro. I can’t explain it. I was watching my roommate transform into some kind of beast and although I was scared, there was something keeping my eyes peeled. “I’m fuckin’ HULKING OUT, bro. You’ve watched the movies.” Zach huffed and grabbed the hooded robe and tore it clean off his back, tossing it against the wall, leaving himself in the black shirt and vest underneath. “Stupid fuckin’ robe.” I watched as Zach flexed his back and streeeeeetched — “Dumb…” — a loud pop and tear sounded as I saw green skin began to peek through destroyed cloth — “Puny…” — he glanced and me and smirked before raising his arms and flexing huge bicep peaks and bursting through the sleeves — “Costume…!” When he ripped his sleeves clean off the seams, as you could see his traps rise and settle into a permanent flex, I could feel the feelings inside become a stirring in my lower region. I’ve been straight all my life, and I’d rather die than cheat on Jen at all, but I was suddenly obsessed with the raw masculinity revealing itself in front of me. And when I saw his chest bursting through his shirt, Zach gripping the vest and tearing it off effortlessly, without any sense of friction, I was as hard as a rock. He’s becoming a fucking god. I slowly dropped to my knees, mouth open, transfixed. My heart was beating so fast as I watched his chest fill out, his shoulders broaden, his back widen, his already huge bulge grow in his pants, his shoulders balloon into boulders, his abs carving out from nothing, his feet tear through his black socks, his calves lengthen and harden and thicken as he pushed up taller than even me. My horniness had to be obvious through my mesh shorts as Zach chuckled as he looked me down. “Yeah. I knew you’d fuckin’ like it. I know what you’re into. I bet you’d like this —” He flexed his arms above his head, and I could see a small dusting hair sprout from his chest, hair in his pits, a bit of hair on his legs and forearms. Then he turned to the side, closer to the moonlight, and I could see small droplets of sweat all over his skin, which was deepening into a warm jade. I could smell him, and while normally I might’ve been grossed out, it only turned me on even more. It felt like an eternity, but in just moments, I’d watched Zach go from pasty 5’9” nerd to this huge 6’10” emerald beast with a physique that easily topped all my bodybuilding idols on Instagram. His hair had gone from brown to a deep forest green, messy and slick with sweat. His breathing was still heavy, but there was a lustful, crazed look on his eyes, and his voice, dropped an octave, just served to show the way the transformation had changed his personality. “That’s right, bitch. I’m everything you wish you were. Zach’s a Hulk.” He flexed his arm again. “Go ahead. Cop a feel, bro.” I slowly got up. Before, my eyes would be looking down on Zach’s head. Standing up straight, I was only able to reach up to his collarbone. I looked up to catch a glimpse at his eyes, his radioactive, gamma green eyes, and got lost seeing every feature on Zach’s face wider, more chiseled and masculine. I reached my hands upward to feel the huge hard muscles stretched out against Zach’s sweaty, seemingly bulletproof green skin. My hands traveled over to Zach’s chest, and in my haze, I tried to squeeze his firm pecs, just to be shocked that my best efforts could only barely make a dent. Something pulled me closer, his musk, the pheromones he was giving off wafting in the air, as I tried to sniff more of him. I couldn’t stop myself. I needed… “You’re so fucking hot, bro…” Zach’s smirk turned into a sneer. “What was that?” “You’re so fucking hot, Zach. I…” I was on the verge of salivating when Zach took me by the chin and kissed me, his tongue invading my mouth. As he pulled my close, I could feel Zach’s sweaty chest smear paint off of mine. I didn’t even think as I pushed my body against his, feeling my dick press against his leg, and his huge, nearly foot long dick, snaking past the waistline of his stretched out pants and pressing against my stomach. I was feeling dizzy, and I was going crazy. I wanted him. I needed this. Zach pulled away and looked at me in the eyes. “That’s right I’m fucking hot, bro. You know it. Nothing like a Hulk. Nothing stronger… Better…” I stumbled backwards and realizing I let a man kiss me, I scrambled to regain control myself. I needed to stop myself. Or did I? Zach hunched over and squinted into my eyes as I tried to steady myself. He grinned. No… No, no no no… “Now you’re gonna see what it feels like, bro. To join my ranks.” Zach stepped away from the window, and I could see his massive, imposing form. I was realizing… I craved it. I didn’t just want to worship him, as much of a god as he is. No. I wanted to be him. It woke inside me. My eyes wandered out the window to the moon. Maybe it was an optical illusion, but it looked like the moon got a greenish tint. I felt my heart beat out of my chest, and like a bolt of lightning, every neuron in my brain fired up, every nerve in my body wide awake. Every muscle started to feel sore, the burn settling in. “Hey bro, why don’t you look in the mirror?” Zach’s voice boomed behind me. I turned to look at the mirror hanging on the wall, and apart from Zach’s hulked out self idly fondling himself behind me, I could see my eyes glowing through my glasses, a bright piercing green just like Zach’s. For a split second, I was scared. I couldn’t think to be scared for much longer though as a numbing pain quickly took over my head. My body… I felt like I was recovering from the most intense full-body workout of my life. Soon I knew why Zach was moaning, as I suddenly shuddered, a wave of pure pleasure and power rushing through me. Gamma-powered testosterone was pumping through my veins I already felt different. I felt stronger. “Fuck… You’re turning me…” “Into a were-Hulk.” With no shirt on me, I was able to watch my hulkout completely. I kinda began to lose myself; it’s so hard to think when you’re just overwhelmed by all the sensations. I doubled over as I didn’t have the strength to stave off the transformation anymore. I just looked up at the mirror to see my shoulders swell, feeling myself begin to pump up. Biceps. Triceps. Delts. Pecs. Glutes. Calves. Everything. “Fuck… FUUCKK!!!” I roared. I was shaking in pleasure. My muscles were on fire. Everything was growing. My arms were bigger than my head was before. My chest was bigger. My thighs were ready to explode out of my purple shorts hanging onto dear life. And with the shudders in pleasure in my crotch, the ecstasy of my growing cock didn’t help my shorts situation ever. All the while, through the exposed and smeared patches of paint, my skin was getting green too. Shit, my skin turned green. I didn’t realize it until that moment, but green skin seals the deal. There’s something about it — maybe it’s the toxicity. The visual that you’re more than human. That you’re different. Stronger. A monster. It felt almost narcissistic to be so turned on by the sight of my own transformation. I could feel the growth, and that alone was enough to turn me on. But I could also feel my brain get rewired by the transformation. Every chain of inhibition was broken. I wasn’t just stronger. I’m the strongest there ever fuckin was. I’m better than these puny human wannabes. I’m fuckin superior. I’m fuckin savage. I’m built to destroy. That primal beast inside, everything I ever suppressed, was awake. It was here. I was it. And I fucking loved it. “I feel so… STRONG.” I liked the sound of my voice booming in the room. I looked unbelievable. I was undeniably me — my proportions were mine, just adjusted. But I also looked undeniably different. I stood so much taller than I’d ever been, probably just an inch taller than Zach was now. I looked brutal — lean, but muscular; huge, but ripped; angry, but cocky. Veins carrying more gamma-powered blood bulged against my skin. My hair was slick and sticky with sweat just like Zach, but in a slightly lighter shade of green. My glasses fell off my face during the whole ordeal, and I could admire how good I looked in green. And as my eyes settled on my hand absentmindedly beginning to stroke my dick, I only said one thing. “Hulk needs to CUM.” I felt stupid as I said it, but I felt I deserved to be referred to with my title. I looked back at Zach, a wide smirk on my face. Zach mischievously grinned back. “This Hulk also needs to CUM.” Fuck being straight. Zach got up and approached me. I tried to go and pin him down on the bed, my inner dominating instincts kicking in, but instead Zach caught me and pushed me against the wall. I was surprised, but I felt so good I let it happen. I was caught off guard as Zach kissed me again, this time with more strength and tongue, before leaving my lips as he made his way down my neck, then my chest, licking my nipple and eliciting a moan I never knew I could make, then down my abs and to my cock. Zach was somehow able to get my shorts down without destroying them. That might be the most impressive thing. He quickly went to work on me, my dick in his mouth. My toes were curling and my back curving as I could feel his tongue travel my shaft, his lips holding me. Guys really did give better head. He stopped as I was feeling the build up. He rose with a smirk and commanded. “Now Noah sucks.” He had his hand on my head, with just enough pressure holding me down to make sure my mouth took him all the way. I threw in some handiwork, lubed up with my saliva, for good measure. It was when he began to more rhythmically thrust into my mouth and his breathing grew faster that he pulled me away; his eyes half-lidded with rage-filled lust, just like mine. He then took both our dicks in his hand and started jerking us off together. The rhythmic strokes and our loud breathing were interspersed with grunts. Eyes locked as his free hand flexed and mine felt my body and his. “Bro. Fuck. I’m about to. I’m gonna… I’m…” “Me too. Me too. I’m gonna…” With a deep moan from me and a roar from Zach, both our dicks began to spasm. I shuddered and let go and I felt all of my concentrated energy, all the lame human energy I’ve built up, released as I felt the most powerful orgasm of my life, my cum shooting up past my hair, hitting the ceiling of Zach’s room. Zach came not long after, his cum shooting onto both his abs and mine. Shivering from the climax, we both slowly sank to the floor. Half expecting us to revert back, I just sat there, hearing us breathe and feeling the warm cum that was stock on both our skin. But as we stood there, my heartbeat feeling his, and I felt just as energized to seize the night, I knew that I wasn’t turning back any time soon. I looked back at Zach and we both smiled. We had a party to go to. We showed up at the main event after skipping the pregame at Jen’s. Jen was absolutely pissed, but I honestly could not give a fuck. Later in the night Zach and I both won that costume contest and a sweet $100 each. The next morning I woke up in the same bed as Zach. We were both completely naked, our tattered clothes at the foot of his bed. We made some crazy memories last night — me dumping Jen then facefucking some pathetic dude who couldn’t resist handling a real man like me, and Zach fucking Jen. As I held Zach, who in his human form is way less dominant than he is Hulked out, and caressed his shoulder as he laid on my chest, I had to admit that I’d never felt more of a connection with anyone, even Jen. Even when we’re puny, he’s cute. “I can’t wait for the next full moon, babe.” I couldn’t believe it, but I’d fallen hard for my roommate. “Why?” Zach said, snuggling closer to my chest, which was noticeably more muscular than before. “Oh you know why. So we can do all that over again, bro.” I heard a deep chuckle from Zach. I looked down and immediately got boned seeing his eyes having turned a vivid green. “Who said we needed to wait for a full moon?”
  4. Thedemon1906

    More Of A Man Than You

    Part 1: The Beginning Alex had always been skinny and even though it had bothered him in the past since he started the gym he was feeling more confident. It wasn't as if he had gained a lot of muscle, his arms and legs were still very small compared to other men his age, but he felt invigorated and more comfortable with himself as man. That was until he moved in with his new roommate. At first he thought it would be a great chance to make a new friend. Being new on campus and coming from a different city meant he had no family or friends nearby. So when he was assigned a room with Markus he felt excited by the prospect. How wrong he had been. Markus wasn't your run of the mill jock. Incredibly buff for a twenty year old, blonde and with handsome features. He was tall, not as tall as Alex that stood at 6'4, but a respectable 6'1. He had big veiny arms, his most impressive feature, they made him look threatening even when resting. He wasn't grotesque in any way, just a big all natural manly man. Wide back, small waist and a killer smile. Everything about him screamed alfa and MAN. Even his face, which some people considered "pretty", with its touch of femenine features and full lips made him look like a stud. When Alex first met him Markus didn't even seem to notice him. He even seemed surprised, and angry, when later that night ,as he arrived from a frat party, he saw Alex sleeping in their room. He had brought a girl, brunette and clearly drunk, to fuck. Seeing Alex there sleeping didn't stop him though. The poor skinny guy was awoken by the powerful moans of a woman. He looked beside him towards his roomates bed and saw what can only be described as a bull of a man fucking one of the prettiest girls he had seen. Even though he wanted to look away he couldn't, the way the girl was moaning begging for more, the way her tits bounced rhythmically, her snatched waist and clear ecstatic expression made him wanna cum. He was a dude after all. He could never pleasure a woman that hot like that he thought. Even though Alex did consider himself a handsome guy, he had a sharp jaw and jet black hair and brows that made him look older than 18, he wasn't a stud by any means. He had fucked a girl once, a friend of his in highschool. Sadly the experience hadn't lasted long since he came almost immediately after awkwardly putting it in and after that they never fucked again. He saw the men in porn films and wondered how they managed to keep up like that, to be so full of virility and sex drive. He had felt as if something was missing from him, something to make him a real man. After a while he convinced himself porn movies were completely fiction and no stud like that existed in real life. Markus had just destroyed this illusion. After the first days things didn't get better. He saw Markus in the room only three times a day, when he woke up, when he came to shower after the gym and when he came at night probably drunk and with a chick to fuck. None of those helped Alex's self esteem one bit and probably Markus wanted it that way.The jock would wake up naked, kick a random girl from the room and go to the showers. That's how Alex found out how big of a man Markus really was. It wasn't as if he was gay but his roomates cock was imposible to avoid. It swung between his legs, thick and heavy making a sound every time it hit his muscular legs. It was huge, masculine, perfect, truly impressive. The rare times Markus acknowledged Alex's existence it was to berate him. He was probably trying to get his roommate to leave the dorm so he would have more space to himself. He didn't know Alex had already tried to get assigned another room that very same day they met to no avail. They were trapped together and they both hated it, but especially Alex. Being mocked all day by a man like Markus destroyed him emotionally. It made him feel even less of a man he already felt. Markus would call him toothpick instead of Alex, not very original from his part. He would mock his clothes, the stuff he ate, his lack of girls. Everything in his life was the punchline to an awful joke. One morning though Alex got fed up. He had gone to sleep late the night before so he hadn't awoken yet when Markus did. The first thing he heard was the manly voice of his roomate. -What the fuck is that?- Markus had said while his booming laugh filled the room. Alex opened his eyes to see what the jock had found so funny. His boxers were tented by his cock and a small puddle of cum lay in his stomach. He had been dreaming about that brunette girl. -That's barely even a cock- Markus said, bringing Alex back to reality. He then tried to cover his erection, his face now fully red from embarrassment. But Markus stopped his arms and easily pinned him to the bed with one hand. -Hey Patrick, come over here! you gotta see this bro- Alex couldn't believe this was happening, it must be a nightmare. His cock wasn't even that small. Yes it was thin and barely 4 inches but he had seen guys work with far less. -Damn I guess it's not true what they say about tall guys- Patrick was Markus' best friend. He was only 5'6 but even more muscular than his friend. He has perfect black skin and thick legs. He was built like a wall basically. Short, wide and handsome. Alex had never felt this embarrassed in his whole life, he could see some other guys starting to peek through the open door to see what the shouting was about. Then suddenly Markus took a phone out and took a picture of him. Alex was unable to stop any of it and even while he told him to stop he could feel himself starting to cry. -All this time I thought that a pussy like you would still have something going for him, something to make him get laid or respected. But now, see, having u here weeping with your tiny cock out i see you are not even a man- Markus said and then left with his friend. As he was about to exit the door though he looked back at Alex and holding his phone in his hand he said. -Tell anybody and I leak the pictures-. With that Alex was alone in his room. At first he couldn't stop crying. Tears kept streaming down his face, he felt as if he was unable to breath, gasping for air every five seconds. Someone in the dorm had been nice enough to close the door for him, at least no curious students could see him in this state. Suddenly though, his tears stopped and a single thought took over his entire mind, body and soul. Revenge. He had to get revenge no matter what. He was gonna need to get bigger for this though, much bigger. He made plans for starting to take the gym seriously the next day but he knew that wasn't gonna be fast enough. So he started his research. He began by looking for supplements on google. He read about the best ones, when to take them, how to calculate how much to take. He then moved to exercises and gyms nearby, then he researched for good trainers. He started reading about steroids, tren cycles, miracle hormones… It was already dark outside when he got a sudden ad. It was from Etsy, apparently people had started a trend where they sold spells on the website. The one in the ad in particular was for a pact with a love and fertility goddess. It said it would allow him to take down his enemies and rule over them. It was silly and obviously fake but since it was only five dollars Alex thought it would be a fun thing to buy. He didn't know what love and fertility had to do with revenge though, but it felt it would motivate him to work even harder. So with no second thought he bought the product. He needed to fill a form and then send it to the seller. The form itself was quite simple, you just had to insert your name and the name of the one you wished to punish, it also said to write a short message with a wish, the thing u wanted the other person to experience. Alex filled the blank spaces with the names but then had trouble with the wish. The image of Markus this morning popped back in his mind "You are not even a man" he had said. He filled that last part with determination "I wish I could show him i'm more of a man than he could ever be" and with that he pressed send. A wave of electricity passed through him, like a silent humming and suddenly he felt extremely tired. He lay his head on his pillow and thought about what a day it had been. "I'll show him a real man" he thought as he fell asleep.
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